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No. 4

Vent about scrots here! Share your experience with terrible, worthless, pathetic men here. Share advice on how to avoid and deal with shitty men.
No whiteknighting or NAMALTing
No racebait
No inciting violence
As always please do not respond to bait, doing so will result in a 3-day ban.

No. 7

File: 1576673625344.png (187.59 KB, 400x387, 23.png)

Thank the flying spaghetti monster that were finally separated

No. 8

Ay I hope this board works out. Toast!

No. 9

File: 1576674910326.gif (8.85 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

oh my God, finally, we can breathe and speak without the male-identified bootlickers having a brain aneurysm!!! love you guys

No. 10

File: 1576675455454.png (637.81 KB, 2048x911, Screenshot_20191219-002308.png)

Long live pink pill! Pickmes get out!

No. 11

File: 1576675822572.jpg (612.29 KB, 1416x1872, 1553816682340.jpg)

In celebration of pink pill I'm posting my favorite receipts. Feel free to add more as I need to expand my collection.

No. 12

File: 1576675855693.jpg (286.94 KB, 807x1050, 1551935247917.jpg)

No. 13

File: 1576676118210.jpg (90.07 KB, 960x720, 1574643609512.jpg)

No. 14

File: 1576676764435.png (16.23 KB, 666x323, men-vs-women-depression.png)

No. 17

New Reddit thread.

Since anons on /ot/ always want to pull the "take it to GC/PP!" card.

No. 20

holy shit are we free?

No. 21

I wish I would've discovered radfem as a youngin'. I've made a lot of horrible decisions in my life, men being a large part of those. Where I live is at least socially behind by around 60-70 years. "The gays" are still shunned, women are supposed to raise the children and mainly stay at home, so I was obviously fed a lot of bullshit as a young girl. It's taken me this long to put two and two together for myself. I guess I'm just not very intelligent, but I now know where I went wrong in many aspects, it's just too late to go back and fix anything.

No. 22

File: 1576687942854.gif (1.42 MB, 400x261, grannies.gif)

Hail the new pink pill thread!

No. 24

Anon, I read this and all I see is a woman smart and strong enough to have realized she deserves more in a place where EVERYTHING is telling her otherwise. I know what you mean about the things you can't change, but listen: every moment from now is yours, and now you're equipped with a whole new way of taking on the world. Your life as a liberated woman is going to outstrip the time you hadn't "put two and two together" in the end. You have so much more to look forward to than regrets to be plagued by.

And it's really never too late, and you've never made too many unfixable mistakes. So many of the most famous women in feminism had decades before they became who they were, in which they had terrible relationships with men, had children, were beaten. Andrea Dworkin married a man who beat the shit out of her and was forced into prostitution, THEN she became the uncompromising writer she became.

No. 26

File: 1576701574176.jpg (79.47 KB, 563x517, e9c1c69b-2145-4b37-8b83-1a1340…)

Thank you based and blessed admin and staff.

No. 27

pinkpill changed my mind about the death penalty. too many women murdered by scrotes who end up getting something retarded like 12 years, & out after 6 for "good behavior". i would hope if i were ever killed my life would be worth more than just a fraction of the piece of shit who murdered me's life

No. 28

File: 1576709049849.png (732.44 KB, 3868x1064, n5ol6zw5tw241.png)

uncropped version

No. 34

do you plan on leaving your country anon, cause it sounds super dangerous to be in as a woman

No. 36

File: 1576727541369.jpg (65.2 KB, 640x473, nhblkwji40j21.jpg)

No. 37

File: 1576727665121.jpg (133.2 KB, 1061x512, 1550280759358.jpg)

No. 38

File: 1576727861892.png (208.1 KB, 827x639, i7jdFk9.png)

No. 39

File: 1576728223425.jpg (1.2 MB, 961x1353, 1520361251041.jpg)

No. 40

File: 1576728378778.png (592.77 KB, 820x549, 1552228934283.png)

No. 41

What the actual fuck is wrong with India

No. 42

I know all men are trash but something about Indian men is just extra fucked up

No. 43

I guess hinduism has a caste system so that is a huge factor and they have dowry and if the family can't marry off their daughters they kill them.

No. 47

File: 1576743048129.png (59.61 KB, 550x864, 1496828798711.png)

I'll contribute some

No. 48

File: 1576743083775.png (81.92 KB, 1232x1079, 1546346940439.png)

No. 49

File: 1576743153346.jpg (71.35 KB, 542x582, criminal-justice-system2.jpg)

No. 50

File: 1576743181585.jpg (484.26 KB, 719x4408, dshala14wbx21.jpg)

No. 51

File: 1576743209451.jpg (344.42 KB, 810x4812, g424vyi4i3y21.jpg)

No. 52

File: 1576743270257.jpg (187.57 KB, 484x1136, Image1.jpg)

A couple for if you ever hear someone parroting that nonsense about lesbians having the highest rate of domestic violence

No. 53

File: 1576743300245.png (219.67 KB, 888x956, 1513607904309.png)

No. 54

File: 1576743389319.png (87.55 KB, 500x380, tumblr_pwhe0iYlpl1rlsu93o1_500…)

No. 55

File: 1576743492412.jpg (287.27 KB, 1069x3177, vaeqd5134qi31.jpg)

No. 56

File: 1576743565223.png (749.84 KB, 501x2547, wrthgrjys.png)

No. 57

File: 1576743609075.jpg (86.8 KB, 962x328, h73veozni0c2124.jpg)

Reminder to never, ever give old men the time of day let alone procreate with them

No. 58

File: 1576743660341.png (33.02 KB, 1220x970, 1560805054389.png)

No. 59

File: 1576743731127.jpeg (74.07 KB, 937x525, 1570897924234.jpeg)

In summary

No. 61


bad start. males are male because of biology. That's a pink pill belief. You can't identity your way into or out of being a scrote. Keep identity politics out of here.

No. 62

File: 1576761851071.jpg (45.8 KB, 500x500, 29433248_1369671789804236_5835…)

it really bothers me how many women are pinkpilled but think trans women are exempt. Males lie constantly, why is them saying they're a woman any different?

No. 64

male-identified isn't about identifying as a scrote, it's an old school way of saying pickme. lol

No. 65

File: 1576762877600.png (329.89 KB, 924x563, faggot.PNG)

In case anyone wants to see what muh sand tree actually looks like. Being called gay and a 'big girl blouse' sometimes. how horrifying!!! how unfair!!!!

No. 68

File: 1576763513693.png (57.12 KB, 753x571, male identification.PNG)

>bad start. males are male because of biology. That's a pink pill belief. You can't identity your way into or out of being a scrote. Keep identity politics out of here.
that's not what "male-identified" means. it's a feminist term from the 70s, it has nothing to do with trannies. it doesn't have to be women who are even straight, it's just women who prioritize the male perspective and relentlessly defend or prioritize males, male feelings, etc. they don't have to even be attracted to men do to so, it just has to do with seeing the world through the male perspective and caping for them/attacking for them.

No. 71

>16% of men don't reproduce.

How do we make this higher? I feel like after this generation it should go up, but idk because of the oblivious pickmes that still fall for their "you have to get married or else" fear tactics

No. 73

Honestly, keep talking about the negatives of having children. No man is going to split the work with you, your career WILL suffer, when the male leaves he will not pay child support and if he does he'll end up paying some ridiculously low amount like one guy I know who was paying $30 a week for 2 kids under 10. He spent triple that on weed every week for gods sake.

Also he won't have to go through any of the physical side effects of pregnancy and there's a disturbingly high chance he will be sexually attracted to your child because of how many males are pedos. If you have a daughter he will assume he owns her body until he deems another male deserving enough of her.

If you decide to leave him and he wants to be a vindictive shit and file for sole custody, he will probably get it as in cases where men DO file for custody they get it more often than women.

Don't breed with moids. There's no real upside for women.

No. 79

Porn ruins you. Wait for the dramatic rise of ED issues in young boys to old men with their desensitized dicks from porn to be targetted.

In SK men were killing themselves for it to legal while they simultaneously scream at women for not being traditional and submissive enough. It's clown world all around

No. 80

The guy supports feminism and literally talks against toxic masculinity in the next comments(unnecessaryspeed4)

No. 81

They're killing themselves because it's illegal?

No. 83

Porn is a problem for people under 18 (or under 30, your mileage may vary) because they don't have any solid experience of what the real thing actually is.
They get all sorts of unrealistic expectations and don't seem to tell fiction from reality.
Just look at the various fetish threads on /g/ and /ot/.

No. 85

This guy is doing good work though? Bringing attention to gender roles and how behaviours are drilled into boys as being feminine or masculine is a good thing. He is not doing oppression olympics or anything, saying it's worse than what women go through. He is just drawing attention to it.

No. 92

I want to kill this man. Look at his fat fucking face and his insecure expression. His stupid fucking hat and his male entitlement. YICK

No. 94

i'm sorry, it is sad and serious, but this is post is hilarious and becomes even more hilarious when you scroll over the referenced post and are met with this abusive loser's hysterically stupid manbaby face feathered in blue like a very dated jcpenney portrait studio photo

No. 95

File: 1576782053484.jpg (49.49 KB, 529x508, qmf8svfbgmv01.jpg)

Of course he follows Kermit Memerson

No. 96

that bottom tweet…

No. 97

The facial abuse tweet makes me want to troon out for a chance to escape this horrendous nightmare of being a female. Friendly reminder that this is how every man views women. Your cute sensitive uwu crush watches this shit. Choose wgtow.

No. 99

Notice that they always write how she enjoys this to delude themselves into thinking what they're watching is ok because she enjoys it despite it being called abuse.

No. 103

What even really is the point of them pretending she enjoys getting her holes torn up on camera? Males love knowing the women doesn't enjoy it. They straight up get off to knowing how much she hates it. I mean thats why r/deadeyes exists. FA could literally say "hey we picked up this semi-dead crackwhore off the streets and literally raped her in exchange for a couple bucks. She didn't enjoy it" and scrotes would still beat their meat to it all night long.

No. 104

I don't get why people like this don't have hits put on them, or at least get hit by trucks. The world is a pretty violent place, why hasn't that one suffered the brunt of it?
He is human filth.

No. 105

toxic skeelenity is a meme. men are like this because they're male, not because of socialization or gender roles. that's pink pill 101. and I find it funny that their example of male oppression is a few milquetoast insults. no man on earth could endure what they put women through.

No. 106

File: 1576807757303.png (471.53 KB, 720x1127, 20191219_220717.png)

This is just devestating to see after the unimaginable hell he put his wife through.

No. 108

what the fuck, why??? i'm sorry, if it's one thing the right is right about, it's that canada is way too lax on these fuckers.

No. 109

I read this and apparently there just wasn't enough criminal evidence claiming it became a he said she said thing. And that his wife after the rescue, was diagnosed with ptsd and severe anxiety that results in her blacking out sometimes. She supposedly became unreliable in her testimony and it would only get worse and challenged more in court. It's really fucked up now she has to live with this. And this cum stain wants custody of his kids and even tried to prevent his wife from moving away with them that failed. The only silver lining is that his wife (soon to be ex? I hope) has custody and has a restraining order against him so he can't approach her or the kids. I hope she recovers and lives out her best life possible without this man ever appearing in her life again.

No. 112

Why don't self-identified feminists know what toxic masculinity means? It's not just men being shitty, that's plain old masculinity.
Toxic masculinity is specifically when masculinity hurts the man himself. Like when men won't see therapists because mental healthcare isn't manly or some shit.

No. 117

I've watched the fifth estate episode about her and sadly they were only ever in the position to be taken hostage initially because he manipulated her in their abusive relationship into leaving the country with him to isolate her from her family. His being pardoned partially due to the PTSD that his abusive actions caused her is sickening. He deserves to be a pariah to fucking civilized society.

No. 118

I'm not a feminist, I just hate men. Part of being pink pilled is realizing that socialization is a meme, men are violent and thoughtless because they evolved to be that way. Men's failure to succeed in the system they built is also no woman's problem, feminist or otherwise.

No. 120

i had a friend who was/is good to me, fairly charitable, willing to help, but it always comes back to this with men: your suffering will always be trivialized or fetishized. while he isn't a bad friend in how he treats me and does help me, he has a rape fetish and has told me if i ever were to get raped and i told him, he'd be more turned on than anything. i think almost all men are like this, and society only grades them based on their actual behavior towards women. how is that acceptable?

i encounter this over and over again. if my suffering is not completely ignored or trivialized, it's fetishized. more often than not though, it's completely ignored by men, like i'm not real or like i'm making everything up. it's so horrible for my mental health. i don't know how women can not feel sickened being around them. they don't feel any empathy towards us, ever, and i keep reading case upon case where women are in such horrible situations and there's simply no sympathy there, ever, and i see it in normie relationships all of the time. i don't know how women are happy to be around it. it's all about men. if anything, they become more agitated because women can't perform more labor for them when they're spread so thin by finances or whatever problems they have. there is never a reason to sacrifice anything for them and i really hate that when i spell this out for men or to women who aren't pinkpilled, that i literally cannot afford to expend any energy on them, in any regard, due to my circumstances, i'm "a narcissist", "selfish", etc. really and truly incredible the way we're beat down for recognizing that when it's a struggle to keep ourselves afloat, we can't possibly perform tons of emotional, sexual, manual labor for men, and that it's unreasonable for men to want us to pick open a vein and bleed out for them when we're fighting just to keep it together. i never see the same sympathy i see from women who recognize the men in their lives are struggling.

i have literally never seen women afforded the same understanding, ever. i'm just so disgusted being around them, having to speak to them. they're just so rotten.

No. 121

drop him, he's not a friend nor was he ever intending to be one.

No. 124

>he has a rape fetish and has told me if i ever were to get raped and i told him, he'd be more turned on than anything.

Dump the motherfucker

No. 128

>if my suffering is not completely ignored or trivialized, it's fetishized. more often than not though, it's completely ignored by men
Also don't forget: When they suffer it's a big fucking deal even if it's actually trivial or their own fault. It's stupid how women are played up like we're so melodramatic and exaggeratory. Actually when I see a woman upset it's for a legitimate reason most of the time.
Men though? A bad breeze could blow their way and make them pout and whine like the world is ending. I can think of a few recent examples.

One male friend went to the hospital for a planned minor surgery to his finger, and kept posting about it like he was having major heart surgery that he would never wake up from lmao. Of course he was okay, he was never going to die from a finger operation!

A different male friend has been all wigged out recently because he didn't know he had to submit pay stubs to begin the move-in process to join a 2 bedroom lease with his friend. Since he's a manbaby, he works two part time jobs and does one under the table. He'd been driving all over bedlam because his under-the-table boss didn't want to disclose the amount paid on a letterhead, and for some reason this friend thought a letter that said paraphrased 'I pay him, no really!' was going to suffice. Obviously when it wasn't accepted as proof of income, he had to drive all the way back. When he was ranting about this to me, I offered advice that maybe he should get that boss to rewrite the letter and email or fax it to the landlord so he doesn't have to drive another 2+ hours again. Nope, nope, nope. Made every excuse in the book as to why my reasonable suggestion just wasn't going to work even though he never asked. He'd rather waste more time driving all over the place than even attempt something sensible. On top of all that, he constantly bitches about not having money, and getting stiffed by his shitty music friends helping them set up gigs because he's too dumb to make sure he gets the money up front. He ranted to me last night about being too anxious and stressed out to do a drug run with his friend, but how he needs the money sooooo bad tho.
He wouldn't like the next set of advice I had for him, that is, get a real fucking job!

They reach out to women like me because they expect to be coddled, and be told that even though their problems are completely self-made that the world is a meanie doo doo head and they're such sweet lambs that everything will be okay.

No. 132

I just can't stand how women are the punchline of every joke. No matter what we say or do men will find a way to mock and trivialize it, even if it is a serious issue like rape or a woman being killed by her husband. We can say the most levelheaded rational shit and men will find a way to mock us and call us dumb little whores. And after nonstop laughing and shoving our faces into the fucking dirt they turn around and claim that 'men love women.' It blows my mind that they can even lie to themselves enough to believe this. It's such bullshit.

It makes me want to kill myself - it used to be because it made me so sad to realize that no matter what I do I'll never be seen as a human being because I was born the 'wrong' gender. Now it just manifests as pure anger that makes me want to destroy myself in the most painful way possible. I'm sick of being a joke to the world because I wasn't lucky enough to be born a man and therefore a fully formed human being. It's such an empty lonely existence knowing that a growing number of half the population sees you and thinks 'moist hole' and 'object for my entertainment.'

And I know I am screaming into the void and there is no point in caring about this because it will never fucking change. What is the point of anything.

No. 133

I get you but nothing makes men more upset than a woman living her best life and not letting it revolve around them. All you have to do is focus on yourself and not depend on men for happiness or validation or self esteem, it will simultaneously improve your life and ruin theirs. It can be hard when you're forced to deal with them in the workplace etc, but you still have all the other parts of your life to which they are irrelevant.

No. 142

He sounds really dangerous. There’s no reason to ever tell you that. Id regard him as a genuine threat and cut all contact, and tell any other women he hangs around. Most women are very good at slyly warning each other without causing much social upheaval, unless they’re handmaidens obv. In which case cut contact with them too.

No. 143

Heartbreaking. Canadian law keeps getting worse for women.

No. 147

Have you ever noticed how women are the only ones who stand up for ideals and the greater good for its own sake? Men only defend or stand up for something if it benefits them and will never sacrifice their own comfort or gain for the greater good yet they build their entire delusion of masculinity on being a "protector"

Just look at the concept of "white knighting" - white nights are hated because they're disingenuous and defend women/ideals with ulterior motives. In a group of men or in a situation where there's no prize to be won a fucked up sctore can spew all kinds of evil and a normie man will ignore him because "not my problem" and let his influence go off scott free.

Meanwhile women immediately jump to fight everything they consider evil even to a pathological degree where it harms them. There's a reason SJWs and TRAs are predominantly female. On lolcow unlike any other image boards if an anon says or does fucked up shit, they're immediately called out on it. Even the infighting in the merged radfem/pinkpill thread where there are no men to give head pats there were STILL girls who defended their positions because it's what they considered good and the truth even if it cost them ostracism.

No. 148

File: 1577016880472.png (645.55 KB, 720x720, yui pain.png)

is it seriously not possible for a man to fully empathize with a woman?
i'm a romantic and love fuels me and i have an idealized version of relationships in my head and it hurts me over and over again. i got raped by my ex after my he dumped me for telling his friend about his abuse and he said i should have said no more so he knew i meant it and that i should've used a safe word even though i never used one. i also made him promise he wouldn't try to have sex with me the night before. he then threatened to kill me and refuses to admit he raped me.
current bf is a softboi type who grew up around women, very kind, but facefucks me until i'm gagging and crying (i consent and i enjoy it which is the worst part), can't go down on me for more than 2 minutes because it's tiring, former porn addict (blames this on depression). i love him but it's so bizarre that even the most skittish and quiet men are going to get off on seeing you choking. like i said, i'm into it, but that makes me feel so guilty

No. 149

>is it seriously not possible for a man to fully empathize with a woman?


No. 154

Wow. This one made me tear up.

Reminds me of my dad who (even though I love him) cant even be bothered to give my mom a day off and cook for her and the because "it's just not my thing".

Why are men so selfish

No. 155


for her and the kids*

No. 156

Wow anon, please love yourself more ! If you are suffering from a sexual practice and then getting off, it's your brain trying to defuse the horrible situation you're trapped in. It's not pleasure, it's trauma. You are worthy of love. You are an amazing woman. You don't need to consent being abused to be loved. Men are all garbage, but some men are more garbage than other and you've met two of them. Get out of this ! Being single is a million time better than getting abused. And don't watch porn it normalize abuse for girls and women. This is not normal. Seriously I feel for you.

No. 157

What anon at >>133 said. Honestly it's the best think you can do both for yourself and as a middle finger to them. It's exhausting, feeling the way you do, and I hit lows where I feel the same. Like, coexisting with men, even the ones who mean better than most, is like screaming into a room full of people and never being heard as if you're a literal mute. The pressure of that can be crushing. Even when they TRY they have a hard time understanding and respecting us, it's an uphill battle both ways. But. Please take care of yourself and do your best to just think like a "wgtow" as another anon said upthread. They don't respect us so you don't have to respect them. It's not worth your energy.

Also bless ya'll for this board, I lurked a lot because the constant handmaiden whine bullshit about the old threads stressed me out, as if women can't have one damn place on the entire internet where they vent about males when males have the rest of said entire internet to do it literally anywhere.

No. 160

Ask yourself, do you really "enjoy" an activity that makes you gag and cry?
He isn't kind. He is selfish and hurts you.

No. 161

i do enjoy it, but to be fair i have extremely low self-esteem and have struggled with self-hatred. i know he'd immediately be turned off and not want to do it if i told him i didn't like it, but it's terrifying that men can really genuinely enjoy this stuff and that he'd still want it secretly.
this is something i'm really struggling with, re: feminism. i genuinely enjoy being dominated in the bedroom and it's hard for me to tell if that's primal or if it's a result of conditioning and i don't know if i'm a bad person or bad feminist for enjoying this stuff.

also, i don't watch porn, it wasn't an influence at all

No. 162

there are plenty of women who have "enjoyed" bdsm dynamics and getting slapped, choked, called degrading names, etc., myself included, only to later grow out of it, but it takes effort. ask yourself why you find it arousing - even if you don't watch porn, you already admit you have extremely low self-esteem and struggle with self-hatred that might feed into this idea that you need to be "put down."

i used to think it was just a primal thing for me. but for some reason, after getting therapy and dealing with my self-esteem in more constructive ways, as well as reading more feminist theory lol, i started thinking of getting hurt during sex as something legitimately disgusting. i know you want to believe your bf would be turned off if you didn't like it, but why does he find a girl who likes to gag and cry attractive?

try to take a step back from sex and re-evaluate your relationship because it's obviously affecting you more than you think because you feel all men are like this. i have had relationships with men who could not even engage in "dirty talk" where they called me a whore because they felt horribly about it. it's increasingly rare now, but if you think that all men fetishize your pain, then you either develop a learned helplessness where you accept that men who are cruel "in the bedroom" are the best you'll ever get, since they're "not that bad." take care of yourself, and if you really want to make a change, do it.

No. 163

I also used to enjoy the idea of degrading sex in my head but it always left me with self-hatred in practice. If something makes you feel bad post-orgasm then that's probably a huge red flag.

No. 164

>a bad person
Of course not, you're not the one harming someone. You just sound like you have very low self-esteem and people like that are prone to self-harming behaviours - this could be one.

No. 167

i caught my dumbfuck husband looking up ~authentic~ rape videos and now i hate him and lowkey want to kill him because he knows that im a rape survivor…

i fucking hate men. doesn't matter if you think he's one of the good ones, they are all degenerate assholes

No. 168

hope your divorce goes smoothly anon. me and my husband just had a big fight friday night about pornography after i brought up the stuff about hobo fights from >>38
if i knew my scrote was looking at that shit it would be an absolute deal breaker

No. 169

I'm sorry anon. I also wish you a smooth divorce.

No. 170

Anon, there is no such thing as a bad feminist. In being brave enough to look at these parts of your life with this kind of strength, even if you don't have any easy, simple answers about what to do yet, you are being a feminist. It's something we do and use to understand and change the world, not something we pin like a button to our chests.

It takes an insane amount of honesty to look at a situation like this and confront the things that scare you. I've been there. It's easier to be like "well I love him and I enjoy it, so." It's so hard to be like "yeah those are true and this still isn't right." It's the first step to real self-esteem I think, not the stupid fake empowerment version – you know you deserve a better world. And you do.

No. 171

I don't want to search it myself, can someone tell me what "authentic" rape videos are? Like I have an idea but….is it supposed to be like snuff films, like an actual video of a real rape instead of porn actors attempting to create something that looks like a real rape?

(ofc porn is often rape anyway, but you know what I mean)

No. 174

enjoy the divorce, gather evidence and wring him dry

No. 175

>growing out of bdsm dynamics
This was my experience as well. I noticed the timing when I was letting ‘hardcore’ acts done to me coincided with periods of all time low mental health. It was self harm that didn’t feel like self harm, it felt ‘good’. I was a kink-Tumblr cumbrain as well. Eventually I got some self esteem back. Now I still find myself sexualizing pain but I simply do not respect/trust any man enough to let him ‘dom’ me. And honestly, not getting violent sex hasn’t affected my life negatively in any way. I hope you find compassion for yourself anon.

No. 177

I imagine it’s authentic-looking rape, like involving a non-pornstar looking woman, shaky camera, in the dark, type thing. The worst part is sometimes it is impossible to tell if it’s actually staged. Porn websites are full of these third world videos that look and scream REAL but they get posted online so brazenly that people rationalize “oh it must be fake”. Basically anon husband may as well be looking at real rape (he absolutely knows this!) and is unredeemable.

No. 179

File: 1577145108350.gif (529.28 KB, 334x251, VapidGreatAmericancurl-small.g…)

Throw the whole man away.

No. 184

God. I think like a lot of people here, I have a memory or two of seeing something really horrible like that online at a young age and being overwhelmed by how awful it was, to the point that thinking about it even now is really upsetting. I can't imagine…..seeking that out on purpose.

No. 185

Throw out the trash. I hope you'll feel better soon, anon.

No. 186

Can we please not use the term wgtow? Blatantly copying the name of a men's movement just makes us look stupid. Better to call it female separatism.

No. 189

yes, this, please. do not say ever say "wgtow" or "femcel". it causes people to try to draw parallels where there are NONE, and they're already quick to draw comparisons. there is no comparing us to men. our motivations are entirely different and are all based around our safety, ability to maintain our emotional and mental wellbeing, and overall happiness. not about fake perceived victimhood because we don't get sex on demand. there's always some dumbfuck saying "you're both the same, you guys can understand each other! you're both just lonely!". NO.

No. 191

Just call it living your best, healthiest and happiest life. Mgtows are conditional. They all claim they went mgtow because of the evil gyno centric court system, divorce and child support and would drop their "I'm a man taking care of myself first" act if women went back to being property with no rights. While women just don't want to be abused, raped or murdered.

No. 193

Father and son duo y'all. Disgusting.

No. 194

This entire case is insane.

No. 201

Does anyone here have some sources on men more often getting custody when custody is decided IN court instead of out of court? I thought I've read this somewhere here before

No. 209

I distinctly remember those stats on this dead website, this page is the closest I found to the specific info you're asking about.

This article refers more explicitly to the gender division
>According to DivorcePeers.com the majority of child custody cases are not decided by the courts. In 51% of the cases, both parents agreed that mom be the custodial parent. In 29% of the cases, the decision was made without any third party involvement. Only 11% of custody cases were decided during mediation with as few as 5% being decided after court order custody evaluations.
>In cases where both parents decided, without involvement from a mediator or the court 83% of the time the mother ended up with custody because the father chose to give her custody.

Men who bitch about custody ~gender bias~ are the worst, because child rearing is one of the areas in which women are most discriminated against. I wish we weren't the main parent by default and that men were so passionate about raising their children that they truly fought for custody and proved themselves worthy, but it's not OUR fault if men don't want to take any responsibility. They're the ones who don't want custody to begin with, and don't do enough for their child to be considered the primary carer. And there is enough unpaid child support out there to prove that they truly do not give a shit about raising their children.

No. 221

a few months ago a rando I was talking with online kept asking for nudes which is not out of the norm, what was is how he goes off topic and asks for nudes while we were talking about something else. i was fed up with him and made a faux dick using socks that i stuffed, i put it under my pants so it looks like a real thing and i took dick pics with my holding my fake dick under my pajama pants… he got turned on by that and asked for more…..

No. 222

I used to choke myself as a form of self-harm as a teenager, liked how it made everything quiet. My ex would choke me during sex, which I didn’t mind, cause frankly I very rarely enjoyed sex with him. It helped me block the whole situation out until he was finished. It’s depressing to think about now.

No. 226

I can't deal with this. They put this girl in jail for killing her rapist, a child sex trafficker. A grown man who took advantage of not just her, but multiple other girls, created CP of girls as young as 12, and pimped them out.
What the fuck is wrong with this planet? How is this "justice"? I feel sick.

No. 231

the people who defend this probably use the "they are just following the law uwu" as an excuse and cannot sit down for once and think about how wrong this actually is

No. 234

Why the fuck are any children in prison for killing their trafficker /handler?? How much do they hate agency in girls that are pushed to their limit. Fucking unreal

This reminds me of all the stories of sex tourism too. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheBluePill/comments/dzak2f/this_article_completely_broke_my_heart/ (I know it's reddit but read that and try not to feel disgusted)
>girl interviews about prostitution is fucking 10
>it costs less than 40 bucks to rape them
Any incel/mra/mgtow/whatever that expresses interest in sex tourism is fueling child rape and sex trafficking.

No. 243

File: 1577405460928.png (57.5 KB, 1535x426, ssss.PNG)

Why don't women approach me REEEEEEE

No. 264

Just watched this two days ago. This is peak male violence at its absolute extreme and most unhinged. Every male member of this family is a complete fucking monster.

And of course the comments are full of "oh man what is wrong with humanity" like no dumbfuck, don't you mean what is wrong with males? Also I saw a bunch of males in the comments asking if anyone has the nude creepshots the father in law took of the woman and several other underage girls. Literally kill all straight men.

No. 265

My father was/is a great dad to me and my siblings and a “good” husband to my mom I suppose. Not abusive or cheating but he’s typically lazy, no emotional intelligence, autistic manbrain, etc. They’re in their 50s and I’m fairly sure my mom would NOT be better off without him. But maybe that’s due to her physical and mental health issues. (She’d depend on us, her kids, a LOT more for sure, if they divorced now.)

I kinda want what she has, what my two grandmas had. I want a family with kids you can be proud of, that still do holidays with you when they’re grown, that will help out when needed. However I don’t want a husband who treats me like my dad treats my mom: the laziness, the indifference… (And not to start with my late grandfathers!)

My bf is good to me and I don’t want to break up but I don’t want kids with him. I don’t want my own kids at all, I don’t want pregnancy. I want to foster a kid or adopt one. But I don’t know if I can raise a child with him. It’s not going to happen in the foreseeable future but I can’t imagine breaking up for this dumb reason. I’d love to be with a woman (hell she can get pregnant! I’d support the hell out of her and our lovely country has wonderful adoption legislation for lesbian parents!) in my ideal future but my bf is too good to me to break up with just in case I find a better gf. Being childless with him forever also sounds like a pleasing future but then I’d miss out on my mother’s experience re: adult kids, that I’m jealous of.

No. 283

Even that 911 call operator is a useless fucking scrote. Should lose his job, haughtily responding “we have to deal with life threatening situations first” SHE JUST TOLD YOU THERE ARE KIDS INSIDE AND SHE SMELLS GASOLINE!

Men are too dense to be in any position of care, especially one that involves listening VERY carefully and interpretating people that may not be making sense due to fear/shock. you have to explain every detail graphically to men because they’re too autistic to read between the lines.

No. 284

Stop pandering to sctotes then. Have some self respect and block/don’t respond unless he’s top tier fuckable or paying your bills.

No. 297

I just read this article in a magazine and I'm still fuming. It was about a couple who had a toddler and then a very difficult baby, who didn't let them sleep properly for almost two and a half years, especially the mother. It got to the point she started exhibiting neurological symptoms, doctors began testing her for MS, brain tumours, etc. Eventually she physically collapsed and the paramedics assumed she'd had a stroke. Turned out it was all caused by sleep deprivation, no stroke or brain damage, literally just from not sleeping properly for almost 3 years. What did her husband do? He left her. She's still suffering with cognitive problems and memory loss, and has to take care of two young children alone.
Fucking seriously. Men are utterly void of empathy. He also suffered from the sleep deprivation, but his solution was to simply up and leave, rather than help his wife deal with the baby. He left his own children because he would rather get sleep. I hope he fucking rots.

No. 315

File: 1577469562304.png (530.83 KB, 627x671, 02140A89-5E44-4612-85D8-B779B7…)

dare I say, ‘queen’?

No. 318

Would they rather she just shut up and be trafficked? Girls in this position don't have many options and she did what she had to to survive.

No. 331

File: 1577475897328.jpg (2.07 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191227_114418.jpg)

Is this really what it means

No. 336

File: 1577477043648.jpeg (15.09 KB, 109x225, CC71D6EE-8B97-4A54-9D4E-59E491…)

I love companionship but I just have never met a man I tolerated or liked. They either have shit views or are pornsick. It makes me wonder if I genuinely want romantic companionship or that’s what I’ve been taught to want. It doesn’t help that I’ve got depression and no support system.

No. 356

Are you me? Cos same. I literally have no friends, had a boyfriend for a while who had a lot of good traits but was ultimately pornsick, and seems like all the men I meet are either conservative so they basically hate women, or liberal so they seem sympathetic to women but then buy into the tranny bullshit. It doesnt help that I already have s ton of mental health issues and basically can't maintain relationships for shit and am just a weird person in general.

No. 372

File: 1577510641554.png (2.24 MB, 1274x1490, tumblr_ae8907d95004aaae3df77d0…)

Just dropping this because it made me smile.

No. 376

>take two week break from lolcow
>start to feel okay about males again, hope for a cute lil bf in the new year
>feel comfortable in presence of male friends
>return to pinkpill thread
>fear and disgust once more
My strong negative reaction is probably because it's true. I'd quit for my mental health but then I slip back into trusting males again…

Anyone else?

No. 377

Same. I want to forget, I really do. But it always stays in the back of your head. And it's for the best, really

No. 378

Sometimes I find myself looking through r/justnoso since the posts seem more genuine than relationship_advice. One time that sub lead me to another one, r/r4r, and I saw multiple posts of guys posting there saying
>hey I'm married and I'm looking for someone to spend time with. my wife isnt affectionate anymore
>my gf is asleep and I wanna see if anyone wants to chat

It's depressing

No. 389

I work in a male-dominated field so most of my coworkers are male. I can interact with them just fine, have lunch with them, laugh at them, enjoy my time with them, but I can still recognize that they're privileged, should not be trusted with my safety and most likely think of me as a representative of a lower class. You don't have to be a sperg hissing at men and picking fights all the time because that would be stupid, you can live your life while still recognizing facts.

No. 392

what this pic lacks is sadistic porn left on the pc screen and phone messages from escort

No. 393

An irl male acquaintance I knew asked me for some relationship advice, I gave him some only to have him make passes at me after that. Men are retarded enough to think that any female expressing friendly, platonic attention is flirting or whatever. If you ever get a boyfriend, watch him closely. If you are ever talking to a male, you gotta be firm that you aren’t interested otherwise they’ll start complaining about “muh friend-zone” or you leading him on. Keep them on a tight leash, ladies

No. 425

I was watching a documentary on Queen Mary and had a chuckle at a few of the YT comments that said that everything is Henry VIII'S fault. Nice to see women not being blamed for everything for once lol.

No. 439

Hope this question belongs here, what are some good books/blogs/resources on female separatism?

No. 444

File: 1577670279558.jpeg (528.86 KB, 750x1211, 16F7E6EC-7FDC-4A60-B2F0-455693…)


No. 445

Ive been told never go on a cruise unaccompanied without a man, ALWWAYS have someone at your side on a cruiseship…

No. 447

Good advice but what was so creepy and gross to me was this coward going to a brothel to pay to use these sex trafficking victims then ignoring this woman’s plea for help. Perverted, cowardly, and evil

No. 448

Cruise ships have a sexual assault problem, they’re the most common crime on cruise ships, actually.

No. 450

Also Natalee Holloway, she disappeared in Aruba which is also a Dutch colony in the Caribbean. She was likely sold into sex slavery since the Netherlands has legalised prostitution which increases the overall rate of sex trafficking.

No. 453

Maize magazine is one–it's the one with a subtitle like "a country lesbian magazine" I think. Very very old school, I think it's maybe a little tricky to get on the mailing list but afaik it's one of the longest-running resources of female separatism and is engaged with a lot of long-running women's lands.

No. 454

Military men are very pro sex work since they're addicted to porn and porn stars, frequent strip clubs and prostitutes as apart of their "culture" I don't think I believe his statement though. I think instead of "shame" he was just a damn useless coward that didn't want to stir up drama at the brothel because he wanted to still buy a trafficked victim. That whole part just makes me angry. Fuck anyone who thinks sex trafficking isn't a woman's issue that runs deep within many countries and organizations. Nobody will do anything because the sick demand is there.

I believe Van Der Sloot definitely killed her on that night she disappeared and had a friend depose of her. He was convicted of another murder later in Peru too and is still serving time for that.

No. 459

tfw my father tried to murder my mother in front of me when i was a kid
tfw even years and a divorce later she still won't let me say he's a bad person and hates women

i know it's hard for victims of abuse to accept that they were abused sometimes but… really?

No. 468

File: 1577729668746.png (63.02 KB, 720x663, Screenshot_2019-12-30-13-20-11…)

In this episode of retards complaining about women for no reason on unrelated places, these faggots on a video about how Google spies on us.

This shit makes me so fucking angry, like bro a man can do shit poorly and people will blame it on HIM in particular for being an inept faggot but when a woman does something poorly it's always because she's a woman?

The worst part? It wasn't even a joke, it was just a girl saying that she finds funny that the guy in the vid talks about makeup without knowing about it or something (dunno, I don't know shit about makeup either), but of course these comedy masters interpreted it as a joke.

No. 485

File: 1577746502917.jpg (242.84 KB, 720x814, 20191230_144056.jpg)

Lmao @ gAmeRbOiZ always taking credit for the top percentage of pro players so they can make generalizations about how males and females play. Fact of the matter is that most men I see play like absolute garbage and all of the confirmation bias in the world won't change the fact that you suck.

No. 520

NGL I feel really bad for straight women because they basically have to deal with men if they want romantic or sexual love in their lives. As hard as being bi/lesbian is, at least we can have fulfilling and complete lives without men. If I knew I was probably going to end up with some coomer retard who barely cares about me, I don't know how I'd handle it!

No. 526

Reading a thread about "Real-life Supervillains" and someone bought up the case of that poor girl that was tortured to death in Japan. Now I'm arguing with some scrot that was glad the case happened, because it produced gore porn that he posted! Why are men like this? It makes me feel sick to the back teeth to know now of the depraved details of what happened to the poor soul, but the fact there are men out there who would collect details of the case, just do he can draw a porno if it, just so he and other monsters can get off?! Why, just why?

Arguing with the scrot has may me feel so hopefully. They just REFUSE to understand. I mean I thought this was basic?

May you rest in peace Junko.

No. 527


No. 529

Girl, just disengage. By getting angry and upset, you are giving that guy the response he’s looking for.

No. 530

Link? They’re probably just butthurt that the OP was making an (accurate) joke at men’s expense lmfao

No. 545

Junkos case haunts me. Sometimes I wish I had never learned of the details. Her captors were apart of the yakuza so learning how lightly they got off despite their crimes were beyond horrific was unsurprising, still depressing. She went through all of their evil because she apparently turned down one of the guys offer for a date. That was it. Pure fucking evil.

There has never been a horrific case where a group of women sexually tortured a man to that degree. Men's whining about "evil" women in divorce is so abysmal in comparison ita laughable

No. 546

> I'm arguing with some scrot that was glad the case happened

You can't argue with a sociopath. You can't make them into normal humans, they should be shunned.

No. 547

I can't stand the femcel and pinkpill subs on reddit. Obviously they're not violent at all and just self loath all day but I hate how almost all of the time they genuinely think you have to look like a "gigastacey" to get anything in life and if you don't look like a done up instathot you're basically worthless. Some girl will post her pic and they all dogpile this completely okay looking girl on how she's "obviously not attractive at all" but could use a list of like 30 makeup products and buckets of plastic surgery to become a "normie". Like how is this any different than male incels tearing each others looks apart for masochistic pleasure? What happened to sticking to your own aesthetic and style and being comfortable with that? Now even pinkpilled women are promoting extreme body modification to transform yourself into a basic sameface insta model?

I know I'm sperging the house down boots but individuality really is dead when even radfems and pinkpillers are telling you to conform or die.

No. 552

File: 1577835395170.jpg (22.44 KB, 620x349, sheilajeffreys.jpg)

You won't hear that stuff from radfems. Femcels are something else.

No. 557


Eh, I think you're confused. You don't have to be pinkpilled or a radfem to be femcel. Femcels are females who don't get laid and whine about their situation, period.

Pinkpill in general is an ideology revolved around criticizing males and their shitty behaviour, radfeminism focuses on gender and sex work abolition.
I think everyone mixes the terms, just like people who think that everyone who is against transactivism is a radfem (conservatives are against it, but for completely different reasons lol).

I remember there was a warning on previous threads telling femcels not to sperg lol.

No. 559

>radfeminism focuses on gender and sex work abolition.

More accurate to describe it as branch of feminism that seeks to abolish patriarchy in all its forms to allow female liberation (rather than "gender equality" which is more of a liberal feminist ideology) and sees male dominance as a transhistorical phenomenon rooted in culture stemming from males exploiting the biological differences of females. Radical feminist theory postulates that males first subdued females with their greater physical strength and sexual violence, then used the social construction of gender to groom every subsequent generation into patriarchy with continued use of violence against women to keep this system in place.

No. 563

Another example that Male Entitlement kills. It's sobering. Do not be afraid of your gut instinct ladies.

No. 564

This makes me fucking scream. Somebody DO SOMETHING!

No. 565

I always remember her and those three American girls who were kidnapped and raped for years by a fucker who hanged himself in prison. I always remember them when people say "females have rights, you live in the first world, hurr durr". Not only them suffered an horrible destiny, but all the women who are killed everyday, having their lifes taken by males, coward psychopaths who commit suicide afterwards. Imagine that, imagine being erased from existence by a fucking male just because you didn't catter to his tastes, to his fantasies. Imagine it, in just a second your life is gone. It's sickening.

Being female is a constant fight, be it in third world or first world. It's insane.

No. 566

No. 567

And then men minimize it by saying "um?? acksually men get murdered more you dumb bitch kys whore" as if there is NOTHING in common with the perpetrators of these crimes.
Could…males be the problem? Hmmmmm…

No. 569

Every time I remember bathroom spy cams I feel disgusted and mad that I feel scared I've been recorded before. Only way to stop these cumbrains is really to just kill all men.

No. 572

You gals accidentaly made me remember the Delphi Killer case. God, I can't wait till the fucker gets caught. I believe sooner or later he will meet justice just like Joseph James DeAngelo aka Golden State Killer did.

I know lolcow has a low opinion of Reddit, but reading true crime subreddits like r/Delphimurders or r/unresolvedmysteries give me life. So many people doing their best so that motherfuckers who hurt innocent girls and women may get fried. I love how most redditors on those subs are full of empathy toward the victims.

No. 646

can someone please write 'men are designed to fuck everything that moves' on the next thread photo?

No. 648


The Cyprus case is horrific, those rapist scum need as severe punishment as possible.

No. 690

What do you guys think of the concept of sexual market value?

No. 692

The high importance on sex in society is only relevant to men and brainwashed women anyway, it really doesn't matter much in quality of life. Plus there is no magic universal age cuttoff where fertility and looking "sexually appealing" stop, it's all variable and even elderly people still have sex lives. It's just a concept popular among trads and incels because they can use it to make insecure women feel like shit, or for old men to pressure young women into dating them. Normal people have no problems with their partners' age mirroring theirs, and everybody ages.

No. 701

This is the kinda shit that peaked me. When you're just minding your own business and you're suddenly reading an onslaught on sexist bullshit outta nowhere. Men can not turn it the fuck off and youtube etc see 0 wrong with these comments.

It's funny because anytime I played LoL or another dota with a male they would get distracted by the fighting over objective. Every single fucking time. Men are completely unable to stay on objective.

Arguing with a scrote is like arguing with a 7 year-old. They're not going to be swayed by logic or emotion because they're convinced their personally feelings on the situation is right.

No. 719

File: 1578113684969.jpg (63.16 KB, 500x375, tumblr_e9a635bf2414fe5bf1dc683…)

Hello my fellow obsese furry legged frens
This is always the best they can come up with?

No. 736

>Delphi murder case

Curiosity in me wants to know more, but I'm sure my conscience is saying "Don't".

No. 738

File: 1578164066493.jpg (820.23 KB, 1067x1607, gross.jpg)

There's so much porn but it's still not enough. They have to involve people who aren't consenting. Alot of sexual predators use these hot lines like this too.

When reading the thread there was one incel defending this shit, saying how loneliness is the worst and that assault is due to desire, not power. The state of it all.

No. 742

Some of them legally can't hang up, right?

No. 747

I'm done with /ot/. Everything there is only tradthots, pickmes and gross/terrible takes.

No. 749

Just found out there's a movie based on her murder. Why?? I'd hope it would be about the case, at least, but I'm sure we all know it's about her torture.

No. 751

Where tf did they come from?? I understand that with imageboards younger users find them and populate so the user age tend to stay the same… I hate the idea that lolcow too will be just another PULL.

No. 754

they're pathetic. they make completely disparate comparisons that make no sense, they strawman the fuck out of us, etc. any minor complaint about rfs or ppers will be piggybacked and mindlessly repeated, filled with dramatizations that don't even ring true about us. ironically almost all of their accusations are purely projection. what's particularly annoying is that i'd be willing to wager that most of us that are pinkpillers and radfems ARE the oldfags, and yet we're treated like a group that has recently migrated here. uh, no. growing up in my early teens on 4chan and seeing how men and boys operate, how they're groomed into becoming pornaddled abusers, 'radicalized' me very early.

honestly think we should just recreate all threads here. anons cant even vent about a man specifically causing them problems (bf, dad, brother) without being told to "go back to the containment thread". the problem that "gtfo femcel" women have is that they don't understand that in a society built entirely by men and for men, most problems women have, will trace back to them.

No. 763

File: 1578184932082.jpeg (382.8 KB, 750x943, D44CC3DA-0CEF-41AE-8130-41C1FB…)


Have you guys heard about this shitshow? Men really think this sounds appealing? Popping out as many babies as we can so we have no identity, career, hobbies, independence, etc. most men these days don’t even afford to raise ONE child without having their partner work as well

No. 772

>that i'd be willing to wager that most of us that are pinkpillers and radfems ARE the oldfags
lol, do you really think that ?

No. 773

yes, i just explained why. there has been an influx of gender critical reddit users, and those are obviously new, but as i said, if you grew up on the chans, it's hard not to be pinkpilled.

No. 774

I'm on here and been here since 2014 rip.

it also just aligns with life. younger women are more likely to be NLOGs since that's the prime bracket where that behavior is rewarded and they don't have much life experience yet. it's one thing to see guys being stupid when everyone around you is still stupid and developing, but it's another thing entirely when you start trying to build a life for yourself and actually start hitting the roadblocks that are set up against women.

No. 777

also, yeah 4chan was my first dose of the pink pill. I used to hang around /int/ and specifically in the CulturePals threads (a social networking website geared towards messaging and connecting with international users). i think it was primarily used for language exchange, but obviously people would use it to meet others to date or hook up. Well the 4chan threads were superficially about finding some qt foreign waifu to practice language with, but really they just used it to collect nudes and lead on these women. Some would brag about all the women they were lying to about being in love with or start a relationship just to post their selfies or nudes on fucking 4chan for other scrots to trash them for nothing. and had all the typical misogynistic trappings of the submissive East Asian or eastern European women.

they would share tips on how best to manipulate women into sharing nudes or camming with them (and they never failed to screenshot or record those sessions).

anyway, I try not to pay too much attention to the current pickmes and tradthots as lolcow was so much worse about NLOGing back in the day

No. 791

File: 1578195159286.png (45.68 KB, 1309x457, meta.PNG)

>anyway, I try not to pay too much attention to the current pickmes and tradthots as lolcow was so much worse about NLOGing back in the day
i try not to either, but they're crying to admin in meta about "femcel politics" and want her to get rid of 2X already, ot pinkpill/GC, or both 2X and threads in ot. they keep insisting pp/"femcel politics" talk on the site is completely due to newfag twitter feminist infiltration, that oldfags aren't pinkpillers, and that we're "chasing off the core userbase".

anyways, vote in this poll admin made: https://forms.gle/sJCd6JpUPGVAjYfDA to keep 2X, because if there aren't enough votes to keep it, admin is going to get rid of it in 7 days, and between NLOGers and tumblrfags, and some amount of shifty males, i wouldn't be surprised if they influenced her to get rid of everything – the thread in /ot/, and this board. they cry and whine so much to get rid of anything they dislike, like lolcow is literally just theirs.

No. 793

I don't really understand why they care so much. If the /ot/ threads get nuked then all the stuff they don't like is on /2X/ and if people start with pinkpill/gc/whatever shit outside of /2X/ they get banned and no one has to deal with what they don't want to.

idk maybe I'm an optimist but admin making /2X/ at all has me thinking she's fine with things as long as everyone behaves.

No. 794

File: 1578195696205.jpg (275.98 KB, 720x878, 20200104_193208.jpg)

Where do they find the audacity to claim that the West treats men like second class citizens and compare it to how women are treated in Middle Eastern totalitarian countries. I'm really just fucking disgusted…

No. 805

We should not defend regimes for their human rights abuses but too often the West just uses these reasons as justification to invade and colonise other countries. Nearly all the problems the USA has with Iran are the USA’s fault with how they helped the UK to steal Iran’s resources then overthrew their democratically elected leader to put in a pro-US puppet.

No. 807

This is funny. Americans usually use the Middle East as an example to shut up Western feminists because they will tell them that women in the Middle East have it so much worse. They may describe themselves as anti-feminist but then they demonize and dehumanize foreign brown men for their sexism. Obviously they do not actually care for the welfare of the civilians living there and especially not the women since America bombs and invades the Middle East all the time and women suffer atrocities during war.

No. 808

*always suffer horrific atrocities during war

No. 810

This was talked about in the other gc thread. Stefan still believes in the "90% of eggs gone by 30" fake fact to scare uninformed and insecure white women into making a permenant decision (he did also lately go after Leo Decaprio for being 45 and not settling down either and talked about aging sperm surprisingly) and he's pushing how women should be dropping everything to marry the first alt right guy they see. Meanwhile America is ranked as the worst first world nation to be in as a pregnant woman/to give birth in. It's also expensive to live in a good safe area to raise all those kids in on a single income.

In attendance? No more than maybe 50, all middle aged men.

No. 811

>too often the West just uses these reasons as justification to invade and colonise other countries.
Yeah I agree with that, I was just pointing out that man's insane persecution complex.

No. 812

Explain to me this Stefan guy. Is he desperate for white women to be pregnant because he believes in white genocide bullshit or does he have some sort of breeding kink?

No. 817

How do we make them fuck off? I’m convinced it’s sock puppeting moids and/or trannies doing gods work to dismantle ~le ebul feminism ~ by demonising it. The majority of people here are hardcore radfems or pp women, or women that just like to poke fun and men and trannies, but they try and make out like the whole site is sick of them lmao NO I’d rather see pink pill sperging than someone who writes like they’re 16 telling me ~dysphoria is real uwu you’re a bitter insecure bitch~ It makes sense because these people don’t understand us or where we came from, they say we migrated from twitter but I think it’s them that have migrated from Reddit.

No. 823

He's a Canadian tradtard with an obvious impregnation fetish who wants women to be stay at home baby makers, but is also a total hypocrite because he is a stay at home dad while his wife works and has aspirations for his daughter to work in academia. He literally can't keep his bullshit straight to the point where he seems like he should be just a troll, but is sadly a real person.

No. 841

File: 1578251352853.png (168.18 KB, 1305x295, r9k.PNG)

i don't know. farmhands and admin both don't seem to like pp/rf shit, from what i can tell, especially farmhands, telling radfems to "go, your kind isn't wanted here". i just don't know where the fuck people get the idea that everyone who is rf or pp aligned is a newfag and that oldfags are beyond female politics. i agree with you that i think men are influencing the site. i think it's also very unfair that posters are expected to know when anons are male or just females that have a hateboner for controversial thought. we have no information about the posters, we know males deliberately ruined crystal.cafe and purposefully influenced the direction of the site, etc. there's reason for anons to suspect that males try to influence, and even if they don't, why do anons that are anti female politics demand that everything they dislike be off the site? it's just so sketch and entitled. i don't even know why admin gives any credence to people who are rabidly anti-rf/female politics, as it obviously suits men, tumblr/twitterfags, troons, etc, to keep it suppressed, and i assume not everyone chiming in has a lengthy post history to determine they're female, and even if they do, they straight up pose as us regardless to further their agenda. (pic related)

No. 842

I don't think this is true. Admin obviously is trying to remain neutral and let the users decide on what direction they want the site to go in. She could've just straight up nuked all the politics with the amount of anons that were complaining in meta, but I think the addition of 2X was a very nice idea by her.

No. 843

File: 1578256163489.jpeg (109.26 KB, 482x419, E6542067-A1D8-4C37-87D1-35AE28…)

I don’t trust anyone here who goes out of their way to shit on feminism, not even with the ~uwu i agree I’m just tired~ thrown in.
Stuff like this is 100% Male, black and white male thought pattern and aggressive language, wanting to destroy anything even slightly unpleasent to their delicate senses. I don’t want radical feminism to be a taboo subject on here, if there are any genuine female farmers on this recent campaign to de radicalise lolcow then colour me fucking shocked, because the whole notion is an un-female thing to do. Females aren’t regarded enough to try and wipe the earth clean of opposing opinions, not even ones that directly hurt them, which is even more retarded because it means we will keep being walked all over forever lol I won’t have it, I don’t see what’s so bad about strangers on the internet thinking I’m a psycho legbeard, there’s worse things to be for sure (like, for instance, any sort of Male in general kek)

No. 845

File: 1578257310415.jpg (23.91 KB, 500x483, ae543e233abf911a9c3e2127037312…)

Agreed. Why the fuck are supposed farmers fighting so hard to keep radical feminist threads contained in 2X anyway? If it's away from the other boards, why does it even matter? This over-zealousness for cracking down on radfem stuff on lolcow is suspicious for sure.

Seriously anons, disengage from these screaming harpies and let 2X go on a trial period. If it fails, then it fails. But if you screech so much about a board that you don't even have to be a part of, you are a guaranteed scrote or a major handmaiden. Have a little respect for yourselves, goddamn.

No. 846

File: 1578257858645.png (30.76 KB, 1222x343, rf.PNG)

her decision to make 2X or vote is not the reason why i think she isn't a fan of female politics. i'm glad she made 2X, but i don't see it staying because of the input of weirdly rabid anti-radfem/anti-female politics posters that come in to aggressively complain every week. there have been a number of times where admin and the farmhands have made it clear they do not like radfems. i can't go looking for them all, but they're in meta and in the previous threads.

No. 848

Is there a radfem discord I can join? I’ve never used lc discord but I need a place to rip on scrotes and trannies or I may go insane

No. 855

>if there are any genuine female farmers on this recent campaign to de radicalise lolcow then colour me fucking shocked, because the whole notion is an un-female thing to do. Females aren’t regarded enough to try and wipe the earth clean of opposing opinions, not even ones that directly hurt them, which is even more retarded
it is so aggressively male. i don't even know how anyone can mock people figuring they seem male when they say shit like "kill yourself" or speak as they do in your post. what do they expect? if you act like a damn near pickme by picking up their aggressive typing/speaking patterns, that's not our fault. i honestly believe there are a few females complaining genuinely about it. probably younger anons afraid of feeling like uncool crones, likely newer users. there are a lot of anons here who even date guys from r9k and whatnot that i'm sure get absolutely assblasted when the possibility that their discord discount prince of their dreams is not actually worth what they invest in him and see in him, tbh.

>But if you screech so much about a board that you don't even have to be a part of, you are a guaranteed scrote or a major handmaiden. Have a little respect for yourselves, goddamn.
agreed, but the problem is that they have as much "voting power" as us, despite how fucking weird it is that they want to immediately get rid of a board that literally just started, that is literally hidden. like, you have to be weird and insanely invested in ridding the site of people who disagree with you. like clockwork, they run to /meta/ and complain again, before this board has even had a chance. it's just so strange that every few weeks they call for everyone and everything rad leaning to be eliminated, but act like we're the unreasonable ones.

No. 857

The fact that they're telling us to "just make another site or discord" is fucking retarded and peak male entitlement.

No. 858

File: 1578261068332.jpeg (304.09 KB, 420x974, FD0EC5EB-0054-4335-BFC1-FFE773…)

Another Male - the absolute raging distain coming from this below comment. Not even a handmaiden or tranny would talk like this.

No. 859

I think it's fair for people to want a place that's free of politics to just bullshit around. I don't think all the farmers against it are scrotes. They just don't give a shit and don't want to have to deal with it when they're chatting casually or picking at dumb lolcows. I'm not into the autistic conspiracy theory that it's all just a bunch of troons and scrotes when the simplest explanation is that it's apolitical women who wanna talk shit.

The people who are real aggressive about not having /2X/ OR the /ot/ threads exist rather than just being mildly annoyed give me pause though. Like okay so going on about Dolly's ass zits or Momo's frankentits for 300 posts is fine but having to deal with rants about men on occasion is suddenly unbearable? lol ok.

No. 863

File: 1578268519601.png (1.5 MB, 1167x977, C55FUko.jpg.png)

Since when do real women use 'females' as a way to address or talk about other women?

No. 867

>vote in this poll admin made…to keep 2X
Would it not make more sense to get rid of 2X but keep the pp/gc/radfem threads in /ot/? That's also an option on the survey. Having 2X feels like we're being hidden from the rest of the site and eventually it will totally change the culture of /pt/ and /snow/ if discussion of men and trans issues is banned.

It's an imageboard, it's going to attract all kinds of people. The best thing to do if you don't like something is to ignore it, not shove it onto a secret board and beg the admin to align with your political views ffs.

No. 884

I voted to keep all of it. The way I see it, the PP/GC thread on /ot/ can be for people who want to casually participate in shitting on men and trannies when they feel like it, and to keep the manhate alive within board culture. /2X/ can stay secret and be for women who take it a little more seriously and might want to start individual threads about smaller feminism related issues that would otherwise clog up the /ot/ thread. I like that it's a bit more quiet on these threads and won't attract maleposters or not my nigel types, because they won't drive-by post while scrolling /ot/.

Talking about 'empowerment' sure makes it sound like a dumbass scrot who can't tell the difference between libfems and radfems.

No. 912

>it will totally change the culture of /pt/ and /snow/ if discussion of men and trans issues is banned.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't GC langauge like pronoun stuff etc. already bannable on those? The Remilia thread already got into that territory which resulted in bans.

Honestly imo it's better if we have 2X so there are less trolls fighting with us all the time.

No. 925

My boss might be one of the shittiest men I've met.
He left his ex-wife when they found out she was infertile. Now he has a family with a woman 15 years younger than him and a little girl.
Of course he cheats on her constantly as well, even when she was going through a life threatening illness.
He's also a whoremonger who likes fucking barely legal girls when he's over 50.
There's no karma. He does all these things and has a nice life.

No. 926

File: 1578344016076.jpg (358.43 KB, 1717x2289, PicsArt_01-06-08.50.41.jpg)

mEn AgE lIkE fInE wInE

No. 949

I hate how men don't have to wear makeup so people are used to seeing natural male faces and let them age

No. 954

It's depressing realizing how as soon as the topic of artificial wombs is brought up, the first reactions are always about women being useless and eliminated. Not even considering how it would most likely be used more by women for women. Women don't go nearly as hard on men for being "replaced" by sperm banks

No. 971

leonardo was never that good looking imo. just an average twink.

No. 973

Or they cheer at how now TiMs can get pregnant. All male hatred for women can be traced back to womb envy. If men did not need women around to further the propagation of their species or be their fucktoys then they would have been happy to completely destroy the female sex ages ago.

No. 974

Because men think women are not good at anything except making babies.

No. 978

File: 1578370802353.jpg (208.67 KB, 1024x824, 1578370221237m.jpg)

No. 979

>served with a court order that refuses to allow her to refer to a man as a man
Fucking Orwellian nightmare. The moment we start making advances in society as a class, they want to take it from us and silence anyone who speaks out. We are no longer even able to say who is the oppressed and who is the oppressor, because the oppressor has decided he wants our words, our spaces, and a chin length bob.

No. 980

A lot men already say they are better at being women than actual women.

No. 1001

I'm listening to a documentary about famous avant-garde painters and 90% of them were fucking clowns who are regarded as "intelectuals". I refuse to believe a male like them was capable of having genuine artistic inspiration just for the sake of art. All their work feels tacky and pretentious, like they wanted to be ~speeshful snowfl8ks uwu~. Why don't we talk about how they all were as misogynist or racist as any other man in their society? Just why? They aren't deities, and their work wasn't as deep as art historians say. It's hilarious when the """experts""" try to convince everyone (and themselves) that avant-garde nude paintings were deep philosophical shit. It's bobs and vagena made by a horny male. That's it, don't sweat it.

How do you anons cope with having to study male figures as if they were fucking gods without cringing or wanting to end the world?

No. 1002

all male art is bobs and vagine, men drawing hundreds of naked hunks with their dicks out while vehemently stating "no homo", and men's perversion and obsession with war, death and gore.

No. 1006

File: 1578434288342.png (24.59 KB, 654x376, Hacker Factor Gender Guesser.…)

I don't know about that one, but some complaints in /meta/ do sound very unnecessarily aggressive, like >>12829 . I ran this one through the gender guesser for the lols, the verdict was ruthless, kek.

No. 1007

These gender text analyzers all seem like bull tbf but there is really no point in people trying to have 2X deleted when they'll never even have to visit it. It's nice here, and if they just wanted us away from them then I don't see why this board can't suffice.

No. 1009

I have to agree with you all, there is some severe retardation in the /meta/ thread. Now they're all worried that farmers will be "radicalized". What's the worst that could happen because of /2X/? Someone starts wearing dungarees and reading Andrea Dworkin? Oh no.

No. 1010

The ones reeeee-ing endlessly in /meta/ are obviously the same 2, max 3 loud anons that haven't been banned for infighting yet. The survey results are clearly in big favor of /2X/, so no worries.

No. 1013

The worst that could happen is women getting some standards, which is the biggest offense a woman can commit as history shows.

No. 1015

where do you see the survey results, anon?

No. 1021

I used to hate Andrea Dworkin for no real reason since I was brainwashed by anti-feminist propaganda. The only acceptable "feminists" in this world are the postmodernist types who decontextualize and re-frame misogynistic practises into something "empowering" so women re-enforce their own oppression by pretending it is good instead. When I actually read Dworkin's work it really changed my life but it hurt to read because I was in denial of how horrible the world was to women.

No. 1025

Let's be really honest, they're probably the same troons that constantly post in /ot/

No. 1033

nevermind, i found it!

i honestly dont believe theyre troons. maybe a few are troons or troon aligned, like, one aiden seems to be posting, but i think theyre just anti-feminist men or useful idiot women that think they're above female politics and that the discussions we have aren't worth having/your average male caper whose blood pressure goes up everytime a general statement is said about men being shit because her grandpa favored her over her siblings and paid for her tuition or something.

No. 1034

True. The dating thread and anti-porn thread are clearly dangerous because what if women stopped accepting porn-addicted fuckboys?

No. 1040

File: 1578479663693.jpg (145.67 KB, 719x522, Screenshot_20200108-082439_Chr…)

This site is overrun with scrotes and I am fucking sick of it. It it so obvious that the recent hatred towards female oriented issues/man hate/feminism is because of a recent influx of trolls, and dumb newfags who believe they are real users. I've been here since 2014 and it has been a natural progression here towards more political female topics. The "radfems" is the old grown up userbase.

Plus, its a womens site for women, why shouldn't we be able to discuss topics that directly relate to being female? Talk about experiences that are universally female? What's the point of it being a womens only site if we can't talk about female only issues?

No. 1045

>The "radfems" is the old grown up userbase.
Thank you for saying this. I'm so sick of some people insisting pink pill and GC anons came from somewhere else, and are "outsiders". I actually think they might be projecting, because anyone who's truly been here knows that this has never been a male-friendly site. Honestly, this is the natural progression of things. Do people really expect women who are engrossed in imageboard culture not to get sick of men's shit? When we've gotten full blast of it, uncensored, since we were kids? Why on earth should we have to either discuss politics among those same sociopathic men, or deal with handmaidens on places like Reddit who truly don't realize how bad it is? We've been here all this time.
I wish the self-proclaimed "true userbase" who claim to speak for oldfags would just head back to Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, PULL and IG, because it's glaringly obvious that's where they actually came from, and they want LC to be an outpost of their own lame communities. They probably believe browsing since 2018 (and kind of knowing about the site, but being too scared to use it in 2017) makes them oldfags.
As for why some are so vehemently against us discussing these things, I think it's because they still have this idea in their minds that if enough women just "act right", even in our most obscure spaces (like anonymous imageboards), men will renounce misogyny and start listening to women. They think that by us talking about these things, we're fucking it up for everyone by making men hate us even more (as if anything we do/say actually matters when it comes to misogynists).
They probably worry about some incel finding Lolcow, screencapping the most misandrist posts with a caption like "This is why I'm anti-feminist", having the post go viral on Reddit or something, then themselves offhandedly mentioning IRL that they browse Lolcow (which they shouldn't be doing, but I've already seen one anon complaining that they don't want to "associate themselves" with a site known for TERFs, so you know that's what they're like), and their friends going "What? You use that man-hating TERF/SWERF website??", destroying their reputation and rendering them "problematic", all because some uppity bitches on the site (aka us) wouldn't just stay silent.
There's also a certain amount who get offended on behalf of their boyfriends, fathers and brothers. The joke is that the men in their lives most likely don't try to silence other men when they talk shit about women.
The rest are probably men trying to "colonize" this site, because they think they have a right to everything.

No. 1049

File: 1578487026336.jpg (123.28 KB, 960x1086, dadad.jpg)

a bitoff topic but can we avoid using the term male hate and instead use man hate, I feel the term unfairly lumps male animals in with the evilness absurdity of men

No. 1053

Male animals are shitty too. Didn't you know that in hundreds of different species, male animals harass and sexually coerce female animals? I would not be surprised in the slightest if patriarchy ultimately developed out of these mating strategies.

No. 1054

I don't fucking know either but they all type like they're from fucking Reddit. this is what happens when you contain the unique part of imageboard culture. There's no other place (besides LSA) where women can openly vent their anger and frustrations like this, especially to the opposite sex.

No. 1055

Fuck, I agree with absolutely all of this.

I have been on here since 2015, and yes, I agree that lolcow has been naturally gearing into these politics and it was 100% a natural progression, and not some random forced shit that these obvious scrotes/pickmes claim. The fact that there are so many women SO OFFENDED by the existence of pp/gc threads is mindboggling. I bet these are the same losers sperging about some cow looking 15 pounds overweight over in /pt/ and launching out other obsessive, cringeworthy and detailed misogynistic insults all over the board, cause why else would they hate it?

No. 1057

I don't my cats have ever taken part in the destruction of the earth and the subjugation of women worldwide

No. 1059

I know I'm late to this but wtf is happening to this site? The site feature thread is full of men/trannies calling women TERFs and femcels and the admins aren't even banning them? Why the hell are they holding "polls". If the admin wants pp/gc thread on the site just fucking say that and move the hell on. Why are they so worried about catering to people who aren't regular users here. I've been coming here off and on for years, and now a bunch of spergs who found this site via Onision threads want to start making demands?

Like the mods are telling people not to post reddit screenshots in gg/pp threads, but then I saw someone get banned for posting a reddit screenshot in the thread because "this belong in GC" lmao.

Some pp/gc'er needs to make a board just for radfems etc.

No. 1060

>insecure white women

yes anon, society puts no pressure on any other women to have children.

No. 1062

Stefan is a white supremacist so he will not put pressure on non-white women to have kids as it will lead to “white genocide”.

No. 1065

Of course all women face pressure to have kids but the last thing Molymeme wants is brown women having more kids than his beautiful white broodmares to secure the existence of his people and a future for white children etc.

No. 1069

File: 1578492140285.jpg (31.56 KB, 465x466, 0oyhednpai941.jpg)

No. 1070

Hopefully this is a joke..

No. 1071

They're afraid of women being radicalized aka
saying no and having confidence.

They are that scared.
I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people here in 2x have been following this website for 3-4 years. It makes sense to have this kind of progression, women are already feeling this way IRL but this is a place they started to vent and it became this way.
yep, this shit and the amputee shit really freaked me out
There was a anon (possibly male) in /g/ talking about this as their fetish. Also a lot of the feeder fetishist in /g/ as well follow this same theme of "I like it when they are dependent on me (aka trapped and can't escape)"

No. 1074

I think it's mocking the usual pick-me "I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR MY MAN LIKE COOK AND CLEAN NOT LIKE ALL THOSE UGLY BITCHES!!1!1!" post.

No. 1084

Been here for almost 4 years now and also found all of the progression natural.

No. 1090

ok i think you guys are gonna enjoy this one. it’s short and sweet but just happened yesterday so here we go

for context i went to and graduated from a small trade college last year and made a lot of friends in a class that was next to mine, we mostly just hung out at smoke breaks and shot the shit. i thought everyone was cool with me because nobody ever acted like they had a problem and i never gave them a reason to. i finished my course and moved on and i’m studying at another college now to build onto what i was learning previously. apparently this entire time, there’s been a scrote trying to sabotage my reputation for unknown reasons. a couple people had told me he messaged them complaining about my instagram stories, which was weird but i brushed it off because this guy has emotional issues from being in current recovery from alcoholism. no biggie.

anyway yesterday someone spammed me on IG by unsending a bunch of old messages so i posted about it. when this happens and you have more than 1 acc attached to your main instagram, it shows the username of the account that received it in the notification. so like “(accountnamehere) this message is no longer available because it was unsent.” well, this guy saw it, thought the messages were FROM me and apparently didn’t notice he was relying to MY story, so he replied saying “i know that dumb bitch, she went to my school she’s a jealous nasty bitch” verbatim and my reaction was “lmao what” because it was so random i thought he was literally kidding. like making a shitty joke that didn’t land. but no, when he realized it was me, he blocked me bc he knew he fucked up lol.

after posting about it i learned he’s actually been harassing my childhood friend at her work every single day. turns out he’s given up recovery and is back on the bottle (she’s a hostess in a bar/grill place) and making the poor girl extremely uncomfortable, hitting on her in the DMs etc. he’s had a girlfriend for 6+ years, btw.

best part of all this? i found out he failed his fucking course!!! karma is so goddamn sweet. i graduated with flying colours and he got absolutely nothing but a wasted $10k and had to move back in with his parents. it satisfies me so much knowing this fucking loser will never have a life.

No. 1091

also samefagging to add that apparently this dude was truly obsessed because i hadn’t spoken to him in over a year and yet he was still following/watching all of my socials all the time. sad!

No. 1093

Men get very angry when woman excel at anything more than them. Here's an interesting study on video games. They found that a woman playing well = insulted by men playing worse than her. Men playing better/at her level didn't get insulting.


Males like the one you mention KNOW they are at the bottom of the pile when it comes to men. They feel like at the very least they're not women. Then along you come, getting better grades etc. You shit over his perception of life lmao. You got him fucked up by just existing.

No. 1111

Did you tell his gf? 6+ years with him sound like hell

No. 1119

File: 1578523329648.png (63.82 KB, 265x252, good person vs bad.png)

Ok gyns, I need your advice.

There is a small group of male professors at my uni that are friends with predators outside the school, and one of the profs is himself a sleazebag.
The sleazebag prof isnt a predator per se but he will invite students at parties taking place in different venues and when we come, he's always hitting up on or making out with girls as young as 18 (he's 40).
One of his close friends actually sexually abused a close acquintance of mine and tried to rape her, and another of his very close friends dated my best friend (20 years age gap) and their whole relationship was a toxic mess and he clearly profitted of the fact she was vulnerable and used her.
After they broke up, he went to hang out with a group of several of our profs and they had a long talk about her. They literally spent 2h talking about his almost purely sexual relationships with one of their students. And he bragged about it to her.
Now I'm in a very "liberal" art school. A lot of activism and "controversial" stuff is encourraged.
I was thinking of making posters against on of the profs with his photo and a drawn target on his face and a text along the lines of "Kill predators and their friends" and glueing them all over school.
The thing is, while I would be ready to be held accountable for that action, I know that my friends (who are the actual victims, and I know they're not the only ones) wouldn't.
They're both shy with mental health issues and just want to avoid the drama and move on from the abuse which I tottally respect.
I don't want to put them in positions of vulnerability and discompfort but I'm also sick of my college pretending to be "woke" and "feminist" while tolerating shit like this.
I also have a history of being labeled as a "crazy radfem" and fear not being taken seriously, if word ever got out that I was the one behind that.

what do

No. 1120

i feel that this is too risky to chance and is likely to backfire. i think there are more impactful ways to communicate this message. perhaps waiting a while would be better, and just doing something else entirely too. i would wait until your friends are graduated, tbh. they may get attacked/targeted for anything you may do, and this is already just kind of not a good bet/safe idea. if you have proof of them being predatory, see if you can factor that into whatever exposé you try to plan. maybe you can do something more along the lines of "OUR PROFESSOR, X, IS A PREDATOR", rather than bringing up killing them. or "EXILE ALL PREDATORS", something like that, i think, would be better.

No. 1121

Male animals frequently rape female animals, biologists call it "sexual coercion" since rape requires a legal definition and only applies to humans but it's basically rape.

Male cats have barbed dicks so cats have some of the shittiest PIV sex ever.

No. 1125

You're right. The "kill" thing wasnt like a sure thing, it was more of an exemple. But I deff don't want to bring troubles to my friends.

It just kills me that in my social circle those kind of things are so acceptable because "muh open minded artists" and the age of consent being 15 here.

No. 1132

>destruction of the earth
Cats have the highest kill count of native wildlife out of any invasive species and they may not even eat what they kill…just hunting for fun and to play with the corpse. Although unfair to blame cats for this when humans introduced them everywhere.

No. 1190

I experienced a similar situation and I don't recommend a personal "vendetta", the rapist could press charges for defamation and harassment (true story!). The only exception would be if you plan to pay someone to beat him up lol.

First do your friends want to press charges ? If not at least encourage them to tell their story, anonymously or not, for the students to see. Try to take actions collectively with other students, alone you can't do shit. Then contact family planning and associations to come in your school and talk about sexual abuse+abuse of power. Do not hesitate to put up posters about sexual violence. Again for this to be effective, it must be done by a group of students. Otherwise the administration would quickly shut this down because these piece of trash avoid problems and responsability at any cost.

No. 1198

I hope this doesn't come across as racebait but anyone else hate how "woke" MOC callout the patrichal bullshit of what is precived as white culture but never their own, Im not saying non-white men treat women any worse then white men its just some they pretend that only white men engage in the subjugation of women, while treating women of thier own race as inferiors

No. 1202

Yeah I hate the "we have to protect our men" mentality. People out there are bashing Oprah for exposing black predators while having white ones in her personal circle but who cares? Exposing rapists is always a good thing.

No. 1206

White men do the same to MoC. Like on /pol/ they all go on about how they should "ally" with TERFs but hope that these women "wake up" and see the "real problem" is non-white men and Jews because "white men protect women and gave them their rights". Men do not care about women but will use how they treat women to act morally superior to each other. I often see them complaining on /int/, /pol/, Reddit or whatever about Muslim men too for being "barbarically misogynistic" before going on about how much they hate women and how they love to pay for sex every month.

I also think a lot of MoC are angry at white men for colonising their countries and raping their women during the New Imperial era and creating a racial hierarchy with white on top (obviously this did happen and we can still see the ramifications of this today). But when it comes to women of their ethnicity being attacked by white men, it's more because they view those women as their "property" and that attacking them was an attack on their race/ethnicity/culture. A lot of WoC have internalised racism so they desire to be white and think white men are the best because of media so seek out white men to date (I know so many WoC who want half-white babies because they know it will improve their status and because their children will be "higher status").

To MoC, these WoC dating outside their race thought of as "race traitors" but if a MoC marries a white woman then he is viewed as successful or "getting back at white men". I always see white men vs. MoC over female sexual conquest. Since white men seen as desirable across the world and with way more WoC dating white men than white women dating MoC, white men are viewed as the "winners". Maybe since so many MoC think that because white men have both white and male privilege then whatever they do themselves does not matter as much or is not as harmful as whatever a white man does.

Although some MoC who are incels have twisted "white privilege" into meaning that white men have an easier chance of getting laid and some even believe it is impossible for white men to be incels because there will always be a WoC who will have sex with them.

No. 1210

>while I would be ready to be held accountable for that action, I know that my friends (who are the actual victims, and I know they're not the only ones) wouldn't.
I would listen to them and respect them
If you want to fight the good fight, just protect more women from them directly rather than putting up a bunch of posters
if they are acting sleazy at a party, call them out on it
ask female students if they need someone to attend office hours with them
I know what it's like to want to just rip someone apart for hurting your friends and "getting away with it", but there are more things you can do

No. 1215

Yeah I lurk Incel forums and its actually surprising how much the topic of white privilege comes up on thier

No. 1216

I think the only reason anyone has any point to that is that the threads are called "Pink Pills", instead of literally anything else that isn't just co-opting a meme that's been re-tread so many times
There are so many other people (men) who do that for their own stupid philosophy, it's only natural for someone to hear "COLOR" Pilled and think it's just a dumb 4chan offshoot

No. 1217

White men have demonised MoC while ignoring their own faults for hundreds of years to justify colonization. MoC doing the same where they call out white men for their misogyny while dismissing their own faults is both a backlash against racism and also a pissing contest between men (since they still don't care about women in general).

No. 1218

you're sorta NAMALTing

No. 1220

trust me, i’d love to but since he blocked me and i hadn’t been following him for a long time, i couldn’t find or remember her name

No. 1221

How? Men hate women but will use how they treat women to look better than each other. They demonize men of other races for misogyny but they do not actually care about women.

No. 1235


I like to refer to this mentality as "no one can abuse our women except us!" These men will leap to any opportunity to insult men of another group for physically harming women of their own race/ethnic group, but they will be silent as stones when one of them kills or rapes a woman of their own group. Women are simply props in this argument. It's a way to compete and fight with another group of men. If they really gave a shit about "their" women, then they would become advocates to solve issues that strongly affect Black/Asian/White/etc. women or broader women's issues like pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.

I'm white, and I regularly read and monitor white nationalist websites. White nationalist men will write angry rants and threats whenever a white woman is raped or killed by a non-white man. What do you think happens when a news story emerges of a white man murdering his white girlfriend or wife like the tragic deaths of Shanann Watts and her two daughters by her husband Chris Watts? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing. This tragedy was not mentioned on any of the white nationalist websites or podcasts I observe. These websites also call any white woman who's dated a non-white man at some point in her life a "traitor." Amusingly, they have whipped themselves into a paranoid frenzy, and many are convinced that all white women are whores who lust over black men.

The seemingly contradictory attitudes of revulsion and protection towards women of their own race serve two purposes: 1. To compete with and fight other men from different ethnic groups 2. To subjugate women and keep them in an inescapable inferior status.

No. 1237

Basically, I have seen a lot of white men tell white women that they should be grateful to them that white men treat them with so much "respect" and how they are so much better than evil brown men. If they complain too much about white men then they should move to Saudi Arabia and see how much they like it now that white men aren't "serving and protecting them". Then white men go on about how white women are all uppity bitches who are "poisoned by feminism" so they fantasize about having a wife who is a feminine and uneducated non-white woman who worships white men because she hasn't discovered feminism yet.

No. 1238

>I'm white, and I regularly read and monitor white nationalist websites.
Kek, why tho. Hopefully for research purposes?

No. 1242

File: 1578546628446.png (81.97 KB, 1235x387, ok.PNG)

thoughts on admin's post?

i think 2X was a great decision. it was a smart move and i think it's fab. i'm thankful for her work, but based on the polls, so far it would appear the majority of people voting are heavily, heavily favor of having a space for female politics. granted, it could be skewed, but i doubt it considering all the kickup by the dedicated anti pp/gc anons. i'm really not sure why despite this, she acts like pp/gc anons are such a minority of the core userbase. she gives so much weight to the complaints of literally everyone else, but consistently diminishes ours, like we're definitely all just a vocal minority of twitter users that recently came here, and that literally everyone anti pp/gc is the REAL userbase. are rival camgirls and anti-onision 19 year old twitter users the real userbase then?

/r/gendercritical users that only found this site are totally different and i really do not like that manhate anons are grouped in with them.

it's also like everyone is blind to the instigation by by obviously anti-female issues farmers, too, even when they're insanely aggressive and ironically, entitled. people who frequently and angrily (sort of out of nowhere) demand for the banning of the topic and users entirely, or even demand the nuking of /ot/ entirely, and seem obviously like MRA/incel males LARPing. they seem to get a pass to say anything. i don't really get it tbh. what i dislike about this post is that it gives validation to males and seemingly male-identified women.

No. 1245


I look at them because I've always been intrigued by how people with extremist political ideologies think and what drives people towards them. What are the factors that lead one middle class white male towards these views while other white men who grew up in the same area with the same socioeconomic background have no attraction to them? It's also amusing to watch them wrestle with the various contradictions in their ideology and argue over who's really white and who isn't.

The other major reason I observe these websites is for my own good while dating. White nationalists are near universally misogynistic, yet strongly desire to have tons of white children. All but the top tier spergs know revealing their true views will drive women away, so they won't say them unless they're certain their date has enough handmaiden tendencies to tolerate them. However - they have a certain way of speaking and using slang that can be picked up on with experience. I live in a mostly white and conservative area, so I'd prefer to avoid being attached to someone who sees me as nothing more than a baby factory who shouldn't have any rights.

No. 1247

White supremacists say they want to protect white women but what they really want is to protect white wombs. There's also a sliding scale with white supremacists as many are disgusted with the idea of being with an "inferior" non-white woman while others may still think whites are superior but they want a non-white wife (usually East Asian) because they have the idea that she will be submissive to him unlike a white woman who believes in "feminist propaganda" so they joke about "colonizing non-white wombs" but they can't let any non-white men touch their "property" (white women). Has anyone seen stuff like this too?

No. 1251

Admin and the farmhands are all newfags, its very obvious. They all sound like they are straight out of pull, act very childish and fuel the infighting. They never adhere to board culture either.

Banning political females to appease whining men pretending to be women, hell even the old male admin had more solidarity with women than them.

No. 1254

Unfortunately I don’t see /2X/ or the /OT/ thread lasting, which is a shame. Not a new fag but I’ll give credence to the fact that the only reason I really stick around this site anymore is for the gender critical discussion so once that’s gone I can see myself not returning or just visiting very infrequently. I don’t post often and hardly lurk outside of /OT/ nowadays but I keep seeing it mentioned that /GC/ and /PP/ discussion gets leaked into other threads. Maybe I’m blind or just very ignorant, but I don’t really see this as being the case. The most I see is someone either refusing to use pronouns but not really drawing attention to it or posts that aren’t male-positive which farmers then respond to and wank about.

I don’t know. It’s clear to me that admin and co. are really pushing back on this despite claims otherwise. She can run the website however she wants but I would have a lot more respect for her if she was more transparent about it. I think the worry farmers have regarding male invasion is very real and given how little spaces there are for women on internet, it’d be a shame to lose this one, but as a casual user and mostly lurker it is frustrating watching this happen and I don’t know if I want to stick around to watch it unfold anymore.

For the record I think /2X/ is a great idea and I’m among the anons that think it should stay as a space for us to talk about women’s issues and empowerment. I understand why people have reservations about it being unlisted and an argument could be made for why that’s a bad thing, but I like the fact that it’s hidden. There’s less opportunity for trolling and the people complaining about the political discussion could opt to ignore it (which I know isn’t happening just looking at /meta/, but in a perfect world this would be the case and so far I haven’t seen any belligerent anons storming this board).

I guess what I’m saying is that I would love for this discussion to stick around but I’m not holding my breath since there’s so much pushback. The /GC/ threads were what really helped me reconcile my views as both a former libfem they/them who was genuinely contemplating transitioning and a closeted, traumatized bisexual, and I think it’s helped others in similar ways. I suppose we’ll have to see what happens but I am really thankful for the discussion here regardless of what happens.

No. 1256

I think admin is just fessed up from the personal attacks on her and the staff and hoped the recent changes would make them stop completely, of course that is extremely frustrating but I agree that a lot of that post is bothering me.
What is up with the "we vs. them" thinking? I saw it a lot in the meta thread too, but seeing admin take the same stance is upsetting. If she thinks anons who are interested in pp, gc and female politics are mostly outsiders, a vocal minority(contrary to the polls) and newfags (and where are they supposed to come from? reddit? how is twitter supposed to organize itself to raid the threads?), why not invent a way to block direct linking from certain outside sources and/or issue warnings/bans for certain reddit and twitter lingo(if there is something like that)?
Like I agree that the 'admin-team are trannies' tinfoils are really annoying now and that the specific anons admin is refering to in her posts are retarded, especially after admin made this board, but they aren't really doing a great job in explaining the weird focus and hostility on pp/gc either (from the closure of the manhate thread to everything that happened after it) so that others can understand it. I browse /ot/, /snow/ and /w/ daily, but only saw visible bans for pp sperging 3 times. The meta thread complaints aren't helpful either because they are way too vague. And I don't want to invalidate them, I literally don't understand what they are talking about, they just say variations of 'derailing in /ot/' and 'sperging in the vent thread' without mentioning what kind of post or post content they mean but then I visit those again and don't find posts talking about female politics or tranny politics and don't know what they reference to. It's even harder now since gc and pp are lumped together as one userbase. Is it about the anons who vent about their bfs or talking about trannies in a disrespectful way? Encouraging violence on men has been discouraged within threads and banned as femcel sperging since the manhate threads, so I don't get the fear of radicalization as an argument to close it down either. I wish they'd just be more specific in their reasoning, because otherwise it's not too far fetched to jump to the conclusion that the issue is a personal one.
And the antagonizing and aggressive behaviour absolutely goes on both sides. It's exactly like you said. Calling one side entitled cancer but ignoring the obvious larping MRA's calling everyone radfems and desperately wanting those topics to be gone as a whole for dishonest reasons is not the way to solve it.

What personally bothered me the most is
>Despite of however the polls turn out I have a pretty good hunch that the constant troon accusations against everyone won't stop.
>I know not all gc and pp anons are like this, and things have appeared fine for now, despite of the continued comments about how /ot/ anons are all troons.
If the biggest issue is the troon accusations, just make them a bannable offense if they aren't explained with actual concerns and made just to shitpost and be angry. Please don't take it to heart. Same goes for /ot/, I'm sure that counts as infighting. I hope she didn't just made /2X/ and the poll to "appease" those posters and is actually going to consider the info she gains from the poll..

No. 1258

I agree with everything you said. I also get the impression Admin is frustrated at the tinfoils and shit, I would too, but I’d also like to know what exactly they’re seeing regarding /PP/ and /GC/ leaking into other threads because at this point I feel like I’m blind.

No. 1259

I think it's weird that all of Admin's anger is directed towards 2X posters when anti-2X anons were tinfoiling and derailing like crazy in meta.

No. 1263

I just don't get why Admin is so angry at 2X/ Gender Crit/ PP posters. And why is she treating us as a minority on this board, when as soon as we got moved, all of a sudden there are women (??) who very obviously just probably spend their time on /pt/ and infighting with other farmers sperging out any slightly "PP/Gender Crit" view, lmao.

Also, I noticed there's so many farmers (probably the same 1-2 people) who just start infights with farmers in the threads for seemingly no apparent reason, particularly the Venting and Unpopular threads? Why doesn't the Admin do anything about that, since it very obviously doesn't match the tone of anything else and looks like shitposting?

No. 1267

File: 1578562723299.png (69.65 KB, 1260x1064, result.png)

exactly, this is literally how it always goes. pp or whatever posters are solely blamed for shit the other parties start, and we're also the only ones that get penalized. even when they're the ones that are saying "kill yourself" and similarly aggressive shit. the anon tinfoiling was anti-2X. why do they literally attribute all of these things to us when it's literally the opposing side??? i didn't even see a "tranny team" accusation in the meta thread recently. it's dumb accusation, and i am tired of it, but it wasn't happening? almost everything 2X anons were blamed for was shit the other parties were doing.

i dont get it. by all appearances so far, we aren't even close to the minority, unless the team really counts the momokun spergs and onisiontards as the real userbase. i don't understand why they're so unwilling to believe the progression has pretty obviously been organic. it's literally visible if you read threads from 2-3 years ago.

No. 1268

Seriously though. The amount of flack /GC/ and /PP/ posters get is ridiculous given how little we actually do. The punishment doesn’t really fit the crime. I notice we get banned far more easily for infighting when the shit stirring comes mostly from other anons. It definitely adds weight to the theory that personal beliefs/politics are bleeding through and clouding judgement since even Admin says in the post the worst we do is the troon tinfoiling (which I agree anons need to knock that shit off).

No. 1269

Looking at the thread and checking the results just confirms what I've always thought: The people constantly sperging about "radfems" and demanding all discussion of female politics be removed are a loud, aggressive minority. I don't know why they don't seem to ever get banned, but they are not as numerous as the /meta/ thread infights and complaining would imply.
The majority of farmers aren't really bothered about /2X/, GC or PP. Whoever has been throwing tantrums and calling people femcels that should kill themselves certainly doesn't speak for the userbase.
I can understand why the admin would be exasperated with the infighting and tinfoiling, but at the same time, we all know how quickly shit would get redtexted and/or deleted if half of the shit the "anti-GC/PP" anon(s) said were said by pro-GC/PP anons. When the double standards are this blatant, it's no wonder some people are tinfoiling.

No. 1270

Thank you for your thoughtfull and constructive advice. I will think about what you said.
you're right. I'm just so angry.

No. 1273

I think 2X was a great idea and honestly I'm really pissed that the meta anons couldn't just take it for what it is and had to keep going back to fight with the libfems and repeat the troon thing when admin already made it clear troon speculation isn't tolerated. This board and our ability to post on this site about female politics at all are on shaky ground and it seemed like 2X was a great solution. Now it and the OT threads will probably cause people wouldn't stop infighting in meta. It really sucks because we're going to lose all our threads just cause of a few people who couldn't calm the fuck down.

No. 1281

Admin was near enough spot on. I have nothing against PP or GC, I browse the threads myself. The problem is that there seems to be a small number of posters that are taking it too far. It's these people that she's addressing, not PP/GC anons in general. The problem being caused in /ot/ is that these posters are leaking into the rest of the board and it's creating a hostile atmosphere. I've seen it and had it happen to me. If an anon mentions something that these posters disagree with, the anon will get accused of being either a larping male or a troon. It's obnoxious and derails threads.

This also isn't the first time that the meta thread has turned into infighting and tinfoiling. As soon as the existence of the pink pill thread is brought up there's always at least one poster that goes on a tirade accusing the staff of being trannies. It's as though these certain posters can't comprehend that not everyone agrees with them and doesn't want it shoved down their throats in unrelated threads.

Why I think admin is correct in her assessment is that unlike ordinary farmers, admin and farmhands can see exactly what someone is posting and where. Unless admin has changed it, LC uses a modified version of tinyboard. Anyone that's been around image boards should know how mod.php works. This is how the current and previous admins have been able to reveal the post histories of self posting cows. Everything posted under the same IP can be linked across all boards.

No. 1284

Admin is right. We should make our own site. Where's the anon that made CC? She did a really good job and I don't think she meant for it to turn into a troon board. I'll be kind of sad to leave lolcow, I've been coming here for a long time, but I'm tired of the hostility. I'm glad for all of the political discussion we've had (which, from what I remember, there wasn't much of in the early days of just /pt/ and /b/.) Is something really still an "opinion" if it's the biological truth?

No. 1287

Previous admin was a man??? W-what???

Also, people getting mad at anons tinfoiling about scrotes or trannies are autismo. This is lolcow, an imageboard, it's obvious sometimes anons are going to be aggressive and shit on you. I've been called out before too (especially in vent and unpopular opinion threads) and got angry because of it, but eventually forgot about it. Are we 2 year old babies or what? Just move on, you're anonymous, you shouldn't get so worked up. Novody gives a shit.

No. 1289

I'm disappointed with the GC/PP anons who kept infighting in the /meta/ thread, but the opposite side was really aggressive ("Kill yourself", "Dumb cunt" etc.) and kept on instigating fights and I don't know how the staff couldn't see it. To me it looks like there's a slight bias against GC/PP anons, even though the polls are clearly favoring us.
But I'm grateful that admin created this board, hopefully people will behave and ignore bait. Can't condemn 2X anons if we ignore bait and refuse to fight. If you see anti-GC/PP trying to poke you, just ignore and report.

We had a male admin years ago, he's not here anymore.

No. 1291

i have seen this before too, but not just with white men. spoiler for being racebaity. tbf it is mainly white and some asian american men ive seen doing it online. ive only heard this bullshit irl from one white guy and i cut him off immediately lol

these men just see all women as their property.

No. 1296

He was a friend of shoe0nhead, the whole story is in one of her threads in /snow/ if you want to know more. I think it was talked about around the same time as the whole Brittany Venti/shoe drama but I'm not sure.

No. 1300

admin is a mess that hasn't been able to form her own opinion on this issue and instead is just punching out. It's honestly fucking pathetic. Just have the boards you want, remove what you don't. She's concerned about the site dying if she gets rid of 2X, but she hates it for keeping her site relevant.

This site is known for being a bitchy place to laugh at idiots. 2X gave it a purpose outside that and admin latched onto it, started talking about expanding the site more and into different topics. She's mad as shit the userbase don't want that.

I told the admin 3 months ago lolcow was being spammed on chans and they were raiding, posting screenshots etc. I sent her links. She ignored it. She deserves everything she gets at this point.

No. 1301

If the admin and farmhands can't handle people calling them retards on an image board they need to not be doing this. No one is personally attacking them. She's honestly making us and the site look like complete idiots. Imagine if moot QQ'd about how mean 4chan was to him and started screeching in long posts about his poor staff lmao. She really doesn't see that she's fueling the fire behind the handful of trolls actually making her life difficult? She needs to step away.

No. 1304

Girl same. Seems like for a while every other post there was either "I want to fuck my older married boss/coworker" or "I want to cheat on my boyfriend". Pretty sure it's leaping scrotes trying to make women look bad. And then when someone was complaining that people would flip out if something positive about men was said (in tbe man hate thread) it was the last straw for me.

No. 1305

>She's mad as shit the userbase don't want that.
But if we go by the survey results, they clearly do.
It's looking more and more like she's trying to appease a minority of newfags who LARP as oldfags, maybe because some of the farmhands agree with those people (and she stated that many of the farmhands are her actual friends, so).

No. 1309

File: 1578596986652.png (21.06 KB, 1261x187, incredible.PNG)

while, again, i appreciate her work, don't take admin's word for it, she's biased and is placing blame on the wrong party wrt the meta thread. no one in meta was tinfoiling about troons. an anti 2X anon derailed and was tinfoiling about pizzagate and 8chan, and how 2X might become like that. there was no tinfoiling from pp/gc posters.

>If an anon mentions something that these posters disagree with, the anon will get accused of being either a larping male or a troon. It's obnoxious and derails threads.
i think the troon accusations are unlikely and get annoying, but this isn't a forum. we have no information about posters. anons being scrotes IS plenty possible. anons are hypervigilant because we know the board has been attacked and scrotes purposefully disguise themselves to influence our opinions (like pic related who was trying his best to keep his cover and and was later outed by farmhands as a poltard). i've been banned for "feeding the troll" in the manhate thread by talking about history, that wasn't even laced with racebait or anything. how was i to know he was male? they expect us to KNOW anons are or aren't men despite the fact that we know men raid here. we know what they did to crystal.cafe and anons don't want it to happen. i get that. while i think the troon accusations are out of hand and the troon mod thing is so annoying, i think it's plenty reasonable for anons to suspect anons may be men. they're going in blind here. i think it's unreasonable to expect anons to not be hypervigilant about posters when we know the site has been targeted since the beginning. they almost act like we have the same information as them about posters. we don't, and we can't read minds. and pp/2X anons weren't tinfoiling about trannies in the meta thread. they have in the past, but sincerely, they didn't this time. that's why her reaction is so bizarre.

this this this. the userbase DOES want it to expand. almost 65% iirc believe the site should expand beyond drama and almost 69% want to keep 2X. idk if farmhands are her online or irl friends, but a lot of them are very biased and seem like they can't tolerate online opinions tbh. admin is more tolerant than the farmhands, even. the anti-pp/gc newfags speaking for oldfags are incredibly obnoxious and it plainly seems that the derision is owed to the fact that the team shares different political beliefs.

No. 1310

She wanted to introduce trips and stuff though, which is such a ridiculous suggestion for a board with this kind of culture I can't even wrap my head around it. It's like she's looking at Kiwifarms for inspiration or something.

Interesting about farmhands being irl friends. Makes more sense. If they want a personal website for their group that follows their beliefs then make one. Obviously the userbase doesn't agree with them. I mean she got rid of the farmhand that were sperging replying to men in bans, but she let that one autistic farmhand run around the GC thread on /ot/ sperging about how much they hated us, then they went straight to meta and CONTINUED it. And then she's SURPRISED people think there's a tranny farmhand when they can't even stay out of the GC threads?

yes to no one tinfoiling about troons. I read that thread and no one said shit about it. And honestly she's kicked up such a fuss if I wanted 2X gone why WOULDN'T I go to meta right now and spam shit about tranny farmhands? She's saying "STOP DOING THIS ANONYMOUS GROUP OF PEOPLE" and REALLY doesn't see how that attitude is not going to work? She's a joke.

Also if the farmhands had actually been banning males etc for hijacking people wouldn't tinfoil so hard about every poster being male. Instead they stay banning for the dumbest shit.

No. 1312

I remember an anon like a year ago writing that she wanted to create another female imageboard and was in the process of it. I wonder what happened? Whatever happens re: 2X, making more sites can only be positive. LC is pretty unique but it doesn't have to be the only anon space like this for women.

No. 1313

You're probably thinking of Crystal Cafe which got invaded by troons.

No. 1314

The poster ID thing? I've seen it on some 4chan boards. I don't know how well it'd work out in practice, but in theory, I can see its utility if it's to clamp down on samefagging and reduce the need to "NTA" on /ot/ or something (though, it's not like people couldn't just use VPNs).

No. 1316

No, CC is older. This was with the intention of not becoming like CC.

No. 1317

Honestly if I was the admin and had to deal with constant newfag reddit/tumblr radfem migrates having a spergout and tranny janny accusations despite giving us a fucking board to thrive in, I'd probably blow up like this too. I have no idea why anons started reeing and picking up a fight in the /meta/ thread because I was ecstatic to see 2X opened. The stupid fucks who constantly start with the "admin is siding with the troons" bullshit need to lay off, I was with them back when GC thread got "mysteriously" autosaged and then fused to the PP/Radfem thread but now it's just enraging. The current admin has been the most competent one we've had so far and I say this as someone who has been frequenting LC for over 5 years and REALLY don't want to lose the only place online where I can anonymously complain about men and trannies with other women.

I wouldn't have a problem with radfem anons because I identify as one myself, but some of the people on this site seem to get a kick out of attacking other women over semantics and petty nitpicking just like the worst libfems. I'm guessing they're underage recent libfem to radfem converts who can't contain their anger or mouth diarrhea but it's still threatening the space we have to share with them. Obviously there are undercover men and troons doing their best to get rid of the evil terves but some of these speds need to calm themselves the fuck down and learn to discuss things over without screeching and trashing around.

No. 1318

I've toyed with making a women-only forum or chan site, but tbh I'm scared that it would just turn into crystal.cafe.

No. 1323

File: 1578601634318.png (60.32 KB, 1212x571, tone.PNG)

sorry, but anon, did you even read the meta thread? pro pp/gc anons were not picking fights. why is this continually being repeated? this is how the tone went: anons would say why they liked 2X, and anti-pp anons would stomp in and angrily demand whatever they wanted, call names, etc. i really can't stand the wrong parties being blamed and punished. there have also been a few anons stomping into /meta/ even before the 2X thing, like a month ago, just demanding /ot/ be completely nuked.

what new radblr migrates? there are like, none, and radblr anons have openly been here for like 3 years. there has been an influx of /r/gendercritical users and gender crit twitter users but those are not the same. gendercritical users are the ones that sperg the most about "tranny jannies" etc. there are so many more annoying and malicious posters than what she chooses to get this angry about, honestly. that's what i find odd. i really think her actions are strange. like merging the radfem thread and blaming it (when it was literally dead) for causing problems? no one posted in it. none.

No. 1324

It's so funny how when you lurk other sites and see how men men get internally angry because they failed their college courses b/c of their coomer brain and the women pass with flying colors. They always cope and say, "I just didn't feel like trying", "they probably asked for favors from the teacher", etc.

They can't deal when they see a woman that's smarter than them. Then they EXPLODE if the woman is POC kek

No. 1325

If you are afraid of speaking up, I would say, stay back and just gather evidence, whether text/phonecalls/ footage/ statements, anything. That way went someone rings the alarm you go the juice.
Don't turn a blind eye. But find allies and be smart.

No. 1326

This is literally /gif/
Thank you.

No. 1327

You need to know what your enemy is doing.

No. 1328

I agree. I personally think there are some anons here unfortunately that seriously don't know when to ignore bait. That's what's making Admin and the farmhands sick of us.

No. 1329

This. Newfags are making it worse for us.

No. 1330

>n-not like other radfems owo

No. 1331

Admin mentionned that the whole farmhand team are her friends and several are irl friends. That in itslef, is a problem imo. Of course admin is gonna have her own opinions and is gonna be biased in a certain way, thats normal, she's a human being. But the thing is, as humans, we tend to be friends with people who share similar opinions to ours so having a whole team that moderates an imageboard as big as LC is iffy. There's no nuance. There's no seeing that a farmhand did something wrong and revoking their mod privileges without it creating personal drama in her life.

I did like a lot of admin's decisions concerning LC but she does seem very easily offended at attacks directed at the team which she shouldnt be because…it's an imageboard. And in the same breath her other biggest offence is "oh my god, we have to keep the OG imageboard LC feel", but lmao, if she was here 6 years ago, everyone was so much meaner to everyone and no one was getting offended at it.

It's also wild to me because I'm in the LC discord and regarding GC/PP, farmers seem to either be very pro GC/PP (either participating in the thread or not) or they just don't care. I've never seen anyone on the server REEEing about it like the couple of posters in /meta/ that claim that we are the vocal minority.

No. 1344

I think with how much white men fetishize Asian women and how Asian women do actively seek out white men, the negative reaction would be quite noticeable among Asian men. I used to get messages on dating apps from white men who would try to “impress” me by insulting Asian men constantly. It was highly disturbing and I blocked them but I wonder how many other Asian women would get these types of messages and how many actually liked it. I think the stats show that Asian American women marry out at double the rate of Asian American men and they almost always marry white men.

No. 1350

>Muh calling me a troon
>Respect muh admin authority
She doesn't sound like she has much experience with imageboards. The admin will always be shit on, just look at 4chan/8chan. She needs to grow a thicker skin.

No. 1356

File: 1578615966703.png (70.8 KB, 894x300, Screenshot_20200110-112047~3.p…)

Radfems are middle aged tradthots confirmed. I thank God every day that the threads are split again.

No. 1367

let's move threads to crystal.cafe

No. 1368

can you link to the autistic farmhand in GC? sounds funny

No. 1376

This unsaged post that is typed suspiciously similar to the posts in the GC thread that was trying to start fights earlier is a great example of the type of person coming here to shit stir and cause internal issues because thy want to shut down all female discourse.

Be gone.

No. 1378

She's letting people on an imageboard who have 0 clue who she actually is get to her so much she's writing long-winded posts freaking the fuck out. Honestly it's hilarious that she doesn't see how this will make it worse for herself. She has to be new to imageboard culture because this is all embarrassing. Just nuke 2X if you hate it so fucking much lmao why create all this drama

No. 1380


How male of you

No. 1382

Except being pro-life is antithetical to radical feminism, but okay.

No. 1383

I agree tbh. I don't blame admin for getting pissed off at idiots who can't stop sperging for five seconds and realize what a gift we have here. Seeing autismal reeeing about how everyone has to be a troon because they disagree was honestly pretty shameful. It also gives grounds for deciding to nuke /2X/ and the /ot/ threads if that's what people think our sphere of the userbase consist of.

I just want a space to talk about this shit anonymously online. I like how the site culture makes everyone much more blunt but also comfortable in talking in depth about things. lolcow has a very specific kind of user and it's fun to get a less 'serious' point of view.

I'm thankful admin gave us this space and am glad that she's okay with putting aside her own views to do it. It's not a fun thing to deal with and having anons slapfighting is dumb.

No. 1384

Imagine if moot or hotwheels acted like this. Admins do it for free and get called names all the time. Sperging this hard over getting called a tranny is cow-tier behavior.

No. 1385

lol what? it's pretty clear a lot of them are married mothers who never shut up about their nigels and precious sons who are gc/radfem because they don't like troons.
it was especially rampant in the previous hellmerged thread where someone was telling women to stay home and reproduce because that's how you make more feminists.

also who the fuck cares about sage on an unlisted board lol

No. 1388

idk if you're trying to start shit, but they're not radfems. they're kind of dim gender crits that make testicle-fluffing their part time job. people frequently claim to be rfs when they just don't fit the criteria. like in the lesbian thread there was a right wing anon talking about how she's a radfem, i believe.

No. 1389

>Seeing autismal reeeing about how everyone has to be a troon because they disagree was honestly pretty shameful.
Where did you see that, because it literally did not happen? It has happened it the past, but it didn't recently, like, at all.

> don't blame admin for getting pissed off at idiots ho can't stop sperging for five seconds and realize what a gift we have here.

Uh, they did. The thread was filled with gc/pp anons talking about how much they like the idea of 2X. The only sperging was coming from the other side. Read the thread instead of reflexively licking admin's ass. She's riling herself up despite none of those claims happening, because she wants a reason to be angry at pp/gc, honestly. It doesn't give her a legitimate reason to nuke anything, because nothing she claimed happening was even happening, and it wasn't coming from pp/gcers.

No. 1390

Why not try making an image board but having it contained? Not great examples but Lainchan and Uboachan are pretty slow but active and has boards and threads with good discussion going on and from what I've seen not much fun-posting or just general unsightly nonsense.

The thing is too that LC is very 'popular' with the wrong people and if you make a new image board it would have to be on a 'need to know' basis of sorts so not just anyone can come in a derail, if it's posted in thread maybe they could find the site in a search engine maybe not, it all depends. Or just take a look at other slower image boards to get an idea or you can do what Teachan does and have the site active every 7/14 hours with one board for discussion.

Another thing might be pro-boards if you were interested in making a forum, I know a lot of farmers want to stay anon but if it's ever on the table you could make a forum and have it locked and invite only from the admin and users, also of course users would be responsible for whomever they invited to the site and would be issued warning/ban etc for unsightly behavior

No. 1391

File: 1578626679628.jpg (140.36 KB, 1242x1289, ENte5QLU4AAgT09.jpg)

The American-Iranian stuff is producing gems like these.

No. 1392

File: 1578626707341.jpg (270.78 KB, 1242x1871, ENte5QEU4AAohrH.jpg)

No. 1393

No one is buying your shit. Go away

No. 1394

Admin sounds mentally ill in her borderline hysterical posts tbh. Did she ever consider that letting one of her irl friends/farmhands tell gc/pp they aren't wanted here would create hostility between the groups.

No. 1396

Poster IDs are not trips what the fuck

No. 1401

>muh white savior
In reality it's more like they'd kidnap and rape those women after bombing their villages and killing their entire family*
Tell me more about how men invade other countries to protect their families and shit though. Lol. I love to hear the justifications.

No. 1403

What a creepy gross fuck. So sick of crusty old men airing out their slave fantasies only to backtrack and say it's "satire" Then continue to talk on it more since it's never satire.

Just look him up and he has two kids too. Divorced and he bitterly said that a woman would only marry him for money. So he fell down the manosphere hole to justify his hatred of women like every red piller. And he frequently retweets Richard Cooper. A scrote thats a single dad but advocates against single moms dating. Coopers also against traditionalism and having kids (it's more like he hates women having kids and thinks it's pathetic how it's womens only job)

No. 1407

>muh good boys moot and hotwheels wouldn't do this!!
They have both had multiple meltdowns against their userbase, especially moot.

No. 1411

tbf tho, and i'm not saying admin does a bad job or anything, she just is obviously biased and so is her team, but hotwheels and moot were dealing with huge, huge userbases full of legit monsters and actual, serious, literally lethal assholes. lolcow has literally the most tame userbase you can have for an imageboard.

like… you cannot be blessed with a better core userbase than this tbh. to go on an angry tirade over some anons in the past suggesting you might have a tranny friend modding, or some anons occasionally suggesting other anons are troons… idk how to say it in a nicer way but that admin needs to get some perspective. i really do appreciate what she does and her investing her time and resources, but taking on the role of admin on an imageboard can go so, so, soooo sour and honestly can be risky. a few anons suggesting people might be troons on occasion is literally the smallest issue an admin can face with their userbase, especially on an imageboard, where the absolute worst assholes tend to congregate.

No. 1412

Note: Don't feed the trolls, ffs. We are on a delicate situation. If we don't argue with them, the ones that end up looking like assholes are them, not us "thy uvil radfems!!1!1". Let them sperg all they want, they are the ones shitting up the site.

No. 1413

Agree. It's obvious who is starting the drama.

No. 1414

>>1411 gets it. Not trying to suck their asses or anything, I just don't think either of them had meltdowns over being called a tranny. Anyone who's grown up with imageboard culture would know to laugh that off.

No. 1415

isn't this the pinkpill thread? I thought I could criticize feminists here, especially when they act against women's interests.

No. 1416

What? I thought this convo was about not arguing with trolls in meta.

No. 1418

File: 1578655674189.png (96.05 KB, 902x1332, iuhih.png)

This. For anyone who needs a reminder: Check out the survey results. No matter how much dumb shit you see in the /meta/ thread attacking "the radfems", the numbers don't lie.
Don't bother arguing when you see inflammatory posts. It's probably the same angry people circling the thread to start fights and bait people every time.
Just two more days. Considering we can all see the results for ourselves, I fully trust that the admin will follow her word and go with what the userbase's votes reflect, fair and square. No more infighting, just let this thing run its course. About the only thing the opposition can do at this point is get pissy and make the incredibly weak argument that "real farmers" (who they somehow telepathically know and can reliably speak for) would never, ever vote on a survey for the site's fate, so the whole thing should be ignored.
About the only part I'm iffy about is the "board scheme" poll, but that's only one metric out of three. Plus, it's already been noted that /2X/ was added as an option in that particular poll later than all the other boards for some reason (explaining the lower vote count), so I doubt it'll be used to invalidate everything.

No. 1422

You're right. Further arguing about it doesn't really help, let's just wait for results and the admin team's actions.

No. 1423

Also, if they want to have containments threads, I think IS FAIR to have all trolls get instantly banned in this board.

If they don't want us out, we don't want them IN. It's justice and other resolutions would give power to trolls and scrotes.

No. 1425

Can you fucking read the admin posts before posting.

No. 1426

No anon, this isn't a male vs. female thing. There have been plenty of imageboards run by women where the admin didn't throw shitfits like this. It's against imageboard culture.

When you make post like admin does you invite further abuse. Because now everyone knows it's getting to you. You have to be able to rise above the bullshit, especially if the bullshit is as minimal as "someone is calling my friend a tranny on an anonymous board designed for shit talking".

Like someone else said, her posts are cow level.

This is what is driving me insane. It's so obvious it's a few posters new to the board who don't even know how to blend in. Admin must see this and is choosing to ignore it. A few people have been all over 2X for the last few days going into GC/PP threads and making posts about how the other group is shit. They never sage their posts. Ignore them.

No. 1429

Nowhere did admin say trips and the survey doesn't say anything about trips either. Do you know how imageboards work?
Thanks anon

No. 1431

For the love of god who keeps going into meta and keeps yapping?

I thought after what Admin said and done people would shut the fuck up. Just don't talk about it anymore. The poll will speak for itself, can you all just keep quiet for once? Do we want to keep 2x and the ot threads or not? Is this place really overrun with newfags?

No. 1432

I wish they would just stop, they're ruining things for the rest of us by acting this way.

No. 1433

Can you just shut the fuck up. People like you make it worse for us. I swear.
Read the fucking thread. The problem is that instead of IGNORING the spergs, people here take the BAIT. They take the bait so hard they can't see that that's what antis want you to do to see you argue over and over to get the staff annoyed. Who keeps falling for it ffs. LET THEM SPERG. IGNORE THEM. DO NOT INFIGHT WITH THEM.I commented in meta. Asked admin a question. Ignored the sperg calling me a retard for having valid concerns about emails and voting. Admin/farmhand answered my question, and I moved on.

Can you all just think. FFs.

No. 1435

How about no one even go to /meta/ until this blows over? I've been on imageboards for around 15 years and this shit is completely unoriginal and if you can't laugh at their pathetic attempts for (you)s, then maybe avoid that part of the site entirely.

No. 1448

pinkpillers are just scapegoats at this point, the other day I got in a disagreement on here and I got accused of being both a pinkpiller and a scrote for the same thing

No. 1449

There is a worthless scrote scum in my area who has sexually assaulted women now and then since last summer, and the police has still not caught him! The other day he assaulted a woman in broad daylight! FFS anons now I have to worry about going out alone during the day.

No. 1455

Stay safe anon! Carry a weapon if you can

No. 1497

Recently I got to know a group of adult males who follow "sexy" instagram profiles of underage girls, even as low as 12 year olds.
After knowing imageboard incels for countless years I thought I had seen everything, but men still manage to dig even deeper.
I don't even mind if men have a favorite actress, a waifu or even a favorite pornstar, but these men obsessed with literal children are hopeless.
Now I understand why places like youtube are cutting all the incentives for children content creators.

No. 1498

Is there anything you’re planning on doing about it? Do you work with them? Did you see them online? They’re brazenly being pedophiles and nobodies doing anything, which will massively increase their chances of offending if they haven’t already. Please do something about it anon

No. 1501

They're degenerates from Discord, all anonymous. I know some of them live fairly normal lives with jobs and relationships.
I guess I could report the server but I don't know if it'd be banned because all posts are from instagram and twitter so no nudity.

No. 1502

Have you noticed how men always say things like “do you have a source on that?” When you have a discussion with them online, like is it so fucking hard to just search it yourself? Like are you that much of a retard you can’t use a search engine? I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone to give me a source..and then they probably won’t read them anyway because they’re not actually interested, just embarrassed about being proved wrong by a (in their opinion) lesser being. Never provide “a source” for a scrote because he’s not going to read it.

I once had a week long argument with a guy after I used the word “cleverer” he kept insisting over and over again that it wasn’t a real word, that it was grammatically incorrect, I told him to look it the fuck up because i don’t care what he thinks and he never would, just grasped on to the first thing he could get his hands on in order to belittle my intelligence. Like I’ve met guys that won’t even let you get through a full sentence without dissecting your word choice, what words you’ve pronounced or spelled wrong, they simply don’t care about the content of what someone is saying, that’s why they’ll sneer at multilingual people on the internet and call them stupid when they speak literally one fucking language

No. 1503

I'm doing my best staying alert and talking to other people in the area. People are aware and afraid.
Anyone know how effective self-defence sprays are?

No. 1505

I've just come to the horrible realization that this whole Iran thing will increase the demand for porn depicting middle-eastern women being brutalized.

No. 1506

This reminds me of my coworker who was fucking proud of following some Russian child model with very suggestive photos. Thankfully, he was reported go the HR, but still, the fact that he was so brazen about his pedophilia made me sick.

No. 1511

They never read sources. I link them random shit all the time that has nothing to do with what I'm talking about lol. I dated a guy once and he hated how much I knew about the world wars (which isn't THAT much tbh) because he was in the army and thought that made him instantly knowledgeable on all wars (i know, I was young). He told me once the Russians were Nazis, and when I said they weren't he asked for a source. He told me American's had never lost a war, and again asked me to source it.

One day I snapped and I realized he was threatened by me. That's literally all it was. I made him look fucking stupid because he expected women to just take him at his word. He also expect admiration purely because he had been in the army. Dumped his ass and he's an alcoholic again now.

The only source I keep around for scrotes is this one for when they claim women get lighter sentences constantly and try the pussy pass shit. I just link this and ask them if this is penis pass.

No. 1513

A very hard (pink)pill to swallow is that nearly all straight males have pedophilic tendencies or are afflicted with full blown pedophilia. A lot of them don't even know it or are in denial about it but its the truth. I don't buy the bullshit "its just biology bruh im attracted to fertile females bruh" explanations though. I think most males love corrupting innocence, they love the idea of being some girl childs very first sexual partner, they love the prepubescent bodies, flawless skin and thin figures of girl children. Evidence for this can be found in every single culture on earth. The only thing holding back western males from marrying 5 year olds is the law.

No. 1514


>"its just biology bruh im attracted to fertile females bruh"

Even themselves acknowledge they are filthy animals lol.

No. 1523

It really comes down to power over another human being that is dependent on them. There's something just pure evil about them that they're eagerly willing to introduce their adult kinks to young kids that are innocent and just want to be happy.

No. 1532

It's the hardest because it's the one thing I could never risk in a relationship. How could I ever get married or, god forbid, have kids knowing he might be a pedo?

Everything you said is true, but I'd add that men take every sexual opportunity they can get. So even a guy who prefers developed women will fuck a kid if it's socially acceptable in that particular culture. When desperate enough they will lower their standards to ugly women, fat women, animals, inanimate objects and each other, why would children be any different?

No. 1545

Most males aren't into 5 year olds anon. Imo saying stuff like "all males are pedos" normalizes pedophilia, giving actual degenerates a pass because "it's normal". If a man finds 12yo child sexually attractive, he is a sick, perverted degenerate, not a "regular man".

No. 1550

Your logic makes no sense. If, by some chance, all men DID want to fuck 5 year olds, that still wouldn't 'normalize' jack shit. They would still be sick, perverted degenerates and there would be no defense of it even if they all felt the exact same way. Something being common or universal doesn't suddenly make it morally acceptable. You're the one giving them an out by saying it's only bad if it's abnormal.

I mean, I don't think all men WANT to fuck 5 year olds. I think more would be willing to than we like to imagine. I think the vast majority of men want to fuck 13 year olds, and there is ample proof of this throughout history. That isn't me normalizing pedophilia, that's saying that the majority of men are pedo garbage we should refrain from trusting.

No. 1554

>Something being common or universal doesn't suddenly make it morally acceptable.
I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. If you claim that most men want to have sex with 12 year old kids, it makes those pedos who want to do it feel fine with their desires. "Oh, if everyone wants that, then it's fine if I want that too! It's normal!"
I agree that we should be cautious of men tho.

No. 1556

Porn not only show dominance of men over women but asserts racial hierarchies of white dominance. There was so much porn of women in hijabs being raped by white men after 9/11 and then more after the Iraq War. There was so much porn being made of Latinas being raped by white border patrol officers because of the news of Mexican asylum seekers escaping into the USA. I remember when Pornhub was telling people to celebrate MLK day by watching their interracial category and of course everyone was like, "Pornhub is so progressive! Woke kings!!".

No. 1564

I understand what you're saying, maybe it's true that men will feel more comfortable being pedos if it's commonly known that they are all pedos. But you can't just NAMALT in the hopes that pedos will feel isolated and therefore guilty for their perversions, first reason being that it's a total lie - most men are like this. We can't just deny reality on the off chance it might manipulate men into being better.

Secondly, men are always confident that they are right in all things and don't give a single fuck if a woman tells him it's bad or wrong. They ALREADY feel perfectly entitled to fuck 12 year olds and resent the laws that prevent them from doing so without repercussions. They bitch constantly that feminism is holding them back from their god given right to fuck children. Even if we never made blanket generalizations about them being pedos, they would meet likeminded men online and form communities that confirm they are all pedos anyway.

Third, and imo the most important reason, is that it gives women a false sense of security if we think pedos are just a small portion of particularly creepy men. The average, normal or even attractive pedos out there will never be treated with any suspicion if we keep lying to ourselves that pedos are rare. Most normie women don't understand just how common it is. It takes a lot of time getting pink pilled, reading about history and news, lurking male communities etc, and going through a tough mental process to accept and understand, and it doesn't help to dismiss pedos as a fringe element and lower our guards around men.

No. 1575

this. very true, anon

No. 1579

Sorry if this isn't the place for discussion like this, but
>most men are like this
Is there any proof of that? Yes, men used to marry 13 yos in the past, but in the vast majority of cases those men were also teenagers. Marriages with significant age gaps only happened between nobility for political causes. The only notable exception I can think of is Ancient Greece. Throughout history the most ideal female body type was a body of average, adult female.
I get that men can find young teenagers with exceptionally developed bodies attractive, but an average 12 or 13 yo girl looks more like a little boy than a little woman.

>Secondly, men are always confident that they are right in all things and don't give a single fuck if a woman tells him it's bad or wrong

I've noticed that as well lol. You can't get through to males like that with logic and ethics. The only thing that works is peer pressure. If they understand that most men don't find the same thing attractive, they will be less confident in their preverted paraphilia.

As for your final point, I also think pedophilic behaviour or awful practices (like child brides) should be given more attention to. Women should be aware that lots of pedophilic men exist, imo we should more often show faces and identities of predators. I don't see how claiming that "all men are pedos" will help the case more than giving more opportunities for victims to speak out.

No. 1580

You're coping. We don't normalize pedophilia by saying males would gladly fuck toddlers. I hate this western-centric idea that males are totally upstanding people and totally not all pedophiles. Look at middle eastern males, look at african males. They're marrying and fucking 5 year olds. I don't mean this is in a racist way because their race has nothing to do with it. Its just that in the places with no child protection laws, men can and will rape 5 year olds and its seen as their god given right to do so. Yes, most if not all men are attracted to very small children. They might not realize it, they might not like it, but its the way it is. We're not normalizing shit by pointing out the sheer depravity of males. Moron.

No. 1581

I think it’s more men fuck what they don’t respect because sex is about dominance for them.

No. 1593

NTA, but aside from the Greeks, I've noticed multiple cultures seem to have/had some aspect that involves grown men "tutoring" young boys and having sex with them.
The Bacha bazi thing going on in Afghanistan comes to mind. Even the Japanese had the "shudo" practice. I'm pretty sure I've heard of Buddhist monks sexually abusing young boys in their monasteries before, too. There's definitely other examples, but I don't really feel like dragging them up.
Men are just sick.
I think part of it is that boys are "more available" than little girls and women (who are either kept far away from males, or marked as another man's commodity, aka not fair game). Wherever patriarchy fully prevails, there's always some sort of window. Pedophilia being socially unacceptable almost seems recent, sadly enough.

No. 1596

I think sex for men is heavily connected to power and control, along with misogyny. Young boys are not only more vulnerable but they are more “feminine looking” since all the masculine features haven’t fully kicked in yet. After the boy grows up he is considered physically unattractive. The boy takes up a “feminine” role but then develops into a man. Women are also viewed as subhuman and men who are failures are compared to women.

No. 1605

Oh, I wasn't referring to how they groomed young boys. The average girl was 14 when she got married, while men were getting married at 30 on average in Ancient Greece. In other cultures and periods of history most people got married to partners who were their age.
But you've brought up an interesting topic. It seems like male sexuality is inherently tied to need for dominance/conquering taboo. Recently I've been reading about how popular among men in middle ages was the idea of romance/being tied to wife (often in her 30s) of their lord because that was the "ultimate taboo". Hopefully other anons who know more about history can contribute.

No. 1609

>Throughout history the most ideal female body type was a body of average, adult female.
Nobody ever said men have to hold up children as the ideal body. Men fuck women they consider substandard all the time. If they get the opportunity to fuck a kid, they will, it's that simple. They might not consider that child to be the most sexually appealing thing in the world, but it's a hole and therefore a goal.

Men are sexual opportunists and unfortunately that includes kids who 'look more like a little boy than a little woman'.

No. 1613

They tell themselves that the girls aren't innocent. They say underage teen girls love older men and boys their age can't handle them.

No. 1619

File: 1578824146474.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, 1570415151716.png)

>They say underage teen girls love older men and boys their age can't handle them.
Preety much this

No. 1640

>Bought a new couch, waiting for it to arrive
>Boyfriend says we need to clean living room and paint the back room before moving the stuff currently in the living room into it
>Have to move everything from the back room into the living room in order to paint
>It's all boyfriend's stuff, empty boxes he keeps for no reason, random shit, lots of parts to things he never uses and I can barley carry
>He's watching youtube the whole time
>Tell him to do something with it
>He doesn't do anything
>Have to paint the whole backroom by myself, taking up my whole afternoon
>We pick up groceries
>I had to put together the grocery order with zero input from him
>Forget to buy one thing he eats
>He's bitching about it
>Me - "You can fucking put shit on the grocery list too! It's not my fucking job to take care of you! I do everything around here. You said we were going to clean and paint and you haven't helped at all!"
>"I help you all the time! I hung up the curtain rod."

Why do I even fucking bother? Men are useless. Thinking doing the smallest things is equal to doing all the work a woman does in the household. He never has to worry about taking care of the house, spends all his time in the garage. I'm suppose to spend all my free time working on the house and cleaning while he gets to do things he enjoys? Men are so fucking worthless

No. 1641

Any man who doesn't do basic chores without prompting is useless and doesn't deserve companionship. I hope this isn't a long term thing for you anon, it seems like you are mommy 2.0 for this guy.

No. 1642

This is every woman in a relationship that I know, even if they don't outwardly complain about it. I don't know any woman in my family who gets housework help from their husband. It's always the woman's job to clean and manage the house. Most women seem to be conditioned to thinking their relationship is balanced because their SO put up a shelf or fixed a pipe 6 months ago, and "he doesn't know how to do housework anyway." If the men do clean anything, they need to have the woman remind them several times, then they attempt a halfassed job so the woman takes over anyway.

Growing up, I used to hear the men in my family call certain women "gold diggers" and "leeches" for wanting to be financially supported, and I always thought how shitty those women were. I always wanted an equal relationship, of course. Now I see those supposedly equal relationships just mean you work full time and still do 100% of the housework, cooking, planning, and managing for 2 people, plus any kids you might have. Depressing.

No. 1643

Sorry if this comes off as sperging. Just needed a place to ask for advice/vent.

>In grad school

>Guy at my school asks me out. He's in my (mainly male) group of classmates
>I say no
>He asks me again
>I say no
>I assume he gets over it
>Continues to act super weird, laughs way too hard at my shitty jokes when I'm talking with other classmates
>Has serious mental health issues, he walks around our school building without wearing any shoes
>We convince him to seek help and he goes for mental treatment. Still trying to be a supportive acquaintance even when he gets out of the hospital.
>Turns out he's still super fucking weird
>Last week he makes a joke about wanting to make a sex tape with me
>Other dudes in the group pull him aside and tell him he's being a dick
>I ignore him, he continues to whine about me "rejecting" him to the other guys. They're half decent dudes so they tell me all the shit he says
>He confronts me at a grad school event yesterday, wasted, and says "Anon why are you ignoring me"
>Call him a sexist, creepy, loser incel and tell him to kick rocks.
>He gets all offended, tries leaving all of my classmate group chats and is trying to garner sympathy because of his mental illness.

Not sure what I should do at this point. Not sure if I should go to the school about it because idk if they can reasonably do anything. This dude is an army vet with ptsd so naturally he gets some sympathy from men but I go to a pretty liberal school in California so I think that there's a good chance of the school taking me seriously.

No. 1647

I know you're probably not looking for advice anon, and regardless I think it's too late for what I was thinking when I was reading your story:
>Don't set the precedent.
What I mean is stop taking on the mental load, the management, and execution of all chores. You make your labor a routine, and men will start to expect you to do things while they laze by. There's no consequences, so they have no motive to not refuse you.
I used to do that too. Thinking shit would never get done if I wasn't the one moving forward. When I dropped the rope and stopped being an automated maid, turns out men can do more work than women think. I don't pick up and do shit automatically anymore, I keep score, and there's a consequence to being a useless slob in my life…the door.

If your man is already a slob and content to live in squalor though, setting the bar early on probably won't accomplish much. And sad to say, but once men get used to "how things are" in a relationship, they get awful irate and resentful at you for trying to change the status quo. After all men benefit greatly from a woman's emotional and domestic labor. Best believe men who have had it easy on the back of your labor are going to be affronted by the suggestion that things not be that way anymore. A man who values and provides for you would respect you more and contribute his fair share to your home. Be strong anon, I hope it gets better for you.

No. 1654

File: 1578905127968.png (122.31 KB, 991x876, 1578897812334.png)

Repost from another thread, thought it belongs here.

No. 1658

thanks for this. great reminder to not speak to men. look up rahma haruna. harrowing, and he fetishizes it fucking proudly. i literally feel like i'm layered in grime just reading that and knowing we have to interact with these men, not knowing what kind of sick fucks they are makes me feel seriously so nauseous. suicide is not always a bad thing and these men truly need to consider it. i think it'd be a great look for them.

No. 1663

Wtf he has a fetish for a poor and limbless Nigerian girl

No. 1677

"anon don't have opinions the admins will get mad" grow the fuck up

No. 1678

This isn't how normalization works.

Anon please stop this. He won't change. You're moving his stuff and he won't help? Well, you don't know where it goes so trash it. Paint the room a color he hates. Better yet, kick him out. But right now all you're doing is telling him it's ok to act like this and then Mothering him. Come on. Why would he change when the worst you'll do is complain and do it anyway.

Think of it this way, if a dog shit on your carpet would you just accept it? No, you change the dogs behavior by teaching it it's positive to shit outside and it will get positive reinforcement. If you're serious about saying with this moid get a pack of jerky and start throwing it at his face when he does something positive, spray him with the hose when he fucks up.

No. 1722

File: 1578952810643.png (248.83 KB, 1559x771, redtext.png)

lol it got redtexted
mods looking more hostile to us everyday

No. 1745

Is it a predatory male thing to keep repeating things you've said back to you, like words, slang, phrases, ideas, whatever? Is it like a psychological way to turn blame or ideas onto you so they dont have to take any credit for what they say, cuz they're basically quoting you?

It's usually older men. It's also really common in Perverted Justice chat transcripts between old guys and their fake young girl decoys, where they continually repeat their own words back onto them. I remember reading one where the decoy called him "a winner" and the pedo would not let it go and kept referencing it so much that even the decoy's replies were visibly bored.

I've also had old men like teachers or professors throw phrases back at me that I said to the point where it was so annoying I never wanted to speak to them. If its typed they'll put it in quotations and shit too. Does anyone know what I mean?

No. 1751

That just sounds like a mixture of condescension, mockery and fake "I'm just like you"-ing. In the last case, they want to lull you into a false sense of security and make you think you have some sort of control over them, to the point of altering their vocabulary.
When it's in quotes, it's probably mockery, especially if they turn it against you to belittle you.

No. 1769

Who the fuck is that? How is this interesting for us to see?
You guys have this weird obsession with deranged fetish. Like you actually enjoy reading these shit.

No. 1789

>want space to talk about pp/gc stuff
>get space
>keep sperging in other boards anyways

Specific boards exist for a reason. You put shit where it belongs. We want more activity on /2X/ anyways.

No. 1793

I was gonna post here about how I got burned not too long ago by a low value scrote, and how something he said during his fake apology after treating me unfairly has been bothering me.
Before that, I enabled this cretin and rewarded him with sex which happened way too early. He didn't even earn me, not that he deserved me, but I gave it to him like my time and intimacy are charity. I was typing out all the details I was about to post leading up to that. All I could think the entire time is how fucking red these flags were. I fell for superficial charm and dubious talent in this frumpy guy who had no reason to be as full of himself as he is.

I'm pissed off that while I enjoy my own company and can handle periods of being alone, that I still crave meaningful intimacy with a male human. How every time I make myself vulnerable and am honest in my intentions, I get punched in the figurative tit by these guys anyway. I'm still too accommodating and project a need to give men chances because I hope some valuable guy will give me one. I'm a sucker for benefit of the doubt, which is the only thing I can't entirely blame myself for as even society thinks women are paranoid and hysterical if it feels we're too critical when a man mistreats us. AND to top it off, I even "date down" because I hopelessly believe this is how I'll find a man not so shallow and vapid and wouldn't take me for granted. Surprise! Turns out even unattractive, socially awkward, undereducated, and fat men think they're just as entitled to a roster of bangmaids and models that they can string along for years the same as "Chads."

It's bullshit.

No. 1794

>think they're just as entitled to a roster of bangmaids and models that they can string along for years the same as "Chads."
"chads" seem to ironically be slightly less entitled than sperging nerds.

No. 1795

They're too busy being laid and acosted by actual attractive women to whine about women lol.

It's always the lowest scrotes who've gotta neg women above their league to knock their self esteem down in order to get in their pants. They're hypocrites. They screech for high value women to give them chances despite being dogshit. It's always some obese dude with a "no fat chicks" shirt. It's always some ugly dude bitching about makeup being deceptive. It's always some dude who barely graduated high school getting pissed off that women are more academically accomplished.

It's not that these males couldn't get their looksmatch and equal re: A similarly homely woman who doesn't take much care of her personal hygiene, attire, nor appearance. But noooo, they don't want those women because they want the stroke of ego they'd get from dating a hot chick! And hey they don't have to work on themselves or put in effort, they just deserve to fuck her on the basis that they possess crusty dick and sweaty balls. It makes me so mad.

No. 1796

Are you guys in the same program or something? I wonder if you can talk to a professor or department employee to see if they can make sure you guys are always kept separate. It might be a good idea to report him too, but maybe ask that nothing be done about it quite yet (just so it's on the record) and see if just avoiding him as much as possible helps. The thing about him playing up his PTSD is scary because guys use that as excuse for any shitty behavior and they will often get away with it too.

No. 1802

File: 1578975690191.png (158.74 KB, 1243x506, e.PNG)

>Considering we can all see the results for ourselves, I fully trust that the admin will follow her word and go with what the userbase's votes reflect, fair and square.
welp, check what admin decided to do. despite it being against what the userbase voted, she invalidated it and said she's abandoning 2X and banning pinkpill related topics from /ot/ and for anons to leave.

No. 1804

Lmfao of course… so where we movin ladies?

No. 1805

Seems dumb to run a whole survey and then dismiss the results. 2X is pretty shitty but I think the OT threads were fine. I suspect admin must have trans friends and be afraid to say bad things about them, or lives in one of the countries where you lose your job/cops come a-visiting if you criticize trans. Basically seems to be a personal choice unrelated to what people on this board actually want.

No. 1806

lmao imagine being THIS unapologetically biased and butthurt. She's not even trying to hide how emotionally invested she is in this shit, can't even take a minor L and let an unlisted containment board exist… Admin must have some nigels she desperately wants to protect to be this offended by women daring to discuss their grievances with men, or she just can't handle the fact that the majority do not agree with her wild overexaggerations of the problems with a radfem presence on the board.

Absolutely pathetic tbh

No. 1808

File: 1578977431346.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.8 KB, 900x481, 4d-chess.jpg)

>be admin
>know that suddenly banning discussions of men and gender crit on ot would look bad
>come up with brilliant scheme
>create 'containment' board that successfully bans those discussions off ot
>do not publicize the containment board due to speculations scrotes would invade, "four your own good"
>next, create poorly worded poll as to whether containment board is to be kept or binned
>making things look all democracy-like
>even after poll is collected and the winning half is in favor of keep, reason that it means there's not enough interest despite it being hidden
>successfully rid site of all pinkpill and gendercrit discussion, without the appearance of any straightforward manipulation

Ladies, it was a privilege to have bitched about men with you all. Best of luck.

No. 1810

it's incredibly transparent nonetheless. she has no integrity at all. i thought she was a little more principled and rational than this, but i suppose not.

No. 1812

I saw that, too. I was thinking the verdict would be to ban PP/GC threads, but let /2X/ remain, albeit unlisted and with increased lockdowns on derailing in /ot/ just to keep everyone happy. "Obvious voting duplicates" where?
It's disappointing, but what can we do? Maybe the next admin will be better.
In the meantime, is there anyone here with know-how on building an imageboard? No way I'm adding CC or Reddit to sites I post on in 2020. I saw someone mention Tinyboard as a tool, maybe someone could utilize it.

No. 1815

I knew this pathetic bitch was a good-for-nothing whiny sow. How her mod friends would aggressively redtext pp/gender crit "derailers", how she would let users being aggressive to pp/gender crit users being unchecked. The fact a woman is so against it is suspicious to me. And let's be honest, admins' weak, whiny, and ineffectual tone always didn't sit right with me. Everybody in power who has a weak, whiny, and ineffectual tone who tries to so desperately to be "impartial" (but it's transparently seen as a bucket of bullshit) are all liars and the most disingenuous fuckers you met. Worthless woman.

No. 1816

But how the hell is the quora thread related to that?? It just seems like admin is conveying anyway "men are cringe" thread as pinkpill?? What the fuck kind of logic is that?

No. 1817

It's kinda lulzy that it was a trick question or whatever in a quick survey used. I bet people who didn't even give a shit about /2X/ and come here for specific cows also voted idc. I'd respect admin more if she just said she doesn't want shit around instead of this long drawn out passive aggressive dance. It's been fun ladies.

No. 1823

looking like Lipstickalley is the only place where you can complain about men and troons and not have an insane vocal minority extremely against you for some bizarre reason. Too bad black women can't help but to be pink pilled by birth with our shit communities and men so denying reality is hard.

No. 1826

FUCK OFF ABOUT LSA. It's a no go zone. Someone make a discord or something.

No. 1828

I dont want people to join LSA especially since it's filled with a lot of trolls and posers but it has some good discussions here and there. I preferred lolcow but as my prediction was right just a few weeks ago that this was coming to an end. Love how alt right and the incel bullshit didn't even get wiped out like this but still like this gets immediately wiped out and suppressed beforre it could become big. Women have bad luck dont we

No. 1838

she's making herself look like a twit that will go down in lc history as an exceptionally irrational and thin-skinned admin. she's not doing the public perception of her intelligence any favors by trying to justify her prejudice with easily refuted nonsense.

she's self-owning herself by essentially trying to make herself look like a massive dumbass that can't think critically, publicly, all because she doesn't want to just admit she's biased as fuck.

sense would dictate maybe establishing another poll if you suspect it had been compromised? or maybe not making dumbass assumptions that make no sense and don't fit what you're claiming? there are ways for her to actually weed out newfags, but this ain't it and it's not proof of anything except that she's untrustworthy and lacks integrity.

No. 1848

>It's kinda lulzy that it was a trick question or whatever in a quick survey used.

The question is made worse knowing she put it there to try to undermine the voter's credibility.

Makes zero sense. If she doesn't care about an anon's vote, then she should just ditch the song and dance about this having been a fair poll. She was skewing it from the start.

No. 1849

>the horrifying realization that close to 50% of all the voters didn't care about the site

Why was this wording so dramatic? Even if the poll did suggest that what's so "horrifying" about this? It made it sound like she is considering PP posters as invaders on the site or something.

No. 1855

I realllly need to explain what the fuck is so horrifying about the Pink Pill. Most of the women I know wouldn't find PP HORRIFYING even if they mildly disagree with it. Her lack of ability to explain her mindset, her odd and bizarre politics and personal views she's trying to push as "normal" and we the extremely abnormal, and oversensitive and thin skinned reaction is honestly quite peculiar to me and very jarring. The way she carries herself and words herself reminds me of a very left wing Redditor/ect with no life or social experience and let their emotions get in the way of everything, which that type is known all too well throughout all the mainstream websites. If you're a WOMAN why is the Pink Pill "horrifying" to you? I am really not getting it.

No. 1860

>It made it sound like she is considering PP posters as invaders on the site or something.
she does. she assumes they all come from reddit, or at least uses that excuse despite there having been a sizable gc and misandristic pop here many many years before, the ONLY difference is that the non-drama boards weren't anywhere near as active as they are now. everyone that agrees with her is the "real userbase" while everyone that disagrees isn't real and can easily be disregarded with patently stupid and transparent excuses.

i didn't trust her even before she made it THIS obvious because she repeatedly would be as hyperbolic as possible when assigning blame to pp/gc and downplaying any culpability that was rightfully owed to anti-pp/gcers. funny though, even with all the gc/pp anons that came into this thread and the meta thread to thoroughly tongue her ass and fluff her up with in-depth compliments and praise, it still wasn't enough to stop her from dramatically chimping out with this wack-ass decision.

No. 1861

The same users she hates have been her before she became admin. Pretty sad…

I LOVE how racebait doesn't drive staff up the wall but this does. Of all things.

No. 1862

It's always the wrong fucking people becoming Mods/Admins. At this point you have to wonder, why?

No. 1874

i knew things were going to shit and that weird people unaccustomed to imageboard culture and lc specifically, were in charge, when the last staff started claiming it was "samefagging" when anons would add on to an old post or reply to themselves, obviously as themselves, with more information. it wasn't samefagging at all. then they claimed, "oh, um, it's 'doubleposting' and it's a form of samefagging!!". that's not even what doubleposting means and none of that shit is a thing. it's not a form of samefagging. honestly feels that trend is continuing seeing as how admin and her friends can't handle being called names without flipping the fuck out. very plebbit-y behavior.

No. 1875

>"discussion with staff"

Lol her troon irl friends?

No. 1889

I wonder if you fags who are complaining know that the first admin was a literal dude?

No. 1893

why is it that you guys always assume you guys are the only ones that know everything? we literally do. he was a unichan fag and it was used as a honeypot for shoe0nhead, not because ian gave a shit, nor was he part of the community. none of this is information we don't know or weren't around for, and ian was not involved in the community at all

No. 1896

This place is truly going down the shitter fast. Between the whole PP/GC saga and banning the munchausen threads, which despite the medsperging on occasion had some of the best and most active content on the site, I don't even know why I still come here. There are a couple of cows that I still follow but nothing that keeps me coming back every day for another classic munchie spergout.

Finding out she has irl friends as mods is just embarrassing, how can she argue that she's fit to be admin when her mods are completely impartial and it's basically her personal circlejerk?

No. 1939

Anons, if you have to date scrotes, you absolutely must only date ones who are actually attractive and good in bed because that's about all you can count on with them. Better looking men have more experience with women anyway, and therefore have more realistic ideas about your appearance and behaviour.

No. 1972

She has proven to have literally zero integrity and no one on LC will trust her after this move, whatever the next big decisions will be.
Very bad idea to have your irl friends be the entire modteam, too. I had a feeling that there was a heavy bias against GC/PP anons, but I didn't expect her to go as far as to go against the poll results when she said she would move accordingly to them, just because. Admin and staff are supposed to be impartial, the current ones are the most biased we've ever had.
I've already looked at how the usual 2-3 anti-GC/PP anons who are literally camping in the /meta/ thread have been baiting 2X anons into infights and attacking them as usual, no redtexts under their posts while the 2X anons got redtexted. Absolutely embarrassing.
I guess LC is gonna become a PULL/CC clone now.

No. 1975

hahah i KNEW she'd do this.

She said people calling her and her friends trannys on an anonymous imageboard was impacting her real life which is the funnier shit than most cows have put out in months.

It's ridiculous because plenty of people browse a few cows but post mainly on /ot/ and /g/. But that's reason enough to make their votes not count? People not super invested in cows were just going to pick the most popular, which was chris chan. Admin was just looking for an excuse. If it wasn't this, it would be something else.

it's honestly weird as shit to run a site like this with your rl friend group. I can't even imagine what they're like irl.

No. 1979

iirc she only said some of the mods she knows irl not all of them? you'd have to pull the post up though it's been a while

No. 1989

>She said people calling her and her friends trannys on an anonymous imageboard was impacting her real life which is the funnier shit than most cows have put out in months.

I've been incorrectly tinfoiled as a tranny before, but my reaction isn't to get assblasted. At the end of the day I'm a woman and idgaf if some rando thinks a single post on the internet changes my chromosomes. Sometimes anons bark up the wrong tree so why should I give a fuck? It's funny at best, and annoying at worst.
If moderators like admin have ban powers and access to view post history to see if someone accuses often, then all the more reason why a baseless accusation shouldn't have upset her. I've seen this shit for years and I don't even bat an eye at it anymore.

Sisters, it don't add up.

No. 1994

I'm so tired of making nice with these retards. I've not argued nor replied to any bait, I've kept my opinions within every containment thread -and now board- that we've had, yet this bullshit is still happening. I can feel myself going through the five stages of grief over this, the destruction of the only space I've ever had to discuss these sorts of topics. Being a woman is suffering.

No. 2044

Everytime I checked the /meta/ thread it was people sperging about pp/gc and telling users to kill themselves. The idea that it was GC users causing the issues is a fantasy.

As I said before, all anyone had to do that hated GG/PP was go to /meta/ and sperg about trannies. Which is exactly what happened. Admin fell for it because apparently she's new to imageboards or some shit because all of this is weird

No. 2057

the 'not all men' twilight reboot episode is a bit on the nose, but lol at all the mad dudes at the comments. My favorite one was this
>There was a character in the episode who fought against the meteor's power and didn't get angry. The whole twist was that the men could have chose to fight against the power, but they didn't. This show needs to improve.
The show isn't 'all men bad' it's literally just 'all men can choose to be bad'. The metaphor even implies men started good.

No. 2067

>Very bad idea to have your irl friends be the entire modteam, too.
Like >>1979 said she said something about some of the mods but she did have applications up and I applied to be a farmhand a year ago rip
Anons in the migration thread said making a site is too much work to maintain idk if staff pays for the site or if there are donations maybe that's apart of it?

At least we still have pp I hope

No. 2081

File: 1579054969959.png (235.75 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20200115-031526~01.…)

anons has wizardchan been discussed before ? I've never seen it on lolcow but it's basically the image board of incels. It has been around for quite a while I think and it's still pretty active. It can be hilarious or very depressing but I'll never get over how they always blame their parents.

No. 2092

I lurked once and I think the basic idea of that board was to not be as toxic as the incels on reddit. They're still cringe though.

No. 2094

I used to lurk there. At the time (a few years ago) there were some extremely cringe anons but also ones who seemed more reasonable and just wanted to live a humble voluntarily celibate life with no women and no real life friends. A lot of the userbase is really depressed and bitter, some of them very sexist as well beyond the unavoidable imposition of the succubus word filter, but I would see those types sometimes getting insulted and called failed normies, and more praise for the wizards who lived by intent and were doing relatively nice things like living in weebland or whatever. Dunno if it's worse now though. I do have some sort of respect for the idea that if you genuinely don't like women you should just leave us alone rather than adding to the masses of men who hurt us.

No. 2104

File: 1579068783787.jpg (96.76 KB, 1356x1058, EN6rUn9X0AIou3o.jpg)

No. 2109

I’m so sick of sex work being shilled as beautiful or glamorous.

No. 2110

She’s upset because her discord nigel called her a misandrist and threatened to dump (block) her

No. 2113

Let's call it "prostitution". Calling it "sex work" sanitizes it as it attempts to gain legitimacy as being like any other form of work. A lot of anti-prostitution activists actively avoid the use of "sex work" and only say "prostitution" for this reason.

No. 2119

File: 1579081993402.jpg (91.8 KB, 766x960, 2938093.jpg)

I can't believe men are the same species as us.

No. 2134


they are massively stupid but no offense you have to be a dumbfuck too to willingly want to have kids with a man. literally like seriously expecting a feral boar to raise and parent your child. having their kids, ever, is a bad move

the pictures were sickening and a bunch of those girls were 11 and 12. like it's obviously all rape and child rape specifically, but 11 and 12??? 14?? 'beautiful'??? that title literally reads like the onion satirizing neoliberal outlets. author is a creep for certain.

No. 2140

>beautiful photos of teenage prostitutes

No. 2148

>teenage sex workers
This is exactly the pedophilic bullshit liberal "pro sex work!!!" types insisted would never, ever happen. These are child prostitutes, fuck off and stop using euphemisms. Some of them aren't even close to being teenagers.
Can't wait for Buzzfeed's next gallery on "brave, stunning" 10 year old human trafficking victims and child prostitutes from Thailand (who the photographer didn't save, and no one else will, because assuming there's anything wrong with any of this would be whorephobic). I hate this planet.

No. 2150

Of course a scrote wrote it.
Kek a priest once told me I'm a dyke because I WASN'T breastfed.

No. 2152

Lmao. I was raised Christian and this is hilarious. Not sure if this guy is religious or not but the people I was raised around were always speculating weird shit like this to find out why people are gay. Like saying all lesbians just wanted mothers (not sure what that says about older lesbians dating younger ones)

No. 2153

I can't remember where I saw it, if it was on Reddit or somewhere else, I wish I remembered. But I remember a man responding to women being disgusted by porn by saying "well women have their Pride and Prejudice but we can't have our porn even though they're the same" or something along those lines, comparing Pride and Prejudice to PORNOGRAPHY. Because you know, an innocent cross-class love story is totally the same thing as women being choked and abused with pretend incest for men's pleasuere. Also there is so much more to Pride and Prejudice than just a love story and lots of romance novels have other themes in them like personal growth, but even the smuttiest, trashiest of romance novels does not portray men in nearly as degrading of a way as men's porn portrays women. I hate it when people compare romance novels to porn, even though in principal it makes sense, when you actually look at the content it's very different.

No. 2154


wrt having children/raising children with males, it doesn't make sense. the reason men are retarded and useless when it comes to children is because they weren't supposed to raise them.

(at the risk of sounding like some evo psych retard, I want to clarify that by saying women are better at raising children I don't mean that's all they're good for or that it's their calling. rather, women can raise children and work, men can only work).

anyway, my point is that expecting them to 'parent' or stick around after cumming is illogical. in practically all mammalian species the male fucks off after the mating process. they don't provide anything in terms of utility eg gestating, nursing, cleaning, cooking etc.

No. 2156

>the reason men are retarded and useless when it comes to children is because they weren't supposed to raise them.
you're right, anon, it does sound like retarded evo-psychness. that's not why. it's because they're just generally stupid as fuck. it's not that they're naturally shit at raising kids, they're just generally retarded assholes. both malignant and stupid. a fatal combination.

No. 2158

>implying women are capable of raising children

Nobody knows how to raise children. Maybe girls are better at it because they have been taught and encouraged to be babysitters. Boys are expected to play football or whatever, not nanny their toys. Males are capable of raising children, they just choose not to be involved, which is even more infuriating.

No. 2162

They argue because we have our romantic "fantasies" about how we'd like to be treated with kindness, consideration, and respect that it entitles them to their sexual "fantasies" of being depraved and reducing women as objects to be fucked.

Men are derivative. It's not comparable at all.

No. 2169

>If you can have your classic literature about the inequalities of inheritance rights and the difficulties of finding marriage simply to survive, with strong themes of family and the bad outcomes and sacrifices faced by most women in this situation, and an idealized happy ending partly just to give women some shred of hope and joy in the face of it all, I can have Extreme Teen Anal Gangbang.
The lights are on, but no one's home.

No. 2174

Why do so many middle aged women favor boys over girls?

Example the whole "girls mature faster than boys and therefore I can be stricter with the former and more reliant with the latter"-argument.
My sis tells my mom that the guys in her class are mean and she reacts by saying that they're mentally 2 years behind her and therefore in the middle of puberty. Bullshit! They've lived just as long as my sis, quit making excuses for them. Just because she looks and acts older doesn't mean that her mind should have to endure more.

I'm studying to be a teacher and yesterday we had training on how to give the birds and the bees talk.
>"even here on the countryside are so many trans children blah blah tolerance blah blah, just let them choose whether they want sexual education about male or female bodies"
So you just don't tell a young fakeboi what a period is…? Later she just quickly mentioned gay kids, acting as this is less common than trannies.
It's really crazy, I don't live in the US, we're basically in the middle of nowhere, yet you're telling me there are sooo many troon kids…?
>"even very young boys can get an erection at the most random times without even wanting that, so it's imporant to teach girls not to make fun of them for that!"
Not a single word about making it clear to boys that mocking girls who are on their period or asking "Are you on your period, hehe" is disgusting. No girl would ever be mean to a boy for an accident like that, other boys do that. Meanwhile boys are constantly cruel to girls about their periods and the discomfort they experience during those days at a very young age already.
I also hated how she gave some libfem talk about periods being nice despite you maybe experiencing cramps, that it's a sign that your body is healthy and could produce offspring. I'm pretty sure 10-year-old little girls give a fuck about that.

No. 2175

I just found out that my nigel listens to some of the most extremely violent, misogynistic music.

So, I’m currently in a relationship with a moid. He’s smart and progressive, as far as I know feminist-oriented, etc. Well, the other day I was snooping thorough his laptop seeing if he had hidden any porn. some background, he and I have shared musical interests in the past, so I also decide to snoop in his spotify account, mainly to see if he had anything I wanted to listen to, and most of the stuff seems pretty normal—hard rock, some classic rock, some indie—but then I come across a few things that I found really disturbing.

In particular there’s this band called Cannibal Corpse. They’re apparently a “death metal” band. All of their songs seem to be about horrific violence and torture, usually directed against women and usually involving extreme sexual violence. Here are a few examples of the kind of stuff I found on his spotify, if you can stomach it




Let me also say that I’m a survivor of sexual abuse, and while I’m in a great place now, I do still get triggered sometimes by more explicit images of sexual violence. So the fact that my boyfriend apparently listens to this is really upsetting. don't know how to confront him about this cause he doesn’t actually play this around the house, or make me listen to it. I only found it because I was snooping through his spotify without his knowledge

No. 2178

I had no idea grown men listened to Cannibal Corpse, I thought that was a band only edgy high school boys cared about. Shit taste tbh.
It's hard to say anon. It could be a yellow flag, but all that matters is how he treats you on the day to day. There have been men who don't listen to misogynistic music who have still turned out to be shitheads.

I will say this: Beware of men who claim to be feminist. Often times they only admire aspects of liberal feminism because they stand to benefit. Like sex positivity because they think it means more women will want to sleep with them for doing less on their part.

No. 2179

Would a "Victory" thread be appropriate for 2X? Where we talk about our triumphs over shit men, like how we didn't act like a pickme, or dumped a bad boyfriend?

Lately I've been going through pretty sad and lonely mood swings. It's been tempting to text back fuckboys to see if they still wanted to hook up so I could get some temporary intimacy and companionship. Thankfully I haven't.
I'm actually really proud of myself for continuing to ignore those kinds of disrespectful men. Back during my pickme periods I would have been blowing up their inboxes and trying to prove to these losers that I'm worthy.

No. 2185

thankfully he's not a "male feminist" rather just a guy who says he "supports" feminism, and is generally antiporn, but I snooped though his laptop just to be sure and I find no porn at all

No. 2189

Lmao, hit the nail on the head.

Yeah they act like all fantasies are the same and they're definitely not.

No. 2193

Your posts are always so fucking bad. There's no way you're not a scrote.

No. 2196

Mother-daughter relationships are usually the most psychologically complex and often quite tragic. I think a lot of women have trauma and internalized misogyny they pass onto their daughters, while their daughter (often the eldest) is expected to be her therapist.

No. 2220

I mean this in the best possible way anon, but you really shouldn't try to be a teacher if you're pinkpilled, I fear that you might end up starting some sort of conflict

No. 2229


No. 2230

You're right, she should be a professor instead and teach philosophy at campuses so she can keep the openly chauvinist male professors a run for their money!

No. 2233

Why? because I think men are worthless and you shouldn't reproduce with them? I just think the reason they're worthless is biological and not societal, so it's a waste of time trying to 'fix' them or expect anything from them.

No. 2286

>Women's prison in Afghanistan

at 3:48 they ask the women what life was like for women during the Taliban rule and they reply that before, during and after the status of women as literal property was the same, the closest time Afghanistan got anywhere near rights for women was during the socialist period and that was mainly isolated to the urban cities

No. 2297

I swear to god Afghanistan has got to be the most depressing country in the world with all the suffering it has experienced and still experiences to this day.

No. 2298

It seems a lot of middle aged women are insecure about their age to the extent they resent younger women, even their own daughters who might be basically younger versions of themselves they see every day, so see them as ungrateful or whatever.

The Dayton shooter sung in a band just like that. Although to be fair I would have zero idea what the lyrics are if they weren't on screen so maybe he just likes the music with little idea what the themes are beyond the edgy titles.

I went to Afghanistan for work years ago and it was like going back in time to the bronze age. Most live in mudbrick houses living off a few cattle, women are not allowed to leave the house or even speak unless their husband or father is there, universal hijab and often burqas, most people don't know their birthday or have a surname and a lot of women don't even have a name at all, they're just referred to as their fathers daughter.

No. 2309

realistically what can we do to help these women?? cause the men of these communities won't ever change, they literally fought a war against thier goverment and later the soviets to preserve their way of life, but thier way of life involved treating women as subhuman, raping underage boys and selling mass amounts of opium, and the US decided to support these bastards because of the US's irrational fear of communism

No. 2320

How the fuck do I convice my libfem friend to leave her wierdo bf??

>He thinks feminists want to murder men but don't because thier "weaklings"

>Said to me that all feminists “are just wanna-be tough guys”
>he thinks oppression is something only, "third world" cultures do
>he thinks feminism is a refuge for weak and cowardly women
>he forces her to watch fairly far-right, militaristic videos in "exchange" for him even listening to her points about feminism
>he thinks sexism exists but it will just "solve itself over time"
>he thinks that if all feminists in the US ever tried overthrowing the goverment, they would get beaten and killed by a pack of mall cops alone

and thats just scratching the surface of his convoluted logic but despite all this my friend still tries to argue with me that he's actually a "feminist" on the inside, LIKE GIRL. SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

No. 2323

Your friend is a pickme who doesn’t give a shit about feminism unless it gives her good optics.

No. 2325

Next time she bitches about him to you ask her two questions:
>is he even nice to you
>are you happy
Women like this are gaslighting themselves by staying in relationships with mean and aggressive thinking that they'll change but they never do.
Disgusting views aside, you gotta make her see how she's not really getting anything out of the relationship despite the shit she puts up with. Show her she'll get no return for her emotional investment and that ought to scare her fine if she's got any sense left. Drop the rope about feminism because 1)he's clearly not and 2)the actual issue is that he's judgmental, condescending, bigoted, and sexist and I'm sure none of that translates to "good guy" behind closed doors.

No. 2337

>>is he even nice to you
The thing is, he is kinda nice irl when you actually talk to him, its just his views are completely retarded and despite his dumb views he claims not to be an antifeminist and calls MRAs "wealings"

No. 2342

if ppls views are not right and are fucked then they're not nice though? their positions are what they're truly thinking and wanting, their actions are only restrained by obligation and the possibility of punishment or alienation. how they act is frankly irrelevant if they're shitbags on the inside.

he's kind of not wrong about the mall cops thing. i don't think overthrowing the (i assume US government) is doable at all. it's laughable as hell, let alone for feminists? i'm not sure why there would be some kind of feminist militia, that's weird. idek why she'd talk about this with him, that's dumb. he sounds like a bunker tard that supports cliven bundy. why would anyone choose to have sex with those men? horrible. literal self harm.

No. 2344

>why would anyone choose to have sex with those men? horrible. literal self harm.
He's sorta good liking, not my type but I can see why she would be into him

>he's kind of not wrong about the mall cops thing. i don't think overthrowing the (i assume US government) is doable at all. it's laughable as hell, let alone for feminists?

he says that feminists talk about wanting to start a revolution against the current world order but would literally all die if just a couple men fought back, he's a dumbass who takes everything literally

No. 2351

>he's nice irl
To your face, sure. You're the friend in this situation, no? It wouldn't serve him to be a dick in public like how his views are in private. Ask her! You have no idea what might be going on and she may be embarrassed to admit it herself. Give her an in so she can save face, when she admits the problems try to talk her gently so she can see the light. He's an idiot.

No. 2352

>this pretty girl with dreams to go to college blew her face off over a scrote

Ladies, don't hurt yourself over men. If you leave them, don't believe it when they say they'll kill themselves because that is pure manipulation in most cases. They tend to feel from a place of narcissism and opportunism. These moids sleep while you emotionally suffer.

Wanna bet the scrote in this story went on to remorselessly play other women after her? And went on to have many girlfriends while this poor woman years later is grateful to just have a paralyzed face. Bloody hell.

No. 2358

He publicly calls people he dislikes "weaklings" and "wanna-be tough guys", buys an arsenal of t-shirts and dyes them all beige because IT GOES WITH EVERYTHING, doesn't own a smartphone because it ruins the adventure, kicked out of college because he started fights with everyone, he obviously doesn't care about his social image

No. 2363

I can’t stop crying holy shit. The amount of times I’ve wanted to shoot my face off over scrote rejection I -
Thank god she’s alive and being so positive, good on her and her family.

No. 2367

I will never understand how so many libfems date scrotes whose beliefs and behaviours go against everything they believe. Truly handmaidens.

No. 2368

File: 1579263369825.jpeg (337.19 KB, 1242x1797, 28BDB594-7285-4FB9-933C-ADBFAB…)

End scrots

No. 2373

They're straight and afraid of dying alone. I can't blame them because I am also straight and even though I hate men a lot, I can't stop being attracted to them and my fucking stupid brain keeps trying to think they might actually be "okay" when they are clearly not. I wonder if it's like how MGTOWs can't stop fantsizing about having a girlfriend and want to have sex with women even though they believe they need to dissociate completely from women.

No. 2379

File: 1579272222515.jpg (131.15 KB, 720x897, 1578302537743.jpg)

tbf I have some "manhating" radfems, often date men who are indifferent to feminism and thiers girlfriends activism, that doesn't make them any less radfems

No. 2386

I met a really nice guy once. Good looking. We talked for a while and he was agreeing with my points on sexism etc. Then he dropped the gem that it was "the jews that gave women the right to work/vote so they could destroy the nuclear family." So I said "well thank you to the jews" and walked away. When someone shows you how stupid they are, listen to them. He's not "actually a nice guy" he just sometimes hits the same conclusions as you but gets there a different way. We could all find common ground with an incel on a topic, doesn't mean he's actually a good person, or a person at all.

No. 2387

The people calling her stupid. What assholes. That poor girl. She looks good though, I was surprised when they showed her current day vs. before surgery. Face transplants have come so far.

I used to feel like this but something broke in me, idk. I'll talk to men but but I have a 1 strike policy. First dumb thing you say I'm gone. There's SO MANY desperate scrotes out there it's not hard to find another one. I don't let them in my house or around my animals because I don't trust them, I carry mace.

Treat them like you would a dog that has a history of biting, because ALL men have a history. I honestly enjoy it now. There's something really funny about how shocked men get when you don't entertain their bullshit and can't be baited into arguments. That's literally the only 2 moves they have.

No. 2389

They only care about the nuclear family model because it made them "head of the house" and they want power over people. If they really care about "raising kids" they'd champion something like villages or small communities or tribes that are closeknit and take care of one another.

No. 2391

>wah Jews gave women the ability to overcome being my controllable broodmares and then they had the audacity to give women the power to vote on laws and rights concerning their own bodies and employment and property ownership and all that Jew shit

His mask slid real hard. I actually love it when guys reveal themselves like this on first dates because it's so much easier to break it off and block contact. As opposed to building up months and years of emotional investment. It's difficult to find out later that the guy is a pig. It's much harder to cut off someone you "love" and is so enmeshed in your life by then.

I want more men to be that arrogant and show me their true selves so our hearts don't have to be wasted and broken on them.

No. 2392

I find the best way to find out how a guy feels about women quickly is to bring up idpol. I'll often mention something about trannies, libfems, etc. 9/10 he will get too comfortable, assume you're a pickme, and reveal he hates women in some way and lumps everyone who isn't a straight guy together.

No. 2394

I don’t understand how or why white supremacist men manage to blame everything on Jews. They will say women getting the right to vote, Japan’s declining birth rate, and school shootings are all Jewish plots. It is even stranger when they are pro-Christianity because “traditional values” when that was actually a religion created by Jews and the central figures are all Jewish.

No. 2395

I am the same. I hate men but still wanna fuck them because horny hormones. God, I wish I had the power to be celibate.

No. 2399

Kek, I am straight but I hate men so much I never had or want a boyfriend. I fill up my day with lots of activities like exercise, painting, baking, gardening so I am too busy to ever get any desires. I have to listen to my female friends cry over their shitty boyfriends and I realize I did the right thing.

No. 2400

My aunt is a lesbian and she’s never had a girlfriend because being gay is illegal here, she has lots of internalized homophobia and the fact that there aren’t a lot of gay people in general so she just gets lots of hobbies to distract herself from her loneliness. I guess it helps.

No. 2405

As one of those female friends who used to cry about my shitty ex, you are correct. It's better to be alone than trying to salvage shit with some douche just so I don't feel lonely.

Feeling lonely is a million times better than feeling second rate, rejected, uncared for, anxious, depressed, and lovable only out of convenience because of some ingrate scrote who I'm supposed to be in an "equal" relationship with.
Plenty of my other girlfriends are suffering behind closed doors, they're just too embarrassed to go to anyone about it until it finally spills over. One girlfriend's husband actually fights with her and gets into arguments that make her cry in front of our friend group. Whenever any of us try to interject to deescalate, the male lashes out. He's majorly insecure. But you'd never know that's what their relationship is actually like unless you were in the close friend group. On her social media she's always posting this flowery and twee version of her marriage, including reposting pictures of their expensive ass wedding from years ago.

No. 2425

I think I'm in the ideal situation in terms of a relationship right now in my life, which is a fwb type of relationship, where we cuddle, have sex and we hang out together but have no plans of marriage or kids and I can admit that I hate men infront of him without any repercussions and he admits that he hates all of humanity(though men a little bit more) and plans on commiting suicide preety soon without any fear that im gonna tell his parents or call a psychiatric clinic

No. 2430

Imo the ideal relationship with men is the one where you feel like you're getting the most out of it and not feeling like you're being taken advantage of.

No. 2431

well I think I am getting the most out of this type of relationship, Its nothing serious but I do like him

No. 2434

There's this debate I'm following right now where women are arguing a FWB relationship with men doesn't actually serve as a "benefit" to women. I understand the arguments against FWB but I just find some of the replies to be unintentionally sexist. For example. There's women blaming other women who participate in casual sex as having "lowered our sex market value" as to why men expect casual sex in dating more commonly. Is this not sexist and, once again, assigning women the extra responsibility to police men morally? Can't we just demand that men handle their own mental loads?

Blaming women for FWB takes accountability away from men who are tricking the women who want something serious into casual sex. Men need to be accountable for men, it shouldn't be up to Madonna-women to set sterling examples to school men into how to behave. For people who usually preach for women not to mommy men, they sure do want me to be their mom.

Also is NSA sex not a "benefit" for a woman who just wants something casual? Who is protected? Who trusts and likes the guy she's fucking? It's not like there aren't women out there who separate love from sex. Obviously there's bad ways to have a FWB, but then again there's bad ways to have a committed relationship too.

I just don't know if I can get behind the anti-casual sex rhetoric. It's getting a little too close into potential trad/redpill territory for me and I hardly consider myself libfem. The "sex market value" terminology really scared me off because that's what Lauren Southern used to prattle about. I really don't think casual sex necessarily degrades or lowers the value of women and we should fight tooth and nail to make scrotes remember that so we aren't warped back to the days of the "fallen women." We've got power, we've got money, and we can walk from relationships when they don't suit us anymore.

No. 2438

we don't just have casual sex, we hang out together, we cuddle and like each others copmany to an extent, sex is just something we both like but both of us don't wanna deal with the bullshit of relationships and other people so thats why we have this arangement

No. 2444

I'm honestly thankful for my mom because of this. She isn't perfect, and neither am I, but she's the only one who understands me at my core. That is rare and I truly cherish it.

No. 2446

ask him if he is autistic.

No. 2452

I think this is why lesbians are on average more ruthless towards men than straight or bi women are. They aren’t attracted to men and never understand why other women make so many excuses for them. I browsed a lot of random forums as a kid and I stumbled across this lesbian forum where they were shitting on men all the time. They joked about chopping off men’s penises or pushing men off cliffs and they would also get angry at male fictional characters taking too much screen time on their TV shows. I thought at the time, “wow lesbians are crazy” but now I understand the hatred they have towards men because male are truly inferior lifeforms.

No. 2453

I mean I have encountered my fair share of lesbian pick-me's/handmaidens, thier not super common but they exsist, often in lesbian spaces making excuses for men and vying for male approval, though its very very diffrent from the way straight women vie for male approval

No. 2454

I had a friend in college who was a lesbian and she really hated men and used to be into radfem shit. I always thought she was too extreme but I think I get it now. I also think radfems sort of make sense now.

No. 2455

Straight women even try to get the approval of gay men even though gay men will never fuck them. Maybe that explains why there's so many "gay trans men" now.

No. 2460

Oof this is true for me too

No. 2463

The dynamic of lesbian handmaidens who suck up to men is completely diffrent from that of straight women who suck up to gay men, these lesbian often imitate male chauvinism and misogyny

No. 2464

This. Especially because I didn't have close friends or a loving family, I put all of the onus on having a romantic relationship and made poor decisions when I was teen.

All of the meaningless platitudes society
tells people like
>tru lurve conquers all
doesn't help either because women learn to put love on a pedestal over their other emotions saying they need to gtfo. In reality love doesn't fix everything and making the right decision is more important than your feelings for him.

No. 2465

File: 1579342610133.png (9.07 KB, 355x474, images.png)

not too sound like a rick and morty fan but love is just chemicals in our brain, I do somewhat agree with Ayn Rands more realistic take on what love is

No. 2466

>Straight women even try to get the approval of gay men
They what now

No. 2470

Fag hags, anon. Straight women love gay men. Just look at the RPDR viewer base, it's mainly straight women.

No. 2572

File: 1579403110104.jpg (892.23 KB, 3840x2160, 5627556-Ayn-Rand-Quote-If-a-ma…)

I know she was a shit person but I do agree with her on this

No. 2652

Reading through this it sounds like a 'Poe'. Calling a clitoral orgasm 'inflammation'???? I mean I really, REALLY hope it is.

No. 2786

No. 2793

This is why I can’t bear social media. The original tweet is like something my dad, brother or grandad would say to me without breathing a word about hurr dur muh aggressive women, why is it just this generation of men that are such fucking babies? They take no pride in their status as a male and just want to be babied like they’re fucking kids. From what threat?
The worst that would happen to a man is this; he acts like a POS in public and a woman uses the app to report him to his boss and tell his wife. Boo fuckin hoo. It’s sooooo unlikely that a woman would see a man on the street and decide to ruin his life because he’s hot, if anything they’d ruin the life of an ex or colleague, someone they already know. Only men are that autistically predatory.

No. 2800

It's really disconcerting when they either don't notice the qualifier of 'aggressive' or identify with the group. Like the OP didn't even say all men. They said aggressive men.

Do they equate that as all men in their eyes? Why do they take such great offense?

No. 2814

Not only do they interpret it as "all men" they also interpret it as "women can do no wrong". So if they have one example of a woman stalking or whatever it automatically disproves everything else.

No. 2815

There are tons of examples of women stalking men and harming them and their families, smearing their reps etc etc, ex affair partners/ex lovers make up the majority. I feel for those men in questions, some even end up dead. These men on twatter don’t give a fucking shit about that though, not even enough to find out, they only care about their own personal fee fees. If such an app existed then they’d totally use it to stalk women on the street, even passively. That’s how it reads to me anyway.

No. 2816

Exactly, they just want to use it to shut people down. Just like during campaigns against breast cancer there always are the guys going "What about prostate cancer? Where is the equality?" when they don't give a shit about prostate cancer otherwise.
Or how they love to bring up male suicide to show how oppressed men are and then call everyone soy boys and beta males.

No. 2865

i agree! i've seen a lot of anti-fwb arguments (some on lc!) and i just really don't get it. obviously a situation where a woman wants a relationship and gets tricked into being fwb by a man who can't commit is a shitty/toxic relationship, but if a girl genuinely just wants a hookup bc she wants to get off, and she's not in danger by doing so (ie it's someone she knows and trusts), i feel like it's definitely sexist to say that it's inherently bad/"cheapening" her

No. 2919

The thing is with my current fwb relationship is that I don't know whether or not were even friends or not, like were both sorta loners and we hang out together, we watch films/tv together, we make fun of other people despite having the same flaws but were not really friends we're kinda acquaintances at best, we sometimes spend countless hours watching tv and not saying a single word to each other, plus we also have sex so its confusing

another thing is that I'm terrified that he might kill himself one day but I don't wanna appear like that I care for him cause I'm afraid he could use that take advantage of me and manipulate me so I say nothing even though I want to

No. 2927

I "bullied" boys in school, aka I wasn't impressed by their hubris and made fun of their shortcomings, and I kicked them and stuff when I was much younger (I literally believed in sexist stereotypes and that boys were stronger and could take it over girls). it lasted until uni, when it was still okay to be "mean" and it was "just banter" while drinking. I put all that in quotes because it was honestly just me being autism. for example, a scrote I knew bragged about a finding a shortcut to making spaghetti (just jarred pizza sauce and ramen noodles) and I was just like wtf how is that impressive and not just sad. normals just always find my autism funny I guess.

anyway it became my like, mode of socialization (making people laugh at the expense of pathetic males), but now I'm too old and there's too many violent incels for it to be acceptable. can't do it at work and I've got no coed friend groups.

I miss making fun of men in that way. people are too sensitive about male feelings at this age or day-and-age. I'm annoyed by how it seems alright to be ruthless towards males until a stupid age, even though I'm not even heterosexual. my coworker is a deadbeat dad and no one even remembers the one time he mentioned having a kid. I just want to make deadbeat dad jokes at him but nooo it's in poor taste and unprofessional.

No. 2929

File: 1579747056214.jpeg (740.59 KB, 1125x1130, 6CE802A1-E2FD-4966-9ABE-E94239…)

When rich men want to create chaos so they can steal money from the uneducated broken population this bill will create.

They need more violent men

No. 2932

I hope to god you're just an Incel larping, being mean and making fun of people for no reason is not okay anon

No. 2934


>The bill is not only forced marriage of rape victims, but child rape victims. It’s designated to victims under the age of 18.

>The AKP tried this before in 2016, but it was shot down. Hopefully it won’t work again.

>38% of Women and girls in Turkey reported sexual and physical violence by a partner

>Women being murdered by family members has been in the rise in the last 4 years

>The president(Erdoğan) believes that men and women can’t be equal. That women should have at least 3 children and a motherless working woman is deficient

No. 2935

yikes, sorry, I thought I was on /2X/

No. 2941

What's the worst you've banted about?
The pizza sauce and ramen hack is pretty pathetic lmao. I would've laughed at him too. Like I bet he thought it was such a great discovery, sauce and noodles!
Can you picture how much a woman would get made fun of if she announced she made ramen and tomato sauce? Or worse, if she served that to her significant other and bragged about it like an accomplishment! Lol.
But I guess before I got sidetracked with my own autism, I was gonna say that this kind of banter is so inoffensive. But count on men to be too sensitive for it these days. They'll waggle your finger about what a unprogressive misandrist you are that you didn't clap and cheer when they performed a domestic task with mediocrity.

No. 2943

it was retarded because he framed it like he was doing something when you can get actual spaghetti with similar ingredients (dried pasta and spaghetti sauce). it's one thing if it's all you can afford or acquire but he was just a lazy stoner.

No. 2945

I didn’t think it was bad, pretty funny actually. Scrotes invented this type of behaviour so they deserve it.

No. 2951

File: 1579787972987.png (88.51 KB, 745x637, www-reddit-com-r-relationship_…)

No. 2953

>being offended when wife doesn't congratulate u for doing something that's a CHORE
>"she brings up valid points, but …"

No. 2955

>"yeah he does so much around here, but so many other men don't"
>usual chores that any adult would be doing in the house
>"so much"
So, in his own mind, he still thinks he does a lot and deserves praise. He just pretends he doesn't to keep peace. How is he even implicated as part of that problem? She literally said he's doing what he's supposed to be doing. Did they have some sort of argument about her not appreciating him doing chores that he's not talking about in that post?
A woman would get torn apart on Reddit for making a post like that.

No. 2956

File: 1579791077645.jpeg (66.6 KB, 1242x817, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

>"i'm a bit upset uwu."
>proceeds to post this fucking wall of text on not one BUT TWO different reddits reeeeeing about how much his wife is ungrateful to seek validation from fellow males.

Haha, this is the good shit. I love men having full meltdowns and sperging about how they are not upset nonono. Poor poor things. Go cry to your mother.

No. 2958

>one of my usual chores
LOL BULLSHIT! I'm betting 80% of that chore falls on his woman and it's no wonder she doesn't want her friends thinking he does all that much. This anon's got it >>2955. His words betrayed the reality. I bet she's trying to save face even by telling her friends that the work is split 50-50, I'm sure she's just too embarrassed to admit her husband is a do-nothing who requires worship just to buy and put away groceries. That's why she went on that rant–if you can even believe it was as bad as he says.

And by the way, if he really did "so much" domestically that it swept the wife off her feet, wouldn't she just allow the compliment and recognize him?

No. 2964

What the fuck is wrong with turkey. To all Turkish anons, leave if you can. What a shit show of a country and its president

>On May 30, Erdogan — who was prime minister for 11 years before becoming president in 2014 — said Muslim families should not engage in birth control or family planning. He has come out against cesareans, equated birth control with treason, and opined that women should avoid laughing in public — all the while using his strong Muslim faith to justify his ideas.


No. 2976

That Love Live! thread on /m/ seems full of scrotes trying to pose as females lol. It's very obvious 90% of them are trannies or 2dwiafu weeaboos. The videogames thread seems to have taken the same path. RIP lolcow.

No. 2983

Why can't lesbians be as thirsty as males, especially weeby ones.
And whats wrong with the videogame thread. With all the Animal Crossing posts they're obviously women.

No. 2985

File: 1579825587745.jpg (66.07 KB, 850x400, wwwwgg.jpg)

in Turkey the military has always been the leading force behind secularism in the country as a result of the foundations laid by Ataturk, whenever some Islamist tried talking power the military would oust him, Erdogan and his party were considered moderate and helped turkey greatly during an economic depression in the 90's, but undeer Erdogan the party shifted more and more towards Islamism and the 2014 failed coup effectively neutered the one thing that could stop him

No. 2988

nta. weeb chicks who thirst over male fantasy anime girls are hardly actual lesbians, in my experience.

No. 2989

I actually know a ton of women who are into Love Live. It's mostly because there are no men or gross male manager self-inserts to pray on the girls like in the IdolMaster franchise. At least, that's what one of my long-term friends told me.

No. 2992

You're right, they're usually straight/bi and just call themselves lesbian because it sounds "cooler" and more "misandrist" (due to the stereotype that lesbians hate men). Many straight girls think being straight is "boring" in fandom spaces so they identify as bi but then the place ends up with shitloads of bi girls so it isn't "cool" anymore. This in turn causes some straight/bi girls to call themselves lez to differentiate. It's all a way to NLOG and stand out.

I knew this "lesbian" who was clearly bi. Whenever she fantasized about having a boyfriend or having sex with men, she would just say "that's my comphet acting up!". There was also this actual lesbian but she was identifying as "asexual" because she was too ashamed of being a homosexual and wanted to be celibate. There was also this girl who was quite obviously straight but she kept calling herself a gay trans man because she loved slash fanfiction so much. A lot of women who are really into reading stories about gay men actually end up wanting to become gay men themselves for some reason.

No. 2993

File: 1579831116213.jpg (141.35 KB, 1080x1088, 7987.jpg)


No. 2994

Not talking about the theme of the threads in particular but about how those anons express themselves. Between the "happy (insert japanese character name) day!!!!1!1" cringe that males tend to say on other boards, the sudden use of cute emojis (and not being redtexted for it) and the obvious male gaze in some of the games posted, I feel wary (there is an anon talking about how much they "love Lollipop Chainsaw omg truly masterpiece").
I know the Animal Crossing ones are women though, I agree with you lol.

No. 2995

They're both shit and primarily aimed towards men. iM@S has the producer self-insert but there are male idols and the girls do interact with boys. iM@S actually has a much larger female fanbase as the franchise has male idols and it sort of tries to pander towards everyone. There are no men around in Love Live because they know their fanbase would rage at any suggestion that the girls interact with males.

No. 3004

I kinda want to put an addendum, because back when I had internalized misogyny and was in denial about liking girls, I played a lot of male MC VNs. I liked "seducing girls" even though it was fake girl personalities for horny men. i chose girls by their looks. I eventually switched to otomes and chose the dudes by personality. wished I could have both and unlearned misogyny.

sage for I'm drunk and idk where I'm going with this.

No. 3005

>The thing is with my current fwb relationship is that I don't know whether or not were even friends or not
>we make fun of other people despite having the same flaws
>we sometimes spend countless hours watching tv and not saying a single word to each other, plus we also have sex so its confusing
>I'm terrified that he might kill himself one day but I don't wanna appear like that I care for him cause I'm afraid he could use that take advantage of me and manipulate me so I say nothing even though I want to

tbqh you both sound like highly unpleasant people

No. 3008

> back when I had internalized misogyny and was in denial about liking girls, I played a lot of male MC VNs. I liked "seducing girls"
Are you me? Except i played as a boy in games like harvest moon so i could marry girls. I tried otome games but flirting with super feminine looking dudes felt weird and not enough for me.
>tfw it's still my dream to marry a girl 10 years later ;_;

No. 3015

Do you think anime and other pathetic weeb shit can make people get gender dysphoria?

No. 3018

>"misandrist" (due to the stereotype that lesbians hate men)
They do this with female characters too where they headcanon straight girls as lesbian to keep her away from their favorite ships (they used to just demonize and kill them off in fanfiction but making them lesbian a "woke" way to get her out of the picture). They also emphasize how she hates men a lot and would never be interested in the male characters rather than actually talking about her lesbianism and how much she loves women lol. Fandoms are still as misogynistic as ever but they've become a lot better at covering that shit up.

No. 3021

Lmao I know straight women who call themselves bi enbies or gay trans men too since being “cishet” isn’t woke or cool.

No. 3022

No. 3024

No idea if it's the same in other countries too, but here people are panicking because boys aren't as good in school as girls (especially when it comes to reading/writing), so of course they desperately try to find ways to fix this.

I hate that it's not only scrotes but also old hags who desperately want to look out for their boys. Now supposedly the reason why they underperform is because most authors of books for primary school kids are written by women and therefore boys feel left out.
Are you serious? Throughout the 8 years I spent in secondary school (and now partly in university too) we always only read books of male authors, mainly the good old sexist classics. Same for male historical books written about male leaders and about every other thing as well. As soon as you're like 12 you're forced to realize that women were considered nothing until just a short while ago, and as a result you also don't have anybody to look up to. The sheer amount we have to learn about scrotes who did some shit decades or centuries ago is astonishing. Nobody gives af how that makes girls feel. And nobody would ever even think about using that as an excuse for bad grades.

But girls maybe, only maybe being a tiny bit favored since 1-2 decades in one field is the problem… Not boys simply being less obedient and studious, playing pc games instead of doing usefull stuff and adult males thinking reading is for pussies. It's all womenz fault.

No. 3026

>random medium article

No. 3028

File: 1579860305099.png (97.2 KB, 996x458, 1562680993633.png)

what about Blanchard?

No. 3029

NTA but he's the one who said AGP should be legally recognized as women in the first place.

No. 3030

that was in 80's and he's changed his opinions since then

No. 3033

No, he still supports AGP.

No. 3035

In the end Blanchard is fucking stupid like all men

No. 3056

The Medium article was a tranny admitting anime turned him trans. Looks like it's gone now, but there are probably archived versions of it.
No strong opinions on Blachard, but the AGP/HSTS theory seems to hold up. Autogynephilia is definitely a thing, and it's gross.

No. 3057

I created the LL thread on /m/ after seeing a few anons on /ot/ talk about how they would like a thread to talk about idols without gross scrote shit.
LL in particular has a really big female fan base, so I don't get why it's weird to think that on a website populated largely by weeb girls, there would be some interested in talking about idols.

No. 3069

File: 1579908526641.jpg (346.29 KB, 1985x2896, 9b1rbnowbrc41.jpg)

……..with shit like pic related is it any wonder why and how scrotes think they deserve models?
This guy is a 3/10 if he shaved his chin wig yet he's getting rates like he's average and on the same league as the woman on the left. And look how people fucking nitpick her to death.

No. 3071

Those rate me subs are so awkward and cringey and shouldn't really be a thing. Why subject yourself like this. Her title was kinda cringe but in reality the majority of reddit are college aged socially inept males. So to feel better, they'll put the scruffy guy with a thin beard on the right in the same league as her - a woman who looks clean and put together. They see themselves all in him

No. 3072

Rating something as subjective as human attractiveness on an undefined 10 point scale is retarded in the first place but she looks like a young Morena Baccarin and he looks like he's been held hostage by somali pirates for 2 years.

No. 3076

File: 1579915362703.png (69.18 KB, 1440x586, Screenshot_2020-01-24-17-21-29…)

I guess men can still get banned for being men. Make up your mind.

No. 3082

So true, I’ve seen so many lesbians calling themselves asexual and straight women calling themselves bisexual.

No. 3096

This never changed in the rules, anon.

No. 3097

yes it started with harvest moon!! it was always so natural to pick best girl, I eventually got more friends of mineral town (girl mc with male choices) and just had so much trouble picking a guy. i like butches so otome men wasn't so much of a stretch. they're all basically women with dude shells anyway. funny though, I've always hated the girlyboy type characters (traps/super long hair and pretty).

No. 3128

File: 1579968811923.jpg (40.9 KB, 400x370, angrycat.jpg)

Ughhh! Just encountered an annoying male fitness trainer while I was inquiring about a gym that I was thinking of joining a few days ago. He started of pretty friendly and gave me a tour of the gym facilities they provide. He then asked questions that I think were unnecessary to ask such as whether I'm single, where I live, do I live alone. I thought nothing of it at first and thought it was part of his sales pitch or something. He then asked how old I was, and I told him I'm 30, he quickly changed his demeanor, becoming less friendly. Maybe he thought I was younger or something and acted super friendly before he knew how old I was.

I just ignored his change of demeanor and continued listening to his sales pitch. Later he asked me whether I could do a short survey and I agreed. There was one question in the survey asking why I'm interested in joining a gym. So I told him it was for health purpose. He stared at me and said are you sure it's just for health purposes? And I said yes, I want to be healthy. He keeps saying is that the only reason? At this point I was puzzled as to why he kept on asking me whether my answer was only for health reasons. I confirmed again yes, I want to join a gym for health purposes and get toned. Then he relented and said something along the lines of "Oh mostly women only go to the gym for beauty purposes and to lose weight!" I was definitely pissed off at this guy at this point. Then he made me even more angry when he said "Oh I get it, since you're single and live alone you need to take care of your health because you have no one around to take care of you."

Needless to say, I decided not to sign up with that particular gym. He was pretty pissed off too when I decided not to sign up for the gym membership after giving a 30 minute sales pitch. Fuck you! I'm not gonna sign up at your stupid gym you stupid ass.

Why do men automatically think that women only go to the gym for beauty and to lose weight? If men go to the gym people automatically think that they go to the gym for health reasons. Men think women only want to be beautiful for them. It's like we exist just to be young and beautiful for them. Ughhh!

I hope I can find a better gym to sign up to. Preferably a woman only gym. Gosh! I hope there's a woman only gym around my area, if not, I have to continue exercising at home.

No. 3130

>Goes to all female imageboard to tell women not to speak

It always makes me laugh when men think the world revolves around them

No. 3163

File: 1580001118018.jpg (512.08 KB, 1080x2220, gey4j8h18r341.jpg)

>girlfriend wants nice and exciting sex
>Boyfriend would rather drain his bank account for other women he can't touch, smell, taste or even interact with most of the time

Imagine paying to look at cars all day and turn down when someone offers you to drive it for free. How do you manage to reach this point of stupidity?

No. 3166

Lol put in a complaint, say you relented your interest in the membership because he made you uncomfortable. You’ve every right to.

No. 3168

File: 1580001931293.jpeg (30.85 KB, 275x268, 343E9269-2D32-4638-B8A4-299121…)

>he looks like he's been held hostage by somali pirates for 2 years

No. 3172

At this point, that sub is a giant meme where you just fake the lost ridiculous scenerio for up votes. How can you type that unironically and still think "what do I do!"
That first reply is everything

Seconding that

No. 3174

Maybe but this scenario is a lot more common than most people think

No. 3192

Can men stop deluding themselves into believing they're 6' tall?
Just went on a date tonight with this butterball from online dating who insisted he was 6'3. Except I'm 5'3 and with wedges I'm probably 5'5 and was pretty much the same height. I'll give him 5'7, but he's not six foot!
If men were just honest and owned their heights, no one would pay half as much attention to it. His lies and genuine delusion exacerbated it.

No. 3195

A lot of men tell each other that women are incapable of deciphering height/length (so this applies to their penises too) and to just lie on dating sites because we won't know the difference between a guy who is 5'7 and 6'.

No. 3196

Americans could save themselves from a lot of problems and be less likely to lie about height if they switched to metric.

No. 3199

Americans as a whole have a wierd height complex, espically compared to europe

No. 3216

File: 1580027358672.png (169.95 KB, 708x536, LFEJF?83TFEF1124434.png)


Does this read as an incredibly sad experience to anyone else?
This woman wanted to fulfill her husband's fantasy of having an FFM threesome, particularly of seeing girl on girl action while she's absolutely not into women. She spend the whole post explaining how she wasn't aroused, but wasn't disgusted either and try to frame what seems to be a really upsetting experience as a positive one (She says she absolutely isn't into women but wanted to perform with the sex worker to give her husband a "visual treat", yikes)… Oh and she had a "sub drop" the next day, which I think everyone knows is just a trauma response but everything is fine you guys!!

No. 3228

This is so incredibly fucking depressing.

No. 3231

Next time she should propose an MMF threesome to him

No. 3232

Imagine if women demanded that their straight boyfriends get fucked in the ass by a random man she picked to spice up their sex life.

No. 3233

Do you actually believe this happened? like seriously this is so fake

No. 3235

The "It's fine" pickme's of the world know no bounds. I haven't read it all yet but it seems real so far.

Bad times when a man describes his sexual experience with another woman (and you) as his best sexual experience of his life. If it's real she will find it becomes a regular event, or they'll split up.

No. 3236

I've got to
>two decades of marriage

So this is people in their 40s, incidentally the usual time for people to get divorced and or start asking for "more" in the bedroom. She spent 2k on this and missed out on a family holiday for it. Tragic.

No. 3237

40 year old married couples don't use reddit

No. 3238

reddit is a mainstream normie website, there are tons of gen ys on it.

No. 3288

wtf do you think gen y is

No. 3304

Why do you anons believe no one above 30 uses reddit? Lmao. My city's sub has like several posts of 30-40 year old couples looking for friends, suggestions, and advice. It's a pretty normie site. I always thought that's why 4channers feud with them in the first place, cause they're so mainstream and memer tier.

No. 3316

can I complain to HR about my fatshit scrote coworkers' wearing cheap shirts of too thin material, thus subjecting us to their obscene manboobs?

No. 3324


No. 3325

File: 1580170308096.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, B33B71F1-09AA-420D-86FD-FB6A85…)

laughing my fucking ass all the way off at all these disgusting neckbeards having literal mental breakdowns because famous basketball man is dead

like imagine them ever caring this much about literally anything fucking else lol. trick question, you can’t bc they don’t

No. 3330

Men with no self awareness are the worse, most men I've met stink horribly

No. 3331

Used to know this based lesbian couple who were super pinkpilled and would shit talk men all the time and didn't care how they reacted, they later decide they want kids, each gave birth to a child using the same sperm donor, both male

now their entire identity seems to be based on being mothers, they make dozens of posts about thier brats on facebook nearly everyday, stopped attending feminist rallies but do have the time go to mommy and me classes and now you can't make one negative comment about men infront of thier precious nigels, even though thier both toddlers and won't even be able to understnad it

No. 3332

Gym scrots are just incels that put more work into their appearance than your average incel. I hope you reported him like >>3166 anon said.

No. 3335

Leave it to scrotes to mourn a rapist lmao and notice how none of them even mention that his daughter who was 13 died in the crash too? When i heard the news I felt more for the little girl than the rapist that ran free thanks to his batshit crazy fans that threatened the victim if she said anything that could “end his career”

No. 3360

Men in general care more about rapists than they do victims

No. 3363

I'm really sensitive to smells and it's the worst. they either stink of too much cologne or smell unwashed. Or they smell like both because way too many men believe slapping on fragrance will kill their BO when it just mixes into an unholy combination!! I can't win.

No. 3366

Is this honestly real?
Like, I don't get out much, but how in the hell would men feel that way and say "I'm depressed"

No. 3368

it's an authors pet theory that calls all mens mid life crisis behavoir "depression", not the actual clinical criteria

No. 3396

Fucking this. If men could just wash (that's a lot to ask for, I know) and apply unscented deodorant it would be fine, but no they have to slather themselves with gross smelling "man" scents. I wonder who decided smelling fresh and nice, like a light floral scent, was gay and men could only smell like highly synthetic scents that do not exist in nature at all.

No. 3450

This site is going to the scrotes. Scoteposting is filling up ot, pt and snow, and with 2X being removed and even the slightest bit of male critique being banned (while obvious men are not), whats the point anymore? Every thread is just endless maleposting and underage newfaggotry now that all us old users are being chased off.

No. 3473

I think everyone is migrating to AG? at least that's what some a ons are wanting in the migration thread.

No. 3512

Going there isn't a good idea, it seems like a trap given the dubious actions of the scrote mod.

No. 3522

What's so dubious, honestly? He never claimed to be female.

No. 3534

Yet he went ahead and said no men were allowed on the board.

No. 3535

He didn't say that. He asked for rules and an anon suggested that it be the first rule.

No. 3567

lol have fun at crystal cafe 2.0

No. 3620

He literally said the board would be female-exclusive.

No. 3626

he never said that to my knowledge without it being at the suggestion of other users, but alright. cap it and post if you can find it. even so i personally think there's a difference between being part of a community and being behind the operations of a community. ian wasn't part of the community for example.

No. 3640

File: 1580685486208.jpeg (97.05 KB, 723x840, FD77EE94-8388-4C9F-AC3A-B5B0AC…)

Hardly a day goes by where I don’t ask my self “what the fuck is wrong with men?!?!”

Acquaintance of my shared this fb story.
Why does it seem like men’s humor revolves around 50% sexual humiliation 50% violence? It’s almost like they can’t be happy unless someone else is being hurt in some way.

No. 3675

File: 1580762846286.png (700.12 KB, 640x920, 331549dc5745a0eb97e955025ca429…)

This pissed me off so much

No. 3682

mgtows sub on reddit got quarantined after a member was planning a terrorist attack. Now they're crying. Amazing.

Alot of men who join the military are gay but believe that being manly and fucking strippers/sex workers that work near their bases with "fix" it

why are pro life men like this

No. 3683

File: 1580775137167.png (287.45 KB, 500x606, 1576852518316.png)

>has sex with a woman and cums inside of her and is surprised about pregnancy

He already made his decision the moment he did that.

No. 3684

And yet you know he'd be throwing tantrums about child support if she went through with the pregnancy

No. 3686

>How dare I not be able to force a woman to give birth to a baby who's life I didn't even want to be in or support her while carrying it

I love how with posts like these, they just expose themselves that they only want to "choose" abortion to control the woman

No. 3692

Here's something I like to say anytime a scrote call's me misandrist, which always blows thier mind and shuts them up,

Men are far more misandrist towards men than any woman will ever be, sure we may make jokes about men online but we aren't the one's who bully men for being "unmasculine", we aren't the one's who kill men or rape them in prision, men themselves are the biggest manhaters in the world

No. 3694

Half of their reasons to hate women are projections of their own flaws and insecurities too.

No. 3708

Sperging ahead but very good post. You put in words something that has wandered my mind for years after I realized how much men fucking hate each other. Holy shit because they do fucking hate each other, they feel ridiculously threatened by other men who hold different values and behaviors than the ones they've learnt to the point they get phisically violent. I've seen irl more cattiness and backstabbing and overall toxicity from males as a whole than from most girls I've met unless they were specially crazy sorts and male identified. I swear some of them would literally kill to be surrounded by women and not just in the sexual sense because being surrounded by dudes makes them feel like losers or something, look at some internet shitholes. Male company makes them so ridiculously miserable is hilarious. They pretty much drown deep down in each other's shit to the point they lose complete wrasp of reality.

There was something that clicked in my mind when I realized this after all the propaganda we are force-feed in the media about guys being bros and women hoes who hate each other and that we will fuck over each other at every chance we've got… The way they project ALL their fucking bullshit on us and wish we behaved like they do is surreal. The male perception of the world is a complete made up fantasy that is created in his mind, and most of what we're told about relationships and human interaction while we grow up it's a projection of that. Again, sage for sperging.

No. 3730

Moved to >>>/ot/510647.

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