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No. 782532

Previous thread >>660175

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

Some notable tradthots, updated from last thread:

>Ashley Elisa

>Med school drop out
>Acts like she's hot shit
>Anons pointed out how she looks like a donkey
>New cow from last thread
YouTube link:

>Daisy Cousens

>Dresses like it's still the 1950's
>Talks about how right-wingers are "scientifically" better looking while resembling Cinderella's evil stepmom
>Another new cow
>Hideous thumbnails and overall bad content
YouTube link:

>Indigo White

>Former SJW turned trad memelord
>Huge vendetta against Belle Delphine evident through endless social media sperging
>Fixated on destroying pedos while simultaneously catering to them (ie making porn as Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers and cosplaying platelets from Cells from Work)
>Was the biggest cow introduced last thread, may be getting her own soon, she's added here just in case
(Every username listed below had its own tumblr, IG, and twitter account, most had their own websites and pornhub videos too)
(Her shitty vday pop up shop where she was selling a pair of panties, some chocolate, and a vday card for $149.99, but no one bought it so it went immediately down to $74.99)

>Lauren Southern

>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
Website: https://laurensouthern.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

>Ashton Birdie/Ashton Witty

>Updated relationship from last thread, Ashton is currently dating fellow political commentator Baked Alaska
>constantly pulls down shirt and pulls out tits and talks about women needing to be more traditional
>has autism
>has dated women and says she is more attracted to women than men but is willing to put that aside for traditional family
>desperate pandering in crop tops and MAGA hats
>brags about how hot she thinks she is
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashtonbirdie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCRUhJlurBdyGwVyyaAdwS9w
Twitter: @ashtonbirdie


>rose to fame as nazi girl on YouTube with the channel name Evalion
>whines about getting banned after calling for the death of Jews
>now makes less than minimum wage and lives in her autistic husband's parents' basement
>has had her nudes leaked
>angry at feminists for whatever reason
Website: http://www.eva-tips.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkledemon/

Other Tradthots:
>The White Rose
>Cam girl turned "traditional"

>Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpbyOgUSjTSPpvVUAT2OyHw

>Lauren Rose

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOv4uZ2t8lil5pf_DNqqYP0Q2v2AFDsI

No. 782605

Alfsvoid from the previous thread just reminds me of women who are too lazy to get a day job so they try and make it on YouTube but they're so afraid of getting shit from incels that they pander to them first for asspats and clearance to do whatever with their channel because now they have orbiters who will protect them

It's all so pathetic lol just to be called the cool girl by literal nobodies on the internet. I wonder how old is she and how long she has until she hits 30 and gets thrown away

No. 782624

I just wanted to add Indigo White's (ban evading) current Twitter accounts.


No. 782628

Kek. Anyway idk how tf I forgot to add these, thanks anon.
Anyone trying to make a living in the tradthot category of YouTube this late in the game is delusional. Not only is it oversaturated and outdated, orbiters don't pay shit. Last thread an anon said Lauren Rose was living out of her car.

No. 782629

Okay, so according to the YouTuber Twoon (and company) Indigo is the one who spilled the beans about their p3do investigation to Ethan Ralph and Andy Warski, who streamed with Indigo without contacting anyone else involved, and now the p3dos scattered because Andy's mess of a stream tipped them off. (See video for the shitstorm stream)

Indigo is (of course) refusing to acknowledge the situation even though she's at the center of fucking it up. I've said it once and will say it again. Stick with porn.

There's more context on the shit storm here


No. 782632

Kek she's still trying to put herself on a pedestal. Too bad she built it out of dogshit.

She publicly claims it's a "friend's account" but has confirmed owning it in her discord server.

No. 782664

File: 1551559173515.jpg (531.35 KB, 962x1244, goblina_hammerhead.jpg)

Question/pic taken from /cow/ about hammerhead.

>Have you noticed every female she's made a video on have been people that didn't want to be her friend, she used to be shoeonheads biggest fan and turned on her because she wouldn't respond to her tweets or emails apparently.

No. 782689

Being nice to someone online does not equal wanting to be their friends. However… are there screenshots of these emails or Brittany mentioning this? I’d be interested to see

No. 782694

>Why is Hammerhead /ourgirl/ again?

As far as I can tell, it's only because of the videos she made about shoe, and most of the board hates shoe. That being said, most of the board actually knows who shoe is. Brittany is a nobody by comparison. If she ever blew up to the level that shoe is at, I have no doubt that most would turn on her in a heartbeat.

No. 782695

Yes it does. Hammerhead tried to be friends with Pear and then made a video on her.

Hammerhead tried to be friends with Shoe and then when Shoe ignored her Hammerhead made a video on her.

Why is Hammerhead /ourgirl/ again? She looks like she got hit by a train and has a severe case of FAS but no one on this board dare makes fun of her looks. it's very strange. Everyone on this board seems to always give her the benefit of the doubt. She ain't a radfem so what's the deal?

also the way she is constantly commenting on every one of these girls channels and twitter is beyond creepy and obsessed. She is so embarassing and weird

No. 782697

Yeah she's very clearly mentally unstable. Imo she's actually worse in that regard than the women she makes fun of and calls out. I think she just seems less threatening to because she isn't as popular. Pear and shoe are also more manipulative and try and mask their issues, whereas with Brittany, it's pretty obvious she's completely off her rocker. Maybe they respect her authenticity?

No. 782698

I cringe every time some anon goes 'yaaaasss our qween!!!'. My only guess is because she does what we all do but not anonymously, but anons seem to not have enough self awareness to know that associating yourself with lolcow is dumb as fuck.

No. 782709

>Hammerhead tried to be friends with Pear

When? Post caps because I don't believe that ever happened.

No. 782710

Shoe didn't ignore her

No. 782713

Hammerhead says at 0:45 that her and Anisa were friends

No. 782719

This girl is everything she projects on other women to be
>attention whore
>white nationalist /MAGA wannabe

No. 782739

I disagree, I think some people are nice out of convenience. People that are extremely online tend to be super fake. It’s nice that you think someone being nice/friendly online towards you makes them a genuine dick-rider by default.

But whatever, I’m more annoyed with the assumption that someone not actively shit-talking a person is essentially declaring said person to be “/ourgirl/.”

I’d assume everyone on this website would lean more toward’s Anisa’s side since she's hilariously and pathetically mediocre and devoid of any type of personality. A safe person to stan. Lol

No. 782740

No. 782745

another from our favorite
"My nostrils were born fraternal twins" headass

No. 782747

what is with her nostrils? Side effect of a botched nosejob?

No. 782754

"She looks like she got hit by a train and has a severe case of FAS"

anon sounds like you've got a bit of a hate boner there. She's mostly playing a character with all of her "Trad thot" stuff, it's clearly intentioned and ironic. that's the difference between her and shoe. anyone who hasn't noticed yet that she has multiple characters she uses to troll and get attention through controversy must be retarded.

No. 782760

When hammerhead says she is being "ironic", it is pretty the same thing as when shoe says she is just "memeing." you sound like a hammerhead stan, I'm just saying Hammerhead is ugly as fuck but no one ever points that out like they do when they tear down other thots

No. 782776

File: 1551577533998.jpg (555.14 KB, 1080x2044, Screenshot_20190302-163623_Twi…)

She doesn't want to address it but likes Ethan Ralph's tweets about it lol. She's such a chickenshit when it comes to being called out.

No. 782778

I don't think anyone here thinks she is /ourgirl/. I have seen people here say that they think she can be funny, and of course plenty of anons like her shoe and anisa videos but I don't think anyone sees her as a patron saint. When people encourage her, its pretty obvious that it is too get her to stir up more drama, and because she is more effective at callouts because she has a pretty fair sized platform.

As for not being critical of her looks, I just think its because thats subjective and because its not as interesting as a topic with her because she doesn't advertise herself as being super uwucute like Shoe and plays up the "goblina" image a lot of the time.

No. 782846

No, she's not. She was being ironic with her fake liberal girl character, but she's not dating alt right retards with BDD for the irony. She's genuinely a retarded right winger. That having been said, I kind of think there's hope for her. She's not completely retarded and removed from self awareness, unlike the majority of right wing pandering thots

No. 782883

This. I'm so sick of Venti stans responding to any criticism of her behavior with "It's ironic, she's a troll, you're dumb if you can't tell".
Just because she pretends to be one kind of dumbass loser for the meme factor doesn't mean she's not truly, unironically an entirely different kind of dumbass loser. That's all anyone has pointed out. She's a tradthot/twitch hybrid who hates others of her own kind for being more popular.

No. 782963

This is the face of someone who has to pander to the lowest tier of males for attention. She looks like a tranny.

No. 783087

File: 1551663016661.png (754.2 KB, 1593x735, Screenshot_2019-03-04 Anti-Mus…)

No. 783088

File: 1551663291241.png (467.52 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-03-04 Laura Lo…)

Please stop sleeping on this cow

No. 783101

File: 1551667961349.jpeg (39.91 KB, 1080x1080, DCDEF5C9-3112-4975-AE58-512814…)

Lol Laura Loomer is a fucking psycho. She looked like fucking jigsaw when she chained herself to the Twitter headquarters.

No. 783114

She was stalking this guy and was trying to get laid. Heres the video

No. 783250

That's Billy the puppet smh.
Sorry for the sperg, Horror fan here

No. 783323

This shit is insane. I knew these alt right girls were unhinged but wow.

No. 783425


No. 783433

File: 1551754395607.png (549.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190304-215005.png)

Also, love the fucking banner lmao

No. 783497

>banned from Twitter and Uber
How did this bitch get banned from using Uber?

No. 783520

i think she was harassing some muslim driver or something?

No. 783559

File: 1551805324265.jpg (227.13 KB, 1079x1736, Screenshot_20190304-180255_Twi…)

Indigo's been liking a lot of Shay's posts lately….

When cows collide.

No. 783709

File: 1551832232416.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190305_162639176.j…)

One of IndigoWhite's orbiters made a song on her and Belle….which she ofc thinks is hilarious although the track is trash.

It's so high school and unprofessional to talk this much about another person with your fans. Meanwhile none of them have gotten their $50 valentine's day cards yet due to her getting fixated on Belle and Pedo hunting.

Sage for long asf

No. 783711

File: 1551832451467.jpg (89.91 KB, 1059x325, Screenshot_20190305-163306_Dis…)

Hm, well if the "mobs" are exhausting then…. Maybe…. Apologize for doing shitty things? And…..own up to all your fuckery?

Don't purposely try to piss people off and then cry about it. Weaksauce.

No. 783802

Basically a Tradthot cringe compilation

No. 783807

Bre Fauchex is back after a 9-10 month hiatus. She alludes to traumatic family issues that "turned her life upside down in the span of a few minutes." She discusses a vague "business opportunity" that caused her put many of her past videos on private. But now she is "back" and feels it's safe to start making alt-right trad content again… and I might add she's looking more trad than ever with her pearls, bangs, and cardigan. Totally doesn't look like a cosplay LARP.

She even makes sure she signals her followers properly a few times.

>"And given that I am a trad woman, I will drop everything instantly for family when they need me."

>"I know people in our circles feel a certain way about women working, and I have my own feelings as well. But this opportunity is really going to help me and my husband, as far as getting to where we want to go, HAVING LOTS OF BABIES and that sort of thing."

Has a new blog called Write Revival to give predictable critiques of mainstream media, movies, and books, while also "white pilling" people (basically advice on health, fitness, and how to not be degenerate).

She sounds so sincere and genuine. /s

No. 783870

One day we'll have a channel full of tradthot cringe compilations. They're so much to go through

>is working
>wants to be trad and force husband to work while she takes his money at home
When will she and every other tradthot just get that unless you're well off, you can't just not work and expect money to be given to you, especially if you want to bring kids into your situation

No. 783885

I would love if someone who's regularly participating in this discussion on Lolcow made a similar compilation. I laughed several times when watching that video, but it was obviously compiled by some alt-right male troll, with all the butthurt comments about Jews, etc.

No. 783888

It was compiled by Sinead McCarthy of Renegade Broadcasting, she's made several cringe comps of Alt-Righters and tradthots over the years

No. 783942

So this bitch wanted a ride, saw his pic before confirming the payment, said yes, got in the car, and harrased him.

Sometimes I wonder if these people are truly retarded. Now I know they are.

No. 783958


You would think Bre would be aware of the tradthot trend. Surprised she's going to put herself back out there and give tired edgy takes and complain she's getting smeared by leftists who don't like it.

No. 784002

I can’t tell if it’s her or Riley J in the screen grab.

No. 784162

"The Renegade Broadcasting Network is an internet radio network based in the United States associated with the alternative media and American nationalism."

OK, so it wasn't a male then, but otherwise, the point still stands. Isn't she just a tradthot making fun of other tradthots then? Similar to how Indigo White is constantly whining about Belle.

No. 784171

File: 1551965595429.jpg (48.56 KB, 677x600, sinead.jpg)

>Isn't she just a tradthot making fun of other tradthots then?

Yeah, but Sinead is kind of a different animal though. Tradthot is not the right word for her but she's a lolcow in her own right. But for all intents and purposes, she fits in the tradthot thread.

She's a blend of naturalist hippie momma who likes essential oils, home births and anti-vax, with "far-right" National Socialist views that hates the Jews with a fire and fury because she sees them as the ones at the top of the pyramid instigating a white genocide. She's not into left/right politics as she believes it's all Jew controlled. She sees all the alt-right, white nationalist, folk-right, fascist, and neo-nazi personalities as disingenuous controlled opposition LARPs. She's hated in just about all white nationalist groups and they consider her to be a closet leftist feminist insane person who just sows division and hate.

She doesn't have a twitter or patreon (banned), but she tries to make her own money through selling her custom made natural products. She and her husband are also banned from Paypal, so they can't really thot around too much and make money from being trad.

IMO, as someone who has listened to Sinead for a few years out of morbid curiosity, I think she's genuine in her beliefs and seriously struggles from unhealed wounds about trusting authorities and feeling safe in the world. I'm not sure about her husband, he believes this stuff too, but I haven't seen them actually change or grow out of this "the jews are killing us all you fucking idiots, pay attention!" mindset. It's got to be exhausting.

No. 784267

File: 1551988117347.jpg (92.9 KB, 619x802, sinead_gab_ion.jpg)


This is a comment from @Ionwhite on Gab about Sinead McCarthy. I'd say it's pretty typical to what other white nationalists think about her. Usually they are sticking up for the more established personalities in the movement like Red Ice Radio or Daily Stormer - which are the usual strawmen for MSM to point fingers at as the scary Nazi boogeyman.

When I used to be into the alt-right back in 2016, Sinead is someone who helped me see how stupid it all was. Kinda like how these tradthot threads on lolcow.farm help me see how silly and fake the whole online antifeminist, conservative counter-culture movement is.

No. 784268

So she's just mentally retarded, got it

No. 784269


Good lord these pick mes are too much

No. 784278

If it makes you feel better, alot of only online "women" personalities in the alt right/daily stormer crowd are men larping with fake pictures of white women. There was a whole breakdown of this awhile back by Buzzfeed or some other pop media site so not many people were interested in residing it. But these guys only larp to bring in more members. Tradthots are cows because they believed that and showed their real faces

No. 784465

WOAH holy shit, okay, this is so weird and random for me seeing her here of all places, but i went to high school with "ashley elisa" and we've been mutuals for years now….. i know her as Ashley Langley though, and i had no fucking idea she was a tradthot until today. i don't have a ton of milk because we were basically acquaintances and i haven't caught up at all yet or gone through enough of her videos, but damn, it's so weird seeing someone i know on a thread like this. i've never read up on tradthots because even following their drama or watching their videos seemed way too exhausting/ draining and just isn't something i'm interested in, literally just so happened to click this thread by chance today so i apologize for not really knowing shit.

what i DO know is that we went to the same arts high school in orange county, and post-grad she mainly seemed to have private finsta accounts with minimal activity - i noticed she deleted and remade a few ig/ twitter accounts over the years because every now and then she'd re-follow everyone with a new profile. i never paid much attention to her, she had a pretty quiet internet presence tbh. but a few months ago i did notice she had way more followers than i expected her to, like 20k or something. i remember thinking like, wait… why tho??? and just chalked it up to like, oh, she must be an aesthetically pleasing travel blog e-girl now or something like that, because literally all i knew was that she's in europe studying abroad - had NO idea she had a youtube channel or following, and the twitter she followed me on was different than the one she has now that matches her youtube persona. both that old twitter and aforementioned instagram are deleted now (or at least i can't find them), fwiw.

this is wild tho, guess i have to marathon her videos now. i feel like i can't be the only mutual of hers who full-on didn't know all this time. how long has she been at this again? because most if not all of our mutual friends are woke liberal/progressive artist types and i know for sure if some of the girls from OCSA found out she was making these kinds of videos and stances, they wouldn't be blindly following her still.

No. 784550

That's a lot of words to say absolutely fucking nothing.

No. 784678

ugh sorry i know i was just high and shocked to see her on here and now it's too late to delete lol

No. 784979

spill more deeds plz this is entertaining

No. 785359

Topkek I always see her on my ph feed. Why does this whore think she's above any other ethot, is she actually retarded?

No. 785698

File: 1552382147513.png (1.18 MB, 1234x1082, lol.png)

>inbred-looking, overweight "alt-right" chick who makes 30 minute videos whining about how people say all she has going for her is big tits, and that the way they make fun of her looks makes her feels insecure without makeup
>makes swipes at actual attractive, successful models (especially ones that aren't white, and also aren't hambeasts)
Makes sense.

No. 785719

tbh that model is very unconventional looking

No. 785725

File: 1552392736480.jpg (109.33 KB, 1536x1152, sw.jpg)

Unconventional-looking, but certainly not ugly, especially compared to Brit.

No. 785735

honestly the only thing unconvential about her is her teeth, she's very conventionally pretty otherwise

No. 785773

It's just her teeth though. This is what I mean about Hammerhead stans on this site always giving her the benefit of the doubt. Even if she is unconventional looking Hammerhead has no room to talk when she looks like this irl >>782664

I'm pretty sure the gap between that model's teeth is still smaller than the gap between Hammerhead's eyes

No. 785790

High fashion models are unconventional all the time. Having a gap in your front teeth is low on the list of unconventional traits a model could have.

No. 785825

Yeah, the types of women that many people conventionally find attractive would be considered way too “commercial” looking for high fashion

No. 785859

Her features are way to big for her head/face, she looks like a Hartley Hooligan

No. 785891

File: 1552420840446.png (1.05 MB, 1440x1532, Screenshot_20190312-154804~2.p…)

RoamingMillenial partakes in "alt right women are complaining that alt right men are sexist" part 2.
Trad pandering is all fun and games until you can't even tweet about enjoying a film that happens to have a female lead.

Exactly. Georgia May Jagger has a tooth gap, and I'm sure hammerhead wouldn't make the same post about her.

No. 785896

Watching these handmaidens getting attacked by their "orbiters" would never not be entertaining. Gives me a flashback to her video stating her desire to be a housewife and her fans attacking her for being a freeloader.

No. 785919


She's also hated in WN world because recently she's adopted ( with all seriousness) flat earthing and even in WN world of conspiracies the majority of people think flat earthers are insane. I remember little about her from her heyday except that she absolutely could not get along with any of WN/Trad e-celeb, and all of them were designated as jews eventually. Even Evalion, with who she seemed to take on a mother role for a while eventually got jew'd.

No. 785924

well then what do you want her to fucking do? I don't even like her she's cringe but damn.

No. 785930

Ita and I was pointing out how she (like all other tradthots) shot herself in the foot pandering to insanely sexist men.

No. 785945

>flashback to when Lauren Southern complained about the alt right men being sexist and mean
It'll always come back to them someday. You can't pander to those men by being a woman, no matter how "anti fem" trad and conservative you are

No. 785955

stop being a hypocrite? if the people on your side are constantly attacking you for stepping out of line, maybe it's time to rethink what side you're on.

No. 786146

File: 1552480982061.jpg (76.44 KB, 1183x524, sineadmccarthy_comments.jpg)


A comment on Sinead's latest video which I believe is a reupload of an older video about Brian Ruhe, another WN YouTuber personality.


No. 786277

Lol I remember this. Brian Ruhe is low hanging fruit tho.

No. 786295

File: 1552518803384.jpg (84.66 KB, 850x439, kyle-and-sinead.jpg)


I've followed Sinead for a long time and still kinda like her for some reason. I'm not even a WN or Alt-Righter, but I did follow some of the personalities she ended up exposing as liars, frauds, or LARPers. She's kind of a guilty pleasure, or train-wreck I can't look away from. And I can relate to her on some level as a person navigating the "truth" movement and all the political/cultural dramas.

But when I zoom out and look at her behavior as a whole… from all the comments she leaves, it's all negative name calling and fighting. The bitch loves to fight people. She's lately been challenging her haters to come fly to Florida and fight her and her husband for real and then when they don't she's like "yeah, see, I knew you wouldn't." Now she's into BJJ and she just wants to beat people's asses. Makes me think she's just one pissed off bitch and her scapegoating the Jews keeps her inner demons externalized WAY OUT THERE and hard to resolve.

She does at least one podcast show a week and now she's talking about protecting your house from dirty electricity and WiFi radiation. That's not counting being sprayed by chemtrails or 5G or other silent mind control weapons. She says she feels scared to walk around her own neighborhood and even hang out in her own backyard. And her husband Kyle believes the same sort of things. The two of them have burned almost every bridge they've ever had and continue to be "exiled" from every community they touch. They're always going on about how they are targeted and being attacked for sharing this knowledge and just want to live happy, healthy lives with their kid. Yet they MUST put on a daily radio show and sell herbal remedies because they're unable to get "normal" jobs now. Life is hard.

No. 786323

No. 786424

File: 1552537061726.jpg (58.82 KB, 753x282, Screenshot_20190313-231255_Sam…)

Ashley lol… you're going to be almost 30 when you're out of college… you're acting like a 14 year old boy on twitter. You're fresh out of a half a decade long relationship trying to act like a trad virgin waifu… is she having s crisis or something? Is that why she likes efame?

No. 786495

File: 1552559269239.jpeg (80.48 KB, 577x537, A6BE23A8-308C-4084-A1D7-59D65C…)

She isn‘t trolling, when it comes to her politics and her team. Look up HWNDU. That was 4chan meetup, where she also met her crazy ex-boyfriend, that was a repressed transsexual and had severe body issues.

She hung out with Sam Hyde and other personalities from /pol/. She said going on HWNDU was the best decision in her life, because she met most of her current friends there. And her bf too, but thats history. Anyway I hope I have disproven the claim that this is just another one of her personas.

She even went to Charlottesvile and other MAGA protests.

No. 786552

That anon probably knows that damn well. There are just stans here dedicated to defending her ugly, badly-built ass for whatever reason. It started when she made that video on Shuwu, and some more appeared when she made one on Anisa, before the Anisa thread was banned from LC.
I know she's a farmer, so it's possible that some of the WKing is just self-defense on her part, but we've all caught a whiff of too much of her BS for it to work.

No. 786574

There's an old school boomer conspiracy theorist named Celtic Rebel that has talked at length about how she started out on the interwebs as his batshit crazy fangirl.

No. 786575

Sinead: You're a Jew!
Evalion: No, you're a Jew!
Sinead: No, you're a Jew!
Evalion: No, you're a Jew!

Fun autistic times.

No. 786579

>she met most of her current friends there
She met most of her only friends there.
Her family is gone, her fans aren't worth shit, she won't have a career… HWNDU gang is all she has.

No. 786582

What is this mythical side you know of where nobody is attacked for stepping out of life?

No. 786586

At least one side doesn't attack you solely for existing as a woman, no matter what you do, lmao.

No. 786754

"follows you"

god maybe it's because i don't follow her closely enough but i can never tell where venti's trolling ends and her actual personality begins. the more genuinely stupid people become, the harder it gets to tell what satire is. poe's law or whatever

No. 786841

Daisy has such a 'every woman for herself' attitude that it's disgusting, god forbid you genuinely care for other people don't see women as people to compete with, if there was a tradthot that turned out to be a sociopath I wouldn't be surprised if it was her considering that she just views other women as her enemies in getting a husband and believes that it's actually biology. Funny how she claimed that Emma would never be expected by mainstream feminism though, not every woman has as much internalized misogyny and judges based on looks like you Daisy however for the sake of pointing out her hypocrisy it's pretty damn ironic that she says 'pretty women should never be feminists' since she looks like Cruella de vil and the evil stepmom as the OP put it and has the personality of a competitive wine mom with no empathy for others.

No. 786844

>I don't hate women but they're all catty queen Bee bitches who exist to compete with me for men
I can't wait until she pulls the 'women are so mean and because of that I don't have many female friends :(' card as she claims that men beating the shit out of men is better because it doesn't cause psychological trauma even though it does.

Also what the fuck is with her greenscreen? Why doesn't she just show her actual house.

No. 786938

File: 1552663461574.jpg (259.38 KB, 1089x803, IMG_20190315_1.jpg)

No. 787138

File: 1552699996021.png (189.5 KB, 1440x922, Screenshot_20190315-212933~2.p…)

(part 1) In the wake of Christchurch, what a fantastic idea to make everything about yourself and the people you pander to (ie the same types as the loser who shot up the mosques.)

No. 787141

File: 1552700050319.png (556.99 KB, 1440x934, Screenshot_20190315-212946~2.p…)

(Part 2) old tweet posted to show her hypocrisy.

No. 787144

well yeah trump basically says he saw muslims celebrating in some impossible scenario so…
also note she doesn't say whether she's happy or not - sign that she likley is.

No. 787172

lmao @ her deleting her great replacement video. I hope her future life and career prospects are ruined from this shit tbh.

No. 787175

Sounds like she's well on her way to become another Tila Tequila…

No. 787178

She's probably gonna get banned from new Zealand soon enough lol.

No. 787192

Anyone know why Ashton Birdie is gone?

No. 787240

gone from where?

milo's australian visa is being 'reviewed' as we speak. good luck to her getting another one here.

No. 787369

No. 787484

No. 787486


i'm reading the comments and apparently she had delisted it and then put it back. She's so spineless

No. 787589

File: 1552805006821.jpg (352.83 KB, 1080x1523, Screenshot_20190317-014021_Sam…)

She panders so much to incels and MGTOW, it is disgusting

No. 787648

File: 1552834320642.png (30.95 KB, 555x297, Capture.PNG)

Imagine actually pulling the 'IT'S A JOKE' card after you were just outed as being a gigantic hypocrite who had a helping hand in killing 49 people.

No. 787653

where is this from?

No. 787666

No. 787684

Every time I watch these kinds if videos the comments prove to me that these monsters don't care and will continue to double down because they're actually happy about what happened. It's disgusting and scary that so many men and women out there are like this

No. 787697

tbh roaming millenial isn't really a tradthot, she's the tomi lahren/kent state gun girl of right wing woman attention seeker. there's a lot of overlap between them though

No. 787703

>pandering to men who couldn't give a fuck about you in your 20s and hope you'll die at 30
Just wait for her day when her audience turns on her and she'll say something about how mean the men are to her

She's still retarded for not realizing the audience of men she panders to. Couldn't be bothered to read her own comments. All of these girls sound secretly scared of them and pander to them because they don't want to be shot next time another shooting happens. Too chickenshit to say that shooting people is wrong now because any extreme violence is good. They can't even backtrack and call it a joke or remove videos like what Lauren did

Where do you guys see this going?

No. 787728

This video is so embarrassing. Pinpointing everything wrong would be lengthy and exhausting, all I can say is that I'm glad no actual quality man sees himself has some prize who the ~best and most trad~ women gets. The comments complaining about le evil feminists making pretty wimminz cut their hair and get piercings are all from washed up boomers who any woman wouldn't look twice at.

No. 787888

File: 1552909916594.jpg (448.9 KB, 1079x1741, Screenshot_20190318-044541_Twi…)

Does IndigoWhite realize that half the reason people say she's racist is because of posting dumb shit like this?

No. 788068

Faith Goldy is live talking about the NZ shooting, this is even worse than Roaming's.

No. 788107

The replies on her twitter post about her getting mad at people putting the blame on her for shit she had a hand in and pulling the ‘it’s just a joke!’ meme when people posted her Muslim post in the replies.

No. 788163

Yeah, even if the tweet was a joke there was nothing jokey about going on a long ignorant rant about (((them))) replacing huwite people.

No. 788284

File: 1553025032981.png (504.41 KB, 846x1128, bv.png)

It's so annoying seeing Venti try to sneakily pass herself off as biracial by misleading people with the "My mom was African-American" thing when she already posted pic related and admitted that she was mixed.
Why even do this? Is it some bizarre attempt to pull the race card so no one calls her racist? Because it's not working.

No. 788315

>she had white features including hair

Looks like her mom had a relaxer and some bleach done. This isn't proof. Brittany can downplay or play up her blackness depending on whats convenient to her, it'll never change that her altright fanboys see her as a mutt.

No. 788345

The self-hate apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 788351


You couldn't pay me enough money to look like this woman, she literally looks like a uptight 50 year old woman. All the caked on makeup just brings out her expression lines, you know down there the sun is destroying her skin anyway and she wants to trash it even more?

No. 788358

>White nose
Uh there's no such thing as a "white" nose. Also that hair is definitely relaxed. Brittany, that should explain why your own hair is wavy.

No. 788367

It's like she's clinging to that 1/4th of black ancestry for dear life despite spending her time shitting on actual black people. I'll never understand that kind of psychosis, but it's just so unsightly. She even gets pissy about Candace Owens.
I'm sorry her gross /pol/cucks refuse to accept her into their huwhite ethnostate, but that's nobody's problem but her own. She needs to stop glomming onto being a "PoC" now, we don't want or claim her and her deformed shark with an AliExpress addiction aesthetic.

No. 788384

File: 1553042684410.jpg (34.67 KB, 600x299, Nose-types.jpg)

Pretty sure they mean this? Hammerhead definitely has a nubian-looking nose. Nothing to cry about though, it's all subjective. I'm not sure why she cries about her nose all the time, why she cries about needing a nose job when it's really her abnormal 2 mile apart eyes that freak people out. But she would need some cranial surgery that I'm not sure exists yet

No. 788385

File: 1553042711419.png (910.66 KB, 1166x776, ll.png)

Confirmed that she's reading this thread. I apologize, Brit, but with your track record of racism, this just won't cut it. Jim Crowe is done, and the one drop rule is over. 50% has been the absolute minimum for its remnants to still apply in this day and age, you're not even 40% black, and we all know exactly how you feel about non-white people. Pass denied.
For everyone's sake, please go back to your cringy "Most people think I'm Mediterranean, I'd feel dumb considering myself black!!" era.

No. 788414

File: 1553047498314.png (1.03 MB, 800x563, Venti.png)

The pitpicking about her race is really annoying. In person she LOOKS half black and is likely treated as such. Her mom looks like a normal black woman, hell she looks like a blonde haired Queen Latifa. She was raised by her black mom and grew up with african american culture. It is fine if she claims to be biracial or half black.

No. 788421

She's not, though, and she claims people assume she's Mediterranean. Even some of her followers were surprised to learn she has black ancestry and wasn't just trolling. She clearly also didn't grow up with AA culture, considering everything from her accent to the way she carries herself.
It's annoying to see her try and pull the race card like this. It doesn't apply, especially since she constantly brings it up because she's mad that her racist mud cookie stream was blocked.
>blonde-haired Queen Latifa
This is just too much of a reach, anon, kek. She looks like a busted self-hating mixed woman in her 40s/50s with bleached hair and possibly skin (which explains why Brittany is so anti-black today).

No. 788425

this debate is stupid and no one is ever going to come to an agreement bc its subjective, lets not turn this into biracial identity spering please.

what isn't subjective is that brittany did play down her blackness for years and years, claiming she was only 1/8th black and so on and so forth, now she's playing up the "i have a black mommy!" card because it's getting her attention. i thought her parents died when she was young, so much for "being raised by african americans". everything about brittany just screams "awkward mixed girl who only had white friends growing up". irl she looks obviously nonwhite, her fans are just idiots who only pay attention to her selfies that are lightened to hell and back with her hair straightened.

No. 788430

End the biracial discussion because it's only going to lead to pointless derailing.

No. 788433

>what isn't subjective is that brittany did play down her blackness for years and years, claiming she was only 1/8th black and so on and so forth, now she's playing up the "i have a black mommy!" card because it's getting her attention.
Honestly, I agree with you. I just want her to stay right where she is, it's exactly the fate she deserves.

No. 788608

What huwhite ethnostate? There is no huwhute ethnostate. Any rules that /pol/cucks are currently arguing over regarding the acceptance of based minority noncitizens for a hypothetical future one are imaginary and pointless. In the meantime all they care about is her showing off her tits.

No. 788611

There are already plenty of countries with a majority white population (90% + above) anon. Don't be a moron.

No. 788616

Which are what? Russia?

No. 788620

Russia shares borders with North Korea, Mongolia, China, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan so there's a whole host of ethnically nonwhite cultures that have a home within it. They tell gays to fuck off, and tell Muslims to fuck off, and aren't super fond of blacks - but other than that they don't really give a shit about ethnicity or culture. Hardly the Whitopia that /pol/cucks are dreaming of.

No. 788738

There is a quite large population of ethnically white Russians who are muslim though.
Although I do agree the combination of being non-white and muslim they're not fond off, as well as gay people.
It's definitely not what /pol/ thinks it's like at all lmao

No. 788949

I would have to disagree somewhat, there are lots of Muslims or people from some Muslim ancestors in major cities that do just fine (like Irina shyak), as long as they fall into Russian culture norms. There is also a large amount of Afro Russians ( I think the last number I read was half million, but unsure if that’s true, seems too high ) descendant from African students that studied at Patricia lumumba university ( all African free collage in Moscow) in the soviet period. Of course there is racism (like in us) but not as bad as many people think, several big Russian soccer players are Afro-Russian , Pushkin was 1/4 black ect so it’s not a death sentence socially to be black. Otherwise I agree with your assessment.

No. 789251

File: 1553292077734.jpg (53.26 KB, 480x640, ya1suIu.jpg)

No. 789252

File: 1553292138561.jpg (53.26 KB, 480x640, ya1suIu.jpg)

No. 789269

File: 1553294327593.png (1.1 MB, 592x900, Alice-Cutter-1592751.png)

Wait that's the same person in the article? Irl she looks rather plump & porky. explain

No. 789272


She's had two kids in as many years, gotta churn out the white babies - plus she's stuck in her house with an ankle tag atm.

No. 789273

File: 1553295286056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61 KB, 480x640, cqzX6pU.jpg)


she was always curvy mind.

No. 789278

lol I see. fat lazy mom running a dumb white nat Instagram account. truly white excellence. & talking about kicking jews heads around is sooo European femininity!!

I swear these people are the reason you will never be able to talk about the role of Jews in gentile societies. They ruin it.

No. 789300

Irina is 1/4 Tatar, and Pusjkin was 1/8 African.

No. 789428

Lol if anyone was on 4chan last year during the Easter team stuff, a bunch of girls were posting nudes and Brittany offered nudes for subscribers or something and no one did it. When she posted her face she just got called goblina.

No. 789442

No. 789486

No. 789488

no way thats true. she has a shit ton of fans who would love to see her naked

No. 789512

ewwww you're nasty. she's gross too. and it is true. She goes on /pol/ all the time posting herself and promoting her channel only to be laughed at and called a goblina.
There's countless instances of this. just search her name with "site:boards.4chan . org/pol"

No. 789580

I remember that, holy shit. It was so cringeworthy. I think she was Team Mini.

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