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File: 1679604505895.jpg (190.43 KB, 900x1247, 900_Woman Walking Borzoi Russi…)

No. 1531513

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Last thread >>>/ot/1488831

No. 1532051

amp links
If you post an amp link on lolcor I will judge you harshly

No. 1532061

I don’t even know what that is

No. 1532063

Google's way of rederecting Internet traffic through them

No. 1532070

Wearing mascara literally feels like oppression how are women doing this in 2023? I also learned that I rub my eyes more than a sleepy toddler.

No. 1532072

I have some random eyelashes that bend down and mascara actually keeps them up out of my eye which is nice but otherwise yeah it’s awful.

No. 1532076

File: 1679678324370.jpeg (287.43 KB, 1160x1995, 14336BE2-E0E1-4342-A099-084C72…)

This. I hate THIS. Imagine committing this hard to being a fucking coomer. I’m honestly so disgusted. It’s shocking this is a natal woman bc this is straight up tranny behavior.

No. 1532078

If she ever gains weight or gets pregnant that thing is going to get absolutely fucked up kek.

No. 1532082


No. 1532087

This is why anime fans deserve to be bullied.

No. 1532095

Womb tattoos are a specific genre of tattoo that are supposed to look like a womb, idk it's some weird coomer hentai trope

No. 1532108

I hate that a lot of bands don't sell mp3 files of their music nowadays.

No. 1532137

I hate those videos where babies and toddlers make a mess with food or random objects, I don't find them funny I find them stressful for all the cleaning up that's required.

No. 1532153

Also considering where she had it tattooed(the lower stomach can be most painful area for a coomer tat) god this is shameful behavior…also GENSHIT?

No. 1532154

Torrent it dumbass or buy it off their bandicamp

No. 1532167

High end Escort/hypergamy tumblr accounts. Besides the obvious reasons to be annoyed by them, their advice is often sort of stupid if you know anything about whatever they are talking about. A well-known and “respected” one made a post about where to go in my city to meet high class men and her suggestions were laughably bad. Most of the rich guys in my city literally just go to normal bars like everyone else. her suggestions were like these weird stuffy clubs that 65 year olds hang out in lol

No. 1532209

File: 1679690053930.jpeg (25.75 KB, 828x818, EEC201A0-C599-4A80-BE2D-58D56B…)

Women on tiktok LARPing as entrepreneurs and boss ladies but either have small businesses that just resell cheap aliexpress items or their husbands actually just pay for everything. I can’t take these women seriously

No. 1532229

If you're talking about them selling flac instead it's super easy to convert them. But are there bands that only do streaming or physical?

No. 1532245

I do you guys have poor reading comprehension? Some bands do not have bandcamps and sometimes only release physical copies of their music or sometimes only on vinyl. It's particularly annoying when their stuff is only on youtube where it is low quality and i like all the tracks to be seperate from each other rather than a whole youtube video of the album. No i will not download the video and manually seperate the songs. I want them to be good quality. Torrenting isn't an option a lot of the time since sometimes it's not even on those places. God i just want to listen to the split with boris and the novembers but they HAD to make it vinyl only.

No. 1532253

I call those lady’s so-called careers “jobbies”

No. 1532257

fuck how can so many people be ok with this
i'm so glad this is illegal in my country

No. 1532269

a jobbie = a shit where i'm from.

No. 1532281

It's really widely normalised in Bollywood as well, like I think every major celeb has had some surrogate kid
These are some of the Highest paid actors in the world

No. 1532295

Noah fence but that stomach is undefined and skinnyfat installation she blimps up

No. 1532304

File: 1679703320091.png (441.58 KB, 1946x1088, Screenshot 2023-03-24 at 20.06…)

I'm such a wuss I turned this off after like 2 minutes. Then I went back to watch more.
>surrogacy agency founder: "we had cases when some parents wanted 1000 baby, or 300 babies […] for very big business" (she turned them down thank god)
>the surrogate can have no biological connection to the baby, as it would be classed as child trafficking to give the child away
>woman has a whole vaginal birth and the little baby comes out and she's relieved it's healthy and the voiceover says "Jana and the baby are separated immediately; surrogates aren't allowed to touch the child they've just given birth to" but they leave it in the room like 10 feet away from her just crying because no one is allowed to touch it and the people who paid for it are in another country.


No. 1532374

Yes it's really horrible how commodified women's bodies has become, not that it's anything new throughout history but there's something horrifying and dehumanizing about it when it's used for profit. Gonna sperg out a little but I think what pisses me off the most is how little attention the topic of surrogacy gets in leftist spaces when they're the group that's supposed to critique capitalism and how it has the most impact on people in developing countries. But nah nothing, I only got to know how bad surrogacy was and how much it has impacted third world women when I started to get into more radfem spaces. If anything these leftist moids will probably praise this for being ~so empowering~ like they do with sex work. It pisses me off so much how women are always suffering and the whole world just doesn't care.

No. 1532500

This is awful, I don't think I'd be able to watch it. The screencap you've attached breaks my heart. I hate surrogacy business so much.

No. 1532608

I hate smokers, they have the biggest martyr complex over not being able to smoke for 5 minutes and they are fucking disgusting, jow hard is it to throw your cigarette in the trash bin???

No. 1532634

It's forbidden to throw cigarettes in the trash bin because of fire risk

No. 1532939

It’s not illegal to throw cigarette butts in the bin in every country. And even if it is illegal where you are it’s still unacceptable to just chuck them on the ground.

No. 1532940

File: 1679789206950.jpeg (33.1 KB, 735x462, 1671915991382.jpeg)

>I hate women
>I hate white women

No. 1532942

I was a smoker for 12 years and it’s not hard to put out a cigarette completely so you can throw the butt in the trash, come on now. Just roll that last little bit between Your fingers and it falls right out, instant ember-free filter to safely dispose of instead of littering like a fucking asshole.

No. 1533238

People who wear lingerie outside as normal pieces of clothing especially when it's those tight fishnet dresses, no one wants to see your fat rolls.

No. 1533317

Love this era where you can say sexually degrading and violent about women as long as you tack white in front of it. Bonus points if you refer to perfectly reasonable women who are victims of terrible harm Karen for having understandable negative and adverse reactions to years of trauma. None of these people know anything about reality anymore and exist entirely in an online vacuum.

No. 1533332

I hate hate HAAATEEEE it when I'm having a fun conversation with my friends and some retard brings up some depressing shit for no reason. Talk about cats? They tell us about a dead one they saw. In detail. Talk about getting pastries at a nice bakery? They bring up a laundry list of woes and try to guilt trip us into donating our pocket change to worthy causes. Friend excited about having a baby? Time to discuss miscarriages and how adorable the widdle dead babies look, all perfect toes and fingers but they're dead and look like dolls! One of these retards is autistic so I can give her a pass since she does listen when we tell her this isn't appropriate, but the others can honestly fuck off.

No. 1533372

File: 1679849343034.png (445.2 KB, 1136x660, firefox_0GKJshIYmj.png)

God I fucking hate anime pick-me whores. I find them worse than tradwifes because while tradwifes are deluded that their fat balding guy is some masculine hero, anime pick-mes WANT to pander to the stiny NEET lolicon guy living in his mom's basement.

And I wish there was a place to discuss dirt on them because /w/ is focused on the cosplay space and vtubers are banned because of raids from 4chan. I WISH there was a place to gossip about vtubers because I know many are washed up e-celebs from 10 years ago. If you know any, feel free to tell me. Also I know syd was mentioned in the japanophiles thread but people don't seem interested in these weebs, they are more interested in cosplayers and vloggers.

No. 1533381

I hate these types. They just want to be miserable and share the misery.

No. 1533395

Hate when people use psych jargon in regular conversation. It's like I'm talking to a webmd page than a human.

No. 1533440

didn't she make a video where she showed her mom gross hentai as well?

No. 1533442

i always felt like sydsnap deserved a thread for herself, like shoe0nhead. her moid pandering levels are off the chard cringe

No. 1533445

File: 1679855811431.png (1.2 MB, 1418x798, firefox_3bmJIobQ93.png)

She did, her whole channel is beyond junk

Good taste anonita

No. 1533449

File: 1679856137573.jpg (43.35 KB, 1024x683, sid_and_stinky_by_thecartoonfa…)

Together they are bigger bullies them Harold, seriously so many episodes they are flat out assholes for no reason to people, I hate them

No. 1533451

Notice how it is always female anime characters she is into, never males yet she is heterosexual. Totally not pandering to moids

No. 1533452

I think it would be too redundant, since nowadays there's not much milk about her other than her pickmeisha personality and being part of the vthot "agency". Although it's sad that she's a pick me even when she's already married, I guess it's easy money.

No. 1533453

Was the anime community always this sexual? I used youtube alot back in the early 2010's to watch anime related videos and I did get hentai "joke" videos in my recommendations(I never clicked on them though) but I never remember the thumbnails being this explicited or people basing their whole channel or personality on how much hentai they read. Maybe I was just too young back then to notice these things

No. 1533461

Good for you, it honestly depends on the circles you saw. The internet was edgier and you had shit like Nyanners recording a loli rape song and uploading it on youtube, but it was mostly reddit and 4chan that were full of that. 4chan had a bigger influence on weebs and weeb memes and there were more ecchi anime and guys on normie anime forums that watched them.

No. 1533462

Anime community was always sort of degenerate but back in 2010 I think there were not so many anime vloggers om youtube, there were few review channels, maybe some videos about boku no pico being shocking and that is about it? Anime was still considered cringe back then so there were not so many vloggers who would tie their identity to being a hentai degen

Also as >>1533461 said, it was mostly 4chan and reddit who influenced overall anime community.

No. 1533463

As much as I hate fujos, this woman is 100x times worse

No. 1533484

isn't she dating one of the trashtaste guys? I think their "circle" can have a combined thread

No. 1533491

File: 1679859376478.png (478.63 KB, 1091x478, Screenshot 36.png)

what's even more depressing is that she used to upload relatively normal content too until she realized being a pickme hentai enthusiast was more profitable.

No. 1533536

Yes, married actually. Honestly a thread about them would be pretty interesting.

No. 1533622

I, too, would appreciate a thread.

No. 1533784

No. 1533804

there's always nyfco if you want vtuber gossip lol (though it's mostly nijien)

No. 1533817

Oh thanks, anon.

No. 1533880

File: 1679908730675.jpeg (45.62 KB, 502x497, 9E1DB44E-7A4D-4C07-8396-5D5D47…)

During my peak fandom days when I was a kid, I was labeled as problematic because I liked reading rpf with no aus. Everyone on tumblr liked writing about online personalities dating but the moment they have any reference to the actual people they’re writing about, everyone shuts it down because it’s “invading their privacy”. You’re writing about two strangers fucking, you’re already invading their privacy no amount of coffee house and mafia aus is gonna change that. I wish there were more fics that just wasn’t ooc bullshit filled with a bunch of world building all because they don’t wanna write about lets players fucking in their recording office

No. 1533884

It's interesting because it's far more frowned upon to write fics about real people now than ever before but at the same time wattpad exists and I don't think I've ever seen this amount of real people fiction about even the most niche internet personalities in my peak fandom times of 10+ years ago.

No. 1533898

I hate how common shit like this is becoming online
> Oh you had one argument with your mom after years of otherwise being fine and her being a great support in your life? You want advice?…she's a covert narc! She needs to now grovel or you should cut that bitch right out of your life. Then take great pleasure if she ever gets sick and dies alone and in pain! Yeah just imagine mommy on her deathbed wishing she never said that one thing that upset you.

No. 1533908

No, I get this how can be a thing, it was to me. I obeyed my mother for years until one day we disagreed on something. She was the sweetest mother until I started growing up and having my own opinions, so for a while I did everything she wanted. I realized everytime I disagreed with her, she would go full narc and treat me like dirt until I agreed with her. I even went to psychologists and psychiatrists, who also talked to her and they made me believe I had BPD and gave me anti psychotics for years, because nothing I said about her was real. At some point I got tired of putting up with her narc wishes and just did what I wanted, it got bad to the point she left the gas stove on with a candle lit and left the house while I was asleep, it was really a miracle I woke up that early and realized the gas was open and there was a candle on the table, but of course she denied and tried to get me institutionalized for it. I moved out after that, which she promptly pretended to be as sick as possible before I moved out to gather sympathy from my relatives, crashed her own car but in the end my siblings obviously realized her scheme and we all got her in a mental hospital, turned out she was narc and BPD the entire time. Obviously, none of these would've happened if I never disagreed with her ever. Some people will agree to anything to avoid rejection or conflict.

No. 1533947

I mean your mom also being diagnosed with bpd doesn't uno reverse your diagnosis of it. If anything.. it makes even more sense because genetic and environmental causes for bpd were present. I woudn't dismiss years of professional opinions. Both can be true. Its not a matter of your mom either being sick or you being sick. It makes a whole lot of sense for you to pick up the same traits and also be a lil blind to it.. just like she was. Thats the cycle

No. 1534053

Its cringe though

No. 1534070

I hate being hungover and I hate drinking, I feel fucking disgusting!!!

No. 1534081

File: 1679932892305.jpeg (86.8 KB, 1280x720, C633B761-A3F1-413E-874C-E2E5AA…)

I know its cringe kek all fandoms are, just wish people let themselves be cringey online instead of getting into weird fandom wars because they want to look good infront of the person they’re writing lengthy porn about

No. 1534115

File: 1679935676962.jpg (121.64 KB, 1080x1174, IMG_20230327_104640.jpg)

I hate that the second Vtuber thread was made by a tourist/newfag. Threadpic is Vox for crying out loud

No. 1534530

Some of the shit people will describe as "tearing down other women".

No. 1534579

Was looking at a menstruation product made by a group of women and saw that they advertised it with two overweight women in their underwear and posing sensually facing the camera and after a quick rereading I saw that they omitted the word women for bleeding warriors… as this product was for everyone and they got to be inclusive!
I exited the tab. They know how to market themself towards the mentally ill, chronically online and handmaidens. Why can't anything be just for women

No. 1534586

It's insane to give a single fuck about RPF written about famous men. Celebrities moids are prolific cheaters/abusers/rapists (statutory at least), almost without exception. They should be grateful the worst disrespect and objectification they experience is girls who love and appreciate them writing stories about them fucking other dudes or w/e.

No. 1534599

I hate that I’ve found out I might never see my favorite fan art from 2014 ever again. They were oc’s based off a sexy ass species of man in a video game and the art was so cute. I went hunting on the wayback machine to dig up the tumblr blog that made an ask blog based on their own cutie characters and it’s all gone, the main blog deactivated and all links void. It’s like the great library all over again.

No. 1534613

google lens replacing google images and having it be a thousand times less effective

No. 1534618

YES!! I cant find this cute shirt I saw from years ago even though I downloaded the offcial models image. Piece of shit.

No. 1534621

my trick is to do the following
>go to images.google.com
>switch from mobile to desktop view
>lens tab now allows you to upload photo on web instead of forcing app download
>results pop up
>well lens still sucks shit but now it'll at least work

No. 1534625

you can also use labnol reverse image search and then click on the find image source thing

No. 1534635

File: 1679980152241.jpg (29.66 KB, 760x480, carpet-beetle.jpg)

I have decorative feathers in my room and these guys are eating them and are infesting my room horribly. Pretty sure they've put a hole in one of my Merino wool long sleeves too. I've been vacuuming like hell and squishing any I find in the hopes I'll finally get rid of them.

No. 1534665

Really beautiful beetle, why don't you try sprinkling your carpets/home/bedding with diatomaceous earth tho?

No. 1534692

It’s a pain vacuuming that up and the beetles seem to congregate on the feathers I have for decoration on my drawer. Plus, they can fly and I have been mainly seeing them near windowsills and my nightstand lamp. I might have to resort to diatomaceous earth if they continue to persist though.

No. 1534726

File: 1679995085922.jpg (34.07 KB, 494x370, 1671610936871.jpg)

I hate all the recent self-censorship here. Anons taking time to type 'v*gina' instead of just vagina as if your body parts are LE BAD WORD and saying ~self delete~ instead of suicide like this is fucking tiktok. Both just today.

No. 1534728

Report it

No. 1534730

I wonder what their endgame is lmao. I remember the first month that google image search was implemented, it was extremely accurate and could find almost everything. Then suddenly you searched for the exact same image and got retard results like everything "black or white" or "comic" when you were searching anything drawn.

No. 1534739

File: 1679995970877.png (167.37 KB, 300x381, wp-content-1.png)

I'm noticing a rise in tone indicators on here. It's really annoying how people don't even lurk before they comment I just assumed that was common knowledge on any internet site/community

No. 1534747

File: 1679996491097.png (227.32 KB, 545x680, 1676734402723.png)

Did you see the post in the TIF thread spoilered for mentioning, just mentioning, suici- oh sorry self-deleting? Ridiculous.
>Spoilered for talk of self deleting.
Anyone feel like telling that anon that the spoiler is a pic of pixyteri's ass? I think we need a spoiler for the spoiler. We don't want to make the twitterfags uncomfortable. Do these anons know where they are? This isn't a site that bans you for nono words. I don't expect people to have years of experience with imageboards, but is it so hard to lurk a little to get a grasp of the culture before posting trigger warnings and censoring yourself?

No. 1534760

>~self delete~ instead of suicide like this is fucking tiktok
kek i just saw that too, how annoying

No. 1534761

when we had oldmin there was still a ton of that shit though, it's not super recent

No. 1534792

Yandex is more effective imo

No. 1534808

Not saying it's actually funny or amusing but I think the self-censorship is more of an "ironic" sense of humor rather than being sensitive
At least I hope
It's very TikToky

No. 1534813

At least mods are on top of it kek

No. 1534814

File: 1680007287481.png (76.25 KB, 1346x592, Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 14.41…)

dropped my image

No. 1534831

All catchy love songs are about finding love in some dirty club or the like. Love songs about an established relationship are all snoozy ballads.

No. 1534833

I went to therapy and psychiatrists for years after I left her and I don't have BPD, I have ADHD and bipolar disorder (I can check my own diagnosis on the internet through my public healthcare online database). She and the psychiatrist I went at the time gaslit me hard, they made me think everythink I felt was wrong because of BPD.

No. 1534835

Because you're supposed to slowly dance cheek to cheek with the love of your life while reminiscing of when you met and dreaming of what's to come

No. 1534976

The way some very online people talk about journalists (especially the conservatard/lolbertarian side of tumblr), they act like every single one of them is a Buzzfeed columnist or an intrusive paparazzi, journalist are still very important.

No. 1535148

this is more of a pet peeve but i can't stand anons who don't know how to scroll when the answer to their question (usually asking who someone is) is literally right above the post they're replying to, or when it's someone who regularly gets posted a thousand times

No. 1535418

File: 1680055113122.jpeg (16.42 KB, 262x192, 1E8757EE-E264-49E1-9974-78193D…)

Fandom memes like picrel where they take a viral meme/reaction pic and slap their favorite characters onto it, not that I necessarily hate them but it’s more like something that I find cringey, I always thought they looked dumb.

No. 1535546

although people claim the quality of journalism has gone out the window, there's still plenty of interesting and informative articles and journalists if you know where to find them. the thing is, most people no longer have the attention span to read them and that's part of their dismissal (and sometimes I'm guilty of this laziness myself)

the profession struggles with sexism and structural corruption and abuse the way a lot of current events adjacent content does, so I have a lot of respect by default for female journalists. yes some are too big for their britches and write drivel, but there's a lot who are just trying to make ends meet. sometimes making ends meet means you write puff piece crap or an opinion piece instead of pursuing an investigative one. because your editor says so. if it's well written, however, it's well written. like gossip journalism, it's trashy but sometimes it's not badly written and fun to read. journalists of all kinds can be very clever even if they're covering trash subjects

on the topic of buzzfeed, buzzfeednews differs from the regular buzzfeed clickbait site, I believe they won a pulitzer for their piece on the uyghurs. they've actually written some decent articles and helped expose john k from nick as a predator so I have more respect for the news side of buzzfeed

No. 1535547

Buzzfeed really didn't do themselves any favours with those what type of bread quizzes. My personal favourite article was the one where they solved the mystery of Uma Kompton.

No. 1535551

I've seen popular tiktok/youtube short fashion influencers combining their dresses with belts. It would've been fine if it was a baggy or large dresses but they always picks the ones that are tight fit or in their actual size and it just lowers the prettiness of the look. i don't get it why belts on dresses are back, it's an ugly fashion combination and should've died long ago.

No. 1535557

The 2010's are coming back! Next thing you know we will see capri leggings and denim skirts everywhere!

No. 1535563

File: 1680065754254.jpg (448.14 KB, 2500x2500, IMG_2481.jpg)

"#Vanlife" women who post obvious clickbait ass/boob shots, acting "mysterious and quirky" for the camera. It's not like moids weren't going to sexualize yet another thing we do but its sure as hell not helping us. How many thumbnails of yourself in a bikini doing the same pose or sitting on your bed looking off into the distance can there be? I know you ran to change out of that miniskirt and crop top the second you finished recording yourself walking through a forest WITH LITERAL SNOW PILES ALL AROUND.
You can see the point in some channels where they shift to this, and the vids/thumbnails where its just a woman in a normal low-cut shirt (which still makes me wary when I know what it usually leads to, but makes me feel like shit for thinking this) vs obviously sexualized bait. Just let one thing women do be untainted by commercialization and commodification…
Also hate how I read a comment from a teacher space tonight about shutting groups of talkative girls in school up by "separating them and seating them near boys who'll growl at them". Starting the next generation getting used to male intimidation early I see. Fucking bleak

No. 1535564

denim skirts are already in right now no? i've seen them around

No. 1535572

Now that everything has come back, I hope there’s new stuff to create, or maybe we will stay in this never ending cycle of repeating old stuff.

No. 1535654

zoomers don't know how to wear accessories, a lot of tiktok outfits are ruined by too many mis-matched hats/belts/bags/etc.

No. 1535735

File: 1680090855434.png (14.7 KB, 989x294, 44630252-3f07-51de-8c00-68cfab…)

Why and How did Drag become this "inspiring and brave" thing for most mainstream liberals, to the point they have to show kids drag shows and have kids engage in Drag as well, its so fucking absurd

No. 1535769

>shutting groups of talkative girls in school up by "separating them and seating them near boys who'll growl at them"
Oh god, we had this practice when I was studying at school but with sexes reversed. I really really hate it: a teacher can't do anything about a hyperactive retarded fucker and makes it a calm nerdy girl's responsibility. Then the little fucker is just constantly bothering and distracting you. The dumbest idea ever.

No. 1535770

>Material: 100% polyester
Where did all the cotton go

No. 1535774

>Starting the next generation getting used to male intimidation early I see.
It's always been like that though. That shit was happening when I was a kid already and I was accused of cheating in tests many times because of said boys copying my answers and bullying me all the time. My entire life would have been so much better if I went to a girl only primary school, I would have been way less bullied and it wouldn't have tanked my confidence for the next decade to come.

No. 1535786

I was reading a discussion lately where alot of people were agreeing that drag is sexual and shouldn't be shown to kids.. people who were angry as hell about it. Cool. Then a woman came along and pointed out how men dressing up like overly done up sexual caricatures of 'a woman' is pretty creepy for women to have to see everywhere as this mainstream thing. That its not just mothers who are grossed out by it.

Everyone suddenly changed their tune and went off on the woman? So its this horrible depraved sexual thing that children shouldn't ever see but women aren't allowed to voice their distate outside of it being in the context of us worrying about children? Because dressing up like some mockery of women shouldnt be something women feel any way about..

No. 1536019

File: 1680115099724.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3072x4096, 99C89821-2BDB-4080-B368-32B607…)

These stupid fucking shirts I keep getting advertised. I’m a millenial and it reminds me of cringe shirts my generation wore in the early 2010s but a hundred times worse because of the gross sexual and misogynistic shit. Who are these supposed to be for? Do zoomers even wear this? Who wants this shit?

No. 1536024

File: 1680115341587.jpg (36.46 KB, 550x413, c35e844920d4fd4d1baca392c66008…)

dont scroll porn in /ot/

No. 1536041

>following a nice positive youtuber
>she talks about harry potter in her latest video
>i've never heard her voice as irritated
>uh oh here it comes
>omg jkr is a troonphobe
>click unfollow
What's up with so many women being fucking retarded handmaidens?

No. 1536045

It's just dicks btw. Just saying because I feel this post is a little misleading.

No. 1536047

The fuck? You think that dick pics aren't pornographic?

No. 1536057

It's just that when I (and I think most anons) see "don't scroll, porn" posts I think we're being raided, but it was just like 3 dick pics.

No. 1536061

dicks are fugly though

No. 1536073

please don't tell me you think the dick spammer is a regular user here. this has happened in the past too, it's always some angry, actual confirmed male

No. 1536074

>please don't tell me you think the dick spammer is a regular user here
No, what? Where did you even get that from

No. 1536095

File: 1680120888467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.88 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20230329_161115_Gal…)

I hate that I keep getting recommended this channel, all his videos scream attention seeker

No. 1536113

things like that are a raid, the other post was acting like it isn't.

No. 1536179

When I said raid I mean things like gore/illegal content. I thought it was clear but maybe not.

No. 1536185

there is a raid going on but it's retards spamming memes. some moid imageboard mad

No. 1536214

I wonder what triggered them.

No. 1536219

This is what happens when we don't send men to war.

No. 1536223

we're talking about moids who make soyjaks their only personality trait. it probably does''t take much to trigger their autistic ape brain into blind rage

No. 1536239

this tbh. we need to send them to the front asap. All moids should unironically be castrated chemically

No. 1536241

There's that soyjak place I saw on kiwifarms they've been raiding imagine boards, just retards best to ignore them

No. 1536620

I hate tone indicators. They make chatting or any text sound so robotic. It's like you think I'm dumb so you need to tell me your joke that i could clearly tell was a joke was a joke. Normal people usually say "jk" or add a haha or lmao to the end to signify they're laughing. Do not get me started on /hj
I would like to know if any autistic anons find these things useful. Maybe I'll reconsider my opinions on these gay ass things.

No. 1536652

File: 1680180390301.jpg (161.68 KB, 900x675, 1672961209061.jpg)

>woman wears makeup
>woman doesn't wear makeup

No. 1536768

>woman wears light "natural" make-up

No. 1536809

When you're looking on something on Twitter or Instagram and the page refreshes itself so you lose the post forever. Whatever, I don't need to be looking at social media anyway.

No. 1536811

do you use Chrome or some other Chrome-based browser?

No. 1536824

No. 1536856

Infinte scrolling is a plague.

No. 1536899

When you're trying to watch a YouTube video but it's made by a trans so the voice sounds off and annoying. How do they manage to sound higher than a real girl yet so fake.

No. 1536977

I hate people make fun of cat ladies (or any other pet), an animal's love is amazing.

No. 1537063

kek I've lost count of the number of times I've clicked on a video, heard the nasally troon voice, and immediately closed the tab

No. 1537066

File: 1680208338528.jpg (63.73 KB, 500x689, be1b989be68eccad4641beacc822dd…)

I hate the modern education system. My last year of high school and 1.5 years of college before dropping out weren't actual education, it was an opinion you needed to have. Teachers are ridiculously biased, I am hoping to get to university in the near future and get a fairly unbiased education through reading (universities in my country barely have lectures). I hope it works out, I hate what schools have become.

Totally. I don't understand how this even came to be, my grandmother got a sign saying 'crazy cat lady' as a joke for Christmas a few years ago but she has it on her windowsill lol.

Bump for gore

No. 1537220

Captchas. Incredibly annoying

No. 1537537

I hate when people bring up random anniversaries like "on this day 23 years ago, this movie was released". If it's not a multiple of 5 or 10 then I don't care.

No. 1537548

I hate how junk food is everywhere god I just wanna be away from temptation because I'm weak willed. Coca cola, vending machines everywhere. MACDONALDS I see as soon as I step out of gym, ravenous. I don't get anons who say it's easy to not be fat, I am scared of it and I swear until I sat down and learned I thought powerade was healthy, I thought calories in calories out, (coca cola and pepsi are in cahoots with health groups who tell us our syrup food isnt making us fat, our laziness is) I'm a burger and our food is poison and SOOO DELICIOUS. I want to overall just stick to my discipline but I keep caving in to eating sweets

No. 1537764

When moids say "the wife" instead of "my wife", it's like some kind of passive aggressive insult.

No. 1537765

The Spousal Unit

No. 1537782

CICO is basic thermodynamics. The problem is that corporations are allowed to lie on the nutrition facts so you can't ever really know how many calories you consumed.

No. 1537791

>I don't get anons who say it's easy to not be fat
For me most junk food either doesn't taste that good or is stuff I can't digest.

No. 1537809

File: 1680276554994.jpeg (59.46 KB, 750x600, 83FA8485-E9AE-4208-8F43-611D70…)

Gore on main page, Don’t scroll.

No. 1537878

tone indicators, they just make the whole message look retarded most of the time

No. 1537882

Once I started cooking at home more and eating healthier, my desire for a lot of junk food went away. It was hard at first, but now fast food just rips my stomach apart and makes me feel like shit so the desire is no longer there.

No. 1537907

It never makes me read the message tone differently and actually I feel that it’s more often used by liars. Like people blatantly being evil bitches and they add /gen /pos and some cute emoji.

No. 1537925

What the actual fuck is the point of them? Autistic people have trouble reading body language, tone of voice etc. Not reading fucking text. If you're so stupid that you can't understand the meaning of something in text, isn't it better to take off the training wheels and engage your brain, learn to think critically and use context to figure out the meaning of something? Do these people not want to consume any media beyond something made for 7 year olds?

No. 1537931

>I don't get anons who say it's easy to not be fat
People have different metabolisms and your metabolism changes over the course of your life due to aging, medication, or health issues. I've never been so humbled as going from someone with an extremely fast metabolism to a slow one.

No. 1537934

File: 1680288220939.gif (155.93 KB, 300x100, 1443836453513.gif)

She literally said she couldn't resist McD and Coke and you still go on to blab about metabolism

No. 1537935

Nta, but did it occur to you that she wasn't speaking about OP specifically

No. 1537938

My personal theory is that we've entered the Age of No Personal Responsibility. People want everything to conform and be non-confrontational to inhuman levels. This is but one symptom of the whole ugly situation. God forbid anyone expects people to function according to societal rules and have an ounce of awareness. That is too uncomfortable to fathom.

No. 1537939

Start eating real food and soon you'll stop craving shit tier stuff like McDonalds. Hell, make your own burgers and fries at home from fresh ingredients and even though it will be caloric it will still be 1000% better for you than any fast food place.

No. 1537944

They've been so memed on (and rightfully so) now I'm actually more likely to read them as ironic, completely defeating the point kek

No. 1537949

Unless you have thyroid issues, or take certain meds which affect your appetite it's more likely your habits and lifestyle changed. Big metabolism changes only happen late in life, the research on how medication affects metabolism is still rather inconclusive and nothing can break the laws of thermodynamics. Not saying it's easy to lose weight, when your appetite and cravings are affected by something external it can be very, very hard but you are always technically in control. Unless you are one of the very few people with actual metabolic issues and illnesses.

No. 1537951

I hate the weird increase in race bait. It's either CC miners or male trolls, either way I hope they get banned or leave.

No. 1537957

Why do home builders choose the messiest fucking trees to put near homes and apartments? Fuck

No. 1537961

I've seen an endocrinologist and she said I didn't have thyroid issues (although she judged that based on a physical examination and basic blood tests from my GP which were not specifically ordered for the endocrinologist which I thought was a bit weird). And I have been on psychiatric medication but my appetite hasn't changed and I definitely eat less calories than I used to, I also am way, way more physically active and I exercise which I never did when I was younger. I'm still slim but I just have to be super careful and any weight I do gain takes forever to go, whereas when I was younger I would do something basic like cut out junk food and I'd be losing weight within a week. Now I have to do everything possible in terms of both diet and exercise, be really strict with no lapse, and I might see changes in a few months if I'm very lucky. It does seem like a genuine metabolic issue to me but it hasn't been picked up by any doctor and I do get basic blood tests every year.

No. 1537966

A full endo check up takes much more than a simple blood test. I had to do like 4 separate blood tests, two cortisol tests, urine sample, 24 hour urine and I'm still probably missing something.

No. 1537971

They can't just put any tree there, it has to be able to withstand paving (assuming we're not talking about trees in a planting strip) or vice versa (tree roots can be very destructive) and it must also withstand city climate, various types of pollution, perhaps road salt. Then there's also things like diseases, being able to withstand crown lifting, you probably want some ornamental value (flowers or nice autumn colours), cost of the tree, maintenance level, then the tree has to actually still fit there height and width-wise, being able to grow on the soil in that situation, in a lot of situations it can't be a tree that's vulnerable to branch breakage, biodiversity value is becoming more important etc. Aka there's a LOT of factors to take into account leaving a fairly limited amount of trees that can actually be reliably planted in the urban area, some compromises have to be made if you want some nice greenery instead of looking out on concrete and nothing else.

No. 1537980

Anon if you're ravenously hungry after going to the gym maybe eat a lil something before going. Maybe some nuts,fruit even a protein bar. Being a burger you already know how things are marketed "healthy" is really just a sugar bomb so keep an eye out! Depriving yourself of things is just a binge waiting to happen. Make more informed choices about your cravings. As other anons said, making stuff at home greatly helps ween off the fast food.

No. 1537987

Kek silence, anon, I'm not (totally) fat. I'm just slightly overweight trying to cut back. I can resist soda but chips and candy not so much. I'm not blaming genetics or my metabolism although I wish I was one of those people who could eat whatever and stay thin.

No. 1537988

You don't get all tests done unless they suspect you have those diseases. You probably were suspected to have either cushing or addison whilst anons complaints can be linked to thyroid issues. Getting all of your hormones tested at once will be useless.

No. 1538004

No, my doctors didn't suspect anything because my symptoms were extremely mild and common even for healthy women. The first time I met with my endo he accused me of an eating disorder. In the end he indulged me and found my thyroid was indeed wonky.

No. 1538053

We can't bioengineer some shit? My bedroom is covered in yellow dust from these fuckin trees ahhhhhhhhHHH

No. 1538054

File: 1680297514282.jpeg (79.14 KB, 749x560, 3C726D4C-78FD-435D-B590-28D7F2…)

I hate these weird ass memes, I just want to find more art of my husbando, I keep saying I don’t want to see this shit and this shit keeps popping on my screen.

No. 1538055

what's with troons and blaming anything they don't like on terves

No. 1538058

and transwomen are men so yes indeed, women who claim to be lesbians and date tims, they are bisexual

No. 1538059

Bitches be mad that trans women are sexier than they'll ever be lmao(dilate)

No. 1538061

>TERFs invented
lol whut?

go 41% yourself, troon

No. 1538062

You are a homosexual male and that’s ok

No. 1538073

thank you based jannies

No. 1538074

File: 1680299460256.jpeg (101.53 KB, 720x1014, 1658EEEF-2EF1-4EE0-AB31-77AC4B…)

U guys are just mad that you aren’t stunning, balding, and brave.

No. 1538110

How can someone be so shit at eyeliner? Disgusting.

No. 1538135

Hate is too strong of a word but I dislike songs that keep switching between several languages. I do hate the occasional English oneliners thrown into otherwise completely monolingual lyrics though.

No. 1538149

my grandma sent me a pic of my family and i hate that my dad looks so much like John Kendall Cox of the Shaynaverse. hes not the best dad tbh but at least hes not a sex creep and he hates pedos. also he has no tats but in the face…spitting image. descostang.

No. 1538279

>scrote does something bad to gf/wife without warning signs
>"well you should've just chosen a better man exdee"

No. 1538892

The way redditor women swear up and down that they wear sunscreen every day even indoors because of windows totally not for anti-aging reasons, really! b-but because of cancer!!! Then in the next breath they say they didn’t know you were supposed to bring the sunscreen down to your neck and décolleté

No. 1538900

They will claim cancer prevention
and then tell about the time someone commented on their obsessive sunscreen use with a "well at least I'll look like a forever 16 pale princessu while they age and look like a grandma!!!" Yuck, old women am I right? How dare they get old and live their lives without obsessing over beauty and youth?

No. 1538957

I’m sure they also think they can apply the sunscreen once and be protected the whole day. Highly doubt they’re reapplying every 2 hours.

No. 1538983

Sunscreen protection mostly breaks down from exposure to UV. You only need to put it on every 2 hours if you're out in the sun the whole time. Pretty sure anyone who is obsessive enough to wear sunscreen everyday indoors would know that.

No. 1539046

The TIF thread, I heard of some slapfight happening, and decided to poke my head in.
It was worse than ever. Wishing violence on TIFs, wishing they all killed themselves, saying they deserve whatever happens to them, then turning around and accusing them of misogyny and saying several false things about them.
I go in to correct them, I don't want them to change their minds and I just want them to try to understand the experience. They don't have to like TIFs or accept them, but they can sure fucking stand to not be so misogynistic they seem like scrotes larping as radfems and not real women.
I fucking hate most radfems. Legit, the /ot/ and /g/ girls are awesome, and even if we disagree on most things, they aren't actively wishing death or worse (rape, for example) on troons. /2x/ girls and the TIF thread girls honestly need to run into the wrong woman and get their ass handed to them. But they'd probably still blame men for that, instead of realizing most of them are more misogynistic than any TIF can hope to be. Even the fedora'd one.
Like I know I'm repeating myself, but terms like "pickme" and "handmaiden" have lost all meaning. Having a severe, incurable mental disorder doesn't make women pickmes or handmaidens. Whatever the opposite of peaking is, that thread makes me come really fucking close. If there's a good argument to turn into a TRA, one browse of the latest thread is enough.

No. 1539052

I hated when my mom and brother stayed the night at my apartment and in the morning they were moody and grouchy because I didn't have coffee for them. Like damn you want a cigarette too?

No. 1539057

are you the person who was saying tifs wake up one day in female bodies only having memories of having a male body?
>The TIF thread, I heard of some slapfight happening, and decided to poke my head in.
"I was browsing the thread like I always do"

No. 1539058

Yeah a lot of the radfems on here are pretty harsh and just unreasonable people in general, some of them honestly do sound like male misogynists. I don’t like self loathing tifs either but there is no need to be relentlessly cruel, although I don’t have much hope for most of them.

No. 1539059

Yeah a lot of the radfems on here are pretty harsh and just unreasonable people in general, some of them honestly do sound like male misogynists. I don’t like self loathing tifs either but there is no need to be relentlessly cruel, although I don’t have much hope for most of them.

No. 1539063

File: 1680409105951.jpg (40.38 KB, 526x583, strong but sensitive.jpg)

The discussion that happened earlier was because of some trutrans schizo who literally called us kiwi scrotes for recognizing that transgenderism is caused by misogyny, and then said "men are not to blame"… was that you? Lmao. Sorry to tell you but misogyny is not a mental illness nor is incurable, "born in the wrong body" isn't real and men are indeed to blame for the state women find themselves today. Open your fucking eyes newfag.

No. 1539064

Yeah, I'm sorry for the accidental derailment. I thought I made sense, but reading back it was pretty obvious I was half asleep and shitting it up. Not my intention, sorry. Honestly, I need to learn how to explain things right, and when to just shut up.
Certainly. I can understand why a lot of people hate TIFs, especially when so many aren't actually mentally ill and try to act like yaoi boys. Never liked those TIFs myself, other kinds, while rare, can be alright regardless of if we see eye to eye otherwise.

No. 1539066

Sorry for the double post. Yes, that was me, but no, I am not a newfag. I just find people, women or men, who speak on things they know nothing about insufferable. Radfems are like this on just about every subject on /2X/ and the TIF thread, as well as radblr and radtwt.
Maybe you'd come off less like a moid larping if you didn't take out your own insecurity on mentally ill girls. It drives people away from peaking and makes you look bad. I feel like a lot of the women in that thread don't care about other women unless they agree with everything they say, and if a woman disagrees with them on anything, they're worth less than dirt, and a "pickme" or "handmaiden."
No, I do not have any interest in males. I don't want to interact with dicks in any way, I just want a cure for my mental illness, especially if it doesn't involve taking HRT…but that seems unlikely. If you listened to what I said, you'd fucking realize that.
Oh, and not everything has to do with misogyny. Most women know that.

No. 1539067

Okay? I browse and post in all the places you mentioned. We're all anonymous here, you have no idea who you're talking to or whether they are a radfem in the first place, it's not like everyone signs their posts with their political beliefs. Do you assume every gc woman you talk to is a radfem or what?

No. 1539070

>No, I do not have any interest in males. I don't want to interact with dicks in any way, I just want a cure for my mental illness, especially if it doesn't involve taking HRT…but that seems unlikely. If you listened to what I said, you'd fucking realize that.

am i retarded or did you just admit to being a moid

No. 1539073

you're retarded i literally have a thread in /snow/ and it's obvious who i am if you notice my mannerisms. born female, xx chromosomes. just exclusively same sex attracted and that kinda makes being a handmaiden impossible

No. 1539074

As in the subject of one? Dude.

No. 1539075

~i literally have a thread in /snow/~ lmao

No. 1539078

>Moid larping = recognizing how misogyny and porn affect girls growing up.
Please, tell me the last time you saw a man talk about how misogyny affects girls, and the last time they assumed responsibility for their shit? Maybe you'd look less like a pickme if you didn't make so much effort to defend men from things they literally are to blame. I made a post about that and you ignored completely and didn't even try to give a counter argument on how I'm wrong to blame men for sexualizing girls and how that fucks them up to the point they would be convinced to transition, I also spoke as an ex tif, but apparently only your personal experiences count, please, do enlighten me on how I'm wrong. You know, what you have might not be schizophrenia but retardation is really strong and that is fucking terminal in your case.

No. 1539082

didnt you literally say you need to learn when to shut up? the best time wouldve been right before you posted this, the second best time is now.

No. 1539083

she's going to say sorry again like a successfully socialized woman, and then not listen at all completely disregarding your points like she always does in her next posts. in one ear out the other.

No. 1539161

File: 1680423049355.jpeg (49.05 KB, 527x527, 03907CBF-89DD-489A-B6DD-BC6134…)

People who defend celebrities, especially if said celebrity is a tranny or an insufferable faggot.
Absolute retard behavior

No. 1539185

Most women in /2X/ aren't feminists, they literally hate on women much more harder than anywhere on this website, even /snow/. I think there are like three mentally ill anons who post in /2X/, pakichan who makes racist remarks, sealchan who also racebaits, "blackpill feminist" newfag who blames women for feminism failing.

No. 1539190

If I read another "she's still successful and richer than you, stay mad" response to someone's opinion in celebricows I will personally hire that person a wrangler

No. 1539223

first thing that came to mind was lana stans

No. 1539338

People who can't read the fucking sign. The lights are off and the sign is flipped to closed, why did you think we were open?

No. 1539351

"oh my god, none of the people in this fucking infight actully disagree with each other"

No. 1539365

? What's there to hate about this? Sometimes some infights happen due to a misunderstanding or someone misreading a post.

No. 1539394

And when they tug on the door and start knocking furiously. Shit makes me wish I had snipers

No. 1539396

very autistic, but when minecraft crashes with a "mixin error."
mixin errors don't tell you which mod is crashing your game

No. 1539429

When apps can't keep you logged in. I keep passwords saved to my desktop browser, if I'm downloading the mobile app for your site, I expect my log in to be saved indefinitely unless I clear the cache myself. This is so irritating.

No. 1539435

that spongebob(?) robot voice that everyone and their mama like using atm to narrate their videos

No. 1539474


No. 1539481

Pretty sure that was WhiteGlove due to the autistic mix of vulgarity and politeness, as well as the disdain for radfems while hearing out some on occasion.
Plus that "Which Pooner are You" image was in the Vocaloid thread before she got her own.
She unironically wears fedoras and larps as an incel on Tumblr, and elsewhere, but mostly Tumblr on her Count-Incel blog.
A lot of Radblr thought she was a radfem larping as a trutrans to get a rise out of them before her previous blog (Incxl) came to light.

No. 1539540

YouTubers that will go in depth on how a kid/adult was murdered but when it comes to animals they'll skip over and won't talk about what happened to them.

No. 1539546

I absolutely hate the mainstream trend of idealizing housewife and SAHM lifestyle while completely ignoring the dark sides of it. Those retarded trad thots and incels would probably just tell those women it's their own fault for not recognizing their men weren't "high value" or some other bullshit. That happens when you trap yourself with a guy with no income of your own

No. 1539550

I have wondered, do these women just not have friends? even my mother had friends she would meet with every day, they'd chat, laugh and trade stories
Americans seem to lack that culture for some reason.

No. 1539559

Not American so I can't offer my thoughts from that perspective but I do know it's easy to get isolated from your friends and sometimes even family when you're a SAHM. Constantly busy with the kids, so are your friends so little chance to meet up (I suppose the willingness and opportunity to make time for social meets is somewhat cultural) and no income of your own so reliant on your husband's willingness to give you money for travel, isolation might even be encouraged by the husband in bad cases.

No. 1539565

It's because moids shame women for being social, typically associating women who are social with cheaters and hoes, plus the new wave of people that actually believe moms aren't people anymore and just slaves to their kids

No. 1539567

>first case showed in the video is a housewife whose husband went to a strip club while on a work trip
Off to a great start, huh… Never rely on anyone when it comes to your daily life and expenses if possible, this is bleak.

No. 1539592

what about your neighbors, my family used to move a lot as a kid and my mother in less then a day made connections and started chatting with hew new friends
It feels "unnatural" tbh for people to be this asocail with each other

No. 1539605

There are infinite local parenting groups or events to meet people in America, like you can find baby yoga, baby swimming, etc. But I think if you're a very young mom in an area where most women have children older, you can struggle a lot. When I worked as a nanny I knew a woman in this situation. She was 22 and desperately lonely and would always complain to me her friends were still partying every weekend, and once she had a child no one wanted anything to do with her, but everyone in local parenting groups or hanging out in the neighborhood parks were much older than her.

No. 1539607

Where I am it's not common to be close with your neighbours. I guess it feels anti natural indeed but that's what the anonimity and mistrust of the city does to people (And no I'm not American before we go down the Americans have no/awful culture road again)

No. 1539612

that might be it, never grew up in the city, either lived in Rural areas or military housing my entire life, still wish It didn't have to be this way for so many people
like I saw and was honestly shocked how alienated people seemed to be and how it truly didn't have to be like that and I wasn't gonna say it was an american or western phenomena, but an end product of neo-liberalism and capitalism without ideology

No. 1539670

I think it's because we're so spread out here in the states. A lot of people live in the suburbs, long drives away from populated areas and it's way too easy to be isolated from everyone else, especially with how giant the houses are in the burbs. Another reason to hate them.

No. 1539693

Nonnie, nonita, nona and whatever other version of anon farmers come up with. It's the most retarded shit ever and it makes me cringe every single time.

No. 1539706

File: 1680479855974.jpg (660.11 KB, 1800x1200, dystopia.jpg)

i fucking hate my countries(USA) retarded urban planning. The entire country is so fucking ugly, loud and hostile because of the gargantuan roads & parking lots.

No. 1539715

my teenage sister does the same thing. my brother has a daughter and she thinks its cute and quirky to ree "I hate baBIIESS THEY ARE STUPID!" in front of everyone and making retard faces and growling hissing noises whenever my niece is mentioned or present and making everyone uncomfortable.

No. 1539733

File: 1680482063533.gif (131.81 KB, 220x123, die.gif)

I was actually relieved when I heard it was only dicks i fucking hate scrotes

No. 1539834

File: 1680496268646.jpg (56.18 KB, 1044x642, 1653448906543.jpg)

It's cute and fun, unlike you nonnarina.

No. 1539851

Men saying they have it harder because no one simps for them when someone as ugly as dream made it from pandering to horny teenage girls

No. 1539967

Not really the same thing as what the ayrt was getting at I don’t think. The teens and young adults that make a big deal about hating babies, especially girls, are doing it as a pushback to society trying to tell them they should naturally love and want babies and wanna cuddle and nurture any baby they see. Reasonable people stop this behavior by 25. Anyone displaying it before 25 should just be shrugged off, don’t let it get to you, it’s a phase that happens to most childfree women.

No. 1540244

Liking how something smells doesn't mean you want to eat it. Do you eat flowers?

No. 1540247

To reiterate: the hell would you want to be sniffing some triple fudge double decker caramel crunch pecan sea salt vanilla ice cream shit unless you had mental issues? At that point your olfactory sense is desensitized and burnt tf out.

No. 1540261

I'm an American, and just hate candles in general. If I was forced to choose between floral or sweet, and there was no way out, I'd choose the sweet smells, only because floral scents make my athsma act up without fail, candle or not.

No. 1540263

File: 1680553060793.png (4.64 MB, 2165x2205, broccoli_PNG2820.png)

No. 1540279

That doesn't count because your lungs and smelling sense are fucked in general.

No. 1540387

>growl and hissing noises
>normal phase

No. 1540391

That part is probably not a phase, I still hiss at moids but I don’t hiss at babies anymore. I grew out of that just before I hit 25. I still don’t particularly enjoy infants but I don’t have some weird irrational, seething, ultimately performative hatred of them.

No. 1540460

When someone critiques/judges art and says "the artist is (age)".
Just because a person is older doesn't mean they're supposed to automatically be good at it, It's the time, effort and practice they put into it.

No. 1540504

The word Femboy and the men who call themselves it, you're not a woman nor are you small and fragile. I have a bunch of skirts I cannot wear or look at anymore because they remind me of these fucktards and I can't donate them because I don't want to picture a dude buying and getting off in them.

No. 1540550

why not just donate them though if you can't fit in them? a girl will probably buy them and be happy instead. think about that

No. 1540560

Not everyone starts to care right in their preteens-teens either. Some draw for fun and around being an adult decide to do more studying. Others might have financial burdens or family responsibility that didn't allow time for actual art study. There's decent artists who got to be NEETs thanks to stable or well off parents. Not everyone has the luxury to become top tier at a skill they want.

No. 1540666

Yes! It's annoying when people nitpick art and just assume that because someone is of certain age their level is suppose to be good/bad I hate seeing anons shit on artist for small things or bad anatomy when it's stylized too or just their hobby.

No. 1540714

People who leave the window open to "let a soft breeze inside", fuck off it's cold.

No. 1540733

I was reading FB comments about someone looking for coming-of-age books and Little Women got brought up and someone instantly started talking about how Jo is trans. It happened multiple times in the thread and I’m so fucking tired. Why can’t tomboys exist anymore?

No. 1540740

I hate heaters. I never let my partner run the central heat because then I can’t escape from the dry hot air, he’s only allowed to use space heaters, and even those I don’t like unless it dips under 60 inside. I literally feel like artificially heated air is unbreathable. My parents HEAT their house to 71 degrees!!! To me, artificially heated air feels a million times hotter than air that’s just naturally hot or air that has been cooled to 71. I don’t mind being in a house with the AC set to 71, as long as there are fans on to keep air flowing. But HEATED to 71??? I literally cannot breathe and feel the need to rip all the doors and windows open to get some breathable air cause that dry artificially heated air makes me choke and gag!!!

I also hate STILL air. I need fans on or the windows open on a breezy cool day. Still air makes me feel suffocated too. Nothing is worse than artificially heated still air, but cool still air also is gross.

Before anyone asks I am not fat. I have a borderline underweight BMI and even when I was very underweight I still felt this way. I would get a bit cold when I was v UW, but I wouldn’t turn heaters on or turn fans off, I’d just wear a kigurumi and feel toasty that way. I literally cannot understand why people like still hot air in their homes. I don’t understand people who are prone to feeling cold. Literally just put some clothes on and stfu.

I hate people who are always cold. Wear a damn coat, get a blanket, take some iron supplements and shut up. It’s so easy to warm up when you feel cold meanwhile it’s next to impossible to cool down if you’re hot.

I bet you think 68 degrees is “too cold” for an inside temp and would want to turn a heater on and ruin the perfect temperature.

No. 1540742

>I hate people who are always cold
I'm not always cold lol, I just don't like feeling the cold air from outside on my face even while wearing several loyers. I don't even like artificial temperatures, whether it's heaters or AC, they always make me sick, just don't bring outside cold when it's barely 17°C inside.

No. 1540748

>17 c is over 62 f

62 degrees with a cool breeze from the outdoors sounds lovely, get a niquab to keep your face warm

No. 1540754

Lol calm down, you sound very upset over my harmless opinion.

No. 1540755

File: 1680623124862.png (16.76 KB, 306x338, XCode.png)

Why the fuck is XCode allowed to start updating WHEN I'M USING IT? I am doing an iOS app development course and this MF just decided to start updating without asking or warning me! And you just know it's going to take all day to finish and probably freeze multiple times.

No. 1540756

Nta but 62F is cold as fuck, that's not a cool breeze that's damn near freezing

No. 1540758

Samefag but the inside temperate should be no lower than 72F and no higher than 75. Unless it's sleepytime, then it can get just a tiny bit colder.

No. 1540764

I do wish being cold was that easy to help, I spend hours awake at night during winter because full body pyjamas, socks, a wool duvet, and 2 blankets on top don't warm me up. Some of us are just temperature challenged

No. 1540768

i do all of those things and 68 degrees is still too cold for an inside temp

No. 1540769

i do all of those things and 68 degrees is still too cold for an inside temp

No. 1540770

i do all of those things and 68 degrees is still too cold for an inside temp

No. 1540771

I agree with you but I do have a lot of empathy for those people who really feel the cold (elderly, child, sick). But I think it's funny that people are complaining about heating bills rising when I know they keep their house at a stupid heat when there is no need. 60f is perfect if you're healthy.

No. 1540776

nonna you might be breathing challenged, if AC air makes you choke you might have asthma, I think I'd rather be temperature challenged.

No. 1540794

i feel this so badly. it makes the pedestrian experience horrible, too. every day i almost get murdered by a cager due to their impatience and entitlement. they're sitting in a weatherproofed box with radio going 50 mph and can't take 8 seconds to wait for me to cross the street. cars turn humans into demons.

and that's my experience living somewhere supposedly super walkable. the rest of the country is floor-is-lava-stan. i won't even go there. america actually builds cities you can't even walk around in. drive, park, consume, pay, leave. what a wonderful experience. no wonder everyone here is obese–you try to walk anywhere and a car murders you. they're also loud and stinking. cars should be outright banned. every car just impounded in the fucking desert to rust away. imagine the peace and quiet. imagine not nearly dying every day because some scrote is on his phone while driving a giant brodozer around residential streets at 45 mph in his rush to get to mcdonalds.

No. 1540828

I feel uncomfortable, all the time, and I cant stop it no matter what I do, it's like I'm in perpetual flight mode

No. 1540839

AC air (cooled) is fine, it’s central heat air and space heater air that makes me choke. I’m fine around a warm fire pit for example. It’s artificial heat that makes me sick, it feels wrong and it’s cloying and literally enrages me. I can stand natural heat alright, like during the summer and the house gets to 75-78, I can still sleep in that as long as a fan is on and the ac isn’t letting it go over 79-80. But literally just a heater on when it’s cold heating the house anything over 60 makes me angry and I feel like I’m choking and I wanna rampage and bathe in ice cause I feel so overheated and suffocated by the artificial heat. It’s something SPECIFICALLY about artificial heat heating home that’s not under 60 degrees inside that sets me off.

When it dips into the 50s I rejoice and open all my doors and windows and let the cool icy air inside. Ahhh

No. 1540840

self insert/oc x canon, in my fandoms there is nothing more I hate then that.

No. 1540870

I'm trying to get into fanfiction because I want more content for my favorite series, but most of it is so poorly written. Fanart standards have been improving in the last decade, but fanfiction is on the decline. Fanfiction writers can't even finish what they start. So even if you get into a story, 9/10 times they abandon it halfway through.

No. 1540895

File: 1680632481681.jpg (34.9 KB, 600x400, 98i7655.jpg)

it's the only thing i read, i'm sorry nonnas

No. 1541013

I draw that constantly but unless I'm super proud of it, I never post it publicly out of courtesy.

No. 1541022

File: 1680646682713.png (133.5 KB, 496x620, disgusting.png)

>watch tik tok comp
>This vid shows up
>Woman is turned around cleaning the stove while her husband and three sons walk past and slap her butt while saying bye

I really hate boy moms and tiktok I WANT OFF THIS RIDE

No. 1541027

Why don't you just filter by completed works? If you're in a tiny fandom you might be out of luck but I gravitate towards big fandoms and there is never any lack of decent, finished fic in them. Plenty of shit too ofc but there are ways to avoid it. I recommend that as soon as you find fic you like, go through the author's bookmarks - good writers usually have good taste too.

No. 1541037

I hate when you ask a question in a thread but it gets drowned out and ignored by infighting

No. 1541038

What the fuck is wrong with boy moms!? literally raising tiny misogynists.

No. 1541058

File: 1680652816227.jpg (185.57 KB, 750x1183, Drvz2gSU4AAoox0.jpg)

The ychromo had 9 months to infect her brain. Boy moms act the same as those infected by the cat disease that makes you worship them while also hosting their parasite.

Pic mildly related, guarantee the average moms reaction would be different if Bella was a male and caught a DUI at 17 with trash in the car.

No. 1541083

Disgusting. She’s going to be one of those emotionally incestuous moms who foam at the mouth whenever another woman gets within 3 yards of her lame ass son and her lame ass sons are going to be the type of abusers who haven’t actually gone through any trauma but just hate women so much they can’t help themselves.

No. 1541135

File: 1680667741193.png (18.42 KB, 1000x500, ecclesiastes-2-24.png)

If I ever have sons, I'm gonna raise them the way my grandmother raised my dad and his brothers, no leeway on anything, they will do housework and chores from the day they can stand and get chappal beatings if they misbehave of ever hit a girl, though I won't hit them or get mad if they hit another moid though and they'll have to get jobs at 16 to provide for their family. that's the way males should be raised, males are made to toil and provide for their families and not complain about it.
my father works harder then any man I know and he has never once complained about it, whatever any family members of him, he'll do it, except my elder brother(which had some consequences down the line)

No. 1541137

I think it’s just another misogynistic trend. People on TikTok will comment “ew it’s so ugly” on a video of a baby to sting the mom.

No. 1541156

File: 1680672973062.jpeg (27.75 KB, 680x645, 1676042430169.jpeg)

Women who stick things up their boyfies ass, I fucking hate you bitches. You're disgusting. A dildo, their own fingers, their TONGUE. And then they're like "but he loves it so much", okay and? You're a cuck. Now it's no longer you and your boyfie in bed. It's you, your boyfie, and the fantasy cock (another man) he's now fantasizing about. Oh and now you can no longer have sex without your "man" begging for you to prolapse his fucking asshole. Why the fuck would you encourage this shit, ever? Leave these faggots to go fuck other men, AIDS themselves up and fucking die. If you're a woman who performs these acts, may your fingernails smell like pure ASS for the rest of your miserable fucking yaoi-cosplaying life.

No. 1541157

eating a man's ass has to be the most degrading thing a woman can possibly do, I would rather have my pinky chipped off then willingly have tongue touch a man's anus

No. 1541167

Agree, it's extremely gay too. If a man wants something up his ass he doesn't want you he wants a penis. He's gay.

No. 1541241

Smokers. Fuck smokers and fuck the fact that tolerating second hand smoke is acceptable and normalized (at least in my shithole country). I don't give a shit if you choose to poison yourself but people around you don't want to inhale your cancerous fumes and yet we're forced to because of these fuckers smoking at bus stations, building entrances, literally every-fucking-where. Nowadays, even in regulated smoke-free areas they feel entitled to vape because it "doesn't produce smoke" or some bullshit.

Also people who watch tiktoks at full volume in public transport. You can buy some knockoff earbuds for just a couple bucks buddy. I guess I just hate inconsiderate people in general.

No. 1541252

>I just got home from [concert] at [location] and tested positive for covid. stay safe out there!
Why are you testing after going and not before? 3 years of this and you still think it can incubate and be detectable within a couple hours? For context this person was implying he caught it at the show.

No. 1541260

Same. I prefer reading a bunch of crack ships than self insert/oc stuffs.

No. 1541264

My bf doesn't like it but he lets me do it kek.

No. 1541268

Based, tbh. Honestly, I find as long as the woman is the one who is introducing kinks and the guy goes along with it, it's fine. Unless he is beating her or some shit.

No. 1541273

Same, I hate smokers so much. They get so offended when you're visibly disgusted or physically sick because of their smoke. I can't caount the number of times when I sat down on benches when I was outside and smokers would sit down right new to me and be angry when I left asap.

No. 1541274

people who don't eat fruits or vegetables disgust me and this is coming from someone with a psychological eating disorder (not calorie restrictive)

No. 1541283

i'm sorry but i like being warm or at least comfortable. i prefer fresh air too but i have no shame turning up the heat to at least 71 - anything more is too hot i agree i think it's cruel to force other people to be cold. i had a roommate who always wanted our room to be like the fucking arctic and i hated her for it. i was so glad when she finally fucked off and switched rooms as she used to turn the air conditioning on in the middle of the night and have it down all the way to about 60-59 degrees. then the room would turn into an ice chest and i would have to turn it off to sleep.

inversely i hate air conditioning for some of the reasons you state you hate heating. after a while i get tired of the feeling of being in a sterile room with cold air so i either end up going outside for a while (if it's too hot to turn it off), or just open a window in my room for a while. i grew up in southern california so i was spoiled for a long time by the natural breeze we used to get from the ocean in the evenings. now i live in paris and it took me a while to adjust to the colder winters, but it's manageable. i still miss those 4 pm ocean breezes though.

>don't understand people who are prone to cold

it's genetics, anon. i've been like this all my life. other than the week before my period when my base body temperature is 1-2 degrees above normal, i run cold. honestly, i don't understand people who are always hot and then trying to bully everyone else who isn't a natural thermonuclear reactor like them. i feel like most of you "hot" people are just overly controlling and you know the one way to control people and get attention is by whining about being hot. and no, putting on more clothes doesn't always help if your fucking house is under 65 degrees. that is not normal.

No. 1541288

I hate kissing sounds in movies. It’s so loud (I guess bc the mics). And for some reason about 50% of the time during make out scenes, one of the people is trying to go to work or something and can’t stay to have sex, and the other person will object and grab their wrist and pull them back multiple times. It’s so weird and borderline rapey. It bothers the hell out of me

No. 1541352

if the guy goes along with it he's a closeted gay and isn't attracted to his girlfriend

No. 1541367

i hate when anons on here say genuinely racist things but then try to make it about sexes instead. like those features or terms aren't limited to males and your hatred obviously doesn't end there no matter how you twist it. even worse when they try to make it into a feminist "point". i'm not posting about an isolated incident i've seen this scenario when people said cruel things about all types of races. it's incomprehensible, do these anons think everyone is retarded enough not to see through it? because i have some news for them.

No. 1541379

>Tfw you've never dated a moid who would do anything you say simply because it pleased you

No. 1541386

some obvious anons have picked up racism from channer brain rot, or maybe they're tradwife types

No. 1541401

Wtf! NEETS whose only "good" feature being their whiteness who spend their time scrolling on racist chan imageboards are racist? How could that be?
Anyway I agree, I hate those types but they're obviously the anons who never go outside or get anything done aside from shit posting on 4chan and e-dating their 30 year old obese discord bfs.

No. 1541408

Agreed, those types are insufferable and always massive hypocrites in other ways.

No. 1541430

Okay, I guess lesbians who use strap-ons are actually also straight and not attracted to their gfs.

No. 1541451

Women who suddenly lean into christianity because they want to be tradwives/don't wanna work/become preggo.

Their shit doesn't fool anybody.

No. 1541457

And the women who blame feminism for their failure to find a rich husband.

No. 1541478

The English r.
t. can't pwonounce it any other way but w for weal

No. 1541483

Nonny I just want to apologize in advance, but I hate hearing people who can’t pronounce the English “r” speak. It’s so grating in a way no other speech impediment is (lisps are cute) and just makes the person with the impediment sound perpetually retarded. I know you guys cant help it, I’m sorry.

No. 1541486

File: 1680714442397.jpeg (54.51 KB, 498x1048, 89E58939-93EC-4BA3-9EE4-A90CE8…)

I hate men, specially this moid, he’s on Fiverr scamming people. It’s surely making random accounts to harass women.

No. 1541491

Nonna I saw you warning anons about the fiver scams. Can you expound on what’s happened and release all the dirt you have on this fucker?

No. 1541493

whenever men get internet access they inevitably use it for only two things: porn, and abuse
the new flavor of abuse is men using that AI garbage to generate 100 trillion terrabytes of white noise AI junk and flood every website with it. just to be annoying spammy little dickheads and have themselves a laugh at everyone else's expense. pretty soon the internet is going to be junked up to the point its unusable because moids just can't help themselves

AO3 is currently being filled up with AI generated fics. it's low effort spam, but user donations have to pay for server space to host this digital junk. and people are actually arguing IN FAVOR of letting AI generated fics be allowed there. it's like trying to argue that TV static is legitimate music and we all have to pay to preserve it and bold faced host it next to legitimate bands.

and the only alternative to a spammed-up wild west is draconian censorship where we all have to use the tranny pronouns and suck troon dick.

No. 1541501

He sends videos that are corrupted with malware. He requests a job and sends the video saying stuff like he just wants to get the video translated. If you download the video then you get the malware in your PC and he downloads everything you have.
Like even though she changed her passwords he’s still harassing her, and her PC is turned off and disconnected, so I don’t know what to do to help her.

No. 1541505

I wish assholes like this got the death sentence.

No. 1541508

Can she call the police? This is horrible

No. 1541511

File: 1680717409432.jpeg (41.71 KB, 640x485, 21FCB6EC-73BE-42EF-85AA-E2E63E…)

>”no anon pls don’t lick my bootyhole, I totally hate it- well if you insist, but just for your pleasure, babe…”

No. 1541513

I don’t think so, he supposedly lives in Ukraine and we’re in Latin America.

No. 1541517

JFC. I guess all you can do is tell him to go fuck himself and leak her photos or whatever. He wants to strike fear into your hearts, if Youre blasé about it, it won’t be fun for him.

No. 1541525

File: 1680718503941.jpeg (108.23 KB, 1242x930, F604DF3F-058A-4007-8E05-6035D4…)

That’s what I’m telling her, I feel so bad for what’s going on to her, like, I don’t know, she doesn’t deserve this shit. I just hope that moid fucking dies painfully by bleeding from his asshole after getting raped and stabbed multiple times.

No. 1541532

>If you download the video then you get the malware in your PC and he downloads everything you have.
How does this even happen? Any tech nonnas can elaborate? How do we prevent something like this from happening and is there a way to remove it if our PCs become infected?

No. 1541548

Working at Target sucks. So much of their budget goes into making their shitty little cuck inclusivity minidramas they show you during orientation and if you're new you cannot count on any coworkers to tell you if you're doing things wrong. You'll do something you haven't done before and then you'll have to wait 3 shifts to see if any redshirt (usually not a team lead, just some rando working) comes speedwalking at you to tell you, out of breath, to not do what you've been allowed to do thus far. Fuck Target.

No. 1541552

Samefag; by "not counting on coworkers to tell you if you're doing something wrong" I mean you'll be """trained""" (half-assedly shown what to do then left alone) and then if you have any questions about what you're doing is wrong they'll say you're doing fine. But you'll know you'll have to keep an eye out for a speedwalking redshirt over the next week kek.

No. 1541558

File: 1680720581772.jpeg (500.12 KB, 1818x1818, Fsgj9IVXsAIsFBX.jpeg)

did he provide proof? they supposedly scan files send through the website. granted it could be well hidden, but he might very well be pulling the scam they try in email spam "send m3 b1tc0in m0n13s"

>Thro‌u‌gh yo‌u‌r o‌wn e‌ma‌i‌l a‌ddre‌ss, I u‌plo‌a‌de‌d ma‌li‌ci‌o‌u‌s pro‌gra‌m co‌de‌ to‌ yo‌u‌r Ope‌ra‌ti‌o‌n Syste‌m.

>I sa‌ve‌d a‌ll o‌f yo‌u‌r cu‌rre‌nt co‌nta‌cts a‌lo‌ng wi‌th fri‌e‌nds, a‌cqu‌a‌i‌nta‌nce‌s, lo‌ve‌d o‌ne‌s plu‌s a‌ co‌mpre‌he‌nsi‌ve‌ hi‌sto&#8204 ;ry o‌f vi‌si‌ts to‌ the‌ Onli‌ne‌ re‌so‌u‌rce‌s.
>Also‌ I i‌nsta‌lle‌d a‌ Ma‌lwa‌re‌ o‌n yo‌u‌r syste‌m.
>Yo‌u‌ wi‌ll no‌t be‌ my o‌nly pre‌y, I no‌rma‌lly lo‌ck co‌mpu‌te‌r syste‌ms a‌nd a‌sk fo‌r the‌ ra‌nso‌m.
>Ho‌we‌ve‌r I e‌nde‌d u‌p be‌i‌ng hi‌t thro‌u‌gh the‌ we‌b pa‌ge‌s o‌f ro‌ma‌nti‌c co‌nte‌nt tha‌t yo‌u‌ o‌fte‌n pa‌y a‌ vi‌si‌t to‌.
>I a‌m i‌n gre‌a‌t sho‌ck o‌f yo‌u‌r o‌wn fa‌nta‌si‌e‌s! I've‌ ne‌ve‌r e‌ve‌r o‌bse‌rve‌d a‌nythi‌ng li‌ke‌ thi‌s!
>The‌re‌fo‌re‌, whe‌n yo‌u‌ ha‌d e‌njo‌yme‌nt o‌n pi‌qu‌a‌nt we‌bsi‌te‌s (yo‌u‌ kno‌w wha‌t I me‌a‌n!) I ma‌de‌ scre‌e‌n sho‌t wi‌th u‌si‌ng my pro‌gra‌m by yo‌u‌r ca‌me‌ra‌ o‌f yo‌u‌rs syste‌m.
etc etc


No. 1541561

He sent her her own pictures, old ones… like from months ago.
It’s just crazy, I mean, she was honestly quite sleepy when she looked at the archive and when she downloaded it, and she even sent his friend a text asking why is it that the video couldn’t be watched.
Like he has a friend named something basic, this time he was named “Pedro” who sends the video that’s corrupted, then the moid of the screenshot extorts the person that got the virus.

No. 1541577

File: 1680723633601.jpg (59.34 KB, 808x632, ddferer.jpg)

Why is new shit worse
Pic related for example I miss my old instant camera

No. 1541580

>could hurl my phone across a parking lot like a football and it would still work fine
>would need to run it over with a 16 wheeler to get the screen to crack
>phone only registers touch when it feels like it, randomly freezes, will restart if i look at it wrong, probably tracking me and telling the feds how often i rant about troons, screen cracks if you fart on it
planned obsolescence. making good quality long lasting items doesn't generate enough profit. intelligent designs require hiring intelligent people.

No. 1541599

>probably tracking me and telling the feds how often i rant about troons

No. 1541600

Ive been getting into instant cameras and my impression is that pictures taken with old cameras are better quality than those taken with modern cameras. Apparently something about the chemicals used to make the film for modern instant cameras are worse than old film. Also many modern cameras have plastic lenses instead of a glass lenses, my camera does but it is a cheaper model I'm not sure if the more pricey models are build out of better material. I have also seen some hardcore collectors tinfoil that modern manufactors of instant cameras and film make the quality worse on purpose to make it look more "nostalgic".
I really want to get a vintage Polaroid camera but I'm not sure how I can get film for it

No. 1541607

so she downloaded something from a link and not off of Fiverr? well she is rightly dumb for that. she just has to live with it. absolutely no money should change hands because that doesn't make it stop, they ask for more. report it to Fiverr, report to your countries cybercrime hotline, if she still has the file she should report it to multiple virus/malware sites that take submissions so they can catalog it if not identify who it is. and she's just going to have to live with it. tell her what is done is done and you love and support her however necessary, but that's life. and if the dude decides to share her nudes or whatever she had on her computer with her family then, unless your country pursues that (most don't), she has to move on from it because literally nothing else she can do. white hats/greyhats can probably track down him if they had the file but she herself cannot do anything

No. 1541609

The updated that no one cares about: even though she changed her passwords they’re still finding a way to access her accounts and now they somehow have the location as our country and the city where we’re living at.
Maybe she has to change her e-mail after all.

No. 1541612

if she saves passwords to her browser they can access it via that.
they may have attached a backup email to her email she doesn't know about
they may still have access to her computer. she should change passwords from a completely separate device on a different wireless connection.

No. 1541614

she should also have 2fa on every website that allows it. important ones like banks and emails all should have it, most social media has the option as well.

No. 1541616

Geez you chose the absolute worst timing to get into film. It already was expensive but prices skyrocketed into oblivion during corona, it's why digicams have become trendy now.

No. 1541624

Nothing works… he keep harassing her and entering with a bunch of devices.

No. 1541625

She has them, but they won’t even send an alert or code, they just let them access her accounts.

No. 1541641

then she doesnt have 2fa enabled. unless they are sim spoofing there is near zero chance they can access get the code from an text message or authenticator or clicking confirm ontop of the new password. so something is up here. and they likely dont have it switched to them because then she wouldn't be able to log in without providing a code.
she needs to check what backup emails and phone numbers are connected to her accounts. then after any are removed, manually log out all active sessions, then password gets changed, 2fa is reconfirmed (perhaps she can use a family members phone/phone number for the time being). for good measure change password again. unless they are logging into it directly via remote access through her computer or router, so the ip is matching and confirmed active by the website, they should not be able to access it. and she should not be accessing anything online with her computer at present. she should be doing everything from a separate device and internet connection

No. 1541668

I kinda agree with this but also when it comes to phones you really get what you pay for. I used to buy affordable phones and they would instantly break or the screen would sometimes stop working or it would refuse to register touch or it would restart at random. I got an expensive phone which has lasted me years because the hardware and software is more durable. But I still can't hurl it over a parking lot and the feds still spy on me so that sucks. It also sucks because even old affordable phones where more durable so it sucks that when society decided to upgrade to smartphones durability became a luxury

No. 1541763

These dudes bought the last Polaroid film factory when it closed down in 2008. They reverse engineered the film and released it to the public in 2010. During my peak hipster phase in 2011-2013 I bought a few packs for the vintage Polaroid camera I found for $10 at a thrift shop. It worked well! But you do have to follow their instructions to get your stuff to develop, at least I did, like I had to put the photo in a folder immediately after taking it so it would develop properly. I think they may have worked on that aspect and improved on it, I remember when I bought it they were adamant that they were doing their best to improve it. Apparently they claim to have mastered the process in 2018 so it likely is better now.


No. 1541767

I think we did it! I made an alt account for her and now I’m resetting her PC.

No. 1541811

60f is cold to me cause i grew up where 85-120 is the normal temperature. 50-80 is rare and 20-50 is very cold to me. so i can handle the heat but not anything close to cold. fuck people who want a window or door open at work until 5 people complain that the temp is 50-65 outside making them cold. if everyone is complaining that something is cold maybe its a you problem.

No. 1541814

I agree with you anon. 68 degrees is the perfect indoor temperature, anytime it finally feels nice and fresh and the heat gets turned on, I want to scream.

No. 1542177

I'm tired of seeing anons jump to call other posters male the second they see an opinion they disagree with. It's such a dumb dismissal

No. 1542186

The things men can do with technology are so scary, hope that rids her of the parasite for good and she stays safe…

No. 1542279

I hate people who say go back to reddit if you don't like anime. Ok, go to the front page of reddit and there are posts from r/anime_irl or /goodanimemes (usually sexualising an underage character). Anime is reddit af, get over it.

No. 1542280

You get called a redditor because you format your posts like one.

Where you part every small paragraph like this.

It makes no sense.

No. 1542295

holy shit. I was internet friends with this bitch back when all of us were internetlings (like 12-13)


No. 1542301

Tell us more nonnie

No. 1542307

didn't know all that but you sure seem to know a lot about reddit… could you be… perhaps… ?

No. 1542400

File: 1680821971904.png (1.38 MB, 1404x1052, Untitled-design-3-5 (2).png)

Idk how many anons here are deep enough into the nail community to know what I'm talking about so this might be a bit niche, but I'm sooo tired of seeing videos on social media of nail techs cutting their clients "cuticles" so far back that they just start cutting into the actual skin. Especially now that Russian manicures or dry manicures are becoming more popular, I always see videos of techs cutting the skin so far back that it creates a kind of pocket and they can literally stick their e-file in like it's nothing. I'm not a trained or licensed tech and even I know that it's just improper and not healthy. And then they use the excuse that if the skin didn't bleed then it's not living skin, as if you can't literally cut your skin without bleeding.

Picrel isn't really an example of what I mean, I just wanted to attach a pic.

No. 1542417

dont get why these women bother making content to pander towards moids who most likely hate them. like a large majority of moids who are into the hentai/waifu shit hate women, like why? its so irritating to witness women try to be one of 'the boys' with men who will always hate you or at least not fully respect you etc etc.
been seeing more women with 'husbandos'(well mostly non anime ones) which is nice.

No. 1542419

i'm posting this completely lightheartedly, i don't hate brazilians but sometimes i wish i had a plugin or something that removed all portuguese from my internet experience. it's legitimately most of what i see any time i look anywhere. i understand it's a giant country and they should have that space to talk about their based taste (since it's evidently similar to mine kek), i would just prefer to see it a lot less personally. like sometimes websites/posts just don't even translate when i've never had anything set to portuguese in my life and neither have i ever spoken or typed one sentence in that language funnily enough one time a plane attendant mistook the language i was speaking for portuguese and i didn't have the heart to tell her she was wrong so i just kept cluelessly nodding yes kek

No. 1542456

File: 1680833654244.jpg (1.48 MB, 4301x2647, df8jzve-568f1413-cf19-4e58-b5d…)

When you go to a convention expecting to see cosplays of different fandoms but it's all just genshin impact and that one demon anime

No. 1542482

That's because anime cons have become so lazy. Younger gen cosplayers all buy their own stuff. Go to a comic or Sci fi con to see people who make their own shit and no flavor of the month shit.

No. 1542503

File: 1680841079735.webm (3.04 MB, 320x456, 9zX2MxCMId7fho5s.webm)

I saw this on Twitter a couple of days ago as a reaction qrt to some celebrity shit that I don't even remember, and I'm genuinely shocked at this young man's body; it's so absurd for a man to have this build, it brings up feelings of disgust in me that I didn't think were possible for myself.

No. 1542506

normalfags ruin everything

No. 1542508

Girl on the left with giant sword probably put in the most effort unless someone else made that armor and prop. Kek on the ones who threw on a casual outfit with wig. Always hated them in group photos where everyone else either hand made or worked hard to pay for a bought outfit. Get out of the photo you clearly didnt give a shit until you remembered the meeting was happening.

No. 1542511

File: 1680842367902.jpg (31.8 KB, 465x659, Mzilikazi.jpg)

not to be that person but this build isn't uncommon with some regions of Africa, they "cake up" pretty easily there, plus they have rounder oval facial shapes which makes them look a little plumper then they actually are.

No. 1542513


No. 1542531

Anons who call women whores every chance they get

No. 1542534

or bitches. is it unironic cooties or what?

No. 1542552

Same I hate the term e-thot too
A lot of cows are retards but I hate using those words for them. I assume those anons have issues

No. 1542562

I wanted to get my nails done but that’s the sign that I won’t. The feeling of pushing or cutting my nail skin make my toe nails curl up. Disgasting

No. 1542576


Both of my grandmothers were SAHM but it was expected for husbands to give them entirety of their pay on payday. They would receive allowance from their wife (what they can spend on themselves) back from that pay.

So husband's pay was not his but meant to be used for the entire household and it was the wives who managed that money and not vice-versa.

So it makes me roll my eyes when I hear young moids complaining about there not being single-income households anymore. I know very well they would not give all their pay to the wife to manage.

(Not sure if this was a tradition in entirety of my country, but my grandparents were from different regions and I think it was considered normal)

No. 1542593

Anons who get hurt over other anons opinions especially when it's something small, also anons who complain about certain threads when they can easily hide them

No. 1542656

Why do I feel like these posts are related…did another infight happen? all this vagueposting makes me nosy

No. 1542664

You can just ask your tech to not cut your cuticles. Like I said, I think this is mostly a problem with Russian/dry manicures.

No. 1542672

Synthetic perfume. Gives me migraines and makes my throat close up. Also the people wearing it are always spraying so much to the point where I can taste it. Those amounts of perfume do not even smell good, smells like toilet soap and wind shield wiper fluid

No. 1542682

Samefag, but I would just ask them to remove the dead skin from your nail plate and not cut any of the skin. You may have to get your skin pushed back tho. Don't ever go to a chop shop.

No. 1542729

Farmers who just cannot resist giving attention to posters with a phallus that come here seeking it.

No. 1542769

File: 1680881176515.jpeg (135.55 KB, 773x1042, 5615E8EC-6E59-4811-A38E-5F21DE…)

I hate fat people, especially fat men. Fat men are literally so disgusting

No. 1542771

Your pic is very nice though.

No. 1542772

What's up with man butts I just don't get it

No. 1542773

They need them to sit, nona.

No. 1542776

mmmm thrust power

No. 1542779

I don't care for it and men don't necessarily need to sit. Imo they should be banned, along with manlegs. They don't look right

No. 1542785

they're always so clenched and ridiculous looking

No. 1542787

File: 1680882055934.jpeg (6.7 KB, 350x280, 763.jpeg)

how do you feel about this
I'm straight and don't really get butt appeal either, but legs are just okay I guess

No. 1542788

File: 1680882078946.jpg (60.92 KB, 500x666, 773eb474ee063ed2a21f2440fe5721…)

I fucking love thicc manlegs, don't ban them, show more.

No. 1542796

I love my bf’s ass, especially when he bends over and doesn’t see me coming. The reactions are so funny

No. 1542800

*slapping my bf’s ass
Gotta make sure u remind em who’s boss

No. 1542862

Why does he look like Ben Shapiro?

No. 1542906

amazing. so females are becoming trannies because of two things
1. they don't like their body and the male attention from it, or
2. they don't like their body because they're not getting any male attention from it

No. 1542907

do you fear he's gonna troon out?

No. 1542911

No. 1542932

Slapping someone's butt is just a playful thing that some couples do anon….

No. 1542937

men who are into femdom or kink shit are more likely to troon out, that's just a fact.
that sounds retarded tbh, I'd fucking kill a moid if he slapped my butt and I wouldn't dream of doing it another person let alone my partner(male or female)

No. 1542940

A thing I hate, is retarded shit like this:
>oh no you can't slap your man's ass he will troon out
Keep slapping them moids nonas

No. 1542943

Kek nonna you sound like a psycho. Have you ever had a partner? It's extremely normal and healthy to do dumb playful stuff and act silly with them in ways that are cringe outside of the context of a loving romantic partnership. It's fine if you don't want to act like that yourself but to act like it's weird or anything to do with femdom or kink is delusional and sounds like your brain is rotted from porn.

No. 1542951

why would any rational person want to put their hands on someone's butt though? it's disgusting and shameful.

No. 1542955

kek, we get it you're autistic and asexual.

No. 1542957

Have you ever had a bf/gf

No. 1542958

File: 1680898098823.jpg (80.96 KB, 1110x431, Have-you-considered-therapy-ta…)

No. 1542961

Or autistic and bitter

No. 1542983

I had a kinda sorta bf(we never called ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend), we kissed a few times and cuddled but nothing ever beyond that.

No. 1543036

Muslim women bitching about having to take their hijab off during security check at european airports. Just fucking stop coming here if you don't accept the cultural norms and the fact that literally everyone has to take their hat off retard. It's not targeting you specifically. Stop acting oppressed. How about I go to Saudi Arabia and walk around in a bikini during summer, like I could last year in Italy. Oh yeah I can't do that because I will be imprisoned

No. 1543063

File: 1680912418684.jpg (55.6 KB, 786x756, Ekh03dJ.jpg)

I really hate it when men sexualise the hell out of tomboys.

No. 1543067

The "tomboys" they coom over aren't even tomboys, they're just normal feminine girls but with short hair.

No. 1543097

File: 1680915814563.jpg (215.39 KB, 937x1063, Chiron_and_Achilles_c1922-1925…)

I hate reading scrote artist's bios. I was just watching some hack Youtuber "concept artist" for background noise while I worked on sketches, and I looked at his website. His "bio" is filled with shit like "Sullen and sleep-deprived, I created monstrous, flowing, grotesque, and dark images in the margins of my paper while not paying attention in class." Why the fuck is it always men who act like this, too? I've never read a female artist's biography or background and seen melodramatic garbage like this. Holy shit. Men are such fucking babies, no wonder art is so mediocre these days.

No. 1543266

File: 1680933105833.png (554.01 KB, 1170x1814, fVf2fbfehe.png)

The epitome of first world middle class problems.

No. 1543269

This bitch is so gross and weird.

No. 1543271

She's so cute, I would date her and treat her nicely. She's probably only into stupid dickhead moids though. It really shows.

No. 1543275

She's so stupid and annoying. I wish I could force her to brush her hair, it's always such a mess and she's so obviously fishing for compliments. Also why the fuck does she think getting catcalled is a complimentary action? I hate when femcels like her say they're jealous of other women getting sexually harassed more, like wtf. If she was jealous of girls getting loving bfs that treated them right I'd understand but jealousy over harassment is really mental.
Anon she's a low self esteem pickme, of course she's straight.

No. 1543279

At least she's brave enough to say what all the ugly non binaries are too cowardly to admit.

No. 1543282

This girl is why we need feminism

No. 1543396

Men are extremely pretentious and feel special while in reality being mediocre at best.

No. 1543520

People (mostly moids lbh) who bemoan the loss of faith and so people are turning their worship towards heathen preoccupations.

No. 1543532

are you a tradthot that thinks she's edgy or something?

No. 1543542

lbs ft F
Update your fucking units already
We need worldwide unit standards and you're acting like you're North Korea, isolated and stuck in the past

No. 1543545

No I'm not, I'm ESL so maybe I didn't write my sentence correctly, I was saying that I hate people who whine about atheism.

No. 1543551

File: 1680956293649.jpg (139.61 KB, 1050x1310, 3a3d16d9a87_8ef4c9ff_1280.jpg)

This is going to be rambly why does a subset of terminally online ppl seethe so much over this? I know that its bc of american police violence but they also get upset when a non american character becomes a cop too. As in I've seen a fanartist get hate for drawing a (japanese) jojo character who wants to be a cop in police uniform. They act the same way for fantasy characters joining the equivalent of law enforcement in their culture too, like harry potter and toph. It's not like these characters will start going around killing black wizards or benders or whatever. Why are they projecting that american shit onto random fiction?

No. 1543557

File: 1680956774308.gif (185.59 KB, 220x123, 07E7E87B-FBAC-4203-BE72-38B844…)

Thanks for bringing it up but I hate this meme lmao I’m tired of ironic homoerotic shit being funny to straight men. They gay if they watch gay niggas being gay and that’s that.

No. 1543558

It's honestly the ultimate indication that these people are privileged Idiots, like the police in my country are corrupt, they take bribes, they commit crimes, they abuse their power and they are mostly shit people but even I know that we still need a police force, my cousin would have been kidnapped and raped if the police hadn't stopped some creep who was stalking her and her family.

like what do these morons want?

No. 1543562

People who talk about their sex life or couples who make sexual jokes. Wow you have sex, congratulations. It's just so uncomfortable.

No. 1543583

>hijab in icon
Opinion discarded

No. 1543588

Kek is this about Krillin from DBZ?

No. 1543612

File: 1680961769925.jpeg (108.46 KB, 1200x1178, cde524b9-0622-4500-810b-5c3d5d…)

I hate artificial strawberry flavoured shit. It tastes nothing like actual strawberry, it's just sickly-sweet while real strawberries are a bit tangy and even its natural sweetness tastes different. Artificial strawberry flavour honestly reminds me of 'sweet' cough syrups I used to drink as a child and it only makes me dislike it even more. I know, there might be someone who'll reply with 'nonna if you do this with strawberries, if you do that with strawberries, or if you try strawberries from North Pole, you would realise that it tastes a little bit like the artificial flavour' why are mfs so defensive over their cough syrups but the thing, it's only A LITTLE BIT and even that little bit isn't as sickly-sweet. I just don't get why this artificial flavour is so fucking popular when ordinary strawberries (if you aren't conducting any science experiments on them to defend your cough syrups) doesn't even taste like that.

No. 1543618

Feeling someone's hand and teeth on my butt is the only thing I miss about being in a relationship.

Although I really hate it when a bf touches you sexually out of the blue when you're doing something mundane or it's clear that there's no time to have sex. You're not in a mood, you can't get into the mood, so it just feels weird and inappropriate. Playful buttslapping is another thing, it's ok (in moderation). It's either I'm an utterly dispassionate person, or my ex didn't understand context and acted without any consideration of it. I'm single and I feel like I hate touch in general although it's not exactly true… I just fear that everyone's like that, thinking that they can feel you up whenever they want, like being in a relationship makes them entitled to constantly violate your physical boundaries. I'm not even saying anything about rape, it's out of the question, I'm talking about milder things that I suspect are just considered normal? I'm not going to put up with anything that makes me even slightly uncomfortable but it seems like it makes it impossible for me to have a relationship at all.

No. 1543625

I’m really starting to hate cc, even more than normal (if it was ever possible). I haven’t actually posted there in a good few months but every time I check it out I’m just reminded why I stopped using it. I should elaborate on what I hate about it but it’s early morning and I’m lazy and phoneposting

No. 1543627

All they do is whine whine whine
Never giggle never laugh

No. 1543633

Kek, nonna, I have to ask about the teeth. Like biting? Was it a playful chomp or did he go at your cheek like he was eating corn on the cob?

No. 1543637

i'll add another reason to hate them: the delete-happy mods

No. 1543647

More like eating the corn, haha, it wasn't supposed to be too hard but I'd say it was verging on painful just a bit and it was really nice while fingering. Kek I really miss it. I just have a very sensitive butt (only cheeks, not anus)

No. 1543653

File: 1680965144147.png (22.98 KB, 1296x539, 1680725675994.png)

they're all /r9k/-type woe is me self-identifying ""femcels"" who see shadows in every corner and nitpick nonstop and think fun is illegal. They're insufferable and have worse reading comprehension than lolcow (if that were possible). I can't stand cc anymore and I don't know how I tolerated it when I used to post there. If you look through desuarchive cc was mentioned first on /cgl/ then /r9k/ quickly caught it and ran with it so that explains a lot.
god YES, today I noticed for the tenth time another batch of innocent replies I made a few months ago have been deleted. So frustrating. I've taken to screencapping and archiving everything I see on cc, especially in /meta/, because odds are it'll be deleted in 2 minutes or a few weeks. Either way it's absurd and shouldn't be happening at all. And a few days ago several posts in /meta/ discussing the post deletion rate were (surprise surprise) deleted by the janny who excused themself with "wait till the raid is over" (pic related, all deleted), but I don't get it - how will deleting relevant meta posts by normal users do anything to the raid? If you want cc to stay quiet during it why not just lock the thread, instead of delete posts? I've said this before but I'm convinced it's bordering on censorship. It's almost like the janny is trying to cover things up so they can continue ruling the board and ignoring the rules. I'd like to see the instructions snail left for mods before she disappeared.

No. 1543661

I remember some time ago, I made a post, it got a complete normal reply, the reply got deleted, some hours later another normal reply, it also got deleted. I can understand being overzealous of infighting but I don't understand their logic to delete some stuff, it's almost random.

No. 1543666

File: 1680966407478.png (26.11 KB, 1289x436, 1.png)

Tinfoil here, but… it feels like they're trying to control the conversation and influence anons's opinions by silencing ones that go against their agenda and amplifying the ones that do. An anon suspected that the mods themselves are participating in infights and deleting posts that btfo them and I haven't seen anything proving otherwise. I made a reply to a post once and another anon replied to the same post. Within 15 minutes both of our posts were deleted, we both reposted them, deleted again, I posted mine for the third time, deleted leaving no replies to the post. I thought about it and as neither of our posts broke any rules the only reason I can imagine is that for whatever reason a janny disliked the posts personally enough to completely erase them. Nobody should be using cc if shit like this is happening but it's not like you can tell the cc users what's going on with their mods. Of course your post will get deleted kek.

No. 1543670

File: 1680967067591.jpg (173.71 KB, 874x916, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg)

>they're all /r9k/-type woe is me self-identifying ""femcels"" who see shadows in every corner and nitpick nonstop and think fun is illegal.
I made a thread called "the silly thread", designated it as a "fun zone" for people to goof around and have a laugh.
It got deleted, kek
Truly pic related

No. 1543693

I hate CC-cels and I think lolcows userbase getting retarded is because CC-cels have decided to post here instead. I wish they'd genuinely be banned from the internet altogether and got forced to go outside and socialize. If I see another one of those femcels start an infight here I'll lose my mind

No. 1543716

Because there's no need for a designated silly thread on CC like there is for LC. Since CC is already so general, you would need to target your topic a little more than just "silly thread". LC has threads like that because we are a gossip site first and foremost. There's also already several threads dedicated to memes and shitposting on /img/ so it's a little redundant. If anything I think CC is a lot cosier than LC, but that might be because it moves so slow
CC was literally created by farmers several years ago who grew out of the gossip portion of the website. Most miners are oldfag farmers kek

No. 1543724

The obnoxious miners I'm talking about are probably too young to have been old farmers.

No. 1543829

Streamers and YouTubers who talk about how they never stop working, how they never take breaks and such because they're just that efficient. No shit, man, what you do for work is what most people do as relaxation after coming home from their actual job. I hate people in general who talk about how busy they are and how they never take breaks despite having the time and money to do so. If you live a life where you're privileged enough to take breaks, but don't actually do it, you can't complain when you burn yourself out.

No. 1543850

File: 1680980375892.png (20.31 KB, 897x331, welp.png)

I posted in cc's /meta/ asking for a mod or janny to explain the deletions. You don't even need to guess what happened… my post was deleted (of course). It's kind of funny in an odd way and very ironic. I might have gotten a ban too but I can't know for sure because I was using a vpn and different browser. It's whatever. It just pains me that one of few female-only imageboards is corrupted.

No. 1543878

I want to like Msshiandmrhe's content so much, but I can't stand Shi's voice. It hits the same buttons for me as mouth and eating noises, which I also can't stand. Shi's voice is marginally more tolerable in their non-ASMR videos when she isn't swallowing the mic, but all other times it makes me want to rage. It sucks because they seem like a sweet couple and I'd like to learn about these foods.

No. 1543896

File: 1680984137059.jpg (98.54 KB, 706x925, Screenshot_20230408-155233_Ope…)

>bisexual man troons out
>has a child
>wife divorces him before he trooped (or when he told her who knows)
>made a post about his sister's clothes
>says in a way he's trooning out will help his son and is for his son

Retarded racist scrote
>omg bros don't get married, don't fall in love bros, you gonna Troon out bros, if she never divorced him he'd been a man still! She could've saved him!

Also anyone who knows about Ethan Ralph, does May have implants? Or does Josh not know how breast work and that she had a baby and breast get bigger? He's mentioned twice in a certain tone that May has breast implants, because she was wearing wearing bikini top.

No. 1543907

>More like Stay off the internet and don't develop a porn addiction bros

No. 1543911

wtf is this mental gymnastics that it's somehow his ex-wife's fault he trooned out? She probably divorced him because she didn't wanna deal with his weirdness and troonery, if anything "don't fall in love" only applies as advice for women here, retarded scrotes

No. 1543922

I have no idea, I've seen some post that people weren't taking the news well, even keemstar made a post saying this scrote was getting hate but "its his choice". As if be knows he looks fucking crazy but has to pander. It wasn't even a "brave and stunning" type of thing.

You can tell the tone around this outside of TRA's is, "damn this is sad and retarded" I assume it's because the picture he used.
Usually when scrotes Troon out they show a picture of their face, make up, filtered and smiling, while showing their old picture.
This scrote used a picture where he looked happy/normal in the before but like a sloppy bloated sad mess In the "after". I feel this is the weirdest Troon rollout I've seen.

So I assume people are blaming the white divorcing him because
>She divorced him and drove him crazy
Or the TRA version
>She divorced him because he's Trans!
I don't know if people are saying that but you know people are weird

No. 1543948

File: 1680988174257.jpeg (79.69 KB, 1200x900, 188470AA-D37F-4510-B34E-92E109…)

I hate hateee these stupid fuckass apple max headphones. Overpriced pieces of garbage I keep seeing them all over my campus anyone who buys them is a consoomer brained moron

No. 1543954

proof that men are nothing without a woman

No. 1543959

Nonnas…I just realized once april is over, 1/4th of the year is already over.

No. 1543976

1/4 is already over, when April is over it will be 1/3 kek

No. 1544034

I'm literally uglier than her and I get plenty of male attention kek. She has simply gotten lucky in avoiding catcalls and such, and no guys flirt with or lust after her because she's probably fucking weird and unapproachable irl.

No. 1544035

Vegetarian meat. Why not make it vegan? I'm kind of annoyed kek, I see 'plant this plant that' almost everywhere now but there's always eggs or dairy in it. If you're going to pander to a certain crowd why not pander to more? Too bad.

Nonna you just gave me an epiphany

No. 1544044

Eggs and dairy both make stuff taste good and help with texture. Without them you have to have all types of shit ingredients in it not that the type of person who eats fake meat would care and it also will taste like shit anyway.

No. 1544050

their market is not vegans, not vegetarians, that is why. it is omnis that want to reduce the amount of destruction they are doing. biggest market. they buy the most vegetarian and vegan products.

No. 1544055

Idk where you live but try Gardein if it's available to you anon. They have a lot of vegan "basic" faux meats that can be used for a variety different dishes. Im not vegetarian anymore but I still like their orange chicken.

No. 1544066

Thanks nonna! It's fine, vegan options in the grocery store are good where I live but street food is always vegetarian never vegan. It's annoying, I just want a fake hotdog without egg or milk kek.

No. 1544080

I have such complicated feelings towards this topic. Sorry for the autistic rant ahead.

A lot of people try to use being harassed as some sort of metric for how much of a hot/conventional woman you are and I find it so annoying. Even here when there's an infight there are anons who are like "ur just a jelly uggo. All moids wanna rape me on sight since I'm so sexy~~~ die mad lol"

I've seen women try to gatekeep being harassed and try to make you feel like you should be grateful that anybody gave you the time of day if you don't fit into a certain box because, according to them anyway, being harassed is hot Girls only event.

I have a friend who tries to make herself seem like hot shit by talking about how she gets harassed left and right all the time and it gets so tiring. Guy walking behind her is staring at her ass, guy holding door is hitting on her, old man trying to make conversation is into her yadayada. One day she randomly starts talking about how much guys try to harass her (she tried to do a woe is me kinda thing) and I knew she wanted me to be all like "omg it's cuz ur so sexy goddess queen uguu" and I could tell she was getting frustrated I wasn't doing that.

I think since I'm like a shy, sweet religious girl who doesn't do much to appeal to moids, the thought of them going out of their way to do anything to me doesn't really compute in her (or anybodys) mind, so she shuts me down every time I try to share my experiences. And I feel like it's the same for any woman who is unconventional, not just by how they look but how they behave.

Like look at this anon >>1544034
she's saying nothing happens to weird, unapproachable women but that's wrong. It can happen to any woman and I hate that this is such a prevalent thought because it makes me feel like my experiences don't count or don't matter since it "could never happen to a woman like me" .

Idek where I'm going with this. I think what I'm feeling is that since I'd be thrown in the unconventional category, no matter how many times I get harassed by moids, I can't add them to my "tehee I'm such a hot woman, moids can't keep their hands off me" points which makes me feel "womanless" like the girl in the tiktok is describing.

It makes me think of the movie "To my fat sister". The fat sister gets raped at the end of the film and when the police comes she tells them that she hasn't been assaulted. I don't know if this was the intention of the scene but I read it as her self esteem being so low she will deny any sort of mistreatment from a man and sees her rape as a positive experience since she has been taught that their attention is the be all end all of a woman's existance. Her femininity has been validated by being raped. My looks are "conventional" like the other sister in the movie, but I still see myself in the fat one because she is the "wrong" kind of girl this could happen to. To me, she represents women who are shut down because we should be happy that this happens to us since it's an anomaly. Gosh it breaks my heart even more since the girl was like 14 or something.

Anyways rant over.

No. 1544089

nonna I'm >>1544034 and I was trying to make two separate points. When I said she was lucky, I was referring to catcalling/harassment specifically. Random men making you feel unsafe in public because they get off on making women miserable. I absolutely agree that women are at risk of harassment no matter what they look like and how they act – she is just genuinely lucky she never ran into that kind of man. The "weird and unapproachable" part was referring to flirting/lusting, which I takes as more "normal" types of attraction that women experience within their social circles.

Your friend sounds like a dickhead. Old men are friendly to all kinds of people and it's normal to hold doors open for others. In my experience shy, sweet religious girls are prone to all kinds of bullshit from men, because they know a shy and sweet girl won't defend herself of make a huge scene if he says something vile to her. I don't know why you think you're unconventional though, your description of yourself sounds quite stereotypically feminine. I was an ugly duckling and I actually got hit on by strangers more back then because I was also more shy.

Anyway I felt compelled to reply and clarify my stance because I felt bad I wasn't clear enough, and even more so becuase you mentioned A ma soeur which I haven't seen in like 5 years but which impacted me a ton when I saw it. I think I might watch it again tonight actually. I'll keep your interpretation in mind when I watch it.

No. 1544236

>I think since I'm like a shy, sweet religious girl who doesn't do much to appeal to moids, the thought of them going out of their way to do anything to me doesn't really compute in her
Anon if no one thinks anyone's attracted to you, it's because you're ugly. Sweet religious shy girls are most men's dreamgirls so you'd actually get more attention for having those traits alone. The way you put it like you're some sweet pure girl while putting down a woman who's supposedly your friend is not really sweet religious shy girl of you.

No. 1544241

All the comments are going on and on about how they feel like they missed out an important facet of womanhood.
Apparently getting harassed is a rite of passage for womanhood, since they didn’t experience it they’re gendies

No. 1544248

File: 1681030811476.jpg (148.07 KB, 1535x1150, foto_no_exif (2).jpg)

I don't get this "harrassment is a measure of women's attractiveness" shit at all.
Men will sexually harass your grandma if they had the chance. Literally anything a woman could possibly do or be is a man's fetish so this harassment measuring contest makes no sense

No. 1544256

That’s so gross. Who the fuck does that. It hate it too

No. 1544279

For a while I couldn't relate to my friends because I never got catcalled or harassed, had I been born 5 years later that would have definitely make me want to troon out, how could I be a "real woman" if I don't get the same shit all women go through? Now I feel myself blessed, I still don't get approached and I still have no idea why but I don't have to deal with creeps.

No. 1544280

For a while I couldn't relate to my friends because I never got catcalled or harassed, had I been born 5 years later that would have definitely make me want to troon out, how could I be a "real woman" if I don't get the same shit all women go through? Now I feel myself blessed, I still don't get approached and I still have no idea why but I don't have to deal with creeps.

No. 1544286

For a while I couldn't relate to my friends because I never got catcalled or harassed, had I been born 5 years later that would have definitely make me want to troon out, how could I be a "real woman" if I don't get the same shit all women go through? Now I feel myself blessed, I still don't get approached and I still have no idea why but I don't have to deal with creeps.

No. 1544292

File: 1681036191015.jpg (21.07 KB, 436x399, 1614717707502.jpg)

>I'm like a shy, sweet religious girl
sure, Jan

No. 1544314

nta, but way to miss the point.

No. 1544318

she's a petite asian what is she bitching about I don't believe she hasn't been harassed by white nerd moids

No. 1544324

Sure, jan!

No. 1544326

"nta" sure jan (2)
that nonna is such a sweet shy religious girl but cant help but judge her friend and consider herself superior in every way while trying to look like a saint and painting her friend like a harlot. typical "sweet shy religious girl" behavior.

No. 1544371

See what I mean. It couldn't possibly have happened to me because I must be soooo ugly. Men don't rape or harm ugly women
That wasn't me
I'm judging her because she fabricates things in her head to make herself seem more desirable but doesn't take me seriously whenever anything happens to me
I'm sure when they follow those Instagram girls they think wowee I'd loooove to take her to church praise the lord!1!1. They only like us in theory not in real life. We're in 2023 anon, being religious is seen as weird.
I added that in because I'm 99% sure that is the reason why what happened to me happened. They knew I wouldn't make a big a fuss or tell anybody and they were right.

You guys love to pretend you're all girl power but whenever any woman comes here to vent about problems in their personal life suddenly it's their fault. How is it my fault my assault isn't taken seriously ffs.

No. 1544379

Very religious nice girl of you to write paragraphs dragging your female friend and then cry about us not being female power when you get called out.
Isn't one of the biggest sins of your religion gossiping and thinking badly of others? How can someone claim to be religious and harbor such thoughts of their friend?

No. 1544386

Maybe you're upset because you're like my "friend". I didn't drag her, I'm just tired of her constantly invalidating my SA. I'm thinking of dropping her actually. She always goes to me to trauma dump and it's exhausting. Now that I think about it, this is like the 3rd "friend" I've had that acted like this. Maybe my demeanor is the reason why women like her cling to me so hard.

And no gossiping isn't the biggest sin. At least I don't think so anyway.

No. 1544388

how is she dragging her friend? I've had friends tell me that a certain guy doesn't hit on me (and only me) because I'm tall. Women love to boast about how much men hit on them because it's seen as validating. You all are so catty it's hilarious.

No. 1544389

>multiple friends tell me guys aren't interested in me
How did they react once they saw the guys ask you out, anon?

No. 1544399

it was at a retail job and he did eventually hit on me because he was a creep. the other girl was trying to tell me he hadn't done it because of my features at the time when everyone was sharing their experiences and I mentioned I didn't have that yet. it's not a competition on how many loser men hit on us. that's cunty childish behavior. stop being deliberately catty.

No. 1544441

>I think since I'm like a shy, sweet religious girl
That's the kind of thing you say about others, not yourself especially in that tone on this website.

No. 1544470

This, men literally will fuck anything too, children, dead bodies, animals. Moid behavior is not a compliment.

No. 1544502

Kek did u get bullied by someone who was a sweet shy religious girl?
The reactions to this specifically are really weird. I hope some of you grow out of this idea that sexual harassment = compliment . It’s fucking embarrassing

No. 1544507

Nta but
>bullied by
>nice religious shy girl
If someone's bullying you they're not shy religious or nice anymore.

No. 1544566

I'm gonna stab the next person to say "live your truth" right in the eye. I hate those stupid empty phrases that just get thrown around and they don't even mean anything. Add it on to my never ending list of excruciatingly braindead gen z catch phrases lol

No. 1544611

It's not a measure of attractiveness whatsoever and that's extremely obvious. It's more a measure of how much men think they can take advantage of you without repercussion. Disabled women experience twice the amount of sexual violence as non-disabled women. I read some horrifying statistic about the abuse of non-verbal intellectually disabled women and it's something like 90%+ of them will be sexually abused in their lifetime. Anecdotally the time I have been sexually abused and harassed by far the most in my life is when I was visibly mentally unwell, rampant acne, greasy thin hair, eating disorder, no makeup, wearing teenage boy clothes, unable to make eye contact. I am 100% sure that an exceptionally beautiful women who had confidence and looked like she would tell someone to go away if they were bothering her would have got sexually harassed far less than me. Men will literally fuck couch cushions and microwaved spam. It's not a compliment if they want to fuck you.

No. 1544621

First of all - let me say I love women with small breasts and it's actually my favorite body type on women, despite not having them myself

However, the bra vanity sizing lately is ridiculous. It's a good base if you're exclusively getting custom bras, which I find uncomfortable tbh, but most stores now just seems to cater to small breasted women who just want to be able to say they fit into a 38DDD or something and it sucks for women like me who are actually like a 28JJ or something (which is like a 38DDD in store sizes) and now I can't even fit into the largest bras at target because it almost feels like putting a 36C or something on me. I use to just be able to waltz into a store and find a comfy cute bra but not anymore

People in the bra community do not want to admit there's a huge difference between store bras and custom, and let's be honest we were comfortable for decades before the size 26F or something was even though of, and we all survived literal decades on store brought And most of the women complaining about how they need custom bras don't even have breasts big enough to. Its always interesting how no one seemed to complain in the 2000s about their 34C Victoria's secret bedazzled beach bra, but everyone just magically started having back problems and getting uncomfortable if they even dare use a sister size

No. 1544626

This depends on the brand I think. I wear 34C on italian brands but in my country's brands I'm a 34B. I have average boobs but my country has the highest obesity in Europe rates so our sizing is bigger while Italy has relatively low obesity.
I never shop at VS because their stuff seems low quality for their price though so I don't know if they changed their sizing.

No. 1544652

you realize the bra matrix IS the vanity sizing right? trying to fit a potential 4 billion customers into 35 different sizes by adding inches to the ribcage measurement is vanity sizing, not true sizing.

and this vanity sizing has built a culture on being dismissive to women and girls with large or small breasts. no one small-chested wants to wear a 30D which actually fits them because that's "too big i can't be a D!!" (despite the fact a size cannot be a size without both a cup and a band), and someone else doesn't want to wear a 38GG because "i don't have porn star boobs!!".
no people were not comfortable for decades with the bra matrix. but there weren't any other options, and women would get reductions because of the lack of support they got from the lack of proper sizing. now there are options, and many woman no longer have to go through expensive procedures with results that aren't guaranteed and breast tissue that could grow back. they can go online or walk into a quality shop and find some that fit well and comfortable, relieving themselves of the pressure and discomfort you get from an illfitting bra.

No. 1544660

So you're telling me no one is allowed to have self awareness??

No. 1544662

You don't know if that's how you are perceived, and if you had self awareness you'd know better than to say it in places where you know you'd get shit for it.

No. 1544667

I'm large chested and the bra vanity sizing has done damage. You can't find decent bras in store for big boobs because every small boobed girl now swears she's a triple D when I had zero problems before. If anything I find the bra matrix bras to be uncomfortable because the bands are usually hard and itchy

No. 1544674

the measurements of bras and their sizes hasn't changed at all. the only exceptions are materials with heavy elastic content may stretch further if the band is cut at longer lengths, but that has always been the case. it's more like you're only now realizing you were wearing poor sizes to begin with. go look at bratabase for a while and read about bra size and equivalent measurements. inform yourself on how it should fit instead of how you want it to fit. and get over your obsession with the numbers and letters on the label.

No. 1544676

I wore a 36DDD that fit like shit all throughout high school since that's what they always got me at Victoria's Secret. It was only after getting properly sized did I find out my real measurements are closer to a 30-32I-K. When I got fitted during a vacation in Europe and the boutique owner sized me as a 30K, but had me walk out with an I since she didn't have a bra or band that fit. I don't think my boobs are massive, but they're proportionately large for my small frame and somewhat wider set. I looked and felt much better once I started wearing bras with loose cups instead of those hard-padded ones you get at every department store ever. IIRC, the cup size changes depending on your band sizing. I wish cups were standardized, but that's impossible given how varied breasts can be. It's all about just finding something that fits you and hoping other brands can approximate it.

No. 1544677

you've proven the point you don't know how bra sizes work because there is no such thing as a "triple d". a 30ddd/30e is not large at all, neither in terms of volume nor proportion. same with 32DDD/E. a 34DDD/E which is the most common bra size. it is staunchly an average size. your concept of bra sizes is what is inaccurate

No. 1544681

Dis you measure your tits and see which size you actually are?

No. 1544685

File: 1681066262218.jpg (67.62 KB, 1280x710, Spencers-Side-Eye.jpg)

>30/32 inch ribs
>super small ribcage uwu
Girl I'm freshly postpartum and still kinda chubby and my ribcage is 30-32 inches. Assume you're not fat or chubby having a 32/30 inch ribcage assuming you're an average weight or lowers that's massive

No. 1544689

fuck bras. 10,000 years of human history and we've only been cramming our tits into wire and hook torture devices for the past 100.

No. 1544691

We really gonna start literal bone rattling over rib cage sizes? My rib cage was 30.5 inches when I had a BMI of 16, but good for you for apparently having a 23 inch rib cage when you’re not postpartumly chubby. Hopefully you don’t have a daughter and if you do hopefully you bred with a tiny moidlet, lest your poor daughter have a “massive 32 in rib cage”

No. 1544694

i love bras
cannot go an hour not wearing one. so comfy and pretty

No. 1544695

>a 34DDD/E which is the most common bra size
The average bra size in NA is currently DD.
That's because people are larger than they've ever been. In the US alone, 40% of adults are overweight or obese in the US. 15 years ago the average breast size there was closer to a C, and in the 90s it was a B. DDD/E is big. It's average because the people there are bigger too.

Being small is not a flex nonna, it's just how I am. I don't like to acknowledge my chest as large because I already have Fashion Coward levels of anxiety when clothes shopping.

No. 1544696

Wild lol. NTA but I haven’t worn a bra since the pandemic started and I’ll never look back.

No. 1544698

You should get checked out for post partum psychosis

No. 1544701

some people have smaller or wider ribcages to their frame, some balanced. then there's the body fat layer over it, some people have heavier concentration over the ribcage, some less. so it could very well be that, in relation to the rest of her body, a 30 is smaller in proportion.

No. 1544704

I'm like a 30M "technically" but I brought that size at curvy Kate and once of those fancy bra stores and it was just itchy and weird feeling, there was almost no comfortable bras, even with softer fabrics they're typically minimizers which hurt. bras I find are usually softer and plain which is what I like and still have good support

If you're small breasted or even average there no reason you need the exact sizing to the mm unless you just want to blow tons of money to say you have a seemingly large cup size, which let's be honest that's the real reason why small and average busted girls get into bra sizing communities

No. 1544705

Not you talking about what an average bra size is in two countries notorious for peddling ill-fitting bras.

No. 1544709

Sorry but a 30/32 inch ribcage is wide IMO, it doesn't mean you're fat you just don't have a small ribcage. I always get comments about my wide body and it looked awful in photos even when I had a 27 inch rib cage

No. 1544710

Ofc people know I'm religious since I tell them when they ask. I keep to myself and don't say a word, I've been described as kind/nice and children love me. How people see you isn't exactly rocket science, anon

No. 1544711

>If you're small breasted or even average there no reason you need the exact sizing to the mm unless you just want to blow tons of money to say you have a seemingly large cup size, which let's be honest that's the real reason why small and average busted girls get into bra sizing communities

depends entirely on an individuals breasts and what they find comfortable. most people in the bra fitting community don't care about the letter or number on the bra, they care about the fit. hence the descriptor… bra fitting community.

No. 1544713

I really hope you don’t project your BDD onto your daughter Nona.

No. 1544716

I mentioned one country, the US. The other was the continent it was in, NA. The US may be notorious for ill-fitting bras, but it's also notorious for the concentration of fatasses, so that has to account for something lol.
Bra fitting is about finding undergarments that feel comfortable regardless of size. Nobody is there getting vanity cups. There's no sense in it, even for pickmes since retarded moids consider anything above average to be a D cup.
You can be small-framed and have a top hourglass, hourglass, or inverted triangle body shape. It's not that hard to conceptualize.

No. 1544719

i consider 30/32 average. 36+ is on either fat or tall or tall and fat, which is to say 26/28 can still be fat but is typically on a smaller frame, but not always. a woman that is 6' wearing a 30 likely has a smaller ribcage and is slim, but a woman wearing 30 on 5'5 is going to look different.

i wish the person that started brabandproject.com didn't abandon it and let it die but instead passed it off to someone else. it was an absolutely wonderful resource and put a visual to real sizes.

No. 1544721

if the USA, a country of 300 million people, had people wearing fitting bras and wasn't hellbent on living in Victoria's secret or old navy and Walmart and Fredericks, then the average would be 36E or 34F.
Take the average bought size, subtract 4 from the band and add 4-6 to the cup. there is your average size.

No. 1544722

I'm sorry but you sound crazy nonnie. If you care about your child you should get help before you give them BPD. This isn't an insult but genuine concern.

No. 1544724

ayrt, if it makes you feel better nonnie, I just broke out the measuring tape to see that I'm a comfortable 28" now. I hope you weren't this anal about measurements during your pregnancy.

No. 1544728

I hate men with narrow shoulders. My ex had narrow shoulders and I randomly saw him behind and almost barfed at how big his retarded bubbledhead looked on top of his weak shoulders.

No. 1544729

I thought I was the only one who didn't like them. They look so weird

No. 1544735

I hate dogs so much.

No. 1544743

Same, I like slender men but they have to have broad or at least proportionate shoulders to their head, the bobblehead effect is so real and it's a giant turnoff when you notice it.

No. 1544756

I can't stand pitbulls but I have unending hatred for their owners. Pit mommies defend their poorly bred muscle blobs like shitty boyfriends even after mauling dozens of toddlers.

No. 1544898

File: 1681082265712.jpg (50.39 KB, 564x617, 4b42af1b7bea8bd299fa7582a7848a…)

I hate it that I'm an owl, honestly. It's one thing when I just stay up late because I absolutely have to do some dumb shit that can't wait for tomorrow for some reason but damn, I simply can't be productive during daytime, I don't know how this works. Surely there's less distraction at night but it's not like I constantly get distracted by something during the day, so I'd say it's more of an illusion and there's no big objective difference between night and day in this sense. And yet it's way easier for me to focus and do things at night, even if I feel sleepy. I don't wanna be a nocturnal creature tho, don't want to sleep at daytime and all that, and I'm too old to have poor sleeping habits.

No. 1544912

Can't believe we got literal owls posting on lolcor

No. 1544925

owls? on my lolcorvid?? unbelievable

No. 1544991

File: 1681090849328.png (285.72 KB, 463x538, lilsimsie.PNG)

I hate to say this because she seems like a genuinely nice person, but I do not like Lilsimsie's eyebrows. It's easier to see in her videos but they look so weird and I've always noticed it.

No. 1545010

Wtf no you can DEFINITELY see how weird they are in this picture… you can tell she's a builder simmer and not a CAS simmer… she "filled" them in by drawing the blockiest outline she could… she didn't even blend the front you can see the way she drew those rectangles on lmfao.

No. 1545019

being an owl is great though. you eat entire mice and then elementary school teachers pay you for your poop so students can dissect it and see mouse skeletons.

No. 1545024

File: 1681095985529.jpg (645.11 KB, 2560x1600, 310364-animals-crow-birds.jpg)

Me kekking rn

No. 1545034

She seems very nice but as a simmer I have a hard time finding her interesting. Her builds are fine when I need inspiration but that's literally all she's good at.

No. 1545043

When you search up your favorite character on twitter to find posts about them but instead you’re met with bots or irrelevant accounts that have them as their dn.

No. 1545045

When you search up your favorite character on twitter to find posts about them but instead you’re met with bots or irrelevant accounts that have them as their dn.

No. 1545048

add "-[username]" to your search query. there you go

No. 1545059

When you spend the whole day spotting and anticipating your flow. I know it's coming, let's just hurry up and get this monthly thing over with.

No. 1545067

File: 1681106077041.png (892.02 KB, 1200x900, article23405891.png)

I hate this new flat graphics aesthetic on TV news. In the past the banners had more shadows and highlights which made it look more interesting. I think the BBC started this trend and news channels in my country have been copying it.

No. 1545072

it's ugly, but it's easier to manipulate and photoshop

No. 1545075

The word colonel makes me despise the English language.

No. 1545077

It also looks horrible and cheap. Media needs to find naturally prettier people than these goblin fatass moids and missed-her-botox appointment Karen's

No. 1545085

I'm ESL and I was shocked the first time I heard how it's pronounced in english, it doesn't even make sense because it's pronounced just like it's written in italian/french, why did they make it harder than it actually is?

No. 1545088

English is a bastard language, with a Germanic core but Romance influences in its grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. This combination makes English unique and distinct from both all other Germanic and Romance languages.

No. 1545119

No. 1545122

She looks like a normal lady, let people do their job and see a therapist.

No. 1545158

As of 2021, There are 3,970,238,390 or 3,970 million or 3.97 billion males in the world, representing 50.42% of the world population. The population of females in the world is estimated at 3,904,727,342 or 3,905 million or 3.905 billion, representing 49.58% of the world population. The world has 65,511,048 or 65.51 million more males than females. (https://m.statisticstimes.com/demographics/world-sex-ratio.php)

>The world has 65,511,048 or 65.51 million more males than females

The way I gagged reading that. That's unholy

No. 1545160

The sex ratio at birth is 107 boys per 100 girls. With 106.6 boys per 100 girls (0-14 age group), there are 1,027,845,065 or 1.03 billion boys and 964,136,954 or 964 million girls worldwide. The males to females ratio is at the highest point of 107.142 for the age group 15-19. The men to women ratio is 103 for the group aged 15–64 and 81.8 for those over 65. The world has more women than men aged above 50. In the age group 60-64 years, there are five fewer men per 100 women. Women outnumber men by a ratio of 2-to-1 in the age group 90-94 years and 4-to-1 for centenarians.

No. 1545228

and then you nonnies proceed to complain about botched celebs and beauty standards in another thread kek. can't win.

No. 1545498

I hate when people sage when they post in a slow thread that isn't even on the first page. Let me see you nonnie.

No. 1545533

I do it precisely because I dont want my posts on the front page.

No. 1545566

Thanks anon, I think I'll stop working at nights and start swallowing mice to sell my poops to teachers!

No. 1545680

I hate that diddler sam hyde,that fucking moonfaced faggot jet neptune and the rest of sam hydes unfunny group of sped orbiters. I hate how they are all friends with all of my favorite musicians/ one youtuber i watch when i have absolutely nothing to do. I have never watch a sam hyde video and thought this man was funny, its peak moid humor. I dont understand how he had a fucking tv show. I dont understand how women fuck him. All that shit about jet neptune being a r9k creep is not shocking in the fucking slightest.
With all that being said, i would fuck the shit out of bicflame

No. 1545708

kek it's kinda disingenuous to pretend like that's the only thing skewing the ratio. I mean I understand why you'd bring that up but that alone isn't the cause (more males are born but that's due them being genetically inferior and being more prone to dying compared to females, if you don't believe me look it up, males are more likely to die than females at every stage of life). A huge factor in the skewed sex ratio worldwide is that the two most populated countries in the world (China and India) hate women/girls so much that they have historically practiced female infanticide, and since you can now find out the sex of the baby during pregnancy they're doing sex selective abortions. Men outnumber women in these countries by 70 million. If you think that's natural you're a retard.

No. 1545711

exactly, many people in western countries don't realize that women get kidnapped and sold into being wives in china every day. even married women get kidnapped and sold to a man in another part of the country. there are 'matchmakers' that find poor women in rural areas of vietnam or thailand or laos or elsewhere, tell her there is a well-off chinese man that wants a wife and they will pay her parents if she moves to china with him, live a life of luxury. typically the male is a poor farmer and lied to her to trick her. these women never see their family again.

No. 1545715

File: 1681161015047.jpg (103.71 KB, 1024x768, is-it-true-that-hmong-green-pe…)

and speaking of southeast asia, bride kidnapping is also common among hmong people, less so than say 70 years ago but still a very high percentage. and it is usually teenagers being kidnapped

No. 1545716

File: 1681161035965.jpg (68.76 KB, 1200x675, pepe.jpg)

Samefag but on the subject of men being more prone to dying, I find it so retarded how men will bring up women's longer lifespans and try to make it about how men are oh so oppressed because they do more dangerous jobs and are treated as disposable or whatever the fuck. These same men will have no problem pointing out biological differences in men and women when it comes to stuff like physical strength, yet when it comes to other stuff like life expectancy suddenly they like to ignore biology. It's pretty funny and also retarded at the same time.

No. 1545720

Specific to clothing sites: displaying every single color of 1 style as seperate listings rather than 1 listing with all the colors together. Also, not including the other clothing items on the model right under the picture as related items. Putting cool accessories on the model that the company doesnt sell.

No. 1545777

i hate that. see a really nice top, try to find it, in description "model's own" wtf

No. 1545781

If anyone has to worry about hitting the wall early it's men too. From birth it's just a waiting game for them to die. It's a shame younger males outnumber their peers, females getting shit on during their adolescene only to inherit the earth in our old age.

No. 1545845

I hate how people act as if women can sexually harass men on the same level as the other way around. I went on the subreddit (my mistake i know) for brooklyn 99 and the amount of people constantly complaining about Gina's comments on Terry Crews body is such a massive eyeroll. Taking her sooo seriously as if she's this evil person who constantly made him feel unsafe or was a genuine creep that needed to be fired. Or maybe it's because I genuinely don't care about men being objectified.

No. 1545871

It’s also a comedy lol. People do fire-able shit all the time in sitcoms, it doesn’t mean the writers endorse it all.

But also no one should care about men getting sexually harassed.

No. 1545880

yeah, males can only be objectified by other males

No. 1545882

File: 1681176406607.jpg (79.5 KB, 1200x750, 712056_austin-powers-best-of-f…)

i am willing to bet that the users on there complaining are trannies mad that a masculine body is being sexualized, or fat bastard-looking males that are upset they wasted so many years eating cheetos and playing vidya

No. 1545925

File: 1681181153951.jpeg (104.64 KB, 750x765, DDE2CD72-84BA-406C-8210-7CAD46…)

these are ugly as fuck I can’t stand them and the people who use them are insufferable

No. 1545929

File: 1681181666260.jpg (17.24 KB, 300x300, liefeld-rob-image.jpg)

Kekekk he looks exactly like his fugly drawings

No. 1545945

when i was a self-hating edgelord who only hung out with moids I noticed how a lot of them shared or laughed at memes like this. many “memes” involving men in homoerotic situations but if you called them fags they would lose their shit. 2 of them ended up trooning out lol

No. 1546037

For a while I was friends with this scrote who spent all his time playing video games and browsing 4chan. He was eager to tell me about his fetishes including futa. I suggested that he might be just a liiiiitle bisexual and he lost his shit. I don't know what he's up to these days but it wouldn't surprise me if he had trooned out or became a tranny chaser, too.

No. 1546498

Fantasy names, meaning names often found in fantasy books and movies. They're always something like Ankhaurth-Calibrutport or Khalsath-Maur for cities and places, or Anthraniel for general characters, usually abusing Xs and Zs for evil beings like Xalizorn and the like. I hate them because in an attempt to sound unique, they become so uncreative and boring that I just never keep track. Not every name needs the combination of T and H to sound fantasy-like. If I have to read about one more handsome elf male named Nathaniel I'm gonna set something on fire.

No. 1547065

File: 1681300823698.jpeg (29.04 KB, 828x327, 8BAEADC1-2BB4-4C3C-81EF-33CA62…)

I hate this weird, coomer banner. The cow looks uncomfortable and so does the girl and it looks like it was drawn as some gross moidy fetish art.

No. 1547067

I hate all the coomer banners. There is one that looks like it's from a hentai. They just don't feel appropriate for the site, it's not a scrote site. (in b4 I'm a newfag, I'm not, always hated them)

No. 1547069

It’s the same as the “daddy’s pork chop” one or whatever—why does the site need to look like a gross porno site at first glance with some of these? I get they’re “a part of board history” but like…gross.

No. 1547071

“daddy’s pork chop” seems universally hated among farmers and should be removed if it hasn't already.

No. 1547075

I hate and feel uncomfortable from all the other coomer banners but I confess I like the daddy's pork chop one please forgive me Jesus.

No. 1547090

All the coomer ones should be replaced by the much neater ones anons have made and suggested in the banner thread. the corndog one is funny though and imo it can stay

No. 1547217

Online Marketing people and wannabe journalist. With the former being one of the most soulless groups I've seen recently.

No. 1547219

Having a soul is highly impractical
t. online marketing """"person""""

No. 1547292

The vent thread is especially filled with this lately.

No. 1547349

as a wannabe pr bitch I can confirm I also have no soul

No. 1547487

File: 1681322927866.jpg (28.83 KB, 445x445, 9b9b64d927695fd9ecf865e0a31a85…)

No. 1547533

>seducing the bf
>”can you give me head before we do it ?”

No. 1548017

I hate how if you go on youtube and search something, the results will include a bunch of "for you", "channels new to you" "videos you watched previously", "people also watched" sections. Pleeeease for the love of god just show me what I searched up.

No. 1548047

I hate NEETs so much. I have NEET relatives and I'm so scared one day I'll have to send money to them or take care of them, they literally disgust me. I know a several that still take money from their older family members and it's literally so weird to me for a 20-30 year old to be living that way.
My friends older brother is a NEET too and she's so scared of her parents dying and the older brother ending up being a burden on her. God this whole situation infuriates me.

No. 1548048

as long as they aren't your parents and you don't live in a state with filial piety laws you shouldn't owe them anything so why be scared

No. 1548050

nayrt but letting a sibling or other close relative become homeless isn't exactly easy for people to do.

No. 1548051

I had so many Eugenia Cooney clips suggested to me, before I ever even knew who she was. It was horrifying

No. 1548057

If they disgust her I doubt she cares about them becoming homeless

No. 1548098

I hate my job. I'm always tired and replacing someone on top of doing my job because people always get sick. I'm the only one left in the team who started the whole project and I'm starting to take it as a sign to gtfo but it's too complicated because of the current economy. Just two more months and our current project will be over and maybe I'll be able to slack off a little but this doesn't chabge the fact that I've had nearly 2 weeks of paid holidays that I couldn't take and completely lost because of some administrative fuckery.

No. 1548118

American conservatards' retarded car culture, I saw some of them lose their shit over the idea of adding sidewalk so people don't have to constantly depend on their car to go grocery shopping, insanity.

No. 1548121

>Just two more months and our current project will be over and maybe I'll be able to slack off
Lol. Good luck with that. Now that they know you are such a hard, reliable worker they are going to keep using you as a crutch while everyone takes turn being home "sick".

No. 1548122

I KNOW! Google affiliated search stuff in general have become a bunch of garbage trying to force things down your throat instead of being actually useful tools.

No. 1548123

being a "citizen of the world" is overwhelming

No. 1548127

Someone disgusting me because they're lazy doesn't mean I want them to be homeless, wtf.

No. 1548163

No I'm going to pretend I'm not here all summer long idgaf. If my manager asks me for help for some stuff I'll just do a bad job or work as slowly as possible so she'll leave me alone and it won't affect my bonuses for next year. If I see that the turnover rate keeps getting worse I'll flee once and for all. I'm sick of it.

No. 1548300

Samefag, but I'm back to complain that pinterest does this too. If I search for something, I don't want to see pins that are related to stuff I've saved. I want to see what I searched for. The HOME page should be for stuff that's related to what I like.

No. 1548440

Why are they like this
I hate this coomer shit
>ehehehe irl I am so small and uwu but I gave my model big titties

No. 1548523

Does anyone else get really irritated when women throw themselves to men that don't deserve them??? Like literally bottom of the barrel, gum-under-your-shoe worthless pieces of shit? I know it's because they don't know better/have low self-esteem/can't be alone with themselves/bad boundaries and nonexistent standards/no self worth but….. literally, you can do better than that. I don't understand at all how they can do that to themselves. It drives me mad. It drives me utterly fucking nuts that they just can't end the situation they're in and cut off the guy for good. The bar is do low that it's in hell.

No. 1548533

Super weird but I also had her randomly suggested for me for weeks despite clicking "Not interested" on any video that popped up.

I'm literally watching farming sims let's plays and fashion videos. WTF is she doing there

No. 1548601

this frustrates me so goddamn much and then the gall of the search engines to be like please remove the quote marks because there are no results when you KNOW there are makes me want to blow up. never was this affiliated search feature useful to me
unrelated but i can't even use youtube anymore because my recommendations are all different shit i've watched a million times already, and the ones after i watch a video are the exact same as the ones in the homepage, like wtf? such a fucking useless website. there shouldn't be a "new to you" tab and even that is ass. i feel like i'm an anomaly when it comes to this algorithms or whatever because they can never get me right and just keep repeating the same crap over and over. youtube's now almost unusable (to me), and completely so if you intend on discovering things.

No. 1548604

I hate the One Piece art style so much, how can anybody take it seriously when the characters look like retards 99% of the time.

No. 1548609

I could not possibly give less of a fuck about how total strangers choose to live their lives

No. 1548611

this is the "things you hate" thread.

No. 1548615

She asked a question

No. 1548620

I hate when nonnas are like SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIF SNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF HUFF HUFF oh my god it smells like BAAAAWWWWWW-LLLLZZZ IN HERE SMELLS LIKE STINKY UNWASHED MAN BALLS… umm… dick cheesed to meet you? Errrrrr something smells like unwashed SCROTUM SACK! i AM TRYing to browse LC I don't want to be inundated with this. Just call the other nonna a moid without the attack to the senses, in word form.

No. 1548623

Why would you take One Piece seriously? It's a funny series for kids.

I hate the manga panelling (way too busy and hard to read), I hate the female character designs for obvious reasons, and I wish he would draw proper male muscles but the art style totally fits how silly it is.

No. 1548643

Except there are supposed to be serious moments and characters still look like dumbasses there. I'm not really fond of silly things anyway so whatever.

No. 1548725

in the end they're only hurting themselves, since they're fat. i walk everywhere and stubbornly don't own a car. i have moved apartments without a car, three times. i'm sleek and strong and they're fat pudgeballs who get winded on a quarter mile stroll. reliance on a car is absolutely pathetic. i carry my own groceries home a mile and a half (there are closer stores but that one has the best prices) and it's good exercise that keeps me in shape. owning a car is also a money drain. they spend $800 a month on car expenses and don't even realize it because they can't do basic math.

i hope gasoline goes to $28 a gallon to get them crying. i hate car drivers with a passion.

No. 1548761

>i hope gasoline goes to $28 a gallon to get them crying. i hate car drivers with a passion.
Not everyone lives in walking distance to their jobs.

No. 1548772

You can spin it however you like but you are the one getting rained on while I drive in my comfy car

No. 1548840

File: 1681468104831.jpeg (77.23 KB, 1170x674, BBC6F36C-014D-44EE-9B15-1CB537…)

I fucking hate the word ‘based, and also all ‘-oomer’ words e.g zoomer, boomer, coomer etc. I cringe whenever I see them written down or heaven forbid: spoken out loud.

No. 1548849

I live in the ghetto of Detroit. You definitely don’t want to walk around here lol

No. 1548857

Kek. I pride myself on not owning a car and then coping hard when it rains. I'd get a car just so I could sit somewhere on the side of the road crying to sad music while it rains.

No. 1548890

imagine thinking everyone lives in a walkable area kek.

not only that but not everyone lives in a safe area; people get stabbed on public transportation where i live on the regular, women get assaulted, and people get robbed. why the fuck would i want to take the bus when i can safely use a car?

No. 1548895

So sick of seeing cute guys call themselves “nonbinary” just because they’re not macho gigachads

No. 1548915

Anon they did you a favor by letting you know that they’re mentally weak

No. 1548918

I'm more sick of those men acting like they're persecuted martyrs of the male gender for being a little dainty. It's like anachans who try to claim that "skinny shaming" is real.

No. 1548928

People who expect you to reply to a text message instantly and say you're ignoring them if you don't reply within a few hours. Sorry I'm not glued to my phone kek.

No. 1548935

skinny shaming is real though

No. 1548943

I was skinny shamed because I came from a community where being thin is seem as gross(black/Hispanic). So I’d get called crack head, ugly bitch etc. being extremely skinny is only desirable in Asian and white communities usually.

No. 1548954

Skinnyshaming is true if you're super skinny or anorexic only. If you're model type of skinny, everyone is loves it but if you're an uggo with a disproportionate boney body, you'll get negative comments on your body constantly.
I've been thin my whole life and didn't get negative comments but I knew a few ugly super skinny girls who got made fun of because their bodies didn't fit the standard.

No. 1549039

same. i also come from a country where being thick and volumptious is the standard of beauty and all throughout middle to early high school i kept trying to gain weight with all kinds of powders and concoctions because i kept being accused of being a tranny or a crossdresser kek i'm laughing now but it legitimately made me feel like i was a defective female or secretly intersex. one time my neighbor caught me outside when i was 13 and i stopped the conversation to run to my house so i could cry about how feminine she looked meanwhile i looked like a gaunt teenaged boy it was the bane of my existence everyday i would cry about how masculine i was due to my thinness. obviously though i don't think it's as bad as the dehuminization fat people face since childhood

No. 1549066

Wait, there are people who think nobody ever get made fun of for being "too" skinny? I'm surprised, I was made fun when I was younger of because I was always short and skinny, and my family from my mother's side comes from a country were being fat was the beauty standard so everytime I visited them I was teased by everyone for being unmarriageable. Maybe it's more of a cultural thing? I can't imagine girls being made fun of for being skinny in countries like Korea or Japan.

No. 1549073

I'm skinny and have been my whole life without trying too hard, but I've never understood this. It would be so incredibly easy for me to gain weight if I put my mind to it. I'd just add in a cake slice (or a bunch of pasta or meat, if you want to be healthier) every day after eating my typical amount of food. Were you a poorfag who couldn't afford more food? Junk food is usually pretty cheap.

No. 1549075

Yeah no shit. That's what they're saying. Being "thicc" is the standard in some places so if you're skinny they'll rip on you. They used to do it to me too, but now that I'm officially in my late twenties my metabolism slowed down a little. Girls who live in like Asia or something are living in places where thin is the standard so ya, why make fun of the standard?

No. 1549077

>i have moved apartments without a car, three times
All this tells us is that you're a poor who doesn't own furniture worth a damn lmao. Hopefully you're just a self-righteous student?
Yeah it's easy to live the life you do when it's clear you have no obligations or obstacles that would require more of your precious walking time to get things done. It's hard to gauge such bad takes, like are you really a young & dumb so clouded by your own privilege, or are you intentionally this ignorant to how things could possibly be different for other people? Begone.

No. 1549079

kek i completely feel you on this

No. 1549082

this. I have a house full of furniture, a yard, and I plan to have a child soon. Of course I'll need a car to move all our belongings. I'm not some poorfag who has to frequently move my few belongings between small apartments

No. 1549090

ayrt, i've also been skinny my whole life and come from a family of people that permanently look emaciated despite eating normally ( or like a beast when it comes to my father ). i guess it's genetic. trust me i wasn't just adding a slice of cake i was eating multiple full meals a day, eating supplements and fenugreek tea, doubled the amount of food/plates of said meals and i STILL didn't gain a significant amount of weight. to this day i still haven't gone over 45 kilos but i'm satisfied with the way i look now i'm over having curves because it wasn't ever going to be possible for me anyway kek. ultimately i'm grateful because trying to lose weight seems infinitely worse than trying to gain it to me, i know i wouldn't have neither the patience nor strength and it would make me feel like, claustrophobic in a sense.

No. 1549092

I guess it depends on the distance and how much money you're willing to put into it but I assumed anon was paying a moving service everytime? Which means she could have furniture and a lot of things to move all at once but she wouldn't need her own car for that.

No. 1549095

I mean, where I live the standard is to be skinny but I'm too skinny for that standard even now because I'm flat chested and I was made fun of there. The country where my family is from feels like an extreme to me honestly. At least it's not Mauritania where girls get force fed because men there have a fat fetish but it's close enough geographically speaking. East Asia seems like the opposite extreme to me.

No. 1549097

Same, getting called a twig and a 2x4 and people pointing out that you don't magically have huge tits and an ass.

No. 1549098

then why mention it? most people with a considerable amount of furniture use moving services (which use automobiles).

No. 1549099

But isn't that cheating based on the rule exemption that there's a circumstance (moving) worth enough where a wheeled transport is necessary? So it stands to reason that there are other valued circumstances where wheeled transportation is necessary that people need more frequently, where renting a vehicle isn't feasible, and it is literally time-saving to own their own vehicle.

No. 1549101

if your whole family was that way, then the meals being prepared were probably small for everyone. your perception of "large meals" was probably very skewed by this.

it's the same reason fatties who were raised by fatties struggle to eat normal sized portions. they have no idea that what they're eating is a huge amount because it's how they were raised.

No. 1549111

I don't know, go ask the anon who said she's fine with not having a car. That's just how I interpreted her post, for all I know we could both be wrong.

No. 1549115

i should have mentioned that they were only skinny when they were young and obviously gained weight after middle age but i totally agree with you generally especially the last part

No. 1549136

You can post online in most places and everyone assumes you are male and thus treats you like you are human and worthy of respect, all because they don't know you have a uterus behind the screen. When everyone is on the same playing field, all just words on a screen, you realize how much you are judged in real life for exisiting as you are.

No. 1549152

this is why i keep a neutral profile on things like reddit and youtube with a masc sounding name, unless someone looks through what i've actually posted they assume i'm a man and talk to me as if i am. i can tell whenever someone has gone through my reddit account before replying. men definitely treat you with a lot more respect when they think you're one too.

No. 1549160

I hate it when men I've just started flirting with randomly bring up how our life would be if we got FUCKING MARRIED. It's always so disgusting when they tell me how they want to have kids with me or want me to cook for them, like faggot, no one wants your retarded dna.
I don't know how I keep pullings this type of mentally ill men with mommy issues but all of them always bring up marriage, kids and me being a mother to them as if it's supposed to make me happy. And when I tell them no one would marry men like them they lose their shit as if they're not the ones who brought this up.

No. 1549183

oh nooooo. raiiiiin. i'm gonna meeeeelt because i'm made of sugar!!!!

No. 1549194

no moving service. i moved via public transit 2 of those times, and by walking once. i got a handcart.
i take pride in being self sufficient. i don't need to hire moids to move my possessions for me.
funny that the primary insult you've given me is that i "must be poor" when i guarantee none of you get paid enough to afford my rent. it's mostly the poor parts of the country where people need cars. yet whenever car-clowns reply they always call me poor, what a projection. if you need to own a car where you live, you're the one who is poor. i can walk to one of the best hospitals in the entire country. i can walk to 8 different grocery stores. i'm in biking distance of 3 universities. i can take a train to the international airport. and the biggest insult you can hurl at me is that it might rain while i'm out. oh noooo. meanwhile instead of blowing all my money on a car and having to change oil and clean windows like a peasant, i stacc the cash in my bank and have no stress or concerns in life.

i'm not sure if you're aware of this, but everyone in a trailer park owns a car. good for you.

No. 1549209

>funny that the primary insult you've given me is that i "must be poor"
Since you're only quoting me, I'd like to say that I'm not the one who said you're poor. Maybe it depends on where you are but moving services are seen as expensive usually and I assumed that maybe you were using them because it's usually a fast means of moving your stuff. I'm considering doing this because I have furniture I would never be able to move with public transport, even with the help of friends, I'm weak and I don't have a car either for similar reasons to yours. Last time I moved to another place it was to follow my family and they used their own car for that, and my boxes of clothes and books were super heavy too, and I'm lazy so I'm gonna pay for guys to bring me my stuff in one trip and be done with it.

>i'm in biking distance of 3 universities

No fucking way I'm using a bike to go anywhere in my city, people don't know how to drive there and actively try to run over everyone even if it's a red light for cars. Once I was just crossing the street late at night because I was going back home after a night shift and some guy drove the wrong way, way faster than it's legal and nearly ripped off my leg because he was too busy beating up someone else while driving. I'm not taking that kind of risks, I've seen enough. I wish it were safe to use bikes there though.

No. 1549212

Men can sense when you don’t want something so they will push things you don’t want. I bet if you actually wanted marriage and kids it would be extremely hard for you to find it.

No. 1549216

ntayrt but i don't get it, where does the furniture and other items go?

No. 1549219

I don’t understand how that would even get to that point lol. Are you meeting these men irl and not immediately telling them you’re childfree and don’t want kids? When I was in dating apps I plastered that shit all over my profile. The worst offender was one guy who took me on a really fantastic date and was wonderful company, come to find out at the end of the multi hour date that he has two kids who he has every other week. Nope. Sorry man but I’m sure your kids are fine honestly but I don’t wanna deal with them and your baby mama. Wish you’d have just told me because now I’m sad cause we had such a nice time but you’re over here lying by omission already.

No. 1549224

They probably don't even want it genuinely, they just love how uncomfortable I get and try to win me over so I'll be willing to play mommy for them, it'll never happen.
Not on dating apps, I met them through friends or at college, etc. I told them I wasn't thinking anything serious but they don't care, if I told them I wanted to date to marry, they'd only try to fuck me I bet. Men are retarded and they try to change women's opinions.
And also it's super common in my country for men to chase women and try to marry them kek. It's so weird, a friend of mine had a full on obsessed classmate that kept telling her he wanted her to be his wife even though they weren't even dating.
I did tell them I wouldn't want to marry them and that kind of stuff but it wouldn't stop them from pushing so I broke things off.
I'm sorry for your dating experience anon, men who don't dislose that shit are so retarded and just wasting both of your time.

No. 1549229

Yeah and if you actually displayed that you wanted Mariah’s and kids right away they’d try to force a fwb relationship on you. They get off on making women do shit they don’t want to do.

No. 1549234

A lot of men don't even want kids they just want to know their sperm is working and could make one. The number of men who purposely try to impregnate their gf so they know, but then suddenly aren't ready to be a dad. They just need to know it works and keep you around.

No. 1549474

File: 1681517348373.jpg (13.98 KB, 564x463, fd008d99eb555743017a5725e47bcd…)

When an interesting or funny topic finally arrives to the ESL side of youtube but each person who covers it only copy and pastes the jokes and exact sentences from the english videos.

No. 1549493

I hate when I see something that's like "make this meal for only $5!" but then they don't factor in the price of some of the ingredients because "you probably already have it" or because they decide to do the price per servings instead of what it costs to buy all of the ingredients. If you don't have much money to spend on groceries then it's just not helpful.

No. 1549497

when they start pricing shit at like 0.25 for a scoop or whatever as if you could ever buy that anywhere realistically

No. 1549500

>weird and unapproachable irl
Kek, I wonder how many times this has saved me from scrotes. Most people (especially scrotes) assume I'm a complete bitch and I like to keep it that way

No. 1549503

Samefag but Joshua Weissman is guilty of the second example. $0.04 for salt…suck my asshole. He does add the total price for what it would actually cost if you don't have any of the ingredients, but it still irritates me.

No. 1549511

File: 1681520830395.jpg (112.75 KB, 720x1270, Screenshot_20230415_030625_Sna…)

Try on hauls from women who are in complete denial about their size…like why do you think everything is too small for you? Maaaybe try a size or two or three up?

No. 1549512


No. 1549531

an amazon size 6 is like a size 2-4 elsewhere how does she still breathe with that thing on

No. 1549560

Zoomers who comment "This band deserves to be more known/they're soo underrated" under videos that have more than 1 million views. Just saw it more than once under a Glass Animals video (audio only!) that had 6m views.

No. 1549561

She looks like a cave woman

No. 1549574

I tried listening to the Trash Taste, Steak and Eggs, and Creator Code podcast but I couldn't even make it through one episode for either of them. I hate male hosts so much. Always interrupting, LOUD, just not pleasing at all. I don't know how others do it. I even tried listening to a podcast that had a male and female host, but the male wouldn't stfu.

No. 1549577

I hate all the smelly drunk hobos that hang about the bus interchange. All they do yell at and fight with each other, plus they stink.

No. 1549580

idk why it's so weird to see someone drinking an energy drink with a straw but I don't like it

No. 1549622

We should kill all the homeless men they’re vagrants.

No. 1549763

I saw this under one of the most famous artists from my country from the 00s. That commenter got called a retard by someone though, at least kek

No. 1549765

I have these unsettling thoughts of my front teeth getting stuck in the hole and scraping the sides with the metal, so I have to.

No. 1549788

File: 1681550813773.jpg (114.98 KB, 720x1267, Screenshot_20230415_112307_Sna…)

Adding, even skinny girls are like this. Come on, size up, that looks like an uti waiting to happen. Looks like her legs are in a tourniquet.
I just want to see how clothes look, REEE stop wearing things too big or too small

No. 1549968

I hate sexual identities from people who never actually dated another human being, and have only consumed art porn-not actual people just drawings.
Like no just because you like [literal fictional abstraction of a character] doesn't mean you are actually into humans like that because you were clearly not into them before you started consuming all that fetish material.

No. 1550004

..so if I'm into anime guys i can't call myself straight?

No. 1550007

What do you think about fujos who are lesbians then

No. 1550071

Are you really into human males or the idea of men from anime media?
That's very normal and falls perfectly into the stakes I set up. Unless you mean "lesbians" who never dated anyone and are not currently trying to date a woman, that's just pretentious shits trying to get an identity status.
My post was made specifically because of a post on /snow/ mentioning "aro-ace lesbian" and how stupid that was as an identity.

No. 1550087

>Are you really into human males or the idea of men from anime media?
i guess the second one but even then i don't get the logic of the other post, because then all kissless virgins would be considered "asexual" and that's stupid. the definition of heterosexual and other sexualities doesn't say you have to date anyone, just feel sexually attracted to them. with lesbians some might not date because that could get them killed depending on the country they're in.

No. 1550088

Sage for double posting but to elaborate I've known quite a few people in my lifetime like this
>even though I'm a woman who's only dated other women I'm definitely bisexuality because I like [fictional male character]
>I'm actually a gay man because [my little pony nonsense]
>I'm definitely [whatever the fuck] because I'm into [furry inflation???]
It just reminds me of the trans
>I'm a girl/guy because [uses dated stereotype]
Like that's not actual proof of anything that's just feelings based on a fetish you cultivated and I'm sick of people insisting it's a valid identity

No. 1550100

Not entirely related but I see so many 'ace' people who have entire porn accounts full of shit like monsterfucking. I absolutely do not understand

No. 1550107

This is ridiculous. Every relationship I got into I wanted to get out of. I don't think I'll ever meet the right one because I'm an enigma. I give up. I'm not going to get into serious relationships to prove something to normies. I would rather keep my peace of mind and not bother. You don't get to have an opinion on that because you're not me.

No. 1550122

So everyone who hasn't dated is asexual?

No. 1550137

“Chronic illness” (aka munchie) influencers who claims to have hEDS but somehow neither of their parents have it. Which is like 99% of every dumbass on social media who claims to totally have hEDS. Yknow, an already rare disorder that in virtually every case is genetic with a parent being affected? I’ve even seen a pair of siblings claim to both have hEDS yet neither of their parents or other relatives have it. Disgusting grifters.

No. 1550162

>Every relationship I got into I wanted to get out of
>I'm not going to get into serious relationships to prove something to normies. I would rather keep my peace of mind and not bother
I've had 2 long term relationships but I'm already sick of the cycle of a once great relationship slowly going to shit, it happening so gradually that you don't even register it (and you assume you're just depressed) and then by the time you realize the relationship itself is largely whats making you miserable.. you have a lease and a bunch of other shit to figure out before you can even begin to escape and get back to normal. That to me is a level of misery that I've never come close to while single. And it just stings more when all signs were good in the beginning. The initial high and eventual low don't seem worth it overall. I want a steady but moderately happy life with fewer risks of someone else fucking it up.

No. 1550170

I might sound unhinged but this is based on my experience around "aces" like this. They think they're not actually practising any type of sexuality or sexual attraction with monsterfuck art or even furry shit because it's not human, they are usually so disgusted by their own body that monsters are "an acceptable" way of viewing porn, because it doesn't resemble that much humans, or even if they do, it's like a beefy venom that is like, the most pornified monster there is. I think it falls into the masked troupe in a way, you can't see a human face, so it feels safer to mentally ill people who already have hangups of their sexuality, the existence or the lack of it and their body. Sorry about the autism, I just wanted to chime in because it's all dumb as shit.

No. 1550208

File: 1681575954870.jpg (123.19 KB, 850x958, 20230415_122524.jpg)

I think this picture speaks for itself

No. 1550214

isn't that just making him female in all but name?

No. 1550244

File: 1681580150846.jpg (177.05 KB, 1280x720, 20230402_033407.jpg)

This game. I enjoyed playing it, but I can't deny it is very scrotish. Two siblings trapped in an apartment for months but the girl is still dressing provocatively (artist is 100% a guy so I know it's fanservice), cooking and cleaning for her brother, is very misogynistic towards other women…acts like the stereotypical "BPD gf" scrotes always claim to desire — I dunno. It was fun but I can't deny the gendering of her irritated me. Which is funny because before rf-ism I wouldn't have noticed any of it

No. 1550249

my personal cow bought and played this game, solely because of the implied incest.

No. 1550259

It's free to play. But yeah the incest is barely implied, it's pretty blatant

No. 1550270

I think I saw a vid by manlybadasshero of this game, but I had to turn it off after a couple of minutes because it really rubbed me the wrong way… mcs do look like those zoomer wojacks too

No. 1550313

I think it's more the fact that she's willing to play a game or watch an entire tv series or even some old ass book just basely solely if it has Incest or not.

No. 1550316

I read that as 'pretty Scottish' and was so confused about how BPD and incest make you think of Scotland kek.

No. 1550330

fear: having a low cut top puff up in a way that reveals my chest and flashing everyone without my knowledge (especially as a sloucher). i've literally seen it happen to women so many times and even celebrities… one of the many cons of being small chested because i can't think of how you could risk this with a full one

No. 1550506

Dreams in books. Prologues without a single named character. Authors as protagonists. Fanatsy and sci-fi settings where every single characters and places name is written like Eb'Xny Dark'Xess D'emxnt'Ya Rav'X'n Wa'y. Any flowery description of clothing or food.
Me, complaining about these things and other people chiming in like "But X book did it great". No, it didn't, even if I don't know that book I thought of that one specifically and no other when I wrote this.

No. 1550517

>Find out about Grappler Baki wa BL dewa nai ka to Kangaetsuzuketa Otome no Kirokutsutsu
>Find it funny and want to watch it
>Find a video of it on kissasian that says it has a EngSub
>It doesn't
I hate this shit so much. I just want to watch an interesting movie.

No. 1550520

every time i wear those tops, i have ridiculous victorian tier posture for that very reason

No. 1550556

Have you guys ever noticed that sometimes in Sims 4, if you place an item down and try to use the recolor tool on it it will say "Item cannot be recolored" despite it definitely having multiple swatches? I hate that.

No. 1550558

Apparently I used to constantly flash all my high school friends. Nobody told me cause they thought I knew and was doing it on purpose. Talk about mortifying.

No. 1550616

It’s not flashing if you’re wearing a bra

No. 1550652

>watching jerma
>"cam!! CAM! GET ON CAM!
>jerma "uh okay I'll get on for s little bit" turns on camera
>"omg do handsome!!" *someone makes rude/weird comment about Jerma looks. He comments on it"
>"Trans rights" for no reason. Multiple idiots spam it even if it has nothing to do with anything.
I hate it all. Troons want attention so bad, even when things are.literally not about them they spam that shit in the chat

No. 1550708

It's literally their whole personality so it's not surprising that it's all they talk about (and porn)

No. 1550756

File: 1681613907969.png (79.29 KB, 485x364, img-0316_3.png)

Ever since I was a kid I've hated the look of flat front school buses. We don't have them where I live but I saw them in American shows and movies.

No. 1550777

That is an abomination!

No. 1550778

I hate, no detest, fucking despise all men with the following names:
They're always the most insufferable men on the planet.

No. 1550780

I think it's cute, reminds me of my childhood trying to chase my sims off of the toilet into school.

No. 1550782


No. 1550784

You forgot
Also I for some reason have had a crush on 5 dudes named Daniel no idea why

No. 1550795

Men with four letter names are usually unpalatable as human beings in general

No. 1550798

why have I dealt with 2/3 of these

No. 1550801

So fucking true. My dad is a miserable negative verbally abusive sack of shit.

No. 1550808

If you're lucky he will choke on his own vomit in the decade aw <3

No. 1550810

How many Trevors do you encounter? I don't know any Trevors

No. 1550816

yeah but don't public transit buses look like that where you're from?

No. 1550821

File: 1681619636717.jpeg (4.4 KB, 144x144, FD6AFEE6-FA59-4CD7-A3FB-5DBD91…)

All the trevors are chaotic see:

No. 1550840

File: 1681621831049.jpeg (70.48 KB, 600x423, LionA-092020-001-MOD.jpeg)

I can't put my finger on it but yeah the public transit buses don't bother me. Maybe the rectangle shape as opposed to the circle shape. If they made school buses that look like public transit I wouldn't mind.

No. 1551117

File: 1681660887455.jpeg (44.25 KB, 464x834, 81C665E7-32B8-4CAC-8479-92DA12…)

this man’s mug. How can you look like this and possibly think being a click bait influencer is the career for u. How can men this ugly even dare to show their face

No. 1551121

If Leonardo and that man in everyone’s dreams had a baby

No. 1551150

This bus's alien face will take you to jupiter to get stupider

No. 1551524

File: 1681691816814.jpg (115.14 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

okay the youtuber stephanie soo is a guilty pleasure of mine. yeah she is annoying and has a high pitched voice but i love the way she story tells. But her fiance IRKS ME the more i watch their videos. I feel like i have no one to talk to about this because no one watches her that I know because her voice is so ear-piercing and everywhere online except like an old guru gossip thread idolizes both of them and thinks he is this amazing and perfect boyfriend. TBH i used to think this too at the beginning because he really is sweet to her and they are a cute couple. BUT watching their vlogs he irks me to no end.

My BIGGEST gripe with him is Stephanie's entire family and even his entire family have shown their faces in the vlogs and he is usually the cameraman for the videos. Even stephanie's nieces faces are in the vlogs. Whenever he does appear on screen he is always wearing a panda head like pic related. I get it some people are shy/don't want their identity posted online but like this same dude practically shoves the camera in their extended families faces the second they visit. You can tell some members are annoyed by this but they play it off. He is also very stupid like he asks the dumbest questions or when she is clearly telling a story he will shove a piece of food in front of the screen which is super distracting and you can even tell it annoys Stephanie.

He is also just very rude and offputting I can't explain it you have to watch the videos but the things he says that he constitutes as "jokes" are not funny and downright just weird/cruel. Idk it's so annoying to me that he is in every single video with Stephanie but he is literally the only person not exposing his identity. Something about that is just plain fishy to me. He is also always bragging about the extravagant gifts he buys her and is always telling people the cost of everything its so tacky. There was this video of them camping out in their backyard that was super cringe. Stephanie starts crying because she is scared of being outside and he scares her. So because he feels bad at the end of the video he vlogs himself going to the store and buying some designer thing for her. It felt so disingenuous and like a cringey drama. I wanted to slap him. He is so pompous I can't put my finger on it. I wish more people knew wtf i am talking about because I feel so alone in my stupid rage about this panda man. They are getting married in Switzerland soon and if this fucker doesn't show his face or worse wears a panda hat im going to a-log. (not really) but that is such a red flag to me idk why. I sound so unhinged but like he ANNOYS ME SOMEONE RAGE WITH ME OR KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I FEEL LIKE IM SCREAMING INTO A VOID REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1551532

Adults that go to amusement parks and complain about kids and families being there You're at Disneyland where most of the rides are made with children in mind, what did you expect?

No. 1551541

File: 1681692635834.jpg (92.23 KB, 750x750, Breyers-Van.jpg)

Breyer's ice cream is fucking nasty, particularly the vanilla flavour. It tastes like fucking cake icing, way too sweet. I don't know why Americans like their food so sweet.

No. 1551545

breyer's is bottom tier poor people ice cream (i know this because i was poor and grew up eating it)

No. 1551549

I'm mad because my mom buys it occasionally instead of the nice ice cream, probably when it goes on sale or something

No. 1551555

Hand to God I swear it isn't real ice cream

No. 1551576

Stephanie Soo sucks

No. 1551583

I saw some thumbnails of her eating food talking about murders and shit, I feel thats even more disrespectful then people doing their make ups doing it. That Chapter gets on my fucking nerves he's not funny

No. 1551743

stephanie soo is also a guilty pleasure of mine although i never shut up about her but I should be more guilty about it. It’s an open secret that a few photos of him show up if you google “stephanie soo fiance”. I’m glad he doesn’t show his face, I think it’s better he’s off screen and he should talk less too. I’m not caught up on her vlogs and I don’t think too much into their relationship but I didn’t like him much at first, now I mostly tune him out. I’m chinese american and was raised with no culture so what he adds about China is interesting to me.
I like Stephanie as a person and i love the way she tells stories but true crime as fun entertainment feels vile. But I believe she is changing that with her new content. The recent podcast episode where she went in depth about domestic violence statistics against pregnant women was kinda hard to listen to and not because she was making dick jokes about Korean corn dogs during it.
I like to imagine in a parallel universe she’s a history sperg and I actually learn so much from her

No. 1551754

Same anon. The true crime community should've never blown up the way it did. Now people are talking about people being brutally murdered and raped while stuffing their face or putting on highlight. Nothing wrong with having an interest in the content, but you can tell a lot of people who regularly consume true crime content are desensitized to it and some don't take it seriously. Of course true crime has always existed, but before it was mostly through documentaries and shit like 60 Minutes or whatever. I say all of this as someone who admittedly has an interest in cults.

No. 1551777

I hate her thumbnails and the stupid fucking faces she makes. I remember when her followers called her out for making herself more attractive in her sim form and she slightly changed her characters nose and you could tell she was uncomfortable.

No. 1551801

>making her sim look more attractive
I do this ok Let me cope

No. 1551806

Those true crime ~chatty grwm~ makeup videos are so dystopian. It's always a filler monster reading things she ripped directly from podcasts and reddit. I don't understand why so many suburban older women are obsessed with these videos.

No. 1551816

File: 1681707868254.jpg (159.09 KB, 1484x989, afuckingfurry.jpg)

Hate that all fighting game tech, combos etc are locked behind fucking Discords or Twitter these days. It was so much easier when you had proper forums like Dustloop you could access without accounts and naturally, troon drama.
It's depressing seeing all these clearly autistic men in fighting games and shit like speedrunning trooning out. Like I can't even watch AGDQ anymore, they fucking banned the only funny, entertaining runners and have a "women's" event which is, predictably half troons.
You've got a furry wearing a really gross blue fur hat winning major tourneys, Sonicfox (pic related), who spews the usual "uwu trans rights!" shit to get asspats. Then there's Cosmo/Narcissa Wright who instead of speedrunning, cries about /v/ mocking him on stream now, pretty sad watching his chat encourage his delusional behavior, even if he is a horrific looking troon.
I just loathe all this performative social justice shit that male gamers will not stfu about, they barely even talk about the games their servers are for lol. It's all just college kids with 3000 hours in single games ranting about terves and crypto fascists, seen some people get the boot just for saying they were centrist, so clearly they must be some ebil /pol/tard trying to radicalise other autists. Discord's such a hassle, nonnies…

No. 1551918

I'm a newbie when it comes to speedrunning, what are some actually female speedrunners? It's kind of depressing to never ever hear about them because the most well known are always males, including troons.

No. 1551919

File: 1681717053323.jpg (90.82 KB, 1200x1500, ugly.jpg)

I know I'll get shit for this, BUT - dyed red hair. I'm not talking about the "natural ginger" looking dyed hair. More specifically the darker shades with weird undertones, or even the brighter unnatural looking ones. I love dyed hair and I don't mind unnatural colors, but these shades of red specifically are so fucking ugly and look incredibly tacky on everyone.

No. 1551937

I think this colour looks nice and interesting on mature women but I don't like it on young women/girls purely because it was the colour chavvy girls would have when I was in high school.

No. 1551954

>colour chavvy girls would have when I was in high school
Nta and I'm not english but that was the same in my middle school, what was the reason, the cheap price? I guess their trashy moms preferred blond so they didn't want to do like them?

No. 1551955

Same, I am from Eastern Europe and all the trashy girls in hs/middle school had that color hair.

No. 1551966

File: 1681723351877.jpg (225.92 KB, 1242x1425, img-0123-1630073833.jpg)

I was a trashy teenage girl and had this color hair
Its red wine/burgundy/cherry coke color and think it's a pretty color in theory but I also don't like seeing it as a hair color because I think it has just been so overdone maybe? It was so incredibly popular at a certain point, Rihanna, Ariana grande, kylie jenner, lots of Tumblr girls had it
It looks cheap to me now for some reason, maybe because it can have a muddy look to it, it also seems a lot of Mexican girls dye their hair this color idk why

No. 1551977

I don't like the personalities under the hair kek

No. 1551978

I don't like the personalities under the hair kek

No. 1551979

File: 1681726585228.jpg (35.34 KB, 736x410, Chels.jpg)

>it also seems a lot of Mexican girls dye their hair this color idk why
I don't know either. Apparently it's a meme similar to the "toxic Latina gf" meme some get brainwashed into.
kek this reminds me of Chelsea from Teen Mom 2.

No. 1551985

when I was a kid one of my elementary school friend's mom had this hair color, she used to beat up my friend if she brought home Bs instead of straight As, and she also already had one adult daughter that didn't talk to her at a time. I think that on its own this color could be cute in a y2k or whatever way, but I can't help but associate it with that woman.

No. 1552031

File: 1681738099547.jpg (58.92 KB, 736x736, 93861f36857ca816a21b71a682f5e0…)

Roberta revival?

No. 1552035

this hair color slays if you have tanned or dark skin. I remember rihanna wearing it and it looked amazing. judge me, but I still think it looks good if your skin tone matches it.

No. 1552038

File: 1681740204892.gif (876.51 KB, 498x229, ill-just-go-fuck-myself.gif)

>mfw living in poorexico and having burgundy hair at this very moment just because i like it

No. 1552040

slay it nonny, I bet you look amazing

No. 1552050

i have this color because im goth. i achieve it with henna.

No. 1552054

Don't worry anon, I'm sure you're not a chav.

No. 1552057

You are absolutely right anon, don't anyone convince you otherwise!!! this color is shit on earth!!

No. 1552060

Yup I always associate it with poor Mexicans. Tacky

No. 1552063

Congrats, you look like an Indian grandmother. Very goth

No. 1552111

indians aren't real so you're wrong

No. 1552139

I did this color multiple times in high school. I think it's one of the only dyes that can give a strong color on brown/black hair. I think many kids who want to experiment with hair but their parents won't let them bleach compromise on doing this red color instead.

No. 1552144

Cranky because you can't pull it off

No. 1552147

People who are good looking and "know it", aka are vain and smug about it. Don't like something they're doing? It's because you're ugly and jealous. Want them to do their job? They'll try to use their looks to get out of it. Their only personality trait is being pretty and it'd be kinda sad if they weren't so obnoxious and in your face about it.

Girl in my work spends her shift slacking off and doing tiktok dances or taking selfies, and if you tell her to stop she hides behind feminism and says some shit like uwu everyone hates it when a woman is pretty and knows it. You can be pretty and know it and not be a narcissistic asshole, revolutionary thought I know.

No. 1552152

>implying anyone would want to look like either a poor mexican or an indian grandmother(racebaiting)

No. 1552165

I associate burgundy hair exclusively with mature women as most women I see with that colour are. So I when I see it on a younger woman it I don't like it as it automatically makes her look older. It's like seeing an old-fashioned perm on a teen, it just doesn't fit and makes them look 50.
An exception to that is really short burgundy hair, like a boy cut or bob. These look alternative, not old.

No. 1552168

You sound jealous.

No. 1552184

Coping and seething

No. 1552188

bet your boyfriend left you for one of those poor mexicans or indian ammaammas huh

No. 1552195

>you're jealous of poor tacky messicans or poorly styled aunties
>I bet ur moid left u for an old woman or poor mexican
kek is this really the cope you're trying to go with. some people just think looking poor is tacky and embarrassing

No. 1552198

I really don't want to see sexualized drawings of children when I go to the LC frontpage. You'd expect it on moidchan but not here.

No. 1552203

Thanks for confirming you are jealous anon. Carry on about your evening.

No. 1552204

Ok the thing I hate is when a woman that's been hurt by a man subtly warns another victim but doesn't actually help the victim do anything about it. The second thing I hate is people who victim blame, I think they're cowards afraid of confrontation who would rather blame the easy target "asking for it" then actually get off their lazy ass and do something. Don't tell me I'm overreacting or too emotional I deserve the right to react any way I want to abuse and just taking it isn't going to make it go away. I feel like this is a tactic mean girls specifically use where they pretend they're above it all and the abuse didn't hurt them but we all know they're just happy the guy found a new victim and now they're off the hook. I hope that asshole comes back for you and you feel as lonely and confused as I felt with no one to turn to for help.

No. 1552207

I bet you are middle class at best.

No. 1552208

File: 1681751432770.jpg (78.02 KB, 673x673, download.jpg)

My only contribution to this conversation is that I love all shades of red dyed hair (or natural, but I'm partial to dyed). I was a copper-ish red, similar to picrel, a few years ago and I've been itching ever since to go back to that color.

No. 1552211

File: 1681751447503.jpg (104.7 KB, 1284x1480, Screenshot.jpg)

I already want to cancel my subscription

No. 1552212

>"confirmed jealous of poor mexicans!"
anon, be honest. do you even believe the words you're typing?

also kek im not middle class or a poorfag. cope and seethe. sorry about your unfortunate hair color, i didn't know it would make you fly into a rage

No. 1552216

File: 1681751588298.jpg (79.7 KB, 740x1200, download (1).jpg)

Samefag but to me this is the perfect color. That "cherry coke" color another anon posted above is also pretty. I think red is a very universally good hair color, it looks beautiful on anyone.

No. 1552222

How deeply unoriginal social media has made people. Everything on tik tok or instagram or twitter is a copy of a copy of a copy. I swear I see the same exact videos from different users in a 10 minute scroll, all presented as original ideas. Everyone is trying to look, act, talk like someone else because they want a grain of whatever useless clout they have on socials. Its even happening in my small art communities, people just blatantly ripping off art without shame because they want to make sales.

No. 1552225

Didn't read, fat and jealous

No. 1552231

imagine narc raging in the Things You Hate thread

No. 1552233

Why do narcs always accuse other people of being narcs when they're mad about nothing and getting trolled? Kek

No. 1552237

same, we need a purge

No. 1552238

you're just jealous, have fun at your kid's quinceneara

No. 1552240

File: 1681752479917.jpg (479.69 KB, 2048x1365, Rev. Jennifer Stephens stands …)

You're the only one raging in this thread anon. Just leave, close the page, you've embarrassed yourself enough.

No. 1552241

Fake turf on anything except a sports field.

I moved to suburbia and the number of fake turf lawns I have seen is disgusting. It looks like plastic shit. The entire front of your house looks like some kind of shitty dyed putting green.

No. 1552242

>have fun at your kid's quinceneara
not part of the infight but this killed me KEK i love u all

No. 1552243

No. 1552244

>being fat, jealous and racist
Pick a struggle mayonita

No. 1552250

File: 1681752869005.png (14.48 KB, 163x158, 1623025466407.png)

damn anon I'm mexican too and she didn't call u a beaner chill

No. 1552251

pick up your grandkids from school

No. 1552253

Pick up your sister-cousin from church

No. 1552254

Imagine being supposedly rich and passing your time calling online randoms grandmas.

No. 1552256

imagine being poor and defending your hair color in a hate thread instead of taking taquitos to your boys in the fields

No. 1552257

File: 1681753180353.jpg (60.86 KB, 800x533, two-teenager-friends-fighting-…)

It's a good thing this infight over hair colour isn't happening irl
This is how I imagine it going down

No. 1552259

File: 1681753213811.jpg (73.63 KB, 750x814, redscareblob.jpg)

>imagine being poor and defending your hair color in a hate thread instead of taking taquitos to your boys in the fields

No. 1552261

File: 1681753248853.gif (3.29 MB, 498x407, D11D15BC-E438-49F5-8EC6-3A6B17…)

You are all retards.

No. 1552262

File: 1681753272568.jpg (63.16 KB, 500x500, c.jpg)

the nonnas raging at red hair and calling it basic (also being randomly racist ew) probably have this color, egg yellow, with months of roots calling for a retouch and the tips quenched for some hydration. get yourself checked before you criticise others kek

No. 1552265

File: 1681753414276.jpg (261.24 KB, 1080x1857, tumblr_e399252945d4546e2025993…)

this is so dumb, why do zoomers have to make everything into a weak aesthetic

No. 1552266

My contribution: I hate middle parts. Makes everyone's face look long and harsh.

No. 1552268

anon let's take this to the zoomer core hate thread and get the hell outta here

No. 1552270

I have no idea what this situation is about but like, how is it racist to say you don't like red hair when it's a very popular opinion? Aside from pornsick men, most people prefer black brown or blonde hair on women. I've never seen a woman look better with red hair than she'd look with brown or black.

No. 1552271

if you're not saying things like go feed your kids taquitos or have fun at your kid's quinceneara the racism part isnt about you

No. 1552272

>(also being randomly racist ew)
i have no idea how you can read "have fun at your kid's quinceneara" and take it so seriously kek

No. 1552275

Saying only pornsick men can like colored hair on women is kind of nuts anon

No. 1552277

>only pornsick moids like red hair
What. Do you guys not feel crazy saying this stuff?

No. 1552278

ok nonita, why dont you go get beaten by your cop husband or get a dog to fulfill your need for attention? (I am trying to think of a stereotypical white american thing to make fun of, hope you don't take it seriously kek)

No. 1552280

they're trolling you, retard. welcome to LCF
this is dumb. women are allowed to like red hair. who cares what pornsick men like?
literally no one will take this seriously, how new are you

No. 1552281

I didn't see the og discussion, yeah that sounds racist. I thought it was about white women with the ugly orange dyed hair.
Most normies don't like dyed hair if it's not brown, black or blonde regardless of gender tbh. Maybe lesbians wouldn't mind dating a woman with dyed hair but most men I know avoid women with dyed hair that's unnatural. If you watch videos of women talking about how different they get treated with different hair colors, you'll understand what I mean.

No. 1552282

I'm a proud blonde hair hater

No. 1552283

I think black woman look great with pretty much all shades of red hair. It just looks so pretty on them. Women of other races look so much better with a muted, natural red or if they're into alternative, edgy fashion, a bright firetruck red in an edgy style. Intense, deep burgandy never looks very good on non-black women but it is SUCH a trend where I am from. Not trying to racebait, I'm white.

No. 1552286

I don't know, some nonas here tend to take things very very seriously. Plus, you can't deny the one anon who got pissy over red hair was seething way too hard for something so simple.

No. 1552287

Blonde hair only ever looks good when you're already a natural blonde and just add some highlights. Most of the time people fry their hair and it looks atrocious. I don't get how being highlighted blonde is the most popular look, it almost always looks fried and gross.

No. 1552288

i hate both. natural hair color almost always looks best on people unless you're rich enough to get it taken care of every day. even then, ariana grande's dyed red hair turned into a hot pile of garbage that required constant ponytails to hide

No. 1552289

I hate that the blogger app is so glitchy and causes glitches when I write a post on my phone and then go to edit it on my computer. It's a pain and I have to zoom in and out until the entry page stops glitching and shaking.

No. 1552291

I'm one of the nonnas defending red hair and you're absolutely right, average box red dye only looks good if you have a deeper skin tone. Paler women should stick to orange-y reds (gingers basically) or extreme bright red if they are alt-chans.

No. 1552292

>Most normies don't like dyed hair
Sure but plenty of normies watch porn and many of the most famous pornstars have natural hair colors. I know lots of men don't like "poison dart frog" hair but that has nothing to do with whether they're pornsick or not.

No. 1552293

>had braces
Oh I see you have a normal occlusion and perfectly straight teeth, and your smile is very pretty. It can only mean you were wearing those ugly iron thingies at some point you pathetic loser get outta my sight would never fuck a defective creature like you

No. 1552294

I'm >>1552270 and I lowkey agree. Red hair looks super trashy on lighter complexion but black and brown women suit it good, especially if it's a dark or muted red. I still hate how it looks on women with lighter complexion though it just looks super trashy.

No. 1552295

it's the same thing with makeup kek they don't like dyed hair but will praise dyed hair that looks natural (how the fuck a moid can look at a highlighted hair or a brown shimmery eyelid and say it's natural is a mystery to me, they're deeply brain damaged)

No. 1552296

Parents who let their kid watch whatever trash is on youtube for hours a day. Don’t go crying on the news about how you “did everything right!” when your kid shoots up his school cause he watched too much cocomelon.

No. 1552298

File: 1681754253429.png (33.12 KB, 390x280, BALD.png)

I hate all hair. BALD SUPREMACY!

No. 1552299

I wish my head wasn't shaped like Lenin's head so I could rock shorter or shaved hairstyle. My fucking head is a literal sphere.

No. 1552301

I scored 130. I wear glasses, under 5'7", in a STEM adjacent field, and have slight trust issues. Though, oddly enough I feel more normie than anything. They didn't include stuff like 'is into fandom' or 'collects merchandise from fandom'.

No. 1552302

It's because if you stand out in a bad way, you're unattractive. Doing average makeup and dying your hair average colors won't make you stand out in a bad way but doing heavy makeup and drying your hair a weird color will make you look weird. Men don't dislike dyed hair and I've never heard men say they disliked dyed hair aside from unnatural colors. So they just dislike unnatural colors and tbh most women and men look really bad with unnatural colors because their hair is fried and the color washes off in the first week or so, leaving them musty.

No. 1552303

I hate this scrote image so much. They're literally comparing women of different races and ages across decades who committed wildly different crimes just because they happen to have dark hair and glasses (like millions of women do)

No. 1552305

You literally got trolled and triggered so badly by the words "fat" and "jealous" that you responded with racist fanfiction, you have no room to talk kekkk

No. 1552306

yes, you obviously do, learn not to
red hair looks best on black women. white gingers look like orange trash, i don't even understand why pornsick moids are into them but they can have them.
i'm all for bald women but i just associate baldness with the large number of moids who go bald against their will.
Jodi isn't a femcel, she's like the anti-femcel.

No. 1552307

Goddamn somehow you bitches always manage to bring a conversation back to what men do or do not like. Who gives a fuck!

No. 1552309

File: 1681754588993.jpg (26.18 KB, 329x516, Lenin-1895-mugshot.jpg)

Anon, you can elongate your face with this elegant stylish solution

No. 1552313

>white gingers look like orange trash, i don't even understand why pornsick moids are into them but they can have them.
Yeah I agree. To look good as a ginger you already have to be a 10/10. Moids wanting them is probably because they watched too many videos involving them, when milf stuff got popular all young guys for example started chasing older women so you really shouldn't question pornsick mens tastes.

No. 1552316

Why does your life revolve around what "most men you know" like? That sounds really sad

No. 1552317

It's like everyone, even other women, just always assume that women have no agency and everything a woman does is in relation to moids. It's a weird and limiting mindset.

No. 1552318

ma'am i like red hair, don't involve me in your infight thanks
this, plus we already know men will fuck anything
half the ones they've seen in videos aren't even natural redheads so i don't really understand their dumb logic

No. 1552319

>yes, you obviously do, learn not to
Wasn't even that anon. Anyone who sees red hair and immediately associates it with poor Mexicans has some issues.

No. 1552321

>washes off in the first week or so, leaving them musty
This so much, unnatural colours look good only for a few days, after that they look awful. I have two friends that dyed their hair green for years, and apart from the very first day they dye it when it's vibrant, it looked like bleached hair that got mouldy

No. 1552323

I feel like this is really only a problem if you are unattractive. Good-looking people with dyed hair turn heads, while unattractive people doing it are just an eyesore because they're bringing more attention to their unfortunate appearances.

No. 1552327

that's cool and all but why do you care so much about moid opinion? they literally only care about your body (if it caters their pornsick preference) and if your face is not hideous.

No. 1552332

Nta and most people I've seen have ugly red hair are white women whose hair looks like it's washed like once a week. I know brown women with red hair and theirs don't look musty somehow? Maybe it's because they don't bleach it and just dye on top of their brown hair so less damage.
Yeah dying your hair bright unnatural colors needs the kind of upkeep most people with dyed hair cant keep up with because most people whose hair is dyed to such colors are mentally ill to a degree.
You don't need to take things this personally. Those colors get people staring regardless of looks, though it's usually not to admire your beauty.

No. 1552333

I associate it with chavvy girls because of where I grew up. Guess I have issues

No. 1552334

>You don't need to take things this personally
I don't have dyed hair, so it's not personal. I'm just going by my own observations. You just sound kind of insecure, you probably have brown hair and brown eyes lol

No. 1552335

I associate bad red hair with white trash goth girls and NLOGs from the early 2000s. I associate good red hair with black women who already have to upkeep their natural hair already so they do a good job on upkeeping their red hair. It's such an unpopular and untrendy hair right now I don't know why that nonna nitpicked it so hard to begin with.

No. 1552336

Nayrt but can you stop trying to start infights with literally every single person who doesn't like dyed red hair?

No. 1552337

post the tips of your hair (hard mode: dont run to the bathroom to plaster it on olaplex kek)

No. 1552338

you sound like you have BPD if you think it's important that people stop to look at your beauty, who are you trying to impress?

No. 1552339

>most people whose hair is dyed to such colors are mentally ill to a degree
Ayrt, one of them is bipolar, the other is non-binary kek

No. 1552340

I have natural dark blonde hair but I don't see how it's related to me disliking unnatural colors? Would I not be allowed to dislike red hair if I had brown hair? And you're acting like most girls who dye their hair red don't have natural brown hair, kek. Having brown hair isn't an issue unless you obsess over it and fry it.
Yeah agree %100.

No. 1552345

>most people whose hair is dyed to such colors are mentally ill to a degree
this will piss off anons but we've seen it time and time again with cows and genderspecials.

No. 1552346

File: 1681756152078.png (Spoiler Image, 173.39 KB, 538x862, IMG_9777.png)

I'm not the only one in the thread nonners

Pardon the frizz, was raining pretty hard ♥

Ok, post your hair

No. 1552349

That's a golden retriever

No. 1552354

That's what my bf calls me, weird

No. 1552355

I don't remember where I saw it, but this whole thing is reminding me of when I saw someone say that blonde hair vs brown hair is racism for white people kek

No. 1552356

Racism for teenage white girls, maybe.

No. 1552357

I has her true crime videos on in the background the other day, never watched them before and I swear to god the moid could barely keep up with the stories, asking stupid questions and I got the vibe he thinks he is being casual and like, engaging but even she seemed annoyed.

No. 1552361

I hate? When grown women talk? Like this? Where like…they end every sentence like a question?

No. 1552366

moids try to turn
"uptalk" into a solely female fault but it's actually performed by both men and women when you're explaining something to someone. it's basically looking for confirmation of "are you understanding me" without directly saying it.


No. 1552368

>"I was on a date the other day and not only did I notice her uptalking, but I thought this is really fucking annoying," he says. "And then five minutes later I was doing it. The date did not go well."
please note the obvious scrote hypocrisy.

No. 1552491

looks unwashed, I told you to not plaster it on olaplex.

No. 1552520

omg i cant stop reading posts like this now NOOOOOOOOO

No. 1552528

ntayrt but i've only heard gay men talk like that

No. 1552549

I hate nasally rap and traditional mexican spanish music because its played nonstop for 8 hours at my job.

No. 1552562

You saw it on here, probably around last month. Or the month before that. Or the one before that.

No. 1552584

File: 1681772084729.webm (847.43 KB, 382x270, TXlzcoCERo_tIHVH.webm)

>Margaret Atwood comparing the people of Ukraine to troons

No. 1552599

This is Walmart specific, but those people who check receipts. They're not security guards, so I literally do not understand how that is a valid job that actually exists that they get paid for. You literally have machines and super-cameras that could catch me if I was stealing. I'm going to say no to the next person that asks.

In general I don't like people that take their job too serious. One time during COVID era, I went out into the front area (the part where the buggys and arcade machines are) of Walmart and then had to go back in, and this lady was pressing me about why I had to go back inside. Move bitch!

No. 1552601

File: 1681773655354.jpg (29.84 KB, 400x400, 1524615022453.jpg)

she couldn't even pretend she wasn't reading from a script

No. 1552614

It's not expected from people her age to have much memory capacity

No. 1552619

damn those bigots literally bomb troons' houses and mine their yards, i also heard they steal their cats so that fucking cishets could adopt them

No. 1552624

don't be a bitch, they're just trying to do their shitty minimum wage job. take it out on their managers, not them

No. 1552627

> it also seems a lot of Mexican girls dye their hair this color idk why
It's one of the few colors you can dye black hair without bleaching it. Red pigment like this shows up in most bases without having to tone and remove the orange/yellow. So it's a easy color to have if you want to change your black hair to something different without completely destroying it with bleach.

No. 1552633

you said you're going to tell them no next time

No. 1552636

I'm not taking it out on or being a bitch to anyone, this is literally the "Things You Hate" thread

No. 1552637

No. 1552642

Yes, and I will. You don't have to be a bitch to say no.

No. 1552646

that person will probably have to try to stop you, call their manager, etc. it's just making their already miserable jobs more difficult

No. 1552651

ntayrt but they can't and won't try to stop you. The items belong to you at that point and they don't have a right to look through them or at the receipt. This goes on because people comply with it. As long as youre polite, the employee dgaf unless theyre a moron. However I have heard the manager may ban you from the store if they feel the need to. Just day 'no thank you' as you walk past, seriously.

No. 1552654

You do not have to stop for them and they won't stop you (again, I'm pretty sure they're not security guards), and I doubt they get in trouble. If more people said no then maybe their managers will realize that the receipt checking is dumb kek.

No. 1552686

Males who go fucking insane because their girlfriend happened to have sex with other guys prior to them dating. It's SUCH a giant tell for insecurity and instability in a moid. They know they're bottom of the barrel so they feel threatened when their girlfriends have dated/fucked other dudes before them because they KNOW intrinsically that they are less than dogshit on the sole of someone's shoe and that they don't deserve their girlfriend.

No. 1552711

Now post yours ♥

No. 1552716

Learn to integrate newfag

No. 1552728

Are you sure you're not the new one, anon?

No. 1552764

I do not like owls, I really dont. They creep me out so fucking much and I'm genuinely scared of them, especially the ones with the bald faces. They're the only birds I don't like. If I was face to face with one I would sob. I'm ok with Hedwig, I guess.

I know someone is gonna reply to this with a pic of an owl now thinking it's soooo funny. To whoever that will be, jump off a bridge hoe.

No. 1552768

>doesn't know how to sage
>"no u"

No. 1552772

>Doesn't know you don't need to sage in /ot/
That heart was the right heart, maybe you're on mobile or something

No. 1552775

you don't, but most people still do for useless faggotry like infighting

No. 1552782

same kek, owls wig me out as well. they're cute in theory but if i watch one for too long i start to understand why older civilizations believed in demons

No. 1552787

It was one reply, barely an "infight". And in actual infights there are plenty of anons who don't sage.
Anyway, here's an actual contribution: I hate when anons try to use saging as a gotcha in off topic boards because it kind of just makes them look like an overcompensating newfag themselves (even if you're not) and like they didn't actually have anything to say but wanted to reply.

No. 1552853

Not any of those anons but I think if you're having an argument and bump the thread on purpose, it's probably because you want to stir shit and make as many people as possible join in.
That being said, there's nothing wrong with not saging otherwise.

No. 1552876

What about potoos?

No. 1552886

File: 1681786569700.jpeg (260.02 KB, 1013x1272, 69EADF09-CDD3-4634-8A65-5253E7…)

Prince Stolas is a mighty fine demon

No. 1552889

I love this demon so much it's unreal

No. 1552965

The heart is allowed, sounds like you're new.

No. 1552997

long legged bitch

No. 1553001

this vid is a good example of men doing it, once I watched this I realized a ton of guys I know do it gay and straight. With gay guys it's kind of prolonged like thiiisss?? But with straight guys it's just a lack of confidence.

No. 1553006

He looks like he would make liberals getting pwned compilations.

No. 1553007

Paula Deen confirmed as lolcow infighter 2023

No. 1553012

kekkk get her ass

No. 1553046

File: 1681807106026.gif (2.25 MB, 250x275, 1658413467654.gif)

>I got a 300

No. 1553050

>Using Tumblr makes you a femcel
>Being short makes you a femcel
>Having long hair makes you a femcel
>Being pale makes you a femcel
>Wanting to dye your hair makes you a femcel
>Having had braces makes you a femcel
>Having trust issues makes you a femcel
>Wearing those big glasses that are pretty popular right now makes you a femcel
What the fuck are these people on? Plenty of popular girls and normie women with an active sexual life fit these criteria.
I have a feeling that the collage/tweet was made by a seething incel who was offended by all the (accurate) chinlet collages. This pic reeks of moid sharing his fetish for long-hair brunette women with glasses kek. Like half of those women have nothing to do with "femcel", whatever that means.

And speaking of which, I hate the term "femcel" so fucking much because you never know what people mean by it. It could either mean man-hating radfem or desperate virgin pickme, which I'd say are mutually exclusive.

No. 1553055

Jealous and bitter

No. 1553056

Those are criminal women who had weird social lifes. One made a man rape his mother, one murdered her ex, another also killed someone.
They're not femcels though, they're juet criminals.

No. 1553075

>Made a man rape his mother
No she didn't. Chris chan isn't that retarded nor did she physically force him or threaten him to assault his mother, he is just a rapist. He even told people what he did but did not disclose with who because he knew it was wrong. Men are responsible for their own actions.

No. 1553081

Samefag, not to mention the police would've been involved with her if their was solid grounds to believe she 'forced him'. Some retard woman posting 'lol rape ur mom' isn't forcing the retard moid to do anything.

No. 1553083

Alright, I'll just add "female criminal" to the list of possible meanings for femcel kek.

No. 1553107

I hate seeing men say they traveled to X country and women are so much better and easier(to sleep with) than the women in their country. It's always %99 racially motivated by either white men taking advantage of women of color in poor countries or nonwhite men putting down women of color because they think it's easier to sleep with white women, although neither of those two groups of men can actually get laid by the women they desperately fetishize.

No. 1553109

If a woman helps a man rape another woman, she's criminally involved in the case. If a mother had known a man was raping her child and only encouraged her, she'd be guilty for example.
It's mostly his fault but she's not fully as innocent. Would you forgive a woman if she encouraged a man to rape you and then laughed about the rape with him? Don't think so.

No. 1553111

I hate chivalry so much, moids think they are hot shit for performing it, like a man holding the door for me annoys me so much, I should be the one opening the door for myself and not be behind some random dude.

No. 1553114

Nta but you're fucking retarded holy shit. Some edgy retard online saying dumb shit is not "helping rape". No one holds moids at gunpoint and forces them to rape women, it's 100% the moid's fault.
You need to get some fresh air for real.

No. 1553115

Encouraging someone to commit a crime is a crime, kek. You're calling me retarded while defending a woman who laughed about a 70 year old woman getting raped by her autistic son.

No. 1553128

I guess 99% of farmers are now criminals due to alogging and kys's kek. I'm not defending her, I'm saying you're so terminally online that you think some retards on the internet spewing retarded shit is the same as real life interference.

No. 1553132

Killing yourself isn't a crime, kek. If you told a man to rape a woman by giving instructions, that'd be a crime. If you told an anon how to kill a man that's also a crime. Telling someone to kill themselves isn't the same as telling someone to commit a crime, suicide is not a crime.

No. 1553180

Sorry I killed your family and raped your pets anon, you see, someone on the internet told me "do it for the lulz", and me as a poor wittle moid didn't know what to do :(( How could I possibly prevent that?? Anyway, they also told me to do the same to you so I just want you to know that it's totally not my fault uwu(. :(()

No. 1553194

I wish this logic was used during the Michelle Carter case. Michelle did nothing wrong!

No. 1553198

The anon you're replying to, I agree she's innocent. Telling a man to kill himself isn't a crime but encouraging him to rape women and then talk about it, etc. definitely should be. Isn't it ironic that a woman only gets sentenced when the person that got hurt is a man?

No. 1553199

No, those are on the same level as owls. They're terrifying. Everyone says all the creepy shit is in the ocean but really it's in the sky.

No. 1553209

I'm middle class so I dislike both poor and rich people. The poor men I've tried to date all tried to sexually harass me and the rich men think they can pay their way to be with you.

No. 1553301

Crypto terfs, such as myself. Acting like repentant sinners for it makes the ones willing to speak against the grain into unrepentant sinners.
But I see why nobody wants to.
Are the middle class men any better?

No. 1553670

File: 1681865524804.png (798.76 KB, 678x665, (@glamgio_nyc) • .png)

I hate the way this woman talks in her videos. It's like a sequence of jumpscares, plus sometimes she activates a Dylan Mulvaney kind of energy.

No. 1553682

I HATE GUM! Gum is fucking disgusting, I've hated it for my entire life. Its genuinely hard for me to even be around someone when they're chewing gum. I wouldn't even kiss someone after they've chewed gum.

No. 1553687

Samefag but to make matters worse it doesn't dissolve like a mint, so vile gum-chewers for some reason think it's ok to just spit it out anywhere, and of course kids/teenagers stick it on desks and shit. It's literally the same as when cigarette smokers leave their faggots everywhere (actually, gum users and cigarette smokers are the same in every way, ones just not going to get cancer). Walk down a street ANYWHERE right now I guarantee that you will see some old, hard gum that has probably been there since the dinosaurs were annihilated.

No. 1553690

irl tumblr nose

No. 1553705

Hey I’m a poor Mexican and i am cute

No. 1553728

How old is she? She gives me "quirky personality Deschanel millenial" vibes
>I'm a millenial, and I've noticed that trend amongst my colleagues growing up.

No. 1553749

I think so, they're still men so they're not great but at least better and honestly more cultured than both rich or poor men. Though I think poor men are the worst, they're always dreaming of one day being rich and they for some reason tend to not know how to save up, I knew poor guys who would save up several months worth of their salary and buy a smart phone and shitty clothes with it as if they're not struggling to pay rent.

No. 1553755

Based. It's always on some hispanic chick like other anons mentioned. My friends and I call it the "party red" because these bitches are always trashy and drunk with the mental capacity of a 15 year old child. On the other hand, I think natural red hair is very beautiful and elegant. That obviously only works on extremely pale skin.

No. 1553756

Based. It's always on some hispanic chick like other anons mentioned. My friends and I call it the "party red" because these bitches are always trashy and drunk with the mental capacity of a 15 year old child. On the other hand, I think natural red hair is very beautiful and elegant. That obviously only works on extremely pale skin.

No. 1553810

>endless scroll
>no tags
I hate Twitter

No. 1553846

Single mom hate or just people who hate single women in general

SO many women wouldn't be in relationships with abusive toxic moids if men just shut the fuck up about other women's relationship situations

No. 1553848

I 100% truly believe Michele should be set free. Dude got a whole ass documentary about his girlfriend who he only met like once or twice irl made him kill himself and she wasn't even there.

As if moids don't constantly screw up women's mental health enough to the point of suicidalness? My ex brought a girl he was cheating on me with when I severally injured myself through a suicide attempt caused by his abuse and I sure as hell never got a documentary, nevermind the fact men usually abandon or find women's suicidal feelings as a way to further abuse them but it happens to a man once and everyone loses their shit

No. 1553850

I hate that "creative, colorful and cool" has become synonym with being gay or "queer" these years. If you're straight or not into trannies then you're not one of the cool kids, you're boring, annoying and a bigot by default. But if you're a straight man calling himself a woman? Genius, wonderful, everything you do is extremely creative and you're always talented. There's this weird preference among the "queer" group too, with gay men being the super cool guys, then you have HSTSs, the AGPs, the fakeboys and then the lesbians who have to suck tranny ass to be considered one of the great stunning and brave good guys.

No. 1553852

I have similar feelings about the 'artist' stereotype. Like, if you're creative, surely you must be a chaotic and emotionally unstable drug addict who dyes her hair a different color every day

No. 1553861

Instructing someone to commit a crime is a crime, but it is not forcing someone to commit a crime. Both in the described situation are criminals, though not the specific case you are referencing because telling someone to commit x crime isn't instructions, instructing someone to commit x crime by doing x and then y could be strewed as a crime but depends on the context of the situation, such as if they are paying them to follow through with the instructions. Criminals who commit x crime are responsible for their own actions and do not have to follow any given instructions from a third party. It was only count as 'forced', a very specific word implying the criminal who committed x crime had no choice but to commit the crime, such as at gun point or with a loved one under threat for instance. So, no, they choose to commit x crime and therefore were not 'forced'.

No. 1553865

They are probably the same kind of person who does not take responsibility for their actions and would whine that being told to take a bath online is anons trying to 'force' her to wash kek.

No. 1553872

I refuse to believe a moid that admitted to grooming a 14 yr old is a victim. The fact people are seeing Priscilla as the bad guy is astounding

No. 1553877

File: 1681898570695.jpg (67.74 KB, 763x785, a88f5-16735330711966-1920.jpg)

I refuse to believe a moid that admitted to grooming a 14 yr old is a victim. The fact people are seeing Priscilla as the bad guy is astounding

No. 1553878

>why didn't I get a documentary?
Because you're not a man who got manipulated by an evil evil woman obviously. Men are poor innocent creatures that can easily be manipulated by the evil women into suicide but if a man abuses a woman, she definitely "deserved" it.
That's the mindset people have, at least. That's why although most women who get severely beaten by their husbands don't get justice, insulting a man is enough for you to get punished as a woman.
I hope you're doing better now and he gets what he deserves. He sounds so disgusting, hope he catches something from the women he fucks.

No. 1553881

Everytime I read about this case I scratch my head, she was just a dumbass teenager, not some manipulative vixen, the dude should have just blocked her and not kill himself, it's not like she was beating him up or holding him financially hostage.

No. 1553899

File: 1681902108222.jpg (49.72 KB, 554x806, Fn2uJkzagAA5pW3.jpg)

Something is so particularly cringe and icky to me when people refer to women's abdominal area as "wombs". Out of all the names you could've called or organs under it (usually intestines mind you, uteruses do not go up that high unless the woman is pregnant), you called it the "womb"? It just feels like a weird evolution of misogyny type deal about how we no longer have tummies, bellys, stomachs, abdomin, etc but just walking and talking incubators for babies

No. 1553905

This. It's why scrotes created the crime of passion defence, it was created because scortes chimpout so often and wanted their lack of self control to come with 0 accountability. Men never take responsibility for their actions and try to structure society in a way to enable this hedonistic behaviour.

No. 1553907

No, the post is made by some 19 year old girl who uses TikTok too much and is obsessed with Red Scare Pod. Those types want to be seen as "femcels" in that edgy aesthetic way, it's cringe.

No. 1553911

NTA, but there's no reason to defend some nasty, animal-torturing pickme piece of shit. The intricacies of Chris-chan's mental faculties do not matter, Isabella Loretta Janke is a disgusting "human" and she'd be in jail if it weren't for her glowie parents. She proudly boasted and encouraged him to continue raping his mother because she thought it made her an "internet god".

No. 1553912

I think the tattoo itself is pretty cool, unless it means something coomerish..

No. 1553917

It's a womb tattoo so it's always coomerish. Womb tattoos are used in BDSM too, there was a chart that was posted on lolcow once about what certain types of womb tattoos mean (it's always some misogynistic shit). It's almost always done on women too ofc. I remember being surprised when I saw a male dancer on tv having a womb tattoo using ram imagery because it's very odd for a man to draw a womb on his belly…

No. 1553919

Wtf, is this some new trend or has it been like that for a long time? I always thought those are just normal tattoos who look neat with cropped clothing.

No. 1553922

File: 1681905213608.jpeg (70.98 KB, 479x640, images.jpeg)

Actually nevermind, I googled it. Wtf is this cringy shit

No. 1553928

i keep seeing them on troon's fursonas often tbh these couple of years

No. 1553929

if you had to get one of these which one would you get

No. 1553934

I would rather pass away

No. 1553945

Can we just please kill all men

No. 1553946

I hate that using spacing on here is considered “redditspacing”. I’m sorry that I like the look of things being separated by topic rather than having one giant paragraph of mishmash!

No. 1553955

This is an appalling look into the psyche of the coom brain. Look how he writes about liquefying fetuses and destroying fetus eggs. And lol at the animalistic one. Gave her too much agency there to act as an animal she herself identifies with, have to tack on that last part.

They are worse than a monkey. Millions of synapses firing over this crap, and they claim to be the rational and enlightened sex lmao

No. 1553959

Redditspacing was originally a way to call out those using two lines of spacing in their posts as posts on reddit required that to be visually separated into paragraphs. Anyone single spacing here is not meant to get this critique but newfags are retarded and think they caught a live one when they're just exposing themselves. You can be here since cgl days and they will throw around "twitter" too because you used a zoomer word or something.

No. 1553981

Is there one for psychically beating up any man who looks at the tattoo?

No. 1553997

i hate seeing posts where people are very obviously desperate not to get called out for redditspacing. like posts that quote multiple people and don't add any line breaks between their quotes. you're just turning your response into a blob of text that's irritating to read

No. 1554004

A simple line break in a wall of text isn't reddit spacing. Some people make their posts stick out by hitting enter every time they have a new thought, which gets them called out for it. I've seen posts with less than a couple hundred words take up an entire 4k monitor.


Responding like this

>for example

is retarded. It make some posters very obvious.

No. 1554008

gaze. its the most inert one on there and can be controlled somewhat as I don't spend much time in public. plus it just looks like a heart. otherwise, >>1553934

No. 1554041

Animalistic 4sure bark bark

No. 1554050

Which I absolutely get and agree with, that type of spacing is annoying, but say for example I’m talking as I am now and I’ve finished my thought process.

Now I’ve thought up another thing, brought that up, but without a doubt if I do it more than once in my replies I get:
>go back to reddit

Definitely doesn’t happen all the time but like someone else said, newfags see it and toss it around as if using the lingo helps them blend in.

No. 1554054

It's true that it's getting tossed around way too much recently, I was just clearing it up because some anons started thinking that any line breaks at all are unforgivable. Anons that attack posts like your example just want to pick fights as they probably just discovered their first anonymous space and use it to chimp out, best to ignore those tbh.

No. 1554060

for me, it’s task. Then I could get things done I procrastinate on

No. 1554079

The true crime YouTube is such a shit show there are few good channels but most of them are so abhorrent. Especially that pedo moid plague moth how the fuck hasn't YouTube kicked him off? He literally monetizes gore and cp it's disgusting I fucking hate it

No. 1554090

Totally random but I remember he made a youtube community post about his daughter being diagnosed with diabetes and he was crying about it because they don't have health insurance like KEK what a fucking retard having a child with no health insurance. Fucking brain dead retard. You just know they're not going to limit her carb/processed food intake. I guarantee they're going to let her stuff her face with little Debbie's and then bitch and moan about their diabetic daughter's insulin resistance.

No. 1554092

Samefag, meant to reply to this >>1554079

No. 1554108

When people act put out you don't specifically ask tailored questions to extract a conversation. I give up information freely and topics no one has to draw blood from a stone talking to me. I can cycle through topics I'm fine talking about whatever. When I'm asking how are you what's up how was your day I'm giving you an open ended question you can divulge as much and as little as possible. If you don't tell me much how tf am I suppose to know what you want me to talk to you about.

No. 1554119

I've been seeing that shit all over. I ran into a massive thing of like hundreds of women straight admitting to door dashing McDonald's 3 times a day (and not tipping either) and it's supposed to be relatable or unbothered or something and it was sickening. You know they can't even afford it either and are likely just digging up credit card debt for fucking MCDONALD'S. If you're gonna get fat why not get fat off of quality food, or just anything else but McDonald's what the fuck

Another ones are those who normalize being shit moms "yeah I let my kids watch coco melon all day while I ignore them and feed them chicken nuggets from the floor and they just drink cokes all day" like what? There's so many varieties of educational channels for children and healthier microwave options for kids that you couldn't even be bothered to give half a shit about what is going on in your kids mind and body?

No. 1554125

Most young diabetics are type one which has nothing to do with insulin resistance that's how type two works. In type one, the immune system attacks your insulin producing cells and lowering your insulin production so eating bad or good doesn't change the likelihood of someone being diagnosed with type one diabetes.
I don't know if it's type one for her but chances of a young person getting type two is very very low so, yeah.

No. 1554165

Anon… I am a type 1 diabetic. You absolute can gain insulin resistance as a type 1. I experience it any time I start to eat like shit throughout the week, my insulin starts taking longer to work and I'll have to give more insulin than when I am eating right. What fucking kid is going to be diagnosed as a type 2, type 2 is self-induced diabetes kek. Eating like shit DOES have an effect on type 1 diabetics.

No. 1554169

Eating like shit has effects on everything. Im saying eating like shit doesn't make you diabetic and you literally repeated what I said, I said a kid won't be diagnosed with type two. Also insulin resistance literally causes type two which was what I was talking about whilst your body not being able to produce insulin causes type one, though both can have insulin resistance the main mechanisms are different.

No. 1554176

Question: why are you explaining this shit to me. Yes I know eating like shit won't give you type 1… I literally am type 1. I don't give a fuck about le mechanisms, you said type 1's don't become insulin resistant and they literally can. I don't care to be redditsplained diabetes when I have had it for coming up on two decades. You know what I mean so idk why you're being so autistic about this. Sorry I didn't get the diabetic lore right but IDGAF.

No. 1554178

Measure your blood sugar, my diabetic friends got mad when their blood sugar were screwed.

No. 1554179

People who always wanna "play devils advocate" when you're venting. Just admit you wanna argue!

No. 1554183

Stop being so autistic, my autistic friends became more liked when they stopped being anal about shit they don't experience.

No. 1554258

Sealioning where people exhaust me with bad faith questions or when they pretend they don't understand me and make me explain myself repeatedly. I have to remind myself if it seems like a stupid question they are probably doing this tactic

No. 1554299

Don't engage, or agree with them flat out. Stare them dead in the eye and one-up their bullshit. When it's a social place and their retardation is reaching critical levels, I like to list everything I've been accused of and end by saying that I eat babies and that I murdered JFK. That's ridiculous enough to diffuse any tension the sealion has caused and makes them look more retarded.
If you're in a private setting, punch them.

No. 1554318

>nonna ur husbando is ugly!!
>ends up posting an uglier man/character
every time. EVERY fucking time. This happens in so many threads, it's embarrassing.

No. 1554387

A lot of times they don't even post their husbandos, such cowards.

No. 1554518

It's not defending a pickme to recognise a man chose to rape his mother and was not forced, as >>1553861 explains. Ultimately, saying chris chan was forced is defending a rapist and absolving him of his guilt.

No. 1554521

They do that with irl men too, literally all the time.

No. 1554533

File: 1681950747098.png (92.97 KB, 1864x391, kiwi.png)

Samefag, but even kiwifags recognise he wasn't forced and they blame women for everything kek.

No. 1554685

>"Uuum WOW??? Errrm am I like the only MALE in this [insert female dominated hobby or fandom]???? Hehe… Am I the only GUY surrounded by GIRLS???? Did I mention I, a MALE, like these female orientated media?"
I hope so, now shut the fuck up you giant attention whore NLOG (not like other guys). I hate this so much, like, who cares? Even worse when it comes to shit like otome and the faggot feels the need to whinge that they have to play as a girl in an otome game.

No. 1554695

have you ever watched the fourth kind

No. 1554739

I was thinking about this the other day. Chris did this completely in his own. He’s been a sex pest since they began documenting him. That Bell woman is a retard but Chris is an adult responsible for his own degeneracy.

No. 1554740

Is plaguemoth considered a cow? I’ve seen some of his content and was surprised to learn he identifies as nonbinary kek and apparently his discord also has a place for women to post their OF and stuff?

No. 1554873

Can't with the amount of ebegging rn. I can't skip through TikTok without at least 5 ebegging toks and it's always like "im a single mom of 6 kids and can't afford diapers anything helps bless you" like I get it, it's rough right now but an app geared towards teens dancing won't help you, at least try Facebook or something fr

No. 1554880

Otome games is what I immediately thought of, too kek. I remember back when it were only about 10k users on the subreddit, any post like that got downvoted and if the stars meant it well with you in that moment, you could even tell him to stop attention whoring without getting banned or anything. I wonder if you can still do so 65k subs later lmao.

No. 1554897

I hate when people smoke weed or cigarettes and then carry the smell with them. Bleh. You know you stink and you're making the room stink, stinky.

No. 1554903

Oh yes, this stink is really nasty. My neighbors smoke right in the elevator and on the floor, infuriating but there's no way to fight it, no one gives a fuck.

No. 1554914

he should be considered one, the other farms have some dirt on him and he's an absolute cow imo

No. 1554928

I agree with a cigarette claim cause cigarettes smell like cancer and filthy boomers. But I love when someone walks past me smelling dank af.

No. 1554932

What's the dirt about plaguemoth can anyone explain

No. 1554934

Nta I disagree. Back when I was in school there were a lot of classmates smiking weed in between classes and the stech they left behind each time was horrible. It's this mix between smoke, rotten wet grass and ass, eugh. I guess potheads get used to it and can't smell it anymore, but non-smokers can tell right away.

No. 1555206

I hate people who can't stand someone being introverted and quiet. I've literally been told that I think I'm better than other people cause I didn't talk much. People automatically think I'm rude, stuck up and mean. Insecure bitches.

No. 1555210


No. 1555214

Cigarettes smell much nicer than weed.

No. 1555216

In a video he talked about how he and his wife like to look at other women KEK They're one of THOSE couples…

No. 1555234

Haha shit's too familiar. Even some adults would react this way and dislike me when I was just a calm and reserved kid. It's very annoying and weird to always kind of defend your right to be your natural self when it doesn't even imply anything offensive. Also hate it when people think you're just shy to do something and it's their mission to make you do it when you simply don't want to. Again, when I was a child, some adults would actually make me cry because they wouldn't leave me alone and they'd make me feel absolutely inadequate. God I hate people lol.

No. 1555239

Oh my God. She's a pickmeisha ENABLING HIM and he's a pornsick scrote. Wonder how their child is gonna grow up to be…. honestly I wouldn't want it growing up AT ALL.

No. 1555245

I also hate people who make it their mission to "cure" you of your introversion by forcing a conversation on you or making you do an activity you don't want to do. And don't get me started on people who get butthurt because you got turnt that one time and haven't done it since. Please leave me in peace I don't want to yell and dance on the middle of the street, I want to read.

No. 1555246

>I guess potheads get used to it and can't smell it anymore, but non-smokers can tell right away.
Really? Now I'm paranoid everyone smells I smoke. A friend who smokes doesn't smoke like anything to me though, even before I regularly smoked.

No. 1555251

File: 1682015986630.jpeg (75.05 KB, 828x1129, Plagued Moth Wife 03.jpeg)

Pretty much, they look like the average reddit couple tbh. It also looks like they have a thread on kiwi for the other anons asking.

No. 1555254

I told a friend that it was creepy that "extroverts" made it their life's mission to "adopt" introverts and make them come out of their shell or whatever. I've legit seen people brag about it, like "It is I! The extrovert! I was the one that graced the poor introvert with social skills!" Wtf.

No. 1555270

When do you like to socialize? Like what do you like to talk about, do you do better in group-settings or

No. 1555298

I fucking hate this, it's condescending when you're comfortably quiet and someone makes it their mission to 'get you out of your shell" . Reminds me of highschool where I used to get picked on, but the most offensive thing that happened was when a popular girl came up to me at lunch and sat next to me, said "oooooh what did you bring to lunch today" like she was talking to a special needs kid.
I know its well-intentioned but holy fuck

No. 1555309

I hate it too. That shit made my school years from kindergarten to high school a living hell. I just wanted to go to school, pay attention to the class, go back home, do my homework and watch tv or read books after class but that was "weird" and "not normal" according to everyone around me. Nowadays that's not really an issue anymore and I'm more outgoing than before but I swear that this shit legit made me wonder if there was something wrong with me mentally because of how I was treated for not giving a shit about not having super close best friends to play with during recess. Turns out that I'm normal and just don't want to make small talk with strangers just because we have the misfortune of being stuck in the same place for years.

No. 1555310

>in the same place for years
What makes someone not a stranger to you? Because knowing someone for years is literally what makes them not a stranger.

No. 1555324

I hate showering. So much effort. Especially if you have long hair. Then you have to put lotion on and dry your hair. I wish I could get away with doing it once a week.

No. 1555327

Going to the same school as other kids doesn't mean we know each other, not even on a basic level, and I always went to big schools since I always lived in the same big city. I was getting along with some of my classmates so I was talking to them just fine during recess, but before that I had completely unrelated kids I gave no fuck about and never saw before come up to me when I was reading a fun book I was looking forward to reading. And when shit like this happened it was usually them starting conversations with me like "we saw you alone reading a book and thought you were feeling lonely, we felt so bad for you!" and them monologuing in my direction and wasting my time because they wanted me to listen and nod. It's not an isolated incident at all, and that shit was encouraged by teachers who thought I was just sooo shy, to the point where I was wondering if I was the abnormal one for not wanting to force myself to talk to condescending people. Now these same people grew up to be the piece of shit managers in workplaces who always talk about how "we're all a big family!" and who beg you to do things unrelated to your job because it makes them look like good managers who care so much about their team.

No. 1555334

I really don't see how it's condescending, these kids made an effort to include you, that's actually very thoughtful.
You're really making something sweet into something bitter for no reason.

No. 1555425

I guess it's something you have to see for yourself to understand. I didn't want to hang out with people who weren't doing it for fun but because they secretly pitied me and assumed some crazy shit about me just because I was reading books I liked. And I'm not the only one who think it's condescending, see this post >>1555298 because people used to truly think I was clinically retarded just because I wasn't talking to everyone all the time, just like this anon described one time when someone talked to her like she was a dumbass.

No. 1555483

Nasty weed smells nasty, but also those kids were very likely smoking blunts of spliffs. Both of which have tobacco. Tobacco mixed with weed is noxious even if it’s good weed (and ew why would anyone mix good weed with tobacco). Weed can also smell like shit if it’s being smoke out of a nasty dirty piece.

If you’re smoking decent weed and not smoking spliffs/blunts and not using dirty filthy pieces chances are you don’t stink. As long as you don’t do those things, all you need to do is brush your teeth/chew some gum and wash your hands and you’re not gonna stink.

No. 1555493

NTA but I was like you when I was a kid and now as an adult I realize I was a little bitch. The edgy Daria behavior may seem cool to someone very young but they probably just wanted to be your friend. Once I grew up and people finally left me alone as a teenager I realized how isolating it is and now I want nothing more than for someone to sit with me and start chatting.

No. 1555502

Once people starting leaving me alone once I went to uni and interacted with others because we genuinely wanted to as opposed to shitty brats trying to make themselves look nice and caring by interrupting me and then calling me all sorts of names behind my back I felt really relieved in a way I can't even describe. Maybe you had nice kids in your schools, I didn't and at this point I'm expecting you to say I should also be grateful when boys were hitting on me as a joke or trying to force me to datz a classmate that was openly racist or disgusting towards me because hitting on someone can sometimes have a positive connotation.

No. 1555587

File: 1682033509123.jpeg (60.26 KB, 828x1018, EE318EB7-96B5-4800-A864-13AE4A…)

People often conflate the quizzes and AI written article side of buzzfeed with the actual investigative news side. I enjoyed a lot of their articles, they did a few great entertainment and tech exposes and even won a Pulitzer for one of their pieces which I believe was on the Uyghur genocide. This is very sad to hear

I feel bad for the journalists who did investigative work who now have to pack up and find a job elsewhere thanks to this liquidation. I also feel bad they were routinely dismissed by potential readers because of the Buzzfeed name. Like Buzzfeed Unsolved, BF News was actually good media output from an otherwise disgraced brand.

No. 1555698

I hate having found out that those cringe nsfw erotic audio guys can make millions of dollars by roleplaying as a generic sexually abusive daddy dom and that underage teenage girls will pay money for that shit while simultaneously becoming obsessively connected to the content creator who is undoubtedly the most average fucking creepy neckbeard. Like what the fuck, men are not allowed to say any woman lives on easy mode

No. 1555731

Same the only reason I don’t work out every day

No. 1555737

Whoever told you they make millies is lying

No. 1555758

You can go to their subscriber pages and it shows how many pay for which tiers, it’s easily hundreds of thousands per month and mainly from teenage girls. Of course this is only a select few who get popular but it was a shock since that’s celebrity onlyfans tier just for recording your fucking voice for 10 mins. It’s also a sketchy way to sell sexual content to underage consumers who would be otherwise uncomfortable with video pornography. Weird corner of the Internet.

No. 1555939

That was my fucking cousin, anytime he saw me he would torment me for being mostly quiet and kinda moody (which is most teenage girls) and thought I was a stuck up bitch and he would make fun of my interests, and when I went to an anime con he got pissed because I didn't tell him where I went. The worst thing is that my mom didn't say anything and even took his side because she's a boymom and he was her favorite nephew. Thank god I don't have to deal with this side of the family anymore.