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No. 1176463

Prev thread here: >>>/ot/1155532

Reverse psychology works.

No. 1176482

File: 1652250369695.jpg (48.08 KB, 637x480, d1e5e37dfbe06498fea975245266f1…)

how do i socially recover from replying to my auditory hallucination in front of half the class?

No. 1176496

Oh anon, I'm so sorry. I guess what you should focus on is that these people aren't going to be in your life for very long.

No. 1176504

Months ago I took Plan B and had no side effects. Then on Sunday I took Ella and literally right after I took it I got my period. Not spotting, but a full on period. It is Tuesday night and I still have my period. And my normal period had just ended a couple of weeks ago. Is this normal?

No. 1176505

Maybe tell them you were in a call with Airpods or something in the like? Or that you weren't sleeping at all the two nights before. Damn I'm so sorry. Just try to ignore that it happened and they might also.

No. 1176509

Say you have hearing problems and thought someone was talking to you. It happens to people. Other than that, if you're prescribed antipsychotics, you should take them

No. 1176510

Don't even know what to say. Praying for you anon, I'm so sorry.

No. 1176514

What did you say to the hallucination

No. 1176525

we were discussing the news and i thought somebody asked me where i read about it, and they kept asking what, so i got pissed and blurted it out angrily. but they never asked in the first place. and a woman was like "uhm, o-okay", luckily another was nice enough to say, "oh yeah, that site"

No. 1176527

it is normal, they mess around with hormones. when i first took a plan b it gave me acne and a few dark chin hairs. that shit sucks but better than getting unexpectedly pregnant

No. 1176535

File: 1652254161645.jpg (51.22 KB, 640x464, sleeping_cow.jpg)

bit of a blog but i badly need help. i fucked myself over by working too hard at my shitty fast food wagie job.
i get spergy when things are slow, and work ahead. usually when it's not busy this means my jobs will be done early, and the kitchen staff calls me in to help clean up there. but this has become an expectation of me. now when it is too busy, i'm tired and i can't work ahead, they get mad at me, and even scold me in text after my shift why my job (that was originally the job of 2 people) was left unfinished. it is not fair, and i don't want to have to tell them about my bodily pains to avoid getting threatened. my manager, this fucker, just texted me that "there will be consequences" if i don't finish cleaning the entire lobby and bathroom (sweeping + sanitizing + mopping + emptying and replacing trash) again. while we are short staffed and hours are reduced, AND they call me in the end to help scrub and mop the kitchen, which has 3 people!
please, how do i not kill myself here while i apply for anywhere else?

No. 1176541

is there a webmastery/web design coding thread or something of the sort ? i cant find one, im sorry if there is !

No. 1176542

Easy i would think you’re telling siri to google it

No. 1176583

It kind of depends on where you are. If this is the U.S., you do have certain protections. Bring up the original job posting and confirm the specific tasks you were hired to do (interact with customers, take orders, whatever). If it does not state you would be doing extensive cleaning, then I would firmly tell them “I am happy to help clean when things are slow, as a favor, however that is technically outside the scope of the job I was hired to do and I will not be helping when things are busy.” You can also tell your manger that threatening you with “consequences” for not doing things outside of that scope is illegal, particularly when it may cause you physical stress or harm, and you will be documenting his requests and speaking to an attorney if he continues to give you a hard time. Start recording every instance of when you recall having to do more than your job normal job scope and any pain it caused you (that is important because it can result in medical problems and associated fees which the business will be culpable for). Look up OSHA and whistleblower laws. Also if you are friendly with any people in the kitchen or other spaces you’ve been forced to work, having a written statement from them confirming what’s going on will help. Most attorneys will give you a free consultation, but I doubt the manager will want to risk getting dragged that far.

No. 1176584

File: 1652258236043.png (121.91 KB, 554x554, KcT7qaA.png)

good evening nonnas is it too late to get into drawing in my 20s? i'm constantly overwhelmed with this feeling that since i wasn't an art prodigy as a teen i'll never become decent so why even bother

No. 1176585

And 100% take screenshots of those threatening texts and let him know you will be keeping them as evidence if he keeps bothering you.

No. 1176588

Of course not. Anyone can become proficient at just about anything no matter how old they are if they’re willing to put the effort in. Also, 20-something is still very young although I know it doesn’t seem like it when you’re only barely outside of childhood.

No. 1176589

I’m glad theres a part of you that thinks this is a stupid question because it is, at the end of the day its all about you, paper pencil and your self expression. You already know what i’m about to say which is its never too late

No. 1176595

Has anyone else noticed their skin looks better after working out?

No. 1176599

No. 1176604

I made shitty tacos, I have no lime. Will rice vinegar help me in a pinch? I have lots of cilantro and onion. I fucked up so bad.

No. 1176613

I forgot lime for my guacamole recently and barely felt any difference, just pretend it was never in the recipe

No. 1176614

Who are some celebrities whom you believed to be a different sex when you were a kid? I always thought Anastacia was a man, same with Cher. For some reason I both imagined to be effeminate black men, like Michael Jackson

No. 1176615

lmao i first saw michael jackson when his vitiligo made him almost fully white. back then i was a child in a non-english speaking country, and thought that hee-hee was a woman.

No. 1176621

An addition/correction: I never saw their music videos when I was a kid, I based my assumptions on their voices alone

Yeah I'm pretty sure I believed him to be a woman as well at one point kek

No. 1176640

am i tranny chaser? i find the majority of them repulsive except for a few. i admittedly am obsessed with two tims because i liked how they were before they fully transitioned, it was because they had the right amount of feminine qualities that weren’t too faggy and dressed androgynously. i would sometimes fantasize about being their ideal gf in an alternate universe where the trans ideology doesn’t exist.

No. 1176664

File: 1652264284383.jpg (150.44 KB, 1035x1578, 1570029417_08_1009644624_02INT…)

I honestly don't get her end game. Is this some kind of fetish for her or is she literally the worlds biggest narcissist? Also why is he such a cunt?

No. 1176669

he's not even nice. he doesn't appear to have a nice personality. i don't get it.

No. 1176672

Idk who these people are but it might be a power thing?

No. 1176674

File: 1652264859156.png (2.42 MB, 1070x1248, low.PNG)

I don't know them specifically but there's an influencer couple like this in my country too and it's just hard to grasp. They talk about their sex life a lot in the interviews, to destigmatize the subject of sex life of people with disabilities which I do understand but at the same time, it's just so odd. In this case, the guy actually seems like a nice person, but he says he never wanted to be an influencer and got persuaded by her when they got together so it's hard to not think it's some sort of weird narcissism on the woman's side.

No. 1176675

he looks like an abortion

No. 1176677

im op and im not surprised your couple talks about sex too, the ones i posted are like morbidly open with their lives and its just at a point where it just seems larp-y on her part. Also I swear its a fetish for her she's always biting her lip and shit when they discuss sex.

No. 1176680

My cousin and I were perplexed when we first saw Marilyn Manson in his mObscene music video. We really couldn't figure out who it was lol.
Nah you're not. I think it's normal to be attracted to androgynous looking people.

No. 1176696

Samefag but now looking into it, she could also be a pedo. I've heard pedo men lust after anachans even if those anachans are older solely because they like smaller people.

No. 1176703

I can see the psychopathy in her eyes

No. 1176708

That guy has such a shitty personality too. They apparently conceived babies naturally just so there would be a chance his retarded genes could pass and leave the child crippled. Once they asked him what he'd do if the child got upset because of his choice, he seethe so hard. Imagine leaving your chilf disabled just to feed your ego.

No. 1176756

Oh i didn’t say her personality was shitty, she seems off her eyes are kinda dead. Maybe its narcissism or autism i could never know. I wouldn’t be surprised the deformed male is a poopyhead tho

No. 1176771

There are women with fetishes for this. There was even one anon who admitted she had a thing for deformities, and a female artist on deviantART (I think they went by "trashtrashtrash") who got posted in one of the /m/ "bad/hideous art" threads. All their submitted drawings were of people with conditions like that, or much more severe, with an extreme level of focus on their issues

No. 1176777

Yeah that's definitely a fetish. No way a woman would be with a deformed man with a terrible personality like this >>1176664 dude. He's so angry in all of the videos and so disgusting. He also acts like his disability is a good or quirky thing and tried to pass it off to his kid.
I don't know about this >>1176674 guy though. He might just be a normal disabled man. He looks nice so maybe it's just his gf that wants to monopolize on their relationship by making it public? Idk.

No. 1176780

It's probably a munchie by proxy thing.

No. 1176793

File: 1652276837870.jpg (42.66 KB, 800x533, me every night.jpg)

How long do I have to floss and use mouth wash to convince my dentist that, yes, Mr. Dr. Dentist-sensei, I have been using it every single night ever since you told me to two years ago?

No. 1176796

Just once, right before your appointment with the sensei. Just be really thorough

No. 1176799

File: 1652277180232.jpg (10.35 KB, 265x260, 08ee9985678061b824a287498b6836…)

Do people with ADHD suffer from hypomania or something similar?

No. 1176804

I don't mean to sound condescending, but are you using proper flossing technique? Using a C shape against the side of the tooth and getting the floss underneath your gum line? If your gums are still bleeding a bit when you go in for your cleaning, of course it'll appear to him that you aren't flossing because your gums aren't supposed to bleed. Yes dentists poke at your gums with sharp pointy objects so isn't it obvious they would bleed, no matter how healthy? But I have been flossing for years and at my first visit with my new dentist my gums still bled a bit (so he didn't believe me), but I went back for my biannual cleaning 6 months later and no bleeding (after fixing up how I flossed). Also, how is your teeth brushing technique? Are you brushing at a 45 degree angle, up against the gum line? The most important area to aim for is right where the gum and tooth meet, that's where plaque is most present. That might also have an effect on your gum health even if you floss correctly. Also, are you using a fluoride based mouthwash? I don't use mouthwash but I heard fluoride based is best. The ones with alcohol can dry out your mouth and make it a bacteria breeding ground. Personally I just spit out my toothpaste and don't rinse my mouth out with water afterwards and I feel like it does a good enough job. Last thing I can think of is just having shit gums because of genetics.

Sorry for autism. I'm not even a dentist or hygienist, I'm just a sperg about my oral health kek

No. 1176817

who are this people!? Do they have a kf thread? It seems down at the moment

No. 1176828

I used to buy a lot of things and have not got rid of them yet because of sole laziness and because I like the decoration (I'm talking about dolls, clothes and books mainly), but at the time I bought them I did use them. I do buy (secondhand) DVD's and vinyl occasionally now (only albums/singles I really love) and use them pretty much every day. The only other unnecessary thing I buy are clothes every once in a while. Could I be considered a hoarder? I don't buy things often and when I do I make sure I will use it, I just have a hoard left that I don't want to get rid of because I still occasionally wear my old clothes and read my old books/comics. Am I a hoarder/consoomer or just lazy?

No. 1176835

File: 1652281686734.jpg (489.61 KB, 2048x1080, Artist-Alley-.jpg)

Anons who go to cons, how much money do you usually spend there? Is there any recommended amount I should have?
I am not the biggest hoarder, I do not collect buttons, keychains or posters. I am more of a person who would get a hand-made hoodie or something cutesy-useful like a set of muffin or cookie cutters, etc. Figmas only if I would actually like one, not the biggest collector.

No. 1176839

Should I perm or bleach my hair? I have 1c, dark brown, east Asian hair.

No. 1176906

File: 1652284507124.jpg (97.53 KB, 600x600, 77aa69014dfe763b6eeac7a8125fae…)

If we're just talking merch, I generally always spend around ~$200 no matter what I'm buying. I don't really set a budget for myself (although I should kek) but $200 is usually the norm for me and I try to be really picky with what I buy to keep myself in check. I've shifted from buying less prints, and usually go for pins or washi tapes (latter being my biggest weakness, I'm ashamed to admit I've spent like $60 on tapes alone at a con once). I find that apparel merch is usually around $25 for a shirt, but hoodies and others will usually start at $50-65 minimum. They're so pricey I usually only end up getting one apparel item, if any at all. I spend 90% if not all of my money solely in the artist alley, vendors hall usually doesn't have much for me since most of it is stuff I can buy online anyway.

No. 1176967

what is this fascination with the dano-riddler that girls and women are having? what is the justification or reasoning? i don't watch capeshit

No. 1177053

When should I start getting pap smears yearly if I never have sex with men? I'm 24 and have no family history of any kind of gynecological cancer.

No. 1177067

And so on, just read the Danofagging thread.
Part of it is also because the actor already has a huge fanbase, and that fanart/fanfic fuels the attraction more.
>i don't watch capeshit
Then try watching the movie and there's a chance you will get it then.

No. 1177086

Has anyone ever found a friend through the friendfinder thread? It's not full of scrotes, is it?

No. 1177102

I've met a really cool girl through it, we even met IRL, so I'd say it's doable.

No. 1177111

oh okay kek I was paranoid that it was used mostly by scrotes or just random people who want to troll us

No. 1177117

There's always a risk I'm sure but with how many anons you see in other thread mentioning that they want to make female friends, no surprise there have to be some real ones there too. I can only hope it's a majority!

No. 1177166

There are scrotes, just trust me, they are very easy to sus out. I have found multiple friends on there.

No. 1177179

You only need pap smears every 3 years between the ages of 21-29.

No. 1177195

Has anyone taken a carpentry class? What was the experience like for you?

No. 1177212

why is this place so slow? bet everyone is on crystal.cafe right now, bummer

No. 1177226

probably left because of the raid/spam the other day. and CC is 1000 times slower lol

No. 1177261

File: 1652300324719.png (591.32 KB, 820x879, 1622492419805.png)

Is Kiryu's superhuman strength caused by autism?

No. 1177290

No. 1177309

I just asked on a subreddit about dutch laws something and I received a downvote. I can’t even pinpoint why. I received another downvote on a reply to a post in the thread I made. I can’t even figure out why. What’s going on?

No. 1177319

Do you have a feminine leaning user name?

No. 1177327

No. Just randomly generated. But i accidentally did refer to myself as a female. But everyone on that subreddit is an annoying redditor, so they’re libfems whether they’re male or female. Or maybe they’re upset I mentioned the ethnicity of the person I’m having trouble with and that one individual is just butthurt.

No. 1177342

Maybe you've asked a stupid question.

No. 1177345

Perhaps. That or the ethnicity thingy. Oh well. I didn’t mean any harm with my stupid question.

No. 1177362

File: 1652308481883.jpg (43.21 KB, 540x960, b439aff50fc48cc85ce7966033a394…)

I'm supposed to memorise a 3 minute speech in a different language, how? is this even possible? My bf said that he used to have to memorise 7 minute speeches (not in a different language). Unfortunately, I don't have time to practice because I have to present it in a few hours.

No. 1177365

Turn it into a melody/mini song

No. 1177369

A few hours is enough time to passably memorize something if you spend it all practicing, it'll be hard but possible. Did you procrastinate hardcore on this or something? Because it seems insanely unfair to give people so little time to memorize something in a foreign language.

No. 1177377

you will just have to be hardcore…and you can be…you can do this…hard…core….

No. 1177389

File: 1652309953555.jpg (38.12 KB, 540x960, 9c8e11d81012dce91f177aa84ba2d6…)

yeah I did procrastinate it, I recently got diagnosed with severe adhd so I guess that explains it
>>1177377 >>1177365
I'll make it a hard core song

No. 1177417

I think it's a combination of pre-existing Dano fans, perma-online women projecting streamer and imageboard culture onto him, and people who like edgy villain characters and gore.

No. 1177448

File: 1652312550156.jpeg (104.08 KB, 1080x1080, D5863288-365C-4D0E-A640-B34766…)

Why do men need special products like soap, shampoo, conditioner, creams and so on? Do they have different needs for their skin and hair because of their defective XY chromosome?

No. 1177451

It's mainly marketing.

No. 1177457

What’s the origin of the term “bong” when used to refer to Brits? Like I know where burger, frog, and kraut come from in regard to other nationalities, but how did we get “bong” out of British?

No. 1177475

cos big ben go bing bong bing bong innit

No. 1177485

Nta but oooohhh

No. 1177494

Are threader earrings uncomfortable? Also anons with double pierced lobe do long earrings get caught on each other due to movement?

No. 1177514

I'm three hours late so I hope you did well… But for the future (or other nonas), the way I used to memorize speeches was just by repeating the first word, first and second word, first and second and third word and so on and so forth. When I got close to a complete sentence I'd repeat the whole sentence a few times before continuing to add a new word or two.

e.g. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
>the quick
>the quick brown
>the quick brown fox

and so on and so forth. I learned this from a foreign language tutor as a kid and have used it all throughout my schooling years to memorize shit both in English and language classes and it helps a lot. Works best if done in advance but I've honestly memorized stuff in a few hours with it too.

No. 1177521

File: 1652318966502.jpeg (231.51 KB, 828x570, 7F88B9AC-9F33-4193-B2E0-B4FEE9…)

really awkward question but since nobody answered it in embarrassing health topics, has anyone had discolored spots on their pubic area that arent either ingrown or acne, almost like freckles? Did you find out what they were? I have freckles but I've never freckled down there before. I'm concerned it's something else.

I'm not active so I doubt I'm pregnant. Never been diagnosed with pcos either. I am hormonally unstable with weird periods but I've never seen this before the last six months and they're appearing at higher frequency.

No. 1177535

Does anyone have good YouTube channels or guides for not looking like shit. I've been a depressed NEET for a while now and I want to look better in public.

No. 1177539

File: 1652319974850.gif (2.63 MB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

Is there any website where you can read about what certain different drugs feel like?
Something like people sharing their experiences (not just sterile medical descriptions) and trips?

No. 1177540

Erowid is a good one, I think another is called "bluelight" or something similar

No. 1177549

Is it bad that in all the years I've been here, I never use a vpn unless I'm ban evading or infighting? I'm using one right now if that somehow makes it better.

No. 1177554

Who did you infight? Ur a dummy don't announce you're ban evading nonni

No. 1177559

I'm not ban evading right now, I promise! I'm not stupid enough to announce when I'm actually evading kek. I rarely even get banned when I'm not on a VPN. I just mean when I do, that's when I get on. When I say infighting, If I have something rude to say then I say it on VPN.

No. 1177564

Ok I trust you

No. 1177630

are there any anti-Semitic feminists?

No. 1177669

Amazing, thank you!

No. 1177682

File: 1652334212481.jpg (65.86 KB, 492x655, will it.jpg)

Will grease paint give me pimples? Should I prep my face somehow?

No. 1177691

File: 1652335263318.jpg (114.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220512-085917_Bra…)

wtf is going on with duckduckgo

No. 1177696

works with vpn but not without… wtf

No. 1177709

It can. If you have access to the materials to practice with you can try applying it over a regular makeup primer to act as a barrier. Make sure you wash it off very well especially if you will be applying a sealant spray over it. If you are prone to pimples you can apply BHA proactively the night of when you remove the greasepaint.

No. 1177714

can duckduckgo ip ban users?

No. 1177718

File: 1652336890452.jpg (97.39 KB, 539x640, b87.jpg)

GUYS so lately I've been taking "maternity" pictures except I'm not actually pregnant, I just edit a belly bump on myself with an app and pose like I'm pregnant. Is this a symptom of the elusive baby-fever? I don't really think about nurturing a baby or anything, just about how I look cute "pregnant". I honestly sound like a tranny. I also never thought much about baby bumps or anything, this is completely out of nowhere. wtf is wrong with me

pic semirelated. i take mine alone

No. 1177719

this is hilarious. i don't think it has to mean anything but that you like taking weird photos of yourself and that's fine. i love these iguanas btw

No. 1177720

ddg is owned by jews with servers in Israel and has said to censor results to combat "disinformation". Go figure.

No. 1177721

hey are you antisemitic and a feminist?(bait)

No. 1177723

>not liking Israel
>"You must be antisemitic!"
Every fucking time.

No. 1177725

I think I'd look cute pregnant too but if I'm completely honest with you it has nothing to do with babies (don't want them) and everything to do with how it's the one time you don't need a flat stomach to look acceptable. Suddenly my pooch wouldn't matter, super cute.

No. 1177727

but I'm skinny and don't like fat

No. 1177729

Well why aren't you?

Actually hate to break it to you but you really are antisemitic and don't wanna accept it.

No. 1177732

Then cry about it

No. 1177739

why would I do that? I think I'll jump with joy instead

No. 1177742

Stop answering to a bait

No. 1177760

File: 1652338921640.jpg (35.67 KB, 376x672, d5fbc6f033a639c35f355dbddde4e0…)

I have another speech coming up so I'll try this method, thank you. And I did ok, but I was trembling in my speech and also my hands, I wasn't nervous so I don't know why that happened

No. 1177779

File: 1652340214611.jpg (23.86 KB, 600x315, c69Z6.jpg)

No. 1177787

I can’t remember her name, but the author of The Color Purple for one

No. 1177788

File: 1652341160702.jpeg (28.61 KB, 590x350, C1A7FF8B-9D47-49CC-9FDB-2F9421…)

Luv reading this at 20 ticks to 9 bongs in the morning

No. 1177798

Yeah, me.

No. 1177818

esl, but what is a bong?

No. 1177849

File: 1652348891013.jpg (39.13 KB, 500x279, 1649780761908.jpg)

Which do you prefer?
>girl who seems sweet, chatty, harmless but turns out to have a brutally sharp tongue and always gets what she wants
>intimidating looking woman who is powerful but people are afraid to approach her

No. 1177865

Does anyone know where I could find pirated online courses (Udemy, LinkedInlearning, Coursera, etc), is there a collective website for them?

No. 1177868

Issa sound a clock makes m8

No. 1177872

oi see, thanks!!

No. 1177879

first one because that's me

No. 1177891

File: 1652354103653.gif (1.47 MB, 300x188, the-road-to-el-dorado-both-is-…)

No. 1177898

is the company kota modeled for Candydoll the same as the pedophile one scrotes keep talking about on the chinz ? i feel awful for asking, i just want to know because if so then how come nobody is saying anything ? was she aware ? if the answer is no to both then im sorry for my retarded post feel free to ignore or let me know. i almost feel like i am on a list for even knowing this

No. 1177924

No, it's not the same. Candydoll (the makeup company) is owned by a model, Tsubasa (can't remember her last name). Candydoll (the photography/modelling company) is just owned by some pedo scrote(s). It's okay anon, I was confused at first too when I Googled it in the past

No. 1177929

So just to clarify what google has told me:

If I take a melatonin at 11pm I can fall asleep by 12? And if I do that every day at 11pm it will help my body adjust to a 12am bed time? How long will it knock me out for? I usually gotta get up at 7-8am depending on the shift so 7-8 hours is ideal

No. 1177930

i see. thank you for letting me know so nicely nona, have a good day

No. 1177938

File: 1652358423928.png (18.18 KB, 240x240, main.png)

If I may, could the nonas who taste the soap in coriander gather around and tell me just how soapy the taste is? I don't particularly love the taste but I also can't tell if it's actually soapy to me

No. 1177941

If you're lucky and have good sleep hygiene (?) yeah, sounds very doable. Idk how much it would help with permanently changing your schedule though, and taking it always makes me so sluggish all throughout the day that it's almost not worth it unless I absolutely have to, but no harm in trying. I usually jolt up after around 4-6 hours and sometimes I can get back to sleep, but the sleep itself isn't the most restful or satisfying.

No. 1177960

It's not exactly like soap, but it's very similar. There's a chemical-tasting bitterness to it that feels like it's veeery slightly electrocuting your tongue. For me it tastes a bit like celery with 5 times the bitter, astringent taste.
Supposedly my non-cilantro-soap-tasting friends say it should taste refreshing, like a tangy citrus or mint.

No. 1177984

Well goddamn now I'm even more confused. Would adding it to your food ruin the whole dish? I sound like an idiot, I am just trying to pinpoint where I am at kek

No. 1178002

Do people generally feel like giving someone their phone number/Whatsapp/Viber is more personal than connecting through Facebook?

No. 1178011

Seconding this tbh. Never had a good older figure or friends so I've got no idea on how to take care of myself besides what's assumed online

No. 1178019

Damn anon that almost sounds like it isn't worth it. I don't want to be sluggish throughout the day (I can't afford to be) and a restless sleep sounds awful

No. 1178022

It's not restless in a traditional sense, for me 3/5 times it feels like I was just blacking out with no dreams or awful vivid dreams. I only take them to twist my schedule at once.

No. 1178034

AlexandrasGirlyTalk maybe?

No. 1178042

dear peachie, aly art, justine leconte

No. 1178057

Kek nta but I used to watch her too

No. 1178059

Don't watch Justine Leconte kek

No. 1178063

what are the us accents that makes words like “worse” sound kind of like “woys”?

No. 1178064

Oof, dear peachie completely ignores filters and plastic surgery and posts fake vids from cn tiktok

No. 1178066

yes but tbh i ignore that for the tips for specific face types and features. it works for me idk

No. 1178071

A little late here, but if it's in a garnish, it's not a big deal, i would pick it off though. If it's mixed in a salad, I would likely not eat it. My stepmother is latina, so she would make food garnished with cilantro, and I'd reluctantly eat it since I thought people just liked how soap tastes.
Basically, when I first tried it I definitely thought "why does this taste like soap?", it was bitter and, well, tasted like chemicals. Other people who don't have the gene describe it as citrusy. I guess if you didn't think cilantro tasted like soap before you found out about the cilantro soap thing, maybe you just don't like the normal taste.

No. 1178081

how do you guys cope with the crushing weight of existing

No. 1178096

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

No. 1178105

ESL, what's the difference between journal and diary? Or are they used interchangeably?

No. 1178109

save up money so i can buy things i like, giving gifts to friends and family, watching movies and reading books, stuff like that

No. 1178116

Awful recommendations

No. 1178118

For me, I think of a journal as a 'daily' journal, kinda like a planner, so you note down things you have done during the day/week etc. I think of a diary as something where you write down secrets/private thoughts etc. But that is just me.

No. 1178119


No. 1178125

Thank you anon, that makes sense! Asked my mom about her coriander experiences and she doesn't even remember trying some on its own and we are gonna go buy some tomorrow just to check but we both were thinking how we have eaten dishes that had some in it and it was fine so maybe we just gene normies

No. 1178157

play video game

No. 1178166

They’re the same person at different stages of their life

No. 1178174

File: 1652373084578.jpeg (137.08 KB, 353x283, 872E62BB-2EBE-478C-82B2-85B089…)

Fuck yeah, me too! You wanna get stoned and go on a hike?

No. 1178181

Me three me three, I love hiking when high especially when there are big cumulous clouds in the sky and they make beautiful shapes

No. 1178182

Throwing myself into hobbies and into learning about new things. When I'm not working or out doing something I do tend to start thinking too much about life and death (and people I've lost) so I keep some background noise on and try not to sit around bored for too long.

No. 1178188

Do any of you use menstrual cups? Idk it just seems so painful and uncomfy to me and since I'm on the pill I have only very slight bleeding.

No. 1178191

File: 1652373745747.gif (1023.58 KB, 500x208, 1IwG.gif)

what did she mean by this

No. 1178193

I tried to like them, they're uncomfortable for me and anything that makes me more uncomfortable at that time… isnt something I've the patience for

No. 1178194

Chickens are people who are like…corny, wack and lame. Ash is ashy, dry skin.

No. 1178195

There is no need to use one of you only have very light bleeding. If you want another eco friendly option try cloth pads.

No. 1178197

It's not painful at all as long as you have a right size cup! I'm still kinda afraid of relying on a cup when I have the worst bleeding but for lighter days it's great. I don't feel it in me at all either, it's no different than a tampon in that sense.

No. 1178198

I have a cup and i think it’s fantastic, it felt weird the first day or so but you pretty much forget it’s there afterwards (which may or may not be a problem) It’s saved me a lot of money on pads.

No. 1178199

Samefag, Genius describes it better than I can
>Mariah does not have “ashy” skin; hers is smooth. She’s also saying she’s better than you.

No. 1178207

You’re welcome to join! I like climbing up a tall hill or mountain and once I’m at the top, I lay a blanket down and just lie gazing and the clouds smoking a joint. It is actual heaven. The combination of Mary Jane and Mother Nature is unparalleled. Except for maybe Mother Nature and Shrooms.

No. 1178210

I use one occasionally. It's not uncomfortable, it feels like nothing's there just like a tampon. I don't like to use it when I'm out rho because it fills up quickly, more quickly than a large tampon. And unlike a tampon I can't feel when it's about to overflow. It's also slow to change, tampons are just so much more convienent. But mostly I'm disappointed with how little a regular sized one can hold and I don't bleed particularly much. It also doesn't save much money, in my situation I'd have to use it exclusively for 2 years to get my money's worth back.

No. 1178211

They’re so good. Was a bit tricky to figure out how to use it but once you do it’s as sensation-free as a tampon. Actually I feel mine less than I feel tampons because there’s no string.

No. 1178215

Samefag, I started with the large size one because my periods are heavier, even though I’ve never had kids (which is what the large is advertised for). Have never used the regular size. It’d probably be fine for most of my days but for the heaviest 2 I’m glad to have the big one. For me it’s not about money saving, it’s about the convenience of not having to think about my period beyond 60 seconds in the morning and evening.

No. 1178390

How do you know/decide you're ready to start dating?

No. 1178394

Not normally. Typically it’s small open horse shoes while I’m sleeping that like to connect with each other and I have to slide them apart every once in a while.

No. 1178402

I've gotten back into using one recently and it's great. I tried it first as a teenager but stopped because the "antenna" on the bottom of the cup would start chafing me after a while and become painful. Lost my period for years at one point (long story), but now they've returned and I decided I'm not going back to using pads for several reasons.

This time I tried it didn't chafe at all, in fact I even went running with it and felt nothing. Maybe I've changed anatomically or maybe I was just too scared to put it far up enough when I was younger, but this time it works. Inserting and removing it still sucks at times, but once I get used to it it's just mildly annoying.

No. 1178439

What's the best way I could make some money at the side as a student? My skills are:
>translation: 3 languages
>voice over for a niche language for ads?
>beginner tier drawing, but I know enough about digital software to make it look good
>can teach you calculus

Is something like fiverr worth it?

No. 1178467

If you feel like you are ready to share your life with someone and want love and affection and to give love and affection, you're ready. Healthy relationships are a give and take. Good luck anon!

No. 1178476

File: 1652381587675.gif (975.25 KB, 332x332, tumblr_pib90zhZGJ1vnhma6_400.g…)

CP below, don't scroll

No. 1178497

If you have famous books printed in their native written language or expensive clothes you don't wear anymore, you can sell them for the price of, like, a grocery trip on ebay or something. Just sell the shit you don't need in general, it's more of a long-term hustle but it's easy and doesn't take up much time.
You can also tutor people in those languages as a chatting buddy on apps like Italki, if you have prior teaching experience or a teaching degree.
I used to have an etsy where I'd paint custom designs onto people's t-shirts for money, all you need is fabric paint, brushes and some paper tape. Same thing with patches/embroidery and flipping clothes if you have time to learn how to sew and enough money to buy a hoop and some thread.

No. 1178502

I really like the smell of men's cologne and men's deodorant, but I don't want to smell too much like a guy that people notice. What are some good scents or "masculine" notes I could wear?

No. 1178521

Look for notes like vetiver, leather, tobacco, musk and oakmoss. I find that cardamom notes also read as masculine sometimes but that also depends on what the other notes bring out of it

No. 1178529

File: 1652383065901.jpeg (38.5 KB, 464x351, 1648920115397.jpeg)


No. 1178668

My teen niece is coming to visit and she's into the gender special stuff (she/they pansexual god bless her heart), I hope I don't say something stupid and make her feel dumb

No. 1178680

Since the countries in Eurovision each have a different way of picking artists, couldn't they just pick some of the biggest singers from their country? Like if England wanted to send Adele they could, right?

No. 1178683

How to make friends? I’ve spent majority of the last several years avoiding people (like avoiding eye contact, constantly looking down, not talking etc) so I forgot how to make friends. I get kinda offended when people don’t approach me (a me problem tbh) and I don’t know how to fix it.

No. 1178710

File: 1652387832145.jpg (320.77 KB, 500x500, 1648156526434.jpg)


No. 1178739

Do you feel bad for homeless people?

No. 1178750

No. 1178752

I feel bad for homeless women and children.

No. 1178757

I'm trying to make a post on KF, but for some reason none of the options are usable. I can't upload an image or anything. Anyone know what that's about?

No. 1178759

Does anyone else think Paul Dano has such a vacant look on his face most of the time, and he seems like he’s emotionally detached in interviews? I’m not saying he’s a sociopath or something, he just seems kinda odd.

No. 1178770

File: 1652389305868.jpg (16.24 KB, 236x371, Camille Przewodek _ Plein Air …)

Do not scroll, do not go into the safe thread

No. 1178774

File: 1652389471821.gif (2.46 MB, 640x640, cat-kiss.gif)

cp bump, dont scroll

No. 1178780

No, don't go in there right now. The degenerate worthless male posted in there too.

No. 1178788

File: 1652389953792.jpg (1.74 MB, 3024x4032, Floral Oil Painting Impasto Pa…)

Don't go into the vent thread either. He's probably posted in more at this point. Bumping again with pic just incase

No. 1178797

I obsess over my husbandos
The second one. I don't know why but I tend to really like older people who are strict and scary.

No. 1178803

Thank you
Yor autism is appreciated

No. 1178831

Husbandoism, unironically. They're the only thing keeping me together sometimes.

No. 1178837

Since the kpop thread got deleted, Hyunjinfag if you are here can you tell me why you want to kill hyunjin pls?

No. 1178858

File: 1652392997473.jpg (68.17 KB, 1010x897, 1553201092147.jpg)

At this point, i think we should bring back the kpop thread to thank kpop spergs for their service for protecting us against the evil of moids. Not even a kpoppie btw. You ladies aren't bad imo.

No. 1178862

i think in the future if we have more jannys then the kpop thread should deff be brought back. For now the jannys are understaffed so more threads would just be too much work for the probably 2 jannys we have.

No. 1178909

File: 1652396511489.jpeg (16.32 KB, 400x400, MIq1bcji_400x400.jpeg)

Why is she so sexy?

No. 1178911

Do you believe in karma and/or curses?

No. 1178927

because she is the original Stacy. the sims ladies are so based, they teleported don lothario into the future because he wouldn't stop being a manwhore. we should do that to more men.

No. 1178960

Does anybody else go through month long asexual phases? The thought of sex becomes dull for me for long periods of time. I cannot tell if it is because the person I have sex with has become not sexually interesting anymore or if I am going through a phase. Right now I would not care if I never had sex again and the thought of it doesnt spark anything anymore.

No. 1178964

idk that’s just my life

No. 1178972


Yes but more like 2 weeks at the most, unless I'm severely depressed or something.

No. 1178974

Is living alone as heavenly as it seems? I never got to live alone so I fantasize about it constantly.

No. 1178975

Can you make your twitter feed show only media from people you follow instead of also everything they retweet? I am completely unfamiliar with it.

No. 1178977

I can probably count on my hand the amount of times I'm horny throughout the year. And it only gets less and less. So I feel you

No. 1178988

erm so is it really true there is no way to tell a guy's penis size before seeing him hard?? i'm a virgin but i know i can cum with ones that are 6 inches or bigger. i have a lot of guy friends i'm interested in but idk how to tell which ones are packing and go for the right guy. feel very ashamed of myself asking this honestly, but there is literally no way i'm going to cum without something bigger than 6"… like, i can't cum with just a vibrator (i've tried) so i probably can't from oral either, i need deep penetration :( obviously i can't tell guys this though or just ask them how big they are outright…

ive heard 1) longer index finger = bigger, 2) bigger shoulders = bigger, 3) tall = slightly bigger, but idk if any of this checks out in real life because of inexperience sooo(:()

No. 1178989

Its great but also lonely if you dont have friends in your town/state that can come over. Basically just alone all the time to do your own hobbies. I'm probably just hung up about it because my roommate suddenly left taking all the consoles and a ton of fun stuff because it was theirs. So i have all this space but now i have to buy the equipment myself over time if i want to enjoy it all again. Also having a roommate to go out for lunch and randomly to small towns, new places was fun while it lasted. I would get another roommate but i really dont trust people i havent known for years.

No. 1178990

Every since being pinkpilled and dealing with several shit relationships I'm pretty unexcited by the thought of sex in general. Still get horny sometimes. Occasionally I wonder if touching another human's body would be nice again, but then I masturbate and think "thank god that didn't involve a real man" afterwards. I dislike the lack of intimacy in flings and long-term relationships just drained me of my will to live because they were always vastly weighted in the man's favor even if the sex was okay. Even if I miss out on some of the interpersonal aspects that sex brings, taking care of my own needs has been a far superior experience.

No. 1178991

I don't really like it because I get scared easily.

No. 1178992

Fuck. Yes. I stayed with family/roommates/romantic partners until my mid-20s and I kick myself every day for waiting so long. It is blissful to have your own private space, freedom to do whatever stupid thing you want at any time, decorate how you want, never having to cater to someone else's needs. When I get home at the end of the day I come home to real peace rather than just another uncomfortable shared space where I have to think about how I present myself and what I do in another person's company. I'm pretty introverted so that probably plays into it.

No. 1179009

If you’re an introverted person, it’s wonderful. The peace and quiet is priceless. I could imagine that same quiet would be maddening for an extrovert, though.

No. 1179013

File: 1652404660893.png (567.38 KB, 2720x2720, 1651398396120.png)

Choose one to fuck, one to marry and two to kill

No. 1179024

I relate so hard to neutral fakeboi without being an actual fakeboi, it hurts

No. 1179027

fuck neutral trutrans, marry and peak neutral enby, kill chaotic enby and trutrans

No. 1179029

Marry neutral enby, fuck neutral trutrans and kill chaotic fakeboi

No. 1179032

You have it backwards. It's longer ring finger meaning higher T and chances of having a big one, longer index means higher estrogen and less chances of having a big one. But in my experience I've had both smaller and bigger guys having the longer index. There isn't really a surefire way to know. Also height and foot size means absolutely nothing. Shoulders, probably nothing either. Race is debatable, sort of an indicator but it's not guaranteed either.
Also don't use emojis.

No. 1179044

Fuck neutral trutrans, peak and marry neutral fakeboi, kill chaotic enby and chaotic trutrans.

No. 1179050

Fuck neutral fakeboi
Kill neutral enby, chaotic trutrans, and actually I want to kill them all even the neutral fakeboi (girl)

No. 1179051

Fuck neutral trutrans, marry lawful trutrans, kill chaotic trutrans and enby

No. 1179056

Is there a way to tell by how they act though? i also heard skinny + tall + kinda shy is a tell

No. 1179057

Hatefuck lawful fakeboi (she reminds me of a past crush), marry neutral trutrans, kill chaotic fakeboi twice or if that's not an option kill lawful enby too

No. 1179058

Why would you want to kill them all? The fuck is wrong with you? Don't tell me you're a male

No. 1179080

Answer pls. I don't have to use one right?

No. 1179091

marry neutral fakeboi, fuck neutral enby, kill lawful fakeboi

No. 1179096

Marry lawful trutrans, slap both chaotic enby and trutrans.
Don't wanna fuck any of them though, can I hug neutral fakeboi and play stardew with her instead?

No. 1179104

F: Neutral Enby
M: Neutral Fakeboi
K: Chaotic Enby, Chaotic Trutrans

No. 1179107

In my experience skinny and tall does fit the stereotype. But again there are really no biological indicators other than the finger ratio (look it up) but it's still not a guarantee.
Acting means nothing. You can have a loud chad type with a micropenis and a shy virgin nerd with an 8 incher. And vice versa.
Also imo big dicks really are overrated and it comes down to how you use it. I've been with guys on the average size that were great because they knew what they were doing. And I've had bigger dicked guys who were clueless. If you want to have a good time losing your virginity and don't care about romance, go for someone with experience. Just use a condom, please.

No. 1179109

Fuck neutral enby, marry neutral fakeboi, kill chaotic enby and lawful enby. Would kill lawful fakeboi but i think she'll realize she fucked up after surgery.

No. 1179116

>"go for someone with experience"

idk my best lays have been with virgins and barely experienced men, they aren't cocky and think they know your body better than you, plus they are eager to please and they are gentle. My worst lays have been with the most experienced moids.

No. 1179119

Eh I do see your point. Most of my lays have been nerdy guys so I feel like I got lucky and avoided the pompous douche with experience thing. I can totally see that attitude happening though. I think a good middle ground is to find a guy who has had sex at least once or at least knows where the vagina is kek

No. 1179124

nta but what if the guy's fingers are almost all the same length?

No. 1179131

My problem is that i'm not going to cum if he's average/below average, like i don't want to go through all this trouble of risking pregnancy/STDs just for some average dick

No. 1179132

>risking pregnancy/STDs
I mean if that's genuinely a concern for you then big dig isn't worth the risk either.

No. 1179153

I have a longer ring finger and I have a big nose.

No. 1179349

I keep seeing people reference boyega-chan but I never saw her original posts, can someone point me to them

No. 1179353

No. 1179354

celebricows slightly older threads

No. 1179356

I think it has to do with height, the two largest down there guys I had were also the tallest ones.

No. 1179360

It really doesn't.
One guy I had was 6'3 and about 5 inches. Another was 5'3" manlet at 8.
Why are you all falling for incel tier "science".

No. 1179365

>5'3 with 8 inches
Considering how rare that length is, doesn't sound believable. Even if real, short men would've look hilariously grotesque with a dick like that, kek.

No. 1179389

Do cats know how cute and cool they are? I wish I could visit ancient Egypt and see the hype about cats cause they're so regal looking.

No. 1179398

they definitely do and are proud of it

No. 1179405

I know this was a rhetorical question but I think they don't know exactly that they're cute and cool, but they know humans like them for some reason and use that to their advantage.

No. 1179407

Like other animals must have an understanding of beauty and attraction. Do we reinforce to cats how cute they are and that's why they're so funny with their grooming and posing or are they just natural little beauties I love cats I can't wait to be in the situation to have one again lol

No. 1179417

File: 1652432355034.gif (2.99 MB, 640x634, 5BEC23F0-91E5-4C9E-8547-04BECA…)

Nonnies, this is my first time buying a wig. Do you have to wash it when it arrives? I'm going to return it if it looks modified as it's probably been returned, but for new ones is it mandatory? I saw a review that said when they washed it some of the color that was dyed at the ends started coming out. It's from 7JHH If anyone knows any other cheap but nice quality wig stores I'm open to suggestions.

No. 1179501

I believe my cat thinks I'm cute just as much as I think he's cute.
He's always looking at me, I must be a pleasing sight to him. He's always up for a snuggle and cuddle.

No. 1179560

File: 1652444084801.png (899.18 KB, 1000x763, image_2022-05-13_221413162.png)

okay to me it smells and tastes like how skink bugs smell?

No. 1179589

File: 1652445662801.jpg (52.01 KB, 515x466, staaaare.JPG)

My butt is bleeding what do I do nonnas

No. 1179594

Watching a netflix documentary about infertility doctor who used his own sperm instead the donors, and while it 100% is fucked up, there's a scene recalled by mother and daughter, where a father of one of the women is informed that it wasn't his sperm that was used but one of the doctor, and it's said that he started crying and said "He's taken everything away from me"
Isn't it weird as fuck? He still fully raised this woman, built memories and bond with her, I know what was done was criminal, but what exactly was taken away there? Do I lack perspective in some way?

No. 1179595

File: 1652445974354.png (576.57 KB, 680x674, Screenshot 2022-05-13 144624.p…)

I'm buying a used monitor from someone and I don't have a car so I'm not sure what to put it in. I only have a totebag like picrel that's slightly smaller than the monitor's size, so half of it would stick out from it. Is that lame? Should I go and buy a bigger bag just for it?

No. 1179597

Nobody cares even if it looks extremely awkward, it's just one time trip for you, you won't be doing this regularly, so don't worry about it!

No. 1179599


No. 1179602

You're right thank you

No. 1179614

His property and his seed spreading, nonny

No. 1179617

i'm kinda disappointed that, while i'd probably be 6'+ tall, i apparently would have a tiny dick if i were a male

No. 1179623

Besides eating more fibre, how do I fix my bleeding anus (when I poop) without seeing a doctor? I have had the absolute worst experiences with them so I don't want to see them for something so personal

No. 1179627

I mean, it would be useful to know why it's bleeding, were you eating seeds perhaps and when you pooped, it scratched you? Or is it due to a hemorrhoid? It could be a number of things

No. 1179628

Lmao the questions here is why were you dating a 5'3 manlet in the first place….
And i think i remember reading a study that height slightly correlated with penis length, but it's only a little statistically significant, so not worth depending on but it's there

No. 1179630

maybe laxatives would help?

No. 1179658

drink more water

No. 1179659

I made stew today and failed. I put flour into it but there are small flour pieces in stew that won't cook propely, they are still white no martter how much I will cook. Can I eat that stew or I should throw it?

No. 1179664

Wet wipes? Sometimes TP will give you hemmys which will subsequently bleed.

No. 1179700

is Tony Hawk still alive?

No. 1179705

I think so, probably I am wrong but doesn't he have a son called guppy or something that is a musician? I remember when pewdiepies Spotify was leaked and it showed him as a recently listened artist and he tweeted telling pewdiepie not to listen to his music kek. that was so retarded

No. 1179712

Course you can eat it. If they’ve fully absorbed water they’re probably like little cooked pasta balls now.

No. 1179730

File: 1652452864712.jpeg (19.12 KB, 259x194, 80D1AFA2-3619-4C27-AB65-24EEFD…)

Why is it that some dreams feel extremely realistic even if you’ve never experienced what’s happening in the dream? I’ve never had sex or even tried penetration with sex toys and the sorts, but I’ve had super realistic sex dreams, also blowjobs, I’ve never given nor plan to give blowjobs in the future but I recently had a realistic as fuck dream about me giving a blowjob how does that even happen?

No. 1179731

Nah, they're probably still dry powder inside.

No. 1179733

File: 1652452974510.png (179.52 KB, 242x288, byleth.PNG)

I'm the anon who asked about bleeding butt and that anon is not me just so you know

No. 1179735

I can relate to that, I also would like to know because it gets so detailed and realistic it's disturbing sometimes. I don't watch porn so that can't influence my dreams btw

No. 1179738

I remember having a dream once about hiding from a man with a gun in a warehouse under a potato sack thing and I was shot in the back of the head and when I woke up I had a weird sensation in the back of my head..

No. 1179771

Maybe you got bit by a spider in your sleep.

No. 1179782

File: 1652455166182.jpg (9.53 KB, 236x236, 0e0a7bc933f36ee342b7f04003a2db…)

>hand sanitizer is antibacterial
>acne is bacterial
>therefore i could use hand sanitizer on my acne, right?

No. 1179786

It would dry them out so much nonny it would hurt

No. 1179789

It would unfortunately dry the shit out of your skin even if your acne were bacterial and not from some other cause. Tea tree oil is supposed to be a good ingredient for bacterial/fungal acne

No. 1179790

I don’t think so, hand sanitizer has lots of alcohol that could just damage your skin. I think the best way to treat acne is to go to a dermatologist, a nutritionist or even an oncologist, they could be able to figure out what is it that’s causing your acne.
It could be because of your diet, the daily stress you have to go through, the kind of soaps you use, even the quality of the water that you use to wash your face and so on. Maybe it’s even a hormonal issue and you need to take some medicine or the sorts, or you’re just not drinking enough water, which at this point is probably the cure-it-all because most issues get solved by just hydrating your body properly, according to your daily physical activity.

No. 1179794

Does taking klonopin sublingually make it work faster or better than taking it normally?

No. 1179795

If it's still in the pot then when they rise to the top use a spoon to mash it against the side of the pot and then stir them back in. If there are any small bits left they're perfectly edible and the larger clumps can just be removed from your bowl. I've done this for soups a few times haha

No. 1179804

File: 1652456275416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.02 KB, 736x736, 6bec1946367bc86406ca96658ced51…)

bleach is an even more potent antibacterial.
you can google it.

No. 1179807

No and don't fall for the trap of putting rubbing alcohol on your skin. This will strip your skin of oils and dry it out. In response your body will try to produce more sebum to rehydrate the skin. Causing more breakouts and flakiness. You'll be "clean" but your skin will be as bad as ever.

You need a light exfoliant (salicilyic acid) with a daily moisturizer. You can spot treat spots with benzoyl peroxide.
Diet is pure bullshit. The culprits behind acne tend to be mechanical (face masks, touching face too much), hormonal, or medical.
The cause of my acne was hormonal. I was guilted about my hygiene and diet for fucking years, even my bitch mother with her own adult acne used to douse me with rubbing alcohol and shame me.
Went on spironolactone for the acne, now I barely get zits except around my period and only cause I like to pick which makes it stay longer. I go to bed with a dirty face and shit diet and wake up clear like all the other normies.
Make sure to rule that out.

No. 1179814

Omg…that’s so true…i am going to become the cleanest girl in the world, thank you nonna ♥

No. 1179831

This is scrote-tier logic

No. 1179869

Is it possible to learn to become a good singer or is it innate? I like singing but I know that I suck ass at it kek

No. 1179910

I think it’s possible to learn unless you’re tone deaf, in which case I think you can just train your hearing first to learn how to recognize notes.

No. 1179946

saw the same thing on reddit of course where a man was distraught he found out his now 18-25 year old daughter (fully grown and in college) was actually some guys from a one night stand before he officially engaged the wife and they had a separation period. so the whole time he had believed it was his daughter, had done everything a father should, and suddenly because they decided to split for a bit where the woman got drunk it wasn't his kid anymore. men straight up obsessed with spreading their kids.

No. 1179958

wtf is with the prominence of .webp format? It seems like a lot of sites are using it instead of gifs and images in some cases

No. 1179972

I wouldn't say I'm tone deaf but I did record myself singing once and listened back to it and it… was rough kek. I did spend a lot of my schooling years in choir but I guess none of it really paid off

No. 1179991

I get that, I also hate listening to myself, in this case, it’s basically about what others think, if nobody tells you to shut up, then you probably don’t sound as bad as you think you sound.

No. 1179995

File: 1652464674389.png (5.38 KB, 913x39, Screenshot 2022-05-13 195715.p…)

An anon once said that I think webp format saves digital space or something like that? But yeah it's so annoying. Sometimes you can rewrite the webp to jpeg in the address bar and that way you can save it as a jpeg but it doesn't always work

No. 1180016

Men don't care about their wives or children. They see the wife as sex and childgiver and the child's only bond to him is lasting his legacy.

It was probably for the best. A doctor has better genetic material than a faggot like that.

No. 1180058

is it ok to knead and massage my stomach during my period to push the blood out faster

No. 1180080

I don't think that's how it works

No. 1180103

i know bc uterine lining but when i push more blood comes out? idk i think i memed myself into thinking it works

No. 1180117

You could be promoting muscle contractions and loosening the tense muscles promoting blood flow causing less pain and more blood. Just don’t push hard enough to bruise and your fine.

No. 1180131

File: 1652469539967.jpeg (120.61 KB, 742x742, 3A3C4786-8CDE-4C09-AFB2-79EC5C…)

thank you so much nona i have been wondering about this for a long time kek

No. 1180141

Why are people so weird about mutts? I'm not even saying this to come at dog people and I know that cat breeds work differently, but I swear I've seen dog people insult mixed breed dogs more than I have ever seen cat people insult mixed breed cats. I don't get why people dislike mutts, I think they can be sweet like any other dogs.

No. 1180147

I think it’s a lot of classism mixed with minor genuine concern. Most people just have to have that certain dog and come off weird and like a collector rather than someone who loves animals. Same vibe as snake discovery cracking open her own eggs. With some of it I can understand in certain cases. Mutts mixed between aggressive and intelligent breeds can have more issues. Like I wouldn’t want a poodle or chow-chow mix because they’d probably be more aggressive or boxers can be food aggressive. All my dogs were mutts though and mixed bigger dogs, so I’m definitely not against them.

No. 1180152

I've seen that a lot for americans, I don't understand. In my country if you only like pure breed dogs, most people would just consider you an asshole. Usually pure breed supremacists are only well regarded by other pure breed supremacists and the average joe likes any dog. Same for cat, but it's way more rare for cats for some reason

No. 1180153

Wow I've never really seen stuff like that. I've only seen mutt used as a negative term in general but never against dogs kek. I happen to have a purebred dog but even I know that mutts tend to be genetically superior because they aren't the culmination of generations of inbreeding.

No. 1180160

I’m a woman, why are you criticizing me when OP asked who to kiss, marry or kill? Is it okay if I’d kill only one of them? The fuck is wrong with you, troon.(moid)

No. 1180178

I’ve never personally known many gay moids but my coworker was talking about how common it is for gays to be in open relationships and poly. Is it as widespread as he’s saying?? Is this why it’s so common for people of an older generation to go on about how degen gay men are? Sorry if this is stupid I just don’t really know that much about gay moids sorry fujos.

No. 1180187

Same, and all the openly bi guys I've known at work were like that too. Sometimes they talk about it unprompted, sometimes other coworkers ask them weird shit for fun and they won't shut up. In retail I remembered that bi guy talking in great details about a three some with two other men he just had and one of the straight guys was totally disgusted and asked for more juicy details, and to this day I have no idea how one guy can top two guys all by himself at the same time. Another gay guy at another job at some point recalled a time when he and another friend of his peed in a masochist guy's mouth in a club, I wanted to throw my computer at him. But then I remembered that he's still single in his mid-30s, getting fatter and balder and that he needs xanax to barely function so whatever.

No. 1180188

I deleted my post because I didn’t want to be accused of baiting, but you’re right. All of the openly Bi men I’ve met definitely proved to me at least why there’s a stigma and people shouldn’t date them.

No. 1180194

Does anyone ever think about the fact that women have more cells to detect smells? Like men may vary well might not be able to smell they smell like shit? Maybe that’s why they smell fucking awful most of the time.

No. 1180202

What's the upper temperature limit where you can still wear tights?

No. 1180206

Nta but I think there were like literal researches about scent sensitivity difference between genders.

No. 1180220

Gender or sex Noni? So I know if it’s worth my time to go find them.

No. 1180226

Btw, my post got deleted by mods, but gay men are VERY open about sleeping around a lot. It’s only bi men who hate being accused of being a sex addict.

No. 1180229

I can understand why you might not want to mix certain breeds, that makes sense. I've heard that one is more healthy than the other, but I can't remember which one it is.
I might be sensitive about the mutt hate because there's a specific breed of dog I really like that's technically mixed kek
Maybe it is an American thing, idk. I know our (the AKC's?) standards for dogs are different than other countries.

No. 1180234

Samefagging proudly, but imagine getting banned over ironically wanting to kill a series of shittily drawn 2d freak characters. This website is moid tier gay.

No. 1180244

Based size queen seething all the dicklets reading this.
> i'm a virgin but i know i can cum with ones that are 6 inches or bigger.
But don’t stop saying this ironically but do stop thinking unironically this. All sexually inexperienced and virgin women say this until they actually have to deal with the pain and tears.

No. 1180250

I mean sex. If I remember correctly men sense is weaker and women's sense of scent only gets stronger once pregnant. It nature's way to protect women.

No. 1180285

Awesome! I’ll go dive. Thanks, I have to check because trannies keep ending up in fucking female results for COVID side effects and dumb shit in my country. I know about the pregnancy boosting smell and the fact we do have more brain cells for smell reception.

No. 1180289

What's your favorite way to season veggies and make them tasty? Open to trying different styles for different veggies, I just want to switch my dinners to being 50% veggies

No. 1180292

Why do some age-restricted fics on AO3 need you to login to be able to read them? I can access other mature fics just fine. I'm sorry, I've never had an AO3 account so I don't know what's filtered out for guests and hadn't noticed that was a thing until now.

No. 1180297

I don’t know who’s komaeda anon and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

No. 1180303

is it weird if i buy one of the cleaning ladies at work a gift? she's 62 and has talked about retiring next year. i used to see her regularly last year and always greeted her. then she vented to me about her work situation (talked about how her boss was terrible) out of the blue and i feel like that was a bonding moment kek. we always have a small chat every time we see each other and she is such a sweetheart, nonas. i want to get her a moomin cup as a gift just because i appreciate her (i guess she kind of reminds me of my late grandmother) and i feel like the cleaning staff is really unappreciated at my job.

No. 1180310

Roasting and frying. Lotsa dry and fresh herbs. Nice melanges that are colorful and crispy. Don’t buy precut bags, they’re soggy ew.

No. 1180311

She's an anon who really likes Komaeda (as a husbando, and as someone to imitate). Go through some of the previous Lolcow Caps and Copypasta threads and ctrl+f to find some of her posts. She's also known as dischargechan and comachan. There aren't frequent updates from her.

No. 1180312

No that is so cute and sweet of you, I'm sure she would appreciate it a lot

No. 1180313

What manhwa is this

No. 1180314

If you really appreciate her give her something better like a taco bell or mcdonalds gift card

No. 1180317

I know yaois are actually women, but why is every single yaoi I’ve spoken to a literal pedophile and weirdo? Even the yaois on here give off pedo vibes and scrote vibes (yes I believe they have a vagina on here but they still are so off)

No. 1180318

Fujifag sorry. Or whatever the fuck it’d called.

No. 1180323

thank you nona, i will buy it tomorrow and maybe try to give it to her then (if i see her at work). i hope she accepts it, she comes from another culture so i could see her be like "no i cant accept this" but i am going to try either way!

another dumb question kek is a gift bag too much?

if only we had taco bell in my country….

No. 1180324

Fujoshi, anon.

No. 1180328

I’d rather forget what they’re called anon. They’re bizarre.

No. 1180330

The usage of yaoi here made me laugh so hard, anon. Love you. Also weird derange "fujos" are usually male gays larping

No. 1180331

The way you try to act like you don’t know what fujos are make you sound like the anons that claim to hate explicit abuse porn yet keep posting it in the ugly art and ftm threads

No. 1180333

What herbs do you use nonna…

No. 1180338

Nta but more milk on this
>yet keep posting it in the ugly art and ftm threads

No. 1180350

I legit forgot the exact word, it’s Japanese you know…I know what they are that’s why I’m saying they’re weird.
Thank god those are male. But I swear there was a fujo girl I spoke to that shipped little teen boys with grown ass men both in 2d and 3d. Maybe the ones on here ate troons because they do larp as women and gay men don’t like to do that?

No. 1180353

>which at this point is probably the cure-it-all because most issues get solved by just hydrating your body properly, according to your daily physical activity.
nta but this is far from my experience and i've been drinking water for about a decade, yet still have shitting problems, skin problems, and dizziness. idk what I'm doing wrong, if i drink any more i'll flat out piss myself.

No. 1180358

If you want a basic italian-flavor melange try using parsley, red onion finely chopped, basil, garlic, oregano, thyme. Pepper and then salt to strengthen the lovely flavor. Add a dash of sunflower oil for easy garnishing. If you can’t into fine chopping, a little secret from me to you is to use a blender. Yw.
To cook is to use your soul and think of ingredients you think would combine together lovely. If you’re making an indian curry: use paprika powder, cardemom, salt, ginger, curcuma, curry, garlic, onion. For a middle eastern blend it’s about the same as indian but with cumin, saffron, oregano and the proportions are a bit different. You’ll have a falafel scent and it can be used for a lot of things like an okra stew. Ginger is also rarely used. Unfortunately I’m not a good cook for Asian cuisine yet so I wouldn’t know what to suggest if you’d want an Asian twist, but I think blanched vegetables with not much seasoning and instead just sauce dips would be good for that. Soy sauce etc…

No. 1180364

Same it made no difference for me at all aside from having to pee ever half hour. “Oh, after a while your body will get used to it and you won’t have to pee so much anymore and your skin will look great”, well bitch I’m rollin up on year 8, so when?

No. 1180369

NTA but for Asian. Stick to savory and salts. Like soy sauce, fish sauce, nori, ginger, rice vinegar. For anything sweet go for Jelly based deserts with fruit sweetness like strawberries and cream.

No. 1180372

What kind of water are you guys drinking and are you getting enough minerals to hold onto it?

No. 1180378

i'm >>1180353 idk how to track minerals but i drink bottled water. the sink water in my house tastes weird.

No. 1180381

It's a degenerate lifestyle which is probably why you run into that type so often. Some keep it to themselves and enjoy it among their circles, most are retards who feel the need to let the whole world know of their faggot fetish

No. 1180383

are bars/clubs mainly used for people to meet each other and hook up/date? because i’ve always used bars and clubs to have fun with friends and dance and have fun. the other night i was out with some friends (i’m a lesbian and they’re bisexual women) and we were at a gay bar (mainly male clientele but we were drinking a lot so i think the the staff were happy to have us) and they were like “why are you even out here if you have a girlfriend” in a joking way but that really confused me? like i guess i just wanted to hang out. idk i’ve never viewed bars as a place to meet people to hook up. maybe i’m just autistic or something but i genuinely confused me. i’ve never gone to a bar by myself to meet anyone, it’s always with my friends and/or my girlfriend

No. 1180389

Depending on the filtered water they might be pulling out the minerals and electrolytes in the water because it’s cheaper. The problem with that is if you don’t have the electrolytes to hold on to the water it just runs through and doesn’t do much.

No. 1180390

Gay bars yes. Pro hookup culture is highly pushed in lgb spaces for some stupid reason.

No. 1180396

damn. i like going to gay bars so i don’t have to deal with guys hitting on me but i could see how they’re more hookup orientated because in regular bars/clubs there’s less of an opportunity for gay people to safely hit on someone

No. 1180398

Yes? It may not be everyone's focus when going out but they are definitely recognized as common places to meet people and hook up. It's why you have so many promoting free entry for women up until a certain point if there's a cover. All the clubs are clamoring to have a herd of women available to give men (at least the illusion of) choice of who they'll try to bag that night

No. 1180446

File: 1652482239695.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, 433rt.gif)

What are some ways I can make google chrome run faster and not freeze up as much? I don't wanna change browsers cause a lot of extensions I use only work on chrome. I tried using CC CLeaner too.

No. 1180447

Get uBlock Origin to block ads and shit

No. 1180449

Already did that

No. 1180589

Can you use ethereal oil as a dab on perfume? I just got this rose one and I want to smell like that forever.

No. 1180592

how can i stop being so socially anxious? i'm tired of manual walking

No. 1180617

nonas i require your aid… i wanna dye my hair ends a really dark brown but im really dumb and never dyed my hair so idk what to do kek my hair is brown btw any brands or techniques i should use?

No. 1180629

Is there a sports game or something going on tonight? All the moids are outside screaming right now and it's freaking me out. I googled it but got super vague results

No. 1180631

I've been puzzling over my late father's logic in this. Obviously can't ask him about it.
>make a soup with a base of chicken stock
>added various sauces, spices etc, decide needs more chicken stock
>adding it
>"don't, you'll dilute the soup, use part of a stock cube"
I can understand that reasoning sort of, because obviously with the same amount of flavor the actual stock increases the overall volume of the soup much more… but it's not like water, which increases the "water taste" when it dilutes something which is why it's an issue because water is tasteless, and the chicken taste is what I wanted to "dilute" it with…
I'm right, aren't I? How did he get to that conclusion?

No. 1180657

I wish I could post the picture, but I obviously won’t, so this is a pretty stupid question. But my boyfriend is rather conservative and protective of me. I posted a really cute picture of myself in which I am wearing a tank top, no bra. There is no cleavage, no nipple, the tanktop is girly (bow and lace, looks more cute than sexy), and you mainly see the part ABOVE my breasts (I don’t know the English name— the top of the ribcage?). Overall, it is a nice pretty picture of me and I think it’s a common style. But he became really offended by it and urged me to remove it. I wonder what your opinion is on this. I know what is revealing and inappropriate. I don’t encourage this type of thing either, yet my picture simply wasn’t revealing at all! It is cute! Just because weirdos can screenshot it and pervert it, isn’t necessarily a reason for me to delete it so quickly, especially when I look really cute… tips/ideas?

No. 1180658

You don’t want more soup, just flavor. Adding more water would require him to add more sauces and spices appropriately too. Otherwise it is unbalanced

No. 1180664

Sounds controlling to me. You really think you need someone that insecure deciding what is and isn’t appropriate for you to post online?

No. 1180665

Men being "protective" in banal situations is often a symptom of not seeing you as a person but something they own. Sounds like he lacks self esteem and is scared of your picture drawing unwanted attention (whether irrational r not) from other men. Telling a partner what they are "allowed" to post or wear is controlling, manipulative and often emotionally abusive. It is a red flag and indicator he may get more possessive.

No. 1180679

Is any one going to bite the bullet and stream the creator clash on here?

No. 1180693

My area's power went out. I wanted to watch the weigh-in.

No. 1180694

The picture sounds perfectly fine.

No. 1180699

I got you nony. Here's the official reupload.

No. 1180703

File: 1652512905787.jpg (652.21 KB, 1688x1266, Chad.jpg)

Bless you.

No. 1180709

I could wear them up to 20C (not converting sorry burgies) but I think it would depend on what the weather is like in general where you live? If you're used to colder weather then that temp might be lower for you.

No. 1180711

File: 1652515849138.jpg (19.58 KB, 452x468, 41ZqA12YAeL._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

I'd suggest getting picrel so the colour comes out a bit more even. Usually packet/home dyes will come with a set of instructions, as well as how long to leave the dye in for depending on what you're going for. They should also come with some gloves, as well as conditioner to run through your hair afterwards, and two different bottles you mix together to make the dye. I then just put it in the little dish like the one in the pic and kind of paint it onto my hair, both on the top side and underneath. A few things I've learnt over the years is to lay a towel on the floor and around your shoulders when dying, it stains! And I know you aren't doing all your head but I'll usually put coconut oil on parts of my skin I'm likely to get dye on, this usually stops your skin from staining but you have to wipe it off with a warm, damp towel once you've applied the dye and before you rinse the dye off in the shower. I usually apply the coconut oil on my ears and neck.
Brand wise it's hard to say, I've found different brands work better for my hair but everyone's unique. Oh and most home dyes usually recommend doing a spot test (putting the dye on your skin and waiting a day) to see if you may react allergically. Generally though it's good to look for brands that don't have ammonia. Good luck!

No. 1180714

This is too homosexual for me I don't know if I can keep going. But the milk… I need…

No. 1180719

What is something you like to read on your phone when you have diarrhea? Idk why but lolcow isn’t cutting it, just makes my head feel more busy and nauseated

No. 1180721

Because the website’s too chaotic. Try listening to meditation music or watch some cooking vids. Don’t read.

No. 1180727

The Sims forums

No. 1180728

Sometimes you just got to put your phone down, take your pants off and concentrate.

No. 1180736

I don't take my phone into the restroom that's gross

No. 1180743


No. 1180784

is ibs a disability? what about bpd?

No. 1180806

Out of three gay male couples i know, all of them are strictly monogamous, and act the same as straight couples except they talk about their sex life more openly and they hoe around more before getting into a relationship. Im not american though so maybe it's different over there.

No. 1180807

Butter, msg salt and garlic or lemon pepper is my go to. Some cayenne too if i wanna be fiesty.

No. 1180811

tumblr radfem blogs are my go-to

No. 1180812

Are black Americans really taller than white Americans? If yes, why are white Europeans taller than black Africans then?

No. 1180817

>Are black Americans really taller than white Americans?
We're all around the same height, imo.

No. 1180820

I thought you almost said weight lmfao.

No. 1180823

Doesn't butter and msg kinda counteract the point of eating vegetables?

No. 1180827

Why would that be counteractive? You still get the nutrition from the vegetable. I don't get this idea that stuff like butter and MSG are unhealthy. Butter is fine, just eat real butter and don't eat a shit ton of it. MSG is just a seasoning.

No. 1180835

Fuck neutral trutrans, marry neutral fakeboi (or lawful trutrans), kill lawful enby

No. 1180841

Maybe they're more mixed with British ones. I'm 5'7 and lots of men local to me are around my height or a bit taller but all the Europeans in my work are taller than me. There's a few men from here that are shorter than me too. My mixed race friend who has a grandfather from Kenya is a couple inches taller. I think British people are shorter than mainland Europeans

No. 1180880

where can i watch eurovision???

No. 1180883

Where are you from? If you're from a participating country, your broadcaster probably broadcasts it on tv. You can also watch the stream on YouTube but you may need a vpn if you're from a geoblocked country. We're watching it in the movierroom tonight so you can join and everything will be set to watch!

No. 1180884

On tv lolol

No. 1180885

no online streaming anywhere?

No. 1180888


No. 1180892

I'm not sure if something like that exists but what is a good app for meal planning?

MyFitnessPal has some okay features but it's meh and I don't want to buy an extra notebook for this lol

No. 1180896

some are, some aren't, it varies. i'm not.

No. 1180907

Depends on actual ethnicity/racial makeup. Some black ethnic groups in Africa are taller than white Europeans, and some black Americans are mixed race and get their height from either the taller Europeans or taller Africans (and of course some white Americans are mixed with shorter European groups)

No. 1180912

Are blurays that much better compared to DVDs? I have a small TV with an integrated DVD reader, I don't see myself changing it today. And blurays are way more expensive.

No. 1180916


No. 1181038

Is biotech a shit field?

No. 1181068

what is “main character” aesthetic?

No. 1181099

Nothing at home so I'll order dinner. What should I get?

No. 1181118

No. 1181127

Burgers with fries

No. 1181199

Britbong anons is there a football match on right now

No. 1181202

It's been decades since it happened but I'm still trying to figure out why did this one teacher (a male one at that) at highschool say 'thank god' when he thought I was absent? This was the supposedly 'cool' teacher that everyone liked too, what did he have against me? I was never a bad student or anything.

No. 1181204

What did you end up getting,nonna?

No. 1181243

When did anal sex become mainstream with heterosexual couples? I remember nonnies a while back saying it’s a newer phenomenon but anytime I try to google it I just get weird results.
It makes me feel so crazy how many of my girl friends let their moids use them for anal. It makes no sense to me how is that pleasurable for them at all it’s not like we have prostates. But also I’ll never let anyone stick anything in my ass so I’ll never know I guess.

No. 1181247

I have no data to support this, but among millennials it's sort of a running gag that zoomers are obsessed with anal. There are millennials who do anal, but they don't tend to be open about it like zoomers because when we were teens and young adults it was generally perceived as degen. So my guess it probably became mainstream once zoomers started oversharing their sex lives, but surely influenced by content created for them by degen millenials.

No. 1181249

Around the same time bald labia became popular. Aka mass porn consumption via the internet.

No. 1181254

File: 1652556984449.jpeg (66.26 KB, 800x800, images (9).jpeg)

Did these things really work?

No. 1181258

Yeah, but in the time it takes to set it up you could easily do it by hand.

No. 1181283

How can I shut down people being randomly bitchy to me in online communities so that they don't poison the well against me? I always end up the group joke and nothing seems to work. Clapping back, ignoring it, brushing it off with a joke doesn't work

No. 1181285

anons who have worn heeled boots, have you ever hurt your feet and it lasted for more than a week after? i thought i bruised the side of my foot really bad (i wore high heeled boots for a day out and walked more than i anticipated) and the side of my foot is still sore in that area. i can touch it with no pain, but it aches randomly and i'm afraid i fractured a bone or something?? help

No. 1181286

I remember seeing straight couples talk about it online around 2015-16. I thought that + eating ass was just a meme/for degens but no, "normal" people were doing it too kek

No. 1181291

It's because virtually all hetero porn (aka sex education for boys) is piv+anal because piv is too boring apparently, and the female pornstars pretend to enjoy both equally, so you get moids who grow up thinking they are both for free use and equally appropriate, despite only piv being physically healthy for a woman to do frequently.

Also pickme women who are too afraid to stand up for themselves and say no.
Sex and cooming is always culturally "for men" and including acts that most women get absolutely nothing out of is just part of that.
Straight people eating ass is just…Idk I draw the line right there. Just something so monkeybrained about it.

No. 1181299

Yeah, around 2015/16 was the time, where I realized people aren't just joking around, too.

No. 1181416

I started my dating life in 2010ish and it was probably 2015 when I realised every guy was suddenly obsessed with anal and rimming, my friends complained about the same.

No. 1181454

File: 1652570138059.jpg (35.85 KB, 551x550, 169149fa190e8cc7dd73f024d0bc0e…)

I'm seeing this guy and I think that he might become my bf and I show him movies, he kinda liked Oldboy but the slept during American Psycho. Is that a good sign?

No. 1181458

They're just movies, why does this matter?

No. 1181462

autism I guess, it matters a lot to me, I also have to show him anime

No. 1181466

Better than being too into anon. No one wants to date a man who wants to kin Patrick Bateman.

No. 1181467

Please do not get him into anime that has softcore porn in it, you're really risking him becoming a coomer if he isn't one already.

No. 1181469

Yes anon, 9 times out of 10 I'd take the normie moid over some weirdo with good taste in movies

No. 1181476

he's not a coomer, and I wanted to show him something tight but with normie appeal like attack on titan, he doesn't know shit about anime but he said he will watch anything I show him kek
you're probably right anons, I like AP in a meme way but I probably wouldn't feel comfortable with someone who enjoys it for real like many moids do

No. 1181501

sis unless he's amish he's a coomer

No. 1181511

The Amish have ASTRONOMICALLY high rates of sexual abuse (usually incest, almost always unpunished bc men control that society entirely so fathers and brothers can do whatever sick shit they want to their daughters and younger siblings with total impunity.) I'm not exaggerating, I wrote a thesis paper on this phenomenon in college during a psych unit on cults and deprogramming. Almost every single Amish woman is a sexual abuse victim whether it's at the hands of her family as a child or her husband as an adult. When men are allowed to do whatever they want outside of any legal limits, they rape their own flesh and blood at alarming rates. It's fucking sick and almost nothing has blackpilled me harder than studying what goes on in these ultra patriarchal and isolated cults.

No. 1181520

Any book recommendations on the topic, anon? I'd like some doomreading.

No. 1181528

File: 1652573721952.png (34.4 KB, 536x246, hollinghurst.png)

How does this book excerpt make you feel and do you think it's good writing?

No. 1181531

I can ask him if he cooms to porn and if yes, how often, but do you think he will answer honestly? I didn't tell him I'm anti porn yet so maybe he won't hide it?

No. 1181535

the image of dicks doing a busby berkeley dance made me kek. i'd have to read more to judge the writing.

No. 1181715

You have to pretend to also be a pornsick pickme if you want him answering honestly

No. 1181726

No. 1181729

Is umami a type of savory or is it the other way around?

No. 1181732

They're the same thing. One day they just decided to use a fancy new word for it.

No. 1181746


UMAMI IS SAVORY. I felt like I was the only sane person left.

No. 1181750

Idk if I completely believe this, but thank you for answering

No. 1181753

They used umami because it was discovered by a Japanese scientist

No. 1181758

fucking weebs

No. 1181778

I'm not familiar with LSA at all but do they have some kind of black verification process for joining?

No. 1181783

Let’s just say if you’re not black you’ll be called white equivalents of scrote etc..

No. 1181785

No. It's not even black-only, just a majority black. From the rules and terms
>Lipstick Alley members are predominantly African American females, but all races and genders are welcome to join.

No. 1181790

Why is LSA full of pickmes but the same demographic in FDS is against pickmes? Aren't both sides majorly black or ethnic women? What's the difference? I was shocked when I first went onto LSA because I was expecting FDS ideology but instead they were caping for a moid who requested weird porn acts from his gf.

No. 1181793

LSA is a big forum and not a hivemind, but there do seem to be some distinct groups- religious pickmes and celeb stanning pickmes, then on the other hand you have gc/feminists and financially motivated secure-the-bag FDS types

No. 1181916

Does the district in which you place a character in BrantSteele Hunger Games Simulator influence the chances to win or their behaviour like it was in the books?

No. 1181931

This is true. It's how I got some guy to get COMPLETELY comfortable with me over a few months. The stuff he revealed he did was disgusting.

No. 1182055

File: 1652626464546.png (12.17 KB, 741x458, Screenshot 2022-05-15 165317.p…)

Guys, help, what am I doing wrong? Monitor 1 is my main display but when I open Photoshop, the brush/cursor thingy only appears on monitor2

No. 1182073

Nta but could you detail? How bad was it?

No. 1182079

What do you even do when someone is upset at you over things that literally never happened? They complained about me being mean in a fake scenario, an actual fake scenario, something that just didn't happen. This is not one instance of it, there have been multiple. What do you even call this phenomeno where someone just makes up things about you that do not happen just to get upset at you for them?
I talked her through it and it became clear what she was talking about didn't happen but she was still convinced that 'you would do that if it were to happen', like…?

No. 1182083

nvm I figured it out

No. 1182086

Is this a case of them projecting their insecurities onto a conversation or interaction? Like they assume everything is against them in some way?

No. 1182089

I won’t argue with those people. They’re mentally ill and looking for a reason to pick a fight for their chemical spiral in their head like a drug. You can’t be mad at things I haven’t done and I won’t apologize for whatever the imaginary me in your head said. That wasn’t me and I’m not responsible for it. Those situations just always turn into loses. I

No. 1182094

Is peanut butter really healthy or is it just a meme?

No. 1182095

It has plant oils and for a spoon like a billion calories, who is going around saying that it's healthy?

No. 1182102

I think she has like preconcieved ideas about me that she then creates scenarios around. I don't know, it's just weird. She does think I'm out to make her life miserable though.
You're right. It's just useless to try to get her to understand. I'll just disengage from now on.

No. 1182105

It depends on the type of peanut butter and also either you're exercising or not. Eating like one or two tablespoons of PB after exercising/lifting is great because it has a high concentration of good fats and proteins, so it helps you build the muscle. If you're just fat and sedentary, it will do absolutely nothing for you aside of making you fatter

No. 1182125

Why do a lot of gaming (and other) Youtubers move to Brighton?

No. 1182128

What this >>1182105 anon says and it's great if you need more calories for whatever reason. I've been having trouble with involuntary weightloss due to illness and adding peanut butter to stuff is a way to easily add calories without it being super unhealthy (I'm not allowed to eat whole nuts and seeds).
Calories aren't automatically unhealthy, you actually need them to survive, so it depends. The problem is that people think healthy = you can eat as much of it as you want at any time, no matter your circumstances or context.

No. 1182204

who is c(rap)chan and what did she do or say to get that name. that is the only cow farmer i don’t know or understand when she is mentioned

No. 1182250

Do blue light glasses really work or is it pseudoscience

No. 1182266

She is a mixed(?) woman with internilazed racism who thinks rap is c(rap) and all rappers are subhuman. She also was a coquette afaik? But I'm not sure. She's usually in the celebricows thread. She doesn't seem too bad until she shits on female rappers.

No. 1182269

thank u nona… bless ur heart

No. 1182284

File: 1652640484447.png (77.3 KB, 741x745, Screenshot 2022-05-15 204754.p…)

It's bs

No. 1182326

What's this kind of dancing called?

No. 1182333

What did the scrote in the Art Salt thread say? He got many replies so I'm very curious

No. 1182347


No. 1182398

>She also was a coquette afaik? But I'm not sure
She is, look through the coquette thread, she thinks the only 'aesthetics' to choose from are either rap girl or coquette. she also likes to say "low-iq" a lot lol

No. 1182484

how do jannies figure out someone's post history if they delete their cookies all the time or don't use cookies at all?

No. 1182489

What happens when a woman uses the women-face filter or a man using the mens?

No. 1182495

ip address maybe

No. 1182496

It also shows devices you use

No. 1182501

what if someone uses different vpns and devices?

No. 1182503

Is it weird if a younger guy likes kids and wants to be an elementary school teacher?

No. 1182504

>likes kids
>wants to be an elementary school teacher

No. 1182506

Sorry in advance for this absolutely retarded question, I swear I am well over 18 and not an incel scrote but… how often do people actually have sex? I have very low sex drive and I'm frankly not very interested in people in general and I don't do relationships so I really have zero clue, but I just started to think about this while listening to some tunes and I realised it is a very common topic in lyrics so it has to be like, common in normal people's lives??

No. 1182515


No. 1182516

it truly varies from person to person and couple to couple. there's no set benchmark and it depends on your personal preference

No. 1182518

why is literally every channel on youtube just pseudo-intellectual video essays now?

No. 1182522

because YouTube is a shitty platform where people grovel for views

No. 1182523

What do you wear to a leisurely walk

No. 1182524

Because all it takes is a Wikipedia article and 10 minutes of voice recording to pump out a monetized vid.

No. 1182537

Is it a likely scenario that my ex boyfriend was molested by his mother? They had a strangely close relationship where they would share everything about their lives with each other, even though he was in college. It was like they were almost a couple and his mother would gush about him to me but in a way that seemed like too much to be in a normal motherly way. She walked into his room when I was in there with him while she was wearing just a towel on and speak to him like I wasn't there, and this happened on several occasions like it was normal. He'd also put her needs above mine on every occasion and said that I was breaking up his family when I was dealing with my own problems and wanted his help. She seemed jealous of me and would hug my ex or hold onto his shoulder if she saw me a lot. The biggest sign that made me truly consider it was that he would end up speaking like a little boy a lot, and would whine if he wanted sex. He always wanted to tie me up but not actually do anything, he would just rub his dick like he was autistic or something. I didn't really know what to do because I don't even have sexual thoughts most of the time, so I thought maybe it was normal at the time. It makes me wonder if she maybe molested him as a child and tied him up or something and that was the only way he could get off. Maybe this isn't the best thread but I don't know where else I would ask this.

No. 1182547

It seems like a stretch to think he was molested based purely on what you’re saying but it definitely sounds like they had a weird relationship. Her being in a towel doesn’t seem sexual to me because some families are just more open like that. Definitely seemed like she was emotionally stunting him for her own benefit though.

I don’t have a ton of knowledge on the subject so take this with a grain of salt but from what I know it seems like parent/child molestation ends up with the kid being very angry and avoidant towards the parent than acting like they’re dating.

No. 1182552

Probably not. Sounds like typical narc mom. I think there’s a whole subreddit for it. Mamas boy vibes.

No. 1182553

Reposting cause I'm an idiot and replied to the wrong anon but I think that's emotional incest. Maybe he was also molested but with mothers I feel like emotional incest and other emotional/psychological abuse toward their children is more common than CSA.

No. 1182554

Is it safe to take more than 2 Nytols? I have been taking two 25μg ones for the last few evenings and I feel absolutely no difference. I just want to sleep.

No. 1182555

tshirt, adidas pants, backpack with water and snacks.

No. 1182558

I think it ends up being pretty seldom for people in LTR, especially if they have kids. In new relationships people fuck like bunnies because the newness is fun and exciting but eventually that goes away and things slow down. This is the reason why “hypersexual” and “high sex drive” people can’t maintain relationships btw.

No. 1182564

Sneakers, socks, leggings/sweatpants/comfy denim pants, t-shirt, crossbody bag so you don’t get important shit stolen, pocket money, water bottle if it’s too far away from home or nothing to drink if it’s just around the block.

No. 1182571


ayrt, I'm pretty convinced that if emotional incest is a thing then that was definitely happening, I just hope it wasn't more than that for my own sanity. The towel thing I kind of dismissed but it almost seemed like she was doing to show off or something and it was really odd. Their family seems to be dysfunctional and his other ex has told me the same thing. It just seemed suspicious because she hates her husband and he hates her back and won't even talk to her unless he needs something. He will just work all day and avoid her as much as possible while she stays home and does other narcissistic things like judge other families on facebook. Then she will yell at him and her son over trivial things. I think she had planned for my ex to break up with me for a while because as soon as he came home for the summer, she started acting like I was breaking up the family and she did the same thing to the last girlfriend. All I know is she is insane and I'm glad she's out of my life now.

No. 1182580

It's definitely emotional incest, and there's a chance there was some molestation involved too imo. When parents have relationships like that with their kids, I never put sexual acts or abuse out of the question. We can never really know for sure though, it's something you would've had to talk to him about when you were still together.

No. 1182590

how to start cooking? i want to learn

No. 1182594

I started out by asking people in my life to teach me basic recipes/things they like to cook, it’s a lot easier to learn when someone you know is teaching you, and cooking together is fun

No. 1182596

cooking is so fun! my best advice is dont go all out and make a 3 course meal! unless you're a chef. make one dish and feel rewarded

No. 1182597

What's your favorite food? If it's something simple, I think it's great to start with that. Also learn recipes for basic stuff like pasta sauce (bechamel is easy and a base for other sauces), soups/stews, different ways of cooking eggs. Develop your knife skills and learn different ways to cut things like veggies. If you eat meat then learn how to roast, fry and bake. Do as much research as you can and if you're going to follow a recipe then read the fuck out of the reviews. If there's anyone in your family who's cooking you like, ask them. Grocery shopping is also a part of the cooking experience imo, so get good ingredients.
With that being said, I'm definitely no culinary expert. Just someone who cooks as a basic life thing.

No. 1182598

Start by doing simple stuff like seasoning a steak/chicken breast, maybe get some minced meat and add some sauces that you think may taste good and such.
If it’s vegan food, then maybe try with some veggie stock so you can add it to other ingredients like tofu and the sorts.
Rice is also a nice ingredient to experiment with, you can add lots of interesting spices and extras like veggies, or even cinnamon and clove.
Just look for simple recipes of food you want to try and start cooking, if you like sweets, try experimenting with pancakes or waffles.

No. 1182600

Samefag, if you want to bake then go with the basics for that too. Cookies, cakes, muffins, even no bake stuff like cheesecake or tiramisu are cool. Breads are a little bit harder imo, but it wouldn't be bad for a beginner to try. Don't be afraid of trying to make stuff that you think is above your skill level.

No. 1182631

File: 1652662080484.jpg (137.88 KB, 1191x1090, interesting....jpg)

Can someone familiar with fandom explain to me the appeal of shipping Stan and Kyle from South Park? I don't understand at all.

No. 1182632

how do i get this medicine that needs a prescription if I don't have one? do i have to fake it or something? how? do i steal a doctors prescription pad or something? forge an old prescription?

No. 1182633

buy it from someone? lol

No. 1182634

what medicine is it and why do you need it? it's pretty difficult to fake a script. in the 70s forged scripts were a thing and easily done but now it's really difficult (for good reason), so that's very unlikely to net you the outcome you desire.

No. 1182635

how? have them get prescribed it and then buy it from them?
It's for pain

No. 1182638

no, from a dealer. but if it's for pain i'm not sure that would be easy to find. why can't you get it prescribed to you, though? need more info

No. 1182645

They referred me to a pain management specialist and the wait time is lengthy and I need it now. It's not even guaranteed I'll get it prescribed once I get to talk with one

No. 1182646

and I probably wont tbh. I think I know what I need to do though guys, I'll just become a pharmacist (?) lol

No. 1182671

Can you maybe go to a walk-in clinic? I'm not sure if they will prescribe anything like that but maybe they can give you something similar

No. 1182680

Can you talk with a telehealth service? If it's just pain medicine then they probably can prescribe you something.

No. 1182697

Dumbest shit, but does anyone know where I can watch the Terry Davis "Mad at the internet" video? I can't find it on youtube anywhere. I don't want to sign up for KF to ask. Any nonnie got any suggestions?

No. 1182760

If you’re in pain now go to the hospital. If they don’t think your situation warrants painkillers I would recommend therapy and/or rehab. But it’s also not hard to find a dealer who sells like oxys or hydros or something. Your weedman (or cousin/roommate/coworker who smokes weed) can start you on the path to finding someone who sells it.

No. 1182938

How do I look like a final fantasy character? Also in your opinion, who's the prettiest? I like yuna and that long blue haired girl.

No. 1182947

Buccal fat removal cheekbone implants pore removal hair transplant jaw resetting surgery blepharoplasty neck lengthening lip rejuvenation forehead sculpting skin depigmentation rib removal skull reshaping

No. 1182951

be born a Japanese scrote, become a famous j-rocker, have Nomura stan you and therefore turn you in a character in a shitty spin-off game

No. 1182962

Studies show the average amount couples are having sex is only once or twice a week. It's a popular topic in songs and media because it's sex and it's supposed to be edgy and intriguing but most people really aren't banging that often. https://www.insider.com/how-often-do-couples-have-sex

No. 1182963

Be 20 years old Gackt. Get a shitty 2000s visual kei haircut. Then, change your name to a random English or Latin word, and boom, you're a FF character.

No. 1182975

Easy! Thanks. I'll get to it.

No. 1182980

More realistic answer than be born Japanese or extensive plastic surgery is to wear circle lenses, get good at makeup especially contouring and eye makeup, maybe start taping and use wigs. Video is someone I don't think is stunningly gorgeous naturally but transforms herself through makeup.

No. 1182988

Kek and what do ya know, she even has a whole stream saved on how to be a squeenix character

No. 1182999

File: 1652687862500.png (141.63 KB, 1430x847, Screenshot 2022-05-16 095534.p…)

I found this service on the dark web where if you pay 115 USD, you get 1200 USD in return…how is this worth it for the seller??

No. 1183001

File: 1652688075351.png (83.73 KB, 1160x555, Screenshot 2022-05-16 100044.p…)

Found another one that send through Western Union. How is this a thing?

No. 1183002

nta but good shit nona!! i've always wanted to learn how to do makeup for things like this but i never saw a version that i truly liked. these are perfect! thanks

No. 1183004

File: 1652688260080.png (154.45 KB, 1196x834, Screenshot 2022-05-16 100426.p…)

another one

No. 1183007

pretty sure these are hacked accounts

No. 1183009

Do you mean the people who commented are hacked or the bank accounts from which they are transferring the money is hacked?

No. 1183011

the accounts they get the money from

No. 1183012

ah I see

No. 1183013

This. It's not clean money, peoples who buy this stuff are going to use it in weird businesses and not hold onto it either as you'd be fucked if it was traced back to you.

No. 1183015

Yeah, that makes sense

No. 1183047

File: 1652690701210.jpg (36.06 KB, 621x414, 650.jpg)

What VPNs do you guys use? And what's the difference between using a VPN with your regular browser and using Tor?

No. 1183049

So where I am they've been warning about covid becoming a problem again this fall (we have no regulations right now). Which makes me wonder, is covid a severe problem right now in countries that are currently in autumn heading into winter?

No. 1183050

Doesn't tor slow everything down?

No. 1183053

It's slower than other browsers, yes

No. 1183062

why do people in the US floss while in other countries dentists recomment interdental brushes or special toothpicks?

No. 1183063

How the hell do you draw an anime face? I don't know what happened between now and middle school but I cannot draw an anime face. There's always something off about the jaw and the eye placement and the mouth is weird. Help me art Nonnas

No. 1183066

What countries? I'm euranon and dentists recommend flossing here. Having to buy special tools for this sounds like trying to scam you out of more money than you'd spend on a floss

No. 1183068

If you’re selling used items on eBay or whatever, who do you sell them to first - the person who asked first but will buy later, or the person who asked after the first, but will buy sooner? Basically, should I sell books based on who gets to them first?

No. 1183081

File: 1652692903342.jpg (30.35 KB, 650x650, 110923851_MCM_PACK_180337.jpg)

Netherlands, it's not that expensive, 1-2 euros for a package like this.

No. 1183109

Those are just old-fashioned toothpicks with some mint. Not bad, but floss cleans far better and is gentler on your gums.

No. 1183110

Why do some women point and laugh at abuse or rape victims? When men do it they're misogynistic incels but I've known otherwise normal women do this. What's behind their thinking pattern?
Do they feel safer when they blame the woman? Do they want to appeal to incels?

No. 1183119

I have a wire behind my teeth which you can get behind with floss so my dentist recommended wooden picks. I just use both.

No. 1183122

Samefag, I read once somewhere that most dental floss is produced by Ireland. It is indeed true, every floss I buy says "Made in Ireland". I think about this often when I floss.
Is the Netherlands trying to limit Irish imports for some reason? Dunno why they wouldn't be recommending floss like everyone else.

No. 1183172

In terms that non-tech-prolific people such as myself can understand, here's how I get it:
VPN: An extra tunnel, which is encrypted (converted into a code so it's harder to fish out) is passed from your computer receiving the data to your ISP which gives out the data. Kind of like how a gate protects trespassers from entering a home i guess. Usually most VPN services use the same few VPS', or IP addresses.
Tor: Tor is a browser that puts a new encrypted tunnel between your computer and ISP. Every time you close all tabs on Tor, you get a new IP. This way, its harder to track a thread of actions or searches on different IPs (making it better for things that might not be legal). Ofc it also wipes your search history once you close it.
Though if you just need to access sites blocked in your country reliably, VPNs are better, since they don't erase your search history and you can control the IPs location.
Tech nerds of lc, please correct me if I'm wrong about any of this (because i probably am).

No. 1183180

samefag, forgot to mention, I used to use Browsec since it was free and it's just an extension - that's not a bad start for a VPN. I use Tor if i just need a different IP or am buying drugs. But, if you have the opportunity to buy a VPS (and, better yet, have someone set it up on Wireguard for you), thats even better, since it's completely private. Although a VPN subscription will do just fine.
Again, I might not know everything, but that's my advice.

No. 1183185

thank you so much!!! this was super informative

No. 1183201

how come i only ever see cleaning ladies, never cleaning dudes? (i am a cleaning lady)

is it because men aren’t willing to work hard? do they think cleaning is beneath them? men are faggots

No. 1183210

There are some men in cleaning service of my job so it's not impossible but in general it's the latter, similar as with nursing.

No. 1183212

How come you guys do cleaning jobs? Genuine question, my mom's friend does it too but she's an immigrant with barely any English skills.

No. 1183213

File: 1652698083327.jpg (59.32 KB, 572x800, 617006_3_detail.jpg)

They're not like the round things though which a lot of people call toothpicks (which they're not!), these are triangular with a flat bottom. There are also interdental brushes, picrel. When I told the dental hygienist and dentist that I flossed, they told me to use picks or interdental brushes instead. I still floss between my molars, because they're too far back to reach with any kind of pick or interdental brush, but I was told off for using floss everywhere.

No. 1183214

that’s exactly why i do it, i live in a country where i can’t speak the language yet, it’s literally the only job that would hire me.
but honestly the job isn’t so bad, i don’t have to interact with anyone, just clean shit

No. 1183216

File: 1652698308848.png (467.13 KB, 531x450, lequoi.png)

>Showers everyday just fine
>Daily light exercises no problem
>Enjoy going for a walk outside
>Repeated first year of highschool for skipping too much classes because friendless introvert and wanted to avoid group works
>Can't do work for the life of me, let alone good or on time
>Always did the bare minimum
>NEET after graduated college ever since
>Procrastinate to apply for a new college or a job
>School nightmares every now and then

Do I have social anxiety or I'm just a potato couch? Is there hope?

No. 1183217

based. hope you can get the hang of the language soon though nonna

No. 1183218

Nta but sounds nice. How did you find the job if you don't speak the local language?

No. 1183221

Do you ever have to clean any really gross things?

No. 1183226

I get school nightmares despite graduating 6 years ago lol
But at least you graduated college anon, you can always bullshit something as long as you have a degree

No. 1183228

Do you guys use your makeup products after they expired? Or do you immediately throw them out?

No. 1183238

100% for mascaras because I don't want to risk an eye infection, the rest is only if the texture/smell changed or not. Usually you can keep powders for years.

No. 1183258

Is it okay to Pluck each individual upper lip hair? I've run out of wax strips and don't want to shave it because I don't like how that feels. I know it'll hurt like hell from when I've plucked before but I'm not going to damage anything am I?

No. 1183262

I do it cause i have no education and it pays better than retail/food service etc, plus i don't have to talk to people. Better hours too, i get evenings, weekends and holidays off.

No. 1183266

What about >>1183221
How gross does it get? Where do you clean?

No. 1183271

nta but I'd kill to do a cleaning job even though I have a degree and work an office job. I feel like it'd be better for my ADHD brain becaiuse you have one process to focus on instead of several and when you finish a process (like wiping a kitchen counter) you immediately see the results and don't have to go back to check if you forgot to do it. The not having to talk to people would be also a huge plus

No. 1183275

I got the job through a friend who works at the company! I’m super lucky.
So far no, the worst thing i’ve cleaned is super shitty toilets, it’s gross but not thaaaat bad. I’ve also cleaned rat shit & lots of dust.
It’s really not too gross! However the mens restrooms tend to be nasty, because the men piss EVERYWHERE. The walls, the floors, fucking everywhere. I clean office buildings, a warehouse, and a car dealership.
I get to use this big machine to clean the floors which is fun.
The worst part of the job for me, is how little time my company gives me to do the work. They’ll allow me 2-3 hours to clean a massive place, several restrooms, floors, offices, tables. It can be overwhelming at times. But I have a good routine now so it’s not so bad. It was really scary at first, the amount of work I have to do in a short amount of time

No. 1183276

Only "wet" things that are used around the eyes, mascara and liquid eyeliner mostly. Dry stuff like eyeshadows and powders are fine as long as they don't change in terms of texture or smell.

No. 1183283

sugaring the lip hurts less, probably

No. 1183284

Interesting, thanks for the info anon.

No. 1183321

Can I just make a thread on a non-cow board if I want to? For a relevant topic, not to shit up the place.

No. 1183342

Hospital so it can get pretty gross but it's not my job to clean up biohazards and stuff. Worst thing is probably just pee and poo but you get used to it quick and people don't usually spray down the toilet when they're at the hospital.

No. 1183344

Yes lol that's the point of imageboards. Anyone can make a thread.

No. 1183350

Nta, idk if you should use sugar wax on your vagina (even if it's just the labia).

No. 1183360

pretty sure anon was referring to mouth lips (to wax 'moustache hair').

No. 1183375

Oops, sorry. I'm very tired.

No. 1183381

Kek, it's okay. You should go to bed if you can.

No. 1183386

File: 1652710009464.jpeg (65.37 KB, 478x478, 1619836954489.jpeg)

Is sewerslvt a genuine pedo?

I enjoy breakcore from time to time but I've heard bad stuff about this…man? who calls himself a girl to avoid being held accountable. is it actually true? and if so are there any non retarded breakcore artists you guys like?

No. 1183388

Anons how do I deal with (written) feedback? Verbal feedback is fine but I have a really tough time getting myself to open feedback forms on assignments or feedback forms people from my group projects had to fill out for me. I need to read and comment on a couple of those feedback forms today as part of an assignment and I can't get myself to open them. It's so embarassing, how do I deal with being so afraid of negative feedback?

No. 1183391

he built his brand off a teenage girl who was raped and tortured to death. if not a pedo (unlikely especially since he's a tranny) he's definitely at the very least a psychopath.

No. 1183392

are you kidding me? he called junko furaka, the japanese teen girl raped and tortured to death a sewer slut indirectly by making her his 'persona'. also, please get better taste in music.

No. 1183394

it’s not normal for your period blood to smell like garbage is it nonas…

No. 1183416

Yes, and he's killed cats before. Check his KiwiFarms thread sometime

No. 1183417

Have you ever had a guy react badly to you rejecting him?

No. 1183421

wtf? that's disgusting. i am definitely finding other breakcore artists…how narcissistic do you have to be to try to use someone's agony for your aesthetic? tf?
and why is everyone on reddit defending him? wtf? he calls himself 'june/jvne' now, but even when he was calling himself 'jvnko' these reddit scrotes were like
>bro…it's art…don't criticise the art…it has meaning…
why are teenage girls and our suffering and life experiences an aesthetic, mere entertainment for these men? i hate them all. inshallah reddit gets shut down. they can make an aesthetic out of torture but if we misgender men online we're worthy of abuse. it was NEVER about art. the feelings of males are clearly put first every time.

i f wording HATE reddit. i hate men. it infuriates me because if 'jvne' was an actual biological woman she would be cancelled over a colour scheme or not being sweet/nice all the time. i think i'm actually being peaked here.

No. 1183435

Pretty sure he sampled cp in his music.

No. 1183438

File: 1652713509845.png (369.3 KB, 1190x345, w.png)

Samefagging because I checked myself and my bad, he didn't just kill cats. He ate their brains to prove how much of a dark, tortured soul he is.
I already hated him for using actual necro/CP photo for an album cover, plus the fetishization/"kinning" of Junko Furuta's death but my god. Everyone should know he's a piece of pigshit, even the "muh art" retards can't defend this. Even his fellow band members/discord trannies don't like him
Adding to this, apparently he's in NYC these days, grooming a fan now and hiding under a different name.I don't understand how anyone just brushes this off

No. 1183443

Isn't what they keep calling the metaverse stuff like second life, imvu adn roblox? Why do the media keep acting like this is something new is this is the case? Seems retarded.

No. 1183446

ntayrt but i actually said “what the fuck?” out loud… why do you need to put sounds of children being abused in your music? how would that make your music better in any way? wtf is wrong with this guy

No. 1183463

It is retarded, and not new at all in the large scale of technology like you just said. But facebooks demographic is primarily boomers, and they are technologically naive so it’s “new” for them

No. 1183468

FUCK please spoiler this shit wtff fuck why did i read it

No. 1183471

Yes second life was the first big metaverse and roblox is a metaverse for kids. They're just recycling old ideas.

No. 1183482

sewerslvt will 41% himself by the end of this year inshallah

No. 1183508


No. 1183531


No. 1183535

File: 1652716410679.jpeg (119.91 KB, 725x1102, B03822C4-960F-4874-BB47-20483A…)


No. 1183540

File: 1652716492121.jpg (85.1 KB, 893x1360, 61uej3a7zxL.jpg)

Anons, I am thinking of buying picrelated book to a person IRL. (Naomi Wolf - The Beauty Myth)
Do you think that would make a good gift? The person in question
>Likes reading a lot
>Is a terribly insecure woman to a core, she can't even take out the trash or water mother's garden without putting layers of make-up
>Depends on male attention, as its the easiest one to get
>Over the past few months was actually commenting that society hates women , men do too, but she tends to play 'depression' mask as attention tactics but I still hope there is a way..
This person always starts acting pissy and making lemon faces everytime me and mother speak out about self-acceptance, but I still hope that there is a way to support her at least a little bit. I want also to discuss it with my s/o, whether gifting a book would be worth it.

No. 1183625

I wouldn't gift it to her for a gifting occasion like her birthday, but maybe as a spontaneous gift? I'm not sure she sounds like someone who would even open it though.

No. 1183856

No. 1183901

The fact you’re saying “this person” instead of a friend concerns me a bit kek. Like is she just some random woman you’re worried about or do you actually know her decently well? Because it would be weird and possibly even seem passive aggressive to shove a book on someone you aren’t even close to, especially knowing how fixated she is on beauty standards. She also actually seems fairly self aware? Her wearing lots of makeup yet recognizing that society hates women would imply to me that she already understands that there’s a big exploitive industry but she plays into it for the validation she wants (even if she’s bitter about it). I think it might be safer and more considerate to bring up the book in conversation saying you read it, and you were wondering if she might find it interesting considering some of the things she’s said. Then if she actually agrees you could bring it to her.

No. 1183904

>buying a Naomi Wolf book
even if it's a gift, really nonnie?

No. 1183910

It doesn’t smell rank but it definitely doesn’t smell like roses either, especially if it’s been sitting on a pad or tampon for a while. If you’re concerned or it seems worse than usual you should have your doc test for any irregularities or infections

No. 1183913

Many times and yes I typically did it as gently and considerately as possible. Didn’t make a difference in their response when they were already deranged

No. 1183935

I think a better and more accurate book she could consider on the same topic is Beauty Sick by Renee Engeln

No. 1183992

What the fuck is a glowie?

No. 1184004

you, probably
it’s an fbi/cia/xyz agent

No. 1184013

Why are so many american citizens against banning guns? Whenever I see someone on social media mention it they get hoards of burgers telling them that guns aren't the problem, the people who own them/the government are the problem. While they're not entirely wrong… there's no utopia where all gun owners are responsible people so wouldn't the best solution just be to make them completely illegal?

No. 1184032

Racism and overall general prejudice against other people is going to be classed as a mental illness in the next DSMV lol.

No. 1184033

Am burger. It's just dumbasses who like to shout it's their right because the 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms.

Yeah that made sense when you could bear arms to fight against the government if it turned to a tyrannical mess, but the fuck is your gun gonna do against military tanks? It's stupid as fuck honestly. Fuckwads won't even compromise for harsher background checks, as if it's a bad thing to keep guns out of the hands of people who've aroused suspicion.

No. 1184065

ntayrt but floss hurts my teeth more than toothpicks and gets stuck in between them

No. 1184067

They're the same dumb fucks who end up blasting their own feet or dicks off because of nonexistent safety precautions, of course their takes are retarded. A smaller subset is boomers who grew up actually hunting with guns but can't see the bigger picture of how gun control extends to more relevant issues than their hobby. The last group is people who want guns to protect from crazy people who also have guns but don't see the irony in how owning lethal weapons is the problem in the first place.

No. 1184070

Is it possible to be kind of face blind without it being caused by prosopagnosia?

No. 1184116

Does weed help you speak more freely? I have severe anxiety and i don’t like the way i giggle nervously and speak sober lol if not what other drug helps you calm the fuck down

No. 1184128

Amen inshallah

No. 1184135

Eh I would be careful. How weed affects you varies a lot from person to person, for some people it's relaxing but for others it actually increases anxiety and paranoia. I've experienced both before, sometimes trips are nice sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and like I have way too many rushing thoughts. I would say it would be a risky choice for you, maybe try CBD by itself for relaxation without the psychoactive side of things. It never really did anything for me by itself but maybe I just had a crappy brand or you'll react better.

No. 1184137

Thanks nonita, after looking up some things i might just opt for going to a psychiatrist and just getting any anxiety meds prescription because i’m tired of being jumpy and i already have rushing thoughts which probably cause my behavior lol weed might make it worse

No. 1184142

ime alcohol is better for that purpose, and, depending on the country, it wont get you in trouble.

No. 1184144

No problem, hope you find something that works for you more safely!

No. 1184169

Can you use measurements to find out your kibbe type? (roughly, as in dramatic or classic, gamine, not going into the nittty gritty) I don't understand it fully, I know I'm short, soft and have an hourglass figure but that's it. I think I'm bad at perceiving my body objectively which is why I can't figure it out and I don't want to post pictures of myself online in a kibbe forum/subreddit (if that's even a thing, it must be right?) and have some creepy moid masturbate to it.

No. 1184170

I'm one of the people with shit reactions to weed and I felt like I was word vomiting. I couldn't get a single full thought out because my brain was racing and I kept interrupting myself mid sentence and it was an endless cycle. I was speaking coherently, or as coherently as someone does when they can't go 5 seconds without changing topic or repeating something they just said 10 seconds ago kek.

No. 1184183

i have headphones that are too big, will different ear pads help them fit better

No. 1184186

Why do people smoke weed anyway? Is it to calm you? I've heard about kids eating edibles and such, ages are below 14. How do you anons feel about that? I've heard of some people "pranking" others with edibles without their knowledge, Idk how I feel about the other two but that pranking one makes me feel weird, I personally don't like eating something without my knowledge

No. 1184187

File: 1652747009139.jpeg (108.48 KB, 1920x975, 5ed928ab9a3ce056e2527ae8_5ed3a…)

Dont see the point in kibbe when finding what body type you have and skin tone is important in clothing. You can go from there and look at blogs or ideas of what women with your body shape wear. As for the face you can look for what eye shape you have, make up for it. What kind of face shape you have with which hair style, the skin tone color should go with your hair. If you're cool toned then warm toned wont look good. Pic related is one site with some decent guides for each body type to start.

No. 1184203


It takes away existential dread, enhances the senses, gives a body euphoria, etc. It makes things funny and makes me feel more creative. It makes me personally feel more empathetic and social.

However it also does give me anxiety sometimes, and it makes me lazy and retarded. I stopped using it recently just because I got bored with it and found the memory loss really annoying.

No. 1184215

i think you could to figure out your base type, for the subtypes you need to analyze a bit more iirc. not an expert but you sound like a romantic! the anons in the /g/ kibbe thread will be a better source of advice imo

No. 1184219

i saw someone who had the same husbando as me and i felt a pang of like.. jealousy? how do i not be like this. please help me nip it in the bud nonas

No. 1184234

Has anyone used Buyee before here? I'm interested in buying from Mercari JP and I don't know if buyee is the best choice for that - I've heard it has some shady terms of service so idk if its worth giving it a shot

No. 1184237

Accept that you are autistic, and that other autistic women exist with similar fixations. You are not unique, and do not have a special relationship with your husbando. I'm sorry.

No. 1184240

very hard pill to swallow, but i need it

No. 1184251

1. Who is it?
2. The way she likes your husbando is different to the way you like him. The version of your husbando that exists in your head is different from the one that exists in the other person's head. Both are different from the real canon version. In any case, it's better to not let yourself feel like you have exclusivity rights over a character, it's impossible to monopolize the concept of a fictional person so instead of thinking that he's yours, you should be glad there are more people who like him and willing to share.
You should post about this on /g/'s "How to devote yourself completely to your husbando" thread instead of here.

No. 1184274

File: 1652755315509.png (211.32 KB, 397x618, same husband!!.png)

1. he's from a super niche game so i feel like someone could definitely find out who i am (or the other girl) on twitter if i said haaa
2. i was actually just thinking about something similar to what you're saying! as if our husbandos are the same guy but from two different universes. same hat, different head!! it changed how i felt instantly. and you're right! i should be happy that he, an unpopular character, is getting even more love than what i have to offer!! i'm gonna go connect with her so we can bond over our man. also sorry you had to read this i am very cringe and i apologize

No. 1184283

Glad to know you feel better about it. I hope you two can become friends over having the same husbando.
And don't worry, I don't care if it's cringe. Who gives a fuck what certain people think.

No. 1184286

Thanks nonna! I'll search for it, I watched some of Aly's videos but they're a bit tedious and the 'quiz' video I really did not understand very well. I suspect either romantic as you said or possibly flamboyant gamine.

Yes this is very true! I'm luckily at the point where I know what colors suit me but I'm stuck to one silhouette right now and would like to explore but I have no idea what else would look good on me, don't want to buy a million different clothes either. I do think the 'science' (if you could call it that) behind it is quite interesting too, I like to draw so I analyze faces a lot lol. And I hope I'm a romantic so I can just copy Marilyn Monroe when feeling lazy/uninspired kek.

No. 1184288

File: 1652756753550.jpeg (163.3 KB, 1300x1300, F54699D5-348D-47F3-84FB-E72CC5…)

Nta but I love happy endings, I hope you two get along.

No. 1184370

Has anyone been to the Choctaw Stadium/Globe Life Park in Arlington and is it dusty there? Going to So What?! and wondering if I go with the old beat up shoes or something actually cute. I think the main stages are actually on the baseball field? Where the rest are on the roads(?) around it.

No. 1184478

Is there something wrong with Naomi Wolf?

No. 1184481

Nta but I think she turned out to be citing fake sources in one of her books in order to prove a point or something among these lines

No. 1184520

She kind of went psycho into conspiracy theories and got banned from Twitter and yes she repeatedly botched a lot of stats

No. 1184591

every single person i've known who smoked weed got a permanent loss of memory (even when sober). to the point that I'm having the exact same conversation with them several times, and they have no idea it's not the first time we're talking about it. it's honestly pretty creepy. i haven't told them though because i don't want to hurt their feelings (they end up thinking i'm really smart for knowing so many things when it's simply me remembering our past conversations lol) i don't think they realize how much their memories were impacted, presumably because they simply don't remember how much they forget? they weren't even big potheads (at least not to my knowledge) and the difference was still obvious to me who regularly talked to them. this has literally only happened with all of the people who smoked weed, and no one else i've known. i can't think of anything else it would be

most of them also had a big increase in anxiety which is hell naw for me who already has an anxiety disorder.

No. 1184616

Weed has a complex effect and people smoke it for different reasons. For me the main one is time dilation. It makes time seem to pass much slower, like those endless days when you were a kid, when your parents told you you can have ice-cream in the evening, but the evening feels like a whole year away.
It also enhances senses like the other anon said, and that feels like when I was a child too, looking at things around me unfiltered. I actually saw each tile instead of a tiled floor, each flattened gum on the pavement, all the details, my perception was more "dense". Weed brings some of that back too.
Basically, I smoke to feel like a kid again.

No. 1184638

every single person you've spoken to who has smoked weed has permanent memory loss? lmao ok. it's like one of the most common drugs. if you mean wake and bakers, maybe, but for how common it is, tbh i doubt you know whether or not everyone you've come into contact with has smoked weed on occasion.

No. 1184644

Goddamn, I'm eternally grateful to have ADHD and be overly curious for my own good. Relying on drugs for mediocre experiences beyond a one-time experimentation maximum sounds miserable and lame. I'm happy that your experience works for you.

No. 1184689

Why do I add a self-insert OC when I am imagining romantic or sexy scenarios with men but my actual irl self when I am imagining romantic or sexy scenarios with women? Is it because I feel more comfortable around women?

No. 1184756

What does inshallah mean? Some anons have been using it quite frequently. it sounds cool

No. 1184758

nta but you're annoying

No. 1184769

You should never dose someone with anything without their knowledge, that's creepy and cruel. I have friends this happened to as a "prank" and while it was ultimately harmless beyond throwing up in the worst cases, it was still wrong. Personally I just heard weed was fun and relaxing, plus it's not addictive and can't kill you so why not. I don't want lung damage so I only smoke once in a while or take edibles. People's experiences are always so different as you can see in the comments. The body high is nice. To me it feels like you're a little buzzed but without the headache of booze, just light and relaxed. I do also feel more creative when I'm high. It's like the thoughts my subconscious mind normally beats down due to self doubt, anxiety or stress wash away and I can observe them more neutrally. That also carries over into my normal life for weeks afterwards so I don't feel like using it all the time. I think the main thing is to moderate it like anything else, don't become the stereyotypical stoner who just lies in bed smoking all the time. Kids shouldn't be using it. They have enough problems regulating their brains and emotions normally, they don't need booze, drugs or other influences making it any more confusing.

No. 1184776

One of my friends with ADHD smokes because it actually makes her feel calmer and focus better, so you might be surprised.

No. 1184788

It gives me hardcore anxiety mixed with really bad munchies, so I can’t relate too much.

No. 1184795

I hope would be an ok translation, I think.

No. 1184797

Inshallah you find out soon because I can’t be bothered to tell you alhamdulillah

No. 1184814

NTA but is "inshallah" like "ojalá" in Spanish?

No. 1184830

it's like "god willing", so yeah

No. 1184850

In=if sha=willed/wanted allah=god
God wills it. It takes “i hope” to a prayer level. And its a funny meme

No. 1184852

ojalá (which means "I hope it happens" for those who don't know spanish) comes from inshallah.

No. 1184888

This is genuinely not bait, I’m just curious. Would you see Buck Angel as a woman or feel it appropriate to refer to them as a woman? Just legitimately interested in thoughts.

No. 1184903

Someone born male is male, idk who that person is

No. 1184904

Because she's female and will always be despite testosterone changing her appearance. I don't believe in "trutrans" and will refer to people according to their actual sex no matter what they look like.

No. 1184910

File: 1652791727493.jpg (58.13 KB, 634x763, buckangel.jpg)

I don't see her as a man, I see her as someone who mutilated herself.

No. 1184952

I knew that it came from Arabic, but not that came specifically from inshallah.
Actually, it looks like it came from Classical Arabic. Specifically, from "wa-šā’ allāh" which is where inshallah comes from as well.

No. 1184970

Do you think you could actively do that in person, surrounded by people referring to Buck like a cisgendered male? Would you even think to do it had you never heard of or seen them beforehand?

No. 1185002

Buck is female and you can use woman for that too if you want. I see Buck as a 24/7 drag king. If I'd ever meet Buck, I'm not going to be childish and continuously use "she" or "woman", especially because it's rude to talk about someone while they're literally right there. If I do have to refer to Buck, I would just say Buck or if in a conservative area I would actually use "he", since I really wouldn't want to deal with the potential fallout from outing Buck. I already let elderly people in the biblebelt think I'm a "sweet boy" and let them misgender me, instead of announcing I'm just a butch female and then being seen as a dangerous dyke. Sometimes it's safer to be mistaken for a man or boy when you're very gnc.

No. 1185008

what features make someone ugly physically?

No. 1185010

Crooked teeth + bad facial harmony

No. 1185011

Ugly insides

No. 1185022

In this case, I honestly don't care that much and would probably call her "he" sometimes. But that doesn't change the fact that she was born female, and is still female, so no, I wouldn't see her as an actual man, even if her appearance can fool you at first. I don't think she had a phalloplasty either, so lol, her vagina is still intact. Knowing that, it's more difficult to see her as a man.
And reading her story makes me think that she grew up with intense internalized misogyny and possibly also homophobia. I don't know if true, incurable dysphoria exists, but if it does, she might have it. If she doesn't, well, I think the most obvious question would be "what did she see in men that she couldn't have but so desperately wanted to, and why?" Ironic that she talks about accepting what you can't change about yourself, such as her vagina, but her whole life she lived hating her own body, and now advocates for mutilating your own body if you "feel it's the right choice" without hesitation. Why exactly couldn't she accept her female body and herself as just an extremely GNC woman?
You know what? Maybe I won't call her "he" at all. Now that I know her whole story I see her more clearly as a woman.

Wow she was really beautiful

No. 1185032

Samefag but I agree with >>1185002
That would be the only exception, but now that I know her whole story I couldn't call her a man unless I really have to.

No. 1185043

You made me go to read the wiki article expecting some sort of sad or enlightening tale but instead I’m just laughing at the last bit under personal life, “ In February 2021, Angel was a witness to Lady Gaga's dog walker being shot and two of Gaga's French Bulldogs being stolen in Hollywood.[64][65]”

No. 1185067

>Would you even think to do it had you never heard of or seen them beforehand?
What do you mean by this?
If I was in a company where I wouldn't care about outing myself as a terf then yeah, I'd refer to her as a woman.

No. 1185073

When I said her story, I meant from when she was a kid to after her transition, which to me makes it obvious that she's just another GNC woman with a fucked up perception of herself. I didn't read her wiki article lol

No. 1185081

NTA but yes I would think to refer them as a women in my head before ever saying hi . Trans men don’t pass. The voice alone is easy to pick out. I was surrounded by a couple trans men for a few years. I can’t even order my coffee before knowing “Elliot” at the window is actually a women and reminding myself not to say miss. Beard, tattoos and muscles or not. Sex is inherent and it’s a survival skill for women to pick out.

No. 1185086

Do you air-fry your vegetables? Is it bad to?

No. 1185102

you could air fry anything you want, fried veggies sounds good

No. 1185110

yes. and no? it's not bad at all

No. 1185116

What do you guys season with?

No. 1185127

anything i have tbh, salt, pepper, garlic powder, italian seasonings, grill seasoning (?), cajun seasoning

No. 1185132

File: 1652799231300.jpg (86.13 KB, 1000x1500, Michelin-Man-Mascot-by-Costume…)

Wrote out a massive spergy paragraph about how desperate I am to lose weight and accidentally deleted it, which is probably for the best. I'd put this in the diet/health thread but this seems too stupid of a question for that lol.
Here's the shorter version. I just went shopping and spent the whole time envying other girls' thin legs and it made me realise that I really, really need to lose weight. I'm not obese just a bit chubby but it kills me. I've been calorie restricting for two years and never managed to lose more than 5kg, which I've now put back on. I'm short (5'3) I have an active job and I'm pretty sure I have ARFID if that helps.
How tf do I do it, nonnas. I'll take any advice; diet pills and supplements, diet and exercise plans that you've found success with, how to workout without sobbing and losing all motivation for the next three months, ways to dress that disguise the thunder thighs for the time being. Pls help, I cannot live another day feeling like the mf Michelin man. I'm losing my marbles.

No. 1185141

easy beginner workouts/yoga poses? i don't have any equipment

No. 1185143

File: 1652799835884.jpg (105.12 KB, 683x1024, 3b52305e21dd0b97d22f75ff39fab9…)

Try keto. It's gonna be difficult with ARFID but you might give it a shot.
Tips: never go up 40g of net carbs. Avoid bad fats like processed cheese. Eat plenty of greens, especially dark leafy greens. Don't forget to ingest electrolytes, you can drink a no sugar Powerade for that. Do some exercise, especially before you eat breakfast, like a light jog/long walk.
Usually when I'm on keto my inflammation goes down within a week, it's not on common for me to lose like 2 or 3kg of pure water weight bloat, maybe you'll be the same. Good luck

No. 1185151

File: 1652800076327.jpg (435.75 KB, 1024x699, Y2019_PWR_At_Home_Kelsey_03_02…)

I'm trying to lose weight too, and I've decided to try out resistance training. I want to lift weights but the logistics of fitting time to go to a gym in my day is too annoying compared to doing home workouts with resistance bands. My goal right now is to build up more muscle through progressive overload. Switching between higher weight/resistance at lower reps and low weight/resistance at higher reps. I like it because it's a doable in an apartment (I work out in the early morning too) and I just prefer it over cardio but don't feel like I sacrifice getting a good workout in.

More muscle = higher tdee = I can possibly lose weight while still eating at my current maintenance calories/my maintenance calories goes up because I need more fuel for more muscle. Nutrition is important too but honestly I'm still trying to figure that out.

No. 1185160

have you tried intermittent fasting?

No. 1185167

How do you increase self-awareness in yourself?

No. 1185177


You don't need a gym. Just go outside and do prison workouts. Prisoners get jacked without any weights and they only eat prison food as well (obviously I don't think it's OK to eat like shit if you're working out a lot though). Pushups, pullups, burpees, squats, lunges, turkish get ups, etc. You only need to take reps near or to failure to bulk. The channel called Hybrid Calisthenics has examples for modified pullups if you aren't that strong yet.

No. 1185179

Maybe practicing mindfulness will help? A lot of it boils down to taking a moment (or a whole set time) for yourself to really be in the present and become aware of yourself and your surroundings - what can you see/hear/physically feel? Paying attention to your emotional state, how do you feel at the moment? Taking note of your breathing, etc.

No. 1185180


Meditation and socializing with people.

No. 1185185

AYRT and I love Hybrid Calisthenics!! kek I got his resistance bands and have been trying to build up a work out routine. I don't have a pull up bar and I'm afraid of damaging my doorframe but I'm looking to eventually get one.

No. 1185189

File: 1652802069176.jpg (101.53 KB, 1300x957, beautiful-picture-of-the-lands…)

So the 20-20-20 rule says "every 20 minutes spent using a screen, you should try to look away at something that is 20 feet away from you for a total of 20 seconds" but say, for the sake of this stupid question, you're standing in front of a mirror, like an arm's length away or some shit. Behind you is a window that looks outside and you can see through the window in the mirror. If you are looking at something far away, like a building or something, through the mirror, would that still count within the 20-20-20 rule? Or would it not since you are technically looking at a mirror that is just an arm's length away?

No. 1185223

should i smile in my profile picture or no? for facebook

No. 1185233

File: 1652803317933.jpeg (9.12 KB, 305x446, he.jpeg)

Please make this face

No. 1185238

Looking through the window's reflection in the mirror wouldn't count because that would be like focusing on a really tiny object about 2-3 ft away from you. The idea is to let your eyes switch from near focus to far focus to reduce strain.


No. 1185280

A friend is conducting a research about harrassment for her thesis, she asked me to complete the survey too. I was like sure but reading the survey, it asks questions about if you have been assaulted and/or raped, I don't really want her to know this information. They are asking for you name in the form, so she would know it's me. What do I do? Do I just politely reject to be part of the research survey? Or should I suck it up?

No. 1185285

Don't do it if you don't want her to have that information. If she seems like an understanding person, but you don't want to talk about it in depth, then maybe do it and if she asks about it then just say "I'd rather not go into it, I just wanted to help you with your research paper."

No. 1185286

Hm, I know what to do now. Thanks anon, this was helpful. I'd rather her not know.

No. 1185393

ADHD anons who take meds, what do you take and what difference does it make?

No. 1185413

Is it true olive oil denatures past 400 degF?

No. 1185464

Is it possible to start freelancing right away without having proper experience in it? Like start working as a freelance translator right after finishing university?

No. 1185484

Yes but at the least people/companies will want to see examples of your work. If you have no former job experience to back up your claims then you need to be able to show a portfolio. If you have related projects from school or things you did on your own time then those can be used.

No. 1185537

File: 1652814358506.jpg (129.2 KB, 1066x759, idc.jpg)

when is a normal time to get hormonal ? i mean feeling turned on. i heard its usually before a period when you are ovulating, but for me i noticed its often times right AFTER i get my period. is this normal or what ? also i never really paid attention to things of this sort because it doesnt matter to me as i will repress anyway. also i have ASD, so that might factor in as well. sorry if this is the wrong thread but my question is stupid so i figured i would post it here…

No. 1185544

Is avatar fagging allowed?

No. 1185551

No. 1185552

I'm dumb but how does having ASD affect your period?

No. 1185564

ESL-chan desu. I pronounce scent as "skent". Is this wrong?

No. 1185566

It's just pronounced "sent" without the k sound

No. 1185567

yes, it's like "sent"

No. 1185575

It's not a hard c, it should be basically silent. Think of how science is pronounced.

No. 1185591

I'd say it counts. When I look into the mirror without glasses I can't see anything, even if I'm just inches away from the mirror.

No. 1185614

File: 1652816397198.png (594.96 KB, 683x866, 20220517_143632.png)

she looks so familiar to me buut is she that woman who thinks shes a communist on twitter?

No. 1185621

How do you ask your GP to get a referral for an DHD diagnosis? Like how do you bring it up?

No. 1185622

Go to /snow/ and look for the leftcows thread

No. 1185623

What's altchan? Same as 8chan?

No. 1185627

Who's the person on the banner with "daddy's little porkchop" written on her ass?

No. 1185629

It is her

No. 1185634

mystery.jpg iirc

No. 1185636

an altchan is any _chan site that isn't 4chan

No. 1185656

ok thank you! i saw her in an ad for clothes and wasnt sure if it was actually her or not since i dont browse her threads but know of her existence.

No. 1185670

How do some women fast before or during their period without feeling weak and tired? Hell even if I eat normally I still feel like that.
What's bad facial harmony?

No. 1185693

how do you quickly distract yourself and stop thinking about something disturbing or gross? I'm super squeamish and I just read some of Guts by Chuck Palahniuk and I feel grossed out and depressed

No. 1185696

She used to be the girl who pretended to be communist on twitter and now she's the girl who pretends to be a reborn conservative on twitter kek

No. 1185699

Try to do something physical and mental. Like maybe work out and count sets while listening to a podcast. Or read out loud while tapping the side of your forehead for 10 minutes. Trick your brain into focusing somewhere else and after a little bit it will forget.

No. 1185750

What do you call the opposite of a Nigel?

No. 1185778

Is it normal for dried sweat to hurt or is this some result of me being kinda allergic to my own sweat?

No. 1185786


No. 1185788

No. 1185801


No. 1185818

thanks for the keks nonnington

No. 1185877

Newfag here and why on earth is half this website "love yourself, fuck the patriarchy" and the other half is nitpicking women for the smallest physical flaws

No. 1185889

File: 1652827913346.png (251.29 KB, 436x289, 1637349354014.png)

because different people browse here
It's not a hive mind anon, also not every anon is interested in nitpicking randoms

No. 1185898

Took me so long to get this kek

No. 1185909

The duality of lolcow.farm

No. 1185913

Not everyone who uses the off-topic boards uses the drama boards and vice-versa. In fact there's a lot more obvious Twittertards and scrotes (trannies, coomer simps, incels) on the drama boards, and that's also where most of the banning happens, I think.
On top of that people who are not interested in drama come to lolcow because of /g/, /m/ and /ot/ looking for a female-only imageboard alternative to discuss their interests.
That being said, there's many people here who are also massive hypocrites so they pretend to be radfem while constantly insulting other women because they're insecure about their own perceived flaws. Yes, they exist too, but I'd like to think it's a vocal minority.

No. 1185925

You can insult individuals and still support their human rights

No. 1185931

They're different people
Look at the tinfoil thread and the celebricow thread, entirely different worlds
One is full of /pol/ moids/tradthots and the other is full of trashy twitter fags

No. 1186024

/ot/ users are so far upon their own asses and for what, your shithole is literally infested with scrotes baiting and twitterfags too, "female-only imageboard alternative to discuss interests~ unlike those filthy drama boards" headass

No. 1186045

I think my friend told me he "simps" for me a few days ago but I'm not sure if I just heard wrong.

I didn't wanna ask for clarification when he said it (honestly I wouldn't have been able to talk if I wanted to anyways because I was taken aback) and it'd be weird to ask now I think. Is there anything that rhymes with "I simp for you"?????? I've been ransacking my brain since but can't think of anything. "I simp for you" makes sense in the context of the convo we were having, kind of, but I'm pretty sure I misheard and he said something else.It's weird to call yourself a simp, and he's the last person I would think of calling themselves that. He dislikes simps (so do i). How should I feel about this if it turns out to be true?

No. 1186046

he's probably just using it as a joke. some people use it instead of "stan"(thank fuck i hate stan)

No. 1186048

He wants you bad. Get him to buy you stuff.

No. 1186050

>types like a twitterfag

No. 1186061

I don't know what exactly set you off but holy kek you need to touch grass

No. 1186069

what if it was a joke like >>1186046 said? or he wants to say "aha youre a user" or something like that? I like him tbh. Not that I would mind him buying me stuff… but ijs i would get him to fuck me first, he's hot. also he's neat, personality wise

No. 1186080

File: 1652843722316.jpg (49.23 KB, 640x640, 2ee072a7823c44e5847f6c96c2dc32…)

If you like him then don't worry about what he thinks and banter with him. Call him your simp. He will like it, make him like it. Smile when you say it. If he says "you're a user uwu" then say you're gonna use him alright. His cheeks will turn red and his dick will get hard. You can trust me, I've read the ancient texts of seduction and romance.

No. 1186089

LOL anon you've given me courage

No. 1186116

why does my spellchecker underline properly spelled words like "aesthetic" and also words like "sex", "shit", and sometimes "fuck" lol but the last one isn't always consistent

No. 1186133

Do any anons that were bullies (especially to other girls as oppose to boys) regret it now? I got bullied all my school life and I don't want to reach out to them but I'm just wondering, do they feel guilty or do they just not care? I know not everyone is the same obviously but I think it's quite a normal thing to look back on your actions (even if you were just a dumb kid). I wonder if they do, children are brutal but you must look back on some things and think maybe that was not the move to make. Or maybe I'm an autist who overanalyzes everything, who knows.

No. 1186138

I reached out to mine (dont know why) and she didn't apologize (both early 20s so maybe not old enough? though personally i think more than old enough to regret it). I'm thinking I will probably reach out again soon, I don't care about an apology but i do want to just rub in her face how much prettier than her I am now lol

No. 1186142

Depending on the severity they may not even realize they were bullying you, memory has a way of sugar coating such memories.

No. 1186145

If a guy has done petty crime is he likely to become violent?

No. 1186163

Depends on the severity of the crime I'd say.

No. 1186167

Shoplifting, getting into fights, and slashing tires. Mostly while in High School. Early 20’s now.

No. 1186172

nta but yes. avoid.

No. 1186174

Yeah, I agree with >>1186172. Not good signs at all and strong indicators he's likely to become violent.

No. 1186182

What does it mean when sanic says “I’ll see you soon”?

No. 1186185

just wait

No. 1186256

Why is it seen as offensive in America if you ask someone where they come from? I'm from a very multicultural country and when I was a kid it was normal to ask each other "where did you come from" meaning what was their background/nationality, and nobody took offense by it, it's seen as a casual question. Or maybe in America it's not a big deal, idk, but from what I've seen people act like it's a huge offensive question to ask

No. 1186260

i was a playground bully and i still feel bad about it sometimes kek

No. 1186263

Maybe stems from lifetimes of it being a microaggressor.

No. 1186264

It used to be normal here too, but a small minority of very loud people complained that it's offensive.

No. 1186275

Depending on the person, the one asking is looking for a reason to justify a sort of behavior the person might have. It could also do with political opinion, their speaking, or a type of skill. Something like "oh shes from this country no wonder shes so cheap"
If they aren't trying to be rude to someone I dont see what the problem is either though. Burgers will ask where each other are from in terms of state all the time.

No. 1186284

I bullied boys and I have no regrets, I never changed my ways. I never bullied girls, I did call out one of the meangirls who made a teacher cry after her husband died, so then the meangirl started crying herself. I don't know if that counts, but I don't regret that either. We all become an old lady one day and you don't get to be cruel to someone at their most difficult moments.

No. 1186317

do you guys think dark hair or light hair makes a person look more youthful, generally?

i keep noticing on celebs they look better and more youthful with dark hair generally but i keep seeing people say that dying hair blonde tends to make people look more youthful and i just do not see it. i feel like it ages people quite a bit, generally.

No. 1186327

Generally dying dark hair tends to make a person look younger.

No. 1186329

Darker. I even remember reading in an analysis that high contrast faces are perceived to be younger

No. 1186362

It's kind of both I guess. Dark hair is typically associated with youth, and if you have nice skin the contrast can bring out your features more but it can also make wrinkles etc more noticeable. You'll notice a lot of actresses and models getting their hair done blonde/lighter when they get to be in their 40s.

No. 1186412

Thanks! Who tf is mystery.jpeg though

No. 1186413

That is the worst banner!! I hate it so much!! I literally refresh whenever I see it kek

No. 1186424

how can i feel consistently excited about something like i did as a teen? i find myself lacking energy and having these hyperfixations not on anime characters, boys, or styling, but on purchases. i do sports and have hobbies but i don't have the same fixation and excitement anymore. i might be depressed. is every adult depressed?

No. 1186428

>is every adult depressed?
It seems that way to me. Unless you're lucky enough to be born into a financially stable, healthy environment with supportive family and a friend group, you're doomed to depression. Hell I even know people who do have all those things and they're still depressed. If I wasn't constantly stressed about money and my health, I would actually be able to enjoy things, I didn't think about money or my health when I was a kid. I remember getting a 50 dollar bill on my 13th birthday and feeling rich kek.

No. 1186429

The more things you get exposed to, the harder it is to become excited as you've seen many of these before; so of course it's harder the older you get. Doesn't mean it's impossible, so as long as you're not completely dead inside, eventually a new great thing will come.

No. 1186438

What's with the nonnies saying stuff like "inshallah"? It doesn't really work to me as a joke since I've seen so many men fetishize islam.

No. 1186440

To me it's just a hilarious sounding word, I don't care where it's from. I like shitposting.

No. 1186447

That's dumb, it's like ending your posts with "bless pedos".

No. 1186450

The ones I hear saying this are muslim middle aged moms or grandmas, including my own mom, you'll tell them you want to do anything, like "I want to go out with friends this weekend" and they'll say inshallah automatically, like god gives a fuck if I hang out with my friends.

No. 1186452

Dae get a backache during PMS?

No. 1186455

Same, also with that girl fellating the sausage. I wish any even vaguely pornographic banners would be banned tbh

No. 1186462

>that girl
Anon please, that's our queen

No. 1186463

Yeah, I get it every couple of months. It's fairly common & nothing to worry about

No. 1186485

that girl??

No. 1186494

yeah, money stresses me out. i also have no community. i am working on that. but as kids we have a consistent community where we can show off our talents and establish ourselves. what do we have in the adult world, the workplace, where we must keep up appearances. nothing too politically incorrect, nothing too funny, nothing too sad or controversial or personal can ever be said. it's all so scary to have to be so wary, our livelihoods depend on it.

No. 1186496

i don't like porn-ish banners either
i come to /ot/ to escape scrotism

No. 1186512

Can I eat slightly green potatoes?
Their skin have green color but it's not like completely green.

No. 1186514

Howdo you color correct if you want to cover your dark circles and you have pale but warm toned skin? And your dark circles are bluish purple? Should I use yellow or peach color?

No. 1186555

pls help me get sims 4 expansions for free, i am not paying $40

No. 1186571

where can I find a good routine for someone with almost no condition and new to the gym?

No. 1186576

Hopefully this isn't starting too low, but I've had people recommend me workout routines aimed at the elderly or people who have had major surgeries. The workouts seem to care more about making sure you never injure yourself. Otherwise there are programs like "From Couch to 5km" that sorta work your body from next to nothing into a conditioned body. Sorry if none of that helps!

No. 1186617

Do youtube search suggestions work like google in that it suggests things based on your search and watch history? I was looking for a video with a title that starts with “I regret” and the top youtube suggestion was for “I regret transitioning” kek

No. 1186620

I was bullied and i bullied others, i personally really felt guilty that it ate at me at one point. I have met one of my bullies though and as a result i don’t think most people care, she destroyed my early years and warped my view of the world but she was unapologetic and was even gonna continue doing it lol. I guess it depends on the person

No. 1186627

> I don't care about an apology but i do want to just rub in her face how much prettier than her I am now lol
based anon, do it!!!!! i wish i was confident enough to do this. my bullies mum is in a vegetative state

No. 1186695

I'm Asian and I've had way too many people play the "what kind of Asian are you" game with me so I'm just naturally hostile off the bat after years of dealing with it, although it also depends on who's asking.

No. 1186784

I think so, yes

No. 1186794

Can someone recommend me information/courses/anything on how to manage myself with ADHD?
I'm looking for something more indepth than just using a bulletjournal/productivity app. Something on how to prioiritize activities, how to slow down in the moment, how to not procrastinate, how to pay attention when someone is talking to you, etc.

No. 1186799

Dae self-sooth themselves when they are in a bad mood by imagining someone (like a parent figure) comforting you and telling you that you matter and you are loved, etc? Is this normal?

No. 1186804

i do! it's usually some nondescript maternal figure bc i haven't really had a close emotional relationship with my mom so it feels weird to imagine her specifically. sometimes i like to imagine what my childhood self would do to soothe me too

No. 1186807

File: 1652897090572.png (161.23 KB, 260x399, toolkit.PNG)

I really recommend pic related - The Adult ADHD Tool Kit: Using CBT to Facilitate Coping Inside and Out. It's a work book that has helpful exercises and practical advice that you can start doing right now. You can skip around chapters to what you find most relevant or read front to back. Make sure you actually take the time write with a pen and paper when there's exercises. I think the book also does a great job of helping you understand why you do certain things instead of just being a long slog of exercises.

No. 1186817

i love hearing about other cultures so i'm kinda sad i can't ask without coming off as a racist. i'm also not of american descent and i love sharing my own culture too
bad people ruin everything lol

No. 1186849

Maybe feminism got it wrong and women really are retarded. Seriously, most women are enablers and willful victims. You can cope and call it internalized misogyny or whatever else you like, but clearly only some women are past the bell curve.

No. 1186857

not to mention how many women on this earth are perpetuating the cycle of abuse for other women

No. 1186952

And little girls. It pains me to come to this realization but it is what it is. Women need to be retarded in order to allow for continued reproduction and everything that comes with it

No. 1186977

I do believe a lot of women are genuinely manipulated and groomed by men from a young age but it is hard to feel bad for women who obviously know better doing stupid things like letting a guy twice their age impregnate them and walk out, staying with men who cheat or getting with men who have girlfriends. A lot of men will often use other women as weapons against the woman that they're abusing because those other women often let them

No. 1186984

My therapist actually told me to do this, so I guess it's not that weird. I think she called it parenting yourself or the ideal parent. it's especially good for people who have shitty parents.

No. 1187040

is mika actually gay ? i remember in middle a girl very seriously told me that he was gay. i even asked in the movie room if he was during the ESC and i couldnt tell what the answer was. is he or isnt he ?
also i did not know males could age like him somehow he looks like he has less testosterone in his body than when i knew him in 2007-2013 or so. i dont know how else to describe it

No. 1187073

File: 1652907904771.png (13.96 KB, 698x179, mika homo.png)

literally first result on google nonnie

No. 1187082

Yes, he came out at least twice long time ago.

No. 1187090

Music + television + mobile game. Basically just many different kinds of external stimuli.

No. 1187104

yeah i remember years ago at school (in the uk, he was big at one point like the mid-2000s) when he came out and everyone was like oh my god lollipop is about a man!!

No. 1187108

Can you get hooked on anti depressants? Can anti depressants ruin your psyche? If i took them do i have to take them for the rest of my life? Im too scared to start mine

No. 1187110

Whats your stupid question

No. 1187113

You’re 14 and this is deep

No. 1187114

> If i took them do i have to take them for the rest of my life?
no, it all depends on you. some people are only on them for a few months. for me i have taken different antidepressants since 2013, as it is all trial and error on what suits you

No. 1187119

You literally described internalised misogyny.

No. 1187151

File: 1652911623869.jpg (124.72 KB, 1000x999, 1587045423753.jpg)

It really depends on your personal diagnosis. I will probably have to take mine for the rest of my life because my brains hormones are fucked, and not taking them makes me go off the deep end. Medication is there to help you, so if it's not doing what it's supposed to you tell your doctor and they can find out the best fit for you. Please don't suddenly stop taking them unless your doctor tells you to, some meds can have serious side effects if you do this. Try to keep taking them even if you feel like they don't work right away, this is a mistake a lot of people make and it can make your depression worse. There's nothing to fear unless they have you on something like lithium. You'll be the same person you always were just feeling less like you want to die.

No. 1187155

idk if its offensive but sometimes it feels kind of awkward when you're born in the country that you're in and some people automatically assume you're a foreigner just because of your looks. unless they're asking what state you're from or something like that

No. 1187157

how in the got damn does ovulation work? like the timing of it?
i always thought ovulation was 14 days into your cycle but is it possible to get it really early or really late?
i feel like my ovulation is always a bit late so i just jump immediately from ovulating and then straight to pms then to my period in like 7 days. that's how it feels, idk if that's even how it works though.

No. 1187158

samefag and sometimes there might be people unsatisfied with the answer you give them and assume you're lying and keep bugging you about it or go "no, where you really from" instead of moving on

No. 1187190

most of the variability in period cycles is in the days between menstruation and ovulation. after ovulating, the time between ovulation and period is pretty much the same for everyone, +/- a couple days.

No. 1187205

Why are some people good at sketching/inking but then their painting sucks? Similar why are some people good at painting but then their stand alone sketch/ink sucks?

No. 1187219

i guess maybe it's just a matter of practice and/or medium preference? personally i can't really get what i'm imagining or wanting out with sketches but once i'm painting i know almost exactly how to get to my envisioned goal even if i don't necessarily reach it immediately i'm way more knowledgeable and find the process of getting there a lot more enjoyable so i'll put in the time and commitment
alternatively don't trust your doctor or any sort of anti-depressant they prescribe you. especially if people are in your ear about "don't stop taking them without permission!" because they are drugs designed to create customers for life and your doctor is basically being commissioned to create users of it
google fitgirl repacks (and make sure you have the original site not a copy) but if ur after just individual packs idk how to help sorry!! fitgirl repacks for anyone reading/wanting to play the sims 4/3 (altho really girls we should all just be playing the sims 2) without purchasing anything is safe but obviously you won't be able to play online or upload/download in the gallery etc but honestly it's a great way to scratch the sims itch

No. 1187223

Is there a way to find youtube videos that were removed due to copyright? Wayback doesn't work.

No. 1187230

>Why are some people good at one skill but not good at a different skill?

No. 1187244

How do i make one of those cute animations that follow the mouse and react to what it does? I wanna make something like it but i don’t know what it’s called..

No. 1187247

File: 1652921734544.jpeg (55.56 KB, 1354x784, D908B146-570B-4A08-9488-F7C41B…)

>goes into stupid questions thread
>le shocked that question is stupid

No. 1187255

I'm really good at drawing. I've been drawing all my life. I have 0 clue how to paint. My paintings look like shit. I know what I'm doing when I draw. I don't know what I'm doing when I paint.

No. 1187438

How do you catch your breath faster

No. 1187440

File: 1652939225408.jpg (72.81 KB, 563x800, 528bdf0353814d2f04c21cb201d61d…)

I had a stupid thought pop into my mind. Since I use my hands for sex and I have tiny hands, does that mean I have the hand equivalent of a microphallus?

No. 1187455

what is it about those biscuit boxes made out of tin that makes grannies everywhere put sewing gear in them?

No. 1187458

What is considered normal PMS behavior, and what is considered not normal? Is literally crying all day long normal? Is feeling hopeless and feeling like life is being pointless normal? Is considering suicide and feeling the need to call the suicide hotline normal?

Please help me I just don't know anymore

No. 1187460

we don't unlock that knowledge until we reach granny age ourselves

No. 1187468

I think it counts as not normal if it makes you unable to go about your daily life or even sleep

No. 1187746

Is it possible to use 4chan without seeing the porn ads? I read you can have a malicious script injected into the page if you adblock them. I just wanna read /x/ and /fa/.

No. 1187755

Is chiaroscuro lighting basically a fancy word for high contrast lighting? Or am I missing something?

No. 1187783

Eventually you acquire so many sewing implements and they become so important to you that no other container is large enough, hardy and protective enough, except for those biscuit tins. They protect years of skill and secrets.

No. 1187820

Why do I hear so much about "facial feminization surgery" but not "facial masculinization surgery"? Are TIFs less concerned about achieving an ideal male face some reason? Or is it just because the type of plastic surgery would be more complicated? Does anyone know

No. 1187841

I'd tell you not to go to 4chan and that /fa/ is complete shit but it's probably futile. I used adblock and 4chanX together on it for 3 years and didn't have a problem (no, i'm not proud of that. Also not sure if 4chanX blocks the ads but it's much less of a pain in the ass to browse that shitsite with it).
>Are TIFs less concerned about achieving an ideal male face
Most fakebois, esp the straight and enby ones, really aren't. They don't want to actually look like a grown man, or even look like a man at all.
It does somewhat have to do with the fact that shaving off human bone is easier than adding silicone onto it and making it stick, but that's a small part of the reason why. The dysphoric-since-forever lesbian ones (e.g. Buck Angel) just work out and gain a ton of muscle mass - it's much easier when you're on T anyways. You can give the illusion of changing your face shape/features by just gaining a ton of weight and mewing or something. Might also have to do with society seeing men with, say, small brow bones and bigger lips not as jarring on a male face as a quite prominent brow bone and a strong jaw on a female face. Not saying those features are bad on their respective faces, just that people don't notice 'soft' features on men as much as they notice 'stronger' features on women.

No. 1187877

File: 1652971023885.gif (31.15 KB, 99x128, hntgnrnn.gif)

I mentioned this in the YT hate thread, but is there a way to apply to be a YT mod? Is YT even looking for mods from the U.S.?

No. 1187894

Facial Masculinization Surgery does exist but when it comes to plastic surgery it's generally harder to put stuff on than to take it off. FFS is just bone shaving while to have a more masculine face you'd have to rearrange bone, possibly get fillers and implants that would look fake and awkward, it just would not be worth the risk and money. Additionally testosterone changes your fat distribution and face contour just enough that a FTM passes way better for a male than a MTF as a woman so most simply don't need it.

No. 1187897

File: 1652971993069.jpg (307.36 KB, 610x414, de-koppelaarster-the-matchmake…)

No. 1187919

File: 1652973190755.jpg (41.83 KB, 473x470, 86017bc497eaec95e8a436d8e44bd8…)

Basically yes but it's a bit more specific, high contrast is just that, chiaroscuro refers to having one area of the composition fully lit, but with clear details in opposition to the rest being dark and making the it stand out. Just saying high contrast could refer to anything, like picrel

No. 1187928

I asked a friend if she’s free this week. We haven’t seen each other since almost 3 years, but we text semi-regularly. She was like “why?” And I said I want to meet up, and she replied with sure. Now, does she mean it? Or is she doing that thing where people say “do you want to come with” “lets hang out sometime” “we should do this” and then you look forward to it and they embarrass you? How do you guys tell the difference? I can’t trust anyone these days tbh

No. 1187935

yes thats exactly what it means. bright brights and dark darks.

No. 1188100

How common is it to see a black person in Finland

No. 1188103

does the love languages thing refer to your preferred way of giving love or receiving it?

No. 1188111

both i think, it is called a language after all.

No. 1188153

is it possible to hookup with men and not walk away feeling used and unsatisfied? i’ve never had a good hookup, or good sex with a male at all tbh. but i was a total pick me back when i was sexually active and basically only cared about being a good lay, i hated myself a lot. i’ve been celibate for about two years and in these two years i have come to the conclusion that men deserve nothing. hookup culture disgusts me but, like, what if i just got head from a guy and that’s it? is that anti feminist like any other hookup? i’ve found plenty of men on tinder who claim to be submissive but i know damn well not to trust any of them completely, yet i still kinda want to have enjoyable sex for the first time in my life, and i don’t think i’m ready for a committed relationship.

No. 1188185

In Helsinki it’s pretty common, depends on the area though

No. 1188218

No hidden motives with this question, just for your own consideration: Why do you feel the need to have a stranger whom you have no emotional connection with give you head as opposed to just masturbating?

No. 1188233

well yeah my vibrator suffices but i guess i mostly just want to try out some fantasies i have. i also question pretty often if i am actually attracted to men because i like the idea being with them but it’s never been worth it in the past, but then again, i didn’t really respect myself or prioritize my needs/desires.

No. 1188281

Is soy bad for you? An old lady told me to not drink soy milk because she did and they had to remove her uterus or something like that. It scared the hell out of me

No. 1188288

No nona it’s not

No. 1188291

Will I get hormonal imbalances? I know men do but what about women?

No. 1188297

You don’t, honestly it’s perfectly safe for men too if they don’t get excessive with the consumption

No. 1188304

I did alot of hooking up when I was younger and alot of it that seemed ok in the moment was pretty lackluster on reflection. The older I get the more I look back on it as very 'meh' sex. The bar was set so low and I didn't see that att.

I can say I truly enjoyed sex with this one fuck buddy and then with one once-off guy aswell. That is a low satisfaction rate compared to how many there were overall lol. God knows what drove me to keep trying it for so long when it wasn't paying off. That's just my experience. Been single for a while now and I'm all about toys. Gave up on nsa for good.

No. 1188344

No, the 'soy affects your hormones and it's bad for you' narrative was aggressively perpetuated like a decade ago and it's not true: https://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/040114p52.shtml

No. 1188352

File: 1652990900172.png (2.41 MB, 1140x1750, aguL0VqjO23j.png)

are people into like crystals and gems and rocks or whatever also into astrology? if not? what pseudoscience does it fall under? also where's the belief these rocks have powers come from?

No. 1188448

…is a guy with a breeding fetish really a red flag?

No. 1188455

Yes. Check onision thread if you want to see how those men turn out.

No. 1188461

I think it’s kind of a normal fetish. It’s literally the “point” of reproduction. If they fixate on it TOO much then yeah it’s creepy.

No. 1188470

>i like the idea being with them but it’s never been worth it in the past
That's the conclusion I've come to as well. Even in relationships. Similar to >>1188304 I often thought I really loved sex in the moment, but physically it did little for me. It was all the mental rush of feeling wanted and desired by men because I lacked the ability to feel like "enough" on my own. Sad as that is. May or may not be the same thing with you, just sharing my perspective. I'm a million times better at giving myself orgasms than any man has ever been and I no longer need the external validation. So the only positive thing that's left is the eye candy and feeling of touch from someone different. Those things are pretty worthless benefits compared to the downsides of feeling bored, unsatisfied, used, shallow, at least in my experience.

No. 1188503

How do I become better at math? I will have to complete three lectures for my degree next year that contain math exams like accounting stuff. The problem: I SUCK at any kind of math. They accepted me anyways even tho they saw my bad math grades so how do i pass these exams aka how do i become a math genius?

No. 1188524

I'm like this, but I've only been in monogamous relationships. I have never hooked up and I like feeling desired. How did you kick it? It's hard because I've been wanting to feel desired since I was little, like before the ages of 10 because I was abused by a person who called me uglt

No. 1188681

Am I retarded nonnies? Why can't I get jokes? I'm not a serious person and don't think I'm autistic. Is it possible to just be this stupid? People laugh at my jokes before I realize I even made them but don't laugh at my actual jokes either. Idk

No. 1188697

a fetish is by definition focusing on something too much

No. 1188714

File: 1653002989027.png (635.67 KB, 867x904, 79048302943432.png)

I know I'm going to sound like one of those bad inspirational posters, but unironically, by loving myself more. Longer answer… it's been a lot of consistent work on my mindset. CBT workbooks have been helpful, journaling, reminding myself how underwhelming or outright damaging sex and relationships were. I don't even have the energy to feel angry about it like I used to. I know decent men exist, but actually finding one is the luck of the draw and I don't want to wallow and not enjoy my life if I don't find the right fit. Redirecting energy toward other things helps. I had trouble enjoying normal activities at first, like walking in a park, learning new skills or working out, but the more I made the effort to stay in the moment instead of mentally griping about not having a man, the more I realized there were so many things to appreciate that I'd overlooked because I was so hyperfixated on relationships. It's truly a process of deprogramming yourself and it's not at all "woohoo get up 5am and make a green smoothie and do some yoga grrrl" it's more "I've had to redirect myself from thirsting for a man 127 times today, dug into some old trauma in my journal, and only managed an hour of exercise the entire week, but at least I was able to notice a cute bird outside my apartment this morning." It gets easier in time, and it's absolutely worth it. It's nice to romanticize yourself and your own journey instead of men that don't deserve it.

No. 1188843

Does anyone like to throw up? I'm not talking anachan shit. Like genuinely just like the feeling? Throwing up is such a horrible feeling. I'd rather get my tooth pulled. Even when my stomach hurt when i'm hung over and I want to throw up, when it happens I STILL hate it so much. It feels so horrible

No. 1188865

How do you get avocado to not have that skanky bitter taste?

No. 1188872

>how to get an avocado to not taste like an avocado
But in all seriousness though, doesn’t bitterness mean its not ripe yet

No. 1188873

I like the after of throwing up, and sleeping after throwing up is the best. I feel like i have been purified. As if a demon was exorcised from within me

No. 1188882

File: 1653016965286.jpeg (178.71 KB, 1100x2048, 7DB2D0D1-82E9-4824-892F-3B1F99…)

I kinda like it, I've had a weird illness for a few years so now I'm like.. very "good" at vomiting i.e. I don't make a sound, tear up or take longer than a few minutes to empty my stomach. But I also can decide when enough is enough by taking ondansetron. Kinda feels like picrel kek

No. 1188886

yes. if i'm a little sick i will make myself puke because it feels so much better than being nauseous. i also like the feeling after throwing up, lightheaded and clean i guess. i was bulimic for years so yes there is something wrong with me.

No. 1188888

You remind me of when I was in middle/high school. I was quiet when I threw up. I didn't realize I had coeliac at the time. It felt good to throw up because it felt so hot in my chest and my stomach was painful. I hated being in pain and it was the easiest way to alleviate it. Looking back, I can't believe how many people failed to recognize my issue. Mainly looking at my pediatrician. What the fuck. Sadly my teeth took a hit. I think had I known what my problem was, there would be less cavities.

No. 1188890

yes after you throw up feels so good, unless you have a stomach bug and it's only for a few minutes until your stomach hurts again. When im hung over I always want to throw up but hate it. Though I instantly feel better afterwards

No. 1188892

Ondanestron is the shit. Actually the only medication where you immediately feel better.

No. 1188894

Honest to god I have no idea where I'd be without ondansetron. No joke I probably would have killed myself by now, what an absolute gift of a pharmaceutical. Only downside is each pill is $10 and only covered by my country if you currently have cancer. I've easily spent over $1200 on them over the years though, worth it

No. 1188903

I have always had a good relationship with my father so why do I like cartoon/anime/game DILFs so much? I don't even like 3D men of any age.

No. 1188905

Maybe you’re just drawn to strong older men, nothing wrong or weird with that

No. 1188913

There really doesn't have to be some "reason" for why you're attracted to what you like

No. 1188924

Why do so many webtoons have such terrible writing? I’ll go on there and see some comic with nice-looking art and an interesting premise, but then you start reading and the dialogue makes your eyes bleed. Regular webcomics aren’t like that, what gives?

No. 1188930

I think crystal-hugging is much more consoomer-focused than astrology and that’s why it’s taken off recently. You’ll notice it’s never limestone or schist or granite that give you powers, it’s only the pretty rocks that a regular person doesn’t have the ability to find on their own and so can only be acquired by purchasing. This feeds into the consoomer “gotta catch em all” mentality and appeals to the deep-rooted desire to find and own pretty things that so many people have. It also is appealing to people who want an easy solution (throw money at it) to problems in their life that money can’t really solve. When you have a hyper-consumerist society full of miserable people who maybe don’t even understand why their life makes them miserable, crystal-hugging seems inevitable.

No. 1188939

Because it’s meant for kids.

No. 1189270

What's about pakianon and romanianon that makes them so infamous here? I usually bail out when discussions here get too heated, so I'm not very familiar with these two. I've seen paki discussing with other nonnies on a diff thread about issues of western women vs third world women, she was kinda annoying but didn't say anything that made her look deserving of the meme status she has here. And idk anything about romanian anon either. Can somebody explain?

No. 1189288

How new? Both sperg and completely derail threads.

No. 1189325

I'm not gonna spoon feed you and I don't think any other nonny should either. If you bail out when it's gets spicy then why even ask? Just use the search function to look up "romanianon" and "pakianon" and read the threads, they aren't going anywhere.

No. 1189353

Do most people automatically think that if you don't text them and don't seek contact with them then that means you don't think about them at all?

No. 1189360

Romanianon is a mentally ill woman who used to work as a camgirl and posted a random girl who she accuses of being the one who trafficked her. She makes a lot of clearly deranged posts.

Pakichan is a brown woman whose love for white passing men will one day kill her. She always screeches at white women and says she has it worse but in reality she's only mad because she can't bag a white and slavic bf like they can. She also lusted after a nazi and said she wanted to be his maid. She's usually the first to cape for any white abusive man while putting down women.

Bonus: crapchan is a mixed woman who has internilazed racism and she shits up celebricows on the regular about how much she hates rappers. She usually calls them low iq, subhuman, etc.

If you see a skinny white girl picture, it's crap-chan. If you see a cat picture, it's pakichan. If you see walls of text, romanianon.

No. 1189414

>If you see a cat picture, it's pakichan
Not accurate, everyone uses cat pics here

No. 1189433

File: 1653058952222.gif (905.18 KB, 320x480, B7C926DD-F1AE-466A-8558-725BBD…)

NTA but pakianon chooses low quality early 2000 designs from google type of cat pics like these

No. 1189434

samefag, i need to go outside…

No. 1189436

The only pics I associate with that retard are random unwanted pics of brown moids

No. 1189457

asking in a couple different threads: anyone have recommendations for hiking shoes that -don't- give you blisters? pretty much every shoe (besides comfy nikes kek) gives me blisters on my ankles. i'm going canada (montreal) in a couple months where we'll be hiking. i'm not much of a hiker and don't go outside too much so i'm looking to buy some comfy hiking shoes now and break em in and get used to hiking in general before my trip…any suggestions nonnies???
i've been looking more at hiking "shoes" rather than boots because i've yet to wear a single boot type of shoe that didn't give me blisters.

No. 1189461

Nope. Do not try to say that cat pics are Pakianons thing. She barely even uses them.

No. 1189467

All i told you was the type of cat pics she uses

No. 1189471

She uses cute cat pictures to gain empathy then goes on to do weird ass shit like get mad American women have abortions and accuse Romanianon of making the controversial posts she herself made.
This. She always posts the same shitty style of pictures and copes for men super hard, it's super easy to tell her posts.
I wonder if the anon you're replying to is her? Kek.

No. 1189483

>If you see a cat picture, it's pakichan
This site is littered with cat pics, I post like 30 cats a day. She doesn't even post cat pics that often, and when she does, they're not the glitter-graphic type, they're grainy photos of cats hugging.

No. 1189485

File: 1653060435996.png (162.87 KB, 1367x352, Screenshot 23.png)

nta but she does use a lot of cat pics, however said cat pics are always accompanied by her awful grammar, she also use terms that most native english speakers wouldn't, for e.g she says "by god" and terms like "peasants" and "tribals"

No. 1189486

Obviously, yes

No. 1189488

She always posts sad looking pictures of cats as she worships shitty abusive men or clearly misogynistic views. She's trying to seem nice and innocent with her 70 iq. Kek.

No. 1189495

>I wonder if the anon you're replying to is her? Kek.
I knew someone was gonna start with this, but no it's not. Like every other anon on this site regularly uses cat pics (including me, I fucking love cat pics!) so I just thought that it was dumb to say that is an indicator that a post was made by Parkinson. Also, if I was her I'm pretty sure I would have replied to the other parts in your post about white men that she usually gets mad at instead of the part about cat pics.

No. 1189498

File: 1653060909720.png (281.74 KB, 1249x443, Screenshot 24.png)

she mentions that english is her third language and its really telling, so maybe she doesn't fully understand certain topics, she also posted a pic of herself with her grandmother in the Babushka thread

No. 1189499

It's the combination of cat + Pakistan sperging, not just cats. Let's not be paranoid and think every cat is the same.

No. 1189502

Whys she yellow? Girl get your anemia in check.

No. 1189504

Is that her? I thought it was someone else

No. 1189505

I'm not sure if you meant to reply to me, but I didn't say that she doesn't.

No. 1189506

>She did admit to wanting white men though. And hating westerners feminists. And supporting nazis. She's quite proud.
Why did you delete this

No. 1189507

I love this cat pic, please don't ban cat pics

No. 1189512

The screenshot quoted was confirmed to be her post because she admitted. Weirdly caping for white men and hating on western feminists gives her away. She also racebaits and tries to lie or manipulate anons into thinking she's nice until she loses her shit and calls them evil Americans or whatever lol.
Can't be bothered to dig it up but she admitted to wanting to get with the nazi guy and told us we couldn't cancel her because thid wasn't Twitter. She has also admitted to wanting slav men in another thread. You can search up her name and itll come up.

No. 1189514

I wanted to repost so I deleted my bad.

No. 1189515

So she's 'lightskin'… makes sense why she's been sperging about darker pakistani tribes as if they're subhuman. Moids as a whole are garbage but her rants are always towards the dark tanned ones kek

No. 1189521

still not white and blonde enough for the men she wants

No. 1189522

File: 1653061374478.png (161.43 KB, 1374x346, Screenshot 25.png)

yeah its her, apparently its her natural skin tone
she claims her skin ranges from brown to yellow, and also claims to be mixed-race despite her both her parents being pakistani

No. 1189525

>claims to be mixed-race despite her both her parents being pakistani
Pakistani is not a race, it's nationality.

No. 1189526

How do you know it's her specifically?

No. 1189528

She's probably mixed between tribes, that kind of stuff matters in those countries.

No. 1189534

she replied to that comment specifically and spergs a lot about being a jatt

No. 1189535

Nta but here >>1189522 she uses the weird race terms she always does.
Why does it matter? Isn't the Pakistani and brown %100? She doesn't even look %1 asian black or white. Pure brown. I think she had issues accepting she's brown and keeps bringing up the tribes to pretend she's not as dark as other pakistanis.

No. 1189536

There's no real proof that's her though

No. 1189545

I think that's %100 because of the reply she made which mentioned those tribal stuff.

No. 1189549

>Why does it matter?
In many third world countries 'tribes' is how they're separated up, I'm not brown but my parents make a big deal about people from different tribes too when we talk about our country. It's odd to me since I didn't grow up there but in their eyes there's a difference. I'm assuming subculture?
It's weird but it made me realize humans will always try to divide even in monoethnic countries.

As for pakianon I remember her posting a cartoon pic of the different tribes in Pakistan and how their skin color/traditional outfit different from each other.

No. 1189550

they're not even itt but their meer mention derails the thread to oblivion. they're annoying but their fans and antis, even more so

No. 1189591

Is secondhand vape smoke bad for you like secondhand cigarette smoke?

No. 1189592

No one gives a fuck dont you get tired of sperging about the same shit for months

No. 1189593

What have you done??

No. 1189594

inhaling any type of smoke is bad for you. even burning insense has been tied to lung cancer

No. 1189595

Please don't pay this anon attention. She's ban evading and only posts racebait to derail.

No. 1189633

No. Vape vapor is propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which is used in food production and cosmetics.

No. 1189644

Too soon to say, vaping hasn’t been around long enough to see if firsthand or secondhand smokers get cancer from it eventually. Lungs really aren’t designed to breathe anything but air, though, so I’d be unsurprised to learn that breathing propylene glycol messes them up aftet a while.

No. 1189647

brb gonna go inhale some makeup and see what happens

No. 1189751

What do you think of men that don’t consume live action porn, but do watch hentai? I dated a guy like this who justified it by saying cartoon women aren’t exploited like real women are.

No. 1189779

Guys like that usually believe the 3dpd meme or have extreme fetishes that aren't common/possible with irl porn like legit loli, futa/femboy, orc/beastiality breeding shit

No. 1189783

lol be real how many men do you think stop themselves from watching 3d porn and switch to 2d because they care about the exploitation? A guy bringing up that point probably doesn't gaf he just happened to prefer 2d since he was probably a weeb first

No. 1189785

I feel like he just a taste for hentai and he's trying to collect brownie point by pretending he saving women. The shit in hentai can be way worse anyway. Wouldn't make me feel any better than reg porn

No. 1189792

I don't trust people that masturbate to cartoons. It's just creepy. Just use your imagination or read an erotic book ffs.

No. 1189797

Most hentai is rape or dub con at best, usually set in a high school, the anime women have exaggerated features and only exist to fulfill the viewer's desire. Through hentai, men can animate or draw their gross fantasies so its still a gateway to porn sickness. Ads featuring irl porn stars run on all hentai sites so it still supports the industry

No. 1189810

>Most hentai is rape or dub con at best,
To unaware people this sounds like an exaggeration but this is the truth. It's either that or an overly eager nympho/femdom type of woman. There's something broken about coomer brains.

No. 1189812

I want to try tripping on nutmeg but I already suffer from paranoid delusions and psychosis. Some people report ‘ants all over me’ or ‘little people everywhere’ and hearing stuff, but I already get that without ever having done drugs, and more. Tl;dr
>want to try tripping on nutmeg as a schizo, is it an idea?

No. 1189826

Why do all gay men sound like that? Are they doing it on purpose or is it genetic? Does a man with that type of voice always have to be gay?

No. 1189830

File: 1653070903636.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

Should I waste money and time on buying a small gift for sister in law who always acts like an asshole for me (she's been giving me hard time for two years now)? She is going to have her name's day soon and it's a "mini birthday" in this country, you are supposed to buy a gift. I am worried about it only because she is a manipulative person. She always tried turning the whole family against me (I got lucky with mother's side because they knew me before I met her), and always playing the victim card despite being an asshole. Its Ironic how on her last birthday she started throwing tantrum because I gifted her a small birthday gift (we spent a lot of money on a dentist last year). She didn't gift me shit on my birthday or name's day either, so I am pretty sure she will do the same thing again. I always do my best to be polite but she always treats me like shit and I know the second I will do something wrong she will twist it all around to try turning everyone against me, because she is a spoiled narcissistic womanchild. She abuses the crap out of her naive mother too. I am so tired of this crap. I can just buy her a chocolate for 70 cents and call it a day. I always walk on fucking eggshells because I am literally from other country and from a different culture.

No. 1189847

If not getting her a gift puts you in a bad light, you should probably gift her something. If you have to, maybe gift her one of those "charity giftcards" you know the ones where someone can give your money to a charity of choice kek and tell her how you think she's such a good, generous person so you thought it'd be the perfect gift for her! kek

What's a name's day?

No. 1189851

File: 1653071282369.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.34 KB, 474x711, 267F4012-2204-4901-91DB-AC18EC…)

What was the motive for Maxwell enabling her pedo husband? I can at least understand the reasoning behind why Epstein trafficked girls, that being that he was a sick pedophile, but what I don’t understand is why Maxwell would help and enable this behaviour. I could understand if she was in a situation where she was being manipulated into doing it or if she were a pedo in the same way her husband was, but from what I’ve heard, that wasn’t the case. Why did she do it? What did she stand to gain?

No. 1189855

The same way women can be masculine and have masculine way of speaking, i guess its just a thing. As for if they’re always gay i don’t know… i assume as a straight woman who was mistaken as a lesbian for being too masculine that some feminine men can be straight

No. 1189862

Some EE countries have "name's day" every day of the year, it's a day dedicated towards someone else's name and it's labeled as some kind of a mini-birthday. For example, if Alexa has a name's day today then you should celebrate it by congratulating her and giving a gift. One of the excuses for people to party, bluntly speaking.
Thank you nonnie. I am so tired of this crap sometimes, having to play mind games all over again.

No. 1189865

i always assume it is to sound more feminine. but sometimes some have natural camp gay voices.

No. 1189880

It's weird because I always assumed this was a strictly American thing until I traveled to different countries and I've found basically every language has the equivalent of a gay accent. I've never heard a child talk like that so I assume it's a learned behavior meant to express femininity and not genetic.

No. 1189886

Was she suppose to be cosplaying as a retard in this or was this cool

No. 1189895

Are there ways to tell lesbians like you can do with gay men? I think most gay men are obvious but lesbians aren't.

No. 1189903

nonis I might have sex for the first time tonight (with a guy), any advice?

No. 1189922

Don’t kek

No. 1189923

Some lesbians I’ve met have this /way/ they talk, it’s like very relaxed, imagine a cartoon surfer/skater character and that’s how they sound.
The other girls that I’ve met are just polite, short words, quick, will sperg happily if you’re friendly and will be really just cheerful.
But that’s just the girls I’ve met so far, different ages, same city, different spots. I don’t think it’s that easy because gay moids are just unable to have a personality of their own, so they act like stereotypes because their Y chromlet won’t let them develop their brains properly.

No. 1189927

Anons who sometimes go to bars alone, what do you do while having your drink?

No. 1189932

If he isn’t important to you, don’t, if he’s your boyfriend or something like that, get different sizes of condoms in case he lets the chimper side take the lead.

No. 1189941

kek pls anon that's not what I need to hear right now
I will lol thanks, he is my boyfriend and it will be his first time too

No. 1189945

Thank you anon. I always found it weird gay men acted so similar but I've never been able to tell if a woman is lesbian or bi unless she hit on me or another woman, lol.

No. 1189974

Browse lolcow on my phone kek

No. 1189977

I ask because I'm interested in a moid with this type of voice, but subtler. He claims to be straight but I'm weary.
I prefer restaurants that have a bar rather than actual bars, I like to listen to music and read.
But I go there to drink and relax and I hate when people talk to me.

No. 1190006

Kek based, read my post next time you get drunk please

No. 1190021

I used to know a guy who gave off EVERY faggot tell-tale sign from the limp wrist to the covering his mouth and slapping your arm when he laughs to the effeminate speaking and just in general being really easy to talk to. Turns out he's 100% straight and just had 4 older sisters he was really close to. Maybe that's your guy…

No. 1190041

He DOES have several sisters, no brothers. Funny.

No. 1190054

Just relax and enjoy yourself. Don't overthink it, just let yourself go in the moment. The first time will be awkward and probably not amazing, but the more experience you gain with each others bodies, the more pleasure you will get. Hope you have a great experience and your boyfriend is a respectful man that will treat you well.

No. 1190056

File: 1653075750858.jpg (127.34 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_overzyPiH41vv1g70o2_128…)

Do cats understand accidents happen? Does she understand I didn't want to hurt her? She didn't hiss at me when it happened, or started to growl when I petted her afterwards to apologize, even though she's normally really aggressive.

No. 1190065

they do! they also understand when you step on their tails by accident and stuff like that too. animals accidentally hurt each other during play all the time, they definitely understand

No. 1190074

speaking of gay men is it true that if a man kisses a woman with his eyes open it means he's secretly gay? or does it mean he's crazy or something else? that's just what I heard from other people.

No. 1190091

idk i've never been kissed

No. 1190097

I have got to get off of here before it’s too late

No. 1190117

i don't know what she did but she's 100 innocent

No. 1190194

Is being naturally skinny actually a thing? I find it hard to believe women who are 16-18 BMI who claim they eat fast food all the time. I've never been over a BMI of 21, so I guess to that extent I'm naturally not fat, but I actually can't tell if women are lying when they say their underweight bodies are natural.

No. 1190214

I've been skinny since childhood without any eating disorders so yeah I guess.

No. 1190227

I think you're right. She came begging in he kitchen when I made a sandwich and let me boop her nose with my nose and didn't act different. Thanks!

No. 1190234

Depends on what you mean by natural I guess. Personally I think people who're very skinny without trying have been raised with certain habits around food they've stuck with into adulthood or perhaps they genuinely don't get a lot of hunger cues. If you consider that natural, yeah I guess? If you mean natural by people who can it 3000 calories every day and still be skinny at the end of it, then no that's not a thing.

No. 1190239

It's true in the sense of them naturally not eating much and therefore being thin. If you look at what they eat in a month instead of just some pig-out day, you'll see that they'll vastly overestimate the amount of calories they eat in a day. It's not true in the sense of literally eating 3249kcal a day and still keeping a BMI of 17.

No. 1190249

is there a dating site for ugly people? One made specifically for ugly people to meet up and talk

No. 1190258


No. 1190263

File: 1653079509535.jpeg (59.41 KB, 750x209, E5BBB276-D7D2-4FA8-9E59-400B87…)

yeah i eat like a beast and ate even more monstrously in the past due to being endlessly made fun of at school because i was hilariously skinny and not at all in an attractive way, i look like a stick bug. like i would eat two big plates of seven vegetable couscous and drink mugs of fenugreek "tea" and date flavored hunger syrup and i still look the same with or without the added efforts. in my country being skinny is so not desirable by anybody ( unless you live in a big city ) to the point that in the south little girls are getting fed cow fattening pills so that they grow into curvy women because it is seen as womanly and feminine … if anything puberty just made me even scrawnier because i grew taller and therefore stretched out. its hell on earth.
im sorry anachans for not appreciating what you want

No. 1190265

Fucking kek. I second with reddit.

No. 1190271


No. 1190274

I'm serious

No. 1190276

There actually are subreddits dedicated to this

No. 1190295

What are they called

No. 1190309

It's been years since I looked but I think one was r/foreveralonedating, but apparently pics are not allowed there
I remember one that did allow images, unless they just changed the rules

No. 1190342

>i am sory for not appreciating something mentally unhealthy people want.

No. 1190487

how long would it take to write a 2 page paper (double spaced, size 12 font)??
i'm a stem major i hate doin this shit so i'm gonna do more important schoolwork before i start this

No. 1190499

Can someone who knows about vtuber shit tell me why nobody ships the bootleg kfc girl with the pink haired one anymore and they all ship her with the one with the white bob cut now?

No. 1190631

yeah it's a hunger thing like >>1190234 said. Maybe even comorbid with an attention deficit thing for me personally. I just don't get hungry, I could probably eat once a day. When I was little everyone ate three times a day and i would have to eat as well with them but it felt like a chore because I would literally just not be hungry. I would get distracted with anything else, a fly on the wall, anything, because it was more entertaining that eating. When I'm actually hungry I focus solely on the food instead of my surroundings. Anyways, I was basically forced to put food in my body I didn't want all the time and I would literally get whooped if I didn't eat. To me food is straight up like poop if I'm not hungry, so imagine a kid basically being physically abused and being forced to eat poop. That's what it was like for me.

Now that I'm an adult, it's still persisted, I don't get hungry and can eat once a day. I'm medically underweight at bmi 18, but I'm not sick, I have a regular period, healthy (better than most even) hair, nice nails, skin is normal. I have a soft layer of fat and it keeps me from looking anorexic/bony. Defenitely possible to be thin and healthy.

No. 1190647

Pedophilia OCD is apparently thing. Are you a csa survivor? I am and have P-OCD, probably from reading so many articles and just people saying victims end up repeating the cycle. Other than that, idk, but maybe

No. 1190660

Yeah I think it's ocd

No. 1190677

thank you nona insert heart emoji

No. 1190679

Nta, but I’m freaking out now, how do you even know if you have that? Can psychologists just notice that?

No. 1190702

No, it's a self diagnosis ig? It's easy to know if you have POCD. I know because I'm the one constantly worrying about whether or not I am a pedophile( I don't feel like I am but then would a non-pedophile even question if they are? it's a never ending cycle), going out of my way to make sure I'm not a pedophile (like observing myself physically to see if I have any bodily reactions around children), avoiding physical contact with children as much as possible, being hyper aware of my interactions with them, I could go on and on. It's not only directed at myself but also at others, I get uncomfortable when I see children with other adults too close, I'm always suspicious of the adult, look for signs the child may be being abused. Any little thing makes me suspicious, like if they have a favorite adult, or an adult giving them anything. When I think of having my own children, I have no idea how I would manage bathing them or changing their diapers, I get really anxious at the thought of getting past that stage, and it's not like my husband could do it for me because I wouldn't want him to do it either. I'm not sure I want children, I feel I wouldn't be nurturing enough and I would prevent my husband from being nurturing like a normal parent. I'm not sure I want children, I feel like I do, it's just that defenseless stage I wish I didn't have to be responsible for. Sometimes I think it will just stop once I have a kid and I'll get my nurturing instincts then, but that is a gamble. He wants children and doesn't know any of this too. Sorry for wall of text

No. 1190715

An hour or less provided you don't need super specific info for the paper with quotes and stats. The more general it is the more freedom.

No. 1190722

As others have said this is OCD. Everyone has intrusive thoughts from time to time, what matters for OCD is the nature of obsessing and compulsive behaviors. So your obsession with the idea that you must have done something awful you read about and your need to stop what you're doing and confirm that you didn't do it is indicative of OCD. You actually can get help for controlling this and I hope you'll look into therapy or counseling if you haven't already. OCD looks different in different people but don't feel like what you experience is outside the norm for OCD just because you aren't obsessed with germs or organizing. If it interests you, look up scrupulosity, which is a similar type of OCD as yours that has a name, but centers around religious obsessions and compulsive behaviors.

No. 1190727

why does my laptop do this thing where when every time after a few hours the internet speed drops abysmally low while the rest of the devices on the same wi-fi network are unaffected? the speed does increase back when i restart the laptop.

No. 1190731

Am I the only burger in the world that finds English accents annoying? My on and off moid has one and it annoys me, though his is kind of unconventional, but when I hear other English moids speak I feel nothing but rage for some reason. It really grates at me. American men with a general American accent sound so much more real. RP on both men and women annoys me too though. Sorry to any bongs in advance. Just curious because I can't deal with the fawning over English accents when they sound terrible (though many of the US regional accents annoy me just as much).

No. 1190742

too late for what

No. 1190752

Same they have the grossest accent. I do love southern hillbilly accents though. So so much. Ig theres something there, British accents sound snobby, while southern american accents sound more down to earth.

No. 1190789

Can you get UTIs from farts?

No. 1190793

There's like 10 spiders in separate webs living in my garage and a lot of them have egg sacs. I don't want to kill them because I like spiders but when the babies hatch I'm afraid they'll come into my house. Is there a way to deter them from coming inside?

No. 1190811

Explain lolcor to ne? Why? Where from? What mean?

No. 1190815

This was like two months ago anon lurk more my dear

No. 1190834

I spit out a bunch of blood after brushing my teeth it was in my phlegm. At what point should I be worried kek I don’t feel sick or off. I spit multiple times and it was still all red.

No. 1190838

Can someone help me decide how to handle this? I'm on this app. It's like bumble and bumble bff. You can decide whether to put date or friends on there to choose. Well I met quite a few good female friends on there, the thing is there's this girl who keeps obviously hinting that she's into and idk how to handle it. I have friends on mine so it should be obvious I'm only looking for friends. Idk how to let her down gently, She's even comparing us to a couple of love interests from a kids show.

No. 1190839

Newfag………. So many of them lately

No. 1190847

Is it normal to go to sleep for a few hours, wake up in the middle of sleeping in a panicked state like you're going to die then go back to bed? That's been a nightly occurrence for the past few months for me, is that just my new normal?

No. 1190850

What else do you feel when you wake up? Try to see a sleep doctor maybe

No. 1190857

File: 1653114673770.gif (703.17 KB, 210x130, winnie-the.gif)

I feel panicky and a lot of anxiety about the current state of my life, maybe I'm just having an existential crisis every night

No. 1190956

Do people with straight hair have straight pubes?

No. 1190958

no lol

No. 1190959

Mine's pretty straight, but because the hair is coarse it kind of kinks out at angles and looks like a bush rather than smooth straight hair

My question is does anyone else have pubes lighter than their hair colour? The hair on my head got darker and more brown as I aged but I swear my pubes are like the lighter reddish colour it was when I was younger.

No. 1190960

I have pubes that are so blonde they are basically invisible but my hair is reddish/brown color with pretty thick body hair to boot.

No. 1190965

Conflicting answers…
I see, so it doesn't coil? Like make little springs? I thought everyone's pubes were curly.

No. 1190981

I have auburn/red brown hair and my pubes are a light red. I grew up completely red headed if that counts

No. 1191069

File: 1653134727537.jpg (78.14 KB, 780x439, coffee.jpg)

I have two stupid questions:

1: Can i eat unbrewed coffe grounds and still get caffeine? Does it have nutrition, e.g. calories, fiber, etc?

2: Is it common for men to want to fuck fantasy characters, or is it pornsicked? (My moid out of the blue told me that he wishes i am a big boobed dragon. He insists that it's a complement but idk if it is or if he's becoming a furry)

No. 1191072

File: 1653134880780.png (17.38 KB, 128x128, AZTDUNj.png)

what does this mean on comments? I've been here for a few years but I still don't know and never bothered to ask

No. 1191081

if you don't want to kill them you can use a pair of garden shears to cut down the webs and put the egg sacs outside, another thing you can do is put peppermint oil (depends on the type of spider) on and around the doorframe, that helps with most common spiders but doesn't really work on the jumping spiders, daddy longlegs, or those white spiders that live in wood

No. 1191083

I think it means it’s a really good post, culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant

No. 1191085

For your coffee bean question, yes. You actually absorb the caffeine from the beans at a faster rate than if you were to brew them. 8 beans is roughly equivalent to one cup of coffee. The beans are very high in fiber and packed with antioxidants.

No. 1191087

Where have you seen that on comments

No. 1191090

What >>1191083 said, it's for particularly hilarious or high quality posts. I think there was even an experimental board called /cream/ that you can still look at that was meant for these sorts of posts but it never really took off.

No. 1191092

No. 1191093

Samefag for more recent example, I'm not sure when the last time a star was given

No. 1191128

For your big boobed dragon question, that sounds like pornsickness. All men are stupid and most would put their dicks in anything, but the fact that he specifically brought this up and says it's a compliment… That's weird as hell. What was the context anyway? Regardless I think youre right to assume your bf is a furry.

No. 1191168

No. 1191173


No. 1191174

Can allergies hit later? Two days ago someone came to my house to do some work with this super strong glue for wooden planks and such, and my allergies slowly got worse and worse, it was like getting the flu, yesterday I thought I was going to die because my throat felt like it was collapsing in itself

No. 1191188

File: 1653144778037.png (1.14 MB, 950x1100, image_2022-05-22_005233760.png)

maybe he's talking about fire emblem rhea, she's a dragon

No. 1191195

Then he might as well be talking about Nowi, which'd put him in an even worse position.

No. 1191245

What are some healthy breakfasts? I want to start meal prepping for my mom who is borderline diabetic (before it's too late)

No. 1191256

I enjoy overnight oats. There are a zillion different varieties you can cook. Other than that, eggs are another good choice, you can cook them scrambled, sunnyside up, fried, poarched, and they're fast to cook.

No. 1191261

File: 1653148589826.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.33 KB, 721x1024, 59FDDF83-9A29-4FBE-AA38-5B7213…)

It can always be worse.

No. 1191263

This happened to me when I had high anxiety and my nervous system was fucked up from it. I was constantly in a state of fear and my body was always in the threat system.

No. 1191279

Seconding eggs and overnight oats recommendation; otherwise definitely smoothies: especially based mainly on berries, even frozen are fine; you can add milk of any kind or water; it's also nice if you start with putting two spoons of millet or oats and let them soak in hot water for 5 minutes, makes the whole thing even more nutritious. Open sandwiches with things like smoked salmon, hummus, avocado, goat cheese (any goat product is a great replacement for cow milk based products, especially for people with diabetes) and some fresh vegetable on the side are great too; ideally with rye bread.
I had a shitty eating habits for all my life and these all are things I got recommended by a dietitian, so definitely good choices.

No. 1191287

What kind of a programming language do you need to know in order to create a puzzle gamesite like this?
I mean for the game itself

No. 1191300

File: 1653150421512.png (442.47 KB, 538x422, sliding.png)

It's a sliding puzzle game btw

No. 1191368

Thank you

I don't know? He told me he fantasies about if I was a dragon with big boobs, how much he wants to fuck dragons, then got mad and tried to insist its a complement when i told him that it's weird. No context whatsoever, he just randomly brought it up one day

He doesn't watch anime or play video games (to my knowledge), but he is into LOTR/other fantasy type stuff, so I think he might mean a literal actual dragon.

No. 1191389

File: 1653154060778.jpeg (46.28 KB, 554x612, A94D2D77-21B6-4D8B-8F6F-E3FA31…)

I think it’s time to breakup, nonnie, he wants to fuck pic related.

No. 1191412

Sugar-free yogurt topped with berries, granola, or fruit

No. 1191427

I never understood how date rape drugs work: men will roofie a woman in a bar or at a party, right? But doesn't that mean she will pass out in the bar? Or is it like, he gets her to his house and then the drug takes effect? I just don't understand the logistics of how men do this shit.

No. 1191429

From experience, you get really drowsy at first, and they try to take advantage of you then (by taking you home), my friends have always taken me home before the creep has had the chance to do so themselves but that's usually how it goes I think

No. 1191439

Ring 2 will be on TV tonight. Do I have to have seen Ring first?

No. 1191445

Nonnies who have accepted they are ugly (even if they aren't). How do you live life? How do you stop caring when someone calls you ugly?
Or you think everyone thinks you are ugly? How is dating for you? Do you think every guy/girl is with you because of other darker reasons?
How do I learn to accept I'm ugly, most will think I'm ugly and still walk with my head high?
I ask because I know of people who say they aren't attractive but still walk around not caring what anyone has to say.
I want that super power, what do you tell yourself?

No. 1191453

Is ADHD and ADD treated with the same kind of medications?

No. 1191457

No, you can watch the second one first just fine

No. 1191459

That's terrifying, jesus christ. I'm sorry that ever happened to you, and bless your friends for noticing.

No. 1191460

This video helps me

No. 1191467


No. 1191476

Thank you nona, stay safe!!

No. 1191501

File: 1653161263080.jpeg (8.89 KB, 239x211, download.jpeg)

Please help me nonnies. how do I harden my heart a little? I'm too soft and empathetic and it ends up coming back to bite me because I struggle to be selfish and say no, I struggle to not empathise with someone even if I know they treat me like shit, and I cry over the mere thought of someone I care about being sad or in pain. It's exhausting and it's ruining my life so any advice is much appreciated

No. 1191510

>How do you live life?
I try to keep myself happy, I workout, eat as healthy as possible unless I get depressed for other reasons that aren’t linked to my appearance I talk with the friends I got and such. I don’t go out often though, but when I do go out it’s pretty regular, nobody has told me I’m ugly in a while.
>How do you stop caring when someone calls you ugly?
You don’t, you just cope by thinking that you’re doing your best and that it could always be worse
>Or you think everyone thinks you are ugly?
I’m sure everyone in my country thinks I’m ugly for racial reasons and because I’m not a skinny legend, so I honestly gave up on the moids over here, outside though? When you travel you notice that there are people with other beauty standards and opinions and that in the case of just being perceived attractive, it isn’t a lost hope.
>How is dating for you?
I don’t date anyone because I’m not ready, why should I date someone if I still don’t consider myself my best self? I don’t need a psychologist, nor a cheerleader to tell me the things I either want to hear or that I have to hear because I know them already, so there’s no need to keep hitting the nail on the head.
>Do you think every guy/girl is with you because of other darker reasons?
When I used to date moids, yes, it was all about money or desperation to be with someone, and honestly it’s tiresome, being single is much better than dealing with another person’s baggage.
>How do I learn to accept I'm ugly?
By taking care of yourself properly, and positive affirmations, just tell yourself that even if you don’t look like Venus but with huge badonkers and a bbl, you have nice points that you particularly like, that makes you happy, like beauty marks, freckles, eye color, hair color, hair texture and so on.

No. 1191518

I watched this video many years ago and I used to agree with her, but looking back on it now I realize this girl was never ugly. And I'm not saying this to be nice or whatever. She genuinely has average features.

If she changed her glasses, got a new a haircut and trimmed her eyebrows, she would be pretty.

I still agree with her message - but I think it should be shared by someone who is actually disgusting-looking.

No. 1191539

is the opposite of compulsive liar a thing? like compulsive honesty or something?

for example recently I almost gave my friend my social security number after they asked for it sarcastically (they also asked for my cc number but i dont have it memorized). It was super funny for him but i was just thinking wtf. I'm always more honest than I would like and I feel I can't stop myself. Not like rude honest, just about embarrassing things about me. I never thought I would be honest abt something like my ssn though.

No. 1191551

> be me
> Nana just passed away
> call her # to hear her voice one last time
> unknown woman picks up
> hang up
> call again thinking there was a mix up
> same woman keeps picking up and getting angry
> called a few times in a weird grief stupor
> find out grandfather moved on before she passed
> cry
> panic
> cry
How likely is it they have caller id? I don’t want this to turn into a “you were harassing her” situation. If it matters, I’m calling to a landline in the USA from a mobile phone across the globe.

No. 1191554

I once knew an autist who was like that

No. 1191556

Harassing her? If someone brings it up literally just tell them what happened just like you posted here. You didnt know

No. 1191562

I don't think I'm autistic though…
Rip your nana

No. 1191587

i have curly hair but straight pubes.

No. 1191607

I understand this is what’s logical but emotions are running high and no one is being rational, including me who probably shouldn’t have called in the first place.
Thanks, nonnie

No. 1191616

thank you so much for answering this. My obession with my looks and people comments on it has really ruined my whole life. It's nice to hear how others handle it.

No. 1191626

I'm so sorry nonie, this sounds awful. Also, was it sudden or did your grandfather cheat on his dying wife? Because if so, damn, what a piece of shit

No. 1191641

Thanks, nonnie
She was in hospital in a delicate condition but stable. Unfortunately, on Friday she deteriorated quickly. This lady was supposedly helping him out and that’s apparently how this all started. I agree with you, he’s awful