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No. 1155532

Prev thread here: >>>/ot/1136015
Gather all, dumb and smarties alike.

No. 1155539

i love the op pic!

No. 1155569

File: 1651270841022.jpeg (13.45 KB, 626x626, iu-145.jpeg)

Thanks nonna! What is a fairly recognizable feminine symbol that's not the typical picrel. I want a small tattoo representing womanhood, how I'm proud to be a woman and bla blah but I don't want to be that dumbass who has 3 cliche tattoos and nothing else lol. Would prefer something simple too, something you can tattoo small without too many details. (I'm not sure about the placement, but not in an obvious place like fingers or neck.)

No. 1155571

Lineart of female goddesses of any culture could look cool and would have a lot of potential for artistic styling

No. 1155597

Thank you nonna! I happen to be interested in religion (not religious!) so this sounds perfect! I'm not sure how to simplify it but I'll figure out at a way, or my tattoo artist likely will! Might incorporate my birth flower into it too, you're giving me a sea of ideas right now nona ♥ Thank you

No. 1155603

Where do you start with making graphics? What to download? I just wanna make random images/infographs for fun

No. 1155610


What about some imagery from the tarot card of The Empress? She's supposed to represent the divine feminine.

The moon has always been associated with women too, from its connection with menstrual cycles to Artemis being the goddess of the moon. My favorite greek legend is about how Artemis killed a man with his own dogs because he spied on her naked.

No. 1155620

Thanks again, the tarot one looks too cute, and unique too! (I have some decks other than rider waite, they're beautiful. I will think about it a couple more months obviously so I won't regret it, and ask the artist to change some things obvs.) The moon has much connection to my zodiac sign as well, though it is a little bit cliche. I know a tattoo artist in my area who does beautiful work though, I might take a look at her instagram to get an idea. Thank you so much for the inspiration nona, you helped very much ♥ I will think about it and figure stuff out obviously but I have a bit more direction now, thanks again!

No. 1155621

File: 1651276060513.jpg (368.33 KB, 2048x1536, img_2241.jpg)

Can you make breads that are mostly bread skin? I want to eat the outermost layer of brioche but feel bad about wasting good bread.

No. 1155624

Well the outside gets that dark crust because of an egg wash. You could make a bread with lots of air holes in it like croissants (flakey and buttery) or crusty artisan bread (soft and chewy) and give it a double egg wash. Less bread on the inside and lots of crispy on the outside.

No. 1155632

Mmm, many thanks to you anon.

No. 1155634

get into Illustrator (creating shapes as in Logos) or InDesign (arranging images you already have) or a mix of both

No. 1155636

File: 1651279206270.png (1.37 MB, 923x621, bear bread meeting.PNG)

This post made me hungry. Now I want rolls with a little honey, or maybe egg salad.

No. 1155644

I'd say skip InDesign, it's best for preparing anything for print, otherwise pointless since everything can be done with Illustrator's artboards. Affinity Designer is good alternative to Illustrator but I still prefer the latter.

No. 1155664

File: 1651282290997.png (68.32 KB, 512x512, b1cbde84dd1236ec422fa30b82ffa0…)

If I made a pet thread, would it fit better here or in m?

No. 1155665

To post pets or just for general discussion of them?

No. 1155666

I guess both, I wanna hear about what kind of pets nonnies have, also discussion of what pets you'd like to have, interested in, etc.

No. 1155674

I think it should be fine in /ot/

No. 1155686

File: 1651286281378.jpg (15.53 KB, 480x360, 925121d601eb746baeaa0a247872d0…)

If you were really thirsty and there was nothing to drink could your thirst be quenched by someone else's saliva? Hypothetically of course

No. 1155697

No, neither your saliva or someone else's would

No. 1155714

File: 1651293234248.jpg (37.29 KB, 460x547, abzYYjE_460s.jpg)

Does something like make-a-wish exist for adults?

No. 1155721

File: 1651294450762.gif (4.49 MB, 268x365, puppet.gif)

Petition for this qt to be allowed to visit his fans if it does.

No. 1155722

look i know ezrafags are a thing, but how is this even related to anon's question kek. even forbiddenfags didn't post this often.

No. 1155726

These are some big questions for this thread nonny, but I'll try to give a brief summary.
>male god created life
There's a great book on this topic which I'm spacing on right now, but male gods are a relatively recent phenomenon and definitely a cope for men since they're aware they do not have the power of creation.
>any real reason why most men on this planet decided to hate women collectively?
There are studies and historical details that show men weren't abusive or violent towards women when both sexes had to maintain the hunter-gatherer role. It simply wouldn't have been efficient to harass 50% of your population leading to less (wo)manpower for obtaining the resources needed for survival. In fact there are still a tiny minority of communities like this today which, while primitive, show little antagonism between the sexes and have a good quality of life. What really started to change things was the development of stationary agricultural communities about 10k years ago. This caused a population explosion and while resources were more abundant there were also more mouths to feed, so men seized on the opportunity to take a more dominant role and created systems that allowed them to accrue the most important resource (food) for themselves and the line between the working/outside sphere for men and the household/domestic sphere for women was created. The concept of "property" also came into being and everything was considered a resource to be traded, including women. All this combined with their physical strength led to a power structure where women were subjugated for the benefit of men in order to obtain the most resources for themselves and their (male) progeny.

No. 1155730

Sorry for deleting I realized my questions weren't really for this thread since it's more lighthearted here and didnt want to start a potential infight. Thanks for responding nonna.

No. 1155733

Are there many Ausfags here? I see Euro anons popping up in comments, middle eastern anons, asian anons, britfags, but I don't think I ever see aussie anons chatting or mentioning where they're from. Am I the only one? Where are you nonnies????

No. 1155738

File: 1651297401138.webm (2.91 MB, 640x350, 1473469555152.webm)

Ausfag here, at your service

No. 1155746

Of course, no worries! You might want to visit /2X/ but frankly it's much slower moving than here so I think it was a good decision to post on the normal boards. You didn't phrase it in an inflammatory way and we're still allowed to talk about the patriarchy in general so far as I know

No. 1155748

Does anyone actually respond to their Grubhub/whatever food delivery driver when they send those seemingly canned texts? Like
>hi this is your driver georgseph and I’m waiting for the restaurant to complete your order. I will head your way soon
Is this just an auto-response they send out or are they actually required to manually text you? I have actually gotten some where they reply to a note I've put in so it seems like there's some level of specificity required. Do they even care if I acknowledge them or am I being rude for completely ignoring them and waiting until they're gone to grab my food off the porch?

No. 1155762

Ezrafags are endearing to me though they're a bit scary, so it's ok. I want a fastpass for all the themeparks and I want to have sex at least one last time in the case it's terminal.

No. 1155770

File: 1651301520135.jpg (42.08 KB, 540x204, atB1w7te1xo1_540.jpg)

wtf is this screencap from here?

No. 1155771

petition for me to beat him to death and livestream it

No. 1155773

Lolcow doesn't have the (OP) next to the op post number and the reply numbers don't show up on it so in conclusion: definitely not lolcow

No. 1155774

Use a chair to beat him up

No. 1155775

They manually text that, notice how you don't always get them. You're being so mean to them…I still usually don't respond as they are driving anyway and won't be able to read it. I sometimes text "thank you" though.

No. 1155778

oh you're right! but it does seem like something I'd see here kek

No. 1155780

File: 1651302102224.png (809.54 KB, 1487x756, Screenshot_20220429-234825.png)

How do lesbians really feel about lesbian rep in current games and shows and movies and stuff? Is it male-gazey? Is it accurate? Do you like it? I always wonder this when I see lesbian couples in games and tv

No. 1155791

What are the best 7/8 leggings that are work appropriate, not see through, with a high waste and pockets??? Bonus if compression leggings. But want to be Profesional without stupid butt seams.

No. 1155794

Kek I'm sorry this is why I asked! I'll be sure to give them a thank you next time, thanks nona

No. 1155796

Also anons don't call each other pussy as an insult, very scrote-brained

No. 1155811

In what situation are leggings ever professional at work,?

No. 1155821

Tbh I cannot think of an outfit that involves leggings and also business appropriate

No. 1155832

does any nona ever tried belly dancing ? It's a female centered dance and it look good. I'm kind of intimidated since I have no rythm tho

No. 1155883

I don't have this problem people are complaining about, even outside of lc, with getting Depp/Heard vids recommended even though I don't watch anything related to it at all. In fact, I never have those watch-one-get-4576823984638942-recs situations either. Is it because I meticulously refuse cookies, history tracking and everything that isn't absolutely necessary to use a website?

No. 1155912

You're my little cuntish pussy mankononny

No. 1155918

why is angelina jolie considered an introvert? all the behavior i've seen from her mostly in the past seems the opposite, even attention-seeking at times

No. 1155923

There's this girl I go to college with, she has a very rad alt style and recently she changed her pfp and her makeup looks gorgeous, I want to tell her how cool I think she is but we don't talk a lot and I don't know how to interact with her correctly

No. 1155926

Just tell her exactly that, that the makeup looks gorgeous, it's a completely normal compliment and she will surely appreciate!

No. 1156048

what are your comfort items?

No. 1156057


No. 1156064

File: 1651331651396.jpg (158.11 KB, 903x630, FraserGeorge.jpg)

Why don't more men peruse natural muscular male builds rather then seemingly always trying to look like retarded steroid gym freaks, I just don't understand it cause I fee like 80% of women are more attracted to the natural build of young breadan fraiser rather then the sculpted dude on the right

No. 1156067

Small pillow I sleep with. If I don't have this pillow I don't sleep well at night

No. 1156068

The computy and my collection of stuffed animals.

No. 1156078

I want George to ravish my jungle

No. 1156084

File: 1651332336155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.36 KB, 541x541, 1647322727083.jpg)

because most men just don't want to be naturally fit. they're lazy and they want to be built with high definition, not just strong and naturally muscular. they want to skip the process and do roid cycles. shoehorning my husbando into this argument because neither are attractive. i just want a skinny anorexic looking dude but they're becoming impossible to find because all guys want to be fucking muscular. we have lost all the skinny straight twinks in this world.

No. 1156101

Because they're trying to impress other men, not women.

No. 1156102

I've known a lot of bulky guys who just didn't have the discipline to give up eating like a hog. With the diet they consumed, looking like a roided freak was basically their only alternative to rocking a massive gunt.

No. 1156116

as a lesbian this is the only man i'd ever get with

No. 1156120

File: 1651333519109.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.06 KB, 500x500, artworks-000580274903-6rtuum-t…)

kek. because body or other factors? he had such a beautiful body. naturally feminine in a way. could've been so fucking hot without some of those awful tatts (not without all, some are hot).

No. 1156123

To me this is ewww but I think it's natural for us all to have different tastes

No. 1156133

File: 1651333818433.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.27 KB, 640x640, 3dcd7195ee3556dc287341d7ce98b0…)

bodily ew or facially? obviously all of us have different tastes. super pretty body imo. it was a bad pic facially, he was super pretty facially and bodily but made dumb faces and ruined his shit with bad tatts.

No. 1156144

Bodily ew even without tattoos. Like I said though, nothing wrong with different tastes

No. 1156161

I think his body is not bad but I think I'd puke if he touched me. I also like that we all have different tastes, I think that's nice. For example I think Jerma the streamer is very handsome and a lot of other anons do too and yet other anons think he is disgusting.

No. 1156173

The moon, venus, earth or ocean related things, volcanoes, I think you should choose something that is personally symbolic for you anon!

No. 1156195

This is nasty face and body I’m constantly baffled by the taste in men here

No. 1156197

For me, I don't feel any attraction or disgust towards him. It's more like neutral. Humans are interesting.

No. 1156203

Thank you! I will think about some water related things, maybe a queen of cups inspired one? (I'm not in a hurry haha, just brainstorming)

No. 1156263

File: 1651338759087.jpg (42.25 KB, 360x373, cloyster-gen1-jp.jpg)

No. 1156306

what happened to the tinfoil thread?

No. 1156310


No. 1156314

No. 1156318

thank you anon I was worried I need my daily dose of tinfoil <3

No. 1156320

What the female version of the word "phalic"? 'Cause whatever it is, this definitely fits it.
Or maybe I just have a dirty mind…

No. 1156322

It's yonic.

No. 1156329

File: 1651341271693.jpg (78.7 KB, 640x960, ba1d5b35c9da37b088c970286f92db…)

Well… I got some interesting pictures while googling that.

No. 1156340

based radfem virgin mary

No. 1156346

.. brb just booking a tattoo appointment

No. 1156378


No. 1156434

Great question anon, definitely not stupid. I hadn’t even thought about that even being a word until you asked.
Like those yoni eggs

No. 1156486

File: 1651347991381.jpeg (2.08 MB, 1500x1197, 083323A0-5084-4641-8CDE-5FC293…)

Can someone explain the whole Thai LadyBoy thing? Is Thailand actually accepting of these people? Is it just similar to the twospirit gender studies bs where it is just a way of categorizing gay men?

No. 1156507

File: 1651348515503.jpg (176.24 KB, 960x924, 00d1b424d5aef78fb5916e82350748…)

It's a genuine pattern

No. 1156510

>Is it just similar to the twospirit gender studies bs where it is just a way of categorizing gay men?
Pretty much.
>Is Thailand actually accepting of these people?
I'd say more tolerating than actually accepting, also they're considered a very distinct category from actual women.

No. 1156512

File: 1651348946233.jpg (87.08 KB, 500x657, c25f3472ad8cce3b257680fadf5eb3…)

See also Hildegard von Bingen's painting of the universe

No. 1156526

File: 1651349285693.jpg (83.65 KB, 828x1095, 59pugn2l72j71.jpg)


No. 1156528

> You might want to visit /2X/

NTAYRT but where does one find /2x/?

No. 1156536

on /2X/

No. 1156538

is y2k "retro" now or are zoomers misusing the word.

related, at what point does something become "retro"? how about "vintage"?

No. 1156542

HOLY SHIT Hildegard de Bingen only gets more and more based the more I learn about her

No. 1156543

what do you think boards are named after.

No. 1156545

Man what the fuck happened to admin's plan of implementing auto-spoiler feature after multiple reports.

No. 1156546

afaik they're at least not claiming to be 'just as valid as ciswomen' or whatever trannies in most countries are saying lately. They're seen as a seperate category and they sell their bodies for the most part. The ones putting on shows are the lucky ones. They're treated like shit by passing middle aged sex tourists who are in denial about their sexuality.

No. 1156549

Something is vintage after 40+ years I'm pretty sure

Did admin ever say she wanted to implement that? I thought it was just an idea by anons.

No. 1156550

Kek where is this from?

No. 1156552

clothing is vintage after 20 i believe

No. 1156560

I'm vintage! Woo

No. 1156562

crazy to think those outfits ashley tisdale wore in the 2000s are "vintage fits"

No. 1156590

It's a statue. The Madonna Stella Maris in Santa Teresa Gallura, Italy

No. 1156595


This is the stupid question thread. Can someone just answer my stupid question, please? I’ve checked lolcow.farm/2x/ and I’m not finding it. Can anyone link me?

No. 1156600

The X is uppercase

No. 1156601

I'm kind of suspicious of this as we're getting raided right now. but that board is not hidden from google, if you need to find it just google it.

No. 1156603

Thank you.

No. 1156605

Is it okay to “trauma dump” on your spouse? I feel like your spouse is THE person you should be able to share your life’s woes with but TikTok has rotted my brain that it’s never okay to express upset or fear or anxiety to anyone, ever.

No. 1156608

As long as your spouse is open to talking about it, then it's not "dumping". Just make sure they can handle processing something that might be difficult to talk about, that's all.

No. 1156610

yeah its fine if you ask to vent and make sure to reciprocate it. just read the mood

No. 1156622

What do you mean by trauma dump? If you mean acting unhinged and taking out your frustrations on them then no. But talking about problems? How is that even a question? How do you even get to the point of marrying someone without being open with them?

No. 1156626

I can't believe it's a real Christian statue.

No. 1156639

File: 1651354116427.png (908.28 KB, 690x982, oe.png)

Either I'm retarded or you have to enter this mock neck unitard through the neck hole, right? Wouldn't it get stretched out pretty quickly? Especially since you have to presumably go through it again when you have to go to the bathroom?

No. 1156642

I have a similar one and it has buttons on the crotch, don't they usually have that?

No. 1156645

they almost always havebuttons on the crotch yeah

No. 1156648

Oh my god, that… makes a lot more sense. Thank you, I'm new to bodysuits/unitards.

No. 1156654

I love this so much

No. 1156661

How does woketards justification for putting pronouns in bios work? Wouldn't everyone putting their pronouns in their bios just force the only-bedroom-fetishists-so-far troons to come out?

No. 1156663

File: 1651355299097.jpg (44.91 KB, 1080x889, YB.jpg)

what's this "look" called ?

No. 1156665


No. 1156666

It's called stop spamming

No. 1156668

Wife beater.

No. 1156671

MySpace Ryan Reynolds

No. 1156674

Run fast

No. 1156678

File: 1651355929995.png (386.61 KB, 800x464, Screenshot_20220430-235335.png)

Do you think this commentary youtuber is trying to look bad on purpose for clicks? I mean this as serious question, not in a sort of /snow/ way. Her style decisions literally make no sense.

No. 1156681

Is she a tist maybe?

No. 1156683

File: 1651356052607.jpg (16.82 KB, 736x412, COZJMseWwAA-F-b.jpg)

I posted this only one other time 2 days ago,
I'm looking for a serious reply, cause I feel like this is a very stereotypical look for eastern european dudes, but I don't know what its called

No. 1156684

slavic mafia henchmen, style C?

No. 1156688

why does it need a label beyond ugly

No. 1156689

She and her young zoomie audience genuinely think that flashy makeup looks good and is cool. I like her content, actually, but her makeup choices can be kind of annoying. Especially when she does shit like painting her mouth all weird.

No. 1156692

Eastern european? I've seen these types here in latin america too. Guess they're everywhere

No. 1156701

I know that, but there has to be a specific name for this type of look, Its been bugging me for a long time

No. 1156712

You get the honour to name it.
Do it, I'll use the term

No. 1156723

I have some additional questions.
Do these people go by she/her pronouns? (Idk if Thai is a language with pronouns so maybe this is dumb)
Also, I was watching a spin-off of 90 Day Fiancé with David & Annie and Annie had a LadyBoy friend who Annie (who is Thai) went on to explain that LadyBoys are seen the same as regular women. And that LadyBoys are accepted in Thai culture which def made me raise my eyebrow.

No. 1156724

russian fuckboy who beats his girlfriend type#33, nothing special

No. 1156768

Not bad on purpose. She probably doesn’t look like that to run errands or meet friends. It’s all about standing out in thumbnails for clicks and I’m sure it works.

No. 1156921

Any lawyers here? I have a big question…

No. 1156926

No. 1156930

Why killing men illegal? Why stealing animals from pet store illegal?

No. 1156940

File: 1651370532853.gif (481.49 KB, 720x540, d94587608242ee154ce23eb125d15a…)

Because these pajamas are gay

No. 1156968

What is 2 + 2 nonnies?
I need to know for my elementary school homework.

No. 1157000

No. 1157085

File: 1651377648044.gif (461.97 KB, 500x374, tumblr_084ef32934f391b71288953…)

No. 1157145

This guy is literally an actor from Birmingham.

No. 1157216

What kind of a doctor should I see about this, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, or…?

My left shoulderblade sticks out considerably more than the right one and that area is often painful and the pain shoots up into my neck. I'm also prone to nerves getting pinched in that place and my left arm sometimes feel slightly numb. I feel like sitting in front of the computer for long hours have made it worse and it's often involves periods of adjustment where I'm like 'How the f should I sit/what should I do with my left arm so it doesn't hurt or feel numb'

No. 1157218

Sports medicine doctor for a diagnosis and possible referrals for MRIs, etc, then a physio to treat your symptoms with exercises.

No. 1157219

Sounds like winged scapula, you need to see a licensed physiotherapist for that. You can first try fixing it with exercises. The long thoracic nerve is probably the one you're feeling. Sometimes, this nerve can be damaged or impinged, leading to malfunction of the serratus anterior muscle, which can lead to scapular winging. It can also be caused by an impinged dorsal scapular nerve or spinal accessory nerve. Cases of scapular winging caused by damage these nerves sometimes heal on their own within two years. Physical and massage therapy is probably going to be required though. In the worst case scenario you might even need surgery, but it's obviously best to first try doing it with exercises and preventing things from getting worse.

No. 1157222

Is chillax a zoomer word or milennial word

No. 1157225


No. 1157226

File: 1651382921867.jpg (235.48 KB, 640x640, 10packs-wholesale-Lovely-Beaut…)

I'm reaching new levels of moid fear; if I give a guy the few dollars I owe him in a mildly elegant envelope, will he think I like him? I just need it to be inconspicuous but I don't have non-sexy envelopes. Please help.

No. 1157228

Don’t waste your cool envelopes on him nonny just hand him the money - if it’s a few dollars why does it have to be inconspicuous? No one else would care

No. 1157230

is this someone you have any kind of remotely useful relationship with business wise or career wise? if it's just a friend you don't need to give him a pretty envelope work relationships/friends is the only time it miiiight be advantageous

No. 1157231

Hand him the money upfront no envelope just to be safe and keep the envelopes for special occasions

No. 1157234

What would you like to eat right now, like right in this moment? I need ideas

No. 1157235

It's a weird context where it has to be subtle. I guess I could just fold it into printer paper.

No. 1157238

Pf changs

No. 1157239

just put it in a regular envelope or a loose card or book or an opaque food container, don't waste your pretty envelope or like you said, printer paper.

No. 1157242

sashimi/sushi (salmon, masago, tamago, escolar) and wakame but i don't eat fish

No. 1157332

I'm about to start a new job in an office and I have a horrible feeling that we get limited toilet break time. I have an extremely weak bladder and usually need to go every hour. can I talk to HR and ask them to give me some kind of bathroom exception on medical grounds?

No. 1157337

if they can't find out that you're going, maybe you don't need to tell them. Also that should be illegal in first place - if anything you might find a solution that you just work a couple of minutes later than is your shift to make up for it.

No. 1157357

How's Tumblr these days?

I had a blog for 6 years or so, then deleted it maybe 3 years ago because I was a bit frustrated that I didn't have the time to post. And the anachans infesting every single fitness related tag was annoying too.

Still, is it still alright for blogging and reblogging basic shit?

No. 1157373

Drunken notoick: wy does my mother & every woman I've ever met in her age group (1959) INSIST on only referring to a penis as a "prick" or a "pecker"? It sounds so middle school, even my 89 year old grandma can say the word penis but my mom can only give it childish little nicknames. It never stops amazing me that this woman not only survived childhood, but then went on to reproduce 4x. Amazing.

No. 1157378

how can i get tougher skin? i overheard some people talking about me in a store and it ruined my day pretty much. i feel fucking retarded

No. 1157379

Its decent, good images

No. 1157393

fuck them, thats so fucking rude. i think itd ruin anyones day

No. 1157400

Yes you can, but I have no idea how. I personally went from being so insecure I would only leave home to go to class or go to the doctor's office and I actively avoided socializing with others, now I don't give a single fuck when people try to start shit with me in public, like when last week some women pointed and laughed at me for wearing a mask outside.

No. 1157404

Honestly for me just getting older brought this on. I turned 30, had a mini crisis about ~~hitting the wall & being too old~~, then just woke up one day with I-dont-give-a-fuck confidence. I wish I had a better answer, but I don't.

No. 1157417

I think you need to become sort of more selfish and develop a who gives a shit attitude. As in, someone talking shit about you and you're not even close, it's their problem not yours. They don't want to talk to you directly? Childish, again, not your problem.

It happened to me as I got older on it's own. Also working in a call center helps lol

No. 1157418

In my case I never had that sort of existential crisis, but I grew up with very strict, mentally ill and religious parents and was bullied at school for looking different so this is why I used to be like this, and I guess what helped was that when I entered university I was surrounded by like-minded, respectful people so I was in the right mindset to get better. Now I only take into account constructive criticism from people who pay my bills and rent the rest can kill themselves for all I care.

No. 1157457

File: 1651405534710.png (1.73 MB, 1186x773, atelier.png)

Where the fuck are you supposed to start with the Atelier games? They're all on sale and look good, but there's so many options

No. 1157467

No. 1157469

She's a quirky she/they that likes to look like a clown, I don't think she's doing this for clicks as her looks actually got less crazy over time

No. 1157476

why is there a lolcow discord if the whole point of imageboards is anonymity Wtf

No. 1157479

You're still anonymous on the board even if you have the name on discord, no one will recognize your posts, I don't see the problem

No. 1157483

I like her and her markup looks look costumey instead of sexy or cute which is nice imo. Her content is childish and extra like her makeup.

No. 1157491

God I feel stupid for asking, but wtf do you do at a night/dance club if you're alone?

It's one of the very few events in my damn country where alt people can sort of come together but I'm not from the town where this is hosted and I have no friends so I feel dumb for even going but at least the music should be good. I'm almost 30 but this is legit the first time I've ever "gone out"

No. 1157502

I dont know really. Maybe sit at the bar and try and talk to someone there, wont be as awkward as sitting alone in a table if no one comes to you.

No. 1157503

They're all meta cows

No. 1157506

Every year there are tornados in areas of the USA that obliterate a bunch of houses. How do people living in these areas even deal with that? Do they have to rebuild every year? Why do they even stay there?

No. 1157507

I try to find a group of girls and say "Haaaai can I party with you ladies" and they take me in. Works really well if you say you're new in town or if you're both drunk

No. 1157511

I've lived in a tornado area for 20 years and never even saw one. They're rare and even if they're 10 miles away you won't experience much unless it's RIGHT on top of your house, which is like taking a map and carving with a tiny needle a path. Usually that path won't hit many houses, tornadoes prefer flatlands so farms and etc. The freak cases like the Joplin tornado were bad conditions at the worst location (Joplin has very rocky earth so most people didn't have basements). Even so, the chance of it going over the same place twice in your time living there is astronomically low.

I actually ask the same question about people in areas where a massive hurricane hits every year. Those are pretty much guaranteed to happen and their path isn't a tiny line but covers multiple states.

No. 1157512

That's like asking why people live near the coasts or in flood plains or where earthquakes happen. Also I lived near where a tornado touched down (less than a mile) and it was an extremely rare circumstance. I imagine people in these areas with higher incidents of tornados have insurance too

No. 1157562

Is it okay to lie about my virginity status to a potential boyfriend?
I have had sex and done much more… out there things, but no one knows since I'm in a islamic state, it would be social suicide so to everyone in my life, I'm a virgin. The last man I confessed this to, broke contact with me over this because he felt disgust at me.

No. 1157566

Yes. You're under a state and religion that opresses women, lie if you need it to survive. Don't feel bad for your boyfriend, he's part of the system that uphelds your opression. Sorry you have to deal with that shit.

No. 1157567

yes. you're in an islamic state and it's fine to lie to them anyways because they're retards about it honestly unless they're decent people, which is rare. honestly i would not talk to an islamic guy if i was in an islamic state unless absolutely necessary.

No. 1157571

Thanks anon

No. 1157574

I haven't technically lied yet because he hasn't asked anything but if he ever does, I think I will. Also because if we breakup badly, I don't want him spreading that around. I just feel guilt but I can't risk it, especially because a friend introduced him to me so he's in my circle.

No. 1157576

definitely lie about it. it's not like he can sense that you aren't a virgin anyway. i don't think this is anything to be guilty about considering being truthful about it puts you in danger

No. 1157583

Do dogs/cats depend on other animals for survival or even happiness like with humans? Is there any specific reason they want to be around people?

No. 1157587

>I just feel guilt
You shouln't. Whether you're a virgin makes no difference or not, the fact he won't be able to tell proves as much. Virginity is merely a concept made up by men to be used as an element of the daily systematic opression of women, your potential boyfriend profits off it every. single. day. of his existence at the cost of you and your women. I hope you realize that and please don't feel guilty. You're just going what you need to to live as comfortable and safe as you can in a system designed for men, that includes your potential boyfriend, to take your freedom and control you. Please don't feel guilty about prioritizing your safety over his women-unfriendly values.

No. 1157611

When ppl say "wash your hair every other day" do they mean that you only use water and rinse your hair daily and shampoo/con every other day? Or do they mean keep your hair dry until you wash it.

No. 1157619

I just put my hair in a bun and don't get it wet for the other showers. Of course if a little water sprays onto it I don't care. But I don't wash my scalp, wouldn't have time for that every day and my hair would be dry as fuck

No. 1157622

Usually means washing it with shampoo and then keeping it dry if you shower in between washes.

I have short hair that looks crazy in the morning. I don't wash it every day but given its length I have to wet it a lil to style it.

No. 1157626

It means keeping your hair dry until you wash it, though some people may use dry-shampoo.

No. 1157631

Should I go swimming even though swimming pools are gross?

No. 1157635

No. 1157700

File: 1651419477941.jpg (328.44 KB, 2235x2592, 3f4886b70476079ecbe542543ed25d…)

Can thin-framed glasses look good with thicker lenses? I feel like people who wear glasses with thin frames probably don't even have bad eyesight. My eyesight is -4.75 and -5.0. I need new glasses and kinda wanna try ones with a thinner frame, but I'm afraid of looking like pic related.

No. 1157706

File: 1651419746588.jpeg (46.26 KB, 1170x600, 0011486_why-high-index-lenses-…)

your eyesight is not even that bad. you can get higher index lenses that are even thinner than polycarbonate lenses. it depends on what lens material you choose and how thick it ends up coming out. your script is not that bad so it shouldn't be that bad but i try to stick to thicker frames because they're sturdier anyways. metal glasses are good if you bend your glasses a lot tho or risk sitting on them. but yeah a lot of people in general wearing glasses don't have bad eyesight

No. 1157746

Thanks for the advice anon!

No. 1157769

I would sit at the bar, get myself a drink and watch the crowd a bit and initiate eye contact with someone. After finishing my drink I would go and dance with whoever caught my eye

No. 1157777

Thank you so much anons!!

No. 1157807

Are the Irish or the English more conservative?

No. 1157809

both are retarded in their own way

No. 1157831

ayrt that webm gave me a good laugh nonnie thank ya top sheila luv ya

No. 1157851

KEK fair enough

No. 1157855

>not wearing headphones and listening to music/podcast when you're out alone at all times

I wouldn't know if people talk about me anon because I literally just vibe in my own world, you should try it.

No. 1157860

Yes, it's more than ok. Do what you need to do to survive. I know that's been said but I think you need to know from as many people as you can that lying is probably the one thing that separates you from being honor killed, so you know…..

No. 1157868

oooh you have a similar script to me! I'm -4.5 and -4.75 and I wear thin framed, cool gold glasses that were only possible to get with a particular kind of lens? >>1157706 briefly mentioned it here but there are lenses made from different materials and while they cost a little more you get the thin frames you want without worrying about the coke bottle eyes, I'd ask your optometrist about it next time you go in.

No. 1157896

Does it happen to every woman to get randomly told that you're pretty by female acquaintances and strangers?

No. 1157903

I'd say it's normal if a woman admires your looks she'll compliment you on certain features, I get the most compliments from older ladies about my hair, specifically on the curl pattern

No. 1157907

Not your whole look but like >>1157903 said, women will compliment on small things. I also get most compliments on my hair.

No. 1157988

>wow anon you look so nice and fresh today, what did you do
>I washed my hair
Every time. I just have naturally oily type 1a hair that looks nice just the first day it's washed. Sigh.

No. 1158039

kiss marry kill: Ezra Miller, Paul Dano and John Bogeya

No. 1158044

Can someone with a cute thread pic make the new unpopular opinion thread?

No. 1158050

File: 1651433926058.png (114.81 KB, 461x469, Screenshot 2022-05-01 213758.p…)

omg telepathy, I was just thinking about it. I was thinking picrel but not sure if it's cute enough kek. Any other ideas?

No. 1158053

File: 1651434095626.png (569.15 KB, 465x464, a75dbde7cd0501247d8b80dcaafe9e…)

kiss paul dano, marry ezra miller, KILL john boyega and his ftm childbearing hips

No. 1158061

kiss boyardee, marry dano, kill ezra (sorry ezrafags but he scares me)

No. 1158071

marry boyega, kill ezra, fuck dano (then punch him for choosing to take the riddler role)

No. 1158074

ok i would kiss dano kill bogeya and marry my sweetie ezra

No. 1158078

I used to spy on this guy I like on insta. I don't have an account but could view and it'd only ask me to log in if I scrolled down a bit.

Now it's asking me to sign in the moment I try to view it. Did insta change? Did he change settings?

No. 1158084

What's the difference between chibis and loli/shota?

No. 1158090

kiss ezra, marry bodega, kill dano

No. 1158091

No. 1158092

Insta changed, it doesn't let me look at anyone's pictures without being logged in anymore either. There might be a way around it, idk.

No. 1158108

One is sexualized and appeals to pedos, other is a cute drawing style and isn't always about the characters being kids.

No. 1158153

Is it really that bad to break up with someone over text? I feel like doing it in person would be so much worse, like even meaner.
I've never been broken up with in person, only by text.
I want to dump my boyfriend

No. 1158162

Dramatically text him you want to talk so he asks over text and you can just do it then and it's his fault

No. 1158173

Is he the type to cause a scene irl? But yeah set up with a solemn “we need to talk” text. See how he reacts.

No. 1158212

File: 1651442643203.jpeg (80.93 KB, 347x292, 17E89FBE-1F25-4A35-A03B-02EE72…)

What’s the point of Mizkif’s twitch channel? I’m absolutely shocked how men are able to occupy any space with no purpose and I keep getting his videos recommended to me on YouTube. He always has sexualize women on his stream and embarrassed himself constantly dressing a woman, I genuinely don’t get it anons help me what’s the point of Mizkif as a whole?

No. 1158215

All that hair is nasty

No. 1158218

Marry bogeya, Fuck (younger pre-wall) Ezra and kill the ugly faggot

No. 1158247

My boyfriend told me I’m less likely to get shot/mugged/robbed (we live in a rough city) because I’m pretty. I know he was bullshitting but….do we think this could be true? Statistically?

No. 1158259

Even if this was true, there's still a chance you will. Never trust scrotes.

No. 1158260

File: 1651446812496.gif (2.3 MB, 390x320, relaxing-bath.gif)

Is he talking about when he's with you? Because yeah having someone with you is going to deter muggings. Muggers/Robbers will most likey go after people who are alone and look meek, idk what looks have to do with it but if you're projecting confidence and being well put together you're less of a target.

People who hate/cannot bathe, what's the reason for you personally? I just find it weird when people say they're too depressed to even bathe, even when I was severely depressed I still at least had a shower. I just feel gross and stressed if I don't

No. 1158274

>People who hate/cannot bathe, what's the reason for you personally? I just find it weird when people say they're too depressed to even bathe, even when I was severely depressed I still at least had a shower. I just feel gross and stressed if I don't
There is no reasoning beyond simply not caring. I stopped caring about basically everything including my own life/whether I die or not, so of course whether or not I stank wasn't any exception.

No. 1158276

Having to bathe is boring

No. 1158278

My skin peels and cracks

No. 1158282

I try to go as long as I can withour bathing even when I'm not depressed.

No. 1158318

Your bf is genuinely a fucking retard

No. 1158325

How do you eat sandwiches without everything spilling out? I just made a sammich and one bite had everything everywhere. Is there some secret I don't know?

No. 1158336

wrap them in a paper towel, burger style?

No. 1158352

Get your own brain you parasitic bitch!!!

No. 1158377

Silence retard

No. 1158386

I saw a video ages ago on the technique behind making a sandwich that'll stay together when you eat it and it basically had to do with the way you layered the ingredients inside, you're meant to interchange something slippery with a rough texture and layer those alternately between the bread.

No. 1158436


No. 1158439

What threads do you all have hidden? Doesn't really matter which board.

No. 1158442

Overall probably more likely to be attacked but not for mugging reasons. Muggers don't care about looks as long as you don't look like you could wreck them.

No. 1158446

I always hide the tinfoil thread.

No. 1158452

We'll rot your brain eventually anon.

No. 1158453

wear a tinfoil hat to protect yourself from the tinfoil thread

No. 1158457

Ukraine war in /ot, genderbent art, fujo, 2d boys in /m, and retarded hornyposting, lesbian, bisexual, femdom, sexual fantasties, questioning sexuality in /g

No. 1158458

amber/depp drama, unpopular opinions, tinfoil, ukraine-rus war, that 'things that make you a scrote' thread when it used to be active

No. 1158476

Literally everything that isn't what I frequent outside of /ot/, I recently stopped though so I can see bump warnings. On /ot/ I just use the catalog.

No. 1158479

The war thread, news stories that fuck with you, the sweets craving in and ED in g, all the 3D scrote containment threads, about to hide the relationship advice thread bc the anons are insufferable there

Damn nonnie you hide all the fun threads (besides the war one)

No. 1158484

The covid thread. There was an anon who would pop up with shit like
>doctors bad, they used to eye me up when I was a kid, I could tell they wanted to fuck me, they didn't do anything but I could sense it. they're all pedos and something something therefore vaccines bad
I noped out when they kept popping up with variations of that. I couldn't stomach it.

No. 1158487

I browse on incognito, so none.

No. 1158490

>fun threads
I'm not a gay man lover or a lesbian. Nor do I enjoy femdom or reading peoples sexual fantasies. If its fun for you, sure. But none of those threads relate to me in the slightest.

No. 1158493

Fair enough, I just love the horny shitposting and sexual fantasies ones, if I hid them I would have never found the wizardfucker

No. 1158496

No. 1158517

>browsing and reading posts in catalog mode
kek that’s where you get lurking on here wrong

No. 1158617

When you save images on faceapp can other people see what you made or just you?

No. 1158634

Right click the image you want to see and open it in a new tab.

No. 1158635

Samefag if you're on mobile you can do the same thing just hold down.

No. 1158670

File: 1651470692943.jpeg (12.88 KB, 275x222, 59825682.jpeg)

I'm just so fucking lazy, that's honestly all it is for me. I want to shower when I get home but I'm physically exhausted from work, so I collapse. Then in the morning I either sleep in or get distracted and run out of time to shower. Being clean does wonders for my mental state and confidence but I am just…SO lazy.

No. 1158675

Why do I keep seeing random questions that sound like they would be posted here, but in random threads? Is it actually Kaitlyn???

No. 1158736

When you get ear piercings, after the initial healing do you have to clean them every day?

No. 1158740

No. 1158779

How often should you do an enema?

No. 1158786

Never, unless absolutely necessary or recommended by a medical professional? You can cause perforations, infections, if you're retarded enough to do a coffee enema you can get hypokalemia, hyperphosphatemia after fleet enema (leads to kidney damage). There's a complication rate of about 4%.

No. 1158788

How do you manage through anal then? Do you just shit on his dick? Or are you a lesbian?

No. 1158789

There's another option you know? Simply having enough dignity as a human being works.

No. 1158792

Do you also want me to list the possible complications for anal? You can get anal fissures, anal fistulas, fecal incontinence, infections, perforation, increased risk of hepatitis, hpv (which can lead to cancer) etc. I wouldn't recommend that for straight or bi women either. Men who demand that of women should literally go fuck themselves and risk the complications on their own body if they want anal so badly, they're the ones with a prostate.

No. 1158794

Then what should we do during my period lol

No. 1158795

He sounds like a coward who is using your period as an excuse to be a degenerate, because he probably watched too much porn.

No. 1158796

LOL so many fun things have unhealthy side effects, that won't stop people from doing it. Get over it.

No. 1158797

So he'll put it where the logs come out of, but your blood scares him?

No. 1158799

vampire sex

No. 1158800

well I try to keep it clean, you know.

No. 1158806

How is that even fun for women? We don't have a prostate.
Unironically this.

No. 1158808

That's why you educate women on the very real complications and side effects so they don't feel they have to risk having anal tears and feeling uncomfortable for their pornsick partners.

You can do a lot of things on your period that aren't anal. You can still have vaginal sex if you arent heavy or in pain, you can still use sex toys or receive oral as long as you wash or put a tampon/cup etc up there. It doesn't have to be jumped immediately to anal, it's just that degenerate men use periods as an excuse to get it.

No. 1158810

ok enjoy anal health problems later in life all for the sake of giving a scrote a place to put his dirty dick. any man that wants to put his dick in your ass doesn't love or respect you

No. 1158836

Is it disorganized attachment style if I feel connected to people when they are present but start doubting their sincerity when they are away?

No. 1158839

When done right it feels better than vaginal, most women only refuse to do it because it's associated with homosexual men and porn and the societal stigma that comes with those.

No. 1158845

Most women refuse to do it because most men want to do it to degrade them, since anal is associated more so with asserting domination than giving pleasure; not to mention vaginal sex you can just have easily whenever you want, and for anal you need preparation which most of the time feels like just not worth it.

No. 1158846

Ok faggot.

No. 1158853

>When done right it feels better than vaginal
Women don't have a prostate, meanwhile the clitoris literally wraps around the vagina internally. So this is bullshit.
>most women only refuse to do it because it's associated with homosexual men and porn and the societal stigma that comes with those
There seems to be more societal stigma towards women who don't bend their backs for the degenerate wishes of scrotes. Perforation, incontinence, anal fissures and fistulas are legitimate and smart reasons to want to avoid anal. You also don't get to talk about homosexual stigma, when you tried to use "lesbian" as an insult earlier.

No. 1158855

I bet this is the same scrote that said he was invited by a femanon or whatever.

No. 1158856

Societal stigma against gay men is far more dangerous than a few people making fun of lesbians.

No. 1158857

stop responding to the faggot moid and restore peace and harmony to this thread

No. 1158863

This. He even admits homophobia against faggots is worse. I say this is proof men who like anal are fags.

No. 1158905

no fag males are disgusting and should be shamed and shunned

No. 1158917

Only a faggot would say that. I stand with the lesbians.

No. 1158948

Seems that that analchan has revealed himself as the faggot moid he really is

No. 1158949

gross. put it away.

No. 1158950

Faggots sticking their dicks into each other is the real perversion because even a straight moid in all of his false pride would fuck a man anally especially if the man is dressed up as a “woman”. That is the true gay menace, it was never lesbians, it was never bisexual women, sapphics, anything else, it was always the gay male faggotry they wanted to unleash on to society because the men who are doing it behind closed doors can now be out in the wide open. I see more faggot bisexual scrotes praised and adored by society, given television shows, superior movies and media coverage. I support any woman who is actively homophobic and uses the f-slur, it was never a celebration of people who happen to like and love the same-sex which I’m starting to realize is only possible when it’s two women and I’m 90% sure I’m not even gay. Anal celebration and pysop has always been connected to embracing male faggotry and sexuality, it has no bounds or constraints

No. 1158954

File: 1651491376896.jpg (41.67 KB, 561x561, 0ab1933c6e9d7522fb96de6b897d87…)

I do worry that the upcoming backlash against gay and bi scrotes will mostly still end up affecting lesbians and bi women, but I think you're based. I honestly wonder if straight men really exist, I don't believe they truly love women or attracted to women, but just to the performance of femininity. We're just not the same, I hate when they try to relate to me on loving and being attracted to women.

No. 1158959

Why are Australians so much better looking than the British? aren't they like the same-ish people?

No. 1158960

Related to this my unpopular opinion is I think British women are very beautiful and I love the accent on them but their men sounds like fags and look like rats.

No. 1158961

why is sonic naked

No. 1158962

i agree. men should not be british.

No. 1158966

men should not be

No. 1158969

I have to spread this message but your last point is correct they are not attracted to women they are attracted to social signifiers that “define” women like clothing, jewelry, not the actual human being in front of them. I forgot what the word was I think it starts with a P

No. 1158979

all the famous/beautiful australian celebrities i can think of are not anglos (have origins in other parts of europe). might be that honestly

No. 1158980

File: 1651493572811.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.34 KB, 480x598, iu-154.jpeg)

I'm doing a painting of a woman today that's in color mostly white with a bit of dark color on her lips and eyes (dark red, mars brown. Think picrel, but less intricate lol). Should I do it in watercolor or acrylic? I find acrylic harder to control which would be a pain in the ass with the detailed area's, but the rest of the painting is big brush strokes that I want to look kind of opaque which would be easier in acrylic. Nonnies what am I to do?

No. 1159014

I'd say acrylic. The color would also pop more as opposed to just watercolor

No. 1159017

Is it possible to have blackheads on your boobs? I don't know if these black dots are blackheads, ingrown hairs or just genes

No. 1159021

possible to get them anywhere, yeah

No. 1159041

Thank you anon, it would be easier to correct mistakes and harder to lose the white too. I rarely do acrylic though so wish me luck lol.

No. 1159109

Can someone find me the photo with the weird faces of putin's ex gymnast mistress, she was at some awards thing and her face looked so off, like a mask. It was the weird mask life face on the left, then on the right a photo from the tv show itself, looking ok. Can't remember where I saw it!!

No. 1159120

You can do it nonnie!

No. 1159125

I’m no art expert but I think you should use oil and acrylic ik it sounds retarded but with watercolor you’ll barely see it unless you use white negative space. You can make it blurry like that just with a brush

No. 1159156

File: 1651503632504.jpeg (64.08 KB, 600x480, 00F06270-CFE9-4B7E-9199-649F53…)

Is seaweed an option for creating cheap fabric? It’s everywhere, so why not?

No. 1159202

File: 1651505553124.gif (4.2 MB, 350x416, 9d39c27f78d6fb95366b51533f2866…)

Can you give me your favourite smoothie recipe? My diet is heavily restricted because of reasons and I need some new ideas. Preferably with no seeds!

No. 1159214

What makeup do most normal women wear? As in, what do they wear on regular days vs special occasions? It's kind of weird that I have no clue about this really, since most girls tried figuring out makeup when they were teenagers, whilst I never really bothered with the stuff. It kind of makes me feel like an amateur by comparison. I'd imagine that a lot of women wear foundation every day and maybe contour on special events

For me it's:
no makeup

>events (e.g. job interview, date)

light concealer under the eye

>special events (e.g. weddings,

light concealer under the eye and lipstick

No. 1159215

that's such a cute gif nona. you may already know this but when making a smoothie you should use at least one of the two types of fruit - pulpy and creamy. creamy fruits will ensure a wonderful texture and pulpy fruit can add sweetness and texture.

creamy fruits include
- banana
- blueberries
- apricots
- mangoes
- peaches
- nectarines
- plums
- pears
- strawberries
- avocados
- kiwis
- dates
- figs

pulpy fruits include
- apples
- melons
- grapes
- oranges
- lemons
- grapefruits
- asian pears
- pineapples

I like to just make smoothies with fruit and then kale or spinach, trust me you wont taste them! my favourites are kale, blueberries, banana and pineapple. there's also kale, banana, cherries and blueberries. you can also try spinach, mango, strawberry, banana or spinach, banana, pear, cherries. I know a lot of people add milks and stuff to smoothies but I never have, I just like my fruit smoothies. I do like to add a pea protein powder occasionally or things like milled flaxseed. hope you make some delicious smoothies!

No. 1159218

oh my you're like a smoothie scientist, no I didn't know! Thank you for the detailed response!

No. 1159220

I'm like you in that I only wear a little concealer or lip color depending on occasion but I find for the women who do they tend to wear foundation and mascara, and for lip colour it's very subtle. for events like a date they'll add eyeshadow, darker eyeshadow for an evening date or night out. job interview would just be subtle as usual day to day. tbh I live in a small town and if someone wears a lot of makeup day to day it'll be something people really know them for. there is a lady in my town who is known for her dark eye makeup. I imagine it depends a lot on location and age too.

No. 1159224

haha thanks I only found out about the creamy and pulpy types of fruit and their roles in a smoothie years back after I googled 'why do all my smoothies taste bad?' and that was the reason I found! you're welcome!

No. 1159245

Who are some artists to follow on Instagram or watch on Youtube who don't have an animu or Calarts/cartoony style?

No. 1159247

I'm in my 30s and I switched away from foundation to bb cream early 20s and I think it saved my skin.

If I want to hide how tired I am I use bb cream after moisturising. Quickly fill my eyebrows since mine have always been thin and I've always had almost grey eyebrow hairs so I just feel like I need a frame in my 30s or I look like my mother and mascara.

I don't tend to play with eye shadow much these days, but I do put a highlighting shadow on my brow bones and cheekbones at the weekend or I'm going out and do liquid eyeliner like a half cat eye and blush. I never got into lipsticks or lip colour on my lips but lately I've been trying to wear glosses close to my own colour. For nights out I'd do the bb cream, eyebrows, eyeliner, liquid concealer, not a lot, highlight my brow bone, cheekbones, maybe use bronzer if I'm feeling sexy, blush, mascara and try something on my lips I guess

No. 1159264

answer my question.

No. 1159283

I wear mascara, blush and fill in my eyebrows every day and that's it for special events too. I used to wear foundation every single day from my teens on too (bad skin) but quit over lockdown.

I realized recently, looking at friends and other young women around me, I'm one of the few that actually wears make-up. Like social media would make you think that nearly all women wear make-up, that I wear very little in comparison and that women who don't are "tomboys" but like I'm pretty sure I'm actually among a minority wearing make-up among 20s women.

No. 1159287

Wearing clothes would increase frictional drag, worsen his streamline and so it would slow him down while running. And he's gotta go fast, you know

No. 1159294

he's a male character, men are considered the default so they're drawn naked in cartoons while the female characters are differentiated from male characters by wearing dresses or lipstick. Notice how the boy sonics are just wearing shoes and the girl sonics are wearing shoes + dresses. You can observe this phenomenon in a lot of cartoons.

No. 1159297

Wish they did this for human characters too.

No. 1159307

What was the letter for the hidden board with the man hate threads and radfem threads again?

No. 1159309

No. 1159326

Yeah I’m like you. Mascara, concealer and lip tint for “makeup expected” environments. Otherwise I just wear sunscreen.

No. 1159340

File: 1651511520481.jpg (98.52 KB, 750x1003, Malbro.jpg)

what's this type of guy called ?

No. 1159344

coveted homosexual

No. 1159351

In England we would call him a Bogey-nosed batty-boi

No. 1159355

No. 1159359

Cigarette + wifebeater = trailer trash.

No. 1159361

> batty-boi
fellow eng anon kek

No. 1159365

Anons who can identify with the bellybutton part of >>>/g/258756, do you have an outie or innie? I never had this feeling and I'm an innie.

No. 1159369


I wore lots of make-up daily for a decade then pretty much just quit when my lifestyle got too physical.

Now I just wear sunscreen daily. I still wear a full face for events though.

My usual full face is high coverage BB, concealer if needed, setting powder, eyebrow pencil + gel, shimmery blush (doubles as highlight), 2 or 3 shades of eyeshadow + white under eye with glitter, eyeliner, mascara, lip tint. With of course primer and setting spray because I move a lot. Add light nose contour/highlight and falsies for special events.

No. 1159371

File: 1651512601518.jpg (343.92 KB, 1001x1600, 12.jpg)

t.women with no taste, maybe this is what you prefer

No. 1159374

File: 1651512954389.png (53.81 KB, 630x315, imagen_2022-05-02_123601363.pn…)

I need to pop him like a balloon

No. 1159379

Is getting obsessed with certain people a mentally ill thing or just thing that lonely people do?

No. 1159384

File: 1651513411533.jpg (80.7 KB, 600x600, Jh_3.jpg)

posting the superior version

No. 1159392

Is that the same guy? I legit have facial blindness I’m so sorry. He looks much fitter with that hair.

No. 1159412

File: 1651514896877.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1500x1500, 0f7169f0-fd0e-48f6-b3af-6e87d7…)

How can I make these and not have them soggy? My Airfryer broke. I'm not going back to the microwave life, any suggestions?

No. 1159418

ok so

No. 1159422

No. 1159425

Put it in the friggin oven ya goof!

No. 1159426

No nona its not the same man, she meant "better version" of male with cigarette

No. 1159428

Well be Crunchy though?HMMMMMMMMM

No. 1159429

Try putting some paper towel around or on it to absorb the wetness

No. 1159431

I mean like before you microwave it

No. 1159433




hope this helps

No. 1159436

this one's uggo too. who keeps spamming men ITT anyway, like what's the purpose?

No. 1159440

I've been wrapping them in foil and it's worked out pretty well. Thanks nonna.
Hmm..but my sandwiches are mostly slippery stuff. I tried putting one of my cheese slices on top so maybe when it melts it'll help the slippery shit (aka the slaw I put on it) stay in but it didn't really work. I would try chips but I think they would get soggy fast.

No. 1159448

Psychfags, does this tendency have a name? Let's say someone's having a bad day and they are rude to you and you, instead of thinking of it as a temporary thing, assume that this is how they behave 24/7. Or you had a bad habit when you were a kid and you grew out of it but your mother still assumes you have it. So it's like an assumptions that things are ststic and don't change I guess, does it have a name?

No. 1159459

Static, sorry was having a stroke

No. 1159472

Have had that feeling, have an innie.

No. 1159477

What's the status of Ireland, Scotland and Wales after Brexit?

t. sheltered retardo who haven't read the news in forever

No. 1159480

Have an innie and I know the feeling as well

No. 1159594

In families, in general, do parents always treat their kids like kids who need guidance, even if they are grown ups? Or are there families out there where they recognize that they have grown up?

No. 1159596

>do parents always treat their kids like kids who need guidance
My mom with my 35 year old brother

No. 1159629


No. 1159641

I was thinking it's something that has to do with the sense of time, similarly to object permanence

No. 1159695

Why do I feel bad when people compliment me? I know I sound like a massive bitch but is it because I don't like people having an opinion on me, or be reminded that I can't live in my own head? (I don't get mad or anything and really appreciate it at times, but it can leave me with a slight high that drops within half a minute and then I feel a bit sad sometimes. I feel like they're just saying it to be polite, I don't know. It's all in my head I think. Is it? I only have this irl and on forums, not on imageboards. Maybe I just think people are lying to be polite.)

No. 1159748

How many pumps of handwash do you guys use? I do 3 and I think it might be too much but 2 never feels enough…

No. 1159823

File: 1651532214259.jpeg (111.77 KB, 1116x936, 176328470_2840198072895639_360…)

Which google chrome add on is best for wanting to increase speeds on youtube videos? I can't find the one I use to have, it was perfect.

No. 1159853

Doesn't youtube do it itself on the settings? also who is that people

No. 1159863

File: 1651533240185.png (1.9 MB, 1308x982, screenshot.png)

Guys what is the jelly substance on top?? I've never seen something like it before on cheesecake

No. 1159865

Vanessa Hudgens and who I'm assuming is a fan

No. 1159866

It's gelatin.

No. 1159869

Yes, silly, have you never baked anything?? Jee whiz.

No. 1159885

it's probably gelatin or a similar substitute!

No. 1159894

I forgot who vanessa hudgens was kek

No. 1159898

She's big in my heart

No. 1159904

What are lesbian hookups like? Obviously every woman is different but I'd imagine it'd be more pleasant than hooking up with a man. I'm confused about my sexuality so want to try a one night stand with a woman just to see if I'm actually attracted to them (instead of getting a lesbian girlfriend and finding out later I'm not into women). Does anyone have experience with lesbian one night stands?

No. 1159912

Does that taste good with cheesecake? Never imagined the combination

No. 1159915

Tbh I don't think so. It's more for "aesthetics".

No. 1159919

naturally i'll get 3 if it's a public bathroom because it's never enough. just one pump if it's in someone's house bathroom
in my experience (i've only been with fems), it's usually very shy and slow until you both really settle in with each other. i feel like there's a lot more leeway than with men. both are equally in control of the mood/pace. if you wanna slow down or just stop in general, it's very easy to do so. men will just hammer on. what do you wanna know specifically?

No. 1159920

Is there any way to force straight eyebrows into an arch without overplucking? Mine naturally grow in a straight Spock shape and I like to keep them thicker because it balances my face, but the way they grow in gives me major sperg face in photos and I hate it.

No. 1159934

there's nothing you can do other than over plucking.

No. 1159955

File: 1651535711388.png (564.33 KB, 640x632, BD43FAF9-D3B4-4B26-9965-5C4772…)

Are Turkish men usually white-passing?

No. 1159963

I wanted to know just that actually! Thank you nonna ♥ I have been 'in love' with women before but I don't know if I'm sexually attracted to them (I never watch porn and rarely masturbate). I'd rather die than have a one night stand with a scrote, as you said they don't listen and don't take you into consideration. I've also been molested by a man as a child so sex with scrotes scares me to begin with. I really hope I'm sexually attracted to women because I do have some desire to have sex (well, more so vanilla cuddling naked in bed and kissing).

No. They can pass as eastern euro's if they have light skin but their accent reveals it all.

No. 1159983

White turks pass as white bc well they are white. Mongolian or Arab turks, no, bc they are not white.

No. 1160000

File: 1651537173710.jpg (77.15 KB, 637x480, 1646976663164.jpg)

How come whenever I get a crush on a man or feel attraction I start having thoughts about hurting and hitting him? I'm not trying to sound edgy or anything, I don't even want these thoughts, most of these men (seemingly) didn't do anything to warrant it.

No. 1160005

oh god I wasted those quads sorry

No. 1160010

Also do you only feel this way towards men? Have you ever been attracted to women? Maybe you've been influenced by porn/fanfic?

No don't worry

No. 1160015

Strictly towards men. I don't look at porn though but read fics occasionally, but none of them are violent stories.

No. 1160081

File: 1651540528098.jpg (494 KB, 1365x2048, phoebe.jpg)

Why do people not like Phoebe Bridgers?

No. 1160089

Checked and kekked at the image and saved it
Also same, I think it's how our ancestors tested whether a man was worthy (how he reacted to pain), good thing a lot of pain was available in the form of back breaking work and war. The bad thing is there was a lot of back breaking work and war.

No. 1160125

Have you read the posts about her in the indie thread?

No. 1160154

File: 1651543201726.gif (1.93 MB, 275x217, D59017B3-53C5-41E5-9F9B-55448D…)

can any legalnonnie on here explain how bad the roe v. wade news is? Twitter and the news are confusing the fuck out of me but it looks pretty grim

No. 1160157

this fucking gif

No. 1160165

So…american women abortion big no no now?

No. 1160169

Her music is tryhard and bland and she tries to copy actual good indie artists but fails hard. She gets shilled hard as this uwu amazing bi indie artist but she's not really. Also see the thread the other anon linked for more info.

No. 1160212

this^ is abortion gonna be illegal everywhere in america? just a few states? does it open the possibility for every state to vote yes or no? i'm not murrican so i don't really get it

No. 1160249

is there any sort of netflix add-on or mod that will allow me to view films and tv shows in other language dubs, as of now netflix only allows region specific and the original language, If not is there any sort of torrent site where I can download different language audio tracks

No. 1160367

Is sexual harassment in Europe bad? Or is all the fearmongering just selection bias?

No. 1160557

yes, but there are add ons that go x4 x5 speed etc

No. 1160560

I was the lesbian used for a one night stand to have her test whether or not she liked liked women. I made the communication clear from the start, so we could give one another pointers on what we liked. The best part of lesbian relationships in general is the open communication you can have with another woman.

No. 1160566

It's going to be something that will only be determined on state level then from now on. Which means that in some places it will be illegal, in some it won't, it'll be up to state legislators. At least that's what I've understood from it, but I'm no burgerlawyer and I just woke up.

No. 1160569

Roe v. Wade hasn't been overturned (yet) so abortion is still legal nationwide. However, the leaked draft suggests that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade in the coming months. If/when that happens, whether or not abortion is legal will depend on which state you are in. A lot of states have 'trigger laws' in effect that will ban abortion immediately when Roe v. Wade is overturned. I think only 14 or 15 states have the right to abortion protected in their state constitutions.

No. 1160574

File: 1651552209972.jpeg (57.46 KB, 750x913, 1646401025266.jpeg)

basically, if it gets overturned individual states will be able to create laws that could outright ban abortion with no federal oversight. certain states will use this the way texas did, they will probably go after women and doctors even associated with abortion. it will also mean that states will have the power to reveal which women are getting abortions if they so wish. no abortions, no medical privacy when it comes to womens health.

No. 1160577

Does this include cases of rape too?

No. 1160585

Back in the day I had my fair share of one night stands with women who wanted to experiment. The last thing you want to do is make anyone feel uncomfortable and I also stopped several encounters, because I felt like she was uncomfortable, but didn't say it due to previous adverse experiences. I think women are going to be watching a lot more for your reactions and want to make sure you're alright and not doing anything you don't want to. There's a lot of communication and moving fairly slow, because you can actually empathize and the last thing you'd want is to make another woman uncomfortable like that. If you want some vanilla cuddling naked in bed and kissing, it'll be that and nothing more than that. There are enough women who would be very happy with that and won't pressure you for anything more than that.

No. 1160597

What are your love languages? My bf and I did the test the other day and its interesting because our love languages are exactly what we're both bad at lmao
I got acts of service and he was awful at keeping the house clean when we first met, and his was words of affirmation and I am literally autistic when it comes to saying lovey dovey things.

No. 1160608

I like receiving quality time and physical touch, but I like giving acts of service, I enjoy feeling useful.

No. 1160612

at least in texas it did. if i remember correctly the only rape cases they would take for abortions were ones of incest. sorry to the nonnas in red states.

No. 1160614

If my friend described me as striking and reminded her of Kstew (though I'm not white), does that mean I might not be as ugly as I see myself?

No. 1160624

I think Kristen Stewart is beautiful and striking is often used as a very high compliment, so I think you should be feeling very good about yourself anon.

No. 1160629

Kristen Stewart is really attractive, her style and demeanor too

No. 1160630

She's gorgeous, definitely a compliment

No. 1160641

nta but i thought people considered her a bad actress lol

No. 1160642

She's not a good actress but I like her personality irl, it's cute

No. 1160693

I love kareoke!!!!!

But I have to do it in two weeks with my entire family (my aunt was in cover band for the last 20ish years, tried out for Idol but was too old ((very early seasons before rules changed)) at the bar my boss and his wife frequently get drunk at. (And they sing Shallow together above mediocre)

I'm not a good singer by any means but I can preform! I did hand in my pocket last time and some lady griveled at my feet and I got more into it. My bf said I was terrible but had presence kek
In my head a mix of Cheryl Crowe, Alanis, and that guy from counting Crowe

What can I sing easy 90s 00s where I can drunkenly belt out and have people kissing my shoes???

No. 1160729

Am ESL, pls explain the difference between purple and violet.

No. 1160731

Purple is more to describe a general range of colors. Violet is a specific purple.

No. 1160732

File: 1651560510622.png (3.47 KB, 600x338, purple-violet.png)

Purple is more red, violet is more blue. Purple is a warmer color, and violet is a cooler color.

No. 1160733

it's either purple or indigo and violet

No. 1160739

Isn't indigo a type of blue?

No. 1160870

I think it varies by countries, it's definitely worse in Mediterranean countries and maybe Eastern-Europe

No. 1160879

Depends on where in Europe you're talking, you can't generalize a yes or no.

No. 1160926

Is there actually a difference between razors for women and men? I want to buy a good electric razor for trimming my public area but i have no idea if "female" razors are actually a scam which makes me want to pay more money or if theyre better because the skin might be more sensitive? I also wouldn't mind some suggestions on what to buy, i normally use venus razor blade but i feel like an electric razor will be easier and i will get less ingrown hairs ect

No. 1160929

the blades in men's razors are at a more acute angle.

No. 1160932

Yeah, theirs work better

No. 1160941

I think it's good. It's usually flavored jelly like strawberry, lemon or blueberry etc, and it's how everyone makes cheesecake in my country. Adds a nice texture and flavor. My fave part is the crunchy bottom layer though always, preferably made with crushed chocolate chips cookies.

No. 1160951

File: 1651577058125.png (139.76 KB, 419x502, whom.PNG)

Who are these characters and what are they from?

No. 1160955

Sandalphon and Djeeta/FeMC from Grandblue Fantasy, an RPG mobage

No. 1160958

Thank you, anon!

No. 1161011

Why does many artists' music get worse with time? It seems to correlate with increased fame. Does it cause them to slack?

No. 1161031

I think it's a mixture of trying to adapt to the actual trends and adapting their sound according to their record label's expectations

No. 1161062

reminds me of la rosalía.

No. 1161080

I'm thinking of the girls from Tumblr's heyday, Lana and Marina, their music has gotten worse despite how they were thriving before. Which would it be for them? There's others too that I can't understand how they go from making well-loved and appreciated music to something you only enjoy by living in denial of their lost quality.

No. 1161092

You really think Marina's music has gotten worse? I haven't extensively kept up with her but I thought ancient dreams in a modern land was pretty good personally

No. 1161107

I feel like a new, not established musician can do more creative stuff and are allowed to have some rough edges in their work, the more popular they get the more smooth and formless and trendy their work becomes, losing what made it special to begin with.

No. 1161355

Is it a very bad sign if, when using certain brushes in photoshop, my monitor gets flickering horizontal lines?

No. 1161360

can i take multiple melatonins per day to sleep for a week continuously, or will it fuck me up?

No. 1161367

I used to take one pill (1mg) every night for weeks and I experienced a slight stomachache in the morning and a dry mouth. Also I felt like I had been woken up from a coma. I think it's an individual thing, you have to experiment with it. The safe amount is supposed to be 5-10 mg daily for adults

No. 1161373

Bump? And I mean everyday people, not celebrities

No. 1161380

It won't fuck you up. It's pretty safe.

Not normal at all

No. 1161448

It's fine for a week, but try not to do it for longer than 2 months in a row.

No. 1161470

taking more than the recommended amounts doesn't have any benefits. purpose of melatonin is to help your body feel tired and fix sleep schedule, it's not a sleeping pill.

No. 1161471

File: 1651596359738.jpeg (231.74 KB, 1666x1116, B7B5AE81-D205-4339-889F-B01941…)

does anyone have that meme of a black cat screaming between two women and gripping at their sweaters, sitting at a table? I tried drawing it kek

No. 1161475

File: 1651596439550.jpg (217.07 KB, 800x450, cat.jpg)

No. 1161480

yes!! thank you nonnie I couldn’t find it anywhere

No. 1161577

lmao this is so cute anon

No. 1161604

Anyone else feel emotion in their pussy? Like your vagina clenches angrily and stuff when you feel rage or disgust?

No. 1161622

Why do men try to hit on women who have masks on

No. 1161687

how do i stop being so awkward/anxious in irl social situations? do i just up my prozac dose from 20mg to 40mg lel

No. 1161690

Dunno if this should go here or the bpd fag thread but anyway: I've been seeing someone who has untreated bpd. He seems self aware about it and is in the process of seeking help. I try not to judge people based on their mental illnesses since I'm not exactly mentally stable myself but from everything that I've read, bpd seems pretty… intense. Should I just run?

No. 1161702

>moid with bpd
Anon get the fuck out of there and save yourself

No. 1161703

Yes. And fast before he gets too attached

No. 1161757

Well fuck. I was kind of expecting that answer though.
I fear it might be too late, he's already showering me with gifts and shit.

No. 1161772

that's a red fuckin flag, anon. it's never too late

No. 1161804

I love your work

No. 1161844

one (1)

No. 1161968

Can a medfag help? What can I eat for breakfast if I have a duodenoscopy in the afternoon?

No. 1162087

One, just lather it up well, you don't need more it's just drying your hands out more than necerssary at that point. I think you probably need less than one pump honestly because companies wouldn't be companies if they didn't make it super easy for you to use it up more quickly than you have to.

No. 1162121

call the place that you are getting the duodenoscopy and ask the receptionist to speak with either a nurse or doctor regarding this matter

No. 1162136

Aren't you supposed to be fasting for 8 hours before the examination?

No. 1162139

File: 1651613435139.png (288.21 KB, 522x400, Beschuit_naturel-522x400.png)

I don't want to be judged for not wanting to eat the suggested meal, which is dry af and seems extremely culturally specific (picrel).

No. 1162140

I'm allowed to eat til 7:30 am, because the procedure is in the afternoon.

No. 1162152

Oh I see. Not a medfag, but I'd imagine you could eat anything as long as it's not too heavy and not spicy

No. 1162328

If you had baby and it was a boy would you circumcise it? I’m arguing with my bf and I think it’s fucked up tbh. It started from Jewish religion right? Why the fuck is that a norm then? You can take it off when you’re 18 but you can never get it back. There’s also the whole less enjoyable orgasm thing. I wouldn’t.

No. 1162337

no i wouldnt circumcise it but i also would shoot myself in the face before giving birth and especially before giving birth to a male. i don't think male children should be circumcised but i also know a fair number of men that were not and had to get circumcised as older kids for various reasons. phimosis mostly and the parents not telling them to i guess stretch the foreskin regularly or something, i don't know how all that works.

No. 1162340

I come from an conservative jewish background and my ex bf was as well so we had this argument many times. I would never circumcise my son, I don't care how many thousands of years of tradition are involved. A child can't make that choice for themselves and it's wrong to have any medical procedure done to them that doesn't improve their health in any way.

No. 1162342

I wouldn’t get them circumcised, unless it was for something like phimosis. If it’s unnecessary, like there’s no medical reason, then it should be up to the person when they can consent to it.

No. 1162354

no. absolutely not. circumcision is outdated, unnecessary, and barbaric. The child can get it done if he wants to when he's older and can say so, but that's not my choice to make for him. I've slept with uncut men, and to be honest, I do not understand the repulsion, if they wash their asses regularly. Even still, having a smelly foreskin doesn't really warrant non-consensual infant genital mutilation.
I think it is kind of in the same vein as piercing a baby girl's ears, but genital mutilation is much more brutal and gross.

No. 1162375

No it also causes traumatic brain injury reducing empathy and cognitive functions, and its not like men need any less of that.

No. 1162383

No. 1162384

Adding on to the nope-train. Seems fucked up to do that to a baby and like >>1162375 sadi, it probably fucks with the brain.

No. 1162404

Could anyone pinkpill me on Amber Heard and what's been going on?

No. 1162417

I would tbh

No. 1162447

File: 1651627444516.jpg (111.49 KB, 933x701, 1648975597605.jpg)

No. Don't want the baby to be greeted to the world with pain already. Also picrel
posting again because my phone uploaded the wrong photo. Pain

No. 1162547

File: 1651634008833.jpg (50.9 KB, 569x1017, 612aU3ZtF8L._AC_UX569_.jpg)

what time period/era are these types of lingerie sets inspired by? is there a store i can look at similar ones or where the theme is the same? trying to put effort into what my underwear looks like since I'm redoing my closet or whatever, been wearing ugly mismatched underwear and bras but I don't like the regular sets, plus I'm small chested and I feel these would look better on me idk

No. 1162549

Big fat no on that shit. I believe all forms of genital mutilation are bad. Why do anything like that without consent? they can choose when they're older. all religion is evil bullshit anyway

No. 1162551

I would consider it victorian, I think I saw a set like it on Free People

No. 1162554

File: 1651634636372.jpeg (81.31 KB, 816x239, D6414ECA-52D1-40F6-9FDA-1EEE70…)

No. 1162556

your boyfriend is arguing for it? is he circumcised? If so, this is another blatant case of men taking trauma and wanting to repeat the cycle. You always hear MRA's crying about how circumcision is genital mutilation but men as a whole dgaf. I bet MRA's wouldn't either if women didn't raise hell about FGM. Either that, or it's a case of never had it (foreskin), so doesn't know what he's missing.

Anyways, wouldn't.

No. 1162562

I wouldn't. Also
>It started from Jewish religion right? Why the fuck is that a norm then?

No. 1162571

this was a huge argument in my mom group on fb. apparently, uncircumcised men do get more infections. but just like tonsils, i think foreskin removal should be a last resort.

No. 1162580

>uncircumcised men do get more infections
that has more to do with men than the foreskin

No. 1162722

How long does it take for a bruised throat to heal

No. 1162723

no, circumcision is retarded

No. 1162734

looks closest to 1920s and 30s, look up tap pants and french knickers.

No. 1162790

What do anachans do when they have to take food with medicine?

No. 1162806

They still eat food. They're just incredibly restrictive with calories. Or was this a shitpost?

No. 1162810

No it's a genuine question

No. 1162852

Ignore them instructions

No. 1162877

File: 1651643532422.png (505.3 KB, 489x859, Gujjar.png)

could picrel pass as a local in your country

No. 1162880

yes if he leaned into the hipstery aesthetic and dressed like it

No. 1162881

looks like levi and zeke together

No. 1162887

No. Also the skin lightning filter which also make his nose look non-existent is weird.

No. 1162890

samefag he's actually from the 7th largest ethnic group in the world, gujjars
They make up 20% of the population of Pakistan, a minority in Afghanistan and India and number around 150 million, This is how most of them live

No. 1162893

how is it that you both are online at the same time? have we ever seen the two of you in the same room?

No. 1162895

In the capital, yeah.

No. 1162901

I thought he looked afghan. Afghan men aren't well liked for obvious reasons such as afghan rape craze where they rape women and boys of the countries they move to. This is an actual phenomenon and they usually target women that are happy, maybe it's because of their women hatred?

No. 1162908

File: 1651644871111.png (1.44 MB, 1000x1119, Indigenous Peoples of Jammu Ka…)

I'm not a Gujjar, I'm a Pothohari Jatt there's a difference
these are gujjars, mostly semi-nomads between northwest India and afghanistan, they don't usually bother most people, they just keep to themselves and continue to live in stone houses and mud huts and raise their animals cause that's how they choose to live

No. 1162920

still not white enough for Varg

No. 1162926

KEKKK i spit out my drink

No. 1162927

Didn't you already ask this before

No. 1162940

Kek. That faggot would rather give his life for a blonde Muslim man and pakianon still trying to act like she can turn a racist faggot into a straight man who will love her.

No. 1162945

right wingers will never accept you because you're brown

No. 1162948

when did I ever bring up Varg about this or even state that I wanted to be accepted by white supremacists, I'm not even planning on going to europe you dumbducks

No. 1162950

Why are you trying so hard to pass as a local? What's the point? I'd get it if you said you were scared of facing racism but it's clear you just want a weirdass white supremacist bf cause that's the only way you'll feel better than "American whores".

No. 1162951

you said you want to fuck varg you're also a right winger which is pathetic since you're muslim

No. 1162952

Stop this just be normal and simp for 2d men like the rest of us

No. 1162953

Shes not a muslim tho

No. 1162955

You'll never be white, I understand disliking some parts of your culture but self-hate is very toxic. Embrace your natural beauty or get a few enchantments if you really want to like dying your hair and stuff but don't act like youll ever pass as white, you don't have to.

No. 1162957

she's a WOC, who cares what her religion is. varg doesn't. he only cares about how white you are.

No. 1162958

You look Muslim and that's enough for right wingers to hate you.

No. 1162974

Who the fuck cares about what varg or white moids think?

No. 1162975

this was within the context of a wholeass conversation you're ignoring

No. 1162976

I think pakianon has the right to feel her feelings and say whatever the fuck she wants no matter how dumb it is or how much cognitive dissonance it has

No. 1162983

she has clarified but uh, your empowering little deal there puts people in actual danger. you see nothing wrong with women (ignoring the rest of this pakianon thing) going after guys that might hurt them because they are, first of all, violent neonazis, but resent women they might be fucking because they're literal nazis who advocate for the elimination of minorities, or even mediterranean people, in varg's case? are you serious?

No. 1162986

No one's stopping her, and other people have the right to call her dumb.

No. 1162989

She said she never simped for him and when did i say all that??

No. 1162997

This but it's probably her defending herself so it makes no sense.

No. 1163002

File: 1651647640469.jpeg (79.07 KB, 623x350, 8DAB4D4D-4E2A-45BD-87BB-17C41E…)

Im not her tf

No. 1163062

>Pic related

No. 1163127

The reason why they do is because they're not practicing proper hygiene, the meme about men not washing their buttcracks didn't come out of nowhere. Had a gyno complain to me he gets women with frequent utis and bv and they're always wondering where it comes from - their boyfriends and husbands. So he has to tell them to tell their husbands to wash their fucking dicks and guess what, the infections stop.

No. 1163157

File: 1651650977435.jpg (84.84 KB, 612x650, zimmermann-black-polka-dot-pri…)

Be honest with me, nons: Is this gaudy? Cute? Too much? I bought this for a STEAL but it was still a bit pricier than what I normally buy and now I'm getting buyers remorse. It's a romper made from silk and I think chiffon. I originally bought it for a date where we'd likely be out on the town all day and maybe for other special occasions. What do you think?

No. 1163162

I think it's cute

No. 1163172

On the first glance it's cute but I remember buying a shirt that looked exactly like this in 2012 and looking like a grandma in it (in a bad way) and then never wearing it.

No. 1163176

what'd you pay for it?

No. 1163178

Sounds like quality materials. I really wish they had only done the print on the body and cuffs with a plain black fabric on the collar, arms and hem. It's too much for me personally, but I'm not the one wearing it. If you love it and feel confident, you can pull it off nona.

No. 1163205

I hope it won't be that way for me. The ruffles are reminding me of the pirate shirt from Seinfeld, now that I think about it…
A little over $120 USD, including overseas shipping. This is in lightly used condition btw.

No. 1163298

Yes he’s for it and ofc he’s circumcised. His biggest gripe is that it looks weird, literally can’t give me another reason why. Actual retard

No. 1163312

I usually really like Zimmerman but there’s something off about this romper, maybe because it reminds of things I saw in Zara? The fabrics sound great and quality is not comparable, of course.
It’s a good price! Are you sure it’s original? I’ve seen tons of Zimmerman replicas on AliExpress

No. 1163340

I dated a moid with bpd and for a 2 year relationship he was always "in the process of seeking help". Don't do it.

No. 1163344

I had no idea there'd be knockoffs on Ali. Is there any way I can tell it's one? I haven't received it yet, but from what I can tell from the sellers pics it looks convincing.

No. 1163347

>I try not to judge people based on their mental illnesses since I'm not exactly mentally stable myself but from everything that I've read, bpd seems pretty… intense.
If you read things online about your own mental issue I'm sure you'd come across a lot of material saying you're undateable too. This said, even though I'm bpd myself and know it's perfectly manageable in a relationship (with meds and therapy in my case), I feel like I would be scared of a man with it, especially since he's in a proces of seeking help, not already getting it.

No. 1163348

Nonono been there done that. I tried to help my bpd ex for a long time and he only rewarded me with PTSD and shambles of my former confidence. I've known some women who managed it decently, but the men will ruin you. It definitely presents differently between the sexes. Make up some random excuse to gtfo

No. 1163355

Isn't Zimmerman notorious for poor quality/materials despite it's high price tag?

I don't like the bow dangling above the low neckline much, otherwise it's cute.

No. 1163357

Are zimmermann replicas in aliexpress high enough quality to wear? Or do they look costume-y?

No. 1163423

Hi nonita, I’m >>1163312 and I’m sorry to say, there are and on Taobao too. Some are so good they’re either considered truly grey market or grey market quality. Unfortunately, I have no idea how one would authenticate a piece without having it on hand. I didn’t mean to worry you, I was just slightly shocked at the price!
There are high quality replicas! I know because I’m an ausfag and I know people who’ve bought almost indistinguishable pieces (a seam might be have loose threads or it doesn’t have tags, for example)

No. 1163514

>Isn't Zimmerman notorious for poor quality/materials despite it's high price tag?
Yes, from what I have heard the quality is not that good

No. 1163629

I know this is retarded but can someone explain why people seem to think you need to have rich parents to be a NEET? Obviously it is a privileged lifestyle but I don't understand why people think you need to be upper class. When I was a NEET I stayed with my mom in a tiny apartment but since my only expenses were food (and not that much since I had an ED) her pension was more than enough to keep us both alive.

No. 1163677

Is it a mental disorder to have to be in a relationship 24/7? I've noticed a friend, she asked me if I wanted to be her girlfriend and I told her I just wanted to stay friends (we're still friends, it's all good). Not a week later she found someone new and is completely in love with him, we were out on Friday and she was straight up gushing. I'm concerned for her, she seems to have a very unhealthy attachment style/constant need for a lover. I have seen this in some online people as well, is this a condition on it's own or maybe a symptom of some kind of attachment disorder or something of the sort?

No. 1163695

Is there anywhere I can find a chart/list of the common acronyms used here? I'm on the newer side to visiting here, and I've seen lots of acronyms used that I don't recognize, and when I google them, nothing sounds like the right definition. Sorry for newfagging.

No. 1163696

No. Lurk moar

No. 1163699

You can always ask.

No. 1163700

It is a behavioral problem and attatchment issue, yes

No. 1163701

Not slick Kaitlyn

No. 1163705

Nice try KAITLYN TIFFANY but you won’t get us this time

No. 1163707

It could be a lot of disorders it's classic bpd behavior for example

No. 1163710

buddies pls i'm hanging out in the troon thread on /snow/ and trying to learn.

i've tried before and got shit on, but i guess that's part of being a newfag.

No. 1163712

I don’t think there’s a list but i’ll help you newnonnie if you have any specific you want to ask about

No. 1163718

bless you omg. I mainly don't recognize HSTS, TIM,
and TIF.

No. 1163725

It could be that she's the kind of person who's been in relationships her entire adult life and hasn't taken the time to develop a true sense of self, so she's always on the rebound?

No. 1163734

This looks so cute

No. 1163738

HSTS is basically heterosexual transexual, TIM is trans identified male and TIF is trans identified female

No. 1163739

thank you so much!! ♥♥♥
I hope your day is great and you eat something delicious.

No. 1163848

HSTS actually stands for homosexual transexual

No. 1163908

Oops yes my bad I think I saw the heterosexual definition somewhere and rolled with it since they transition to “heterosexuality” thanks for clarifying nonna >>1163739
thank you nonnie same to you ♥

No. 1163970

relax it might peak her

No. 1164134

Majority is malegazey but some of it is just meh. I rarely see any good content made for lesbians, most of it seems to be made for woke points and/or men.

No. 1164170

what do you watch instead then anon

No. 1164187

Unless it is made by an actual lesbian woman, it is always male-gazey and cringe.

No. 1164196

maybe i haven't watched enough media but i feel like there is a lack of flawed or evil, but in a human way, lesbian characters. they play too safe to be pc perhaps.

No. 1164227

What causes someone to plan a lot of things but never carry out any of them even though they want to?

No. 1164238

Ejecutive disfunction, lack of organization

No. 1164249

Have you ever felt like you might know someone from here? Like you either work/go to the same uni with them?

No. 1164343

I know several, not in person but online. They’re all gay and they bring nothing of substance or entertainment to this site, not that it matters

No. 1164354

i know one chronically online radfem irl so she has to be here

No. 1164361

I wonder if any of my cousins are on here.

No. 1164435

Same and I hate her tbh

No. 1164460

Do you guys like to ehhh on drinking whiskey?

No. 1164707

Where did the cat vs dog thread go? I thought it had some interesting posts about badly bred cats and dogs.

No. 1164843

Deleted by mods for undisclosed reasons

No. 1164849

Nonnie if you wanna read more about those freaky inbred dogs and the people who breed them there’s a thread about them in the community watch section of kiwifarms. I can link it if you’d like.

No. 1164885

No because that's gross as fuck to do surgery on a baby's genitals. Seeing Americans debate about it is insane, it's a non-issue in most parts of the world, nobody even thinks about that. I feel similarly when I see people talk about the status of being cut/uncut as a fetish, it's bizarre.

No. 1164890

If I had a baby and it was a boy I would abort it

No. 1164898

What does this mean

No. 1164903

How do you keep yourself from feeling bored and restless? I work from home and I developed the attention span of a goldfish, I can hardly get anything done

No. 1165008

My mom has a dog who is almost turning three. He is trained poorly but I never had the chance to train him due to my own life. This year I’m getting the chance to spend some months living with her again, as well as the dog. I want to train him and she’s okay with it too. I just don’t know where to start with a three year old dog. He does some basic commands on an average level, but I mainly want to train him for his safety at the park and overall anxiety. Can anyone advise me on what would be best to do at this stage in his life?

No. 1165013

Yeah do it pls

No. 1165052

Slow and steady, let him observe situations from a distance. Check out Zak George on youtube.

No. 1165098

File: 1651717218000.png (144.46 KB, 503x295, 1460601406735.png)

How soon should I see a doctor for kidney pain? I work monday to friday and the clinic closes at lunch so I only want to go to emergency if I need to

No. 1165102

ASAP. Could be something bad.

No. 1165122

sigh guess I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow night

No. 1165151

Could it be kidney stones? Do you drink enough water? If you are an alcoholic, it could be related to that. Stones are the least concerning (but still painful) possibility.

No. 1165158

I'm pretty sure it isn't stones because it isn't that painful. Just a dull ache that shows up a few times a day.

No. 1165172

Do lesbians adopt children the least? I was looking through adoption websites where couples post themselves to advertise to pregnant women looking to give their baby up and almost every couple were Hetero or gay men. Not a single lesbian couple. I guess if lesbians really wanted a baby they could go the sperm donor route. But does anyone have stats or anecdotes about this?

No. 1165178

File: 1651722324937.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x2000, H5f34db2c3fcd4b89ab6c1f12c98ae…)

Does anyone knows an artist that makes some custom plushes like picrel? I searched on etsy and only found one and it was meh.

No. 1165180

is this the dogboy?

No. 1165181

KEK please tell us, anon, and update when you receive your custom dogboy plushie so we can see it

No. 1165182

amerifags - do you think gay marriage will become a compromised topic too?

No. 1165184

I guess nothing is impossible BUT what would happen if let’s say gay marriage is overturned and it gets knocked back to being a state issue. What happens to marriage licenses that are already issued in states that make it illegal? It would be a HUGE headache to deal with that it wouldn’t even be worth the time and money states would need to fight all the lawsuits they would get.

No. 1165198

File: 1651723422375.jpg (330.11 KB, 800x800, -7601082411633876096.jpg)

I am not sure but I think this store does customs. They have a lot of options nonetheless, kpop and animu


No. 1165208

Can someone fill me in on the kaitlyn lore

No. 1165212

File: 1651724790987.gif (1.56 MB, 480x270, 1651697722656.gif)

Nice try Kait! Write your own autobiography!

No. 1165214

File: 1651725074404.jpg (5.13 KB, 211x211, 5c7a7ae9b7b471ecc49999264375e1…)

No. 1165221

THE GIF you fucking didn’t…

No. 1165396

This is bad but my morbid curiosity is killing me. What thread is Shaynas sex tape on? I'll probably throw up but I need to know how bad it is

No. 1165401

No. 1165429

which one

No. 1165455

is it normal to only be able to quench my thirst with carbonated water? i always feel thirsty after drinking normal water idk am i just spoiled

No. 1165457

No that's not normal. Maybe you're confusing thirst for the satisfaction or fullness you get from carbonated drinks?

No. 1165464

Sparkling water has more sodium in it than tap water and sodium helps with hydration, so i think it’s normal that you find it more satisfying

No. 1165471

File: 1651745687059.jpg (468.1 KB, 2332x687, be_careful_tho.jpg)

Be careful with some brands though or get one of those machines which makes your water carbonated for you.

No. 1165478

The one where she has sex with an actual person. Apparently it only happened once but the rare times I've seen it referenced makes other shaytards absolutely repulsed, so naturally I have to see the shitshow

No. 1165499

File: 1651746987321.png (28.85 KB, 572x419, deactivate.png)

>Release my account at the same time
I'm trying to delete my aliexpress account, what does that mean?

No. 1165511

File: 1651748436198.jpg (108.23 KB, 900x600, 0105cda0c68d97c892938830beaae1…)

Is it weird to lay down with your mom like this if you are >20?

No. 1165515

No. 1165521

It’s never weird to cuddle your mom if you’re a woman

No. 1165523

Do therapists ever study or even know the fact that kids (and older but mainly young people) fake mental conditions for attention and pity points, and quite frequently so? Or is it too new of a phenomenon?
I feel like it's a pretty common fact on the web, but normies seem to dismiss it like "why would anyone do that?".

No. 1165532

Nah, cuddle your mom as long as you still can. I can see why some people might find it weird for adults but there's nothing wrong with it, since its neither sexual nor romantic. I'd only find it weird if scrotes did that with their moms though.

No. 1165534

Right? Especially because I feel like every teen has faked an illness after reading up about it.

No. 1165535

Thank you for the reassurance nonnies. I feel like I turn into a total baby when I'm around her, I even talk with a baby voice and all.

No. 1165539

If two compulsive liars have a talk do they know the other is lying? Can they keep up a conversation?

No. 1165544

I think it's mostly about the emotions and reactions you want to evoke from the other person more than if what you are communicating is actually "true" with those kinds of people. A good liar half-believes their own bullshit half the time and perceive it as an attack if cross examined. So why would they risk their shit being called out doing it to anything? I think go with the flow makes more sense

No. 1165545

This is adorable and it made me smile

No. 1165575

Anons in a few weeks I’m going to my first appointment with the gynecologist and I’m super scared. Do you think female gynecologists care if you’re super hairy down there? Help pls

No. 1165578

they don't care at all. It's normal.

No. 1165590

Idea: creating a personal blog to write about what I think and feel about media/games I consume, hobbies I try or places I visit
Reason A: I struggle with self-identity. I don't know if what I like is actually what I like since I 99% of the time mould myself to those around me or how I want them to perceive me. No I'm not a teenager so I know I'm too old to be going through this identity crisis.
Reason B: I'm really bad at articulating myself and my thoughts clearly + I have terrible vocab range and deteriorating grammar despite English being my first language, so this can be practice.

Good or useless idea?

No. 1165591

doctors are robots basically, they've seen it all too. A bit of hair is nothing compared to people coming in with scary infections etc

No. 1165593

I went to one like that and she told me it's natural and I shouldn't be ashamed. I don't think they'd react negatively.

No. 1165595

i hope you're going to a regular gynecologist and not an obgyn

No. 1165598

There's a difference? How so?

No. 1165599

I will die before I ever see a gyno. My autist brain takes a stranger going anywhere near my genital area as sexual assault so I know I can't handle it.

No. 1165602

Nobody cares. Even in hyperreligious areas they don't comment on it.

No. 1165605

I feel like a man raped my bellybutton (with consent), so I get it

No. 1165606

I'm not convinced writing a blog will help with A (over actively exploring different hobbies/interest but it sounds like you're already doing that) but I think it'd be helpful for B. Regardless you stand nothing to lose that's for sure.

No. 1165616

File: 1651755402155.jpeg (63.33 KB, 564x564, BD426D8A-BB9C-4E79-8ABF-100A37…)


No. 1165617

File: 1651755427302.jpeg (12.28 KB, 275x184, 1648882011295.jpeg)

Bump bump

No. 1165620

File: 1651755502968.png (502.08 KB, 616x600, 1635904966974.png)

careful scrolling.

No. 1165622

obgyn is more focused on pregnancy or eventual pregnancy and is likely to be more concerned about things like preserving your reproductive aspects than you or anything else. there are a lot of stories about women receiving inadequate care because obgyns won't recommend or do things they believe will affect fertility or pregnancy.

No. 1165714

What's the best way to sell off my 2018 macbook pro? I searched ebay and there are a bunch there so is the market too saturated?

I just want to buy a HP (maybe gaming type) laptop after this

No. 1165730

On ebay or at least the desktop ebay, you can sort by sold items near the bottom of the left filter column. That way, you can get an idea of the price and how often they get sold to see if it's a good place to sell there. If you decide to auction on ebay, make sure your auction ends on a Sunday night. I hear most people use local selling apps these days, but I never used them before.

No. 1165976

File: 1651768926571.jpg (419.92 KB, 1100x1216, kindof.jpg)

I need some help figuring out the name of a theme/aesthetic. It was popular in like the early 1900s maybe? Features include tigers/leopards, banana leaves (or some kind of tropical leaves,) wicker furniture, and breezy clothing. I think it's based on Singapore under British rule? Maybe it was even popularized in part by The King & I? Recently, there's been a watered down revival of sorts by a brand called Jungalow and Opalhouse. Is there a specific name for this style? I know you guys know what I'm talking about.

No. 1165991

oh I love this style! I want my house decorated like that in the future, if feels cozy and vibrant.

No. 1165995

what you describe reminds me of this

No. 1165999

It looks like urban outfitters with bolder colors. I think wolf & badger has more backgrounds like that.

No. 1166003

Nice. I like it. This is definitely the revival of the style that I mean. A very fresh re-framing of the antique opium den kind of vibes.

No. 1166005

Beach house? Rattan comfy times? Beachy vibes? Maybe Hippie chic, vegan hippie chic, natural style, yoga house decor.

No. 1166009

reminds me of brands like urban outfitters and anthropology

No. 1166010

File: 1651769837583.jpg (82.29 KB, 720x960, 31062245_368173127008662_71123…)

It is all of that, but make it darker and Chinese. Or Singaporean. Is there a big difference anyway?

No. 1166020

nta I think I would call it "colorful boho chic with retro ethnic vibes"

No. 1166023

I wanna see a pinterest board with this kind of decor now. If you find it please share it

No. 1166029

Does everyone use two monitors at the same time nowadays?

No. 1166034

I'll make one myself if I have to. I'm definitely going to use the inspiration for my bedroom.

No. 1166038

Oh, you know what? I think it's actually Thailand I'm thinking of, not so much Singapore. Oops.

No. 1166048

Morbidly curious nona, another nona responded to you in Shayna’s latest thread >>>/snow/1520522

No. 1166068

File: 1651771658802.jpg (63.46 KB, 644x360, THIS (2).jpg)

OH, no, it's THIS. Holy shit, I just did a lot of googling.

No. 1166075

nta but then what is this style called?

No. 1166079

Idk. British Colonialist India style?

No. 1166087

gangnam style

No. 1166098

That has to be the name, it really makes you think of those pictures.

No. 1166104

It seems like it’s very practical as far as I know, specially if you have to keep two programs open and you need to constantly check them out, like video editing, subbing and such.

No. 1166109


This is probably an unholy mess of things from different cultures, but it's what I came up with.

No. 1166184

Hell no! show your mom love. she's the best.

my mom passed sadly and i would absolutely cuddle with her and listen to stupid classic rock still if i could

No. 1166306

I'm twenty and don't have a credit card I think. My dad once gave me a card and said it was mine but took it and never gave it back. My mom won't ask him about it, she just says to go to the bank and get one. They've never taught me anything about cards or finance so I am very underdeveloped and don't know anything. How do I go about getting one? I heard you need credit but if I've never had a credit card how am I supposed to? Only card I've had is a PayPal card, does that count for anything? It's not connected to a bank though. Do you actually need a job too? As you've probably guessed, no I don't have one. Is there a link to a website to learn all of this? All about jobs and finance, taxes, cards, all of that. Yes I know it's pretty pathetic but I was kind of raised into a family of morons so I'd like to learn now at least so I don't meet the same fate.

No. 1166317

Go to your bank and ask them everything you asked here

No. 1166328

is romanianon asian? I saw her pic and she looks half asian to me

No. 1166336

Is it a thing for people with eating disorders to "clock" each other?

No. 1166353

And will they be alright with telling me though? Wouldn't it be rude or too annoying for them to deal with?

No. 1166366

Anon… it's literally their job to offer advice and tell you what you can do and how to do it.

No. 1166377

I'm supposed to meet my cousins' boyfriend this weekend. I have been a NEET for 3 months and forgot how to interact a little bit, what do I say to him? I'm curious about him, should I just say 'Hey what's up I'm anon, cousinita's cousin', give him a handshake and let it go from there? Or should I tell a little bit about myself, or ask him some things first? (I know this is advanced autism but I don't know anything about him and have no idea what to say lol)

No. 1166380

File: 1651779974848.jpg (36.15 KB, 332x500, 51nOZ9Y59HS.jpg)

Adding onto >>1166366 , yes it is their job but do not feel pressured if they try to push their banks cards/products onto you. Ask your questions and when they offer you XYZ card or whatever, just take a pamphlet and say you'll think about it. It is in their interest to sell you on their cards/accounts, but after you get the answer to your questions, go home and really think over their offers if you get any. The last thing you want is to open a card/account when you don't fully understand it. Credit card interest rates are no joke and even though it flabbergasts me how people fall into massive credit card debt, it happens and is very common for those who aren't financially literate to fall into that hole.

I'd also recommend reading this book (I got the ebook from my local library but I'm sure there's pirated copies online too). Honestly reddit has some decent information too but it can be extremely overwhelming.

No. 1166391

Like other anons said you can go to your bank and ask. But yeah start off opening a checking account and getting a debit/bank card. This attaches to your checking account and you can use it as payment. Open a savings account too because you just should.
If your bank is a major chain they usually have their own credit cards. These tend to be good starter cards because there's no yearly fee or anything like that and they're meant for beginners. I don't know if age of bank account matters before approval, you can ask your bank this.

For building credit, you can process a debit payment as credit to do so. This doesn't require a pin, and is also recommended to do at sketchy transaction sites like gas stations so you don't get your PIN keylogged. Building credit can also be done through, ofc, owning a credit card, paying everything off in time, ages of your credit accounts, and multiple credit cards.

I would recommend getting a credit card as soon as you can because they are safer to shop online with and you build credit easier that way. If someone skims your debit card, that's money coming directly out of your savings. But don't fall for the multiple cards games, avoid store credit cards. And if you have problems with spending and binging, don't rely on the credit card too much. It should be used for safe transactions and building up a score. That's it. Don't get too cocky with it, and pay everything off in time so you don't build a ridiculous amount of interest.

No. 1166406

samefag *money directly coming out of your checking, I meant

No. 1166440

Informing and advising people is literally (part of) their job anon, don't be dumb.

No. 1166506

What happens to your house and job when you go to jail? What if your job is completely remote? And do the authorities alert your family/parents, or do they only find out if you call them or end up on the news?

No. 1166547

who did u kill anon

No. 1166560

anyone have tips on how to cope with a (benzo) withdrawal? it's been my THIRD WEEK off of them and i've been trying to get in touch with my doctor. they finally answered me and said they can get me in next week. the insomnia, agoraphobia, acne, and fear of any social interaction is beginning to kill me. how do i take special care of myself during this time?

No. 1166605

If you have any sort of opioid painkillers those should soften the pain a bit and make you able to relax. Also alcohol will help you sleep. (I know this isn't 'good' advice, but it is what kept me from going insane during withdrawal). Sorry you're going though this nonna, I hope it's over and you feel better soon ♥

No. 1166632

I didn’t do anything illegal but someone I live with did so I just wanna know how badly my life is about to be fucked

No. 1167290

What causes bites similar to bedbug bites (itchy, red, with a clear puncture mark, two next to each other and usually showing up in the morning)? But it's 100% not bedbug bites

No. 1167303

Why do my hives get worse at night?

No. 1167311

I apologize if this question sounds like racebait but am genuinely curious; what’s it like having sex with a black guy? Do they really have bbcs or is that just crazy talk?

No. 1167317

Just like any other race; some are big, some are not. There are a lot of black men and to think that all of them have monster cocks is ridiculous. I think this is mainly a narrative created by porn to dehumanize black men when all men should be tbh but not for fetishistic pornsick reasons further into this animalesque creature that will corrupt pure and virginal white women. The same racist idea is applied to black women, as if they are these insatiable, animalesque whores that need to be "used up" by white man. Barf.
Sorry, I ended up going on a tangent.
TL;DR: no, depends on the man, it's a racist stereotype but most black men don't care cause muh big penor hurr

No. 1167319

I don't know where you live anon, but yes, if you can still afford it, you keep your house. Most people lose it because of the all the legal fees.

No. 1167468

I selling Wordpress themes a viable passive income source?

No. 1167474

Can someone spoonfeed me the Romanianon lore? Apparently she's a Romanian camgirl who was e-dating some American moid on the Lolcow discord (which allows males why?) and they had a falling out resulting in Romanianon sperging the fuck out all over the board in various threads. Am I getting this right? Also how come she's so proficient in English despite apparently being a severely abused woman from very unfortunate conditions in Eastern Europe?

No. 1167484

Do you think I should ask my and my partner's former mutual friend if something happened between them when I was already in the picture? Something is really not adding up, my partner is swearing nothing happened but I went through so many bad experiences in my past I can't let go of worrying.

No. 1167490

Yeah, pretty much. Just assume she is a mentally ill troll, she keeps adding to her stories and changing stuff up so it's hard to say what is actually real. She also has been posting lots of falseflagging as people she has unhinged vendetta with, larping, samefagging/responding to herself, responding to posts that trigger her multiple times, and talking about herself in third person lately, here is a collection of her older posts >>1013274

No. 1167515

That’s tricky. One result is that the friend is respectful and tells you the truth even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. Another is she lies to cover for your current partner or gives you an answer while also ratting to your partner so they come at you for not believing them in the first place (while you’re uncertain whether her answer was reliable or not). One thing I can say for sure - usually when things aren’t adding up, it’s because something is rotten. Personally yes, I would ask damn the consequences. If you’re right you’re validated and you know your partner is a lying piece of shit. If you’re wrong they may temporarily be frustrated but they’d forgive you for wanting to protect yourself because they care about your well being too.

No. 1167528

Thanks anon! I'm sure it will come out as weird but I hope I can get some understanding too, you give me hope it's possible. Being ratted out for lack of trust is not something I can't deal with too. I'll ask, whatever happens, happens; at least I won't regret not taking any action.

No. 1167544

Do you judge your virgin friends?

No. 1167546

i don't have any but i wouldn't if i did

No. 1167552

No. 1167563

no, i know several normie attractive women who lost theirs as adults, despite what men will tell you on the internet it's not that uncommon or weird

No. 1167567

Only positively

No. 1167571

do you? i'm a virgin and I always used to worry that I was being judged for it

No. 1167579

No, I don't. Why would I?

Don't worry nonny. Your virginiy is none of anyone's business and it doesn't define you as a person. There's nothing shameful or weird about it. Don't let others mindfuck you into thinking that being a virgin is bad. Always put yourself and your body/health first and don't let anyone pressure you into losing it.

Same goes for women who aren't virgins. Still none of anyone's business nor something that you should be judged for.

No. 1167581

No i’m the virgin in question kek

No. 1167583

Being a virgin is the norm here, if you aren't married, I get judged by friends for not being one.

No. 1167596

thank you nonnie, that is actually very kind and reassuring

No. 1167598

How do I know if online reviews are bots/fake?

No. 1167601

File: 1651832902580.png (1.65 MB, 1500x1500, collagen.png)

Anybody tried this or it's just some overpriced shit?

No. 1167602

Pictures, legit account, no excessive compliments

No. 1167621

I'm glad it helped nonny! Always remember to set your own pace and if anyone gives you shit about it, remember that they're weird for caring about anyone else's virginity that much.

No. 1167641

Is there a way to get fabric dye out of fabric? I know this sounds retarded lol but I dyed a skirt black and wish I didn't (some color is still showing through though, it was patterned and some parts survived). I don't want to bleach it because of this, any other ways?

No. 1167644

RIT sells a dye remover and there are other dye removers

No. 1167648

dye remover does exist but it'll never get all of it out sadly
Its very likely it will never return to the previous colour, but hopefully you can lift it to a light enough grey and maybe redye it a different colour

No. 1167651

I judge both hoes and virgins yes. There’s something called being in the middle.

No. 1167655

No. People who shame women depending on their sexuality are pickmes or scrotes. I'm also from a country where you lose your virginity on average at 22 and again, get married at 24 so it's not uncommon for people to sleep with their serious partners and later on get married.

No. 1167797

The unattractive ones, I get it. Attractive virgin women over the age of 21, however, there's almost always something wrong with them mentally, so I prefer not to be friends with them.

No. 1167804

No, it's really weird to be judgmental of what someone else does with their vagina. I'd rather mind my own business.

No. 1167807

Why? I understand if you’re talking about those conservative religious types that are crazy but i’m talking about someone who just happen to be still a virgin because no situationships happened to them yet

No. 1167813

Does anyone know a productivity app that has the following features?
>Both daily AND weekly calendar view
>One time goals and recurring tasks
>built in timer

No. 1167815

kek do you also make people take a mental health test before you become friends with them?

No. 1167828

>no situationships happened to them yet
If an attractive adult woman has never been in a relationship it's usually a red flag. People stay away from her for a reason.

No. 1167830

So it can't be her choice?

No. 1167831

Maybe but what about average women? Is that a red flag too? It’s not a miracle for an average women to get dick

No. 1167833

I would say yes.

No. 1167834

What's the difference between the butch and fem girls in the threadpic of the lesbian thread in /g/? They look the same to me.

No. 1167835

>I prefer not to be friends with them
so do you ask every potential friend if they're a virgin, or do you drop friends you already have if you discover they're virgins?

No. 1167837

I do try to distance myself from them.

No. 1167839

nta but how many adult women stay single by choice without having ever at least tried being in a relationship? I've never heard of it irl.

No. 1167841

even if they've done nothing wrong apart from being virgins?

No. 1167846

you deff are one of those people who had sex you regret and now you take out your judgement on virgin women.

I literally even met someone like this once who was a pink-haired obese chick who would have casual sex with random men all the time but now cant get laid (because of her weight) and she lovess to judge virgin women…….hmmm wonder whyy????

No. 1167847

Over that? Really? Strange.. but thank you for being honest. I’m a virgin in my early 20s because i never actively sought out sex but feel like people look at me with pity and think i don’t understand what they’re talking about half the time which is why i asked

No. 1167850

I'll let you know that I look down on sluts just as much if not more.

No. 1167853

The fem in comparison is petite, her body language and demeanor is more feminine

No. 1167854

so by your definition a woman only needs to have 2 bodies because if she has less of that or more she is either a mentally ill virgin or a slut….im right arent i?

No. 1167860

Trying a relationship doesn't mean having sex necessarily. It may not be super common for an attractive person to be a virgin in their 20s but it's really weird to jump to a conclusion that it must mean something it's wrong with her. It can be a woman that has a really high standards / expectations for her first time, she may have lower sex drive - also happens, neither of these would be a red flag though.
Ultimately though I don't really ask people about their sexual life so for all I know there might be plenty around that are still virgins. I don't know why to be judgemental about it because having or not having sex doesn't change a person.

No. 1167862

why is male-written erotica so damn obvious and unsexy? what the fuck is wrong with men?

No. 1167863

what about lesbians? either way
>there's almost always something wrong with them mentally
this is true in my case kek but you aren't exactly giving off normal brains either

No. 1167866

Anon… She judging women on their sexuality, do you really think she'll think positively about lesbians?

No. 1167868

>not wanting to be with a moid
>red flag

No. 1167906

File: 1651845128995.jpg (55.67 KB, 300x394, 1800-1850_corset.jpg)

I saw some people talking about how corset/stays where actually bad for the body even when not tight laced. Historical fashion youtuber always say it's not true but realisticly is thar so?

No. 1167914

They're bad if you're a fat ass, case closed

No. 1167918

Some people argue high heels aren't unhealthy even today. People are just full of shit about things they personally like.

No. 1167922

i laughed really hard at this. did not expect this response at all

No. 1167927

You can't breathe with your belly in a corset, and it may weaken muscles that you would have used to keep yourself upright without one.

No. 1167931

Yes they are bad even for skinny women. It's unnatural.

No. 1167935

Aren't they popular with fatasses who want to create an hourglass shape?

No. 1167954

yes it can cause organ problems around your waist.

No. 1168030

I don't think it could've been good to wear it long term, even without having it being tightly laced. Like >>1167927 said, it can weaken core muscles. I've never worn a corset but I wore a body brace growing up because I have scoliosis and while my organs didn't get shifted around and breathing was fine (once adjusted to it), I have consistent back issues because of my weak core since I was held up by the body brace for so long.

No. 1168112

File: 1651849716187.gif (1.35 MB, 498x280, nyanpire-neko.gif)


No. 1168122

how is there a middle for a virgin, you either are a virgin or you're not

No. 1168156

Is it okay to buy from shein nonnies? I'm not buying a whole bunch of trash, I just want a cute bathing suit. The reviews are pretty good

No. 1168160

A lot of nonnies will judge you but Imma say just do whatever the hell you want fam

No. 1168170

I think shein quality is fine, and if you can't really afford to buy from anywhere more expensive then go for it. The review system is definitely helpful.

No. 1168173

Sure, it's fine as long as you make sure to read those reviews.

No. 1168174

buy from aliexpress, it's all the same stuff, but shein is way more expensive. just read reviews and look for ones with photos.
it's extremely overpriced though.

No. 1168187

Samefag, if you want free shipping and you're in the US, then wait for Sunday. Idk if it's like this in other countries, but every Sunday they have free shipping.

No. 1168272

I have only heard bad things about them, terrible fabric and it being completely impossible to return things.

No. 1168289

What does it mean when a guy talks shit about you to hundreds of people and makes fun of you? What is this dudes problem why can't he respect my privacy and right to not want my business discussed, my looks made fun of, etc. I've been respectful and mature to him I let him down when he asked me out but only because I'm about serious relationships only. Is he just mad at me for rejecting him even though in reality he rejected me? We're both married btw.

No. 1168303

Salty moid is salty because you didn’t want to fuck him, report to the police for being a creep if he keeps going on with his retardation, maybe get a restraining order.

No. 1168307

he's a piece of shit does it really matter what his line of thinking is

No. 1168310

I was initially interested but he didn't pass the test of being the caring sweet type of dude that I wanted. He's married and having a sexual relationship with another woman on the side maybe more than one I'm not sure. Whatever it is I don't want to be a part of that. I just want a normal two person relationship where I'm actually loved. I'm married and I feel bad but it was just like a crush to me but he'd keep manipulating me to think he had feelings then cutting me off and talking about other women. I'm really angry at him for doing that.

No. 1168360

No nonni noooo
It seem more logic, I find it weird since harder support garnement for injury/ spines issues cause muscle athrophy. I guess we have to remember that most women did more physical jobs pre industrialisation so they still needed back support. Hope we still get better stuff than bra in the future for the one who need them.

No. 1168460

File: 1651859139444.jpg (54.61 KB, 750x723, thismightseemlikeashitpostbuti…)

do i have internalized misogyny if i really want a male instead of a female cat for no discernible reason

No. 1168467

get both. and yes that's kind of weird. maybe it's because people say "male cats are more affectionate" but it's not true. i notice a difference a little after spaying because i think the female cats are traumatized by the invasive surgery, but other than that they are just as emotionally attached and clingy. they just don't like their bellies rubbed typically like the boys do after spaying, for obvious reasons

No. 1168468


boy cats are good boys

No. 1168473

No. Males tend to be bigger so if you hope for a chonkier cat get a male. If you want a slimmer or smaller kitty get a female. Both are wonderful loving companions and are nothing like human scrotes.

No. 1168474

Nah who cares, if you think that's cute do it, but be sure he can't make more kitties

No. 1168484

You can't choose a cat, a cat has got to choose you

No. 1168490

My cat is a boy and he is a British shorthair and male BSH are bigger so is very cuddly and loving.

No. 1168493

Has nothing to do with misogyny. I only like female dogs because I don't want to touch dick when I'm belly rubbing. I only like male hamsters because I don't want an animal that's in heat every 3 days and more escape prone. Our politics don't apply to animals, they are animals, they are more sexually dymorphic and bound by nature so it's fine to discriminate based on sex with them

No. 1168510

sometimes it does though. i have known women who wouldn't want female cats for no reason other than "i like boys", and this applied to much of their lives in general.

No. 1168566

>taking care of a male anything

No. 1168591

I agree with this

No. 1168646

Yeah but you have legitimate reasons behind your choices, she said there is no discernable reason. Like >>1168510 I've known women weirdly obsessed with only owning male pets because they're male. It's obviously not a huge deal but I would say she should at least examine her thoughts behind the preference.

No. 1168678

What can I send a moid to trigger him? He had told me his mother was very abusive and I told him he was worthless because even his mother didn't love him and she'd have aborted him if she knew how much of a failure he'd be. Anything else? I know this is petty but he said some stuff about raped women deserving to be punished and I want to get him where he's weak.

No. 1168683

Idk talk about what a queen Amber Heard/Jodi Arias/Aileen Wuornos is kek

No. 1168684

Is there any mid to late Tudor fashion that can be worn in a hot and humid climate, or alternately any good sites that cover Tudor costuming past just what the nobility wore? I got a last-minute invitation to go to a ren fair and I definitely do not have time to sew or order anything elaborate, so lower middle class to peasant wear is fine. However, I'm having trouble finding period-accurate sources for lower class apparel in Tudor England because apparently no one liked painting peasants. I'm mostly interested in male fashion since I don't want to make stays or wear a longass skirt when it could get muddy, and my hair is too short to pin up or braid.

No. 1168688

Kek I'm doing this because he mocked Amber
I think his exgf also cheated or fucked him over really badly and he earns very little. I'm open to suggestionsss.

No. 1168718

File: 1651866568301.jpg (85.63 KB, 800x1014, 800px-Agnolo_Bronzino_-_Portra…)

england was cold as shit during the 1500s so tbh i think your best bet is to recreate a tudor outfit but with lighter fabrics like linen or hemp and maybe skip some undergarments. maybe something like picrel with a linen doublet?

No. 1168729

tell him he has weird nipples and feminine hips for a man

No. 1168754

I repotted a flower and I heard the roots crushing. Is it ded now?

No. 1168887

Possibly not? It really depends on the particular plant and how extensive the damage is. Plants can be surprisingly resilient. I would give it a couple weeks and see where it's at. I've had plants I thought I'd accidentally killed off suddenly shoot up new growth after having wilted looking stems and leaves for quite some time.

No. 1168938

In "ermagush we're long lost twins, we gotta switch places to live the life of the other twin uwu" movies where the twins are played by actual twins, do the twins stay their character? Like, there's actress Abby playing the role of Becky, and actress Chloe playing the role of Diane, and Becky and Diane switch places in the movie. Does Abby keep playing Becky even when Becky is now Diane? Does this make sense???

No. 1168974

No. 1169049

Don't take this for a fact but I imagine that would be dependent on if there's any difference in the makeup or styling. For example if Becky wears her hair in curls to signal to the audience that she's not Diane, it's probably easier to switch Abby into Diane's outfit than it would be to wash and restyle both girls' hair. If it's a minor difference such as a mole that Diane has and Becky doesn't, that might not take long for a makeup artist to add and remove and keep the girls in the same outfits and styling. If the scenes are shot on different days, then they might just style Chloe's hair/makeup to match Becky's and Abby's to match Diana's on the days they're shooting those scenes. This is all guesswork on my part and it was interesting to think about.

No. 1169091

can I swallow after getting my molar out?

No. 1169271

How does one die from drinking too much water? I get the electrolytes flushed, but I'm confused about the rest of it.

No. 1169430

i dont know where else to ask this, but is there any way my foot 's um… arch tendon… could be pulled ?
i walk about 25k steps a day, which is really active. im wondering if i caused any damage to my feet because the middle of them especially my right one hurts a lot and i cant "stretch" or bend it like i used to without it hurting. if so, is there anything i can do about this ? my heels also hurt but that is a given

No. 1169442

How long has it been hurting? You could have just pulled a muscle. Sometimes that happens to my feet if I flex them funny. If it hurts like crazy and doesn't respond to painkillers, or if it seems to get worse, go see a doctor.

No. 1169455

Point me to the beginning of the melt down in dumb ass shit please?

No. 1169459

No. 1169536

how did other countries translate the pun of Harry mispronouncing 'Diagon Alley' as 'diagonally'? Did they not translate it at all?

No. 1169547

In my country he just pronounced it wrong and it sounds goofy, hence kinda funny. But not really a joke or pun

No. 1169548

electrolyte (in this case sodium) concentrations keep water where it's supposed to be in the body. it's high enough to handle fluctuations from regular water and food intake but way too much at once will disrupt that and cause water to enter cells and make them swell. your brain swelling can cause you to have seizures or go into a coma. it causes a whole lot of other issues with your blood pressure/heart and muscles as well but i think people typically die from brain swelling.

No. 1169567

in spanish he just says "diagonal"

No. 1169571

Is it possible to take down an old, inactive for years, facebook account?

I only have one friend added there (that is show as public), and if you check their profile you can easily guess where I lived, it's bugging me out.

No. 1169588

Thank you for the explanation! ♥

No. 1169596

I bought a gift card and a cute snoopie greetings card for my mom for Mother’s day. Should I try to go humorous and say “I know you won’t read anything in the card and only see the gift card I got you but Happy Mother’s Day!” or is that too spergy?

No. 1169603

Oh man, I had that happen to me before too. For me, I resolved it by logging in with my old email. I actually had forgotten it until I saw the hint that FB had given me (ie. thisismymailnot@gmail.com -> thnot@gmail.com) so I got lucky. Idk what I would have if my old email didn't come to me.

No. 1169606

Oh fuck the formatting ruined the email part. What I meant to write was that if my email was "thisismymailnot@gmail.com", the hint fb had given me was something like "thxxxxxxxxxxxot@gxxxl.com". Maybe that will jog your memory.

No. 1169642

you know your mama nonna, but that would probably inspire a nuclear meltdown in mine.

No. 1169692

kek she would probably find it funny but get offended by it too so I’ll just go the normal route, sorry about your mom anon lmao

No. 1169761

What kinda of things do men say about women at their backs? Sorry I'm a hikki and don't interact with scrotes a lot, apparently whatever they say is "very gross" and I want to be aware of their shitty behavior

No. 1169795

Typical gossip shit yknow. Same shit women say abouy women behind their backs but with unwanted sexual frustration included. Workplace discussions always include at least one or more who is the most fuckable woman in this place. You should always ignore whatever men have to say about you because theyre lame. Youre cooler.

No. 1169797

Someone replied to my youtube comment, and I can see the preview of their reply in my notifications but if I click to read the whole thing it won’t show up in thread. Wtf is happening?

No. 1169813

File: 1651894706843.jpg (174.4 KB, 720x1080, 092cb0162099d3a8.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can get this? I am obsessed

No. 1169816

This just looks like something you could find on any fast fashion site. Try "corset hoodie".

No. 1169830

It's typically a lot worse than this >>1169795 explanation, at least in my experience. They will freely talk about the details of their sex lives, grade women's appearances, shame women for sleeping with them (that they chose to pursue), degrade their own wives/girlfriends and talk about what harpies they are for requesting basic decency, talk about what sort of porn they like and what body modifications/plastic surgery they prefer a woman to have, make fun of female celebrities, discuss strip joints, discuss sex or sex acts they've paid women to perform on them (i.e. purchased the "right" to rape or sexually assault a vulnerable woman), talk about what underage female child they want to fuck, talk about female relatives they would fuck if it wasn't taboo (or might have went ahead and fucked anyway), constantly use the words bitch/whore/slut/pussy/cunt to refer to anything or anyone they deem beneath them and not as human as them, share images of porn and nudes of past/current partners if any woman was naïve enough to share them, and otherwise show themselves for the subhuman filth they are. How do I know? It's funny how once you've been absorbed as "one of the guys" how much they will let slip over time and almost forget you are there. It's put me off them forever.

No. 1169835

File: 1651896572845.jpg (196.25 KB, 1024x1536, Corset Hoodie.JPG)

This is so aggressively ugly, Nona that I almost don’t want to help you, to save you from yourself. This is the “fanciest” version I found*: https://almostontimesf.com/products/upcylcled-corset-hoodie
There are a few AliExpress vendors with the same image: https://a.aliexpress.com/_msfmzGQ
*This hoodie seems to be a copy of one made by Unravel Project called ‘Provocateur’, iirc (picrel), I’d look into it because if you’re going to buy this shitty hoodie, you might as well not buy the Instathot version.

No. 1169837

i have a 10kg bag of green beans

what can i cook with it

No. 1169838

Samefag, don’t know how you feel about replicas, but AliExpress has réplicas of that Unravel Project hoodie. No idea on their quality though. Good luck, Nona!

No. 1169840

I like to bake them with olive oil and salt and garlic and pine nuts.

No. 1169843

Bon Appétit (I know, I know) and Smitten Kitchen have recipes for greens beans with a tomato-almond pesto that I really enjoyed, one of them blistered green beans.

No. 1169855

why is everyone on the internet always writing long and complicaged dissertations about taking a shit, how hard it is to take a shit, their 20 rules about taking a shit, places where they can and can not shit etc.???
you just sit on the toilet, a shit falls out of your butt, you wipe your butt, it takes two minutes.
i guess you should also press the flusher as soon as the shit falls out of your ass too.
but i mean like, how do these people live when one of the most basics things your body does is so complicated to them?

No. 1169856

File: 1651898197488.jpeg (230.98 KB, 1000x1000, iu-159.jpeg)

I want to sew (very thin) lace to a car safety strap kind of bag shoulder strap do I need a thick needle for it? The lace itself is not strong enough to be used as a strap on its own sadly). I seems to me like that would damage the lace, but thin needles aren't strong enough to go through the somewhat tough material of thin car-strap. What kind of needle should I use, and what is the best way to make sure not much of the stitching shows (besides using a similar color thread. The lace has much embroidery on it I don't want to ruin). I hope this makes sense, it's a removable shoulder strap and I've hated that horrid plastic carstrap material since I got the bag itself it looks so cheap

No. 1169858

Can someone recommend me a book on codependence/parasocial relationships? I'm very dependent on other people to start on my own projects and hobbies, and it has been a hinderance. I've found that journaling helps a lot, but it would be nice if I can also read a book on the sciences/research why and how to stop.

No. 1169859

you can make a green bean casserole? green bean almondine? or maybe a fresh salad with other veggies?

No. 1169875

Look up What’s Stopping You by Nicky Marone. It’s focused on perceived helplessness in females and uses a lot of therapy techniques to get you to work on your thinking and behavior patterns. It’s the book I think made the biggest difference for me.

No. 1169876

lolcow dating sim
who are the romantic interests?
i can only think of elsie and xx

No. 1169880

I personally got nothing out of it after using it for 3 months. I'd say pass but ymmv

No. 1169884

add the genderbent versions too

No. 1169925

What's it like dating a man with daddy issues?

No. 1169926

not everyone shits the same way, and it depends on your diet and the type of shit, or if someone has a health condition. like normal shits for me take at least 10 minutes and sometimes i need to wipe constantly, diarrhea can be anywhere from 30 minutes-2 hours, if I'm constipated then around 30 minutes.

No. 1169929

like an absent father? all of my good bfs had no father in their lives and had a healthy relationship with their mother, and they personally have told me they are grateful for not having had their father around. my bad relationships were with men who had fathers. most fathers are not good parents, so it didn't help them become better people at all whatsoever.

No. 1169931

File: 1651902939476.gif (1.83 MB, 275x155, 1651687460999.gif)

please include this man i want him carnally

No. 1169934

maybe i just go to the bathroom quickly but i don't think a normal shit usually takes at least 10 minutes with a need for constant wiping? anon, i think you need to change your diet and water intake.

No. 1169938

i already drink a lot of water to the point where i piss every 15 minutes lol

No. 1169946

Probably the tans/gijinkas from the other girlchans like Cece the lizard, Miner-chan and Fujochan.

No. 1170012

This would be the comic relief route that ends in some type of death scene

No. 1170020

understandable. i will cherish any moment i have with my love.

No. 1170024

Now i really want a developer nonna to team up with an artfag nonna and create this game

No. 1170030

kaitlyn tiffany

No. 1170034

that would be a treat lol

No. 1170049

Whats the point of the dislike button on youtube? Why don’t they just get rid of it at this point. First the comments now the videos

No. 1170050

anyone who isn't exactly bi/not have much experience with women before, have bisexual or lesbian friends who want to hook up but you aren't attracted to these particular women romantically/sexually and want a more serious relationship so it's uncomfortable? how do you guys handle that? tbh i love my friends but there's a certain type of woman i'd be interested in were i to be with a woman and my friend's particular situation is so messy that i would never want to involve myself based on that alone. i feel so bad because i don't want to feel like a dick rejecting a woman. i can reject men with ease but it's so hard with women. i worry they'll take it personally or feel insecure or something

No. 1170096

komaeda and adam driver
And also the other board tans

No. 1170104

an illusion of choice without having to show the public opinion. It got implemented during the corona vaxx mandate shit, so go figure

No. 1170122

Kikomi-chan for the bio transgirl representation

No. 1170151

File: 1651914522359.gif (3.36 MB, 498x407, angry-panda.gif)

Is windows solitaire rigged? Like is it actually possible to win more than 1-2 times in a row??

No. 1170154

It's not rigged but solitaire is not always solvable

No. 1170164

File: 1651914808258.gif (901.65 KB, 300x200, 23d707a124225939c7b81e9dbdfe7e…)

i loved those panda commercials as a kid. i still do. you go panda fuck that shit up!!!
it's not, but if you choose draw one instead of three you have better chances

No. 1170222

why are photographers so fucking expensive? i looked up some local portfolios and prices, and that shit is way in the $2000 range, or $100 at least but that would be a creepy pervert guy who only takes shitty nude photos. i have a camera for $400 and my man can take better photos than those creeps. but why are the good ones more expensive than my fucking college tuition, and how do women have regular photoshoots done of them, while also having money for makeup, new hairstyles and clothes, and even tattoos?

No. 1170310

nonnies i figured it out it has to do something with electrolytes

No. 1170428

Can an anon send the dick cutting image?

No. 1170455

A human in a borzoi costume

No. 1170461

File: 1651928956217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.6 KB, 480x548, 1631293431448.jpg)

i dont have it but i have the sriracha in peehole meme for your possible use

No. 1170462

File: 1651928983131.jpg (79.48 KB, 500x500, slicer.jpg)

Which one, anon?

No. 1170474

Thank you anon.
The one some anon posts a lot, it's like cutting a pp with a scissor.

No. 1170487

I never knew judging virgins or being ashamed of being a virgin was an actual thing (outside of desperate incels) until using LC. Now I know to keep it to myself because for some reason people give a shit about that.

No. 1170489

File: 1651930472458.png (368.59 KB, 379x502, hollyshit.png)

Kikomi route's main antagonist

No. 1170493

No. 1170494

Tbf a lot of films and tv shows make a big deal out of it too.

No. 1170498

Is the Da Vinci Code worth watching? Never seen it and a nonna mentioned it in a thread

No. 1170516

File: 1651932539675.png (227.27 KB, 500x913, pls.png)

Come on I'm getting paranoid

No. 1170519

Not mind-blowing, but it's a fun watch, especially if you go in blind

No. 1170552

Is coconut water actually “better” than plain water or is it a lie to get money?

No. 1170567

Do you guys think 3 days is enough to cram 10 hours worth of lectures?

No. 1170568

Yeah. Start now

No. 1170574

Like the other anon said, start now. Even if you can't get all of it, you'll still have something.

No. 1170575

That's just 3ish hours a day, why wouldn't that be doable?

No. 1170578

File: 1651936278496.gif (82.68 KB, 220x165, shia-la-beouf-just-do-it.gif)

No. 1170586

Amateur numbers, you could do that easy. Get some popcorn.

No. 1170615

File: 1651938668758.jpg (184.5 KB, 736x615, 67eeec649e047631f414ca77400a3c…)

What causes someone to not know themselves? A lack of reflection? Or the lack of experiences? Or both?

No. 1170632

Insecurity so they change themselves to suit other people's tastes/thoughts, stopping them from developing their own
Lack of experiences too imo

No. 1170641

I know that TIM is referring to a tranny, but what does it actually stand for?

No. 1170647

Trans-identified male. Funny I looked at the Wiktionary to remember if it's "-fied or -fying" and it says people use it for trans men, but I've never seen it used that way.

No. 1170649

trans identified male

No. 1170650

Me neither, someone must have changed it recently.

No. 1170652

Good point, I didn't think of this

No. 1170653


So it's a dude that identifies as trans? Is that a FtM or is it different?

No. 1170654

You know what don't bother answering I don't care about these freaks, nevermind

No. 1170660

trans-identified male/TiM/MtF = dude wants to be a girl
trans-identified gemale/TiF/FtM = girl wants to be a dude
I've already typed it out so whatever. Welcome to curry year

No. 1170683

why do guys complain so much about spending money on their girlfriends? it's very confusing to me

No. 1170794

Can anons list all and any teasons why I'm always so cold? I've felt this cold even when I was 10lbs cold. I'm a pretty healthy person too, with a good diet and rarely get sick.

No. 1170806

you don't have a soul

No. 1170810

I'm not a ginger tho

No. 1170844

How do you know when it's a haemorrhoid or when it's a fissure/tear?

No. 1170901

did /m/ ever get fixed?

No. 1170911

No, everything was remade

No. 1170915

Ily guys, I just needed to actually start it. I'm already halfway through since some of those lectures were only recap lectures. I can do it!

No. 1170929

If it’s because of anal sex it’s the latter. If it’s because of bad hygiene, it’s the first. To celibate or to bathe, that’s the question.

No. 1170961

Ask your doctor.
You can get fissures from some diseases as well.

No. 1171001

Is there an easier waz to convert mp4 videos to an AVI format than through online converters? My TV cannot play mp4 files so I always have to convert them and they take a lot of time

No. 1171005

No. 1171032

Where's the historical crushes thread? I can't find it

No. 1171036

Used to be on /m/, you'll have to remake it, nona

No. 1171040

File: 1651960867496.jpeg (50.24 KB, 679x307, FRXHx2uaUAAzhV3.jpeg)

Convert the videos with vlc
It was never remade after /m/ hit nuked or it is in /g/ though I think not

No. 1171075

Is there a thread where we can talk about periods of our lives where we were hypersexual and work out why? I really need a thread like that rn

No. 1171084

What are some good resources to learn about music theory as a total laywoman? I read song descriptions that go "this song has a complex structure with uncommon time" and I don't get it, they don't sound any different from regular songs.

No. 1171087

I’d rather not. I’m a proud slutshamer for both men and women. Sex is gross.

No. 1171096

Why is the skin on the inside of my palm burning so much? I didnt burn my skin, i did cook and cut a hot chili pepper but i only now have a burning skin and thr cutting was like 6 hours ago. I tried putting my hand in a bowl of water which is a relieve first but after a bit the burn starts again while my hand is in the water. Pls send help how am i supposed to sleep like this

No. 1171106

There's sex advice threads in /g/, but you could make a thread for promiscuity or hypersexuality if you wanted I guess. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't go over well

No. 1171118

File: 1651967313842.jpg (167.34 KB, 1000x563, intro-1611635287.jpg)

Any nonnie ever tasted these?

No. 1171122

nta but obviosuly that thread wouldn't be for you?

No. 1171124

Coomer. Grab a book.

No. 1171132

I'm a virgin anon kek I just think it's strange that you expect threads to revolve around your personal opinions..

No. 1171137

oh fuck yeah. I ate so many of the Reeses ones in 2004. I miss them a lot

No. 1171143

File: 1651968933255.jpg (31.99 KB, 500x373, s-l500.jpg)

I used to buy something similar from aldi in the UK. The texture was delicious and it had little rice-crispy bits and was orange flavoured. I wish I was still able to get some.

No. 1171145

Nona you just activated a memory I didn't know I had. My grandma used to treat me and my sister to these when we were kids and I would eat a packet of the mint ones in one sitting. Do they not still make them?

No. 1171148

Yes they still make them, it's just that I don't like in the UK anymore. I think i will get my brother to bring me some.

No. 1171168

Where did you move to nonny

No. 1171207

wtf! My whole life I've had this memory of visiting my mom in the hospital and eating something that was like a lays chip but chocolate. I thought I made it up. I remember it so vividly kek, thank you for reminding me.

No. 1171245

Can you use an epilator on your pubic area/genitals? No I will not get it waxed (I don't want it all off) and I can't get it lasered.

Are you very thin with low bodyfat? Maybe your circulation is just bad

No. 1171256

File: 1651977800118.jpg (55.71 KB, 500x755, E79K7f4WEAIc6mL.jpg)

>Looking for case for my Samsung tablet on Etsy
>Seller located in Kyiv, Ukraine
So… would buying put extra stress on them while their country is at war, or help them out money wise? I'll be paying at least $35. Also don't want shipping service people to possibly risk their lives for a foreigners dumb electronics case.

No. 1171257

low blood count or thyroid issue?

No. 1171258

I was confused if Ukraine is even shipping things. There was a store on etsy selling handmade skirts or something I wanted but…can they even get it out to me? Kinda just worried for the woman running the shop.

No. 1171261

>To celibate or to bathe, that’s the question.

No. 1171319

Why was /m/ nuked?

No. 1171320

because you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor

No. 1171344

Funniest line in that copypasta, well done anon good timing as well

No. 1171442

All of my favorite girls names start and end with the same letter. It also happens to be the same first and last letter of my own name and I only just realized. If I keep them for future childrens middle names, am I still in the realm of acceptably retarded? Or should I try branching out.

No. 1171450

What's a good name for an entitled angry middle aged man to counter the misogynistic Karen meme?

No. 1171455

All of them

No. 1171460

File: 1651997010889.jpg (36.61 KB, 400x400, angry-old-man.jpg)

I'm thinking Bob, John or Brian maybe?

No. 1171463


No. 1171466

Brian is good because it sounds like Karen but I also feel like it's more of a younger guy name? Idk. I'm trying to think of purely Gen X Boomer male names but coming up short. Something like Barry? Bob is also good I think

No. 1171473

I love Barry as well

No. 1171490

File: 1651999073489.gif (768.57 KB, 160x195, Barry.gif)

Barry reminds me of Misfits

No. 1171491

File: 1651999097855.jpg (107.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

Googled 'old man names' and collected a few more: Frank, Winston, Humphrey, Otis? Although these might be too old-sounding. Also, Willie, kek?

No. 1171494

I like both of these too but I think it would be fun to find like, the most common boy name registered between 1980—2005 and use it in place of “obnoxious retard”.

No. 1171497

Omg anon, i just took 2 days of during my apprenticeship to resolve some issues, but my computer broke down during the weekend and its not finnished until monday. I dont have or know anyone that has a spare laptop for me to borrow…what should i do?

No. 1171499

Work on a computer at a library or local uni?

No. 1171500

File: 1651999442587.jpg (51.4 KB, 521x540, 1645312027195.jpg)

how did mineta and bakugo get such autistic freaks this attached to them?

No. 1171507

Frank is a good one too

No. 1171514

I hate these type of memes. Some people love defending assholes, criminals and the likes and assume they have a lot more EQ that they can actually compute, "he's just misunderstood and traumatized he actually cares a lot :)!!!" Fuck him and everyone who likes him

No. 1171521

File: 1652000754308.jpg (730.43 KB, 2480x1748, Untitled-1.jpg)

Photoshop/digital art-n00b question: is it normal that installed brushes feel more like stamps? Like you can tell the brushstroke is made of the same pattern over and over. Is his normal for digital art or is there a setting to modify this?

No. 1171525

No thats how it is, its about the texture when you glide it around (like real brushes if you just dot them like the picrel theyd look like brush stamps) its about skills to make them look good and like traditional art, I recommend using default brushes to test your skills and a few studies to get used to them

No. 1171528

you might have scattering enabled in the settings, also check angle jitter under shape dynamics. i couldn't figure out custom brushes and how pro artists get them to look so nice but it's all in the brush settings

No. 1171589

Thank you both! Increasing the scatter count make it look better

No. 1171595

For US anons: If I sign up for a remote work position as a 1099 contractor and use a family member's address, is it going to bite me in the ass (assuming I still pay my taxes appropriately)?

I'm living overseas and don't technically have a US address. The work doesn't require me to live or work in a specific timezone, but I'd have to use someone's US address where I don't live in order to submit my application. I don't plan on making it known where I'm actually living, but I'm not sure if it'd ever come up. It's call center work btw.

No. 1171600

What's a natural aphrodisiac other than…ovulation kek? I tried seafood and dark chocolate but they did nothing

No. 1171604

I think it depends on the person but I can personally vouch for exercise, specifically lifting weights but any exercise really. For some reason it always makes me horny asf, perhaps it's the temporarily increased testosterone from physical stress. I guess if you're someone who doesn't like exercise then it probably won't do much though.

No. 1171608

How to get rid of sex drive?

No. 1171650

No. 1171687

why is it that most women involved in college sex-positivity groups are always ugly or kweer enbies or both

No. 1171711

because being involved in sex-positivity is the only way they can receive attention

No. 1171717

I have had earlobe piercings (3rd holes) for about 3 years and all of the sudden one feels like it has something inside it (probably pus), is red and almost hurts too much to sleep on. I do use it for small 'regular' earrings when going out (once a week kek) which I've been doing pretty much since half a year after I got them but it never affected it. My body does not take piercings well but I've never had a problem with my lobes. It's been fully healed for a long time, a lobe piercing and hurts/looks like this. Why and how?

No. 1171724

Sounds like it might be an irritation bump forming?

Maybe you slept on it a bit too much for a few days, or perhaps you developed a metal allergy?

No. 1171743

That's the thing, I never sleep with earrings in so I'm not sure how it could have happened. Maybe the weight was too much strain on that part of my ear or as you said the metal quality is bad. I do wear the same earrings in my first lobe piercings I've had for over 10 years though and they've always been okay but I heard a skin tunnel develops in your earlobe piercings if you have them for a long time.

No. 1171744

File: 1652018790809.jpeg (61.51 KB, 800x800, 77.jpeg)

what about him

No. 1171749

File: 1652018987344.jpg (1.06 MB, 1884x1648, Flowers.jpg)

Can a flowerfag tell me which flowers these are?

No. 1171763

Top left is wisteria bottom right kinda looks like jasmin.

No. 1171846

for a more objective answer I think when it comes to "oppressed" circles in society they're already pushed to the fringes so other 'taboo' topics and openly talking about sex is more common. Like how gay men practice hookup culture way more than any other orientation, they're already gay so what's stopping them from just getting off with other men all the time and chatting about it with other gay men?

No. 1171912

What sort of mental illness are the farmers who are into the idea of being locked into cages by moids afflicted by? Yes I'm talking about the yandere thread since they don't want to answer.

No. 1171919

I think the anons who post in the male yandere thread crave being desired by a good looking male that is obsessed with them. I think that wanting to be desired is the driving factor (also could be that they like crazy attractive guys too). That's how it makes sense to me.

No. 1171950

As the other anon pointed, top left is a chinese wisteria, top right and bottom right are jasmine. Bottom left looks like some type of rose, maybe?

No. 1171956

Yes that makes sense.
Just sad that the feeling desired aspect has to involve being abused.

No. 1171962

Thank you! I wish wisteria was everywhere, because holy shit does it smell nice. I could smell it from meters away!

No. 1171975

ok retard since i didnt want to reply to you in the yandere thread im going to say it here. That cage photo has context behind it, that girl has people trying to kill her and attack her all the time and that guy is protective of her and has saved her numerous times, her is paranoid and overprotective of her so he thinks if he keeps her in his room all the time she is safe forever, he later lets her go though and releases her from that. Also again this is just a character in a otome game, a fucking game, nothing to do with reality.

Also stop trying to police women i bet you are the same piece of shit who constantly fights fujos.

its not that deep and they arent even real people.

No. 1171987

Wtf is it about sugar that makes it so addicting? Even if I'm not eating it I'm thinking about eating it

No. 1171992

Bottom right is Clematis montana I'm fairly certain. Bottom right may also be some time of Clematis but it's hard to tell without seeing the flower and leaves close up.

No. 1171995

Its not a real guy anon its a fictional pretty anime boy who actually loves you

No. 1172012

Eating sugar releases dopamine

No. 1172037

Not understanding your weird fetish doesn't make people retarded.

No. 1172072

File: 1652031838804.gif (947.53 KB, 245x285, 0546E0A7-93B9-4681-9774-4BF45C…)

No one currs

No. 1172082

You obviously do care since you sperged out on that anon for not being pornsick.

No. 1172091

I’m not that anon retard

No. 1172103

oh so you're that anon who fights with fujos arent you
you can see the room temp iq of some anons that they think any differing opinion must be the same entity.

No. 1172117

I don't fight with fujos I just like to poke fun at weirdo anime fans. Maybe if you were less aggressive over people being weirded out by you wanting to be kept in a cage by anime men and instead realized that you are in fact a weirdo you'd be less angry.

No. 1172124

Why do anons who love to bait fujos and yumefags by saying words like
You’re literally talking about yandere (in this case) the most basic surface level shit and obvious exaggerated romantic trope that exists in all media outside anime/manga. Why don’t you channel that energy and throw those words on actual degenerates on 4chin or reddit? pedophiles who fantasize about underage real breathing girls all day? Instead of larping as a highschool bully here? Lol

No. 1172131

>you are literally talking about yandere
>the most basic shit
To pornsick anime fans maybe.
>larping as a high school bully
So you get really upset at being called a weirdo because people called you a weirdo in high school. Noted.

No. 1172136

>people called you weird in highschool
Hmmm not really lol but ok chill girlie

No. 1172145

It's the anti-fujo sperg, he has been haunting off-topic boards ever since the bunker days and just can't stop himself from occasionally slipping out channer lingo.

No. 1172149

Omg youre right, that does kinda make sense. Is he the same dude that was like “just admit you hate men”? Kek

No. 1172159

>Everyone who disagrees with me and argues with me is a man
Like clockwork.

No. 1172163

Are you going to go off about how biologically female you are now?

No. 1172167

i wasnt the anon who even posted that cage pic, you really need to stop thinking everyone here is the same anon as your only comeback-gotcha, anon can be into what they want, you uppity loser.
they exposed themselves by being the antifujo sperg by them calling anons pornsick and calling it porn. Thats exactly what that annoying moid did, he gets upset at women liking 2d anime men.
aren't you the one who says everyone who disagrees with you is the same person, what a hypocrite.

No. 1172170

It might as well be kek.

No. 1172171

Why would I feel the need to do that on an anonymous image board? I think male yanderes are weird and gross and that means I automatically have an xy chromosome? How does that make sense? I get that it's easy to point and call other anons moids, but I just think it's weird to want to fantazise about mentally ill males doing mentally ill male things even if it's 2d. I think it's indicative of some online poisoning or too much anime/porn or something.

No. 1172173

Its a male. Ew. Don't reply to it.

No. 1172179

Yes, he will sperg out and spam the thread with it again just like he always does (just look at the state of the genshin thread), so it's better to call him out and then ignore him.

No. 1172183

again yandere has nothing to do with porn you braindead moid, straight yandere romance storys for women barely have any smut in it.
ok ill stop replying to the male.

No. 1172187

this thread really got you buttmad huh >>>/m/204649 , if your going to derail about it alteast promote it.

No. 1172188

I was this anon >>1171919
I wasn't even being rude or calling people weird until the unhinged yandere lovers came in and started whining about people boolying them for not understanding their weird kink kek.
Yeah I said anime/porn or something. Did I say it was solely porn brain rot? No I didn't.

No. 1172190

No one cares or is accusing you of bullying. Bully away, its just a dumb larp

No. 1172193

>porn, kink, fetish, pornsick
>Did I say it was solely porn brain rot? No I didn't.

Ok youve gotten boring now, go and harass some fujos now or something lol.

No. 1172197

>ok ill stop replying to it.
Based noni.

No. 1172199

>larping as a high school bully
>nobody is accusing you of bullying
>bully away
…What? Also how is it bullying to call something that's weird, weird? It is weird.

No. 1172201

I said you were larping as a highschool bully i didn’t say stop bullying lol

No. 1172204

How am I larping as a high school bully? I seriously don't understand.

No. 1172205

File: 1652035344881.jpg (37.22 KB, 442x620, duduududu.jpg)

all youve done is now bring the yume/shoujo/josei and fujo anons closer, because now shoujo anons know how fujos feel when you would keep on going on tirades on how they are pornsick and infighting in their thread.

No. 1172211

I don’t know dude you just are with your condescending comments and obsession with that group. We had this damned conversation with you for days now. shut the fuck up already we get it

No. 1172212

File: 1652035469725.jpg (138.69 KB, 1166x1080, 1648626402492.jpg)

BUMP DONT SCROLL BCUS There is you know what in ot/ right

No. 1172214

Yandere boys would be great if they were obsessed with you in a more servile way, treating you like a queen or princess, instead of abusing you. What's the appeal of abuse, anyway? At least in fantasy you can have them act loving and devoted instead of having them act abusive like real moids.

No. 1172219

I'm the one who originally asked the yandere question and haven't posted in this infight with male accusations that began.
I don't get this fetish because personally I fucking hate moids and don't want to fantasize about them abusing women. Obviously others feel the same. If you want to explain the appeal feel free to do so.

No. 1172221

most straight yanderes do act submissively. Maybe you need to let go of the stereotypes because off female yanderes or yaoi yanderes.

No. 1172224

I know you don't believe me and you think I'm a male that hates women because everyone that thinks weird anime stuff is weird is obviously a scrote, because as we all know scrotes hate anime and also porn. Anyway, this is my first time even talking about male yanderes, I haven't had this conversation before. I say pornsick because I'm on here a lot and I pick up words from other anons and pornsick is a good descriptor. Sorry you can't handle criticism, maybe work on your self-esteem if someone calling you/your interests weird makes you so defensive. Damn.

No. 1172236

File: 1652036035154.jpg (54.99 KB, 736x736, d4e76d67f21c9ce9f2a7bd33b8a9ce…)

yohan: literally dedicates his life to saving dayoung and lets her treat him like a stalker freak at the beginning.

No1curs about your shitty opinion about a subgenre you dont GET. Anons calling out a dirahea opinioni doesnt mean low self esteem dafuq lol.

No. 1172241

You literally repeat these same words every fucking time you post, and is always towards some flavor of week women. I'm not even a fujo or a weeb but if you think your posts are not recognizable I have bad news for ya

No. 1172242

Yes it does if someone's opinion makes you post irrelevant pictures while calling them male. Every single time someone criticizes you weirdo anime fans you all have to start sperging and calling people moids. Do you not get how annoying that is? Holy shit. I don't get the subgenre because it's weird to me personally. I'm glad you're happy with your weird mentally ill 2d guys but there are so many more people that think it's fucking weird. I can call it weird because that's my opinion.

No. 1172247

You swear you're not the only one going into schizo rants about weeb girls and their degeneracy on a fucking imageboard of all places, dumbass

No. 1172250

I've never seen any in otome at least.

No. 1172253

My "rants" definitely were not schizo in the slightest KEK. Anyway you have your own thread on /m/ (before you atart complaining, I wasn't the anon that derailed the thread) and you start to sperg in /ot/ because some anons think you're weird. Also I was the google images yaoi spammer in the bunker threads. I don't hate fujos or yumejos or whatever the fuck, you guys can just be incredibly fucking annoying when someone doesn't like your psycho japanese cartoon husbandos.

No. 1172254

File: 1652036833013.gif (144.35 KB, 375x500, 1651651383477.gif)

No. 1172255

stop replying to that person and come to the yandere thread in /m and share smexy yandere men with us

No. 1172257

The superior anime man, tied up so he can't do bad shit

No. 1172260

Like stalk you or keep you in a cage kek.

No. 1172261

>confessing to being that autist that everyone told to stop spamming in the bunker threads.
Now it all makes sense.

No. 1172263

Exactly. Femdom ftw

No. 1172264

I was also the cat spammer in the last thread iirc because some actual fujo started spamming real yaoi shit and shitting on lesbians kek. I feel bad about the other fujo spammer but idgaf about the google yaoi.

No. 1172265

Isn't that character somewhat of a yandere?

No. 1172267

>weird anime fans
>weird genres
>i find it weird
You know you can hide threads without the need to bait and post passive aggressive questions+literally go through the trouble of posting about it in the thread dedicated to the thing you find so alien and weird, and you’re acting shocked anons respond? Just hide it if it bothers thats my answer to your original question Lol

No. 1172268

lmao now i regret replying to the retard, so the fujos were right about one of the fujo spammers being a anti-fujo moid.

No. 1172272

I was not the anon who posted in that thread. I was the anon who replied to that anon itt about why people like male yanderes.

No. 1172278

File: 1652037518790.jpg (15.63 KB, 400x225, _110905640_kfccrocs.jpg)

im just going to do what anons does now in life, i find drinking milk weird ITS PORN, i find exercising at 5am weird ITS PORN , i find most fast fashion clothes weird ITS PORN, i find pineapple on pizza weird ITS PORN, i find chicken nuggets weird tasting ITS PORN

No. 1172290

You want to be kept in a cage nonsexually? Call me an anti fujo moid (even though I said I had nothing against fujos or yumejos and I'm not a moid but of course you won't agree because I'm disagreeing with you on a female only image board and calling anons moids is the easiest way to discredit them) but I don't understand the appeal and I think it's weird. Why don't you explain why you like male yanderes instead of shitting yourself?

No. 1172293

Yeah, this.

No. 1172296

I don't get out why someone would sperg out at another woman asking "why do you fantasize about being abused?" It's a very valid question, kek.

No. 1172298

im not the cage poster so how should i explain for something someone else posted.

last reply, I like all romance genres, and i occasionally like male yanderes because of how passionate and overprotective they get, thats it, its not that deep you are making it sound like its god knows what. No one is shitting themselves here except for you, considering how passive aggressive you are.

No. 1172304

Thank you for answering the orignal anon's question! If you would have explained it right away, there wouldn't have been such a retarded infight about it! Thanks, anon!

No. 1172307

unrelated but i love those shoes(emoji)

No. 1172309

You really were shitting yourself over being asked to explain this, but hey you finally did after a ton if infighting, well done.

No. 1172313

…there were other anons disagreeing with you too, no one owed you an explanation especially after repeatedly calling them pornsick over and over like someone with Tourettes syndrome kek.

No. 1172317

Nta but kek at "nobody owes you an explanation!" this is the stupid questions thread where stupid questions are asked. Original anon made the mistake of derailing the other thread, but came here and had their question answered. Then the male yandere stans came in and started flinging shit.

No. 1172321

>no one owes you a explanation
especially after repeatedly calling them pornsick over and over like someone with Tourettes syndrome.

Do you realize anons would have answered sooner if someone wasnt passive aggressive and didn't start repeating pornsick/porn/weird/fetish/kink like a mindless drone (im guessing this was you).
Eitherway have a nice day nonny, even if you want to police anons for liking yandere anime men.

No. 1172326

I never called anyone pornsick. I did get pissed at just getting called retard when asking a normal question.

No. 1172334

Why are there always exactly 28 days in my menstrual cycle? Who decides that? It is so punctual except on april every year it it somehow 32 days idk

No. 1172335

I didn't police anybody, I said that it was weird because it is. I never said that anyone had to stop liking it. I just called it weird and pornsick but do you blame me? I barely watch anime anymore and I was never a yumejo or a hardcore fujo. To people who don't consume stuff like that, it is weird. I had the decency to not call you a moid though because I know that there are women who disagree with me and like things I don't like. I don't even think liking anime men is bad, I think liking psycho anime men and wanting them to be psycho to you is weird. Thanks for finally answering the question though!

No. 1172361

Is it just an old wives tale that cutting or scraping a mole can lead to cancer later on?

No. 1172368

The answer is something something the moon

No. 1172373

Can we switch ovaries? Mine is irregular and it's always a surprise

No. 1172436

File: 1652045319840.png (41.75 KB, 720x577, 20220508_162733.png)

has this yellow outline always been there?

No. 1172453

File: 1652046853256.jpg (78.65 KB, 476x978, kiss-salon-acrylic-natural-nai…)

I want to break down my bad habit. Everytime I am stressed out / uncomfortable I destroy one of my nails. Its been going on for years now. Putting some protection layer gels never helped me. I wonder if I should try maybe putting fake nails and wait for the normal ones to grow a bit… I want to learn to stop using my nails as a stress-cope mechanism.

No. 1172463

Nonnies what are the chances im pregnant from grinding on a guy? Like he was wearing boxers and i was wearing a thong, we never made contact or no penetration but im breaking out on my forehead and my period hasn’t come, but I have PCOS and it’s super irregular/I don’t get it some months I’m freaking out even though I know the chances are low

No. 1172487

Like pretty much zero. You are overthinking it, also your period is late just because your body feels like pranking you. Happens to me sometimes.

No. 1172497

ty sister it was my first time doing anything with a guy and i think im just freaked out in general, im having surgery on tuesday and need to take a pregnancy test right before so at least my worries will be settled then but in the meantime im just very nervous

No. 1172527

i have a similar problem but with picking. i give myself acrylics or gel nails sometimes, you're probably better off with giving yourself an actual manicure but this does work in the short term. there are nasty/bitter tasting things you can apply to your nails that are sold at the pharmacy to stop biting though too, or both. i think either are a good shot.

No. 1172528

you're not going to get pregnant from that kek

No. 1172638

Any anons tried chocolate blueberry muffins? Was it good?

No. 1172639

I've never had one, but it sounds good. When is chocolate in a muffin ever bad?

No. 1172670

John Boyega

No. 1172754

What are some foods that taste good completely unseasoned? I can only think of rice or fried eggs

No. 1172755

also cooked eggs I guess

No. 1172819


No. 1172829

Anons who make their own soups do you start with water, spice, veggie? Do you use a stock base from the store?

No. 1172853

I almost never use stock to make soup

No. 1173088

If I want to watch something from Netflix, is there any other way to do it or should I just try to see if it's on piratebay? I want to watch Skylanders academy

No. 1173149

fmovies.to is my usual go to, just make sure to have ublock origin so you don't get spammed with ads

No. 1173161

You can also try one of the Watchseries sites (there's different domains if you google, they all start with watchseries dot [whatever])

No. 1173164

Thanks anons

No. 1173191

I use torrent sites like rarbg or 1337x

No. 1173229

Soap2day or Moviecrumbs.net

No. 1173276


No. 1173283

Stremio is the most comfortable to use since you stream straight from torrent sites so it skips multiple steps of finding and downloading a torrent on your computer; netflix shows are easily accessible there

No. 1173614

Does anyone have experience working in lingerie shops? Aside from it being retail, is there anything that's different from working at other stores?

No. 1173618

I had a friend who worked at once and the only difference was helping other women to measure and size. Afaik they train you about that stuff and it isn't something you would have to already know.

No. 1173641

Which is better, having a separate Instagram account for art and another separate one for personal stuff or having one that has both?

No. 1173648

Separate for sure

No. 1173651

seperate. i also keep my original art and my fanart on seperate accounts.

No. 1173654

What sites are people using to view instagram profiles and stories?? The ones I usually use won't work anymore

No. 1173658

I use storysaver for stories which seems to be working

No. 1173666

Depends on many things, if you plan to create art that may be against your family’s beliefs, it would be better to have a separate art account so there’s no infighting in your family. Also, if the art you will do could be considered “worrisome” (like vent art with dead people or depicting self harm) it also would be better to have a separate account just for your art.
And if you will do commissions, regardless of the type of commissions, it’s also better to have a separate account for your personal stuff and another for your art since that will be like your account for work, it’s also to avoid having some unhinged retards trying to contact your family members because of some wrongthink and such.
If your art is basically random doodles you do or drawings that are nice but not worrisome, and you don’t plan on making any particular profit with it, then you can have an account for both your art and personal stuff.

No. 1173693

I want to post occasionally vent art but mostly about politics or personal frustrations but am also want to be available for commissions. But I wonder if having both ways would make me look unprofessional?

No. 1173706

File: 1652112227388.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.8 KB, 869x509, dead snake.jpg)

Dumbass here.

My cat found a small snake under the rug in my house. It was about a foot long. I don't know anything about snakes, so I killed it. Can someone ID it so I know if I killed something harmless or not? I feel bad that I didn't get it closer to the neck. It writhed uncomfortably for about a minute as I put pressure on it. I'm in OK if that helps.

Spoilered for people who don't want to see a dead snake.

No. 1173710

File: 1652112517500.png (5.24 KB, 176x286, download (4).png)

Wrong place wrong time rip

No. 1173711

Put your political art in a separate account, try to separate it as much as you can from your commission account/persona.

No. 1173733

It just looks like a common garter snake to me

No. 1173736

What are some nice affordable boutiques that shit world wide? I wanna change my wardrobe

No. 1173743

I can’t believe i typed shit instead of ship… anyway i still want boutiques that ship SHIP worldwide

No. 1173744

jesus couldn't you have corralled it into a container and put it outside? you didn't have to fucking kill it.

No. 1173748

this is shit advice. animals that get in your house will come back if simply let outside.

No. 1173817

File: 1652116278185.jpeg (83.56 KB, 1024x683, 6F9E6D4B-1EA3-4712-985A-F30FB9…)

Kinda looks like a hognose snake to me, does it have an adorable face?

No. 1173888

So is null dead from the ukraine situation and when is the party

No. 1173890

What happened?

No. 1173904

There's a party on the astral plane right now

No. 1173930

How much are a full-time working person’s bills every month? Taxes, rent, insurance, monthly subscriptions, groceries, water/gas bills, etc surely has to be at least 1.5k right?

No. 1173939

That would depend on where you live.

No. 1173959

I'm curious about any country

No. 1173981

Nonas, where are we moving to if LC continues to be raided? I was just reading /meta/ and feel a bit deflated

No. 1173982

veggies and fruits

No. 1173984

The psych ward

No. 1173990

are there any anti-tranny dog whistles i can use as a content creator?

No. 1173997

Why would you wanna do that? Let the trannies give you money while you laugh at them

No. 1173998

I like harry potter

No. 1173999

No. 1174034

Now that the dust has settled and it's less chaotic, I wanted to ask if any anons knew of any CP databases that we could look into when reporting raids. There are websites where they show images censored with items in the background to see if they can be identified from there. I feel like at this point there would be technology to keep images and their known filenames and sizes. I know it's hard with an anonymous imageboard but even if we can't report the scrotes posting it, maybe we can stop the distribution somehow.

No. 1174051


No. 1174063

i'm tired of seeing "TRANS RIGHTS!!!" in my comments without other commenters bullying them.
but tbh you're probably right

No. 1174151

There is this rumor that one of the mods is a guy? Where did it come from?

No. 1174156

Write it in your bio that you love JK Rowling

No. 1174161

Just draw female anatomy. Worked for me.

No. 1174175

File: 1652127025961.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

1.5k is on the cheaper end of rent in my burger city… I'm talking about a one bedroom/studio too…

No. 1174181

Are there any plugins or extensions that effectively block ads on twitch? Also why are twitch's ads so good at getting around adblocker? I have both adblocker and ublock but they don't do shit. The best I found was some twitch video player extension, but it doesn't even block ads, it just shows a blank screen while the ad plays until it ends, which… I might as well just watch the fucking ad if I'm going to get 30 seconds of nothing.

No. 1174185

Is there nonnies in psychology field here i have question

No. 1174193

here's a script for ublock origin, nona. it's been working very well for me!!

No. 1174196

File: 1652127416577.jpg (82.09 KB, 760x750, original.jpg)

holy shit thank you nonna!!!!! i love you MWAH

No. 1174223

File: 1652128083365.jpg (356.47 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_p1s9nmUa6d1wx15lmo1_128…)

How many cats do I have to own to enter cat lady territory?

No. 1174345

Should I watch the Craft, Silence of the Lambs, Natural Born Killers or the Devil's Rejects? Yes I have the movie taste of an edgy 16 year old, shut up.

No. 1174353

Watch 5 minutes crafts

No. 1174361

watch kill bill

No. 1174405

File: 1652134180133.jpg (162.02 KB, 1064x1086, Tumblr_l_12178968198978.jpg)

Gore spam happening don't scroll

No. 1174408

>Semen available

No. 1174412

I usually browse lolcow casually, could anyone tell me whats happening with all the gore and otherwise weird content? I've been on the internet long enough to kinda ignore it but I just wanted to know why it's happening.

No. 1174433

For other breeders I guess. How do you think puppies are made anon?

No. 1174437

Moids get angry cause women have things that they're not a part of.

No. 1174483

>naming your fatass inbred chubby dog staypuft
god I hate these people

No. 1174520

Water, gas and insurance is included in the rent but we pay 1050 in rent and about 400-600 for groceries per month. Thats for 2 people though.