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File: 1603161850625.jpg (68.13 KB, 500x245, tumblr_pqw5kpTAul1v1fh26_500.j…)

No. 659951

Welcome home.
Previous thread: >>654049

No. 659972

File: 1603164483801.png (165.66 KB, 500x500, 1602905778560.png)

Someone do something funny so I can make a banner out of this picture please

No. 659973

why do men say "being kicked in the balls hurts!" as if being kicked in the pussy doesn't hurt
someone should make this look like board-tan. I would do it but im to fucking lazy

No. 659977

What's the deal with trashy girls using teenage powerpuff girls as pfp lately ?

No. 659980

File: 1603165592404.jpg (106.65 KB, 640x578, 437d3ecf792d072e76dd61343f61ff…)

Marisa doesn't need to be replaced by board-tan. All touhou girls belong here. Daily reminder that men cannot into gensokyo. /jp/ on suicide watch

No. 659983

I have no idea what a single word in this post means. You have fun with your anime girls tho.

No. 659985

i wish my libido would go back to being sex repulsed because i'm such a fool when i'm horny

No. 659986

yeah I'm about to do that for a banner, don't sweat it
unironically based

No. 659987

I'm so glad I thought I was the only one

No. 659988

File: 1603166772723.png (1.4 MB, 640x2500, 212209B6-E3EC-4E4F-A86E-63C5C4…)

does anyone remember that one old chan thread where the guy was asking why his sister pretended to pull her hair back before her underwater weighing test or whatever?

i wish i could tell that guy she probably just did it to get it off her shoulders before she got in

No. 659991

I hate you so much for introducing this to me

No. 659994

File: 1603168173215.jpg (3.62 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20201010_145943592.jpg)

Why Are American left-wingers like this ?

No. 659997

File: 1603168326636.jpg (4.13 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20201010_150203667.jpg)

No. 659998

File: 1603168651099.jpg (3.97 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20201010_150239650.jpg)

He brings up ayaan ali as an example of radical ex-muslim who deface Islam, ayaan ali experienced FGM at a very young age and she her self sympathized Islamic radicalism in her youth, however she grew out of this after arriving in the west and comparing the relative freedom western women had. in 2004 she made a film called submission about the normalized abuse many Muslim women face, cause of this the co-producer and directer of film and one ayaan's personal friend's was killed in a terrorist attack for debasing Islam

she is critical about Islam and Muslim men but the left for some reason wants to ignore this and for this reason she's kinda forced with right wing media sources despite having a history of working with liberal parties

No. 660008

How sick will it be if the 666666th post is on Halloween?

No. 660009

It's the minority status. Minority=good no matter what.
But goddamn the gymnastics involved in hating Christianity and loving Islam is astonishing. My Muslim/ex-Muslim friends have been about the same as anyone escaping their conservative religious families.
Not Christian btw, and obviously don't hate Muslims. You can love people who take part in something you (sometimes, both of you) are critical of.

No. 660013

Written like a high schooler kek

No. 660015

Regardless of the topic, that title sounds so wonky. Is it right this way? Wouldn't be "The Islamophobic Industry" be better english?

No. 660016

No. 660019

Lesbians usually look younger than straight women. Scrotes are sucking the life outta us.

No. 660020

I noticed too lol, there's a lot of "academics" who plainly can't write. Reminds me of high school proofreading peers' papers and many were so, so behind
The idea is like an industry thriving on Islamophobia, not just islamophobic by chance

No. 660030

It's been proven that single women live longer than married women. And when they say married women they mean married to scrotes. lol
Love yourself, ladies.

No. 660032

Well, I don't know about you, but I don't want to get that old. Especially if this holds any truth


No. 660035

Claims of persecution in the west are just another example of Islam trying to find blame for their situation without accepting any responsibility themselves.

They point to minor events in the West when Christians and other religious minorities are being freely killed in Islamic nations without justice, like 2 weeks there were 200'000+ protestors against Shia Muslims in Pakistan wanting to them be demoted as kafirs in Pakistan

No. 660036

File: 1603173429668.jpg (37.88 KB, 564x564, ii90890ui.jpg)

I noticed lately that I'm usually the only POC in my social circles, both IRL and online and it fucking sucks. I don't want to be the POC of every group I'm in, I don't to be a decoration. I hate it here.

No. 660037

Just say black or Brown or whatever, saying POC is so fucking dumb

No. 660038

Site rules.

No. 660041

I'm not being racist, I'm not white as well, I just think saying POC is just meaningless

No. 660042

I’m brown and islamophobic. Fuck all the scrote and brain-washed handmaid zealots. I only support actually ex-muslim women, still skeptical of the ones who only traded it for tradhoeism.

No. 660043

Get yourself some new friends, it's a sign.

No. 660044

That's not what I meant, I'm talking about race-baiting because bringing up any race here will get you a ban for race-baiting.(you're not slick)

No. 660045

I hate the word islamophobic btw, like every type of minority including other sects of Islam are persecuted and attached by mob in pretty much every Muslim country, but no the great persecution of now being allowed to wear a niqab or blast the Azan is the greater injustice

No. 660132

Is OT finally open? Best birthday present ever!
Anyway, today I’m turning 25 without ever being in a relationship. No sex, no kissing, no handholding, nothing whatsoever. And I’ve come to the realization that if I don’t change my fundamental attitude towards men, I’m never going to be in a relationship. Oh well, here is to another 25 years of singlehood. Cheers!

No. 660143

File: 1603679602223.gif (619.94 KB, 498x306, tenor.gif)

Congrats anon, spinsterhood is based.

No. 660146

But like, try it out if you find someone if you like (a lot). Falling in love and all the other things, there's nothing else like it.

No. 660185

Happy birthday anon! I think you should be proud of your independence. No one "needs" a partner. Don't let society at large try and shill it as the best thing ever; if you're not happy before you meet someone, you won't be happy afterwards. And there are a lot of people out there that can in fact make your life worse if they don't hold the same values. There's so much in the world that can bring happiness and love into your life that doesn't require a man. Wishing you the best today and always.

No. 660198

File: 1603737797605.gif (444.75 KB, 300x227, misfits (3).gif)

congrats anon!!

i was 25 when I lost my v-card and it sucked but now i'm 26 and in my first relationship and sex is better than that first time too. no regrets on being single for all that time tho.

No. 660212

A lot of nonfiction/political books these days suck. Many of them should have just been published as articles instead of being stretched out into entire books.

No. 660215

File: 1603739060273.jpeg (69.62 KB, 563x565, CF9A1B97-F5E4-4B5B-A0BE-168EAB…)

because of the /ot/ shutdown i was forced to find somewhere else to hang out on the internet so i went back to tumblr and now i’m in the intersection between trad and radfem tumblr… i’m confused but it’s cool
pic unrelated

No. 660217

I love this gif, my cute boy

No. 660222

Which blogs did you follow that're good, anon?

No. 660230

When ot was closed I saw an anon recommending a book about 2020 predictions, four years ago. The cover said that China had peaked as an economic potency and that was going to lose its power, exactly this year.
I thought it was really funny ngl

No. 660234

How do I stop daydreaming my life away?

No. 660235

No. 660236

If you kill yourself by hanging yourself, good ridden honestly. I'll never understand how even in your darkest moment you can't consider the scene other people (your family, for example) will have to walk in on because you felt the need to graphically tie a noose around your neck.

No. 660240

File: 1603740418297.jpg (124.01 KB, 750x761, 961999e73f32a44a0af233776a0e28…)

I genuinely like Kenna and I think her tism diagnosis explains most of her shitty and weird behavior (not understanding boundaries or that the world isn't her playground, having those obsessive phases and basing her entire identity on two or three things.)

No. 660241

I feel like blowing your brains out is way worse than that.

No. 660242

File: 1603740535470.gif (363.98 KB, 400x266, 1437791902969.gif)

Welcome back anons, I almost got withdrawal symptoms.

No. 660253

please enlighten us as to how one can kill themselves in a non-graphic manner.

No. 660255

Her aesthetic is kind of cool but she’s boring. Agree about the diagnosis though - she does come across as autistic and it’s weird seeing people try to deny that

No. 660267

I don't really care about Kenna but I think it's kind of cool in a way that she chose an aeshetic and is sticking to it die-hard. She's not trend jumping.

No. 660277

File: 1603743085673.jpg (15.44 KB, 275x240, 1557955402474.jpg)

I have no idea if this name my friend mentioned becoming her roommate is a cat or a dude and at this point I am too afraid to ask

No. 660280

Amazing, thank you anon

No. 660282

fat betty draper still haunts me in my nightmares sometimes

No. 660283

fat betty draper is just me. and just as mentally ill and childish.

No. 660291

stop coming to me in my nightmares please

No. 660294

File: 1603744278913.jpg (52.25 KB, 640x495, redditishell.jpg)

Is there a male-equivalent for this server? Like, a server about men admitting that they don't actually think porn/BDSM is 'empowering for women' and admitting that get off to the idea of having power over women

No. 660297

The whole internet

No. 660299

same. I might as well posts some other radfem tumblrs I've been looking at


This is a mix of radfem and other stuff

This isn't a radfem blog but a fashion blog, but I still like it

No. 660300

Corpse Husband voice sounds like a burp

No. 660301

I mean compiling it for women to laugh at and mock (aside from the reddit lolcow threads)

No. 660317

Not sure where else to post this, but have any farmers seen this story floating around? https://onezero.medium.com/inside-the-social-media-cult-that-convinces-young-people-to-give-up-everything-f3878fbec632

Basically these alt-lit trolls from the middle 2010s developed a weird social media cult and recruited people from fringe facebook shit posting groups. One of the founders is a woman named KoA, she's the sister of both the guitarist from TV on the radio and the DJ Total Freedom.

No. 660322

anon that fucking killed me pleaseee

No. 660328

can you post a screencap? the article is behind a pay wall

No. 660332

This Key & Peele sketch always makes me think.

No. 660335

File: 1603748023914.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x2026, AECEA8D1-6E13-439C-9011-0F3D68…)

pain.matrix is the insta account of the ex-member interviewed. He hasn’t been active in a minute, but I think a lot of the group’s activities dwindled as he exposed them. Regardless, the account is fascinating to go through.

No. 660336

Ayee /ot/ is back I missed u bitches

No. 660338

File: 1603748433874.jpeg (62.61 KB, 702x702, 4CEE1A47-11EB-429D-A807-974932…)

missed you too anon!

No. 660339

This man looks so much like my father

No. 660340

this is the second time you've stated this …kek

No. 660343

NTA but pills/drowning/going somewhere where people who know you don't have to walk in on your bloody or hanging body.

No. 660352

I don’t remember saying it the first time, but I believe it kek. It’s just uncanny every time I see it.

No. 660353

i hate how every anime guy i like either gets only 10 minutes/pages of screentime or is widely hated by everyone

No. 660358

I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for this, but I can't find pity for artists who art get stolen on Taobao or something. It sucks, and I'd never buy it, but I just can't feel it.

No. 660367

Agreed, tbh it doesn't really matter in the long run
I could elaborate, but basically one of my art school teachers who works as an illustrator had his very popular fanart of something stolen and it's being sold on chinese websites;
He told us it doesn't matter, cause it's not like they're stealing his money directly, and he sees it as more exposure

No. 660375

I know she used to be kind of milky but I can’t help but liking her and her look. Her pull thread was insanely nit picky

No. 660376

File: 1603754016572.png (662.55 KB, 847x536, Sin título.png)


No. 660384

Thank you anon!!

No. 660387

>looked at corpse husband vid once because farmers keep memeing about it
>my entire yt feed is corpse faggot now
Fuck offffff cringiest "music" I've ever heard

No. 660392

I can’t stop eating mini chupa chups lollies. I stopped buying them at one point. But today I bought a bag of them and I am just lay here in bed eating these lollies as it relaxes me. I am on my second one already. My teeth are going to rot I need to stop eating them

No. 660407

Either my taste in music has gone to shit or Spotify knows I browse lolcow because I had a song in my Discover Weekly today called "Vaush Rad" that I'm 99% sure is in reference to that dude mentioned in the Shoe/Skeptic thread.

No. 660419

Does he know what girth is? How would that even be possible?

No. 660420

That’s so weird. Why would you show him that?

No. 660421

Go take a cold shower, anon, stop.

No. 660427

I don't know how else to describe this post besides "it would have called girls who were virgins in high school prudes." You and your friend sound like birds of a feather.

No. 660430

>I showed him my new dildo unboxing
is this what it's like to have friends

No. 660432

i hope not

No. 660434

Damn it really do be like that

No. 660435

I watch a lot of iPad unboxing videos (mostly for the iPad accessories) like vid related and there are always at least 10 comments from whiny bitches being like "It must be nice to be able to afford an iPad uwu I'm broke" like… it's called saving your money, bitch. No one cares that you can't afford an iPad Pro. A lot of people can't buy them outright. It's just so annoying.

No. 660437

My aunt committed suicide by hanging yesterday and my grandmother was the one that found her. It was just the two of them living together

No. 660442

I swear that type of bitches are everywhere, why watch videos about stuff they can’t buy if they’re just going to whine about it? Do they think some amazing sugar daddy will suddenly cashapp them a few hundred dollars or something?

No. 660443

Slowed+reverb songs really do hit different.

No. 660448

slowed and reverb is for mkultra victims

No. 660450

n-no way anon-kun!

No. 660456

every year i think i'm ugly and then the next year i look back and think "aww i was so cute last year". fuck my life.

No. 660457

wow literally the opposite every year I look at my new photos and think I look good then a year later I look back on them and think they are so hideous.

No. 660474

i always thought that it's better to have the kpop threads locked but with this recent irene scandal i'm missing them ngl

No. 660480

this except i switch between the two rapidly whenever i take a new picture of myself

No. 660482

File: 1603770021279.gif (132 KB, 393x424, 76338.gif)

I made a giga puddi and then when I tried to flip it onto a plate I spilled the caramel sauce on my feet. Now I have dry puddi and sticky feet.

No. 660487

well clean it up bitch

No. 660495

Help her retard

No. 660511

I don't suck toes.

No. 660516

I am close to one of the new fires burning in Southern California and the winds are pushing the flames in our direction…of fucking course. I think we will be ok, we had a fire here that was worse a decade ago but still, it sucks ass to have to watch the hills go up in flames and deal with grimy soot and the stench of roasted chaparral for the next couple of months.

2020 could not be over fast enough.

Stay safe anons wherever you are.

No. 660519

Damn, I have family out there. I live way out in the North so I've never known what it's like to live with wildfires, but my heart goes out to my Californian brothers and sisters.

No. 660524

It's crazy seeing this here. I used to be close with wiz and koa on weird facebook and would talk to them fairly often. They would constantly try to get me to join them and I even came very close to meeting them irl until they got mad at me for never donating to them. I was 15 at the time and it's crazy to think they wanted me to join their weird sex cult so bad. Their newish girl, Daylifemary still pesters me on instagram every week and I like watching their activities. I can maybe answer some questions if you have any.

No. 660529

Does anyone here writes erotica? Can I have some tips?

No. 660543

File: 1603778405821.jpeg (11.83 KB, 250x223, 58F7EBB0-1148-46ED-98EB-405BF1…)

Drama between friends or people I know is my favorite form of trashy and brain dead entertainment lol

No. 660587

read the popular stuff for an idea of what the masses are usually looking for. please have an idea of what it’s actually like to have sex before writing about it, incorrect anatomy and actions pull people right out

No. 660591

My bf cut his hair for the first time since covid and I'm so sad lol. He has such soft curly hair and it makes him look extra boyish when it's long. All good things must come to an end.

No. 660592

I think my boyfriend is going to propose to me tomorrow.

No. 660595

update us how it went, anon!

No. 660607

The curtains in my bedroom do a poor job blocking out light and looking back it has actually done wonders for my sleep schedule.

No. 660652

after all this drama there's still some retard bumping ancient threads. they're not even adding anything interesting

No. 660743

File: 1603807400007.jpeg (69.09 KB, 717x639, 4A0A940B-30E8-4D06-B3BA-C66A21…)

What did you expect, I'm a lolcow poster. Jokes aside I might be shitty about my friend's dick but hey, that doesn't reflect my opinion on people who didn't get laid in high school!

No. 660765

I need to start ignoring anyone posting on the advice threads who either admits they're an autist or hints at it. If you bother to type out some decent advice..all you ever get back is some defensive shit because anything less than coddling them and daydreaming about best case scenarios, triggers them

No. 660797

File: 1603811501993.jpeg (70.27 KB, 933x525, 3C2A3A2E-4D32-4FED-8CD3-075EA4…)

has /or/ changed or is it just me? i think it’s time for me to leave

No. 660799

It has, I feel it especially after it was closed. I think people did leave because of that. Even if it was closed just for 5 days, lol.

No. 660800

I fucking hate that anon, and bumping anon, if you see this, please stop bumping threads retard, I know you see this and you're not helping anyone

No. 660814

I had a scary experience last night and I have no idea what happened still. I had a dream that I was driving and changed lanes into another car. In the dream I was freaked out mainly from embarrassment, but all of a sudden everything went black and I genuinely felt like I was about to die (in real life). Like I had woken up from my dream and felt a lot of pressure on my body and head and just felt like I was close to death. Sad part is in my head I was thinking "finally" but my crippling depression is besides the point. Then I fully woke up.

No. 660821

>I had woken up from my dream and felt a lot of pressure on my bod
That's just sleep paralysis

No. 660831

I have dreams where I forget how to drive, like I get into my car and can't remember how to turn on lights, change lanes, go on the wrong side, ect. I always wake up questioning if I can still drive

No. 660832

I have legit momentarily forgotten to drive while driving, ie forgotten how to turn on my headlights, use my turn signals, things like that. Fleeting but scary.

No. 660849

I had a weird dream this morning before waking up. Someone called me problematic and a white supremacist for putting lanes in my island in ACNH because I was creating gated communities. Then she attacked me with an ax and cut of my left leg for being problematic like Trump. Then my leg was hurting for hours irl were I got cut.

No. 660854

File: 1603816163364.png (72.52 KB, 526x200, plz.PNG)

i saw this on FB and i just…what the fuck.

No. 660867

Being openly anti-porn = SWERF nowadays apparently reeeeee

No. 660872

I literally can’t see myself driving for more than 3 hours at a time

No. 660873

Sometimes I forget what side of the road to drive on, and no, I have not lived in multiple countries that have different rules regarding this. (Don’t worry it’s only happened while I’m sitting immobile in parking lots. But, yeah.)

No. 660875

Are you perhaps Not American?

No. 660877

What happened anon i miss the kpop thread

No. 660879

Kek I dead ass got accused of being a terf for judging Loli/shota because apparently hating that shit is based on “terf rhetoric”.
Pure brain rot out here.

No. 660880

I live in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do right now, yesterday a friend and I drove around for 4 hours just to look at the fall leaves on the trees and I realized in that time I could’ve driven to NYC or something actually substantial.

No. 660882

File: 1603818055743.jpg (4.55 KB, 237x212, kms.jpg)

I… don't even know what to say to that kek. Brain rot indeed. Not like being critical of porn and the industry is for the benefit of SWers. If men can't jerk off and women can't be validated on cam, you're just a SWERF&TERF bc they're intertwined. We out here, sis.

No. 660884

Why didnt she throw the water in the sink in the first place? Gross.

No. 660888

Sounds kinda wholesome tbh. I wish I had a friend to just drive around with.

No. 660889

Because it's fake.

No. 660893

I just spent an hour arguing about abortion rights on discord with two scrotes (one of them a MtF) and I'm mentally exhausted. I was supposed to study for an exam on Friday but now I'm too mad. Girls, please tell me I can find some sanity here

No. 660894

Probably sleep paralysis, but you should bring it up with a doctor and make sure you don’t have sleep apnea.

No. 660897

why? literally just block

No. 660901

They're men and they're never going to understand. Instablock next time, sometimes their only goal is to upset women…and it worked in your case. Most men getting involved in anti-abortion are bad faith cretins.

No. 660903

File: 1603819495471.jpg (12.59 KB, 320x246, 20201024_160733.jpg)

You should have just saved your energy dear anon

No. 660905

Use this pic next time tho kek
Saving for myself

No. 660909

I always try to use someone's own values against them in an argument since it either makes them so mad they cant debate anymore, reveal their real usually somehow dumber reasoning or actually makes them reconsider their position. So if they're anti-abortion because they're Christian I quote Numbers 5:20 which actually advocates for priests to perform chemical abortions if a wife gets pregnant from an affair. If they're manosphere misogynist types I point out that without abortion there'd be way more men getting le baby trapped and hooked on child support. If they're anti-degeneracy alt-right types I point out there'd be double the black people in America without abortion.

No. 660913

i'm curious what their reasoning is

No. 660914

He was one of those "an unborn fetus' life is more important than a woman's bodily autonomy" type and "I don't want my tax money to pay for your abortions"

No. 660918

NTA but I notice some people argue "TERF rhetoric" without actually saying what part/s of it are TERFy, so I'm curious too if there was any.

No. 660920

but he is fine with paying welfare for single young mothers or for keeping orphanages running?
It's so clear that those scrotes just want to control women's bodies. Imagine saying you don't want to pay for life-saving surgeries of drunk drivers or even mtf troons kek.
what would you say to those scrote arguments, anon?

No. 660923

It's none of their business tbh

No. 660929

File: 1603821603856.jpg (204.43 KB, 1076x2278, bruh.jpg)

What the fuck? Fictoromantic, selfship community, F/O? Anyone know what is this…?

No. 660930

Waifuism but for Tumblr.

No. 660936

Kinda based tbh ngl fam

No. 660939

File: 1603822551199.jpeg (331.61 KB, 828x977, E56FC43F-C9DC-43DE-95B0-56AFA4…)

These people made a study to identify mentally ill people online and now I’m wishing this was a browser extension or something that I could use to detect what mental illness users have

No. 660942

Huh i don’t get it she married herself?? Or her imaginary friend??

No. 660943

Maybe it's petty but I highly doubt the professionalism and ability of researchers that can't even avoid typos in their abstract.

No. 660944

I've been diagnosed as a tranny compulsive liar for repeatedly posting about being a man with a massive cock online

No. 660946

She married a fictional character, I guess. Or got engaged to it. Namely, Hannibal from the series. See the engraved letters. She's in her 30's but, I suppose whatever makes her happy…?

No. 660955

Tbh I'd do the same thing if I wasn't a coward or if I could turn 2D

No. 660968

I'd marry Mads Hannibal too.

No. 660970

I mean… periodt.

No. 660982

kek, i did something like this when i was younger, i pretended to be married to a homestuck character and wore a ring every day. thank fucking god i grew out of it.

No. 660987

It was published in nature actually so I think it’s a good study but i took the picture from the researchers own site and they’re like Korean or something

No. 661002

Give me courage to call the dentist tomorrow anons. I haven't been to the dentist in 5+ years and have fucked up my teeth through incredibly poor dental hygiene, I'm so ashamed. I've been trying to muster up the courage for months now.

No. 661037

They've seen worse. Get yo teef right qt.

No. 661041

You can do it anon. I didn't brush my teeth for several years and developed plague. The dentist seemed a little disturbed but otherwise helped me. I don't regret going one bit. I really, really hope you go. Please!

No. 661051

I was in this situation a few years ago. Looking back the dentist was a bitch, she made out like she was all shocked. They sometimes do that just to scare you into making sure you spend money with them. Reality was I needed a few fillings. Like big whoop??

Guessing you've been dealing with depression? Good on you for facing this anon. I know it's tough.

No. 661055

>I didn't brush my teeth for several years and developed plague
Damn anon you know you've got to brush your teeth after licking rats

No. 661056

File: 1603829655857.jpg (31.01 KB, 460x288, 4732070436645.jpg)

>developed plague
Spent too much time with the rats, eh nonny? Wanted to get a jump on everyone else before COVID and decided to go with the ol' Black Death? Won't give you any points for originality but it has a classic charm.

(Sorry not sorry)

No. 661065

Anyone else been having insanely realistic dreams since quarantine? I had a dream last night where my friend all of a sudden started shitting on me for having no friends. I started going off on her and saying things like "Have you ever thought about maybe why someone might not have friends? Have you ever stopped to think that considering I'm not a mean or crazy person that it probably has to do with anxiety or lack of opportunities to make friends? Have you ever stopped to think I'm just on the introverted side while you feel the need to constantly surround yourself to people" I woke up and literally said out loud "What the fuck" because I couldn't believe what I had just dreamt.

No. 661068

Not quarantine related but I've been depressed for years and my dreams are all either stupidly mundane events (what's even the point of dreaming if nothing outlandish ever happens?) or they're just me worrying about shit

No. 661091

Tbh I asked some Twitter ghouls where it came from and apparently it was linked to some posts a self proclaimed TERF group on tumblr made. Allegedly they’re responsible for bringing up the mind set some Zoomers have adopted for sexualized anime characters. However I really don’t buy it. This kinda attitude has been around forever. Even back then people were kinda like wow it’s a little strange to make porn of some underage anime kids but no one really took it that seriously. There’s a lot of things to it but blaming the TERF boogey man is easier, gets people on your side quickly. It’s easy to shut down someone once you’ve labeled them a TERF. A lot of nsfw artists are troons too so that plays into it.

No. 661093

Not related to quarantine, but sometimes I have dreams where I'm arguing hardcore with my mom and when I wake up I'll literally have tears on my face kek. I think that when you have really emotionally realistic dreams like that it's probably stress-related. Quarantine can definitely count as a big stressor and also we just have more time now to ruminate on things, so I think that'd make sense.

No. 661096

Adding one more thing
but I’ve seen a lot of troons say that drawing shota/loli shit helps them cope or something. Which I dunno about you but I don’t understand how drawing little kids getting fucked by some gross adult on their way to kindergarten helps someone cope with their issues.

No. 661098

unborn fetus's life is not more important than a woman's bodily autonomy because concept of a person will never be more valuable than an actual person and if you don't agree how your tax money is used get the fuck out of the society then your woes aren't unique everyone's taxes get used on stuff we don't want to

No. 661103

So it’s TERF rhetoric because someone who identifies as a TERF said it once.

Also agree about the troon loli and shota artists. I will keep further comments to myself.

No. 661112

I dreamed that I was making a sculpture so I had my friend pose as reference and I was groping his thigh and crotch "for reference" but nah I was totally just groping him and now I wanna do it for real so bad

No. 661122


hot tbh. did you like him before or has this dream caused spontaneous attraction?

No. 661125

Well at least it's sterile…

No. 661130

Sometimes i read the foreign threads outloud just to see what I can understand. Quite a lot actually.

No. 661134

File: 1603835250365.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 850x861, 20201024_211626.png)

I liked him before. But what made me dream of that, I think, was seeing this statue in a game. I've already posted it somewhere on lc. It just really… impacted me kek

No. 661135

No. 661140

what do you call this phenomenon… triple dubs? anyway nice

No. 661147

File: 1603836234920.jpg (156.89 KB, 1919x1080, 1588635817561.jpg)

Why doesn't anyone talk about the fact that Frank Zappa basically wrote an entire song about Pizzagate ("Brown Shoes Don't Make It")?

No. 661165

File: 1603839073630.jpg (33.85 KB, 583x438, 1e1qz0.jpg)

You dumb piece of shit, you can't do anything right, and you are not good at anything. Everyone around you is better in some way.
Just give up, you fatty cunt.

No. 661169

you want vivec??? good taste anon but he looks like golden mr.clean in eso

No. 661174

Salad tastes so much better if you eat it with chopsticks

No. 661176

It tastes better when you eat it with your hands. When I'm at home I will just eat fist fulls of my salad and it's way more satisfying.

No. 661187

File: 1603841422588.png (15.56 KB, 735x117, Capture.PNG)

holy shit

No. 661188

File: 1603841430297.jpg (59.45 KB, 640x547, 1265743.jpg)

i love leon skennedy

No. 661190

There’s a dance troupe in France that’s very popular and I started paying attention to one of the members and now I have a crush on him. I always rewatch the dance covers where he’s in it and look for snippets of him appearing in the troupe’s vlogs. There’s over 30 dancers so he doesn’t appear as often as I’d prefer. But he’s my favorite dancer and he’s amazing at it. Throughout the covers he participates in, you can see very clearly his growth as both a dancer and his physical evolution. He was scrawny and slowly became built and changed his hair and got braces. I know nothing about his personality, but he seems fine. I wondered if this should be posted in relationship advice in /g/ but I know I don’t need advice because, well, the obvious answer is that nothing will happen. And I don’t want anything to happen. Seeing him put his all into a dance reignites my passion for things and I want to keep this fan-athlete relationship, I want to keep adoring him as long as he keeps dancing.

No. 661191

Bf got the job he wanted and I found out about a settlement payment from when my dad died that was put in trust for me that no one told me about. Just like that everything I was worried about is taken care of. Feels fuckin weird!!!!!

No. 661198

File: 1603842347523.jpeg (910.2 KB, 2126x2126, 397244E3-0309-4262-9C63-AACB1F…)

Seriously, what are these people gaining from commenting stuff like that? Once they get the bunch of asspat likes they will basically ruin the video that a bunch of people watch to forget about the issues in real life.

No. 661200

I refuse to get up to pee when I'm falling asleep. I will literally endure the physical pain of holding in my pee for too long as waking up regularly before I get up to pee. It pisses (kek) me off. Obviously I will eventually go if I can't hold it in any longer but it ruins my mood.

No. 661224

I’m the opposite, I just can’t fall asleep if I feel like I have to pee even just a little

No. 661225

File: 1603844332806.jpeg (213.94 KB, 800x763, AA183FCA-8E7C-43EB-95BA-18C6CE…)

>first time in big multi floor doctors office
>go to front desk
>wait behind woman forever
>get to window
>receptionist can’t find me in system
>she asks doctors name
>redirects me upstairs

>get out elevator

>go up to desk right in front of elevator
>try to check in
>get redirected to another window like 30 feet away on the other side of the room

>try to check in

>it finally works

No. 661232

Me too and if I'm lying still in bed I can feel even the slightest pressure from the tiniest bit of pee, so I have to go a couple of times before I sleep. It's the worst.

Idk what it is but I must have a tiny, hyper sensitive bladder. The only time it's not an obnoxiously frequent urge is when I'm exercising, sitting or lying down makes it so bad.

No. 661237

Yeah I’ve been questioning why it happens to me, I think it might not actually be a small bladder but an obsessive awareness of it when I’m trying to sleep

No. 661265

drunk and dyeing my hair blue for an inside joke lmfao
not sure if it'll set properly because i didn't bother bleaching my hair beforehand

No. 661295

File: 1603857884363.jpeg (76.12 KB, 640x640, B3499F70-8461-4158-92FE-4B3D86…)

What the fuck is going on.
>wake up with my period acting up
>everything hurts
>get pads
>underwear off
>I got a scrap on my Venus mound
What the fuck? It’s as if I fucking fell on my pussy instead of falling on my knee while biking. It hurts like a bitch, I’m already going psycho mode applying alcohol to the wound and it hurts.so.fucking.much. I could just die or something.
How did this even happen?!

No. 661303

Went down a Charley Project rabbit hole and eventually googled a name related to a case, it gave me the most explicit crime scene photos I have ever seen (even as a true crimefag) on the first search results, wtf google. At least make it a little difficult to find. I just wanted to read if he was still in prison, not have nightmares for the next 20 years.

No. 661322

I got a cystic pimple in the middle of my fucking forehead. It's coming to the surface really quickly so I think it will go away soon…but now I can see that it's a cluster of like 3 pimples all really close together. Disgusting. Really wanna drain it but I don't want to risk making it worse so I'm just using a salicylic acid cleanser and retinol serum in the evenings to treat it and otherwise leaving it alone. I don't even wanna go to the drug store to buy those little zit stickers because I don't wanna be seen with this thing in the middle of my forehead where I can't even disguise it. I get hormonal acne every month and that was already bad enough. The skin on my forehead is typically crystal clear. I hate this shit.

No. 661327

If I leave dr bronners on it for like two minutes two or three times a day it goes down, just a suggestion

No. 661373

I almost blew up on the guy I'm seeing because I thought he gave me herpes, but it turns out it was a yeast infection and those bumps are totally normal and maybe I should look at my vag more. Thankfully I decided to go to the doctor before actually saying anything, but man I have no idea where all of that sudden anger at this guy who really has been treating me like a princess just came from. I think it was just a moment of "I KNEW he was too good to be true" and then my crazy came out.

No. 661381

What do you think caused the yeast infection? I've only ever had one caused by antibiotic use

No. 661386

I heard this can cause kidney stones
Be careful anon

No. 661387

I stayed up for 3 hrs past my usual sleep time to try and get a jump on work tomorrow, when in fact I have just spent this period browsing lc and other random sites. Why am I like this

No. 661404

File: 1603875097897.jpg (114.25 KB, 1200x900, EJv9oIaXYAAWb6N.jpg)

>Me doing and feeling great during the /ot/ hiatus then ending up right back here after remembering it's open again

No. 661407

Just block lc from your browser or something anon. I don't want you feeling sad.

No. 661410

File: 1603875592629.png (97.4 KB, 262x255, 580943276056.png)

I'm going back to university after a 7-year interim and the prof I had a crush on still works there. Unfortunately I need credits in higher level courses than he's teaching right now, and due to COVID I wouldn't even be able to see him in person, but I wish I had some excuse to interact with him. I know he enjoyed spending time with me because I used to talk with him during office hours and we'd chat about (innocent but) personal topics outside the material. He never said anything inappropriate which frankly just made me appreciate him more, and now that I'm solidly into legal adult territory I'm thirsty because the option for more is there now. At least in theory. He probably has a girlfriend or wife who the fuck knows, but my mind is churning with the possibilities. And I still don't even have a logical "in" to speak with him. Heis in my major's department so that's something.

God he's hot and snarky but genuinely caring and possibly the most intelligent person I've ever known. Describing him literally feels like I'm LARPing as the lead in some cheesy student/teacher romance novel but he's sssssoo sexy. I swear I'm not retarded and have actually matured during this time, so the fact he still makes me fantasize like a horny teenager says something.

99.9% chance absolutely nothing comes of this but here I am.

No. 661412

You're probably right, I should take some responsibility kek. Thanks for the suggestion, maybe I'll just block it at certain times like when I'm supposed to be working

No. 661426


Have you seen what he looks like recently? People can change a lot in 7 years.

No. 661439

I have, there's a newer picture on the faculty site. He was already older when I first met him. Didn't stop me from quietly lusting for him though. He is an objectively attractive man, even with some wrinkles, and he still looks younger than his age. He's biracial so the frail Caucasian genes haven't caused him to wilt like a lot of his contemporaries.

He wasn't widely considered one of the hot professors by hoards of groupies, not at all a typical "chad" like in my goofy opening image, but to me he has an understated sultriness which is amplified tenfold due to his personality and intelligence. I want to discuss philosophy and go on a conceited tirade about overrated historical figures with him, then tear his suit off and do disgusting things to him god help me.

No. 661470

I love figurative speech. Speaking in idioms is so fun.

No. 661511

>>661037 >>661041 >>661051
I just called the dentist and made an appointment. Tomorrow I have a general examination so the dentist can figure out what needs to be done.

Thanks for the encouragement!! I legitemately probably wouldn't have done it without your replies in the back of my mind. I'm already anxious for having to show my teeth to the dentist tomorrow but I can't back out now.

>Guessing you've been dealing with depression?


No. 661653

File: 1603904415455.jpeg (2.48 MB, 4032x3024, 6FA32D06-185D-4D80-8FE2-D4821F…)

There was a cockroach in my ear which probably contributed to my ear infection

No. 661656

What the fuck anon

No. 661658

How did you lose an ENTIRE GODDAMN COCKROACH in your ear

No. 661663

How did you get it out?

No. 661666

File: 1603905073676.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

I'm glad we didn't invite you to the sleepover, imagine if ear cockroaches spread like lice

No. 661673

What the hell? A cockroach was literally burrowing in your ear and you seem so nonchalant? I have never seen a cockroach in person other than when a teacher at my primary school had loads in a tank as class pets

No. 661682

Impressive dig you got there.

No. 661685

Well, my ear was bothering me again and I had brown mucus leaking so I tried to clean some of it out with my shellac nails and somehow managed to take out a dead cockroach that was buried near my eardrum.

I stopped freaking out hours ago, I took the picture at 4 in the morning.

My ear still hurts though

No. 661710

File: 1603907677510.gif (355.08 KB, 267x200, anon no.gif)

>brown mucus leaking
>cleaned some with my shellac nails
>somehow managed to take out a dead cockroach

No. 661720

File: 1603907945468.png (276.06 KB, 471x421, deargodpleaseno.PNG)

Anon, noooo… maybe seek medical attention, what if it laid eggs?

No. 661722

Make a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide (unless you know there’s a wound in there) saturate a q tip in it and soak it in your ear. If you boil the water first and let it cool until it’s just warm, it should help loosen up all the impacted crap you obviously have back there.

No. 661732

god I love these threads. you never know what you're gonna get

No. 661743

You need to contact a medical professional, there is still roach debris in your ear.

No. 661756

What are some of your favourites?

No. 661757

Oh my god I wonder how long it would have been in there for? I think you should get it checked as it may of lay eggs and before you know it you have a family of baby cockroaches living in your ear rent free

No. 661762

I love this website. I have always liked just casually talking with people on anon and the anons here are the nicest, especially compared to 4Chan anons. The problem with 4Chan is that so many anons there are just so bitter, egotistical and plain stupid to me, but it's still undoubtedly the most active anonymous forum so it's hard to find a replacement for it. Apart from here. I love you anons and I love having an only-female space.

No. 661763

File: 1603910019065.jpg (25.67 KB, 600x445, 1275716867501.jpg)

please go to the doctor anon. did it hurt?

No. 661764

I’m in school rn so I have to wait till I get home which won’t be until later tonight. Would ear drops help?

No. 661772

I can’t go to the doctor, I don’t have med insurance…

No. 661774

love you too anon, i wish lc was more active!

No. 661776

Does anyone remember when some anon diy-ed a dildo and posted it on here? Top 10 lc moment.

No. 661780

No but I'm really curious to see it

No. 661782

4chan is overwhelmingly male and full of bitter incels. Why go there except to bait moids into raging?

No. 661785

File: 1603910645435.jpeg (33.21 KB, 302x300, 48392925-AB63-4045-BDE2-96F1ED…)

So sweet anon! Hugs!

No. 661786

In that case, pour hydrogen peroxide in your ear, it's cheap and available at dollar stores
Hold it in your ear until the fizzing stops, then fill it back up
Repeat until fizzing stops
Don't insert anything into the canal, you could potentially shove roach shit deeper inside

No. 661788

My phone is charging REALLY slowly for some reason and tomorrow I have to be on a train for two hours… it's at 37% right now and charging like 1% every 3 minutes how lame… like during all night it might reach 70% but even then I can't waste the battery listening to music like I do everytime… sigh

No. 661790

This man looks just like m-

No. 661794

If they aren’t medicated, go for it. If they are, don’t mess with your ears until you get home. When you make the solution, make sure you test that it isn’t too hot before you put it in your ear. Lay on your side and let it sit for awhile so that it can break up all the impacted sludge you have against your ear drum. Then sit up, let the water drain out in to a rag, and keep doing it repeatedly, making sure the water is still warm otherwise it’s pointless. While you’re at it, try the other ear too just to be safe. I figured you didn’t have insurance. It’s important that you stop digging in their with your nails, you can create tears and make your eardrum more inflamed and infected. As long as you’re sure you didn’t create a cut in their while digging the roach out, I think you should start dividing a q tip into two pieces in the morning, dipping them in hydrogen peroxide (don’t dilute them, won’t need to after you’ve flushed them out) and leaving them in your ears for awhile in the morning every day. At most it will give you a little cold chill because it tickles, but it isn’t dangerous and it will effectively clean them without you upsetting or irritating them with your damn nail shellac lol.

No. 661813

it only charged like 2% in all this time, I'm fucked

No. 661814

please don't put 100% peroxide in there, mix it with water first. i think they sell ear irrigation kits online if you want to be thorough, but be careful.

No. 661904

Because it's the most active. I try to go on it less, but there are some kind anons. They're just in the minority. Most really do not deserve any time wasted on them though.

No. 661906

O-Oh my… anon… excuse me, but I just have to say you're really attractive…

No. 661908

Mine too
Just get a new one asap

No. 661918

Bless you for taking care of that anon, I'm almost crying what a nightmare

No. 661969

I sorta want to get closer to/talk with my old neighbors. They're genuinely nice people, but I can't because of all this corona shit and I don't want to endanger their lives

No. 662057

The wall for men is real.Interesting how guys were so picky and I was never good enough for them when they were under the age of 25. Now that we are almost in our 30s now all of a sudden I'm good enough. If a scrote disregards you when you are young, wait until hes in his late 30s and losing his looks.

No. 662062

Can people get diagnosed as narcissists?

No. 662069

I wanna binge haikyuu but I can’t because of an essay I have due tomorrow… sigh.

No. 662091

Young men who cant get laid cling desperately to the idea that they'll magically become studs after 30 and will have the luxury of rejecting all the evil roasties who rejected them in the past. It's the biggest cope, they couldn't handle their sexual failure without that fantasy.

No. 662097

If you want any motivation, I dropped out because I spent my first year marathoning haikyuu

No. 662098

This 10 second scene of an interview from the 80s featuring porn stars keeps playing in my head because of the background music then I found out the same music is played in a movie featuring those two porn stars.i wish I was able to listen to it fully,it sounds serene for being porno music.the 80s though

No. 662104

File: 1603933645591.jpeg (187.67 KB, 1280x1280, FD3573C9-79A7-42B1-9CD6-8863BE…)

Write a bomb essay then treat yourself to a guilt free haikyuu marathon afterwards. I believe in you anon, Hinata believes in you too.

No. 662118

Thank you anon and Hinata! I’ll do this for karasuno!

No. 662137

I get Keanu reves and markipliar mixed up. I get Stephen colbert and John Oliver mixed up. And I get Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy fallon mixed up.

No. 662139

Colbert/Oliver and Kimmel/Fallon I get, but Keanu/Markiplier seems to come from nowhere lol. You don't possibly mean by their faces??

No. 662142

My parents came home from costco with a big 6 pack of toblerone but I’m not really big on chocolate nowadays…

No. 662143

Oh my god give them to me please, anon. They’re delicious and remind me of my mom.

No. 662145

I’m a dumb bitch who likes manicures, and actually have to have them done frequently (work at jewelry store). The last two times the dude at the nail place has fucked up, either forgotten the topcoat on a few nails or smudged them. He always “claims” me to when I come in, I guess because I’m a regular. What should I do? I haven’t noticed his errors til after I leave the shop but it’s consistently bad.

No. 662155

Stop tipping him if you're too anxious to outright tell them that you want a different nail tech, or ask to book with a specific tech when you're scheduling your appointment

No. 662158

I become extremely fixated on things then lose interest. I was obsessed with going to a certain grocery store once a week even if I didn't need anything. Then I lost interest completely after a few months. Now I'm obsessed with going on the Zara website and looking out for new releases, as well as going to their physical stores. Earlier in quarantine I was OBSESSED with putting on makeup just to see the final result, take a pic, then take it off, as well as buying new makeup. I lost interest in that too. When I'm interested, I'm completely sucked in though. I don't know what this says about me. At first I thought it made me an autist but don't autists stick to their obsessions long term?

No. 662162

no, autists do this. there are some things autists get interested in long term but most autist "interests" are very short term.

No. 662164

autists will talk about sailor moon for like four years then maybe switch it up. adhd deprives you of feel-good hormones sometimes and the weird hyperfocus that comes and goes is a result. i was honestly socialized around autists as i was a sped kid (it was required for iep iirc) and they always spoke of the same thing, for many hours, for many months and years

No. 662166

Never heard of this ever. If they switch it up it's still in the same general category. Like a new k-pop band. But they're still hyper fixated on k-pop.

Pretty sure wanting to eat avocado toast for breakfast everyday for like 2 weeks and getting sick of it doesn't make you autistic.

No. 662173

my adhd, since i was pretty young, has made me extremely obsessed with an interest for a short period of time until i find something else. it feels like filling a void. when i have an interest, it takes up all of my time. it becomes one of the only things that makes me happy, etc. then i will eventually forget all about it in about the span of even 2 weeks to a month. most adhdchans i know were the same, and it was funny trying to socialize when your interests are all over the place. i saw somewhere that adhd can mess with how your brains serotonin functions and i do honestly believe that. people with adhd are pleasure-driven and most things that stress them out need an outlet, which comes out in really obscure interests. my worst ones were my little pony and steven universe
with the test thing, i am like that as well. i'll remember things well and do alright, forget it all later or i'll forget everything right when im taking the test. its really confusing for me, and i had to have shit implemented into my ieps for it my entire life. its like i have this insane long term memory, but everything short term just disappears.

No. 662176

fuck this is me…

No. 662186

File: 1603945267235.jpg (62.92 KB, 500x385, choco.jpg)


No. 662199

here we fuckin go, another all nighter to finish an essay that I had an entire day to work on but couldn't be bothered because i can't focus and can't stop crying about my shitty boyfriend that i want to break up with

No. 662205

If he has no financial power over you then just fucking end it dawg. It's easy.

No. 662235

Everything has a shape. There are shapes everywhere. Hello? Help

No. 662248

Yeah and, would you rather have it so that nothing has a shape and everything is formless? Dumbass

No. 662271

So you can't complete your essay, and you can't complete your breakup either? Time to find your fucking spine and pull the plug on the relationship already, anon. If you want out, then get out. Unless you're financially dependent on the fucker, just tell him you're done already.

Or you could waste another day crying about him, and getting nothing done, of course. Your choice.

No. 662284

my skin was looking SO nice and clear for once and then I ruined it by sperging out and punching myself in the face because I was angry. Now my forehead is all splotchy smh.

No. 662295

That's not nice anon, if I could I would kiss your forehead. Hope it gets less splotchy soon.

No. 662300

File: 1603965552408.jpeg (46.5 KB, 680x378, CF064396-C1E7-4FCA-BAE8-2C46AE…)

No. 662304

Hey if you don't need internet while in the train and you have some downloaded music/things to read you can turn on airplane mode and your phone will barely waste any battery.

No. 662372

I live in the hood and our apartment complex can't get rid of roaches no matter how much spraying and bug bombing they do. I'm never going to sleep again, anon.

No. 662381

Better get some shellac nails anon

No. 662382

I'm trying to help my best friend get a job at the same agency/department I work in bc it'd be a huge pay, benefit, and overall lifestyle improvement for her and I think she has a really solid shot. I've been recommending her highly for almost a year waiting for the position to open. I really hope she gets it, her desk would be next to mine and she would be so happy, able to afford a new car, nice things, have a reasonable schedule aaaaaa pray for her girls!!! Honestly not sure who will be more devastated if she doesn't get it, but I think it'll be good…

No. 662387

boric acid is your friend anon

No. 662395

You sound like such a good and supportive friend. I really hope she gets the job.

No. 662417

This post is really cute anon, I hope your friend gets the job and you two have a great time working right next to each other. That sounds amazing.

No. 662421

Are you the anon who was worried about bedbugs and posted in the stupid questions thread a while ago? I was going to comment that the bug on the pic didn't look like a bedbug at all, but then the admins locked /ot/

No. 662432

I’m still shocked/confused that Gigi Gorgeous still has her dingeling I mean she’s unable to have sex with a penis when she takes estrogen right? How did she do it with that Corey dude and now with Nats I’m- i know this is so dumb but I had to let it out

No. 662438

well gigi is probably the bottom, tims still have a prostate

No. 662442

I knit my mom some wool mittens for her birthday and I finally get to give them to her tonight, I'm way more excited than I should be though

No. 662445

Thank you! It'd be fun to work with her, but really, I'm just excited for her to have good job because she really deserves it, she works so hard but where she's at now has shit management and no room for growth. She's too smart to be there.

This is so adorable, I'm sure she's going to love them. Happy birthday to your mom!

No. 662461

Nice, anon! I'm sure she'll love them.

No. 662609

File: 1603995175508.jpeg (217.96 KB, 1242x1242, 4D3BF306-D531-41A7-9A86-ADBCE8…)

What if all of these traumacore threads are being created by one person trying to confirm some information they have about a farmer?

No. 662612

I think it's a scrote

No. 662618

Its a scrote imo, with a thing for negative childhood stories?

No. 662620

I would actually prefer this scenario where trauma anon is engaging in next level sleuthing rather than just an autist or moid

No. 662623

What if it's someones creepy ex?

No. 662627

Yikes. Didn't consider that but now that you mention it it's definitely within the realm of possibility, especially since that anon knows he/she is getting on people's nerves

No. 662628

I hate the completely randomized picrews (or ones that just look randomized) some anons make and post. Like can there at least be some fucking consistency? Cyan doesn't go with dark purple ffs

No. 662642

you guys are nuts.

No. 662643

It's 100% user profiling. All those "tell intricate details about yourself" threads should be banned, if not for this at least for encouraging a behavior of coming off anonymous.

No. 662645

Yep, that's how you get good at drawing

No. 662646

Well of course I'm nuts anon, let me tell you about all the shit in my childhood that led to me being nuts…

No. 662647

…how does that stop people from being anonymous?

No. 662649

Are you from choa?

No. 662650

Steven Universe is the most autistic TV show I've ever seen, I can't believe how many people I know irl have tried to convince me otherwise.

No. 662652

Even though I used to really like it a few years ago before the 9 month hiatus I can see a lot of the holes in the show in retrospect and, even when I used to like it, I still hated the filler episodes and other flaws the show had

No. 662654

I wasted way too much time trying to understand why everyone sucked sucrose’s ass for so long.
The ending was such a shit show that I was mad because the show had lots of potential to be decent, if only they stuck with the whole space drama and kept a real enemy instead of fwellings it would have been a tolerable show.

No. 662660

Right, bear with me because this is going to sound ignorant AF.

So a new coworker arrived and she said she's zambian or zimbabwean, I don't recall because she said it once and I didn't want to sound ignorant by being like…where? kek. Anyway, I like her and we share similar outlooks and I'd love to be bffs buuut she touches me a lot. I'm northern european, and I have NO experience socialising with black people, much less from africa. There was one black family in my hometown, I knew it because the whole town did, all I knew of them was they went to church, I'd see them around and be like oh that's THE black family. That's how little exposure I've had. Anyway she's put her arm around me and kept it there, put her hand on mine if mine is resting, touched my hair, touches my arm, insisted I touch her arm when she hit it and it's like…is she just being very aggressively forward with me romantically? Or is it a cultural thing?

Also I do want to be her friend because she's got such interesting ideas and talking points though she can be very gregarious in a draining way, but I'm super worried about outing myself as an ignorant white girl who's only really known OF one black family, you know? I'd hate to hurt her feelings because I said something stupid, even the fact i'm overthinking this is probably ignorant af. IDK, this is some dumbass shit.

No. 662662

>I have NO experience socialising with black people
Holy shit. This whole fucking post.

No. 662663

The guy Ive had a few dates with gets so nervous around me but is so complimentary and flattering but he is now so clingy and he got me a really sweet gift and I just want some fucking NSA sex. I wonder if I can just fuck my dealer on the down low he's at least athletic and hot

No. 662669

Ok, if she was from there, it's not like she's been around shit tons of white people. It's possibly just a touchy culture or she's just a touchy person. Stop overthinking it because it's going to start showing up in the way you interact.

No. 662670

Nta but this is an actual reality for many in scandi countries? If you live somewhere that is not a big city, you may have never even seen someone black irl back home. The first person of color in my school was in high school and that was one, not that weird.

No. 662671

Bought my best friend’s birthday present, which is just some tea and a candle. I wish I could have gotten her something nicer, but I don’t feel so guilty because I preordered the new Haikyuu illustration book for her Christmas present (actually I bought two, one for her and one for another close friend). I’m gonna fucking lose it if these bitches preorder it for themselves because my best friend HATES her surprised being ruined so I can’t even tell her to not buy it lol.

No. 662672

you know there are ethnically homogeneous countries where the Black population is sub 1%, right?

just be kind and respectful like you would be with anyone else. her behaviors sound cultural, but if they make you uncomfortable
and invade your personal space, you can be gentle while making your boundaries known. there is no reason for you to be perceived as "ignorant" for doing so.

No. 662673

File: 1604000745567.jpg (39.82 KB, 657x775, 1576480752250.jpg)

>mfw I thought the cringe would end at the first sentence but then it just keeps going

You are an ignorant white girl. No two ways about it. Also, touching is not inherently romantic. When you're unsure about something, just… fucking ask.

I know now what that Iranian poster meant when she complained about Scandinavians being autistic and unfriendly.

No. 662675

she's literally asking right now

No. 662677

I'm from a white European country and while there aren't as many black people I've been around enough actual people to know some people are more touchy feelie as I would describe it lol idk. Like some people just have an easier time being tactful or whatever and showing affection. If it makes you uncomfortable just joke it off that you're not a hugger or some shit

No. 662678

>I know now what that Iranian poster meant when she complained about Scandinavians being autistic and unfriendly.
They are fucking insane. Mediterraneans would never.
Also that girl IS racist. She's saying that being touchy is some inherent thing of black people AND african people.

No. 662679

Anon it's not your fault you live in a pre-dominantily white area and no sane person expects you to be familiar with every single culture on earth. I think you're blowing it up in your head because there's a lot of heated discussions regarding black people on the internet from America.

Also your coworker should be expected to adapt to your culture first and foremost and not the other way around. So like, if she's behaving in a way that is strange in your culture she's the one who's behaving ignorant.

There's plenty of countries on earth that are still largely homogeneous so I don't see what's so "Holy shit" about this post. Not everyone lives in multicultural countries.

No. 662680

>She's saying that being touchy is some inherent thing of black people AND african people
Anon she's literally asking if that's the case or not. How is she supposed to know jesus

No. 662682

*tactile, not tactful.

No. 662683

10/10 reading comprehension anon

No. 662686

>asking a question makes you racist
ffs go back to twitter

No. 662687

ignore the anons shitting on you for something that's not your fault, i don't think you should be worried about her finding out you grew up in a homogenous place. if the touching makes you uncomfortable, you can ask her to stop, but i don't think it's romantically charged lol. it could be a culture thing or it could be just her nature. it's not racist to wonder if it's a culture thing.

just treat her how you would treat anyone else and be honest with her and don't say anything outwardly retarded/rude obviously
i mean, my mom's best friend is german and literally told her "i've never been friends with a black girl before" when they first started hanging out and they're still friends so i think you'll be fine

No. 662688

It's impossible for that to be the case. Not all people from a population are going to be the same. She's mixing culture and race.
You're also racist, do you know that?

No. 662689

I find it hard to believe she's never met a tactile person that's white. Just seems odd that she's so uncomfortable and bemused she's making it a race thing.

No. 662690

you should ask her out

No. 662691

So Admin was right? Everyone here is racist as fuck? Woah.(racebait)

No. 662692

yeah man everyone here is terrible racist and you should leave before they hurt your feelings or infect you with racist brain

No. 662693

Smells like a samefag to me tbh

No. 662695

i’m from a scandi country too and have been uncomfortable around ppl from cultures where touching is more common. this girl is most likely not into you romantically, anon. just make a joke about not being a hugger, maybe blame it on the scandinavian culture lol. she’ll understand.

No. 662696

You think all black people are the same.

No. 662697

Well she's talking about a country and not just her race, which obviously implies culture.
I can tell you for a fact most israelis I met for example are loud as hell, and it is a well known, cultural thing. I'm not racist for saying that. So maybe zambian/zimbabwean people are touchy?
God forbid people ask questions when they're ignorant about something, that might make them I don't know, less ignorant.

No. 662698

I'm African, but not from Zambia or Zimbabwe. IME, people are only really "touchy" if they particularly feel comfortable around you. This sounds more like a personality thing, especially if she's already outgoing and friendly in general with people.
It shouldn't really matter whether it's her or culture, though, it doesn't change much. Just be yourself, don't overthink things too much.

I don't think this is a racist question, just a "fuck what do I do how do I not look like an autist pls help" thing. Consequence of growing up in a homogenous space and only later being part of a diverse one.

No. 662700

If she just mentioned the country, the culture, without implying shit about her friends' skin it wouldn't have been weird. Just cultural exchange problems. But OP focus on the girl's color, she even mentions "a black family".

No. 662704

Ok and? Does mentioning a skin color automatically make you racist? She was giving a backstory about just how ignorant she is and how little exposure she had.
It seems to me like you're ignorant of ignorant people that grew up in a homogenized space, culture shocks and all that

No. 662706

>you're ignorant of ignorant people
Obviously, ignorant white people take priority always. Pardon me, fellow non-racist.

No. 662708

Nta but you're the one making it about white people specifically now. White people aren't the only ones with homogenous countries left.

No. 662710

Isn't the OP Scandinavian?

No. 662715

>Obviously, ignorant white people take priority always
Where did I say they should take priority? Just use common sense and put things into perspective for fucks sake. I'm fine with calling her ignorant but not racist, she's a scandi girl living in a country made up of almost entirely white people outside of metropolitan areas and she didn't have to concern herself with african culture in her whole life and now she's confused about it and asking about advice on an imageboard. Very kkk white power of her.(don't respond to racebait)

No. 662721

Yes but >>662704 made a general statement, not about anon from scandinavia specicially, at least that's how I interpreted it.

No. 662733

Anon what country are you from I'm just interested in your culture, like are none of you personable?(racebait)

No. 662747

Bruh even if the girl is from a touchy culture it's pretty weird for a casual acquaintance to

>put her hand on mine if mine is resting, touched my hair

If someone I'd only recently met decided to touch my hair and hold my hand I'd be weirded out too, and probably way more pissed off than the patience this girl is displaying

No. 662758

>Or is it a cultural thing?
I'm north African, I have a bunch of friends from different African countries and family members who also do this and it's considered super normal so I'm gonna guess it's cultural in her case. If there are some exceptions though anons can correct me.

No. 662759

Note to self: Do NOT read any thread on pt or snow while eating! It never ends well!

No. 662763

It looked like custard on raw chicken, eye-

No. 662764

africans: explain calmly how they are

other people of not specified cultural background/ethnicity: get angry

hmm! original anon sounds a bit autistic though

No. 662783

NTA but I'm also northern European and you do not touch people in here. It's extremely against the social etiquette and makes you feel like a perverted weirdo or, like anon is speculating, trying to hit on someone. You keep at least 1.5 meters distance to everyone and personal space is held at a very high regard. That's why anon's asking if it's a cultural thing or if she's into her.

No. 662789

I've seen plenty of gore before but that rotting neovagina in the MtF thread disgusted me on a spiritual level.

No. 662797

All the black Finns who I know and who are born and raised in Finland are as socially awkward as everyone else. It’s cultural thing and has nothing to do with race.

If someone touches my hair or hand, it’s not flirting it’s foreplay.
If someone looks me in the eye longer than 0.2 seconds it’s flirting.

And I’m an extrovert.

No. 662800

>It’s cultural thing and has nothing to do with race.

Don’t be naive anon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662804

I am tracing my family history and the catholic church requiring the first given name of a girl to be Maria is fucking everything up. Fuck you, Mexico.

No. 662814

NTA, but what do you mean?

No. 662816

It's racebait. Ignore and report.

No. 662823

Serious question, if you expect people native to a country to try and be accommodating towards immigrants, why do you not expect immigrants to try and study the cultural norms of the place they're moving to to integrate better? Even when I'm a tourist in a different country I try to read up on what's expected/considered normal when I visit. The anon is trying to give her coworker the benefit of the doubt, but it's also fair for her to be a bit annoyed/weirded out based on the culture she was raised in.

No. 662832

File: 1604013330745.jpeg (407 KB, 828x1357, 4125B265-7B70-4872-A29A-85727C…)

vpns, man.

No. 662838

He proposed. I said yes. It was nice.

No. 662840

File: 1604014152432.png (325.68 KB, 653x443, 341~2.png)

No. 662851

Weird shit always seems to happen to me around Halloween. A couple of years ago I saw a really oddly shaped spider on my car, then I had really unusual dreams. Today I get up to get my reading glasses, go to my window to look out as I usually do, and a bunch of crows are just randomly walking in the yard. I said hi and one of them walked up to me, which was cute, but still. I feel like I need to leave apples and honey out or something lmao.

No. 662875

Congrats, anon!

No. 662914

my spidey senses for e-celeb sex pests are going big time for corpse husband. asides from him being some kind of pathetic daddy dom larper, no evidence, but i just have a feeling

No. 662918

Holy shit I hate Brittany Venti so much how does she not have a lolcow thread yet. she's so fucking stupid, delusional and a massive hypocrite. Is it because she lurks here for info? Idk am I the only one who really dislikes her?

No. 662942

she does have a thread anon

No. 662950


I checked she doesn't have one. just found a random one about her ex boyfriend 2 years ago. If any other anons are interested im willing to make one myself and find milk

No. 662951

Sometimes I see photos of people on the internet and can't help but think to myself "is there really someone out there who looks like this?" That's not to say I'm a looker or anything, it just baffles me sometimes that any combination of physical features is possible.

No. 662956


examples? drop names or pictures

No. 662959

I'm okay with her not having a thread tbh. She's a raging narcissist for whom any attention is good attention.

No. 662960

More will come out eventually, his overt paranoia is extremely suspicious.

No. 662963

His song lyrics seem pretty narcissistic and imo red flaggy if serious
'Ain't no daddy issues then I won't even bother'
'None of my exes are over me'
I think there was another one I was pretty grossed out by but I don't remember it
Unless he's larping in his songs, I find it odd that someone seemingly SO insecure about his face would have quite a couple of exes and sexual experiences

No. 662966

He claims he has so much agoraphobia and anxiety that he doesn’t leave his house, and that he hasn’t left the house without a mask on in years. He was wearing a black face mask long before corona ever happened. He also claims he has real life friends that come over to his house or that he goes out with (with the mask on) and that there are friends he’s friends with online that are friends with his irl friends but none of them supposedly know? I don’t believe it at all.

No. 663001

File: 1604042962157.png (410.68 KB, 529x637, ....png)

"The only person" who has seen his face is Mykie.

No. 663003

I am so relieved that farmers seem to collectively dislike Corpse Husband lol I feel less crazy now.
If he turned out to be yet another piece of shit, lolcow called it first.

No. 663018

Congrats you are a witch

No. 663028


No. 663031

File: 1604047139180.gif (1013.8 KB, 500x205, 9550ccb04ba40aede8cbd88267c436…)

No. 663036

What is the thread pic from? I like it

No. 663043

I hate when people (especially smokers) walk past me smelling like a Chinese wet market. Showers are MANDATORY. You know that.

No. 663044

What shape was the spider?? Leave some metal stuff for the crows, they like shiny stuff I think.

No. 663054

I would think he’s a fakeboi were it not for his voice

No. 663057

Ayrt and honestly a lot of the cows on here fit the situation I'm talking about. Most of the people in the MtF thread or like when I saw someone necro the brat-grrrrl thread. She has a face that looks like someone stretched a mask over her head. It's just surprised to see people with features that look like they've been randomized. Once you start to think about it, you begin to pick up on instances of it everywhere, both online and irl.

No. 663058

If there are any tiktok witches on here today, please hex the anon that keeps putting pics of Adam Driver in the attractive men thread

No. 663059

I feel this way about Georgia Collings, her face makes me feel ill.

No. 663102

Porgie makes me want to beat the shit out of her, Its the combo of looking like a tard and being a horrible person.
Lmao he's buddies with that racist bitch, go figure.

No. 663110

No I'm not a scrote or profiling, I wanted to make those threads because I wanted to listen to more people with similar experiences to mine and be less lonely. I'm lonely as shit since the quarantine started, and I really want some semblance of social interaction because my friends are too busy to be my friends.
Yes I'm retarded, I have ADHD and depression. If you want to bash me for wanting to talk in an anonimous board then do it.
The threads I've made are:
Things we hate thred, to talk about random things that bother me and listen to what other anons also hate.
How lolcow has changed our lives thread, because I think this website had a positive impact on me, and I legit love this board.
Anti social media thread, because I don't have any social media, and I'm against using it.
The highest point in your life thread, because I want to have hope in the future that my life could get better some day.
The lowest point in your life thread, because I feel like my life has been going downhill for a while now.
Witchcraft thread, because I go on and off believing in it and wanted to see if someone else likes tarot or something like that.

I'm not a scrote, I don't want to put anyone on the spot, please stop being paranoid.
I'm not going to make any other thread after this because people are going to keep complaining about me and saying I'm retarded. Sorry for distubing your peace.

No. 663115

File: 1604063393951.jpeg (73.35 KB, 559x828, 512986D7-7CDF-4260-B5B4-E7283F…)

weird to think so many girls are obsessing over an elementary school dropout…

No. 663118

he sounds like a school shooter,

or methhead.

No. 663120

I just wish I could die already

No. 663121

So sick of him being swooned over everywhere, can't wait for the first major drama because at this point cryaotic-like event is pretty much unavoidable.

No. 663122

Bitch can't spell mathematics but he has a voice like Barry White voice or whatever

No. 663123

I feel like he should stop singing cringe songs and maybe try something like Barry White then

No. 663125

This man's whole identity is being 'fucked up'

No. 663128

I'm insufferable, nobody likes me, I'm sensitive as fuck, maybe I should just stop talking to everyone

No. 663131

Yeah, maybe.

No. 663133

File: 1604065732397.jpg (73.18 KB, 1920x1080, ElhPWvXWkAAmq1J.jpg)

I think Charlie (Critikal) can be a next sex symbol or something if he return to filming.

It suck that his recent roles done him dirty like this

No. 663134

>sex symbol
anon please….

No. 663135

Bizarre post of the day

No. 663137

no1curr, just stop remaking all of these threads and CTRL+F. you don't need to explain to us every single thread you made. just stop making the ones that involve sadness, despair, childhood shit (like things that shock you) etc. There are already threads like that. find one and bump it with actual information or report it dead and make a new one.

No. 663142

he's an ugly 5'6 goblin, wtf

No. 663143

>every gets the tinfoiling and paranoia out just for some random anon making silly threads

No. 663145

It's ok anon. I actually appreciate people making different types of threads on /ot/.

No. 663146

It was more like no1curr about your personal retardation and depression. You're depressed and wanna hear sad stories about other people? how fucking pathetic.

No. 663147

The different threads are fine. Anyways, TAYRT went into a spiel and started spilling the beans about their personal life and the threads they made when we weren't even talking about their threads specifically since

>The threads I've made are:

none of those threads include the traumacore posts >>662609 was talking about

No. 663149

When I first heard his voice I imagined he was a tall 6ft+ white guy with blond hair kek.

No. 663158

anyone else cringe when anons describe their boyfriends as hot or very attractive? beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but no offence, i don't trust anyone here to have decent taste in men physically lol

No. 663161

This was my thought when I read that post kek like I think that anon thinks everyone is mad at her, but those aren't the threads people are even pissy/tinfoiling about.

No. 663162

Yes, after all someone posted Adam Driver in conventional attractions.

No. 663164

Dating in your 30s is not fun, I'd like compensation about growing up hearing about women hitting the wall at 30 when I feel more put together and appealing than any other time in my life and my male peers are largely fat and balding/bald. Not to mention the women that have got suckered into shite marriages with the douchebags that cheated and gaslit them before they could develop standards are diabolical to deal with. God everything is so fucking relentless

No. 663173

I feel you anon.
I'm right at the cusp of 30 here at 29 years old, and yet I feel more in control of dating than ever before in my life. It's not to say that men haven't severely hurt me. Nor that my pickme friends didn't give me really bad advice or didn't try to hook me up with really bad scrotes. Just that there's never been a time ever before where I felt encouraged about my self worth and standards in spite of those people.

For example in my late teens/early 20s I would have just taken scrote shit laying down or blamed myself, but not anymore. Even though I still deal with shit men every now and then, I'm much more quick to emotionally separate myself and not internalize their nonsense. Dating doesn't get easier but I do get wiser, and things hurt a lot less if at all. If anything, my temporary pain turns to anger which strengthens the resolve to never let another scrote treat me as poorly as the last.
I look at my friends married to assholes and have tons of fighting in their marriages, even my mom's failed three marriages, and I sleep well knowing that it won't be me because I refuse that life. Right now the guy I'm dating is one of the most courteous I've ever dated, but if he changed tomorrow I wouldn't have an issue kicking him to the curb. Life is relentless but it's better than being complacent while settling for shit.
We're gonna make it.

No. 663176

Anons who reply to loli bait are newfags, low iq or unfortunately both. Stop doing it.

No. 663179

Eh I may be one of the bragging anons but I acknowledge he is the most handsome man for me. I got weird taste anyway in both men and women.

No. 663205

Rule number 1: ~The wall~ is a meme made by men to pressure young women in their 20s to settle for a piece of shit male out of sheer fear of not being able to find anyone else before becoming dead egg cat lady spinsters by their 30th birthday. The reality is that by 30 women have learned to see through all the bullshit men try to feed them and learn to live for themselves instead of relying on male approval. That's why men are hurrying women to pick one before they themselves start gaining weight and balding.

No. 663209

Exactly. It's pathetic of men, and my heart goes out to women who fall for it and end up with absolute dogshit men that they married from high school or college. I thank my galaxy brain every day for waking up and leaving my ~high school sweetheart~ instead of settling and marrying him because I was a doormat in ~wuv~. You get smarter and can recognize the men that have and haven't grown.

No. 663219

File: 1604074379236.png (94.49 KB, 515x196, iamadumbassandiwillnotchange.p…)

getting drunk while hungover is a terrible decision yet i will do so anyway

No. 663232

The anon claiming she had sex with Ryan in the Youtubers thread and refusing to post proof while making unsaged replies is exactly like the one in the Jared thread who claimed to be exchanging nudes with him and did the same thing

No. 663237

a lot of women do get significantly less attractive from their early 20s to their 30s though lol. not saying men don't but the wall definitely is a thing for some people

No. 663238

File: 1604076564533.gif (470.97 KB, 500x281, 191329925ec82ad7-rainbow-puke-…)

I just saw the putrid neovagina on the mtf thread and it's imprinted on my mind and I feel sick in my stomach, I just had my mc n'cheese and I want to throw it all up

No. 663257

File: 1604079323649.gif (1.44 MB, 400x300, cake.gif)

I bit the bullet and just ordered special muffins off instagram for post-Halloween mdma consumption. I'll update if I get arrested

No. 663260

Nobody cares faggot.

No. 663263

Once you hit 20's this is literally where your glow up start. Kids are ugly.

No. 663268

People have some insane fucking standards for women to begin with, the moment you don't look like a 16-year old you're ~a granny~. Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a woman aged 35 and 25 anyway unless she's a meth head or ruined by sun damage.

Also anyone ever noticed the fact that a man in his 30's is often considered still young while a woman in her 30's is considered "middle aged" and everyone is just expecting her to settle the fuck down and birth some kids?

No. 663270

basically some stylist called out irene for being a bitch. said irene yelled at her for 20 minutes and made her cry. she said she took an audio recording for some of it too. Irene posted on instagram saying she had behaved badly and was sorry. lots of knets want her out of RV. honestly i don't really think they should kick her out even if she is a bitch

No. 663282

>middle aged
I've been seeing "matronly" a lot, which is the new buzzword for any woman not youthful and tight.

No. 663299

Bath and Body Works candles are $10 off and I have to restock, I'm legitimately looking forward to getting some new candles after work now yaaaaay!! Happy Friday!!!

No. 663321

The entire artist salt thread belongs in this one. I swear anons are always arguing about nothing over there. At least be salty in a funny way!

No. 663328

>Also anyone ever noticed the fact that a man in his 30's is often considered still young while a woman in her 30's is considered "middle aged"
I feel like only men reason like this. How is a man in his 30s not old or middle-aged? In fact, don't women live longer than men? The threshold for "old" should literally be shorter for them.

No. 663329

Eughh but you know what, I'll take cr1tikal's unwashed manlet ass over Corpse

No. 663331

I've been applying to jobs for 6 months with no luck and I finally, FINALLY have a phone interview next week! I don't even care that it's just a preliminary interview for a part time position. There's hope in my life again anons

No. 663335

File: 1604086033921.png (36.07 KB, 487x355, ab.PNG)

Why did I actually laugh at this?

No. 663338

THAT'S brave and stunning

No. 663342

Because it's fucking hilarious and something I wish I could just do kek

No. 663348

These days I use the Cookie Monster's voice in my head while I read Azelia's twattenings, and it's improved the whole experience at least by 125%

No. 663349

He's cute and seems like fun. He always looks like he just had a shower in his videos, am I mistaking clean for grease?

No. 663352

I hate Azealia, but this is actually hilarious.

No. 663355

you sound bitter lmao

No. 663356

a 30 year old person is not middle aged lol what is wrong with you women(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 663366


thank god, >>663338 and >>663342 anons made me think that this was going a different direction.

azealia is cracked beyond repair

No. 663367

>going a different direction
what do you mean?

No. 663369

are you implying we don't all hate trannies here?

No. 663371

Is anon not just hinting at she thought everyone was about to just let Azealia go unchecked for how mentally ill she is? She clearly wasn't commenting on the transphobia part. Though, this conversation's been had about 3 times across different threads since she became more vocal about it. I thought we settled that she's severely mentally ill by now.

No. 663372

Read the context of the post.
>you women
Do I have to say it?

No. 663373

Do we even believe him ladies? Unless you have permission and proof from your parents, I was under the impression that in most American states it is illegal to drop out of school before a certain age now and they’d prosecute your parents or call cps. I think he’s full of shit.

No. 663374


I'm implying that having obnoxious mental breakdowns on twitter is not brave or stunning

No. 663376

That anon was clearly being sarcastic you autist

No. 663377

Every time someone brings up Azealia in a non-negative way, someone has to pop in to say SHE'S MENTALLY ILL LOLEEE

No. 663378

She's right and she should say it. She may be mentally ill, but at least she's not "cutting off her tits and having her arm mutilated to get herself a fake dick", or "claiming that men who take horse piss tablets are truly women" levels of mental illness, lmao.

No. 663379

Are you implying the mentally ill can't be based and have valid opinions? Not very woke of you twitter-chan

No. 663381

Right? Azealia has some major schizo vibes but she’s hilarious.

No. 663388

I generally only notice that in women who've had kids. I really think that's the reason 30 has been chosen as the cut off date for women to look good, because historically by that point we'd almost certainly had children, probably gained weight and are too busy to prioritize their looks. Not shaming that, if you have kids you've obviously got better things to do than dress up and put on a full face every day, but the timing can't be a coincidence.

No. 663393

I respect this tbh

No. 663406

No. 663407

Ok Corpse

No. 663409

NTA but you seem overly bitter, there's nothing wrong with wanting to share experiences and wanting to know about others. I don't get why people are mad over this either.

No. 663410

Gender dysphoria is also a mental illness, so they should also be deplatformed.

No. 663413

Dumbass shit indeed. I bought a pair of uwu cat ears and this feels mega retarded. How do you even hide these in your hair to make them look less stupid?

No. 663415


No. 663423

Why'd you buy them? As for hiding in hair, if you have long hair,I guess you can either wrap your hair around them to cover them (your hair will take on the shape), or just take them off and try the thing in this tutorial if you want that specific shape anyway.

No. 663425

I wanna get drunk and play Rockband. Only drums and singing. I can't play the guitar controller for shit.

No. 663431

you don't? it's a costume piece, you just put it on your head and roll with it. It's going to look stupid because you are not a cat.

No. 663432

thank you lolcow for being the only place where i can openly criticize troons and other sjw shit without having to associate with retarded conservative men. ily based anons

No. 663438

File: 1604096573654.jpg (82.54 KB, 1887x1000, Fuckinguwu_.jpg)

I bought them for sex and they won't leave this house otherwise or be seen by anyone other than my SO. My hair is past my waist, but I'm just wanting the fucking things to look more integrated into my hair or something to make them look like they're not disconnected puffy doodadss I clipped in there. Thanks for the video.

No. 663442

why has more people been talking about corpse husband lately? is it because of Halloween/ fall or just quarantine? i though creepypasta channels died out years ago.

No. 663447

These abominations kek you gotta pin them flat down with extra bobby pins. Tease some of the hair in front and behind the ears to hide the pins. May god save you from looking like a troon.

No. 663448

He got some twitch clout playing with popular people like pewds

No. 663450

Because he started streaming Among Us with people like felix and james charles and his music was used for a lot of tiktoks he’s getting more attention, I had no idea who he was and never paid attention to his faggot ass but I gravitated towards him because I smell major bullshit. Can’t wait for the inevitable shitstorm.

No. 663455

He blew up bc he started playing among us with a bunch of popular streamers and youtubers. He was already friends with Dave from boyinaband who is friends and streams with pewdiepie so I assume that's how he got into that circle

No. 663458

Both are young, anon. The point was that women are considered to be over after they pass their 20s while men remain "young and free" well into their 40s.

wtf I love azelia banks now

No. 663465

I found this dress I want sosososo bad but it's almost 100 dollars and I can't justify spending that much money on a single item of used clothing so I just keep staring at it and hoping no one else buys before I can hype myself up enough to actually do it. Why do I have to be such a cheapskate!!!

No. 663467

Why bother replying this when the two replies above you say the exact same thing

No. 663471

I hate him so fucking much. He’s my least favorite Charlie. Even Pewdiepie wrangles his legion of incel retards better than this guy with his garbage dick joke “humor”. Every time I go into his chat, I get cancer.

No. 663473

>Even Pewdiepie wrangles his legion of incel retards better
Is this true? I hate Pewdiepie but if he really does this maybe I'll have a slightly better opinion of him.

No. 663475

It's an exaggeration imo Felix sometimes defends the female streamers he play with as they all tend to get absolutely SHIT on and harassed by chat. Which is more than can be said about most male streamers with that demographic…

No. 663479

File: 1604100390199.jpeg (428.56 KB, 1198x777, 6B985903-3B1F-43E5-924B-7329E4…)

The Virgin Jameela vs the Chad Azalea Banks

No. 663481

my bad, didn't see them before posting

No. 663515

Because it's repetitive, one thread would've been enough. It makes this place feel like tumblr where everyone has this "woe is me" mentality without trying to get help.

No. 663519

I love innisfree’s auto eyebrow pencil because that shit is only $6 (on sale for $3.60 now wtf) and is a good product but I hate that all the stores around me are closed so I have to pay $6 shipping or get fucked lmao. Guess I’ll just pay the shipping because it’s still cheaper than buying the cheapest sephora eyebrow pencil.

No. 663520

Colorpop and nyx aren’t bad either if in a pinch, just study some swatches on google images so you don’t get a color too ashy or too orange for your skin

No. 663534

Ooh, I was able to find one from Nyx with an angled pencil which I prefer, hopefully my local Target has some lol. Still a little sad I can’t take advantage of this sale but I’ll be paying the same price in the end anyway…

No. 663542

I'm gonna stuff some pipe cleaners in them to try to make them keep shape and take your advice about the back combing and bobby pins. I'll keep your prayer in heart, anon

No. 663562

If not they carry Nyx in Ulta as well

No. 663600

File: 1604116804064.jpg (24.9 KB, 480x360, 6ab.jpg)

I'm learning to write with my non dominant hand, I already do most of casual tasks with it. I can feel neural connections in my brain growing stronger. I also mastered the craft of mirror writing with my dominant hand. Next step is to master it with my non dominant.

No. 663603

Pessimist anons, what caused you to become a uncontrollably pessimist person? (I am one myself).

No. 663610

My mom had me really young. It's so weird when I register I am over 30 but she still isn't 50. I feel so much closer in age to her than I ever have and it's kind of messing me up. Not in a bad way I guess.

No. 663623

Interesting, I can't imagine what that must be like. My mom was in her early 30s when she had me and I sometimes wish she was younger so that I could live more of my life with her around. I'm in my late 20s now, but I feel like I have to seriously consider how I'll support her when she grows older.

No. 663629

This only happens when nothing but bad things happen in your life 24/7

No. 663632

How anon? My left hand can't do anything on its own.

No. 663637

NTA, but try writing upside down and backwards with your non-dominant hand. Works like a charm for me.

No. 663654

File: 1604123325217.jpg (41.27 KB, 713x401, 95218317_2859202334148847_8844…)


No. 663664

This is the fourth time on here that I've read someone say that they were scared because they heard a girl screaming, or asking for help, or a guy sounding abusive and not doing anything about it and just "hoping it's not what they think it is". Why do people act like there's a fine for calling the cops? Instead of "hoping" it's not a girl getting her face beat in, why not get your lazy socially anxious ass up and call the police and make sure??

No. 663673

Maybe they're Americans? It's easy for me to call the police when I know they won't shoot me for no reason. Americans seem to have a problem with their police, they're not trustworthy as I've gathered from the news lately.

No. 663674

I'm an American myself? Your life isn't at risk by calling the cops because you hear violence going on on the top floor. You don't even need to give your personal information when you call the cops about suspicious activity.

No. 663683

I haven't watched Ambershit in months and came across one of her compilation videos and all the emotions hit me like the first time I discovered her. I fucking hate this bitch so much.

No. 663695

File: 1604132626758.jpeg (686.6 KB, 828x1024, 077CD40F-732A-40F6-83C2-79583A…)

The lumpy texture of her upper eyelids omg… telltale sign of filler there. It’s crazy how tsunaina has the potential of being a huge cow but she’s been to social media smart.

No. 663696

Idk why I just thought of this but, Its kinda weird that tradthots are all hardcore christians (or at least they pretend to be) when Eves punishment was awful childbirth and being inferior to Adam. It's literally supposed to be our curse, but they praise women being "lower" than men. Weird.

No. 663697

Did you already post this in a previous thread?

No. 663698

No. 663700

what did she do?

No. 663702

changed her whole face to look more exotic so she could be a model

No. 663704

I heard gunshot noises just in our street right infront of our house at night. Truly spooked me out.

No. 663707

Dat you Indianapolis anon?

No. 663719

No, I'm a third world country anon. Apparently a junkie was stealing petrol from motorbikes and a dude with a gun shot the air to scare him off at 3am. Fuck this neighbourhood.

No. 663745

I know that they have fuck tons of post to deliver these days, but it still pisses me off that the postmen in my area stopped giving me notifications where my package is when they couldn't deliver it straight to me? I also hate it when a neighbor then has to come to give me my package because I assume they think that I am too lazy to pick it up for myself …

No. 663750

I once posted here about a friend and her therapist, how they both have added each other on their instagrams, well new development is it, the friend also follows the therapist's private spam account. Weirdin' me out. Why would the therapist tell her about her fucking private venting-whatever account?

No. 663752

Why does a therapist have a finsta? What a loser

No. 663760

I’m quitting the internet for a month during Novermber. Will report back if it makes me happier.

No. 663763

Good luck bby!!

No. 663811

File: 1604149652723.jpeg (224.66 KB, 1080x1080, 914B3C61-FDEA-4D59-AC84-F83F9B…)

Britanons what tea do you drink? I’m a pg tips simp myself.

No. 663815

Depends what kind of brew I want. If I want a regular tea, then I will drink anything. I don't get the whole 'Yorkshire' tea is best thing and people looking down on PG Tips calling it glorified dishwater. If I want something a bit 'fancier' I will have a Twinings Earl/Lady Grey, and I like Clipper's Sleep Easy. Honestly not that fussed though!

No. 663858

I'm in luv w my own character. I created the perfect anime boy. I give him kith kith. Mwah. Only valid man. Yummy yummy

No. 663861

File: 1604154326054.jpg (44.71 KB, 522x676, seg.jpg)

Lapsang Souchong is heavenly. I get it from Fortnum & Mason lol, overpriced probably but they have cute tins. Also their Smoky Earl Grey, which is LS mixed with EG, ahhhhh that's the good stuff

No. 663872

Are you all bored out of your mind?

No. 663879

I made chocolate lava cake yesterday and it came out great. Decided to microwave the leftovers today and the gooey center is no longer gooey. What a disappointment

No. 663898

any farmers wanna come see the exorcist with me?

No. 663900

Next time try heating it up in the oven.
I realized leftovers taste so much better when they're heated up in the oven rather than the microwave. It takes a bit longer, but more time to look forward to your food.

No. 663906

No. 663907

I want to buy a handheld vacuum to properly clean the vacuum cleaner.

No. 663908

How would that work?

No. 663916

if you are in manchester i will cry

No. 663920

I wish I was watching the exorcist in Manchester with you girls. Insteaf I'm watching Valerie and her week of wonders by myself while I apply corpse paint. Might go to a graveyard later to raise the dead

No. 663933

i had to go alone :’(

No. 663934

samefag i love that movie anon i hope you make friends with the dead you raise

No. 663945

File: 1604167299248.jpg (72.49 KB, 908x768, IMG_20201031_185728_766.jpg)

No. 663949


No. 663950

Is hairlet a term actual women use when talking about their hair on forums or am I getting baited by some dumbass dude on Discord
It feels like some weird fetish term when dudes talk about hair fetishes on 4chan/d/ or whatever

No. 663951

File: 1604167740495.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

I'm fucking dying. Absolutely based af!!

No. 663952

>hair fetishes

No. 663954

it's either insecurity/bait or it's hairlet as in manlet hair edition - a balding or bald man. the incel community probably uses it more than women ever will

No. 663956

People have long hair fetishes, apparently.
This person is talking about their hair and how other women are "hairlets" jealous of their ankle length hair so I'm leaning towards balding incel myself.

No. 663961

File: 1604168630363.gif (1.72 MB, 275x210, c87b07b084ca96484bc3f9432c8471…)

Hmmm hair….

No. 663964

Man with long hair > Man with short hair

No. 663965

Thanks anon! I hope you have a fantastic Halloween

No. 663966

Man with long hair > man with no hair > man with short hair

No. 663969

Hard agree. Please universe give me a bf with beautiful, hygienic long hair.

No. 663970

I can't get over how she could have just said "thanks for the compliment" and "here's my skin care routine if you're interested, but some products are a bit expensive"

No. 663972

You are so lucky, mine had me at 35 and i would legit chop my finger off it bought me like 10 extra years with her

No. 663973

Man with long hair thread anyone ?

No. 663975

File: 1604169797349.jpg (271 KB, 1436x1080, lol.jpg)

holy shit

No. 663982

My boyfriend got a new job at a furniture place and gets a discount so I went to check out the website to check out their products and holy shit. The cheapest thing is $1000 and that's on sale!!!! $12000 bed frames?? $7000 couches? I truly am a peasant.

No. 663986

Cute metalheads, feminine guys, cute boys threads have plenty of those!

No. 663987

Gotta make up for them IKEA/Amazon losses

No. 663993

Damnit. Rip to everyone expecting to celebrate Halloween in a fun way. I wanted to spend it in a flamboyant, extravagant way, at a goth party near a graveyard or something, but my podunk Eastern European city's goth scene dried out during the 00's, and none of my friends want to watch Rocky Horror with me. I just want cool goth friends to hang out with, man. I wish i lived in Manchester so I could see the Exorcist like the anon above me lmao. I'm a little tipsy btw

No. 663996

I had such an amazing fucking dream last night, a celebrity I think is cute was my boyfriend and I was buying him some food and he was being so sweet and soft and cute and he was smiling at me and holding my hand. Omg, my heart is fluttering anons, I loved it so much. I've never dated but god, I'd feel so disappointed if it isn't like that dream.

No. 663997

Who was it?

No. 664004

File: 1604172450804.gif (1.13 MB, 245x300, leetaemin.gif)

pls no bully

No. 664014

File: 1604173100491.jpeg (483.55 KB, 1061x752, 3FF9BCAA-5361-4E1B-B605-D18F4D…)

I have to laff

No. 664017

>Size: 5XL
I am smol asian gorl

No. 664019

I'm crying

No. 664020

No. 664041

That's funny, my sister got a job at a furniture store recently and I had the exact same experience. Bitch couldn't get me a discount at Ikea, which I can actually afford?

I'm gonna splurge on a mattress though, the store she works at is known for making good ones and I think it's a wise investment considering I spend 1/3 of my life there.

No. 664046

If I was rich I’d get myself a sugar baby, idc what anyone says, just want a young cutie to show me affection

No. 664048

Holy fuck, lmao. Golden, 10/10

No. 664050

He was cute before he ruined his face with fillers. RIP

No. 664056

So many twinks working at the cinema… just want to reach out and KISS THEM

No. 664057

or at least strike up a conversation with them.

No. 664058

alas i am too socially retarded my dear anon… i can only admire their pretty hair and skinny arms from afar

No. 664061

Why anon? Surely your personality isn't so repulsive that you can't attract a cutie organically.

No. 664064

just comment on their shirt or ask about the movies playing or what kind of crazy customers they're having tonight

No. 664089

We're on Lolcow, anon.

No. 664095

Bitch they’re gay

No. 664109

i'm in a WoW classic discord server made for the entire realm i have a character on and it's literally full of just hundreds and hundreds of men, and there's a NSFW chat where moids and scrotes just post pictures of women they want to fuck and talk shit about women's bodies to the tone of "i could never forgive a flat ass" "she was better before/after surgery" "all women should look like this"… there's actually a handful of pickme's in the server that entertain their degenerate convos for some reason… they piss me off just as much. i have the server muted, i don't even know why i click on it

No. 664126

how do you stop hating ALL men? pinkpill only feels good in moderation, i just want to have some sort of faith in them again.
usually bisexual men i meet are chill, i guess that could be a start.

No. 664138

No. 664199

Shoutout to my cat who has overcome her fear of fireworks this Halloween. She still doesn't like them but she didn't turn into a mess who hides under my couch for 24 hours. I've been trying to stay home and comfort her every holiday with fireworks for the past few years and it's finally paid off.

No. 664209

i saw my coworker outside of our work attire and she cute

No. 664213

I'll hate men all day every day on the internet but irl I adopt a pretty strict policy of 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'expect the worst but hope for the best'. If a guy doesn't show his ass I won't hate him, but as soon as he does, I won't be surprised.

Admittedly I rarely get close enough to men to let them prove how shit they are, I don't need them in my life more than the bare minimum (coworkers, family, close friends).

No. 664215

I don’t care enough about Blaire to post this in her thread, just wanted to post a silly comment about how ridiculous it is to watch people bend over backwards to call YouTube commentators transphobic because anything about or against Blaire White is direct or indirect transphobia…

No. 664218

Im honestly just thinking of embracing being a stupid clueless bitch. I hate having to try to upkeep my image while I try to learn social cues and social introcacies. Anything I mess up can just be excused by my image as a dumbass, and I can learn from it without having too much social consequence. I just want the freedom to be a dumbass ffs.

No. 664226

I sometimes wonder how many male posters are here who just know not to announce their phallus and actually manage to integrate. On rare occasions I see answers on questions about male behaviour for example that seem SO…I don't even know what exactly to call it, actually first-hand experienced? instead of just an "sociatal analysis" lmao, in not even a scrote-ish way but just like…a "you asked, and I think this could provide some insight"-way while actually trying to help?? lol
I'm sure that's likely not actually the case because why would you make the effort for a place that more or less hates your "group" so to say, but I still ask myself sometimes lol…

No. 664230

It’s just troons babe

No. 664243

i need to stop watching movies like deathgasm and lords of chaos at night because it just makes me lonely about not having a metalhead bf. tfw no brodie to cuddle with at night

No. 664262

I spent 2 hours from 11-2am cleaning up my Pinterest meme board and phone pics, so I went for a shower since I have work at 10am but when I checked the time again it was 1am lmaooo daylight saving times came thru

No. 664284

I’m curious about examples of this?

No. 664287

it's 2:23am in South Carolina. I'm tired of work. I'm tired of school. I want to wear sparkly clothing and have my titties out. I want to live my best Dita von Reese ass life

No. 664290

daylight savings alone makes me prefer fall/winter over every other season tbh

No. 664294

I discovered "sexy" music by some disabled man and god it's the worst shit ever. It's time for me to take my ass to bed

No. 664302

This is why we need the absolutely retarded shit thread back, we're not retarded enough here. I want my deranged women back

No. 664304

No. 664346

>tfw you leave candy bowl out to avoid doorbell and knocks while you're picking up friend for halloween hangout
>come back less than an hour later and some little shit has stolen all the candy
>have no auxiliary sweets to gorge on

life is pain, good thing I had alcohol

No. 664398

File: 1604234056981.jpg (56.64 KB, 498x318, 4534536.jpg)

I want to check my genetic history but I'm scared I have dna of the people I don't like

No. 664400

maybe I'm paranoid but why would anyone give their genetic information to strangers? idk man I feel like in the future with more advanced technology that is going to turn out to have been a bad idea. Also stop being a bigot

No. 664401

Same. My country was invaded and colonized by everyone and their grandmother so there's a good chance that there is some Roman or French rapist genes in mine. Bleh

No. 664405

>Also stop being a bigot

No. 664408

It doesn't pick up something from a thousand years ago. This isn't mitochondrial. Also I think you mean "Italian."

No. 664412

So what? It won’t change anything. Ignorance is bliss I guess but you’re not ignorant as you already have suspicions

I regret doing my test because I was dumb and didn’t think giving a big company my dna was a bad idea at the time. My results were totally not what I was expecting though, a lot of people are surprised when finding out their heritage

No. 664416

what's wrong with giving them your DNA? literally nothing will come out of our DNA in our lifetimes

No. 664419

>literally nothing will come out of our DNA in our lifetimes
The science is advanced enough that having your dna, someone can tailor a disease that attacks you specifically and no-one else. Or attacks just a specific group of people.

No. 664420

Anon, DNA tests pull from mitochondrial DNA to find information on ancestry and it does go back that far.
I did the 23 and me, but honestly if you plug the DNA data into other places it shows completely different areas. If anon does it, hope she avoids that company.

No. 664423

Well the roman empire was huge enough that I can't be sure from which exact region it could be, so I didn't specify

No. 664424

What other places can you plug 23andme data into?

No. 664425

Coworkers are talking about troon shit because of how bored we are and I hate.

Depending on where she's from specifically saying Roman and not Italian could be more accurate, given how huge the Roman empire was but that was so long ago I have no idea how a dna test could show that.

No. 664429

Can't wait for 23andme to sell their data to health insurers, who will then charge premium (or completely avoid) anyone who has breast/prostate cancer genes, or Alzheimer genes.
You all know it's coming.

No. 664432

File: 1604238381422.jpeg (46.92 KB, 310x318, 46E0377D-59C1-4A12-9FC6-AE99FA…)

Yes? You called?

No. 664434

DNA.LAND, myheritage, GEDmatch.

No. 664477

This, among the numerous other ways DNA data can be exploited for profit at the expense of us.

People who submit their DNA to companies are stupid, truly stupid.

No. 664507

I might let a man into my life for the first time… I'm not too sure if I should… hopefully he does/says something stupid sooner than later.

No. 664509

I bless you with 3 months of bliss, and then will lift the veil of retardation from your eyes

No. 664513

Based anons. Inb4 schizo-chan accusations because anons don't want to admit they did a woopsie.

No. 664516

Thank you for your well wishes anon.

No. 664524

my AP art teacher from HS wants me to email her my old portfolio from senior year and looking at it now, i'm so embarrassed. I don't want to share it because i hate it but i also dont want to be rude…she wants to show my art to her current students and i feel so embarrassed

No. 664529

It’s full of fanart isn’t it anon.

No. 664531

no, it's studies of traffic lights and telephone wires

No. 664537

How about you send your current portfolio along with it so she can show her class how much you’ve improved?

No. 664539

I really don't like that guy's think it's a compliment when they compare me to other girls. For example, saying how a certain body feature I have looks so great compared to what their ex has or whatever or saying how they're glad I don't have a certain feature that some other girls have. Like why do you have to put someone else down in the process? You could easily just say "wow that feature you have looks really good" instead of bringing someone else into it.

No. 664540

i really love halloween and for me the whole month was building up to a night of dressing up and going for a long walk in the evening with my bf since that's the only thing we can do in partial lockdown rn. i figured other people would be doing the same and we could see some cool costumes out and about. but halloween night came and he said he would prefer to go over to his boy's house instead. like a retard i joined him and wasted my halloween night with a small group of dumb ass men who don't care about spooky shit and didn't even want to watch a scary movie. it made me feel terrible about my night, my relationship, and myself for compromising my priorities instead of standing my ground.

No. 664541

If a guy lifts you up when he hugs you what does this mean?

I was at my friends party and I was giving people hugs good bye. I went outside to say good bye to her little brother and hugged me tight and kind of picked me up.
Hes 20 and I'm 30 so the age difference made it even weirder.

No. 664543

Samhain has granted you a learning experience, don't forget it

No. 664545

you're right. that actually makes me feel better, thanks anon.

No. 664552

In a party setting I would just assume he was drunk and having a good time.

No. 664555

He thinks you're an UwU smol bean

No. 664557

How long have you interacted together during the party? Did you know each other from before or not? Are you really small compared to him? I'd guess he definitely likes you. Get his number.

No. 664565

Every once in a while I remember that wild horses scene from Fear and I just have to laff

No. 664577

I did and I'm pissed at myself. I literally wasn't thinking about it, was a dumb teenager when I bought one. Shit should be illegal.

No. 664586

Nothing schizo about it, it’s an extremely likely possibility given the state of that shithole.

No. 664590

why tho?

No. 664595

File: 1604259095648.png (375.43 KB, 1600x1200, 1602456184020.png)

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeee I just want the super ultra absolutely retarded thread back so we can bark at each other. There's too much discussion inside this thread, not enough dumb fun. Maybe If we go to meta and complain they'll reopen it

No. 664597

I peaked into snow and felt disgusted with all the OP pics. Am I finally normie-ing myself?

No. 664602

I would also like that, but people in /off-topic/ never stay on topic. In any of the threads. Even if they reopen it, the thread will, among the barking, feature 5 pp posts, 2 tranny posts, and 4 people acting as if the thread is their therapist's office.

No. 664607

I'm so bothered about dating yet I'm unemployed it's like pick a struggle. I need to get a job.

No. 664611

Samefag, jusr look at what happened to the "things you hate" thread. OP specifically said
>physical objects only
and yet the thread didn't adhere to that one bit. You just had your typical sperging.
Every thread on /ot/ is the same thread. Imma bitch about it on the townhall.

No. 664614

It's not you, I have noticed that as well, idk if it's because we grow up and become cool normies or if people are more deranged on the internet

something I also noticed is that every thread has collages as the OP pic nowadays and less dumb fanart, but every single thread having collage as the thread pic makes it difficult to differentiate which one is which for me

No. 664619

>Imma bitch about it on the townhall.
What is the townhall going to do about it? They can lock threads and ban people all they want but you're never going to be able to completely control user behavior.

No. 664620

File: 1604261778666.jpeg (52.53 KB, 587x522, images (62).jpeg)

I can't find a SMT IV 3ds card with dencent price

No. 664621

Um, welcome to lc?

No. 664622

Well anon, coming from someone that's usually looked up to in my uni environment and is thought of as a stupid dumb bitch in my work environment I can definitely tell you the former is better. I did a clumsy thing a couple of times at work and now everybody treats me like a retard so now I avoid talking more than necessary with my coworkers because everything I do is "adorable" and they have this air of superiority coupled with a condescending tone when they talk with me.

No. 664631

based, sounds cool.

No. 664637

Why does breaking up feel so bad even when you know it's what you want and your significant other treats you unfairly?

No. 664638

because change sucks for some people, even when it's good

No. 664653

I'm an athletic/muscular girl, I have large muscley thighs, some biceps and abs. People seem to be so damn weird about my body? Lol, one minute someone will claim I'm too skinny, next minute I'm fat, one minute I'm curvy, next minute I'm manly? Why can't Americans make up their minds?

No. 664665

File: 1604265525003.jpg (30.98 KB, 500x500, love-memes-2.jpg)

>I'm an athletic/muscular girl, I have large muscley thighs, some biceps and abs.

No. 664672

Because you have to do the hard work of walking away from someone you love because they refuse to work. It feels like a reflection of yourself. At least in my experience that’s how I had felt, but removed from the situation, I feel infinitely better. Hope you feel that way too anon.

No. 664674

File: 1604265917809.jpeg (265.1 KB, 1242x1235, BE142F88-28A5-4AF6-B519-FE29DE…)


No. 664690

File: 1604266830271.jpg (37.19 KB, 381x700, 4-YOUNG-WOMAN-OF-POMPEII-ON-A-…)

Give me your body now

On a serious note, maybe the people around you haven't seen enough muscular women in their life to kow exactly what's going on? As in, they haven't seen that much muscle on a woman before. I certainly didnt for a long time in my european shithole. Don't listen to what people will say about your body, im sure its great. Muscular women are coming into fashion i think, and its def a good thing.

No. 664692

File: 1604266891394.jpg (23.33 KB, 500x500, 71acd9d16a8978720fefc649db4845…)

I wish I could be just like you

No. 664704

Godddddd I love this ytpoop so much, I love it so much that I randomly think about it and I autistically know everything and could make a transcript of it

No. 664717

Why hello! I didn't see you there. IM GAY. What the hell??
Hello again, welcome to channel awesome's boner channel, where you can watch me WACK OFF.
Reviewing everything and anything relating to PORN.
But it's so much more than watching me *~suck a cock~*, you can watch me rip on my chest, cleaveland steamming down my butthole, and my most challenging character PINGAS. Various sketches, b-logs, and BIG ASS. If you don't like buttfucking my face though, I pity you. You FUCKING DICK. And the best variety of other PORN we have, including ones that sometimes have my DICK AND BALLS in it, so you don't have to cum too much. Or if you wanna check even more PORN you can check out my ass! all fucking night dot com, home to some great cock and GAY that are not me. But for not being GAY they're pretty good! So search around and fuck my ass, all are welcomed here. Especially these *~dildos~* flying around my face.

No. 664725

i wish /g/ and /m/ were as active as /ot/

No. 664729

File: 1604269342240.jpg (34.22 KB, 916x512, 1efe05478b9da5ff2072516d1ac522…)

This evenings mushroom dick was truly unfortunate… normally I love sucking dick… but a mushroom head just doesn't really get me going ya know??

No. 664733

/ot/ is only active when everyone's fighting

No. 664738

I'm taking notes for my psychology of sex class and since when is murder a desirable part of sadomasochism? I thought that was a different paraphilia/kink entirely. Imagine my surprise when I read "common activities or fantasies: restraint, blindfolding, strangulation, beating, burning, pinching, whipping, spanking, electrical shocks, torture, & in some cases, murder" in my lesson.

No. 664741

Yeah I'm pretty sure straight up murder i.e. erotophonophilia is an entirely another paraphilia from sadomasochism. Like torture and asphyxiation might intersect with serial killer lust murder shit but straight up killing someone seems to be outside of that categorization.

No. 664743

>mfw I've always wanted to be a muscular, athletic girl but always end up just being a skinnyfat bitch
anon please be proud of your body for me

No. 664747

File: 1604271744284.jpg (430 KB, 1080x1620, PicsArt_11-02-06.00.54.jpg)

All aboard the brozoi hate train

No. 664750

Should've put timothee on there instead of two kpop idols

No. 664751

Why do all kpop idols have no curves that girls thigh goes straight into back oh my god

No. 664752

Her butt is covered by her dress, it’s obviously not a straight line

No. 664767

File: 1604273765212.jpg (660.92 KB, 1290x720, PicsArt_11-01-11.34.59.jpg)


No. 664771

It's called being skinny. The kind that includes no muscle building.

No. 664776

I spent the time to request a mail in ballot but it never arrived and I’m not sure why. Apparently I’m not supposed to send mail to the place I live but I’m not sure if that’s the issue. I don’t live in a swing state by any means but I still feel bad about not voting

No. 664779

File: 1604275096739.jpg (351.22 KB, 1242x1513, 1599699968423.jpg)

No. 664781

How the fuck is it so complicated for you guys to vote over there? I do that shit on my way to school or something. Don't feel too bad, but also, you'll know better next time.

No. 664783

It depends on the where, but in a lot of regions in the US voting is subtly and not so subtly discouraged. If you have to jump through this many hoops you probably won't bother.

No. 664785

I'd help keep /g/ active if every single thing didn't loop back to anons sex lives, preference fighting, and shitty (ex)bfs.

No. 664787

There's still a week before the election. What's keeping you from voting in person? I'm going to get my vote in early.

No. 664788

I'll use this later lol

No. 664791

Is this the borzoi anon?

No. 664793

the election is in 2 days wtf

No. 664797

Come with me anons
Back to the the 1990’s and the 2000’s
Let’s play some Spyro and FFX
Go to the mall and buy some shit
Read some Sailor Moon
Watch a little Dragon Ball
Everything is gonna be all right…

No. 664798

help you guys are fucking sending me

No. 664799

Oh shit lol sorry I mixed it up. Dumbass shit indeed.

No. 664801

File: 1604276442973.jpeg (464.09 KB, 1620x1701, 0044BC0B-113E-4EA5-9068-ED7BFD…)

I always see this dyson ad but it’s not very effective because honestly I don’t want this lady’s hair, it’s just so flat

No. 664803

File: 1604276544933.jpg (115.41 KB, 1242x1601, 1600985530924.jpg)

no but i stan her

No. 664809

Okay. But can someone explain this site relationship with Borzoi dogos?

No. 664810

Forced meme

No. 664811

Just learned my mom's bf has a blue flame trampstamp to match her bf's tattoo which is his initials with blue flames around them above his dick. Omfg.

No. 664812

Kek I meant my bf's mom not my mom's bf!!!! Gonna leave it though

No. 664814

Does Borzoi anon like or hate them? I missed out on this whole saga.

No. 664820

File: 1604278144701.jpg (70.83 KB, 400x480, 1599697766827.jpg)

It makes people mad.

No. 664824

I’ve never seen anyone actually angry, just people saying it isn’t the cute quirky funny thing you think its. It’s just cringe.

No. 664825

File: 1604278375133.jpg (24.67 KB, 326x244, The problem is that the danger…)

Ok but listen to me for a bit
We let this thread be for dumbass shit discussion (because let's be honest, all we do here is discuss shit)
And we use the ultimate absolute retarded shit thread to just post stupid shit like we did before

No. 664826

The whole reason why this started was because of an anon who was legitimately terrified of these things, not thinking it's cringy.

No. 664828

I’m aware of that. Then one/two? anons thought they were being le quirky ex dee by spamming them everywhere because it makes everyone ‘assblasted’ when that just wasn’t the case. I was so embarrassed of this site when that was going on, one of the most retarded forced memes since Dante.

No. 664840

>one of the most retarded forced memes since Dante.

What was the Dante meme?

No. 664841

File: 1604279634159.jpeg (61.86 KB, 600x571, CD122148-37CC-4295-A4CB-28D8E3…)

No. 664859

Oh lucky you, you fresh little spring chicken.

No. 664868

File: 1604282974437.png (167.88 KB, 860x774, 296-2965084_transparent-wojak-…)

… Oh, right. In my defence, I thought you were talking about a real person.
Pic related is me rn.

No. 664872

Dante was a man that showed up in the Aly thread, she was an Italian anorexic that used to be incredibly milky. He was literally just a random man wearing sunglasses in the background of one of Aly’s photos. Some anons forcememed it and gave him a name, a background story, kept mentioning him in other places, writing fake little fic shitposts about him. It was pretty rough. You didn’t miss anything, I promise.

No. 664874

Thread idea anon?

No. 664883

ATAYRT. Good idea, anon. It could be like a containment board for driverposting, hateboners and sperging.

No. 664886

File: 1604285143759.jpg (75.38 KB, 1040x1286, 20201019_230155.jpg)

Don't forget Timothee. I love you anon

No. 664888

File: 1604285319494.jpeg (90.15 KB, 800x450, 74CADDF1-AA16-4321-A286-06F8DC…)

>tfw i start crushing on a guy i have never even heard or seen for the 37474747th time

No. 664890

>Today on: Things that never happen.

No. 664894

What does atayrt stand for?

No. 664895

sounds like a variant of atyrt - "anon that you're replying to"

No. 664898

We can call it the ugly containment thread

No. 664899

>tfw i do this and then proceed to lose interest in them once i see how they look, even if they're hot

No. 664903

File: 1604286556207.jpg (350.42 KB, 719x700, Screenshot_20201102-030809_Chr…)

Ily2 anon. I'll make it now.
Yeah I meant anon that you're responding to lol.

No. 664909

File: 1604286930564.jpg (81.09 KB, 1242x1129, 20201020_153803.jpg)



No. 664911

File: 1604287002840.jpeg (69.9 KB, 1003x537, 06618EB2-D22B-41E2-B502-B1B1A5…)

No. 664916

isn't that what the 'ugly men shilled as attractive' thread is for?

No. 664917

Anon the thread is locked

No. 664918

Do this anon. It's so easy especially now that 3DS production has ended.

No. 664919

I hate this superwholockian ass newage shit.

No. 664921

I had a feeling that was going to happen lmao.

No. 664979

i'm drunk as fuck rn but this picture is so scary i am weeping and crying

No. 664986

Can the driverstans fucking stop spamming

No. 665005

I'm posting here because too dumb to find right place to post thread request for OT topics

I wish we could have international thread (without extreme race baiting) to discuss and learn about other cultures. Yeah I know there is quora and reddit but I'd appreciate hearing it from the salty farmers.

In example, I As a eurofag find USA very fascinating because we consume their media but there is still major cultural differences. I wish I could ask questions like: is it actually common to live in trailer homes? don't they get cold in winters?

No. 665011

File: 1604315346166.jpg (21.56 KB, 563x566, 277f0716a5aa739821642f4c122a0f…)

man i love dill and cigarettes
also i hope yall recover from your emotional pain (if u are going through something) soon. i hope i do too!

No. 665019

It’s probably a single anon that only recently discovered le lolcow and feels like such a le funny troll for obsessively posting that chinless mongrel she’s obsessed with. Twitterfags think spamming fancams is hilarious so it would check out that this behavior seems cute to her here.

No. 665022

You could ask in stupid questions babe, there’s no way to have a thread like that without it being derailed into racebait. Mobile homes are very common and they aren’t too hard to heat since they’re smaller, but its really expensive for a lot of people during the winter.

No. 665024

nothing more satisfying than eating a soft cookie while drinking your coffee except smoking a cigarette with your coffee but i quit a week ago

No. 665026

We had a pretty normal thread on /g/
There was a Finfag shitting on Swedes though

You can always make that thread

No. 665028

I unironically love the rivalry between Finland and every other hinga dinga durgin country in Europe

No. 665031

I wouldn’t say it’s “common”. But trailer parks are usually where poor white trash live.

Finland is like the old man yelling at kids from his yard lol.

No. 665042

looking back old lolcow threads were always like "she deserved to be raped what are you a moralfag"? and nobody was against it

No. 665043

Congrats on quitting, anon!! 100% agree on the soft cookies and coffee, too. I love eating a sweet with black coffee, personally.

No. 665046

File: 1604322372896.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_11-02-08.05.36.png)

No. 665051

Mobile homes are common. There are parks full of them everywhere.

No. 665054

Old lolcow was a bit different in that guys from /r9k/ regularly posted here.

No. 665056

Yeah, can’t ever remember a time when anons said girls deserved to be raped. Well, Kiki said it about herself once but that was before she integrated and started clearing her cookies.

No. 665060

Anyway how many Adam stans here browse r/adamdriverfans? I check it from time to time and I always run into drama and/or conspiracy theory why Joanne is keepin Adam hostage in a loveless marriage. I remember reading last year about the poor fan who passed a painting of Adam's dog to his wife during Arts in the Armed forces gala or something. She later found out from an interview (I think? not sure) that the painting was destroyed and Joanne made her out to be a huge stalker.
Haven't checked the sub in a few months and I'm curious what they are up to now…

No. 665061

Wow you are soooooooo cute and eccentric trululululul

No. 665063

I browse it but for shit and giggles.
The Joanne Hateboner is so stupid and autistic in the same time

No. 665067

Stop talking to yourself

No. 665068

I just think it's weird that I just moved into a neighborhood where it seems everyone is in an interracial relationship and I'm in an interracial relationship.

That's not an exaggeration, I want to say 70% of couples here are mixed race, whether it's white and asian or black and white. It seems to be mostly WMAF (on the left and right side of my house) but there are quite a few more couples scattered throughout.

Interesting. Were we pulled here somehow? One sort of mythological being drawing us here….

not racebait, I swear

No. 665070

File: 1604324832973.jpg (191.14 KB, 828x1423, 20201102_204343.jpg)

No. 665072

File: 1604324957029.jpg (32.05 KB, 828x260, 20201102_204346.jpg)

No. 665073

get help
Wait, is this still about the dog painting girl or some new drama?

No. 665074

Yoy mean the borzoi anon??

No. 665075

No. 665076

Stop spamming about the tard you stan outside of g maybe? Desperate ass newgfag

No. 665080

It's literally dumbass shit thread tho?
You act like a newfag for assuming one person is spamming about Adam Driver. Do you also tell people irl to shut the fuck up if the topic of the conversation doesn't interest you?

No. 665083

when in the history of ever has lc encouraged spamming love letters about someone you stan across several threads? it’s pathetic

No. 665085

I just asked a question in this thread. I am not responsible for all the AD posts on this website, across the boards etc.
Your sperging about my (and other anon's) sperging is clogging the thread more than my original post. Fuck off and let the conversation happen or not naturally.

No. 665086

Lie some more

No. 665087

Please for god sake unlock the Ugly Containment Thread , I can't stand more adam driver discourse in so many thread

No. 665089

I'm not sure if I'm getting muscle twitches because I'm taking fluoxetine or because I haven't slept properly for a month

No. 665091

and you get meds for that samefag delusion

No. 665092

anon a few decades from now and everyone will be mixed and beige

No. 665094

File: 1604327060958.jpeg (39.05 KB, 500x529, 3672D483-A95D-4A67-AAA8-7962B7…)

Thank you for reminding me of picrel, makes me cackle

No. 665113

I had a dream last night that I was dating Biggie Smalls in an open relationship so he could fuck hookers and he brought back pnp, what is wrong with my brain

No. 665118

Maybe where you live lol.

No. 665134

this made me laugh lol thank you

No. 665143

File: 1604332051053.jpeg (891.36 KB, 1021x1138, 10063BBC-4C49-4A23-B44D-0E3E8C…)

I struggled over the thought of buying a $100 wool sweater for about an hour because it’s expensive and I already have a good number of sweaters, so it would be an unnecessary purchase. Later the same day I decided to spend about half that amount on gemstones instead.

No. 665149

Good vibes are priceless, Anon.

No. 665156

I laughed. Anon, you stupid bitch, I love you.

No. 665162

In case you forgot the audacity of men:
A video about how anyone can say anything bad about any gender, but everyone chooses to hate on women, while getting no reproductions, and after it being told women have it easy and "never get called out"!

Men can have everything handed to them by women and be babied to the top and still be convinced that they're the ones being oppressed

No. 665172

I'm basically a month behind all my classes right now, thanks to a change in meds and external stress. Feeling better though, and since this has happened before, I know I'll be able to make up the work. But who knows if my professors will take the late work. Plus it's always embarrassing to write up something to explain my absence without coming off as a whiny baby. Man, I hate being a flaky bitch.

It's fucking weird to say this while posting on a niche image board for autists, but this online learning shit doesn't work for me. I hope other anons are doing better in their online courses.

No. 665174

Dreams with cows in them are so weird, the other night I had a dream that Shayna posted a bunch of pictures with a super strong Meitu-style filter on her face that made her look like a haunted blowup doll and it was so terrifying

No. 665183

I know a guy with this mindset. He has the highest hourly paid job I know and got there from his dad. Still claims women have it easy because we can strip for insecure money and get free food.

No. 665188

How do I get free food as female? kek

No. 665191

If you consider your time worthless and can entertain a boring scrote for an hour who wants to pay for dinner in hopes you'll sleep with him, then boom. Checkmate feminism!

No. 665193

By going on dates supposedly even though men get praised for calling women gold diggers and ghosting women even though a very minority of women are actually allowing men to pay their way nowadays

Another thing that urks me is the whole "western world is so anti man!" Shit. In the western world there are literally hundreds of women supporting men financially, the majority or doing "50/50" aka doing most housework and buying but splitting bills 50/50 even if the man uses more, and an extremely low amount of women actually seeking men to be housewives for. The countries like Russia and japan that these men fetishize as being pro man? Men are expected to pay their own way, you want a wife and kids? You better have the funds to and if your job doesn't pay enough you damn well better expect to get 2-3 or even 4 jobs if it means to support your family. The whole "evil gold digging wester women" crowd would not last a single day in the 1950s, russia, japan, or any other country these men fetishize for being pro male. American men get everything handed to them and still think it's them being oppressed

No. 665195

One time a man bought be a $3 ice cream insisting that he wants to treat me to it and then honest to god later used it to shame me into a relationship. Never get fooled into taking anything from them.

No. 665196

This is why I still fight w my bf about splitting the check or taking turns kek I don’t want to owe shit to any man. Pathetic.

No. 665197

impressive this site has a huge hateboner with a dog bread and actor. keeping it on Anons(bait)

No. 665203

I'm 19 and somehow for the past few months I've started to look SO forward to like my fourties or fifties, I'm not even sure why. I think it's because usually, you're pretty settled in your life by that point. No "big firsts" like living alone for the first time, first serious job, first serious relationship, first child. Maybe your first grandchild, if you actually DO have kids… It's not like my life is terrible right now and I'm just looking forward to times where I think "it just has to be better by that point!" or something like that, it's simply that I want to skip that self-finding phase that's supposed to start soon, having to build relationships with strangers again, this time to get a foot in into the job market, the restless-ness(?) that's coming with the next decade…now that I type it out, I think I'm just really fucking lazy lol. I just want to live my stable life in my apartment or maybe small house with a cat (preferably a ragdoll), settled 15 to 25 years into my career already and have a set routine every day without any real surprises. Sure, you can get laid off, or 2020 ― Act II happens but for now I just hope I'll somehow manage it lol.

I can't believe that just three or four years ago I used to say that I'll have hanged myself by my 25th birthday lmao.

No. 665209

I just found this site by accident yesterday while looking up EYK break up rumors and I am so curious. Like does everyone here hate trans people? what are your thoughts on people like Nikkie tutorials? genuinely I'm curious. Can I even ask this or will I get shit on and put out to pasture.

No. 665210

We hate mentally ill spergs here. That includes trannies.

No. 665211

I can kind of get this. I'm 30 and I've been through stuff like living alone, in bad hourseshares, with partners, having breakups, a marriage, divorce lol, losing a parent, moving across country, buying a home. There's definitely a sense of relief in knowing life has already thrown some emotional and stressful shit at you and you've made it through alright. Like there's less shit life can throw at you.

Firsts are stressful AF but after that you at at least know you're pretty resilient.

No. 665220

personally, i'm not bothered by people like nikki tutorials as shes assimilated into female culture pretty well. i also don't mind most FtM. however, i cannot stand male trannies that refuse to integrate, or low-effort integrate, and have the audacity to complain about women oppressing them or not being allowed in women's-only spaces or whatever. women get enough shit as it is and its disgusting to me when i see a male try to infiltrate female culture/spaces and try to force females to accept them. if theyve already transitioned to the point where theyve basically assimilated (nikki tutorials for example), then it doesnt bother me that much, but otherwise it makes me feel incredibly unsafe.
i am also of the opinion that probably 75% of MtF trannies are straight up fetishists. men are predators and just because they decided to put on a dress and wear programmer socks doesnt change that fact for me.

and PS the only reason a comment like this would get you banned is if it came across as bait, which yours doesn't imo.

No. 665225

File: 1604341108149.jpg (814.3 KB, 3774x3011, child-actress-shirley-temple-h…)

I can understand Hollywood's love of Shirley Temple. She was an adorable little actress. I watched the whole volume 2 that was on amazon prime. I chuckled quite a bit and only hope that if I had a kid she's as funny and emotive as that little girl.

In a way, she reminds me of my grandmother who looks and talks like Shirley but also, when I was a kid and spent time at my grandmother's house, shirley temple commercials would be running all the time.

Volume 1 was just fucking weird and creepy so steer clear. The first sketch seemed to be the first ever shirley temple and it's a bunch of kids running around in diapers and kissing shirley on the mouth. Plus the audio is so bad (and theyre like 3) so you can't understand what they're saying. kek on the fact that her "maid" was a little black girl.

No. 665229

you should prob keep tranny talk in the troon thread over in /snow/ to avoid ban

No. 665234

File: 1604341620092.jpg (43.56 KB, 550x447, 25e237513d666ed6d8d7f11d80796d…)

afghan hounds > borzois or any other long nose skinny hound dog types

No. 665235

All I'm gonna say is that I was shocked that people were shocked when Nikkie came out. The very first time I watched one of his videos I was sure he was a FTM because of his voice, not just his speech pattern or the slang he uses, but just the sound of his voice, and I immediately thought "no that's bad, real women can also be fat and ugly too, maybe she's just a chain smoker", but then I saw videos of him next to other women doing each other's makeup and the contrast was striking. I never liked how he seems to brag about products he uses all the time while look fake as fuck like he was payed by brands to do so, he's bad at hiding it somehow, but that also applies to other youtubers anyway.

No. 665236

File: 1604341723699.jpg (153.73 KB, 1013x1280, 7ezgu (1).jpg)

>assimilated into female culture

No. 665237

More like assimilated into drag culture/makeup styles, which makes sense.

No. 665241

ngl i haven't watched TERRIBLY much of nikki tutorials, so my opinion was probably retarded.

No. 665247

Not her but his makeup only looks good on camera and if you edit pictures and videos with the right angles. A real women doing her makeup the exact same way would look like a cakey clown irl. Can't be worse than James Charles who doesn't even know his skin tone though.

No. 665250

Kek nah it’s fine, I actually don’t disagree with you and generally think she’s inoffensive. She never even wanted to come out and make being trans a think until being blackmailed. That’s ideal when it comes to trans people imo, integration and just living your life.

To be fair, all the YouTube/IG makeup artists do this type of makeup, though. It IS hideous in real life, but the people that take the makeup advice to the streets never put that together kek.

No. 665252

oh yeah, absolutely. i initially thought nikki was trans based on how much makeup was being used and that shitty ass skin, but i just discarded it as me being a bitch. like i've NEVER seen a biological women with skin that irritated.
james charles is a hack. i can't stand him.

No. 665254

100% agree. if you had any intention of integrating with the rest of women, you shouldn't even have to mention that you're trans. people that make being trans their entire identity just want to be special or a victim, and have 0 personality otherwise.
(samefagging, btw. apologies.)

No. 665265

Same with FtMs. I met a very cute boy at pride 2 years ago, and he came out to me as trans when we were flirting and hanging out only bc it became relevant to hooking up. That’s it. We were fwb for a while and his transness was never a Thing outside of not wanting to surprise me with a pussy the first time, I guess. The only type of based trans people.

No. 665296

The reason why so many people hate on millennial artists is because they do they same shit over and over and it's terrible. I don't want to hang hentai up on my wall, have it on a calendar, see it in a gallery or anything else. There's nothing wrong with being an artists but I've met over hundreds of self proclaimed artists and I can count on one of my hands how many of those people did something other than yiff/hentai/loli or anything else. Deviantart back in the day use to be original drawings, paintings, comics, etc. Sure a lot of it was edgy but it's so much better than pretty much browsing something that's all hentai, have some damn originality for fucks sake and you wouldn't have to be an uwu starving artist

>Inb4 go socialize you're only talking to weebs!

These are still people I meet and there's a lot of them, the vast majority of people are glued to the internet, if they exist, theres a lot of them then I'm allowed to talk about them

No. 665298

I just scrubbed my house and now I'm exhausted, cuddled under a heating blanket and watching true crime. It was a good choice and now I'm so sleepy

No. 665300

good job anon!

No. 665301

File: 1604346615537.png (111.54 KB, 888x555, 1427420912842.png)

Don't complain, it was never released outside of the nintendo eshop in Europe.

No. 665306

Yeah I thought so too, and then there's the voice as I said here >>665235, he always looked weird, before and after putting on makeup, and I'm gonna guess he'll age like milk.

No. 665315

this thread is interesting, i read through each post in the accent of the anon's stated country of origin in my head. one of the things i miss about life outside of the pandemic is interacting with foreigners

No. 665320

>Deviantart back in the day use to be original drawings
non-starving artists/popular/rich artists don't create "original" art in the first place

No. 665321

Anime inspired art is still good. Not nsfw

No. 665323

You know that thing where you'd only interact with certain content and then algorithm would only recommend you more of that content and nothing else? Sounds like what's happening to you, because I'm following a LOT of artist on twitter, instagram, facebook and it rarely ever happens I'd see hentai, yiff or loli not at all because I'm not interested in these and i'm not in these circles. You are the root of your own problem I'm afraid.

No. 665337

When I read posts like this, I understand why the artist salt thread is so shit

No. 665339

I bought some tasty beverages today but forgot to pick up lunch/dinner to go with them. I think I just might have to go crazy, go stupid.

No. 665343

It was worse one thread ago when retards couldn't stop complaining about anime art and when asked what they consider good art the response was "read a book"

No. 665344

File: 1604352071705.jpg (32.87 KB, 400x267, de606b45b8ec3891f067d8cb3d4ec5…)

Feel like pure shit just want the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Legend of the Blue Eyes White Dragon booster packs back x

No. 665351

File: 1604353094344.jpg (37.29 KB, 800x450, LPpFlbz.jpg)

>Be me
>Feel like trash
>I just woke up and I heard my mom yelling at me
>She keeps yelling at me for the rest of the morning
>She got some information wrong about my work, and when I tried to explain her, she kept on yelling at me
>Take pills, be very sad
>Unlock phone, browse through art sites
>No idea of how, but find a lot of art of my husbando
>Cute art, me happy
>He makes me happy
>Day is better now

So, how are you doing today anons?

No. 665358

I'm not involved in art communities or do I live in any place like LA, Seattle, NYC where I'm sure you would easily be able to find real artists, these are just people in my circles that I interact with so I'm sure my opinion is going to be very different from someone who is involved with art communities

No. 665363

>these are just people in my circles that I interact with
That's what anon is saying, stop doing that

I don't think anon is telling you to go out and physically find a new group of artists, just to actively like and follow stuff you do like and to unfollow and hide things you don't. Don't give any kind of interaction to the stuff you dislike even if they're in your circles or even create a new account from scratch to only find stuff that you do like

No. 665366

i hope trump wins it's gonna be hilarious im not from usa btw

No. 665376

It will be boring

No. 665380

>go to popeyes on break
>say I want fries with my meal
>assume they actually listen to me and get it right
>get meal
>drive halfway back to work, only have 15 mins left of break
>realize they gave me mashed potatoes

luckily I still like their mashed potatoes but I really wanted greasy ass fries

No. 665385

nah it would be much more interesting if biden wins, trump tards are much more obnoxious about their opinion and it would be funny to see all of trumps 300 lb dick suckers who ran around screaming "trump 2020" from the back of their shitty pick up trucks in defeat, there are some bad biden supporters but here they just put a sign up and go, trumpers make it a personality to support trump

No. 665392

Same I hope America burns down

No. 665403

Shitposting is the only joy i have left.

No. 665408

File: 1604358660459.png (82.41 KB, 224x225, it_shall_stonk.png)

Felt extra confident and did a big girl step deciding to finally invest in stocks today; and now even though I'm certain the price will grow, just the fact I did it makes me feel irrationally uneasy… keep fingers crossed for me and my future riches, anons!

No. 665423

How will it burn if Trump has been a president for 4 years and nothing interesting happened

No. 665432

If he does I'm gonna stay off twitter lmao

No. 665470

You Finns are so easy to spot

No. 665475

File: 1604362931296.jpg (7.13 KB, 226x223, download.jpg)

It pisses me off that my country spends billions of dollars in space exploration but we can't get a flimsy plastic container that doesn't sound like a fucking warzone when I'm trying to get a cookie. I genuinely feel embarrass trying to open this bullshit

No. 665477

Good. It's so fatsos feel ashamed sneaking it at night.

No. 665480

I love raw red onion in food but once it’s cooked it’s disgusting to me for no reason at all other than my brain suddenly decides it’s gross. I also don’t really like raw tomato, but cooked tomatoes? Amazing. Even just grilled, or in soups- absolutely delicious.

No. 665484

Maybe it's the texture? I love red onion too that shit is so good on bagels but once onion is cooked it has a weird, limp, kinda slimy texture. The crunch is one of the best parts of raw onion

No. 665486

File: 1604363319741.png (836.03 KB, 767x1080, Mila_Jansen.png)

Hear hear anon. They think they're slick

No. 665489

I love everything about this post

No. 665517

Finns hate everything including themselves, it’s so funny

No. 665518

Lol same. I saw some videos of stores boarding up their windows to get ready for the riots.

No. 665536

i literally don't know where else to post this and it's gonna come off as racebait 100% when it's genuinely not and i'll probably get banned but fuck it i need to vent this dumbass shit
a certain political imageboard which we all know of, got me seriously against semites from a younger age, and it's hard to bring myself back to a rational standpoint regarding them, ie not villainizing every single individual because of the actions of some. i just want to sensitize myself because i feel extremely desensitized regarding this and frankly just totally unempathetic, when i'm not even full blown crazy or anything like holocaust deniers for example.

No. 665541

Wrong, I'm Polish

No. 665546

Trump is a funny meme especially if he’s not screwing you over in your country but honestly I actually want Biden to win just because I think he’ll pass good shit like college debt relief, give stimulus (I never got shit once), and generally help people who need it instead of looking out for billionaires with tax cuts.

No. 665559

You’re one in the same

No. 665573

I bet money on Trump winning he better does

No. 665576

I hope you find a lovely jewish friend who helps you try and overcome your older prejudices anon

No. 665579

File: 1604371173153.jpg (206.72 KB, 1080x1868, Screenshot_20201103-133802__01…)

Not OP, but lolcows of lolcow didn't last long.

No. 665588

It’s in manure. It wasn’t even a good thread.

No. 665594

just finished the queen's gambit and highkey want to be a really good chess player (even though i haven't played it since i was like seven and forgot all the rules) now what

No. 665602

Damn I thought my sense of humour died but turns out I was just around the wrong people

No. 665607

You’ll stop fixating on it in a few days and move on to something else

No. 665609

chess is fun though

No. 665611

But you’re only obsessed with it atm because you saw a moderately cute girl getting attention and praise for playing it in a fictional story, none of that is going to happen to you. You’ll get bored very quickly

No. 665617

Are you a man?

No. 665620

nta but how the hell did you come to that conclusion

No. 665625

i'm the first anon and thanks for the good wishes! it means a lot

No. 665626

You’re fucking insane

No. 665628

nta buy idk something about being a condescending fucking ass about anon's new interest really screams scrote

No. 665631

Watching a tv show and applying it to your personality never lasts idk what you’re on about

No. 665637

Anon said she wanted to be a good chess player, not that she wanted to be a child prodigy and become a grand master like in the series. You aren't the smartest person here, stop trying

No. 665640

>started a sport specifically because of a sports anime
>still doing it 4 years later
>pretty good at it too
>all but forgot about the anime

Anon should play chess if she wants to, who gives a fuck about what gave her the idea? And I agree that >>665611 screams scrote, the way that comment zeroes in on the gender, appearance and attention getting aspects of the character and is sooo certain that chess would bore anon… that's exactly the sort of response she'd get on 4chan.

No. 665642

My dumbass thought the Queen's Gambit was a chess computer program and was super confused. I was biased from watching the new Down the Rabbit Hole video kek. Chess sounds gay

No. 665648

pasta with chickpeas and greek dressing or scrambled eggs and fried potatoes? i have tomatoes and green peppers for veggies.

No. 665652

as a middle easterner the first one offends me so the second.

No. 665653

The first option sounds delicious.

No. 665654

But anon it's only rotini, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon, and oreganooooo what did I do so wrong??

No. 665656

Nothing anon sounds scrumptious

No. 665657

Yeah no. It was a fictional feel-good tv show. Chess is lame.

No. 665658

I like wearing the masks in public. This way I don't have to make any stupid facial expressions in the lower half of my face anymore and just have to use my voice.

No. 665659

>you’re only obsessed with it atm because you saw a moderately cute girl getting attention and praise for playing it in a fictional story
You okay?

No. 665660

I feel this spiritually. And people can't tell that my face is red after I say something stupid. Massive bonus and a little boost of confidence

No. 665661

She said she wants to get really good at it, that’s a lot of time and effort for a shitty game that she’s going to gain no revenue or anything from really. If she wants to do it I mean sure but wasting all of your free time and resources to learn to be skilled at chess of all things because of a Netflix show is gay.

No. 665666

I fucking loooove wearing masks. No more worrying about my nose hair or my girlstache. Hairy hoes rise up.

No. 665668

Nta but people put time and effort into all sorts of things that don't gain them revenue? People get interested in hobbies after seeing media depict it all the time? Yer weird anon.

No. 665669

File: 1604383583635.jpg (28.93 KB, 330x256, 20201103_060456.jpg)

I try to be nice to you guys and make a thread and end up getting my first ban. Driver-chan … avenge me …

No. 665670

Please use your brain for like, half a second… if she started playing chess and found that she agrees with you that it's a boring waste of time, don't you think she'd just fucking quit like a sane person instead of "wasting all of her free time and resources to learn to be skilled at chess"?? You make it sound like having a go is some lifelong commitment and massive investment lmao.

No. 665674

Spoiler that gore please

No. 665675

I hate it here

No. 665679

Reported for spam. This fucking faggot's face is fucking disgusting. Go back to your discord server.

No. 665680

I dont have discord. Y u bully me?

No. 665682

File: 1604386026041.jpg (19.39 KB, 449x281, o9y89y.jpg)

No matter how woke privileged people are, they'll still be ignorant… they'll all repeat the same cool woke opinions but they won't be woke towards things they didn't hear 1000 woke people say nice things about before, they will always prove themselves as ignorant and stupid but at least they're trying, unlike the others.

No. 665693

It's actually kinda funny how mad some anons get at the adam driver anon. And no, I'm not the one paying him. I think he's ugly too.

No. 665694


No. 665704

same, imo my eyes are my nicest feature so it's nice having them the centerpoint of my face instead of my nose lol. The only problem is that I have a habit of subtly mouthing my inner monologue and now that I wear a mask all the time at work I've stopped suppressing it, when we're able to go maskless again I'm gonna look insane lmao.

No. 665709

This isn’t a fan club.

No. 665740

I can't believe I'm being forced to use discord. I hate it.

No. 665742

So I read that they predict Biden to win the elections…opinions?

No. 665763

as a non-american any result will be funny to me. incoming civil war?

No. 665764

KEK gore

No. 665765

I don’t trust any predictions because that’s what happened in the 2016 elections (lots of projections said Hillary would win) yet look where we are now. It might be extremely close and also have to consider GOP is constantly trying to get mailed in votes not counted. Will probably have a repeat of 2000 elections where they had the recount too.

No. 665770

i hope so but i can't expect anything either way. i voted for biden myself and that's all i can personally do
i'm unironically worried about a civil war breaking out, people are going to be pissed either way

No. 665773

I'm op and I'm not american either lol I'm just curious

No. 665799

damn you guys are some strait up americaboos lol.

No. 665801

An anonymous British businessman has bet five million pounds on Trump winning the election. He must know something we don't.

No. 665808

Why don’t most of young women realise that the biggest “fuck you!” to society is to …just exist in your natural form ? Idk if they don’t know it and mistake giving in to gender role expectations equals to being empowered or if they’re just in denial cause that’s a big sacrifice to make.
It doesn’t even have to be “extreme” like walking around with hairy legs (which would also still be completely natural and normal
but ok)but just stopping to paint your face like a clown or a drag queen would be enough.
In most jobs women cannot even go to work with their bare faces cause they’re afraid it’ll look unprofessional and whatnot. And if that’s not the case in America you best believe it is in countries where lookism is a even bigger issue, such as in Korea. I’d rather have the Twitter “feminists” promote that instead of writing essays defending WAP but then again I’d be talking to a group that’s now run by mentally ill misogynists.

No. 665813

They're just a bunch of pickmes that crave scrote's attention and want to be ~sexy and fun and """empowered"""~ instead of true rebellion, embracing your natural true self instead of becoming an idealized version of a ditzy, clumsy human sex doll that has to say yes to whatever scrotes demmand
it's easier to be "blissfully" ignorant than smart.

No. 665818

I don't own make up or shave my legs and it's not so much a fuck you to society (I'm in a cold country so my natural legs are mostly only seen by partners anway) but I just don't feel a pull to partake in that stuff. I see women complain about the high standards that are set for us now looks-wise and like… you can just opt out of all that. It's not mandatory.

No. 665819

Doing things just to gain revenue and not because you're genuinely interested in getting better is the most mediocre thing in the world

No. 665823

Shout out to the dude that came on far too strong and made me see sense that I like being single. I am not ready to be anyone's girlfriend anytime soon.

No. 665827

I am so sick of how sexual everything is too. I wear pretty modest clothes because I hate the attention literally anything else brings and that's not to say men still don't comment on my attire. I've been sexually assaulted and I was wearing what could be described as a male garb that night too so really it's fruitless anyway, but I do feel like women do not help themselves with being taken seriously by how they dress. I'm not even sure some would be self aware enough anyway, but also maybe I'm a bitch and this is how I've coped since my first sexual experience was being molested. I just don't feel comfortable I guess.

No. 665829

Chess is still gay

No. 665849

File: 1604411951249.jpeg (24.68 KB, 350x467, images (70).jpeg)

Should I play the game or watch the video game on youtube?

I just want to play hideo game in first time

No. 665850

I don't get how can you hate chess, it's such a smart game

No. 665854

No. 665856

>Why don’t most of young women realise that the biggest “fuck you!” to society is to just exist in your natural form?
Socialization and the "eyeliner so sharp it could kill a man uwu" feminism. Most women want to feel pretty because looks = value, so instead of truly rebelling, they frame it in a way that "empowers" them. I do think women that have fun with makeup here and there are fine, they're not wrong about men hating blue lipstick and shit, but still, feeling the need to do all that shit is based on putting effort into your appearance to signal worth. It's dumb. I like makeup when I feel like wearing it, but don't wear it at all most weeks, including at work. It sucks, I wish girls realized how freeing it is to not feel the need to wear makeup/do your hair/etc even if is a thing they enjoy from time to time.

No. 665859

I hate washing my hair because I have too much of it even with half shaved off in an undercut, and it dries super dumb. However, every time I move my head, I smell it and it smells so good…

No. 665868

I've got so many rings and I rarely wear most of them so I just decided to stack em up today and I have 3 rings on one finger and 2 on the other and I feel so royal like a king with those bigass signet rings

No. 665874

Exactly. Like, I get wanting to 'feel pretty' and getting compliments on makeup and stuff and honestly I do wear makeup like 4 times a year at least because my family guilt trips me into it lol. But for the most part, I don't shave, don't wear makeup, don't feel bad for 'looking ugly and undone'. It actually feels freeing not caring about minute details of my appearance. I don't ever get compliments because I'm not good looking but I quite like just existing without putting a… performance so to say.

No. 665925

Decided to watch a kdrama someone recommended because I was bored, and omfg, do these shows purely run on humiliating moments? The sheer second-hand embarrassment I feel is palpable, I can barely get through episode without skipping scenes and stopping the show to cringe.

No. 665933

Don’t bother. I’ve tried so many and they’re garbage. They all want to be the same exact archetype of a person and it makes every show boring. All they do is whine, speak in the identical male/female voice and cadence, sniff, and make faces at each other. The only show I can confidently recommend to you is My Mister, and even then I can’t guarantee it’ll take.

No. 665950

Which did you watch anon? I just started crash landing on you and I enjoy it so far

No. 665953

cats cant wipe their asses after the use the litter box and i wish they could. i hate when my cat has a poopy butt

No. 665956

Aww is your cat long haired or chunky?

No. 665960

Some of the dogs in my area take the sloppiest shits while they're out being taken on walks… the type where I guess they couldn't be picked up anyway. There is no way those dogs have clean asses after.. I'm glad I don't have anything depending on me to clean it's ass.

No. 665962


honestly I can't stand k-dramas. I've tried to watch some but they're all so boring.

No. 665964

I watched a few back in the day and I now find them boring. Lot of movies out of South Korea are better than their dramas

No. 665966

she's kind of chunky and getting old, i've been feeding her a bit less and playing with her more, though. her butt isnt super messy but it's still icky to look at kek

No. 665969

>The sheer second-hand embarrassment I feel is palpable, I can barely get through episode without skipping scenes and stopping the show to cringe.
Oh god this. I have this -skipping or pausing things from secondhand embarrasment-thing with shows in general but kdramas are completely unbearable.

No. 665970

The stitchess' outfits are getting better recently

No. 665977

I tried the Korean movie Cadaver that was just added to Netflix and the fake screaming and sounds of terror were so awful and grating that it made me feel physically aggravated, and I’ve never reacted that way to a movie before.

No. 665978

File: 1604422167503.png (162.08 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20201103-163837~2.p…)

Reminder to never send your nudes to anyone and that even your nephew might be jerking it to your Facebook pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665981

They have entire privy, exclusive discord servers where they exchange voyeur and hidden camera videos and screen grabs of visitors and family. In case you wanted an excuse to be anymore PP than you already are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665982

I keep thinking the marilyn manson thread pic is projared

No. 665989

Let’s not forget about how also any pictures wearing a swimsuit can also end in that folder since there’s threads about “censoring” them so it looks like they’re not wearing anything.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665995

I used to make that mistake all the time too, anon

No. 666006

Why was this anon sent to pasture, am I dumb for not knowing

No. 666008

Am I really that dumb or what but why bans over this?

No. 666010

Okay I'm glad I'm not the only one utterly confused. Why redtext?

No. 666012

My best guess is that it's samefagging. Would love to know the details though.

No. 666015

I am also wondering why are these users being put out to pasture? Why are those ban worthy? Or are mods just trigger happy

No. 666018

Now only the last one is redtexted. Weird.

No. 666027

Not for me

No. 666035

Is it that pinkpill isn't really allowed?

I've seen that hidden cam stuff before, family members showering (or even shitting??) and god I hope that most of it is actually fake

No. 666092

File: 1604432023721.jpeg (84.32 KB, 864x1390, 0D61E612-E958-46E5-8D16-8D5885…)

My college and its sister campus, the state university, are currently in a full on nuclear meltdown because surprise surprise, the admin is full of dumbasses.

I just got this retarded vagueposting letter asking the student body to attend some virtual meeting because of an “incident” on campus. That incident being one of the senior faculty chimping out on the Student Association about BLM (why this was brought up I have no idea), and then the Association throwing back “microaggressions” and other sjw bullshit. Now they want to senior faculty to resign or apololie to calm their feefees.

Also, the president for our district got outed for gerrymandering and trying to hire professors who were christfags, and demanding the curriculum be pushed “centre-right”. And then two other idiots got caught embezzling millions of dollars from the university into their accounts, which had been going on nearly 10 years.

The campus does have an issue with shitty people because of the area we are in, but I am living for the milk because I saw this coming. But I never knew it was going to get this bad. I am enjoying it though, fully expecting the campus I am to splinter as there have been rumors since it is the busiest in the region anyway.

No. 666137

not sure if the american election is a banned topic but do any fellow burgers have any predictions on how bad the civil unrest is going to be? i live in a shithole city and im worried about riots

No. 666148

>Why don’t most of young women realise that the biggest “fuck you!” to society is to …just exist in your natural form ?
Disagree, true it is a pretty big 'fuck you' but the BIGGEST is refusing to partner with men or have their children. Society could adapt to hairy women without makeup, we are desirable regardless and that's how it was in many places for much of history. But not being with men on a large scale would fuck them up completely, their entire existence revolves around forcing or convincing us to be with them. Pressuring us to look a certain way only benefits them when they expect to have access to our bodies to begin with.

No. 666163

So fucking true. This relates to sth I've been reconsidering since I left my ex bf. I'm bi leaning much further toward being attracted to women, and I think I'm going to give up on dating men entirely. I've had about an equal number of gfs and bfs. Everytime I give a guy a chance he ends up reminding me of how horrific it is to be in a relationship with men. I wonder if there are any other farmers who were relatively attracted to men, but decided to stop dating them.

No. 666171

Not from the states, but I know that shit will hit the fan. Be safe.
Fucking hell, how the hell can a election cause so much debris?

No. 666178

All I know and gut feelings too is that someone is going to get hurt , either riots , magatards shooting something ect. Tbh I don’t even anticipate them to have results on election night

No. 666184

If you can, stay at home starting from tonight. Especially considering you said you're in a "shithole city." Cities are where I expect the rioting will be the worst.

No. 666190

File: 1604439025973.jpg (37.78 KB, 500x280, tumblr_41ca5358016067a54e0041c…)

Everyone I've talked to has a terrible gut feeling. I'm staying at my boyfriend's tonight because I'm afraid of my Dad's reaction. It's just best to stay as home as much as possible the rest of this week imo.

No. 666192

Please do stay safe burgeranons :(

No. 666193

It wasn’t even samefagging.

No. 666194

I got tipsy and am craving for boiled eggs, this bitch of a body is setting me UP anons

No. 666196

I live in NYC and I was gonna go downtown after work to buy ice cream to stress eat but maybe not… They were boarding stuff up around where I work and a friend who works uptown on 5th ave said they’ve been boarding shit up for blocks. I’m not really sure if there’s stuff already going down at the moment, I’ve pretty much unplugged from the news as much as possible.

No. 666209

I really only see riots happening if Trump wins. People are already sick of getting fucked over so it’s like wow 4 more years fuck it. you never know but I don’t think anything too crazy will happen outside of some fringe loonies this time.

No. 666212

File: 1604441463516.jpeg (314.03 KB, 828x1385, A5D766F4-93DD-4636-91D2-BC1CFF…)

Some of the shit that mods deal with smh

No. 666213

Burgeranon here and the anxiety is killing me. I feel like crying because I cant forsee anything about this election being good no matter which way it goes. Luckily I don't live in a city, but I'm sending love and hugs out to every burger anon who does. Stay in your homes, bundle up and take deep breaths.

Send all of us Americans love, please, non-American anons. We really need it.

No. 666215

I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends. It’s always one of them gotta be ugly.

No. 666218

That man looked like a bicycle seat

No. 666222

love from england my dear burger, everything will be fine <3

No. 666227

It’s nice to see anons being understanding about it, after Polish and Finnanons said she hoped we all burn and die or whatever I just assumed that’s how everyone else felt kek

No. 666232

I must have missed that but I want to experess that I feel for you guys, considering how tense everything is in the world nowadays it's hard to not worry about what's gonna happen after election resuts are announced. American politics - and general situation / mood in the country really - is influencing entire world so despite being far away European I'm waiting for official resuts anxiously too. Please stay safe after all is done.

No. 666252

good luck but i honestly don't see anything that bad happening that is warranting your panic! maybe a bunch of leftists will chimp out of trump wins again, hardly doubt there will be much of a reaction from the right if biden wins because those guys are all talk no action anyway. just relax

No. 666254

oh anon, you’re so wrong about that. they are not all talk, it’s just that police don’t do anything about them and they don’t often report their crimes to the media. in that aspect there is plenty to worry about.

No. 666256

File: 1604446950684.png (443.75 KB, 595x507, 8631D594-C31D-474B-B238-65D458…)

yeah i just saw this. maybe i was too quick to speak…

No. 666257

thank you, england anon. My heart is racing. i want to take off work tomorrow

No. 666259

>Why are those ban worthy?
Maybe the mod is a pro sex libfem or a scrote who partakes in those things. There's no reason for why would a normal person be against those posts.

No. 666260

anon, trumpists have been "chimping out" throughout election season. last month it was reported that a far right militia was planning to kidnap the woman who serves as the democratic governor of michigan. militias have been documented surrounding ballot drop off stations, fully armed, in the effort to intimidate people voting for the dems. just yesterday, trump supporters surrounded a biden campaign bus like a pack of vultures. it appears that these people are deeper in the cultist mindset and more radicalized than biden supporters, and trump has repeatedly endorsed their actions as acts of patriotism.

No. 666264

Why are people on here acting like leftists are the ones that are going to be fucking shit up? Trumptards are the ones that are going to do that.

No. 666265

Such a fucking wholesome heartwarming post… bless

No. 666268

They were the ones who did it before too! They like starting riots. Inb4 tinfoil I live in a major city and was naive until the things that happened over the summer and now I’m genuinely afraid of police. So many disguised men in professional gear throwing bricks and looting.

No. 666274


No. 666275

fighting off the urge to have a second emo phase rn

No. 666277

Damn it must've been some good sex. Craving nachos now

No. 666279

i'm embracing my second goth phase. hoping to attract a spooky gf

No. 666290

Spoiler both sides are violent and cultish.

No. 666292

literal anxiety waiting for election results. why is politics so damn stressful ugh

No. 666294

>picture of actual construction site on the right
wow so weird BRICKS huh?!?

No. 666296

comment on something someone said on reddit hate thread about the meetup picture where all the fat women are getting naked but the normal looking thin women are not: honestly, this is something i have noticed from free the nipple movements and so on, it's always some ugly and/or fatty with their titties out but you never see attractive women doing this unless they are hired like that one eastern euro titty movement run by some man.

No. 666305

bc ugly women often act inappropriately sexual as a way to overcompensate for how they look. it's sad but it's common

No. 666307

I don't know, but I guess it's either impulsivity, confidence or a distressed call for attention.
If it's confidence, wish I had it to that degree. I rarely see women of a norm bmi behave that way, but maybe it's because I'm not paying as much attention when they do?

No. 666308

noooooo i'm pretty sure my dad just walked by and saw me looking at some hardcore pornographic comic (usually keep my door closed but I got used to leaving it open for my dog). he's too nice so i know he won't say anything though…guess it's what i get since i've accidentally seen him looking at porn too (sorry dad!)

No. 666312

do it, pussy

No. 666316

As a burgeranon, it's so weird thinking about how the rest of the world are viewing us right now. You guys are watching an real-time fight for our lives, really, all cozied up at home with mugs in hand reading the news.

For real, though, sympathies from anons in different countries mean so much. Ya'll are so freaking nice, I'd love to share a steak and some green beans with you. Maybe some cookies too! I know us burger anons are dumb as fuck sometimes but it means a lot reading your posts.

No. 666326

I'm not even from the US and I'm dying from anxiety watching the election results because I bet like 500 USD on Trump winning lmao

No. 666332

Lmao it's an Adam Driver meme.

No. 666334

oh lord i feel your pain anon, what comic was it?

No. 666337

why the hell did you do that lmao

No. 666347

Bro why

No. 666349

This isn’t even funny anymore why tf do I wanna kiss everyone

No. 666357

For what purpose?

No. 666358

Dunno, I saw other people betting on him and my impulsive ass decided to go for it

No. 666359

I'd have done the same

No. 666365

File: 1604461647236.jpeg (20.93 KB, 500x500, images (72).jpeg)

No. 666383

File: 1604464748615.jpg (168.43 KB, 1242x995, 1596499805443.jpg)

No. 666389

If I lived in the USA I'd already be dead or in debt $1,900,999 for medical shit or something, that place has always scared the fuck out of me. The idea of breaking an arm or giving birth and having to pay is freaky, so I've been wishing my American online friends good luck for over a decade now. I have no idea how you guys do it. Now this shit on top of it? Stay safe anons, that shitshow is so fucking scary to watch. It's playing out like an Alan Moore comic

No. 666396

Was joking earlier that Election Day is just Anxiety Christmas. It’s a fun, wild ride if you just lean into it a bit, anon.

No. 666399

yeah pretty sure orangey-kun will win. time to make plans to go to canada…

No. 666401

I'd much rather chase men than be chased. Why can't I do that? This sucks.

No. 666410

I'm having the sneaking suspicion a friend of mine is also GC and pretty anti-liberal feminism, but I definitely won't ask her outright.
She's always been lightly interested in cows, too, so maybe I should ask her what she thinks of Adam Driver and Borzois to see if she's active on here kek.

No. 666411

Men are literally retarded. They think women who pursue them are red flags because it means they're desperate, but then they complain about how they always have to make the first move. Keep your chin up, babe. I respect your go-getter attitude.

No. 666413

You can absolutely do the chasing, many anons already do. How can you expect to be a hunter when you don't have confidence in yourself? Go and make your destiny

>maybe I should ask her what she thinks of Adam Driver and Borzois
If asking about Borzois becomes the lolcow version of I Like Your Shoelaces then I will almost feel bad for the original anon who was scared of them kek

No. 666418

ok farmers, what's the appropriate callback to response to "what do yu think about borzois?"

No. 666420

They should immediately be put out to pasture. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

No. 666425

Fuck true crime, it's not healthy to obsess over shit like that!!!

No. 666431

"They're wonderful, fit for bullying people"

No. 666457

fit for a farmer

No. 666462

File: 1604479061455.png (15.69 KB, 330x203, 1596450518084.png)

farmer chess tournament when?

No. 666480

File: 1604481763278.png (186.26 KB, 600x600, 600px-(Clergyman's_Counsel)_Ts…)

I'm waiting too anon

No. 666505

It's extremely fucking boring game play. Just watch someone play it, the cut scenes are interesting.

No. 666509

It's an easy game, frustratingly boring at times but there's a charm to going at your own pace there. This said, only pick it up if you have too much free time to spare and it's on a discount.

No. 666591

File: 1604500231573.png (298.97 KB, 860x689, 3187828E-F8BC-497E-984A-2055B7…)

No. 666598

stress eating cheezit duos and full sugar dr. pepper before 9AM

No. 666599

Did you also watch the Deep Blue video?

No. 666600

Witnessed a woman order a foot long tuna sub with bacon and a veggie patty added at Subway. At 6:30am. She was really friendly but wtf.

No. 666601

Okay, I feel better about >>666598 this now kek. Tuna and bacon…huh.

No. 666604

My friend once saw someone order a meatball sub with just lettuce. Any time you enter a Subway, you've chosen to step into hell.

No. 666610

The thread pic reminds me of that dumbass problem "How much time would it take for a chimpanzee randomly typing at a typewriter to write all of Shakespeare's works?"

No. 666613

Fun fact, they tried to prove this and it failed miserably, laughably.

No. 666617

what do you mean? Did someone try to prove it with a real chimpanzee an a typewriter

No. 666622

File: 1604503602261.png (66.98 KB, 647x631, monkey text.PNG)

Yes. The chimp ended up shitting all over the place and only typing one letter.

>Not only did the monkeys produce nothing but five total pages largely consisting of the letter 'S',[12] the lead male began striking the keyboard with a stone, and other monkeys followed by soiling it.

picrel is actually some of the text the chimp wrote. The rest is on wikipedia

No. 666626

I hate shaving my legs so much. Everything feels wrong when my legs are smooth, like there's something smothering my legs. I like to think of my leg hair as antennae that let me sense the world around me kek

No. 666627

I'm so angry right now, they took 2000£ to prove a theorem based on a random outcome using monkeys
>He concluded that monkeys "are not random generators. They're more complex than that."
did you really need to spend money to realize that

No. 666630

Scientests are even more retarded than me who knew

No. 666632

defund academia

No. 666641

How do you feel about waxing, anon? I also hate shaving and made the switch. You do it a lot less often and the hair grows back more sparse. If you're just doing legs, its really easy to do at home with the strips.

No. 666647

I love my leg hair

No. 666652

>I like to think of my leg hair as antennae
I know that feeling! And if I wear tight pantyhose when it's long then it almost feels like it's being pulled

No. 666654

I started growing my nails long since the start of this year but I heard just a day or so ago that long nails contain a lot of bacteria? Now I'm kinda wanting to cut them all short again like before but I have bought so many nailpolishes, they'd go to waste…

No. 666657

You can still paint short nails.

No. 666658

It doesn't look as good!

No. 666661

Just wash your hands and under your nails plenty and it should be fine.

No. 666663

not really, mine are short and painted and they look good

No. 666664


nvm me I just wanna scream

No. 666666

Will the devil’s post number come?

No. 666668


No. 666671

Bless me with your divine power anon

No. 666673

File: 1604508476452.jpg (82.96 KB, 1000x960, welldone.jpg)

woohooo congrats anon you got it!

No. 666676

File: 1604508661759.jpeg (51.15 KB, 274x275, 1A50F9F0-3EB4-49F9-AA38-FED530…)

I just feel at the moment everything is too much for me I just want to be cuddled and buy plushies

No. 666677


No. 666683

I feel bad for women whose only identity is mommy or wife.

No. 666694

I used to work at subway and someone ordered a sub with everything on it lol. Couldn’t even close that shit.

No. 666695

You are blessed by the holy lord Satan

No. 666701

My coworker's gf said she used to work at Subway and sometimes dudes would come in and order the most impossible retarded shit just to watch her struggle to make it, she said it seemed like they really liked watching her struggle in a creepy fetishy way. It freaked me out to hear that ngl

No. 666703

My SOs mom pisses me off into oblivion

My boyfriend has a little sister in High School, me and my boyfriend have also moved across the country and plan to move back and have already gotten into a college in an area where we want to live. On top of that I've done nothing but benefit this family, I've offered free tutoring to his little sister to the point of making straight As, pushed both him and his little sister into receiving scholarships for school, spent well over thousands of dollars on food, gifts, repairs, etc for his family, spent full days cooking and cleaning their food and their house, got my SO his past few jobs, and so on

What do I get in return? His mom makes conspiracy theories about me, claims my dad, which she has never met, is out to get her, calls me shit head, claims I'm poisoning them and releasing demons in the house, encourages their son to cheat on me and constantly tells him he needs to leave me for someone with bigger boobs (yes really), even went as far as trying to block me on his phone and he didn't find out until a few days later) tells me it "looks bad on me" when I eat my own food in their house, even though she eats my food, claims that food and other items I brought are hers and demands money for them and also claims the price is 10x what it really was, claims she can't get a job because FBI agents told her not to, lives in her parents house and lives off of them while constantly trying to ban me and my SO because "we don't contribute anything" even though his grandparents/her parents beg us to stay, tells me I owe her water money for using her washer and dryer even though they have a well, don't get a water bill, I only have like 5 articles of clothes there I use for work that I barely wash until I start getting infections, and th grandparents pretty much force me to wash my clothes (I'm in school and work 60 hrs a week, my place is in the booneys and my BF lives in the city I work in, I practically just use his place to crash in because I'm always in and out so it's not like I just spend the majority of time there).On top of that I've given his little sister money for food and friends, and his mom and his sister still eats a lot of my food, she starts shit in the house constantly including making constant false rape and abuse allegations against her step dad/the grandpa

No. 666705


No. 666706

Uuh, you realise she is probably schizophrenic right?

No. 666708

She sounds incredibly mentally ill. I hope your bf supports you when she acts that way and you guys can move away from her permanently someday. That shit is annoying and stressful even when it holds little to no real weight. Sorry, anon.

No. 666709

I feel sorry for some women who seem trapped by their existence, but I've also seen others who're extremely fullfilled by it. I know you're not arguing one way or the other, and this is just a simple opinion, but I don't think a lot of mother's need your pity. It's wonderful that we can choose who we want to be either way. Sorry for no1curr.

No. 666710

Most bad personality traits are always linked to some sort of mental disorder, that doesn't mean no one is allowed to vent about them

No. 666712

You. You are the chosen one.

No. 666714

good take anon

No. 666715

Ah sorry wasn't meaning to imply that at all. Just that this seems like a person who belongs in a home; it's crossed from annoying to scary

No. 666724

Holy shit, nice anon. You have supernatural powers.

No. 666730

They probably just wanted a excuse to get some money lol

No. 666740

witnessed, i guess this is fine.

No. 666745

File: 1604514098662.jpg (8.18 KB, 209x241, images773LQD5G.jpg)

I haven't had an appetite recently, but boy howdy, has this election got me stress eating bullshit snacks and even a soda already today. Looking forward to hanging with my friend after work because we're going to order more junk, too. Any takeout suggestions?

No. 666748

Imagine getting this number on the sanic thread

No. 666757

Are all scorpio men narcissistic and crazy?

No. 666759

No, but I'm probably biased bc all Scorps in my life have been awesome. Aries/fire sign men in general are the ones you should watch out for.

No. 666785

No just watch out for men in general

No. 666801

Agreed and geminis in particular imo.

No. 666811

It’s 2nd lockdown’s eve today ukanons. How do you feel about it? I am actually kinda glad and don’t care too much. But it is dumb that they refuse to close schools/uni’s

No. 666823

File: 1604518907000.jpg (390.17 KB, 1080x1984, 20201104_213917.jpg)

#aspiringmodel tag on ig never disappoints

No. 666825

AAAAA I want to pick this scab so bad even though I know I shouldn’t ughhhh

No. 666826

Why does his cheek look so circular and weird? Is that from Botox or something

No. 666828

Why did the ultra dumbass retard shit thread get deleted? This belongs there. This is too dumb even for this thread's standards

No. 666829

the delusion… Plus he looks… not young, why would he want to be a model with a greasy attempt at e-boy hair? I'm getting alarm bells, you can guess what kind of attention he wants, or that's just me. When it's a male of this age it makes you think

No. 666831

He looks like the type to murder someone, film it and upload it to the internet. I am getting Luke Magnotta vibes from him

No. 666836

File: 1604519802680.jpeg (72.56 KB, 363x464, C14A55A1-AF89-43C3-B889-13BB80…)

idk why but he reminds me of senor senior junior for some reason and it's sending me

No. 666837

File: 1604519852289.png (Spoiler Image,194.03 KB, 1000x1000, bloodyface.png)

>haven't dermaplaned in months
>finally dermaplane
>forget how sharp the blade is
>get a little careless
>tfw your entire face is bleeding

No. 666845

This was me yesterday shaving my legs for the first time in months. Face tho.. ouch

No. 666847

he wishes

No. 666852

File: 1604520917274.jpg (874.05 KB, 827x1355, 1a3d9e0.jpg)

IMO the girl on the right is more attractive anyway. I also notice in a lot of nothing memes it's either photoshop or the "better" girl is styled to emphasize her breasts and the other is wearing something loose

No. 666854

File: 1604521175094.jpg (73.29 KB, 1023x967, DzVI8LzUcAA4LdO.jpg)

ever since i got this ingrown toe nail infection it's just so painful to wash the wound properly without it burning or literally hurting for god knows how many hours, man i cant even put it under water for a small bit without it literally hurting like a bitch

why did i get my fathers genetics why i just want a normal toe nail

No. 666855

the people who like this meme template and share it around are pornsick scrotes. imagine being one of those girls and someone makes your photo into an overly sexualized meme template featuring your breasts. fucking sick

No. 666860

Have you tried soaking your toe to clean it? It doesn't seem like it at such a low volume, but running water has quite a bit of force behind it and may be causing you more pain.
If you have tried soaking, please ignore me.

No. 666861

>IMO the girl on the right is more attractive anyway
You're doing the same thing.

No. 666864

Exactly. I'm not sure why farmers care so much about breast size, anyway. That image should be taken for what it is, a poorly-made meme by a man obsessed with his imaginary breast envy kink, but actually feeling upset at the idea like it's some kind of legitimate point about breasts makes you look like you're insecure about your small boobs.

No. 666866

Maybe do a diluted betadine soak? Sorry about your toe sis

No. 666867

I would threaten your bf with leaving him if he doesn't get her under control lol. Remember, shitty in-laws are typically ENABLED by their children.

No. 666868

i mean, some of us have been bullied and harassed about our breasts since puberty so seeing that kind of stuff is a bit upsetting

No. 666869

Chicken wings

No. 666870

They’re both pretty tho

No. 666877

They are, I look similar to the one on the left and I can easily look almost flat chested if I wear a loose shirt with no bra or a sports bra. Men really underestimate how much styling can drastically change how someone looks

No. 666880

That's what I practically been doing in all aspects of his life, I actually even made him block several of his friends for being pedophiles. I call him out on his shit constantly and neither of us have the funds to get proper help, on top of that the grandparents who do have funds to get help for try constantly and she doesn't work with them (I live in a red state with horrible mental health care lol)

No. 666881

File: 1604524259138.gif (2.93 MB, 498x498, tenor.gif)

I use Aggretsuko gifs on here so much I'm basically an avatarfag.

No. 666884


The Aggretsuko gifs are great, so keep going anon-chan! ♥

And don't worry, I use a lot of Kermit memes on my posts~

No. 666885

i've read somewhere that the girls in this pic are not only sisters but both underage, which if it's true makes this meme even creepier than it already is
i wish farmers and women/girls in general wouldn't care so much about their breast size but i can't blame them for being upset about it when scrotes will take an innocent picture of two girls and pin them against each other like this

No. 666886

The great thing is, the harrassment is there no matter the size. I don't pretend to know how much a woman with small boobs has suffered with being teased or harassed, but I know that I've been teased and harassed for big boobs even by female friends. Notably in regards to the way men will pay attention, and I'll ask a female friend and get a "No, sweetie. It's your sparkling personality he's interested in". It's shitty and implies my tits are the only thing men are interested in about me (which might be true, men are collectively kind of shit).
It's stupid that we fuck with eachother over it though.

No. 666887

File: 1604524914600.jpg (45.99 KB, 650x855, USA-Frontmanmain.jpg (1).jpg)

Remember, women are seething at and constantly competing with each other to attain this.

No. 666894

thought this was nikocado from the main page

No. 666899

File: 1604525980383.jpg (100.19 KB, 808x879, anon-s-boyfriends.jpg)


No. 666914

I’m losing it

No. 666922

My husband has a really sensitive nose and hates scented candles, but his parents and sister are constantly giving us scented candles. Any occasion for gifts like a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary, there’s another pack of cheap scented candles.
I don’t know if they’re intentionally trolling him or if he’s too much of a wuss to tell them he doesn’t like the things. We have an entire cupboard full of them, still in their original packaging. I don’t know what to do with them. Donate them somewhere? Sell them online?

No. 666928

Why not regift them? I like giving candles as presents (though I only get them for friends who I know like them and I know what scents they like).

No. 666929

File: 1604528712764.jpeg (423.47 KB, 616x676, 874AA928-A737-4BE0-BB1F-5D5783…)

No. 666933

File: 1604529028097.jpeg (493.38 KB, 595x680, 40B9C299-D1F0-4BDE-9D32-A6E126…)

No. 666944

The only people I know who like scented candles are the in-laws in question. Maybe they won’t notice if I wait long enough?

No. 666951

something I hate about being a woman and living in this society is that we're supposed to always adjust to men's rapidly changing standards. At least with decades it was consistent, in the 90s you spent a few months becoming thin and you were good well off in the decade as well as the 2000s, in the 50s, you maintain a healthy weight and wear a corset and do a few exercises here and there, in the 70s - 80s you just worked out and you can meet the body standards easily if you were an average woman

Nowadays, one corner obsesses over chubbiness and fat women, you're expected to gain weight and pray the majority of it goes to your ass and tits, men have no issue almost killing women with their fatty fetish, the other corner men do the same but to skinniness, niche corners expect women to be body builders, the rest of instagram expect women to be extremely curvy and have perfect features and so on. It sounds fair that theres someone for everyone but these people aren't consistent. I had an ex boyfriend whose tastes would rapidly change and affect my health, one minute he fetishized chubby girls and insisted i sit around eating mcdonalds and give up my active hobbies, when he wanted a skinny girl I was expected to lose all the weight he made me gain and when he wanted abs I was expected to just up and shapeshift to whatever he wanted in the moment, the sad part is im not the only one this happened to

No. 666953

I hate fanatics of politicians but I genuinely would be one for Bernie Sanders

No. 666957

I've experienced the same thing anon, just another reason to give up on catering to men and be your natural self. If a man cant love how you look naturally, thats his problem. We dont need to change our bodies or faces to win approval.

No. 666968

>one minute he fetishized chubby girls and insisted i sit around eating mcdonalds and give up my active hobbies, when he wanted a skinny girl I was expected to lose all the weight he made me gain and when he wanted abs I was expected to just up and shapeshift to whatever he wanted in the moment

It sucks and he is scum, but why did you do what he says? Did you not at any point think this is ridiculous and dump him instead of eating mcdonalds when you don't want to? I get if someone forces you and is violent if you don't do what he says, but you could've just… walked away. I used to be a massive doormat and even I would've laughed in his face.

No. 666971

I was young and stupid just like most of the girls who fall victim to men with fat fetishes/skinny fetishes/etc

No. 666992

Some men don't even do that because they have specific attraction to any body type one way or the other. They mess with women's heads like that because they enjoy seeing you struggle to hop from one foot to the next in order to cater to their fickle whims. They're after your need to chase their validation, which is why triangulation memes like >>666852 are popular. Memes like that wouldn't be posted if they weren't effective, which is why you never see the opposite posted >>666933. Can't be giving women too much ego food now.

No. 666993

File: 1604536603270.jpeg (97.21 KB, 645x960, 877048DF-D47F-4419-91D4-A4801C…)

Yayyy I’m joining the trainnn

No. 666995

Definition of a pornsick man.

No. 667003

File: 1604537490316.jpeg (335.03 KB, 1280x960, 20180329-kNbD07Us3JPuUtbJHvQC.…)

I remember going on palace avatar as a kid and typing "clear" in people's chatroom to delete all their shit. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this obscure memory.

No. 667008

File: 1604537777936.png (529.42 KB, 680x438, 546541615.png)

Imagine the shitfits men would have if >>666929 or picrel were the popular ones

No. 667024

Men scream and cry over anti male jokes but call women sensitive for even hinting anything anti male. It's almost as if they think that their jokes come from a place of actual opinions and attitudes that have towards women and assume women do the same.

Can you imagine the hate a woman would get for regularly making jokes about how small her husband's dick is whenever possible?

No. 667030

holy fucking shit

No. 667037

People like this annoy me. If you know you're too broke to afford food why are you having kids?this is not cute. It doesnt make you look like a good mom.

No. 667038

File: 1604541726848.jpg (63.43 KB, 564x845, suck.jpg)

Looks like a character in a netflix original or something