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File: 1626565070336.jpg (97.22 KB, 640x640, gucci.jpg)

No. 1279186

Due to popular request, here's a thread for both older and newer cows from indie bands including indie punk rock, alternative rock, grunge and so on, who do stupid things but don't deserve their separate threads. That refers to singers and musicians with unhealthy need of attention, claiming to be "punk" and independent despite being ex models or actors and coming from priviledged backgrounds, guilty of using nepotism to further their careers, reworking old genres, copying older bands or characterized by rude and nonsensical behaviour. Examples of indie cows or cows in the making:

Dani Miller of Surfbort
>"Punk" singer but incidentally a face of Gucci Beauty campain >Appropriates white trash lifestyle, glorifies kitsch >Copycats anything from 70's and 80's
>Spends most of her time partying with LA elites, taking indentical photos showing teeth gaps on instagram and posing as make up/fashion guru on tiktok
>Plays in a band with crusty, hairy old men and basically turned as crusty and hairy as them

Sabrina Fuentes of Pretty Sick
>A shitty Breeders ripoff "riot grrrl" vocalist and bassist
>Most likely from rich central NY upbringing
>Appeared in iPhone commercials, model for Comme De Garcon, Calvin Klein and basically anything else despite looking far from model size fitting
>Posts selfies kept in annoying y2k Myspace mall goth styling and tries to look sexy but ends up looking grotesque

Heather Baron Gracie of Pale Waves
>A "goth" singer that looks like a mix of Siouxie Sioux, Alice Glass and alternate reality Robert Smith dressing strictly at Hot Topic, but actually plays watery pop music ripping off Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch.
>All of their songs have the same sound and melody
>No one knows where they came from, they got an Interscope deal cause they were shilled hard by 1975 and Matthew Healy
>The chick used to upload Taylor Swift covers before mall goth upgrade

Skating Polly
>A shitty Babes In Toyland ripoff band with a vocalist simultaneously trying to rip off Kat Bjelland and Exene Cervenka >They had support of a lot of old musicians when they started
>Friends with Starcrawler which speaks for itself

Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazer
>LA child and daughter of a novelist and tv producer Nicholas Wootton
>Acted in tv series and modelled for Yves Saint Laurent before deciding to try rock'n'roll lifestyle

Staz Lindes of The Paranoyds >Daughter of Hal Lindes of Dire Straits fame and model Mary Lowett
>A fashion model and face of Yves Saint Laurent and variety of magazines.
>Grace McKagan, a "punk rocker" daughter of Duff McKagan.
>Emily Haines of Metric, annoying matron always in need of attention.


No. 1279195

hoping everything's ok, that was a bit harder than i anticipated. someone mentioned Ayla d’lyla but i couldn't find any info on her drama, sorry!

No. 1279198

Good thread OP. reminds me that Julian Casablancas of The Strokes is dating a 22 y/o and sucked on her tit in a museum photobooth, but I'm not sure if they count as indie anymore lol

No. 1279204

Thank you anon. Kind of? i mean Julian is always shilled as indie, even though he stopped being indie long time ago. He's a disaster cow and one of the original ones in indie nepotist fake stardom category

No. 1279209

I always wondered about Kemp Muhl, but I may just be salty. Thanks for the thread OP

No. 1279213

they were never "indie" but their first album counted as "alt"
that band is dull af though, it's the kind of rock music people are talking about when they say (ugh)"white nonsense"

No. 1279248

dani miller is so annoying, I really don't understand her appeal

No. 1279300

she is annoying yes, in that she is kind of a poverty larper. but i always thought she was raised middle class and then did actually become a broke trashbag when she left home, unlike starcrawler girl who is 100% faking that image

No. 1279306

Thank you so much Anon for the thread, will be lurking to provide some milk soon on some of these cows, I hope we can keep this one going thanks gorls

No. 1279341

Listened to Pale Waves for the first fime since the YouTube algorithm has been shilling them to me for months and the fuck lmao it literally sounds like that industry plant band Tramp Stamps everyone was hating on a few months ago. The music industry is trying really, REALLY hard to bring the Avril Lavigne sound back right now

No. 1279399

speaking of tramp stamps, there are lots of indie cows in LA that arent “rockers”. dorian electra, nadya from pussy riot, avalon lurks, girlpool, ethel cain, basically anyone who plays heaven party. i dont think they belong in the soundclout thread or celebricows

No. 1279411

I only heard she went to NY or else and studied filmmaking but she got addicted to weed and heroin. She got so much more annoying with popularity. She always is all about being yourself "muahaha" etc but how it is being yourself when she constanly exaggerates and tries to be even weirder or uglier or whatever. Their music isnt even so good, she knows she keeps popularity due to how she looks and dresses

No. 1279412

Pale waves chick is defo contractually obliged to dress as hot topic take on 80s goth, she personally doesn't care cause she prefers Taylor Swift Avril and bet she was your usual acoustic guitar ukulele cover girl lol. Ppl eat this up because looks but even her fans say their first album sounds all the same kek. I feel like she made a coming out just to promote new album

No. 1279415

File: 1626600940663.png (Spoiler Image,245.34 KB, 1080x2045, Screenshot_20210718-053058~2.p…)

Not sure if OT, but I always feel so annoyed how dorian has always been grouped in with the likes of machine girl or other interesting producers. Bitch was well off and decided to do some shit hyperpop, now just whores on onlyfans. From what I've heard it's just her taped up boobs or some shit that she charges 25 a month for. Picrel is her amazon wishlist which is full of shitty y2k shirts, amazon underwear, and trash maid dresses

No. 1279441

i think they belong in celebricows. they're too famous for an indie/hipster/alt thread and i now feel protective of this place where i can shit talk people i actually know stuff about kek

No. 1279505

As for Skating Polly i remember reading their parents are attorneys? I'd have to check
Idk if she's milky but Sunflower Bean girl is also daughter of some tv producer. Lol why are rich ppl even touching punk rock, what do they even understand from punk lyrics?
Btw i'm looking forwards to any insider info kek

No. 1279516

File: 1626620313544.jpg (27.13 KB, 624x492, images.jpeg-216.jpg)

Man I don't have much information on this shitshow because I was late for the train but Burger Records had to close down because literally all of their bands were sex pests.

Joey Armstrong, son of the Green Day frontman, was the most high profile one and he was accused of grooming Lydia Night of The Regrettes, another wannabe riot grrrl trust fund baby band.

No. 1279523

File: 1626620821125.jpg (48.23 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-217.jpg)

Lydia herself is a faux punk, she exclusively hangs out with famous celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo and is styled as an egirl only during shows outside of that she's just an average white girl, yet touted as the "modern face of feminist punk", yeah that's on her Wikipedia page, first paragraph.

Joey isn't that interesting because his only claim to fame is being Billy Joe's son, that's what got his mid-tier garage rock band SWMRS on the front door of the indie diy scene.

No. 1279524

Oh good lord. I was a teen on the west coast when Burger was at its peak right before the truth came out. Events like Beach Goth and others were fucking nightmares (if you were a woman.) I wish I had kept all the Tumblr posts from around then with the OG callouts and receipts. I'm sure we can still find them but, yeah. It's going to be a lot because, yes, almost every band was really just a front for rapists in leather jackets. I nearly successfully repressed those memories.

No. 1279529


No to take away from he Burger Records cows because they're almost all sex pests and greasy/gross, but Lydia Night is also the daughter of a producer/DJ/director/club owner that's been adjacent to the punk scene. Sucks that she had to put up with Billie Joe's scrote son though.

No. 1279533

Kek the regrettes always striked me as bullshit. I didnt know shes friends with Rodrigo. I just want one person in the business to call these bitches out. But they won't. New bands are strictly nepotist

No. 1279535

What about Yungblood? I heard he was on Disney Channel as a kid

No. 1279543

File: 1626622640386.jpg (54.11 KB, 445x689, images.jpeg-218.jpg)

imo it's easier and more interesting to talk about Lydia because as milky and disgusting the Burger Records cows are they already got their comeuppance, those guys are now broke drug addicts who were once C list celebrities.

On a non sexual abuse milk it seems like The Frights and SWMRS are even more assholes than just sex pests, there were rumors of them having a huge falling out with FIDLAR during their tour together due the members pressuring Zac of FIDLAR to do drugs again after finally being sober for a while.

No. 1279552

Are there any actual indie rock projects that aren't nepotism BS?

No. 1279554

File: 1626623667713.jpeg (Spoiler Image,560.62 KB, 1125x1824, 69D8A515-E89E-43EA-9331-113EDE…)

There was a Google doc circulating last year of pretty much every allegation, picrel is the first half. Here’s a link to the full list https://docs.google.com/document/d/13p7gJHGMzEWhtVquQ6PvNmkp43BbfKvkkRw_vxicptk/mobilebasic

No. 1279571

What’s the milk on nadya from pussy riot?

No. 1279579

Avalon Lurks should stick to modeling, her voice is weak and every single one of her songs is taken from another song. She mostly performs covers because she has like 4 songs. Her producer just passed away and she’s quick to be posting “candid” videos of her being vain. Not to be judge mental of a grieving process but just seems odd since without him she wouldn’t know how to make music, she literally larps with typewriters and shit.

No. 1279586

did anyone else get creeped on by various members of the orwells when they were younger? mario tried to get me to send him nudes when I was like 16, so many girls have similar stories and ive heard a lot about henry and grant raping girls.

No. 1279588

sunflower bean, cherry glazerr, and starcrawler have all toured with spoon? is that guy too much of a pussy to say "no your kid cannot open for me" to his friends

No. 1279592

burger records seem so embarassing to me because their whole thing was "we're eternal teenagers!" like that is somehow something anyone would want to be??? longhaired white people larping as 80s highschoolers is the most cringy upperclass fake boho thing you could do

No. 1279612

My best friend sent Mario nudes at 17, and several of my friends in high school were fawning over him giving them attention on Facebook

No. 1279635

File: 1626632477229.jpg (80.64 KB, 720x407, Screenshot_20210718-201310.jpg)

Had to Google Dani Miller and holy shit. she is showing off her nasty teeth in every single pic. Talk about larping poverty badly - people who cant afford dental care learn to never even smile because of the shame

No. 1279639

File: 1626632765120.jpeg (734.63 KB, 1365x2048, 3C0C6764-9864-4515-804F-76B90E…)

not really tea/and not that i blame her, but apparently lydia’s parents knew about the underage relationship the whole time and she deliberately worded her post to make it seem like they didn’t. she’s a cow, but seeing that trust-fund scrote get his comeuppance and having everyone turn against him was so satisfying. such an entitled, rapey, asshole. he got married during the pandemic to some other obscenely rich girl.

also, lydia is/was known as a starfucker & social climber within that scene, most of it happening when she was underage. where the fuck was this girl’s parents??

No. 1279643

File: 1626633191656.jpeg (2.22 MB, 1170x2142, D5B5AD09-A9C8-49CE-A3FF-E8BFB9…)

anyone follow cj harvey? she’s adjacent to the scene and takes photos/tour manages/is close personal friends with all these bands. also fucking someone from the nude party kek

No. 1279644

Tbh i think her parents encouraged it a way, they have been pushing making music and being a punk rock cool girl on her since she was a kid.

No. 1279649

Not surprised to see Cuco on this list. I've always suspected him of something

No. 1279674

rich kids do that all the time. it's like how they get excited to live in a bad neighbourhood with shootings and shit. i know a guy who knocked out his two front teeth in a car accident and didn't get them fixed for 6 years. i thought he was just broke but his drummer told me he was doing it intentionally. his mouth hole was basically like having ripped jeans or a jacket with punk badges to him

No. 1279739

Dani will be wrinkling bad from snarling and showing teeth kek.
Damn if punk is now for the rich, then what workingclass plays? Rap? rock is no longer coming from outsiders, i can't think of a single example

No. 1279768

hip-hop has been just as corporate for just as long, this happens to anything that gets popular

No. 1279793

File: 1626645977090.jpg (30.04 KB, 403x403, jules.jpg)

the last time i can recall rock having guys from working class backgrounds was grunge, kurt cobain and layne staley both were even homeless for a time. rap is all about making those fat stacks of cash and showing it off.

Personally i dont care if the person is rich if the music is good, i really liked the voids which is julian casblancas second band. but i wouldnt be surprised if jules was a poonhound

No. 1279794

Lmao you obviously don't know much rap then.

No. 1279796

I know. Especially white hip hop. In my country its number 1 genre to make big money on right now. Still Hip hop used to be outsider genre once in the 90s, at least where i live. Idk consensus is then working class tries whatever they want but never get successful.

No. 1279804

A lot of working class people make rap and punk music and whatnot, they're just not from LA and don't make it big due to lack of connections.

No. 1279822

Poor and working class people still make it big in rap (Young Thug, ASAP Rocky, Young M.A, Anderson .Paak – just to name a few).

No. 1279833

File: 1626651661557.jpg (47.03 KB, 331x500, kim book.jpg)

I just had a thought, does Kim Gordon qualify as one? I read her autobiography and cringed halfway through, it's a book full of milk itself. It's all just *~i'm so artistic~* bullshit with VERY generous namedropping of all the famous and artistic people she knew, slept or worked with, shitting on Courtney Love (not without a reason i guess, but she just sounded jealous of the fame Courtney got more than anything). And she made countless chapters on her and Thurston's drama, listing each detail and writing everything he said, including descriptions of their marriage therapies and texts he sent to the woman he cheated on her with. Don't get me wrong, Thurston is a cheater bitch cow himself, but Kim's tell all story of cheated bitter woman was tragically stupid. She's so pompous and "more art than anyone else", even if she wrote a couple of good tunes. Plus she tried to make her daughter famous too, Coco had some shit band herself but idk if they still play. She didn't make career to my knowledge though, she just pretends to be alt influencer-social warrior online but i don't know why would anyone follow her cause she does nothing interesting besides being Coco Moore Gordon lol. Last time i remember Kim put her in her music video but that's about it.
Kim's another LA child from affluent academic family but at least she never pretended to be poor punk rocker (although she had poorer periods when she started living on her own), she even wrote she deliberately chose a bit different clothes and didn't hide she was old enough to be into artsy hippie shit rather than punk, i'll give her that

No. 1279858

machine girl is tranny bullshit just like dorian

No. 1279868

If Kim Gordon had been Kim Gordon in the age of social media she'd definitely have been one.

Courtney Love would have been an e girl.

No. 1279871

File: 1626655432179.png (1.51 MB, 936x654, mall store evan taubenfeld.png)

lmao Pale Waves aren't goth anymore, someone dressed them in Avril Lavigne clothes and try so hard to make them look "punk". They even have their own Evan Taubenfeld copy, my sides
haha yes, so true

No. 1279885

Hahaha fuck it let’s talk about Kim. My fav part of the memoir is when she’s talking about how everyone would say she was a fashion icon and how everyone including the lead singer of the beastie boys would call her the coolest person in the room at any given time like…lol. Kim’s music can be cool but lyrically she could be a lot stronger and she’s def a pick me underneath all her bullshit, way more than Courtney ever could be, like why’d you agree to produce holes first album if you didn’t believe in Courtney a little bit u sour bitch

No. 1279902

My fav ones were when she went to Cannes cause she "starred" in that one Kurt Cobain movie about his last days before death, a drama not normal documentary i think (i haven't ever watched it). She played "empathetic record industry representative" (which means she probably appeared for like a minute or less) and she wrote "I've always knew i had natural predispositions for being a good actress" or something lolol
Yeah apparently Courtney "manipulated her" into producing that album with her "sociopathic" great manipulation skills (a letter with Hello Kitty toy attatched) lol. Also gotta love how Kim slammed her for plastic surgery of a nose. She had to mention Courtney had an univen scar on her nose during sessions. Or "One time Courtney told me: You probably didn't know, but I had a nose job. I thought to myself: "Probably a lot more than one". Some parts were so kekworthy that i can recite them from memory

No. 1279971

My favorite was when she called Billy Corgan a "crybaby" and "not punk at all". I mean true, but those are middle school digs.

No. 1280263


I think this is a problem with Sonic Youth as a band (I mean: Thurstom and Kim). They are extremely pretentious and think of themselves as the "fathers" of the 90s alternative rock generation just because they have been around since the early 80s. Lee Ranaldo seems to be the nicest guy in the band, and the least pedantic.
What annoyed me the most about this book was that she basically wanted to quote everything that she thought would make her story interesting, because basically she had nothing to talk about. She starts talking about Courtney and Kurt out of nowhere, and before that she tells her that her brother almost joined the Manson Family, also out of nowhere. These are just attempts to make her narrative interesting, she spends more time telling other people's stories than spends telling her own story.
The entire book is written almost like a spiteful revenge where she wanted to expose the shit that Thurstom did to her, which I can't complain as I think he's much worse than her. But she's an annoying bitch and thinks she's better than everyone.

No. 1280286

This. Tbh most of the time i can't stand that band for their attitude, they have a few better tunes but imo their albums are mostly underwhelming. Idk even the noisier ones feel polished and clear and Kim's "etheral talking" voice is fucking boring. 90's bands treated them as the coolest thing and i totally don't get why. Both Thurston and Kim act as if they basically started it all for grunge and whatnot. Bitch no. The ones who paved way for grunge/alt were Husker Du, Pixies, Mission of Burma with a hardcore mix of Black Flag and 70's punk bands + maybe a couple of cringe metal bands that grunge musicians listened to in deep middle school. Original grunge was effect of boredom and punk/metal mix of influences (i don't count Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair and other shit in cause they're direct commercial aftermath of Nirvana, Mudhoney, Melvins and other stuff Sub Pop. Alice in Chains and Soundgarden always sounded more metal than grunge to me.) I don't undermine Sonic Youth's unfortunate influence but they were never so important to pose as some godfathers of everything.

As for the book she always oddly posed as a victim of everything, if she didn't pose as coolest better than you most artsy girl in the world for a change. Her revenge shtick is apparent even in first chapter. it must read even worse for someone who doesn't know Sonic Youth. she constantly repeated she has some sexual fantasies of two guys crossing their guitars over her and revel in male energy or something and idk if something got lost in translation or what but i couldn't understand what she meant, it sounds idiotic.

No. 1280336

what's the tea on girlpool? i like some of their stuff and their new indie electronic direction is kinda fun

No. 1280338

No. 1280342

Could anyone have guessed Kim Gordon's memoir would be this much of a trainwreck? I haven't read it but it moved up the queue.
I thought her solo album from a few years ago was incredibly disappointing.

The Cobain But Vague film was Last Days by Gus Van Sant. Kim had slightly more screentime in that than Asia Argento did as the Courtney But Don't Sue Pls, which is to say she was onscreen for like two minutes. Most of the film was Michael Pitt staring off into space with a slack jaw.

No. 1280431

I'd like to know too. She was a founder of an edge art group Voina/War when she lived in Russia. Took part in a public gangbang in a museum while 9mo pregnant, and some unrelated members of the group had a performance where a woman shoplifted a frozen chicken by stuffing it up her vagina. More lulzy than Pussy Riot imo.

No. 1280444

File: 1626736137712.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.46 KB, 600x405, cat-mc-donalds-2.jpg)

Another performance from Voina (I have no information on whether Nadya took part in this one) where they caught stray cats and hurled them over the counter of a McDonalds because, idk why to be honest.

No. 1280485

Jfc WHAT. I only heard one song from them in which, at least from what i managed to understand in Russian, she sang about country going down and Putin can go fuck himself or something, and the verse was "seven years not enough, give as 18" baiting to put them in jail. And they did go to jail for some short time for singing edgy protest songs or causing mayhem at protest, i can't remember details. But i didn't know this woman does such disgusting shit in museums (imagine that this baby one day will read about what his mother did). And throws cats. Or if not her then that horrid male band idiot. I don't care it wasn't a big height, this is cruelty, hurl your own self over that counter bitch not poor cats. sorry i'm shook a little, edgelords like that are the worst, i abhor people who do yucky or possibly hurtful "performances" cause their music is too weak

No. 1280566

someone in celebricows said nadya fucks with drake bell. girlpools trans half dates ali michael who famously made rapey comments over an underage finn wolfhard from stranger things. has a lulzy finsta

No. 1280613

jesus fuck don't throw cats. if you're protesting a government that allows mink carms wehre animals are skinned alive after being injected wiht a paralytic, REALLY don't throw cats. Don't fucking throw cats holy fuck i hate her now

No. 1280920

File: 1626799537042.png (3.06 MB, 1228x1606, sabrina.png)

So does anyone have more info on Sabrina? i can't even tell if she's famous or not, i feel like she just pretends to be while nobody cares, except she's friends with semi popular insta flakes like internetgirl, Joanna Kuchta etc? she claims to be partying in (probably expensive) clubs and she's also a face of high profile fashion things. sorry but how someone looking like her can be a semi successful model? i don't even mean her body, she might have been thin once and gained weight in quarantine or gorges beer in London bars, i mean her face. She looks like a 12 year old kid watching among us streams. i'm honestly puzzled, look nobody wants Arrow de wilde for serious modeling (for obvious reasons lol) but Sabrina somehow thrives as a model? she was born in uppear east side NY, how rich must her parents be

No. 1281078

she was skinnier back when she was runway model aged
ot but arrow would be a serviceable model if she was just 6' and not 6'3". she could still get some shit/bill-paying tier work i did z-list catalogue+hair stuff when i was her age and it's a few hundred extra bucks a month even for the shittiest models like me and i really wish she'd do that instead of being mommy's puppet playing garbage music

No. 1281490

Oh my god her face is punchable. She looks straight autistic and she’s so fat!!! What the fuckkkk I hate the “fashion industry” so much right now

No. 1282004

Currently The 1975 are in hot water after ignoring grooming allegations against a (supposedly former) friend and photographer Adam Powell. They’ve only released one single instagram post ‘statement’ about everything, yet their manager has been straight-up messaging the victims of the allegations for further info instead of recruiting someone more qualified to look into things. Many of the victims are underage or were when Powell was going for them.

There have also been rumours of more info (including accusations against 3 out of the 4 band members) to be released publicly if they don’t start addressing it properly, but to me that just sounds like a weird taunt, and using vulnerable people’s private information no less. Don’t know what to believe on that front but I do believe the initial Powell business.

HBG (and the other girl in PW, idk her name) went to the same uni as my friend and he says that as soon as they started getting attention they acted like they were too good for everyone. Started cutting off long term friendships (like with friends of my friend) and favoured anyone who could get them further instead. I’ve never really liked them but somehow hearing that didn’t surprise me.

Yungblud’s forced weird Yorkshire/Northern accent makes him even more punchable. He definitely tries to play up to the working class punk image but he clearly has had the money to come from nowhere all of a sudden, so I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. I think there was also something about him working with a noncey guy even after being told repeatedly about the guy’s background.

No. 1282030

kek what a surprise. you mean the PW's sorrow eyed sad goth drummer? her name's something pretentious like Clara or Kiara. did your friend say anything more on them? what did they study? i wonder how the hell did they get on interscope/in touch with 1975. ngl Heather looks like snobby, self-obsessed clout chaser who pretends to be "shy, sad and no confidence queen uwu" but actually is a mean girl.
at least they're so much more popular among zoomers than boomers, unlike starcrawler. i think they buy bots though

No. 1282042

File: 1626918663804.png (661.19 KB, 596x579, freshman year punks.png)

Yungblud is such a cringe. i don't get how can journalists or music fans treat him seriously, he's like the worst cosplay of punk. people he hangs out with are equal cows: Halsey, Mod Sun, Machine Gun Kelly. it's so pathetic, these two are 30 year old ex soundclout rappers who suddenly decided they're punk. they both are kekworthy posers with the same aesthetic of a neon yellow green pink high schooler, listening to My Chemical Romance on his iPod with a fresh anarchy sticker on top, sitting in a yellow schoolbus on his assigned "loser" seat, on his way to random california high, waving his red Converse-covered feet in the air. They even made some shit film set in high school. i've seen people say MGK is cringe cause he's got some puffy rock saviour complex and it's so spot on lol

No. 1282055

THANK SATAN that that surfbort chick finally got posted as a cow! She's been my personal cow for years and I've seethed silently alone about her. Finally, others can see all of her stupidity. What a fucking poser.

No. 1282062

yeah she might not have rich parents but she acts so fucking stupid. also just realized she steals look massively from Peaches, same ugly styling, hair and make up.

No. 1282165

I never got the appeal of Sonic Youth. I listened to a few of their albums back when they were popular and found them brutally boring. For all their supposed “influence” not a single song stood out as memorable. And their fashion was equally dull and white bread. Oh wow a graphic tee and faded jeans, how avant-garde. They didn’t originate shit in indie rock, they just made it safe and palatable to boring boomer music critics.

No. 1282172

thanks for making this thread, was a very needed thread because they don't fit in celebcows, soundcloud rappers, or rockstar threads and most of the people in the indie scene are big cows, great thread

No. 1282268

Just asked for more info. They went to BIMM and were in the third year when my friend knew them. He said they were definitely the bitchy type; laughing with you one day and whispering about you the next. He partied with them, went to clubs etc. and his mate was the original guitarist. He wrote ‘The Tide’, got no credit for it, they dropped him as soon as they started getting popular off that song. They apparently got posted to a lot of popular music blogs and all across tumblr, then Dirty Hit (The 1975’s label) picked them up but shelved them for the longest time.

Matt Healy then said to them he’d produce one of their songs - think it was The Tide - and from then on HBG started getting touted as the female Matt Healy, went on tour with them even though they were shit live, played Madison Square Gardens with The 1975 as their first proper gig, did that NME cover and all that. Being ‘the female version of Matt Healy’ is definitely not the compliment she thought it was kek

No. 1282297

File: 1626962859923.png (2.31 MB, 1322x1080, heather 2.png)

o wow, thank you for all that info anon! this sucks, that's way worse than i thought. what fucking false bitches. and fuck they switch images every single time to see what sticks. this is from 2015 tv performance of the tide and kek she looks like hippie Amy Lee. they all dressed hippie

No. 1282298

>>1282268 when did heather (lead singer) get all of those shitty tats?

No. 1282325

File: 1626966268281.jpeg (309.86 KB, 1850x386, 6DEE5B12-E4B2-4906-B2CC-E3A3EA…)

From Wikipedia; friend’s friend was one of the bassists listed here. Also linked two of the blogs they were on when they were still with the original two bassists, back when they were up and coming and just starting to inflate their egos kek


Dunno much about pre 2014 HBG as they were in third year when my friend had just started (bassist friends were in second year). Looks like from the pics that she still had a number of tattoos back then though.

No. 1282326

File: 1626966306727.jpeg (55.74 KB, 673x673, D5A6A316-65CB-4769-886B-3E7AAD…)


No. 1282328

File: 1626966384981.jpeg (83.76 KB, 900x608, CE7016AF-895E-42F3-AD43-DD7506…)

No. 1282331

File: 1626966610993.jpg (62.45 KB, 540x540, heather.jpg)

lol there's even earlier stuff. this is from her 2011 youtube channel

No. 1282335

someone found her yt on wayback machine and so it's back on youtube. there's another video in which she covers Skinny Love and looks even more normie in pink t-shirt

No. 1282380

Maybe I’m missing something (and I agree her music is boring af) but I don’t see how this is milky, people’s fashion sense tends to evolve over a whole decade? I don’t dress now like I did in 2011 either, and musicians commonly adopt different stage personas for different projects.

No. 1282385

i posted some of these photos and yeah it isn't very milky, ofc she was a kid in 2011 with different interests. what we wondered about is was Heather even interested in rock at all or if she was industry plant who wanted to play pop but was adviced to go into 80's goth. (my tinfoil is she'll try to play country rock next, she went blonde and lowkey changes style) it's not necessarily milky but i find what anon said about them interesting, cause info on them was limited.

No. 1282491

>I don’t see how this is milky, people’s fashion sense tends to evolve over a whole decade?
Basically it shows a lack of authenticity if they're trying to present themselves as a goth band. That's a style/genre that people usually get into in their teens, and it's currently trendy, so the fact that she was seemingly pretty normie 10 years ago would suggest that they're really not into the genre and are trying to hop on a trend

No. 1282531

this. of course it's people's individual case what age they get into whatever kind of music but still. i've read her say this year that she's had enough of 80's synth goth thing and she's happy with Avril and Taylor inspired music cause "that's where her heart's truly at" so i guess they did just use goth look to get recognizable.
I remember they had a music video entirely ripped from Placebo's Teenage Angst. all these bands dress as old bands or make same videos and people eat it up

No. 1283274

>I remember they had a music video entirely ripped from Placebo's Teenage Angst.
Can this be still seen somewhere?

No. 1283359

File: 1627131897825.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.68 KB, 600x400, 4kzXOt_yiOo.jpg)

No. 1283375

(opening family album) well, well, well, lookie here, sprout, here's your mommie getting shagged from behind by a skeleton… err, your daddy, and her jolly good friends around having fun, ah, those were the days!

No. 1283435

White people are disgusting, never thought I'd say that as a white person, but what an unsexy pile of gross skinnyfat attention-seekers.

No. 1283438

Well ok, maybe not entirely ripped but music director sure had Teenage Angst in mind. shiny red box, red clothes, her hair + even holding a paper with words scribbled in marker at some point.

No. 1283736

russia is such a sad place. all those women shouldn't have to have sex with such uglybags of men.

PS she's 19 in that photo

No. 1283749

Does anyone know what was up with the Mom Jeans situation? It sounded like a bunch of high school drama being rehashed and then it totally fizzled out.

No. 1283776

File: 1627180795208.png (1.97 MB, 894x886, d1q.png)

This is Dani Miller's boyfriend. she just posted they have 1 year anniversary. i'm at loss of words, how old is this man? their house looks like dirty ruin, they won't ever clean up, not even when they have guests or family coming, and they keep two dogs in that trash. is this girl truly born white trash or another cosplayer, cause of all these cows she takes it to the worst level. i mean how can you be so obsessed to base each detail of your life on that poverty kitch aesthetic

No. 1283783

File: 1627181579954.png (1.34 MB, 712x894, danis house.png)

Samefag, adding random photo of the house but sure there are worse ones. Much of this are ironically Gucci bags and expensive make up products (which she probably gets for free from Gucci) among trash and boxes, arranged to resemble ruined house mess lol.

No. 1283795

does anyone have the photos? i cant find them anywhere lol

No. 1284194

is that dani in the picrel? what's wrong with her body?

No. 1284235

lol what do you mean anon? it is dani and that's how she usually looks like, minus the wig she put on for that photo

No. 1284289

i guess i've never seen candids of her before. she looks like she has a normal woman's shape in the threadpic and in her professional photoshoots. i didn't know she had a troon beerbelly body

No. 1284333

right, i see now anon. look up her insta, she usually looks better/thinner in those gucci photos. she always flashes that beer belly/armpits. no wonder LA trust fund babies love her, she embodies that "white trash" look they all crave

No. 1284775

strange to be so out of shape though. she must get very tired onstage

No. 1284838

File: 1627328278812.jpg (1.4 MB, 1650x1275, yw reciepts.jpg)

I have milk on Yoni Wolf, creative genius responsible for WHY? (sic.)

yoni wolf is the frontman of the band WHY?, a band that put out one (1) critically acclaimed record 13 years ago, Alopecia. Yoni has put out ~6 records since then in an attempt to create something that will reach anywhere near the level of (in my opinion unwarranted) critical acclaim he received for alopecia, with little success. He threw an absolute temper tantrum on twitter when pitchfork gave him a 5.3 for his 2019 album AOKOHIO— a review he claimed to have stumbled upon by chance because “someone was talking about it on twitter” (likely story… see image).

anyway, the lyrics in alopecia themselves are enough to prove that yoni is an absolute pervert. here are some lines from his most popular song “good friday”:
-sucking dick for drink tickets at my cousins bat mitzvah
-blowing kisses to disinterested bitches
-sending sexy SMSs to my ex’s new man cuz I can
-eating pussy for new fans
-feels exciting touching your handwriting, Getting horny by reading it and repeating ‘poor me’
-jerking off in an art museum john til my dick hurts
-I wake up hungover on a hardwood floor from a dream about your dress, hangs off of your little breasts

in the summer of 2015, yoni “discovered” a band of teenage girls called the Ophelias who were performing a show at a neighborhood of july festival in cincinnati. all girls were minors in high school at the time. a few months later (not sure how long after), he started dating the bassist of the band who turned had recently turned 18 (at the time he was about 38 years old). she makes her first appearance as his unambiguous gf on Instagram in June of 2017, when she was about 19 years old, but she appears in group pictures before then.

the band got signed to the same label yoni is on, joyful noise recordings, and yoni produced their second LP called “Almost,” which just sounds exactly like his albums with kind of a ripoff jack antonoff feel. despite the fact that he hardly performed anything on the record (he’s credited as playing “percussion”), he has royalty credits on the album. he talks about the process of producing the record in an interview and says it was hard for him to work collaboratively with the band since he’s used to having his say creatively. Quote: “the band was used to a certain thing that they had done, and they sort of struggled to accept a whole new look and feel.”

since producing the Ophelias record he’s courted a few other younger bands such as Lala Lala (a terribly boring band whose front woman is an ex-alcoholic in her mid-20s who looks like she should be in her late 30s— and no she’s not trans) in a desperate attempt to stay relevant to the youth, since the weird cult following he has is composed mainly of tall dreadlocked white men and creepy post-occupy Wall Street-aesthetic grime hippies on the millennial/gen X cusp.

but back to the fact that he essentially groomed a minor and started dating her shortly after she came of age… she’s featured heavily in aokohio and it’s disgusting. the music video includes clips of her eating pizza and the lyrics of one of the songs is “After I say I'll fuck you in the bathroom / Of the pizza by slice place / It's not fair for me to ask / What kinda wife you might make / Forbidding you to smoke / Like the fascist butt of a joke / That is poor practice for opening / The heart to a possible start / Right?” there’s also a scene in the video where a random woman gives birth. forbidding gf from smoking + this scene = he wants to impregnate his young gf. bad idea since he’s 40 so his child is going to be so fucking autistic.

the music video as a whole is a retrospective of his life as a 40 year old man going through a midlife crisis. there’s a weird scene where yoni is CGI-ed into an old man who is then shown in a hospital bed connected to an IV watching home videos of his gf when she was in her 20s. the video also includes home videos of his gf when she was a child— he was in his 20s at the time.

yoni and his gf have since broken up (fairly recently— he posted a pic of her on ig in March of this year), but they dated for a good 4 or 5 years, and she moved in with him about a year in. he has Crohn’s disease so the poor girl has spent years of her life as a nurse wiping shit off his ass.

AOKOHIO visual album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pLGXbRs5dw
yoni ig: https://www.instagram.com/yoniwolf/?hl=en
yoni twt: https://twitter.com/YoniWolf?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
yoni statement on ophelias: https://www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com/products/the-ophelias-creature-native
yoni interview on the ophelias: https://ultradogme.com/2018/09/13/yoni-wolf/

No. 1284863

OT but since these scenes kinda overlap… CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE A NEW LEFTCOWS THREAD

No. 1284923

There's another member of SWMRS who may as well be outted as a sex pest…he used to send my underage friend on twitter dms asking if she had a daddy kink and other disgusting shit. men of a feather flock together I guess.

No. 1284984

frankie cosmos is another child of the rich and famous indie musician. friends with girlpool and used to date porches and her family bankrolled him for years.

No. 1284997

File: 1627343349085.jpg (18.34 KB, 500x246, tumblr_inline_nnt6cimZI41s16og…)

i know theyre not indie but the my chemical romance milk goes DEEP bro

No. 1285001

Any woman(also men obviously),that has sex while pregnant is fucking repugnant and deserve to have their child taken away from them,Fucking vile(you must be 18 to post here)

No. 1285018

msi’s slightly more indie mcr-adjacent lynz has old milk here:

No. 1285021

File: 1627347240135.jpg (295.24 KB, 1800x2221, DIPDocument-Journal_Phoebe-Bri…)

Any milk on Phoebe Bridgers? why is she everywhere all of a sudden lately? she's like thousand others same-voiced indie girls
i only heard one of them quit his wife to date teenage or young adult fan, if i'm not mistaking, and Gerard's wife is some sort of cow herself and was mentioned in Jessica Addams thread i believe

No. 1285024

she only got ahead because she dated/may still be dating conor oberst, who has connections to influential/respected indie producers

No. 1285029

not surprised. what you wrote reminded me that i read she dated Ryan Adams. ofc she exposed him for blackmail and using her later. not that Ryan isn't obnoxious sex pest but seems Phoebe fucks indie producers for shoutouts.

No. 1285030

File: 1627348613166.jpeg (267.04 KB, 1170x1190, BBB86E94-CC2C-4C75-BA21-69DA92…)

Her entire relationship with Conor is so nasty to me. How shameless do you have to be to be so open about how you were obsessed with your boyfriend while you were a child and he was married? Imagine becoming a celebrity and posting your old Lolcow posts you made of your bf. She’s a fan girl trapped in a famous musicians body

No. 1285031

File: 1627348648651.jpeg (248.82 KB, 1169x1009, 3A28AC0E-73D4-4680-8664-3BB563…)

No. 1285038

kek reminds me of when Halsey dated Evan Peters, which she fangirled for hard a few years before (except she didn't brag about it, fans found her old tumblr). maybe Phebe thinks it's all so sweet, as in "it was destiny written in our stars" way lol. probably it was just a lame joke but this post is quite immature for 26 year old.

No. 1285041

File: 1627349846701.jpg (297.46 KB, 720x804, 20210726_193715.jpg)

Wait, phoebe was a farmer? Or did I read that wrong?

But anyway, I've always found her milky and pickme-ish, especially in the way she claims to be bisexual while exclusively dating old indie dudes and baiting them in by larping as Elliott Smith. Picrel really rubbed me the wrong way, this is some straight girl nonsense

No. 1285042

File: 1627350051808.jpg (93.52 KB, 1200x900, be.jpg)

wait what, this is how this guy looks now, omg. he's 41. i don't know this band, i expected him to be more like her age, in his 30s or something. now this makes that post look even worse

No. 1285044

woah, haven't heard about Why? in years and honestly not surprised. the blog rock p4k hyped bands era seems filled with grimey dudes. Anyone else got milk on any adjacent bands from that scene?

also does anyone remember teen suicide? the lead singer sam is quite a character

No. 1285045

how much u wanna bet she's gonna metoo conor in a few years lol

No. 1285046

File: 1627350310882.jpg (208.19 KB, 720x809, 20210726_194449.jpg)

I mean I get it, I was a lonely teen too and the first three Bright Eyes records are really good. But I didn't post shit like this while in a relationship with Conor Oberst either

No. 1285047

File: 1627350336108.jpeg (101.51 KB, 683x1024, 53D20817-F69B-4229-A8F1-A91E6B…)

massive pickme

No. 1285049

File: 1627350763108.jpeg (118.92 KB, 828x389, 60EA0806-08B0-4508-BD39-138E08…)

someone MeToo’d Conor Oberst before #MeToo was even a thing, and Phoebe has already MeToo’d Ryan Adams and Marilyn Manson so yeah, only a matter of time

also how/why was she hanging out at Manson’s house as a teenager? how’s she meeting all these dudes?

No. 1285051

i mean having crush on idols is ok but not posting such things when you're in relationship with them 20 years later? dating your teenage idol is weird in general… and stuff she posts, the cringe. it's like she dates him only cause she's in love with how he looked like in his 20's and she tries to look for those remnants of his younger self
lol, she probably will. she also said some on Marilyn Manson. not that it was a bad thing cause it was most likely true, but how much more old industry men she knew as some random "indie" singer (and it was couple years ago before her big fame)

No. 1285052

She's a groupie who somehow managed to make it as a musician herself. Of course she only inserted herself into the Marilyn Manson shit after Evan Rachel Wood shared her story. I like her music but she is a massive famewhore

No. 1285055

yeah i remember his rape allegations, iirc they were quickly proven to be some crazy fan making shit up right?

also phoebe was allegedly dating paul mescal (of normal people tv show fame) after. seems like she's moving on from indie clout to mainstream

No. 1285058

She's constantly baiting with posts about how gay she is but do we have any evidence of her dating a woman? The only thing I could find is tinfoil about her dating Julien Baker because they were in Boygenius together

No. 1285060

she has a string of old band guys, but has our bisexual queen ever dated a woman?

No. 1285065

Teen girls fall for Phoebe cause she presents herself as this "relatable queen" for pseudo alt girls who want something else than Taylor Swift. i thought she's something like this plain normie indie girl version of Billie Eilish. considering how fame hungry she is, she'll probably try to have "sexy" vintage stripper phase next or something

No. 1285070

B-but anon, she's totally gay because she didn't change the pronouns in her cover of Teenage Dirtbag!

No. 1285110

i think she also grew up connected. she didn't make music then get into "the scene", she was already around and is trying to manufacture a career

No. 1285117

File: 1627356612071.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.28 KB, 374x258, 20210726_222606.jpg)

Here you go, titty museum pic if you havent found it yet.

No. 1285144

Sam and his wife kitty are such personal cows to me, just whiny pieces of shit with huge victim complexes where Sam never did anything wrong. Kitty’s just fucking annoying tho but I do love her 2013 tumblr raps tho(learn2sage)

No. 1285151

>I do love her 2013 tumblr raps tho
Oh god same and I'm kind of ashamed of it. I would play this constantly when I was 12/13…

No. 1285182

NTA, but yeah it was a crazy fan and he I’m pretty sure he sued her.

I loved Conor Oberst when I was in high school. She’s definitely trying to relate him to how he looked then. He did age kinda shitty, though. She seems kinda different from the women I remember him dating.(Winona Ryder and Jenny Lewis) Oh well, I met him a few times and he was always super friendly and not a sex pest so I hope he’s happy.

No. 1285303

File: 1627394800896.jpg (171.41 KB, 1072x1337, just flew in for dick.jpg)

>also phoebe was allegedly dating paul mescal (of normal people tv show fame) after

This was the strangest pandemic plot twist, but it really seems like dating is overstating what happened. Whatever happened lasted like 12 days before they both moved on.

No. 1285339

I'm a massive Elliott smith fangirl and tried listening to her music because he is always referenced when you bring her up.. and.. well it's just really boring. idk how people can compare it to smith's stuff when his musical genius was way beyond hers? he played every instrument, produced, and mixed everything on his albums. he also was the opposite of a famewhore lol

No. 1285363

File: 1627401622137.jpeg (231.39 KB, 1707x962, EB0525A0-2109-4969-BD74-C619E4…)

>mEn AgE LiKe WiNe

No. 1285413

Wait I'm confused, is it them in the photo? Damn, quarantine got her good.

No. 1285448

kek Phoebe took the photo, I think

No. 1285546

kitty has self posted on this site before, maybe two years ago, i don't recall exactly what it was about

No. 1285722

Her Punisher song is about how obsessed she is with him. She reminds me of Nicole Dollanganger with her River Phoenix obsession. The only reason for the fascination is that they're dead. I doubt she likes his music much without the allure of how tragic he was.

No. 1285727

I don't get the Phoebe Bridgers hype either, but i'm also biased because all I'm reminded of when I see her is when she was in Sloppy Jane so I just associate her negatively in my brain with Haley from that band who is a massively cringe edgelord and has been forever. her like 24/7 performance art cRazYyY female GG Allin shtick is so obviously a facade and reminds me a lot of the Surfbort Dani girl's shtick. she was just a smelly grimy Burger Girl back when I knew of her, kind of relieved that Sloppy Jane faded into obscurity (plus I think they were friends with or associated with Globelamp, who I'm shocked doesn't have her own thread because that girl has a decade's worth of cow behavior, she's legit the azealia banks of the indie scene). current day phoebe's music is really bland so I never paid attention and I had no idea she's actually dated Conor Oberst. would have never guessed she of all people would get this much mainstream success

I used to be mutuals with Kitty back in the prime tumblr days so again i'm biased because i idolized her in high school so she doesn't bug me much, but i never liked Teen Suicide and last time i paid attention to Sam he was constantly posting obnoxious shit on twitter and starting drama with other nothing-bands over who was the most problematic. I had no idea Yoni from Why? was so sus but as far as other related bands go I used to know Avi Buffalo, who was dropped from Sub Pop last year for several (violent, disgusting, depraved) rape allegations from his exes and an ex band member. He was quickly run off the face of the earth after being canceled online and irl (very Hot Sugar reminiscent) but it still makes my skin crawl that he's out there somewhere, truly a menace to society. this happened while all those Burger/ Lollipop/ LA/OC allegations came out last summer, so seeing all these people i knew of outed as predators really soured me against that music scene and I'm glad they got theirs, and also that I'm far the fuck away from it now. I have friends who were abused/ groomed/ preyed on by Part Time, the Growlers, Audacity, the Frights… it's so scummy.

Obviously shit like that is deeper than "milk" or gossip, but the less harmful cows in this scene are still intriguing to keep up with especially when you know who they actually are or used to be as people. avalon lurks is boring and not milky, just kinda untalented/ coasting on looks, but I've heard her family's rich and i know she went to the same school as the shears twins from The Garden and (i think???) was friends with Mel from the Aquadolls, who i'm also surprised hasn't been mentioned because to me she's the most obvious tryhard in the scene and always has been super behind/ uninspired with trends (i remember when she was still seapunk years after that died out), her tiktoks are god awful. she's more of a personal cow i guess, no major milk other than being called out by another girl for some problematic behavior (idr what it was exactly, general bitchiness and being complicit?) when that girl had rape allegations against another former aquadolls band member, during the Burger thing last year.

also would LOVE any and all recent tea on Globelamp, I haven't kept up in a while but she's fascinating to me. somehow she never gets called out or canceled enough to stop doing the absolutely unhinged insane shit that she does.

I think it might have been in either rock star celebricows or the Toopoor thread? whichever one started talking about Hot Sugar. idr thinking that any of them were self-posts though

No. 1285729

oh yeah, forgot to add that Dani wormed her way into being friends with Frank Iero and his band/ other dudes from that 2000s emo scene, I forgot about it until i saw other anons briefly mentioning some old MCR milk. funny how much of it comes full circle

No. 1285799

Has anyone else seen the Nardwuar interview where they all gang up on him? At 6 minutes in this video. I feel so bad for the guy.

No. 1285803

>Avi Buffalo
His music honestly is quite good but some of the lyrics/song titles were so fucked… Like Cuckold at Best? Five Little Sluts? What a fucking turd; you can hear the misogyny. He rightfully deserved what he got for sexually assualting/raping women. One of the girls (who transitioned) committed suicide, possibly from the trauma too.

No. 1285818

Men are retarded.

No. 1285833

Ugh yeah, I read about the suicide as well, it's heavily implied that a lot of it was because of him. Never knew him very well but i felt terrible that i'd been "duped" by the way he presents himself in social circles, plus I wasn't a fan so I had no idea what his writing style was other than that one big hit they had. He's literally a manlet irl, I'm taller than him and if I could go back in time I'd absolutely fuck his shit up, I can take him

I actually had no idea that sonic youth were assholes or cows whatsoever until I saw this video a while ago. so uncomfortable to watch

No. 1285841

oh god, that is fucking horrible. i don't remember who is what age in SY but they must've been past 30 at that time, so 30+ idiots behaving like middle schoolers jumping at a nerdy kid. it's so hard to watch the more that i like Nardwuard interviews, the guy always takes time to do research and buys presents for artists that are aligned with their interests. what fucking posers, pretending to be so punk and funny. all throughout the video it feels like they just sit and laugh at him and smile condescendingly. yuck how good it exists, finally there's a proof that sonic youth were cringey posers. here kim, have your desired junior high male energy i guess lol.

No. 1285978

How tall is he? It doesn't say on the internet anywhere but I could tell from photos he was really fucking short with stumpy proportions. I'd take him with you, anon.

No. 1286003

chill out with the conspiratorial thinking about phoebe being a groupie.

she's written, performed, and busked since she was a kid. she grew up in LA and went to a public performing arts high school. she did commercial acting and modeling for apple and lucky brand in 2014-5.

she met her idols. dating conor, would you not shitpost the minimum? you'd be welcome to thickly allude to your original state of being: just a 15 year-old fan, emo prince paramour.

"shameless." she's only written about him as an adult. the relationship has never been confirmed to the press.

it sounds like barely anyone here attempted to depict her personality beyond her instagram.

No. 1286009

grew up in LA, went to art school, was a model for Apple. sounds like pretty much any other cow in this thread. idk what's really the truth, but the fact that she played already a few years back doesn't prove she can't be dating producers for fame. sorry but how the fuck random LA club player gets to just visit Marilyn Manson before she got famous? personally i don't think she was primarily a groupie who decided to write music later, or even manson's groupie, but she must be well linked, and clearly benefited from Ryan Adams dating. her music is shit and there's been hundreds of girls like that before, why do you think she was the one who went mainstream? her instagram doesn't show anything that would immediately convince she's anything genuine

No. 1286013

kim is 38 in this video and thurston is 33. awful behaviour and obvious insecurity. not punk at all if they were buying into the 90s nerd hate/act cool/pretend to be dumb at all costs culture like that.

No. 1286014

he must have done some seriously fucked up harassing because in 2009 he was getting hyped as the world's greatest guitarist and best band ever and then within 2 years completely disappeared and never even gets mentioned when people talk about trendy acts from that era

No. 1286031

i would love to fight every inclination of yours. you could probably benefit from actually listening to her music and prose rather than doing the basic subtraction of "duhhhhh….girl, acoustic guitar, willowy voice!!!! BEEN DUN." i hope you read that in your own voice.

you have no idea the proximity to celebrity you're afforded by going to LACHSA, or most arts-driven schools and communities in LA. that's massively anecdotally correct, without fucking someone.

and on instagram? my point stands that WHAT ARE YOU DOING judging a person, now part mainstream entity (per her commercial success), from their BRAND PAGE? or what does beth from high school have to accurately say about you from your civilian profile? if you care this much, go watch an interview. i hope this was relevant to you.(whiteknighting)

No. 1286164

i don't mean to argue with you but since you're so touched by what i wrote, here's a few things. first, i've missed that you wrote "BEYOND her instagram". second, i've watched and read a couple of interviews with her. i've "actually listened" to her boring music. doesn't change my opinion. and i'm not even the anon who wrote the milk on her, besides Ryan Adams dating, i asked who is that girl. third, people have different opinions on people and music, shocking right. do you know where you are? no need to whiteknight so hard to excuse her cringey thirstposting and lame music, no one cares that you love phoebe bridgers so much.

No. 1286190

>girl, acoustic guitar, willowy voice!!!! BEEN DUN
ok but this is accurate and a valid point. at least nutjobs like courtney love, annie clark, or lindsey way did somthing creative. girls like phoebe need to start tree planting initiatives to offset all the oxygen they use up singing their pointless songs

No. 1286204

this. it's not even that this thing has been done before (even though it was), this thing IS actively done at the moment. there are multiple bands and girls her age with the same vocal and way of singing. if you want to play boring indie rock music, at least try to differenciate your voice even one little bit. the problem is Phoebe is praised as if her music was different than anything else while it isn't. she doesn't have anything that those girls didn't have. if Elton John allegedly will start a riot if Phoebe Bridgers doesn't get a Grammy (lol) then so he should do if her peer indie girl bands won't.

No. 1286223

The haughty tone and righteous anger about someone everyone else was bored and dismissive of pretty much confirms who posted these, huh

No. 1286253

kek yes, what a baby

No. 1286285

kek anons that's funny especially since someone asked if phoebe was a farmer. or maybe it's conor enjoying delicious, wholesome milk lol
probably it's just some lost phoebe stan, shocked that we judge someone by their instagram on lolcow but damn that post was weird.

No. 1286295

I mean I'm only 5'6 but from what I can remember eye level wise he's gotta be 5'2 tops

oh it was FUCKED up and the only reason he wasn't canceled earlier is probably because these girls were rightfully afraid to out him. if you have the stomach to read the three allegations (that i know of anyway) against him he has a lot of disturbing patterns, mainly anal rape/ enjoying his victims' genuine distress/ major gaslighting to victims and being a convincing liar to friends. i won't say much to reveal myself but i do know he had all his friends convinced that the first public callout post against him was fake and that the victim, who wasn't even alive to defend themselves, was "crazy" and "obsessed".

here's the one that got him dropped from his label: https://pitchfork.com/news/avi-buffalo-accused-of-rape-by-former-bandmate-music-pulled-by-sub-pop/

>Coleman claimed that the day after the incident, she ran into Zahner-Isenberg, who allegedly grabbed her and said, “I know, I raped you and stuff, I’m sorry.”

honest to god a true psychopath and the closest i've ever been to what it must feel like meeting a serial killer.

No. 1286308

ayrt, pretty gross stuff damn. did he have really rich parents? how did he build these habits and get away with it even for a couple years? his band was signed but had no industry power or even clout within the indie world, except amongst other people their age.
nvm maybe that was why, he was a 21 year old preying on other 21-and-unders?

No. 1286314

Wow we can fuck him up if we wanted.
>he had all his friends convinced that the first public callout post against him was fake
Omfg. He managed to make himself even fucking worse. It's already bad enough that he sexually assaulted and raped underage girls but to use your friends to discredit victims? Wow. Why the fuck isn't he in jail? (I mean I guess I know the answer, but goddamn)
I guess it's easier to manipulate younger, naive girls (ugh) than to actively woo someone your own age. No one takes teenage girls seriously so they're the "perfect" victim.

No. 1286436


What was beach goth like? I always wanted to go

No. 1286450

File: 1627530693724.png (249.13 KB, 1096x1144, Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 9.45…)

this is from the rs sub, I edited out their usernames cause didn't want anyone harassing anyone but I agree with this girl's take that Phoebe is a careerist freak

No. 1286451

File: 1627530744229.png (283.84 KB, 1000x1354, Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 9.46…)

also her music just sucks ass

No. 1286459

Lmao I would love if this was Phoebe. The bits about how we should read her "prose" and Conor Oberst being her "emo prince paramour" are giving me a hearty kek.

No. 1286475

>you have no idea the proximity to celebrity you're afforded by going to LACHSA, or most arts-driven schools and communities in LA. that's massively anecdotally correct, without fucking someone.

no offense but do you even live in LA? LACHSA, OCSA and all those other art schools are literally just charter high schools where if you're marginally somewhat talented and your parents can afford tuition or scholarships, you can get into them. I'm not even any of the anons saying Phoebe is the worst or the biggest clout chaser out there (tbh i don't have an opinion, i don't pay attention to her whatsoever) and sure, if you work really hard and network decently you can make a few connections, just like literally anyone can without fucking someone. but mainly art charters just teach you an art skill and make it easy to get into universities. wtf does it have to do with "proximity to celebrity" anymore than just living in LA does

No. 1286506

>takes advantage of washed up old scrotes
Let's say this isn't just a fantasy, what exactly would be wrong with this? I say good for her.

No. 1286532

I looked deeper into those fancy LA schools and kids who went to them… There was one girl who stood out as she's a moderately successful singer. I don't think she's particularly milky and I won't name her (only maybe if she's milky but I doubt) but she has the fancy upbringing that lead her to have greater success than someone without her background. I do recall she did OnlyFans for a bit and then hid her OF link on twitter after she blew up thanks to Tyler, but it is still available through her linktree. Her grandparents are rich media moguls/entertainers, her mother is a "designer" that worked with a bunch of rockstars and makes tacky jean designs, has somehow has featured on some songs with Tyler, The Creator and Steve Lacy, and is friends with Natalie Green aka Albert Gordon from Brockhampton. Like wtf, do LA rich kids live in some bubble? I don't think I can trust "talent" that comes from LA anymore.

No. 1286662

kek i can't tell what kind of "proximity to celebrity" those schools give either. one thing's true: you need money to go to these art schools. it's usually well off or even celebrity parents who send their children there. these schools teach them various art things but no fucking way you can become a celebrity by going to LA art school. they let you in further to art universities etc. but not to stardom kek. what actually pushes these kids further are either rich/famous parents or famous friends. it's not like Manson let Phoebe in his house just cause she was fucking LACHSA graduate kek.
And notice these girls all have a pattern of trying modelling first. it pays of later cause these model magazines and big brands take care of them later as next It Girls. of course Phoebe now models for Gucci.

No. 1286664

lol i look at it a bit differently: imagine being so desperately thirsty for fame that you waste time willingly dating washed up old men, why willingly doing it to yourself girl? btw i agree that "manic pixie dream girl" is what she goes for lol.
she's like what music industry tried to do with Arrow de Wilde 3 years ago (not look or sound wise ofc) but with Phoebe they actually succeeded.

No. 1286716


I had never seen this video, thanks for sharing. It's really uncomfortable, I didn't know Nardwuar so I went to watch some other interviews to see if the behavior they had was something common among other artists at the time, but apparently everyone (from the interviews I saw) was quite polite, even though I have the impression that he was a bit of a brat, but I believe it was just the character.

It's embarrassing to see 40 year olds acting like they're teenagers rock stars, trying to act like "too cool for school". I don't know if anyone else had the impression I had watching The Year Punk Broke, but these guys are assholes. Thurston is simply insufferable. Absolutely everything he says is bullshit and seems very fake and performative. The only good parts of the documentary are the parts they don't show up.

No. 1286739

Yeah he plays a character, puts this cap and clothes on, but personally he probably is this music nerd too, to some degree. i've seen Nardwuard's first interview ever video, in which he tried to interview some band that played at his school, he was such a kid either in junior high or high school at the time, everybody around would treat him like Sonic Youth here, school kids were laughing at him etc. And it was funny cause he was so young but pretty much the same as later. In this video he told Sonic Youth that "dirty boots" video was kitch or something but well he's not wrong lol. their videos are mostly so pretentious

I have the same opinion on SY in that documentary as you. they behaved like the biggest stars of the film/festival, who graciously let Nirvana or Babes in Toyland (or Courtney lol) appear for a few seconds and sit in their shadows to taste some glory. Or that moment when Nirvana plays Negative Creep and Thurston ofc must walk in and writhe with some beer bottle

No. 1286866

some of this is incorrect though. oberst got divorced in 2016 or 2017, and did not cheat on his wife with phoebe or get divorced because of her. he's a sad sack and did do the whole "younger gf make me feel better" thing, but she's not predatory or even particuarly good at getting what she wants. he doesn't seem to care/think about her anymore and none of his friends did any professional/producing favours for her while they were dating. she's annoying and boring but no one preyed on or tricked that grownass, already divorced man.

No. 1286868

File: 1627590785893.png (632.48 KB, 1232x1308, phoebeb.png)

I did what "Phoebe" anon told me and read more of her interviews. discovered she loves to mention therapists and being absolutely sad girl, is friends with Billie Eilish "but we absolutely not plants uwu" and says disliking 1975 is "sexist". my god what a pick me.
She laughed at Ryan googling himself and fighting with fans who didn't like his shows or what but turns out Phoebe does the same, responds to obscure tweets saying industry plant or getting pissed cause Crosby called her pathetic lol

No. 1286869

it's mean as hell. he's beloved even by the smash-the-state-iest punks, metalheads, and snobs.

No. 1286876

File: 1627591086606.png (29.47 KB, 1076x392, emo.png)

>emo prince paramour
i could believe it's her cause she likes to call Conor emo

No. 1286884

oh no is she a hyper-femme fake bi she/they? i hate those so much

No. 1286893

i think she mentioned these as her musical inspirations, not that she dated anyone (well defo not Ariana lol) here, besides Conor ofc. she probably fakes being bi but to my knowledge she listed herself as she/her not she/they

No. 1286964

she's definitely not hyper-feminine and she's not a themlet either (yet)

No. 1286970

oh christ not another annoying girl doing the fake ADHD bullshit again. go get fucking diagnosed then if you think you have it

also people hate the 1975 because they're boring pop cosplaying as a rock band it's not that deep

No. 1286978

yeah i bet she's one of those girls taking mental illness online tests and thinking "omg that's so me". it makes me sceptical that she always talks about her depression or suicidal thinking or needing therapy so casually. not that artists should hide their problems and not talk openly but she is, idk, she sounds so oddly smug about it for some reason. her ADD self-diagnose was so out of place and superficial. everything to fit the "i'm a sad but cute relatable pixie" mold, instead she sounds like tumblr user. should've put "she/her, Slytherin, ENJP" in her bio lol

No. 1286981

if you actually have adhd you can get the meds and then it doesn't bother you anymore. this chick isn't making sense

No. 1286984

She seems absolutely moronic and witless, how embarrassing.

No. 1286987

also the context of this is stupid, she basically said labels tried to mold her into something she didn't like and she couldn't cause she has ADHD. you don't have to have ADHD to resist doing something you don't want to do. and if it was true and her illness was so bad it disrupt her career she would be getting treatment and meds not walking around talking about her self diagnosis

No. 1286991

yeah exactly, I have diagnosed ADHD and not only are plenty of ADHD traits (like avoidance, defiance and procrastination) true on a minor scale for neurotypical people, but also it doesn't magically conveniently work out for you the way she likely wants it to fit her aloof mpdg energy. there are things i love and enjoy and want to do and create SO badly that it hurts sometimes but I find it just as hard to ever do those things just as much as it's hard to do things I don't want to do. please don't give this shit any more stigma than it already has thanks to people like her and gabbie hanna lol

No. 1287038

Sorry for the late reply and for probably blogging about this way too much but he definitely had patterns with the girls he targeted, not that this is any different from the horde of disgraced indie rock male predators but he always put himself in a position of power. always younger, usually in their teens, often young fans who looked up to him or girls who were insecure or going through hardships and more likely to rely on him. i noticed it when reading through all the allegations on twitter. the trans guy who committed suicide was a teen fan who was homeless and mentally ill and idolized him, he convinced them to spend all the money they had just to be with him. the girl who was his ex gf was 19 and said she felt like she couldn't say anything to her mom who was dying of cancer at the time, and would only make things worse if she found out her daughter had been raped by her own boyfriend. in both cases he was a grown ass man in his mid-late 20's who literally laughed about all the pain he inflicted with no remorse.

also like a typical calculated predator he never exposed that side of himself to his social circle, it's like he could tell who he could get away with abusing and who not to fuck with. he wasn't a creep to all his female friends and was friends with a lot of female musicians, which is maybe why they were duped into buying that his first allegation was a lie. even I thought he was just this like andy kaufman-esque harmless funny dude from how he presented in person. it's a terrible feeling to be proven wrong about someone and feel like you were on the wrong "side" unintentionally, i don't envy anyone who was close to him.

it's been almost exactly a year and i haven't heard any news about him or any of the other abusive band dudes who got exposed, all I can think of off the top of my head is johnny love's victims are suing him, and one of the Burger Records owners tried and failed to rebrand and relaunch at the exact same location under a new name. most everyone else like Avi and Billy Joel Armstrong's kid and Davida Loca got to just deactivate their socials, run and hide, and escape the blame without any major repercussions. it's just so fucked and it feels like it was all performative now that no one really cares anymore.

No. 1287050

that's major new england old money psycho vibes. he's a piece of shit but his parents should fry too imo

No. 1287065

haha yeah there's soooo much milk on sam ray and also matt cothran if anyone ever wanted to dig it all up. i haven't been on their socials for years and im sure a lots been deleted but they posted literally everything online for years and years

No. 1287091

"Wealth and nepotism has always informed music"
True, and that's why so many mediocre artists gets shilled so hard. Name-dropping the fucking Strokes does not help her case for the system producing good music lmao.

No. 1287112

does anyone else remember the weird, boring indie beef between sam ray and will toldeo from car seat headrest? i don't like either of them but i just dug up this old """own""" of an article and i'm cringing so fucking much holy shit i forgot how annoying he is


No. 1287255

her "ugh don't talk about women nepotism, why are you not talking about the Strokes?" is stupid. fucking everybody knows about Strokes. "talk about men nepotism not women!" both men and women should be called out. then she suddenly jumps to saying "omg you don't allow women play their music just cause they're rich!"… why must she be this women social warrior everytime? she's not from poor family, she was friends with tv producer's children and whatnot

No. 1287259

File: 1627652882112.png (313.25 KB, 990x1390, bridgers.png)

>"If we'd lived anywhere else, we'd have been very solidly middle class," Bridgers told the New Yorker in 2015. “But in Pasadena all my friends’ parents were directors or actors."

(that's a public info so i think it's alright to post)
In article about her parents, Phoebe says her mother was a receptionist and currently started doing standup. When you google Jamie Bridgers, you can see info she's real estate agent and she used to work in music industry and public relations, while her father worked for television. idk about us but in Europe these are not jobs of poor people.

No. 1287268

>there are things i love and enjoy and want to do and create SO badly that it hurts sometimes but I find it just as hard to ever do those things
Yup, this (as in, the actual experience of ADHD people versus her bullshit) is a massive tell she's full of shit. Shoutout all the ADHD people with piles of projects they really want to do but can't manage to start or finish. It's not just a matter of "I can only do things I want to" if but it were so simple. (The only thing simple here is her, evidently)

No. 1287276

kek yeah she had two 6-figure income parents. no shame in that, i did too, but they were air force people so couldn't get me any connections with celebrities. she should just own it and be happy she grew up in fun LA entertainment biz life

No. 1287290

he's so annoying and weird lmao

No. 1287357

agree, she's especially annoying though because in every interview she says "money and success is important, the only people who say money isn't everything are the ones who actually were raised with money, i was so poor uwu, i BUSKED in the streets!" bitch you had industry parents, you were raised with money lol

No. 1287418

i know i post this in music threads all the time but people like alan wilder, freddie mercury, jim morrison all grew up well off, the last 2 with fathers above the rank of full colonel, and they didn't poverty larp. they just acted like themselves (which was admittedly, super weird) and never claimed to be anything they werent.

No. 1287437


>"As for The Lemonheads, I don’t buy the myth that suffering makes better art, but it’s a known fact that smoking crack at least makes you a more interesting"

kek he would know lol. after sam got clean, he really amped up on his preachiness on social media. either that or he just got louder and annoying enough for me to actively notice.

as for will toledo, i know it's well known he's a furry but there's also probably a lot of milk from the early CSHR days on tumblr.

No. 1287533

I recall one vague incident around 2013 I think where Sam called this absolute nobody dude I was friends with a “faggot” repeatedly and beefed w him for weeks over basically nothing, particularly hilarious now given he & kitty’s uwu sjw shit

No. 1287660

File: 1627685812359.png (241.84 KB, 594x379, Screen Shot 2021-07-30 at 1.57…)

I always hear that will toledo is a furry but I never see any actual receipts of it aside from noticing that every single music stan on twitter that happens to be a furry or otherkin with a cartoon wolf avi has carseat headrest as their favorite band lol

I think sam wrote that bitter article with kitty seething over his shoulder the whole time because will wrote a diss track called "kitty pryde" making fun of her in her prime way back in 2013. imagine your world being so small that you hold a grudge over a furry that makes boring twee music for that long. and then marrying a dude who looks EXACTLY THE SAME

No. 1287697

yeah as far as i can tell he's genuinely a complete psycho and compulsive liar. literally anywhere online or irl he comes up someone has a story about him doing some bizarre shit

No. 1287743

good fuck almighty are any women that ugly allowed to be in rock bands? i won't believe any sort of equality has been achieved until i see as many disgusting women in positions of power/entertainment/working as waiters as there are offensively hideous men.

No. 1287792

Lmao, the worst part is that there's actually girls who gush over these manchildren.
Not her patting herself on the back for being the 50th artist to smash a guitar. Nothing punk rock about a traditionally attractive rich girl singing inoffensive, uninspired indie music. Then again, 'punk' hasn't meant much of anything other than cheap corporatized "rebellion" since the 90s, so Phoebe might as well be 'punk.'

No. 1287926

File: 1627737042275.png (1.33 MB, 908x859, Screenshot 2021-07-31 at 21.09…)


yeah it's widely known that will toledo wrote twin fantasy about his ex, cate wurtz aka party dog.iirc cate was still a guy when they were dating LDR but troonedx out midway. She has a furry comic that's pretty popular and she does all the dog artwork for the early CSHR albums. cant find the links but apparently she and will had a huge diaper fetish apart from the furry shit and it was a toxic relationship which resulted in twin fantasy.

pic is her fursona which is "some kind of "girrafosaurus" kek

No. 1287988

Patti Smith. But she started long ago

No. 1288023

File: 1627747014184.jpeg (57.71 KB, 752x152, E44AF235-8DE8-4C8C-A1A6-88C34F…)

On one of his albums, he thanks Cate Wurtz and 4lung, infamous diaper furry that even fellow furries hate. No way he isn’t a furry, and one who is especially connected to a certain subculture at that. Cate Wurtz drew a ton of diaper furry art and it’s very easy to find on Google.

No. 1288101

Gray folie on this list is another furry artist who makes comics.

No. 1288130

man she's not even ugly, she's just old and had no work done. she was cute and thin, just wore the same clothes every day.

No. 1288133

smashing guitars is dumb as shit because of inflation. maybe you could have done it up to 1981 or so but now it's just another type of conspicuous consumption. don't smash the instruments, people. donate them to someone who will make use of them if you don't want them anymore.

No. 1288264

if you're gonna call a troon a troon, at least stay consistent

No. 1288873

damn nice thread good read. anyone else have a bunch of dirt they can’t say cause it would easily doxx them? lol

No. 1288931

I'm curious if anyone has milk on Cumgirl8. Or Pussyliquor. Someone mentioned Globelamp. what about older indie girs popular in 2013 like Warpaint or St Vincent

No. 1288941

File: 1627841049900.jpg (76.58 KB, 500x500, artworks-3HFQMD5lhduBRzCO-FHNO…)

This girl's career confuses me. Idk if she's indie (i think?) i know she's instagram etheral monster nonbinary being nonsense e-girl, but since she plays bullshit metal music too… Jazmin Bean. She's a daughter of Angie Adams from quite forgotten British female punk band from the 90's, Fluffy. they have cosmetic brand together. I don't get why Jazmin gets such milions on her youtube videos, why is she so popular? Bonus: she's bff with Melanie Martinez
(also i tried to pick most normal photo of her, not the ugly black eyed clown magic marker-painted face)

No. 1288943

Because her parents are loaded and have industry connections, that's the only reason she has been able to do so much.

No. 1288963

well that's what i wondered about cause Fluffy didn't even succeed. the signer Amanda made a new band around 1999 and took part in contest Bands on the run on VH1 but they didn't win, and after that they totally flopped. These bands were mostly a flop comercially. i mean they all disappeared long ago, nobody buys their cds for years, they're all second hand on ebay etc. I was pretty sure these girls are forced to do basic men work now. i guess Angie got more business savy…
Damn of course Jazmin bandages her breasts and plans to cut them off, to feel more like "genderless monster"… what did i just read.

No. 1289005

warpaint are plants, it's shannon sossamon and her sister and their LA connections i think.
st. vincent just has weird rage issues/is super possessive and jealous when she has a girlfriend, and some peope are still mad that she pretended to be straight for a while in the early-mid 00s

No. 1289007

ahhh i hope this thread doesn't just turn in to soundclout #2! i don't think straight-up e-artists should be in it

No. 1289031


one of my genuine biggest gripes with st vincent for basically breaking up sleater-kinney with janet weiss leaving.

some recent milk if you're familiar with the concept of her latest album (her dad returning from prison for some multi-million dollar white collar crime) but she demanded some relatively harmless interview to be pulled after the fact and just generally gave snarky and increasingly annoyed answers when asked about her dad, the literal inspiration for the concept of her entire album. ofc this was a huge controversy for a hot second on music twitter and other journalists replied saying she's been generally cold and bitchy during interviews even though it's just standard press for album rollouts.

the journalist ended up still posting the entire transcript of the interview on her substack:

No. 1289080

personally i am disgusted with her since she made it clear she supports her father. white-collar crime is disgusting. those pussies want it both ways and somehow think they're better than regular criminals. there's gang bangers and drug lords who hurt fewer innocent people than criminal "job creators" do with insider trading and ponzi schemes.

No. 1289081

chill out anon, i thought she's more on the indie scene and then turned bigger. but she probably had insta fame before music. let's just concentrate on st vincent & others now.
for a time she was really overrated in the media, and yeah she does emanate some sort of coldness

No. 1289082

re:sleater kinney yeah, she and carrie were broken up for years already and she still felt/acted so possessive of her

No. 1289217

oh yeah lmao. on the periphery of the scene, but worried anything said would make me easily identifiable. lovin’ the old school milk though

No. 1289221

let me guess…seb?

No. 1289258

Yes, and as much as I want to dish I can't even list every single band/ artist/ person that i have milk on because it would absolutely out me if not narrow me down and being outed for being a gossip on lolcow is too mortifying of a risk for me to take. i've been enjoying this thread too though, and it's good to know who I was right about and also who to stay away from (big yikes at all that SWMRS/ avi buffalo/ yoni news)

I guess i could safely say some really vague stuff? tons of examples I can recall that prove that globelamp is batshit, but I mean, big shocker. the Hey Violet girls are so milky to me and deserve their own thread, especially the Lovelis sisters but i feel like a lot of that drama is well-documented online from the old days when they were in that preteen prodigy band that i can't remember the name of rn. i know people who liked Ariel pink before he went all Capitol Riots, but personally i always found him either boring or punchable. Shamir, Speedy Ortiz, the Garden and Hana are all cool, shockingly Mac Demarco is also nice, I expected him to be more of a creep. Ezra Koenig was a DICK to my friend once but idk he seemed like he was maybe just high and having an off day. it's killing me that I can't spill anything that's actually remotely interesting (I have a few personal cows and some really insane fangirl stories) but I do love the existence of this thread, keep spilling anons

No. 1289273


can you guys space your stuff out or post it one at a time so it's not obvious?

No. 1289285

good idea tbh, I just might

also just remembered Hey Violet's old band name was Cherri Bomb

No. 1289308

Speedy Ortiz/ Sadie is annoying as hell imo. Her big drum to bang was the keep women safe at shows thing to get press and then never release music good enough to keep getting it.

No. 1289310

there’s been some discussion about Avery from girlpool in fakebois and personal cow threads, anyone have dirt on Avery + Ali / that whole trainwreck or harmony? I think it’s hilarious (sad) she started an onlyfans lol. Been at a few parties with them but not close enough for milk. Tbh their second record seemed to flop they’re mostly relevant bc of Ali now

No. 1289313

God I am so glad people here feel the same way I do about Phoebe Bridgers. I tried to like her but she’s too scene-y. Her shit feels hollow.

Anyway Sam Ray used to follow me on tumblr and I’m surprised he exists outside of 2010-15.

No. 1289461

yeah please post some separately, i'm slowly running out of ideas of cows to mention
i was surprised Phoebe is 26, she acts like this emo-crazed MCR fangirl who liked Megan Fox etc. very "how do you do fellow kids" towards gen z.

No. 1289557

ezra kaoenig is just shitty to all women except the one he wants to fuck. he doesn't see women as people at all.

mac demarco is a nice guy, i did doors at one of his shows but i wish he'd fix his damn teeth and take better care of his skin. he looks like a st. catharines heroin addict

No. 1289605

File: 1627932504033.png (5.8 MB, 1125x2436, 13228FBF-C327-4880-B059-C43935…)

She has the most punchable face and fat body, can someone stop telling her that she’s important and stop funding her “music”

No. 1289613

I'm so annoyed rn because I can't seem to find a single trace of it anywhere, like it feels like all the old negative receipts have been completely wiped (or maybe i'm just not googling it corretly), but wasn't there some discourse a few years ago of Girlpool being big time rape apologists?? This was def back in like 2016 or 2017 but some dude in that whole diy music scene named Doug something was a good friends of theirs, he was accused of rape or abuse, and then he went missing and i think killed himself and they both were publicly mourning it, posting about it and defending him when it was (i think) common knowledge that he had been a creep. if anyone knows more about it feel free to add, i almost feel like i just imagined all of that happening at this point but i know i didn't because I remember that a mutual of mine was posting IG stories mourning the same dude around that time.

yeah it's a shame that he gets grouped in with genuine actual scummy sex pests (some of whom I can confirm on a personal level deserved to be cancalled) for like…. getting drunk at a party ten years ago and filming his dumbass friend whip his dick out in front of minors that weren't supposed to be there??? like that's it? I'm never one to defend band dudes but he genuinely didn't do shit lol. to this day i've seen H3H3 fans and Garden fans reeeing in comment sections about how problematic it is for Ethan Klein and the Shears twins to have the nerve to be friends with the guy, or anyone who's friends with him for that matter. it's not that deep

No. 1289628

girlie doesn't like to pay her interns, you didn't hear it from me

No. 1289656

Nobody pays their interns…

No. 1289663

they're supposed to get lunch money and bus money at least

No. 1289666

yeah that dick thing was more that his dumb ass didn't know there were under-18s there. he should be more loud about that fact. i don't really like to see or hang out with him because i'm not into that whole fake dusty scene in general, but he doesn't do anything wrong other than make crap youtubes.

No. 1289747

Sickysab does music now? Lol I thought she was just an ig art how

No. 1289753

Phoebe has the $ to throw around now so she should but it’s not rly industry standard in “indie.” Ive interned for a few labels and artists and only ever gotten travel stipends except at sub pop lol

No. 1289754

File: 1627948310732.png (483.89 KB, 1084x2623, ryan1.png)

Found on reddit, people commented if Ryan made her famous. Some are so accurate, especially one saying Phoebe believes her own hype… So she split with Ryan after such abuse but still casually went on tour with him?

No. 1289757

File: 1627948455379.png (285.94 KB, 1084x1912, ryan2.png)

Part 2.
"Phoebe Bridgers says Eric Clapton makes extremely mediocre music" i keked hard. who does she think she is

No. 1289771

File: 1627950324847.png (215.13 KB, 1060x1826, conor.png)

i don't get her timeline with Connor. She said she met him in 2017 and he said "let's start a band" but people say here he was still with his wife? then again peek the bottom comment, someone says 2016

No. 1289790

Yeah she’s doing “music” now hahaha fuck

No. 1289809

what do you mean, what was she doing before? i mean i know she was a model but i thought her lame music was what she's been originally known for before
quick question how is it these days at sub pop? decent label or hipster famewhore-ish like rough trade?

No. 1289877

post. i did it and found a way to keep myself anon. you can too.

No. 1289882

I remember seeing that post and vowing never to look into the personal lives or social media of anyone I listen to anymore. So pickme, so white libfem.

No. 1289968

Sorry to be that anon, but I think she might honestly have BPD.

No. 1290044

bpd does seem to complement a lust for fame nicely. I honestly think Taylor swift has it too. It's not that they started out trashing ex boyfriends with the mindset "this will sell", they genuinely couldn't let go of the perceived sleights, even less so after they got positive attention for it. Apologies for armchairing, I genuinely find it fascinating how bpd gets left out when discussing celebrity pathologies

No. 1290094

phoebe seems noticeably dumber than taylor swift though

No. 1290217

I think TS’s outrage is almost purely manufactured. PB seems unable to shut up. The outcome seems to be the same, however.
I hope this zoomer “emo/pop-punk” revival thing dies a quick death.

No. 1291072

PB calling RA out for refusing to go down on her is the only thing I like about that whole thing. Hope Mandy Moore made a better choice with her current husband.

No. 1291150

File: 1628123081601.png (683.64 KB, 1361x662, sick.png)

Sabrina is a trust fund child. One of her parents is investment banker and CEO of execution management company, another senior marketing executive, vice president for communications and public affairs and ex director of sales marketing. CEOs/founders.
she was friends with Lilith Levisis, she had some photos of her back in her young years when she wasn't botched yet.
idk there's something very annoying with that girl.

No. 1291183

There’s no details to publicly confirm this other than a post eroscestlavie made on tumblr but he dated peyton beachdeath/peyton thomas/lalondes/sufjan sontag, some tumblr fakeboi freak who made a bill hader tulpa & who identified as a lesbian until she transitioned after watching it chapter two

No. 1291308

File: 1628143201847.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1241x11484, 4D016B0A-2BA8-4752-B272-25EB47…)

oh my time has come. peyton was a personal cow of mine and she had an extremely personal tumblr for only her mutuals. it was not password-protected for a bit

picrel is her sperging about — i think — will toledo maybe fucking his manager?

from what i gathered, she never actually dated him, she was just infatuated with him until she confessed irl and he might have? rejected her. it wasn’t clear. she would sperg and then delete posts and i couldn’t follow to put her on notifs.

No. 1291362

really? I find her more likable as she’s gotten older. she just kind of vibes. i’ve seen her try to deny the rich thing in the past though, it’s cringe

No. 1291363

oh my god do you have any other caps of stuff she said on there & would you mind posting it on the personal cows thread? i’ve considered making a peyton thread forever as i don’t think i’ve ever hated an online person as much as her but i’m not an expert & am not sure how much traction it would get on here

No. 1291374

Heard from someone in the know that Mitski is apparently a drama queen who underpays her band

No. 1291444

all she does is flooding her y2k "lo-fi" selfies in large quantities, her videos are irritatingly "artsy" lo-fi too, and even her agency called "No Agency NY" seems like some attempt at punk posing. all she says about her upbringing is how she is "NY native who lived just a few blocks away from lower east side" but all info is easily found online. idk she's one of those ppl annoying for no reason
another hugely overrated indie artist

No. 1291940

No. 1292084

It's not new info but Phoebe is one half of the backing vox (with Clairo) for one of Lorde's off-puttingly bad new songs as well.
What's even left on the fameseeker checklist? Mentor slot on The Voice?
>Hi guys, you might know me from skeleton onesies

No. 1292156

so she was dating Conor and then casually had a few dates with Paul Meskal just cause she thinks he's cute? i'm starting to think she did this just to feed the rumours and keep her name around

Tbh her "arrival" in mainstream media was just talking about Ryan/suddenly appearing in Saturday Night Live, nobody knew about her unless someone sits deep in indie underworld and watches every new thing. i give her 2-3 years before media get bored of her and she gets replaced with next nepotism child like Violet Grohl or something

No. 1292160

Speaking of Lorde and how bad her new songs are, anyone know what’s the deal with Jack Antonoff producing the samesy music for these pop girls?

I loved him in steel train and fun. but when he started bleachers/started producing these big names I really do think there has to be something up. I’m pretty sure there were a bunch of rumours during Lorde’s melodrama days that since she was staying over at his apartment/studio, he cheated on Lena Dunham (loll) with her. I just think his trajectory from indie darling to in-demand pop producer definitely means there has to be some stories about him esp since he’s not gay

No. 1292350

File: 1628274091853.jpg (62.2 KB, 773x743, this is jack trying.jpg)

>esp since he’s not gay
Not so fast, anon…

I remember the Lorde rumors too. There was a whole lot of unfriending between Dunham and Lorde's social media accounts back then, and it's probably a reason why Lorde pushes the "just a private unfamous kiwi" image now.

Jack A's music is stretched extremely thin right now. I kind of hope there will be a breaking point soon because I'm tired of his sound but who knows.

No. 1292381

Oh god, he’s going to troon out.

No. 1292626

bingo anon!!! Seb generally prowls around on dating apps like tinder/bumble/etc in the Bay Area currently. Nobody has came out towards him during the whole SWMRS drama last year but I’d advise others to remain cautious still regardless of the fact he messaged my underage friend about daddy issue shit years ago, these indies mf stay on their pedo shit kek

No. 1293398

sounds more like a woody allen-style sex pest. self-appointed sEnsItIvE mAlE fEmInIsTs usually are.

No. 1293646

File: 1628383900034.png (1.4 MB, 1004x714, dani.png)

Recently Dani is best friends with Arrow i see. wonder to what extent is her story true, if she's privately as friendly as she says, or is she just a big social climber.
btw some of her song titles are idiotic like "condom with no cum", or recent one "White claw enema bong hit" (yeah, for real).
More info: Surfbort was signed by Julian Casablancas, he put them on his records label. Dani thinks "Jared Leto is god" and went to gucci party carrying around Jared's realistic doll head model

No. 1294589

in light of any new milk maybe she's changed her ways but wow what terrible behavior

No. 1295912

File: 1628515405956.jpg (302.15 KB, 1080x1113, 20210809_151547.jpg)

Possibly ot, but is chloesev really a member? Cant find anything on Twitter or Google, but Cedric is obviously pretty informed about them.

No. 1296603

Is anyone in Vada Vada milky? I can’t stand slater tbh, he’s too full of himself for someone who looks like every other greasy long haired indie dude except with a beak kek. His music is very sub par as well

No. 1297477

vada "guys who were popular in high school pretending to be alt weirdos" vada

No. 1297564

File: 1628643508637.png (1.3 MB, 746x816, worm.png)

I'm curious if you heard of this band. This is Olivia Osby of Lowertown, her insta is wormsheriff. wonder if they're trust fund babies too, allowed to just tour the states as a hobby. overall they appear to be pretty tame and normal but gotta say Olivia is definitely a social media addict. she posts everyday, and each post is like 10 selfies from same angle. sometimes asked "how am i looking? i know i'm so ugly" and waited til ppl tell her she's pretty, seeking validation daily etc. they're from Atlanta/NY and Sabrina follows so i wonder if they're well linked. this band puzzles me, i thought it's quite niche/underexposed compared to Pale Waves and or other bands alike, i stumbled upon it by pure accident. and yet she has 248k followers? how?

No. 1299054

sageing because of massive sperging but without giving too much away (plus the fact that I swear to god I remember it being a brief "thing" maybe a year ago?) ezra from vw is (possibly) a total piece of shit, likes 16/17/18s a lot and for whatever reason is pretty impenetrable, also his whole saga with being rashida jones' baby daddy is just weird lol. i know a lot of people who've sadly had to be around that guy.

will +1 stuff about yoni being a major creep, some people who i've heard things about are sufjan stevens (poly, apparently cagey about his sexuality irl as well but most likely bi), homeshake and brockhampton are also def worthy of some closer looks.

this is just my feeling but will toledo and steve lacy seem like gay industry climbers for sure, maybe will fucked up though bc at least i haven't heard shit about CSH for a while now. i'm also pretty personally suspiscious of jamie stewart from xiu xiu, this guy's brand has morphed into like "kill all cops, kill all rapists" etc. but man covered under pressure with michael gira from swans, hangs around with a lot of pieces of shit, etc.

No. 1299241


The total silence following Tavi Gevinson's essay speaks for itself

No. 1299489

spill about homeshake anon pls!! Used to be a huge fan back in high school but would be interested in knowing any cow worthy info abt him

No. 1299547

idk about all of the ppl you mentioned but i remember there was something about the swans, i think Kim Gordon toured with them and wrote some gossip on them in her book but i'd have to check
anyway he was apparently accused of rape by Larkin Grimm. on the other hand i've seen people claim Larkin had a history of falsely accusing colleagues of sexual abuse. i don't know what finally came out of that

No. 1299552

File: 1628895110979.png (599.04 KB, 644x540, florence.png)

Btw if i may suggest something, curious if there's milk on Florence Welch. she's this elegant classy PJ Harvey tier styled typical Met gala goer indie rocker but she also prances around to Calvin Harris typical modern club beat, oddly trying hard to be sexy in that music video. idk i found that so cringe for some reason, wonder if she's some pretentious drama queen

No. 1299669

larkin is extremely insane. major manic breakdowns or something. gira didn't do shit, he's an annoying douche but didn't rape her. she had a meltdown and made stuff up, like that roommate you had who used to start shit because you hung out without her one night.

No. 1299670

nah she's just out of ideas. not milky at all, she's quite dull actually.

No. 1299768


what kind of hold does he have at this point though? like yeah vampire weekend is popular enough, rostam gets solid work producing (also allegedly found ezra some under/just of age girls), but ezra himself seems kind of unessential in a lot of ways. like not even the people who i knew were around him even particularly cared for his projects like time crisis and shit

No. 1299771


from what i've heard a lot of sliding into young girls dms, although in all honesty it wouldn't surprise me if people i knew back in the day just said that since bs about mac demarco was going around. brockhampton on the other hand though, good god there was a whole google doc about weird shit they've done

No. 1299993

For those that have milk about musicians, are you in the industry yourselves? I'm so curious because I know nothing about these things until it gets spilled over through news or social media.

No. 1300010

you can just be in a shit-tier local scene but end up knowing a lot of stuff because a friend of a friend opens for a known band, you go to a lot of shows and end up talking to the crew, you fuck a few famous people after the show and thy text you for a while. you can be barely connected to the industry and hear a lot of stuff

No. 1300013

this. as long as you are frequently going to shows in a local alt/diy music scenes, you just find things out through local gossip or being in casual social situations with semi-popular indie musicians. most of the ones who’ve made it don’t even live like celebrities where they get recognized on the street or where they can only be messy on the dl. you’d be surprised at the amount of shit you can just hear through the grapevine as again they’re not even recognizable by most people.(sage)

No. 1300032

This was just Florence's inner tryhard drama student coming out to play. Calvin Harris was apparently a huge fan of her in general.

No. 1300037

yeah, that was such a weird mix though, i was surprised to see her suddenly on tv playing pop music videos… i remember past 2010 Florence was main woman in rock music business next to st vincent, paramore and warpaint.
Does Alice Glass/crystal castles count or is it soundclout spheres? they were on small labels first if i'm correct

No. 1300073

Larkin is extremely bipolar, but afaik (have heard at least) the incident with gira did happen. hate talking about this with other swans fans since it cannot be proved either way, he said she said musicians taking sides. he changed his statement times over in the first days, they’re both sketchy people so who the fuck knows.

No. 1300095

usually from hanging around local music scene in northern california (was rlly into the whole burger records/surf curse & the garden sorta music as a late teen) and hearing stories from other girls I would meet at shows/ through sites like Insta/Twitter tbh. everyone gossips in the music scene online or in person just cause of how many girls closely follow bands/sleep around with these dudes. kinda embarrassing but also i slept with a guy who was in that whole scene so heard stuff either from him or from word of mouth from obsessively going to diy/alt shows back in 2015-2017

No. 1300295

Please expand on yoni being a creep. I want more
t. Someone who also thinks yoni is a creep

No. 1300362

i think soundclout should die off unless its about peep adjacent people or toopoors ex friends and defunct gbc rapists

No. 1301246


Florence was the year above me in school. She was/is a bit of an anachan, and pretentious. But basically just a run of the mill spoiled public school kid when I knew her.

No. 1301400

kek that's pretty much what i've heard. refreshingly boring compared to the cows in this thread, really.

No. 1301473

I agree with this anon. i'd want to kill myself if i had that body, how is she just strutting around like she's a hot celbrity or some shit

No. 1301505

File: 1629155394239.png (1.28 MB, 1134x762, surfbort.png)

i think it's good for her that she's fine with her body. she has small tits compared to body mass, she could get implants but i totally understand if she doesn't want to. what i don't like about her however is that she very often exaggerates it all, it feels very in your face in a bad meaning (too much, too often). like, yeah we get you have holes in your teeth dani, you don't have to show us you like it in every photo. yeah, we see you don't shave, it's not some postmodern savage courageous art, plenty of girls don't. Hollywood took her in and embraced immediately cause she's that type of "exotic" that they love, egirl take on white trash, very derivative and cosplay. she's a bit too old to play this tiktok star for zoomers but they probably swallow it up, since she identifies as "queer as fuck nonbinary".
Surfbort's newest single is called White Claw Enema Bong Hit (not making this up lol)
lol, so my impression of Florence was correct. it's so hard to find some indie girls that aren't pretentious snowflakes

No. 1301510

most women have very small tits for their body mass. i wasn't talking about her boobs at all. pretty much every woman who is famous or considered attractive is less than a D, and most hollywood stars are basically flat. i have large boobs and most of us actually feel like they're UNattractive because you never see them on anyone considered top-tier hot

No. 1301534

File: 1629158380537.png (1.31 MB, 722x868, 2d.png)

yeah i get that you probably meant her her overall body. i mentioned boobs cause i lowkey wondered if bigger ones would make her look a bit more "feminine" for the lack of better world, but idk. the problem is lack of waist. doesn't matter, women have different body types etc. Btw she would look nice in dresses like this

No. 1301564

she's just majorly out of shape. i don't know how you get that flabby and flat-assed withouth having been in a coma

No. 1303132

File: 1629327949368.jpg (96.25 KB, 979x340, 9hzqd18ifur4123f.jpg)

I feel like Phoebe Bridgers might be biggest and most promising cow of this thread, one to watch for future dramas/tantrums. she lies about her past and manipulates all dirt she has on her exes accordingly so that it drops at the right time and get her more attention. she creates this image of super-relatable girl next-door but at the same time so hot egirl and "so true emo goth girl 2edgy4you" and will throw childish twitter tantrums if someone calls her cringe. i wish she had some old tumblr or something, it could have potential lulzy stuff. she once lowkey went viral on some photo on reddit before her fame, which she boasted about later
Also her skeleton onesies are random and boring, why do i feel like she got that idea after watching eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

No. 1303902

this is such a fucking stupid nitpick but she posted so much shit about her own birthday in her stories and as a grid post on instagram and i’m so annoyed kek get over yourself bitch

No. 1304069

phoebe bridgers and lynz way both. anticipating the the inevitable spiral after her divorce is finalized.

No. 1304102

eughhh i would hate to publicly post about my birthday. "hey everyone, i got OLDER" fuck that stay away from me

No. 1304142

A lot of women tea but any of y’all groupies? Who ya been played by lol. I’ll write up my bedpost master list later

No. 1304234


Ezra was really nice in his Columbia days. Funny guy, very charming, not much of a player. Had a steady girlfriend for awhile (maybe 2005-2006 but I don’t remember how long they were together I didn’t know him like freshman/ sophomore year) Graduated 2006 (lol I think their first ever show was the Engineering school’s battle of the bands while he was a senior, they did a lot of gigs around campus and for Greek life at first- Saint As I know lol I was there, maybe Nachems and Sachems too but I don’t remember) got the teaching job, did more and bigger gigs on the weekend, traveled more, became a bigger NYC personality. He started being a bit of a dick especially to women around 2007.

They were just getting so much attention buzz and press. Totally organically at first, A-Punk practically went viral on its own (lol MySpace days) and they got a New York Times piece summer of 2007 that plugged their EP (huge deal on campus) while they were on their first national tour (they went from occasional gigs 2006 in NYC Williamsburg and colleges to like constant touring then promo 2007) all with no manager at the time but then they got good people fast, iirc their PR person around that time (Sonya — not their PR anymore) handles like all communications for beggars group which is 4AD/ matador/ XL/ rough trade. I remember there were girls going to dirty projectors shows just to see vampire weekend. They had a ton of major label offers that summer, Richard Russell adored them and they went with XL hence the good PR. Also all but two of the songs from the debut were already recorded and on their MySpace, so it was canned and ready to go basically. Richard was like well let’s strike while the iron is hot and just roll with this inertia, record the two demos proper, and slate a January debut release. Iirc two labels offered more money but they trusted Russell because he lets artists do what they want and he had the contacts (set them up with all their video directors like Garth Jennings who did a punk, cape cod, Oxford coma, cousins, really put them on the map and got crazy MTV and VH1 air. I’m good friends with Alexis who directed their video for Mansard Roof, he was just a guy around town at the time. Stayed close with ezra for awhile cause VW played their wedding but they don’t keep in touch anymore. The band got trashed at that reception lmao.) They only owned XL three records though and moved to Columbia because 1. More money 2. Their new contract has soft time constraints ie expect the 4-6 years for new VW records to continue lol.

Just an aside but I know when they were thinking about renewal and sending early demos Russell was not a fan of the ~jam band~ direction and didn’t think it was a great move, I think he was right but jokes on him I guess cause Ezra gave Columbia a Grammy lol. So back to their debut— I don’t know if anyone remembers this but Mansard Roof actually premiered on Letterman early 2008, I think it was their first TV gig. Huge couple of months for them, XL just sold that debut record so hard, they started getting so many late night slots then an SNL gig. Fan girl era.

Anyway so yeah 2007 Ezra just got way more into himself, stopped seeing the girl he was right before tour. Slept around A LOT later half of 2007. Young girls too, wild none of it ever came out also he was only 23 so not a big deal but lmao. Got really into his dry witty preppy guy Twitter persona. Became sort of a social climber and got a big who. Rostam pretty much left because after Modern Vampires Ezra 1. Got obscenely into the greatful dead lmao 2. made it clear what the next record was going to be and Rostams songs and general talent outside of production wouldn’t hold much weight. I don’t think they’re on bad terms now just reached a point where their visions weren’t compatible in a band setting.

He’s cheated on Rashida but IMO he really loves her and they have some sort of understanding or arrangement going on. I will say this: his crew love him. He’s good to the people on his payroll and most guys in general who were hanging around in Silverlake/ LA 2017-2018 during Father of the Bride sessions have nothing but good things to say about him. I think he treats service people well, good tipper. Always been friendly to me but we’re not like close or anything lol.

So I don’t think he’s an severe asshole, just a bit flighty, stubborn, “male manipulator” type in relationships, intentionally obtuse, and a dork at heart who got famous young and let it go to his head. Chris Tomson though is a total sweetheart. I find Baio annoying and lame lol but he’s also a nice guy.

No. 1304242

Though I know absolutely nothing about the Tavi situation or anyone he dated after like early 2008, I only know about Rashida because I’m close with people he works with

No. 1304475

i am but i'm not very good. only got 1 guy with any top 10 records.
i think it's cause i'm more of a drug-slinger than a hot slut though. oh well. i'll just get high enough to feel better about being ugly

No. 1304477

his music is just so dull i can't believe anyone takes it seriously/has a sincere emotion connection to it/respects him/fangirls for him and i can't believe he really thinks he's ever been relevant

No. 1305120


Please tell us your groupie stories.

No. 1305478

i remember how John Lydon said Vampire Weekend is way more punk than Green Day and i was like… how? where?

No. 1306082

File: 1629643213013.jpg (35.03 KB, 570x380, DIIV_08252019-5.jpg)

Any milk on diiv? Their sound, image and backstory always struck me as super manufactured and the lead singer's relationship with Sky Ferreira seemed similarly fake/for the press

No. 1306407

good christ i have $1000 for the first person who shows me four women that ugly who got signed to a label and talked about like they weren't swamp monsters.

No. 1306417

Zachs relationship with Sky wasn’t fake, they met at 285 Kent I think. Or at least they were always hanging around there. Dev worked the doors, they kicked dev out after it came out he posted on 4chan lol. Zach is a huge liability and he fucked up Sky real bad but he’s the only talented songwriter currently in the band. Colin is nice but kind of dumb. He’s dating a mega groupie who was roomies with Avery from Girlpool. They seem very happy though. They’re all friends with Demarco and the LA crowd. Not very milky these days. There’s a Diiv podcast.

No. 1306421

I ate Courtney Bartlett out after she and Jen broke up that’s the only one I’m proud of lmao

No. 1308013

YYYOOOO you win the thread. i am jealous, only ever got with male musicians. the singer from dilly dally bought me a shot once but after i said i lived in a dorm she wandered off
are you scared jen will come and beat you up kek

No. 1309777

Woah its so weird to see someone else who knows about lowertown, I used to keep up to date with them bc I thought the guy was cute lol. I dont have any milk on them but I'm bumping this bc I'm curious too.

No. 1310064

not to mention her constantly trying to be relatable and quirky on twitter. i seriously never understood the hype bc her songs all sound like indie elevator music, is it her image that makes people interested in her or what?

No. 1310073

She is worse than any of the people ITT. Won’t go into it

No. 1310078

can confirm all of this. she was a regular at my job when i used to work at dimes in LES. pretty quiet, and less annoying than all the other of these e-trender types that used to come in, tho.

No. 1310113

why not bitch

No. 1310126

No, please tell us.

No. 1310418

anon pls tell us, Phoebe and Arrow are biggest cows of new girl-fronted bands. fuck what she thinks, and even if she reads here, she will never admit to it
found them by accident, pinterest or else. they're very poorly advertised and youtube won't suggest them. and yet the girl has so much fans? weird

No. 1310603

yeah, i'm guessing she first became popular as an influencer/ig model and THEN started the band, which might explain the huge follower count. They're signed to a label now, and if I recall correctly, it's the same one as beabadoobee and the 1975.

Unrelated, but does anyone else see the resemblance between her and the lead singer of Pale Waves? Something about their bone structure is vaguely similar, and they're signed to the same label kek.

No. 1310612

i see resemblance. they're like sisters in some pics.
have we discussed bebadoobie yet? is she another ex-model turned rockstar?
Phoebe was a model too, she has some old clothes model photos on her old tumblr (phoebebridgers.tumblr.com)

No. 1310619

how were those two models? they're quite short and not even close to how skinny you had to be to even do catalogues or editorials when i was their age

No. 1310630

File: 1630184560490.jpg (72.45 KB, 498x750, tumblr_mnv3j9RYn91rvwu19o1_500…)

idk. i mean Phoebe was some rockshop catalog not Vogue/YSL runway model but still. you can view more of her modelling photos here:

No. 1310639

good for her that she had work, but i can't tell what that dress really looks like because her torso is shooped to hell and does not match the inexplicably unshooped drumsticks.

No. 1310644

All I'll say is that Morrissey deserves this humiliation

No. 1310680

you remember 100% correctly. that guy doug was about to release a record with his band right when the label got a bunch of emails saying he did something (not sure if it was rape) so they told him they couldn’t release it, and he did go missing and kill himself. it became this huge divisive thing in the community about whether or not you went to the funeral and girl pool did. makes total sense that they would scrub that from history. the band was called arjuna genome

No. 1310690

Beabadoobee was everywhere like a year ago but I dont hear much about her anymore. Is she flopping or is my feed/timeline just weird?

No. 1310718

How Beeab-whatsername got famous in the first place? tiktok? glam magazines boost? i feel like she was just kind of replaced by Phoebe. she's not even one hit wonder, more like one time hype wonder. these indie girls crop up in those hip magazine articles as new it girls and they stay or they go, depending on how good their management is. guess Phoebe got the best one so far.

No. 1310755

She got promo from being with Dirty Hit and Matt Healy posted about her a bit. I think tiktok helped a bit too especially with some remix of Coffee

No. 1310900

Because her name is Beabadobee. Imagine recommending her music to someone and having to say that godawful stage name out loud. I avoided her like the plague because of that

No. 1310910

This, lol. it's stupid and sounds like Beedaboobie. might've as well named herself Tralaladida or something, same effect

No. 1311280

kekkkk so true its the goofiest stage name of all time.

speaking of matt, i'm pretty sure the 1975 produced her last EP, and i remember her opening for them at a few shows, they were pushing her super hard for a while.

No. 1311401

if y'all haven't listened to peepeepoopie yet you best go to her spotify right now

No. 1311425

kek anon. it's literally better to go by most boring birth name and surname than that beadabootie shit.
I changed mind on Lowertown, Olivia's not a cow at all compared to Phoebe or Lydia Night, she's just a typical zoomer with the selfies flood. ofc i don't know much about them but she seems to have nice friendship with that guy and they seem very humble compared to other bands here. Lydia of Regrettes feels like a regular self-obsessed LA party girl/influencer who doesn't even care much for punk music, but she panders to that niche strategically cause all female band sells well as "riot grrrl" revival. she went to school with/hangs out with Olivia Rodrigo all the time, in another timeline she would probably be a Disney starlet.
Btw Dani posted an IG video in which she's clipping her feet nails with a clipper pre-show but i'll spare you the view lol.

No. 1311483

File: 1630283689475.jpg (86.95 KB, 960x960, sadcat.jpg)

what the hell anon, i bless you with that great joke and you threaten me with dani toenail videos? rude

No. 1311511

File: 1630288426014.jpg (80.96 KB, 400x402, guilty_mess.jpg)

oops i meant to write stuff about lydia and dani later as general and not as direct reply to you anon. your jokes about Bamboodobie are greatly appreciated. please accept my apology anon, i was deeply shocked by what i saw

No. 1312976

File: 1630457173879.png (237.04 KB, 439x756, puppy.png)

Maybe it's nitpicking but anyone else rolled eyes a litte at Phoebe's recent saviour record label boss larping? she only recently got popular but she behaves like someone gracious and influential enough to become Andy Warhol of her own "sad" record factory. of course she "signs" mediocre emo kid doing guitar covers on youtube, ofc a part of bullshit zoomer "pop punk" trend (literally listening to billie eilish, paramore and avril as "punk legends"). judging by her "label" insta, she invites anyone looking emo/pop punk/genderfluid enough, or anyone stanning her hard enough) to "work" for her. honestly these kids look underage or at least still pretty young and naive, and idk what exactly are they doing besides posting photos of their rooms, cause they surely have no experience as any kind of
record label worker… i'm really curious what's the conditions of that Scruffpuppy deal, like what percentage of money he'd make will go to Phoebe. looks like a scam tbh.

No. 1313260

Looking at their instas is excruciatingly embarrassing. Can’t wait for the inevitable fall out.

No. 1314316

File: 1630624603898.jpg (203.85 KB, 1891x892, zheani.jpg)

ZHEANI seems pretty nuts, has strong schizo or BPD vibes, a very entertaining follow.

> satanist

> tried to cancel Oli Sykes (Bring Me the Horizon) and Die Antwoord
> onlyfans
> dates an ugly, unwashed moid (Mik Shida)
> starts online beef with industry plant daine

No. 1314317

It feels like Sky Ferreira tweeted and deleted this exact message regarding Halsey at some point.

No. 1314318

File: 1630624798380.jpg (196.88 KB, 720x985, 168646515.jpg)

No. 1314338

lol not that anyone cares ofc but i absolutely fucking hate industry plants too, especially those disguised as "independent" and "revolutionary" and "100% themselves", the LA zoomer "punk" people who are pure nepotism spawn like Arrow dewilde, The Regrettes, Paranoys or entitled scrote bands like SWIMRS, so i understand her or Sky calling others out. BUT Zheani is a total cow too. i don't actively follow her shit but she was mentioned in a couple of threads here. she had some beef with all those millenial e-cows, Lilith Levisis, Lil Bo Weep, Holli etc. She acts as if she's above anyone in that scene but she's pretty much same as them. idk maybe i'm wrong but whenever i see some internet "singer" or rapper has onlyfans, it's hard to take them seriously

No. 1314343

but wait, wasn't Sky Ferreira an industry plant too? wasn't her family related to Michael Jackson in some way? she was around Jackson alot too and i think i read she had a fucking Parlophone record deal when she was 14 years old. like she was on biggest record labels. bold of her to call out Halsey

No. 1314364

>grew up around MJ
>record deal at 14
>opened on miley cyrus's bangerz tour despite having been signed for 5 years with no hits

sounds like a plant to me

No. 1314371

i'm surprised she disappeared fast though. you would think she'd milk her 5 minutes forever with at least 3 next mediocre albums but she stopped at 1

No. 1314439

I mean, the things she said about Die Antwoord were true. Not sure about the rest.

No. 1314627

At least Sky's didn't overstay her welcome. I thought her music was catchy and she wasn't halfway close to being as insufferable as Halsey is in public.

No. 1315043

She didn't exactly exit gracefully either; she's been teasing new music for the better part of a decade

No. 1315062

she'll have a hard time if she ever gets done with the album and comes back. it will probably have the same impact as new lorde ("old stuff was better"). thankfully she's a bit too old to hop on "pop punk" trend to stay relevant.

No. 1315079

i dont know about halsey, but she did tweet something like that about charli xcx's project band nasty cherry

No. 1327074

File: 1631919777650.png (1.85 MB, 1386x1436, weedqween.png)

Any new milk girls? This one's old, i know but Phoebe… she simultaneously tries to be etheral sad indie girl, MCR scene emo, and then also absolute dream goth girlfriend, e-girl, serious songwriter, boss bitch persona leading a revolutionary record label, and of course relatable stoner queen! pic rel, hitting the bong with a tortured frown for her music video then going "420 right guys 420" and starting a contest to recreate that video… "We invite you to get stoned" lol. i know it's just weed but boasting about doing drugs for the video "for the art" is so cringy.

No. 1330695

Everything she posts online makes me want to shrivel up. She’s 27 & acting like she’s still 19 & blogging on tumblr. Make some good music you bland bitch

No. 1331333

So someone said Phoebe Bridgers played in Sloppy Jane band before? she took them in to her new record label recently. honestly i'm curious what comes out of this whole label later, so far it feels like a group tumblr blog or "say hello to everyone" forum section.

No. 1335815

IIRC the bassist, Devin Perez, used to say sexist/homophobic/etc stuff on 4chan and it was an issue in 2014. The singer, Cole Smith, was particularly pissed about it and after much deliberation, Perez was officially gone in 2019… But that's kind of it.

I really expected them to pretty weird and douchey, as most musician dudes similar to them are, but they're normal people.

No. 1336617

File: 1632854708147.jpeg (261.63 KB, 828x1005, 71A9DFC7-7EBF-4952-8104-1BBA25…)

I’m sure the singer of HAIM (whose father is a Beverly Hills Israeli) got this PTA lead role on her own acting merits, right?

No. 1336660

I like Florence but yeah her last album was boring.
God I hope something comes out about Phoebe. I first heard her sing on SNL and thought she was fucking boring.

No. 1336668

I know a woman who used to be her hair stylist, not sure of it was a one off or re-occuring gig. But I've heard she's one for 'borrowing' and never giving things back. I don't think it's the done thing to just go 'oh I like Witchcraft so I'm taking these books to read and will never return them' This woman is rolling in it especially with working with Gucci so often, she could have just took down the names and ordered them herself but apparently not. But she isn't celeb stylists fav to work with in the London circle anyhow due to being a bit of a self entitled diva. Sad as I wouldn't have thought her to be like that, I got her pinned down as a ditsy artsy hippy type who was all love and peace.

No. 1336742

She's going to end up looking like Noah Cyrus if she gets any more filler. It's not a substitute for an attractive bone structure

No. 1336764

Damn that sucks that she borrows and doesn't give back. I mean look she's a highly popular rock artist and has plenty of money, instead of borrowing she could spend 5 minutes ordering stuff she wants online. I gotta say i'm not surprised she's kind of a "diva", she always frequents these "elitesque" Gucci fashion shit parties etc. i can't explain but she had that odd vibe to me.
Since she's somewhat close aesthetically, anything on Chelsea Wolfe?
Seconded, where did Kemp Muhl come from? she's some instagram model pretending to be musician, right

No. 1336840

No sorry nothing. On the other hand Paloma Faith is apparently a delight to work with according to forementioned celeb stylist (sorry not trying to dox them) and I can see that tbh as she just seems a jolly friendly soul - I don't get why people get rubbed the wrong way by Paloma she's a good egg, loud doesn't mean obnoxious. You'll find celebrities form bonds with stylist teams/photographers and become friends with them and get repeat work from them constantly if they aren't an arsehole.

No. 1336935

File: 1632876734719.png (123.25 KB, 594x339, shutterbug.png)

Anons what do you think of Veruca Salt? i always felt they're pretty average, or OK but nothing special, a band that couldn't decide if they want to play grunge, melodic punk or "metallic" goth (pic related, i like the video but it's very obviously Marilyn Manson influenced). "Seether" song was just stupid and irritating. They disappeared somewhere in the 90's, I wonder if they were milky especially the second brunette singer who had some ex drama with Dave Grohl i think.
They're still better than Garbage and Shirley Manson though. They have Butch Vig, a real producer on board and yet can't write good songs. at least not anymore.

No. 1337036

pta needs to stop fucking around with younger women. this seems like the 7th time i’ve seen people have implied he cheats/is poly and the 3rd time i’ve heard a haim sister in the mix. idgaf there’s nothing platonic about the way he shoots them for their boring ass mvs.

No. 1337039

also not saging bc kind of tea but you never once hear that maya rudolph has side dudes. things that make you go hmm. wouldn’t be surprised if it was a one sided poly relationship especially after that fiona apple interview.

No. 1337061

Veruca Salt always struck me as "also rans". Don't know how they got picked up, they were never interesting enough to gain traction and never ever have I met anyone whose favorite band was VS. You put them on a girl band mix tape to flesh it out, that's about it. Genuinely surprised to read their formation story on Wikipedia because I definitely pegged them as having been an industry band that was created in an attempt to capitalize on riot grrl (to which they are forever, inexplicably, tangentially linked)

They're not all younger; Katherine Waterston was almost 40 when rumors of their affair started swirling

No. 1337062

why are jews eyes always so close together like that(racebait)

No. 1337063

Oldfag here, fan of Veruca Salt in the 90s, and yeah, they were full of drama. It's why the song Seether exists, supposedly it's about Louise and her temper.
And they were never really able to pin down a style because Nina and Louise clashed with their songwriting styles. Nina is way more pop (she wrote both of the big singles, Seether and Volcano Girls) and Louise's songs are darker and heavier.
In my opinion, only their first album is truly great and successful in balancing their differing styles, even if it's kinda unfinished because they were rushed to get an album out after Seether was a hit single. Their second album is okay, but I preferred the unpolished sound of the first one more. It fits their immature lyrics better.
Also, personal storytime: I saw them play live in the 90s when somebody threw a t-shirt at the stage that landed on Louise and she had a full-on shit fit, stopped the song, screamed at the guy for like 10 minutes, and demanded that security throw him out or she wouldn't keep playing. Never seen anything like that before or after, and I've been to a lot of rowdy shows.
They got picked because they managed to luck out opening for Weezer in 94 when those guys were first getting noticed. Labels were eager to sign almost any alternative band back then, and this one had the gimmick of being fronted by two women.

No. 1337067

File: 1632887200535.jpeg (137.11 KB, 528x687, 1BDC355B-6C85-49EE-B21E-5DB6B9…)

Holy shit

No. 1337069

You're spot on, they're so unremarkable. On the surface, everything seems good and their music wins with the current likes of Chery Glazer or Starcrawler or other Phoebes, but it's "correct" at most and oddly forgettable. Like they reunited in 2012 and even had a new record in 2015, but who really knows or cares? i'm just reading their wikipedia now
Hahaha that's so lame! Stopping show and having a screaming fit for minutes, reminds me of Melanie Martinez antics. Actually that makes me want to dig deeper for some old info, maybe there's more ancient milk on Louise.
I can only add that Dave Grohl dated Louise Post and they have some unreleased duo and i think Everlong was written about her.

No. 1337070

She looks way too haggard to be playing a high schooler

No. 1337073

she was born in 1989 and is playing a high schooler

No. 1337091

>i think Everlong was written about her

Louise swore she did some random backup vox for the song. You can hear starting with the chorus.

No. 1337368

Alana was born in 1991, still awful but just saying

No. 1337379

File: 1632926737517.png (92.03 KB, 844x905, vs.png)

Louise also announced onstage in 1997 that Dave Grohl cheated on her with Winona Ryder. and sang about it in a song.
Nina left the band in 00's and Louise reportedly made a whole album with angry songs about her and when they reunited, they made a whole album about their past infighting. lol
Also probably quite wealthy parents:
>For all her screaming vocals, she sounds a bit fragile. She talks about the break-ups as being "a journey", but consults her psychotherapist dad when "it's all out of control".

No. 1337421

File: 1632931700674.png (102.93 KB, 582x631, 78945623154.png)

Phoebe Bridgers is being sued for defamation…

No. 1337456

Well, finally some Phoebe drama. I completely missed these allegations, should we ask maybe: who hasn't been accused of something by Phoebe Bridgers? i lost track on all the men she accused of something. not to say it would be surprising cause well, such things are nothing uncommon in music industry, but i have a feeling Phoebe's been calling people out left and right as it suits her righteous "brave" social warrior persona… interesting how this plays out. 3 million is a lot. How do you think she makes?
Wait, so it's true that Phoebe dates girls

No. 1337478

>In his suit, Nelson says after he broke up with his then-girlfriend, Phoebe and the woman continued their relationship. He claims Phoebe and the ex then started trashing him, saying Phoebe directed her 500,000 followers to his ex's IG page, where the ex accused him of racially motivated violence, hate crimes, fraud, robbery and hacking women's email accounts.

Holy shit, if that can be proved false that's fucked.

No. 1337496

i hope he has screenshots of that accusation from October 2020. cause i can't find anything on IG

No. 1337521

File: 1632939049975.png (230.5 KB, 584x1080, pb.png)

Samefag but something got to me, the timeline of that Phoebe threesome was 2018. Wasn't Phoebe with Connor Oberst in 2018 or earlier?

No. 1337829

NTA but I’m curious about Chelsea Wolfe too. She’s an industry plant, right?

No. 1337883

I mean it wasn't a secret that she dates girls lol, she and emily were pretty public. I'm sure they'll settle out of court for a fraction of what he's suing for, clearly he's desperate for money

No. 1337999

Yeah but i didn't know about that, thought she just said bi but only dated guys. Apparently after that guy she had another threesome with that Emily and Conor.
This case is weird though, allegedly Emily accused that guy of murdering some Mexican guy something… so she knows this and reports to IG and not police? whatever.
Honestly, i think they're all shady LA people who all either did some shady things for fame or used others who were starved for fame. the guy obviously used the situation as Phoebe likes to date people she works with while these women knew what they were doing too. they'll prob settle as you said.

No. 1338247

Was reading more about it and apparently Phoebe did not say this independently, she reposted stories from Emily. I'm curious if that changes things legally. Obviously i'm not a lawyer but i'm also curious if Phoebe could say she was mislead by Emily? This guy also sued Emily at the end of last year, not sure if anything's happened with that

Who else has she said something about other than Ryan Adams and Marilyn Manson? They're both notoriously shitty people & abusers so it doesn't seem so far fetched that she's telling the truth there imo

No. 1338278

I believe her in Ryan Adams and MM case, they had bad reputation and people whispered about such possibilites of abuse for years, and a lot of women came out against them. Idk who else she came out against. could've sworn there was at least one more guy but maybe i'm wrong.
I read Phoebe actually talked Emily into posting that on IG in the first place. they know each other since school years or something. idk if there were any abuse allegations against that guy before. Ryan won't sue back cause he's guilty. Nelson would have to show probably that since IG stories his finances dropped significantly or something. how would Nelson prove that things Phoebe & Emily said were lies? (the murder accusation could be proven or disproven if the identity of the allegedly killed was given.) who knows what is true, nobody was there and so it's impossible to take sides imo. it's just interesting how this plays out.

No. 1338289

>I read Phoebe actually talked Emily into posting that on IG in the first place
Where did you read that?

No. 1338304

File: 1633026714922.png (120.67 KB, 1116x1080, pb comments.png)

Reddit. Which of course i cannot guarantee is a reliable source, it's just memories of people who read about it a few years back. nothing can be verified now cause Emily deleted her IG account.

No. 1338584

Ah so she encouraged her. From what you said I thought it was document that she forced her to do it or something kek

No. 1338651

yeah like encouraged her to write/talk about it online. sorry, i just repeated what i saw in comments cause that's basically all that there is to talk about. TMZ has the case papers but i don't think they leaked.

No. 1338890

File: 1633097335050.png (274.07 KB, 1090x1326, nelson v bridgers.png)

No. 1338892

File: 1633097427544.png (537.09 KB, 568x1228, text.png)

jk actually not that many I was just blinded by this kek

No. 1338894

File: 1633097488204.png (401.51 KB, 658x1302, text2.png)

said gift was a rare guitar

No. 1338898

Interestingly there are no screenshots of her allegedly defamatory posts on Instagram, only descriptions

>In or around October 2020, defendant Bridgers published false and misleading

statements about Plaintiff on her public Instagram account, “@_fake_nudes,” stating: “I witnessed
and can personally verify much of the abuse (grooming, stealing, violence) perpetuated by Chris
Nelson, owner of a studio called Sound Space….”
>Defendant Bridgers intentionally directed the public to Bannon’s public Instagram
account by publishing a post stating, “For anyone who knows [Plaintiff], is considering working with
him, or wants to know more, there is an articulate and mind blowing account on @emilybannon’s
page as a highlight. TRIGGER WARNING for basically everything triggering.”

"The false and misleading statements about Plaintiff on the Instagram “@emilybannon”
>Plaintiff “beat a young Latinx man to death after provoking him with a racial
>Plaintiff “killed the young man”;
>Plaintiff “bludgeoned at least one other man with a baseball bat … and left him
to bleed out in an alleyway”;
>Plaintiff committed racially-motivated hate crimes, including “intentionally
rear-end drivers of color and then challenging them to call the police, knowing that his white
privilege would protect him from any consequences whatsoever but expose his victims to a
prohibitive level of risk (of deportation, incarceration, or brutality) by forcing them to interact with
>Plaintiff “defrauded [a] neighbor out of an estimated $100,000-$130,000”;
>Plaintiff “forging [the neighbor’s] signature and then stealing $50,000 from”
the neighbor;
>Plaintiff “robbed [a] storage unit of an estimated tens of thousands of dollars of
>Plaintiff sells stolen gear and “manufactures fake ‘rare’ guitars to defraud
collectors and museums … and uses all manners of devious engineering to trick unwitting … buyers
into paying a premium for modified junk”; and
>Plaintiff “was hacking [defendant Bannon] and other women’s email

No. 1338920

so she's a bpd narc?? i'm surprised, they're usually so easy to spot. she just seemed like a fucking dumbass to me.

No. 1338923

kek imagine having so little self-respect that you date dave grohl. he's the father of dad rock and no actually edgy woman woud give a fuck about him even if it was still the 90s. he's just a longhaired version of the picture of steve from blue's clues that every straight woman seems to have on her phone so she can show you her "hot boyfriend who i'm so in love with"

No. 1338924

I don’t know how reliable this is but

>According to a few sources, the lawsuit also drops another famous name: Conor Oberst. Nelson’s lawsuit claims that both women were also in a relationship with the Bright Eyes singer and that Bridgers’ guitarist Harrison Whitford, who was dating Bannon at the time, was unaware of the three-way relationship the women were having with Conor.

No. 1338935

idk why he would even fake these, and I don't necessarily think they're fake, but these texts look so weird? several parts of the text are warped including the time stamp of his first text. and it looks like the word "epicenter" has been edited in, it's a different font even? maybe it's several screenshots stitched together?

it's detailed in the suit >>1338890
>Plaintiff is informed and believes that defendant Bridgers had a prior sexual relationship with Bannon. Shortly after Plaintiff’s relationship with Bannon began, it was revealed that defendant Bridgers, Bannon, and Bridgers’ boyfriend at the time Conor Oberst were having a relationship. Based upon information and believe, this relationship occurred while Bannon was in a relationship with defendant Bridgers’ drummer, Harrison Whitford, who was unaware of the relationship between Bannon and defendant Bridgers.

No. 1338938

if they are fake theres a forensic audit of this type of evidence thats usually required so it being fake would be discovered

No. 1338941

File: 1633103249879.png (23 KB, 334x86, 7923576843.png)

i honestly don't even know why he would fake those texts but it looks weird
maybe i'm just going insane

No. 1338980

Why would you think so? She doesn’t give industry plant vibes at all. At this point I’d ve disappointed. Who ISN’T an industry plant?

No. 1339007

File: 1633108911210.png (116.05 KB, 1064x254, wiki.png)

Nta but she has musician father who had his own band and studio, but idk who that is and how famous he is. maybe it's someone important in the producer scene? i only know Chelsea hangs out with LA cow people like Arrow and Gilbert. we'd have to do a bit more info digging to tell
it looks weird and edited, entire photos are very blurry, as if someone viewed them on computer and took a mobile phone photo from the screen. idk, if it's edited then it will be confirmed as such by the right people.

No. 1339039

I can’t name a non-industry plant at this point. It’s insane.

No. 1339040

Actually, on second thought, Hop Along aren’t industry plants, but they’re the only example I can think of.

No. 1339065

Ikr. last ones i can think of were the 90's bands. what's worse is that 3/4 of musicians that are rich kids/plants LARP as trash lords who actually don't make any money, that's what i have problem with. some might be acceptable musicwise but it's hard to look at them the same once you know they lie.

No. 1339096

Lol this is all utterly insane and so obviously made up. I know MM and Ryan Adams were creeps, but Phoebe seemed to want to carry over her "power to cancel" to someone who likely didn't deserve it. It's not illegal to be a coomer in a threeway.

No. 1339116

Yeah, i thought so too. I mean these are serious accusations, from stealing significant amount of money to hurting and killing people. Everything worst under the sun and more. if that was true, the guy would be in jail or investigated, not just cancelled by the internet. if Phoebe and Emily reported this to police, they likely wouldn't be talking on instagram as they'd be advised against doing it. "Phoebe's word of confirmation" means shit, was she present during each and every one of those heinous crimes? lol

No. 1339166

File: 1633121257663.jpg (138.39 KB, 1320x868, LoE74QV.jpg)

>going full psycho

No. 1339180

>rehab for whip its

No. 1339202

these people might all be L.A. ghouls but we're a long way from the sunset strip, that's for sure

No. 1339206

Lil Bo Tweak vibes lol
is it even possible to get addicted to whippets? if so then kek, of all the other substances

No. 1339208

i mean you could like psychologically get addicted but they are not physically addictive lmao. i'm just imagining this guy rolling out of bed and his first thought is "time to crack some whipits"

No. 1339211

yes, this is what i meant, impossible to get addicted physically. and it lasts short.
the guy did whipits too? i thought they're talking about Emily Bannon
yeah, aside from Louise Post he also dated Jennifer Finch and Melissa Auf Der Maur. maybe they fell for his "nicest guy in rock" schtick lol

No. 1339295

I guess that depends on your definition of what a plant is. I guess the prevailing definition would be someone who already has connections in the music or at least entertainment industry and uses that to jumpstart their career, or at least give it an artificial push beyond their actual ability

Angel Olsen and Japanese Breakfast both came from pretty humble beginnings and without any existing connections in the industry. Julien Baker doesn't seem to have any existing connections before releasing her debut, and whilst she was definitely something of a media darling in 2015/16 that was off the back of a genuinely good debut. Billy Strings comes from an absolutely shit background and probably has one of the greatest claims to getting where he is off the back of pure talent

No. 1339368

maybe straight girls just like him because he's sO tAlL OMG

No. 1339632

File: 1633189568789.jpeg (525.1 KB, 828x1346, 9DFF23F7-F34F-4093-BC5D-6B00D5…)

Dude men get so offended when they get accused of shit that could ruin their lives

No. 1339635

I have a hard time believing this guy had his reputation meaningfully damaged until now

No. 1339774

What's so weird about him suing her if it turned out he was innocent of all those killings and such?
But honestly dude probably exaggerates as much as he can so he can get as much money out of this as he can, or does this as vendetta for private satisfaction. Emily and Phoebe exaggerate af too if not more, i have hard time believing this guy is guilty of all that they accused him of, cause it sounds ridiculous. after considering it all i think all parties lie. they're bitter exes and probably both playing dirty.

No. 1339873

I wouldn't be surprised if he told his gf all of this shit in the first place to try to impress her kek
I mean logging into girls emails, selling fake shit, stealing I can believe to a certain degree but killing people I cannot. they all seem unstable

No. 1339880

File: 1633209759389.jpeg (311.68 KB, 700x700, 701B6AB3-F8AE-4E05-B69C-20A1F4…)

Remember when this album was aggressively shilled and then they disappeared off the face of the Earth? Not suspicious at all

No. 1339883

Yes, i do. Always thought they must be plants too, or one of those girls from musical backgrounds with plenty of opportunities. Soundwise, they're same as Phoebe and Pale Waves and Soccer Mommy, except Soccer Mommy has way better songs. How have they dropped off the face of the earth? I know they deleted all their posts on IG and left just 1 or something but… why?

No. 1339892

File: 1633210658054.jpeg (705.57 KB, 750x1230, 87E9AF45-6182-4D15-9C5E-D3BDBF…)

Avi Buffalo rape allegations coming out (again). Screenshot from an ex band member Rebecca. His ex Jas also released allegations the same day. Lots of abuse stories going around the Long Beach music scene rn

No. 1339951

the Avi Buffalo accusations have been the worst out of all of them for me since I loved the song 'summer cum', but when you read his lyrics you can tell he's a total creep

No. 1339963

nayrt but it's still on instagram just not on the top. it's not recent, it came out in 2020.
Sub Pop removed him from their catalog after that.

No. 1340019

Saw her after Pitchfork in 2019. She brought on Sophie/Soccer Mommy as a surprise. An absolutely terrible singer (vidrel) with decent lyrics. She mentions going to rehab in recent interviews. She's always been a mess online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5tT-2by-5E

No. 1340463

>She's always been a mess online
Hmm, can you tell more? you mean she had meltdowns or getting aggresive? maybe that's why she removed herself from socials to recover.
As for Sophie, she's got this 90's/00s teen comedy nostalgia kind of vibe (especially with vids like Circle The Drain) but does it better than most throwback bands cashing on Avril or Alanis, she has kind of interesting riffs/effects (they apparently used old studio flat disks with effects). first album was a bit too candy/naive but second is good, with songs grouped by "colors". she released album right before pandemic so she had a "virtual" streaming tour, "played" in Animal Crossing (official game so they promote her a lot) and Club Penguin Rewritten (unofficial game recreated by fans of original). i even attended one "concert" lol, found this idea sympathetic.

No. 1340509

File: 1633286398191.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2923x3464, 58F1C4B7-5F9A-4139-AB67-8AFE96…)

>Ariel Pink is boring
>Also tweets this shit

No. 1340528

Lol when will this pickme fall from grace. I think i know now why they flog her so much: Billie Eilish probably sent her letter of recommendations.
They both have families larping "we're from LA but so poor uwu"

No. 1340547

Not a fan of Billie but she is infinitely more likable than Phoebe. I think Phoebe is legitimately the worst musician currently being shilled and a bad person overall

No. 1340998

File: 1633351599290.jpg (452.14 KB, 1280x720, an4ZwZujvtihzUkKrjSxLW.jpg)

Anyone remembers ancient Inger Lorre of The Nymphs? it was absolutely shitty glam cross "early grunge" band, but in fact they remind me of those worst hair metal glam bands because of their shitty visuals. She's really most known for pissing at the desk of Geffen Records A&R guy. the reason why she did it was apparently she was done with Geffen telling her to fire her scrotes and go solo. she refused to do this, but there was no gift for such loyalty cause scrotes fired her instead a year later.
Another thing she's known of was beefing with Courtney Love. The voice message that's on Courtney's track "Sassy" is her: "You're so stupid I would have done anything for you honey, your reputation is shit in this town".
She had some solo record with Jeff Buckley as guest, but i can't believe anybody bought it. it allegedly had a song about Courtney Love and one called "Gibby Haynes is next", GH sings in Butthole Surfers, so random.
As for now seems nobody's interested in her, she has a Twitter where she's followed by 280 ppl and where she mostly begged to donate to her Gofundme, for a Nymphs world tour (she raised 1421$ before closing).

No. 1341001

File: 1633351894622.png (255.21 KB, 1204x1434, nymphs.png)

Article on Inger with more info. on one hand i could undestand frustration with big labels, on the other how stupid was that, obviously they would spin this over to make her unhiged woman in press.
Btw guess she believes "Courtney killed Kurt" theories.

No. 1341015

god we're old, anon. I forgot about this creature.

No. 1341034

File: 1633360101779.png (223.63 KB, 956x904, article.png)

Admittedly i got to know about them when they were long gone and I'm not from US, only ever learned it from the books on 90's or Nirvana. Compared to them, Veruca Salt made big career.
<More CL seething. i can believe that Courtney called and tried to befriend her first though, that's pretty much her thing.

No. 1341088

File: 1633367159989.png (265.73 KB, 1188x928, 25568.png)

Idk if that helps anyhow in indie-pop-rock industry, but her father was a classical pianist/violinist and professor. So her family was wealthy/well off at the very least.

No. 1341261

File: 1633389483984.png (1.31 MB, 1834x1632, 22222.png)

One last excerpt on Inger and incident onstage. it's amusing how much cow potential she used to have but she got forgotten fast, prob cause she had forgettable image.
Speaking of 90's i wonder how honest were Lunachicks. Tbh they looked more like costume/parody band or poor man's L7. Recently I heard singer Theo Cogan is some makeup guru/makeup brand owner.

No. 1343249

saged for blogposting but this is such a reach. having an educated parent isn't the same as being an industry plant, and based on his background it's not even like it correlates. next it's gonna be any musician who has an academic background is invalid because they went to college. are only people living in the slums allowed to make music/get any fame?

No. 1343305

>are only people living in the slums allowed to make music/get any fame?
Ayrt No, nobody said that. That's why i said "idk if that helps anyhow in the industry". Actually, now that we talk about it, i really doubt it. Theoretically for her to get shilled in the industry her father would have to be friends with whoever helped her with career or a seriously famous/respected musician in her country, but i don't think it's the case here. I only said that if anything, if her father was rich she could've used his money to push start career (but only if). Probably should've clarified it's just my own what ifs and say it better instead "rich at the very least", that doesn't even have to mean much.
I think it's cool that her father was accomplished classical musician. that is all.

No. 1343338

You have terrible reading comprehension.

No. 1344516

File: 1633807147571.jpg (86.08 KB, 655x655, e77c4ae8d0ee94471dcb989040dd3d…)

What's the beef between Amy Taylor and Miley Cyrus? for some reason people pit them against each other and allegedly Amy said some shit on Miley? if it turns out they have a fight over having same hairstyles and clothes it'll be ridiculous cause mullets are most unoriginal things currently and they both have rather unoriginal style which was based on pretty much same things, the Runaways + 70's/sporty clothes.

No. 1344926

What’s the story on tomberlin? Ngl her backstory feels sus— raised in a fundamentalist Christian family, went to a Christian school she calls a “cult”, drops out, then suddenly gets signed to saddle creek?? Seems random, there’s an important piece missing from this story. And her music is honestly boring. I heard she’s acted aloof and rude towards some of the musicians she’s taken on tour in the past, also(sage)

No. 1344937

Learn to sage petty poster

No. 1345006

Probably a mixture of them being desperate to get their own Julien Baker & not being the label they once were, after Conor & everyone involved with him moved on.

Signing Big Thief was a good move, but even they've moved on already and their stuff with 4AD is better than Masterpiece or Capacity. The best move they've made in the last couple of years was getting Spirit of the Beehive(sage )

No. 1345256

>In November 2020, UK-based feminist punk band Dream Wife took to Instagram to post comparisons between their music video for ‘So When You Gonna…’ and Miley Cyrus’ music video for her track ‘Prisoner’ feat. Dua Lipa. It was clear how similar the visuals were, with Amy leaving a comment on the post saying “Omg lowkey highkey somebody stop miley”.
>“I wanna preface this by saying I think she has ripped us off. She has a whole kinda thing like ‘what’s trendy? What’s going on?’ but also I acknowledge that I am hugely influenced by ‘70s rock females which Miley is kind of stating that she’s influenced by. So there’s definitely been a crossover, but I also believe that it would in some way loop back to us and Dream Wife and lots of other female fronted bands in the scene” she explains. “I actually think Miley Cyrus’ music is dope and I want to support women. I’m not the police, but it’s frustrating because we all work so hard and don’t make that much money, and people will assume we’re copying that era of Miley Cyrus but we’re just doing our thing that we’ve always done.”
>Amy reflects on this further: “Obviously it’s a team of people, her career is based on staying relevant and being on the edgy side of pop and doing the rebellious thing. She’s a performer and is acting like an edgy rock chick. But it’s like, you ain’t shit, you have a mansion. Be yourself. It would actually be really beneficial if stylistically or personally it was a copy of Dream Wife/me, it would mean so much if she actually shared it like ‘hey, there’s a bunch of bands I really like that I’ve been really influenced by’. But then I kind of remind myself, like, there’s a huge chance you have nothing to do with this and you’re making an arsehole of yourself. If I’m honest, it just makes me laugh to pick a fight with her” she laughs.

I kinda get her point, but I'm glad she's not seriously mad. I think she's too chill for this shit.

No. 1345266

lmao Miley wishes she was Amy but she's literally Hannah Montana so…

No. 1345270

I’ve known Amy for years but not super well or anything (bandfag, part of the same local scene), she’s genuinely chill. It’s always struck me as a bit odd that she’s friends with Dani because Dani seems like such a cringeworthy edgelord almost on par with Arrow but minus the artfag family. It’s always funny to see her name mentioned on here

No. 1345304

Ah so she actually was really chill and rational about this, so there's really no drama. refreshing
Yeah she seems ok from afar too. i thought she's kinda tryhard at first and couldn't tell how she really is but i guess that's just her way of being: kinda hyper energetic and "hanging with the guys" in the show pit. her music is actually listenable. the only thing that confuses me is her friendship with Dani, though seems Dani wants to be besties with Arrow now.
Dani is much bigger cow than it seems on the surface level, especially after taking a look at her tiktok. she's a 27yo sitting and making dozens of tiktoks all day and still milking her Gucci exposure, i mean it's getting harder for her to hide how she's in it for fame and money and LA circle parties primarily.

No. 1345522


Wooow I just found this thread through Google. I don't know shit about Phoebe Bridgers other than peripherally seeing her name floated around in indie sad girl rock discourse and avoiding it.

I was in a few classes at nyu with Emily Bannon. This would have been around 2013-2014 or so. It's crazy to see her name appear again but in this context

We were never close but she was part of the same general group of friends. She was always a bit scuzzy and unwashed, she definitely did a fair amount of drugs (poppers, coke, weed, whatever), it was common in the scene so nothing stands out there.

I remember she wasn't a very good student and would be basically clueless when the teacher asked her questions about readings/assignments

Also Maggie Rogers was also in the scene around this time. I remember being at a party once and she took out a banjo lol, half of the group was fawning and half thought it was awkward as fuck.

Most of Maggie's earlier music videos are cast with girls from the group (yes I see you)

Anways this thread triggered some memories of hanging out with trust fund, upper middle, or elite class daughters who want to be famous in New York. Wouldn't exactly recommend

No. 1345527

Wow thanks for the info anon. What do you think of this whole case? I mean this whole thing also kind of requiers to know at least a bit also on Phoebe (which we posted about in this thread before) but still. Btw think it's funny how you listed Emily doing the whole variety of drugs but then in court documents the guy listed she allegedly "went to rehab for whippits" lol.
>hanging out with trust fund, upper middle, or elite class daughters who want to be famous in New York
Any known/famous ones? anyone made it in the scene?

No. 1347466

File: 1634228218322.png (555.95 KB, 710x886, kk.png)

Australian anon who's friends with Amy Taylor, maybe you could tell us more on the origin of this Australian fake-rock baddie? All i found is that she's from Auckland but moved to LA to make acting/singer career (ofc) and she has 140k followers after a short while for doing absolutely nothing, but she already spoke on the impact of Nirvana on her music in their anniversary edition of Spin. More, one of her first IG posts is Rolling Stone announcing her single.
Last but not the least, she got "famous" for trolling the internet that she got a huge face tattoo of Harry Styles, only to reveal it was a joke (wow). from the article:
>What I love about him from a professional standpoint is that he was the poppiest of pop stars, and then he went off on his own and made a classic rock album. For someone like me who wants to live in that world who hasn’t been in a boy band, he has opened the door for me.
>"He’s introduced the kids to the kind of music I want to make. For that, I’m really grateful. I also just want his career. I feel like I’m a female version. I actually moved to America to act, and music became my main thing. Rock ‘n’ roll is my passion. I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album."
Who's that plant? she's not even trying to hide how contrived she is

No. 1347470

sorry i forgot to write her name and IG, it's Kelsy Karter

No. 1347509

I'm really bothered that her "money piece" isn't at the front of her hairline.

No. 1347752

Aussie bandfag here, I’ve never heard of this person prior to now. I should probably clarify that the scene I’m part of is pretty insular; everyone shares bandmates/housemates/workmates and whatnot. To those who are part of it it’s like a big extended family but for those who aren’t it comes across as pretty cliquey. It’s all very DIY or has its roots in DIY (besides Amy, Courtney Barnett is also part of this scene, one of my best mates is her bassist). Someone like this would never be accepted amongst us, which sounds elitist as fuck but it’s with good reason, as it’s a scene built around authenticity. I think a lot of people look at someone like Amy and without knowing anything about our local scene assume it’s a larp but the whole dolewave sub genre was born of predominantly working class kids singing about being working class kids (see also: Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dick Diver, Twerps, Scott and Charlene’s Wedding, et al)

No. 1347761

Yeah sorry, it appears that girl isn't from indie scene but rather some rich girl/plant who started out immediately from the big place and never played shows before? i think so at least. just asked cause i thought maybe she was someone like Arrow in your local scene, like maybe you heard of her from local media trying to push her as rock/punk and joked about it casually or something, not that i thought you would hang out with this girl. i expected you wouldn't know her as personal friend.
I wouldn't be surprised if this girl never performed a single show in Australia and went straight to LA to get a contract. Aaand as i predicted, she's a total industry plant not even indie plant. she has a record on BMG

No. 1347767

File: 1634249966441.png (1.33 MB, 1376x888, ig.png)

Samefag, major labels will make so much money on pop punk now, more of people like that will be pushed. The Kelsey chick stands out a lot because how immediate it all was (and good deal of her followers must be bought). what's interesting to me is how carefully they craft her social media appearance, from edgy angsty captions, egirl style and hair to obligatory mentions of depression and struggle and Megan Fox larping.

No. 1347774

Arrow wouldn’t last five seconds here, not because she’s from a famous family but because the only reason why she has any semblance of fame is because she’s from a famous family. Nepotism won’t get you anywhere here. I went to school with Nick Cave’s son Jethro (the one who modelled for Balenciaga, etc) and while he wasn’t in any bands he was (or tried to be) part of our scene but no one was having it, not because he is Nick Cave’s son but because he used being Nick Cave’s son as an excuse for behaving like a prize cunt. He got kicked out of one of my band’s shows for pouring a jug of beer over a random girl’s head for no reason and is banned from several venues. So that probably gives you an idea of how Arrow would be received

No. 1347793

Good, i like it. That's how it's supposed to be. and guess i gotta give some credit to Amyl and the sniffers now after you described it how it is!
Wow that sucks, what Jethro did, good that you gave him no asspats just for having famous parent. Nick Cave (which i'm a fan of) has another famous son, Earl, who's a lowkey actor now. I wondered about him honestly, it appears he played in two low tier indie films so far. on the other hand i'm aware he probably goes to those high fashion parties and knows all those nepo kids. hopefully he doesn't turn into snowflake like Jethro too.
I noticed nepotism kids always pursue playing in rock bands or modelling or acting but never for example writing books.

No. 1347794

File: 1634251683422.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 715C4B79-D351-40C2-8115-33C03F…)

>I make rock music in a time when urban music dominates
Get fucked, what kind of racially coded bullshit is this? It’s also patently false, rock music has never and will never fall out of popularity. Not to mention that many of us have been playing rock music since we were in womb and have the (albeit modest for the most part) accomplishments to show for it. I’d love to see this moron try to book a show here

No. 1347799

The cringe, it reads like what a boomer might think was an inspiring Instagram caption. Actually "cool" girls post like one emoji, three words or one line of a song lyric, not this shit.

No. 1347801

Jethro is insufferable, even in high school all he talked about was how much he hated his dad and hated being known as Nick Cave’s son, my man, if you hate it that much shut the fuck up about it, no one else is bringing it up, you take every opportunity to mention it when literally no one asks or cares

No. 1347804

File: 1634252337510.png (641.05 KB, 910x1004, nnmnmn.png)

Kek her captions actually crack me up
She won't, she only got USA/UK/Canada scheduled lol

No. 1347808

lol what a poser. is he even doing anything significant now? i mean did "i hate my dad/my dad's famous btw" thing even help him get besides that one fashion photoshoot? cringe

No. 1347811

File: 1634252600277.jpeg (36.11 KB, 512x512, B5921B4D-1C84-4F7F-8660-C6400F…)

>Beyoncé didn’t hear a song and wanna make a remix
What the fuck does that have to do with the price of fish in China? I’m calling it now, this sharmouta is racist and makes calling out “urban” artists her whole personality

No. 1347817

I haven’t seen him in a few years, in fact I haven’t even heard him mentioned, he seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. Last time I ran into him he had gotten quite rotund and was deep in cocaine psychosis so I think it’s safe to assume that his illustrious career as a model is over

No. 1347819

File: 1634253127743.png (504.34 KB, 654x858, drthhh.png)

this, and saying "ugh fuck hip hop!" and "rock is not dead look at me"… look at this, miss rebellious defying industry!

No. 1347831

Jethro was trying to be a YouTuber in what must have been the bloated coke psychosis phase but it seems like he deleted most everything. He mostly rambled into what seemed like a 2009 flip phone camera.

No. 1347835

Also, it wasn’t just photo shoots, he walked for Balenciaga, Prada and other major houses in the big four fashion weeks. He ruined his own career by being a dickhead
My fucking sides, the nloggery. I hate this cow already but she has the potential to be real milky. Her posts are giving me Vicky Shingles pick me narcissism

No. 1347844

Sad. He's like a male version of all these rock daughters/models, weird he wasn't caught by YSL and Hedi Slimane.
He's cringe but i wish him to get clean and do something with his life nonetheless
Yeah, i think it would be funny to keep an eye on her. might find her tiktok and more info on her. i'm especially curious about her deleted, pre-career internet antics, i hope there's more than Harry-notice me incident.
She goes on tour with Girli, another new girl wonder thing but i think she at least used to be a rapper. (she probably switched to pop punk now like MGK lol)

No. 1347848

File: 1634255800996.jpeg (141.91 KB, 786x590, 81515F9F-9208-4F98-9108-16ED83…)

He actually was shot by Hedi (side note: his collections for every house/label besides Dior Homme have been basura caliente but I do like some of his photography and he is a hot piece so I can’t hate on him entirely) https://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/1696/1/jethro-cave-by-hedi-slimane

No. 1347867

Wow, some of these are actually good, mainly cause they stylized his hair as Birthday Party era Nick. i noticed both of his model kids are often stylized very feminine or kind of ugly-weird style. (well not Jethro now cause he kinda disappeared). As for Earl apparently he has/had a band too, wrote and sang with other actors for a film, and said he might get more into music as well one day, but i haven't listened.
It may sound weird and stupid but i think famous kids uneccessarily lock themselves in a corner when they want to make music, cause whatever they do it nearly always ends up underwhelming and way less "edgy", idk, satisfying than their parents music. sometimes they're saved from it if they're wise to choose completely different genre and shut up about their family

No. 1347897

>It's crazy to think the album that got me through my depression was my own

mighty kek, who would write this? It doesn't even make sense since recording an album is stressful, so like…listening to her finished album cured her depression? Someone help the boomer who wrote this get a grip on reality because this ain't it.

No. 1347911

I'm choking, what is that shit. Halsey wrote cringe songs about Harry being chained by horrid Taylor Swift in her One Direction stan tumblr days but she's at least ashamed enough to never admit she ever did something like this, while this idiot openly whines out shit like that

No. 1347912

File: 1634263425741.png (523.52 KB, 1732x1646, harry.png)

and the lyrics

No. 1347938

>seethes over successful black women
>uses plastic surgery and makeup to jack their aesthetic
The caucacity of this nlogging fuckwit
I stand by my Vicky Shingles comment, holy kek the narcissism
Right? When I first saw this shoot I thought “he hates his old man but is happy to be styled like him”.
>It may sound weird and stupid but i think famous kids uneccessarily lock themselves in a corner when they want to make music, cause whatever they do it nearly always ends up underwhelming and way less "edgy", idk, satisfying than their parents music. sometimes they're saved from it if they're wise to choose completely different genre and shut up about their family
Nail, head, etc. I think a lot of them feel like they’re in competition with their parents or their parents are trying to live vicariously through them, which they either embrace (like Arrow) or rebuke (like Jethro)

No. 1348030

I'm not super familiar with Nick Cave, but isn't he, like… Goth? He really named his kids Earl and Jethro? Not saying goth people all need to name their babies ebony dark'ness Raven, but ffs

No. 1348045

His other two sons are Luke and Arthur (RIP, he fell off a cliff and died a few years ago, which is just awful). Jethro didn’t even meet his father until he was practically a teenager so I dare say his mother named him without any input from Nick. I don’t think anything beyond Birthday Party era NC is “goth” from a musical standpoint but he still has a reasonably sized goth following, though I’d say it’s more just maudlin indie fuckers who stan him. I’m not massively into his music. My dad worked as his sound engineer when he was touring with the Bad Seeds, which goes to show that the insularity of the music scene here transcends generations

No. 1348186

Wow i didn't know about that! so the kid he had photos with from Let Love In era in Brazil must've been Luke.
Arthur was a twin of Earl and died at the age of 15, he fell after doing LSD with a friend. i've seen One More Time With Feeling documentary, it's pretty much about recording an album (Skeleton Tree) after all what happened and it was very touching.
Yeah like anon said, he was goth in Birthday Party, 80's goth/punk and after that, he played different music, very noisy in the beginning but also with piano and strings etc. Hmm if that makes sense, he was more "gothic americana" (or rather "gothic australiana" lol) with his interests in shitty scary towns with weird townies, very biblical (his book And The Ass Saw The Angel) or songs about prisoners sentenced to death (The Mercy Seat) or carnival (The Carny) and the whole murder ballads album. He's just more of a storyteller/writer in his songs and if his music is "gothic", then it means it's dark and eerie rather than Dementia Ebony Darkn'ness way. i somehow can't imagine him naming his kids Jacob Danger or North West etc.

No. 1348202

“Gothic Australiana” is actually a really good way to describe it! That’s exactly what it is. I enjoy him as a raconteur much more than a musician. Admitting that in Australia is basically heresy though. I think his bandmates like Warren Ellis and Blixa Bargeld are much more interesting in their other endeavours than their collaboration with him. Slightly tangential once again but it’s kind of surreal seeing people I know being discussed on our Christian underwater macrame forum, of all the places on the internet. She hasn’t been mentioned much even though she’s in the OP, I know Staz Lindes too, though not really well. While she’s a nepotism kid she’s really sweet and not pretentious or entitled at all, so personally I don’t think she’s a cow. Her personality seems like the antithesis of how Arrow portrays herself, being around her must be excruciating. Or maybe she’s just too nice. Even Dani who is a luxury cruise ship of 3edgy5u poverty fetishising cringe looks pained by Arrow’s antics

No. 1348465

>Admitting that in Australia is basically heresy though.
Why? His lyrics and stories are a huge part of what makes his art good, and he has a talent for writing too. even his blog where he answers fans questions is interesting, a bit grandiloquent sometimes but still.
I think you're right about Staz, there's virtually no drama with her to be found. she sounds pretty normal in her interviews.
Dani seems mildly uncomfortable on that photoshoot lol. I'm sure she wants to just be nice to her but i think they only hung out a couple of times this year on some parties but when they stayed alone it probably got awkward. I think it's Dani opening for Starcrawler on tour isn't it? which is a telltale how Arrow sees herself and others. If we compare their popularity, it should be Starcrawler opening for Dani cause she blows Arrow out of the stage with amount of actual popularity.

No. 1348487

File: 1634335169890.jpg (138.18 KB, 900x657, EwYkuciVgAMGaqO.jpg)

"Punk princess" Kelsy must have very famous parents. Foo Fighters shilled her singles and she was interviewed by Grammy etc. etc. this is fakest career so far, whoa.

No. 1348795

Oh I meant not loving his music is seen as heresy, he is worshiped here. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of not there’s no disputing that he’s an absolute icon. I don’t understand the popularity of Surfbort. I mean I do, they make scuzzy punk music and Dani’s aesthetic is intentionally “gross” (gross as idefined by moids and bootlickers, because goddess forbid a woman have body hair) but also fashion (Nina Hagen did it first and did it better) but it’s so contrived. Or at least it feels contrived. Like this nonsense, it screams staged >>1283783

No. 1348796

LMAO this is so bad, there’s is literally nothing “punk” about it whatsoever. Bonus kek for only having 5K views, I guess that Foo Fighters shill isn’t working out too well

No. 1349028

Dani pushes and exaggerates the "ugly" factor herself a lot, shoving the armpits and teeth into central point of every picture. She's lumpy and not really a beauty but if she posed normally she'd be fine. I think LA people exaggerate into the other side too, treating her like a hero for not shaving armpits – it's about as "revolutionary" as Madonna posting arm hair on instagram. Plenty of women don't either cause they can't be bothered atm or don't care. it should be a normal human thing.
I think i know why Dani's so popular: she identifies and looks nonbinary, which is how she earned zoomer love. she's popular on tiktok. hollywood washed outs love her "exotic poverty" and Gucci weirdness. she's undisputably way more punk than Arrow even in sound, Arrow plays dad rock template rock'n'roll almost bordering on country with minimal dose of distortion. of course she's contrived but 1) got lucky with Gucci offers 2) she's oldest of all but knows how to play zoomer game

No. 1349035

and i mean oldest of girls like Arrow, Amy Taylor, Phoebe, whoever the hell's popular now as they're mostly zoomers.

No. 1349208

That’s exactly what I mean about Dani. We get it, you have busted teeth and you grow out all your body hair including your snail trail, and that’s fine, you don’t owe it to anyone to adhere to beauty norms, but don’t force it like it’s your defining trait. I feel like this needs to be said because there are a few internally misogynistic degenerates and weebs on this site who think women should all look like uwu perfect feminine smol girly girls and sperg about natural bodies, but probably not so much in this thread

No. 1349231

File: 1634439963350.png (894.88 KB, 1644x898, sab.png)

Kekkk i haven't seen it but Sabrina thinks Kelsey copied her and now Kelsey's got angry Pretty Sick stans raiding her insta, but jokes one them cause despite the fact Kelsey's boomer team probably stalked Sab's socials, Sabrina didn't invent posing naked with guitars and neither front blond lol.
Yeah she really made it her defining trait… which gets boring immediately. Agree with the rest what you said, although i think this thread is kinda safe from that cause i feel it's read only by select anons knowing these bands and scene + maybe some lurkers.

No. 1351755

neither of these dumb bitches is ever gonna be as original as they think they are but man i really hate braindead music stans sometimes, it's 2021 almost nothing is "original" and literally everything borrows from the past at least a little bit. (not even the oldest example i'm sure but) Liz Phair self titled would like a word

No. 1351835

Yeah everything is derivative, I don't even know what new bands should do to be original. Most of nowadays bands are directly milking nostalgia, some in a pathetic way (Starcrawler), some abysmal (Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblood, Willow Smith etc.), moderately (Sab) or actually nice (Soccer Mommy, Amyl & The Sniffers). Maybe more rock/classical music mix? I feel that's a very broad subject and can be mixed in so much more of different ways that say punk/grunge.
There's just no new unique personalities and good songwriters anymore

No. 1351838

Samefag, adding i think people still should hold artists to some kind of standards and expectations, i mean despite all that artists should be expected to present even slightest amount of originality/at least try. Sab/Kelsey case of course is a nonsense and both of them can freely use that boring pose as it's rock'n'roll cliche. But i hate people actually copying whole iconic looks of other musicians.
Kinda depressing to think that one day these girls, or soundclouters-turned-pop-punkers will be set as example of "originality". I mean, I've already seen some zoomers saying that, quoting: "I'm sure soon there will be an influx of new bands spitting blood and copying Arrow trying to pass it off as their original idea!" LOL if they only knew…

No. 1355572

File: 1635184698389.png (576.7 KB, 606x401, ddani1.png)

Ik it's nothing milky but anons… this is how Dani Miller looked like in 2015. Besides "busted teeth", she looked like a normal, healthy weight rock girl, almost could be considered pretty compared to current pics. well maybe not exactly healthy as she supposedly did heroin, but still

No. 1355577

File: 1635185109361.jpg (295.4 KB, 600x392, dani2.jpg)

She changed so much. I understand that she wouldn't be noticed and therefore invested in looking like a clown, flaunting her teeth, hair and "i'm so quirky ugly whaaa" and "i wear Gucci in my white trash house" aesthetic. But somehow this old look speaks to me more, it's objectively boring but it looks less forced and unnatural

No. 1355578

File: 1635185147200.jpg (27.27 KB, 454x349, dani3.jpg)

No. 1356508

I think it's so funny how Ezra Koenig tries to frame the whole 'preppy' thing from the first two albums as this subtle critique or w/e when he clearly just desperately wanted to be that

No. 1356512

its very obviously a critique… especially in Contra

No. 1357010

i mean yeah obviously it's a critique i understand that's how it was presented…nvm

No. 1364890

Sorry for dumbass nitpick, but I despise this makeup look. Heavy red bottom shadow with no eyeliner, mascara, or other makeup at all. Looks terrible

No. 1365114

File: 1636465562031.jpg (24.06 KB, 376x450, 20822-emilie-autumn-without-ma…)

i know right. red makeup immediately makes me think of Marilyn Manson (yuck) or Avril Lavigne. the only one who pulled this off was Emilie Autumn but thath wasn't full on red only

No. 1367484

can we talk about siiickbrain here? how does she even have a contract/booking agent. i just saw her play a festival today and she is complete garbage. her songwriting is elementary. why do people like her?

No. 1368010

who is that? first time hearing this name

No. 1369659

any milk on eli hewson from inhaler? bono’s son

No. 1376483

Any milk on the band Twin Peaks? I saw them implicated in some of that burger records stuff from last year.(necro)

No. 1376922

she has a shaved head and was a semi popular instagram model before transitioning to music. im not really sure why she was big i just saw her shit music after artists i like

No. 1377060

No idea who is that chick but after a quick google and skimming some sort of wiki offshoot page… (Lil Xan wiki of all places lol) well she's an ex model so ofc she has it easy making music career in LA. 90% of this thread is filled with rich girls who first started as models in LA or NY and so then had magazines & brands back them up when they start touring. i think with neo-poppunk explosion there will be much more of "who tf is that" ~*punk*~ singers with huge following cropping out of nowhere a'la Kelsy chick or Siickbrain.
on a side note she claims she's from a small town in North Carolina but other site lists her birth place as Los Angeles? i haven't read entire thing yet but you can take a look:

No. 1377344

contrary to your claim no one in LA gives a shit about models they are a dime a dozen and thats not how you get a music career its usually money, i just dont see whats interesting about her as a model or singer to begin with

No. 1377509

lol, i never said there's anything interesting about them or whoever's this girl.
>models they are a dime a dozen and thats not how you get a music career its usually money,
well duh? these model girls turned singers are almost always coming from money, that was the whole point i'm trying to make. if they've got famous parents, they often are friends with the press people. i'm talking about internet press being more inclined to write about rich model-to-singer girls, especially if they had their appearances in other fashion editorials previously (sites like i-D especially) or when they attented magazine events etc. All comes to how rich or famous are their parents.
LA people might not give a fuck about models but that doesn't change the fact industry currently pushes rich ex-models rather than girls who are talented musicians.

No. 1379949

saged for obvi reasons but some dude named zak haddad (stage name hamb sun if u wanna gawk at his shitty music) from the Vancouver DIY scene just got exposed for being a full on child predator on youtube randomly, channel that exposed him was notable and picked up extremely damning evidence, video is very milky at times but also extremely disturbing, Zak was obviously a narcissist and it is very well documented in the video. He even offered to write a grooming victim a song in return for her silence after obtaining what he thought was child porn from her (genuine delusional indie man)

No. 1383151

File: 1638505107309.png (10.35 MB, 1125x2436, C30BA9E3-3A60-4C2F-AEBA-082472…)

Oh my fucking god i hate itttttt, she looks like she has downs

No. 1384966

anon, don't do people with down syndrome dirty like that, it's just typical Sickysab look. idk how she does it but she always looks awful. wears ugly emo clothes in such ugly combinations, and takes countless Myspace sort of photoshoots.
ik it's nowhere near possibility but that high pigtails hairstyle reminded me unpleasantly of those shady chicks dressing as little girls, like the Shayna girl with 100s of threads in snow. perhaps bc of her face, Sab looks like a kinderpunk/emo sometimes.

No. 1386848

If she’s trying to say she has cum in her necklace im going to vomit. She acts and looks like a literal 14 year old I’m so embarrassed

No. 1386849

File: 1638838786662.png (4.82 MB, 1125x2436, 0999C9F7-92DA-4E77-AD19-BB3231…)

Whoops saging for double post i forgot to add the photo

No. 1387243

Eew. I wanna say the "fluids" are probably her spit at most, cause i'd rather not think of her pouring that indie guy's cum into the necklace lol. "Blood & bones & fluids" makes me think of that cringe shit Lilith Levisis did, trying to be Angelina Jolie with her blood vials. Not surprising since Sabrina was/is friends with Clare. same rich-daughters clubbing circless. I find it so funny these "rock girls" are so obsessed with Lilith, i mean she's a neet posting her broken back ass drugged pics all day.
Yeah her 14yo face is so oddly jarring, she looks like a kid trying to do sexy cosplay. Idk she needs a style makeover. Sab tries so fucking hard to be edgelord it's pathetic.

No. 1389117

File: 1639079545184.png (993.35 KB, 766x834, jjs.png)

Any milk on Jessie Jo Stark? Who is that? I keep seing her liking Arrow or Dani's instas and her mediocre music is filed as "indie". She is/was also friends with or dating Yungblud but thats all i know. she must have rich parents right

No. 1389522

File: 1639117989337.png (2.99 MB, 1170x2532, E2BDA8C1-9EAB-40FE-BE3A-C788E1…)

people are saying this is about phoebe bridgers, but either way it’s based

No. 1389527

Her parents are the creators of Chrome Hearts the fashion brand. She used to be (still is? Idk) friends with Bella Hadid who got her hooked on plastic surgery lol she’s had a bbl as well as facial work done. Not really milky though… she’s quite bland irl.

No. 1389647

What the fuck is happening with her feet

No. 1389767

Right. looks like she's typical rich daughter insta thot, found her accidentally in old Instahoes thread >>766312 >>749790 Kind of annoying that all these insta bitches/models now play "indie" and "punk" music,`even though they either were on soundclout trend 3yrs ago, running after soundclout boys or just posting idiotic pics primarily.
LOL Snailmail went back to posting? didn't she disappear completely a year or so ago? I thought she's friends with Phoebe cause they're birds of a feather in the music/vox sense. Anyways i'm all in for indie girls having petty drama with Phoebe lol

I'm still curious a gossip that Phoebe doesn't pay her workers, shame it wasn't explained in more detail. And did she finally get her "ADD" diagnosis? on a sidenote i gotta say she's got kind of crazy stans who protect her even if her lies are out there to see (not here, i mean other places ofc.)

No. 1389834

File: 1639160226600.jpeg (274.08 KB, 750x731, 4BEFBBD9-DF87-4408-A981-5B44CC…)

sage because it’s not really milk because i’m so out of the loop so i don’t know what’s going on here, who is this? why is everyone commenting “no” and tagging snail mail?

No. 1389872

god phoebe is fucking ugly

No. 1389901

phoebe is your typical bihet who’s music is ~softe and sapphic~, yet she only dates scrotes

picrel is a prime example, that’s paul mescal who’s in Normal People

snail mail aka lindsey jordan is an actual lesbian, and ppl think her post >>1389522
was throwing shade at phoebe

No. 1389952

What about her dating that chick Emily or smth? There were news about her dating that girl/being in a threesome with her and some producer who sued Phoebe a while back. I agree she poses as ~*such a bi qween*~ while only flaunting men, but i thought it was confirmed she dated at least that Emily girl?
Is she not with Connor Oberst anymore? i'm honestly confused

No. 1389964

File: 1639171209693.png (1.7 MB, 1100x802, phb2.png)

Samefag, that being said yeah i kind of agree with the recent criticism, she very consciously uses the bi/lesbian thing, writes songs about girls and hypes the "bi looks" in insta, but she's seen with the guys primarily. she knows these types of posts will make zoomers fall for it

No. 1389966

File: 1639171314869.png (396.91 KB, 588x812, phb.png)

Bonus image, unrelated but it's just total cringe

No. 1390008


Lol hit dogs will holler

No. 1390011


She made this big fucking deal and wrote a bunch of sad songs about being upset that an old divorced fuckboi like Conor didn't Love Her Enough

No. 1390045

Well that was quick, i thought she'd milk Connor relationship a bit longer. But she's way more famous than him at this point so guess she doesn't need him anymore.
Ngl i don't feel bad at all that some old guy "didn't love her enough" lol, what did she expect? Timeline is fucky, honestly wouldn't be surprised if they flirted while he was still married. I think the whole threesome thing kind of shows she's up for superficial relations anyway, but now she makes this big deal. She always makes her breakups sensational in some way or another.
she's growing to be the biggest indie cow lol

No. 1390087

being a unicorn for some ugly ass couple is the most bihet thing possible. you're basically just enacting lesbian porn for some scrote's enjoyment.

No. 1390120

File: 1639187221294.png (330.72 KB, 766x536, 123.png)

I mentioned this because i vaguely recall reading Phoebe dated that chick alone either before or after the 3 way thing, but i could be wrong. Either way you're right.

Have you seen this, seems that she has some vid where she's making out with some elder lady like wtf is that for? is that what's "edgy" now

No. 1390124


It's from the end of the music video for The End is Here. I think it's trying to be symbolic about the passage of time and shit

No. 1390140

File: 1639190418150.jpeg (37.37 KB, 536x394, 486C338F-B7D8-48C3-BF9B-8C5D80…)

so based
all her soft tenderqueer fans getting up in arms about her being “biphobic” now

No. 1390177

ah alright, that's a cringe visual metaphor still imo
I've seen others say this can't possibly be about Phoebe cause she said not talking about bi people and Phoebe is bi… sweet summer children lol
Yeah Snailmail stands no chance against angry stans though. they're always like "whoa but you don't know if Phoebe only dates men? where's the receipts that she doesn't date girls/etc? you don't know that, its just hearsay blah blah blah"
I swear 90% of PB fans have parasocial relation with her and ignore all flaws/shady stuff just cause they want her still to be their relatable boring-girl-next-door hero providing them breakup songs and sad but quirky girl vibes to feel pretend deep.

No. 1390190

Wasn’t Phoebe’s pet Scruffpuppie just cancelled? Idk the SnailMail beef might be manufactured to detract from that.

No. 1390222

File: 1639199929248.png (673.81 KB, 925x2629, scr a.png)

Omg you're right, Scruffpuppie's cancelled. I'm still reading through this mess but i'm posting rn for archiving purposes. Her/his (??? genuinely no idea, i always thought it's a guy) insta is already drained of all posts.

No. 1390225

File: 1639200108551.png (932.85 KB, 935x3133, sc b.png)

Part 2

No. 1390231

File: 1639200287216.png (1.14 MB, 978x3418, sc c.png)

Part 3

No. 1390234

File: 1639200718628.png (5.85 MB, 1508x3196, sc3.png)

Full stories reposted by Casper on twitter

No. 1390237

File: 1639201039737.jpg (60.42 KB, 828x671, lv57dbscpk381.jpg)

Phoebe's label finally released a statement, but apparently way too late and people criticize them for it.

No. 1390254

File: 1639203548172.png (275.2 KB, 1242x1472, tw.png)

Ok last screen (sorry had to repost, hope its ok now). People are saying they've been ignoring it initially.
Well… the dirt surfaced sooner than i expected. I thought Scruffpuppy would be their main "darling" (especially since he was kind of known on youtube for doing covers) but guess now they'll just push Sloppy Jane and Claud instead. probably sign more questionable, shady people, as long as their look is queer/genderfluid/zoomer pandering enough.
Crazy that that guy was presented as cute innocent puppy-faced "they/them", having Phoebe funding billboards, future TV gigs or articles about how brave he is for quitting drugs or something, but he's something else behind the scenes.

No. 1390268

Damn. But what was the racism part?

No. 1390273

Idk, i don't think it's included in the screens i posted. Maybe the racist shit was among other things that he was sending to the girl & her friends through onlyfans. i think Casper showed more proofs to Phoebe and that's how they dropped Scruff guy.
Anyone else finds it cringeworthy that this guy looks, dresses and most of all behaves like a scrote but uses she/her pronouns… i thought i was misunderstanding these tweets but "she" was relating to him. yikes

No. 1390313

>Anyone else finds it cringeworthy that this guy looks, dresses and most of all behaves like a scrote but uses she/her pronouns…
Holy shit yes. Had no idea who he was so I looked him up, he looks and sounds like the exact indie dude piece of shit that you would imagine when reading the call-out

No. 1390314

scruffpuppie is a stupid fucking name and reeks of tryhard. i'm sure there's an interview out there where he outs his image as manufactured by explaining in detail what he needed his band name to evoke

No. 1390339

Some of the worst people specifically pretend to be they/thems or she/hers for precisely this reason, to muddy the water when people are trying to discuss them. A scrote subbing all his roommates and friends' onlyfans under a fake name is considerably worse than a woman doing it precisely because you know he was jackin' it and it was all for power and sexual gratification, if it was a woman it would be still very creepy but the assumptions as to why/what they were doing will be quite different. (Like on lolcow, it's far more likely they'd be subbing to kek at the accounts which some farmers do for cows)

People need to not respect pronouns of sexpests.

No. 1390340

Posting this on your brand Instagram is absolutely cringe and tragic, she's such a pickme/male asslicker.

No. 1390342

File: 1639215473853.png (151.51 KB, 1710x724, aWmQuzI.png)

it was briefly discussed in /ot/ celebricows and then dropped but anyone got further alexis marshall milk? i saw lingua ignota's statement and then alexis's response and he seems like a huge cow in just this paragraph

No. 1390343

No. 1390437

File: 1639237516626.jpg (231.16 KB, 888x1920, tumblr_d9d5d26f81bf7352ca71dbc…)

I wonder what is going on between these two, like if Phoebe took the bait and "sarcastically" posted, or if SM girl somehow expected her to post her boyfriend pic today lol

No. 1390578

Alexis Marshall
>known sex pest

No. 1390594

what the hell? he's so ugly. his photoshoot/editorial pix are so edited to make him look averagely attractive but irl he's a fuckin deliverance-lookin inbred jaw motherfucker. bubble forehead and baby teeth, gross. what is wrong with heterosexual woman celebrities, they pick even uglier scrotes than regular straight women

No. 1390646

I read the whole thing yesterday night and it fucked me up, it was horrendous.

No. 1390670

never thought i'd see lingy mentioned on lolcow

No. 1390673

For what it's worth, I couldn't find a single picture of him where he didn't look like syphilis. If you think about it though, people still throw themselves at rotting hamhocks like Jonny Craig.

No. 1390816

I just read it all due to your post, it is horrendous and very well and clearly written by the victim. I hope she can move on from this awful experience. A play by play of abusive scrote behavior.

No. 1391231

expect a lot more similar stuff to come out about him. people in the local music scene have been talking about his antics for a long time and it's been an open secret way beyond the local scene at least since YWGWYW blew up, likely earlier. he's a rapist. everyone around him knows this, everyone's known this for ages. the tranny punk band HIRS pulled out of a tour with them a few years back after finding out some mysterious information they never elaborated on because speaking out about abuse would require to actually care about women and not just themselves

other than that, he's just gross. he used to whip out his dick on stage, shove microphones up his ass or "floss" his ass with a cable because otherwise he was "too bored" to perform. he bragged about all of this and what a fucked up druggie mess he was in the daughters "redemption" reunion interviews.

No. 1391257

I know anon, it was so difficult reading about every single abusive strategy/action he inflicted on her. I also hope her back heals and she can come out of the ashes in a healthy way.

No. 1391263

>he used to whip out his dick on stage, shove microphones up his ass or "floss" his ass with a cable because otherwise he was "too bored" to perform.
what the actual fuck is this, this is fucking disgusting.
I hate the "open secret" bullshit, if you know someone's a fucking rapist tell everyone you know ffs

No. 1391301

File: 1639345659527.jpg (56.7 KB, 604x960, 0kcfdta7ru481.jpg)

was trying to dig up some of his more milky interviews but at least one has been purged already. still shows up in google search but once you click the link there's an error message. i guess it's not so fun to romanticize le dark and edgy fuck up anymore when it turns out that's exactly what he is.

oh and in case there was ever any doubt, his band knew. i mean, of course they would have known but it's confirmed now - LI said she e-mailed one of them (nick) and then contacted him on social media to say that he should check his e-mail, he just responded with "old e-mail". according to LI, one of them also texted alexis to say that he will lose his career if he continues on like this and it's been heavily implied by the other members in interviews and such that the past break ups and hiatuses were also due to things he did. and nick posted and deleted this after LI's statement. better not see any moids saying that they should just kick out lex and otherwise continue as normal. they're all complicit.

No. 1391477

I'm sorry i just feel sick in my stomach after reading this, how kind of a monster one's got to be to perform such violent act that he caused spine injury of this girl, not even mentioning his following behaviour. "I'm ivestingating legal options" the fucking nerve. it's not him that should take legal action
this is disgusting the band was aware of all and ignored it nonetheless bc they preferred to keep things as they were and maybe just take a hiatus for a few months only to get back with him later as if nothing happened? HOW can you just know and hang out with a rapist nonetheless? or that other touring band who quit tour but… never warned anyone about what they just learnt? why keep staying ina band with someone like this, is this guy someone really famous/established? Any normal person, after figuring out your bandmate is a rapist 1)reports him 2)spreads the news/warns others. But if you're a coward or an idiot who doesn't care about anyone but yourself, you at the very least, you know… quit this band? starts another, without rapists? Nothing explains this, his band are shit people too
Btw anon you could check if it's on wayback machine,but even without it i can imagine he probably objectified women in interviews. alot.

No. 1391503

>"I'm investingating legal options" the fucking nerve

He's following the William Control "cancel culture can't catch me" playbook.

No. 1391543

I really hope there won't crop idiots making explanations for this monster and screeching "iNnOcEnt until proven guilty!!" or "the Lingua bitch made it up for money!". i came across stuff like that for other creeps, especially on reddit. There's entire fucking support groups for worst rapists & abusers of the industry; trying to paint people like Marilyn Manson, Ryan Adams, William Control, Growlers etc. as poor innocent pure cinnamon rolls uwu who are wrongly accused and abused and exploited by cruel money starved cold hard bitches who are attention whores who are seeking fame to "lift up their tanking bad actress careers" & besides are paid to "ruin poor mens' lives" by some higher forces cause the government and industries and the press reaaaally have the most urgent interest in witch hunting and silencing the uncomfortable, misunderstood geniuses of intellect unachievable to common people, the rebels who threaten the stability of the world with their artistic works and revolutionary ideas, so the great men like Marilyn Manson are doomed to be persecuted uwu
can't say if it's more amusing or annoying tbh.

No. 1391579

his music is so boring though? he has 2 guys who can play well behind him but they have no content (esl - i hope this is right word for it). and it's lame to be in 2021 and act like he's the only shitty drug addict to play music ever

No. 1391721

is his post supposed to be supporting Lex or Kristin?

No. 1392605

lex. the quote comes from an "ecosocialist, an anarchist, an abolitionist, an opposer of cancel culture, a trauma educator, a sex educator, a person living with complex ptsd, a sober alcoholic, a polyamorous bisexual dyke" zine writer who whines that cancel culture is just like the police

No. 1393021

Holy shit, this is fucking horrifying.

No. 1393410

File: 1639581647851.jpg (566.34 KB, 708x1916, 1639504934570.jpg)

More abuse allegations.

No. 1393458

File: 1639585036900.jpg (79.17 KB, 580x411, CSS.jpg)

Old milk, but maybe some Brazilian anons can share some info? Cansei de ser Sexy aka CSS used to have a member named Adriano who basically grew the band from the ground, sonically. (Aside: their music now isn't good compared to when he was in the band.) During 2011, the band and him had beef because allegedly he got too sick to play during tours and asked to be able to return to Brazil and rest. The rest of the band refused and he asked them to not play his songs during the tours, which is all of them really, and they refused. He then wrote a long blogpost detailing what happened in 2011: https://adrianocintra.medium.com/how-this-cookie-crumbled-aka-my-departure-from-css-8e8fcf958a10
Is this guy a cow? Is the whole band a cow? I would love to get some detailed milk from Brazilanons since I don't know Portuguese.

No. 1393511

I am so glad I never gave a single penny to that rotten band, jesus christ. I hope they're never able to book another show in their lives or work in the music industry. scum must rot.

No. 1393685

thanks for the link, nonnie! It was an interesting read. It really sparked my interest in CSS milk as well. I saw them on tour in 2011, and I remember there being talks about Adriano not performing with them. My friend worked at the venue, and they were told that he was kicked from the band. His hospital stay was confirmed later on, and as far as the allegations in his blogpost… well, I can attest to them sounding like shit without him and Lovefoxxx having a horrible stage outfit.
alala alala you're so cool

No. 1395077

Oh shit, you're a first hand experience anon. That's cool! Hmm. Yeah, that sucks for Adriano but I feel like some things didn't need to be added, like how Luisa was on edge because she was going to get liposuction… It was pretty petty but I guess I would have been too. I wonder if they're planning on making music ever. I know Adriano moved to Portugal and is doing music production here and there.

No. 1397262

File: 1639945021549.png (1.46 MB, 1176x622, imverysorry.png)

I mean no disrespect with this but Kristin kinda looks like detox kek.

No. 1397366

i know, based on her promo pics i couldnt figure out why she would even look at gross alex, but after seeing recent candids i think there would have been a kind of gen-x insecurity you get as a woman with even the smallest amount of unconventional looks. abusive men target these women, especially after age 35

No. 1397367

scrotes who are married but tell you they're not need to do a flip.

No. 1430603

Kinda late, but Alex G's breakthrough seems genuine. He made his music at home and gave it to his friends when he was in high school. Eventually he blew up because he posted them online and he got noticed by Domino, and maybe another recording company. Japanese Breakfast's breakthrough also seems genuine to me as well.

No. 1438150

File: 1644355819186.png (692.02 KB, 559x843, PUL5qrW.png)

Holly Humberstone won the rising star award at the BRIT awards 2022

No. 1438208

File: 1644360157528.jpg (281.06 KB, 1024x1535, _122028506_hollyhumberstone-le…)

Who the fuck is that? where are they taking these new "indie" and "punk" people from? literally never heard of her besides this thread, and ofc she looks like myspace-obsessed zoomer trying to dress like Amy Lee in Evanescence days

No. 1438210

She looks like a better looking Lillee Jean.

No. 1438212

damn, I have those gloves somewhere lying around and my hair looks like hers, I've been wearing that style 20 years ago, kek. I'm okay with young people making good new music, but I never hear anything about/from them, except when they are from well known families.

No. 1438219

yeah, there's literally no point in checking these new "punk starlets". their music is cringe, unoriginal take on old pop punk or girl shoegaze, and they're always from rich and famous families. it's like pop punk mcdonald's with ready, freshly wrapped new star. i mean fuck it, maybe i'm bitter idiot but i'm really not in a mood for watching these girls rise up and just travel the world playing their songs effortlessly bc they were just given readymade careers.

No. 1438220

i have just plain white-and-black gloves/warmers with skull pattern (same as anything with skull pattern, even plain cheap sneakers with a skull) and find it weird how when i finally bought them as a teen, you could never wear them in peace without people glaring at you cause you're "pathetic emo" but now everyone's chasing after such "mall goth" shit

No. 1438234

Is this not the same person? kek

No. 1438237

Ayrt, it is, the Holly something Humberbatch girl. not the anon who originally posted her, just said i never heard of her before. these people literally don't exist anywhere else than sponsored Rolling Stone articles and their bought 5 minutes of clout (and even that is not enough).

No. 1438241

File: 1644362783343.png (290.85 KB, 1014x1538, hh.png)

Everything's clear. Holly Humbersomething is an Interscope shill. Touring with Olivia Rodrigo. Bye Billie Eilish girls, welcome industry-produced Olivias and Phoebe Bridgers offshoots.

No. 1438708

ur hilarious billie’s parents are INDUSTRY & when the label was going to sign the brother & his band the brother tried to get billie in on the deal and they went with them

No. 1438725

i love both of these people but dont do that to kristin, come onnnnnnnn

No. 1438747

I think you're misunderstanding me, but maybe what i wrote was unclear. I KNOW Billie's a nepo kid of parents who were well known in the industry, i know everything about Billie's fake behind the scenes thing. What i meant by "bye Billie Eilish girls" is that they won't produce post-Eilish, soundclout hiphop/pop girls, i meant they're directly copying indie/rock artists and selling this as new pop. and i said it ironically, not that i'm happy about it. I honestly thought Interscope's Billie Eilish 2.0 would be like her, pop artist singing to soundclout tracks, but i was wrong -Billie 2.0 (Olivia Rodrigo) is already based on pop punk ripoffs. and the next plants (Holly, that ABCDEU girl, i forgot her name, etc.) are a mix of pop punk and indie. i'm sure next to Willow Smith and MGK/Travis crowd there will be (if there isn't already) next trend, industry plant Phoebe Bridgers. i mean, Phoebe's road to fame is fake as fuck but she had some "indie" history and got there by fucking producers. Phoebe Bridgers 2.0 girl will start writing and posting "her" music fresh out of Interscope's office.

Btw i don't want to make it a mainstream Willow Smith/MGK kinda pop punk discussion here because it's not the right thread, but imo pop punk resurgence is the worst thing that could happen to rock in a way, because now indie industry plants will be more normalized than ever. All these girls like Arrow, Sabrina, Pale Waves and Lydia Night are lowkey very slowly becoming obsolete by now, by the way it seems like their audience is mostly nostalgic Gen X, sometimes select millenials with bad taste. Zoomers have their new "punk" industry plant alternatives freshly provided by Interscope.
If 2010-2019 years were depraved of any new rock stars (with a few exceptions of cringelords like Dani, Arrow and less of a cringelord Amy, Snail Mail etc. who got "famous" bc of their connections and unusual push from hipster indie labels), now we'll have Interscope producing McDonald rockstars. they're already coming and going, being easily replaceable.
Weird situation IMO, and i somewhat hope this trend will be over fast. sage for industry predictions sperg.

No. 1438755

i mean i know someone said Amy from Amyl and The Sniffers and Dani don't have famous parents etc., but they still are most popular girls out of this post 2016 girl indie rock wave. Dani might not have been pushed by connections initially but she has connections now, what with the whole Gucci nonsense.

No. 1450643

Let’s be honest, everybody on this website are disgusting sexist men who can’t stand that fact that they’ll never be even a fraction as cool as all the badass women they are trying to trash. Get a fucking life you idiots.(namefagging)

No. 1450649

Thanks for your input hawiiansurf15@gmail.com

No. 1450670

florence released a new song

No. 1450675

We’re all women you fucking retard. Arrow isn’t going to lick your clit

No. 1450717

I feel kinda torn about her new album because the title is like "I'm not a mother, I'm not a "something woman", I am king" and I was like …ew bye

No. 1450735

She saw how Adele got shamed for calling herself a woman

No. 1450774

I really don’t think that’s it.

No. 1451212

Wow the fact that you are all women makes this even more pathetic lol(namefagging)

No. 1451214

NLOGs get rewarded in moid run industries

No. 1451218

hi Demi

No. 1451246

File: 1645734495797.png (1.41 KB, 228x35, lol.png)

No. 1451335

was a daughters fan for a while, genuinely can't fucking turn them on anymore because of this. vile shit

No. 1451357

kek this is so specific, any reason you think this is Demi from some nobody band Velveteers or just the name association?
Maybe it's Demi Lovato/s

No. 1451364

Search the email address, it’s either her mother or her using her mother’s email address

No. 1451377

File: 1645744838651.png (78.2 KB, 592x698, demi.png)

LMAO perfect.

Demi Demitro, are you salty your band is so irrelevant that you didn't even get a mention? Ok, there you go: you're a nepotism baby too, happy now? Your mommy might have plugged you into industry or even hooked you up with The Black Keys, but you're still too irrelevant for anyone to care

No. 1451488

Golly gosh its almost as if that were a joke

No. 1451492

File: 1645758194068.jpg (6.27 KB, 275x183, demi.jpg)

omg finally some good milk! based on my five minutes of googling demi is an edgelord nepotism baby courtney love ripoff whose band still flops despite being shilled really hard. also apparently her parents are in the music industry and her dad was an elvis impersonator (kek)

it's really hilarious that she selfposted here though. she's so irrelevant she wouldn't have ever been mentioned here otherwise but now it seems like she could have cowish tendencies

No. 1451510

What do you guys think of St. Vincent?

No. 1451511

I heard St. Vincent’s aunt and uncle are in the music industry. That must be how she got her start. I can’t stand her music(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1451576

File: 1645768161441.png (201.69 KB, 1008x1504, dd1.png)

Haha yeah. I'll look into it later but also after 5 min googling… she's so, so boring, musical and personality wise. But nlg if she was any more relevant she'd be an entertaining cow cause she talks such idiotic shit, kek.

Look at this interview in which she tries so hard to convince us she HAD TO deal with cheap guitars, sometimes with no full set of strings! "I had guitars laying around" sure she did, if she had rich industry parents. And then what? You just found Danelectro on the kitchen floor? Danelectro are nowhere near cheap guitars, least is 300$ and max price i've seen was 900$. Correction: actually 2400$. So general price is 500-700$ depending on the model and year. Certainly not "pretty cheap" nor "not-the-best-guitars".
Fucking learn what is and what is not cheap if you're gonna brag about it, Demi. cause actual poor people, or even average wage people cannot easily afford Danelectros, and they certainly don't find them lying around at home. I have one that costed between 200$-300$ and i had to save up money for more than a year.

No. 1451580

File: 1645768358796.png (825.82 KB, 1012x1872, dd2.png)

>Expensive guitars available at all times at home
>Eastwood Sidejack Baritone as My First Guitar!
>Plays guitars with 2 or 3 strings only
So she had various guitars, famous musician daddy and musical theatre (?) mommy but she couldn't buy a fucking 5 dollar pack of guitar strings to replace? Makes total sense

No. 1451592

File: 1645769316049.png (1.02 MB, 1028x1764, dd3.png)

Part 3
So how did you meet Dan Auerbach?
"Aaah we just sat on the sofa and randomly got a phone call, totally didn't expect this!"

Kek this chick is just like Arrow, if she bothered to learn to play any instrument. They both convey absolutely nothing when they speak, both have self-praising attitude and both ride nepotism. Arrow even used the same words, like "we were just sitting at school when we suddenly got an e-mail from Elton's assistant saying he wants this and that, and then Ryan Adams called us, me and my mom like totally didn't expect it!" Lol this is so transparent. No way they'd have Dan writing their album for them or they'd go touring with Guns N' Roses without having rich parents. All that and they only have 9700 followers.
No wonder this thread touched her nerve on a personal level lol


No. 1451613

nepotism/plant types always do the most rambling, dumb interviews you've ever seen, desperate to emulate a genuine musician they try and cobble together a poverty narrative and a vague "I just wanted to start a band" narrative and go round in circles within it, embarrassing

No. 1453033

the forty year old is called billis and he would warrant a thread of his own if all his weird shit came out(sage)

No. 1453109

he thanked Billis Heig first in the credits. who is he?

No. 1453197

File: 1645979968461.jpeg (204.13 KB, 2048x1536, 3D3F1D6D-B597-4AA0-B1E0-8F4AFA…)

i was curious about this too a while ago and the only thing i could find were archived 4chan threads

No. 1453388

her music is good but i can't listen to her after hearing how she supports her father who was convicted for insider trading. that's a fucking trash crime, i respect drug dealers, or drug dealers who murder other drug dealers, but not fucking white collar criminals who think they're somehow better than other criminals even though they only harm innocent people.
she got a pretty lame after becoming all hollywood but her music itself is so good so i am conflicted.
have also heard rumours that she is a rageaholic who sucks to date

No. 1453390

no woman should ever pose with a guitar like that. it's fucking shit. men never have to sit that way.

No. 1453394

oh man this picrel sounds so contrived and fake. she doesn't sound genuine at all, that's why her music sucks. just be yourself, rich kids!

No. 1453601

File: 1646012094201.png (444.26 KB, 598x1080, stcent.png)

Her music is overall nothing special to me, i didn't bother to listen much songs though. It might sound weird, but St Vincent is completely "amusical" to me. in a way that when i hear St Vincent, i don't think of her as musician, i think of her as that pretentious lesbian who dated Cara Delavigne. Or that pretentious idiot who made a concept album about her white collar crime daddy finally coming back from jail! I think i may need to read some interview or some cause i don't know much besides he had a part in $43m stock-manipulation scheme. i fail to see whats the fucking point of basing… an entire album on that? wtf?
Her aunt and uncle played ina jazz band, idk how famous it is but it plays for a long time and undoubtedly has enough links. probably helps that her mother is an administrator of an organization and stepfather works in corporate tax field. As this thread shows, it's enough if your daddy plays in a shitty forgotten indie band and mommy is a photographer or a tv producer, so… Worth noting that she had Mike Garson playing on her very first album(!) think about that. Garson played piano for David Bowie, Duran Duran and NIN.

No. 1453639

Samefag, adding that she 100% wouldn't be famous without fucking with Cara and that Nirvana show. First time i heard of her when Nirvana joined Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame or had some other round anniversary and had females sing vocals. She sang Lithium and it was lukewarm shit, just like her cover of Kerosene by Big Black from some other occasion.
On a sidenote, that ceremony was such a cow convent on its own right. Dave & Courtney's showoff truce, Lorde in her prime doing smug faces, Kim Gordon and her premier NLOG cow talk… only Joan Jett did a good job.
BARF this horrid cringe, it's worse than i remembered. That jumping, that horrible intentional wink wink drunk mumble-roaring, that rolling on the floors legs in the air. That super pricey silver locket necklace, yes Kim, you're SO punk! sorry but she sounds liked a stag on a rut. Lmaoo and that flex from her book:
>"Onstage I was reminded that Kurt was the most intense performer I'd ever seen. During the show, all I could think of was that I wanted to get that same kind of fearlessness across to the audience. I sang "Aneurysm", with its chorus "Beat me out of me", bringing in all my own rage and hurt from the last few years – a four-minute-long explosion of grief, where I could finally let myself feel the furious sadness of Kurt's death and everything else surrounding it . . . After the show, Michael Stipe, who had officially inducted Nirvana, came up to me and said "Your singing was the most punk rock thing to ever happen, or that probably will ever happen, at this event."

No. 1453716

kim gordon is so bizarrely anti-woman for someone who's supposed to be a role model for women in music.

No. 1453837

yeah she talked shit about Courtney that sounded very nasty and ridiculous even compared to other stuff that people say about her. She criticized Lana too but i had to admit she was right about Lana. I don't remember who else she shittalked though. surprising how much of ppl think this book is oh so punk rock and a document of incredible artistic path when in fact it's a self-masturbatory pamphlet listing out who she knew and who she fucked, and who did what harm to her and who told her what compliment.
Pixies should be the "cool mentors" that Sonic Youth always pretended to be, even if they were less aesthetic. i mean they were but notice me Kim & Thurston was 90's version of notice me senpai

No. 1453885

she was needlessly crass and cruel about Lana, even if you agreed with her points. How the fuck a feminist icon describe another women's music video as "getting gang raped by bikers" (as much as I'm not a fan of Ride, it was a consensual fantasy and group sex was implied if you wanted it to) and tell her to kill herself? Plenty of scrote icons ~glorified/glorify depression uwu~ yet she didn't say anything. She just wanted to dunk on female artists that triggered her

No. 1453992

typical Boomer “feminism”—they always want to be the only woman in the room because they’re special and one of the guys and bootstrapped themselves

No. 1454013

especially retarded because chrissie hynde, who paved the way for 90s icons like kim (i know she and kim are the same age but it's true) was literally gang raped by bikers and famously blames herself for it.

No. 1454014


No. 1454039

Ayrt Whoa, that's what she said? I forgot most of that shit. I only remembered/agreed with her talking how idiotic was of Lana to say something about club 27 or Kurt Cobain and going "oh i wish i was dead already", and that Lana thinks peak feminism is dating old scrotes bc you're ~destructive~. but the rest of it, ew.

Tbh i'm so done when i see her photos reposted and captioned as some queen. it makes me lowkey frustrated that this woman is seen as feminist guru. Makes me want to post about her bullshit and link Nardwuard interview in the internet grunge sphere i post in

No. 1454045

File: 1646072058676.jpg (34.51 KB, 400x396, s-l400.jpg)

Btw Kim published 2 other books, "Is it my body" collection of essays, probably like 10 sentences thrown across a glossy paper and photos, and new "No Icon" one. What a fucking pretentious title. she really thinks she's some sort of anti-art counter culture icon but DON"T CALL ME ICON but also yes pls call me ur punk indie icon wink wink
anyone read one of those 2 new disasters

No. 1454978

romanticized consensual group sex with old scrotes is still worthy of being criticized, pretentious delusional kim gordon is right.

No. 1457408

File: 1646373831643.jpg (604.58 KB, 1465x2048, M0N88h8.jpg)

Phoebe Bridgers won a trailblazer award at Billboard women in music. What about Phoebe makes her groundbreaking?

No. 1457424

In order for you to have enough presence to be eligible for an award like that, enough normies need to know who you are, and to be appealing to normies means there's almost no chance anything you do will be groundbreaking

No. 1457462

what she said about lana was just funny as fuck and true

No. 1457478

chrissie hynde is so talented and beautiful but i will never be able to see her the same way after those horrendous comments.

No. 1457480

File: 1646387332366.jpg (197.06 KB, 640x640, foxtails.jpg)

I was a part of the midwest emo/screamo/indie punk scene (which I'll refer to as emo from here onwards) and there are a ridiculous amount of self-important hypocritical trannies/nbs that I wanted to document.
Abuse allegations and 'cancellations' have always a large part of the emo scene, becoming more prominent as of the late 2010s. Bands such as Brand New, Nouns, JANK, Sorority Noise, Tiny Moving Parts and Moose Blood have all had rape allegations levied against them, and most of these bands have gone silent in response, due to push back from the community.
Some within the scene saw pruning other forms of abuse to be necessary. The frontman of Pinegrove was called out for being accused of sexual coercion. The guitarist of Turnover was singled out for being emotionally abusive. The frontman of Mom Jeans. was accused of being a jerk in high school, etc.
No matter what your opinion is on whether or not this was necessary is irrelevant; emos were quick to elevate the voices of the accusers. Except for the Mom Jeans. allegation, people seemed to realize that was a little questionable. In any case, the consensus was that victims never lie, and should be supported no matter what.
Which brings us to 2019. The tour guitarist (as in not a permanent band member or anyone who had played on any recordings) of the band SeeYouSpaceCowboy (SYSC) was accused of rape. The band itself was already unpopular within the scene due to the arrogant attitudes of other band members, so emos were quick to air out any dirty laundry they had.
One individual was Megan Cadena-Fernandez, the vocalist of the band foxtails. Unfortunately I can't dig up the comment she made but she explained that the vocalist (Connie) of SYSC had antagonized foxtails when the producer of one of their early albums had been outed as a rapist. Connie had demanded that foxtails have this album rerecorded or scrapped entirely but this was unrealistic as the band members were teenagers without the funds to do so. Megan's comment also called out SYSC for being an all white (or at least white-passing) band which was only "queer" (Connie is MtF) when it was beneficial to them. Megan's comment went into detail about the trauma the affair caused her-a disabled, queer, femme, person of color (her words, as I remember them).
This caused a shitstorm in the community due to SYSC being a band composed of long-standing emos who appeared to be now minimizing the allegations after removing the guitarist from the band and trolling on a well known facebook group. SYSC' most recent compilation album had also been featured on Fantano earlier that year, so a lot of people felt as though the (small) fame had gotten to their heads. What had happened to believing all victims and keeping the scene a safe space free from abusers?
Fast forward to 2021, the guitarist Jon Benham of Foxtails has been accused of sexual assault. The allegations are addressed by the band in an instagram and google doc: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR1pE9pJrYT/ - It's extremely long winded but the short version is according to the band, the allegations are bullshit, retraumatizing, and they also point out how the accuser misgenders Jon and misrepresents him as a creep who should not be around women when he is actually a nonbinary transfeminine woman!!! (pic related, second from left) The document also pulls apart the allegations for any inconsistencies even though victims never lie, unless they're lying about other victims.
That accusation seems to have not left any impact on the bands reputation as they shortly announce that they will be touring North America with Touche Amore, Vein.fm and Dogleg, the former two being very well known bands in the scene. This is huge for foxtails and seems as though it'll be their big break, especially with their new album release being around the corner.
Then Dogleg's lead singer is called out for being an emotionally abusive serial cheater and goes on hiatus to address internal issues. Then rape allegations are levied against Megan from foxtails which is also addressed in an Instagram post + accompanying google doc. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXrBCkVjzzS/ TL;DR of the response is similar to that of Jon's, Megan is a victim with C-PTSD, and abuse victims don't abuse others so it's DEFINITELY false. She also posts receipts to corroborate that the victim and her were on good terms as if the cycle of abuse isn't something that she shouldn't be aware of. Megan also advocates for the accused to be given second chances rather than being ostracized and exiled immediately. Suspicious how this wasn't apart of the narrative a few years ago when their band and their friends weren't the ones being kicked off of a major US tour…
A hardcore band that is apart of the emo scene, SOUL GLO (note Megan's shirt in pic related) has a rape (by deception due to cheating) accusation made against their guitarist Ruben. Ruben denies the allegation but admits that he cheated in a (now deleted) Instagram post and Twitter post https://twitter.com/soulglophl/status/1486360277859897348/photo/1 with replies disabled. Foxtails and other adjacent bands (who only believe victims when convenient) like the posts showing their support. Eventually Ruben leaves the band to focus on himself. This is apparently because they were known for being a serial cheater and had done this to a few others but [citation needed]. Fun fact about Ruben, they used to play in the band Jank which you may recognize from the second paragraph of this post as being one of the bands who had a serious rape allegation levied against them. They are the "former band member" mentioned in this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Emo/comments/6xtoq0/the_truth_about_lou_diamond_why_you_should_not/ but the long of short is the frontman of Jank raped an extremely drunk 15 year old when he was 21. Ruben left the band before the news came out and was considered one of the /good guys/ because he outed the frontman when asked about it. The bar is extremely high for this scene, if it wasn't clear…
Last month, the frontman for the band Jail Socks was accused of sexual coercion and emotional abuse by a few former partners. The frontman apologized and the band is currently on indefinite hiatus but words of support from the same bands that used to believe all victims until their bands were accused are plastered over their statement which glosses over the accusations and blames their actions on autism. https://twitter.com/jailsocks/status/1496269732596621321
I'd be overjoyed if at least one person, even if they don't know any of the bands I mention reads even half of this and is mildly entertained by my long ass post. The hypocrisy displayed by these bands is not surprising at all but it's still so frustrating to see the lack of accountability any of these bands have, and the lack of anyone with a functioning brain critiquing them.

No. 1457607

That grey hair was a mistake, the pantsuit/grey hair combo makes her look like an ageing politician
I read the whole thing, my take is that scene is a mess full of hypocritical rapey douchebros.

No. 1457675

Connor has always been a trolling POS and annoying as fuck. He was all over weird book post-trooning out trying to get Facebook famous then SYSC really took off and he was idolized for being a tranny. Not surprised to hear any of this. Fuck SYSC they suck and anyone making emo or pop punk music in the current year is 100% into teenagers and a rapist.

No. 1457996

File: 1646432184814.png (2.61 MB, 2480x1788, lmao.png)

Glad that someone is already aware of SYSC and how annoying everyone in that band is. Their first two releases weren't bad (just derivative) but they were over-exposed (within the scene) for having a loud frontman/token tranny. I actually thought Megan's take on Connie was almost based because it essentially pointed out how that band is filled with white dudes. OFC it was negated/followed by her complaining about lack of brown/queer representation because she's a they/them who thinks she's breaking some gender norms. I'm glad that Fantano reviewed their newest album because of Megan's milk potential. She even was on hate5six wearing a choker with a pacifier and overalls with "BABY" stitched onto them… https://youtu.be/gkW1fuNsm3k
I was also reminded that Megan went psycho on someone who had been calling her and Jon out for being abusers. I can barely stand the scene anymore due to how insufferable everyone with a platform is but I do love the milk…

No. 1458050

That breathless rant in picrel tho, so many words to say so little

No. 1458082

I love the music but I'm not surprised the people behind it are such toxic assholes.
I enjoyed your post and if you have any older dirt on emo bands from the earlier 2010's I'd love to hear it. Think Count Your Lucky Stars.

No. 1458370

i hate emo and loved reading this thank you nonnie!

No. 1458748

File: 1646518199037.jpg (113.02 KB, 640x1385, FM-vQezXoAERuhA.jpg)

>That accusation seems to have not left any impact on the bands reputation as they shortly announce that they will be touring North America with Touche Amore, Vein.fm and Dogleg, the former two being very well known bands in the scene.

This tour is cursed as Vein.fm has been accused of trashing a venue and pulling guns on people.

No. 1458905

File: 1646529303539.png (370.98 KB, 531x352, yRKrVia.png)

Haha, I'm glad other nonnas are aware of this! The shitposting online about the incident has been so entertaining!

No. 1461306

File: 1646765032323.png (1.06 MB, 1040x1080, dani.png)

Damn Dani is such a typical cow, isn't she. Apparently she lost some close friend recently and of course she thought it's appropriate to show off her crying and snot-covered face from every possible angle on TikTok, cause of course everyone must know. she even provided a fitting "Euphoria" soundtrack!

No. 1461313

yes im so depressed and having panic attacks that while scream crying and trembling i was able to perfectly execute my two inch thick cat eyes and then while my arms were shaking i thought “why dont i try to latch this uncomfortable heavy choker to accessorize my private moment at home”

No. 1461314

Slight OT but question to anons, should i make a new Arrow thread? I have some new milk to post but it's quite a bit of pics. not saying its like hundreds of photos to post of course but the previous thread is ending and less than 100 posts left going to 1200 iirc anyway so please let me know

No. 1461350

Bro no the bad dragon hoodie no

No. 1461375

Dropping by to say that Part Time/David Loca/David Speck befriended me when I was 18 and made me show him my ID and give him my address multiple times to "prove" I wasn't underage and trying to entrap him even though I wanted NOTHING sexual with him. He constantly begged me for nudes and sex no matter how many times I said no and ended up stalking and sexually harassing me for like a year. I learned from his ex gf at the time he was in a relationship with her during that period and he actually almost broke her neck and spent months posting fake ads to Backpage with her number on it. He's also a serial cheater and has herpes. I have an autistic friend who is the same age as me who was treated in basically the same way as him but I suspect it was even worse with her. Great stuff.

Fuck Burger Records so hard.

No. 1461378

OH yeah he's also a closet pedo with a ""kink"" for beating women, like 99% of these other guys (the remaining 1% wants to be beaten all while manipulating you, obv)

No. 1461740

yes. she's a "friend" of a friend and due to jobs we can't say anything. i need this place kek

No. 1461870

lmfao anon when i was 18 i added what must of been his personal facebook in an attempt to keep up with his new music, he dmed me after asking who are you, how old are you, where are you from. when i answered he told me to come to la coz i was hot. ive been waiting for a post about him for so long

No. 1461880

Anyone who would bully nardwuar is a piece of shit, also pathetic they act like cruel immature teens but are in their 30s in this interview

No. 1461925

kim is 42 in it

No. 1462451

I fucking hate Kim Gordon

No. 1462525

No. 1463224

File: 1646943216110.png (1.29 MB, 1070x744, kimg.png)

don't we all?
actually i'm kinda supporting posting new/old Kim Gordon milk cause this woman is ridiculous. Here's her clothing collab. 150$ for a few words painted like a child, are you kidding

No. 1463526

File: 1646965163928.jpg (111.25 KB, 994x589, jimmy tony.JPG)

I just found out the bassist of Dilly Dally trooned out LMAO jimmy tony now goes as annie jane mary or some shit

No. 1463720

wow poor liz. she's going to be fucking ruined by that agp.
another person in dilly dally's orbit trooned out recently too. he was living in the fucking psychiatric ICU and on a yearlong manic episode. has done nothing to transition, socially, appearance-wise, or medically.
dilly dally make good music but katie is kind of low IQ. one of those 2010s hipsters with rich doctor parents who go all-in with the earthy hippie affectations when they leave home.

No. 1464317

File: 1647036713829.jpg (94 KB, 1005x593, pretty tony.JPG)

no way, is liz actually dating tony? horrible.
For real, "Sober Motel" from their second album is about tony dealing with drug abuse or something like that? Is like the mental illness hit them strong during the quarantine lock-down.
Yeah I love their music but katie is def trying mad hard identifying as queer and what not to gain DIY points.
This post was how they introduced "Annie" KEK, people thought that it was maybe a joke because in the comments they were still addressing him as tony lmao.

No. 1464688

they've been together a few years but she's so obviously insecure for some reason. she was always like "are we too couple-y when we're around?" like she needed katie's permission to date a coworker
katie's definitely gay, but she never used to make such a scene about it. i guess they need marketing too, just like everyone else who got fucked from covid.
that whole social group in general is very low-IQ neurotics/anxiety cases who need an ounce of weed to get through the day and as a result have a 10 word vocabulary. i can only stand them when they're playing their instruments on stage.

No. 1464887

Damn, I guess it comes with the territory in the underground music scene in Canada. But same, as long as their music is still good I'll support them, hopefully they all get better from this mess.

No. 1465356

really unlikely. i watched this "community" take ten years to yeet a rapist that had attacked 5 of the women, and now he's hanging out with everyone again. bunch of pozzed, unthinking box-checkers who were mcblingers in 2001 and now rigidly follow the stuff that's hip in current year.

No. 1467378

File: 1647275895867.jpg (61.12 KB, 900x600, O7QRQA5GFVEQ5DVO43FSH3JA5U.jpg)

I just realised that, as someone who listened to CC since the very beginning of their career, I've listened to literally 3 full album and countless demos/unreleased material from a "collaboration" between a paedophile rapist and his groomed victim. I literally don't know what to do with that information, I just wanted to share it. sage 4 no milk.

No. 1467385

i've always known they were around but didn't start listening to them until recently, feels weird going into it having watched everything go down from afar. fwiw, alice has been emphatic about CC being her music too.

No. 1467397

a yes I remember a live of her taking back "Alice Practice" but sadly she isn't getting any royalties from CC anymore.

No. 1467486

File: 1647282983316.jpg (233.55 KB, 1782x948, alicecc.jpg)

she's said she still gets some royalties from cc but i came across this while i was looking for that, so i guess something's changed re: reclaiming cc songs. i'm not really into her solo work but i'll probably grab it just cause i feel a little bad lol

No. 1468143

File: 1647308188390.png (993.99 KB, 1460x786, aliceglass.png)

Alice got sooo edgy lately, all about those goth looks and demonias and chokers. the "creepy" guro bloody doll aesthetics with fake guts and cockroaches. not sure what i think about that, actually she looks good in various photos but it's just so obvious she lurks teen edgelord's side of tumblr plenty lol.

No. 1468149

File: 1647308513866.png (243.65 KB, 498x782, 222.png)

"Trauma queen"… how tf traumacore blogs hasn't eat it up yet? weird that they haven't claimed her yet, probably not enough "coquette" for their liking lol

unpopular opinion: there's nothing LESS alt and rebellious than chokers right now, especially heavy spikey ones that are modelled after BDSM gear etc. it was shocking maybe 7 to 10 years go, now there's nothing edgy about wearing stuff that you can buy at every corner good girl shop like H&M and so on. It's hard to find some people who do the alt look in moderation and don't end up looking like cheap egirl cosplay. ironically the more edgy/hot topic clothes and accessories they pile on, the more ridiculous and boring they look.

No. 1468169

File: 1647309470445.jpg (7.69 KB, 183x275, dn.jpg)

On a side note, i wanted to ask about Dave Navarro. i'm so surprised to find out he's leeching/hanging around Soundclout scene junkies? seen him mentioned in countless soundclout related threads, described briefly as washed up junkie or a scammer. he for sure was "friends" with Lil Bo Weep and Lilith Levisis, and i was like… wait, is this the same Dave Navarro from RHCP and Jane's Addiction? remember he tagged along with Marilyn Manson and that sort of clique in the 90's but the idea that he hangs around with people a few generations younger is sketchy. also he didn't just hangout with more famous musicians, he chose vulnerable, mentally ill girls hovering over the scene but not doing anything significant. well i mean Lil Bo Weep was a musician with a following, but she gradually hit the bottom losing all the potential and ending up tragically (rip).
If that's the very same guy then it sounds super sketchy and soewhat inappropriate.

No. 1469019

maybe she is trying to compete with girls like the one that draws scrabbles on her nose? I forgot her name but she makes music and her mom used to drum for marilyn manson.

No. 1469086

File: 1647380647055.jpg (184.93 KB, 789x1076, planetrock2.jpg)

>her mom used to drum for marilyn manson
There's never been any female musician playing in Marilyn Manson
>that draws scrabbles on her nose?
lolol do you mean Jazmin Bean? her mom played drums in Fluffy, which was a band that supported Marilyn Manson in the 90s. forever shocked that that's any sort of clout because this band disappeared and i feel nobody knows it but me lol.
If that's true it's fucking embarassing, to compete with a nepotist "nonbinary monster" with clown makeup who plans to cut off her tits

No. 1469097

File: 1647381545075.jpg (70.66 KB, 941x629, scrabbled nose girl.JPG)

>Jazmin Bean
yeah that's the one KEK
I guess that's what she is aiming at because I don't know any other "popular" artist doing the traumacore stuff.

No. 1469122

This girl is such an embarassment, she makes herself straight up disgusting. want to look like a dumbass, great, but with moderation. she loads that disturbingly ugly makeup and looks atrocious, don't know why anyone else would like to follow her. she's also huge fan of Melanie Martinez, another embarassing thign on the list.

Guess Alice Glass is having a 33 year old-midlife crisis if she embarasses herself with traumacore/gothic monster bullshit, she used to have a nicer look. kinda Grimes case

No. 1469360

Part Time creeped on me on IG as well and what happened to you has happened to acquaintances of mine, he was a huge predator and I remember feeling so betrayed and stupid because I used to love his music. I had a lot of mutuals in the burger scene but man was I so happy when his career was basically destroyed during that burger records takedown in like, summer 2020. so many scumbags finally getting their shit aired out. I don't even live in that area anymore but good riddance to that scene

insane way for me to find out that lil bo weep fucking died, can't say i didn't see it coming but damn.

No. 1469448

lol jazmin bean is a nepotism baby, her dad is ginger wildheart & her mom is angie adams from fluffy

i remember hearing a lot of gossip about jazmin 2-3 years ago because she was really rude to people for no reason. i don't have screenshots anymore but she would send people dirty/broken clothes and shoes on depop and be rude to them/block them when they asked for refunds. she also bitched out someone i knew in dms because the person called her out for flaunting her relationship with an adult man at age 17 and saying she was too smart to get groomed

No. 1469462

this is so undignifying for her

No. 1469466

File: 1647399740864.jpg (245.01 KB, 1280x1303, tumblr_o3htqnEm121uow8y6o1_128…)

Her death has been discussed at length in her last thread, it was on the top of snow for a while but the post count has run up and dropped. I found it very shocking tbh, thought she'd make it at least one more year before she dies. ngl looking back i feel her threads turned from milky to horrifying content-wise and one of those with the most cruel opinions even for LC standards, like ppl wishing her the death adn so on. Also nitpicking anything possible, people literally bitched at her for having ED and starving herself, but when she started eating snacks during a live they called her a pig shovelling food etc. like wtf.
She ofc did a lot of bad and questionable stuff, which i don't try to whiteknight, but in the hindsight i see some seen her as some sort of villain, not an addict. Perhaps she was unable to get on the right path without, idk, psych. hospital stay and rehab. She must've had some personality disorder not just depression and addiction. She fucked over a lot of people, but ""friends"" she surrounded herself with weren't fucking better than her at all, all awful clout whores who stuck around for shoutouts but didn't care enough to fucking help her when she was dying in front of them (motherfuckers that she was with left her alone in the park to die and didn't call ambulance to help her).
These threads stopped being funny in like thread 2 or 3, it was genuinely painful to watch her turn into an empty shell, especially as an addict myself. Sorry, i haven't said anything on her death before, i'll shut up now. Music-wise speaking, i always thought she's a typicl soundclout rapper but turned out she had a lot of nice guitar-driven songs. i kinda wish she never stuck with soundclout scene, perhaps if she tried to go into that alt indie rock scene.
Picrel is how she looked 5 years ago.

No. 1469474

Lol i also wish there were receipts, i'd like to see that! Perhaps she had some tumblr blog so we could dig it up? As for being nepo baby, she even wrote it in her bio. Besides instagram/music career, she started a cosmetic company with her mother. Interesting how ex-rockstars go into makeup business, Theo Cogan of Lunachicks did it too.
She's got a huge followng because of her ugly look, they know what they're doing her and her mother. they probably planned every detail. Imo Jazmin wouldn't get anywhere without that makeup and clothes and nonbinary fairy goblin being LARP. Angie's links wouldn't get her far if Jazmin wore American Apparel or looked like another Demi Demitro lol

No. 1469481

i think she hangs out with a lot of other hyperpop people who are also doing this gross heavily edited plasticky alt clothing look

No. 1469485

Samefag, end sentences got deleted. if she tried indie rock scene instead then maybe she'd still be alive. Soundclout posters often used to get big following but rarely get famous enough to be even considered "famous" or real artists, unless they managed to ride Lil Peep's coattails or something, and soundclouters all drowned in drugs before they even got actual notoriety. all of them romanticized xanax and fentanyl and all that stuff and then the scene literally started dying.
Yeah it makes me think of that Dorian Electra sort of shit. i don't want to say she's old matron, she's 33 and 33 is not 53 or something, but i can't help it she look really cringe and somewhat "too old for this"

No. 1469493

I don’t see the jazmin skinwalking tbh. The only thing I’d attribute that to is the nose makeup and her face is very plain. The aesthetic is played out like op said very wannabe edgy with Lolita tumblr shit
Also, I can see her having a crisis as she was groomed and exploited. Probably trying to find herself

No. 1469502

yep! she hangs out with people like dorian electra, itslulo from h3aven, i think sophie before they passed away

i think she's trying really hard to have a "hello fellow kids! im young and cool" moment which i'm kind of sympathetic to. because so much of her youth was marred by the abuse she went through. it is a bit cringe though ngl

No. 1469507

Honestly i wonder how much longer is she planning to do this shit. i know all that scary fairy is a) a way to have any shred or identity b) a way to get that dumb teen cash flowing, but i can't imagine getting the energy to do this. to collect all that alt only clothes. to spend 4 hours putting that horrible makeup on, and off, every fucking day. to compile all the edgy clothing, demonias, chokers, spikes, but always different, can't be two same outfit combinations! everyday and everyday and everyday. i can't imagine living life like that. like don't you ever want to just wear normie clothes or fucking Adidas tracksuit and t-shirt around and not bother with makeup for once
Also… her music is shit

No. 1469523

File: 1647403633475.png (465.44 KB, 510x606, asddasqwe.png)

Wtf is this shoop. another thing… she has a new single called Baby Teeth. another traumacore tumblr on the checklist
yah it's ok if she feels fine with it, goth black shit suites her. cringe but still looks better than idiots dressing like Avril and trying to look pop punk to caricatural levels

No. 1469546

ya alice's lyrics remind me of an electronic screamier nicole dollanganger, especially in her songs "suffer and swallow" and "baby teeth" like you mentioned. i think she's trying to ride the dead traumacore wave and it would probably make more noise if the album came out in 2016 like it was originally supposed to

No. 1469553

is this picture supposed to be Alice or am I tripping?

No. 1469554

yeah that is alice('s bad shoop)

No. 1469556

holy fuck…

No. 1469574

I love it. I'm seeing a lot of critique for her current aesthetic but maybe it's just not for you guys. I'm the same age as her and love what she's doing it reminds me of old hot topic of the early 2000s. When you get to be in your 30s it's nostalgic and fun to pay homage to the passions and interests of your youth. Also she does hang out in the Dorian Electra circle of Hyperpop reclaiming of cringe into avant garde. I dunno I dig it. I think Jazmin Bean looks godawful tho always has.

No. 1469578

>reclaiming of cringe into avant garde
like in music or in fashion or both kek?

No. 1469605

i think the editing is the worst offender for me tbqh, i don’t hate the actual fits in some of her recent shots or the nugoth thing in general

No. 1469613

Oh for sure, I totally agree with that. Not a fan of that aspect either.

No. 1469641

riding peeps coattails never helped anyone, even lil tracy is an irrelevant pedophile now.

No. 1469944

>reclaiming of cringe into avant garde
No offense to you personally nona, but this is one of the lamest sentences I've read in a while

No. 1469981

lol i agree that some of those looks are good and pleasant looking overall and clothes definitely fit her but
>reclaiming cringe into avant garde
Dude she's nothing special. Every fucking body under the sun in the music scene now wears mall goth/2000 hottopic wear, and they even do it unironically. nothing ~artistic~ and ~avant garde~ about her trying to be edgelord trying to pander to mallgothrat or outrun her younger mallgoth peers. nothing avant garde about the most overdone trendy shit ever, and nothing avant garde about Alice and her Dorian Electra clique

No. 1470209

File: 1647453623086.jpg (249.57 KB, 2000x1333, steve.jpg)

You're welcome, I was actually trying to reclaim cringe into avant garde by even saying so lol, so meta amirite
Meh, maybe I just don't get it cause I don't know what's going on with the kids these days. I didn't realize it's as popular now as it was back then.
But at face value, I appreciate the resurgence of the aesthetic.

No. 1470355

Ayrt oh ok then. I'm kinda unimpressed because i see that style everywhere and i'm a millenial, not even zoomer. but yeah traumacore shit is cringe but gothic look fits her. i'm just terrified of that ulgy shoop kek

No. 1470720

File: 1647474928697.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 892873287.png)

ayrt and same, i wish i had the receipts… i can try asking my friend for them?

more on jazmin so this isn't a pointless reply: she loves to go on and on about how she's filipino without mentioning the fact that she is three quarters white, & i can’t help but feel like she is race-baiting with her ethnic ambiguity and emphasizing her asianness to match the kawaii aesthetic. you can't really tell how jazmin looks because of her contacts/pale white foundation/heavy makeup, but picrel is jazmin's sister.

No. 1470780

look I'm from latam and that hoe looks white to me, if she is claiming asianess she is more retarded than I thought.

No. 1470819

aren't all the hyperpop people in their 30s just like her?

No. 1470824

isn't dorian as much as a nepo baby as the other industry plants in this thread? i don't even know how she got so big except that she must have money to hang around the right people.

No. 1470851

dorian has rich parents but they don't seem directly connected to her music. wikipedia says her mom is a jewelry designer. she's probably not an industry plant but her parents definitely funded her earlier projects.

dorian made bad generic political r/iamverysmart commentary songs (vidrel, it's a reupload with portuguese subtitles because the original video has been scrubbed from the internet) from 2010-14 and was basically a nobody until she trooned out and jumped on the hyperpop trend. she's been trying to get relevance for like a decade and i guess it finally worked

No. 1471032

holy shit that video. i'm not surprised any of these people are crypto-libertarians but i didn't expect her to be mousey twee.

No. 1471061


she licked grimes’ boots for months only to appear in her shitty music video for 2 seconds and I didn’t even notice it was her until someone pointed it out lol

No. 1471205

sage for personal experience but Dorian gave me herpes at a (free) after show meet & greet lol

No. 1471247

File: 1647517528884.png (406.83 KB, 1197x901, jb1.png)

Please do! I also dug out a couple of stuff. Apparently Jazmin first obsessed over Melanie, then she had a beef with her and her pissbabies, and apparently was accussed of being nazi. don't have much on it tho, just mentions which i'll post now.
She changed the behaviour accordingly to situation, once loving her and once calling her out on whatever shit. Looks like she just used Melanie to get clout right at the point she started posting music. unsurprising, she's aiming for that audience but she totally failed, Melanie stans hate her now
(As for that Timothy incident, ironically it seems it turned out that Timothy chick lied for clout afterall. apparently she drunk posted on insta and admitted to lying. she made 1 record, got LOTS of attention/exposure and lingere porny modelling contracts just on the rape story alone, before totally degrading herself and disappearing in recent years. last time i've seen her on the net she was allegedly only active on Onlyfans.

No. 1471251

File: 1647517959267.png (139.89 KB, 1044x1154, jb2.png)

Melanie stuff part 2

No. 1471253

File: 1647518413988.png (275.78 KB, 1062x1692, jb3.png)

Actual milk. I don't fucking mind her running around without a mask, if one's reason to cancel someone is just not wearing mask then we'd all be cancelled at some point lol.
Now for the rest, she scams fan and has ugly attitude. Made people pay for a video she never released. and snaps at ppl who call her out.

No. 1471257

File: 1647518764682.png (197.14 KB, 1098x1436, jb4.png)

Part 4
She's flexing her goods while simultaneously playing a poorfag and asking for fucking donations.
spoiled brat.

No. 1471916

File: 1647551992279.jpeg (252.73 KB, 828x806, 30EBA246-AFA1-45BB-B5DF-A7B697…)

Any milk on Home Is Where? I hate these four so fucking much

No. 1471937

idk them but the trans communist symbol makes them seem retarded

No. 1472074

at least one of them has to be a rapist. just look at them.

No. 1472075

melanie seems really dirty and possible smelly to me. idk she just exudes grimey hamster-cage-smelling bedroom where you can't see the floor and the pillow has ancient dried mascara all over it

No. 1472898

File: 1647621635143.jpg (28.98 KB, 375x375, tumblr_7177071ceb80071fc579730…)

I don't blame you
(and even tho this one's a proffessional done make up as opposed to later lol)

No. 1472906

File: 1647621902830.png (1.17 MB, 1168x532, mm.png)

And idk, Melanie is lowkey creepy-unsettling to me. Like, her pacifier-sucking, diaper-wearing adult baby bullshit isn't just her way to get clout. She looks like she's really into that kind of shit. I mean, looking at her IG feed, she's transitioning to some hoodoo voodoo spiritual creature realm (and getting fatter and fatter as well), but she still. she had her entire house made into this candy land with baby toys and stuff, which in itself i kinda dig just like dolls or old toys on their own, but when Melanie sits in that pile of toys and paintings of children, she gives same vibes as Nicole Dollanganger, makes everything around her look yucky and pervy, idk
Funny how she pretends she's totally not into DDLG now, just like her incest loving friend Yungelita. the implied DDLG and toys/alt tumblr style was what kept them famous for a while

No. 1472912

it's pretty creepy. her aesthetic now is supposed to be like spiritual fairy witchcraft crystals but her entire house still looks like nicole dollanganger's old room

No. 1473004

File: 1647625964661.png (1.93 MB, 836x1262, rtrtrtrt.png)

this is insane
i found her old official tumblr, it's just as weirdly pedo baiting as you think it would be
weren't there Melanie Martinez thread there? can't find it on snow now. anyways, gotta admit she's still infinitely better visually than Jamzmin Bean.

No. 1475385

Say what you want about her house but she's hot as fuck especially as she's aging and I would lick her pussy for hours

No. 1476209

File: 1647881406949.jpg (7.76 KB, 218x300, A-187676-1619627951-6480.jpg)

She's based. Cope and seethe lanafags.
>“Today we have someone like Lana Del Rey, who doesn’t even know what feminism is, who believes women can do whatever they want, which, in her world, tilts toward self-destruction, whether it’s sleeping with gross old men or getting gang raped by bikers. Equal pay and equal rights would be nice. Naturally, it’s just a persona. If she really truly believes it’s beautiful when young musicians go out on a hot flame of drugs and depression, why doesn’t she just off herself?”

No. 1476253

She looks like 30 how is a has been, visibly aging woman sucking a binky pedo pandering when adult babies who jerk off in diapers exist. Stop reaching and just say you hate the gap toothed bitch.

No. 1476402

how are the reaching? she literally acted like a baby in all her old music videos

No. 1476478

Really, I attribute all her shit to the rise of DDLG as a 'mainstream' kink. Every single time a camera snapped this bitch had a pacifier in her mouth or a 1950s pinafore on with a dumbfounded "i'm baby!!" expression. There is no reach here, she popularized the ABDL thing not just being one or two random gay guys, but now loads of young-ish women in the thrall as well who want to be like her or the other Dollanger freak. Would take a million Lana del Reys and Kim Gordons tbh

No. 1476519

are you same idiot as >>1475385 ? she's a talentless, self-obsessed moron running around in diapers, writing songs about children who fuck and get raped "because she just likes to make up nice stories". great if you want to get in her diaper so fucking much, but that doesn't make her talented or decent person. go cry about it on twitter with other crybabies.

No. 1476524

Not a lanafag, basically agreeing with Kim on her Lana talk, even if its harsh, especially quote you posted. (ride mention doesn't mean bad to me. the last line might see most "controversial" to ppl who don't get sarcasm. i get her point and i'd be lying if i said i didn't think something alike when that happened in 2014 or so.)
Doesn't mean she's based overall though. Kim's as much a showoff feminist poser as Lana, just in other ways, and she's an absolute cow. read the rest of the book to see.

No. 1476613

100%. this was a big deal when ddlg started to boom because it was soooo obvious. she got lucky tumblr tanked.

No. 1476731

>Then rape allegations are levied against Megan from foxtails which is also addressed in an Instagram post + accompanying google doc.
she types everything in lowercase, including abbrevations, but capitalizes "black" lmao what a tryhard

No. 1476939

ITT I learned Melanie invented the DDLG wave, thank you helpful samefag. Rage some more over a two-hit wonder, kek.

No. 1477133

Lmao imagine seething so hard because someone insulted your crybaby diaper queen. Take daddy Melanie's advice and stuff yourself with a pacifier

No. 1477263

File: 1647967009801.jpg (187.49 KB, 494x798, cceeff86990ec00c68c4cbe977d457…)

Changing subject. Opinions on L7? Imo they had a couple of good songs, but overall i really couldn't get into them fully. They had something really NLOG about them, trying to be as masculine as they could in their look and sound as well. flapping their hair like heavy metal guys etc. their music also sometimes bordered on some really bad heavy metal/hard rock parody, even if they intentionally parodied some of them i guess (that song about Guns n'Roses and GNR cover). I mean, some of their songs really slap, probably fun to see live and they're objectively better than any of the cows here that try to emulate them, but still wonder if they had any drama. besides the infamous "Donita yeeting her tampon at the crowd" thing lol

No. 1477514

>is clearly shitting on Melanie
>"YoUrE sEeThInG we shit on your fav"
Random question, did you fail to meet developmental milestones as a child? Like speaking, reading and writing?

No. 1483441

>trying to be as masculine as they could in their look
this is based though

No. 1483598

No. 1483740

File: 1648403577880.jpeg (115.85 KB, 1280x720, 93114D1D-072C-4452-91CC-EEE9E7…)

Without makeup she’s literally just some white girl

I think it’s hilarious that she got the clout she wanted from the stupid clown makeup and immediately dropped it once she got signed

No. 1483868

File: 1648408896595.jpg (89.71 KB, 828x817, 2429b08977a50a07150cbe8d7c2a6d…)

i'm biased because this is one of my favorite bands but for the most part they seem alright. they seem kind of jaded about never having made any money off their music (which i get to a certain point). the only thing of recent note i can think of is donita sparks posting a picture of herself with arrow de wilde from starcrawler talking about how great of a band they are, that definitely came across as a paid post lmao. i see how donita sparks could come across as as a nlog tbh, but the rest seem pretty low key

No. 1483885

haha america gets these fools as a support act while the uk gets placebo as support for mcr

No. 1483928

Yeah, overall i think they're pretty ok. ngl i got put off by Starcrawler shilling though. This vid is horrible, Arrow's in it and they're both fucking cringe. Love it how they only got 5 comments underneath lol.

No. 1483930

Omg, talk about being plainest bitch ever with or without makeup. i cannot believe she's got such a huge following, she's just straight up ugly and boring in all versions.

No. 1483946

yeah the shilling was incredibly disappointing. this whole series of videos she does are god awful. when she was a weirdo in the 90s it was kind of endearing but she's like 60 years old now so its just annoying.

that being said, i personally love most of their music because its just fun and heavy.

No. 1484014

File: 1648415268683.jpg (82.55 KB, 805x486, tumblr_nlqjjt1Ozr1s0yzw6o1_128…)

Donita is the original showing off tooth-gap girl (yeah i know it was painted over). Dani wishes to be her

No. 1484081

their music is good but katie and liz are losing like 5 iq points a year. i don't even know what's wrong with them, they had a good start in life and supportive parents and friends and money and lived in toronto but they're SO fucking dumb and seem to get ahead by just….fitting in?

No. 1484083

there's nothing wrong with being butch
and fyi they're still really feminine. come see how dykes look outside of usa sometime, we want to free you from your mental slavery and 2 hours of makeup a day
you are beautiful, nonnny

No. 1484100

im super late bc i just found this thread but i think i have something to add lol

steve shelley (sonic youth's drummer) was doing a tour of unreleased sonic youth clips at smaller movie theatres and while i was walking out, i saw him in the lobby and started talking to him. i asked him about this interview and was like "was everyone just annoyed that nardwuar was so obnoxious?" he said sonic youth was just going through a being mean to interviewers phase.

No. 1484147

in their forties? to a fictional character? lame, dude.

No. 1484170

Huh?? Ayrt and I didn't say being butch is bad or that I wear makeup, I was just asking why airt (you?) said it's based to look masculine

No. 1484172

Yeah that is such a cop out lmfao

No. 1484177

true but i'll forever be a kim apologist

No. 1484327

Nayrt but lol, it's not that deep anon. I think none of L7 chicks treats it as serious and i wouldn't be surprised if it's just an image to keep they all agreed on, as well as band name, to… shock? get press talking? Idk how to call it. (L7 allegedly coming from word lesbian and it being 7 letters long). Just look how much Jennifer Finch changed her look based on the band she played in before and after.
That being said yes you're right, they were still very feminine, and nobody said there's anything wrong with that look & butch etc. Not trying to make them walk in slippers and candy colored dresses. as for 2 hours of makeup a day, i guess that's what Donita is doing these days anyway judging by that karaoke video lol
I'm the anon who started L7 talk, they sure can't be classified as cows. I just wanted to quit the Melanie talk after seeing that one getting salty that nobody here fawns over adults in a diapers or whatever & thought about 90's bands after Sonic Youth talk.

That being said, I'm curious about your opinions on Lunachicks. I think they were infinitely less interesting than L7 and more like a copy

No. 1484336

Musically, imo Lunachicks are way more fun to listen to than L7, plus their vocals/harmonies are amazing. L7 isn't bad but their songs don't resonate with me the same way.
As far as cow behavior, I don't know of any

No. 1485346

File: 1648509882907.jpg (446.31 KB, 2019x788, chipenglish.jpg)

all i know is that the drummer trooned out, but seems weirdly chill about people still referring to her as she

No. 1485513

A friend/aquaintance dated the drummer for a while. I don't have much milk, other than they moved in together super quickly so… Seemed like a pretty stereotypical lesbian relationship and I didn't realize the drummer was trans

No. 1485900

tbh that's a reasonable attitude. no matter what, trans, gay, straight, it should be your private thing and it's fucking pathetic when people wave it around first and foremost, in a way that their sexuality becomes their entirety of their personality, and suddenly being trans or nonbinary or whatever is their entire hobby and nothing else.

No. 1486550

hate to bump this and you have no reason to believe me because I refuse to out myself, but I’ve been friends with Timothy for over a decade and she didn’t lie.

she was talking about how Melanie raped her with us immediately after it happened—she wasn’t specific about who it was with me personally, so I found out it was Mel when everybody else did (didn’t want to ask like a weirdo), but she mentioned being assaulted and dealing with stress from that privately a bunch.

Tim still has some social media accounts, but they’re all private and friends-only, because the moment she posts anywhere publicly the horny baby’s stans mass-report her.

ok I’m done sorry ladies. let’s go back to L7

No. 1490069

everyone believed timothy at first until her story was proven false by melanies alibi and thats why she gets attacked by rabid fans. she claims their sleepover happened on a day that was in the middle of every day tour dates. im not even a fan but the story is so fucked up that i looked into it. she also drunkenly admitted to lying on one of her socials. if you really are timothys friend, your friend planned this story and thought word of mouth would be effective enough to smear her and when she found out it wasnt working she went public.

No. 1490386

A lot of people who've gone through traumas get dates mixed up so I don't know if I can fault her for that. Do you have a screenshot of Timothy saying she made it all up? Or better yet, an archive of the post from her socials so we at least know it actually came from her account.

No. 1490612

figuring out how this shit works(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1490640

Well you’ve failed already so fuck off and never try again

No. 1497965

File: 1649617777166.png (1.95 MB, 1628x1142, jophelia.png)

Does anyone know if the bassist for the ophelias is on estrogen? He's a moid that they replaced the old female bassist with. He goes by they them and cross dresses. Maybe he's just putting on weight but he seems to be developing moobs. The ophelias used to be such a cute all female band but they are shifting into being a trans band. The guitarist is an actual woman but she's dating the bassist and she is a total handmaiden. She's always talking about how "queer" the band is now that they have two trannies in it. Anyway… is this guy on estrogen? What do you nonnies think?

No. 1497966

File: 1649617801630.png (2.95 MB, 1870x1134, jophelia2.png)

another pic

No. 1497984

i don't know if he's taking baby-pony-torture-pills, but he's definitely trooning out. gonna steamroll over her life just like tony's doing to liz in dilly dally

No. 1499353

File: 1649748067867.jpg (25.8 KB, 360x327, FQEx6OsXoAIuMhY.jpg)

this just in, 43 year old Conor Oberst logged into the twitter account for a band he shares with Phoebe Bridgers for the first time in years to call some other indie music girl a bitch for dunking on his ugly ass little skater boi shoes, more at 11

No. 1499374

File: 1649750320706.jpeg (111.53 KB, 1000x777, C23BE4CA-B48E-46D2-BB0E-5C2CB0…)

Kek is phoebe still dating Paul Mescal? Wonder if she still fucks dollar store Milo Ventimiglia on the side

No. 1500070

File: 1649816313785.jpeg (149.24 KB, 828x1171, IMG_7754.jpeg)

i used to be really into diiv. Colin does seem nice but dumb, he had a solo project called Young Man before he joined diiv it was the same bedroom indie stuff that everyone was doing but i wonder if anyones ever given him shit for using a native american child on this old album cover

No. 1500196

>Jail Socks
Jail Socks being cancelled is so fucking ironic in retrospect considering them and Hospital Bracelet (also cancelled) made this TikTok about how you're an apologist if you like music before either were cancelled

No. 1500525

how did they get their faces to look like they smell of penis

No. 1500717

File: 1649889332087.png (2.12 MB, 1612x1700, lmaosoverypunkofyou.png)

"Kelsy Karter says goodbye to pop-punk (right after releasing a pop-punk album) because she just doesn't buy it"
KEK more like because your album fucking tanked and nobody cared. she only just released pop-punk revival album and she's already "cutting away" from it before she even went on tour. She says goodbye to pop-punk cause it's not genuine, she's not like other punks! crying

No. 1500721

File: 1649889436862.png (2.64 MB, 1608x1148, 2.png)

Tbh this is my pick for most kekworthy "punk" plants of 2022. this bitch is mindblowing. she has something insanely boomer about her look, behaviour and way of promotion, even though she dabbles in typical "zoomer punk" genre. i mean she just shows astounding misunderstanding of anything even remotely punk. Produces shitty merch "i snogged Kelsy Karter". names her tour fucking "Pink Kink and Punk Tour". Done pretty much nothing yet but has 130k on IG (despite getting maybe 2000 likes a post and maybe 16 comments if she's lucky). tries so fucking hard to look like a cross of Megan Fox and Brody Dalle (look, she even slaughtered her brows to have that 00's Brody thin ass brows + brown eyeshadow + baseball cap look). this is the lamest plant i've seen in a long while

No. 1500724

File: 1649889620414.png (1.14 MB, 1612x958, kek.png)


No. 1500726

posting full video too

No. 1500769


that shirt is accurate, i literally have no idea who this is

No. 1500780

Doesn’t Conor have a brain tumour or migraines or some shit? And is also an alcoholic? I never really got into him because I hated the way he looked
Anyway fuck Phoebe, I’m waiting for her to come out as polyamorous or some shit

No. 1500811

i posted these so i know who she is, but i agree kek.
i'm pretty sure we talked about her before here, that's the annoying idiot who sang love letters to Harry Styles

No. 1500933

File: 1649897944425.jpeg (890.49 KB, 1170x1150, C33F613C-14CC-4E01-A0FA-9D46F8…)

would any of the e-punk / incelcore artists be worth posting about in here? they're extremely niche, so i'm not sure if i should make a separate thread. or if anyone really cares about these cows. negative xp (a.k.a. school shooter / shooter) and his orbiting calves (MSG artists, raven / copkiller1999) are very active and milky on twitter. he's a korean larping as a Christian white nationalist that made the Scott Pilgrim song. he recently was doxxed by atlanta antifa for putting on a show called "virginfest" which was a complete disaster, causing raven, (event organizer, instagram famous tattoo artist, who is a cow in her own right) to lose her job at an established tat shop. a lot of the virginfest footage was streamed, it's a glorious display of the dredges of terminally online retards. apparently there were pedos there too.

No. 1500943

tbh as milky and hilarious those retards are, it would attract too much incels and scrotes like the sam hyde thread did

No. 1501019

No. throw them to one of other general threads or make a thread for them if you want, but don't post them in this thread, this is not a place for them. i see no correlation and honestly sounds like they're fucking annoying, not entertaining. like that's a whole other level of psychotic twitter internet mental illness, not just being arrogant, egocentric assholes in irrelevant rock bands. let's not ruin a perfectly nice thread.

No. 1501029

Make a separate thread or request one in thread requests.

No. 1501064

File: 1649909090073.png (536.93 KB, 1078x1521, Screenshot_20220413-230323~2.p…)

Got some news for you anon…she kind of already did

No. 1501124

File: 1649913211769.jpg (50.12 KB, 1280x720, Corey.jpg)

If you're a minority or a faggot in the DIY scene you can get away with literally anything. For example, lead vocalist of hardcore band Move, Corey is a known crowdkiller and has severely fractured a woman's spine to the point where she needed surgery. https://www.instagram.com/p/CYw164GLEik/ I have not a seen a single other band bring up this incident publicly. And for a little extra milk they've been on Hate5Six numerous times and in this recording Corey is telling all the white people in the crowd to "step the fuck back" so they can make space for black people https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14IrqK8Jw04

No. 1501168

And he's mixed? Every time lol

No. 1501176

what the absolute fuck. Death to all of them

No. 1501224

I forgot to mention at Move's very first show a dude bashed his head on a support beam. In video you can see some people in crowd trying to signal for them to stop playing so he can get help and Corey and the rest of the band completely ignored everything happening https://youtu.be/8G__v9FalMY?t=78

No. 1501244

>Corey is telling all the white people in the crowd to "step the fuck back" so they can make space for black people
That's such a bullshit rethread of "girls to the front" when Kathleen Hannah (I think) made scrotes make space for women kek. At least it made sense, since it was women-centric show and women can get hurt by scrotes in the mosh pit

No. 1501605


yeah that was KH, and it was a response to how punk shows in the 90s were hella violent and even dangerous places for girls, you couldnt get to the front to enjoy your band without getting groped or shoved to the ground, they wanted girls to be able to enjoy their set even if they were on a bill in between a bunch of male bands with violent fans

its nonsensical that Corey is trying to copy that idea for his violent shows

No. 1501655

i didn't know "being a model" was punk rock now. better go tell everyone at the agency that we're badass punk rockers and not just clothes wearers with bad english

No. 1501658

scrotes are so ugly damn

No. 1501695

Corey is such a stupid name to have

No. 1501710

No. 1501715


promise i'm not racebaiting but maybe he mad that his parents didnt give him a proper black name like Dion or Quincy and is overcompensating

legit some black men get beautiful strong unique names with lots of character and culture behind them and this scrote is "corey"

No. 1501769

File: 1649974458638.png (769.18 KB, 1451x938, Corey Charpentier.png)

His last name does kind of support this theory

No. 1501791


LOL someone tell Dani that Corey is trying to bite her snaggletooth style

No. 1502631

File: 1650068744480.jpg (1.94 MB, 2400x2400, your arms are my cocoon.jpg)

Any milk on Tyler from YAAMC? He once tweeted about his insecurity about his gender https://twitter.com/urarmsrmycocoon/status/1360429118190465032?s=20&t=ou-vqHgOPZxUrPHcvvTbUg in response to Caleb from Hey, Ily (who also gives me weird predatory vibes), I've heard things about how Tyler's hated in the Chicago scene because of how bad of a roommate he is which is how he lost the full live band he had at one point (allegedly he's said that he doesn't know how to do dishes) he dropped out of a really hard to get into music school if you're from outside of Illinois and apparently has rich parents.

No. 1503065

File: 1650124214081.jpeg (249.53 KB, 828x1182, A1EBCCD5-F025-4A2C-B954-A0F6D4…)


Was the music school his high school or college?

I think he used to live in the Houston area before 2020. That’s all I know off the top of my head about Tyler Odom besides that he’s your standard issue ugly bland indie boy.

No. 1503166

>Was the music school his high school or college?
College. he moved from Houston to Chicago in 2020 that's why I brought up it being hard to get into the school when from outside of Illinois

No. 1504371

i would be interested nona

No. 1504656



give us a taste, then nonas can decide if they want to make a seperate thread

No. 1504695

Go make your separate thread already and don't shit this thread. They have nothing to do with indie band cows that are posted here, don't encourage ruining a good thread and don't bait idiots to come here and ruin this thread further.

No. 1504696

and by idiots i mean incels not anons, like >>1500943 said.

No. 1505029

File: 1650340140913.jpg (390.14 KB, 828x1117, Ogbert the Nerd.jpg)

Why do these band leads use their Twitter as if it's a personal account? Are they unable to just create their own personal account to whine on?

No. 1505032

File: 1650340416243.png (60.71 KB, 673x447, holy lmao.png)

No. 1505040

Jesus christ what is it with the threats of violence from troons? This wouldn't be amiss in the MTF thread. It's farcical at this point how easily they start threatening violence for the smallest thing, in this case imaginary deadnaming from an imaginary terf.

So surprising that this hateful weirdo did not even get a few friends turn up in sympathy.

No. 1505107

File: 1650345715059.jpg (623.02 KB, 1080x1920, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1505125

cis and queer are not exclusive terms, do these dumbasses think you can't be cis and gay at the same time?
The deadnaming thing is such a mild thing to get so pressed about, if it was someone who knew them before their "transition" it's easy to accidentally call them the old name. To meet that with threats of extreme/sexual violence is deranged.

No. 1505373

This thread kills me. I fucking love emo but I only listen to music and don't catch up on the people in the bands themselves. I had no idea so many troons were in the genre. I wanted to go to more concerts this year, but I guess not because there's no way in hell I'm cheering for a tranny.
Tally Hall was based.

No. 1505438


Tally Hall was based af, whatever happened to having goofy fun while playing music

No. 1505830

lesbians are "anti-penis"???
what happened to gay people are born gay and i can't make myself like your penis

No. 1507156

File: 1650490638901.png (137.82 KB, 1327x638, easter bunny.png)

Okay this is the last screenshot I'm gonna post from Ogbert

No. 1507166

kek what one has to do with the other?
and what exactly is his problem, that people don't call their children they/thems? or that ppl don't call HIM they/thems, i don't get it

No. 1507244

the thing about the magic rabbit leaving candy eggs, is that it's a fairy tale you tell small children. we don't claim it's a fact and suspend you from university for arguing with it.

No. 1507245

whoever convinced beyonce to never break kayfabe is what happened.

No. 1509362

>all black people to the front, please… so you can carry my fat ass

No. 1509661

File: 1650745474614.png (603.11 KB, 494x779, 2ssss11.png)

Of course Dani sucks up to all the biggest creeps and pedos to be allowed to stay a regular at parties and "a part of Gucci family". imagine walking around with Jared Leto's head purely for that clout, and even worse, saying publically that you love Leto

No. 1509673

File: 1650746363446.png (587.5 KB, 494x780, 2ssss10.png)

"When i was a stoner". that photo was taken a few days ago. it's kinda pathetic how she always preaches "LIVE LAUGH LOVE SOBRIETY!" and boasts how sober life she allegedly leads, but of course she won't miss the opportunity to show off she's such a "cool skater tomboy smoking pot muahaha".
Yes Dani, you're so cool. you're so cool being 28 and STILL boasting to your zoomer fans that you're so awesome bc you smoke weed. cringe

No. 1509676

File: 1650746479781.png (457.17 KB, 484x763, 2ssss12.png)

No. 1509689

File: 1650747013253.png (489.29 KB, 500x864, 2ssss9.png)

and this is so cringey that she CONSTANTLY reminds people that she was once upon a time on Jimmy Kimmel live interviewed as a random "stoner" before her fame. she's the epitome of "hello fellow kids"

No. 1509756

No. 1509760

File: 1650751683355.png (753.18 KB, 722x622, screenshot.png)

Gotta add Lauren Tate from Hands Off Gretel to this thread. Something about her really rubs me the wrong way and all of her work is extremely derivative. They’re trying to be a riot grrrl grunge band - her viking looking boyfriend uses a jagstang like Cobain and her lyrics contain several references to milk, like some of Hole’s. She does that thing like Courtney Love where she stops playing her guitar and holds her arms over her head to be cute or deep or something. She also blinks and rolls her eyes into the back of her head like Kat Bjelland.

Her band toured with Skating Polly once and in the interview with them all together she has such an air of superiority and acts bored. Her lyrics are all child like and whiney about how she was bullied in high school and she has told a story before about flipping off her entire school during a talent show. Her mom is a photographer and takes pretty much all of their promo shots and is listed as the filmer for some of their videos. “My mum always pushed me to take it seriously and believe in myself, getting me my first recording experience in a studio when I was 12, which was terrifying. Back then I had many singing teachers come and go but I never stuck to it, I really hated doing the competitions. Then when I turned 14, a producer called Pete contacted me to ask if I’d like to collaborate on a song writing project with him." Her mom also lists herself as the manager for both of her daughter's musical projects on her linkedin and has written several articles regarding music promotion. Nepotism?

Lauren has videos on youtube from when she used to be a P!nk skinwalker and try to sing identically to her. Sometime after dropping out of school at 15 she switched her look to try and fit the kinderwhore grunge aesthetic and now looks like killstar emilie autumn with dreads. She has another project called Delilah Bon where she “raps” - its some kind of conscious feminist hip hop schtick. It looks like she intentionally picks promo photos where her bass player looks bad, probably because she appears to be the only one with real talent in the group and everyone fawns over her in youtube comments. In one of their videos the two girls wear the same two piece bathing suit thing but it is extremely unflattering and looks too small on the bass player. Lauren often talks about activism and once had some merch that she touted as being sustainable and planet friendly or some shit yet she buys tons of fast fashion.

No. 1509837

Bingo, anon. they're another sus band that poses as new punk/grunge phenomenon. And oh, they definitely look like they're taking largely from Hole and Nirvana and 90's grunge/riot grrrl. Iirc she posted a few Hole/Nirvana covers on YT. As for her ripping Courtney and Kat live, i didn't know about it, gotta watch some lives!
>Her mom is a photographer and takes pretty much all of their promo shots and is listed as the filmer for some of their videos/ists herself as the manager
Is her mother a famous photog. or someone damned rich? Sounds like Arrow and Autumn De Wilde case. nepotism absolutely, and if mom's not famous then it's spoiled child case getting career funded by mom. mother must be rich to begin with if she just randomly buys her 14yo daughter a studio time, and sending to competitions smells like stage mom syndrome.
I listened to maybe one song 5 years ago or so, so i remember being lowkey shocked that they gathered any following, i always assumed they're just another Hole-ripoff band that posts videos on youtube but doesn't seem to go anywhere. sounds like she's a plant, maybe not in a way she's a record label product, but she had her mommy set her career up and crawling slowly to the top to get picked up by indie clout chasers. what record label are they on? Sounds interesting, i guess it's worth a deep dive

No. 1509850

File: 1650758275216.jpg (2.22 MB, 4252x4434, A5gvv4JA.jpeg.jpg)

Holy shit, that idiot is actually a Melanie Martinez skinwalker.
that's… lowest of low.

No. 1509876

File: 1650760078213.jpg (124.33 KB, 750x454, Hands-Off-Gretel.jpg)

No. 1509897

File: 1650761198242.jpeg (113.66 KB, 594x594, 8372494.jpeg)

No. 1509965

Never seen her before but she looks way cuter than Melanie. Shame she doesn’t at least dye her hair to be one color. I’m sure Melanie’s fans tear her up.

No. 1509970

Hands Off Gretel seems like a weird riff off Jack Off Jill's name, (Hansel and Gretel and Jack and Jill both being children's stories and rhymes) then we have Melanie Martinez and Hole skinwalking. Spectacularly derivative.

No. 1510031

She got the name from the Babes in Toyland song Handsome and Gretel. iirc in an interview she claims she wrote potential names on scraps of paper and her mom saw the babes song name but suggested it be hands off instead so it wasn't a complete rip off. They have a song called Always Right that reminds me of Babes in Toylands You're Right and the lyrics in Bluebell. Another song is called World Against She which of course made me think of Alien She by Bikini Kill.

That reminds me there's a band called Quinn the Brain (like the Daria episode) and the singer totally rips off Kat bjelland too. Literally the same guitar, a red rickenbaker and red dresses and hair ribbons. They have a song full of lyrics suspiciously similar to some of Kats too.

No. 1510058

File: 1650773924321.jpg (620.27 KB, 1584x1076, album.jpg)

>what record label are they on?
They have their own label called Puke Pop. Obviously from a wealthy family. I can't find any other work by her mom besides the pics she takes of her daughter so maybe it was a hobby thing for the mom. Must be nice just having all that equipment for professional shoots from the get go. I don't believe that she makes enough money from her music to be pressing the amount of cds and vinyl she has for the past however many years. Who is paying for all that lol she also prints calendars and posters of herself. Her hand drawn art she sells looks like the shit I drew on deviant art when I was twelve

From a mother daughter interview: "What was so frustrating was that I know she’d got this talent and school would never support her because she shone just a little too brightly for them. As a parent I could see that she weren’t a bad kid she just needed somebody to recognise her talents and nobody ever did."

No. 1510395

LOLOL oh my god they really fucking tried this? fucking focus group boy band 2001 children's entertainers fucking WOW. look at how they dressed up the men! holy fuck. oh my god. is this real

No. 1510404

File: 1650822667348.jpg (1.12 MB, 1440x2348, seanbon.jpg)

Her bf Sean Bon used to be pretty normie looking. Lauren says he introduced her to a lot of grunge music and showed her how to play guitar the way he does in a grunge style I guess. Whatever that means. He’s wearing a fork necklace kind of like Chris Cornell here. She dyes his armpit hair. Drummer looks like a pop punk dude from 2012 kek

No. 1510409

File: 1650822991711.png (491.92 KB, 451x527, fingers.png)

also maybe someone else should teach her because the way she locks her fingers while playing power chords is SO BAD for your hands

No. 1510431

>mother basically proposes a band name
>mother claims a girl from shitty rock band with a mediocre voice "shone brighter than anyone else" and gets mad that she didn't get treated better than everyone else at school
>mother stages up daughter's entire career and engages in everything
>mother fucking gets INTERVIEWED along with her daughter
Fucking kek. Mommy wanted her child succeed so bad that she loads money into everything, planning it all since school days. and she really wants to havw her piece of cake too since she makes interview appearances. this is ridiculous, we gotta keep an eye on that cow. i'd really like to find her pre-Hands Off Gretel internet past tbh
I know right? topkek

No. 1510448

both of them look like their parents were siblings

No. 1510456

File: 1650827524440.png (128.65 KB, 696x377, vegan.png)

don't they look smelly? kek looks like she really dug into the hippie vegan thing for a while. Tie dye and white person dreads. cringe

No. 1510457

File: 1650827597465.png (2.51 MB, 1350x806, qtb.png)

Quinn The Brain, fuck what a weird thing to see them mentioned here. i thought they're too irrelevant for anyone to notice. i followed that girl on Tumblr for a while before she started skinwalking Kat Bjelland in a BinT ripoff band.
Quinn The Brain played as support before Skating Polly and Starcrawler in Texas in 2018. i remember how Arta liked posts from someone else's blog where someone said they hate fake rock plant bands like Starcrawler, skating polly and all the other bands like that and she liked and commented something like "well said! exactly what i'm thinking" or something like that. And then a couple months later i've seen her commenting on Starcrawler or Skating Polly accounts reposting pics from that night and her licking their asses in comments like "the best lineup! we need to repeat this guys uwu" etc. kek
a few people fawn over them bc they like babes in toyland, but she'll get nowhere if she keeps skinwalking Kat Bjelland and Courtney like that further. yawn.

No. 1510485

File: 1650829045004.png (355.35 KB, 571x784, tumblr.png)

No. 1510488

File: 1650829196455.png (171.29 KB, 528x697, tumblr2.png)

No. 1510496

File: 1650829656130.png (72.91 KB, 429x613, cds.png)

eco friendly yet look at all the plastic she creates. She is also anti leather. I guess she doesn't know that producing the fake leather she wears is extremely not eco friendly

No. 1510513

tried finding more background on her mom and found an article about a talent competition she entered Lauren in that literally says what street they live on. Using that and the photos she posts of herself roaming about her neighborhood quote “scaring the neighbors” while filming her little videos I VERY EASILY found her address with google searches in less than 10 minutes. Idiot. She claims she has stalkers and that people threaten her yet does nothing to protect herself.

Interestingly there is a house on her street that has a sound recording and music distribution company registered to it. I only looked into the house because it had an interesting looking name plaque out front and whaddyaknow

No. 1510530

lolol. imagine liking Hands Off Gretel.that band oozes fakeness.

why are all these chicks so hellbent on skinwalking Kat Bjelland and Courtney Love? you like them great, but that doesn't mean you have to wear kinderwhore dresses strictly every day, with obligatory red lipstick and bowtie and those childish dolly frilly white socks in mary jane shoes.

No. 1510538

File: 1650831932419.jpg (171.82 KB, 778x1024, mp.jpg)

Margaritas Podridas is another one. Right now theyre under scrutiny because a drummer, Karl Neudert, who fills for them sometimes was accused by multiple girls of sexual assault. The singer from Margaritas, Carolina Enriquez, also plays bass in Karl's band Senor Kino. She keep defending him and is allegedly rude to people who question her about it. Profiting off of feminism and riot grrrl yet ignoring women who speak out.

No. 1510541

File: 1650832096800.jpg (131.81 KB, 1024x682, DnAzv64UcAASQJe.jpg)

this is from one of their music videos. Cheap ill fitting satin babydoll dresses made in china

No. 1510549

Never in my life I thought I'd see "Señor Kino" in lolcow LMAO. This massive cow is from my city and is FUCKING INSUFFERABLE. If ya want some dirt on her just ask.

No. 1510553

File: 1650832912542.jpg (201.16 KB, 900x1200, 0027975854_10.jpg)

yes bring the dirt lmao

look at them posing with Courtneys book of lies. I swear in every photo they make a point of showing their cigarettes or ash trays and Carolina always posts videos of herself smoking and trying to look sexy yet waifish.

No. 1510557

File: 1650833028356.png (865.72 KB, 536x669, poop.png)

No. 1510574

lmao so first and foremost they are a fundie band, their parents bought them a space at coachella like 3 years ago? I remember my friend D. (for anonymity) told me that is basically an "investment" from their part like they're gonna become mega famous or something and get their dough back. Carolina is super snobbish and whenever she is in town she acts high and mighty like no one is worth her time. She is or was part of a physics club from the local university and one time the club was doing a local activity in a recreational public space, and she had to at least show up for a couple of hours. So D. is part of the committee of the club and he told me that she showed up late, with a nasty attitude and was constantly asking when could she leave. We don't really talk about them in our circle because well they are rich kids with shitty attitudes and we are pretty much hood rats who play together every once in a whi