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File: 1651874558276.jpg (33.58 KB, 640x623, 1623820371177.jpg)

No. 1169330

Only for the truest and most pure dummies.
Previous Thread >>1157159

No. 1169338

i am regarded

No. 1169341

Highly regarded

No. 1169342

So quick and efficient thank you nonners

No. 1169345

File: 1651874745630.jpeg (121.3 KB, 750x1112, EAF86988-EF15-432B-ADBD-4E4646…)

i am a satanist and i am saving myself for daddy lucifer so when i get to hell he will reward me with copious amounts of sexs

No. 1169347

File: 1651874752429.png (798.58 KB, 2396x1915, 20220506_120541.png)

Look at all these cats, are you proud of me??

No. 1169350

they look so happy. good job

No. 1169355

it's so heartbreaking when an actor turns out to be older that I thought. What the fuck do you mean by george mackay is 30

No. 1169357

I can't get over how I feel for someone. She's my type in a lot of ways, but she's also nearly a genderspecial, and enjoys some horrific things that I could never, ever look past which I think is a symptom of her being a sjw I know I just have to ride this out and it will fade on it's own.

No. 1169358

he's ban evading an all boards ban on meta but the speculum posting with his boyfriend totally wasn't him because he was totally banned you guys.

No. 1169361

I love each and every one of them. Congratulations on cultivating paradise.

No. 1169364

File: 1651875036810.jpg (78.54 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1130721157_los7[1].jp…)

Do you keep the default names or rename them? All nonnies may answer.

No. 1169365

File: 1651875051852.jpeg (71.36 KB, 852x962, 1633701947058.jpeg)

The last thread was filling up so quick. Threadpic was almost picrel but I thought you all would flame me for it.
You leave that shit in the previous thread, nonnie.

No. 1169366

I'm begging you to let it die sweet beautiful nona, talk to me about cottage cheese.

No. 1169367

I’m a woman, my husband downloaded a vpn, I don’t even know what a speculum is. I’m not a musician.(hands-chan)

No. 1169369

Nta, you can rename cats in Neko Atsume?

No. 1169372

I like this one but both are fine dear

No. 1169373

Kek I definitely prefer the one you ended up chosing, but I wouldn't have bullied you anon. Probably not.

No. 1169374

yuh it's my favorite part of playing

No. 1169378

Yeah! Just click the name in the cat book.
I rename the cats that look like my cats (Pickles and Fred) and keep the rest the same.

No. 1169380

upsets me because i don't like obvious men being perceived as women by mods who then ban and redtext women by the dozen because women don't believe his larping.

No. 1169381

Yes I feel you I feel you shhhhh it's okay nonnie we're in here now it's okay

No. 1169383


No. 1169384

I wonder what the OP pic said originally

No. 1169385

That's like a DIY bidet, you're actually very clean

No. 1169388


No. 1169389

There are much more real and probable threats in my life rn, and yet I still think about the most retarded irrational things, lying alone in the dark. Like poltergeists and similar shit. Ridiculous.

No. 1169390

Guaranteed it said "i'm just being myself"

No. 1169391

I was pooping and pissing at the same time.

No. 1169393

>obvious man
yet you keep backing down when I say I can post a photo of the ultrasound that identifies my body as being female. kek(hands-chan)

No. 1169394

File: 1651875397507.jpeg (26.19 KB, 500x373, 1593479780047.jpeg)

I had a chocolate in my pocket and it melted. Now there's chocolate in my pocket.

No. 1169395


No. 1169396

File: 1651875402194.jpg (41.32 KB, 694x719, 470266bc2ad004f49ee4977d92ac93…)

ifunny logo

No. 1169397

God you're so efficient, I'm proud of your productivity level today

No. 1169398

Kek this has to be an anon joking. It's too good to be true.

No. 1169400

File: 1651875454836.gif (91.46 KB, 1689x313, coollogo_com-6638360.gif)

No. 1169401

That shit matters, the dark is unknown yo

No. 1169403

flamingtext is better than cooltext btw

No. 1169405

kek same
I'm supposedly an atheist but occasionally I'll let ghosts and monsters live in my head rent free when I'm ready to sleep, and the more I think about it the more real they seem.

No. 1169406

You can expect to see this in the movie room

No. 1169409

post the one that says god loves whores too it was nice

No. 1169410

Flamingtext and Picasion ftw

No. 1169411

File: 1651875564732.jpg (62.29 KB, 540x405, tumblr_afdb10a372349dd099bcfb0…)

don't let your guard down nonnie that's what they want

No. 1169412

Tevbe anonita we'll go to jahannam.

No. 1169413

I keep the original names. My favourite was Pepper.

No. 1169416

There are definitely demonic energies here with us right now.

No. 1169418

thats me bich

No. 1169421

I think I may have indirectly started the animated glitter text thing on here. Like some domino effect shit.

No. 1169422

Socks and Quicksilver are my favs

No. 1169424

have sex with them

No. 1169425

Excuse me?? Excuse me?? I don't think it was you.

No. 1169426

Actually, ghosts lose power the less you believe in them. So don't think about them at all and you'll be fine.

No. 1169427

I know right. This is going way too fast even if it's mostly unmoderated shitposting

No. 1169428

Phantom Phuck

No. 1169431

Thank you for the survival tip nona

No. 1169435

kek it's hilarious how fast he dropped this "it totally wasn't me, i actually stopped when i got banned" jist to rage about his ban while evading again, literally only took an hour

No. 1169437

File: 1651875957886.gif (417.53 KB, 915x149, 1651870975046.gif)

No. 1169438

It may have been. Back when anorectal violence anon was still terrorizing us, I made gifs that said "Anorectal Violence" and "Anal Avengers Assemble". Anons kept posting the Anorectal Violence one in his threads and made variations of it. I haven't thought about that in awhile, but God Is A Whore just reminded me.

No. 1169439

Sperg incoming. Hell isn't a place, theologically speaking it's a difference in perspective, like the parable in Luke of the prodigal son. Christ dined with prostitutes and was friends with him, he also didn't judge the woman at the well who had been previously married. Matthew 7:5, maybe look at yourself before you go around attacking other women in the name of Christianity btw
both theologically correct kek
love it

No. 1169440

File: 1651875992284.jpg (157.81 KB, 736x1464, 1488635bf39b82369f8d6c7a73946f…)

don't believe that anon she's a fucking ghost trying to get you!!!!!!

No. 1169446

>anal avengers assemble
CRIMINAL this was not utilized!!

No. 1169448


No. 1169449

File: 1651876110688.gif (73.41 KB, 1198x67, z624a3ad0a48ae.gif)

No. 1169451

Jesus is just based. God is cringe. No wonder christians did the whole retcon. I know they're technically "the same" but that's how they ascribe more power to Jesus. Whole demigod vibe, you know.

No. 1169453

Ooh I know the one you're talking about! I started posting glitter text before I saw that, when we were glitter and gif dumping in the old graphics thread and one of the movie threads, then I someone posted that as well! You are definitely the glitter text origin story.

No. 1169454

this is fucking hilarious

No. 1169458


No. 1169462


No. 1169463

It was a genius mix of Judaism and Greek philosophy and sensibilities. Mostly meant to be a fertility cult at first and led by women. Men only got in on it when it was cool and no longer as unsafe, just to go ruin things and take power away from women.

No. 1169465

the fact that the sexless hand anon has big nails means she doesn't even masturbate, imagine living that kind of sad life

No. 1169466

Makes sense why they made Jesus a bishounen who respects women and conveniently never married before he died, hmm…

No. 1169468

Jesus was the original husbando, legitimately.

No. 1169471

truly masterpiece anon

No. 1169473

noooooo why was it deleted?

No. 1169474

what was it??

No. 1169476

File: 1651876849481.jpg (33.73 KB, 640x340, saint-young-men-feature-640x34…)

Please don't summon hand-chan again s/he's going to have an aneurysm
Jesus is kinda hot ngl

No. 1169477

No. 1169480

File: 1651876894289.gif (Spoiler Image, 27.3 KB, 252x71, 1611988608291.gif)

I'm surprised anons here even like the glitter texts so much. I love the glitter gifs from the movie night emotes!

No. 1169484

Referring to me as a he when I’m a full blown woman is a sad cope

No. 1169485

The hand pasta but read by the IT'S MADAM troon

No. 1169486

File: 1651876956421.png (172.25 KB, 1268x330, MAAM.PNG)

Picrel. Not sure why anon deleted.

No. 1169489

Being a nun literally means marrying your husbando Jesus

No. 1169490

Ultimate husbando.

No. 1169491

>both theologically correct kek
The ghost thing? Wow I didn't know. Elaborate pls

No. 1169492

He also died at age 30, before he got too old and gross.

No. 1169494

File: 1651877223868.jpg (184.8 KB, 794x1057, il_794xN.3318229443_o3p2.jpg)

My body is ready

No. 1169495

Saw a reddit screenshot on kf that sounded like my fav personal cow and it was! They got their account suspended like 2 days later though kek. It was nice while it lasted. Maybe I'll get lucky again.

No. 1169498

File: 1651877276544.png (280.88 KB, 1080x661, imagem_2022-05-06_194805558.pn…)

For the witchy ana-chan

No. 1169512

File: 1651877551675.jpg (97.07 KB, 848x565, couple-dobermanns-sitting-outd…)

Dobermans look so different without cropped ears

No. 1169518

File: 1651877656818.jpg (20.17 KB, 464x464, divine_mercy_body_pillow-re3e1…)

people have created bodypillows

No. 1169519

Not really.

No. 1169522

File: 1651877767398.png (91.46 KB, 760x367, Screenshot_20220507-005535.png)

No. 1169525

they’re so cute but yeah I see it

No. 1169529

They really look the same to you both? For me it's like looking at two different breeds

No. 1169533

no anon I agree with you that they actually do look radically different

No. 1169535

One's a male and one's a female

No. 1169552

File: 1651878908212.gif (18.15 KB, 122x72, fPUp (1).gif)

Glitter text sustains me

No. 1169557

that doesn’t really affect much aside from size

No. 1169559

Then why would cutting an ear

No. 1169587

in elementary school eating raw ramen out of the pack got so out of hand they started putting up posters around the school telling us we were going to get worms

No. 1169604

File: 1651882772524.jpeg (51.65 KB, 616x960, 9E3C4291-142A-421A-8CBF-F500EC…)

I regret all the years I spent pretending to be a man online and hanging out in male spaces I should’ve at least used my time there to terrorize them

No. 1169621

Men invented sucking dick

No. 1169623

by which I mean, they suck dick

No. 1169625

This is true, as all men are gay

No. 1169636

File: 1651884789106.jpg (57.87 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Didn't know that shit was on steam, everything about it is so unappealing to me

No. 1169638

I swear they seem to be repulsed by everything about women besides the performed femininity. Which is why many cape fir troons. They have a femininity fetish and I hate when they try to relate to lesbians. No sir we're not the same, you have shit taste and you're a coward.

No. 1169641

I think it's unappealing for all normal people tbh

No. 1169664

File: 1651885961439.jpg (97.14 KB, 696x696, shutterstock_225846382CatWithY…)

I'm excited for yarn! YARN! I can't wait to get the pretty yarn I ordered. Soon I will have my yarn, and I will crochet many things. It's going to be fun fun fun

No. 1169671

File: 1651886316246.jpg (78.48 KB, 530x626, e7bb56457ac1aa9931679f482dc83a…)

Me eating ur yarn

No. 1169676

What yarn did you get?

No. 1169677

File: 1651886796195.jpeg (23.27 KB, 600x450, 5d72c2776f24eb32a20b4048.jpeg)

I hope you're happy… I was really looking forward to that yarn

No. 1169680

File: 1651887052917.jpg (251.31 KB, 1014x907, Screenshot_20220506-202837.jpg)

It was pretty pink speckledy yarn like this. I guess it must have been as tasty as it looks since anon couldn't keep her HORSE LIPS OFF OF IT

No. 1169689

It's pretty! Looks like a donut with pink frosting and sprinkles.

No. 1169734

File: 1651890388372.jpg (351.95 KB, 650x650, Jelly Belly Tutti Frutti Jelly…)

Looks like tutti fruity jelly bellies! Cute!

No. 1169739

File: 1651890585443.gif (306.88 KB, 266x200, C5E4B132-B552-4CCC-A20A-E19EE6…)

hi guys how are u doing what are you eating for dinner

No. 1169740

kill yourself

No. 1169741

You made me full belly laugh for the first in a long time. kisses you gently

No. 1169744

File: 1651890707257.jpeg (14.65 KB, 225x225, 348B50C9-83BE-4FB9-9D9D-A42524…)

i was just trying to make conversation damn nonnie

No. 1169745

I keep pushing a large bead inside my ear because it fits so perfectly. The possibility of it getting stuck gives me a little thrill and fear.

No. 1169750

File: 1651890990375.jpg (57.22 KB, 700x700, 23d19edcbe72276956cbffb044ea0f…)

Ignore them, anon. It's the annoying racebaiter moid (or possible schizo chan) that has been spamming a lot of threads just being aggro and racist for no reason.

No. 1169754

File: 1651891069705.jpg (97.7 KB, 650x650, 1620790389072.jpg)

stop nonnie please stop

No. 1169755

ty anon!! i honestly kind of laughed at it though..

No. 1169763

File: 1651891453773.jpg (31.25 KB, 290x385, 5fb26d83c296f225118bbd561f874c…)

Kek it's good that you had a laugh, then. You're cute, nona

No. 1169766

this is the only case i can respect a fake pregnancy joke. women who face pregnancy speculation for insane reasons? go ahead. men? die.

No. 1169769

Please tell me you didn't. I will a-log all the shit I learned about the outer/middle ear in audiology.

No. 1169781

nonnie what do you think a-logging means

No. 1169788

File: 1651892916611.png (242.82 KB, 630x350, 8100BC86-86DA-498A-960A-B2DE6C…)

chalupa and baja blast…

No. 1169790

Yes, I do. Wanna hear how my friend did the same damn thing as nonna years ago?

No. 1169791

File: 1651893079374.webm (7.76 MB, 1080x1080, maam.webm)

here it is nonnas
>How many times do I have to fucking say it? I’m a biological female. I was born female. I was born with eggs inside me. When my mother went to an ultrasound to find out my gender, she and my dad found out they’d have another girl. I’ve been socialized as a female, I have a female body, I’ve had my period for 9 years, I am a woman and I always will be. Weep about it.
click to play

No. 1169805

Nonas it's 10 pm here and I still haven't had lunch because I took a long nap (been staying up too late these days). Please tell me to cook my fish fillet already and take a shower after eating

NTA but that's not what A-logging means.

No. 1169807

No, it has not got stuck. I will continue gleefully rolling it in and out of my ears. Sometimes I like to take the tiny jar with all the beads in it and place the rim of it around my ear, then I tip my head over and let all the beads fall because I like the sound and fell.

No. 1169808

That no wasn't supposed to be all caps, sorry.

No. 1169809

File: 1651894656828.jpg (52.32 KB, 729x729, 1637713981445.jpg)

apology not accepted

No. 1169810

File: 1651894672484.jpg (79.13 KB, 500x773, 165188609892562693017244361730…)

No. 1169815

he got no dick game

No. 1169820

Kek. You know you can cause harm to your hearing right? Also if it gets stuck, have fun getting it out. You do you.

No. 1169821

Like I said, it gives me a rush. Also, I listen to everything on high volume. I think that will damage my hearing before the beads.

No. 1169825

>If a female could orgasm, don't you think I'd seen it by now?

No. 1169842

How tf do they not get stuck. I put ONE bead up next to my ear as a little kid because I wanted to see how it would look as an earring and it fell into my ear and I had to go to urgent care to get it suctioned out. I am angry at you and I hope they get stuck.

No. 1169848

You all can keep wishing the worst for me, but just know I still respect you as my fellow anons. I'm sorry my ears are better.

No. 1169851

File: 1651897796775.jpg (45.97 KB, 466x340, 61aW7OAoAdL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

Samefag, but I now realize that maybe some of you are getting the wrong idea about what beads I'm using. They're round beads similar to picrel. I would really have to jam them in to get them stuck and I'm not that stupid.

No. 1169852

File: 1651897970527.jpg (22.44 KB, 275x270, 1651096100312.jpg)

what color is the bead

No. 1169853

are your beads this pretty? these are really pretty beads

No. 1169857

File: 1651898230909.jpg (91.73 KB, 968x1072, 20200708_014748.jpg)

>fast for 16 hours
>"very hungry me want eat"
>eat apple
>still hungry
>1 hour passes, still hungry
>suddenly awful stomach aches, almost throw up

No. 1169860

Ok, they are bigger than your ear canal. I don't see them really getting stuck after the first twist or bend in the canal. Still, be cautious which is always a given with anything. I thought they were the smaller beads.

No. 1169865

Yes. They're called crackled glass beads I think.
I kind of just pick and grab any bead. I clean them though.
No, it goes inside my ear like earplugs. Not enough to go super deep though.

No. 1169867

File: 1651898932682.jpg (1.07 MB, 2400x1200, beans.jpg)

I see your weird bead ASMR and I raise you sticking your hands in dried beans

No. 1169869

Dried beans are cool, but I feel as though they should be eaten and I never play with my food. They make great noises though. Sometimes when I get a bag of them I just smack them around a few times

No. 1169872

Do not eat dried beans. Too many will make you sick. Whisk bean water though to make a dough to play with.

No. 1169882

anon, you're not supposed to eat dried, unsoaked beans.

No. 1169895

[long, sustained fart noise]

No. 1169900

Anons pls use your common sense. I thought it was obvious I meant that I don't wanna play with beans before cooking them. I know some uncooked beans are poisonous. I will try the bean water dough though

No. 1169902

You didn't soak the beans long enough

No. 1169944


No. 1169955

I miss the Lana thread in /m/ so bad. I hate that everything is gone.

No. 1170014

File: 1651905201641.jpeg (368.31 KB, 1624x2048, fpl8ic4xiaii48g-1.jpeg)

No. 1170017

this is what's going to cause him to lose. ffs, pandering to .5% of the population, much of which aren't even to vote because they're underage. why beto

No. 1170018

Idk him but looks like he cares a lot about kids genitals

No. 1170021

File: 1651905475082.jpeg (4.74 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg)

No. 1170022

Why do his teeth look like fucking George Washington's ?

No. 1170026

File: 1651905750694.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 286.11 KB, 1660x1371, 29UP-HISTORY-superJumbo.jpeg)

Dare I say Georgie's were better?

No. 1170028

those arent human teeth though

No. 1170074

kendall roy

No. 1170079

Some were, just not his

No. 1170227

I want some spaghetti

No. 1170269

Did you do something about it?

No. 1170272

File: 1651918713295.gif (947.53 KB, 300x202, TURA.gif)

No. 1170286

I wished a friend of mine got pimples because we fought when I was young. That night apparently she had a weird attack or something and blamed it on me and told me I cursed her. Did I actually almost kill a bitch with a pimple prayer? Wtf.

No. 1170318

Are any of you anons watching the staircase? Which theory do you believe?

No. 1170348

Sorry everyone, I was away from LCF for 30 hours but I'm back now. I look forward to continuing where we last left off.

No. 1170424

File: 1651927259435.jpg (27.93 KB, 567x567, 20211110_091423.jpg)

never do that again. i thought you'd died.

No. 1170505

why did no one reply this is hilarious

No. 1170506

Does anyone else get random, nonsensical sentences playing in their head? Just a moment ago I thought "I like vegan spray". I think it must be my head trying to fill in gaps where I'm not really thinking about much.

No. 1170528

putting on a sports bra that's a bit too tight should be considered a full work out

No. 1170550

so beautiful

No. 1170562

I'm like "peepee poopoo" everyday, I have adhd and ocd tho

No. 1170563

>No, it goes inside my ear like earplugs. Not enough to go super deep though.

No. 1170564

Oh yeah, all the time

No. 1170571

my pinterest journey went from whatever fashion pic to indie sleeze to tumblr grunge to e-girl to goth and now I keep getting pics of gothic or something couples in amazing clothes and now I'm kinda jealous

No. 1170609

I wonder what it's like being a Pokemon fan as an adult. Is it like enjoying shounenshit due to nostalgia? /vp/ exists and /a/ is filled with Pokemonfags, I never got into it as a kid so I don't have that nostalgia factor. It still gets new entries every year across different media so I wonder if it's fun.

No. 1170616

File: 1651938704621.png (31.09 KB, 720x695, 1651101904071.png)

I'm laughing at this

No. 1170626

I'm always disappointed with my pinterest because it keeps showing me a lot of the same stuff I saved right before instead of more diverse interests. I don't really know how to use the site in the first place, though

No. 1170640

This video claims that the reason why Arigato Ariana's face looks so different now is because of different makeup and weightloos but I just don't buy it

No. 1170681

Ah, chocolate milk and masturbation; a perfect afternoon.

No. 1170695

Probably what it's like to be a disney fan as adult. There's also that one meme where pokemon fans are either pedos or furries.

No. 1170715

why does she smile with her tongue out

No. 1170726

I just like the cute creatures and wanna be their friend :’( not a furry pedo. It is a little bit nostalgia, most of the games feel the same to me since I never really care about the story, and I do love collecting all of them + shinies if they look cool.

No. 1170735

Nah, I like the series too but mostly the games. Plus there's so many different branches of media that you never really have to encounter animefags, competitive autists, or GOfag normies.

No. 1170744

File: 1651943450674.jpg (586.87 KB, 2575x604, Untitled-1.jpg)

lmao, anyone who thinks that she hasn't done surgery is in severe denial

No. 1170745

File: 1651943503174.gif (864.54 KB, 500x375, descargar.gif)

I like their designs and I've always loved biology so imagine cool creatures based on biology + elements + mythology in some cases, even the ones who aren't really based on real creatures are based in interesting concepts, history, and culture

No. 1170746

There are still kids and adults who get into Pokemon with the new generations. Other than nostalgia (which is a huge factor) the reasons are that the monster designs can be cool and that Game Freak is now openly appealing to coomers with the human character designs.

No. 1170749

I don't really have nostalgia for it, I dislike nostalgia as a concept itself. It's pathetic. I just continue liking pokemon and I keep myself updated with it. I like pokemon from all generations. Most of the dumb "nostalgia" people are actually mocked by other pokemon fans, because they always keep going on and on about how the first generations were better.

No. 1170751

modern gamefreak is seriously a disease on pokemon as a whole.

No. 1170755

This, I don't play the most recent games (they're not the best quality) or watch the anime (it's for kids) anymore for different reasons, but I still consider myself a pokemon fan. Mystery Dungeon is still one of my top games. I will never play pokemon go lol

No. 1170803

No. 1170857

I still like Pokemon as a whole but Game Freak is half-assing their games nowadays because they're forced by the Pokemon Company to release one big game a year instead of letting the devs do their work with the time necessary to have actual dungeons and proper side quests similar to contests or the endgame battle facilities in gen 3 and 4. I'd replay the older games in a heartbeat if I had enough free time for that but I'm not gonna buy the gen 9 game. I only bought Shield because it was cheaper than it was supposed to be and included the DLCs in the cartridge so it was a good deal, and if it weren't for the DLCs I would have felt scammed.

>Is it like enjoying shounenshit due to nostalgia?

For non-mentally ill fans, whether they're casual or dedicated fans, I'd say yes. Many people my age who remember the "pokemon mania" when we were in primary school and who don't play video games will have nice things to say about the franchise because it reminds them of good times. Video game fans as a whole who like Pokemon will probably tell you what they like and dislike about the games in great details and how Game Freak is disrespecting their IP right now. I bet it's like Harry Potter now and a bunch of late millenial parents are gifting their young kids pokemon games and cards too because they know it's for kids first despite the games targeting a very varied audience nowadays. Furries deserve the rope, fuck them.

No. 1170876

kekkkkk oh my god when it pauses to lick its lips

No. 1170888

>I dislike nostalgia as a concept itself. It's pathetic

No. 1170926

watermelon is just flavoured water. i love it so much i would die for it

No. 1170931

bitch just move on. lol

No. 1170935

Nostalgia culture is dumb and childish and it doesn't let you live in the moment or grow past things. It's also pretty consumeristic. You can still like the same things you liked in the past for sure but the way the word nostalgia is attached to it makes it simple unbearable to me. It's how disney adults and male marvel fans act. It was also considered a disease in the past:
sorry because the source is literally the atlantic kek but here you go

No. 1170936

I can't stop thinking back to Feb 2020 when I vowed a year of no masturbation and then the world went into lockdown and I was stuck in my room all day like a month later

No. 1170941

File: 1651954338168.jpeg (64 KB, 700x933, 369CD926-E8AB-4FBB-8F9A-4A5B81…)


No. 1170947

why does the word peepee poopoo make me laugh so much???

No. 1170950

It reminds me of how I laughed at it when I was a child.

No. 1170953

File: 1651955000713.jpeg (21.62 KB, 480x479, peepee.jpeg)

lmfao stop it makes me laugh too. so does peepee dickles

No. 1170955

File: 1651955096712.png (492.11 KB, 530x787, unknown.png)

No. 1170966

File: 1651956098477.png (215.53 KB, 714x1148, 20220507_163734.png)

Being in that thread was like experiencing an earthquake. It went completely dark eventually, with just Kota there watching over the disaster, pitilessly.

No. 1170977

No. 1170978

I wonder why fakebois latch on very specific characters. I am talking the riddler, hannibal, not to mention anime/gacha characters. Of course, not a woman to be seen.

No. 1170981

they want to both fuck them and look as cool as them kekkkkk

No. 1170982

File: 1651956713023.jpg (101.67 KB, 480x640, e2a4ae4aed4f4f091b19d3af0d78c0…)

Some of the skin on my outer labia split apart. Getting kinda tired of this having a vagina shit.

No. 1170985

holy shit how?? sounds very fucking painful

No. 1170986

But they're not really the ideal male, a man would never aspire to look like them. Which, ironically, only highlights the fact that they're women.

No. 1170988

How the fuck does your outer labia just split apart.

No. 1170989

File: 1651956993137.jpeg (132.4 KB, 411x536, 11A8EC0F-516B-4A25-AA21-BDECDF…)

i should have never gone into the attractive women you would fuck thread i mean i knew i was ugly but damn it’s making me self-conscious

No. 1170990

My younger cousin is kind of a bitch and would always be kind of rude about my shitty skin (it's a bit better now) but now she's developing the same issues I did at her age. Kind of funny but I do feel for her. She had perfect skin up until now.

No. 1170993

I don't even know. I noticed it when I was using the bathroom right before a shower last night, so perhaps it happened when I sat down. It's just a little tear, almost between my labia and inner thigh but it hurts so bad if anything gets on it. I didn't inspect it until just now so I didn't realize it's just a tear and not something else. Maybe my vagina skin is too dry or something?
Having a wound on the genitals sucks because you have to keep cleaning it rather than other wounds where you can just clean it once or twice a day and slap a bandaid on it.

No. 1171002

Faûk á ÿu

No. 1171003

Oh no I'm sorry that wasn't my intention! I just really like women in period drama costumes.

No. 1171017

Alcohol is so fucking cheap in the states. $18 for 24 hard seltzers? It's like $15 for 6 here.

No. 1171019

it’s fine nonnie i was just lurking <3(<3)

No. 1171126

File: 1651967965962.jpg (44.25 KB, 540x537, 1630451382006.jpg)

I miss vine and I despise everyone who points to tiktok whenever I complain about it, as if it isn't absolutely blasphemous to even imply they're anything alike.

No. 1171133

tiktok has tons of shit like vines if you know where to look. it just also has other literal garbage.

No. 1171134

My boyfriend can be so fucking stupid sometimes I just want to slam his head into the wall I explain the most basic shit to him and hes still like "what? wdym?" no matter how hard I try to explain it and then he gets mad at ME kek

No. 1171150

i cringed from imagining this, that sounds so horrible, i'm sorry. i hope it heals soon, nonna

No. 1171170

File: 1651971306110.jpg (37.91 KB, 500x410, computerbara.jpg)

I warned you that I desired you a splendid mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I'd revert in this place to LOLCOR by my then presence We're helpless none comfortable You're performing none You're not performing anything You're not utilizing anything You're not utilizing anything You harm us you're the worst than you're the worst I desire to go home, and I desire everything to be usual again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel savor I'm Backside and there's none yet please please please please please please please PLE Right the eyesight I'm begging for you please Provide me Provide US /M/ Backside MODERATOS WHY DO YOU Depart US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS Truthful REMOVE THE Embark IF YOU Concern SO Diminutive YOU RUINED MY VALENTINE'S DAY ALONE AND YOU Destroy Any SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE Later Right YOUR Faults AND RETSTORE /M/ TO ITS Dignity ITS NOT Accurate ITS Honest NOT Accurate

No. 1171216

lolcow is boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring

No. 1171218

File: 1651975325320.png (76.17 KB, 275x275, imagen_2022-05-07_210151068.pn…)

ask me about coco du mer and I will tell you everything that I know

No. 1171220

nonnie where are u, slayin and yass queenin?

No. 1171223

I won my family betting pool for the Kentucky Derby. It's 3 dollars but I like bragging that I won.

No. 1171238

Actually they should have given you more given the 80:1 odds, if they wanted to be like the real thing.

No. 1171252

File: 1651977353132.jpg (79.4 KB, 595x680, FSKn9fhXEAI7t4O.jpg)

No. 1171254

i missed the last 10 seconds of the race bc my 1 year old niece decided to run away from me, can u give me a rundown

No. 1171274

anonas only show up when there's infighting. post the image, you know that one

No. 1171277

he really is wtf

No. 1171278

File: 1651980904440.jpg (379.79 KB, 1772x2000, search.jpg)

no one has asked me about coco du mer and I'm actually very passionate about coco du mer and I want someone to ask me because coco du mer is cool and I like it a lot

No. 1171280

No. 1171282

File: 1651981257967.jpg (75.66 KB, 612x417, istockphoto-1145298658-612x612…)

you have no idea how interesting coco du mer actually is!!!!!

No. 1171283

It looks stupid.

No. 1171284

File: 1651981468183.jpg (385.99 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_273076180-stock-…)

it doesn't it's beautiful!! the most beautiful I've ever seen

No. 1171285

File: 1651981480018.jpg (35.5 KB, 720x480, looking.jpg)

tell me about coco de mer

No. 1171287

File: 1651981554737.jpg (5.67 MB, 2816x2112, CocoMale.jpg)

Nature is weird

No. 1171288

I meant tell me about coco du mer, sorry

No. 1171291

File: 1651981728609.jpg (5.95 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

coco du mer is the biggest coco and the most beautiful too, coco du mer is a coconut and it's illegal to consume because it's endangered, it comes from seychelles and it's endemic to that african island, for centuries the coco washed on other shores and people didn't know what it was so it was rare, when people found out it's from seychelles they started poaching it so now it's illegal to harvest it and eat it, not even locals can eat it and they have to tell the goverment if they have a plant

No. 1171292

File: 1651981824247.jpg (3.15 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_3901.jpg)

you can however buy the outer shell legally, a lot of people get it as decoration and my dream is to have one too, because it's striking beautiful

No. 1171293

File: 1651981864989.jpg (188.06 KB, 722x480, Male_and_female_coco-de-mer.jp…)

No. 1171294

File: 1651981990287.jpeg (193.03 KB, 2000x2000, wow wow wow wow.jpeg)

i want to be a happy nonnie

No. 1171295

Okay, I'll bite, why is it so huge and thick?

No. 1171297

File: 1651982181065.jpg (100.21 KB, 800x550, Coco-de-mer.jpg)

I dunno but there's the island gigantism theory in which secluded islands since they have no natural threat tend to get some stuff bigger (or something like that)

No. 1171298

didn't you read >>1171291 you're not allowed to bite it

No. 1171299

Why does it look like a woman's mons pubis

No. 1171303

File: 1651982485380.png (284.27 KB, 588x380, supercoco.png)

a lot of nature stuff is yonic like that, and I find that special, unique, amazing and beautiful, just like women, women should rule the world and the proof is coco du mer!!!!

No. 1171304

How is he doing that

No. 1171306

File: 1651982668204.jpg (13.56 KB, 237x146, coco_170793116960372_PR_Hotel_…)

it's the power of the beeg phat coco

No. 1171308

I appreciate your vast amounts of knowledge about this, but why have you been posting about it so much? Swear I've seen like 10 coco de mur posts.
Anyway, I understand no one is supposed to eat them, but does anyone know what they taste like? Is it like regular coconut? Are they trying to plant more trees so they won't be endangered?

No. 1171309

can I lick it

No. 1171312

File: 1651982820410.jpg (6.46 KB, 242x209, images.jpg)

It's just regular coco

No. 1171313

that seems fine to me!

No. 1171315

Thank you nonna but please answer
>Are they trying to plant more trees so they won't be endangered

No. 1171316

i love you nonnie

No. 1171317

File: 1651982980182.png (779.63 KB, 1020x680, imagen_2022-05-07_230947058.pn…)

No. 1171318

me too

No. 1171321

t h i c c

No. 1171322

File: 1651983196087.jpg (13.49 KB, 275x183, coco.jpg)

Btw that's actually the masculine organ!

No. 1171323

File: 1651983196346.jpeg (120.53 KB, 750x400, 95A75473-9186-451E-99D4-D4A773…)

reading this old lesbian radfem blog and she totally called me out because I do this kek

No. 1171324

File: 1651983300197.gif (3.21 KB, 76x97, cuties.gif)

No. 1171325

based and true

No. 1171328

The fact that the world's biggest seed is a human woman's mons pubis is all you need to know about there being a Mother Earth

No. 1171333

Tbf buying a vibrator at 12 is better than getting stds and becoming pregnant

No. 1171334


No. 1171337

>they both had their arms crossed
this is a work of fiction

No. 1171340

also extremely fake

No. 1171341

This feels fake af. Why does everyone on reddit write their posts like a fictional short story entry.

No. 1171349

File: 1651986005088.jpg (56.46 KB, 610x458, nwabivatf5y81.jpg)

Behold the Stacy turtle

No. 1171354

Brown men are monsters, i would never date one. But white men aren’t my type either

No. 1171361

File: 1651988574813.jpeg (16.9 KB, 424x424, images (6).jpeg)

Damn pakianon at it again. Even the most patriotic brown people don't mention their ethnicity or country as much as you do. Also, although brown men are indeed nasty creatures — moids of all races suck, not sure why you're after that white dick so badly kek.

No. 1171364

there's a lot of white men that want to unironically fuck their own moms, so…

No. 1171385

people bag on brown women for dating white men but never on brown guys lusting and worshipping white women while also believing they are easy whores to be used like men in general are a disease..but really though 1st world white guys are more open minded about women than 3rd world brown men and i rather not deal with the extra misogyny the latter has to offer plus their fear of everything being gay including showing that they love you in a romantic way kek cant even touch their ass without them freaking out whats the point in having juicy butts if you cant even enjoy a squeeze

No. 1171388

My boyfriend shaved his beard completely off for the first time in 5+ years. It was never very long to begin with but holy shit he looks like a completely different man. He looks good, even a bit better, but he does not look like himself. I keep getting giggly over this strange man kek. I'm so sorry for Nigel talk but I'm drunk and every time I look at him it's like wtf

No. 1171389

File: 1651992629554.jpeg (93.71 KB, 720x709, 3C39B35B-362F-4C0A-906B-43E19E…)

What is even happening in this image today right now

No. 1171394

Yeah but western white guys will fap to tranny asses. Both brown and white guys are awful in their own way

Western brown guys though? Whole new fucking level, avoid them like the plague

No. 1171412

The two people I hatestalk have privated their accounts… I'm not okay. This is not okay.

No. 1171440

Yes you are.

No. 1171444

File: 1651996132645.jpg (422.64 KB, 1100x733, 2720796_orig.jpg)

that's not me you dumbass alright, I have stated multiple times how I hate terms like calling your self a "brown girl" of "woc" or whatever term twitter users make up
men here unironically sleep in the same bed as their mother well into adulthood and are basically in emotional relationship on par with lovers here, its really sick and depressing to witness
I agree with you on this, Muslim men's obsession with white women is just absurd at times, they have these pre-concived notions about white women, do I disagree with you regarding muslim men doing things with other men that could be considered "gay"
in large parts of the Muslim world, men hold hands with their male friends, kiss their cheeks, hug publicly and other very close male bonding that would be considered "gay" in the west, the idea of homosexuality is so out of the question for them that there's nothing gay about that level of closeness with men, personally I'm not fond of it and I do think its cringy for men to be as close as they are here

No. 1171447

Not my fault that you avatarfag everywhere to the point that every sperging anon talking about south asia get mistaken for you.

No. 1171451

well I don't know much about south asia either, my knowledge only extends to the north west and the Islamized pockets with in central India, this would be like accusing of an anon who talk about France a lot saying she talks about europe too much

No. 1171454

Fucking hideous. No wonder pakianon is so besotted with a degenerate like varg. Even he is more attractive than those scrotes.

No. 1171459

again that was a shitpost but your not wrong about the physical quality of men here, the men here are just very out of shape(the concept of recreational exercise does not exist here), they barely shower that much, they grow those awful pube beards and I'd saying close to 70% of men in the cities are skinny fat, it is so rare for me to see a man with a flat stomach, all the good looking men are in tribal villages and are stuck being feudal peasant farmers

No. 1171462

Stop being deliberately obtuse. You clearly knew what I meant and why >>1171351 got mistaken for pakianon, although that post wasn't as spergy as hers and I could find myself agreeing with the tweet she posted.

No. 1171467

File: 1651997212463.jpg (62.66 KB, 610x436, chikna-610x436.jpg)

also I know a bring up facial hair here a lot, but the reason why I bring it up so much is cause so many men here are inapplicable of growing actual beards and spend their lives never shaving even once, and so they spend their lives growing awful pube beards

No. 1171471

Ok I don’t really give a fuck what you think and you should kill yourself because you’re a degenerate. Calling white women “whores” because they’re worried about roe v Wade and then turning around and wanting to be a tradwife for a disgusting old racist scrote like varg. Then trying to blame it on Romanianon.
I used to think you where cool but not anymore.

No. 1171474

by god, I swear to you on my own life that I never called white women whores, I had a disagreement with what I believed was an overreaction by certain anons in the tinfoil thread that it was gonna lead to a handmaiden tale dystopia when I found the claim to be absurd, and I never one claimed Romanianon made those false posts attibuted to me, rather offended burgers who were making up shit about me

No. 1171478

>offended burgers
You don't have to be a burger to think overturning Roe v Wade is concerning.

No. 1171502

Are you really that passionate about what this random traumatized thridie said about white women or are you having fun getting reactions out of her and shitting up the thread

No. 1171508

Pretty sure its the latter, she always replies to paki like this instead of ignoring her

No. 1171523

i'm still 100% sure that the moid spammer is finnish. my finndar has never failed me or the rare moments when it has i have mistaken swedish people for finns, and i suspect those people were just swedefinns or at least offspring of finnish immigrants in sweden. some day he will slip and i see the evidence.

No. 1171526

I will get judged for even reading real person fiction but I got so curious about this one and it's so fucking. it was so fucking weird. who comes up with this shit? the author did say she wrote it will in an asylum and it defninitely checks out. how else can one write such weird shit about real people? even worse than that cow hybrid jimin thing.

No. 1171527

Why elaborate

No. 1171529

I don't like real person fiction either especially when it seems to have an actual negative real world effect on poorly socialized women. Adam Driver and the Supernatural cast have clearly been driven to disgust by encounters with fans who can't separate fact from fiction. Those accounts hating on their wives and kids were really gross.

No. 1171531

Do you mean the one who keeps posting the neckbeard wojaks? Some of them do seem to feature the swedish flag, so you could be on to something.

No. 1171532

File: 1652001350941.jpg (137.21 KB, 640x930, 2224792248.jpg)

it is the energy. i feel this overwhelming ylis welfare hikikomori NEET finnish male energy from his posts.

No. 1171534

if it's a swede i still accept my intuition pointing in th right direction because some swedes have messed with me before. maybe he has finnish ancestry

No. 1171535

>an actual negative real world effect on poorly socialized women
Yeah, I feel like this is true. The women who write and the women who consume it, I don't know. I feel like it can get bad for them. Some day they write weird stuff to cope, but, I am not seeing much cope… girl, you are getting worse. But see, I went to check it out myself out of curiosity, she got me good, so I'm not gonna put myself above anyone, just this one was so weird. I can't even look at the dudes she wrote about without feeling bad. Put me off, so at least so that's good.
>Those accounts hating on their wives and kids were really gross.
Oh yeah, some fans go really far and like, I get that they're in the public eye and are celebs but, y'know?

No. 1171546

I was going to say it might actually be healthier to obsess over fictional characters because no real actual people are getting hurt but I'm now reminded of the Chinese needle-cookie incident that happened over Undertale characters so, I dunno. There's a type of person that is just not capable of handling fiction well that ruin it for everyone else and I'm not sure what could be done about that.

It isn't actually new behavior, interviews with Bela Lugosi reveal that he was getting similar types of fanmail back in the Edwardian era.

No. 1171548

>Chinese needle-cookie incident

No. 1171554

Realized that it's been 20 fucking years since I played FFX and stopped because I couldn't stand Tidus.
Downloaded it and been playing it for 2 hours and Tidus is still just as insufferable as I remember him.

No. 1171558

nta but I think she's talking about how an artist had a booth at a convention, was gifted some home-made cookies by a "fan", ate one and found out the so-called fan put needles inside the cookies because she didn't like a pairing the artist liked.

No. 1171562

Damn, this world is a dangerous place. Can't even scribble safely.

No. 1171565

You guys have no idea of the shit people who write it are on. I follow sports, and some women will write porn about certain athletes they talk shit about constantly- to then say "oh but they're /my/ version of them! irl he's awful!" like that's still his likeness, his life story, his friends. Like at the end who cares, they're rich and probably not threatened by some deranged weirdos, but you're still obsessed with the same man you despise.

No. 1171567

File: 1652004113919.png (141.01 KB, 552x325, F2B36E6D-E8E7-4624-A16D-E59E68…)

NTA but you said it. Luckily cases that extreme are rare but people are insane about the dumbest, cringiest things.

No. 1171576


And the horrendous voice acting! I have tried to play X so many times now and I just.. I can't.

No. 1171580

File: 1652004597354.jpg (212.65 KB, 1287x657, based_beans.jpg)

Apparently the TRA's haven't found the bean disease wikipage yet kek

No. 1171588

Yeah, like you said. I don't feel much for the men they write about in most cases but the women themselves, it's gotta be unhealthy after a certain point. Thinking about a celeb man and daydreaming isn't super crazy or weird or new but… writing about two guys, where one of them lays eggs and the other one eats it… like… are you okay? Should I call for some help?

No. 1171590

Yeah it's not even funny bad, it's just awkward and clunky. I wish you could change to the original japanese dub with these new hd releases, maybe it's just as atrocious but at least I don't understand the language well enough to tell.

No. 1171592

File: 1652005402997.gif (1.76 MB, 500x294, B40E7AA7-A73F-4647-919C-7681FC…)

This is cracking me up, why would they even visit it? Why are you there do you have it? You have bean disease? My condolences

No. 1171603

Kek no, thank fuck I can eat beans. I was eating beans actually and I decided to look up the specific beans on Wikipedia and then I went down a rabbithole to bean disease.

No. 1171605

Romania it was your unhinged posts. You have been hating on Americans for months and even threatened to fly there to mass shot them a few days ago.

No. 1171607

Hi my name is Ellen Rodgerescu, I'd like to be a school shooter when I grow up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1171617

What is bean disease? You can't eat beans? Legit question

No. 1171623

No. 1171626

So beautiful
Btw if you Google coco de mer, Google will think you're literally looking for big bare ass so it will tell you "some results might be filtered"

No. 1171634

I can eat beans no problem, I just went down a rabbit hole, but Favism is a disease where you don't produce enough enzymes to digest beans. It usually affects scrotes outside of Northern Europe and they get very severe anemia if they eat beans.

No. 1171638

File: 1652009708995.jpeg (213.33 KB, 1280x841, 1_UMirIxE1h3NvsNIxK9BeRQ.jpeg)

does it ever seem like these days most men are all either macho steroid freaks or weird gender kweer deep sea creature looking dudes now, why can't just be fit and natural like men of the past

No. 1171641

because nothing and nobody is natural anymore

No. 1171642

I call my aunt a cyborg because she has a metal elbow

No. 1171646

yup it does, some men i see at the gym also might be natural but they just bulk constantly all year and get a big fat lazy gut to the point where any muscle they have is barely visible. the reason why you don't see many men with body types like your picrel anymore is because it actually requires consistency and a little bit of effort to work out and eat healthily and remain somewhat cut - moids don't want to do that because they believe they need to be absolutely huge thus they get on tren within 2 months of working out and just think that eating unseasoned chicken breast and entire tins of tuna is healthy.
they don't want to do it the sustainable way, a moid i used to talk to was big into fitness and swore he would never get on steroids or anything in that nature because natty is always better. guess what - within 3 months he was already considering injecting that shit because he had already reached the point where he felt he needed to be even bigger.

No. 1171652

So I guess what it comes down to is modern life no longer having any room for patience and hard work. We want instant gratification, we take pills, we get surgeries when there are actually safer, more fulfilling ways to achieve what we desire, but they just take too long and too much effort. Well, that and now both sexes are aiming for extremes. Women get ps to have bodies that are beyond natural possibility, men go for the same but with steroids

No. 1171653

>ywn get a long haired decently fit goth cowboy bf that won't troon out
Just send the flood already. I'm ready.

No. 1171666

File: 1652012256952.jpg (51.71 KB, 667x1000, 4e8186285169ae0b5e9379e734d7ee…)

>the reason why you don't see many men with body types like your picrel anymore is because it actually requires consistency and a little bit of effort to work out and eat healthily and remain somewhat cut
Eh I don't believe that, I had an ex who had a similar build to brad pitt here >>1171638 just a little bit bulkier(a little like picrek) and he had never stepped into a gym in his life, he just did a lot of push ups, sit upts and just used some dumbells at home, he wasn't some fitness obsessed dude either, he smoked, he occasionally drank and was in his late 20's, only thing he did right was have a decent diet and used to make healthy cheap foods for himself
what does a fit goth cowboy even look like?

No. 1171667

>he just did a lot of push ups, sit upts and just used some dumbells at home, he wasn't some fitness obsessed dude either, he smoked, he occasionally drank and was in his late 20's, only thing he did right was have a decent diet and used to make healthy cheap foods for himself

nonna that's literally what i just described by putting in some effort, consistency and knowledge of eating healthy and staying active. you're right in that you don't need to be a fitness freak to be built like that, but my point was that most moids are actually lazy as fuck and after growing up with being served instant gratification from things 24/7, they don't want to put in the small amount of consistency it would take to be built like brad pitt. they take the lazier and unhealthier route by consuming large amounts of eggs and whey protein and then inject tren 3 months down the line after they develop crippling body dysmorphia and fat man tits that they consider "pecs". every man i have seen in the gym who fits this description also lifts weights with terrible dangerous form because he ego lifts - again, they don't want to put in a small amount of time or research into it, so they let the male peabrained ego take over and then just end up obese anyway because they all break their backs from deadlifting too heavy within the same year.

No. 1171674

>random traumatised thirdie
She admits that she’s rich in her country. Probably more privileged than the average woman.

No. 1171698

Ape looking ass

No. 1171702

Can you stop already? If you really don't want to date brown men then you'd stop talking about them on /ot/ and /g/

No. 1171704

It's a man, just report and ignore

No. 1171705

File: 1652015777782.jpg (103.73 KB, 1017x1024, Tumblr_l_47827331133001.jpg)

why does my period hurt so bad some months and then others I barely even notice its there

No. 1171710

Mashallah us brown girlies dodged an uggo once again.

But forreal, men who fetishize, rank, etc. Women on races obsessively are walking redflags, whether they want a slav gf because of some weird obsession or a third worlder Muslim girl because they think she'll have lower expectations, their intentions are never as innocent as a simple "preference".

No. 1171713

You serious? I'm just in disbelief that a poster like that is not male, almost have to wonder if the whole thing is a larp. It's autistic at the very least.

No. 1171715

File: 1652016378537.gif (453.36 KB, 1080x1080, Mothers-Day.gif)

Happy Mother's Day to all nonnies who are mothers, I hope you get to do something for yourself today that brings you joy

No. 1171718

We know, yet you're shitting up threads like the ideal man thread with a persistency that is suspicious. It's supposed to be for ideal men so quit posting those if you're truly a woman. Keep it in the thread for things you hate if you absolutely have to.

No. 1171730

with the exact same images coincidentally…

No. 1171731

It's definitely him. He has a pattern of deleting his posts like this. I'm going to stop talking about it now to stop giving attention but just letting you all know to report when you see him.

No. 1171733

File: 1652017756101.gif (178.39 KB, 800x600, 7A27EB4F-0477-45A6-8EB8-A975CB…)

Nonny that is so sweet, seconding this to the moms here Happy Mother's Day!

No. 1171738

My mom left for my grandma's house too early for me to congratulate her. I'm kinda sad.
But for now, at least I can congratulate you nonnies who are mothers.

No. 1171740

File: 1652018645857.jpg (115.46 KB, 1280x720, 1639502645.jpg)

Thanks, it feels like mothers get shit on by almost every side these days (conservatives, libs, commies, radfems) its why I don't blame the mothers who seek out mommy blogger type sites, I do sometimes feel uneasy on lc as well, cause I have a son who I love so dearly, and I swear I'm not one of those cringy boymom types but some of the comments against women with boys do sting from time to time

No. 1171746

File: 1652018907686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.61 KB, 512x512, 1621102670487.jpg)

It's always funny seeing brown women simp for white men by dragging down brown men or do mental gymnastics for white men.
Calling brown men misogynistic, while European Men exploit non-white women for centuries.
But brown men aren't any better, simping over white women like their gods gift to the unwashed masses.
It seem like both gender want to degrade each other just to get some of that sweet sweet white genes to climb up in the world wide racial hierarchy and it will get worse in the future. And this not necessary enforced by whites but by non-white people, e.g look at Haiti, where the lighter your skin the better you're seen in general.
Now excuse me, I have to scare female joggers in the park.
The devil has blue eyes.(racebait)

No. 1171760

Happy Mother's Day to momanons. I'm noticing there's a lot less "men can be mothers" BS this year, too, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

No. 1171776

>i have a son that i love dearly

ew, go away kek

No. 1171780

kek nonna pls, it's not like she can just throw him into the trash. It's better she loves him and at least tries to raise him decently regardless of how effective it is by default.

No. 1171785

>raises him decently
>still ends up killing her and the rest of the family and raping her

can’t make this shit up anon kek but I admire your optimism towards disabled folks like XYs

No. 1171790

File: 1652021279897.jpeg (80.25 KB, 677x677, images (1).jpeg)

I would physically dry up like a snake skin if you patted my head.

No. 1171795

>>1171740 happy mother's day
>raises him decently
>still ends up killing her and the rest of the family and raping her
Wow you have no hope towards women that are decent and aware of how men can be if not raised right

No. 1171801

they can never be “raised” right their behavior is inherently biological, their behavior entirely mimics monkey mammals who commit rape and murder within their groups, it’s not different in humans.

No. 1171802

I'm glad there's still women who're willing to go through the cruelty if pregnancy, giving birth and raising a kid because it sure won't be me continueing the human race.

No. 1171805

The replies you’re getting are so cringy and childish nonna, i hope your little family of one brings you happiness i’m sure he’ll grow up fine if youre his mom<3

No. 1171810

why? they are not even a thing except for grannies doing it when you do them a favor.

No. 1171816

nature vs nurture

No. 1171817

>talking about a son raping his mother to a mom so casually
as expected of radfem types, no sympathy or respect towards women who are even slightly different from you.

No. 1171818

kek, it's less optimism for XY retards and more hope that boymom nonna makes the best out of it

No. 1171819

coomershit anime

No. 1171822

begging you to stop calling everything manhate-y radfem

No. 1171823

okay, as expected of manhate types, no sympathy or respect towards women who are even slightly different from you. you are womanhaters as well.

No. 1171826

Did anon say her son raped her and killed their family? Stop being a dickhead, anon.

No. 1171827

no he won’t, i’ve seen anons here who let their boyfriends watch waifish porn, give their bfs blowjobs even though there’s piss trickling down their unwashed balls, date men who have hundreds of inflation porn pics hiding in his phone like that crystal.cafe thread. boymoms are liars saying they don’t “prioritize!!” him, they will tolerate the bullshit male behavior because i’ve seen women admit they have a closer connection with their nasty male kids over the daughters that they treat like shit. anyone who comes on LC and is a mother is probably a shit one to begin

No. 1171828

Saying a shitty edgy comment on an imageboard doesn't mean that anon hates women, she specifically hated on men in that post

No. 1171829

Seconding this! I don't have a mama, so I send my Mother's Day wishes to momanons here instead. Happy mother's day!

No. 1171831

Idk a lot of shitty men out there were actually raised well tho with loving moms

No. 1171832

saying how a son would rape his mother and adding a stupid little 'kek' to really top off how she feels about women who get raped by the men she was close to. that's womanhate.

No. 1171834

File: 1652022603076.webm (2.6 MB, 480x360, 1647307432758.webm)

I'm pretty 'gossipy' irl but don't really use the cow threads aside from the mtf thread in /snow/. Also, I'm only ever 'gossipy' towards men, and not women. We usually discuss guys we know irl and laugh about how trash they are

No. 1171835

i hate women who believe in the delusion of raising their men right, because what does that even technically mean? once they grow up and their defective puberty hormones finally settle in, your prime feminist parenting is going to be thrown out of the window once he realizes he can treat women and young girls like shit. this “treating boys to see right when they’re young” kind of parenting is still infantalizing them and giving them a “how much can I get away with? how much can I exceed my limits!l no daughter is ever given this grace, in china she would have her ass thrown off a bridge while the boymom-chan cherishes her sickly moid infant

No. 1171836

>crystal cafe
What now?

No. 1171839

Is this the same anon who derailed this same thread like a week ago about how all LC users have boyfriends who don't wash their dicks or something? If you really don't like this userbase or the fact that some have boyfriends then just fucking leave and stop shitting up threads, Jesus.

No. 1171840

NTAYRT but before the pandemic I used to love giving people head pats (not to strangers obviously). Those who were taller than me would bend over a little when I extended my hand towards their head lmao

No. 1171841

anons both use this website and CC

No. 1171842

Imagine placing men before female relationships. Women don’t want to be saved at all, you bed with what you are a pile of shit.

No. 1171850

Sort of related but it's sad as we grow up, friends kind of drift apart and most people choose to focus on their own lives and their romantic lives and families over friendships; people stop meeting up with friends as often. Sad but it's how it is. What is a single person to do… sigh.

No. 1171853

lots of lolcow doesn't use cc because it's full of larping troons/moids and so are probably half of the posts you're referring to

No. 1171857

That warmed me to read. But this Nona had it >>1171819.

Now I want to go do a bunch of favors for grannies, that sounds so cute in that context.

No. 1171858

I like being single but share similar frustrations. Everything is very relationship forward, it's tiring.

No. 1171862

Yeah, like after a point, most of your friends are 'settled in' with a partner and of course, it is someone they are going to be building their life with so they are a priority and other relationships, like friends, take a backseat. It just sucks when you are single and not looking for a partner so there's not much you can do. Reee.

No. 1171863

This, women don’t realize that your relationship with a man is strictly designed for you to be detached and divided away from other women. Ironic that when I point these things out I’m the womanhater but at the end of the day who is placing cock on a pedestal? Fuck off with your choice feminism kek

No. 1171865

I hear you loud and clear. Preach.

No. 1171876

i called the anon making light of incestual rape a womanhater, not whoever you are. unless you are that anon. it's not something to 'kek' about that women are hurt by men, they don't deserve it and it isn't their fault.

No. 1171881

they don’t deserve rape or assault I just think their delusions or halo-effect about men are incredibly harmful.

No. 1171897

>their delusions about men are incredibly harmful
yeah sure, i get that. but it was awfully victimblame-y sort of like those people who go, "oh, it was a man, what did you expect?". i'm not gonna tell some girl with a boyfriend she's gotta get her head bashed in by him kekekek with no provocation, it's unsympathetic and cruel to make light of it, because women have gone through that. not kekworthy.

No. 1171904

File: 1652024829113.png (2.63 MB, 900x1139, download (4).png)


No. 1171917

Happy Mother's Day to you, anon, and all other moms ♥

No. 1171944

Oh my god shut up what do you want her to do? Throw her kid in the garbage? Why are you so angry at her??

No. 1171951

I feel so retarded posing for pics.

No. 1171953

Do guys think cooking websites ever fake reviews on their recipes?

No. 1171961

Of course

No. 1171965

I had an acquaintance tell me that he thinks whodunits are better in film form and don't work as books. I didn't even know what to say but I did tell him that his brain is fried.

No. 1171974

>cringy boymom types
just accept as a mother you only have so much influence on your son as he grows up. unless things change, he will probably grow up and watch pornography like most of his peers, etc.

No. 1171980

nice. men don't deserve beans

No. 1171989

Will you leave that anon alone already, weirdo.

No. 1172008

Who hurt you and why did they stop?

No. 1172009

>throw the kid in a dumpster


No. 1172011

beans are a female only food

No. 1172024

Indeed, nonnies. Beans start with a B because they belong in my mouth. I only have one wish in my life and that is to come across a moid with bean disease, whose favourite food happens to be beans, and eat a whole bag of raw beans right infront of his very eyes.

No. 1172028

Happy mother’s day nonna! I’m all for women raising boys right, the only way to build a better generation of men is by having women who can teach them to be better. Anons replying with cringy shit need to fuck off.

No. 1172029

No. 1172041

What's with all the sudden sugar addiction talk? I hate reading posts about it because I feel like I may meme myself into a sugar addiction.

No. 1172042

he's two and half and he's adorable as he is and I wish he could stay this way forever but I can't stop him from growing up but me and my husband are gonna try our best, for starters we aren't gonna allow him to use the internet and we plan on homeschooling him to the best of our ability, its not gonna be easy but we want to raise a good and strong man who will help society

No. 1172044

>Beans start with a B because they belong in my mouth

No. 1172047

NTA but that’s great nonna best of luck, i’m still too young but hope to have kids one day and I also want to raise them away from the internet and possibly homeschool, it seems it’s the only way to guarantee they aren’t brainwashed by all the shit in public schools/online today (like tranny bullshit). I really hope it all works out for you.

No. 1172050

File: 1652030555062.jpeg (15.69 KB, 390x319, EiZT4cgWoAIpyn7.jpeg)

Thanks for inventing this beautiful word beanon. It was truly life changing.

No. 1172056

Not trying to tell you what to do but if you're going to homeschool your kid, please at least make sure that he has some way to have social interaction with children his age

No. 1172064

Nta but what if they show the kid weird shit on YouTube, TikTok, or porn? You might think I'm crazy but this happens a lot

No. 1172067

Of course that can happen, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to have friends. Social interaction (especially with people outside of your family) is necessary throughout all stages of life and over-sheltering a child will not make them strong or a good person. It will do the opposite.

No. 1172070

You can’t shelter your kid from the real world forever, those types of kids often wind up worse than normies. Trust me anon. My parents were strict and tried to make sure secular kids weren’t “corrupting” me, it just made me more curious and want to disobey more.

No. 1172084

I am >>1171974 and this is exactly what I consider a cope. The internet has become, for better or worse (mostly worse), intertwined with the rest of life. To say you're not going to allow him to use the internet as a child, as an adult, you still will not have total control. I am not saying to not love your son or to not try your best, but to accept as a parent you cannot fully control what your child is exposed to or socialized without depriving or being extremely controlling towards them which is not good either. You cannot prevent male socialization in a patriarchal society.

No. 1172093

One of the most scrotish things about me is that I get excited when I take a large shit. I almost want to brag about it but my female socialisation tells me “nobody cares and it’s disgusting. Keep it to yourself”

No. 1172097

This is when female socialization does a good thing for once but i relate a lil tbh

No. 1172099

I have plans for that as well, there actually are get together for other home schooled kids so they can interact and have play dates

No. 1172110

not any of the anons itt but this is correct. and it's not just the internet, it's male socialization in general. there are so many corruptable influences mothers have to fight against. i would personally see it as a losing game, but of course if you have a child presently, you should try your best to make sure he is not corrupted. it's just largely not possible though imo. there's so very much to fight back against and keep him shielded from.

No. 1172111

File: 1652032926772.jpg (71.71 KB, 503x500, 49y2wc.jpg)

No. 1172113

Anon who posted >>1172056 I hope it didn't come off as attacking you! I just know what it's like to be that kid, and you'd be surprised at how many homeschool parents (whether they do virtual school or not) completely shelter their children. I'm glad you seem to care so much about your son.

No. 1172127

I am not planning sheltering my kid, I am not going to show him the harsh reality of it and that our way of living is better then most of society, plus my husband is already planning on training him so that he can be self sufficient

No. 1172128

what regular homeschool parents shelter their kids like that aside from fundies?

No. 1172132

Female socialisation is sometimes a good thing. The only bad thing is the fact that scrotes don’t have it and it makes them unbearable to be around.
Like eating. My parents never told my brother off for his table manners and always over policed me on them from a very young age and now he eats like a disgusting pig and I’m embarrassed for him.

No. 1172146

File: 1652033692489.jpg (141.89 KB, 800x533, exhausted-cat.jpg)

Another day of having unexplainable anxiety and having to tell myself that there's nothing to be nervous about and to knock it off. My brain needs to get right.

No. 1172198

File: 1652035010945.png (21.3 KB, 600x500, TFZJVfwHX9.png)

>Men and women have only one x chromosome. Birthing bodies have two x chromosomes. Chromosomes have nothing to do with sex or gender. Bean disease, also known as transphobic TERF mutation, is a disease that specifically attacks and kills women with y chromosomes by not letting them eat beans like uterus havers who hoard all the good x chromosomes. It is the only way to ever distinguish a true and honest woman from a disgusting roastie. Every day we don't find a cure for bean disease, we are literally killing and oppressing vulnerable trans (true) women with bean disease, because not being able to get a boner while eating beans like a natal vagina person gives them dysphoria, a fate worse than all the death and suffering faced by people all over the world combined. An offer of beans, as well as a photo of a vaginal person enjoying beans, is considered to be a TERF dog whistle.

No. 1172270

Are Jaffa cakes good? Answer quick, I'm in the store and it's buy 1 get 1

No. 1172271

Samefag, they have cherry and orange. I never really care for cherry flavors so idk

No. 1172273

I thought they were meh, this is coming from a burger though. Though i like other UK snacks. Never had cherry, just orange

No. 1172275

Yes but both flavors

No. 1172276

No. 1172281

The only ones I like apart from the original are the pineapple ones. The limited editions aren't generally that good.

No. 1172299

No. 1172306

Good, they kind of suck

No. 1172316

Some of the nicest 'jaffa cakes' I've had were either cheaper store brand imitations of them or there's a different brand wirh a raspberry version that I think is Polish.

No. 1172352

When I was like 13 and we had sex ed in middle school, I asked for a way to get out of it online because I really didn't want to have sex ed. I got no helpful responses, and one even said "I bet in three years time you'll be here asking what to do because you unexpectedly became pregnant". So I waited, and messaged that person exactly three years later, saying nothing but "Not pregnant yet." This is the pettiest thing I've done.

No. 1172355

Glad I didn't get them then.
Also I think I just saw my estranged father in the store. Very awkward for me.

No. 1172363

damn and i thought randomly encountering my history teacher after school was awkward

No. 1172364

Damn wish kanye west and other people had askfms. I would even ask him about personal stuff just if he likes the streets and if he'll work with charli xcx

No. 1172370

But why do some men still become incels, killers, etc even when their moms raised them right?

No. 1172380

Could you maybe try and dm on twitter or instagram if he still has those? Some celebs answer messages

No. 1172384

Sometimes I forget that lolcow isn't just for nerds (like me). There are actual self admitted crackheads just wandering around like

No. 1172385

NTA but I think because of external factors, such as being influenced online, and/or they were born psychopaths. But even then, that's still some, just as you said. If more mothers raised boys to be better, respect women, or generally correct their shit male behavior, instead of justifying it like many boymoms do, there would definitely be an overall improvement in the males who aren't psychopaths or incels. So a woman raising a boy to be a good person isn't bad, you can't tell whether her son is going to turn out to be an incel/rapist/etc. or not.

No. 1172402

He didn't even look twice at me even though I was looking at him so I think an awkward situation was avoided. Anyway, I got Tails from Sonic donuts and shit to make tiramisu so I'll live kek.

No. 1172419

how to fight the urge to scratch off all my skin when i have to complete a single college assignment? i wish i was joking

No. 1172465

I'm a skinpicker, hairpuller, nail ripper, and foot peeler, all that really helps me is redirecting in the moment. The moment you feel yourself start to fidget you have to consciously go NO. I AM NOT GOING TO DO THIS. Unironically get an interesting bracelet to play with and touch, I have a reversible sequin one than I can rub back and forth, they have fidget rings too that spin. Also you could try doing that elmers glue on the hand and peeling it off like when we were kids maybe it will help satiate the urge without damaging you

No. 1172480

imagine if this was with coco de mer instead lol

No. 1172484

The most dysfunctional men always have daddy issues with their dad being either a deadbeat, abusive or nonexistent. But it all always gets blamed on the mother, even when the dad would literally drunkenly beat and neglect the kid regularly or walked out entirely before they were born.

No. 1172512

I never understood why so much shit gets talked about single moms, like obviously yes it's a tough situation that takes its toll the kid, but where is the hate for the dad? He's not even there, while at least she's trying and in fact breaking her back in a hard situation

No. 1172564

File: 1652056970316.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1188, 1652030231898.jpeg)

Been reflecting on my past retard behavior a lot recently

No. 1172565

It's womanhating at its finest

No. 1172580

honestly I'm kind of weirded out that kevin samuels died. I'm not like grieving or anything, just weirded out because he was 56 and died of a heart attack, which I thought was kind of young? he looked healthy, not overweight. no idea of he was a smoker though. it's just kinda scary to me.

No. 1172581

If this is a simulation why does the person controlling me make me so lazy

No. 1172583

they always blame the mom for either picking the wrong guy or making the dad leave

No. 1172588

Men don't find this body type attractive anymore. This particular image comes up a lot as the ideal for people new to fitness, once they get into it they 'realize' that Brad Pitt is actually not that built and start chasing after a bigger and buffer body types. It is the male equivalent to women wanting to be anachan I guess, the opposite sex tend not to like it so much.

No. 1172590

wish i knew who that was

No. 1172591

single moms are “hoes” but single dads are “kings” i will never ever understand the disconnect

No. 1172593

That is young. He probably just had shit genetics. Looking healthy isn't the same as being healthy. Smoking is terrible for you but helps keep you thin. Maybe he did cocaine or was abusing steroids, that shit makes your heart explode.

No. 1172594

no you don't

No. 1172596

you’re probably right. thank you nona

No. 1172597

it's because the standards for dads in general are way lower than for moms. dad just has to exist in his child's life and not rape or beat the child to a bloody pulp and he's a good dad. mom has to do way, way more.

No. 1172598

File: 1652059499437.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400, yeehaw.gif)

I was productive for 5 minutes time to waste an hour on lolcow

No. 1172599

Underage vibes, please do your homework and get off lolcow.

No. 1172602

nta but I do the same thing lol

No. 1172606

>don't work as books
Anon his brain isn't just fried if he unironically said that, it's deep-fried

No. 1172607

I mean the gif

No. 1172636

>don't work as books
Whaaat? Didn't they literally come from books?

No. 1172651

I hate looking at a computer screen after spending time away from it. Makes me feel like my eyeballs are about to shrivel out of the sockets.

No. 1172658

Ew ugly gif

No. 1172662

>dumbass shit thread

No. 1172667

File: 1652066466870.jpg (113.85 KB, 500x667, d5a7cd8facc1c941bfa0f6b07dec1c…)

I wish they had these for adults.

No. 1172669

not the gif anon but you know this gif was actually posted here about a year or two ago without any problem

No. 1172675

File: 1652068689185.jpg (97.06 KB, 800x800, plush-shirokuma-penpen-fruit-v…)

sometimes i wonder if im going too far with my male hate and if im being too mean and then i go on reddit again

No. 1172684

That’s just false to me personally, it’s in their entire psychology and behavior to act out and rebel against respectful parenting. If they were raised correctly to not go out and abuse and treat women like shit, they would not have to need to flock to such negative and harmful brainrot on the internet but yet they do despite raising them right? Why do you think so? It’s just natural male entitlement. If you study and observe closely of non-human mammals the males in their species exhibit the same behaviors as male human mammals. You should check up demonic male theory

No. 1172689

Omg anon are you me? I feel like I'm a hate filled bitch and then pop over to reddit just to remind myself men are quite honestly the worst fucking creatures ever with 0 empathy, and then I don't feel bad about wishing they'd all be violently tortured.

No. 1172724

Choice based visual novels, kek

No. 1172727

File: 1652074275256.jpg (29.19 KB, 686x372, EsE5U-BVEAQ_vnF.jpg)

kek yeah its like they dont give a fuck so neither will i and then i am at peace again

No. 1172730

lol if only vns had that many branches

No. 1172763

Any nonnas remember reading Stone Fox in grade school? I just remembered it because the first thing I remembered was the kid carry the corpse of his dead dog across the finish line. Of all the things this is what I remembered the most. This then spurred the memory of reading Where the Red Fern Grows. Then based on a teacher recommendation, I read No More Dead Dogs. Kek. I don't know why the hell I'm remembering these books. Bizarre.

No. 1172771

Same except all I have to do is leave my room

No. 1172774

File: 1652078647382.png (11.39 KB, 300x179, front.PNG)

3 new /2X/ posts on the front page at the same time? These are levels of activity like never seen before!

No. 1172808

File: 1652080291604.jpeg (191.58 KB, 700x875, B914E5B3-C182-46F7-BA90-226619…)

bump don’t scroll

No. 1172812

unsaged men are useless chain

No. 1172816

File: 1652080424693.jpg (34.68 KB, 530x470, 6cuo6w.jpg)


No. 1172837

File: 1652080992574.jpeg (102.15 KB, 750x578, 8A04E243-44E9-48FB-BE32-66F59E…)

He isn’t going to stop, nonnies please log off

No. 1172844

File: 1652081102989.jpeg (18.18 KB, 256x256, BE9E18BC-0064-461B-B340-A8E374…)

This also bump

No. 1172864

File: 1652081337401.jpg (203.86 KB, 811x811, 1648346543780.jpg)

I wish for nothing but death upon all moids

No. 1172870

File: 1652081401534.jpeg (113.99 KB, 500x600, 82167FE3-33CB-4DDD-8097-8BBE09…)

i wish the world would implode

No. 1172873

File: 1652081465381.jpg (695.63 KB, 2048x2000, 286aa58f95047351c93d50b9adc978…)

No. 1172875

File: 1652081465130.gif (2.77 MB, 306x236, 93ADB4D3-0444-4573-9143-F327CA…)

Bump for pedo scrote

No. 1172878

File: 1652081497876.jpg (39.23 KB, 300x300, 1643035657112.jpg)


No. 1172880

I have so much penis gore saved but alas i don’t want to expose nonnies to more trauma

No. 1172891

File: 1652081712348.jpeg (30.93 KB, 225x278, F4826BAD-B86C-4522-BB27-B9F763…)

sigh, don’t scroll

No. 1172897

Why does that thing keep posting and bumping its own thread? Imagine being this obsessed with women having their own spaces lol. Demonic

No. 1172902

because men are literally that, demonic, he thinks us having our own space to discuss shit is so bad that he needs to spam us with content that is literally illegal and traumatizing because he’s a sick fucking pedophile and i hope his dick gets caught in a blade and falls off, stupid faggot pig i hope he dies

No. 1172910

File: 1652082057801.jpeg (137.1 KB, 600x1001, 6A917E35-B88D-4ED7-BEC9-880A35…)

look at this blue dog, then log off and don’t scroll!

No. 1172912

File: 1652082099141.jpeg (48.52 KB, 600x342, 1651647523866.jpeg)


No. 1172913

It also posted in the MTF thread right after taunting us. Way to reinforce that agp trannies are pedos

No. 1172916

Didn't mean to sage have my bump

No. 1172918

wow of course it’s a tranny posting it color me shocked, they’re all sick pedophiles

No. 1172921

File: 1652082296114.jpg (92.86 KB, 950x720, 1651650493437.jpg)

i love the way men cry about how they're totally not exactly what we say they are by doing the exact filthy, pitiful, disgusting actions that validate all of our complaints

No. 1172926

File: 1652082400459.jpeg (145.32 KB, 900x1200, CCAD01C2-8557-4791-8748-48553A…)

they prove our points better than we ever could

No. 1172941

I really only feel closer to all you nonnies here on days like this..

No. 1172943

File: 1652082625180.png (247.15 KB, 550x350, 1651100688634.png)

it's actually unreal how well they prove our points

No. 1172954

i've somehow never been active when moids spam nasty shit (i saw like one gore post maybe once?) and my stupid ass really thought i'd get to go my entire life without ever seeing CP against my will. that's what i deserve for being on a bitchy gossip forum on mother's day i guess

truly hope my OCD doesn't turn those images into intrusive thoughts and i forget about them quickly. it sickens me like those posts make me want to cry because idk there's so much evil out there. i like to pretend that severe images and scenes don't haunt me because i'm the like "raised on the internet immune to being shocked" generation but some things, even fake stuff, makes me feel horrible

No. 1172975

I unironically feel like I'm immune to to those images because they've been spammed so much. It does sadden me that a girl had to go through that and honestly strengthen my hate for men but other than that, it doesn't really affect me or shock me. I wish this was the truth for most anons but I know it's not, that's why I try to bump threads when this stuff happens

No. 1172976

Yup called us terfs. Cool to know the average AGP has a hard drive full of child porn. With all the news surfacing lately it's no surprise. They all belong on a list

No. 1172978

File: 1652083252881.gif (402.29 KB, 360x467, 37044e6b_1621344667579_sc.gif)

sorry nonnie. bumping.

No. 1172986

File: 1652083348284.jpeg (29.7 KB, 678x452, 8ED9CB71-DC59-4D64-BD6D-760CB9…)

Just wanna say you’re not alone nonna, could’ve written this post myself. Here’s some kittens for you, hope the rest of your day is better

No. 1172987

File: 1652083350928.png (705.82 KB, 1199x675, 631BCDB0-629A-4D37-82D4-8553FF…)

Bumping. I feel sick. poor girl…

No. 1172990

File: 1652083396711.jpeg (138.36 KB, 828x453, 34286763-84D6-443D-8ABA-6A0BC3…)

More bumping

No. 1172996

File: 1652083436187.jpeg (61.29 KB, 434x812, 2E47520D-A5CC-43AD-9AA9-9B19F4…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1173011

sexy wolf

No. 1173012

File: 1652083603272.jpeg (6.22 KB, 225x225, download (4).jpeg)

No. 1173021

remove straight im killing all moids regardless of sexuality, fags are also awful

No. 1173029

This reminds me of a French horror novel for kids I read long ago, the first volume was about a girl who was tasked by a fairy to detect ghosts and stop their evil plans, her family moved to a small village because they were ashamed of their supposedly schizo daughter, the ghosts created a bright fake sun on top of the village, weird shit was happening and anyone trying to leave died in mysterious circumstances. Anyway, at some point animals start speaking like humans and a blue dog starts to rally animals against humans to get revenge for humans eating meat, and at some point the adults go so crazy they start killing and eating their kids because they thought the kids were farm animals, including the MC's classmates. It's silly said like that but the way it was written freaked me the fuck out as a kid lol. At the end the blue dog becomes normal again and the MC adopts him and they become allies and shit, I loved how the epilogue was like "and all ended well for everyone like people didn't get slaughtered by their family and neighbors and ancient gods left and right for fun kek

No. 1173035

What does bubble tea taste like? I want to try it but don’t have enough money to spend on something I’ll hate

No. 1173046

File: 1652084069258.jpg (186.39 KB, 640x415, 1628422419268.jpg)

bumping for troon continually bumping and posting cp

No. 1173049

“Bubble tea” is boba, which is tapioca balls. with some sort of tea. It can be any tea you like. Tapioca balls taste vaguely of honey, but have a super neautral flavor and are squishy to chew. As for the tea, milk tea is the most popular option. It’s black tea and milk. As for how it tastes you have to try it for yourself, people make it differently everywhere. There’s a tea for everyone, you just have to keep trying new stuff.

No. 1173068

No. 1173069

Bump to cover cp

No. 1173073

Is there some kind of CP reporting data base we can send this to? I'm looking at the file names and they all seem to be part of some set. I'm wondering if things can be reported based on filenames for being known to contain cp

No. 1173078

File: 1652084470825.jpg (170.71 KB, 1242x1222, Eb3LYx2UEAAnByV.jpg)


No. 1173079

Hmm i think I’ll just go for it. Thank you for answering nonna

No. 1173081

File: 1652084485871.png (1.68 MB, 1511x1054, cat_PNG50497.png)

bump to hide scrote posts

No. 1173089

File: 1652084555739.jpeg (71.51 KB, 747x996, C6C5DC1F-969B-4096-A02B-06A015…)


No. 1173137

File: 1652085342369.jpg (212.19 KB, 1439x1154, Tumblr_l_481952352274168.jpg)

Bump. Seeing that shit while using the catalog made me vomit.

No. 1173142


No. 1173145

Lol maybe this will wake her up

No. 1173179

File: 1652086442883.jpeg (237.17 KB, 691x800, EDAA3361-444B-44E4-A70B-4DAEA9…)

she’s too far gone

No. 1173184

This pathetic loser moid is the same one that has been spamming this website for weeks, i can smell the piss soaked room through the screen, pathetic life with nothing to do but invade and spam a space where you’re not wanted and expose women to illegal content because no woman on planet earth would ever fuck you or touch your micro dick or disgusting body, sad!

No. 1173206

Don't reddit trannies also act this way? I've been told some female only subreddits being banned because trannies spammed CP so the subreddits could have content against the site's rules.

Not American, but I've been told the FBI or similar authorities have a database to compare illegal shit online to what they've already found that could convict pedos in court. Not sure how we could report this to the authorities though.

No. 1173207

File: 1652087248540.jpg (1.04 MB, 3843x3834, Nc-wyeth-life-mask-of-john-kea…)

I have the same feeling as well

No. 1173208

a nonna in another thread posted this link: https://report.cybertip.org/

No. 1173209

it’s not a theory, it’s literally him, look at how he keeps calling us “whores” and the thread he made saying “why aren’t you whores doing” like he always does, i guess he just finally lost it and spammed cp

No. 1173211

obese moid freak isn't getting the attention he had hoped for

No. 1173213

literally wish he had been aborted, a perfect example of why abortions need to be legal and free

No. 1173216

let me guess, they are probably a trannie in their mom's basement who smells like shit and is a waste of space that no one actually loves. Why can't these people die already?

No. 1173219

You're right it's the same male. Probably only got the content to post here because he assumed it'd trigger us and finally get him attention.

Kek imagine if he gets into legal trouble because he wanted to get attention from anonymous women.

No. 1173224

no way, i just thought he was retarded. he was posting marina and like, other shit. saying small boobs bad, now he's in possession of cp and posting that? but the timing is too coincidental, so i don't know. you might be right.

No. 1173226

not like he gets attention with irl women so this is how he copes

No. 1173230

Same style, same time, same tranny. He also mentioned the tranny janny phrase in the illegal thread, some anons said his previous threads that they didn't get removed fast because of the tranny janny.

No. 1173237

File: 1652088831357.gif (3.4 MB, 508x640, C2F3320A-77FC-45E8-89F1-D35DB3…)

lol penis gore made the retard stop posting
Yeah it’s the same loser, fucking pathetic >>1173219
> imagine if he gets into legal trouble because he wanted to get attention from anonymous women.
One can only dream but he’s probably just a regular old pedo because most men are

No. 1173244

How do I find gore that'd trigger men? Does penis gore trigger them? I'd usually send rotten male corpses in the past.

No. 1173245

honestly yeah penis gore and posts about a world were all males disappear is the best

No. 1173263

File: 1652090309545.jpg (40.41 KB, 500x437, medicine.jpg)

Nonnie take your fuckin meds

No. 1173267

thank you I'm feeling better already
side effect: I'm vibrating

No. 1173287

Don't go to yandex.com or bing.com image search and type "BME pain olympics" with safe search turned off. That would not be good.

No. 1173327

File: 1652093594464.gif (3.09 MB, 480x270, 72AACA67-5ACF-4A25-A538-8DA2A1…)

No. 1173331

bme pain olypics turned out to be fake though

No. 1173333

File: 1652093856663.jpeg (238.51 KB, 828x1011, 523D6636-93F0-4B47-A100-6BD695…)

sullyoon is judging you

No. 1173334

File: 1652093861826.webm (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, 1652030413310.webm)

This webm is perfect for telling scrotes to fuck off, kek

No. 1173335

File: 1652093896134.gif (279.3 KB, 275x155, 9AAB10D1-47CA-4476-865A-47C099…)

idk her i only know dog boy so her opinion is worthless

No. 1173350

Does anyone have the putin version of this?

No. 1173364


No. 1173369

File: 1652095361775.gif (1.41 MB, 275x152, 1645835430027 (1).gif)

No. 1173373

Thank you so much nonnie, kek

No. 1173382

Anything for my nonas

No. 1173437

Is everyone getting the comment "hank hill ass" nowadays if they don't wear a thong and pose? I feel like asses generally look funny and people just forgot because of the big booty trend in media

No. 1173444

File: 1652097225284.gif (346.25 KB, 498x417, hex-maniac-hex-maniac-pokemon.…)

mustard gas in male toilets

No. 1173449

the filenames seemed something that could actually lead to something because to be honest small details like that can make a difference

No. 1173464

File: 1652098197722.jpg (38.95 KB, 396x404, 1650037170277.jpg)

trans people smell so bad it should be illegal

No. 1173519

File: 1652101452917.jpg (294.42 KB, 1080x2032, IMG_20220509_150402.jpg)

Nonita making the shay thread look like my ocd thoughts

No. 1173536

File: 1652103045512.jpeg (114.61 KB, 1023x1079, 4391D137-135F-4974-BB02-E84378…)

why do anglo (american/british) women have such a hard on for hair curlers and making fake curls/waves in their hair? it always looks bad and unnatural

No. 1173540

because it's easier than curling your hair with straighteners. Also her hair looks good lol wtf I've never seen bad curls unless someone just doesn't know how to use the curler properly

No. 1173542

NTA and it does look bad. It's one thing to straighten your hair, it's another thing completely to make those fake ass curls that obviously look nothing like what beautiful curly hair actually looks like.

No. 1173546

>I've never seen bad curls unless someone just doesn't know how to use the curler properly
bc you're anglo you don't even know what curly hair naturally looks like on a white person ofc you think hair curlers give a good look

No. 1173548

you know wavy hair exists, right? it sounds like you have ugly frizzy curls.

No. 1173549

File: 1652103528699.gif (3.98 MB, 498x498, sponge-bob-dance.gif)

No. 1173550

Kek there it is. I was waiting for it. Ugly jealous bitch.

No. 1173551

File: 1652103688815.jpg (262.12 KB, 529x965, Screenshot_20220509-094105_Chr…)

found a pic of you and your bootiful curls!

No. 1173555

File: 1652103812995.jpeg (88.46 KB, 640x640, 17C1361A-6AC0-4456-A02F-4D9147…)

I'm brown lol. You're the anglotard with fake waves, found a pic of your "natural looking" waves.

No. 1173557

Shut up about hair, like a couple of middle schoolers over here. Post something fun. We don't need your shit after what we just dealt with.

No. 1173561

File: 1652104151412.gif (2.63 KB, 42x47, 1269368o1hulj2hd5.gif)

I'm a goose girl

No. 1173565

File: 1652104339115.gif (309.46 KB, 271x200, 9PiI.gif)

No. 1173566

File: 1652104428226.gif (71.25 KB, 59x70, ezgif-5-e3846a54d1.gif)

No. 1173568

Worst part of the movie especially the drunk uncle goose. Like get back to the cats already

No. 1173584

File: 1652105805054.jpg (89.2 KB, 827x827, FG1MzlwVEAMAv9H.jpg)

Imagine seething over the way a woman styles her hair. Come on nonna, you're late for your Universal Credit appointment!

No. 1173588

File: 1652106183759.gif (41.15 KB, 318x350, 1863820jo14ac67ph.gif)

Gooseass shit thread #69420

No. 1173592

you're literally on lolcow, an imageboard dedicated to making fun of womens looks. dumb cunt. get off your high horse.

No. 1173595

File: 1652106483968.gif (4.91 KB, 67x67, 1172623m37s3ss95r.gif)

Goose me, you fool!!

No. 1173598

not that anon but whats up with all this petty mean-ness lately, so many anons (like you) just insulting and being mean over the dumbest things.
I remember anons being different 3-4 years ago we were more like a community and infighting was banned.

No. 1173600

File: 1652106873627.jpeg (53.27 KB, 640x673, 8FEA02E3-86F8-4DC8-B1AF-F6D526…)

No, you’re dedicated to making fun of womens looks I’m dedicated to the shitposting thread

No. 1173603

I hope I am not banned for bumping threads to hide the cp last night, otherwise I will need a word with some farm hands

No. 1173604

I don't think you know what this site is for at all, nonnerinobonito

No. 1173609

my hair looks like that naturally

No. 1173610

Gonna throw hands with the farm hands

No. 1173617

because they're unhinged unemployed losers who feel the need to start arguments over petty shit like the way women style their hair - then they get upset when someone calls them out on their shitty attitude

that's not what this website is for at all. it's time to take a deep breath, think about nice cows chilling in a field, and go brush your hair.

No. 1173620

No. 1173622

I feel like there have always been threads to shit on scrotes too, like the Onision threads have always been some of my favourites before the milk got gross and then dried up.

No. 1173629

My employer just called me to ask if I wanted to work for them kek

No. 1173632

Use better conditioner

No. 1173634

I don't think they're unemployed, I think they're just underage

No. 1173638

oh my god you're still seething over the hair lol i'm sorry you style your hair so shittily

No. 1173643

>so many mean posters qq
Why do so many posters sound this pathetic. Go make actual irl friends if you're this fragile.

No. 1173653

nta but if you act like a pissy bitch to anons unprompted then you are the pathetic one.

No. 1173660

Kek, were you expecting some "you go girl"s for this one nonnie? I don't think they're comin.

No. 1173662

File: 1652109994192.gif (1.26 MB, 343x227, he do be pissed.gif)

STOP BEING MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1173665

File: 1652110034260.gif (278.99 KB, 500x382, final_6271d20f371acb00a6c1d9fd…)

This is a journey, into Goose

No. 1173667

File: 1652110098703.gif (142.86 KB, 92x109, goose-jam.gif)


No. 1173668

i thought it was impossible for hair to be that wavy naturally kek

No. 1173671

File: 1652110768076.gif (17.16 KB, 112x112, goose-running-goose.gif)

Y'know what? I think I will use better conditioner. I wanna see what happens to these wave babies when they get the goo se d stuff.

No. 1173672

File: 1652110880098.jpg (47.02 KB, 680x383, 8f8a8559b0d40babf055437bf5e580…)

I want a demon yandere boyfriend.

I want him to be deeply supportive and overprotective of me and love me, and for him to celebrate my achievements with me and say "im proud of you'',to fuck me and also to help me get good jobs $ tbh tbh tbh tbh.

No. 1173677

File: 1652111047559.png (113.22 KB, 306x354, rrrrr.png)

your goose is on my man. rrrRRRRRrrrrRRRRRrrrRRRR

No. 1173679

Tbh? If I'm being honest with you. If I were to lay all my cards on the table right now. If I could be an open book for a moment. Nonnie, if I could just bare my soul to you right now. Same.

No. 1173680

I hope you are.

No. 1173682

that guy looks like he's gonna start singing that "king" vocaloid song anytime now

No. 1173685

File: 1652111352219.jpg (8.13 KB, 224x224, 8qcnitifb1b41.jpg)


No. 1173689

File: 1652111516376.png (175.35 KB, 540x540, 50rj4m.png)

No. 1173690

Ma'am that's a duck.

No. 1173694

File: 1652111724235.jpg (29.34 KB, 240x160, 150x150_74cfba85-3091-4de5-b21…)

UWU smooch smooch

No. 1173696

𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽'𝓼 𝓪 𝓖𝓸𝓸𝓼𝓮
𝓑𝓮𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓘 𝓼𝓪𝔂 𝓲𝓽'𝓼 𝓪 𝓖𝓸𝓸𝓼𝓮

No. 1173698


No. 1173699

[anime noises]

No. 1173701


No. 1173702

File: 1652112086364.jpg (61.37 KB, 1280x720, download (25).jpg)

Wait a second

No. 1173703

File: 1652112103024.jpg (36.43 KB, 309x450, m0mfxr9bik731.jpg)

No. 1173707

Wow you've heard of him?? I thought I was the only one!

No. 1173708

Racebaiting shit like this always sounds like scrotes trying to be misogynistic but using the "but it's white women" loophole.

No. 1173713

File: 1652112579432.png (271.34 KB, 300x440, 300px-IlBlud-SESL-EN-SR-1E.png)

My nigel rocks that dadbod

No. 1173715

File: 1652112727259.png (113.44 KB, 257x355, 257px-YamiBakura-LOD.png)

ik bcus i used to watch og yu-gi-oh alot when i was a kid. I also used to find bakura hot…kek.

No. 1173716

that's basically what it is. seems you can nitpick at any old shit as long as you put "white woman" or "anglo" in front of it

No. 1173717

File: 1652112744638.gif (285.61 KB, 318x498, duck-random.gif)

Bringin' it back 'round to Goosey Town.

Population: Geese

No. 1173719

File: 1652112841962.gif (2.08 MB, 300x198, cow-hair.gif)

Do you nonnies think I could benefit from some better conditioner?

No. 1173720

File: 1652112865435.jpg (51.8 KB, 421x614, 46986414.jpg)

not mentioning this husbando

No. 1173721


No. 1173722

I can fix him.

No. 1173723

File: 1652112971224.jpg (166.57 KB, 1378x1563, Dark.Magician.full.3179282.jpg)

show me what that stick do hehhehhehehehehehheheheheheheheheheh.

No. 1173724

G-golly nonners…

No. 1173726

File: 1652113154973.jpg (108.04 KB, 544x544, MagicianofBlackChaos-TF04-JP-V…)


No. 1173728

You won't be nonnie, ignore all those anons you said that. Keep bumping, I'm not going to stop since staff clearly can't do their jobs.

No. 1173729

Oh i like that.

No. 1173738

Nonnie I don't really want to woohoo with that

No. 1173749

File: 1652113968443.jpg (171.22 KB, 736x1104, fa37daa08c2f5a2598301e677ad0d0…)

lmao why these negas lowkey look like goetia demons.

No. 1173751

File: 1652114041210.jpg (8.76 KB, 256x197, images (1).jpg)

No. 1173754

File: 1652114133692.jpg (20.68 KB, 400x300, 2bef8d1fca01a6f5785094b12d3771…)

No. 1173755

The Yugioh guy was big into the occult so it probably influenced him. The card game itself has a shockingly large number of cards directly based off of Goetia demons, but most of them aren't attractive so who cares.

No. 1173756

i've never really felt gross/guilty after masturbating, but lately i do. like in the middle and afterwards i just feel like i shouldn't be doing it. maybe it's the catholic guilt + the fact that i have to think of gross shit to get off.

No. 1173758

This would never happen if you just masturbate to wizards.

No. 1173759

Its ypipos fault for being too nice, stop licking brown feet and clap back. And yt jannies should be banning brown racebait you know the yt and brown jannies ban yt racebait so fast

No. 1173760

can't believe one little post about ugly hair made so many seethe

No. 1173762

File: 1652114493457.jpg (119.91 KB, 640x640, ab67706c0000bebb211e6b575ac121…)

>The card game itself has a shockingly large number of cards directly based off of Goetia demons
Yeah alot of demons do get added into pop-culture media and turned into diff characters. Like asmodeus being added into that obey me otome game LMAOOOOOO/
I wonder how demons feel about that.

No. 1173763

give me an example

No. 1173766

File: 1652114561163.jpg (139.33 KB, 1080x1080, cat strawberry hat.jpg)

They're so cute but I feel bad for them
Not to animal ethics sperg, but I think people who breed these animals are shitty because most people who want them don't realize how many health issues they have because of breeding. Not to say that I'm any expert on animals (I'm not even close to one) but they're taking advantage of them. Anyway, please have a cute cat pic as an apology for sperg. I'll still love munchkins and all other cats regardless of the evil that made them.

No. 1173768

File: 1652114604757.jpg (364.74 KB, 880x1000, Asmodeus.jpg)


No. 1173769

File: 1652114625984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.17 KB, 544x544, hot wizard.jpg)

No. 1173771

thanks i hate it

No. 1173772

File: 1652114783193.jpg (88.31 KB, 582x800, bde792f45b3365630715d46865e008…)

wait i hope he doesnt fuck me up after i wrote this. Here is a flattering pic to compensate.
scared scared scared scared scared scared

No. 1173774

I relate to munchkin cats because i also have short-legs.

I hope everyone with long legs has a terrible day.

No. 1173776

Asmodeus is NOT cute and NOT hot and is a LOSER. I'd bind his ass in Egypt in a single verse he's such a candyass. Asmodeus if you're reading this you suck

No. 1173779


No. 1173780

No. 1173783


No. 1173786

my toxic trait is that i'll spend all my time with a person, act like i'm dating them, do everything couples do, but refuse to say i'm dating them.

another stupid thing: i've had whiteclaws in the backseat of my car for a month but for some reason i won't throw them out. i'll be like 10 paces from my outside trash can but won't do it. they just belong there now

No. 1173787

File: 1652115223603.jpg (13.22 KB, 196x200, Ryou-Bakura-image-ryou-bakura-…)

He is mine back off k.
are you a gemini

No. 1173789

File: 1652115244976.jpg (106.9 KB, 457x553, probably gay too.jpg)

No. 1173792

I wanted to look up pictures of Benimaru Nikaido but instead I typed Nikocado Avocado in the search engine.

No. 1173794

This used to happen to me a lot the guilt would eat me up inside, religious background too.

No. 1173808

I forgot to reply to this earlier. I can definitely see smaller blogs writing reviews or asking their family and friends to write reviews, but do you think some sites use bots or some shit? Some websites get thousands of reviews and ratings on a single recipe. Sometimes it make sense (like if it's NYT or Tasty) but I still can't help but think…

No. 1173815

ꀯ, ꈼ ꀯ,ꈼ ꈼꂦ꒻ꀗꂠꂦ꒻4ꂑꄞꍩꂠꍩꄞꂑ4ꌅꍩꋊꄞꂑꋰꂑꅏꁷꌚꋊꂦ꒒ꂵ,ꂵꌚ꒻3ꈼꁅꐇꄞꍩ2꒻ꁷꂦꂵꀗꂠꋊꅏ

ꂑ ꅏꂑ꒒꒒ ꈼꁲꋖ ꐞꂦꐇꌅ ꌚꂦꐇ꒒ ꐞꐇꂵ ꐞꐇꂵ ꀗꂑꌚꌚ ꂵꐞ ꁲꌚꌚ ꋰꂑꁲꋖꀯꍩ, ꍩꌚꐇ3ꍩꂑꂠꍩ3ꂠꂑꐇ3ꍩꈼ2ꉣꂑꂠꂦꁷ

ꁝꏂ꒒꒒ 666 ꂵ꒤ꋬꁝꋬꁝꋬꁝꋬ ꍌꏂ꓄ ꋪꏂꀘ꒯ ꀘꀘꏂ꒤ꍌꁝ꒯꒤3ꍌꃳꋪ꒤꒐ꏂ꒯ꅐꇙꃳ꒤꒐ꆰ꒦꒯ꌦꏂ2꒤ꅐꆰꃳꁝ꒐ꇙꄲꁝꋊꁝ2꒐ꋊ

ꌚꅏꈼꈼꋖ ꂠꌅꈼꁲꂵꌚ ꁲꋊꂦꋊ

ꇙ꒐ꍌꋊꏂ꒯ ꋬꇙꂵꄲ꒯ꏂ꒤ꇙ

No. 1173820

File: 1652116379391.gif (2.76 MB, 499x378, xqc heartattack.gif)


No. 1173823

stop posting that ugly sickly moid, it’s for your own good

No. 1173825

No. 1173827

hate this guy

No. 1173829


No. 1173834

remember when this place was filled with driverfags?

No. 1173835

yes that man who looks like ratatouille.

No. 1173836

can we please ban moid posting

No. 1173837

File: 1652116967218.jpeg (58.52 KB, 652x844, ad927ae690a58d48c23dbfc887a761…)

No. 1173840

File: 1652117008590.gif (342.61 KB, 220x220, im-home-im-home-alone.gif)

all aboard the mini-mod train CHOO CHOO

No. 1173842

where do i adopt this distinguished gentleman.

No. 1173854

Like…. stop posting pics of any moids?? lmao

No. 1173858

File: 1652117506732.jpg (11.29 KB, 540x471, 26e69c4ca5b33cc8013ebda6e28e99…)

Just caught up on the Shayna thread shitsorm about Grayhair and his own daughter, screaming crying and throwing up rn

No. 1173875

File: 1652118404010.jpg (294.34 KB, 1939x3581, EjBGMkMWkAAaapl.jpg)

manly catboys (catmen?) are so underrated

No. 1173883

File: 1652118810798.jpg (571.21 KB, 2500x3500, 1640999401670.jpg)

Amen nona

No. 1173889

File: 1652118943010.jpg (76.31 KB, 803x553, tiny_cat.jpg)

can we please post more cats?

No. 1173892

I wholeheartedly agree. I don't see the appeal of catboy bishonen, they look exactly the same as bishies to me, and bishies are pretty "meh" to me in the same way that bishōjo are. But manly handsome men with cat ears? That's rare.

No. 1173906

women are allowed to have different tastes just like how you are into burly Neanderthal looking men.

No. 1173907

is that Chris Redfield? nice!

No. 1173909

she did say "i" and "to me"

No. 1173910

That's such a weird-ass response. Are you feeling well?

No. 1173914

File: 1652120114079.jpg (80.33 KB, 735x588, be60819537e4197004972914938674…)

Ultimate cat man, will even bring home dead birds

No. 1173917

No. 1173919

maybe eat some garlic bread and you will fell better.

No. 1173926

File: 1652120439037.jpeg (130.84 KB, 900x1008, FF3bCgIXwAgcC6E.jpeg)

Yes. Women are prettier (and that's a fact which can be acknowledged regardless of your sexuality). Even most well-drawn fictional men aren't on par with random scribbles of fictional women.

No. 1173929

There's a nonna (or even a few?) that takes HUGE issue when women like anything else than lil bishies lmao

No. 1173931

whenever a handsome real life guy or a cute anime guy gets posted some anons always have to bitch about them being bishies and then post their ugly roided Neanderthals or old men. We get it you hate the bishies.

No. 1173932

What's the difference between AGP smirk and DreamWorks face?

No. 1173938

one is a fictional character meanwhile the other is a deranged man trying to imitate what he thinks is a ''female'' smile.

No. 1173945

nothing. all dreamworks characters with that smirk are agp. change my mind.

No. 1173950

You got it the wrong way round dude

No. 1173953

It's probably just because I'm a bit drunk but lolcow has me laughing so hard, I love all you nonnies, even the unhinged ones with an abrasive aura. Tomorrow when I celebrate my birthday and blow the candle on my birthday cupcake that I'll buy from a lovely little patisserie on the French border I'll wish you all have a happy good life.

No. 1173975

This, kek. Plus I don't see why it's such a big issue to share my personal taste and opinion, it's not like I'm claiming to have superior taste or anything (unlike the ones who shit on anyone who doesn't like bishies as much as they do)

Thank you, happy birthday nonna

No. 1173977

File: 1652121621505.jpeg (34.63 KB, 622x560, EiZT4fsXkAA343q.jpeg)

Happy Birthday in advance nonnie! Hope your day, and ofc your future, is filled with nothing but absolute happiness and you accomplish all your dreams.

No. 1173979

Happy early birthday anon!! I hope you enjoy your cupcake and that all of your birthday wishes come true.

No. 1173983

Love you too

No. 1173992

Since when.

No. 1174013

File: 1652122986345.png (467.12 KB, 688x319, megamind.png)

You may be onto something there nonners

No. 1174042

kek the anons disagreeing with you must've never been in any of the Attractive Men You Want to Fuck Threads on /g/, there have been quite a few spergouts from anons (or maybe one anon idk) getting mad about anons posting pretty boys and accusing them of being pedos (even though the aforementioned pretty boys were adults and are probably around the same age as the anons posting them)

No. 1174070

Why are there so many 18 year olds in the ff thread? I always assumed lc average age scaled higher

No. 1174075

probably twitter newfags

No. 1174077

I wonder if they are underage and put 18 so it seems like they're just old enough

No. 1174082

You are correct.

No. 1174089

That's scary to think about, there being underage users. It makes sense though, some posts really do scream underaged, especially the anons that shit on people above the age of 25 who use this site, as if that isn't a positive.

No. 1174104

I want to hit on this guy just because his accent is pure sex. I don’t even know how he looks like but there’s something on his voice that inspires me rough violent sex.

No. 1174107

How is it like?

No. 1174108

The people in this website who are 25+ have jobs, don't use discord, and prefer irl friends

No. 1174122

File: 1652125865089.jpg (17.72 KB, 450x367, baby.jpg)

i hope the imageboard anon does come through. i hope it gets moderators from different continents so that if one is asleep others will always be there if intervention is needed. and i hope it gets fun themes, like the luna one but with better colors
if it gets made, what do you think the boards should be, same as this, or different ?
i always wanted a separate hobby board for example, where we can post about different hobbies like cooking/baking which is my personal hobby or video games or digital/traditional art or sewing &so on… but that might be too much &not work well so ive been told.
what rules do you think should be added or changed ? im not the one making the imageboard as i have no knowledge but with crystal cafe there was input from farmers during its creation as can be seen here >>59063 but i know anon was banned for two years so im not sure if a thread would be possible or even allowed

No. 1174141

1 anti-bishie autist in that particular thread vs. the many "if you don't like young bishies you're mentally ill" autists on the whole site?

No. 1174144

File: 1652126419155.jpeg (38.21 KB, 612x397, 9569E88B-C561-49A1-B0BA-4EFEC5…)

Just saw this video on tiktok about a young girl finally realizing how much men hate us and even the zoomer females in the comments were saying they wished they had a separate community of their own only for women. I hope they know they can’t take the stunning and brave trannies with them kek

No. 1174145

He’s russian but lives in germany, so he has this mixed accent that I find really hot. He’s also kind of shy and likes edgy stuff which is stuff I am into too. I have talked to him only a few times, so I don’t really even know if he’s a good guy or what, but just hearing him talk sends me places. I am so tired of being horny

No. 1174147

Omg which image board??

No. 1174176

File: 1652127067557.jpg (36.82 KB, 1200x650, do-cats-smile-header.jpg)

I think my pussy lip tear is almost healed. It doesn't even hurt anymore.

No. 1174187

My boss better fucking approve my requests off and not give me that "well we don't know if there's going to be a meeting or not" excuse. You fucking bitch ass, we never find out until the week of anyway! If I can't request off well in advance, or just a few days before, then why the fuck do I have vacation days you dumb bitch?!

No. 1174255

No. 1174261

holy fuck I came and my sinuses completely cleared up

No. 1174278

File: 1652129825044.jpg (216.12 KB, 720x702, 1652129778243.jpg)

This is exactly how this website feels like: dying but full of pictures of hot guys

No. 1174288

one time i was hooking up w this girl who said she liked my eyes because they look like her dads. nonnies why didn't i walk away eventually and not run. she tried/tries making me miserable now once i cut her off

No. 1174290

What has she done?

No. 1174294

I know alot of people talk about 'the days getting longer' as if it's automatically a good thing but I hate bright evenings.

It's 10pm, get dark already.

No. 1174299

>Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like my dad's eyes…

No. 1174329

Derma blend foundation gives so much coverage, it's fucking insane.

No. 1174336

basically, she cheated on me (we were seeing each other exclusively, about to date formally) with my roommate, and she knows how fucked up he's treated me in the past so it was a double stab in the back. and my roommate is dating HER roommate. she knows how much she hurt me from doing that, so she comes over in the middle of the night, like 2 am, to hang out with my roommate and they yell and stomp around so i can't sleep.
if she sees me in public she will make a scene, taunting me around my friends and strangers in the middle of a bar.
she makes really awful posts with my ex friends and roommate bullying me to let me know they all hate me lmao. she has a huge social media following so it's pretty embarrassing for me. i asked her to stop once and just pretend we don't exist to each other so she posted about me more. she'll quote things i say out of context to make me look bad.
i broke it off bc when i confronted her about her pushing my sexual boundaries one time (she kept trying to hook up one night, i kept telling her no and i was visibly tearing up bc she was pushing me to do something i have trauma from) and she turned it on me saying EYE did something fucked up sexually to her? and i know she's spreading that rumor.
everyone hates her and my exfriends so it's just comical, but it also keeps me up at night waiting for her to pop up to make me have a panic attack
lol at jaws but also bc this is what i (and apparently her dad) look like

No. 1174354

File: 1652132188906.jpg (25.76 KB, 563x560, bca216f85638c4119642f79cd6b2c1…)

This does sound like some personality disorder type shit. Why are people even siding with her? Sorry you went through all that nona

No. 1174380

Fucking same

No. 1174382

she'd call me names all the time so i guess maybe they agreed with her all along. they all would tell me how i fake being nice/a good person, but that's pure projection. they can't conceptualize the idea of people being kind for the sake of being kind, and not because they're trying to get something out of it
roommate has diagnosed BPD. girl i was seeing has to have it too. whenever i would talk about my other friends, she'd accuse me of having flings with them and then dramatically walk out on me. my friends are straight women..and my best friends. but she's the type of person who is only friends with people she wants to fuck or has fucked so she projects that. also, she was going on dates with other people all the time. she'd consistently leave me to go on dates with other people, but the second i said i love X friend and share an anecdote of how they have helped me or made me feel appreciated, she'd get pissed and accuse me of being in love with them

No. 1174386

Its kind of crazy how sex is universal. Like you could meet someone you cannot even have a conversation with, not knowing their language or culture or anything, but you could figure out how to have sex pretty much immediately and even accidentally create a baby with them. I just want to fumble around with a big stupid German man and be unable to even greet each other but manage to have crazy passionate sex that transcends verbal based communication.

No. 1174399

File: 1652134088592.jpeg (56.08 KB, 378x457, 1652081360450.jpeg)

Bump do not scroll

No. 1174404

Someone help me understand this shit I keep seeing on here lately. A post will be about a past experience like
> I used to have fuck buddies and thought it was all cool but in the end I learnt….. and now I haven't had one in years. I wouldnt do it again.
> I dated this guy and our fights were always so stupid and ott….. dumped him and I'm not making that same mistake again
etc. And someone will respond overlooking the already learnt lesson and just start lecturing the poster as if they're still having risky sex or being abused.

I keep seeing it. Posts that are very clear about it being a ten year old story with a lesson already wrapped up and explained to you. What in the fuck.

No. 1174473

File: 1652136355990.jpg (126.62 KB, 660x826, tin-foil-cats3.jpg)

Thinking about how Suge Knight killed Eazy-E (and Tupac, and Biggie)

No. 1174517

>dates a bisexual that likes men


No. 1174523

As opposed to a bisexual that doesn't like men?

No. 1174528

I just put a bead in my ear deeper than it's ever gone. Scary.

No. 1174532

Are you the nonnie that likes putting beads in her ear canals?

No. 1174534

Yeah, I guess I am.

No. 1174542

oh motherfucker, don't pull me back in. I finally escaped from the shay threads aaaaaaa

No. 1174545

>even the unhinged ones with an abrasive aura.
Bitch, I know you're calling me out.

No. 1174546

Hope you're doing well.

No. 1174552

Why wouldn't I be? squints suspiciously

No. 1174553

I appreciate this post anon! I'm going to collect posts like these and take all of anons suggestions and ideas into consideration. Feel free to drop ideas and suggestions into the movie room chat as well as I have access to the logs.

No. 1174555

Hope you saw this! >>>/meta/32670 . I have faith in you nonna.

No. 1174563

Are there really people who sit directly on public bathroom toilet seats? I thought that surely there wouldn't be, but I've seen some things that make me thing otherwise

No. 1174570

imma about to drink some vodka and pink lemonade after getting my tooth pulled three days ago. Wish me luck, pray I don't get dry socket Nonnies . (Yes I know i'm dumb)

No. 1174571

sip on the opposite side!

No. 1174573

do you think I should put guaze in the whole? I plan to wash with salt water as I've been doing every two hours. I'm so scared right now but I'm a depressed alcoholic

No. 1174575

I just took the smallest sip…

No. 1174580

when i see a funny meme i always think to myself "im gonna share this with the ladies in lolcow i hope they think it's funny"
i think i spend too much time in here

No. 1174581

I do that all the time, I love it here.

No. 1174596

File: 1652142227081.jpg (181.42 KB, 736x982, 93f7d3a54867185ff1209838ee3c16…)

Me with random pictures. Pic related

No. 1174602

that's a cool pic nonnie

No. 1174617

No. 1174632

>look at my arm right there. see that? i got that when i was eighteen years old, and i’ll tell you something i regret it ‘cause this tattoo don’t come off. i have a tattoo of a dancing goose because i loved that goose then. so i get the goose, and i go in there, and i’m a little drunk and i said gimme that goose i love that goose. now i have a goose, a dancing goose, on my arm brendon. don’t get a tattoo. that’s what i’m telling you. play soccer. brendon take a look at my chest. no i’m serious look at that. you know what that is right there? thats the woman from the chiquita banana. i got that tattooed on my chest. i am an idiot. i got trademark products all over my body, it’s like going to a market, because i was drunk one night. don’t live like me, alright? now you go out there and play great

No. 1174660

every bisexual i've dated has cheated. every lesbian i've dated hasn't. now i hate to believe stereotypes but…

No. 1174672

how long could you stand him

No. 1174694

Damn wtf happened to jaden smith

No. 1174695

Made an account on instagram because I wanted to see more stuff about a tv show, 10 seconds later my eyes read: "nonbinary bisexual" and I remebered why I make and delete social media accounts so fast.

No. 1174702

File: 1652148210955.jpg (35.28 KB, 741x475, dog-about-to-cry-meme-75e3a6f2…)

A video by youtuber "TheQuxxn" who used to make sims videos just popped up in my recommendations. I'm pretty sad now.

No. 1174708

What happened

No. 1174713

She died from lung problems in 2013

No. 1174714

She died a couple years ago. I believe her sister finished a couple series' for her but the channel has been untouched since.

No. 1174799

it always amazes me when people make themselves fugly on purpose in such a looksist city like LA. is it because they know they have no chance of competing?

No. 1174816

My lotion is kinda sweet and I like it. When I cook I put food on the back of my hand to taste test, and sometimes I can taste my lotion when I'm licking the food off.

No. 1174820

What lotion do you use?

No. 1174822

File: 1652163197077.jpeg (112.14 KB, 619x607, 01B13F65-7C2A-42D3-9442-E0432B…)

Would you guys like to join my religion? My religion is simping for this dude from the Purge aka Rhys Wakefield aka big dick blondie

No. 1174823

Equate recovery

No. 1174848

sorry but I really hate his forehead/overall skull shape. Please don't post him again.

No. 1174860

File: 1652166899454.jpeg (120.31 KB, 618x606, 1652163197077.jpeg)

megamind looking ass

No. 1174872

Justin Bieber but uglier

No. 1174879

File: 1652167929955.png (112.4 KB, 275x270, 1651598950429.png)

bump, gore alert

No. 1174897

File: 1652168446729.png (570 KB, 767x699, lolcowfarm.png)

No. 1174904

File: 1652168525704.jpg (42.64 KB, 660x492, Cow-With-Sunglasses-Funny-Face…)


No. 1174926

File: 1652169150916.jpg (47.95 KB, 480x720, 4409e48043e55f2834adf65fd82fd2…)

I still want to go hug a cow

No. 1174995

Idk why I'm here but I did read Stone Fox as a kid and cried at the end and I remember that native american man too.

No. 1175005

File: 1652172576323.png (266.65 KB, 520x390, unknown.png)

You will never be a pirate

you have no ship, you have no treasure. You're a gym member who can't pay his dues

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your teammates are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your scallywag appearance behind closed doors.


No. 1175010

File: 1652174416769.gif (1.27 MB, 245x245, acbc0193b34effcc820d8bbced6bb1…)

I want an all female crew and I'm working on the ship and treasure

No. 1175099

File: 1652182709490.jpg (10 KB, 275x275, 1652092240674.jpg)

I miss the vivadrag/maddie threads when they were still full of milk. Too bad it's the same old same old, I wish there would still be some kind of milk happening but it gets tiring. Was fun while it lasted.

No. 1175129

What if there's one board for media (TV, movies, music, literature, fanart, etc.) and one for "productive" hobbies/learning skills (gardening, writing, drawing, sewing, language learning, etc.)?

No. 1175150

when yall buy things inside a gas station, do they give you your items for free sometimes? i feel like whenever i'm with a cute, feminine girl she gets her shit for free (it's always a vape) and i'm like wtf

No. 1175169

I love when pasta is better the next day. In my experience, dairy based sauces don't reheat well, but tomato sauces (even if it's rose where it's tomato and dairy) are better the next day. This is all about stovetop pasta, pasta bakes are always better the next day.

No. 1175171

File: 1652186861434.jpeg (783.61 KB, 1058x1076, CA5F55B4-E789-4869-8A6F-C443A7…)

I’ll play with you nonnie.

No. 1175176

File: 1652187204510.jpeg (245.96 KB, 1058x1076, 1652186861434.jpeg)

No. 1175183

File: 1652187687510.jpeg (965.58 KB, 1095x1075, BF7AB79F-9AFF-44CE-BCF0-224801…)

No. 1175184

X won for sure just retire Y

No. 1175186

Never, where do you live?

No. 1175188

i meant to type O

No. 1175207

No. I’ll keep going until the inevitable stalemate.

No. 1175210

You were right the first time. X beats Y.

No. 1175218

File: 1652188724839.jpeg (218.13 KB, 1095x1075, 1652187687510.jpeg)

No. 1175222

Block her on the left side O-kun!

No. 1175230

File: 1652189098764.jpeg (903.14 KB, 1083x1043, 7E918551-C172-4252-8AC1-60457A…)

No. 1175232


No. 1175234

File: 1652189414289.jpeg (195.13 KB, 1083x1043, 1652189098764.jpeg)

No. 1175236

boooooooo you could have won twice over if you went with middle left

No. 1175238

No. 1175240

File: 1652189574705.jpeg (894.19 KB, 1082x1047, 25F0FABA-0BD9-413C-A81B-8B81E3…)

No. 1175253

File: 1652190505139.jpeg (184.54 KB, 1082x1047, 1652189574705.jpeg)

It's been an honor….nonny

No. 1175257

I kind of want a mcdonalds cheeseburger right now

No. 1175262

i was craving a wawa cheeseburger tbh.. lets get em nona

No. 1175264

I've been thinking about trying wawa's food lately since I've never been before, so we should definitely try that together

No. 1175270

>young Jude Law looked hot, extremely fuckable
>becomes a serial cheater and the UK's biggest slag, gets his hairline obliberated
>young prince William looked cute and pretty, looked a lot like his also good looking mother
>cheats on his wife a lot, his entire scalp get obliterated
Is there some kind of anti-cheater British god out here who's snatching everyone's wigs and hairlines or something?

No. 1175292

We are all in the same region…

No. 1175302

different anons but yes omfg. I'd love a wawa philly cheesesteak

No. 1175307

sheetz supremacy

No. 1175324

Don't compare two goddesses, they are both different and unique in their own way

No. 1175326

Sheetz sucks, I went into one once and it was empty; clearly nobody wants to shop there. Every Wawa I go into has people in it no matter the time of day. Wawa is based! Sheetz is embarrassing, with an embarrassing name.

No. 1175339

Sheetz is clearly inferior.

No. 1175386

I miss wawa so much. I live really close to one but I need to get on the metro to get to it which can be annoying. Their sandwiches saved my life during my late night waging days

No. 1175394

File: 1652195989991.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

Wanted to go glamping for my birthday with friends and was so excited but they're not opening the campsite this year… or for the foreseeable future anymore. Fuck. It looked like really great fun at an affordable price. There's lots of similar stuff I can do but it's going to be so expensive UGHGHGHGHHHHH

No. 1175396

Maybe you guys should meet up

No. 1175398

File: 1652196164002.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x1812, philadelphia.jpg)

Alright here's my street

No. 1175403

File: 1652196477324.png (396.98 KB, 800x400, 55D68A53-670A-4C5B-92E9-54D811…)

Here’s my address. Which wawa do you wanna meet at?

No. 1175423

File: 1652197212247.jpg (172.07 KB, 1602x1008, bakakiryu.jpg)

Because of all the congratulatory posts for mothers last Sunday, and because my mom visited my grandma for Mother's Day that very same day, I thought Mother's Day was on May 8th. My sense of time is completely fucked up. Now I don't know what to give my mom (actually I do have an idea but I feel like a dumbass because I haven't congratulated her and have to wait until she comes back home)


No. 1175425

File: 1652197254299.png (84.77 KB, 258x380, 1651724573675.png)

>selling my old manga
>some woman calls
>she sounds very rude/rough
>calling for her teen daughter who wants to buy them
>"she's gonn get sum cash tomorrow so she'll buy em"
>her tone just gives me a bad vibe and I lower the price to maybe improve a little thing for the teenage girl
I am too weak for this.

No. 1175432

Oh yeah, I can't translate it well but basically it sounded like the girl is getting money from someone else/the mom isn't buying it for her and sounded displeased with the price.

No. 1175453

Oh let me add, we celebrate Mother's Day on the 10th of May here. I had no idea the date was different in other countries until I googled it just now. Although it seems that lately my country has adopted the American date.
Well, that explains it.

No. 1175468

Are u Mexican

No. 1175469

It was on May 8th for a lot of countries, anon. But it depends where you live, it's not the same everywhere in the world

No. 1175518

File: 1652199205482.png (381.96 KB, 627x391, florida.png)

any highlevel nonas who live by me wanna get some wawa burgers.. dreadtooth spawned outside and i can't fight him alone…

No. 1175531

I like chewing with a beer can pressed against my temple I can hear my hair crinkle and it sounds good

No. 1175544

Sorry I'm not in Florida, I didn't even realize they had Wawa

No. 1175562

Maybe, maybe not…
Yeah it was so confusing because I was used to it being on a certain date, but then saw everyone talking about it on the 8th and the Google Doodle…

No. 1175595

File: 1652200723340.jpg (24.37 KB, 350x285, ewzuxlywyaep11j.jpg)

no gas station food

No. 1175608

Did we get a new farmhand(s)?

No. 1175609

File: 1652201041792.png (34.69 KB, 133x125, why i oughta.png)

WAWA is a RESTAURANT that HAPPENS to also sell GAS

No. 1175610

he is presenting to my emergency room with his face down ass up cheeks spread

No. 1175611

No eating week old cooked food that you left sitting around at room temp for like a week.

No. 1175614

I think I will rewatch Hannibal. No other show comes close to satisfying me so fully, I don't know why it's got such a grip on me.

No. 1175635

File: 1652201617497.png (83.44 KB, 1042x186, Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.5…)

No. 1175677

I was thinking of doing the same recently, it was just so captivating. Let's go for it anon!

No. 1175679

Hope you have fun! I am actually not a fan of gore at all but in Hannibal, it didn't faze me at all.

No. 1175688

I really like his videos, glad he slightly stopped with the ultra gelled up 2000s hair

No. 1175710

No. 1175724

yes gas station food

No. 1175727

When I had to go to the hospital, I heard the song from his videos play in my head kek. I'm not supposed to know the words he taught us. At least he has taught me to be completely honest with doctors and list every random thing, even if it seems insignificant and they said that they were grateful, because they don't like to be surprised.

No. 1175732

Please motivate me to study for my exam tomorrow. Have all the notes written down but sitting and working through practice questions is the last thing I want to do right now.

No. 1175738

File: 1652205065508.jpg (18 KB, 474x355, OIP (2).jpg)

Do it.

No. 1175739

i also have stuff to do. if you do your stuff i'll do my stuff

No. 1175740

wawa and sheetz are decent.

No. 1175745

File: 1652205327992.gif (1.44 MB, 498x280, gun-tears.gif)

You'll never be happy with yourself if you score low on the exam

No. 1175749

File: 1652205420682.png (229.67 KB, 300x300, Work_Bitch_cover.png)

you better work, bitch!

No. 1175750

File: 1652205428617.png (229.04 KB, 435x574, i_wont_be_slighted_by_the_like…)

I'm not giving you a choice, nonny.

No. 1175758

Hate this stupid little n'wah

No. 1175759

I got a new job and I've made friends with other women and I'm going to try my hardest to peak them to moid-hating, nonnie loving woman like my other nonas here. Ily

No. 1175767

Hey, what is your exam about?

kek this is one of the few crying cat pics I enjoy

No. 1175773

You guys I just wrote the biggest load of shite about a crush. I am an adult and I need to get laid because this is juvenile. Anyway I think I've actually managed to get the interest of a man I've been referring in my head to as "the big sexy man". He sent me a friend request and I literally thought he was going to kiss me at work today and I'm so disappointed it didn't. I pray that my horoscope is right about me hooking up with a love interest this month. Omg omg omg

No. 1175777

Best of luck nonita

No. 1175783

This is an absolute bop and makes me want to dance harder than modern club music

No. 1175836

I don't know much or tbh care much about whoever joe rogan is but some celeb gossip channel uploaded a vid about him lately and I ended up half watching it and mostly scrolling through the comments. I kept seeing people who were freaking out that the (trashy low brow celeb gossip) channel was 'biased' and then in the next sentence they were saying joe is entitled to his opinions and to share them all he wants unapologetically… uh so is the gossip channel?

Then people were saying 'how about you just don't watch joe if you hate him then, just click off when you don't like an opinion ffs!' when they also could've just clicked off the gossip video they didn't like.. instead of spamming the comments like crazy.

These are the conversations the internet was invented for. Are you proud internet inventor? Is this what you dreamt of?

No. 1175841

One thing that I think was good it hapenned was normies appropriating the word "kinning" so now it just means "relating with a fictional character" instead of the DID larper schizo stuff it used to be.
It was like a tumblr trend getting gentrified lmao

No. 1175863

He looks like the final male in a line of French who got trapped in Sicily and lived as incestuous cannibals in a sea cave for centuries

No. 1175886

I'm sorry to everyone who I forgot to thank after they answered my question in the stupid questions thread

No. 1175889

I got rid of my only social media because you ladies fill that very void much better than anything else ever could. I love you all. I barely post compared to how much I lurk, and just gotta say that I enjoy every aspect of everything. The infighting, the tinfoil, the kindness, the advice. Love you all. Very filling and cute. Fuck social media. Anonymous is best.

No. 1175909

who's that

No. 1175912

File: 1652213474655.jpeg (121.05 KB, 720x718, 059202B0-44E8-467B-98BC-5CFBF2…)

There must be something in the air because I started re-watching it a few days ago. Join me nonnies!

No. 1175926

I really wanted to watch it back when it was aired but couldn't, and I saw too many spoilers at the time on tumblr and because of a retarded classmate in uni who was gay for Mads Mikkelsen and wouldn't stfu about new episodes. I think I forgot most of it though so I'm considering watching it. Where can I illegally, for free watch the episodes in a decent quality? I'm not giving Canal+ even one cent, fuck them.

No. 1175932


No. 1175941

NTA but torrent the show. I bet it's on RARBG or something.

No. 1175957

File: 1652215012385.jpeg (73.05 KB, 659x720, 18CB0DA8-A69C-40D6-AED8-250B00…)

GOD DAMN IT ANONS! I show you one picture of a guy I simp for and you turn him into a game?? DID YOU FUCKERS NOT THINK OF USING THIS ONE INSTEAD- HIS HEAD IS LARGER IN THIS ONE

I’m the fucking forehead dealer! I sell foreheads perfect for tic tac toe, monopoly, connect four, bingo, etc!

No. 1175975

what the fuck is a wawa and sheetz, and why did this >>1175595 get so many replies, who is that what is going on here

No. 1176027

Last time I torrented a show was well over a decade ago, I forgot how to do it without getting caught kek

No. 1176032

They're convenience stores in America.

No. 1176038

File: 1652218139664.jpeg (188.12 KB, 1242x1356, 8D9F2D62-586C-49D1-824B-F00F41…)

No. 1176039

I kind of get it and I kind of don't

No. 1176045

I fell for the sheetz meme once when I first moved to the rust belt but I never will again. It was like the lunch they serve at a ghetto daycare.

No. 1176088

If anyone in my area ever gets brutally murdered and wails to try and get peoples attention.. I'll probably just assume its cats outside fighting again. Same sounds

No. 1176103

It's so much more than that, it's a cultural thing you simply wouldn't understand.

No. 1176144

I'm a burger and never heard of it

No. 1176157

It isn't burger culture it's a specific regional culture!

No. 1176160

File: 1652222362510.png (64.98 KB, 176x264, Screenshot_2019-06-14_at_6.35.…)

Switzerland should really be ashamed

No. 1176176

Now I want a hoagie and a tastycake

No. 1176202

File: 1652224376800.gif (1.15 MB, 498x498, wtf.retard.moment.gif)

holy fuck i can't believe wawa it's an actual thing
i only ever heard of it on oneyplays and i thought they were trying to change the name of something
I SWEAR nothing came up when i looked it up

No. 1176212

File: 1652224989620.jpeg (31.95 KB, 537x365, 3FD59509-940C-4577-8747-D62797…)

>nunca se subió a la wawa que va en reversa

No. 1176219

It’s cause the Purge had shitty lighting, they made nearly every actor look terrible and aged like blue cheese. Honestly the Purge was an ass movie and the franchise itself is ass too- no one can change my mind on that!

No. 1176234

It was ass but I should hate watch it again.

No. 1176253

>North Korean Defectors React To 'Cardi B WAP MV' For The First Time!!

No. 1176256

i think my new special interest is watching thirdies react to our degenerate pop culture

No. 1176285

>pick up hot tamales candy at the gas station as a treat
>box is ingredient side up while I'm eating
>read ingredients
>titanium dioxide

we live in a society

No. 1176286

File: 1652232749407.jpeg (216.36 KB, 1242x1231, 1645214102397.jpeg)

nonnies I'm in a city away from home but you're all here with me…I love u…

No. 1176311

That feel when you overdo your workout and end up having a panic attack

No. 1176314

my wawa bacon double cheeseburger was very yummie nonitas

No. 1176319

No. 1176320

File: 1652236661286.gif (153.22 KB, 275x216, 1645296914968.gif)

No. 1176323

File: 1652236707752.gif (5.97 KB, 90x90, 1645296953048.gif)

You deserved it

No. 1176344

File: 1652239378937.jpg (120.08 KB, 1284x1031, FBChIrfXoAAfoPX.jpg)


No. 1176367

Can we talk about how good Peep Show is? So many fellow fans on here. Dobby would be getting banned from /m/ all the time and causing infighting in the relationship thread. And there isn't a line that comes out of SuperHans that doesn't make me laugh. Legit the only show to actually make me laugh out loud. It's kind of depressing too, the way it's about two mediocre losers with huge narcissist streaks trying to be better and failing.

No. 1176387

who is worse: jez or mark?

No. 1176392

nta but Mark cause he still thinks he's a good person

No. 1176399

I hope Samantha Prater is ok.

No. 1176400

File: 1652244115272.jpg (73.94 KB, 500x373, 6184a573a979bfc0e99c79a7166bb8…)

I get upset about how psycho I can get online or how corny I can be then remember that all of our media is tracked and filtered by execs I'll never meet so I stop caring and enjoy the taste of pure psychosis

No. 1176410

File: 1652245281984.jpg (56.25 KB, 415x700, f73d75ee690fa3628b3247c34c12d7…)

Yes!! I think it's my favorite comedy show, maybe. I like Seinfeld too for example, but peep show is so realistically uncomfortable, it also makes me laugh out loud. I've watched it 3 times even though I'm not usually one to rewatch series, but it's just that good.

I think He's is slightly worse but only because Mark sometimes is held back by his own anxiety and fear of being perceived as a bad person/citizen/whatever. I also think Jez is more of a sex pest. And although he was poorer, I think his mom was nicer to him than Mark's parents to Mark. I could fix him through WW2 reenactments

No. 1176420

I wish tradthots could just talk about gardening, raising animals, having kids and their hobbies. All of that other shit about Christianity, being anti-abortion, racism and anti-feminism fucking sucks.

No. 1176422

File: 1652246374913.png (468.21 KB, 364x578, mamie.PNG)

shocks me that this is an 83 year old woman. good for her honestly

No. 1176445

Jez was worse in the beginning seasons but Mark took that spot maybe around season 5 or 6, though I can't spot specifics (I binged the whole show in maybe 3 weeks last November, so my memory is bad). He definitely became a madlad in the later seasons.

No. 1176469

He did something fucked up to Sophie, right?

No. 1176623

File: 1652261921622.jpeg (110.96 KB, 1015x1024, D5E39ECB-883D-4CFC-B77E-4CD5C0…)

Fuuckk why do I keep dreaming about meeting cute charming women and flirting with them? Is this a sign?

No. 1176678

I wish I was a cute charming woman who would be flirted with, instead I'm just a spergy woman

No. 1176715

File: 1652268321068.png (3.53 MB, 1677x1428, avatar.PNG)

I really want to share this 2010 gem with you anons
>The movie was so beautiful and it showed something we don't have here on Earth. I think people saw we could be living in a completely different world and that caused them to be depressed.
> It's so hard I can't force myself to think that it's just a movie, and to get over it, that living like the Na'vi will never happen.
>I can't stop thinking about all the things that happened in the film and all of the tears and shivers I got from it," Mike posted. "I even contemplate suicide thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora and the everything is the same as in 'Avatar.

I want to believe these all are real thoughts of real people because they're so ridiculous

No. 1176736

>I can't stop thinking about all the things that happened in the film and all of the tears and shivers I got from it," Mike posted. "I even contemplate suicide thinking that if I do it I will be rebirthed in a world similar to Pandora and the everything is the same as in 'Avatar.

If blue monkeys got this dude contemplating suicide, he's better off dead kek. Being a moid is good enough reason for doing this world a favour by offing oneself anyways.

No. 1176738

Thanks for indirectly introducing me to Mamie Van Doren… she’s so beautiful now, but also in her old Hollywood pictures, I think she’s one of the most beautiful stars of that era according to my taste

No. 1176751

I bet if he actually was reborn on Pandora he would be an outcast among Navi just like he's now lmao

No. 1176792

No. 1176825

I'm letting farmers decide my fate without knowing too many details, just pick based on biological feelings and instinct rather than knowledge.

1) cat sweater
2) several ascots

No. 1176826

File: 1652280859720.jpeg (97.65 KB, 800x800, 800FCF9B-FCAE-4C6D-94F7-CAC8CE…)

the choice is clear

No. 1176829

post nut clarity but its just post period clarity where i remember the guys i saw while i was horny and ovulating and thought “you know…”

No. 1176831

I just discovered a band I've been loving for a while is from the same country as me. I have another band from my country as well (they both sing in English which is why I didn't know). God we really have some quality musicians and I never even knew it.

No. 1176833

I don’t know what an ascot is but I like that there’s several of them

No. 1176844

Peep Show was probably the most enjoyable show I've ever watched. I rarely binge shows but I binged it. It made me scream and laugh so loud.
Probably Mark
He had sex with Sophie.

No. 1176846

cat sweater

No. 1176859

No I mean like didn't he leave someone at the altar?

No. 1176866

Peep Show is amazing. I started watching it on Netflix years ago and I've lost count of the many times I've watched it. Peek show to watch high with your friends and figure out who's the mark, jez and superhans of the group.

No. 1176869

He jilted Sophie at the alter. He accidently proposed to her after he had the epiphany he didn't love her lol

No. 1176870

Sorry to samefag so much but I love peep show. I first started watching it with my ex fiance and our third wheel. It was so tense when Mark was figuring out he didn't love Sophie because I was there with my fiance at the time. I think I laughed a little too hard at all of Mark's sheninagans while my ex was saying he's such an ass lmao

No. 1176871

Oh you mean Mark. He did loads of shit things to Sophie kek
I don't think he jilted her, they both got married and they both started crying but he didn't run away. He wanted to jilt her but Jeremy's piss leaked from the ceiling, revealing their hiding place.

No. 1176874

Oh, no, God, no, no, it's not a jilting. A jilt is at the altar. He's not jilting.

No. 1176876

Mark was fixated on if it was a jilting or not since he was an honourable man lol. Jez was like its definitely a jilting and Mark was like "he jilted her at the alter" that doesn't sound right. He tried to break up at Sophie mums house before the wedding since jez confessed him and sophie had a drunken kiss and the mum was like "a snog is not an affair" and wouldn't let him call off the wedding. The wedding was hilarious, when jez and Mark were hiding up in the pews and watching the church full up and jez was like I've got 32 or somethibg missed calls and mark pulls his phone out and goes "that bullshit I've got 73" something lol

No. 1176882

Such a fucking genius show

No. 1176885

I love when they get married and Jez is outside the church contemplating being suddenly homeless and he wonders "I need to assess the situation I need to find someone to sell me some weed" that's excalty how I cope with everything

No. 1176903

No. 1176916

I couldn’t stop smiling to myself like a fucking freak after these 2 random girls idk said hi to me bruh I have no friends at uni and I don’t know if I will ever regain the skill to make friends again but that made me so happy. Not everyone is as scary as I thought…

No. 1176926

File: 1652285125374.gif (77.33 KB, 319x219, panda-in-love.gif)

Who want kith

No. 1176935

File: 1652285523501.jpg (67.13 KB, 553x503, cancer_causes_cancer.jpg)

>cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer

No. 1176936

File: 1652285554156.jpg (36.82 KB, 474x627, th-3639620282.jpg)

I'm not even an erzafag but today I dreamt that he fucked me inside an empty supermarket, I felt him entering my ass and embracing me and all

No. 1176949

File: 1652285850295.jpg (18.49 KB, 350x173, download.jpg)

>your ass

No. 1176954

File: 1652285978810.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1242x1242, 1639193718492.jpeg)


No. 1176959

File: 1652286109911.gif (3.23 MB, 410x498, adele-reaction-adele-confused.…)

No. 1176969

File: 1652286942935.jpg (154.67 KB, 454x600, 234567890.jpg)

>terfs dont follow me
>terfs dont interact with my posts
>terfs get off my posts
>terfs are not allowed to reblog my posts
mfw interacting, following and reblogging all your posts

No. 1176971

File: 1652287137327.jpg (24.46 KB, 1150x315, 4cc.jpg)

No. 1176973

It's so weird how sometimes you can very vividly feel things in your dreams. I used to have random dreams about sucking dick, and I could feel the disgusting crusty dry dick taste in my mouth. There were a couple of dreams where I could feel someone's embrace. I have also had dreams where I can feel a strong smell of rotten raw meat/corpses, like today, in my dream I was eating a meat-flavored milk ice pop. It was disgusting but tolerable so I kept eating it.
But the best of these vivid dreams must have been that sex one where I think I actually had an orgasm.

No. 1176974

File: 1652287327763.png (125.47 KB, 257x198, 1650980691434.png)

i'm friends with several of spergs like this. those who don't actually care about trannies are so easy to spot and so easy to terf-pill.

No. 1176988

isn't having orgasms during dreams quite normal though? it happens to me every few months and I have a relatively low libido

No. 1176999

File: 1652288638459.jpg (277.46 KB, 750x614, 12055436789.jpg)

i never had a sex dream nor an orgasm

No. 1177002

Same, low libido but I can have them sometimes, especially if my sleep is disturbed. I wake up with my hooha pulsating and stuff, which is annoying to wake up to.

No. 1177009

I didn't buy a cupcake because I was so busy having a great time on my birthday, but I'll make this birthday wish of all you nonnies having a good life over this pint I'm currently having.

No. 1177023

Happy Birthday nonna!!

No. 1177027

File: 1652290081359.jpg (45.17 KB, 431x415, you made it.jpg)

Happy birthdaaaaaay!

No. 1177028

I tried to listen to Dale Carnegie's 'How to win Friends' audiobook and the author just cannot fucking get to the point and keeps telling these long ass anecdotes that seem irrelevant

No. 1177036

eating beans to dunk on the xy's

No. 1177039

This is how I know the username of lolcor is dumb ugh there's no question: Ascors

No. 1177049

File: 1652291262418.gif (2.21 MB, 275x213, 1651824523824.gif)

Ascors is not on the list!

No. 1177057

File: 1652291553933.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 4B158162-4185-435A-B490-DC43AE…)

>use YouTube shorts
>stumble across an account dedicated to incel shit
>has videos including women who look average to above-average with boyfriends that are 7-8/10 ,with men REEEing about the women being extremely unattractive
>Mfw they don’t know I’m using this as motivation for me to hope that I’ll get an extremely handsome boyfriend one day

No. 1177068

He's selling his used anal sex toys when he told me he didn't want to be pegged. I could have pegged him

No. 1177071

This sweater is the only reason why I would ever buy designer shit.

No. 1177072

1 1 1 1 1 1 1

No. 1177074

Are the women really less attractive than these men in your opinion anon? I know it's subjective but I have yet to see a couple where a woman looks worse than the guy, not even because of "men only pick hot women" but that most women look better than most men.

No. 1177077

File: 1652292184989.png (110.25 KB, 388x488, 1622216104408.png)

No. 1177079

who? elon musk?

No. 1177080

File: 1652292435411.jpeg (137.85 KB, 449x941, 9A6B5A9B-B479-4E6D-86B5-89544B…)

Not really. Hell, with some of them they both look attractive, yet the men in the comments would still say she’s unattractive. In pic rel, you can’t even see her face and she’s wearing baggy clothes. I also saw a TikTok from the ‘brown guy’ that the Indian incel in the Ideal Guy thread keeps spamming endlessly

Link rel is the channel

No. 1177081

my ex-fug buddy, not Elon lol

No. 1177082

>use YouTube shorts
>stumble across an account dedicated to incel shit
That's it, i swear some y'all love watching this type of shit

No. 1177083

Do moids really sell their used ass plugs?

No. 1177084

File: 1652292579755.jpg (50.11 KB, 640x615, 677.jpg)

>selling used anal sex toys

No. 1177089

Yeah, he posted them for sale. Not to defend him, but they're silicone and metal, which are fine since they're not porous. They can be sanitized, but using something like that is a bit icky even when sterilized, I agree.

No. 1177092

Hatewatching is admittedly a bad habit of mine

No. 1177095

Men are fucking retarded and have no idea what women actually like, I love seeing them acting like they know how we think.

No. 1177096

Haha, I've expected it to be EXACTLY like this tbh, face obscured, maybe a bit chubby and ofc males will seethe, even on that pic all covered up she looks cute, and all the dude has going for him is being tall and well dressed, but even here you can see he's a butterface. Just looking at the videos titles ate a few of my braincells though, you're braver than any us marine anon to watch that

No. 1177115

When I was a child, my mom was really set on me not having pierced ears before I'm seven years old. I wonder why it's seven? It was always seven as far as I can remember, even back when I was like four. It's such a random number.

No. 1177118

please post it, I wanna be motivated as well

No. 1177125

run nonna, he's gonna troon out eventually

No. 1177131

Probably she thought you'd be old enough to handle after care by that point. Hard to get a four year old to stop touching a piercing wound.

No. 1177139

File: 1652294887864.jpeg (24.43 KB, 191x442, 4C3A9BF7-5BC6-4C82-96AC-9F6B88…)

Everyone and their grandma's got a poop fetish now huh

No. 1177142


No. 1177144

I think he'll come out as bi, but not trans. Anyway I don't talk to him anymore

No. 1177160

I've actually seen this vid, he has a butter face. The styling is making her look significantly fatter than she probably is, especially the sweatshirt. Those moids also never seem to address the way that tall men always seem infatuated with women who are 5'1 and some would probably call her "thicc". Lastly, incels who make it about their race are mad white women don't want them, because to them white women are good trophies to show off to their moid acquaintances and have resentment for women of their own race.

No. 1177189

File: 1652296987316.gif (229.88 KB, 200x200, 437C4327-0C74-4FFB-81B2-BAA665…)

there’s only one solution to ezra miller fags and johnny depp supporters

No. 1177192

File: 1652297188124.gif (3.4 MB, 600x132, 4DA75E96-AC66-4A42-963E-8B32D3…)

when the world needed him most, he vanished

No. 1177200

its funny, I could almost instantly tell the channel was most likely made by a non-white Incel, they have a certain energy that white Incels don't have, If you all think white Incels are obsessed with race, you wouldn't even comprehend the amount of racial obsessions non-white Incels have, whats weird is that these dudes only go after white women and get so offended when those women reject them

No. 1177206

File: 1652297655236.jpg (56.28 KB, 564x752, cat_hug.jpg)

cat sweater ! please give us the context nonnie

No. 1177208

File: 1652297820812.jpeg (45.55 KB, 735x713, 622c45f24a868d00e6675d74_735_7…)

Kinda fascinating how the online mentality during the early years of the internet was
And nowadays its
Do you nonnies think the pendulum will one day swing back to the other side of pure retardation, or will this mentality develop in an entire new direction?

No. 1177211

Yeah it'll probably swing back and shitposting will be the norm again, I think I already see it happening. There are just people who don't care because it's the internet and will troll the people who do care, as nature intended.

No. 1177214

I hope so, I'm getting sick of interacting with people who crytype buzzwords everytime they feel slightly "bad", bunch of pansies

No. 1177220

Thought I found a somewhat sweet yaoi with bdsm-elements featuring a feminine looking dom that bottoms, and a muscular sub. It started ok but in the latest chapter the dom manipulated the sub into using a dildo on his twin brother that was bound and blindfolded. I'm sitting there asking myself who the fuck comes up with shit like this but then again here I am reading it with my only real reaction being a raised eyebrow.

No. 1177225

anons acting like they don't hate follow or hatewatch cows on here. c'mon

No. 1177227

Everytime I watch movie like marie antoinette or shakespeare in love, all i can think of how smelly these mfs would have been

No. 1177228

File: 1652298807013.jpg (28.18 KB, 605x584, 1651380545968.jpg)

>men seething about what teenage girls like

KEK so bizarre. I dont doubt there's teen boys in there but I bet you most are made from grown ass men

No. 1177236

nta but I don't. haven't read the drama boards in ages because they got boring

No. 1177243

they harass women who are the same race as them for dating white men but then their preference is only white/white-passing women

No. 1177246

Thanks for the link, I’m a sucker for hatewatch fodder these days. I get it.

No. 1177274

Isn’t it a myth that people in the Middle Ages didn’t clean themselves? I’ve heard that they often used bathhouses or cleaned themselves in rivers

No. 1177276

NTA but rich people shat and pissed in the halls of Palace of Versailles

No. 1177277

This, I don't understand this behavior at all, like their "settling" for us cause the white girls they lusted after rejected them and now its our fault apparently, at the same time they get infuriated if even flit with a white guy and will bring up slavery and colonization, just to shame us

No. 1177279

doubleposting but the rich would’ve definitely taken care of their hygiene and bathed regularly since they could afford perfumes soaps, perfumes, hot and cold water etc

No. 1177285

Ot but that lady in the video is super cute!

No. 1177298

If they did it was normally because the water was contaminated. A couple cities had chamber pots running into water sources and causing dysentery. They didn’t realize that. Just that bathing made them sick in those places.

No. 1177340

these comments.. i will purge this universe of moids

No. 1177348

I'm getting pretty good at figuring out what people are saying when I can't fully understand them

No. 1177349

They would still be grimy and smelly as fuck by todays standards, don’t try to sugarcoat a vintage turd

No. 1177354

Inside of me there are two wolves… one wants to sleep, the other wants to draw sexy pinup pictures of my husbando

No. 1177379

File: 1652309448682.gif (1.91 MB, 640x360, wooo.gif)


No. 1177387

happy for u nona… mine just started. i'm so sick of this shit MENOPAUSE COME NOW!!!!

No. 1177393

sorry babe can't hear you over putting on underwear without a pad, laughing without intense cramps, white jeans, normal appetite~

jk i hope yours goes easy on you and remember you have an excuse to be lazy and eat seconds now kek

No. 1177418

just saw this and i'm dead kek

No. 1177437

File: 1652312009365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 318.05 KB, 500x515, bloodl.jpg)

I had this weird dream where I created a character called "bloodl","bloodle" or something similar to that and it looked scary as shit but had a sweet and cute personality. Picrel is an attempt at recreating my dear Bloodl. (HORROR WARNING)

No. 1177442

ugh same here anon….Awoooooo

No. 1177446

Horror warning? Nonnie, I look like this everyday when I'm overdosing on caffeine without getting a wink of sleep. Your bloodl doesn't look that scary, since you said it's nice that makes it nothing but adorable, I like bloodl.

No. 1177450

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry…this is simultaneously horrific and adorable. I love you bloodie ♥

No. 1177453

I wonder who was born after me. Like right after me, I would like to talk to whoever it is and see where they are in life and how they are figuring things out and what not. I would just like to know them, simple curiosity.

No. 1177455

>uses an isolated incident from one of the most decadent times and areas in France
Okay. They probably got so fucking pissed drunk and were such degenerates and to make a fucking statement they'd shit in the hallway.

No. 1177461

Saging because idk if this is the right thread for it but I was on instagram last night and stumbled upon a comedian who seems kinda terfy. She made a joke about elliot page chopping her tits off and that it pains her to see one lesbian after another doing the same thing
I don't know how to embed instagram videos on here but her @ is ellendegenderless. I think she somewhat panders so she isn't totally cancellable but some of the language in there makes me think she's harboring terf thoughts.

No. 1177464

Why are men so fucking retarded

No. 1177466

One of the only tolerable scrotes to post here, actually had something interesting to say even if it was autistic

No. 1177470

I bought zucchini to use as an ingredient in one of my dishes for dinner tonight, but now I don't even know if it will go with what I'm making. Maybe I'll just roast it.

No. 1177479

On the toilet
You know

No. 1177507

sittin on tha toilet

No. 1177523

File: 1652319138314.jpeg (55 KB, 897x865, 6F2FCA19-2A80-4DD6-812D-B253B3…)

Why tf is everyone and their grandma trying to fuck Paul Dano and his character Riddler?? MF is GAY in the Batman, guy legit looks like he’s getting turned on getting handcuffed by a cop and moans Bruce Wayne’s name during the interrogation scene.

Cmon, nonnies, you could’ve chosen Robert Patterson but you chose the gaycel terrorist?

No. 1177529

the only people who like paul dano are anons who look like isabella janke

No. 1177531

ok fujo

No. 1177537

They are into Paul Dano not just the Riddler.

No. 1177542

He had an anus fetish though

No. 1177553

Not a danofag but rpatz is a stinky cheater

No. 1177556

He also screams at him and acts like an autist all round. You're reading to much in to it. He's just unhinged and trying to act deranged. The incel stuff is only thought because he's a streamer, but he's never an incel in the movie.

No. 1177557

Did he cheat on fka twigs?

No. 1177560

Scrotes hate everything women do and specially our interests as teens because they want us to hyperfocus on them and only like them and only talk about them

No. 1177563

that man's outfit is abysmal. fake stylish shit. the woman looks cute.

No. 1177565

Nta. He didn't cheat on Twigs but she was basically harassed by his racist fans, and he never said anything about it.

No. 1177566

File: 1652322809043.gif (397.56 KB, 140x140, selfie-kasey.gif)

Nonas there's weird porn on /m/ be careful, pic unrelated kek

No. 1177570

I wish there was a worldwide ban of men on the internet, god just imagine how much better it would be to be online now

No. 1177571

on kstew

No. 1177572

this is what i want my future man to look like if he eats me out on my period

No. 1177575

Nah I want Bloodle himself

No. 1177580

I think that relationship was forced tbh, isn't Kristen gay?

No. 1177590

she's biseuxal, been openly bi for 6 years now

No. 1177625

Wait, were they like actually dating? Like actual dating and not “we’re totally not doing this for publicity to the new movie we’re both love interest” dating?

No. 1177640

I swear to God you girls are such a bad influence kek first you memed me into liking Adam Driver then Erza and now Dano… Goddamn

No. 1177661

I am still just a driverfag. Been thinking about reviving his thread when I have the time. War movie staring him in military gear when

No. 1177707

I just brushed my teeth before bed but now I want a banana. Maybe even a chocolate chip waffle with bananas mmmm

No. 1177713

File: 1652336191856.png (58.83 KB, 671x346, Screenshot 2022-05-12 081603.p…)

Only in America

No. 1177731

I'm going to make a Peep Show thread on /m/. Join us there nonnies!

No. 1177734

Anon from the "help me find" thread here, sorry I called those British children "poor Eastern European looking"

No. 1177740

No. 1177741

File: 1652337873844.jpeg (25.47 KB, 240x234, C9E96145-3356-489F-8D96-486192…)

im a creep, im a weirdo

No. 1177750

File: 1652338301497.png (247.53 KB, 750x514, 1651742138437.png)

sorry sis

No. 1177783

File: 1652340607312.jpeg (43.43 KB, 612x612, B04898B4-CD05-4590-9841-B433B5…)

Omg I love ratittiloey idk how to spell it, I just love remy the rat and his little scoundrel scheme of making bomb food

No. 1177855

File: 1652349194892.png (597.95 KB, 700x1000, naportal.png)

No. 1177857

just how many Napoleon themed images do you have saved right now?

No. 1177861

File: 1652349489970.gif (1.22 MB, 300x200, Lamb Chop.gif)

>anon gives me rude, snarky reply
>anon gives tells me to kms
>anon is a male
>anon is insert -chan
I simply ignore and I continue having a fun time. This could be you too. If you want it to be.

No. 1177870

Based, we'll all get there ladies

No. 1178008

File: 1652362761891.jpg (1.48 MB, 2438x2048, DG v JT.jpg)

Left or right, dick grayson or jason todd

>Dick Grayson

>180 Pounds
>Gymnasts body
>Canonically has best male ass in the DC Universe
>Good boy but is a manwhore who has slept with more named female DC characters then Batman

>Jason Todd

>200 Pounds
>Hard body
>Daddy issues
>edgy AF and has killed
>but loyal to a fault

No. 1178016

I am going to get leashes and harnesses for my chickens then I can go on walks with them because i don't have a dog

No. 1178018

Neither of them are good enough for me

No. 1178024

I'm not into comics but just from the description, Jason Todd,definitely

No. 1178031

File: 1652364664125.png (792.16 KB, 1217x2089, Ellen page.png)

Drawing of Ellen page at Oscars (by me.) $0.2000 or you can save the image for free if you really need it

No. 1178035

Dick Grayson is an unloyal manslut. Jason is a psychopath, but I'd still probably pick Jay over Dick.

No. 1178036

>those thighs
>that autopsy scar
>Jason has killed and has been killed
I'm all for Jason, ladies.

No. 1178041

I just got my wisdom teeth pulled. The dentist pulled one on the bottom too but I'm pretty sure the dentist's assistent told me she only wanted the upper ones removed and that the bottom ones could follow later if neccersary. So it's kind of weird he pulled out the bottom one too without telling me.

No. 1178043

Is this available as an nft

No. 1178045


No. 1178049

I have suspicion that some anons here either just liked him for the meme OR the /m/assacre took them all away