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No. 207856

Vent your heart out, give and receive relationship advice from fellow farmers.

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No. 207858

that thread pic omg

No. 207859

Jesus Walter close your eyes when you're kissing

No. 207861

why do we have a threadpic of two men kissing on a relationship advice thread on a female imageboard.

No. 207864

cuz it’s funny

No. 207873

No. 207875

that pic… absolutely based, I salute you

No. 207876

He was clearly caught off guard though

No. 207877

Yeah, the way he's grabbing Jesse's wrists it seems like he's trying to push him off.

No. 207882

File: 1633293506723.jpeg (82.22 KB, 1200x675, 2507EEFB-F89B-4674-BC03-D56108…)

I can’t help but feel like my ex is keeping me on the backburner. We had a really bad breakup, live in different states, and have completely separate friend groups so there’s not practical reason for staying friends. We reconnected a few years ago but over the Pandemic we have ramped up to talking quite a bit. For awhile it was just a meme or a comment every few days but recently he’s been contacting me multiple times a day. Some of the stuff he sends are definitely references to things we did together and one was even a reference to the nickname he used to call me. He asks a lot about when I’m moving to his state and has offered to help me find roommates as well as help me network with his friends. I asked him why he still talks to me since our break up was so messy and he said he was very heavily influenced by our relationship and that talking to me feels familiar and comfortable. He has a new girlfriend and he’ll post lovey dovey stuff about them to his story but when talking about his life directly to me never mentions her. Not even in passing. We’ve been discussing a lot more personal topics lately and I feel like when he tells me about his life but not her it’s very deliberate. I like talking to him as my friend but I feel like he has ulterior motives and is waiting to see me in person again to decide how he wants to proceed.

No. 207891


yes you're right he's keeping you on the backburner in case the new girl doesn't work out. Why are you letting him? Surely his friendship isn't that magical and special that it's worth it to be the "just-in-case" his current girl figures out how worthless he is and drops him.

No. 207910

really? now I have to stare at two moids kissing whenever I want to read this thread. also why you gotta do my man walt like this. 1/10

No. 207911

Totally agree with >>207891

No. 207960

For those who remember I'm the "anon that got invited to live with a Sugar Couple" from last thread.
After a weekend of deliberation I'm going to accept her proposal. Wish me luck, since I clearly lack the mental fortitude to do another thing. Will try to keep you updated in a week or two.

No. 207961

I don't think it's wise but at least try to keep yourself safe and don't do shit you don't want to do. While you're there, try to organize a way out so you can if need be.

No. 207965

I've had an ex do something similar. I knew he had a gf and I could see that on fb but he talked about his life just somehow avoiding any mention of her. I thought he was only being mindful of my feelings but so much time had passed so it shouldn't require all that tiptoeing aroung my feelings. Then one day he sent me a gift. He'd sent me a couple small gifts before that too, housewarming gift, birthday etc. I thought he had woken up and stopped being an asshole who uses people. I was getting gifts and I wasn't giving gifts back but he gave anyway. It was nice to feel somewhat compensated for the shit he put me through years earlier.

This time the courier rang him that morning because they couldn't find my house and he gave them his phone number not mine.. he was likley still in bed with the gf that morning when the courier rang and when he awkwardly then rang me whispering and asking if I got the item I realized he was being very careful not to let her find out. He was almost caught that morning though. I then remembered our breakup and him weirdly saying "someday we'll maybe meet again and it'll work" Again I thought he was saving my feelings with this odd statement but now I get it. Men really are more likely to do that shit, to keep up with you and show you small acts of kindness purely on the off chance that it pays off and he can smoothly dump any current girl who is getting stale and recycle you. It's less about wanting love or friendship and it's more about never wanting to be left with a sexual partner.

They'll hang on to a girl they're not even feeling anymore and just stay put til the next (or the recycled) woman is lined up ready to get with them. Acting like a changed man while he's betraying his current gf because he has a whole plan worked out.

No. 207970

Why waste your youth on sex crazed boomers? Better start looking for therapists in your area too while you're accepting their proposal.

No. 207971

When should I start using pet names and saying "I love you"? I'm in my first relationship ever as a 21 year old and I just don't know what to do with these things…I'm really scared that my inexperience is going to cause problems.

No. 207973

It's a very personal thing but I personally see it as a red flag if either party says "I love you" before like the 4-6 month mark. Pet-names are different, you can have a goofy nickname for your significant other pretty early on (as long as they don't mind)

No. 207974

Let him say it first, unless you're with a woman. In that case say it whenever is natural, this is usually a few months is a good amount of time.

No. 207975

I will try to figure something out in this manner, thanks for caring

As I said last thread, I lost my job, don't have money to pay rent and eviction is due day 15 of October. I'm living at a big city to attend Uni, but don't want to go back to my hometown because shitty family and because if I leave, I loose my free spot at the Uni and would need to reapply to it again and pass it again. Also looking for another job/place is has been hard, rent is all on the 600+ and work is scarce since the economy is still felling from the covid lockdowns.
It's not my ideal scenario, but given my options, and the fact that I'll keep attending Uni and even have more time to delicate myself to it, it's the """"""""""""lesser evil"""""""""""""""""

No. 207982

File: 1633359242567.jpg (85.92 KB, 600x399, self sufficient.jpg)

My boyfriend is illogical and irresponsible.
He's really anxious about saving the planet and degradation of the environment. It's been a central concern for him for actual years, more than a decade actually. But he lives in the city doing some useless fucking job. We never talk about it but we did today, I tell him that if he's that terrified of an oncoming environmental catastrophe, it'd be a good idea to have the project to buy some land in the country with a spring, renovate or build a home, have chickens and whatnot, solar panels etc, plant vegetables, learn to do useful things.
He looks at me like I have 3 heads and tells me he'd rather vote green like that's going to change anything. He also doesn't get that's it's always dangerous to live in a fragile economy working a tertiary job with zero manual skills to offer when you're not one of the 1%. He tells me he has savings at the bank like they're not numbers on a screen that can disappear the instant shit goes sideways.
I know how environmentally conscious he is, yet he lives in a way that guarantees he's in deep shit if his fears are true, ie apartment life in the city where during a collapse there's no community or mutual assistance and famines and conflict and every suffering you can imagine.
I try my best to have my values influence the way I live (I also worry about the environment even though it's not my most pressing concern/mission for the world and society) and it demotivates me to see he does nothing of his own values. It's even stupider because I would be down to do some electricity work and put fencing and cook and pickle stuff and garden.
I feel like I'm the only adult. It's one thing not to take care of yourself, but I'm also sad that he doesn't care about what becomes of ME if a catastrophe of his caused by environmental disregulation struck.

No. 207985

When do I know when to give up on my crush? We've known each other for a couple of years but never been that close. We are part of the same group gaming together so I have a chance to get closer to him. But I've talked to him a few times in his DMs but I never really receive any messages from him. And we only really play together when the group gets together. I've never really gone after someone before so I don't really know what I'm doing. Any advice would be appreciated.

No. 207986

>it'd be a good idea to have the project to buy some land in the country with a spring, renovate or build a home, have chickens and whatnot, solar panels etc, plant vegetables, learn to do useful things.
ot but god I want to do this so bad.

No. 207987

>>it'd be a good idea to have the project to buy some land in the country with a spring, renovate or build a home, have chickens and whatnot, solar panels etc, plant vegetables, learn to do useful things.
Do you happen to be bi? Asking for a friend.

No. 207988

I'm not bi but I pray you are able to do this with someone you love. It's actually heartwarming to see there are anons who want to live meaningfully. I have to be in the city and while I'm here I try to spend my time in a way that benefits society but maybe in a few years we'll have bordering lands and swap preserves for eggs lol

No. 207989

wait at least a month or two.

No. 207990

Wait, I'm confused, is this IN the relationship, or just while you're seeing someone/going out with them? Because usually I say "I love you" early on, but that's after seeing them after 6 months or so.

No. 207998

Nta but having been in a situation myself where I was in between places, worried sick about making rent and with a housing shortage in my area.. I dated an older guy who I would've not dated otherwise. I got 3 years of free rent out of it but tbh I felt trapped for probably 2 out of those 3 years. Trapped but by my own hands as much as his. I don't know if it was worth it. Most days I'd say it wasn't given I constantly ruminate over the low level abuse I didn't even recognise til I was out. I paid a bigger emotional price than he did with just his money.

I hope for the best for you but do make an escape plan in advance. Too many people take advantage by trapping young women using financial obstacles. And they make it seem appealing on the surface.

No. 208038

Ever heard the phrase "if he wanted to he would"? He's had plenty of opportunity to get closer to you and ask you out, but he hasn't. I know it's popular in this libfem era for women to pursue men but speaking as someone who's done that multiple times and correspondingly had multiple shitty relationships, I don't recommend it. I'm well aware men that approach first can be just as bad, but pursuing a guy guarantees nothing good. 1) He's just never been that into you and if he agrees to go out he's settling and keeping you around as free emotional labor + sex. Men do not have qualms about using and fucking women they don't even especially like to reap the benefits. Or 2) He does actually like you but doesn't possess the spine to speak a sentence or two of interest and risk rejection. Meaning his insecurity, fear and idiocy are all stronger than his desire to date you. Many women's first reaction to that is "aaw how cute poor thing I'll do the footwork for him." Bad idea. Do you want to date a man or a little pissbaby? These guys typically have mental issues that dramatically self sabotage the relationship and may destroy your own self confidence in the process. Not worth.
My rec? Let him go. Actively look to expand your hobbies, meet more guys, enjoy your life, and you will eventually find someone who is brave enough and excited enough about you that they will ask you out first. In a few days rather than a few years. I promise you there's better out there and you deserve to have a cute love story with a man who's crazy about you rather than one that starts with you holding a torch for some lukewarm gamer bro.

No. 208045

This x 100. I'm a bit older than the average lurker here and I've learned to spot a good man and relationship potential by seeing if he really puts in effort to introduce himself into your life, flirt with you politely (big indicator of what plans he has for you) and make things pleasant for you. Also, gamer guys, as much as I hate to say it considering I used to play a ton myself, are usually coomers and lazy. He's relegated you to a chick he plays games with so leave him at that too. You'll find better guys

No. 208051

I posted this in the vent thread but my ex who I still miss and have feelings for (broke up 7 months ago) recently followed me on insta, even though I told him I don't ever want to be friends and had been blocking him for a long time. I kinda initiated the breakup but it was mutual, during it he said he doesn't love me or something similar.

So I ignored him following me for a few days, after that he started watching my stories. I thought that he was trying to get me to interact so even though I was wary of checking his social media profiles, I thought he wouldn't add me if he had a new girl and thought I'd be safe to check out what he wants. I didn't wanna get back together but I was curious as to why is he pestering me again (he was randomly interacting with me before this too).
Turns out he has uploaded very lovey pictures of his very new gf and him and was probably trying to get me to see them. I even saw a picture of them kissing.
I hate it. It really broke my heart again.
Why did he do this? Why follow his ex when he has someone new, isn't that disrespectful to her?
Is this normal behavior for men? Or does he really want to be friends this much? He said he didn't love me for a long time when I initiated the breakup so why does he keep trying to fucking be in some kind of contact?

I also don't really know how to get over this, I thought I was healed but I feel like this set me right back to the beginning. I cried over it like a dumb ass and I feel like I'm a loser being still alone when he has found someone.
How to get over seeing your ex you still kinda love with someone new?

No. 208056

Best to ignore him and not give him the satisfaction of knowing you looked. This is the crazy emotional shit men pull that they'll never admit to. If you call him out he'll only deny it, pretend he's so over you and just being a friend etc. Your own common sense tells you that's not true.

I had an ex be the one doing the dumping, he moved on real quick, treated me like someone he couldn't stand to talk to and then kept messaging me for months once we were living on opposite ends of the country. I think he wanted to make sure I was still single (cause he's not so big win for him) I let him stay in touch to see what he wanted. The moment I got a new gf I never heard from him again. His gf never stopped him messaging but mine sure did. Stupid games. He wants to make sure you're not thriving without him essentially.

No. 208057

Thanks. I know that is the right idea logically, it's just in my experience the only 2 guys that showed enough interest in me to tell me were sex offenders. Not even joking, one was sending nudes to minors and the other roofied a girl and raped her so not a good track record so far. I should just stick to women at this point

No. 208108

it's completely normal to not talk to your partner during working hours right?

No. 208109

Of course, specially if you really have to focus, like, imagine being a surgeon, and stopping an open heart surgery to reply to a text message from your partner asking if there’s any toilet paper left in the garage.
Or being in the middle of a meeting with an important client for a multinational company and telling them to shut the fuck up because bae wants to know if you want pizza rolls for dinner.

No. 208111

>I should just stick to women at this point
No, don't settle with women as a consolation prize. Why are people so fucking desperate to get into any relationship? Think about what you need in your partner and drop anyone who doesn't meet those needs, it's that simple. You may have to spend time and effort looking but it's better than settling for a crappy relationship that won't add to your life.

No. 208115

Unless you're actually bi, no.

No. 208116

my job is really chill and i can respond to texts whenever i want i guess i just wanted to know if it's okay if i don't sometimes considering i am at work still

No. 208121

Nta. Of course it okay to not reply during work hours but do keep in mind that it's a bit of a you reap what you sow. If you generally reply to people/your partner during work hours because your job is really chill, you do create a reasonable expectation that you will respond during working hours.

No. 208124

Yes it's normal. You typically aren't attached at the hip to a partner all day. Just talk to him/her if you want to and if you have the time. Assuming they work too or have at least their own things going on, they likely aren't expecting you to have as much conversation as you would outside of work unless it's just casual chatter.

No. 208141

I don't need advice but I don't know where this question belongs
Is it normal for a guys underwear to smell like piss? Is it just because they don't wipe or what

No. 208143

I am bi

No. 208144

Didn't mean it as a consolation prize. I mean instead of splitting my time and energy between the two sexes to just focus all of it into women. It would just be nice to be wanted for once

No. 208173

That's completely fine anon.

No. 208180

I'm scared to introduce my bf to my family. I grew up christian and kept these values all my life but my mother dropped religion and became a spiritual flat earther + dad is atheist. my whole family is racist and make fun of believing in God now. my bf is muslim and very understanding and says he won't mind but I dont want them to say this embarrassing shit to/in front of him

No. 208182

Unless you plan on converting your bf is going to dump you eventually

No. 208213

Muslim men use western women as playthings until they secure a marriage. Be careful as they know how to act sincere and romantic, but they are the coldest discarders. Have you met his parents?

No. 208229

You should be careful with muslim men. I've seen my white christian born and raised friend get converted to the islam when she dated a muslim man, it was as if she got indoctrinated into a cult. Then he cheated on her with a "true muslim" who he married.

No. 208259

This is true, muslim men have a disgusting attitude to non-muslim women and women in general. They think only a "pure" muslim woman is worthy of marrying, meanwhile they themselves can do whatever the fuck they want.

No. 208270

He probably leaves the last piss drops to fall on it, and doesn't clean his dick after pissing, so at least a drop or two might stay in it.
Total scrote behavior, man lack the basic hygiene you would expect from a normal grown up
But how do you know it smells like it?

No. 208271


I'll be a little hard with you annonete but he is probably just using your for sex or for a recreational relationship. After he gets from you what he wants he will call you a whore on your face and leave to marry some cloistered 18yr muslim girl that got an arranged marriage.

Also, If you are a devote christian, why are you even dating a Muslim in the first place?

No. 208301

Has anyone ever regretted staying with a partner who years into the relationship decided they no longer wanted kids while they themselves were on the fence about kids?
Minor background I have PCOS so fertility has always been a sore spot and am hitting the baby manic age of 30 this year. On top of chronic health issues didn't treat my body well as a youngin so feel like I'm in the last 5 or so years of even safe pregnancy.

No. 208304

Depends but generally yes. As other anons have said if its a focus based job or personal phones frowned upon kinda workplace definitely.
Even if it's a more relaxed setting some just see work hours as their time away from spouse.

Have you told him thid is how he makes you feel?
I feel for you anon I dream of the buying land and doing for myself life but my partner is a city boy who wants fiber internets and hates doing 'burbs level of property maitaince.
You have to think about what matters more to you if he won't smarten up sadly.

No. 208313

I got married when I was only 22 and my partner was 24. We were on the same page not wanting kids and then 2 years into the marriage he admitted he had kinda lied and so he left. Turns out he was on the fence and saying otherwise to please me? It was shitty for me at the time but I do think wanting a kid isn't something you should ever give up for another person. You could waste your fertile years with someone only to get dumped by them. I don't see it as something to compromise on.

Do you think the number 30 is just scaring you though? Like do you flip flop on your feelings about it? Since reaching my 30s I have rare moments where biology is finally nagging me but I know deep down I don't genuinely desire motherhood and all that it entails. It's a headfuck to deal with.

No. 208321

I have always kinda flip flopped for various reasons. In my teens I never wanted kids and saw my infertility as a bonus to that goal.
Late teens I was in my first serious adult relationship and pretty much knew if I couldn't give that partner kids it would not last so I really pushed myself on the healthy train to try and work towards that which funny enough is when my health started to get worse lol and then I left him for other reasons.
Early-ish 20s ended up getting married for the wrong reasons and when it was good kids were discussed but I wasn't 100% on board but knew I had time.
Mid 20s meet current partner, he always talked about family naming traditions for kids ect in the earlier years then fast forward to about a year, year and a half now he says he doesn't think he wants kids.
I think mostly I was always leaning more towards not having kids but would be willing for my partner and if my health would allow. Put a lot of time into researching how I could help make that possible over the years and really tried to follow through on what I thought would help but definitely the past few years been feeling that clock ticking louder. Didn't help my 1st ex had his kid with the gf that came after me during this time and family is all having their 2nd and 3rd kids.
There is definitely a small part of me that thinks I want children and then just all the reality sets in.
Costs, my health, my partner not wanting them, both of us have shit tier genes and both families being a bit whacky. Also with current partner I would be in a different country than my family.
On top of all this my partner and I have been in a LDR for the 6 years we have been together and things have been tough last year so there's lots of small variables running around in my mind too.
When we had the first serious chat after he said he changed his mind he made it out more like he would be fine if we didn't have kids but if somehow we did conceive we would go from there.
Most recent convo he is willing to get snipped which to ne sounds like he's made up his mind.

Sorry for the novel. I have like no one irl to talk about this with and I think its mostly just my body just trolling me a bit as well as and this is going to sound kinda dumb but watching RawBeautyKristi on youtube and her struggles and then her honesty post-partum about why she may not have another child just kinda intensified the weird flip floppy feelings I had lol.
I don't think my current partner would leave me honestly and so that also weighs on me because I know if I want to try for kids it won't be with him.

Thank you for your reply!

No. 208330


some of you sound kind of racist. I appreciate the concern but we've been together for years and his parents want us to get married already. It's 2021 he's not fresh off the boat damn. It's my parents that are the problem..

No. 208331

File: 1633548317283.jpeg (107.41 KB, 1100x824, I am confusion.jpeg)

I thought of my old high school boyfriend for the first time in awhile and saw via facebook that a.) he's single and b.) lives in the same town as me. We dated my freshman and sophomore years, but broke up as he was more mature (a year ahead of me), I wasn't ready emotionally to have sex and he was. It was a fairly amicable breakup (in that there was no post-break up fighting) but it being my first really hurt, so I did the old 'unfriend on fb and never talk again' routine.
I went overseas after high school and have only recently returned within the last year (for good though, thanks 'rona). It's been about 10 years and I'm interested in reconnecting with him (just to see if we'd even be compatible anymore I guess, a lot can change in that time), should I send him a "Hey how've you been?" message? I already sent him a friend request and he did accept it…I guess I just don't know if that'd be weird or not.

No. 208333

Do it!

No. 208336

I find being hung up about school crushes weird, and, depending on the grade the initial crush happened, even creepy, if I'm being honest. Considering he did accept your request though, maybe he'll be open to it. It'd still first scout his friend list (if it's publicly accessible) to see if he accepts just about everyone or if it's only people he has a possibility of knowing though.

No. 208340

>I was immature for not wanting to have sex as a literal child at 14/15, he was so worldly for being a horny teenage male
Every day I am more traumatized by this timeline

No. 208342

I thought the same.

No. 208378

I recently stopped shaving my legs and armpits and my boyfriend obviously doesn’t like it as he’s male. He is very sweet and supportive to me and takes very good care of me, and he said he will do it for me every day if I don’t want to, but it’s more about normalizing seeing body hair on women for me than not wanting to shave. He even said he would shave his if I shave mine. I feel like he’s giving good compromise options, but I really don’t want to submit to the retarded pedo society shit when men don’t have to. What should I do?

No. 208380

Tell him your reasoning? A lot of people think women not shaving is a statement that they're letting themselves go and don't want to take care of themselves (retarded, I know), and not so much that they hate the appearance of it. Basically, if he is as great as you say, then he'll understand your reasoning. Imo, men only deserve to be called "sweet" and "supportive" if they act that way when you aren't bending over backwards sexually to please them.

No. 208382

Yes I completely agree. Usually people are accustomed to praising the first penis that isn’t beating them, and I’ve been there so I am diligent about holding standards. I didn’t know if I was being unreasonable because I understand that it is going to be unattractive to him and I would find it unattractive if he shaved his head or something. I told him my reasoning and he says he finds it unattractive. I feel very conflicted. I may just keep doing it and see if he gets used to it? Thank you for your input, anon.

No. 208385

You can do that and he will have to accept it. You just have to accept the fact that he might not find you attractive any more if you become a hairy ape.

No. 208387

>He even said he would shave his if I shave mine
Hold him to this. See if he breaks when his bros start ragging him for being "gay" for grooming himself or the simple inconvenience of having to maintain a hairless body

No. 208394

Yo I would dump him for this, this is just adding insult to injury. He doesn't even shave for you but he's only willing to do it so you will keep up with his sexual preferences? He doesn't care to look good for you bestie

No. 208395

LOL anon you are so naive, I'm a brown person myself and so many of my muslim friends have stories about their men playing around with non-muslims before discarding them or forcing them to convert. Listen to those posters, they're giving you good advice

No. 208399

Honestly, this would really bother me too. He seems pretty shallow and petty about something as silly as body hair. Women are expected to tolerate men's body hair despite it being thick, unaesthetic, and smelly, yet he can't stand your natural body despite it being completely inoffensive? Some men really ruin it for themselves by being retarded, they don't deserve girlfriends. If you really want this scrote I'd say you stick by what you're doing now, he can fuck right off if he hates it that much.
>I would find it unattractive if he shaved his head or something
That's really not the same thing, shaving your head is completely drastic in comparison to a woman having her natural body hair…

No. 208400

Let me start out that I have a really sweet and caring boyfriend who is very romantic towards me. He is also super cute. We have interesting conversations a lot of the time. However, I feel like something is missing.

I don't really feel like my boyfriend is culturally, artistically, or spiritually curious. He doesn't know about art or culture, even pop culture. I wish I could talk to him about TV shows or movies, but he doesn't watch either, and he hated the one non-Hollywood movie I showed him, saying it was boring.

I think in a lot of ways, he's like a STEM lord, but he's not even good at those things. He went to college but never learned statistics nor basic calculus, which kinda lowers my opinion of him. He works with kids, but he's not gainfully employed, imo. I'm graduating college soon, but he doesn't seem interested in talking with me about my future career goals. He doesn't really seem to have a direction in life right now.

I also don't really like his political views. Usually I really like talking about politics, but my bf is just a normie liberal who still really hates Trump. Of course I don't really like Trump either but I find talking about him boring.

idk, I thought having a sweet, caring, and romantic guy would be all I need. But I think he is kind of boring and not really that impressive.

No. 208402

kek good idea, he would probably realize how much fucking time it wastes. he’s shaved my legs for me before and it took half an hour, I have long freakish spider legs and so does he.
He has a few times actually, he just doesn’t anymore because I stopped caring and realized shaving most parts of your body is unnecessary and weird. It was never daily, though, and my hair regrows to visibility daily.
Damn. Good point. My legs still look the same just with fucking hair on them. Fuck that. We talked about it a little more and he agreed that it’s societal and unfair but says he was raised in that society so that’s how he feels about it. When we have discussions about disagreements, we always come to a resolution, so I think you’re right and I should just hold out until he gets used to it and the association MALE… HAIR IS MALE! leaves his brain. It’s literally the same thickness as my arm hair which he does not care about at all, lol. Thanks, anons. Love ya. I think my mom gagging every time I see her got into my head a bit.

No. 208413

File: 1633588734342.jpeg (51.24 KB, 540x439, 4CAA3C2D-9F0A-48AF-AF4F-A8382A…)

My boyfriend left for the military and I held it together while he was here but I haven’t stopped crying for the last few days. I can’t think about anything else. Normally he would be the person I’d confide in, but he’s my only friend and now he’s gone. I just feel very lonely and sad.

No. 208421

Please tell me I did the right thing. I met someone through the internet. He lives on another continent but is my dream guy. I dreamt of moving to him. He told me he will visit me etc. We video call everyday until someday he had no more time. He answers maybe once a week with short sentences. I'm so hurt and check everyday if he is online and when he was online but didn't answer me I broke down crying. This went on for many months. I asked him why he doesn't just leave and that he can just leave me. But he said that he promised me to always be here for me. Yesterday I told him he should just leave me because I want to start to heal. Then he blocked me. And all I'm thinking now is how HE is feeling now.

No. 208424

It has nothing to do with racism, islam is a misogynistic belief system and muslim men treating non-muslim women as disposable is a well-known problem.
I wish you well but you should not be naive.

No. 208425

I'm sorry you're feeling sad anon, but please take this opportunity to develop more hobbies and foster more friendships (especially with other women). Maybe even therapy if the things you need to confide are more personal and touchy. No one should ever be so isolated as to have their partner as their sole point of comfort. They can be the most important person to you, but not the only connection. Especially for women. Being isolated is a huge factor when it comes to abuse, physical or psychological. Even assuming your boyfriend is a decent guy, you don't want to be so weak and dependent on him that you completely break down when he's not around. If you don't have enough self worth to think about that for your own well being, consider how much stress it puts on him to be the only person in the world that can comfort you. He's a partner, not a counselor. Of course he can help support you but you should be competent enough to care for yourself as well.

No. 208427

>He lives on another continent but is my dream guy.
No, he's not. The imaginary concept you've developed vaguely based on a stranger you've never met in person is your dream guy. In reality, all you know is that he's a liar (said he would visit but didn't), a flake (started ignoring you even when you were still "friends") and an asshole (expressed that he wanted to be with you but is now ghosting you). Yes, you did the right thing by telling him to leave you alone. Blocking is the best thing he could have done for you and you should return the favor. You are also right about needing to "heal" because developing this sort of limerence towards a random internet person is unhealthy and maladaptive. You need to make an effort to add fun, healthy, interesting activities to your life, because if it was more balanced in this first place you never would've started obsessing about a guy who lives halfway across the world. (And I speak from experience from someone who also obsessed over a LDR that actually changed to a horrendous in-person relationship. They are never as good as they portray themselves, and in this instance he hasn't even been able to maintain the mask online.)

No. 208428

File: 1633596710283.jpg (23.93 KB, 447x447, 15dd77553486a11ee50e34a3fb05ee…)

Anons, I need your stance on what would you do if you were in my place as I'm sure the people who could give the best advice in my situation are kind internet strangers. So:
> two years back, you meet a way younger guy, quickly start liking him as you have very little experience in relationships, he seems to be into the same romantic / sexual things you're into and you've always wanted to try dating a younger twinky guy and you needed a friend you could talk to anytime.
> immediately notice tiny red flags, but you're a very tolerating person and the guy seems to need to be taken care of and you want to do that.
> you go to another country to meet him, everything feels beautiful, you want to eat him up alive, but he wants to wait until marriage for sex and you're actually okay with it. You start paying for absolutely everything, he treats it as a natural thing and you guess it's okay (you keep paying for everything and sometimes giving him money for the next two years as well)
> after several months, you get to live together for a couple of months and you enjoy every day with him, but he starts feeling uncomfortable with you as he says that you aren't a compatible partner for him, he doesn't have enough topics to talk with you about, you have no intriguing passions or interests and that love can't be a warm and fuzzy feeling, there must be a solid base for his love for you and that he can't feel romantic love for you.
> You get crippled by sadness. However, everything gets fixed magically in a couple of months, he comes to stay with you for another month.
> You keep being sad and worried because you're afraid of anything repeating again, he soon gets tired and decides that he's too weak for a relationship with you, and isn't happy that you also don't provide any valuable activities and conversations.
> He tries talking to other women online, while staying in you apartment as well, you find out, your heart breaks. He begs not to leave him, of course you stay with him.
> In half a year he proposes to you, you arrange the marriage (everything is paid by you), less than two months left until the wedding and he says that he isn't sure anymore as you're too sad all the time and also you have developed nasolabial folds and that affects him badly.
> You become a crippled cripple. Dude says that he will do his best to sacrifice himself, find will and strength to be with you and to ignore your appearance and personality flaws and maybe will want to marry you, you just have to give him time to consider you.

What would you do? Should I give him time or do I deserve a slap in the face for letting this happen and cancel everything already?

No. 208430

I really really hope you're larping, if not here's your wake-up call. If you stay with this guy you're choosing to be with someone who
>Abuses you financially
>Emotionally abuses you and puts down your appearance and personality constantly
>Cheats on you by flirting with other women… while he's still mooching off your apartment
>Acts like being with you is a huge sacrifice so he can guilt trip you into thinking you don't deserve better when he knows full well he's using you as a free ride
Why do you hate yourself so much that you're confused about staying in this pathetic excuse of a relationship? Honestly this guy sounds like a fag (pretty, "twink" even as described by you, won't have sex, doesn't find you attractive) and like he's just looking to lock you down while scouting for his next sugar mama

No. 208433

File: 1633597820862.gif (110.47 KB, 220x165, psa48eeZTr1xa39cgo1_250.gif)

nonna, God knows I wish I was larping.
Well, the thing is that I love him very much, he says he loves me too and regrets all the bad thing he's done to me.
And it's not like he was completely uninterested in me sexually, though I myself haven't been sexually satisfied, well, ever in my life.
Also, I lived in his nice apartment for a while too, though I did buy him things, food and groceries.
And he wanted to marry me asap this summer and was upset that we have to wait over two months for our wedding, why would he do that if he only wanted me as a free ride.
Also, we're both Christians, so that affects my outlook too.
I do sound not sane, don't I?

No. 208438

>he wanted to marry me asap this summer
I mean that just sounds like he's now in a rush to legally secure you as his personal wallet, probably because you caught him talking to other women and are (rightfully) considering whether your should cut off his access to your money. Him allowing you to stay at his apartment for a small period of time while you were paying for countless other expenses does not somehow make this an equal relationship. Absolutely nothing about his behavior indicates love for you anon, I'm sorry. I'm sure in your heart you know that as well. If you're Christian then you believe love should be Christ-like, yes? And what does that look like? Kind, considerate, generous, prioritizing your partner's needs, responsible, trustworthy, supportive. Read everything you wrote in your first post again and understand that absolutely no one would believe he is any of those things to you. Truly, the fact that you've been willing to put up with his cruel and self-serving behavior - for years! - is indicative that you have absolutely no self esteem. Please cut this guy loose and cut all contact then get therapy or even read some books about healing your self image, because this is terrible treatment you should never have endured. At the least, you posting here shows you have some small seed of doubt that realizes you deserve so much better than this garbage. Trust in that.

No. 208439

File: 1633599457200.jpg (376.21 KB, 1024x768, 1564788788748.jpg)

Thank you for your time and caring infinitely, anon… Hope you'll have a great day and that lots of happiness is awaiting you

No. 208443

File: 1633600109808.png (152.89 KB, 381x256, 8409832094732057.png)

Please take care of yourself nonny and reach out to people irl if you can. Family, friends, a therapist, even church groups possibly (if they're not going to victim blame or tell you to continue serving your partner or some shit). You should have a support system to get through this and process everything. If you need to talk more I'll be around although I know the internet is a poor substitute for real contact. Know that you are strong enough to get through this even if it doesn't feel like it right now. You are a worthy person just for existing and deserve real love that makes you feel safe and happy, not drained and hurt. Wishing you all the best.

No. 208462

Some ideas:
- he accepts that you might not shave
- he can shave all your body everytime it is needed
- you can shave some parts and leave others out
- if you shave, he shaves

No. 208463

Hi, nonnas. I was in a relationship for six years, that ended this summer. It was for the best. I feel better without him. However, there is an ex classmate that I found on social media and I would like to message him. I just want to talk and maybe who knows? He used to be in love with me, but we haven't spoken since we graduated, which is more than a decade ago! Should I message him, or should I let bygones be bygones?
Before you suggest, I don't want to be on dating apps, neither am I super keen on dating per se. It's just that I feel bad I didn't give him a chance back then. Thanks in advance!

No. 208468

Honestly anon this doesn't sound like a good lonh term match and a lot of these annoyances will turn into resentment down the road unless he changes. Have you told him how all these things make you feel? Men are dumb and need to be told how to change then they decide if its worth changing or nah.

You did the right thing and once it stops hurting you will know you did.

Slap yourself because you knew better. Send him back home and find a better partner. He is asking for time to find a new sugar mama not consider you.

Nothing wrong with reaching out and letting nature take it's course. I say go for it anon.

No. 208483

File: 1633623008816.jpg (81.75 KB, 800x1400, kneeling.jpg)

thank you so so much for the encouragement both anons, I'm the anon who should slap herself. he would've let me stay in his place though, I'm not sure if he's looking for another woman already though, he seemed really into me for some time and says that he still really loves me and needs time to realize if he can be strong enough to provide me enough love. though he ignores my messages about wanting to love him and wanting to stay completely monogamous for him and missing being basically his mommy gf, or just responds 'sorry' to that. maybe I'm too demanding. oh, maybe even God doesn't know what the guy is thinking. though I am findig some strength in myself thanks to the help from people like you

No. 208491

If his attraction to you decreases from this leading to a break up… I wont even know what to say. Update us anon.

No. 208535

File: 1633655075354.jpg (42.94 KB, 732x714, 1613834314584.jpg)

How do you guys deal with a busy boyfriend? Boyfriend started a new contract which is with a high end artist that can benefit the company + pay, and because of that, this weekend's plans got cancelled and I'm sad about it.
I know I shouldn't complain and stuff since he does so much for me, but god does it hurt.

No. 208544

Hobbies and also ask if there anything you can do to help him that might also get you a little bit of sneaky face time with him like cooking him dinner or cleaning up his place.

No. 208562

Break up with him
Break up with him
Break up with him
Break up with him
Do better
Break up with him
Break up with him

Hope this helps, abandon all men as they will eventually do the same to you <3

No. 208569

>zero manual skills
Dump him. That's fucking pathetic that he doesn't know how to do ANYTHING but wants to be "environmentally friendly". He's full of shit, anon. Want to do a litmus test? See if he could live a week without internet, or hot water. He wouldn't last 48 hours; dump him.

No. 208570

sorry you got broken up with

No. 208573

She is right though 50% of all marriages end in divorce and another large percentage stay together but actively delude themselves or just hate each other's guts. The vast majority of people are not going to be the exception to the rule, especially when so many women choose to overlook glaring red flags from the sort of limp-wristed smeglords described itt. The things that get brought up here are so rarely rational and workable issues like "how can we make more time together" or "we already communicate well but what's the best way to share my feelings" but
>he's a porn addict and talking with other women behind my back
>he has a dead-end job but wants me to remain the primary breadwinner while raising 3 of his kids
>we're not technically together but he texts me every 8.2 weeks to ask for a booty call, he loves me right?
>he's 2 decades older than me and already has a wife but says we're soulmates, other people just don't understand
>I've never actually met him in person and he's a Muslim radical but I can fix him
Like yes the men are horrendous but the absolute state of women that so many eagerly accept shit like this makes me want to give anons a lobotomy because even that would improve their standards

No. 208615

men are dogs but at least you can pick the better ones (the ones that are already somewhat tamed or tameable). Most cases in this are resolved by "tell him X is not ok as it is or break up".

No. 208618

Blame society for making people so scared of being alone that they would rather be with some horrible cad. Out of my 9 aunts/uncles, the only one still married to their first spouse is my one crazy republican aunt, and they have screaming matches all the time but are in too much credit card debt to afford a divorce.

Imo, people settle way too easily. All the time you spend in a relationship with some dillhole you can maybe tolerate, or even sometimes like, is time that you're passing a better partner by. All the time you spend just letting someone be a little shit and not confeonting them about it is time you'll never get back.

Imo, if some shitty behavior ticks you off, don't hold back for a second from criticizing it. Be ready & willing to argue. People can & do change but you don't know if they will until you try, and you just gotta rip that bandaid off and see what happens.

No. 208644


Anon here
Just to keep you updated and know that I'm well.
This week I moved out of my old apartment since eviction date was day 15, but since the next two weeks are filled with Uni exams, I decided to move out early so I get more time to study. Mary helped me with my things ( a backpack with some personal stuff and a suitcase with my clothes, the furniture came with the apartment).
Things have been fine this week, situation is still a bit weird for me but nothing bad happened. I got my own room in a guest bedroom in their apartment. The room is located in the end of a corridor, with their bedroom being on the other end of it. They gave me a key-chain with: A key of my room, so I can lock it whenever I want,a apartment key and two keys for the building front and service gates.
I think they are somewhat conscious of my weariness, since no sexual advance has been made toward me until the moment. Mary still talks to me like normal, asking if I'm comfortable and if I needed anything else and other general stuff we use to talk about. Joe on the other hand barely talks to me, he greets me and other normal stuff, asked me if I'm fine and all, but outside this small chit-chat we didn't interact.
I'm getting used to their routine but still spend most of my time in my new bedroom doing my things.
Things are "normal" since, they follow their routine almost religiously, and I'm more "invited to take part" instead of obliged to.
Mary and I have a "ladies bathroom" while Joe has his own.
Outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner we don't spend too much time together.
They cook for me too, so there's that. Both go to the gym are are very into the "fitness lifestyle", so I pretty much only ate healthy homemade food this week, hadn't ate this well before.
The only "bad" thing that happened and will keep on happening is that if I take off my earphones or mute whatever I'm watching on my PC during 11:30 to 12:00 I can clearly hear them having sex in their bedroom, which kinda reminds me of my old apartment since the walls were paper thin and I could hear almost everyday one of the neighbors having sex.

No. 208657

>like cooking him dinner or cleaning up his place
anon isn't his mother or maid. That's essentially doing free labour so he can do labour that gets paid, especially the cleaning part.

No. 208664

So you are becoming a sort of pet in the house?

No. 208673

I know this sounds bad but does anyone else find it weird to date someone who is a super positive person? This guy I'm interested in and have known for years is just like the epitome of a golden retriever, just loyal and good and kind but almost to a fault. Sometimes I just want to shoot the shit and shit-talk another person or vent in a really destructive shitty way but he can't ever talk about other people negatively and always tries to spin things in a positive light. I almost feel like a psychopath but this man is too good.

No. 208675

I used to feel that way, thinking people who were optimistic all the time were annoying or even dense, but now I realize it was just because I was in a shitty destructive place myself. I would kill to have a super kind and upbeat partner to talk me up and help keep me positive after wasting years around other pessimists that just kept me miserable. Venting is very overrated, it doesn't help and makes you feel shittier (https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/venting-just-makes-you-more-miserable-science-shows.html). You can discuss stressful things but it's better to do so in a constructive way and it sounds like he actually helps with that, which is so rare in general and especially with men

No. 208688

The only way it can be bad is if he can't process any negative emotion at all. As in, you have something serious to bring up and he just tries to brush you off or ignore the problem in favor of being more "positive." I'm only saying this because I had a ex who pretended to be positive, but was really just avoidant and would NOT be able to deal with negative emotions/situations. It's a huge sign of immaturity. My boyfriend now is actually very positive (not in a fake way), he has a full range of emotions but just chooses not to dwell in negative shit. He brings a lot of light and joy to my life. That is worth more than any retarded amount of gossip or venting. Shit never even makes you feel good.

No. 208726

File: 1633746223895.png (416.98 KB, 647x593, 1612302631633.png)

Me and my gf have been together for almost a year, and we're really happy together, but whenever things get steamy she always grabs/pulls at the fat on my torso.
I'm a healthy weight, but I do have some anachan history, and my gf is taller and thinner than me. It's really hard not to let her pinching my fat get to me; it makes me feel like she'd be more attracted to me if I lost weight.
Can anybody tell me what pinching someone's body fat means? She never gives me any other clues that she secretly doesn't like my body but it's still hard for me to cope with or understand this. Help pls!

No. 208727

>Joe on the other hand barely talks to me, he greets me and other normal stuff, asked me if I'm fine and all, but outside this small chit-chat we didn't interact
No shit, he's waiting to fuck you, shows how little he gives a fuck about you.

No. 208730

>whenever things get steamy she always grabs/pulls at the fat on my torso.
>it makes me feel like she'd be more attracted to me if I lost weight.
Are you retarded? So she's horny, she's grabbing at your body, and somehow that means she doesn't like those particular parts of your body??? Do you actively seek out body parts that turn you off during sex? If she refused to touch those areas, then maybe you could think she's not a fan, but jesus christ. I hope you're not actually this obtuse and are playing dumb for validation.

No. 208735

I think the most reasonable thing to do would be to talk to her about it, to ask her if she does so because she is attracted to it or because she might find it attractive (which would be a giant red flag, by the way).

I understand you because I also had a past with ED and it is very difficult to change that thought pattern, it basically spoils your whole sense of body perception. But considering that your relationship is more than a year old, it's important to maintain good communication with your partner, especially in this kind of insecurities, even if they don't seem like it over the long term, they can trigger you into another ED episode.

No. 208748

>ask her if she does so because she is attracted to it or because she might find it attractive (which would be a giant red flag, by the way).

Nta, why would being attracted to your gf's torso and wanting to pinch it be a red flag? Explain

No. 208754

Your question is the equilavent of seeing a fish swim in the water and asking if it secretlty doesn't like the water.

No. 208777

"I'm in the water, meh I guess i'll swim then"

No. 208779

Fucking I guess, I think >>208735 is right that it's because I have no idea how to perceive a body, even an attractive one, outside of 'skinnier than me' or 'fatter than me'. >>208730 >>208754
I'm definitely projecting my body issues onto our relationship but I'm gonna stop acting like it's based in anything Thanks for your help

No. 208803

I've only ever been on two relationships and I've never broken up with someone. How do you do it when you still care about the other person? We've been together for ten years but I'm finally realizing there's no way around our incompatibilities and he will never stop being a man child.

No. 208804

File: 1633797128212.jpg (338.27 KB, 800x1181, f0c.jpg)

Is it controlling if your partner expects you to be in bed with them every single night?
Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch while watching tv and my partner gets extremely hurt about it and guilts me. Sometimes when she goes upstairs to bed, she'll quip "See you tomorrow evening," because she knows I might fall asleep watching tv on my weekend off and so if she's gotta work a morning or mid shift she won't 'see' me until when she gets out of work despite the fact that we always kiss each other goodbye.

We're just a little too old to be having separation issues like this. I feel that unless I'm spending every single night on the couch alone that me sleeping down here once or twice a week shouldn't be such a big deal. I usually do it because late night is my time to watch something. From the moment we're together at home we're around each other at every waking moment (she doesn't have friends outside work acquaintances so I understand why she's more lonely). We watch dozens of hours of tv together, we take walks, etc. I could understand the gripe if we never spent time together but we always do.
I don't know what to say that's reasonable, I feel like I've tried explaining why I do this before yet she just made me feel guilty.
Last night we were watching tv together and when she got up to use the bathroom, she came back buck naked expecting to fuck around. I told her I was on my period and not very in the mood anyway, I wound up falling asleep on the couch so I think I made her feel rejected based on the look she gave me this morning when she came to kiss me on the couch before work…but like?
Am I really in the wrong? I need the decompress time.

No. 208807

I don't see a problem with it if it happens occasionally. If it happens all the time and you already don't spend a lot of time together, then yeah maybe she has a point although she doesn't have the healthiest way of communicating it to you.

No. 208813

File: 1633799394333.jpg (501.55 KB, 1536x2048, 1630694162591.jpg)

My boyfriend had a dream where he was at a candy store, and I was being sold as candy, while wearing skimpy clothing. In this dream, he wants me, buys me, and takes me home.
What does this mean?

No. 208817

I wouldn't draw any conclusions from dreams anon, not even scientist fully understand dreaming. Unless you're superstitious about dreams having meaning I guess.

No. 208821

peepee itchy

No. 208825

I'm kind of superstitious, in my culture this type of dream tends to be a bad sign, but it could just be me

No. 208826

I’ve dealt with this exact same situation (I could sleep on the couch with the tv on every night) and imo it’s an introvert/extrovert issue. My partner is great and all, but like you, I also need recharge time alone. Recharge time for her is time with you and sometimes it’s hard for extroverts not to take that personally. Even if you’re spending a lot of time together otherwise, a lot of extroverts really want that closeness when they go to bed. It’s easy for us as introverts to say “we already spend a lot of time together” because that isn’t recharge time for us.

I think you both should understand the other one better. You should realize why she’s hurt, she should realize why you’re not trying to hurt her and also not guilt you. I was able to compromise, I come to bed more and don’t sleep on the couch as much, but I use my earbuds and phone to watch my bullshit in bed.

No. 208837

Dreaming, as it is understood right now, is just the brain processing data and information, which tends to result in odd dreams. I don't know if this will reassure you but I don't think there's any scientific proof dreams could be predicting/sign towards something bad happening in the future. I guess it would be fine to be tentatively careful if you genuinely think it's a bad sign I think his day to day words and actions are more telling than a one-off weird dream.

No. 208843

It's no skin off your back to change this one sloppy habit of yours and make her feel less rejected. Once or twice in a blue moon on the couch is fine, but once or twice a week is way too much.

No. 208844

File: 1633815296786.gif (222.58 KB, 250x179, tumblr_ff75fa35ee8d24fcd550485…)

idk how to motivate myself to date. the process of getting to know someone and trying to find chemistry is so fucking boring. playing 20 questions is so fucking boring.

i also want to try dating women but they intimidate me more than men. i actually want to impress women whereas i couldn't care less about what men think of me and find them annoying more often than women.

No. 208848

So don't date? No one needs a partner.

No. 208852

I usually think the same. I just want someone to care about me and listen to my shit, but most of the people around me are already paired up and busy with their partner's emotional life. If I went out on the street and randomly pointed at a dude, it'd probably have just as much of a chance of working out as trying to carefully select through online dating. The closest I have to intimacy right now is a fucking online crush, even though I'm usually the first in line to shit on long distance relationships.

No. 208854

but like… i'd like to have one. i just dislike the process

i'm privileged enough to have great friends that are single but damn i just want someone to connect with romantically and sexually.

No. 208898

I'm in the same camp as the anon who said don't date but for me that doesn't mean you can't or don't still make efforts to meet potential partners. The best way to find someone is to expand your social circle, take up more hobbies, volunteer, go to meet ups and events, and just introduce yourself to people organically. It's way more enjoyable to meet people as a part of activities you'd normally be doing anyway. You get to see them in the real world, interacting with others, get to know them as part of a group and see if they work as a friend first rather than feeling you immediately have to size them up as partner material through carefully curated dates.

No. 208902

>we were watching tv together and when she got up to use the bathroom, she came back buck naked expecting to fuck around. I told her I was on my period and not very in the mood anyway, I wound up falling asleep on the couch
Ouch. No one is obligated to have sex with their partner every time they feel like it but it's kind of sad she made herself vulnerable expecting her partner to be excited then just got bluntly rejected. Maybe you could specifically schedule certain days you plan on not going to bed with her? If she knows it's coming she won't feel blindsided and you get your alone time guilt free.

No. 208941

File: 1633876347950.jpg (148.01 KB, 1300x866, 93267895-old-age-people-and-li…)

Anons in long term relationships, how do you feel after many years have passed? Do you miss how "honeymoon period" felt like? Have hardships influenced the way you feel about your partner? In what way you keep the relationship feel romantic, not like just a strong friendship?
It's my first time to date anyone for longer than 2 years and I'm curious how it is for other people, since obviously it's different than in short term relationships and I think I need to sort out some of my feelings here.

No. 208946

I've been with my boyfriend for a decade now and while I miss the butterflies, the relationship has evolved into a deep understanding of each other. He feels like home and he feels the same way about me. We're both not overly romantic people but we still make sure to have special date nights every so often. Remember that it takes work on both sides to keep the romance alive, but it's so worth it. I hope you find happiness anon.

No. 208964

In my last relationship I was a night owl and he started work way earlier than me. I remember we had to discuss it because it definitely was an issue at times. I basically learnt that in his mind it was read as me 'avoiding intimacy' He thought I was staying out there half the night all because I was just that determined to avoid sex. He fell asleep thinking I found him gross. It wasn't about that so we figured that at his bedtime I'd go in and if at all in the mood we'd do something, even if it's just quick oral for him. If I really wasn't in the mood we'd cuddle and just make an effort to end the night nicely.

He'd doze off satisfied and I'd get up and have my solo hours then.

No. 208978

Thank you! It sounds so good and comforting what you have in your relationship; I hope for the same for myself

No. 208980

After five years, I still get the butterflies. We fight, we have problems, but still talk a lot about our feelings with sincerity, we flirt a lot. The Morticia and Gomez relationship I could never think of.
It helps a lot listening to each other without judgement and voice our concerns and divergences.
We both grew up in extremely toxic environment and decided that we never wanted to fall into those patterns.

No. 209081

I'm not actually sure if I want advice or just to rant. I simply dont know what to do.

I am mid-twenties and a postdoctoral researcher in science. In my uni department, my research group (from PhDs to professors) is about 16 men and then me (female). I cannot stop thinking about one of the Assist. Profs.

I don't know how old he is, but judging on his PhD thesis date he's going to be mid thirties. He's not conventionally physically attractive but he wont leave my head. He is insanely intelligent and is very young to be this high up the academia career ladder. I usually dont like when men are balding but on him I do not care. He's got the most interesting mouth and jaw, I've wondered what it'd feel like between my legs.

Today I sat at my desk trying to find the error in a calculation I have been working on but my mind kept wandering off. Sometimes I simply fantasized us in my favourite coffee shop, sometimes I was thinking back to conversations we'd had previously to "relive" them, but most of the time I was picturing him fucking me over his desk. A month or so ago we were in a boring meeting. He sat next to me (I'd like to say it was deliberate but I dont want to trick myself as it was likely chance) and lent back in his chair and put his hands behind his head. His shirt became slightly untucked from his suit trousers and out of the corner of my eye I saw his briefly his boxers. Why is it that the smallest thing does it for me so much?

I'm a capable scientist. I've won multiple awards, publish lots etc. I've even worked with a Nobel prize winner. But none of this matters; I see him in the corridor of our offices and I feel like a 15 year old girl again. I fell asleep thinking about him last night. Specifically him leaning back on that chair. I think whether that'd be the pose he'd do as I fellate him.

I'm under the impression that he's single, others in our group have mentioned how they wish they knew someone to set him up with. He's mentioned an ex-girlfriend in conversation previously so he likes women.

He seems to like me as a person - over summer break we would sit and eat together at lunch. I used to dread if someone would walk into the room as ask to join us. He'd once referenced a book in conversation, I was amazed as it was my favourite book - one that isn't well known and I'm always telling people to read. I'd liked him as a person for long before then, but that weird book moment was the one when I'd thought of him in a sexual light. Of course, I wondered, and still do wonder, if we was being polite during lunches. I cannot tell. We have the same humor and can sustain conversation for a long time. A few months ago an asshole in my department walked in and shouted at me, he defended me and went on to put a complaint into the department about said dickhead. There's so much I don't know about him and I want to know everything. I really have to suppress the female-autism when I speak to him so I don't splerg.

What do I do? There's a good chance he's not interested at all. Maybe he's just polite to the younger members of staff, including me, to humor us. Maybe he does like me, but as a person. Maybe he likes me as something more. Do I make reasons for us to spend time together?

There's meant to be a research group meal and drinks event soon. I'm going to put a little bit of pressure on the organizer to get it planned.

No. 209110

File: 1633990284582.png (346.41 KB, 367x399, 2358486485675475.png)

>we'd do something, even if it's just quick oral for him.
Glad to hear this one's an ex

No. 209111

I had the same reaction anon.

No. 209122

Always astounds me how men don't care if their partner is underwhelmed, checked out or completely turned off during sex. I can't even get aroused much less orgasm if a partner isn't all but tearing my pants off. Guy thought she might be avoiding him entirely to get out of it, so rather than upping his game to build her desire, he whined until she added a blowjob on the nightly to-do list right alongside brushing her teeth. Nothing says "intimacy" like guilt-tripped, unreciprocated obligation oral. Could've had the same level of emotional connection with his hand but I guess that was too much effort.

No. 209128

I've always wanted a partner who is somewhat close to my age, since I'm not really attracted to men too much older than me and I believe the less of an age gap there is, the better the chances of it working out will be.
But recently I met a guy 7 years older than me, and when we spoke about relationships and what we want out of them, for the first time in my life it felt like someone finally understood me and what I want.
The type of partner I want already seems extremely rare.
We even talked about some obscure interests, and he's the only other person I've met as into them as I am.
He would honestly be my perfect partner if only it wasn't for the age gap.
I'm wondering if I should make an exception, just this once, because aside from being too old for my tastes he seems to be everything I want.
What do you nonnies think?

No. 209133

are the two of you 18 and 25 or 34 and 41

No. 209145

>Always astounds me how men don't care if their partner is underwhelmed, checked out or completely turned off during sex. I can't even get aroused much less orgasm if a partner isn't all but tearing my pants off.
I don’t get this either. I could never get off if I thought my partner was just tired of my whining and only going down on me so I’d stop nagging, but pretty much every guy I’ve been with seems to have no problem. Even the ones who are normally pretty good at giving (when you’re both in the mood) seem to have no problem coercing you into a pity blowjob when you’re not feeling it. I hate how common this is with men.

No. 209149

Kind of depends on your age. Im 27 and if it were me, I would make that exception. I dont think 7 years is really that much of on age gap, I mean you guys are essentially from the same generation right? When people say age gap I think 10+ years. But if you're like 18-20 then maybe not. I feel like a 25 y/o should not be dating an 18 year old.

No. 209159

I'm a couple days late to this one but honestly sounds less like a silly dream of his that doesn't reflect anything meaningful and sounds more like his way of telling you he wants some weird sex rp thing. if it really meant nothing, he probably wouldn't have told you about it.

No. 209227

my boyfriend's family is Jewish and want him to go on a 1 week trip to Israel with him next year. I can't go obviously because I am not Jewish

am i being a bitch if i don't want him to go on a week long vacation without me?

he didn't even seem to think i would get upset about it for some reason, but he seems to be OK with not going if i say i don't want him to go but i feel bad now

No. 209238

The former. So I already know the answer of course but it still really sucks because if only he was closer to my age I would feel incredibly lucky.

No. 209242

Tbh even 34 and 41 is a retarded age gap while not as severe as the former

No. 209243

If its just with family then yeah you kinda are
Since you know the answer I hope you don't act upon it anon

No. 209252

File: 1634080823691.jpeg (578.48 KB, 828x910, 3849FA3A-ACD5-4321-96E5-64D225…)

did you really need to post this on 4chan too?

No. 209253

lol you can go to israel if you aren't jewish…

No. 209265

Probably a scrote testing the difference between answers

No. 209269

Yeah, I wanted more insight.

No. 209286

Yeah, you sound mad clingy.

No. 209311

You sound annoyingly clingy and yes you are being a bitch if you stop him. He's going with his family, it's hardly a lads holiday. And where on earth did hear that you can't go to Israel if you're not Jewish? Either you're a bit slow of your bf's lying to you. I actually kek'd reading that though so thanks for the laugh, clingy-chan.

No. 209316


yes, i admit to being clingy and a bit retarded.

i talked to my bf after reading these and he said he would pay for me to go (and clarified for me that i could in fact go) or he wouldn't go himself and i felt better so i just told him to go with his family

so, thanks anons

No. 209383

This sounds like a fanfic honestly. Good luck with your crush anon.
Out of curiosity, what is the book?

No. 209389

File: 1634181897075.png (500.98 KB, 720x540, 1280543637.png)

Help me anons I’m literally horrified right now.
My boyfriend of six years just spontaneously asked to break up with me last night after having a perfect relationship together. Worst of all was his reasoning that he fell in love with a new coworker of his that he’s been talking to for only a month and a bit.
Apparently they’ve been romantically talking to each other during this time behind my back and both decided that they’d break up with their significant others to be with each other.

I’m literally so heartbroken he’d do this to me. When I asked why he just said “I’m sorry, I’m just being selfish.” I tried talking sense into him and explained how horrible it is to do to someone that loves him and he ended up having a breakdown and agreed we can talk more about this in a week’s time to decide what we want to do.

What should I say to him to keep him anons? He’s literally the love of my life, he’s the only one I’ve loved and I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else. I don’t want to lose him.

No. 209392

Anon, I'm very sorry you're going through this. Unfortunately, all I can say is if he wants to break-up you can't force him to stay with you. Has anything particularly big happened in his life to make him act this spontaneously? Sometimes when people are going through a big change in their life it makes them do stupid decisions like this. Either way, he is right he is being selfish and it was a really shitty move to talk romantically to this person behind your back (which is technically cheating, even if he was planning to break up with you).

No. 209396

even if he agreed to stay, you'd never trust him again and it would never be the same. it's over.

No. 209399

>Worst of all was his reasoning that he fell in love with a new coworker of his that he’s been talking to for only a month and a bit.
Not that it matters anymore, but this is most certainly a lie in an attempt to soften the blow that he's been emotionally cheating on you and checked out of the relationship for quite some time. Nobody ends a long relationship for another person they've only known for a month, and at any rate, clearly he's had contempt towards you for some time to have considered this an option in the first place. A rational person wouldn't have confessed this to you thinking it would help you feel any better, it's something a liar like him has got to convince you about so he can feel less like a scumbag. Sorry, I just hate these kinds of lies.
>I tried talking sense into him and explained how horrible it is to do to someone that loves him and he ended up having a breakdown and agreed we can talk more about this in a week’s time to decide what we want to do.
Don't do it anon, he's already shown you what he's capable of doing if he's feeling a flight of "selfish" fancy. Unfortunately anon, I think you love him way more than he has any love for you. You're being manipulated by someone who has literally betrayed your trust.
Tbh it sounds like your self-esteem has been whittled down in this relationship, and he expected you to take him back so he can basically get away with having a workplace sidepiece consequence-free. He's got you so hooked that instead of anger, you're acting desperate. It's hard to see when you're in the thick of it, but you'll look back on this in the future and realize how undeserving this disrespectful guy is. Call his bluff and do not take him back, he doesn't deserve you or your forgiveness.

No. 209400

He recently got a new well-paying tech-job that said coworker gave him a referral to. I suspect that them being in the same industry and her helping him get the job was what drew him to her.
I’d actually met her in person a month ago when he invited me to meet his friends. I remember getting bad-vibes from her. Since she’s in STEM all her friends are male and I noticed she’d act very close with all of them but was a little weird towards me. She’d also been openly flirting with a particular guy on their school discord server despite everyone knowing she was already in a relationship at the time.

I’m afraid to admit this anon.

This isn’t even the first time he’s been wishy-washy about who he says he loves.
When we first met he was in a toxic forced open-relationship with his ex so he’d tell me he still loved her. It wasn’t until a few months in our “relationship” that he realized she was toxic and broke it off with her.
He also told me that before we dated he became infatuated with one of my friends for a week because she sent him a vaguely nice email before coming to his senses (context: my friend was a bit of a nutcase)

That’s why I can’t help but feel like he’s being impulsive with spontaneous love without really thinking things through (I also want to note this is his first female friend he’s had since me).

I haven’t thought of this anon. I want to believe this isn’t true because our last year together had been wonderful. We moved out together and spent all our free time together so I don’t want to think he was manipulating me. But I’ll keep what you said in mind and be more assertive and bring this up with him on Monday. If shows no remorse I'll end it myself.

No. 209401

I'm the first anon you're replying to, btw. This seems to be a reoccurring pattern for this guy to be infatuated by any woman who gives him the slightest positive attention. This is not someone you want to be in a relationship with, it will not work long-term (as evidenced by this whole situation). Can you really say, anon, even if he broke it off with this woman (which doesn't seem likely, by the way), that he wouldn't do this again in the future? Can you handle going through all that heartbreak, over and over? You deserve someone who loves you as much as you love them, not some dude with a wandering eye who won't even respect you enough to wait until you're separated to flirt with other women.

The fact that for the last year you've been having a great time with him makes it all that much worse; if he still catches feelings for other people, even when you both seem happy together, then it doesn't matter how much you try to improve your relationship, he'll always inevitably end up cheating again. The problem is him. He may or may not be manipulating you, but he sure as hell isn't being loving to you or even respecting you as a partner. Damn reading this made me so angry anon, you deserve so much better.

No. 209404

Thank you anon, that really means a lot.

I've been calming down and I can now see how I was being so delusional. The warning signs have been there from the start but I kept suppressing these bad thoughts because I was desperate to keep him.
He was the only one that ever showed me any love or affection so I felt like for so long that he was all I could get. I’m not kidding when I say he was the love of my life.
I even had a gut feeling that he's been cheating on me with her over the last month yet I kept on suppressing those suspicions and tried so hard to keep him. Damn, I even remember the last weekend I saw him I felt so anxious and my heart kept racing cause I knew something was up.

What scares me the most is that I'm literally all alone now. He was my best and only friend and he left me in a vulnerable transition time in my life where I now have no idea what I want to do with my future.
I'm completely alone and am just coming to terms that my relationship of six years has been a lie.

No. 209406

Do you have any friends or family members you can lean on for support? If not, it's alright (I am in a similar situation). Anon I'm just basing this opinion off of what you've said so far, but you sound like a very loving individual. The last 6 years may have been a lie for him, but definitely not for you. It sounds like you really loved him and at least tried to be a good partner to him. But it's better to be alone than to let him continue treating you this way, even then, I promise you, you won't be alone forever. I was trapped in that mindset once and I've since grown to see it's not true at all. Don't let this thinking make you think you have to stay with him, staying even longer will hurt even more because someday you'll have to wake up to who he really is. I wish you well no matter what you decide to do, you're being very strong for even trying to face this.

No. 209409

This made me cry, I really needed to hear this thank you. I have my mom to reach out to. I also have my brother but it’s hard because he’s also a close friend to him. I lost all my close friends from high school after I started dating him and I’m now starting to think they may have distanced themselves from me because they saw our relationship was wrong.
I don’t want these last six years to be a lie and for nothing but at least I’m coming out of it knowing I did nothing wrong and was the only one actually capable of true love.
Now that I’m reflecting I’m remembering how I’d always request relationship advice online about the messed up things he’d do and despite everyone saying he was in the wrong I’d try to convince myself otherwise. Like for example I remember about a year into our relationship he asked me if I thought we’d attend each other's weddings so nonchalantly. It's incredibly heartbreaking.

The thought of being with someone else scares me even though I know I deserve better than him. From this point on I’ll start to learn how to feel better about myself and know my worth. Just in the last week I was starting to feel truly happy with who I am and where I want to take my life, so I don’t want this situation to hinder it. I’ll try to be strong.

No. 209411

Sorry nona, this isn't advice but I wanted to say that this situation must be incredibly difficult and heartbreaking, it is my nightmare. You are so strong and honest with yourself about what you need to do next, I really admire it. It might take months even to start to feel ok again but please know your worth despite what he did. You have really inspired me personally to not be dependent on my boyfriend because my bf is currently also my only friend. You're in my prayers tonight anon

No. 209412

I’m happy that my situation could help you. You’re completely right, don’t become dependent on him. Befriend people to have in your corner that aren’t just his friends. If I had someone to vent about these things sooner I wouldn’t be in this situation and I wouldn’t have been as delusional to let it go on for so long.
I now need to become my own person and make true friends that respect me again. I hope things continue well for you, I’ll keep you in my thoughts during this. Your words truly meant a lot.

No. 209413

My first response to you but I just want to say I'm proud you've gone from the rose tinted 'but we were so perfect, I'll never love anyone else' to being this realistic. Keep that energy up.

Been through something very similar. I was isolated when he moved us far away, he became my everything and then he just fell for the first woman who paid him any attention and he was ready to move in with her a week after our sudden break up. Tore my world apart but he was giddily in love while doing it. Infuriating, humiliating. I dont think my pain even registered with him. He just wanted me gone ASAP so I kept some dignity by ignoring my impulse to cling. I blamed myself but in reality that woman now has to live in fear of any woman who returns a friendly smile with this guy can 'steal him'. Its just a pattern some people live with and repeat. If someone does this once it's likely they will again.

I mean even if you fall out of love and start to like someone else.. a decent person will try not to hop straight from one to another in a rush. A small gap in between saves your partner a world of pain but they rush because it's lust fueled. They'll say it's deeper than that but it rarely is. Lust and attention from anyone new will do.

No. 209414

Thanks, it is also surprising to me how I went from hysterics to acceptance in such a short time span. I think It’s because deep down I’ve been preparing for this for a while (like I said I completely predicted this happening).

But man, I’m completely filled with rage now the more I think about it. I know I’m being spiteful but I hope their relationship crumbles. It’s still beyond me how both of them were contempt with ending happy relationships just to have their spur of the moment fling with each other. I also wish she knew that she’s not as special as she thinks she is right now. I know full well he would’ve quickly jumped at the chance of dating anyone else showing slight interest in him. The cycle is simply going to continue for him and I can’t ever see him truly falling in love.

I’m so angry for me and I’m furious for you to have to go through this as well. I’m baffled now how he thought we could remain close friends despite all this. I now just see this as another example of his manipulation. I also can’t tell if it’s better or worse that he seemed to know that what he was doing was wrong.

Next time we meet I’m doing to keep what everyone itt said and really let him know what I really think of him. At the very least it’ll give me some satisfaction that he’ll finally understand how horrible he’s made me feel during these years. He’ll have to live with the fact that he was the toxic one for once in a relationship.

I’ll post an update for anyone interested come Monday if anything of value comes from this. Thanks again for all your kind words! We’ll get through this.

No. 209426

File: 1634219630497.png (125.48 KB, 419x257, 1589924312433.png)

anons how do I talk to my boyfriend about how attention-starved I feel without being accusatory? I just want to be cuddled and kissed and told I'm loved. we've had this discussion before, talked about love languages extensively, etc and he says he just seems to find it difficult to be outwardly affectionate. he goes through short bouts of being more cuddly, telling me he loves me, initiating sex often. but every time these happen I struggle to thoroughly enjoy the affection because I know eventually it will stop and I'll be left feeling emotionally starved. I feel like how I imagine someone who has been married for 40 years must feel, bored, depressed, growing resentful and irritable. today I snapped at him when he was being playful to annoy me because I just feel so underappreciated. it's hard because I know he loves me, he's not someone who would stay with me if he didn't, but I don't often feel loved. yesterday I messaged him asking if he wanted to come over and cuddle after a party we were going to and he told me it was too "forward". I'm exasperated but I love him and I don't want to leave him

No. 209427

samefag, *affection starved not attention

No. 209434

Anon, past a certain point you have to come to terms with the fact that a man doesn't care enough to change for you. This is that time. It's been said a million times before, but if a partner really loves you, you can tell them something once and they will actually do it. They will want to make you happy of their own free will rather than having to be cajoled and convinced. By your own admission you have already talked about this multiple times, and he's not only not changing, but blaming you for desiring affection (which is a completely normal thing in a relationship). Him expressing that your perfectly human desire to cuddle is "too forward" is a little gaslighty. He could've just said he wasn't in the mood, or more sweetly, that he was too tired but would make it up to you later. Instead he doesn't want to compromise at all and acted judgmental towards you. He is the weird one, not you.
At this point you either accept that there's a mismatch here and find someone who has more similar desires or else stay in a relationship that will always be unfulfilling to you. There is nothing at this point that will magically convince him to change. You either settle or move on. Let me just add that people are typically on their best behavior during the early years of a relationship. If you already feel like you've "been married for 40 years [and are] bored, depressed, growing resentful and irritable" then imagine what it will actually be like in a few decades. Why waste the time? I promise there are better partners for you out of the billions of men in existence.

No. 209444

He just doesn't care. Even the most brooding guy will be cuddly with the girl he's really into. Sorry

No. 209449

I mostly agree with the other anons on this, at the very least there is a needs mismatch and it's not going to change for the better. Maybe he does love you but even still, you both need to be with people whose idea of affection and space match up. The "too forward" comment is extremely weird btw. That makes me think there is something even sadder going on so just cut your losses and end it. You will find someone who gives a shit.

No. 209451

Serious question, how do you think talking to him this time will differ from your previous attempts? He didn't change after serious talks you've had before, he has no more reason to change now. In fact he probably has less reason to change because he now knows it holds no consequences for him. I find it seriously doubtful you'll gain anything from any more talks about it and I wonder what you think you realistically stand to gain from it yourself.

No. 209459

There are many great things about my bf but our conversations are so lackluster. I'd known him long before we've started dating, so I don't know what else I had expected. He's always been pretty reserved, not a talker at all. He got a bit more opened up once we got closer, but it wasn't some huge change.
Well, he would occasionally go on a rant or start a monologue about a thing I have nothing to say about, like one of his hobbies I don't share. But these don't even require my contribution. I would just simply react in some way or say a few words just to show that I'm listening. And that's what he does when I share my thoughts with him. He's just a taciturn person, that's all. We're so different in this regard. I didn't really notice it at the beginning, guess I was just happy to have someone to cuddle with, do some things together. But now I feel like an enormous part of my personality isn't needed or appreciated, it's like it starts to wither (sorry if it sounds too dramatic lol). Talking to friends doesn't help either. I wish it weren't that important to me, it seems kinda silly, but I have to admit I do feel dissatisfied. Is our relationship doomed?

No. 209463

How do I stop being attracted to shitty men? I have a real thing for guys from South Asia/Latin America/the Middle East even though they’re super machismo misogynistic regions and I’m a really cunty feminist. I want to get married some day but I’m not all that attracted to other white guys, but the thought of marrying a LatAm/MESA guy and spending the rest of my life as a broodmare for him and a doormat for his family makes me want to cry.

No. 209465

>left feeling emotionally starved. I feel like how I imagine someone who has been married for 40 years must feel, bored, depressed, growing resentful and irritable.
This isn't just 'mismatched love languages' and asking to cuddle certainly isn't being too forward when you're dating someone. That's nuts.

I had a partner who became much less affectionate over time, not over a long time but only a year into living together. I wouldn't bombard him but I'd ask for cuddles when I absolutely felt the need to be cared for like that. He made me feel like a monster for saying "can we cuddle for a few mins" and he convinced me I was essentially asking him to move the earth and stars for me. That was the beginning of a range of different forms of emotional abuse. It all started with neglect. I kept trying to address the same old issue and eventually we hit the point where he'd argue for an hour rather than hug me for 2 mins. I felt worthless begging for any hint of affection from a man who claims to love me. Guy went on to cheat and I don't even know if the cheating started as early as the pulling away did. I'll never know because someone who denies you simple acts of affection while claiming to love you.. isn't an honest or reasonable partner who'll give you answers or be so considerate. They just don't give when they don't feel like it. And they'll use any excuse. Some men lose their cuddly side as soon as the honeymoon period is over and it's doomed from there on. They expect you to just deal with it because they lack empathy or concern for your feelings. He won't change if you've already tried and it has fallen on deaf ears.

The point that you're at right now isn't a normal happy relationship. You deserve to have a partner who will hold you and not tell you thats too much to ask for. It's one of the most basic parts of a romantic relationship. I would question if he honestly has romantic feelings at this point. But it's a need that you have and that you will always have and he's not fulfilling it. The best option is leaving. As much as you've said you don't want to, the sooner you leave the closer you are to meeting someone who'll want you and act like it.

No. 209466

>Is our relationship doomed?
Yes. I mean, are you seriously calling the inability to have interesting and enjoyable conversations with a partner a “silly thing”? That’s the bare minimum.

No. 209468

Find one who wasn't born or raised there.

No. 209474

>he's been emotionally cheating on you and checked out of the relationship for quite some time.
>and at any rate, clearly he's had contempt towards you for some time to have considered this an option in the first place.

No. 209478

How do you break up with someone you live with? He moved across the country to be with me as well though he is not on the lease. It's also only been a couple months of living together but I just can't do this anymore. The way he treats me during arguments is unacceptable and we already have a dead bedroom basically because of his past consumption of porn use so his dick doesn't really work.

No. 209479

He's not on the lease, so just kick his ass out. If local laws prevent you from doing so, give him whatever notice is required of you. It's going to suck but you need to just rip off the band-aid. If violence is a possibility make sure you have some protection. Moving across the country was a risk his dumb ass decided to take so let him figure it out. It's not your responsibility.

No. 209481

I just hoped that one could treat it as a little deficiency while appreciating everything else that's good, you know? Something like coming to terms with someone's occasional grumpiness or oversensitivity. But yeah, I guess it's different… makes me sad.

No. 209488

>it seems kinda silly
the fuck? no it's not silly at all to want to have stimulating conversations with your partner. shit is doomed, move on.

No. 209494

I don't know what else you could be enjoying about him so much that could replace basic communication. Sex and cuddling, maybe showing thoughtfulness? But those things can be found with many, many people, and at this stage he's basically just a warm body to you. That's not a pleasant situation for anyone. Sorry anon but you have to take people at face value, a quiet guy isn't going to suddenly turn into a charismatic conversationalist. He doesn't even have to be a chatterbox, just capable of continuing a stream of thought when interacting with you, but he's not even managing that.

No. 209519

File: 1634270262982.png (125.42 KB, 800x450, EK-l08_UwAAyjbN.png)

Hello anons … I need to vent for moment. I'm 19, my bf of 2.5 years broke up with me a week ago. We started dating when we were both 17. He was my first love, first boyfriend, took my virginity, basically my first everything. We spent nearly everyday together for those 2.5 years. I feel like i'm missing my other half. I just wanna drink my pain away and cry.
We argued often, but we were also happy and peaceful at times. I know I should think of the bad times and be glad its over, but i can't pretend. I still think about all the happy butterflies hes given me, all the nice things hes done for me, all the love hes shown me.
I wanna be optimistic, I think I'm a pretty girl. Men around me have already been trying to hit on me more knowing that i'm freshly single but I don't want anyone/anything else right now. I miss him so much. Were still friends and I know he still cares about me. I don't know what to do next from here.
Any breakup advice? Did some of you guys also experience a painful breakup from your first love? How did you move on? What helped you feel better?

No. 209520

it will be ok anon. first love breakups are always horrific for a good amount of time. breaking contact helps more than keeping in touch, that just prolongs the hurt. the thing that actually makes the heartbreak go away is literally just time passing. so be patient with yourself, don't rush/rebound, and just know that with every passing week and month you will feel a little bit better until it doesn't bother you anymore. u got this

No. 209521

thanks anon. Trying my best! He's practically my only friend so cutting him completely off is hard… Sucks not having anyone to talk to, I get so lonely. I just wanna be around him and in his life even though it makes me miss him more. ugh…

No. 209523

I have to echo >>209520 anon. Keeping in contact or staying friends isn't a great idea while the breakup is fresh. You need some time to reflect and recover. It doesn't mean you can't be friends someday in the future, and it doesn't mean you should focus on the bad so you can say "good riddance!" But you should try to meet some other friends, spend some time away from him, and focus on being happy independent from him. I'm sure if he is the loving guy you say he is, he will understand that you need some space to heal after this. Time will help as nona said and you'll still be able to look back on those good memories you shared without the pain you're experiencing now.

No. 209560

nonnie, are you me? My bf is just like this, and sorry to tell you, but he's autistic and has adhd. It's definitely to do with that imo. It bothers me so much when I feel I can barely talk to him about anything I'm interested in, he gives such mediocre responses and when he does talk, it's long drawn out monologues about interests I could not care less about, and because he's talking so in depth about something I know so little about, it doesn't stick and all I can do is sit there, smile, nod and let him finish. It's torture sometimes.

I'm thinking about breaking up with him as conversation just feels too important in a relationship, and it definitely hinders communication about more serious topics when you feel you can't even have a conversation about regular, day to day things.

No. 209567

I’m literally in the same exact situation but it was 8 years and we started dating at 16

Don’t have any friends, and the whole situation feels so messy and overwhelming so youre not alone

No. 209603

File: 1634335661655.jpg (129.76 KB, 750x726, EubOPrNUYAA_drS.jpg)

Hi anons, I'm such an idiot for letting my feelings get this far. I need advice. I'm 19 and developed a severe crush on a guy that's 29. We've been friends for a couple years after meeting him through a friend. This year I started slowly developing feelings for him, but like the past couple weeks it's so bad it completely distracts me all day. I'm a little autistic so developing crushes and feelings isn't a normal thing for me at all, to the point I feel like I'm going crazy that it's happening now, especially for someone that's actually 3D. He's pretty much the only real person I've ever gotten it this bad for, where my cheeks get warm and my heart beats faster just thinking about him. If it's not obvious at this point, no, I've never been in a relationship before. Even if he liked me back, I wouldn't know what to do.
The cons: his age, obviously. he's a couple states away. i have zero experience or frame of reference for relationships.
The pros: i always feel safe with him, he's strong and handsome, he inspires me to be better and helps me work towards it, he doesn't drink or do drugs, he's super easy to talk with and i can be myself, and he has similar hobbies and interests, and it seems like the places he wants to go in his life are really similar to mine, (and on and on, it feels like, but I'm probably looking through rose tinted glasses).
I don't even think he thinks or feels the same way about me, but I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm crippled with constant thoughts about hugging and kissing him. I used to think I couldn't get sexually attracted to actual people, but he even changed that too.
I don't think I can ever confess. I'm actually kind of terrified of it. I really like being friends with him anyways and I don't want to weird him out and drive him away. Getting rejected would just be super painful and embarrassing. If he does like me back, what even happens then?? Logistically that's a nightmare. I don't want a LDR and I know he's doesn't want one either. Plus, I don't even know how to be in a relationship in the first place or even be intimate at all.
Sorry for the wall of text. I'm visiting him soon so it's weighing on me. Should I just try to let the crush fade?

No. 209604

A 30 year old man has no business with a teenage girl. Think about it, he has 10 years of adult life experience and you're fresh out of school. You would be putting yourself in an incredibly vulnerable position where you are easily manipulated. It's not bad of you to crush on an older guy but definitely do not pursue a relationship with him. Any guy of that age who is interested in a relationship with a girl your age (even if it's legal) has something seriously wrong with him.

No. 209606

it reminds me of some podcast i listened to about relationships where one girl was super turned off by the other's way of expression enthusiasm. for instance she said she "hates" when her gf jumps on her and tries to playfully initiate sex. you could hear her partner's voice falling when she talked about how it made her feel. like, what a horrible position to be put in. it's not anyone's fault for feeling that way but it definitely means you might not be as compatible as you think you are… which is really hard to hear.

No. 209614

Having a crush is okay, but as the other anon said it really isn't a good idea to get romantically involved with someone who's ten years older than you at your age. Tbh if he made any advances toward you I'd even consider that a red flag. I don't say this to criticize you because when I was your age I felt just as emotionally overwhelmed when I had my first 'actual' crush on someone I knew. Try to remind yourself that the guy you're crushing on is just a person. No matter how much you love someone (or think you love someone), it's not worth sacrificing any of your boundaries. I know it might be hard because of how good it feels to have a crush on someone, but you should listen to your brain and if it's telling you that a relationship with this guy wouldn't work out then I think you should listen to it no matter how much dopamine you get from interacting with this guy.

No. 209630

Thank you so much for this anons, I really needed it. And especially thank you for being understanding. You're both absolutely right though, the age gap is just too major. I'll do my best to not be a slave to the ridiculous chemicals in my brain.

No. 209652

From one autist to another, I'd suggest to focus on your husbandos to forget your crush (that's literally how I lost attraction to a guy kek). If you have such a great connection with the guy just keep him as a friend, it should be okay.

No. 209654

File: 1634378385514.jpg (11.96 KB, 275x234, 1634124306832.jpg)

Posted on the wrong thread… So…. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a stunning, absolute panty-dropper (not only by my standards) but shy and awkward bf (I attracted him by being a massive pick-me slut with issues). Nowadays, whenever we get intimate over the phone (if i'm not in the mood to video call) he asks me to tell him, in detail about the times i used to hook up with random guys (it was a dark period in my life) to get himself off. Despite the fact that this bothered me (I was raised by an overly-religious family) I oblige and tell him everything, even adding more spice details to get him going. What only puzzles me most about this recent development in our relationship is that he didn't use to be this way. He used to completely rage at the mere thought or notion of infidelity. I remember him getting very much upset and crying on the phone about my suggestion of seeing other guys to practice giving head to (College and strict Asian parents gave me less time to be a pick me slut and I only fucked about 3 guys before I met him- My pick me self thought this was still insufficient sex experience). He gave me the cold shoulder for about the whole day and nearly broke up with me. I felt touched (my insecure ass NEVER thought anyone, let alone someone like HIM would care about who I gave my body to) and told him I appreciated his concern. He initiated the reconciliation and I told him I wouldn't bring the idea up again. All things went well until my old hook up hits me up and we have a little, friendly back and forth conveesation. I tell him I've been working out to look good for my current, eye-candy of a bf, and he tells me to send a pic of my body and I do so (tummyabs.png) My bf snaps upon me relaying this news to him and angrily breaks up with me, calling me a slut and everything, despite me arguing that it was only friendly banter. He says he needs a break to think things through. Even though I knew in my heart I did no malice (maybe I just wanted a crumb of validation…) I still BEGGED for him to come back. Fast-forward to now, where he incessantly asks me to tell him about what me and my old hook-up did to get him off during sex, saying things like "how good would it be if I jacked off to a sextape of you sucking him off like a little slut?". Is there something truly suspicious going on in here nonnies? Is he playing reverse psychology mindfuck games to hide the fact that he wants to double down on my so-called "cheating behavior" by "cheating" of his own? Or am I simply blowing things out of proportion? My paranoid self needs advice… Don't have much experience in the dating scene.

No. 209657

this post is a ride kek you are really stupid

No. 209658

All I'm asking is if his behavior is a red flag that might accumulate to cheating… I go to an all girls school and don't know how moids think…

No. 209659

You must be joking? You're the cheater who wanted to suck random cocks for "practice" and sent tummy pictures to an ex.
Now he developed a way to cope with his fucked up relationship.
You should honestly be ashamed, shit like this really breaks a person.

No. 209660

File: 1634381615730.jpg (209.04 KB, 640x480, 1631032115431.jpg)

you are a certified retard, he explicitly let you know how his sense of intimacy is and your ass goes out of her way to to do things that hurt it - and you think a scorned moid will respect your boundaries after that? bitch, an average male barely respects anything to begin with, you really done goofed

he's either playing a reverse psychology trp tier revenge trick on you or developing a serious cuck fetish, both of which you absolutely deserve, dumbass, welcome to hell

No. 209663

You and your bf are a perfect match, both broken humans.

No. 209665

samefag after some other business, but my advice is this:
Confront him about this issue and straight up ask if he's doing this intentionally to make you feel guilty or weird. Apologize for every bit of your disrespect and ignoring his boundaries, and whatever you do, do NOT defend any of your poor choices like you did in your post. None of that 'I meant no harm' bullshit, makes me sick to my stomach hearing a woman stoop down to making shitty excuses like the quintessential cheating porn addict moid. Every time you feel like excusing you pushing his boundary and disrespecting his intimacy, shut the entire fuck up. I'm being this intense about it because you need to get it through your skull. Just say it like it is: it's a you problem, you have an addiction to attention and you let it ruin this relationship and that you're sorry and you now understand how much you've fucked him up emotionally. Accept that he will have to go through an emotional recovery process.
From then on, you two will either work it out or break up. If he shows no signs of letting go of the cuck shit, it's over. You then know you've ruined it all and it's time to move on.

Never do this shit again.

No. 209667

>he explicitly let you know how his sense of intimacy is and your ass goes out of her way to to do things that hurt it

i kinda don't remember him telling me he didn't want me to specifically "cheat"… he's just so reserved and quiet sometimes that i don't know what he thinks… he knows though that I am terribly insecure and always seeking validation (obviously).

But I guess these callouts are slowly making me put things into perspective…

>You should honestly be ashamed, shit like this really breaks a person.

I could say he certainly has developed some trust issues along the way… not that I can blame him for them I guess… after the incident with me and my former hookup he angrily said he wanted nothing to do with me, but I sperged and went full out BPD, did vile shit like slit my wrists, in which he ended up rushing back to my side and forgave me. We made up, but just as I thought I had seen the worst of his temper, little did I know that it would get only more worse from there, as he quit his part time job and started hanging out in a certain porn discord server a lot. On top of that he would get mad and ignore me for maybe 2-3 days, just right after reassuring me the night before he would never leave me again. It just drove me insane and triggered my BPD to get him back.

After one notable fight, he got tired of my self-harm hullabaloo, blocked me from discord, and proceded to chat up this girl and they exchanged nudes (I stalked him on the server he was on…). 2 embarrassing server bans, 2 powerpoint presentations, about 4 alt dms later, I got him back, but still, STILL, this ntr cuck fetish persists… I honestly thought he got it out of his system by talking to that girl but it doesn't seem like it… I honestly don't know what to do…it's just getting bothersome at this point…

No. 209669

>i kinda don't remember him telling me he didn't want me to specifically "cheat"
>He used to completely rage at the mere thought or notion of infidelity.
are you autistic

No. 209673

I know this seems hard to believe but: I didn't want it to come across as cheating… I geniunely just wanted to improve my head game lol. Besides, he already got himself off on a conversation about my past sexual experiences with my ex (he was kinda abusive) before my "suggestion"

No. 209674

File: 1634389077197.jpg (9.22 KB, 228x217, 18033045_1781847658796569_7677…)

>I geniunely just wanted to improve my head game lol
You're either fooling yourself and trying to fool us too (protip: it's not working, sounds disingenous as fuck)
or you're a genuine mentally challenged individual who should be accompanied by a personal assistant at all times.
I do not know how you survive in the real world.

No. 209675

I have apologized to him NUMEROUS times about how I treated him in the past. And he has addressed some of his shitty behavior too. He also cut off porn. Honestly, we seem to be getting on nicely now but when we get intimate it seems the video calls aren't enough of a show for him and he ends up diverting the conversation to nudging me to cuck him.

No. 209676

There’s no way you’re a real person

No. 209677

…so he had cuck tendencies all along, which you neglected to mention, and you're somehow surprised that his fetish is escalating? Damn the more I read about your relationship the more I think that you're both stupid af. Perfect match.

No. 209679

Then just confront him about how this cuck thing makes you uncomfortable and that you suspect that it's getting worse because you hurt him. Also let him know that you suspect that he's escalating it on purpose to make you uncomfortable in revenge. Lay it out that you want to work on this together so you could have a mentally healthy future together.
Got nothing else for you. Help your dumbass selves or break up. I'm grateful I know neither of you weirdoes.

No. 209680

a guy messaged me "why did you get quiet all of sudden"(at 1pm) after i didnt bother to answer his text from yesterday evening(5pm). I did imply i was gonna be busy this weekend. feels kinda agressive to me tbh, especially since we only started talking yesterday after i agreed to give him my number. is it a genuine red flag or am i just looking for a reason to stop talking to him since i got enough attention.

No. 209681

What a ride, kek. Sounds like you broke him and he became a cuck to cope. At least break a guy next time in an actual satisfying way, like making him your slave or something.
He's not even your boyfriend and he's already demanding your time and attention. Stop talking to him.

No. 209683

It's kind of hard judging intention based on one single line of text imo. He could be really demanding but he also just be direct in case you ghosted him to avoid wasting his time. But if you're already done with him anyway, it doesn't really matter does it?

No. 209694

thanks for advice

>But if you're already done with him anyway, it doesn't really matter does it?

eh. im not really that interested or looking for anything rn but since he asked me out first i thought i could get some dating "experience" from him. It sounds more demanding in my language so i guess ill turn him down.

No. 209708

you did get important experience from him: there are a ton of people who go kooky real fast if you leave them on read. at this point i test people by not responding for a couple days once we've been talking for a little bit. if they go all scranky about it, they're yet another attention starved needy person that I don't have time for. If they either don't say anything or just send like a casual hey after a couple days, they're more likely to be a mature person that isn't going to need constant emotional attention from me & has their own life that they're busy with, which is the kind of person I'm looking for.

No. 209726

File: 1634412547633.png (38.97 KB, 984x914, 1605903492216.png)

For years I haven't dated because none of the guys i met lived up to my standards and I refuse to settle. Then this past year I meet a guy who checks off ALL of my boxes and more but I don't check off his, or at least not all of them it seems. My self-esteem has plummeted and I want to know how to get over it/him. For now I've cut contact from him but he wants to remain friends so i'm taking this time to build my confidence and make it impenetrable for when i resume talking to him –if i still want to by then– as i think it's what'll help the most since the root problem seems to be my confidence. What i tell myself is that if he got with me he would be the one settling, and ask myself whether i would ever do that? absolutely not. I guess before I was "fine" with myself because I thought I was good enough for someone like him, but I never stopped to think whether I was content with myself, and only now that i find someone like him and it turns out i'm not enough for them am i realizing i was never really fine with myself. Difficult to put into words exactly. I guess I made myself vulnerable by not working on the things i needed to on myself to feel internal happiness and looking for external happiness despite. I never paid any mind to muh love yourself first and foremost! and damn does that seem to be the most crucial component to this whole love thing. I'm open to advice/suggestions
pic unrelated

No. 209733

My advice is just not to stay friends with the guy. You have feelings for him, you got rejected by him and it hurts.. staying friends after that rarely leads to anything good.

In a way your confidence actually sounds good because you refuse to settle.. his rejection hitting you hard just shows you're human. Rejection rattles everyone. I think the important thing is just moving forward without dwelling on him too much.

No. 209736

Out of curiosity, what didn't you live up to anon?

I would say definitely still avoid remaining friends as much as possible. At least for now while the wound is still fresh. Is there something or people in your life you could completely immerse yourself in for a while? I like getting hooked into a book when I'm going through it but it depends on your hobbies

No. 209738

What boxes did you not tick then, if you don't mind me asking? If it's something stupid like age or the shape of your skeleton, then you know you're gonna get over it pretty soon just by the power of being annoyed.
However, if it's something you thought you had going on (like a skill or an intellectual pursuit or something), we're moving onto a territory that's a bit more difficult, because technically you'd have room to improve if not for him / guy like him, then for your own benefit or enjoyment. Of course you'd take a hit from someone you readily fancy implying you're not enough, anyone would feel shot down no matter how good they are at xyz.

Anyway if it's absolutely not something you can improve in a way that's also meaningful for yourself, don't even stay in contact with the guy. You've already been rejected, it hurts you clearly and it'd seriously suck if you developed a performer mindset where you subconsciously feel like you need to impress him.

No. 209744

>I guess I made myself vulnerable by not working on the things i needed to on myself to feel internal happiness and looking for external happiness despite.
>and damn does that seem to be the most crucial component to this whole love thing.
This is a meme and only applies for people with literally 0 confidence for a scrote to fill the void. Wanting a good partner/relationship is a very normal and healthy desire. You don't have to wait until you feel like you've worked on yourself enough (what the fuck does that even mean, do things because they feel right and they make you happy, not because you need to live to some imaginary standard). Tired of the dumb new age line of thought where you can't care about the ~external~, what nonsense.
>In a way your confidence actually sounds good because you refuse to settle.. his rejection hitting you hard just shows you're human. Rejection rattles everyone.
100 times this. Just because you experience doubt doesn't mean you don't love yourself.

No. 209748

File: 1634415240544.jpg (18.54 KB, 377x377, 4851148.jpg)

thank you so much!, and we were really good friends, my feelings for him just got in the way, I think once i have my emotions under control our friendship will be as meaningful as it was meant to be.
There are a couple of things i'm thinking of, one of them I can't change, which is my race, lol. I'm not going to say how i know exactly that he may be racist, but I found out he's not into racemixing, because of "cultural differences". He sent SO many mixed signals when we first met, like he was struggling with liking me/coming to terms with it. I know i'm going to get a lot of flack from you guys for still liking him after finding that out (trust me i beat myself up over it all the time too), but i truly believe he was radicalized.
The other thing is that i told him when we first started talking and he asked is that i never want to get married. After i got to know him i changed my mind to not wanting to marry until i at least graduate, but he never asked again so didn't tell him.
I'm not happy about where i am in life right now though, not trying to live up to a standard. I'm also not happy with the issues i have which make me really clingy, needy, insecure, and afraid of abandonment.
On the other hand you guys are prob right and i'm simply having a hard time coping with the rejection. I tell myself just like not everyone checks off my boxes, I can't check off everyone's, but it isn't helping. Maybe I should just try a bit longer? It's not like it isn't true, It's more like I can't accept it atm.

No. 209751

Well, it's his loss then, especially if he displayed signs of liking you at first. If he's not making an exception of his standard on you, you probably don't want to be around him anymore now, do you?
The marriage thing you already know yourself; you did a little bit of re-evaluating on your own, and gave up the 'never' stance. Again, you might not want to care about his opinions too much if he's uninterested enough to not return to the topic just to see what you think.

Turning off your feelings like a switch is impossible unless you're a literal psycho. You don't have to be so hard on yourself. You were literally just attracted to a person. This is gonna suck for a little while, but you already know you're good without his help.

No. 209753

he brought it up like two or three more times after the first, but all before i changed my mind about it
The marriage thing I re-evaluated after the last time he had brought it up, asking something along the lines of "well what if he's perfect and meets all your expectations, giving you what you want and need etc?" I hesitated a bit but still replied with "um, yeah no i still would not marry him". Afterwards I thought about it more and realized why i was so afraid of marriage. I feel like I have no control in a marriage, it's hard to explain. Then i thought, what would make me feel more comfortable with marriage? and I realized having a degree and thus a means through which i could earn money on my own/be successful would make me more at ease, since I wouldn't depend on my husband.

>you already know you're good without his help.

thank you for the reminder nonny!

No. 209755

>I wouldn't depend on my husband
were anything to go wrong with the marriage

No. 209764

Sucks to be you I guess

No. 209770

I don't feel heard in my relationship at all. Everytime I say no I don't want to do something he just turns it in to a way to convince me. I don't want to go for a hike or something? Cue him just talking about it and trying to convince me until I end up shouting because he just won't listen. I struggle to confirm something too far in advance either in case I change my mind, because when I do he gets upset at me for getting his hopes up. Sometimes its like I'm talking to myself. Like tonight he's asking to watch a film and I keep saying I'm upset and he's just like fine but I don't want to waste my weekend moping about I'll watch one alone. He spends all his time working so I'm feeling kind of neglected as is and every time I spend time with my friends it makes me realise how depressed and withdrawn I am around him. And then I'll see him excited or passionate about something and I'm drawn in again. He's just such a downer.

No. 209796

He works a lot so you feel neglected but you don't seem to ever want to do anything with him?

No. 209802

Fucking hell love, just sit down and watch the movie and eat some popcorn. What is it you're too upset about and for, exactly? Him not being a mind reader? What do YOU want to do? You know you can suggest activities, too, if you don't like what he proposed.

No. 209804

You complain you feel neglected because he works a lot but when he proposes to do something (hike or watch a movie) you reject nor do you want to plan "too far in advance", huh what? Also it's reasonable he gets upset when you cancel previous made plans.

You come across as unreliable and difficult to make any plans with, no wonder you feel "neglected" when you make it so difficult for yourself and him.

>And then I'll see him excited or passionate about something and I'm drawn in again. He's just such a downer.

You're the downer really.

No. 209810

Echoing the other anons but you really need to look at yourself. He works a lot so you feel lonely, that’s normal. Why aren’t you excited to go do stuff with him when you get the chance? I get not wanting to do certain activities but can you come up with other suggestions. Like I don’t really feel like going for a hike how about we do this instead? As for the movie thing. Anon if somethings upsetting you to the point that you won’t watch a movie with your bf either talk things out or maybe rethink the relationship. If I was your bf I’d get pretty down about your attitude and I can’t say I’d stick around

No. 209812

I told him why i was upset but he wanted to watch a film instead. I've told him things I want to do and have tried to arrange things. I was annoyed because it seems like he keeps trying to push his hobbies that he knows I'm not really in to on me. I didn't want to watch the movie cos I was bothered that I could say I don't want to for so long and his response is just to keep trying to convince me.

No. 209825

> He spends all his time working so I'm feeling kind of neglected
Do you work aswell? Does he work longer hours than you? I've been with someone who worked long hours and had a long drive home after work so when he wanted to watch something at the weekend it was because during the working week he basically had no time in the evenings to get a full film in. It was his only chance. I'm not saying you should sit through hours of films you hate either but ime dreading weekends together when at least one of you should really be dying for the weekend.. is a pretty bad sign.

I feel like life is too short to be ruining each others weekends instead of makng them better. If you can't find a happy compromise for you both then you might just be happier broken up.

No. 209840

ny bf ignored me for days hed rather play games and talk to his friends than talk to me fuck him im never responding to him again. help me anons how do i survive this heartbreak i just cry a lot i feel so weak

No. 209857

If you had more self respect you wouldn't be upset about this, because you're losing nothing (no one) of value. Please work on that in therapy or by reading up on self confidence, because once you've got that sorted the removal of shitty people from your life will be something to celebrate rather than take personally/feel like it's a reflection of your worth

No. 209863

Tips on manipulating men?

No. 209865

File: 1634504103014.jpg (23.21 KB, 376x391, Waitingfordate.jpg)

It's been over 2 months since my friend asked me out on this so called "date" that we were going to do in September but he said that he's too busy last month. I'm assuming he would do something this month but he's been busy with work and being out with his friends.

I honestly do want to go out for drinks with him but I don't want to do anything with him until we have the date. I have been hinting it to him everytime he talks about meeting up for events and drinks but when I do he's like "will do" or "yeah".

Am I pushing this "date" thing too much on him? Should I stop mentioning it and continue to be busy? I only mentioned it to him 3 times.

He was the one who said that he spent the past 2 years trying to work out how he feels about me and the last few months on deciding on if he should ask me out on a date to his close friends and colleagues.

No. 209868

Just keep yourself busy so you don't have to think about him

No. 209869

If he finally decides he wants to take you on a date after 2 years of contemplating and then doesn't do it for two months even though you're providing opportunity multiple times, you have to wonder if he's really that in to you. Clearly there's no sense of urgency with him. If you're really looking for a partner right now, I say keep meeting and dating other guys. Don't put yourself on hold for a guy who doesn't really seem to want to take you off the market, you know? If he ever comes around and you're still available by then, you could always still decide to go on that date with him.

No. 209873

He's flaky. Either testing you to see how much you like him or he's not as interested as he lets on. A guy WILL make time for a girl if he really wants. And if he's really unable to due to busy schedule, he'll at least reassure you and confirm new dates since he wouldn't want to lose that opportunity. Drop him anon, you're not some fool he can play games with this early on.

No. 209874

Hes fucking other women and dating them. Dont waste your time waiting for a guy

No. 209876

Yeah that’s not a guy you want to waste time on. I know it’s hard when you’ve formed a bond with someone but focus on yourself so little things to make you feel good. Get something new done to your hair, go for a day out with friends even go for a nice road trip. He sounds like a dick, if he couldn’t communicate with you now imagine how it would be years down the line. You’ve dodged a bullet anon. If you need closure tell him that you’re through with him via text. Block his number, any social media’s you name it and move on. Best of luck. I know it’ll hurt but you will be alright I promise there’s someone out there who will love you for you and will make time to talk to you.

No. 209889

File: 1634516604036.jpg (4.12 KB, 100x94, 1633503776456.jpg)

Please help me out…
>broke up with online bf that I was with and lived with for 6 years
>the spark was gone and we felt like friends who had sex (sometimes) and had no common interests
>we had amazing times together but it just kind of ended and I moved back home
>I dream about him constantly feeling guilt
>I have a BF now (online) who works for me and we have the same way of showing love and interests
>my ex still talks to me
>messages me about wanting to fix things and how I'm the only one
>instantly feel regret and depression
I don't know if he was the one for me and I'm going to regret not being with him. He was my first love and my first relationship ever. I got into a relationship right after and I'm also not sure if I didn't give myself time to be alone… I feel like I'm doing everything wrong. We had so many amazing times but most of it was just me being dragged around when I think back on it. I really miss him yet I know we don't fully get along… Everything is so convoluted…

No. 209893

Anon I promise you… the "one" does not exist. It's something that was culturally invented to keep women with one guy only without a better option. I think you can be happy with your new guy. You yourself said his novelty wore off.

No. 209901

File: 1634526169144.jpg (34.3 KB, 550x366, Eif5bb-VoAIbxsj.jpg)

I'm this anon for anyone who remembers. I’m still battling through this, and I think I'm finally seeing the end.
I was doing really bad for the first two days and asked if we could just meet on the weekend to get it over with. He instead suggested I message him what I’d like to say since he’s cooling off. I really went in on him, saying how I think he’s a coward with no self control, and how I don’t have faith in his new relationship.
He didn’t respond for a couple days and just now responded essentially saying he’s made the decision and now can’t go back. He said he changed and didn't discover it until he was away from me, and being with her helped him find that out faster. He also said he wished he went about this better and that this would’ve happened eventually anyways (??)

Now I’m emotionally numb and clueless. He’ll be coming over to collect his things and have a final talk/goodbye to me. I ended up caving and writing about how much he meant to me, and that if he’s confident in his decision then I want him to be happy. Just trying to end things nicely on my part I guess.

He seems emotional about this too but I can’t quite tell. He says he feels bad hurting someone that meant so much to him and that this has been hard on him.

You anons were probably right. I probably fought this harder than I should have and did all the wrong things. He probably now thinks of me as a loser and a pushover and is happy he’s away from me. I wasn’t even like that in our relationship, I always gave him space and was level headed with my emotions. I just got desperate for some kind of positive outcome. I wanted him to see what he’s lost but I don’t think he even cares and I just wasted my time.

I let you guys down.

No. 209912

>the "one" does not exist
this is sanity that a lot of women need to hear

No. 209916

It sounds like you’re feeling emotionally neglected and that the issue here is he doesn’t seem to listen to you or care about your hobbies or actually take any input from you on what you guys do. I’m gonna disagree with the prev anons and say I don’t think you’re entirely the problem here at all, he does sound like kind of a dick. I mean, if you’re having fun with your friends and realizing how sad you are around your boyfriend, clearly there’s a real issue here. I don’t think there’s much advice I can give here though, because honestly if a man won’t even listen to you when you’re trying to plan fun things to do together, I doubt he’s gonna be any better when you’re asking him to start listening to you, and it sounds like you’ve already tried plenty. It also sounds like you’ve adjusted your behavior a lot for him, trying not to plan ahead in case something comes up because you know he’ll throw a fit, but from how you’ve described his reactions, he doesn’t seem to particularly care about what makes you upset. I know this probably isn’t what you want to here, but I think you guys just aren’t happy together and you should probably dump him.

No. 209917

Serious breakups like this are hard and can bring out emotions and reactions you don't expect. Don't be too hard on yourself, anon.

The important thing is that you were strong enough to go through this this breakup now instead of dragging out a dying relationship for another year like a lot of other women, unfortunately, would. I've done this myself because I was afraid of hurting the other person and it was just miserable for both of us.

Whether he thinks you're a loser or not doesn't matter; you're your own person getting a new start and you don't need to bog yourself down on the "what ifs" of a person that isn't going to be in your life anymore.

It's better to cut the cord now and, while it'll be miserable for a period, you'll be so happy you did and will have a great fresh start.

No. 209933

my bf got upset (not at me) and he cried and the only thing i could think of to say was "i'm sorry" and "please don't cry". i feel like a fucking scumbag, failure of a woman, and that i did a horrible job of comforting him and finding literally anything good to say (even though he says i did help). what do i do?

No. 209937

It's okay anon, we're not all perfect at emotional reassurance. Often it's enough to just be there, hug him, say you'll support him however you can and that you love him. Next time just leave out the "don't cry" as that can feel invalidating. It's okay and often necessary for people to feel angry, sad or any other difficult emotion so they can work through it rather than repressing it and feeling worse in the long run.

No. 209943

Thats what I thought, even though I'm busy I told him months ago that if someone asked me out on a date I'd either make time around my schedule or book some time off for it. I tend to be the ones who make plans for things so I thought it was nice that he would plan it but yeah I dont think I'm much of a priority.

To be honest I feel like most of the guys I met up with/ I'm interested in just want to fuck me or have some sorts of friends with benefits, a lot of them are time wasters.

So yeah I'm just gonna keep myself busy and meet up/go on dates if someone invites me out, like the date I have tomorrow.

No. 209948

Enjoy your date!

No. 209969

Nonas, help me out.

I went out on a date with this guy from an app 2 weeks ago and we just had wine at a bar, we talked and went along fine except he sexaulized my job at one point (porn reference) and I ignored it. He wanted a kiss before we parted ways and I just gave him a peck on the cheek. During the date he was very touchy feely, like he wanted to compare hand size and arm size which I don't mind, but I kept my cool, just had 1 glass of wine while he had 2.

Fast forward, he asked for a second date scheduled 2 days later, I told him that was my birthday weekend so no. Then I didn't hear from him again for 4 days (he did wish me happy early birthday during our 1st date).

4 days later he wanted to schedule the 2nd date (this was midweek and he wanted to meet up htat weekened) I told him I'm busy and that we can meet next week during the week. We scheduled a date.

Then I didn't hear from him at ALL. Like no text that read "hope you had a nice weekend" or something like "Hi, how are you!"

So I have the date in 2 days and I'm not feeling this guy becasue he comes across as iffy, he never texts me asking if i'm ok or anything. I texted him today something like "hey, hope you had a nice weekend, I haven't heard from you at all…." and he replied that he was "busy". Busy for what? Sending a "how are you" text takes 2 seconds. I responded with cancelling the date because I wasn't feeling him. Did I do the right thing?

By the way, this guy is way below my league, he's not even that attractive, but he has money and elite education.

No. 209985

I think you already know this isn’t going to end well. Fuck him and fuck the date. You don’t owe this guy shit. He doesn’t seem super keen on you, like you said it takes two minutes to send a text to ask how your weekend was. If he makes no effort now it’ll get worse. Plenty of dudes out there who won’t fuck you about.

No. 209990

Of course you did the right thing, you cut a guy off that didn't sit right with you so now you won't have to waste time, energy and money on him. Now you can move on to the next guy (hopefully a better one)

No. 209995

When guys only ever make contact to arrange meet ups and then in between dates they just fall off the face of the earth.. I tend to assume they're doing the bare minmum to try and hopefully get that 3rd date sex session. That's just where my mind goes.

No. 209999

This seems so unnatural. Why would he wanna go out again if he doesn’t even care how you’re doing or how your birthday was? I think >>209995 is right. Being so touchy on the first date is a huge turn off anyway.

No. 210003

>he sexaulized my job at one point (porn reference)
Kek men out themselves as pornsick so readily. It's repulsive yet at least they make it really easy to drop their sorry asses. You dodged a bullet.

No. 210006

Update. I removed and blocked his number but I forgot to delete him from the app and he wrote a long messages about how he didn't message me between dates because "women don't like needy men", that I hurt his feelings and that I should explain what he did wrong. It's funny how the messages rain in when you cut them off. Before, his messages were brief and to the point. No emotion. I just unmatched him lmao. The messages are in a different language so I wont post here.
This. I know he just wanted sex, I felt it during the first date.
Yup, thanks for the re affirming my gut feeling.
It was cringe as fuck. I just looked at him like wtf. He is a massive coomer.
Right? It was weird as fuck.

No. 210012

>"women don't like needy men"
Kek probably learnt that from one of his incel forums. I'm laughing imagining him thinking he's giving you a Mr. Cool-guy impression only to open his phone and see that you erased his existence from you life

No. 210015

I don't think sending you a handful of messages to wish you a nice day (or a nice bday) across a 2 week period would be anywhere near being needy, not by anyones standards so that doesn't add up.

It's more likely that he's picking up shitty tips about how ignoring women will mess with their confidence and get him laid quicker. I love seeing it backfire.

No. 210017

Redpillers do it to themselves. I have my own stories, as well as previously lurked forums where they'd blogpost rage at women for not wanting to fuck them and after detailing their sadly hilarious dates and text exchanges I'd be so surprised they really don't see how autistic they come across. One guy got a girl who was "almost perfect but I of course wouldn't let her ever suspect that" and then got extra jaded because she didn't want to fuck someone until she felt comfortable and in a relationship. It was really perplexing seeing the same type of men who harp on about whores get so flustered over women who have boundaries and standards. You'd think they'd like that.

No. 210033

Lmao you’re reminding me, I dated a guy sort of like that. He was impressed by my low number and said it was rare, yet expected me to hop into bed with him on the 2nd date. He proceeded to tell me “you know, most men think that a girl isn’t really interested if you don’t have sex by the 3rd date” after asking how long it’s gonna take in an annoyed manner.

He was VERY pushy about sex and tbh I’m lucky I wasn’t SA’d looking back. He was rude to his mother and very dismissive of everything I liked, so all around he was a piece of shit. Fuck moids like that, they’re the bottom of the barrel.

No. 210085

File: 1634644305378.jpg (20.32 KB, 496x356, EkgF3ShXgAAMLpv.jpg)

My boyfriend left me last week. He bought an engagement ring a couple months ago and he was going to propose this month. We talked about the proposal a few days prior to the breakup. We were going to move in together next month with my daughter from a previous relationship. It was my own fault, I took our relationship for granted and criticized him constantly for "not loving me enough" when really I just didn't love myself. I've got myself in therapy to work on my self esteem now, but holy shit I just want my partner back. He cried, said he didn't want to do this, and that he'll always love me. I've gone no contact, do you guys think he'll come back? I know I should be trying to move on but I just can't bring myself to do it. My whole future was taken away so quickly.

No. 210087

You’re not telling us enough the story kek

No. 210091

I don't know the extent of how bad it was but when I was younger I was dumped for being a depressed, insecure ball of misery to live with. I thought that if I just got straight into therapy and worked on myself that it'd be reversible. He was telling me it was totally over and yet I clung to that idea. I get it now. The damage was already done and he deserves a fresh start with someone where there isn't a load of built up resentment to work through. If there was any chance of fixing it he would've just sat me down and given me an ultimatim.. but he didn't. He said he was done and he was done. I think you should respect that a break up is often just final. Refusing to accept that or respect it would only make the ex think he dodged an even bigger bullet.

No. 210099

It sounds like he put up with a lot. I would say that it's best to let it be. You really need to turn inward. Therapy is great, and can be a good catalyst for you diving into the core wounds that are causing the thoughts and behavior in question. He wanted to marry you, but in the end he chose to leave rather than give you an ultimatum or another chance. To me that screams "I have had enough, you said you'd change and you aren't." It is a very painful but useful reality check. Take this opportunity to learn to fulfill yourself & become a better Woman. Lick your wounds for a little bit and keep it moving. Good luck.

No. 210112

Anon we can't guess or theorize if he may come back with the little information you've provided.

You should probably focus on yourself, your therapy and creating a stable future for you and your daughter. Pining after your ex and hoping he'll come back won't do that.

No. 210135


He never gave me any kind of an ultimatum or sat me down for a serious talk about how it was affecting him. He even asked my sister if she would babysit some night soon so he could propose.

It started with me telling him over text that I didn't feel loved and I needed more from him (yes I completely realize my mistakes, he was already going above and beyond for me). He said didn't want to talk over text and that he would see me in a few days after work. Mostly silence from him the whole time, he had never gone silent on me before. I messaged him after a couple days and said that I wanted to fix things and he said that he did too, but he still wanted to talk in person instead.

After 3 days of silence he came over and broke up with me. He was crying, telling me that he'll always love me and that he didn't want to do this. He said that he did want to fix things when he said it, but that he had changed his mind that day.

I asked him why he couldn't give me a chance now that I knew the seriousness of his feelings and he said he just couldn't. I suspect that it's because it would be a lot messier if he wanted out after we lived together.

I messaged him a couple days later and said "I regret how I responded, this needed to happen. I wish you the best." he said "I'm sorry, none of this was what I wanted. I will love you always and wish you the best too"

So we haven't talked since. I definitely won't reach out to him but, yeah.

No. 210138

There has to be more to it, perhaps one-sided unbeknownst to you, because breaking off a near-engagement over just that text seems extreme.

No. 210140


He said that he was feeling depressed, and like he could never make me happy. And he said that because he loved me, he’d always keep trying to make me happy but he felt like it would never be enough.

No. 210141

he's either going to kill himself, is cheating on you, or is a master manipulator and will pull this shit every time you want him to act better.

No. 210142

I don’t think any of those are accurate at all. He genuinely tried to hard to make me happy and I kept shifting the goal post and I was never satisfied, like I was a bottomless pit of need. It was not his fault. I’m certain he never cheated, and it’s definitely not suicide.

No. 210145

I doubt it was your fault, many moids crumble when their gfs have any expectations of them at all.

No. 210146

I can assure you, it was not his fault.

No. 210164

hey farmers, i'm a 26 year old woman and my problem is that i'm not able to get into a relationship. i get attention from men, because i'm objectively pretty, but they always lose interest in me after awhile. i'm talking about weeks, so everytime i've liked a guy, he was interested in me aswell at first, but then something happens and they say it's not my fault, but they don't want a relationship with me. it happened so often, that i'm losing hope. i wonder if i'm unlovable as a person and if i should just give up and ignore it when a guy is interested in me. i'm somewhat socially awkward, but i know lots of women who still get boyfriends despite being a bit weird. i honestly almost start to cry if i think about it. it feels like god decided i'm not meant to be happy. at this point i consider myself a femcel. my standards aren't high, i'm speaking of average to below average men who just don't want to commit. i'm wondering if spending my life on my own would be a better idea than to keep dating men who don't want me anyways. is there anyone who can relate?

No. 210174


I'm sorry anon but this just doesn't sound right. Are you sure he was actually planning on proposing?

I understand confidence issues driving a wrench in relationships, my own partner has made vocal about how my doubts can sometimes put him in a negative mindset too, but his response isn't to go no contact for 72 hours straight. We have a real conversation and he asks me what I need from him to feel more secure and loved, and he is always checking in on me.

Neediness doesn't suddenly spring up overnight, and unless the ring was a hand me down, engagement rings aren't purchased on a whim, so it isn't like he was thinking of the proposal without realizing your negative qualities.

Marriage is a big deal, by proposing to someone you're agreeing to be by their side forever, in sickness, in bad times. If an instance of you feeling insecure and unloved causes him to do something so drastic, how is he going to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage?

No. 210179

I can relate. It's not your fault, the vast majority of men are looking for a good time and when they see you're not easy they ghost. Which is actually not a bad thing, trash taking itself out. Holding a relationship as a carrot on a stick while getting sexual satisfaction from you is the goal of most men especially in online dating and they will have strategies to jump ship if it doesn't go their way. But don't let it start you on the path to self loathing. We just have to wade through shit and hope we find someone legitimate. If not, whatever. Just don't settle and sleep with these guys in the hopes of sudden commitment one day.

Don't think of yourself as someone who can't get a relationship. You're worthy, they just can't handle that type of responsibility sadly. However that self pity will just grow and grow until you're stuck and your personality will reflect that misery, making things harder.

As for being alone, it beats being stuck with a loser below your league who thinks he settled for you and refuses to make you happy. The type of guy who whines about valentines day. Some women have it real bad and even have a kid with guys like this. Just lurk subreddit like relationshipadvice, and you will quickly learn to enjoy your own peace.

No. 210186

Without reading any replies yet it sounds like he wasn't really going to propose and or has some mental issues of his own to deal with. Like how do you go from proposal to leaving someone within the same week.
Someone else might be in his ear or he's getting bad advice from someone, but veering between extremes like this is a bad sign whatever the reason. It doesn't sound like it was your fault at all.

No. 210191

Agree. To me it sounds like he may have thought proposing might solve the issues in anon's relationship and make her feel loved, without really thinking through whether he wanted to be married. It kinda sounds like a mess and I don't think anon should blame herself and be grateful she didn't end up marrying this guy who could flip flop that quickly over wanting to stay with her. Sometimes you really like someone but they just can't provide what you're looking for in a relationship, and no one is necessarily at fault, it's just that you aren't a good match. If you're feeling unloved or neglected then your partner isn't meeting your needs, not necessarily through fault of their own, and you shouldn't feel bad for being open about your feelings even if you feel you may have been too needy. Plus there's no sense beating yourself up about it now that it's over. Take it as an opportunity to reflect on what it is you really want and need from your partner.

No. 210211

Are you kinda guarded/keep your feelings to yourself anon? I had a similar problem but I didn't really want it to get serious with anyone so I kept alot to myself. When people see you aren't putting yourself out there like they are they back out

Sometimes you could really want to get to know the person but are too scared of being hurt to open up. So maybe they start telling you about themselves but you are vague w your life story (maybe out of fear of scaring someone away if you don't want to bring up "baggage").

I've seen girls of all types of personalities get bfs/gfs I don't think anything is wrong with you. It may just seem like your not interested if u don't open up. It will be ok anon and maybe also you could just be meeting duds idk. Maybe you aren't setting standards high enough or theyre too high for the guys you meet so they leave. I'm not sure. Sorry I'm kind of autistically guessing I'm stoned lol but ya nothing is wrong with you. I didn't have a real bf till I was 22 lol. Also awkward but preferred girls so it turned alot of guys off. There's somebody for everybody anon don't beat urself up

No. 210238

anons I think I have to leave my bf. I posted earlier itt >>209426 about feeling emotionally starved and we had a long phone call last night about it where I finally got it out of him that he doesn't want to move in with me anymore even though it was his idea. I feel like it would save me a lot more stress and pain if we broke up, but I am a HUGE BPD-chan and breaking up with someone I really love feels like it would send me into a spiral of shit mental health because I hate being alone. How do I stay true to my needs without making a rash decision and giving myself even more pain?

No. 210243


I'm sure he was going to propose. He bought the ring in August, he got me to pick it out and I saw the box. I don't even think he can return it now and it was $2500. This is definitely a "me" issue, I've had this problem in all my relationships. He put up with a LOT from me and I think if he gave me an ultimatum and it didn't work out he would have a harder time leaving down the line (we'd be engaged and living together with my daughter). I think he just wanted to make a clean break before we became even more entangled than we already were. How do I even begin to heal? I guess I'm hoping that once I'm moved into the new apartment by myself the pressure will be off and he'll reach out but if he's coming back I want him to come back to a healed version of me so we can have a good, healthy relationship this time.

No. 210244

I think leaving him would be best, especially if he's not really taking care of your needs and you're already considering breaking up. But if you don't want to be rash, I would say think it over for a week or two and weigh out what would be best for you emotionally. Your original post really showed he's not willing to make any changes for you (at least not consistent ones) and the fact that, even after you communicated this problem, he still hasn't made any adjustments and even decided to put more distance between you two is really bad. You don't deserve to put yourself through more of this pain because of your fears of being alone. Do you have any friends or family you could lean on for support? Break ups are very hard regardless, so you might want to plan some non-harmful coping stuff you can do and spend some time trying to work through the pain.

No. 210245

What makes you think he'll wait for you and not move on to another woman in the meantime? Sure there's a chance but I honestly think you're going to end up hurting yourself even further by hoping or even assuming you'll get back together once you're "better".

No. 210280


He said that he still loves me, will always love me, and he won't be moving on any time soon. Who knows though I guess.

No. 210283

Someone who loves you doesn't break up with you. He was just flowering you with pretty words so either you don't feel as bad.

No. 210285

If he’s not willing to work with you to help you with your mental illness, he’s not worth anything.

No. 210293

She's right, anon. And clinging to this is only going to make this harder for you. If he truly loved you he wouldn't have left just because times were tough. It's not like you committed some act of horror. You were insecure, hurting, maybe lashing out sure. That's no reason to leave someone you love. What if you got cold feet on your wedding day? What if you got pregnant and became extremely needy and emotional? Face it, he wouldn't be there for you. He'd chimp out because he was "depressed because he couldn't make you happy." You're not always going to be happy, and your partner isn't always going to be able to make it better. He should still be there for you. He's not going to be there for you. It's hard and it's not going to happen overnight, but you need to let go, not hold on to hope that he's going to come back once you're magically cured of insecurities and emotional outbursts. It's going to happen again and you want someone who will weather the storm, not abandon ship.

No. 210294


Not sure if I agree anons. It sounds like this guy needed to set a firm boundary for himself when he realized enough is enough. Not giving her a chance to change was cold but maybe he really just couldn't hold on any longer or he didn't want to get her kid too involved if he wasn't sure it would work. I know I've broken up with people I was still in love with because it wasn't working, sometimes it's best for both parties. Doesn't mean the love isn't there.

No. 210296

Come on, anon. Be realistic. Did you get back with those people? How often does that happen and things actually work out?

No. 210297


No, I didn't. But I've had two boyfriends in the past who I had to break up with because their baggage was too much to handle and I was becoming a mental mess myself. If they had gone to therapy and sorted through their shit I would've considered giving them another chance, but neither of them did unfortunately.

No. 210301

That's the thing, anon. Baggage doesn't just go away. You can learn to cope with it but you're still going to have bad days, weeks, months. You could've should've would've given them a chance, and when they slipped up? You're setting anon up for prolonged hurt. I'm not saying you did something wrong but you weren't a good partner for those guys and anon's ex isn't a good partner for her.

No. 210302


It wasn't the fact that they had baggage, it was how they handled it. Neither dealt with their problems in a healthy way, they would shut down, blame, criticize, argue, and nag. I had to be the bandaid for every sore spot in their life. What they needed was to develop more mature coping mechanisms and less codependency. Only then the relationship could have worked. No sane person wants to be in a relationship with someone who never developed the emotional intelligence required for adult relationships.

No. 210305

Again, cutting someone out of your life and never speaking to them again isn't "love." Maybe you were attracted to them, maybe you liked the fun and happy times, but that has absolutely nothing to do with love. It's completely ok if you want to leave because you can't handle their problems, but to say you ever loved them or still do is just a pretty thing to say to make yourself and them feel better.

No. 210306

Of course no one wants to deal with that, but no one is going back to a partner if they think of them that way either. And let's assume they do get back. Say anon has a really week and doesn't handle it well - yes that happens even if you've been in therapy and can usually cope in a healthy way - it'll remind her ex of why he left, and he'll leave her again. It'll be even more painful the second time around. She shouldn't subject herself to that. She needs someone who can stick with her through the bad times. Again didn't say the guy or you did something bad by leaving. Maybe you cared about them. But it's not really love if you can drop someone for being difficult. It definitely takes an emotional toll on the other person and they shouldn't force themselves through it if they don't want to stay. But that emotional threshold has already been reached. The right partner would be there. He's not. It's over.

No. 210309

Not sure if that's what happened here, but in general I agree.

Nta but why are we talking about going back? Anon who said she didn't agree didn't say anything about that.

No. 210322

Try reading the whole conversation next time. I'll recap for you.
>Anon's ex breaks up with her because she's too needy, feels unloved even though she doesn't think he did anything wrong
>Anon wants to fix herself so her ex will come back
>Ex claims he still loves her and won't move on/date anyone else any time soon
>Anons tell her to move on because it's all fluff, he broke up with her because he can't tough out with her through her struggles, it's just not meant to be
>Anon disagrees because she loved people she's broken up with 2 men she would totally have gotten back if they had only changed for her and never fell back into their bad coping mechanisms

No. 210325

I have feelings for a friend of mine, we dated years ago but we were young and it didn't work out but after that all died down we became good friends. they've recently started seeing someone and seems so excited about her, I'm so happy for them but can't help but feel jealous because I definitely have repressed feelings. I don't want to be selfish. is there any way I can be supportive without having to distance myself from the friend in question? I cherish their presence in my life

No. 210329

> I want him to come back to a healed version of me
I think you'll know that you're making improvements when you let go of him, that is imo step one of your healing.

It's very early days right now so your current thoughts are to be expected. I think we've all been there right after a break up but you're entertaining thoughts that will only stop you from healing if you don't push past them. Be single, stick with your therapy and do it solely for you, and even your daughter. Think of how forced or on and off again relationships certainly don't have good effects on children who have to witness it.

No. 210372

I'm dating this guy for 2 month now. And start to develop feelings. And it all feels really special when we are together and we have fun and he said we really have a connection. He lives in another city and so we see eachother just one the weekends. When we are not together I get anxious that he doesn't like me and the feeling comes that I should let him go because I'm a mess and he deserves better. I always do that and push people away so they are free of the burden that is me. I'm starting therapy soon and told him I will get help because I don't want to make my problems his. How to handle the anxiety when I'm not with him? I don't want to ask him all the time if he likes me or misses me and I also don't want to escalate and tell him to fuck off.

No. 210376

I used to get very anxious like this anon and it was painful I really wasn’t enjoying my time away from my bf. The advice I can offer you is spend time with friends and family and do some fun activities. Pick up a new hobby. Think of your life as a big cake your boyfriend should be a slice of that not the whole cake albeit he can still be a pretty big slice! He’s a part of your world that should enhance your life even when you’re not with him. It takes time but you need to learn to enjoy your time away from him with other people. Hope the helps and make sense with the whole cake analogy!! Good luck anon you can do it!

No. 210378

Thank you this helps me big times! Glad you got over it and I wish you a lovely and enjoyable time.

No. 210382

Thank you anon! Best of luck to you, remember to be kind to yourself too!

No. 210476

File: 1634882560160.jpeg (57.11 KB, 1200x628, squid-game-1.jpeg)

I was the lower option for a guy. Told me she was out of his league, and now that it seems like he has a shot at her, it seems like he's left me in the dust. Completely. Free world, but it doesn't mean that I don't feel like shit, cause I do knowing that I was a side piece. A backup. No rage at all to her– just me for having false hope when there were so many issues out there in the open all because he was a little nice. Because I was physically attracted to him.
I'm fucking done.
I'm not a second option. I can and will do better. Friends is inevitable, but I won't play his games. I cannot.
Fuck this shit I have to hang out with him again soon with the girl first on his plate. I don't have any animosity towards her – just him. I think he knows that I'm sick of his shit tonight. I just couldn't fucking take it tonight in particular. How do I deal with this in the smoothest way possible? Ignore him if he tries to be physical again? Not really reach out altogether?

No. 210477

Forgot to add that he's occasionally flirty in texts before this and very touchy in person (think side hugging, hand on shoulder, hand holding) when we were ALONE. With the whole side chick gang though? Haha. Hahaha.

No. 210478

>feel like a failure of a women because you're not good at comforting people.


No. 210508

File: 1634911150112.jpeg (296.36 KB, 1024x682, gettyimages-614042900-1024x102…)

I've met a guy who's very sweet, empathetic, respectful, calm, down to earth, chill to be around and has a great sense of humor. Basically, I just really like his personality and we get along so well… but… he's ugly. It's nothing in particular like his hair or style or eyes, he's not unhygienic either… It's his whole face, it's unfortunately just not appealing to me in the slightest.

Has anyone here ever dated someone you weren't physically attracted to? How did that go?

I've already told him that I am not looking for a relationship, but I really like him as a person. I'm not REALLY reconsidering it, but, I don't know, I guess I just want to find out if I'm shooting myself in the foot by being shallow. (I also know that he deserves to be with someone who finds him attractive.)

What do you anons think? I would like to hear some opinions about dating someone you would consider unattractive physically.

No. 210523

I think it's important to keep in mind that men usually do not age well, so ultimately it's more important to love who they are vs their appearance.

No. 210525

Being with an ugly man gets old really fast. Don't get memed into the "caring about looks is shallow" meme. Physical attraction is important.

No. 210536

Do you really like him? I think most people start being physically attracted to someone if they really like their personality and they have chemistry. Seems like you don't, which is normal. Sometimes there are people with all the good qualities when it comes to personality but there's no chemistry and that's it

No. 210539

I don't know, man. What if he would ask me "do you think I'm hot/good-looking?" one day, would I have to lie to him or hurt his feelings by telling him the truth? I just think that he's a stand-up guy and really sweet and funny and that's pretty rare, but it's not like I think he's just a bit meh, I literally think he has an ugly face. I wish I didn't, and I hate myself for even writing that out, but I do.

Maybe, maybe.

I mean, we haven't really hung out one on one yet, we've only met with our mutual friends around. We got along very well (and have made out drunk at one point) but not in the "it just clicked instantly and I knew he was the one" kind of way. I don't really know how well you're supposed to get along with a person for it to be considered "having chemistry". (I know that sounds autistic but I swear I'm not.)

I also just got out of a relationship half a year ago so I don't really want a relationship rn, unless it's an instant connection. I'm just wondering if I'm doing the right thing or being shallow, since I have some type of warm feelings for him.

No. 210540

You gotta build that confidence

No. 210549

Samefag, but like, we're texting and he's so damn into me and I kinda get some butterflies talking to him because he's just so nice to talk to but, first of all I'm not even ready for a relationship and second of all, I still don't think he's physically attractive. Dunno what to do.

No. 210555

In the same situation right now and he still manages to give me butterflies so I say go for it but don't try to force attraction or anything, it should come naturally

No. 210559

> I'm a capable scientist. I've won multiple awards, publish lots etc. I've even worked with a Nobel prize winner.

pls give tips to a third world university student

No. 210560

If there's no physical attraction your bedroom is gonna suck.

No. 210578

I don't think he's good-looking but I'm sexually attracted to him, if that makes sense. But I think he's too into me to be fwb.

No. 210584

Can someone good at insults shit up an incel tier manifesto to send to a guy? He's an autistic trad larper esoteric pagan varg fan, possibly a nazi and has a body count of 40, seems like a coomer too. Is only 26 and balding. We met on a dating app, he seems attracted to me because I'm an inexperienced autist virgin. I want it to be devastating, should include something about him being a dead inside innately morally deficient degenerate, pair bonding and never finding love etc. Whatever stings the most

No. 210586

Going out of your way to berate him is lame tbh, less insulting more telling him he lives in your head rent free. Men want your emotional energy even when it's negative, don't give it to him.

Telling him something innocuous like how you only see him as a friend or don't feel a spark is probably gonna hurt him more, incels know that's code for 'you're a beta and I want chad' but it also doesn't come across as you caring too much about him.

No. 210587

I've done that already and he didn't like that, I want to piss him off as a goodbye, maybe make him rope

No. 210588


Agree. Not worth your energy.

No. 210591

Seriously anon, you're too invested in this guy. He's already won by making you care, it sounds like you're hung up on him even if you claim to dislike him.

Ghost him for your own sake.

No. 210595

you're such a fucking sperg

No. 210639

Asking for a friend, how trusting can you be, if a guy tells you he doesn't need sex in a relationship (she actively does not want it)?

No. 210648

Unless he identifies as ~asexual~ or has sexual trauma that has led him to completely abstain, I'd be highly highly sceptical. Very, very few men, if any, with a healthy sexuality would be willing to be sexless in a relationship (or they''ll go get it somewhere else).

No. 210666

Happened to me, the asshole claimed to be asexual and I was young and trusting. Turns out he was cheating both emotionally and physically the whole time and using me to do emotional labor and housework. I still have trust issues years later.

No. 210675

My first relationship was like this, we did some stuff but I didn't want PIV and he was cool about that. We mostly did oral and I often checked in to make sure it was still enough for him. He always said yes. 4 years in I came to find out he was sleeping with someone on the side.

No. 210676

How do I cope with living with a boyfriend I'm repulsed by but whom I can't leave right now? He's not abusive or anything I guess I'm just an ungrateful brat and think he's pathetic. He wants to know why I'm in such a bad mood and whether he did anything wrong (he didn't, he's just being his repulsive pushover self) and I'm finding it increasingly hard not to explode on him.

No. 210681

Just leave it

No. 210684

I have been in your shoes. Tell him - don't explode on him, but tell him what bothers you. Practice in advance how you're going to tell him, so he doesn't think it's just a momentary thing (which he will if you explode on him). Find a way to express your feelings, and do it.
You can't "cope" with it, if you don't respect him, then you don't respect him and it sucks being in such a relationship. But respect his feelings and your time together and yourself enough that you try to explain to him, calmly, what bothers you. That way, when you leave him, it won't be out of the blue, which he doesn't quite deserve if he is a good guy, and you will feel guilty if you don't at least try to say something, I guarantee that.

No. 210685

Are you truly stuck there or have you family to stay with?

If you're saying you're repulsed by him then that sounds like it'll lead to some serious resentment in no time.. he's not abusive which is good but shit tends to still hit the fan when you're living with resentment. Do both of you a favour and give yourself a kick to go find somewhere else.

No. 210711

Is is a red flag that the guy I just had a date with smelled like he didn't do his laundry? He smelled like really musty old clothes that have been sitting in a pile for a year. Not BO, but that weird old clothes smell.

He's cute otherwise but seems kinda retarded and the smell was intense

No. 210712

Maybe he put on a really disgusting perfume? Did his teeth look a bit yellow? Clean shaven? Clean/short fingernails? These sorts of things give you a small indication if a moid grooms or not

No. 210717

What the fuck, of course it's a red flag. Soon you people will be asking "is it a red flag if a man doesn't wipe or brush his teeth?" Have some goddamn self-respect.

No. 210723

I obviously don't like it, I just don't know if it's serious enough to not give him another date. It's hard to expect much from men. Maybe I should let him know why I'm put off and block him.

No. 210728

Yeah definitely tell him he odor is repulsive before you block him

No. 210745

File: 1635047748161.jpg (16.15 KB, 360x352, IMG_20190203_114652.jpg)

I have never ever ever had a boyfriend… How do I even get one these days? I have graduated and only have 1 close friend + family. I have thought about asking my parents for advice but one side of me tells me that I should never do that and they'd think Im pathetic for it.

Im not fat but not vuloptuous either. Not pretty but not ugly either I don't think. Im just plain in every regard if I am being brutally honest. I always thought some day a guy would introduce himself to me but it hasn't happened yet and Im almost 20

No. 210749

>Im almost 20
jesus christ, with the way you were typing I thought you are in your early thirties. not having a boyfriend at your age is completely normal and you don't have to rush into it if you don't want to. make some friends honestly and sometimes that works out where they introduce you to someone they know.

No. 210753

Expand your social circle, make new friends. Most people meet their partners through social events (if they're not on a dating app). You naturally meet or get introduced to guys that way.

No. 210768

I don't find my bf attractive because he's fat, sloppy, and lazy.

I'm trying my best not to be superficial because he's the best boyfriend I've had in terms of how sweet he is, how well we get along, etc. He spoils me. Only says positive things. He's a great communicator. He's helpful. He doesn't let us fight.

But then I'll sit across from him and watch him shove enough food for 3 people in his face and 30 minutes later he's asking to take a nap then demanding I cuddle him through it. It's starting to disgust me. I think it's showing that I'm disgusted too because I keep rejecting his advances, and I can see it hurts his feelings.

I wish I could just turn off the part of my brain that is grossed out. I keep trying so hard because seriously he's one of the nicest men I've ever met. I badly want it to work out.

Do I just have an honest conversation with him? I'm active, I eat healthy, I take care of my body- and I want a partner who does the same.

No. 210772

>Do I just have an honest conversation with him? I'm active, I eat healthy, I take care of my body- and I want a partner who does the same.
Yes. Let him know that you're all that and you expect it back.

Was he fit when you started dating and did he let himself go or was he always fat and lazy?

No. 210773

No, we met during quarantine, so we were primarily talking on the phone or voice chat.

I didn't think it would be such a big deal, and it really wasn't at first. We still had sexual chemistry and stuff. It's just with time it has started to bother me more.

No. 210778

being nice with your damn partner should be considered the bare minimum, nonnie. The bar is so low physical attraction is not even required anymore? Listen to your body and don't force yoursefl only because you feel guilty pls. I don't think you can change that aspect of him with any conversation. I'd also suggest you avoid telling him brutally cause he was like that before and it's not his fault if you changed your mind. just tell him there's no more chemistry and leave, you've not been together for too long don't waste more time (his and yours)

No. 210781

Yea nonny if he was fat already when you met you kinda knew what you were getting into. If he's never expressed a desire to get in shape, then talking to him likely won't change that. Just break up and don't date anymore fatties. Neither of you seem at fault here but sometimes after the honeymoon phase you realize you're just not right for each other. You'll find a nice man who isn't fat and he'll find someone who likes fatties.

No. 210795

Imagine a fit guy had a fat, sloppy, lazy "but she's really nice!" girlfriend. Lmao

No. 210796

Dunno anon, if you've only been together since quarantine (how long is that depending on where you are, a year and a half max?) you may want to reconsider if you shouldn't just cut your losses before your time-investment becomes too large and put that into chasing a man who is fit and attractive. You can try but I'm sure you can see how he'll be little motivated to become fit when he knows already got you when he was fat. It's such a waste of your time to be involved with a man you're not attracted to and in time you'll become greatly irritated by his behaviour.

Also recognize he IS superficial in terms of looks towards you and previous partners.

No. 210798

What is this trend of women calling deep down wanting to be physically attracted to their male partners "superficial", I've seen it more than once on here lately. Some of you really need to have some sense kicked into your heads.

No. 210799


It's so fucking hard to find an attractive partner who is also kind and supportive and helpful. I feel like I've stayed in the worst relationships just because the guy was hot.

Whereas this is a good relationship but the guy isn't hot.

No. 210806

You know your bf probably wouldn't date you if you were just as fat and lazy as him, right?

No. 210808

>I feel like I've stayed in the worst relationships just because the guy was hot.
Also this time you're staying just because he's "nice". I'm sorry you've been treated so bad that finding someone that treats you nicely is seen as a catch in your eyes anon.

Being a lazy fatty has to be one of the worst qualities a decent human can have. Imagine being too lazy to look after your own health. Imagine being unable to put down that second burrito for your own good, or for your loved ones. Imagine. I guess you don't have to imagine because you're witnessing it with your own two eyes. Working out takes 1 (one) hour of your 24 hour days. Some people even only do 30mins and that's enough. The effects of eating good and staying active flip your quality of life completely backwards from how a dry-heaving fatty lives. Usually having a hot fit girlfriend is even more motivation to get yourself into shape compared to doing it for yourself on top of that.

No. 210809

’m not sure why you are with him. People like to deny it but the first thing you notice about your partner is their attractiveness. Did you only get with him for his personality? Personality is great but you can’t get off to someone you don’t find physically attractive. Do better for yourself.

No. 210818

are you hot yourself? like objectively hot to scrotes, not in the delusional "even the ugliest fattest greasiest woman is hotter than the average male!" way that's peddled on here. I've noticed from friends and acquaintances that people tend to pair off with someone who is relatively similar in attractiveness to them unless there's an extreme factor (i.e. one of them is filthy rich or famous or has an extremely shining personality). maybe you could try becoming more conventionally hot as well as very pleasant to be around so you raise your chances of attracting a guy who is both good looking and well adjusted.
that said I don't think there's at all a looks/personality tradeoff. in my experience generally ugly people are often stunted or bitter and attractive people are nice and normal.

No. 210819

media brainwashing. not even joking.

No. 210845

I've been with my boyfriend for around 3 years and I really love him but we've had a lot of issues. He's not monogamous, and has a lot of schizoid tendencies so communicating with him is hard and he is often neglectful and uncaring. He lives in a different country, and after I came back from visiting him for the first time and wanted to go again, he said I could only go if another woman was there. He changed his mind about it eventually but it was really hurtful. There were a lot of things like that, but lately things have been nice and he's been spending a lot of time with me everyday and we haven't had an argument for a long time.

Despite the bad things most of the time I'm really happy around him, I have so many good memories with him, and he's been the most important thing for me for years. Sometimes the way he acted was so hurtful that I wanted to leave but I couldn't imagine ever being attracted to someone else.

Anyway recently I posted something on Instagram and a random guy asked me something about it, so I just looked at his profile and I was immediately really attracted to him - this is really, really rare for me, normally even if someone looks good I don't care and it takes me a long time to feel anything. Anyway we started talking and it's nice. We seem to have a lot of shared interests and it's just easy to talk to him. I think because of how my boyfriend is I convinced myself that I don't want men to be nice to me or that I only like someone as long as they always kind of keep me at a distance. But this guy has been really nice and is interested in me and it just feels foreign but also good.

But I don't know what I'm doing. I just feel really guilty for being attracted to someone else. Especially now that things are good with my boyfriend. I mean he hurt me a lot but he's also been there for me a lot and visiting him really is my happiest memory. I just feel like I'm doing something wrong even though nothing happened and even though I know he talks to other women (but doesn't want me to talk to other men.)

Am I a bad person if I keep talking to the other guy? It's just so rare that I'm interested in someone but I also feel weirdly too intensely about it and that doesn't seem realistic. And I'm just generally ashamed because I've always been committed to my boyfriend to the extent other men didn't even exist for me for a long time.

No. 210847

Update: I've definitely decided to not pursue this relationship any further. I need someone who I feel attracted to, or the relationship won't last anyway. I'm sure there's someone out there who finds this guy attractive, since we're all attracted to different types of faces. He's just not for me.

No. 210848

You need more self-respect. Not a boyfriend. Seriously, this post reads like a r/relationshipadvice troll post with how many red flags there are.

Just in case this isn't a creative writing project:

>He's not monogamous, and has a lot of schizoid tendencies so communicating with him is hard and he is often neglectful and uncaring.

So he's actively harmful and cold. Despite being long distance you still go out and visit him, indirectly rewarding his neglect towards you. Personality disorders aren't an excuse for treating your partner like shit. Either he needs to work on himself or he doesn't need to be in a relationship.

>after I came back from visiting him for the first time and wanted to go again, he said I could only go if another woman was there. He changed his mind about it eventually but it was really hurtful.

So he floated the idea of you bringing him another woman to fuck, then rescinded when he knew it wasn't going to happen. And you're still with this guy?

>lately things have been nice and he's been spending a lot of time with me everyday and we haven't had an argument for a long time

It's called a Honeymoon Period.

>Anyway recently I posted something on Instagram and a random guy asked me something about it, so I just looked at his profile and I was immediately really attracted to him

If you're so easy as to fall for someone at first sight through the internet, then you're not ready for a relationship. You don't know this man from Adam, and you don't even know if he likes you back. What you're feeling is infatuation. He could seriously just be throwing you baseline politeness, but since you're so used to your weird scrote of a boyfriend you're confusing it for something more.

>I just feel like I'm doing something wrong even though nothing happened and even though I know he talks to other women (but doesn't want me to talk to other men.)

A grown woman can't be this naive. It sounds like you're in love with the idea of your/a boyfriend than the reality of it, and you've let yourself become attached to someone who genuinely doesn't mean well for you. Don't let yourself get sucked into the relationship sunk cost fallacy. It doesn't matter how long you've been together. 3 years, 3 months, or 30 years. He's emotionally abusing and taking advantage for his own gain. Doesn't it bother you that he doesn't want you talking to other men, but demanded that you bring him another woman just to get to see him again? He's probably one of those insecure neckbeards that gets off on hoarding female attention but wants his partner's world to revolve around him. You can do better than this.

No. 210850

I know right. He needs to be attractive as well as a good personality.

No. 210851

How old are you, anon? Do you have any mental health issues? It sounds like you should break up with your boyfriend and be on your own for a while, to work on your self-esteem issues. You don't need a scrote to validate you, start to work on yourself instead.

No. 210852

Holy fuck, you’re a fucking retard. Hang your head in shame.

No. 210853

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately once I get attached to someone I find it really hard to move on, I'm sure it's partially sunk cost fallacy but also before my boyfriend I've never been in a relationship with someone I loved. He is the first person I'm really attracted to.

I don't think I'm infatuated with the other guy, it's only been a couple of days, I just mentioned the first sight thing because it pretty much never happened before, and I've been ignoring every man trying to talk to me since I have my bf, so it's just not usual for me.

I think the reason why things are better with my boyfriend is also because I learned how to deal with him more, he always called me out for being clingy (I don't think I am, but he can be so dismissive that he gets triggered by any sign of wanting some affection, but also issues did build up when he repeatedly refused to communicate about things) - but since I started spending more time doing my own things he seems to want to be around me more. But at the same time, for a while I've known that we want really different things, it's just that he's really passive and doesn't do anything with his life so it doesn't really show. But I keep telling myself that I'll just do all the work, and it doesn't matter if I make most of the compromises because I feel happy with him or that I'm willing to give up some things I wanted from a relationship because being with him is worth it.

I'm sorry if I come across as really naive, I think the past couple of years kind of distorted how I see relationships, and now even things that are simple and healthy seem rare and impressive to me.

No. 210854

You are a deadbrain idiot.

No. 210856

Yeah I'm with >>210854 nonna, you're stupid as fuck. The more you tell us, the less intelligent you sound. You're dating an emotionally and mentally abusive loser and framing it up like it's your fault he sucks. You guys probably deserve each other. I guarantee you only feel happy with him because you're the type who can't function without a boyfriend, no matter how shit he is.

No. 210857

I don’t even feel sorry for you. You deserve to be miserable if you’re this fucking spineless and weak. All you do is drag other women down with your feebleness.

No. 210858

Lowkey regret asking now. I had two relationships before him, and one of them lasted like a month and the other one lasted for two years. I'd say I spent the majority of my life not in a relationship and most of the time I wasn't actively looking for one. You shouldn't assume that this relationship is my whole identity, obviously I pointed out the problematic things about it because I don't need advice regarding anything else. I don't think it's my fault he sucks, but if you actually understood abusive relationships you'd probably remember that it's not easy to leave them

No. 210859

You’re fucking stupid. I guess there was no need for you to ask since you already clearly know he’s abusive, you just wanted us to fawn and fuss over you before you go back and suck more schizoid chode. Fuck off dumb bitch.

No. 210860

Lol I admire random retards' commitment to try to hurt my feelings

No. 210861

>you'd probably remember that it's not easy to leave them
You're in a long-distance relationship with a scrote that neglects you, asked you to bring another woman to him, calls you clingy, etc. It's not like you're living with or financially dependent on him. You caught yourself almost trying to date someone that messaged you on social media. Just stop calling/messaging him. Trust me, he will not come looking for you. The power is yours.

If you were truly happy and secure in your relationship you wouldn't have posted here asking for advice. No adult woman is this willfully ignorant. I hope to christ this is just some bored scrote larping and not an actual person.

Nobody here needs to hurt your feelings. Your boyfriend does that for you just fine.

No. 210862

>if you actually understood abusive relationships you'd probably remember that it's not easy to leave them
You're right, it is often difficult to leave abusive relationships, especially as a woman. But you're justifying his actions, your love for your abuser and your reasons to stay. Of course that won't gain respect here.

No. 210863

I obviously have issues but I literally never got as bothered as >>210859 over a random post on the internet, and I think no mentally healthy person gets off on coming back repeatedly trying to insult someone. I mostly just read here, but legit every time there is someone who gets disproportionately triggered by any random shit. I'm fine with it because obviously I don't expect people here to solve my issues, but sometimes people can be helpful. I have read a lot about abusive relationships and having issues leaving and justifying the other person's actions are pretty standard I think. Random people getting angry over this is just weird to me. Sometimes it's just helpful to talk to strangers even if they are not qualified to help you, but that's all. If what I said is so offensive to people I'd rather they just ignored it, though it doesn't really matter

No. 210864

You are fucking stupid. You’re not trapped in an abusive relationship you’re just a stupid retard with no spine.

No. 210872

Leave him, anon. You don't even live with him (yet).

No. 210880

I've been really confused what to do with this guy for a while now, we've been talking for 2 years everyday non stop (online) , were dating for 3 months at the start but then i stopped feeling the butterflies and had a major exam coming so I told him we should break up for now and found out about his anger issues, it got really ugly but we were both barely adult retards and I think he's learned to not be like that anymore. Anyway we just went through the block unblock phase for a few months untill I just accepted it's not possible for me to cut him off and I enjoy just talking to him so that's all I will do. He says he's really in love with me and that he's never had such a connection with anyone in his life (doesn't have any friends, autistic, very poor social skills, bullied etc etc) and I do feel like it is true but I just cannot accept someone like him, he's got his fair share of trouble but he's just way out of my league in every way, really handsome good body filthy rich kind of smart, while I'm just average and below average in almost everything and my family is really strict so I can't do a lot of things. Even when we were dating it always felt so uncomfortable when he would just be like don't worry about anything just be with me and I'll do everything for you it just feels so wrong. I've never dated anyone in my life I don't even talk to boys that much, if it wasn't for the internet I would have never even come across him, now that I'm finally moving away from my family he really wants to be together with me, but it still feels so wrong. He's willing to give up going to an ivy league for masters just to be in the same town as me. It's just not right, I enjoy his company a lot but I feel like if I actually start dating him again I'll just be crushed under the guilt of not being able to do anything for him in return and the fact that he could have had such an objectively better life if I just pushed him away.

No. 210883

You said it's difficult to leave abusive relationships, but what is keeping you from leaving in your situation? Is he cutting you off from your family and friends? Is he physically abusing you to keep you from seeking help? Is he threatening you?

No. 210884

God, I wish I could find a guy who'd stick with me through anything like this dumb bitch does for her boyfriend.

No. 210890

First off anon, don’t sell yourself short. I’m sure there are things that you can offer to this relationship and as you acknowledged yourself this guy isn’t perfect either. Good looks and money aren’t everything if you have shit social skills. Personally I think you’re right to feel uncomfortable because him offering to give up something as big as a masters degree to live with you sounds like a red flag. He sounds like he could be very codependent because if he is willing to give up so much and do so much for you, then he probably expects you to do the same even if the level of commitment he’s offering is too much and unhealthy in the first place. He might want to ‘do everything’ for you only to use it against you in the future if you try to set boundaries or limits with him. This probably isn’t out of malicious intent and given that you said he has bad social skills/not many relationships he probably isn’t aware of how unrealistic he’s being to think that making a relationship the center of his world is okay. Not that you can’t still be friends, but hold off on a relationship for now. Maybe if he does a masters he’ll meet more people and have a life outside of you and it’ll make him more mature. Hope what I’m saying makes sense.

No. 210897

Not surprised you haven't managed to yet.

No. 210903

I’ve got a crush on a close but long distant friend of mine. I met with them at an event the other week and tried to make it subtly obvious I was interested in him - eye contact, physical touch whilst talking but I’m unsure if he picked up a hint or if he even likes me that way. He recently broke up with his LTR so I don’t think it’s advisable for me to make any announcements to him, nor do I want to ruin our friendship, he says he feels he can just be himself around me and talk to me about anything, same time I worry about just being seen as a bro. What should I do??

No. 210929

It's mostly luck anon. I was lucky that I got a doctorate in a field that gets a lot of funding and is advanced enough to not be a gimmick. I don't know what sort of science you're in, but don't go for the "meme" topics in your area. I'm in Physics and such things to avoid are things like Quantum Computing and Graphene.

No. 210933

You should most definitely give him a bit of time. If he just broke up, then he's probably still tender and not exactly interested in a rebound. Also, men can be kind of dense so I think you should let him know how you feel somewhere down the line in plain English.

No. 210937

You're fucking retarded.

No. 210941


girl get a clue, how little self respect or esteem can you have? dump the loser and work on yourself because this just screams dysfunctional

No. 210943

This must be bait because no self respecting woman would deal with this. Love yourself xx

No. 210945

Thanks nonnie. To be honest I’ve been super upset tonight because I worry he doesn’t see me that way and think he has been kind of distant with me since their break up. I don’t know if I’m wrong to think if he liked me more than a friend he wouldn’t be distant. He still talks to me and says nice things and has mentioned meeting up again soon but he doesn’t reply as frequently anymore.

No. 210949

>posts in the relationship advice thread
>gets defensive when given advice
every fucking time

No. 210950

It's typical, codependent, spineless women with utter trash for bfs ask for advice online and all they want to hear is the magic words to convince him to treat her with the slightest kindness so she doesn't have to leave him. The only good advice (dump him) is the last thing they want to hear.

Too bad there are no magic words, if he wanted to he would. He doesn't care about her, he doesn't love her, he knows he can get away with treating her like shit and she won't leave so he does.

No. 211035

I can't tell if I'm overreacting or its the straw that broke the camels back but I stormed off from my boyfriend earlier. He's not been very nice lately, we tend to rib eachother in good fun and its joking and all, but its starting to get upsetting because he doesn't say nice things to me without me asking. Today, he was in quite a hurry to go out so he pushed me away when I tried to give him a hug and said there was no time. He then proceeds to ditch me while im locking the door in the lift so I have to go down all the stairs. So I'm trying to explain how that made me feel really irritated and he just cut me off like you're just annoyed i wouldn't hug you, it was just a fucking joke. So I'm like alright, im going home. I'm kind of dreading him coming back. I have a tendency to be dramatic, or at the very least he thinks so. I know he'll say something when he gets in. I'm just struggling to find a way to verbalise that I feel like I'm just a joke now, and it's like he's picking on me sometimes

No. 211037

Anon you taught him that you tolerate and like being pushed around. I don't think you can de-train him back into a non BDSM relationship

No. 211038

Is it normal for your SO to say that sometimes they love you less than other days? And when you say that hurts, they say they are stressed lately and can't help it..?

No. 211039

Non dykes answers only

I'm a virgin 22 years old that never had a boyfriend and I want to get in a relationship. I'm a complete asocial loner… Can young decent moids be found on dating apps? My divorced middle age aunt uses them so I guess is only old people looking for a quick fuck? I want to get into a real relationship

No. 211040

If he pushes you away because he's in a hurry and then ditches you in the lift, that's not a joke, that's pushing you around when it's convenient for him. Don't tolerate being treated like a dog, you're a human being and his girlfriend on top of that and should be treated as such.

No. 211045

How hard is it to give a quick hug or peck and say you've got to run? No, really, imagine it. It's a split second. Ditching you in the elevator is even more disrespectful imo

No. 211046

It might be normal to feel it imo but it's weird as fuck to say it

No. 211048

Kind of. My partner and I met on OK Cupid in our mid twenties. That said, you have to wade through a lot of gross asshole men to find a decent one that's worth meeting. That means you'll get messages that berate you, are highly sexual, are cut and paste love drivel sent to every woman in hopes of bedding one of them, and probably dick pics, also insane men who lose their shit if you don't reply to them in five seconds. For me I worked long hours and it was hard to randomly meet people, plus I liked being able to keep my distance while I weeded the scumbags out before ever meeting them in person, since they tend to show their true colors much faster when dealing with them online. The downside of course is that you have to deal with a large volume of unapologetic scumbags and for many people it's not worth it. My recommendation is to try to go do some hobbies or whatever outside of the house and see if you meet people before trying dating apps. Also maybe it goes without saying but don't ever send inappropriate pictures to anyone on dating apps. Some guys use dating apps to collect masturbation fodder and may even share them online.

No. 211049

That's what I thought. It honestly felt like she didn't understand how much those words can hurt.. and she tried to explain herself by saying she's been stressed lately. I told her she simply shouldn't have said that. She asked me if that means that I want her to lie?
Like, idk, yes?

No. 211052

Welp i tried explaining that I was unhappy because he was always picking on me and I'd like him to be nicer to me sometimes. Of course, upon hearing I felt like he didn't like me he sarcastically asked if he was supposed to just shower me in compliments all the time. A few other highlights were "its just a fucking lift", "why are you with me then" and said that hes just not like that and hes not a girl. He then said im only upset cos hes working a lot and I'm lonely. I corrected him, I have friends and ive seen a lot of them lately. I'm crying at this point and he's like stop shouting im not going to talk to you if youre shouting and im not even yelling im just sobbing. Anyways, im pissed and trying to avoid him because he's just shown me he is incapable of being nicer to me. Now he's just following me around the flat as I'm trying to avoid him. Genuinely don't understand how he can see me sobbing like I cant tell if you like me, youre always picking on me and never saying sweet things and he seems to think that he is the victim. Genuinely considering breaking up. We fucking live together, im the lead tennant, but breaking up in this situation seems very difficult. But I'm miserable and he's kind of a bully I think

No. 211053

Please break up with him anon. It's so easy to tell someone you care about that you love them and they matter. His defensiveness after you've asked him to be nice because you feel unloved is a huge red flag. If you're worried for your safety, get some backup before you do, but definitely don't let him continue treating you this way, leave him.

No. 211055

I love him so much. I tell him a lot. I know how easy it is to just tell someone you care about something nice and it hurts so much that he can't even fake it for me

No. 211058

I understand what you're going through. It's a hard wake-up call. But no matter how hard you love someone you can't let them do this to you. It is pathetic that he can't even fake it for you, but you don't want someone who will fake it for you. You want someone who says nice things to you because he means it, who you don't have to beg to compliment you or be sweet to you because it's his joy to see you happy and feeling yourself. You deserve to feel loved too not just give it away to someone who treats you poorly and doesn't care about your feelings.

No. 211061

I'm sorry, at least you realized he doesn't care or love you instead of making excuses. Cut your losses and kick him out if you can.

No. 211067

It's not even like you're asking for a lot. Even if he does this unknowingly, why is it so hard for him to understand it hurts you and is possibly something he needs to work on? Why is he unable to see it from your perspective and empathize? Imagine he came up to you with a problem along these lines, do you think you would act the same? I hope the conversation/argument with him put some things into perspective for you anon.

No. 211128

You know you were being entirely reasonable, and he's clearly having an unreasonable reaction. You just asked him to not pick on you, and you explained that it makes you feel unloved. He's choosing not to listen and not to care. Maybe he's too immature to understand how relationships work, or he's doing this stuff on purpose because it keeps him entertained? Both of these options suck and if I were you, I wouldn't want to waste time finding out which one is his case.
Get out of this relationship as soon as you can, preferably immediately. He sounds unstable and incapable of at least trying to prioritize your emotional needs. What you described is a bunch of red flag behaviors seen in various cluster B types. It all begins with the small stuff and the only thing that stays consistent is the pushing of your boundaries. Don't let him bully you into disconnecting from your needs and wants. You've been very gentle and affectionate with him, if he can't be bothered to return the same effort, he can fuck off.

No. 211129

Please, tell me how to text men.
They always kinda dip when I start being interested, is the key to keep it really cool and uninterested or else they think they're too good?
Like do I always have to think about replying in the least word count possible and without any smileys, always try to combine shit into one reply? Why are men retarded like this?

No. 211141

if you're playing games then it's not gonna work out. find someone you can communicate perfectly with from the start

No. 211142

unironically, just b yourself

No. 211151

I am being myself and when I start getting more into talking with them they disappear or start to play games (see my messages but reply next day for no apparent reason). They are always more active when I'm not interested. Like every time.
I guess I have to keep searching for a normal person…

No. 211156

unfortunately that’s the state of men. one of my friends even purposefully acts really interested and engaged when she wants random dudes who dm her to fuck off. but in a way you are weeding out the guys who are just looking for a hook up, so i say don’t change your texting style unless you think you’re really overdoing it. honestly even some of my moid friends were the same way and wouldn’t respond to my lengthy messages but respond quickly to my stupid meme ones. i think most men just don’t know how to communicate so it freaks them out when they see someone (aka most women) trying to have a genuine conversation with them.

No. 211165

Sorry I've got no advice but I'm in a similar situation. I'm also paranoid about privacy and hate posting photos of myself so I'm sticking to meeting guys in real life even if it means I probably won't find someone for years and years. I don't think meeting a nice moid online is impossible but I'm tired of being terminally online, meme """culture""" is not a replacement for a personality and the things women have to do to say stafe and sane on dating apps sounds excrutiating for what people get out of it,

No. 211169

>They are always more active when I'm not interested. Like every time.
So the question is, why would you want to keep someone like that around? If he's interested in you as a person, he'll show it and there will be no games. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you or him necessarily, you're both just not compatible.

No. 211180

NTA but the reason it works on men is because of scarcity triggering something in their brain. I've been witnessing this game a long time. Basically they think:

Woman who's eager and always available= "must be low quality or desperate, I can go low effort and don't even need to take her on real dates or text back bc she'll probably still be there."

Woman who is difficult to talk to, expect more and ignores him= "wow she's so interesting and I wanna really win her over and fuck a challenge like her!!!"

So basically they're turned off by anyone who's actually find them deeply attractive lmao.

No. 211186

Yeah, it's not really deep or anything. Like I was saying, it means they're not truly interested in you as a person, just that you hurt their ego and they want to conquer you because of that. Most men are insecure losers who hate themselves, ergo they secretly loath women who are genuinely attracted to them and will abuse them.

No. 211212

I feel lost, I was in love with another girl for ten years, we grew up talking together and getting to know each other and dated for those ten years and today she has broken it off. She blames the reason she no longer loves me is because I had abandoned her when I had gotten myself all male “friends”. They were friends of my childhood almost like a brother friend. (I say friends because as soon as she left my life they targeted me and told me to kill myself and told everyone I was close to lies and bullied me for being sexuality assaulted as a kid ) She was allowed to have friends but I wasn’t even allowed to hangout with my brother sometimes. She gets upset when I would tell her she wouldn’t give me time but she made me dependent on her. What happened between us happened around 2017 and she still brings it up when she could.. some days, just even two weeks ago she told me she loved me and we talked about rings and getting married but she would never make any effort. She tells me I’m abusive and have been manipulating her when all I’ve tried to do was be there for her because she isn’t close with her family. She’s already moved on just a couple of days after breaking up with me and displayed her relationship all over social media when I’ve asked her for years to even just put my name in her bio but it was always a problem. Is it because I’m a girl? I feel lost and I feel like I can’t think sometimes and when I do it’s harmful thoughts, what can I do? I’ve asked for forgiveness for years and she showed me affection then hate off and on. I still love her even if she hates me and she still wants to speak to me every day as if nothing happened between us.

No. 211221

File: 1635378860033.jpg (44.44 KB, 768x1024, 325467.jpg)

How do I make a guy break up with me when he's "in love" with me? We work better as friends and I realize that now but I don't think he would want to go back if we do this. I want him to break up with me instead. It sounds silly but telling him this would break his heart. Should I tell him that I want a short break from relationship stuff? It's an online relationship.

No. 211225

>It's an online relationship
Nona just dump him, what the fuck, what is he gonna do to you? For all you know he's "in love" with 5 other online women. Even if he's not, losing an online gf isn't devastating. How heartbroken could someone even be losing someone they've only interacted with online? Don't bother coming up with shenanigans to get him to think it was his idea. I might understand why you'd consider it if it was in person and you thought breaking up directly might be dangerous, but online it's just a stupid waste of your time and his. I mean, you could ghost him with virtually zero consequences, breaking up would be the nice and considerate thing to do.

No. 211240

Sounds incredibly abusive anon. You did nothing wrong, that behavior is controlling and insecure.

No. 211242

I'm breaking up with my bf of over 8 years that lives in my house. He has somewhere to move to, it's just going to be sad and tedious to divide our stuff. I have only been delaying it because I thought I could force it but I think he deserves to find someone better suited and so do I. He is going to be upset, he thinks nothing is wrong. I have no support and no friends, my family is dealing with a big loss right now but I can't put this on hold anymore. It's always something. I think I will sort our documents into piles and then drop the bomb

No. 211243

Is it sick to still want her? I cling to hope that she’ll love me again, I’m constantly hurting myself mentally and physically over her but she no longer cares about what I feel it makes me sick but I can’t understand it.

No. 211251

No. 211280

How soon is too soon to get sexual?

No. 211281

Anything below age 33, Jesus's age when he died.

No. 211284

less than a month of dating

No. 211285

I think this is only true for waste-of-time fuckboys and honestly you need stop playing games with people because you think you have to do that to be interesting. When you find the right person you are BOTH all over each other, you BOTH are eager and want to spend 24/7 together and you both can't stop staring at each other and texting every second you are apart. My fiance and me were like this immediately and it was just so comfy to know that he reciprocates all of my feelings for him the same way and put in as much effort as me. I show him I love him every day and absolutely spoil him and he does the same for me in return. Hope one day you will also find the right person, nonnies. It is exhausting to play games.

No. 211290

Damn jesus looked like he was fucking 80 when he died. Aged like shit like most men lmfao

No. 211300

For about over 4 years, I have been dating my boyfriend and it's been a very good relationship from the start. We are simply the perfect team and resolve all of our issues as they happen. The sex is good and we constantly try to make it better. We still go out on fun dates and he is always there for me. He's genuinely just a great guy who loves me. However, and he knows this, I also have an interest in women. I cannot help, but think what if. What if I was with a woman instead? A part of me longs for a woman's love and attention. When I think of women, I want to marry them and show them what happiness is truly like. I want to fix her. I want to become a literal slave for a woman and make her feel like everything is taken care of and I am there for her. Not even slave because a slave is forced, I am willingly with no doubt. I want to spend my years painting her and show everyone what a work of art she truly is. I want to live and die for a woman. I want to be her everything while letting her exist in her own bubble. Everyday I imagine what it's like to be with a woman. I think women are simply amazing. They're just so wonderful even if everybody thinks they're Hitlerina or disgustingly grotesque. But, I love my boyfriend even though I think I would be happier with a woman. I've never dated a woman, but I've had sexual relationships before with several that never led to anything because I was in denial. I feel like because I'm with a long term relationship with a man, I have missed out on women all together. What do I do?

No. 211301

Are you happy in your current relationship? If so I'd be very hesitant throwing away a good relationship you're happy in away to experiment, honestly. You may not be fortunate enough to find that again, it's a big risk.

No. 211302

I feel like I have to add that before my boyfriend, I dated a lot of loser men that didn't appreciate my love at all and ended up cheating on me whilst settling. Ever since I have gotten with my boyfriend, I became less romantic because I resent men for not being loving. I often feel like my love goes to waste because he's a man and eventually he will stop appreciating my efforts into the relationship. Except, he always notices them and thanks me for them. He knows that everything I do for him is out of love and respect. Yet, that resentment is still there lingering in the back of my head.

No. 211306

just accept that he's not like other moids. Why break the heart of someone you love to gamble on something that's hard to find?

No. 211308

If he's genuinely a great guy, you sound shitty, ngl. Sounds like you're emotionally checked out or looking around for other people.

No. 211313

Because he deserves a relationship with someone who is genuinely in love with him too? Sounds like she's staying because he's good on paper, but doesn't deeply care about him as a person. I swear some of you lack as much empathy as scrotes.

No. 211317

No offense anon but you sound like a fucking weirdo. No lesbian or any other type of relationship is actually like what you fantasise about. If you want to dump your bf to experiment with women then fine, but you need a reality check first

No. 211320


OP should break up with her bf so he can find a woman who deserves him. Also the worshipping and being a slave to your partner is the most pathetic, weirdest shit I've ever read. No woman would want to be with her.

No. 211323

No. 211326

Wait 4-5 months. That'll tell you if they're here for one reason or for you

No. 211327

Does your fiance cook and clean actively?

No. 211332

>want to spend 24/7 together and you both can't stop staring at each other and texting every second you are apart
You sound like a lovestruck teen, this isn't normal, certaintly not once out of the honeymoonphase.

No. 211349

Feel kinda wacky replying to semi old posts, but I just want to chime in on the topic because it's an infuriating affair overall. Another incredibly retarded thing TRPers do (and non trp men sometimes without understanding how damaging it is) is the dread games shit.
You see these retards raving mouth foaming about how it gets you more sex if you're not having enough and how it keeps your relationship dynamics "fresh", but these sons of bitches somehow manage to miss the crucial memo on things such as hysteric bonding at first and the eventual emotional tuning out as a coping mechanism. It's unsustainable and in the end gets you a sexually, emotionally withered up bitter companion or just a straight up breakup or divorce. These braindead faggots will do shit that, in the long run, interrupts their woman's sense of intimacy and desire - both of which are pretty much essential for a woman to be sexual with their spouse.
I should know, my husband fucking alienated me completely by doing shit that technically works the same as a dread game, even though he didn't mean it apparently. He really drove the point home by continuing to withhold any emotional intimacy or warmth even after I tried to save this shit by having more sex even if I didn't want to. Big mistake on my part, but I had intense feelings for him. Had. When I told him nothing has changed for the better for me and that I'm feeling distant from him, he was genuinely surprised because he retardedly had thought that because I let him put his penis in my vagina that everything is normal again (even though I had whole flashbacks, anxiety attacks and shit like that occasionally and he fucking knew).
Fast forward to now, all he caused with his stupid little stunt was that I have no illusions about respecting men anymore. I wholly see men in a different light these days, I see them for what they are. Because he gave me no support, my only support was pretty much radfem inclined online circles where I could go and relate freely and anonymously. I have developed vaginismus, and approaching my husband sexually feels unnatural now so I barely even do it. When I try it on the rare occasion he rejects me like a dumbass. Last time I asked him why he doesn't approach me I got some mumbling about how he feels undesired by me, which is incredibly ironic because that's the shit he did to me. The cherry on top is that after the hardest parts of self-loathing and re-navigating my situation, my sexuality reawakened in the form of vivid imagination. I'm empowered by the fact that I'm not dumb enough to go cheat and believe any other scrote would be better, I'm 100% satisfied by my own fantasies and I'm 100% at peace with how they'll never be real anyway. His dumb shit changed me for good as a woman, I had to realign and drop everything for him for a while, so if he wants to actually keep me he's gonna have to do it back now.
This sort of breaks my heart because we were supposed to be the couple who has their own little bubble world. We used to be that. Now, if I found out he's cheating on me, I wouldn't give a single fuck, I wouldn't even listen to him, I'd just leave and devote my life to 70

Now back to my point about the "dread game": how's that for a fresh fucking relationship dynamic? Completely devoid of closeness and intimacy? That good?
Men are fucking retarded. Don't get me wrong, I have faith in couples who clearly can somehow make it work and I love to see women manage to be happy with men, but men are so Goddamn fucking retarded holy shit. Especially the ones who think pushing their spouse away gets them fuckall. I know men don't read this but what I'm trying to say is pushing your woman away when she clearly wants you is a dumb bitch move, if a man does it he can only blame himself for the crappy outcome.

No. 211369

Any anons in long-term relationships where your general hatred of men or PTSD due to male behavior didn't ruin things? My dad repeatedly forced me to perform oral sex on him when I was five years old, and over the years my mom went from "I'll cut off his dick if he messes up one more time heh" to "Maybe it would be best if you forgot it happened?". My bf is honestly a pretty decent dude but I just don't think I'll ever be able to love a man fully. Maybe this world is just getting the best of me? Maybe I'm one of the weak ones. I don't know.

No. 211372

I cannot stand men. I consider it a blessing that I am bi and could spend most of my 20's with women. But I ended up engaged to what used to be a childhood friend, 100% male.
When I say I cannot stand men, I mean full on not leaving the house without being accompanied so I wont be harassed, always assuming the worst of men, feeling anxious if there is more than one man in a room with me bc the threat of being gang raped is goes off like alarms, etc etc
But this man really proved an exception.
The darkest thing I could dig up on him in my worst paranoia was that he is dumb as shit with money, but has gladly allowed me to handle the finances.
He stops during sex when I say so, is a little forgetful but not for important things, and understands that loud noises or certain tones will make me spiral, and knows how to give me space when I ask.
I still can't stand other men, though. He gave me a summary of Y the Last Man and I thought it sounded dreamy, and he agrees, he's very aware that most men are shit and doesn't hassle me for it.

No. 211380

I want to murder your dad, holy shit

No. 211382

I don't want to be in a relationship with a man because they (yes more than one) have revealed to me the true nature of their gender. I don't view that as "ruining" things for me because I don't think relationships with any men are inherently valuable or desireable at all.

No. 211385

cynical fuckwits like you shouldn't give advice

No. 211391

He sounds somewhat based, especially by the last sentence.
Wish you both the best, nonnie.

No. 211394

>He stops during sex when I say so,
This is some exceptional thing? You would have to be really toxic and low in standards to ever accept the alternative…

No. 211400

My father was always violent and would beat me and my siblings up for literally any reason he could think of, I've been mostly bullied by boys at school, one of my uncles was even more violent to my cousins on top of being an alcoholic, etc. so nothing as bad as what happened to you happened to me but I'm 27 years old and I'm too scared of men to be in a relationship. I'm a kissless virgin because of that. I look younger than I am because of hypopituiary or whatever it's called in English and I've had a few men hitting on me because they thought I was in high or middle school even though they were always around my age, it always disguted me way too much to consider actively pursuing relationships.

Was your father arrested for doing that to you? Because I REALLY hope your mother wasn't just acting tough for the sake of it and actually did something about his shitty pedophile husband. You make your mother seem like she never truly cared about that.

No. 211402

My issues didn't start young but from 27 to 29 I dated a guy who slowly got more and more pushy about sex. He laid out very early on that a lack of sex was a huge dealbreaker for him and he'd dump anyone who stopped satisfying him. At the time he said it we couldn't keep our hands off each other so it felt weird that he said it as if it was an ultumatum only weeks into dating. He was stern about it and it sat funny with me. Turns out his idea of 'a lack of sex' was him ever going 24 hours without someone making him cum. He was into some weird shit too and I won't gross you all out with details. But once the honeymoon period was over I found myself being highly pressured to provide what he wanted, when he wanted. I could give him that or endure hours of either screaming or the silent treatment. I feel stupid given my age at the time. And he wasn't staying in shape, he wouldn't shower at the weekends but because he 'laid it all out' so early on I felt trapped in this almost verbal contract to satisfy him or be kicked out on the spot. That was threatened about a half dozen times. I had nowhere to go and I had dwindling interest in him and sex in particular. I always had a high drive but being forced and screamed at to do more will kill that off in anyone. He wanted to avoid a dead bedroom.. he did everything a man can do to create exactly that. How could any woman be expected to desire him in those circumstances?

Then I went on to find out I was most likely on the spectrum, I was going to appointments to help with my ever increasing anxiety so when that came up I was having a sort of crisis. Getting that news so late and so unexpectedly really threw me… For once I was not being pressured into 7 bjs a week and his weird fetish shit…I was suddenly aware that as an actual autist the abuse just became so much worse. I could finally see it and see my own vulnerability. During all this he cheated and rubbed it in my face calling me a tard because of my newly suspected tism. I think I was only preoccupied ith my appointments for a matter of weeks when all this resentment grew in him and cheating and gloating was his answer.

Best of all, we were together 3 years and I never had one orgasm from him. I had to at minumum give him one every day or he saw it as being deprived. I've now taken 3 years out from dating to recover. 3 years in it and at least 3 before I could even look at someone and desire them. I'm finally crushing on someone again and all I can do now is worry that they might share traits with him. It haunts you and robs you of something you never knew was there or so vauable. I can't imagine what it's like to experience abuse in your first few years of life. It's bad enough without it happening during those big 'developmental years' I think recovery is an ongoing thing and people who havent experienced sexual abuse or coersion might not understand just how slow that recovery can be. It's only recently that I also broke contact with my dad because I see how the power dynamic between me and him is unhealthy and anxiety inducing and I hate to see how that set me up for the relationships I accepted as an adult. The root of it all was an overbearing father I could never speak up to or be frank with. I feared my father and thought that everyone did… and I feared my partner and thought that everyone did. I have to relearn what love even looks like before I jump into anything. We recreate our parental relationships with partners. We mimic the same dynamic we grew up with.

No. 211416

lmao then everyone must be a "cynical fuckwit" cause the OP she's responding to was mocked outside this thread too

No. 211417

No one ever found out what he did and she's still with him.

No. 211438

When did you realize what he was doing to you? At 5 I imagine its hard to process something like that

No. 211454

my partner is very overweight and while i'd want them to lose it and be more healthy (and i'd probably be a little bit more attracted to them) at the same time i don't want them to because i'm afraid they'll stop loving me and go for someone else or they'll start getting a lot of attention from others. is this normal?

No. 211460

Ugh, do people realise how pointless and distracting this is? Just say the right pronouns, nobody cares if you've got a fat bf or fat gf.

And yes, it is common for people to feel uncomfortable with their partner's weight loss out of insecurity. As long as you don't actively oppose or sabotage weight loss efforts then it's fine, just learn to handle it because health comes first.

No. 211463

Girl fat men will leave regardless. Confirmed by a girl whose first bf was a fatty.

No. 211477

If "they" leave the instant "they" can get someone hotter, then "they" didn't love you in the first place and aren't worth keeping around by keeping "them" fat.

No. 211501

People don't just randomly stop loving. Be supportive. If you see any red flags that tell you this person isn't supportive or loving of you, leave.

No. 211502

If you love this person, don't you want them to be healthy? I honestly love chubby men, but I am helping my bf lose weight because I want him to stay with me for a long time and be his best self. I started cooking healthy food for him every day and encouraging him to exercise and he already lost 35 pounds. We both know if he left me he would just get fat again, so I have no worries about that tbh. If your partner is not a total idiot then he would also know that he should not leave someone who is good for him.

No. 211509

I like how your reasoning for him staying with you is not that he loves you and treasures you, but that you're a useful mommy servant for him.

No. 211538

Why even ask? Do you feel like this man, and let's be honest that it is a moid, got with you because he couldn't get with anyone else at his weight? I don't know why else you would be apprehensive that he'll just go looking elsewhere when he becomes healthy.

No. 211547

Where did you get your healthy recipes from? I want to do this for my mom, she's getting bad lately

No. 211567

My boyfriend gets annoyed that his friends always invite me to like parties and nights out too because he'd like to hang out with his friends without me sometimes, fair. My problem is that he just won't tell them that because he's afraid they'll think he's bad, so he just fucking seethes at me whenever I get invited out too. Like holy shit, just set some fucking boundries with your friends and tell them the truth. Its fairly innocent to want to hang out without your girlfriend sometimes, but you need to tell them. I don't want to lie and make up reasons for not going out because you wont let me tell them the truth either. Reee stop being a fucking coward you are a grown man

No. 211572

What a fucking pussy. This is what I mean when no one is a bigger faggot that a straight moid. Being the odd one out in a circle of bros is the worst thing that could ever happen to a male in his mind, that's why there's so much casual misogyny with them even in circles with "good guys". A bunch of drones without a personality too afraid to have a different opinion, your bf is even willing to make his gf feel like shit just to avoid this.

I hope you know he sees you as beneath his friends.

No. 211574

The worst part is his friends are straight up cool, its why they invite me out, I get along well with them and they're like, not creeps to me or anything. My boyfriend is just incapable of being honest because what if my friends think less of me for like, everything. He lied about what he studied in college when he first started uni cos he didn't want to be judged for doing a btec. He lied about running late for a camping trip cos he'd forgotten some supplies and then he ghosted everyone because he was so embarrassed and having a panic attack. I feel for his friends cos they're actually cool and have done nothing but be understanding every time the truth has come out so I dont know why he cant just be honest with them. Sometimes I'm the only girl on the group, yeah, and I tend to be very wary of men because they're men. But these guys are alright with me at least

No. 211575

break up with your bf and enjoy your new friend group in public gathering places just in case they end up acting like most men

No. 211603

How do you cope with the feeling that you're going to lose your partner? Me and my boyfriend have known each other for 6 years and been dating for almost a year, it's a very happy and healthy relationship. I've been going to therapy for my PTSD throughout the year and he's been an amazing support for me. He shows me he loves me often, we have similar goals and are planning our lives together. Even though I'm basically in remission for my disorder now, I still can't shake the feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong and he's going to leave me.
It's extra frustrating because in my past abusive relationship I never felt this way, but now I'm all uncertain the second I'm in a relationship that's actually healthy.

No. 211610

Usually men have a big issue of the women in their lives not liking his friends and wanting him to see them less. Go figure

No. 211613

Your boyfriend sounds like a weirdo. I'm already getting red flags from your couple of posts. I'm just telling you now it's not going to last.

No. 211675

Apologies for the wall of text but I am struggling. This was more of a situationship. Back in late-July I started talking to this guy on a dating app (he reached out to me) and since then we have been in contact almost everyday. We were in talks to meet up in person from early on but these plans fell through a few times, at first because I couldn't make it and then he couldn't do it because his Phd program picked up and became very demanding. For reference, we live a 45 minute train ride away from each other's cities. During this beginning stage I learn that he got out of a relationship back in May, and that it had been a bumpy ride and it was him who initiated the break up.

We met in person for the first time in mid-September. Before this he said he could only hang out two hours, but we ended up spending the afternoon together before I went home. After getting to know him a bit in person I found him to be attractive, funny, interesting, etc. At one point things got a bit intimate at his apartment and I made a point that I like him but didn't want to go all the way, which he was respectful about, and he mentioned that he wasn't ready to be in a relationship which I understood. Later, as we were saying our goodbyes I asked when I could see him again, he says we will talk about it and next time he would come to see me. However, later that evening he sends a couple text messages that he couldn't afford to take another free day during this period due to being at capacity with his work/studies. I respond saying I don't mean to put pressure on him, I'm just glad we got to hang out and I appreciate his honesty, to which he responds that he's also glad about our time.

A couple weeks after this we were in a phone call and I felt I needed some reassurance on things so I told him I liked him and wanted to hang out again and asked if he felt the same, he responded saying he did but his work and studies was taking up all his time and focus. I made it clear that I wasn't asking him to be in a relationship with me then and there but that I wanted to know that he was at least feeling the same way I felt. We continue talking as we usually do, touching base and sharing memes with each other. A while later, our conversations begin to get more intimate than before, and it was always him initiating these more horny converations on different occasions. From my side I felt unsure about what direction we were heading. I had already been feeling that we were more than just friends and these sexual conversations reflected this. I acknowledged to myself what he said about not being ready for a relationship, but I also felt there was some space and potential for something to develop. I also noted that he already had a couple opportunities to end things with me but he didn't. At this point I had become very accustomed to having regular contact with him, saying good morning/good night, and talking about our days.

This past week he mentioned that he could possibly visit me in my town this weekend, so I responded asking if he knew which day and that I hoped he could make it. He said he didn't know which day, at which point I assumed he would update me when he knew. Yesterday we touched based on Instagram in the morning as we usually do. I chose not to ask him about if he could make it. By the late afternoon I hadn't heard much else from him, so I asked what he was doing and he let me know he was working, to which I ask him if that meant he would be busy working all weekend and he couldn't make it. He responds saying 'probably'. I found his one-worded answer a bit strange and let him know I would have appreciated him letting me know earlier as soon as he knew he would be too busy.

Shortly after this, I was feeling stressed out by not knowing how to make sense of whatever was happening between us, I asked if he could let me know if he was interested in dating me or not. He says firmly that he's not looking for a relationship, and that he's told me many times. I responded saying he hadn't told me many times and in my view he had sent different signals to me. I also mention that I previously told him that I liked him and wasn't interested in something casual. He answers saying he isn't responded in casual either, feeling confused I asked what does he want. He replies with 'nothing'. At this point I felt caught off-gaurd as his tone, which was usually kind and playful, became rude in this conversation and that his answers only gave me more questions. I state that I don't want to be friends with benefits, and at this point he says he honestly thought about dating but it wont work because we have different goals and schedules. I respond saying everyone has different goals and schedules, and that most people who are interested in each other can try to make it work in spite of their circumstances. He nonchalantly changes to subject and the conversation comes to a pause.

Not feeling great about his answer and with how the conversation went, I took some time to be by myself, and a few hours later at midnight I let him know that I don't think I can be friends anymore and that if he doesnt want a relationship it's fine but he handled things in a strange and unclear way. Shortly afterward he responds with 'Alright, no problem', and that he had been very clear with me about his intentions. I state again that he gave mixed signals and I felt unclear about what he wanted. He responds saying 'Now I'm definitely saying no and that's it' and that he didn't have the energy to go back and forth. The conversation goes on for a bit more as I tell him that I was willing to be in a relationship where I adapt to his busy lifestyle and take things slow with him, and he responds saying he doesn't feel comfortable with me having to take a backseat to his workload, and that this is what's stopping him from dating me. I ask why would it make him uncomfortable, and that I would have been willing to try things out as long as I knew he felt something for me. Our conversation has since ended here as he hasn't answered and I feel it's probably best if I don't write anymore.

Nonnies, any thoughts or insights into this situation? I have been feeling a bit devastated about this as I hoped things would have gone differently, and not to mention our last conversation left me feeling hurt and unceremoniously shut down. I am also stuck on the part where he claimed to have told me a million times that he wasn't looking for a relationship, from my perpective he was never so definitive about it but I'm starting to doubt my own perception of what happened.

No. 211680

Holy shit, you have nothing with this guy, why is he occupying your thoughts. If he wanted to date you, he would. I don't understand what you see in this wishy-washy limp-wristed guy anyway. He's keeping you on the backburner hoping he can use you for sex one day.

No. 211681

From what you've told, it seems like he wanted to fuck, grew frustrated that you wouldn't put out without a relationship and decided to end things.

No. 211685

Why are you so surprised that he didn't want a relationship? First he tells you he wasn't ready to be in one and later you assure him you're not asking to be in a relationship. Then you act all surprised he doesn't want a relationship. Sounds to me like he made it fairly clear he didn't want a relationship, you stuck around even though you should've left at that point because he told you he didn't want to be in a relationship and he didn't actively tell you to go away because you're a potential source of sex/relationship later on.

No. 211706

File: 1635725578317.jpg (79.72 KB, 750x730, FCg5s4iVEAEJt6q.jpg)

Should I return my bf's (ex's?) calls after he was verbally and emotionally abusive? He left voicemails saying he wants to talk to me, but none were apologizing. Another anon earlier said i should see what he has to say and i also want to talk to him but idk if i would be doing the right thing and i don't want to be like those women that stay in abusive relationships. I don't see what I would be getting out of it, he already said what he said and I just want to move on and not put myself in a position where it might happen again because it hurt tremendously.

No. 211708

fuck no anon kick him to the curb. he’s a piece of shit and the only garbage he’s going to have to say is about how it was your fault, actually, and how he has it so hard and that’s why he just couldn’t help abusing you. fuck that noise

No. 211713

I found out my boyfriend of three years has been doing some creepy shady shit behind my back. I was on his laptop and found a folder called "precaution" which stirred as much suspicion in me as you would think. In it there were dozens if not hundreds of photos showing our text convos, pictures of us together. And then again within that folder was another one called "logs"…and it was recordings of almost every phone call we've had since last August.

W. T. F!!!

Why would he do this? Why would anyone do this? We have never even had problems and I'm just so hurt and angry and confused….

What should I do? I want to leave him, plan to… but I mean besides that. I just feel so violated and betrayed. So far I got the files on a USB and deleted it off his laptop. I am still stunned and don't know where to go from here. Isn't this illegal for him to do?

I've never been this hurt before.

No. 211714

Holy shit that's creepy as fuck and an immediate reason to break up! What a terrible discovery. But before you do that and before you tell him about anything I'd check if he has backed them up in another place, like on the cloud or a USB drive, you don't want any private shit to be used against you. As far as the legality goes, it depends on where you live, but I think it's legal to record/screencap conversations you participate in in a lot of places, try googling what the law is where you are.

No. 211715

Girl no wtf. Remind yourself that you can do better and that you're better than him. You'll be over him in a few days.

No. 211716

I would run, anon. He's mentally unstable. That shit is fucking wacked out and serial killer tier

No. 211720

Ladies, I think I might be pregnant. I’ve missed my period by 2 days and there’s not even a sign of bleeding. I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do. I’m going to get an abortion if I am, im taking a test tomorrow. I love my boyfriend and im sure he’d be very understanding and helpful but I know men can be funny about these types of things. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you.

No. 211721

Hopefully your not pregnant. Do you take birth control? I do and it’s changed my period drastically where I don’t even get it sometimes or it’s very late. I do routine pregnancy tests every month. You should start doing the same if you end up not pregnant but good luck.

No. 211722

not in a relationship but me and my crush are a "thing", we like eachother a lot but aren't in an official relationship yet. my friend showed me his dms with my crush and my crush said "bitches cant keep their mouth shut" while reffering to me and it made me really sad. i want to confront him about him but i dont want to seem too sensitive. but it kinda hurts. he told me "shut up bitch" before for seemingly no reason. i dont want to let this slide because it hurt and i still think about it. i dont want to be with a guy that calls me a bitch. but he isnt an asshole, he usually isnt like this and is nice to me. should i confront him or am i being too sensitive?

No. 211723

Confront him. Referring to you as a bitch is pathetic.

No. 211724

Sorry anon, you have to be over 18 to post here.

No. 211725

>i dont want to be with a guy that calls me a bitch
So don’t be with him. Simple solution, seeing as you yourself have said you’re not even official. There will be other guys nonna, and they probably won’t call you a bitch behind your back.

No. 211726

Thanks nonnie, I currently don’t take any birth control. My bf uses protection and it’s never been an issue. It’s something I’m going to look into, this has been a total wake up call. I half looked into getting a coil but I’ve heard it can mess up your hormones and it’s a lot of effort to get it removed if that’s the case. I’m really hoping I’m not pregnant. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t get to sleep im so worried.

No. 211730

File: 1635745632719.gif (339.28 KB, 220x271, breaking-bad-jessie.gif)

Threaten him with a gun

No. 211742

File: 1635752468707.gif (1.17 MB, 350x236, 38262528848437.gif)

>but he isnt an asshole, he usually isnt like this and is nice to me.
Oh you sweet summer child.

No. 211743

Get a pregnancy test. I've had late periods because of: Weight loss, stress, starting to take the pill, going off the pill, getting vaccinated, my body just randomly fucking with me … So while you might be pregnant and should get a test, there are many other possible reasons as well. Wishing you all the best!

No. 211753

Okay I’ve taken a test and it’s negative so no pregnancy, I’m so relieved! I have been super stressed recently but in the past when I’ve been stressed my period comes early, I once went 10 days between my period. Me and my boyfriend do want to have kids at one point but we still have a lot of life to live before that. Thank you to all the supportive nonnies, you girls are really sweet :)

No. 211769

Nta but they recommend that for the most accurate results you should wait til your period is late by a week. If a few more days pass without a bleed starting you should retest to be sure.

No. 211777

Pretty sure it's illegal to do that shit without permission. It's why when you call certain places there's a robot voice that usually tells you "this phone call may be recorded for training/monitoring purposes" (sorry my wording is bad but I hope you get what I mean). Anyway, like the other anon said, make SURE you find out if he has these backed up anywhere else. Hard drive, Cloud service, Emails, USB, etc. If you have to play the long-game with this scum just to make sure you find everything, I think it's worth it. Maybe look into the laws in your area incase you can report him immediately and the police will deal with recovering everything for you.

Fucking scary that someone you trust would do something like this. I don't care how paranoid someone is. It's one thing for him to do this at the start of your relationship but after three years? He simply doesn't respect or trust you as an equal.

No. 211778

Thanks nonnie, believe it or not I started my period today but thank you for the advice!! Much appreciated everyone!

No. 211779

When you tell him, he'll probably deflect and say "it was just a joke" and possibly pin you as a melodramatic/overreacting. If this happens, do not waste anymore time on him. His nice sides are only standing out in particular because you have a massive crush on him and he finds you attractive.

You sound young though so something tells me you'll still let it go. Have some respect for your own boundaries anon. This isn't being sensitive in the slightest. Why would anyone want someone they like to speak about them like that?

No. 211799

>i want to confront him about him but i dont want to seem too sensitive
See you already know that mr 'shut up bitch' won't hear you out. You've been presented with such an obvious red flag laying out to you that he does not think much of women including you.. take the hint that he's just not worth persuing.

Don't even bother explaining what's up..I mean seeing as he won't listen to you or any woman anyway. Damage his ego, say you're not attracted to him and then dip. Let him fuck up all his future relationships because he can't even hide his views. Don't try to fix something that can't be fixed. He's the bitch.

No. 211804

Did anything happen around August to kick start the call recordings, even a small fight you might not of thought much of?

It sounds like he's prepping to maybe hold your own words over your head if you ever try to leave him. If like you said there's been no real drama then he won't have much to hold over you. But it screams of an emotional blackmail plan. Seeing as your plan now is to leave.. be wary about being alone with him. He's clearly not the man you thought he was and privacy/boundaries aren't a thing he allows you. If you need to collect belongings don't do so alone. Don't be alone with him for the break up. His behaviour is so abnormal I'd honestly worry about his reaction.

Let someone in your life know about all this going down, warn people that any strange messages they may receive about you are likely to be him playing out whatever his weird master plan was.

No. 211812

File: 1635795192889.jpg (94.16 KB, 1125x1125, 0fe32440c902ed4f280459c047f0c4…)

I know that the first rule of internet-based relationships is that they're not even real, but I somehow managed to get myself into one by just randomly chatting to some dude, and then the conversations grew a lot more intimate. The problem is that he lives REALLY far away, so far it'd fucking wreck my wallet to even meet up a few times (he's a little better off moneywise than I am), so unless either of us is ready to move to the other side of the world, it's basically hopeless, and yet I'm still getting deeper into it. The other thing is that I basically do not know this man at all, a persona on the internet is just that. He might turn out to be really a nice guy. I have a lot of doubts about this, I guess I just enjoy the attention and the idea that someone cares about me too much, since in general I find myself to be a failure and unloveable. I should've fucking nipped this in the bud, now I'm probably going to be heartbroken if he either turns out to be a different person IRL or just sraight up disappears once life gets back to normal after the COVID restictions and we'll never even meet.

No. 211817

it's not right to do that at any point of a relationship, that moid is psycho

No. 211820

I'd like to say not to get your hopes up until you meet-up and spend a significant amount of time with eachother. It's not totally hopeless, but if you have feelings for him the sooner you meet the better you can gauge if this will be something worthwhile or not. Distance is a barrier that can be overcome, but there will need to be a lot of sacrifices in order to make something work long-term. Maybe that's speaking too far ahead, but I think you should definitely try videochatting if you haven't already yet. It's not a foolproof way of gauging him and how compatible you guys are, but it's definitely better than what you would get via text.

No. 211822

File: 1635800318376.jpg (65.98 KB, 853x480, Wotakoi-01-21.jpg)

I can't fucking believe it, but I actually have a crush on someone in one of my university classes. I'm studying mathematics so I'm used to sort of average/ugly guys and don't pay much notice, but there is this REALLY attractive guy in my class and I am so scared to talk to him. I can't believe I've even spoken to him twice, once when we had to do a group discussion thing a few weeks ago and once after an exam last Friday, which he actually initiated with me.

The trouble is, he's also kind of hard to even get into a conversation with. He wasn't in class today so I didn't get to say hi and ask how his Halloween was and all that. He's not in the class group chat and I don't usually get to talk to him outside of class because he's rushing off to another class. I don't want to look like I'm desperately following him afterwards just to talk to him, but I think it may come to that. The way I see it, I have less than 30 class meetings left in the quarter to figure out if he even has a girlfriend and then get his number. I don't know what to do anons.

No. 211825

You're right, anon. So far I always tried to temper my expectations because I realize he could just go poof any minute and I wouldn't even know how to reach him, I guess my period hormones make me feel extra lonely and sentimental today. I know there are topics and things I willingly avoid saying or asking because this illusion would probably shatter in a minute, and I think he also avoid those very fragile points intentionally. We should move onto videochat, I'm just very self-conscious about my accent since I'm an ESL-chan. I'm really having a hard time juggling this desire to be hopeful and believe in the power of love or some bullshit like that, and on the other hand I want to cut this out instantly so that I walk away with a minimally bruised heart to lick my wounds. Thank you for your advice!

No. 211827

My ex dumped me out of the blue and I went no contact after the breakup. My ex continued to like my pictures I posted and watch my stories. About a week later I went to a Halloween party and I posted a couple pictures to my story, one was a selfie and one was a picture of me and a guy friend with our arms around each other (ex never met this guy friend). He viewed the story then blocked me on Instagram but not on Facebook. He stopped liking my Facebook and posts and stopped viewing my stories altogether. Any speculation on this? I can’t decide if it’s anger, jealousy, having a hard day time moving on, etc

No. 211837

File: 1635806464349.jpg (45.29 KB, 640x611, 46498486.jpg)

Anons how do I stop giving a shit about my boyfriend liking pictures of other women on social media? It came up once pretty early into our relationship – I told him I didn't want to follow him on twitter anymore because your followers' likes show up right on your feed and I didn't want to randomly get reminded that my bf thinks another woman is hot while minding my own business and scrolling through art and cat pictures. He actually did stop liking pictures of other women entirely on Twitter and even unfollowed people I specifically told him I disliked (Alyssa Silos, etc.)

That should have been enough, but I'm insecure as fuck and I'm mad again because I moved the goalposts and now I'm going OUT OF MY WAY to find out which pictures he's liking on instagram. The only time he likes revealing pics, it's influencers or celebrities, so there's no reason for me to feel insecure. Also – I literally like hot pics of men and women myself, and I know that when I do it it's not that deep, I just think "damn he/she is bad", I like the pic, I scroll past and then I don't think about it again. I don't think my bf is saving pics to jerk off to later, either, he's pretty transparent about things and I have all his passwords because he didn't care about sharing them. I really think the issue is 100% my own insecurity and tendency to compare myself to other women. I just want to not care about it.

No. 211840

Next time you see him, stand up, point dramatically at him and ask, "How was your Halloween?"

No. 211841

Think about why you feel threatened by others, why you care so much about what others think of you. You sound pretty self aware so try and get to the bottom of your insecurities and think about why they matter so much to you even though you know it's stupid. Try talking to someone about it, write it down, do whatever, after a while you'll realize how truly stupid a lot of your insecurities are and you'll feel relieved. When you feel yourself getting insecure over stupid shit just straight up tell yourself you're your own person and you don't have to feel threatened by some internet rando. It's a matter of breaking the cycle, eventually you'll stop thinking about it (for the most part anyway).

Comparing yourself to others is a self defeating habit, there is more to you than your flaws and gaining self esteem isn't easy but I promise it'll be well worth it. You can do it nonna, I believe in you

No. 211846

I'd throw the whole scrote to trash for being disrespectful. You're not insecure, but rightfully bothered.

No. 211862

File: 1635825616597.jpg (211.85 KB, 1440x950, FCUwOcoVQAEdgMC.jpg)

So erm, i'm not big on youtube or twitch, can kind of understand being a fan of someone from these platforms because i have one or two i enjoy watching sometimes, but if it isn't about a serious topic, i just don't understand why someone would be a fan. I'm another insecure anon, and recently my SO showed me a clip of this female twitch streamer. It was a silly video, pretty funny, but I still felt uncomfortable after because the clip was from a like, youtube fanpage. She wasn't wearing anything skimpy so i wasn't alarmed, but i thought, maybe she happens to only be covered up in this clip. I later checked to see what her content was like, no skimpy outfits most of the time, only a little bit of cleavage here and there in one or two clips. But it still bothers me because her content isn't important imo. Maybe because she's prettier than me it bothers me a lot. A channel dedicated to clips of her also doesn't help, it's kind of simp-y imho. My jealousy is so bad I just want to break up and disappear. I feel like a huge hypocrite too because I'm subscribed to similar youtube channels that revolve around my favorite twitch streamers and it's not like I am attracted to those twitch streamers. But i feel men are different and i'm traumatized by them and don't know if this is a red flag of sorts and I just would rather be alone than feel this way. Am I overreacting? I'm ashamed to bring it up tbh, plus it's not like he'd be honest. The only way I feel better is by hyperfocusing on features on her face that are ugly, it makes me feel horrible. Like if he hadn't shown me her i would have thought she's got a great personality and attractive but since he introduced me to her I just look for flaws to dislike her.

No. 211866

wanted to add that I've always had a list of things i'm not okay with in a relationship and only agree to get in one if they don't meet any of them. but then once i'm in a relationship, i look for things to be dissatisfied about or didn't know was a thing that bothered me to add to the list. Is this healthy? Should I not get into relationships until I think of ALL possible things that could bother me? feel it's a bit difficult, like before i thought i was fine with porn but it wasn't until i was faced with it that i realized i wasn't.

No. 211867

>I literally like hot pics of men and women myself, and I know that when I do it it's not that deep, I just think "damn he/she is bad", I like the pic, I scroll past and then I don't think about it again

>But i feel men are different

I think this is why it bothers you both so much, you know it isn’t the same. Guys who like thirst traps or hot twitch girls aren’t enjoying their aesthetic or their sense of humor, they think she’s hot and would fuck her if given the chance. You liking a hot girl’s pic because you like her aesthetic or makeup isn’t the same, and that stings. You know the difference. The reason it’s so gross to see guys following or liking those pics is because of the obvious implication, they’re turned on and it’s not a secret. It obviously feels hypocritical because “uwu I look too” but I get why it’s upsetting. There really isn’t an equivalent.

No. 211868

idk anon, in my case she was covered up and isn't like every other female twitch streamer which was my main worry. My SO didn't look turned on at all too. I also just realized the fanpage is ran by herself? idk how these things work, but it makes me feel a little better. I even went as far as to join her discord after i posted here because i wanted to see if he was in it since i know he's in some others' but he's not. I also read her backstory and it made me cry, i can see why he would be subscribed, it's overall wholesome.

No. 211869

Men want to fuck wholesome things

No. 211870

…wtf anon
he likes assertiveness as far as i know

No. 211872

If your bf wants to watch another girl instead of spending time with you then okay.

No. 211874

he spends time with me, i'd never even seen him watch her, we were talking about something and it reminded him of her so showed me the clip

No. 211875

And yet you came here to consult people because deep down you know it's off. You've decided that your feelings about this streamer are illegitimate but your gut still felt that it was weird that he's following her. Streamers are inherently parasocial and porny, it doesn't matter waht the content is like. It's fuckin weird.

No. 211876

Pretty sure her bf uses the streamer as fap bait. No guy follows a girl for roblux streams on twitch. They’re fantasizing about thinking creepy things.

No. 211878

While you may be right to read into him following her, he also has subzero chance of ever actually meeting and fucking her if that makes it any better.

No. 211879

He thinks you're fucking the other guy and is having a tantrum about it

No. 211880

>I made a point that I like him but didn't want to go all the way, which he was respectful about, and he mentioned that he wasn't ready to be in a relationship which I understood.

His decision is already made, you can't change a moid's mind, for better or worse.

No. 211883

I dunno anon. I forgot to mention this but he has liked pictures of beautiful blonde women, beautiful black women, etc., and I don't blink an eye because I think those women are beautiful too without aspiring to be them. It's only when he likes pics of nerdy asian women that I feel affronted because that's me, and I instantly compare myself to those women. That's why I think it's something I need to get over to be happy, not something he needs to change to suit me.

>You liking a hot girl’s pic because you like her aesthetic or makeup
It's not always because I like their aesthetic, sometimes they arouse me.

Nta but this is why it's hard to trust advice from here, I really appreciate having an unfiltered female perspective on things, I think it's invaluable, but
>And yet you came here to consult people
I came here to consult people because I lack real world female relationships and because I have been browsing this website obsessively for the past six years. I don't think it means anything that I was unhappy and came here for advice. If anything it's more evidence that there's something wrong with me.

Thank you anon. I've been looking into therapy and also bought a book on self-esteem that I got too lazy to read lol, you have inspired me to start it.

No. 211891

nonna, it's normal though to be bothered about it. He's your boyfriend, you supposedly love him and the thought of him fapping or to other women or having sexual thoughts about them irks you. Maybe you are a bit insecure, because he most likely won't act upon them and won't cheat on you, but your feelings are very common among women and completely normal.
I've been thinking more and more about it and I'm coming to the conclusion that men (most men?) are not capable of loving a woman like she wants to be loved. I'm thorn between the feeling that I'm too possessive and unreasonable, because I want my partner to be entirely into me like I am with them, and feeling like what my heart wants it's legitimate. Fuck that, who doesn't want that? Maybe you also feel that way because he doesn't show that he's into you that much and he's kinda taking you for granted. We basically want to win the competition with other women, and right now you're feeling like you've been defeated, over and over, one for every picture liked. You need to feel wanted and desired, and you deserve it.

No. 211908


Men are literally babies kek, why dump her if you’re going to be mad about her finding someone else

No. 211920

what is fap bait?
ayrpt, so me watching streamers is also weird? or is it just because he's a moid? I don't think I have a parasocial relationship with any streamers. I included the bit of him not being in her discord and that i've never seen him watch her because it probably means he isn't as much of a simp like i am freaking out thinking he is. For all I know he just got a youtube recommendation and thought it was funny?

No. 211944

Nta but how dense are you, even women sometimes watch male streamers because they're attracted to them. Of course he finds her attractive if he's a big fan.

No. 211983

I’m the anon who said it’s different. Honestly, I just can’t see a guy watching or being a big fan of a female streamer if he doesn’t think she’s hot. Women don’t necessarily think like that about men, we’ll watch a stream because it’s funny or entertaining in some way without necessarily being attracted to the streamer. Same with acting or other forms of media, lots of women are big fans of the ugliest dudes because they’re great actors. I just really doubt most guys are watching some random girl gaming if they aren’t attracted to her.

No. 211997

Have you guys ever dated down intellectually? What was it like? I’ve been talking to this guy and he’s super sweet, haven’t seen any red flags so far but he types like we’re still 15 and asks the meaning of some basic words, his spelling is kinda bad too. I don’t mind the occasionally “u” or “yh” or whatever but he skips words sometimes, shortens everything, and doesn’t use punctuation. He’s so cute and caring though so I don’t know if I’m about to bag a himbo or something else. I don’t think I’m particularly super smart or anything btw pretty average I guess I’m used to guys being smarter than me

No. 212002

I might be assuming but have you actually met him irl yet? Sounds like you've just been texting. Some text/write really retarded but are fine or even smart talking to them face to face.

No. 212008

Campus is shut so no, but we’ve been video/voice chatting. He’s kinda the same as he is over text, as in, he’ll ask basic questions he should probably know the answer to. I don’t really mind him being slow but I’m a bit of a pushover so I’m afraid I’ll end up trying to dumb myself down in situations so he doesn’t feel bad. Ugh I hate myself… it hasn’t happened yet but I know myself. I try too hard to please the other party even in friendships. That’s why I’m a little worried. We’re planning on meeting this or next week to do some studying together.

No. 212023

How do I cope with the internalised misogyny of feeling like I’ve “lead a guy on”? I’ll go on a date with a dude and realise he likes me more than I like him and do the kind thing of cutting him loose but still feel super guilty about it.

No. 212035

I used to do this too. Do you also maybe spend a lot of time online (in male-dominated spaces) or have mostly male friends? It can be hard to not feel guilty if the only people you talk to are only giving you the male perspective on dating, you wind up trying to prove yourself as “one of the good ones” rather than finding your own identity. I know it can be hard to make new friends, but talking to more women (in online communities or real life) is very beneficial. It’s easy enough to say “learn to put yourself first, you don’t owe anyone anything” but actually believing that takes a good support system around you.

No. 212037

Maybe he just likes listening to you talk? What level of "not understanding basic things" are we talking about here

No. 212079

Feel guilty about what? All of them are just eager for the sex anyway and most will pretend they care about you for a little while to get some pussy. A man's a man. No reason to feel guilty over someone who's not a very good person themselves.

No. 212149

Simple. Pay for your stuff and his before he gets a chance. Your first few meetings should be fairly low cost anyways.

No. 212173

why should she pay for his stuff too lol wouldn't that make him believe even more "oh my god she likes me so much she'd even simp for me like that man do i love equality"

No. 212256

I have an online boyfriend. It's not that serious, we just call and sometimes sext a bit. I really like him for his personality, he's great, but he's REALLY ugly. He wants to make our relationship to be something IRL but I don't because I don't feel attracted to his face. His body is fine, but his face it's just something I can't put up with. I'm embarrassed of my family meeting him and judging me, wondering what I see on him. I could so much better, since I'm young and really attractive.
I want to go out with friends and do my life, but he's really introverted and doesn't feel comfortable around others. A massive turn-off since I already got over my shy, nerdy, no-friends phase. I don't browse imageboards and watch anime like I did as a teen, it doesn't fit my lifestyle. How can I break up with him without making him feel bad? Should I worry about him trying to ruin my life taking stuff I've said out of context, doxxing me, or posting my nudes online? He's not the type to do that, but you never know.
I'm so sad over this because I do think he's a great guy and a great friend. I feel too old for these games.

No. 212257

> but he's REALLY ugly
I am sorry I kek'd sorry
But seriously, I think you should end it as soon as possible. Put yourself first.

No. 212259

Dumping someone isn't that hard and when it's an online 'relationship' it's easy mode. All that stuff about him being ugly is irrelevant because you don't need to justify not wanting to be with someone, let alone someone you've never even met irl. Just be nice and vague and don't insult him, if you live far away then that's a perfect excuse. Otherwise just saying you're not compatible is fine.

And girl stop sending nudes, even if he didn't want to ruin your life there's every chance he would post them online just for kicks and bragging rights.

No. 212261

>He's not the type to do that
Lol. Your whole post reeks of desperate-for-attention retardation.

No. 212263

We have met IRL, we aren't dating IRL because we live too far away. We didn't have sex, just awkward coffee date. I know I shouldn't justify WHY I'm breaking up with him, but he's really a dear friend of mine and I do like him, like, we could talk for hours to no end. He's sweet.
Of course I'm looking for attention, this is a relationship advice thread, I want attention from people who can help me solve my problem.
I bet you're just salty because your boyfriend dumped you for being uggo.

No. 212267

If you specifically want to avoid making him feel bad, you could tell him that you can't do the long distance right now or that you can't offer him full commitment like he deserves or something like that. That way you don't put the blame on him.

No. 212268

Girl you’re dating someone online who’s ugly. Don’t hate on the other anon.

No. 212304

I did three times and two times the guys turned out to be abusive aggressive pieces of shit. When we argued it was soul sucking because they'd just be so dumb and use the dumbest excuses, it was like talking to a wall, really frustrating. They both started out as cute himbos but I'm convinced nice and cute dumb guys don't exist in reality. They're usually still scrotes, just with less brain.
The other guy was just seriously boring to talk to, nothing in common.
It's not worth it at all imo, the best you can do is date someone in a different field so they can't mansplain shit to you but with a similar level of education.

No. 212306

Do you think it's worth it being with a guy 6 years younger than you? He's early twenties, I'm late twenties.

No. 212308

Younger dudes are cuter,it’s disappointing when they enter their 30s,strike while it’s still hot.

No. 212310

Might as well. Cuter than an older guy and same maturity/intellect. At least where I'm at, guys still act like they're fucking 14 in their late 20s.

No. 212329

How old is he? Big difference between a 21 year old and a 23 year old.

No. 212345

>difference between 21 and 23

No. 212350

Yes? One's barely of legal drinking age and the other graduated from college.

No. 212355

I'm OP and not American so neither of these apply anyway

No. 212394

File: 1636182878176.jpg (64.77 KB, 440x663, qWiGZDq.jpg)

Update, I actually managed to talk to him and we have plans to hang out this weekend. Turns out I didn't have much to be afraid of because he has a similar sense of humor to me and he's easier to talk to than I expected. Hoping it goes well!

No. 212549

Yeah because graduating from college is such a hard, rare, and incredible feat. Come on, anon.

No. 212745

i thought i met a great guy, like man-of-my-dreams level guy and the second i started talking to him my friends told me he's an incel. i'm seriously close to giving up on dating completely or disappointing all my friends by continuing to flirt with him. does dating ever get easier nonnas?

No. 212751

Just date him if you like him and if it feels right. What do your friends know? You'll quickly feel yourself if he's not good for you.

No. 212752

is he an actual incel or was he just called one as an insult?

No. 212771

Haha, you're me from two years ago! It got really awkward when I got a job in his city and had to relocate there. Then I REALLY regretted not dumping him earlier. Dump him now. Move on with your life. Realize that being able to have a great conversation with someone for hours is the bare fucking minimum and you've been conditioned to leave the bar of standards on the floor. You don't have to give the real reason. I said I wasn't feeling the spark anymore. It's such a cop out but so fucking useful. Anyway, this will nuke your friendship but there are other friends to make. The relationship was over the second you started thinking about this seriously enough to start asking random anons for advice. You might not know it yet but I do because I've been in this exact same position.

No. 212780

File: 1636457371806.jpg (31.67 KB, 551x704, cat.jpg)

nonnies i feel like i'm going mentally ill. err.. more mentally ill i guess.

i'm starting to buy into this twin flames bullshit. does anyone believe in it?

please feel free to call me a moron. shoot me in the head while you're at it, my head has been buzzing nonstop.

for those who don't know, twin flames are like soul mates but are more intense and turbulent. they bring out your insecurities and it can be really hard to deal with them. i think the idea is that a flame was created and split into two and you're really lucky if you find your other half.

i met the person i thought is my twin flame years ago and i was always intrigued by him. i thought he hated for some reason but what he said early on in our relationship leads me to believe that he also felt the same way about me. even though i was dating his friend at the time which complicated things.

i thought this guy was just magnetic. because he is, he's someone who attracts people and is really easy to talk to. has a lot of friends, etc. i never understood what he saw in me.

and when i was with him i felt so incredibly insecure. i thought it was because i was dealing with so many issues at the time + had been negged in a previous relationship. this man NEVER negged me and always called me beautiful, pretty, etc. but i could never believe it for some reason. even now i'm just wondering, what the fuck did this man see in me? he's like 500%%%% my type. he showed me a photo of himself yesterday and today and both times im thinking jesus fucking christ.

the years that we've been apart i think i've made leaps in bounds improving my self esteem. i have a much healthier relationship with food, exercise, etc. but talking to him yesterday and today i just want to eat less so i can be rail thin again.

i reiterate. this man has NEVER said anything bad about my body or face or shown any sign of not being attracted to me. he's like on the other spectrum of eating issues and struggled with binging but since i was hiding my own eating disorder (WHY DID I NOT TELL HIM OUTRIGHT I WAS STRUGGLING) i could not handle it. im pretty sure he suspected i was struggling too because he told me about his sister purging seemingly out of the blue.

if you got this far i am sorry about the autism. im the type of person who tries to keep it in but i have been going mad. please enjoy pic related as eye bleach.

No. 212783

It doesn't sound like you made very good conversation. Thinking he was an ugly fucker (if that was part of it) probably didn't help.

No. 212784

File: 1636462160633.jpg (49.07 KB, 665x665, 1604887282416.jpg)

How do you nonitas deal with a partner with untreated depression?

We've been living together for a long time and I'm familiar with his depressive episodes. He dropped pharmacological treatment years before we met because it made him feel more depressed and he tried therapy for a while until he wasn't able to afford it anymore (in my country is very expensive) and until this point, it wasn't really a big problem, I mean, we have our discussion and our harsh moments but we were able to talk it and resolve our problems. After a couple of years of being on the verge of breaking up with him, we reached a point where is not exactly dreamy but nice and sane and realistic. But there are rough patches where he gets on his own head and is extremely avoidant and his mood is terrible to deal with. I've tried to be patient and he knows that, but sometimes it feels like I'm married to a 50-year-old man who is bitter 24/7. I feel very guilty and selfish writing this because I've dealt with depression myself and it's tough to get out of that state but our relationship is developing more and more and sometimes, like buying a house together or getting married. I'm afraid he won't be able to deal with more stuff on top of it and what rubs me in the wrong way is that I'm feeling that he doesn't care about his own wellbeing. He says he is trying to deal with it on his own because he needs to feel like he isn't a failure but at this point, I sense that if he doesn't care about himself then I'm going to stop caring about him and then we'll have to break up because that would mean that I do not longer love him. In a discussion years ago, I mentioned something like that and he told me I was manipulating him, etc.

I feel really confused, I'd appreciate any sort of input.

No. 212797

Nice, anon! When are u guys fucking? Let us know

No. 212802

Remember that marriage is supposed to be a partnership, especially if you plan on buying a house together. Him saying he feels like he needs to deal with it alone and not realizing this is a red flag. Depression is really hard and sometimes it feels like you'll never get back on your feet but if he's not actively trying to seek actual treatment it might be time to separate anon. It'll be better in the long term. You're not being manipulative, you're being realistic.

No. 212814

File: 1636485341882.gif (120.71 KB, 220x222, peace-out-boizzz.gif)

>meet hot guy on dating site
>he's super cool and talented
>somehow hit it off even tho i never vibe with dipshits
>text for days and shits going smoothly
>he wants to hang out/call bc "text is tedious"
>tfw I'm better at texting and can formulate my thoughts more coherently than using my mouth
>me waiting for my dumb, awkward ass to fuck it up
Bye y'all. Wish me luck. This is where it all ends

No. 212836

so i had been feeling self conscious in my relationship cause it seemed like my bf had a really low sex drive compared to me and i always had to initiate everything.
i was never in that situation b4 and i'm a really timid & shy person so it was hard to do and embarrassing to me
but then i ended up seeing his twitter for the first time, and he follows tons of female streamers/twitter thots (like a 100 of them) and i was shocked and became enraged.
i thought my bf just had a low libido but then i found out he's some coomer retard this whole time.
i basically just yelled at him that he's a disgusting coomer and haven't talked to him since.
i know it's pretty normal nowadays for people to follow internet famous ppl that they find attractive, but with how i had been feeling and then seeing that felt like a really humiliating blow to me.
what do i even say to him now

No. 212837

Sounds like me and my bf, i've explained why i prefer texting sometimes and we meet halfway, he does an effort to text more and if it's very important we call; not all hope is lost anon

No. 212844

Might be normal or whatever, but even then a guy normally would prefer having sex with his girlfriend instead of jerking off to some streamer or similar. I'd break up with him for the simple reason alone that this kind of behaviour is pathetic and I couldn't respect him anymore. Not saying you shouldn't masturbate in a relationship, but apparently actually prefering those pixels on the screen? That's just insulting kek.

No. 212851

>what do i even say to him now
Lmao nothing. If you haven't while you yelled at him, dump the cunt and that's it. It's one thing to follow a couple attractive influencers you're digging lately but 100s? That scrote has coom material all over his timeline 24/7, he is completely consumed by these ethots. Guys like this are the ones you find at the bottom of the barrel.

No. 212852

I'd lose all respect and dump him instantly, he's pathetic

No. 212857

I hate to say it, but your resentment will not go away. This will stick in your mind for as long as you're with him and you need to dump him and get with a totally new man. His behaviour is not normal and he should be invested in you alone. I'm getting major cheater vibes.
Also, what kind of boring ass man doesn't initiate? I just know you're bored with him from that alone. Conversation is probably the same.

No. 212974

I don't plan on dating again anytime soon or maybe ever, but I just wanna know. is there a way to tell if a man is a good man, like not a coomer or into weird shit, and not an abusive psychopath? in my late 20's now. in my early 20's I had spent so much time on the internet that I convinced myself that 99% of men were pedophiles. I did this by lurking a lot of places like reddit, yahoo answers, very many forums that I don't remember the names of (and don't want to) the prevalence of "teen" porn, the suggested searches that would come up when I used search engines with the safe search off (basically porn of anything and everything, like looking up literal child characters would yield searches for porn of them).

I finally tried to be a normie and tried to tell myself that I was just being schizo and that most men aren't like that. I met a guy who was my coworker that I really liked. we had a lot of long conversations and he acted interested in what I had to say. we talked about books and philosophy and a lot of other interesting things and seemed to have enough things in common. I wasn't even sure if he was interested in me for the longest time or just wanted to be friends. we were friends (albeit not very close) for at least a year, or longer, after he left our job to go work somewhere else. eventually we started dating and it was really good at first, then later it turned out he was really into hentai, lolicon, was a huge porn addict in general, and had really questionable moral stances on things like said he didn't care if a girl in porn looked underaged (like 14) as long as she didn't look like a "literal child" as he put it. he also claimed to have "traditional values" and wanted a family someday (I don't get how your life can basically revolve around hentai and simultaneously claim to have traditional values but k) then he said that he saw a therapist once because he thought he might be a sociopath, and that he fakes almost all of his behavior to seem normal to people. it's just like.. what are the odds that I would end up with a literal pedo, after deliberately trying to convince myself that most men aren't pedos? he was a seemingly high functioning guy, and so were his friends, who were all the same as him (they had a group chat where they all shared lolicon). there were virtually no red flags except for him being friends with our other coworker who was a literal 4chan incel autist with yellow fever, but I thought to myself, I've been friends with people in the past who don't reflect me at all so I let it slide.

before him the only guy I dated was a raging BPD/narc who had a million red flags, but to his credit at least, didn't seem to be a pedo. I tried to do everything opposite with my most recent ex than I did with him, as that relationship was extremely dysfunctional and toxic. dating is just scary as hell, I feel like no matter how good a guy seems there is always a chance he is into something fucked up or is abusive in one way or another.

No. 212979

99% of men are like that to an extent. By that I mean almost all of men are some variety of disgusting and fucked up and the severity just varies. Of the 99 out of 100, roughly 35 are gonna be absolute basket case fuckos, another 35 having major fucked up tendencies enabled by cognitive distortions, 20 are not degenerates themselves but will sympathize with degenerate men more than they sympathize with normal women. The remaining 4 aren't degens and don't sympathize with degeneracy, but will in a tough spot, resort to taking advice from the rest of them just because men.
If you can't find that 1 in a 100 male that's actually a sane full human, you might have luck with any of the 20+4 dumbasses as long as you don't let them walk all over you as if they're the übermensch or some shit.

That all being said, are you sure you're not attracted to a specific set of outer traits? Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you, but maybe there's a pattern there that keeps taking your attention towards unstable or idiotic men.

No. 212984

lmao feverish samefag but 20 was supposed to be 25, anyway

No. 212997

Did he smoke?

No. 213051

thank you anon, do you maybe have any advice on how to identify one of the remaining 4?

>That all being said, are you sure you're not attracted to a specific set of outer traits? Don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming you, but maybe there's a pattern there that keeps taking your attention towards unstable or idiotic men.

I had this thought too. with my first bf, the BPD one, there were definitely a lot of red flags like him being friends with a LOT of his exes (and just the fact that he had so many exes) yet at the same time would complain about some of them being "crazy" and love bombed me. but with my most recent ex he really didn't seem to have any red flags like that, and was seemingly high functioning. he didn't love bomb me or anything, he seemed like such a good guy at first, but maybe I knew on a subconscious level and picked him. Idk.

lol this is such a specific question and I'm not sure why you're asking but no

No. 213060

One of the more telling traits imo would be that they (the remaining 4 as we discussed) are not too skilled with their words. The type of men who are clearly bad at talking loads of shit and trying to subtly charm you with 'superior intellect' or spontaneous poetic stunts. They might say the wrong or awkward thing sometimes, or just avoid the risk by keeping their talking to a minimum - but at least what they end up saying isn't dressed up to be more attractive or (melo)dramatic than it is. A guy like that is usually a bit more real and vulnerable in his own way.
Like yeah they can have an adult conversation with you about topics, instead of just grunting unga bugna repeatedly, but they're not gonna try to impress you with eloquent speech, instead they prefer actually doing something to show how much they care.
Basically you're looking for a guy who doesn't really know how to manipulate women. Rare but out there.

No. 213072

Ulllg. I've been questioning if I should go back to my husband. I left him because I wasn't in love with him, but after seeing what other men are like, I almost wonder if it's better to settle for a quality man I'm not in love with than to deal with chasing love and risk ending up with garbage.

No. 213076

Damn, were you dating my brother?

No. 213079

is this bait? retards will really just marry someone they're only lukewarm toward

No. 213081

It's not really fair to either of you to settle just because you don't think you can find someone quality that you also love. Besides, if I were in your husband's position I don't think I could get back together with you without fearing that you'll just leave again… that's kind of a major breach in trust. It's just doomed for failure again. Maybe you should focus more on yourself right now and how to be comfortable alone.

No. 213087

Not only marry but have children with and live with for prolonged periods. I would rather be alone than chain myself to some scrote I can hardly stand.

No. 213091

It's 2021. If you can't find a man you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life with, put your time and resources towards other meaningful, fulfilling things. It's such a waste of your life to force yourself to spend it with someone you're only Meh about, you've got more options than that.

No. 213138

How do I deal with the fact that my boyfriend's face is not attractive to me? We get along really well and have a lot in common, so it's not like I don't like him romantically, but I wish I found him more attractive and that makes me feel guilty

No. 213139

That ugly thing got you, so he might feel the same way

No. 213140

Fair point lol
Although he constantly compliments me on how pretty I look, but that might be because we wear mask at school kek

No. 213151

File: 1636779285922.jpg (44.46 KB, 622x661, 1629962627145.jpg)

Me and my boyfriend of almost 9 months now are in a LDR. We have had some issues because he refuses to prove his identity to me and he betrayed me. I fell in love with his personality and assumed everything would fall in place.. but now with the possibility of us meeting in person, he refuses to show me proof of who he is. His pictures are him, but I have no proof he told me his real name, birthday, or address. I highly suspect he lied to me about his name. My issue is that clearly he doesn't trust me, and this makes me uncomfortable because we are in a serious relationship and he claims I'm the love of his life/he wants to marry me. I also found out he had looked at porn with one of his friends behind my back which has permanently harmed my trust in him, even though I've tried to forgive him. I feel really unhappy and we're fighting 24/7 because I wanted to meet him so badly but I can't because of his refusal to tell me who he really is. I don't know if I can accept being with a liar or wasting my time further, I'd be better off dating someone else. If there's no future, I feel like I'm wasting my commitment. Anytime I bring up him showing me his ID he refuses me and gets really angry. It saddens me and I'm in a terrible spot mentally because of the relationship.
But I'm afraid to leave him. I'm afraid he'll harass me terribly if I do, or try to ruin my life. If he kills himself it's not really my problem, but I'm worried about myself. I also do still love him.. or maybe just the idea of him.. and that makes it hard to leave.
I've had my ex-fiancee on my mind a lot as well. We broke up due to general immaturity and life circumstances, I haven't spoken to him in over a year. I don't think I ever really got over him. I've thought about reaching out to him because we aren't on bad terms (just no contact terms) and honestly he was an almost perfect partner. He never went on to date anyone else from what I can tell. In a way, I feel like my current relationship is just me hiding from the fact I may still love my ex. I feel horrible about wanting to reach out to him, but considering there wasn't any bad blood and we've had a year to focus on ourselves more, I am really considering it and I can't stop thinking about him or at least talking to him briefly.
My primary concern is my current boyfriend though. I feel like I should leave. I have no friends to tell me to wake the fuck up or give me advice, so that's why I'm posting this. Should I bother continuing this shit relationship when I have trust issues (clearly he does to), we're both unhappy, and my heart is leaning towards another person (but that isn't guaranteed to work either)? Should I try to fix the relationship? How does someone leave when they love someone and don't want to hurt them?

No. 213152

I’m sorry but you need to leave this guy. He can’t prove basics about his identity after almost a year? Fuck that. It sounds like you’ve had more than one conversation about this and he’s saying he’ll marry you yet he can’t offer up his real name? Even if you love the idea of this guy, even you don’t reconnect with your ex for a while, you’ll probably feel a lot better in the long run leaving this relationship.

No. 213153

This sounds so strange anon. Wouldn’t you guys FaceTime when his friends or family are around and would likely say his name? Or when he’s walking around his neighborhood or city? I was in a long distance relationship a while ago and I asked him to show me his ID within a week, he happily obliged. It’s definitely not a weird request to make sure the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. If he’s avoiding this and you think he’s lying, it’s best to just cut contact. You don’t need to go back to your ex, take some time and figure out what you want. Being in a LDR with someone who can’t prove who they are isn’t preferable to being single.

No. 213167

You're e-dating a guy who's identity you don't even know, come on, your relationship isn't real.

No. 213169

I started talking to this guy from a dating app back when I was in India. He was different from everyone on that app in the sense that he didn't view me as a sexual object and actually took time to learn about my interests and hobbies. I told him how I was so extremely insecure about my body and he constantly reassured me that I was beautiful. There was never a dull conversation and still isn't. I came to USA for university in August. He flew all the way from a different state to see me and we had the best time ever. He went back after a few days and we went back to facetiming. I told him to make his Tiktok liked videos public because I was curious and my god did i ruin everything for my self esteem. Lets just say I scrolled through a lot of half naked girls twerking and showing their cleavage while I am here with an A cup and a literal tomboy. It made me feel sick to my stomach since I told him about my insecurities and he told me I was his type and he still did all this behind my back, liking girls' videos who dont give two fucks about him, while I constantly talk to him throughout the day. He told me he was incredibly stupid and that after meeting me he did not like anymore videos. He has stopped but because of that one thing, I am not able to forget. Because of my insecurities, even if he has changed I will still think about it. But then again he is so nice and amazing in every other aspect. I try to resolve myself of the sadness by saying that all men are scrotes at the end of the day but what if there are guys who don't do this and still have the same personality as him. He is so perfect for me but what he did hurts me so much… He came again last month and we again had the best time ever regardless of what he had done. And hes coming again. I just feel like if he didnt want me he wouldnt be doing all this since he does not have a high paying job and I still havent had sex w him or suggested it.

No. 213171

Is this bait? Are you seriously this fucking retarded? LDR memes aside this still isn’t a real relationship. How high is your insecurity that you’re willing to get in a relationship with someone who is blatantly lying to you?

No. 213193

File: 1636836798051.jpg (48.82 KB, 356x512, K0B2_JbjLd7azh9W1Y6s57g1djZg6B…)

this isn't a relationship I'm in anymore, but I wondered what anons opinions would be anyway. please be gentle though, I'm feeling very delicate at the minute. also a little embarrassed to be posting this

I met a guy on an app earlier in the year, decided to meet (first date in over 10 years, never had a relationship before! inexperienced, kissless virgin) started dating and realised pretty quickly we got on super well. I posted here before how early on my insecurities meant I didn't feel comfortable being sexual with him, in fact, not even kissing. I had no idea I was going to feel this way since dating was new to me, I thought it'd 'come naturally' but… no. I'm not asexual, was very attracted to him but fear/lack of sex drive/extreme body insecurities meant I literally could not do it. he was really understanding and sweet, said he'd take things at my pace. end up spending a bunch of time together, grew closer, he's very respectful and doesn't even mention being sexual with me for weeks and weeks and weeks. for what's it's worth, I really tried to 'get over it' but for many different reasons I could never allow myself to be sexual with him. all round very painful for me, made myself very ill trying to get over my insecurties but haven't been able to. still he was always very sweet about it. I knew I was likely testing his patience. literally spent four months seeing each other. about 3 weeks back he mentioned the whole progressing the relationship thing again, but again told him I was sorry but couldn't yet.

don't get me wrong, I knew things couldn't go on this way indefinitely but I loved spending time with him (since I have no friends, life had improved drastically since meeting him) I would've been stupid to end it myself especially since he told me thinks like 'we have a real connection' and how great he thought I was and loved being with me. after the last time we hung out, two weeks back now, he's totally stopped communicating with me, ghosted me. I messaged him a week ago and no response since. I also sent him a very raw and honest handwritten letter expressing how much I liked him and how sorry I was for how I hadn't been able to be a real girlfriend to him. literally poured my heart out (told him I was more or less in love with him! which is true) and still no reply, I feel very hurt even after that no message. I understand he simply knew things weren't going anywhere and got tired of waiting but…. ghosting me? after four months and countless hours together? it seems so cruel. I thought someone who he 'had a real connection with' and all the other lovely things he said meant something. doesn't a person like that at least deserve a message saying it's over? we shared a lot of time together, hours and hours at a time, sometimes practically all day and evening

I feel I'm probably more naive than I'd like to admit and know some people just ghost but fuck does it hurt. is it common to ghost someone after spending such a great amount of time together? also should I give him one last message (I've only messaged him once since I last saw him asking if he was okay) just say I understand things are over and I enjoyed our time together and miss him, just thought I was worth at least a message saying it was over instead of him ignoring me?

I know it must seem pathetic but this whole thing has ruined me, farmers. I wanted so badly for it to work but my fucking insecurities and anxiety ruined my relationship. the worst part is, I lost a friend

No. 213200

File: 1636839546846.jpg (57.05 KB, 540x654, de3d720c63e00e25c29503ac87d659…)

I keep thinking about ending my relationship and I don't know why. We've been together for over two years, and recently bought a home together. We were living together for a long time before this and never ran into any terrible issues that couldn't be resolved by talking things out. No real red flags, no unpassable problems.
But my mental health has been decreasing for a long time, and I don't know if it's because of quarantine or something else, but I've been struggling really badly for over a year and it hurts sometimes that my boyfriend has no real intent to help. I guess it's fine, it's my own issue after all and I don't want him to bear my burden, but at this point it's affecting him and our relationship as well.
Our sex life has diminished pretty rapidly in the last ~6 months. We used to have sex almost every day, then a few times a week, and now it's barely once a week, if that. There's a lot going on, we're constantly exhausted from our jobs and working on the house but I know a lot of it is my fault. I've been so insecure and my self-esteem has taken such a hit in this time that it's hard to feel confident having sex, and admittedly he doesn't help. He doesn't do a lot of foreplay anymore, he doesn't do a lot that feels good, he puts me in uncomfortable or hurtful positions and doesn't seem to notice I'm not enjoying it. It's not like I haven't made it clear either, I'll tell him if something hurts or isn't pleasant, and I'm not faking enjoying it. I just don't. It makes sex feel like a chore, so I just have stopped responding when he tries to initiate or jokingly tell him to cut it out. But I haven't cum in months.
It's gotten to the point where I've started thinking about cheating on him. Not like I ever would, but I imagine it. I haven't lost my sex drive really, only with him. But the fact that I'm having these thoughts at all scares me. I know there are people out there who could make me feel better.
Since getting the house together too, we just have so many disagreements about how to handle… everything. Picking out furniture, doing chores, cleaning. He's still got this bachelor mindset and it's hard to feel like this is "my" space. I get intrusive thoughts about living on my own again, how much happier I'd be not having to compromise with him all the time. I even looked at apartments around here. The fact that I'm doing any of this or considering it tells me maybe I should end things, but to be fair I haven't even told him any of this, maybe he'd want to resolve it.
I'm also dreading the thought of moving out so soon after buying the house - he could buy me out of it, that's not an issue. It's just that I've been getting so many congratulations and well wishes from my family and everything, everyone's so excited and actually proud of me and they've stopped worrying about me being secure, finally. I don't want to even imagine telling them "lol yeah my most stable relationship ended because I was sad hahaha :)"

This sucks nonnies. I'm not sad, but I'm not happy here either. I just want to be alone again.

No. 213203

Don't send him that message. At best you gain nothing from it and at worst you'll feel even more hurt because he won't reply. He won't and he doesn't care.

No. 213204

ehh you're probably right. my mind just keeps thinking 'what if somethings happened to him' or 'maybe he didn't get the letter' (literally put it in his mailbox though so that's a weak reason) I suppose I was just hoping by saying 'thought I was worth more than being ghosted' might make him feel a little guilty or something. does hurt to think he may not have cared at all despite what he said

No. 213208

Nta but you can't hurt men that don't care in the first place. They're legitimately sociopaths and I'm sorry you're finding out the hard way anon. I know it's hard to accept it because of how angelic and sweet they are in the early stages of dating but you'll save yourself a lot more hurt and embarrassment if you see it for how it is

No. 213209

I am retarded. I ended it. I'm in a lot of pain because I did love him and care for him, and I was stupidly hopeful for our relationship. I asked him one final time and he refused.. so I have to move on. I appreciate the feedback anons even if I come across as an idiot.

No. 213210

Agreed with >>213203. Also, maybe that's just me, but waiting just three months so far for sex is nothing imo, even if it's just to test the waters with another person, but especially if one party (in this case you) still feels incredibly uncomfortable with the act. I'd personally say it's for the best this way.

No. 213215

it's definitely true that it hurts more to believe he did care and had feelings for me. the idea that our time together potentially meant very little to him definitely stings but hurts a lot less than the idea that I fucked everything up (with my body issues and fear of intimacy) and have lost a man who said he cared about me

>waiting just three months so far for sex is nothing imo
I agree! although it was four months and we only kissed the one time only for me to freak out and pull away. I don't blame him for ending things, it's more the way he couldn't even tell me it was over, just cut communication instead. it is probably for the best but I will miss the guy

No. 213221

If he ghosted you he was trash. Men are as shitty as the shittiest thing they've ever done to you. Always remember that. If he can ghost you, he's too shitty to you.

No. 213229

I really feel for you here nonnie, I’ve been through some similar relationships before and it’s always such a crappy feeling to realize someone you’re into has basically been faking feelings so you’ll fuck them. It’s very dehumanizing. I know it’s a stereotype, but a lot of guys really will say anything to get laid.

Honestly though, you dodged a bullet. A guy who will ghost you because he didn’t get sex in a few months of dating will also ghost you after he gets what he wants. You can’t win with people like that, and you probably won’t ever get real closure either. Don’t spend time thinking about it or trying to win them back, a person who ghosts you is basically saying “I’m not interested” without actually saying it. They’re not worth your time.

No. 213240

Anons, this guy started talking to me and he's really cool but I think he's told me a lot of stuff quite…quickly. And I'm not sure if he's just eccentric and honest (it did say on his profile he wants someone who's honest and sort of an open book) but like………he's been initiating phone calls before our first date and he's told me so much stuff already.

We talked for hours twice and he unloaded a bunch of shit I feel is pretty personal. Talking about all these girls he was briefly affiliated withs' business. I can't help but feel he's doing it to make me spill shit too or make me feel special and then what, if things don't work out with me and him, he's just gonna tell the next girl all about me? Come on. He didn't really bad mouth all of them just said the one was creepy because she asked to suck his dick out of the blue and told me about why things didn't work out with all of them.

I'm also getting slight narc vibes. He said something a little rude (that I didn't know what I was talking about over something) and then said "just kidding" real quick and continued talking like everything was normal. I also noticed he seems a little autistic. Like, I think he just loves that I kiss his ass (I am so into him yall…) and he will talk on and on about stuff he loves and never really ask shit about me, although I do chime in a lot with related stories.

He also bitched about how the one girl only talked to him 10% while he gave 90% and how another was TOO clingy. I mean…ok what do you want me to do with this info besides make things unnatural and wonder how much I should be texting you? Wtf are these mind games? We were texting A LOT so…?

Him talking about all these girls last night made me weary. Am I paranoid? What should I take from this? Give it to me straight, anons.

No. 213241

Sounds exactly like you laid it out, anon. He's saying pretty personal things way too early (you guys haven't even met!) and never really asking questions about you. He sounds red flaggy imo.

No. 213242

He's also 28 and working at a car wash and I think it's his first job which was the first red flags for me. He told me how he was home schooled and went to art school and in our first call, bitched about the men in Corvettes at his job, calling them yuppies. Like…you got to sit on your ass your whole life while your parents fund your art degree at college and now you're just working at a car wash? Newsflash: you're a yuppie! At least those old men in Corvettes probably worked for it.
He's a talented musician, and that's cool and all, but I don't give a shit about that as a career choice lmao.

No. 213244

Going out of your way to bring up past dates is pretty red flag-y, especially when you haven’t even met yet. Almost everyone knows that’s inappropriate. It sounds like he’s pretty self-centered and hasn’t shown much interest in you, so I’m not sure why you even like him. If you haven’t met yet and you’re already getting this many red flags, I don’t see the appeal. At worst, he’s trying to manipulate you into acting a certain way by talking about why he didn’t like other girls, and at best, he’s just that oblivious in how regular people talk to each other in relationships. Neither one is a good time.

No. 213248

Trust your gut, there's so many red flags in your post
>oversharing to force intimacy and get you to do emotional labour
>rude, autistic and doesn't ask questions about you
>making you compare yourself to other girls (triangulating)

At worst it's intentional PUA manipulation, at best he's just oblivious to social tact and is too egotistical to really care about you

No. 213252

girl, there is not a single thing attractive about this solipsistic man.

No. 213262

Omg anon! I had no idea this existed. I guess my gut is right…he may not be such a good person. I read a page on triangulating and it mentions love bombing in it. Maybe that's what the constant texting and the hours long phone calls are? He did also mention he's trying to keep his ego down when I complimented him on his music. Honestly, he reminds me of some edgy autist's Second Life character.

Well, I definitely like him a lot less now. I was into him because he is incredibly easy to talk to (I have a hard time connecting to people), have the same niche interests, and he is talented, has passions, and really loves his parents and sisters (family oriented). Now the entire vibes are off and we didn't really talk much yesterday because I felt uncomfortable saying much.

Thanks for always being honest. I love you anons

No. 213263

He's hardly in a position to be bitching and bad mouthing everyone he comes into contact with… I mean he's not a catch himself. His lack of social skills is perhaps from being homeschooled, maybe he thinks he's the centre of the world from that too. He's fucked though. You won't fix that attitude easily. If you settle for that he'll only repay you by putting you down constantly.

No. 213265

What are your niche interests anon? Just genuinely curious

No. 213287

My husband and I woke up this morning and he told me he was been struggling with "pornsickness". I feel hurt, but atleast he was honest. He gave me access to his phone, let me childproof lock the wifi, and said he really wants help. He said he has been struggling with thoughts and he doesn't want to be like that anymore. Not sure what to make of this.

No. 213291

Scrotes are so fucking embarassing jfc. Imagine being so obsessed with cucking yourself watching ugly whores fuck each other that you need your significant other to monitor your technology usage in the same way a child has theirs controlled. I guess it's something that he was open about this but I can't imagine anything that would kill my attraction faster than having to play mommy to a grown ass man acting like a horny teen (and not even towards me)

No. 213292

Anon he sounds like a piece of shit and you need to get your own place stat if he'd be willing to buy the house from you. At the least, break up with him and just live as roommates until you figure out where you're going. There's no point in going through the motions and ocassionally putting up with terrible sex for his sake. It doesn't matter that he didn't throw up any red flags when everything in the relationship was peachy. How hard is that? It's easy to be positive and fun during the good times, it's when shit hits the fan that you need your partner to step up and be supportive, and he's failed spectacularly at that. He doesn't care about your pleasure and comfort during sex, he doesn't support your mental health (sure he's not a professional but he could still do sweet things for you or give you pep talks now and then), he selfishly treats your joint home as his own. These are really base level things and he isn't managing any of them. Who gives a fuck if your family and friends are surprised about you moving out relatively fast. If they're good people then they'll care about you being safe and happy, not keeping up appearances.
>"lol yeah my most stable relationship ended because I was sad hahaha :)"
Yeah, no. Your relationship is ending because your partner is self-absorbed, unsupportive trash. You are not in the wrong here.

No. 213293

Whenever I hear scrotes do this, it just sounds like another fetish, like he probably gets off on you denying him. Because if he actually wanted to quit porn he'd do it, go to a therapist, and learn how to please you instead of the theatrics. Embarrassing.
I agree completely.

No. 213296

I totally agree with you nonnie, I really don’t understand guys who just can’t stop looking at porn. “Childproof the wifi”? Seriously, have some personal accountability dude. I’d be more sympathetic if he said he had problems with it in the past but was stopping himself from looking at porn, but needing to baby someone by locking internet access? That’s so silly. He should act like an adult and make adult decisions. He’s not a kid and you’re not a mom who needs to yell at him for looking up bad things on the internet. Asking for support from your partner and asking to be babied are totally different things. It’s depressing how many guys don’t understand that.

No. 213297

>I can't imagine anything that would kill my attraction faster than having to play mommy to a grown ass man acting like a horny teen (and not even towards me)

No. 213304

Just leave him before you do actually cheat on him. Also your problems aren't his to fix, you should be happy on your own and so should he, and together you are happy. Fix yourself before you blame your miserable life on someone else.

No. 213321

>what if somethings happened to him
That's the one possibility i would try to eliminate before assuming anything, that's the only peace of information i would need to be able to move on.

No. 213364

I am so heartbroken, my best friend of 9 years and I started sleeping together since last year. When I saw him last weekend he was obsessed with me, on monday he was obsessed with me, even sent nudes and flirted in to the morning for him. He wanted to see me that tuesday or wednesday (I couldn't bc work) instead he went over to a girl he just meet who invited him over with that day (tuesday) she kissed him. He broken up with me on friday and he went to sleep at her house that night.

He knew what he did was wrong the next day. The said he'd not talk to her out of respect for me while I heal. This weekend he invited me to hang out it was rough but we said we'd not be together but heal and be friends. That day he said he wasn't planning to but went to visit her and slept over. she knows all this btw. I gave him a choice yesterday my friendship or her. he chose her, he said needs to move on and live the life he wants. I feel sick. I didn't want a relationship but I feel so betrayed, I gave my virginity to him and he said he would respect my rules (we would not break up so quickly after doing pv but I just recently did it) I feel so betrayed he's known her like 2 weeks. He wants us not to talk to each other again. He is my closest friend. I don't have a support system. I am a secret. He told his mate yesterday and he sided with him, saying he should move on. How can you destroy my sense of trust? cheat? take my virginity? Leave me heartbroken and just leave me to deal with it. He says it the best thing for me for him to do this. I don't know what to do. I have no one else. He said he would stay my friend if he can date this girl he cheated on me with.

No. 213368

lol what a loser. get better friends anon.

No. 213369

I've been in a relationship before where the guy broke up with me and fucked someone else literal hours later… as in it took planning in advance and it was the underlying reason for the break up even though he never mentioned it att. We lived together and he just expected me to be all cool and friendly for the remainder of our lease.. I was scratching my head at that. The most annoying part is that you know.. if the roles were reversed.. no man is staying friendly with you and acting like everything is okay after that. They'll twist logic and use technicalities, claim that it was all so innocent and their feelings took over. I feel like you just have to cut off a guy after that to keep some self respect intact. They don't care about the betrayal and they'll expect you to cover up your pain and play nice. That's not on. That's some obvious bullshit they're trying to get you to accept as normal. It is not normal.

Some men know very well that a woman with no support system.. is that much more vulnerable to this shit and to accepting it. Ignore this guys words and pay more attention to just his actions and you'll see he's not worth shit. Having nobody at all is still better than having him around. You need better people in your life than that.

No. 213370

I know, I don't know how. I have crazy anxiety lol. He used to be there for me but he has been so nasty and blames me. It's like a totally different person

No. 213373

I keep telling him actions speak louder than words, he says he knows he was wrong and then does more terrible stuff and makes me feel bad for being upset. I know he is a bad person, it's very big difference to how he was before. And yes he said he hasn't been feeling us for a while but was "too weak" to do anything (he only told me this yesterday). Yet he can't pin point when? Yet he wanted me the day before?

I gave him that ultimatum (my friendship or her) and he said it's best for us if we don't talk anymore. I asked if he would be my friend without the ultimatum, he said yes, but he wants to live his life and they like each other. He gets angry when I say they are both bad people ("you don't even know her" "she feels bad") even though she knew when he stayed over and that he cheated (he is obviously much much worse). I wanted to cut him off first then I decided against it, he was upset, then with the ultimatum, he now wants to cut me off to "help me". It just hurts. It's going to be hard to have no one to talk to. We had a lot in common, he was really nice/caring to me until 2 weeks ago.

So sorry you went through that anon. That guy sounds eerily similar, twisting logic and planning inadvance (saying she asked me to hang out). I hope you are doing good. Your words me a lot to me right now and it makes a lot of sense. I love you anon ♥ thank you

No. 213411

I hope you stop talking to this guy nonnie, it’s time to block and delete. I know it’s difficult when you’ve been friends for so long, but he’s clearly made his decision and showed his true character. Even if this new girl dumps him or something, do you want to be with someone who just sees you as an option while they look for someone else?

Lots of people can be sweet and caring, it doesn’t mean this guy was secretly faking everything for several years, but at the end of the day, having sex with the new girl was more important than your feelings. He’s not worth your friendship.

No. 213414

do you ever feel "less" in love with your partner and you just don't know why? is this normal?

No. 213416

If there were something to it, you would know why. This just means the honeymoon phase is over.

No. 213419

I go through phases I think. Can usually chalk it up to hormones, stress, circumstances, etc. I used get really worried and obsess that I didn't "love" him as much as I used to but sometimes other shit is going on. If the foundation is still good, it could be something outside the relationship affecting things.

No. 213458

don't confuse the overall feeling of love with your day-to-day tolerance or lack thereof. sometimes people get tired of each other despite all the love between them.

No. 213459

In both of my relationships I had this feeling around 2.5 years into living together. I think in my case it was the true end of any honeymoon phase or residuals of that. The first time I ignored the feeling because it was my first love and I didn't know what's normal. I thought I was depressed. He bit the bullet for us and did the breaking up.

The second time it happened I was more prepared to accept it as being the end but he just happened to get ahead of me first and end things right as I was feeling done too.

There's alot of different factors to think about though, like how long you've been feeling this way? Some relationships have more of a habit of going through phases and bouncing back. Others decline and that's just it. I've never been in a 'bouncing back after the rough patches' type relationship but I see people around me in them. Sometimes I don't know if they're just prolonging the inevitable.

No. 213463

Bf of ~9 months basically worships the ground I walk on and doesn't seem likely to troon out, cheat or become an abuser. I fell hard and fast because he's honestly really sweet and tells me all the things I want to hear. Takes initiative, plans romantic dates, etc. Sex is wonderful and after deadbedrooms it's so healing.

but i'm feeling trapped and resentful now for what feels like shitty reasons. i wouldn't say he's dumb, but it's hard to engage on topics that aren't movies or games. Like the other day I had to explain what the opioid epidemic was. We're both in our early 30s. He has a low-paying job but he constantly buys crap off amazon for me or himself. i feel like i have to coach him with money and i'm not great with money myself. he wants to be in the provider/protector role but he's more like a little boy in so many ways. when i'm honest with myself i know i want to be with someone more financially stable and intellectually curious, someone who might be able to truly provide for me if i can't work and help me navigate reality. i crave being single again and having at least the hope of finding that somewhere.

i know since i'm feeling this way i need to break it off before i become more resentful. it just sucks to throw away so many truly wonderful things that i might never find again in another man and knowing i'm going to hurt him too.

No. 213466

What caused it?

No. 213478

The honeymoon period being over, basically. Being veery familiar with them and feeling like I had enough and wanted no more. That's all really, feelings fading over time. The bickering increasing while the sex decreases and small things about them stop being cute or quirky. Just a natural fade of the love that once was.

The first time it happened I thought it was a tragedy and I blamed myself and thought I could've done something different to prevent it.. It just happens. It's normal, it's how most non-dramatic breakups happen. One day one of you feels like the love is gone and if you're lucky you're both on the same page so one isn't left bereft by the news.

No. 213528

I think I have to break up with him.
I genuinely like him as a person and he's everything I would want but he's getting too comfortable and makes me feel bad and scared.
He will make jokes about how stupid I am and constantly make me feel low about myself for not understanding things or doing something wrong even in a game. He's a total backseater as well.
He gets really angry and frustrated with simple things and makes these embarrassing angry grunts and hits things. I can't take it.
I've talked to him about how this makes me scared but he brushes it off as being "gamer rage". I get it but it's embarrassing. I can't play games or have any competition with him.
The worst part is, he's in my friend group now and he is basically in my life and the things I do. I shat where I ate.
I messed up and already talked about marriage and love but it's been 10 months.
The worst part is I liked him originally because he didn't seem like a manchild and had maturity. Good men are so hard to come by.
How do I let him down or make him break up with me? We need to remain friends or acquaintances.

No. 213541

You should tell him exactly what you've told us - he talks down to you, makes you feel bad about yourself, and has anger issues. It's not the sort of reasoning that should make him hate you forever (like cheating or w/e) so maybe you could still be civil.

You're gonna have to be firm about it, chances are he'll gaslight you and dismiss your concerns like he does with his 'gamer rage' (aka fucking pathetic manchild tantrums, as if that's an excuse…). Good luck anon.

No. 213563

Not sure how much you’ve told him but if he really does worship the ground you walk on tell him everything you said in your post. If he really wants to be in the provider role he will improve. If he doesn’t or refuses to communicate, he’s not serious about it. 9 months isn’t a very long time, so don’t worry too much.

No. 213564

Of course you have to break up with him.
>I genuinely like him as a person
What is there to like? He treats you like shit. Unless you're a masochist.

No. 213568


i know 'abusive' is a buzzword that gets tossed about a lot for menial things, but if he's like all of which you claim he genuinely sounds verbally and emotionally abusive. not to mention if he hits things when he's angry, just imagine if he gets angry enough at you. people like that unfortunately have a trend of going from punching walls to faces.

take care of yourself and maturely break off the relationship. say you want time for yourself and if your friends were your friends first and you explain what you've been dealing with, i think they'll understand. best of luck.

No. 213719

File: 1637216336642.jpeg (581.75 KB, 1888x1888, C23122DF-0C55-4797-833B-AA6339…)

Context: earlier my boyfriend started having sex with me while massaging my back, and I didn’t explicitly say no or stop, because whenever I do he usually gets upset and will leave, or keep trying until I do. I’ve told him how uncomfortable that makes me, but he says he needs sex to feel validated and wanted. Anyways, so earlier I just stayed quiet and waited for him to finish, but because of the completely dry sex I was in a lot of pain and started crying. He got upset and brought me my overnight bag and told me I should go home instead of the date we had planned. I told him I was just in pain from the sex, and he got upset why I didn’t stop him then. I told him I just wanted him to finish so he would be happy, and then all these texts happened. After this he broke up with me. I just feel so stupid, but at the same time he constantly wanted sex, like at least 3-4 times a day. If it wasn’t sex, he would keep putting my hand on his dick or take it out until I eventually just gave him what he wanted. This morning he literally told me that he uses sex as a way to release aggression, and if he doesn’t get it then that’s fine, but he’ll be upset and aggressive until he does. I know how stupid all of this makes me sound, I know it’s not really right, but after sex he would be so nice and sweet and loving, sometimes I would cry from how nice he would be afterwards. We’ve been dating for almost six or seven months now, and i cant believe it’s all over now because I didn’t say no enough. Or am I being stupid? Please be honest with me, I can’t tell if I’m just an idiot here and I hurt him more than anything. I just feel sick about the entire thing

No. 213736

What the fuck? Breaking up with you is the only favor he’s done for you. Forcing himself onto you when you don’t want it literally rape, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t say no it there wasn’t a resounding yes

> and I didn’t explicitly say no or stop, because whenever I do he usually gets upset and will leave, or keep trying until I do

This is manipulatuve as hell and so are the entirety of his texts. I’m so sorry nonna, I know it hurts but please don’t try to get back with him jfc

No. 213749

He not only types like a retard, he manipulates like one. None of what he's saying makes sense, he wants you to have self respect but keeps tearing your boundaries down when all you want to be is vulnerable and safe with someone you like? His dumb ass thinks he's a genius typing up all this stupid shit about not wanting to 'be a part of hurting you' or whatever. He knows what he's doing, he's just absolving himself of responsibility by spinning this onto you. Looking at him trying to use this kind of language to appear emotionally mature and intelligent makes me laugh, he sounds worthless and pathetic.

If he tries to get you back, no matter how he tries to put it, no matter what wording he comes up with, don't. If I were you, I'd block him everywhere and tell our friends not to speak a word of you or your location to him. There's that for the self respect he was so keen on. Eradicate him from your life no matter how you feel about him right now, no matter how much he's gotten into your head, because (and I say this because I've seen this shit before) you can't afford to waste your precious time on a person this twisted. He knew how to play you by your weak spots, from the start, which is why you're addicted to his 'love'. None of what you had with him was real. Keep out of his sight.

No. 213750

This faggot “loves” like shit and has never treated you with genuine kindness. Six or seven months and you’re already this miserable, imagine how you’ll feel if this continues.

No. 213751

> whenever I say no he usually gets upset and will leave, or keep trying until I do
> says he needs sex for validation
> those manipulative messages

What an unredeemable asshole. Seconding this >>213749 , don’t waste your time and mental/physical wellbeing with this pos. It sounds almost like he’s having fun doing this. Had to witness guys like that before too and trust me they don’t get better, you will only get worse.

No. 213754

Well seeing as he keeps telling you to get some self respect… the only thing a self respecting woman would do in this situation is leave him. No self respecting woman would stay with this guy and gladly take all these walls of bullshit text. He's trying to twist things and manipulate you and it's painfully obvious in the messages. Plenty of guys are careful about the picture they paint in messages.. they're afraid you'll show them to someone. You've seen who he is when you're alone in person and he's pushing for sex. He's not as smart as he thinks he is. He's trying to rewrite reality with these walls of text and it's insulting.

Tell him your version of reality.. just so he knows you're not fooled by him or blaming yourself for all this. Then cut off all contact. The fact that while discussing 'you feeling raped' he had to then immediately hit you with insult after insult…. He will do this to other women. That is this mans level of maturity. Get out and pray he stays single for a long time after you drop his ass.

No. 213757

why are you in a relationship if you clearly don't even like him that much (judging by the way he describes your relationship), you have zero in common, you can't have a decent time together, you don't even want sex with him, etc? seriously, why? i can't wrap my head around what you're so torn up about (other than him having sex with you when you didn't feel like it)

No. 213759

I've been dating this girl for some months, 6 of official dating + 2 where we were just seeing each other. I'm 21 and she is 23. She took the first steps of asking me out and such, and while I reciprocate, most of the time it is her that takes the initiative.
We talked about relationships before, this is my first relationship, I've never dated anyone else before. She told me that she had a 1 year relationship with a guy until 2019, when they broke up on good terms according to her. At first I was a little confused, I was a bit surprised with it, but ok there is no problem there.

She also told me that the reason they broke up is that her ex-bf was going to live out of town, and they wouldn't see each other much and didn't want a long distance relationship, so they decided to break up without hurting each other too much. She also said they still talk to each other and send memes and stuff.
Problem is that I discovered from a friend of mine (that knows my gf and her ex-bf) that he is moving back in town this or next month.
When I was talking to her this weekend I mentioned that I heard that her ex-bf was coming to live in town again, to which she answered that "yeah, I know, he told me that he is going to live here again".

I feel kinda dumb for writing this, since there is no reason for me to feel worried or anxious. I've seen their chats on IG (while I was using her phone to do something else). Their chats are just memes been send back and forth, and she told him that she in now in a relationship with me and he seemed to be positive about it, congratulating her on her new relationship.
Maybe I'm overthink stuff or is the insecurity talking, but I'm really anxious about this guy coming to live in my town again.

No. 213760

What a disgusting piece of shit, and then those ~sensitive sadboi~ messages also make me want to hurl. It isn't your fault he's an asshole, but now you've seen first hand what relinquishing your boundaries for scrotes does. They don't appreciate it, they don't care about or respect you, and in the end they blame you if things go south even if they fucking rape you. Please move on from him, he isn't worth anything.

No. 213762

All you can really do is try to talk about it with her, just be careful not to come at it in any accusatory way. But you should be able to tell her you have worriess in the back of your mind and if she's reasonable she'll listen and be just be aware of how you're nervous and obviously you're new to dating too so it's your first time having to navigate this tricky thing that does come up sometimes. She has the baggage of an ex she still communincates with whereas you don't so hopefully she doesn't take advantage of that plus your inexperience.

I'd aim to have a chat about it before he comes back to town. If you wait til he's already around sometimes these things have a habit of blowing up. Don't bottle it up.

No. 213773

File: 1637257122440.jpeg (36.97 KB, 680x752, 0f1.jpeg)

Caught my basically perfect husband snapchatting a random girl. She was cool enough to send me a screenshot of their conversation and it was pretty sus and he was being really flirty. I messed up and confronted him before he could really incriminate himself beyond saving and now I'm regretting it because I wish I knew what his intentions were fully. I mean, I'm not retarded, he was at the very least looking for validation from another woman and at most he was looking to cheat. Now I'm evaluating our entire relationship and wondering if he has been unfaithful before (never had a reason to believe so until now) or if he will try to again. We've been married for several years and have a one year old son together. Our relationship and life together in general couldn't really be any more perfect and we are best friends. I look pretty fucking good for my age (almost 30) and you can't even tell I've had a child as I'm decently fit and have been going to the gym religiously to get my body back. I cook, clean, stroke his ego, stroke his cock, basically I do my best to he the perfect wife and mother. Is this just a case of a man getting too comfortable where he is and taking it for granted? I've told him we can put this behind us for the sake of our son and family and of course he is very contrite and accepting of all the conditions I've laid down. He isn't defensive if I bring stuff up and continue to talk about how I feel. What really maddens me is he maintains he was trying to have an innocent conversation because he felt "social". What can I do to hold him accountable in the future and what can I do to essentially punish his and make him regret being such a fucking creep? Nothing crazy, basically my thought is to get as fit as possible and remind him of my sexual market value, draw the attention of other dudes (I have no interest in cheating, honestly my husband is a 10/10 for me and other men just don't do it for me) and be a little more independent/make a little bit of my own money to stash away in case he tries this shit again and I have to take our son and go. Any advice for me? I want to make this work with him but I feel I need to put him in his place somehow.

No. 213777

>Is this just a case of a man getting too comfortable where he is and taking it for granted?

>basically my thought is to get as fit as possible and remind him of my sexual market value, draw the attention of other dudes

uh what you're really doing is becoming even hotter for him. He only benefits from that, remember he's the one who "has" you, has "access" to you and he knows it when other guys are looking. I'm all for women being fit as they can be but you're really just rewarding him and perhaps he may even think you're doing it because you desperately want to keep him interested.

Have you snooped around on his phone and other devices, social nedia accounts? I'd do that.

No. 213778

forgot to quote >>213773

No. 213787

Sorry, but he was the wrong choice. Can you really spend all these years together without harboring any anger or resentment? Can you really put it behind you like you said? I'd definitely save up and divorce him eventually, he is scum that cheated on you, there's no way he can be a good father especially to a boy.

No. 213791

> he was at the very least looking for validation from another woman
He's not a teen girl with low self esteem. He's a grown man with a partner and child. He was not just fishing for validation. I'd rule that out as his motivation.

Staying with him and getting super fit is a weird reaction. Leaving him and getting super fit I can understand but it sounds like you're first going soo easy on him for this and then you're even rewarding him with an even hotter wife. That also screams of insecurity.. getting hot to 'show him' what he's got. You should not have to evaluate your looks because his eyes wandered. This is a matter of loyalty. Supermodels get trampled on by men who are just cheats.

No. 213793

>I've told him we can put this behind us for the sake of our son
Ugh don’t use your kid as an excuse for inertia and avoiding temporary discomfort. If anything you’re damaging him by staying with a piece of shit role model who’s going to teach him it’s okay to cheat on your partner so long as she doesn’t find out. He destroyed the trust and should be the one coming up with 50 different solutions to “fix” things. Instead he’s just letting you come up with your own ideas, one of which involves getting hotter for him. Kek. He’s winning and you’re placing the medal around his neck when it should be in the guillotine

No. 213794

>He’s winning and you’re placing the medal around his neck when it should be in the guillotine
Agree with this.

Adding, men already have this sense of extra security once they've had a child with you.. they know you're likley to put up with so more before you'd ever leave them. Outright telling a man that his kid is the get out of jail card for his sins is a huge mistake. It's likley to embolden him or give him something to use as ammunition if you do find worse things on him. He's off the hook already and you're just thinking about going to the gym and making yourself cute to chase off the cheating?? That's pushover behaviour.

No. 213805


nonnies I get what you're saying about not rewarding him for his shitty behavior but I need a good alternative. As much as I want to punch him in the fucking head I can't divorce him without full on proof of infidelity. Right now all I have is a message that "could be construed as flirtatious" and a winky face. No proof of lewds or dirty messages, he allegedly had only had Snapchat downloaded on his phone for a day before he started "adding random people and chatting with them" although I can't confirm that. As far as going through his phone or social media it was something I never tried to do but occasionally was curious enough to take a glance at and never found anything to cause concern. He also let me go through his phone right after and I didn't find anything although I was flustered and drinking so probably didn't play detective as well as I could have. It's not like he couldn't have easily deleted all other proof but I found nothing. I know you all would like me to just dump him but to me it's an overreaction for limited evidence I have in front of me. Trust me, if I had anything more concrete I would have done the deed and divorced him so fast his fucking head flew off. So, I get it, don't be passive. What are your suggestions for taking my power back? I know you all think the fitness thing is silly but tbh that is where I've always drawn strength so it felt like a good place to channel my feelings and ignite my purpose. I'm going to be getting fit regardless, it's my passion and I want to work towards doing physique competitions desu. Can I leave the resentment behind me? I'm not sure yet, but I want to try. I think it is worth it. I'm not willing to lose myself for it or to compromise my son's childhood but where I am at now I need to find another course of action to move us forward. He is capitulating to all of my requirements, acknowledging his fuck up and my feelings about it, stepping up in areas he needs to and willingly changing behaviors. Can I forgive? Yes, I believe so. Will the trust return? Idk. But he is a good provider, a good father, and my very best friend. I have to make an attempt. I'm not sure how many of you have children or are married and I know it might seem as simple as you say but I don't know if it is. Maybe I'm just a fucking idiot. Thanks for the advice, ladies.

No. 213806

> he allegedly had only had Snapchat downloaded on his phone for a day before he started "adding random people and chatting with them" although I can't confirm that.
Doesn't snapchat delete everything once people have seen the message? Isn't that why cheaters tend to use it? It does all that for you.

Did he say why he suddenly wanted to join snapchat?

No. 213810

True, and a point I brought up talking to him about it but he insists he was just feeling sociable and wanted to talk to some new people. I point blank told him "nobody does that, that's fucking weird" and basically he just said "well I guess I'm weird"
So while him making a snap is suspicious af and crossing the line I still find it hard to consider it cheating point blank. I wish so badly I would have let this chick keep talking to him to confirm. I can't stop kicking myself in the ass about it because if I knew for certain I sure wouldn't be turning to lolcow for advice. Fml

No. 213826

Damn I wish I had proper advice anon, I'm sorry. You're stuck because something stinks but you don't have enough evidence to prove his intention. Everyone knows how much people love playing the 'hysterical paranoid woman' card so I don't blame you for waiting until you have full proof. Do you rely on him financially? I know it'll be hard while raising your young child but you should start preparing back up plans if so. He might be promising to be on his best behaviour now because you caught on early but it'll only make him hide his acts even better next time.

If you intend on getting fit again for yourself then that's cool, as long as its not to prove/show something to him. Remember that you can never stop someone from cheating if they want to do it. Those type of subhumans aren't like normal people who obviously see it as an absolute no-go zone.

No. 213832

I'm mostly wanting to vent about not being "wife-material" according to my friend. Wall of text incoming, soz.
We have been friends for going on 6 years. We actually had a short-lived fling during the beginning that lasted almost a month. He liked me (or was simply infatuated, idk) but we went to different colleges and I'd recently gotten out of a relationship and was still grieving so I wasn't sure I wanted to be in a new one with him and looking back I gave him alot of mixed signals because of this. He decided to end "things" soon after that. Literally a month or so later I realized I really liked him but he told me all he felt was platonic love towards me. This was a very confusing chapter in our friendship because even though he had basically rejected me, he would still flirt with me, talk about doing things that couples would do together that he wanted to do with me, treated me like a girlfriend pretty much. I treated him as if he was my boyfriend too. He helped me alot emotionally and we spent alot of time together because we really enjoyed eachother's company and this led us to accidently hooking up a few more times. He would tell me every time after that we wouldn't do it again. He really beat himself over for having taken me out of this "friend" box he seemed adamant about keeping me in for whatever reason and getting my hopes up. I realized we needed to stop spending so much time together mostly for my sake because I was repeatedly getting hurt and he obviously wouldn't change his mind about me, but also his sake, because I was starting to resent him and taking it out on him. I really hated the person I had become. We drifted apart for a couple of years and then reconnected about 3 years ago when he invited me to his wedding. I didn't even know I was completely over him at that point, him telling me and me not feeling any hint of jealousy, only genuine happiness for him, convinced me I was. I was eager to meet his fiance so we met up asap. Spoiler alert: i realized then i still like him but somehow managed to keep it together. We became really close friends again and he's been involved in my life even more so than before since then and me theirs. Sometimes we hang alone, and that's when i learned just how lowly he thinks of me. I don't remember the topic of conversation exactly, but he basically said he would never cheat on his wife. Then a few moments later……. he said the only woman he'd really consider having as a mistress is me. I didn't reply right away because he was laughing and I thought maybe he wasn't serious so he tried to change the subject and then i blew up at him, saying he was a cheater pos and that i was going to tell his wife. He said the same as earlier and that I should know him better than anyone that he isn't the type to cheat on his wife. Then he told me that he just loved me as much as his wife and that he was there for whatever i needed. I said that is infidelity and he backtracked again and said he only joked about it because he knows I wouldn't get involved with him. I just don't believe him, I think that's his shitty attempt at damage control. What kind of fucking joke is that? Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe it really was an off-colored joke. It doesn't make sense but at the same time it kind of does. idk, i'm confused. I've been thinking about what makes his wife and I different and I can't think of much other than me most likely being MORE difficult in a relationship. I'm very confrontational and react unexpectedly for example. Aren't mistresses women that are easy? I'm just trying to think of what makes someone like my friend think I'm a homewrecker. And yes I'm thinking of sexist stereotypes, which makes me feel horrible. I DON'T dress provocatively. I NEVER flirted with him. I don't know but I want to get rid of whatever qualities they may be asap. I also don't know if i should tell his wife, or if i should cut him off forever, or what the best course of action is. I have never felt so disrespected.

No. 213835

I think you should stay away from him anon. Don't tell his wife because he ultimately didn't cheat on her and there's no reason to have her heart broken too. I'm sorry he acted this way but I think this is a good time to cut them both off. Take it as an opportunity to focus on yourself.

No. 213847

In my experience, a lot of guys will say and do this kind of stuff to “test the waters” and see if you’ll bite. They’re looking for a positive response. If they don’t get it, they say it’s a joke and you’re being too serious, etc.

I agree with the other anon, cut him off. He probably knows you still like him and enjoys the attention. There is nothing to gain here. Staying friends with this guy and putting up with his “haha I’d totally fuck you haha just kidding” jokes is beyond tiresome. At best, he thinks it’s okay to treat you disrespectfully, and at worst, he’s dropping hints he’s down to cheat on his wife. Both are gross.

No. 213857

>there's no reason to have her heart broken too.
Uh, she definitely needs to know that he's thinking about cheating on her. Even though he hasn't physically cheated his intentions are already at that level…

No. 213865

>taking anything a man seriously
Really? And is he husband material? I seriously fucking doubt it.

No. 213901

> said he would never cheat on his wife. Then a few moments later……. he said the only woman he'd really consider having as a mistress is me
What a shitbag thng to say. He tested the waters by saying that (also tried to make you feel like being his mistress is some fucking prize offer or a special spot you get to fulfill) and now he's backtracking because it turns out being asked to be a guys side chick is never a flattering, no matter how you phrase it.

I've been kept in the dark before about a partner who was trying to cheat, an anon further up the thread is stuck in limbo right now because her partners a cheat but she doesn't have the solid proof to convince her to leave… it's important that women are at least given this information when you have it. She might not leave him. She might not like you coming along with bad news but it's the right thing to do. If the man isn't likely to be a risk to your safety then by all means rat him out before this woman wastes years of her life being in the dark about his true nature.

No. 213952

ladies it is becoming increasingly more clear that my boyfriend and I will eventually have to break up. we are incompatible on some fundamental things that we cannot change. I am going through a rough time at the moment and struggling with finals so I don't want to go through the pain right now (I still love him and struggle to take him off the pedestal I've had him on for 3 years) and I'm scared of going it alone. how do I prepare for the pain and get through the process unscathed?

No. 213991

Nonas I need help. I always find a man I completely adore and when I learn more about him I fall out of love with him and find someone else to love. What is this? Usually the men I fall out of love with show some sort of personality trait I can't stand (bad with money, manchild, anger issues, bad sense of humor) and I am completely turned off by them. Am I just a perfectionist? Is there a man I will fall in love with or are they all trash? Is there something wrong with me?

No. 213993

What you're describing sounds normal? At first you only see someone's good traits and maybe idealize them a bit, then they're revealed to be nasty so you lose attraction. And? It'd be worse if you continued to project a fantasy on them.
>are they all trash?
Yeah sorry, pretty much anon. Even the seemingly decent ones usually have a couple nasty flaws due to being raised in society that prioritizes their desires and dick. At least 95% of the males you meet will eventually show their ass. That's just men for you. To avoid such big letdowns try not to fall in "love" so quickly. In reality you just get infatuated before you actually know the person. Remember that it's impossible to have a clear idea of who someone really is until you've seen them regularly and interacted with them in a variety of situations over the course of many months, sometimes years.

No. 213996

help me nonitas! I technically met this guy like 1.5 years ago online, and he's literally the dream guy for me… Almost. I feel so insanely AWFUL for thinking/feeling this way but I can't shake it no matter how hard I try. I SWEAR I FEEL SO BAD for being vain but I CANT help it.

>Meet on online game.

>At first just friends, became closer as we found out we're both in STEM fields however I have my masters' and he's working on his.
>We are both huge nerds into our careers but also gaming, history and dnd/lore from games and books etc.
>He's incredibly smart. Not just intelligence but emotional intelligence – Understands what I say and feel without me having to explain much and intuitively reacts to it.
>Lowkey a doomer like me. But who isn't now a days I guess?
>INSANELY ambitious, very much like me on that scope.
>But also, very into homesteading like me.
>A little full of himself but in a non-annoying way that makes you wanna gouge your eyes out, think vegeta from dbz (oh god cringe I know lol)

This is stupid as shit, but he's also one of the best gamers I've ever seen. He's challenger in league of legends, high rank/high damage in every single game he's played, and just extremely knowledgeable about everything.

The problem? He's just….. Not attractive. Not my type physically at all. Like, he takes care of himself and grooms, isn't fat etc. He's just got a very unfortunate face that I find really difficult to sometimes look at. I'm sad because, he kind of knows this. He vents to me all the time about how ugly he is and I obviously lie because I care about him a lot, but the truth is he really isn't that attractive physically.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a 10/10 stacy or anything. But I know I'm more attractive than him. All my exes have been exceedingly more attractive than him by a lot and I already know that it lowkey bothers him as he's seen pictures of us (he knew me when I was dating an ex that I had broken up with during the time we met).

It just sucks. I really like him. Is there a way I can power through this and some how be okay with how he looks? Or am I just doomed and should walk away now? I hate that I'm the kind of person who cares about this crap, I've legit NEVER been this person my entire life.

No. 213999

Nonnies, how do you politely reject someone?

I went on a date with a MtF without knowing they were MtF and they want more and I don't know how to say, "I don't like penis but let's be friends :D" without getting castrated on spot.

Do I just tell them outright I like pussy or do I be a dick and ghost them

No. 214000

If he knew you're a lesbian then fuck him, he doesn't deserve an ounce of politeness let alone your friendship. I can support telling him that you only like pussy so he's reminded of what he can never have and never be, but then again you shouldn't waste emotional energy on him. Just ghost.

No. 214005

In what weird upside-down opposite world is it selfish and shallow to want a partner who you find at least somewhat attractive? This is literally the main thing that separates someone from being a really good friend and a potential partner. Men don't force themselves to accept ugly women as partner material, hell, even fat ugly men feel entitled to far more attractive women. Sure they will keep an ugly girl around for sex and emotional labor if she gives him the time of day, but ultimately he still wants to settle down with someone who fits his preferences. Also it sounds like you've never met this dude in person so you don't know what he's like in reality, and you've known each other 1.5 years but he's never made a move? Who cares if you're into him, he's not into you. Don't go the "ooh he's too shy and self loathing to ask me out even though he sekretly loves me, sweet bby" route. Even if he does like you, the lack of initiative means his insecurity is stronger than his affection for you, making him an inept partner. You're mooning over a fugly, depressive, arrogant gamer bro. He's decently smart, okay. There are millions of geeky smart men in the world who aren't hideous. Go meet more of them off the internet, you'll get over him real quick.

No. 214007

I agree anon, I’ve heard a lot of women say they like a guy but he’s not their type or has bad hygiene or something, but I’ve never heard this from any of my male friends. Most guys I know wouldn’t even consider dating someone that wasn’t their type, I dunno why it’s so expected of women to ~see past the physical~ all the time. You’re not vain for wanting someone who is attractive to you.

No. 214009

oh shit sorry maybe I wasn't clear, but he clearly likes me and wants to be with me. It's not in my head or anything. He's talking about us living together etc all the time and really excited which, I am too, but for reasons I already stated I'm a little hesitant.

THANK YOU. But at the same time, my issue is that he's perfect in every way but physically. Do I just jump ship then?

No. 214013

I think you’re looking at it the wrong way anon, it sounds like you kind of have this guy on a pedestal. A person can have a list of great qualities but also not be right for you. I think >>214005 made a good point about there being a lot of smart, geeky guys out there, many of whom will also be attractive to you. The qualities you listed aren’t exactly rare (no offense), lots of guys are into STEM subjects and D&D lore. There’s no such thing as a “perfect” partner imo, everyone has flaws and lots of people will have similar interests as you, but what separates cool people (friends) from potential partners is whether you find that person attractive or not. It’s not vain to want a mutual attraction in your relationship, that’s just pretty much the base requirement.

No. 214015

Attraction to him physically and to his personality have to be in balance. You don't want to spend the constant mental energy trying to force yourself to be attracted to him and convince yourself his looks don't matter because "he's perfect otherwise". (Which doesn't exist anyway, as soon as you're out of the honeymoon phase and no longer see him as "literally perfect" personality-wise, that's gonna be difficult).

No. 214023

I've ghosted people for less than that and being a troon of any kind is an immediate deal breaker, I don't even want them in a distant circle of acquaintances. Don't even say "sorry I don't like dicks" because he is probably going to lose his shit and dogpile you online, ghosting sucks but it's just part and parcel of modern dating, it's the lesser of evils imo.

No. 214033

Seriously, just tell him that you're lesbian therefore only attracted to women, and then block… Men in dresses need to know that it's not acceptable for them to date or even be near lesbians.

No. 214042

If you read the thread about dating up/dating down you'll see how it usually goes. You're willing to overlook a massive part of what's pleasurable about a relationship.. you'll sacrifice that for him.. never letting him know he's ugly… and you never get any thanks.

There's a long list of sacrifices that women make for men that only backfire horribly and make you regret ever trying to be kind.. this is high on that list.

No. 214097

is there anything i should know before meeting my ldr? (he booked a last-minute flight) i've never had any previous romantic encounters or even a kiss and want to learn everything there is to know before engaging in one
please explain things that others may accept as normal because i am completely clueless. i'd want to learn more about hygiene and how to maintain a decent appearance. (hope this is right place to put this.)

No. 214113

Damn anon chill. The kisses and social situations will all come naturally. Just have fun and y'all are gonna end up fucking at some point. All those cuddles will turn into some hot steamy fuq.

No. 214115

All the traits u listed are on good looking dudes on dating apps. I've seen so many of them. Dnd/lore shit is so common.

No. 214193

Accidental troon date anon back.

I told him that I was exclusively into pussy and outright said I would have been fine with friendship if he didn't lie to me about being trans. He got pretty pissy so I blocked him.

Thank you nonnies!

No. 214194

I'm sorry anon, what did he tell you exactly, did he even say sorry?

No. 214241

Is it appropriate for a man in a relationship to hug other women? (Excluding family obviously)

No. 214244

I find it weird personally

No. 214250

It depends. If he doesn't hug his male friends, I think something definitely isn't right. Short hugs for hellos and goodbyes with female friends are fine, randomly doing it when he's hanging out with them seems too cuddly and would warrant a conversation with him about it. A long hug with back rubbing/other intimate touch is definitely unacceptable as well.

No. 214252

what a piece of shit. just cut him off. men always show their ass. i don't think it's your business to tell his wife unless you and his wife are friends.

No. 214254

A normal hug for hi's and goodbye's, yeah sure, not hugging is weirder imo.

Embracing lovingly is not ok though.

No. 214259

Did any of you nonnas ever experience the honeymoon period later in your relationships? My bf and I had an awful first year, we were both mentally in bad places, he was insanely autistic and had really bad habits and I was bpd-ish and not handling things properly. However as the years have gone by we seem to have established our relationship better? I keep reading online that first you go through a honeymoon period and then you settle in or even begin to grow apart, but for us it feels like the opposite, we've settled in but we've also begun experiencing eachothers love in a totally new way. Is this normal?

No. 214262

That's completely normal. The honeymoon period is really only a thing because couples find out they don't like each other as much as they thought they did. The novelty is gone and you're stuck with a very real person who has flaws as well as needs. Seems like you both revealed your issues early on and actually worked on them together, which makes your relationship so much stronger. Seriously, what you have is very rare.

No. 214267

I swear I've seen this exact question + exact answer before wtf

No. 214325

anon from before and holy fuck
it was great!

No. 214326

Awww tell us about it honey! Glad you had a good time!

No. 214338

Deets, girl. Also did you have some hot steamy fuq like I said? Lol

No. 214356

Is it normal to feel really turned off at the thought of someone farting or pooping? Like, I seriously dry up at the thought or notion of it. I'm also afraid to talk about these things in front of them and I have no fucking idea why. It's childish, I know. Not sure why my brain works like this.

No. 214357

I think most people feel like this to extent? And a lot of people don't like to share personal bodily things. If it's not stopping you from experiencing a normal relationship I think you're good.

No. 214376

File: 1637661051337.jpeg (47.6 KB, 461x665, 466163FB-3260-478E-85E2-BD15C2…)

Yesterday I had a super horny/emotional dream about my ex in my old city and spent the next day talking myself down from reaching out to him (we had a weird casual thing going on and I dumped him so I reminded myself how embarrassing it would be to reach back out after 2+ months no contact).
I’m going to be back in town this weekend and I know that if these feelings had hit me while I was there I would have caved and texted him and either been rejected and felt like shit, or slept with him again and felt like even worse shit. How can I best manage these intense feelings of desire, longing and nostalgia whenever they flare up?

No. 214383

Maybe he's taken already.

No. 214392

Discovered last night that my BF has a relatively high body count (at least compared to my own) and It's kinda making me feel insecure.

>we know each other for about 3 years, we are both 24.

>started flirting/going out in the middle of last year,February of this year things became official, we are dating.
>Knew he had a previous relationship, he also knew I had one.
>Last night, we were talking about exes and stuff when I asked with how many girl he have slept with, to which he answered 10.
>At first I thought he was lying or joking, but I know he is telling the true
>He then asked about me,to which I answered that he was the second guy I've been with.
>I asked him if I knew any one of those girls and he said "maybe 6 or 7".

We then changed subjects and started talking about something else, but this thing keeps bothering me.
At first I'm a little surprised, he is the quiet/stoic guy that plays card games, vydia and RPGs. He is not pretty but is tall, muscly and has a deep voice, I'm genuinely surprised that he has been with so many women given who I thought he was. He isn't the kind of guy to brag about sleeping around, most of his jokes around his friends were about how he has no luck with women (until we started to date). It feels that I don't truly know him now, even if he has been always honest with me.

Another thing that keeps hammering me is who are those "6 or 7 girls" that I might know. 1 of them is his ex who I know, so it's less 1 on the list, but the others I have no idea. I'm wanting to ask him who are they but I don't know if I want to hear the answer

Should I inquire him about who are they or leave things as they are?
Should I break with him? Our relationship has been pretty great so far, he is attentive, as mentally stable as a scrote can be, I can see that we may have a future together. But even given that, the fact that his body count is that high and I really didn't expect it to be that high

>tldr: anon discovered that is dating a manslut and is trying to cope with it

sorry for any typos

No. 214395

I think it's fair enough to not want someone who's slept around, but asking or even caring about who the other women are is extremely immature and relating it back to yourself instead of who he is as a person. Do you want the kind of guy who values intimacy so little that he's slept around? That's way more important than the other women, imo.

No. 214407

>jokes about no luck with women
Um…your bf sounds fucked up. I hate people that do shit like that. This is similar to the "lol i hav no friendz" thing - it's pure attention seeking.

I would be turned off knowing my bf slept with that many girls as it is quite a lot. It also doesn't make anything long term look promising like, at all. Really gross. I'm sure you can do better. Literally every guy plays video games and card games.
Every dude I knew who talked about the girls he's slept with was absolutely not serious at all or had their longest relationship last only a few months.

No. 214430

10 is a lot? I'm a 26 year old female and have had sex with 8 people, maybe a few more if sex that doesn't include penetration counts. Kinda feeling insecure that no one will ever want me now. (I haven't had meaningless sex in years and value intimacy but I always hear the sentiment that people with a high body count don't value intimacy.)

No. 214433

I'm the one who wrote that and sorry, I meant scrotes. I don't care if it's a double standard, even though it's not for me I believe other women can have as many sexual partners as they want.

No. 214438

No need to apologise, I've just been feeling insecure about it lately as I heard this from a few scrotes as well. I kinda somehow understand not wanting a partner who has a much higher body count than yourself, I guess.

No. 214443

The ironic part is that a decent guy won't care. The only scrotes who care are ones who are salty they can't do the same (and aren't even "pure" because they jerk off to degenerate porn), ones who sleep around already and think women should be pure for them (madonna/whore complex).

No. 214452

Nonnas, I fear my bf is becoming extremely pornsick if he isn't already. He's started asking me to do things in bed to "spice things up" as he put it, I guess implying that he feels our normal sex life is stale now. That hurt enough in itself, but he's asking me if I can like give him footjobs or blow him in his car, other weird things and I'm just like WTF… I don't get why anything has to change and it feels like these are things only a porn addict would really desire.

Am I wrong or being selfish? I already told him I don't like the ideas of these things and he took it fine I guess but he still acted all disappointed and now I have it stuck in my head that he doesn't enjoy our sex without adding all this weird stuff.

No. 214457

10 is not a lot what so ever. I'm 32 and slept with 30~ guys and had 6 partners and in my city that's on the low end. I think it depends where you're at and the type of community you're in, but please don't feel ashamed and gross for that.

I know you mean well, but using that logic is hurtful to girls too. Like I get that you don't wanna be with some guy who's been with hundreds of women because that's a big red flag, but 10? That's really not that big of a deal. The only time I'd be weirded out is if you guys were like in highschool age or something.

ya this is 100% spot on. I've been always very open about my body count with every guy I've dated and they've almost all been completely fine with it – Except one guy, who HARASSED ME for 2-3 fucking years about it calling me a whore/slut etc even WELL after we broke up. Decent guys don't give a shit.

No. 214469

The thing is, it's different when a man says they don't want a woman with a high body count. For obvious reasons. I also don't care if a woman has had a lot of sex but I think it's a huge turn off when a guy has.

No. 214473

I wouldn't overthink it. Sometimes normal sex gets boring for you too, right? It's okay to spice it up but make sure you're comfortable with it as well.

No. 214483

A footjob isn't normal. Sounds like something is wrong on his end, ngl. Especially if he showed no interest in feet before. My boyfriend would be repulsed by that.

No. 214488

It's not normal. Notice how it's only about "spicing it up" for him and he doesn't give a shit about your pleasure. He is one of those idiots who gets off to the novelty of the situation instead of the connection and intimacy with someone he loves. Unfortunately, he is broken like most scrotes. You decide if it's something you want to deal with.

No. 214490

I'm 29 and have been dating men all my life. I only recently decided to try dating women. Any advice for a blooming baby-gay?

No. 214493

How do I get over the fact that my bf has been bi most of his life and had sexual experiences with a few men? I'm trying to be an open and ~accepting~ person but something inside me just wants to throw up.

No. 214507

I wouldn’t settle tbh, bi men are degenerate

No. 214508

Don’t. Honestly, there’s a gross culture around insisting that people should always be questioning their sexual boundaries like they’re a bad thing to have. You don’t have to force yourself to accept what repulses you.

No. 214509

There’s a reason you’re feeling the way you do

No. 214528

Nonna, my heart hurt while reading your post. Listen to this old nonna. You are not wrong or selfish. Don't give in to what he wants. In fact, dump his porn rotted ass. It may hurt you to do so, but I assure you you will be better in the long run. If what he's asking to do makes you feel "off" or weirded out, listen to your gut and get out now.

No. 214541

Confront him about it and let him know this equation bothers you. Ask him if he doesn't enjoy the intimacy and sex you have together, tell him you need to know why and what's up. Find out the true extent of how much porn he uses, at least try to talk it out and remind him how strongly porn conditions especially male viewers into new fetishes at the expense of female partners. Remind him that staying on this track will affect you negatively in the future, and that it's something he should care about. You're giving him a fair chance to fix his shit here.
If he asks, you may also tell him about your intimate and sexual needs, describe how your past/current sex life has met those and made you happy to be with him. He may come back to his senses, but it's not guaranteed. It's ultimately his choice if he values his porn more than he values you, a person. Sadly, most men will value their porn anyway. Don't beat yourself up over it if it turns out you didn't have the epic diplomacy skills to negotiate him out of his stupidity.

No. 214542

samefag *your past/current sex life together as a couple

No. 214544

Cut off his penis

No. 214550

Tame him gradually and bring him back to a normal base level

No. 214554

I’m really struggling with what to do with this girl I’m dating, especially after reading another nona’s vent in /ot. She REALLY likes me and is like, intense about it, and I genuinely really like her but don’t feel like I’m at the same level and don’t know if I ever will be. Keep in mind we’ve maybe known each other for 1 month by now and met on a dating app. She has
> bought me a bunch of small gifts to the point I had to tell her to stop
> she still does it or at least insinuates that she’s gotten me things and again, I tell her to stop
> showed up at my fucking apartment at 9PM as a “surprise” after getting back from a vacation
> asked me to be her gf that night, mind you it had been maybe 2 1/2 weeks at that time
> I said no and that I needed/wanted to take things very slow, and despite agreeing, she has not slowed down
Idk I do really like her and love spending time with her when we’re hanging out, but she practically love bombs me when we’re apart and it makes me so fucking uncomfortable. But it’s almost like I forget that when we hang out in person. Idk. Listing this out i’m already annoyed/uncomfortable again and should probably end it, I just feel like an asshole for breaking her heart which is also ridiculous bc again, it’s been a month at most. Is there any way to either fix this or end things as nicely as possible?

No. 214569

You're already seeing this many red flags, and she's already crossed the very few boundaries you've set. Any relationship with her is destined to be unhealthy. She shouldn't date anyone until she learns to stop behaving obsessively.
I've dealt with a similar relationship dynamic a few years ago, it devolved into minor stalking and meltdowns about me spending time with anyone who wasn't her. I had to block her on every platform, and she messaged every single mutual acquaintance to try to get them to ask me to talk to her again.
End it now before it gets crazier, trust me.

No. 214574

Bad vibes. You will not be happy with her.

No. 214656

i'm in a very similar situation except it's only 1 year for me. what issues are you having? i'm really worried for the pain/sadness of a breakup and also the jealousy that will probably come since i still do love my bf

No. 214674

File: 1637865273230.jpeg (17.42 KB, 739x415, 43143CBC-7191-4817-AEA3-6A8042…)

How do I cope with the fact that no man I’ve ever had sex with actually really liked me or cared about me and just saw me as an easy lay?

No. 214685

Why does that have to say anything about you rather than them?

No. 214702

stop being an easy lay

No. 214710

That’s so fucking common and I’ve had it happen, as well as most of my friends. It’s just a scummy dude thing, you shouldn’t cope because it’s not like you did anything wrong, just set clear boundaries in the start of relationships and look for true compatibility.

No. 214807

it's mostly to do with expressions of love and affection. he is very uncomfortable with verbal expressions of love and also doesn't like physical touch. these are crucial elements of a relationship for me and I feel miserable and taken for granted without them. every time we chat about this he makes a big effort for 2 weeks (lots of cuddles, sex, tells me he loves me) but it never lasts and we end up going through month long periods without anything. I have tried so many compromises and they just never stick.

No. 214828

File: 1637938870568.jpg (44.89 KB, 1080x821, 1634253764543.jpg)

Is it normal or bad to do this? I have been dating this guy online and we became really close over the course of almost a year but I saw his real side and I feel turned off by him. He's an incredibly sexist manchild. He didn't show any signs before but I am afraid to break up on my terms because he might leak my nudes. I am anonymously talking to this other guy who I like online and obviously he seems good but I have a habit of doing this cycle. I'm a serial online cheater. I have never found a man who sticks to their word and is actually a good person. I've dated in person and the same thing has happened. Is it bad to secretly date another guy until I find the right moment to break up with my current one? I've made my bed and I won't do nude things ever again (first time). Am I just going to keep doing this serial dating until something sticks? Am I just afraid of commitment?

No. 214840

i'm 21 and graduating uni this year. i got an graduate scheme apprenticeship in a different european city, it's in risk & financial advisory – not a direct link to my degree and very far out from what i would like to do. but i went through the process, because fuck it, and somehow, in an effort to make the best impression, started to help out with the scouting or whatever the fuck its called. long story short, i ended up sleeping with one of the people from the company and he's double my age. he's not married so it's not an ethical issue, just makes me feel dumb and naive.

No. 214858

Girl, only send nudes to your boyfriend who u absolutely trust. Never send nudes. You're just fucking w people online and MANCHILDREN no less. I wouldn't feel bad at all about "serial online dating".

No. 214861

I'm literally so stupid for that but none of them have my face in it at least. I'm a fucking idiot for that.
Is serial online dating not bad? It's what I do because of covid right now and I like it better than dating in real life because I can talk to them on a deeper level.

No. 214865

A lot of people don't consider online dating as real dating (esp if u don't even meet up) so that is debatable but before you're seriously boyfriend and girlfriend, people typically date multiple people even irl to keep their options open. I don't see a problem in what you're doing, especially if you're only finding problem men. Whether you have commitment issues or are doing this for some sort of thrill is something only you can answer. Obviously once you find someone you genuinely like, you should be able to settle.
But yeah, don't send your nudes. Good that you do not have your face in them. Take it easy, anon.

No. 214866

>only send nudes to your boyfriend who u absolutely trust
Yeah no, send nudes absolutely never. Many "trustable" men will readily leak nudes of women (not even just their gfs) in their lives, plenty of discussions online by moids prove this. Don't be naive.

We can't tell what underlying problem you (may) have that causes you to cheat.

No. 214867

Plenty of women were duped by retards who live online, go figure. I think anons here can discern better who to trust and not to trust considering we're hardcore feminists.

No. 214868

It's mostly an online thing to find a suitable person. I might I might not who knows. I've realized the honeymoon period is real and people can be entirely different from how they present themselves so I don't know if this is totally a bad thing? I do feel guilty but I don't know if it's bad.
I'll never send nudes again. That was very stupid of me. Men are assholes.

No. 214872

My recommendation is to find a boyfriend irl and stop wasting your time on idiots online who will turn their back on you/show no signs of seriousness. You can still be open and honest in the beginning in person and whoever reciprocates that may be fit for you.

No. 214878

so about 4 months ago i remembered randomly that my boyfriend said he thought tooth gaps were cute so I proceeded over the course of the following 6 or so weeks to put incrementally thick plastic between my two front teeth. Last week I went to visit him and he was surprised and laughing and seemingly fine with it although he told me I looked better before and that I shouldn't have ruined my teeth but today he broke up with me and he said he just needs a break. I asked him if it was because of my gap and he said no. but I'm pretty sure it's because of my teeth. I can't afford braces though and I feel so stupid, Idk what I was thinking.

No. 214880

Put more plastic in between the rest of your teeth then you will look normal.

No. 214886

Girl… NEVER do something just because a man likes it unless it's a sort of outfit or jewelry. Do things for yourself and make yourself look how you want. Don't ever permanently ruin or change your looks for a man when they're a dime a dozen.

No. 214890

I think they look cute too though,

No. 214891

Why did you think that was a good idea? How long were you with him for? Anon I'm sorry but what the hell

No. 214894

3 years
and I didn't think it was a good idea per se, just thought it was no big deal, just like any other body mod. I always thought they were cute and him thinking so too was like a green light to do it

No. 214900

I hope one day to get a bf that's this much of a pushover retard for me.

No. 214903

This is by far one of the dumbest things I've ever read on lolcow. You need to stop dating for a long time until your self esteem reaches bare minimum levels, and go see an orthodontist.

I doubt you'd need braces, teeth are weirdly easy to move around so a short period of separating them should really only need a short period of pushing them together. Maybe he can sort you out with some elastics.

No. 214918

please tell me this is a joke. dude… if it's true you have bpd or some shit. do not date and get yourself together

No. 214920

Congrats you gave a predator easy pussy, retard.

No. 214922

pics or it didn't happen

No. 214976

Is there something missing in your single life that you feel like you get when you start dating a new person? For example, maybe a new partner makes you feel valued and worthy, or maybe you fear you will be lonely without a partner. When that new relationship feeling wears off, whatever thing you were seeking is no longer being met by the relationship.

Whatever it is, you are the only person who can address that missing thing. Partners can't fix you, partners can't cure loneliness. You have to find the missing thing in your own life for yourself.

No. 214986

I am attached and I love my man very much, like to the point that he is my best friend and we do everything together. However, I don't think we have the same values anymore.
We have been together since university where we met, and studied the same field. He got hired at a massive worldwide company, and I got hired at a small shithole.
It has been four years since then and while I have moved up the ranks in my company and tripled my salary he has done literally nothing. Like he has all this potential; he is a man in a male-dominated field, he is qualified in a massive conglomerate with plenty of room to progress, and he did nothing with it.
It's the same in our relationship, for example: He proposed to me, which I was happy with. However he has literally done nothing to plan the wedding leaving it all to me. I guess my problem is that he has no aspiration. He just simply follows my lead, its all he does. I want a holiday? I have to arrange it. I want to buy a house? I have to arrange it. Keep in mind we split all bills equally so finance is not an issue. Its now just getting exhausting.
And this all has now set a strange level of anxiety in me. What if he is with me only because he want to coast in my shadow? I'm not sure how to even breach that conversation with him. How would any of you do it?

No. 214989

I think most people just get too comfortable with a stable situation and not even realize it, and men are not taught to arrange stuff. You can totally say all of this stuff to him like you said it to us, it is clear you care about him and your relationship, if you talk to him calmly and rationally he may listen and understand.
Best of luck, Nonna!

No. 214991

My bf is severely mentally ill. We've been dating for a year, and some things got better, but I struggle with supporting him or helping him out. He has anxiety, depression, and some kind of schizo thing I don't know anything about. He takes meds but they don't work that well. He has to get drunk to take any exam irl, obviously he never goes out, he often feels so bad and I have no idea how to help him. He is sweet and thoughtful but idk how can you even live happily while being that ill.

No. 214994

You're saying you don't have the same values anymore, but was he always unambitious like this? Personally I don't think career advancement is that important if he's at a stage where he's happy/satisfied, it also means he can put more of his effort and energy in your relationship but it doesn't even seem like he's doing that. Did he always leave all the planning to you or did he show more initiative in the past? I think it's important to find out his intent. Does he leave it to you because he's lazy or because he thinks you'll be happier tailoring everything to how to like it? I think you should definitely talk to him and see what's up with him, even though it might be a difficult conversation.

No. 214995

How do you guys feel when your so flirts jokingly with someone they find very attractive and is totally their type?

No. 215008

murderous. if your partner flirts with anyone he or she belongs in the trash

No. 215017

You split the bills equally when he earns more?

No. 215019

Sounds like a lazy coaster bum which is typical of most men nowadays. Just talk to him and tell him to step his shit up. Also, he should be paying more bills (esp if he makes more) since you, as a woman, already pay twice the price for things he does and pay for more required necessities. I will also warn you not to put both of your names on a house.

No. 215031

Happily married ladies… When did you know it was time to get married and how did you know he/she was the one? How do you know if someone is worth sticking with like that?

No. 215034

jokingly flirting isn't a thing

No. 215035

I knew when I realized I could never imagine my life with anybody else because I never met someone who was on the same wavelength as me quite like him. Really feel like we are as close as "soulmates" you can get, have the same sense of humor and 5 million inside jokes only we understand, have the same plans for the future, same moral values, same politics and we even like the same lolcows. We are just aligned in every way and I don't think there is another person out there that I could have this with. We both kind of came to the conclusion that we should get married at the same time and he later proposed to me officially with the exact ring I always dreamed of.

I think in general these are things you should agree on/be on the same wavelength on before you get married:

- Religion/Moral values
- Politics
- Kids and if yes, how many and how you want to raise them
- Sexual expectations (do your libidos match?)
- Money (who pays for what? Who will take time off for the kids?)
- Where you want to live (house? apartment? country? city?)
- Who does what in the household (chores/raising kids)

unless you agree with each other on all those subjects, do not get married.

No. 215042

Flirting is just flirting. Like other anon said, there isn't really such a thing as 'flirting that's purely a harmless joke' It's an important boundary to have in place imo.

I don't exactly flirt with anyone else once I'm dating someone so I expect the same in return.

No. 215055


He probably broke up with you because you're low-key psycho.

No. 215086

>same lolcows
kek, goals

No. 215092

Where did you meet him?

No. 215164

Thank you. I like learning about them at first but then I see a really shitty side of them and I totally dislike them. I've found that all men are scummy and when they show that side I mentally drop them.

No. 215174

Am I letting my feelings get the best of me? I am a recovering porn-user and I have a hard time setting up boundaries after years of not caring about porn usage at all. I started going out with my male best friend a few months ago after months of ambiguity. We had the porn conversation but while he said he agrees with me on the personal impact of porn and that he had already cut his usage down "a lot" to once every week compared to his worst years as a teen in a repressive Muslim country. He said that now he simply watches a few short clips to get his imagination going when he needs to masturbate in between having sex (when we weren't together, he would have ONS fairly often, at least once every two weeks). I believed his low usage and not watching degen shit as I'd say the "worst" thing he brought up during sex is slapping my butt and grabbing me pretty hard, and also he is by far the most generous liver I've ever been with, but he could very well be hiding a depraved side. He however definitely doesn't agree on the extent of sex trafficking and warping of social relations of men and women porn brings, which could be because he watches seemingly harmless stuff without overt violence (or he could be a good liar and I am a clown). Anyway he asked me if I wanted him to stop and I said yes, and he said he was going to try.

Soon afterwards I had to leave to another country for two months, came back two weeks, and I am going back for another two months. While I was back, I asked him if he had used porn and he said yes. He said he gave in after three weeks, that he felt that masturbating without porn was just too boring after a while. I was so disappointed. Maybe I should have broken up with him then and there, as I would have if he had said that he had cheated on me, but I didn't have the strength to do it. I feel like while I theoretically should break up, it feels wrong because he is clearly not a porn addict and we are so far away. But that means I can talk the talk but not walk the walk. Also there are things I do that he hates, and feels as strongly as I do for porn (doing drugs, he really hates it for health reasons and his late father being an alcoholic) and yet I still smoked weed (he is more okay with weed compared to mdma/lsd) while I was away. I think he is unreasonable because I could see his point if I was a big user, but I use them very sparingly, but it makes me a hypocrite because he feels the same about porn. We talked about it on my last day together, we both feel like the other does something we intensely dislike but are not ready to break up over it, especially since we are away from one another. He did say he would find it much easier to stop if he could see me regularly.

I feel like I held up my end of the "bargain" better because I did not break my promise to him, but he broke his to me. But I feel like keeping tabs on each other like that is not a good idea. I am not sure what do nonnies, it's the first time I love a guy that loves me back and we both seem to want to move this relationship forward. I don't know if I should keep compromising. I don't know.

No. 215176

I've only dated men that are younger than me or older by a few years (I'm 22 almost 23) but I recently started speaking with a 28 year old man. Is there anything I should be wary of? I've never had such a huge age gap with someone I'm talking to.

No. 215180

Yeah something's wrong. He should be on a different level of life than you and if he isn't well, there you go. I'm around your age and dated a 28 year old and he was very egotistical and didn't seem interested in me as a person. You two don't really have any business being together.

No. 215181

Same anon but I will also add that he tried to take advantage of me, my money, and my time.

No. 215189


"Worst years as a repressed teen in a Muslim country"

Sorry but do you think that all American teens are casually screwing each other and are not pornsick like many other countries?

And being repressed isn't necessarily even a bad thing when people are hooking up left and right, getting STDs and getting pumped n dumped as single mothers.

No. 215191

People who complain about being "repressed" and not being able to get laid with a real person for their porn addiction are just losers with no sense of discipline or self-control.

Many married men still watch porn. People who have casual sex watch porn.

No. 215205

Guys that age that date women around our age are not normal in the head. They see us as "fresh meat" compared to women in their range or want to take us before we're "too old" or "get corrupted" as we get older. They legitimately see us as low IQ cheap and easy pussy. Just don't waste your time and energy before it's too late anon.

No. 215344

File: 1638229577564.jpeg (52.63 KB, 400x400, 93C5E827-8309-421C-914E-76EC05…)

i want to be alone. we’ve been together for over 5 years. i think he’s going to legitimately kill himself or something so i’ve basically stayed out of guilt. i brought up that i’m unhappy again last night and he started crying and said i was “the love of his life” and all the other 11th-hour lovebombing stuff people do when they’re scared.
he said he felt like we were just roommates the other day and he didn’t want it to be like that but i can’t even bring myself to have sex with him or be physical. the attraction is gone. we argue. i’m depressed, he’s depressed. i moved across the country away from my family and am isolated. i work remotely but my job doesn’t hire out of the state my family lives in.
i don’t know why he wants to stay with someone that says they’re unhappy when he says he’s not happy either. he thinks we can “fix things”. i don’t have the energy. i’ve had one foot out the door for months and i don’t know how to rip the band-aid off. i’m okay living my life without him as a romantic partner but i don’t think he is without me. we’d have always been better off as friends but he refuses to admit it. what am i doing? where am i expected to go from here? we don’t own a house or anything but we do live together, dog, etc. i just want to be myself again. i’m so drained and exhausted putting his feelings and considerations above mine all this time. i can’t keep hanging on just because he needs me to. it’s not fair to either of us and he’s in denial, he doesn’t want to be alone. i get it but it’s not fair to either of us. what a disaster.

No. 215347

Wishing you the strength to get the fuck out of there. Honestly, just go start packing your shit already, you're not his mommy and he doesn't want you to leave because it means he has to actually put in the effort to get better so someone else will want his crusty ass. Just fucking do it, nona.

No. 215350

This is stupid, just pack up and go.

No. 215351

go where lol my family lives 12 hours away. i’m in contract work so i can’t take days off without losing pay. so we stay under the same roof? how will that pan out? it’s going to be awful, anon. don’t act like this is some kind of easy, get-up-and-walk-away scenario. i’m not a total sociopath or i wouldn’t even feel conflicted.

No. 215364

I got out of a 6 year relationship that was just like this. Constant arguing, crying, suicide threats, depression, obsession, me constantly forgiving him, breaking up and getting back together etc. Eventually I just decided to move back in with my parents, I started going to parties with friends and I met a new guy. It completely changed me and I felt alive again. I just blocked my ex everywhere. He even tried messaging my family but eventually in time, we just never talked again. He did however find out that I had someone new, and he definitely stopped talking to me after that. I suggest maybe taking the long trip back to your parents. Toxic relationships are draining mentally and spiritually and you need to be around people who actually love you to recover.

No. 215370

File: 1638254473579.gif (2.74 MB, 408x218, 4294375D-3EFC-46EB-9838-BE85E8…)

How do I convince my good friend to break up with her shitty boyfriend? He’s a doughy homosocial finance bro gamer and she’s a high-flying engineering grad who he’s only going to weigh down as time goes on. He avoids spending any time just the two of them and she’s gaslighting herself into thinking it’s not an issue. He turns her cute date ideas into group trips with them and his boys, he’s spending New Years doing drugs with 20+ of his closest friends instead of her, and she’s been trying to convince him to go on a couples trip to Cancun for years and he’s been indifferent but when his friends suggested a boys trip to Cancun he jumped right on it. I facetimed her earlier tonight and I explained to her how shitty and suspect this all sounded but she assured me everything was fine and I was basically picrel for the next 20 minutes hearing her talk about how much he pisses her off but she loves him.
The worst part is in 2022 he’s moving across the country for a job (at his dads firm kek) and they’re going to be LDR for the foreseeable future. I can feel it in my bones that at some point between now and then he’s going to dump her hard and fast or string her along for weeks/months/years until he finds someone closer and more convenient in his new city. I just can’t make her see reason. I’m not kidding when I say she could have anyone she wants and it actually hurts me to see her tie so much of her energy to this guy. Have I mentioned that she and I have been friends for 3 years and in all that time he’s barely said five words to me? She spends so much time hanging around him and his friends but I don’t think he could name three of her friends with a gun to his head.
Argh idk what to do or say to her nonas and this is half a vent but any advice would be helpful. I just hate seeing 10 women tie themselves to 4.5 men.

No. 215372

>hardcore feminist
>sending men nudes

NTA but literally either move back to your family's area or get a new apartment where you are? People get new apartments all the time, you don't need a bf to do it.

No. 215379

Doesn't seem like a much of a gap to me to be honest. Anons are freaking out too much. If he seems chill I'd say go for it.

No. 215396

There are times when I don't feel attracted to my boyfriend at all. I'm not attracted and he even seems annoying to me. But then it's all good again. I can't understand how it works and I hate it. The thing is, every time this happens I start thinking about breaking up with him because I have all these thoughts that he's boring and kinda… it's like I don't like his personality at all. Yet after some time I actually enjoy spending time with him and appreciate all his good qualities. So where's the truth?

No. 215401

It sounds like you're not really in love with him. How long have you been together? I was in a relationship exactly like this for almost a year waiting for a spark and it never happened. If there's no enthusiasm on your part to learn about him even early on and you frequently find yourself unattracted to him, it's time to call it quits. Trust your gut anon. You think he's boring? He is.

No. 215404

thanks for actually being helpful. i know i need to do it, just have to get the courage already and stop basing my decisions on the feelings of everyone else.

No. 215407

God, I just went through this. You have to do it. Just go through with it. You were yourself before he was around. If he has a problem that's on him, not you. I believe in you girl. Take care of yourself.

No. 215415

Is it possible that you enjoy the feeling of being in a relationship but you aren’t attracted to your boyfriend? A guy can be nice and caring and treat you well, which is why it feels good in the moment, but if you aren’t attracted to him I think it’s easy to feel bored and unsatisfied. Some people date because they like the concept of being in a relationship moreso than actually being attracted to the actual person they’re dating. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think it’s worth considering what’s more important to you.

No. 215428

This is probably really retarded, but I "lied" about my age and I'm not sure what to do at this point. We met online, and on the original post I made I used a different, but similiar age just because I'm so paranoid that if I talk about anything that could potentially be tracked back to me, and already have to use some real data (like my occupation or country of origin), I'll usually at least hint in or change something to throw any potential stalker off. So pure autism, moving on.
And then he contacted me, and he added me. I completely forgot that the post said I'm 2 years younger than I am actually, so when he later said something I was surprised, but just went along with it, since I didn't think this online friendship would last for long. Now we're getting pretty romantic a,d he's planning on visiting… and I have to idea how to bring it up. He thinks he's younger than me by two years, but there's actually a 4-year gap between us, which I guess still isn't like a scary age gap, but at this point I feel like he'd be more mad that I lied for months. How can I be so retarded and awkward? I don't think he'd disbelieve my spergy explanation for why I originally misinformed him, but I can't really justify never correcting him the 3 or so times our ages came up.

No. 215430

Literally all you can do is be honest. Or you can keep lying but the longer you put it off the more difficult it will be. Just tell him like you said it here, you lied for your own safety and didn't think the online friendship would lead to anything worthwhile, but it did and then you didn't know how to tell him. That's your best chance.

No. 215440

i am convinced i am destined to be lonely forever. every single time (7 to be exact) i've shown interest towards another guy, the universe somehow finds a way to ruin it. for example, i was talking to a guy and i moved away and never saw him again, another guy i was talking to just stopped talking to me, and this new guy at my job i was really attracted to but he only worked for one day and then i never saw him again? its impossible for me to even get close to having a relationship and i dont know whats going on. am i really that unlikeable?

No. 215448

The same thing happens to me too nonny. It's so annoying because cute guys are so hard to find, and when you do finally come across one, he's unattainable for some odd reason that has nothing to do with you. I'd rather get rejected than keep wondering what life would be like with those dudes kek

No. 215525

I found out that I only get guys once I stop wanting them. Seriously sucks. The ones I like somehow never work out or they only start to show interest once I find someone else (even when they don't know it) or stop feeling any attraction to them. Seriously it can be a year later and they'll be all over my socials and messages the moment I actually forget about them.

No. 215527

how early should someone disclose that they're interested in dating non-exclusively?
and can any non-autist tell me how common non-exclusive dating is?

No. 215948

I know I’m kinda late to reply to this but have you ever looked in relationship OCD/relationship anxiety? I think I relate to what you’re saying, your issues may just be intrusive thoughts.

No. 215952

File: 1638641591567.gif (69.45 KB, 250x188, 9tIN.gif)

honest to god never thought a scrote's inability to manage money would be a reason i'm planning on dumping him. isn't that like the ONE thing they're supposed to be able to handle?

No. 215953

Communicate it ASAP. In current dating culture it's pretty common for people to be seeing many others at once without disclosing it, especially if we're talking first few dates, but it may lead to uncomfortable misunderstandings, so I'd say, if you meet for a second date and intend to continue seeing that person, it's the time to communicate whether you intend to see others at the same time too or not.

No. 215957

As in, polygamy or what do you mean?

No. 215963

Scrotes will spend every last penny they have on games, drinks, onlyfans, and fast food. How did you not come to this realization already?

No. 215966

what i meant to ask is how early into the dating process should someone mention that they're already in an open relationship, and my second question was how common are open relationships generally

No. 215977

There's this friend of mine (18) who is chatting with a guy (26) she finds very very attractive and they have repeatedly stated their mutual interest in fucking each other. The problem is that the guy just told her last week that he has a girlfriend and he's just bored of the sex with her, so he's flirting around to meet other girls. Aside from the cheating part, in my opinion he's also been very manipulative, leveraging on my friend's insecurities to get her attached to him, acting possessive, etc. Now she cries herself to sleep most nights. I've suggested to cut any tie with him but she's too into him; also tried to convince her to contact the guy's gf but my friend is all like "no, he's a relationship kind of guy (my ass he is) and he's just having a bad moment, I don't want to ruin things between him and his gf". She's a smart girl, but in this she's so weak-willed, by her own ammission "if he looks at me that way I won't be able to resist"

I don't know what to do, especially since we're only internet friends and live hundreds of km apart. They're actually going to a party together and I'm afraid something could happen that she will regret, but I can't think of anything I could do to help, I don't even know who the guy is. It's just so frustrating.

Any advice? How would you deal with this?

No. 215978

There's not much you can do. She has to learn the hard way, it seems. Hopefully she's not so weak willed she'll let him go raw and ruin her life.

No. 215979

No anon, men expect the women in their lives to help them with the money, just like with everything else. They think all they have to do is get a paycheck.

No. 215991

What the fuck is a 26 year old doing talking to an 18 year old

No. 216038

File: 1638686059091.jpeg (59.37 KB, 615x697, 1FE1B411-745E-4877-B256-A93C15…)

Should I link up with my old fwb next weekend when I’m back in my old city? I cut him off when I moved away ~6 months ago, but there’s literally no good men in my new town and I just need a reliable fuck to let off some steam. I was back there last weekend and saw him on tinder so at the very least I know I won’t be homewrecking. I’m not under any impression that we’re getting together and don’t want to make things serious I just want some reliable sex with a scrote I can trust not to rape or murder me.

No. 216043

If the dicks good go for it.

No. 216049

Why not to get couple counseling? Why not to try therapy? I know it may be expensive, but have you even considered it?
it looks like you're both unwell, and leaving in such a state may not be an actual solution. I think you both need to check up your hormonal health, get your diet fixed, set a new routine.
Try living separately for a month before you actually leave to see how it goes.
Anyway, I wish you both the best.

No. 216093

No need to feed her ego with the cliche "you're a girlboss who's too good for his crusty musty ass anyway" platitudes. That poster doesn't sound like she has her shit either and I doubt she's "putting in the effort to get better" either since she's allowed this situation to go on for so long despite being mentally checked out. This >>216049 is really the only constructive advice she's received but as that anon mentioned, it's an expensive option and since she doesn't sound like she wants to put in any effort either, they might as well save the money.

No. 216106

yeah let me go get couple's therapy for someone i'm not physically attracted to. why waste everyone's time? i'm not physically or hormonally ill, i'm in good shape and exercise daily. i'm just in a tough spot mentally because i'm trying not to hurt someone i've spent the better part of my adulthood with.

you're retarded. they gave literally the most general advice ever. my op was basically a vent anyway. telling woman to stay with a man just for the sake of the sunk cost is not good advice.

No. 216110

Gtfo scrote

No. 216115

you're by your own admission depressed, staying in a relationship months after mentally checking out and asking for imageboard advice. you do need therapy of some kind. the other anon's advice wasn't even invoking sunk cost fallacy, it was about not breaking up while in the worst spot mentally without at least looking to fix that first. nobody should stay in a five year long relationship just because it was five years long but it's also not something to just discard without any effort.
gtfo back to relationship_advice to mindlessly spam "omg red flag break up!", redditor

No. 216116

what's with the assumption that no effort has been put in though…?

No. 216118

the fact that you're here crying months later. "effort" would have been professional avenues for both of your mental health issue and failing that leaving. if you were somehow getting professional help all this time and they were ok with you being stuck in limbo for 5 months, maybe dump them too.