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File: 1448206576213.png (840.68 KB, 584x595, unko.png)

No. 63032

old thread

No. 63057

So this thread is about team Sere only or is it still about the other gaijin who went to japan to become a prostitute/model/aidoru/poledancer/stripper etc as well?

No. 63059

File: 1448212210426.jpg (178.63 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

Who know this guy?
He hangs out at seres bar
That guy works as model in japan (big joke)

No. 63065

What's his name? His face looks so shoped maybe I know someone who knows him in person…but I'm not sure

No. 63074

I don't know his name but he is german

No. 63084

Eww really? I'm ashamed for being German…again

No. 63089

I have a feeling that he'd have a squidward nose irl. Like Himezawa.

No. 63093

Potatoe nose club lol they'd make a beautiful (hahahaha) coupel

No. 63103

File: 1448217717682.jpg (243.66 KB, 450x600, 20130310_185010.jpg)

He looks like an ugly Version of Yujiuke lol

No. 63105

he looks like he's sucking a micro phallus

No. 63108

I wanna know who he is and his name omg he uses way too much aillis for these selfies and his potatoe nose is obvious!

No. 63134


His name is Georgios Toregas aka Yuji Kazuhiro aka Yujiuke, he's not very lulzy tbh.
You could say he's kinda Internet famous in Germany, but not really. Basically he's just one of those kawaii insecure twinks whos selfies you see floating around on tumblr all the time.

No. 63253

File: 1448247545122.jpg (38.01 KB, 852x640, 10982781_465272266962822_24109…)

everybody who hangs out at seres bar is a little bit weird

No. 63466

File: 1448291191446.jpg (52.31 KB, 640x577, image.jpg)

Next top model

No. 63488

Dakota as a male

No. 63504

That nose shoop so obvious

No. 63505

Both are German. Hawknose and potatoe nose lol

No. 63514

Himezawa's brother

No. 63516

Now i can see it too
His instagram is jinnoctis

No. 63545

Isn't upper left and bottom right the same person? And isn't that gurl (sarah) living in Australia anyway? So this really is a hoe team thread lmao

No. 63714

seems like sere made her accounts private lol

No. 63715

Someone here follows her and can tell us about her latrst bullshit?

No. 63736

No. 63738

babythestarsshinebright3 is getting a bit active again


No. 63904

Who is this Babythestarsshinebright3 anyway?

No. 63933

File: 1448396677731.png (351.96 KB, 304x602, flan0.png)

we cant forget the classics

flan in japan

No. 63934

File: 1448396956989.png (396.69 KB, 439x590, tara.png)

also can't forget this snowflake

god damn theres so many snowflakes in japan nowadays. i wonder if they all run into each other all the time, because they all probably go to the same few weeb spots.

No. 64094

Who's this?

Also, so many of them are German (ex)VK people without a proper highschool graduation. One of them is a pole dancer (is that even allowed on a student visa?), hawk nose claims to be a 'model', but seems to be an overstay, there's himezawa and also some other vk bitch who got discussed about on fuckyeahbangya for being a train wreck etc

Why do so many people with an unstable mental health, underaged people etc go to Japan? Why do their parents pay this shit? Why does Japan let them in?
Where as I know that Japan is pretty loose when it comes to white girls, especially from Europe/Germany.

No. 64145

Jin is a neet doing nothing.
He is overstaying??

Who is the vk fangirl ?

No. 64146


Keeeeek that girl was a class A snob.

No. 64213

Why are most of these weeb/snowflakes so badly dressed?

We never get any who actually dress decently. Even the lolcows dress fucking horribly whether they have a fanbase or not.

None can dress, all seem like lazy spongers or cunts. Jesus, it's like Japan is this light which attracts all the flies.

No. 64214


I wonder this too. Everyone of them that goes these days claims they're a "model" when they're no or no where near model material.

All have background drama, horrid, slappers or spongers.

Idk why Japan feels the need to allow these freaks into the country.

No. 64221

It is ridiculously easy to sign up for a model agency by just being foreign. Doesn't mean you'll get any work
If you'd like to see a good selection of "models" check out acquamodels.com

No. 64234

File: 1448462035889.png (828.61 KB, 622x629, flan2.png)

its flan. an old CGL tripfag who ragged on dakota yet tried to be like her in a lot of ways. well known for her beak nose.

No. 64235

that horse face reminds me of magibon

No. 64236

japan should do a mental health screening before letting people in.

also sometimes makes me wonder what my life would be like if i hadnt gotten a decent education/job OR majored in something stupid so i could just move to japan after school and squander my life away

No. 64237

File: 1448462306343.jpg (103.85 KB, 576x1024, CPbMaEdUsAEUKJ6.jpg)

eh, magibon is decently cute.
flan is… flan

No. 64242

I've looked at that site, was expecting worse from the girls. There are some plain girls, some qt girls, some gorgeous girls. But the guys jfc, they're hideous what the fuck

No. 64273

She could be related to himezawa with how she looks in this pic

Twin noses

No. 64298

The babythestarshinebright girl seems so insecure and has this hate for Asian girls…

No. 64422

how did she got to japan?

No. 64471

Because they're weebs who think their life will magically become perfect and wonderful once they live in the Moon motherland.
I've got several FB friend with clear depression/mental health issues who are always posting about "I just wanna live in Japan sobsob my life here sucks". But changing geographical location isn't going to change your life so much. In fact, being in a foreign country where you don't speak the language and will always been seen as an outsider makes mental issues worse imo. It's really sad

No. 64494

Sounds exactly like baby

No. 64507

No. 64615

File: 1448541934407.png (200.76 KB, 300x343, horse.png)

another horse
first she went to japan with working holiday and worked as hostess. fucked with a costumer so he pays language school(visa).
had a boyfriend and a fuckfriend and that old costumer.
now married (lulz)

No. 64617

Agreed. For some people it probably works out but for others it doesn't.
I used to follow a blogger who was a VK/J-rock fan and always posted about depression, not fitting in in their own country and thought going to Japan will magically make all her problems disappear. Even admitted to anons that she didn't speak Japanese and has never once been there. Naive.

No. 64622

Where are her lips?

No. 64638

File: 1448551924997.jpg (224.25 KB, 631x315, CMweb_2.98.jpg)

All these depressed/mentally sick weebs start with anime and then later read articles or watch vlogs that portray Japan as some totally different planet where everything is crazy, cute and whatever.

But Japan, or Tokyo, is mostly like anywhere. Yeah, it is different but not that different. You will see some weird and different stuff here and there but that doesn't turn your life around. Japanese people might treat you like a rare animal, but novelty wears off quickly and you just wish them to treat you normally, like everyone else.

If Japan can help you open the door for new opportunities, then that's great but most of those weebs don't know what to do with their life and are obssesed with otaku media shit, treating it as a priority instead of a hobby.

No. 64791

more pls?

No. 65229

File: 1448729957652.jpeg (196.27 KB, 750x1145, image.jpeg)

Lived in nyc
Married a not too cute nip dude and moved to glorious moon land and studies… Something.
Hangs out with audrey.
She has a nice body but man face.

No. 65230

File: 1448730359820.jpeg (222.47 KB, 750x1047, image.jpeg)

So basic

No. 65236


Ah yes, the typical white weeb glorious exotic kawaii woman who goes to Japan gets hitched to some gook and makes out she's kira kira whilst studying jap

yeah, nothing special because these fuckers are becoming the norm lmao

No. 65238

Why would you wear something that shows off your midriff when you're so chunky and skinnyfat?

No. 65245

They both look pretty attractive, the husband has killer cheekbones

She looks thinner than those Japanese girls idk what you are smoking

So is there actually any drama with this girl? Or just gasp she married a Japanese guy and moved to Japan, how scandalous!

No. 65248

>They both look pretty attractive, the husband has killer cheekbones

Seconded. That's a nice-looking couple.

No. 65278

It looks like major PS.

Yeah. No. The girl looks ugly as fuck and the guy … is average looking. He seems to have masculine features which makes him look a bit better than many jap men.

No. 65279

my sides
i htink her chin is more offensive than her 'chunkiness'

No. 65280

wtf kind of photoshoot was this. what are those black granny bloomers showing under her bloomers?

No. 65281

it literally is becoming the norm.
while western europe cries over their 'muslim invasion' and america grapples with their border issues, japan gets stuck with these fools. who has it worse? you decide.

No. 65552


The amount of salt in this thread is hilarious. A bunch of ugly weebs complaining that other weebs made it in Nippon. A lot of the girls posted here are students, teachers or housewives. Considering Japan has a low English literacy rate, what exactly are they doing wrong?
I read this thread for the real snowflakes, the posters.

No. 65555


Again another person feeling to use the "salty" tactic around because they don't agree with how people are literally pointing out that this is becoming the norm.

Yeah, not all weebs are e-fame hungry fuckers who want to be like kota or taylor. Some are infact just students, wives ect.

But you can't say it's becoming the norm now that they all seem to be anglo weebsters who want to be models or tarento which have married some gook on the side too.

Only difference is, this one married an alright looking gook and probably the nicest one we've seen out of all the weebs marry (ones which we know of tho).

Plus why is it always decided that you're an "ugly weeb" when we're all anonymous and none of us know what one another looks like though?

How have they made it in Japan by marrying someone? Anyone can get married though.

Making it in my eyes is doing something impressive and big.

But overall, I don't know why that girl with her fancy gook husbando was even poster. I do think here and PULL are getting irritating because people are just throwing around weebs with no or not much milk to give which is even tasty simply because they like Jfashion.

Can't say the gook marriage visa shit is dying though, it's getting popular hence why it's the norm now. So if Taylor R, Kate and Peachymilk suddenly get hitched to one. Yeah, it wouldn't even be surprising anymore. Like it wasn't surprising when Venus announced that sham marriage.

No. 65558



No. 65559


Also I've noticed on that Worldfriends/Japanesefriendexchange website there is so many anglo weebs it's ridiculous. They're literally gagging for a visa kek

No. 65629

i agree.
if they werent fame hungry weebs they wouldnt plaster their faces all over social media like this…
there ARE white women that married japanese men and live in japan, that DONT act like this. i cant think off the top of my head but someone called texanintokyo. and others. just normal girls with normal blogs. not 'OMG model desu~~~'

No. 66100

File: 1448852818675.jpg (183.13 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Ewwwwww gross
Everybody of them
Also saw gaya with another man ? mhhh money

No. 66104

Who's the fourth one on the right?

No. 66120

No. 66125

remember: stay away from them

No. 66169

what's the deal with her?

No. 66258

seres brows are so fug

No. 66263

Texanintokyo… you mean the girl who plasters her blog everywhere about her omg so unique and special relationship with Jap husbando?

No. 66303

I'm kinda agree, i just think she looks wierd not ugly as shes overdone it with PS. He also looks basic (not a bad thing) but not like the super hot guy the other two weeby posters are creaming over.

No. 66523

A plane.

No. 66524

No. 66580

I feel like Gaya could be very photogenic if she learned how to hold her face for the camera. She always pulls some angry frog face and it doesn't work for her.

No. 66584

There are tons of normal white women in Japan, married to Japanese men or not. It's just that you won't see them, because they don't make a big deal out of it.

No. 66585

Who is she? I think I had her on instagram once, but don't remember her name…

No. 66587

her name is charlotte from germany, apparently likes royz and codomo dragon

No. 66644

ew shitty bands

No. 66764

Married random guy for visa

No. 66970

you know whats gross
people who tag their pictures with #AMWF

No. 67012

Can you tell me why exactly? I'm not tagging my pictures that way, but I know there's a whole community called AMWF to help people connect. Never joined because shit costs money and I'm not that interested in hanging out with other foreigners.

No. 67051

It's fetishy, it's not a to "help people connect" it just lets others know that there are more sick fetishizes like them and you.

No. 67181

File: 1449111517376.jpg (116.95 KB, 639x757, image.jpg)


No. 67261

that's old

No. 67262

Old but gold (not op though)

But you're right this has also been in the old thread.

No. 67389

File: 1449172099130.jpg (152.86 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Don't lie prostitute

No. 67393

File: 1449172528717.jpg (81.78 KB, 623x851, image.jpg)

Yeah legally

No. 67394

File: 1449172553208.jpg (80.91 KB, 630x851, image.jpg)

Desperate much?

No. 67396

File: 1449172601642.jpg (84.61 KB, 640x864, image.jpg)

Damn girl
Can't do normal work because you are overstaying

No. 67413


I hate to be that one "omg her nose is huge lol" person but fuck

No. 67423

after all I'm pretty sure the person posting these pictures about sere and friends is always the same

No. 67425

Probably one of her friends

No. 67440

Does she mean she has permanent residence? Or just that she's generally been here for very long? Does anyone know shit about her? Like is she married?

No. 67446

Or has she been adopted? I mean a marriage visa doesn't have to be 'forever'

No. 67472

I asked because if you're on a spouse visa it's pretty easy to get PR. 3 years married, 1 year in Japan, 3-year-visa and funds and you're in.

No. 67489

Kirari is sex work

No. 67494

File: 1449192034447.jpg (32.2 KB, 300x400, IMG_20151204_101609.jpg)

No. 67505

At which point does a nose cease to be a nose and instead becomes a trunk

No. 67512

Just going there isn't illegal. It's a legally ran dating place. Just like a nightclub. If someone asks you can say "I'm looking for a boyfriend". If they make a private agreement with the guy it's not illegal. Prostitution in Japan is only illegal when someone is trafficking someone else.

No. 67517

The girl which is so obsessed about all of us is Melissa Merkl. She does nothing than searching for rant on the internet because she can't afford a visa at all.

No. 67531

i second that

No. 67549

Someone found out the truth so you have to shittalk about others
Be proud of your awesome life

No. 67558

u mad melissa?

No. 67578

Your pictures doesn't prove anything.
And still don't afford you a visa poor totoro girl <3

No. 67588

God, I've never met her, I'm not in that scene, and even I have heard of Melissa prying for host dick and being a shitty human being…

No. 67597

stop samefaggin cunt

No. 68532

File: 1449497981274.jpg (802.75 KB, 2215x2205, image.jpg)

Ladies and gentlemen
The joke of the day

No. 68534

they look cute imo

No. 68535

They're cute. I support this.

No. 68536

File: 1449499606149.png (90.51 KB, 990x370, Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 07.5…)

is it just me who found this incredibly ignorant?

No. 68538

Yup cute but model and singer? Come on

No. 68541

Why? She apologized, I am not native English but I sometimes still get confuse with English and French or Spanish and Italian

No. 68542

File: 1449500638352.jpg (26.97 KB, 420x294, tmp_20439-7d6ae296f27cfdf62694…)

No. 68543

Yeah, because double vowels and umlauts totes look the same!

No. 68545

It also depends on if you have a knack for linguistics. I can tell Mandarin, Korean, and Japanese apart, as well almost all European languages. But Laotian and Thai confuse the crap out of me.

No. 68574

No. 68579

>>68536 u forgot to blurr out your face chewz

No. 68976

The real snowflakes of this thread are the posters. Congrats chewz, no sane human being in the jfashion comm is going to want anything to do with you.

And over what? The fact that German and Dutch sound so similar to the extent that people who speak either language can grasp the other.

No. 69006

Milestone for her model career ?
A snapshot

No. 69009

Nobody wants to hang out with them either

No. 69045

lol lets sabotage her fanpage

No. 69078


lol Chuey u still mad?crop your face out next time.
Everyone in the UK knows you are jealous of the girls living in Japan.
Getting mad over some girl you've never met over a snap shot, that's salty even for you.

No. 71699

Lorenas ass is disgusting. No wondee she got no costumers. Looks like you get an STD

No. 71778

It's spelled "customers" you uneducated ape.

No. 71812

I really hate Shani. I saw her at decadence and she looked like a man. are we sure she isn't trans? the bitch is 6feet

No. 71847

Was eating my banana while writing
Im sorry

No. 71851

And what if she was? Sorry trans shaming isn't cool.

But after all she's a girl, some girls are tall. Not sure what 6ft are in the metric system though, but you know? An average runway model is about 180cm lol

No. 71874

Her face man
But her body like a woman ?

No. 71877

Lost the genetic lottery, but she seems to be a nice girl and there are girls out there let me say…who haven't even take part in the genetic lottery and just got the rest of everything?

No. 72105


There are girls with manly faces, Shani aint one of them. Plus her makeup skills are on point.

No. 72115

You need glasses

No. 72124

Lolcow isn't a ~safe place~ UwU Trannies can be insulted like everyone else. If that's "too mean" why be on a site made for the sole purpose of laughing at and insulting people?

No. 72179

I like to laugh about ppl and I'll also laugh about the hellbunch of faketrannies wgo are trans because it's hip right now. But insulting 'normal' trans ppl in general or more use 'trans' as an insult isn't cool.

No. 72182

99.9% of trannies here are fake. Trans will always be used as an insult just like manly will.

Even if one anon stops the others won't. Jokes can't really go too far on here.

No. 72186

>normal trans people

No. 72226

But shani really looks like a man

No. 72446

O.K Barbie.

No. 72561

File: 1450160645237.jpg (145.89 KB, 640x844, image.jpg)

Seres new prostitute friend.
Also host addicted
Often seen at deai cafe

No. 72590

So Sere is a pimp now?

No. 72596

Not very lulzy info and about a year old but did anybody ever see the episode of "YOU ha nani shi ni Nippon he" where Sere and that other girl I whose name I forget was on?

They talked about "gaijin gyaru" almost the whole episode, I thought it was pretty cool but also weird and kinda embarrassing.

I can't find the video but here's a bunch of screen shots

No. 72602

File: 1450180478861.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.93 KB, 640x480, 46bcc942a433549d273d0ffcdb386c…)

No. 72608


That asscne :(

No. 72610

I puked

No. 72612

Katie?? looks ugly as fuck wtf

No. 72613

File: 1450182987582.png (244.96 KB, 449x257, Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 20.3…)

oops dropped pic

No. 72615

Omg how can you
She is a mooodeeel

No. 72639

File: 1450189954895.jpeg (133.16 KB, 720x398, image.jpeg)

Wtf is this? Mayumi is a stripper now?She used to be in the gyaru scene in the UK but everyone thought she was a bitch.

Double kek.

No. 72642

Wtf…. Why is every gaijin in Japan a hooker? Is that some kind of new trend and everybody has to hopp on the train? I don't get it imao

No. 72643

no, i think she's probably just dj-ing like usual. i'm pretty sure it's just some event where girls who wear bikinis to the club get in free or discounted or something. they have this event a lot, i've seen it being advertised before.

No. 72644

…everybody thought she was a bitch? why? what did she do?

No. 72646



No. 72651

Stupid anon. There are plenty of normal foreigners too but people only talk about the crazy ones.

No. 72689

Wow, all she (presumably) has going for her is her tits.

I say presumably because I can't tell if they sag or not with how she's posing them.

Anyway, that ass is unfortunate.

No. 72733

99% of us are normal with normal jobs. You just won't hear about us on pages like this.

No. 73275

Yup. Normal girls with normal jobs. That`s why we have to talk about these girls to keep entertained. Because you know, normal is `best` but it can get boring at times… most of the time. but too chicken or don`t have the ability to do something interesting.

-confessions of a normal girl

No. 73304

Oh anon

No. 73999

Does Barbie have a thread? She's the funniest gorilla

No. 74046

She has one in /pt but it's rather inactive try her pull thread.

But she's been inactive anyway

No. 74336

Shani is definitely a female who was born female. I have had to give her tampons. She bleeds like all of us. Find a better insult than calling a pretty sweet girl a tranny. It just makes you look like a jealous little cunt.

No. 74364

Probably a friend and ass kisser detected

No. 74380

>deai cafe
Are you that same cunt who said you saw Amina there?

For fuck's sake anon. I'm triggered.

No. 74390

Aminas skin is so bad and her wig looked cheap

No. 74392

cool story

No. 74394

File: 1450766322575.jpeg (259.11 KB, 750x824, image.jpeg)


She used to be a shop girl at Baby NYC, I think she went over there with her girlfriend? Pic related. That's all I know about her though, I'm curious to know anything lulzy about her because I totally crushed on her and spaghetti'd when I talked to her in the shop.

No. 74399

Charlott again

No. 74404

>>74394 no one gives a fuck

No. 74412

Charlott got a boy to fuck one for money and one for relationshipstuff
Now she is married wtf

No. 74431

Gf is kitsunedolly

No. 74874

this reeks of selfpost

No. 76830

File: 1451649012878.jpg (123.12 KB, 768x960, image.jpg)

How can someone be so ugly

No. 76833

If you mean the guy I'd agree.

No. 76837

Both are ugly as hell

No. 76839

Omg I first thought that was himezawa!! He's not ugly, but looks so young, which might let him look less attractive to some of us. I mean he looks 14-15, pretty cute, but like a child

No. 76842

young? are you joking? he looks like tired old woman

she isn't bad, but she could wash her face

No. 76847

She is like 25 but looks like 40
Her gaijin hunter is 18 or 19

No. 76851

She looks pretty old in this photo, but he usually looks very young even for his age. Both together in one photo makes her look even older and him even younger. Though, I still like her thr best out of all the tiny snowflakes since she's no bullshit going on like wanting to become kabukichoes number one or becoming a top escort and bragging about people having teaching jobs since well she has one of these normal teaching jobs and it makes her really sympathetic. She'd just drop 'friendship' with all these stated above losers

No. 76854

Isn't this just Chuey trolling again?

Also she's like 23 and he's over 20.
I'm laughing that Asians look so much younger to you. Again this girl has made 0 milk apart from living in the glorious land of Nippon so smells like vendetta to me.

No. 76862

She's 'friends' with people like Sere, Shiena and co which gets her into all this bullshit. Like, I wouldn't even know her if it wasn't for these people above.
She really should stay away from them, would be much better for her reputation.

No. 76865

I have kabukireign on IG and I never see this girl in any of her photos.
Are you sure they weren't friends like a billion years ago? It seems like every foreigner drops Kabuki after awhile. Hating on someone because their friend is snowflake material is also kind of lame.

No. 76869

She is 25 and he is 19

No. 76873

They each had photos from halloween up, but both deleted them. Halloween was like only a few months ago? I think bunny now tries to keep it in secret because of people talking about it on here and other platforms.

I don't think, beside of what I wrote above, that bunny gives any kind of cow material. She's just a teacher and part time 'model'. Who cares?

And wow, you still have Sere on instagram? Just guessing that she turned even more cringeworthy than before setting it on private.

No. 76874

Katie's birthday party was held at Sere's bar. Sere fucked her over and took all her and her friends' money of course.

No. 76875

Sere would NEVER do such a thing sarcasm off

Well fatty chan Sere is very desperate for money. No regular customers, a fuckboy and a dog she needs to pay for, hiding from authorities, paying for all the hostclub 'adventures' etc

No. 76877

She walks around Tokyo in full "Lolita" and super weird fashion and complains about people taking her picture. So immature. All of her friends are weebs who can't speak Japanese whether or not they have a legit teaching job or not. They're all unrealistic too. I'm pretty sure Leo is using Katie as a beard to hide his obvious homosexuality.

No. 76880

"Obvious homosexuality" you came out of which century? The 16th? What makes him obviously gay to you? Do you know him in person?

Also, being immature in that kind of way still doesn't make her a cow? Lol

No. 76881

>Tokyo in full "Lolita"
>complains about people taking her picture
Don't foreigners usually brag about Japanese people taking photos of them? Guess it happened so often, she got sick of it.

No. 76882

Japanese people usually ask, before taking pictures. It's mostly the tourists who are asswholes and just take pictures of you without asking.

I do complain about this too. It's just not right to take photos of a random stranger without asking them for it!

No. 76889

I used to be close friends to Leo before he met Katie. Ever since they met I tried hanging out with him and her friends once or twice and they're all annoying weebs and smell quite horrid. Especially pheonix.
they all look ridiculous and Japanese people were laughing at them and taking pictures. Not for being foreign but because of their stupid "fashion". If you don't want picture taken don't wear such crazy weeb gear!!! They're really loud too and an overall nuisance

No. 76890

Yeah especially becoz she's a "model" yeah right.>>76880 why does Katie's friends think that plp on lolcow care about being PC? Leo is a fag in denial katie is ugly and a huge weeb and shani the tranny steals. all lol cows and snow flakes.

No. 76891

That's what Katie and her weeb friends get for trusting Sere as far as I'm concerned. Not like they would be accepted in any real non-gaijin bar though considering none of them speak Japanese and they all looked like anime convention horror storie.

No. 76921

I bet it's more about them walking around in large groups and being so loud.

I often wore lolita, gyaru or other flashy fashions and people rarely ever bothered me with taking photos. And if they just came to me and asked for a photo.

No. 76930

Katie wears lolita when she's going clubbing and thinks it's normal. Weeaboo

No. 76940

>They're really loud too and an overall nuisance
It's not like Western foreigners already have a reputation for being loud and rude…

No. 76942

i dont think these kids yet realize that although their super kawaii uguu subculture fashion originated in japan, there is still a very very small percent of people that actually dress like that. even when you go to harajuku area, there are only a few people dressed super ridiculously, a handful or people dressed somewhat kawaii (liz lisa or something) and the majority just normal kids walking around.

No. 76943

File: 1451688320369.jpg (35.69 KB, 692x516, aot05.jpg)

no, >>76842 is right. his face is busted. why does he have permanent levi brows? i think that annoys me more than anything.

No. 76948

File: 1451691711742.jpeg (118.32 KB, 750x755, image.jpeg)

"Used to be close to Leo before he met Katie"

Stalker confirmed.

Aren't you sugar-honey-iced-tea ?

The girl who claimed to be Leo's girlfriend but then admitted you made it up and then blamed it on autism or something?

That explains all the hate. I think during that Internet shitstorm you also called him a fag.

No. 76949

No I'm not that bitch either but anyone can see from a mile away that he's gay.

No. 76950

He was hunting gaijins on instagram lol

No. 76952

If he's gay he would just date a Japanese girl that he only has to see once a month like every other jp man instead of moving in with a foreigner, anon you're retarded. The salt is strong.

No. 76957

He's a homo and he's only with Katie because she acts like a sugar momma to him.doesnt even allow her to see his band play.he is embarrassed of her and her weeb friends.

No. 76970

He doesn't even look super young, just younger than her. Quite ugly though, one of those guys who'll still have that whiny puppy face at age 40. Her face just looks super harsh, and the makeup and pose is not helping.

No. 76975

He was born 1995

No. 76990

Where are you getting this information from? She always posts pictures at his band show with his band on her Facebook. Maybe you just have her on Instagram? Seems like your just making things up.
I've met them numerous times and they just seem like a normal couple.

No. 76997

Katie is nice enough but not very bright. She cakes on her makeup, it's gross to see her crusty eyeliner and falling-off lashes in person. I know she's going for that OTT gyaru look, but she needs to learn how to not be sloppy. Also she doesn't treat Leo that great, orders him around most of the time. He has a pretty quiet and flat personality so maybe he likes it

No. 77003

Where's the milk though. This thread is interesting sometimes and I like hearing about kabukicho sluts and visa problems but stupid vendettas like this are pretty boring.
When I'm outside with my boo I treat him different, I don't see why you can make assumptions on someone's relationship after meeting them a couple of times.

No. 77005


She can't be that dumb, she's in her twenties and has her own apartment in a foreign country,a visa, a full time job and stability. Compared to others in this thread….

No. 77009

Stop dragging Katie up again and again. We get that you don't like her but you give us nothing interesting and it just sounds like you're jealous of her having a boyfriend and living in Japan.

Anyone can see Leo is gay from looking at him? Do you understand how moronic you sound?

No. 77020

You just need to be breathing and be able to speak English to get a teaching job and thus a visa. Since she lives with Leo he probably got the apartment

No. 77026

So many people on this board talking shit about Japan when they don't know anything. You need a degree to get a visa for a teaching job for more than one year

No. 77027

You don't need a degree for a teaching job visa, it's literally the only fucking job where you just need to speak some English. The only people who need a degree for teaching jobs longer than a year are people from 3rd world countries eg the Philippines, middle east, africa etc

No. 77030

lol at shani the tranny and Katie trying to take up for her.all of you are cows

No. 77033

Actually you do take from someone who lived there you do, some companies might be able to get you a visa without a degree but most don't want to go through the hassle

No. 77036

A lot of people get turned down for teaching visas because they don't have degrees, you clearly don't know anything about Japan

No. 77039

Well, I have lived in Japan for a while.
It's true that for 98% of the jobs you'll need a degree. But teaching jobs, especially if you're from 'special status' countries like eg most of northern europe will easily grant you a long term visa. Seems like you know nothing about Japan yourself if you need to tell people again and again how much they don't know.

Many people in these threads think that only morons like Sere and co live in Japan. But there are many many 'normal' people living there as well. I know quiet a few English and German 'teachers' who haven't gone to University but only have a High School Diploma

No. 77041

Long term visa?
What are you talking about. Most Visas you get are for 1 year, recently you can get up to 5 years but mostly people get 1. You can get a working holiday visa for 1 year without a degree, which is what you probably had. But to stay longer you need a degree.

No. 77043

I see no need in talking to you any further omg are you from amrica or why you such a retard?

No. 77045

The amount of stupidity in this thread is making me lose IQ points. You can get a working holiday visa for most European countries for 1 year, however the vast majority of people who teach who do not have a working holiday visa (for example, all Americans) you must get a visa to be able to work at most schools.

No. 77046


kekkin' at the amount of people on here in this thread making Japan out to be a special snowflake.

Why do we all choose to go Japan anyway guys? Why not Italy, Spain, Thailand, Austria? Ect ect…

Japan is seriously becoming a trend simply because everyone else is getting into the kawaii motion and so everyone follows.

Kinda makes me hate liking Japan tbh.

No. 77090

I was suppose to be making a trip to weeb Mecca, but then I saw a few of the people there now (via tumblr), visited last year and are going next year. I think I'm going to have to pass. I'm thinking of going to Germany instead.

No. 77091

There may be only a handful who are like that but is there some rule in Japan where you have to be just like the average Japanese person there? If you are't normal in their own country, I don't see why you would be normal in another. What's so great about being normal anyway? The only perk I see here is not to be talked about on the internet.

No. 77092

>>76882 It can get annoying when tourists swamp you for photos and won't let you go to where you going in time. One picture here and there isn't so bad but when there are groups of them (and trust me it happens when you dress in lolita or any other flashy fashion. If you aren't being hounded by them you are either not in a main part of town or aren't dressed interestingly ) it can get to be extremely tiresome.

No. 77093

it's common sense to not act like a 14 year old when you're 25.no excuses for the way Katie and co acts.theyre all as delusional as sere and obnoxious at her.ofc they're weirdos in their own countries so they are weirdos in Japan but want to blame it on being gaijin when really they're just smelly and weird

No. 77095

File: 1451763064504.jpeg (172.83 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

then stop wearing shit like this in public in a huge metropolis and being loud.katie legitimately wears shit like this every single day.She even wore a kawaii outfit with her boyfriend and their family to a shrine….

No. 77096

I totally agree with you about the making assumptions about peoples relationships only after meeting them a couple times.

But if you really want to hear about visa problems etc I recommend Russians, Nigerians, Filipinos, and Chinese. But we don't really care about visa stuff as much as we are interested in gossiping about the rare westerner who is struggling because they don't have it down to a tee like the others from the countries above who have been doing illegal sexwork/mizushobai/marraige for visas for decades.

Admittedly I think we only talk about these girls because they are willing to do whatever it takes to live in the Japan we have already decided to ourselves long ago isn't possible because leaving your room away from the computer is hard enough, and leaving our parents house in our own country is even difficult.

No. 77097

File: 1451763639023.jpeg (482.28 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)


No. 77098

idc if I'm a basement dweller I want milk lmao

No. 77099

Serious question: do Japanese people really mind though when foreigners dress and behave like weirdos? I thought they weren't expected to fit in either way (beyond not behaving like an asshole) so a foreign person can do whatever they want, even go to shrines in a kawaii outfit.

No. 77100

Japan will always consider gaijin as smelling and weird even if they follow the Japanese culture strictly. Japanese people in groups are loud too if you ever see a circle meet. [im not talking about gyaru circles but normal daigaku circles for sports or whatever. They are always the loudest in izakayas.]

Japanese have their own view on foreigners and it doesn't matter whats true or not they stubbornly believe their view and when something doesn't fit the stereotype, they make it fit by altering scripts and taking words out of context on tv programs.

No. 77101

It is looked at as gaudy but there is a lot of weird people in Tokyo so they don't mind much. but I don't think these girls should be surprised if someone take pictures of them. even if they were Japanese dressed the same and acting the same their pics would be taken. Not to mention being non Asian adds novelty.

No. 77102

not true. Japanese aren't going to see a foreign business man the same way they see this weeb parade walking down the street.

No. 77103

I think they are just annoyed at it happening so much that it takes ages to go anywhere less than being surprised it happens.

No. 77104

Why can't they change when they get to where they need to go?these girls obviously want the attention

No. 77105

obviously if you dress like that you are going to head to shops that sell that stuff which is more than likely in the area that is famous for it.

I often take side roads to avoid detours but its not so easy in a group to do that.

No. 77106

If you've got a degree, pretty face, confidence and good Japanese (also money) you'll be fine in the land of nippon where dreams apparently come true these days.

Seriously, you're all over thinking it. Japan isn't that special, dickhead girls are over there because their own countries don't like them or their faces so Japan is an easy target for the cute scene despite half of them not being cute. It's all an excuse to show off that they live abroad have some old man they shag and marry pay for their lazy asses and that's it.

It's hardly an achievement.

No. 77109

Not really, I have a couple gaijin businessmen friends. One has been in Japan for 10years and the other was born here. They tell me they still get the weird gaijin assumption all the time. They have to work very hard to change that view and it only tends to happen if you act as typical Japanese as possible for a long enough time and even then.

No. 77111

Most of the people on here don't have those things. Especially confidence and drive part. Yes, its true anyone can do it even without all those things but the main thing they need is confidence and drive above all else

No. 77112

So many messes are on World Friends and Gaijin pot tho.

They're all fucking weebs

No. 77113

What do you expect if you are from a western country. There isn't anything or much that Japan can offer that the west can't other than the `weeb` stuff.

No. 77114

And good looking Gentlemen who pay everything for you, just because you're blonde

No. 77116

File: 1451765404848.jpg (25.05 KB, 213x320, 240_01.jpg)

Jesus, the Japanese women on here are just as desperate to leave their country as the weebs are to get into Japan.

No. 77117


What makes me giggle, the ones like her on these exchange sites when they hit their late 30s early 40s their preferences are all mixed varieties but any young gook or weeb will always have specific preferences.

Usually "white/asian"


No. 77118

File: 1451765690812.jpg (23.17 KB, 267x320, 240_01.jpg)


What is with chink women tho and their creepy version of dolly faces?

No. 77119

File: 1451765839325.jpg (17.5 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

Weebs like this don't even deserve to have a preference tbh

No. 77120

File: 1451765930731.jpg (54.1 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)


Found a "model" on World Gook Friends

No. 77121

File: 1451766102003.jpg (51.44 KB, 199x320, 240_01.jpg)


Do these weebs squint their eyes to look hafu or more asian?

No. 77122

File: 1451766269540.jpg (22.61 KB, 181x320, 240_01.jpg)

More kotakopies

No. 77124

File: 1451766344793.jpg (22.79 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

Is this magical weeb the one that sells herself?

No. 77125

Who would shag >>77121 instead of >>77122 tho?

No. 77126

File: 1451766430554.jpg (32.87 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

Another desperate weeb wanting meaningful relations in le nippon

No. 77127

File: 1451766519938.jpg (27.52 KB, 320x240, 240_01.jpg)


Some right ugly bastards in Japan

No. 77128

File: 1451766567682.jpg (18.8 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

ello! I am Miki but you can call me Moon (=^x^=)
I am not a VIP member and I really don't know how this site work (>_<)
I am a student that try her best to become an actress, singer and voice actor!

I am trying to learn how to play piano too ~
I love to draw, cosplay, anime, manga, shopping and many other things^^

No. 77130

File: 1451766789113.jpg (16.69 KB, 185x320, 240_01.jpg)

You'd have to be one gagging desperate gook

No. 77131

File: 1451766840268.jpg (26.62 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

No. 77132

File: 1451766854388.jpg (39.74 KB, 239x320, 240_01.jpg)

No words

No. 77134

File: 1451766951966.jpg (27.54 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)


No. 77135

She's cute. I'd shag it.

No. 77136


With a dose of meitu, meh.

No. 77138

File: 1451767200783.jpg (29.94 KB, 320x320, 240_01.jpg)

time for some dolly Negro

No. 77139

File: 1451767241654.jpg (29.92 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

Oh yeah, how could we ever possibly forget.

No. 77141

File: 1451767363318.jpg (12.25 KB, 119x320, 240_01.jpg)

As if we couldn't already tell it was a wig.

No. 77143

File: 1451767435725.jpg (16.92 KB, 240x320, 240_01.jpg)

says she's half… hmmmm

reckon she's hafu guys? she does appear a bit chinkier than the rest

No. 77146

I know this girl. Her eyes are actually that small. (a celeb example of people of european decent with small eyes is taylor swift)

No. 77174

why are all these images so fucking small?

No. 77215

She is a very jealous swedish girl. Poor japanese boyfriend

No. 77217

Impossible to tell. Black features look a lot like East Asian ones that's why they never produce ugly hafus.

No. 77226

Because anon is just spamming the thread with random world friends profile images for some reason.

No. 77487

File: 1451872993775.jpeg (207.26 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

Oh nuuu y do plp take our pictures so offended

No. 77493


its unbeweebable!

No. 77494


Why? Spill the milk ;)

No. 77496


Lol most hafu black azns look Cambodian at the most. The features are kinda similar so they mesh well. Hafu white azns look weird (not always) and I think they're more Mongolian looking. But the squinty ass eyes with blue eyes is weird. Luckily Yumi Lambert pulls her hafu off nicely :)

No. 77502

File: 1451875685548.jpeg (78.54 KB, 433x595, image.jpeg)

Chuey you just mad because when you went to Japan no one took a picture of your flat face 5oclock shadow uncoordinated looking ass

No. 77507

Seriously? Yumi has one of the weirdest looking hafu faces I've ever seen.

No. 77510


No. 77511

Someone should tell her Japanese people dispise other Asians.

No. 77513


u jelly cos shes half magical kawaii ugu and ur not </3

dont be lesbian jelly h8er

No. 77601

Why didn't op add a photo of shiena? She is dumb like lorena and gaya

No. 77625

There's a new gaijin girl in the spot, name is Mikko Obscura (Thorne). She is a fat filipino mixed with black Gothic girl who is constantly posting about how Japanese around keep stopping her all the time to tell how pretty she is, askwhy she still single, and also posting pictures of her and friends on IG all the time in different restaurants and her videos showing how magical uguuu nihon is.

She has been one week or so in Osaka and has been spending all her money and claims that she's there in a student visa. Can't wait to see her wasting all her money in donki (as she constantly posts about it too) and desperate trying to find some Japanese dick to stay forever there.

The girl is a utter mess.

No. 77640

ig link?

No. 77666

Not that anon, but I was trying to look her up too and found it just by typing in "Mikko Obscura"

Here you go, friend


No. 77670

if anyone is stopping her, its most likely so they can feel her hair.
ive seen asians of all kinds ask to touch kinky/afro hair.

No. 77671

File: 1451926445267.png (301.06 KB, 398x542, vv.png)

i used to follow this girl on IG but she deleted. anyway i found her on a modeling site. lets just say she isnt as cute as she looked on IG

No. 77672

ok but this one doesnt look like she is trying to be kawaii ugu model or anything.

No. 77673

She is pretty cute but I have no idea what her IG photos looked like.

The only problem she has is that nose but eh, her eyes (I like the shape a lot) and smile make up for it. Just an opinion though. I'm sure you will disagree.

No. 77676

She's a minor (18) and works as a prostitute for Seres prostitution ring. She's on a student visa.
Also has multiple sugar daddies. Her face is cute, but her body shape is horrible

No. 77678

Link to more photos of her? You sparked my curiosity.

No. 77679

Her IG should be fuxxingworldsend (if she hasn't changed or deleted it)

No. 77682

Ah no anon, she actually was bragging how they would just stop her and not touch her, differently of Americans that pulled her hair and called her names.

She is going to start a youtube channel or something like bragging of how perfect happens people think she is and she also brags she knows some Japanese j rockers as Kyo from DeG.

Tell you, give some time and milk will pour of this one, it promises!

No. 77684

Japanese people, not happens lol
Stupid autocorrect lol

No. 77688

18 isn't a minor for sex in Japan or anywhere for that matter. Only for drinking.

No. 77691

She IS drinking there also prostitution for an illegal prostitution ring of another illegal prostitute while being on a student visa is not that … legal?

No. 77703

>she's drinking
Underaged drinking isn't that big of a deal lol. 18 year olds in Japan drink all the time and nobody is arrested for it. They don't even cars in Japan.
Even though sere is batshit and a lolcow, I read the PULL about her and a lot of you are A-logs. She isn't running a "prostitution ring". A lot of her friends are immature and doing sex work but it isn't a ring as sere isn't forcing them or taking their money.
Sere is a bad person but a lot of you PULLfags (I'm looking at you Natto) are creepily obsessed with her.

No. 77704

*dont even card

No. 77709

She IS taking part of their money and it IS a prostitution ring. She refers to them as her 'models' lol all the girls working for her run over her phone number so don't try to wight knight her

Also Vika is an immature, naiv little girl.

And as mentioned before, she's only there on a student visa, it's her second year now, so it'll run out this year. She already wanted to marry some Japanese trash to get the visa, but sadly he doesn't pay his taxes, so no sugar daddy visa

No. 77710

*white knight

No. 77737

Damn the girl in the front row in black outfit and red wig looks like Ahri

No. 77812

White knight detected

No. 77813

File: 1451963432876.jpg (75.82 KB, 640x360, 23760868379_637a96b956_z.jpg)

love this look

No. 77816

File: 1451963666755.jpg (47.89 KB, 765x450, BptkWOdCEAA0un0.jpg)

this is her on the right. used to filter the shit out of herself to hide that nose. i do think she is p cute except for that

No. 77818

File: 1451963785110.jpg (20.51 KB, 220x293, t02200293_0800106713104661095.…)

No. 77819

File: 1451964027422.jpg (64.74 KB, 375x500, 22969347510_c1bc586482.jpg)

No. 77836

No. I'm just tired of you PULLfags making everyone into a cow because they don't fit your moral standards. Sere is definitely cringe-worthy and a cow but the rest of the lot stay pretty quiet on social media. When did being a whore or underaged drinking make you a lolcow? If that's the criteria then we might as well make a Kardashian thread or a thread for every Filipina hooker in Kabukicho. I rather have real actual milk than just "OMG ew that girl is a slut". So damn annoying.

No. 77843

There's a kardashian thread in /b

I'm not from PULL (I didn't even know what you meant by that, so I needed to google it lol)

The problem with some of the girls in this thread is or let me say the cause why some of these girls are in this thread is because they're are sere's lapdogs. No one would probably know abt these girls shady and obviously illegal businesses if it wasn't for Sere. You know why these girls are popping up in the thread is because some people googled for sere, not because they've searched for these girls.

I WOULD make a thread abt phillipina cows in Japan, but well, I don't know any of them? Imagine Sere would take one of them into her prostitution ring, that girls photo/link would be up on here as fast as the others. That's it.

And people like shani, barbie etc might not be major lolcows like the swampprincess, but they still do lolcowish things once in a while but not many enough to deserve an own thread so that's why we have this snowflakes in glorious nippon thread. If you don't like this concept, just go over to 4chan or tumblr

No. 77845

Barbie has her on thread. For some reason it ended up back in /pt.
PULL = Pretty Ugly Little Liars.

No. 77846

You're right. Sere once had her own thread as well in /pt

But this thread here is kinda better, since you can talk about all of them in one thread and doesn't need to fill up the boards with every little snowflake who's in Japan. That's it. Pretty easy

No. 77847

Lorena is 100% cow

No. 77853

Barbie is a lolcow, agreed, but Shani hasn't really done anything lolcowish. Like 90% of the girls posted here. This thread is taken over mostly by vendettas and that's why it blows. It's mostly just weebs who want to live in Japan posting about weebs that live in Japan. Weebception.

No. 77884

Your Instagram is in German and you have a Jap cellular so I am going to assume you're the German prostitute always hating on Kabukireign here and PULL. You are really no better.

No. 77885

German prostitute? Kisu? Or blue haired girl

No. 77887


If you mean me, the girl who she tried to bash then sorry to disappoint you, I didn't post anything on this thread here unless now. (And I'm not a prostitute, to make it clear!)

No. 77888

File: 1452004959138.jpeg (72.36 KB, 744x686, image.jpeg)

No. 77889

>I didn't post anything on this thread here unless now
>unless now
You answered incredibly fast considering that you're not the "German prostitute always hating on Kabukireign here and PULL".

No. 77890


Reading and posting are two different things my dear.
You guys are no better than those on PULL tbh

No. 77891

OT but why are all of the ~Japanese Snowflakes~ german? Whats's going down there?

No. 77892

Lorena is getting divorced soon. Bye bye

No. 77894

File: 1452006686941.jpg (134.17 KB, 680x1082, image.jpg)

Who wants to fuck that old fat body?
Nobody. She had to lower her price

No. 77895

Dios mio those titties

No. 77900


Freaking lord, I've rarely seen such akwardly done boobs. I'd kill that surgeon, he definitely ruined those saggy tiddies even more eww

No. 77901

Like Seriously! They're totally out of shape! Just look at her nipple!

No. 77935

Who is fuckyeahbangya? I find the bangya community lulzy and all my favorite gaijin whores keep coming up but I wish I knew who she was.

No. 77936

She must be someone from Germany as far as I know…but who? A former bangya…so maybe in her late 20's?

No. 77937

No, she once said she lived in the US…

No. 77954

File: 1452020373029.gif (494.11 KB, 500x231, bC4GGrH.gif)

they're not cows. thats why they are posted in /snow/

No. 77957

Burn in hell, that's glorious m8

No. 78025


No. 78033

No. 78226

anyone got more recent instagram photos of sere?

No. 78230

just check it out yourself. it's open to public again, just like her pussy is

No. 78529

File: 1452179664482.jpg (130.07 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 78530

File: 1452179741515.jpg (185.03 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 78558

File: 1452187550669.jpg (10.62 KB, 485x340, pillsbury-doughboy.jpg)

> killer body
if you're into pic related

No. 78566

can she make it a little more obvious that she's sucking in?

No. 78591

Where do you find this shit, Kijiji? Craigslist?

No. 78593

Lord have mercy. Gaya's body looks like shit. Wtf her belly button isn't in the middle of her body… And her titties are fucking AWFUL. LMAO @ pretty face HAHAHA sure even with all the procedures she's still ugly af.

No. 78612

File: 1452206901428.jpeg (160.06 KB, 651x1158, image.jpeg)

Such model. So beauty.

No. 78617


No. 78630

Is she wearing a lacefront?

No. 79102


who dis

No. 79804

Her name is Alice and she's a model in Tokyo. She is very nice actually. She's into Gyaru fashion as well.

No. 79811

And looks like a horse. Tall and only wears pink. People stare

No. 79812

White "models" are a dime a dozen in Tokyo.

No. 79815

I don't see it.

No. 79816

Yeah but nice ones that don't have a lot said about them is rarer. wouldn't you agree?

No. 79824

I've heard Alice slept with a hostess manager a few times for money. Don't know if this is true tho… Just a rumor.
But when I look at her shootings and places she's been and stuff she always buys… Well… I just know that being a amateur model is not well paid in Japan.

No. 79826

She works as hostess so might be true

No. 79868

> looks like a horse
really you dont see it? she is like sara mari's twin

No. 79873

Think i heard she's an English teacher

No. 79910

English teacher, amateur model and part time prostitute as far as I know. But keeps things private and overall very nice person. So it's ok.

No. 80105

Doesn't really "keep things private" she flaunts everything on social media like a spoiled rich girl and acts like her homemade and TFP photoshoots are actually real modeling gigs it's kind of hilarious. I met her in person once and she was a big turn off. She kept mentioning how popular she was at her club. I don't think she still teaches english anymore, or if so the bare minimum to keep her visa.

No. 80121

All her photoshoots are like at home

No. 80331

Exactly she snaps some pictures in her own clothes on like her patio and says she had a photoshoot that day it's ridiculous. She's one of those girls who hashtags a million things including "model" written like ten ways on regular snaps

No. 80561

Does she have some sort of breast implants? I scrolled through her Instagram and her newest pictures are like "boobs in your face!"
In her older pictures she doesn't seem to have that much… (Or photoshop/bra's does the wonder….)

No. 80691


i think your speculating but her breasts are up to her chin. probably just the bra trick

No. 80728

It's her Instagram let her post whatever she wants. She's wearing a push up bra. This milk is weak 2/10

No. 80729

Funny how when it's anyone else's instagram in this thread it's fair game and seen as milk. Easy to see who's posting here kek

No. 80853


Why so butt hurt anon?

No. 80929

I'm not the girl in the picture, I just think it's sad you people trawl Instagram for girls living in Japan so you can nitpick their lives, as a sort of coping mechanism for you because you'll never live there.

No. 80948


Anon, if you've got a BA and speak English you can easily get a teaching job right off CL.

Also find some old lonely ass gook on a language site, talk to him and get hitched. Visa and bang, done.

It's pretty EASY.

Just make all the shit look believable and be intelligent enough to teach.


You can always photoshop yourself to fuck (be white and kawaii obv) and hope Japan finds you kawaii and sends you a free modelling contract

Problem solved

No. 80949


Why do most people who go to model in Japan look terrible?

i just…

No. 80951

Maybe not EVERYONE wants to live in Japan. Have you ever thought about that?
Seems like you are new to this site aren't you?

No. 80974


Hope Japan finds you Kawaii and sends you a modeling contract.


Do you know how moronic you sound.

No. 80983

says the moron

No. 80988

Japan has some of the lowest standards for models is probably why. Places like Western Europe and North America for example would reject them in an instant so they try for the shittiest market. Most of them still get rejected anyway. Lol

No. 81171

Japanese people honestly don't know the difference between pretty and ugly when it comes to white people.
If you're white and vaguely tall, you can be a model

But getting visa for modelling or aidoru is incredibly difficult

No. 81182

Can't be THAT difficult, himezawa got one and she can't neither dance nor hell no she really can't sing lmao

No. 81200

She got a spouse visa only

No. 81201

It's not that difficult, Japanese at least give you a shot if you are white. They need to keep pushing the agenda by infiltrating the market with these women. Japan is being flooded by whites because Japan has successfully pushed their media on the west, They used western revenue to do so. Japanese praise them so highly that white failures who feel they have nothing to fulfill in he west clammer to the east. They think life will be handed to them on a silver platter cough,cough sere*cough.

No. 81251

The high class escort

No. 81331

Himezawa doesn't have a contract, she made one badly made video. Amina also isn't reaching the heights of stardom. I don't know who your base for comparison is. In Japan it's easy to be an idol if you are Japanese, that much I know. They stand in Harajuku and Shibuya recruiting girls, they tried to get me before they realized I wasn't Japanese kek
If you're white you can probably do some modeling jobs or get an idol company interested in you but honestly it wouldn't pay that much and there is a lot of competition. Getting an entertainment visa is also really hard, before y'all pack your bags and move to Nippon with stars in your eyes.

No. 81376

hahaha, nice cough yah got there. ;]

No. 81733


If it's getting that bad then they should start using their own people. Sounds bad but they're asian, it's an asian country. They're not white as much as neckbeards with azn fetish and kawaii ugu white living dolls praise them. They're asian, they need to start catering to their own.

No. 81734


It's ridiculous. The majority of whites they pick to model aren't that great. About a handful I'd say are decent but most look awkward to fuck.

No. 81737


Can't they use anyone other than white though? What about a cute Mexican or Brazilian? It's kind of annoying but most these models who are white they pick all look the same. There is no variety. If they all adore western features so much then start packing in people other than white.

No. 81739


I was being sarcastic you tit

No. 81751

>a cute Mexican or Brazilian
If you've got fair skin, you're in.

No. 81762

File: 1453048751755.jpeg (118.32 KB, 548x638, image.jpeg)

Japans next topmodel
Also Fuzokujo with the longest nose

No. 81950

U best be trolling

No. 81959

Cute body but that face.
Anyone know where she got her top from?

No. 82105

File: 1453086035508.jpeg (69.45 KB, 540x507, image.jpeg)

Tells everybody she is a model but truth is she is a prostitute lol

No. 82114

Like Yuka? Barbie got in with Black Diamond and Amina is an Idol so anything is possible. It could work if that anon is going for Oraora or something?

No. 82132

>>82105 holy shit her nose is the size of 3 of mine put together lmao

>>82114 honestly how many people that wanna be an uguu kawaii model does oraora? lmao usually oraora models have a bunch of tattoos or are/were connected to yankii culture.

No. 82144

Amina "Idol" lol

She can't call herself an idol anymore without an agency

No. 82145

I kid you know when I was 18 I was seriously obsessed with oraora. I want to get back into it, but I don't even know where to start at this point.

Hey now guys I was giving examples. Sabrina is still calling herself an idol and she was dropped to.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be a model in Japan.

No. 82146

stop samefagging

No. 82147

She left the agency on her own and there are indie idols in Japan. Sabrina is a cow but Amina keeps getting mentioned out of vendetta. It's boring.

No. 82148

Please delete this thread, I enjoy the idea of living in japan sometimes and reading it makes me feel disgusting and ashamed.

No. 82150

who's samefagging?

No. 82153

She can't be on stage legally without an entertainment visa. So yes, there are indie idols in jpn, but they're Japanese.

Himezawa doesn't have a big visa problem, since she's married and just strolls around tokyo to get jobs.

No. 82157


Blacks look similar to East Asians but for some reason people don't seem to notice it. Is it a social status thing? Both got flat faces and round noses, ect

No. 82162


Then stop reading it. Simple.

No. 82164


No. 82179

Not true actually. She just can't serve alcohol or sit with customers while alcohol is being served. She's been on tv a lot so I'm sure if it was that illegal she would've been deported months ago.

I've noticed it too but Asians like to seperate themselves from everyone. Superficially Japanese people think they're close to whites kek

No. 82181

There are non Japanese indie idols that are Chinese like the girl ami was performing with. Just admit you guys just don't like the idea of non-Asians being in Japan.

No. 82186

>Just admit you guys just don't like the idea of non-Asians being in Japan.
It may be a nonsequiter in this conversation, but I find the idea of the people I see in this thread living in japan cringeworthy.

Mainly the thing of someone living in japan as a prositute, and the idea of someone living in japan but acting and dressing like a stand-out special snowflake instead of trying to keep their head down and fit in like everyone else.

No. 82192

I don't even mind that ppl are dressing up like crazy and want to become idols…those gurls(mostly gurls) are delulued, cringeworthy but mostly 'peaceful'

Where as said prostitutes put us foreigners in a super bad light. Recently I heard so many complains from simple tourist being nampad or even directly asked for payed sex by Japanese guys, just because they're white foreigners. Damn this hurts, ok?

No. 82195

Its probably more harmful, you're right.
But I still cant not get annoyed by people, in a country that values conformity, fitting in, and not imposing yourself on others, as foreigners in that country, going outside dressing and/or acting like fucking anime characters.
And I love anime.

No. 82196

File: 1453108053416.jpg (59.62 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

ms piggy

No. 82200

Yes, you're somewhat right. I mean, I used to dress up (gyaru, lolita) when I was in JPN, but only for special occasions (harajuku, meeting up other gyaru) and never loudly screamed around or tried to be an idol. I think there's a difference between doing it in your freetime and doing it because you think it'll turn you into a successful idol.

No. 82201

Who is she?

No. 82204

Hey kisu
Truth hurts right?

No. 82205

There is no milk
Just vendetta from that prostitute girl with the longest nose in japan

No. 82206

This vendetta shit is getting really annoying.

No. 82207


Not truuuuuuue at all. Considering the fact that there are literally hundreds of small bands and artists that can play in clubs and venues all across Japan as long as they have some kind of visa, you need to look up your information. These are specific rules for larger artists. Some indie bitch isn't making enough money to even make the Japanese government twitch their head her way, and as long as she starts her activities in Japan and isn't specifically coming to Japan to do these jobs, then she doesn't need paperwork. If she wants it as the reason her visa is valid, then you would be right. But performing in Japan as a foreigner in general does not require a specific visa. I think the threshold is 5million yen per performance before you would need an entertainment visa.

No. 82209

Someone sounds a little butthurt. Is that you amina?

No. 82210

Fatty gets mad

No. 82211

File: 1453110712356.jpeg (46.13 KB, 539x617, image.jpeg)

No customer at soap land or at kirari today? You must be really upset

No. 82212


Who? Nah, I just really find the topic interesting and my ex was a musician and I occasionally dabble so I know a lot about this topic, haha. I just don't like when people get facts wrong.

No. 82214

what's special about her upside from being ugly??

No. 82215

That kisu girl is behind it. Seems like she got too much free time

No. 82216

File: 1453111150627.jpeg (11.63 KB, 285x128, image.jpeg)

New half or okama?

No. 82217


Unfortunately neither. She is just a really unfortunate looking person. I met her once and her personality is just as unfortunate.

No. 82218

you can't get inside deai cafe or soup land without a legal visa
does anyone know how she's overstaying??

No. 82219

Stop that vendetta shit

No. 82220

File: 1453111579292.jpeg (119.44 KB, 640x734, image.jpeg)

Bought with her prostitute money oops model money

No. 82221

Deai cafe is easy to enter without a 'legal' visa. Even as a tourist you can go there.

Anyway, she mentioned on her instagram that she's 'there forever' and that we're all just butthurt jealous on her

No. 82222


I wasn't being a vendetta bitch. I am just stating that the one time I met her she was incredibly rude, rolled her eyes at me, and was rather mean. That isn't vendetta, and was the first comment I ever made about her, and the third message I have ever written on this thread.

No. 82223

Omg she rolled her eyes
Don't be so sensitive

No. 82224


Dude, my problem was more that she called me a slut in Japanese and didn't realize I spoke Japanese. She isn't a nice person, and you don't say that to someone you are meeting for the first time.

Chill your shit and quit white knighting her.

No. 82226

she's married to gackt as much as i know

No. 82227

Oh god that was funny
Nice lie gurl

No. 82228

Anon just ignore them. I think their just trying to annoy you.

No. 82229

I'm apperently married to yoshiki lol

No. 82230

Yeah and she is a popular model

No. 82231


Happened in Rockaholic last year. Nice try, dumbfuck. Her friends were there.

No. 82232

Why would she call you a slut in Japanese? How retarded must one be to that? Especially if one meet for the first time

No. 82233


She was drunk, but her friend mentioned that I knew a mutual friend and she said "Then she must be a slut."

No. 82234

Why would someone like gackt marry an ugly slut and then let her work at deai cafes and in soaplands…and eww … seres bar? You see your not so funny joke doesn't make any sense at all

No. 82235


You know like 60% of this thread is made up bullshit right? Then 30% vendetta, 5% prostitues posting about their rivals and 5% truth. I wouldn't take too much of this to heart.

No. 82237

Kisu is topmodel and you are all jealous
She would never work as prostitute
Everything legal. Just like her friend sere

No. 82239

File: 1453112575667.jpg (25.05 KB, 575x323, readImage.jpg)

Said the….literal prostitute.

No. 82240


This totally happened

No. 82241

you want to chase visas and debate prostitutes go after the thousands of overstaying Chinese and Koreans. Oh wait, they don't have brand clothes that you want and host boys so you don't care.

No. 82243

You're right. I'm sorry. Sere is our god, and kisu, gaya, vika and the rest of her squad are her angels. We need to pray to them not talking shit about us, the normal people, who don't feel the urge to disguise themselves as prostitutes … I mean models

No. 82244

i saw them together not only once also got a pic of them lol

No. 82245


You don't have to believe me, but this is what happened, and I have no reason to lie. She was not a nice person, and I am just stating my unfortunate experience. Take it as you will.

No. 82246

I also think, they shouldn't be there. But in their cases as well as Philippines and east Europe/Russia it's often a case of human traffic and they're given no other choice but to do that work. They get their passports stolen and that's it. They are too afraid to seek for help.

But sere and her squad started shit out of their own free will so stfu

No. 82247

Post the pic girl, post it! Otherwise it's just another lie.

She apperently wants to look like vanilla, I'm pretty sure gackt would pay for it, if she rly was his wife

No. 82248

Im also married with a famous singer but i can't say who

No. 82249

She should start with her nose

No. 82250

She should start with her personality…too late

No. 82251

I've seen Japanese men ask Japanese girls for sex publicly. There's way more Fillipina hookers in Japan than there are white girls. Japan objectifies women no matter what. I like laughing at cows like anyone else but it's annoying that you have such a fixation on hookers. Sere is the only hooker with milk. The rest quietly have sugar daddies and aren't causing trouble. Your vendetta is really creepy and supposedly you yourself said you went to the whorehouse(acting as a fellow whore mind you) to find white girls and get points on PULL. You're being a total faggot and keep posting the same bullshit. It's annoying as fuck.

No. 82253

You quoted the wrong person, I assume?

No. 82254

Also the visa police in this thread are annoying as hell because most of you don't even have your facts straight. Sere isn't getter deported unless she shuts down her bar, none of these people are getting deported unless they overstay. Japan rarely deports people from western countries outside of overstay. They aren't going to deport one hooker unless they're running a ring or working illegally as a hostess but even that is rare. "It hurts because people assume I'm a prostitute" that's not why you post here. You post here because you're a morality faggot with nothing better to do. Either bring the milk or stop same fagging beyotch.

No. 82255

No I quoted the right person. People assume Japanese girls are whores all the time and men approach them. Japanese men see women as objects and that has nothing to do with sere.

No. 82257


Some girl go only karaoke or dinner with japanese old ojisan

No. 82258

Hello white knight,

You should that this thing she calls HER bar isn't even HERS by paper.

>They aren't going to deport one hooker unless they're running a ring or working illegally as a hostess but even that is rare

She has a prostitution ring, works as a prostitute, a host, a hostess. She lives in divorce and even her own lawyer tries to make her sign the papers since she's refusing to do it, because that would mean that she'll get kicked out within only three months. "Her" bar gives her nothing.

Also, you must be a very butthurt person. Probably sjw? Lol
Yes, most hosts and VK guys see girls as objects. But no, those arent't the majority of Japanese guys. And no, the majority of Japanese guys doesn't see women as objects.

No. 82262

C'mon, post that photo

No. 82263

can someone open a new thread?

No. 82265

Hello same fagging PULL lurking bitch. I'm not a white knight. Sere is annoying as fuck, left her kids and is generally a bad person. But calling her hooker friends a prostitution ring is fucking stupid. As you said before, there are women who get their visas taken from them and forced to stay in Japan. These girls are hookers by their own will.if the police will crack down who will they get? A white girl who willingly sucks dick every other week to pretend to be a moderu or a man trafficking girls from third world countries? You're such an annoying A-log for fucks saaaaake

>Host and VK guys see girls as objects

Bitch what does that have to deal with anything? Makes me think you're one of these weebs. Japanese society in general doesn't value women and sees women as objects. I'm not a SJW but Japan is 50 years behind when it comes to equal right. My point is people go up to Japanese girls all the time asking to pay for sex. Just because someone nanpa'd you doesn't mean your life will end. Get over it.

You literally go places looking for these girls that you hate so much to get approval from Internet people. You're a faggot Melissa/natto from PULL. I'm not q white knight but your vendetta shit isn't entertaining. If anything you look like a cow.

No. 82266

What a looooser you are. Get your brain checked. Also you are writing not with that girl. You didn't even notice that
Stupid bitch

No. 82268

You really think I'm someone from PULL? Not everyone who hates Sere and her squad are from PULL.

Anyway, Sere HAS a ring, she's not only selling vika over her phone number, but also a few Japanese girls.

No. 82269

Yes please

No. 82270

desperate much?
give me a real reason why i should post it and i will

No. 82271


No. 82273

Because you mentioned it and if you didn't want to show it you wouldn't have brought it up?

No. 82274

Well, you said you have one. You said, they're married, now it's up to you ti give some little proof, otherwise it'll stay an empty lie.

Also, why would you bother not posting it? You sound like you took it without them being aware of it anyway. So, when you already have it, why don't post it?

No. 82275

I think everyone can agree sere is a cow. The real mystery is why you keep mentioning the other girls like Gaya.

No. 82277

Because they are related to her? Every sane person would at least step 100km away from someone like sere

No. 82280

moved to >>82279

No. 82282


No. 82289

moved >>82283

No. 82293

File: 1453117297170.jpeg (108.26 KB, 640x822, image.jpeg)

Her teeth are yellow as fuck

No. 82315

>>82132 i practice oraora, it aint that hard just wear the brand and do the eyemakeup and get your hair and nails done

No. 82343

File: 1453124563476.jpg (564.92 KB, 1080x1200, CYMERA_20160118_223911.jpg)


No. 82344

The pink girl killed herself and kisu didn't do anything

No. 82346

They both wanted to commit suicide, so kisu was with her when it happened. There are rumors that she actually pushed her so she fell.

What I wonder about is that this has never been on the news.

No. 82351


No. 82354

"Best friend"

No. 82356

Best friends forever, not

No. 82359

so everyone who don't live online killed themself nowadays?? nice rumors

No. 82361

She definitely died.

If kisu pushed her, or if she also wanted to commit suicide is a rumor

No. 82363

any proof??

No. 82371

File: 1453128282405.jpeg (156.22 KB, 640x1045, image.jpeg)

From her blog

No. 82373

Someone said it was because of that visa stuff. Damn why did she die and not kisu? She was such a sweet and cute girl, it's a huge loss

No. 82374

sounds like vendetta to me

No. 82375

What is vendetta about this? She comitted suicide that's all

No. 82377

My words
Heard the pink girls also had problems with a guy :/

No. 82383

Maybe that's what they ment by 'visa stuff' I guess. Probably she was going for marriage visa…

No. 82385

File: 1453129448929.jpeg (44.6 KB, 630x365, image.jpeg)

No. 82386

OT but which brands would you recommend Anon?

No. 82407

File: 1453131760277.jpeg (84.25 KB, 621x736, image.jpeg)

Satan suits her

No. 82408

But sere already is Satan :(

No. 82409


No. 82428

That's more fitting. She betrayed

No. 82453

Why does kisu looks like she is on drugs

No. 82462

File: 1453137684537.jpeg (123.23 KB, 640x732, image.jpeg)

Hot mess
Already 29
Bad skin
Ugly tattoos
Had a neet boyfriend but cheated on him a lot.
Debt at host club but she never paid
Host crazy

No. 82569

And still slaying in Japan <3

No. 82665

No. 82767

>>82315 definitely d.i.a, they are doing more oraora recently, had a talk with one of the shop staff (not the 109 store tho they suck) Also brands like thirteen japan.

No. 82816

This girl ran a host blog on tumblr lolol. I used to follow it.

No. 82817

Her whore friend who shades her nose dirt brown and was in so much host-debt that she ran to Osaka had a lot more milk

No. 82818


Sounds interesting. What's her name?

No. 82835

I can't fucking remember gdi

No. 82836


No. 82845

another english model in deai

No. 82846

File: 1453207056169.jpg (33.81 KB, 300x400, image.jpg)

No. 82852

Is this that fin(?) girl??? I thought she modeled for several brands right now? Why would she need to go to deai cafe? Doesn't she also has a bf?

Also, do you HAVE to leave a photo at the deai cafe?

No. 82856

didn't think she would go but she must be very popular with her body type
often models for h.naoto

No. 82859

recently he posted a model call on his FB for any gaijins in Japan to come model for him

No. 82861

she has been a model for a while though and made an official facebook account recently

No. 82865

She has also modeled for other Japanese brands.

It seems off that someone like her goes to deai

No. 82868

yeah I'm a little bit shocked tbh

No. 82872

which one is she going to?

No. 82881

Me too! She seemed legit

Anyway, can someone please tell me, why you have to leave a photo at deai? Or why/how do these 'kirari' photos exist/are found online?

No. 82889

sounds like you are scared that someone will find your cute deai pic next

No. 82890

Melissa why do you stay on the kirari website. You're really fucking weird. Why don't you get back to fucking that yakuza guy to pay off your 15000 euro debt???? Melissa Merkl is it?? I should report you to immigration for racking up a huge debt

No. 82891

I don't even live in Japan you stupid. But c'mon I really don't know about this. I've never been to deai the times I have been to Japan.

No. 82892

The pictures are only found if you look through their website thoroughly. Melissa goes on there looking for fellow white girl's. She doesn't want competition in kabukicho.

No. 82895

Sere, you sound a little too desperate. Are you scared of something?

No. 82896

So you HAVE to get your photo taken for their websites? That's scary…I'd definitely refrain from it

No. 82900

of course you have to
it's a whorehouse to look for old ojisan

No. 82902

No you don't. Melissa is a 300lbs NEET so she has all day to search through the files on their website.

No. 82904

I'm confused now

No. 82958

I find it funny that sere has nothing else to say about girls than them having a host dept. how do you come up with that? And I'm being serious here. Give me an proper answer because there is no way that it is true.

No. 82965

You can't rack up a debt without arranging a date to pay it back by lol. Where is your shit coming from ??!! LOL

No. 82976

It's not true !! She would have no way of knowing how much someone owes to a host club without asking directly - which she DOESN'T. So she's full of bullshit. I just paid back a 300,000¥ debt to host club but she doesn't know about that.

No. 82981

tired of hearing about sere again and again
stuff like fin going to deai are unexpected and much more interesting, especially as she has quite a follower base

No. 82989

Not often she just modeled the recent collection work. Plenty of other gaijin model for him all the time no big deal really. He put up an open public ad lol

She does some other model work but it's small

No. 82999

How the fuck did you owe that much

No. 83018

Who is she? She looks like this one Finnish blogger who lived in HK for awhile.

No. 83108

tbh soup land sounds good

No. 83111

Let's all go to soup land together guys

No. 83326

Lol I'm literally laughing when you say the majority of Japanese guys don't see women as objects. Who do you think is asking to pay for sex? Salarymen mostly lollll

No. 83386

Not only in Japan, idiot. But everywhere around the world, men are paying women for sex

No. 83483

File: 1453308666343.png (416.46 KB, 438x591, Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.46…)

No. 83485

Good old kisu who helps friends with suicide

No. 83488

Will she poison this one? Who is that?

No. 83500

I saw him in kabukicho who looks like a hooker

No. 83504

Who is he anyway?

No. 83510

Topmodel like kisu

No. 83511

"Topmodel" I've never seen a single photo of her in a mag or CM though
Even swampprincess is better than her

No. 83512

Yes. Topmodel!!

No. 83513

Oh THAT's Jin? Heard he already got some STD because of his 'model work'

No. 83514

Wth They are TOPMODEL

No. 83515

This is actually the TOPMODEL THREAD everyone!

It has nth to do with overstays, illegal prostitution, psychopaths, idiots and other kind of human scum

No. 83518

File: 1453316304646.png (270.07 KB, 453x398, Candy-Sandy-Hayden-Liv-and-Jen…)

No. 83519

There are psycho. I have head some rumor like that.
It's so gross just thinking about it makes me puke.

No. 83522

Please what?

No. 83523

Err what?

No. 83525

Somebody knows more about kisu and that girl who got pushed by her?

No. 83528

That girl was a super popular gyaru blogger and also had a youtube channel. They planned to go to Japan together and live there (bff 4eva). But something went wrong with her/their visa (pls correct me here) and both wanted to commit suicide together. As we all know kisu didn't…sadly…the other girl was cuter

No. 83533

What was her name?

No. 83536

She called herself ishio anji and her blogger was gyarusekai or sth

No. 83540

If this thread dies one day can we call the next one "TOPMODELS in glorious Nippon"?

No. 83550

石尾あんじ is this Japanese nane?

No. 83552

Missed you comment, but thanks so much Anon!

No. 83553

Yes? But doesn't mean it was her real name

No. 83693

I like your idea

No. 84043

Because they all toppu moderu desu!
No illegaru desu! No prostitution desu! We all kawaii moderu desu!

No. 84100

File: 1453409018579.jpeg (45.68 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)


h.Naoto likes to use any white models he can get as li FB as they're not obese and don't have excessive acne. Some of the white models he uses are dog ugly or worse.

I wonder if he does the same as Mr. Yan with his white models, tryin to wife them down and all. This girl seems to be the only white model he uses anymore after pic related, who barely has any pics up. Maybe she turned him down?

No. 84120

Does anybody know more about that Anji girl? I also heard that she jumped off a building in Shibuya but I never found any evidence. Also as far as I know kisu is still in Japan.

No. 84122

Are you slow?? Read the thread only a little further uo

No. 84125

Serious question: is Kisu trans??

No. 84127


Of course I did, that's why I asked for more evidence or evidence at all, because at this point it's all rumors. There really is not much information provided in this thread and all I asked for was more details, so please unrustle your jimmies a bit.

No. 84128

100% a girl. It's just her nose/facial features and anorexic man body

No. 84131

Alone your state 'as far as I know kisu is still in Japan' says a lot. God, we all KNOW that she is still in Japan? She's posting photos on instagram and claims to be legally forever in Japan.

Anji definitely died, ever since that day non of her other close friends ever heard of her again.

No. 84141

The other evidences I have, I won't just post them online, because they'd put other people in risk

No. 84162

Okay you don't have to post it, but can you elaborate what kind of evidence you have?

No. 84172

Not Shibuya. It was Shinjuku….

No. 84212

File: 1453422191304.jpg (31.43 KB, 540x540, tmp_22223-FB_IMG_1453422059112…)

No. 84236

Who is the one on the left?

No. 84242

I can't find the post?

No. 84292

From their hotel :s

No. 84296

Fin has man hands

No. 84342

File: 1453449425405.jpeg (66.22 KB, 480x480, image.jpeg)

That ugly bitch is from austria married an old as fuck host. He doesn't have any education and got a huge debt. That's why they live in his hometown. He can't find any work so he works at his family bakery

No. 84344

boring there's nothing bad about her

No. 84346

Who wants to marry a host with debt? I'm surprised she got a visa

No. 84347

File: 1453450929572.png (97.8 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Awwww our topmodel is scared.
Also the girl with the host husband is good friends with kisu

No. 84356

Maybe his parents jumped in as her guarantors?

No. 84376

Her instagram has always be on private though?

No. 84377

No. It was open before

No. 84388

I only knew it from when it was on private though. Got fed up with her only posting once in 10weeks so I unfollowed her

No. 84413

>>84342 lmao at all these european chicks

No. 84419

Edit: I think I followed her real private account back then. Didn't know this one here

No. 84433

File: 1453474666185.jpg (330.25 KB, 1006x1088, hnaotoad.jpg)


They've posted others in the past to. It's easier to get people to come to them applying and pay them shittier than go to an agency. But they use some agency models for past fashion shows or big press events

No. 84440

Why tf did she marry a host with debts? Lol
Any story about her?

No. 84459

that girl looks like bad ass bitch, damn.

No. 84462

> Who wants to marry a host with debt
someone with a death wish probably

iirc, arent there clubs run by yakuza?
no matter what country, where there is money, there are drugs/corruption/crime

No. 84465

Basically whole kabukichou is lead by the yakuza.you can't open a business there without having the 'right contacts'

No. 84475

Any story about her and how is she 'friends' with kisu and still alive?

No. 84510

Wow you guys are so retarded. She's a very sweet and nice person and has a legit job. As far as I know she even attended University.
That she's 'friends' with someone like kisu is a shame, but since it's more of an online thing it's not even that bad. So shut the fuck up and leave girls with serious jobs out of this thread. (Working at a bakery to pay of a depth is still better than getting lost in the red light of tokyo)

No. 84822

I am sorry to disappoint you all, but there are no stories about me or my husband. He never had any debt. We dont even live in his hometown. We both have education, normal jobs and are around 30. Feel free to check it out.

No. 84824

Thank you for your comment ♡

No. 84839

Your "friends" said something different.

No. 84840

Some people are posted here because there's milk on them. But you're definitely not the one who belongs here! Whoever posted you must be jealous af for that you're having a great life, with a good job and a sweet husband.

No. 84842

the samefagging is strong here

No. 84844

Sweet husband with only a high school degree <3 and debt because former kyakusan didn't pay. So he escaped to kagoshima

No. 84847

You got posted here because of your "friends" like gaya, sere and kisu
Take care who you trust

No. 84855


No she got posted here because like the other 60% of girls posted here, someone made up a bunch of shit to make this thread more milky.
We get it - you don't like Sere or Gaya, but hating on every person they've ever interacted with is reallllllllly petty.

No. 84856

I am sorry that my only mistake is to have gaya and kisu in my fb friendslist. I havent even met one of them or had otherwise contact.

If there are so many stories about me why dont you tell them instead creating the most easiest lies about my hubby cause he was host more than 6 years ago? Lol

No. 84859

File: 1453560995260.jpeg (143.54 KB, 640x726, image.jpeg)

What a mess

No. 84860

Bruh her husband quit hosting like 5 years ago where are you getting ur info from lol

No. 84861

No. 84862

Because he was a host and only high school he couldn't find any work. That's why he worked at his family bakery lol

No. 84864

File: 1453561828176.jpeg (135.73 KB, 558x713, image.jpeg)

Oh lord

No. 84865

She works at Zara you literally can't get any more boring, where's the milk?

No. 84866

It's pretty common knowledge that japanese sons/daughters have obligations to work for their parents business no matter where and what they were doing in the first place lmao

No. 84867

What's so bad about working for the parents business anyway? I'd be glad if my parents had an own business running for which I could work.

But as said before, that already has been years ago. OP is stuck in the past

No. 84871


No. 84900

Mayumi's hot af tho would bang 11/10

No. 84930

Definitely not, quite far from the truth actually. These girls are a minority but get attention for how incredibly lulzy they are. This IS lolcow.farm after all.

No. 85049

That austrian girl must be lurking everyday hahaha

No. 85058

File: 1453607354688.jpg (28.77 KB, 493x278, IMG_20160123_115620.jpg)

sere, u are so thirsty for drama. she posted a total of three times, but she's 10/10 lurking daily…

the milk is never going to happen.

No. 85063

File: 1453611912299.jpeg (105.57 KB, 960x539, image.jpeg)

Our famouse horse model was on tv

No. 85077

She is shittalking about others. No wondee she lurks here

No. 85078

When did she shittalk about others? And about who? C'mon girl, give proof

No. 85079

It was on kisus instagram

No. 85081

Screenshot please

No. 85082

Its already private

No. 85213

What happened to Barbie? Is she still in Guam? I haven't heard of her in ages

No. 85478

She's going to Manila, I think

No. 85803

For what? Isn't she making "mad cash" in Japan?

No. 85806

She needs to go wherever her husband goes as far as I understood. Amd he seems to be stationed in Guam. She's alling her trip a worcation working at the clubs down there

No. 85810

Barbie was an idiot who couldn't even get a Japanese man to marry here. Men in Japan are so desperate to marry so it's not that hard. She's just unrefined and can't speak Japanese so she was stupid and married a military guy. Should've just went to school and whore her way to the toppu like the rest of em'

No. 85964


British black-chan here! It's so true, it doesn't even matter about skin colour half the time. You do get desperate 30-something jap men or late 20s asking you for marriage. I remember asking one why he was so eager and he told me about how it's difficult, loneliness and shy personality. Usual shit Japanese say thanks to their mundane culture. Nah, it's just Barbie who's ratchet af. She'd easily use her color as an excuse but it's really her manky skanky self they don't like.

No. 86148

Unfortunatelly this comparison is good. Who's that?

No. 86159


No. 87632

You would think that, but she has to live with her BF as she can't afford a place by herself. Relying on someone else isn't being successful, it's scary.

That and she goes to deai cafe because the 3 jobs she works obvs don't pay very well.

No. 87642

What the hell is 'wrong' about living with your bf?!? You know, many people from the western world do that

No. 87664

Where the fuck do you live, anon? In many countries it's normal to live with your partner and pool your resources together.

No. 87669

I thought we had it clear that most people in this thread are vendetta or super jealous.

No. 87686

The katie thing must be vendetta that's for sure.

But nope, why should we be jealous of people without proper education who left to Japan to work as prostitutes there? I'm not jealous of these girls at all! Because I know so many people who live a 'normal' life in Japan, without the need to sell their bodies for some dollars and a drink, but with proper jobs, maybe also a family. Those people deserve my jealousy, but I know if I work hard I can also achieve that, without getting low class.

No. 87712

low class depends on peoples point of view
if you get to choose your customer and don't depend on it sex work can be pretty fun
agree or disagree but if the person is comfortable with it I don't see the problem

No. 87719

>without the need to sell their bodies
This has nothing to do with japan anymore. It's a sex worker issue. If they want to work as prostitutes, why not.

No. 87791

Why not? Because most of them do it illegally without a proper visa! They should go to countries like eg Germany where it's allowed to anyone, no matter what visa you have. Or they should have stayed in their home countries to begin with. Because going to Japan, just in order to sell your body? Wtf? Why? You can also do that in your home countries. And if you're comfortable with selling your body for sex that's ok, earn some money with it and then go to Japan on a holiday trip.

But they just see Japan as their holy grail, because lots of them were too lazy to just finish high school and then go to University or learn a proper job.

No. 87796

Some of them are studying in school or came to japan for -other- reasons but foreign women can make a ton as sex workers in japan. In germany tall blonde are a dime a dozen. In japan? A blonde white girl than can speak passable japanese selling her body? Foreign women in japan can make 3000 EUR a week with minimal effort and the Japanese police don't give a shit. Just admit that you hate them for vendetta.

In the case of gaya who has a marriage visa its legal. When sere had her marriage visa it wasn't illegal. You don't care about legality. Stop acting like you do.

No. 87798

Someone here sounds a little butthurt. Talking about yourself Gaya?

You can visit a language school, college etc in Japan without sellibg your body and the majority of people won't sell theirs, because they know it'll most likely not only ruin their reputation if someone finds out, but probably also their lifes. Once a prostitute, always a prostitute, goes for 99% of the people working in that business, though you can't do that job for all too long, usually it's over if you hit your early to mid 30's. No ome wants an old pusspuss if there's cheap fresh meat all around. None of you girls are thinking about your futures.

I don't mind doing these kind of things for a limited amount of time, if you run short of money and have no other possibility to pay your bills and some for some food. But Sere and her kind think that it is a reliable job in which they can work on and on 'til forever.

No. 87799

No i'm not gaya lmao. But melissa you're really shutting up this thread. Honestly why do you care so much bitch?

No. 87800

Shitting up. You're spouting a bunch of shit

No. 87801

>None of you girls are thinking about your futures

Again not Gaya but you sound salty as fuck. How do you know these girls aren't saving money and plan on starting their own enterprise?

There are tons of girls in japan who work as shop staff in 109 or Maid cafes and the likes. You can't do shit like that very long. Probably has a shorter life span of a career than a sex worker. With that said why do you care so much? You obviously aren't mentioning girls like yukapon and the likes who do short time jobs? You're just salty as fuck lol

No. 87806

Actually selling any form of penetrative sex in Japan is ILLEGAL. That counts for Japanese women too.

No. 87809

I think, "there's a difference between doing something out of choice than out of necessity" is what anon is trying to say.
Either way who cares, if 2 people are happy then their situation doesn't matter.

No. 87810

Not Melissa here.

Anyway, I know some of you girls personally and you're not capable of taking responsibility for your lifes.

I don't mention people like yukapon or the swampprincess here, because they've their own threads, they're as des illusioned as the girls in this thread here, just in a less harmful way.

I'm not salty, vendetta or jealous at all, because as I said, if doing these things for a short amount of time to get some money to pay rents, food etc, they're totally fine. You shouldn't brag about your illegal actions though. You should keep that stuff to yourself.

To working as a shop staff is even worse, you can't get StDs from working as a shopstaff, you won't ruin your reputation with working as a shopt staff, no people will actually see that you've done some reliable job to make your money instead of choosing the path of prostitution.

No. 87813

With perfect condom use and regular check ups, most sex workers have less instances of stds than the regular population. Not saying sere is smart enough to do that but just stating that. Also i don't think bragging is cool either(tax reasons, it looks tacky, someone can rob you…anything) so I agree on that part. However the only girl who openly brags is sere. the rest seem to do their business and go on. Melissa wants it to be a witch hunt where she herself has signed up as a sex worker in the brothels just to spy on them.
Again for gaya and some of the rest of them its not illegal and i don't see them bragging anyways.

No. 87814

Having sex for money is illegal for everyone in Japan. Being a hostess is only illegal if your visa limits what you can do work-wise.

No. 87817

Not true. Oral and anal and every type of non pentrative sex is legal in japan. look up "health" shops they're every where and ran legally. Only dick in vagina is illegal and theres no way to prove unless theres a sting op which they don't do in japan.

No. 87828

I legit see nothing wrong with what their doing. They are quite smart if you ask me.
>Be white
>Go to non white country
>Sell body because white girls rocks
>Non penetrative sex is legal
>Cops probably can't tell if the person has had p2v sex.
>Get shitload of cash.
I doubt they care about their reputation, prostitutes really don't.

And if you truly cared, you wouldn't be saying stupid remarks about their body, or her fucking nose. Admit that you guys don't, it's fucking lolcow, who cares.

No. 87870

Can you stop spreading bullshit?

No. 87874

What's your problem with melissa?
Your vendetta is fucking annoying

No. 87887

How is this bullshit? You are literally shitting this thread up. Go back to moralfagging on PULL

No. 87891

Your brain is fucked up.
nobody believes ur made up nonsense lol

No. 87894

Okay once and for all let's get this shit straight. Melissa you literally live in this thread and post vendetta shit about these girls all the time. It's not funny it's annoying and sad. I don't even know you outside of PULL so no vendetta. You're just really god damned cringy.

No. 87904

You think everybody is melissa
Girl, you have a problem

No. 87912

And here I am, eating popcorn and being happy to not be Melissa. I can write a shit load of tru stuff on here and no one will ever know who I am

No. 87953

I don't know you guys, people think all foreign girls in Tokyo are prostitutes no thanks to stupid bitches like these in this thread.

No. 88014

There might be not much who actually do that but the bad ones usually stand out more than people who do legit work in Japan. It's a fact.

No. 88041

Omg Melissa just stop. Or whoever it is posting in this thread with vendetta bullshit and just samefagging. Why is there even 3 threads for this shit?
There's no milk apart from Sere and Barbie and they have their own threads.

No. 88093

>>88014 That's my point, they think everyone does it though. The amount of times an old japanese guy approached me because I am foreign… I can't walk alone in ikebukuro at night without a creep asking how much. Never happens in other cities though, just where these stupid bitches are.

No. 88109

deal w/ it

No. 88111

Can agree

No. 88134

>>88109 brb moving to a city where white trash/european whores aren't in abundance :-)

No. 88136

I don't hang out in cities like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku etc… But I feel you anon :( it is extremely disturbing.
Although something like this happened to me in Akasaka and I had to walk through a hostess area. The touts really think you are going to work for them. Crazy…

No. 88138

if this thread were a mix tape the tracks would be -

I wanna live in Japan ft.vendetta
All European girls are prostitues ft.kirari
She's an attention whore ft i want attention
<explicit> i went to kirari to uncover girls at Kirari
she can't even speak Japanese ft konnichiwa
Is she trans? Ft. i wanna secretly be her
Is prostitution legal?
she calls herself a model ft. I hate myself

No. 88139

Don't forget the samefagging

No. 88173

>>88136 yeah it's hilarious, I was just trying to go to a bar and then my night was ruined.

>>88138 wow ur so funny i almost shat myself

No. 88178

Those touts ask ALL girls to work for them. Japanese, white, Fillipinos etc. the fact is there are tons of girls in Japan whoring themselves Japanese or not. Nobody is making you look bad.

No. 88179

Stop. Just stop.

No. 88189

I know this is a joke post but idc what anyone says, Yoshiki is gay af. I mean come on, look at him. Not to mention all his salty ex GFs who complained how they almost never got to see him cuz he was always "busy".

No. 88232

LOL Honestly who cares how people are getting here or living here as long as they're not scamming anyone or directly hurting anyone. Even it's illegal, which in many cases it's not, law is just law and it changes from time to time. It's not directly related to justice.

Either way if they are doing illegal stuff let them get caught on thier own. There are soo many filipinos, russians, chinese and koreans doing the same shit you are grilling these people on. Hating them for `Japan Holy Grail` thing….-you're even worse. Putting Japan on such a pedestal that you guys think its your responsibility to be moral police for a country you don`t even live in. It makes me laugh.

Sex work? Reputation blah blah blah. Not everyone has the same values and what makes you think you're so high and mighty to think your way of living is soooooooo much better than someone else's. You think these people are egotistical or self absorbed, you're no better.

ps. I'm not even a sex worker either. Just not my cup of tea but if they're cool with it and doing it on their own will then good for them.

No. 88676


No. 88873

Finally! Someone said it. I'm not the best at expressing my ideas.

No. 93313

You all think Katie is so nice when the reality is she don't pay her rent to her friend because she spent it all on playing. Manipulates and bitches about her friends behind they backs, nonstop plays the fucking victim card and gets her online followers to do her dirty work. Dhes ugly, can't do makeup for shit and do not brush her teeth too. Her ex told and watched her to make sure she brushed her teeth. She is always out playing because she do not have a proper job because she is a alt, so she makes her play money by having sex with old men and deai cafe. (There is photo of her at deai on the website) she still can not speak Japanese and puts on this fake silly voice and attitude. She also pretend she is a model but she actually only does for her friends… So many more reasons

No. 93336

Non of the white knights but why do you hate her so much? She's definitely annoying and can't dress for shit (like himezawa and if she had the money she'd definitely fuck up her face like taylor) but despite from that she's rather 'quiet' in my opinion.

I'm struggling with my opinion towards Shiena these days though. I really liked her because yes, there was some drama but I came after that, and she really seemed like working hard, but nowadays whenever I read one of her posts, I want to immediately send her to some mental health doctor since she seriously seems to struggle, just like sere and the other girls.

The only one of this group I really admire still now is Ashley.

No. 93345

Ashley… Yeah her good points is she takes care of her body and kid.

Bad parts is she's a cleptomaniac and pathological liar. She doesn't really have real life friends left because of this. She also does some shady work (not talking about kyaba ) but I don't really care that much about that

No. 93354

She lives with her boyfriend so IDK what you're talking about "she didn't pay her friend"
As the person she previously lived with….. yes she did pay rent… every time….. so wtf?

No. 93375

Maybe the person who wrote it IS the person she used to live with or a friend of hers. lol But Katie always paid her rent and she works a bunch of jobs at once with a proper visa. You can't get a visa unless you are full time

No. 93381

Does Shiena say insane things? So far she just seems to be a bit depressed but nothing too out of the ordinary.

No. 93389

she's just extremely vapid.
she used to keep a long winded blog about shit literally no one cares about, going into such detail about the most mundane things.
RIP my brain cells

No. 93390

File: 1455576805358.png (62.39 KB, 695x216, natto.PNG)

also natto merkel is on IG, its private tho

No. 93391

File: 1455576907306.png (490.37 KB, 644x325, ohlawdy.PNG)

are you melissa lol

but i do agree her new make is even worse than before. didnt think its possible

No. 93404

File: 1455578306709.png (370.28 KB, 1002x716, Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.15…)

Ash has a really nice body.

No. 93410

All the harlequin romance novel shit she wrote about Ai was pretty nutso

No. 93412

What happened was pretty tragic…

No. 93419

What site is that?

No. 93441

she's legit like white yumi king. and why the fuck is she biting her tongue?

No. 93445

Wtf is ash doing???????????????????? >>93404

No. 93475

No… its not because as I just stated "as the person she used to live with, she paid rent every time"
Thank u

No. 93526

Is she a cam hoe????

No. 93554

Whenever I hear Ashley I think of Ashley Parish and her visual kei embarrassment

No. 93559

Yeah, but they weren't even close. Sure, he slept with her every now and then, but he treated her like total shit during the times he didn't flat out ignore her. And she pretty much just saw him as a potential spouse visa

No. 93575

Hi lorena

No. 93577

Lorena spagnolo messinger is bored. Everyday she lurks

No. 93593


This is funny. I used to hang out with Katie and Emi back when they were friends, Emi was jealous because Katie was nice and popular and would make up bullshit about her and causing fights all the time. Emi started dating a uglyazz host and then went completely cray crying in Kabukicho all the time and street fighting her boyfriend. They stopped being friends I think but emi could never get it over it. Also as far as I'm aware Katie isn't an ALT and hasn't been for a long time. Seems like Emi digging up shit again. Good job gurlll stay relevant.
Katie helped my friend a lot when she first arrived with Tokyo and it seems like money wasn't an issue, which is why I'm calling out.

No. 93605

I don't know… She seems pretty shaken up and depressed over someone she wasn't close with…

No. 93612

Yeah that was how I remembered it too

No. 93819

Hi emi here, lol. Im not dragging shit up someone told me abt the comment made about katie so i came in and defended her twice just stating she did pay rent to me every time. We stopped living together and being friends for various reasons and yes I was VERY upset because I loved her like family.
I was never jealous of her, I could have came out and been as social as her, at least or pretended I wanted to be if I really wanted the same lifestyle. Its funny that since we stopped being friends all of my stuff has been private and I've kept myself out of this comm because actually…. I don't want to be a part of it? Lol. So IDK why people are bringing me into something involving people I haven't spoken to or been friends with for over a year.
I also never "went cray" in Kabukicho or street fought, but thanks for the overexaggerated drama in an attempt to make my life a little more interesting! All I do is go to work full time and keep myself to myself nowadays. That's how I like it.
To finish, I have no issues with Katie and hope she's doing well :-)
Thank you and goodbye!

No. 93880

Seems like it and nude photosets. Though I think she's been doing nudes for awhile just hasn't left evidence until now. But whatever puts the food on the table right?

No. 93904

Why would you even care?

No. 93907

Because as soon as I was shown it, I knew I would be next target.
People will always trash talk, I get that. People will always overexaggerate situations they know barely anything about because that's what people clearly deem as entertainment here, I get that too. I didn't want her or her friends to think I had been talking shit, so I came in on the defense, and told the truth. That's why I care.
The person that wrote the original comment clearly doesn't have native English anyway, so I really don't understand how/why the finger was pointed at me.
And if I wanted to "stay relevant" I definitely wouldn't do it by making myself a target or talking about irrelevant information that's almost 2 years old lol.
Are people going to still bring it up when it's 3 or 4 or 5 years old too? Loooool.
I have no issues with Katie or her friends and sorry that whoever brought all the shit up again it did. That's why I care and why I responded.
Thank you and goodbye!

No. 93908


No. 93931

That's really cute, I hope you guys can patch your friendship up again.

No. 93937

You did the right thing

No. 93971

File: 1455720189475.png (149.86 KB, 488x246, inger.png)

not vendetta or anything just curiosity
anyone know this norwegian girl that started a band in japan? i thought that's kind of cool. her voice isnt that good imo but whatever

also why does it seem like so many of the gaijin in japan or Scandinavian or german?

No. 93972

*are Scandinavian or german

No. 93976


Selfposting idiot. n1curr bout your stupid shitty band

No. 93997

nop but ok

her band is salty dog

No. 93998

At least she takes care of her child and husband. So, I don't mind. If sere was like that, I wouldn't mind her being a prostitute or whatever illegal stuff she's up to either.

No. 94017

>>93971 yeah tbh no one gives a fuck she isnt the first white bitch in a band in japan and they probably wont be famous tbh unless most of the fans are jp guys with a white fetish

No. 94023

>another white girl with an Asian husband and some kid that will get bullied, forcing her to bring her ching chong spawn back to America

God I hate them.

No. 94031

>back to America
So they can become the next supreme gentlemen? Fuck that leave them in japland so they don't get easy access to guns.

No. 94038

White women into Asian dudes are my pet peeve. If they prefer Asian dudes they should stay in a society created by Asian men. So many of them divorce though and come back.

You're right anon.

No. 94044

I luuuuv katie

No. 94048

tbh i really wish japan could stay homogenous. its one of the most unique things about is sociological atmosphere.
but at the same time i really wanna see how peoples views will evolve as full-blood japanese have fewer babies, gaijin fever proves too powerful, and haffus reign supreme

No. 94052

There aren't enough non Japanese to make a demographic impact.

Tbqh I'm sick of Asian guys attempting to get at me by calling white women whores, lolcows just promote negative stereotypes. Actually most white women dislike Asian men.

No. 94060

why is this thread so awful?
I mean curiously asking, everything seems to be posted in a vengeful way?

No. 94063

Lolcow is opposed to white women who are self hating fortunately.

No. 94095

Why do we have 2 active threads?

No. 94099

Because a few weeks ago lorena and her squad went a lil'crazy

No. 94110


I never even knew white girls and asian guys were a thing tbh. It's only because of the weebs did i even know this. i was shocked about the black girls being into asian men just as much… infact even more shocked…

No. 94111


It's kinda sad because Japan is a nice country. But I think it'll just end up full of half white japs in the future all gunning for a modelling career because one has blue eyes and is the spawn of Dakota rose or some shit.

No. 94129

I hate both Dakota and Yukapon and consider them two sides of the weeb equation. Yukapon is this totally broken, fucked up, daddy issues ridden girl with no self-esteem, she's the sort of girl who posts on /r9k/ and says that she isn't like the other girls. She's fueled by subconscious and explicit self-loathing.

Dakota, on the other hand, is this girl who was never popular in school but desperately wanted to be the proverbial queen bee, so she suffers from arrested development in that mindset. She's driven by a childish mentality where the world is and always will be high school and subcultures are these things you attach yourself to successively like a social butterfly in order to leverage social capital from them.

You can see this in their respective characters. Dakota purposefully cultivates a mean girls persona, being purposefully bitchy because that's how she imagines girls who have high social capital to be (caricatures again). Yukapon has such abysmally low self-esteem that the mere thought of ever standing up to someone wouldn't even occur to her, hence her getting used continually.

These two archetypes of weebdom are essentially the two types that go or want to go to Japan, want to marry Asian men (yuck) and so on. They sit on opposite ends of the weeb spectrum but their respective behavior is just as dysfunctional as each others.

No. 94131


What about Venus?

Tbh right now everyone is sucking her asshole so idk if you can slate her.

No. 94132

The models who model in Japan that we never hear about or any drama from are probably the most normal ones there. Everyone online is a nut job or a weeb.

No. 94133

Look at the one constant among all of the major Japan-based lolcows: They're all asian fetishists with asian boyfriends or husbands. Normal, well adjusted white women do not want fuccboi asian men. Fact.

Don't know enough about Venus. I'm surprised people seem to be letting her so easily off the hook and piling onto her mother. The apple never falls far from the tree in my opinion.

No. 94136


Pretty much, I agree tbh. They're all the same, no matter who whether black/white weebs they all end up doing the same shit.

Everyone is literally licking Venus out. I understand her mum was a bitch to her, I get it and cool for her leaving. But she is definitely getting a pat on the back and "poor u omg ur so amazing". We don't know enough about her yet and give it time, something will fuck up.

No. 94228

Venus still seems to suffer from the basic weeb illness I outlined above. Obsessed with Japan, marrying an Asian, staying there forever and wanting to become Asian eventually.

No. 94231

Re: all the Katie drama. I used to follow sugar-honey-iced-tea on tumblr while she was raging against her. She is still so batshit, I would not be surprised if she is making the vendetta comments like >>93313. Especially since she is super jelly Katie lives in Japan and she just had to leave since her vacation ended.

I don't know Katie from a hole in the wall, I only started following her a few months ago, but sugar-honey-iced-tea is definitely still crazy. She even made this weird post about some of her past drama with katie as a way to… prove a point about something? I can't remember but I can find it if anyone cares. Katie just told her to stfu and leave her out of it lol.

I would not be surprised if sugar-honey-iced-tea is still bitter as fuck and raging, she gives off sociopath vibes something fierce.

No. 94301

internet famous ppl dating/marrying a japanese guy automatically equals weeb?

No. 94309

But katie is in the wrong too. She sent all her internet friends against that girl

No. 94324

Oh come on. Look at some of these people.

They have absolutely no identity of their own.

You're just mad.

No. 94335

Actually I think S-H-I-T apologized and Katie accepted and told everyone to leave her alone. If it was me, I wouldn't have accepted lmao.
S-H-I-T still posts sly digs about Katie on her Tumblr and it seems like she got herself an ugly Japanese boyfriend to try and follow the trend.
I don't think dating Japanese people equals weeb though, unless it's to prove a point.

No. 94341

>I don't think dating Japanese people equals weeb though

It's rare for non weeb white women to like Asian men.

No. 94347

So people can't date outside their race?

No. 94348

Weebs > move to Japan > Japan is full of Japanese people.

Idg why people are surprised when people who live in Japan have Japanese partners. They live where the Japanese people are.

No. 94353

They're usually fixated on Asian men prior to going to be fair.

No one said that. But it is fact that the majority of white women find Asian men to be undesirable relative to other races.

No. 94355

>>94335 mad at what? i was asking a question. are you stupid? LOL

No. 94357

sorry i meant >>94324 :)

No. 94428

what do you think about foreigners that end up dating japanese but with a huge language barrier? like the gaijin can barely speak moon and forget about that nihonjin speaking english.
i always thought those relationships are weird.

No. 94429

Oh katie accepting the apology was definitely a case of "keep your enemies closer." I know those sly digs you are talking about, s-h-i-t is incredibly unstable but continues to blame it all on having aspergers. I don't blame katie for pretending to be on her good side to avoid more wrath.

No. 94434

People can date outside of their race but we're talking about those who have an unusual fixation on Asian guys.

They think these guys are going to be like Asian drama heroes or generally have unrealistic ideas about them because of anime and Korean dramas.

But to be fair, the same kind of people who only want to date white foreigners exist in Asia as well.

No. 94456

>>94428 YUP. Shit is fucked up, a relationship can't even work. My bf is Japanese but speaks English well since he studied in my country for a few years. But we still misunderstand each other from time to time especially when we have fights and it causes the fight to escalate lol… I can speak moonspeak but I can't really understand his dialect of moonspeak so we almost always just speak English, idk how weebs do it.

No. 94486

Doomed to failure. Not even in my most desperate moments did I contemplate an actual LTR with someone I could barely communicate with.

>But to be fair, the same kind of people who only want to date white foreigners exist in Asia as well.

I used to know this white guy who grew up in Singapore. I remember him telling me how weird it was when you became conscious of the fact you have people wanting to sleep with you purely because of your race.

He said he took advantage of it for a bit but after a while it just feels so hollow and the sort of people you get involved with through racial fetishes so vacuous that it makes you genuinely depressed.

If a typically thirsty dude can realize being fetishized isn't cool, why is it so hard for white female weeaboos?

No. 94487

File: 1455823614227.jpg (39.95 KB, 500x500, dnw.jpg)

>My bf is Japanese

No. 94492

>>94487 ok? so that means i cant comment on weeaboos in japan and their behavior with japanese guys? lmao

No. 94497

agreed…. i have friends that speak english totally fine but totally do not understand nuances so there are many instances of lost meaning and misunderstandings…
i cant imagine spending more than a day with a non-native speaker. you literally have to talk like they are a child… personally i cant tolerate it but props to those who help others learn another language.
dont listen to da haterz

No. 94498

> i cant imagine spending more than a day with a non-native speaker
shit that sounds horrible. i meant cant spend a day with someone that knows 0 english.

No. 94501

I have worked with Japanese people that don't speak English and SHIT IS HARD despite me knowing Japanese to an extent. Dating someone that doesn't speak English would be purely physical, and tbh a Japanese guy who a weeb is fetshizing would get tired of their boring ass and leave.

No. 94543

I think it depends on the kind of person you are. At least one in the relationship has to be open minded when dating someone who isn't from your culture. I dated someone on and off then on again over the course of 4-5 years and honestly it's really amazing what you can get across through things other than words. While I could not be sure of it when it was happening, as my language skills got better and better I realized the things I intuitively guessed on where actually accurate. It's harder for sure. But it's only a temporary state if at least one side is willing to learn the language of the other

No. 94546

Yeah ash may take care of her child/ husband but she fucks over any person who ever was close to her. The thing is she only fucks over people who are super close to her and often picks targets that are more stoic honorable type so they don't bother posting online exposing her for the user, liar, thief birch she is

No. 94547


Well maybe stoic honorable is not the right word. But high pride rather deal with things in private one on one type than spilling everything online

No. 94550

Your Japanese probably isn't that good then. I have had partners and friends who only speak Japanese but since I can actually speak the language it's not that much of a problem. There's only small problems that can be easily fixed by an electronic dictionary. Most of these girls speak shitty Japanese so of course it's hard.

No. 94561

>despite me knowing Japanese to an extent
that anon didnt say they were perfect.
even if you understand some moongo, if neither party is fluent, its just hard

No. 94564

Yeah that's why I said your Japanese must have been shit. You either speak the language or you don't.

No. 94576

The people in this thread sound retarded.
"I can't spend more than one day with a non-native speaker"
"You either speak the language or you don't"
The world is full of people who speak different languages, at different levels. You can still have a relationship with someone who's not fluent in your language, it's not really a big deal. You sound like ignorant Americans who have never been overseas or studied another language kek

No. 94594

Anon are you retarded? Do you think you are either fluent in a language or not? You missed the point of my posts, I'm saying there are instances that non-native people can't communicate to native Japanese speakers in Japanese. Like did you learn Japanese in one day? One year?

No. 94595

Also samefag here but >>94550 I wrote that my partner speaks a different dialect of Japanese that is hard to understand, and he doesn't speak regular Japanese cuz he's from the country. Are you also fluent in every fuckin dialect? If not then kindly shut the fuck up lmao

No. 94605


They're probably ugly in their home country so come to a place where they'll be put high high up on dat pedestal and showered with attention for simply being white. No different from the pathetic white men who go to asia tbh.

No. 94683

Doesn't mean you can't communicate at all. There are more ways to communicate than just words. I often pay a huge attention to eyes while talking even in my own language. It changes the meaning of what they are saying completely sometimes.

No. 94711

My heart bleeds.

No. 97439

Sometimes I worry that my boyfriend is only dating me because I'm white….

No. 97515

well its definitely not for your personality

No. 97715

How come Shani isn't talked about here that much? She's overstayed her visa three times after being kicked out of language school a few years ago for stealing from donkihote and she has a 60 year old married Japanese guy as a boyfriend. She's friends with all the cows like Sere and Katie and she can't dress for shit. She stuffs her fat 6feet body into dresses meant for anorexic Japanese girls and her weave is always ratty and she looks like a cheap street whore everywhere she goes. Shani is a majorrrrrr cow.

No. 97720

I don't understand this thread or know who shani is but I can't stop laughing at "fat 6feet body" for some reason. Is her height that annoying to you?

No. 97721

And sells her body

No. 97728

I get that Sere is a cow but Shani and Katie definitely aren't. It's weird that the same vendetta-chan keeps bringing them up though without any actual evidence. One works and the other is a student and there is no evidence to say otherwise, the accusations are getting dumb, there are a lot more interesting people to talk about in Japan. Thus smells like vendettaaa

No. 97731


Also I don't think either of them are friends with Sere? Maybe before her Britney Spears break down kek
Sounds like bitter Betty wasn't allowed to join their friend circle. Aw.

No. 97733

It's been established Katie and her faggy friends come here so disregard posts about "vendetta" because it's them. Nobody has a vendetta. You and your entire group Katie look awful and cannot speak Japanese. You're cows.
>one works
Katie is a basic English teacher like every other eurofag in Japan. Doesn't require any real qualifications so stop acting like its an accomplishment. Katie looks uggo as hell cant speak Japanese despite being in Japan for 5 years and she wears shit like Lolita to traditional shrines. She's a cow down to the wire. Just because they're your friends doesn't make this vendetta.


Shani has been in school for at least 6 years including visa hopping. When is she going to graduate? She has a delusion that Japan will let her stay forever in a language school/visa hopping but they will catch her. Not to mention she steals most of her clothes and works in kyaba.

>why does her height/weight matter?

Her choice of clothing is awful. Her ass is hanging out all the time, and her blonde ratty hair makes her look like a Atlanta street whore. she's fat as hell despite living in Japan and is generally a dirty person. She's a cow. If she dressed for her body type and invested in decent weave she would actually look tolerable despite her donkey face.

Katie's groups are the biggest cows in Japan.Pheonix smells like shit and dresses horribly,Katie's boyfriend is a faggot(I've seen him in 2chome) whose using her as a beard.theyre all cows and worth talking about.

No. 97734

Nobody wants to be associated with those visa hopping weebs. Now that I spilled the milk shut the fuck up about "vendettas".

No. 97735

um there's pictures of Shani in the Tokyo date club whore house with sere and there's a screenshot of Katie's ad on Craigslist.

No. 97750

Simmer down, this is starting to sound more ridiculous by the minute.
They're actually not my friends but I get bored of the bullshit spread over this particular thread by the same vendetta Chans over and over.

If Shani wants to continuing studying than that's her choice, who the fuck are you to tell people when to stop education.
Katie hasn't even been in Japan for three years (?) and she has a bunch of Japanese friends for someone who doesn't speak Japanese. The 2chome thing is a joke because being in a certain district doesn't make you gay, this is where you be trolling.
Plus don't they all live in Shinjuku?
Fail argument is fail.

I can't speak for Phoenix but it seems like another lot of bullshit.

No. 97751

I didn't know walking in 2chome makes you gay. Whelp, guess I'll stop walking that way to work, I don't want any vendettas up in here kek

No. 97754

Whoever keeps saying "there are photos of…" and not delivering, you're obviously retarded. Stop trying to make this board into your personal army. The fact that you are checking those date cafes and websites means you have a desperate vendetta against these girls and all you've come up with is stupid accusations.
There are a lot of worse girls in Japan and I'm starting to think you're one of them.

No. 97758

If you're going to same fag you could at least try and space it out dumb fuck

No. 97759

>bunch of Japanese friends
You mean those harajuku fags who are only using her? nah those aren't friends.
She's not continuing studies. Why would you be in language school for 5+ years? You should be fluent in Japanese already.considering she has a criminal record as well as visa hopping bitch will
Be deported this summer most likely.

No. 97773

Shanis lvl of kanji reading and writing is basically zero. She's openly admitted this several times, to which fucking language school she goes??? Also you can't extend the language school visa for longer than 3years

No. 97792

Proof or shut up it's annoying

No. 97798

has already been posted in this or the previous thread

No. 97802

Shani doesn't go to school. She tells everybody she goes but truth is she works as prostitute

No. 97883

How do you know though? Why do you keep posting the same shit over and over in this thread. No one even cares about people's kanji level?

We get it, you don't like these girls. But posting the same shit over and over is dumb.

No. 97884

Do these white girls who go to JP and do this sort of shit have dads?

I legitimately and unironically feel sorry for their dads, if they do have them.

No. 97896


Cos most girls who run off to Japan with weebfever either want to be famous or have issues

No. 97923

Read the thread bitch. It's already been posted a picture of Shani in the prostitution place sere goes to with a picture of her wearing the same outfit on her instagram.
Shani has been in school in Japan for 5 years but can't speak or read Japanese, has visa hopped and stolen. She will be kicked the fuck out soon. She has no real goals in Japan and like delandra she's crazy as hell.

No. 97926

Shani shut the hell up. If you've been in Japan for so long you should have some language capabilities. You're a cow and so is Katies and all your little harajuku friends.

No. 98003

Someone's jelly they cannot go to Harajuku.

So everyone who goes to Harajuku is crazy and lolcows? Do you know how stupid you sound.

No. 98006

>>98003 lmao harajuku is gross. I avoided that place the last time I went there because of all the fucking weebs

No. 98022

Lol shani hasn't been in Japan for 6 years. It's more like visiting back and forth for 1-2years and in school for the last year or so. I know because I got here before her and she came wayyy later around the same time or a little after Katie.

Who cares what people wear to shrines? I didn't know there's a dresscode for shrines.

Visa hopping? What do you expect people to do? Come here for a year and go home? The only way to stay in Japan is to go from visa to visa unless you get married. Which people on here will blast you for anyway. Sounds like someone is mad they aren't here.

No. 98040

>visiting back and forth
>visa hopping.

and yes if you go yo a shrine in Lolita it makes you a fucking cow. If someone went to church or a mosque in booty shorts and a bra it would be just as cringe worthy.

No. 98041

File: 1456380991260.jpeg (237.97 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

nobody likes harajuku besides middle school kids and weebs.heres Katie and her "tons of Japanese friends" at fashion walk.

No. 98042

>how can I stay in Japan without visa hopping?

Actually get a goddamn education and get a job. Katie did it easily and it's super easy to get a job in Japan. Visa hopping, aka going back and forth out of Japan, is illegal. You will get caught

No. 98049

That's not the Harajuku fashion walk event you retard. Get your facts right before you post.

No. 98062

There literally are no rules concerning what you wear to a shrine or temple. If you went with booty shorts no one would care. You can't really compare shrines to churches or mosques when it comes to that.

No. 98066

Lol it's not illegal to go back and forth. Especially if you're going back to your home country a lot. And while doing it too many times might raise suspicion you are working illegally, if you are staying in your home town for like 3 months too sometimes it's not a big deal since Japanese people all have the image westerners are loaded.

There are a lot of business men that go back and forth all the time. There are also people who's work is mostly computer based so they go back and forth easily.

Also going from student visa to student visa isn't suspicious either. But there is a max number of years you can be a student.

And no there is no rule about what you wear to shrines and not exactly disrespectful since you are decently covered up. Also a lot of churches that tourist go through alot don't normally have a dresscode. Mosques are a little different since they're kinda… Well strict.

No. 98068

Notice how whenever Shani or Katie are mentioned someone immediately comes to their rescue despite neither of them being well known?

>Businessmen go back to back

Business men in Japan have proper working visas. Shani going in and out on visa runs without a visa -is- illegal and they will ban you because you can't keep getting tourists visas.
>You can wear anything you want to a shrine, not true again. If you really want to be that person it isn't illegal or anything but why would you want to be that weeb who disrepspects a family's shrine by going in lolita? lolita isn't seen normal by japanese people so by pushing your weeb fashion there are no excuses.

No. 98069

Yes its that or some weeb fucking event in Harajuku don't know don't care. they all look ridiculous and the two black girls look like prostitutes. Katie can't speak japanese and she doesn't have japanese friends besides her homosexual bf.

No. 98070

Japan is not a theme park where you can escape reality,,,,,,. These bitches have srs mental issues.

No. 98071

I don't think they are white knighting them as such, but if you attack people for being students or Harajuku freaks then people will probably stick up for them.

No. 98072


>> Disrespects family's shrine.

Lmfao I'm done sorry. Please learn about a culture before you 'defend' it. It literally seems like one person samefagging the shit out of this thread with this vendetta.
We aren't white knighting these bitches, but what you're saying is wrong. You don't know shit about visa status or what is considered acceptable in Japan so just stop its embarrassing.

No. 98074

Thats the problem. She's not a student she's a visa hopper and works in kyaba, possibly a man and looks horrid. Her and Katies group are all huge fat cows lol. You bitches are too sensitive .

No. 98075

You aren't proving how Im wrong.

No. 98076

Js when I went to a school trip to a temple in Japan we were asked not to wear shorts, skirts, show cleavage etc in respect to the monks and the temple.

No. 98098

There is a maximum amount of days per year you're allowed to be in Japan - upon entry you get a 90day visa waiver, which can be extended for another 90 days.

No. 98100

it only matters if you are trying to come back to america. they lock that shit down.
otherwise no other country cares if you hop around.

No. 98105


Craiglist ad of Katie????

No. 98108


>>> we were asked not to wear shorts, skirts, show cleavage etc

Yes because showing skin/being provocative is the same as wearing a Lolita dress which showcases modesty/ full coverage yep totally the same

Lolita isn't uncommon to wear around busy parts of Japan or shines, especially during holidays. Katie just looks terrible when she does it.

No. 98185

File: 1456432107571.png (215.5 KB, 432x338, Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.26…)

her accent… its not purely australian? thats not what australians sound like right?
"i'm going to japan for about a yeea."
"what am i going to miss while we are not togeddah"

No. 98261

This thread seems to be full of girls who have no idea of what life in Japan (incl praying in Japan - a "family's shrine", what?!) is like yet like to vilify girls who actually live here for perceived "transgressions". I don't care for the girls in this thread, but you guys are just ridiculous.

No. 98265


Most middle sized shrines in Japan are ran and held up by families. Also it still doesn't take the fact that an adult thinks it's appropriate to wear fucking Lolita to a religious site.

No. 98272

She's sounds like an Aussie to me.

No. 98279

Australian accents vary quite a lot depending on class and location, very few of us actually have a typical "purely" Aussie accent.

No. 98293

File: 1456452350275.jpg (145.56 KB, 823x549, image.jpg)

Umm sometimes I see Japanese Lolitas at shrines esp when it was more of a lifestyle thing awhile back. ( I didn't take this photo but here's an example )

No. 98297

File: 1456452620448.jpg (104.62 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

It might even be the appropriate attire lmao

No. 98300

A lot of business men go on traveler visa. They are being paid via their own currency back home so no they are not on working visa. I know some models and musicians who do the same thing.

It is not illegal to go back and forth. Though as I said earlier, doing it many times may raise suspicion you are illegally working.

You guys clearly don't know your shit. And ps. Not everyone or even many goes to live in another country just to be an average whatever is there. That's the beauty of experiencing more than one culture–picking and choosing what you want from it. If one isn't normal in their own country why would they be normal in a foreign country? Clearly there's too much glorification of normal. It's a shame because the best part of western culture is valuing individuality.

No. 98372

Embarrassment? Do tell

No. 98405

File: 1456511624427.png (541.13 KB, 582x588, un.png)

No. 98412

What a mess

No. 98413

No. 98638

Oh this is the crazy chick that stalks and wants to sleep with that one indiefag band guy but also dresses exactly like him? I met her once at a live with a mutual friend and followed her twitter before learning she was crazy. Her whole twitter is constant complaining how "oh he payed attention to me" hints then "wah he never loved me anyway". Bitch he loves your money not you obviously. Also what guy wants to sleep with an ugly cosplay version of themselves?

No. 98641

File: 1456591805650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.28 KB, 338x589, image.jpg)

It's funny that so much time has passed that more people know about this vkei girl more than the gal one. But I'll never forget which cow came first.

No. 98768

Hi sere lol

No. 98793

So is she openly saying she's a whore now by doing porn?

No. 98798

God those two are the queens of gyaru cows.

No. 98800

cam =/= porn
at least she does it to take care of her kid. how pathetic do you have to be to pose as a horndog dude on a cam site to get access to another girls nudes? rofl

No. 98812

>>98638 right??? some girls are fucking stupid like obv these guys are into girls that look like sluts not horse faced shemen

No. 98834

Ohhh man has her internet persona got you fooled. Ashley only looks out for herself and her spawn. She is a conniving little bitch who will fuck over anyone who gets close to her. That's why she only has shallow friendships or internet friendships. She has a history coming all the way back from America. But it's hard to expose this user because she likes to erase her photos and lie about her past and she's an expert of playing victim. Try arguing with her when you catch her screwing you over. She will start crying and start an over dramatic self-pity soliloquy to make it look like she's the victim. Classic case of whoever cries first.

It's sad really, deep down inside I think she has middle child syndrome and some innate problem that causes her to steal things that aren't hers all the time from identities to money to small stuff like a lipstick or something. Or she's just a pathogical liar, theif and user.

It's hard to even say this because she is the type who will twist the image around to make her look like a matyr since she has all day to sharpen her internet army.

In short don't trust this bitch. And it was never about the nudes. But it's the only thing that might hurt her a little since one of the most important things to her is her reputation. If I felt really vicious I'd send these to her man-child husband whom she keeps a lot of secrets from. But I don't want to release her out in the world where she can hurt someone again. For now she's her mother-in-law's problem since neither Ashley or her husband can keep a stable income.

No. 98840

um……pretty sure I've seen her in other pictures with more Japanese friends. And no not Katie here.

No. 98841

And you know nothing john sno– I mean anon……

No. 98843

Only yumi and she sees her only once every 3-6 months. Ashley won't screw over Japanese girls because unless she's using her body she don't know how to manipulate very well in Japanese.

No. 98844

Sorry mis-took which post you're replying to.

No. 98877

What is her twitter? I've just seen some pictures on Instagram and figured they were friends

No. 98906

>>98877 nah she paid to take pics with him at instore events

No. 98916

How do you know this? Are you friends with her? meant about the paying part, I guess you can figure out the rest from looking at pictures

No. 98926

>>98916 do you know how visual kei works? everyone pays to take pictures with them (buy x amount of CDs and you can get a ticket for the event), that's how instore events work.

No. 98935

Ah, no sorry I only attend certain lives. I don't pay to get to see them in person.

No. 98975

haha i know right. her lolita days and even before that, that horrible skit she forced her dad to join in on during some con

No. 98978

File: 1456691559722.png (713.92 KB, 575x576, Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 3.31…)

also shes balding

No. 98997

Any other pics?
Cause that could just be bad lighting (like the whole Demo Lovato?=Poor ordeal)

No. 98999

I thought her hair is blonde there…

No. 99029

She's so creepy. Isn't she stalking some jrockers in Japan?

No. 99041

I found pics of her at kirari haha
Howd buy that

No. 99042

File: 1456707905009.png (619.58 KB, 565x538, Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.03…)

her roots are snow white ?
in this pic, its shaved on the side but you can see her part is thinning.
her hair/scalp probably cant stand the intense regimen of vkei hair styles

No. 99043

File: 1456708073669.png (449.68 KB, 436x576, Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 8.06…)

all the 'what the fucks' aside, she might be the first cow in history to take the advice 'you are not suited to dress like ___ stop it!'
(she used to be lolita/gyaru but this vkei is sooo much better for her angular horse face.)

No. 99058

Holycrap, she really is going bald. How often does she get her hair done?

She still dresses lolita/gyaru from time to time though.

No. 99074

Most likely blonde roots, it looks that way if you dye it dark. When my roots grow out my hair looks like that way as well. I can assure you that I'm not blading.

No. 99152

No her natural hair is dark colored(dark dark brown/black) you can see it in old pictures of her. She is balding.

No. 99157

File: 1456760506704.jpg (244.58 KB, 1174x1286, inuash.jpg)



No they are not friends. Bandman don't take pictures with fans unless they are paying for them. You buy a certain amount of goods at lives to get a picture with them for many small bands like that. Or for instore buy the CD. Pic related.

Her being a fan isn't the crazy thing, but she stalks this guy and thinks he really loves her because he says a few nice words when she pays to take a picture with him.

No. 99187

The thinner, uglier, yet nicer and cooler version of Rosaire.

No. 99528


>>>nicer and cooler

You obviously haven't met her

No. 99545

do annoying jvloggers belong in this thread?

"hey guys, I can't speak Japanese fluently enough to hold a conversation with actual Japanese people, and my husband is too passive to actually have an opinion on something, but I just learned it's this super cool and amazing thing thats special to Japanese people! Nihonjin are smart enough to not stoop to such level. Only us loud and annoying gaijin have the audacity to actually take a side on an issue! Thats why I totally don't even have opinions anymore lolz"

No. 99574

remember when ashley and shiena had their youtube account called trouble in tokyo which only consisted of them chasing hosts on the street? would watch those videos again for the cringe.

No. 99579

I actually like those videos. They're funny and show the downsides of the nightlife over there

No. 99583

i loved those videos. they were so trashy. i wish there were more

No. 99584

yep i kinda wanted to have any annoying youtuber thread or annoying jvlog thread but here will do

No. 99585

wow rachel is becoming ~so japanese~

No. 99592

I'm actually surprised at Ashley. In the back of my mind I was wondering how she was surviving with he husband just being a call centre worker…

No. 99614

File: 1456866675467.png (129.37 KB, 799x532, lol.png)

Not an lolcow or snowflake but I found this hilarious. It's not even like she tries to hide it. Why are these girls so open with this kind of stuff. Is she proud of this or something?

No. 99641

How the hell do these young weebs get into glorious nippon and work as strippers, hostesses etc? They haven't done a bachelors to get a work visa. I'm so confused.

No. 99661

Student visa and working at a maid cafe isn't illegal like being a stripper is. That girl is really ugly and cringey but she's not doing anything illegal besides being a huge weeb. Kind of like Katie.

No. 99662

>maid cafe
are you talking about 'hostess' lol?

No. 99669

Being a stripper in Japan if you're a foreigner is illegal? How come gaijin are doing it and parading around?

No. 99675

that person has no fucking clue what they're on about.

i know that for people with holiday work visas they aren't supposed to work at night clubs or anything lewd, but a lot of them do. other than that you have to work in the field you get your visa in.

No. 99678

Thanks anon. I'm planning to get a working holiday visa, and although I plan on teaching English as a side job and as a last resort I'm kind of considering gogo because I have experience in it. Seemed a bit odd if it was illegal since it seems really common?

No. 99687

The girl from tumblr works in some maid cafe sort of thing. It's in a gray zone but it's not as explicitly illegal as hostess or stripper. Either way she should shut her mouth. The reason these girls brag is for recognition amongst one another lol

No. 99688

I said Maid cafes are legal but stripping is illegal. Learn to read you stupid simian fuck.

And for your work visa you can get part time job permit just like students get. You can't do any nightlife work so Gogo is a total gray area. Honestly if you did it though nobody would give a fuck.

No. 99694

I notice that there seems to be a massive misconception about what actually gets people deported from countries on these gossip sites. A lot of the time immigration have to weight the pros and cons to whether it is worth the money to deport someone who is doing illegal stuff.

Usually sex work doesn't get people deported unless it is obvious and disrupting peoples lives. E.i a prostitute on street corners is obviously gonna grab more attention the sere and her online sex ring. If someone commits a serious crime such as battery, rape or murder then they will most likely be get deported at somepoint. If they commit theft then there's a possibility that they won't as although it can affect someone's livelihood, one theft of a sandwich or a designer top won't really dent someone's profits too much.

Now what I'm saying is that the Japanese gov won't spend a shit load of money trying to deport someone (coz deportation cost A LOT esp considering that some people will evade the police) unless they have the evidence that there crimes are worthy of the money spent.

Also if someone is smart and they wanna leave Japan for a little then they would just get rid of there illegal work evidence.

Can people please stop asking why sere and others haven't been deported now. This shit is getting old. I'm not saying that this is right. I'm just saying that it's simple and it makes sense how they get away with it.

No. 99723


Well, Sere is still violating the law being under a spouse visa and not living with her spouse nor is she taking care of her child.
Good enough reason for me to get her out. Why should immigration make a difference with her? So then everybody could just marry for a visa and live in nipponlando forever

No. 99728

Why do you care so much though

No. 99753

This so much. They only deport prostitutes here if they're involved in a really big forced trafficking thing. Japan doesn't give a shit about hookers and it's only illegal for a man to pimp a woman. Most Japanese girls have tried being sugar babies, escorts or anything at least once. Stop a-logging. Sere is lol cow but she's not going to be deported any time soon.

Nobody is justifying her anon. The former post is only saying that the Japanese government will not invest thousands of dollars they don't have into deporting one hooker from Australia unless she assaults someone or something.

No. 99846

yea its funny there a lot of enko accounts on twitter/IG, japanese girls just waiting for a man to message her, and pay her to date. its really not uncommon. same as the SB community on tumblr

No. 99847


No. 99849

File: 1456932074383.png (644.67 KB, 633x621, Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.2…)

just a shani clone. nothing to see here

No. 99889

Why post it then?

No. 99989

She looks like she has a goat mouth when she doesnt close her lips

No. 100002

Technically, yes. Or keep renewing a work visa for about 10years and paying taxes. (And yes, most of these jobs are lower paying and a lot less options and yes, you can be here for x amount of years and still have to go back because you failed to get a new visa because your shit job that provided the visa is being shitty to you. And yes, if you switch to tourist visa at any time between work visas, your cycle starts all over again and it's another 10years from there. And no, even if you make it to the 10year mark with paying all your taxes, it doesn't garuntee your stay. So get ready to get married at some point to ironically relieve your chains and be treated human or take the next option I'm going to list which is the same bullshit only you own a company and it costs a lot of money ) Or make your own company and self sponsor a business visa.

In short, marriage is the fastest way to start being treated human here

No. 100005

Unless you plan to get married in your 30s or later, you will probably faster find a partner and get a marriage visa faster than permanent residency any other way.

No. 100010

She deleted/changed her Instagram?

No. 100049


No. 100068


I agree. I can't judge girls who get married here if the guy and everyone is in on it. Renewing an English teaching visa every so years is tiresome unless you plan on moving back home. There's so many single men in Japan so it's easy to get married to a decent middle class guy.

No. 100069

>>100068 why not marry for love? whats so magical about nipponland anyway that ya'll go to great lengths unless you're heavily in a subculture or underground scene I'd understand but normal people? rly???

No. 100079


Normal people outside of subcultures marry for conventional reasons all the time. Im not married but I'm in Japan and I see southeast Asian women marry men here all the time to live in Japan. The same thing happens in America for Latino and Asian women marrying for citizenship. The west is the only place where people think marriage should be 100% about *~true love~* marriage should be about a combination of things including comparability, financial situation, strengthening both families and most eastern cultures practice that with a combination of love. Plus tons of white guys marry Japanese women just for visas. I don't believe in tricking a guy for a visa but at the same time it's a fair trade off. The man gets a decent lookin gaijin waifu in a country where it's hard to get a woman to marry and the girl gets to live without worrying about visa. What's the problem.

No. 100082

she looks cuter than shani but I am puzzled by her face, I wish these girls would stop doing their makeup like this and pursing their lips so that they look like they have none

No. 100085


I honestly am so sick of hearing the same over and over about these hookers and strippers, the milk is dry, yall are beating a dead horse.

Now let's talk about horseface instead I'm dying to hear more.

No. 100306


No. 100308

This is alltotally true, except most of these white women are "otaku" and they think it's cool to date/marry Japanese guy the same level as it's cool to have an exotic dog for pet. Literally the same. Many of them can't even recognize which Asian guy is handsome and which is not. Basically all are hansome (same) to them. It'a a bit humiliating.

Other than that, economical status is very important for the marriage.

No. 100309

Meh- let them learn their own mistakes and most of these women you are talking about end up with Japanese guys who think the same way about them. So let them be eachother's exotic pets.

On the other hand what else do you expect when you are living in Japan. There's a higher chance of dating a Japanese guy than a guy from somewhere else because, I don't know, that's just the majority of the population.

No. 100316

Or you could just get married to a Japanese guy for love. 2 birds 1 stone etc.

No. 100543

Why not just be a prostitute?

No. 100547

All traditional dating is like prostitution then dumb fuck. If you're some tumblr fag who believes in men and women going Dutch on dates then that's cool but it's shown the reason why western people divorce so much is because weddings are for love.

No. 100549

In an age opf equality, this is a backstep. >>100547

Yeah, but in an age of equality, why are you pretending to be all traditional and shit? Just want your cake and to eat it too right?

No. 100551

How is marrying purely for love beneficial when romantic love people idealize isn't real. Love exists but realistically it's better to marry someone who is compatible for you, your lifestyle and your future. Japanese people marry for convienence all the time so if foreign girls in Japan do it too what's the big deal. Just because you're a fat feminazi and guys won't buy you lunch don't cry about equality.

No. 100555

Alright, here's something I need to get my head around: Wouldn't you fall in love with someone who's compatible with you? I've been married for 5 years now (to a Japanese man, felt this was relevant to this thread), and while I fell in love with him all these years ago, if I had felt that our lifestyle, dreams and ambitions didn't match I wouldn't have married him. I feel like love and compatibility are so closely entwined, does anyone really get married just because "he's so hot and dreamy"? Sounds like a recipe for failure.
Getting only married because you want to live in glorious NIPPON is setting yourself up for failure as well, because after some time Japan will be boring and you'll be stuck with someone you don't love. (You could of course simply wait 3 years, get PR, and then get divorced…)

No. 100557

>Just because you're a fat feminazi and guys won't buy you lunch don't cry about equality.

Did you even read what you wrote?
>someone paying for your shit

Not how equality works, hun. Don't be mad you're a whore in sheepskin.

No. 100558

>All traditional dating is like prostitution then dumb fuck.

Thats how I view a lot of relationships these days, yes. Especially the situation you presented. Okay, so I fucked a dude for a gucci bag, means I'm not a whore.prosti coz it wasn't actually cash in my hand right?? Lol.

No. 100576

>>100555 Same. I would have never married by husband if it was just for visa, that shit is fucked up. Just get a regular job and stay there. All you guys are stupid for saying marriage for visa is ok, it's not. If you think it is ya'll a bunch of fucking weebs that wanna live in glorious nippon just because. And that's why the government cracks down on fake marriages.

No. 100599

Noone knows these girls didn't marry for love. Ya'll just making milk where there's none.

No. 100618

All the morality weebs with their endless samefagging. Yeah we get it. Now go back to your church I will come and drag you to hell one day kek

No. 100657

u think sere married for love?

No. 100671

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the hoe of kabukichoe married for the visa, ryoya only married her because he got her pregnant btw he's a hunter and naiv, but also traditional and taking responsibility for the shit he's done unlike sere

No. 100681

>>100671 exactly, and people like her shouldnt stay in japan. her and other stupid weeb bitch actions effects all other people who are in actual relationships and want to get married.

No. 100688

Sere is pretty much the worst of them since she openly BRAGS about how cool it is to do all this illegal stuff she does. The others are pretty much keeping quiet about their 'private businesses'

No. 100723

You're only allowed in the kitchen, you can't go to hell.

No. 100725

>Just because you're a fat feminazi and guys won't buy you lunch don't cry about equality.

No. 100736

Not defending Sere but Japanese girls usually only marry if they get pregnant, I don't see this as being any different. We already established that the government don't care about her. Infinite amounts of Chinese and Koreans are doing the same as her.

No. 100744

>>100736 Chinese and Koreans and Filipinos doing it is also shitty. Also at least there is some familial bond/love when there's a child involved. Why are you comparing someone wanting to marry just for their weeaboo fantasy to a couple that got pregnant??

No. 100751

This is so not true. This is way more often in Europe and USA than in Japan. In Japan even when a politician makes something like that or if he cheats wife, it's such a shame that he has to step down.
In USA and Europe, he can become a president.

No. 100764

Not really only when they're pregnant, but as soon as they're knocked up it's somewhat mandatory to get married. Went to weddings without pregnant brides before. It does happen.

No. 100785


Not true. Men in Japan cheat on their wives so much it's just apart of the culture.

No. 100812

It is unfortunately very normalised here. My husband has friends who cheat on their girlfriends ("I'll only cheat until I feel I've had my fill and then I'll get married!") or wives ("I'm bi and sleeping with men while my wife is looking after two small children"). He's disassociating from them.

No. 100837

Well, I can see why they would though. Would you stay exclusive to one prostitute?

No. 100846

The difference between Japan and the west is all moralistic stuff is only bad if you are caught. Because public image is more important than virtue there. A salaryman can be a super hard worker and the most polite person you will met at work but he will be the same guy who will cut in front of a pregnant lady or senior for a seat on the train without hesitation.

No. 100855

So same as everywhere in the world then?

No. 100864

>>100785 i know a lot that are opposed to it though (they've been cheated on by their ex gf multiple times)

No. 100920

The degree of how heavy it is Japan is a lot different to the point it's rediculous. Face is everything to them.

No. 100928

>they've been cheated on by their ex gf multiple times

This has no effect on if they will or will not cheat though. I've heard plenty of people pull the same lines out of their ass.

No. 100946

There are still some of them on youtube

No. 101398

File: 1457254998866.png (817.6 KB, 1078x1188, 20160306_100148-1.png)

Is Ksara also one of Seres 'models'?

No. 101453


No, she goes to Vatan fashion college here.
She's nice enough, but can sometimes be a little too frank and say things without thinking when she is mad.
I don't know her too well, but as far as I can tell, she won't produce much milk.

No. 101461

Annoying girl
Stole money from guys
Married for visa but didn't get one because that guy was a loser

No. 101463

I know that she goes to vantan. But she also has some sugar daddies to keep herself alive. She's hanging out with Vika quiet a lot too and vika is a known prostitute who also works for Sere. That's why I asked.

No. 101465

Do you mean vika or ksara?

Vika wanted to marry a Japanese (who's about 15y older than her) for visa, but he didn't pay taxes so she refused since it wouldn't give her a visa.

No. 101466

That man face tho

No. 101753

I don't think she ever married for the visa because she was planning on moving to the U.S. with the jap guy
The guy was a loser tho fr

No. 101755

i heard vika is trying to visa hop into vantan next year so she's probably just trying to get connections and *~***senpaisssss~*~*

ksara is really fucking boring i had her on fb for a month but all she posted about was vantan

No. 101760


Vikas nose holy fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkk

No. 101761

LMAOOOOOO ksara hates sere

No. 101762

They married but he didn't earn a lot. No visa for ksara

No. 101776

File: 1457333659814.jpg (314.88 KB, 750x1012, image.jpg)

Gaya shut uuuuuupppppppp

No. 101781

Because your friend is a drug addicted whore gaya

No. 101788

>says she doesn't wanna talk shit
> writes literally a whole essay of shit talking

No. 101803

>>101776 LMAO GAYA I know you read this shit so here you go: gyaru looks like shit on you because you don't know how the fuck to look or dress gyaru, you put 0 effort into it. LOL @ u thinking it looks bad on Western girls, you're just bitter you look ugly as fuck when you attempted. Also the fact you called it "kawaii fashion" shows how little you know about it and why you failed.

No. 101836

She can't attend vantan though! You need to go through at least 12years of education in your home country or have a legal high school graduation.

Also how would she pay? With her prostitution money and her sugar daddies?

No. 101842

Vika doesn't even have high school diploma?

No. 101854

Nope only realschule (middle school) and not the very best diploma, she's not the brightest light bulp out there.

It's true that you can join a Japanese college via tests, but to be allowed to the tests you need either a high school diploma, or 12years of legal education

No. 101855

Because sere and you gaya act all nice and friendly and then shittalk about everything and everyone. Your beloved bias literally called her poor ex husband a psychopath god damn who takes care of the baby? Who wanted to give her a second chance even after all the shit she's done? Ryoya did! Sere did nothing!! You too better just go to hell

No. 101866


They don't even think about that! But act like poor little victims.

No. 101869


She can speak three languages. I am going to say she is pretty damn smart on that count.

No. 101886

She can talk German with a very basic vocabulary and Japanese. Not sure of what third language you talk though. If you mean English then nope, her English is shit, she can barely make up a conversation with the very few vocabs she knows, let's not talk about her grammar. Adding that it's pretty usual for eurofags to talk at least two languages. Most people who attend high school in Germany know about 4-5languages. So no, talking your native language and one or two more isn't that speciul

No. 101891

Texanintokyo is fame hungry, all she does on her blog is brag about working from home/freelancing, begging people to buy her comic books and donate money to her so that they can live off donated money, and talk about how she met her Japanese husband. She has retold the story of how she is freelancing, and how she met her husband a million times over and over again and cannot come up with any other content to talk about. And just like Rachel & Jun, Grace bosses her husband around like how Rachel bosses Jun around.

No. 101899

If thats the case, how then did she get into language school? Cause you need to be a highschool graduate to apply for those too.

No. 101904

Nope you don't lol

It depends on the school though.

She's on one of the cheap 'alibi' ones, where the school gives a fuck if you actually attend or just use it for a two year visa

I 100% know that she doesn't have a high school diploma, since I knew her personally.
But as a proof, she finished school with 16 and went to japan with 17, first on a tourist visa and then jumped over to language school as soon as she got 18

No. 101998

>>101869 I can speak 3 languages and I'm not smart.

No. 102003

I speak 4 languages.
Speaking various languages doesn't mean you're smart, it can lead you to have it easier with learning stuff but that's not always given.

No. 102032


Meh some people can pick up language better than others or put more time into learning it ect. Wasn't it the other day when Venus made that language video, everyone was licking her ass because she knows languages? Despite the fact her mother dragged her around to different countries for the majority of her childhood lol.

No. 102033


All weebs on YT are fame hungry

No. 102051

kek, she even obviously self posted her blog on PULL in Mira's thread back when all the drama was still hot.

I still can't believe she managed to get over $70,000 funded for her shitty comic book (which is way too similar to 'My Darling is a foreigner' for comfort). The stories she tells aren't entertaining, and the drawings are crap and colored in a knock-off photoshop app. Why do weebs eat this shit up? I'm totally in the wrong business.

No. 102180

Yeah her stories are always the same few things in both her blog and her crappy comics: her husband`s poop hat obsession, how she works at home, and being cheap by buying convenience store food at discounted grocery store bento. She doesn`t even have any particular hobbies or interests other than bragging about working from home and not spending money on anything. All her day in my life videos are about her laying around the house and being a tight wad. When she travels she doesn`t bother to spend money on any attractions, so there is nothing to see but her walking around doing nothing and Ryosuke acting like a 5 year old.

No. 102181

I meant convenience store food and grocery store bento *

No. 102194

There is a thread on Rachel on here but it hasn`t been active for months. She always acts like a know it all about Japan and I agree that her husband is too passive.

No. 102335

Saw katie and shanie looking ridiculous in shibuya the other day. Shanies feet a massive,no wonder she always wears flats.

No. 102338

The eyebrow twins are back too

No. 102360


I think texanintokyo would actually be tolerable if we could see improvement in her work. But, nope. Still the same appalling shit.

No. 102363

File: 1457445464304.jpg (462.72 KB, 1588x2272, 76-one-more-wear.jpg)

Yeah, Texanintokyo is pretty shit. I stopped watching her vids because I couldn't stand hearing her say "BAAAABY" "HUUUUUUNNY" one more time. Her fake cutesy voice is annoying too.

but anon! it takes a lot of effort to pump out comics like pic related!

No. 102396

don't you mean he.Shani is questionably trans lol. I wonder sometimes what Katie and Shani and all those bitches plan on doing in japan. Katie can't be a English teacher with a teenage trapped in the closet rock bad boyfriend forever.shani plans on being a student/kyabahooker/overstayer until the end of time.i remember on Facebook Shani complained about a guy spitting on her. Do these bitches notice what they look like? Katie's makeup is terrible and Shani looks like a heroin street whore. I wish I was back in Japan so I could laugh at those bitches more.

No. 102397

Shit looks like sonichu lol

No. 102477

Since when does who you date affect your job situation kek
I think we already went through the fact Shani is obviously not trans. Is this the same person who also accused Artemis of being trans below? Seems like you don't like black girls.
I notice you keep posting them over and over with the same bullshit accusations. Saying you don't like their makeup or clothes is fine, but making up bullshit lies and re-churning the same shit bi-weekly just makes you look like you have a vendetta.

No. 102667

You do realize how stupid you sound right? Met Shani in person and she is definitely NOT trans. Nice try with your salty vendetta. Thirsty ass. lol

No. 102699

Shani looks male

No. 102703

Shani has an unfortunate
horse face but her makeup is good

No. 102708

Her trying to act cute is so immature, fake and cringe worthy. But then again her husband is extremely childish and annoying, he never acts like an adult so both of them are immature and annoying. Grace has an annoying lisp to her voice, usually people grow out of lisps but not her.

No. 102709

Those drawings are very crappy and look like they were made by a little kid. Also the topic on that comic is boring and lazily put together. Again with the "babe" thing she puts it in her comics when its already cringe worthy when she says it.

No. 102714

too bad she's not. salt

No. 102716

Because someone out there doesn't feel the same about you in some fashion. Good lord, she isn't here to impress you and only you. Get a life. Just like yourself and get over it.

No. 102720

Why so angry lol. Im notthe one saying shes a man or trans. Dont worry i love myself xx

No. 102721

well you ARE the one saying she has a horse face. If you didn't have any salt against her and actually like her makeup then why feel the need to add that bit?

No. 102728

Actually shani looks like a donkey
But japanese catch/scout guys are fucking everything. Even a donkey

No. 102733

And you sound like a sad and lonely person.

No. 102742

I love how whenever Shani or Katie are rightfully mentioned for being the mountain hags of Tokyo one of them comes here to defend them with SJW bullshit. Shani's makeup is very good I won't lie but her face is fucked and makeup can't fix that. Her wigs are always awful which adds to the streethooker element and her body looks horrible in the style she's trying to do. Needs to invest in some dental care, a diet, deodorant and some quality human hair wigs instead of shoving her fat ass in Datura that looks horrible on her. I saw her on decadence and for sure thought she was a Japanese guy in blackface drag. Katie's makeup is fucked she's just overall ugly. Both these bitches need braces.

No. 102744

There's different people in this thread dipshit
My friend used to scout in dogenzaka and told me how they all talk about her and how annoying and stalkerish she is.

No. 102745

hence why you can click on the number to respond to specific posters?

No. 102750

Do you not know how this site works. Numbers change by the post not the user.shani visibly looks like donkey from shrek and I can garuntee more than one person thinks it

No. 102782

>>102744 more pls, what do they say about her being stalkerish? did she stalk some poor bastard or what?

No. 102815

Can you people that are fighting about Shani just take it to pm, no one cares about you two fighting back and forth on here deciding on if Shani looks like a donkey/horse or not. Like get a room you two ;)

No. 102885

I want to know too lol sounds juicy

No. 102899

As weve already established its more than two lol

No. 102912

He said he hadn't slept with her but his friend did and that she's super easy but got attached thinking they were gonna fuck later and be a couple.he also said her body was sloppy as hell and he made sure to hit it from the back lol.shes not a tranny but just doesn't take care of herself much.

No. 102916

That sounds like it totally happened.

Anyways, anyone got any real milk?
This is becoming kind of sad looks like vendetta.

No. 102919

All of these bitches are snowflakes though lol

No. 103851

File: 1457594071207.png (711.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 103858

>>103851 what happens when you hang around with sere too much. Crazy after all these years that Ashley and Shiena are getting back into sex and nighttime work.

Will translate.

>I work in a kabukicho shotbar. Let's everyone happily drink. English and Japanese is okay!(I can speak either English or Japanese)

Sorry if I butchered the second sentence. Couldn't think of a good translation.

No. 103866

Shannon needs money to spend on lorena lol

No. 103867

File: 1457597834780.png (1 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 103868

File: 1457597853777.png (760.97 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 103869

File: 1457597886840.png (289.66 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 103876

Seres influence is seriously toxic.

No. 103910

This thread seems to be mostly a thread about foreign "gyaru/gyaru-o." It's like that one website gyaru-secrets on this thread. Jvloggers are more snowflakey/interesting then this catfight gaijin gyaru community drama. Most of this is probably contributed by Meririn posting on here.

No. 103913

Sere looks like a tranny here (sorry to actual trans people)

No. 103926

>>103868 shannon is getting fat again

>>103910 if you know something about jvloggers feel free to post it. there's another thread for them, i wish this thead was just about gyaru in japan b/c im more interested in shitting on them than others. and no im not meririn

No. 103939

Me neither. And it's definitely funnier for me to talk about shitty gyaru and nobodies than youtubers.

No. 103948

You seriously got a problem

No. 104167

You do know that gyaruru isn't a sex work application right? It's just like a Japanese version of tinder.

No. 104324

Shani was deported in 2013 for stealing from donkihote, got a one year ban and came back in 2015 as a "student". She hasn't learned.all of her friends are in illegal biz like sere who is now overstay and deadbeat mom.katie who did prostitutuon under sere.shiena and ksara who is professional hostess and ashleigh who was a overstay hostess who had an ankor baby to stay in JP.anyone associated with these broads is trouble.

No. 104440

This is bullshit. Shani never got deported, if she had she wouldn't have been able to come back so readily.
Where is your proof?

>>professional hostess


The more you post the same thing over and over, the saltier you look. I don't know why you hate Shani so much but this is becoming sad.
Ashley was a hostess and ya'll love her. If you want to moralfag, go back to pull.

No. 104445

Shani was never deported you fucking idiot, if you get that kinda record no school will accept you and immigration DEFINITELY won't let you have another student visa
After deportation they give out 5-10 year bans so clearly you're lying

Katie never did prostitution - literally none of them are friends with sere anymore
Ashley seems to keep to herself these days so who CARES
literaly nobody cares about ksara either

What is your obsession like are you ok??

No. 104449

Honestly who gives a fuck if people work as hostesses? Hostessing and keeping generally to themselves is probably a mark of a better person than the type to make up shit and spread baseless hate on an anonymous website

No. 104451

Don't even bother arguing with them.
Every other post starts

>> if I was in Japan I would -

You ain't and you didn't kek
Clearly Shani and her little friends wouldn't play tea party with you and you got mad.
At least learn Japan's law before you make shit up though.

No. 104481

why do you bastards approve of illegal immigrants.do you realize how weird it is these girls leave their good middle class life for the grimy seedy parts of Japan.thats so stupid.at least Mira is in school in Japan, and Sharla has her husband.

No. 104484

at least Barbie Johnson is married and doing shoots with the black diamond group.most of the girls in this thread like sere get bullied by Japanese real gyarunonline.

No. 104491

Katie isn't illegal
Shani isn't illegal
Ashley isn't illegal
Shienna isn't illegal
Gaya isn't illegal
The only person left is Sere. She's literally the only problem

If the rest are just living happy weeb lives - leave them be

No. 104492

Where have you been barbie doesn't even live in Japan anymore

No. 104519

Actually Sere has permanent residency already from marriage.

No. 104522


No she doesn't. Do some better research on Japanese immigration laws. Just because you are married doesn't give you a permanent residence.

No. 104528


I know it's not automatic stupid fuck. I'm saying she already has one though since she was married for three years you piece of shit.

No. 104529


She doesn't have permanent residence you stupid idiot. You have to be married for 5 or more years, living with your spouse and actually taking care of your child. Which surprisingly she doesn't. So no visa for her.

No. 104532

god you sound like bloody Cordelia

No. 104533

umm, i thought she got shotgun married in 2014 cuz she go pregnant. only stayed with the kid til feb or something. gotta stay together at least 3 years to get pr! lmao last i heard, she lied about getting her spouse visa renewed. no way she got pr.

No. 104534

No it's only three years especially if you're from a first world country like sere and have kids. And immigration doesn't check if you live together you stupid asshole lickers

No. 104535

only america does anchor babies u fool

No. 104537


So it's not even the full 3 years if she got married in 2014.

No. 104543

File: 1457788992177.jpg (430.55 KB, 1280x960, 43429026.jpg)

> Japanese version of tinder
> tinder
> not a sex app

No. 104565

You also need to pay your taxes and THAT's def a thing Japanese immigration cares about

No. 104571

Especially with the new my number system. If she doesn't pay tax, say good bye to visa. I doubt she is paying anything right now with her night work. And I also doubt that immigration is letting night work count as a legit job to get any kind of visa.

No. 104572

Gaya spends all her money at host club

No. 104580

>>104491 yeah but gaya has a fake marriage visa

No. 104589

How is it fake? Plz explain?

No. 104612

*fake marriage for visa
>marries because she "loves her husband"
>has an open relationship right after because "they are young and want to see other people"
>she's a prostitute
>her husband pimps her out

No. 104620

>husband switched from scout back to host right after their marriage

No. 104746

That's very ayashii

No. 105109

Bye bye melissa

No. 105147

Gonna call the psychiatry on you. You are a little bit too obsessed with her

No. 105148

Gaya goes to the club called "generations club"
Low level club.

No. 105149

are you sad cause you had to leave?

No. 105151

You seriously got a problem girl. Too much time? Go and find some work

No. 105157

am not a girl dumbass

No. 105159

Hi lorena

No. 105164

File: 1457927999150.png (310.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Gonna send her dad the porn.
He must be proud

No. 105188

>ugly WHITE girls

Damn girl, you're white too

No. 105197

Is she talking about herself and lorena?

No. 105200

Even hosts laugh about gaya

No. 105210

>>105164 bitch you have no idea who i am and you can never block me lolololol also lmao 2 ugly white girls? they are the same as you, ur just another ugly european trash whore

No. 105212

Lol same fag who wrote about seeing her on the train here. Gaya honey you didn't see me for one I'm not white and second I'm 100000% better looking than you

No. 105213

Do it ahahaha

No. 105217

Submit screenshots of proof to here omg people were already talking about it in the last thread but never provide anything. I'm disappointed

No. 105219

>>105212 yasss burn that bitch

No. 105220

Proof of what ???

No. 105222

>>105220 sending her dad her porno lol

gaya needs her own thread serious

No. 105224

not gayas porn but Im pretty sure this is shani ahahahhahah http://video.fc2.com/a/content/20160225VEebRf1e/

No. 105225

shit shani how many porns are you making

No. 105227

That's 100% Shani omg eww why have I clicked the link

No. 105228

Screenshots or link to the porn stuff.

It doesn't even pay well, especially not this amateur shit. I know some porn actresses and also some porn producers of high quality stuff and you usually get about 120$ a shot some get less and the most is about 500$.

For this low class shit, even as a speciul foreigner you only get about 50-100$ max

No. 105229

Please i want a gaya thread

No. 105230


No. 105231

>>105229 make one then

No. 105232

Is she already relevant enough? And who of us can still lurk her Facebook and other sns?

No. 105233

>>105232 I don't have her on facebook but clearly she uses twitter. Does she use insta too?

No. 105234

her instagram is private

No. 105235

Eww she let them cum inside her in both videos. Does she want to get pregnant ? Or even worse an std and die? Fuck these girls are dumb.

No. 105236

Shani is just a student lol

No. 105242

You have any link for the porn?

No. 105243

The links to shanis porn were just posted dumbass

No. 105247

The average is more like 100000 ( like $1000) more if you're famous. $100 ish is for men lol

No. 105249

If its amateur it really depends on how much the individual is willing to pay you. 1000$ would be for proper porn

No. 105253

Well, I work with people from the industry. You can get a high pay but only if you're somewhat famous and even then, most porn stars do like one movie a month (in jpn) the rest they do for living is soap and deri

No. 105262

File: 1457951942494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.35 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Fun in Nippon

No. 105274

So…. Isnt this illegal?

No. 105276

File: 1457955266756.jpeg (61.42 KB, 750x1097, image.jpeg)

No. 105277

Yes it's illegal to make porn without proper visa

No. 105278

File: 1457955424766.jpeg (68.49 KB, 750x1080, image.jpeg)

sayonara nippon

No. 105281

so who gonna snitch on shani to immigration now?

No. 105283

Well she hides her face with mask whole time so hard to prove

No. 105284

Lmao that would be funny. A bunch of immigration officers gathered round a porno

"Now, theres only one way for you to get of out deportation, miss"

No. 105286


Reminds me of that other black one (at least she was pretty) who went Japan called Ebony Giselle and she had a fuck fest over there then left

No. 105287

I'm on mobile so can't link but she's wearing the same dress from that video in one of her IG posts from 7 weeks ago minus the jacket
This girl looks like that ebonybee girl too, but idk I don't think she'd really be into making porn

No. 105290


Nah, doubt it's her. She's got a bf.

No. 105298

Porn is in any way illegal to foreigners. Even with a proper visa

No. 105299

So, porn DVDs featuring gaijin are actually illegal content?

No. 105301

If the company is based outside of Japan it doesn't matter at all.

No. 105302

I doubt it is on a marriage or permanent residency

No. 105308

no. if you are on a spouse visa you can do it. the real question is why.

i know a french woman that worked in an adult shop. she's on a marriage visa. then go asked to do a porn. her husband is also in 'the industry' so he was fine with it and there were no problems

No. 105315

Proof that Shani is a pornstar but I bet her white knights will still return here

No. 105316


I wonder when kiki and mira will stoop down to this level?

No. 105319

Mira was a hostess once so maybe she will hopp in very soon :D

No. 105324

I guess it's just about the 'promotional part' like the instore events to meet your av idol. There was once an Italian girl, last year or sth who was into porn but got kicked out when her company asked her to do an instore

No. 105326

That girl didn't get kicked out, her student visa ended and she tried marrying her AV manager after the embassy told her marriage is the only way she can do AV. Anyways her marriage visa wasn't accepted(because it's obvious it wasn't for love) however by law she's still married. So she's in Italy refusing to get divorced from her manager now even though the JP Feds are asking her to lol. My friend's friend was her roommate.

No. 105327

What porn?

No. 105328

File: 1457970198752.jpeg (75.42 KB, 750x468, image.jpeg)

Delandra was in porn too.ew at least Shani has a decent body lol.

No. 105329

File: 1457970226274.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.39 KB, 640x610, image.jpeg)

No. 105356

By the looks of that video Shani did nakadashi (cum inside). Disgusting. These girls have no shame.

No. 105363

The fact that she wears that musty ass wig even during sex made me laugh.

No. 105373

This thread gave me herpes

No. 105374


his head game must've been whack lol
Bitch is asleep

No. 105523

No. 105525

Someone comfirm that this link is safe. Would this be on pornhub? LOL

No. 105531

>the real question is why.

Spouse visa's get you all sorts of privilages in any country you travel too. Way about any kind of other visa. I guess the whole concept is to marry the person into that culture.

No. 105725


Link is safe. Fc2 is Japanese pornhub.
Agreed. Unless you plan on getting married in Japan you won't live there forever.

No. 105828

Shani made her insta private lololol

No. 105836

Busted lol

No. 105876

I don't want to click on these porn links videos of her's but who banged her in the porn videos, Japanese guys or foreigners?

No. 105879

why not?

japanese guys

No. 105880

Because I don't want to watch porn or her getting banged lol.

No. 105881

File: 1458041426574.png (3.26 MB, 2062x1434, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.2…)

is this her instagram? I still have the page open from before she made it private lol

No. 105882

That's it lol

No. 105883

wow I used to follow piinkglass's tumblr and watched her youtube videos, I had no clue she did porn and that she is a lolcow and that she is Shani. I just discovered this thread now. So she got all her LizLisa clothes she was showing off before on youtube from her porn job, having guys shoot their cum in her for money, eww.

No. 106010


Who's the girl on the right?

No. 106019

Good question

No. 106035

File: 1458068927782.png (556.32 KB, 893x497, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.08…)

idk but she gross af and cant nihongo

No. 106038

File: 1458069147430.png (527.57 KB, 592x432, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.12…)

oh god

No. 106041

File: 1458069311464.png (66.91 KB, 677x192, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.14…)

who is this

No. 106047

At least shani's porn proved she's a girl lol

No. 106057

She can't even English. Where's she from?

No. 106063

Someone link shani's porn

No. 106072

Lorenas best friend gaya

No. 106073

Gaya deleted her tweets :(

No. 106125

omg so many fucking tards on this thread that dont know how to read. links have already been posted.

No. 106128

why are we trying to milk this girl? shejapanese but just hangsout with the tokyo gaijin weebs

No. 106247

Ayumi always had a weird face to me. I have a feeling that she's gonna give a lot of milk in the future. She hangs around with all these girls yet seems too quiet. Clearly something is up.

No. 106248

Mayumi I meant

No. 106270

Wait mayumi? The british japanese girl?
She's fucking insane, has sugar daddies, hostesses legally and is in s fucking on/off lightswitch relationship with some yellow fever American guy who she beats up then he beats her up then she beats him back up
She's creepily possessive of him considering he's ugly which is hilarious
Like when he goes anywhere she'll call him a billion times to make sure there are no girls, then call his friends to also make sure there are no girls

No. 106285

lmao your talking about mayumi the dj? your a dumbass. who fuckin cares if she did or does hostess work? lotsa gaijin girls do that. not all of them go into hooking like the other girls on this page. and where the FUCK do you get that she beats up that ass of an ex? saw bruises on her, not him.

moving from job to job tryin to find a good one is not snowflake. dumbass mudslingin bitch.

No. 106294

Mayumi is fucking lovely so who cares what job she has. Shut the fuck up OP, you know 0.
PS her ex is the psychopath. If its Mayumi, please tell me when she spent time in prison for "beating him"….?
Oh, she didnt!!!!

No. 106303

Well if you'd read this thread everyone seems to care about hostess work - even the ones who aren't prostitutes on the side

No. 106306

Man, at least learn to use correct grammar before calling someone else dumb.

No. 106316

Her ex went to prison for beating her and she STILL got back together with him?
She might not be a cow, but she's clearly fucking stupid

No. 106639

A friend told me she had seen Mayumi and her ex? At Mayumi's birthday party fighting and screaming. She said maybe something wrong in her head kek

No. 106641

My friend told me she had seen Mayumi and her ex? Boyfriend fighting and screaming at Mayumi's birthday. My friend said she has something wrong in her head kek

No. 106815

I wanna see gayas porn

No. 106885

I found it randomly on the internet last year and watched the first minute she looked akward and bored as fuck as the guy squeezed her boobs.

No. 106945

Porn star Shani has earned her own snow thread. Someone go make it.

No. 107266

I found shani's mfc profile and damn do any of these weeb have any other means of getting /staying in Japan without resorting to selling their souls? Do they really nor care about their potential bosses finding this?

No. 107275

No, they really don't. Girls like her don't care because they never intend to get a real job, they glamorize sex work and make it out to seem like it's all fat stacks of cash and handsome older rich men worshipping them and taking them shopping for designer crap. They think getting customers is because they're sooo beautiful and exotic and interesting and good at sex, when in reality it's just you being a warm wet hole to blow off some tension and loneliness in exchange for some cash. Some men really just don't care what kind of girls they put their dicks in.

No. 107278

lol delandra is a great example of this

No. 107285

Seriously you can live in tokyo easily without resorting to that shit. I happily work hard and earn my money honestly. These girls are just lazy and want quick money and dont consider the consequences. Its only a matter of time before they catch an uncureable disease. And all I can say to that it natural selection

No. 107288


Most Japanese girls have tried being a hooker or sugar baby at least once and the worst part is that Japanese girls don't even use condoms and are completely stupid about STDs. And besides AIDS every disease is treatable. I like when there's milk but I hate how some of you act like Japan is some moral fucking place. Tokyo is full of degenerates.

No. 107289

Not only the Japanese girls. Japanese Guys are even more stupid and don't think when they use their dicks.

No. 107290

Im not talking about japanese girls am I? It seems to be you fixated on morals and shit. Yes tokyo and alot of other places have degenerates. And as for stds have you heard about the new strain of syphilis theyve only found so far in japan thats antibiotic resistant and as yet has no treatment? Also that cases of aids and syphilis are raising in tokyo?

No. 107291

English is obviously not your first language you eurotrash piece of shit. What I'm saying is that you guys try to use morals and PULL type logic on this website and provide slim to no milk. I would expect Japanese girls to get STDs and be stupid about sex more than any American or European or Australian girl here. Ofc Shani is stupid and gross as fuck for being cum inside on porn but the average girl isn't doing that shit.
>syphilis strain with no cure
Lol no. Syphilis is easily cured by penicillin. It isn't the 1700s.

No. 107293

Even with the cum inside porn, I honestly don't believe that she'd have done it without having a thorough STD check with the other actor. In fact I thought that it was generally just done practice for actors to share std check results
It's not regular prostirution where the customer is trying to get his dick wet no matter what, it would have taken planning and consideration

If you look at the hooker gaijin in Japan's ads, it always says covered/condom play only so you guys are really reaching on this

No. 107295

They're just trying to work and earn money. That's literally it. The only person glamourising it is sere (and maybe Gaya, with boasting about being the prettiest girl in the date cafe)

Sex work is a job. That's all it is. There are sex workers, escorts, porn stars, sugar babies and cam girls everywhere so why are you so obsessed with these girls? Why are you trying to shove your agenda on them?

I understand if it's girls like sere but (to my knowledge correct me if I'm wrong) has Shani ever talked about it online? Or bragged about it, or anything at all? She seems to keep herself to herself but you're still all so so so mad about everything
And don't try to make some shit excuse like "they're giving foreigners a bad name, jap guys think all gaijin are hookers" well jap guys think anyone's a hooker if you throw money at them look at them tryina pick up high schoolers on the street come on

No. 107297

lol pretty sure no one was insinuating that glorious nippon was moral free. Bragging rights to being paid to have your 3Ps on the internet doesn't faze these girls and it's sad because when it comes time to get an actual job later down the line when their looks run dry this shit could be easily discovered.
also since shani is clearly lurking this thread please take our advice and at least cover up if you're doing nakadashi
shani has bragged about fucking "movie stars" and getting free datura or w/e but I see your point. Other than that she's not too much of a snow flake

No. 107299

Shani is kind of annoying if you've ever met her and she lies a lot about stupid shit and she's a big hypocrit. It's obvious she's escaping reality by coming to Tokyo but even in Japan when I was with her and Katie and pheonix's weeb group people would gawk at her and make mean comments and she pretended to ignore it. The only guys fucking her in Japan are scouts with the lights off. At least Sere, Gaya, and Katie can find a decent uggo jap guy to marry or be serious about them. Shani on the other hand is a huge whore but complains about how bad Japanese guys are. She's insane.

No. 107300

And it's not because of race either. That ebunnee girl is blacker than Shani but she has real goals and was able to make a boyfriend.shani on the other hand fucks every guy in kabukicho/visa hops/makes porn and wonders why no guy will be serious about her.also her wigs are AWFUL

No. 107301

the sad thing is a lot of the girls in this thread think japan is a magical place where they can start over. And in some ways I can see why; no one knows you.
But about these lies? Do continue

No. 107302

Lmao u sure they weren't lookin at Phoenix bc that girl was a fucking fashion train wreck that Id be embarrassed to be seen with ever

No. 107303

Oop don't call her a girl or she'll cry non-binary tumblr tears at you

No. 107309

Lol ok whatever you obviously dont do your research. And im not european? Im from australia my first language is english x x

No. 107310

Shani lies about having a ton of rich hot boyfriends when it's not true and she lies about growing up rich but that's not true either. She's just some weird hood girl named Shernise and her parents are so against her coming to Japan she completely cut them off. She just lies a lot to make her life seem better than what it is. She's like a kid in that sense.

No. 107313

Where are you getting your information from, she's on really good terms with her parents and her brother. They're always talking on Facebook
Now I know you're just making shit up but maybe try harder next time if you're that obsessed with her you should at least have more solid info :)

No. 107314

Ooh! Do tell more lol