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File: 1588127931773.jpg (185 KB, 1277x1920, 1584051329228.jpg)

No. 90367

Previous thread >>68657

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend, Adam Putsey.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka/Angela very often

- Tried to get her threads on this site shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

- Has no mental illnesses but claims to have them as way to avoid taking responsibility for being shitty.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Was riding on the digital artist bandwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her low quality lewd videos for way more than they're worth.

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-Had her friends attack a mental ill girl until they deleted their page.

- Moved out of her parents place to mooch off someone else.

- Recently revealed that she double crossed her now ex-friend, Emi, by sleeping with Emi's, at the time, boyfriend behind her back and bragging on Discord about it.

- She was also outed as being physically absuive towards her mother, as she was bragging to Emi about it.

- After being exposed, Micky hid out on Discord and changed her personality again.

-She has made a new Instagram and changed her name on Facebook to accommodate her new friends that don't know about her shitty ways.

-After essentially scamming people on her ManyVids, she deleted it and her NSFW Twitter.

-Now trying to act wholesome and shit since the release of Animal Crossing.

-Has a new boyfriend and so far has not cheated on him.

Social Media

https://twitter.com/tamathotchi_0w0?s=09 deleted

https://twitter.com/stuffieland1997?s=09 current

http://aminoapps.com/page/alternative-fashion/6343572/micky-bunnie-bear status unknown

https://www.youtube.com/user/MickyAmaziclez/ inactive

instagram.com/hatsunemicky deleted

instagram.com/trickorsweetbear current

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/348797/tamathotchi_0w0/Store/Videos/ deleted

https://anony.link/https://ko-fi.com/hatsunemicky deleted?

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 90369

File: 1588128140031.jpg (563.63 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20200428-220712_Twi…)

She really equated this to blackfishing. She's breaking into a new level of stupid now.

No. 90422

Honestly I don't understand why so many people in the last thread are convinced that this sex-repulsion anti-sw thing she's doing means she's turned over a new leaf.
This is Micky's pattern, she has done it multiple times already.
She goes through a slutty phase (fucking lots of guys, posting nudes, sex work, whatever) until something bad happens (she gets called out, she cheats or gets her feelings hurt by some guy, someone threatens to doxx her) that makes her finally feel guilty and bad enough about herself to stop. Then she does this holier-than-thou shit where she talks about how acting slutty is a coping mechanism until she feels like acting slutty again.

And the cycle continues. Don't know why everyone is convinced she's changed when it's the same shit she's done a thousand times.

No. 90437

Fuck that's right anon. She just cycles into bullshit.
So she's not into radfem then. She's just seriously acting holier than thou.

No. 90438

Imagine being micky and pandering so hard to transed men that she has to apologize in behalv of women for being evil evil cis bitches

No. 90446

To be honest it makes sense. Micky hates other women, truly.

No. 90488

File: 1588271781914.jpg (536.58 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20200430-143145_Twi…)

She's threatening to go to someone's house and assault them for talking to her when she was underage. Yet, she's forgetting that she lied to damn near everyone about how old she was and was completely ok with disturbing CP. So she need to chill out with this mess.

No. 90558

Is anyone else convinced she is just making these things up? I don’t believe anyone followed her at all. And she just simply made these tweets for the little clout it will obtain because she is desperately sitting there freaking out because no one gives a fuck about her anymore besides the people following her thread. I mean now that she’s an adult wouldn’t this so called pedo not even desire her anymore? Micky what are you even on about.

No. 90573

Yeah, she's making it up. Especially when you think about how she herself is the pedo in the situation. She happily posted CP on her nsfw tumblr and on FetLife. Not to mention how she likely sent it to others while lying about her age.

So to avoid any consequences, she projects that onto imaginary people or someone she hates. She also avoids consequences by claiming to be a csa victim, knowing damn well she's not.

No. 90584

I think she’s talking about that one guy who bought her the mega milk shirt. There were caps where she talking to one guy and got upset he bought her the shirt and said she was underage and how dare he. He responded back with that she had lied about her age or something

No. 90608

File: 1588366133193.png (201.32 KB, 540x769, 20200501_154832.png)

Why does she like pandering to trannies so hard

No. 90609

File: 1588366179576.png (189.92 KB, 540x494, 20200501_154846.png)

The world doesn't revolve about everything she likes and this anime is trendy right now lol

No. 90610

File: 1588366271787.png (67.09 KB, 540x306, 20200501_155127.png)

…the irony

No. 90611

Honestly people have genuinely thought she's trans due to her shape, face, and voice so much she might empathize with them

No. 90612

File: 1588366939593.png (345.2 KB, 540x919, 20200501_160136.png)

Is it me or did she shoot the same 3 vids in one day and then never bothered to continue?

No. 90614


Don't know of she's making things up but she's been very active in facebook kawaii communities (mostly the dumpster fire ones) where people don't know or remember the shit she's done so she's not starving for attention.

No. 90625

File: 1588378985084.jpg (339.2 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20200501-202239_Twi…)

I'm pretty sure there's other, far better shit she could be doing with her time. She just like creating drama.

No. 90628

this is micky 24/7 365 days a year though, she picks fights with everyone quarantined or not

No. 90715

File: 1588420684481.jpg (348.05 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20200502-020555_Twi…)

No. 90999

File: 1588566375065.jpg (388 KB, 785x1523, 20200504_002149.jpg)

She posted a video of her with no makeup and god damn her eyes are small. Wonder what's got her posting stuff like this.

No. 91007

Better than the clown makeup tbh.

No. 91010

Wow, she looks so much better like this. Like an actual decent human being. It has a natural glow to her face. Why does she do makeup like this for
She looks completely retarded with this weird ass makeup

No. 91012


Anon that is normal human size of eyes. They would only look small compared to enlarging filter and photoshopped bullshit.

No. 91049

Tbh her eyes are pretty small and the fact they're barely on the same skull just makes them look smaller.

No. 91074

File: 1588628157382.jpg (197.1 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20200504-173127_Twi…)

This sounds like it'll end up looking awful.

No. 91090

She’s only dated pedos and white nationalist rapists with bpd so give her a chance. She might do good now with someone who isn’t a psychopath.

No. 91092

If I may ask, how do you know this??
Do you know this person she with?

No. 91095

It’s common knowledge around here.

No. 91118

I'm pretty she only made it public today. So, they're likely friends with her on Facebook. Especially since they're referring to her exes the way Micky would.

That said, dude looks attractive and definitely could do way better than Micky's manipulative, abusive ass. He seems to know people in her local community too. Shocked no one filled him in on how awful she is.

No. 91120

Micky, if you're reading this just stop with the clown makeup and embrace your features. Lose a lil bit of weight. Tall girls are awesome, and you have tall qt potential too.
I mean, we should also focus on your garbage personality, but one thing at a time I guess?

No. 91127

just checked. Maybe he can help her with stopping this self hating BS. She lightens her picture and change her feature a lot. The cow also needs to focus on losing weight and actually learn how to take care of herself, if her new boyfriend motivates her

No. 91139

Post receipts. This is an image board.

No. 91165

Go to her fucking fb its right fucking there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91166

File: 1588691773530.png (749.68 KB, 652x651, screen capture 02.png)

No. 91167

File: 1588691814571.png (746.39 KB, 653x654, Screen capture .png)

No. 91169

what's an imageboard?

No. 91171

File: 1588692420961.png (21.71 KB, 315x181, screen cap 03.png)

No. 91182

light skinned bf, as expected from micky lmao

No. 91192

i thought she was

No. 91247

I thought the same exact thing. I just key reading and thought “how new are you to not know this is how she cycles….”

Now y’all are getting it!

She can apologize on behalf of da ebul cis wimmenz but can’t own up to her own bullshit? Classic.

No. 91453

File: 1588782838685.jpg (374.11 KB, 1076x1184, Screenshot_20200506-122824_Twi…)

I'm pretty sure she's lying about getting a place and the place she was checking out awhile back is the place her parents were getting. She's not slick.

No. 91801

File: 1588911670783.jpg (390.37 KB, 1080x1013, Screenshot_20200508-001612_Twi…)

Micky is the last person who should commenting on this subject.

No. 91825

Holy shit thats hilarious, she's the one who has copied everything and everyone ever

No. 91848

File: 1588941666116.jpg (543.08 KB, 809x2299, Screenshot_20200508-084028_Twi…)

That guy probably realized he could get with someone vastly better.

No. 91896

"still depressed i left him on read" whore is just depressed she's not getting free attention from him anymore

No. 92387

File: 1589091744522.jpeg (117.2 KB, 749x762, 52F16193-12C3-40BD-AFCA-4DBD45…)

Weird way to police people, Micky.

No. 92388

I wonder if she realizes that that's… not how that works. At all. SHE gave those nudes out. She can wish she'd not been so fuckin' stupid, but, ah, who'm I kidding? She's still stupid.

No. 92393

she willingly sold her own haunted nudes and vids back when she was trying to make it as an ethot from her crusty bedroom floor lmao. she can try to erase that from history all she wants but it wasn't even that long ago.

people have a right to keep the product they paid for micky (though not sure why they would want to). you wishing you hadn't done it doesn't change that.

No. 92525

new bf obviously had something to do with this, in a week she'll be posting about how her "toxic" ex tried to control her body/sexuality and the cycle will continue

No. 92526

She actually looks pretty nice without makeup. She should embrace that look more often.

No. 92574

Wasn't she an uwu~sex worker~uwu just last month?

The fuck is this dumb ho on.

No. 92639

File: 1589176897483.jpg (406.96 KB, 1077x1284, Screenshot_20200511-015847_Twi…)

>messages from people I could have easily deleted and blocked traumatized me

Her spouting this mess is such a fucking spit in the face to those who have truly experienced trauma. Especially those who've truly experienced sexual trauma in this case. She makes me sick.

No. 92690

cringe. should have kept this one in the drafts, girl

No. 92795

This makes me believe that her "csa victim" shit is her referring to when she we purposely post CP on 4chan to try and get attention. She's fucking garbage.

No. 93114

Y'all bashed her for being a shitty e-thot but now she stopped and y'all are still mad? She sent nudes at 14 and now realises the danger she put herself in and regrets it and all y'all can do is victim blame and say she deserves it? This thread is trash, straight vendetta posting and y'all sound retarded.

No. 93130

Because she sold a product and all of a sudden said people who bought the product aren’t allowed to have it. Not to mention she’s making a victim out of herself once again.

No. 93177

I agree. At this point this thread is pointless and annons on here or what’s left of them are just vendetta posting and finding what’s left to bitch about.

No. 93194

>She sent nudes at 14 and now realises the danger she put herself in and regrets it
She sent nudes at 14 and has proceeded to send and post and SELL nudes and videos since then.

You're saying it took her 8 years of off and on being on the internet and several boyfriends and bouncing accounts to regret it? She could have quit posting nudes at ANY point especially between the several times she bawleeted her accounts to run away from it.

She was literally selling 10 minute anal videos for $25 2 months ago fam. >>85348

If she really regretted it why not just not bring it up? Why remind people they have pics and videos of you if it really bothers you that much? You cant sell someone a product and then say 'I've changed my mind, but no you cant get a refund or anything.'

>she still shoops
>she still whines about her totally real mental illnesses
>she still cant keep a job
>she still does terrible looks and whines about people not liking them because they're racist

It's not the freshest milk but it's amusing. If you think the thread is pointless it's easy enough to just hide it.

No. 93200

File: 1589404994357.png (24.71 KB, 420x294, 1342418781978_2017413.png)

Imagine being this austic

No. 93204

Did you read what she tweeted? She's claiming her getting dick pics and sexts puts her on the same level as actual sexual assualt victims. That's honestly fucked up.

There's nothing autistic about what they said. That aside, if thread isn't your cup of tea, hide it and find a thread more your speed. No one's holding a gun to your head to make you stay here.

No. 93209

We're not mad, it's just a waiting game at this point because AGAIN, this is not new for Micky. She "realises the danger she put herself in" and regrets it all the fucking time. She gets embarrassed about being a slutty thot, plays victim, talks about how the world takes advantage of her and how she knows better now, and then gets bored of that and goes back to showing her tits for free.
This has happened multiple times. Usually always in concurrence to her getting feelings for some dude.

No. 93212

This thread doesn’t hit the same as it used to. The only source of entertainment this thread gets is when anons argue amongst themselves and squeezing lukewarm milk from little bits and pieces. Rather keep this one in the back burner just to continue watching you all bitch at each other, it’s hilarious.

No. 93243

If you bought her nudes in the past does that mean you have to delete them? I'm confused.

No. 93244

Agreed with this. Maybe we should lock the thread until something more amusing happens.

No. 93545



No. 93553

This thread has always been a place for her ex friends to carry out their vendetta because they can't get over her sleeping with her greasy ex friend's boyfriend that one time lol. If you wanna know who contributes to this thread, look up the Facebook post where her friend exposed her, and scroll through the people who left supportive comments.

There's never been any milk to warrant this thread because literally no one outside her friend group finds it milky that another e-thot in clown makeup shows her tits. This thread should've been locked a long time ago.

No. 93557

I think the milk dried up when she kept deleting accounts to hide from the emi drama lmao that shit killed whatever clout and relevance micky had on the internet.

No. 93562

I mean people turn on her because how shitty of a person she is.
If you look at one of her ex's page
he and others would explain how she have the whole city against her

No. 93573

You must be new here. This thread has been in existence long before the Emi drama that you seem to be misremembering. I'll agree that her milk has dried up recently, but you seem to be pushing a bit hard to lock the thread. Perhaps you should just hide it?

It definitely played into it. People were chasing her off the internet no matter how many times she tried to change her persona. She's still trying to grow a social media presence again and I think the "I'm sowwy uwu" thing is simply just a new angle for her.

No. 93615

File: 1589588433742.png (488.74 KB, 931x412, bpd.png)

all this infighting and wondering if she's a good cow or not yet you guys aren't posting her milk

she's claiming to have bpd now.

>that fake possitivity

>claiming to be like spinel like every other mentally unbalanced ethot egirl
>she might even be copying pixielocks with this.
Someone needs to confirm this, since this post was 6 days ago, I think pixie might had posted something about bpd at the same date Micky did. I mean, pixie is always talking about it. We know Micky watches her and looks up to her, but it's funny how she first claimed to have NPD and now she's hopping into the hotter BPD

This. She claims to be the victim of men when everything she has done so far has been her entire FAULT from sending people nudes to manipulating everyone. She wants to be the biggest victim ever
She claims to be so damaged from what people have done to her when she's the one who started her own disgusting wicked shit in the first place
There's women who are raped and sold on the street and yet she claims to be such a big victim for… having an only fans on her own accord. Lmao

No. 93625

File: 1589592509638.png (360.8 KB, 577x425, tat.png)

dumping some other twitter shenanigans, starting with this lukewarm milk

No. 93626

File: 1589592537638.jpg (263.38 KB, 1068x1807, 1.jpg)

No. 93627

File: 1589592562367.png (23.51 KB, 582x268, tum.png)

she still has a tumblr

No. 93628

File: 1589592744803.png (299.02 KB, 591x550, yan.png)

but she posted exactly the same creepy yandere stuff on her tumblr

No. 93629

I was scrolling through and didn't even realize that was Micky for a second, damn. Filters galore. Maybe some day she'll achieve her dream of being a white e-thot…

No. 93634


she looks mixed

No. 93648

she should really look into blac Chynas skin lightening cream

No. 93650

then you are not yandere micky. get over it

No. 93659

but anon then she wouldnt be pro black girls like she claims to be

No. 93660

Sorry, meant for >>93648

No. 93873

the weebfag term shes looking for is "yangire" lel

No. 94197

Who's this white girl.

No. 94582

File: 1589912573336.jpg (246.04 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20200519-141758_Twi…)

She posted this and then deleted it. I guess it wasn't giving her the attention she was looking for.

No. 95016

what the fuck ever happened to her taking anxiety pills she showed off on tumblr

No. 95092

File: 1590084563119.jpeg (190.02 KB, 750x683, 1D497044-DB57-42A3-9C31-38B442…)

Oh Micky.

No. 95096

wow she must have a GREAT relationship with her dad then. Good to hear.

No. 95120

File: 1590092798538.jpg (169.72 KB, 1080x547, Screenshot_20200521-162126_Twi…)

The fact she legitimately thinks this way is extremely embarrassing.

No. 95122

Of course Mucky and Puri interact, someone who abuses her pet rabbit for the otaku room aesthetic.

No. 95144

sage for no milk but, did puri actually do that? I always thought her room was cute but never followed because I find her too fat and ugly to look at smh, she posts herself too much for someone who looks like.. that.

No. 95149

the cage where she keeps her rabbit has a ton of stuff piled on top of it, when her room pics were making the rounds on Twitter a lot of people pointed it out, I think there's still screenshots in the animecore/webcore thread

No. 95211

File: 1590130671530.png (111.41 KB, 540x647, Fgfhb.png)

she had simps like a month ago

No. 95212

File: 1590130816317.png (118.32 KB, 540x581, 1.png)

1. Micky you are an adult
2. Micky you ran away from discord because there were cuter girls than you

No. 95213

File: 1590130898603.png (48.72 KB, 540x257, H.png)

but she did partake in it

No. 95224


she’s so annoying

No. 95390

That woman she replied to appears to obsessively and proudly defend anime child porn and adult babies… well at least they deserve eachother (until they inevitably backstab eachother).

Calling it now that either Micky or that Puriel chick will start blatantly vendetta posting about one another on lolcow soon, kek.

I can't find the account or screencaps I took anymore when I lurked their twitters but her "girlfriend" seems absolutely nuts and spends 24/7 on twitter accusing anyone who so much as disapproves of kiddie porn as being "terfs".

No. 95822

File: 1590384966379.png (62.25 KB, 540x309, 20200525_003415.png)

This is… so hypocrital considering she has dated so many crusty looking white men and actively wanted their attention like… 2 months ago
Micky is in no position to say shit about Doja when she has been as racist and has said the same exact bullshit in older threads

No. 95825

fat dumb bitch has a history posting her own nudes on 4chan lmao

No. 95859

She wishes she was Doja. All she's ever wanted to be is a ~kawaii~ white-passing lightskinned feminine girl who thrives off of white male attention.

No. 95999

She literally said that she was going to be the "first kawaii black rapper uwu" at some point so I wouldn't be surprised if there was some jealousy there. I also think most people attacking Doja right now are doing it for woke points moreso than anything else.

No. 96077

Dojacat isn’t white passing retard

No. 96085

She's light skin af and you know damn well Micky would do anything to be lighter. Doja is a light skinned e-girl type which would, of course, make Micky jealous. She wishes. That being said, they are both dumpster fires.

No. 96113

File: 1590485444240.png (53 KB, 1007x368, Screenshot (145).png)

from the latest contra points vid on lolcows

No. 96127

>had their life ruined by being labelled as an lolcow
I think she means "ruined my own life by performing shitty behaviors and getting myself into drama, and being upset when people point out that I've done this."

No. 96128

man i do not understand cows. if you see yourself posted, deactivate your shit/private it all and it'll die down immediately

No. 96137

Just like this dried up thread. Nothing juicy is happening anymore.

No. 96160

File: 1590511336385.jpg (193.86 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20200526-123737_Twi…)

Except, people did tell her this and she constantly got defensive and called them jealous haters. She's really trying to reel in some whiteknights.

Wow she really loves to lie. Her life was ruined by her own two hands. She started fights, bullied and harrassed people, lied on people's names, posted CP everywhere, knowing that all of it was unacceptable. Instead of just owning up to it all, she played victim and gets rightfully mocked for it. If she didn't want to be called out as a cow, she should done the right things in the begin. Simple shit.

No. 96305

File: 1590546950602.png (92.78 KB, 540x601, A.png)

Remember last year (?) when she tried to contact barcroft tv because she wanted to appear on hooked on the look? Because of the whole Rotting Dolly drama?
And now she's trying to uwu support other black girls… but its obvious she wants to be the one featured

Unfortunately for Micky, her room is a mess, she doesn't do anything noteworthy, and she doesn't come off as special

No. 96306

Samefag but honestly how is appearing on barcroft "representation"? Those videos come off more as mockery or a circus showcase than anything
I really hate how fake woke she is

No. 96313

imagine calling yourself a "black weirdo" get some fucking help

No. 96321

That channel is literally an online freakshow, incredibly thinly veiled as "documentary"

No. 97926

god i fucking hate niggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 97930

File: 1591188488832.png (12.61 KB, 616x120, asswdfrgt.png)

years?? more like months ago, why does she lie about this?? she refferenced hookup hotshot not so long ago

No. 97931

Ridiculous nitpick. Oh she used the wrong vague reference of timeframe on a tweet with literally no likes! If there's no milk, just don't post

No. 97932

File: 1591188665057.png (12.35 KB, 587x109, wut.png)


No. 97952


No. 97956

Micky hates them too

No. 98447

implying that egirls dress how they do for men.

No. 99011

claiming that all gays have daddy issues… lib "queers" like Micky are truly as homophobic as the republicans they hate

No. 99247

Well she has some new drawing she did on her twitter and a thread on how she made a feminist club, black alliance club, and lgbt club in highschool because some guys were racist to her. Why don't you take a screenshot and post it? If that's not a nitpick for you.

No. 99288

yea. she’s homophobic and self hating which is racist. thats why she makes her skin white in her pictures.

No. 99341

File: 1591655166568.jpg (171.83 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20200608-182157_Twi…)

She said she moved but it looks like she's still in the same place.

No. 99372

>she made a feminist club, black alliance club, and lgbt club in highschool because some guys were racist to her
Oh, so she's still lying about her life

No. 99468

File: 1591720126794.jpg (603.41 KB, 810x1864, Screenshot_20200608-182504_Twi…)

The feminist club is the only thing that's true, but I don't think it lasted long.

No. 99573

File: 1591750572433.jpg (41.98 KB, 206x275, wew.jpg)

>She has a panic attack in a class
>Some guys probably laughed it off because, knowing how ugly and chunky she looks irl, she probably looked like a manic bigfoot creature having a seizure, but she writes it off as racist because of course
>Then later that week she wore shorts and thigh highs because she loves being slutty, the teachers obviously tell her to change into something appropiate for class
>She gets MAD, effing PISSED, and throws a tantrum. How could anyone tell her to change into normal clothes if she's KAWAII and HOT??? the blasphemy
>So she goes back to class with exploding anger like an autistic gibbon, slams the door, and interrupts/probably scares everyone having a lecture in classroom
>The teacher rightfully kicks her out. She's FUMING with ANGER and punches lockers, which are of course part of the school furniture, and she again probably scared everyone
>Imagine a bitch that look like this storming through the hallway, punching and destroying everything in her way
>Then, as delusional as she is, thinks that whatever snarky (and probably, not racist at all) comment that that the guys said is somehow worse than acting like a crazy asshole
>Any school in the US cares too much about dress code for sure; how ever this is not something to get apeshit about, a lot of people pass through it, a bummer yeah, but of fucking course she has a meltdown over it
>so with her "holier than thou" attitude and victim complex, she decides that she must do not just one, but 4 clubs centered on her woe is me tale about how others are such meanies
>fails to see the irony on how she's in the wrong in this scenario, comes off as crazy and manipulative
>I really doubt she created and managed 4 groups if she can't even bathe daily
>All over a stupid tantrum

This is such a blalant lie and it's hilarious.
>The feminist club
>African American Alliance
>LGBTQA alliance
>A weekly study hall cultural diversity seminar (what the fuck is that even)
For god's sake will the lies ever stop?

No. 99575

They literally do though?

No. 99577

File: 1591751131626.png (18.07 KB, 578x215, 2345.png)

bitch when???

No. 99578

File: 1591751234149.png (11.14 KB, 597x108, wut.png)

literally when
this sounds like she's a 12 year old

No. 99579

File: 1591751436554.png (226.63 KB, 297x469, weofihgoirj.png)

literal loli porn

No. 99580

File: 1591751761326.png (179.87 KB, 584x510, fgeog.png)

she does not look good at all

No. 99581

File: 1591751971818.png (415.36 KB, 662x582, filters make wonders.png)

jesus christ her eyes at the end

No. 99608

>claims sex repulsed, innocent, uwu personality now
>has bondage loli porn taped to her wall front and center
Remember when some anons were falling for her "changing"? kek

No. 99675

She’s never promoted black content creators unless it benefitted her.
Fucking why…..

No. 99693

how long did her change last? she's already back to lying about her life and in >>99580 it looks like shes back to the heavy filters and making her skin lighter.

No. 99722

holy snow sliders

No. 99869

File: 1591890283587.jpg (151.89 KB, 1080x668, Screenshot_20200611-114239_Twi…)

Now she's pretending like it's totally the app's fault for her skin looking super light. Lol

No. 99870

File: 1591890365961.jpg (472.21 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20200611-114119_Twi…)

Seem rather convenient she suddenly cares about her skin tone now. Guess she's jumping on another bandwagon to gain more followers. Pathetic as usual.

No. 99949

File: 1591906636914.jpg (371.03 KB, 1079x1256, Screenshot_20200611-114423_Twi…)

I wonder if she just takes orders because the place she works makes some fancy looking stuff, and I doubt she's capable of making most of it.

No. 100011

It is though? Asian apps whiten your pictures. This isnt milky

No. 100015

Why are you wk her?

No. 100017

There's ways to adjust the settings, the milk imo comes from the fact that she piles on the filters and face altering features then complains that it whitewashes her when it would probably not be as bad if she wasn't trying to morph into a different person

No. 100024

For me this is not a nitpick because she is claiming to be sex repulsed and was hating on hh not long ago. She comes off as hypocrital
Same with this, her face gets the filter off (at least in the eye section) and the eyes look smaller and creepy

No. 100032

File: 1591933459873.jpg (209.53 KB, 980x980, EaMp9okWAAEajuY.jpg)

No. 100033

File: 1591933595714.png (113.81 KB, 540x667, Fhfhcf.png)

From the girl who has willingly shown her underage nudes and dressed cutesy to attract men

No. 100122

Don't forget that when she was running her nsfw tumblr while underage she would tag her posts as jailbait. So she's really in no position to speak at all.

She also would go off on anyone who told her she shouldn't be running that kind of blog and sharing her nudes. But since that goes against her victim narrative she's not gonna mention that.

No. 100342

Is nobody going to mention how edited she looks

No. 100351

She shares antifa posts on twitter

No. 100619

File: 1592162346463.jpg (539.54 KB, 1080x1317, Screenshot_20200614-151603_Sam…)

She has no right to get mad when she goes out her way to look as pale as possible by abusing filters in Snow.

No. 100622

File: 1592162705975.jpg (476.84 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_20200614-152143_Twi…)

Once the whole BLM dies down again, watch her not give an absolute fuck about anything she's said here. This only matters to her because it's giving her clout. That's why she's got 'ACAB' in her name. Easy clout and followers. It's gross.

No. 100623

File: 1592162810824.jpg (302.06 KB, 1080x1117, Screenshot_20200614-152056_Twi…)

This shit too. She's only speaking on it for clout. Not because she genuinely cares.

No. 100661

I was just noticing how extremely greasy she looks. Like a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. I bet underneath all of that she still hasn’t bathed in weeks..

No. 100685

File: 1592184043389.png (Spoiler Image, 3.78 MB, 828x1792, 5C7F91DE-1180-4379-B16C-BF25A0…)

How is she okay enough to say that so casually about a porn series when she’s so ~sex repulsed and is now into radical feminism?
Not only that, the women in the videos seem to be brutalized pretty badly

No. 100702

File: 1592190877553.png (115.92 KB, 542x410, 20200614_221412.png)

When cows collide

No. 100826

File: 1592237467190.jpg (209.63 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20200615-120740_Twi…)

She says this but ignores the fact that she's been predatory and abusive for years and people still defend that shit. Hell, she hasn't even come clean about any of it. Yet, she claims to be scared. Sure, Jan. Also, she changed part of her from "ACAB" to "BLM" now that she sees it's trending again. Anything that'll get followers.

No. 100850

Micky has tried countless times to create "safe spaces" for black women in jfash and each time it has inevitably turned into it being all about her lol
She is too self-centered to do this, her goal has never been to create safe spaces or help out her community. Her goal has been to make a name for herself however possible.

Yep exactly lol. This way her name shows up every time someone looks up the BLM tag. Not subtle.

No. 101057

aside from being a mean girl in highschool what has she done that's abusive? this thread is full of nitpicks at this point

No. 101088

She beat her mother. She also used suicide as a way to try and keep one of her exes. Read through three previous threads and you'll get it.

No. 101093

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t all that bs happened 6-7 years ago? Like when she was in highschool? From what I’m still seeing just nothing but dry wells of “milk”

No. 101097

The last like five threads are all within the last year, and they keep going farther. The abuse of her mother came out very recently, not "6-7" years ago. No one is going to spoonfeed you when you can read it yourself. Don't accuse us of nitpicking dry milk if you haven't read the threads. And sage if you aren't contributing anything.

No. 101124

What are you talking about she just beat her mom and lied about it and also lied about being raped after being caught bragging about the sexual encounter like four months ago?

No. 101179

is this a virus?

No. 101180

she beat her mom last year retard

No. 101182

File: 1592418342315.jpg (141.6 KB, 1076x735, Screenshot_20200617-142307_Twi…)

She retweeted this but forgets that she likes to constantly make herself look pale.

No. 101190


No. 101194

it's child pornography links from yesterday but for some reason this one didn't get deleted

No. 101197

You anons are into some questionable shit. Truly weird.

No. 101200

what the fuck are you even talking about

No. 101222

File: 1592429264925.png (6.04 KB, 608x311, 3rjoifjg.png)

Did she delete her twitter?

No. 101239

I'm so glad I didn't even bother to click. They looked like spam, but know it was government bait? Yikes

No. 101262

File: 1592441405096.jpg (373.68 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20200617-174922_Twi…)

She changed her handle

No. 101296

this is how you cope with self hate.

No. 101410

for a light skin black girl she really wants all the attention in leading the kawaii black community. She knows the struggles of what darker skin black girls face so why not let a darker skin black model lead the kawaii black comm?

No. 101463

Lol doesn’t she know people are watching her? Did she think a name change would really help?

No. 101656

File: 1592674931441.png (10.63 KB, 587x88, uhhh.png)

Using an historical black day for money

No. 101657

File: 1592675019223.png (254.45 KB, 590x401, old.png)

She posted some old photos, with her actual skintone

No. 101658

File: 1592675238670.png (96.68 KB, 596x542, sdgeg.png)

this is just days appart lol

No. 101714

Honestly, that’s not just her. Black people sometimes post their cashapp and venmo because there are white people willing to gift Black people money oh that day. I can’t even get mad at her for it.

No. 101774

File: 1592746033104.jpg (526.13 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20200621-092338_Twi…)

I bet you they didn't say anything "problematic" and she was just looking to start shit as always.

No. 101775

File: 1592746894051.jpg (95.62 KB, 1074x404, Screenshot_20200621-092806_Sam…)

She says this but happily decided to fuck her former best friend's abusive ex. Then bragged about it.

No. 101777

I dunno. I like this Micky. It’s refreshing to see someone reject their tumblr upbringing and realizing their mistakes cos I feel like when people peak on tumblr they make it their whole identity

No. 101791


No. 101797

You're part of the problem of why she made it this far every time she "changes" if you believe this for a second, if you kept up.

This isn't a "new mucky", this is part of her usual cycle when she gets caught up in her bullshit and hiding didn't work.

You like her "forgive me I'm woke now uwu please let me into your safespace" phase of the cycle.

She'll be back on her bs soon, it's clockwork.

No. 101799

Lol was just about to say “didn’t this bitch fuck her bestie’s abusive ex behind her back??

Micky doesn't know how to change nor does she want to. This is the “I swear I’ve changed” cycle. It’s clockwork.
And she’s being hypocritical as usual since she’s talking about cutting out toxic abusers yet abused her bff’s trust by fucking her man behind her back.
Don’t fall for it

No. 101802

It's ok I'll post the cap of her bragging about it like it's a "owo irl hentai" since people seem to forget how scummy micky is.

No. 101803

File: 1592764444483.jpeg (213.3 KB, 1125x992, 1558241301082.jpeg)

No. 101806

>cap from over a year ago
Seems very vendetta-chan

No. 101810


No. 101826

I used to love Mucky’s threads. But the milk dried a year ago with Emi and now it just seems it’s constant nitpicking about what she’s wearing or her skin tone it’s just boring and not actual milk

No. 101831

Fucking exactly! Someone gets it!

No. 101851

That's not a vendetta post. They're showing what she said. Also, this girl never apologized to Emi, she ran off and started doing this new mess. She's done it before. It's a cycle, as previously stated.

Quietly leave the thread and find a different snowflake or cow. You're not obligated to stay here. Especially if you're not going to contribute anything but pointless complaints.

No. 101852

File: 1592791035750.jpg (250.11 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20200621-092447_Twi…)

Why do I feel like the moment she gets braces she's gonna go right back into selling lewds and shit?

No. 101856

File: 1592795282233.png (24.53 KB, 597x222, tguyhiujokp.png)

Nothing she has ever done comes across as graphic design, at all
Funny that when Belle Delphine comes back this is her first thought

No. 101857

File: 1592795343011.png (11.97 KB, 590x126, bpd.png)

Remember when she said she had NPD?

No. 101858

File: 1592795454002.png (211.02 KB, 589x404, hmmmm.png)

sharing pedo-pandering……. hmmmmm

No. 101859

File: 1592796366713.png (147.54 KB, 584x636, 6dft7gy8hu9jioko.png)

Nice to know she still has 0 original thoughts inside her brain and dares to police others so freely
Her new tumblr is https://plushphonecharms.tumblr.com/

No. 101888

File: 1592819571776.png (Spoiler Image, 406.04 KB, 598x694, Mucky.png)

I see muckies ass kissers are out in force as usual. Remember it wasn't THAT long ago she pedo pandered. (Yes the little red backpack is more for elementary level Asian kids. Not just "kawaii fashion")

No. 101893


Sage but I've never seen anyone use "graphic design is my passion" in a serious context before lol

No. 101917

File: 1592841785227.jpg (338.57 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20200622-115838_Twi…)

Seeing this after looking at these tweets is hilarious. She seems to forget how she would happily spread gross ass CP. Wild.

Not even the least bit surprised at this point. She really only cares about the clout.

No. 101959

How is pastel things pedo pandering ? Anon I know she’s done some pedo pandering but even this is a far reach.

No. 101965

Don't be dense or try to defend her please lol.

If you literally don't know it's a lot more linked to DDLG than just the simple aesthetic.

No. 101969

Anon there are so many egirl thots who do the same thing. Mucky isn’t special and the fact that you cap every single nonmilky aspect of her life is just giving her more attention that she wants.

No. 101973

File: 1592869728620.jpg (246.38 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20200622-194636_Twi…)

Did anybody watch this livestream?

Just hide the thread and find a different cow to read up on. It's far easier.

No. 101976

Alright, so she shared a picture with a gal in a very short skirt with the word "detention" on her back genital area. Detention = school. The aesthetic of the girl is very nimphette. The messages are reminiscent of ddlg too (nauseus when i think with you with a bear). Yeah, this looks like ageplay.

The milk here is that right now she's oh so changed and holier than thou, and even anons in this thread are believing it when she is still doing the same crap as always. All the screenshots shared, while not outrageous, are things we would laugh at in older threads. Go lurk and see it yourself.

Yes, I'm glad Micky is changing for her own good. I think this cow can make her life better and all, really speaking from my heart here, I hope she gets better and she seems to be taking some steps towards that. But I also know she's manipulative, a bitch, and a liar, and also a scaredly cat. I don't buy this half-assed stuff when she still thinks she's so self righteous and doing her usual signal vitue "love for everyone uwu" schpiel.

Yes, other girls do what Micky does, a looooot of girls have cow like behaivors, even farmers themselves, and pastel alt bitches or egirls are a dime a dozen on social media. In fact, I made this claim in the last thread, that she isn't special anymore if a lot of girls do what she does. Was she even special even to begin with? I don't know. There's probably milkier people out there. But she was posted here for a reason. She still has threads beind made for a reason.

No. 101984

The screenshot itself is from a year ago, but the actual event where she didn't apologize and tried to just hide from Emi wasn't that long ago.

The reason she still has threads is because she always fucks up and ends up showing her true side at some point. Honestly, if it weren't for that god-sent random anon from whatever that discord server was, we would have never gotten the milk we got, and she would have still been trying to sell her crusty nudes. She's only changing now because she has nothing left. Let's hope it's permanent, but something tells me she's the same ol Mucky.

No. 101985

Anons you drive a good point my bad

No. 102000

File: 1592878591426.png (982.61 KB, 954x1382, proof.png)

Here's proof.
Did she actually change? She became a sex worker and hit her mom after she said this shit. It was around the time when the Rotting Dolly shit happened. And this was before the Emi shit too. Did she change?

No. 102002

File: 1592879286596.jpg (64.27 KB, 619x1200, EbKI5HiWkAIwrQk.jpg)

She looks asian

No. 102003

Or you know. A light skin

No. 102005

Finally a anon with a brain in this thread fill wilts vendetta Chan’s with nothing to do but circle jerk themselves. She showed us all of her sides but from what I’ve been seeing as of late she is on a different path. Shit who knows she may influence other “cows” to change their ways as well. From what I’m seeing in this thread is nitpicking and bringing up old shit she has done in the past. yawn

No. 102007

Why is it always her asskissers that claim people have vendettas when the very post you quoted supports the fact this isn't new behavior from her? Even:

Shows it lol.

No. 102016

The way she edited herself looks like she stretched out her eyes as if she wanted to look more asian. She remind me of Jhene Aiko in this pic. Why do you want to whiteknight her?
Poor reading comprehension on your part but whatever. Hope she is in the right path now. I still doubt it though.

No. 102046

I can't watch it run, looks like there's a clip on Toshi's IG. Micky has to be eating this up, but tbh to me this is not Micky "trying to alleviate racism in the alt fashion community" - there are black girls already doing that, who don't have a history of harassing other black girls. This is Micky trying to get her name out there however she can. If she had actually learned anything these last few years, she'd know she is not welcome in almost any community and everyone wants her to just lay low, and she'd have the decency to. This is just another way to tell everyone "hey don't forget I!!! started the black girls kawaii movement I'm the ambassador of this" like she has for years.

No. 102062

>eyes look stretched out
KEK. Mucky’s eyes never played together in the first place

No. 102408

LMAO I talked to her briefly on a dating site in 2016 (Southeast Michigan area), and it has been super weird to stumble across this thread. I don't remember much, except that something seemed really off about her personality.

No. 102492

File: 1593118915901.jpg (394.64 KB, 810x1500, Screenshot_20200625-165810_Twi…)

I'm speechless over how dumb she sounds. My God.

No. 102493

File: 1593119009642.jpg (415.83 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20200625-170024_Twi…)

No. 102524

File: 1593127635458.gif (197.33 KB, 220x165, yousuredidthat.gif)

>using black gifs while not being black is a form of black face

I'm actually heard everything now. Wow.

No. 102539

she a whole ass pedophile.

No. 102541

File: 1593133809957.png (10.64 KB, 322x144, erxtjn.png)

you forgot the part where she says she has educated so many people about this issue

No. 102696

File: 1593211363630.jpg (412.94 KB, 1439x1095, Screenshot_20200626-183558_Fac…)

Emi has been talking about micky again since the toshi thing. Not much new but

No. 102697

File: 1593211405995.jpg (472.12 KB, 1291x1615, Screenshot_20200626-183816_Fac…)

No. 102699

micky's behavior is very similar to hoelly's… cow trait

No. 102700

Micky got in because she's black, and Callie cares more about wokeness and black kawaii girl representation than the fashion itself. The group is trash anyway, and so are Callie and Micky.

No. 102706

Absolutely, and it makes total sense why they all get off on it. It gives insecure girls something to be proud and confident about, in the only way they can.
Holly was jealous of Heidi, that she was prettier and more talented. When she got with Jared, in her mind she had "beaten" Heidi, she won.
Micky's the same. She's always been insecure, about her skintone, her social media presence, the fact that she can't keep a relationship. Getting with Emi's longterm bf, she got that feeling of yes, he chose ME over another girl, I'm the one he REALLY wants.

Cows are fucking dumb and pathetic- they get this huge confident boost from "stealing" other men, like it's difficult, like they're these seductresses. When any shitty guy will jump on easy pussy in a second, no matter whose. And that's all Micky has ever been.

No. 102728

>my abuser

What a drama queen. She got cheated on by a douchebag and everyone told her she was a dumbass to trust Micky in the first place. She needs to get over it instead of milking the drama for pity points.

No. 102733

better watch out anon, you'll have Emi's WKs jumping to her defense if you have any input to give on the situation with her and Mucky that is anything less than licking Emi's gunt

No. 102754

I give absolutely zero shits about this ugly fat bitch called Emi, she's no better than Mickey in fashion sense or looks.
But saying that she deserves being abused by Micky is asinine. Micky a fucking manipulator that pretends to be good and cute only to do shit behind your back, multiple people can attest that. Yeah Emi is very eadger to keep talking shit about Micky and it is annoying at some points, but she's complaining about Micky being a Mod and not letting her in. On her twitter, Micky wrote something like people she hates or her abusers invading her space or something like that, basically could had been about Emi. She's the bitch in this situation.

I really don't get it, this thread is full of Micky's udder lickers.

No. 102755

samefag, but
>wks complain about not posting "real milk"
>someone posts real milk
>"omg stop ass kissing Emi"

No. 102767

I'm the anon you were replying to before and I agree, but a lot of anons (prob people in Emi's circle) get really bent out of shape whenever someone says something about emi that isn't calling her stunning and brave or whatever.
Emi is relevant to the thread, she's like a calf of Micky imo, people warned her about Micky and she gave zero fucks until Micky's behavior affected her personally. And now she wants to call Micky her abuser bc she knows it's a buzzword that all of the woke uwus in the jfashion comm will shun anyone being accused of being.

I mean on the other hand I'm interested to see how it plays out and if Micky will go into hiding/change her handle and persona. But I do think Emi and Micky are two turds floating around in the same toilet so to speak.

No. 102770

samefag but NVM you were going a completely different direction than what I first read, my bad

No one is gonna deny that Micky is worse, I wouldn't even say you're licking Emi's ass but it's always super sus how the minute Emi gets brought up here people come running in like ACKTUALLY MICKY IS WORSE like….no shit

No. 102782

Original anon who posted Emi scnreeshots. Hopefully its obvious I'm not an asslicker lol - they're both cringey, and I think Emi had a lot of warnings that Micky was terrible that she purposely ignored or called bullshit until Micky did something that hurt her. That can't be ignored. Emi's fairly awful and her posts and opinions are generally self-centered and ignorant.
But she is one of the only source of Micky milk right now, since Micky is still playing "uwu I am a nonsexual abuse victim whose goals have only been to educate and spread awareness!" so I'm fine with her talking about it as much as she wants.

No. 102783

File: 1593233400724.jpg (566.12 KB, 1440x2020, Screenshot_20200627-004655_Fac…)

Tbh thinking on it (and I hope this doesn't sound like cowtipping) I don't think reaching out to Toshi to criticize her hosting Micky is wrong. She has a pretty large platform (in the jfash community at least) and really should have done more to vet who she invited onto it. There are so many black girls who are more educated than Micky on these topics while being 100x less garbage that she could have talked to. But it just happening to he Micky makes me think that she reached out to Toshi specifically to try and regain and following she had.

No. 102784

Toshi is a shitbag too, she's sided with sexual predators. All they do is pretend to care about all this shit. Most of these jfashion figureheads in the west are fucking garbage, birds of a feather imo. Agree that it would be funny to see Micky squirm again though.

No. 102790

I kinda wish Emi wasn’t allowed to be brought up here because it’s not really that milky that she knowingly went to a group with Micky in it and wondered why she got denied. Why even bother in the first place other than to seek Facebook coddling? There’s never going to be any resolution, so it’s just gonna be the same old milk

Like I g e t it that there’s overlap because of their past history, but if anything I feel like it’s more telling of her than Micky in this specific case because there’s a few sketchy people [like Sade Hickman and Bishop/Used to be Shin but doesn’t go by that anymore/Ayomeko/whatever] commenting on her statuses so you know she’s only concerned about what happens to her specifically and no one else, even though her close friends call out/have called out people like them all the time

No. 102792

Yeah anon sorry I think I didn't get my point across much but basically Emi = bitches too much and Micky = still an asshole
My bad for half assing my post lol

No. 102810

nobody said she deserves to be abused, they said it was not abuse

No. 102844

Emi rly here making Micky her whole entire personality. She’s just giving Micky more clout and attention. Also why is she more upset at Micky than her ex? Didn’t she say he was a rapist ????

No. 102845

Some dumbass women attack the woman more than the man.
I mean sure both are responsible, but he had free will just like Micky. He should have just told Emi what happened and what micky was doing and this wouldn’t have had to blow up.
However Emi needs to let this shit go. And Kei Club is a dumpster fire so I mean what did she expect? Callie dgaf about the safety of others and has poor judgment if she let Micky be a Kei Club member

No. 102846

Samefag I meant mod not member.

No. 102943

File: 1593303995248.jpeg (372.86 KB, 828x1292, 22240982-7C2D-4B0A-A937-569D73…)

No. 102944

File: 1593304042780.jpeg (301.51 KB, 828x1538, 218B3DBB-86CC-4424-8D73-5A2D16…)

No. 102945

File: 1593304089749.jpeg (335.21 KB, 828x1529, 83E93721-FBF9-4475-826F-FB6705…)

No. 102946

File: 1593304137470.jpeg (354.38 KB, 828x1524, 6714DAEE-6DE9-439B-B94A-65272E…)

No. 102947

File: 1593304197376.jpeg (288.48 KB, 828x1517, 2886F545-0248-40ED-A986-570719…)

No. 102948

File: 1593304239415.jpeg (567 KB, 828x1441, EEEC2274-5C4F-4784-9F5A-4EE19C…)

No. 102950

File: 1593304366772.jpeg (116.97 KB, 828x401, 1F94025E-A08F-4F79-A2A5-F89FE1…)

The post

No. 102953

File: 1593304629479.jpeg (410.95 KB, 828x1093, 8C31FE8C-070A-45E9-B5BD-A89221…)

Emi getting called out earlier

No. 102955

File: 1593304682917.jpeg (498.11 KB, 828x1535, AC99F557-A280-4E12-9776-4A0F30…)

No. 102956

File: 1593304710705.jpeg (510.18 KB, 828x1536, DB49F591-39FE-4D3C-A6A0-F6B83C…)

No. 102957

File: 1593304747162.jpeg (450.06 KB, 828x1528, 75B36584-3CF9-402B-B7A0-CF46E5…)

No. 102959

I know this is about emi but it also sounds like something someone would write about micky lol

No. 102960

i like how micky claims emi traumatized her bc emi said "nigga" like…..its fucking detroit, everyone says that shit in predominantly black cities/areas tf you gonna say it traumatizes u? and i would bet anything that micky gave emi "the pass" and is now trying to pull that card bc it's convenient and the current times/events

like emi is a dumb cunt but how are you also gonna defend micky because "boohoohoo this poor BLACK gitl why are you picking on this BLACK girl whitey waah"
all these stupid bitches can eat each other for all i care though.

No. 102964


I agree anon. The bitch gave emi a pass and now wanna throw her under the bus. Ain't no way a white girl gonna be saying nigga around a black girl unless the black girl co-signs that shit and make her comfortable.

No. 102968

File: 1593307451242.jpeg (497.58 KB, 828x1326, 821EFD0C-3A21-4B1B-AF1E-595590…)

I must say ”””emi’s posts on micky has been releasing hell fire

No. 102969

File: 1593307511594.jpeg (672.89 KB, 828x1290, BFACE671-6BC8-41AC-AA56-C4A269…)

No. 102971

can we lay emi to rest already? she's as much of a cow as micky. your aint shit boyfriend wanted to fuck micky because he didn't find your lumpy ass attracrtive, stop jumping on the micky hate bandwagon five years late when multiple people warned you about micky before you even dealt with her. Nobody should be entertainting Emi's victim bs

No. 102973

>Racially traumatized

My thoughts exactly. Mucky definitely gave Emi the okay because she's obsessed with white approval.

Micky's saying she won't entertain colonizers, but wait until the next generic white alt fuckboy comes around and wants to get his dick wet.

No. 102980

I don't give a fuck about 99% of micky's pity-party wordvomit but lmao at her blaming emi, calling her out for her nudes, her name, and workplace being posted.
it's such bullshit because her real name and nudes have been here for years, literally posted by herself. we also figured out where she worked because she herself made it obvious. she knows all of this and is banking on people not being familiar with her gross attention-seeking history. absolutely embarrassing

No. 102989

Exactly, she did that to herself. Why blame Emi about shit she did herself. Don't get it.

No. 102991

To be frank I don't give a fuck about Emi but I agree with what she was saying about dollskill. Honestly who the fuck cares if you buy from it, she's even saying that she would only buy through depop yet they're twisting her words into SHE'S A RACIST SUPPORTER shit and it's so fucking annoying.

No. 102992

People really be thinking they're doing a service to black folks by not buying from a brand instead of things that really matter huh
Emi apologized and they're still pressed about it kek

No. 102994

>I'm not racist
>But I dated a racist and let him verbally attack my best friend. There was nothing I could do!
>How dare she post about me just because I've been posting about her?!
I don't like Micky, but fuck this other girl too, lmao. She willingly inserted herself into drama that she could've left in the past, and now she's playing victim. Why did she even try to join that Facebook group? Is her backstory with Micky the magnum opus of her whole life? Fucking hell.

No. 102997

>she's as much of a cow as micky. your aint shit boyfriend wanted to fuck micky because he didn't find your lumpy ass attracrtive, stop jumping on the micky hate bandwagon five years late when multiple people warned you about micky before you even dealt with her.
Thank you. Anyone defending Emi right now is being dumb. The only reason she got backlash is because she was petty enough to try and "cancel" Micky with crocodile tears, and now she's mad it didn't work out in her favor like it did last year. Nobody would've even been talking about her love of Dolls Kill if she had just minded her business.
It's been a long time. She needs to accept the fact that she's never going to get that adrenaline rush of ending someone's internet reputation again. If she really needs something, she can go forgive Micky, wait a little bit, get fucked over again and then hop back on FB with a new callout post. If she can't do that, she needs to just move the fuck on.
She's honestly every bit as shitty as her so-called "abuser", Micky, and she didn't even care about her being a bad person until it happened to her. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 103059

File: 1593346677240.jpg (207.49 KB, 1080x855, 20200628_081546.jpg)

This chick puts "happy birthday" on a few cakes and suddenly thinks that qualifies her to start selling desserts. She should be focusing on holding down a proper job for longer than a few weeks.

No. 103060

File: 1593346870405.jpg (183.82 KB, 1079x856, Screenshot_20200628-081454_Twi…)

She's also trying to gain followers by bandwagoning the whole Jenna Marbles thing. Micky says she didn't know better when she did that kind of stuff but, she did. She was fully aware and spent years spewing shitty things, knowingly. Not sure why she's on her high horse right now.

No. 103061

File: 1593347025172.jpg (404.13 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20200628-082232_Twi…)

Micky should be @-ing herself in that case.

No. 103062

File: 1593347208902.jpg (269.95 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20200628-082302_Twi…)

racist jokes and content are furthest thing from traumatic for black people. Seeing someone die from gang violence or police brutality, that's traumatic. Of course she wouldn't know that because she lives in an area where she doesn't have to experience either. Not mention, once again, she's only saying shit to gain followers, not because she actually cares.

No. 103064

>racist jokes and content are furthest thing from traumatic for black people.
You should speak for yourself and yourself alone, anon (assuming you're actually black). Not defending Micky's fake BS, but pls.

No. 103066

Some of y'all anons sound real suspect when it comes to Micky talking about racism. As much as I don't like the bitch she's not wrong about microaggressions.

No. 103068

Oh my god shut up

No. 103072

Agreed. Anons in Micky threads have a habit of being autistic and obsessive in their dislike for her, to the point where they'll actually say the dumbest shit all to discredit her.
But also, Micky made a habit of surrounding herself with racist white guys from Reddit and 4chan, so it's pretty exaggerated for her to go on about Emi's shit like it was the worst and most traumatizing. She has definitely let even worse things slide without mentioning it again, but right now it's convenient to bring up Emi being racist (just like Emi keeps dragging up her stupid failed polycule drama and going on about Micky "abusing" her). Both of them are extremely petty.

No. 103087

Then there are anons like you and >>103066 who are clearly in her circle/friends/WKs. Why come to a Cow's thread to try to defend her?

No one in any of her threads have said anything that wasn't true.
>they'll actually say the dumbest shit all to discredit her.

It's funny, because Mucky herself love to spout this line when she gets caught up in her bullshit. I don't care for Emi in the slightest, the reason she gets brought up is because it was one of her "best friends" and has been the one person to make mucky actually drop her façade she tries to put up, like the one she has now.


This. This alone is why people don't "try to discredit her" when she easily discredits herself and contradicts EVERYTHING she says and does on her own.

If you think, say or feel otherwise you're simply trying to WK a chick known to be manipulative and congrats, you've not only played yourself but you're part of the reason she gets away with what she does even if it's for a couple of months - a year.

No. 103093

this is what I don't get - Micky constantly goes on about educating people and trying to make people be better. someone (in this case, Jenna, who has acknowledged and apologized for the jokes she made a long time ago and made it clear she has learned they were ignorant) actually does get educated, learns why they were wrong, and does everything to show that she's sorry and embarrassed and a better person, and it's STILL not enough for Micky.
if Mucky wants people to atone for the rest of their lives over their mistakes, she better get used to it. I think the racist shit she did is much worse and far more traumatic to than a dark spray tan and a cringey "ching chong" joke.

No. 103102

LOL seriously, like what are you getting out defending micky? chances are she doesn't give a fuck and will never come to your defense, so why bother?

No. 103104

Exactly, because anyone who HAS defended her or tried to be her friend she ended up shitting on or blocking after she stopped (temporarily) being a sex worker based on what others said at the time during that whole Katie/Discord thing a few months back.

No. 103105

What Jenna did wasn’t racist

No. 103127

who is even still talking about this. eyeroll

No. 103130

oh poor white tears

No. 103143

micky acting like saying nigga once is traumatic lol

No. 103144

What the fuck is a microaggression and why the fuck would I care about that if I'm at the farm to laugh at some bitches

No. 103146

Basically subtle racism or racist tones. As in, it's a white knight trying to score points knowing micky lurks here.

No. 103154

Is this one of Micky's friends?

No. 103163

Usually is. Every thread it becomes obvious who they are, if not micky herself when she pops up to defend herself.

No. 103187

You sound unhinged. Nowhere in my post did I defend her, and I'm not anywhere near her circle.
If anything, it's vendettafags like yourself that accuse everyone of "defending the cow" for not being as spergy as you that sound like they come straight from the same FB group as her, looking to blow off steam by any means possible.
>Mucky herself love to spout this line
I haven't seen that even once.
The reason people say shit like this is because it's true. Post some actual milk and stop screeching, or shut the fuck up. I miss when people posted about this cow thinking it was cute to brag about getting fingered in McDonald's, and other trashy shit. Now it's just Emi and Micky's other ex-friends using these threads as a toilet.

No. 103188

>If anything, it's vendettafags like yourself

I don't see a vendetta in that post. Funny how whenever someone calls out a whiteknight or a cow's friend they get ultra defense and spout "vendetta!"

No. 103189

No offense, but whoever's idea of quality posting is screeching "You are obviously Micky or Micky's friend" whenever anyone asks for decent content is definitely a vendettafag.

No. 103207

File: 1593396399638.jpg (127.46 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20200628-220606_Twi…)

She really needs to learn how to take her own fucking advice.

No. 103220

This is rich coming from the girl who fucked her best friends boyfriend

No. 103313

he cheated too but whatever makes ur WKs and your fat gunt feel better, emi

Honestly this thread was way better before Emi started flooding it w vendetta caps from a year ago and made it more focused on her. no one cares that you’re butt hurt over some weeb scumbag we just wanna watch Mucky eventually self destruct and let milk flow naturally(hi cow)

No. 103324

That, and her constantly harassing and bullying other girls, abusing others, and lying about someone else posting her nudes.

No. 103326

File: 1593449134280.jpg (301.53 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20200629-123931_Twi…)

This is coming from the same girl who spent years lying about being blasian and who continues to lighten her skin in every single pic she posts.

No. 103335

So weird to sperg out over an anon pointing out the obvious. Like nobody is saying he didn't, but this is applicable to Micky because SHE is saying this. Not him.
Also would it kill you retards to take a break from calling each other Micky/emi too, jesus

And this is coming from an anon who was one of the first that blew the whistle on Emi only to get bombarded with "wahh this isnt emis thread waah you're Micky deflecting" btw

No. 103336

This shit is hilarious watching everyone fight one another.

No. 103344

Always happens when Mucky's white knights flood in after emi get mentioned.


No. 103346

Honestly I prefer it, this is more entertaining then the thread itself. Please do continue more with it.

No. 103622

File: 1593698817150.jpg (438.82 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20200702-100212_Twi…)

Micky changed her hair again. She actually looks nice here but that might just be all the heavy ass blurring.

No. 103623

File: 1593698876365.jpg (163.54 KB, 1080x1556, IMG_20200702_100151.jpg)

No. 103625

File: 1593699177794.jpg (154.44 KB, 1080x1473, IMG_20200702_100156.jpg)

No. 103645

Definitely heavy blurring. I'm local and seen her at her work every now and then, only thing similar is her awkward fashion sense. She has pretty bad skin complexion.

No. 103647

Yeah, she talks about skin care yet has a crusty face. It's weird.

No. 103807

File: 1593828915759.jpg (405.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210724_Twi…)

Some twitter updates from our cow.
'Pansexual pride' makeup lewk uwu. Since when is she pansexual? Ffs whatever at this point

No. 103808

File: 1593828960739.jpg (352.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210658_Twi…)

No. 103809

File: 1593829038307.jpg (261.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210757_Twi…)

She literally just quit selling nudes though. Damn Micky make up your mind

No. 103810

File: 1593829130512.jpg (281 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210833_Twi…)

Sexual energy and moon shit, I guess. She's also spatting with someone in the replies & it's pretty funny

No. 103811

File: 1593829179198.jpg (319.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210842_Twi…)

No. 103812

File: 1593829272332.jpg (296.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200703-210849_Twi…)

That's all of note at the moment. Theres sure to be much more milk flowing soon since she has done such a 180 from just a few months ago. Almost gives you whiplash

No. 103825

Wasn’t she just bi…..?

No. 103827

Pansexual/bisexual are pretty interchangeable. Some ppl argue that bisexual doesn't include trans poeple which is why he rattles on about fetishizing trans people or whatever. Either way, have we seen her ever pursue a girl outside claiming to ragefap to amina? I only recall a long line of dudes.

No. 103841

Pansexual is the snowflake version of bi

No. 103845

She's whatever fits her narrative and clout chasing at the time. Like how much she complains about how she hates the male gaze, hates guys and hates how she's seen as a sexual object, yet goes on and on about her boyfriend etc.

Like you can't hate guys and gush over a guy.

No. 103849

I mean I’d argue that pan and bi aren’t interchangeable at all, but this ain’t the time or place…..

No. 103917

>Like you can't hate guys and gush over a guy.
Not defending her, but that sometimes does happen, either she's like "my boyfriend is the only good man in the world" or she's just contradictory, or a masochist

Otherwise, I agree. Not long ago she was this ~sexual succubus uwu~ and now she¿s sexually repulsed and saying you shouldn't watch hentai… but then she shares hentai on her twitter lol

No. 103952

And still has some hentai/questionable shit on her amazon wishlist lol. And nah, she's just contradictory, she ALWAYS acts this way when she goes through her "I've changed" cycle.

It's why she's trying to make it seem she's a victim for her own choices.

No. 104017

Alright I'm not gonna lie she kinda cute. I've been going through some of these threads and she's not ugly at all.

No. 104021

Yeah I'm not gonna lie like I find some aspects of her attractive, mainly how tall she is and how deep her voice is, but I'd probably never sleep with her because of the herpes and her lack hygiene

No. 104040

Having seen her in person, don't be fooled by the filters and shoop anon. She's not hideous, but she's a doughy and greasy average in ali express clothing at best.

No. 104044

She photoshops and wears heavy make up big time,don’t be fooled. She’s cute without the shop,but just average. Don’t forget this is the girl who gives her friends already used vibrators and she keeps an old moldy to use on herself too.

No. 104047

File: 1594015403044.jpg (170.69 KB, 960x1280, 5rw1azayqlg41.jpg)

I'm aware. I've been through all the thread. She's still not hideous though. Could do with losing a few pounds.

Anyone have the pics in the ss?>>101888

No. 104048

Scrotes fuck off


No. 104049

File: 1594015893463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 319.76 KB, 1920x2560, qowniz6aat841.jpg)

Found another that may or may not have been posted already

No. 104062


She legit has the same face as the evil mother from Precious

No. 104064

Yeah micky isn’t ugly, her personality and style definitely is as well as her hygiene, but she herself isn’t ugly, if she wore her natural hair and took a photo with minimal make up, normal clothing like a t shirt, and nice jeans, Bet she’d 100% look so much better.
Anyone can look great if they dress tastefully and take care of themselves tbh.

No. 104067

Can a mod ban this fucking scrote shitting up the thread

No. 104146

File: 1594094470745.jpg (386.76 KB, 1080x1050, Screenshot_20200706-235709_Twi…)

She's back to streaming on Twitch again.

No. 104158

File: 1594110723241.png (322 KB, 381x448, gfdsa.png)

micky you have never dressed properly
(added the pic she's responding to)

I'm so tired of her "so proper" phase. I need more ethot shenanigans.

No. 104159

File: 1594110884832.jpg (111.52 KB, 990x1308, EcNwAOhX0AALzRS.jpg)

that special needs face

No. 104160

File: 1594111591404.png (29.86 KB, 592x364, wsedrftgyhujikol.png)

she edits herself many shades lighter though

No. 104161

File: 1594111658566.png (343.59 KB, 572x964, redtrfyguhij.png)

now that her pride pictures got viral she's pretending to be a good person
all according to plan

No. 104174

Yep, then comes the part of the cycle where she gets exposed/her VERY RECENT past bs comes to light and she goes back to being uwu sex succubus.

No. 104236

oh she slut shaming now? yawn

No. 104262

The internet doesn't like sluts what else is new

No. 104264

>dressing a certain way makes you a slut.

No. 104272

yes thats what she is implying by saying proper

No. 104279

The majority of lolcow supports slut-shaming too. Nothing new.

No. 104309

ok but im not talking about you. im talking about micky.

No. 104314

…I wasn't talking about me either.

No. 104375

Yeah, mucky has a habit whenever she "gets woke" suddenly nothing applies to her or she's always been innocent. This chick was literally promising on twitter to piss herself on camera barely 8 months ago for $25 along with her other terrible porn.

She's in no position to judge anyone.

No. 104385

KEK I forgot she was willing to piss herself on camera for scrotes.

No. 104427

File: 1594239393117.png (57.86 KB, 594x608, dfghjkl.png)

she doesn't edit her face anymore seems like

No. 104431

She's bullshitting. She's just gonna use the no makeup filter on snapchat and then lie and say she didn't edit anything.

No. 104454

Sage you’re non milk

No. 104529

which pride pictures?

No. 104581

No. 104661

The person responding to this tweet recently just had a call out post when she was under the @ purindream. The account that called her out is suspended now but it was something about her glorifying rape/pedophilia because of her interest in lolicon and for posting videos of her girlfriend getting fucked by a john while supposedly drugged on their joint sex work account. Sage for slightly unrelated but birds of a feather etc.

No. 104748

File: 1594486299206.jpg (253.52 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20200711-124806_Twi…)

This girl is musty as all hell when she's a cons and yet she's calling others musty. Wild. Anyway, the pandemic itself is really just a problem in the states. Michigan has been pretty decent on keep things safe though. So of course Youmacon is still in the works.

No. 104751

Are you talking about that rosie chick and her white gf? Rosie also gets her gf drugged and fucked by older men as some fucked up age play thing or something.

No. 104775

what the fuck? who are these people? receipts?
"global hygiene pandemic sademoji"
She doesn't even bathe and has herpes

No. 104777

File: 1594508675994.png (13.51 KB, 544x156, what.png)

I thought she would finally realize she's the shitty person she mentions, but I guess not

No. 104778

File: 1594508724476.png (424.83 KB, 583x470, why.png)

Why she gotta be like that? doesn't she love sucking on white boy dick?

No. 104779

samefag but forgot to mention she replied this to Morphe taking out Jeffree from their stores

No. 104795

Why does everything have the do with race to BLMtards?
>The brown people in the replies are PISSEDDDDDD
Still just as tacky, kek.

No. 104837


Does she forget the app was made in Asia where asian people mostly use it?

No. 104838


She goes on about snow whitewashing

Yet uses Japanese in her post? What the fuck has Japanese got to do with her? That isn’t your language Micky. Don’t use it.

And don’t give the whole “I’m black, So much much racism”


No. 104862

File: 1594601609520.png (412.25 KB, 470x587, asdfg.png)

No. 104906

File: 1594647855232.jpg (148.29 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20200713-094017_Twi…)

Is she obtuse about this on purpose? Did she forget her ig name is in her bio and that she posted this >>104161

That looks better than her. She's only saying that because someone said Kali Uchis looked like that. She's trying to push people to say she looks like Uchi.

No. 104908

>She's only saying that because someone said Kali Uchis looked like that. She's trying to push people to say she looks like Uchi.
Oh, great, she's going through a phrase where she wants to be Kali like she did with Doja.

No. 104923

why does every thotty cow on here think she looks like this stupid cartoon fish

No. 104943

Because she has FAS face and that fish also has its eyes a mile apart

No. 104987

File: 1594706022763.png (26.64 KB, 600x260, bohoo.png)

boohoo… you could also wear a shirt bitch

No. 105030

Not even many chubby girls have tits down to their belly button like you do mucky lol. I'm a fairly thin asian girl, if I went out in JUST a sports bar/loose top of course I'll get attention/parents wondering wtf.

Yes it's hot, but there's still shit you can do/wear without pretending you're not trying to look a certain way. This is part of her "I'm always a victim" mentality some anons swore up and down she was getting away from.(no1curr)

No. 105052

File: 1594751009335.jpg (165.92 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20200714-142252_Twi…)

What job is she jumping to now?

No. 105059

Okay but…. skinny woman do get harassed for wearing sports bras in public too, micky. Thats not a size thing, thats a woman thing.

No. 105073

She wants to be a victim, she's smart enough to know it's a general female issue. Hell someone got blocked that replied to her post saying "women in general deal with this" lol.

No. 105096

"big girl job"
Unless it is something like law or accountability related, I don't think she can get a "big girl job". Nothing she does or can be considered trained for a "big girl job".
She's probably going to work in retail.

No. 105105

File: 1594768270595.png (232.85 KB, 591x375, dfghjk.png)

is this accurate?

No. 105107

Spinel yeah
The other two no kek

No. 105118

File: 1594770284405.png (14.08 KB, 588x150, dfghjk.png)

she has ptsd now

No. 105141

actually no one will assume she's trying to be sexy because most people cant fathom how a fat person could indentify as sexy. if anything they will bodyshame her quietly to their friend

No. 105157

Considering she and I were friends before I realized how much of a manipulative psycho she is, She never once mentioned this accident. Not once.

No. 105159

I'm pretty sure she claimed to have PTSD from when she also claimed to be a CSA

No. 105245

File: 1594826948393.png (10.08 KB, 456x82, eugh.png)

Make up your mind Micky
this was only 8 days ago

No. 105246

>>93615 I might be sperging here, but i was diagnosed with bpd not long ago and been on therapy and medication ever since.

It's kinda bugging me that people like herself use it as an aesthetic to fuel her ego further. Having bpd isn't easy and shes portraying it in a cutesy way when it isn't. Just makes her look pretentious and ignorant.

The bpd community already has it hard to be accepted by society, she just makes it harder for us by portraying it in a wrong way.

If she really has bpd then i want reciepts and diagnoses papers with pictures of what medication shes taking. But for now she stays a wannabe "kawaii" cow who self diagnoses herself to fit in.

again sorry for sperging.(blog)

No. 105253

Ok Emi

No. 105255

She had more friends than emi. I'm local to micky as well and chatted with her a few times, the only "car accident" she mentioned was a simple fender bender. Yeah it can be scary and PTSD can affect us all differently, however she only ever pulls the PTSD card when she's not getting the attention she's seeking.

No. 105258

Sure Emi(hi cow)

No. 105266


I love how anons are somehow forgetting that her being a twofaced liar that couldnt keep friends and constantly talked about people behind their back is part of the reason she has threads in the first place. Remember that she has tons of exes that she cheated on and at least one of them she was outed by an ex-friend (which has been a part of her thread description before she even met emi)

A whole part of her being a flake is the fact that she has no irl friends and has to cry for attention online because she's burnt every bridge she's ever crossed. Emi was the last irl friend we could confirm that she had and it's been a WHILE

No. 105267

kek it's pretty funny that anons think/act like Emi was her one and only friend because then that means she's completely friendless now.

No. 105270

Kek. Kek. Kek.

No. 105273

Sadly, she does have friends irl. Not many tho. From what I've seen at the last convention she was at, it was only about 4 or 5. Everyone else here pretty much hates her. That, or they're only an acquaintance.

No. 105277

What makes Micky a cow and what doesnt? comparing to other people

She's a snowflake, for sure

No. 105280

Just read her previous threads instead of asking to be spoonfed

No. 105282

I have been reading the threads since 2018 anon, I'm legit curious why she's suddenly not a cow as some anons claim
Like earlier this thread everyone was being like "you're nitpicking herrrr" and now everyone is like "there is a reason she's a cow"
I'm not asking to be spoonfed, I'm asking because this thread is going all over the place changing opinions if she is or isn't a cow

No. 105287

>Like earlier this thread everyone was being like "you're nitpicking herrrr" and now everyone is like "there is a reason she's a cow"

Have you considered that it's not all the same anons? Believe it or not more than 4 people use this site

No. 105292

I know it's not the same anons.
I've been posting her milk in his thread and people don't react as much as they used to. I just wonder why is this cow not entretaining as she used to be.
I wonder so too.

No. 105388

because she's currently pretending she's above literally everything and everyone, and it's not as funny as when she was posting her nasty, sloppy nudes and destroying all her relationships by being vile

No. 105529

Why you you dumbasses always assume someone who hates this bitch is Emi?

Newsflash: Micky had more than just Emi as a friend. Emi was just the moron who wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Most of us silently kicked this weak minded bitch to the curb.
Get it through your head that the majority of us have chosen to stay quiet unless it’s directly relevant, as with the faked PTSD about her supposed “car crash“

No. 105542

Whatever you say Emi(hi cow)

No. 105543

keep this shit in your group chats retard

No. 105552

*Emi/friend of Emi's. We all saw the comments on Emi's Facebook post exposing Micky. You're all here jerking off your perpetual hateboner. No one has the energy to point out how fat and ugly someone is for 2+ years unless they know them personally. Much like the sperg spamming the Kotakoti thread with her being currently ugly and her past milk was exposed to be her bitter sister.

Imagine thinking a fat thot who gets 3 likes per tweet has whiteknights lmao. Literally just people with common sense who got bored of this bitch and find it amusing y'all are STILL mad this girl slept with your bridge troll friend's greasy man at a sleepover.

No. 105553

Probably whiteknights or people who aren't local to her community, so they don't get to see her interact irl or know people here still roast her.

No. 105554

Nta, I'm from where Micky lives and I can assure you, there's still plenty of people who hate her and those that are willing to defend her. We all know about and read these threads. She does things that she doesn't post about that's pretty fucked up still. Emi and those she's friends with aren't the only people to dislike Micky nor are the only ones to post here. If this thread existing and being posted in irks you that much, hide the thread and find another flake or cow worth your time. That simple.

No. 105557

Give us information, how close are you to her peasant?

No. 105563

You're literally whiteknighting, we don't have to imagine.

No. 105566

Okay you’re saying the nitpicks are justified because she’s doing stuff in person,
But none of that is being discussed.
How about you contribute with actual milk, how about everyone that apparently knows her and has issues with her and knows she’s doing stuff actually say what she’s done and is doing instead of taking a stupid tweet or photo and calling her ugly.

No. 105567

I've been the OP of her threads since the third one and have contributed actual milk. You really should be taking your own advice and give milk. Or just hide this thread and find a different flake to read about. It's that simple.

No. 105577

vendetta-chan confirmed lol but in all seriousness how boring is your town or friend group if micky is the most interesting person around to talk about, yikes

No. 105583

There's other people who are just as bad, but since they don't run off and hide like Micky does, it's far easier just to deal with them in person.

Like there's a guy who had been beating damn near every girlfriend he's had. He was nearly jailed for it. That was enough to get him to stop though, as far as I know.

No. 105591

>>105567 yeah yeah yeah, we get it. This thread is dry, it’s a constant regurgitation of all of you locals around Micky being cowards and nitpicking anything because instead of actually confronting her or exposing anything new to this thread in fear of outing yourselves, you’d rather take your vendettas and blab about the same shit “ohhh Micky sucks white boy dick!” “Ohhhhh fattie! Photoshop ugly make up!” “So woke!” “You slept with emis bf”
Micky isn’t interesting via internet anymore she can’t even get 2 likes sometimes, she’s not even a sw anymore because that’s how dry she is, you call keep discussing real life milk but won’t give it when asked for it.

No. 105597

If you're not going to contribute anything and just complain, leave. All you have to do is hide the thread and go elsewhere. No need to write a novel. No one has a gun to your head forcing to read this thread. Just go.

No. 105598

If you read the previous threads you would know people have confronted irl and she's tried to run off and hide. Again, if you don't like the thread, hide it and find another flake to read up on.

No. 105599

File: 1595048934959.png (220.86 KB, 583x525, dfgjkl.png)

If micky has so much haters IRL and they all come to read this thread, how come none of them come straight and just tell us her milk? Wouldn't that be more interesting than just oooohhh she's soooo bad and soooo hated? Like some anon pointed, that's cowardice, but this thread has always been full of her local exfriends and shit so they're the ones keeping it alive I guess (and doing a bad job since they can't provide milk)

Anyways she retwitted this and makes me believe she's been reading the thread.

No. 105604

“If you won’t contribute leave uwu”
Y’all can’t even post proof of Micky being an awful person in recent so you’ll try and throw the request of holding your side up. News flash, doesn’t work when all of you are saying you know stuff that she’s doing in real life that she’s not showing online but instead of actually saying it (probably because it’s not true or you’re too scared to put yourself because of big bad Micky) reading old threads only furthers the point being made that Micky is dried up and you’re dragging it along, the only milk of recent that even relates to Micky is the fact that the people around her are too scared to actually give some new info or are total cows that have to lie in order to justify their obsession with a chick that has done nothing but post about boring shit and shit make up looks for the majority of this year

No. 105605

File: 1595060981719.jpeg (414.78 KB, 828x889, 3DDA47FF-AE64-438A-9558-9CF3AB…)

The only thing that is even remotely interesting about her recently is her ability to realize her eyes are far apart, as well as other things. So far nothing negative, just positive stuff as well as questions about if certain things are true such as relationship status/her cake job/and other details but the locals won’t give answers or proof so these things are just gonna go towards hopeful thinking.

No. 105618

its so sad she needs things to be okayed by others in order for her to decide if she likes something or not.

No. 105619

Because she hates herself kek

No. 105652

They did in previous threads/in public scenes. Of course there's not gonna be recent milk because she's more of a shut in than ever because of the pandemic.

Do you think she just continuously hops accounts and usernames for no good reason?

Holly Conrad was able to trick people for years into thinking she was a wholesome bird mom mental health advocate for years while being a mistress to her ex-best friend's husband and condemning her for her mental health.

There's SEVERAL different situations why people might not be able to talk about things they know. It could be a friend of theirs who doesnt want to get dragged into online drama who would be outed by the things Micky did.

I love how Micky is pretending to be above it all while still obviously being only in it for herself and people are whiteknighting to this degree.

If you think the thread is boring or that she's dried up you can ignore the thread because it's obvious people are still interested.

She's still milky for her shoops and making every little thing about her and her struggles when she's been spoonfed her entire life. (has she ever held a real job or paid bills/rent herself?) She also is still acting like she invented every other thing in the 'kawaii community' and cant decide if she wants to slut shame or claim that pink bimbo tumblr was the best.

btw no i'm not an anon who knows her irl it's just annoying because there are people who have less milky threads and it's just weird that this girl pretends to make the same 180 she does every year and somehow people believe it this time.

No. 105698

And just like in those other thread if it’s just constant nitpicking and dry it gets called out also.
Asking for actual interesting stuff other than her shitty make up and shit post tweets while everyone’s claiming to have so much info and dirt on her and the things she’s done outside and that all of Detroit knows yet nobodies providing (because really if it was that big and everyone in Detroit hates her how would she be able to pinpoint details unless the anons are exaggerating just to keep this thread going)
Her previous threads were interesting because it was constant bullshit, there’s a reason why she’s had thread after thread after thread so consistently and it’s because she over shared everything and seeker for attention and validation online while victim blaming and starting drama with guys she’s been involved with or other people and than backtracked, always something new. Hell even when she changed her usernames and kept trying to run away it was constant traffic to her thread, because she still didn’t stop over sharing, lying, telling different stories, and doing milky shit.
This thread right here though? It’s been literally nothing but nitpicking and critiques of her make up and her body. Even in the more popular cow threads people get tired of nitpicks. Also, why are people afraid of being outed by Micky, they claim she’s soft, she’s a coward, she runs away, and nobody likes her where they’re at, why would them being outed by Micky be a big deal? Also confronting people has nothing to do with fighting or assaulting people, a confrontation is a simple as going up to her, calling her out for lying, or addressing their issues with her in person. Hell they're too afraid to even take a pick as proof.
This sudden fear of big bad Micky makes no sense when paired with the remarks that “oh everyone around her hates her all of Detroit knows her, we all want to fight her we all have info on her she runs away” make no sense, they contradict the other. If she is a coward, and everyone knows it where is the fear of stepping up coming from?

No. 105699

>This sudden fear of big bad Micky

No one fears micky. I'll use your words:
>Even in the more popular cow threads

People who may know them irl or run across them won't dox themselves by PRETTY OBVIOUSLY making it obvious who they can be posting infos/candid pics etc, especially if a popular cow "personal" circle is small.

No. 105700

Also just because people don’t find her tweets of wokeness to be actual milk doesn’t mean they “believe” her, it’s simple as she’s boring right now, she hasn’t gotten into recent drama or over sharing her disgusting shit like her dirty room, her crusty sex toys, and dirty hygiene habits.
It’s as simple as stop nitpicking, hell even discussing her or her acts or behavior in real life is milk even without screenshots or other stuff compared to the “o she is a ham planet look at her edges her make up sucks she’s being woke on Twitter she said this thing years ago !”
The point isn’t “oh take this thread down all threads don’t matter now stop posting”
It’s to improve the quality of this thread.
Just because people want this thread to be of better quality doesn’t mean they’re not interested in the cow in general.

No. 105702

But Micky doesn’t have friends in real life to be close knit remember, or at least that’s what the local anons say
Also everyone in their city knows her apparently so how would she pinpoint who did it in a crowded place such as conventions, malls, and concerts (referring to the multiple local anons that claimed to see her all the time during the debates of her weight, photoshops, and height obviously before covid)

No. 105744

Good milk = Micky talking about how she doesn't bathe and how pissing herself makes her horny
Bad milk = Micky saying blm or some woke shit

I think milk died when everyone started cowtipping her. The sw saga and the running away to the twinks house saga was entretaining, but too short. The hiding in discord with a new identity and trying to be a twitch thot was cut short too.
She's starting to stream again, but for some reason no one talks about that either. Dunno, this cow is super dry right now, but I think she's just hiding her true self. Maybe some other day she'll come up saying she's a yandere and will want to piss on a cup or something.

No. 105753

Kek. Kek. Kek.

No. 105863

File: 1595214787591.png (119.34 KB, 587x484, sedrftyhuj.png)

dunno if this is a nitpick or not, but laughing at some building burning is not funny at all and I just hate how she think's she's above all while claiming victim points

No. 105870

wtf that is messed up. she is only saying that because it's happening in a white country.

No. 105882

and she's only saying it because she's so edgy and non-christian lol. I'm not christian either, but I'm not going to laugh at a 15th century building burning for internet points. for someone who is so insistent she's a mature grown up big girl now, micky continues to act like a cringey highschooler

No. 105956

Honestly majority of woke Twitter laugh at this shit, it’s like with that other old cathedral that burned and people gave their money to rebuild it but didn’t care about the burning Amazon, the slavery in Libya, and other tragedies happening. Also because Christianity has a large history of racism, murder of people with darker skin, enslavement, and missionaries that sexually abuse poor people or other countries that suffer famine, disease, natural disasters.
It comes with the territory when you’re apart of woke Twitter

No. 106062

“These ladies also have hypertelorism and that makes it kawaii to me.”

Interesting way to cope lol

No. 106185

File: 1595405672186.png (15.01 KB, 610x108, dfg.png)

anyone wanna look like micky? lol

No. 106327

micky doesn't even look like micky

No. 106387

Yeah, she repeats herself/stuff all the time when someone else gets more attention for the same statement/"view" or when she's starved of attention.

No. 106928

File: 1595791717514.jpg (125.98 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20200726-152233_Sam…)

Pretty sure Taylor was about to smash Micky's face in and Micky ran away. Then Taylor's friend Danielle invited Micky to a party specifically to fight her and Micky turned down the invite. When Danielle actually ran up on Micky at Youmacon, Micky ran then as well. Any time Micky has been faced with having to fight someone irl, she's always ran. So, not sure why she shared this

No. 106984

for clout and trying to look like a baddie probably.

No. 107161

Yep, quite a few have over the years, she always hides or runs away, think maybe 2-3 topics ago an anon found her at an event hiding after threats lol

No. 107514

File: 1596197484563.png (371.19 KB, 583x440, download 7-31.png)

No. 107515

File: 1596197526865.jpg (231.85 KB, 1079x1350, xx1.jpg)

No. 107516

File: 1596197588426.jpg (192.47 KB, 1200x1801, xx2.jpg)

No. 107517

File: 1596197630562.jpg (768.37 KB, 1440x2160, xx3.jpg)

No. 107547

The way she edited those pics makes it look like she shooped herself there. She also should have choosen a better location to take pics that fit her look.

No. 107548

She looks cute. To bad about the inside.

No. 107570

She looks like an Oompa Loompa here.

No. 107617

I like the quality of these photos, she’s stepping up her camera quality game.
I wonder if she will ever grow into a mature fashion sense, or if she ever thinks about where she’s gonna be in the next 2-3 years.
What she’s gonna do in her thirties. Forties.
what’s her plan in life, the closest she had to being an adult was living with those roommates but it didn’t last long due to cow tipping, they were about to join Mickey in her camming videos too.
Also the drama with her sister being a furry, and fetlife account, if that wasn’t cow tipped there would have been a lot of milk too.
Her twitch phase would have been amazing as well.
Now we just have her taking selfies and editing them with pasted kawaii stickers and regurgitating woke Twitter.

I mourn all the lost potential sagas.

No. 107620

all the stickers really ruin the photos

No. 107658

She has a twitch again, it's already set up. I think she actual did a stream on there already, iirc. She might do regular streams soon though since she got herself a new pc from a friend.

As far as the fashion thing goes, she's probably won't stop with the tacky look until early 30s at best. I wanted to say late 20s, but considering this is Micky, she's usually late when it comes to things.

She said she was doing that Vogue magazine cover challenge but used Popteen instead. Doesn't really look like something Popteen would print though.

No. 107670

File: 1596298023447.jpeg (13.08 KB, 161x200, 1523587710502.jpeg)

Cowtipping just ruined the fun out of this cow and I'm sure it was her stupid dumbfuck classmates and exfriends who did it.

They not only ruined the fun, they don't even dare to provide more milk.


No. 107674

No. 107677

I am right.
And learn to sage your posts.

No. 107728

Find a new cow, nothing lasts forever, just think of it as your dog passing away.

No. 107737

^^ plenty of cows in the sea to morbid over. I found a new one.

No. 107756

File: 1596343458873.png (363.67 KB, 513x485, 1596243951791.png)

It's just funny to me how this delusional girl who literally wishes death upon people she doesn't agree with tried to get her thread shut down with suicidebait, succedeed, got btfo, and now this thread is full of infighting torn between if she's worth a thread or not. Shit sucks, she's still a stupid fat mf who doesn't bathe, doesn't clean her room, and claims to be a victim while doing wrong to everyone including her own family.

No. 107794

That's what I'm saying but some anons here are like dead set on that she changed and is now a better person. She's still acting like she's better than people on twitter

No. 107804

What are you gonna do anon to make this thread interesting again

No. 107808

Can somebody tell me wtf is up with anons on this thread?? If you believe mucky has changed, then so be it //////////// just leave the thread if you're going to constantly argue with anons criticisms on muckster

No. 107886

I like how she looks here… Non of that extra junk

No. 107894

>wtf is up with anons on this thread??
A lot of fans it seems
And a lot of people who hate emi

Like I get it, she's not that ugly and you root for her because you want to see this cow rehabilitated. But she always gives out a fishy and manipulative aura. Only time can tell, I think it's too early for Mickers to be a fully renewed person.

No. 107954

File: 1596497616343.jpg (298.19 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20200803-192702_Twi…)

She says that but is once again wasting her money and not saving up. Plus she's just gonna end up living with them again because she's irresponsible.

No. 108335

File: 1596816873313.jpg (540.61 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20200807-121337_Twi…)

I wonder how long this will last. Especially since she's an attention whore.

No. 108341

File: 1596820267924.png (1.38 MB, 1060x580, fds.png)

Just noticed this looking at old threads but she gave Rico Nasty (her idol) a shirt she previously wore and we know she doesn't bathe or clean her clothes so… ew

No. 108370

why does she keep doing this, why is she so insistent on being the "founder" of things when she's consistently proved she gets powertrippy and jealous

No. 108384

She's not an uwu sexual succubus this time though. So it should last longer than a few weeks.

No. 108394

Wonder if she's gonna be a bitch to the pretty/cute girls again.

No. 108397

File: 1596854544942.jpg (496.62 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20200807-224143_Sam…)

Once again on Wiki looking for things to pretend to have.

No. 108402

>Does anyone else experience this thing that a majority of the population sometimes experiences, hence why it's a recognized phenomenon?

No. 108841

File: 1597189339794.jpg (74.48 KB, 1080x319, Screenshot_20200811-194105_Sam…)

Look at her trying to get clout like she's not just gonna turn around and end up with a white boy again.

No. 108957

File: 1597275562981.jpg (263.61 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20200812-193726_Twi…)

She says this but she's the one beating her mom and lying about her dad beating and sexually assaulting her.

No. 108966


No. 109051

File: 1597337280709.jpg (555.89 KB, 807x1874, Screenshot_20200813-124506_Twi…)

This screams first world problems. Also, if she wanted her boyfriend to have a slice or two, she could have taken a piece and put it in a separate container. Not that hard. Also, really doubt her mother said anything close to that since Micky beats her.

No. 109117

micky. there is a genocide happening in your country right now.

No. 109118

when will you stop being surprised your family did something wrong to you

No. 109210

File: 1597446346695.jpg (21.45 KB, 350x250, 1596728348265.jpg)

Something about the not a single CRUMB is absolutely sending me. You'll be fine, Mucky.

No. 109223

"so are you going to sit and bitch about it?"
kek. Based mom
Next time don't give them shit, problem solved.

No. 109284

File: 1597517880579.jpg (232.65 KB, 810x1717, Screenshot_20200815-145432_Sam…)

She neglected to mention how she lied about her age at that time. Also how she sent people nudes knowing damn well she was underage. Bullied a girl because the girl tried to warn her about her abusive ex. Bullied another girl over lies. Just full on started shit for no reason. The day she brings up her version of events(see lies), she's gonna get obliterated by the community.

No. 109360

File: 1597585953393.jpg (249.26 KB, 1080x897, Screenshot_20200816-095110_Twi…)

How much you wanna bet she's sending this "gross sugar daddy" pics and vids when her bf isn't around?


No. 109363

Oh she most certainly does. If she blocked him on everything he wouldn't be able to send her money, as it's unlikely for:

1. A sugar daddy to send a "sugar baby" money for doing NOTHING, let alone not talking
2. She wouldn't openly mention it if she didn't like the attention and if she didn't want to keep bringing up how she's a "victim" somehow.

I know you're trolling here mucky, you're not fooling anyone and you're only telling on yourself.

No. 109365

I patiently await the day this bites her in the ass. What would make it even better if it's a white guy whose her sugar daddy.

No. 109369

Has any Anons confronted her of the shit she had done?

No. 109376

That's cowtipping.

No. 109379

This thread has devolved into nitpicking screenshots and tinfoil. She was a e-thot up until a hot minute ago it's not surprising she still has orbiters simping for her. Where is the milk?

No. 109383

Exactly. I miss those nudes and how she brings chaos in her life. Oh well, it’ll be missed.

No. 109388

Nothing about that is nitpicking or tinfoil. You can't have a sugar daddy with giving "sugar".

Also, just find another cow if this bores you. Simple.

No. 109389

File: 1597604928920.jpg (609.05 KB, 809x1874, Screenshot_20200816-150738_Twi…)

Micky really sat there and tried to tell a Brazilian how their language works. Hilarious.

No. 109391

Nice little theory you came up with.

No. 109392

Micky, who constantly proclaims to be worldly and so anti-American, trying to correct a black person from another country about their own experience and language. nice

No. 109393

This gets on my nerves so much.
>In brazil we use mulatto normaly!

No. 109401

In the US it's been used as a slur against mixed people. The two rappers are Americans and obviously the article is talking about colourism in America so Micky's not in the wrong here for thinking of the word from a US point of view. The word coloured is still used as a racial category in South Africa, that doesn't mean it's okay to use it in America just because a South African says it's a normal word. Let's not be stupid just because we don't like Micky.

No. 109405

Right? She's in no position to speak on a language she has zero understanding of.

No. 109409

Guess your the only anon who has a high IQ to see what’s happening, I applaud you. The rest are literally has extra chromosomes

No. 109432

And on cue, Mickey's ass lickers flood into the thread. Just an fyi, she can AND will throw you under 20 buses at a whim, so no point in trying to make it seem like she's not being her usual petty self to gain points with her, you're expendable.

inb4 "ok emi" etc.

How is her telling on herself nitpicking? As:
Tried to proclaim no one is smart, I can see why; Why would a sugar daddy send you money if you don't talk to them, let alone give sugar of any kind?

No. 109438

They aren't worth acknowledging anymore. They're just trying to shit up the thread. Wouldn't even surprise me if it's actually Micky shitting up her own thread. Both have happened more than once.

No. 109455

Or her sister. Post history when?

No. 109466

fat girl AND first world problems. only fat girls feel the need to make 5 tweets about someone eating up their cake, plus her boyfriend made her cake that she said she ate too much of, just let it go and go pout in your messy room micky your big ass don't need two cakes.

No. 109478

one anon disagreeing but 3 of you start shitting up the threads crying about whiteknights? not everything micky says is worth dissecting, it's not that deep

No. 109481

I don't see anyone shitting up the thread, it's part of the cycle. Interesting use of "it's not that deep" considering who's favorite phrase that is, though.

No. 109484

"Its not that deep" however we have bitched about the same things about her since forever ago, it's just now that anons are complaining about nitpicking
Honestly it is fun to see how people here defend her/tell others they're whiteknights. Thats the real fun

No. 109485

Yeah. It's really stupid. You'd think she'd use her brain and just, give him a slice upon getting the cake, but no. I swear she just does shit a certain way so she can complain.

No. 109489

If somebody ate your whole cake (or whatever you had) you'd complain in /ot/ and say it's a lack of common sense. It's really not milk.

No. 109492

All these anons arguing over cake…this is hilarious.

No. 109493

No one is arguing over cake, literally 2 people mentioned it. Idiots like you are what continually derails this thread lol.

No. 109497

Please accept the fact we laugh at her for bitching publicly on twitter about somethong inconsecuential instead of bitching on a stupid anonymous imageboard. She bitches about a cake while being a shitty person and yelling at her mom.

"dis is hilarious omg its just a cake xdddd"
Go lick Micky's herpes ass on twitter, no one cares about the cake, but the fact that Mickey is bitching about it. Learn to sage your non milk.

No. 109503

Micky has faded into obscurity and has no relevance in any community which is a shame. I miss when she was “moving out.” This thread feels like the same two anons stalking her social media out of vendetta bc none of it is milky
Calm down Vendetta-chan

No. 109505

Why would anyone have a Vendetta for fucking Micky, of all people? She's a fat loser who can't be arsed to move out of her parent's house while bitching about them every day of her life, has to photoshop herself to look average at best and sings the praises of BLM while whitewashing her skin.

No. 109507

Again calm down. It’s sounds a bit morbid coming from you. Look I get it, we all don’t like her. But where is the actual chaotic milk that used to be posted ? Best just be patient and wait for something tragic to happen to her again and actually have some whole milk. Not this 2% bullshit

No. 109509

I just think it's retarded to say anyone here has a vendetta for Micky. I haven't been active in this thread for a while besides >>109505 and I agree with the lack of milk, but as long as people are saging their non-milk posts and not bumping the thread, I don't see how it's affecting anyone. You, on the other hand, are not saging your posts and are bumping the thread to complain about perceived vendettas and no milk. At least sage your shit if you want to whine. Better yet, hide the thread.

No. 109510

More like skim milk KEK.(infighting; derailing)

No. 109511


No. 109515

Mickey's "friends" (lol you'll be thrown aside soon) always come here saying someone has a vandetta.


Or they say it's emi and her friends.

No. 109519

Stop derailing over the "lack of milk". You can easily hide the thread or report posts.

No. 109520

The absolute state of lolcow right now. No milk threads being bumped to the top and mods doing fuck all about it. I miss the old days.(>>>/meta/)

No. 109706

File: 1597943033387.png (6.55 KB, 595x304, cghj.png)

did she delete?

No. 109708

Renamed I believe.

No. 109711


No. 109718


No. 109730

File: 1597955928126.png (42.62 KB, 592x320, 1.png)

talking about dakota

No. 109731

File: 1597955955077.png (62.59 KB, 538x491, 2.png)

uuhh… aminyan talk…?

No. 109744

She can't be serious…

No. 109759

Look I know Micky is quite literally a fucking retard but come on
Micky, YOU edit your pics to this day. Also it wasn't just Kooter that normalized it, it's been common in the community for a long ass time because east Asians themselves might as well have invented catfish levels of shoop culture. But you ain't ready for that talk yet!

No. 109760

uwu what a beacon of positivity in the kawaii/black community uwu

No. 109807

I was gonna say, CLEARLY she’s never seen a purikura booth or their face editing apps…

No. 109843

Where did she mention Amina?

No. 109845

I’m not posting her information here because it doesn’t belong on LOLcow and you can find her if you try but Micky literally copies almost verbatim stuff that her EX BFS new girlfriend posts on tumblr etc. Shes taken a lot of her identity and tried to make it into her own. This girl will post something, Micky sees it and copies it the second after.(this is an imageboard)

No. 109847

Cool. That requires tumblr surfing when..this is an image board and you could literally show an example. It doesn't matter what "does/doesn't" deserve to be here.

No. 109858

alrighr micky what about black people calling eachother nigga and nigger. pick me ass bitch. heres your ass pats and fake woke points

No. 109859

its true. i still see it happen.

No. 109873

File: 1598078463672.jpg (152.87 KB, 960x1280, Ef-ESKYXoAAvcUm.jpg)

No. 109874

File: 1598078495679.jpg (357.61 KB, 1905x2118, Ef_et5LWoAshylE.jpg)

someone drew her

No. 109877

what a fucking retarded ass take, this just proves to me that lc is not the place for racial politics especially in the cases of black American culture(derailing)

No. 109880

Micky wishes this was how she actually looked kek

No. 109885

yea i guess its not because you are too retarded to understand what they are saying

No. 109888

File: 1598084612395.jpg (19.09 KB, 206x275, 1598078463672.jpg)

side by side comparison

No. 109889

File: 1598084638791.jpg (19.58 KB, 206x275, 15980784636722.jpg)

No. 109898

No one care kek

No. 109947

its a drawing. since you got such a good eye why dont u draw it better

No. 109963

No, I don't care about the drawing. We used to compare the drawings she got to her actual self a lot on this thread.

This really went to shit.

No. 109988

It’s heavily implied because when she first went after Amina, BEFORE it spiraled into Amina vs BGAK, people would rush to Amina’s defense.

No. 110025

It went to shit because she kept defending herself or sent her disposable friends to white knight for her.

No. 110040


No. 110043

Theres this stupid anon samefagging and only replying with "kek" on this thread. It is getting annoying.

No. 110050

Stop reaching, the Amina milk is expired. It's more likely about Emi or whatever new prettier e-girl she's jealous of.

No. 110075

But no one defends Emi around Micky….. Besides, Micky brings Amina up every blue moon so that's why I thought this was about her. We all know that shit is dried….

No. 110086

Anon I really hope you're not implying Emi is prettier kek, they both look like literal pigs.

No. 110101

File: 1598229739137.jpg (121.62 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20200823-174215.jpg)

Its actually just a meme phrase people are using on twitter.

No. 110141

File: 1598278005020.jpg (581.86 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20200824-100147_Twi…)

Not sure if this got posted, but here's something she retweeted yesterday.


No. 110142

File: 1598278197280.jpg (304.37 KB, 1080x2220, 20200824_100159.jpg)

Again with the lie about someone else leaking her nudes. Also, I'm pretty sure it was said she actively posted and shared her own underage nudes any and everywhere. Alongside with her lying about her age. Not sure how she thinks that counts as CSA and PTSD, but ok.

No. 110143

File: 1598278219947.jpg (292.46 KB, 1080x2220, 20200824_100203.jpg)

No. 110144

File: 1598278328634.jpg (197.56 KB, 1080x2220, 20200824_100208.jpg)

No. 110145

Yeah, she retweeted it after telling on herself she's still sugaring lol.

No. 110150

Can you confirm this?

No. 110154

nta but why does everyone in this thread lack basic reading comprehension

No. 110246

Exactly??? How did they get leaked by a random guy when you were leaking them yourself???

No. 110517

nobody asked her this

No. 110519

It's because she lurks and still lurking that katie chick's discord where 'plushie/virtualpetzz' (her last SW name) got brought up once. Even here when people wondered about how can you get sugar daddy money but not sugaring.

No. 110523

Where are the screenshots? Fake news if you can’t confirm this claim.

No. 110538

File: 1598635321059.jpg (142.65 KB, 1079x664, Screenshot_20200828-125306_Twi…)

This dumb broad really believes that lie? Lol Honestly, I shouldn't be surprised considering she's spent years spreading lies all over her social media pages

No. 110540

Does Micky ever have an original thought? It seems like most of her tweets (especially the ones where she's trying to be funny) are overdone jokes that might've been funny 4 or 5 years ago.

No. 110885

File: 1598889911833.jpg (59.83 KB, 1080x366, Screenshot_20200831-120404_Sam…)

Micky, respect is not given, it's earned. When it comes to you, you haven't earned any respect at all. Once you truly come clean about your fuckery, you'll earn the respect you crave.

No. 110993

File: 1598989040649.jpeg (51.1 KB, 828x1169, 4CD41535-F30A-472B-BC76-491A63…)

What’s her new Instagram

No. 111018


No. 111039

File: 1599065644853.jpg (257.72 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20200902-125205_Twi…)

Great…so she's a communist now?

No. 111077

I don't think Mickey's picking up Engels anytime soon. She just grabs onto whatever she thinks is the hip and edgy political movement of the moment and throws related buzzwords around. She's hardly an educated radical lol

No. 111344

File: 1599305035843.jpg (145.88 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20200905-072422_Twi…)

Looks like she's lurking on this thread.

No. 111364

She lives solely to scam and shit on other people and to buy shit from cheap sweatshops and fast fashion places, is she really going to pretend communism falls in line with her everyday values?

No. 111578

Mickey attempting to pick up communism because she sees the cooler sjws cling onto snippets of theory will eventually not work in her favor. She will only live in the realms of meme communism im sure. Unfortunate how embarassing and predictable this is at this point. I want to expose her irl/url so bad she cannot attempt to bleed her way into local politics for her self serving clout lol

No. 111665

No. 111706

her ex is a rapist(learn 2 integrate)

No. 111719

Proof? And which ex?

No. 111748

honestly who cares. this thread isn't about her ex

No. 111751

Barely even about anything at this point.

No. 111840

File: 1599721752899.jpg (298.32 KB, 1077x966, Screenshot_20200910-030730_Twi…)

Wonder who she's gonna pin that bullshit on this time.

No. 111842

File: 1599721800899.jpg (201.51 KB, 1080x789, Screenshot_20200910-030927_Twi…)

Oh, and this catfish bullshit too.

No. 111843

File: 1599721835410.jpg (701.52 KB, 1079x1853, Screenshot_20200910-030609_Twi…)

No. 111846

$10 says she’s catfishing herself…..

No. 111976

File: 1599821765645.png (8.52 KB, 596x347, tryintohide.png)

She's trying to hide again (probably called out about something as usual.)

No. 111977

And yes, I know she renamed, didn't get a chance to catch it.

No. 111987


No. 111990

File: 1599829917574.jpg (179.12 KB, 1080x672, Screenshot_20200911-084622_Twi…)

No. 112003

The irony is so amazing, especially after her latest SW stunt earlier this year of her doing just that. (Taking advantage.)

No. 112015

Her fault

No. 112059

File: 1599887299405.jpg (133.72 KB, 1080x2094, 119124199_1193133691059819_604…)

It seems really suspicious to me that she randomly came across this catfish, again.

No. 112062

File: 1599890772031.jpeg (44.25 KB, 635x593, ABE41C72-205D-477C-9DA3-13AF37…)

I just…. I really just don’t believe someone could be that obsessed with a compulsive.

I also find it even harder to believe that she just randomly found this alleged stalker out of the blue like this…..

No. 112082

Yep, it fits the timing of her "I'm a different person now uwu!" cycle. How can you even come across a catfish on snap of all places out of the blue?

No. 112086

File: 1599919515330.jpg (323.62 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20200912-100318_Twi…)

She really needs to stop with this "eww men yucky" cringe shit.

No. 112087

File: 1599919537056.jpg (174.39 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20200912-100340_Twi…)

No. 112088

"Eww men..btw I love my bf uwu"

It's the simple fact she's always so hostile and wonder why someone fucks with her lol.

No. 112363

File: 1600098298955.jpg (245.78 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20200914-114129_Twi…)

She posted about the "catfish" again. This time she linked their Twitch and Reddit pages.

No. 112365

File: 1600098378763.jpg (169.4 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20200914-114442_Twi…)

No. 112367


How do you just "find" this? Lol She must be really bored or she's planning on getting back into sex work soon, you don't just "stumble" across a catfish let alone any catfish smart enough to not stumble into the same circles, especially not how she claimed to RANDOMLY find their snapchat.

C'mon mucky, try harder.

No. 112430

It's weird, every single damn time she says she's changed, a couple of months later she gets a new catfish, and the pictures are always found inside these threads
…hmm, sus

No. 112431

I don't get it, the dude made a legit question. He's not being an asshole. Why be rude to him? lol

No. 112432

Yeah, she's even started to post about wanting to dress like a hoe and be slutty again, very far in between so I didn't feel the need to post it. So if the catfish suddenly gets new nudes, you know why lol.

She also posted a link to soundcloud with a raunchy vocaloid song about prostitution (it's called Soap Lagoon I believe). After looking at her twitter again I couldn't find it so maybe she deleted it.

No. 112455

Cuz she "hates men", but has a "loving BF" and definitely love to their money.

>every single damn time she says she's changed

Yep, it's why the people swearing up and down she's change and shit just didn't follow the threads or know who she is as a person or they believe they're her "friends" that won't be thrown under a bus in a heartbeat.

I guarantee this within the next few weeks lol, she'll then post something like "here's my latest set/nudes/kawaiifashionbullshit the catfish somehow got, so I'm posting it to reclaim it and feel powerful!"

No. 112517

Tbf he could have definitely just googled this.

No. 112518

Still doesn't justify the shit attitude.

No. 112556

Tbf she could have not been a cunt

No. 112958

File: 1600521653993.png (442.03 KB, 602x749, hmm.png)

Yeah it's no coincidence, while this isn't "slutty" so to speak, it was her main outfit and in most of her custom vid sets, so I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing her "catfish" having new nudes/lewds soon.

No. 112961

Reach but whatever milk you see fit anon

No. 112977

NTA but if YOU were sex repulsed and regretted doing sexwork would YOU wear clothing that people would immediately recognize from your recent sex work?

I've gotten rid of clothing (reselling or donating) for less but she claims to be 'traumatized' with 'super legit PTSD' and still wears the same clothing??? Seems pretty sus to me even if it was just to deny her claiming to be traumatized from it.

Also learn to sage

No. 112979

Whoever's catfishing as her is definitely an obsessive sperg from this thread. I'm convinced it's the same person.
They literally took pictures from here to ERP with neckbeards on /soc/. If it were Mucky herself, she wouldn't have waited for the pictures to show up on /w/ and only posted the ones shared here when she could've just immediately done it, and provided timestamps.
I guess we'll see the catfish's new nude/lewd set-up the next time someone dumps Discord leaks of her.

No. 112980

Guess we will see. From what I’m seeing she hasn’t posted anything in a while and you were quick to post that screenshot anon, for all I know you might be the obsessive sperg

No. 112985

Learn to sage, and given the time in said screenshot and post I wouldn't exactly call that "quick."

No. 113004

Alternatively: It's her and she is using the same pics from this thread so she can later sperg about how 'see this is just the jelly losers on anonymous boards trying to ruin me!!!!' Also I do think she's dumb enough to not save her pics and have deleted them later.

If you can explain to me how she randomly found a 'catfish' on snapchat then maybe i'll believe you but she didnt even say 'oh someone else saw this and knew it was me so they sent me her snap' or something or 'thanks for the screenshot XYZ' and to add that snapchat tells you when someone screenshots your shit so the person would know that they were found out already? This would be much more believable if the person was catfishing on IG or facebook or even twitter but then still they would know to block her accounts which would give her more evidence. Especially if it's a repeat offender.

She's doing it for attention. Plain and simple.

stop assuming everyone is the same person.

No. 113017

100% this lol. I rarely use snapchat and even I know you can't just "stumble upon" someone out of the millions who use it and the random people it shuffle for you to "quick add."

People not new to her threads understands whats going on, while her friends trying to score points coming to defend her seem lost as hell and confused.

No. 113028

Oh anon I’ve been here since she was going against another weeb bitch about something stupid. It’s actually hilarious to see everyone run around with their heads cut off piecing bits of milk together to get your rocks off. I’m gonna hold my information and watch y’all do your things

No. 113030

>I've been here since blah blah blah

and yet you still dont know how to sage?

No one cares about you or your totally legit 'information' and we're simply gossiping or do you think we care that deeply? stop bumping the thread up to fuel your weird ego.

No. 113032

Stop infighting
If you have been here forever how come you can't save? Empty threats

Also who tf would want to catfish her? Specially someone from here, it dont make sense

No. 113036

That alternative doesn't make sense, considering she never linked to the LC thread or called attention to the /soc/ catfishing incident on her accounts, at least from what I remember. The /soc/ thread was linked here, and then it became obvious what was going on. Probably the catfish themselves trying to make fake "milk", but they assumed everyone was as dumb as Mucky and themselves and hoped no one would figure out they had no new photos, just all the photos from here.
Mucky herself has always been reluctant to bring full attention to her thread outside of allusions like "I was harassed", probably because it'd expose her too much.
I don't know/care how she got the Snapchat (the most likely thing is that someone told her and she just didn't mention who), but I'm convinced it genuinely was just some autist from here. They're probably still lurking, too.

No. 113037

She’s posted the girl before who she said “catfished” as her. It’s in the prior threads. I don’t think it’s an anon here unless it’s a whole new catfish she’s never mentioned before.

No. 113038

Nah..she'd gladly bring attention to being told about it as she mentions each and every time, hell she AND her sister jumped into her threads to defend herself from the catfish last time.

Sorry, it's not an anon here. This is definitely more along the lines of:

No. 113093

Nah, not seeing it. The "She didn't say who told her about the Snapchat" thing seems very weak in the face of everything else. IIRC, she and her sister came into the thread to have a tantrum at anons (like she often used to), not "defend herself from the catfish", unless you're actually implicitly admitting the catfish is from here.

Was that ever confirmed, or was it just some girl she didn't like? It's also possible that the girl is/was a farmer, since we know people who claim to be her old friends/enemies come here to post about her on anon (even though they refuse to post actual milk or stories about her because it's "dangerous" or whatever, as if she can actually do anything lmao).

No. 113103

Pretty sure like every other cow thread people don't want to dox who they are. No one is scared of the cows, these are anonymous boards for a reason. Rarely will you get people to make it known who they are.

No. 113293

100% sure it’s an anon from here that made the Snapchat and sent the info to Micky to stir up some milk.
It’s not new, we’ve had this happen a few times in old threads, the most recent being taking her pics and posting them on 4chan pretending to me her in order to get her to come out of hiding when it got quiet.

It’s also not unbelievable for someone to genuinely catfish as Micky.

A lot of you anons forget that Mickys personality and hygiene habits are what make her extremely unattractive, if those were erased she’d be an average girl, and if this catfish is doing a good job giving her a good personality it’s enough to get money from a couple of guys.

No. 113342

Anon just answer me this:

Who the fuck comes across their own catfish on Snapchat of all places?
Seriously, think dawg. Either:
A. someone here made it and told her, while faking as a concerned friend, to get a reaction
B. she literally repeating the same cycle that got her here to begin with, and is catfishing herself.

No. 113350

File: 1600755937838.jpeg (230.42 KB, 1080x1652, EidHoL7XcAE7Yki.jpeg)

No. 113351

File: 1600755975387.jpeg (235.54 KB, 1080x1754, EidHoi6XkAQHU5C.jpeg)

Will the catfish also use these?

No. 113358

Anon literally said what it was in the first sentence of their post.
>100% sure it’s an anon from here that made the Snapchat and sent the info to Micky to stir up some milk.

No. 113422

Always happens when one of mucky's expendable friends pop by to defend her.

No. 113478

File: 1600859277579.jpg (355.07 KB, 809x1548, Screenshot_20200923-070553_Twi…)

She acts like smoking isn't also a want. Not mention she can't really say shit since she wastes her money on shitty clothes from Aliexpress and shit weed.

No. 113486

Doesn't she live at home and have a "big girl job" now? How is $100/month impossible for her? Unless she was lying.

No. 113488

It's mucky, of course she's lying lol. She lives off her bf and still gets money from her sugar daddy claiming she doesn't do it anymore as shown earlier in the thread.

Last time she did SW she kept begging people in her discord for money for weed, so paying her own way on things she probably realizes she has to budget and not just splurge on dumb shit.

No. 113493

Big claim, you got recipes?

No. 113505

Sage for retardation but what does she mean by neurotypical nonsmoker? how is that related to nails

No. 113509

someone who's able to hold down a job because they don't pretend to be mentally ill and doesn't waste money on dumb shit

No. 113564

File: 1600929260424.jpg (198 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20200924-023255_Twi…)

The lack of self-awareness is once again, absolutely astounding.

No. 113690

File: 1600988702568.png (38.24 KB, 590x302, hjkl.png)

and so the cycle continues…

No. 113693

File: 1600992275397.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, w.png)

This happens every single damn time. I don't get how anyone here can defend her.
The micky moon cycle.

No. 113694

This is so fucking stupid, she herself has done that makeup, wore that wig, and acted just like her. Last year she even said that Belle was her inspiration.

No. 113695

"But gaiz she changed frfr this time!"

No. 113696

I'm just waiting for it to explode at this point and get to point 0 again

The only way she will ever change for good is if she gets her ass beated in therapy. She's too immature and stupid though.

No. 113698

I just remembered she geeked out when Belle complimented her. Like, she went on and on about that for weeks.

I highly doubt dudes are looking at her because they find her attractive. They're likely staring at her bc she dresses tacky and wears clown makeup. She's also probably shit at her job.

No. 113703

If some guys sending you dick pics "high key" traumatizes you and makes you "legit" terrified to "express your sexuality again on the internet" when your pfp is a sexual picture of yourself you need serious therapy

No. 113710

seriously anon, I've been one of those saying this for months every time someone says "this time Micky has RELLY learned she's definitely changed this time!!"
this is her MO, it's so prediactable at this point it's boring. Micky craves attention and validation too much to ever stop.

No. 113727

thats micky tho. oh the irony

No. 113730

I hope she starts making "sexy" pictures again. Who knows? Maybe it will stick this time.

No. 113758

File: 1601033187451.jpg (195.08 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20200925-071735_Twi…)

Micky is in no position to talk about anybody's edges. Hers still look awful after all these years. Not to mention they're adult hairs not baby hairs. I've seen white girls with edges that look better than hers. Lol

No. 113960

you can even see that here >>113351
lool those are adult hairs you absolute dumbass

No. 113962

File: 1601160922113.png (460.47 KB, 846x462, catfsh.png)

More catfish shenanigans
My personal take on this is that she's using old photos on purpose and that those "leaked nudes" are the nudes she posted herself but selling them for some extra cash

No. 113965

File: 1601161122085.png (33.31 KB, 576x222, rgpohpei.png)

No. 113985

Yea at this point i'm sure its her dumbass as this happened LITERALLY a day or two after saying she "low key misses" doing it.

No. 114027

File: 1601209693508.jpg (243.3 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20200927-082621_Twi…)

This tweet is 100% bullshit since we know she's abusive towards her mom. So we know her mom isn't approaching her in any form to avoid the abuse.

Here we go again with the lies. She cheated on that dude with his friend and then threated to kill herself if he tried to leave her. Then when he did, she decided to lie about him being racist. As usual. She's not gonna say all that though because she wants to play victim again.

No. 114169

just because you or your mom is abusive doesn't mean shit like that doesn't happen. people like to act like they arent pieces of shit sometimes

No. 114172

This girl physical beats her mom. I highly doubt her mom is having anything besides nightmares when it comes to Micky. Let alone speaking to her.

No. 114201

Keep up anon, getting physically beat by your daughter I doubt you'll dream of sunshine and rainbows and basically swoon over her lifestyle.

No. 114213

Her mom is just wishing for her to finally move out

No. 114227

File: 1601307506058.jpeg (104.83 KB, 750x274, 1822A60E-8FEB-4723-96EA-F260AC…)

Sage for no milk but Didn’t she just get done talking about girls who dress and do their makeup like “belle Delphine?”

No. 114229

Um…literally last year she was going off about how Belle is her inspiration, and even told belle that after she commented on one of her posts.

No. 114238

And it's always "its men fault" lol

No. 114331

File: 1601367833643.png (28.8 KB, 593x246, cowabunga.png)

when cows collide

No. 114332

File: 1601367870475.png (303.87 KB, 588x382, wow.png)

idk where this man hating thing came from if she loves sucking dick in an alley for weed discounts

No. 114341

Yeah, it's typical for clout it seems.

No. 114436

how long has she been dating him again? 1 month?

No. 114446

Seriously! I can't believe y'all still hating on this stupid bitch. How many years has it been. How many treads. How many websites. LET IT THE FUCK GOOO. Y'all treat her like stans treat celebrities.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 114453

Ok Tiffany.

No. 114454

She'll easily throw you away, save yourself the trouble.
Since March, it was part of her 'uwu sw is trash/i'm a new person" thing,

No. 114455

At this point anon it’s just a bunch of morbid bitches who have crushes on this bitch. For some reason her thread gets bumped with dry milk(autism)

No. 114456

And on cue when people call her out on stuff, her defenders and "friends" come out of the woodwork. I can't wait to read how she backstabs you idiots in a month or two lol.

No. 114462

It's so obvious too. They pull shit like not saging or name fagging, and no other thread gets this kind of response. Her thread would die faster if they just shut up.

No. 114473

Yep, 9/10 it's her new "Friends" she's gonna dump in a month or it's her checking in on her threads hoping someone posts old lewds/nudes to pretend she's still being catfished.

No. 114491

I swear to fucking god this fucking disgusting anon who doesn't know how to sage keeps responding with "kek". Learn to sage and stop ban evading you fucking idiot

No. 114498

LMAO How long until micky tries to fuck their boyfriend? We know this bitch aint loyal

No. 114689

File: 1601613159925.jpg (182.32 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20201002-002000_Twi…)

Fucking how?

No. 114690

File: 1601613189575.jpg (666.54 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20201002-002025_Twi…)

No. 114691

She ALWAYS has to have some kind of medical condition that she actually doesn't have for sympathy points.

No. 114692

It’s like she can’t tell when she’s looking into her own flashlight while trying to put a spotlight on others…..

No. 114824

She still lurks huh

No. 114825

She lurks and her "friends" pass on info lol.

No. 114847

File: 1601820337299.jpg (599.85 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20201003-215701_Twi…)

She could just as easily not spend money on weed instead. Especially since she's constantly talking about wanting her own place and car. Seeing as she can't even stop buying bullshit to save up for those two things though, I doubt she actually wants them and is just bullshitting as usually.

No. 114945

She could donate plasma, sell her kawii uguu shit, literally stop buying junk, save money, go do odd jobs…. literally anything.
but no, let’s resort to e-begging for a nonessential item because why tf not….

No. 114950

It'll always confuse me she brags about her bf but went right back to e-begging, "not doing stuff but my old sugar daddy still sends money" and stating potentially want to sell crusty "lewds" again.

No. 114956

On cue, muckey and/or her "friends" is trolling the thread lol.

No. 115025

The wild thing is that she has a whole job. Yet, instead of saving money from said job, she blows it on bullshit. Then turns around and begs for people to give her money. How is she not embarrassed by that??

No. 115094

We get it, you think you're her "friend", stop saying people have a vendetta, actually read her threads, you'll see how soon you're tossed under a bus.

No. 115171

I wonder why they keep deleting their posts. What are they so afraid of? Lol

No. 115228

I think the owner of this thread doesn’t like confrontation kek.

No. 115240

Adds nothing and it's clearly muckey or one of her friends coming to white knight when they say more than 'kek', as seen here:

No. 115244

bitch has less than 100 followers and this thread is still one of the top 5 threads on /w/orst subjects.

No. 115245

Exactly lol(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 115273

That's not how it works. Learn the rules.

No. 115274

If it's on of her wk, they need to read through these threads and see why they're stupid for poorly defending this girl.

No. 115509

File: 1602293379090.jpg (459.53 KB, 1074x1512, Screenshot_20201009-212331_Twi…)

The fact she considers people asking for the content they paid for as truama is pathetic.

No. 115510

God I hate her…. if you wanna show everybody your shit just do it. Stop with this fake ass “trauma” and just be a gold digging low content having whore…

No. 115515


this bitch, omg…if you’re gonna be online posting nudes and selling nsfw content, of course you’re gonna be harassed by pornsick incels constantly. did she really not think about that??? no one even told her to do it, she did that by herself and she wanna cry bloody murder on it

No. 115518

Ahhhh and thus the cycle starts anew

No. 115531

she has had the "realization" from the last tweet about fifteen times

No. 115550

Ok which one of you morbids made this lol. Waaaaaay too much time on y’all hands

No. 115574

Nobody click on this spoiler. It's gore.

No. 115638

File: 1602381506528.jpg (139.49 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20201010-192629_Twi…)

It still kills me she retweets shit like this then turns around and says she loves her boyfriend. At least it won't be surprising when she eventually cheats on him.

No. 115660

To be fair, 99% of farmers say things like that and have boyfriends. She's not an exception.

No. 115714

Then they're just as stupid as she is.

No. 115715

File: 1602416733745.jpg (522.71 KB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20201011-074553_Twi…)

She posts that yet, this exists >>113693

If there was any truth to her tweet, her thread would have ended back at maybe the fifth one.

No. 115718

ok scrote

No. 115719

She barely gets any likes, stop bumping this dumbshit up if you don’t have any actual “milk” being shared scrote. Swear some of you anons just want to post just to do it.

No. 115723


Same fagging I see.

It's hilarious this always happens specifically in mucky's threads when she herself said people should "send someone gore to fuck with them." So I'm not shocked if it's her doing it/one of her "Friends" every time.

She probably got dumped ages ago and just playing it up she's still with that dude.

No. 115725

Stop bumping the thread tard bait.

No. 115732

She's really trying her hardest to make sure nobody finds out all the fucked up she's said and did. She really gonna be fucked if and when one of those tea spilling YouTube channels learns about her and then comes across these threads.

>She probably got dumped ages ago and just playing it up she's still with that dude.

Considering she isn't talking shit about him or threatened to kill herself to make him stay, I doubt it. I'll be sure to have my popcorn ready when that day does come around though.

No. 116001

File: 1602648708275.jpg (588.84 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20201014-001001_Twi…)

She knows damn well that dress is from Bodyline. Not sure why she's out here lying.

No. 116002

File: 1602648749015.jpg (32.32 KB, 523x666, 20201014_001005.jpg)

The dress

No. 116112

maybe discussion about this cow should be moved here

it fixes two things
>anons complaining there's not enough milk
>the grating "kek" whiteknight

No. 116115

File: 1602735251415.png (294.11 KB, 595x409, 4t4thhthht.png)

why does she want to be special so bad? everyone liked rose gold some years ago because it was popular, and she likes anything that is popular. get over it mickers

No. 116135

You’re the only one bumping shit dummy. Sage your shit.

She’s got no sense of taste or style and it’s almost concerning.

No. 116140

How she can pass about "not knowing where dress is from" if she got dress?

No. 116145

How is this milk?

No. 116149

File: 1602767891003.jpg (252.65 KB, 1080x1006, Screenshot_20201015-085832_Twi…)

I feel like this is a load of horseshit. Like when she claimed she went off on her "racist classmates"?

No. 116154

Didn't she say before that she doesn't like people asking her where she got stuff because she "worked hard on her aesthetic" and doesn't want people ripping it off?
Obviously cheap frilly pink maid dresses are Micky's own unique style, I've never seen another weeb girl wear those.

No. 116162

Yep, she also gets equally shitty when it's a non black person asking too.

No. 116169

She has said that but then also either said or shared a post talking about how girls who do tell people where they got their clothes are afraid the other person wearing it better.

>I've never seen another weeb girl wear those

I've seen plenty but it's worn for maid cafés or cosplay. Outside of that, it's not worn. Unlike Bodyline's lolita and school uniform stuff.

No. 116170

File: 1602781581162.jpg (445.95 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20201015-130446_Twi…)

Yeah, she stays bullshitting. She's honestly afraid of someone looking better than her in the outfit.

No. 116189

lmaooo she's so full of shit, bodyline literally has its tags in all of these dresses.

No. 116219

File: 1602808437645.jpg (583.81 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20201015-164911_Twi…)

No words

No. 116220

File: 1602808460614.jpg (36.67 KB, 1000x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f-1.jpg)

No. 116260

Based bullies

No. 116273

how does ahe fit in with that thread? fuck off

No. 116274

the discussion of her is fine here seeing as people here are obsessed with her & it would flood the egirl thread with pointless boring nitpick shit you guys like to do in this thread

No. 116283

Yet again on cue, mucky or her friends come to whiteknight her lol.

No. 116316

File: 1602875683041.jpg (133.87 KB, 1080x671, Screenshot_20201016-151410_Twi…)

She keeps saying how she wants a female friend but ignores the completely disastrous friendship she had with Emi. Also, how the majority of the community witnessed that and learned how grimy she was. So, ofc no woman wants to friend her like that. Dumb white knights aside.

No. 116350

how is it whiteknight wen i just want you to keep your shit cow to yourself and not ruin a different thread?

No. 116373

So you mean you just want this thread to get nuked and her to not be discussed ever again?
Got it, you're friends with her. Enjoy living in narcissistic fear.

No. 116380

exactly prooving people in this thread are brain dead. you cant imagine someone not being interested in her.

No. 116381

its clearly not going to get nuked seeing as there are 18 threads and everyone has been cooking up nothing but nitpicking for 2 years now. but go off(infighting)

No. 116383

Nayrt, but all you need to do is hide the thread. That's it. Just hide it. Nothing else.

No. 116388

not talking about not wanting to see this thread im saying the discussion of her doesn't need to be taken to the e girl thread to fill it up with the useless shit that goes down here.

No. 116413

Just go back to the e-girl thread. Hide this thread, and go back to the other thread.

No. 116414

File: 1602931289574.jpg (316.2 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20201017-063823_Twi…)

Again with the communism shit. I wonder what girl she's copying now. Also wondering how long it'll be before she completely drops this for something else entirely.

No. 116417

File: 1602931832171.jpg (674.96 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20201017-064951_Sam…)

She went out her way to do heinous shit to others and this is the best she's got as far as an "apology" goes. Micky, actually put some effort in.

No. 116731

File: 1603163817540.jpg (54.62 KB, 720x960, 121972072_346762136395750_6003…)

new face

No. 116756

In the risk of getting banned and (You)'d, does anyone remember a weirdo uggo girl who was black and had weird teeth and eyes, she got pregnant by some guy and started an onlyfans or something. I'm asking here because /ot/ is dead and she was gross like mucky.

No. 116792

File: 1603203394691.jpeg (156.03 KB, 960x1200, DQyGhpgUEAAEYRA.jpeg)

>weird eyes
>bad teeth
>got knocked up
>onlyfans thot
>gross like Micky

Must be Kimmy >>>/w/22369

No. 116798

File: 1603206186836.jpg (419.64 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20201020-105719_Twi…)

Micky once again finding someone else to blame for the shit she did.

Just straight up catfishing

No. 116799

File: 1603206216836.jpg (434.8 KB, 810x1518, Screenshot_20201020-110050_Twi…)

Then this cringe ass shit…

No. 116902

oh GoD kimmy lmfao

No. 116970

I actually like this. It’s toned down, the colors compliment her, and she looks like a thot going to a real job interview

No. 117083

File: 1603388092253.jpg (439.14 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20201022-073741_Twi…)

That doesn't look toned down in the slightest. Especially the eye makeup.

No. 117102

Compared to her overly bright neon uguu shit she does (see thread pic)?

It really is toned down.

No. 117145


The bar is so fucking low with her, that it is an improvement.
I get it. It's like being a 4/10 after being a 1/10 for years.

No. 117188

you forgot to say she called this look gyaru and wants to be gyaru

No. 117206

lol she just likes to throw words around to describe herself regardless of accuracy

No. 117329

File: 1603500557911.jpg (496.39 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20201023-204927_Twi…)

I wonder what triggered the whining this time.

No. 117455

probably nothing. she is just dreaming of scenarios because shes in her room bored

No. 117958

File: 1603741678385.jpg (352.7 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20201026-003217_Twi…)

Micky really believes she can and would beat someone's ass. Even though we all know she's a scary bitch.

Her time on BGC would be hilarious. She'd spend it being shit on and getting her ass beat and then having to be booted off for being trash

No. 117966

This wasn't worthy of bumping the thread

No. 117981

If you followed the threads you'd get why it was posted.

No. 118034

File: 1603750259053.jpg (254.17 KB, 1079x1016, Screenshot_20201026-180906_Sam…)

Someone trashed her shit art, I see.

No. 118036

File: 1603750311239.jpg (38.7 KB, 1079x241, Screenshot_20201026-180926_Sam…)

Micky, it's not hard to take advice and use it to improve it. Especially if you're gonna try to sell it again.

No. 118044

File: 1603752962063.jpg (92.56 KB, 1080x1071, ElDtMTFXYAQHq4e.jpg)

>art is subjective and there's no rules!!!!!
>her art looks like this

No. 118084

The Taylor thing was like 5 threads ago. This still isn't milk.

No. 118103

Thought it was pixielocks replying kek

No. 118124

File: 1603774885437.gif (1.14 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

No. 118427

File: 1603989475959.jpg (168.62 KB, 1079x522, Screenshot_20201029-123313_Twi…)

This is coming from the same girl who threatened suicide because her boyfriend wanted to leave her. Not to mention she's cheated on all of her partners and then played victim.

No. 118469

It’s amazing how she has any lack of self awareness, considering it’s basically asking her “would you forgive someone like you”

No. 118642

File: 1604113199926.jpg (351.76 KB, 809x1575, Screenshot_20201030-225534_Twi…)


No. 118705

>learn another language someday
She says this like she didn’t butcher Japanese in the past.

No. 118787

File: 1604200651950.png (232.02 KB, 594x794, 3.png)

first tweet- she thinks that her "pink wig + cow ears" outfit is iconic and she did it first. Truth is doja cat made the outfit popular, belle made the pink wig popular.
second- she really sounds like she's copying amandabb in the way she's talking.
third- personality disorder talk, months ago she was eating up this "intuition" thing and now she thinks it's not "inclusive enough for her personality disorder"

>inb4 here comes the wk anon that says no one cares and that this isn't milk

this is clearly herself repeating her behaivor, over and over again

No. 118791

File: 1604204581742.jpg (98.41 KB, 649x800, PVC10191-3[1].jpg)

lmao her claiming the pink hair cowgirl look a la Momokun like Sonico or that one hentai character don't exist…?

No. 118923

wait clearly the pallet sold out since it was released a few days ago and they are already planning a restock retard. thats who would want it.

No. 119004

File: 1604353771892.jpg (270.03 KB, 1079x974, Screenshot_20201102-164406_Twi…)

This whole tweet is asinine. Micky, nobody, at all, was feeling insecure to the point of obsessing over your body. Everyone just didn't like the fact you would blatantly lie about editing it and pretend to weigh far less than you actually did. Hell, you still lie and edit. It's clear the only one truly insecure is you. Always will be from the look of things.

No. 119017

she still edits. run any one of her new pictures thru a reverse edit app it will show you

No. 119073

Post the pictures then anon

No. 119115

do it yourself. what happened to not asking to be spoonfed

No. 119134

File: 1604464091899.jpg (270.45 KB, 1079x915, Screenshot_20201103-231452_Twi…)

That never happened and she knows that.

No. 119135

She lies about the absolute dumbest shit to try to sound like a bad bitch lol

No. 119136

That wouldn't reflect well on her if it did happen, and its not funny as a joke. what is she going for?

No. 119144

are these still the same jehovah's witness parents who abuse her and ruin her life by eating her cake orrrr…

No. 119147

its the incestualness for me

No. 119198

this sounds so fucking fake lmao why is she trying so hard to sound special

No. 119207

File: 1604536688532.jpg (270.05 KB, 1078x976, Screenshot_20201104-193659_Twi…)

While I feel bad that she had to go through the pain of losing her pet, it's still rather shitty of her to lie on her parents like this.

No. 119219

Is it really that impossible for her dad to be an asshole? Micky's kind of shittiness doesn't come from nowhere.

No. 119268

It's been stated before that both her parents are nothing but nice to her. She's just naturally a shitty human being. Which only got amplified by her "friends"/whitekinghts okaying her trash ass actions.

No. 119293

File: 1604585088955.png (18.64 KB, 586x142, looooool.png)

"Mourning my past self that was called obese on tumblr"
because you are mickers, but you could mourn the fact that you abused your own mother too maybe
"Mourning for all the people who were self concious about their body so they became obsessed with mine"
oh no we're all just jealous and unhinged apparently… not like she didn't make fun of numerous women you know
funny none of them has come to defend her yet

No. 119299

She must have backstabbed/shit talked her recent friends too..as none of them hopped into the thread to whiteknight her in awhile.

No. 119302

File: 1604589402157.png (91.37 KB, 589x362, wfpowfj.png)

>She must have backstabbed/shit talked her recent friends
Seems likey, look at this, she always posts something about "growing up" and "the process of healing" when she has done something bad. Plus she's trying to victimize herself in her recent tweets as well.

No. 119336

File: 1604605408214.jpg (208.33 KB, 1079x1291, Screenshot_20201105-144052_Twi…)


Micky you're as below average as below average gets. Especially without any editing.


Yeah, in the same way a trainwreck is interesting.

No. 119370

Who or what are you even replying to? your post is confusing

No. 119371

It's likely someone micky sent to wk her. Just report and ignore them.

No. 119384

That just proves that micky and her wks are retarded lol.

No. 119636

File: 1604830492600.png (40.54 KB, 600x352, lazy.png)

Seems like she's just lazy since she wasn't cut out for sex work either given she immediately goes into "mental self-care" mode whenever she got more than 1 custom video request.

No. 119739

File: 1604903947098.png (41.85 KB, 604x300, gd1jYMrAxd8cvokjxx4p.png)

No. 119761

Anons itt can't handle when it's not on the front page so have to bump it with a screenshot every other day wether it's milky or not.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119767

Yawn I always come to this thread because it gets bumped but honestly idek why this girl had a thread, she's not milky at all. This is just like the pixielocks thread, the milk has run dry but anons cant drop sperging because of vendetta or something.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 119773

Looks like she does still have her friends after all.

No. 119775

That never happened. She received one ask saying that her makeup looked bad. Which it did. Not sure why she continues to try and lie about things that happened on her previously Tumblr pages.

No. 119889

yeah this thread is only for vendetta at this point. just hide the thread though

No. 119901

File: 1605012884651.jpg (414.04 KB, 1079x1452, Screenshot_20201110-074446_Twi…)

She really needs to expand her listening ear when it comes to jpop because there's plenty of artists and group that have a similar sound to kpop artists and groups. There are artists there that aren't really pop and fall under r&b and rap. It's also worth noting that not every song or artist is kpop too. Rap and r&b also exists there.

I feel she thinks everything jpop sounds like kyary pamyu pamyu or akihabara48 and all kpop just sounds like blackpink or bts, and that just isn't true. Both hold many amazing and different artists with different sounds.

No. 119960

File: 1605052028737.jpg (151.85 KB, 1079x1024, Screenshot_2020-11-10-23-39-58…)

No. 120300

not lyke othr girlz

No. 120396

File: 1605301185951.jpg (364.6 KB, 1079x1337, Screenshot_20201113-155619_Twi…)

Micky has absolutely no right to talk when smokes using dirty, old ass bong water, has food and trash spread around her room, and barely bathes herself.

No. 120397

and has moldy sex toys

No. 120417

File: 1605310076596.jpg (144.81 KB, 1079x665, Screenshot_20201113-155807_Twi…)

Oh god, I forgot about that.

Also, she seems to have a growing hate boner for Corpse.

No. 120418

File: 1605310185082.jpg (549.36 KB, 1079x1567, Screenshot_20201113-155459_Twi…)

There are women out here famous and adored for far less. Some of them have threads on here. Hell, she even stans some but Corpse being liked by people is too much for her? Weird.

No. 120420

yeah because shes not like other girls

No. 120425

Because it's a reflection of how she got hate whoring herself out and got hate trying to be "a better person" and someone gets liked not having to go to extremes like her..she's always been that way.

No. 120476

shes right jpop is more unique than kpop. kpop is very americanized nowadays lol how is this milk?

No. 120477

men can do the bare minimum and get praised. dads can post one video and people will praise them whereas people dont care about moms doing housework. shes not wrong

No. 120547

Nope,she's definitely wrong about all that.

No. 120551

Anon are you butthurt she dogged on your internet goff bf

You're really gonna cape for men on lolcow of all places?

No. 120586

wasnt there smth that came out recently about how she was scamming people on onlyfans?(namefag)

No. 120617


Didn't hear about this, details? Only thing recently was her telling on herself that she still sugars by her post of "my old sugar daddy I dont want to hear from and get sick just seeing his name keeps sending me money randomly and I do nothing"

No. 120623

I believe in the last thread, or the one before that, an anon had noticed that she kept lying about mental health issues to avoid uploading and just kept taking people's money.

No. 120625

File: 1605435287483.jpg (149.62 KB, 1079x839, Screenshot_20201115-051357_Twi…)

She's salty over him posting a joke tweet. Good lord.

No. 120626

File: 1605435435527.jpg (132.78 KB, 1079x729, Screenshot_20201115-051204_Twi…)

That explains why she had no issues with still having a sugar daddy despite having a "awesome and loving" boyfriend. Her bf probably goes out of his way for her and this is what she thinks of him. Pathetic. She needs to honestly grow up and work on genuinely being a better person.

No. 120627

Oh. yeah she was scamming hard on her manyvids page. She vanished every time she got a custom request.
She hated men so much she offered to piss herself for $20 when she was doing sex work lol.

Mucky, I know you lurk here..your boyfriend is a man by the way.

No. 120632

Does anyone have receipts of Micky being racist/colorist towards other black girls, specifically dark skinned black girls in the community

No. 120642

File: 1605441916991.jpg (252.37 KB, 1079x908, Screenshot_20201115-070321_Twi…)

She sperging about Corpse, yet seems to ignore the glaring fact there's plenty of women, black women included, that have become famous and well-loved just as easily. IG hosts most of them. Then you've got some on Tik Tok. Twitter too.

I think what Micky is truly upset over is the fact that she isn't famous like he and other are. She just doesn't want to admit that.

Threads 1 - 10 should have plenty of stuff.

Yeah, not mention she happily cheated on her "girlfriend" with a real shitty dude.

No. 120655

sage for off topic but why does seemingly every woke girl who tweets shit like this 90% is dating a white guy, shit I have a friend who's extremely vocal about being anti racist and hating white people she loses sleep over it, meanwhile she's literally only ever dated white guys her since highschool

No. 120670

File: 1605452759289.jpg (329.96 KB, 1079x833, Screenshot_20201115-100046_Twi…)

>openly spergs about corpse

>follows sperging with this tweet >>120642

>"why would you assume this is about him?!"

Micky, it's real obvious who you're going on about. Just admit you're mad someone who actually put in some form of effort is being recognized. Also, stop using "black women's struggles" as some form of an excuse shield. It's gross as all fuck.

No. 120671

File: 1605453095563.jpg (591.77 KB, 1079x1456, Screenshot_20201115-100717_Twi…)

She also followed up that by posting this bullshit here.

Bey likes to dress that way, that's her thing. She stays OTT. She could easily have dressed just as casually, but chose not to do so, because that's her personality. Nothing about this screams oppression or privilege. It's two different artists on stage with two completely different style choices.

Micky is grasping at straws to justify hating Corpse. Which again, is weird as fuck.

No. 120673

This is just an extreme version of how women get dressed up like models for a night out and guys roll up in jeans and running shoes. It's more a male/female issue rather than race.

No. 120674

It could be viewed that way too. I mean, there are girls that dress pretty casually for nights out too. Just like there's men who like to get dressy. It really just depends on the person and their personal style. Ed's a casual dude, so he's always gonna dress that way. Bey is more dressy, so she's always gonna be that way. So Micky using this as some sort of "Gotcha!" is dumb. But I'm not surprised Micky is spouting stupid shit like this.

I'm curious to know if she's sperging like this on her Facebook.

No. 120680

Corpse is a mediocre loser though, she’s right about that. He also claims he’s “Mexican and Irish” which means he’s definitely just white.

No. 120682

Not …how that works but okay. She's basically projecting her insecurities on the situation.

No. 120698

Corpse is still a mediocre white boy who skates by on the shoulders of desperate women kek

No. 120701

Until there are actual receipts that she is still camming or on onlyfans can the speculating stop? It's retarded to keep bringing up stale milk from 2 or 3 threads ago.

No. 120703

>white boy

He's a beaner, anon.

>skates by on the shoulders of desperate women

He makes decent music and uploads videos on YouTube. You and Micky are way too irrationally angry at this dude.

Nobody was speculating that she was still camming. Someone asked if she was scamming when she was doing that and the anons answered.

No. 120707

Idk, does she really still have a sugar daddy? Also saying you hate men it's not milk, everyone on /ot/ hates men lol
She's kinda right on this tweet, but it probably comes from the idea that she isn't famous like you say.
What's up with the Corpse hate? I legit don't know shit about this dude other than he has a deep voice and makes youtube videos. What's so amazing about him?
Also even if you have irish blood on you, if you are mexican then you are mexican, there's no way around it.

No. 120711

I do think a lot of people dislike that he got this popular this fast and are kinda sick of seeing people simp for him, but he just comes across as a inoffensiveness normie

also can we stop calling someone whose 20 years old a white boy for no reason

No. 120721

she is like everyone rlse trying to milk black pain for likes.

No. 120748

He’d a white boy pretending to be Mexican because he has a Mexican ancestor. Wait until he’s finally exposed, you’ll all see.(derailing)

No. 120755

I don't give a fuck about Corpse, but whenever Micky tweets stuff like "wahhh black girls have to do SO MUCH more to get noticed", it's just her disguising her own entitlement under a woke facade. It's not about other black girls, it is only about her.
Micky has convinced herself that she deserves the fame and attention and recognition that anyone else gets, that is how she's always been.
She's jealous of other artists because her art is shit. She's jealous of musicians like Corpse whose fanbase expanded rapidly (deserved or not, whatever) because she has rambled for years about being an amazing chiptune musician, and yet no one knows who she is. She's jealous of more successful sex workers, makeup artists, bloggers, everyone. It's why she always used to cling to being "the founder of the kawaii black girls movement" - it's not about other black girls, it's about HER not getting the attention that she believes she has deserved for years. She has been desperate for notoriety since posting nudes on 4chan when she was a teenager.

No. 120770

This is an autistic reach. Calm down with the hate boner.

No. 120774

It's glaringly obvious at this point. She could have easily been just as popular if she stuck with creating makeup videos. They maybe have been tacky, but they got a nice amount of views. But no, she's too lazy for all that. She rather sit around and talk shit on Twitter all day.

No. 120778

Projecting much? All she said was corpse husband is an example of boring white guys getting popular for no reason. The same things have been said about him in other threads on here. How is that an example of her wanting to be famous?

No. 120781

Nigga he is a beaner that makes music and posts gaming videos. Go back to co-signing Micky on your Twitter.

No. 120783

File: 1605485844979.jpg (328.5 KB, 1079x1787, Screenshot_20201115-191356_Sam…)

For someone who allegedly supports trans people she surely doesn't seem to care about how insulting neopronouns come off as to those who are actually trans. Probably gonna put moon/moons/moonself in her bios now too.

No. 120785

Barely, he's half Irish and grew up in America. He's fucking white.

Vendetta chans on this thread don't know how to use this site. Don't sperg about pronouns. This site is GC at best and transphobic at worst. Nobody takes that shit seriously here.

No. 120815

At least make a thread about Corpse if you're just gonna continue to sperg out over him. This is like Amina all over again.

No. 120816

mickeysimps get out

No. 120818

You can dislike corpse husband and mickey at the same time.

No. 120819

This isn't a thread for Corpse Husband, quit derailing.

No. 120832

This. Completely agreed.

No. 121002

File: 1605569620380.jpg (210.56 KB, 1079x663, Screenshot_20201116-183221_Twi…)

Micky trying her hardest to get clout by bandwagonning. Lol

No. 121005

complain about toxic masculinity
complain when men are on the track to erasing it

No. 121093

File: 1605617167707.jpg (614.53 KB, 1079x1363, Screenshot_20201117-074512_Twi…)

I wonder how this is gonna turn out.

No. 121094

I will never get over her beady ass fucking eyes.

No. 121545

File: 1605881895860.jpg (96.43 KB, 1079x609, EnBW4iXXEAE5NNc.jpg)

No. 121546

File: 1605881922633.png (53.6 KB, 592x490, y.png)

narcissistic cringe

No. 121552

she doesnt look bad without makeup. just looks like a normal person I'd pass by on the street. I kind of wonder what she would look like with subtle makeup, and without the outdated "kawaii baddie" aesthetic.

No. 121554

You must live in a town full of muckys then because most people I pass on the street eyes are not that damn beady.

I see we're in the part of her cycle she's feeling herself a bit too much.

No. 121561

drag queen tutorial

No. 121656

File: 1605928131814.jpg (495.78 KB, 1079x1409, Screenshot_20201120-220554_Twi…)

She's really in no position to speak on that when she actively sold her underage nudes and bragged about being into lolicon.

No. 121726

kyary's still sketchy af tho

No. 121773

What's wrong with an adult sharing her OWN underage nudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 121774

begone, scrot

No. 121863

The image is still of an underaged person which means it still qualifies as CP doesn’t matter how old the person in the photo is today

No. 122040

File: 1606096321303.jpg (636.69 KB, 1079x1564, Screenshot_20201122-205059_Twi…)

Does anyone wanna take one for the team and watch her video?

No. 122119

No. 122141

She puts her makeup on pretty heavy. It's like 20 fucking layers caked on. Also, her editing makes the video pretty busy yet it's also boring. Weird, I know. Text doesn't stay up long enough and it's barely readable. She'd be better off using a voice over. The music is grating as well. Oh, and her attempts at being "quirky" are annoying as well.

It's also a whole new channel. I'm guessing she completely abandoned her old one.

Here's the video if you wanna torture yourselves.

No. 122252

Nah I’m good love, thanks though

No. 122271

File: 1606185753535.png (411.79 KB, 598x602, ew.png)

so full of herself

No. 122273

I see she's out of hiding and feeling herself since her cowtippers fucked off.

No. 122375

i like her eye makeup, it seems well done and it suits what she's going for but the editing of this is god awful.

No. 122395

File: 1606279846410.png (55.38 KB, 600x500, uiogg.png)

I feel like she feels like she won.
She keeps retweeting things like pic related about her """haters""".

In all honesty I feel like saying that she's not a cow anymore on the last thread made this thread go to shit. Now her whiteknights come here to defend her and she thinks she's free of sin and changed and ehtereal or whatever bullshit she likes to call herself.

No. 122410

she doesn't have any whiteknights. nobody knows who she even is anymore

No. 122418

You sound way too invested anon

No. 122429

Notice how every time someone brings up something like this:
Herself or one of her "friends" pop up immediately after lol. Yeah she thinks she's "safe", so she's in her cycle she'll be called out soon enough again.

No. 122450

How come anons thinking Micky isn’t interesting automatically means it’s Micky or a friend?

We just don’t have a hate boner for her like those of you that either had personal experiences with her or know someone that does so her subtweeting and posting eyesore edited photos isn’t interesting compared to the drama she’s known for.

No. 122467

i think it all stems from everyone is in denial about there is just nothing to talk about on her anymore. because this thread use to be so good back in the day

No. 122470

This is what I once said in meta, just let this thread get filled up to the 1200 posts and lets not make another one until there is some actual drama. I think there can be some milk in the future but this isn't it

No. 122481

it's probably because she's one of the only cows on /w/ this regularly happens to. if you look at other inactive or quiet cow threads if people post non milk or stupid shit they get ignored and the thread remains dead for months. but itt every few weeks someone "complains" about how boring she is and whiteknights every new screencap. it's painfully obvious

No. 122498

Yeah, it's really obvious it's her and friends playing wk. Especially since, like you said, other snowflake and cow threads don't really have this issue. She makes it too obvious.

She really doesn't have a reason to act that way. Not like she has her own place or a car. Hell, she barely keeps herself and her bedroom clean. So, I don't get it.

No. 122499

File: 1606366615248.jpg (806.52 KB, 1079x1700, Screenshot_20201125-235608_Sam…)

I can't tell if she's gotten better or it's just the colors fucking with me.

No. 122501

anon it's the colors I promise you, lol.

No. 122664

File: 1606467419668.jpg (36.42 KB, 738x826, FB_IMG_1606467334112.jpg)

Looool she stole her caption from this post I've seen floating around.

No. 122681

What doesn't she steal?

No. 122725

can you read?

No. 122726

"If you hear that I'm a smelly bitch with a messy room and no car… you better believe them!!"

No. 122735

You missed the point, anon.

No. 122897

File: 1606542258151.gif (2.9 MB, 240x180, t.gif)

Can you? Read posts before you reply to them.

No. 123358

File: 1606727176412.jpg (530.12 KB, 1079x1328, Screenshot_20201130-040418_Twi…)

So how long do y'all think it'll be before she starts to skinwalk and then bully this girl?

No. 123381

Not long at all lol, if you look at her other tweets she's already kinda in that mode.

No. 123404

File: 1606753975089.jpg (318.41 KB, 1079x1315, Screenshot_20201130-040206_Twi…)

No. 123409

So her dream job isn't to be a professional makeup artist or anything of the sort, it's to work at Sephora or ulta, Sephora of which is known to be a notoriously shitty company to work for, for minimum wage and only 30 hours a week?

Ok Mickey. Have fun with your dream job.

No. 123411

she couldn't handle this for a minute let alone 30 hours a week. remember when she worked at a bakery and they asked her to cover at starbucks for a little while, and she hid in the toilets until they found her, and then she quit and tried to say it was because of discrimination lmao.

No. 123418

Maybe it’s my shitty eyes fucking with me but what is up with the left one’s neck??

No. 123474

is she incapable of complimenting other girls without low-key insulting them lol

No. 123544

… you have never seen ameture art before

No. 123588

File: 1606821115900.jpg (1003.46 KB, 1079x1612, Screenshot_20201201-060837_Twi…)

Making it very clear she still reads the threads.

Micky, how about you come clean about all the shitty things you've done and all the lies you told, eh?

No. 123655

File: 1606854163790.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1734, Screenshot_20201201-152220_Sam…)

I can smell the bullshit from here.

No. 123657

This is as close as we'll get to her "coming clean" even though it's bullshit and not really admitting anything, she just has enough new followers who don't know her yet.
Lol. She really is reading here.

No. 123733

>it crippled me and impacted my life more than I ever let on
bitch you never shut up about it

No. 123749

who is this Carri girl?

No. 123909

File: 1606962616559.jpg (889.26 KB, 801x2732, Screenshot_20201202-212306_Twi…)

Her responses under that tweet really show how stupid she is.

No. 123910

File: 1606962646811.jpg (888.78 KB, 807x2528, Screenshot_20201202-212409_Twi…)

No. 123911

File: 1606962769356.jpg (359.21 KB, 1079x1137, Screenshot_20201202-212555_Twi…)

No. 124014

File: 1607002473984.jpg (252.32 KB, 1079x872, Screenshot_20201202-211204_Twi…)

>ptsd and driving anxiety

Micky, cut it with the fake mental illnesses and just admit you finally stopped being lazy.

No. 124020

File: 1607002883387.jpg (434.49 KB, 1079x1774, Screenshot_20201203-083815_Twi…)

Not sure why she's acting disgusted when she was posting similar captions under her posts and stuffing her face in every Facebook live she would do.

No. 124104

File: 1607033536017.jpg (568.97 KB, 1079x1757, Screenshot_20201203-154052_Twi…)

No. 124165

File: 1607075723640.jpg (104.19 KB, 480x472, BeautyPlus_20201204035256817_s…)

so rich coming from her

No. 124167

dont nobody got time to stop what they are doing so you can look at som pants you probably arent going to buy

No. 124168

How ironic, considering she's always going on about people "copying" her "style", a style that's basically a combination of multiple different styles that teenage girls stopped wearing by 2015.

No. 124194

she's trying to be a communist without knowing anything about communist theory/practice lol

No. 124202

based catfish.

No. 124223

File: 1607108914037.png (15.07 KB, 591x151, jkvb.png)

No. 124224

I would like to comment and say goodness is not subjective at all. She doesn’t make any sense.

Also, I think she talks about communism because it’s a buzzword right now. She stalks this other girl one of her ex bfs used to date and that girl is avidly against communism, and, I’ve seen micky copy her more than once but forgot to take screenshots. I will next time without exposing the girl I’m speaking of. The girl that isn’t Micky doesn’t really have much social media so it’s easy to steal her shit and use her ideas or to be contrarian to her for clout I’m guessing.

No. 124225

Mucky Cycle:
"Fuck men"
"I hate working"
"SW uwu I'm a goddess"
"Fuck SW"
"Fuck Men"
"I have a boyfriend I love so much uwu"
"I miss SW"
"My new MV/OF link is here and I do customs uwu"

No. 124241

File: 1607115542314.png (356.61 KB, 599x383, sfgbdnhfd.png)

with those pictures I believe it

No. 124242

File: 1607115793642.png (770.46 KB, 1192x588, sfgbdnhfd.png)

she is this close _ to doing sw again, cant wait for her to return

No. 124244

File: 1607115909564.png (13.79 KB, 590x108, sfgbdnhfd.png)

this one is kinda funny, what a farmer ass take, does that mean she reads more than her own thread?

No. 124245

File: 1607116063463.png (292.96 KB, 602x384, sfgbdnhfd.png)

and she has the nerve to post this lol

No. 124340

God she thinks using big words make her sound intelligent but she just sound dumb as shit the more she continues.

Had to read her shit a couple times and I still don’t get what she’s trying to say. Typical Mucky lmao

No. 124346

Shane and Onision are still quite well-known outside of this site.

No. 124351

Mucky is retarded but literally none of the words she uses are “big words” anon. Kek

No. 124434

Ntayrt but, considering she has her own thread and is a known lurker… Not too far off to think she (and other cows) lurk other threads.

No. 124544

File: 1607309935401.jpg (831.48 KB, 1079x1883, Screenshot_20201206-215242_Twi…)

This doesn't look casual Lolita inspired at all to me. Just tacky ita.

No. 124588

It’s not, it’s the same damn salopette she has with a normie shirt….
Salopettes are barely lolita and her fit isn’t anywhere near lolita.

No. 124600

…Just no lol. Nowhere near "inspired"..someone taking liberties and calling it something else doesn't work.

No. 124842

still wonder if that random girl that joined her server made her quit sex work. when the other girl made a server everyone from micky’s server flocked to hers and then micky deleted hers and said she was quitting sex work. i just wonder if she just can’t stand anyone else being friendly with people she knows.

No. 124862

It was pretty obvious because everyone loved katie more than they did mucky, amazing what not being an absolute shit person can do for building a community. Katie isn't perfect but she at least knows how to interact with people properly.

What made mucky quit sex work was her getting tired of having to do stuff. Look back on topics, whenever she got a custom vid request she needed a "mental health break."

No. 125119

File: 1607561787237.png (504 KB, 810x404, uguug.png)

Why does she want to dress like a hoe if she's supposedly sex repulsed?

No. 125141

File: 1607570945060.jpg (214.67 KB, 1079x852, Screenshot_20201209-222703_Twi…)

I highly doubt that this actually happened. Especially when business are practicing social distancing because of a pandemic.

No. 125194

Her entire life is minor lies about inconsequential things that didn't actually happen in an attempt to seem more interesting online. Sad.

No. 125347

File: 1607670862655.png (368.25 KB, 587x383, rbgrb.png)

isnt this older or did she not disappear from the internet from that long?

No. 125348

File: 1607670950432.png (13.33 KB, 589x102, fscfvvv.png)

I think that's just you

No. 125349

File: 1607670982657.png (149.89 KB, 580x442, fscfvvv.png)

No. 125568

File: 1607777774461.jpg (422.88 KB, 1079x1441, Screenshot_20201212-075431_Twi…)

Micky's back to lying about her dad being abusive and having ptsd to trick people into giving her money so she can spend it on shitty clothes and weed. What a gross piece of shit.

No. 125577

>I never post about this

No. 125824

File: 1607882271153.jpg (144.49 KB, 1079x584, Screenshot_20201213-125505_Twi…)

Micky you have a whole ass job. One that you openly announced you got a raise in. Why the fuck would people dump all their funds on you knowing that fact?

If you were truly in dire need of money you'd have been saving your money from the start and not wasting it on shit you don't even need. Especially that PC you bragged about not using.

No. 125858

>only four people sent me anything
If she was in touch with reality, she'd realize that for begging strangers online for money, that's a lot.

No. 126725

File: 1608303548247.jpg (679.67 KB, 804x2109, Screenshot_20201218-095624_Twi…)

I highly doubt that happened. Especially in Forever21 of all places.

No. 126726

File: 1608303665570.jpg (259.48 KB, 1079x914, Screenshot_20201218-095747_Twi…)

Parroting what you see on twitter and tumblr isn't overthinking. You also barely post about that kind of shit. The latter half is what you constantly post about. Even then, it's still mostly parroted.

No. 126731

It's always hilarious how she hates men so much but easily brings up her bf's dick then gets pissed off when no one simps for her lol

No. 126829

File: 1608334558317.jpg (155.86 KB, 1079x727, Screenshot_20201218-183230_Twi…)

No. 126887

nobody thinking about u micky dont worry

No. 127159

Pause. Didn't she literally say earlier this year that she was giving up dick for Lent?


No. 127305

File: 1608504384883.jpg (494.44 KB, 1079x1222, Screenshot_20201220-174531_Twi…)

Wonder what made her do this.

No. 127327

surprised shes not hoping on the fuck acab sanrio bitches trend

No. 127370

File: 1608522921694.png (461.19 KB, 696x448, fvv.png)

what the fuck did she do now?

No. 127373

She likely got caught up in her BS again as usual lol

No. 127574

File: 1608604138034.png (258.87 KB, 596x520, FC.png)

NVM shes back

No. 128134

File: 1608813237693.png (160.21 KB, 392x576, Sin título.png)

who is she obsessed with now?

No. 128160

cyber ghetto or whatever was always a stupid name but by this logic doesn't this mean she is "appropriating" kawaii/harajuku/etc?

No. 128173

Micky has no right to be posting that considering her hygiene is shitty. Also, she's lived her entire life in the suburbs. She's "appropriating" ghetto culture just like these imaginary white girls she hates so much. There's shit all cute and fun about the ghetto in reality. She needs to cut that out.

No. 128181

I've literally never heard that term being used. Are they thinking of hood futurism?

No. 128196

didn't she use to call her aesthetic cyber ghetto at one point

No. 128197

Yup. Nothing remotely close to actual hoodrat/ghetto aesthetic though.

No. 128209

File: 1608862638208.jpg (632.68 KB, 1079x1432, Screenshot_20201224-211610_Twi…)

No. 128210

File: 1608862774264.jpg (260.62 KB, 1080x1584, 20201224_211617.jpg)

No. 128211

File: 1608862891522.jpg (272.45 KB, 1052x1698, 20201224_211632.jpg)

No. 128212

File: 1608863059703.jpg (246.22 KB, 1080x1627, 20201224_211638.jpg)

No. 128213


We're about to come full circle >>113693

No. 128218

Lol, she's been doing it based on her "old sugar daddy I despise that I have blocked everywhere still sends me money and I do nothing" lol.

No. 128368

>I don't find it empowering, men are awful and degrading, but I like dressing up in cute clothes so let's do this thing I already regret again because doing the same thing and expecting different results something something

No. 128388

oh my god so she's going to do camming again? lmao hilarious

No. 128389

Can't wait for next year for the cycle to repeat

No. 128390

>internalized whorephobia

No. 128394

This coming from the same chick literally offering to piss herself for $15 during her virtualpetzz days last year…

She just…needs to stop trying to play victim and embrace her shit, I hate this skank but god damn she could be SOMEWHAT tolerable.

No. 128466

did she even make a pissing video? man imagine pissing yourself for 15 bucks on camera. Luna vibes

No. 128471

Yeah, the reason she even brought it up is because she offered it as a custom request because it's a "fetish of her's" and to try to make a ton of money she tried to reach out to everyone. While yeah watersports isn't a huge huge market, it's big enough she thought she could make more money than a custom video worth lol.

Let's see if this time she learned not to resell custom requests and recycle old videos with new music attached for twice the price.

No. 128544

File: 1608957964230.jpg (346.13 KB, 1079x1033, Screenshot_20201225-234059_Twi…)

I highly doubt Micky had the proper mental capacity at age six to have a complete enough understanding of a religion to just turn atheist. I mean, this is the same girl who couldn't spell simple ass words like "delicious" correctly. Not to mention only parrots everything she feels would make her more popular.

No. 128603

File: 1608996220254.jpg (338.97 KB, 1079x1192, Screenshot_20201226-102028_Twi…)

Twitch has suffered enough. Keep that shit on MFC.

No. 128632

File: 1609013425137.png (54.35 KB, 618x540, 123.png)


Is this a coincidence? or is this confirmation that she still reads her own threads?

No. 128641

She reads her own threads lol, she makes it WELL known because she knows damn well no one hit her up that quickly because she is VERY QUICK to put someone on blast.

No. 128650

She is like a kid telling a really unconvincing story to her mom. Like anyone on Tumblr would have criticized her being spacekin when Tumblr itself popularized all these alternative identities.

No. 128683

Exactly. She would have posted a screenshot and really had her followers giving her asspats. Though,now that it's been pointed out, she'll make up a screenshot to post as evidence.

I really want someone to just compile all her fake stories together and do a dramatic reading of them.

No. 128734

she says this because she wants to be the bimbo everyone wants and needs or something
bet she will post a screenshot from an account made this month with no followers lol

No. 128746

girls have to suck at games because ghey are a girl? i thought she hates misogyny. plus there are alot of dumb bitch hot blondes on twitch. she is just a woman hating whore so she only watches men . she is so bad & trying to adopt popular opinions

No. 128963

File: 1609165677408.png (453.51 KB, 666x598, backonthebs.png)

Looks like she's back on this after talkin about starting up SW again lol, so yeah kinda proves she got triggered by what was said here after she got called out.

Which is even more funny, because it wasn't too long after:

These were said.

No. 128982

well shes right in this tiktok so how is this milk?

No. 128983

her hating men is valid. men treat sex workers like garbage and scrotes are worthless beings(gendersperg)

No. 128984

I don't know, most sex workers I see treated poorly act like mucky does and treat everyone like a wallet or shit then wonder why they get mistreated back.

No. 128999

I never check this thread, but that's a really good take and honestly not many thots explain that SW is persona work for a lot of people. Like how RP accounts explain that this is only for RP. I might use that.

No. 129004

Yeah, I see many men simp over SW and those SW usually are nice and tend to only lash out at those who truly deserve it. Micky on the other hand tries to come at damn near everyone sideways and expects people to constantly spoil her despite her bragging about having a decent paying job and shit.

No. 129650

File: 1609418952802.jpg (262.8 KB, 1079x726, Screenshot_20201231-073147_Twi…)

She says "again" and "won't leave her alone". Yet, I'm pretty sure this is first time since their fallout that this girl has done anything to her.

No. 129666

Yeah trying to drum up drama to bolster her SW when she starts that. Part of the mucky cycle.

No. 129684

It could be, but Soares really was obsessed with her for a hot minute.
Her being worried about a funky girl from Michigan NOW? Doubt it

No. 129706

File: 1609439275430.jpg (252.41 KB, 1079x911, Screenshot_20201231-132128_Twi…)

Looks like Micky is getting ready to fake another mental illness. How many is that now? Five or six?

No. 129789

i thought she already said she has adhd

No. 129845

>Do you know what shit I could get accomplished if I was prescribed Adderall??

I mean you could do it now, but I CAN see you selling and popping the Adderall like some edgy e-gurl….

No. 129876

adderal isn't even hard to get honestyshe could get it without perscription. its not like she cares about the law

No. 130019

You’re right, but we’re taking about someone who talks mad shit then hides when it’s time to be about that life. She cares more than you think, and I’m speaking as an ex friend of hers.

No. 130113

File: 1609629036315.jpg (446.39 KB, 1079x1061, Screenshot_20210102-180915_Twi…)

One day she'll get tired of spitting out the same dumb bullshit over and over.

No. 130114

File: 1609629170081.jpg (198.22 KB, 1079x849, Screenshot_20210102-180847_Twi…)

She also really needs to grow out of this dumb shit as well.

>She cares more than you think, and I’m speaking as an ex friend of hers.

Care to give us some details on how spoke vs how she acted?

No. 130132

She used to (haven’t seen it recently, probably learned her lesson) always talk about how she’ll beat someone’s ass and rock their shit…..
…. yet this scary ass had audacity to hide the entire time she was at youmacon one year because someone was going to legitimately rock her shit.
And frankly, though y’all don’t like talking about her, Emi wanted to give her the business too. I think she would have had her friends not talked her down.

She is NOT about that life. She never has been. She’s a spoiled child who lives in a suburban neighborhood. She’s lucky her parents actually like her and buys the bullshit she feeds them

No. 130154

its not even true. she just likes white people thats it.

No. 130716

File: 1609952244324.jpg (274.49 KB, 1079x1093, Screenshot_20210106-115532_Twi…)

She's really salty, I wonder if someone posted her there. Wouldn't be surprised since she dresses tacky and acts like none of styles have certain looks, even though they do.

No. 130739

doesnt she pick apart peoples appearances too though anyways

No. 130779

I know of that group, she’s just mad because someone posted her tacky ass coord on there lol. I’d post screenshots, but it’s on my alt, and she knows which one it is, so that’ll give me away.

No. 130837

File: 1610030672320.jpg (273.74 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20210107-093854_Twi…)

Micky, that's not a net idol group any more. That just a regular ass network of friends.

No. 130840

File: 1610030776443.jpg (173.39 KB, 1079x726, Screenshot_20210107-093820_Twi…)

I know this is gonna fall apart if she has her hands in it. Even if it doesn't, if it starts to get big, people are gonna find all the info on her being a shit person, makes vids, and end it.

No. 130848

Dear Micky,
As someone who participated in net idol stuff, and as someone in a black net idol communications network, stay the fuck away from us. You don’t sing, you can’t dance. Net idols sing and dance in addition to the shit you do.
You aren’t wanted.
Stay far away.

-black net idols

No. 130863

She's just never had an actual group of friends, so in a few hours or a day from now expect to see her bitching about us commenting on this off hand in some way.

No. 130885

File: 1610046643713.jpg (554.48 KB, 1079x1431, Screenshot_20210107-140758_Twi…)

She's on twitter all the time and she didn't see the video of how that lady died? Chick was just standing around chanting and then got popped in the neck.

This isn't to say she has to agree with the lady's political views or call her a martyr, she should realize it's pretty fucked to kill someone unarmed, even in this case.

No. 130898

File: 1610052029720.png (115.71 KB, 594x322, lolno.png)

Funny part about this, she "borrowed the term" and forgot she fits none of these categories.

No. 130899

Of course Mucky is basically saying this woman more or less deserved to die because she thinks it's the "woke" thing to do. Even more embarrassing, broadcasting her idiocy for everyone to see as per usual. She should just stick to her usual act of being a suburban girl pretending to be a ghetto anime bimbo or whatever the fuck.

No. 130902

“Standing around”, she was trying to climb the window thing on the door and was told to back off multiple times before they shot her down. Don’t make up stuff, anon.

No. 130906

nta but she STILL didn't deserve to get shot for that any more than a black person would deserve to get shot for burning government buildings/police stations down and looting stores, which could equally be considered "acts of terrorism"
But of course people like Micky want to play the "weeeh terrorist" card when it's wypipo doing the same shit people in BLM and Antics groups were doing all summer

No. 130910

I saw the video and she wasn't near the door. That said, even if she was, not a reason to shoot and kill her.

>She should just stick to her usual act of being a suburban girl pretending to be a ghetto anime bimbo or whatever the fuck.

She's still doing that and it adds to the embarrassment.

No. 130912

File: 1610056820262.jpg (295.94 KB, 1079x1051, Screenshot_20210107-165907_Twi…)

She says this now then when whoever she skin walks does it, she'll being doing it.

No. 130916

She is such a pedo baiter look at those pastels and hair up totally trying to pedobait just like lori and belle. Disgusting behavior

No. 130918

This is pedobait too. Jesus why use the stuffed animal and show off your tits. Pedobaiting so hard

No. 130922

So she was just climbing up air? She was fell backwards off air? She was nowhere near an object? The video I seen clearly shows where she was, what she was doing and the way the force of the shot threw her back down, not just collapsing as a bullet to the head/neck would not throw you back like that unless you were hit with something with enough concussive blast or on an object, as in climbing through the window.

Everyone who was involved stated she got shot AS she climbed through the window. Mucky will not notice you, she will not befriend you, don't try to defend this.

No. 130934

I totally agree on the no reason to shoot her but she bmost definitely was climbing up that door with the busted windows, she fell off of it. Not even trying to fight, it’s just facts.

No. 130956


>Mucky will not notice you, she will not befriend you, don't try to defend this.

Did you even read what you were replying to?

Nah, pedos wouldn't go for anything Micky has going there. She does have genuine CP that she's plastered everywhere that they likely have. Also, Micky have pedo tendencies herself with how deep into lolicon she was.

No. 130973

>standing around
Not to get political or derail, but the bitch was literally climbing through a busted window into a wing where officials were safely barricaded.

She earned that gun hug to the neck.

No. 130982

I bet you anything if the woman who got shot was black, trump supporter or otherwise, even while doing the same exact shit, Micky and every other "woke" hypocrite on twitter would be singing a different tune about how she was a revolutionary hell-bent on taking down the corrupt establishment and the evil police took her life

She didn't deserve it any more than all the people who broke into stores and even threatened and beat small business owners in their own community would have deserved it if it happened to them(no1curr)

No. 130990

File: 1610068925294.jpg (567.72 KB, 1079x1844, Screenshot_20210107-202135_Twi…)

I just know this would end the same way it did with Emi. That girl better research who she's dealing with.

No. 130992

lol, for sure. Mucky has like 16 threads and while I doubt she'd read it all, a cliffnotes version would be good.

No. 131022

Nah I think a lot of people have made it clear that any PoC seen at the rally were to be treated like the white people who were there….
I’ve seen several pics and vids of PoC at the riots, and wokebook immediately clowned them.

No. 131034

If she wears seifuku and tiktok e-girl outfits in pastels like belle and Lori, she is pedobaiting by anon logic. Specifically with stuffed toys. She also edits herself younger ano smoothed to hell Is it because she has tits? She does the same shit as Lori lol

No. 131041

She doesn't look like a kid. So I highly doubt pedos are going to gravitate to her. Pedophiles stalk kids and those that look like kids.

No. 131043

File: 1610089456285.jpg (643.56 KB, 810x2697, Screenshot_20210108-020204_Twi…)

There she goes reaching again. What's with her need to start fights with others?

No. 131045

Nope. Tits dont matter. Its the look and editing,not her tits that made her a pedobaiter. Other anons made this clear. Why isnt it allowed related to this old hag who edits herself 10 years younger to be a teen too?

No. 131047

Yeah she's using a elementary school backpack. Thats literal children items and seifuku. This is pedobaiting just like belle did with her backpack.

No. 131051


Genuine pedophiles go after those who appear to be children. Belle makes sense to a degree because she looks underage and she even plays into it at times. Micky doesn't fall under that. No sure why you came in thread repeatedly posting that she's pedobait, suddenly.

No. 131060

not micky defending a blackfishing white person.

No. 131128

didn't micky and Angela used to themselves oppai-lolis or was that just angela

No. 131140

I believe it was just Micky doing that. Angela was priding herself on being an irl loli and jailbait and wearing actual kid's clothes and taking lewds in them.