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No. 116876

Does anyone remember this strange exclusive group? I cant remember the actual name of them, but it was related to stars and galaxies.

To be in this club you had to have these certain features:
pale skin
blonde hair
clear blue eyes
a certain type of ear(pointy?)

Does anyone remember this creepy group that was borderline a cult? Where did it go? Is it still a thing? Where does it stem from?

No. 116930

sugar-honey-iced-tea still identifies as a "star seed" but hasn't talked about it in a long time

No. 116957

Sometimes I'm amazed at the groups who coexist (?) on tumblr. This sounds like a group that SJWs would have hated because of the pale skin/blonde hair thing lol

No. 116978

There are actual paedophiles on tumblr that never get called out because of kinkshaming. As long as people find a tumblr-certified defense, they're generally safe from callout posts and shit. I imagine star children could have inserted themselves into LGBT somehow or maybe they said it was their religion.

No. 116981

No. 116985


>Significantly, when you look at ancient accounts, many of their hybrid creations had blond hair and blue eyes.

>would this be proof of the connection between the 3th reich and aliens as stories say?
>Hitler was supposedly in contact with an advanced alien race which provided him and his scientists many advanced technologies.


No. 116986

It was around in the early days of tumblr. Then the SJW's moved in and I suppose it was chased off.

No. 116987

Star Seeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth. There are three categories of Star Seeds as follows: A typical Star Seed may have lived 5-50 life times on Earth.


No. 116993

I'm just going to mull on this one but I genuinely believe these star/indigo theories were made by pedophiles to groom children they deem "beautiful" by their standards, and often backwards or mentally ill so they can be easier to manipulate and take advantage of for their purity and naivety.

It's too easy.

No. 117017

Aren't indigo/star children just high functioning aspies?

No. 117021

aren't they just precious snowflakes born to narcissistic parents? see: Onison.

No. 117022

& kiki

No. 117024

Even if they're cishet straight patriarchal white males? if I make a big stink about feminism and socialism being my ~triggers~ will I get the same treatment?

I was around during tumblr's early days but didn't really participate in the social aspect so I don't remember them, but that sounds reasonable.

It's probably something that parents of aspies tell themselves to feel better about their "special" children.

No. 117030

>Even if they're cishet straight patriarchal white males?
They say they're demisexuals and they're good to go.

No. 117045


I have a theory that indigo children are probably on the autistic spectrum but that they're set apart from the others because they have weirdo loon parents. The weirdo parents might be like the ones that think autism is caused by vaccines and GMOs so they don't want to admit it's autism because then they're outing themselves as either wrong or neglectful enough to expose their children to shit they thought they were meant to avoid. OR the weirdo parents just dislike the autism label and need reassurance that they're kid is just really special - much more special than all the other kids. Or maybe indigo kids are just fucking weird and parents don't like the label of "fucking weird".

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