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File: 1434364174775.jpg (117.42 KB, 960x960, 10351103_10152532247246028_765…)

No. 121663

can we talk about crazy foreigners living in japan? there are too much stupid people living in japan.

No. 121679

Why are so many if of them Australians? I get that Australia is close but how do they all just happen to afford living there even if they don't have a job/are attending school?

No. 121685

Everything in Australia is super expensive - and they're all on pretty equal pay from what I hear?

Wengie shared this on her facebook http://mobile.news.com.au/finance/real-estate/these-10-french-castles-are-cheaper-than-sydney-units/story-fnd91nhy-1227296545166

No. 121690

I'm an Aussie who has been to Japan a few times. Food and clothes are basically the same price (except fruit). Australia is expensive as fuck. I live in a 70's two bedroom unit with one bathroom and I pay $700 a fortnight to live 15 kms from Brisbane. Food shopping for me and my bf is about $300 a week. I was shocked when I first went to Japan with school at 16 because Japan is notoriously "expensive" and I found it the same as A us. Little did I know As is shit tier AND expensive.

No. 121706

With the Himezawa, Dakota, Venus, Tay Tay, Yuka etc threads that's already what this site is. This thread is going to become vendetta about random ass people real fast.

No. 121751


Try living in England, it gets worse lol.

No. 121752

What is the point of this thread though?

Half of these are either Australians or Americans, same shit, different day.

Just a bunch of weebs who want to 'live in japan' and buy kawaii shit.

No. 121756

This belongs in /b/.

No. 121764


Oh god yes, England is the worst.
I'm British too and these days you get very little back for what you pay in taxes.
I mean the excuse used to be that taxes here are so high because we're paying for the NHS on top of all these services but now the NHS is being deliberately strangled in an attempt to push for privatisation which will inevitably succeed, public toilets that used to be maintained by taxes are turning into pay stalls, the roads are never being maintained unless you call up your council to complain directly about a pothole, university is no longer free, our rubbish disposal is being pushed further and further back to the point where in my area it's only collected every 3 weeks as a cost saving measure, our education is fucking dogshit unless your parents can afford to send you somewhere private and wages are being frozen in the name of the great con that is austerity despite everything else being inflated.

At this point what are we even paying taxes for? I have seen more funds and grants and services cut in the last 4 years specifically than I have in my entire life.
Last year I lost my job and had to sign on and there was like a 2 week delay in payment where I had not a crumb of food and because all the emergency loan funds have been cut in my area I had to attend a food bank which was the most humiliating thing I've ever had to do. Thank god there are people kind enough to donate food or I'd have had to go foraging in supermarket bins.

England is dismal. They don't call it Rip-Off Britain for nothing.

No. 121777

Jesus. Now I can see why my boyfriend wants to get the fuck out of there so much and come to America. I feel for you guys.

No. 121813

Ever heard of Himezawa?

No. 121814

File: 1434388759498.jpg (241.37 KB, 960x1280, IMG_6133.JPG)

No. 121874


No. 121882

That's so lame. As an American, I feel for you Brits. Privatization of everything is making it unlivable for people who don't have the money for (what used to be) public services.

Also, if someone in your family gets terminally ill in the US, forget about a future if you're not wealthy enough to afford healthcare. My mother became ill when I was a child, and we lost everything. Idk if I'd still want to come here if I were you.

& yea, this thread totally belongs in /b/

No. 121887


America looks just as bad, maybe even worse.

No. 121889

Well to be fair, japanese girls act stupid all the time because theres a lot of sexism there and japanese men are afraid of smart women so maybe gaijin act stupid to blend in?

No. 121898



Yet just look who recently came back into power, that dickhead Cameron. I think, yeah okay he has made a little change for the better but I look around myself somedays, on the streets and everything is just going to shit.

I know, I know what you mean. I was signing on when I was eighteen for a short period, I still live at home and I work two jobs. I start university soon. But I have never had to go to a foodbank and I would never, ever make fun of someone who does. There is SO many TV shows being made now "Benefits street", "Britian on benefits" and that other one "Skint". That's how bad it's becoming. Families can't even get by, depending what area they live in as well and rates are just going up.

I know people point fingers at foreigners (they always do) but I have to stand up and say, foreigners do try though. They do work hard, the shit jobs brits don't want to work and then complain they have no work. However, since I used to work for a homeless shelter as a receptionist for a while, it really does fucking open your eyes. Most are Brits and I think the one odd Romanian. Many reasons, not just drugs and there is always a root as to why they started drugs or becoming alcoholics.

Sometimes I do think Britian should start looking after their own, fending for their own and stop giving free houses/cars to foreigners just off the boat for nearly nothing. People WILL argue and do-gooders will step in with some kind of excuse. Yes, these people are human. I don't think foreigners should be treated any less, because we ALL deserve respect. But I just think the UK is getting that full, that messed up, it needs to come to some kind of halt and something needs to be done properly. Whenever it's been attempted it's always half-assed. Their own countries need to pull their fingers out their asses and do something. I don't hate foreigners, not at all. I just think we need to fend for our own and our own people.

But yeah rip-off Britain is right. Nothing here anyway, it's grey, miserable and shit. I wouldn't even like to live in America either tbh.

No. 121902


I've met some decent Japanese girls you know, ones I've made friends with aren't like that.

I do understand though. I skype with another friend often from Japan, they're male and even I have mentioned it. He didn't get what I meant at first until I said "They act a little fake" because I do think some of them act fake. To either impress guys, try and be all 'delicate'. It's annoying, I just find it really irritating. I don't hate these girls or anything, I just think it's a pointless act.

My friend said "Oh, well they never say 'no' or disagree with us, so it's difficult to read" and to that I said "Well most guys I've met from Japan are like that too, hard to read or emotionless". Luckily though, he's got some character to him. But he got what I meant.

Probably, I think they do it to blend in. Look at kota, before she went to Japan she was all "fuck, shit, assholes" and I KNOW she can't obviously say that on tv there, but even down to the interviews it's "etoooo…… ano… ummm giggle" you just know it's either scripted or an act. I know yeah, you can get a little nervous and laugh but she plays the part. By god does she play that part.

Not hatin' btw js

No. 121904


Lol and she thinks shes famous aswell lolin

No. 121906

File: 1434396964122.jpg (67.58 KB, 960x960, horse.jpg)

shani looks like a horse. stealing stuff from donki,sleeps with old guys for money

No. 121920


who's this shani?

tell us more or link pls

No. 121925

pinkglaaaasss or something on tumblr
she's not that bad looking
quit being jelly that you dont live in japan

No. 121928

No. 121931

aw i cant find her

she looks quite pretty

the only reason most girls wanna go japan is for tokyo/kawaii/clothes/anime


precisely why i wanna go too ehehehe

No. 121932

QUESTION: How do most of these girls go off and live in Japan anyway? I'm just curious. Here I am trying to get a BA, most of these videos I see and pictures I see online of people in Tokyo all look like they're just shopping/having fun. Yeah it might be their day off or something but just curious… How are they getting by there? Is it really THAT easy for a foreigner to find work and live there?

No im not getting ideas lol

No. 121936

The might work as hostess, who knows

No. 121939

probably avoiding the real world responsibilities of their own countries. back home, they woud get a REAL major in college (not just ~art~ or japanese~) and get a real job. instead they ship off to japan where their only job experience intheir formative years is ~english teacher / model ~
they must really fool themselves into believing that they love english teaching and that they will be still be desired until their later and less-kawaii years.

No. 121940

thats not to say im not jelly of that life. why cant i hold off on this real world shit for a few more years? why cant i, too, be used as a model simply because im a gaijin? (especially when i see half the girls that "model" … )

No. 121947

come on she really looks like a horse. also im living in japan and i hope i won't see those crazy girls

No. 121948

Why do so many of these girls look like their noses are the size of Godzilla? And can you model with bulbous hideous noses? Even if it's low rent modeling.

No. 121949

sleeping with guys for money

No. 121961


In my twenties, I'm an adult and probably do the same but… I just think about it all and say "Not worth it" sure, do some English teaching properly with a PROPER degree and not Japanese or some mickey mouse shit BA. I can recall Gimmeaflakeman (Victor) even said "Get a degree in something you like and can find work in for the future when you give up teaching in Japan or as a fall back, getting a Japanese degree is no good unless you wanna be a translator" and tbh he's right. It is no good unless you… well. Yeah, translating jobs or something else, I can't really think of what… But yeah.

No. 121962


could do* sorry

No. 121963


Who says they're even models?

No. 121966


Will be honest though, referring back to the actual topic of this thread. Yeah, there does look like a lot of dumb fuck foreigners have taken over Tokyo. Not all obv, I do believe there is normal people but when I see weebs like this, I cringe. I'm going at this end of this year and I'm like "so this is the gaijin I gotta be seen with" and laugh.

No. 122016

thats an ethnocentric way of looking at it though

No. 122033


Yeah, true. Still fake though.

No. 122156

I think delandra made this thread lol

No. 122157

Oh god shut up about noses

No. 122161

No. 122192

No. 122220

lawl shiena. where do I begin

No. 122228

I actually agree. It's rare that I see it on girls irl, yet it seems like almost every trendy weeb whore has one. Huh.

No. 122238

Shani is a huge liar
Went to japan on a tourist visa for 6 month but told her friends she is going to a language school. Also she wants to go to host clubs all the time

No. 122258


Not trying to be mean, isn't she a little too tall for that dress? I mean, I get you can wear shorts underneath or pull it off as a shirt… It doesn't look right at all.

No. 122259

Who is the black girl in op pic? She's kinda cute

No. 122264

it's actually shani

No. 122717

File: 1434515064225.png (1.65 MB, 1279x853, 1459.png)

No. 122805

File: 1434534623173.jpg (61.43 KB, 540x960, 10154398_992753270769412_89558…)


No. 122860

Give reasons why she's a lolcow? I'm so fucking tired of vendetta threads of random bitches. Take that shit back up your ass where it belongs. If you have legit drama or lulzy stories or pictures then share but as of right now this board doesn't need a "random bitches I hate that live in Japan" thread. Half of the threads are already exactly that.

No. 122869

she steals, lies, and works illegal as prostitute. that's not enough?

No. 122884


Do you mean Delandra 'Barbie' Johnson?

No. 122888

seems like they could be best friends

No. 122891

Nah they'd be fighting for attention an clients. (I will say that Shani looks some what put together at times while Barbie just looks like a mess always.)

No. 122892

I've heard that the shop stuff at a date cafe thought shani was barbie

No. 122901

This seems more like a vendetta thread

No. 122907

You sound like a bitter exfriend. Lolcow isn't the morality police go back to PULL you immature bitch. Lolcow is to laugh. Not to morally jurisdict weebs in japan.you don't even have proof.

No. 122908

This thread is totally vendetta.

No. 123088

Good i will give u a proof.

No. 123094

I agree anon.

No. 123160

How embarrassing. I'd be so offended if someone mistook me for her tbh

No. 123169

it should be flattering for shani
barbie looks much better than her

No. 123252

Delandra get the fuck off. You're only mad because everyone in Japan is afraid of your minstrel side show looking ass, Black Diamond talks shit about you, and you've marginalized yourself from every other non-Japanese. Don't get mad at Shani or whoever else because they look decent.
You couldn't even get a Japanese man to falsely marry you. Lolcow isn't your personal army Delandra. Nobody is going to fight for boohoo bitch drama you've made for yourself. You have bigger fish to fry. Like worrying when immigration is going to catch your ass for a sham marriage and living in a hostel.

No. 123398

File: 1434616485730.png (648.07 KB, 587x628, image.png)


No. 123399

creepy shit

No. 123400

File: 1434617484226.jpg (77.27 KB, 639x638, image.jpg)

Does somebody knows this girl? She married a scout and works as prostitute now. She started when she was 19

No. 123412

She looks like a fucking age player I swear to god.

No. 123433

She looks like Margaret

No. 123441

>plot twist
>Himezawa is a second Palermo daughter that was left behind in Europe because she wasn't kawaii enough

No. 123445

alien baby foreheads everywhere

No. 123491


He look like one of the dancing monkey's from jungle book with that 70s hair and she looks like a cougar.

Noticed how people who do marry/relationships with Japanese people never have this type of drama surrounding them on the net? Yet the ones who do ALWAYS fit the same description?

1. white

2. thin

3. not that pretty/kinda/ugly

always the same

No. 123493


I'm tired of it too. Someone living in Japan automatically has drama, I DO understand that most these weeby girls HEAD FOR Japan (not always) either to become aidoru or live there just for… well no reason.

I want this trend to end so fucking badly

No. 123497

File: 1434635692329.jpg (114.98 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

She is searching for old men at deai cafe

No. 123499

ok I'm 100% sure delandra made this thread because it's way too vendetta. these girls are totally unknown/not famous and besides living in japan and not being Japanese they aren't lolcows. I'm starting to feel bad for delandra because she's isolated herself from any chance of friends in japan.

No. 123501

File: 1434636039990.jpg (108.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

He looks terrified. someone get this gorilla out of Japan.

No. 123502

Wow this is like a Vendetta/Jelly as AF thread.

No. 123503


The chimp and the gorilla lol

No. 123504


Yep, another 'wants japanese man for visa' mf

tons of them about these days eh

No. 123505

I'm going to Japan later this year, I hope to gods no one mistakes me as a Barbie.

I'll cry

No. 123506

considering most of the girls who move to Japan are weebs don't you guys think they may actually want a Japanese bf?>>123502
I'm hoping the admin nukes this thread. Whoever made this did it for personal reasons lol. not your personal army.

No. 123509

File: 1434636607877.jpg (121.35 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

himezawa got married for a visa

No. 123512


I could never go through with something like that tbh.

No. 123517

wow yea definitely for visa.
how even is this guy.

No. 123565

That's just low, man….

No. 123569

>get this gorilla out of Japan
Racism isn't cool, Jrcach.

No. 123573

File: 1434646474589.jpg (43.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 123574

File: 1434646545214.png (16.51 KB, 573x104, images.png)


No. 123619

This is just depressing me.

No. 123934

File: 1434687363672.jpg (226.58 KB, 750x1000, 54d.jpg)

No. 123936

File: 1434687423220.png (880.08 KB, 750x578, sabrina-noseman.png)

No. 123937

it can't be her real nose!

No. 123938

No. 123942

Bibi is the best!!!!!

No. 123943

Fix it jesus

No. 123948

She doesn't live in japan and she has a thread on here already

No. 123997

I lived in Japan for a year for school. Every american says Tokyo is expensive but try living in Hawaii and or San Fransisco. I found living in Tokyo cheaper although for double the rent of a place in tokyo i can get a shit hole in hawaii in a cockroach infested place thats three times the size and in a terrible area where break ins happen when you're home..
Sorry for off topic

No. 123998

Marriage visas arent perment though. I had a professor who although married for 30 years and worked at a university for almost as long has to renew it every 3-5 years. Even looking on the visa website the max for a dependent is 3 years. So she has to stay married for as long as she wants a visa with a year or two extra to move.

but it is pretty simple to get married in Japan. You dont even need to go to the town hall. You can stamp both family crests (or sign your name) and mail it in. I think getting the visa is a lot harder than being married.

No. 124015

try living in London, even worst.

No. 124016


It'd be funny if she got a friend to use their hand and they put rings on their wedding fingers…

No. 124020


Jesus christ

No. 124031

Um no. That's not how it works. If you have a marriage visa, after three years you can apply for a permanent resident visa which is pretty damn close to being a naturalized Japanese citizen.

No. 124032

still lulzworthy

No. 124034


It's annoying though, isn't it? I think they should make the rules even stricter, that way these fuckers can't get citizenship.

No. 124035

Oh my god this thread
Himezawa needs a new thread imo

No. 124036

File: 1434715031010.gif (780.13 KB, 500x272, Sure-Whatever-You-Say-6f5165c4…)

That'd make so much sense anon!

No. 124038


never know, she might lol just for 'fanssss' and 'attentionnn'

looked on her profile, swore she had more than that? i thought this bitch was famous guys

No. 124069

Japan actually has one of the strictest citizenship and immigration restrictions in the world.

No. 124071

Getting married is ez-pz. Just a visit to the city hall with your passport, then you sign. It takes like 10 minutes. It doesnt guarantee a visa, a visa needs to be applied to on its own and shit ton of info needs to be provides (like proof of a genuine relationship, with photos, logs, proofs and what not). You also need signatures/guarantors and shit from the Japanese's family, and stuff like the family register plus papers from your own country. And the marriage visas are given like this: 1 year, 1 year, 3 years. It's really fucking dreadful and takes up much time. Himezawa's application would probably be rejected if she went straight to the immigration office now to apply. If she's smart, she'll wait a year or so.

It's funny because she came here because she wanted to be a model/idol. If she was good at it, she could have qualified for an entertainment visa. But nope, lol so she needs to take advantage of some poor lonely japanese soul.

No. 124072

Actually getting a marriage visa is a ton of paper work but as long as you aren't a fillipina or Chinese hooker it's not hard to get. Mira got one. Himezawa has been living in Japan for like a year so it won't be hard for her to get one and given her morality track record I won't be surprised if she got a married just for the visa.

No. 124080


Needs to be stricter, so we can keep Himezawa and Mira's out.

No. 124081


kawaisou lol

No. 124086

Her Insta says she moved there in September last year. I guess shes using the working holiday visa (1 year, no renewal unless you live in Australia) and it expires in Sept so she needs to holla a lonely guy for a dolla to stay longer.

No. 124126

damn why didnt i searched a guy to marry me

No. 124509

Nah, she just pretends to be ~internet famous~

No. 129161

katies father died so she will go back to UK. please stay in england. we don't need you in japan ugly bitch

No. 129162

Her face bothers me
Her horse mouth
And yet ~*model*~
It's just the blonde hair and blue eyes

No. 129166


who is katie guys?

No. 129175

File: 1435581216679.jpg (58.62 KB, 480x640, hoe.jpg)

claims to be a model

No. 129176


No. 129177

Not your personal army

No. 129179

its not really a claim, she technically does model for some brands. just not famous or anything.
if she just keeps her mouth closed and teeth hidden from view - we all good

No. 129187


How did she become a model over there though? She doesn't look… You get the point.

No. 129196

Unless you're runway modeling the qualifications aren't strict. Almost anyone can be a catalog model.

No. 129197

just because of being a foreigner. honestly lots of girls "model" in japan, aka wearing funky clothes and getting photographed. the photos rarely end up farther than some obscure magazine or instagram, as far as i can tell

No. 129199

File: 1435586755594.jpg (204.53 KB, 1600x1162, dodoll2.jpg)

No. 129201

i am jealous she got milky cross though hnng

No. 129202

That helps too but even in the states and UK being a catalog model isn't fucking hard. I don't know why you guys think that to do anything in Japan someone has to be amazingly talented.

No. 129213

eww my eyes xx

also she met a famous person in japan and said they are friends lol. that famous person ( forgot who) said she met fans. fail

No. 129367

? oh god

No. 129504

File: 1435632534992.jpg (137.82 KB, 750x747, image.jpg)

Look, it's himezawa's husband.
The guy we only heard of after she got married. Hurrr hurr I wonder why.
Guy looks younger than her, and her ugly eyebag makeup is not helping.

No. 129511

dammit himezawa he's fucking hideous, stop fulfilling the stereotype that white women will fuck any japanese guy just because he's japanese

No. 129524

He's not hideous, he's pretty plain. It's just that he's making a stupid face.

No. 129528

That's not a stereotype lol

No. 129530


You could be like Kiki and search lanuage apps and Tindr for one.

No. 129537


Oh look another Weeb white girl marrying a Japanese guy for a Visa to stay in Kawaiiland. Not surprising at all.

No. 129665

hideous? theres worse honey. take a little trip to akiba one night…

No. 129676

i had no idea she was married.

he's not hideous.

No. 129786

Please provide some proof that they're married? Can't find anything on that matter.

No. 129795

How do all these girls even find men so quickly that are willing to marry them?? Don't you have to prove that you're together for some time if you want to get a visa through that way? Seems fishy but I really can't imagine that it is so easy to find yourself a husband.

No. 129801

She posted a picture of their rings and said "married". Stop with this "where is the proof " shit when it's right in front of your eyes if you look at the thread.
She's been there for about a year or so. In japan some couples get married after 6 months. As long as she isn't Filipino and he's not an old man immigration doesn't care. You guys give Japanese immigration too much credit.

No. 129823

lol, exactly.

Her husband (who was her fan first) also posted a tweet saying they got married.

No. 129826


This shit reminds me of when VenusAngelic hooked up with her now ex Japanese boyfriend for a short amount of time. He was also a fanboy. The fuck is up with these girls getting with fans? Are they that thirsty?

No. 129829

Duh, posting a picture of hands with rings is not the best proof ever? It could've been anyone. Also: one pic =/= valid proof, so relax a little my friend.

Thank you >>129823 when two people post the same thing it becomes a bit more believable.

No. 129838

Dang I feel like I know her. I've seen her on Facebook fo sho, but I don't remember her name or anything.
Name plz

No. 129855

Gaya taniguchi

No. 129894

The thing is that she wanted to become an idol so badly like it was her ultimate dream but now that she's married, the chances are practically zero. Just shows once again how "serious" she was with this idol-thing.

No. 129897

They haven't even dated for more than a while. Like these uploads 39 weeks ago is clearly him meeting her for the first time:


No. 129915

No. 129947

>waaah waaah it's okay to say shit about whites, but don't bully black people!

No. 130000

shut up

No. 130010

That's the thing about himezawa. She wanted/wants to be famous. Not an idol. She doesn't give a shit about idols, performing or any of that. She's given up on that and now she does modeling living a delusional life with her fan/husband.

No. 130023

At least venus didn't stoop as low as marrying her fan

No. 130033

File: 1435723190774.jpg (132.96 KB, 799x856, tmp_8638-Screenshot_2015-06-30…)

Damn, he posts some of the best photos of her real nose.

Isn't she from a rich family? She could get a nosejob, then.

No. 130034

File: 1435723219680.jpg (116.65 KB, 800x866, tmp_8638-Screenshot_2015-06-30…)

No. 130036

She tried, but Margo drove him away with her batshittery. They were living with him at one point after all.

No. 130039

she looks like she's 40 years old.
she doesn't have any top lip. so gross

No. 130041

>Japan debut

No. 130071

The salt is strong with this one.

But seriously it looks like everyone posting on here are jealous that people like Himezawa are achieving things and you aint.

If you can be better models, gyarus, white/black girl representatives then go do it.

Oh wait, you are a bunch of basement dwelling under-weebs.

Im praying for you

No. 130072

I can almost taste the disillusion.

No. 130091

I doubt it honestly. If someone's jealous of a lolcow here, then probably of Dakota and actual models with more followers, popularity and skills.

No. 130100


If I had to CHOOSE someone to be jealous of, it would be Dakota. Deny all you want, but she's doing quite well with her Japanese skills and Popteen contract. She probably earns quite decently too, and probably wouldn't be invited/do free events. Himezawa is unattractive, severely annoying and she forces herself out there so much it's just painful and embarrassing to watch.

No. 130106


Give it time, she'll reach a desperate enough level to get with another Japanese guy and get married. Shit she even lived with her ex's family and barely knew him, but you know, she had to be settled somewhere rent free like the freeloaders she is.

No. 130111

File: 1435745790654.png (118.64 KB, 505x540, hoe.png)

gosh that katie horse model
because she doesn't like a girl she have to send her "friends" to that poor girl

No. 130113

File: 1435746300358.png (173.52 KB, 939x424, 544.png)

the girl she attacked

No. 130114

File: 1435746502635.png (62.91 KB, 549x415, 543.png)

No. 130116

File: 1435747992929.png (43.13 KB, 525x429, 542.png)

seems like both are dicks

No. 130121

Im sure youre right to some degree. Im sure at least a few people here would love tlive in japan or have some other grandiose dream life they want to live and yet we see these girls seeming to cause havoc and ruin their lives in tokyo. So its a bit irritating that they get to squander their lives away living our dream. Not all of us have the time or money to just hop off to tokyo for a few years of partying and other bs. Im sure these girls all sacrificed something big (money, family, sometimes dignity) to be able to live this life

No. 130123

(Cont) but maybe some of us here cant make those sacrifices jyst so we can live the kawaii tokyo life. Who knows if what these girls are doing now will gave any significant bearing on their future or if they will just walk into their 30s without real job or life experience

No. 130126

Yeah, I look at >>130041 and feel kind of jelly/upset because if this schnozmonster can model for IW then dagnabbit so could I! If only I lived in glorious Nippon!
But then I remember that I'm in grad school and my fiancé has a great job here and dropping all of that to go live the kawaii dream in Tokyo in the hope I'd be ~discovered~ would be a pretty stupid thing to do.

No. 130130



This is sugar-honey-iced-tea

She was recently exposed on behind the bows, she made a groveling apology to capsulebunny aka Katie on Tumblr and blamed her autism.
She had like 5 secrets just for her.
She admitted she lied and CB never attacked her, then went on to say that lying is acceptable because she has autism…
She is posted on lolcow too, I was following it for a while.
Also while sugar-iced-honey-tea was in Tokyo I heard she was rude to all the foreigners she met.
She was also kicked out of our comm for being creepy. Which is why you never see her play with other Lolitas.
Please can we get a thread about this special snowflake.

No. 130131

Whoever is posting those is either

1. Sugar-ho her name is too fucking long.

2. Late to the party, because she was already revealed to be a stalker who has alienated all her friends.

I personally prefer weaboos in Japan, than weaboos outside of Japan who try and crawl their way in by any means. Yeah it would be nice to live in glorious nippon, but some girls take it too far.

No. 130146

but i believe that katie and her boyfriend are crazy as fuck too

No. 130151


Based from what.

Can we stop with random baseless vendettas….

I wanna know exactly how much money it takes to move to Tokyo.

3,000 dollars start up?

No. 130152

I've met her
also my friends met her

No. 130159

These girls really should just do what aminyan is doing and go to university there at least if the idol life fails they can have a career there….

Poor keeki keeps spending all her money on trips to japan when her ass could just apply for school

No. 130179

plane tickets are $1000-2000 (unless you a cheap bitch or wanna have like a 10 hour layover in beijing)
getting an apartment can be like 3000-5000 since you have to pay this magical bullshit called keymoney (like a gift of money to landlord)
plus other money because… life (food, transport, cell phone)

No. 130181

feel ya

No. 130187

Yeah, this. And also, I don't know about that anon but being a model/idol/hostess is not everyone's dream job especially not in the way they choose to go about it.

No. 130189

I also live in japan but have absolutely no interest in doing the model/idol shit

No. 130193

how long is horse face going to stay in england?

No. 130253


It makes me laugh how all these girls are into 'cutesy pretty kawaii' styles yet, they're all wolves in sheeps clothing. Proper goes against the cute mask, that's for sure.

I don't understand why they desperately want to live the 'tokyo dream' because fucking hell, isn't there more to Japan than this? Other things and places are interesting! This is what pisses me off about these girls, they don't give a fuck about Japan, they only care about what they can leech/where or who from and cute things. Nothing else.

Tokyo looks amazing, still. It's just one of many places…

No. 130258

No. 130259


How do you know? How can you speak for so many people? The way people are depicting girls who live in Japan in this forum is that ALL girls who live in Japan are lolcows.
Like 80% of girls posted here aint even lolcows and its just vendettas. Its boring.

No. 130261


Horse face is the generic insult thrown out to everyone in Lolita or cosplay community when there is nothing else or they are too uneducated to think of something real and reeks of salt.

No. 130263

How do you know its a sham marriage?
Like I need evidence

No. 130265

having a long face or big mouth with big teeth jutting out is what makes a horse face. and katie is indeed a horse face

No. 130353

Had to felt embarassed when i saw horse face. She was acting like a 14 years old girl.

No. 130371


Oh calm down.

I WAS referring to the lolcows, I thought it was obvious but apparently not. Half the time it is these weeb girls who go over looking to leech off someone for visa or become models/idols. We know it's a handful of people doing this, which is increasing it seems whenever a newbie 'aidoru' comes on the scene. It's nothing new. So just calm down, christ. Why are people on here so defensive and feel the need to create an up roar? If it's not that, then you're 'salty' or 'jelly'. Fucking hell.

But anyway, its always the same fucks who are doing this. Weeb girl, wants to become kota idol, wants to be an idol… marries some random jap she met online.

Take away all the kawaii from Japan and these girls would have no interest in nippon.

No. 130383

Not long before we see Abipop live out in Japan. If she doesn't in the near future it'll be a miracle. She's already a full blown obnoxious Weeb who gets shit handed to her on a golden plate.

No. 130395

You guys are overusing the term idol. If they're not singing and dancing in a group or shit they're just a Harajuku model or something. Most weeb foreign girls actually don't go to japan to become an idol.

No. 130399


Lol I found Abipop's depop ;p

No. 130400


True, they go for kawaii/karaoke/manga/food/sex/visa ect

fair enuff

No. 130401

Abipop has only visited japan briefly and decides she wants to move there. when she's there she's only in the downtown parts of Tokyo and she can't even speak Japanese. doesn't she know if she lives there she's going to have to get a real job and real life will kick in? Japan is not a theme park.

No. 130404

This thread is honestly vendetta. All of these girls have real degrees otherwise they couldn't be teachers. The only one with no real job and a sham marriage is himezawa

No. 130415


It's like Barbie, she'd be fucked if she was in the rural parts of Japan. She doesn't know anything besides 'mizu', 'arigato' and 'konnichiwa'….

I know Tokyo, it's not so bad apparently because some english happens and foreigners happen ect but christ, learn some of the language please if you're gonna live there. Get it if you're a visitor or business person and you're there for a little bit kay.

Nah, again lulzy weebs only want Japan for its kawaii and nothing else.

Talk to them about idk samurai, old temples, taxes ect, animals, food that sorta thing and they wouldn't give a fuck. Talk to them about Kyary, Rilakkuma and Ank Rouge… only then would they be interested.

No. 130417

Is Himezawa married? I thought she was there be be the number 1 kawaii aidoru desuuuuu

No. 130418


Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no.

No. 130435

Um do you think the average 20 something Japanese girl cared or knows about that shit either?

No. 130439


You would hope the average 20 year old Japanese girl has hobbies and interests outside of idol culture.

No. 130475

Ank rouge , karaoke, whatever you named is pop culture that young people like you dumb fuck. Stop using the word idol, it's not the same as like Kota or shit. The average girl and young adult Japanese or American doesn't given a shit about history or whatever. Fucking dumb ass.

No. 130476

>old temples

Does the average American 20 year old give a fuck about cow boys or old cathedrals? Or do they care about Kim K, Starbucks or whatever pop culture shit. If you ask the average Japanese 20 year old they won't care or know anything about samurai or geisha or shit.

No. 130484

The average american isn't a 40 years old businessman like japan's population.

No. 130486

File: 1435814849805.png (120.75 KB, 392x269, 932432.png)

No. 130494

bitch wuh

No. 130497

dont worry, if you're white you'll be mistaken for a "unicorn" according to rachel. and rachel doesnt seem to know what the term "unicorn" actually means (its doesnt mean speshul white snowflake but something more freaky lol)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcrn-HE6GFw

No. 130538

She doesn't mean yiu will be mistaken for a unicorn. She means people will just state at you. The same way they probably would if they saw a unicorn.

Though to be honest the japanese are probably that sick of "kawaii gaijin" they probably just ignore them all

No. 130539

I get how you feel about this. I also find it a bit ridiculous, especially when people put no effort into learning the language and expect everyone to learn English for them. But like everyone else has said, most young people like pop culture, it's the same with Japanese people. A lot of the Japanese people I've talked to want to learn English so they can live in California.
Yeah, it's a little silly to want to live somewhere based entirely off of pop culture, but they'll learn when/if they actually do go to live in their dream country. I can't speak for foreigners coming to live in America, but from what I've seen with weebs who go to live in Japan, most of them end up hating Japan and go back to their home country within/after the first year.

No. 130551

Vendetta thread is obviously a vendetta, but I can't say that I don't share the frustration with individuals like these girls. Whether their aesthetically pleasing or displeasing to the Western eye, I really don't care. In Japan, as long as you're pale foreigner who's thin or endowed with boobs larger than a C-cup and the bridge of your nose is "tall," you're going to be called beautiful. I went there as a serious student, got my BSE from an engineering university there; but I'm tall, grossly pale, dangerously underweight, and don't have a flat bridge, so I might as well have been Angelina Jolie. The amount of times I'd be approached in a day was laughable. The amount of times I got "scouted" was hilarious. The amount of times I was offered money for sex and/or followed home was disgusting. The latter is why I kind of hate girls like these: they perpetuate a stereotype. The foreigners who are in Japan for less childish reasons than these delusional girls suffer because of this stereotype. They're not lolcows, but definitely worthy to be subject to negative commentary.

No. 130563

Your vendetta is showing, this is petty boring garbage.

No. 130573

Why? Crazy bitch is crazy
Can't be helped

No. 130592


Pretty much, lol.

No. 130598

White people sometimes end up hating japan because theyre not use to the feeling of being treated different/abnormal because of their race…

Im use to being different, race jokes, people saying a i have an exotic name, saying i have a stupid/unique accent so it wasnt a huge difference.

No. 130607

File: 1435844620538.png (763.8 KB, 605x629, Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.42…)

and if you do ask them about real cultural things, they will be like "yea omg i did that/went there!!! see its on my instagram!!!" they only do it for the pictures/attention. the sad reality of the millennials

pic related. seeing this makes me mad. you look a fool at an ancient sacred place.

No. 130609



Lucky cunts, eh? So glad I'm going this year though. I think for everything really, mostly I want to test my language skills because I'm a total weirdo like that and get excited over silly things ~

But christ… All these old sights/buildings… I get it CAN be a little boring if you're not into it or you'll go, have a look then get bored 5 mins later.

But yeah, they defo do it for attention… Makin' themselves look all edumachated and all that ppfft

No. 130611


"Ancient sacred place"

Bro it's just fushimi inari taisha, not Mecca.

No. 130614

"Why don't they care about historical stuff"
post pictures at a temple/shrine
"Totes doing it for attention"

No. 130626

No wonder people think we farmers are ~just jealous~ if you keep posting pointless stuff like this.

No. 130628

Sure are a lot of salty faggots in here taking this thread personally.

No. 130840


Clearly you don't know shit, as that place is flooded by Japanese teens all the time taking selfies.

No. 130843


Point is, the weebs like doing it to show off how japanese and totemo kawaii they are

its annoying

No. 130939

So you are saying people can't even take photos at tourist destinations now?
Someone complained these girls don't care about history and culture, now you are saying that it is wrong to take photos at these places?

This thread is just salty nobodies crying that girls are doing the things that they want to do in Japan. It's pathetic.

No. 131191

That awkward moment when your husband is way more feminine than you…

No. 131195

>pulling out the jealousy card
lol anon you're dumb af

No. 131202

File: 1435898600109.png (861.56 KB, 623x630, kawaiifail.png)

No. 131354

Her nose…. It looks like a penis

No. 131363

File: 1435911291161.png (165.55 KB, 539x647, zawa.png)

Now I find this interesting…
Zawa's fb page has 10K followers.
And usually her posts usually don't even get more than 50 likes.

No. 131364

File: 1435911316278.png (255.67 KB, 493x686, what.png)

No. 131370

She's known to buy followers

No. 131371

She's known to buy followers

No. 131412


She's so basic… it's a actually painful. Like a horse in cute clothes…

No. 131415


Actually, no. Again people are missing the point, we're targeting the LULZY fucks. Jesus christ, what is it with people aimlessly throwing around the word "salty" or "jelly". It's overused and yet you guys have the nerve to slag off the cunts over on PULL? People on here are getting as bad.

No, we're just saying. These lulzy weebs are the type who claim they're all into 'culture' but they couldn't give a crap and just use these kind of pictures to basically big themselves up for followers/fanbase. That's ALL we're saying, so please get off your high horse.

Anybody can go to Japan and sight see, why is it Japan seems to be this 'glorious' place that everyone is so desperate to go to and when you finally get there, you're this new reformed person who's in some fucking forsaken haven or something.

Christ almighty.

So yeah, excuse us for pointing out the lulzy weeb behaviour who everyone seems to slag off on here anyway.

No. 131416


then fuck off then

no one currrr

No. 131417


Pardon us all for not knowing enough about the great and wonderful nippon

No. 131419


So yeah, fuck all anything historical. Let's just focus on how Japan is only known for kawaii, anime and pocky.


Fuck everything else!

No. 131420

Jfc, that Candy girl loves interacting with snowflakes huh? First Margo, now Himezawa?

No. 131424

Quick Q -

Any of you British cows that have been to Japan. How much does it usually cost? Say like a week in Tokyo max on top of hotel/travel?

I would appreciate some replies ~

No. 131572

THIS.SO MUCH!!I'm so sick and tired of moralfags.

No. 131576

Who's Candy?
Doesn't matter, she seems like a huge brown noser imo.

No. 131584

Holy shit, you guys feel like snowflakes lmao. It's obvious you guys are jealous, at a degree that they are in Japan. People go to Paris because muh Eiffel tower and British because muh Doctor Who, why is this any different? Who fucking cares about Samurais nowadays? Not many Japanese either, it's a shit of the past.

God, I hate you salty cows more than anything.

No. 131601

You do realize that a lot of us actually already live in Japan right?

No. 131630

Some girls are mad because they dont feel certian people deserve to go to japan but they do, then there are those who live in japan or have been but are culture nazis and look down on the ones who only go there for anime and idols, in their mind "U DUN RESPECT JAPANS AUTHENTIC AND UNIQUE CULTUREEEE". But the reality is Japanese people dont come to america because of their culture, they dont care about our founding fathers, native americans etc or w.e they come for hamburgers bigger than your god damn face and and disney world. The same thing applies to white and black people who only want to vidit japan for anime and maid cafes.

No. 131632

My point still stands.

No. 131633

Pretty much this.
Aka snowflakes. "I'm special because I loved samurais and the culture" like, begone with your shit. If people want to be weeaboos and go to Japan, let them go. Japan is known for anime, and wacky stuff. People will go to Japan for wacky and anime stuff. Who fucking cares.

No. 131640

There is a reason Japan and korea advertises idols and food for tourism. Thats what draws young people with money in, not hanboks and geishas.

No. 131642


I wonder if any Japanese people get salty about other Japanese people going to America for the "wrong" reasons, lol.

I've seen a lot of people say "I bet Japanese people are so annoyed by all these weebs coming over there," but honestly, I don't think a lot of them give a shit. I mean, I personally couldn't care less when people I do language exchange with only know/care about American pop culture and California/New York. I still don't think I'd give a shit if someone told me they just wanted to come here to be famous. So I feel like Japanese people probably feel the same way.

No. 131662

Oh fucking hell, are we still ranting about culture and defending weebs who adore Japan for animu and kawaii?




No. 131663


Why is it everyone is 'jealous' tho?

Did anyone ever think that people aren't jealous all the time? Stop using jealous as a defence to back yourself up pls

getting boring

No. 131664


Some people live in Japan and just get on with lives, not everyone has time to pretend to be an aidoru and run around takeshita street buying pastel crap with their dolla

Can we please stop treating Japan and Japanese like they're made out of gold or something? This ain't no Eldorado shit guys

No. 131665


I wonder how long this marriage will last… It wouldn't surprise me that half these 'aidoru' girls go on to Gaijinpot and any other forsaken Jap website before they head to Japan and shack up with some 'kowai sou' before getting hitched.


No. 131666

Well, you cant be mad at other people because youre poor and have no time for fun tbh

No. 131668


butthurt weeb

No. 131673


Christ, well if you're living there and working how are you poor though? Obviously people have time for fun depending on their hours/schedule. Not every person living in Japan is a some twinky weeb under 20 who has money to spend on literal shite and lizlisa.

Nothing saying it's a crime btw if people do that, their money, their time okay. But some people actually have thing to do and people to meet.

All people in this thread were pointing out is that, e-fame weebs just seem to love to show off to their followers that they're so cultured when they're not. Act like they are, when they're not. No one really is anyway. But it's a piss me off when they try and act like it. When you know they're only in Japan for Harajuku/karaoke ect which yeah is fun, but it's annoying to see them try hard as they do. That's all people were saying before this thread went off the rails and weebs got upset because they felt like they couldn't go to Japan for buy pointless crap and not enjoy themselves.

No. 131674


to buy* ffs

No. 131678

I get being amused by it but i dont understand why it pisses you off. You arent japanese, it isnt your culture. No one cares about monuments, tea houses and samurai when they go to japan, they care about kawaii stuff and anime. Also, if you are going to be pissed off at anyone it should be the japanese government because they promote and entertain this stuff for tourism.

No. 131682


It doesn't piss me off, not really. I just think it's stupid now e-fame weebs try to show that they're cultured when they obviously don't care. I just think it's pointless, I mean why lie? There is no point. That's all I'm saying. Btw I wasn't even the anon who posted up that picture either, so this topic has gone on long enough I think.

"You aren't Japanese, it isn't your culture" lol thanks for reminding me, whereas it's us who should be reminding half of these lolcows instead lovely.

I'm just sick of weebs acting like they know shit when they don't. Again, it's the "im more kawaii and japanese" than you thing. I cannot wait until the jap trend dies tbh.

No. 131687

is it me or is it just weirdos who go to japan tbh

No. 131694

File: 1435959262041.jpg (37.68 KB, 539x268, 2015-07-03-17-27-54-1.jpg)

Well, if japan attracting young weeaboos bothers you then you should write an angry letter to the japanese government because theyre purposely trying to attract those kind of tourists….
" Cool Japan (クールジャパン Kūru Japan?), along with "Gross National Cool" is a concept coined in 2002 as an expression of Japan's emergent status as a cultural superpower. Gaining broad exposure in the media and academia, the brand of "Cool Japan" has been adopted by the Japanese government as well as trade bodies seeking to exploit the commercial capital of the country's culture industry."

No. 131698


Why is this still continuing tho? Why are we not moving on to something else? Why are we still bothered whether or not people care about kawaii or culture? Why do you all want to continue this pointless pile of shit?

At the end of the day, some people like kawaii, some people like culture, some people like both, some people don't care.


No. 131699



clearly butthurt weeb

No. 131702

Didn't all of this start over Barbie and her lack of Japanese? Honestly though, Barbie would be fucked if she lived in a rural area. She actually would, there is no doubt about that. Sure, internet and resources. But you can't have a conversation and have to google up certain phases while you're standing there with someone.

No. 131703


dont forget kaka and mira tho

No. 131704

Basically, what im saying is the weeaboo problem is a two way street sure theyre annoying but its not like japan doesnt promote this stuff and if you dont like people having this conversation talk about something interesting and deter the conversation.
People go off topic because the op is boring, do something to fix it.

No. 131715


Yeah but it's just people repeating the same thing, arguing about liking culture and liking kawaii. It's going round in circles and getting nowhere.

We were having such a lovely time bickering about Himezawa aswell

No. 131724

The conversation was still about people in japan, but we were talking more about culture and what drives people to go there.

There is only so much we can say about himezawa and barbie which is why topics like this die so fast. There really arent that many infamous weeaboo people using social media right now and embarrassing themselves. Thats why people keep going off topic, the op is boring and then we start talking about other things.

But thats all ive got to say about it.

No. 131727

Acting all crazy
Beeing a illegal prostitute
Stealing things from donki
= gaijin living in japan

No. 131942

Or getting pregnant for visa

No. 131988

File: 1436002518885.png (651.98 KB, 969x632, wha.png)

Getting back on topic…

Zawa doesn't have a real job, right?I'm guessing her husbando provides her with kawaii shit while she lives off his pocket money?

No. 131991

Himezawa is living the dream,anon!

No. 131992

She has a part time and her parents send her cash

No. 131998


You jelly

Seriously though, everyone is criticizing these girls for living in Japan but What are you expecting them to do?
Not buy cute things? Not do model or idol work? Not go to tourist destinations?
What is the point in moving to Nippon and then just working in an office today and not doing things.

No. 132011


Oh here we go, someone throwing "jelly" around because they don't think we should be bashing lulzy cunt girls who leech off others and just want to go Japan to become famous or lie that they're famous and so stupid things.

Stop backing these pieces of shit girls up please, they're on lolcow for a reason. If it was someone decent for e/g Aminyan, then there is no problem with them doing weeb shit or wanting to be aidorus. It's just that girls like Himezawa are fools.

Stop getting so defensive and jumping on the "omg ur so jealous" bandwagon to back yourself up. Getting tired of this shit on here and butthurt weebs.

No. 132013


Won't be like this forever, someday she'll have to get an actual job unfortunately. I say, enjoy and leech all you want. Aidoru won't last forever, sooner or later you'll dry up.

No. 132019


Its fine to say X-chan or Y-chan are lolcows because *providing evidence.
But a lot of people are saying "I don't like her because she's a model" or "I don't like her face" "She doesn't have a real job" etc. That screams jealousy. If they are living in Japan, whoever they are they are going to be a weaboo. If you are interested in Jfashion and people in Japan, or researched living in Japan then you are probably a weaboo too. At this point this thread is just Weaboo living outside of Japan VS weaboo living in japan. Provide something actually lolcow worthy or interesting or you just come across as Jelly.

No. 132022


Right, well I do see what you mean. But majority of them on here are lolcow are a reason. I don't always think it's jealously though, sometimes I do and other times I don't. I just don't see why it should matter, Japan is just a fucking country and yet it's treated like some special thing because of its pop culture and weird clothes which attract lulz or whatever else. Ever since this thing became a fad it's been nothing but trouble tbh.

No. 132048

I see where you are coming from though. I guess people who leave their country to move to somewhere completely different in language and culture are going to be weird to start with. I feel like it is a conspiracy from the JP government to make Japan seem cool too. Get in all these circle lense wearing gaijin.

No. 132063

Of course it is, I've said it multiple times. Post ww2 brainwashing was a way for the East to rebuild on western resources. Also Bring eugenics, social engineering, and whitewashing as well (japan is one of the only asian countries to bend over to the rape of the west).

This supposed "civilization" movement helps eradicate bloodlines, and traditional history to unite into one also keeping lowly undesirables in sweat shops and other poor work environments . Japan was strong in culture history and tradition only to be whitewashed now into obscurity. It will only get worse with all the floods of foreigners. This goes for other Nations and bloodlines as well.

No. 132068

File: 1436020079887.png (622.92 KB, 970x615, Screenshot 2015-07-04 at 16.24…)

Wow, seems Himezawa really took the first opportunity that presented itself.

If she's lucky she'll be able to live off her husband's money and her part time job.

No. 132071

Its not a conspiracy because theyre openly doing it.

No. 132565

>you jelly
god…stop shitposting this thread,dumbass.
imo you're one of those butthurt gaijin aspiring aidorus who have been mentioned in this thread

No. 132568

None of the people in this thread are inspiring aidoru. The only people who are trying to be famous in japan from this thread are himezawa and Barbie who do good enough jobs embarrassing themselves. The rest are just regular people living in fucking japan.

No. 132602


It wouldn't surprise me if most of these derailing the thread were once living doll weebos or butthurt gaijin tbh. I think it's a mixture of normal people and those.

Again, who the fuck cares. No one.

No. 132702

i actually seriously, seriously wonder what thoughts cross japanese peoples' minds when they see gaijin prancing around in school girl uniforms.
japan imposes uniforms in school to reinforce the seriousness and importance of education lol its not a costume..

No. 132794

They sell fake Seifuku in costume shops, and like 20 shops in Harajuku sell them, plus most of JP porn is school girl based.
I think that's not an issue.

No. 133822

File: 1436291945518.png (393.71 KB, 536x336, hoe.png)

so this dirty looking girls works illegal as host. also good friends with horse model and sere

No. 133826

Why are there so many white female hosts? Is it common for Japanese females to work as hosts too?

No. 133829

not really
instead of drinking with old disgusting men you can drink with women. way better i think

No. 133831

It is probably the easiest way for a foreign girl to get work, many do it illegally while on a visa. Host clubs want the foreign girls because it is exotic for their customers, or if you want to reach out to other foreigners you have at least a girl who speak the same language as them.

It is not that common for Japanese women to work as hosts unless they are already doing shady shit, such as drugs or other whore-like careers.

No. 133834

you mean as hostess

No. 133841

I meant like, Japanese women actually dressing in drag to work at a host club.

No. 133844

ahh i see
i only met one girl working at a normal host club. beside that there are also dansou host clubs so why don't they work at those clubs

No. 133977

Its the devil

No. 134541

seres facebook is gone nd she wrote good bye on instagram? what happend?

No. 134705

That's what I'm wondering. I wonder if immigration finally got her?

No. 136534

File: 1436698915239.jpg (15.96 KB, 155x275, 1434635692329.jpg)

another girl who married only for visa. she had to pay him and now works as prostitute

No. 136537

there's literally thousands of Chinese who do this in Japan get over it.

No. 136546

She was 19

No. 136557

It still stands.

No. 136626

Always that Gaya girl right? Well I feel sorry for her, she's so pretty, like really why did she do that :v

No. 136651

she got saggy boobs and her face looks like a 30years old woman

No. 136657

I looked at the photos from her fb, she looks like a legit 8/10 to me. Soft features, blonde hair, nothing to say imho. She could've had a better man, other than the monkey looking azn she had to pay for like she did. Sometimes people make really bad decisions

No. 136663

File: 1436720770907.jpg (150.33 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

That saggy tits

No. 136665

File: 1436721434230.jpg (133.61 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

No. 136667

File: 1436721730170.jpg (165.2 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

No. 136924


No. 136932

No. 136940

File: 1436790088072.jpg (115.17 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Gayas "husband" wrote to me. He wanted to meet me and have sex. Because i wanted to be nice i told gaya and sent screenshots. Her answers are unbelievable. Its really only a fake marriage

No. 136941

File: 1436790122954.jpg (121.45 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 136957

>He wanted to meet me and have sex.
For free? Btw that's a fucked up relationship for sure

No. 136963

i asked him why he lied (he said he broke up with her)=. he said if i knew he is married i wouldn't meet him

No. 137119

I feel sorry for her somehow. It's clearly obvious that she's unhappy… Having to work as a prostitute, your husband doesn't love you, etc.

No. 141503

i keep seeing this girl pop up everywhere is there any actual drama on her ?

No. 141511

Yea she just a bitch dating a girlyman gaijin hunter

No. 141536


Guys, it's all part of the 'kawaii life styru' you go over to Japan and expect magic to happen.

It's their own fault, I have no sympathy for girls/guys who go over and do this. Serves them right. If she's that unhappy, save up your earnings and go back home (or move in with friend idk) something. Only they can change their lives, we can't do it for them.

No. 142179

From what I see she just works a lot and took the serious route over the Idoru/hostess route that most kawaii gaijin girls take in japan. Kudos to her.

No. 142180

File: 1437563445342.jpg (83.38 KB, 640x960, 11060099_10205142569708728_450…)

eww oh god
hope i won't see them

No. 142192

Spoiler alert, most models outside of their shoots aren't conventionally attractive, just skinny and tall.

No. 142194

Didn't the appropriately named S-H-I-T admit to doing all the harassing and lying anyway?

No. 142195

No. 142196

The girl I'm talking about, her name's the acronym for 'Shit' it's like sugar-honey-iced-tea or something.

No. 142197


I heard she also got kicked out of fashion school, after her big talk about how she's better than everyone else in Lolita because she studies ~~fashion~~

No. 142198


They're like 5 people out of millions in Tokyo lmao, I'm sure they're not dying to hang out with you. Who's the girl in the middle though?

No. 142199

Well i think both of them are "shit"

No. 142210

if i would see rhem i would be embarrased

No. 142310

File: 1437581895996.jpg (107.06 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Back to gayas fake marriage

No. 142312

File: 1437581923356.jpg (103.5 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 142313

File: 1437581958516.jpg (123.13 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 142317

are you meririn

No. 142321


Yes she is!
she is so god damn transparent lol.

No. 142323

nobody cares

No. 142325


shut up Meririn.

your japanese is so bad i can always tell when it's you obsessing over these gaijin girls

No. 142327

No reason to be agressive

So what's the problem? Everybody loves fucked up people

No. 142328


busted trololol

you seem to love them a bit too much sometimes.

No. 142331


Same as you. Or you wouldn't be here. Also you are off topic

It's not my fault that koji wanted to fuck me lol. I only wanted to show how awesome their marriage is

No. 142333


just get a job already so you don't have to spend all your time digging their shit and contributing your god damn screenshots on pull and here all the time.

but yes, I can agree that Gaya is fucked up in the head and is not going to have a bright future. Hopefully she'll wake up soon.

No. 142334

I don't know who u are but u don't know me well because i have a job and now let me alone because nobody cares

No. 142335

File: 1437585062905.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x309, 1417245638860.jpg)

No. 142347

Who's Meririn?


No. 142350

File: 1437586911549.jpg (75.3 KB, 720x720, 10985037_445156302333372_37846…)

somebody knows which host club she works at

No. 142361

what's your problem with her? did she do something?

No. 142370


I've found that blog. she is so disgusting. fucks with her yakuza "friends" for money.

No. 142406

No. 142457

i dont even know mang
just some girl i found on tumblr
thought she was interesting because she seemed a bit of a hot mess lol
then again arent all the girls going to hostclubs

oh man dont get me started on this girl no_identityyy (lara / ララ) or sth on IG

No. 142461

She seems normal to me

No. 142466

i can live with calling these girls 'normal'
but fuckin around in kabukicho doesnt make you an adult

No. 142480

i think every girl got a host club period

No. 142484

File: 1437600295663.png (410.16 KB, 686x302, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 5.24…)

why does amina always look like plastic

No. 142486

left and right are cute

No. 142490

File: 1437601256486.gif (633.71 KB, 500x300, giphy.gif)

She really reminds me of 2D

No. 142491

No. 142496

my thoughts exactly
i actually read it all

No. 142505

What the fuck? Is this real?

No. 142508


10/10 will be confused for life

No. 142524


Scouted through her blog and jesus christ, it's just… urgh.

No. 142525

I read it all and it looks like a low cost movie for tv.

No. 142526


who is this person btw?

No. 142528

idk I just read the post, I'd like to put her a face. So if someone has a photo, post it purrrlease

No. 142530


What is your opinions of her guys lol?

No. 142532

"Anyway, I don’t know any other place where you can find men faster than here. It may be because I am a white girl"



No. 142533

she's crazy and a liar

No. 142534

"I suffer from depressions…and see nightmares ..
I cry all night and wake up with awful headaches
I’m suffering everyday
I really get sick in my home country
And it’s unbearable to live with my family again..but I can’t move because I don’t have the money. I’m mentally dead. Every day is a mess and I’d rather die than continue the life I’m living now. I love Japan and wanna go back.. I feel so meaningless and feel even down when something ‘good’ happens. Also a lot of different anxieties occur to me and that’s why I stay at home all day. I’m such a failure.. One year ago I was like the happiest person full of hope and aspiration I was motivated and now I became mentally so sick again..the past tends to catch up with me whenever I am not in Japan."

No. 142535

yeah, what I said >>142525
look, girl, if you wanna write some dramuuu go to wattpad. Tumblr is not the place. Stop thinking your life has to be like a dramu with a musician japanese boifriendo that doesn't care about you and only uses you. I can believe someone has/had an abusive relationship, but what she wrote is too cheap to believe it. Dafuq with all the blowjobs, fucks and the yakuza "friend"

No. 142538


Exactly. It's kinda sad actually, the fact that most go over for this type of life or get roped into it. I mean I've just read some shit I never knew and kinda GLAD in a way so I can beware when I go over to Japan. But this slapper, I think she's lying about some things. If she's that unhappy, go the fuck home and don't return back to Japan… makes no sense then cries because she's NOT in Japan.

Is this the type of fucked up folk I gotta deal with when I go Tokyo this year? Jesus

No. 142539

No. 142541


If she gets killed, it's her own fault for trusting all these wankers.

No. 142544

http://babythestarsshinebright3.tumblr.com/post/124684138803/im-baaaaack <<

I've noticed this girl's obsessed with white/asian girls and white girl/asian guy relationships already. Course she wud be lolin'

Least she is sorta honest about japanese and the weebo models of japan tho

Dakota rose laffin! Kekekek

yh cos kota has features all japanese wunt (maybe in pictures but not in person girl)

No. 142548

>I hate Japan. I decided to stay in my home country because it’s so much better in so many aspects like politics, society, money, social welfare system, police, environmental policy, veganism, women rights, human rights, people are more open, don’t lie and don’t prefer money to humans etc. whenever I am in Japan, esp Tokyo I feel so inconvenient because of sexual harassment, people starring at me
>whenever I am in Japan, esp Tokyo I feel so inconvenient because of sexual harassment, people starring at me
Is she Kiki?

No. 142551

It's true though, in regards to the staring. Everyone will stare at you. All the time. It never gets better.

That's why keekz loves Nippon so much

No. 142552

She's from Turkey or Syria, she has family there

No. 142554


She said she was white? I bet she's that pale kurdish type of turk, tons of them there some actually look white until you see the big ass noses on them kekeke

No. 142557

>توكلت على الل
I have family members living on the border of Turkey and Syria.
I am worried every day..
Allah yusallmak
Inshallah tala ._.
is Isis Islam kobane sanliurfa terrorism syria turkey inshallah

No. 142558

everything is a quote, the last part are tags

No. 142560


Yep, she's one of those turks.

No. 142567

Oof just read her tumblr Damn she's gross, and she seems to like comparing white girls and Asians. She's dumb af. Once she gets old and nobody wants her she'll get depressed and regret her life choices.

No. 142599

Those two aren't really lolcows and seem to be in Japan legitimately. I hope they steer clear of Katie and horseface.

No. 142601

Stop talking about going to Tokyo. Unless you go to meet ups you won't find these people. Quit being dumb.

No. 142603


most of turks are white wtf

No. 142727

hi mehmet my son

No. 142730

post her face

No. 142736

>tumblr is not the place
Tumblr is exactly the place

No. 142742


i laughed at that so much idk why

No. 142754

doubt it, many japanese esp. yaks have shit english, which is why many gaijin talk so much shit on tumblr

lol there are fucked up people everywhere. but life isn't that simple, where you can say "fuck it" to a place just because you're not happy there. who's to say her home life in her country isn't even worse?

No. 142771

She claims she's been in Japan for 7 years and even went to high school there…
But then she decided to whore herself in kabukicho and went back to her home country to attend uni?

So she was only whoring hwrself in Japan all these years? And somehow her parents think she's a virgin and "her father would stone her if he found out" (her own words).

Also in one post she says how her country is way better than Japan, then in the other she is bawwwing how she wants to go back to Japan.

No. 142780

WB Vendetta-chan/ s-h-I-t
I wonder why the salt is so strong.

No. 142801

Not true
Unfortunately i saw them everywhere

No. 142835

File: 1437649115079.jpg (62.05 KB, 402x720, 1431642770732.jpg)


So who is this train wreck? This is one hell of a lolcow! Need more milk.

No. 142837


Some turk who likes azn dick/money/japan (but also hates japan)/goes out with yakuza and assholes then complains/whines about being sad/uses parents credit card to buy chanel without them knowing and finds it hilarious

No. 142840

I bet most of this shit is all in her head. Shes trying real hard to be 'cool' & 'edgy' hangin with yakz and shit. Pathetic kek.

No. 142844

unfortunately it's true

No. 142849

Says doesn't want to meet girls.
Spends all day posting about girls on lolcow.

Seems like bullshit.

Maybe u mad because you couldn't sit with them :v

No. 142851

>"He said he would forgive me if I survived his special training."
>a boxing match where he beats her to a bloody pulp

oh wow what the fuck am i reading

No. 142856

it's tokyo. they are everywhere

No. 142858

I live here and you're right

Most foreign girls you see, even in popular areas like harajuku and shibuya 109 are normal looking girls on vacation, not embarrassingly dressed weebs

No. 142862

You know her?

No. 142866

No. 142879

theres a tiny word of wisdom in here

i know men of any culture/nationality cheat, but there is some kind of institutionalized culture around it in japan.
it scares me, the fact that its normal for men to always "work late" or have "business trips" or even take jobs across the country for months at a time, even when they have a wife and kids. how many are faithful when its "business culture" to go party with your boss who is so unhappy with his own life that HE wants to go have an affair, and the other men are dragged along.

No. 142882

File: 1437656959244.jpg (111.08 KB, 540x720, tumblr_ndal5kDHJK1s3374ko3_540…)

talk about hot mess
at least she left tokyo
she needed a chill pill

No. 142888

Is this the babythestarsshinebright3 blogger?

No. 142890

No. 142892

File: 1437658162279.gif (387.51 KB, 256x192, popcorn_stephen_colbert.gif)

second that

No. 142895


I thought she'd be pretty at the least kek

No. 142897

No. 142901


Ah, just another white gaijin with azn accessory on her arm lolin'

so is this not yakuza girl or not? grr

i wanna know what she looks like

No. 142918

yakuza girl posted a photo of herself

No. 142923


No. 143012

No. 143090

Did she just sign someone's phone like some two-bit celeb? And who the hell has someone autograph their phone?

No. 143099


No. 143100

I had someone sign my phone once, only because I was freaking out and didn't have anything else on me at the time.
The autograph rubbed off in like, a day, lol.

No. 143141

This person is utterly pathetic. holy crap. this is why parents need to raise their kids to not be a beta stepping stool.

No. 143144

There is something mentally fucking wrong with the men of Japan. I felt sick to my stomach just reading all of that…. The way she was abused is heart breaking. I mean, she should of left immediately, but fuck. the fact that this guy did this and will probably do it to other women who think they cant go to the police is insane. No wonder that country has low birth rates.

No. 143147


Yeah, I'm not trying to be rude. But every Japanese lad I've ever came across and spoke have all been weird. Just… strange? Like they grew up with parents and a family but no love. The women seem more normal but the guys… It's like they can't function?

Luckily I have one friend who is Japanese and male, he's easy to talk to but again the flirting and I keep telling him it's annoying or get off topic. What is with them? It's…

She should have fucking left. Honestly, I read this and even though her blog isn't very… it's not pleasant I'll say. But hearing her experience with some cunt guy, I'd have been out the door the first time he got violent and raised his voice. Any guy, Japanese or not. You go. They'll continue to do it and think it's okay.

No wonder the women over there can't fend themselves for shit, they don't know how. How their culture and people are I guess. No one says anything, it's better not to other wise "you're just a burden".

No. 143159

It only makes sense if you have a phone case that you can take off and hang somewhere or whatever. haha

No. 143165

Yeah, i dunno. It's sad but that culture encourages meek and submissive women who never speak up for themselves, even if they are psychically being harassed in public.

And the guys grow up with work hard until you die attitudes or end up being otaku with insane expectations of women and just use them as sex objects instead of having a real relationship. Messed up shit there. I've spoken to several Japanese guys when they visited my friend's house who does a lot of hosting and they were shocked by my 'attitude' of saying what i wanted and not being cutesy. it was…. odd.

No. 143167

meant physically being harassed* up there.

No. 143171

>implying that happened

No. 143226

> they were shocked by my 'attitude'
really? that sucks.
must be damn city boys.
i know more of the guys, and girls even, that arent straight up from tokyo are a bit more friendly…. some are a bit more conservative and even old fashioned, but not straight up hostile regarding "gender roles"

No. 143227

lel thinking torture/fetish/sexism leads to low birth rate
nah its because relationships are a bitch and people wanna be free

No. 143229

Not to mention nowadays most people struggle to afford the cost of living for themselves, much less a super expensive super attention needing child.

No. 143311


Basically fucking this.

I remember seeing this terrible BBC documentary on Japan's low birthrate, and it was basically an hour an half of "Lol waifus, body pillows, spending money on fake school girls", when it's so much more than that.

Women are starting to advance their careers, and usually see relationships as distractions. That, and there's major pressure to essentially get married, have kids, and live the rest of your days as a homemaker. Women who try to work while having kids are seen as selfish.

No. 143315


Yet every weeb wants to jet over there, live there and proclaim how magical japan is.

fucking mind boggling lol

No. 143355

Saw that same documentary and they only mentioned anime for 15 minutes. They talked to business women, and people all walks of life. Maybe you only watched the weeb part.
Low birth rate of the native population doesn't have diddly shit to do with weebs. They like Japanese media not Japanese people.

No. 143370

This is a really unfortunate truth about the world - the more intelligent and egalitarian a society becomes, the lower their birthrate becomes. The Japanese are probably the best example but it's true in the EU and US as well

This sucks because it means uncivilized peoples (Africans and Muslims) will end up outnumbering superior cultures

No. 143436

i love how you guys automatically think the "real" japanese society is fucked because of some stupid documentary or the two japanese friends you talked to, or what some crazy gaijin and literal whores experienced with the scum of society. how about not automatically assuming other cultures are completely fucked just because they are different from yours? just kidding, that would require you guys to stop being idiotic racists.

anyway, i love baby3 and hope she posts more milk. of all the psychotic gaijin, she is undoubtedly queen.

No. 143449

If you want to whine about nonexistent racism then get your fat ass back to Tumblr. You already type like one of its braindead users, I'm sure you'll fit right in with the other boo-hooing tryhards

No. 143458

>….just because they are different from yours

that's what you think this is about? wow. it must be hard realizing that Nippon isn't the kawaii land of anime you thought it'd be.

No. 143470

Does anyone here remember Ashley? She was into gyaru and lied about being ~haafu~ back on ricochet or some other message board site. I can't remember much but I think she is/has been to japan and I'm trying to find out her social media because I'm sure shes still cow as fuck.

No. 143472

No. 143481

Holy shit I had no idea she has a kid now.

No. 143495

I loved that whole shitstorm! Juicy af…

Anyone know what Shiena is up to these days?

No. 143531

She works at gyaru cafe in shibuya

No. 143626


There's nothing wrong with her nose? You never seen a cracker nose before girl?

No. 143628


> guess WHAT he wanted me to carry the 50kg desk on my own…yes, this is Japan. If you ever thought of Japanese people being kind and helpful…there are many who are not! But he f**ked me in my bed and I didn’t remember that he was so good at it.

wat wat in the butt?

No. 145196

File: 1438015747981.jpg (125.13 KB, 569x640, image.jpg)

Damn she looks like man

No. 145293



No. 145306

She isn't that bad looking. Granted, her face is kinda long and the thing she's doing with her lips isn't helping.

No. 145355

Why would she get a nosejob just to please some anonymous salty cunt on the internet? Maybe she likes her nose.

I say more power to her.

No. 145366


Well, to be fair, she IS trying to get fame in Japan more or less only based on her looks, so it probably wouldn't be that bad an investment

No. 145368


She won't get fame in Japan unless she goes in for like gyaru or black diamond like Barbie. She's not cutesy looking naturally like Aminyan, so I doubt she'd be an idol.

The only fame black women in Japan CAN get fame… either porn, jvlogging, gyaru or adirou if you're kawaii looking.

Won't end up in Popteen or Kera, it'd be NICE but it won't happen.

No. 145369


You're probably right there, but I'm talking about Himezawa and she's white

I mean tbh Himezawa doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting 'fame' either. I mean, her personality is probably just as big a problem as her looks, I just kinda meant that anon had a pretty fair point in saying she'd probably be a little better off with a nosejob, I guess

No. 145708

Nah I doubt it…

No. 145719

Well I mean they can always go the way of Peter Barakan and become the next it docu-hosts, but you need a posh accent for that and Himezawa's is… Lacking, to say the least.

No. 145755

How do you know she's trying to get game in Japan?

Maybe she just likes dressing cute.

No. 145830


I think the only way someone black (typically lighter skin) or mixed (maybe with Japanese or white) I THINK could get famous in Japan is if they did something very, very different and looked a certain.

Let's say for e.g if you had a light skinned black girl or a mixed race girl (possibly the type with lighter eyes and blondish/brown hair) but she had a very dolly face, small and slender/petite, natural long curly hair and was into cutesy fashion but the RIGHT way like how Risa/Amo dress not lolita and wearing any old shitt off Taobao but looked casual cute.

Good/very good level of Japanese, polite and knew the customs, took the time to make some Japanese friends and other connections, had a back up plan elsewhere and maybe did something like singing/modelling I think there could be potential attention for her.

Again it would depend on how she looks tbh, Aminyan said it herself and she's right. How she is smaller/cute face/slim compared to a black girl who is overweight/big big nose and ghetto looking. It'd be the same with a white girl who was fat looking, dyed hair and stuff. It depends on the appearance.

I think it CAN be done but a black or someone mixed would have to work their way up slowly. Get a blog, connections, know people, have a talent aside from dancing to Hatsune Miku and looking "dolly". There is so much more and a lot of effort you've got to go through to get there.

No. 145864

wasnt the "miss japan" winner half black and people were like えええぇぇぇぇぇ

No. 145878


Yeah but tbh I think it was more or less Americans and racists making a big deal out of her being hafu tbh.

You know what makes me go "huh" is that it would have been fine is she was half white/japanese but when it's like black or indian lets say, it's not good because her colour is darker.

So what if everyone was fucking someone white and they have a ton of hafu white/asian children, is that still Japanese and okay because they have white skin or what? But it's bad if they're half japanese/black? because the skin is darker? Even tho the white/japanese is still half… It makes me wonder you know.

They were apparently annoyed how miss japan was hafu black/jap but all the magazines have hafu models sporting the typical white/jap look because "they're asian but have the features asian gurls want so they look more refined' apparently.

TBH miss japan looks japanese but with tanned skin that's all. Apart from her nose being a tad too button, skin and height. All I see is asian tbh.

No. 145899

She looks more mixed black to me but I can't understand people who say she's ugly. She's incredibly fucking pretty.

No. 145901


To be honest, when I see mixed black and asian people they look no different than just mulatto but with slanted eyes. Ariana (miss japan) looks like a dark asian you get in other parts of asia with the tanned skin tbh. I don't see that much difference. Whereas with white/asian mixed I think they always look more white than asian but with a funnier eye shape or watered down asians.
But it depends, every mixed person will look different regardless. At the end of the day they're still going to be mixed and neither race. Mixed stands on its own, it doesn't belong to any particular race. It's just it's OWN thing.

Ariana is pretty, I think she's prettier than the contestants she was going against tbh. Sure, they may be full Japanese but they weren't stunners.


No. 145902

i didnt think she looked asian at all

No. 145903


Her eye shape, same with Rola and Tiffany Cadillac plus some half white ones too. Look at their eye shape, it gives it away.

She only looks more black because of her nose and skin colour and obv because she is half black. Still half asian tho.

No. 145904

File: 1438093978827.jpg (239.42 KB, 1200x661, 7fc9cfe7c7c0835e29e12b77a4ed64…)


She could pass off as Cambodian tbh

No. 145905


I really, really can't be arsed typing up her entire history here but if you read the posts about her in this thread and >>24669 it's pretty apparent

No. 145916

Same here. She was far more beautiful than the other contestants, I thought.

No. 145919


meh she looks more cambodian/black

No. 146175

File: 1438121721761.png (398.31 KB, 558x576, wha.png)

is it me or is Phoenix's weight loss completely minuscule/non-existent?

No. 146178

Actually it looks like she did lose some wei-
>over the last two years

lol nevermind

No. 146182

It looks like she lost like, 4 or 5lbs, lol.
I could lose that much in a week if I tried just slightly.

No. 146201

Depends on how tall she is, that could be a significant amount of weight lost. Or just less bloating.

No. 146202

If you're losing 5 pounds in a week, thats water weight and won't give you actual results.

No. 146205

I was like ' anon stop bitching, she clearly has lost some weight, it's not just angles'.
And then I saw it was over 2 fucking years.

I don't think that was anon's point though. They weren't claiming long term results, just that it would be easy to replicate that result in a very short time. 2 years is ridiculous.

No. 146276

Why she wears shorts that don't fit/bottom wear that draws a ton of attention to her giant thight, I will never know.

No. 146277

*giant thighs, what happened lol

No. 146309

ugh i know her irl, memories of her yelling at me and my friends for eating mcdonalds… it's not vegan!! sinful!!

No. 146327

Oh man that button is stressed

No. 147112

File: 1438259693792.jpg (150.14 KB, 602x302, 6673842_orig.jpg)


Your beloved Himezawa wrote about us. (。◕ ∀ ◕。)
>However looking into some things before judging them by the angry write-up of an ex or someone who wishes they were in the same position, will save you a lot of time and frustration.
>I have heard everything from me "promoting a negative body image" to "please just get plastic surgery".
>From fake rumors to death threads to hateblogs, gossip magazines, it's all there and there are a whole lot of clueless people who fall for these things.
>If someone wants you to be unhappy, because they can't be happy themselves, there's something wrong with them, not you.

And the typical "I'm a pretty gaijin"-speech:
>I was lucky enough to fit into a lot of beauty categories over here, regarding my body features, but also my personality. Being pale, having light hair and eyes, being a petite size, but also quite tall, having a bigger nose, all of that is a plus over here.

No. 147114

Her English is so good but irl she sounds like a hot mess wtf

No. 147117


>"I was lucky enough to fit into a lot of beauty categories over here, regarding my body features, but also my personality. Being pale, having light hair and eyes, being a petite size, but also quite tall, having a bigger nose, all of that is a plus over here."

In other words if you're not like me then you're ugly as fuck. She's pretty average, I could go on the pinterest and find a fuck ton of beautiful ass girls who would still own Himezawa in seconds.

Japan is an Asian country, no matter if you're white/female/blonde/blue-eyes you're still gaijin. You'll never be Asian.

I really wish girls like this would stop giving it the "well im white/blonde/blue eyed so I'm like the kawaii queen" it's pathetic as hell. It's nothing to really be envious about, I mean if you were trying to be aidoru and jelly cos of that then I could see why. But if you're not, you're just normal who is into Japan and is happy with yourself, I would so not be jealous.

Half the people who proclaim this shit are dogs in person. It's like Dakota, yeah she shooped and fits the 'kawaii statistics' but she's just average. Venus again, in person she's average. Kaka, average. They're ALL average looking.

I'm so sick of the "u gotta be white girl for japs to luv you"

Japanese don't give a flying fuck apart from weeb school girls who wish they were hafu, old perverted men and the white pussy gaijin hunters.

No. 147118

She does make a few grammatical errors here and there but nothing a native wouldn't make.

It probably helps that she's had time to edit the post, in her videos her grasp of English is poor.
It does sound like she's bragging. Funny she doesn't mention her nose amongst all those praises she sings.

No. 147120


Any white girl who has been given attention for looking like a "kawaii doll" gets too full of themselves and especially when they have asian arm candy. Japan still sees them as gaijin, they're no different from any other foreigner lol.

No. 147140

>a bigger nose
Understatement of the century.

No. 147256

File: 1438284160747.jpg (47.02 KB, 600x450, md5q9o1.jpg)

Sabrina, most of us don't want to be you. You're a deluded humble-bragger who really thinks she's hot shit. There are plenty of lolita models who are more down-to-earth and modest than you and you don't see us bitching about them.

No. 147258

And she was still beautiful….why tf did you reply with this?

No. 147266


Ghost world… ugh tumblr ruined that film for me

No. 147275

Lmao ayumi can't even get the time period, style and the movie's theme to coordinate at all

No. 147302

I think it was only a bit inspired by ghost world.

No. 147432

I don't know why but she looks weird in whatever she's wearing?
She looks like she has no waist

No. 147433

She looks like she's swimming in those clothes is why

No. 152199

File: 1438809737212.jpg (173.24 KB, 640x714, image.jpg)

Can you stop looking like shit pleass

No. 152503


This set is beaut. What brand? If this is what looking like shit looks to you, you must be perfection.

No. 152509

What? damn it, i really liked that movie. I'll still like it, but fuck tumblr for ruining so much for people.

No. 152530

Rady, maybe?
Their shit's expensive though.

No. 152531

according to her actual post, it's Datura.

No. 152541

I really like this. It reminds me of am ACTUALLY Barbie, you know, from the early to mid 90s.

No. 152544


And does Datura have an online shop?
Need this xD

No. 152548

an actual*

Autocorrect is drunk tonight…

No. 152569

Her face ruins everything

No. 152576


I think she's really pretty. I forgot this forum is mostly for vendettas and jelly-chans instead of actual secrets and lolcow now.

No. 152601

You must be blind or from england

No. 152609


I'm just going to assume that your boyfriend left you for an English chick and that's why there's all the hate lol

No. 152661

How did she get with her friends bf what are the details. Imo she's ugly when she smiles but decent when her mouth is closed.

No. 152664

not really. i only hate her I'm a model attitude

No. 152720


It was a random girl, not her friend, I dont think they were ever friends from what I saw. The girl is sugar-iced-honey-tea on Tumblr and stalked capsulebunny and her boyfriend for a long time saying something about capsule stealing her boyfriend, but it ended up being bullshit and sugar-iced apologized and blamed her autism for it, which led to a backlash on btb.

No. 152722

I think thats just her job tho?
How can you have an attitude about your job. I follow her IG and I dont see her bragging about it.

No. 152739

you have to see her fb
about her shootings but they are only streetsnap shots-

No. 152741

>How can you have an attitude about your job
ha ha
um plenty of models have an attitude are you kidding
which is lame since they probably work 12+ hours a day and have to be pushed and pulled around for low pay. it doesnt seem very glamorous

No. 152743


Why do all these people who go Japan look like messes? The normal people look fine but most people into this style look ridic as fuck

No. 152753


I have her on IG only, but she posted she just filmed for Kawaii TV show and did a shooting for a Japanese indie brand, considering that teaching is her main job? I think she does good. if I worked in Japan I think I would be too tired all the time……

No. 152756

Such generalizing, I have friends in various levels of modeling and all their jobs are different, as are their attitudes.

No. 153692

No. 153695

It's funny that she didn't answer to this one person who asked what kind of health problem she had. Probably nothing serious, just fishin for attention.

No. 154302

How predictable.

No. 154375

she is such a twat she probably got a scar removed or something

No. 154395

The photos after, she mentions her operation but doesn't tell what it is. All she says is "I can't go swimming maybe next month or so"….yawn. also, her face looks as though it's being pushed down by her nose lol. Her mouth hangs open a lot. Very unattractive.

No. 154399

She needs a nose job so bad jfc

No. 154407

File: 1439024635830.png (796.14 KB, 966x637, datsnozz.png)

>a bigger nose
No Himezawa,your nose is fucking creepy!

No. 154409

She doesn't look that bad here.
Nose is still proboscis monkey-esque, but other than that she looks kinda cute.

No. 154411

I don't want to sound like a white knight but maybe she did have a serious problem. I know how it is to have a severe problem but be very afraid of surgery.

Then again it's weird how in the comments she responds to everyone but the person asking what condition she had. Then again it's not anyone else's business.

No. 154429

Idk why everyone picks on her nose. The Japanese clearly love it according to her. You just look jealous because apparently you can't find anything else to bitch about.

No. 154444


I don't think himezawa is ugly though, in all honestly I actually don't and I like her weird nose (I have a thing about weird and cutesy but weird noses like hers) but she doesn't suit Jstyles or kawaii. She's very lanky and slender, she's suit a more toned down pretty style is you may. Some people suit it and some don't.

It's like Dakota suits kawaii more than Taylor R yet Taylor R suits actual modelling profesh than Dakota. They both want what the other wants.

Plus Himezawa isn't even that well known, christ. All these weeb girls on the web just take pics/make blog + YT/ create lulz/ try to persuade people they're rising stars when they barely have a following.

Himezawa has nothing unique about her. Aside from the fact she's the typical loved 'white/blonde gaijin' which even she said was a plus but only for the aidoru industry. I think people exaggerate about that shit on the web, I've seen countless blogs about blacks/brunettes/indians and whatever else go to Japan with no problem at all. But when it comes to modelling and aidoru it's an 'issue' so that must only apply to the weebs who try to get into aidoru when they don't fit the 'white/blonde' category that the japs look for.

Even though Himezawa HAS all of that she's not that appealing, she doesn't suit the style and she's overall just boring. Another weeb looking for attention in a country she thinks wants her.

It's boring, she's boring. End of.

No. 154463

This. I think you can say this for every lolcow who's appearance we insult.
I know I join in when people are picking on a lolcow's physical features sometimes, but I honestly don't think anyone posted here is ugly, they're just doing things that don't work for their features.

No. 154469

Imo we should focus on Himezawa's shitty attitude and lulzy behaviour.

We KNOW that her nose is fucking bulbous but there's no need to state the obvious every fucking time.

No. 154470

>The japanese clearly love it according to her

No. 154472


It's true, she isn't ugly but she doesn't suit kawaii fashion. Like for e.g this girl's blog I look at (only because I like what she buys kek and the jmagazine scans) http://chouzuru.blogspot.co.uk/ <<<<

Not to be a cunt but I don't think she suits jfashion either (however big kudos to her for losing all that weight!). I mean if people WANT to wear it then fair enough, won't stop you, their choice. Doesn't mean they suit it though.

p.s this is not a self post either btw

No. 154476

File: 1439043954518.jpg (94.2 KB, 500x745, 215272270.jpg)

No. 154477

Wtf is this???

No. 154479

yea ive seen her before but shes so forgettable i kind of browse her content for a bit then leave.

she is yet another example of girls buying all the kawaii merchandise tumblr tells them to buy with the promises of ~e-fame~.
a dime a dozen

No. 154494


The ones who get -e fame- always have a 'look' about them, simply because that look compliments the style. For any trend really.

But yeah, I'm the same when I go on her blog it's like - look look look - then leave.

This is why I don't bother with kawaii anymore, I like certain pieces which I buy and that's it. I gave up on dressing kawaii years ago when the trend got popular.

When something gets popular, it's fucked already.

No. 154495

Awful, awful face shoop. The nose is almost alien-like.

No. 154496

I follow her as well and I agree tbh

No. 154497

File: 1439046430395.jpg (76.65 KB, 467x700, il_570xN.639718129_s24h.jpg)

No. 154503

File: 1439046935956.jpg (142.87 KB, 1300x1300, 5067620-Onion-colored-cartoon-…)

All I can see is

No. 154526

She reminds me of a drag queen here.

No. 154548

She has been into jfashion for a long ass time.

No. 154558


and she still looks like shit, her face and body doesn't suit it. She's too broad and face is too long.

No. 154564

I want to add:
Even though they may not like the style they suit the most as much as they one they're going for, I feel like people would actually feel a lot better about themselves in a style they suit more. In my personal experience and from what I've seen, a lot of people seem to be happy in a style they love because they delude themselves into thinking they suit it. Like pt and Kiki think they look good in the styles they're going for because they delude themselves into thinking they're kawaii babyfaced little girls. And while it shouldn't matter what people think, I think everyone wants to be considered attractive by other people which won't really happen unless they find a look that suits them.

No. 154610

Yikes, she reminds me of those people who buys a ton of clothes and acessroies from Japanese brands, then just throws it all on, ends up looking like they dressed in the dark and calls themselves a gaijin fashionista of Japanese style

No. 154637

Damn how broad are her shoulders?She looks huge

No. 154652


Who are you to tell people what style they suit?
One thing I enjoy about this forum is that I know most of the posters are greasy basement dwellers, who in their failure to be kawaii, decide they must become some kind of authority on fashion instead. Owning a few magazines doesn't give you the right to judge people on what style they wear.

No. 154656

Wow, you mad.

You don't have to be an ~authority on fashion~ to see when a style doesn't suit someone. Whether they're putting outfits together well or not, it's still easy to spot when someone just isn't right in a particular style.

No. 154662


Calm down anon, people can wear what they want I said that in one of the previous posts about her. But it doesn't mean they suit it.

It's obvious they don't because they just look like an eye sore. For e/g she's too broad for the clothes, not her body shape since she lost a lot of weight but because its usually petite girls wearing the clothes that make it look better.

Her make up is forced, the shoop is bad, the circle lenses do nothing for her, her face is too long since kawaii suits baby faces and soft faces whereas she has very harsh features.

She can like the style, blog about it, wear it but she still looks terrible.

It's like anyone really whether it's kawaii or not anon. Like people who have no ass who wear leggings and crop tops, it looks better if you've got a nice butt (not big fat ass nicki obv) but something cute to show off instead of a flat pancake ass.

Just saying.

No. 154663


plus most of us are blogging from our pretty bedrooms actually anon kek

No. 154664


Exactly it's like kaka and kota, kota suits kawaii more than kaka despite kota looking non-doll desu in person, she is cute naturally and kaka isn't.

that's the difference

No. 154667

File: 1439071199361.png (730.2 KB, 600x903, drphoenixnaturalhair.png)


idk why but she reminds me a little of the lovely ify ~

No. 154668

File: 1439071237557.jpg (20.31 KB, 480x360, 1434393336593.jpg)

No. 154793

File: 1439086262918.png (655.83 KB, 633x632, whatthefuckisthis.png)

I actually see your point

No. 154795

Why are all of these self absorbed girls so buttfucking ugly?

No. 154973

File: 1439120560657.jpg (32.78 KB, 480x360, uij.jpg)

because jvloggers have convinced them that japanese people will worship them for simply not being japanese so will get all the attention they lack in their home country. pic related.

No. 154980

This bitch is so naive concerning Japanese sexism and racism, it's not even funny.

No. 154981

anon, i wish you could see my beautiful face rn

No. 155008

careful anon, her rabid legion of knights will scream at you and throw temper trantrums for daring to question their waifu.

No. 155010

According to the instagram of the girl she linked, it's some sort of chronic joint pain that requires surgery to remove the joint.

No. 155035

Rachel is annoying
She thinks she's the only white red haired girl in Japan and acts like people are treating her somehow special.

No. 155036

No hate but she looks like an old auntie

No. 155101

It's because of bullshit like this that's getting spread around like wildfire:


No. 155510

File: 1439195407212.png (486.58 KB, 446x685, image.png)

"no make up"
So you were born with make up?Because I can see the eyeliner.

No. 155511

This #allnatural, #nomakeup instagram shit is annoying af.
There's still a shit ton of filters.

No. 155513

Oh Sara Mari… I see she has gone from the gyaru look of shading her nose mud brown on the side to now shading the tip.
She has a really bad eating disorder and an old salaryman "friend" that she sleeps with in exchange for a place to stay in Japan

No. 155594

> shading the tip
hey it actually looks ok in the photos… makes her face look less abnormally long. shame really.

it cant look good irl or without spot-on lighting/angles though

No. 155599

for a perfect example, lets look at the lovely chokelate. she is very pretty but in a mature, beautiful way. hence classic lolita suits her much better than the kawaii baby girl look she tried on several occasions.

No. 155602

Yep! and its not just foreign girls who think like this-a lotta guys think like this too especially the neckbeards-they think they will not only be more "accepted and understood" in japan they throw a hissyfit when a perfect japanese waifu doesnt fall into their lap.

No. 155604

Totes, and her fans are rabid. I always suspected thats why many weebs-oops sorry "jvloggers" clash-they all want to be the only white special snowflake in nippon-land desu.

No. 155605

File: 1439221890494.jpg (64.09 KB, 600x400, P1010308a.jpg)

also she looks way better here (on the right) than the current look shes going for… looks like a different person really.

No. 155606

Lol, on the right she looks like a mildly autistic girl who is obsessed with horses. But it's still better than being a hambeast.

No. 155607

what the hell she looks like some cute , totally relatable girl.
now she looks very austere with that deer in headlights look.

No. 155651

File: 1439226781168.jpg (100.38 KB, 500x752, DSC_0089.JPG)

No. 155664

ican remember how she always said she can't eat this and this. annoying

No. 155696

File: 1439229525930.jpg (106.41 KB, 600x400, japanmay10day4tt.jpg)

with her "friend"

No. 155767


This is why I said previously, she doesn't suit the style. It's so awkward.

No. 155809

No. 158640

File: 1439498652603.jpg (153.42 KB, 2048x1371, 1402944_10151806291066028_1887…)

why aren't they friends anymore?

No. 158662

Waiting for the moment that Venus Angelic becomes some gravure model in Japan. She likes catering the the neckbeards lately.

No. 159876

No. 159892

Her eyebrows are done and she is wearing some kind of mascara….

No. 159895

Why do so many girls have issues with just not wearing makeup? unless I'm working, I dont wear it. It's not gonna kill you to take a photo online.

No. 159907

Because emily went batshit and thought everyone was out to get her

No. 159963

if horse face would be my friend i would become crazy too

No. 160068

I like how you assume these people know who you are or would want to be friends with you lmao

No. 160075

They're doing it to show how "naturally beautiful" they are. It's retarded af.

No. 160308

File: 1439672502100.jpg (190.28 KB, 600x900, ash.jpg)

>basement dwelling under-weebs.

Excuse the fuck out of you. I live in the crawl-space.

Also anyone find it a bit funny that pic related is into SJW shit on her tumblr now and yet she's a white girl lying about being half Japanese?

No. 160317

No. 160321

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm19608312 god i wish i never looked her up on nnd

No. 160323


Pissing myself at the comments holy shit. Venus and her mother are literal trainwrecks.

No. 163269

File: 1439927627054.png (218.83 KB, 513x301, jvlog.png)

"hey mimei wanna be in my video?"
"k let me wash my hair first" - the thought that did not pop into this womans head

No. 163276

I've noticed in her videos that her hair is ALWAYS greasy… It makes me sad because I really like her. I get that Japan can get hot/sweaty and she has pretty thin hair, but girl… Invest in some dry shampoo!

No. 163301

File: 1439930119770.jpg (23.2 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Her hair has seen better days

No. 163307

Are you kidding me?
Japanese people ALWAYS make fun of big gaijin noses ALL THE TIME.
They do not like her nose at all. lmao

No. 163309

Well, your personality from the inside reflects from the outside.
If you're a self-absorbed ugly bitch, you look like ugly

No. 163317

This is not true at all and you sound retarded.

No. 163367


Where and when did a Japanese make fun of HER nose?

No. 163379

No. Japanese have products that show they want a tall white nose. Most of you fuckers talk so much shit but don't live in Japan. Japanese like almost all of white features. >inb4 bringing up the tengu mask white person thing, they still prefer that over a wide "garlic" nose.

No. 163466

Mhh japanese friend of me makes fun of long and big gaijin noses
But maybe it's only him

No. 163473

I feel like Japanese people just want the ideal looking western nose(maybe something like Kota's?), not an ugly western nose like himezawa's.

No. 163475

When did a Japanese complement her nose?

No. 163507

I'm sure his potato nose is lovely.

No. 163867

File: 1439965673890.png (496.73 KB, 928x592, dafuq.png)

That's not cute

No. 163870

Her face ruins it all.

No. 163872

Missed the point of the question. I asked when and where did a japanese insult her nose. You keep saying they make fun of her. how do you know they make fun of her?

No. 163924

Nice body, but she really needs a nosejob. It throws off her entire face.

No. 163972

Japan likes tall noses but not gigantic potato noses. There is a huge difference.

No. 163973

File: 1439976156104.jpg (101.38 KB, 750x753, image.jpg)

That's literally the only thing I think of when I see her name

Related (picture): Mira trying to sneak her way into jvloggers again

No. 163974

She's wearing eyelash extensions

And obviously pink eyeshadow + eyeliner

No. 163990

lmao people mentioning her nose for the 500th time. Sabrina has stopped producing milk a while ago. Now she's just another one of those "special" gaijin models with a Japanese husbando.

No. 164046

its… not that bad? the dark hair kind of suits her… blonde makes her a bit dull. but it gives her kawaii gaijin appeal

No. 164047

thats mimei!! wow she looks nicer with long hair. it balances her face or something. the short hair and unkempt bleaching (girl keep up with it if youre gonna bleach) makes her look like a dirty little boy

No. 164231

No. 164257


No. 164983

I'm laughing so hard

No. 164987

Yes. She looks much better with dark hair.

No. 165358

No. 165404


Anon, why would you do this to me?
I couldn't stop cringing. Everything about this video is so…wrong. The popsicle licking, the pink gloves…

No. 165411

Sayounara sere
Sayounara gaya

No. 165439

Yes please.

No. 165705


It's about time. It's getting to be a bit of a joke, too many fools going to Japan to get hitched and find aidoru.


No. 166476

No. 166505


oh yh the yakuza's public toilet lol

No. 166575

Now everyones toilet!

No. 166583

to be honest, the lyrics were very good.

No. 166584

she ruined animal crossing for me

No. 166715

I can never tell if this bitch is joking. Her life just seems to be be a marathon of disgusting older men, usually criminal and abusive.

On one hand, she loves cheating on men (to feel desired or in control?). On the other hand, she genuinely seems to be in love with these creepy fucks, like the Indian cheater or the guy who videotaped her rape and torture, which he conducted himself.

I'm calling deluxe-size daddy issues. I hope she keeps posting, I love watching complete wrecks wreck themselves harder.

No. 166942

At first I thought she was like 13… Now I'm not so sure
Her voice is too damn mature (2:45)

No. 168270

File: 1440389978415.jpg (73.54 KB, 648x431, 33870.jpg)


No. 168290

She's hideous!! Clicking that thumbnail was a bad idea.

No. 168305

Moved to >>>/snow/14477.

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