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File: 1528797445877.jpg (109.07 KB, 718x718, 1467626154708.jpg)

No. 10958

No. 10959

omg that photo

No. 10960

>studying politics
>"My content will be multidimensional, ranging from Japanese living + tips and tricks, mental health (BPD, anxiety, depression), political theories, the book I’m writing, and of course, hoeing."
Good luck trying to get a job…

Also, what a butterface

No. 10961

another 'menhera' in japan

also who are the guys in OPs post? I know u-key but the others..

No. 10962

File: 1528798744183.png (553.51 KB, 743x490, Screenshot (4).png)

Her friend also looks lovely

They were mentioned in the old thread so I added them.

No. 10963


How long until this one has a mental breakdown vid titled "Japan isn't what I expected"

No. 10964

She already made a video about experiencing racism there.
That comment though lol
>Im really glad u made this video cuz u literally never hear about racism against black ppl in japan. Its always ppl saying that u get treated like a celeb cuz ur black and Japanese ppl always love you and whatever, i had no idea stuff like that happened over there :/

No. 10965

but somehow everbody wants to fuck her?!

No. 10966

She also claims to suffer from anxiety and is a communist kek

No. 10967

there is really something wrong with her. instead going to japan she should see a therapist

No. 10968

I can't believe that there are people in the gaijinthreads who actually had sex with this

No. 10969

He looks decent without that ugly make up

No. 10970

This girl needs her own thread.

No. 10971

He sexually assaults girls and gives them STD's

No. 10972

Sexually assault?
Never happend to me while i was hanging out wirh him

No. 10973

congrats you have been friendzoned

No. 10974

He wanted to hold hands all the time
And said that he likes me all the time
But that‘s it lmao

No. 10975

Girl is going to catch an STD or a few, and here's hoping her birth control is good, because abortions are expensive in Japan. I don't care if you want to "hoe" but at least do so responsibly. It sounds like she's literally just sleeping with anyone who will take her if her number is up to 50+ men in just a couple months. If you are banging a new dude every other day, you probably aren't being very choosy or responsible about it.

She's not hideous, but she's not very cute either. My best guess is that most the men are looking for an easy lay, or want the novelty of banging a black girl.

There have been multiple accounts from other girls of him behaving like an abusive psycho. Count yourself lucky, you must have caught him on a good day.

No. 10976

Whats the story with this sexual abusing girls? First I heard of it…proof please

No. 10977

Well he looks like a wax blow up doll. Highly disturbing. You gotta be drunk to think he’s hot. This boy is ugly af. To the anon who dated him, raise your fucking standards and stop being thirsty

No. 10978

Look at the last thread, Kei is well known for spreading STD's, pressures girls into not using condoms and doesn't tell them he has a disease

No. 10979

Did this bitch move to Japan just to whine about Japanese society? hoo boy

No. 10980

Basically. That and to bang literally any Japanese man who offers apparently.

No. 10981

do japanese guys only wants to have non serious relationships with a foreigner?

No. 10982

This thread would not be a good place to get an answer for that question. There are fuck boys in every country. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find a prince/princess. This thread is for the fuckboys you should watch out for. No,not everyone is like this.

Some other advice not related:
If someone decides they don’t like you after a few dates or turns you down. It’s no ones fault they are just into you. Don’t get upset, move on, takes time to find the right person. Doesn’t mean their a hunter necessarily. It’s called dating.

No. 10983

Other question: do mexicans only want non serious relationships with white people? Do white guys only want non serious relationships with asian girls?

Seriously some of you guys are dumb af. Just put one ethnical group in one box. People who ask questions like this don‘t know how individuality works or are full with prejudices.

No. 10984

Lmao this

No. 10985

File: 1532168456107.jpeg (321.3 KB, 750x1311, 810C519F-C34F-433D-8DA3-E86882…)

Do you guys know him? He seems to follow a lot of gaijin and started texting me recently out of nowhere.

No. 10986

Lool this guy isnt even Japanese you fucking idiot

No. 10987

Ugly fuck

No. 10988

Chill I just asked a question, no need to get bitchy, wtf

No. 10989

Since it‘s a gaijin hunter thread and this dude is following some of the gaijin gyaru or weebs, it could be that someone had an experience.
No matter if he‘s japanese or not

No. 10990

This thread pertains to Japanese gaijin hunters idiots. Just cause you were caught out trying to drag random asian guys through the mud.
Youre just a bunch of racist idiots

No. 10991

Sorry sweetie but I didn‘t find any written rule to this thread that it‘s only about japanese gaijin hunters ;)
But thanks for this information, idiot ;)(don't use emojis)

No. 10992

The word gaijin is japanese fuckwit. Its implied in the title. This thread is for japanese people in japan preying on foreign people.

No. 10993

Go back to your parents basement and cry over your Japanese male rejection lnao

No. 10994


Could you bitches at least sage your infighting?

No. 10995

Ryota from ONE OK ROCK married Avril Lavigne sister on 2-18-2017. their child was born 7-8 months later. the child looks very old and not cute. the sister is… interesting looking. to be a successful gaijin in japan it seems you need to leap and get pregnant first. however it backfires all the time-sere. I guess the difference is the gaijin needs to have money and be able to provide for their Japanese.

he listed whatever he thought young delusional European girls that want "a Japanese" would be into. lol.
he isn't japanesse but he appears to be riding the wave. however you just want us to see your Asian. lol.

No. 10996

>to be a successful gaijin in japan it seems you need to leap and get pregnant first. however it backfires all the time

Sounds like Leah Dizon from years ago. Got popular as a model in car magazines then hopped over to Japan to do nude photobooks and "sing." She killed her career when she got knocked up by her hair stylist, and went back to the US to live with her mom and raise her kid. Last I heard the Japanese babydaddy hasn't paid child support in years.

No. 10997

File: 1533332970842.jpeg (77.37 KB, 500x334, A2C9B3D7-DE75-4861-8947-6A9A9B…)

…I just had to google that because it sounded so random lol

No. 10998

I'm curious why you girls who go to a foreign country without any career opportunities to fall in love with absolute trash.

I just don't understand. None of these guys are particularly attractive. Is it the validation that they give you? Is it a fascination with the culture?

No. 10999

It's not just girls that do it. Plenty of thirsty dudes like TkyoSam think Japanese pussy is magic

No. 11000

this has to be the ugliest picture i’ve ever seen… my goddamn retinas

No. 11001

They’re ugly af but at least they’re happy?

No. 11002

Well, that's inherently different. It's a lot more socially acceptable for a guy to sleep around with everything he sees.

I think, not sure, that most of these girls are falling for some of these guys and I don't really understand why. They're not conventionally attractive by any measure. Is the measure of love simply some attention and pretty little whisperings about how lovely you are?

This is a lot closer to conventionally attractive.

No. 11003

How old is Avril's sister?? cuz holymoly, she's homely.. That poor child. I hope they will get some decent genetics.

No. 11004

There are some, and actually MANY people out there who are blinded by race/ethnicity. They just see "East Asian" and even if to you or to me they don't seem conventionally attractive, to some people they're automatically attractive because they're East Asian.

No. 11005

Wow. Where do I meet some of these crazy girls outside of Japan?

No. 11006


Jeeeeeeez, her hairline could make Kaka wince.

No. 11007

Lol they even got the hideous dog to complete the ensemble. Never understood the appeal of getting the dog with the bushy eyebrows and a fucking mustache but whatever

No. 11008

Schnauzer-phobia detected.

No. 11009

So do girls just end up fucking every Japanese guy that comes up to you?

No. 11010

hope for the future. in the past there weren't that many white women there. so the odds are good. now there are so many cheap white women its harder for them to land a+ Asian men. take sere. if this was 20 years ago she would be making great money with handsome men. in todays world she is paying them. lol.
I think those women expect him to stick around because they are sexing down. little do they know he feels he is sexing down.
I hope she truly loves him because they have the same features. so its double dominate. I wish the kid hope and luck.
they just want an east Asian man so they can pretend to be Asian. they want a hip one but will take whatever they can get and try to fix him up. that's why they sleep with anything that moves. they are trying to latch on. also the Asian man is better than the white boyfriends of their past. cause white men have access to better white women.

this Korean guy (we are in usa) told me he hates kpop but goes to the concerts cause women practically force themselves on him. I think when the weebs say they have a Korean boyfriend they mean they banged some guy. as soon as call them back they tell everyone you are their fiancée. if you don't mind being the bad guy go to any place that has Asian entertainment.

No. 11011

tbf I hear you can shed a huge amount of hair right after having a baby? I don’t know firsthand but Kaka’s got no excuse.

No. 11012

Her hair doesn't look super thin or unhealthy, but I hope you're right for her sake. Although I guess since she's married with a kid and has money she can look however she wants now?

No. 11013

I suppose the lesson here is to try to find as many weebs/kpopboos as possible and throw away my dignity.

God. How do these guys dye their hair and dress in the most stupid way possible though.

No. 11014

It's a fucking baby you weird psycho

No. 11015


Lel, never seen it put this way before. I always just called them koreaboos. That way it rhymes with weeaboo and they're easier to mock in singsong.

No. 11016

kinda looking forward which hunter is rhianna dating

No. 11017

Rihanna likes asian men?

No. 11018

the german VK weeb

No. 11019

Has there been anything new on Kei? He’s been quiet lately, usually there’s new some dating profile or gaijin he’s banging

No. 11020

Maybe he died finally kek

No. 11021

No one has heard anything since him and Pastelbat broke up and he gave her STDs

No. 11022

Anyone knows how I can change the gender on my gyaruru profile? For some reason I appear as male lol.

No. 11023

This is some pretty low quality milk but Morena's real name appears to be Brianna and she's at Doshisha U.

From this you can tell she only goes to school 3 days a week…

No. 11024

Posters itt are cows themselves. It's fucking sad none of you can see that.

No. 11025

So true

No. 11026

File: 1535489838715.jpeg (278.19 KB, 750x1220, 8B29397A-0F16-4471-9AA4-9E1D24…)

kei wears more makeup than most girls.

No. 11027

You can’t. You’ll have to wait until you get a new phone.

No. 11028

his eyebags look so disgusting

No. 11029

You know, Kei actually has heaps of grey hairs coming out of his head even in his early 20s. This guy will age like old cream left out in the sun.

No. 11030

Weebs won‘t care. He looks like a bandguy. That‘s enough for them

No. 11031

Man you guys are harsh. She's not ugly at all. She's the definition of average and so is he. In fact they look like a nice normal couple.

>this Korean guy (we are in usa) told me he hates kpop but goes to the concerts cause women practically force themselves on him.

Kek. I've heard everything now.

No. 11032

Yeah they look normal and happy to me too? I just had to look it up because “Avril lavigne’s sister” of all people just sounded so out of nowhere lol

Also yeah that’s pretty true about koreaboos unfortunately. I lived in Seoul for a couple years and always had trouble with other white girls giving me shitty attitude because they thought I was there for the same delusional reasons as them. The ones who cared enough to notice I don’t actually like men quickly changed their tune though. Funny.

No. 11033


It's so weird being Asian in the US and having no exposure to any of these crazy white girls. It's so strange to think that there's such a strange subculture around this fetishization.

No. 11034

Eww is he facetunning the fuck out of his face or has he has plastic surgery???!

No. 11035

Someone asked on the old thread if Dada from Velvet Eden was a gaijin hunter and he is, he just got caught cheating on his foreign girlfriend with other foreigners even though he said he hated them and didn't like the goths (but was hitting them up anyway and video calling them) and was fat shaming her despite being "body positive"

No. 11036

Ew, I can't imagine Dada looking good out of all that makeup. Isn't he in his 40s now?

No. 11037

hes so ugly and weird honestly like a poor mans fat mana

No. 11038

He is 48 iirc

No. 11039

Yeah…he definitely talks to a lot of gaijins. His Facebook is filled with them. He messages me on Facebook quite regularly…I tend to ignore him because I’m def not interested lol

No. 11040

Why isn't Yushi from SENSE or any of the 100000 gaijin hunting josts listed here?

No. 11041

which hosts?

No. 11042

Because it sounds like the same few group of people keep posting itt and talking about their little circlejerk friends they all share.

Why would you fuck some stinky ass, ugly Japanese guy? Rich girls who can just fly across the world with mommy's money just to bang some fuggo really got no better goals huh? Both these threads are disgusting on both ends. How do you even talk to someone who doesn't speak the same language as you? Lame.

No. 11043

Nice call out post on FB. I don’t know who his girlfriend supposedly is, but if she’s as fat as you he had all the right to advice her to go on a diet. He’s selling tights not tents kek

No. 11044

She's not fat, and he was the one who told her she was perfect and didn't need to lose weight but as soon as she caught him cheating he threw cheap shots even though he can't even fit in his clothes

No. 11045

While I generally agree with what you are saying, you sound super salty for whatever reason, anon.

Isn't that the one Lorena hangs around? I don't know shit about hosts, but I remember seeing that name pop up in her thread.

No idea who his now ex is or who this call out post references, but he has thrown public fits before and seems like an absolute man child. I am curious though, how old is the now ex? I get that he was sort of a thing in the goth scene at one time years ago, but are weebs really that desperate to bang a "band guy"?

Calm down dada stan.

No. 11046

She's 20, he likes going after girls a lot younger than him and cheated on her with girls around her age

No. 11047

File: 1538555783933.jpg (41.16 KB, 500x669, tumblr_neghxbXivX1qb68ywo1_500…)

What?! He's fat af himself, even when wearing a corsett…

This is old (from 2014), but he publicly admitted to hating all foreigners, how ironic

No. 11048

File: 1538555927219.jpg (73.04 KB, 540x723, tumblr_neghxbXivX1qb68ywo5_128…)

And "threatens" them by saying he will stop facebook and retire lol

No. 11049

File: 1538555958393.jpg (67.04 KB, 540x723, tumblr_neghxbXivX1qb68ywo6_128…)

No. 11050

Is he serious? Kiwamu is a huge cow. There is evidence every time he came overseas with Blood, people having to deal with him had the worst time. He's a legit child with a temper issue and he cant play guitar for shit.

No. 11051

This is so cringey. Dada needs to take some meds cuz he's getting old.

No. 11052

I remember hearing that Kiwamu had an awful temper and was prone to throwing temper tantrums. Also, he was very close to Roger, who ran Tainted Reality, who has been outed as a sexual predator who has sexually abused minors. That whole group seems shady.

Honestly, Dada isn't even relevant anymore. He's a washed up, old, ugly drag queen with no band. All he has going for him are the tights and his minor affiliation with Dir en grey as an artist for some of their merch.

No. 11053

>you sound super salty for whatever reason, anon.
Huh? Keep thinking that while being a cow as you get your tokyo stds. Sorry I'm not in your little ho/manwhore clique.

No. 11054

File: 1539919958239.jpeg (148.97 KB, 667x704, 0BB19061-029F-4C5E-AAEE-D06FDB…)

Who’s this -.- any idea

No. 11055

>Roger, who ran Tainted Reality, who has been outed as a sexual predator who has sexually abused minors.

Holy shit I didn’t know this. I almost entered that circle… glad I dodged that bullet kek

No. 11056

No. 11057

Different anon,but yeah half of them are ugly as shit. I'm cackling at some of them that actually pop these chicks cherry. Atleast, this thread is a good reference of guys not to meet.

No. 11058

File: 1539952723423.jpeg (167.5 KB, 750x729, AF63F78E-931E-4882-A6A1-71E259…)

IS It just me or is it the same guy ….(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11059

This is the same dude. Angles, editing and posing do wonders for photos. For most unstressful and safe results, avoid.

No. 11060

I thought it was that kei guy lol

No. 11061

Lol what’s up with 2 accounts then so weird

No. 11062

He’s left the scene I think , not sure.
Maybe still lurks ew

No. 11063

all these posts in the old thread make me wonder if kei has a split personality. I dated him even tho I knew about the rumors surrounding him, because I thought it was funny and I had free time. He never came late to meet ups and even paid for my stuff.. maybe its a new strategy or I was just lucky.

No. 11064

Never seen him in real but all you guys have been warning us in these threads. Thank god . Was he some very hot guy or what

No. 11065

He’s been with like everyone around ugh

No. 11066

He's the thread photo

No. 11067

Yes I know but like photos and real is different. And apparently he puts a lot of makeup so haven’t seen the bare face. How long ago did you guys date?

No. 11068


No. 11069


Personally I think he looks better without all that slap.
I dated him about one and a half year ago, what makes me look differently on the stories in this threads. he indeed does write weird messages. while not being a perfect guy, he is also not as bad as some anons make him to be online. the truth may be somewhere in the middle.

No. 11070

I guess but then again everyone has diff experiences. And well all the deets about him lol
There are so many guys out there.

No. 11071

File: 1539957622906.jpeg (129.1 KB, 672x709, 05E476C7-850B-4492-AF45-C76602…)

Lol this chapstick

No. 11072


better safe than sorry! unless he is totally your type I wouldn't recommend dating him anyway because of this shit show going on. as you said there are loads of other guys around.

No. 11073

Nah I’m not into used goods. And no time for bs please
Entertainment business people no way

No. 11074

Isn’t that kazuki or ….

No. 11075

Who’s he ?? Vk

No. 11076

Great visual wow
I’ve seen him somewhere not sure who he is(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 11077

Please not him guys

No. 11078

Why not ?

I saw him at Ikebukuro once and he was pretty cute

No. 11079

Who is he ??

No. 11080

They’re all cute to look at but anything beyond beware

No. 11081

To our dear ESL users running these gaijin threads, for the last time:

Don't bump threads without providing new information. Put sage in the email field. Read the rules. Introduce people you're talking about so others reading the thread can follow the drama. Don't post new people without context or summary of drama. And most importantly, this is not a chatroom.

Bans will commence.

No. 11082

>>11071 Jeri give up

No. 11083

He’s some vk host in royal crown club or smth.

No. 11084

They're all unwashed assholes though, anon. They don't wanna marry anyone. they just wanna fuck a woman for a while and get bought presents.

No. 11085


well "just wanna fuck" applies to the majority of guys in a certain age all over the world, but they don't get posted on image boards.

i don't get your point in running such a thread. its okay for white girls to hop to Japan to satisfy their thirst for asian dick, but an asian guy looking for white puss is all creep and dirty right away. that double standards..

No. 11086

A majority of these gaijin hunters are sex offenders running around spreading STDs

No. 11087


sex offenders? just because they told you about love and marriage and It turned out to be a lie after you got laid? that is just your typical asshole. if you fell for this bs then its your fault for being stupid and blinded by yellow fever. the part about spreading STD is also your own damn fault, if you agree to fuck around without protection.

No. 11088

Who hurt you, anon?

Guys lie all the time to women in Japan, esp about stds and it's fucking both gross and dangerous.

No. 11089

New era of gaijin hunters nowadays woo.
Women just need to be smart omg this Jao girl is preggo with some host from hearts bar’s kid. He refused child support to her when she asked him. I felt really bad for the girl but it’s her own doing. She posted pics of the ultrasound and all lovey divert pics with him.

No. 11090

File: 1540072763563.jpeg (132.47 KB, 504x748, 2D22D3CF-0FFC-4864-AD89-6D22F4…)

Who is this person does anyone know. Someone with the same face messaged me a day ago .

No. 11091

How do you know? Does he give head? lol

No. 11092

Lol I know better than to believe the shit they say, they guilt and pressure you into not using condoms, most of the time they just force themselves onto you anyway

No. 11093

How does that happen , I mean how do these guys pressure(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11094

No host wants to cuff a foreigner chik only sex.
Yellowfever is one hell of a drug makes you lose all morals & dignity.

No. 11095

Are they any good in bed? Hella scared of the stds and preggo shit going around.

No. 11096

File: 1540084068797.jpeg (310.46 KB, 749x1104, 6F49C658-4222-439B-82A7-5B85FA…)

That shit scary

No. 11097

Lmao yeah. Pretty much. Let them into your room and it’s an open invitation apparently.

No. 11098

Go on a date with one and find out, automatically accept to go to karaoke or invite them into your hotel room, they think thats all the consent they need

No. 11099


if you invite a guy to your room and then be surprised that he wants sex, that really is fucking stupid. what do you expect? watching Disney movies all night long?

just stop pretending to be the victim if it turns out not be a love story after you got the dick you obviously wanted.

No. 11100

Can you translate? She got pregnant by a host? I can only imagine the shitstorm..her parents are giving her.

No. 11101

These guys seem to take foreign girls pretty easy then. That should all get fucked over atleast once. Can’t talk about the girls who are doing it as business or “leisure”.

No. 11102

File: 1540100777527.jpeg (268.81 KB, 750x1040, 0A29100E-9783-4FC4-9F4F-DC249A…)


No. 11103

Anyone has milk on Naoki from bar Anubis? Fuckboi trynna be smart messaging two friends hmmmm
One might be seriously thinking to … see him lol

No. 11104

I even heard about a Foreigner girl buying host gifts wtf.
Like girll.. atleast make him buy YOU gifts/money,you're not poppin' my cuca for free.

No. 11105

That’s what hosts do!!! Their job is to get the customers hooked af. Girls fall for them and give them cars and even apartments. Especially older women whose husbands fuck in soaps. It’s all about the money. It’s a vicious cycle coz many people never get out of it..

No. 11106

Yeah one host I had on Line constantly begged for money and wanted to go on dates if I gave him money first, blocked him when he posted about being a lolicon

No. 11107

Hahha ew lolicon.
Be careful. I found on host too but he is hella nice and we are genuine friends. He actually tells me about his hoe customers who want to makura with him. I feel some people are just bad by nature and some people are just trynna get by doing whatever . It’s very sad tho.
I’ve heard the AIRGROUP is pretty decent although you need to have money for their club

No. 11108

She's a big girl too, but I guess hosts aren't that picky. She's not a gaijin though, so I'm not sure if she's relevant to the thread? Besides pointing out the obvious that hosts are trash.

No. 11109


this has nothing to do with that threads topic. how boring is your life that you stalk on random girls that are caught up in shitty nightlife?


In fact the bar that girl is talking about is a boys bar, not a host club. besides that how could guys in that industry be picky? all they see are the $$$ not the girl, so it doesn't matter too much how she looks as long she is spending money.

No. 11110

It’s not about Japanese or gaijin with sage included btw. We were talking about hosts in general and how they can cause irreversible trauma bla bla. I personally felt really bad for the girl regardless of her being Japanese or gaijin. If this happened to her , it can happen to anyone . And for one no one stalked her , someone who knows this girl asked if she can be helped in anyway. Even cost of hospital and abortion if necessary . I’m sure you know how expensive it is. So ya’ll don’t be silly wrap up that willy!!!

No. 11111

That's Ran, he's disgusting

No. 11112

>>11111 Twitter ID?

No. 11113

Why's he disgusting? What his social media?

No. 11114

I have him on LINE since ages. But never talked talked. What’s the story with this guy ?

No. 11115

He'll randomly video call girls while he's in the shower or on the toilet masturbating, his pubes are longer than his dick and he hilariously draws his eyebrows too low on his face

No. 11116

Ugh sounds nasty. Is he a host or something?

No. 11117

>his pubes are longer than his dick
top kek. where does he host at?

No. 11118

I think it’s royal crown club or something

No. 11119

Let me tell you how much of a joke he is.

Have you seen his recent shit on Twitter and Facebook? Fucking hysterical. Every year I swear to god he pulls the pity victim card and claims he’s going to “retire” and then continues. It’s just a publicity stunt to get people to feel sorry for him. The comments are also hilarious.

“Oh Dada, we all love and support you”

If only you truly knew how your beloved bandman is.

No. 11120

Does it bother you guys knowing that a swift open hand slap would kill the majority of these """men?"""

No. 11121

Of course. I don't get why all these moderately cute chicks are flying over to Japan for these soyboys.

No. 11122

File: 1545965145294.png (732.92 KB, 700x666, bLDVFm2.png)

you are right

No. 11123

File: 1546375037541.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 7765360C-71C7-4CF1-88D5-88E884…)

Speaking of Dada

Picture without photoshopped leaked

Wyd with those wrinkles dollar store Mana

No. 11124

Yiiiikes. I guess that's what years of heavily caked makeup can do.

No. 11125

File: 1546794429513.png (379.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lmao Kei is back on gyaruru again, took a purikura with probably a gaijin and edited them out kekkek

No. 11126

That’s an old photo he just reuploaded it to stay relevant when he’s not anymore. No gaijin in the gaijin gyaru circle will date him anymore, unless it’s fresh off the plane newbies.

No. 11127

File: 1547040104050.png (572.72 KB, 640x1136, 67B2EF92-8A3E-423E-8687-EAF120…)

Who knows him?
He seems kinda weird

No. 11128

Can you give us a name. I think I recognize his face, but it has been a while since I was in contact with these kind of fuckers

No. 11129

Ew hes ugly as sin girl. Chobo lips w ダサイ!

No. 11130

I think it‘s masa

No. 11131

Different anon but I think I know him he used to or maybe still is a scout and hes a all round shitty oerson as scouts usually are lmao

No. 11132


No. 31217

File: 1549022195811.png (48.03 KB, 640x1136, 47D0B261-D7CA-4B07-B784-776D95…)

Is that hiroro?

No. 31243

Looks like him

No. 31275

Yeah that's him

No. 33754

has this thread died completely? I thought i'd see more milk on weebs falling for this gaijin hunter shit

No. 33811

It was a shit thread anyway. Nobody in this little rich european foreign girl clique is explaining wtf is going on with these boys. There is no milk

No. 38430

Dunno if this was seen yet but i wonder if these guys look familiar to anyone at all? Are these just hosts? The longhaired guy looks like a grade a host

No. 39338

I don’t recognize them but Jfc j can’t stand moreena. If they were hosts though I don’t think they’d benefit from being in this video at least

No. 43014

This is in Osaka and they are for sure low grade hosts or catch boys.

No. 43226

File: 1554540768849.jpg (570.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190404-054533_Ins…)

I've seen Atsushi brought up in these threads before. He made this post on IG a few days ago and I can't help but wonder which thirsty weeb this might be.

No. 43227

File: 1554540794509.jpg (711.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190404-054542_Ins…)

No. 43231

that's really disgusting
also he is ugly af

No. 43362

File: 1554680634184.jpeg (341.74 KB, 750x1159, 93422901-0E30-4C4F-B415-533C0A…)

Anyone have info on this VK guy? Or is this just a ugly weeb with autism who is over playing him? He is in some no name band I think

No. 43363

Ngl you’re just as bad as all the girls posted here because you obviously have an obsession with Japanese uggo band men and random Jap hosts.

Most of the girls here are pretty cringe though… the posters are just as bad.

No. 43381

>Ngl you’re just as bad as all the girls posted here because you obviously have an obsession with Japanese uggo band men and random Jap hosts.

You sound mighty defensive/projecting there, anon. All that OP did was ask who this bandguy was and if this chick is playing up their interaction with him. I don't think that necessarily screams "obsessed with japanese uggo band men and jap hosts".

If your issue is with the content of the thread itself, just hide it?

No. 43415

Nobody is projecting. All of the Gyaru in Japan and Gaijin Hunter threads are ran by Sandra and a few other autistic weebs who obsessed over any and every Japanese nightlife guy. Even as to go to post the random Japanese guys who stopped Morena because ~they must be kakkoii hosts^_^~ and stalking every Jap VK guy here too. It’s cringe af lmao

No. 43420

this dude looks like Armin from attack on titan with that shitty hair.

No. 43630

>>43362 He isn't a gaijin hunter at all lmao wtf you posting him here for, he is in a band called RAVE and his name is Ren
She basically purchased like 30 CD to get photos with him at an event during her visit to tokyo
but she really is over playing him, of course he is going to be cheek to cheek w her, she paid a dumb amount of cash that day

if you have her on facebook you see how over exaggerated her posts are during the shows she attended its fucking cringe

tldr; band man called Ren from band RAVE
Not a gaijin hunter, does not care for gaijin
she obsessed w him

No. 44794

Anon, don’t you have something better to do rather than picking on an innocent girl who has done nothing wrong that traveled to Japan? Jesus Christ lol. Why don’t you guys talk about something interesting in the thread for once?
She is a normal VK fan who went to a live show(?)
Get the fuck over yourself, anon lol
Talk about something interesting

No. 44833

>>44794 why the fuck you tipped this thread to the girl in the photo? lmao stop checking this places due to your own paranoia of being posted here loser

No. 45615

File: 1556617175777.png (190.68 KB, 869x566, cringe.png)

cringemaster is back

No. 45627

Who is that?

No. 45653

ayumetal or whatever his former nickname was

No. 45681

Those messages read like they're from someone he already fucked with who won't leave him alone now that he wants to move on. Shit's creepy but that's the price of easy pussy after all.

No. 45788

Yeah man, he texted me and I was like "wait–"

No. 45793

In the last thread were some funny photos of him

No. 47083

File: 1557554050744.png (488.88 KB, 918x802, atsushiIG.png)

Turns out they were from this girl "Salome Leon" who goes by also goes by "Dark Salome". He recently made a call out post on his IG stories about her.

No. 47084

File: 1557554123925.png (726.12 KB, 1865x845, salome.png)

The screencaps he provided of her more recent messages to him on different platforms.

No. 47085

File: 1557554179466.png (248.09 KB, 458x799, salomeresponse.png)

And this was her response.

No. 47086

If you look at his English he uses propositions incorrectly etc. The messages he allegedly faked are in correct English. He's cringe as fuck too, having these problems at age 33, but come on. He didn't fake these DMs.

No. 47089

Nah, I don't think he faked them either. Seems like he banged out this psycho white girl while she was on holiday in Japan as he is a known gaijin hunter, and this was the result after he realized she was more trouble than she was worth, and started ignoring her. She seems like an outright psycho.

No. 47090

LMAOOOO this bitch wildin', the messages are far too specific to be randomly generated. Pathetic, but I hope we get some decent milk as unlikely as that

No. 47092

File: 1557556712697.png (216.34 KB, 471x842, cap.png)

Just realized I accidentally doubled one of the caps and left another one out. Here's the missing one.

No. 47093

If the stories about him abusing/neglecting his cat are true than good for her, using her batshit energy positively, but he's not wrong either.

No. 47117


I don't follow hosts/gaijin chaser drama, so I'm confused- this isn't the Atsushi from Buck Tick is it?

No. 47120

She’s not saying they were randomly generated. She’s accusing him of having written them himself.

No. 47193

lol, absolutely not. You can see his icon/username on >>47092 Last name is kawano I believe? Atsushi isn't that uncommon of a name.

No. 47227

Anyone know about nekomagic on Interpals? He's been extremely pushy and intrusive.

No. 47441

File: 1557781039744.png (70.78 KB, 1080x383, Screenshot_20190513-225607~2.p…)

Refrain from answering. He texted me multiple times. Typical Gaijin hunter kek

No. 47735

What website is this

No. 47802

It's Interpals.net

No. 62052

File: 1565682122653.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1842, Screenshot_20190811-212121~2.p…)

I really don't wanna necro at this point but I just stumbled across this. For fucks sake, Kei will never give up right?

No. 62099

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