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File: 1536962143164.jpeg (44.86 KB, 636x960, A3AF3CA7-5E73-4C7E-9B44-191248…)

No. 688374

Is in japan since 2014
Thinks she is a super famous model
Actually is fugly girl from england
Married a much younger guy
He cheats on her with another foreign girls

https://mobile.twitter.com/capsulebutt(shit thread)

No. 688378

He looks like one of the fucking dwarves from Snow White, he looks like Dopey

Also who is this, what is her drama and why should we care? We already have a gaijin in Japan thread….

No. 688410

She lies, badmouthes friends
Acts like she is innocent
Also friend with shiena

No. 688418

And she needed her own thread because…? Like there’s no milk here, no links to milk, she’s a nobody who’s friends with a very washed up nobody in Japan

No. 688450

She isnt married, the picture is from a photoshoot. Katie literally has 0 milk. She is a shitty fake friend/person that is obsessed with herself, internet fame and 'looking kawaii'. The worst she has done is fucked over friends, but how many people are guilty of that?
That is the extent of it.

No. 688451

what's with all the vendetta threads about nobodies recently

No. 688454

Okay great, so she literally didn’t need a thread and she was useless to post here

I’ve noticed a lot of non-saging newfags lately and it’s become really annoying, none of them want to lurk and learn just shitpost and hope they don’t get banned

No. 688459

She is married
Her fb account was reported before because she was using a fake name

No. 688464

Sage your shit and just stop posting, she nobody this thread doesn’t need to be bumped ever

No. 688465

She changed her FB name some time ago from her real last name to her boyfriend’s to avoid her work/students finding it. When she changed she even made a post that they did NOT get married
Katie works a normal teaching job, goes out on the weekends or after work, and occasionally models - usually jobs through acquaintances
No hostess/bar job, no shoplifting, no sex work, no porn, no apparent illegal activity. She’s a bit fame hungry/fake and has questionable taste in friends but what actual drama is there?

No. 688470

File: 1536971333161.jpeg (34.43 KB, 1123x265, A18D4C23-2E5B-4157-BE84-3406EF…)

No. 688600

Lol you believe everything arent‘t you?

She asks poor foreigners on the streets to join her dumb circle of „friends“

No. 688610

You must be the OP. Sage your poor English vendetta shit, there is literally nothing here other than your bitter jealousy.

No. 688626

I bet OP is Sugar Honey Ice Tea because she is still buttmad Katie stole her shrew boyfriend (aka ticket to living in Japan).

No. 688628

File: 1536994228534.jpeg (18.78 KB, 191x263, B6BC3B8C-7AE1-4450-94CA-08C561…)

The whiteknighting is hilarious

No. 688630

File: 1536994386234.jpeg (60.14 KB, 312x427, 9CDB4AFC-DC08-4DD5-A8AD-69F291…)

No. 688636

Why should someone be ? She is ugly, no real friends

No. 688647

Her grammar is disgraceful too so I wouldn't be surprised. Stupid though

No. 688653

File: 1536996833279.jpg (58.8 KB, 640x960, Ipczhfa.jpg)

when an adult person is wearing something like this.. there is something wrong with them

No. 688666

more worried about what is wrong with you. did this woman steal your bf or something?

No. 688671

People can wear what the fuck they want. Look at Betsey Johnson ffs. Cyndi Lauper. Pete Burns. Boy George. Gaga. Madonna. Bjork. Because she isnt super famous means she can't express herself? Fuck you anon.

No. 688675

Oh god i love those dumb whiteknights

She is not famous and almost 30 with no real friends. Her only friends are weeaboos lmao

Also who wants that fugly boyfriend of hers who is cheating ?!

Ah yeah guess i‘m jealous

No. 688682

Newfag who the fuck are you replying to? Use the forum properly or gtfo.

No. 688714

OP are you the one who keeps screaming that Katie is the super evil mastermind who got Shiena reported? Because this thread reeks of the same desperation. At least tell us why you're so personally offended and obsessed by her? 'She's a bad friend' and all this shit without proof just makes it look like she's got a couple of crazies stalking her

No. 688740

Lmao katies „friends“ defending her
Or is it katie herself?

No. 688744

oh hey look you learned how to sage yet not integrate

shut the fuck up
leave the thread dead, this bitch is nobody and the thread is dry as a bone

No. 688745

>calls someone else a newfag
>refers to the board as a forum


No. 688762

OHMYGOD she asks people to be friends??
Someone stop this monster!!!

No. 688780

homegirl literally looks like Matt Lucas from Little Britain

No. 688810


Katie was a whore before leo. Slept with everybody she met in clubs

No. 688943

guess katie/whiteknights are sleeping now lol

No. 688953

No this thread is fucking dumb and it’s being ignored

Stop posting this person has no milk holy shit anon your sad

No. 688980

there is but katie is good in hiding and acting

No. 688982

post milk or gtfo

No. 689008

so you have no proof of milk? SO no milk? Okay then shut the fuck up and stop bumping this fucking thread, and jesus just sage already ffs please just learn to sage you're killing me with your retardedness

No. 689025

Just report the thread. It’s a shitty vendetta with no milk.

No. 689039

No. 689068

hearsay with no proof. Nice vendetta. Why not keep it to that other thread.

No. 689101

It’s not sugar honey ice tea but okay

No. 689120

and you know this how?

doesn't matter the thread needs to die already, there no milk here just people fighting about there being no milk and OP fucking sperging that we need to find it for ourselves

No. 689178

Thanks, but Katie and I made our peace awhile ago and she helped me out once..I’m not OP and I’d prefer people to not bring up 4 year old stale milk and blame me for every one of Katie’s haters. Just wanted to clarify that so no more false rumours go around. Sage bc there’s no actual milk that op stated it’s all bullshit anyway, I can confirm that but it’s kinda obvious anyway.

No. 689329

Everybody hates katie

No. 689444

I love Katie and I want to be her friend!! I would take shitloads of her pictures and I would go shopping with her every day. Katie, you are beautiful.

No. 689448

File: 1537111136473.jpg (40.95 KB, 468x417, Vicky-Pollard.jpg)

she looks so lovely <3
i wanna kiss her ass so I also get some fame

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