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File: 1532847342586.png (1.03 MB, 652x1080, tre987.png)

No. 650088

New thread for Shiena.

previous thread: >>304264

Shannon Wong is a 29 year old Chinese-Canadian gyaru who goes by the name of Shiena.

She is best known for being at the center of a lot of drama in the gyaru com a few years back & hanging out with Sere/Lorena, Dania, and Katie.

When she isn't posting inconsistently photoshopped pics on her Instagram or making seriously narcissistic posts on her Facebook in some of the worst English grammar anyone has ever read, she works illegally at a kyaba called N-morning. There is also recent evidence that she is teaching English on the side.

Despite having lived in Japan for nearly 10 years, her Japanese is awful. It is only matched by her middle-school level English (despite English being her first language). Some of the Japanese on her instagram posts is so horribly conceited, it is obvious she is just copying how celebrities talk (though most celebrities would be more humble than she is).

She started in Japan on a working holiday visa, switched to a student visa (to attend the fashion school Vantan), got herself a proper work visa to work at the English school Pictop (where Katie was able to get a job) and as manager for the gal cafe 10sion. She also worked as manager for one of Sere's failed bars (though, Shiena kept telling everyone it was her own bar). Now she has no clear visa and has begun working kyaba in Kabukicho. She was working both morning and night but one of the clubs shut down and another changed its name. None of her previous nor her current club list her on their websites.

She has been missing from social media since 7/10. No one has any idea what happened. This is the longest break from social media she has ever taken. She stopped advertising for her club's work events, stopped posting on instagram, stopped posting on Facebook, and has not appeared out with anyone of her friends (even missing one of her friend's birthday parties).

• instagram: @ningyosama
• art instagram: @ningyosekai
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Shiena-Sasaki
• N-morning: http://www.caba2.net/kabuki/nmorn/
• website: http://ningyosekai.wixsite.com/ningyosekai

No. 650093

Aw thanks for the great summary. I'm in for the drama! She probably got detained and sent back to Canada finally

No. 650097

There are a few things that don't make sense. If she got caught by immigration, she should have deleted all her social media that proves she is working illegally in Japan. Yet, all her accounts still exist.

She could just be taking a break but that doesn't explain why she isn't going out with friends or advertising her work events.

If she is sick, she should be able to still post on social media even if she is in the hospital.

No. 650099

also she loooooves to complain so she probs would have posted on FB about being deported since it would be "so unfair"

No. 650101

You aren’t allowed social media in immigration detainment (aka prison). The only way to contact someone is have money to buy a phone card, and call using the center’s phone when you’re allowed to

No. 650126

I am honestly think she may have been grabbed by immigration. It has been nearly 3 weeks since she has been active online.

Has anyone seen her online on FB messenger? She hasn't so much as liked a post on instagram for 3 weeks.

Someone should ask Katie if she knows what happened. Or send Shiena a DM on instagram or message on Facebook to see if it ever gets marked as seen/read.

No. 650128

If she's really back in Canada she won't post about it on her social media. Too embarrassing for her.

She will probably just return randomly and say she was too busy being a popular kyabajo though lmao(boring)

No. 650138

If she did get caught by immigration, her passport should be flagged to bar her from entry for 5 years.

I'm not sure we will even be able to tell if she is back in Canada for a while though because she probs has hundreds of old pics she could post to pretend she is still in Tokyo.

I dunno what story I would believe from her besides deportation. I won't believe she was too sick for social media. It has just been too long for that.

Anyone one how long she would be detained for before her deportation? Maybe she won't get forced out. Sere has managed to get around immigration several times.

No. 650142

We can tell if she's in Canada if her friends doesn't post about her, especially Katie she hang with shiena 24/7. She probably on the run and just laying low.

No. 650146

inb4 victim of s serial killer

No. 650152

Laying low wouldn't explain her absence from liking things on ig or not going to yume.chii's birthday party.

And if she had access to her social media it would make sense to hide the incriminating evidence.

No. 650162

She also missed Shani's party.

No. 650170

good for shiena

No. 650182

Not really missing anything there

No. 650189

shernise party lmao
together stealing something from donki

No. 650269

lol in 2016 lorenas was shannons best friend

No. 650633

Shiena is not listed on the club's PokePara page either. And the girls in her club are super old (27-36).


No. 650883

It‘s a low level club

No. 650897

Police can detain suspects for up to 21 days but I doubt immigration keeps people more than a few days before deporting them if there are issues. Could she have been caught with drugs or something?

No. 650922

I doubt she does drugs but she didn't just over stay, she worked illegally and evaded taxes. That could come with criminal penalties or fines.

No. 650926

her best friend lorena put some drugs in shannons bag

No. 650933

how do we know she doesn't have a visa and evades taxes? to stay this long without a visa at all would be hard. getting a work visa is pretty easy, and taxes come in the mail in Japan.

No. 650936

Police in Japan can actually detain a suspect for 23 days, not 21. The first 72 hours are for evidence presentation by the police to a prosecutor. The next 20 days are for the investigation.

After the first 72 hours, courts issue the 10 day detention order which can be extended by an additional 10 days. Bail in Japan is almost never granted to foreigners so Shiena would be detained for the full 23 days.

After this, the person is indicted if there is sufficient evidence to prove they have committed a crime. The conviction rate for foreigners in Japan after they have been indicted is over 99%.


Foreigners who overstay in Japan can voluntarily turn themselves in to immigration after receiving a departure order. They then have to leave Japan within 15 days. Voluntary departure is often the only way to avoid a criminal penalty and they can return to Japan after 1 year.


Shiena has committed a variety of crimes since entering Japan. EVen if you voluntarily declare that you have overstayed in Japan, you can still be charged. There are also criminal punishments for working outside of the scope of your visa and working while overstaying. Finally, they could go after Shiena for tax evasion. If she lies while being questions about her taxes, that is considered obstructing a tax audit and comes with a fine and/or criminal punishment.



No. 650937

If she does have a visa, it would need to be a spouse visa in order for her to work in the entertainment industry. Without permanent residency or that visa, she would be working illegally.

She definitely could be working a legitimate job on the side and paying taxes in order to get social insurance benefits but there is no evidence to support that. She has said herself that she works 6 days a week from 6:00~15:00 (without making any mention of having a second job). Those are the hours that N-morning is open.

No. 650942

No one said she has never had a Visa. She quit 10sion to go work at Sere's bar. After that went under, Shiena began working kyaba at Lugano towards the middle/end of 2016.

Why did Sere and Shiena stop being friends?

No. 650944

Time will tell.

No. 650950

If she did get caught by immigration, 23 days from the 10th is the 2nd.

No. 650963

If that is the case and she does get deported she won't publically announce it. She would most likely just disappear from social media for a significant period.

No. 651035

She could have self-sponsored her visa by claiming she was freelancing as a designer/teacher.

If you can create some contracts or show you’ve have enough earning to support yourself, it’s possible.

She wouldn’t be allowed to work outside of her specified job, so could be charged with violating her visa with her night job.

It is really strange for anyone who uses social media so much to just disappear without any warning. I’m just hoping she hasn’t gotten herself into anything dangerous or an incident with a customer.

No. 651170

Usually self sponsorship requires a college degree in the field of employment as well as affiliation with a company through contract work plus tax records. Not sure Shiena could pull this off.

No. 651220

Shiena is going to be banned from Japan for 5-10 years or permanently if immigration has caught her. I wonder if she would go back to Canada or just like hide in Japan hoping they don't pursue her.

No. 651221

Any updates on her fb?

No. 651244

nothing new

No. 651255

She's not the type to kill herself is she?
Well if that was the case her friends wouldn't be uploading happy shit anyway I guess

No. 651284

Probably Visa hopping in Korea or somewhere else.

No. 651288

I am not sure she has the money to do that. Plus she would still be on social media posting "vacation" pics or at least pretending she is in Japan.

No. 651399

Next one should be lorena

No. 651420

She would have the money lol a trip to korea from Japan is cheap, even someone with a student job could afford that.
If she‘s really overstaying she would get caught at the airport.
The difference between lorena and Shiena: shiena probably overstayed in Japan for YEARS, so if she ever goes to an airport she would get big problems.
Lorena was at least smart enough to travel around or to go back to her homecountry for a few times. She is white and has enough money to get along as a tourist there, that’s why I can imagine that Immigration doesn’t pay big attention to her. Also Shiena is chinese. This sounds racist but Japan is like that… they pay way more attention to Asian immigrants than for white people.

No. 651430

Yeah but immigration doesnt tend to hold people like her for the full 23 days. Most people end up getting questioned hard core for hours and hours and make their decision to deport somebody for working illegally or staying over. Mostly its a “okay, we’ve seen enough, get ‘em out of here” that takes 5-6 hours tops. Then they hit you with some paper work that states if you’ve been dported or what and make you sort out flight info in the next 1~2 days. If they are nice they give you a few extra days to go back to where you stay and get your stuff.l to take back. They are mean and cold AF, but they are only hardcore and keep you locked up if there are drugs.

If she was deported or something similar, she’s probably too embarrassed to say anything. Could an unwanted pregnancy from some rando at that kyaba club make her bail from social media? Thats my second guess.

No. 651469

There’s an immigration prison, she could be detained there for 30 days or more
“the immigration control authority may detain foreign nationals for "30 days" (plus additional 30 days if supervising immigration inspector finds it necessary to extend the said detention period)”

No. 651472

That was also my point. The most possible thing is that she got deported. These are only guesses but I have the feeling that she could be depressed from this situation (for Shiena that‘s the worst case scenario to be back in canada lol) and that‘s why she‘s quiet and stays back from the internet for a while.

I really doubt that she‘s pregnant. My second guess would be that another person important to her died, I remember when Ai died, she also needed some time to get active on social media again and wasn‘t there some inactive time too? (Maybe not that long but I remember that she was quiet at that time)
Or maybe some family issues?

We can only guess until shiena gets active again or someone gives us some evidence about what happened

No. 651516

The sad thing is even if she got deported I doubt we'd find out. She'd just crop up on social media again a few months later saying "Taking a vacation to Canada!" (why the fuck do weebs do this, Mira does the same thing, we all know you're going to camp out at your parents' house…)

No. 651535

My guess is that they didn't grab Shiena for overstaying, they grabbed her for working illegally. That would explain why they would detain her for the full 23 days.

It was fishy when Lugano suddenly changed its name to N. She also very abruptly stopped working at Enchante without any mention why. Plus she was never listed on any of their websites. The Japanese are pretty harsh with Chinese sex workers and that is exactly what they would consider Shiena.

Also, Shiena is super arrogant and thinks she is better than other people. This won't go over well with immigration. I wouldn't put it passed her to lie about something thinking she can get away with it then getting caught in the lie.

After Ai died, Shiena only took a break from her blog. She was still posting on Facebook and appearing in messenger. It didn't take her very long to publicly say what happened.

No. 651536

Shiena doesn't even leave Tokyo. Her trip to Kyoto with Katie was the first time she had really been outside the greater Tokyo area in her entire 8 years in Japan. They took a night bus and she stayed in a hostel. Shiena really doesn't seem to have much money…

No. 651561

Life seems grim in these places. While some are campaigning to stay, even those going home have to find the money for a plane ticket before they can leave.

No. 651595

It was a group choice. They spat out 40,000 yen each for oiran photoshoots so its not as though they dont have money, they just spend it on other things.

No. 651603

Sage for double. Katie made a big YT video about it and said she wanted her pitures sent immediately via LINE so it cost extra but how fucking dumb. Why spend all that money on a high quality photoshoot and get shit quality pictures via LINE.

No. 651634

shiena was caught for what it seems fraud, it just came in the news, but it was so fast i couldn’t take a screenshot, but apparently she faked a marriage and some other stuff, chill went down my spine….

No. 651641

If it just came in the news there must also be an article on that online. Until then I call it bs.

No. 651647

I agree, need proof. Plus so many people say people are shiena that aren't so probably mistaken again.

No. 651658

No. 651659


No. 651663

Holy shit so it is true!!!

No. 651666

File: 1533013900166.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, giphy.gif)


No. 651680

My Japanese is not good enough to understand some of the article. I believe it is saying she married someone with the last name Sasaki and they were able to prove it was a fake marriage.

This means she was working kyaba legally (sort of) and explains why she changed her name to Sasaki on FB. Also, wasn't the guy someone claimed was her husband a construction guy from Hokkaido?

What are the penalities for this crime?

No. 651682

No. 651683

Basically they said that she and him met through cosplay(?) and that she asked him to fake marry her. It looks like they got "married" in June 2016 but there was suspicion that it was fake, it seems like more on his end than hers.

No. 651685

Double post, but they also stated that they've basically been investigating the entire time she was 'married'.

No. 651688

Remember when she told everyone that Japanese couldn’t pronounce her name, so she renamed herself Shiena? Looks like they have no issues saying SHANNON YOUGISHA

No. 651690

i mean, shannon isn't that difficult to pronounce in japanese. that's a stupid lie.

No. 651701

There could be some mixture of jail time and fines in addition to deportation.

As anon pointed out earlier, the conviction rate is over 99% once someone has been indicted in Japan. I don't think Shiena could afford a lawyer on her own but I am sure that her parents will help her hire one. It probably won't do much good. She might be able to get away with a life ban from Japan and some fines.

However, her working kyaba will hurt her case because it will call her morals into mention. They will probably also be able to dig up information about the other times she has overstayed in Japan over the years. She hasn't gone back to Canada or left the country in the 8 years she lived in Japan. They will look at every single visa she had over those years and be able to spot the gaps. This may result in additional charges.

They also obviously have information about where she met him. He is Japanese so they will believe him over her. He will probably turn over evidence and testify against her to lessen his own charges.

No. 651704


SO I WATCHED THE VIDEO and it says she met this guy at a cosplay event, after that she talked him into fake-marrying her because she "wants to do cosplay and stay in Japan"





No. 651705

Holy shit, this isn't just milk, it's pure cream. I was pretty sure that she was deported, but to get a news article with video… Daaaamn.

No. 651708

I just realized she was gone off social media for exactly 21 days before they decided to prosecute her. So apparently they will detain you that long.

No. 651709

She looks so miserable and defeated in the video. Couldn't she at least fake to be in love with the guy!?

No. 651711

Her circle of prostitute friends must be shaking in fear rn!!

& I bet Ashley is screaming and popping a champagne bottle

No. 651712

Marriage fraud is a felony in the U.S. It is probably taken very seriously in Japan as well.

She may or may not have been a prostitute but the police and prosecution will treat any kind of night work as though it was prostitution. Mainstream Japanese society really looks down on girls who work in Kabukicho.

No. 651713

22 days is the minimum. The initial 72 hours of presenting the charges can be as little as 24 hours then 20 days for the investigation.

No. 651715

Sorry for the double post. I meant 21 days.

It seems like they had evidence already of the fake marriage and details of how they met that probably came from her husband.

She was stupid enough to not live with him. Plus working kyaba would throw the marriage into more suspicion.

No. 651716

She looks like her life is over in the video. Damn I‘m really curious what she would do when she‘s back in Canada. Maybe living with her mum. I mean she basically has 0 work experience and getting deported from a country seems not a nice thing for employers to give her a high paying job.

No. 651717

Comments from the yahoo article are all calling her out on being another Chinese illegal regardless of her Canadian citizenship, lmao.

Bonus: "Her hair's so bleached she looks like a yankii from the countryside"

No. 651719

She will have a criminal background now. They are not just going to deport her, they will charge and convict her of a crime as serious as fraud.

No. 651721

She paid him 7k once + 300$ monthly for the Sasaki guy to say yes lmao


I'd translate this but I have to go to work now, anyone else willing?

No. 651722

File: 1533018106041.png (507.89 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-07-30-23-20-47…)

…now we know what she actually looks like tho

No. 651728

That is even worse. They went to Yokohama to get the license. Prosecution will look at that as further conspiracy to commit fraud. Her husband is probably going to be able to provide all the financial records…

Is that article saying that she married him in 2016 after her student visa expired? That is probably only half true since she definitely had a period between moving to Japan and enrolling in Vantan where her visa would have lapsed. I hope she didn't lie to them.

No. 651730

Maybe after vantan she went to a language school for a while? At least it‘s possible to get some extra time for your visa

No. 651733

Sorry for the long and potentially sucky translation

Ooi Station has arrested Canadian restaurant worker Shannon Wong (29, Nishishinjuku) and construction worker Michinari Sasaki (37, Nerima-ku) on suspicion of falsifying and submitting electromagnetic notarized documents, allegedly entering a false marriage. The two admit to the charged, and Wong is said to explain her motive by saying "I like lolita fashion, I wanted to cosplay in Japan where it's safe".

The suspect submitted a false marriage registration to a ward office in Yokohama on June 17th, 2016.

According to authorities, Wong entered the country as an exchange student. Her period of stay was to be between the years of 2012-2016, and she met suspect Sasaki at a cosplay event in Kabukicho before her visa expired. Wong made a request of him stating that she wanted resident status, and Sasaki agreed in exchange for a reward of 700,000 yen with 30,000 yen monthly.

The incident was detected through information previded by the Immigration Bureau in February of this year. It was proven that they had no actual married life together, and Ooi station arrested both suspects on the 11th of this month on suspicion of a violation of the Immigration Act (False Application).

No. 651734

Article also says she was caught because of information provided to immigration.

No. 651735

Information provided from immigration.

No. 651738

Lmaaaooooo byeeee shiena!

No. 651739

I can't find any information about penalties for marriage fraud in Japan. They both plead guilty to the charges.

No. 651740

Isn’t she in Japan since 2007 already?

Also another thing an anon above mentioned, if she hasn’t been in Canada for all that time and her original passport expired, which is just logical, doesn’t it make the case even worse, because it need to be proven who she ‘really’ is?

And holy 29yrs, no official work experience aside of VANTAN + criminal record. She’s so fucked, she’ll never get another job aside of maybe shop staff at some convenience store or literal prostitute when she’s back in Canada

No. 651741

I would like to know the reaction of her parents. don't they ever ask her what is her visa/job?

No. 651743

She went to Japan on a working holiday visa then switched it to a student visa when she entered Vantan. Before she got the student visa, she had all those plans to get Ashley to adopt her or have an anchor baby or enter into a sham marriage. That was because she definitely lived for some period of time in Japan with no visa at all.

This will be SUPER easy to prove because they literally just need to look at all the visas she's had over the years and compare that to how long she has been living there. A student visa is only granted for a maximum of 4.5 years.

No. 651744

Her mother is a Chinese golddigger too, so…

I think this wouldn't even have made it to the news if she hadn't said she did it "to cosplay in Japan". That reason is so hilarious they made a news story about it, when thousands of other fake marriages go unknown

No. 651746

That was a REALLY stupid thing for her to say. That is going to make the whole situation worse because she is going to come off as a deranged Chinese prostitute who hasn't contributed anything to Japanese society.

No. 651747

yeah I'm surprised so many outlets picked up this story, surly there are many more fake marriages

No. 651748

Shiena is really dumb. Being able to be a gyaru 24/7 and getting criminal is her choice instead of just finding an english teacher job where she would be able to stay in Japan peacefully at least. Her life is fucked from now on. At least please don‘t kill yourself Shannon.

No. 651749

I think it‘s interesting for the news because it‘s a chinese with canadian citizenship. I doubt that there are many ‚canadians‘ doing stuff like this. Most other fake marriages are with filipinos or chinese directly coming from these countrys, and yes the cosplay and lolita part is hilarious

No. 651750

Well she’s also been live on NHK for a few times during that period? The Japanese must feel ashamed for their own stupidity, or they want to show parts of the program later and make an even bigger story out of this, because summer break.

is it possible that shiena might get some sort of overkill during the arrest time and spill info on other illegal overstayers like sere? It might be possible if she wants to make herself look better in front of them. I mean if they investigated well enough they would already know abt her friend circle

No. 651752

I don't think her mom is aware. she just posted a normal post on facebook.

No. 651753

don't forget the sex worker aspect too

No. 651754

Maybe they just don‘t make a big thing about it in social media? I mean as a mum I would be ashamed to make this public or I would try to protect my child and making it public makes it worse.
At least immigration should‘ve contacted someone from her family living in canada

No. 651756

did anyone post anything on shiena's fb?

No. 651759

I do not think Shiena is going to be in any kind of position to try to cut a deal. They seem to have a strong case against her since they know the payment amounts, her job, that she wasn't living with him, and her questionable visa history in Japan. It also seems like she lied to them about when she entered Japan and the fact that she has had more visas before her student visa. I am sure they will catch the lies and make things worse.

No. 651762

Her husband is going to throw her under the bus to save himself. She had to pay him so he obviously doesn't love her.

I wonder what kind of evidence he can provide the police besides the financial records and probably some conversations.

What is going to happen to her now? Could she go to jail or just get deported?

No. 651764

The Japanese police announced earlier this year that they were going to seriously crack down on false marriage in Japan. With the Olympics around the corner, the government and police have gone a bit crazy trying to eliminate all crime from Japan. I am sure they will be extra harsh to make an example out of her.

No. 651768


They want Shiena's Facebook page.

No. 651769

in japan, you don't get convicted unless you can be found guilty. it's pretty insane tbh prosecutors win 99% of the time, but that's because police won't put cases through that won't win.

No. 651770

Someone should send her facebook and instagram to them haha. She got what she deserved, bye forever Shiena, one trash less in Tokyo

No. 651772

佐々木 シエナ

I bet she is counting on them not being able to find her Facebook or Instagram to use as evidence.

No. 651773

So where are her whiteknights now????

No. 651774

No. 651776

They were wrong about her living legally. They were wrong about her being a prostitute. They must know now that she is both ugly and going to lose her "glamorous" lifestyle that they admired.

Too bad her blog post about wanting the visa baby or fake marriage is gone. That would have been good evidence.

No. 651777

That's going to far anon 10/10 sere is next to get deported.

No. 651778

The Shiena Sasaki FB is wayyyy more incriminating because she is using his name.

No. 651779

Too far to be turning her personal FB and instagram over to a gossip site. But I think it would be okay to email it to the police or immigration and Yahoo. They are evidence…

No. 651780


This one has posts from when she first arrived in Japan. Will contain a lot of her whining about illegally staying.

No. 651781

So i was right
She married and that‘s why she changed her name to sasaki

No. 651782

Katie, Shani, Lorena and co are just going on with their lives as if nothing happened. They'll probably deny they ever had anything to do with Shannon from now on, because they're scared for their own visaa

No. 651786

From what we are reading here, I think "married" belongs in quotes. After all she paid this dude more than 10k to be "married".

No. 651788

Yep. She did get married and used it to get a kyaba job. She started being a kyabajo in late 2016 after she had her spouse visa.

No. 651789

They probably already on to them just give them time. I bet by the end of this year one other weeb will get deported too.

No. 651790

Okay. I have mixed feelings about this but like…should someone send the news story to her mother? I am not saying this to embarrass her or anything. I am genuinely worried that she has not been able to contact her family in Canada so she might not be getting all the help she needs. She is going to have A LOT of expenses to get herself back to Canda between the trial fess, any fines, her plane ticket back, and lawyer fees.

No. 651791

Catie and the others better not be doing anything illegal

Immigration might interview them when they find all the tagged pictures on shienas social medias

No. 651793

No they should not. This is too far.

No. 651794

This is just so crazy to see that she has been arrested. I wonder if any of her friends are going to comment on what's happened to her.

No. 651798

Let the embassy contact her family rather than giving them articles in a language they don't understand. It'd scare the shit out of them.

No. 651799

Maybe if you’re doing illegal shit in Japan you shouldn’t paste it all over social media. She even tags her photos with キャバ

No. 651801

No. 651802

They‘re talking about her

No. 651803

I mean she did have a spouse visa to allow her to work kyaba. I bet she will show up to her hearing in gyaru makeup…wearing her blazer from 109.

No. 651804

The cosplay comment is reallllllly working against her. What a fucking stupid thing to say.

No. 651807

The embassy would do this. It‘s also mot like she is an dangerous person, they will at least let her contact her mum. It‘s been 2 weels and she has contact with her mum almost everyday usually.
It‘s not like they hide her in Japan, the canadian embassy would definetly at least contact one family member.

And also it would be normal if katie or another friend does it. If a total stranger sends a message like this it would be creepy as fuck

No. 651809

No. 651810

They'll probably pretend like nothing happen their leeches anyway.
The Japanese won't be able to read it, so it be no use anyway, don't waste your time.
No,that's the Embassy job not lolcow anons. Some of you tend to overkill milk it hasn't been 24hrs of learning of this. I want to see how this will play out because this is probably the most milk lolcow will ever get, next to kiki sperg.

No. 651811

I know Shiena looks worse than usually in that picture but she is SO different looking than her shoops.

No. 651820

First and final warning against cowtipping and real life harassment.

No. 651821

lol seeing the racist Japanese commenents about her being "Chinese" is why she is so ashamed of being one.

No. 651823

What happened with her and Ashley? I stopped following gyaru drama ten years ago right before they moved to japan

No. 651825

Thanks FH. Too much to be doing all that shit seriously, shes going through enough. Keep it in the forum.

No. 651828

Thank you anon for providing this glorious milk. I knew something was up.
Some of the comments are funny as hell someone mentioned her face looks like it got hit by a bus.

No. 651830

does anyone have a picture of sasaki?

No. 651833

His FB was posted in the previous thread

No. 651834

why is her nose bloody in the video?

No. 651836

Pink from crying

No. 651837

but thats a different sasaki

No. 651849

Isn’t it the guy in the car next to her?

No. 651850

I wonder why the kyaba club didn‘t listed her in their club pages when she worked legally. Can employees decide if they want to be listed or not?

No. 651851

All of the other foreigners, like Shani and Ksara are probably really nervous.

No. 651855

I just went over the last thread and was wondering this myself. People were seriously fighting tooth and nail about how Shiena had to be innocent and everyone here was just a jealous hater.

Man do THEY feel fucking stupid right now…Shienas more fucked than all the dirty old men she was tossing ass at in hopes of staying in Japan. If she was actually smart she would have gotten knocked up like she first intended to, but I guess her vanity got too in the way and now she'll be charged, deported, and banned from Japan for the rest of her life.
Maybe it'll do her some good. All she was in Japan was a useless literal whore anyway. She might go back to Canada and resume being a whore, who knows, but maybe being close to family will force her to try having a normal life now. Well, as normal as she can get as a Felon.

No. 651856

She will probably give a friend her social network passwords and ask them to delete her accounts

No. 651857

She will get a 5 or 10 year ban most likely

No. 651858

shannon never had a moral to begin with.
2010 or 2011 she asked me to go to an event with her gyarusa. I couldn't because I had go back to my country and my stable job was waiting.
she told me i should skip work

No. 651859

I don't think she can contact any friends right now. If she thought ahead, she might have given that info to one of her fellow prostitutes should she get caught, but I doubt it. If she was dumb enough to say she wanted to stay to cosplay then she was probably too dumb to think ahead
If they make an example of her it'll probably be more on the harsh side. Countries tend not to like letting in criminals anyway too even if they gave her a short ban which is unlikely

My only question is what happens when you get deported? Does she even get to go back to where she was staying and get her stuff or do they just toss her on a plane and sell off whatever she had in the room she was staying?

No. 651861

Its bought with illegally earned money in their eyes so probably she wont be allowed it? Who knows

No. 651862

No. 651863

I can’t believe she didn’t try and think of a better story.

Like telling them they found it easier on work to live separately and push for being taken as a real marriage or something! There are so many excuses she could have said to try and assure it was real instead of using cosplay as her excuse. She’s so dumb

No. 651864

Probably she felt hopeless in this moment and realized that lying won’t help her. I mean at the end they would find out it’s fake anyway no matter what she would say especially I doubt that this guy would protect her. He would do anything to save his own ass

No. 651865

Imagine being so shady for almost 10 years to accumulate all of that Japanese weeb clothes shit, bragging about getting such extravagant gifts from clients and things only to lose all of it and get kicked back to your country with nothing at all to show for it. No work experience, no clothes, nothing. 10 years down the drain fucking strangers for literally nothing but a criminal record. She must be beside herself!! What a dumbass

No. 651867

I think immigration showed up at her house early in the morning and got her. She didn't have time to delete her accounts or put on makeup.
Her parents going to kick her ass out, Chinese parents don't play about that shit. If she get charges her ass won't even be able to find a job unless it's flipping signs.
Shiena life is fucked,she could've avoided this if she left after her visa was up.

No. 651868

Does her parents know what she was actually doing all these years?? I hope she still has friends in Canada otherwise she might end up homeless with nowhere to work

No. 651869

She better tell her friends to pack it for her or put it in storage kek

No. 651870

um her mom obviously knows what shiena is up to. she visited her, has her on facebook where she can see her job. if her parents were the typical strict Chinese, no way in hell they would have allowed her all these years there working in a shit job.

No. 651872

If you live overseas you just get a new passport from your embassy. They don't have stickers for the visas anymore, so her home country wouldn't know she's illegal.

She probably wasn't in the guy's residence register (住民票), that's the only thing that'll easily raise flags. They don't just come by randomly to check whether you have the appropriate number of toothbrushes at your home. Extremely easy to trick if you wanted to, but she was probably too stupid for that.

No. 651873

Her mom knows what she is up to,I don't think her mom ever told her dad. Most don't care if you work a shitty job as long as you making money but once you get a criminal record your out. She's dumb ass hell anyway since the US was cracking down on immigration, she should've knew Japan will follow.

No. 651876

Holy shit this is hilarious. I saw the article on google jp at work but I assumed it was some weeb but probably a pretty blonde girl and hence an interesting article to the average reader(?). It's probably good I didn't click on it because I would have laughed way too hard

No. 651881

Her conviction won't matter too much back in Canada. But will she have to go to prison in Japan for a while first?

No. 651883

I wonder if they will announce their resolution as news?

No. 651885

I'm curious on how they approached her. if its in the morning wasn't she at work?

No. 651887

File: 1533033797655.jpeg (179.83 KB, 640x362, 48E0BD75-BEFA-40BB-9999-A0CEAE…)

Can we all laugh at how busted she is

No. 651888

Before she went to work or on her off day, she would've had her face made up by then.

No. 651889

Make this the next thread picture.

No. 651894


She’s alienated all her former friends when she left for Japan. No sympathy from us.

No. 651896

I wonder where its all going to go from here for her..kek she really fucked up

No. 651897

she once told me I would have to pay her SO MUCH money to see her without makeup. lmao thank you Japan police for saving me the money

No. 651900

I wonder if she handed her facebook and instagram info over to immigration or lied and said she didnt have one. I hope she didnt lie because if they find it she is just making things worse for herself.

No. 651901

Now that police have indicted Shiena, she will continue to be held in jail until after her court hearings. If she gets a deportation order then she will be detained by immigration.

No. 651905

No. 651908

I am still not sure if she could get jail time or not. Apparently, foreigners almost never get granted bail so she will have to sit in jail until the trial is over. She plead guilty so it might only take a couple of hearings then she goes to immigration to be held there until she is deported.


No. 651909

She seems to have told them she entered Japan in 2012 with her student visa…seems like she has been lying.

No. 651913

They had to fill out a Kon-in Todoke (marriage registration) which has to be signed by two witnesses. These witnesses must be over 20 and cannot be the staff where you get married. Whoever signed as her witnesses for the false marriage could face legal trouble for fraud and lying on an official government document. I bet Shiena got her friends to be witnesses…they could be in a lot of trouble. This was 2016 so my guess is Sere and Katie.

No. 651914

"If you receive a deportation order, you can be deported within a few weeks at your own expense. If you cannot sponsor your own flight, you will be detained in the immigration centre until you receive financial assistance from your family or friends." oh shit

No. 651915

She is probably going to be detained for 1-2 more months while this all gets sorted out. The trial should be a matter of public record.

No. 651917

This is the law she violated. The immigration control and refugee recognition act.


No. 651920

Homegirl needs like a 1,200+ for that flight.

No. 651921

If they are going to make an example of her i would bet her trial will be public news

No. 651922

Does she even have a up to date passport to return back to Canada?

No. 651923

Maybe even more. They can take up to 60 days to process the deportation order then you must leave within 15 days.

No. 651925

She will have to apply for one through the embassy and remain detained until it processes. Once she has gotten it and booked her flight then they might Grant her provisional release to get her stuff and leave by herself.

No. 651926



She probably won't be granted provisional release because she has questionable moral character and has committed a crime more serious than overstaying.

No. 651928

After an overstay and false marriage they will never let her by herself in the country again

No. 651929

her nose without contouring is so huge lol

No. 651930

Probably not. Her case isn't super straightforward though. The payment for the marriage is unusual as far as I can tell. It will cause her to be held more culpable especially since both partied admit that she approached him and this was her idea.


No. 651931

She paid him 1.5mil yen overall. That wont go down well

No. 651932

File: 1533037445856.jpg (177.68 KB, 694x1210, IMG_20180731_044338.jpg)

If she did lie about when she entered Japan or having social media, they could catch her for obstruction too.

Those articles say she entered Japan as a student with a visa valid from 2012-2016. We know she entered on September 5th, 2010.

No. 651933

As long as they figure out she goes by Shiena and uses ningyo in her user names, they should be able to find all her social media.

I assume they have gone through her phone or will go through it during the trial. That will give them access to her instagram and Facebook.

No. 651937

I still have no idea what the punishment could be.

I know she will be deported an either banned for 5 years, 10 years, or for the rest of her life.

No. 651942

It will definitely be a life ban considering that its fraud that she committed

No. 651946

def a life ban, it will most likely be 5 or 10 on paper but she can be refused entry past the above time due to her history.

No. 651947

now she doesn't need to worry about how boring japanese fashion is

No. 651948

File: 1533038570852.jpeg (71.93 KB, 620x434, 726A9C3F-5173-47D4-BB65-66590F…)

Lmao mia posted about shiena getting arrested on the news

No. 651949

who is that?

No. 651951

Mia the gross english gyaru who lives in osaka and used to date a vkei guy who looked like a pig, she also used to post pictures with the gaijin hunter kei lol

No. 651952

She is a gaijin gyaru who made some YouTube videos with her friend Ami on the account miaxjapan. The Kabukicho ones with hosts are gone now. She also had a hilarious sex blog.

She ended up studying at a Japanese university then moving to Osaka. She recently got married to what seems like a very nice, handsome Japanese guy. She teaches English to kids. They moved close to his parents.

No. 651954

ah that cheating guy, right?

No. 651955

I'm pretty sure she's the chick who gave us the info about shiena's arrest.

No. 651958

I wonder what Shiena is going to say about this whole mess. I bet she is going to whine about how they kicked her out of her home unfairly and she was just doing what she needed to in order to remain there. And will completely ignore that this is entirely her fault.

No. 651959

Can someone translate ? Also I didn‘t know that Shiena and Mia were friends or knew each other

No. 651960

"Oh wow, someone I know got arrested for marriage fraud. Recently they're not on SNS and I was surprised to hear on the news that she has been arrested. Can't believe it. Don't know much about Japanese law so I wonder what'll happen"

No. 651968

File: 1533039719738.jpeg (22.41 KB, 275x206, 42E85E16-AE64-4F81-BA1A-205890…)

No. 651970

Kyaba and host clubs change their name to avoid paying taxes.
That’s why cheap places change their name every year in time you usually pay your taxes.

No. 651972

no because they don't have enough customers

No. 651976

Katie is legit though. Shani and Lorena are in deep shit however

No. 651977

They wont figure it out. She told them shes been here since 2012 and also that she worked in a restaurant. They will never figure out her nickname, they would need access to her phone or information given to them, so most likely she will get away with that. All it would do is up the cost of her fines.

No. 651978

Actually the video said she was working in the sex industry.
Yahoo news said she worked in the food industry but that’s often also used as other way to say kyaba. They probably already know where she worked

No. 651979

Does anyone know her original blog?

No. 651981

Have there been a longer video released?

No. 651989

Did she ever leave Japan in any way in 2012? If so, they will see the record of her entering Japan that year and won't care about the earlier visit.

No. 651990

No. 652031

I honestly think this is /pt/ material.

If getting arrested, charged, detained, and having all 3 of the above be broadcast on "national" news isn't /pt/ worthy, I don't know what is.

No. 652032

yeah i think so too

No. 652035

Will the admin allow a new thread on PT then? Seems good.

Also I doubt she will go down for prostitutuon. Shannon will 100% be charged for marriage fraud. How they found out about it…idk. Obviously the Sasaki guy didn’t snitch(yet) because he’s going down too. They’re making an example out of Shiena before the olympics to show weebs, illegal prostitutes and chinese people they won’t be tolerated. She fits all the categories so for the cops it’s fitting everything at once.

I’m just wondering who snitched. I wouldn’t past it being someone from here or online honestly. Another crime she may go down for is money laundering. Most likely she WONT serve jail time in Japan and will be deported back to Canada with a life ban.

If she’s found on money laundering however they may really throw the book at her. This isn’t simple overstaying, it’s fraud and money. If she was done for overstaying or working illegally they wouldn’t be as harsh.

If she has drugs on her or is involved with drugs she better fucking hope she has Johnnie Cochran as a lawyer.

Lorena, Ksara, Jojo and Shani will need to hang low. Lorena who is openly working at a delivery health club illegally and who has been reported before is at the most risk. Shani who has come in and out on multiple student visas for 6 years and done for stealing at Donkihote years back is also probably next on immigration’s list.

No. 652041

japan is super suspicious of fake marriages, especially with age/attraction disparity (not to say she was super attractive, but make up, you know). some people are even judged more if they don't seem like they'll integrate. they will send people out to investigate if there is any suspicion, so all shiena and her fake hubby would have needed to do was room with eachother, go on a few fake dates and maybe shopping once in a while, but they couldn't even do that.

No. 652043


seems like the thread doesn't work anymore

No. 652047


Also in case there's any doubt remaining that Japanese society doesn't understand that race != nationality… literally all the comments here are "She's Chinese not Canadian" "Doesn't look like a Canadian at all" one even basically says "Blood matters more than nationality, a chink is a chink even if they have a Canadian passport" (they use a slur for Koreans but I think they're just confused).

God Japanese society can be disgusting towards people of Chinese/Korean ethnic descent

No. 652048

No. 652053


"Her parents going to kick her ass out, Chinese parents don't play about that shit."

I disagree, that's normally true but her mom is of the "gold digger who remarried a white guy" variety and tbh kinda floozy seeming herself, I doubt she cares that much

No. 652060

Her husband is probably the reason she got founded out, not lolcow.

No. 652061

This makes me wonder whether Delandra was actually deported. I feel like if she were it would’ve been a bigger shit show than this is. Ksara has a fraud marriage visa and Shani does now too.

No. 652063

No. 652066

How? He’s arrested for marriage fraud too

No. 652067

so alice have to take care too now
there was also another girl with fraud marriage but i forgot her name.
she was best friends with that british girl who fled to osaka with her host boyfriend

No. 652069

File: 1533050994562.png (415.37 KB, 628x651, theface.PNG)

The video on this article shows her in custody. Crazy crazy!

The article that >>652063 linked states:

However, this February immigration officers in Tokyo began an investigation into the pair, uncovering the fraudulent arrangement and determining that the pair had not been cohabiting or otherwise living as husband and wife.

So both of them were being investigated.

No. 652073


No. 652075

Most of the articles state that both have confessed to the allegations. The husband is obviously being investigated too.

The videos that show Shannon are kinda depressing to watch. You can see on her face that she knows her life as she knew it is over now. Years of struggling to "make it big" in Japan now ending in jail time and deportation (for at least 5 years, perhaps permanent).

She obviously fucked up big time and broke Japan's laws and thus has to be held accountable for those mistakes. But watching her get arrested doesn't really give me much schadenfreude, I just feel pity for her. I hope she can get some counseling or therapy back in Canada because she will likely need it.

No. 652077

well she deserves it.
didn't shannon complain about japan all the time too?

No. 652078

She deserved it anon. She is an 29 years old ADULT. She‘s old enough to be aware of the consequences if she does something illegal in another country

No. 652079


idk shit like this makes me always wonder why so many girls go down this route with trying to stay in japan in the most shadiest and illegal way as possible? Why not getting a legal job? Why not do everything like a normal human being?

If you break the law - then you break the law and deserve to be punishment for it and that's what she deserves. She could've done everything in a normal way and she still could be in japan, without a fake marriage and whatsoever.

No. 652080

File: 1533052233384.jpg (161.01 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20180731_234916.jpg)

Now we know why she get startled

No. 652087


Y'all are savage lol
I 100% agree that gurl done fucked up & she should be held accountable for her actions in accordance with Japan's laws.

but the public humiliation and schadenfreude bit? Ehhh…

There's tens of thousands of illegal/undocumented immigrants in Japan. For most of them, their deportation isn't gonna be documented like a reality TV show. Sucks for Shannon that hers will be. That's all I'm saying

No. 652088

Thats like her dream come true. To be famous on TV lol.

No. 652091

No one said we are super happy and that we are gonna party about this now anon lol. What kind of public humiliation? We just discuss about the things which the news made public and said she deserved it.
Sayin someone deserves a penality from breaking the law or doing crime is no schadenfreude lol
at the end it’s her life she threw away just for her weeb lifestyle not ours

No. 652094

Have you even watched Japanese news from TV before? It's not that uncommon to see this kinda story where they film suspects for news, she was just stupid to put that special "lolita" twist there for media to laugh abt

No. 652095

This is public humiliation. She could’ve been arrested without the public media circus. It’s just another example of Japanese media shaming chinese immigrants and cosplayers. If they truly cared Lorena would’ve been gone YEARS ago. She’s probably being investigated too. Not shocked if the cops have been following her entire group.

No. 652096

Ksara got married to a band guy at age 18 for a quick visa. He left her and she still has a spouse visa which is why she was able to work at kyabakura. She’s still there on that visa even though they’re separated.

Shani has been in and out of Japan since 2011 on a student visa. Student visas can only be renewed for 4-5 years at most. Shani has only even been at language schools, has never had a job in japan outside of hooking and left japan for a year and is now back on a tourist visa or as I heard from her gossiping friends she’s there living with a guy on a false visa. Not to mention she filmed porn illegally.

Lorena has been reported to immigration time after time and has bastard babies floating around. They all have strong connections to Shiena so no doubt they’re next.

No. 652097


I'd much rather watch this happen to Lorena tbh. She's crueler, abandons children and dogs, and more arrogant. There's a special place in hell for people who abuse kids imo

No. 652100

Aaanyway back to this fresh milk

Her name is being reported as "ウォン・シャノン・ダニエル・ジャン". Does anyone else find this weird? Wong Shannon [Daniel] [Jan]. Danielle could be a middle name, but what is Jan?
She said her stepdad name was John, always thought that was a first name not a last name.
Or is it something like Chang or Zhang? Her bio father's name?

No. 652101

So the news shouldn’t put any criminal or law breaker in the tv because it would be public humilation And it might hurt his feelings? Society doesn’t work like this anon. Of course not every crime is send on the news it depends on the circumstances and how ‘heavy’ your crime is. Giving the reason ‘for lolita and cosplay’ for a law break is pretty hilarious and news worthy. They were able to hide it 2 years she used this position to do jobs which are usually illegal for immigrants, payed money for this guy etc etc.
You should also know that news are looking for storys that will keep the attention of people. Shienas story is perfect for that.

No. 652104

That’s why I think part of this investigation is because Shiena is chinese. Sere has done far worse shit and is just as open as working in Kyaba. Not to mention her last marriage visa was denied on fraud and she’s done at least 6 visa runs…Why Shiena and not sere.

I really wonder what Shiena will do now. I understand she broke the law I still feel for her. She’s a human being.

No. 652105

Lorenas time will come too, and her punishment will be probably much harder. Karma gets everyone one day

No. 652108

Don’t understand how the nuance of her name is fresh milk but keep derailing.
We get that anon. It’s still easy to feel bad for someone. Her crime was victimless it’s not like she scammed a guy to marry her whereas Sere has kids involved. Yes she should face consequences but forgive that most of us don’t have a die hard shiena hate boner.

No. 652111

If nothing else I pity the public reaction based on those article comments. Racist AF, literally just "She's a chnk/gok whore, not a Canadian" over and over.

Anyone who thinks Shannon isn't being treated worse/made an example of because she's of Chinese descent is clueless

No. 652112


Well that censorship style didn't work

No. 652116

It’s kind of a sad irony behind it, she did so much to stay in Japan for nearly a decade and when it all goes away so fast Japanese don’t accept her and laugh that she’s chinese.

No. 652118

File: 1533055239817.png (423.67 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-07-31-09-39-24…)

This story has a different video. She is still rocking hair extensions and a Gazette shirt tho


No. 652132


Clearer version of the same video

Who is the woman behind her? Plain clothes police?

No. 652138

Shiena is facing up to 5 years in prison, deportation, and a fine of up to 500,000yen.

Her husband is facing up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to 5million yen because he entered into the false marriage for profit.

I agree that what Lorena has done is far worse but Shiena did commit fraud. She has broken multiple laws in doing so (both civil laws and part of the penal code). The civil law she broke stated that she needed to live with her husband. The criminal law was the false petition of marriage. She might face additional charges for paying the guy and the Yokohama police are able to charge her with a separate crime for actually submitting the marriage license there.


That website says it is customary for police to go through LINE and social media communications between parties. If she ever talked to him on Facebook, he will probably turn over her Facebook name. I bet he also follows her on Twitter or Instagram since he is into cosplay so the will have that.

Finally, providing false information to police and obstructing an investigation are both crimes in Japan. From her passport, they will see the 2010 entry without a departure stamp. I doubt she lied to them. Many of the jews outlets are confusing her student visa validity with when she entered Japan.

No. 652143

Japan has no formal plea bargain system. However, judges might be less harsh in sentencing for cooperation. Her husband is also facing jail time and a huge fine. I am sure he is providing police with as much evidence as he can to help Shiena get a maximum sentence. Shiena is at a huge disadvantage being Chinese and a sex worker and having no family in Japan.

No. 652147

5 years fucking hell. Also japan has a plea system now that’s just been established this year. I bet she and him coorperate, she gets 2 years, fine and deportation and life ban.

No. 652150

Any photo of Sasaki?

No. 652151

While Shiena did have a spouse visa that allowed her to work kyaba, they could still prosecute her for working illegally in Japan since her marriage visa was false.

No. 652153

Well, so far she and Sasaki have both said that Shiena came up with plan to commit the false marriage and approached Sasaki with her plan. Since he is Japanese he will probably say that Shiena chose not to live with him and suggested she pay him and he could even say he wanted to divorce but she blackmailed him. They will take his word over hers.

No. 652154

More like they will give him a plea bargain and not her

No. 652162

Surprised no one mentioned her appearance here yet. That bleached hair is going to make her appear like she isn't serious or trying to be a member of Japanese society. They don't allow you to dye your hair in detainment. She also probably needs to try to get someone to buy her a suit for her court date.

No. 652173

Shani posted in her instagram story about Shiena saying that she shouldn't be dragged through the mud and hopes she is home soon.

No. 652175

lawl because shani does some shady shit too

No. 652184

So true.
She's always seemed kind of dim and shallow under all that crispy hair. I wonder if she even understood or cared about the cultural bias.

No. 652185

How long hasn’t Shiena been in custody? She’s been offline for weeks and footage is only shown today. Has she been there for a month?

No. 652189

Yeah. The footage was released when she was charged. It is probably from the day she was arrested.

No. 652191

I really do hope she has the money to get herself back to Canada asap. She also will be able to serve 2/3 of her prison sentence in Canada and the Canadian government could give her parol.

No. 652195

She was arrested on the 11th. She has been in custody the whole time. She will remain in custody until she gets a deportation order.

No. 652196

If she gets a prison sentence will it be in japan?

No. 652198

Yes. She can apply to be transfered to a Canadian prison after 1/3 of her sentence has been served and as long as she still has more than 6 months left to serve.

No. 652210


Is Canadian prison better than Japanese prison

No. 652214

Nitpick, but it's a Dir en grey Uroboros shirt.

No. 652220

No. 652221

I never liked shiena but I do really feel sorry for her. She made really stupid mistakes, but seriously? She didn't hurt anyone. She's clearly mentally ill or else she wouldn't have chosen to go through all this just to stay a gyaru.

I love me some nice milk, but her being all over Japanese news(and international news too, now) with her real name for a fraud like this is crazy. It's also unfair how they don't expose sasakis face anywhere like that.

I think it's actually crazy how much time and money Japan uses to investigate marriages like that. Just proves what a peaceful and safe country it is, they have nothing better to do. In my country no random Thai golddigger would ever make it to the news…

Anyway, I wonder why she even did this in such a stupid way.
She lived in Japan forever, clearly she could have found someone she actually liked to marry her. Or at least find an ojisan and live with him

No. 652224

but she only likes host so yeah…

No. 652232

Funny to see that people who shit talked about her for years are feeling sorry and pity for her and showing sympathy now. You guys are crazy. The last thing she needs rn would be sympathy from you anons

No. 652234

Fraud is still fraud. She committed a very serious crime. She could have gotten a job in Japan and stayed on a valid work visa in the hopes of getting permanent residency one day. She had two years in her fake marriage visa to feel remorse, divorce, and get a normal job but she didn't do that.

I sort of feel bad for her ending up on the news because it must be so humiliating. On the other hand, she is 29 and knew the risk she was taking. Many criminals end up on the news with details of their crimes being released to the public.

A couple of people have said this is a victimless crime but she is costing the Japanese government a lot of money. She cost all those police officers and everyone involved a lot of time. She put her club at risk by working with an illegally obtained visa. She put whoever acted as witnesses to her false marriage at risk for prosecution. She dragged that Sasaki guy into her mess of a life and now he is also facing criminal charges. She also put anyone else who could be seen as aiding her fraud at risk for criminal penalties. There is no such thing as a victimless crime. I don't feel bad for a kyaba owner and i'm sure ya'll will point out that the government chose to spend the resources and that all those willingly involved chose to also do something illegal. That is all true. But Shiena put a lot of people in harm's way because she didn't want to get a real visa and a real job and live in Japan legally.

No. 652237

loool she didn't put a gun on his head and made him accept her money. He sold his Japanese privilege for a couple of quid. He also committed a crime, so its pretty gross how she is the only one being dragged in the forums/news.

No. 652240

You are actually right..
Still can't believe the things she did,and for what!!??

Hopefully other weebs will learn from her story. She could become an author in Canada and write books about kabukicho and her life lol

I just really hope she won't kill herself

No. 652245

Everything that is happening to Shiena is 100% her fault. She has had 8 years living in Japan to find a legal way to be here. She tried to take the easy way out, assuming she would never face consequences for her actions. One of the main reasons she is in the news is because of her comment about wanting to live in Japan to cosplay. Regardless of her being blonde or Chinese or whatever, the main reason she is in the news is because of her own statement. "Woman fakes marriage and works as prostitute to cosplay in Japan." That is a clickbaity headline which has been easily picked up by news outlets. She got this media attention brought on herself by saying something so ridiculous.

No. 652246

she wouldnt have made the news if she hadnt made the cosplay comment that makes her seem like a crazy foreigner

No. 652250

At least Shani says something about it.
All of shienas other "friends" ignore the whole topic and post the happiest asobi pics on insta. As if they don't give a fuck at all.

If those are the friendships she'd been building for the past years that pretty depressing…

No. 652252

those weebs don't have real friendships.

No. 652269

Her husband is actually facing Shiena's same charge plus the additional 5 years of prison and 5million yen.

Shani does not seem to realize the risk Shiena has put other people at. Anyone who helped her obtain the marriage or who knew about it without reporting it to immigration/the police could face criminal charges themselves.

Whoever signed as a witness falls under the same penal code violation as Shiena meaning they could face a maximum of 5 years in prison and/or 500,000yen in fines.

It is against the penal code to conceal a false marriage. Her friends could face "未必の故意" penalties even if they were unintentional accomplices to her fraud.

I cannot imagine dragging my friends into my crime. That is awful.

No. 652275

I hope Shiena's mom comes to Japan to support her.

No. 652282

How can her mom help her? It’s not America and they don’t have visitation normally.

To all the faggots saying how she “used tax payer money” please kindly fuck off. I don’t like Shiena and she is very irresponsible but marriage fraud is essentially a victimless crime when there’s money involved. The Japanese are only using her as an example because she’s chinese.

Ashely was an overstayer when she was knocked up and married. Lorena has done a host of crimes. Shani has stolen and been caught for it and done visa runs. As long as there’s no drugs involved I don’t think immigrations is a “victim crime”. Stop being a moral fag.

No. 652283

Has Dania said anything about Shiena? She and Shiena are good friends.

No. 652285

Katie, dania, jojo, Shani and Ksara have all been dead silent. They don’t care

No. 652289

Someone said it might have been Lorena who signed as a witness. Which I doubt is possible, because they would have checked Lorena’s background as well then right? But whoever signed for her is fucked

No. 652291

No. 652292

I got married in Japan and they don’t have check witnesses backgrounds. Interesting note is that there has to be two witnesses. Who are the two?

No. 652293

It was Lorena or Katie but I’m confident it was Lorena. They don’t check the witness background only garunteer. Lorena is next on the list. Shannon is only the beginning

No. 652294

She is allowed visitation from family. They can visit for 15 minutes but must speak Japanese or English if the guard present speaks English.

No. 652296

Yeah…no victims except EVERYONE she dragged into her criminal activities.

No. 652297

Her mom can barely speak English so I doubt they’re be much visitation

No. 652299

Who did she drag?! they’re ALL adults who agreed! There are no victims. Her husband knew and agreed. The witness(Lorena / Katie) KNEW. She didn’t involve anyone. This is a victimless crime. Get over it. It’s milk for sure but the moral fags ITT need to shut up

No. 652303

Shani posted in her instagram story…

No. 652306

You have to sign an affidavit when being a marriage witness…whoever signed could get a criminal charge not just deportation.

No. 652308

Marriage fraud is a felony in the US. Sure sounds like nbd. Kek

No. 652315

That’s a risk that person took and knew. Nobody forced them. Fraud marriage literally hurts no one unless it’s a scam. Get past your hate boner to see that. If they were gonna charge the witness they would’ve already. Has anyone gone AWOL like Shiena has?
Shiena has been missing for weeks. Shani giving her two cents of shit does nothing. Shani’s just worried because she knows she’s one phone call to immigration from being barred

No. 652319

They would likely go after the witnesses after Shiena is sentenced. Shiena was only indicted yesterday. We have yet to see what information comes out next from any statement she has given or will give during her hearing.

No. 652320

It’s a felony but it’s a victimless crime. Tons of crimes are felonies when they hurt almost nobody. Weed dealing, marriage fraud and immigration fraud happen to be some of them. Getting married for convienence shouldn’t be a felony.

No. 652322

She was charged nearly a month ago after a 6 month investigation.

No. 652326

I think Katie and Lorena are the most at risk. They are probably who signed as witnesses and both have helped Shiena obtain jobs. Shiena's work at Lorena's bar was probably illegal. They are going to try to get a full employment history from Shiena and verify everything until she tells the truth.

No. 652327

She was arrested a week ago. She was charged yesterday. They can hold you for 23 days before filing charges.

No. 652329

3 weeks ago* not a month ago

No. 652330

they are talking about shannon everywhere https://togetter.com/li/1252194

No. 652332

I wouldn’t even be surprised if Lorena was the one who talked her into the whole thing as they still used to be bbfs back at that time

No. 652334

So basically a month. Fuck off

No. 652339

No one would know about this if she hadn't made the cosplay and lolita comments.

No. 652341

File: 1533066906057.png (40.92 KB, 873x237, lol.png)

a friend of her said they all should stop sharing the news

No. 652343

It is suspicious that Shiena stopped being friends with Lorena almost exactly when she started kyaba/got married. She ditched Lorena when she didnt need her anymore.

No. 652344

She didn’t really though. The Japanese media is mostly making this for clickbait. She probably lightly mentioned this in a police statement but I highly doubt she said this

No. 652345

Lol she is saying the whole thing is invented even though Shiena plead guilty

No. 652347

shannon is in the twitter rankings

No. 652348

I winder when her FB and Instagram will get leaked.

No. 652350

So you telling me none of these bitches knew shiena was in jail or on tv? Coincidently, just found out today after lolcow post it? Shani is attention whore no surprised probably feeling antsy.

No. 652361


someone posted all her information on here

No. 652363

What was her end goal anyway?
Pay a man 300$ each month just to stay a obasan hostess forever?
She literally had the visa and still chose to do fuuzoku shit…idgi

No. 652368

It's not like she has a lot of job qualifications.

No. 652389

Thats not right… they missed her normal facebook account thankfully at least.

No. 652391

under what keywords?

No. 652393


No. 652401

Yes of course it‘s fake…lolz. They wouldn‘t pick up someone randomly and put them in prison just for fake news, japan isn‘t that low xonora.
And the sharing thing is too late it‘s literally everywhere now

No. 652402

Shani reads here to wk herself and post about girls often. That’s why she posted it on IG

No. 652403

One guy said that the lolita boom is already over haha

No. 652404

She’s saying the cosplay bit is mostly made up not that the fraud marriage is faked

No. 652405

So she'll fuck men for money for a living but couldn't fuck a man and pretend to be husband and wife for a visa? Was it too much work to try to have a relationship or even live in the same space as your fake husband? This is top tier stupidity.

No. 652407

I am sure he has A LOT of messages from her that are going to make things way worse for her.

No. 652409

Shes even in handcuffs

No. 652411

Im pretty sure its Danielle not Daniel. And the jan is probably Jiang.

No. 652412

or Jean

No. 652414

Of course they would care, a decent person would avoid publicizing this even more to protect their friend. And themselves, if they are in any way at risk of getting caught or involved they would need to lie low.

No. 652434

I wonder when we will get more information. Is there info on the metropolitan police website?

No. 652437

File: 1533072621573.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 72F98C8A-B33C-4E71-8330-4A2084…)

Shanis say on the matter

No. 652438

Kek he's not wrong
Right?! She seriously let herself get fucked by all types of strangers risking STDs for what?? Fashion?! Why not just marry and fuck ONE guy instead of 200?! Sure he wont be her visual kei dream but none of the other guys she was fucking for money were either, so what was the point? At least if she married one for real she would have been safe
She probably put too much on thinking "Oh I'll attract and marry a real hot guy eventually so I'll worry about it later" and then just like that "later" became almost 10 years of not settling down and getting serious about wanting to stay.

Her vanity levels are out of this world. If she wasnt so obsessed with herself and looking cool on instagram, she could have easily been a legal citizen by now. Now she's all over the news and getting the boot. What can she even say when she gets back home? She'll have to delete all her social media and crawl off now that all her "haters" have been proven right

No. 652440

File: 1533072649290.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, AFCA87AF-78BC-4E51-9EF2-5ED241…)

No. 652441


After 5 years of marriage you can apply for permanent residency in Japan. She probably thought she could keep it up for 5 years, and/or find a partner for a "real marriage" in that time frame.

I think a lot of these hostess/caba club girls hold out hope that one of their clients and/or a host guy will eventually marry them. Host men are literally being paid to pretend to be emotionally invested in these girls. And the clients probably use the "My wife at home is a nag, one day I'll divorce her and marry you" cliche. Shiena is super naive (remember when she used to document every part of her relationships online) so I wouldn't be surprised at all

No. 652442

File: 1533072666064.png (1.47 MB, 640x1136, B115846F-7303-4E8A-8EB6-5986A0…)

No. 652443

File: 1533072679043.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 342973AC-E7D0-4420-B389-4BC6F1…)

No. 652445

Knowing her, she thinks this whole thing is so unfair. She feels entitled to live in Japan. I assume she will resume her instagram asap and whine a bunch about how she was mistreated by Japanese immigration and try to use it to get famous.

No. 652447

If she does that itll be so milky kek

No. 652449

Shani is due to be deported next

No. 652450

Her mom really doesn't seem to know what is going on…I would not be posting on Facebook if my child was in prison, I would get my ass on a flight to Japan as soon as possible to see if there was any way to help. Even if that just meant trying to get access to her apartment to start shipping her belongings to Canada.

No. 652451

What other gaijin are in Japan on tourist visas?

No. 652454

So many. Its not just the Instagram famous weebs

No. 652457

Shani has literally been telling people about Shannon’s sham wedding since it happened. I know because Shani told me she was considering doing it herself a few years ago.

No. 652459

There are so many in the jfashion community who are shady about this. Shiena is just the beginning.

No. 652460

Do you think they'll put her in jail or just deport her?

Seriously. Where is her mom in all of this???

No. 652463


It's hard to say. Under normal circumstances, the Canadian Embassy should contact Shiena's family right away, especially since Shiena will need to pay for a ticket home. Ideally, she would have registered her stay in Japan with the Canadian government, and thus the Embassy would be able to have her family's contact info handy:
However, there's a pretty good chance (I'd say more likely than not) that Shiena didn't register with the Canadian government, in which case the Embassy needs to get contact info for her family.

If the theory that her passport is expired is true, that adds another layer of complexity as the Canadian Embassy will need to issue a new passport, and depending on the situation Shannon might need additional documents (that she is unlikely to have on her person in Japan) to prove her identity:

I'm not sure how quickly Canadian consular officers are allowed to visit a Canadian citizen once arrested. If they could visit Shannon already and ask Shannon for her family's information, there are lots of possibilities:

(1) Shannon doesn't give her Mom's address because she doesn't know it off hand [like if her mom moved] or because she's embarrassed and doesn't want her mom to find out;
(2) Shannon gave her bio father's info (seems unlikely cuz he's kinda a deadbeat);
(3) Shannon gave them her mom's info but her mom is so angry she's cutting off her relationship with her daughter

No. 652464

Not just tourist visas, but overstaying or using illegal methods to stay in Japan. Shani, Lorena, Ksara are definites. Be suspicious about anyone who is in Japan, and cozying up to any of those girls or has a moderate online presence.

No. 652466

I don't she registered her stay since she showed up in 2010 and just never left…

No. 652467


And here's what the Canadian government can and can't do for her:
Specifically, they can only contact her family at her request (this is also a pretty good heads up to y'all that you should probably not FB message shannon's mom or whatever w/o her consent)

No. 652468

File: 1533073919774.jpeg (94.29 KB, 640x523, 432CB292-531F-4E9C-B5B4-6F9CD7…)

Mia and her crappy Japanese giving her two cents lmao

No. 652469

File: 1533073981499.gif (714.68 KB, 220x165, C3DAF104-A59C-415C-8B4E-C6D25B…)

I alwayd knew sham marriages could get you deported if you get caught but jesus i never knew it was a 5 year jail-able offense and to be worth a news story as well lmfao damn sucks to be her

No. 652470

"They are not, however, obliged to inform a Canadian consular post of your detention or arrest, unless you ask them to do so."

Unless Shiena asks to speak to someone from the Canadian Embassy, they will not contact them.

No. 652472

Illegally working + sham marriage + overstaying + sex work are probably going to land Shiena with a prison sentence.

No. 652474

A lot of things are being said in the news and it’s quite sad. There are so many worse criminals out there than marriage fraud..I also think this she did it for cosplay thing is incorrect.

How do they decide if its a scam? There are so many couples that live seperately
The police should put more energy into catching stalkers and sexual abusers

No. 652480


Right, Japan authorities will tell her she can talk with a Canadian consular officer[s], but if she says she doesn't want to, they can't force her to.

Shiena is crazy but I hope she's not so crazy as to refuse the assistance from the Canadian Embassy… people tend to be grossly misinformed in the opposite direction (they seem to think their own country's embassy can bail them out of jail, pay for them to fly home, etc etc when what the consular officers can actually do is far more limited than that).

Turning down consular help would be a real head scratcher. Though I guess not the first bad life decision from Shiena

No. 652484

Well for one the huge payement she had to pay for him was a huge red flag.

No. 652486

Red flag for who? She offered it to him

No. 652489

Not much point is saying it's unfair. She has already been indicted and will be convicted. What remains to be seen is what they convict her of and her punishment.

No. 652490

"There are so many worse criminals out there than marriage fraud" Why do all these retarded weebs have rocks for brains?? Who CARES if there are worse crimes? Those crimes get delt with and so do lesser ones. Just because murders happen in the world doesnt mean people who graffiti buildings or shoplift shouldnt face any punishment. ALL crimes are delt with. All of them! So if you don't want to sit in prison like a dumb twat then don't break federal laws! I can't believe they actually sit there and argue about the different levels of crime like that…maybe stop actually endorsing crime publicly so you don't become next??

No. 652491

What a stupid bitch
But well she did the same with a cheating guy

No. 652495

We all know mia is a dumb bitch. Just like Shani and the rest of them. They walk around all smug that theyre all okay but seriously this should be a wakeup call for them

No. 652501

At this point I'm half expecting them to start an uwu movement about how Japan arresting and deporting illegals who commit fraud is somehow problematic and times need to change for illegal womens rights. It honest to god would not shock me even in the slightest

No. 652503

Lorena apparently got on a fight to Korea.

No. 652504

That would be so entertaining haha

No. 652505

It's a red flag it's a scam marriage.

No. 652507

??? She’s on her work schedule this week though

No. 652510

Wouldnt be surprised. She probably shit herself and knows they will come for her next. I just dont understand what they think is so glamorous about Japan? It has a world of problems, backward mindset and Tokyo is expensive as shit. If you can work and live legally great but to go this far to stay, I dont get it, especially when gyaru is dead, thats all she cared about.

No. 652511

Here's some fun reading (though really, if you're imprisoned, can you even read that?):
"You have the right, for example, to determine who will be notified of your situation and who may act as your legal representative. Your family and friends will not have access to your information without your consent."
^Well… unless your face gets plastered all over local TV. Then your friends will know. But hey, your mom won't!

No. 652513


link to work schedule?

No. 652516

3 years of marriage. You guys always discuss Japanese visa matters with hilariously outdated/inaccurate information.

No. 652518

It would be smarter if she stay lowkey the embassy could be waiting for her.

No. 652521


What can i say, we can't all be obsessed with becoming permanent residents of Japan…

No. 652525

I really don't understand why these girls don't want to live in Japan legally. I moved here for graduate school and after a year was able to switch from a student visa to a HSP visa so I can apply for permanent residency in 3 years…

No. 652527

They get a ego boost and a source of self importance knowing weebs will adore them for living their weeb dreams. If they was back in tbe US, no one would care or blink an eye. I wouldn't be surprised if shani, lorena, the chick obsess with pink and dakota was next.

No. 652528

This always gets me too.
Japan is basically the exact same as any other western country they're coming from. They say dumb shit like "I dont feel safe with all the perverts in America/Canada" and then move to Japan and do porn and prostitute themselves. Their body types are usually too different to fit into most normal Japanese sizes. They'll never be taken seriously because they're fucking foreigners that don't even have actual careers, so they're just going to be looked down on. and on top of all that womens rights in Japan are way worse too. So what reason do they have to fight tooth and nail to stay even?? Just order your clothes off taobao or whatever and stay home. Stop flying out to Japan to become law breaking bummy prostitutes.

If all the other ones who are blatantly overstaying have any thought in them left, they'd high tail it out of Japan too. Forget the Japanese dream, it's too late. You didn't make it, leave!! Being in your home country is a lot less worse than spending 5 years in prison with huge fines.

No. 652542


She made the top of the Japan Today news site.

No. 652545

You guys are all obsessed with weebs who live in Japan illegally though.

Living in Japan legally is not that hard and if you can't even do that you really should fuck off back to your home country.

No. 652555

Does anybody have lorenas twitter/insta?? Help a sister out

No. 652562

Wtf go to lorenas thread its written there

No. 652589

These floozies could never do that because they don't like actually having to go to a real school and learn a trade to get a real job with. They'd rather just fly out there and trade their pussies because they think they're too kawaii to have to work and that Japanese men will be tripping over themselves for a chance to marry them and sugar daddy them their whole lives instead. They really are that delusional.

No. 652592





Here you go sweethearts, now get your asses back to the Lorena thread unless you have some Shiena-x-Lorena milk to spill

No. 652619

Still amused by the anons who were saying Shiena is an adult and fine and her friends know where so is…

No. 652636

I cant believe someone handed over her socialmedia to a gossip dite. I wonder if they in turn will hand it over to the police.

No. 652637


No. 652650

Even if they didnt it would have been found anyway. She blasted her entire life on social media trying to show off. Well now everyone gets to see including the police who are stuck dealing with her illegal ass as she probably sits there and continues trying to bullshit in whatever remaining ways she can. It'll probably speed up the process if anything since they can't trust a word out of her filthy gaijin mouth

No. 652651

I am wondering if immigration caught on to her because she went on NHK.

No. 652655

Pretty sure it was someone from "here" I'm not surprised. It was bound to happen someone is far too invested in her.

No. 652658

Shani is clearly following this post. See her latest IG story. Admitting she said something because she felt pressure because people here are slating that shienas mates arent saying anything. Worried that youre next shani? Better be careful lol

No. 652665

I looked at the site nowhere does it have her Instagram

No. 652667

Shiena and shannon are such different names, so they wouldnt find that. She never uses shannon wong, always shiena gyaru, and she avoided using the word gyaru when discussing thr fashion she likes, only cosplay and lolita.
They would never have found it.

No. 652675

I still dont get why she never used her real name ウォンシャンノン clearly is easy to use lol

No. 652677

They could look at her phone though…

No. 652693

She dumb ass hell lolcow didn't snitch on shiena's ass. Her ass would've been deported years ago by then. Immigration had a hit on her from the start after her visa expired, immigration might play clueless but believe me their looking into it. Shani should be skeptical about her "friends" and if someone is following her.

No. 652694

And her laptop.

No. 652697

People from Lolcow have reported Lorena in to immigration before in the past too so wouldn’t put it past anyone. There’s a fuck ton of obsessive sperg Chan ITT. Sandra & co specifically who have a vendetta against other weebs in japn.

No. 652702


Fun story, go ahead and type in things like Shannon Wong, Tokyo, fashion, cosplay, into google. You will easily be led back to lolcow and from there you can find all her social media.

There are people posting here who obviously never met Shiena herself, how do you think they are able to follow her? Do you think Japandse Immigration police can't do the same?

No. 652706

Shani has done multiple visa runs and so has Lorena. No doubt in shiena’s phone they’re probably alluding to visa and illegal work. They better hope there’s no translator. Lorena is probably the smoking gun in this case, Shani will get caught sooner or later as she has a criminal record in Japan. Katie is legal and jo is too. Now Charlie I wonder if she’s next

No. 652708

Criminal record?

No. 652716

There are also other lolitas,that black girl who suddenly showed up in tokyo

No. 652719

Shani got caught shop lifting at donki hote a few years back

No. 652732

The one who hangs with ebony? Rune? She seems legit as far as I’m concerned. Reminds me of Katie. Has a legit job and does weeb stuff on weekends. Ebony cut them all off a few months ago because Shani treated her like shit and nobody else spoke up. She still talks to Katie though.

No. 652737

I'm laughing if you illegal weebs just listened to Lolcow and left they wouldn't been in this predicament. I wonder if shani and others think people still envy and jealous of their life haha.To all you other illegal weebs reading this post, if you have half the brain cells left you would leave Japan right now. Shiena is just the start of what's to come for more.

No. 652738

Yep. And the Japanese Dir en grey fanbase is talking about it on social media. They are less than thrilled.

No. 652740

Why wasn’t she deported then? Or prosecuted? Either way Shani has been in and out of Tokyo for 7 or more years now with no degree and no professional skills. She’s also heavily tied to Ksara who did marriages fruad and Shiena who is now convicted of it and Lorena who is being investigated. I thought Shani wised up and went back to working for minimum wage in the states but apparently not

No. 652741

They must have already gotten access to her social media and accounts or else they wouldn't know what she does for a living. I doubt she would admit to being a sex worker.

No. 652750

Ebony, Rune, and Katie have legit jobs.

No. 652752



The first result is now her arrest (which is a good reason why the media shitshow will be extra painful for her – any future employer in Canada will see what happened with a simple google search), and there's some irrelevant results, but Vantan (alma mater) comes up, and lolcow is right there on the first page of results.

There's absolutely no way Shannon could have hid her "Shiena" identity from them.

No. 652754

She won’t be done for sex work. It’s Japan not America and they hardly care about hookers. Plus what she did was legal under the visa she had. The visa was obtained illegally but technically she had the right to work in fuuzoku by the Japanese government. The news articles only mention it for a spicy story. Plus there’s no criminal code to arrest women in Japan for prostitution only for trafficking or bait&switch scams. She will ONLY be done for marriage fraud, possible overstay and possibly laundering money.

No. 652755

Yes that’s what the post said.

No. 652760

File: 1533081464680.png (475.46 KB, 924x520, pic_0025638.png)

Ummmm I think I recognize the plains clothes cop in the video. She appeared in Shiena's life right around the time the investigation started. She is also in a tagged pic with Shiena at that one guy's bar.

No. 652762

If you work a job with an illegally obtained visa, the Japanese penal code counts that as if you were working the job unlawfully (which you were).

No. 652768


lol no that girl in the middle is just a regular girl vacationing in Japan from Vancouver - not the same person as the "plain clothes cop"

No. 652771

Yeah but it’s not specifically sex work it’s for ANY work. People ITT are making it out like she’s going to be prosecuted for being a hooker when in reality any work she would’ve done would’ve been counted as illegal working.
You’re an idiot. The investigation started this year in Feb. that photo is from over a year ago. Japan doesn’t use sting operations. By investigation they simply mean monitoring her home and her “husbands” residence and her going to and from work to prove they had no formal relationship. That and bank transfers. They’re not gonna have an undercover cop pretend to be their friend. Stop watching so many movies anon.

No. 652779

As other anons said, they would have found it anyway because I can 100% promise you the very first thing they went through would be her phone and laptop. All investigators do this. They seize and search your electronics. She was fucked anyway.
The only people who wouldnt have known would be random Japanese people online but even that doesnt hold up because the second you search "Shanon Wong Lolita", her past lolcow threads pop up. Japanese people arent stupid. The only person stupid in this whole equation is the idiot who got caught breaking the law and her flock of dumb bitches carefully trying to half way shakily stick their necks out to defend her who will get their heads chopped right off alongside her in the given months anyway.

No. 652780

No. 652784


She's actually listed as one of the model international students on the Vantan website. Wonder if they'll update that. Not a great look for the school.

No. 652786

Someone posted that hours ago…

No. 652791

Oh my bad

No. 652793

She is on so many news outlets all at once. A ton of the smaller outlets just pick up everything from Yahoo and MSN.

No. 652834

No. 652842

I love that there are so many other "lesser" crimes reported there too. Man caught for pick pocketing, another caught for swindling someone coupons, an underwear thief caught with 320 pairs of stolen womens underwear…all alongside molestations, murders, and Shiena's marriage fraud

But marriage fraud isn't so important right guys?? Only murders and assaults should be pursued!! If Japan was a really kawaii country like its supposed to be, all lesser crimes would just be ignored uwu how cruel for them to be so vigilant and catch all criminals instead of only the worst ones!

No. 652850

I wonder when we are going to get an update. The English news sites are just now publishing the story.

No. 652851

They got married on June 17, 2016. I wonder if there is anything to indicate it on her social media.

No. 652853

that title is brutal

No. 652855

June 18th she posted a pic in a kyaba bathroom…

No. 652862

Actually, that appears to be her first pic as a kyabajo. Lol got married then began her sex work the next day.

No. 652865

Any comment from Dania?

No. 652875

Why would they search in english though

No. 652880

They wont. They will just open her laptop.

No. 652881

Because Shannon is from Canada so English would be her primary language she would probably be posting in? Wouldnt matter anyway, her electronics were snatched anyway which her instagram is probably right there. Detectives arent a bunch of balding old men who dont know how anything in relation to the internet works. They know exactly what instagram, twitter, facebook, etc are

No. 652884

No. 652921

File: 1533088074180.jpg (19.71 KB, 640x360, shannon_wong.jpg)

No. 652955

>caught breaking serious federal laws
>entire world now knows you're a weeb, a prostitute, and a shitty jrock fan
>everyone has now seen you getting arrested
>even worse, they've now seen you without makeup
>laptop and phone confiscated, cops probably laughing at 1000s of selfies all in various stages of edit
>friends bailing, probably wishing you never met so they wouldn't be at risk of getting caught up too
>mother oblivious, father doesnt care
>canada going "who??"
>internet trolls finally proven right, no way to turn it around or pretend it didnt happen
>shannon wasnt even hard to say
>fake husband singing like a bird, making you as guilty as he possibly can knowing he'll be believed more than you
>probably cant even keep all the clothes you whored out for
>banned from glorious nippon
>sitting in jail
>will forever have to live with being tied to "I committed fraud to cosplay in Japan" in addition to being publicly outed as a prostitute

I don't think I've ever seen a cow get btfo this hard before

No. 652962

File: 1533089949412.jpeg (481.5 KB, 3072x2304, BFB38D8C-849B-42C8-AE70-BD8F9D…)


No. 652975

It's not really shocking some asians tend to look like this without all their makeup. A good example is CL and gyaru without makeup.

No. 653039

What she's done is illegal and stupid but I can't help but feel bad for her.
Imagine living a persona online then when it all goes wrong and you can't escape from it. She must be feeling pretty low
Man I remember her and ashleys gyaru vlogs and now look at this mess

No. 653057

Damn, makeup really is magic.

No. 653061

Cant do the time dont do the crime. She used to brag about doing it and now she has, she even suggested it, and is suffering the consequences. She deserves everything she gets

No. 653063

Can you imagine the members seeing on the news that a Chinese woman wearing their shirt was prostituting and paying a man for a fake marriage to stay in Japan for cosplay and lolita (which they hate)- they must be rolling.

No. 653070

File: 1533095113425.jpeg (78.83 KB, 640x765, image.jpeg)

Some idiot posted this on her Facebook. Yeah I bet she's really gonna want to see that??

No. 653092

"damn shiena, u ok???"

No. 653100

No. 653101

different name

No. 653110


No. 653112

what is the comment on the video?

No. 653114

File: 1533100737139.png (755.88 KB, 1044x1264, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 10.1…)

No. 653117

loooool i'm amazed that her Canada friends are defending her. after she stopped contacting them. she will be friendless there

No. 653125

Didn’t she always claim to have natural double eyelids?

No. 653126

Maybe crop that image we can see your Facebook photo

No. 653128

Same. I wonder how many people will defend her on that post.

No. 653130

File: 1533102509628.jpg (60.48 KB, 480x960, 0.jpg)


Anonymous tip, huh? Maybe all that reporting from you jelly beeshes is actually working

No. 653131

jealous of what? of her glamorous life? paying a man to marry her monthly?

No. 653154

Apologies, I forgot autists can't detect irony

No. 653162

Crop out your profile photo, Catherine.

No. 653166

Someone in one of the old threads was trying to out shienas info and have her reported to immigration. Guess they finally succeeded in ruining her life huh? I bet they didn't think it was going to be THIS bad

No. 653167

she ruined her life herself. Shiena alone has the responsibility for her situation.

No. 653170

I wish. Realistically it would have been someone she knew IRL. She was a complete blabbermouth about what she was doing going as far as to encourage other gaijins to do the same too. She probably pissed off the wrong person + forgot that Japanese people dont find lawbreakers to be cool and edgy like westerners do, so her being so loudly illegal probably fell on the right/wrong ears

No. 653171

Don't commit the crime if you can't do the time. stay home if you can't abide by the laws

No. 653172

Everyone here back in Can are talking about it….it's everywhere. I've noticed how people here in Can are trying to defend/ feel bad. Well I don't feel fucking bad. She deserves this and I do hope she gets a big reality check.

No. 653174

What's surprised me is how a bunch of cosplayers I have on my facebook who don't know Shiena and have no idea about all her drama are posting the story as cosplay news.

No. 653177

Shiena ruined her own life. She chose to commit fraud. She had TWO years to get out if that fake marriage but she didn't. She felt no remorse for breaking the law. She gave no consideration to the potential consequence her actions could have for herself and those around her. The way she lived, putting herself in the public light and proudly showing her night work made it so it was only a matter of time before she was caught.

No. 653182

If you are involved in the case you can ask who the person which reported you was.
Bet shannon knows by now who did this to her.

No. 653185

The report was almost certainly anonymous. Both the police and immigration in Japan allow anonymous reporting and will protect the source.

No. 653186

It was reported that they began investigation because of the marriage and a large lump sum of money suddenly deposited in husbands bank. With MyNumber they see everything. She did this to herself.

No. 653187

Yes protect the sorce from the media but not if it‘s such a heavy case like hers.
She has the right to request it through a lawyer.

No. 653188

Also if she applied for permanent residency next year, all of this would have come out then anyways.

No. 653190

What I don't get is how anyone can feel bad at all. That bitch had years to make herself legal and chose to use lawless shortcuts. How do you defend someone who knowingly broke the law because they felt like it?? It doesnt matter where she came from, what she looks like, or even what she's leaving behind.

She's a criminal who did what she did on purpose. She knew for a fact people were speculating all over the place and saying that she should do it the legal way and instead she pretty much gave them the finger and bragged irl to newbies about how easy it was and that they should do it too. She was so confident in her crime, so now when she's caught it's time to feel bad? Too bad, her lifes still ruined anyway.

This should be a big lesson to all the talentless weebs who show up thinking their good looks will get them anywhere. The only place their looks will get them is on their backs as a pump and dump and then on their asses once they get tossed right back out of the country with a fresh long criminal record.

No. 653191

Shannon will come after you.

No. 653192

That is just blatantly untrue. Japan doesn't work like the U.S. A lawyer in Japan in a case like this will mostly just be helping with paperwork. There is a 99% conviction rate once she has been indicated. If she got a lawyer, it would cost her thousands of dollars…and like she already plead guilty.

No. 653193

She can't request the name of whoever reported her. Go read through all the legal websites.

No. 653195

You are uninformed about japanese law system. You can request it.
In a case like that it‘s documented. Everthing is.
Your voice is automatically recorded if you call the police or immigration number. Otherwise they wouldn‘t be able to investigate.

No. 653196

I don't think that anyone reported her. It seems much more likely that the financial transactions raised a red flag. We don't know exactly the timeline of payment. The articles make it seem like she paid the large sum up front but maybe he requested her pay him a large some earlier this year in order for him to stay married to her.

No. 653197

Show us where in the law it says that.

No. 653199

Shannon will know it by now I guess.
Let‘s see what she will do after she gets released.

No. 653201

Neither police nor immigration will release the name of a source who has alerted them to a crime. There are protection laws in Japan that guarantee that, even if you give your name when reporting a tip, it will not be shared with any outside party in order to protect the safety of the source.

Shiena will probably be able to guess who reported her, if someone did. There is a good chance immigration did not even need a tip and that they caught onto the shame by themselves. This year has been a huge year for immigration crackdowns.

No. 653202

Plus if it was an online report, there's no requirement to give your name

No. 653203

Her marriage probably raised a red flag in 2016 and it took them until this year to get to her case.

No. 653205

Any facebook updates??? Has her mom commented it?

No. 653206

I lived in japan and knew shiena for a time so followed here but never suspected she was married. I dont know how you guys sussed it months ago lol

No. 653207

SHIT i totally forgot her family was on her facebook. If they didnt know they certainly do now!!

No. 653208

I do feel bad for her, because her life dreams as pathetic and delusional as they were are now crushed. She 100% brought it on herself though.
She could have gotten a real job or real marriage during the 8 years she’s been here. But it wasn’t “kawaii gyaru life” enough for her. She should have followed the example of someone like Katie, with a legit job and visa, who still plays in her free time. It’s not difficult to live in Japan legally, especially if you’re from a Western company. Since she went to Vantan she could have gotten a job but whine moan the current styles are just sooo boring and she might gasp shock have to do or make something that wasn’t her narrow aesthetic. She could have even become a nailist, there’s demand for English speaking nail artists. Or just living together with her fake husband could have saved her.
Hope this serves as a warning to others not to follow her path.

No. 653211

Go away Katie you ugly horsefaced cunt

No. 653217

Working kyaba meant she needed to be married or illegal. She obviously wasnt in a happy marriage. The name change on FB was a flag but also weird.

No. 653220

I hope they go through her phone reading all her text messages and single out her friends that she told who knew about it but didnt report it, and then round them all up too. I'm sure if they put enough pressure on her she'll squeal like a piggy and out the other sleezy gaijins

No. 653221

She doesnt have degree so impossible for her really

No. 653223

She literally could have worked as shop staff or something. There are jobs for people with university degrees.

No. 653224

Not how it works in Japan. You need either a BA or 3 years' provable experience in the same field for immigration to accept visa sponsorship

No. 653227

She was there for 8 years…she could have figured something legal out.

No. 653229

She had her design degree from Vantan and her art business. She could have been applying for graphic design jobs and gotten a work visa.

No. 653231

True. But she wanted to pursue the lifestyle of a trashy kyabajou

No. 653233

You get a bachelor's degree from Vantan?

No. 653234

I don’t have a bachelors degree and still got a working visa in Japan.

No. 653236

It is a trade school for you can an associate's degree. This would be her second associate's degree.

She probably could have focussed on her artwork while in Vantan, sold some pieces, shown that she was going to conventions to set up a table, etc. And been able to get some kind of art related job.

No. 653239

Almost as if the post you're replying to has a second option apart from the degree

No. 653240

I remember when she was sleeping with this salaryman so he would pay her tuition at Vantan. She has always been trying to take the easy way out and use her looks to get by.

No. 653241

She was just too concerned with her appearances and didn’t want to tone herself down or do anything that was beneath her. (clearly a sign of her intelligence)

The real crime here was that fucked up makeup she tried to hide behind.

No. 653242

Associate's degree is not a BA

No. 653244

I am amazed by how different she looks. Why would all these girls like Katie who saw her irl say she was flawless and beautiful? Lol

No. 653248

why are all of you shocked on how she looks without makeup? you can easily tell she's ugly AF without it. because she is with it anyway

No. 653251

I'm not particularly amazed because all this time I felt like I have no idea what she looks like. Like, the photoshop and makeup were so extreme that I couldn't really see definition in her features and assumed she'd look totally different irl.

No. 653253


Also that fucking racing stripe down her nose wasn’t fooling anyone.

“I didn’t know her nose was that wide!”
I didn’t know smudging what looked like actual shit on the sides of your nose and drawing a white line down the middle made it suddenly invisible.

No. 653258

At least with this happening once she gets back to Canada she can put on her seekingarrangment that she's a highly sought after international internet superstar best known for all her hard work to stay in Japan because she just loved to please Japanese men that much. That's an impressive level of dedication right?? She'll be right back to getting work in no time with that.

No. 653262

Does anyone know if her parents know about this?

No. 653264

If they look at her facebook the page of her getting arrested will be the first thing they see, so they would soon

No. 653268

don't they suspect because she hasn't contacted them in weeks? her mum seems cool posting shit on fb

No. 653272

I hope Shiena doesn’t hurt herself

No. 653274

On a positive note, posts whining about the hair-make san’s lack of skills have decreased significantly.

No. 653275

Who knows how often they talk normally. Her mom is not acting like anything is wrong but is also not on route to Tokyo so who knows if she knows.

No. 653276

bet the hair-make san is happy now lol

No. 653282

Plot twist, hair-make san reported her

No. 653283

If she does then she is dumber than I thought

No. 653290


Lol but yeah
I think once she gets back to Canada she'll either disappear from the internet, play the victim everywhere or just roll with it and make some money with the game

I think she'll probably play victim tho

No. 653291


No. 653292

How was she able to wear those giant heels all the time

No. 653293

Fame?? For being a criminal lol

Criminals dont make money from their crimes

No. 653294

What's interesting is most of her friends apart from Shani and Mia have not said a thing
They're just posting kawaii life is amazing in Japan UWU type posts like nothing happened.

That entire group just strikes me as the type to pretend they are one big happy family even while their friendship group is splitting apart and shit has hit the fan.

No. 653295

They are heartless.

No. 653297

Tons of people are posting about it on twitter, damn her hair looks tragic

No. 653298

perfect revenge

No. 653301

Katie & her main friends in Japan haven't they're just posting about going out with shani and ksara and pool parties.
Nice friends you got there shiena

No. 653304

File: 1533112833568.jpeg (114.26 KB, 750x665, 0A97BC40-2BA2-46CD-9171-6414D6…)

Mistakes hmmm. Then why did Shiena admit it?

No. 653313

„Rife with mistakes“… Now her friends would be like ‚japan is providing fake news to make look her bad‘.
People don‘t understand it‘s not just the cosplay part, she did a crime, now she‘s punished for that and she was unlucky to get to the news. You weebs can‘t do anything about it just accept it and don‘t do the same mistakes.

No. 653315

>Shiena who is now convicted of it and Lorena who is being investigated.
Slow down there, neither have happened.

No. 653317

We should figure out how to follow this case. I am not sure Japanese news outlets are going to cover the story beyond the initial story getting around.

No. 653318

More than likely it was someone in IRL, if lolcow did she would've been gone sooner. Watch it be dania kek

No. 653325

Is there any lolcow users who live in Japan? You can just ask them to keep us updated or the person who leaked this gem on this.

No. 653334

I wonder why no news sources have picked up on her social media yet.

No. 653348


Because she's not THAT interesting. Everybody had a laugh at the cosplay part and that's it, normal people will forget about it tomorrow.
Us farmers are waiting for milk though

No. 653359

File: 1533119516481.jpg (1.68 MB, 1698x1915, IMG_0196.JPG)

Her hair looks fried and greasy..

No. 653360

No. 653369

Wouldn't anyone's after being in custody for three weeks.

No. 653370

Still defending her? also her hair is fried anyway, not because she didn't shower lol

No. 653374

lol someone commented that she looks like aiba from arashi

No. 653382

No lmao, it's just that I read this and it sounds fucked up https://gaijinass.com/2011/01/02/7-brutal-realities-regarding-arrest-in-japan/

No. 653400

This is a video of her arrest on the 11th. That is her probably having just woken up. If it was a video of her after 3 weeks of detainment, she would not be in her own clothes.

No. 653405

I bet she doesnt even know its all over the news. You can see she tears up when she sees the camera as she is getting out the car. Her face is full of pure shame.

No. 653411

Makes me wonder if they are always filming these in case there will be an interesting story to write about….

No. 653439

yup still going viral

No. 653441

wait so when and where did she post that "i wanna cosplay in japan, someone marry me please???"
because although in her weeb ass case she was serious, i am sure people say these kinds of things as jokes all the time.

No. 653446

another sad thing, there surely are people that would have married her for free. sure it would have been loveless and technically fake, but what she did, with the literal money trail, she dug herself in a deep one

No. 653449

Alice moved out into an apartment by herself but at least she meets up with her visa husband and pretends to be in a happy marriage.

All shiena needed to do was live together for a few years and go out together occasionally take photos and she could have continued living there with no problems. I don’t see why she felt she needed to pay someone to marry her too

No. 653450

Are you dumb? Go read everything again maybe you'll understand it then

No. 653454

I mean she could also have gotten herself one of those decent looking salaryman and apply for PR later. Because no she’s not ugly at all, I was a bit shook by her weight, but she’s definitely not ugly

No. 653455


This. Unfortunately her pride got in the way. After all she's too ~classy~ to fuck men who aren't hosts (should be the opposite really lol)

She didn't post that anywhere, do you even lurk? Fuck off if you can't comprehend the story and then whiteknight Shannon

Lol does this girl realize she's making people even more curious? Oh well xonora is just as mentally fucked, she's always begging for places to stay and then freaks out on Facebook when nobody helps her out

No. 653457

doesn't xonora has a place to live?!

No. 653458

She's fat, her eyes are tiny, she has a double chin/super weak jawline, she has awfully damaged hair, and her face is so wide. She really isn't attractive at all.

No. 653459

She fucks plenty of men who arent hosts, she just doesnt want to be seen with anyone who isnt a host.

No. 653462

Or she could have not broken the law. If she had a half decent personality, she probably could have found someone who actually cared about her in the 8 years she lived in Japan…

No. 653474

so they are talking about shannon at hostlove in her clubs thread

No. 653481

No. 653490

No. 653494

No one seems too upset. One person asked if she is Chinese like Shiena had told them differently.

No. 653498

I remember her facebook posts about wanting romantic dates and having romantic marriages etc. i wouldn‘t expect her to make a fake marriage I thought she has too much pride for that.
Seems like staying in japan, no matter what, seems to be her most important thing

No. 653499

Except it isnt no matter what. It is as long as she doesnt have to put in any effort to stay.

No. 653505

No. 653514

somebody wrote

a foreigner who misunderstood japan as fantasyland

No. 653594

No. 653606

I don’t even know this bitch but damn this is milk. Why no /pt? It’s an INTERNATIONAL SCANDAL!

No. 653624

Don't they all do.
What's up with these weebs and their std ridden host fetish?
If none married you now their not going to marry you in the future just move on.

No. 653627

Are we reading the same thread? I saw:
“Is that Chinese girl Milky there?”
“She got arrested for a fake marriage”
“That must be a pain for the club”

No. 653654


It's going to be awkward, that's for fucking sure. There's so many snakes that live here in Van. I am 100% positive that tons of the girls here will kiss here ass/ defend her still. Imma just sit back and watch.

No. 653663

*Kiss her ass i meant.

Other than that I really don't know what's going to happen. I wonder what both her parents are doing right now. Man I remember those hilarious comments her mom would make on Shiena's posts with her gal meet up pics. "Shiena is the most beautiful gal" Do any of you know/ seen that shit?

No. 653668

On Bakusai they’re calling her a Chinese cockroach, wew.

No. 653677

im referring to this
she very clearly made the comment

No. 653708

File: 1533152563108.jpg (48.31 KB, 396x648, 1.JPG)

shibuya host boy and Ai really dodged a bullet here

No. 653715

No. 653722

Dang that's brutal she did all this to stay in Japan and they don't even like her ass.

No. 653742


I've had this theory for awhile now… I think Ai faked his death to get away from Shiena's nagging. He tried to send "not interested" signals (being hours late for their dates, telling her over and over to focus on her own career and life, etc) and when that still didn't work, he made it seem like he died. Japanese people tend to "ghost" when they do breakups, or just gradually treat the other person shittier until they get fed up and break things off. Shiena was far past that point with Ai for at least a year when he "mysteriously died".

Do we have a news article or any evidence Ai really died? I doubt she even knew his legal name or registered address (probably left it as his parents' address even if he rented a place in Shinjuku or wherever).

No. 653786

>I think it's actually crazy how much time and money Japan uses to investigate marriages like that. Just proves what a peaceful and safe country it is, they have nothing better to do

hahahahah, oh anon

read about japan's tendency to self-censor

shanon is chinese so of course she is gonna make it into the news

No. 653793

When did ai supposedly die? I'm gonna dig the webz in moonspeak if anybody knows

No. 653802

Man last year i said she is married and that‘s why she can work as kyaba and nobody believed me

No. 653816

I think around 2014

No. 653819

Salarymen are utter pieces of shit idk why people here keep recommending you marry one. Hosts are worse though, and not marriage material so if shiena wanted to eventually marry a host that was a silly idea too.

There's nothing to stop these weebs from finding a factory worker somewhere outside the city, the guys in the countryside and suburbs tend to be far more down to earth. They can still keep their host-y hairstyles just doing a factory job. But nooooooo everyone apparently wants to live in the middle if Tokyo. You want to settle down? Don't live in Tokyo. Don't chase hosts. It would have been so easy for shiena to find a man and get married, but you have to give up your pride and stop hanging around the crazies of Tokyo, move outside the city and start living a quieter life

No. 653831

File: 1533159065997.jpeg (864.29 KB, 640x1058, D303F6DB-FC0B-49EB-8E9E-899FBC…)

No. 653839

File: 1533159295227.jpeg (714.69 KB, 640x1044, 01A39341-59F2-4F64-9339-04A5E4…)

No. 653841

Happy wedding day lete write about my 'dead' ex

No. 653842

No. 653853

Shiena's blog (or what's left of it on Wayback machine) is full of gems.

Monday, November 25, 2013: "Namely, for the first time in 3 years I am leaving Shibuya. "

+ detailed explanation of her illegal sublet and slumlord


No. 653856



from context she means European history but lol エロパ歴史sounds like "sex party history"

No. 653858

File: 1533160037959.jpeg (319.55 KB, 640x430, BBE64730-4B47-480A-A0AB-D566A5…)

No. 653862

No. 653864


"Marriage visa for freedom. Instead of having to work any old job for 10years you can start right at the same level as any other person your age and have equal opportunities to work in a field you want to work in and to be able to sustain yourself and more. It`s not the cheap shot or easy-way out its the logical. Why would anyone purposely handicap their opportunities for that long if this was an option. I have a few friends who went the straight-arrow way but they told me that if they had the opportunity to marry they would have because it would have saved a lot of time and money and open up a lot of different career options they rather have done."

w o w

No. 653869

I would have ghosted her too after seeing what she looks like without makeup lol.

No. 653877

Full source:
At the end of the blog post, she put a picture of Ai "dead/sleeping"(hard to say where he really is, could be someone's bedroom or could be the interior of a club) and a single fake rose on top of a clear surface. when you look at it quickly it looks like funeral pics but the first is obviously not a coffin as it's too big (also not to be too morbid but people that die from falls often don't have open casket funerals…) and the second is definitely from a bar. Why would she make photos of the "funeral" when she admits she didn't even attend it? Also, if he really did die, wouldn't she have heard from a mutual friend of theirs?

Yeah this more and more is sounding like he faked his death. or even Shannon faked that he died? like something embarassing happened like he got married to another girl and she spun it as death?

No. 653883

That‘s a photo of him sleeping in shannons room

No. 653889



lol this same day she posted
"On the Verge of a Rebirth"

that's some rebirth…

No. 653907

Japanese is usually cremated after the wake, and if he fell off a building there likely wouldn’t even be a wake. Don’t recall she ever actually went to see his grave because it’s not in Kabukicho lmao. Who knows if he was actually from Akita or if Ai was his real name. Hosts usually have 芸名 (stage name), a host named Ai/love, really?

No. 653913

I bet he's still alive just got tired of the constant harassment from shiena. She didn't even get the hint once he ghosted her.

No. 653918

In some purikuras it says mei

No. 653933


it says M and another one says M&S (purikuras sometimes put the initials)

of course mei could be a fake name too, like 冥 (darkness). doesn't sound like a real name to me either…

He's real name is probably Ichirou or something dull like that

No. 653938

That‘s crazy guys I’m sure he definetly didn‘t fake his death. First of all ‚faking death‘ isn‘t something easy and since they were a couple and had a tight relationship she would‘ve had PROOF from somehwere that he died. Like his corpse, a friend telling her, funreal etc etc.
and last of all: he is a host. If he got enough from shiena he would just block and delete her and ignore her for his lifetime and go on living normally(maybe moving to another district or city) instead of making all this effort to ‘fake’ a dead
You guys are reaching the top, her life is real and not some kind of j-drama.

No. 653939

File: 1533162699428.jpeg (119.13 KB, 638x450, 046D9CFA-5811-4068-94F1-DD33E2…)

Yeah probably his host name

No. 653940


Jesus, her blog post sounds like an obsessive ex-girlfriend you'd have in high school. Like… "He started to get cold toward me as my visa came closer to ending"–how can you not take a really obvious hint?

No. 653941

I'm not saying he faked it, but lmao:
>they were a couple and had a tight relationship
>he's a host

These two things don't go together.

No. 653948

I looked for news stories from the date she gave. I couldn't find anything about an accidental falling death.

She probably invented that story when he cut off communicating with her. It sounds like he dumped his phone so she couldnt call him. They never had a good relationship, he obviously wasnt even slightly serious about her.

No. 653949

Why not? Some hosts do relationships. We can fight over if they mean it real or not but they do it. With ‘tight relationship’ I mean that they weren’t strangers at all. They met up a lot of times, they slept at each other apartments, they probably had dates and talked about stuff.

No. 653953

Not every suicide or death are published on the news

No. 653955

You obviously never read the blog. He would make her wait for hours only to cancel on her, he would never go out with her and her friends, he always broke promises, etc. It was the most typical host shit that she was falling for.

No. 653957

Guy falls of building in Kabukicho would be published somewhere. That is an unusual way to die.

No. 653964

I wonder just how much Shiena will tell the police. She loves talking about herself so she might tell them her whole life's story to try to get pity points.

Also, I have no idea why she would ever say the word cosplay. She doesn't cosplay. I bet she said gyaru and that in Canada everyone thinks if gyaru and lolita as cosplay then the media just took the cosplay and lolita parts because gyaru is too obscure Either that or she is lying about a lot.

No. 653968

There was something around 2014
So maybe not him

No. 653978


" her life is real and not some kind of j-drama."

That's exactly why we think he ghosted on her and she spun some story about him tragically dying.

No. 653979

Has anyone else noticed that you can tell who Shiena is dating from her art? It was all her an Ai. Then she posted the romeo and juliet drawing with romeo looking hella like that host who modeled at Vantan for her. Then she has the drawing with the guy in the hoodie and baseball cap which someone identified as the bar owner Andy.

She has never been mentally healthy with relationships.

No. 653986

File: 1533164564773.png (1.46 MB, 582x992, pic7346.png)

No. 653988

File: 1533164595488.png (991.46 KB, 898x574, pic7347.png)

No. 653989

File: 1533164611174.png (417.3 KB, 997x563, 15AFA0CA-CD45-4942-B83D-637A9D…)


No. 653990

File: 1533164639154.png (396.65 KB, 544x420, pic7348.png)

No. 653992

That is so fucking creepy. I wondered why the baseball cap pic was the only one she didn't post on her main instagram but it makes sense because she didn't want to let that Andy guy know that she had made creepy fan art of them together. The host guy and Ai didnt have instagrams so she could post those pic freely.

No. 653993

No. 653999


That YouTube video she posted with him is from 2014. The video apparently got around enough that people were making fun of it on hostlove.


Looks like they remained friends because he modeled for her Vantan project in 2016. From the creepy fan art of them together, it seems like Shiena had a thing for him. He ended up getting married in April of 2016. I wonder if Shiena knew at the time he was her model…Thise pics from Vantan are 10 days before she got married in Yohkohama. I bet the cosplay event was actually her Vantan show and maybe this guy's marriage was some kind of trigger that made her super desperate because she was planning to marry him when he visa ran out.


No. 654001

FYI wayback machine doesnt work on her blog if you werent invited as a user. Just says it cant be found. Seems she was smart enough to cover the place with evidence of her original arrival

No. 654003

He seems drunk or fucked up with a fucking bush on his head how do people find this attractive?????

No. 654005

Why wasn't Shiena in this v-kei makeup copurse? lolol


No. 654007

Those pics from her Vantan show are actually from 2014. If you look at the hastag, she tagged everything as Vantan2014. I guess it just took hers years to get around to putting them online but good theory kek

No. 654008

The news said she met Sasaki at a cosplay event in Kabukicho… how many cosplay events are in that area?? lol was it a yukata night at her club?

No. 654009

Click on archived copy

No. 654013

A couple of the blog-like news media outlets have pointed out that they could find no record of any cosplay events in Kabukicho.

No. 654019

It was either Halloween or some kind of cosplay thing at Lorena's bar.

No. 654022

i wonder if she said that so she wouldn't get pegged as a hostess.

No. 654023

Still doesnt work for me

No. 654024

Bet you Lorena is shitting bricks somewhere in Korea lol

No. 654025

hahahahah she got fake married on the same day she posted about Ai's death

No. 654028

they talked and laughed about his fake suicide.
i bet it's a common thing among hosts.

No. 654034

The post she made about marriage from 2014 is pretty incriminating. Too bad police won't have it.

No. 654040

I reckon she would have kept a copy on her laptop.

No. 654045

So Ai and the host called Reona are the same person? They look different to me from the photos.

But someone posted that his manager told them he jumped from the balcony. Another laughed and called him the flying man so it sounds like the same story. If it is, seems he really did lie about it!

No. 654047

They are different

No. 654050

That Ai guy was crazy

No. 654052

Is Reona the abusive guy she moved in with then?

No. 654055



No. 654064

Does anyone know what club Ai worked at? If we know that then we can probably look on hostlove to see what actually happened.

No. 654066


holy shit that is some sweet cringe. I'm guessing Shiena took her host boy to her college after both got drunk? Why do they leave the doors open? A lot of colleges I know lock up overnight to prevent theft/homeless

No. 654069

All of these posts should have been saged. Start using it or this thread will be put on autosage.

No. 654073

This is the post all about Ai. She said she met him in February. She also said his birthday is December 17th, 1985.


No. 654085

Some of you anon are truly pieces of work. To rejoice at another human's misfortune during their lowest point in life (despite her being unlikable, unintelligent, and possessing questionable morals), AND to suggest actively shaming her beyond her current predicament is dispicable (見苦し) to say the least. There are other people who have reached the same conclusion as I. Also as others have mentioned, I'm almost certain that one of her associates (such as someone here) ratted her out to immigrations. If I recall correctly, one article said the office was tipped off and not the other way around (immigration tipped police) since Japanese "ni" particle can mean by or to depending on context.

Anyway, she now has nothing to lose and will likely try to take down anyone that she suspects reported her. So sit tight and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

No. 654088

Says the friend

No. 654089

Wouldn’t be surprised if Shani or Katie did it

No. 654090

The Japanese articles all seem to say that the police found out about the marriage visa a tip from immigration. I think it was only a couple English sources that actually had it the other way around.

I think the most likely scenario is that her financial transactions probably raised a red flag. Immigration could have have been alerted when she tried to pay her taxes or her social insurance. If she listed an address that was different than her husband's on any form she ever submitted to the government, it could easily have triggered the investigation into her marriage. It is basically impossible unless someone admits to her that they turned her in to assume that immigration followed a tip. They must get hundreds of tips every single day.

No. 654091

Im at a loss at to how to reply to your asinine comment.

No. 654092


担当: 佐々木

I realize Sasaki is a common Japanese surname, but is there even a tiny chance this is the same Sasaki?

No. 654094

File: 1533169604171.jpeg (98.53 KB, 620x378, 87FF1260-6427-4556-AE9D-8CA6DD…)

One of these hoes ratted. Which one? Time will tell. But I’m sure Shiena and Lorena has dirt on them all. Katie and friends are pretending like nothing has happened at all, and I’ve seen a few of them liked a sub tweet about Shiena where a girl blamed her. All of them have skeletons in their closet though. They’ll be dealt with by immigration.

No. 654095

Japanese immigration has been cracking down on illegal marriages the last few years. Living separate from your spouse is a big red flag.

I doubt she was reported by someone here or someone she knows personally. The guy she married could have reported her because she had failed to pay him. A jealous co worker could have reported her. Perhaps the Japanese postal service tipped off the investigation.

I know people that are illegally/fake married in Japan BUT live with their spouse to avoid suspicious assumptions.

Shannon knew what she was getting into and what the price would be for getting caught. I feel no remorse for her.

No. 654097

File: 1533169698393.jpeg (213.24 KB, 640x407, 7BEDF74E-BE65-48B2-98B1-F2C4D9…)

The club he worked at

No. 654098

She’s truly an idiot for not living him. With her kyaba money she could’ve at least afford a two bedroom in Saitama where they could’ve lived seperate lives. Sure it’s not glamorous but saitama to Shinjuku is only 30 minutes by direct line.

No. 654099

I agree with the comment about Sasaki being a possible customer of hers at kyaba. This is not uncommon amongst foreign women working night jobs in Japan.

No. 654100

Sage this idiot

No. 654101

I'm not too familiar with the stuff surrounding her, did something happen between them to cause this much bad blood?(namefagging)

No. 654103

This is /pt/ news for sure.
I only know about this because she’s on every news outlet everywhere now.

No. 654104

That makes a lot of sense. Also means the Japanese government runs a pretty tight ship on these things. But if she was smarter, she should have used her "husbands" address and stuff for everything official. Guess she didn't think it through enough..

No. 654110

They talk shit about her because she stood by Lorena. Katie is usually neutral in most cases but Shani has a strong hatred of Lorena on “moral” grounds. Considering the shit she gets up to in Japan herself it’s a bit hypocritical. They fell out with Shiena mainly for her unwillingness to outwardly go against Sere.

No. 654111

It's just too fun not to ignore you. Please entertain us with more of your vast wisdom and insight.

No. 654114

Thanks for the tl;dr, much appreciated. Heck, even the abridged version sounds like a train wreck. Do those two have any dirt Shannon can throw to immigrations? I can see her taking a scorched earth policy by now.

No. 654117


here's the building she worked in, if you look it up on google map you can see. Sign still says enchante from the outside, but is tagged on google maps as "enu" in romaji

Who the hell goes drinking in a dimly lit basement at 6 in the morning? Sad days…

No. 654118

File: 1533170563626.jpeg (82.03 KB, 640x516, 7CDD1376-6DE7-49A3-ADD5-83ABB1…)

um what…? So I guess this is Ksara statement. Only person standing up is lxe. shani’s “statement” was practically double speak.

No. 654119


kitty corner to Shinjuku Ward Office? that's kinda embarrassing that they didn't clean this up earlier

No. 654126

Was it raided?

No. 654132


> I’ve seen a few of them liked a sub tweet about Shiena where a girl blamed her.

link to tweet?

No. 654139


not a bad collection of reactions

No. 654142

She cant take down anyone because if someone did tip them off they are probably legal or not in the country

No. 654149

That would make the most sense assuming the whistleblower is intelligent. At the same time, I doubt that someone who took an opportunity to "get at" her would posses any great deal of moral integrity, especially from what I'm observing from her circle of associates.

No. 654162

Why are you namefagging? You're gonna get yourself banned.

No. 654170

I agree, but the ones with a decent moral scope are the legit ones. I cant imagine Katie would have anything to do with it, she loves Shiena. As for Shani and Ksara I dont think they would drag themselves under the spotlight.

No. 654173

Even all my Japanese feiends have seen it on the news despite not knowing her. This has spread around like wildfire as of last night. They really picked up the story and ran with it. I knew someone from the gaijin in Japan group would eventually be deported, but I didn't realise it would be this media circus holy shit

No. 654176

It feels really surreal. She brought it on herself though I dont think anyone tipped the police off, otherwise Lorena would be out too. She is just dumb lol

No. 654177

I get the feeling it was the anon a few threads back that was posting shienas information on the thread and telling everyone to report her

No. 654179

My bad, didn't realize it was manditory until you pointing it out. Thanks for the reminder

No. 654182

A news source said that the police recieved an anonymous tip. It wouldn't be hard for them to piece the info together after that because of the money trail

No. 654186

It is highly unlikely that she was caught because of a tip to immigration.Immigration probably receives 1,000s of tips, complaints, questions, etc. each day that all get funneled through the same email form/phone number. It would be some act of black magic if they were able to act of a tip from someone on lolcow that was filed last year or this year. Shiena was caught because she wasn't living with her husband which makes me think she used her address (not his) on her taxes, bills, bank account, cell phone company, etc. She would have had to use her address to pay her own utility bills. She may have also rpeorted on her taxes what her actual form of employment is because she thought she was doing it legally…then immigration was like foreigner doing work in Kabukicho = foreigner doing sex work = super suspicious.

No. 654189

The most accurate news stories will be the earlier ones from outlets like FNN, Yahoo, and MSN. Everyone else is just rehashing these outlet's reports which means they will become more and more distorted.

No. 654212

She clearly thought her line of work was totally normal, she even posted her business cards and the names of her workplaces on Instagram

Is it likely we're going to get more information? Like after she's sentenced? It already feels weird that we got a video of her arrest, I assume Tokyo police is nabbing illegal sex workers all the time, how did media know to be there? (obviously multiple media outlets were there because they have video from different angles)

No. 654246

> コスプレに憧れてなんてかわいい動機じゃないか
how cute, she did it to be a cosplayer…

> どうやってバレたの?

how did she get found out?
> 結婚しているのに、一向に夜の営みを拒み続けるので怪しいと思うようになったんじゃないですか?
she's married but kept turning down sex with her husband. isn't that suspicious. i feel bad for him


No. 654248

There are only 2 videos from different points of the arrest. I think must have been FNN that was there as they were first to report it. Since its blown up so much they will most likely follow up with her sentence which will most likely be decided within the next week.

No. 654252

Any of y'all follow Daniel Lord/Hiding in my room?
I hope he gets the boot next…

"It would have saved me so much trouble if i could have just married a Japanese dog and gotten my spouse visa that way, instead of having to marry my wife"

It's kinda pathetic for Japan that they keep issuing visas to people who openly brag about scamming their system

sage for off topic

No. 654283

I feel really bad that her friends and family are basically ignoring what is happening to Shiena.

No. 654286

Lol sure, bet it's keeping you up at night.

Just because they're not posting big public yannouncement doesn't mean they're not acknowledging it in private

No. 654288

Xonora deleted tweets about Shiena today because journalists are now trying to pry information out of shienas friends, a media outlet was pestering her for info lol

No. 654290

It's because the media in Japan are now jumping on them so they can't post anything about being friends with her

No. 654306

I am not surprised that Japanese media make this a big national freak show since they are so blatantly racist against other Asians especially the Philippinos, Chinese, and Koreans. Sure there a lot other arrests but it will cause diplomatic uneasiness with other Asian nations if they make it big on those arrests. Shannon’s case is different because she is Canadian, a Chinese Canadian. Canada only seemingly embraces multiculturalism on the surface level but they are inherently racist af. POCs are seen as 2nd level citizens even if you are born there. And with Shannon’s case people from Canada are just going to have a good laugh with some racist jokes about this Chinese girl.

No. 654328

Katie wouldn't do it to her "senpai"

Besides the whole lot of them try to avoid the police/immigration as much as possible unless necessary

No. 654334

Your enemy is usually closer don't count Katie out yet. Was shiena telling/bragging everyone she was married or only told a select few?

No. 654341

If her friends are smart, they will lay low until she is deported. I can guarantee that the police as well as immigration are looking into her friends visas, etc. The police/immigration likely raided her home and took anything that may contain evidence. They may have even tried contacting some of her friends that she frequently contacted with.

No. 654343

I don’t think any of her friends would rat her out, and I doubt anyone from here has the language skills to be able to report her or be taken seriously. I’m sure immigration gets a million tip offs from jealous weebs.

It’s more than likely a government worker that reported her or one of her scummy clients that didn’t like the fact she’s chinese. Or hell, maybe one of her clients was actually a cop. My bets are on the Balloon guy. Who the fuck goes to a club in the morning to impress sex workers with balloons?

No. 654344

Katie has a legal visa with a reputable job and tries to be Switzerland whenever something happens in the group, I highly doubt she would be ratting out her closest friends or was there to witness shienas illegal marriage. She has too much of a good girl rep to uphold, not whitenighting either it's just obvious some of you all really don't know what these people are like

No. 654345

Does the Japanese news crew get called out to every arrest scene? It seems really out of the way to get TWO stations to film and document the "arrest" (keep in mind this piece would not have even aired if police didn't charge them or had no chance of winning the case). From this alone makes me wonder if there's a deeper agenda behind this whole thing.

As others have already pointed out, it's most likely a combination of race, politics, sensationalism, slow news day, and the odd "cosplay" spin. Unfortunately, not only are the "facts" poorly presented, some are outright false. If every deportation case were to make the news, there would be no end to it, so makes us wonder what makes this case so special.

Japan is great is so many regards, but it's justice system one aspect that is sorely antiquated and in dire need of modernization. Many of their practices are in violation of basic human rights (interrogation without lawyer, denial of basic amenities, coerced confessions, detention without probably cause, warantless searches) that the thought of having to deal with the legal system there in any capacity seems terrifying.

It will be an uphill battle the entire way for her. But from what I understand, her confession early on, and if she shows remorse, judges tend to hand out more lenient sentences versus fighting it and losing. This is a slam-dunk case for the prosecution, so her best course would be to continue to tell the truth and cooperate as much as possible and to show her remorse and repentance as best as possible.

No. 654351

Go away you ugly bitch, you don't have a good girl rep, too many girls who used to be your friend ended up hating you for that

No. 654359

What is Katie’s job? And the other weebs with legit visas.

No. 654361

She has a good girl rep because she throws people under the bus so she doesn't have to look bad. Im not surprised she has said nothing even though shiena was her 'senpai'. What a fucking thing to aspire to lol.

No. 654362

She works at a nursery where she barely earns any money and gets sick every month from the germy kids. Such a glamorous lifestyle she leads

No. 654363

How does she afford all her exy clothing?

No. 654364

Private schools pay 250-300 pm. She also works 2 other side jobs so is probably closer to the 300 mark. Splitting rent and bills with her boyfriend, Id say she probably has 100-150 expendable income pm.

No. 654388

The reason this whole thing made the news is probably because of the stupid cosplay statement. If she had said she wanted to study Japanese or something less "weeb like" then I don't think anyone would have batted an eye.

I know a Chinese girl that was arrested and deported for dealing drugs, DRUGS! But her story was never on the news.

No. 654389

She doesn’t have that much clothes though

No. 654391

You mean those aliexpress clothes she wear anyone can afford that. She also wear the same pieces of those till her fat stretch it out.

No. 654402

Please stop saying she was nabbed for sex work. She was nabbed for visa fraud. this isn’t America.

No. 654405

not even. 2nd hand brand clothes like that go for 500 yen.

No. 654408

Again I doubt she made that statement. I think it was a long day after day interrogation and she probably mentioned she loves Japanese fashion and the media ran with it. I don’t know why you guys think media in japan would have more integrity for some reason. Not saying it’s fakenews but it wouldn’t be the first time media took something small and altered it completely.

No. 654413

That Sailor Moon cosplay is totally coming back to bite her in the ass.

No. 654414

You guys do realise that as Japan becomes more and more normalfag, stuff like gyaru and Lolita are just all going to be lumped under "cosplay" because they don't view it as real fashion anymore, just a hobby for outcasts

No. 654416

They have always been considered cosplay. Any extreme fashion, including punk and goth, gets called cosplay.

No. 654419


This article came the police came at 4am to her apartment and that they met at her club’s kyabakura cosplay event.

No. 654420


Well, she also worked in kabukicho and she might have pissed off a client who has connections. Japan is surprisingly corrupted so even ayashii customer with high enough rank could have ordered someone to tip her off. You really don't want to piss off the ppl who run Tokyo at night… I bet she tried to seduce any rich guy with the same story "I want to live here forever" or stupidly told them she is just married for visa lmao. Police doesn't run the night scheme, local yakuza does. Just don't run into them.

No. 654423

They probably couldn't understand her we all know she have fucked english and Japanese.

No. 654424

I think a coworker outed her probably was getting investigated herself and threw everyone whom she known that was a illegal under the bus to save herself.

No. 654425

Sorry for OT, but that guy used to be a hunter. I’m in shock rn I used to chat with him on LINE and gyaruru.

No. 654428

That article says she approached Sasaki for a false marriage and said she knew the "market price" for a false marriage was 1million yen but he said 700k would be fine. They're saying she may have used a broker to set the whole thing up but don't know yet.

The article also says that police traced Sasaki's internet records to show that he looked up how to marry Shiena and gave her the information.

They're also questioning her cosplay motive since it is really strange and unusual. It looks like more information is slowly being released by the police.

No. 654430

Basically everyone uses LINE in Japan so they probably talked there since he didnt appear to be friends with her on fb. This basically confirms the police are going through their phones and computers and at least have Shiena's LINE id.

No. 654431

"I may no longer have that someone to report my accomplishments to, I may no longer have someone pushing me harder and harder to be a better person nor anyone to challenge me."

LOL what accomplishments? being a hoe?

No. 654433

Interesting. This article claims she said she wanted a Japanese spouse but the market price for that sort of arrangement was 100man. Sasaki offered to do it for 70 man in monthly installments of 3 man. Allegedly Shiena claimed she couldn't even dye her hair in Canada. Also the "cosplay event" is suggested to be a cosplay day at her kyaba. A neighbor in her building said she dressed like a kyaba girl and wouldn't make eye contact with the neighbor.

I have a feeling all this stuff that's been interpreted as her talking about Canada being so strict against otaku hobbies/hair dyeing is a complaint about her family rather than Canada itself because that obviously makes no sense.

No. 654434

she used to complain about how boring fashion is in Canada and that people stare at her because she has blonde hair.

No. 654435

Imagine doing illegal shit to stay in a country who doesn't judge you for bleaching your hair. LOL

No. 654436

Wow this article is super in depth

No. 654437

The funny thing is that Japan judges Asians for bleaching their hair far more harshly than any western country would

No. 654438

It makes so much more sense if she was paying 3man installments to get to a total of 70man eventually. Paying 70man PLUS the installments, like the earlier reports suggested, would make it way more expensive than the going rate, and this is something Shannon could actually afford.

No. 654439

Now that the story has gotten around, people are going to start asking more questions. It is hard for most people to believe that someone would commit such a serious crime over fashion. Most of us who have followed Shiena and read her FB know that she really has been desperately clinging onto her gyaru dreams but a regular Japanese person won't understand that. The police will probably think she is lying. That combined with the media attention is probably going to ensure Shiena gets a much harsher sentence than she might otherwise have gotten.

No. 654444

The fact that she out so much planning into this is probs going to get her jail time…This was not her having some desperate spur of the moment plan.

No. 654448

Shows how little she earns if she could only pay $300 a month lmao where’s all the anons claiming she makes $60k a year(sage posts like this)

No. 654452

Deporting illegals? Trump is pleased, make japan great again 2018(sage posts like this)

No. 654453

Can you imagine the conversation she mist have had…"Hey. Will you fake marry me so I can live in Japan? I will pay you. But I can't afford 100man. Also, can we arrange a payment plan?"(sage posts like this)

No. 654454

She's right about it being boring, but blonde hair has been all the rage for literally the last 15 years. Maybe other Asians in Van stared at her, but like >>654437 said that's still the case with Japanese normies. Absolutely delusional. Tfw you create a fantasy world inside your fantasy about Japan.(sage posts like this)

No. 654455

No it says her neighbor knew she was a hostess because they would hear her at 4 or 5am going out the apartment, dressed kyaba style and had blonde hair, but they never made eye contact(sage posts like this)

No. 654457

Have any other news sources followed up on the story? Livedoor seems to have gone out and interviewed her neighbors themselves or the police are releasing more info.

Also, how long will sentencing take? A week? A month?

No. 654458

tbf if she spent her whole life in and around Shinjuku it's basically a fantasy land anyway. Nobody stares at anyone in kabukicho for looking weird because otherwise you'd never stop staring(sage posts like this)

No. 654461

I don’t know where people were getting the 70man PLUS 3man a month from. The video linked (think it was the one on yahoo?) said she was paying that in monthly installments.

It took her how long to buy a decent mattress? As if she had a husband money laying around.

No. 654467

wtf to this mod going off on some mini power trip lol. Get some sex darling


From the Livedoor report

(take it to meta)

No. 654473


Yep. Like I said. One of the videos already said something like 「月々3万円の分割払い」But people were running with the whole large deposit AND monthly payments thing for some reason. Which the English news sites also ran with. So maybe they saw this thread and gathered info here?

Which is also why I doubt someone here could have called her in because some of the mistranslations I’ve seen posted.

No. 654477


But these posts are saged lmao

The original article to mention payment didn't say installments but just "70万円と月々3万円の報酬" (reward of 70 man and 3 man monthly), so it wasn't a mistranslation started here but a misreporting.

No. 654479

He wont have it now, but they were "married" for 2 years so she paid off the 70man lol

No. 654481

Sage for OT but your English is shit as well. Find a better insult

No. 654484

Oh, fuck. I missed that. Thanks. I was focusing on the videos and didn’t know where people here got that info.Makes sense then. I wonder if they are misreporting the cosplay thing or was she retarded enough to say that while being interrogated or whatever.

Imagine being the poor fucker at immigration that has to read the emails from weebs though.


No. 654485

OH! Is it that Sasaki? The gaijin hunter one who adds a bunch of girls on Facebook and changes his name often? I didn’t think he was in his 30s but if it the hunter one I knew this is even more wild.

No. 654489

$60k a year isn’t a lot of money. Especially after taxes and after she buys her expensive weeb clothes without saving anything. $300 is half a rent payment for someone in Tokyo and for a construction worker like Sasaki would be nice pocket money.

No. 654499

No its not. Read properly

No. 654501

Are you stupid? I was referring to that host guy.

To make it a little less OT does someone remember when her mom and dad last came to visit her? Because as far as I remember her mom did pay her a visit around that time she got married

No. 654502

I read the entire thread idiot. Someone just said it’s a gaijin hunter named Sasaki.

No. 654510

stop arguing we want milk

No. 654511

She almost never buys clothes, always gets the cheapest food when going out, goes ages between getting her hair did. It took her 8 years to buy a halfway decent bed for her 1R hovel lmao. If she was making that much she could have paid him off in 2-3 months.
Lmao why you Shiena stans think she was making the big bucks as a flat face chubby Chinese foreigner working illegally at asa kaba

No. 654518

wasn't Aria the bar he opened on his own?

No. 654522

No. 654523


"I ran into Kai when I went back downstairs. He was completely wasted. When he managed to steady his head well enough to see properly he noticed I didn't have any makeup on and told me he was surprised that my face didn't change all too much […]"

i'm ded

No. 654525

"An old lady passed by me and complimented on my appearance. You look like such a doll! and look at that little narrow tall nose you have, you look soo pretty!"

Little narrow tall nose…

No. 654527

No one is claims she is rich nor making "big bucks". Is there anything to substantiate your claims? Or are you just riding the hate train for fun? If you have more details I'm listening.

No. 654529

"Ai and the bartender got along very well and he asked to bar tender to make me some special cocktails. It tasted very good. I started to talk to ai and kind of softly brought up that hes kinda gotta fix this late problem of his. Another topic I wanted to discuss was that I wanted to know if he liked me for me right now and not just what he thinks I have the potential to become. Of course I try very hard in life and I will do everything I can to make my dreams come true and that its great that he admires and respects my drive in life but I wanted to know… if I failed would he still love me? He put it like this. He said that it doesn't matter if I succeed or not but the fact that I try so hard and have such a drive in life is what he loves about me. Also, he thinks I'm cute and sweet. I felt a bit more relaxed after that. "

ughhh this is the most Japanese rejection ever, it's unbelievably cringy that she continued to pursue Ai for years after this

"I arrived in a timely matter as always and he was late AGAIN. But this time not as bad as normal as he was only 45mins late as opposed to 2-3hrs…. "

who the hell thinks showing up 2-3 hours late is normal? dude was probably banging some other girl before their 'date'

No. 654531

worst part is she cant even access the internet to delete all of this shit LOL kets enjoy the cringyness for now

No. 654533

"Ai finally replied after Ash had been hounding him for a week calling him everyday, a few times a day and leaving threatening messages in his inbox. He said some pretty confusing stuff about how he was sick and right now he's really busy with trying to get his life on track and that I should be doing the same too..? It was overall really long and left me very confused as to what this meant. He knows my visa is up soon, does he not care? I've already gone over how hard it is to get one on my own and he had promised if I couldn't find one he would help me. "

Jesus how sad and desperate is she?

No. 654535

File: 1533204603163.jpg (54.09 KB, 1069x338, Screenshot_20180802_180647.jpg)


No. 654536

what's that? why did she post it? I'm confused(sage posts like this)

No. 654537


look at the date, it's last year's april fool

No. 654539


On the June 25 article, she waits for the guy at Shinjuku station for THREE HOURS (10:30 pm - 1:30 am) to hang out for 30 minutes.

If somebody couldn't take a hint that obvious, I'd probably fake my own death, too.

No. 654542

Screenshots would be better

No. 654544

to be more specific for the lolz it says
"she looked like she had a guilty conscience so she never made eye contact"

No. 654547


ain't nobody got time for that

i saved as much as i could off of wayback machine as pdfs, but that takes 2 clicks. screenshots are a pain.

Honestly it isn't that easy to erase something from wayback machine and that's the least of Shiena's concerns right now.

Btw, i thought i got all the captures but somebody above linked an older one, if anyone else finds any captures that arent from the main ningyo-sekai.blogspot.com page post them here so we can save them

No. 654559

Her English and Japanese is shit and yours is too.
Nice try but that's 2017 and Shiena too far invested in her pride to leave.(sage posts like this)

No. 654560

No. 654572

Been looking at her blog and she went to Canada in 2012 for Christmas. So that will be when they take her stay from, sadly the illegal period before that won't count.

No. 654581

Um no she never left Japan…

No. 654585

No. 654601

Can someone translate?(sage posts like this)

No. 654640


Just a retard talking unnecessary shit for over a minute until he gives his boring opinion on the topic

Reading other articles, the police seem to not believe in her cosplay story. I do think shiena is telling the truth, she's seriously that broken. But police say it's a lie and she just wanted to earn money in Japan without paying taxes like all the illegal pinas do

No. 654666

I mean it’s better than her actual reason of wanting to live party gyaru life and marry a host. But she’s not that bright so I can see “I want to be kawaii lolita cosplay” to be her excuse

No. 654667

this is an imageboard, you're supposed to post screenshots.

No. 654705

File: 1533230525334.jpeg (380.13 KB, 1242x1739, 31246B65-6668-4198-BDBA-1AD439…)

Shared a few days before her arrest….


No. 654714

Upon reading about Japanese prison I began to feel a little bit bad for her. Yes sure she brought that on to herself but is stupidity and pride deserves such psychological torture?


No. 654728

File: 1533232897007.png (105.69 KB, 564x424, cos1-e1533230830386.png)

The story has reached the Canadian press. This is the lead image.


No. 654729

Japanese prison is harsh.
It’s definitely significantly worse than what you’d experience in most first world countries.

No. 654736

Whoa, where did they get that photo from?

No. 654738

It’s just a stock image.

No. 654739

In the article they used the photo from this thread

No. 654746


That first comment is so Canadian lol. Mentioning her as a "Canuck Cosplay Cutie" is just going to get her more hate from those racist Canadians, presumably Canucks'fans, who doesn't even know her.

Maybe there is some truth there when she says she want cosplay in a safe place such as Japan

No. 654760

What are all you people whining abt Japanese prison being harsh? Prison is actually SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable and a place which you don’t want to see (again) from the inside. That’s why it’s a prison and not a funhouse. Japan does ‚prison‘ the right way. If you don’t want to see a prison from the inside, don’t commit a crime

No. 654763

You guys are fucking dumb. She documented her whole Canada trip on her blog

No. 654767

File: 1533235353136.jpg (89.61 KB, 640x777, archive_screenshot.JPG)

No. 654772

You aren't from Canada, are you? Canuck just means any Canadian, in context she obviously has nothing to do with the hockey team. If an American news article calls a random American a patriot, do Patriots fans flip out?

Honestly, to be a cosplayer, dye your hair blonde, etc, Canada is a far better place. In Japan there is actual stigma against blonde hair since people associate it with crime/trashy whereas Canada is multicultural so there's plenty of natural blondes and nobody would blink twice at someone dying their hair blonde.

As for cosplay, Shannon hasn't cosplayed for years.

What Japan does have that Canada doesn't, is the opportunity to be paid to drink alcohol and hoe it up as a hostess. That's obviously what she really wanted to do.

What really doesn't make sense is what was Shannon's long term plan anyway? Just work as a bar girl forever? 29 is ancient for hostess work, which is probably why she was at lower tier bars at the time of her arrest (consider her client was a construction worker). A very few women do become a mama-san and open their own bar or snack but she'd need cash for that which she obviously didn't have.

Honestly it's a little disappointing she kept being a bar girl after getting married. With her fashion school training she probably could have found a job doing SOMETHING fashion related, not necessarily a glamorous one, but an assistant or intern or something. If she had done that her claims of wanting to stay in Japan for the fashion would have been a lot more credible.

No. 654777

Actually, prison (Japanese in particular) is supposed to focus on rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. It just so happens Japanese prison life is more structured and is run more like a military camp compared to what you see on American TV about their prisons. So no, I don't agree with your assertion that "prison should be a bad experience" since it has been shown that the punitive approach is ineffective and dated.

No. 654778

No. 654780

I understand you hate Shiena but just because we all laugh at her and consider this milk doesn’t mean we can’t have empathy at all. Having the slightest bit of empathy doesn’t make someone a white knight. You have serious issues anon. It’s fun to laugh and shit and it’s another to have such a strong hate boner. She paid a guy for marriage and he agreed. She didn’t sell drugs, abandon kids, abuse anyone. The law is the law but she still committed essentially a victimless crime. It’s cringe as fuck how some of you have such an authoritarian complex when it comes to Japan.

No. 654782

OT but for the American example you should’ve said yank/yankee

No. 654787

From Ashley’s Facebook

“Thankfully no one on my list has been doing this (that I know of), but I am pretty fucking disgusted to hear that people are publicly sharing videos and articles of a certain person from the gal comms who is currently in some pretty deep shit. Many of you likely used to kiss up to this very same person. Have some fucking empathy.”

No. 654788

Am I the only one who can’t actually see the web links?

No. 654793



I wonder what is it like to be chinese in japanese women's prison. I'd think you'd face some racism from other inmates.

And on other notes: what's up with the copy-pasting in here, post screenshots, this is an image board.

No. 654819


Sorry for OT but what exactly does Rune do? I remember her from my days from liking Liz Lisa and she was trying so hard to latch on that community back then.

No. 654827

Lol it's probably like in the USA.
Instead of seperated black, latino and white gangs there will be Chinese, Korean and Japanese gangs

No. 654829

Oh Ashley please shut up
I bet you're secretly inhaling this milk like sweet honey.
Remember how shiena trashtalked you and you had to give up on your dream life in Japan because your marriage didn't work out either?
NO WAY in hell this bitch isn't drowning in schadenfreude

No. 654849

Thank you! Couldn't have said it any better. Having empathy for someone doesn't automatically mean I like that person. In fact, I feel bad for anon for all the hate she harbours, must be a tiring existence.

Regarding Shannons ex. From afar her desperation is sad. But it's so much easier to criticize. If anything she is unfortunate to be interested in douchebag hosts and ended up with a terrible one.

I've also noticed that all the ridiculous clams people post. When I ask for specifics or backups to their claims, it always come up empty. The facts here are sparse and in between tons of unsubstantiated ramps.

No. 654851

I don't know who Ashley is (so no offence personally), but the image is hilarious. Honey and milk dripping down face bukkake style.

No. 654857

Ashley and shiena used to be the VIP bffs of gaijin gyaru like 10 years ago?
Anyway their friendship fell apart at some point, Ashley married a half-filipino Yakuza and popped out a kid, but they got a divorce eventually (I think because of domestic violence) and she had to go back to the us.
Shiena bad-mouthed her a lot sooo I don't understand ashleys whiteknighting comment

No. 654874


Ashley herself was on an expired visa i'm 99% sure – to begin with, she couldn't get the extra 1 year working holiday visa like Shiena because Ashley is from the States. Secondly she never went to college in japan, just kinda… hung out.

I think their friendship is an on and off thing. Ashley screwed over Shiena countless times but Shiena obviously suffers from self esteem issues and clings to people who treat her badly so she would keep forgiving her. Ash doesn't really seem to have friends anymore so she probably missed Shiena's friendship. Honestly those two were kinda made for one another tbh lol .

Who said her husband is filipino though? Ash took photos with her MIL before the divorce and she looked japanese

No. 654889

It‘s also not hate anon. As someone who ‚knows‘ her only online and never even met her once I can‘t have empathy with her. I just see an adult person who broke the law and who gets punished now. That‘s it. We just say she deserves it and not she should die and get punished until hell lol.
I just find it hilarious that so many people who badmouthed her for YEARS act like they feel sooo sorry for her now.
In my eyes it‘s just fake sympathy which most anons do here

No. 654906

You can feel bad for her sure, that's fine. But don't sit there and actually put into the world "This crime is small so its not faaaaaaaaaaaair that its punishable uwu"

People who sell drugs get punished. People who abandon kids get punished. Abusers, molesters, killers. and also, people who steal mail get punished. People who pickpocket, forge checks, steal ssn's, get caught littering-the list goes on.

Fraud is fraud. It's a crime. You will go to jail. They tell you NOT to do it because you will go to jail. Fraud is very serious to most countries whether its tax fraud, marriage fraud, whatever. Don't do it if you don't want to be publicly humiliated and essentially decimated, how hard is it to not be a lying piece of shit

No. 654911

No. 654920

Literally nome of these links work. Screencap or gtfo

No. 654923

File: 1533244570301.jpeg (172.74 KB, 640x472, B5DB253A-709E-4CB5-A323-C6F5E5…)

No. 654938

>As someone who ‚knows‘ her only online and never even met her once
This has always been an issue with Shiena threads. Before recent events it was usually the same few people in her social circle samefagging about her weight gain and fashion fails and never learning how to use an image board.
There's sympathy now because they're sort of in the same boat. If this means immigration is cracking down, it's time to sweat.

No. 654974

Kanadajin3 is panicking too. Hopefully she's next!

No. 655003

Drug trafficking and only deportation? Was there jail time? How severe was the sentence and how was she caught? Details please!

No. 655015


No. 655019

You don't need to know someone to show empathy, it's a basic human condition. Honestly, knowing her makes me less empathetic vs someone who I don't know at all. Regardless of who it is, it's a shitty place to be in for her right now. No one is saying she shouldn't face consequences, but the fact is: no one is perfect and sometimes makes stupid life choices. As a person, it's hard for me not to feel kinda bad regardless of how much I dislike her. For those that are rubbing salt in her wounds, that's exactly what it is: salt. For those people: Time to craw out of that pickle jar!

No. 655022


No. 655052

If I would worry about the punishment of every small criminal in this world I would be full wirh worries, I don‘t even have time for that.
If the people who feel sorry and worry about her are her friends, that‘s totally fine but I doubt the most people here had any friendship or contact with her at all. And if I’m wrong: than the only thing I would feel sorry for Shiena would be that all of her friends are shittalking about her online LOL. It‘s the same with bully victims too: bully them until they kill themselves and after that everyone talks like ‚but she was such a nice person, she didn‘t deserve it, i feel bad for her parents‘ etc etc

No. 655055

>People who sell drugs get punished. People who abandon kids get punished. Abusers, molesters, killers. and also, people who steal mail get punished. People who pickpocket, forge checks, steal ssn's, get caught littering-the list goes on.

Don't do it if you don't want to be publicly humiliated…

You are absolutely right on the first part. The second part is questionable. Humiliation might be a consequence of getting caught, but it shouldn't be the prime motivation. That's pretty much going to public flogging, shaming etc which is ineffective and a "cruel and unusual" form of punishment (which is actually unconstitutional in the USA).

Also, I think people have a problem with the case not because we think she should be left off. But by the fact that #1. NOT everyone gets caught, and some manage even to get off free after being caught. More importantly #2. Of those who ARE caught, how many are put on national news for something so mundane. There are obvious other agendas at hand that put here in the crosshairs and it is those unstated ulterior motivations that bother me.

No. 655063

I'm sorry, but I don't think you are understanding my point correctly.

Can someone try to explain it to him/her for me? Thanks!

No. 655069

I don't get these girls who are acting like the police should know the difference between gyaru and cosplay. Do they really think that the police and news outlets invented the cosplay statement? I agree that they are blowing it out if proportion and focussing too much on it but she obviously said the words cosplay and lolita…I doubt that MSN and Yahoo would literally fabricate a quote from someone. Notice all the quotations marks in the news stories around her statement. They must have recieved her actual statement she made to the police.

No. 655093

This thread started off pretty well. People seemed to be trying to post news stories, screenshots, and sources for their claims. It has really derailed. Can we get back to trying to actually keep up with what is happening to Shiena and what people are saying about it irl?

Going through her blog is interested. So is going through her Facebook posts. We should be posting screenshots as well as links to things that are interesting. It makes everything way more clear.

Also, you need to use the desktop version of your browser to view the waybackmachine blog posts (you can also view desktop version of the site on your phone).

And I think we can all agree on a couple of things. First that Shiena committed a crime, will be punished for it, and should face consequences for her actions. Secondly I know that, if any of us was arrested, we wouldn't want a video of our arrest to go viral on news sources around the world.

Would be interested to find more incriminating posts from her Facebook, what really happened to Ai, and if there are any updates about sentencing.

No. 655094

I honestly believe she avoided using the word gyaru because her morals would already be called into question as she was a hostess, gyaru were never looked upon very kindly in japan. Misfits and troublemakers. Would make her look worse! I definitely think thats why she ran with cosplay and lolita. Police wouldnt know any different from looking st her photos if they did.

Thread has been put on auto-sage it seems as well btw

No. 655154

Idiots. Japanese people don't take shit like "kyaba" seriously, it's just a waste of time to them. They look down on cosplayers, prostitutes, idols, weebs-etc so of course they're just going to call it cosplay.
It's literally some fucking foreigner who thought Japan is some gyaru fantasy world and committed fraud in hopes of staying forever to live out her otaku-slut dreams. Do these people have any idea how stupid they look screeching "KNOW THE DIFFERENCE" ?? The difference doesnt matter, she's still a joke and she's still sitting in jail

No. 655201

This is so true. Hell, if she was getting deported from the US she would have already had people raising $20k+ on a crowdsourcing platform to pay her legal fees and everyone would be protesting ICE and the laws that put her in jail.

No. 655202

lolitas are seen as weird too but not as whores.

lol no if she'd said gyaru they would have called her a whore in the beginning. i agree that idiot weebs don't get that gyaru are social outcasts, but you sound like an idiot weeb yourself, just in a different way.

No. 655220

I bet she felt so smug for the time she was "married" and look where it got her. Banned permanently from the place she built her whole life around. 29 years old and nothing to show for it, no work experience, nada.
I hope she spends her time in jail deeply thinking about her life choices. She needs to quit being so shallow so she can make a real life for herself back in Canada.

No. 655227

They censor handcuffs, as she hadnt been charged its taboo in japan to see the suspect in handcuffs as leads people to believe they are already guilty before anything being proved.

No. 655230

She should write a book and then piggy back off of that to make and sell lolita/gyaru clothing. She’s still screwed long term though.

No. 655243

which is hilarious considering that's how their court system works.

No. 655247

Would people really want to invest in a convicted criminal though? Granted she didnt kill anyone but i wouldn't trust handing over my money to someone that committed fraud to indulge in their shallow likes. Doesnt sound like a good business investment lol

No. 655250

Any updates on this? The suspicion in some of these articles leads me to believe the police are probably going to hit her with some jail time and maybe go after her for tax evasion.

No. 655268

I mean selling things on Etsy no way she can make a proper brand.

No. 655279

Everyone in kabukicho is talking about Shiena. They're saying it's good she got caught cause they don't need more chinese girls working and she should have stuck to massage parlors. Seems like she was harassing some hosts with her constant advances and one of them reported her.

No. 655291

Correction! It was the Andy guy who reported her.

No. 655294

what fucking gyaru wants to buy weird handmade clothes from a nobody?

No. 655295

>Seems like she was harassing some hosts with her constant advances and one of them reported her
Ok this sounds like the most believable story/theory yet. If you go back and read her blogs about Aoi, she was very clearly latching onto him even though he kept trying to get away. If she latched onto someone else or kept flirting heavily with the other host guys making them uncomfortable/repulsed then it would make sense that one of them ratted her out. Guys can feel sexually harassed too. Judging by the way she creates these fantasy worlds in her head with guys that hardly even like her, it seems highly likely that she made one so uncomfortable he started talking about it to someone which probably lead to more of them coming forward and deciding to get her thrown out once they knew for sure she was an illegal

No. 655316

This possibly isn't tied to her arrest and is more likely because of the Tokyo Olympics coming up but police are swarming around Tokyo stations more than usual. An officer at Shin Okubo pulled me aside and asked to see my ID then questioned me about my visa. I'm a plain white Canadian but I was wearing larme so it raises my suspicions why they picked me

I suppose this is a gentle reminder to carry your ID card or passport with you no matter what(blogpost)

No. 655358

File: 1533275423387.png (77.09 KB, 750x644, IMG_0225.PNG)

Spoke to her mom.(cowtipping)

No. 655359

File: 1533275537670.png (59.73 KB, 750x572, IMG_0226.PNG)

No. 655360

you personally know them?

No. 655361

go away miranda.

No. 655363

Lol I know Shiena but not her mom

No. 655366

Does her mum have 2 fb accounts? Cause there is anoher one having her mums name and face

No. 655374

Yes. But she stopped using that a few years ago.

No. 655389

She will know who you are anon, she will just ask her mom when she eventually sees this.

No. 655391

lol and? I'm just asking how she is doing. I don't think she will have the guts to speak to anyone after the scandal LOL

No. 655394

"My friend Paulina was there too so after the show we talked about a few things. I really feel sad that these hosts treat her so bad. I wish that one would treat her the way she deserves."

look who is talking lmao

No. 655395

She has nothing to lose now she will be on a RAMPAGE
She will come for you! Lol

No. 655396

and then? I only asked how she is. I did not badmouth her or something.

No. 655400

Shiena used to have another blog before she moved to Japan. anyone can link us?

No. 655404

Yeah. It actually was the Andy guy who reported her. Apparently their relationship was basically all her invention. They talked on ig then fb and went out a couple of times but Shiena got so clingy. Her harassment went beyond the drawing of them she tried to keep secret. She constantly was messaging him and complaining and trying to see him or get him to buy her things. She basically convinced herself he was in love with her.

No. 655408

What Andy guy? Links? Pics? Proof?

No. 655409

If that's true, that's the most brutal thing I've ever heard. Imagine being so unwanted by someone that they actually get you deported to get rid of you

No. 655410

"Meanwhile Yuuki sat next to me and I told him as we exchanged contact that I am not a person who goes to hosts clubs and quite frankly I only came here because I got in on free shoukai and wanted to drink/pass-time before the club."

oh look at me. I'm all goody goody

No. 655412

His ig is @andy.tanaka.773 and he is the guy Shiena drew in the grey hoodie holding her on her art oage. it is the only piece she never shared on her main account because he follows her there but didnt know about the art one. They met in late 2016 and since then she has liked almost every single one of his posts on ig which is unusual for her. She basically became obsessed eith him because he is a well connected bar owner and slept with her. After that, she decided that he mist be madly in love with her and would not leave him alone. He only reported her to get her to so he didnt have to play along with her insane fantasies anymore.

No. 655413

This guy. Can you imagine how fucking creepy it must feel to not be dating someone and have them actually draw you together??

No. 655415

You're here hun. Thats bad enough. I dont care for her and thats why Im here. But dont go digging for info from her mom, post it here and pretend you like her or did nothing wrong or bad. Though… if you can do something as bitchy as that and claim to be innocent then I can see why you two would be friends.

No. 655416

Go ahead and DM him the art that Shiena drew of them together and pet her know she drew it. See his reaction. He speaks English really well so no need to even use Japanese.(cowtipping)

No. 655417

His IG is not proof he did anything. Proof or its bullshit claims again.

No. 655418

looool knowing her does not equal to liking her. she is very aware that we do NOT like each other. I don't give a fuck. she will most likely be jailed or something.

No. 655424

Imagine saying this but also getting baited by every host trick in the book with Ai.

No. 655425

Sounds like she has some real issues from her father being absent. Seems like she never learned how a relationship is supposed to work and thinks that being a nice attentive doormat is the way to get guys to like you and fantasies excessively about them. Shiena, if you don’t respect yourself no one else will.

No. 655429


No. 655430

she made it private

No. 655431

She was also obsessed with this weird naoki guy who is acutally chinese, but pretends to be japanaese. He also married someone to stay in japan. Worked as host and now bar owner. He is super weird

No. 655436

how about don't. also consider reading the rules?

No. 655439

Bet you hope more than ever she will be lol

No. 655440

I don't really care about her. she can be free and I wouldn't bat an eye.

No. 655441

ok, her mom reads lolcow. she just blocked me on fb LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 655444

good. I’m surprised you’re not banned too for contacting her family.

No. 655445

This is like a summary of why I never liked her. Always making excuses and being desperate to let everyone know how classy and perfect she is. Admitting that she's a crazy bitch thirsting for hosts would have made her 100 times more likable than this behavior. What is a host even gonna reply to that?

No. 655446

Agreed. Her family will be going through enough trauma without little shits poking their nose in pretending to give a shit for a bit of quick gossip.

No. 655448

If he mom is reading then at least she can see how fucked up her daughter is and hopefully she can get her some real mental help when she eventually arrives in Canada, she NEEDS it. She lives in a fantasy land and has a terrible idea of what makes a good relationship. The girl needs to learn to love herself behind her makeup and clothes. Please shienas mom get that girl some therapy.

No. 655449

its just a Facebook text. I wanted to know if her mother was aware because some of the people here assumed she did not know. not contacting or going near anyone related to her.

No. 655450

What will Shiena do? Sue her ass? Kill her? Think Shiena would rather do that to other anons

No. 655452


No. 655453

Kinda fucked up for you to contact her mom just to put it on lolcow. I mean yeah fuck Shiena but what has her mom done to you? Poor lady is probably under a lot of stress

No. 655454

people have reported shiena to immigration before. isn't that worse?

No. 655455

Sorry for the OT but her mom doesn't read this page. She already knew you were a gossiping shit since you probably never contacted her ever before this incident occurred.

Sage post(sage goes in the email field)

No. 655456

both are equally wrong. on lolcow you aren’t supposed to get involved with the cows, you’re supposed to just sit back and enjoy the milk as it organically flows.

No. 655457

then just asked admin to delete the pictures.

No. 655458

So many arguments between anons here. Lets just wait for milk. Give it sometime.

No. 655461

This video is the worst of the lot. You can see the exact moment she looks and realizes she just looked directly down a camera lense. You can see her eyes widen as she sees it, shocked, then she immediately looks down in disbelief and most likely thinks "fuck, this is going to be broadcast" as she begins to silently cry and continues hanging her head in shame. Its a brutal video.
To go from being so smug and feeling untouchable, to this.

No. 655467

No. 655482

This is not how you sage

No. 655518


Lmaooo this is a brutal neighbors comment:"She had blonde hair and wore kyaba clothes. She always looked as if she was feeling guilty about something and would never look me in the eyes(when they passed each other in the hallway etc). Her body type was rather hefty and you'd hear her heels go "don don don" when she came up the stairs at 4,5 in the morning."

No. 655521

Correcion. This doesn't even mention high heels actually, it's just her neighbour saying they'd know when she came home by the earthquake noises at the stairs

No. 655524

This has already been posted. The neighbor clearly didnt know very well though as she worked morning kyaba so she would be leaving to go to work at that time.

No. 655622

she worked both morning and night

No. 655623

File: 1533313371238.png (1.2 MB, 1128x1600, shienagyaru.png)

No. 655641

Due to the rampant rule breaking and lack of sage this thread is now on autosage until Sunday. Newfags should read the rules and usage info before continuing to post.


No. 655883

File: 1533331825636.png (478.93 KB, 633x597, B0D074DE-F5D7-4162-AD75-FBD851…)

No. 656167

What’s the appeal of dressing like this? It just makes you seem like some weebo weirdo stuck in the past.

No. 656174

Can anyone search in moonspeak to see if there are any updates? Mine isnt up to par to get anything new, or maybe there just isnt any new information

No. 656190

I can't find anything that isn't 2-4 days old on Google. And surprisingly I can't find anything about her on GirlsChannel, and those bitches love hating on anyone sullying their pure glorious Nippon.

No. 656193

Well, this picture IS very old tho, almost 10 years ago from gyaru secrets. God time flies!!
Funny to see how some anon predicted JUST what was going to happen in the future! Maybe there are legit fortune-tellers after all lol

Hahaha I thought the same! Really strange that the news didn't make it on there.
It is not that much of a huge story, I'm not sure whether there'll be any public updates at all

No. 656195


Good to see her parents care, still finding it strange that they don't go and meet her though

No. 656212

She is in immigration detention she can only have visits once per day for 20 minutes and must pay for a translator for that time if they are not speaking Japanese (see articles posted above in thread). She will also potentially be in Japanese prison for the next 6 months if she gets jail time, before she could appeal to move to a prison in her own country, there is no point in her parents wasting money to go. They need all the money they can get for her lawyer fees and flight.

No. 656216

It made MSN, yahoo and trended on twitter. It was a national story, it was huge news in Japan. Probably they will release information because of how much it blew up

No. 656264

There isn't going to be a stream of updates. She'll have to go to court then we'll hear that decision when it happens, and probably just that one thing only. Then she'll disappear into jail if that's where they send her. She won't be able to communicate again until the day comes they send her home. Considering she could do up to 5 years in jail we could be waiting a while. Idk why people think this is going to be a /pt/ worthy stream of information coming in.

No. 656286

No. 656297

Only because they took the misinterpretation of katakana at face value

No. 656302

Still funny. They referenced here too.

No. 656304

They are definitely ramping up the random stops and asking for cards. Last Sunday night they pulled aside every foreign-looking person coming from the ticket gates at the station. I asked why, the response was "To catch people committing crimes".

The video posted where she's walking from right to left specified in the narration that she wanted to marry in order to get permanent residency (永住権), not sure anyone posted that.

No. 656307

On the topic of how she could have been caught, when you are on a spouse visa, your living place / 住民票 must be registered at city/town hall under the same address as your spouse.

There are ways to get an exception, like for example if your spouse has to suddenly return to their parents' home to care for a relative, or if you work in such different places that you must live in separate residences.. but you must go and TELL Immigration this, preferably in advance, and they will probably be extra watchful.

It's nothing to do with whether she paid taxes, whether she paid pension, health insurance.. which btw, also seeing incorrect info, all people residing in Japan must pay both pension and health insurance, whether it's by 社会保険 that your company registered you for, or 国民保険・年金 that you enroll yourself in. If some of you live here and aren't paying that shit, get yourself to city hall / the pension office ASAP and fix it lmfao. Don't spread misinformation that can cause serious financial trouble.

Anyway. Just the registration of where she is living being separate from her husband would have immediately caused issues. On the marriage forms, you put the address you both are moving "to", together, but there's a part of the form where you can mark that you won't cohabitate.. which could explain the "being investigated since the marriage was submitted" thing.

No. 656367


Do they give date for when in 2012 she came to Japan? Because her snap in TF was from the end of January in 2012, but don't they tend to take the photos a little in advance before they post them?

No. 656371

File: 1533388888842.jpg (40.07 KB, 1080x463, 20180804_222001.jpg)

Yep. Done Japan proud.

No. 656402

They do take pictures in advance I think a month in advance. Fun fact Shiena mom also left her remarks on the picture.

No. 656414

That one on the far left is even more horse faced than Katie, looks like a man.

No. 656442

lol I just saw that. She even referred to her both as Shiena/Shannon in the post.

No. 656495


I don't think Shiena actually ever overstayed a visa. You'll notice she's not being charged with overstaying.
The maximum time period to be a language student in Japan is 2 years and for a college (including a vocational college like Vantan) is 4 years.

It's not unusual for students to max out their time at each step in the educational process in order to get the longest visa possible, especially if they're having a hard time finding a job that will issue a work visa.

Source for Japanese study visa
Source for vocational college visa (Japanese)

No. 656496


Shiena likely did the following:
2010-2012 : Japanese language study visa
2012-2016 : Vocational college (Vantan) visa

She worked for 10sion from 2015-2016. Assuming she was still on a valid student visa from Vantan (she could take makeup classes, do a special graduation project, or just take random additional classes as long as she didn't file for graduation), then she could get a work permit to work in a cafe (not water trade) pretty easily.

No. 656500

Vantan only does courses for up to 3 years, and Shiena just did fashion that we know of

No. 656548

Most colleges have something for people who must repeat a year(Ryuunensei). I’m sure Vantan would be happy to keep taking students’ money for a repeat year

Second possibility is that Sheina graduated on time and then applied for a working holiday visa

No. 656596

No. 656609

OT but can we stop just dropping links with no context. Also recommend you take screenshots as people are known to remove or make things private once they catch wind it’s on lolcow.

No. 656619

what is this shit japanese

No. 656645

some twitter rando complaining about vantan tuition. idk, is it someone we're supposed to care about?

No. 656686

Her first visa was a working holiday in 2010. She mentioned it enough times. Then she switched to a language school. Then Vantan. She did that terrible fairy kei gyaru project with Ashley just after she was post partum in 2014. After that, I don't how long she stayed at Vantan. But given that she already used up her working holiday opportunity earlier means that couldn't have applied for another later.

No. 656697

File: 1533420867884.jpeg (128.59 KB, 1089x343, image.jpeg)

Just being a foreigner is an insufficient cause for being pulled over and questioned. I mean, will they do it anyway? Yes. But the legality of it is questionable. Keep this picture somewhere in case you need it. Seems like they are targeting foreigners far more than usual, even ones that do not commit silly crimes like shiena did.

No. 656701

There is no deporting news at the slide news site, but commonly foreigner’s fake marriage is known as a serious crime or felony, so she may have to go to a court first, then she will be deported with a restriction for re-entry. She probably cannot enter Japan again.

No. 656742

I guess with the arrest being big news there are lots of new posters here who don’t understand lolcow rules?

Anyway, seems like Vantan is definitely a scam school (like a Japanese fashion version of ITT Tech), here’s a much better thread with more details



It’s a business, not a school.


The tuition is high, number of courses offered is few, and the boss of the school lives in a huge house.

>{5 whole threads of “Vantan is useless”}



Gimme my money back! What they said before I enrolled was wrong!
I wish I went to a proper vocational college (sobbing)


Vantan s recruiters are so annoying. After I asked for an info pamphlet they kept calling me nonstop for months. They’re just as bad as 2ch says. A good school doesn’t need to work so hard to recruit students lol


My friend who is a high school dropout got accepted there.

It basically goes on like that, also people talking about the high school branch of Vantan.

I think the point is as long as you keep giving them money, then they will keep giving you a visa until the legal limit, which seems to be 4 years

No. 656819

Sounds like the Japanese equivalent of the Art Institute schools in America.

No. 656836

She got a work visa because the girls bar 10sion made up a position for her. Even though it’s illegal to work at girls bar.

Be aware that not answering their question or showing ID can then be a “reason for suspicion” and they can then bring you into police station

No. 656880

Apparently, police got her now because of a fake marriage. That might be a reason why she's not on social media…

No. 656889

OMG NO WAY! You're a genius anon

No. 656936

File: 1533445016505.jpg (11.74 KB, 225x225, br.jpg)

No. 656981

lmao what is with all these new fags

No. 657007


ffs! read the previous posts and threads like everyone else and stop wasting our time, newfag!

No. 657009

When I used to live in Japan and still was into the whole fashion stuff, people who couldn’t afford Bunka would always go to Vantan or Blea. Vantan is the easier choice for foreigners, they’ll first do their max of language school visa to achieve the N3 which is needed to apply at Vantan (or was, don’t know how it goes these days) and then they’ll use their max time at Vantan to find a guy whom they could pay for a visa like Shiena, Ksara or Vika. And it’s usually only those Vkei loving people who go to Vantan(surprise surprise) but that says a lot, because these bitches love drama and don’t care all that much abt Japanese law or Japan in general

No. 657011

From their site it looks like they have classes in English now. How good is Shiena’s Japanese?

No. 657020

Sind here say it’s terrible, but for a non native I think it’s ok. She definitely took the Japanese classes and I know they have the English classes, but I never actually heard of someone taking them.

No. 657036

Her Japanese is not good for a non-Native. She makes stupid mistakes all the time that you would when you're first learning the language.

No. 657057


really bad for someone who spent almost eight years in japan. i don't think she even qualifies for the N3 level.

No. 657274


The thing is, in these cases, they were focusing on the actual status of the person and asking questions to verify it. Considering this started one week ago, I've never seen it happen like that, I think there really IS a crackdown happening..

Even when I went to the cop to ask why he stopped them, when getting the crime response, when asked for more clarification, he said visa crime..

No. 657304

Her Japanese is very poor, but remember her English is, too (English is her native language— she doesn’t really speak Chinese).

She’s probably got some sort of mild learning disability or is just on the low end for IQ while still being neurotypical.

No. 657369

If that's true and there really is a crackdown happening then sere and all the other visa hopping weebs are next. When Japan cracks down on certain crimes, historically they really go all out. The police have nothing better to do, literally.

No. 657378

Yeah, it's better than actually working and solving real crimes. Me and some other anons are hoping Kanadajin3 the Muslimboo is next to be deported, if she hasn't already abandoned her precious Japan.

No. 657458

Red light district gaijin are probably going to be their first target before the olympics, they'll clean out all the hoes to make Tokyo look "clean" again

No. 657483

Are you talking about the africans in kabukicho or kyabakura slags? The african bottakuri scammers got so bad there's a travel warning issued for roppongi and kabukicho from the american embassy.

No. 657486

I really hate those dudes they always try to touch you as well, like fuck off I don't want to go to your shit club and don't fucking touch me? I hope they get cleared out, I bet a ton of them don't have a legit visa either

No. 657494

Sage for OT but I have always been confused about how shiena and ashley started living together

No. 657498

>go to my club yo go to my club eeeeh
On repeat. I heard most of them got some visa scam going where they marry gullible japanese girls with some bezness scam tactics. If they don't clean that shit up before the Olympic games things are going to get nasty, because the type of whites who will travel to that event are basically conditioned to trust friendly africans who call them "big man", "Prince" and "friend" and will make "good price". I've even seen the touts in shibuya, so the problem is spreading rather than getting under control.

No. 657546

Did anyone in Japan catch the possible Shiena update on the news today? I heard it on the radio in the car while I was driving and i'm pretty sure it was FNN but don't see it on their website.

They said something like the Canadian woman indicted for false marriage in Shinjuku earlier this month has been charged with additional crimes. Police have uncovered new evidence of illegal work activity by the suspect.

No. 657579

Can't find anything new online. By searching "kanadjin" everywhere I just learned that zombie boy rick genest has died tho

Idk why I've never thought about this, she probably does have mental AND learning disabilities. Asian parents often don't accept these things so they never get them treated in any way. Maybe the Japanese police will notice and not punish her as badly(probably not)

No. 657586

File: 1533520834705.jpeg (109.82 KB, 640x834, 88523E5E-E027-44D1-A21E-619C51…)

Kurages thoughts on shiena

No. 657606

>additional crimes
Oh boy. Looks like she's about to get royally fucked.
This would make a lot of sense. If more westerners come to Japan and see other westerners being prostitutes there, they'd probably feel wrong about ever sending their kids off to Japan paranoid that that's how they might wind up (which would be true if if the kid has any interest in the idol or heavy fashion world, let's just be real). Would be a very smart move to get rid of them fast
Having a learning disability would honestly explain a lot
Before Japan, did Shiena ever have any jobs or actual talents that could be used toward a career? Not fashion, that doesn't count.
Maybe she's always felt too stupid to do anything else but sell her body which would be depressing..

No. 657616

She doesn't have mental or learning disabilities. Her English is the level you would expect of someone who probably barely made it out of highschool. Shiena doesnt work hard and is arrogant and isnt very smart. She doesnt have a disability.

No. 657618

FNN will release it on their site if so, they were the original broadcasters. Any good moonspeakers can search?

No. 657625


Nothing on FNN, nothing on google news. Last time it took awhile after broadcast to appear online, so we'll know if it's true or not in a day or so at the latest.

This case is a bitch to search for because
(1) Shannon's name (Wong), written in katakana, is written the same as won, the currency of Korea
(2) A Canadian was arrested for murdering a Japanese woman in Vancouver and that's drawing a lot more attention since Japanese care more about the fate of fellow Japanese than of foreigners

No. 657627

Bad month to be canadian in japan haha

No. 657630

Actually checking the dates, that murder case is a year or two old, but i guess it must have drawn a shitton of attention in japan because i still find more about that one than about shiena

No. 657644

New Shiena article from a few days ago. There’s not much new info but they keep mentioning a marriage broker

No. 657646

A lot of them go to marriage brokers to get a visa or have visas granted due to yakuza connections. Most Nigerians in kabukicho work for yakuza so they can get a visa easily. The ones who go to marriage way aren’t “tricking” Japanese girls. Why does everyone ITT think Japanese are so innocent? Plenty of them are willing to break the law for money just as Shiena’s “husband” did. They’re just as complicit.

No. 657650


Yeah, I saw that one. This article just says that many people in fake marriages use a broker to find someone willing to marry them for money. It's a general explanation of what happens in a fake marriage, no new info about Shiena.

Shiena didn't use a broker, sounds like she just went around asking every guy to marry her for money until one agreed lol

No. 657694

The probably found her social media and things on her phone. She will get jail time for sure. Shame we can't see it online.

No. 657721

"For sure", lol. We don't know anything about the situation. She might get locked up for years or she might get let off with a fine and deportation. We have no idea.

No. 657723

Oops forgot my sage

No. 657728

No. 657729

Fraud is a serious crime and they are adding crimes on top of that? She should get jail time, Japanese system is harsh. A woman just got 2 years in prison for breaking her husbands violin collection.

No. 657759

Has this drama made anyone else really nostalgic?

I remember when there were men's egg/men's knuckle nights at Atom, Shiena and Ashley were making Trouble in Tokyo videos, hosts were still basically just gyaru-o, and gyaru secrets was still a thing. Since Shiena got arrested, I have been going back through a lot of what has survived on YouTube, Facebook, and the Everday Gyaru LiveJournal. Looking back at it all now, Shiena made a really unstable life for herself in Japan from the getgo. She never seemed to hold down a super stable job and her explanations for what she was doing for work really don't match up with the amount she was spending on clothes, hairmake, clubbing, and her gal circle.

No. 657764

Good old time. I miss it.
Also miss the time when shibuya was full with gyaru/gyaruo

No. 657769


Stop with the weebo Japanglish. Just because Japanese people can't speak English properly doesn't mean you shouldn't.

No. 657773

No. 657777

Even normal people who have nth to do with the whole week shit use that word though

No. 657782


No. 657877

Where is the proof that Andy reported Shiena? So far it’s jusy been speculated. Has anyone confirmed this from him? Could’ve easily been a girl at her club or one of her “friends” who reported her.

No. 657923

I think that was all speculation I wouldn't deem it as true without proof though.

No. 657960


oh man dat nostalgia cringe hah

Ash just saying "movie dakedo" over and over while some not even that hot host guy EHHHHs

No. 657979

These are all posts that should have been saged. If you don't know how, read this https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 657983

uhhhh >>657923 is saged and >>657721 is literally followed by "forgot my sage"

No. 658025


Does Shiena have a friend working as a farmhand or something? I've never seen such obsessively strict moderation

No. 658059

Yeah it's strange. I've also I've never seen a thread be put on auto-sage so fast unless it was a spergchan level, and even then it took more time. Seems like it's still on auto-sage, right? Makes you wonder.

No. 658101

File: 1533585950423.jpeg (241.05 KB, 2048x1152, C40EB2A7-FD83-43E5-A196-432F5C…)

> arrest
> canadian suspected of fraud marriage
> i want to work in japan where i can cosplay

No. 658103

also on twitrer people are all commenting on her vkei shirt (uroboros)

No. 658683

File: 1533653839999.png (18.32 KB, 584x190, kurage.png)

kurage doesn't have shit to say because she did the same thing. She stayed married to her husband for three years in order to secure her PR, even though they separated in like a year. She was smart enough to do it quietly though, and smart enough to delete most of her old posts on getting PR.

She is tubby trash who got knocked up real quick by the first rich geezer who wouldn't run. Don't take her opinion on anything seriously.

No. 658709


No. 658961

Anyone who has to say this is hiding something. I have been in Japan for 6 years and been on a legit working visa the whole time, nothing to hide so no need to say this shit.

No. 659041

It‘s still autosaged…

No. 659068

Shiena clearly has a friend that is a farmhand. Autosage won't stop people talking though.

No. 659112


i agree on that. i went through a few visas until i got PR and i never hide it when asked since there's nothing shady.

No. 659176

Weird question, but what's gonna happen to her room and belongings?(learn 2 sage)

No. 659180

Autosage because there's only dry milk so far, and there's too many idiots not saging their tinfoils.

No. 659194

No idea. Police may have it closed off as it could hold evidence. She will most likely be able to reclaim her belongings as they would have no way to prove she didnt buy things legitimately

No. 659208

Why is this thread still in autosage?????(learn 2 sage)

No. 659216

No new info but guessing shiena has a friend who is a farmhand.

No. 659230

As long as this thread stays at the top of google's results for Shiena Wong, fuck the saging(learn 2 sage)

No. 659278

No one will search shiena wong though. They will search shannon wong or just shiena(learn 2 sage)

No. 659440

No. 659442

No. 659518

Either they forgot about it, are throwing a bitchfit over newbies, or they're a marriage fraud sympathizer. My guess is the first or the last.

It can't be "no new milk" because the story is still fresh-it's as fresh as it's going to get until she's locked away for a couple years..then it'll rise again once they let her out and probably around then it'll mysteriously go back to being auto-saged as well

No. 659581


lol i love how the fact that she's of Chinese descent is all over Japanese news, then in the Chinese news they just keep stressing that she's Canadian "uhh nope nothing to do with us guys move along nothing to see here"

No. 659618

the chinese news site got photos i've never seen before(learn 2 sage)

No. 659778

Lolling for days at the difference between the doctored Insta pics and her IRL(learn 2 sage)

No. 659822

The Chinese website did know her instagram

No. 659863

After someone plastered all of her social media over that gossip site Im sure a lot of people know it. I wonder if thats how police uncovered new evidence.

Funny that as soon as they got her social media that gossip site didnt even react though.

No. 660069

This was saged wtf is wrong with this farmhand

No. 660443

The post you linked to isn't saged? I don't know why people think it's a conspiracy that this thread is autosaged when it's the shit quality of posts and the fact it's a magnet for newcomers. Same thing happened to the soundclout thread when peep died.

No. 660497

why should you sage when it's autosaged?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 661187

I never saw Shiena as a bad person, however it was amusing to follow her life. Now I feel like it's the end of an era or smth.

Someone mentioned that once she gets back to Canada she should become an author and write books about her life. My thoughts exactly, this is like some sort of Requiem for a Dream-case where she is chasing her delusional dreams which suddenly come crashing down in extremely notorious way. Honestly like some weird weeaboo movie.

No. 661201

I agree on this. Tbh that girl has so much fantasy, making up relationships, dreaming of being a glorious kyabajou forever etc. if she’d use that creativity to make sth great out of it like a few books that’d be awesome.

Sth like ‚how not to fulfill your weeb dream‘ or ‚a Chinese in Tokyo‘ ‚my friends the yakuza‘ ‚I met Sere and survived‘

No. 661211

yeah i always thought shannon wasn't that bad. but since she hang out with fucked up people like ashley, lorena and all those weird weebs..

No. 661224

Since she doesn't really have any real skills to share with the world, I think writing a book and hoping it does well is her only option if she's still delusional enough to want a 'glamorous life'.

(I'd read it, tbh)

No. 661239

Farmers watched Sere's porno just for pimpled butt milk, of course everyone are going to read Shiena's tell all.

No. 661241

Yeah but nobody's gonna pay for it. Maybe a pirated PDF

No. 661256

Anon why do you always type like this in every thread you’re in? It’s always obvious who you are. Are you retarded or something?

No. 661368


I'd read it, too, but girl desperately needs a ghost writer.

Tbh right now I'm mostly disappointed that the other kabukihoes like Sere, kurage, etc don't seem to be in trouble despite pulling the exact same shit. Japan really is racist af if out of a dozen or so Western weebs they only pick the one who's Asian not white

No. 661630

I bet they're Nigerians


No. 661694

tbh that’s what bugs me about it. Coming down so hard on her when there’s slags like Lorena doing much worse and still getting away with it… but of course they’re not “Chinese”.

No. 661792

How about her workplaces? Will they be in any sort of legal trouble?

Shiena worked on and off at Enchante and N(formerly known as Lugano), in fact these two asa kyaba's were both in the same building, just B1 and B2:


(non jp speakers ctrl+F for 歌舞伎町1-2-8

not sure when, but now Enchante has changed its name too– to Lucien:


(same address and phone number even)

Sage for idle speculation

No. 661802



2018/8/2: Hello, I just started work at Lucien ╰(´︶`)╯

lol dang didn't take them long to replace shanon eh

No. 661804

No. 661808



more recent map shows "Lucien" (Enchante) and "N" (Lugano).

Pro-tip, if your employer changes their names on a yearly basis, you might have a deeper problem…

No. 661827

File: 1533949273590.jpeg (59.55 KB, 492x451, 89317E49-2480-4CC2-BC6E-0F4225…)

you’re not kidding

No. 661838


Isn’t it likely that the news outlets and/or police spun her into a cosplayer because she said she met her fake husband as a cosplay con?


The reason she even went the fake marriage route instead of earning citizenship via work is probably because she wanted to continue escorting for easy money.

Anyway sure she looks different without make up but she’s also crying, I don’t think she looks as bad as people are making her out to be.

No. 661840

File: 1533951019116.jpeg (368.56 KB, 1125x1681, CF67CA6A-F9AA-44CA-808E-C4DC32…)


This one is worse.. chubby, too

No. 661843

Now that the thread is off autosage, you really have to sage this unrelated stuff. Read the user info if you don't know how.

No. 661849

Can you people just accept that YES, shiena did police tell that cosplay story? She might not have called it cosplay, but police probably summarized her story like "so u like cosplay" and she just said yes.
Her whole life revolved around dressing like a freak, be it gyaru, v-kei or weird mermaid styles??
She chose doing kyaba/fuuzoku over a normal job, because only then she could continue dressing the way she did.
You need to understand strange fashion IS OR WAS HER LIFE!

She has complained again and again in the past about how all other jobs demanded her to dye her hair black and tone down the make-up. She bitched about having to wear a wig to do some English-teaching job, too.

In some of the recent news stories, they mention that shiena explained how she couldn't even bleach her hair back in Canada because people would stare and be rude.
As some anons have said before it's obviously not just the blonde hair, but a combination of her make up and clothes tho…

All of this is true, though. In kabukicho/Shibuya/harajuku, where she'd lived the past years, nobody will stare at you for looking like a freak. Some people may think wtf but Japanese people won't be rude about it and shout at you. Hell, I live in Europe and people made rude comments when I wore my old gyaru clothes from Japan all the time.

Shiena being Asian probably made her feel fit in too, a feeling she might have never had in Canada.
Sadly she never realized that the Japanese are actually more racist than Canadians and that's where we are now.

No. 661861

On one her Facebook accounts I remember her bragging about the idea that she believed the Japanese didn’t see her as foreign.

Looking back, the irony of the situation is fucking hilarious.

A Chinese woman working as a prostitute in outdated street fashion will never be seen as a local. Weebs are truly delusional.

No. 661877

I doubt her workplace will face any legal action because as far as they were aware, she was on a legal marriage visa that allows you to work any job, including hostess/prostitute

So they are off the hook really.

No. 661925

This right here.
So many people are like "Oh I feel bad for her, she was so nice."

She knew what she was doing, she knew it was illegal, she probably knew that her own dreams were delusional and that the people she surrounded herself with were toxic.

Perhaps she doesn't seem as detailed as Lorena. Have you all thought that perhaps she just wasn't open about it? I can almost guarantee you that she was giving blowies in exchange for cash.

No. 661963

No, the kyaba that hired her won't be in any sort of trouble. As far as they're concerned she had the correct (spousal) visa. They had no way to know it was obtained fraudulently.

No. 661980

Im just sad there are no updates

No. 662132

Im sad Shiena Watch will die now.. Unless in five years or whenever Shiena gets out from prison it will be reborn. but no one can replace her.

No. 662156

She really wasn't that nice. She was living with Ashley when Ashley was working at a soapland. She must have known and just not cared. When Ashley had a baby, Shiena made some post on her blog about how Ashley might finally become responsible now. If you ever read her old blog you would see the countless times she ditched Ashley so she wouldn't be late to some stupid club event. Shiena was not a nice person. Ever. She fucked a slaryman so he owuld pay her way through Vantan, she used anyone she could in order to get jobs, she knew everythign Lorena had done to her children but didn't care as long as Lorena would pay for her to get into host clubs/meet Cody Sanderson. What part about her was nice?

No. 662172

When did Ashley work at a soapland? I thought she only ever did kyaba.
About Shannon, I just remember the level of entitlement she had in regards to staying in Japan. Her number one idea for residency was being adopted. Getting a work visa was number 4 on her list after getting married and getting a student visa. She really didn't want to work any job where she couldn't show off her tacky style.

No. 662177

I can't find her old blog anywhere, anyone has it?

No. 662313

Lorena has an advantage, it’s her abandoned Japanese child she has. Foreign mothers who have Japanese children have an upper hand that allows them to legally stay in japan with what would translate as a mother of Japanese citizen visa. I know one girl who mentioned that even though she divorced her husband and if she didn’t get her permanent residency she could stay in japan because of her half Japanese son. Abandoned kid or not she is still his mom so she won’t be kicked out that easily. Now the others who have no kids, those will be easy to kick out but Lorena is now posting pics with her son on her new insta

No. 662382

It's literally linked like 6+ times in this thread, just fucking ctrl+f "blog" next time, genius. >>651990 also learn 2 sage

No. 662454

If she has a new insta post it to her thread

No. 662472

Do you have evidence of this? The amount of news stories of parents of half-kids who cant see them or cant get a visa in Japan would prove otherwise. I could see it being true if she had some legal visitation but she doesnt

No. 662481

Both instas have been posted there, and the kid pics are not allowed. This present child in the pics is a new one and not the earlier one she abandoned with her Japanese ex. For anyone not reading her thread, this new one is fatherless as the host she claims is the father seemingly hasn't acknowledged it.

No. 662503

You can’t just pop out a child in japan and get a visa for it. Whether it being half japanaese or not…. the father has to acknowledge it otherwise it will have the same citizenship as the mother and there is no visa to gain from.

No. 662585

THIS. She has a child but NO PROOF that the japanese host is his father, and even if she did, if he hasn't acknowledge it/sign for it, then it doesn't mean SHIT for the japanese authorities.
In other words, she's fucked and they are probably investigating her already, for sure Shiena is going to try to get a less-sentence deal by throwing all these bitches under the bus

No. 662591

Can she get a paternity test? Or does it still not matter if the baby daddy doesn't acknowledge the kid?

No. 662594

Sere has her own thread, post there and learn to sage

No. 662598

thanks mini mod

No. 663094

Go the the sere thread to continue this

No. 663435

German anon detected

No. 664106

File: 1534222808541.jpeg (224.33 KB, 1156x737, F15C683C-3495-4626-A9D4-C98D52…)


No. 664110

Huh? Was she teaching?

No. 664131


Isn't that in Shizuoka? Also official ALT roles usually ask for a bachalors degree.

No. 664142

"retiring and returning to her home country"
yeah I guess that's the polite way to put it

No. 664144

Probably Sandra lol she’s obsessed with these bitches
That post came before she was arrested and detained.

No. 664145

“Also official ALT roles usually ask for a bachalors degree.”

Do tell us more about these ‘bachalors’ degrees….

No. 664146

Oh I thought they just backdated her supposed retirement, thanks for explaining

No. 664147

No. 664152

This is June you idiot

No. 664156

Can someone who reads moonrunes explain explain what this is about?

No. 664163

Basically, she used to teach English and this is a notice about her retiring. This was from May though.

No. 664166

Also important to note it says she was just "helping out", rather than being a full-fledged teacher.

No. 664177


No. 664179

This looks like someone created some bullshit in word and claiming it to be real.

No. 664201

I found it, Google シャノンワォン

Poster is reaching big time. No way she travelled here once a month and taught at some little local inaka school.

No. 664219

Its probably some poor woman that shares the same name kek

No. 664243


This is in SHIKOKU, aka bumfuck egypt of Japan

Hilariously that is where that failed Swedish gyaruo moved to after marrying visa chan and having a child, but Shannon was working at kabukicho at the time, and as we all know she refused to do work like ALT because she wanted to dye her hair and wear colored contacts etc.

There's no way that announcement is about Shiena. It's just another woman with the same name

No. 664247

No. 664280

No. 664303

wait the article says something about information from a friend of shannon?

No. 664484



"It is speculated that her arrest came about as a r