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No. 893423

General thread for altcows, notorious members of the alt scene who exploit their outsider status for asspats and Patreon.

Featuring in no particular order:

· Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
· It's Black Friday
· Adora Batbrat
· Kat von D & Leafar Seyer
. Of Herbs and Altars/Dorian
· Aurelio Voltaire
· Cassandra
· Psychara & Manic Moth
· Maimagi
· Sebastian Columbine
· Dre Ronayne
· Erin Micklow
· Avelina de Moray
· Drac Makens
· Ruadhan
· Julia Zelg & Eileen Van Arden
· Father Sebastian/Todd Hoyt
· Emily Boo
· Jude Bishop (thread with Rosie and their orbiters >>>/snow/822456)

Previous thread >>>/snow/872515

No. 893484

I thought in the other op it said cassandra groped a friend at a funeral, I didn't realize it was the corpse of her friend who committed suicide. YIKES

No. 893491

Emily Boo has merch now. Also she starts the video by saying her bum is itchy, and talking about how the new Joker film gave her "fanny flutters." Everything she says and does is just utterly trashy. I really think people have not noticed so much because they used to compare her to Raven. But she is a disgusting filth goblin, and I hope she doesn't talk like that around her child.

No. 893501

File: 1573760452852.png (979.62 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191114-194020.png)

No. 893503

File: 1573760645287.png (598.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191114-194044.png)

No. 893507

File: 1573761448896.png (7.05 MB, 1242x2688, 6AE7B03D-CC87-40D0-B5FA-3A60BD…)

She’s back at this. It’s terrible. When will she stop?

No. 893514

File: 1573761687660.png (390.54 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191114-200119.png)

No. 893515

File: 1573761758039.png (596.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191114-200138.png)

No. 893523

Why the are you posting asspat comments about Jake? Self post? Please don’t fill the new thread more cringe trash like the last

No. 893533


Can the person who posts the badly cropped tweets of Kaya, can you stop, we can all easily go on her public twitter and its not milk.

No. 893542

File: 1573766853809.png (Spoiler Image, 6.08 MB, 1242x2688, 12424D28-47F7-48AE-AAB4-E95502…)

Nice nip slip Avelina

No. 893545

File: 1573767704660.jpg (311.77 KB, 973x1131, 20191114_223844.jpg)

Mai is still reselling thrifted trash for a ridiculous markup. But if you don't give her money you're killing the planet you guys! She's a poor struggling artist who just so happens to own a house worth half a million.

As someone who has gone thrifting in Sweden, I can tell you this is some bullshit pricing.

No. 893556

Even though she's an obvious poser, it's really hard to see that this is the same girl from that Snog, Marry, or Avoid episode where she seemed more put together. And true, her being compared to Raven is what made most people not notice that she has her weird sensibilities as well. I feel like it's been amplified since she started hanging with that one chick posted in the last thread.

Oh gee, I wonder what song she is gonna butcher next.

No. 893563

I'm going to have to agree, why did this need to be posted?

No. 893571

Her name is Cassandra Fazakerley but she used to go by Kitty Cass https://m.facebook.com/autumnrosemummy After we kicked her slag bum out of the North Island she went into social media lock down unfortunately

No. 893591

I second all the previous anons. Stop posting insta stories/tweets/whatever about Kaya and Jake that aren't milk. NO ONE cares.

No. 893594


That's a dress? Nitpick but she really needs to learn how to beautify and upstyle whatever she's thrifting because this honestly looks like a sheet on a mannequin.

No. 893611

I thought it was a shal or whatever those things are called

No. 893613

Agree with all the above Anons. We love milk. But all these constant screengrabs of anything Kaya and Jake prove is that they do, in fact, still exist. Trust us, we know.

No. 893615

Shawl? I thought poncho. Certainly not dress. Maybe I am just not as openminded and creative about fashion as Mai is. That must be it…

No. 893649

Wait, Mai is doing that? I thought that was Manic Moth who was way up selling cheap thriftes clothes. Or do they both do it?

No. 893681


She's all about that frumpy dumpy aesthetic, and to me, she's gotten even more frumpy since she decided to become a Viking witch, or whatever she is now.


They all do it to some extent. They're all thrifting whores who think they're god's gift to mankind because they take someone else's mangy clothes and try to upsell them at a 500% markup to their retarded followers. You know, because shopping at a regular store and supporting the economy is total not environmentally sound. It's all about saving trees and not stepping on a dandelion while walking to the vegan coffee shop to get your oatmilk chai latte.

No. 893729

No. Manic moth is the one who got into some kind of legal trouble because of shady shit regarding her clothing line. Something about not paying the manufacturer I think, but I'm not sure of the details. They're a classy bunch.

I think thrifting is great. And pretty good for the economy, seeing how people (and often charities) end up making a profit off something that would end up in a landfill. But I'm not a fan of people using the benefits of thrifting to greenwash their bullshit and rip off their followers.

No. 893765

So in other words, you're on a diet.

No. 893773

She goes by Eileen DeFreest on all her social media’s, doesn’t she? Why is she listed as on of her old aliases in the title?(Van Arden)

No. 893777

De Freest and Van Arden are both Dutch names. Does she have some connection to The Netherlands?

No. 893845


I just poke fun at them because they act like they're somehow morally superior to the rest of us dirty peasants who buy new clothes instead of going to flea markets every saturday.

No. 893868

Eileen is a few years younger than my grandmother. There’s a good chance that her grandparent(s) were immigrants, especially if she grew up on the East Coast. I’m not even sure her actual last name, I assume it’s DeFreest, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was the type to cling on to her ancestry as if she was an immigrant herself and choose aliases that fit that. It’s really not uncommon for people to do that on the East Coast. Especially if you’re Irish. At least that’s how it is in Boston, but I could also be completely wrong about that when it comes to her. Just some food for thought.

Also, not sure if this was mentioned here, but doesn’t Eileen have some type of visa for Ireland or something like that? I’ve been trying to catch up with the PULL thread, it was pretty inactive until the last couple months and it’s kind of blown up, so it’s a lot to sift through.

No. 893956

That fucking hat looks ridiculous. I think shes confused between trailer park and vampire chic. Her fashion choices are so bizarre… it must be boring af in Tamworth…

No. 893957

There is nothing goth about her. Queen of cringe.

No. 893983

The nip slip tells you the dress is ill-fitting… nice try. Cringe.

She picked the cheapest and ugliest trash to sell to her followers, right?

Her clothing line is in Lila Chris' new shop, drama gonna be contagious. Classy bunch like you said.

No. 894074

Tinfoil but what if the person posting those is Jake or Kaya

No. 894093

Why? It doesn't make them look good. Just innane.

No. 894124

I guess you're right, some of the screenshots are asspats from jake's fans though

No. 894136

I don't think it's that farfetched of a thought. Seeing as how much Fake craves attention and doesn't like people shitting on him, he could've posted those as a way to show that people like him or whatever.

No. 894187

isn't it funny how quickly jake and his fans do a 180 in their behaviour when the tables turn? like when jake gets mild criticism from goths he becomes outrageously butthurt, calls them cunts and bullies and generally overreacts and his fans applaud him for it, but when he offends someone else they're all like "pEoPLe ArE wAY ToO SeNSiTiVe"

also I never saw the video he took down, but I read his whole apology and it was shit. it was basically "sorry you were offended" dragged out in 3-4 paragraphs.

No. 894224

File: 1573882511158.jpg (81.36 KB, 449x836, voltaire.jpg)

No. 894285

File: 1573899046187.jpg (613.39 KB, 1440x2560, 20191116_051109.jpg)

No. 894321

So Drac retired from being goth to being a morbidly obese cake decorator who drops one spanish word per english sentence like a children's show? "Being a not so boring payaso" "you bet your nalgas!" is really giving me Dora the Explorer vibes. Pretty depressing to be a part-time cake decorator after spending this much time thinking she invented so many makeup styles (kek) it's like for every year she spent thinking she mattered, she put on 75lbs. I was just looking up old photos of her since your post and it wasn't until then that I realized she used to be thin and creative. Very funny and disappointing outcome!

No. 894326

If that is true it does show that he has no understanding of what makes him look like an asshole. So I guess that tracks…

No. 894362

I wouldn’t call ripping off Michael Hussar constantly creative lol. She has been skinwalking and borrowing from other artists since high school.

No. 894419

so jake made a video of why he hasn't made a video (cue eyeroll)
-he has seasonal depression and instead of going outside and to the gym he took a nap so it's too dark now to make a video.
-he hates shaving and doesn't want to put makeup on over stubble
-isn't happy with the quality of his videos (but is fine putting out this shit video
-wants to cover an evanescence song but is afraid in case he fucks it up
-only noticing now that moving to another country as a youtuber is going to be difficult
-has no time to make audiobooks (maybe nap less jake)
-has no time for his album so isn't doing it anymore (maybe nap less hey, jake)
-hates that other people in munro have their input into the music so he just stopped the entire thing

No. 894429

Yeah. Imagine the members of the band you named after yourself providing imput. What a narc.

No. 894430

honestly that's probably the most dignified exit from the community someone could make. she never seemed like she wanted to "compete" with the skinnyhot killstar crowd. her mental health shit never read as fake to me but she did have enough talent to do something cool with her life. there really aren't a lot of people with her skillset and taste in that industry but there are going to be a lot of alternative weirdos getting married until the end of time.

No. 894453

Yeah, now she is the biggest chicana that has ever chicaned in the story of Mexico. She dresses like she is playing a character everyday, and it's been what, like 6 months tops?

I went on a lil tour on her insta just now, was just cracking up about the "you bet your nalgas!" Probably reeeeaally upoing the accent when saying nalgas!.

No. 894523

Jake> I cant do anything more since everything is allocated a time space in my day, no I cant do any music or audiobooks

Also Jake> Slept into 3:30pm today

No. 894538

I never was a huge Drac person but didn't know she dropped out of Goth. Not really surprised.

Well gotta remember that the toxic twosome lack self-awareness lol.

I get seasonal depression but come on, they already don't do that much to begin with and Jake needs to get over himself towards the last point. Shitty music aside, a band is a team effort.

No. 894544

TT also claims to have seasonal depression, I have a hard time believing they both do. They just use it as an excuse to be lazy and not make videos

No. 894635

I agree with you anon. I would give them the benefit of the doubt if they actually were you know, productive. But they aren't. They are clearly using the seasonal depression thing to avoid criticism from being lazy fucks who hardly upload but still want to keep that sucker money rolling in.

No. 894638

he made that video purely for asspats and to once again talk about the things he'll be doing. i feel bad for his band mates b/c they had to put up with him for however long and he's pretty much just ditching them so he can make the music all about what he wants. can't wait for the next print release and blah blah blah.

and yes, the two of them seem to claim depression and seasonal whatever that's just them being lazy, why anyone continues to support them is just sad.

No. 894724

File: 1574037672725.png (54.72 KB, 720x656, Screenshot_2019-11-17-11-59-06…)

Back to calling his underage fans snaccs. Classy.

I actually thought he had quit doing that for a while.

No. 894732

Kaya talking about how playing pokemon go is good because it encourages her to walk sits on her ass for hours playing pokemon go.
Jake is visible looking bloated in the background and generally bitching. The last part of the video is just her fucking around with the pokemon. This involves a lot of flashing lights, for which she provides no warning. Also she repeats the same hideous purple outfit several days in a row, so she must really love it

No. 894736


Oh yeah, comparing it with his reddit posts, Nocturna on kiwifarms is almost definitely Kai Decadence pretending to be a woman - the exact same writing style, same interests (goth, trans stuff, has a particular obsession with Blair White).


I can understand why a gay guy would dislike troon bullshit, but Kai is turning into a cow - sucking up to Leah Tvery, most of his reddit is either complaining about trans or complaining that hot muscle men don't like him, posting selfies asking if people would date him, etc.

No. 894766

I just went and had a peek at her insta. She now posts lot´s of photos of her "native american" dream boyfriend, now calling him "mi chulito". He actually looks like a geek fresh from high school, and couldn't be further from the pics the posted before. I find her so fucking annoying, always with that "higher than thou" attitude, when she looks and acts like shit, and has done nothing to deserve any kind of merit.

No. 894769

Samefag, but in every other photo she posts she's still styled with goth aesthetics, so why the need to distance herself and act like she doesn't even like the culture anymore? Once again, like she's above that? Stupid cunt.

No. 894779

Her makeup looks really pretty in here, purple suits her. That undercut, in another hand, is a different story.

No. 894785

I follow lilachris on instagram and honestly might unfollow because most of her pictures look pretty much identical, I kept thinking instagram was showing me old pictures of hers for like 3 days in a row but then realized they were new ones but she takes them all from the same angle

No. 894795

>brand work
tf is that, what even is his brand besides obnoxious and full of himself.

fake looking like a purple haired kelly osbourne and pugsly love child, omf.

this is a different dude than that one but i agree with everything else.

No. 894803


I've always gotten kind of airhead vibes from lilachris. So, I don't really pay much attention to her for the very reasons you mention - she is very regimented and never changes her style, always posing from the same angle. Plus she sucks up to Annika like the woman is some kind of divine being, for god knows what reason.

No. 894804

She probably just means the “scene” in her city bc she was really involved for a while

No. 894824

Hm that's really a shame. I have seen his comment on Leah Tverly's video but I don't think that necessarily means he's a fan of hers. I've seen his other comments on other gender critical youtube videos like GNC Centric and he does explain a bit more about why he feels the way he does about trans. Haven't seen the Blaire white comments though to be fair, I don't really watch her.

I agree, I was surprised the makeup she did here actually looked good.

She's still doing that? Lame.

No. 894864

File: 1574066472824.png (244.13 KB, 522x874, LWKsBRD.png)



No. 894930

He looks like pugsley from the Addams Family.
Remember when he tweeted how Kaya looked so hot because she was dressing up to play pokemon go…where is that adoration gone, jake?

No. 894942

His lipstick always makes it so hard not to make a blowjob joke

No. 894961

Uncle Fester before going bald

No. 894978

Poser violet beauregard.

No. 894986

Uncooked dumpling wanting to be a real little boy.

No. 895043

File: 1574107995122.png (612.86 KB, 626x583, tttttttt.png)

local unemployed 29 year old woman spends all day playing pokemon go before hopping online to ebeg for more shit.
could you imagine what kaya could do if she put all this effort into finding a good job and working towards moving to another country

No. 895055

She could've even put more effort into making good videos but nope, priorities amirite?

No. 895076

She's 26, not that it really makes a difference

No. 895078

JESUS CHRIST, I knew he looked familiar!

No. 895106

she's been 26 for the past 3 years now

No. 895125

I too am confused about Kaya's age. She refuses to give it out, and I remember her being 26 for years now.

No. 895129

File: 1574122966041.jpg (78.62 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20191118-211055_Chr…)

Kinda sad to think about this 2015 interview http://www.altvenger.com/interview-drac-makens/ where she seemed so into the idea of expanding her makeup talent as a career (like the answer in pic related)
Apparently she also has a fuck ton of Marilyn Manson tattoos (like 7 symbols, his signature, a drawing lol), and she doesn't even seem into his music and ideas anymore, wonder what she'll do about it.

No. 895145

File: 1574125004526.png (897.6 KB, 1118x860, welp.png)

Well, I mean…

No. 895153

Well done anon!

No. 895161

She was born in 1993. If you look at older threads from 2 years ago people are still saying she's 29.

She looks older but that's because of the way she does her makeup, if you watch her kpop transformation video she looks younger in that one.

No. 895198

>Hm that's really a shame
Yeah how dare he have an opinion that doesn't align with yours.

No. 895219

i bet she thought she was going to be friends with ppl like kat von d and create her own makeup brand or something and was so disappointed ppl weren't just throwing offers at her so now she decorates cakes and acts like makeup wasn't a big deal. rip football lips.

No. 895252

I unfollowed her for the same reason. Like >>894803 said she is an airhead who sucks up to a bona fide cow. Recently rumour mills claim there are several police reports concerning Moth's legal trouble. Lilachris' next interview might be Prince Andrew style and it's cracking me up.

No. 895254

Is Drac fetishizing native americans? That's creepy. Good for her if she wants to embrace her roots, but that's just gross.

She was never friends with kat von d. She tried to suck up to kat and she failed miserably.

No. 895255

I remember her making a video about no longer being into Kat von D. Not because of the controvercy, but because she felt snubbed by her.

No. 895259

How talented was Drac at creating alt/goth/horror make up looks really?

Do people think Kat von D should have given Drac a shout out or featured her in a video..? or do dozens of alt chicks on YT do the same make up looks just as well or better than Drac? Or ( my theory) did Kat want to keep her brand mainstream ( with only a slight edge) and Drac's looks are too horror/freak show so therefore it might project the wrong image for Kat's brand to mention Drac?

I'm curious at other's opinions on Drac's abilities especially farmers who are experienced make up artists. I'm not familiar with this scene so I maybe off base to think Drac actually had/ has talent.

I looked at her cakes and think they look very average. But maybe they aren't her designs?

I didn't care for Drac's recent go fund me cash grab( especially after not doing a video for a year) but generally I never saw her as being THAT much of a cow as say Kaya cos she didn't do hauls,and had actual hobbies/ interests.

I guess she must feel bitter toward Kat von D, a bit like it was all waste of time cos she never got famous. Boo hoo. Hopefully she has wised up a bit and realises that sadly there are few real friendships in any industry, everything is about money/business. Not talent or how "nice" you are.

No. 895264

I never thought of her as a true cow either. I don't know enough about make-up to judge her skills. But at least she "did" something, if that makes sense. I certainly couldn't do what she did, which can not be said for Kaya for instance. Also, considrring the recent shitshow that is Kat von D's image, not being associated with her might be a good thing. I just think Drac got upset for the wrong reasons. She felt personally snubbed but not that concerned with the anti vaxx/nazi stuff.

No. 895270

>not that concerned with the anti vaxx/nazi stuff
Errr, there you have your cow. Anyone not concerned about Kat von D's nazi stuff must be a shitty person in my opinion.

No. 895277

re: drac “not being a cow”
She’s so whiny and entitled to me and the kvd ass kissing was like HARDCORE enough I think to make her a total cow. She just isnt milky every day or anything.

No. 895286


I remember vaguely some anons bringing up Annika's legal issues in past threads. If she does get arrested, it's going to be a big wake up call for the snowflake witches and all her lackeys. No amount of sage burning and crystal gazing is going to stop the law from coming down on your ass, though I doubt any of them actual practice their craft outside of posing on instagram.

No. 895293

True. I meant up to that point. But yes, not awknowledging that as the obvious problem it is certainly makes her a cow.

No. 895294

Do we actually know what it is? I thought it was some payment dispute. And you have to either really fuck up or ignore a lot of summons to get arrested for that.

No. 895299

My thoughts mirror >>895264 I'm not huge into makeup nor have the skills to do something dramatic and I caught a few of Drac's makeup and I thought they were pretty good, it seemed like she knew what she was doing and also like >>895264 said, at least she did something that wasn't just hauls or unboxings.

But I do remember the Kat Von D. suckign up like how when Kat was doing the red theme, she then did it and so on. But I also agree with >>895270 that you must have something wrong if you don't think anti vaxx/nazi stuff is reason enough to not support someone no matter how talented they are.

No. 895315

I agree with your entire comment. She sucked up to Kat BIG TIME and I don't think it's a coincidence she dropped off the face of the earth shortly after she was snubbed by her.

No. 895321

Well thats unfortunate cause Kai could have been a decent guy, but now he just looks completely nuts with all those obsessions. And I mean…really? Radfem groups are one of the biggest goldmines of insanity on the internet. I kinda want to know how a person can degrade into this lifestyle. All I can imagine about people who keep spewing unnecessary stuff like this 24/7 are still dwelling in mummy's basement and never socialize. You should only use sites like this for fun.
Didn't know his reddit stuff tho, dunno if I wanna look into it and give him attention, maybe later.

No. 895330

supposedly fraud and tax troubles. it's stuff people don't get arrested for unless they fuck up big time.

not asking to be spoon-fed but why is kai still relevant?

No. 895332

yea she went out of her way to say she didn't care they weren't friends and turned to sucking up to sugarpill instead. she went to that kvd beauty anniversary party and was genuinely upset she didn't get to spend one-on-one time with kat lel.

her makeup looks were neat but her attitude and whining in ig comments - mental illness or not - was a huge turnoff.

No. 895341

It makes me laugh how all of Jake's merch is just of his face.
Most youtubers that bring out merch come up with something creative and much less narcissistic.

No. 895357

I don't really understand why you'd have to bring up whether Kai is relevant or not. He doesn't upload all that often anyway and he doesn't seem to be interested in becoming popular or well known like that of Freya or Kaya.

I started watching him in 2016 when he did that React video to men's fashion and I've seen some of his comments like how he's admitted he's not a fan of Jake. But I don't know, he just seems at most, just there.

That's true. At least when Freya was doing merch, she just used her logo on generic stuff like coffins. Cliche' sure but at least it can feign some sort of loose creativity lol.

No. 895365

File: 1574191808914.png (187.26 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_2019-11-19-10-27-55…)

Hell even Kaya had decent merch with art she made. I think you can still buy it too because her store is still up (not that I would ever buy it) but at least she didnt just put her face on it and call it a day.

No. 895369

Cringing at the title but yeah anon, they actually do look decent. Too bad Jake lacks the creativity. Does anyone even buy his narcissist shirts anyway?

No. 895386

I completly agree. She always acted superior towards innocent questions and comments, and really got on my nerves.

No. 895399


Kaya is 26 years old. I know it’s irrelevant as the still point stands. It’s pathetic that she plays Pokémon go all day, complains about the weather and continues to use the tactics of a manipulative sponge at the age of 26. Her viewing figures for her most recent video have plummeted to 5k as I write this post, she used to get in the high 100k figures, if she truly wants to go to Barcelona an estate agent would laugh at her. Being a small youtuber and getting patreon donations simply wouldn’t be taken as a seriously viable income. A landlord wouldn’t want that tenant. What about all of her animals? No doubt she will do a Black Friday and leave them behind. She is delusional.

No. 895441

But even back then when she was making 100k views, it was mostly on reaction videos and her now ironic "What not to say to Goth girls" video. I think her first few haul videos may have cracked 100k but that was only because they were new for her at the time and now they barely touch the 10k view. You're right though, she's delusional if she thinks she'll be able to use this as her "income" when trying to move out of country.

No. 895446


Kaya needs to address her life seriously and in the perspective of an adult which she refuses to do. She displays real traits of several behavioural and personality disorders and I do genuinely fear for her future. She has no want of trajectory through a career, posses any actual ambition and is therefore unable to function in the “real world”. She wraps herself in a cocoon of fantasy, many of her tweets or statuses say “I wish I could” or “I wish there was” but has no intent on resolving her own real life issues. This is why her viewing figures have plummeted. Plenty of far more interesting, honest, decent youtubers have great content because they have lives.

No. 895447

Yep she "wishes" a lot but doesn't act on it when she has the capability to do so. And now with YouTube's policy change that'll into effect in December, she may not even be able to make money through YouTube itself anymore only relying 100% on Patreon.

No. 895499


Yep, she has lived out the Aesop’s fable: the ant and the grasshopper.

No. 895539

It’s not about him being gender critical, it’s him making a kiwifarms account pretending to be a woman and calling trans people ‘trannies’ while doing so.

No. 895544


I don’t understand why he’d latch on to an extreme ideology when he complains on reddit about no one being interested in dating him. Most gay men don’t like trans activism but don’t like radical feminism either. Kai already has a small dating pool as a gnc gay goth black man, from his reddit he only likes muscular men who are gay not bisexual, and now he’s radfem too.

No. 895618

the latest design - if you can call it that - is not good. like i know it has to be simple for printing purposes, but it just looks off.

also can you imagine wearing it out and someone asks who that is and you're like 'this guy online that does xyz'.

he really had to drill in the point that he's doing all the packing/shipping himself, like it's so fucking hard when he doesn't do much else and sends out about 100 shirts. ppl have small businesses that do way more, shut up already.

unfortunately yes, he posts the customers that tag him on ig, and the merch he wears in the video always gets sold.

it's going to be funny with fake and kaya moving, he was talking about how the first half of the next year he'll be "on hiatus" and seriously believes that having sunnier/warmer weather is going to get him to be more creative. yea i get that being outside when it's cloudy/cold isn't that great but there's ways to work around it. he's also way too giddy about the possibility of living in the gothic quarter for them uber goff points. i can see him doing the "freak vlogs" there going real well.

No. 895669

But are we really sure that he is a radfem? I've seen a few more of his comments, one of which on a Magdalen Berns video where she responded to Ash Hardell. It didn't sound all that unreasonable though it's pretty clear he doesn't believe in transgederism after seeing a comment he made on a video made by GNC Centric's channel but is simply not believing in transgenderism automatic grounds for being a radfem?

> unfortunately yes, he posts the customers that tag him on ig, and the merch he wears in the video always gets sold.

Ew… Well I guess that answers that. Just watch though. I can't help but feel that the young people who worship Jake will in 5 years regret buying his merch when they notice what kind of person he really is.

No. 895678


I don't think he realises the gothic quarter is named after the architecture and people, not mall goths.

No. 895752

Probably true. He doesn't seem too concerned with the cost of living in an urban centre either.

No. 895807

File: 1574278038263.png (210.17 KB, 1164x958, 79c3564cc7fd736916080b2b423539…)

Jake the Fake getting called out for his e-begging

No. 895819

I remember her claiming to be a year older than I was when we were both active on the PULL forums. I'm 28 now. I genuinely believe that she is older than she claims.

No. 895822

to be fair, she DID have merch originally that was just hot pink text with XXTOXICTEARSXX plastered all over it.

i doubt she designed this line herself - most likely had it submitted by a fan or something. if she did, she'd have bragged about it, but kaya has never displayed a shred of artistic talent up until this point and i somehow have a hard time believing she's just been hiding it out of humility.

No. 895823

good, though i like how he completely ignored the comment. this is weirdly worded and he doesn't do much gaming that he streams online so why does it even need to be that kind of pc.

No. 895828

File: 1574280246604.jpg (243.75 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20191120-200302_Chr…)

No. 895834

File: 1574280629813.jpg (124.74 KB, 891x369, gurugossiper.jpg)

Can anyone confirm the guru gossiper story? Maimagi has accused so many people of copying her and Manicmoth, honestly I'm not sure if she's simply a paranoid nut.

No. 895851

I can see it going both ways. Psychara has stolen tattoos, but Mai's designs tend to be incredibly derivative, and she always claims everyone is copying her stale shit. Most of her art seems to be rune-based, and all of that stuff looks similar.

No. 895855

Don't know if this is related, but Mai stopped selling art prints on her shop.

No. 895890

I’m pretty sure KF has a word filter that changes trans to tranny.

No. 895895


I am skeptical because there have been several posts claiming Psychara did xyz, she’s horrible, blah blah blah. And yet the evidence is shoddy and pulled from lolcow.

One minute they’re saying it was cameras, then she was jelly of Mai’s house, and now she’s an art thief once they all suspiciously start clothing lines…

No. 895899

And just watch him delete this post if that guy's reply gets more likes on it.

Yes lol.

No. 895977

Here's the instagram for Psychara's and Nina's fashion line. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff.


No. 895986

File: 1574312088121.jpg (503.89 KB, 1073x1029, 20191121_055106.jpg)

I think I might have found the alleged theft. Nina and Mara sell this…

No. 895987

File: 1574312124035.jpg (457.21 KB, 966x1246, 20191121_055240.jpg)

…and Mai sells this…

No. 896013

Oh wow. How fucking original. Never seen anything like it before!

No. 896025


Lol how can runes be stolen from Mai? Did she invent them 1800 years ago?

No. 896026


Lol how can runes be stolen from Mai? Did she invent them 1800 years ago?

No. 896032

LOL Mai is fucking ridiculous! Of course she invented runes and she is the mother of all fucking vikings!
On the last WGT Mai caused a ruckus at an exhibitor's booth, because she invented braided necklaces, how dare someone else sell them /s

No. 896035

…and Lila Chris told lots of people she is a very good friend of Moth merely weeks ago. JFC what a fucked up way to open your store with your wagon hitched to a drama queen.

No. 896052

Ive noticed an abundance of cows trying to get in the gaming scene lately, actually. Probably just because its (or they think it is) popular right now.

No. 896061

Just had a look at Mara's and Nina's clothing line. And don't get me wrong, it usn't good. It's clichéd and very clunky looking. But it is better than Mai's stuff. They actually have a range of designs, beyond "knotted belt with one ring, knotted belt with three rings, and double knottdd belt."

No. 896064

I find every cow's line clichéd and rough looking. Maimagi, Psychara, Manicmoth, they are supposed to have art degrees. Did they study at paid degree mills or why tf is their stuff so uninspired?

No. 896073

I have friends who attended the same school as Mara, and it is a legitimate school, if a bit freeform, as a lot of art programs are. I don't know about the others. But I kind of suspect that they just don't have to try very hard, since they trade on th ed ir name and image.

No. 896078


I honestly don’t see them as “artists”, it’s hard to explain. They’re just pretty much those annoying types you see at a lot of arts universities, who spend more time on their appearance than their work, they can draw a little bit but they’re not really “artists”.

No. 896113

File: 1574356081224.jpg (75.39 KB, 591x705, rui1kwn.jpg)

She had a few designs in the past with her face on them, although the cartoon style one looked nothing like her kek

No. 896227

File: 1574370049667.jpg (111.17 KB, 475x551, lolfemcels.jpg)

lilachris decided to suck up to maimagi for publicity despite openly hating her. two-faced bitch is really shameless huh.

No. 896231

ur right, they don't really care about art. it's more show than actual skills which pisses me off.

kaya wished she looked like this.

No. 896232

Classy. Also that outfit does nothing for Mai. She looks like she's about to hulk out and deck the photographer.

No. 896240

their shit looks like a cross between sovrin (who has been designing shirts/patches/etc that look similar, for a long time) and other typical tribal nordic shit everywhere else on etsy, that has been done for years and years (and probably centuries) as well. And they have the balls to say people are copying them???? lmao.

No. 896256

File: 1574372312926.jpg (14.45 KB, 304x405, vikingfacialreconstruction.jpg)

>like she's about to hulk out and deck the photographer
well you aren't wrong. actual viking women according to science:

>stifled laughter

>i'd go to raid and never come back

No. 896258

mai never looks good on any photos manicmoth picks for them. she is literally too dumb to realize how much her frenemy is picking on her.

No. 896262

True. But Mai couldn't weave a sail to till her life. I'm hoping one of these days she'll go full gudrun and burn her house down just to prove how much of a "viking" she is.

No. 896271

Yes because when I see bright blue hair and tons of makeup the first thing I think of is vikings.

Fr though, they look more like some type of hippie-raver hybrid rather than """vikings"""

No. 896281

It's as unoriginal as it gets. Only brain dead followers would buy them, but there are only so many. Mara and Nina can't be making profits.
I kind of suspect Lila Chris' business isn't going well, why otherwise would she tolerate Mai. Her disdain for Mai is so transparent. I wanna be a fly when they are in the same room lmao.


No. 896292

How has Lilachris openly hated on Mai? I can't find the milk but then again I haven't been paying much attention to her socials lately.
Lilachris' feed is regurgitated outfits that lack taste and creativity.
She can't be fucked to try a different pose or background setting, so every photo looks like a repost from last week. I don't understand the hype.

As conceited and fake as they are- at least Mai, Annika and Mara have a sense of style. They put an artistic spin on their looks. The editorial photoshoots are aesthetically pleasing, unlike the grey background and uninspired shillstar on every single post. I won't mention the cursed eyebrows.

No. 896306

Psychara seems to have handpicked only the best of her skinwalkers into her inner circle now that the og copycat- Mai, is out of the picture. These girls have ripped her aesthetic to a T but I guess she likes being queen bee.

There's falvae, the master of crappy contouring and facetuning her skin to oblivion. Her photos would be actually nice if she didn't do the gaudy makeup that makes her look like a botched latex sex doll who's trying to cosplay Psychara.

Nina seems nice and all, but I woudln't be surpised if she's doing all the labor for bosheks based on how much she sucks up to Mara.

Next there's livkae, who is almost indistinguishable from Mara. I mean she even does her eyebrows in the same shape and color. All these girls dye their hair the same color to match Psycharas, they match their outfit and makeup- what else can you rip off?
Maybe Psychara should sell a mask with her face printed on it so the ladies can buy that from her shop to satisfy their obsession.

No. 896321

File: 1574381584683.jpeg (28.11 KB, 474x474, twat.jpeg)

They were witnessed in a quarrel not long ago. Other people I talked to said in no uncertain terms that Lilachris has been very vocal about her bad opinion on Mai.
It's quite popular to hate on Mai, but everyone else just stays the fuck away from the psycho while this idiot is up her ass.

No. 896326

>I won't mention the cursed eyebrows
>gaudy makeup that makes her look like a botched latex sex doll
>Maybe Psychara should sell a mask with her face printed on it

anon is handing out roasts like a pro kek, luv it

No. 896354

sorry to be that anon but who is nina?

No. 896357

@ninahexna is psychara's new fat friend. her og fat friend is zombiesenn, new insta name is @senn.shine

No. 896359

Nina isn't fat, I find her to be very attractive. She just looks big next to Psychara. Also didn't anon say months back that Psychara has an alleged ED?

No. 896362

Anyone got milk on Avelina deMoray? She's been posting stories of herself crying without explanation or context. Also her husband is nowhere to be seen in her myriad of oversharing stories (she just publicly posted where her son will be going to school, wtf).
I'm wondering if they're having marriage troubles?

No. 896366

she'd be qualified for plus size modeling. anyone with a neck ain't really obese.

are anons here close to nina? i'd be dying to know whether your assumption is correct. it would a shame to let a friend do all the work in the background tho

post her stories?

No. 896371

There’s no point in posting screenshots here because she’s just talking to the camera- she zooms I’m on her son and asks which school he’s going to and then says it again to the camera. I don’t want to repeat the name of the school- as dumb as she is to post it to her 30k followers, I feel bad for her kids. The story is still up right now for anyone to see though.

No. 896379


Absolutely NTA to this conversation other than to say, you guys are the reason why I love coming to lolcow. Thanks for the laughs, I needed it.

No. 896443

File: 1574409359876.jpg (7.69 KB, 210x240, wallace.jpg)

who knew viking women were just wallace from wallace and gromit in a wig

No. 896448

Nitpick, but that needs an apostrophe.

No. 896455

Who cares….

No. 896459

So who thinks IBF and Mister Owl finally got married? All this talk then nothing. I nothing has happened. There's always a long winded story about why things don't happen. She's finally disappeared lol.

No. 896491

I didn't see anything except horseface showing her baby bump so maybe it's hormones? I thought she miscarried?

No. 896552

Could be a possible, she has been pretty quietly which is not like her since she always posts every other day. That or maybe she's in the middle of trying to go to another country lol.

No. 896561

Or she's in some sort of legal trouble, relating to her UJ residency or the storage man she refused to pay. Though that might be tinfoil.

No. 896563

Everyone looks fat next to that ana-chan

No. 896567

it doesn't look like her but it is a lovely drawing and I like the design overall. still leagues better than Jakes

No. 896572

There's this one Anon calling Mara ana chan all the time. But do you actually know something we don't? She certainly flaunts the fact that she's skinny, but that doesn't make her anorexic.

No. 896583

Psychara is naturally skinny like the rest of her female kins. It's just strange she needs to emphasize how smol and petite she is every. single. time. Come on, someone is clearly obsessed with weight in an unhealthy way.

No. 896586

File: 1574450383658.jpg (46.03 KB, 408x506, natural-eyebrows.jpg)

what lilachris thinks she does kekeke

No. 896588

I don't know if anyone else caught it, but on a livestream a few days ago Angela flat out said she didn't like ibf or kaya. It had to do with the sophie lanchester calendar drama.

No. 896591

I saw that! She also said it was because ibf and kaya slandered her friends online business and got their minions to bully her until she had to close it down. I don't think she mentioned who the friend was or the name of the shop. Did anyone catch that bit?

No. 896599

This is old. The shop is called necromancy and the owner was quiet public in throwing all the be back at them

No. 896613

The shop didnt shut down. Ive bought stuff from there and the owner is really nice. She haa a radio show as well. Kaya was just throwing a tantrum because she posted pictures of makeup and she got offended. The owner has been around a long time and I don't think she cares at all. She is the woman who made tge calendar project and its still going. At least she's doing something good. TT and Jake do nothing.

No. 896636

She talks about toxic tears and jake in another q&a as well.

Unfortunately I only caught some of that stream because I was busy, but I didn't catch that part. Do you remember exactly what she said?

No. 896653

People were asking her what she thought about ibf and she said that she seems to listen to the music but as a person she doesn't like her because she saw some shady things happen. She mentioned snubbing Sophie's mum and whinging about people trying to make her feel guilty and do things. She said that ibf and kaya went on all of their social media to lie about her saying that that necromancy girl was bullying them and warning people to stay away from her shop. All their fans attacked her and she had to take her social media offline.

No. 896656

People were asking her what she thought about ibf and she said that she seems to listen to the music but as a person she doesn't like her because she saw some shady things happen. She mentioned snubbing Sophie's mum and whinging about people trying to make her feel guilty and do things. She said that ibf and kaya went on all of their social media to lie about her saying that that necromancy girl was bullying them and warning people to stay away from her shop. All their fans attacked her and she had to take her social media offline.

No. 896657

You're reading too much into some classic name calling.

No. 896658

Someone screenshots her friend's private fb status about not liking ibf because she flaunts expensive clothing and makes the goth fashion look unattainable to young goths. That person sent the screenshot to ibf and ibf relentlessly posted it about it on twitter calling her a bully. IBF along with tt got their fans to leave one star reviews on the owner's shop and bully her.

No. 896660

I remember the Sophie Lancaster calendar fiasco, it was the one for 2018 and I can't remember where I heard this but it pretty much mirrors what >>896613 said. It started when Kaya posted a picture of a pile of makeup she was sent and the shop owner said something along the lines of Kaya being wasteful or something like that when Kaya said she didn't even need that much of it and instead of doing a giveaway, she horded it (for all we know, it's still gathering dust in her closet).

And then with IBF, Sophie Lancaster's mom asked her if she could spread a little awareness about the calendar (a short little tweet) and IBF refused because she wasn't asked to be a part of it.

So I'm not surprised that Angela doesn't like IBF or Kaya/Jake. IBF is a shady self-victimizer and Kaya/Jake are scumbag leeches.

I didn't know that part with the negative reviews and that's just petty.

No. 896661

Samefag I goofed on the IBF/Sophie Lancaster mom. She wasn't asking her to spread awareness of the calendar but just the organization though the calendar was being promoted alongside it.

No. 896664

I think the main reason why TT or IBF didn't get asked to be in the calendar project is because they're immature and tbh why would she ask them to be in it after they both decided to set all their fans on her? That's total bullying and against the point of the project. They're both drama queens and not good examples of the goth community.

No. 896665

Oh yeah, I remember the necromancy clothing thing. Wasn't the thing she said about Kaya a private facebook screenshot that someone shared, and the she got dragged for it?

I also know Angela doesn't like TT/Jake because of the stuff she talked about in her q&a. The way TT handled that whole situation was pitiful.

No. 896672

At what point, in what I wrote, did I say it shut down?
Learn to comprehend

No. 896675

NTA but they probably meant to reply to the post above yours that said she had to shut down.

No. 896676

She said ibf was a hypocrite because after France she was making videos and tweeting about goth discrimination but when Sophie's mum asked her to RT the calendar when someone literally died because of goth discrimination ibf ignored her and tweeted in a strop about people trying to make her feel guilty about it.

No. 896677

So froyo only cares about goth discrimination when it affects her? Wow, I'm shocked.

And let's be honest, most of the times she complained about goth discrimination it wasn't even that.

No. 896691

Exactly. Never we, always me.

No. 896703

She's one of those people like "I was JUST about to do this, but now that you DEMANDED I do it I'm not going to" isn't she?

No. 896705

>>896672 was talking about >>896591 Sooooooorryyyyyyy

No. 896710

This too. I remember IBF tweeted something about how she shouldn't feel guilty for not wanting to talk about something that didn't concern her.

Oh I'm sure that's the reason they weren't included in the Calendar portion. They do nothing for the scene, two of which aren't even Goths to begin with but seeing how IBF acted so stuck up her ass about a cause that she herself lamented about so much in the year prior, you'd think she'd have the compassion to spread awareness about an event where someone literally lost their life to it.

Pretty much.

No. 896713

am I the only one who doesn't believe kaya, freya or jake even have depression? they only ever bring it up as an excuse. kaya has said she has "depression" for years but has done nothing to try and get help. if she lived in america I would get it, but isn't therapy free in ireland? jake said he thinks he has bipolar disorder but never tried to get help either. I don't know if froyo has been diagnosed or not, but she only ever brings it up as an excuse.

I'm not saying they don't necessarily have it and I'm not trying to make light of mental health or anything like that, I'm just really skeptical that they have it.

No. 896718

agree. it's a combination of stupidity and laziness.

No. 896726


I actually wondered the same thing. She’s been too quiet lately. I feel like if she were planning another trip, she’d make a video or two to get a little money, take a couple of pics, cry on Twitter about evil normies throwing holy water at her to get sympathy donations….her usual shtick. It’s hard for me to accept that perhaps, Freya has been responsible enough to get her life in order, she’s been so spastic over so many years.

No. 896729


Sorry for samefagging, but is it just me being bad at searching, or did Barnaby either change his usernames on social media or completely removed them? I know he had an Instagram a while back and I can’t find it anymore.

No. 896731

No. 896751


Thank you!!! I kept getting silly junk in my search.

No. 896830

I remember that post. As far as I could tell, Kaya received a bunch of makeup from a friend who went vegan and got rid of non vegan makeup. Then some chick commented on the post dragging her and asking how a picture of makeup helped the goth community. Maybe there was more stuff behind the scenes, but it seemed a little out there to make that comment on a random picture of makeup.

No. 896843

I remember that post and it was like 800USD of make-up. There was no context other than the pic and a caption about how much she loves her haul. People were commenting about how lucky she was to afford it all and some asked her where she got it all. She responded to the praise and ignored all the questions about where it came from. A few people said she was gloating but no one dragged her. The next night she blog posted on FB about it being from a friend. If that's true she she should have said so when she posted that pic or when her fans asked her where it came from.

No. 896856

Actually Kaya posted the gloat image of the haul… the woman from Necromancy saw it and made a personal private FB post about it saying it was vacuous and couldn't understand wtf was happening in the scene online. Shes much older and I guess it was her opinion. Anyway THAT post got leaked to Kaya and the tirade began. I was on that page but its an old account and it doesn't exist anymore. The woman did go and reply to the 500 comments made for this one opinion and it ended. It just goes to show that YouTube minions are completely gullible to the cries of a lazy useless cunt whos never worked for anything she's received for free and sets a standard as an influencer to a level thats below zero. In addition to this IBF posted in a YouTube creator fb page about it warning people not to collaborate with the woman because of this post and other commemts similar to this about IBF. She tried to boycott the store… pretty pathetic really. Its old news but in theory nothing has changed. Ppl like TT and IBF are only looking for sympathy and hand outs. That is their legacy. Period.

No. 896862

File: 1574499619547.jpg (216.98 KB, 730x1246, 1488268987948.jpg)

It wasn't a comment on Kaya's pic. It was a private personal facebook post the necromancy chick made about that someone leaked.

Kaya is such a peace of shit. Like it's one thing to be a whiny neet beggar with a hoarding problem, but then to drag other hard working people's businesses on top of that. That clothing brand might have been her livelihood.

No. 896870

Lol classic. She didn't sound offensive just an opinion. Kaya is such a child.

No. 896871

No. 896909

I saw @lilachris mentioned in the thread and I'd like to contribute the somewhat shady background story of her shop. The founders @lilachris, @eerie_elli and other employees used to work for another gothic store in Hamburg, Colours Store. Its owner has been around for two and half decades, they learnt everything they know about retail in his store, then decided to leave in a pack and stab him in the back, which eventually led to the opening of Nyctophilia Shop. During their time as employees they spoke ill of the owner and Colours behind his back, so when they left it was apparently on bad terms.
TLDR: eyebrows wonder and her mates betrayed their old boss and they think they can run a better clone of his shop. It's poor taste conduct in plain sight.

YT video shows @lilachris and @eerie_elli in the old Colours Store.

No. 896937

Ah okay, that makes even more sense. But it's true, having a gloat image of a shit ton of makeup doesn't do anything for the Goth scene but like I said before, she's not a Goth so I can't even complain.

So this is the picture. The person made a good point though and it just shows what a vapid scumbag leech Kaya really is. Me Me Me.

No. 897019

This is old. Shes trying so hard.

No. 897041

Would you anons be so kind and write summaries?

No. 897045

She got a job as a community social media manager in customer service in corporate. She has a masters in English literature which doesn't qualify for anything but teaching… she now has a shop if her own but I dont see how that will last. Retail sales are hard to compete with online sites… the only reason she left the other job was because she couldn't get time off for festivals. I imagine thats why she didn't last in corporate very long… carving out personal time is not exactly commitment to a career. She's really boring to listen to…..

No. 897052

Her whining about missing festivals and working on saturdays was really a turn of. Bitch please, this is how most adults get their paycheck. Deal with it. I agree with you, I think she didn't last in corporate environment with her immature attitude, that's why she went back to retail. She is simply too stupid for any sophisticated job like teaching. Just look at her incoherent rambling in English, it's nowhere good enough for someone with a graduate degree. This video is a big fat nope for any recruiter, this woman flat out declared she has no ambitions in life other than make up and partying, she wants a free ride because she is a little bit famous on the internet. If she wasn't entitled to welfare, then she was mooching off her boyfriend's money. I mean someone had to pay their rent, right?

No. 897054


Also, here's the video of her bellyaching about working at Colours like a big ass baby. Never heard somebody whine and complain so much in my life…

No. 897055

OMG we found a new horror cow. Kaya's sister LMAO!

No. 897071

She's trying to find her way but lacks commitment. Try and stick to what youre good at. Complaining.

No. 897075

File: 1574555944694.jpg (164.68 KB, 874x611, lilachris first world problem.…)

She even became argumentative when she got sensible answers.
"not every shop owner is a cruel monster" - quite the implication what she really thinks about her boss. They should be happy they got rid of her. Pretending to be all nice on the front to them.

No. 897081

yea i don't like to question those sort of things, but if they had issues i would think they'd want to do something about it besides just bitch online. but there's a lot of ppl who do b/c they get asspats and an echo chamber of praise or whatever and the cycle repeats, it's gross.

also, i've noticed fake usually just brings it up when it gets dark early, but never see him or kaya really addressing anything beyond being "tired" or "busy" and it's like, so are a lot of ppl and they actually do stuff besides post on twitter and make videos.

speaking of which, his latest try not to laugh challenge was super cringe, he definitely failed but clarified what he considered laughing so he could declare himself a 'champion'. much like he made up his own definition of goth to constantly use the label for clicks and views.

No. 897083

cruel monster = my boss made me work full shifts on four days a week and I wasn't free on saturdays, pity me uwu

someone make this girl work in the sweatshops where her beloved shillstar clothing is produced.

No. 897084

Something tells me she will be pissing off her employees and business partners in no time. I never realized quite how milky she was. No wonder she wants to skinwalk manic mooch.

No. 897085

Agreed Anon.

No. 897113

I remember this video and she really was shooting herself in the foot quitting. Having a job where you like the environment, coworkers, and the customers while getting paid decently (I assume since she worked there for so long) is hard to come by and there's no guarantee her shop is gonna last. Alternative is a niche market and not all become the next Hot Topic.

I get that she wants to travel, it's normal but she should've just saved what money she could and made herself a safety net while working in a place she liked.

No. 897116

OT but I really like her makeup in this video.. a shame her instagram is so repetitive. she could really show case her makeup better.

also her youtube videos are sooo boring to watch. I want to like her but I just get bored with all those "uuum's". even kaya is more entertaining to watch..

No. 897152

What a fucking snowflake…. talking about exploitation and THE SYSTEM…. jesus christ. Some9ne gave her an opportunity and she thinks she knows better… Shes 27 or now… 29 and still hasn't figured it out. Shes going to get a dose of reality paying rent for a shop and not being able to sell stock and still expect to party and have any revenue. Shes had no business management training either. Life is not fashion and hair dye…. this generation have absolutely no idea. She's going to need another back up plan… goth shops are niche. Not mainstream.

No. 897155

Why is she wearing a crown? It looks like kids party wear.

No. 897245

Something tells me she couldn't have missed the messy situation of Manic Mooch's legal fallout and still decided to go all in with her. She's either very dumb or very gullible.

No. 897260

File: 1574614009077.jpg (88.5 KB, 676x609, screenshot.jpg)

Not only that she has no business management training, her LinkedIn CV looks fishy as well. Every job position is under 2 years, it's considered a red flag in HR for someone who can't hold a job. Another red flag is her attempt to embellish her jobs' importance, implying a full-time position when it's not true. All her positions must have been either mini job (marginal employment, €450 job) or part-time, which also explains the reason Lilachris wasn't eligible for welfare, like she said in her videos. In order to receive unemployment benefits in Germany, you have to work for 2 years in a job subject to compulsory insurance to be eligible to apply. Likely she worked for very few hours in her jobs, which cancels the obligatory insurance, therefore she couldn't apply.
Then the fucking snowflake has the damn nerve to complain about her work… she never worked in a real job in her whole coddled life, for fuck's sake.

No. 897307

But wait, if she was working limited hours, how was she staying afloat financially? Was someone paying her bills? I don't know what student financial aid is like in Germany, but I don't think it would be enough to live on, especially if you want to party a lot.

No. 897314

Yeah hearing all that makes it worse. I didn't know she that she didn't have any business management training and that is quite crucial for people who want to run their own business. >>897152 is right, when it comes time to pay the rent and all the other expenses of running a shop, she's gonna get hit hard with a dose of reality about what really goes into running a shop. She was better off at the shop and holding on just a little longer to save more money.

She was most likely getting help from either her boyfriend, parents, or both. It's the only other thing I can think of that could have happened after she quit her corporate job.

No. 897349

I wonder who's fronting the money for this? Her business partners maybe. She can't have built up a lot of savings on her own and I doubt it would be easy for her to get a loan if she lacks formal business training and has a spotty employment history. I live in a western european country, and here startups can qualify for government subsidies if they are run by someone who was previously unemployed. Is something similar true for Germany? Even then your business does actually have to show promise to qualify.

Starting a retail business costs quite a bit up front. Hope she doesn't plunge her friends into debt or bankrupsy. No wonder she's got her head stuck up Manic Mooch's ass and is even willing to tolerate Mai. She needs all the help she can get.

No. 897387

She talked about a bank appointment with eerie_elli on Instagram, I'm afraid your fears are correct. If things go south her friend is going to pay for her stupidity, if she was naive enough to cosign the bank loan.

found her joint account with her boyfriend:

Pencil pusher no. 3 is allegedly a journalist. Not exactly the profession to be rich sugar daddy to a womanchild. Can't shake the impression the MMs and her prey on the same kind of guy: never talking, low self esteem dude who thinks the airhead is a great catch when she is actually a liability.

No. 897405


>But wait, if she was working limited hours, how was she staying afloat financially?

I was wondering the same thing when I was watching the video about her leaving Colours… They're either not being honest, doing stuff on the side, or sponge off of family, friends, and partners. Maybe all of the above. She's the only one in the group that's close the witchy goths who is honest about the fact she doesn't like to work, and she is either too dumb or too lazy to use her education to her benefit.

No. 897482

I have no idea, but I'm guessing parents/boyfriend/both

No. 897596

29 and mummy and daddy still wipe her ass….

No. 897605

I just watched Dorian's video about her gender queerness, and I'm honestly confused because she contradicts herself several times..

She says that some people think you have to feel dysphoria wearing the clothes of your assigned gender in order to be trans. In other words, she'd wear a skirt and people would say she's not really trans because she doesn't feel dysphoric in it. She says that it isn't really about feeling uncomfortable in the wrong clothing, it's about feeling more comfortable in the right clothing. She says that when she wears boy's clothing she feels like her true self, and looks in the mirror and thinks "yeah, this is what I'm supposed to look like" and that she can't step away from the mirror. But then she gets bored after a few days and wants to go back to experiencing with makeup, and going back to her "fun clothes" that are actually interesting instead of just "blazers, and tank tops, and jeans". She says that it's more important to her to look in the mirror and like what she sees than looking like a dude at all costs. Like… wouldn't that mean she's more comfortable in women's clothing…? I just…

She also said she's glad she never transitioned, but never says why. But she also said she knows she's a boy deep down.

I didn't summarize the entire video, there were a few bits I left out. I just don't have the mental energy for that, sorry.

No. 897607

so she looks at gender the same way as at goth. all about the fashion with no further thought.

No. 897609

I wouldn't say that, because she sees herself as a boy (says she "knows she's a boy deep down") in spite of wearing female fashion and makeup the vast majority of the time.

also she really does have an interest in goth music, or at least the subculture. she has a lot of videos about her experiences with goth clubs and the scene in general.

No. 897613

She's a transtrender

No. 897616

File: 1574684841622.webm (8.01 MB, 720x720, media.io_75989288_256713574002…)

Speaking of Dorian, here is her IG clip of her room decluttering for posterity. Let's see how long it lasts.

No. 897618

Agreed. Whatever else you can say about Dorian (and there's a lot…) she does have a real interest in Goth. She's been to a lot of gothclubs and concerts in her time, and recently made a video inspired by skullgirdle, talking about her favourite current goth bands.
You can be a goth and still be a trainwreck.

No. 897619

File: 1574686223223.jpg (66.01 KB, 1080x1080, 72614063_2484589525201140_6504…)

Checking in on our other subjects:

Emily Boo posted her 10 Year Challenge.

>10 year challenge… Haven't changed thaaat much #10yearchallenge #glowup #piercings #gothgirl #gothgirls #alternativegirl #alternative #alwaysweird

2019-11-25 10:56:27 GMT

No. 897621

File: 1574686429313.jpg (73.45 KB, 1071x1280, 72785140_533826937399075_61849…)

Adora flaunted her naughtiness…

>What happens in a hotel room stays in the hotel room. …and makes my instagram! #goth #gothgirl #gothmodel

2019-11-17 15:53:27 GMT

No. 897624

File: 1574686510522.jpg (87.1 KB, 1080x1080, 74601351_449708659082559_53998…)


Her ana-physique…

>This bikini was also a finding from yesterday. 10 kr/$1 per piece!!! OK, don't know if I will ever be caught wearing a pink bikini, but now it might happen. #embarrassedgoth #bikini #gothundercover

2019-11-22 08:32:15 GMT

No. 897626

File: 1574686577222.jpg (75.64 KB, 1080x1256, 73009829_552346555618978_76040…)


And her love of money.

>#Fridayboobs No money in the world can keep my heart warm, but I'm willing to try… #goth #gothgirl #gothmodel #capitalist #keepbuyingmyusedunderwear #ilovegreen #letitrain

2019-11-23 01:34:32 GMT

No. 897627

Are you the same Anon who just posts everything Kaya posts? Because especially the first post about Emily isn't milk

No. 897630


No. Does that anon use the same format I am using? And if they post only Kaya's posts, why would they post anything else?

Emily is blatantly hungry for asspats. "Please tell me how much I've changed!"

No. 897633

File: 1574689101460.jpg (64.35 KB, 720x720, 75483286_438953503428433_77151…)

Kat launched @VONDSHOES on #WORLDVEGANDAY November 1st because of course she did. How deep does her commitment to eco-warriorism run? Where are her shoes manufactured? Is the PVC made with minimal impact on the environment?

And is she celeb enough for her shoe line to have the same filter down effect on the market as her cosmetics, ie will we see smaller brand mimicry and Chinese knockoffs?

She is "finally releasing my album in Spring and getting to tour the world with @prayers". I haven't paid attention to whether or not she can sing.

She has tattoo regrets and is simultaneously erasing and covering. "I'm currently working on lasering off both my upper arms — getting rid of a bunch of old tattoos that I got when I was young".

>I’m so in love with my new blacked out arm tattooed by @hoode215! Can’t believe it only took him 1.5 hours - and it’s the most consistent, true black I have ever seen!

2019-11-04 19:46:59 GMT

No. 897636

File: 1574689744372.png (1.04 MB, 800x1074, Screenshot_2019-11-25-05-42-49…)


A sampling of her shoe designs.

No. 897644

Ruadhán weighed in during the peak of the debate over whether the Goth subculture is foremost a music-based subculture and we forgot to notice.

A "Music-Based Subculture" Probably Isn't What You Think

Fun fact: "It's all about the music" was Hot Topic's marketing slogan from about 1998 to 2010. Think about that.

Because Hot Topic's exploitation marketing strategy invalidates an existing subculture?

No. 897647

afterwards it's still cluttered, it was just such a hoarder hellhole that any sort of clean up looks amazing. i can't believe she chose to live in such a room.

No. 897650

File: 1574692162512.jpg (100.14 KB, 515x800, WhatisGothBigWEB.jpg)

Speaking of declaring oneself the arbiter of Goth subculture while also profiting from it, has anyone here seen Voltaire's book?


Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Weiser Books (August 1, 2004)

What Is Goth? dispels the false stereotypes and reinforces the true ones surrounding Goths and Goth culture. "To the mundane," Voltaire writes, "Goths are weird, black-clad freaks who are obsessed with death; they are sad all of the time. Take a closer look at the Goth scene, however, and you will find a rich tapestry of ideas and practices and a menagerie of colorful characters. Oh, dear. I said ‘colorful.’"

This illustrated answer to What Is Goth? shows readers how to:

• Identify the anatomies of different kinds of Goths: CyberGoths, Rivet-Heads, Romantigoths, Goth-a-billies, and more

• Write a poem (Mad Libs style) with the Gothic Poem Generator

• Properly dance the dances of darkness: "Cobwebs in the Attic," "The Gothic Tai Chi Dance," "Pulling the Evil Taffy"

Yes, Goths are pale, wear black clothing, love black makeup (on men and women), mope, listen to real downer music, and perfect the art of living in a perpetual state of ennui and melancholy. But there’s so much more to being Goth. Goths come from all walks of life. Many are teenagers who live with their parents; others are doctors, lawyers, musicians, and so on. Most Goths are highly literate and creative, but all real Goths have to dress the part. In other words, "Abandon all hope ye who enter a Goth club in khakis!"

Eerily illustrated, What Is Goth? is the perfect book for any Goth, Goth wannabe, or "mundane" who is hopelessly confused by all the gloom.

What is Goth? cemented Voltaire's place as an authority on the Gothic subculture and lead to TV appearances on Fox News, MTV and others. You can see those videos on the TV page here on Voltaire.net (http://www.voltaire.net/on_camera)

No. 897652

Oh Ruadhan. Being a contrarian edgelord again? I think he's hoping to repeat the success of his IBF video, and just trying to stir up as much trouble as possible. Remember when he accused Dorian of "starting drama for attention?" Not saying she doesn't do that, but pot, meet obnoxious squat kettle. For all his railing against big goth youtubers cashing in, he sure does plug his patreon, paypall, and amazon wishlist all the time. If he got the views for it he would sell out in no time.

No. 897656


From the man who, 15 years later, unironically shops at Spirit Halloween for housewares.

No. 897661


I thought the video had been posted in the previous thread, but it had not.

Including the entire caption to document Dorian's self-marketing:

EXTREME TIDYING! Meet the WORST MESS You Have Ever Seen!

Of Herbs and Altars
72.3K subscribers
Published on Nov 5, 2019

I was NOT exaggerating when I said the mess was BAD! XD This is Hoarder to Order, version Do It All Yourself! Yeahhh - I've basically always been messy, with occasional intervals of extreme tidiness, though those have usually correlated with eating disordered relapses or amphetamine abuse; weirdly the more happy & functional I am, the worse the mess becomes? I think happy & functional, for me = writing a lot, & a day spent tidying not writing feels like wasted time. But the EXTREME level of filth this time around is by far the worst it's ever been, & had reached that level due to the year & a half of bottle-of-Jack-a-day alcoholism circa 2017, & by the time I got sober the chaos had become TOO daunting to even tackle, so I just…didn't… For two years! Plus, obviously, there is the Shame Factor in allowing others to help, particularly when you have crazy suicidal graffiti all over your walls due to being drunk & crazy in 2017 - so great to have that almost entirely gone now! :3

It took me, in the end, round about 5-7 hours a day, every day for a straight week, then a bit more time building furniture & painting, but dear god, it has been so ABSOLUTELY worth it, & I actually enjoyed a lot of the tidying, found some wonderful old clothes, photographs, mementos of youth etc, & now I feel like everything in my life is far better organised; I can't lose all my video & writing idea notes, I have desk-space to stick Post-It reminders, & having a calmer-feeling sanctuary has meant that actually, while a lot of this tidying was driven by 'I want this place in order so it's easier to MOVE OUT as soon as possible', I'm suddenly finding that my family are not driving me half so crazy, because it's far easier to unwind & let things go in a space that feels good, & in control :3 So, I shall be recording my second tidying video soon, with all my tips, both practical & motivation-wise, on how tf to get this done if you too are starting at EXTREME, daunting, GarbageLand level, heh, so stick around if you feel you need that - I know a lot of you guys relate on the Born Messy front, so this one's for you - my mess was almost certainly EVEN WORSE than yours, but it can be done, & you will be so happy when you get there! :D

Song at the end; backing track is from the YouTube Audio Library, called Free Dog, & if anyone has a particular fondness for my total bastardisation of said track, lemme know & I'll stick the audio up on Patreon or something!

-Patreon.com/ofherbsandaltars – where secret videos & dragon scale glove giveaways happen, & most of my YouTube content you will get early access to - $2 gets you in the club – join usssss! :D
-Instagram – ofherbsandaltars
-My book of horror stories, including a vampire novella, which is a prelude to the novel I'm working on currently: search Amazon for The Putrescent Vein, available in print or on Kindle! :3
-Music – Amazon, iTunes, Spotify: 4am Vampire Blues by Neon Midnight, iTunes linkiepoo is here: https://music.apple.com/us/album/4am-vampire-blues/1055369459
-And album number 2, Retribution, is here: https://music.apple.com/album/1162784834?app=itunes&ls=1
-Angry Vampires – ofherbsandaltars.wordpress.com
-Short stories – theputrescentvein.wordpress.com
-FB – www.facebook.com/ofherbsandaltars

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have a new PO Box, so scrap the old address if you have it, I’m now overr hyarr!:
Dorian B
Initial Business Centre
Wilson Business Park
M40 8WN
–if sending anything to PO Box, please mark as 'gift' so I'm not hit with customs charges! I appreciate everyone who takes the time, but customs charges are super hard to sort out via a PO Box and can sometimes result in the item being returned to sender before I get it sorted :-/ so yeah, mark as gift and all should go smoothly!—

No. 897703

Thanks for breaking it down anon because I did see that video pop up in my recommendations and when I saw the title, I just thought it was ridiculous with the implication that one would really kill themselves just because a few people out there will not give them their preferred pronouns, nothing but first world problems.

> She says that it isn't really about feeling uncomfortable in the wrong clothing, it's about feeling more comfortable in the right clothing

What does that even mean? lol

> She also said she's glad she never transitioned, but never says why.

Because she's knows that artificial testosterone is a powerful drug and it really does alter your appearance. She's obsessed with youth and taking T would age her to look more like a stereotypical man and this is what scares the trenders the most. That once you do that, there is no going back.

Yup. You can be a Goth and have your life more or less together like Angela or Skullgirdle or be an absolute trainwreck like Dorian or Freya.

No. 897706

It is a music-based subculture that literally came from music. Joy Division didn't even look like a "Goth" band but it was the music that did the talking lol.

The fact that he really put Rivet-heads in the same breath of Goth tells me all I need to know about it lol. Voltaire is provably the last person I'd want to hear explain what Goth is.

You're most likely right. Why is he trying so hard? Instead of trying to go somewhat viral again like he did during the IBF fiasco, he should focus on making good content and maybe he'd get somewhere.

No. 897719

or lilachris got inheritance like maimagi, she was just not as vocal. but i'd rather bet on savings/parents/loan.

No. 897722

kat's blacked out arm is hideous! WTF. her shoe designs look like demonia or pleaser rip offs. tinfoil: if her mimicry is too close, she'll be slapped with copyright lawsuits. might be worth watching closely.

No. 897724

btw thx to the anons who posted so many interesting updates today

No. 897747

I don't know what Dorian's reasons for not transitioning are. But it's multiple major surgeries and a lifetime of medication. I have a relative who is trans, but cannot undergo the surgery she wants because of an auto-immune disease making it extremely risky. Other people feel that openly transitioning could be physically dangerous for them, cannot afford it, or are simply scared of surgery. Or they fear that they will not be able to "pass" after the surgery and therefore don't get it for fear of being ridiculed. Doesn't make them less trans.

No. 897748

Does anyone have any idea if Ruadhan actually used the money his Gofundme raised for an exterminator? I don't really watch his stuff because it's mostly endless rambling, and I just can't sit through hours of him talking to his cats to get to thr milk. But if anybody knows please tell.

No. 897751

Yeh but he only has 2 patrons and gets 14 dollars per month so I guess it isn't working too well.

No. 897763

File: 1574710671908.jpg (349.36 KB, 1019x1275, 20191125_203414.jpg)

Is it me, or is the way Mara keeps pointing out how she's still really good friends with her first fat friend despite her second fat friend kinda weird? I know people have speculated about it on here and she lurks. But it seems like something people wouldn't worry about if they were secure in their friendship.

No. 897792

Okay so I have some Dorian milk that I'm surprised no one else has talked about.
If any of you have watched Dorian's videos during her year long drunken train wreck phase- she'd often upload videos where she was inebriated and then delete them an hour later.

At one point she made a few videos about her childhood. I can't remember the specifics, it was a while ago and there's no existing footage of these videos anymore, but she was talking about her bio father being abusive towards her, making comments on her body- hips and breasts to be exact. She then said he was one of the reasons for her eating disorder.

Then, in another video she was talking about someone in her family who had done something to her when she was a young teen, and her mother not believing her about it. It was heavily implied that it was sexual- idk if she got molested or even raped. She did not specify but it was clearly distressing.

I connected the dots and it was clear that it was her bio father although in the video she never named this mysterious "family member". The video was deleted FAST.

I'm sorry I can't provide evidence but maybe a fellow anon can back me up?

Anyways, I have a theory that her fathers abuse is the reason Dorian isn't comfortable with herself as a woman. I don't think she has gender dysphoria- I think she connects being feminine and having a female body with the abuse she experienced and seeing herself as male instead alleviates that stress. I think it's a coping mechanism for her.

It's honestly sad that this is how she's had to deal with it.

No. 897798

File: 1574716697121.png (139.34 KB, 595x805, Screenshot_2019-11-25-12-16-42…)

Speaking of Ruadhan, someone posted this in an older thread, if anyone cares.

No. 897805

This has been discussed before, and I think you're right. Especially since she's also mentioned that her Dad is a mysoginist and she has internalised some of that.

No. 897831

doubt it because demonia rips off everyone else so they wouldn't have a leg to stand on

No. 897832

Ruadhan's shop seems to be mostly public domain images printed on buttons. Is it okay to use band images etc for sales? I honestly don't know but I doubt bone orchard or the tiger lillies signed off on this.

No. 897852

Jesus, she needs to get help if it's true. No wonder she's a complete trainwreck. Her mother deserves a good slapping for neglecting her.

No. 897858

Well if he actually put more work into making actual good content instead of trying to have a second mini viral moment like he did with the IBF fiasco, he would find more success.

holy crap anon I actually do remember the second one about the certain family member who she said did "something" to her and who she still has to see during holidays. Thinking about it now, that can totally be where Dorian's "gender dysphoria" comes from. A troubling event that happened in her past as a child where she felt she had not control, especially if her mother didn't believe. Heck maybe her mom secretly knew but chose to ignore it and that's why she puts up with Dorian still being perpetually stuck as a teenager.

Most definitely but it doesn't seem like they'll be getting any help anytime soon.

No. 897873

Apparently it happened while she was staying with her Dad (presumably) in spain. She's referred to "the spain incident" and has also mentioned that her father has an apartment there. Her mom and stephdad didn't knoe until she told them during her year of drunkenness and breakdown. It seems to have caused some conflict in the family now, with her brother no longer wantinv to see her dad, and her mom not really adressing it.

No. 897874


I Always thought it was an uncle or something on here mothers side? As I recall she wanted to talk to him and wouldn't want the smaller cousins being around him, and was talking to some family members about it, and from what I remember the female cousins are on here mothers side? I think something about spending xmas with them some year.
Her bio father wouldn't be a problem there considering hi is not precent on that side of the family?

No. 897875

Her Father seems to be a general scumbag. In her tidying vlog she mentions one of her earliest memories being her father taking her to a crackhouse to buy a computer when she was a little girl.

No. 897876

Her dad still comes over for christmas for some reason. She freaks out about it every year. Though that might just be general anxiety.

No. 897882

File: 1574725073634.jpg (64.29 KB, 530x423, brutal.jpg)

>debt or bankruptcy
>coalcandy: uh are you committing """financial suicide"""
>oh snap
he spoke what everyone else thought, oh gosh

coalcandy interview

No. 897890


I feel like she’s also one upping Mai and Annika who have been doing pretty much the same thing with each other since they fell out. They all clearly haven’t gotten over whatever broke them up. It’s all so melodramatic and unnecessary at this point.

No. 897891

>taking her to a crackhouse
>to buy a computer
that crackhouse must have been amazon kek

No. 897898

File: 1574726312909.jpg (44.3 KB, 932x264, skinwalk.jpg)

This. And it's pathetic Annika keeps skinwalking Mara, look at the hand to face posture everyone makes. People can bitch about Mara all they want, she is the one to set the bar, the rest follows her.

No. 897902

At least Dorian seems androgynous, unlike Sebastian Columbine.

No. 897906

Now noe anon. Sebastian looks like a perfectly fine gekko.

No. 897912

Yeah, Mara is the first person in human history to take a picture with her hand(s) next to her face. No one had ever done it before her.

Also how do we know Mara's picture was taken before all the others?

No. 897915


I’m just waiting for someone from Annika’s gang to come here with another bullshit variation on the theme of “Why Mara is a Bitch” since we’ve been talking about them a little more again. Maybe Mara reported Annika for fraud or something as they seem hellbent on dragging her through the mud.

No. 897916

Because it has been happening for years. Mara does X, everyone else scrambles to copy her. Mai and Annika used to be her OG copycats, now they flip out when they think others copy them. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

No. 897917

Maybe. But I don't even think it would have been that serious. Just any falling out would have damaged their "serene witches sisterhood of super mature superiority" look. Or maybe they just want to make her look terrible so people will credit her less if she decides to spill the dirt she has on them.

No. 897919

Man I wish I would have been following Dorian back then and didn't miss out on her drunken videos. Anyway, her dad is a piece of shit, even if he wasn't the one who sexually abused her. I feel bad for her having to put up with that all these years. I remember her saying in her 90's internet video how being at her dad's made her miserable but I didn't realize how truly awful he was.

You might be right about this being just a coping mechanism for her, but she also has autism and there's a huge correlation with women who identify as nonbinary and having ASD.

No. 897927

It's dead serious, believe me. They hate each other to the bone. It's avada kedavra if they were real witches. Thank god they aren't, and they are afraid to wash dirty laundry in public.

No. 897929

I wonder how long it will take for manic mooch and mai to turn on each other. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet.

No. 897938

They only have each other at this point and working together helps their wannabe businesses. I'm sure something will happen eventually though. I doubt either of them is truly capable of forming a real longlasting and healthy friendship, especially not Mai.

No. 897939


>It's dead serious, believe me. They hate each other to the bone. It's avada kedavra if they were real witches. Thank god they aren't, and they are afraid to wash dirty laundry in public.

Yes, they are way too bitter and angry about whatever happened for it to just be "bitch stole my shitty artwork"…if you can call anything these girls do "art" lol.


>Or maybe they just want to make her look terrible so people will credit her less if she decides to spill the dirt she has on them.

I think this is a really good point because this is often what it seems like whenever some random post comes flying through 100% in support of Manic Mai but totally against Mara.

I mean, they're so fucking determined to make Mara out to be this disgusting person but at the same time, they can't come up with anything better than "she stole our art!" or "she slept over too many nights at mai's!" to convince me that she's any worse than they are.

If she really did steal their "art" or was a couch surfer, why be so secretive about it when directly confronted with the breakup? Why isolate her and other girls like Felvae and cat if she's just your run of the mill loser? They keep contradicting themselves by their behavior, like who goes on some wheezy site like Guru Gossip to post the same stupid shit that they were bringing here?

No. 897941

Mai doesn't really trust her. They have made jewelry together, but it was kinda odd. The first collections were in Moth's shop, then they were exclusively sold in Mai's shop. I think for some reason Mai decided to take more control. Now she has stock and money, not Moth.

No. 897945

Does anyone know how old thehauntedbat is? She's a primary school teacher now, but seems more concerned with decorating the classroom for halloween. She also seems in no hurry to move out on her own, probably so she can afford to hoard more pets and halloween crap.

No. 897947

Sad if your only serious friend is someone you know you can't trust.

I don't like Mara. But she does seem like "the sane one" by default.

No. 897952

Oh Mai. She focuses so much on sustainability and making those eCo fRiEndlY band shirts that she forgot about the the thing she should actually be working on- the music.

We shouldn’t be surprised that the art is taking a back seat yet again, just like her lazy designs and drawings that would normally take a middle schooler in arts and crafts class up to 15min to complete.
The main focus of her hippie belts- the metal front piece- isn’t even her work kek.

It blows my mind that her mindless followers fawn over it all, but I guess they’d buy anything from miss enlightened elven princess.

No surprise that they’d also unironically listen to her “band” that is really glorified sorta- Nordic elevator music.

I know its hard to understand this these days, but to be a musician you need to practice, learn and put a lot of work into it. It’s sad that people choose to support a talentless influencer with no music knowledge or skill.
Also, it would be grand if she hired someone to actually mix and master her shit but I doubt she understands what that is or would even be willing to pay someone for it since she was too cheap to pay 50bucks to put her album on a streaming site.

No. 897954

Honeslty her "music" woudln't fly on most royalty free websites lmao

No. 897957

Honestly, I'd forgotten she was trying to make music. I thought that had gone the way of her podcast.

No. 897960

Her music wasn't bad but not good enough to put up with her bs personality.

Tinfoil: I'd piss my pants laughing if Mai takes free clothing from their swap >>896227 to sell in her online shop.

No. 897962

You just predicted the future kek.

No. 897968

>she slept over too many nights at mai's
manic mooch shouldn't be complaining. rumor has it that she was ousted by a friend for being an impertinent guest. the friend has cut off ties to her since then.

No. 897988

File: 1574739783226.png (768.52 KB, 719x1148, Screenshot_2019-11-25-18-41-08…)

According to this, she'd be 21, which…. Yikes. I thought she was 26-30. I don't know how credible this site is, though.

No. 897996

>>897633 At least Kat actually does things with her life, but even with her ~proactive~ self her shoe brand I haven't seen much transparency about it? All Ive heard is 'apple leather' LOL

Saging mainly for this but I think the black-out look is sooooo ugly, the laser removal she initially got alone did a really good job after one session, she clearly has the access why not have just done that and then gotten your arms covered with other new stuff?

No. 898004

Blackouts always look horrible and bad.

No. 898014

File: 1574747536868.jpeg (594.82 KB, 1242x1734, 89D71A01-48D7-48D2-879C-48479D…)

Horse face is pregnant again. Can’t wait to see what downs child she births this time

No. 898019

downs child big oof

All her ig stories seem to point that she and her goblin faced hubby have had either had a major fight or even got separated.

If that's the case I wonder how she'd cope as a single mom of 3 and not being able to spend thousands on new makeup and clothes every single week.

No. 898029

Yeah I believe it was an uncle she was talking about. I don't remember her talking about her dad, at least not in that video.

That or osme place he found on craigslist lol.

Oh god Sebastian. Granted both are attention whores but Sebastian was even more ridiculous with that nonsense lol.

Never heard her music anon. Did she like only make instrumental stuff or did she actually sing in it and if so, was she about Aveline Moray levels or actually somewhat passable?

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did keep spending thousands on new makeup and clothes and then try to get extra money through donations to get the stuff she actually needs to support the kids.

No. 898037


No. 898038

Not a good review. Maybe he should move in with Dorian and they can live in squalor together. Begging for money online is always a sign of no self respect.

No. 898049

Yikes indeed. That would make her a rough 21 year old.

No. 898060

>Never heard her music anon. Did she like only make instrumental stuff or did she actually sing in it and if so, was she about Aveline Moray levels or actually somewhat passable?

Not the anon, but I find her music to be mediocre at best. It's mostly nature sounds with synth and her "singing" is heavy breathing, chanting and vocalising. It's supposed to make you feel like you're in the middle of a magic ritual, I guess? Some songs feel like a rip-off of Burzum's songs to me.
The thing that drove me away from her was her high-pitched "HEllo guys, Mai Magi here!" at the beginning of her videos, and the more they go on the more her voice lowers to her natural pitch. She's so fake, I really liked her early style, when she was still shortcuttothestars.

No. 898071

I don't like Mara because she's an immature idiot, but it's impossible to deny she's the most creative of the three looks-wise. I followed her for years because of her daily looks.

No. 898079

File: 1574775592302.jpg (407.71 KB, 1440x1800, White blur.jpg)

I hope this hasn't been posted already, but I haven't read a lot of recent posts due to all the sperging. Victoria is a beautiful and nice seeming girl, why does she edit her photos so badly so she literally looks like a cross between Picasso painting and Casper?

No. 898080

File: 1574775655065.png (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Victoria picasso.png)

No. 898096

#nofilter anon

No. 898098

She's kind of an airhead tho. Married the guy for a greencard, photoshoping her face beyond what it is… meet her a bunch of times and knows some of her exes.

No. 898099

Yeah. Mara isn't the creative genius she claims to be. But out of the bunch of them her looks are the more original, and she also at least looks comfortable in it. Mai tries, but she ends up looking like a human blanketfort. And manic mooch looks like an amorphous blob with the occasional haircolor change.

No. 898103

File: 1574783010352.jpg (658.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20191126-164234_Fac…)

There she is with her natural face.

No. 898110

Thats my sleep paralysis demon

No. 898131

I know this is nothing to contribute but good lord this woman is unfortunate looking. She looks like a creature.

No. 898217

File: 1574801996593.jpg (22.86 KB, 324x434, 29e134470a.jpg)

Kat von D offers 16 different shoes, but only 1 is made of apple leather. The majority is cheap fake leather made of pvc, polyurethane and polyester. It's greenwashing.

No. 898235


>why be so secretive about it when directly confronted with the breakup? Why isolate her and other girls like Felvae and cat if she's just your run of the mill loser? They keep contradicting themselves by their behavior

Exactly my thoughts. It doesn't make sense. It feels more like Manic Mai are jealous and petty frenemies whose ill will finally surfaced when they thought they don't need Mara anymore.


>I really liked her early style, when she was still shortcuttothestars.

Me too. Shame she turned into this super fake person.

No. 898237


>Married the guy for a greencard

Spill the story anon.

No. 898295

File: 1574812212852.png (8.85 MB, 3438x3438, 41B5C9D4-1149-43DD-8607-EA4EC8…)

No. 898296

File: 1574812277272.png (8.27 MB, 3438x3438, 0E189908-C065-4CFE-92EA-33D05A…)

Kat is blatantly copying others designs.

No. 898297

I thought this was Adora at first glance.

No. 898303

superb work anon!
From which brand did she copy the laced platform wedge? They're horrible to walk on and they look hideous, jesus.

No. 898305

It's a horse face competition between Avelina and Sebastian Columbine. They do both look unfortunate.

No. 898306

Jeffrey Campbell and John fluvogs

No. 898334

Holy crap! That’s not even a subtle way to steal something, she didn’t bother to change anything

No. 898341

Exactly and I was bummed bc she has an amazing shoe closet
When I saw her line I’m like omg I know where all these shoes came from.
The black and white oxford wedges are Jeffrey Campbell.
When I wrote her shoe ig page about it and sent them the same pics they blocked me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 898357

what a bunch of twats. don't cowtip in future. if you wanna tell someone, tell the designers kat stole from. she needs a wake up call.

No. 898388

What did you think would happen? Not being sarcastic, but I don't see how this could have ended any other way? It's not like the brand would admit they're copying or that they'd drop the copied designs immediately because they were caught by one rando (even if the rando is in the right)

No. 898408

Speaking of cowtipping (well, not really), I was watching Mai's livestream today and someone asked her how she deals with negativity online, to which she responded that she recently found horrible gossip about herself by accident and it gives her anxiety. She probably lurks here.

No. 898441

Obviously I wasn’t thinking I was so annoyed I just did it. But In the future I know better.

No. 898445

Just speculations.
She gets engaged to every guy she falls in love with, usualy after a couple of months.
The last guy, Madin-something she met in the states where she studies right now, cheated with this new dude and gets engaged to him instead.
She doesn't have to study now that they got married, to stay in LA.

She had a go fund me last year for her tuition, even though her parents are loaded.
Thank god if she stays in america, we don't want her back!

No. 898451

File: 1574849281777.jpg (108.67 KB, 1080x1037, 2d935a0b701445b54883f2af41813d…)

Not sure if this really fits here, I just came across this and found it hilarious, hope some of you will appreciate it lol

No. 898495

Is the go fund me available online? How do you know her parents are loaded?

No. 898512

Not anymore.
I've meet her many many times. The gothscene in Sweden isn't big.

No. 898746

File: 1574916710028.jpeg (521.68 KB, 1242x1787, 1A65A758-0F42-46D4-94CD-BFDE33…)

Nothing overly milky, but was scrolling through insta and thought adora had dyed her hair. She didn’t. There’s a skin walker and an overly photoshopped one at that. Nose is never the same and her waist in some pics is laughable. Just some cringe since this place is a tad dry…

No. 898774

File: 1574925350137.png (515.89 KB, 811x594, insta.png)

I had a look at her instagram and Idk, I don't think she seems like an Adora copycat. Her style looks different overall, more like she is trying to pursue the occult-y/Morticia goth aesthetic rather than… whatever Adora's style is called. Her waist is insane though and her face doesn't even look real in a lot of pictures..

No. 898810

Speaking of cows. Check out this "goth authority" and "professional mermaid." Of course her explanation of goth does not involve music in as ny way.

No. 898822

File: 1574945327989.png (320.39 KB, 600x580, 101da1387c6543e65990f390358797…)

338k subs and less than 5k views…. ouch

No. 898827

Her parents own a god damn castle. I think her father works as some sort of director. I'd be shocked if they weren't loaded, especially since she's never had to work a day in her life.

No. 898830

What's their family name? Gimme a hint where to look if you don't want to post the full name. I want to see that god damn castle.

No. 898832

File: 1574948741298.jpeg (106.63 KB, 652x1000, 73e0a9167f9e1cbda21.jpeg)

Lol it's true. Michael never died.

No. 898833

Inbetween the wingeing and complaining about the wintertime and how hard it is to be a youtuber and how tired she is she did mention going to the GP to get a referral for a therapist. Which is absolutely a good idea. Now lets see if she actually does it.

No. 898838

new milk on Isibella and her crusty kitties from a former chateau kitten

No. 898881

As someone who has actually gone to school with Mai I can tell you all, she does not sound like that ever irl. Nor is her facial expressions or body language like that. It's really weird to see her in videos

No. 898895

And of coruse this poser uses the tired and false "Goth is a person who appreciates the darkness" crap. I stopped after I heard that and of course she doesn't talk about the music, most of these chicks aren't Goth.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt but… lol

No. 898899

she says in the video “you can like any music you want to! goths can like POP or COUNTRY” I wanted to scoop my own eyeballs out.

I’m so tired of these idiots. I feel like an outlier in my later 20’s having been listening to goth music most of my life when I feel like most people start dressing that way first and THEN figuring out that there’s even music attached to it.

Sorry to blogpost just ranting a bit.
Also unrelated but her wig looks like shit. hope she doesn’t keep talking about this subject.

No. 898900

OMG spill spill spill! I heard from people Mai is super fake. She literally can't keep up the act and after some time people notice and drop her nasty ass.

No. 898902

She goes swimming in that nasty wig.

No. 898974

Honestly, I can't recall. I want to say it starts with an 'E', it used to be on her facebook. She was on the swedish version of project runway, you might find it there.
Also Adora often feature pictures of the castle whenever she visits.

No. 898984

At least she didn't include "Josephine" in this video…

No. 899035


KEK, for someone who preaches about being vegan to save the world she sure as hell doesn't even try to make a difference with her brands

No. 899046

sorry if this is a nitpick but it's not even winter yet. yea it gets dark early and is colder, that happens every fucking year so why not address it instead of always complaining about the same damn thing.

she also thinks going to barcelona next month is suddenly going to motivate her to make content. yea, we'll get a couple videos and as soon as the trip is over she'll be back to whining about everything.

No. 899094

I actually like the purple phase she's going through, it certainly looks better than the pink vomit mess she was going through a while back.

No. 899139

Her real name is Victoria Eriksson, supercommon. Tha castle is namned sparreholms slott.

No. 899207

File: 1575039293360.jpg (82.95 KB, 588x700, victoriaerikssonfather.jpg)

>her father works as some sort of director

victoria's father sven lennart eriksson is deputy director of six companies and board member of another four companies. her mother anna maria karinen has director and board member positions in the same companies. she has 17 director and board member position in total.

No. 899209

>The castle and the park is today owned by Helge Karinen, who told us about his work to restore the castle, and about the new and reconstructions, that he has had made. The activity, consisting of conference with lodging, parties and museums, are run by Helge's daughter and son in law Anna Karinen and Sven Ericsson.

>Sparreholm came to be owned by Dickson’s through the above mentioned Robert Dickson, who left it to his son Emil. Emil was married to Anna Lewenhaupt, who died at only 42 years of age

interesting family history

No. 899325

Have you seen the Jake memes going around? https://imgur.com/a/2K6Y0J0(imageboard)

No. 899337

Voltaire interviews tge "vampire king of Austin, Texas" and it is exactly as cringe as you'd think.

No. 899463

File: 1575071005624.jpg (48.78 KB, 640x473, qbhdEBc_d.jpg)

No. 899490

File: 1575073763656.jpg (839.24 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-11-30-01-21-04…)

She talks about Mai and Moth right? Is it bad if I want real drama and internet fight between them? Thats not gonna happen bc they want to be seen as the nicest persons on earth, but I wonder how the fights happened when they "broke up"

No. 899492

She's absolutely talking about M&M. And although what she says is pretty self-rigeous, and very "look how adult I am." But what she said absolutely tracks with my impression of Mai and Annika.

No. 899499

It's 100% about the MMs, I wish some anons would poke that subject a bit more with Psychara and have her spill some beans at least. I tried already but it hardly worked. I want some juicy drama.(cowtipping)

No. 899522

I can understand anon. And I mean yes of course Goths can and do listen to other music but the difference is that these idiots don't listen to Goth music and it's pretty obvious they only call themselves because it's trendy.

Yep she doesn't realize that moving isn't gonna solve her problems. She can kick her own ass and be productive without having to move to a place she doesn't even know.

Lol I have not seen these memes but that's a pretty good and accurate one.

No. 899566

File: 1575085549529.png (633.13 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_2019-11-29-18-43-42…)

Does her head look cartoonishly large in this photo or is it just me? I'm not even trying to be mean or anything it's just… weird..

No. 899571

Nah it looks similar in the rest of her photos. It's also the angle of the camera but still within the norm. I don't think she shooped it.

No. 899585

I follow her on Instagram though and I never noticed her head looking that huge..

No. 899586

looking like a joker blobfish in that third panel, this is really funny too. i forsee him making some sort of christmas related merch that will be as stupid as the others while constantly repeating he's a one man business.

No. 899607

They both look so awful. Logan is looking rougher than usual, and Voltaire though good for his age is going downhill. His banter as well has tanked, and the whole video was super low energy and not in a 'two guys chilling and bantering' way. The forced flirting at the end made me cringe the hardest.

No. 899611

Saging bc I don't think this is milk, but remember the goth girl who made a video calling out Jake and then selfposted here? Well I just came across this video by a guy named Johnny Cringe (fitting name) who is a fan of Jake and made a 17 minute long video bitching about her. I only watched 5 minutes but he has already mocked her, insulted her makeup, started bitching and whining that she said Jake isn't goth and goes on a tangent about how ~gOtH JuST MeAnS YOu LiKE dArK tHInGS~

Oh yeah, and this guy is 25 and has a kid. Just shows you the type of gross cretins who are fans of Jake.

No. 899613

….. And there's a part two, and it's 30 minutes long.

It opens with him obnoxiously laughing at her and mocking her, then calling her bitchy.

This is a grown ass man.

No. 899616

Well that's unfortunate.
I'm not surprised that a shitty fan of his would do that. To be fair, making a video criticizing a youtuber with a substantial following that's comprised of idiots… you kinda have to expect some backlash in return.
I'm surprised the shitlord himself hasn't made a video about her, but I imagine thats solely because tGHe sUn goEs dOwN toO eArlY.

No. 899625

For me it's the fact that this dude is a 25 year old father… Like you really have nothing better to do than go after a teenager on the internet who insulted someone you like? Like, y'know, spend time with your kid?

No. 899845

Angela's video about a SRSQ concert she just went to and talks about the scene being on an upswing.

No. 899890

such is the way the internet goes unfortunately. like it's so far fetched for someone to have an opinion this guy doesn't agree with, he had to put up videos attacking the way she looks and so forth b/c he probably doesn't have a coherent thought or point.

no surprise that this is the type of person who capes for jakey boy, and if it were ever brought to his attention he'd find a way to say he's not encouraging or endorsing this type of behavior, blah blah blah.

No. 900029

File: 1575201519369.jpg (646.63 KB, 1078x1873, Screenshot_20191201-065726.jpg)

I don't know why she thinks she's anywhere near likes of Shelley kek

No. 900057

File: 1575208151069.jpg (62.84 KB, 620x426, 4o1v34ez.jpg)

100% about Maimagi and Manicmoth. Especially the part about mental illness. Heard something about Mai Moth made fun of Psychara's depression, allegedly they said it's not real and she blocked them. Mocking people with mental problems ain't cool or edgy, it's someone being a sad bully.

No. 900083

File: 1575215451068.jpeg (34.9 KB, 640x640, EKpB-VxWoAUWo6A.jpeg)

She seriously needs a bra

No. 900085

Is Angela a cow? Or do we just post all of her vids for discussion purposes?

Also love how she was like “no elitism” and then in the same breath said she didn’t want to be at a venue with hipsters that was very annoying. I’ll gladly share my music with people from all walks of life, if there were ONLY goths at a tr/st show I’d be concerned bc they’re/he’s popular in a lot of circles.

No. 900087

That tracks mai strikes me as one of those "you can just NOT be depressed" people, with her focuss on "serenity" and "self care" via herbal tea etc.

No. 900230

did she cure her fibromyalgia with herbal teas lmao? she'd be throwing a tantrum if anyone claimed her fibro isn't a real illness. look at >>898408 she has ""anxiety"" because randos on the internet called out her hypocrisy.

No. 900234

who dis?

No. 900239

Tattoo, saggy rack, phone case don't give it away? That's Kaya.

No. 900246

I saw this a few weeks ago but tapped out after 3 minutes. When he started just just resorting to insulting the girl's appearance and not actually address her claims, I just couldn't be bothered. Though I knew the video would be shit because aside from her making the pedophilic accusations, the rest of her video was more or less spot on.

You're right, this was to be expected with the fanbase that Jake and Kaya have which comprises of clueless teenagers and useful idiots to spread their BS.

I thought that was Emily Boo haha Dang.. Yeah a bra couldn't have hurt.

No. 900250

Not very milky, since it´s more of the same and gets tiring… Kaya complaining she's behind in work (work meaning unboxing gifts and recording it), and that she's been very stressed. I just can't.

No. 900252

File: 1575241307848.jpg (29.4 KB, 687x242, wtf.jpg)

Samefag, but you have to wonder if these people have actual mental problems…

No. 900253

do not cowtip newfag. dig somewhere else if you want that milk.

it makes her look like a troon. it's close to reality though. she isn't any good without snow or whatever she's using.

i also thought it was emily…

>it's winter and youtubing is so hard, sooo stressed

No. 900269

She's not a cow really but I've seen people post her videos here before so I didn't know if you guys would be interested. I guess there was no point in posting it really.

And yeah I'm not really sure what her issue with hipsters is. I'm guessing she had a back experience with one or something.

No. 900283

So Victoria Lovelace is Mai Magi on steroids?
>my family has ties to nobility and they own a freaking castle, please pay my gofundme look at me a broke starving artist uwu

No. 900311

sounds like gatekeeping to me tbqh

No. 900315

Are we supposed to have Kaya's tattoos memorized or something lol

No. 900321

I think Erin Micklow and her husband are separating. She hasn't posted about him in ages and he doesnt comment on her posts anymore.

No. 900342

Omg run….

No. 900369

I don't think Angela is much of a gatekeeper because she was friends with Reeree who was an obvious poseur for a long time. The hipster thing is kind of weird though.

No. 900400

Samefag but I forgot to mention that she also says she has a lot of goth friends who are metalheads, so I don't think she's super gatekeeper-y in general. I'd be interested to know what her beef with hipsters is, unless she was joking about the whole hipster thing.

No. 900402

anon don't be so mean. it's really hard to wake up past noon every day, play pokemon go and open boxes of free shit in front of a camera. you probably just work a full time job somewhere and have actual responsibilities and just don't understand what it's like to be a youtuber.

No. 900448

She is just so freaking ridiculous and is lucky a majority of her fans who support lazy ass are clueless sycophants because goly she is just a nauseating trip.


This. Angela isn't a gatekeeper. She knows her facts and if anything, is very welcoming to newcomers of the scene. But yeah the hipster comment was odd. Maybe she'll talk about them sometime in a future.

No. 900477

she literally has videos about how there need to be more all ages goth events so young people can get into the scene and said the more the merrier so yeah not much of a gatekeeper.

No. 900505

File: 1575283255635.jpg (730.61 KB, 1077x1211, Screenshot_20191202-054020_Ins…)


Believe it or not but EB is much larger than Kaya

No. 900516

But isn't EB shorter too? Also the person in that pic doesnt even look fat, aside from her arms. Like she doesn't even have a muffin top.

No. 900640

EB is 4'11" I believe, so at least she has a bit more of an excuse for being the size she is kek. Kaya is 5'10" and fat, she must be eating SO much to be so big

No. 900645

Also, EB had a baby. Not that that was a great idea, but it does tend to lead to more chub. Kaya just has a manchild, which doesn't count.

No. 900663

File: 1575320567388.jpg (697.87 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20191202-160235_You…)

Guess you haven't seen EB stuffing her face every chance she gets. In her videos you can easily see the double chin and she still looks pregnant because of her tum. Her kid is at least 5, so what? Not an excuse at this point. She's a self proclaimed snackaholic and so she's a midget, even more of a reason to watch her weight but she doesn't. Then again I forgot that unless it's Freyja or Kaya we're not supposed to talk about their weight kek

No. 900674

Oh I know lol That's why I said she wasn't a gatekeeper because a true gatekeeper wouldn't say something like that, let alone provide helpful tips for newcomers.

Kaya eats a lot of junk food and has been doing so for years. I remember in an older video she said that back when she was skinny, she used to eat whatever she wanted and she wouldn't gain weight but obviously that was back when she was like in high school and didn't realize that your metabolism slows down as you age and her body she has now is the result of that + antidepressants and a sedentary lifestyle all combined.

No. 900679

>Oh I know lol That's why I said she wasn't a gatekeeper because a true gatekeeper wouldn't say something like that, let alone provide helpful tips for newcomers.

I know. I was agreeing with you lol

No. 900696

File: 1575326392124.png (223.68 KB, 500x1035, when-a-music-festival-lineup-c…)

>And yeah I'm not really sure what her issue with hipsters is. I'm guessing she had a back experience with one or something.
She meant meme hipsters. I haven't meet anybody who'd use "hipster" unironically since 2010 when hipster plague happened. Maybe it wasn't a thing in your country or you're too young to meet those people. Anyway, comments about hipsters going to concerts are just silly jokes.

No. 900732


Other anons who claim to have met Kaya IRL have said that even when she was skinny she would compulsively count caloried. So I think her "i used to eat whatever I wanted" line might have been bullshit.

No. 900742

she finally uploaded after a thousand years. first thing out of her mouth "im so so sorry guys!" so disingenuous, makes me sick. just quit youtube if you arent gonna bother cow

No. 900755

>I've really missed you
I've really missed your $$$$

No. 900775

>Other anons who claim to have met Kaya IRL have said that even when she was skinny she would compulsively count calories

Hm, I don't remember that. Do you remember what thread that was in? I would think if she was the type to obsessively count calories she would have lost weight by now.

No. 900790

oh why doesn't she just fuck off? she's now the poster girl for wellbeing and getting sunshine? give me a break.

No. 900795

hahahahahaha "put down your phone looking for social media validation"….. that's rich coming from her and hypocritical af. this video just reeks of poor me disguised as advice to others.

No. 900839

Yeah, since Erin went on her solo trip to Cambodia to "find herself" Joe's been missing from her posts and stories. She was always taping him and shrilly shouting "Whatcha doin' Joe?" He must have finally been driven mental. I'm surprised they were together so long, she's so fucking annoying.

No. 900865

There was a time when I would have said Froyo was my favorite youtuber. But now knowing how scummy she is irl I can't enjoy her videos anymore.

I think this video was just an excuse to bring up depression as an excuse for not uploading. Like always.

No. 900882

Ah okay well okay then, if that's the case than I wonder what happened? Maybe she just got tired of the calorie counting and just went into a total binge and never looked back. I remember back in like 2015 where she said she would get nutrition tips from Jake which was just not a good idea because he was eating like a bodybuilder at that time and she had already been inactive so she wasn't burning off the calories.

Pretty much >>900755 I wonder if her Patreon donations have started to drop because of her inactivity.

You're not alone with this mindset anon. If you asked me who my favorite YouTuber was back in 2013-2015, I would've said IBF but seeing how she really is, I just can't do that neither.

No. 900883

File: 1575357471320.png (Spoiler Image, 479.73 KB, 718x552, Screenshot_2019-12-02-22-16-20…)

This thumbnail is even more nightmare inducing than usual…

No. 900907

Currently hunting for it. I think it was either 13 or 14. That Anon said the same went for Jake, and he has talked about having been anorexic in the past.

No. 900910

Oh yeah, I know Jake was. He has a video about it. This video is only 5 minutes long. I thought he had a longer video about it too where he went more into detail but maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

No. 900930

I remember him having a longer video as well. Weird.

No. 900978


Does Freya still owe people money so they call her out in her youtube comments?

No. 901052

You guys sound like onion boy when you fatshame these cows. Are y'all anachans or something? I know this thread is dry but find some actual milk.

No. 901053

Speaking of Kaya's weight (cause aren't we always) her old "how to stick to a healthy diet" video is so ironic now. Also her face looks so much less bloated here.

No. 901056

File: 1575401531007.png (6.55 MB, 1242x2688, DC18B394-63CC-4C2C-983F-06A339…)

Avelina going through it

No. 901057

File: 1575401594390.png (5.33 MB, 1242x2688, BB85BB29-80B7-4B04-823A-E3CD86…)

No. 901058

she went on a trip to "find herself", would like to know more. given how much she posted him and how they were such a ~punk couple~ i am curious as to what's going on that he's absent now.

i like how he said this look was him trying to be 'normal' or whatever but it actually worked for him and his personality way more than whatever the fuck he's doing now.

No. 901064

Simply saying that they're fat and the causes for their fatness where it's obvious from their eating habits that they show on Instagram is not "fatshaming". It's literally what they are dude, they're fat. And the anachan thing is dumb because when Dorian was going back to her anorexic ways, no one was celebrating it as far as I know.

It really makes you wonder what happened.

> i like how he said this look was him trying to be 'normal' or whatever but it actually worked for him and his personality way more than whatever the fuck he's doing now.

He was just as much a cow back then but I agree anon, this look looked a lot better than the mess he does now. It's pretty clear the only reason he's doing this 99 cent store knock off Joker is because he thinks it'll make him look more GofFIc.

No. 901093

File: 1575406652224.png (4.89 MB, 1242x2688, 4FD2B6C0-289F-4B06-8E3B-E9DE65…)

Something definitely happened, it’s constant wallowing in her sorrows. Go eat a carrot. Can’t wait to hear her absolute shit music about these dark times

No. 901097

As annoying as horseface is with her gaudy and ostentatious hauls and flaunting of money, shitty covers and oversharing of her kids lives, I kinda feel sorry for her.
Its clear that her pig faced husband has left her.
She's in the middle of a pregnancy, with two small children and don't forget that they own a large business together.
I'd be losing my shit too…

Can any insider anons spill some milk on this?

No. 901120

I agree. Though my sympathy is somewhat tempered by her finding the time to post about her overwhelming grief on social media.

No. 901124

File: 1575410367716.png (598.53 KB, 1034x564, nails.png)

what's the brown shit that's always staining Kaya's nails

No. 901132

Why are her nails so pitted? She needs better nutrition or something.

No. 901170

She probably had another miscarriage. I mean…. sharing that with the world is just weird.

No. 901171

Its called filth. Her nails are always unclean.

No. 901179

>go eat a carrot

I'm going to hell for how much I laughed at that..

No. 901185

Honestly? It kind of looks like chocolate to me lol

No. 901194

No, she’s still pregnant. If you followed all the stories from last and this week she heavily implies that it’s heartbreak and caused by her husband. Lots of pics at night alone in bed, alone with kids. He’d usually be all over her stories.

No. 901233

He's probably sick of her spending his money… she does fuck all.

No. 901307

we've been over this before, there just isn't enough real milk. I used to defend kaya when people would come for her weight, but I don't anymore because knowing how two-faced she is I don't really feel bad for her.

No. 901373

I second this. Her “job” is this bag business. Other than that she’s a stay at home mum that is beyond up herself. You’d have to pretty shitty to have reeree and other “goths” end up not liking you. I’d say he has had enough. Especially since he’s also been doing all the renovations in the house and working. I’d be pissed too

No. 901378

To be fair don't knock stay at home moms, raising kids and managing a home isn't easy work or lesser than any other job.
Even if your wife is a vain, materialistic horseface like Avelina its still hella low of him to leave two children and a pregnant wife.

No. 901379

did avelina fall out with reeree and other "goths"? I never heard that. can you share details?

No. 901445

+1 here. She seems like a lazy stay-at-home mum who only uses that as an excuse to not really contribute in a way that really helps her husband out and maybe he just the relationship's give/take was too one-sided so he left her.

Oh for sure anon, being a stay at home mom can be hard work assuming the kids are home most of the time and don't know how to take care of themselves yet but it feels like Avelina is one of those parents who may leave her kids watching YouTube or a movie and then just plopping at her computer or snapping her selfies in the bathroom and maybe make dinner every now and then. There's probably more to the story though because it is kinda drastic to up and leave when you have two kids who aren't fully grown and a third one on the way.

No. 901451

Dorian uploaded this video a few days ago about what it was like growing up with undiagnosed Asperger's. A friend of her with Asperger's just posted about his degree and his wonderful life now, and he was diagnosed with Asperger's very young and his parents were told that he would never accomplish very much, so they had low expectations of him and and everything he accomplished received lots of praise.

She said her family had such high expectations of her growing up that nothing she did was ever good enough, and any time she expressed having trouble with things their answer was always "try harder/you're being lazy". She also says her stepmom (who is a therapist) says stuff like "you just need to get over it" about her struggles with Asperger's.

She also says she developed anorexia as a cry for help because when she said she was depressed her family just ignored it. She thought that developing anorexia would make it so that if she got better people would just be grateful that she was better and stop having high expectations of her, but that didn't happen. I bet this all contributed to her using drugs later on.

I usually roll my eyes at Dorian but honestly this is really sad and I don't envy her.

No. 901471

“Stay at home mom” Isnt a job anon and if they get a divorce (like people do) he’s still liable to take care of his children, its just poor Avelina has to get a real job instead of faffing about in her goff house.

No. 901472

Have you ever tried raising kids? It IS a job. Fuck you.

No. 901473

Anon, seriously I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Raising children is never easy and it’s more than a full time job, except you don’t get paid and get disrespected by dickwads like you.

No. 901474

Some of y’all probably think that sticking your kids in a daycare or hiring a full time nanny where they barely we both parents is a better choice eh?

Don’t forget that Avelina cofounded that super successful music school with her husband. It’s not like she’s a do nothing bitch or leeching, she owns half the business lol. She also does the paperwork and taxes for it.

The fact that she stayed home to raise her fucking kids should be seen as a sacrifice and not “being lazy”.
Some of you are fucking delusional, goddamn. I feel sorry for your mothers.

And before I get complaints for white knighting, I don’t actually like her. She’s fucking annoying. But we gotta give credit where it’s due- she’s no Kaya type of cow.

No. 901480

Yeah cuz she's totally not so far up her own ass to raise well rounded kids that won't absorb her baggage. Probably plops a tablet in their hands while she paints her face and boohoo to a camera.

It's hard work to do well, sure,but y'all chose that shit so chill with the martyrdom.

No. 901481

You weren't even talking about just Avelina though. You were coming for anyone who's a stay at home mom.

Good job backtracking though.

No. 901494

Never got around to watching it because I didn't think she'd say anything worthwhile but wow I gotta admit, that is pretty rough. A lot of her issues definitely are starting to make more sense as she reveals more of her background and how she may have slipped into drug abuse and anorexia.

No. 901501

Agreed. I don't feel bad for horseface since she doesn't actually seem to pay too much attention to her kids. But being a stay at home mom or dad is a fulltime job. You're responsible for a helpless human being. That's a big deal.

No. 901502

She also mentions being chided for not excelling and constantly being compared to het friends. But also not getting praise when she did excell because it was expected. When she got her degree despite her aspergers and kicking her heroin addiction, her family commented that her grades weren't high enough. Jesus.

No. 901523

their music school is not successful. its only the husband who does it and the business page for it has less than 70 followers. she tries to make her life seem way more successful than it really is.

No. 901546

>successful music school
that thing is a side hustle. it's comparable to lilachris' clothing shop, not actually making money but it looks good on paper. these cows are play pretend ceos.

No. 901548

i want the fall out story with reeree and other goffs if there is milk

No. 901568

I’ve seen Avelina post stories showing off items and telling her kids “stop touching it’s mine” and basically rudely sweeping them away when they want her attention. I think she makes a point to post the 30 min a day she actually interacts with them.

No. 901588

I know she was super late paying Drac for her bags. Maybe something similar happened with Reeree?

No. 901598

Yeah I know plenty of stay at home moms who put their kids down in front of the TV all day and spend their time being useless. Being a stay at home mom doesn't automatically make you a rock star who had to sacrifice soo much. Not saying she's like that necessarily, but still.

No. 901613

Not the anon you originally replied to, I just feel the same way and wanted throw my two cents in too.

No. 901621

File: 1575481463247.jpg (19.54 KB, 296x300, 2d825ffb3d64e27d8a958e643494d0…)


No. 901636

Hmm I didn’t know about that. How do they afford their large house and endless hauls if the music school isn’t actually successful? Does the husband have a really good job or something? They honestly act like millionaires.

No. 901647


This is my question too, but I was kind of hesitant to post it because I was worried I might be ignorant of some facts so kind of held my opinion. But seriously, they act like they're sitting on millions of dollars in assets. I mean, are they doing something something on the side to support themselves? Is somebody a trust fund baby, stock market wizard? I am more confused and curious than anything.

No. 901653

To be fair, I teach at a private school, it’s successful financially even though they don’t have a lot of followers on ig. Parents don’t care about this kind of stuff, they just send their kids to lessons. Followers =/= money

No. 901662

Yeah I have a feeling it may have to do with those tacky bags. If that's true with Drac, then it could also be the same for ReeRee and probably Froyo.

Wow. See that's pretty telling though I hope she only does that because she's filming and isn't like that behind the camera towards the kids because that kind of treatment is gonna ruin their self esteem.

Same. Again not dissing on stay-at-home moms or dads but if the kids are going to school for half the day, then there are ways to be productive around the home from the usual grocery shopping, food preparing, and cleaning and it's like the perfect time for the stay-at-home parent to try out self-employment, especially if they're creative. Avelina may actually be productive behind the camera and as much s cow that she is, I would hope that's the case.

Lmao nailed it.

No. 901719

I have very little patience for Dorian's bullshit. But I have to admit, what she described here sounds rough.

No. 901725

I have no idea about Reeree and the others but she also fell out with Kaya. There was some misunderstanding or problem between them and instead of dealing with it Kaya just ghosted her.

No. 901745

File: 1575501809223.png (4.27 MB, 1242x2688, 9224EC00-050D-4EB8-BF8C-74826C…)

Avelina going thru it, crying on camera and saying she’s not ready to talk about it. Bitch you’ve been talking about you crisis for 2 weeks now.

More images coming

No. 901746

File: 1575501849856.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2688, 2ED3C0BE-3DB5-45C5-8E17-2195C5…)

No. 901747

File: 1575501905610.png (4.25 MB, 1242x2688, 7F3AEFD9-7083-4DD5-80B0-34403D…)

No. 901749

File: 1575502011329.png (2.97 MB, 1242x2688, D202DA29-C58A-48A8-B185-6282CE…)

No. 901750

File: 1575502073605.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2688, BC548AD3-A4E5-4A32-9EF0-9EE2D5…)

No. 901751

If she doesn't want to talk about it, maybe she should stop posting about it. Go talk to your family or friends about it then instead of blowing up the Gram.

No. 901765

Jesus. Horseface in a nutshell. Conspicuous consumption and self-involved dramatics. Surely expensive heels will solve this problem.

No. 901767

The drama between horse face and reeree was Tom threads ages back. It was about the bag and then there was a clear falling out. They used to have kid play dates and everything and then nothing.
Kayaks thing was simply a thing of kayak being lazy and horseface knew she wouldn’t make money on someone lazy that couldn’t make up her mind over a bag design. There was some other chick who was her “best friend” and we haven’t seen anything about her in over a year.
Fairly certain everyone sees her for the vain money grabber she is.

She afford the house because her home is basically “out in the country” as reeree once pointed out in her stories. It’s ages away from any of the major cities and land outback here in Aus goes for bloody cheap.

I’m not digging through the threads as I’m at work.

And for everyone saying being a parent is a full time job. It is. But there are those of us that have 2 kids and work as nurses or other shift workers and Australia has a heap of options, plus govt benefits for having kids. She’s lazy and wants to have everything without doing anything. I feel damn sorry for von

No. 901791


What >>901767 said, and you can earn good wages in Aus for blue collar jobs.

>They honestly act like millionaires

What makes anons think they are millionaires? Only Victoria's family has been proven to be very wealthy, though she doesn't seem to have access to their money.

No. 901792

File: 1575506762406.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2688, 7A52D35B-880B-43D3-BC94-621F1E…)

Not milky, just irritating. Kay just discovered GUNSHIP and bought tons of their stuff and vinyl of course, but now she wants to cover it. Please no. Just because you decided you love a song doesn’t mean you should butcher it.

No. 901795

File: 1575507051577.jpg (217.29 KB, 1024x1820, 726042633826.jpg)

this happened and I just couldn't

No. 901797

File: 1575507102496.jpg (399.19 KB, 1440x2560, 753752271277.jpg)

No. 901798

File: 1575507218379.jpg (186 KB, 1440x2560, 772893385248.jpg)

this one skinwalked Psychara so much, even her followers made fun of her

No. 901816


K I'm stupid. How is she skinwalking?

No. 901817

She frequently copies psychara's style, just look at her ig.

No. 901820

Who is this?

No. 901821


prepare your eyes for the crappy contouring ._.(._.)

No. 901825

It's contouring and some kind of facetune. I used to like her, now she grosses me out. Only staying for the drama between her, psychara and manic moth.

No. 901832

Is there drama between her and manic mooch? Or is she just backing up psychara?

No. 901844


Supposedly, Annika cut her and catinawitchhat off after they went to Castlefest with Mara earlier this year.

No. 901845

I didn't even realize Avelina was Australian. Never watched her videos except her singing ones.

No. 901886


Yeah it was hard to tell with all the selfies with buck teeth and a couple lbs of highlighter.

It gets hard to tell who is copying who when every "viking witch" looks the same.
Dreads. CHECK
Random runes on your face. CHECK
Layers of oversized dresses. CHECK

No. 901896


Don't forget:

>obligatory crescent moon bindi

>demonia platform boots
>something that says WITCH front and center
>a big ass tankard of alcohol despite being totes vegan and healthy for the goddess

No. 901973

I couldn’t handle any of this mess. Both sides made me cringe so much, and didn’t help much of a cause

No. 901975

Barcroft video about Victoria and her boyfriend Dracul Grotesque.

Also, Victoria Lovelace sounds like a porn name imo.

No. 902010

>>901975 I swear all 'real vampire' types are so cringey. The wall-to-wall Killstar just looks tacky. Extreme metal look makes more sense for 'Dracul Grotesque' and at least he's a better musician than Fake Munro

No. 902021

File: 1575547366966.jpg (Spoiler Image, 749.03 KB, 1077x1607, Screenshot_20191205-070208_OGI…)

Adora has no fucking shame. She's such a narcissistic show off

No. 902043

File: 1575552489740.jpg (427.78 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20191205-082454_Fac…)

The Isa "lovely girlfriend" thread needs to be open again! Close friends with Dorian here. "Lovely gf" aka "Raven 2.0" left him. After Logan/Lydia moved in and they started having an affair, he proved himself to be pliable and controllable so Isa turned her attention to him and starting cutting Dorian out. She thought of Dorian as being toxic because he wasn't interested in a poly relationship and he was happy to be a male. Logan was easily manipulated and strong armed into becoming Lydia. Add the shitty tattoos along with full control and Isa's mask has fully disappeared. She and Dorian somehow got a divorce, they must have lied to rush it because it hasn't been a year, he's out of the picture, and her and Logan are together now. Dorian posts suicidal memes every day, poor kid. It's funny that her poly tendencies have disappeared once she got a hold of a spineless loser she can twist to her liking. Poor Dorian. He just wanted to be loved and he put everything into the wrong person. Isa had no business marrying him if she knew that he wasn't everything she wanted and Logan should just be ashamed of himself all around. Sorry didn't have any where else to post this.

No. 902055

fucking depressing. dorian has had the shittiest life, he gets treated like tissue paper by everyone. does he have US citizenship? he should stay away from his psycho cunt mother but he also needs to get the fuck out of NZ. isa is a genuinely creepy and manipulative person and i don't get why we aren't allowed a thread.

No. 902065

It doesn't usually though. She's had a lot of work done. And that's fine. But don't pass your rockhard plastic tits off as representative of "a 47 year old body."

No. 902067

Nitpick, but hagraven and her orbit have their own thread.

No. 902114


To be honest, i dont Think ord here family money. She is from a small town up north, castle is not up north. I do believe here dad got re-married to the woman who owns the castle maby?

No. 902175

Wow. Victoria is only 30? I legitimately thought she was older.

No. 902197

File: 1575585622778.png (Spoiler Image, 531.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191205-223925.png)

No. 902227

File: 1575587311803.png (561.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191205-230754.png)

No. 902230

She wears so much makeup that you can't really tell. Like Adora.

No. 902238

File: 1575589044736.jpg (97.23 KB, 632x357, topmodel.jpg)

Jesus look at their bloated moon faces! Victoria was good looking before she went down the g0ffick rabbit hole.

Dumping Victoria's photos without heavy make up.

No. 902240

File: 1575589130697.jpg (113.4 KB, 631x355, A0TGa.jpg)

No. 902242

File: 1575589159469.jpg (120.91 KB, 633x355, 5wuKK.jpg)

No. 902243

File: 1575589186477.jpg (94.7 KB, 600x330, fuqsG.jpg)

No. 902248

File: 1575589339375.jpg (114.26 KB, 632x355, Hoi2Q.jpg)

No. 902249

File: 1575589371622.jpg (99.69 KB, 600x332, SlXwx.jpg)

No. 902262

What a shame. She has digressed to looking like a clown instead of an attractive woman. Hopefully she snaps out of it….

No. 902279

this was so cringey, they're many years late on the wannabe vampire trend though i guess it keeps coming around. it's funny that she did this since she edits her face so much for pix, did she not realize ppl would see what she really looks like.

what a twat, making dumb reaction videos to tiktoks isn't "hard work" fake. the most recent one he was shrieking over something that was stupid and not really that funny, or i'm just an oldfag and don't understand what's supposed to be funny. at least he admitted he laughed.

why do you call yourself goth when your spotify playlist outed you for listening to mostly metal and a few other genres, none of which were goth?

No. 902313

I kinda remember watching something about this back in the day. I think it had to due with some error Avelina made when assessing the cost of the bags, which in the end made Reeree have to forfeit her profits, or something like that. Back then, Reeree then posted in instagram or youtube, not sure, about being wary of who you trust etc etc etc, and it was obvious it was about Avelina.

No. 902321

any screenshots from the bag drama?

No. 902376

There goes Mai again, selling braided tshirt scraps for 100$. What an arteest. Such skill.

No. 902418

the problem with this cow is she only chimes into anything that's trending. never seen anyone so desperate to be famous. there's so much reverb on this recording she sounds like she's singing on the toilet. she's so materialistic I can't stand it and the kudos for even being musical just dies when you know she just wants the cash for cheap merch that looks like everything is made in china with a tacky image of her being a munted vampire.

No. 902426

The young girl was on the right track, it's just that when she brought up the pedophile thing. Thar's what ended up hurting her video because to make claims like that with no hard evidence is just not a smart thing to do. Yeah the whole "snacc" thing is cringe but there is no evidence of him actually interacting inappropriately with underage fans, at least that I'm aware of.

No. 902429

Wow I never saw a photo of her wihtout the heavy makeup, she actually looks quite nice.

Eh okay well weird eyebrows aside, nothing really unappealing. I agree with >>902262 about the clown makeup. Like it's possible to look dark without looking like a cartoon character and maybe she'll discover that one day.

> what a twat, making dumb reaction videos to tiktoks isn't "hard work" fake. the most recent one he was shrieking over something that was stupid and not really that funny, or i'm just an oldfag and don't understand what's supposed to be funny. at least he admitted he laughed.

FR anon. Dumb reaction videos to TikTok is not hard work and the viewers won't stay when they get older because i'm more than sure the influx of subs he got were from young teenagers. He doesn't make actual interesting content, he's pretty much like Kaya only offering another low-form of video that isn't crappy haul/unboxing videos.

No. 902454


He was born in the US.

The thread was closed for "vendetta posting" under the previous Admin.


We don't discuss the current lives of Dorian et al in Raven's thread because that's what she wants. Current Admin promised to reveal Raven's posts but never did.

No. 902455

Just as 902114 said. Anna is not Victoria's mother. And Victoria is not of noble birth. Her dad married a woman who bought the castle and it is run as a hotel I think Adora said in a story.
Victoria grew up with her mum in a small town up north of Sweden and only visited it as she spent time with her father. Her mother is not loaded. Just normal.

No. 902461

>She's had a lot of work done.

What else she done? Apart from probably the far too perfect boobs.
You can't just open the milk bottle without spilling the milk!

No. 902478

I still think she's a worthy cow in her own right, and other's agreed. I'd probably have been posting about her if she didn't have her accounts locked down. She started hiding when we saw through her facade and desire to be Raven 2.0. Skin walking that shebeast is the most idiotic thing anyone can consciously do, from copying her tattoos to hooking up with her ex kek

No. 902509

>>Also, Victoria Lovelace sounds like a porn name imo.

Well, that's because it kinda is. Linda Lovelace was very popular for her movie "Deep Throat" in the 70s. Have to think about that everytime I read about Victoria.

No. 902531

File: 1575652371359.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191206-171217.png)

No. 902538

Exactly. I get the same association. Even if "lovelace" is a semi-common name.

No. 902542

File: 1575653179198.jpg (313.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191206-182250_You…)

Nice to be reminded that a lot of goth youtubers have more class than Freeza or toxic twat.

No. 902653

Complete tinfoil theory here: Toxic Tears is always complaining about everything being too loud/noisy, is somewhat socially oblivious and I believe her when she says she can't deal with crowds - I wonder if she has Aspergers as well as Herbs? Or maybe she's just such a recluse that she isn't used to sounds and people any more? There's more going on than just her being depressed and too lazy to seek help (although she really is lazy and I'm pretty sure she's depressed even if Fake Munro is just copying hers as an excuse)

No. 902659

Has anyone got milk on the 'poor shaming' she did? The latest belfry network episode roasted her… apparently she did?

No. 902679

File: 1575669601366.jpg (673.14 KB, 1080x1999, Screenshot_20191206_215901.jpg)

Are we really meant to believe there's no healthy options in Belfast????

No. 902693

File: 1575671326301.png (733.72 KB, 720x1250, Screenshot_20191206-222642~2.p…)

Googled, found as many as in other cities. This for eg.

No. 902704

True. There was also Ada Lovelace who was the first computer programmer but when I hear Lovelace I just think of the porn star.

legit thought she was sucking a dick in that thumbnail at first glance….

No. 902711

You don't need to be autistic to hate crowds and loud noises (lots of people do, including me). She doesn't seem that socially oblivious to me either. It seems like anons are always overly eager to label every cow with autism, I've seen it in so many threads. I guess its possible though.

Other anons have been suggesting she has ADD or ADHD which I think is more likely.

No. 902719

Steaming some greens in a bowl with some noodles isnt difficult Kaya. Her idiocy is unfathomable.

No. 902736

Yes. I was thinking of Ada lovelace. Which might actually be where victoria got the name, because of the oh so dark and romantic lord byron connection. But that might be giving her too much credit.

ADD or ADHD makes sense to me. It often involves extreme sensitivity to stimuli as well. It would also track with her inabillity to focuss on her workload and her cycling through obcessions. It's also underdiagnosed in women.

Just hope she sticks to her plan to get help soon. Because something is wrong with her.

No. 902740

Now that he's basically raking in more money than Kaya and doesn't need her "fame" anymore… Do you think it will be long until he dumps her?

No. 902743

Given her recent actions of deleting videos which got her (deservedly) negative feedback I cant help but feel this is an attmept to garner sympathy…another youtuber eltoria did something similar when she got exposed for scamming her fans.

No. 902785

Doubt it,she's his ticket to living in Barcelona now…in his dreams

No. 902787

I feel like he relies on Kaya (and her mother, probably) a bit too much for practical stuff and ego boosts to dump her for someone more photogenic.
Now if he suddenly announces their newly open poly relationship, I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 902794

Julia posted this video about her ED. It's sad. I think she's a cow, but that doesn't mean she deserves to binge and purge. But also, the fact that for a long time tge only one who knew and supported her was eilleen might explain why Julia is missing so many red flags there.

No. 902795

That is sad and Eileen gives me abusive mom vibes. Also, someone made an entire thread for Julia and Eileen. I don't know why.

No. 902797

Ah. Thanks! I didn't know. Apologies for posting it here.

No. 902798

Week late reply but Dear Lord this was some cringey shit. You can tell this guy (Logan) takes himself super seriously just by the way he talks and his mannerisms. Then Voltaire asked him if he drank blood and he said:

>"I am someone who requires an alternative source of human energy in which to sustain their health and well being and that is the most traditional definition of vampirism when it comes to being a real vampire"

So… yes? His answers are really long and dance around the question. I only made it through 5 minutes of this. And Logan looks like Armoured Skeptic.

>Yes. I was thinking of Ada lovelace. Which might actually be where victoria got the name, because of the oh so dark and romantic lord byron connection.

That makes a lot of sense now that I think about it. I just realized her name is literally Victoria. I wonder if Victoria is even her real name or if it's just a pseudonym she made to sound Victorian. Also, what is it with vampire LARPers and the Victorian era?

>ADD or ADHD makes sense to me. It often involves extreme sensitivity to stimuli as well. It would also track with her inabillity to focuss on her workload and her cycling through obcessions. It's also underdiagnosed in women.

True. And some of those symptoms can be caused by other conditions too like mild psychosis (I don't think she has that though). Better stop now before we both get banned for armchairing lol.

No. 902799

Kaya won't agree to that. She seems incredibly jealous, given how none of the attractive alternativr females in their friendgroup stay around.

No. 902800


No, it's all good. I actually think it's kind of dumb that someone made a thread just for them, being as Eileen and Julia have been discussed here for ages. I'm guessing whoever it was didnt know about the alt cows thread. I also don't think there's enough milk for a whole separate thread.

No. 902801


I watched Kaya/MAG for years and Kaya has never seemed like the jealous type to me, but maybe you know something I don't.

Anyway, you don't have to be "incredibly jealous" to not want a polybullshit relationship.

No. 902807

I mean people like that vox girl just fading into obscurity. And how she used to glare at kelly eden. Though how jake was lusting over the latter was pretty shameless.
And I agree that you don't have to be jealous in order to want monogamy. But if you are very jealous it makes it significantly less likely you would want a poly relationship.

No. 902811


But there's no evidence that's why Vox disappeared, is there? I thought last time I checked Vox had moved to Japan? Maybe that's why she disappeared.

Also they used to have female friends over all the time (Melanie, Sophie) and Kaya didn't seem that jealous. In fact I didn't even notice her being overtly jealous around Kelly Eden, but I wouldn't really blame her anyway because Jake was flirting with Kelly so obnoxiously.

I think maybe their friends disappear because the toxic twosome are shitty friends.

No. 902823

File: 1575690422984.jpg (61.55 KB, 594x436, vox.jpg)

Update: Vox is living in Japan according to her Twitter.

Kaya still follows her.

No. 902825

Well if she actually used some of her laze about time to learning how to cook some nutritional meals, this wouldn't be a problem. There are lots of simple recipes you can find online to make some delicious and healthy food but nope, gotta laze about and bitch about not being able to get things done.


I feel it's getting closer tbh anon. Though >>902785 made a good point that to drop her now would ruin his chances of getting into Barcelona so he's probably gonna hold onto the soon to be dead-weight a little longer until they move and live there for a few months. And the break up is gonna be this big drama amongst them and their fans and Kaya is gonna pull the "I don't want to talk about it" yet post not-so subtle instagram posts that say otherwise.

No. 902827

File: 1575691830093.jpg (321.46 KB, 1280x1707, 865678945678.jpg)

This is a long shot, but does anyone remember in-the-flat-field/six-inch-gold-blade from the tumblr goth days? I've always been super curious about what happened to them. I wouldn't be surprised if e quietly de-transitioned back to female like Izzie Adams/ego-x and pretends the whole thing never happened.

No. 902873


Is she serious? Belfast has one of the most diverse and amazing food options of most Places I've visited, particularly the student areas. Treating Barcelona like some Holy godsend won't make you any less lazy and gluttonous if you move there, Kaya. You'll always pick sweet shit.

Her portions are huge, or is it just me?

No. 902954

Not just you, her portions look like they should be split between two people.

No. 902958

Agreed. And that would be fine if it was all leafy greens and cucumber salad without dressing. But it's not. A lot of the food she shows us isn't unhealthy in itself. She just can't do moderation. And of course she only posts about the relatively healthy stuff.

No. 903047

File: 1575749301612.jpeg (394.02 KB, 1242x2199, 6BDCD1D6-0FDC-45E4-8C40-F57AC8…)

Yeh. She’s reeeeeeally craving for those healthy meals. This is her story on the same frigen day. Fried squid, alcohol, can of Fanta and some other side dish.
And she wonders why she can’t lose weight. A big ol bowl of “healthy” fat followed up by fried food.
Good one kaya!

No. 903048

The main thing is that if she was at least active and workout out to burn off the excess calories she takes from these meals, she could stave off a few pounds but nope, she's too sedentary to do that and thus will keep gaining weight as she ages and then it'll really be hard to lose weight by then.

No. 903124

File: 1575760952935.png (1.62 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191207-232142.png)

No. 903125

I feel like she could really benefit from intermittent fasting if she doesn't want to change portion sizes, as long as she doesn't try to cram the same amount of meals in. Though I suppose that requires some sort of discipline.

No. 903146

i agree victoria looks way nicer with her natural face, like manic moth >>888366 and mai magi >>888369. being cute blondes wasn't good enough, they had to be ~extra speshul~ by fucking themselves up with clown alt girl looks. dat amount of insecurity lol, must be pathological

No. 903150

tinfoil but have you seen the thirsty suck up posts lilachris made about jake? i'm sure she'd chase him if he were closer and she is his type. her friend ellie bagged this hot goth boyfriend, it must be eating at her since her dude is a colorless soyboy. and she used to be hotter than her friend, now it's the other way around.

No. 903160

Dirty nails still. She shoukd look at nailbrush sponsorship.

No. 903167

File: 1575772849462.png (1.25 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-12-06-17-58-36…)

What kind of food even is this? It looks like moose poop..

No. 903168

Olives, looks like?

No. 903170

File: 1575773878157.jpeg (482.89 KB, 1242x2330, D52E7463-FDD9-44C2-B685-79ED4A…)

Avalinas depression/break on social has finally been revealed. she sent an email out

No. 903174

oh that's really sad she miscarried. Is she still with her husband though? I'm confused…

No. 903175

Who knows. But to not have him in the picture means she’s done something. Von is an absolute push over, so I’m waiting to see if she will tell us what really happened since this didn’t just happen

No. 903195

There isn't any evidence that they aren't still together. He may just not be in her stories recently because he is likely grieving too. She's had fertility issues in the past and I believe she had issues conceiving with her two sons.

No. 903197


You don't really get to pick portions sizes at most restaurants so you really can't blame the portions on her. Now, if she ate all of it, that's a different story all together.

No. 903198


That choker looks like it is going to bust off of her neck at any moment.

No. 903256

Shes so public with her private life. Why? Get some self respect.

No. 903275

You don’t miscarriage for over a month. You find out you’ve miscarried and that’s it. Even through public, if she doesn’t have private, will perform the surgery within 2 weeks of finding out the pregnancy has failed. She’s been an emo teen kid for almost a month

No. 903295

That is genuinly sad though. Horseface is a vapid cow, but she still doesn't deserve this.

No. 903346

File: 1575821631601.png (1.5 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191208-161253.png)

No. 903419

So in this video everyone's favourite dumpy filth goblin…

-mentions blowjobs unprompted, repeatedly.
-feeds chocolate to her ferrets. I don't know if it's as bad for fetters as it is for dogs or cats. But I'm going to assume it's not a great idea.
- says to a fan who is considering getting cheek piercings that they are hard to heal but the scars give you really cute dimples.
- says that her dream job would be a crime scene cleaner. Which I'm sure is very dark and edgy, but also odd considering the constant squalor in which she lives.
- says that dye stains on her skin will "come off in the wash a couple of days after. I'm such a scummy bitch."
- says that face tattoos are her biggest turn on, except uses way grosser language. Is upset that her partner will not get one because he promised his father he wouldn't.
- talks about her first sex toy. Says that she used to test vibrators in the stores by putting them up against her nose, because "if they make you sneeze they're supposed to make you come."
- says she would open up the relationship, but only for sex.
- suggested making an amateur porn video for pornhub because she heard they paid couples 30 grand and "she could get a lot of tattoos for 30 grand." Her husband refused.
- "nikkie hearts" is her favourite porn hub search to masturbate to. Joker porn dissapoints her.
- Her husband doesn't watch porn. She claims not even to watch it when she's horny, but as a stress reliever. Which sounds like a porn addiction red flag. Uses the argument that doctors used to prescribe them to women to relieve "female hysteria" and jokes about faking mental illness to get off. Doesn't seem to care that this was done by people who did not understand the female anatomy and assumed women were inherently crazy, because haha, dildos!

And now, I have a headache and feel like I need a shower. You're welcome.


No. 903436

Thank you for taking one for the team anon

No. 903475

File: 1575845359614.png (740.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191208-222259.png)

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