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File: 1580695886331.png (100.4 KB, 543x595, Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 6.09…)

No. 927531

No one in the altcows thread(s) wants to discuss these two boring, do-nothing tater tots anymore, so please bring your autism and nitpicking here so that we can move on and discuss other more interesting cows.


Basics for newfags:

>privileged poseurs who profit off of their “goth” image for other wannabes

>have no interest in goth culture or music except for the clout and freebies they get from it

>fanbase consists of tweens and normcore hot topic types with low expectations and no taste

>continually getting called out by eldergoths for their lack of interest

>cannot handle the criticism so avoid the community at all costs

>both are extremely lazy, do nothing, complain about everything, refuse to change, hoard their hauls, stuff themselves with shit food

>rinse and repeat ad infinitum

>kaya struggles with her weight and bad skin, but cannot (or will not) make any effort to change her lifestyle in an attempt to get better

>has blamed everyone and everything under the sun for her issues but never looks to herself as the cause of her problems

>jake on the other hand seems completely uninterested and invests more time in his “snaccs” than he does his partner

>has slowly evolved from musty chav scene boi to Jared Leto’s Joker/Marilyn Manson nightmare clown to appeal to his emo fangirls

>both ebeg nonstop to their goofy fans about how they are supposedly struggling to make ends meet every month so they can get more free Killstar, subscription boxes, and eat out all the time

>claim they are planning on moving to barcelona at some point in the future, but seem to be incapable of actually making shit happen reasonably like everything else in their lives

>their reasoning for wanting to move to spain? belfast isn’t “goff” enough for them (aka, nobody wants to talk to them)

>as of late they are still at it with their laziness, complaining, binging, whining, and doing absolutely nothing, which is why we are here

>current offerings: peak goth content of Sims and pokefag gameplays, more fucking unboxing and killstar hauls, and tiktok reactions




Apologies if I missed anything. I just wanted to get this thread up as soon as possible.

No. 927579

thanks OP, I think I'll enjoy this thread and the people who hate hearing about them in the altcows general will be relieved.

I would have also mentioned the immature way Kaya is with dealing with people, how she ghosted Avelina when they had disagreements about the handbag, and how she handled the situation with Angela.

No. 927670

File: 1580740272615.png (987.73 KB, 918x1062, Schermafbeelding 2020-02-03 om…)

this is a nitpick why is there a door knock under her lips/on her chin lmao

No. 927819

Maybe someone will find this thread and have the screen caps from when kaya was on PULL calling everyone fat and disgusting

No. 927831

unfortunately I doubt it. There were people on the ooold Altcow threads who had seen them but no one has screen caps. The closest thing i've seen is on her tumblr blog, she was laughing at some crazy fan calling her ex's girlfriend fat and disgusting

No. 928953

File: 1581022743680.png (1.53 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200206-205145.png)

No. 929171

File: 1581058425267.png (82.18 KB, 178x246, jaked.png)

Burns victim

No. 929506

So many people I hate in one picture. Are they making another collab or something?

Haha, new thread pic.

No. 929523

File: 1581130419027.jpeg (225.26 KB, 750x656, B172E6E6-63B0-4D8D-8E66-E2591D…)

Tinfoil dumb speculation but I am beginning to wonder if they are trying to move to the US instead of Spain. Or is it because the majority of their fans are Amerifags? I am just curious as to why she fawns over the States like it is some wonderland here.

No. 929527

File: 1581130620753.jpeg (263.37 KB, 750x811, 6ABC018E-EE58-4B15-BCCA-D1F0DB…)


Joann Fabrics is struggling here and their stuff is mostly shitty craft project tier fabric for grannies.

No. 929532

File: 1581130919977.jpeg (277.53 KB, 750x811, 4980A4B9-69AD-4E3C-9AC2-786191…)


There are other tweets like this but I don’t want to sperg since it is just curiosity/speculation.

No. 929601

In MAG they use to shit talk the US, especially Jake did. And when they went to LA Jake would make passive aggreasive comments about the US basically being inferior. But then they also talked about wanting to move to LA. So it's possible.

No. 929691

Seems unlikely they're moving. They are probably going on holiday there again

No. 929704

They could never move to the US as you need a company to sponsor you, which they could not get being lazy and "self employed"

No. 929787


Makes sense.


They’re not from an undesirable country so they would be considered faster than someone from some place in Buttfuckistan. But then again, they don’t work traditional jobs and aren’t highly educated. Who knows.

No. 929792

Moving to Spain they go back out next month looking for place Jake saide it on YouTube live .also he says be living there full time by end of may .

No. 929895

I wonder if they're still friends with sophie/peachmilkytea.

No. 929975

I always got the impression Kaya was mega jealous of Sophie moving to Japan and being a fulltime model (and having a successful Patreon). I think in 2017/2018 when Sophie came back to Ireland for Christmas she visited Jake and Kaya (they posted a picture on insta together), but I haven't seen any interaction between them since.

No. 930013

Cue the inevitable GoFundMe to "get us to Spain"!

No. 930079


They would NOT be considered as you NEED a company to sponsor you. It has nothing to do with where you are from.

No. 930117


Ok, I understand anon, I didn't mean to offend you.

No. 930130

Self employment in Spain is a nightmare when it comes to taxes, they are pretty fucked if they move. One of the most expensive countries when it comes to self employment, it's a flat rate, doesn't matter how little you make. Not that they look this shit up, they think it's a wonderland more than they think the States are, they're in for a surprise if they move without research.

No. 930141


Lol they really would be begging if they moved to Spain.

I kind of wonder if they’ll go for a year or two, and then end up back in the UK when it doesn’t magically change their lives like they seem to think will happen.

No. 930156

Jake has open bank account there .they both not going work there he says that YouTube and patreon and live streaming will be keeping them out there …and cat is going to .

No. 930157

File: 1581287172403.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200209-222637.png)

No. 930172

Ha! I wonder how long till we a see something about them needing to move back because they’re broke. Though, they’re that lazy they probably think opening a bank account is all you need to move over

No. 930291

fucking lol, they shouldn't even have the gaming patreon up any more and i don't know how much they're making through their personal ones but i don't see it being enough to live in another country without having a more steady income.

No. 930840

File: 1581431073662.png (2.04 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200211-142148.png)

No. 931000

i think he meant to say "learn to drive" but i'm glad you posted this. he went on a rambling tangent in his latest grwm video about going to that dir en grey concert in london and feeling "left out" of a convo two ppl were having b/c they were speaking japanese. he even pointed out multiple times it was a specific dialect, and then some girl joined in and it made him big mad to talk about it that much.

anyway, he said that he didn't see a point in learning the language b/c it was expensive to travel to japan blah blah wah wah. like that's how into himself he is.

oh, and also kyo "looked at him" during the concert b/c he was dressed up or whatever, such a delusional twat.

No. 931398

Jakes has mistaken his lipstick for dinner. He's a mess. Who are the other people?

No. 931432

I dont know who the person on the far right is, but the bald guy is Roly. He has a channel about piercings and collabed with Kaya once. He is obnoxious af.

No. 931486

File: 1581541439433.png (725.23 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_2020-02-12-12-03-33…)

The other person is someone named Luxeria, apparently https://instagram.com/xxluxeria?igshid=1hfh8wi9qtln4

No. 931493

File: 1581542845349.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200212-212727.png)

No. 931829

Kaya's new video where they go to the museum of oddities.

Was actually not terrible, except the first 2 minutes is just Roly scream laughing for no apparent reason and just being kind of obnoxious throughout the video.

No. 931973

Roly who formerly made a big deal out of being "non binary" is now back to being just a screaming, attention whore gay man.Roly's annoying behaviour could probably turn even a hardcore SWJ homophobic.
Sucks that people like him often are chosen to represent "the community" when most of us(yes including so called fems/queens)are quietly getting on with life rather than shieking our way thru it, demanding attention 24/7 and reinforcing negative 1950s stereotypes along the way.

Sadly as far as British "alt" you tubers go he is pretty popular, three guesses why Kaya has decided to link her failing channel with his?

Roly no more represents the LGBT community than Kaya and Jack are representative of the Gothic community.

Agreed that the actual footage of the Viktor Wynd museum in London was fairly interesting. First few minutes of the video definitely needed to be edited out.

No. 932010

Luxeria used to be Michael James, an alt beauty youtuber. She used to identify as cis femme gay but transitioned after being stabbed in the dick at night by a rando. Afaik her channel was fucked by the algorithm because she stopped posting regularly after she started studying chemistry.

No. 932176

Stabbed in the dick? That's utterly horrifying

No. 932212

File: 1581719361597.png (727.06 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-02-14-13-27-04…)

Goth icons.

No. 932420

Sadly it is always the ones who fit the stereotype of x thing that gain popularity

Roly - over the top, flamboyant "gay" stereotype = well liked

TT / IBF = over the top, fashion gofficksss that make goth fashion look like a costume = popular

they are popular because that is what most people think of when they consider gays/goths/anything else you can think of

No. 932681

they look ridiculous with their matching latex necks to try and make their faces look slimmer. the way kaya has it is especially funny b/c there's all this open skin.

fake finally uploaded his 'vlog' footage from barcelona. apparently he thought he looked bad [heavy] in it but it's just really boring. all the sites that are they they could've visited and talked about but we just get him blah blahing about idk what with the latex neck that look so stupid b/c it stops in the back.

i like how they were complaining about walking so much when they're just visiting, imagine how much they'll do it when living there and just being homebodies like now.

No. 932722

File: 1581848785243.png (439.85 KB, 732x760, d09d35d4658215dec3e9da22f28319…)

A true natural beauty. I can totally see now why people mistake her for trans.

No. 932726

Kaya's new video is basically her moaning about having no friends and ends with "don't be cunts to new goths because they don't listen to goth music". So basically they aren't goths? Is she that stupid or she just doesn't hear herself?

No. 932738

Yeah where did her friends go?
Peach milky, the people she started hanging out with after Fake's rip off Manson video…

Anons in the alt cow general speculated the twosome drive them away with their big headed and poseur attitude, so kaya tacking on the part about being a goth and not liking the music to this not-having-friends video is interesting.

No. 932744

File: 1581857428119.png (406.86 KB, 662x516, neck.png)

I know this is probably obvious but I just now realized why Kaya and Jake paint their necks black.
it's because it hides their hanging double chins and gives the illusion they have strong jaw bones.
they'd rather paint shit over their bodies everyday than lose some weight

No. 932752


Yet it just makes her head look like an egg sitting in an eggcup

No. 932753

File: 1581862008938.png (91.53 KB, 701x711, Screenshot_2020-02-15-17-44-00…)

If you read the comments it's a bunch of morons whining that being told you aren't goth if you don't listen to goth music is bullying

No. 932754

File: 1581862068773.png (92.96 KB, 688x746, Screenshot_2020-02-15-17-52-59…)

No. 932755

No. 932764


It's like her lifeforce is asspats and circlejerking. This is a grown woman, how is she not embaressed by her life? Wear whatever clothes you want, listen to what you want. Who the hell spends all thier time bitching over other goffs (literally strangers) not accepting them? It baffles me how someone in thier 20s could have nothing beneath the surface of piercings and killstar clothes. Does anyone know if youtube is thier main income? Im so confused how they can pay rent and holiday and eat out all the time.

No. 932765


I don't get why they act like looking goth is some VIP club. Its really sad.

No. 932801

File: 1581876498569.png (408.83 KB, 657x490, tr.png)

Kaya makes up issues because her life is so boring.
she needs to get out into the world and get a job or at the least, move to Barcelona and get on with her life there.

crying because people on facebook don't think you're a goth is such a non-issue and she's so privileged that that's all she has to worry about.
she gets everything handed to her for free and still she finds things to cry about! I'm so sick of her

No. 932824

I dont think she looks trans, but the way she does her hair and makeup do her 0 favors. Two side shaves? Really?

No. 932840

No. 932848


Lmao there’s the “goth is a state of mind” argument again.

No. 932849

Yeah Jake's video was literally 17 minutes of them whining about waking, moaning about being tired and complaining about it being too bright, mixed with seemingly endless clips of them eating in drinking in different restaurants. Any actual interesting parts of Barcelona were skipped past and instead we saw shots of stuff they just wanted to buy instead.

No. 932851

They keep saying the weather and food are more agreeable in Barcelona, and I can see the point of the food but it's not like either of them will be setting foot outdoors regularly.
Their finances are a mystery to me.

No. 932853


She doesn't even have tits hahaha, shes just a potato shape

No. 932909

Kaya's latest video is woefully pathetic even by her own standards. It's 20 minutes of her whinging that she doesn't feel ~safe~ in the goth scene because everyone can see straight through her bullshit.

Including this pic as a receipt because she keeps mentioning a music Q&A video, and you just know she'll make a transparent attempt to pretend to like Christian Death (this is assuming she actually gets around to making the video, of course).

No. 932910

File: 1581906122285.jpg (615.51 KB, 1080x2220, 874101258952104575210.jpg)

No. 932924

They really just need to be themselves and not spend so much time worrying about how goth or not they are.

No one is forcing them to ingratiate with people who don’t accept them.

They should know people will be critical of them because they profit from their aesthetic.

No. 933024

She said yes to "had sex in a cemetery"

With who, because Fake doesn't sound like the adventurous type. (And that would be ironic because of the attention seeing things he does but these things cement him as being dull - he can't get attention by being himself.)

No. 933111

File: 1581960469757.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200217-172701.png)

No. 933112

File: 1581960495886.png (2.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200217-172644.png)

No. 933113

He is sooo stubby and chunky lol

No. 933116

File: 1581961406460.png (585.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200217-174208.png)

No. 933117

I'm sure she said years ago she lost her virginity when she was like 13 so who knows

No. 933134

One of my favourite things to hate about Jake is that he is such a taurus. Maybe just vain but he's stocky and such he just screams Taurus if you're into that shit.

Kaya and him need some soul fulfilling hobbies that has nothing to do with ashethetics. Even a drug addiction could give them more depth. They're painfully boring.

No. 933186

In tears? These girls need to get some therapy, get their emotions sorted. Random people on the internet talking about how you're not goth shouldn't make you cry..

No. 933285

someone in the alt cows thread said she mentioned that fake went 'normal' with his look b/c of bullies, fucking lol. he was trying to copy that casey n-however you spell it and get offered more sponsors or whatever. in sort, he greedy and thought that kind of look would get him free shit.

anyone else think his new tattoo is kind of meh? like, not bad, but for all the hours of work that allegedly went into it, looking at it here >>933111 it's hard to tell what it is unless you actually know. also nice not so subtly showing it off dude, we get it, you have a new tattoo.

yea, you have some sort of magical hair that just won't stay down. i doubt he's tried 'everything'; hair clips, little rubber bands, better products with strong hold. you're welcome.

No. 933306

Agreed, it looks like a very cheap tattoo, almost by an apprentice. That kind of watercolour tattoo will blur very badly without thick outlines and will look like trash in 5-10years.

No. 933308

Kaya has uploaded an unboxing and Fake Munro a tik tok reaction vid. Quality content.

No. 933430

File: 1582052112332.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200218-184107.png)

No. 933447

File: 1582054671596.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200218-185732.png)

No. 933449


His arms look longer than his legs

No. 933451

He looks like a sad clit with that hood.

No. 933459


Frodo Baggins gets lost in the Matrix…

No. 933585

dead, ily anon.

this style doesn't suit him, i'm not sure why he does such long layers that make his legs look even stumpier than they are.

No. 933594

File: 1582085949033.jpg (118.6 KB, 660x981, 1488254696667.jpg)


Yeah, the dude needs to learn how to dress for his body type. I definitely thought he was much fatter than >>933111 due to his unfortunate way of dressing and stumpy body. The high boots and long tunic shirts make his legs look tiny compared to be his stocky body.

No. 933741

Attack of the giant goth clit.

No. 933799

File: 1582140429491.png (1.9 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200219-192425.png)

No. 933813

It's an o-ring. (Might be fetish related jewellery, but I'd rather not think about her sex life.)

No. 933875

The music Q&A is here. Lots of words and no substance, as usual.

She really needs us to know that she enjoys that one Sisters of Mercy song. She also admitted to not enjoying Bauhaus, so I can at least appreciate a little bit of honesty from her.

Other than that, she just waffles on about 80s power ballads and Lordi. ~so gawth~

No. 933947

I actually kind of liked this video. At least it wasn't an unboxing for once. At the end she says she doesn't have an ear for music and has difficulty distinguishing genres which I believe.

No. 934006

the high angles he does to show off his outfits don't help either. for someone so into the way they look, he's not really smart about presenting well in pix unless he's doing those tired out faces/poses and editing for the 'gram.

No. 934202

My sides, you are killing me.

No. 934217

Did I just hear ass sucking noises from Jude?

No. 934445

File: 1582245067102.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200221-003030.png)

No. 934470


Fetish wear and Stump Munroe don’t go together.

No. 934657


I think it's funny they are soo into goth (and now fetish) fashion but NEVER go to any goth clubs. When they visited London there are tons of goth and fetish clubs, bars and pubs they could have gone to but all they do is walk around the high street and get laughed at by chavs.

Maybe they know they are posers and real goths would rip them apart!

No. 934676

File: 1582292249708.png (2.54 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200221-133522.png)

No. 934681

When's Jake coming out then? I saw weird videos of him and peachmilky ex Mitch and they seemed pretty gay together

No. 934708


Jake: puts belt around head

Made 'Fetish Goth' a thing.

No. 934858

File: 1582307313639.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200221-174235.png)

No. 934984

This reminds me of those people who make their own Naruto headbands (especially paired with his hairstyle). This is not fetishwear, what a joke.

No. 935062

File: 1582332191361.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200222-004245.png)

No. 935174

He said he's bisexual in a video and that he thought he might be gay once, and that he was gonna meet up with a guy who catfished him (I think? It was a long time ago when I watched that video) and that was shortly before he met Kaya. I always wondered if he felt like he missed out or something.

No. 935193


this is something you do in high school. like, good he's doing diy stuff and not whining about it the way kaya does, but you can tell he's so pleased about such a basic thing.

also, he has got2be freeze spray but claims he can't get his hair to stay down? yea, ok.

No. 935517

File: 1582409730779.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200222-221442.png)

No. 935519

File: 1582409792537.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200222-221459.png)

No. 935693

Pretty much anon. They aren't Goths, just posers who dress like sideshow freaks because they crave the attention. They don't listen to Goth music and they avoid going to Goth clubs because they know that they won't be taken seriously and won't stand out neither.

I mean I think they know that without the freakshow look, they would be seen for the boring individuals they truly are.

No. 935834

File: 1582469312279.png (2.26 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200223-144519.png)

No. 935902


You're the same person posting badly cropped insta stories on the alt thread.


We don't need to you post every single story they post.

No. 935904


Gatekeeping others’ posts but you don’t even sage your own kek

No. 935967

>I've always wanted to read this!
>So instead of reading it, I never did! Until a fan told me ofc.

Jake just say "I think my DIY looks as good as this cover" and go, why shoe horn in the made up fan story

No. 936548

We needed another double unboxing! :D( :D)

No. 937721

And a punk rave haul…

No. 938514

File: 1582926098905.png (861.74 KB, 720x1038, Screenshot_2020-02-28-12-40-17…)

This guy got recommended to me on instagram and I thought it was Jake at first. I wonder if Jake ripped his look off..

No. 938588

lmao that's Jude Bishop's daddy/ex

No. 938926

Yeah anons figured this out in the Jude bishop and altcow threads ages ago already

No. 938956

>Yeah anons figured this out in the Jude bishop and altcow threads ages ago already

Okay? And…?

No. 939278

And so you don't need to tell us again lmao. Though, Jake will probably find someone else to skinwalk soon anyway. First it was J rock, then Manson and now rotten_hollow, I wonder who's next.

No. 939384

Well, some people have other things to do aside from scouring over and memorizing every single LC thread to make sure nothing gets posted twice. Shocking, right? I didn't know he had been posted here before (obviously) if I did I wouldnt have posted it. Sorry, didn't mean to trigger you.

No. 940729

Le Stump attempts to sell his “merch”.

>it’s not a phase mom - so inspiring

>spazzes out for several minutes like a sugar high five year old
>short hobbit legs on full display

No. 941332

I'm confused he's promoting his band again, I thought he had left them?

No. 941454

File: 1583442512163.png (194.55 KB, 540x408, Screenshot_2020-03-05-12-05-37…)

I can't imagine anyone over the age of 13 wanting to wear this

No. 941455

File: 1583442580607.png (125.02 KB, 367x384, Screenshot_2020-03-05-12-05-45…)

Jake Stumpro

No. 941481

I think it's the others who left and now he's he only member, so he rebranded it as his SoLo CaReEr

No. 941484

The irony, considering how he used to look. He's using this style for views, fucking pathetic

No. 941853

He thinks he looks buff but he’s just chunk. Cringe when he flexes(emoji)

No. 941987

He really doesn't help himself by wearing long baggy t shirts, but the alternative might be him wearing those man cleavage tops to show how "ripped" he is so maybe this isn't so bad kek

No. 943209

File: 1583787836442.jpg (453.07 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20200309-210243_Chr…)

No. 943213

Wake up, dear. It isn't the King's Road 1976.

Can't deal with being ~stared at~. Jesus.

No. 943215


Blah blah blah, girl please, just keep it simple if you’re scaring the normal fags.

No. 943552

In a way i think she likes the stares, otherwise she wouldn't talk about it so much. Like IBF. If it really bothers her she would've learnt to stop caring because she's been dressing alt for so long, right?

No. 943614


I feel the same about the attention seeking, yet I don’t understand why they don’t just own up to it. They both try so hard to come off as sensitive and shy, and yet they’re all outgoing and seem comfortable around others, if not a bit awkward. My brain hurts.

No. 943713

File: 1583873744361.png (113.62 KB, 1184x884, hXUHdsz.png)

Can't believe Jake's patrons pay $5 a month for discount codes he is too stupid to realise can be seen by everyone

No. 943740

File: 1583876184570.jpg (493.32 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20200310-213505_Chr…)

She sits at home all day but does not want to get ready for an outfit video for her channel.
Even though YouTube is supposed to be her 'job'.

No. 943797

>putting on 5 outfits would take me weeks

Does she live in a different dimension of time than the rest of us?

No. 943863

You can't expect her to get ready two days in a row anon, let's get real.

No. 943885


She is so fucking verbose about everything. Always some long drawn out explanation for why she can't do something.

No. 944112

They don't "own" it because if they did, they wouldn't get "woe is me" pity points. TT & IBF got tv segments on "What it's like to be Goth" (As if Kaya would know since she isn't one) and the way it's done is always shone in just a "these poor people" kind of way.

It's shit like this that make feel she doesn't deserve to be called a YouTube and is being rewarded for laziness. She doesn't have any other responsibilities like an IRL job or even any hobbies to speak of. She's the definition of a glutton who only cares about eating and sleeping the day away. I don't understand how she can be so lazy to not even do something so simple when she has all the time in the day to do it. I seriously hope one day her backers on Patreon will see just how ripped off they are getting and put their money to better use.

It's nauseating but she gets enabled by her fans. "Take as much time as you need" ( a week later lol).

No. 944439

How long before Jake gives up this style?
Any estimates?

No. 944440

Give or take, another few months? I mean he's still getting the views on his videos to the horrible looking thumbnails he does so he'll probably hang out to it until the views start to go down.

No. 944530


GOTH REACTS! Can last a few more months lmao

No. 944580

Pretty much. Especially since it's usually to TikToks (Imagine that? Fake Goth reacting to other Fake Goths). That's gonna get old eventually so yeah, give it another few months and he'll most likely move to the next trend.

No. 944648

I find it hilarious he had an existential crisis about his fat emo look a couple years ago, saying he wasnt himself and hes sold out… now he just does shit tik tok videos for quick cash, he is not an artist or create interesting content, hes the definition of sold out.

No. 945979

He also idolised Casey Neistat and made vlogs all the time, but has a really boring life and just filmed doing chores lol - I thought that was lazy but he's regressed even further. Even though he clearly has loads of time because of his awful OTT outfits and enough resources like the editor studio he won't let kaya touch.

No. 947018

Ugh kaya posted another witch moon double unboxing. I'm not going to post it because it's the same drivel as usual. This isn't content, especially because she never uses the items. Kids unboxing toys get loads of views because their subs are other kids who love that shit, but Kaya's subs aren't as dumb as that. …Right?

No. 947383

Eh… Maybe? I think that her unboxing videos are ridiculous, boring, and just showcase her awful hoarding mentality what with accumulating things she doesn't even use. Worse though is that when she does these "Witch" boxes, she doesn't even know what half the stuff is and she's too lazy to educate herself on it so it's like her viewers can't even get a learning lesson out of these boring videos.

No. 947467

Oh anon. Cows have shown as again and again some people really can be that dumb. Donating large amounts for no reason, letting themselves be scammed, etc. These cows are around partly bc these people enable them. A lot of us here are ex subs ourselves but got wise to their BS.

No. 947470

*us again

No. 947656

Yep though I think a lot of the people who financially support them are tweens and early college students who don't have a lot of bills to pay and can afford to blow their money on people like Kaya and Jake.

No. 947840

True. But that also means they could buy more things for themselves instead. But they want to waste it on this scammer couple…

No. 947968

Oh no anon, I'm not justifying it haha. I think the people who financially support these two are getting seriously ripped off and could be buying useful or interesting things for themselves.

No. 950200

Kaya just posted a "6 year anniversary" video. Her channel has been going for 6 years and scamming, e begging and hoarding is all she has to show for it? Oof.

No. 950485

And this dead thread.

No. 951248

Lol yeah who's idea was it to make a separate thread cos these two aren't big enough for that.

No. 952331

File: 1585682038817.jpg (29.4 KB, 687x242, wtf.jpg)


Completly agree. These two belong on altcows.

Can we all agree that this is stupidest comment ever? I mean, it´s a fucking object.

No. 952463

I'm guessing she was trying to make a joke and it didn't land

The thread was made because people in altcows kept bitching about these two being mentioned

No. 952656

Oh. They clearly aren't milky enough to carry this thread though, if this one ever finishes do we make a new one or not, or what

No. 952688

This thread won't ever come close to locking unless Kaya or Jake up their games.
I would just take it back to altcows if that did happen, though. The singular anon who thinks they control thread topics can learn to cope.

No. 953000

not really milk but I was just watching one of kaya's older GRWM's and in it she says she's the one who finds the tik tok videos that jake reacts to in his videos. she says she knows his sense of humor and has to spend hours and hours finding tik toks that she thinks he'll find funny enough to try not to laugh. I mean it kind of makes sense but like jesus christ kaya must be dedicated to spend hours and hours behind the scenes for him like that.

No. 953180

Jake calling egirls cringey and annoying. Hello pot, meet kettle

No. 953862

Is Jake trying to be Morgz now with the dumb face pulling in his thumbnails? Ofc it could be he just decided to do it himself. But because he skinwalks left right and centre I wonder lol.

No. 954586

Ugh they are so has-beens at this point, only die hard tweens and lonely adults are subbed to them and eat up their boring vids

No. 954870

Can we not move back to the altcows thread? neither of them are active enough on their socials to justify their own thread.

No. 955056

Yeah some anons a few days ago were saying we should move them back, but only if the thread maxes out. But idk, that seems like a big "if".

No. 955648

If it's such a big if why not move them back to altcow rn then

No. 955880

This is fucking PAINFUL because he won’t shut the fuck up about “gatekeeping” and “elitism” in the “alternative community”, and doesn’t realise how he literally makes content for the kind of person he constantly bitches about - crusty old “goth” creeps giving young girls shit because they’re embracing new alt fashions? As if we needed more evidence that he was a narcissistic piece of shit.

No. 955882

The image of these two nearly-30 year old cringelords sitting in their crusty house and spending scrolling through tiktok, which Kaya unironically uses anyway, to make fun of minors is hilarious.

No. 956415

So I recently found out that my boyfriend knew Jake in college. He's not really into youtube or the alt community so he doesn't know anything about Kaya or that Jake has a youtube channel. He said that after college Jake pretty much disappeared and cut everyone he knew back then off, so that makes me question Jake's claim in an old video that nobody from then wanted to bother with him after college ended. You can't cut yourself off from everyone and then get mad at them when they don't reach out to you.

No. 956572

Has he fucking looked in a mirror? Indeed, pot calling kettle black x2. He's an e-boy, these are your people lol. Because him and his girlfriend sure as hell aren't Goths.

I think you're right. Even if the anon keeps bitching about them being brought up, they'll just have to deal because their own thread is pretty dead.

First of all he needs to shut the fuck up. Being generally Alternative doesn't have rules unlike the music-centered ones where you have to at least listen to the music of the scene. It's like he's taking his butthurt after being run out of the Goth scene because actual Goths saw through his and Kaya's poserness and he can't let it go.

Something like this was brought up in a previous altcows thread where another anon mentioned how Jake wanted to move out of the town he was living in and when he did to live with Kaya, he cut everyone off.

No. 956595

Another boring shitty generic video from Kaya, who is somehow doing even worse depression-wise for quarantine even though she just sits inside all day anyway, but around 1:30 she says that she thinks this cough she’s had for a couple of weeks is whooping cough…In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic…She’s mentioned coughing for a couple of weeks and was still going outside since she started, she hasn’t mentioned being tested, but also doesn’t even to be considering the possibility that that’s what it is. This isn’t milky or anything, it just pisses me off how utterly stupid and delusional she is.

No. 956838

The pose she's doing in that thumbnail looks so awkward..

No. 956974

Kaya actually looks like she’s learned some things. Her hair being that way covers her side shave so she doesn’t look like a potato, she’s not wearing her awful pink gear we used to see constantly. Top it off she’s not in a potato sack. Meanwhile, what the hell does Jake have going on in that last thumbnail?????

No. 968547

They are just the worst pair of people. And I’m pretty sure their whole relationship is for clout.(necromancy)

No. 970004

literally every time I go to jake's ig stories he's just posting screenshots of people's posts talking about how much they love his videos. went to his twitter to see if there was anything milky but it's just him retweeting his "snaccs" posting about his videos. he loves fellating himself. pretty sure he would literally suck his own dick if he could.

well no shit

No. 975850

These two fucks are text-book scumbags. They sit on their arses all day, claiming government benefits, stuff their faces with greasy take-away every farts end, and constantly complain about how shit Belfast is and that there’s nothing to do in the whole island of Ireland… They’re perfectly able to but choose not to work, so sponge of the government/tax payers. Even better, Jake loves to complain about how lowlife/scummy people are and wants to move away asap. These are the people who are probably paying taxes for the likes of him, a 30 year old man, to make videos criticising 12 year old girls on TikTok… Sorry for the rant. Fuck, I hope they move away.

No. 976022

How do you know theyre on benefits?

No. 976107

I don’t want to give too much away, but I live near them in east Belfast. I literally don’t really know or care much about what they do on the internet. It’s just so annoying that they mouth about how stupid/scummy the people in their area are, yet they do exactly what these people do, go to the same benefits office, sit about doing fuck all etc… except they dress alternative so they think they’re different. They live in a ‘council estate area’, basically you claim housing benefits to live in these. Boring story, but I was brought up in a similar area with very little money (mum was a single parent, has MS, and was on benefits also), but now I’m old enough I work and earn money that she couldn’t, so it annoys me how Kaya and Jake go on acting as If their lives are so hard and think that they are better than everyone, so play the system to get handouts all the time. Also, yes they stand out (which is fair enough) but their behaviour stands out more so, which means people talk about them and they are known in east Belfast. Like they’ve been seen, by myself and people I know, going to collect the dole from the jobs and benefits office in east Belfast in the past. I can’t say for certain they still claim but people know what folk are at round here and word of mouth is that they are still claiming, and the facts that they still live in a council house says it all really. Like there are a lot of people around east belfast that are goth, punk working class, really dead on like no one cares if people dress different. These two hit different though, mainly due to their scummy ways, yet acting like god’s gift. I know this is a bit whiny on my part, but sure there you have it.

No. 976754

I'm a chunky person but unlike Kaya I don't have a history of fat shaming and I'm also confident and haven't spent the last few years crying about my weight and doing nothing about it. How anyone can have such a high ego with such low self esteem baffles me. She has such a superiority complex but obviously doesn't have the self image to match it. Bizarre. As for her and Jake, they're clearly just together for their social media at this point. You'd think for that purpose he'd probably be with someone he's actually attracted to but he wants her follower base. They're both complete and utter begs. Does anyone else remember that birthday video from a few years ago that was just kaya asking for things off her wishlist? Jake is the same, literally asking people to send him things.

No. 976793

and even with all the free shit they get sent, they still just whine and beg for more. this video (a killstar haul) is basically just jake whining about a bunch of shit, mostly that he's not in barcelona. like jesus christ dude, just be thankful you have tweens who financially support you and that you don't have to go out and risk your health to work.

No. 976795

wow, not surprised and it's pretty apparent that it's their attitudes and not their ~aesthetic~ that turns ppl off. kaya is constantly rambling on twitter about her latest obsession like pressing flowers, while fake definitely thinks he's better than others but is on the same level as ppl he laughs at.


his constant whining about things he was supposed to be doing is so first world problems. mostly b/c he really thinks being in a different country is going to launch his creativity or whatever. like, why not start now instead of doing the millionth reaction video and outing yourself in edited ig pix vs what he really looks like in vids.

No. 977203

There is 100% definitely a past video of either Kaya's or Fake's where they describe how they used to wait until midnight on the day their dole/benefits payment would come in and go to a 24hr garage (gas station) to buy sweets. So it's been confirmed, and I HIGHLY doubt that they could afford rent on a 2 bedroom house with garden based on income from their flopping channels, especially given how much they've both been seen to haemorrhage money on dumb stuff.

No. 977208

good point, I never saw that vid but I'm sure it's been taken down like they took down a lot of their older vids.

No. 977644

Ah the old vids where they were thinner, and Jake didn't have that terrible fake accent. Wouldn't want the subscribers to find that.

No. 978392

I think Fake said this in his "i had an eating disorder" video. if not that then possibly "moving country - story time" video

i als think kaya said this as well on her blog yeeeeears back

all their old videos are still up as far as I know, just order their videos from date added (oldest) and they'll be at the very top

No. 978518

>wait until midnight on the day their dole/benefits payment would come in and go to a 24hr garage (gas station) to buy sweets
That's white trailer trash behavior. Good lord.

No. 978704

I started watching kaya back in 2014-2015 and I don't remember the video about them waiting til midnight to get snacks so I'm guessing she took it down. unless it's a jake video but jake didn't have an active channel back then except for MAG. that or she put it on her blog like you said.

No. 979020

File: 1590443515102.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200525-225127.png)

No. 979383

Nice find. I only remember him mentioning his sister once in that one video about his mum.

No. 979769


I actually looked her insta up. She seems like an adoring little sister who looks up to her big bro, but afaik Jake never talks about or acknowledges his family apart from having cut all contact with his mom, I think for being a shitty parent? Also in one of their kid pictures they both look east asian and she has a Korean greeting phrase in her bio. Is Jake half Korean or something? Seeing as he used to be so inspired by j-rock style- as well as music-wise in the past, I'm surprised he hasn't made a big deal about it if that is the case. He seems just like the type of person to use that for clout/credibility.

No. 979790


No lmao he's total white trash just a weeb

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