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File: 1583142838651.png (Spoiler Image, 6.56 MB, 2048x2048, 274420D9-5429-4D6C-82F2-1472D8…)

No. 939654

> part of the spam community
> 19 year old drug addict poly sex worker anachan
> drug of choice is heroin, benzos and possibly meth?
> has a dentist boyfriend who is her “slave”, lives in some other random guys apartment for free?
> incredibly attention seeking, posts pretty much every aspect of her fucked up life then complains when people use her like a reality tv show
> posted a video of her trying to cut her own neck with a piece of glass
> crashed her car while high on xanax and posted the video to tiktok
> “best friend” with jaelle stiles
> jaelle is also super attention seeking, they are basically the same
> very toxic friendship, nika emotionally manipulates her
> took jaelles virginity with some 40 year old professor
> uploaded pictures of jaelle carving a bloody “nika” into her leg
> both live stream often, always so unusual and drugged out
> most of their followers hate on them
> jaelles dad is apparently really mentally ill and abusive. treats jaelle like shit while he is “in love” with nika and showers her with money and gifts
> jaelle films her own fathers dick and posts it
> nika has sex with jaelles dad
> claims they all planned it out because he “prefers 20-30 year old women” and “hasn’t had sex in years”

anons who have followed her for years please feel free to add in anything.
nika petrova
instagram - @hewwokittyuwu, @neurotic
twitter - @lilithxxx0
snapchat - @hewwokittyx
onlyfans - @lilithxxx0
jaelle stiles
instagram - @jaelle.stiles, @jaelllle

previous thread

No. 939662

File: 1583146291082.jpeg (97.42 KB, 750x742, 4409DAFE-C4C4-46AC-B817-898957…)

when nika and jaelle were fighting. you can find everything I’m going to post and more on the instagram @ifyouneedtocatchup

No. 939665

File: 1583146391658.png (Spoiler Image, 3.43 MB, 2048x1365, 8AA18CB7-1A3A-47FE-A7AE-5D1112…)

when jaelle carved “nika” into her leg

No. 939666

File: 1583146422485.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.51 KB, 750x922, 508BADE1-9D54-40F8-A33B-ED15E4…)

nika trying to cut her neck with glass

No. 939671

File: 1583146752436.png (2.19 MB, 2048x683, DD414495-98A9-484C-9774-BC391A…)

nika throwing out her needles on live

No. 939672

File: 1583146801254.jpeg (114.91 KB, 750x830, 859B9F7F-6304-4965-A0A9-603DA0…)

nika crashing her car high on xanax

No. 939674

File: 1583146853886.png (Spoiler Image, 4.47 MB, 2048x1365, 7251A345-04CF-4AF9-AD87-0BBD70…)

jaelle losing her virginity

No. 939675

File: 1583147045472.jpeg (132.72 KB, 750x918, 7A3EA065-34E0-41D8-8CE1-78E846…)

“what’s the worst thing that can happen sharing a needle with someone uwu”

No. 939676

File: 1583147131440.jpeg (359.18 KB, 1866x1024, 048D7F0F-4C0B-431E-9B63-A4C0D5…)

nika lap dancing on jaelles dad

No. 939677

File: 1583147201751.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 272.32 KB, 1830x1024, D6103030-1DBC-4EFC-8D4D-680947…)

jaelles dads gross old man dick

No. 939680

Just arrived from the instagrammers you hate and holy shit, don't know either of these people but this milk seems plentiful, thank you anon. What's the deal with this incesty dad stuff? Super awkward

No. 939693

Both of their existences are very sad. The manic driven trainwreck is giving me vibes from the Parker-Hulme case.

No. 939699


The biggest concern i have here is actually jaelles dad. Sure, nika and jaelle are young and fucked in the head from trauma whatever and now making a mess on instagram. Jaelles dad is a grown ass man in his 50's that has lived a full life and he still out here committing incestous sexual abuse towards jaelle when he's letting all this shit happen. WHY would he even want to put his dick in a mentally ill heroin addicted fuckign teenage friend of his daughter!!!!! Its beyond mes

No. 939702


she has a huge face lol

No. 939703

Is it okay to be spoonfed a bit here? I don’t know anything about these people either but seems milky af. Like, where is this white trash Epstein Island? Do they have other adults in their lives? Idk how someone’s able to get to this point at age 19 without some sort of parental/medical/legal intervention. More please!

No. 939705

File: 1583153435473.jpeg (325.5 KB, 828x1386, 29410367-5211-4BAE-B184-3F5F96…)

Jaelle posted this to her story

No. 939706

File: 1583153533035.jpeg (646.18 KB, 828x1179, C5ABEAB6-3161-48BD-BB0E-4EF484…)


No. 939707

File: 1583153563177.jpeg (143.35 KB, 640x933, D73C306C-1D74-4FC8-8438-D424CD…)

tbh I don’t know anything about these two either but came across this insta which seems to cover a bit

No. 939712

it has basically all the juicy live streams if you want to watch them

No. 939715

They’re apart of the spam community on ig, that’s how they met.
Both of them have been doing histrionic fucked up shit online since they’re were 13/14.
Nika is worse than jaelle, she’s a bpdfag, anachan (she had a pro-Ana tumblr blog), junkie. She talks in a high pitched fake baby voice which is jarring to listen to.
She used to be overweight, now she looks fucking terrifying and emaciated(the Vienna sausage lip injections don’t help).
She started off with abusing Xanax /adhd meds which has now spiraled into meth and heroin. Nika has also picked up sex work as a means to support her habit.
She often does ig lives of her high out of her mind while she’s driving or making a complete fool out of herself in public.

Her and jaelle have fallen out numerous times, during this recent reconciliation
Nika exposed jaelle to meth and encouraged her to lose her virginity to some middle aged meth head.
Nika was also known in the spam community for posting racist remarks/slurs , stealing shit from people and using them ,her self harm and overall being a narcissistic dumpster fire.

Jaelle’s dad is bipolar, her mother died 2 years ago from cancer. Jaelles childhood was fucked up, her parents were abusive and were both drug addicts who at first me point lost custody. She was a shut in with no life/friends which resulted to her attention seeking behavior.
There’s videos of her smoking tampons and slapping her head (there’s plenty more examples I can’t think of rn)
She was also arrested as a juvenile for some domestic dispute, her mugshot can be found. somewhere online

No. 939716

Holy shit, isn’t this the girl who used to be friends with Julia Penton?

Jaelle was one of the last ones I expected to find on here

No. 939720

File: 1583155556031.jpeg (162.17 KB, 828x759, A4E8CEE1-1BAA-4717-9F2F-F21BF1…)

Here’s what she used to look like..
Doesn’t even look like same person

No. 939726

File: 1583155988929.jpeg (514.83 KB, 828x765, 293B4903-9C49-4C49-A05D-35BFDE…)

Jaelle’s mugshot

No. 939727

File: 1583156059030.jpeg (310.78 KB, 828x812, 4881D5C7-391C-4EDB-838A-B16386…)

Jaelle after painting her entire face with a sharpie marker

No. 939731

File: 1583156802559.jpeg (115.24 KB, 750x935, A910DF51-96ED-4DE2-A4CD-D77593…)

screenshot from a video of jaelle licking and sucking her cats ear/face. these people are crazy. full video on @ifyouneedtocatchup

No. 939736

Her tiktok is Lilithreborn

No. 939747

What even is the spam community on IG? How do people connect when all their accounts are private? What draws complete messes like these two together?
This is all fascinating, and I have so many questions.

No. 939749

File: 1583159404881.jpeg (647.95 KB, 828x1323, 634890CA-F7A0-4140-A3B0-E9EB74…)

Kek. She’s so delusional, she actually thought she would be scouted and wanted to model professionally…

Maybe it’s the meth

No. 939751

It’s difficult to explain but the og spam community was formed around 2013/2014.
The majority of spam accounts aren’t like these two degenerates though, People just follow them for the lol’s

No. 939758

Erin painter was a part of it too, her and jaelle had beef at one point lol

No. 939760

File: 1583161566651.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 1530C16E-C063-442A-A719-44A0D3…)

Nika and Jaelle are both awful but Jae JUST got out of the hospital for a suicide attempt, wasnt on her meds, and was acting irrationally - nika is taking advantage of her to take no blame for the incestuous BS they just pulled

No. 939763

File: 1583161654602.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, 96BB88D8-495A-4C74-9A26-EEBA88…)

No. 939769

Did they actually upload a video of Nika fucking jaelles dad? Or could it all be staged?…

No. 939773

i really really doubt this is staged despite wishing it were because i was on jaelle's live last night when the nika-jaelles dad fucking occurred and jaelle literally panned over to nika hopping off of her dad's dick. nika yelled "we're done!" and that was it :/ its so fucking gross and nika and jaelle's dad are 100% taking advantage of jaelle rn

No. 939776

It happened yesterday? Jesus Christ

No. 939778

yeah man this was at like… 1:30am? 2am? on the east coast, where i am. theyre in chicago so idk what time it is there but i think its probably the same. julia (another spam community girl) was also on the stream with jaelle and was telling her to leave the house with her dad and to stop hanging out with nika. she also said she was gonna fly up to chicago (shes in florida i believe) and beat the fuck out of nika and "knock her fucking teeth out of her face" if she kept hanging out with jaelle. jaelle kept giving excuses as to why she couldnt leave, one of which was "im looking for my juul" and julia was saying that she would send her money for a new one if she left immediately. i dont know anything about julia, i only follow nika and jaelle, but it seems like jaelle has at least one person looking out for her.

No. 939786

Julia and Jaelle were literally going at eachothers throats a few weeks ago because Jaelle called out nika and Julia defended her. Ironic.

No. 939791

jaelle was calling nika a monster and a manipulator and then nika somehow manipulated her into letting nika back into her life. i remember julia defended her but i think that this whole dad fucking/meth/heroin situation has TRULY exposed the extent of how far nika will go and how absolutely fucked up she is. i maintain that jaelle is being taken advantage of. she has borderline and has super fucking horrible attachment issues. not at all surprised that shes letting nika do as she pleases again.

No. 939793

i forgot to mention this earlier: jaelle has a really big connection to her (dead) mom, and people were saying "yr mom would be so proud of you rn" and jaelle shot back with that her mom would be "rolling in her ashes" and shared that her mom gave her hickies at 14 as a joke???

No. 939795

It's on pornhub apparently

No. 939799

there's the screenshot from jaelle's story but that doesn't really prove shit and its sus that no one has a link. that callout ig did say they would send it to ppl though.

No. 939800

im pretty sure that was just a random screenshot based on the view count (700,000 if i recall correctly) and nika and jaelle wouldnt post that shit for free, theyre both money hungry (mostly nika, who owns the onlyfans that she said it would be posted on). the video that people are saying they'll send is the story from nika's story with the old man dick in it. she deleted it during the livestream when people started noticing it and spamming "look at nika's story" in the chat.

No. 939823

File: 1583170358442.jpeg (362.01 KB, 750x1186, 35FDB95E-C258-40E9-A3DB-13B9DA…)

the video will be on her onlyfans i’m so disgusted by her

No. 939828

julia posted that she will be posting the video and dming anyone who wants it uncensored but then deleted it

No. 939834

Post the video.. should be up by now. And no, it's not on Pornhub ATM.

No. 939836

People who bought her onlyfans are saying there is no video posted at all….

No. 939838

i believe she said that she would be posting it in a few hours, there are screencaps of it on her story. she just posted that a "sneak peek" will be on her story on @neurotic

No. 939844

I thought this was a meme, she is really fucking fat. I thought the drugs would make her skinny wtf

No. 939849

Video of Nika strung out af and fucking a sugardaddy for Jaelle to record

No. 939852

The vids up but I don’t have her only fans

No. 939857

Yeah, that's the same account who supposedly took Jaelle's virginity. The pics of which seem fake, they look like they spilled wine and called it blood idk.

Anyway, this neurotic account has their soundcloud plugged in their bio and they keep @ing it.. seems like at least some of this is just bullshit to get the fag more follows?

No. 939859

Neurotic is nikas "main" account although she never posts on it

No. 939860

No. 939863

This isn’t the Jaelles dad tape.

No. 939873

File: 1583177415583.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.43 KB, 822x528, 3FE82B6F-F923-4B61-97E1-0A7C9D…)

deleted last post forgot to spoiler

No. 939874

File: 1583177448459.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.58 KB, 803x478, C6A1FC2F-995B-46EA-8322-28448C…)

No. 939881


link to the leak?

No. 939882

File: 1583178793175.png (Spoiler Image, 4.05 MB, 1242x2688, 45770761-BDE2-40F7-8B13-274007…)


Someone leaked nikas entire onlyfans account. What’s really disturbing is she posted pics of her carving her name into Jaelle’s leg. Do NOT open if you are triggered or upset by cuts, blood, etc.

No. 939883

@xanaxmason3 on twitter

No. 939891

FINALLY a thread on nika!!!!!!!!!!

No. 939893


Anyone got a mirror? Don’t have twitter so can’t follow

No. 939913

I screen recorded everything that happened last night. I posted it on YouTube it’s an hour long.

No. 939918

nika and jaelle thought they were gonna get lulz out this situation true dumbasses in their habitat kek

No. 939921

Wtf have I stumbled across. A+ horrorcow Anon.

I feel really bad for Jaelle, like yeah she's retarded but she's clearly been through some serious shit. Nika's seemed to gaslighted the shit out of her ("everything I've ever done was for Jaelle I'm a good friend uwu") and her dad is a fucking creep who doesn't care for her whatsoever. Jaelle needs to get the fuck away from both of them, I'm getting stockholm syndrome vibes.

No. 939925

both jaelle and her dad (his name is john) say that nika reminds them of the mom? that’s why they love her?
then nika started posting about being jaelles “step mom”

No. 939926

samefag but I recall julia saying on live that jaelle was too in love with nika, that’s why she puts up with so much shit. jaelle also said they could never be together in a relationship because they are too alike.
so apparently the solution is set up your own father and ~best friend~ to have sex instead. great friendship.

No. 939932

But what made them a community? Like, what did they post? Just spam comments on random people's posts?

No. 939935

This is some serious white trash crackhead shit.

No. 939936

It seems like the spam community consists of people who overshare eveything and thats why are are spam accounts, they are cows that milk themselves.

No. 939939

No, a lot of spams were started and branched off from other online communities,(1d stans and text post accounts back in the day ads some examples, more people just started catching on and the community started growing, not sure how Nika and jaelle got their start but both have been around since 2014, the community kind of few up with each other )

No. 939940

Grew up*

No. 939943

File: 1583187529643.jpeg (790.39 KB, 828x1591, B760E29F-F281-4D05-89C2-26071B…)

She’s fuckjng sick..she said she has the spirit of Jaelle’s dead mother in her right after fucking her dad..
Nika is such a toxic person

No. 939945

File: 1583187618988.jpeg (155.52 KB, 828x570, A683B8DD-90D1-45E7-8158-ED1CA8…)

No. 939948

Nika got doxed not to long ago and her aunt was called and told about her recent events. Her family has given up all hope with her.

No. 939949

I shortly followed some spam accounts during my 1D phase so I can explain. I didn't know this is still a thing but back then these accounts, all private, would make up to 50 or more posts a day basically imitating twitter. They would "tweet" random ass things in descriptions of pictures they posted. These could be ugly selfies, pics of food or just a black screen. A lot of these were cringe af: about death, suicide, cutting and so on.
I'm not surprised it morphed into the monster it is today kek

No. 939960

File: 1583188330550.jpeg (662.71 KB, 828x1447, A7D30272-7F6D-413E-95D2-291FDE…)

She posts shut like this all of the time, it’s obvious she doesn’t want help

No. 939996

So they’ve been close friends while growing up? It’s so gross to think her dad was perving on a 13 y/0 nika

No. 940004

Yup, her dad has known her since she was like …14

No. 940005

File: 1583191757773.jpeg (197.12 KB, 750x1207, 504D68A7-6B7E-48EE-8C7A-294C2A…)

jaelle posted this to her story

No. 940006

File: 1583191998323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.7 KB, 750x1222, 2C13E08D-0881-4684-AD55-F0FDED…)

nika just posted what seems to be a snippet from the daddy sex tape? he’s moaning so don’t watch unless you want to hear that

No. 940009

File: 1583192130982.jpeg (89.46 KB, 750x293, F8950165-B52A-4872-9C03-F47B3D…)


No. 940019

File: 1583192949118.png (757.58 KB, 1080x1920, 00CF7071-A52E-4CA3-8F99-35EC84…)

she turned the comments off on the original post so people started commenting on the video. examples of what her followers say kek they are pretty brutal, it’s entertaining to read

ill stop shitting up the thread now

No. 940035

Nika talking to jaelle’s dad, she asked him if he ever had sexual thoughts about his daughter…he said yes (this was before Nika Fucked him)

No. 940038

She sounds and looks high as hell.

No. 940048

File: 1583196404995.png (687.34 KB, 1125x2436, BC10D394-37AA-4B7F-B546-B52749…)

tinfoil: Nika may have CAH and be on an intersex spectrum.

No. 940052

File: 1583196544370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.37 KB, 1101x1625, 25D8C8CC-C5BD-4627-86A8-52376D…)

part 2 of CAH tinfoil.

No. 940061

File: 1583197152547.png (152.48 KB, 502x594, j.png)

No. 940062

idk about all that but her reaction to this does kind of remind me of how coomers and incels would act if they switched bodies with a woman kek. "what?! what's the matter guys?! i thought fucking your friends dad was cool? billie eilish said so right guys? isn't this what us thots do fellow thots?"

No. 940066

File: 1583197577777.jpeg (248.37 KB, 1122x2208, D5781FEC-ED34-4F86-B03C-00CBD1…)

No. 940093

I also got a recording of her live she did the night before. She did a chaotic q&a lol here’s the YouTube link. Talked about nika and talked to her dad.

No. 940109

Do not think we don't appreciate the milk, because i for one do BUT don't fill in the name, email nor subject line when posting milk. Never name, never subject and only put sage in email if you bring no milk! Don't want yall banned.

No. 940115

File: 1583202127926.jpeg (233.86 KB, 750x1181, 1EA3D819-B28E-47E2-93A2-3920F0…)

julia’s account if anyone wants it!

No. 940117

old milk, here’s an instagram live of Nika driving while she was high on Xanax

No. 940118

she crashes basically right after this

No. 940124

How does she figure into this twisted tale? I’ve been looking thru this thread all day and can’t get enough, my apologies in advance.

No. 940125

How does this bitch have enough money for a car? Prostitution can only do so much.

No. 940127

Nta but please shut up. She has a big clit but it's not from CAH. Why the hell people think they're doctors? What does it have to do with anything?

No. 940129

Shes a spam , her and jaelle have been friends since they were 10

Here’s an ig love from a while ago of Julia pretending to be

No. 940131

Samefag but here’s another clip of that live where Julia says she’s glad jaelles mom died

No. 940133

Pretending to be Possessed *

No. 940134

What is this fucking creature and can we put her in the bin where she belongs?

No. 940135

She’s also racist

No. 940136


No. 940138

File: 1583204666058.jpeg (291.21 KB, 647x595, B09A2ADE-0766-48D9-8DFE-4061F7…)

How does she thinks this looks cute …I -?

No. 940141

She scams/steals from people

No. 940143

Yep looks just like someone who would fuck their friend's fat dad

No. 940145

She thinks the drugged out barely conscious look is cute

No. 940146

File: 1583206404647.jpeg (306.48 KB, 527x647, 5B60D428-B3D4-4301-99C3-CE3667…)

Her lip fillers are worse than pnp’s

No. 940150

I appreciate you posting this for the newcomers who know nothing about spam com but Julia has apologized for all of this and is now trying to help Jaelle get away from Nika so I don't really understand why this is relevant?

No. 940152

Ntayrt but thanks for clarifying. I don't know who any of these people are but they give a whole new meaning to the term horror cow. I feel like I'm watching a car crash that has no end

No. 940157

yeah, this shit's been going on for years now. out of all of them (including erin), julia is the sanest imo

No. 940169

Anyone know what happened between Nika and her ex bf (Austin ) ..when did they break up?

No. 940170

Same. The heroin-meth-Xanax-addicted/anorexic/self-harm-glorifying scamming teen fucks the old, ugly, GRIEVING, mentally unstable FATHER of her bff/fellow addict/victim, who also filmed it all?? Early entry cow of the year 2020.

No. 940171

I was thinking about making a thread about her ever since she turned 18, I’ve been following this shit since 2014 when she went by Nicole, was fat and dated some other inbred spam named brandon, I’m glad someone finally made a thread.

No. 940172

Holy shit, she was so pretty before. WTH.

No. 940176

File: 1583212201015.jpeg (296.23 KB, 815x432, CCC50C7A-A1AB-48E3-AF1A-44D98A…)


She was(at least in comparison to how she looks now)

She’s a walking anti drug psa

No. 940180

File: 1583212373903.jpeg (238.79 KB, 783x1336, 0725DF49-7333-4FBF-9289-6706DC…)

Her tumblr is full of pro-Ana autism

No. 940181

File: 1583212425530.jpeg (178.78 KB, 638x1050, 734E789F-52DF-4DA0-879A-417291…)

No. 940183

does anyone have any photos of nika before she lost all the weight?

No. 940184

File: 1583212744053.jpeg (397.07 KB, 828x954, F3288F2B-A464-4238-A339-065BC8…)


No. 940185

File: 1583212953303.jpeg (111.89 KB, 750x973, E3ACF6A2-25A8-46F1-A5ED-9A488F…)

comments on nikas recent post

No. 940186

File: 1583212984815.jpeg (50.39 KB, 750x242, 5C1259EA-39B6-422A-B4AB-B76421…)

Jaelle unfollowed Nika on IG and posted this maybe four mins ago. Yikes

No. 940187

File: 1583213069405.jpeg (109.4 KB, 750x705, CCBEF4A3-9121-4F34-A088-333DA7…)

No. 940188

File: 1583213129532.png (4.15 MB, 828x1792, DA24C118-BF00-4158-A51F-FAD73B…)

Can’t find any full body pictures because she seems to have scrubbed them from her socials. This was taken when she was still overweight and before her Anachan transformation

No. 940190

File: 1583213286452.jpeg (212.24 KB, 828x904, 0617EC22-DD4D-40D7-B097-4CD442…)

She still thinks it’s funny apparently

No. 940196

She looks like Jeffree star without makeup now.

No. 940197

She posted the vid

No. 940198

Anyone know where I can upload the vid/provide a link of the vid to post here ?(besides Dropbox)

No. 940199

Maybe twitter?

No. 940201

Here’s part of the video…view at your own discretion

No. 940203

File: 1583217317865.jpeg (472.11 KB, 828x805, 9510A19D-2450-4D4D-82A3-EB4889…)

Before she lost weight

No. 940204

wow thanks anons! she looks like a completely different person

No. 940205

File: 1583217428939.png (17.51 KB, 509x411, e88.png)

No. 940207

Wow she was so much nicer looking back then, she was still a terrible person with drug problems back then too though - she’s been an addict since she was like 12

No. 940210

Can nika even consent to sex given her CONSTANT state of inebriation from a multitude of substances coupled with her dissociative mental disorders where she isn’t aware of what’s going on around her?

No. 940211

She was aware. Before she was a full blown druggie she pulled shit like this all the time, she posted a sex tape with her ex bf (without his knowledge ) on ig. Drugs or not, she’s an attention whore

No. 940225


Vids are up. He was too out of his mind to cum lmfao.

No. 940233

kek he paid 2000 bucks to fuck this skeletor bitch and he didn’t even bust a nut fucking laughable

No. 940237

Yeeeesh praise the cow god for this thread. HPD is the worst drug.

No. 940242

Probably the most harrowing thing I've seen on this website. Absolutley top 5. Everything from his half hearted attempts at sex to nika's complete lack of participation that culminates in her repeating "cum" over and over in the cadence of a dying cat in an attempt to get him to finish- it's all just so awkward and completely devoid of any type of sensuality. The end when he pulled his still flaccid dick out and admitted that he couldn't cum was just the icing on the cake for this shit show. Cant wait to see where this thread goes, thanks OP.

No. 940244

I know the post is a bit overdramatic, but this is just fucking sad. This chick seems like she had a fucked up childhood and her dad is still hurting her even now. She needs to cut all these people out of her life.

I think her dad is the most guilty one in this situation. He's the grown-ass adult fucking a 19-year-old.

No. 940245

Does he say 'youre such a little girl?'

No. 940246

that was so, so bleak and good god his struggle with the condom…
>“do I really have to wear this thing? huh?”

No. 940247

File: 1583228682210.jpeg (228.65 KB, 764x1653, 490DFB8C-7877-497F-AF58-CE2ABD…)

Posts a video cracked out of her mind as if nothing happened

No. 940250

She’s giving Luna slater a run for her money

No. 940251

yeah he repeats it at the end. that was the most disturbing part for me because you can tell he’s trying to get himself over the edge and like, that’s what he thought would do it? very concerning

No. 940252

I thought Luna was bad but these girls are barely in their 20s.

Jaelle can probably turn around and improve her life if she tried to leave, I really feel like she was a victim of circumstance.
Nika seems beyond help and I doubt she'll do anything but deteriorate.

No. 940253

Nika is a lost cause and destroys everything/everyone around her..
Her and her bf of like 4 years (Austin) bought a new place in ny some time ago and without telling him she saved up a bunch of money and left him there without saying a word(only to later make vague posts about his ‘abuse’)…at least he’s now free from her wrath

No. 940257

He had no idea how to put it on either. "Does it go up all the way?" Holy shit dude.

That combined with her baby voice and the fact that he knew her when she was a young teen is just awful.

No. 940269

What's Mika's backstory? How did she get to be such a horror cow? Pedo father? Abandonment issues?

Luna is rapidly losing her spot to this girl in a spam of days lmao

No. 940271

Her mom was basically a Russian mail order bride, she abandoned Nika at a young age (didn’t have custody, but they still had contact )

No. 940282

wha's the point of posting this if you remove it?

No. 940284

File: 1583235859788.jpeg (367.33 KB, 828x817, B0634B5E-0316-4349-971D-486A60…)

Old Nika post…

No. 940293

File: 1583237438488.jpeg (100.24 KB, 824x707, 4D898FDE-659A-4735-A341-44EDD4…)

A comment Nika left on a girl’s ig who passed away from cancer

No. 940294

File: 1583237488069.jpeg (235.21 KB, 813x822, 9AEAC74D-B8ED-47D0-92B6-913C64…)

Nika and her mom (I’ll try and dig up more , I’ve been following her antics for a long time )

No. 940304

File: 1583239160550.jpeg (147.17 KB, 828x809, F1B8C214-E404-45FC-8E43-8E7AC9…)

Another Old Nika post

No. 940330

what’s her tumblr @?

No. 940337

this is the worst part of any of it. nika is encouraging jaelle's dad to say he was turned on by his daughter. this is one of the worst things i've seen on the internet and i'm old

No. 940344

From the car crashing to the way she sounds in >>940035 she has a year to live tops. She is being 100x more reckless with her body than Luna, on top of not eating. Seriously what’s this girls deal, she is too high to construct a sentence but is CLEARLY the puppet master behind this whole fucked up situation. She is very obviously trying to manipulate Jaelle’s father into incest. Tinfoil; Nika’s dad bought a Russian bride that left, maybe he sexually abused Nika and that’s why she is manipulating a father and daughter into incest????

No. 940362



No. 940367

File: 1583254304921.png (1.56 MB, 1125x2436, 33228BF9-5DD0-413D-B582-9A9BA6…)

Hii! my name is mason most of the world knows me as xanaxmason and i’m just another retard on spam but i did leak Rens, Nikas, and a fuck ton more on my twitter @xanaxmason also the full videos with Nika and Jaelles dad are in fact on my twitter. BTW THANK YOU GUYS FOR 7K in TWO DAYS WTF ILY(read the rules)

No. 940368

why is jaelle cancelled? she may be retarded but she seems like the victim of some pretty fucked up shit here.

No. 940371

Can't you do things without being such a huge attention whore? Learn to integrate fag

No. 940372

Who the fuck shouts themselves out on here- I-

No. 940373

stop being an attention whore newfag no one cares

No. 940374

This fucking dude leaked all of her only fans and asked for money from people to 'expose' more onlyfans accounts. Fucking clout chasing weirdo.
Posted the video of Nika and the dad and then linked his fuckin Venmo

No. 940376

maybe bc i spent $60 on onlyfans for the internet to see smh irony kids(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 940378

This is why incels shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, they get anything over 2k and swear they’re famous,,,, couldn’t be me,, the second hand embarrassment is real

No. 940379

Somehow this guy manages to be more of a pathetic loser than the people he "exposes". I've seen selfposting but straight up giving yourself a shoutout and acting like we're your fans is just embarrassing beyond words.

No. 940380

Go back to grooming girls with your non-existing sex drive lmao. Like seriously Mason go back to your addiction to xanax and other drugs. You only got your clout at first when you and that obese girl faked rape allegations for clout. Sad part is you actually kept talking to that girl while you were with Shay so get off this thread faggot

No. 940381

stay mad y’all have 0 clout

No. 940385

No one cares about how much you spent on a junkies onlyfans leave before you embarrass yourself more on here

No. 940387

This man really gave himself a shoutout thanking his “fans” ,, dont you have more important things to do like cosplaying as the big ugly pube you are

No. 940388

You are bottom tier scum. You shared a dead girls photos and underage nudes for clout. I hope someone beats the ever loving shit out of you one day.

No. 940390

He shared a dead girls photos?? Like an actual DEAD girls nudes?

No. 940392

No photos of a decapitated girl and nudes of underage “fans”

No. 940394

Oh yeah i remember that, he’d beg for those fansigns and even posted his own dick multiple times to get girls to send him shit. Anyways this if off topic, might as well give that pedophile his own thread

No. 940407

File: 1583258806617.jpeg (24.51 KB, 400x400, 70EDB37E-A6DF-4B45-92F3-AD11B5…)

Don’t do drugs y’all

No. 940408

File: 1583259201827.jpeg (41.91 KB, 800x450, 83766852-2F92-4026-843A-FB8EB9…)

No. 940410

God this is cringe

No. 940412

File: 1583260621744.jpeg (381.67 KB, 750x427, C7877CE7-6712-4B87-BC8F-62BEEA…)

Her mom used the same picture on an Israeli "dating" database

No. 940417


Mason shut the fuck up nobody fucking cares about you kys

No. 940418


nah dude took xanax once and now thats his identity dont overestimate him lmao

No. 940419

37 and thinking she can be a sugar babe/ mail bride? Optimistic.

No. 940421

iirc, jaelle said that Nika had money because Nika's dad sued a restaurant. She got 35K(?). She spent it all.

No. 940422

she probably spent it all on dope

No. 940424

Wtf? Nika truly had no chance of turning out even subnormal with a mother like this.

No. 940426

File: 1583263437137.jpg (80.81 KB, 839x960, spam.jpg)

No. 940427

No. 940428

Probably cm and kgs.

No. 940429

as if any of this couldn’t be any more rough to process

No. 940431

Nika’s antics have been well recorded over the years on the internet I’m not surprised that it has now come to light how much of a lost cause she is

No. 940434

Nika sucks at recording I can't even jerk off to the video /:(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 940435

I will repost it I got scared that Jaelle would report me for copyright but fuck it. Sorry I can’t delete the original post.

No. 940440

the thread was cowtipped so beware of the influx of newfags

No. 940442

No. 940444

Literally cutting her daughter out. Speaks volumes.

No. 940445

File: 1583266365585.jpeg (835.38 KB, 1242x1713, 7EB34F5E-87B6-41A7-8006-4C5366…)

@ifyouneedtocatchup on ig cowtipped the thread

No. 940446

>>940445 I know they’re just trying to help but CAN PEOPLE NOT COWTIP!!! it’s annoying as fuck and spoils the milk/thread.

No. 940451


her eyes are wonky as shit

No. 940454

File: 1583268566899.png (702.46 KB, 640x516, tenor.png)

honestly luna? never heard of her. nika is the best horrorcow by far

No. 940463

Anon are you dumb? Thats not gonna spoil the milk at all. A lot of people have hella shit on her and it’s best all the og spam followers see this thread and finally posts all the good shit they’ve had on her. I promise you it will help in the end. Plus anon you clearly are new and don’t know Nika well enough to know she’ll keep giving milk regardless of this thread. She’s just like Erin, they both crave attention and will do anything for it. Nika has left spam community for not even a month and came running back begging her followers for money just to waste on drugs.

No. 940465

File: 1583271096946.jpeg (483.1 KB, 2527x1160, F7EAF1CF-4C1E-4D49-AC16-87A7CE…)

No. 940466

Kek. I was just thinking as I opened this thread that I've been reading about cows on the Internet for longer than I'd care to admit, but somehow, this thread is one of the most depraved.

No. 940467

Nika manages to make nearly everyone seem angelic, I want to hold out hope for her but I don’t think she’ll live to see 25 and if she does she’ll manage to be much worse by then

No. 940469

yall are calling her a horrorcow and shit but honestly im so desensitized from all of her shit.

i dont think anyone has talked about her various health problems yet, but now that its confirmed that she fucked jaelles dad… he had to wear the condom for a variety of reasons. this is partially tinfoil, so bear with me, but a lot of people are pretty sure she has hepetitis. which would make sense since shes on fucking heroin.

she fucks randos bareback (you can see it on her leaked onlyfans) and reuses/shares needles. around the same time as her beginning to use heroin, she starred posting about having bloody eyes, liver problems, etc etc. stuff thats consistent with hep. ill come back in a second with the screencaps that she hasnt deleted.

No. 940470

also she admitted to being an ephebophile. so do with that as you will.

No. 940471

Did she? I thought the only evidence of that was a DM sent to a drama page with 0 proof, I’m not saying she isn’t and I wouldn’t put it above her but there’s no proof and she does seem to be largely attracted to older/old men, not adolescents

No. 940473

i think yr right on that front but shes posted pics of her infant brother calling him sexy before so she might just be fucking gross

No. 940474

File: 1583273120490.jpg (261.78 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20200303-170239_Ins…)

No. 940475

File: 1583273161721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.48 KB, 1079x489, Screenshot_20200303-170203_Ins…)

here are her weird eyes

No. 940477

She makes me wanna recover from my ED lmao fuck having any similarity at all with this dumb bitch(Blogpost)

No. 940478

This shit is just sad. This girl needs serious help.

No. 940481

Here I won’t delete sorry. Live from March 2nd when all this drama happened. https://youtu.be/T07Z7orbJa4

No. 940482

Don't put names on your post, we appreciate the milk but follow the rules.

No. 940485

Sorry I’m brain dead I will try.

No. 940493

I want to puke, I hope that's just staged/a lie, otherwise so messed up…

No. 940494

4. Do not harass or brigade against any subjects posted. (cowtipping)
5. Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).
5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.
5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

Failure to adhere to the above will result in a 1 week ban or a permanent ban.

No. 940520

File: 1583279191928.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, D85192B3-DEB0-4902-AA14-CA6B92…)

Jaelle on her story rn

No. 940541

Maybe, he looked really out of it in that video

No. 940555

Can't believe this nika bitch is trying to convince jaelle that she, too, is hurt by her retarded and disgusting actions.

No. 940557

I know. All the backlash she’s getting and any bad in her life rn she brought onto herself.

No. 940560

File: 1583283362881.jpeg (348.56 KB, 1242x1380, E04F68B5-8451-4A19-A4F2-ABC735…)

She back on her bs already…. sad

No. 940578

I may be wrong/saged for tinfoil but in the video of Nika fucking Jaelle’s dad she insists he uses a condom, but there’s a sort of close-up of his dick as he’s putting it in and there doesn’t seem to be a condom… I hope for his sake he used one considering this bitch shares needles and may have HPV

No. 940590

File: 1583288594850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.04 KB, 1818x1818, 11875D9E-F51D-40C1-9CB1-0B28CB…)

Mte. Watched the video again though and he is wearing it. Sort of. It’s rolled back up all the way to the head - either because his dick is just too limpy or he hasn’t rolled it down properly to begin with.
Either way, wouldn’t be surprised if it slipped off all the way while he was inside of her.

(I think the white line is the ring that’s supposed to be at the base.)

No. 940593

File: 1583288908542.jpeg (497.01 KB, 828x1031, 24072A07-6597-4C9B-87BF-0E6659…)

Another old Nika post. She used to go by Dj_desperation cutedeadgirl and nochillnic on spam ig , lmk if you want me to try and dig up more screenshots

No. 940596

please do

No. 940597

please do anon

No. 940606

File: 1583290392680.jpeg (314.9 KB, 828x815, 93DC618D-3C5F-470B-9B24-615AB0…)

old Nika post

No. 940607

File: 1583290417282.jpeg (364.75 KB, 828x797, AAFF27A1-9C66-4F08-97E3-D4538B…)

No. 940608

File: 1583290454450.jpeg (118.4 KB, 828x793, 9625924B-98A7-4944-A2A8-DA3B29…)

I’ll try and find more later

No. 940611

File: 1583290628478.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.51 KB, 828x898, 569F7495-7C12-46CE-8770-E9F6AE…)

DMs between Nika and her disgusting ex Brandon (they dated online )

No. 940613

File: 1583290756869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 340.16 KB, 828x817, 743C7445-0C71-487C-BDE2-24ACA3…)

More dms between Nika and her ex online bf

No. 940617

File: 1583291044395.jpeg (420.21 KB, 828x801, A938B3F0-8A40-4503-BB5E-25CF27…)

Another old screen shot

No. 940618

File: 1583291339912.jpeg (214.17 KB, 828x786, 3FD815FA-A0F3-4649-A61A-53C94C…)

No. 940619

You're only wrong bc the degenerate creep deserves hpv

No. 940621

File: 1583291537607.jpeg (151.45 KB, 828x775, 1938B51E-8AF2-41D1-B403-82B09E…)

Her and jaelle have fought numerous times (publicly) over the years

No. 940623

Ok why doesn’t she use autocorrect when she types? Or proof read anything?
Does she thinks that’s cute?? she looks illiterate.

No. 940624

its crytyping, shes trying to garner sympathy LOL

No. 940625

File: 1583291822464.jpeg (515.16 KB, 828x963, 0711E6EC-5262-405A-84A4-9E7E00…)

Old Post about her dad

No. 940630

File: 1583292054320.jpeg (270.05 KB, 828x710, 5FC9ADF4-46FE-4FE7-9506-B79C39…)

Old post jaelle made about nika/nicole (nicole is , ir was her legal name)

No. 940631

Austin is her ex of like..5 years that she ghosted out of nowhere

No. 940634

File: 1583292356110.jpeg (328.17 KB, 828x817, 5FC0EFD6-50E2-477B-99A0-2EA747…)

No. 940637

File: 1583292595600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 269.91 KB, 828x434, C79F70D2-0BF0-42DC-99C5-D4B42B…)

(Forgot to spoiler) last one for now, if anyone who isn’t too familiar with Nika and the history behind her and jaelles friendship/backstories , I can probably shed some insight

No. 940638

File: 1583292601331.png (2.58 MB, 1242x2208, 8814ABD9-D6E4-43BF-BAA4-34CDEF…)

No. 940642

Yeah, bring it on

No. 940643

File: 1583293234272.png (Spoiler Image, 2.04 MB, 750x1334, F4C17E50-BCF2-44D4-90F2-72DC77…)


Warning: Old man dick.

In one shot she pans down for a close up and we can see his dick is fully out of her and he’s basically just rubbing his limp dick against her pussy. I don’t think any of the shots indicated he actually achieved penetration.

No. 940647

File: 1583293956255.jpeg (107.69 KB, 828x766, 0D290CB7-02E2-45CE-BCD7-262351…)

Nika and her hick ex bc being racist

No. 940648

File: 1583293992967.jpeg (368.4 KB, 828x989, 4C658EC1-3DFD-4ABE-ABB2-40A026…)

She also solicited nudes from someone w Down syndrome

No. 940649

I think it's less crytyping and more herointyping to show off how fucked up she is 24/7

No. 940651

dj_desperation was pre-heroin as far as we know and shes typed like that for years

No. 940652

Yup, cutedeadgirl/Dj_desperation/nochillnic all predated heroin, she didn’t start that until last year.

No. 940653

OT but shes replying to @churchgrl in this pic? that’s one of erins old usernames kek

No. 940657

Can someone put the @ of the OG spam people who are related to this like who’s Erin? Or Ciara?

No. 940658

Erin painter has threads on snow. She’s in hiding after some retard cowtipped and sent her mom the snow threads

No. 940660

erins account is @puppygrl. another cow that’s currently deactivated but there’s a whole four threads on her if you want to catch up

No. 940661

Oh wow I actually remember her I didn’t know that happened wow

No. 940662

Should’ve asked what’s the last name. What’s ciaras last name?

No. 940663

Who said anything about a ciara?(I’m the Anon who posted the old screenshots and didn’t mention a Ciara in any of them

No. 940664

we really appreciate the milk but please put “sage” in the email field if you have nothing milky to contribute.

No. 940669

I thought she was mentioned here I read her name relating to this and idk who she is lol. But sorry it could’ve been somewhere else.

No. 940678

who posted that thread on exposing nika? saw it someones spam

No. 940686

I wouldn’t worry too much about the cow tipping.
I’ve been following Nika since the inception of her spam back in the day and it is very unlikely she’ll go into hiding or white knight herself here.

She’s very histrionic, to me she is reminiscent of a mini raven sparks..she gets drunk off of negative attention and will probably come here to shit talk herself lol.

No. 940687

Learn to sage

No. 940693

Jaelle posted an old video of her and nika on her story:( I can’t. What will it take for her to drop her.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 940698

She will never drop her , they’ve been at this for years

No. 940707

Nika dated dq7? the guy who raped a little girl he was babysitting and flaunted it all over his spam? that grown ass pedophile? God she is more than fucked up, she’s a walking piece of shit.

Ciara was mentioned after Mason posted his socia media, but Ciara is a white girl that looks like syd from iceage and she always says Nigga/Er in every sentence. She’s a pedophile as well since she sent nudes to Mason who is a MINOR and she’s an adult. Ciaras instagram is @ilovecrackwhores666, she’s been deleted multiple times already.

No. 940708

Yup, they dated for a while over the Internet, and would post their arguments all the time.

Do you know Brandon/dq7’s current account by chance?

No. 940712

File: 1583302730870.png (628.89 KB, 828x1792, 2C492AEE-F168-423E-B6EE-252E13…)

Some girl posted this on her ig about Nika. Nika 1/4

No. 940713

File: 1583302776310.png (5.05 MB, 828x1792, 4CC996F3-6D32-4518-AA20-55F6EC…)

No. 940715

File: 1583302937068.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, AB0C3A07-8335-4CFC-9A37-3193BB…)

No. 940716

File: 1583303057406.png (444.27 KB, 828x1792, 6C7896D9-985F-4521-9672-6950DB…)

No. 940725

if the stuff this girl is saying is true (which im inclined to believe it is? since theyve known each other since they were 15, in 2015/6) then that would also explain nika's speech patterns and her typing. she keeps getting worse, jesus christ

No. 940728

File: 1583304398621.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, A2FE9FB4-B4A3-4846-97A4-73072D…)

No. 940741


Austin also told jaelle shit about her dead mom and I have seen multiple times when people say they have seen pictures of him playing w his own shit

No. 940742


Ciara is another spam girl but she's boring and not milky.

No. 940747

File: 1583313180237.png (353.36 KB, 720x1520, inbound8499642981356644795.png)

Convo between Jaelle and another spam bitch. Nika is "likely in the hospital", but I've followed her for years, and recently she missed court regarding her drug charges from when she wrecked her car on Xanax a couple months back, so her retarded ass will probably end up in jail soon after.(namefag)

No. 940756

God there's a lot of newfags in here. Don't use your name, and definitely don't use your real email address dummy

No. 940770

if it's short enough, convert it to Webm using a free converter and upload it here- copyright problem solved.

No. 940771

I swear to god you're gonna get banned if you don't read the fucking rules, farmhand has come to this thread once already.

No. 940785

File: 1583327009551.png (1.02 MB, 828x1792, 3FEBB9F0-5740-4051-9541-78BE51…)

She also posted this

No. 940786

File: 1583327108427.png (972.89 KB, 828x1792, E390DCC2-3E05-4B49-B5CB-9D747A…)

No. 940787

Is the entire community this much of a mess or just nika lmao.
Why is she fucking everyone's family?

No. 940788

Some to a lesser extent, none of them are as awful as Nika.

No. 940789

This whole group is bonkers. Will they become a good source of milk, or burn out quickly?

No. 940793

They’ve been a good source of milk for years, I doubt they’ll ever burn out because they’re all attention starved (mostly Nika at this point , Julia has mellowed out a bitch jaelle is usually only like this nowadays when she’s around Nika)

No. 940884

So what? That guy is a massive (and possibly incestuous) creep. And even if he wasn't, if she insisted that he used a condom and he didn't, he deserves the HPV

No. 940986

File: 1583359578183.png (2.12 MB, 1125x2436, 9B4C1A8B-8697-487E-B141-BD6746…)

y’all are fucking absolute braindead if u think i dated ciara LMFAO if u can find one ss that proves any of that i will personally disable every one of my instagram accounts.(ban evasion)

No. 941000

shut the fuck up mason you inbred

No. 941003

threads not about you & youre irrelevant anyways, gtfo

No. 941005


literally shut the fuck up, can the mods ban this faggot

No. 941007

4chan eye- the milk just keeps pouring, these kids are dumb as shit

No. 941008

Guess I’ll sharpen my pitchfork in wait for the inevitable hoard of drug addled histrionic newfag zoomers on this board. Can’t wait til they find out we hate whores and trannies kek

No. 941009

File: 1583362171217.jpeg (500.03 KB, 2048x2048, 1EA23F43-2F35-41C8-A438-7C098F…)

time to dig

No. 941013

File: 1583362573587.jpeg (194.29 KB, 750x1095, B36ACB52-98B5-43B1-AF38-B3A694…)

Jaelle has always been comfortable with her father

No. 941016

Fuck, this is USDA horrorcow

No. 941018

File: 1583362897817.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 8146F68F-6740-452D-83F7-FBDED3…)

Old ss of nika getting mad @ jaelle for getting mad at her bf bcuz he said he was gonna cum in her dead mom’s ashes lol

No. 941029

Mason sweetie you posted all your underage followers “nude” fansigns. Ciara has sent you a fansign before and it was an ass picture and a front view. Get off the thread and stop stalking to see whats posted about you two freaks. You and Ciara are pedophiles and are pill addicts thinking they’re cool. You got your clout off of YungCynical because of the rape allegations, and im starting to rethink it was true you did rape her and got her bullied to the point she was forced to say it wasn’t true.

No. 941044

When was this posted?

No. 941048

This guy spends so much time on Instagram he’s always content blocked. And his life is so boring his page is filled with others drama. He wants clout so bad.

No. 941050

wow this thread is getting milky also no one cares about you mason stop trying to gain clout on here go back to your little spam account

tinfoil but I give it a few days that nika and jaelle will be up each other’s asses again

No. 941071

They’re literally a representation of a crackhead and a pet rat. They’re gonna come back as lovers again and say they love each other, etc etc. It’s so predictable at this point.

No. 941075

does anyone have the pic of how fucked up her stomach is with loose skin?

No. 941107

File: 1583372136688.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.28 KB, 340x227, 3A6D45E1-D528-42D8-BFD1-F83E09…)

Her first thread had it as the cover picture, i honestly preferred her obese body over her body right now

No. 941111

OK why did the ifyouneedtocatchup IG account go private i was looking through the milk

No. 941113

File: 1583372421588.png (572.99 KB, 750x1334, 3496BC8E-8167-47FF-B929-C279CF…)

No. 941130

File: 1583374740853.jpeg (203.65 KB, 643x1043, 8614B430-2A99-4E8B-9593-5744A0…)


No. 941133

File: 1583374882693.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 750x1334, DBF5CBCF-B115-4737-A8A6-D6BB9B…)

No. 941134

File: 1583374908642.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 750x1334, 24DEDBD6-78AA-41AC-AFE8-04AF9A…)

No. 941135


I would be surprised if Jaelles dad uses the pictures to get his rocks off but holy shit

No. 941142

File: 1583375360139.jpeg (507.39 KB, 1818x1513, 9BB06209-D268-4BEF-AB4C-5DCE00…)

No. 941144

File: 1583375513541.jpeg (654.22 KB, 2048x1786, F316C528-E1D2-4283-9962-D0F938…)

No. 941145

maybe he couldn’t cum while fucking nika because he wants jaelle, or both of them. massive tinfoil that is making me sick to the stomach but he said he was sexually attracted to her so…..

No. 941149

jaelles dad looks like that creepy guy in the neighborhood that your parents told you to never talk to kek

No. 941155

sorry for splintering request but link to old thread? I've been looking but can't find it.
why the fuck would that surprise you you fucking idiot

No. 941159

File: 1583377378802.png (2.23 MB, 828x1792, E10614C7-5E20-4891-BAB5-03CEA2…)

Yikes. I sure hope that Jaelle isn’t pregnant for the sake of the child she’d bring into the world. Unprotected sex on meth leading to pregnancy is a huge problem

No. 941162

File: 1583377895488.jpeg (397.68 KB, 750x1111, 095D14BC-EE99-4C32-9A6A-5DBDFC…)

No. 941166

Of course she had access to her account.

No. 941174

Her dad is such a fucking piece of shit with a punchable face

No. 941183

Any receipts on the dq7 milk? Because wtf.

This whole thread is a nightmare.

No. 941193

it truly is a fucking mess, I miss hours ago when I blissfully unaware of this circus.
In less than one thread they’ve single handedly put Luna out of the running for horrorcow of 2020

No. 941205

what happened to dq7? i remember one of the spam girls posting a picture of him recently and he fell off tbh. the drugs caught up to him i guess.

No. 941214

A “farmer” said in a message for them to delete all the lolcow post and that farmers would come after that account for cow tipping.

No. 941237

this is a horrorcow the likes of which i have not seen in millennia. good thread

No. 941247

File: 1583396779397.jpeg (250.22 KB, 828x824, 1252EE41-9EB0-48B6-BD35-ECFD5C…)

Carlo is/was her mother’s husband if I’m remembering correctly, and there were multiple occasions she said strange sexual remarks about him

No. 941248

File: 1583397145190.jpeg (614.28 KB, 2048x2048, 085BA103-2779-4AF1-9043-04FE8E…)

More old drama between Nika and Jaelle

No. 941249

File: 1583397242636.jpeg (158.92 KB, 902x1118, CB48FCDC-F548-458C-A164-1FAEC4…)

She also posted her 11 year old sister with her juul in her mouth

No. 941253

17 minus 11 is 6 years old, right?

No. 941254

Yup lol I’m a dumbass she was 6 at the time, I think this was in 2017

No. 941259

Are we sure that's his drawer? There's a bottle under the photos that looks like foundation.

No. 941267


The amount of times this man has “accidentally” or straight up brazenly tried to show his daughter his dick is actually fucking disgusting. That man is a straight up predator and should be behind bars “accidentally” seeing lots of black dick.

No. 941280

I saw that too plus all the other makeup kek. Looks posed af. Idk why she would want to make up a weird lie like that but these people are fucking weird

No. 941303

There's young children around them?

No. 941308


You’d have to scroll back to 3 years ago on @truthspam instagram. He used to be active and post about him fixing cars a month ago but i think he deactivated or blocked me. He doesn’t do drugs so i don’t see why you’re making a fake rumor about that, he only posted about him smoking weed and using his bong. It’s been true about him raping that girl. This is offtopic so do your own research and don’t crown the thread with offtopic stuff.

No. 941380

File: 1583434650730.jpeg (197.19 KB, 750x964, 0F1CD0E9-18B2-4107-AB0E-9D67DD…)

i thought nika was a bad friend to jaelle, but jaelle didn’t stop nika from getting those astrocious vienna sausage lips…

No. 941404

Jesus Christ, that's disgusting. This whole thread is a horror show that keeps getting worse

No. 941425

I’m fairly certain Nika has no contact with her family anymore. They’ve always had a fucked up relationship too.

No. 941428

What’s going on with Nina after posting the sex tape? Someone said she’s in the hospital? Anyone got milk? She’s not accepting any follow requests. Her and jaelle aren’t speaking now??

No. 941432

I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in the hospital she’s gonna try to get some sympathy. And she hasn’t posted which is very out of character.

No. 941434

File: 1583440754104.jpeg (452.19 KB, 2048x2048, 69E12577-8A6E-4474-AA8F-F9BC2C…)

Might be tinfoil but does anyone have proof about her warrant?

No. 941449

Nika hasn’t posted at all since 2 days ago, and Jaelle posted that she’s deactivating her @Jaelle account and is gonna be active on @Jaelle.Stiles

No. 941467

File: 1583443792126.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, 51114A50-A7B8-45E9-9E90-E3F618…)

Her dad is literally a pedophile…

No. 941468

File: 1583443826356.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 29AA9B3B-0DB5-4D4B-8D8A-E289F4…)

Jaelle claiming her father is going to therapy and has no ‘redeeming qualities as a father’
jfc she cant even grasp just how creepy and disgusting his being cock out naked around the house is

No. 941490

File: 1583445532944.jpeg (527.87 KB, 1981x1024, 33E1F1F8-72CC-4A52-8D46-0CED15…)

she posted texts between her and her ~lawyer~
not really solid proof but I think thats all shes posted about, anons correct me if I’m wrong

No. 941500

> "I didn't say you were good"
> so is my lawyer basically saying i'm good?
Yup, elevator doesn't go all the way up on this one. She doesn't have the capability to understand more than 5 words in a sentence. And it looks like she's saying she's getting married soon so she could get insurance. Is this some coked up joke or is she actually trying to screw herself (and partner) over even more?

No. 941503

Thank you! This is good proof but I hope an anon has proof she missed her court date. Our cow could be in the slaughterhouse and we didn’t even know kek

No. 941506

I can’t be sober on this thread it’s too much

No. 941510

Tinfoil* She probably doesn’t understand cause he’s been doing this since she was a kid she doesn’t know anything else.
It’s very sad she was obviously abused.

No. 941515

What’s Nikas full name? Depending on what county she was arrested in u should be able to search public records for active warrants

No. 941542

I couldn't find her under Nicole Petrova or Nika Petrova. Hopefully some more sleuthy anons will find it

No. 941545

File: 1583450594549.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, 27A4C607-2C66-4EEA-B0DB-064AF0…)

No. 941552

File: 1583450925608.jpeg (221.22 KB, 750x1334, 16FDF066-0E4B-4D45-A53E-C859E7…)

Nika is pictured here with her sister this year. Don’t even bother if you’re making assumptions.

No. 941556

If she’s just in the hospital, she should be out in a week(she has been inpatient dozens of times at this point)

No. 941558

So much backpedaling.

No. 941559

Not sure what last name she goes by. I’m 99% sure her legal first name is Nicole (unless she changed it…I doubt that though )

No. 941560

jesus, it doesn't look that bad in her current pics? did she get surgery?

No. 941562

i looked for general court cases in new york and couldn't find anything related to xanax, a dui, etc. in november 2019 onwards. the actual car crash occurred on the 14th of november.

No. 941565

She barely has contact with her family, from what I’ve gather through Jaelles lives during the big fight before this (the one where nika stole meds from a cancer patient) it seems that her parents don’t care about her much any more (nika has stated that this is because they’re Russian and culturally don’t fully understand her mental illness, but also, she’s prettyyyyy out there) I believe she does love her little sister though

No. 941569

Her mom and her were never close ((that’s where her abandonment issues stem from )))
I’m shocked her dad stopped keeping in contact w her , do you know when/why they happened?

No. 941572

to the best of my understanding, nika's parents cut her off after she blew through that trust fund she had on drugs. she constantly asked them for money and stuff

No. 941573

She also lived in Rhode Island for a time iirc , not sure if it was around the time of the crash tho

No. 941581

I don't have caps but I'm 99% sure she did get it changed to Nika legally. She used to go by a different last name, wish I could remember.

No. 941583

Her plates in the video are RI but I think she was moving

No. 941585

File: 1583452117463.jpeg (37.3 KB, 828x185, F7CE62DC-314E-4D9F-A795-0BA479…)

No. 941588

Kek, she's Armenian?

No. 941589

She probably doesn't have a warrant though because if Jaelle called the cops, and they came, they would look up Nika and see she has a warrant out of NY. Pretty much everywhere in the US, if you call 911, they will ALWAYS send police. Even if it's just a medical issue, police will show up first. Especially for overdoses or suicidal behavior. Unless they are letting her get stabilized in the hospital before taking her to jail until she can be sent back to NY. Guess we will see.

This is fucking disgusting and obvious grooming. He's normalizing her seeing him naked. Bet he's done this for years. Bet he gets off on putting himself on exhibit for his daughter. Absolutely horrific. Jaelle needs help. Wouldn't doubt he abused her when she was younger which contributed to her mental illness. Sexual abuse that happens as a child tends to cause the most extreme mental problems.

She mentioned "getting over trauma" when she lost her virginity. Does anyone know what trauma she's referring to? Poor girl.

No. 941591

I honestly doubt she has a warrant or that jaelle called the cops(I feel bad for jaelle but she has been known to lie…often)

No. 941595

File: 1583452871841.jpeg (88.28 KB, 480x480, DCFC1A85-0196-4296-AA42-AFA239…)

*for people asking for pictures of her before she lost the weight.

No. 941596

File: 1583452919964.jpeg (34.22 KB, 200x150, 05547267-F394-474B-A23D-FF72A7…)

I guess she couldn’t scrub everything from the internet lol

No. 941599

She didn’t lose the weight until. 2018 lol. She deleted a lot of photos from around that time and from 2015-onward…

No. 941600

File: 1583453091501.jpeg (42.69 KB, 480x480, F441A971-9641-4B3C-B94B-8E91CC…)

No. 941608

Wow her life really went downhill fast

No. 941609

She claimed to be like 8-12 years old in these fyi

No. 941612

File: 1583453800174.png (16.84 KB, 749x91, nika add.png)

she moved and reregistered (?) but this was her old address in RI

No. 941647

File: 1583455616017.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, 03D26E4A-D7AF-430D-95E8-65BFE9…)

No. 941666

File: 1583456594098.png (2.68 MB, 828x1792, 893935AF-E0C5-4B73-9EC5-4155CF…)

Her tiktok is @lilithreborn where you can see a couple old pics of her

No. 941668

I knew this trifling bitch wasn’t in the hospital, she’s hiding and waiting for this go blow over…she’s too histrionic to stay away for too long though, she’ll be back in a week give or take.
She’s pulled stunts like this before and lied about the possibility of going to jail/the hospital several times in the past.

No. 941669

Also fyi she sperges the fuck out when people refer to her as Nicole nowadays

No. 941675

She moved from NY to R.I to Chicago I’m p sure

No. 941681

nicki blonsky lookin ass

No. 941682

File: 1583459324612.jpeg (715.24 KB, 2048x2048, 0C7C30FF-131F-4A44-A60A-9E0591…)


No. 941683

uhh how is she gonna pay for her medical bills?

No. 941686

File: 1583460009966.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, 2CFC0D40-C238-4AAD-97F0-E47F50…)

Doesn’t look like it she had a black thing covering her belly button in the video, she never removes it. Can still kinda see loose skin. But who knows.

No. 941687

No. 941688

File: 1583460105293.jpeg (194 KB, 750x832, 7093EEEE-99FC-4FAF-BABD-5D0A1F…)

Also this.

No. 941697

she wears shapewear as lingerie im pretty sure thats what that is lol but i could be wrong. i wouldnt be surprised if she blew some of her trust fund on getting the skin removed.

No. 941702

Is her tumblr still alive? What is it?

No. 941703

File: 1583461855187.png (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 828x1792, 1DB3E193-139E-4F6E-8220-459D6D…)

Yes it’s xanaxputa she still posts occasionally

No. 941708

File: 1583462639125.jpeg (154.39 KB, 828x1157, 5D41FA5C-1657-430C-A045-375839…)

Beware this girl is 100% lying. Nika doesn’t type in coherent sentences and we all know that. She turned the comments off one minute after this.

No. 941726

File: 1583466343455.jpeg (167.23 KB, 810x1570, 40D37AD7-D303-4F31-A6EE-B43FF0…)

Kek . She disabled her account

No. 941729

Were you the one that pushed her to it? Cuz that suck I wish we had more milk. Hope she continues after this dumbass

No. 941730

The police came to her house nika sent them for “harassment”

No. 941732

File: 1583466760179.png (Spoiler Image, 703.35 KB, 750x1334, 212C2900-B492-4E3D-9A4C-84F591…)

No. 941733

File: 1583467081622.png (Spoiler Image, 801.12 KB, 750x1334, 6BAFA7C8-0647-4E93-B2A2-5B51B6…)

The girl might have been lying cause Jaelles follower made a good point. In the screenshots nikas typing is way off.

No. 941734

No , I actually posted the caps if her saying Nika stole from her etc, I became suspicious after the other anon posted the dms of Nika supposedly speaking coherently, I looked her account up and it was gone. Not sure what to believe rn

No. 941735

Yup, those dms sound nothing like Nika.
Nika’s captions/past dms she’s sent people ( for a longgg time on all of her accounts) have consisted of word salad and a myriad of spelling errors.

No. 941781

Yep this girl is so bogus. So many people are fishing for attention from this it’s disgusting.

No. 941807

austin is white lol p sure thats not him

No. 941809

what about that picture doesnt look white to you lmfao

No. 941822

dudes dicks are almost always darker in colour than the rest of their skin. that's a caucasian penis.

No. 941942

umm she’s like 14/15 in this pic wtf anon this should be taken down

No. 941948

Thank you for pointing that out it’s revolting that people post people underage like this, no matter how much you hate a person it really isn’t okay

No. 942009

holy shit

No. 942014

can someone please take this down?? this is cp???

No. 942082

Someone should make a new thread this ones gonna be removed people are so retarded.

No. 942097

File: 1583539542619.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 8610C1F9-27CA-42C2-BF63-9E7B80…)

sage bc not milk but she was so pretty

No. 942098

File: 1583539612003.jpeg (283.92 KB, 750x926, 64A7768A-175C-4639-B14E-74866B…)

samefag but seems like they take turns with each others dads

No. 942103

File: 1583540483198.jpeg (511 KB, 750x1118, FF197359-D324-4B83-A817-9867AF…)


No. 942107

Pretty but still had an ED. She was so hot before she had extreme weight loss.

No. 942176

File: 1583549972885.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, 4A7B2328-863D-4A41-A88A-150D99…)

Hey onlyfans says she was active yesterday

No. 942223

She was also hot before those ridiculous lip fillers..her lips were already full, ill never understand why she got them

No. 942257

Yep looks like she did the Kylie lip challenge 247

No. 942267

I’m honestly blown away at the cracked out tranny look she developed in such short time.

No. 942383

File: 1583598642517.png (1.97 MB, 828x1792, 6E74FB94-F618-4213-9285-A18B48…)

This tiktok exposing her was on my for you page and has gained a bit of traction (saged for no milk, just thought this was noteworthy)

No. 942544

how did she manage to lose the weight so fast? and how long did it take her? it seemed to happen so quickly.

No. 942550

Probably the drugs

No. 942585

drugs and anorexia

No. 942624

She lost a lot of weight when she started abusing vyvanse/adderall iirc

No. 942655

>took advantage of her best friend
I keep hearing that Nika “took advantage” of Jaelle but I’m really not seeing that. Nika is also obviously very mentally ill AND a druggie, so I don’t see why she is getting framed as the villain? Jaelle was filming it and encouraging it, not to mention. Nika, Jaelle, AND Jaelle’s dad are all fucked up. If I had to put the blame on anyone, it would definitely be Jaelle’s father. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t use instagram and I’m not in the “spam community.”

No. 942672

i think she took advantage of the situation. considering jaelle and nika are both fucked up.

jaelles father should be the adult here..

No. 942679

i know this is no excuse but jaelle’s dad is severely mentally ill. his mannerisms even replicates a child’s.

No. 942703

dont excuse his disgusting behaviour.
he walks around naked in front of his daughter, has admitted to thinking about her sexually and fucks her friend.

No. 942726

I totally agree they’re all at fault here. I think people feel Jaelle was taken advantage of because initially before all this happened, she said she had the idea of Nika fucking her dad while she was in “psychosis” during her drug binge w Nika. This also all happened a day or two after Jaelle got out of a psychiatrist hospital and she had decided to distance herself from Nika. She knows she triggers her episodes I think. Also the main difference between them is Jaelle is actually trying to get psychiatric help where as Nika has always rejected any kind of help for her mental health or addiction, if she is in treatment now I believe she was forced into it and it won’t do much for her this time around. So people made the connection. But everyone in this situation in my opinion has screwed up and has some serious mental issues.

No. 942771

they’re all equally at fault. they’re all vulnerable, but nika is definitely the ring leader. nika took advantage of two people who are malleable for her own personal gain. nika does not care about anything other than herself and drugs. another girl spoke about how she was supposed to meet up with nika, but nika ghosted her because this girl didn’t have access to benzos.

No. 943001

I second this. Nika has a history of shamelessly doing fucked up shit. You don't get to receive sympathy points when you're going out of your way to do harmful shit to yourself and others, all while refusing any wrongdoing. That means she wants to continue to be this way and she sees nothing wrong with it. She can point out everything wrong with her for edge points but she can't evaluate herself to start the process of recovery in any form. They're all majorly fucked, the father being the shittest crop in the field imo, but Nika takes the cake. I have a sliver of hope for this Jaelle girl to improve… for now.

No. 943251

File: 1583796374928.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 358621CB-DFAC-44AB-841A-8797EF…)

No. 943273

she's full of shit. anyone who has ever been manipulated by a crazy bitch will have a war flashback reading this lol. obvious tactics.
muh trauma that was so traumatic did i mention i'm now traumatized? so huwwt, did nothing wwong

No. 943274

File: 1583799399586.jpeg (427.9 KB, 750x1014, 511904EB-2AE6-4634-9C01-D21248…)

new post from nika

No. 943275

Yup , people give Nicole way more credit than she deserves kek …
She’s an imbecile and an attention whore , always has been (so is jaelle), she’s not some master manipulator or puppeteer and jaelle isnt a helpless or oblivious victim.

Jaelle did this of her own volition, she’s pulled countless stunts in hopes of garnering attention via the Internet because she didn’t have much of a life outside it(she still doesn’t, and I do feel pity for her).

She’s took the uwu~traumatized and was in psychosis~ thing people have been defending her with and ran with it. She had a fucked up childhood, there’s no doubt about it and she’s mentally unwell, but that doesn’t negate her actions…if it isn’t okay to excuse Nika’s behavior with the mental heath card, why is it okay to apply that same logic with her?

Anyway, I hope Nika returns from her little hiatus and inevitably provides an influx of milk (this isn’t the first time she’s went dark on sm due to much warranted backlash, she always returns once things died down a bit and this time won’t be any different )

No. 943277

Well now we know her last name.

No. 943314

File: 1583805572487.jpeg (495.81 KB, 750x1058, 31E125CC-CDAC-4CA4-90F0-C2CBFC…)

Apparently she’s “straight edge” now, I wonder how long that’ll last

No. 943320

why would u believe anything this dog face says

No. 943323


>”i’m straight edge now!”

>posing with pill on tongue still obviously glamorizing pill-popping

No. 943329

That is her tongue ring I think

No. 943334


lol i look like a dumbass thanks anon

bitch’s tongue ring looks like a pill though and i don’t doubt for a second she’s trolling

No. 943339

I usually have hope for everyone to recover (and part of me still does for Nika) but if she’s actually straightedge rn I don’t think she’ll make it more than, eh, a week? I think that’s longer than her previous record at least

No. 943362

File: 1583810891920.png (8.1 MB, 3781x2196, 377F88A8-B277-4C2E-80E1-A92C86…)

jaelles story within the last 10 minutes or less

No. 943369

File: 1583811149931.jpeg (544.1 KB, 1125x2195, 3D561361-9C87-472D-9A96-5EE01A…)

No. 943371

File: 1583811275505.png (6.38 MB, 1125x2436, B5B1C8A2-1535-4B00-9E96-41504E…)

No. 943379

This crackhoe coming back with a song??! How is she just going to ignore >>943362 and say she’s coming back with a music video, kek. She’s literally getting berated for fucking her friends dad I-

No. 943381

mannnn she should have just lied and said she talked to a lawyer, not a fucking undergrad law student lmao

No. 943532

jesus christ her justification for fucking unconscious jaelle is that "it was hot" what a piece of shit

No. 943548


This disturbs me like, what else has nika done to a uncon jaelle???

No. 943629

wait did nika fuck unconscious jaelle or fuck someone else on top of unconscious jaelle? or both? jesus

No. 943674

File: 1583866659854.jpeg (227.67 KB, 750x1157, C91B78D2-D8B5-4040-8036-C60B40…)

jaelle’s story 1/2

No. 943680

File: 1583867292406.png (Spoiler Image, 4.68 MB, 1242x2208, D57A4C98-C12E-4F14-A760-A25A41…)

No. 943681

File: 1583867383357.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, 9D277AA6-3FA6-4E78-BF47-4E45A4…)

julia posting abt nika

No. 943685

File: 1583867894655.jpeg (260.37 KB, 1242x1229, 6A8B8023-44A9-4D1D-B87B-8B1721…)

No. 943686

File: 1583867918564.jpeg (269.02 KB, 1155x1208, 35F299D8-8CAB-4F6F-BEFB-A4C28B…)

No. 943687

File: 1583867948805.jpeg (335.69 KB, 1242x1116, C6CC0C33-19E4-4E76-A5BA-FC5584…)

No. 943688

File: 1583867981676.jpeg (332.97 KB, 1242x1234, 050F7231-3574-40F8-BAA7-3B48D9…)

No. 943694

File: 1583869757476.png (325.56 KB, 750x1334, 9625740A-45F9-4FD1-9AF4-34E124…)

Nika recently posted about getting out of psych ward. Apparently only using Twitter from now on. Selling herself as a Russian domme/switch. Cringe level is stratospheric if you fancy.

No. 943695

File: 1583869835362.jpeg (287.04 KB, 750x682, 2E74D4BC-36F2-49E7-BAEE-DB600E…)

No. 943720

Hope she’s really gonna try to get sober.

No. 943762

Sage for no milk.
Tbf they are both looking pretty hideous right now. Jaelle has not only grabbed a firm hold of the ‘vulnerable me/psychosis’ life raft, but now that she’s fully realised how she can utilise it, she’s full steam ahead. Some of her posts are so fucking shitty and manipulative. They both need a good kick up the arse.

No. 943767

That’s not how sage works, newfag.

No. 943769

hellweek when

No. 943784

did you even read the rules, nonnie?

No. 943818

>still doesn't sage

No. 943820

Finally…I got it.

No. 943894

File: 1583895426998.jpeg (267.72 KB, 828x1469, B612948B-F231-483D-A445-86BFC3…)

No. 943897

File: 1583895480658.jpeg (323.07 KB, 828x1472, FB8D3CD4-577B-4091-A31C-0FE8C1…)

can you instaspam faggots fuck off until you bring milk.

No. 943899

File: 1583895602397.jpeg (282.88 KB, 819x1311, 8E96BFA6-2403-489B-A0AE-C78918…)

No. 943901

anyway apparently shes only active on OF. This reddit post gonna be juicy

No. 943906

File: 1583895868373.jpeg (182.62 KB, 828x1045, B7CAB5D0-1894-4ED8-9939-B50545…)

No. 943965

That’s like 100 tweets in one hour, this girl can’t be sober unless she’s psychotic. She’s literally tweeting one after another into a void, geezus. Maybe if she had an actual job or hobby to put her energy into.

No. 943967

She’s a bpdfag with no life outside of the Internet, this is normal for her.

She’s most likely NOT sober, she’s lied about her sobriety before (most recently a few months ago), she’s only claiming to be clean so people get off her back about being a useless junkie

No. 944063

>spends 24 hours sober

No. 944114

File: 1583942021494.jpeg (568.07 KB, 828x824, 29E8F465-0D05-4878-9DB0-4E93C3…)

Posted and deleted

No. 944115

File: 1583942065230.jpeg (415.27 KB, 828x829, A75C636E-DD0C-4C8F-BF7A-6034AF…)

No. 944178

File: 1583952069514.jpeg (424.26 KB, 828x887, 7E636CA7-E2E3-4C91-986B-C12D70…)

Her music is …I-..she has to be trolling , there is NO way.

No. 944210

It sounds like every awful SoundCloud girl ever n her voice is strained and dying cat esque, wonderful

No. 944281

This is what you hear on the way to hell.

No. 944453

the comments…kek

Yeah, this is really bad, but also bad enough to where it’s comical

No. 944461

File: 1583998444307.jpeg (1.74 MB, 3464x3464, 0C158D18-DBF1-4987-9CDF-DD4D2C…)

From an old account of nika’s

No. 944462

File: 1583998506389.jpeg (187.38 KB, 828x1292, 7D47F888-0321-46B5-92B5-803C67…)

No. 944469

Her head is so large

No. 944503

this looked like TND in passing and I wondered wtf she had to do with this thread
nope, just a general ~aesthetic~

No. 944510

It’s that junkie ~aesthetic~ You’d have to be high as hell to think it’s attractive or appealing in the slightest… although, nowadays Nika is leaning more towards resembling Tuna than TND

No. 944519

oh my god why does this remind me of kiki's brief foray into music

No. 944604

Idk I think Nika is pretty, don’t love her aesthetic and think she’s an awful person but she’s certainly not ugly (if you look at photos from a while ago I don’t feel the same abt her strung out H photos)

No. 944667

how does she pay for fillers/botox in general when she's a jobless junkie……. same with plasticnproud, she has no job other than selling nudes

No. 944669

sage for derailing but pnp takes out ridiculous amounts of credit cards to fund her habit, prob the same for nika

No. 944706

File: 1584046939670.png (1.14 MB, 828x1792, 1A63BD08-61B8-40B1-811A-3BAA45…)

Or she just steals it

No. 944709

i think she was really pretty before, even when fat. it's insane how bad her fillers are.

it's been said that she manipulates people out of money too so it's hardly surprising

No. 944710

File: 1584047357170.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 34280A8E-47EE-4331-BCC5-8310EA…)

No. 944714

File: 1584047691186.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, 83C7E220-54DA-44A0-B70C-F6E25A…)

No. 944717

File: 1584048285050.jpeg (144.86 KB, 1300x956, B40BDAE6-A9E4-467A-9403-BDDB43…)

>accidentally committing fraud

No. 944719

“Accidental” over 3 separate purchases totaling ~450$ fucking christ she really is a dumbass

No. 944723

She’s got a big ass bobble head that makes her look transgender and her lips are botched to all fuck. They are actually so gross and look like she got punched in the face 24/7. Not to mention her drastic weight loss that fucked her stomach skin. She’s actually really fucking ugly if you don’t let the E-girl aesthetic shit fool you.

No. 944726

File: 1584049842054.png (951 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200312-164755.png)

Lol her new tattoo

No. 944728

sage for nitpick but wtf is that black stuff in the corner??? hair?? burnt cuts??? pls help me ladies I’m so confused

No. 944729

I think it’s that awful pink and black/brown wig she has

No. 944730

All new lows. I mean this is really fucking terrible. She needs help.

No. 944731

You’re in the wrong place trying to defend a cow, buddy.

No. 944732

Sorry but eating disorder and heavvy drug use does fuck up people's body alot, starving yourself will make you ugly.

No. 944733

agreed, just don’t really think her anorexia is what should be pointed at to make fun of when she’s got SO MUCH else happening

No. 944737

Just saying, no one said her Ana made her ugly. Her drug abuse obviously fueled a lot of the weight loss that fucked her body up. If she would have lost weight in a healthy way, she could have avoided having a fuck ton of extra skin. It’s correct to say her addictions and mental illness made her stomach gross, sorry!!! We’re not here to be moral police, I’m going to call it as I see it, like what this site is for.

No. 944740

No, but her being blatantly ~proana~ On various social media platforms should be laughed at, it makes it pretty fucking hard to sympathize with her(In addiction to the other vile aspects of her personality and behavior)

No. 944741

Anon, she’s been pulling this shit for years..this isn’t new for her.
Prior to her being a full blown junkie/on heroin she was a thief and an awful person

No. 944790

i feel the opposite. her aesthetic is ugly but she has nice bone structure and soft features before the PS. her head would probably look less huge if she wasn't ana.

god even if this were true (big if) why tf is she buying expensive trinkets right now. she needs to just not do anything drastic at all for a while ffs

No. 944866

File: 1584077220234.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 236.81 KB, 1125x1824, 517BCF60-D911-4EED-89C1-6A5B54…)

nika claimed to delete the sextape of her and jaelles dad off of her onlyfans, but it’s still in her archived posts. which is available for viewing/liking/commenting to her subscribers. she can’t play it off as an accident because OF makes it explicitly clear that it’s still viewable once archived.

No. 944924

File: 1584094344138.jpeg (263.73 KB, 828x912, 18D77FF5-F3E6-4F38-BEE1-A78EE3…)

An old listing …22$ , jfc

No. 944925

File: 1584094427462.jpeg (284.94 KB, 828x887, B88AB1DE-0CA6-452D-8018-DCD328…)

Full of lies, and of course a sob story …
Imagine walking in on her with a syringe in her arm, nodding out all while she was supposed to be watching your kids

No. 944932

Christ anon, why wouldn’t you spoiler this ?

No. 944941

this bitch hands down has the most disgusting fucking body i’ve ever seen. literally vomit worthy

No. 944944

there’s proof of her admitting to being a ephebophile on that exposing instagram account @ifyouneedtocatchup she admitted to it in a live stream with hundreds of people watching she’s a lost cause.(this is an imageboard)

No. 944952

She has a history of saying fucked up shir and lying to get attention online…I’m sure she means some of it, but If you’ve been following her long enough, you’d take the degenerate shit she says with a grain of salt.
(Some Examples )

No. 944955

File: 1584103144413.png (5.72 MB, 828x1792, 9C321F28-2DEE-4B83-8387-ED08F4…)

No. 944957

File: 1584103209757.png (5.57 MB, 828x1792, 7F59B0AE-EC31-4F0A-9DEE-10BA64…)

No. 944958

File: 1584103239696.png (5.76 MB, 828x1792, 1A04FEE3-0237-48DC-8AE1-679C8B…)

No. 944959

File: 1584103273787.png (2.55 MB, 828x1792, 43EE21F5-B58E-474B-9DBB-6CEB5A…)

No. 944963

File: 1584103926849.png (372.67 KB, 609x632, FCB13BB7-2CD0-412B-BE46-FAFD72…)

Being sober is trendy as long as shes following the footsteps of her idol. She wants to be lilith so bad.

No. 944965

This is an imageboard. Post caps or stfu, retard.

No. 944972

I know but I wouldn’t put it past her to actually be into minors she’s a fucked up person and this would be the least surprising thing if it were to turn out as true.
also her favorite excuse for when she says fucked up shit and people call her out for it is “guise I’m just a troll and you’re all just too stupid to realize it”

No. 944973

>>steals from friend and her dad, $450
>>just so you know they are like ACTUAL POOR PEOPLE
????? How does it help her to say this

No. 944999

File: 1584111942176.png (Spoiler Image, 7.09 MB, 4096x4096, 3D4A519C-3AFD-4522-9BFA-0EA6CF…)


shit i’m sorry i actually meant to put a spoiler but i’m on mobile (yea yea i know) and sometimes it glitches for me. usually i catch it but i guess i didn’t this time i’m sorry to anyone who saw that and was potentially triggered.

i also forgot to mention she also still has the photos of jaelle with nikas name carved into her leg on her archive. even after jaelle begged her to take those down too as she didn’t consent to them being posted and actually had no idea until someone brought it to her knowledge a couple days after the whole sextape thing.

note: these are literally the only 2 things she has archived. she has never archived another post before this.

No. 945012

I don’t think she’s attracted to minors, but when she was 18/underage she would market herself as ‘jailbait’ and play it up, she has always talked about sleeping with older men for money or them being her ‘type’. She could though, because she’s morally bankrupt in every other facet of her personality/behaviors, I just think it would be out of character from what we have seen of her

No. 945017

am I the only one who is kinda disturbed by the fact that jaelle carved one letter and a heart in nikas leg but nika did her whole name? the whole cutting each other thing is so weird already but something about that just rubs me the wrong way with nikas “past” of constantly using and manipulating jaelle into doing what she wants.

No. 945033

maybe that she's implying that if they're always broke the would want to lie about being robbed by her to try to get money from court/the bank? but that makes no fucking sense lol. there are easier ways to get $200.

No. 945061

Im also disturbed. nika cut jaelle so much deeper then Jaelle did to her. There was way more blood. And nikas skin theoretically would be thinner so jaelle did it very lightly. Nika would know how hard to push since she cuts herself so much. But no she went in deep.

No. 945127

Carved? These are fuckin chicken scratches

No. 945175

no one cares about yours super edgy cutter past, freak

No. 945198

Who? What? I'm taking issue with the hyperbole language, have a pill

No. 945220

I'm not trying to defend her here but isn't she 19? Even if she this really recently I think it's a little silly to act like a 19 year old saying they're attracted to teenagers is weird or predatory, unless they specified being into young teens like 13 year olds or w/e.
Honestly seems like they all just say a lot of edgy shit for attention too so idk I don't think this ephebophile thing is that interesting unless she's been grooming kids or something.

No. 945225

File: 1584155212564.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, 055F44A5-6C90-4B08-AAB8-12A88F…)

On her story now

No. 945254

File: 1584160317846.png (11.62 MB, 1242x2208, 8E0151B7-316A-4FE6-B43E-8CFFCE…)

No. 945259

jaelle has always been a hot mess. she never commits to anything she does. she’s a lost cause and she knows it. no valuable skills or work ethic. let’s just hope she tries for the sake of her own well being.

No. 945299

File: 1584173187023.png (8.04 MB, 3504x3265, C5B63EBD-E44F-47F0-B5EC-933E94…)

nika’s snapchat story 03/13/20 after claiming to be sober

“not for me” lmao

No. 945314

she claimed to be straight edge for the past week and now this? lmaoo I knew this bitch wouldn’t last longer than a week

No. 945367

can someone create a transcript for this? i am deaf and i‘d like to know what she said :)

No. 945375

The only thing she’s says besides “im glad your mom died you stupid fatass bitch, she and you deserved it” in some form is “no ones acting possessed” she says your mom deserved it and your a stupid/fatass bitch over and over

No. 945412

Her makeup here disturbs me. There’s no way she’s sober.

No. 945448

File: 1584210428325.png (Spoiler Image, 1.66 MB, 750x1334, 19F591D1-447C-4120-9AE4-B11FDF…)

forgot to spoiler the first time i posted this.
she titled this „sub to my onlyfans for bella thorne lookalike content“ and I couldn‘t help but laugh at that comment not even reddit wants her kek

No. 945460

my god her tits look weird as fuck

No. 945466

indeed they look very unfortunate but please sage comments like this they’re not really contributing anything, just put sage in the email field before posting.

No. 945999

File: 1584314866091.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, A5C495F4-9AA9-4ECF-9563-C122CF…)

I’m sad she made him promise her mom he would never be with anyone else…. and now she’s like making him a dating profile and helping him find another girl. There are ways to heal from a loss but this ain’t it.

No. 946001

File: 1584315124130.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 846D8391-814F-4373-81B5-2C6400…)

“God fearing man” hihkjggjl

No. 946002

File: 1584315187388.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 30FB3639-280F-44F1-BC4F-02AE52…)

No. 946033

oh. My god. If John Stiles actually does manage to pull a woman off whatever app this is, I certainly hope she does her online research or someone fills her in on how atrocious he is before she gets too far in.

No. 946068

File: 1584324358136.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1535, 024A0167-FDE9-4557-9F7B-3AF281…)

No. 946078

"looks very good for 56"… not really jaelle he looks pretty rough even for his age lol that hair line..

No. 946110

When did she get her nosejob, when she was fucking 10?
Only the very oldest pics feature her original nose. Who would even operate on someone so young, that's illegal.

No. 946122

I think it was partly the weight loss/aging possibly drugs too because her nose has looked relatively the same the few years I’ve been following her

No. 946126

Weight loss doesn't affect nostril shape nor the angle of the tip.

That child does not have the same nose as the woman it grew into. Maybe the childhood photos are not her then. But if they are, she's had a nosejob, and she had it when she was criminally young.

No. 946130

Been following her for a long time, the childhood photos are 100% her, she looked like that up until 2017.

No. 946134


Weight loss definitely changes the look of your whole face, nose included. The nose shape itself doesn't change but it may seem different due to overall fat loss.

No. 946135

File: 1584339812778.png (758.82 KB, 859x361, samenose.png)

How can you not see that this is the same nose? Her nose is both shooped and contoured in a lot of pictures

No. 946145

Ah, ok, I stand corrected.
I noticed the (excessive) contouring, didn't know she shooped. Weird that she shoops her face but not her stretched skin.

No. 946169

She looks like a man lmao how unfortunate

No. 946193

File: 1584363633747.jpeg (178.54 KB, 749x1228, DA6335F2-0A55-49DB-8C29-E50A13…)

Has Julia ever had her own thread?
When all the Nika/John/Jaelle stuff was going down, she seemed to be, well, less hideous. But she’s a horror show too.

No. 946209


if having a sugar daddy was milk then there would be threads for every other semi-insta famous girl

No. 946219

jaelle is always talking about how her dad is mentally ill but what does he even have besides a nasty case of pedophilia

No. 946224

she's said before he has bipolar, which, judging from his actions, is unregulated

No. 946229

It's probably the weird ass filters she's using, some of them shape your nose.

No. 946251

>that hair stuck to her lip

No. 946252

File: 1584377379616.jpeg (679.63 KB, 828x1205, 886DD803-43A1-4A0F-B2B4-DF664F…)

Why does she think this is a ‘look’? …umm…

No. 946255

File: 1584377716280.jpeg (358.94 KB, 1241x1361, E7DF0193-177D-498D-91B1-64A294…)

Saw this meme on instagram, it’s circulating amongst random accounts

No. 946268

File: 1584381310232.png (4.61 MB, 750x1334, 15E2B0B8-8AD7-4BC0-B7E2-BCC8D0…)

Then this happened…

No. 946274

Yeah…but clearly the potential for milk is way more than just that.

No. 946278

You must’ve not been following her for long…kek

No. 946966

File: 1584538531113.png (5.42 MB, 828x1792, C95A3D17-2C8E-495A-98A6-807D1A…)

“Straight edge and sober” but smoking weed and asking for dealers in florida and Miami, sure Nika

No. 947314

I don't doubt a crakwhore would steal at the first chance they get but I don't fully believe Jaelle's dad didn't give Nika his info at some point. The guy was so starved for attention from the youngest legal person that would at least touch him with a 10 ft. pole. He's given her money before so it doesn't sound completely out of the ballpark that he gave her his card info by his own stupid choice.
But it's sus how she waited for Jaelle to cut off ties with her before she made the back to back purchases. She was probably thinking now is her time to use his card because she wouldn't get confronted face to face about it after Jaelle cut their ties.

No. 948000

File: 1584744472929.jpeg (848.43 KB, 828x1384, 00E0ADCD-438D-4059-A73C-54A658…)

No. 948001

File: 1584744521225.jpeg (469.84 KB, 828x1256, 6EF3C212-BBA8-4F19-830B-F3EF98…)

Betting this will be her new spam account in a week lol

No. 949228

File: 1585082259200.jpeg (349.14 KB, 750x904, DCED09DB-5673-4DFA-8ADD-FDCF2B…)

No. 949229

File: 1585082372793.png (3.8 MB, 1242x2208, 819B2283-77E9-4DBB-97CF-BB40EE…)

No. 949230

File: 1585082414255.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, 582CBF06-7E0A-4B81-9A15-3011AA…)

No. 949231

File: 1585082446611.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 1A04CD0B-2751-49DB-96E0-6F8533…)

No. 949232

File: 1585082451196.jpeg (207.87 KB, 750x564, E05A41B8-403D-4A2B-AC97-4F0A2C…)

All this shit she’s constantly spewing is so fucking retarded. Just block and move on lmao

No. 949233

File: 1585082515660.png (4.43 MB, 1242x2208, 9E92F022-CC42-49FC-95ED-2F7DDC…)

No. 949235

I just can’t get over how much nicole resembles Jeffree star nowadays …

No. 949383

nika's face is repulsive, i think she might be the ugliest cow

No. 949493

File: 1585159340633.jpeg (346.39 KB, 828x1055, 4E5FF103-368B-43B2-9E4F-31E24E…)

Looks like she picked up some random homeless guy off the street

No. 950147

File: 1585283150914.jpeg (579.1 KB, 828x1015, D4D89260-63FD-4D42-9E9F-41D716…)

Nika’s snap…so straight edge uwu

No. 950170


spoiler that shit anon

No. 950198

Is it me or did a bunch of replies get deleted?

No. 950199


No. 950753

File: 1585452814613.png (2.32 MB, 828x1792, 4A71F058-B1CB-4E92-9833-7B8F6E…)

Sleep paralysis demon

No. 950768

File: 1585455433290.jpeg (768.59 KB, 828x1026, 28B3C113-1330-4BD9-B32D-2D806F…)

Almost worst than pnp promoting her onlyfans

No. 950900

Kek, I’d say it’s worse than PNP. This is like pnps long lost little sister or some shit. Besides who wants this girls onlyfans, she’s the opposite of a butterface; she got a butterbody

No. 950921

File: 1585504633744.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 339.2 KB, 828x801, DB37EFA4-CFB9-4420-BEDC-18E83D…)

She captioned this ‘Ketamine feet’..she looks like a corpse and has been wearing the same make up for days , very reminiscent of tuna

No. 950925

File: 1585505118966.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.88 KB, 828x780, D11FF629-1E75-4E1B-837A-871649…)

Y’all were wondering how she funds her botched plastic surgery, whelp…

No. 951021

Those are legit the most lifeless eyes I have ever seen

No. 951065

File: 1585527259122.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 113.5 KB, 514x661, 2161BA13-B285-403A-9418-50C25B…)

Her body is so unfortunate

No. 952095

File: 1585623585784.png (2.36 MB, 828x1792, 60988DE6-E111-4BB8-B19B-EA8DDD…)

What the fuckk

No. 952159

File: 1585637711285.jpeg (218.4 KB, 828x1048, 99971A09-3C1A-4CC8-8033-171568…)

From her second account

No. 952160

File: 1585637736450.jpeg (486.76 KB, 828x965, 18493E6F-C04C-4B5B-B2B7-560AD1…)

No. 952161

File: 1585637841016.jpeg (350.64 KB, 828x801, 5F748E6F-5AD2-45D2-9799-AAB087…)

She’s still talking about it….jfc

No. 952163

File: 1585638413077.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 743.17 KB, 3457x2224, 0495866E-2CAE-46FE-8218-CB51F6…)

Samefag (sorry for the mini dump)

She keeps wearing these spandex shorts with the cheeks cut out(I’m assuming to ‘lift’ her sagging ass?¿)

No. 952179

If that was her aim, which I'm sure it was, mission failed

No. 952231

Sorry if this has been covered, but was she working as a stripper? And wearing that to work? kek.

No. 952268

I think at one point, I’m not too sure if she still is

No. 952269

File: 1585672997790.jpeg (253.63 KB, 828x856, 6E0C18BF-25C0-4F0B-9C4E-961FE3…)

Who the fuck is paying for this? She legitimately looks like a bloated corpse.

No. 952535

This is clearly in a strip club dressing room. I didn't know she was stripping now/again.

No. 952746

nika's comment on jaelle's "gore"(???) account:
my necrophiliacs kink def has a lot to play into it but just the flow the color the warmth the taste the stains ficking everything about it tmi but my pum is rivering now and maybe it's also because when i first started masturbating it was also when i had my period and i'd love the feel of it and to see all the blood on my pum so .. that kinda actually does make sense and then those blood clot pics from 2015 the some ketchup but that's cuz i stayed masturbating on my period for all those years and then i'd love the clots i'd play with them until it would just dissolve perish into water or@period consistency on my hands kinda like those powders idk if that makes any sense to u but ya and i used to always lick my fingers clean but it's never good enough like the blood from my arms and my legs are a lot more salter

No. 952785

how does one strip while always wearing shapewear?

No. 952905

What is her gore account? I saw her asking if she should make one, but didn’t see what the outcome was.

No. 952921

It’s @bloodywoundz, but jaelle posted on her story that you’d need to send in pictures of your own gore/self harm to be accepted on it. What a mess

No. 952922

It’s called @ bloodywoundz and it’s not just “gore”, it’s also pictures of her followers’ fresh self harm wounds (and she encourages them to submit pics) and calling them “aesthetic” as if it was comparable to medical gore. Fucking gross.

No. 952924

File: 1585790379969.jpeg (391.51 KB, 828x925, B2591BB4-C898-4A5E-BEC5-38D4F6…)

Here’s the screenshot of the quoted comment, if anyone’s interested

No. 952944

I’m hoping Jaelle is spending her quarantine far the fuck away from her fathers house

No. 953477

Is no one gonna talk about the ~necrophiliacs kink~ pretty sure that ain’t just a blood play kink

No. 954950

File: 1586149649515.png (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 828x1792, D0439568-66C4-4713-93BC-D3482B…)

Those lips tho…do her and pnp see the same surgeon?

No. 954951

File: 1586149839428.jpeg (262.27 KB, 828x1026, 728AC75B-2CD1-4A2E-9624-8E6AB1…)

Her Twitter dms to some other spam bitch

No. 954952

File: 1586149896502.jpeg (259.42 KB, 828x1024, FF8F6200-91E8-4171-B2F6-2FFE8D…)


No. 954973

how often is "pum" used by most people? I dont talk to 19 year olds so idk these things but it's so unappealing and awkward to use while trying to sexualize it

No. 954983

literally no one says it looool

No. 954988

File: 1586161280291.jpeg (519.27 KB, 828x1022, F59A805D-A562-4BCB-B627-EF1C4E…)

Nika and jaelle are together rn

No. 954990

A few British rappers use it? But it's not popular, I think it's of Jamaican origin like batty

No. 954995

Nikas probably just sucking up so she won't be held accountable for scamming 4k from the family

No. 955003

File: 1586167041748.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, D7BDE656-90AF-4DB3-883B-581AFC…)

at this point it looks like jaelle wants to be used by nika. they‘re so toxic they really deserve each other.

No. 955004

‘Experimental drug use is okay’ sure, I could concede to that if it was psychedelics or weed , not fucking black tar heroin and crystal meth. They really do deserve each other.

No. 955087

File: 1586187651409.png (4.24 MB, 828x1792, 03245B1C-EDFA-4E7D-8C75-67C967…)

No. 955090

File: 1586187880469.png (1.73 MB, 828x1792, FDE1AAB2-96C1-4EE6-BBF3-377881…)

No. 955091

File: 1586188021125.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, FEFED735-FE70-424A-869B-E99819…)

No. 955093

Bro you’re on meth and your friend wants to trick you into fucking your dad, you are not okay kekekek what the fuck. She’s literally just obsessed with the way nika looks and treats her, neither of them really give a rats ass about the other. Nika makes jaelle feel cool and aesthetic puke, jaelle gives nika money and acts as her lap dog. Hope these idiots grow up someday but looks like they’re going to end up dead. Let’s not forget their going around other people during the corona shit

No. 955099

ugh, a speed rant.

No. 955104

File: 1586190309345.jpeg (135.16 KB, 749x1252, 14023543-AB31-42CF-B2E9-4A7B18…)

Not posted by n. But hilarious.

No. 955166

They are both totally fucking nuts. I followed Jaelle’s gore account to see if there was any milk. How bad could it be, I thought. I didn’t notice when she accepted the follow request, so when a video of dogs eating a hollowed out, bloody space where a man’s cock and balls used to be, popped up, I almost vomited. At that point I unfollowed all of J and Nika’s accounts…fuck that. They both need serious help.

No. 955283

File: 1586221883918.jpeg (208.6 KB, 828x990, E792500C-6E4D-4B03-ADEB-D71CD2…)

Nika really has 0 shame

No. 955284

File: 1586221919258.jpeg (167.38 KB, 524x941, F7F74678-76E9-4C5E-8F7A-511755…)

No. 955376

File: 1586244652609.png (641.73 KB, 1242x2208, 88068559-9273-4C11-A1D3-EF651E…)

Julia Pentagon dragged Nika and Jaelle on her spam yikes she’s problematic as well though???

No. 955377

File: 1586244697505.jpeg (441.16 KB, 1242x2208, 27BD53DC-1B83-41A3-ADF5-22C164…)

No. 955379

File: 1586244959970.jpeg (695.79 KB, 1242x1075, 75D9068B-DB41-4DD3-91B5-9048A2…)

I don’t understand why Julia and her minion talk shit. They try to act “street”, and Julia constantly say the n word. They also are always crying over guys who don’t care about them because they spread their legs to every florida man. Honestly they aren’t the ones to talk. Julia has a new man every week and has over 50 bodies. Lola isnt as bad but she’s still stupid for being friends with a girl who made all her followers unfollow you and called you a refrigerator on live and said you lied about getting assaulted.

No. 955380

Nika was talking on live while being with jaelle saying that jade took drugs while pregnant and she should take care of her baby and not be a bad mom

No. 955400

File: 1586250250081.jpeg (403.5 KB, 828x880, DF873B97-CFCC-4342-9F46-C60F7A…)

Nika really thinks her cracked our ass is gonna make a ‘short film’..her brain is fried beyond repair

No. 955423

File: 1586257202235.jpeg (191.04 KB, 827x1514, 57D63ED4-108F-4034-8A28-E7F211…)

nikas been on her snapchat story tweaking the fuck out and posted like 8 videos of her begging people in chicago to give her a tattoo for her dad’s birthday in 2 days. doesn’t her dad hate her guts? then she went on to ask if there’s anyone doing nails near her… this girl has no regard for anybody’s safety.

No. 955431

What the actual fuck, how is that shit allowed to be on there? I thought these girls were just acting edgy

No. 955432

iirc none of her family really keeps in contact with her anymore because of her drug use.
This genius idea is a byproduct of her tweaker brain/sleep deprivation. Look at the rest of her grotesque /cringey ass tattoos, she was most likely high when she got all of them done on an impulse. Shes so deluded and probably thinks that it will get her back in his good graces or something.
He doesn’t financially support her anymore and I don’t think they’ve seen/spoken to each other in a while, I could be wrong though.

No. 955436

That’s what I thought. No, they are just fucked in the head.

No. 955488

To be fair the guy who had his dick torn out was a rapist so he deserved it

No. 955489

File: 1586279907296.jpeg (844.15 KB, 1242x1426, 8E4348B9-89C2-4D8A-9DF8-833355…)

I felt bad for Jaelle but now I don’t she clearly loves the attention she gets and she likes to be manipulated by nika…..

No. 955500

The issue isn’t whether the guy deserved it or not, but that watching it clearly stimulates and excites these totally dehumanised chasms of humanity. Jaelle bragged that she laughed all the way through it. She either did, and didn’t have a natural response to it being disturbing, which is alarming, or, she’s lying for edge lord points, which means she’s got a lot of growing up to do. Which of course, she has.

No. 955524

Yeah it wasn’t enjoyable to watch. But I can’t stand rapists. I’m surprised Instagram didn’t take it down as soon as it was put up

No. 955525

File: 1586283487970.png (5.93 MB, 1242x2208, 9D34DAA3-57E1-400D-81A8-673310…)

No. 955527

File: 1586283568546.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2208, D51316BC-11AE-46D2-A1B5-FD8AB8…)

No. 955695

No. 955718

File: 1586310811553.jpeg (552.9 KB, 828x982, F80EF28F-32E0-4E37-8D78-CC4933…)

Nika is such a vile person

No. 955724

>a laughing stalk
>peoples down spiral and suffering with crippling mental illness of how debilitated to extremes it can be. psychosis is not many people can understand

I’m going home you guys they have too much brain damage for me to even entertain for the milk. like they’re just too… retarded. this whole spam community is too Gen Z and retarded for me to even laugh at. it’s like Charlie Kelly’s dyslexic ass is writing these Instagram posts. I’m exhausted.

No. 955754

File: 1586318457132.jpeg (638.84 KB, 828x949, E3CA3823-B081-48E9-B4A4-92E93D…)

Her lips really do look like a prolapsed anus …

No. 955762

christ, imagine naming a human child "Bowie".

No. 955763

Holy fucking lord her top lip looks like she was huffing the same can of paint for a week straight. She puts PNP to shame, that lip is straight up disgusting

No. 955789

There’s is no doubt in my mind she got these botched fillers done in someone’s grimey appt and not by a licensed ps

No. 955790

File: 1586327491821.jpeg (522.87 KB, 828x1381, 4E587694-0B73-4E28-9DFB-1B2B72…)

I was just browsing through her acc and wth…

No. 955791

"i barely scam anymore"
kek, agreed.

No. 955824

I’m so sure nika is lying about wanting a tattoo for her dad she posted so much about how much she hates him and how she doesn’t want to be involved with him anymore but now she wants a tattoo for him? yeah sure I bet she just wants to get another shitty impulsive hello kitty tattoo.

No. 956020

File: 1586381138233.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2688, F6BCA30C-E1FD-4690-87C5-869CAF…)

nika is back in jaelle’s life. now jaelle wants to have a child with a guy she’s never met.

No. 956051

>my child will never know what abuse or neglect looks like

This is the saddest thing I've seen. The fact that she has the ability to produce a human life with that rando in the conditions her life is in right now is depressing. Shes exactly the type of person to neglect and abuse her kid because she would only be having one to fulfill a weird new honeymoon phase shes having. She has no skills to be a functioning parent. How could you consciously have a kid in this environment when everyone around you is even a gross freak or enabler. What a harrowing thing to read.

No. 956077

It’s beyond bleak, anon. She wants to give birth to a child with some rando donor to pile her idea of what love is on to? That kid would go on to be the most fucked up child, then adult.

No. 956151

and then that fucked up adult will have another fucked up kid, the cycle continues. maybe this is harsh but I kinda hope she and nika accidentally kill themselves with an od before that can happen.

No. 956154

File: 1586394421776.png (9.71 MB, 1242x2688, ADE6F60B-C1BD-4ADC-A4C2-ED966A…)

jaelle refuses help and says tough love will not work.

No. 956254

Just being in the presence of Jaelle and Nika should constitute as child abuse.

No. 956269

File: 1586410381758.png (Spoiler Image, 10.08 MB, 1242x2208, 2C49F14C-639F-4327-BED6-49EA75…)

This is a nitpick…. but her man’s thumb is so disgusting to me. I don’t know why she’s in a relationship she needs therapy for her trauma and she needs to get tf away from Nika

No. 956290

File: 1586417358948.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1553, 2FAA7C9C-EE97-42B9-A71C-DBBD94…)

jaelle stiles refusing to take help. delusional as hell.

No. 956296

File: 1586420056013.png (101.93 KB, 1742x673, jaellestiles.png)

She was pretty desperate for Admin to remove this thread not long ago.

No. 956339

oh please “the threats are coming from your website” girl people have been hating on you two forever lolcow didn’t cause any of the hate, you did with your actions and need to post everything online.
the only thing this site is responsible for is people seeing how fucked both of you are and not believing your bullshit anymore.
but that’s probably exactly why you would want the thread taken down, the more people find and read it the less ass kissing idiots you’ll have supporting you.

No. 956398

All jaelle could get was an incel she met online with a toe thumb? can’t say I’m surprised

No. 956518

Her prince charming has incel-like views? Is that based on shit he says online or just the looks?
Either way I’m praying these two are infertile.

No. 956545

File: 1586463115142.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 817.65 KB, 1920x2560, 171384FF-3D2B-4E56-A390-359421…)


Sorry for the double posted image but she also posted a creepy picture of him sleeping as well as commenting on the fact she met his parents. I hope and pray they find this thread and all the stupid shit she’s done online. This girl can’t even take care of herself how the fuck is she gonna be a baby momma?¿

No. 956581

File: 1586467091149.png (6.23 MB, 1242x2688, B33CAB14-A525-4938-A2B9-CC9E18…)

nika snapchat post about death.

No. 956589

The typical guy who tells her she’s perfect and he’ll never leave her and they both take it just for a drop of attention. that along with meeting online but maybe he’s just a tinder neckbeard

No. 956635

>very much illegal pictures photographer of me

No. 956682

Bit of a nitpick but fuck does this bitch ever wash her greasy hair? She looks like she rolled in oil every time she posts one of those stupid close ups for her story rants.

Lol so, she cares enough about her self image and safety to contact Admin, but not enough to maybe get help and stop being a psychotic embarassment irl? Jaelle, since you're reading this, this thread is the least of your problems. Don't have a fucking kid.

Wondering how Nika's feeling all about this. I imagine she's kind of upset she doesn't have a puppet to fuck over anymore since Jaelle is busy with Toethumb-san. Can't wait to see how Nika tries to sabotage Jaelle this time kek.

No. 956741

File: 1586512584893.jpeg (323.77 KB, 1125x1745, B4D35163-8D72-4447-A5D5-F50DC2…)


Remember ember whann? I saw the comment on this so decided to click the account, ended up on her 2nd account and found a comment from lilleejean. Weird.(derailing)

No. 957047

File: 1586581518413.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 28FFACAB-0179-452C-B91F-861406…)

Jaelle “ended” her friendship with Nika…. I don’t believe it though she always goes back to her

No. 957050

I hate this. It's like the bf gave her the support and encouragement she needed which is great but if they break up she's probably gonna crawl back to the psycho.

No. 957061

Exactly, she always does. I don’t feel bad for her though. Nika has proven time and time again to be a vile manipulator and Jaelle willingly subjects herself to it. She will go back to Nika , I give it a few weeks.

No. 957065

He just ghosted her. She’s on live right now having a meltdown.

No. 957066

Amazing: Please relay the milk.

No. 957067

File: 1586588963075.jpeg (145.95 KB, 828x407, A0376850-194B-4358-8197-9A4CD6…)

lol, apparently jaelles new relationship was short lived. i guess we won’t be expecting a pregnancy announcement anytime soon?

No. 957075

File: 1586591620441.jpeg (259.33 KB, 828x1405, 915C335C-3E5E-4650-B2FF-0D9362…)

No. 957079

File: 1586594127611.jpeg (766.51 KB, 828x1145, A6893D2D-C6DA-47E7-BD24-52B478…)

Texts between Nika and Jaelle

No. 957080

File: 1586594188748.jpeg (382.58 KB, 828x1124, BE8B7F76-ADC9-4692-A456-D471B8…)

No. 957101

lmaooo after that „listen.“ nika probably went on a whole „my life is so stressful and every1 is so mean to me you have to be there for me uwu“ rant to try and lure jaelle back in and jaelle will probably fall for it at some point.

No. 957129

Unfollowed cause they bored the fuck outta me, then the milk flows…typical.

No. 957142

Jaelle you were talking about pregnancy within a week. You really thought this guy wanted to deal with THAT type of crazy?

No. 957148

Funny thing is, they’ve only known each other in person for …like..2 days.

No. 957150

File: 1586618848454.jpeg (708.19 KB, 828x1023, D8E889D9-681E-42FF-8D88-D12AE8…)

‘Swore’ on her deceased mother..hasn’t she done that before ?

No. 957231

> nika its over between us i'm never letting you manipulate me again!!
> continues wall of text and constant stories to her

It's hard to continue to feel sorry for Jaelle when she's this retarded. Can a kind anon who is more familiar with these two give an estimate on how many times this has happened in the past?

No. 957256

Jaelle seems as nasty as Nika. She’s blabbing on all the time making out she’s sweet and kind, but she strikes me as just as manipulative, and more than that, vindictive. As much as I also dislike Nika, she’s pulled a real number on her by hanging out then fucking off again. And that gore profile was so vile.

No. 957279

She‘s said it herself and it’s fairly obvious: Jaelle‘s just being straight up manic. She’s on a ‘I’m gonna fix my life!’-trip that won’t last a day longer than her manic episode.
As soon as she’s coming back to reality she’ll realize that she doesn’t have any real friends and Nika is basically the only one that will put up with her shit because she’s just as fucked up. (Well, worse actually.)

Neither of them will get their shit together on their own terms in their familiar environment. So it will always be mania & cutting ties, depression & being back in each other’s lives, rinse & repeat.

No. 957485

File: 1586685687649.jpeg (321.68 KB, 828x1281, AEE35765-0120-49C3-9533-9F8477…)

back together again, apparently “not using labels”, aka he doesn’t wanna commit to her crazy ass

No. 957497

Hooooly fuck jaelle realize he doesn't care for you and just wants you as a fleshlight. stop degrading yourself publicly like this, i'm getting secondhand embarassment here.

No. 957507

Countless times. It has happened
So many times over the years ,at this point I can’t even come up with an estimate.

No. 957508

They are both as bad as each other , next thread needs to be a joint thread of jaelle and Nika

No. 957509

File: 1586693999828.jpeg (338.12 KB, 531x1035, 4A68385B-5CDF-41FA-8DD0-5705FE…)

Where the fuck does she keep finding these girls to drug up?..this was disturbing

No. 957545

Probably were already drugged up. I wouldn't put it past her to trade drugs to desperate addicts so she can fuck them and put it on her onlyfans.

No. 957585

Nika really comes off like a predator

No. 957587

Nika is probably one of the dumbest people out these but fr, at least as far as understanding druggies and vulnerable people she’s smart and manipulative as hell, 100% a predator imo

No. 957628

nika is so annoying when she still had her spam account she complained that some dude took pictures of her while she was asleep and said it’s weird but now she does the same shit and thinks it‘s cute

No. 957695

Agreed. She seems to enjoy fucking people up as a conscious decision

No. 958250

File: 1586813844013.png (4.93 MB, 3950x2397, DF6CD33A-B301-407E-8F7D-8B3204…)

nika admits the girl she has been groping and posting drugged up in sexual positions was 17. also admitted she tripped with her. don’t believe this girl is just crazy, she was clearly on xanax or heroin most of the time. the photos and videos could easily be considered child porn and child porn distribution in the court of law. checked her only fans and she hasn’t posted any videos with the underage girl. she posts old clips a lot so wouldn’t surprise me if she does at some point though.

No. 960398

ya'll forgetting that jaelle posted proof nika had sex on top of her while she was passed out on xanax
recently was fucking w some new guy whose ex nika claimed was jealous of her, ended up drugging the girl (17 y/o) and claiming that she was her gf/filming her sleeping etc. the girl was straight

and nika has openly admitted that she has a necrophilia fetish as well as a blood one (commented on jaelle's gore account(just self mutilation- although she encourages others to submit their self harm which is disturbing in itself) admitting to the necrophilia and even to um licking her own period blood off her fingers)

cmon u guys missed the best parts

No. 960410

She’s a predator , jaelle is a bit of a cow herself but Nicole is far worse..I’ve been following this shit for years and am surprised she’s not In jail /dead

No. 960461

No, we didn’t miss it. >>952924
See >>957509

No. 960480

I’m sure she will try to sexually assault the wrong person eventually

No. 960927

File: 1587181099218.jpeg (173.44 KB, 750x680, 66E955F5-2D75-4C35-A92A-FC3F69…)

No. 960929

File: 1587181182379.jpeg (194.17 KB, 750x788, F839A525-B3AC-4471-B354-2892EF…)

No. 961005

File: 1587190442846.jpeg (454.18 KB, 828x1023, EC15C7E3-13F8-4533-84DF-E61EBB…)

Clips of Nika lying her ass off on ig live the other day.


No. 961125

Where does she find places to live? How does she make money to support herself?

No. 961288

Does anyone have the video of her going live on her onlyfans??

No. 961318

File: 1587242910354.jpeg (246.5 KB, 828x999, CBBBF0C2-FBC2-44DB-B9B5-1935AE…)

No. 961344

Jaelle is just going to go back to Nika, she refuses to take responsibility for herself or hold the people around her accountable and blames it all on Nika or the next Spam girl. Has she ever thought how they got her “mans” number?

No. 961444

didnt we see on the onlyfans live that actually luca fted or called nika not vice versa and he continued talking for a while despite both nika & the bf being naked (not sure if its still up but it was on the @ ifyouneedtocatchup ig - its censored doe thnk god)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 961448

not you again

No. 961458

what is up with these self promoting anons we clearly don’t care

No. 961521

File: 1587269788577.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, 14A50E86-0B15-4898-B90E-05FA73…)

Why is she on the toilet?? Kek she looks really tweaked out.

No. 961622

File: 1587291961980.jpeg (122.62 KB, 750x912, D7650CB4-BB7B-4FAA-B3BC-00A289…)

I wish I could say this surprises me but it really doesn’t (1/3)

No. 961624

File: 1587291997557.jpeg (266.68 KB, 750x921, EFFE42CF-2C5C-4FFB-BD2F-174C06…)


No. 961625

File: 1587292111493.jpeg (217.7 KB, 750x921, EB7E2A9E-4A54-43A0-9583-52432D…)


No. 961641

File: 1587297238381.jpeg (689.01 KB, 828x1450, 0DABEC41-A9D4-4377-A2F6-76832B…)

No. 961653

Disgusting. I wonder what's in the censored parts.

No. 961655

maybe it’s the dick sucking at 12 thing nika talks about in the first screenshot

No. 961678

Seems like a second story when she was "15 and in a mental hospital".

No. 961849

All of her erratic and manic rambling /compulsively sharing fucked up secrets of hers lately, makes me think she’s on some kinda of upper instead of smack nowadays.

No. 961867

File: 1587331260416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 201.16 KB, 828x410, BD1A187F-5035-48A9-847E-4F500E…)

Here’s a clip from the only fans live where she says she looks 12 and ‘fuck Jews’


No. 961893

File: 1587332667097.jpeg (267.55 KB, 828x1144, 4AE881B5-CEB6-4657-A9F7-54725F…)

Samefag but..Nika posted this call between Jaelle and her dad talking about their sexual experiences and it’s fucking nauseating and disturbing .
It’s also fucked up that this was Nika’s way as exposing her


No. 961967

This isn't milk

No. 962098

its milky if you lurk more and actually follow them on instagram. nika secretly recorded their phone conversations and posted them out of the blue to try and "expose" jaelle.

No. 962197

Is that really her father she's talking to like that?

Why isn't that milk?? It's disgusting.

No. 962218

ot but where did lilith get that top??

No. 962232

I‘m really confused about who the fuck calls their dad to tell him that they lost their virginity jaelle really is just as nuts as nika

No. 962234

For the love of god the horror never ceases.. i know Jaelle is at fault for a lot of things but god I hope she’s far the fuck away from this demented man

No. 962386

File: 1587411424320.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 0855A8A9-D4E1-4190-8D95-AFA06F…)

No. 962436

honestly i really doubt nika is actually a pedophile it's probably an advanced form of self harm saying she is

No. 962459

Anon, how isn’t that milk? Do you even follow this thread/either of them on sm? If you knew the context behind that call and how disturbing it is for Nika to secretly record it and post it to feign innocence and ‘expose’ Jaelle
(and the fucked up relationship between jaelle and her dad..i) you would understand why it’s milk.

By posting that, if anything it makes Jaelle appear to be more of a victim of her father so I really don’t understand Nika’s logic at all.

Anyway I think she is back on her attention seeking bullshit because the onslaught of vitriol and hate she received from fucking her friends dad wasn’t sufficient enough. There’s a part of me that is on the fence because of how she has a history of predatory behavior and has made similar statements in the past (she admitted to being a necrophiliac too )

No. 962460

File: 1587418370331.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 4A0B88D6-BBCB-42CE-BCC8-BDB62C…)


No. 962462

File: 1587418478347.png (1.07 MB, 828x1792, 612138C1-D275-4A97-8749-723955…)

No. 962464

File: 1587418578409.jpeg (84.74 KB, 828x682, 8D07E5A9-6602-4D03-8AE9-33D71B…)

No. 962465

File: 1587418703685.png (1.08 MB, 828x1792, C8DDFE7C-884C-40DA-9298-1EFD83…)

No. 962469

File: 1587418966629.jpeg (516.64 KB, 828x1622, 7846E259-D601-4691-A5E1-986A00…)

She also apparently has been claiming and insinuating that she has DID now Kek

No. 962481

File: 1587419472640.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x2033, 3771217A-DD95-4C89-91C6-768BB6…)

Pictures she posted w caption>>962469

No. 962493

This is legitimately the worst cow I've seen on this site. What the actual fuck. At least with the others it's just them being grimy… This chick is a full on psychopathic pedophile who speaks like an insane person in a baby voice.

No. 962533


She is nuts…I wonder if what her family thinks right now, I know they disowned her at some point last year when she was doxxed and a relative was notified about her antics, but it’s gone even more downhill since and I wonder if they’re aware of her recent actions or if they care.

I don’t think she’s had contact with her mom(the mail order bride who’s presumably an escort, or at least was a few years back).

I her dad is also a piece of shit too but he was still supporting her until financially until around the time she left her ex.

No. 962536

DID really is the new depression

No. 962546

File: 1587422993433.jpeg (285.23 KB, 828x1029, F6540B76-CE4E-40C9-A5DF-C55802…)

‘Dated a guy with billionaire parents’
Sure jan…must be the meth delusions or something

No. 962561

File: 1587423509877.jpeg (60.5 KB, 403x464, 773AFF64-2FBC-4D5A-B657-D524EB…)

Her lip..jfc

No. 962569

HOLY SHIT that is definitely NOT where a septum should be pierced…not even close…she needs to take that out, it's gonna reject BADLY

No. 962637

That's what you notice? I can't get past her eyes. I think she's wearing contacts that have floated off center, but it just looks as if she has liquid pupils and it's creepy.

No. 962688

it looks like it's already being rejected considering how scabby/bloody it is.. definitely not normal if you take care of your piercings, even if done by a complete imbecile that pierces the wrong area.

No. 962811

it looks more like her eyes are super watery. probably crying from embarrassment plus all nose piercings make most people’s eyes water

No. 962922

Most recent video on nikas spam account.
Turns out we all just lack the „wisdom“ to understand her incoherent ramblings.
She posted like 10 other videos but I couldn’t really figure out what she was talking about because she was so cracked out.

No. 963193

Gross…I hate when she has that condescending grin on her face , it’s almost like she knows she’s full of shit

No. 963842

File: 1587609389648.jpeg (618.27 KB, 828x932, 26B03E04-3775-4AD8-AE9E-5F67DD…)

Nika is staying at this girl Anna’s house. This girl who is featured in this Vice video about being a columbiner https://youtu.be/QJu28fSMk5M

No. 963955

I‘m waiting for the day nika ends up on the couch of some psychopath who kills her in her sleep.
This bitch will stay with anyone instead of trying to fix her life and getting her own place.

No. 964420

File: 1587685911813.jpeg (139.16 KB, 750x1203, 479FC6A1-954B-4361-99CD-116E0C…)

so shes staying in a hotel as of last night (apparently paid for by some painful sex), and said she couldn’t wait to have friends over.
most recent pic is someone wearing a decorative gold thing seen in the hotel tour.

very safe and distant.

No. 964423

File: 1587686065613.jpeg (459.26 KB, 750x1193, 9E4C0309-3F4B-40B4-9261-E72EC2…)


No. 964424

File: 1587686157704.jpeg (249.49 KB, 750x1075, EFF1ECF8-77FF-477F-B2D9-D00AC5…)

No. 964435

Anyone have the lilithreborn account? I’m morbidly curious on how this bitch broke her puss kek

No. 964555


dick piercing?

No. 964635

I really can’t tell what her first message is supposed to say

No. 965532

‘This guy fucking me with his huge dick just did this’ basically

No. 966594

I do that, what's wrong with it

No. 966692

File: 1588172544532.jpeg (222.05 KB, 828x452, FCBDCF9B-B006-450D-964F-2455EF…)

No. 966693

The ride never ends

No. 966698

More caps pls!

No. 966716

File: 1588174744578.jpeg (476.58 KB, 750x1099, D71D61EB-5783-48C6-B3C8-EAD217…)

apparently she stole this from the girl

No. 966717

File: 1588174796226.jpeg (202.72 KB, 750x853, F706563C-7770-45A7-96E1-BFC3A3…)


No. 966720

File: 1588174914652.jpeg (426.05 KB, 750x1063, 98C74B6D-467D-4814-87B3-930CBC…)


No. 966721

File: 1588175026456.jpeg (546.27 KB, 750x1109, 456DA462-E730-494D-A346-DAD187…)

no comment needed for this one

No. 966726

Argh. Why did I unfollow. It’s about to get juicy.

No. 966728

Samefag, sorry I’m an idiot, I didn’t realise she’s now public.

No. 966730

why is it covered with shit

No. 966737

Her account either got suspended or it went private again?

No. 966749

I’m assuming it got suspended cause I searched for her account and it was nowhere to be found

No. 966758

"he said it was his good luck charm….. i guess it was just your key" LMAO anyone else feel the fucking pettiness through their screen from that comment

No. 966796

Yeah, suspended. I follow her and she’s just totally disappeared.

What’s happened to Jaelle?

No. 966944

File: 1588215868584.jpeg (316.83 KB, 828x999, F095AAFA-E82E-4A75-A0D4-0478E2…)

No. 966945

File: 1588215919135.jpeg (220.75 KB, 828x1003, C9E4E21D-7F2F-40BF-9F71-49CA11…)

She was in the hospital (not sure if she still IS)

No. 966955

File: 1588216942010.jpeg (370.04 KB, 828x901, 3EC0AE13-EFA2-4B50-B2F1-A89297…)

Heres a pic of her dads nazi tattoo

No. 966960

Jaelle has also deactivated, they’ll both be back shortly and always do this

Nika’s other account might still be up

No. 966963

File: 1588217629254.png (1.22 MB, 828x1792, 53EFA9CF-F397-49FE-B3F1-84276E…)

She is only on snapchat now like nika

No. 967096

File: 1588254105239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 216.28 KB, 750x1052, AB681482-DE26-41F4-8F14-126CDE…)

WARNING: EXTREMELY NSFL. this is from the 22nd when she said a guy shoved a huge dildo inside her and she started bleeding everywhere. i’ll post the other 3 pics if y’all want but they’re basically the same thing. saged bc i’m not sure how milky nika’s bloody vagina is.

No. 967123

What a strange picture.
Can you post the others because this is like an MC Escher painting.
It's milky enough to be unsaged.

No. 967134

this doesn't even look human, her asscheeks operate more like curtains than human flesh

No. 967142

File: 1588262186162.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 192.76 KB, 750x1032, 4B9DEE55-EF62-4F28-9079-0A462D…)

ask and ye shall receive.

No. 967143

File: 1588262327476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 188.09 KB, 750x1028, 5DCA140D-B5AE-4CAB-B23C-FA599B…)

No. 967146

File: 1588262467419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.96 KB, 750x1051, 14B441DF-9B7D-4AEB-80A1-E6689E…)

last one.
there was a video at the end of the photo set but i didn’t screen record it. i think the photos give enough information anyway kek

No. 967157

WTAF is she doing?
I translated this as “I just got my period and the toilet started flushing”.
Is that it?

No. 967159

“i don’t get my period and this just started gushing”
but i like your translation better lmao

No. 967161

Ah. Yes. Haha.
Is this post dick call in hotel where they didn’t fuck because her insides fell out?
Or is this in hospital post trying to steal someone’s boyfriend?
Christ she is such a tragic skank.

No. 967173


it’s from the night where a guy made her bleed from a big dildo and bought her a hotel room afterwards kek

No. 967174

Bye bye womb, maybe for the best.

No. 967258

I have never seen a human being pull up their butt cheeks like they're lifting a skirt. this is so surreal.

No. 967310

why her asshole be looking like that

No. 967444

File: 1588300513600.jpeg (429.53 KB, 828x1491, 14B65C1B-28BB-49D8-B707-2C93F4…)

Whelp , she just doxxed someone because she
Was scammed for 50$

No. 967454

Her body is legitimately terrifying, anons I’m going to have nightmares

No. 967495

does anyone know her new tumblr the other ones deleted?

No. 967548

it's not deleted, she just changed the url

No. 967579

that’s hilarious considering how many people I’ve seen in nikas comments begging her to finally give them their money back what a bitch

No. 967603

why can she lift up her ass like a huge flap wtf

No. 967611

she changed it to bloodybabybottle

No. 967650

she is probably the most disgusting person i’ve ever seen in all ways

No. 967992

File: 1588416064946.jpeg (532.11 KB, 828x986, 49848929-A808-4CBC-B2B3-5454AE…)

She’s still playing victim

No. 968329

File: 1588483572821.jpeg (285.07 KB, 777x721, 8E45C6E4-1216-48A5-982A-D2E4F9…)

No. 968330

File: 1588483609355.png (3.05 MB, 828x1792, 7BADB435-711D-4C7C-8AF8-26814C…)

No. 968331

File: 1588483636914.png (3.05 MB, 828x1792, E5863558-1CD0-46D3-95DD-17B530…)

No. 968334

‘I wanna work with young kids’..didn’t she admit to being a pedo…

No. 968361

And them claimed it to be a complex form of self harm as damage control, yes.

No. 968364

i don't think it was damage control. she clearly hates herself, what better way to get everyone to hate you so you feel even lower than to admit to that? it's a level of mental illness that for lack of a better term normies couldn't understand but i genuinely understand why she would do that and believe her

No. 968554

I'm sorry, what?

No. 968555

The FARM Hands will erase the truth once again, but now YOU know

No. 968674

File: 1588557290051.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.36 KB, 836x506, 8527B572-A028-4A20-9092-0DFC43…)

NSFW nika getting cum rubbed in her eye

No. 968675

Carrot top spammer, is that you?

No. 969243

Kek this sounds like lillee jeans mother

No. 969502

File: 1588707514944.png (515.45 KB, 500x892, 2020-05-05_14-38.png)

Saged for semi-old milk.

No. 973165

File: 1589334098094.jpeg (481.9 KB, 828x1031, 66BDDAB1-8F22-445C-BB42-C006AF…)

3 day old semi-milk.
I’m surprised Nika is still dark on sm

No. 973356

fuck i unfollowed her and jaelle like two months ago and i missed all this, didnt even know how deep this whole weirdo fuckfest went. im gong to have nightmares now.
>>969502 how many things is she claiming to have now, i remember her on tiktok claiming she had anti social personality disorder and like saying it proudly.

No. 973478

File: 1589395241392.jpeg (320.87 KB, 1242x1798, 616BE230-B6ED-4E42-A58B-4CE302…)

Jaelle is still living with her dad

No. 973485

I honestly dont know, can you be both borderline and bipolar?

No. 973486

File: 1589396799553.jpeg (445.1 KB, 750x1196, 046B057B-C0E6-4C49-9A1A-A975DD…)

Ugh me too, anon. I’ve unfollowed and followed them again so many time, it’s embarrassing kek. @ifyouneedtocatchup has most of their recent cringe posts. Including this, the second half of what >>973165 posted.

>Snort, snort snort…

Lol. Great autobio, Nika.

No. 973487

It can be ‘comorbid’, yes.

No. 973490

Eek. Ok thank you

No. 973493

File: 1589397875996.jpg (76.13 KB, 960x540, slide_7.jpg)


Not to medfag, but yes, as was mentioned above.

No. 973986

The last part sounds like it could’ve been written by tuna

No. 974003

File: 1589483116256.jpeg (381.32 KB, 750x1017, D68BC400-9479-43AF-8A25-B51D1F…)

i don’t think jaelle is quite as pathetic as nika, but she’s up there lol

No. 974795

File: 1589603696204.png (7.04 MB, 1125x2436, 18C996B8-8918-4AF6-9058-648BCC…)

nika honey using filters that make your skin look young and glowy ain’t fooling anyone.. she’s clearly on a stimulant too look at her eyes.. also who tf wants her vibes lmao

No. 974796

also i don’t have the screen recording but jaelle said on a live a couple days ago that nika facetimed her and showed her meth. oh and nikas been selling drugs on her snap too.

No. 974807

it's loose skin from her losing a ton of weight

No. 974815

we know dipshit do you think that means we can't comment on it?

No. 975283

File: 1589722796012.jpeg (99.68 KB, 828x913, AAE859EC-06F4-4414-8BD2-62F5E2…)

Not sure how much validity there is to this post, but an “exposing” page for Nika and Jaelle posted this. Guess we’ll see in the next little bit if this true or not, but Jaelle is so stupid I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 975327

I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was true. Jaelle hasn't stopped posting about Nika since fathergate, she doesn't know how to function without her. Haven't seen anything about Jaelle's toefingered boyfriend lately either, so if she doesn't have him to cling to anymore it's no wonder she'd go crawling back to Nika.

No. 976112

File: 1589884267082.png (4.1 MB, 750x1334, 17526E74-3D0E-4596-8B80-49A31E…)

Jaelle is really out here promoting fake IDs on instagram lmao

No. 976121

File: 1589887179772.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, B377C7FE-9B27-4A66-9C1F-703CB7…)

Guess she’s really pushing the CP fantasies this week

No. 976149

File: 1589892306243.png (2.12 MB, 1420x2448, Screenshot_20200519-144319.png)

Nika just recently un-archieved all her posts on her older account on Instagram.

No. 976319

that’s old milk

No. 976446

File: 1589938841195.png (3.81 MB, 828x1792, F40E7C1C-9DB2-4D0A-9A60-85E526…)

looks like the band is back together

No. 976454

Forgive me, I shall pluck out mine eyes.

No. 976494

File: 1589949306979.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3281x3099, 8A426428-FC31-43AC-A614-239E20…)

She really is a walking anti drug psa…

No. 976525

I wonder what fucked her up so bad so quick, apart from the drugs and her and Jaelle's fathers?

No. 976553

She’s known have an ED and is pro Ana.
It was so bizzare to watch her go from being overweight to straight up skelly so fast.

She started doctor shopping and found a psychiatrist willing to prescribe her prescription amphetamines (vyvanse iirc), when she started abusing those (along with various other substances) the weight dropped off dramatically. Starving herself in conjunction to evolving Into a full fledged crackhead over time is what deteriorated her physical appearance.

Her prostitute /mail order bride mom and creepy nazi dad are more culpable than Jaelle as dad. Before John stiles ever entered the picture she would boast about hooking up with gross old men.

It’s sad to watch because of how abruptly she spiraled out of control,, Nika has always been fucked up and attention seeking(as well as being a pill-head) but after /in the miidst of her losing all of that weight , and breaking up with her ex, is when shit took a turn for the worst.

She reminds me of Luna because of how fucking vain she continues to be , spamming selfies with crusty and caked up 3 day old make up while being completely unaware she looks like a mtf tweaker. must be the copious amounts of benzos. (I don’t know much about them but Xanax is what she consistently uses over everything else and from what I’ve seen, it seems to rid peoples inhibitions more so than opiods/opiates)

She’s only 19 or 20 and looks rough, the reason why her hair looks so matted and frizzy is because she lost a lot of it due to malnutrition, so she teases it up or wears one of her plastic Amazon wigs.

No. 976554

Here‘s the video in case anyone wants to listen to the snippet of the „music“ that‘s playing in the bg.

No. 976557

She needs to quit that fake baby voice because 1) it’s grating and not doing her any favors 2) everyone knows it’s fake , her real voice has jumped out a few times in her lives

No. 976782

She looks like a discount Bella Thorne in these pictures

No. 976945

File: 1590033699830.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.81 KB, 426x719, B52E1ECE-3C07-4AC1-B2A2-BB64A1…)

No. 976947

File: 1590034119346.jpeg (303.19 KB, 828x1266, A6FB7CCB-FAAE-4072-9EFE-8E8EC6…)

Isn’t she on snap begging for drugs every other ducking day ?

No. 976950

File: 1590034449436.jpeg (107.25 KB, 828x1031, 718050BC-0F4C-483B-AC33-0A42BD…)

Nika’s dm’s to Jaelle

No. 976951

File: 1590034470314.jpeg (108 KB, 828x951, 8CE3862F-F2B7-4462-9479-441517…)

No. 976952

File: 1590034508939.jpeg (66.98 KB, 828x937, 5EAC5C08-0CCE-41E2-A281-DFC0D0…)

‘Don’t doubt my sobriety!’

No. 976953

File: 1590034652429.jpeg (554.42 KB, 828x1023, D3A9776E-E57C-4CFA-886A-0B291A…)

This was posted within the same day

No. 976957

File: 1590034962858.jpeg (468.59 KB, 828x1024, C476EC78-908C-4688-A23C-D6E946…)

Classic Nika

No. 977009

god i know iim naieve but im always shocked when ppl randomly blame the jews

No. 977547

those aren’t texts from Nika. Those are texts from Jaelle’s ex Luca from like a month ago. Nika and Jaelle live together now.

No. 977653

File: 1590156413410.jpeg (98.85 KB, 750x937, 5F4F178F-3290-4BA0-AD6C-C4E95F…)

here’s part 2 to that which is the best part of it all

No. 977661

Shes not even replying to anyone lol shes just justifying to anyone who might come across it instead of editing it away

No. 977694

File: 1590162231413.jpeg (571.78 KB, 828x1144, 9EA4342A-602D-4F5C-8B00-731569…)

This bitch has always been a dumb ass…

No. 977698

She used to say fucked up shit Like this all of the time (and much worse) back in the day.
There’s already so many screenshots of her saying she hates black people, laughing children with cancer, soliciting nudes from someone with Down syndrome…she’s not going to bother explaining herself (Some of these examples are in this thread).

I wish her old spam accounts were still accessible (the cutedeadgirl one , nochillnic and dj_desperation)

No. 977721

Ummmm isn’t that super illegal? Like promoting illegal drugs via social media

No. 977798

said by someones whose never been a victim of DV. why do all these girls want to be beat so bad.

No. 977825

It's only illegal if you are actually caught selling the drugs or in possession of the drugs. You can say/post whatever you want.

No. 978170

File: 1590263121899.jpeg (262.03 KB, 828x1222, E906580C-CA03-4F9E-B663-6CBA3C…)

She looks 40…if she wasn’t such an awful human being id feel bad for her.

No. 978227

File: 1590274501854.png (2.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200523-162626.png)

Stuck at target together during a tornado warning

No. 978229

surprised they even bothered to wear masks lmao

No. 978561

File: 1590352185624.jpeg (495.3 KB, 828x826, E93CA2F0-A204-44BE-8634-70E7A1…)

No. 978562

File: 1590352224296.jpeg (907.44 KB, 828x1043, E6926326-1615-4E4B-A463-76705B…)

I really cannot stand this bitch

No. 978566

File: 1590352524422.png (1.46 MB, 828x1792, 92F57F80-A7A4-492C-ADBE-FD18F7…)

No. 978569

File: 1590352561453.png (1.74 MB, 828x1792, D69A65FF-B49B-4BAF-9A10-A7FC44…)

Her and Nika are also looking for an apt together…

No. 978578

probably cz they're ~aesthetic~

No. 978720

>says nika's forever out of her life
>nika back in life almost immediately but "SHES DOING BETTER GUYS!!!!!"
>says she's done w social media for a while

anyone wanna bet how long she'll last offline…definitely not till june 22 kek. good commitment skills jaelle.

No. 979051

File: 1590447630029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 167.32 KB, 750x918, 2044CEEE-4944-48D1-8B3C-D2194F…)

Kek this cow crossover

No. 979086

Christ, what a fucking idiot …

No. 979092

File: 1590453574435.jpeg (835.87 KB, 3464x2264, AFBFC251-C948-4419-A950-145AE6…)

Nika and Jaelle : joke about drunk driving on Snapchat

Nika and Jaelle : are also under the influence of drugs 24/7 and post about it frequently

UgH IT waS obViouslY a JokE StUpId
WhY arE pEoPlE MaD¿

I give it a few weeks until Nika pimps Jaelle out for crystal meth or heroin (again) and they have another falling out.

No. 979093

File: 1590453692849.jpeg (123.42 KB, 828x617, A85C6B32-7EB6-4574-BAF9-E5DF7C…)

Wonder what she’s on currently …

No. 979125

Obviously not meds

No. 979390

File: 1590516135617.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, B7A02B43-30F5-460F-B2D5-D0289B…)


apparently they’re living together now

No. 979393

File: 1590516216235.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, 056EAE85-8CF7-4A8E-B170-D84F88…)

No. 979415

Who cosigned for their apartment? You know neither of these two wrecks have a credit score outside the double digits.

No. 979579

probably jaelles dad lmao

No. 979806

No. 981255

File: 1590871103449.png (326.88 KB, 640x1136, 54E837C4-CF71-4B65-BB9B-F693EC…)

I live in Chicago, was browsing through Chicago protest posts on Twitter and saw this lol

No. 981383

File: 1590897237590.jpeg (280.75 KB, 828x1033, 2078FB0E-A9D4-4A85-8C49-DA7508…)

No. 981385

File: 1590897289404.jpeg (297.95 KB, 828x1016, 5B91F583-8165-419E-9EE1-25C36D…)

No. 981386

File: 1590897322446.jpeg (389.88 KB, 828x1030, 3F61834E-9581-47F9-AEEA-5B0572…)

No. 981390

File: 1590897526326.jpeg (190.94 KB, 828x1033, 6B9D52F6-472E-4F51-8710-384E9C…)

No. 981391

File: 1590897569364.jpeg (306.64 KB, 828x1052, 0E727890-11B7-4F57-A055-9897A3…)

No. 981393

File: 1590897804853.jpeg (598.21 KB, 828x1024, EB9EF232-CEAF-459D-803D-59F64E…)

No. 981397

File: 1590898228647.jpeg (340.96 KB, 493x979, C71EDF97-E5F9-46AC-959D-4BDA27…)

She also thinks she has dementia now …

No. 981476

>I was trying to look like the moon emoji.

No. 981579

Tbf this other girl is making Jaelle sound like the rational one. What the fuck, she's deranged

No. 981635

idc tbh. i wanna see her shit get wrecked

No. 981642

Sage for no milk but I noticed Mina Bell unfollowed Nika recently, glad someone with a following her size has stopped supporting her. Inb4 Nika sperg once she realises

No. 981645

same, i wanna see both of those druggies get their ass beat

No. 981800

File: 1590967519362.jpeg (707.64 KB, 750x1186, 30DD082E-CCDF-44D2-8ED6-DA80F2…)

she literally did a photoshoot during a protest…like did she think BLM was an aesthetic???

No. 981801

File: 1590967844498.jpeg (496.63 KB, 750x1284, C016DC35-588C-4CD9-B7A2-F3BC03…)

Her excuse for the photos was “these were taken months ago” like she could’ve uploaded actual BLM photos, shared information, but everything is about her. She hasn’t posted any sort of BLM posts or links on any account she’s just doing it for clout literally ignorant white people.

No. 981804

We can see your name…add a comment as…

No. 981807

anon do you care if my username is showing? you gonna ignore the fact nika is a racist using blm for more clout?

No. 981809

they were just worried about you, chill

No. 981817

She’s still claiming to be sober …? Isn’t she begging for drugs on snap on a daily basis …she cannot be serious

No. 981818

Of course she did…classic Nichole !

No. 981902

File: 1590997165263.jpeg (331.87 KB, 828x724, C0F71184-9EFF-4E22-801B-6ED83D…)

But guys, she cares so much about racism !!!!

No. 981926

Yike. It’s as >>981809 said. Just didn’t want you to expose yourself.

No. 981938

Nobody cares about your safety, it's just against the rules to show your own name as you're anonymous here.

No. 982089

File: 1591045746597.png (4.28 MB, 750x1334, 60A405EC-1722-4776-9CD3-5E7A7E…)

No. 982090

File: 1591045769574.png (3.98 MB, 750x1334, 56A60532-3C7D-47FA-87BA-6A449F…)

No. 982116

She said in her own words that she’s attracted to minors , numerous times.

She’s been saying racist and downright disgusting things for years (only a tiny fraction of that is in this thread) she was known for that and supposedly still says that shit in dms /behind closed doors (currently).

She says all of it behind the guise of it being an edgy joke.

Go back to smoking your crack… or meth , Nichole.

No. 982131

File: 1591053773385.jpg (398.79 KB, 1280x1706, looughlin.jpg)

i always thought she looked a little like lori loughlin

No. 982137

Pre-lip fillers , I kinda see it. It’s the eyes/brows

No. 982274

File: 1591078064491.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 753.61 KB, 750x1086, 04F5D4D1-9748-48A6-9EFA-093D2D…)

from jaelle’s gore/self harm account

No. 982451

File: 1591118231457.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 64852723-41FA-4DBC-9436-58B8F8…)

No. 982530

cute scratches

No. 983027

File: 1591250919431.jpeg (88.03 KB, 828x1017, 73FFD3D4-14DE-43A6-A43E-A27796…)

Jaelle and Luka broke up again.
She doxxed him and blocked his #(I cropped out his phone number )

Now she’s accusing him of molesting her in her sleep


No. 983031

File: 1591251177444.jpeg (741.36 KB, 828x1026, F776005F-0205-4A85-A79C-B92FAF…)

No. 983033

These were her messages to Luke * nvm.
She was spamming him /lovebombing him and now is accusing him of molesting her

No. 983035

jesus the bpd. she needs to take herself off, she's getting too old for this libelous shit. also i love her accusing him of narcissism, luring people in when those are the reasons she's so codependent with nika kek. she's seeking nika out in men and can't handle it when they don't need her like she needs a narcissist in her life. tragic. two underrated cows, glad to see a decent thread update

No. 983038

File: 1591251847328.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, B128243A-E94A-439A-85A2-718351…)

Here’s some of Jaelles messages to Luka (before accusing him of sexual assault after being dumped ¿) there’s so many more but these stood out to me..she’s crazy

No. 983039

Jaelle is more cow-like than Nika honestly …holy shit

No. 983040

File: 1591251981023.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 701.52 KB, 828x1009, 3D983A69-6595-4ED0-8397-43CA69…)

This was posted to her story as she made the allegations …

No. 983041

Fuck, I've sent similar texts in a bpd haze and looking at it from this perspective makes me want to die. Nothing like cow-induced introspection. Also, jesus. Nika gets the bad rep for being a loud manipulative dad-fucking whore but i always thought jaelle was sort of innocent, christ

No. 983042

They truly are anon, I feel like I’m the only one who is fascinated by them/this thread.

No. 983045

It’s nuts.
In private she’s begging for him to get back with her while publicly claiming she was sexually assaulted.
She’s vile.
Nika is a piece of shit but I don’t even think she goes to these lengths while manipulating people.

No. 983046

I mean shit, Nika's pretty irredeemable but she can be entertaining when she's open about being such a mess. Jaelle is just terrible though, the I was an uwu virgin act is not holding up. You can't sustain a relationship with such a toxic mess as Nika without being similar yourself

No. 983049

File: 1591252545310.png (1016.7 KB, 828x1792, 23943CD8-0E36-4A4F-B8C2-CAE0DE…)


how fucking embarrassing

No. 983050

File: 1591252576574.png (1019.25 KB, 828x1792, AB5D1E65-25D3-476F-8DE6-DF53E4…)

No. 983051

File: 1591252632139.png (887.96 KB, 828x1792, 0D944621-1994-4FAE-8FDB-DE9DD9…)

No. 983052

File: 1591252705127.png (776.13 KB, 828x1792, 5CB0077C-EC12-4B67-8957-08FA22…)

Any bets on when she’ll blame this outburst on psychosis?

No. 983053

you know, this isn't even manipulation in the sense of she's laughing with nika behind the scenes and is chilling and smoking a blunt. not even an armchair because isn't she confirmed bpd but honestly this is one of the worst and most public instances of splitting i've seen, i think she genuinely is devaluating him so badly she does believe she was assaulted and actually feels sick from betrayal. this is unreal levels of unchecked mental illness

No. 983055

Anon, if you’ve known these two for long enough you wouldn’t know she’s fully aware of what she’s doing

No. 983056

She’s a prolific liar and uses her ~ mental illness ~ as a crutch for every fucked up thing she says and does

No. 983057

>You wouldn't know she's fully aware of what she's doing
Listen, i know you love to drag her on ifyouneedtocatchup because she's easy pickings but she is legitimately crazy and feels violated that she ever trusted him, she doesn't have that much control over it. It's hard to understand if you don't have these traits yourself but she's completely fucked in the head, we all say and know this and then continue to wonder why she's not acting normal. She is literally crazy

No. 983059

File: 1591253228423.png (3.78 MB, 828x1792, AB3CF526-425A-44D4-A3A0-6591A0…)

No. 983060

Kek anon, reminding people that her sense of reality is literally fucked so it makes sense that she's doing this is not moralfagging. I don't give a fuck about her

No. 983061

File: 1591253669762.jpeg (727.37 KB, 828x1260, 364E949C-24A1-4E46-86A0-C2AEBF…)

Nika’s texts w Luka from when Jaelle and her fell out

No. 983064

Wow, this one makes it obvious that she's trying to get revenge on him for blocking her on everything by getting all their mutual friends to block him in return. I used to feel bad for Jaelle but I think she's even more insidious than Nika.
also I just have to say >>983059 her bangs are fucking hilarious

No. 983065

samefag, but who tf would call their abuser "a little ass boy" while trying to convince people that he sexually assaulted her?

No. 983066

Exactly. I vote next thread being a joint thread for both of them(I mean, this one kind of turned into one already ).

It’s funny how Nika has done a lot of the things to her she’s accusing Luka of

No. 983068

File: 1591254328445.png (771.26 KB, 828x1792, 00A630D3-78C8-41CE-87DF-1A1163…)

No. 983069

Watching her clunkily try to co-opt activism language to manipulate her audience is interesting. She's not very good at sounding genuine.

No. 983071

File: 1591255094031.jpeg (412.96 KB, 828x1506, AB2D6506-7D61-42F5-8510-7183F9…)

No. 983072

I actually got into this discord server and it was pretty milky. 27 year old man hanging around with a bunch of largely underage/barely legal teenage girls and hiding behind an avatar of that onion pokemon and "he/they". I was chased out for calling him out on why he was so interested in talking in the group and active but he "accidentally complimented" an underage girl on the server more than once and the server jumped to his defense saying ~he didn't know!~. I think the server is harder to get into now but if anyone has any milk/screenshots i'd love to see them because there was some weird shit going down there

No. 983075

File: 1591256915971.jpeg (318.74 KB, 828x1628, EBB07A07-E154-4B30-8E89-21A496…)

I wouldn’t be shocked if she sent these messages to herself

No. 983076

i actually agree with you, anon

No. 983077

How is there this much constant drama in a person’s life? How does it even get to this point

Why do i feel bad for him

No. 983078

Thanks, I know it came across as blogging/moralfagging but some cows' thought patterns are so wildly different to those better-adjusted that people can actually miss what's happening because they haven't experienced this feeling. She's still retarded.
Nah, the discord is full of shit like this, Nika and jaelle have some of the worst a-loggers and vendettas i've seen. Spam community is a collection of cows and nika and jaelle are the ultimate outliers, there's an entire subset of the community with a discord largely centred on them. This DM isn't a stretch of the imagination.

No. 983079

I agree that the dm was probably sent from one of her followers but I don’t think it was Luka, it really doesn’t make sense as to why she posted his phone number with these dm’s.

No. 983080

Yeah, that’s why I don’t think she’s oblivious to what she’s doing.
The ~woke~ vernacular she’s using makes it seem like she’s making a conscious effort to convince her followers that she’s a victim

No. 983081

are you sure that she's not just speaking how she normally speaks? like it's not like she doesn't use woke ig vernacular in normal convos because she's on instagram 24/7

No. 983083

She doesn’t ,in this context (in conjunction with dozing him numerous times and posting her so-called ‘evidence’ on her story, and the texts between them) I don’t think she’s convincing herself of anything , I think she’s trying to do everything to convince her followers that she was violated. That’s just my opinion though, who really knows.

No. 983084

Samefag , I know it’s symptomatic of whatever mental health issues she’s dealing with and she’s splitting…but personally, I don’t think she believes she was assaulted.

No. 983085

Anons, who do you prefer? Nika or Jaelle?

No. 983086

Nika. She’s arguably worse than Jaelle but her antics /personality is entertaining

No. 983092

She doesn't normally talk like this. She's repeated the thing about sexual abuse v.ictims "having a voice" a ton of times because she's seen it used somewhere else and thinks it'll add legitimacy to her claims. It reads so unnaturally because she isn't smart enough to hide her spitefulness.

ffs, she's trying so hard to sound woke but then in >>983071 she likes a dm that uses the word "faggot" unironically. She has no political inclinations, but in this social climate, the best way to get results is to invoke the righteous justice of the masses to smite your chosen target.

No. 983093


No. 983094

File: 1591261310315.png (1.03 MB, 828x1792, A68FF99D-6465-4FC5-810A-38E32B…)

She’s digger herself into a deeper hole. I have no doubt in my mind that Nika is encouraging her manic behavior

No. 983096

Oh Jaelle. Insulting all her followers now because they're calling her retarded, that'll definitely win them all over. Sometimes i wish instagram was just gone tomorrow, it seems too easy to think you matter on there.

No. 983098

File: 1591261610185.png (755.13 KB, 828x1792, DF872F9D-19E3-48A1-965A-23D5C5…)

Now she’s suicidebaiting

No. 983099

Kek, i'm going to indulge her and vote yes and risk a block because this shit is ridiculous. At least Nika can manage a hate following, jaelle is too weak for it and the girls will gobble her up

No. 983100

File: 1591262083519.jpeg (413.38 KB, 828x1422, 9D83854D-2364-4AA4-88AE-2B436B…)

>Stay away from him!

>heres his number for the 100th time btw

No. 983102

Yeah, Nika gets off on it unlike Jaelle.

No. 983105

File: 1591262720650.jpeg (448.43 KB, 828x1650, 8660E291-024D-44BE-A8BE-61D320…)

From earlier , her and Nika are totally ‘happy and thriving’

No. 983106

>my dad looks at her like a daughter

No. 983107

She's so weird, honestly for the life of me I can't understand why Nika hasn't dropped her. Jaelle doesn't admire her like she used to and Nika seems to have no problem finding underlings. Jaelle seems like a loud liability

No. 983108

I never understood that either anon…Nika seems like such a narc and most likely is but she always willingly takes Jaelle back after she’s been dumped and lambasted via jaelles instagram story.
She has to be getting something out of the relationship because she’s notorious for using and stealing from people…I’m not sure what at this point though.
Jaelle did admit Nika ‘sold’ her to some guy for drug money so that could be it(she also charged a bunch of shit off of j’s dad’s credit card).

Maybe Nika will eventually snap soon.

No. 983111

Thinking about it, if I was Nika i'd definitely keep jaelle around for financial support/housing because I can't see jaelle ever leaving nika on the street and Jaelle's being really retarded now but Nika's probably playing the long con. She weirdly did right to fuck Jaelle's dad too, she's 'part of the family' and Jaelle's dad having some terrible fucked up feelings for her works in her favor too. You have to hand it to the girl, she can sort of work her contacts

No. 983112

Yeah I'm pretty sure Nika is basically homeless without Jaelle, of course she'd put up with J's crazy bitch antics and creepy dad in exhange for a place to suck on xans and pass out.

No. 983113

Once the money runs out (which, it will..they’re broke and Nika most likely spends all of it on drugs) Nika will find another dumbass to leech off of.

It’s hard for me to muster up any sympathy for Jaelle.

No. 983114

my fan theory is that nika is secretly in love with jaelle

No. 983115

Samefag but Nika leeched off of her ex too for housing and money and suddenly up and ghosted him after years of dating.

Jaelles beyond retarded if she thinks Nika wouldn’t do the same to her once a better opportunity enters her peripheral

No. 983116

Seems likely

No. 983117

File: 1591264722490.jpeg (672.14 KB, 828x1003, 211A5DA0-A590-4A30-901D-C5AA10…)

I was just skimming through her feed and I find her weirdly ‘pretty’ when she isn’t cracked out, granted this was posted last year

No. 983118

She has the crazy in the head crazy in the bed wild-eyed aposematism that some people are drawn to. She's objectively a crackhead but she has her niche and narcs will always have followers. She looks a bit like bella thorne to me here tbh

No. 983129

she's probably cracked out here too but i get what u mean.

No. 983137

Absolutely gets my vote. They are both huge cows, with one comes the other, even when they are apart. Would be nice to make the next thread an official Nika and Jaelle one.

No. 983145

i dont really know how this works, but i'd like to speak to some of you all and answer any/all of your questions

No. 983146

No. 983148

Prove it

I’m interested. Jaelle obviously knew about the thread so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that he does as well.

No. 983149

what kinda proof you want holmes

No. 983152

Post a pic of yourself and hold up a sign with your name or something

No. 983154

Also not out of the realms of possibility that this is Jaelle herself.

No. 983155

Something from Jaelle to you, where it’s clear she’s writing to you. Sg of phone messages or DMs, whatever.

No. 983156

Good point.

No. 983158

File: 1591278187862.jpg (1.48 MB, 3088x2316, image.jpg)

good enough?

No. 983161

Excellent. Spill it, kid!

No. 983162

this is amazing.
have you ever met jaelle's dad? is he gross in front of you too?

No. 983164

Spill it …anything you have in regards to both Nika and Jaelle.

Do you know why she flipped and is accusing you of rape all of a sudden?besides the obvious), do you think she believes she was violated in anyway/maybe there was a miscommunication or misread signals?

No. 983166

What drugs does Nika regularly use?
So you know why she broke up with/ghosted her ex Austin because she refuses to tell anyone and blocks people who ask

No. 983167

This is just like old times. The fucking dead-on driver's license stare with the piece of paper is too much.

No. 983171

I've met her father, John, a few times; mostly before and after hanging out with her and a few conversations while on Facetime with her. Besides one time where Jaelle showed me that he left a shit stain on the toilet seat, he was a genuinely nice guy that I could tell was just struggling in general with the workload that life had left in his lap. He was very nice to me, did a lot of magic tricks.

I genuinely don't know why she is accusing me of rape and molestation, she made it very clear to me that she was initiating every single sexual act we did before it happened. Before she started accusing me, she texted me off 3/4 different fake phone numbers all harassing me with different tones(Upset, loving, missing me, threatening) and even sent me a death threat. I tried my best to ignore her and then it just started getting more and more intense. When my friends started messaging her to stop posting photos of me and stop vaugeposting she just got more and more mad.


I have no idea what drugs Nika regularly uses besides xanax, but I haven't spoken to her (or Jaelle except when I was responding to her harassment) for I would like to say a month or two at this point. Also I don't really know too much history about Nika so I'm not familiar with her and Austin's past and don't know what happened there.

No. 983172

>did a lot of magic tricks
>like leaving a shit stain on the toilet seat
my fucking sides

No. 983173

She’s batshit, Luka…run and never look back.

No. 983174

Kek, don't try and throw the milk out anon. If he's tired of mediocre crazy pussy, he won't go back. Luka, what was it like to fuck her? And be honest, why did you go for Jaelle when Nika is clearly more experienced?

No. 983177

Was her hygiene bad? She always looks so greasy and unkept to me

No. 983178

Good advice. Also, Luka sounds pretty measured and like a nice enough kid. Sorry. Adult.

Luka - talk us through the pregnancy thing? You know, the “we’re moving in together and having a baby” thing. I mean, at what point did you realise she’s fucking crazy?

Which brings me round to the question…were you just fucking with her? Was it some kind of joke? Or did you actually like her/feel for her?

No. 983179

Read your comment. Went back to photo. Yeah, sides are twitching.

No. 983180

Was the fringe a fucked up fetish or were you just letting her go around like that? On a scale of one to ten, how genuinely embarrassing was it being in public with her and having others know that that was your slampiece?

No. 983185

What is milk?
Also I'd like to clarify I never started talking to her with the intent to have sex with her, I personally have experienced trauma which makes it difficult for me to have a sexual connection without a prior emotional connection and also just time spent with the person. The first time and every time after we hung out she was very physically needy, needing to kiss me physically close to me, touching me. The next thing I know she's very adamant about rushing into sexual relations. I literally cannot get an erection for nothing because of my antidepressants, but later in the night when I was half asleep she woke me up and whispered into my ear "I want you to fuck me" and I don't know why or what, but we ended up having sex. The entire ordeal was honestly enough to give me a panic attack and it did, I had to leave the room so she didn't see the worst of it all. I never had any interest in sex with Nika.


She had difficulty showering and in fact I had to "force" her to shower by simply saying I wouldn't Facetime her until she did. She shared breakfast with my family twice before, and once she left her dirty plate on my couch instead of placing it on the table right in front of her or simply take it to the kitchen sink herself. The other time we had breakfast she let out a righteous belch and then did not proceed to excuse herself, in which I reminded her to say "excuse me" and then she simply ignored me, when I brought it up she suggested I was the one that was being rude. She also would pass gas quite often and not excuse herself, and explicitly told me she never washed her hands after using the restroom.

Every word I contributed to the "having a baby and living together" was complete banter and I genuinely thought she also comprehended this, but to no avail she wanted my children, very scary and sickening. Your other question being if I genuinely liked her or if it was a joke. I genuinely liked her after talking to her for a few days just fucking around, but ultimately she was just too much of a chore to keep around and deal with (which genuinely pains me and disgusts me to have to be saying because I hate seeing people as chores). but she genuinely needed so much from me that I couldn't give to her like emotionally and eventually just telling her to stop talking to people online and stay away from Nika.

It wasnt my business how she kept her hair, and honestly it was only as embarrassing as she made it. Whenever she spoke to my family she only could speak about literally every trauma and fucked up thing thats happened in her life instead of talking about,,, literally anything else? She felt the need to explain her entire existence to everyone she came into contact with which- hey let her do her thing, but she'd always wrap around any conversation, no matter the topic, back to herself and would rarely let anyone else speak and when they did she showed genuine disinterest.

No. 983187

I like you. Milk is actual news and relevant funny/ridiculous behavior from the people documented on this site. Breaking up with her would bring a lack of Luka/Jaelle milk but would be ultimately better for you.
>"I want you to fuck me"
This is genuinely brilliant to read but sort of depressing. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't comfortable with having sex with her there and then, there seems to be an obligation on men to perform on the spot which can't be easy for a guy who has mental health issues. I'm sorry you have such shit taste in women.

No. 983190

I think you need to go up a size with your septum piercing. It's just that tiny bit too small that it's detracting from your face.

No. 983200

This is pure gold and I believe every word of it.

I don’t think it’s been said yet, but…thanks.

No. 983205

How did you first start chatting to Jaelle? And what about texting Nika? Why was she hitting on you?

No. 983218

Thank you for your kindness and explanation of milk, and in thee moment my feelings were very confused and I mistook it for an intimate passionate moment, but immediately after my post-nut clarity, I realized my mistake as I never have sex with someone within the first few months of knowing/being with them. After the first time we slept together, she would still be the first to initiate sex acts, and at times said "give me head", before grabbing my head and pushing it between her thighs and wrapping them around my head.

Yes I do. I've been thinking of sizing up, just haven't had the time.


Thank you, I really do just want to share as much evidence/my side of the story, just in case something happens to me.


A friend of mine that no longer speaks with me, told me of two spam girls on instagram: Jaelle and Nika. I found out that they both lived relatively close to me (about an hour away), at first I started commenting/dm'ing nika for the banter and just laugh/enjoy her antics, and soon I followed suit with doing the same to Jaelle. It was much easier to catch Jaelle's attention, and at this point in time I found the instagram/discord of @ifyouneedtocatchup, and truthfully I was bored so I dedicated time to try "infiltrating" their friendship (nika and Jaelle) and report back entirely for the banter, but eventually I started growing feelings for Jaelle because she seemed like a very sweet kind girl that mightve been a little scuffed up but she was beautiful to me nonetheless. I quickly gave up on caring about Nika and just wanted to help Jaelle get away from her and just spend time with her talking and being sweet to each other, then we started dating and Nika was very VERY territorial and wouldnt really stop talking/texting/facetiming me in order to become my friend in hopes of pleasing Jaelle. Nika then tried making me like her more than jaelle by confiding in me (My friend is the one who leaked the texts between me and Nika when she confessed to being a pedophile) and turning conversations sexual and whatnot. All "flirting"/conversation with Nika from me was bullshit and just strict banter because I reported straight back to the folks at @ifyouneedtocatchup. Nika was hitting on me/talking to me in order to make Jaelle jealous of her somehow.

No. 983219

Do you think Nika has any feelings for Jaelle?

No. 983223

Yes I do think that Nika has feelings for Jaelle, but I couldn't clarify what the nature of those feelings are. When they hung out together while I was talking to Jaelle, she acted like she craved her touch and existence very deeply, but the feelings weren't mutual, because Nika explained Jaelle didn't like girls like that while Jaelle didn't agree or disagree with the statement.

No. 983224

My tinfoil confirmed. Absolutely based