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File: 1507025354982.png (904.09 KB, 936x598, sg2.PNG.e92793dde53554ba3718f2…)

No. 397000

Instagram famous. She had one of her photos reposted by Tyra Banks because of her freckles.

>Started a fundraiser so she could fly to London and get her photo taken by Brock Elbanks. When she got criticized for starting a fundraiser for such a petty reason, delete all evidence and now acts like it never happened.

>Had some drama with a tattoo artist because she ripped of his Zelda design and refused to admit that she ripped it off. Eventually she deleted the photo and hasn't talked about the tattoo ever since.
>Keeps complaining how people used to "bully" her because of her freckles and how drawn on freckles are not okay because they weren't born with them.
>Just makes up a bunch of stupid lies all the time like how she speaks Japanese or pic related.


No. 397001

Someone mentioning her in the personal cow thread sometime last year, also giving the fundraiser link:

No. 397002

File: 1507025480500.jpg (26.1 KB, 566x177, 1477579405001.jpg)

No. 397003

File: 1507025500770.jpg (72.5 KB, 609x599, 1477579557087.jpg)

No. 397004

File: 1507025592941.jpg (58.96 KB, 344x500, IMG_598.jpg)

No. 397005

File: 1507025642511.jpg (99.36 KB, 520x500, IMG_507.jpg)

(This is pretty petty, but I just had to add her lip injections)

No. 397006

File: 1507025684085.jpg (79.02 KB, 640x640, 16464638.jpg)

No. 397007

File: 1507025759445.jpg (77.18 KB, 790x572, jnijiji.JPG)

The start of the Tattoo drama

No. 397009

Old, expired link to the fundraiser: https://www.gofundme.com/mt45xcc5
If someone has caps, please share

No. 397030

File: 1507030186179.jpg (13.57 KB, 150x246, niggaquitplayin.jpg)

>Keeps complaining how people used to "bully" her because of her freckles and how drawn on freckles are not okay because they weren't born with them.
>weren't born with them


No. 397031

So drawing on freckles when you don't have them is appropriation now? Thiiis bitch.
Her lips are straight up baboon's ass territory.

No. 397034


The lines are bad and the corner symbols will blur into blobs within a year.

No. 397044


Younger girls with freckles are less likely to have to go through that experience now that freckles are seen as desirable, not to mention she wouldn't be instagram famous or modelling if they weren't seen as beautiful and unique.

I think she realises that if everyone drew on freckles she wouldn't be special anymore and she'd just be your run of the mill instagram hoe with huge eyebrows and anus lips.

No. 397063

You think she'd just write in Japanese if she actually had any Japanese skill worth showing off. This is the worst attempt at humblebragging I've seen

No. 397075

File: 1507044090589.jpg (212.93 KB, 1076x1292, _20171003_172054.JPG)

Her hair looks so crispy

No. 397082

ohhh how nice she has her own thread now.

I follow her for a long time, and can add:
>ALWAYS arguing with followers, there's no single post without a shitstorm in the comments
>would never admit to a mistake, is full of herself and always right
>constantly brags how smart, intelligent and hard-working she is, her GPA is super high and she studies sO mUcHhHHHH u guise have no idea. But somehow she doesn't even know what she wants to major in
>is a huge weeb in that pathetic 14 y o "I speak Nipponjese and my favorite anime is Narutou" phase
>preaches about body positivity while wearing corsets, getting lip injections, lash extensions, microblading, …
>acts like she was chased from her village for having freckles and ppl would throws rocks and spit at her because of them

No. 397096

File: 1507046976084.png (262.86 KB, 1092x714, 22215182_1465976450137549_3560…)

anon, no. Her hair is sooo strong and very thick. And clearly she bleached it very subtly, straight up to silver

She couldn't possibly say it fried her hair. Of course it's "extremely low damage". She's like that friend who stands in fire, you ask them if they're okay and they answer oh yes, everything is amazing, god bless me and my life.

No. 397114

her nose is super upturned and pigish she really shouldn't highlight the tip of it…

No. 397419

Obviously she's totally overreacting and i'm against calling everything appropriation, but saying things like wearing hoop earings is racist now because people were 'bullied' for it is legit but denying the same for freckles? I don't know how it is elsewhere but as a eurofag on the countryside the redheads were really always the ones being bullied at school…

No. 397427

File: 1507064434790.jpeg (24.49 KB, 353x530, DDF3C95B-89D6-4E23-AA1D-0D11D4…)

No. 397446

Shit, man. I'm not concerned with people getting cosmetic alterations but I will never understand this lip injection fad. It always looks unnatural, I can't fathom why a person would think of it as an improvement over their real lips, regardless of size.

No. 397805

File: 1507128498522.jpg (112.55 KB, 1069x631, _20171004_164734.JPG)

No. 397808

maybe im missing something but how is this milk? she isn't saying anything completely crazy or anything…

No. 397946

lmao i used to get bullied~ for my big lips i should be mad @her bc she wasn't born w them
what fucking stupid logic she's the epitome of basic

No. 397951

she's just a complete narcissist. i don't think this warrants it's own thread though, maybe a comprehensive instahoe thread if the original one has died. she has the same nauseating attitude as the rest of them.

No. 398202

I have freckles too and was made fun of excessively growing up, I'm almost on her side. It's pretty annoying seeing the girls who made fun of me for having freckles drawing them on their face for IG likes

No. 398214

Literally everyone, at some point, was picked on about their physical appearance. I got teased for having curly hair and thick brows. So what? You get over it and grow up and learn to realize everything at some point becomes a trend and then it dies. You roll your eyes and go on with life. Because being a victim is a sad way to live your life especially when it's insignificant as freckles or eyebrows.

No. 398219

This lmao. I had to wear chunky glasses from the age of 4 and still remember those overdramatic idiots who used to cry about fake hipster glasses back when they first became big.

No. 398347

This thread is really pointless. No actual milk. Glad we've devolved.(learn 2 sage)

No. 402567

File: 1507830524726.jpg (264.77 KB, 1080x1767, _20171012_194816.JPG)

No. 402570

File: 1507830611236.jpg (200.83 KB, 1080x1050, _20171012_170948.JPG)

Old pics of her lips, just to compare to >>397075

No. 402592

File: 1507833197918.jpg (5.56 KB, 290x174, index.jpg)

No. 402596

File: 1507834376727.jpg (255.04 KB, 1560x518, 22547805_1475322742536253_8393…)

I don't really care about her, but I'm gonna drop this here
She's live on ig btw.

No. 402672

LMAO I have fillers and they last well over 6 months. I think it's fucked when girls ridicule others to the point of confessing every little artificial thing they've done to enhance their beauty (yes, I realize the hypocrisy in participating on lolcow fuck it) but acknowledging it then lying about the details is fucked. It's 2017 no one should be impressed even if your lips were real because you can just buy ones just as nice/nicer and that is actually liberating.

She wants to be such a special fucking snowflake just because something she got bullied for is trending. As if everyone didn't get bullied for something because it was unique and beautiful - that's what bullying is you dumb bitch, jealousy. Is she perpetually 13?

but damn that go up her styling is so much better ngl

No. 402681


Lol this white bitch is literally telling people what to do, effectively "speaking on behalf of POC". Ah! I love them smell of fresh hypocrisy!

So is this a lazy sjw cow and has no job? Jw. Also can OP post the thing sc of Tyra reposting.

No. 402684

Has she had a nose job too?
She looks like she fake tans a LOT.

Reminds me weirdly of Rachel dolezal.

No. 402697

File: 1507843524562.jpg (138.81 KB, 972x504, IMG_7418.JPG)

Dropped pic. But it's like Peyton tans every week to look darker and to intentionally darken her freckles to make them even MORE prominent. Along with the lip fillers, the "insta baddie" style. In comparison to the last pic on the end in >>402596
She looks like a completely different person of a different race.
Can't get the comparison out of my head bc Rachel also was a white girl with tons of freckles.

No. 402860

File: 1507866415263.jpg (301.14 KB, 1068x1525, _20171013_054627.JPG)

No. 402861

File: 1507866429190.jpg (19.13 KB, 750x211, IMG_20171013_054437.jpg)

No. 404030

File: 1508054280624.jpg (303.13 KB, 1080x1362, _20171015_095420.JPG)

She's so fucking annoying about the whole lip thing. If she would just shut up about it, no one would care anyway

No. 404031

File: 1508054296600.jpg (262.39 KB, 1078x1371, _20171015_095435.JPG)

No. 404032

File: 1508054325431.jpg (330.77 KB, 1077x1280, _20171015_095248.JPG)

To add insult to injury, here's another pic of her butthole lips

No. 404075

Well you can see where the surgeon went in with her nose
But other than this, is there anymore milk?

No. 405994

Nah, she just has freckles and you're looking way too into it. You clearly very badly want to skew every narrative into a racially charged one however. Sad.

No. 406001

She only replies to negative comments online only

No. 406185

File: 1508467650761.jpeg (442.27 KB, 750x903, F016D7DF-974A-40C8-89CB-7E430C…)

No. 406199

well here's a pic that makes me feel better about my breast size…and body in general. lord…

No. 406203

No boobs and no waist. Most insta-famous girls at least have a small waist, even if they don't have tits. I suppose the freckles and butthole lips are all she has going for her.

No. 406254

Im gonna get hate for this but i like her body tbh, i actually prefer it over small waisted or big boobed ig models anyday, just my opinion though

No. 406332

kek who cares about tits in 2017 anyway. She has got an okay body not fat at all just no shape, looks nothing like her pictures neither does her face in this one

No. 406350

Lots of unnecessary vitriol over some random insta thot nobody. Reeks of vendetta. Go do your homework or clean your room.

No. 417816

File: 1510098782568.jpeg (506.03 KB, 1364x1914, 1510098722742.jpeg)

No. 418492

wtf even today this stupid bitch is replying "WHY can't people accept my lips are naturally large. I just pout in my photos." I want to say she is stupid for thinking people would buy it, BUT THEY DO. Oh well whatever she wants, she is not model tier so maybe she can get stripper/hook business from her insta

No. 418864

her lips look like they must hurt so much. >>417816 is physically uncomfortable to look at, almost like mild body horror

No. 422319

File: 1510533507039.jpeg (979.82 KB, 2896x2896, 1510533390774.jpeg)


No. 422446

File: 1510538249498.jpg (55.33 KB, 434x590, IMG_2451.JPG)

You can usually tell whether someone has had lip injections or not just by lip details. If they look very smooth, not natural lines, definitely lip injections. Pic related is Angelina Jolie, famous for having a natural pout. Her lips have the natural lines, cracks, whatever you want to call them, and don't look like balloons.

No. 480747

Apparently she just accidentally posted a nude on her Snapchat, and then posted after calling the people who screenshotted dickheads.

No. 763716

does anyone know her premium snapchat?(male)

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