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File: 1553530361885.png (121.71 KB, 1268x692, 6595BFE2-3EC9-4B23-8FA8-2B13AB…)

No. 790236

Phoebe Tickner is a 21 year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Twitter.
>ACAB anarchist; mooches off of her police officer father.
>Find wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops.
>Yells at people on Twitter and the demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Accused of sexual assault and played it off as a drug induced misunderstanding. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Has IBS and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys.
>Doesn’t bathe for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income.
>Has an online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.

Recent milk:
>So poor she can’t buy fruit and vegetables, but pointing out she should cut down on spending money on nail polish, makeup, and expensive electronics is classist and ableist.
>Anons dive into her Twitter history and find a plethora of tweets with slurs, misogyny, fat shaming, slut shaming and more. (Milk starts here: >>789623 )
>Only acknowledges a select few of these incriminating tweets without apology.
>Mom calls her out on being straight >>789661
>Twitter and Instagram deactivated >>790177

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

Please read lolcow.farm/rules before posting. Sage non milk. Saging does not make blog posting, nitpicking, and infighting acceptable. Absolutely NO cowtipping allowed.


No. 790242

File: 1553530662696.png (41.51 KB, 633x244, 1553442471715.png)

This neeeeds to be a banner

No. 790248

This, or even better one of the newer ones so she really can't claim she was "just 13"
Also, inb4 the bitch does a 180 again and joins the anti sjw crowd due to her cancellation

No. 790249

She already was an anti-SJW for a hot 3 months. I think it's becoming the trend to "disown" cancel culture because they're the ones who were doing it hardcore like a month ago.

No. 790263

The person she’s so angry for that was misgendered even said they realised that they were being racist in blasting Jameela and Pheebs is still whining about it.
When the person who was misgendered is chill it’s time for you to chill too Pheeb(emoji)

No. 790264

Less than a week before she reactivates. She's far too dependent on internet attention

No. 790282

File: 1553538580090.png (724.65 KB, 1080x1920, 7AD660DB-FB2D-48ED-9259-2DB1E8…)

reposting this from the last thread because it is simply TOO good to be buried, and for any anons that weren’t here for milkmas. i have a feeling this cow is going to generate quite a few more threads.

No. 790287

File: 1553539049859.png (641.99 KB, 750x1334, C046CAD0-D3EE-423D-95D2-625BC8…)

I know this isn’t very milky compared to what’s coming out atm but just wanted to get a rant out about this. Izzy was a wonderful musician and person - but he died at 38 bc he was 700lbs. It’s gross to me that she posts stuff about how “fat is healthy” “diseases arnt linked to fat” and literally trolls cancer research when they cite obesity as a cause/aggressor to cancer. You know you can still respect fat people and the things they achieve without kidding yourself and claiming it’s healthy right? Izzy died young bc he had an eating disorder and died before he overcame it. Fat positivity is harmful to people with ED’s. It allows binge eaters to justify thier behaviour. You never had an ED, what you had and still have is self hate and narcissism. Stop telling people fat is healthy while simultaneously posting about people who have died from it, it’s ridiculous

No. 790288

She constantly claims she has fibromyalgia and an official diagnosis: she doesn't.

No. 790289

I don't think you should post something with her address on.

Where did you get that?

No. 790290

Was she really careless enough to post her own private information? I guess she was eager to post ~proof~ of her disabilities and forgot to edit it.

No. 790294

>>790288(5a Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment.)

No. 790295

She didn't force the doctor to use her pronouns then

No. 790301

She used to live on the seafront but moved a year ago - she posted about this yday

No. 790303

Was there a picture in this post? Nothing shows up for me

No. 790307

Holy shit dude. Phoebe is a milky cow, but there is no need to doxx her.

No. 790319

it had her whole adress so I guess the mods deleted

No. 790329

repost one where you edit out the address

No. 790343

File: 1553549025980.jpeg (44.42 KB, 571x227, B63AFE31-0E5F-497C-8EAE-930F54…)

No. 790354

>>790343 I'm confused. Did she post the whole letter herself? Why would she doxx herself?

No. 790355


This letter is sketchy in the same ways Kelly's letters from her doctor were sketchy.

No. 790366

God this bitch is baffling. Did anyone mention in the last thread how she and Henry met? Or how long she's been leeching off him? Was he around during her peak Twitter bigotry "phase" or did she just pick him up to further accessorize her "disabled" lifestyle?

Sage for ot (maybe)

No. 790367

Are you stupid? Doxxing means they got the info from non public sources. A cow leaking her own address isn't doxxing. Christ learn definitions before you use them and sound like an autist.

No. 790369

Who’s Kelly?

No. 790370

She posted public things about herself to her stories all the time. She posted orders for things, invoices, bank statements…this doesn't surprise at all. Her entire life was public. Literally every part of it.

No. 790373

>this has not been formerly diagnosed

You mean "formally"? This letter is sketchy as hell.

No. 790374

File: 1553554000742.jpeg (736.28 KB, 750x1204, 94548140-6AB9-4A75-9464-77D5C4…)

Absolutely sure she is using her alt account now or that would be down too. Not updated anything though.

No. 790375

Why would a doctor's note be this gendered or detailed about how much exactly she takes, because medication dosage is usually altered often
This seems informal as shit and written totally unprofessional. I don't think a real doctor would write this way.

No. 790378

yeah that letter’s defo fake, a doctor isn’t going to refer to a patient as “this lady” in a letter of this kind, but far more likely “Ms Tickner” or “the patient”, it just reads so fake and sloppy

No. 790387

But why would she fake a letter that explicitly states she’s not been diagnosed with fibro? Why wouldn’t she just fake a letter that says she has been diagnosed?

Honestly I don’t know why people expect doctors to write well, most of them stopped English class at aged 16 in the UK. I believe it’s real.

No. 790390

I'm not sure if THE Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders clinic exists considering that searching up that name doesn't really give me anything. I doubt there is a singular clinic in the UK called that. Either this guy was very rushed (he's a clinic doctor specialising in both Pediatrics and gynecology who I doubt is her mainstay doctor especially as he signed the paper on behalf of the clinic), or this is a blatant and laughable fake by the bitch.
At the end of the day though, this letter pretty much means nothing and would be useless for getting benefits. There's nothing here that suggests she can't work, it mentions she hasn't been diagnosed with autism, or fibromyalgia. Just that she has medication for muscular pain, depression*, and uses a cane for an unspecified reason
*not to try and erase anyone's depression, but citalopram is basically baby's first antidepressant and very mild. Her depression can't be debilitating if she's on it, shitty yes, but wouldn't stop her from working especially if she's being medicated fine on it. Also, if her depression was bad enough they'd send her to a psychologist or psychiatrist who would absolutely have diagnosed her with autism by now as well as any other mental health issues she may have. Yes up until around ten years ago we didn't think women could have autism but things have changed and we now know better. Sure some doctors might still be reluctant to diagnose a woman with it, but overal a psychologist or psychiatrist will do it just fine. This kind of just shows me that her depression was such a mild case (again, if she does have it that's still crap) that she didn't need more than the doctor prescribing her pills and wasn't ever refered to mental health beyond that. To me it's doubtful she could have ever gotten to a point that a psych would have been able to misdiagnose her so there's no need for self-dx of autism. She probably just told this clinic doctor (if she actually saw him) various symptoms she's observed in Henry and that's why she was referred this time by a doctor who isn't her mainstay one

No. 790391

File: 1553556192130.jpeg (95.57 KB, 960x960, 696AFE9A-2C93-4EE5-B320-BDF1F9…)

Haven’t altered this in any way, her own edit lol

No. 790402

Can we get a look at the header of the letter?


A munchie. Check her threads for farmers' analysis of her doctor's letters.


And why not specify the dosages of her other meds as well?


Amitriptyline is primarily an antidepressant.

No. 790405

this bitch wins the award for absolute ugliest cow in all of /snow/, hands fucking down. maybe that’s why she’s so desperately bitter about everything under the sun; she knows she’s a fucking eldritch horror and all sane humans are repelled by her, and it makes her angry that the world does not bow down to the whims of an obese, bovine, lazy and downright retarded twat. i kinda hope henry pushes her in her unneeded wheelchair right into the sea and lets her gargantuan ass sink like a damn stone.

No. 790416

Her letter doesn't state her using it as an antidepressant though, she's using it as a muscle relaxer. It's like Seroquel, an antipsychotic, being used as a sleeping pill, most psychiatry drugs have other uses. Usually as sleeping pills or muscle relaxers.
I agree though, it's odd that only the citalopram dosage was given. Even if she takes the pills as needed that should have been mentioned

No. 790473

Eh, I've definitely seen sloppier notes from real doctors. If I had a scrounging munchie hassling me to write a letter for the DWP I'd probably half-ass it too.

No. 790487


Re: Amitriptyline, my point was that she is actually on two antidepressants.

No. 790493

Not to start infighting but no, technically she isn't
The dosage used to treat pain is too low to be used as an antidepressant. If it weren't then we wouldn't use it to treat other things because it would totally mess with the brain of someone who wasn't depressed if they were on it. Phoebe is on one antidepressant, the most interaction these two meds have is that they can cause issues with blood pressure. The fact that Phoebe is consuming copious amounts of alcohol while on these meds might be the only thing which might make them stronger.
Honestly it would be like calling an insomniac psychotic because they're on a low dose of Seroquel for sleep

No. 790505

The fucking grammar is horrid! All those “and this and that, and that and this and this too”. The fuckin commas jfc. Tbh as a medfag, I know too many dr’s that have shitty grammar, horrible spelling, the worst penmanship, etc. but the wording sounds…off? “This lady does attend surgery” ….I’ve never heard dr’s word that so… oodly?

Eh maybe it’s a UK thing? Wouldn’t know but (in USA) I’ve seen so MANY MANY times patients writing their own letters then giving it to the doctor for them to sign or put their header on. Mainly due to the doctor not having time or can’t get to it in a certain time limit. Patients (or their parents) write letters themselves for school accommodations, financial assistance, special needs in the workplace, insurance, excuses from court, etc and have the doctor just sign in or email it to them so they can print it out with the doctors official header (which is necessary for the letter to be “valid”). But who knows?

The licking cunt part was my fave. Didn’t she brag that her mother was pansexual? Love how a real jewess lgbtq kween is calling her own daughter out on her bs. Rekt. Pheebs reminds me so much of that one UK munchie, Robyn, whose family openly called her out on her bullshit. She claimed electric wheelchair for fibro too and had many dramatic scenarios of “ableism against muh crowdfunded electric wheelchair!!1”.

NEVAR4GET that one time Robyn’s coworker called her out for bitching about how NHS was ableist for having a dirt path to walk up to the door to get job.

Pheebs mom should be the unofficial thread-tan. What a fuckin legend.

No. 790508

Specifically with the words “this lady”, just seems odd?

But if she did write it herself, why not use more Phoebe type terms that are gender neutral and also exaggerating her illnesses? Idk, this note throws me for a loop

No. 790519

File: 1553574730936.jpeg (656.68 KB, 1397x1040, 61BFAC59-CF68-47FF-B1AA-44D614…)

Phoebes list of demands that she sends to any event that she decides to attend …or anyone attends. I guess she mass emails this shit to places and events she goes to. It includes begging for donations on the first page with her PayPal for simply writing these demands. No joke.

PDF: https://fatvegfemme.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/accessibility-at-events-pdf.pdf

Word file (for non-PDF anons): https://fatvegfemme.files.wordpress.com/2018/10/accessibility-at-events2.docx

This shit is truly ridiculous how the hell would ANY EVENT OR CONCERT IN THE WORLD afford that? Childcare!? Complementary noise cancelling headphones? Free tickets? Free taxis? Safe spaces? Places to nap? On call therapists? Gender neutral port-a-potties?

And of course the event is not allowed to ask for any proof of disability or finances for all this free expensive shit for poor and disabled people. They just have to believe you and give it to you for free. Why would you even go to a concert event if you demand that they change every aspect of the event to fit .001% of attendees. Can’t be loud, can’t have too many people, can’t have music, or anything visual on stage in any form?

No. 790531

the things for poor people is such a fucking hoot. discounted or free tickets?!?! concerts/events are a luxury, not a right that everyone deserves access to. if you cant afford it, dont go!! its not that hard!!

No. 790532

About the doctor's letter, I think that sloppy writing can still be genuine. I had an autism test that read almost exactly like this, they were lazy and copy-pasted it, even pasted another patient's name in one paragraph. Another document similar to this I received had a random birthday that wasn't mine. Totally common for govt healthcare documents to be written lazily.

More importantly it's funny that this confirms the malingering/munchausen. "Might have" fibromyalgia, only on amitryptiline and citalopram, this reads like someone with cluster B looking to get disability benefits when they don't need it.


No. 790535


"terfs must be told they are not allowed" and "anyone saying anything transphobic to a trans person must be kicked out" killed me.

No. 790536

my favourite bit is asking for lower priced tickets for low-income people but then the next point saying they shouldn't have to provide proof.
cheap tickets for everyone!

No. 790542

It's because she herself can't provide proof as she's decidedly middle class.

Also the doctor's letter looks real to me, GP's are stretched pretty thin and type these up fast.

No. 790543

I deleted my image as I didn't want to post a photo of her house, bit her flat and her road is pretty damn posh.

She isn't on some ghetto council estate like she tries to claim.

No. 790544

According to Facebook, they started their relationship in January 2017. She already was into SJW topics then, but there was still hope because she wasn’t that self-neglecting yet. E.g., her YouTube channel shows that she still was working out in May 2017 and tried to eat healthy. She also was proud of those things and documented them, which is funny, because now blogging about sports and a healthy lifestyle seem to be nothing but fat shaming for her. Some anons speculated that Henry must be a feeder, but even if he is, how can he accept her personality?

No. 790548

The only thing on here that I've seen myself and agree with is the quiet space, and that's usually sponsored by a form of autism group. But shit, bring your own headphones, find out for yourself what's involved, and DON'T GO IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. The world doesn't revolve around this shit, it's a joke. And the whole having to be super sensitive with every word you say. She's the only one getting this upset. Imagine how crazy this cow was while writing all of this. I'm still shaking my head, just ridiculous.

No. 790552

I’m gonna say this might be real. Apart from the fact Phoebs would probably slip in something about having a legit fibro diagnosis, I process lots of paperwork for civil cases as part of my job and see plenty of GP referral letters / doctor’s notes that are this shoddily written in personal injury and med neg cases. Even in medicolegal reports sometimes! “This lady” isn’t out of place at all, even if it does read a bit old-fashioned, and I can’t imagine them bothering to use NB pronouns (have personally never seen it done in a letter of this kind). Also this 95% wasn’t actually typed out by the doctor but by a secretary or receptionist, so…

No. 790553

File: 1553590289844.jpg (38.83 KB, 630x478, 1523349225299.jpg)

things i agree with on this list:
> a ramp
>disabled parking

lol how can someone shit out so much entitled slurry. Autist chans would probably need a quiet room to escape from her stank if she's attending, though. Her presence would make any disability under the sun flare up

No. 790557

the surgery is a bit of a mess - use to go there

No. 790559


A quick google of the name and surgery says the Dr is Susan Callaghan, not a he anon

No. 790569

>I’ve seen so MANY MANY times patients writing their own letters then giving it to the doctor for them to sign or put their header on.
Even the POTUS has done it, apparently. If it's good enough for the POTUS, it's certainly good enough for feeble Feebs!

IDK like some of these seem reasonable. Like obviously wheelchair access, access for service animals, and I'm p. sure most larger event venues are required legally to have disabled toilets and parking, and (saying this as a food allergy sufferer) having allergen warnings on food served is certainly appreciated, but ffs. I've got sensory issues too and just bring my own headphones if the event involves loud noises. You can do that. And you can probably bring your own sick bags too idk. Sick bags was listed like twice on that list. Also childcare and free tickets etc. Like there's certain shit you just need to learn to be responsible for yourself if you want to go out and play with the big kids.

No. 790570

I feel like anons need a quick reminder that Henry is actually autistic and that is the basis for the family’s concern — OP said in their introduction that this is his first relationship and it’s obvious she’s taking advantage of this. making him work all day while she sits around and complains.

side note: interesting how she never mentions “her partner’s” autism for brownie points but i guess in narcworld it doesn’t matter if it’s about someone else

No. 790578

I can't believe it's been a whole 24 hours and she's still gone. Also surprised none of her sjw internet "friends" have said anything about mean anons bullying her off the internet.

No. 790583

File: 1553607976597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.66 KB, 742x821, 13671BB9-FA53-4671-97C1-CBDF51…)

Henry’s Facebook friends made me laugh. He seems to have lots of normal friends but Phoebe doesn’t even try to present herself as a well adjusted person

No. 790584

Eh, fucked up there, was mostly looking for credentials and about the surgery. Point still stands though man/woman/whatever

No. 790592


Type sage in the email field to actually sage your post.


No. 790594

Plz no ban, just bantz but whew I wish OP would drop hints where Henry works. I’d love to come by and flirt him out of this misery. Show him how good my tard wrangler degree treat him, how good it is not having to wipe bloody huel shit off old girl here anymore. Let me get this fatberg out of your family anon.

No. 790597

I think her casual followers probably haven't even noticed her account is gone. Most feeds have hundreds of new posts a day, so unless people intentionally look for her account she probably hasn't been missed yet.
I'm sure the lack of outrage bothers Phoebe just as much as having to (temporarily) delete.

No. 790601

Thanks anon. Her coercion/exploitation of Henry really rattles me. Gotta wonder what their actual relationship is like, since she works hard to appear the most oppressed/woke person ever to live, I cannot imagine what she's like irl. How does he even phrase his time-off requests to his boss? "My polysexual, non-binary fiance needs help wiping his ass and spooning his Huel"?>>790570

No. 790603

I only just noticed the pornhub username above

.. the guy giving it to her, is that Henry?

No. 790616

Harry is Pheobe’s brother, for anyone interested

No. 790642

Since she reads her:

Chins up fatvegrapist, you have your sex work career you can really focus on now. I'm sure you can find a studio that will accommodate for your disabilities or you could work from home. Maybe you'll find someone who'd pay for you to eat pizza on camera and fuck your non gender specific genitals with a wine bottle.

No. 790650

File: 1553624941627.jpeg (290.37 KB, 1800x877, B30A3058-3EB1-4AED-AEF1-86BF6A…)

Searching Phoebe’s handle on twitter, and I found this. I can’t read Phoebe’s original tweet because she deleted, but it has to do with her sperging about how cancer research is fatphobic. Someone who also suffered from an eating disorder kindly disagreed with Phoebe. Based on the replies, Phoebe told the girl that her “thin opinion” doesn’t matter. Despite the girl also being previously overweight. Phoebe, for a person who “is passionate about social justice,” you sure do love attacking people who are similar to you. You have no empathy for skinny people, even if they also have an eating disorder, or people who used to be fat and are actively working on themselves and recovering from ED. It really highlights how your “activist work” is meant for no one. It’s all to pat yourself on the back. Fuck off.

No. 790651

File: 1553625559244.jpeg (166.87 KB, 750x1207, B326E021-7458-45FA-B4A5-A396D6…)

I see she has a reputation amongst the people who follow her

No. 790661


>Bring you own alcohol appraoch instead of selling it

Don't she realise that venues make most of their money through alcohol sales

No. 790662

File: 1553628580861.png (212.98 KB, 750x1334, 9AE48C31-69EC-4FD0-8387-AA5693…)


My favorite one so far

No. 790663

https://youtu.be/2hLhBES3B4Y skip to 7:31 for feebs

No. 790664

That's a noble cause, anon

No. 790666

Formerly works too, makes more sense really

No. 790668

I found her ask.fm. nothing really notable on it besides her calling everyone cunts and being immature, but I figured I'd post it anyways.


worth noting that all of these posts are from a year ago and she's still speaking the way she did on twitter in 2013 kek but shes changed guis

No. 790677

File: 1553631479088.jpeg (205.16 KB, 1800x1241, 404882E7-B9A8-43D9-9C9A-24B91D…)

Some notable ones

No. 790681

File: 1553631729689.jpeg (69.07 KB, 1242x458, 24D5F41F-CFB6-436F-A289-B64C4D…)

uh oh..
Also, not to white knight at all because fuck Feebs, but the “over a year ago” doesn’t necessarily mean these are from 2018. They could be from a few years back, but that doesn’t make these any less cringy. The fact that she made terrorist jokes at any unspecified point, probably around ages 16/17 is still stupid.

No. 790683

File: 1553632308067.jpeg (788 KB, 1242x1822, DBBB3A18-30F0-493E-80F9-E0E109…)

Double post but kek, the contrast. People have been roasting Phoebe for a long time already, and she only now deletes her social medias because we have all her stupidity documented on the farms.

No. 790687

File: 1553632697176.jpeg (816.52 KB, 1242x1770, 5D7DBAAD-F8D2-4DF0-9953-5EC854…)

Jfc, on top of her shitty apology, she told people to not bring up the sexual abuse she committed because she already felt bad enough about it. She really did make it all about her. People were holding you accountable, Phoebe. Just like how you hold others accountable for less. What a piece of shit

No. 790694

File: 1553633418892.jpeg (235.26 KB, 750x1103, D0100C3E-CFFD-45AA-801D-34A575…)

She still has some awful shit up in her apt account including this and the “black babe” print she said she was taking down bc a poc called her out on how gross it was - especially making money from it. I don’t understand how this “disabled and cute teehee” thing is not the same as when brands release T-shirt’s that say “clinically depressed” or w/e - it’s still trying to make it fashionable, it’s cringey and vacuous. Steaming that she apparently told an ED sufferer that thier opinions weren’t valid “bc they thin” (potentially v triggering) whilst simultaneously calling out cancer research for “triggering” HER. What an incredibly self absorbed cunt of a person

No. 790695

File: 1553633422172.png (2.28 MB, 2394x1090, 19312D61-4A21-410F-8612-D562B1…)

She goes one day “struggling” to take her bloody poops, and this happens. You can’t make this shit up. This was in October of last year.
>Emotional trauma

Found here:


No. 790698


No. 790699

piss funny

No. 790701

The cane is hilarious I don’t think she realises using aids (or PROPS in her case) can actually be MORE detrimental if you don’t need/don’t know how to properly use them in the first place

No. 790702

File: 1553634855660.jpeg (185.07 KB, 1023x443, D43F652C-E140-4D81-AB92-F02073…)

No. 790703


LOL when she says "is this body not able enough" and remembers she's not using her "essential" cane and grabs it for emphasis, that literally sums her up in a split second.

No. 790704

File: 1553635218596.png (Spoiler Image, 3.17 MB, 2208x1242, 08A16F15-1421-4BE6-8A15-4F6716…)

She slapped her stomach omg

No. 790706

Anyone got any caps of Phoebe-related stuff from the vegan community? FB groups etc

No. 790708

Honestly, as someone who was over 298 lbs and ended up having to get weight loss surgery. This woman is super harmful to the plus sized community. No, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your body. But having been close to 300lbs (i’m now 158) I can honestly say you can’t be fat and healthy. You’re out of breath from the easiest activity, your body hurts and aches all the time, your sleep is disruppted so you’re tired all the time, you have palputations all the time because your heart is working overtime to keep everything running. You CANNOT be morbidly obese and be healthy. It’s not a fatphobia shaming oppressive statement it’s a biological reality.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790709

dear pheebs, please come back! we love you! we are your biggest fans and supporters. save a few mean anons we all think you're hilarious. please don't let some dumb things you've said in the past keep you from doin you bc your life is way funnier than reality television and i need more.

No. 790712

File: 1553638102087.jpg (970.29 KB, 2048x2048, 1553637708489.jpg)

Asking for food ideas for her flat warming party. 2 months later, crying in Tesco over how poor she is. I'm vegan and vegan cheese/ cashews etc can be expensive. Also, there was a spate of beggers in that group. It started with one person saying how they'd come upon hard times and asked for cheap recipes and loads of people sent donations via PayPal or offered to take shopping round if they were local. All of a sudden lots of people were hard up and wanted cheap recipes….I bet our friend Phoebs was hoping she'd get some free money out of her post.

No. 790714

aaand this is proof of how people like Feebs make it even harder for those w/ CFS, Fibromyalgia and other “diagnoses of exclusion” to be taken seriously. Because of morbidly obese, pathological attention seekers like this. Gross.

No. 790715

Jesus, how did she get Ok'd in all these activist type circles with this sort of history?
I'm being sarcastic, but really makes you think lol

No. 790717

Not sure if allowed to post screen shots but came across her dad on fb, he is also a vegan it seems and in some vegan groups I'm in. Pics on his fb show she had a pretty cushty life growing up. Nice house & garden, holidays, trip to NYC etc. Not the hard up working class background she wants everyone to believe she had!

No. 790720

She has mentioned her father being vegan before and posted photos of him, but if the focus is just him then edit him out or something

No. 790726

File: 1553640007966.jpeg (243.1 KB, 750x1262, 3B11BF9E-79C5-4FAF-9C83-2E31D8…)

No surprise this cat died less than a year after she got it :/

No. 790727

File: 1553640200401.jpeg (181.64 KB, 750x895, 33613C35-3DC1-4239-A630-393FD4…)

The Hilton? What a hard, working class up bringing

No. 790729

Not all heroes wear capes… goodspeed, anon, goodspeed.

No. 790732


She fan girls so hard for Lana Del Rey on that old Facebook, it's actually jarring to see her say nice things about someone

No. 790749

No. 790781


Not to discount how retarded this is but these are lyrics from this edge lord who used to make rape jokes on YouTube, Jonlajoie. There’s nothing ‘woke’ about his content

No. 790809

probably non contribution so i’ll sage

but fuck. i just realised feebs is friends or mutuals with a verified account, someone i quite like. not sure if i’m allowed to say who so i won’t. but it’s so annoying because this person is kind, genuine and decent. i like their content too. i just don’t understand how they could give someone like phoebe the time of the day. they’re just too nice, i guess.

and no, it’s not the gal who hosted that bopo event phoebe had a massive fit about

No. 790825

As someone who owns a cat nothing makes me more angry then people feeding their their cat some disgusting processed garbage human food (aka all vegan food lol) for cute points. Even if they eat it willingly, it’s so fucking bad for the cat. They are supposedly to consume ONLY meat with maybe a small amount of vegetable matter, they are not fucking dogs who can survive off of human food. That cat was probably super sick and suffered before it died too, I’m sure she never took it to the vet either because vet industry is ~transphobic~

No. 790836

I thought it was common knowledge that cats die on vegan diets. I can't believe there's still idiots out there insisting on projecting their morality on their pets with no fucking concept on it.

No. 790838

>places to nap
She needs a daycare for whiny, useless landwhales, not events. Impressed that she doesn't ask for adult diapers, but that's probably the next of her kinks we're going to be confronted with.

>no terves

Chavs & other youths who beat up trannies for shits & giggles welcome tho. Extra welcome if they have a pitbull support animals.

>not asking for evidence someone's low income

So you can take more resources from people who actually are poor? We know your upper middle class parents spoiled you too much and as a result you ended up a fat slag with constant herpes breakouts and pimples on her bleeding ass, Phoebe, the jig is up.

No. 790846

The victim of the assault was a girl.. Is she more into girls than we give her credit for?

No. 790850

File: 1553691026008.jpeg (245.37 KB, 1242x1013, 33E2E60C-BB87-412A-B036-AD9131…)

No. 790851

>doesn’t apologize
>loses all credibility in SJW circle

“I can’t beg for money from my followers anymore boo boo!”

Of course that’s her only concern regarding the consequences of her actions. Never change, pheebs.

No. 790852

“my harassment as a queer trans disabled blah blah blah” phoebe no one “hates” you because of these things. we hate ur part in the oppression olypics. we hate that ur a vile horrible person. a rapist. a fake. no one cares about ur fake identities. that’s no reason to hate you. your personality (disorder) makes you undesirable pathetic and poisonous

No. 790854

File: 1553691773559.png (77.54 KB, 640x625, IMG_1658.PNG)

when you're engaged to a man in a hetero relationship but gay™ is a trendy aesthetic

No. 790856

eh I don't like you because of your total refusal to take accountability for yourself and apologize for your actions (REALLY apologize, not try to brush them off and/or make yourself the victim)

if you're getting "death threats" for being fat/trans/"disabled" now, you would've also been getting them before you got a thread on lolcow, since you've been identifying that way for more than a month (or however long it's been.) you've only deleted your account now that we've pointed out how awful you are as a person. yet again, you're just avoiding being held responsible and making yourself the victim.

No. 790857

File: 1553692143316.jpg (79.82 KB, 960x960, fatfuckingjew.jpg)

Y O U ' R E N O T J E W I S H O R T R A N S

No. 790859

Well hi there, fellow Indie Biz farmer

No. 790860

She's gotten four new sales since she posted this. Fucking gross, her whole business is based on people buying shit because they believe her lies and feel sorry for her.

No. 790861

not to sound sjw but sexual assault usually doesn't have to do with sexual gratification, but rather humiliating someone and taking rage out on another person….which for someone who hates women as much as Feebs, this makes sense

No. 790863

File: 1553694661628.jpeg (192.37 KB, 1163x422, 6977EFB2-D045-4F88-A9BA-EC285B…)

Yea, don’t listen to the medical professionals who have years of studying under their belts.

Listen to this fat mess instead.

Also I love how she calls her crappy art a business. We could all start scribbling shit on paint and call ourselves business owners

No. 790865


She's in a right pickle. Obviously nobody is sending death threats, and it's not because of her fake oppression status. She's aware of this thread and the old one and on the one hand she loves the attention, but on the other she doesn't want her small group of sad followers who actually buy her shitty art to know she's a fraud. So she deactivated instagram and twitter to try and reduce our access to milk.

Meanwhile her sales flounder as her brand is inextricably linked to the "fatvegfemme" name and her own name, since she's so narcissistic she never separated the two. She can't rebrand.

She will have to either:

- watch her shitty business wither and die, and get no pats on the head for working so hard through all her pretend issues and just be a nobody without a social media presence

- reactivate her SM and watch farmers continue to harvest the milk

- try to "rebrand" but ultimately fail because her brand is so based on her as a person she'll never be able to keep it hidden from farmers.

Top kek Phoebe is fukt.

No. 790868

if she was really disabled and not just self diagnosed (can't walk/needs a chair/stick) wouldn't the health system provide that for her or give her some sort of help towards it?

No. 790871

>because of the harassment I receive as a queer, nonbinary, fat disabled person

posting screenshots of you calling yourself the next hitler isn't harassment and it has nothing to do with any of those things. Never seen anyone this desperate to be a victim.

No. 790873


Not in regards to cash. But she doesn't need to pay for any of her doctors appointments and usually stuff like basic wheelchairs are provided by the NHS. If somebody wanted a really snazzy wheelchair they might have to pay out of pocket, similarly if they want homeopathic/alternative therapies those aren't always funded by the NHS. Most people in the UK with disabilities are very reliant on the NHS and it does a great deal, but it doesn't pay your rent or buy you food etc.

Saged for medfag

No. 790876

she complains often that she can't afford a wheelchair that works(hers was bought from a thrift shop and can't get her to her happy place and back) and that her cane was funded through "mutual aid", that she can't get upstairs to her flat.
if she really did need these things to assist her with life, and she was really diagnosed with all that she claims and is in so much pain, wouldn't the system fund that rather than her having to beg online for it? wouldn't they move her into a home that she can move freely in?
if she's already seeking government help, wouldn't the system help her out by providing things to help her?
(apologies if my wording came across as weird)>>790873

No. 790883

Holy hell, i’ve watched this video before and always found that clip the funniest and most pathetic, but never knew it was pheebs. Can’t say I’m surprised to find this out kek

No. 790885


Yes the NHS would provide a wheelchair or cane. They wouldn't provide housing, but if she was in social housing (i.e. a council tenant) the council would have a responsibility to provide disabled access housing for her. AFAIK she is a private tenant so she is responsible for her own housing and paying her own rent (rather than it coming from the government) and thus if she requires disabled access housing she needs to seek it out.

Realistically if she did have these issues, as a private tenant it would be easy to move to a ground floor flat or similar so she didn't have to go up the stairs (but, then she wouldn't get oppression points for struggling to climb up them, so probably not what she wants either eh)

No. 790888

This. Also, pain management clinics and physio are a thing. But even if Pheebs wasn’t lying about having fibro and conned her way into a referral, she probably wouldn’t attend because you actually have to put work in. They don’t just throw opiates/wheelchairs/sick notes at everyone.

No. 790892

File: 1553702164452.jpeg (241.9 KB, 1242x1552, 53C79DDC-F7FC-4281-AA3F-D19DDE…)

Not the housing. But when you get a wheelchair or a walking cane, you get them for free (not super expensive fancy wheelchairs, but definitely a step above the one she bought in the thrift shop). The only thing is, that you only get it for free if the doctor either diagnosis you with an illness that requires a mobility aid or writes a prescription for you to have a mobility aid. The only reason she had her followers crowd fund and pay for her shit is because no doctor has and ever will diagnose her with an illness she doesn’t have and no doctor would write a prescription for a mobility aid that a patient doesn’t need. Those are usually left as a last resort due to the fact that mobility aids being used will compromise the patients body more (the more you use mobility aids, the less your legs/back have to work and gain strength leading to your walking becoming even worse in the long run). She’s never been diagnosed, she’s never even taken ANY meds or treatment to help her imaginary condition, and the doctor has never prescribed it. So she’s just making her walking worse esp because she jumped right to a wheelchair before ANY diagnosis or ANY medicine/medical treatments (physical therapy, fibro meds, anti inflammatorys, acupuncture, steroid shots, ANYTHING) She knows this and knows she won’t get her uneccesary solely attention-seeking mobility aid any other way (that she only wants for attention-she’s stared many times previously that she hates that her “illnesses” are invisible and that when she goes in public she gets mad that others don’t fall out of their way for her due to not being “visibly disabled” and that she wishes she had a mobility aid so people would see that she’s “sick” and believe her-also previously said “if I had a wheelchair they would’ve treated me like I deserve to be treated as a disabled trans!!”-ironically, gets the wheelchair and still bitches that no ones falling out of their way to accommodate her). So she goes for the easiest and fastest way to gratify her need for attention. To go buy herself and fake like she needs it, has a medical condition that warrants it, and that a doctor said she needed it. But she doesn’t want to spend her own money and wants everyone to know she’s “struggling” so she starts a crowdfund to get what she wants bc she’s not ever going to get it the legitamite way. Literally every munchie from the old munchie thread did the same exact thing.

As for housing, she will never ever get that from the government or independent charity. It’s reserved for those who are actually sick, and not just sick, but either terminal, permanent, or long lasting severe disability and can prove it to a great extent. No one gets free disability housing for being fat or having ~fibromyalgia~ and they certainly don’t give free wheelchair ramps to people who just went out and bought a wheelchair in a thrift shop with no actual paperwork to back up why they actually need it.

>pic related

Love how she only makes buttons for customers that only have her “illnesses” written on them. It really is all about her. It still baffles me that she calls IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome “disabilities” and “being disabled”. Does she think having any medical illness suddenly makes you disabled kek? You got a peanut allergy? Disabled. You got constipation? Disabled. You got gastric issues? Disabled!

Someone needs to crowdfund to get phoebe a dictionary.

No. 790893

she (read: Henry) does rent a flat privately and has said she can't afford to move to a ground floor flat which makes 0 sense. everything she does is just a beg for money. any time she complains of her issues, it's money

No. 790895

ty for putting this way better than I could Anon.

Her totally not fake! GP letter states she’s prescribed amitriptyline which is often useless but weirdly doesn’t mention the dose like she did with the other anti-d. Would be really interested to know tbh.

No. 790897

Better than her claiming housing benefit and taking even more from people in need.

No. 790898

File: 1553703013583.jpeg (297.51 KB, 1312x660, 94E07938-9D77-4556-96E2-BC4F2A…)

What sad fuck is walking around with this sloppy cringe around their neck?

No. 790899

What. Are. Those.

No. 790900

looks like they're made out of paper clips

No. 790901

Who would wear these? How would you even attempt to wear these? It really looks like she linked her cardboard 'pendants' to the chain with a paperclip. Couldn't be arsed to order a couple o-rings online I see.

No. 790903

Feels like this is kinda insulting to actual artists & small business owners. Even ana-chan Becky’s deformed owl necklaces are masterpieces compared to this tat.

No. 790904

since you have a screen of those ugly things, do you have the "autistic" ones she made? Those are the best. Fucking hilarious.

No. 790905

she also considers "stupid" and "idiot" to be slurs which is ironic cos that's what she is

No. 790907

>she’s prescribed amitriptyline which is often useless
OT but sauce? It's one of the oldest and most commonly prescribed anti-depressants.

No. 790908

Sorry should have clarified, I meant in the context of Fibromyalgia (or “muscle pain” according to the letter)

No. 790909


Isn't cerebral palsy usually pretty visible?

No. 790910

File: 1553705156848.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 04458264-DC22-4200-A970-7057CB…)

No. 790911

File: 1553705185600.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, DF4953D3-6C26-4A6D-8FCC-90F1ED…)

Matching earrings too! She spoils us

No. 790912

That seems like such an awkward shape for earrings…wouldn’t you choose to make them vertical? They’d still be hideous but

No. 790913

File: 1553705633512.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1758, A9170A36-60C0-45F9-9002-88004A…)

God I fucking hate her. There are actual visibly disabled people that wish they weren’t disabled!! Most actually visibly disabled people don’t want all the special snowflake treatment FattyFeebs is requesting. They also don’t get said attention most of the time anyway. Disabled people are taught to assimilate to the non-disabled at a young age. They not only live with whatever condition they’re struggling with, but they face heaps of bullying and would like to blend in with the average person. The whole “disabled and proud” thing doesn’t hit them until adulthood, if it even ever does start to become part of a person’s identity. A lot of disabled people irl don’t even center their disabilities, or try milking them to this extent. They want to work and be able to live independently. Fucking Feebs, you’re a mockery to all people who have actually lived with disabilities since childhood. I wonder at what age did she start picking up these disabilities? It has to have been within the past 3 years that she magically became all of these labels. Also, part of what makes a disability an actual disability is not being able to do the things that able bodied people can do, and it’s part of your responsibility to communicate your disabilities to others. You know, to have accommodations. One would assume talking about your disabilities to your landlord to get the best living experience is a given. She could literally talk to her landlord right now and ask to be moved to a flat downstairs, but falling down as she waddles upstairs and posting pictures of her on the floor is what pays for her pizza and wine I guess. Yet she manages to compile a list of disabled demands for public venues to follow. What a waste of energy, just take care of your own personal living space’s accessibility first if you’re oh so sick.
I also agree that it’s funny that she only makes crafts related to her own fake disabilities. She acts like literally no one else but her struggles or exists. She’s well off compared to most disabled people. Imagine if Henry decides to not work because of his Autism, Feeb’s world would fall apart.
Pic related: Selling her wheelchair on Facebook. Why not give it away for free like the NHS would to someone who actually needs it? Because everything is a money ploy to Feebs the anti-capitalist.

No. 790916

Swear she only paid £10 for this as well, she’s trying to profit off of real disabled people

No. 790917

eh, I developed my disability at 10 and even in my 20s the "disabled and proud" hasn't hit me. I dont think I should be ashamed but I don't talk about it like a fucking weirdo.
uwu I was in too much pain to get up to piss uwu(Blogging)

No. 790918

If she used it, imagine the smell. Her bleeding rectum and non bathing habits. She's abusing potential buyers.

No. 790919

File: 1553706196273.jpg (66.8 KB, 1280x720, 22219972_1541485902612550_6901…)

reminds me of pic related. maybe she really does have autism.

No. 790920

File: 1553706204587.jpeg (325.02 KB, 1125x438, A84A4103-3E4C-4BB1-B05D-77CCFE…)

Found the boyfriends Reddit

No. 790921

Is this the milkiest thing on there?

No. 790922

Gravy can definitely be vegan and to me it sounded like they were vegan meats and cheeses. Cats shouldn’t have normal cheese either

No. 790923

She was still going to the gym in May, 2017. With no word of disabilities at that time. These videos are interesting because she seems to have no concept of the fact that healthy foods can still cause you to gain weight…rendering you not as healthy. In one of her videos she makes a smoothie bowl and it has SIX bananas in it! She loves touting that she is healthy and all her blood work is fantastic. She is a twenty-one year old girl. God how can she be so dense. Give it time. At forty at three hundred pounds she will not be healthy! (It makes sense though that she has no common sense. Because she actually thought that her hair was turning dark because she "had been bleaching it for years", lol)

No. 790924

No. 790925

Even more fucked. This type of thing goes against a real disabled activist’s standards and morality, selling accesibility aids for higher than their real cost. Just selling them in general, and it makes it more gross that it was always just a photo shoot prop to her. She needs to donate it back to the thrift store she got it at or drop it off at a retirement home. It’s just sitting at her house because no one’s bought it. Taking up resources for someone who might really need it, which is also problematic. What a bitch.
There’s some people in a wheelchair who would love to be able to walk. There’s a growing movement of people who praise their disabilities and don’t want to change anything about themselves, but that’s pretty much an online thing. If someone can make their life easier through surgeries or by seeking accommodations, then they’ll do it (if they can afford it or want to go through with it). Phoebe, you should want to have to walk, you can actually use your legs. Even in public spheres like college it’s your responsibility to let the school know about your disability. It’s exhausting paperwork, and it’s time consuming, but it’s what needs to be done. You’re not a code that has to be cracked Phoebe. You have to do your part as well and let people know about your fake issues, and you can’t expect all the luxuries. Don’t just go off about your disabilities or whatever online for the money and asspats.

No. 790926

Her first cat had to be put down after getting a bad eye infection that never healed. Polly has a huge infection that also won’t heal. Just a coincidence they have similar issues and both on a vegan diet? Or maybe it’s just because she’s so unhygienic?

No. 790927

TIL ppl are supposed to be proud of their disabilities. Nah. It’s not something to be ashamed of but it’s a fucking hard adjustment if you’re not born with it and seeing Feebs gleefully revel in the attention she gets for her fake ~condishuns~ to the point of profiting off of real sufferers is disgusting. The stair picture was gross. The only justification I can see for posting something like that is to…raise awareness? But she wasn’t. It was the “poor Feebs” pity party as usual. She has no class. No empathy.

No. 790928

depends how bad it is. knew a boy who was a twin and could hardly walk as a kid because of CP, but as an adult he now plays hockey and runs daily. if someone with CP endures a shit ton of therapy it makes a lot of difference also. sage bc ot

No. 790929

I know you're probably joking since one glance at that reddit account shows it's not his, but it's just kind of creepy you posted a 2min old comment from some random sperg?

No. 790931

Someone download this before she deletes

No. 790932

She’s only selling it cause it only holds 120kg and she’s too heavy for it

No. 790933


Not the boyfriend account. This person is from the US

No. 790935

that smoothie bowl withthe six bananas was so completely insane to me. I actually sent it to all my friends and bf and we were crying laughing. too much of anything is no good, no matter how nutrient dense or whatever. I actually eyeballed and calculated the calories in that smoothie. 1,480 calories in that smoothie that she drank out of a fucking serving dish. big ass salad bowl. she’s truly delusional!

No. 790936

Like a huge sign that says "don't hire me, ever!"

Exactly. Munchies are always the same, they don't want to live independently, they want to be dependent on others', random strangers', kindness and attention forever, and not do anything themselves. Producing shit straight outta Crafts day at the asylum doesn't count as a career, Phoebe.

People with real disabilities try not to let their limitations stop them, Phoebe invents more and more limitations as imaginary hurdles so others will give her money. She should be ashamed and disgusted with herself, but she doesn't have the empathy to do that.

No. 790937

File: 1553709613758.jpg (141.4 KB, 800x450, 1524114694302.jpg)

That basic bitch medallion doesn't hold a candle to the original.

No. 790938

kkkkkkkkk i get the comparison but honestly CWC isn't a manipulative abusive twat like feebz, CWC is just seriously that retarded. Feebz is intentionally exploiting others.

No. 790946

File: 1553712552411.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024, 1888A735-24AF-42BF-BBE5-718B4B…)


Also I was just in a chemist earlier and canes like hers aren’t exactly unaffordable. She’s just a liar and a beggar

No. 790955

File: 1553714207880.jpeg (155.24 KB, 1242x597, C1807940-6E9D-49F6-8696-FC6B5E…)

No. 790962


Is this proof she lurks this thread?

If she doesn’t want to take care of her cats she should get a pet that eats only vegan like a rabbit. Eye infections are very easily cured too, so either it went to the point where the cars eye was literally rotting or there’s something missing from that story.

No. 790963

I was worried that the thread would die due to her being off public social media, but it’s incredible how even in her absence she still produces milk. The whole “I just found out!” thing screams bullshit. She publishes her entire existence on Instagram, she knows the settings. She was just hoping her controversies would die down. No surprise she can’t live without a social media presence. We’ll be waiting on your posts and new autism bracelets to go with your earrings and necklaces, Feebz.

No. 790966

File: 1553715364828.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.58 KB, 480x480, 16003DCA-9E0A-4908-8451-CB2C5B…)

This is on the first page of images on Google just by searching her handle. Woah

No. 790967

oh my god those might be staples

No. 790968

She's mistaken if she thinks laying low for a week will make us go away.

Hopefully someone exposes her to her followers

No. 790969

File: 1553715652264.png (52.83 KB, 487x191, pintrest.png)

Be ready lads

No. 790971

File: 1553715733633.png (Spoiler Image, 442.73 KB, 387x464, 1552789447833.png)

Sorry for searing your eyes with this again, but this image is so repugnant it's almost marvellous. For the last couple of days I've been repeatedly remembering its existence and having a burst of nausea. Everything about it is just…eurgh. I tried to eat pizza last night and had a Vietnam-flashback to Feebs and couldn't stomach it. Cursed image.

On a related note, imagine how bad not washing every day and eating exclusively fast food must be for your mental health.

No. 790972

Why is the water so black-blue? Is it a bath bomb?
The bath literally looks too small for her. It looks a struggle to get out of.

No. 790973

can confirm. for the most part CP is visible in youth but with enough muscle-stretching it can be made less visible. I still walk on my toes sometimes but most people don't notice anymore
YMMV though I have a distant cousin who is wheelchair-bound because his CP is very severe

ACTUALLY wheelchair-bound, Pheebs, you twat.

No. 790974

can confirm, when my depression got that severe I did that and it only made me worse
but she's
~liberated~ and ~loving herself~ lmao

No. 790975

Can you imagine her being invited to CBT and expected to individually put effort into pushing herself to health? Literally everything bout her is geared towards an 'I need to be cared for' mindset. I don't doubt she has a mental health problem and probably some physical pain associated with her morbid obesity. She probably, if she's honest with herself, harbours a deep sadness about letting herself get this way, especially since she looks functional on her older pictures. But it's not anyone's responsibility, nor within anyone's capability except for hers to actually do anything to improve her life.

Phoebe, since you're probably reading this thread, please pull yourself out of this mindset. You have a family willing to help you, and strangers on the internet are quickly becoming tired of indulging you. Shower every day. Go to your GP and ask them to help you with meal planning for a healthy diet. Exercise, even light, is brilliant for depression. You're in the UK and have every resource available to completely transform your life. You'll feel so much better if you got a job, had a routine and purpose in life.

No. 790976

recovery is fatphobic and ableist uwu

No. 790977

I was under the impression cats look after themselves pretty well in terms of hygiene regardless, so maybe just immunocompromised from poor diet?

God, if she wanted the virtue-clout of living a vegan lifestyle why couldn't she just have lied and looked after the cats properly? This is so sad. Imagine the pain the cats are in, and they don't have the capacity to understand what is happening to them.

No. 790978

File: 1553718306730.png (688.4 KB, 996x754, RUpn8q41.png)

Nothing is more irritating than fat people expecting sympathy for the consequences of not looking after themselves and attributing it to illnesses like these. It's like people who talk about having IBS and then constantly eat like shit.

No. 790981

Yeah, but evil capitalist businesses are evil and don't deserve to earn an honest living. Their chief reason for existence is to baby people with alcohol issues as if they aren't grown adults with a personal responsibility to abstain from alcohol. This is like people with eating disorders asking for diet adverts and pictures of thin women to be cleansed from the cultural landscape; if you relapse, its your own damn fault and no one else's.

No. 790983

She's not really getting upset, we know from her tweets that she appreciates edgelord humour as much as the next person. It's an excuse to attack people and play the damsel in distress. It's sad that it tramples all over the concept in the UK of reasonable adjustments for disabilities, because things like this make disabled people seem like too much of a liability to cater to.

No. 790984

Henry has a picture of himself holding his certificate that says he can drive trucks for work. I don’t want to post it because it might give away personal info, but he genuinely looks happy in that picture. He’s smiling and standing proudly. It’s also the post of his that has garnered the most attention it seems. It’s full of tons of likes and comments. His friends and family are all congratulating him. He really was proud of himself. This was months before getting with Phoebe.
Upon looking through his posts, it seems he’s always been a vegan activist himself. His past shows he’s been passionate about social justice for years. I wonder how he’d feel if he ever saw Phoebe’s past posts. Unlike her, he’s actually always cared.
I hope he comes to his senses and gets the courage to leave her soon. He was glowing and doing well for himself before Feebs came a long.

No. 790985

File: 1553719095179.jpeg (118.79 KB, 1115x1168, AD2A225D-87D3-4AEF-AA21-C0C0F4…)

Anon, don’t cha know?! You can be young and disabled too uwu!!!11

Lmao @ all these products she puts her own guilty insecurities on. These are all things she’s faking and pissed for being called out on. She hated that strangers didn’t see her as disabled without mobility aid. Poof! “Not all disabilities are visible” button. Gets called out for being a obese but otherwise healthy young adult who’s just lazy. Poof! “Young people can be disabled too!” tote bag. Begs for meds, says she needs them to survive, and pain med-fishes, but gets shut down for not needing them. Poof! “You’re not weak for needing medication” sticker.

Why so defensive, pheebs? Guilty conscience?

No. 790988

Where is she posting these? In that Facebook group? Other screenshots available?

No. 790989

god her shit handwriting on everything makes it 10x worse and lazy.

No. 790991

This is actually the better product in her little trash-pile of items. Still overpriced and fundamentally cringe, but not garish like everything else.

No. 790992

Fellow Rollercoaster anon, has Phoebe's post gone or am I just being stupid?

No. 790993


It's gone. Someone commented on it asking if she was the person on twitter getting called out for saying they were Hitler.

No. 790994

lmaooo this is what we mean when we say no accountability

No. 790995

I am cackling. This is going to follow her everywhere I hope.

No. 790996

File: 1553721859987.jpeg (322.29 KB, 750x874, 9F2E8A30-9FDF-49F4-80CC-34E6B8…)

Why tf are her eyes pointing completely different directions

No. 790999

File: 1553722382973.jpeg (120.44 KB, 750x330, 9035A448-6AEE-44C7-AF1D-FD07EB…)

When she says she used to be a sex worker… does she mean the videos she uploaded of herself having a wank on porn hub?

Not sure that counts…

No. 791000

File: 1553722425131.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9241.PNG)

I'll never forget she posted this only moments after putting the "autistic" jewelry up

No. 791002

Were the people that were commenting sympathizing with her? Surely not. I hope they didn't buy into her sob story

No. 791003

Ah man wish I'd seen it before it was deleted! Wonder who commented that.

No. 791004

jfc as if being “autistic, disabled, queer, trans” and “Jewish” isn’t enough… now she’s trying to co-opt sex work. It’s like she’s playing privilege bingo

No. 791005

She definitely is referring to that. On her twitter, she’d mention how she’s filmed porn and called it sex work. Is it sex work if you’re not profiting from it though?

Oh my god she could’ve used this to her advantage and say it’s in her past though! Or something of that nature. Instead she just deletes the post entirely. She really can’t habdle having any slight criticism huh because if she honestly felt bad about her past remarks, she would confront it head on and say she’s sorry.

I agree with other anon who said sexual abuse has everything to do with having power over someone, but I wouldn’t put it past Feebs to think she actually has some experience with a girl because of the time she tried forcing herself into that poor girl at vegan camp. Anything for those sweet gay points. But she wouldn’t say that because then that’s actively admitting that she’s an abuser. Beyond her assault, her own mom says Feebz has never licked a cunt.

No. 791009

She's drawn one eye and flipped/duplicated it so they're symmetrical maybe?

No. 791012

It's surely not sex work if no money is exchanging hands. Maybe she imagined she was Belle Delphine while she was getting off.

No. 791014

Oh god, imagine broadcasting like it's this great achievement that men have found you attractive enough to pay you for sex. Imagine the vacuum of self respect.

No. 791015

How does she justify these prices tho? It’s like she’s just been let loose with the felt tips and daddy’s spare office supplies. £12 I think not

No. 791017

I do wonder why her family seem so completely normal. Normally with people like this, they're the latest ejection from a genetic horde of similarly-behaved lolcows. Wonder if it's jus the influence of the internet that's turned Feebs so wrong?

No. 791018

Hmm Phoebs, seems like actual disabled people don't have the funds to buy merchandise, and would rather spend their money on shit that actually matters.

No. 791021

You're not paying for the item, you're paying for the fuzzy feelings of financially supporting a proudqueerfemmetransdisabledautisticJabbatheHutkin. It's like those sponsor-a-donkey certificates.

No. 791022

You're not paying for the item, you're paying for the fuzzy feelings of financially supporting a proudqueerfemmetransdisabledautisticJabbatheHutkin. It's like those sponsor-a-donkey certificates.

No. 791023

File: 1553724313042.png (305.18 KB, 1152x348, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.04…)

Are you motherfuckers buying these ironically or what

No. 791024

File: 1553724483721.png (450.41 KB, 1073x609, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.07…)

This one is unironically quite a sweet concept for a card. Shame about the source.

No. 791029

File: 1553725368475.png (430.66 KB, 1139x681, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.21…)

Is this an intentional 'written-with-marker' a e s t h e t I c or does she just not realise the text is wonky?

Also lol at the sold-out size brackets.

No. 791030

I've talked to pheebs before, they said they've 'done cam work', which implies those 'livejasmine' kind of things, not filming yourself having a wank and posting it to porn hub because you think you're an 'untapped market'. But yeah, let's say you're a 'sex worker' so you can profit off of 'art' around sex work too!

No. 791032

File: 1553725507280.jpeg (757.6 KB, 1297x1132, CA1C51B7-F4D7-40C7-B6D2-BA78D7…)

such calligraphy
clean your nasty ass nicotine nails

No. 791033

File: 1553725631061.png (596.08 KB, 1047x633, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.25…)

This looks like something a kid did for year 8 PSHE class.

No. 791034

File: 1553725713035.jpeg (119.63 KB, 720x896, 770987F6-A38E-4747-A953-86DE7F…)

Did someone post this “art” work yet? I get that this is supposed to be a montage of things she’s used to hearing, but how could she not be self-aware

No. 791035

File: 1553725925190.png (559.64 KB, 1047x535, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.28…)

The thing is, we have an NHS in the UK and she's seeing doctors for complications related to her obesity. It's absolutely galling seeing people like this try to justify themselves and claim that they've no responsibility whatsoever to a system that by design assigns responsibility of individual citizens' health to collective society.
I wonder if it was a doctor who told her her 'fibromyalgia' might improve if she stopped putting 200lbs extra weight on her legs.

No. 791038

File: 1553726417439.png (515.97 KB, 599x600, Screenshot 2019-03-27 at 22.33…)

<Pretty nails if nothing else

Only semi-related but I always feel a pang of sympathy for politicians who have to look professional with Phoebes who screech on Question Time about how haaaard their lives are with as much drama as possible, and simultaneously speaking with the absolute confidence that they know far better how to run a country than someone who went to university to study economics and has years of experience in the field. I know it takes a certain kind of composure to become an MP anyway (with some notable exceptions) but I'm always surprised when they don't just completely break down and tell one of these people to just shut up, stop whining because they don't know what they're talking about. From any party.

No. 791039

I'm really letting out my suppressed turbo-tory but I bet she's a Corbynista.

No. 791042

Gotta catch em aaaall

No. 791044

>Disabled people are taught to assimilate to the non-disabled at a young age.
Those who become disabled at a later age (which is very common) also try to blend in and live their lives as normally as possible. It's humiliating to be an able-bodied person who suddenly has trouble doing the things that are taken for granted and in some cases relying on aids. Loss of autonomy and bodily degradation is deeply painful and embarrassing for normal people. There's a reason why most older adults are resistant to entering a care home even well after it's become clear that they can no longer live independently. Feebs has no aspirations and no sense of dignity, and she has created her fake disabilities in part to explain her leech-nature away, unaware of the fact that the way she thinks and behaves is the exact opposite of how people with adult-onset disabilities do.
Based on what we know, her mom cheated and her dad talks openly about his sex life with her, so it doesn't seem like a completely normal family dynamic. There may be issues lurking under the surface that we're unaware of. Her mom BTFOing her was golden, though.

No. 791046

her etsy says she has over 900 sales, how?

No. 791052


No way is she actually making sales. Could she be putting stuff in her own cart to make it seem like people are buying her shit? I have a hard time believing anyone would buy her stuff.

No. 791058

she has over 100 reviews on etsy so, apparently the whole sjw side of things she's on is just as brain dead as her to give her money for this garbage

No. 791059

If anyone here is a bit of an artist and needs some extra income, I'd suggest flooding the SJW market with better designed stuff, even if you're not an SJW. The way large companies are just paying lip service to these causes. Just pretend to be an obese wreck, without the history of online slur slinging, and you'll outsell her.

No. 791070

File: 1553731396518.jpg (467.92 KB, 805x1592, Screenshot_20190327-235958_Fac…)

Some Facebook posts regarding Feebs ~sex work. 1/4

No. 791073

File: 1553731421001.jpg (226.78 KB, 810x1619, Screenshot_20190328-000042_Fac…)


No. 791075

File: 1553731562221.jpg (228.32 KB, 1079x1809, Screenshot_20190328-000102_Fac…)


No. 791076


She was already with Henry. He knows, right? I hope he isn’t working long hours for her to be doing this behind his back.

No. 791077

File: 1553731667516.jpg (202.54 KB, 1077x715, Screenshot_20190328-000147_Fac…)


No. 791078


Oh yeah he knows everything. Everyone does. She posts about it on her business page for fucks sake. It was one of the main reasons his family gave when they were trying to tell him to leave her.

No. 791080

Interesting considering how she was bragging about having paying clients, seems that wasn't quite true lol

No. 791081

File: 1553732340029.jpeg (97.82 KB, 977x180, 22FC924C-3676-435B-86C9-46DADB…)

Why did she mention the color of the vibrator? Genuine question, is it supposed to represent Black dick? Based on her old tweets and this, she’s just always fetishized and over sexualizes Black men. Not very SJW of her

No. 791083

>hairy pussy


No. 791084

oh god the fucking lettering. I literally failed art in high school and I could do better.

I don't think she's sold out those sizes at all, I think she never had them to begin with but listed them to look ~inclusive.


I guess we have to add smoking to her long list of poor lifestyle choices.

No. 791085

I'm thinking it might be staining from poorly-removed dark nail polish rather than tobacco staining.

No. 791094

It's definitely nail polish, she paints her nails a lot. Also usually nicotine stains are on the fingers/nails you use to hold the cigarettes.

No. 791106

File: 1553739647037.jpeg (224.16 KB, 1074x329, 61F8C122-E7F1-4D88-B5BF-78D0A6…)

photo activism as in the naked pictures she posts of herself on Instagram and other works of art like her “falling” down the stairs.

No. 791107

File: 1553740101482.jpeg (498.58 KB, 1800x1238, F1C64481-595D-4A35-916B-0E7A29…)

Look at those hashtags. Phoebe, I sincerely hope this also applies to the girl you sexually abused.

No. 791108

HOW DARE YOU not want to be scratched the shit out of by her shoddily made jewellery assembled with paper clips and/or staples! She's just SO POOR she can't afford proper supplies, especially with the cost of necessities like nail varnish and bath bombs and wine being so high these days, and you absolutely have to buy her shit or else you're just classist!

No. 791112

no no don't u see, its a ~cute~ DIY approach!

No. 791114

Three "panic attacks" in the course of probably an hour or so, huh?

No. 791116

i think most of sold products were pity purchases from her mutuals. feebs is a pro at manipulating people into feeling guilty and supporting her financially.

feebs’ fingernails are rank because she wears nail polish constantly without a base coat. she explained this in an old post, and her nails were like baby shit yellow.

free henry 2k19

No. 791120

The fact that she can't even be assed to make a proper font is so embarrassing. None of the letters are consistent from product to product. Hell, even in this one, the repeat letters are all different.

No. 791122

how dare u anon she is very proper much disabled

No. 791128

File: 1553746434495.gif (1.12 MB, 500x375, 5EFAB96F-CA36-4151-8B87-EB36D5…)

>It's like those sponsor-a-donkey certificates

Top kekekek I’m fuckin cackling

No. 791148

oh god anon
good job

No. 791159

>There's only 3 left
>4 pictured
So… did she really only sell one??? I mean I believe it, but…

No. 791169

ur so right I don't know what I was thinking
I'm lucky she was able to even ship out her wares uwu so strong uwu

take all my $$ pheebs u deserve it I gladly accept ur staple jewelry

No. 791178

not if shes ~jewish~ anon

No. 791195

I genuinely keked irl, good job anon. Next thread pic please!

No. 791198

The way she wrote it implies she either does private cam shows or is an actual prostitute by claiming she "gets work too". Last I checked nobody considers it "getting work" if the site in question allows anyone to post their amateur videos. It sounds more like her trying to act like she's desirable in any way and people would actually want to have sex with her. She would have been better off saying people did appreciate her videos in the comments, but then again, that's not people actually paying to be able to fuck her

…did she really co-opt the black power fist for her own unrelated thing? She really is just looking at the popular black Etsy stuff and going "I can make money this way too! Now to create some fake minority for myself!". Smart for the fake woke crowd like her, too bad they're the most volatile crowd seeing as they deal with their own guilt by canceling everyone

Oh this is wonderful! Like, aside from the term whale being potentially damaging, these are all good points that Phoebe is just ignoring. Obese people in all countries are costing the system billions, even in countries that don't have socialist healthcare. On top of that they are a health risk for any paramedics and nurses dealing with carrying them, waste resources that could go to someone not sick because if their gluttony, waste space that could go to disabled people, etc. Many people become disabled due to their diet, it is rude to assume (people who suddenly can't walk tend to rake in the pounds) but Phoebe is one who caused her own issues by eating crap and too much even when it happens to include a vegetable. And of course she is promoting obesity and unhealthy habits on top of that, not by existing, but by promoting and selling it

No. 791202

Women and femmes makes me laugh so much

No. 791206

Kek Luna used to post in "Sounds like you just hate people who use drugs, but ok". These two cows are similar

No. 791221

She only ever posts in Facebook groups to complain about how broke she is. I feel like she’s lowkey just begging for money/for people to buy from her shop.

Accountability went out the window in this post where she claims she left ig because she was being oppressed, and now she’s turning off comments so none of her followers can see people posting about her offensive tweets. Not sure even the worst of the worst in the SJ community can defend her now that she’s blatantly lying about everything.

No. 791231

File: 1553784647247.jpeg (8.9 KB, 242x208, 06C42A8B-02D1-496C-8C64-0A51B1…)

No. 791233

what’s her facebook? is it public? i cannot fathom the lack of accountability. for someone who attacks and harasses others when they don’t take accountability lol. she’s truly sick. if she has any disability at all… it’s that she clearly has some type of personality disorder… which i can say from experience … effects the people around u more than it even effects urself because these ppl are so oblivious to how fucked they are. their brains aren’t capable of taking responsibility. truly truly truly fuckin sick.

No. 791238

Like a collar for a dog.

No. 791246

It’s infuriating that she doesn’t even see what she’s doing. Instead of being able to empathise with POC, trans people and disabled people she has to INSERT herself into all of those identities and demand certain behaviour from others. She’s just directing attention towards herself. It is possible to fight for causes without directing them inwards Yknow feebs. She’s a straight up narcissist with no personality wearing causes to justify her anger and cover her lack of actual personality.

No. 791249

knock yourself out but most screegrabs seem to be of group posts

No. 791250

File: 1553789941016.png (32.41 KB, 522x335, 4364526246.PNG)

samefag but this is too funny. bitch really thinks portion sizes are irrelevant and that broccoli pasta where broccoli is like 1/5th is healthy kek

No. 791251

The fact that she was lurking here, lapping up the negative attention but the second those screenshots came out she hides says it all. She knows she didn’t delete bc of “oppression and death threats bc she’s trans” she knows it’s bc she was being outed as some edglord scum and not willing to cop to the awful things she’d said. Her inability to own up to that, and the fact that she’s rather creative a victim narrative is disgusting to me. It’s lies. She’s a liar and a coward.

No. 791254

"Believe everyone (except for that girl I assaulted)"

No. 791261

lmao what does she mean its what poor people eat to survive? Fast food is such a bad way to spend your money, you get such little food for your money. Actual poor people live off of mostly beans if the situation is bad enough but overall would make their own food from groceries because fast food is too expensive just purely on the amount of food.

No. 791264

I think it's a time constraint thing since poor people are often worked to the bone.

But also, generationally poor people have genuine trouble budgeting and that's one of the reasons why they get stuck in poverty. It's harder to know what the fuck to do to improve your situation when you're surrounded by nothing but bad examples.

No. 791265

'U ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO BE HEALTHY', but she'll start screeching about society's obligation to her once the NHS collapses under the weight (literally lmao) of all the treatments for the overweight population majority.

>I am enjoying watching rich people suffer tho lol

They're eating like you for 21 days in this documentary, Phoebe.

No. 791267

File: 1553791781628.jpg (56.64 KB, 960x960, 54350241_629142300890034_64229…)

She probably thinks stuffing herself with Oreos (vegan!) and pizza on her bed is a form of indispensable 'self-care' lmao

No. 791270

File: 1553792341996.png (106.92 KB, 534x598, Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 16.58…)

On a post about drugged drinks at a bar
lmao what

No. 791271

What does being 'non-binary' have to do with going to the bathroom? I thought the argument for it was that non-passing MTF/FTM people might be stared at. What problem is she even supposed to have with going to the bathroom-is she just insulted by not having her own special bathroom?

No. 791277

I don't know anything about the place she's talking about but I feel putting drugs everyone's drinks would be way more costly than simply serving alcohol. she seems so naive and clueless.

No. 791289


Not that any of the following applies to her. Has she ever mentioned the food bank or free meals for homeless/low income people? Probably not, I'm guessing.

A lot of people in tenements or SROs don't necessarily have access to stoves. Maybe a toaster oven, microwave or hot plate if they'ere allowed, but even then, the bar-sized fridges they usually have aren't conducive to holding much of anything. Granted, that's not the norm, but… y'know. For some people, fast food or Hungry Man meals.

No. 791293

Sage for offtopic of course, but you can cook nutritionally dense foods like beans, legumes, quinoa, and something filling like rice all in the microwave. Hell you could even just eat canned beans. Hungryman/fast food is largely a convenient thing, or if you're too tired which definitely happens. A lot of poor families eat like this, unless like in >>791264 you have this generational poor spending issue. Not saying you're wrong, just that you can still cook these in a microwave.

Back on topic: I just find it so frustrating shes trying to larp that she grew up poor when there's evidence in this thread it probably wasn't the case. It's so strange to me how shes trying to cast such a wide net of all these ways shes disadvantaged, even if they make no sense or contradict themselves.

No. 791299

I’m really confused about why she always specifically mentions broccoli as if it’s the only vegetable in existence.

No. 791307

It’s not the case at all, infact, pheebs grew up in a nice, cushy upper middle class home. Her dads house is very nice in a really nice neighborhood and there’s a bunch of old Facebook posts of her showing many expensive presents they got her and expensive tickets to plays, concerts, events and even more expensive multi-yearly vacations.

Also pheebs, herself, lives in a pretty quaint nice neighborhood. None of this “I’m so poor I live in the ghetto people stabbing each other outside” bullshit she has said so many times. It’s probably why she feels so entitled to everything for free and thinks having to do anything middle-lower class people do normally everyday is an insult and beneath her. Typical well-off white girl LARPing as a poorfag out of sheer spoiled greed.

No. 791332

File: 1553809416814.jpeg (200.3 KB, 720x935, 4C3ECAE1-9D44-458E-858C-E1F5CA…)

Bringing this back from the first thread because this is too much. She acts like Henry’s family are aliens who she’s “observing.” As if she wasn’t upper middle class herself up until one year ago when she stopped living with her police officer dad. Also, does Henry really have autism? His family was making fun of autism so this is confusing. If Henry is autistic, I don’t understand how she thinks they were being ableist toward her and not Henry.

No. 791338

There is absolutely no way Henry is neurotypical. His naivete with Phoebe + an upper middle class family and friends celebrating over him getting his truck driver's license? Nah. He's got autism or something equivalent.

No. 791340

sage for having to repeat this yet again but YES, Henry has autism — go read OP’s original post in the personal lolcow thread, that’s a big part of why the family is concerned.

No. 791342

I cannot fathom posting something this inflammatory on a public site like Facebook, ESPECIALLY complaining about your significant other's extended family. Does Henry just go along with this slander? I don't understand her need to publicize literally every imagined slight (much less bloody anus, etc, etc).

No. 791348

They weren't making fun of autism. It definitely could be argued that autism is a form of brain damage

No. 791354

File: 1553811163942.jpeg (233.53 KB, 750x880, B5FD78F7-8A06-499A-B7DE-95959B…)

I don’t believe there’s any personal info from this pic after I cropped it, but this is Henry getting his truck driving license. Yes, there’s encouraging comments, but getting a commercial truck driving license isn’t the same as getting a drivers license. It’s somewhat of an accomplishment, albeit not much, but I don’t think that should be used in the argument that he isn’t neurotypical

Not saying he isn’t, though. Putting up with phoebe and his family being worried for him are indicators something is off of course.

In the previous thread someone said phoebe had to explain the paperwork for giving blood to him? Can anyone else confirm? If so, yikes

No. 791357

Did this bitch do anything other than interrupt people to rant about how poor she is and how difficult her life is? I can imagine her sulking in a corner, basking in how much better she is than these people with successful jobs and money they earned themselves. 'How dare they flaunt their happiness!'

No. 791359

henry's actually kind of cute, seems like a sweetie too. he deserves better

No. 791360

File: 1553812291580.jpeg (123.56 KB, 750x524, 4A0C4241-CB33-4A76-A9A8-D2FDAB…)

Just posting some trash from her fb

“Welcome to being a wheelchair user” that you don’t need to use? Jfc this coupled with the stair post is terrible

No. 791362


It gets sadder because this was probably Henry’s peak, seeing as how his loved ones were so proud of him. Henry shared this post from another page that posted his pic, and there’s people congratulating him both on his profile and on the page that shared the pic of him. Everyone probably thought his life would go uphill from here, but then Phoebe sucked him in half a year later. I bet he didn’t picture his hard earned paychecks going to his lazy partner. Nor that he’d have to leave work frequently to take care of Fatty.

No. 791364

isn't he autistic? i thought it's extremely difficult for autistic people to drive.

No. 791365

You can be high functioning autistic and still do normal stuff like drive and hold a job. Especially now that aspergers is considered to be part of the autism spectrum.

Cars and stuff seem to be a special interest for him.

No. 791366

File: 1553814330582.png (2.67 MB, 2208x1242, 86AD09F2-AA0F-4B10-A937-FE0745…)

Has anyone sat through one of her entire videos? I got halfway through her Q&A and I couldn’t stomach anymore of it.

>Asked where she wants to travel to. Says she wants to go to Croatia before it becomes gentrified. Wants to visit America (admits she’s already been with family multiple times. So much for being poor) but that she’s against visiting colonizer lands. Doesn’t want to go to Africa or India because she doesn’t want to be a white colonizer.

>Wants to go to Italy with Henry to visit car museums. Goes on about how the museums are cheap!! Since she always has to verify that she is not capitalist scum. The only reason she’d go to these car museums is because they can afford it since it’s cheap. Groans about how she can’t go right now because she doesn’t have disposable income. Also claims to be a “car enthusiast” just like Henry.
>Asked about what her family thinks about her disabilities and her pain. Says they are extremely supportive now, but that they used to not be. They told her she’s just exaggerating her conditions (biggest kek) and doesn’t actually need benefits. Admits that they only started believing her on a situational basis. As in, they would see her bed-ridden, saw her in her charity shop wheelchair, and then they started believing her.
>Contradicts herself by saying her family always suspected that she’s autistic (I wonder why).
>Claims she’s always been mentally ill, and that her ~massive asthma attack of 2012~ left her with bodily trauma, which caused all her other new conditions.

Insufferable. Pic related is her scratching the inside of her ear canal, which is probably full of ear wax.

No. 791370

Wow does this fat idiot genuinely believe that visiting a country makes you a coloniser??? Reminds me of that tumblr ask "don't learn Spanish unless you have Spanish heritage" meme.

No. 791371

Double post but she also says Henry usually works for 12 hours a day because he does a lot over overtime. Sometimes he works six days a week.
Says “We must be the only couple who is happy when the other partner gets home past 10. Because that means he’s worked overtime! So that means the bills will be easier to pay.” Notice how she said when the other partner even though she isn’t the one working overtime. Then she slips up and says he’s worked overtime because she’s not the one coming home past 10, it’s all Henry. Poor Henry holy shit.
She also says she doesn’t like supporting organizations, but rather supporting individuals through mutual aid. She talks about how she’s part of a lot of mutual aid groups online. Makes me wonder if she’s ever actually donated to an individual, because based on screenshots she’s the one begging for people to donate to her. The more she talks the more reminiscent she is to Mr. Krabs with her money hunger.

No. 791379

>Says she wants to go to Croatia before it becomes gentrified.

who is gentrifying croatia? the croatians?

No. 791380


Henry is a looker and seems like a pretty normal guy. I hope his family puts their foot down and drags him away from this monstrous land whale.

No. 791400

she has such a punchable face. she's really infuriating.

No. 791401

File: 1553820117079.png (3.1 MB, 2208x1242, 6ABC8F37-3A31-4D7B-A4AB-C66990…)

From her other Q&A:

>Was asked “Do you resent people who are fully capable, but are lazy and don’t take advantage of it?” (This sounded like someone was throwing shade at Phoebe lmao). Responds by saying she does resent able-bodied people, because if she were able-bodied she’d be going to protests and doing a lot more! But she’s a poor disabled baby who can’t do much.

>Asked about what her favorite thing about herself is. Says it’s her ~resilience~ because she’s been through so much bullshit, yet she persists through her numerous fake disabilities.
>Asked what her favorite thing about Henry is. Struggles to answer, says it’s his humor and calls him whacky and strange. Realizes how bad that sounds, does a jump cut, and reiterates she loves Henry’s humor the most and calls him strange and odd again. Sounds disinterested the entire time. Also states that Henry has been working since he was 13, and was working while he went to college. Says Henry has been through a lot of bullshif, and even though they have financial struggles, he finds the strength to keep working. Basically admits she loves the fact that he’s the sole provider between the 2 and loves that he makes money.
>Asked what is something she wishes doctors would do for her. Says she wishes doctors weren’t so quick to think she’s lying about her conditions. Doctors always dismiss her and think she’s exaggerating, until they “actually see she does have some conditions!!” Says it’s not like she wants to have to be diagnosed, and asks “Why would I willingly want to go to the doctor? Why would I want to be given all of these diagnoses!?” as if she isn’t self-diagnosed. Wishes doctors would stop being fatphobic, and that they’d stop telling her that her pain comes from being fat.

Bonus: She says she doesn’t wear face makeup because she’s always sweaty. Constantly sounds out of breath. Compares herself to Tina from Bobs Burgers. Says she pulls her hair out because of her autism.

Someone in the last thread said she temporarily diagnosed herself with Chron’s disease because of stomach pain.

No. 791404

>massive asthma attack of 2012
i swear to fucking god asthma can't give you mental illnesses KEK

No. 791407

Yeah because drugs are cheaper than alcohol… lmfao wut

No. 791414

I mean I can see the shock of a near-death, legitimately dangerous asthma attack being the trigger for some post-traumatic issue, strictly hypothetically. Especially for a child who can't process what's going on.

She's obviously bullshitting, though, and is relying on the openness of people to take her at her word.

No. 791416

That's kind of sad, that she doesn't have any 'favourite' things to say about herself to the point where she has to cling to this -victim- image.

>she loves the fact that he's the sole provider

In another universe, she's a tradthot lmao

Sweaty/out of breath/stomach pain/joint pain-she wishes her doctors would stop attempting to make her face the truth of her morbid obesity. The stretches she makes to avoid responsibility are pitiful.

No. 791441

I find it interesting that pheebs bitches about invisible illnesses/disabilities but doesn't even stop to consider that the people who closed the elevator on her could have been deaf. Assuming they heard your wheelchair is abliest, phoebe.

Suuuuuper ableist. This coming from a deaf person too, btw. Lol

Also no one is required or has to leave the elevator open for you even if they did notice you. Not everything is about you, fatass.

Saged for no milk

No. 791449

Being walked/bumped into is not something exclusive to disabled people, it happens to everyone. It's not even that rude really, most of the time it's just an accident and some people have really poor motor skills/perception that make it more likely. It's pretty easy to call out when someone's about to walk into you too.

People closing the elevator on her might have been trying to be polite as well, I can see how someone would think that a wheelchair user would need room to maneuver and wouldn't want to be crammed in with other people.

No. 791455

lololol she was asked if she could ask freddie mercury any question it would be about his "gender identity" and if he were alive today would he identify as a guy or more pansexual. this bitchhh

No. 791459

File: 1553832838615.png (1.97 MB, 1572x890, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 8.58…)

From her video, "Medical fat phobia." It's almost 50 minutes long bloody hell.

>Opens video with trigger warnings. Says it's a compilation of medical stories other people have submitted for her to share.

>Claims thin people are messaging her about how doctors scared them off from being fat.
>Obviously she centers herself. Says, "I'm going to talk about MY STORY first!!" because everyone else's stories obviously aren't as special as her story.
>Says she's experienced micro aggressions from doctors about her obesity since she was 11. Doctors gave her weight watchers pamphlets.
>Claims she had a thigh gap at some point, says that even when she was slim/thin doctors called her fat based on BMI.
>Polly takes a shit in the middle of her video and you can hear it. Feebz doesn't edit it out and makes things awkward.
>Calls her doctor check-ups "poop review."
>All of her doctors agreed she doesn't need a referral to a rheumatologist, as they all agree that her issues are born from her obesity.

This was only the first 10 minutes of the video..

No. 791461

i’m deaf too and i’ve definitely missed people asking me to move. most of them are kind/embarrassed when they realise. and a special few are total arseholes by shoving me out of the way. i wouldn’t put it past pheebs to ramp into my legs with her wheelchair and screech how rude and ableist to ignore her lol

saged for non milk

No. 791462

forgot to include “i am” to ‘how rude and ableist i am to ignore…’


No. 791465

>>Thin people be like "medical fatphobia is why I'm not fat"
>>Fat people be like "medical fatphobia keeps telling me I can be thin when diets are 100% uneffective."

What the heck.

No. 791475

why are these fatties always 'in recovery' from an eating disorder, then show pics of them either slightly less whale like or regular bmi. you weren't disordered before, you just want to eat like shit and be like 'well i was starving myself before uwu'

No. 791476

Grace Jones has been in relationships with men only though. An androgynous look doesn't mean pansexual or any other flavor of tumblr desperation. Where does this ugly fat cunt get off labeling a woman that at seventy years old looks words better than she does at twenty one, with any label she wants?

Grace Jones isn't like you, Phoebe. She was never an unwashed hambeast and never will be. She would probably rather die than fake a disability. She's seventy and doesn't need a cane, nor a scooty puff, not crawling up stairs for gibs and ebegging. Also her tits aren't deformed and drooping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcWYDTJtyHQ

She thinks because her parents always called her preschool macaroni necklaces professional level that people with actual taste should pay her for her zero effort health hazard abominations. The wider public isn't your mommy and daddy, Phoebe, and they don't love you. Grow up.

No. 791477

when she wrote about her ED in her blog, she actually describes having 3 meals a day plus snacks. this was apparently at its peak. She just doesn't know what a normal amount of food is, it's baffling

No. 791478


And for all that her image is highly sexualized, Grace Jones has never shamelessly displayed herpes sores or a pimply ass.

No. 791479

sry forgot quote

>I would eat a small slice of toast with banana and honey on for breakfast (i was vegetarian), then plain cooked quorn pieces for lunch and a small pot of cucumber/tomatoes. dinner would be a tiny portion of tomato pasta, and sometimes id have a small scoop of low fat frozen yoghurt with a meringue for dessert. i had no snacks or anything.

No. 791480

fuck if that's eating disorder behaviour i'm a full blown skelly

No. 791483

also what constitutes a small slice of toast ffs. its a normal slice of toast. with probably a whole banana + bee juice. nitpicky, but bitch that sounds like a solid breakfast and its making me hungry tbh

No. 791489

Grace Jones has apparently had sex with women though, making her bisexual, unlike Pheebs.

No. 791491

Fat people CAN have disordered eating (bulimia sufferers often maintain rather than lose weight and bulimia comes in many different forms, not just straight purging). However that meal plan described is not ED behaviour at all. AT ALL. In fact this period of her online behaviour, showing what she was eating, losing weight etc seemed much happier. Then she found body positivity. I’m not against body positivity at all but she really used it to justify spiralling into some kind of binge eating disorder. It’s crazy to me that she refuses to admit she eats ludicrous portions and is binging. There’s no way she’s put on 5 stone in a year without this. That porridge bowl? Sorry hunny that’s a binge. Your average “more broccoli than anyone ever” dinner; it’s a binge. Mammy and daddy obviously coddled this one. She’s less able to manipulate her mum. Resents her mum for cheating on her dad who she had wrapped around her little finger. Which might be why she hates women so much. I can only imagine how the communities she larps as feel looking at this shit. As an 20 year ED sufferer it makes me so goddam angry. I’ve had this disease longer than you’ve been alive and it’s almost killed me and you claim “uwu bit of toast - I have an eating disorder!” That you were then just magically able to get over by reading one book? Her naivety about everything is so laughable, yet she has the self assured confidence about what she’s saying that only a narcissist could. She’ll never change bc she is truly unable to see the world from any perspective other than her own, and her brain doesn’t allow her to see her own faults, so it does some mental gymnastics to protect itself from blame. It’s wild to watch. Saged for total blogpost

No. 791495

This is the long letter her dad supposedly wrote for her autism assessment. More milk to come, I have a lot of screenshots.

No. 791496

File: 1553846999795.jpg (226.75 KB, 926x541, 20190329_080928.jpg)

When your own dad calls you abusive

No. 791499

File: 1553847385954.gif (1.72 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)


"Her interactions with people with opposing views or who start a debate often result in aggressive and abusive outbursts."

There's no way he's talking about our tolerant kween. /s

No. 791501

I really feel for her dad. He’s doing his best and clearly sees good in her intentions (duh he’s her dad) but what he’s describing is not autism. She isn’t overstimulated, she is, as he said “seeking attention” - she can’t stand more than one person bc then she can’t dominate the dynamic. Everything he just described is a histrionic narcissist. She’s really written herself a nice little story there, but from seeing her behaviour it’s very clear that she’s a lazy, leeching tantrum ham. She’s “never lied” and is “very honest” how’s about the time she deleted her Instagram and said it was bc of death threats when in reality it was bc tweets of her saying she’s the next hitler and everyone should get anally raped were coming out? The annoying thing is that she/her dad will just say those tweets are part of her autism disorder. For which she has never been diagnosed. Oh and he also said she was diagnosed with fibro which isn’t true, so she’s made him inadvertently lie to get her benefits. Just find a job pheobe, learn to empathise with others - or at least pretend like malignant narcissists do. Your life seems really shit and you’ve only done it to yourself bc you cba.

No. 791502


Did he definitely write it? Any chance she wrote it and just claimed he did.

If not, she really does have him wrapped round her little finger. No wonder the mum left him.

No. 791503

File: 1553849839741.jpg (88.44 KB, 1080x367, 20190329_085652.jpg)

Apparently. Even though misgendering is a TRIGGER

No. 791505

Wait, why isn’t she disowning her dad and calling him a cunt and having a fit? Why is he allowed to misspeak or forget. Oh that’s right, bc she’s manipulating him and he’s not a slimmer beautiful woc to be jealous of.

No. 791507

File: 1553853300800.jpg (463.71 KB, 1080x1412, 20190329_095432.jpg)

Apparently even Henry has enough sometimes

No. 791508

Wow it's almost like Henry has autism or something.

No. 791510

save henry 2k19

No. 791513

Poor Henry.. I'm sure she made him apologize for days after this. So sad he probably lets himself be lectured by her because he thinks she knows better than him. Which is ironic, considering Phoebe is claiming to be so aUtiSTic..

No. 791514


No. 791515


She won't even stop the act in her own damn home. That is dedicated

No. 791516


Not only is Henry autistic, he has a younger brother that is severely autistic, to the point where he can't go out alone or function independently, I very much doubt Henry's family is ableist in any way

No. 791517

Her fears are fucking weird

No. 791524

That's a lot of words to say
>Unfortunately, my daughter is a retard, and also a cunt.

No. 791528

She really has to convince him, too. In her Q&A video she literally said her family didn’t believe she has disability until she showed her manufactured struggles. Always staying in bed, refusing to walk, whipping out the prop of a wheelchair. Literally any person can do this. Reminds me of those people who want to “transition” into disabled people kek.

Okay what the fuck. Has Phoebe ever talked about Henry’s autism publicly? Because the reason we know about his autism is because of his family member. But has Phoebe ever addressed it herself? Kind of fucked up she only brings up her self-diagnosed autism in these contexts.

No. 791529

he tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't even matter.
if it was even him.

jesus christ

ffs feeble feebs. i've got an irrational fear of escalators, but i don't get myself worked up into a panic talking to my partner about how "omg that escalator we were on could've totes swallowed my feet" etc every time we use one. it's normal to be afraid of dumb irrational shit, but grownups get over it to get on with life. you saw something on tv and got so worked up about it that it caused you pain, you big fat baby.


No. 791532

Its kinda sad how all these people build their whole personality about their "disability" / "sexuality"
Yeah that shit is part of you but should not determine who you are.

That fat chick just triggers me for using everything she can to excuse her lazy fat ass.
E.g her thyroid issue fuck off you can take medicine for that and it will be alright then
Basically got the same stuff and I'm not even taking my meds right now and I'm still not as fat as this bitch.
She should stop putting everything on whatever disability she has right now normal people try to work around with because they still want to be a functioning part of society.

No. 791534

Lmao, I know the two friends her dad mentioned. They tried again and again to reason with Phoebe, but Phoebe only ever wanted to see things her way. Even when Phoebe made it impossible to like her, they still tried to be there for her. In the end they distances themselves because all she would do is argue with them and never improve the way she behaved

No. 791536

File: 1553866407491.jpeg (177.2 KB, 1000x351, 461CBE67-6983-45D0-AE87-DAF55D…)

When your best friend father who over sheltered you calls you an attention whore

No. 791537

File: 1553866507026.jpeg (191.44 KB, 750x1211, 0D9A8E05-7017-4D58-B74F-F067C9…)

No. 791538

File: 1553866532623.jpeg (197.74 KB, 750x1217, 1762662F-FAF9-4456-A070-6A9D24…)

No. 791540

File: 1553866553629.jpeg (177.74 KB, 750x1228, 9E240993-F708-4FC1-8C3C-78FEFB…)

No. 791541

File: 1553866576516.jpeg (145.9 KB, 750x1232, 8DB0F8E2-73AB-4AEF-8AA7-0D5DBE…)

No. 791542

Trying so hard to reason with her, being really nice even though Phoebe wasn’t and getting no where

No. 791552

so with this letter …. her dad is trying to describe why she’s autistic ?????? abusive behavior and manipulation and lack of empathy isn’t synonymous with autism Paul, you dick. It’s called a personality disorder. Her family really thinks this is AUTISM ??????? Holy fucking HELL

No. 791564

It is common for women with Autism to be misdiagnosed as having borderline personality disorder apparently, so I'm sure it can be vice versa. Someone just doesn't want to have something that's not getting more publicity!

No. 791571

I have someone close to me with borderline and not joking it would fit with lots of her behaviour e.g fluctuating sense of identity, bad relationships, attention seeking (fear of abandonment). However it doesn’t explain why she is such a fucking idiot but some mysteries are beyond human comprehension.(blog)

No. 791573

…so she’s afraid of the first 20 minutes of The Little Mermaid?

No. 791576

Is she confusing triggering phobias with things she doesn't really like. I genuinely couldn't imagine living like this. You feel like shit all the time and everything is a huge production, you can't even talk about a movie without an obligatory fake panic attack followed by fake pain attack. It sounds exhausting to do, not to even mention living with another person who does this.

No. 791577

Issue is borderline normally develops through experiences etc, whereas feebs seems to have been this way since she was a small child. You don’t really get borderline three year olds

No. 791579

Not everyone with BPD was abused, some people are just born wrong and were like that since they were really small while their siblings raised in the same environment are normal (like Margaret Palermo). It's also well documented that BPDs make up abuse or embellish it for attention (will hurt themselves and then tell the police their partner did it), consensual sex turns into rape the way the sniffles turns into cancer with them. Might also be histrionic or narcissistic, or a combination of the three, they can be comorbid. In any case, Phoebe is a lost cause. Hope she doesn't ever get pregnant, the child would be doomed.(armchair)

No. 791581

In her Q&A she said she’d like to have a kid in 3 years time. Only reason she isn’t pregnant right now is because of muh money issues.

No. 791582

Please stop trying to diagnose people based on your very limited experience with people with bpd. You aren't a doctor.

No. 791585


No. 791587

Hope she gets too fat and develops PCOS with infertility, then at least she'll have a real cundishun to whine about.

No. 791588

Let me get this straight: the less she has to see of Henry and spend time in his presence, the happier she is?

That doesn't sound like a fraudulent relationship formed on the basis of money rather than attraction at all!

No. 791590

please shut the fuck up

No. 791592

Why is bisexuality never enough for these losers?

No. 791595

File: 1553879225237.png (946.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0506.PNG)

No. 791597

File: 1553879450782.png (3.71 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9250.PNG)

she's back! and wishing her father had been aborted…

No. 791598

I'm not saying someone should send that to Paul Tickner, just saying it's an option.

No. 791600

File: 1553879856544.jpg (196.54 KB, 1080x906, 20190329_124226.jpg)

More milk. Being lazy and wanting to watch YouTube all day isn't a special interest hun

No. 791604


Fucking amazing, thank you. I’m so happy she’s back because the milk will now be pouring even more. Honestly the milk never stopped flowing! Grab your buckets, farmers.
Also imagine being so ACAB that you insinuate your own dad should be aborted for being a cop. Phoebe, your dad is the only person in your life who will love you unconditionally. He wrote your letter for a diagnoses when no one else believed you. He was your main guardian for years. Imagine if Paul Tickner ever caught wind of this, lol.

She also said the hardest part of her day is combing her hair..

No. 791605

Her describing food is Luna Slater "cheap cheap cheap" tier.
>small slice of toast
>plain cooked quorn
>small pot
>tiny portion
>small scoop

No. 791606

Awww, poor Phoebe and her very bad case of social anxiety!

We can not diagnose her, but we can all agree on one thing: she needs to be the center of attention. Her dad is too cucked to see, but her mom sees through this shit.

Also, why victimize Henry? The only victims here are their cats. Poor Lulu died after a year. "Wow, look at me, I adopted an old senior cat, but I don't have any money, oh now she is dead oops".

No. 791608

File: 1553881272206.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1953, FAE0C802-4789-42C9-8C80-F6A775…)

This happened a year ago

No. 791610

So she likes cats, watches YouTube and has a favourite band? Lol by this definition half the twenty-somethings I know have autism

No. 791612

It’s so strange how she’s always posting this stuff about Henry on FB where his family and everyone can see it. This sounds like something that should be handled privately between the two of them but instead she’s dragging around her dirty laundry in hopes of someone validating her.

No. 791614

I love that she was incapable of staying away from Instagram for more than a few days. She's such an attention whore.

Wish someone would make an expose her Instagram account.
Luckily she's so evil and hateful that it's only a matter of time before she'll be fully exposed to all of her followers.

No. 791619

Who the fuck has a suicidal breakdown, goes to hospital for emergency help and then asks someone to take a photography of them to commemorate the event??

No. 791622

File: 1553882655255.png (1.88 MB, 1868x1192, Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-29 um 1…)

JFL at Fibro

No. 791623

the amount of times i've seen lolcows just flippantly post on instagram about suicide. being suicidal isn't a cute personality quirk.

No. 791624

someone who didn't really have a suicidal breakdown

No. 791625

it’s really killing me that she’s claiming that she was gone because of “abuse” literally i want to bash my head against a wall. She left because she’s refusing accountability and is scared of losing followers and attention on instagram since it’s her main supply of happiness. SOMEONE PLEASE EXPOSE HER. Someone mentioned making an Instagram account to expose her. Please do. Seriously. PLEASE! Save all her naïve and young followers from looking up to false idols and sending her money. She’s awful my GGGGGOOODDDDDDD

No. 791626

Someone should make a public instagram that hashtags her name under every post so her followers see it and those posts should be screenshots of her disgusting tweets. if she doesn’t wanna be held accountable herself.. then she deserves to be exposed

No. 791628

Why so these munchie wankers always say 'pains' instead of 'pain'? Fucks me right off.

No. 791629

The video is gone. She must be lurking really hard between all the mental breakdowns.

No. 791632


If there’s a way that this could be done without cowtipping, then perhaps. I think she deserves it because she’s only back to scam people anyway. As long as the only things shown are screenshots of her twitter account, mentioning how she cancels others but thinks she’s the one who deserves forgiveness, talking about the sexual assault (there’s the screen cap from her Instagram story so there wouldn’t be a need to take screenshots of this site), and perhaps some quotes of the times she contradicts herself in her public videos, then it could work.

No. 791637

File: 1553884660856.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190329-183136.png)

Nearly £40 worth of unnecessary shit. Plus her new badge maker was £120. Wonder how much overtime Henry had to do for her to buy all that.

No. 791638

I feel the same way. I cannot stand the thought of her saying,"Can someone please send me money for a take away because I want to kill myself and I'm too depressed and in pain to cook food." If she'd stop asking for money and take the patreon down I don't think people would hate on her so hard. It's because she's a scam artist and taking money from a gullible group of people under false pretenses. Someone PLEASE make an Instagram!! I don't hate many things or people in life but she is absolutely one of them.

No. 791639

File: 1553885045629.jpeg (128.14 KB, 889x622, DA51C363-5616-4C8D-B2F1-9F192D…)

Lmao farmers get a load of this! She created a highlights story reel that’s now on her profile titled “accountability.” She’s really lurking hard. It’s the story where she took our screenshots and “called herself out uwu” and tried making her past sound quirky and like all her hatred is internalized. Ironic because she goes on about how you can learn from your past.. but next to that story, there’s the one she created about Jameela and why she needs to be canceled. She drags Jameela a fuck ton! The Jameela call out story was created one day before Feebz was exposed, too. So overnight she went from “Everyone!! Jameela needs to be canceled!!” to “But people change!!” the next day after her problematic tweets resurfaced. Incoming spam of the screenshots in her “Accountability” story (I won’t post the ones that have already been posted). She still didn’t address everything, including the Hitler and rape ones.

No. 791640

Sorry for repeating but I definitely agree with the idea of making an “expose” Instagram, I would do it myself but I don’t have the expertise to execute it as well as I know some other farmers could.

No. 791641

I'm sorry but dick socks is like a joke thing that you give someone at a bachelorette party. Poor Henry must be so proud walking down the street next to her.

No. 791642

File: 1553885166273.jpeg (322.61 KB, 1242x1847, C274D69F-F305-4F60-8A3D-296089…)

No. 791643

File: 1553885257776.jpeg (240.61 KB, 1242x1214, 75277E94-8B30-483E-8515-81E4D8…)

No. 791644

File: 1553885313568.jpeg (395.49 KB, 1242x1661, 74799D8D-1D51-45E1-BB26-C9746E…)

No. 791646

File: 1553885368174.jpeg (592.86 KB, 1242x1941, 008D0CF3-410B-4CD1-9F93-067AC2…)

No. 791647

File: 1553885396226.jpeg (615.55 KB, 1242x1930, 04EA1FB8-95AF-43D5-A3FE-008771…)

No. 791648

File: 1553885435321.jpeg (296.77 KB, 1242x1772, E67F0D5F-8A6E-492F-9791-3E99AF…)

No. 791649

File: 1553885458439.jpeg (461.38 KB, 1242x1817, 6FF8AD63-4296-4FF6-8AB2-041DD9…)

No. 791650

File: 1553885490779.jpeg (288.02 KB, 1242x1907, 9EE55A1B-B911-4E65-99D6-0F8CA7…)

No. 791651

File: 1553885548049.jpeg (315.69 KB, 1242x1882, 9E9EBF14-38A1-4BA8-AF70-D7EB88…)

She then drags in someone else to be like “SEE?? I’m not the only one who has been this fucked up!”

No. 791652

File: 1553885572197.jpeg (580.67 KB, 1242x1973, 2C0E4AD6-2833-418F-8958-A14682…)

No. 791654

File: 1553885605881.jpeg (372.46 KB, 1242x1921, F31A7000-E866-4E18-934F-118DCE…)

No. 791655

Jesus that's embarrassing

No. 791656

File: 1553885718909.jpeg (315.07 KB, 1242x2050, 8689A9AA-F04E-4E95-BCA3-9512E2…)

Last one. It doesn’t matter if you make an “accountability” tab, Phoebe. It’s drowned out by all your other highlight story reels. Not to mention she said that she won’t be deleting her tweets because she has nothing to hide, yet she deleted her twitter. And still didn’t hold herself accountable when someone mentioned her Hitler tweets on Facebook, and deleted the post entirely.

No. 791664

I was going to say because hitler jokes have nothing to do with her internalized hatred but then I remembered she's Jewish !

No. 791665

File: 1553886787127.jpg (14.09 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Imagine noticing someone has a pin on their jacket and slowly during the conversation realising that it's a vulva, they're wearing a vulva as a pin

No. 791666

File: 1553886935032.jpg (454.26 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20190329-185628_Ins…)

Omg that poor cat

No. 791667

File: 1553887055809.png (81.21 KB, 233x230, Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 19.17…)

>Alll around me are familiar faces worn out faces

No. 791668

File: 1553887105798.jpg (578.59 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20190329-190227_Ins…)

Poor Henry. She thinks she's being living by posting this.
It would be more living to get off your fat arse and contribute so he doesn't have to work 15 hour days!

And she doesn't even clean the flat, shop or prepare meals for him in exchange for not working (she's too "depressed"). She truly is a parasite.

No. 791670


lmao, its face

No. 791671

File: 1553887179012.png (30.06 KB, 119x131, Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 19.18…)

>I'm tired of killing stray rats and picking the flesh off their bones please feed me normal food no more quinoa please

No. 791672


I meant loving not living

No. 791673



Before she smothers them and eats them.

No. 791674

Any particular reason she's naked?

No. 791675


I just wanna fucking cry for Polly. She lists cats as one of her uwu special interests uwu - NO. Unless she just doesn’t care (equally likely tbh, she displays so many sociopathic traits) she obviously knows fuck all. You don’t feed cats a vegan diet, you fucking twat.

No. 791676


"Body positivity"

No. 791678

She outgrew all her clothes again

No. 791681

Does she let Polly go outside?
Or is that poor cat trapped in there with fatvag?

No. 791683

File: 1553887774454.jpg (644.27 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20190329-190443_Ins…)

It makes me really angry that she adopted an older cat when she already has a cat, and one that clearly doesn't like other cats.

There's other posts about them fighting and she seems to think it's funny.
A 14 year old cat shouldn't be brought into a stressful situation. No wonder it got ill. Cats are so prone to immunity compromise when stressed.

Urg she's so selfish.

No. 791686

I thought she was repulsed by vulvas… lmao

No. 791688

>be sad and lonely cat
>waited for years hoping to go home again
>old abandoned cat

>get adopted finally!

>owner is big and scary but nice
> young brat cat bullies you but you still have a home
>feeds you yummy stuff

>you start getting sick

>open wounds won't heal
>it hurt
>die in agony because fat cunt won't get you to the vet

Fuck. This is the only thread i can't read without feeling like i want to beat this cunt. Blog but i have a 12 years old cat and they are just quiet and snuggly…

No. 791689


>>They had a fight, lol


No. 791690

File: 1553888878889.jpeg (164.32 KB, 1242x1096, 5F2E9489-BFE9-4CA4-970F-06E3E0…)

>Claims to have always been Gay. Makes multiple tweets talking about how gross vaginas and women are
>Gets BTFO’d by own mom who tells her own daughter she’s never licked a cunt before

No. 791693

File: 1553888941363.jpeg (459.02 KB, 1242x1717, CB436EF1-50E6-47EC-9380-FD9AF3…)

So she blames the other vegans for excommunicating her, even though this was around the time she sexually assaulted someone and that’s why they cut her off. Pathethic.

No. 791694

pheebs e-begging bother me even more than Luna. we can all admit that Luna had some genuine problems, i.e: being sucked into a near pedophilic relationship which got her hooked on herion and such. pheebs is just fat, lazy, and using her 'disabilities' to rationalize to herself and her followers that she deserves money for merely existing. she has no real problems, she lives a cushy lazy life where her daily activities include posting on IG and watching youtubers.

No. 791695

File: 1553888965252.jpeg (112.17 KB, 1242x550, EE056A93-DAB2-49B2-BF06-34C6F8…)


No. 791696

This has just triggered me into actual seething hatred. 'I became hysterical and suicidal' but she's immediately fine to go home and get drunk and eat junk food? Not just that, but together enough to pop into the Tesco's for a 'smug photo'? Nice job 'rewarding' yourself with a binge, panic attacks don't burn that many calories.

Ugh. Imagine writing this without a hint of self-awareness about how obvious this attention-seeking is. Inb4 the real cow was in the comments but I get anxiety attacks and It's utterly embarrassing not being able to calm down and breathe properly. The chemical disturbance from the actual attack lasts at least for the rest of the day. I certainly wouldn't be going to a public place and posing for a selfie on the same day as being hospitalised for a mental health crisis.

No. 791697

File: 1553889066878.jpg (875.01 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190329_194003.jpg)

She hates before and after photos so I made one of her in her wedding dress

No. 791698

Eh, I suppose that could be true. I mean it probably isn't, but if she's talking about being ethnically Jewish through the male line it's possible.

No. 791699


Yes, rather than lose the weight to get your dress to fit (as it fit when she brought it), pay to get it altered despite claiming you have no money

No. 791700

See other thread, she co-opted Jewishness

No. 791702

literally laughed out loud #savepollyandhenry

No. 791704


Something very suspect about "I am a Jew" as opposed to say, "I am Jewish/I have Jewish heritage"

No. 791705

That's…oddly a really pretty dress for her. Not really a wedding look, more of a party dress, but that's just because of the length and irregular colour. If she dyed hair hair to a natural, flattering colour instead of the grown-out danger hair look she'd look way better.

No. 791706

true or not she was so excited to find out that someone (i believe it was her moms grandfather) in her family belonged to a marginalized group so she could add that to her 'resume'. remember when she posted that cartoonish effigy of teresa may with a large nose and said that it, at as a jewish person, offended her. this was like.. a week after she found out that she was 1/100th jewish

No. 791707

You're not considered a jew by other jews if your mother isn't jewish. Conversion is treated essentially the same as if you were full goy

No. 791709

File: 1553889578916.jpg (737.71 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190329-190820_Ins…)

Always the victim

No. 791710

File: 1553889651066.jpg (586.88 KB, 1080x1672, 20190329_192248.jpg)

Damn those evil doctors

No. 791711

File: 1553889702033.jpg (833.53 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20190329-191005_Ins…)

She's dying! Quick Henry, get the scooter!

No. 791713

File: 1553889881022.png (192.54 KB, 340x407, 1xkgs0ogvgoz.png)

>Spreading psuedoscience

>I currently am hungry but I'm stopping myself from eating

Phoebe, I'm sure if you went back to all the doctors who have told you to lose weight and asked for help they'd help you. We're not making you feel bad, you feel bad because you've let yourself get like this and you're embarrassed. It's fine to feel like that, it's normal. It'll motivate you to change your life for the better. You're still so young.

No. 791714

We should keep track of all the cundishunq and identities she's claimed to have. I bet the list would be thousands of lines long lol

No. 791715

Shaking but not enough not to hold your arm up for a selfie?

No. 791717

>Your mean words have power over me!!!!

Good? I don't care if you never eat again, Phoebe. It'd save Henry on food bills.

No. 791721

File: 1553891079219.jpg (350.48 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20190329-202335_Ins…)

Totally not because we exposed you for wanting to be the next Hitler and making rape jokes.

No. 791725

I mean, didn't she used to say the same exact stuff? I guess other people's "edgelord phases" are bad and evil, she was the only one meaning well…

No. 791728

File: 1553891896583.jpeg (383.59 KB, 750x976, 96D6627A-D78B-49C8-B19B-63563C…)

New here however have read majority of these threads and how the fuck did this woman go from pretty unhealthy February 2018 to now god damn she looks like she’s gained 100-150+ since this?

No. 791729

because she rationalized to herself that being fat is an ok, acceptable, and admirable thing to be.

No. 791732

nitpicky but it annoys me every time she says ‘gunna’ lol


No. 791734

That’s just sad…this is irrelevant but as a fat person whose been trying to work past my eating disorder and general laziness I hate this woman’s sentiments she’s trying to pass on and her zit ass

No. 791735

Also, she probably had a job or at least a booming social life. Now all she does is sit inside, bend paperclips into jewellery, and binge eat.

No. 791736

Keep going anon, we're all rooting for you. It takes more self-criticism and character than Phoebe's capable of.

No. 791737

u might be new to this thread but nope, no job or social life ever.

No. 791738

I'm just assuming she'd have some kind of routine because of school or something where she'd have structure to her day and people to talk to.

No. 791743

nothing wrong with being fat at all! the issue is when people like pheeb are proud of it. you shouldn't be proud of being unhealthily skinny either–despite what many people think. i understand taking pride in being fit, it takes hard work to get to that point. Sitting on your ass, avoiding even the smallest amount of exercise like walking or going outside in ANY capacity is nothing to be proud of.

No. 791746

Did this self centered cunt seriously just make a replica of her lopsided saggy tits into a pin for people to put on themselves?

No. 791749

Nah, it's too high-quality to be one of Feebs's outputs. She got it from a novelty art company https://www.eatmielies.com

No. 791752

File: 1553895175847.png (806.43 KB, 1183x614, Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 21.30…)

Just for fun, her purchases plus shipping from that particular company came to 30 euros, which is £35. And then these cactus earrings too. Clearly Phoebe is not living off instant noodles and I suspect she's getting money from her parents as well as her boyfriend, disability benefits don't allow for spending sprees like this to my knowledge.

No. 791753

If a farmer does make an IG account it probably should have little to no commentary, just receipts. Otherwise valid points will get dismissed as fatphobia etc

No. 791758

That picture was taken in a Tesco lmao

No. 791773

Wonder what her next move will be? It SHOULD be something like…back off from SJ, get a basic job and start exercising, hell, I bet if she publicized making any kind of positive effort she'd be rewarded for her "bravery".
BUT knowing her tendency to adopt push any disability to it's extremes (not just fat but OBESE, not just queer but TRANS, ad infinitum), my money's on blindness: she already has glasses/might be a good excuse for her shit art.

No. 791785

They got pools in Tescos? Or is she lying her ass off?

No. 791786

I’ll make an instagram if y’all can send screenshots as soon as possible so that it doesn’t take me forever to search through the threads. it’s not fair that they can abuse and manipulate and lie and scam young or naive people out of their effort time and money. people get exposed every day. why not them.

No. 791787

Phoebe is disgusting and manipulative. She really thinks her past is meaningless because shes "fat trans and disabled" and it was totally internalised self hatred to make tweets about mass genocide. Also teenage boys fault somehow. This isn't accountability this is making excuses Phoebe. I don't know anybody who was ever this edgy at the ages she made those tweets, its not normal.

She is using poor Henry and she pretty much admits every time she talks about him that shes only interested in how hard he works and makes money for her, and she admits she FORGETS otherwise. Free Henry.

No. 791793

File: 1553903869552.png (670.68 KB, 914x726, Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 12.5…)

i didn't even see this but yeah, looks like a tesco. good eye anon

No. 791794

instagram is made. @cap9501110

No. 791812

Once it’s all set up, you should change the username to one that starts with “fatvegfemme” like “fatvegfemmex” or something, so it shows when people search for her.

No. 791817

great idea anon thank you!!!! it’s now changed to @fatvegfemmeexposure feel free to dm anything else i haven’t posted

No. 791819

Here she is uhh singing(?) a lana del rey song.

The description says her old twitter handle was phoebedelrey if anyone wants to look through some old mentions.

It's working for me. I added it, the lana del rey song and some other video to the backup folder: https://mega.nz/#F!Mo4jkA5C!tz5NxiVVwsFiYe1eoyEJ4A

No. 791820

Might be good to post something in the bio about her scamming money for false activism and this is to warn people to not fall prey to it? (just super glad the page is there! thank you!)

No. 791821

Deleted again. phoebe is lurking. how’s it feel to know you’ll die a premature death, and most of your family will breath a sigh out relief?

No. 791822

Awesome anon, thanks! I think it’s great, just had a look and also think you should add hashtags like “racist,” “Nazi,” or any similar ones/hashtags related to social justice to attract that crowd. If someone on a Facebook group recognized her from her Hitler tweets (assuming they weren’t a farmer, It’s possible that it could’ve been a regular person because people were already canceling her on twitter) then people within those communities will know to avoid her. And by extension, they’ll keep calling her out.
Also, add some of the ones of her fetishizing black men please (when you can of course!)

No. 791824

she has a pretty voice (inside of her range) but why inter splice pictures of lana with pictures of her? if she genuinely things she looks like lana (like she's said previously) she's delusional.

No. 791826

as for her scamming, the bio says “refer to first post” where her scamming is mentioned. bios are on a really short character limit that i already reached. though i tweaked it a bit!

and remmeber everyone to dm me more screenshots if you can find them. i couldn’t gather them all

No. 791827

hashtags are a good idea!! noted!! if you notice, most of the posts with the name hashtagged now are all screenshots which is great. if you have those fetishizing tweets dm them to me! it’s hard to gather everything there’s just so much

No. 791828

Okay 1. is her Mom Jewish? Then she's not Jewish.
2. If she has fibro, swimming is excellent for pain. Yet OMG muh pains. No pity points.
3. I still don't understand why she labels herself trans. This isn't how this works.

No. 791829

Out of all the cows, phoebe manages to consistently make me the angriest. From the perspective of another disabled fatty, the fact she just isn't putting effort at all into exercise is so annoying?? like wow no wonder your joints are in pain, you never fucking use them.

The extreme minimum of walking 10 minutes a day could help her immensely, but she can't be fucked. pure laziness.

No. 791830

File: 1553908965986.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, AB318AB4-E1B5-4585-A9FD-F73263…)

No. 791834

I can kind of understand where these might sell, like an event or something. BUT THEY ARE UGLY. And it doesn't help that they all look the same.

No. 791835

They’ll sell regardless as someone whose big into the twitter/inst art merch whatever you’d call it community people who call themselves the q slur eat this shit up and it’s the laziest thing hot topic will end up selling pronoun buttons within this year probably

No. 791838

File: 1553910191272.jpeg (169.9 KB, 750x906, 48AF2BB0-B473-4A59-A09A-24986D…)

Just saw this on my explore and I am howling you guys think this is how fatty feebs and Henry sext

No. 791839

File: 1553910258888.jpeg (425.56 KB, 1242x1720, 8B4F562B-10F4-416D-A0D4-A13F6F…)

She’s posted 18 stories so far today.

No. 791840

File: 1553910295485.jpeg (448.21 KB, 1242x1783, 3B8BEB6B-6DCE-42E0-9698-42A90C…)

Yes, you are the only fat person ever Phoebe.

No. 791841

Oh God I feel like a retard I thought the swimsuit pic was the Tesco one. KEK did she think the unicorn stickers would distract?

No. 791843

File: 1553910716346.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1079x2069, F7794E71-0E21-49B2-938A-B60298…)

Instagram account anon please post these two screenshots in one post to draw attention to the sexaul assault.

This one (1/2):

No. 791844

>"All fat people live on junk food"
While you have disgusting pictures of yourself shoving pizza into your fat mouth

No. 791845

can any anon post a screenshot of the feebz’ explanation of their rape accusation and how “it’s not their fault bc they were so drunk”

No. 791846

File: 1553910948158.jpeg (833.88 KB, 1242x1840, 0DE105F8-AFEF-4CE3-A9A1-AB8EA1…)

And this one (2/2)

No. 791847

File: 1553911030214.jpeg (709.21 KB, 1242x1065, B8761554-B191-4DC1-BCA1-E51870…)

This one

No. 791848

File: 1553911065118.jpeg (238.14 KB, 1232x593, 1544681A-6F84-4660-AD93-08F2AA…)

No. 791849

anon you are the most amazing of all the anons i JUST posted asking someone to post it. great work team. i wonder how long it’ll take for the feebz to find the account and block and cry abuse. more like exposure hun.

No. 791855

File: 1553911745618.jpeg (905.23 KB, 1242x1650, A541A47F-A090-4657-B9E5-C45361…)

Kek no problem anon, thanks for making the account! Sorry for dragging these posts over here as I do not have an IG to message you to. Saging the following since these have been posted, but here are some other notable ones

No. 791856

File: 1553911775649.png (87.21 KB, 1080x595, 9086CBEA-94E8-4206-8016-C8DF25…)

No. 791861

Nobody sent her a message about this, she just wants to respond to what she read while lurking lol. If she was sent a DM she would’ve screenshotted it like she does to all the rest

No. 791862

File: 1553912241559.png (1.11 MB, 1154x1154, CD87EA79-47F0-4867-B8D6-2C87C9…)

No. 791864

same anon lol i like her because she makes me frel great about my fat disabled self who can actually participate in society bc im not a lazy cunt

shes become my fave cow in like, two weeks? kinda sad that she’s probably going to have to disappear off the internet after this

No. 791865

anons!!! need advice! as we all know the feebz is going to read this when they wake up, they’re gunna check the page claiming they were “looking through hashtags” and they’re gunna post the instagram page on their own page telling followers to report. that being said. should i block fatvegfemme from the exposure page so they can’t get to it? i want other farmers opinions!(cowtipping)

No. 791866

File: 1553913014833.jpeg (309.09 KB, 1242x1583, 7F272E6E-9AE2-498E-AC1C-D72024…)

No. 791867

File: 1553913108737.jpeg (357.37 KB, 1242x1491, EF9C30FD-CBFD-41F5-8CB9-39DFED…)

No. 791868

File: 1553913204651.jpeg (268.62 KB, 1200x1699, F61B750D-D533-4F66-8DBB-D08736…)

No. 791870

I think blocking Feebz would be good. So literally everyone but her can see.. at the same time if she posts about it on her story, it’ll draw more attention from her followers and they’ll look for it. Idk

No. 791876

blocking her main and backup accounts might work but i wouldn’t put it past her to make an account just so she can lurk lol

No. 791879

plus she made that account for her cat. Can't remember the name … Polly without Thumbs or something like that

No. 791896

No. 791898

Hey so like is it known she abuses the cat other than forced veganism and I know people on threads have made theories from the stupid bandana it covers gashes?

No. 791901


Do not post about your plans to fuck with cows or interactions with cows here, it is cowtipping. Encouraging cowtipping is not tolerated and will result in a ban. Lolcow is not your personal army.

If you are confused as to what constitutes as cowtipping, please refer back to the rules:

No. 791916

>vegetarian since 5

Huh, you'd think if her family were as poor as she claims, they would have forced her to eat meat. It's not expensive to be vegetarian, no, but when you're allegedly poor af with children, you don't have the time or extra income to make them entire separate meals, unless you're just feeding them straight carbs.

No. 791921

Nitpicking and gatekeeping But she’s not allowed to like Queen sorry but thems the rules. Freddie would laugh in her fat face and tell her to “fuck off, darling”.

No. 791922

Is this still the url? It’s not showing up(derail)

No. 791938


It's not a theory, I don't have a screenshot but she brought the bandana because Polly kept scratching at open wounds on her neck. Fatvag thought that by covering them, they would heal

No. 791942


No. 791945

Not sure what’s going on with the “expose account” has the @ been changed again?(derail)

No. 791946

File: 1553935536681.png (553.66 KB, 750x1334, BD85579B-9382-4E4B-8E19-019D89…)

It must have been deleted bc all the hash tagged posts are gone too. Such a shame, here is someone’s story yday looking for FVF when she was still awol - people would def have seen the account when looking for her and that would’ve been a great way to expose. She 100% would make an account to find it tho, if it’s one thing that pheobe has its time on her hands and willingness to spend all of it on the internet.

No. 791952

It's interesting to see no trans label here, just non-binary and a slur she thinks is cute to use.

No. 791967

based farmhand
the expose account is a dumb idea, do you want her to fuck off for good?? when the milk just started flowing again?

No. 791973

File: 1553947304034.png (52.56 KB, 1500x1000, signs-of-autism-in-girls-26030…)


late but this reads exactly like she saw pic related and wrote a tumblr-grade fanfiction using that amount of superficial information.

No. 791977

>Difficulty making and keeping friends
Because of her abusive behavior

>Conversation is restricted to limited topics of interest

She's obsessed with her own fake victimization and only talks about topics that will garner her sympathy or praise

>Unusual depression, anxiety, and moodiness

Which she copes with using pizza and wine

No. 791979

File: 1553954770054.png (5.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9261.PNG)

doctors are well known to use diagnostic terms like "spine issues"

No. 791980

Lmao her weak excuses just expose her more! Like if she had real problems, the doctors would have told her specifics instead of her posting this vague shit. The other doctors say your spine and stomach have issues? It's almost like tremendous weight and poor eating would cause that?? but no that's just fatphobic talk, right? Not just common fucking sense? Jesus she makes my blood boil every time she posts something, ngl.

No. 791981

I wouldn't be surprised if she really did have "spine issues" considering her sedentary lifestyle and how much extra fat she packs. Even if she does have genuine medical conditions, it's because of her poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. So yes Pheebs, it's because you're too lazy to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices.

No. 791982

Of course her spine has issues. You can't carry that kind of weight without damage to your spine. What an idiot. (and her knees, ankles and all joints) rolling eyes …

No. 791983



Ya know, I've never thought in the couple of times that I've almost fainted in Target, to take a selfie. Instead I've thought to loiter in Target Cafe with an icee til strong enough to finish my shopping and drive my ass home. Guess I'm not a real spoonie uwu. But again the whole being a grownup and making an effort to look after yrself thing is totally lost on feeble feebs.
Soz feebs infuriates me sometimes as a person with chronic illness who's actually got a job and responsibilities, and if ever moving back to Britain would have to pay taxes to help prop her malingering ass up.

…. but you actually do eat a lot of junk food. and junk food pretending to be health food!

Normal, fit people can develop back and spine issues from sitting at desks at work all day, to the point where my office offers sit/stand workstations and exercise balls to sit on if we want that. I can't imagine what sort of issues could be brought on by sitting on the bed/couch all day bitching at tumblr and instagram could cause, especially if your body looks like Jabba the Hutt's. It just seems like that would be even worse for your posture than a regular office chair.(Blogpost)

No. 791985

was the man her grandma converted to judaism for her actual biological grandfather? or just a previous husband?
also judaism is maternal so if your grandma (who herself is not an "ethnic" jew) converts back to being a mormon does it even count? lmao
she's so full of shit i can't believe it.
if you're so jewish fatvag, where's your birthright trip?

No. 791986

Lmao the zoom in to her tortured, oppressed eye

No. 791987

It matches up. She leaves the hospital and goes to buy -pizza and wine and probably several pints of Ben and Jerry's-at the Tesco, and decides to take a photo there. Although why she didn't get one in a hospital hair holding her head in her hands for prime munchie sympathy I don't know.

No. 791988

File: 1553957420414.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, F519B307-926C-44FD-A402-D35C29…)

God, can you imagine how she smells.

No. 791990

No video was deleted, they're both still there. Videos embedded on LC sometimes don't open, so you have to right click→copy video URL→paste it in the link bar, and it will open on youtube

>comment was posted 2 minutes ago
She really is always on the internet, huh

No. 791991

File: 1553959954138.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, 1323123516269.jpg)

Why in god's name would you ever post this? Like why even? Does she adore attention, even if it's negative? Is it like those humiliation kinksters?

For that matter, why doesn't she have sores under her fat belly if she isn't washing for days and presumably is sweating from sitting in the same spot for hours on end?

God, ew. Please don't bully Phoebe off the internet, the nausea from looking at her antics is making me lose weight.

No. 791992

File: 1553960605625.png (2.47 MB, 750x1334, 39A0C359-74A0-438F-B8BD-44C301…)

Why is 50% of her ‘art’ just poorly drawn letters colored in? Literally anyone is capable of making these, toddlers included

No. 791993

>Retro gaming style
Excuse me? Has Phoebe ever played a game in her life? Rainbow pastels is not retro gaming style kek

No. 791995

File: 1553961106007.png (3.02 MB, 1440x2362, Screenshot_2019-03-30-10-47-11…)

Never mind I feel like a dummy. She's trying to bank of non-political merch now

No. 791998

Covering both the gamergate and anti-gamergate markets I see, canny of her.

No. 792001

File: 1553963137056.png (600.99 KB, 1049x614, Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 16.25…)

II'm not too knowledgeable about the market for genital-painted items, because I am a normal functioning member of society, but does anyone know if this print shows up frequently enough to be dismissed or is Phoebe 'inspired' by this artist?

>Normal functioning
>On lolcow.farm

No. 792002

File: 1553963164718.png (500.74 KB, 884x614, Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 16.24…)

No. 792003

File: 1553963346303.png (721.41 KB, 1063x669, Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 16.28…)

No. 792005

File: 1553963440381.png (204.88 KB, 1049x614, Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 16.28…)

No. 792006

I don't get why we need to spam the thread with postings of everything she has in her store. If people wanna look and see all the shitty stuff she sells, they can find her Etsy easily. This isn't milk though

No. 792007

The second and fourth images are from another store, I'm wondering if the similarities are enough to insinuate art-theft.

No. 792010


Not really. Similar “boob” prints have been popular around the internet for a couple of years now. Phoebe is just trying to hop on the bandwagon.

Also please sage your posts.

No. 792015

She owns stuff by this artist so there's a fair chance that it's where she got her idea from

No. 792020

File: 1553965508278.png (371.3 KB, 680x656, thisisdrivingmecrazy.png)

This may just be a nitpick but it seriously drives me crazy how lazy she is with her "job". Like all the text pieces she has look like she goes in without any grids or anything, no practicing before the final product, nothing. Just makes whatever she thinks of right there and derides "whatever, thats good enough" and then actually asks for money for this low effort garbage. Why can't her pathetic political art at least be neat and clean? Is the bare minimum really too much to ask of her? You could even simply resize stuff to line them up better ffs. Anything that could make it look like she has the ability to put effort into any aspect of her life would be nice.

No. 792028

File: 1553965841256.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9266.PNG)

I'm starting to think her hygiene is the biggest/only real indicator she has of depression so she's milking the shit out it. (no pun intended)

No. 792049

Typical signs of a spoiled lazy ass. Doesn't wash for days then uses masks as if they're going to fix the hard work of basic daily hygiene.

No. 792054

She probably hasn’t bathed because they need to fill up a paddling pool out back

No. 792062

Or rent out Seaworld.

No. 792064

First of all how dare you insult her StYlE it's an aesthetic and youre just proving how able bodies try to OpPrEsS disabled transfat people!!!


No. 792068

Every time she says she’s “washing” herself, I have to laugh. I guess it’s an actual britfag word, but where I live we don’t say we’re washing ourselves. It gives me the visual image of Phoebe having to go through a whole hours-long process that involves the help of her neighbors or something. Like they have a swimming pool for residents of her apartments, and people aren’t allowed to use the pool when Phoebe finally decides to “wash” because it’s the only bath tub she fits in. Then people take turns spraying water at her using a hose, as others take turns scrubbing her down with those big sponges meant for cars. Kinda like if Phoebe were a car at a car wash. Saged for dumb thoughts

No. 792069

I’d be interested to know what she thinks of people who are 600lbs+ losing weight so they don’t die, considering all weightloss is apparently fatphobic to her

No. 792070

File: 1553970662875.jpeg (48.82 KB, 640x189, 642B89CE-2039-4193-A497-B18642…)

never posted here before and probably won't again but i've been following feebz for years to watch the train wreck unfold and i just saw a comment of hers stating that her and henry moved in together after only 5 months of being a couple and it just…. idk… obviously there's nothing wrong with that necessarily but with henry's autism and her overly controlling nature, it just seems to me that she managed to trick him really early on and made it harder for him to escape :/ poor guy really was just sucked in very quickly to this shambles and i'm sure it's hard to leave when your whole life is uprooted and suddenly revolving around this ham planet within a short few months- must fuck with your head, majorly.

No. 792072

Didn't she make a video where she berates companies for not hiring her to model because of her "fat, disabled body" and slaps her stomach in anger?
Phoebe, no clothing company (or any company) will hire you if you have poor hygiene. You'll stink up their clothes

No. 792073

lmao. The presenter of that show has made his career with his edgy (for want of a better term) humour. He constantly takes the piss out of fatties and thats the least offensive of his content for many. She can't be unaware of this.

No. 792074

Companies still want to sell their product and have at least decently attractive models kek. They'll have plus sized/fat models, but they still pick cute, clean looking ones. Oh and professional ones. Not screeching trainwrecks.

No. 792075


There was a blog post, that she apparently deleted. It said that, after (!) moving in with Henry, she found out that she can't get any benefits anymore, because Henry earns too much. Wouldn't you inform yourself BEFORE you move in with someone? I would be so ashamed, if I was here.

No. 792077

Yes. Then she got mad and jealous at bodyposipanda when she was chosen to be in a music video, but Phoebe wasn’t picked. Despite Phoebe claiming to be a supporter of her and someone who’s gone to bodyposipanda’s inclusive events. Phoebe was mad that they favored bodyposipanda’s shape, but not hers. So yeah only when Phoebe is monetarily benefitting from obesity does body positivity matter.

No. 792082

I wonder if pheebs declared herself autistic once she got with henry as to rationalize her clear taking advantage of an autistic person. how can one autist take advantage of another one huh?

No. 792086

Yeah, at her weight she probably has mild degenerative disk disease. However, it doesn't actually cause any pain or mobility problems until it becomes severe, and she hasn't been obese for long enough for this to have happened unless there is traumatic injury or other complications involved. And that's the only spine problem she's probably qualified to have that a doctor couldn't diagnose without tests.
It's fucking terrible but anybody who looks at this shit and thinks that it's worth buying deserves to have their money taken from them

No. 792088


Autism is classified as a disability in the UK. My guess is, that she wants to claim disability, so she can get benefits. It is clearly the intention of the letter her dad wrote.

No. 792089

despite her sharing similar traits of autistic people–obsessive interest in one thing (SJW politics) and difficulty with social interactions and relationships it can all be explained away by her just being a manipulative asshole as well. Not to armchair diagnose her. Def not autistic.

No. 792094

She looks like shrek

No. 792104

It's definitely not a commonly used phrase in the UK, more one a clinician would use to describe the needs of a patient. Like, 'patient has trouble washing herself'.

No. 792106

It's 'pseudoscience' pushed by fatphobic doctors lmao

No. 792108

Is it me or is 5 months a fine time to move in with your partner? Tell me if I'm a bunny boiler

No. 792113

Wow so even the way she describes cleaning herself has to be the way a doctor would say if.

There’s nothing wrong with that! It’s just that Phoebe is clearly using Henry. So the timeline is:
- Henry was hired as a lorry driver July, 2016.
- Henry and Phoebe officially start dating January of 2017.
- They move in together 5 months later. Likely so Phoebe could be in her own place and be lazy, and so she can over complicate her ~condishuns~ without daddy noticing she’s lying.

It kind of seems that Phoebe went for whoever would not only be dumb enough to date her, but someone who she could easily manipulate and has a source of income. She has repeatedly mentioned how she’s so happy that Henry works.

If Henry makes bank (which he does if he’s working that much time) then Phoebe has to pick one. Either be oh so poor and you can’t do much, or you’re still well off by virtue of your partner that you can’t claim benefits. But you’re still well off. What an inconsistent lying fraud.

No. 792114

File: 1553976690704.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1969, DE199159-ABE5-422D-85BD-F7DC89…)

oh my fucking god she posts this each week. Here’s her newest close-up where she bitches about it.
I thought she got her printer for free??

No. 792119

File: 1553976874423.jpeg (490.39 KB, 1242x1916, C3D9566E-FE30-4A5E-8FA9-848B23…)

Everything always has to be ~on sale~

No. 792123

Just has to remind everyone that she’s poor even though she buys unnecessary stuff all the time

No. 792124

there is one set of boobs that looks super similar though, the breast cancer one. and it's the same boob that's taken away

No. 792125


Hahaha, the communist who pretends to be working class is buying from Asos.

Little quote from Wiki

"In 2017, workers continued to report that they often worked without regular breaks. Furthermore, issues have been brought to light in regards to worker exploitation and minimum wage conditions."

Asos is also using fur and leather.

No. 792126

does anybody know how much these shorts cost? because i'm looking at the website and shorts on sale range from 5 to 25 pounds. she couldn't get something from a thrift shop? our vegan queen.

No. 792127

File: 1553977756891.png (1.51 MB, 1766x1262, Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-30 um 2…)

No. 792128

File: 1553977854669.png (1.57 MB, 1816x1338, Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 20.30…)

Looks like these ones, £7.50 down from £25.

No. 792133

Honestly, it doesn't matter if they were two dollars. She asks people for money so that she can eat. And not just to buy food but so that she can order take out food. Many people do not have the luxury of doing that. Shit, I don't have the luxury of doing that. Not often anyway. That nasty bitch needs to stop that shit now. God, I detest her so much. I want more than anything for those people that give her money to know who she really is.

No. 792135

Dunno where you are in the UK but I'm from London and it's a perfectly normal thing to say.

No. 792139

>claims to be a communist.

>is a smol business owner

No. 792142

File: 1553978885938.jpg (152.98 KB, 600x338, yeah-well-thats-just-like-your…)

I'm in the West Midlands and if we were going to have a bath, we'd say so. Same with a shower. 'Washing self' strikes me as medical/generalised terminology but I'm open to being wrong

No. 792144

File: 1553979056367.jpeg (1004.67 KB, 1242x1908, E699CD63-C3C6-4838-8A0E-2843B7…)

This bitch she already has 40 Instagram stories what a horror show!! And the latest ones are all reposts of people promoting her work under the guise of “support queer disabled artists!!” So all her “pity me:/“ stories have garnered sympathy from people who are now signal boosting her “work.” And Feebz is reposting the people show casing her “work” to her followers.

Hopefully it just annoys her followers more than anything, and that they don’t fall for it even more.

No. 792148

Yeah ditto, Londoner and hear that commonly

No. 792151

File: 1553980062272.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, B9BCE505-90C4-4F97-93FD-86BBD1…)

I don’t get why you’d want a badge with your disability on it

No. 792156

I have syphilis

No. 792157


Can someone please make better merch that doesn't look like a 5 year made it and out sell it. It wouldn't be hard to do.

No. 792168

She's so fucking lazy she can only use the same few colors for everything she does. She's trying for some rainbow thing, I get that, but the pronouns all look the same,just different words. She's just putting shit together, hoping they'd sell. Her crap isn't worth it.

No. 792176

I swear her badges/pins sound like actual chan meme stuff.
>I have ostheoporosis
>Please be patient I have autism
They're only missing Pepe the frog in background

No. 792178

File: 1553982911219.png (50.13 KB, 322x362, Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 5.46…)

comment on her latest instagram post. does this mean that she doesn't even run her business herself and he helps out?

No. 792188

Imagine being a "communist" and buying clothing that says 'resist the powers' from a corporate giant that uses slave labor
If she were even somewhat smart then she would make the letters the colors and color patterns of various LGTBQ+ flags and make the designs more appealing for the kinds of idiots that buy this kind of shit but she's just that uninspired.

No. 792208

She should sell the insert disablity/condition here badge as is. The perfect munchie accessory

No. 792216

File: 1553989213131.png (7.74 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9274.PNG)

Again, being "accountable" for everything except the hitler sperg and rape jokes.

No. 792218

And the actual rape

No. 792225

didn't she most recently show her disgust for black men who happen to be attracted to fat white women? hmm pheebs? you gonna address the internalized white supremacy or whatever you can come up with?

No. 792229

Wait… what actual rape? I thought there was just that one incident with the girl she tried to drag in to the tent?

No. 792273

She's literally selling "art" of A BLACK WOMAN'S BODY PART that she fetishises. She's a whitey profiting off exactly what she decries… the hypocrisy

No. 792277

IMO we shouldn’t call it actual rape (if we’re talking about the same incident).

It kills the credibility of everything else we say about her that’s true.

Would be accurate to call it attempted rape or actual sexual assault though.

No. 792310

File: 1554006979835.jpeg (172.7 KB, 750x1334, 6D7CD725-57DE-47A8-A2C7-61BDC9…)

She started a whole story highlights reel where she can talk about the hardships of her “business.” AKA an excuse to keep posting more stories begging/shaming people to buy from her.

No. 792311

File: 1554007077981.jpeg (105.13 KB, 1080x1921, 18C96535-13D3-4AD7-A3C2-53630D…)

tomorrow she shit talks her mom for more pity points

No. 792314

File: 1554007146743.jpeg (132.21 KB, 1198x338, 4FC8DC72-0A9D-4999-A2C2-CFABFE…)

69 fucking stories. Meanwhile poor Henry was probably working, and if he wasn’t working he was helping her with her “business.” She Claims to have worked 11 hours today.

No. 792331

File: 1554008760198.jpeg (3.8 MB, 2931x3300, 64ADD173-7E88-45F1-8EF2-86510D…)

She’s fucked if someone has Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. You must not discriminate against the many lettered disabilities!

No. 792356

wasnt she on some tangent about women who arent actually obese making body positive posts like this?

No. 792364

Trigger warnings for mother's day… 'biz' being appropriation…


No. 792382

File: 1554023003103.jpeg (350.33 KB, 750x1049, 1ADF1CF5-C3E2-437F-830E-8875BD…)

Chronic fatigue syndrome and ME are not the same thing and shouldn’t lazily be just lumped together. She even has someone on the thread pointing as much out, she’s such a crusader for disability but doesn’t even bother correcting the post. I know people who have ME and that HATE being associated with CFS, she’s profiting off these condishuns (she also claims to have - you can’t have both bitch, you have ME or Chronic Fatigue syndrome - you’ll be diagnosed with one or the other - if you could ever get a diagnosis- stop trying, you can’t even fake something successfully). She’s profiting off then without even bothering to do 5 seconds of research

No. 792384


No. 792385

i get why today would be uncomfortable for some people with mum issues but imo it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to trigger warn any posts about their mum. good or bad! pfft. feebs likes to pretend she has mammy issues cos she hates women and was absolutely owned with the whole “how many cunts have you licked? none”, lmfao

also sorry for the full stop above this post — was checking if i was allowed to post again

No. 792388


Lots of people work from home that manage to wash, shower, brush their teeth - you know, generally take care of themselves. Stop trying to cover your gross laziness Feebs, no-one is buying it.

No. 792390

Uhh, they always are grouped together. Just look at wikipedia:

>Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), is a medical condition characterized by long-term fatigue and other persistent symptoms that limit a person's ability to carry out ordinary daily activities

She's a dumbass but not wrong there - or not more wrong than the rest of the world that considers ME and CFS the same thing.

No. 792391

lmao so they can literally pull their disability card

No. 792393

lmao so they can literally pull their disability card

No. 792395

i love that she considers herself a small business owner, ha. i know nothing about running a (small) business but wouldn’t pheebs need to register her “business” as a company? and to have at least one or two employees, including herself? and numbers like profits will need to be involved? flogging your half arsed “products” on etsy doesn’t make you a small business owner, feebs! oh imagine if she tried to set up a business for sex work

No. 792398

You're right, they are always grouped together. Although anyone who actually has ME (instead of someone just misdiagnosed due to general fatigue or laziness) will tell you that we do not suffer from fatigue - it's about 5% of the illness. The name began with a different kind of illness that was just fatigue which psychologists picked up. I've had tests that show the inflammation in my brain and blood, nothing infuriates me more than someone saying I have CFS, it just invalidates my suffering. I would NEVER wear a badge that said 'CFS' on it, I wouldn't wear an ME badge either because I don't see the point (and her 'art' is ugly) but CFS is so much worse.

I can say for a fact Phoebe does not have CFS or ME - she's just fat, depressed, and lazy. She goes on and on about her 'pains' and 'fatigue', but never the PEM, cognitive dysfunction, noise and light sensitivity, migraines, memory loss, orthostatic intolerance, flu like symptoms, immunological and neurological problems. Phoebe infuriates me, she's the kind of person who gives people with actual ICC ME a bad name. Bet she'll read this and magically start having all these symptoms.(People with autism often have a hard time adapting to new environments and social expectations within them.)

No. 792399

since it seems there’s been an influx of U.K.-based newcomers to the site (I’m guessing word spread fast), here’s a gentle reminder to sage your non-contributing personal takes

No. 792400


You can absolutely be a small business owner solo, and through platforms like Etsy. If she wants to be a legit business though, she HAS to register with HMRC and do self assessments for tax each year.

Even Avon ladies are supposed to do it. If she's not declared herself as self employed through HMRC, she is committing a crime. Even if she makes £0 profit, she still needs to declare.

No. 792401

File: 1554033889170.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 15A98ECC-3EEA-404B-8D27-16D103…)

lol she’s clearly reading this thread. this is her showing everyone the ‘really small’ slice of toast from her eating disorder days

No. 792404

Wonder how many additional slices of that she had - that’s not 1 banana, barely a 1/3 of one - bets are she had 3 or 4 of those(People with autism often have a fixation and engage in a repetitive behaviour towards it.)

No. 792411

I’m cracking the fuck up that she feels it’s necessary to let everyone know things are value and not name brand. Calm down, Luna.

No. 792412

KEK she's pretending she's scrounging up coins to feed herself. I bet there's going to be a "waaah so poor and hungry pls donate" in the next couple hours

No. 792413

Also agave is basically high fructose corn syrup but go off

No. 792415

File: 1554038314154.png (278.47 KB, 1440x1894, Screenshot_2019-03-31-08-18-08…)

>chunky lad

No. 792417

>having a day off where I can dress nicely and do some makeup and stuff is fun
Every day is a day off for her… she can put on makeup and nice clothes any day, she's just a fucking slob.

No. 792418

>and I personally forget to ~human~ and don't wash for days lol
I thought it was because you're in too much pain and too tired to stand up?
On the bright side, at least she's admitting to being an unrepentant lazy ham.

No. 792425

Also, working from home you have more spare time on your hands, so I don't know why she's implying that somehow working from home gives her less time. Even people with normal jobs with 2+ commute hours have regular showers and take care of themselves.

No. 792430


Something that a small child could make and she makes out like she's sharing a recipe lol

Also who adds a sweetener to banana and peanut butter? Surely that's already a pretty sweet option for breakfast

No. 792432

This really blows my mind. Of course she "can be out and proud" about her gender; she doesn’t even try to pass as anything other than female?

No. 792455

File: 1554050119739.png (1.44 MB, 1025x1062, Screenshot_20190331-122704.png)


She always looks unwashed and unkept. I wish she would fix her damn eyebrows.

No. 792459


>that saggy boob pin

No. 792460


Is the mono-brow part of her 'gender identity' cos she does look like a fat man in drag here

No. 792461

if she lost the weight and took good care of herself, she'd be pretty.

No. 792462

File: 1554052261935.jpeg (41.15 KB, 640x1138, 49DF44FC-24FC-48A4-AF2D-418B48…)


No. 792463

File: 1554052417498.jpeg (64.48 KB, 640x1136, 959D80A3-5D2D-483A-99AF-BC1263…)


it’s a picture of you and your mother, feebs. how the hell does that require a content warning?

her mam is pretty.

No. 792467

She keeps it long on purpose, and it's obvious she has a bit of lip hairs she shaves.

No. 792468


lol at how everything requires a trigger warning. My mom is dead but I don't need people walking on eggshells or hiding their mothers from me. How thin-skinned are these people?(People with autism often have repetitive behavior patterns that are hard to break.)

No. 792469

Because motherhood is ~triggering~ to tims, ofc.

I'd say it was a cw for people who had terrible abusive mothers but I doubt this cow is capable of giving a thought to anything that doesn't have a label you can use to let everyone know you're special.

No. 792500

People are "harassing" me? I'm getting death threats? People constantly looking for info on me?
Better post my mom's Instagram for the people who follow my every move!!

No. 792506


Do people like Pheobs honestly believe their own highly exaggerated versions of reality or are they aware that they are full of BS?

I mean this girl has all the time in the world to sit at home by herself and reflect

No. 792517

File: 1554065843320.jpg (624.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190331-215349_Ins…)

No. 792518

File: 1554065876589.jpg (731.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190331-215600_Ins…)

No. 792519

File: 1554065918100.jpg (483.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190331-215353_Ins…)

No. 792520

Holy cow, her mom is gorgeous. And she's a fucking legend who calls Feebs out on her bullshit, not to mention an actual bisexual woman without being an insufferable fuck. Incredible.

I didn't realize there was an entire community of these types of LGBT ~disabled folx~.

No. 792522

I love how these not-apologies are just her lecturing other people about shit she’s guilty of, instead of actually taking accountability and apologizing.

Your white and born with a big butt naturally? You can’t show it off or refer to it in any way! That’s not your butt! It’s a black womans butt! Born with plump lips? Better fucking wear a surgeons mask unless you want pheebs to accuse you of copying black people!

Does she honestly think that BODY PARTS belong to certain races? Bit racist dont cha think? Many black women have small butts/small boobs/small lips too. And many white women/mixed/hispanic are born with big lips/big butts/big tits. Does she think all black women are just like those old racist caricature cartoons and anyone who shares a similar body part is “fetishizing”?

Coming from the same girl who joked about her “big booty” and is as white as printer paper. Hypocrite.

No. 792523

I swear do these people just have fun throwing out words
This girl's a cow but not as bad as Phoebs

No. 792539

>Does she honestly think that BODY PARTS belong to certain races?

Are you new? Of course she doesn't. She doesn't believe any of that shit. She just adopts SJW lingo to get away with bullying, putting others down, and feeling self-righteous, much like the others in her circle. Feebs is just one big, fat phoney who couldn't be popular being an edgelord, so she took her hatred to a community where she could change a few words around and be praised for it.

No. 792540

>they’re being targeted by ableist people
>vegan fascists

Love how there are multiple actual disabled anons in this thread and maybe only a few vegans posting here.

Isn’t pheebs a “fascist vegan” herself?
And has been an ableist in her tweets before? Lololol how does that somehow discredit the accusations? She admitted to it herself and tried to excuse it by saying she was on drugs, multiple people witnessed it, she posted about it. These blinders they wear are 6inches thick.

No. 792547


Wasn't there proof of her sexually assault someone?

No. 792555

Good I thought I was the only one that thought that. She's so ugly on the inside though, that she'll never get her shit together and continue to neglect her basic hygiene in the name of being "disabled".

No. 792562

File: 1554072799130.png (3.34 MB, 1242x1832, 8CB8B595-80E4-4DA5-977F-E21A47…)



This girl is exactly like phoebe but less fat and has an unpaid internship and lives with her mom who pays for everything, only difference. They’re both special snowflake transboi™, upper-middle class, white, “so gay!” while dating cis guys, sjw, ableist “activist”, “small business” selling shitty art, anti-capitalism but rich, “I can’t walk!!!1” fibro bro munchie malingerers with prop walking canes who get pissed when people don’t believe their they’re sick and get angry when all their tests come back normal and show they are healthy.

She was running around fine just late last year then suddenly started touting around a rainbow star walking cane while wearing platform shoes lol drones on about how she can’t get out of bed and her legs hurt waaaa I don’t like walking BS but has no problem trekking around exotic vacations when it suits her. Gets mad at doctors and say she’s being “invalidated” and “discriminated against for being feminine presenting trans young folx” when they tell her she’s fine and she can walk normally, says this is all due to ~sooper severe fibromyalgia~ (when her elderly grandmother has actual fibro). Complains that when she gets triggered that the pain gets ~soo much worse~ and actually fakes a limp sometimes for pity points. Makes her mommy wait on her hand in foot while she whines in bed watching tv and making fingerprinted “art”. Makes her mom take photos of her. Gained weight right before she first started complaining of her legs hurting her. Makes her mom take her to every specialist under the sun for issues she has no symptoms of, all tests come back normal. Complains how expensive her unnecessary medical costs are but doesn’t pay for it. Proud of having “no accomplishments” because she’s “surviving”. So brave. Takes selfies in the doctors office bathroom with her urine sample as a prop KEK

>pic very related

No. 792583

File: 1554076128991.jpeg (243.78 KB, 750x999, 41CFA845-7092-42C5-96C6-008A59…)

I don’t want to derail but this girl needs her own thread. Just a quick look at her ig and she hits all the snowflake check boxes in addition to responding to extremely poor trolling attempts

These people enable others like phoebe to be the lazy sack of shit she is. People like this is why fibro is a joke and why a lot of people in pain don’t even look into getting help because they don’t want to be compared to this

No. 792584

there’s literally a thread for suggesting new threads. there’s no reason to post her here except for attention

No. 792588

I wasn’t the original anon who posted her, was just comparing what I found to phoebe. Regardless what I was saying was these people are so desperate for a sense of community that they make their life about ~being disabled. I doubt without this trend of being in too much pain to work, phoebe would have chosen this life. She might still mooch off a man or her parents, but not go full hambeast with self diagnosed fibro that can’t wash herself. It’s just jarring to see more of this subculture through other potential cows

No. 792593

File: 1554078351192.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, B7DF9DA6-D0BA-4419-BFBC-D636DD…)

To garner attention? To win the oppression olympics?

Also what past trauma? Her ass tearing open from bloody shits?

No. 792597


I would suggest a community thread, but that would be a munchie thread which is verboten.

No. 792605

File: 1554081197618.jpeg (113.26 KB, 640x1138, F46DB152-34C3-445F-8991-C606E2…)

god she ruins the photo

No. 792606

Yo Phoebe, you not going to cancel your nan for wearing a dashiki-esque dress?

No. 792607

File: 1554081885958.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190401-021313.png)

No. 792613

>I'm going to try and verify that
It's not your fucking business to verify anything. It's not your concern. You already apologized for posting incorrect information, let it go. But no, it keeps you in some kind of stupid spotlight now that you know she's being talked about. Ridiculous how far these people will go for attention.

No. 792617

Everyone in her family looks cute and nice. She's the only one that sticks out and like, in a REALLY terrible way. You can tell she's the family member that does shit for attention

No. 792621

Eh at least it’s a pretty good apology as far as internet apologies go, definitely better and more effective than pheobes F- apology…. but that was some dumb shit she did before with the “it’s just ableist vegan fascists” and “I talked to phoebe and she said it was BS so it’s all a lie confirmed” shit and only corrected it when she got called out for being a sjw hypocrite. I’d kill to see the frantic DMs phoebe spammed to this chick to get her to backpedal on her post. Bet it was filled with manipulation, gaslighting, and victim shielding. Wonder who those “friends” were that DM’d her and told her that it was all some crazy vendetta vegan fascists. Probably phoebe’s few remaining internet fwendz and sock puppet accounts lel

No. 792635

File: 1554093827764.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, E3218706-F090-40A3-B54A-3BF8F0…)

No. 792645

she looks like a young penn jillette covered in unicorn vomit

saged(People with autism often have difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication, such as understanding how rules apply to them.)

No. 792648


While I agree that this person is being a cow and that it’s none of her business and that she’s obviously doing this for attention, I am glad someone’s doing it. It’s one thing that we’re over here discussing Phoebe and she probably thinks we’re bitter trolls, but another known SJW calling her out probably has Peeby in a panic. This is something that’s gonna drag on for days. If the victim of the assault says she believes it was attempted rape, then Pheone can no longer ignore it. What makes me feel good here is that finally someone is calling her out for being so fucking self-centered and making everything about herself. Doesn’t change the fact that this girl and Phoebe are attention whoring though.

No. 792652

if she just styled her hair with vaguely more effort and wore literally any other shirt that wasn't neon stripes, she'd fit in nicely in the family photo (i guess hiding behind the back of the couch does help though).
but honestly, dangerhair aside, what is it with the fat munchiefags and deliberately styling themselves like shit? reasonably priced, half way decent clothing still isn't that hard to find, even if you are plus sized. it's gotta be an unspoken diagnostic criterion for munchausen's by now, surely.

No. 792657


fucking brutal farmhand


I'm surprised she hasn't been automatically cancelled, the sjw crew are so fragile you'd think they'd go extra hard when they found out one of their own was such a fraud. We can but hope.

No. 792666

Anyone else noticed that when Phoebe holds herself ‘accountable’ she always tries to drag others down with her and turn it into a general life lesson to deflect? ‘Myself and others’ ok feebs but this is about you

No. 792667

Yeah, this is why her "apologies" are so horrible. The whole "remember this thing we used to do?! Being racist, misogynist and plotting mass genocide? uwu" thing is coward. And she makes everything about herself again. Instead of seriously apologizing and taking a break from social media, she goes on as always and makes herself the victim by whining about bullying. Instead of really owning up to her past, she says the reason for the current drama is us being ableist or transphobic or whatever. She is so unforgiving towards others, but really wants special treatment.

No. 792678

Only plain white bread and soup. I don't know if the rules are different in the UK but that's not what a colonoscopy diet is like here.

No. 792688

File: 1554128821808.png (6.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9284.PNG)

love how she has to fake not being happy about this

No. 792689

Some doctor offices have these booklets out in the waiting room…

No. 792691

isn't fibro what they diagnose you with when they're sick of your shit and want you to fuck off?

No. 792695

Yeah they diagnose you with it when tests rule everything else out but you’re still complaining about being sore

No. 792699

File: 1554131472987.png (8.41 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9285.PNG)

So she needed a diagnosis of, "sucks, this is your life now, avoid these foods and triggers" before finally trying to move her body more? amazing.

No. 792703

File: 1554132543526.png (8.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9286.PNG)

considering there are people in their 60's and 70's who work through the pain of fibro…yeah your diagnosis still isn't good enough to claim the benefits you feel entitled to…

No. 792705

You can tell shes gagging to update her instagram bio with another disability.(namefagging)

No. 792706

jesus christ, yes fibro CAN be brutal but do you know how to fix fibro pain, Phoebe?
You have to exercise! You complete twat, your pain is going to get worse if you DO NOT FIGHT IT and if you GIVE INTO IT
That body weight? Makes fibro worse.
Wheel chair, not using your legs? Makes your legs hurt even more when do you use them
and I s2g if she starts complaining about pissing blood she'll be like wah wah me i'm overexerting myself wah wah wah

Dude healing fibro IS PAINFUL, it's HARD, you have to WORK and PUSH yourself. If you get comfy and lazy in it, you make all the symptoms worse and any small amount of research will tell you that

Also her colonoscopy procedure sounds…wrong.
It isn't painful, they put you under.
You're forced to drink apple juice and take laxitives and I'm pretty sure you can't eat anything for about 24-28 hours (except veg broth and apple juice)
Fucking hell Phoebe.

No. 792710

the way she cries about it is so generic and stereotypical of a fibromyalgia google search it makes me sick

as an anon (no, not a fatty) with fibromyalgia (although i have other shit) i am triggered by this

jk, but really, can confirm. It was basically used as my "fuck off my office" diagnosis, although it turned out there really was something going on.

I think it's definitely a real thing, but 90% of diagnosis cases seems to be
>fatties who refuse the pain is from pressure on their joints and lack of exercise
>doctors who are tired of dealing with you because they're asswipes
>doctors who are tired of dealing with you because you're an asswipe

fibro sucks, it's devastating and grim, yes. but merely sitting on your ass and crying about it 24/7 is just going to make it worse. i know from experience.

No. 792711

File: 1554135777633.jpeg (232.15 KB, 1080x1921, 3C58FFE9-ECDE-4206-98FE-3A2E13…)

No. 792712

File: 1554135829232.jpeg (131.74 KB, 1080x1921, AFEAC58C-D136-4BDB-82A1-F1556E…)

No. 792716

she's gonna need that autism diagnosis along with the fibro if she wants to continue not working.

No. 792718


Ibs has a pretty successful treatment option though: the fodmap diet

No. 792723

wasn’t she already running around saying she had fibro for ages? yet now that she has an official diagnosis it’s suddenly a big thing again. smh

also i might be confused but i thought fibromyalgia was essentially a diagnosis of exclusion— like you had to go through a bunch of other tests for other shit that all came back negative and then they finally were like ok, we don’t know why they’re having these symptoms so they slap a fibro label on it. how does phoebs just walk into one appointment with a new doc and walk out with a diagnosis? seems fishy to me….

No. 792726


She can't even comprehend how invalidating this is for any of her followers who have fibro.

Feebs you're such a hypocrite.

No. 792736

I'd put money on the doctor having told her 'you're fine. Just do some exercise - maybe swimming'. And then Phoebe grabbed this leaflet from the waiting room.

No. 792749

File: 1554146528818.png (767.84 KB, 750x1334, 23986BA6-E2CC-4AE3-B96B-392ADC…)

Yes, your doctor wants you to relapse phoebe and definitely not because that’s a normal preparation for a colonoscopy, it’s all about you

No. 792752

Lol why would you admit this publicly? Basically her consultant noped out and told her to self refer.
(This referral option is not available if you are under the care of a Consultant for your problem as the consultant will refer the patient for specific physiotherapy in conjunction with occupational therapy).
Tfw you're told to fuck off for wasting time again and just do some stretches.

No. 792754

UK anons, why doesn’t phoebe still have insurance through her parents? Seems like her dad would have good insurance working as a cop? Is it because she doesn’t live with them and isn’t considered a dependent?

No. 792756


We have universal health care, insurance isn't a factor unless you decide to go the private route.

No. 792757

this is generic non-offensive shit that every sjw likes, it isn't autism pheebs. call me back when you have a special interest in 1970s SNL behind the scenes history like some autistic chick i know.

No. 792758

>mango and yoghurt
>ice cream

>Guys, I literally can't eat anything but black coffee!!

How can she not realize..

No. 792759

File: 1554148401219.jpeg (120.92 KB, 750x1334, 6D6E11A2-5CC6-44F4-9197-5F9B3F…)

If only the companies knew about your Hitler and rape tweets + sexual assault.

No. 792760

Not specific literature like this, that usually has to actually be given to you by the doctor unless you're at a sexual health clinic or info on like, routine optional screenings or blood/organ donation. That leaflet looks like
>you have been diagnosed with X disease, now what?
I've never seen that kind of thing just left out in a waiting room.

>also i might be confused but i thought fibromyalgia was essentially a diagnosis of exclusion
Basically yeah. Even though you should really be tested for every other condition it could be first, it's quite easy to get a fibro diagnosis in the UK. as another anon said, it's often used as a way to make patients fuck off. There's nothing they can do for you anyway so it's an easy way to make them go away, I reckon most doctors can spot someone who just wants to be ill like phoebe.

because we don't have health insurance in the UK?

No. 792768


I just googled colonoscopy prep And you are only suppose to clear foods like broth or non-colored jello, where the fuck is she getting she can eat mashed potatoes (made with a shit ton of butter and milk I'm sure) and ice cream.

No. 792772

>(made with a shit ton of butter and milk I'm sure)
Do you wanna like, actually read the thread and pay attention before replying maybe?

No. 792775

>>792772 you can get vegan milk and butter jfc

No. 792776

calm down lol

everyone knows shes just mad the list doesnt include vegan pizza and wine.

>why cant i just take meds??

because if youre unwilling to make changes in simple life choices to feel better ie stop shitting blood, then why should a doctor be willing to help you if you wont help yourself? medication isnt a cure all for most conditions especially when it really can be as simple as avoid alcohol and junk and move a little more during the day.

No. 792779


I think anon meant she should be eating clear liquids not her vegan version of dairy products.

I'm sure she is going to fuck it up some how.

No. 792821

What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the art of the milking, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids schemes on the onions, and I have over 300 confirmed milk spills. Im trained in catfishing and I'm the best autist in the entire lolcow milk forces. You are nothing to me but just another non-contributor. I will troll you the fuck out with dedication the likes of which has never been seen before on this board, mark my fucking words cow. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me on MY LOLCOW? Think again, non-contributor. As we speak I am contacting admin and other farmers across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the milking. The milking that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your snowflake life. You're fucking trolled, you snowflakes. I post anywhere, anytime, and I can sticky it in over seven different boards, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in milking, but I have access to the entire autism of the entire lolcow staff team and I will use it to its full extent to troll your miserable ass off the face of the board, you little bitch. If only you could have known what unholy contribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon lolcow, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 792832

What the fuck is going on

No. 792833

Seriously WTF

No. 792835

It is this year's april fools. Farmhands posting parodies of stuff and random rants/fake quarreling with each other.

No. 792859

Extremely unfunny and cringy tbh.

No. 792860

Well, since most trolls, and internet tough-guys ARE* pretty cringey and unfunny, I'd say it's pretty spot on.

*Oh, and power-tripping mods.

No. 792876

I'm having a giggle tbh once I remembered what day it was, it's just so out there to see farmhands saying weird shit

No. 792881

You must be fun at parties

No. 792887

didn't she like, beg the doctor to give her the colonoscopy? and now she's bitching about the prep for said procedure that literally EVERYONE has to do? god, she's fucking insufferable.

No. 792888

What the fuck… I knoew colonoscopy prep is different depending on what they look for and the doctor/surgery's preference but all the ones I've heard about involved nothing but clear fluids like water or veggie broth and the laxative the night before, absolutely no food and certainly not fucking ice cream. And they put you under, they HAVE to because they fill your rectum with gas (probably nothing new for Feeble Feebs) in order to see with the scope better.

Again, the person doing this womanchild's colonoscopy is NOT getting paid enough.

No. 792891

Kek is that the wheelchair? If she went in like that she really didn’t do herself any favours. Sent out with a basic leaflet, told to go back to her GP and refer herself to physio? Um, no. Nice try Feebs.

No. 792913

File: 1554180325975.jpeg (96.48 KB, 640x1138, 4C60DB70-5740-4671-890D-4EDDD4…)

someone’s fist pounding over jameela again. idek what the article refers to, piers morgan is a cunt who is shite at trolling but any mention of jameela and feebs is FUMING. 1/2

No. 792914

File: 1554180482587.jpeg (62.95 KB, 640x1138, F5740D69-ABF2-4E0A-AB71-E06B6A…)

unclench, feebs.

her obsession with jameela is hilarious. i’m sure it’s causing her arse bleed. 2/2

No. 792916

Jameela must be her very autistic very specific interest

No. 792917

Damn Phoebe is so mad that everyone is hailing Jameela as the SJW hero and not her. She’s mad that Jameela is getting the praise and attention and not her when she’s “such a good ally”. Get it together Phoebs

No. 792920

You can definitely find pamphlets like this in the waiting room, and in the exam room. It's not a true indicator that she has it. There ARE treatments, she's just being a child.
Although before this happened, I suggested here that if she did have fibro, swimming would be good for her "pains", and now she wants to swim more? Do it pheebs.

No. 792923

Is she.. defending piers Morgan?

No. 792924

Feebs in the near future?

No. 792925

It’s world autism awareness day today according to twitter, I wonder how Miss Phoebe will make this all about herself and her non existent autism.

No. 792953

File: 1554198638337.png (931.81 KB, 750x1334, AC10ECCE-4481-4DC6-8A1F-047A4B…)

Financially privileged people???

She only likes people with money when it benefits her.

No. 792956

File: 1554199434477.png (620.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-110256.png)


No. 792968


Probably a selfpost or a farmer
Seriously stop interacting with her

No. 792969

File: 1554202243800.jpeg (75.04 KB, 556x527, 456D2E73-C546-438E-B46D-65D1B2…)

patron saint of vegan butter feebs is really amping up the newfag traffic
>”you’re a racist, a rapist, and you’re gonna be exposed”
this is embarrassing which one of you did this raise your hand
Lara please don’t add your name

No. 792971


I posted the screencap but I haven't interacted with her.

No. 792975

File: 1554206566420.jpeg (117.33 KB, 640x1138, 0125A8B0-17D8-40EB-9120-0AE09D…)

what the fuck

No. 792976

File: 1554206898555.jpeg (132.04 KB, 640x1138, 25FA8935-A3A9-4214-899E-372C04…)

is this her way of celebrating autism awareness day? i feel like she’s trying to celebrate her partner but it just ends up being all about HER. everything he does for her! henry is a real actual human being, not a doll that picks up after you and wipes your arse. ffs feebs.

save henry 2k19

No. 792977

File: 1554206933024.png (99.22 KB, 693x477, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-02_1308…)

this is what the nhs provides about the pre diet

No. 792978

oh no anon! shes relapsing into her (binge)eating disorder! be more kind!

No. 792979

oh no biscuits and ice cream for breakfast, what a tragedy

No. 792980

File: 1554207592273.png (532.11 KB, 775x662, Opera Snapshot_2019-04-02_1318…)

No. 792986

Lmao so she has ignored the advice about perfectly healthy normal meals to gorge on ice cream for fucking breakfast as her ~colonoscopy prep meal~? lmao something tells me this isn't the first time she's had ice cream for breakfast

No. 792988

File: 1554211595110.png (831.15 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_20190402-062319~2.p…)

can y'all stop cowtipping. she's trash and will take herself out without anyone needing to "expose" her, all this is going to do is prematurely dry out the milk flow

No. 792989

File: 1554212039634.png (884.81 KB, 720x1177, Screenshot_20190402-063023~2.p…)

is she trying to blame acting like a shithead on being a vegan tho because that high-key makes no fucking sense

also not 2 blogpost but im white + vegan and i know how to behave and mind my own business phoebe, not everyone's a mess like you(no1curr)

No. 792990


I don't understand how veganism can be tied to anti-semitism? Like you eat some tofu and suddenly think the Holocaust wasn't such a bad idea?

No. 792993

Half the posts we're laughing about are her current antics lmao. Unless she's talking just about the posts she's worried about being cancelled for? I suppose the people she associates with are used to her fat acceptance cringe/munchie antics.

No. 792994

>'It's like a cult'
Phoebe's suppressed skeptic fighting to be set free

No. 792995


Is she actually getting a colonoscopy because those are not prep foods. You are supposed to be on a clear liquid diet, non-red jelly at most.

No. 793001


Her colonoscopy is in 2 days I think

No. 793003

I think her colonoscopy is late tomorrow.
With morning sessions you need to stop eating solids after a light breakfast and then stick to clear liquids for the rest of the day, so I think she's just trying to delay her liquid diet for as long as she can.

No. 793004

I just googled it and what I've found is that Jewish groups/vegan groups conflict over the argument that industrialised animal slaughter is an atrocity which resembles the Holocaust. Jewish people find it offensive that the killing of animals for meat is being compared to the hate-fuelled eradication of groups of humans (understandably so), feeling it is dehumanising. Radial vegans meanwhile, feeling animal and human lives should be equal, think this is a totally fair comparison (also a coherent/understandable view if you follow their logic). They're using the Holocaust, an event reasonable people recoil in horror from, as a shock comparison to get people to re-evaluate their understanding of the value of life.

They also campaign to get kosher slaughter banned, which stops Jewish people from being able to eat meat at all.

I'm not Jewish or vegan though so if anyone wants to add anything please do.

No. 793007

>goes on rant about how he does everything for her
>"You're a messy twat"

this cunt is unbelievable

No. 793008

I'm not sure if this is true. Israel has the highest population of Jews and vegans….and jewish vegans.

No. 793012

Biscuits and ice cream for breakfast? Yeah, looks sooper hard Feebs. As if this hog is gonna be able to stop shovelling crap down her throat before tomorrow.

No. 793014

ikr how she going to accuse anyone else of being messy when she brags about not washing for days?

No. 793909

File: 1554223412083.png (131.03 KB, 1387x807, colopro.png)

IDK seems like she's going to purposely mess this up….
Or her gluttony will mess it up for her.

No. 793910


Comparisons between animal agriculture and the holocaust tend to be considered distasteful in most vegan circles, mostly because it's known to be divisive to the public and so rubbish for activism, but there is a significant (or at least vocal) population of Jewish people who go vegan when they see the similarities (gas chambers, mass graves, etc.). There's even a decent book called 'Eternal Treblinka', written by a holocaust survivor turned animal rights activist.

Of course Phoebe likely just saw an opportunity to accuse others of being complicit in a holocaust and jumped right on that train, much like she does now whenever people don't use a "trans" person's chosen neo-pronouns.

No. 793911

File: 1554223774567.png (6.18 MB, 1242x2208, 93EA4EFF-F07E-40D7-9496-123107…)

“the feeling of hunger is seriously triggering for me”
she’s so clueless can she not see how stupid that is to say that? as if going hungry occasionally isn’t just rite of passage for being poor basically anywhere, and she’s supposedly some hardy, working class crusader? fuck off phoebe

No. 793919

"the feeling of hunger is seriously triggering for me"

this entitled fat fucking bitch gets on my nerves. i wish she'd go up to someone that has actually lived through starvation and poverty, someone that's had to go hungry due to circumstances completely out of their control, and tell them "boo hoo hoo i'm so hungwyyy". you're going hungry bc you have to get a medical procedure done that requires you not to eat, and you're whining about it like you're a fucking malnourished child living through a famine. grow the fuck up, you retard. welcome to the real fucking world. i bet homeless people get real fucking triggered by not having safe, reliable access to hot food every day too and i bet they don't whine half as much as your obese entitled privileged ass. maybe not shoving food down your mouthhole for 5 whole fucking minutes will help you lose some goddamn weight, you disgusting fucking landwhale.

No. 793920

File: 1554226021414.jpg (770.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-182518_Ins…)

Fibrofag also checks here

No. 793921

File: 1554226083078.jpg (619.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-182524_Ins…)

Hey fibrofag, none of us are going to harass poor or marginalised people that you post. Don't use us as an excuse

No. 793922

File: 1554226370416.jpg (542.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-183117_Ins…)

Omg she's so whiny. She asked for the procedure. She wanted to be diagnosed, but now she's moaning.

It's not a big deal to go a day or two eating plain white foods.

She's so privileged and spoilt.

No. 793925

That reply reeked of self post from the start.

No. 793926

White vegan here who has never acted like her, ever. Might struggle on Twitter though.(no1curr)

No. 793927


Would sage next time since this topic isn’t about her.

No. 793928

God damn it phoebe. Maybe get a hobby, a job, ANYTHING to do with your immense amount of free time, so you won't be so miserable. You have no frame of reference for actually bad experiences so the smallest inconvenience is the worst thing ever.

If you care about social justice at all then remove yourself from the public, because your whole existance is triggering to me.

No. 793929

So the colonoscopy is too triggering for her but she wants to whine about not getting an enema because she can't handle fucking toast?
She's clearly a food addict that needs to address her unhealthy relationship with food. But since she can't take accountability for anything else in her life that will obviously never happen. She's pathetic.

No. 793930

>"why can't the NHS just waste time and money clearing shit out my bowels so I don't have to do anything I don't want to do"

Jfc it must be wild being this pathetic

No. 793933

Do we not have a munchie thread anymore?? I want to follow up on this embarrassment

No. 793935

File: 1554228635360.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9305.PNG)

Clearly doesn't understand what starvation is.

No. 793937

Imagine being so fucking lazy and entitled that you expect hardworking doctors with patients who actually need their time, to wash out your fucking asshole rather than sticking to a pretty generous diet plan for a day or two. Imagine.

Phoebe if they tried to starve you it would do you fucking good

No. 793940

Mate you had a big bowl of biscuits and ice cream six hours ago. Calm down, you're not going to starve

No. 793942


They no longer do full sedation for colonoscopies on the NHS. You get benzos to mildly sedate you during the procedure, that's it. You can indeed eat low residue foods (like white bread etc) the day before the scope.

No. 793947

So this bitch chose the most unhealthy food choices she could have here. She legit could have had cereal for breakfast like a normal human

Jello might be 20 calories but calories don't represent how full the meal will make you. I don't remember the last time someone felt full drinking a glass of pop. Jello is at least solid which will trick her body into being more satisfied by eating it than simply drinking juice or broth. Also Is this bitch too dumb to understand that "eating" broth is the same as drinking tea? It's flavoured hot water with minor nutritional value. Unless she's so stupid she thinks a clear soup has anything in it (and that's why she's asking for a recipe). Either way, bitch shouldn't be complaining so much. It's her fault she expanded her stomach in the morning so much in the first place with that massive portion of ice cream (which honestly was probably enough calories for the day even before her likely current binging on jello). She wanted the colonoscopy to fake her disability and here it is, she only has to skip two meals for it after binging on ice cream

No. 793948

File: 1554232141159.jpeg (126.04 KB, 1080x1921, 84C3935B-BB2C-4965-88E9-F4248A…)

God while the expose account was obvious cowtipping and should not be condoned, this cunt keeps falling back on the whole “yeah but everyone has seen those tweets already!!” when she literally always omits the more serious ones. Some of them aren’t tweets that aren’t as old as you’re making them out to be. Also the whole suicidal thing how the fuck is that our fault?
I genuinely hate this cow. At least with other cows they sometimes have good moments, but I can’t think of anything good about Phoebe.

No. 793955

how is she so blind that she cant apply this to jamilla
oh yeah, shes a racist

No. 793957


I had a colonoscopy last year for IBD without sedation and had to stick to a clear liquid diet for 24 hours before - I guess it varies for different NHS trusts.

No. 793961

Self proclaimed poorest person ever can't handle eating plain noodles and bread? If any other person said that she'd lose her shit about how "That's so ableist and classist!!! Poor people can't afford luxuries like pasta sauce or jam! Disabled people have to eat bread because it's hard for them to cook!!" Poor Phoebe can't eat a meal replacement shake with chips and an entire pizza, soo sad. Think of all the actual poor people who go the whole work day hardly eating and work long shifts doing labor jobs but the poor queen can't even handle not stuffing her face in order to get medical help.

No. 793965


It really highlights her hypocrisy

No. 793978


Happy Autism Awareness day Henry, I'm sure that someday he'll find someone who posts more about him than about her bowels

No. 793982

Ah I keep forgetting she's across the pond. Americunts probably have even more varied experiences than Brits.
>I'm suicidal today so now don't you feel bad!!!
why does she announce this as casually as one would remark, their allergies acting up or the weather being dreary. Would she care if Jamilla suddenly felt "suicidal today" over her constant henpecking?

No. 793985

File: 1554244198468.gif (2.4 MB, 498x372, patrickstarving.gif)

phoebe right now

No. 793992

sage but oh my gooood, i want to punch her sooooo bad… her face makes me so aggro its unreal

No. 793997


No. 794028

i can't help but more and more understand why the family member of his posted her here as this thread goes on and hope they come back to us.

this whole post is about her not henry, him doing her bidding as she is too lazy to and his ~* autism *~ being some weirdo add-on but not anything about him as a person. this dude has so much more going for him then this self obsessed munchie of a beluga whale.

#FreeHenry2k19 where's >>790594 anon when you need 'em

No. 794113

File: 1554273275838.png (Spoiler Image, 682.22 KB, 790x802, bigg chungus.png)

i believe she's "so hungry it hurts" i mean just imagine how many calories her BMR burns by sheer virtue of her mass, now she's suddenly cut down and her body has to actually burn fat for once

No. 794119

Kek literally send it to a friend because I thought of this

No. 794128

I know pretty much everyone has already said this, but her complaining about having to eat plain foods before her colonoscopy is so privileged, entitled and pathetic, it's insane. This hypocrisy really grinds my gears.

There's actual poor people who cannot afford to eat anything else than white bread and broth ever and she's crying about it like she's dying when she has to do it for like one or two days to do a medical procedure.

She should really check her privilege and stop appropriating poverty (as well as disabilities and eating disorders).

If she ever wakes up from her sick delusions, she'll be so embarrassed about her old self. I doubt it will happen, but she'd certainly deserve the pain of embarrassment.

No. 794136


I believe it's real too, but surely a doc would know that Amtryptaline isn't gonna do much for muscle pain. Nerve pain on the other hand…

(sage for meds sperg)

No. 794139


Just saying sage doesn't magically sage your post. Write it in the email input box.

No. 794144

Honestly. actual poorfags can see through her shit, anyone who's supporting her has never had to experience what it's like living in poverty, working class either. She's a spoiled upper middle class brat.
I honestly feel so bad for Henry, he doesn't know how bad it actually is.

No. 794169

How fat can you be that you'd rather have an enema done than eat plain food before a procedure

No. 794173

the way she wears her underwear makes me quite annoyed. why doesn't she put the fupa in??

No. 794175

File: 1554297354295.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 10FC999D-4E36-4C1A-8335-03EE58…)

3 day liquid diet? She had fucking ice cream and biscuits for breakfast YESTERDAY .. she’s such a fucking liar & drama queen!

No. 794182

i bet vegan chinese food is soooo cheap

No. 794186

it is usually pretty cheap tbh

No. 794187

>TFW you make a money begging Facebook group but it’s just filled with your greedy self and other beggers with no paypigs, ending in a money begging circlejerk

What’s going to happen when one “financially privileged” person joins? Are they going to be harassed and pressured into donating to everyone since they’ll be the only one generous enough to donate? Or they’ll donate to one person and say “I had a few spare bucks and only have enough to donate to one person” then phoebe rips through the wall like the kool-aid mascot and starts REEEE-ing that she needs donations too and “how dare you just donate to one person! You got my hopes up! I was counting on this money!! Therefore you owe it to me!” And “I’m MORE disabled so why didn’t you give ME the money? I posted 500 times that I NEEDED it to survive!!! IM CO ADMIN FOR GOD SAKE! If your going to share you have to bring enough for the whole class!” End up scaring all the paypigs away, making it all about her, and/or not being thankful and grateful that someone else besides her in the group got the donation they actually needed.

Funny since phoebe grew up upper-middle class and could (probably does and just hides it from Henry tbh) get money lent from her parents who have always showered her with expensive gifts. And they could move to a cheaper apartment since the one they have is not in her budget range, but I guess since Henry pays for that she doesn’t care. If they moved to a cheaper place she’d prolly just bilk the difference out of Henry. Moment of silence for Henry plz

No. 794193

She sure does celebrate a lot. Feels like every other day she's "rewarding" herself for something basic or "celebrating" doing something everyone else manages without incident. After she has her Chinese food she'll reward herself with a day off work for finishing the whole box, I bet.

No. 794194

She does, if you look at the last photo it’s over her fupa. pics of her in jeans she wears them over it. She’s just intentionally wearing her undies incorrectly to show how much of a ~fat boss babe~ she is.

No. 794195

File: 1554302689465.jpeg (132.39 KB, 640x1138, FDB6B5B7-BD32-447F-B0A7-6F6689…)

phoebe is obsessed with making herself look as revolting as possible. probably thinks it makes her seem even more sassy, woo!

No. 794196

File: 1554302898285.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, DE580836-C016-414C-96C0-AC20BF…)

unbelievable!!! why do her minions enable her? feebs has no shame

No. 794198

Was literally about to post this -
Makes me friggin sick! Scrounging fuck.

No. 794201

>"Isn't ice cream a liquid?"
>ice cream

no, it's not, and neither are the cookies you ate with it.

No. 794202

File: 1554303343843.jpeg (91.69 KB, 640x1138, 07CFD54D-EA2F-4325-9FFD-A93598…)

lol as an actual deaf person… fuck no. and fuck off. i can’t think of any deaf person who would wear a shitty, poorly made badge that says “reee i’m deaf uwu”. especially if the badges were made by a selfish HEARING person who knows nothing about anything except the conditions she pretends to have with pride. sorry for the blogpost, she just gets on my nerves and i wish her followers would see through her already

No. 794205

ya but the way she bitches about money delivery is… a huge expense to anyone actually poor

No. 794207

Oh anon, I don't think she's claimed to be deaf (YET) but that would explain a lot about why she pretends not to hear any valid criticism and chalks it all up to white noise of "ableism", "fatphobia", and/or "homophobia".

No. 794214

Reading this thread, it’s so obvious how Phoebe posts here. I hope the Admins expose her one day like they did with Dasha.

No. 794216

>all are 2016 and beyond that
>when I was 14 and 15 (2012-2013)

She was 18 in 2016, she must be such a reflexive chronic liar to write those two contradictory sentences consecutively.

No. 794226

Doublepost but I’m the anon who made that post, I don’t know her (no thanks lol), and have never followed her. Just saw her WK snapchat responses to pheebs, looked at her profile (for the first time) and was able to find all of that in less than 7 minutes kek.

>paranoia paranoia everybody’s coming to get me….

Munchie threads RIP but someone else posted her here: >>791613
Think she belongs more in the fakeboi thread since they have so much munchie crossover but I guess she’ll stay in instathots?

No. 794251

File: 1554311468866.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, E33ACEEF-A7FA-4671-95A9-B5B1C9…)

No. 794252

>he stroked my cheek

LOL. Isn’t anal fissure caused/exasperated by poor diet?

No. 794253

File: 1554311667409.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 9C4B6E31-5088-4729-B851-608BFB…)

Chronic anal fissures but no crohn’s, how disappointing

No. 794255

I fucking bet you it’s from shoving things in her ass

No. 794256


I call BS on this. No way would a doctor do this, it's just asking for a lawsuit

No. 794262

LOL this is SO fake, what planet does she live on? does she think other people don't go to the doctors/know doctors irl? wow.

No. 794268

Nice fanfic, Feebs.

No. 794270

She says the doctor's official diagnosis is IBS.
The report in front of her says
"Diagnosis: Hemorrhoids

Advice/comments: She has SYMPTOMS of IBS with hemorrhagic bleeding"

So is this an official diagnosis or not?

No. 794277

Right?! A male doctor stroking a female patient's cheek before performing an intimate procedure would be absolutely not ok. If it happened. Which it didn't.

No. 794280

Good job for spotting that! She’s so transparent

No. 794283

I'm surprised she didn't reee about being misgendered

No. 794288

The diagnosis portion only says "hemorrhoids". The symptoms of IBS is in the comments, not the diagnosis portion.
She had to take the most serious sounding thing and make it her diagnosis, for points.
There's not even a followup. IF her labs were out of wack,they'd just send her to the ER to get them redrawn. Disgusting attention-seeking human.

No. 794303

soooo. basically piles then? does she take opioid based painkillers often for her “pains”? that and not eating enough fibre can cause her to back up, arse wise. stop straining so much and shoving things up your arse! OMG was the doctor cute? cos you’re not screaming with threats to sue him. hmm.

No. 794307

I love Phoebe’s world. Doctor sticks his finger in your ass after you specifically ask to be examined? Triggering, traumatic, inappropriate. Doctor strokes your cheek in an intimate way during a colonoscopy? What a sweet dude!

No. 794316

"very fit"? on what planet - that is obviously not earth - is her obese ass considered "very fit". this whole thing was the biggest crock of shit that i've ever read. it's also weird that she made this entire thing up because the phoebe we know and love likes to scream that the most trivial thing is fatphobic/transphobic/etc. stop running to the doctors to try to give yourself a diagnosis. get off your ass, stop eating an absolute fuck ton of food, and get better. this is like screaming at a wall, i swear.

No. 794317

T minus- 10 she accuses her doctor of assaulting her for stroking her cheek

No. 794349

File: 1554327229617.png (215.84 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20190403-223141.png)

No. 794355


No. 794358

is she for real..? you had a colonoscopy not cancer pheebs, buy your own food…

No. 794364


She really tried passing it off as people naturally sending her money out of the kindness of their hearts, as if she didn’t have to beg for it. Unbelievable cow

No. 794365

What is "Cw"? Cringe warning? I only see it on her posts/this thread lmao what does it mean?

No. 794368

content warning

No. 794370

Ah, ok. That makes sense. Still think with her it's just as well Cringe Warning. She's too special to say TW, I guess.

No. 794378

Did she really need a colonoscopy to get a diagnosis of IBS and hemorrhoids?

No. 794379

She got anal fissures from a bad diet and bsitting around doing nothing. There is no way doctors in their sound mind are going to keep her on opiates. Maybe a few afterwards to stop her from wailing, but that's it. They're highly constipating as I'm sure everyone knows. She doesn't care though, she's special. And the whole "stroked my cheek" thing? How fucking sick is that.

No. 794381

File: 1554332272132.png (3.64 MB, 750x1334, AF160BDA-A22F-4E6A-89CD-451D93…)

Who would have guessed, you fat fuck? You just pigged out on takeout after "not eating" anything for a day.

No. 794393

what is that ring she always wears? why doesn't she just take it off or get it resized? it's clearly too small

No. 794397

it’s her engagement ring lol she picked it, i think? even though henry already got her a ring and she didn’t like it or something. it’s always been too small for her finger

No. 794404

Disgusting bitch. Hope all of her pay pig feeders are satisfied.

No. 794412

File: 1554341191747.png (554.16 KB, 750x1334, D474CA5B-A972-4D88-854F-51B5B4…)

kek maybe you shouldn't have had biscuits and chinese takeaway right after pumping your system full of gas

No. 794417

File: 1554342421906.jpeg (35.84 KB, 419x313, 0173751C-F860-42DB-80A5-2EE391…)


“i’m suicidal today.”
you’re suicidal today? sorry but i’ve literally never heard someone say that, because people who are actually suicidal have that feeling brewing inside for a lot longer than a damn day.
how lovely for you, feebs, that being suicidal is such a careless afterthought that apparently won’t be a problem for you tomorrow. sure wish it was like that for any of the people who actually have killed themselves. she’s really cracked the code.

No. 794448


Oh Phoebe, Phoebe Phoebe….

I could take this apart piece by piece but I'll pull up a few particular items.

> complimentary ear defenders/headphones

Are these for keeps or do autistic people have to use headphones also used by numerous other people beforehand? Cos many people might find that gross, especially at an event where people might get sweaty, like a gig or club night.

> free taxis/all venues must be near an accessible station

The world is not like this, sorry. It's a bonus when you don't have to faff around with buses or taxis, but expecting all shows to be right next to wheelchair accessible stations is ridiculous. Also genuinely disabled people in the UK get subsidised taxi fare provided by the council. Though I guess she'd just get Henry to drive her everywhere.

> charging ports for wheelchairs

Unless you literally need to pump enough juice into the chair to get home because your battery is dead, "topping up" the charge on an electric wheelchair is a really bad idea .The batteries don't work like she thinks they do, they're more like old cellphones where short charges ruin the battery life.

> lower priced tickets

Wheelchair users generally get a 50% discount at gigs here, spread across two tickets (the other being for an "essential companion"). Also loads of museums and galleries offer an unwaged ticket price as well as a reduced one for disabled visitors.

> no weekday events

well good luck to anyone attempting to hire event space in London on a weekend, you'll need it.

No. 794480

The deaf community is one of the ones that's organized and established enough to have zero tolerance for shit from people like Feebs. It'd be incredible to watch her take on the deaf community, what a shitshow it would be.
How long does it take to diagnose someone with IBS following a colonscopy? Are there usually other tests involved?

No. 794487


kek this should be next threads op image

No. 794493

The report from endoscopy clinic simply says she has one hemorrhoid and an anal fissure. So common lol. Of COURSE she wrote that the doctor said she has “chronic anal fissures” cause it makes it sound more dramatic. She doesn’t seem to have an IBS diagnosis. If she did she would have been put on the low FODMAP diet which is recommended by all doctors for IBS. It’s reallt one of the only proper treatments for it besides excercise. Doubt she will do either. Partially cos she doesn’t even have it and partly cos she loves food and hates excercise too much.

Self diagnosed autism. Self diagnosed fibromyalgia. Self diagnosed IBS. Am I missing any? Not to mention she shits on actual trans people by calling herself trans. Can you imagine going your whole life feeling out of place in your own body/gender and then this fuckin cunt comes along saying she is trans because she needs to add qualifications to her oppression resume all purely because she wants to justify being fat and lazy?

AND the doctor DID NOT touch her cheek and would NOT use the word “fit” hahaha

Sorry if I didn’t enter this properly it’s my first time posting here

No. 794500

You should probably read the rules just as a starter. One thing to note is that when you're posting non-milk posts (posts with no new information on the cow) write "sage" in the email section
Welcome to the farms and happy posting!

Back on topic, Phoebe basically proved she causes her own problems with her stomach and would even if she didn't over eat. The first thing she did while pumped with gas on an empty stomach was eat a ton of specifically greasy food. Not even going for a good stir fry with fresh vegetables. Greasy Chinese takeout. God damn this idiot

No. 794501


So she pretended she couldn't get out of the wheelchair at all during the event? She knows full well she could have gone to the regular ladies toilets using her cane if the disabled one wasn't operational.

No. 794508


Poor Henry, having to lift her fat ass up a ramp when he knows that she's perfectly capable of walking.

No. 794509


"excrutiating pain"

I can't believe how stupid this is. She's begging for money for fucking Chinese takeout!?

No. 794511

File: 1554363481629.png (216.52 KB, 568x231, Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 08.3…)

Wait, didn't her dad's autism "proof" letter say that her social anxiety was awful and that she hated crowds couldn't even get the train to the next town? Yet she's claiming here she went to London every weekend. Which one is it Feebs?

No. 794512


> medical fatphobia caused delayed dx of multiple serious conditions

Like what? Underactive thyroid? Fibromyalgia? so srs uwu

No. 794513


I think Henry's income pays the rent and bills. Phoebe's disability welfare pays for her crap off the internet.

No. 794524

File: 1554367736447.png (639.47 KB, 750x1334, 9E51BAC8-02DE-49D0-A2A3-95206F…)

Looking forward to hearing about how difficult it is to upload videos of yourself wanking to pornhub…

No. 794525


IBS doesn't have a diagnostic test as far as I know. Usually it's just diagnosed after a symptom/history check with a doctor - even a GP can diagnose it.

& as for the hemorrhoids, the NHS website lists being obese as one of the main causes. Go figure.

No. 794526


this is insulting to sex workers to be honest

and her income has gone up $5 on patreon since that screenshot… I wonder if she declares that (or her Etsy shop income) to the DWP. My guess is not.

No. 794527

File: 1554368783587.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2809.PNG)

Didn't stop her using black women's bodies in her "artwork" though.

No. 794529

File: 1554369821968.jpg (381.28 KB, 1080x1680, 20190404_101915.jpg)


No. 794530

File: 1554369917670.jpg (368.77 KB, 1080x1807, 20190404_101931.jpg)


Sent these by a vegan friend of mine, she has given Fatvag money in the past, yet look how quickly she turned on her

No. 794531

File: 1554369940708.jpg (417.35 KB, 1080x1804, 20190404_101944.jpg)


No. 794532

File: 1554370030062.jpg (337.46 KB, 1080x1773, 20190404_102012.jpg)


Her meal plan didn't only have liquids on it, why does she try to rewrite history when we have the receipts

No. 794533


The hypocrisy is astounding. Only Phoebe can ever be triggered. Only Phoebe can ever be the victim.

No. 794534

I used to support her but after the Jameela thing, it exposed her racism and nastiness.

Believe people when they show you who they are.

/Sage'd for blog post

No. 794536

"I talk about medical racism constantly so I know how bad it is"

No Phoebe, unless you're actually a person of colour, you can't speak for that community and you don't know how bad it is. How dare you, as a white person, pretend to even know a fraction of what it's like for minorities.

God what a selfish, entitled bitch.

No. 794539

by her logic, it’s not her place to make deaf related badges cos she’s a hearie. wow, i agree with you for once, feebs. stay AWAY

ps. ramming your arse with (possibly unlubed and unwashed) dilds and uploading short clips of you flicking your bean to pornhub isn’t legit sex work. you just insult everyone with your fakery, huh?

No. 794561

jesus fucking christ, i don't know about england but here in australia, police officers get a pretty decent pay (friend of mine had a police man father and a teacher aide mum and were able to afford to send her to private schools for her entire schooling years)
I find it very hard to believe that she lived in such poverty that she was literally starving
and lmao again with this ED shit, i didn't realise eating under 2500cal a day was an eating disorder
honestly, in all my years on lolcow i have never had a cow enrage me as much as this entitled white cis hetero able ham-planet

No. 794570

i feel ya. i’m almost everything she wants/claims to be (minus being a fatty lol). she’s such a fake bitch and her hypocrisy drives me nuts

also, amazing how she says she can’t do something because she’s white and yet she’s the expert of racism?? same how she’s an expert on disabilities w/o being diagnosed w. anything? i really wonder what it’s like to be THAT narsissistic

No. 794578

I thought her welfare was cut off?

No. 794581

Being "poor" and ACTUALLY having starved as a child are two different things. And Pheebs was middle class as a kid. She can't say she's a fat fuck who can't reduce her calorie intake for one day. Absolutely disgusting she thinks she can relate to people who are homeless or in the state where they can't feed their children. Being poor isn't not being able to go out for vegan pizza and wine for the 3rd time in the same wee. /rage

No. 794583

Holy fuck you did not grow up poor, your daddy is a cop and you were able to leisurely do international travel on a yearly basis. All this person asked of you is to be more careful with your words, as the word “starving” implies one is dying of hunger (at least the definition I looked up says that). You police people’s language everyday, and when a fan who has paid for your content tells you that you’re in the wrong, you throw the biggest pity party.
Is her new reaction to everything falling back on feeling “suicidal” and “horrific”? Because she seems to throw that each day now in order to avoid any accountability. I can’t fucking stand this cow.

No. 794584

I honestly wonder how dedicated to veganism she is. She talks all the time about eating pizza and chinese takeout and ice cream that isn't cheap and isn't exactly easy to obtain

No. 794589

She only lost her pip (personal independence payment) she's still in receipt of her ESA (employment support allowance) she's currently in receipt of around £120p/wk when her pip is reinstated she'll be on around £240p/wk that's not including her patreon nor her 'business' and she'll receive enhanced tax credits for being both self employed and disabled bringing her weekly income to around £400 p/wk. Fatvag will never ever get a job because no employer in the uk can pay the amount she can scam via benefits. The system is fucked because of people like phoebefuckingtickner, I can guarantee if her benefits are stopped she'll start to pop out kid's and those kids will all have many and varied 'problems' allowing for more government bucks for add/adhd/sensory disorder etc.

Saged for gibme rant

No. 794610

No money for food but used the money she begged for for a big fuck-off takeaway that could've paid for a week's shop?

She makes me irrationally angry. Actually, no, it's not irrational, she really is a vile thieving cunt with absolutely no morals.

No. 794611

File: 1554390530755.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 8411774C-3F4B-426C-8609-58DA75…)

nO mOneY For fOood maybe shouldn’t have had a chinese then?

Also has she ever EVER talked about swimming before? It’d actually do her some good and take the strain off her ~joints~

No. 794618

she wants to go for a walk - that's free as far as i'm aware

No. 794619


sell the fucking ipad then you obese gimp

No. 794621

anon! she needs it for her smol business! gosh

No. 794622


>I want to go back to therapy but I can't afford it etc

How does she so conveniently forget that she's in the fucking uk?? Literally every person in the uk can utilise this:
And much like the fibro/physiosaga it's also a self-referral service.

No. 794629

Stop being depressed by getting a job. Won't be alone in your flat, you'll be out with coworkers and customers (depending on the job)
You'll have money for therapy. You'll have money for food.
A job. You need a job.

No. 794632

Can’t help but wonder how Henry feels about all this “starving” they seem to do. If feebs is in excruciating hunger pains just sitting around the flat, it must be the worst for someone who actually has a job to focus on and no tv/social media to distract them.

(Not that I think they really are starving, just thinking about how feebs really does only consider herself.)

No. 794642

IBS is diagnosed by exclusion - ie you don't have signs of a more serious disease like Crohn's or IBD but still have symptoms so try this. After a colonoscopy and other preceding tests it can be diagnosed right away, but the doctor involved will recommend in that case that the patient begin a FODMAP diet to start determining which foods or drinks trigger their symptoms. It's actually a pretty restrictive diet (not the "woe is me cookies and ice cream?!?!" restrictive Phoebe claims is an ED) but its only temporary as you add foods back in one at a time to see if they cause symptoms.

The fact that this isn't mentioned at all on her summary sheet and she herself isn't throwing a fit about how she's going to be triggered into her "eating disorder" again by having to do this is pretty much proof-positive they didn't diagnose her with that, just noted the symptoms were present (aka she told them the symptoms).

Idk anon, Henry seems pretty thin. Would wager money he's legitimately gone days at work without food only to come home and find she ravaged the kitchen and is complaining they can't get take out. I wonder if she shares any of her fuckin Huel with him or if he's just SOL.

No. 794644

What person is that poor but has no clue how to budget their money? You order Chinese food instead of buying cheap basics to survive until next pay day? What a load of horse shit unless she's seriously that fucking stupid.

No. 794653

Everything this bitch does is a money grab. We know the monstrous portion sizes PiggyPhoebs eats, so I’m willing to bet she ordered a family-sized meal (just for her of course). She easily wasted a good amount yesterday that she could have conserved for shopping for a week’s worth of food. If you look at her “running a small business” story tab pinned to her profile, they’re all stories going on about how hard she works but how little money she earns! So now anyone who clicks on her profile can see that story and pity her. And donate to her. Fuck her.

No. 794657


Good riddance, Phoebe; maybe you shouldn't have spent a week's worth of food money on one single meal then?

No. 794659

File: 1554397694887.jpeg (79.75 KB, 750x1334, 3465AE24-0C0A-4273-BADB-18540E…)

So now she’s going to resort to blocking anyone who calls her out using the “my existence is not up for debate!” tactic. No Phoebe, this doesn’t apply to you. A woman or color said it, but you aren’t oppressed Feebz. You are not marginalized and your self-diagnoses/everything you claim you are for brownie points will be discussed. You’re just too tired to keep up with your own lies.

No. 794681

*man of colour

No. 794686

She’s such a miserable bitch.

No. 794687

File: 1554402421892.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190404-192502.png)

Pheebs being romantic

No. 794688

i hate this because you can actually see how cute she could be if it werent for ….. a lot of things.

No. 794689

Even when she self harms she does it at the top of her arm so everyone can see it. Attention whore. She’s revolting.

No. 794691

Why is she always so red in the face? I know lots of fat people who aren't bright red constantly.

No. 794695

I know I'm speculating so take it with a grain of salt but I'd imagine her diet of massive portions of takeaway, huel, coffee and alcohol wreaks havoc on her skin. At to the fact she's incredibly sedentary and rarely washes, so any moving she does do is probably difficult due to her not using her muscles (not any disability) and you will have some angry fucking skin

No. 794697

She might just have an ~incurable skin disease~ like Gurgly boy lmao I shouldn't give her any ideas…

No. 794700

File: 1554405489450.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, D48A4F2A-CA51-41A0-AB5C-0C77E5…)

I wasn’t able to really fix the redness without smoothing her to hell and back, but she could be decent looking if she just took care of her body instead of letting it become a garbage pail.

No. 794701


Begging for money for food cos it worked so well yesterday… if only naive people didn't reward her whinging

What's really stopping her from sitting at a desk in a 9 to 5 job? she sits on that couch all day as it is, it'd just be a different chair

No. 794702

I wonder if she'll regret all of this in 20 years. She's destroying her health in a long term way by eating terribly and refusing to even walk around, let alone exercise. She's going to actually need a wheelchair by the time she's 50 at this rate.

No. 794704

cos she’s a racist gammon

No. 794713

File: 1554407582215.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, pheebs.png)

challenged myself. It was actually a easy colour fix. Just a little time consuming but really nbd
I ONLY edited her face skin tone.

No. 794715

you did a much better job than me, anon! if she just started taking better care of her health, skin, and diet, she'd look so much better. she's ruining her skin with her current lifestyle.

No. 794718

Oh absolutely. She's also going to cringe over all her extreme SJW views and also definitely not identify as non-binary and shit. All of this is a phase.

No. 794723

can't be arsed to do a legitimate edit, it would take too much time and effort for her

all of her physical health issues are her own fault, including bad skin. Rosacea is a real thing that she could possibly have, which people do not have control over, but her shitty skin, poor texture, bad hair, weight, body pains, etc etc it's allllll on her.

No. 794781

>shitty skin
yeah they kind of go together.

No. 794803

Nah every day folks get rosacea, healthy people get it, it just happens. Her skin is shitty on it's own, without the rosacea face

No. 794806

This post brought to you by a new iPad with a fancy case
Previous posts brought to you by indulging in too much Chinese takeout instead of cooking for yourself, an online shopping haul, wasted money on products which aren't guaranteed to sell, money lost by preventing your fiancee from working, a useless wheelchair which would have been free if she needed it, future private therapy chosen over free, etc etc

No. 794812

No. 794900

Sage because blogpost

But my mum was a size 16 (so nowhere as big as feeb) and suffered with IBS for years. She decided to Lowe some weight and surprise surprise after losing 2 stone, almost ALL symptoms have gone. She’s only unwell when eating pork.

How can you ignore the fact that being OBESE clearly impacts your health so negatively! She’s a drain on the NHS.

No. 794913


Stop this shit, no one cares about your shitty edits

No. 794944

File: 1554472168891.png (406.84 KB, 375x720, Capture.PNG)

No. 794946

File: 1554472249733.png (528.67 KB, 377x718, Capture.PNG)

Why is she still claiming to be a Jew

She's a white middle class girl from Essex what is wrong with her

No. 794947


Doublepost but what do black people have to do with comparisons of animal slaughter to the holocaust? She's just lumping all the oppressions together ugh

No. 794948

File: 1554472349072.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190405-145116_Ins…)

was just about to post these too, jfc shes outragrous. such jewess

No. 794949

File: 1554472489940.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 19-04-05-14-54-06-366_deco.jpg)

some of the replies that caused her to reee

No. 794952

Why is Feebs conflating 'ethnicity' with 'race'? Don't Euros understand the difference given how many distinct ethnic groups there are in Europe? And given her claim that she is of a different ethnicity than the average English person ("Jewish")? Euros who fall prey to Burgerland racial perspectives are just sad. It's the a different side of the same coin as European NEETs on /pol/ who've decided to take pride in the history of the entire continent despite the fact that the different European ethnic groups have despised each other since time immemorial. Sage for absolute lack of contribution
Feebs is a disgusting cunt, but your friend needs to grow a thicker skin and see a psychologist if she's saying all of that in sincerity, jesus christ this kind of shit is what's breeding people like Feebs
>What person is that poor but has no clue how to budget their money?
Most poor people have trouble budgeting; that's why generational poverty exists. They prioritize bouts of short-term happiness over budgeting because budgeting allows for a steady stream of long-term but lesser misery. She's lucky that she lives in the UK where there are many more resources for poor people than other countries, but she doesn't utilize them outside of demanding medical care for fabricated bullshit.
Does it even matter what your skin looks like when you're that fucking fat?

No. 794953

stop claiming to be a jew, feebs! jesus
>i’m the next hitler hurhur
>im jewess uwu

love how she looks like a literal pig with the close up of her septum piercing

No. 794964

File: 1554476340730.png (732.97 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_20190405-075755~2.p…)

No. 794965

oops samefag hit new reply before i was done typing, but she is lurking HARD she posted this literally 15 minutes after >>794946

No. 794970

oh, cool, while you're at it feebs, why don't you talk about those hitler tweets and take uwu accountability~?

No. 794971

File: 1554477609388.jpg (731.64 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190405_161936.jpg)

No. 794973

She wants poc points too, so now she’s a full on jewess.

No. 794974


england anon here
highly unlikely that a middle class essex girl with a police officer dad is a jew. maybe her grandparents but its so unlikely that she herself is jewish

No. 794976

File: 1554477954467.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9350.PNG)

"on here" being the keywords bc not only did you beg for money for takeaway on FB, you posted it in a group you mod for and marked it urgent. KEK.

No. 794977

Another England anon here and I promise this OT ends with this comment, but what does living in Essex or her dad being in the police have to do with anything? Jewish people in the UK are more likely to be wealthy and/or in positions of power than the average person, meaning she would be more likely to live near London, which she does. This is a weird take - tinfoil this is Feeby trying to use muh oppression as a deflection.

No. 794979

But dear feebs, you did ask for takeaway money…

No. 794981


i'm sure you're eating salad ALL the time, feebs.

No. 794984

>food makes my stomach hurt
>still eats at a massive surplus anyway

No. 794985

File: 1554478515543.png (5.91 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9352.PNG)

I loooove it when she calls her stay at home SJW circle-jerk capitalism work a "job"

Thinking about getting into the business myself.

No. 794986

File: 1554478548058.jpg (48.33 KB, 477x344, IMG_9353.JPG)

No. 794987


Hey Pheebs since we know you fucking lurk on here, you might have not asked for takeaway money on instgram, you did beg for money for Chinese food on Facebook. See >>794349

And do you try to even eat healthy, all we see you eat is pizza, Chinese food, wine, ice cream and biscuits.

No. 794991

chill with the cowtipping pls

No. 794993

Lol what, addressing her in a post here isn't cowtipping even if it's obvious she goes here

No. 794995

She’s cowtipping herself

No. 794997

File: 1554479721694.png (239.45 KB, 318x607, liar.png)

When did she post her bank statements? We didn't make her post her bank statements, she was stupid enough to do that on her own. She just wants to keep playing victim.

No. 794999


I think anon means messaging her instagram or Facebook. We can't help it if she comes on here to get triggered

No. 795005

Shes saying the comment isn't true but she's literally confirming it is true. Her grandmother converted. She wasn't born Jewish. Also, she doesn't say which side of the family, unless I missed that part.

No. 795019

kek if ~all the foods~ make her stomach hurt…why does she eat SO DAMN much of it?

No. 795020

File: 1554482504888.png (1.77 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_2019-04-05-11-38-32…)

>I don't experience anti-Semitism myself
KEK she's lying

No. 795022

File: 1554482571957.png (1.51 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_2019-04-05-11-38-59…)

But she has literally claimed to be Jewish and I swear she had that identity on her Instagram bio not even a few weeks ago

No. 795026

>>795020 >>795022

"i'm not ethically jewish nor of jewish decent nor raised jewish nor a practicing jew, but i'll block u if u question my jewishness uwu"

totally makes sense.

No. 795027

Not sure about Instagram but she definitely had the star of David on her FB photo not long ago

No. 795029

Isn't ethnically Jewish. Doesn't practice Judaism. Then… wtf makes you Jewish, pheobe?? You just proved you are 100% not Jewish, is she a fucking idiot? Rhetorical question, she definitely is.

No. 795031

in all the posts today she’s saying it’s her grandparents who were Jewish but here it was her great grandparents? what is the truth feebs???

No. 795045

….but she not “Jewish” ethnically or not.
The Jewish religion is only passed down through the mother if the mother was born Jewish. Pheobes “great grandmother”/“grandmother” converted to Judaism for several years (then converted to Mormonism) but was born Christian. Since she was not born Jewish and converted to Mormonism right after, that means the Jewish religion was not rightly passed to her children as a non Jewish mother cannot pass it to her children. So therefore phoebes grandmother/mother etc were Mormon (or whatever Christian religion the paternal side was) but not Jewish, as they couldn’t inherit it. Exceptions are sometimes made of your mother was born Jewish and had a non Jewish husband, as long as the child was raised Jewish, went to Jewish schools, read the torah, and had a celebrated teaching Jewish “adulthood”. Which pheobe never did. Which doesn’t really matter if she did since her great grandmother/grandmother was Mormon.

AND all this stuff doesn’t matter since Jewish literature states the child only inherits being Jewish if they’re mother was Jewish. Which she is not. Phoebes mother is not a born jew, not a convert, has never converted, does not practice, does not worship, does not identify herself as jewish, and did not inherit being jewish from her Mormon mother. So it doesn’t matter, if phoebes mother is not Jewish and has never been Jewish, than phoebe can not be Jewish. Does she not know this? I would think a self proclaimed ~jewess~ would know how Judaism is inherited.

No. 795046

By 'posting my bank statements' she means screenshots of her PayPal, which isn't the same thing babe. You don't get benefits sent to a PayPal, and I'm sure Henry's wages don't go to your PayPal either!

No. 795057

Proper ethnic and religious Jew here for a second: other than the handful or so dumb Neo-Nazis, the only people subjecting one to anti-Semitic hatred in contemporary Britain is the hard left (viz. Corbynistas) - which she is awfully close to. Her pretensions of having experienced any anti-Semitism or anti-Judaism are just ridiculous.

No. 795059

>Proper ethnic and religious Jew here for a second: other than the handful or so dumb Neo-Nazis, the only people subjecting one to anti-Semitic hatred in contemporary Britain is the hard left (viz. Corbynistas) - which she is awfully close to. Her pretensions of having experienced any anti-Semitism or anti-Judaism are just ridiculous.
This is maybe the stupidest thing I have ever read on lolcow and I'm ashamed that a fellow british jew has drank the coolaid that labour are antisemitic. Either you're genuinely retarded in which case I'm sorry or you're larping as a brit and a jew.

No. 795060


Didn't say Labour. I said hard left. That's part of Labour, and fortunately a fringe of it.

No. 795063


If you're not ethnically Jewish (she's not), nor a practising Jew, you're not Jewish in any sense. The only way to be religiously Jewish is to practice Judaism, which she doesn't, and the only way to be ethnically Jewish is through matrilineal descent, which she doesn't have. She's a goy, through and through, and a goyishe kopp no less.

No. 795064

Yeah exactly, if she personally became a Jew by Choice and formally converted she'd be Jewish, but that actually requires going to synagogue, learning Torah and taking lessons in Jewish faith and history, maybe even Hebrew, and obviously this lazy piece of shit would never go that far to prove a point. She might have Jewish heritage but it doesn't automatically make her Jewish.

No. 795067


I wonder if she'll go 'muh gatekeeping!'. Sorry, Feebs, you picked one identity where you can't just decide you're something one day. She doesn't meaningfully experience any antisemitism (just because your dad rants about Jews doesn't make you a victim, it just makes your dad a dick), though frankly, I don't think there are any major detriments to being Jewish in the good parts of modern Britain (compared to, say, Saudi Arabia, where some people have refused to even be in my presence because I'm Jewish - even though I don't dress religious and am a 6'2" blonde blue-eyed kid albeit with a very Jewish name).

No. 795068

How long until she goes all in and converts to Islam?

No. 795075

Bitch better not, the last thing UK Muslims need is this fat white bitch pretending she knows anything. Granted, no marginalized group deserves Phoebe Tickner. Especially when this bitch thinks she can claim something like Jewishness simply because her great grandmother converted for a hot minute to be with her husband (likely a show for him considering how fast she converted back). Also I doubt her mother didn't raise her Jewish for any reason other than not being Jewish herself. If that weren't the case then Phoebe would have been saying that her mother is Jewish and not have to go a few generations back to get what she wanted. Her parents are divorced so if her dad was the issue her mom now has no reason not to practice, except of course the fact that she's not Jewish and neither is Phoebe. Coopting a religion that is still persecuted around the world so you can talk over people? For shame Phoebe, for fucking shame. How low and racist can this bitch go?

No. 795082

Can’t wait! She’ll be like Mira 2.0 but fatter.

No. 795092

Reminds me of the girl in OITNB who ~converted~ for ‘better’ (Kosher) food. Only in Feebs case it’s asspats and oppression points

No. 795094

File: 1554492844081.jpeg (141.22 KB, 1080x1921, 119D71D7-3B3A-4256-AC12-C2F74F…)

No. 795097

>>> reddit.com

No. 795098

On the other hand, she is an overprivileged media whore NPC who needs to be gassed. So, tribe member IMO

No. 795099

The last thing the human race needs is Phoebe Tickner. She’s a terrible advocate for oxygen.

No. 795132

She literally doesn’t know anything about Judaism, not even the bare minimum. It’s actually quite embarrassing. I’m no expert myself, but as a fellow Eurofag I have no idea how you can live on this continent for 21 years without learning the absolute basics about Judaism like word goyim (she keeps saying “non-Jews”) or knowing that Judaism is a matrilineal religion.

No. 795134

Absolutely telling how it’s always “give money so poor chronically ill phoebe can eat takeaway, such excruciating pain” and never “I’m in such pain i can’t cook or go to the shops, give money so my bf can have a takeaway meal to come home to after working fuck off long shifts”.
I just cannot with her.

No. 795135

Sage fornbeing kind of off topic but yeah we euros understand that thats why we hate when Americans talk about Europe as one country.
People like fatveg are just a different kind of retarted

No. 795142

I think it's her art, but everything she puts out into the world appears so juvenile, Un-researched and unsustainable that it reaches a level of cuteness/kawaii. I'm sure she banks off it but it's fascinating and hard to look away!

No. 795172

File: 1554507355516.png (275.07 KB, 1080x948, Screenshot_20190406-003108.png)

Fucking hell, I swear that she was at 900 sales like a week ago. Who is buying this utter trash?!

No. 795177

As a small business owner this infuriates me. She puts almost zero effort into this shit.

No. 795179

As a Jew I'm going to "gatekeep" here for a moment. Her little story about her grandparents is questionable. I have never seen older Jewish people with tattoos, especially a mizpah, unless you count a survivor with numbers on his arm. It is possible, but it seems weird, as mizpah is usually jewelry. There is no family involvement other than her grandparents. Her mother is not Jewish. If she wanted to CLAIM being Jewish, she needs to go through all of the steps of conversion. I'm posting this here because I want her to read it and stop acting like the total fraud she is. It's absolutely ridiculous for her to claim something that she has no right to. I'm sorry but this makes my blood boil after seeing her previous Hitler tweet.

No. 795184


Even if her grandma story was true, it doesn’t really matter. She was clearly brought up with a normative Christian-British identity and she has Europeanized British appearance. She clearly isn’t interested in the religious aspect of it either.

No. 795186

Not to nitpick, but goyim is a Yiddish word, I’m Jewish I have never heard anyone use that weird word in my life except on altright podcasts or Hasidic people. Non-Jew or “people who aren’t Jewish” is normal.

No. 795187

and still she complains constantly about not selling stuff? wtf

No. 795201

she complains about not selling stuff and then complains that she has work to do when she does sell stuff. its almost as if she doesnt enjoy her "small business"

No. 795202

Yiddish is spoken by Ashkenazi Jews. My husband and I both have family from Russia and Ukrainian, and grew up with yiddish. Goyim was used often, usually derogatory, towards people who were overly gentile, such as for example, people who went overboard with their Christmas decorations. It happens. She couldn't form a proper Yiddish sentence of she tried.

No. 795236

File: 1554523812073.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2800.PNG)

poor Henry :(
she's so desperate to be in a ~queer~ relationship, but this poor dude is keeping the roof over her head and undoubtedly walking on eggshells to keep her happy