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No. 196471

This is a thread for snowflakes within the art community who exhibit snowflake behavior but not enough to have an entire thread dedicated to them. Similar to /cgl/ shit talk but without limits.

Previous artists discussed on lolcow
Sandy Kay//Skimlines >>>/snow/129162
Nozmo >>>/snow/106744
Emily Hu//barleytea >>>/snow/65138
Soo Jung//T1mco >>>/snow/78299
Kaoru Hasegawa >>>/snow/55067

Artist featured in OP is Susan Lau/@shattered_earth https://twitter.com/Shattered_Earth Confirmed chan lurker and angrier skimlines incarnate

No. 196479

File: 1478809820886.jpg (204.05 KB, 470x558, asfafafa.jpg)

Ashley Ann Swaby//starexorcist https://twitter.com/starexorcist

bnf and sucks up to internet celebs like TaylorR, Suzy Berhow, GameGrumps, 2BF, Venus Angelic etc.

No. 196485

Oh boy, I can't wait for her to come into this thread! She definitely lurks because she posted over in Emily Hu's thread.

We followed each other on Tumblr years ago and she was pretty nice to me but once she started getting more popular she unfollowed me. Guess I wasn't helping her get famous, lol.

No. 196514

her style is cancer

No. 196517

Awful sombra

No. 196533

All her characters look the same and lack diversity but somehow it's working out for her

No. 196573

I liked some of the art i've seen so i decided to go into her stream once a few months back, tumblrina to the max, couldn't stand anything coming out of her mouth.

No. 196644

Star was a mod for Ross from
Game grump's stream a while back wasn't she?

I recall her banning people over minor offenses or something

No. 196665

Anyone that sucks up to Snoozy must be very desperate for attention.

No. 196671

>claims to have been accepted to cal arts
>declined going because of their 'unfair' sketchbook portfolio requirements.


No. 196689

But she said it was requirements though, I mean you didn’t fit their requirements, and also how did she get in maybe she meant she past the first step to get in

No. 196693


I'm pretty sure you apply all at once. What probably happened is she didn't fully read the requirements, and last minute as she was reviewing realized what they REALLY wanted in a sketchbook. She was probably all ready to send all her shit out, and then realized she failed part of the application.

If she was serious about applying she would have reviewed the requirements months prior to the deadline and had enough time to fill up the sketchbook that fulfilled the requirements.

In her mind she got accepted, even the though she didn't get in because she 'fulfilled' the requirements based on her perapective. Plus, she might have been talking up applying months prior and is to pridefull to admit she failed to get in.

No. 196700

>that dislike/like ratio

kek, sure you got in

No. 196712

CalArts want sketchbooks because they want to see how you "think", they don't want all that super polished work. They want to see your mistakes. They also like seeing life drawings. It looked like a lot of her shit was 3/4 or busts in her generic tumblr style. If she took 2 seconds to look up the requirements maybe she'd know this, there's plenty of discussion about what they're looking for on the Internet..

No. 196719

Jesus my fucking ears, relax. Also those dirty fingernails are triggerin me.

Exactly, too many tumblr-tier pieces that they must get plenty of during the admissions process. I hear they like anatomy/figure drawings as well. Some studies and turnarounds would've helped.

No. 196720

>one of her books has a 'i<3yaoi' sticker on it
ok fam

No. 196732

Thank you for explaining because I really didn’t understand

No. 196745


I used to like this girl because she seemed to kind of do her own thing, but she has a really bad attitude. She can be really condescending, and has this "holier than thou" feel to her.

No. 196748

File: 1478851049472.jpg (633.43 KB, 950x1468, tumblr_oa3lswOQW21t1hwwoo1_128…)

calarts material right here boiz

No. 196752

>thought process

exactly! Does she not realize she'll have teachers who will ask her to make 50+ thumbnails for ONE project? They are trying to make sure you look at all your options before you spend time on a full piece of artwork. I've seen so many people fail classes because they were incapable of making more than one or 2 thumbnails for a piece.

i feel like these polished sketchbooks became popular because a lot of well known artists like to sell their finished sketchbooks and usually they are filled with fairly polished pieces.

No. 196759

I know nothing about art, but even just looking at videos of accepted sketchbooks on YouTube shows a huge difference between her sketchbooks and those that fulfilled the requirements. You also have to love how she starts off complaining about how stupid and expensive the school is only to then be mad that she didn't get in… "You don't want me? Oh well you suck anyways and I never wanted to join you!!"

No. 196778

What is this abomination? Why is his/her arm twisted like that? Why is the shirt billowed like that? What is that hair? What are those legs? Please tell me that wasn't done in the current year.

No. 196781

It was posted on her insta in July.

No. 196782

File: 1478863325315.png (2.23 MB, 1439x2262, 20161111_061945.png)

I just dont understand how you can fully color a picture and not see this???

Her art style reminds me of this girl i know who went to SCAD…she also complained constantly about them being shitty because they didn't like her art.

No. 196842

Honestly this girl triggered me so bad she sounds like such a bitch and know it all.

when she said she did figure studies, she just draws in her weird tumblr style and thats it. Not actually trying to figure out the figures form and how the human body works

i really dont think shes gonna even be capable of drawing better because she never actually "sketches" and tries to learn anything

No. 196876

File: 1478885393347.gif (1.3 MB, 320x213, 1476378620218.gif)

>mfw people actually buy her stuff on etsy

No. 196907

How come she gets to be super famous with really shitty art? I mean I'm not great or anything but I think I'm better than her at drawing and like, I have 30 followers on tumblr, a good number of which are bots.

No. 196909

She posts a lot and tags her stuff with popular tags. She also does challenges like inktober.

I've noticed stuff like that matters more that talent does on social media unfortunately

No. 196922


She's always talking about anatomy and getting it right, yet she posts things like this.

No. 196927

File: 1478898977469.png (600.83 KB, 690x900, tumblr_oggpkxB7Bx1qf4z4ho1_128…)

Anyone remember snapesnogger? She seems to be less crazy now(even sane compared to all these SJW tumblritas)


No. 196934

If she didn't have such tumblr hair and wore softer makeup she'd be really cute to be honest.

Also what weird taste she has– literally all are snowflakes

No. 196943

File: 1478901946764.jpg (138.68 KB, 675x1200, CwWXfPTUkAAaACJ.jpg)

She tries so hard to be what people typically like she abuses filters and shoops whenever she can, kind of like suzy

No. 196950

If I can offer advice just occasionally post to famous people/groups with big fans. As soon as you get a fan base start slowly stopping fan art and do what you want

On topic I keep confusing >>196479
With linzb0t who also does the art for Suzy

No. 197050

linz does art for markiplier too but she seems chill and down to earth. I think any popularity and attention she receives is well earned.

No. 197055

File: 1478920076169.png (151.4 KB, 281x500, 95f26315a6603e1faa38702b7f975e…)

Also jnig

No. 197056

That was the harry potter lamia girl right?

No. 197057

File: 1478921110945.jpg (2.15 MB, 950x1534, tumblr_obago9aJOe1t1hwwoo1_128…)


No. 197058

File: 1478921143554.jpg (244.93 KB, 950x1404, tumblr_obaehsFu4D1t1hwwoo1_r1_…)


No. 197061


this is just… trash. stiff poses, wonky anatomy, nauseating palette. please tell me this person isn't tumblr famous because they draw SU.

No. 197062

Wow she really gets around, who hasn't leeched off of

No. 197274

File: 1478986243811.jpg (142.38 KB, 604x729, ss .jpg)


>XD haha boobies owo

okay susan

No. 197301

lol you're so salty bitch

No. 197316

It's a sketchbook. It's supposed to show your thought processes, duh. And you're ultimately doing an out of school assignment. The entirety of art school is like this. Show how you work, refine, work on your skills and then show the final piece.

No. 197353

I don't think you know what salty means

No. 197372

Hi Ashley!

No. 197379


Feel like I'm the only one who doesn't hate her art. Also liked her sketchbook..

No. 197387

This election has been a mess but I hate how it's trickling into everything. A lot of artists I like following for their ART are suddenly experts on politics and whining on social media. So much holier-than-thou snowflakes that I didn't expect. I've had to mute a lot of them for the meantime. You guys experiencing the same thing?

No. 197396


Why is this person so god damn obnoxious.

No. 197417

Wasn't there a girl back on the AA threads on cgl that people had a warning against? Jackie Lo or something?

Write a shit ton of articles about how to be successful in AA but tends to complain she never makes much because she's put beside 'more talented' people.

No. 197425

Her video on color theory annoyed me. She basically said that you can't learn color theory on your own and need a formal art education to understand it, and started using things like "don't shade with black" as examples, which most self-taught artists I know figured out on their own pretty easily.

No. 197470

Did she forget the internet exists and you can learn so much online these days?

Maybe shes just mad cause she had to be told how to do it haha

No. 197491

Did she even go to an art school or did she get rejected from them all?

I find it funny that she's trying to teach people things when she hasn't mastered them herself. Does she ever pick up an anatomy book ever

No. 197537

Yep. I unfollowed audrauclaair's insta because of her 6 paragraph "the world is ending!!!" rant that she posted on election day.

No. 197728

her art isn't too bad, why is she sounding like a bitter bitch?

No. 197748


Because she's insecure.

No. 197778

yeah maybe. I went back and watched a few of her videos. I feel like she clearly has talent but chooses to focus on style instead of actual anatomy/fundamentals. I like her choices of colors but the anatomy mistakes are hard to mask.

No. 197805

Is it still on their insta, I really hated how everyone reacted people crying it made me unfollow a lot of people

No. 197971

Yeah I sympathize with many but the ones "calling out" others for not being as educated as them are annoying and have been muted/blocked.

No. 198368

Her art is kind of bad, though. It's wonky, stiff and her anatomy is really off. The perspectives aren't always that great either. She's not too bad with traditional mediums though, so I'll give her that. But overall, she is way too mediocre at art to be acting like she's some kind of a ~*professional artist*~

No. 198545

File: 1479179656953.png (64.4 KB, 586x582, ss.png)


Man I'm kind of glad that the elections brought out the sperg in SJW artists, clear signs of crazy

No. 198644

she's been so preachy lately and acting as if she's better than others in a sort of "I'm different from other SJWs!!" way. At the end of the day, she's still as crazy and hypocritical as the rest of them. She is not a kind person so it's funny she tries to portray herself as such.

No. 198771

>Complains about being depressed because she doesn't have money because she doesn't make a lot of money on her art…

>Mentions she's a student and doesn't have bills (but omg she has to clean up after people)

She is fucking annoying. Get a fucking part time job or shut up about not having enough money.

I can't even watch all of this…

No. 198797


This new wave of artists moaning about being poor and unable to make enough money from their work is agitating. Many freelancers have part time or full time jobs if they're not making enough on their art alone. Yet these kids expect to make a good living instantly from drawing and when it doesn't happen, just sit back and throw a fit.

She says "people know her as the bitchy one". With that sort of attitude, she'll get nowhere near the goal she wants to be at. Constantly moaning about pointless art shit on Youtube will not improve her career. I got halfway through and had enough, it's literally 23 minutes of self pity.

No. 198802

thats pretty much where I stopped too. When I left college my professor told me I would have to work a part time job if i wanted to freelance.

She's going to flip when she's done with school and has to start paying bills and taking care of herself.

Sage for slight blog

No. 198803

Do these children not realise they're in one of the most competitive markets out there? There's a new shiny artist popping up on tumblr every other minute with better art and commission prices than yours. This dumbass thinks she can beat out people when she can't even make it into art school. Mediocre style, 0 sense of anatomy, and god awful personality to boot. She needs to git gud or quit living in dreamland.

No. 198840


get a fucking job. lots of artists have to work for a living. lots of student artists have to work and go to school and pay bills because they live on their own.

it's not hard, people need to stop using mental illness as an excuse and a crutch. sometimes you have to power through it.

No. 198843

Sorry I'm a newfag and I ramble. Weird to see Holly being mentioned here. Since I actually like watching her stuff, thought I'd add information since I'm assuming you guys don't want to have to watch her videos to find answers.

She did make it into art school. She mentioned getting a scholarship to go to one (forgot which one tho) but she dropped out after her first year. She's doing online art school right now because it gives her more flexibility to draw her personal art and comic.

I have my grievances with her. As a fan, I wish she would get a part-time job so that she wouldn't be constantly worried about money. Yet, I can sympathize with the fact that she doesn't have enough money to buy a car, so getting a part-time job for her would mean sacrificing her art for money. (she mentioned how when she did have a part time job the commute was long and she never really had much time or energy at the end of the day to draw)

I highly doubt she will give up on doing art for a career. I believe she went to an art high school (? not sure what exactly it is but she was in a program that mainly focused on teaching kids art or something). She kind shot herself in the foot in the fact that basically as she describes it herself the only talent she ever developed was her art.

At first, I didn't really like Holly at all. I saw the CalArts video and developed a pretty poor opinion of her afterwards. I thought her art was weird and not to my liking. But, after I slowly began to watch a couple of her other talking videos, she grew on me. I would say her personality is more enjoyable in her vlogs. I mean, same strong opinions and stubbornness, but the amount of work she sets out to do in a week or in a month is actually quite commendable. She draws A LOT, more than other artists I follow (unless I'm just following the wrong artists). I would not consider her to be a lazy artist. Even if her art isn't the greatest (and it isn't tbh), I think most of her viewers find her videos to be inspiring. Like you see her get shit done and it makes you feel like you can get just as much shit done.

If you compare the artwork she did a year ago, she's improved. Still has wonky anatomy, sometimes not so great digital art (imo she uses too much of the blend tool in photoshop which cheapens the image) sometimes her stuff looks actually kinda nice. Her art is a hit or miss, but her vlogs are enjoyable. Like it's nice to have her on in the background as you draw or something, as long as you take some of her stronger opinions with a grain of salt.

Sorry for going on for so long and being a whiteknight (idk was I being one? plz tell me im curious). But if any of this information or my crappy insight gives you something interesting to say or complain about I want to hear it.

No. 198875

I hate that "working a job left me no enegry to do art" crap. I have plenty of artist friends who,like holly, have depression and anxiety who still find time to make art while working 40 hours a week. Thats what your days off are for.

I work part time and do my art when im not at work. Yes it's hard some days after I've worked all night to get up the energy, but I love what I do so I find the time to do it.

I dont think anyone would care if she wasnt bitching about it for a good 10+ minutes in that video.

I dont think shes the worst person ever or even that her arts the worst ever. I have friends who waent to SCAD who draw worse than her. But her know it all attitude on top he flawed artwork and personality make rub me the wrong way and make it hard to like her.

Shes also extremely naive, but a lot of college kids are.

No. 198881


**But her know it all attitude on top her flawed artwork and personality rub me the wrong way

Sorry on mobile!

No. 198885


This so much. While working and doing art, you find a way to make it work with good scheduling, late nights on caffeine and using your days off wisely. Even with depression and other mental health issues, it can be done and wanting asspats for supposedly "suffering" isn't the way to go. She's a typical naive art school student who doesn't have a clue on how the industry works or seems like she'll never be prepared for what happens after graduating. It'll hit her like a wall of broken bricks.

No. 198908

File: 1479232504389.jpg (112.87 KB, 400x400, 61411281.jpg)


>She's doing online art school right now

Oh boy, why spend all the money if you're not even going to an actual campus and meeting actual people. Scholarship or not, this was a bad move. It would have been better for her to go to a lib arts college with a good art program.

Art school is 20% about getting an 'education' and 80% networking with people. She's essentially setting herself up for failure at this point. Besides, no one in the industry is gonna give a shit about how 'good/unique' her art is if she can't even muster up the energy to attempt to not act like a bitch.

Also, if she can't handle working a part time job on top of going to school, she's in for a rude awakening if she makes it into the industry. When it comes to crunch time, your superiors and coworkers don't give a flying fuck if you're to tired to complete a task by 3 am, because hey, they are too.

No. 199005

Now i can't speak 100% on this but, I went to an art highschool and we were required to take English, history, science and math. I'm pretty sure the USA has fairly strict rules on the bare minimums that schools have to teach. There's a reason why kids can't legally drop out of school till a certian age. So while it many not have been the best ever she still probably took normal courses and knows the basics.

College is where you learn specifics on subjects anyway.And a decent portion of people don't even get jobs in their fields.
There are jobs that only require a college degree and don't care if it has anything to do with what you went to school for.

She really has no excuse unless she lives in the middle of no where…but even then i would have just said she should have gone to a non-online college and gotten out of there.

No. 199101

Is there any dirt on Happy D? I used to be subscribed to her on YT but it began to annoy me that everything she drew looked exactly the same and that she seemed really full of herself.

No. 199104

amber roger's mental breakdown over the results has been pretty funny considering she lives as a upper middle class woman working in one of the most unionized and respected animation studios in america lel

No. 199127


Now that you mention it, I have been noticing that a lot of the artists have that sort of attitude where they're set on trying to make it freelance. I'm sort of young I guess, and most of Holly's viewers appear to be like they're college students or high schoolers in the comment section. So I guess in that regard the main reason she's probably popular is that a lot of other naive kids see that they too can make it as a freelancer as long as they're able to do what she does (through youtube/tumblr/etsy).

At this point in her life, I don't think dropping online college would be a good idea. May as well get that degree. Though, I agree with the sentiment that she's missing out on meeting people because she basically never interacts with people unless it's online. Ultimately if anything, I think her lack of interaction with outside people will screw her over.

I suppose I have a soft spot for Holly or any artist that uses their depression as an excuse. It's like watching them go through the futile effort towards being like Baylee Jae and making it as a freelancer. As it stands right now, I don't think Holly has much of a support system to fall back on if she doesn't make it as an artist. I don't really follow many artists, but she's the first one where I'm legitimately concerned about her mental health. Sometimes in her videos you can see she has a bunch of scars on her forearms from cutting (she's not doing that right now, currently she's been healthy in that regard for a while)…Not sure if online "friends" can really compare to real life friends when it comes to helping someone out. Not sure if this is just an excuse, but I would imagine if you're living a life where you don't really have friends, you rarely go out, and all you have to propel you is your art then it would be pretty shitty to have your art taken away from you.

If she can improve her life I think that would be a very interesting video to watch. I feel like I'm learning artists lessons by hearing criticisms on Holly lol.

No. 199167

They seem like another dA same face, no milk here it seems

No. 199172

anyone else catch princeofichis straight up replacing their cat in the vet office to put her down?

No. 199176

holy shit I didn't think she was able to mentioned on here since she's such a small artist(I know her from the ywpd days).

Yeah I felt super weird seeing that going down, she was crying about having to put her cat down and I really felt for her, but then she immediately got a new one and was bragging about it like nothing was happening??? The fuck

No. 199178

File: 1479260650674.jpg (702.29 KB, 1154x789, mynyas.jpg)

Literally not even an hour later

No. 199182

File: 1479260889432.png (24.78 KB, 523x187, 2016-11-15 20_46_46-.png)

you missed the best part. she filled out the paperwork for the new cat while she was waiting for kooky to be put down, and then walked out with nova after kooky was dead.

No. 199186

File: 1479262144411.jpg (311.76 KB, 1116x293, 1469134203807.jpg)

damn thats pretty psychotic thought not surprising since she's been known to be twofaced

pic related, she's bffs with emi now

No. 199214


I don't think Holly will make it. If the cal arts video was an indication she'll never make it as a member of the industry because she isn't willing to do the extra things/work that needs to be done, especially when it's stuff you don't want to do. 90% of the work you're gonna do to make a living is stuff you won't want to do. This is the reason successful tumblr artists who get hired by a studio go MIA for long periods of time, because they're busy working on studio work and don't have the time to do much personal work.

I think her biggest hurdle is her attitude, humbling herself will make her more approachable and less blind to the tasks that lie ahead. Making as many connections (and genuine ones, not two faced bitchy ones) will bring her more success than her art will.

No. 199216

disgusting, heartless bitch. rip kooky.

No. 199232

Bandwagoning fujoshi artists are always the craziest.

No. 199590

she used to do art for that one rooster teeth guy's girlfriend, then immediately stopped once he quit.

No. 199617

She's always sucking up to the Rooster Teeth people. I'm pretty sure she still does art for some of them like Lindsay and probably Mica but she never seems genuine with them.

I remember her being super bitchy to people asking her questions on her tumblr. If someone asked her the same question twice she'd belittle them for not going through her FAQ or not keeping up with everything on her tumblr she posts.

No. 199645

File: 1479326680415.png (294.15 KB, 600x771, Untitled.png)

I'd respect her more as an artist if her motives weren't so consistently transparent.

>hey look a popular cow

>oh hai ashley

No. 199649

I was just thinking of making this thread. Thanks anon.

I was curious if anyone remembers the girl who drew Hanna is not a boy's name, got a bunch of fans, promised merch/a few volumes and then ditched when she got the cash.
She started another comic (can't emerge the name) and then did the same thing again.

I just wonder if she's still up to her scammer ways today.

No. 199711

I really enjoyed HiNaBN and I thought that it was discontinued because of the company they was working with and still in a lawsuit with?

I don't know much about the artist beyond that though, still a shame it's been discontinued

No. 199712

Agreed. I have a BA in Art and I didn't get much with it because I didn't network. I struggled with anxiety and depression but you have to get it worked out to function and not use it as a crutch.

I've always worked as well. I have an art friend who can't work part time because it cuts into her con time and sales. Well, she'd make more money if she had a steady income.

It's even more difficult to work on art for a living when you have to work part time and also take care of children, for example. I barely have enough time but I still work it out to work on my commissions and work on teaching a class and what not.

You just have to get out there and do it. Too much YT and Tumblr influence makes one think they can just subsist off art sales and not bother studying fundamentals, that they find it very hard to face reality when they lack sales and skills.

No. 199713

I don't remember a lawsuit. I thought she got in trouble with her publisher because she didn't want to finish what she was contracted but I didn't think they'd sue her.

So I don't double post -
Does anyone remember HinaUchi (furry artist)? Those types are hilarious. She claimed to copyright a white and brown dog and no one else could make a character like that.

No. 199839

File: 1479337589232.jpg (365.25 KB, 1020x783, hammock_by_b1nd1.jpg)

Anyone have any dirt on Emmy Cicierega? I've been following her for years and I'm really sad she doesn't post art like the stuff she used to have on her dA, it's all just wacky, "funny" doodles now. I get that she's working professionally but man, I want to see some real artwork for once. She's also turned into a huge SJW and she's been so cringey this entire election.

Wait, Tessa Stone? She already abandoned her new comic? FFS, get it together. Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name had so much potential and she ruined it.

No. 199841

Never heard about them but I love reading up on furry drama

For anyone else who wants to read the ED https://encyclopediadramatica.se/HinaUchi

No. 199851

so what's paige/ thumbcramps up to these days

No. 199862


If she's working in the industry she probably doesn't have the energy or inspiration for personal work. And depending on the studio shr works for (if she's not freelancing) she might not want to work on fully developed work because anything she makes while under contract would legally belong to the company.

I miss her brother though. His stuff was super funny.

No. 199883

reminder this is not a google search page, we will not spoonfeed you information. If you feel the need to write "Is there any dirt on ____?", it probably means there isn't any

If you want to discuss about someone please post what you know with links

No. 199897

She works for Disney, storyboarded for Gravity Falls and is working on the upcoming DuckTales reboot. But she works from home, so she doesn't even live out in California where most people in the industry live.

And yeah, Neil's stuff is legendary.

No. 199903


Yeah, if she works for disney chances are she probably doesn't want to work on anything personal, or at leat showcase it. If I remember correctly all creative work while you're under contract is legally theirs, even doodles and such made during your free time. To the extent that applies to her I don't know, but if I were her I would be keeping my personal work/ideas secret until I'm no longer employed there.

No. 199982

nvr 4get

No. 200443


I'm a vet tech, and this is not uncommon. I have a feeling people who do this kind of thing are not 100% right in the head though.

It's also the worst thing for a new pet. Bringing a new animal into a strange place with a person who is very sad isn't a good way to show them they're safe there.

No. 200488

she already had another cat still living with her as well as several other pets that she doesn't properly take care of. its sociopathic

No. 200492

she has another cat, gerbil, toad/lizard thing, and other animals with her?? It really seems she's getting as much pets as she can without giving it much thought

No. 200607

to be fair that cat was 18 years old

No. 200619

yeah that cat was on it's way out but doesn't make it any less fucked up she got another cat to fill the void

No. 200621

Her cat was being put down in the other room as she was filling out the application. That's fucked up.

No. 201848

Anyone think sakibatch fits into this group? Her twitter is 50% self-loathing/"wahhhh I'm so sad ;A;" and 50% her obsession with Cumberbatch. She's such a crybaby at times it's kind of embarassing.


No. 202017

>only 806 followers
unless they've done something like fuck a cumberbatch daki this sounds like your run of the mill tumblrita

If you got lulzy tweets or posts then you can cap and post though

No. 206860

File: 1480545880048.png (1.05 MB, 1151x1417, Untitled.png)

I just checked Ash's twit and

DAMN does this girl ever stop kissing famous people's asses?

No. 206920

Tbh I’m lowkey salty that her asskissery worked on the Zaibatsu and she ended up on their podcast lol. I saw people saying she’d make a “great 5th member”. Ew.

No. 206942

Matt and Pat seem like nice people, it's more likely she bumrushed herself through into the group

She stayed in their house too which reminded me of that time she stayed at another friend's house and didn't pay rent for months l o l

No. 207195

File: 1480628591036.jpg (821 KB, 950x1202, yurionmediocre.jpg)

>great 5th member to the zaibatsu

I guess ass kissing gets you pretty far

No. 207215

Fucking Mica Burton. I'm so surprised she doesn't have a thread tbh.

No. 207311

What has she done? I've been seeing her name around lately

No. 207314

She ass kissed/used nepotism to get into Rooster Teeth. Has 0 talent (her cosplays are a joke) and is horrendously unfunny.

No. 207326

The Zaibatsu are literally perfect. They have all the elements and chemistry to keep so many watching for years. Adding another member, especially a women would ruin them. fucking hell no.

No. 207327

She's so damn obnoxious.

I want Matt and Pat to stay friends with her if they must, but seriously keep distance. I don't her fatass to become the next Cheyenne.

No. 209007

How do you guys feel about uguubear? I feel like after she latched herself into the league community, nabbed a tall white guy as her boyfriend after months of him rejecting her, she peaced out and her art has worsened over time. Not sure if she herself is much of a snowflake but her life decisions are. Her bf used to be a decently popular league figure but now he's washed up and bitter and basically leeches off her.

No. 209105

File: 1480972702230.jpg (272.64 KB, 600x1003, 1461215600498.jpg)

uguubear is no different than the streamer girls she constantly shits on. She is snowflakey in the way she puts down people like jennythegirl and preaches how "shes a REAL GAMER GURL". She fucked her way years ago to get on the art scene(pic related with other resident ho emily hu), and she's fucked dudes to get where she is now.

Uguu latches onto another popular artist LilyPichu because those that take dick to get internet famous stick together for some reason.

Her art is shit and will always be shit, but there's no need to improve when people love your shit for your tits.

>nabbed a tall white guy as her boyfriend after months of him rejecting her

can you elaborate?

No. 209417

She's with CodyPOV. Soon after his breakup with lolnatsumiii (another friend of lilypichu's), uguu started pining after him. I don't think he wanted to be in a relationship with uguu or so soon after his breakup but she persisted. Cody is a dick though, typical white boy who thinks he can rap and probably thought he could do better after lolnatsumiii since she was a plain looking chubby Asian. He openly criticizes other league girls too, and uguu never reprimands him for this despite it being rude and unwarranted a lot of the time. Uguu stopped everything to be with this manchild.

No. 209418

** Dropped, not stopped whoops

No. 209436

File: 1481017732965.jpg (233.98 KB, 533x724, awk.jpg)

how awkward…

No. 209441

Hissss someone else trying to join the Zaibatsu? Fuck that. You're right. They are perfect the way they are. I even get a little wary when Plague shows up too much.

No. 209573

whoa that last one.. 4 years ago he was still with lolnatsumiii. I guess uguubear already started getting thirsty for that D early on.

No. 230956

File: 1484083888176.png (363.43 KB, 1354x729, Untitled.png)

It's so jarring to see this person spew hateful racist sjw shit but then they draw themselves as a cute uguu, what the fuck

No. 230958

File: 1484083923495.png (283.42 KB, 594x692, wut.png)

Also lol cultural appropriation

This girl is Chinese and is wearing Japanese shit, where is the racist callouts

No. 230967

I don't know if I'd call that Japanese. It looks like one of those made in china cheap "silk" material knockoffs, actual traditional quality Japanese clothes don't look like that.

No. 230987

so shes wearing a fake japanese piece of cultural appropriation made by an american to profit off of asians??

so progressive susan!!!

No. 231015

Am I allowed to talk about my art director in this thread or is it only for tumblr/deviant/hobbyist artist?

No. 231100

go ahead, if we can derive milk from it, then it belongs

No. 231181

You're right, it's from Taobao. I've seen it on there.

No. 231431

Why are SJW such hypocritical idiots

No. 231858

Plz plz bitch then I can bitch about my art director too!

No. 232075

Just do it then, you're all anonymous anyways holy shit

No. 232473


This is how I know you're not in the industry or that naive.


Be careful fellow industry-anon.

This will be a lot shorter if I green text most of it

>Established in the industry now thanks to mentoring

>Jobs are coming to me now thanks to networking through friends and doing well on past projects

>Younger cousin's birthday coming up and she's into lolita fashion. She struggles to buy pieces since she also uses her job money for tutoring.

>I want to give her money for brando and buy her one of her BSSB wedding reservation dresses she bookmarked

>Takes a 3rd studio job literally just for the sake of extra pocket money and so the very first paycheck I can just buy the dress so nobody else nabs it

>3 months in old art director leaves and they need to replace him.

Now I've done art direction on some projects, and in all honesty I was one of the very few on the project qualified for the position. So naturally they approached me to do it, but they wanted me to basically semi-beg for the position. Now I was currently getting paid from that studio alone about 50 an hr, it was 3 months in. I had more than enough already for my cousin birthday card and I already about the dress.

So to not put it so lightly, they needed me way more than I needed them. I didn't give a shit if this project sunk or not I got what I wanted. Meanwhile the only other person who wanted to position was a recent graduate who was pleading for this position. (This project was basically his childhood dream to work with these characters).

I turned it down, I mean he never art directed. It would look good on his portfolio and to be frank I didn't think he could fuck it up. Literally over night the power went to his head. He gave me the most mundane assignments instead utilizing me, same for the other experienced and skilled artist. He had us all draw simple props.

I shit you not one day I was at the studio for 6 hrs just drawing cell phones and making 3-D models for them. While less experienced artist struggled with their work load. When the higher ups asked "what the hell is this" his response was to let him do his job. He never gave direction at all it was everyone helping each other. I'm not a cold hearted bitch, I obviously help the poor kids who didn't know how to accomplished their assignments.He started to fire a few people for arguing with him. I don't even think some where fired, i think they just left. I caught one guy having an anxiety attack because this was the most recent job he had in months and really needed the money, and was afraid he would be dropped. I assured him that wouldn't happen, we couldn't afford to lose anymore people.

The show didn't get a second season. They couldn't replace him, and you can't train anyone at that point to replace the people who worked on the previous project. This is why I stick to movies and the occasional gaming illustrations.

No. 232474


Geez, I'm sorry for all the typos/grammer. It's early.

No. 232816

Being fucking annoying, nothing new. I did laugh heartily the other day when she made a tweet like "sometimes I feel guilty when I wear a black face mask :(" and then immediately deleted it.

No. 232929

File: 1484397436282.jpg (9.85 KB, 230x219, images.jpg)

If we're roasting shit art, might I bring up wentzscribbles on no other hellsite than dumblr? He makes this ugly art for bands like twenty one pilots.

Example here.

No. 232930

Aside from ugly fan art, he's fucking gross guy who has a 'fetish' for incest, rape and pedophilia and despite claiming to be traumatized by it, he draws/has drawn art of it using celebrities like Pete Wentz and Alex Gaskarth.

No. 234747

You make 50 an hour but can't buy Brando? Do they give you very little hours or something? Wtf

No. 234750

>This is how I know you're not in the industry or that naive.

What are you even trying to say

No. 234751

File: 1484427099704.jpg (192.39 KB, 1280x952, 1483047484290.jpg)

This was mentioned in the Emily Hu thread but it's interesting so I'll repost it here

DreamWorks hired Bonka-chan as a freelance storyboard artist because a director found her NSFW fetish art blog


No. 234760

that's fucking hilarious

No. 234790

Oh man I used to love her art cuz it had a cute cartoony look to it but it was still pretty, weird to think she's doing all this fetish stuff now

No. 234905

>Has tons of talented fanartists
>hire the fetish artist with bad anatomy

Any anons here can inform me why hired storyboard artists/revisionists are a mixed bag? I see some of them that are pretty good with understanding form, anatomy, and gesture but then others are downright terrible until they get secret in-house shonen manga training. How did they get hired in the first place?

No. 234930

I think its just luck

Emily Hu got hired because Marvel was desperate and needed people to fill the position. She didn't even need to take a test, she just walked in and got it

No. 235045

It's being at the right place at the right time. And if artists manage to market themselves properly and who are easily found, have a slight fan base etc. There are a lot of good artists but they don't have much social media flaunting works so they're harder to find, famous tumblr artists are easier to contact and see everywhere on the internet.

No. 235373

File: 1484532965886.png (343.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181302.png)

is this one here yet? she's active mostly on twitter and Facebook. delusions of grandeur, really really bad abstract paint (acrylic on top of oil…) and horrible rap lyrics.

also constantly posting about how she is visualizing millions of dollars and big fame. obsessively tags celebrities. narcissist. blocks/removes any person who critiques, or isn't ass-kissing.

I have been following for a while just to watch the milk flow.

No. 235375

File: 1484532993228.png (129.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181339.png)


No. 235376

File: 1484533088852.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181750.png)

the "art"

No. 235378

File: 1484533140528.png (239.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181728.png)

more narcissism. it never stops. she's like an infinite source of self-overestimation

No. 235379

File: 1484533176115.png (282.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181642.png)

shared for the tags.

I think she has a Tumblr too but it's mostly reposts.

No. 235380

File: 1484533225263.png (247.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170115-181738.png)

last one for good measure.

No. 235383

as an actual painter who isn't involved with fan art/derivative works, studios or graphic design, all of this crap makes me nauseous

I literally hate animation studios, design studios, big galleries. bleh

it's hard to find original works but they're out there, usually with only a few followers/fans and just keeping their head down and working, not endlessly posting about how amazing they are or jumping from dick to dick for a license to copy old cartoons.

No. 235404

I think this is kind of sad and not entertaining since it looks like they don't have a following of any kind, if she was loved by furries on the other hand..

No. 235417

I accepted her friend request because at first I felt that way but then after seeing her posts for a while… no, she likes to slap people down so now it's a hate read

No. 235480

sounds like vendetta

No. 235570

>CEO at etc
It's bad to armchair psychology but that's a candidate for narc or manic tendencies right there
I never know to laugh at these types or not. On one hand maybe they can't help being crazy, but on the other they don't make themselves easy to empathise with

No. 235857

no, just a random cow I thought I'd add on to the thread.

I keep my vendettas closer to the chest. those are ALL MINE

No. 237486

I've had the misfortune of being recommended one of HCBrown's 'art tutorial videos' and this bitch sure does act like hot shit for someone whose art is mediocre at best.

No. 237549


This girl kisses so much ass that its hilarious and I'm glad other people can see this mess too.

Her intentions are so obvious. She cuddles up to the Zaibatsu in Canada im suprised she's not trying to cuddle up to the GG group in america.

No. 239013

File: 1485223814404.jpg (68.05 KB, 587x598, C21BHe5WgAEnomf.jpg)

to no one's surprise, the guy who draws owlturd has Bad Opinions

Dude backtracked, deleted, apologized, and then backtracked again. He's now claiming to be a victim and is being "bullied"

So far he has lost about 1.1k twitter followers, hopefully more to come

No. 239029


he's about to lose one more :)

i can't believe people are actually wondering if punching a nazi is wrong.

No. 239032

File: 1485228319393.jpg (83 KB, 627x830, C205hkjWQAAQi22.jpg)

owlturd / shenanigansen

Winner of WebToon comic contest

I wish I could've capped their argument but Shen deleted it

Basically Shen: "I didn't say those deleted things please forgive me"

No. 239047

Eh, honestly I don't think the post is that bad. He worded it shitily, but I get what he's saying and I agree. I think people just misinterpreted it so they can run their sjw witch hunt. He apologized and admitted his mistake anyway.

My biggest problem with shen is that he hashes out the same depressing comics. I know it's his thing, but its the same shit over and over. Same panels. Same poses. Over and over. It's a shame cause I like his style and I think he has more potential. He's pretty much a one trick pony at this point.

No. 239052

Webtoon forces him to make three comics a week

They are probably paying him peanuts and he's scrambling to make shit content

No. 239055


This. How long can he go making these samey comics with the same ol' boring ass punchline. Supposedly he makes a living doing this too? Can't wait till he's driven insane and has to find a part time job because he mediocre art skills can't land him anything behinds shitty webcomics where the ending punchline is always the same.

No. 239061


wow the backpedal is strong in this one

No. 239067


What a fucking loser. If you're gonna say some stupid shit own up to it and leave it up. Instead of deleting it and hoping people forget.

No. 239385

In other recent news

Sky Williams calls out kohquette

Fat fetishistThumbcramps gets into a fight with equally fat man



No. 240332

Now that Liam's gone I'm genuinely worried they're going to add her to the show, she's going to be on Liam's stream and she was hanging out at Matt/Leana's place recently.

No. 240395

she's posting pictures of Matt's cat, bitch just can't stop

No. 241331

Oh hey she follows me

No. 241457

ayy this looks rigid as fuck

No. 255060

Surprised Ichi isn't discussed here already

No. 255715

Has she done something lulzy recently? I checked her twitter account and it's locked now, what happened?

We discussed how shit shit talked about emi/avnp upthread and is now best friends with her, but that was ages ago.

No. 255724

Maybe it's because of the Katsucon Voltron meetup she hosted?

No. 255762

I don't see any tweets attacking her though? I'm so confused cus she's an attention whore and would eat any attention up, this is unlike her

No. 255865


You know i'm surprised Star only goes to Canada. You'd think she'd be kissing up to the GG crew and trying to fly over there and meet them.

No. 255934

File: 1487768349655.png (888.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3971.PNG)

kohquette is somehow the artist for the Legend of Korea comics. Her wonky anatomy, messy lines, and generally inconsistent style just confirms the whole 'be in the right place at the right time' motto for scoring professional jobs.

No. 255936

File: 1487768944294.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3973.PNG)

Fuck, I mean Korra. Thanks autocorrect.
Also an excerpt from Irene 'I'm a gay bisexual uwu' Koh's tumblr:

>i dyed my hair pink recently, and it’s been grand. apparently it makes me look gayer, which is fucking awesome. it’s been really lovely to have a supportive partner who lets me explore a side of my sexuality that i kept repressed for so long (the label for me i think is bisexual, but y’all get what i mean, yeah?). so here’s to a much gayer 2017.

No. 255938

>I dyed my hair because it makes me gayer


No. 255947

File: 1487771422490.jpg (714.72 KB, 1058x749, bitch.....jpg)

>having pink hair is exploring my sexuality

No. 256057

>Hey guys I'm GAY did i forget to mention IM GAY?!?! Look how GAY I AM

this must be the straighest thing I've ever seen

No. 256067

Gay bisexual? Does that make any sense? Is she trying to get those brownie points for being attracted to women?

If I remember correctly isn't Korra gay or bisexual? She probably got the job because of her being ~so gay~*

>pink hair

Way enforce stereotypes lol.

No. 256101

You haven't seen anything yet, snowflakes do this all the time. They mention their sexuality/gender even when it doesn't have to do with anything. We get it, you're gay. You don't need to mention your sexuality AGAIN.

No. 256106

…she has a boyfriend. So gay.

No. 256116


she's cute tbh

No. 256122


honestly that's not even surprising. the old edgy emo bands had fanbases that acted the same. i wouldn't be surprised that the "gross guy with incest and rape fetish" was just a 17 year old girl obssesed with yaoi who was never abused. bitches crazy in the head. i used to see it a lot when i was younger (in the liverjournal and what not days of mcr and p!atd). i'm sure she'll grow out of it.

No. 256125


i hate this laineybot-type shit. you're a straight girl who finds girls cute, move along.

No. 256128


No. 256144

She got the job the way all mediocre artists do: connections. Her exploring her realization that women are cute- I mean, ~bisexuality~ is a more recent thing.

No. 256169

It's like she's desperate to be gay for more snowflake points. Who the fuck even makes a post about oh good my pink hair makes me look more gay? I hope 2017 is gayer?? the fuck

No. 256213


lol Ichi has always been a manipulative fucking cunt. She cries about how "hard she has it for a 24 year old" to get sympathetic asspats from her followers. She lives with her mom yet doesn't help pay bills, doesn't help keep up the house, doesn't even take care of the fucking pets she ALREADY owns but yeah, Sam, it must be soooo hard blowing stolen money on 30 cons a year and expensive anime merch then playing victim when you get called out for being a fucking con artist.

No. 256220

File: 1487813340540.jpg (49.63 KB, 576x1024, CslhLJkWIAAuL_d.jpg)

>stolen money

Elaborate? I know she works at payless so homegirl cant be making much

No. 256221

File: 1487813540450.jpg (108.86 KB, 600x800, CjWckfmVAAEmt2o.jpg)

ichi / Sam

Run of the mill lulzy fandom cow, has gone into hiding. Current fandoms include voltron, dmmd, and ywpd

No. 256223

File: 1487813836793.png (655.3 KB, 585x830, Untitled.png)

Lol I looked up her twitter and not only does she have a boyfriend, HE'S WHITE.

She constantly shits on white people for being ignorant and for white washing/oppressing other people but here she is ? being dicked by a white person? kohquette what???

No. 256224

Didn't she fill out the adoption forms AFTER putting her old cat to sleep?

No. 256230

apparently she got banned from katsucon's aa and has some beef with the head I don't know more than that though, does anyone have access to her private?

No. 256236

File: 1487815249541.png (48.47 KB, 527x678, good ichi still a shitty scamm…)


She's run off with a lot of money from people who've ordered charms/commissions off of her and never responded or gave them their shit. Anyone who tries to contact her about it either gets ignored or a fake-ass apology saying" ohhh im sorryyyy i'll send those out" and still never sends shit out. A lot of people have been coming forward, the most recent on tumblr that I've seen is this one. Really? Over 2 fucking years just to get refunded (AND ALMOST NOT ALL THE WAY)?

No. 256248

There are other photos of him on her insta and he doesn't look that white to me?

No. 256253

LOL How do you get banned from katsucon???

Dudes name is Patrick Miller, Idk how more whiter that can get

No. 256265

isn't he Filipino or something?

No. 256273

File: 1487817813583.jpeg (52.6 KB, 627x304, image.jpeg)

He's mixed.
Stick to her wannabe gay bullshit, not this irrelevant crap

No. 256283

How can she claim gay/bi if she's never dated a girl I'm so confused

No. 256321

tbh I have no idea

No. 256475

It started with shipping girls in fiction. Because she thinks drawing lesbians is hot, now she is one too, apparently.

No. 256728

File: 1487890324981.png (64.92 KB, 575x450, Untitled.png)

So Ichi got removed from the AA?

I'm more inclined to think salty voltron shippers reported her vs other artist alley people.

No. 256869

looks like a typical fujo, not surprised

No. 257099

File: 1487961934519.png (222.99 KB, 341x350, sonico ew.png)


I was going to be offended by how much of a fucking mess her house always is but I forgot pigs love living in filth.

No. 257106

anon please. It's illegal to burn someone that fucking hard

No. 257984

she was selling things from a friend's table and then posting about it on social media. i wouldn't doubt if someone she fucked over with not sending out an order got salty and pointed it out to katsu staff.

No. 259759

Did anyone see the SanJapan artist freak out? The entitlement and freak out of skimlines and shatteredearth were delicious

No. 261933

File: 1488441149805.jpg (45.74 KB, 257x372, 1436823886599.jpg)

since this is an artist thread, omocat has delayed her kickstarter game for 3 years, looking like it's going to be 4 by the look of things

theres no way she can make this game on rpg maker and then import it to the 3ds and vita, peopple got fucking scammed inafune style

More omocat info in this thread >>>/ot/15930

No. 262276

Lol thank god this stupid bitch finally got her call out post on tumblr for scamming. Hope she closes her store tbfh

No. 262288

Ew, she's so frumpy.

No. 262326

File: 1488497939716.png (Spoiler Image, 345.2 KB, 965x924, Screenshot (10).png)

anyone know lohkay? she was a small time transformers and hannibal fanturd back on tumblr, now shes gotten into twitter and the voltron fandom and is mainly obnoxious and easy to troll…all while trying to be a troll herself (blasting the ow and yoi fandoms)…she honestly has a LOT of milk, but maybe isnt popular enuff for her own thread…

No. 262327

File: 1488497939900.jpg (1.85 MB, 532x2292, prince-ichi scammer.jpg)

No. 262330

What the actual fuck am I looking at

No. 262333

File: 1488498662594.png (Spoiler Image, 296.14 KB, 667x1007, tumblr_oiu7l4xSuq1rnvlg6o1_128…)

her voltron mermen au………….

No. 262334

File: 1488498711536.png (Spoiler Image, 356.87 KB, 695x1046, tumblr_oj2bgnUVGB1rnvlg6o3_128…)

this is a comissioned piece but good god…her anatomy pisses me off…

No. 262342


No. 262516

I think she's just jaded from who knows what, but that makes her come off as a dramamonger. She can be so abrasive. Her style has potential imo, but from a tweet she made a while back, I feel like she's hiding behind it to avoid learning her fundies.

No. 263085

File: 1488624774706.jpg (116.41 KB, 1077x771, Screenshot_20170304-025007.jpg)


For sure, she is the epitome of one of those folks who if you critique her anatomy she gets all MY STYLE who ASKED YOU FUCKER

Her ego is through the roof and she really gets off on being an edgy contrarian, esp on her FB but more now that's she's on twits

Had many interactions with her and she is honestly not all there…and she is pretty proud of it? It's a real shame cuz her wife is a sweetheart and supportive to a fault; it's more enabling than anything else…

But hey, pic related

No. 263174


Right after this was posted, the OP received MORE people coming forward about Ichi scamming them. Who wants to bet she's selling online orders at her next cons again?

No. 268223

File: 1489342715845.png (202.99 KB, 586x380, wow.PNG)

Next to HC Brown I absolutely despise Baylee Jae, I can't believe people actually buy her mediocre art .

No. 268241

I just googled her and …what the fuck? People buy this??

No. 268265

I thought this was petty vendetta between friends but I looked her up and wtf she has 20k+ followers?

What the actual fuck

No. 268272

File: 1489348982446.png (827.36 KB, 1044x591, baylee.PNG)

where have you people been
Baylee Jae is one of the most popular artists on youtube
despite being such a shitty artist

No. 268277

i want to fucking kill myself what is wrong with people

No. 268282

File: 1489349731852.png (566.25 KB, 719x530, 200.PNG)

tell me about it
As soon as she put this up it fucking sold

No. 268296

I thought you all were talking about the tranny pornstar and was really confused for a minute.

No. 268298

>Baylee Jae
Does she spell her name this way to avoid being confused with Bailey Jay?

No. 268650


mfw i'm a decent artist struggling to make a living with my art. Then we see mediocre Baylee jaw over here making a living with her shitty scribbles that look like it was done by a 12 year old. why

No. 268708

File: 1489405908667.png (328.37 KB, 890x480, Screenshot_20170313-193947~2.p…)

Yeah, I don't know if you're one of them but I've seen farmers here post OC that's 100x nicer and better drawn than this garbage.

This is what she came up with in her 'ballpoint pen challenge' with no erasing.
I've seen sketchbook scribbles done in a couple of minutes that look better than this. It looks like something a 13-year-old kid would draw in their textbook at school.

No. 269079

Apparently Baylee worked at an animation studio for a while before she quit since she was making enough money off youtube

No. 269121

File: 1489449195073.png (785 KB, 813x472, hdthr.PNG)

I wanna know who was insane enough to hire her mediocre ass

Same, makes me salty that she can afford to live comfortably and blow all her Youtube money on children's toys and Disney shit. While her psycho audience defends her art and kisses her feet.
It's baffling why so many people are subscribed to her and why.
My guess is that people like the fact that she puts out alot of content and was one of the first youtube artists so she was ahead to begin with

No. 269246

really wanted to like lohkay, especially because she's of the same opinion that people should piss off and mind their own business when it comes to art/porn they don't personally like (instead of going on call out crusades), but jesus. she's got the worst ego, and flat out admits that she's got "cards" that she can play (race card, disability, etc.). idk. she just comes across as really self-centered and bitchy for little reason. elitist, too.

I don't even mind her art all that much, I was following her on twit for a while too, but she's too much lol.

No. 269260

I used to like Baylee Jae, but then I realized that she is so rude. She has this "holier than thou" attitude about everything when she has plenty of room to improve. Like don't shit on other artists because you make tons of money on youtube videos and doodles.

No. 269273

tbf if i was rich i wouldnt give a fuck either

No. 269286

jfc this is shit

No. 269298

The only reason Baylee even has a name for herself now is purely 'right place, right time'. She knows how to milk her incredibly young subscribers for views (for some reason young artist seem to think that if you have lots of Copic markers you get better or some shit)

Though it is funny to watch her collab with other artist. Virtually every other popular artist on youtube is 10x more skilled than her so the lapse in talent is hilarious. Especially the one she did with Sakuems.

Also, good job having the same name as a trap pornstar. She should've kept her old one.

No. 269304

File: 1489476388368.png (108.42 KB, 648x496, isitthatserious.png)

Does anyone know if Baylee is sponsored by Copic? She seems to suck that company's dick a whole lot. Is she even Copic certified?

I mean, Copics are good markers but they're not some magical tool that will make your animu art good. She doesn't even really know how to use them all that well.

No. 269522

Are there any other artists or groups notable for scamming on kickstarter? In a similar vein to Omocat I found out about a game company jesuotaku/Hope Chapman is running called pangodango. They had a kickstarter three years ago for a godawful looking visual novel made with RenPy aka free VN making software so basic a ten year old could learn how to use. So after $23,000 in donations and three years they haven't done anything past the demo, stopped updating their official tumblr two years ago and every time the backers ask about why it's taking so long chapman gives them a bunch of excuses - like saying they're too sick to post about it even though they do nothing but post on the anime news network forum and upload let's plays to YouTube that nobody watches. This whole thing gives off Arkh Project vibes but seems so underwhelming it's completely under the radar.

Did I already mention how shitty it looks? Who would pay for something like this?

No. 269949

Just saw this vid by HC Brown, were these self harm marks on her left arm?

No. 269955

Yeah. She made a vlog about it on her second channel.

No. 269961

>mookie bag


No. 270042

I've always hated mookie. Is there any milk on them (other than how shitty their oversaturated kawaii bishounen Tumblr-esque art is)?

No. 270051

not that I know of, I do notice she namedrops a lot and then never mentions people again

No. 270065

nah, shes a shy fujo that's smart enough to keep shit to herself unlike barelytea

Though I did hear in an AA thread, at cons she's not too friendly or engaging .Not to mention she's friends with mostflogged

No. 270068

She isn't sponsored by them, she buys them herself.

She's actually writing some tutorial book. Curious to see how that's going to turn out.

No. 270069

Poorly, probably. But then again most artist who make Western How-to-draw books are shit.

Does anybody remember that one artist on tumblr who used to cosplay bleach with her obese boyfriend? The one with the shit fetish that got ran off of tumblr because of her creepy obsessions with fictional characters? I was always waiting on her to have a meltdown.

No. 270081

>shes a shy fujo that's smart

im sorry but i laughed. she writes like a fucking retard

No. 270142

Nemu. Someone quoted one of her tumblr posts on /cgl/ about how she would do shit like vomiting and shoving it up her vag during sex. Apparently she had a therapist she would talk to about this and her crazy Lorax fanart.

No. 270211

>vomit up her vagina

Holy shit what

No. 270219

I actually kind of loved Nemu. For however crazy she got, it made me feel better about functioning in normal adult society with weird husbandos too, lol. Shame she was run off tumblr, I'd love to know what she's up to and drawing fetish art of now.

No. 270223

Smart enough to keep her mouth shut
but now that you mention it, I remember seeing on her F.A.Qs people would ask her why she couldn't spell kek

No. 270224

Her twitter is private, but according to her deviantart she's apparently anti-porn and has schizotypal personality disorder. That would explain her propensity to reveal so much TMI about her fetishes.

No. 270231

Shes toned down a lot of the oversharing now that she's being medicated/seeing a therapist. I wouldn't call it a complete 180 but she's definitely obviously a lot more mentally stable now, tbh I think getting run off Tumblr was the best thing to happen to her.

No. 270237

TBH it's not hard to be REALLY mediocre and get paid work these days it seems. A girl I went to art school with draws comics and illustrations like a fifth grader yet gets paid for it.

No. 270241


Well that had a much better ending than I expected, I'm happy for her.

No. 270255

There are so many nemus, do you have a link or image to her art?

No. 270267

No. 270270

No. 273951

File: 1490059572012.jpg (122.65 KB, 900x1200, C7PrInwVoAAhVER.jpg)

Did star break up with her boyfriend or something? She's been posting a lot of selfies like this lately and l o l what even

No. 273956

File: 1490059992906.png (12.58 KB, 1217x188, Untitled.png)

lmao of course Tim is in there defending the vomit fetish, she seriously has the worst GOTIS I have seen

No. 274001

Yep they did. I saw a tweet a few months ago but cbf finding it

No. 274028

File: 1490064665791.png (47.29 KB, 604x292, lol.png)

This makes this tweet she made even better lol

>it's okay that I'M single, please reaffirm me

No. 274449

File: 1490132629385.png (196.48 KB, 270x261, 1453135373986.png)


>a starfighter AND mookie bag

as if her art wasn't shit enough so are her tastes

No. 274512

Speaking of starfighter, I used to hate on it because I thought it was a "serious story" but the author was actually just dicking around. Props to them.

No. 274809

ngl i liked starfighter because 'cool space battles' and 'dudes fucking' are two of my favorite things but yeeeeeeeesh the cringe to have a bag advertising you're a fujoshit much less with art that makes it so clear what the comic is about

No. 277221

hamletmachine is literally just another fujoshit who cant take criticism and deletes any and all comments that don't kiss her ass, so I don't feel bad hating her shitty babby's first horrible yaoi comic

No. 277571

Really? Her ED article is down so I can't find any evidence to corroborate

No. 277575

Not to mention she's a huge ass licker, always tweeting at the month's most popular artist like they're old friends. Super awkward to watch.

No. 282272

File: 1491068843246.png (86.13 KB, 720x585, Screenshot_2017-04-01-12-39-27…)

I know this artist already has issues, but how fucking rude is it to do this??? Like holy fuck. You open someone else's bag and stick your art in front to advertise it? What a bitch.
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282415

what? Is she too cheap to provide her customers with her own print bags?? If you bought them to give out you can do what you want with them

No. 283302

Robin Clonts is a total snowflake. She paints generic ass oil paintings. She's the one with the "hoodie" character people are talking about.

Also, doesn't HC Brown actually have beef with Baylee Jae? She's always lowkey trash talking her.

No. 284429

I feel bad seeing the artist I used to look up to AA-wise turn into such a rude and conceited person.

I struggle in not buying her merch because I do still legitimately like her stuff, but man her attitude is so bad I'd rather not.

No. 287616

Don't talk about her like she's some tortured, misunderstood soul. There are so many self-absorbed wannabe artists like her around and I've seen them all. They either don't get to an art college or they drop out because they felt it was too ~restricting~, in other words they didn't like drawing stuff other than their own Mary Sues and didn't want to be challenged or questioned.

Holly is just like that, she has a really rotten attitude towards the criticism she receives and I have no trouble believing that she couldn't handle teachers trying to educate her. The fact that she's making these "yall young artists suck and can't do shit look at all the mistakes you make LMAO" while being worse than mediocre just goes off to show you that she has a superiority complex and doesn't want to be taken down.

>Yet, I can sympathize with the fact that she doesn't have enough money to buy a car, so getting a part-time job for her would mean sacrificing her art for money.

Welcome to the adult world. EVERYONE needs to make sacrifices to get by. Being so self-centered that you think you're somehow above this and entitled to just staying home and doodling web comics is bullshit. Almost every young adult has to work a shitty part-time job to make ends meet and sacrifice their free time for it.

>She draws A LOT, more than other artists I follow (unless I'm just following the wrong artists). I would not consider her to be a lazy artist.

Laziness is NOT about how much you draw. Being a lazy artist is about avoiding stepping outside of your comfort zone and being reluctant to be challenged. You can sketch your lopsided, same-faced cartoon Mary Sue characters over and over again but you'll never improve since you're basically just drawing a circle over and over again. You draw 100 circles every day for 8 years but you still can't draw a rectangle, a triangle or a star shape. You're too lazy to make the effort to draw even one triangle.

No. 289036


No money to buy a car, but she can buy a new mac computer and a cintiq? Right.

No. 305607

File: 1494036216100.png (98.45 KB, 1018x404, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 7.02…)

anyone else enjoying watching lohkay get fucking roasted

No. 305620

File: 1494036785364.png (245.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170505-191228.png)

I didn't know this was happening but thanks for the heads up. Enjoying reading this dumb ass shit

No. 305628

File: 1494037730693.png (115.96 KB, 602x1032, Untitled.png)

whats with all these dog fuckers tho

No. 305629

File: 1494037934285.png (151.76 KB, 603x1175, Untitled.png)

i am living for these snarky ass replies

No. 305750

File: 1494051220174.png (49.39 KB, 604x339, GOT YA.PNG)

lmao right?
also it's fucking shit that these people make it into the AX artist alley
selling their shit art and acting like this. Glad they're reporting her, there are plenty more deserving artists out there that make great stuff and don't fuck dogs

No. 305856

File: 1494069080029.png (682.02 KB, 638x1350, asdasd.png)

No. 305861

I reported this degenerate and I hope others do as well. http://www.youthprotectionportal.org/make-a-report.asp

The fact that she defends IN REAL LIFE bestiality (not just drawings) by saying its "legal in most states" is absolutely disgusting.

No. 305862

the only context i had on twitter was that she was reported because she said she was gonna 'go back to drawing rape' and some snowflakes got pissy and started to try to get everyone to report her because they 'feel unsafe'. so the whole drama just pissed me off, does no one else find it incredibly petty to report someone over their stupid fetish art? idk even if shes an asshole she won a place at the con fair and square right?

No. 305863

File: 1494069942694.png (275.2 KB, 618x1742, asdasd.png)

No. 305864

She also supports pedophilia over on her tumblr so… I'd be very uncomfortable with her at an all ages conventions myself

No. 305865

File: 1494070063319.png (35.35 KB, 882x422, ss (2017-05-06 at 04.27.25).pn…)

No. 305867

are you one of the nonbinary 16 yr old tumblrinas complaining on twitter? literally nothing has happened.
people that art police blow my fucking mind, just block the content, close the tab and move on bro.
idk much about her so if by 'support pedophilia' you mean draw weeby loli art then i wouldnt think theres much to worry about?

No. 305869

nah not a tumblrina really but >>305856 really fucking bugs me. Advocating beasility beyond drawings in like… really fucked up. Same level of Stinky tbh

No. 305870

voltron fandom is the gift that just keeps on giving tbh
whenever there's an argument you can guarantee that both sides will be filled with snowflakes

No. 305883

thats why you dont play the sjw game, theres no winning

No. 306032


hi lohkay

No. 306259

Aw man, lohkay locked her twitter. Anyone following her can see what she's tweeting out now?

No. 306264

I her lohkay got doxxed now… and its all over FB. anyone got deets on that?

No. 306265

hi 14 yr old multi kin system lesbian demiboy who feels unsafe on the internet.

honestly im just speaking for what i believe in, ive never agreed with art policing, i never have and never will

No. 306323

She looks like a rejected pre-alpha version of Michelle Rodriguez here.

No. 306328

>14 yr old multi kin system lesbian demiboy

LMAO idk where you think you are honey but this aint the place. go back to drawing CP or whatever you sick fucks are into

>poignant and skilled

my sides, this is so embarrassing. Your art looks like a 13 year old girl's still in her edgy yaoi phase get the fuck over yourself

No. 306350

File: 1494136829517.png (125.21 KB, 811x1074, sure jan.png)

This apology is shit lol

No. 306352

File: 1494138074027.png (17.17 KB, 267x315, 1482453102934.png)

Nobody likes artists with shit personalities and shit art

No. 306359

>wahh I have mental disorders so that gives me a free excuse to be an idiot!!!

What the fuck even is this bitch

No. 306362

Meh I don't like her art or her character but I find it petty too. I agreed with everything woofrory said in >>305863 but if you speak out, people will question your morals and character to try to shame you for not having the "right" view.
Or like >>305883 said, there's no winning

No. 306468

She hasn't tweeted anything since.


No. 306520

I've followed her for awhile and she's always been lashing out, so I'm kind of sideeying her saying this is a recent development… I think it's only because she's been under public fire is she actually facing the consequences of her shit personality.

No. 308074

This bitch is a bigger cow than lohkay just fyi.
I made a thread about her before I even knew this thread existed.

No. 308076

How tf do I link to other threads, fuck me

No. 313556

File: 1494880868085.jpg (32.19 KB, 574x361, DSC00862bhjjhk.jpg)

Mookie / mookie000 / Jasmine Alexandrea*


Former homestuck big name fan, now a BNF for the series Haikyuu. Gets into drama by drawing porn of underage characters and giving attitude at any criticism.

*(real name according to this photobucket I found through google images: https://tinyurl.com/k54dkr6)

No. 313587


I've been out of the anime art scene for awhile, but when did people start getting flack for drawing and writing underage characters in sexual situations? I remembered in the early 2000's no one gave a shit and people would freely draw fan art, cosplay, write fan fiction, and just not give a shit.

I'm not saying drawing that subject matter is right, but I remember when people would take their space within fandoms and mind their own business. Now it seems like everyone is trying to police everyone. Maybe I just didn't notice it back then because I was younger.

No. 313588

What is mookie's ethnicity? She (? honestly the first time I saw her face on twitter I thought it was a boy) looks mixed but I can't figure out what

No. 313589

she's full black, she mentioned it on her Instagram a long time ago

No. 313615

It was a really recent trend to police other people. It went downhill with Steven universe and voltron

No. 313641

Yeah it's the current big trend online. I've noticed YOI and Voltron fans are the biggest spergs about it and will literally put you on block lists if you reblog a character just hugging another one. It's so goddamn idiotic too because if the characters are under 18 it's fine and no one seems to care because "they're both teens so its ok uwu" whereas as soon as one of the characters turns 18 (even if the other is 16 or 17) it's "DISGUSTING PEDOPHILIA RREEEEE"

Like it's ridiculous that artists who ship 17 year olds are getting lumped together with Shadman

No. 313820

Ok, thanks anons. I have noticed it a lot among YOI fans. I've also noticed it heavily with Killing Stalking, and I don't even read that.

No. 320733

Irene back on her IM TOTALLY QUEER AND SPECIAL YOU GUYS bullshit again


No. 320803

File: 1495655822861.jpg (49.25 KB, 600x933, LOKTURFWV1-TPB-PG-02.jpg)

Wow fuck those bushes

No. 320847

this looks like a rough draft ffs…

No. 323992

File: 1496015820490.png (573.07 KB, 900x800, 0934837.png)


thoughts on thumbcramps/paige's latest kickstarter?

No. 324889

>white person making game on "diverse" characters

smart cash in, cant really hate on them for exploiting retards

No. 324905

God, I love seeing Paige get dragged
She's such a shithead

No. 340460

File: 1498288022188.png (997.37 KB, 847x871, 7992b558b4a53e3de9e6f4be43591a…)


So Ichi i guess moved cross country with her cats and put them in the same crate together WITH a glass habitat on top of them. I'm honestly so disgusted with how she treats her animals.

No. 340461

File: 1498288095118.jpg (328.71 KB, 769x862, 2e31f72a0e0a216187b1b995f98ca4…)


Here's a pic of how she housed the cats during the trip

No. 340462

File: 1498288201211.jpg (354.35 KB, 768x844, a0d3e7dbce0808a7812026e5b75df3…)


Actually, it got worse. 3 crates on top of each other. Sorry for spamming

No. 340472

She moved cross country to live with her fake trans boy girl/boyfriend or whatever right?

No. 340606


Yep. But don't forget, she's poor, anon! She has no money to refund her clients or send their shit out or buy her pets appropriate cages for moving but definitely has money to eat out everyday like a pig and move cross country!

No. 341405

File: 1498440662715.png (746.99 KB, 603x806, wat.png)

Drama blowing in the AA community, artist throws away their entire old stock. These charms are sold for $10 each usually

No. 341418

…Why would you do this? You can give them away if you don't care about a profit but this is just stupid

No. 341423

File: 1498442742087.png (58.01 KB, 577x544, mon.png)

her reasoning. she honestly doesnt seem like a bright person from the way she types but shes working for titmouse so shes doing something right

No. 341451

"carrying them around" bitch, keep a few to give to your friends and do a giveaway for others. Attract business that way. I guess the backlash is what you get for taking a picture of a literal trash can. I mean, if that's how you feel about your own art, then…

No. 341468

File: 1498448757240.jpg (38.69 KB, 595x450, DB0tMw_VwAAdT8G.jpg)

her apparel has the literal word "poop" on it, it really does belong in the garbage

No. 341481


How pathetic.

No. 341590

I don't get why this is such a big deal. Retired merch or merch that's too old or never sold usually is disposed of one way or another. I know plenty of people who throw away defective or leftover/old/retired prints. Prints usually sell for 10-15 a piece. It's her own stuff, she can do what she wants with it?

The way shes posting in order to justify herself isn't doing her any favors, but if i was her i would've never guessed how butthurt twitter got over this post.

No. 341593

she types like she's 13

No. 341597

It's more the fact that she's throwing away product that isn't cheap that can easily be given away in grab bags. There's physically nothing wrong with the product and it's ten times easier to giveaway charms than prints. I could maybe understand if they were bad quality or that old that her style has changed but doing this is pretty stupid. Taking a picture and posting it was even worse.

No. 341805


Ah, i thought she said that most of them are defective, which makes 100% sense why she would chose to dispose of them.

Taking a photo was probably the worse idea though, I agree.

No. 341849

Another thing is that she was bitching about people taking them out of her trash can

like girl if you threw them away, they're pretty much free game

No. 341883

looks like AX is banning works that contain nudity and up to R18 content in AA tables this year. I have a feeling the whole fiasco to do with tumblrinas behind lohkay's witchhunt had something to do with this.

Which is pretty fucked considering AX is still being sponsored by FAKKU, they're just taking the easy way out to avoid shitstorms like this again.

No. 341893

It's probably just as well. The Voltron fandom is due another massive sperg implosion any day now.

No. 341963


Why do people bring this up like it's a valid point? Fakku is in a secluded area and they ID check heavily. The bigger issue is the liability that random artists have to the convention. Is that so hard to understand?

No. 342086

File: 1498563964985.jpg (327.42 KB, 1862x1028, fakku.jpg)

NAYRT and not to rain on your parade but Fakku is one of the very first booths you see walking into the AX Exhibit Hall. I've been to last year's AX as well as other cons where Fakku was an exhibitor and they have R-18 images on display around their booth. They're not "secluded" by any means. Anyone selling R-18 content at cons are required to check ID, not just Fakku and this includes artists.

It's understandable that people are upset by this because R-18 content is still going to be sold in the Exhibit Hall (which has even more lax rules about display than AA). I don't even do NSFW art but I can see why people are upset.

No. 342263

I meant secluded as in they built a room with four high walls and only one entrance in that front area. By that definition it is "secluded"

No. 343185

File: 1498716104047.png (43.59 KB, 856x319, 17d66704ea642b486c8464033ec226…)


Really surprised kinomatika hasn't been mentioned in this thread after her constant begging for money, multiple go fund me's trying to get free cash and scam people and blamining mental illness on why she can't hold down a job or manage money. On twitter she's constantly complains about how she never has money yet she goes out and buys a fucking pedigree cat. Then of course complains how she has no money after buying said cat.

No. 343352

Fucking kino dude, I used to follow her because I used to love her art especially when homestuck popular, but all that e-begging really got on my nerves. She's almost 30 and still won't get a job

No. 343522

>Buying a pedigree inbred retard cat
why do cows do this

No. 343552

Nice to see that kino is still a cow after all these years. Lmao I remember how she inspected who reblogged her art and if she didn't like the contents of their blog (e.g. an irl people shipping blog) she would type at those people in full caps and "prohibit" them to reblog her…

No. 345233

Whoa I never heard about that
At least now she's pretty much faded into obscurity

I'm amazed that mookie on the other hand has managed to stay relevant after homestuck and DmmD, when I heard she had a long line that caused a little inconvenience at AX I was surprised that so many people still want to buy her art even tho it's pretty messy nowadays

No. 345506

File: 1499093631866.jpg (177.72 KB, 1200x1000, IMG_2498.JPG)

I think most of mookie's fanbase is young impressionable kids from tumblr. It's part name recognition and herd mentality - their friends idolize her so they follow along too. I remember being a shit teenager and having "art idols". As long as she makes content that caters to the younger crowd, she'll probably continue riding on her e-fame.

I just saw this on /cgl/ - why are so many artists pulling princeichi level fuckups with their online orders? Blocking a customer for asking where their order is? Bitches are wild. Her art's not even that great to be snubbing paying customers this way.

No. 345513

sage for not much milk, but ichi was in the local cosplay scene where i lived and was always so rude and judgmental. constantly bashed others for being "lowbrow" and "immature" when in actuality they were just kids. not surprised to see she hasn't changed.

No. 345623

File: 1499105819336.png (196.06 KB, 516x552, 1499073813525.png)

Yuumei is truly the gift that keeps on giving. For those that aren't familiar with the situation, Yuumei DID design these headphones. She also sold the rights to Brookstone, so she is no longer the owner.

No. 345654

Sounds like she's mad at herself for low balling to Brookstone what was actually a marketable product.

You'd think she'd try designing something else but not sell out this time, instead of trying to change things that she has no control over.

No. 345661


Haha oh wow like her fatass has any room to talk

No. 345663

I remember distinctly the time ichi had a spat with mookie000 during the days of DMMD. One of the character's, Mink, had dreadlocks through most of the game until the end when he shows up with all of them undone.

mookie made a post about how there's no way he'd be able to get them all out in the amount of time he disappears and reappears in the game. ichi immediately jumped on it, invading mookie's dms and claiming how rude and racist was being. Even tho mookie's black. And her mom's a hairdresser apparently. lol

No. 345692

We were mutuals on Tumblr for a while, she even requested something from my shitty art when I put up a request thread. Went to a good few of her streams.

She tried name dropping some peeps I already knew. Went along with it cause she seemed nice.

She unfollowed me right as her popularity picked up in the Homestuck fandom.

No. 345725

ichi has always been super uppity. looks down on people for drinking and partying at cons because she herself doesn't know how to have fun.

No. 345799

isn't this old news? why is she still tweeting about it?

No. 345835

Aren't the headphones the only project she's actually finished? She strikes me as the type of person who has a lot of good ideas but not the drive to actually do something with those ideas. I doubt she has it in her to actually make (as in do anything past design) anything else at this point.

No. 345935

This must be a fluke, I bought from deck quiet a few time. Never had a problem. Both small and large orders

No. 346084

She drew the design and her previous business partner did all the work, which is probably why the fucking left because yuumei has a princess complex and can't do anything but draw(and she can barely do that now due to "muh medical conditions")

No. 346107

ichi is literally always fucking drinking at cons, usually publically

No. 346258


Isn't that against the rules at cons to have alcohol out in the open?

No. 346276

open containers such as bottles and cans of beer/liquor, yes, but nothing is stopping you from popping it into a water bottle or a cup and drinking it. however, ichi seems like the type to drink from the bottle in public.

No. 346329

File: 1499208737443.png (229.47 KB, 400x566, IMG_1548.PNG)

you guys ever hear of lepusnero?
he was formerly known as twistedoccultism. he's 26 and fatshamed south park cosplayers probably about a decade younger than him, drew kyle nazi torture porn, and has such a strong hatred of fat people characters drawn in his style become progressively thinner as time goes on. also, he redraws fanart he deems shitty without permission.

No. 347065

yikes, never heard of him but that sounds wild. does he table at cons at all or is it just all online?

just because you had a good experience doesn't mean that's gonna be the same for everyone. i've heard from friends that ashley is a huge flake so i'm not surprised.

No. 347352

File: 1499364042107.png (179.25 KB, 352x600, IMG_1561.PNG)

everything's online, pretty sure because he knows he couldn't keep up the facade irl.
if it makes a difference, so far his shitty edgelord attitude has garnered him $18 a month on patreon. he's had it for over a year.

No. 347360

Anon are you me? I was just about post about this guy last week but I forgot their new URL.

I've had my eye on them for a while. They seem like they're on the tipping point of full on lolcow status, especially with the whole fatshaming thing. Honestly, I don't give a shit if you don't like fatasses, cuz obesity is unhealthy but they degree they go with their hatred is hilarious. It's one thing to dislike a particular body shape but "Satan" (total fucking edgelord name ofc) seems to have a problem with minding their own business. They're approaching Shadman levels of attention-whoring, especially since they have a habit of reblogging stranger's cosplay photos just to insult and mock them. They also do redraws of other artist work, making it 'better'. Too bad he's too chickenshit to reblog the art though. He tends to link the originals from his DA stash or just paste them on the drawing themselves. Goes to show that he's a lot more of a coward and a troll than he wants people to think. They also have an abandoned ff.net where they were rewritting someone else's South Park fanfic to make it closer to their liking.

I don't think they've ever posted photos of themself online, but I highly suspect they're a fat/formerly fat transboi with a weight obsession. This is just their way of lashing out.

They also used to draw a shit ton of Danny Phantom fanart. I think the goth girl might be the object of their self insertion based off how much he drew her.

I hope he doesn't think that his shitty attitude will keep getting him commissions and Patreon bux. The internet's full of hamplanets.

No. 347403

File: 1499368583630.png (Spoiler Image, 420.79 KB, 540x1104, IMG_1563.PNG)

He's been on the tipping point of lolcow status for a very long time tbh. He always seems more triggered than the 'SJWs' he targets. I found the Kyle nazi porn he drew a while back, along with the paragraphs he wrote in response.
Spoilered for gross/edge.

No. 347404

I love how he very much could have just said 'no' and moved on, but he took the hours to draw this cringe fetish shit.

No. 347411

>southpark yaoi still a thing in our year of 2017

I cannot believe

No. 347412

No. 347414

File: 1499370312519.png (444.38 KB, 1116x1710, IMG_1564.PNG)

I blame the (years late) creek episode.
it's funny how seriously he takes it.
he also @'d a fake Trey Parker account on twitter spamming them with cryle fanart bitching about creek but i'm not sure if he deleted it or not.

No. 350946

File: 1499834454914.png (215.56 KB, 437x344, d109534e0eec09204631b28f71afff…)

Surprise surprise. Asking for more money instead of going out to get a damn job.

No. 351220

Why do they take SP shipping so seriously?

No. 351601

i follow some sp fan blogs bc i love the show but the people who do fanart and run those blogs are fucking crazy to me. its funny because to me it doesnt seem like the type of show ppl would do that to? but mb because they are all underaged boys the weirdos come out. sage 4 my onion but i have been thinking about this 4 quite some time.

No. 354420

File: 1500350318139.png (1.26 MB, 912x974, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.5…)

I'll give it to Ichi–she can really make filters do some magic. I wonder what the maid cafe will think once they see her in person though?

No. 354478

those bangs are so distractingly awful

No. 354709

her face and features are nice, but they're covered in so much fat

No. 404359

File: 1508113821484.jpeg (21.98 KB, 356x355, kinomatika.jpeg)

I have decided to finally expose Kinomatika as a furry scam artist.

I have evidence that before using the name Kinomatika, they were a furry artist called Paiseley that scammed thousands of dollars dodging commissions. Whenever the heat became too much, they switched to a different name.

Here is all of the evidence: https://pastebin.com/DtVUE4ZN

I am not a regular of this site. After I make this post and one more post with some of the text from that pastebin I will leave. Anybody who wants to can copy the text and make an official thread about it.

No. 404362

File: 1508114172570.jpeg (21.41 KB, 356x355, kinomatika.jpeg)

- ——————————————————
- Kinomatika is a liar, a scammer, and a thief
- ——————————————————
(this is a summary version of https://pastebin.com/DtVUE4ZN with summarized evidence)

This document outlines irrefutable evidence that "Kinomatika" or "Kino" the creator of the webcomic "Blackgrass" is the career scammer previously known as "Paiseley". Their birth name is "Michelle Koralewski". They have made efforts to hide this to avoid revealing their past. They might have a new last name: "Michelle Reynoso".

"Paiseley" was a furry artist scammer whose MO was to rake in hundreds of dollars for commissions, then disappear. Then they would reappear with a new name with slightly different art, and do it again. They had all of their FurAffinity accounts banned with this message:

"This user was banned because they scammed multiple users, made no attempts to reconcile with them, and created new accounts, presumably to continue the cycle. -FurAffinity Staff"

I have known this was them for years, but I believed that they were trying to turn over a new leaf and I chose not to out them. I moved on with my life and I forgot about them. But I see they are still up to their old tricks. Lying and abusing the good will of their fanbase. Faking emergencies. Begging for donations while spending frivolously. Deleting the evidence that the faking and begging ever happened. All of that is only the surface of what we can see them doing. And they still owe THOUSANDS of dollars for dodged commissions. Not even I know the full extent of their scamming.

Because of this, I have chosen to expose them. It feels wrong to keep the knowledge of who they are to myself while they continue to take advantage of people. I am sorry it took me this long.

I will not reveal personal knowledge I have of them. That would be illegal. But I do not have to, they were not careful enough. Below is a list of publicly available sources from blog posts, forums, and profiles, all written by Michelle that confirm that the real name and birthdate are the same for "Paiseley" and "Kinomatika". There is only one piece of evidence that takes some work to verify
for yourself. That is the link between their username "Kinomatika" and their real name "Michelle Koralewski". There is a direct source written by Michelle, but it is from the 2015 Patreon data leak. It is the internal information that Patreon has for the "blackgrass" Patreon account. That evidence data from the leak is included at the end of this document. If you do not trust it, you can go and find and download the leak and check yourself.

- ——————————————————

> "Michelle Koralewski" real name proof: https://archive.is/TOVfK http://archive.is/F4jmU
> proof this is paiseley: http://archive.is/UmQsg http://archive.is/a4QyB

> "M. Koralewski" real name proof: http://archive.is/tE5y7
> august 31 1988 birthday proof: https://archive.is/4fxmG

> "Michelle Koralewski" real name proof: https://pastebin.com/DtVUE4ZN http://archive.is/yJUOX
> august 31 1988 birthday proof: https://archive.is/y6aPv

- ——————————————————

No. 404382


she’s such an ugly fucking cow those filters are working overtime

No. 404383


LMAO HOLY SHIT I’d never thought I’d see this dramacow again. She got on my friends ass years ago for “copying a pose” when it was literally like a generic standing pose. Said friend was only 14 while paisley was a grown-ass adult. She only tries to be a bad bitch when it comes to smaller artists. Not surprised she’s still scamming after so many years what a dumb skank.

No. 404385

IIRC She surged in popularity on tumblr a few years ago after making a video of her showing her husband a bunch of Homestuck porn for him to comment on.

No. 404404

File: 1508123411940.png (172.13 KB, 750x1178, IMG_1159.PNG)

I know this is old but there's an ongoing meltdown on the kickstarter for Lovely Little Theives because Jesuotaku hasn't done anything in months when s/he? promised updates back in February. Apparently watching anime and playing danganronpa leaves them too little time to actually do shit people are paying for.

No. 404657

lmao shes been scamming people since the old homestuck times, this is nothing new. remember that this person asked her followers for over 10k to ship her stuff from a house to another, then asked them money for food and so on and so forth. shes always been scamming people. i didnt know she became this terrible lol

No. 405380

File: 1508302469587.png (426.33 KB, 1069x577, Untitled.png)

lmao whoever did this to ichi good job

No. 405774

File: 1508385908495.png (205.71 KB, 540x584, tyrone laughing for almost 20 …)

No. 424418

File: 1510742280970.png (429.54 KB, 573x1470, c8347kjdff.png)


it's the bragging about this that gets me

No. 424426

Um, can't you get into deep shit about lying for admission, or am I mistaken?

No. 424934


Pretty sure you can get expelled for it. At least at most universities. Seems like they kicked her out anyways.

The fact that she thinks all this is ok is pretty telling of her personality.

No. 425047

I've loved their apparrel but being in the omocat friend group(miraculously) I've heard so many bad things about this person. Apparently they lie and steal from friends under the guise of "just borrowing", her posts about art school kind of solidify she's a scummy person

No. 425062

Yeah, she's a bit of a nut
>mfw I've met here IRL, she's was pretty weird
her designs were really cute but now I'm skeptical if she even drew them, not buying from Fangrrlz anymore lmao

God that's fucked up, but I'm not surprised
look at omocat the stupid game STILL ISNT OUT YET

No. 480475

File: 1516833372917.png (695.34 KB, 892x850, Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 5.35…)

sorry if i'm necroing this, but princeichi is starting on charms again that probably won't be sent out…

No. 480610


She has also apparently started selling the charms that people have been messaging her about having not gotten from her instead of just, you know, SENDING THEM OUT. How anyone still support this scamming cunt is beyond me.

No. 480749

Does she have an active tumblr or twitter anymore or is she exclusively on facebook now

No. 481319

apparently she's an "adult" now and has a mortgage to pay? lol

No. 492910

Anyone has milk about Snipster? The author of the webcomic "A Matter of Life and Death". She was fine at the beggining and her artstyle was pretty unique between of so many BL wecomic artists, but now she's extremely salty to anyone who barely critics or ask any question about her characters, not to mention that the her story now became extremely melodramatic and cliché as much her level of salt increases.


No. 502326

She also took on a handful of commissions last year for button chibis or something and then she never did any of them, lol. The commissioners haven't been able to get refunds either as far as I know.

No. 502332


She’s so full of shit lmao everyone knows she’s milking her new gf bc shes a lazy sack of shit and would rather steal from ppl than actually work. Someone needs to make another call out post on this cunt.

No. 502342


She's ichiarts on twitter now

No. 504961

Hadn't seen him mentioned, so.

Kale Matsuba / kalechippu / kale caruba/ yaoigoddesskeale

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kalematsuba
Tumblr: http://kalematsuba.tumblr.com/
Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kalechippu/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kalematsuba/sweethearts-of-1989-a-lgbt-trans-positive-romance
ED article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/YaoiGoddessKeale

Call outs: http://wordbending.tumblr.com/tagged/kalematsuba (archive link: http://archive.is/H9rm5 )
The call out: http://wordbending.tumblr.com/post/127279351362/people-in-the-steven-universe-fandom-especially (archive link: http://archive.is/usYP4)
Kale's apology/excuse: http://wordbending.tumblr.com/post/164489972052/so-kale-made-an-apology-post-which-ill-include (Archive: http://archive.is/mJwaU)

He was recently called out for drawing shota art (thread of his shota art here: ). He also has a history of scamming people, and what not.

His obsession with Japan and how he totally isn't a weeaboo is interesting and cow-worthy, but he's honestly a cow in of himself (I mean, look at his twitter.)

His excuse for making a comic about the trans experience in Japan in the 80's, is that "Japanese people like him" and he lives in a neighborhood that's "highly populated with Japanese people" and he has a "respectable interest" in Japan. And now he wants to go back to Japan where he can "research" living in Japan for a month, but only if he can live with a Japanese person for the entirety of that month. Hey- he might even pay you rent! (If you let him wear your skin).

His incredibly apparent racism is as fascinating as it is disgusting, and I'm pretty surprised he hasn't been posted before.

No. 504969

File: 1518801248314.png (90.03 KB, 613x809, 3e2b4e28d8fec5b59527877d74b192…)

No. 504970

File: 1518801270378.png (38.92 KB, 673x565, 7ec574c94f546c894887faeffc1c8c…)

No. 505012

File: 1518802868348.jpg (139.84 KB, 675x1200, DWBXKTlU0AAhWch.jpg)

No. 507654

Yikes, that post didn't work.
Here's the proper link.

No. 509590

Anyone have more deets on the JisuArt scandal? Who was the ex pro player that took advantage of her? I always thought something was off about her, especially how cocky she comes off as and how she always likes mentioning she's a *~young Korean gamer girl~*. Not sure how much of that was due to the guy's influence or if that's just how snowflakey she is.

No. 510210

she's pretty tight lipped about it but it seems like it was her ex boyfriend, who was also her manager and she stupidly signed a contract that gave him all the rights to her work.

she's semi popular because there arent that many girls into competitive fighting games(street fighter, injustice etc)

No. 510310



randomly going through her twitter account and it turns out she wrote what happened. Honestly fuck the guy who did that too her

No. 510331

taking advantage of a literal child first of all… disgusting.

No. 510502

File: 1519212928049.jpg (288.24 KB, 1536x2048, DMy5P2yUEAAbnjB.jpg)

terrible but i dont feel sad for her at all

its hard to sympathize with someone who constantly reminds people shes a 'rare girl' in a male dominated community, and flaunts wealth

No. 510718

>is proud of her achievements
>somehow not worthy of sympathy for being abused

Someone’s a bitter little bitch.

No. 510976

There's nothing to be jealous of having a legion of autistic neckbeards trying to fuck you but not even making 1k a month lol

She's stupid and she got herself in that situation.

She flaunted her abusive boyfriend before this got out in the open and thought she was better than most girls because he was a Good Smash Player, like that means anything l m a o

No. 511088

Holy fuck, this is milky. Why the fuck are people sleeping on this guy??

No. 511101

She's so young and it seems like all the business aspect of things was managed by her ex-boyfriend. It'll be interesting to see how she handles all of this newfound responsibility of maintaining her social media presence AND upkeeping her business. Who is going to schedule her cons for her? Who is going to make sure she has enough inventory? Who is going to make sure she pays the right taxes? Who's going to handle all the legal stuff concerning her artwork? If she doesn't crash and burn within the next year and actually continues her success WITHOUT external help or new management, I'll be pretty damn surprised.

No. 511197

File: 1519276328418.png (112.87 KB, 750x840, IMG_0479.PNG)

Jisu didn't lose access to her twitter handle so before the change she made sure to put "Git fukt in the asshole, bitch"

Did her lawyer tell her to say that too? Lmao

No. 511262

Uhhh have you stepped foot in an Artist Alley lately? Half of the artists there do it full time before they're 18. There are resources and communities up the ass. She'll be fine.

No. 511283

Kale has been stealing people's money since 2005 when they went by yaoigoddesskeale and exclusively drew kingdom hearts yaoi. Check ED. Can't believe they're still stealing money from fans in 2018. And still drawing nothing but gay porn and borderline CP

No. 511486

What I don't understand is how he keeps getting away with it. Kale is a whiny sjw dickbag, and yet, the guy still had so much money thrown at him. Incredible that he has the gall to beg for more money still.

Why don't these people just get a part time job?

No. 535511

File: 1521691135838.jpeg (169.41 KB, 750x1334, FB7FEF9B-451C-4709-A676-DAB2D1…)


>singlehandedly wrote the comic

>can’t be assed to make a faq to help new readers (that she doesn’t deserve) actually follow the comic

snipster’s complete and utter lack of self awareness is the gift that keeps on giving. it’s a damn shame that it had to leak into her comic, too, though. for the first year or so it really looked like it was building up to something.

No. 535541


Pretty sure that some readers have been sugesting a FAQ, but she has been an ass to any type of recomendation since the last year.

I left the comic after a while seeing that it has become a complete generic BL mess.

No. 535634

“casual abuse/shitty supporting casts/vague as shit worldbuilding/having no sense of pacing is totally okay when i do it, actually.”

also love how she said she was gonna subvert expectations with the smut bonuses only for life to be the weepy-eyed bottom bitch. how original. doesn’t help that it’s starting to become his actual personality now, either.

i probably have like 6 pages of just me sperging to some poor sap about how shitty this comic is, but unfortunately this isn’t a bad webcomics thread.

No. 535639


Maybe there's a way to do one in OT, everyone that I know that reads it seems to love it without care to much about the shitty behavior of snips and how their characters became uke bois tokens

No. 535640

good idea. i’ll look into it this afternoon. lord knows i need it.

No. 547413

File: 1522964792381.png (1.5 MB, 896x1352, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 5.45…)

ichi is getting married apparently! can't wait to see how long this lasts

No. 547471


LOL HOLY SHIT we WILL see how long it lasts since she’s known for tossing her s/o’s once she’s lost interest in them. Her new toy must be fucking desperate to want to keep her ugly ass around. Also good lord those sausage fingers kek

No. 547548

File: 1522975325683.png (790.08 KB, 898x874, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 8.40…)

not much of an update other than that on ichi, they're back on the convention train again, just went out to one on the west coast and apparently went to seattle. (maybe that's where the con was idk)

No. 547605


bitch can afford conventions but can’t ship peoples orders from 2 years ago out

No. 547724

More important question: who proposed to who

No. 547745

i'm assuming their partner because their partner also volunteered to relocate them.

No. 547811

yep, saw them both at sakuracon.

No. 548178

File: 1523037589053.png (144.69 KB, 996x873, moriBS1.png)


Black Butler fan artist who's quite a shit stirrer in the fandom.While I agree with some of her points (like how cringy the behavior of sjw/tucutes are, especially when it comes to Grell's gender) she can't seem to realize how cringy she herself is when trying to clap back.

-preaches about positivity and spreading love in the fandom and how others shouldn't be sending threats
-threatens to punch people for making profit of fan content(and has sold fan content herself)
-hates having headcanons/opinions/canon being shoved in her face
-will shove her own hcs/opnions/canon to others or bug them enough to change their mind
-immediately gets aggressive if you even comment/call out how toxic her behavior is becoming

The interesting thing though is that when i decided to show this blog to a friend of mine, friend told me she recognizes that artist and apparently the shit she's pulling in the BB fandom was the same shit she would pull as owlteria in the FFXV fandom. But then people caught on to her BS so she ran to BB and made a new name.

this is just speculation but,my friend also told me she would send herself anons/anon hate when in FFXV fandom and I noticed that everytime she's getting called out in her BB blog, a total of 10-15 anons will get posted giving her asspats and praise right after.

honestly while i was going through her blog idk if she's just a troll or is really so self unaware she can't see her behavior is no better than the sjw's she's always complaining about. But I'm finding the recent call outs made to her and her reactions to them funny. She can't seem to go a week without getting into a slapfight with someone despite wanting her blog to be "positive and toxic free" and hates any criticism she gets about it.

No. 548183

File: 1523037717028.png (45.52 KB, 515x622, MoriBS2.png)

double posting but another example how her "be positive and toxic free, dont threaten others!" bs

No. 549958

File: 1523222552243.jpg (17.15 KB, 300x300, 803c7a640f11c083934e4df2804c74…)

Anyone know anything more about Nico, creator of the webcomic Colorless? I've seen a lot of callout posts about her usually get's deleted because of her followers.
There is only one post (link below) about her and some of the shady shit she's supposedly done. Not sure, but thought maybe it'd be good to bring up since she kissed ass to get to her current job as an Ava's Demon colorist.

No. 550084

dont know about nico but if they're close with the ava's demon artist then they're probably weird as fuck.

Ava's demon is such a spazz irl, I loved her webcomic and when I went to buy it in person she accused me of trying to steal the comic after she took my money??? Weirdest fucking shit, I gave the book away after that. Left a terrible taste in my mouth.

No. 550223

I followed and then unfollowed Kale about a year before his comic Kickstarter happened.
During that time he constantly complained that he didn't earn enough for how generous of an artist he was and that his fans were cheap. He makes all this "free" content and wanted to be paid more on Patreon for it.
Meanwhile, he mentioned wanting to get a new Cintiq (about 2k for a shit one) and I commented that he should try one of the off-brands since they work better generally and are well below 1k. I linked him to ones my cousin and I have. He posted about it and said to not tell him what to buy and that he's already ordered his Cintiq.
sage for blog-shit but goddamn he's a cunt

No. 552042

Probably bringing up old news but I saw Sylvia Shi/Amuria/shinydesu at Sakuracon. Any new dirt on her?

No. 552055


Oh shit anon you gave me some mad war flashbacks when I read her name, is she still a massive scamming art thief lmao

No. 552404

She's the same person- her main mode of income is cons

Feel kind of bad for her though, her college sweet heart turned out to be gay, dumped her, and went on to own a million dollar shirt empire

No. 557992


Haha, whaaaat? Are you talking about that Ramy guy and tee-turtle or whatever?

No. 608154

File: 1528765662263.jpg (118.96 KB, 640x908, avasdemon.jpg)

Recent drama seems to be that Ava's demon artist's trying to get people to doxx someone for $500, and that both she and her colorist drew pedophile art of the characters

No. 608180

someone apparently sent in a random ip so they could buy $500 of dio merch lol. good for them.

No. 608214

Surprised no one's brought up Jennifer Check's crusty self

No. 611990

File: 1529108561643.png (304.55 KB, 494x381, yummy.PNG)

Does anyone know what happened to yummytomatoes/popomodoro?
I used to follow her art religiously but she kept changing her URL and I can't find her anymore.
She was super popular for her Homestuck and Steven universe fanart, but then just started drawing her service dog and furry OC's. Not really a flake, but she was very amendment about being referred to as they/them even tho she was obviously just some chubby girl and always talked about her severe anxiety and how it was hard for her to just go to class. I wonder what she's up to these days.

No. 615616

holy shit wow what a blast from the past, I completely forgot about her. I've loved her art but she kind of disappeared after a while. I'm not into furries but her OCs were cute.

No. 617855

im not sure what her url is now, but i think she stopped drawing in general and focused on her dog

No. 618173

her twitter handle is swigmama. she sometimes posts art there but again it's mostly drawings of animals and her furry ocs.

No. 661105

File: 1533879589543.png (534.27 KB, 580x756, 1.png)

Cons are my only escape from politics so why do people go and ruin it with this stupid shit

No. 661144

>Cons are my only escape from politics

have you not been to cons since 2010??

No. 661219

Legit twitch guys are turning into trannies and all cross players are 99% of the time in a fakeboi phase its been happening since tumblr became popular.
Cons are literally the worst of the worst of skewed politics (mra waifu faggots & extreme lefty gender trenders)

No. 661223

If you saw that from a couple feet away you'd see
>White triangle
>The Whites

Tfw white power badge or a poorly named band

No. 662771

This is so cringey regardless.

No. 676401

File: 1535651550758.png (13.36 KB, 578x126, fa.PNG)

im retardy to the party years late but wentzscribbles is now kirbyeluxe on tumblr. morelikehiswife on twitter. they seem tight-lipped about there depravity now and boring,but ill keep my eyes peeled.

No. 676492

what is this even about what's the context

No. 676504

ugh dumb bitch is at it again, sucks because she does make some pretty cute stuff but her attitude is so awful.

No. 679630

Sakimi Chan is quite a snowflake. She used to produce decent work before becoming a fan art/lewd sellout on Patreon. She can't take criticism well either at all. When she posted a very risqué 'grown up' art piece of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, she got a huge backlash while her fans were trying to make her feel better. The entire post got deleted on Instagram and then she reposted, with barely any criticism insight. She's really up herself.

No. 679641


Can’t stand Sakimichan either. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees her pretentious snowflake attitude and her mediocre sameface art. Everytime she’s brought up here I see anons defending her, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of her white knights are farmers.

No. 679652

Seems like it. They attack anyone who dares to even criticise the tiniest part of her work. She isn't some art goddess, she's a cheap sellout who pumps out lifeless 18+ fanart for mass profit. The more art she makes, the more costly her tiers become and she tries to make money from just about anything. That's straight up greed. Her stalls at cons remind me of Amuria/Ramy back in the days of deviantART, nothing but same face and the latest bandwagon characters so young anime and gaming fans snap the prints up instantly. I used to support her when she was first becoming successful, unfortunately her pretentious attitude didn't sit right in the end.

No. 681043

I can't blame her for coming out this way though, she makes like a million a year doesn't she? Hustle what sells girl keep doing you

Even ramy is balling with his multi million dollar company

No. 731885

File: 1542175198620.png (227.92 KB, 521x482, CHLPbjSXIAAhcov.png)

Since this thread hasn't budged in months:

Milk has been flowing in the omocat thread recently, multiple popular artists have been exposed for being awful human beings >>>/ot/15930


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