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File: 1437811216406.png (112.37 KB, 275x265, 1437774965720.png)

No. 1220

No. 1221

Previous thread >>131516

No. 1222

File: 1437812904765.jpg (244.68 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_lkei9yjN6n1qj0hpmo1_128…)

>People posting in this thread be like

No. 1223

hi berry

No. 1224

File: 1437813078201.png (20.49 KB, 271x282, Berry.png)

I'll be dropping some conversation screenshots here. Pretty self explainable.

No. 1225

haha spot on. since we know burry started samefagging just now (in the last thread).

No. 1226

File: 1437813159417.png (27.4 KB, 276x309, Berry1.png)

Guys, Berry says that she doesn't lie!!! Omgggggg we're such bullies for doing this to an innocent person.

No. 1227

love u

No. 1228

File: 1437813214709.png (27.21 KB, 269x305, Berry2.png)

No. 1229

File: 1437813251685.png (26.75 KB, 280x309, Berry3.png)

Don't mind my sucking up.

No. 1230

File: 1437813297428.png (34.06 KB, 272x300, Berry4.png)

No. 1231

File: 1437813352700.png (25.68 KB, 275x307, Berry5.png)

No. 1232

she would be judged for looking nothing like her shoops

No. 1233

File: 1437813420085.png (23.98 KB, 275x301, Berry6.png)

Notice the "seen" part. She hasn't replied to me ever since. Berry. Plis.

No. 1234

Maybe she saw you posting this conversation

No. 1235

I haven't been deleted/blocked yet so I highly doubt that LOL. It'll take her a while.

No. 1236

Even if she did wear her cosplay no one would see it?? lol They didn't even cam, Wtf Berry.

No. 1237

File: 1437814140655.png (202.67 KB, 483x292, 1429373761539.png)

Not burry, keep trying.

No. 1238

i didn't say you were berry.
i realised you were talking about her,
since she's
1) fat and
2) posting in these threads

No. 1239

File: 1437815736491.png (116.78 KB, 320x263, Aah47tb[1].png)

>People defending Berry in this thread be like

No. 1240

File: 1437815794100.jpg (35.96 KB, 350x525, typicalberryhater.jpg)

>People posting in this thread be like

No. 1241

who else is looking forward to her blowing up?

No. 1242

I have a feeling you're a lolcow

No. 1243

Is there any new drama? Seeing her face is getting boring.

No. 1244

bullshit. anon is providing some joocy inside info. of course she has to play the part.

No. 1245

I'm wondering if its THAT hard to become friends with Berry. Doesn't she like…accept everyone?

No. 1246

File: 1437816741454.jpg (24.65 KB, 594x395, kekkkk.jpg)

oddly enough the idiot is posting berry look-alikes

No. 1247

Right? I was like , why are you posting pictures of Berry? Either way if we were all fugly landwhales we could just shoop out our mustaches like Berry.

No. 1248

check the previous thread. she was flipping shit there after the stream.

No. 1249

I posted one too.
I was actually making fun of you guys tbh.
no she is weird.

No. 1250

Damn fucking trolls. And here I thought we could actually get something going. Does anyone know if the screen caps are legit?

No. 1251

but you're posting in this thread too. aw.

No. 1252

why so desperate, samefaggot?

No. 1253

fail just two posts of me
not an A logger tho. aww. Talking about the A loggers here.

No. 1254

Keep deluding yourself fatty

This are mine

No. 1255

File: 1437832758969.jpg (20.9 KB, 274x264, image.jpg)

Damn, let's not forget the biggest fatty here… Only the great big fat Berry would be typing furiously with those hotdog shaped fingers, calling other people in here fatties. Those hotdog hands are probably bigger than the fake non-existent boyfriend Ouji's small ochinchin.

No. 1256

what's up with all these whiteknights though? you do realize your berry is a fatty?

did she send you here because she's upset that being on a treadmill for 9 hours didn't help her lose weight

or maybe she's upset because she's all out of fried chicken swimming in grease >>140256

or perhaps she's irate from the heat since she has to wear heavy sweaters in the summertime to hide her pudgy arms

by using fatty as an insult here you've pretty much insulted berry so thanks for your contribution to the thread

No. 1257

Am I the only one who finds her cute in the OP? De-shopped or not(is it?)?
I know she lies and stuff, and acts like a huge that, but with all the nitpicking and saying that she looks bad. Well I don't see anything wrong with her? Like, yeah she may be a fatty-chan, tan, and have a 'stache, But most girls I see has those traits?
Sorry If this is coming out jumbled, I'm really bad at saying what I mean when typing.
Maybe I try mot to heighten my standards too much, but I ready don't expect her to be pale as paper, or with a clean shaven face, or not with eyebahs, because I know she's human. Besides, as said before, she's not the only person Photoshop drastically.
My.main point is that I think she doesn't look bad wether y'all de-shoop her or not, and you guys can nitpick over other things. Like that vag comment. Bitchy behaviour.
But I feel raving over and laughing at her looks gets redundant after a while.
Her fans actually believing half of her shoops are what anyone looks like in rl is a different story, and that's up.to them if they want to believe every shit she says.
>Inb4 hi Berry
Nope, never will be and never wants to be her. Her life is too complicated juggling all those lies.

No. 1258

> don't expect her to be pale as paper, or with a clean shaven face,
no one expects her to be pale as paper because we know she lies about being pale. she's the one that thinks being pale is extremely important to her idea of beauty. as for the facial hair…if you're going to be taking a lot of photos of yourself and post them online it would be in your best interest to take care of your mustache. it's not that people think she's really hideous, it's just in contrast to how she lies and shoops her photos.

No. 1259

This. No one cares about paleness except berry herself. Tons of people look great tan. She does need to get rid of that fucking stache tho

No. 1260

a lot of people wouldnt care that berry is tan, middle-class, lived in jersey, chubster, human, etc if berry herself didn't try so hard to hide it. she's the one who lies about all of that stuff, makes herself out to be a super rich, pale, perfect anime goddess, and then acts arrogant and superior to others. her attitude is probably what put her over the top here, if all anyone could complain about was ps maybe this thread wouldve died a long time ago–or ppl wouldve converted to being a fan of her shoops, like for dako-chan

like another anon said, it's the contrast between what she says and what she really is. then watching her sweat 'idgaf about jealous salty bitches' while trying to keep her lies intact is very lol

i think life would be a lot easier and less pathetic if she was just herself, and maybe she'd even be less of a self absorbed and entitled bitch, but she probably thinks if she's not pale or kawaii enough no one will send her things from her wish list

No. 1261

Oh , I can see where you guys are coming off, but I sometimes find comments here a bit…a-loggy? Nitpickish? But okay thanks for explaining.

No. 1262

>All these whiteknights

Highly doubtful that it's more than one person.

No. 1263

If you're a newfag, don't come here defending burry or attacking the anons (though I do agree some of them can be too "nitpicky"). Look through some of the older threads because it's exhausting trying to explain our reasons every time.
There's other lolcows out there that's similar to berry's so this one isn't any more special.

No. 1264

If you're referring to me (>>144160,>>144148), no I'm not a 'newfag'. I've been following Berry's shenanigans ever since she got a thread on PULL, and up until she got her first two threads here. Since then, I just peek in to see if there is anything new, and usually it's just the same repetitive things over and over. Photoshop, laziness, lying about her fake luxurious life. With the occasional milk from her rantings (hypocritical or not).
This is the only time I questioned this thread. I'm not whiteknighting her, I know she's shitty, just that she has many more traits to laugh at, but why at her looks?Which I mentioned before, gets repetitive. Which in hindsight, is a personal opinion.

No. 1265

Cyberbullying is defined in legal glossaries as:

Actions that use information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, that is intended to harm another or others.

Use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person
use of internet service and mobile technologies such as web pages and discussion groups as well as instant messaging or SMS text messaging with the intention of harming another person.

No. 1266

Examples of what constitutes cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient. The actions are deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior intended to harm another. Cyberbullying has been defined by The National Crime Prevention Council: “When the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person."

No. 1267

A cyberbully may be a person whom the target knows or an online stranger. A cyberbully may be anonymous and may solicit involvement of other people online who do not even know the target. This is known as a "digital pile-on."

No. 1268

Cyberstalking is defined in legal glossaries as:

The practice of cyberbullying is not limited to children and, while the behavior is identified by the same definition when practiced by adults, the distinction in age groups sometimes refers to the abuse as cyberstalking or cyberharassment when perpetrated by adults toward adults. Common tactics used by cyberstalkers are performed in public forums, social media or online information sites and are intended to threaten a victim's earnings, employment, reputation, or safety. Behaviors may include encouraging others to harass the victim and trying to affect a victim's online participation. Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them.

No. 1269


> why at her looks

1) she is faking it and asking everyone if she is cute
2) stache

No. 1270

Cyberstalking may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass. A repeated pattern of such actions and harassment against a target by an adult constitutes cyberstalking. Cyberstalking often features linked patterns of online and offline behavior. There are consequences of law in offline stalking and online stalking, and cyberstalkers can be put in jail. Cyberstalking is a form of cyberbullying.

No. 1271

Stalking online has criminal consequences just as physical stalking. A target's understanding of why cyberstalking is happening is helpful to remedy and take protective action to restore remedy. Cyberstalking is an extension of physical stalking. Among factors that motivate stalkers are: envy, pathological obsession (professional or sexual), unemployment or failure with own job or life; intention to intimidate and cause others to feel inferior; the stalker is delusional and believes he/she "knows" the target; the stalker wants to instill fear in a person to justify his/her status; belief they can get away with it (anonymity). UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line theorizes that bullies harass victims in order to make up for inadequacies in their own lives.

No. 1272

The US federal cyberstalking law is designed to prosecute people for using electronic means to repeatedly harass or threaten someone online. There are resources dedicated to assisting adult victims deal with cyberbullies legally and effectively. One of the steps recommended is to record everything and contact police.

No. 1273

A majority of states have laws that explicitly include electronic forms of communication within stalking or harassment laws.

Most law enforcement agencies have cyber-crime units and often Internet stalking is treated with more seriousness than reports of physical stalking. Help and resources can be searched by state or area.

No. 1274

guys pls go back to wiki

No. 1275

It's funny how the definition of cyberstalker and cyberbully defines all of the anons in here.

No. 1276

fucking let her report it let all her fans know!!

No. 1277

How does it feel to be considered a cyberstalker? Sounds like you're all pathological freaks.

No. 1278

Let's see, as far as cyberbullying goes, you guys fall under the false accusations, monitoring, and gathering info in order to harass category under anonymous. Also repeated actions of all of these.

No. 1279

:(((( gonn go cry now

No. 1280

ok lmao

No. 1281

Yeah "ok lmao".
You know if it's so easy for a regular person to find IP and information about an anon, it'd be easy for authorities too, right?

No. 1282

If you're actually okay with identifying as a cyberstalker/cyberbully then you really have some issues.

No. 1283

File: 1437851879729.jpg (67.21 KB, 640x372, image.jpg)

check yourself before you wreck yourself :(

No. 1284

You're dumb as fuck. Those are rules for this website, however not the rules in the United States.

No. 1285

really stop

we aren't harassing her, we are just talking about her meanie on some page that even doesn't belong to her

we actually do not contact berry herself, you know. we just watch on sidelines and laugh at it

some people in this thread omg stop acting like you are a fat whales on tumblr who claims everything triggers them

No. 1286

why are you so focused on this thread go to the others they all fall under the criteria then or are you just focused on protecting your precious waifu

No. 1287

ok lol

No. 1288

Lol triggering? This has nothing to do with triggers.

You guys identify as cyberbullies and cyberstalkers and now you're trying to deny it. Ok lol.

Some stupid website rules won't change the fact.

No. 1289

k lol

No. 1290

We're cyberbullykin.

No. 1291

what do u mean u guys dont contact berry yourself You guys went on the stream last night? try again

No. 1292


lmao bitch bye

if you don't know what cyberbullying is, stop talking shit about it

you even can't read properly, i said "stop acting like you are a fat whale on tumblr who claims everything triggers them" not "that triggers you"

bye and go kiss berrys hairy ass

No. 1293

>your posts are triggerring to me and my speshul needs :^( abloobloo

No. 1294

How is asking if a real photo of her is cyberbullying?
I'm confused.

No. 1295


and saying hi korrine is bullying lmao

No. 1296

Do you not know how to read? I provided the definitions of cyberbully and cyberstalker above. You're trying to tell me I don't know? Obviously you don't know and need to take a reading class.

No. 1297

Also, not everyone here is from USA, lol!

No. 1298


sorry i don't read kiss lickers comments esepcially if that ass is hairy one

No. 1299

Yeah, don't try to pull this all off as "posting meanly about her" are you serious? The proof is all in the previous threads.

You guys go as far as researching her high school, posting on her high school Facebook, sharing her address for all these anons to know, following all her social media websites in order to screencap and post hate. Trying to get everyone to be against here. There is a long ass list, and you try to pull it off as "posting meanly" YEAH OK.

No. 1300

>kiss lickers


No. 1301

Well you don't know how to read to begin with, so I don't get the point of your response.

No. 1302

just kill yourself

No. 1303

someone typed in their reports on cyber bullying in here omfg

this shit is a riot, i am dying. so, when you report this to the authorities they'll sift through the 8 threads, 1000+ posts each, finding each and every IP for every post because they're all anonymous, and having them organize the threat levels of every post from "damn that greasy fried chicken" and so on?

No. 1304

Can't tell if really stupid or just naive.

I'm a big fat cyber bully breaking laws in the U.S. of A. So come at me with a lawyer and remember to call Kiki for tips

No. 1305


omg i meant ass lickers

i might be drunk a bit

No. 1306

You sound like you're 10 years old. You should do something more positive with your life. Sounds like you have real life issues.

No. 1307

Can't tell if retarded as fuck or retarded as fuck.

No. 1308

gud 1

No. 1309

This bitch actually went on LOLCOW to stop ~cyberbullying/stalking~ lmfao
Have you ever looked at the other threads on here?

No. 1310


You still identify as a cyberstalker and cyberbully. Thanks. This website doesn't protect your ass from that.

Going as far as joining her streams to continue the harassment or tweeting her or posting on her Facebook statuses thus proves that you guys go out of these ~*special website rules*~ boundaries.

No. 1311

K bye whiteknight go kiss berry's ass some more please

No. 1312

Looks like you're still trying to deny that you are one by trying to mask it with some "bye whiteknight" "go kiss ass" comments. :') Also by trying to justify your actions by pointing at other threads.

Go see a therapist please.

No. 1313

why not just report this all to the authorities than posting your c/p essay for us? would save yourself some time

No. 1314

berrys shiny and baby-smooth ass is perfect, she is so pretty and kawaii desu
we are fat whale bully bitches and we should hang ourselves

ok if you say so we are are you lmao

please move on

No. 1315

Well, I've never seen her do 1), but if you put it that way, then lol. Yeah, that sounds sad a'f. 'Bout that stache…To each of their own…?

@Berry/whiteknight: Plz stop
You're make yourself/her look worse, as people here obv don't give a living nor dead fuck

No. 1316

why is your dumb ass typing like a gorilla

No. 1317

why is your dumb ass still on the thread

No. 1318

this thread is a mess.

No. 1319

tl;dr in this thread

"whiteknight kiss ass whiteknight kiss ass white knight kiss ass (i wonder when my small brain can come up w a new insult)"

"omg we r not cyberstalkers!! we just say mean things plz!!"

No. 1320

Her adress where easy to find because she's a dumb fuck who doesn't keep her personal shit off the internet. It was just easily found. And thanks for admitting that your waifu really lives in NJ.

No. 1321

Cool. You justified one thing out of a list of many. Congratulations. You want a pat on the back?

No. 1322

that was my first time posting in here, retard.

No. 1323

File: 1437854841692.gif (2.74 MB, 630x476, frustrated-Adam Brody.gif)

why are you trying so hard? Is berry gonna give you a prize after all this effort?

No. 1324

I'm sure you're doing pointless trolling at this point because you realized that no one cowered in fear to your cyberbully thread. I'll still answer you anyway because I'm nice:
Can't find my specticles, and I can't see the screen. If I make mistakes, well I'm not straining my eyes just to find and fix them lmfao

No. 1325


well there was a screenshot her asking attentions, must be on previous threads

and for the stache, sure most of people has. but you know, if you pose topless, at least make it pretty. hairy face isn't ~kawaii desu~ for most of people

and we are giving too much credit for that knight in here, that idiot must be dying for attention

No. 1326

It's not long but for your slow ass, ofc it is. You need to chill sweetie.

No. 1327

ok no one cares about u and berry. just kill yourself mate

No. 1328

Can you save yourself some time and report the thread already, then? If berry feels that strongly about it she should've contacted her authorities.

No. 1329

No1curr about your blind vag. youre the only one trolling with that obvious bait whiteknight shit. Youre literally less than garbage

No. 1330

File: 1437855249073.jpg (8.9 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

And im fucking loving it

No. 1331

File: 1437855303975.gif (824.96 KB, 500x282, 143785440993601.gif)

>The Berry thread rn

No. 1332

shits delicous

No. 1333

I wasn't trying to whiteknight? Just asking innoccent questions that were already answered above?

I mean, Shopped Berry = cute berry, but that's it. But not her whiteknight and herself is making herself look bad. I've also admitted she's a shitty twat so…?

Or y'know, you're that cyberbully-whiteknight, and I'm wasting my time replying.

No. 1334

Of course Berry could report lolcow (lmao) but that would mean her followers would know the truth. Remember when she asked people to report a fake Instagram account yet the one exposing her is still there because she doesn't want the truth to come out (the stream yesterday was definitive proof of it, her ""friends"" don't even know her name lol)

About the info, it's online for everyone to see and if it's there someone put it there and it wasn't definitely us. So stfu

No. 1335

File: 1437855822235.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.59 KB, 636x397, 18vxcgwq8bi3fjpg.jpg)

Omg berry

No. 1336

i think anon mistook your reply as the cyberbully knight

No. 1337

lmao no one cares about cyberbullying/stalking. if you can't take that people don't care for you on the internet, get the fuck off.

aside fron that, how is Korinne gonna sue us? this site is hosted in another country and the userbase is spread worldwide. you think usa actually gives that much of a fuck to ask interpol for help over a thread that is poking fun at a girl who has all her shit on display? k. guess gossip sites are cyberbullying too. :'(

if korinne is teally this effected, tell the bitch to stop reading this thread religiously, close her laptop, delete her account, go outside. it's not that hard to stop giving your problem attention. she's in her thread more than anons are.

but really, saying hi korinne in a stream is bullying??????
people are so sensitive these days, my god.

No. 1338

also burry doesn't go outside lol

No. 1339

No. that anon is just mad because someone called them a gorilla lmao

No. 1340


If you don't care for her on the internet, then this thread wouldn't exist. You guys obviously care enough to stalk her social media on a daily basis even though you hate her lmao. Red flag there.

Trying to come up with all these excuses isn't going to erase the fact that you are a cyber bully/cyber stalker. Sounds like you guys are proud to be pathologic too.

When she obviously doesn't want to be called by her real name, you guys go into her stream and harass her with it. You aren't going into her stream because you want to genuinely watch it, you just want to harass and ask her personal questions when she obviously does not want to answer them. So she bans you and you guys come here saying to just make new names and accounts to keep harassing her. Yep, that's not harassment.

You're really brainless.

No. 1341

why are you still here

No. 1342

don't call my name, don't call my name, korinne

No. 1343


No. 1344

Yeah no calling her by her real name isnt harrassing. Your mums pathologic faggot

No. 1345

"say it. out loud"


No. 1346

You're allowed to argue with people, but please don't just repeat the same thing over and over.

No. 1347


shiroknightu-sama please enlighten nasty stalkers like us more with your knowledge about cyberbullying and stuff ___

No. 1348

ah yes, you have shown us the light. Thank you for your same shit-posts also, anon

No. 1349

posts here are already same-shit posts on the daily lol, just look through all the threads

No. 1350

Casually brings up the fact that Berry had publicly ousted another blogger for copying her, making said blogger's life horrible because her 'fans', INCLUDING herself, had /harassed/ her.

Oh but wait why don't YOU lay your harassment/cyberbullying argument on her?

I mean according to you, she's entitled to not want to be called her name or to not answer a question. But then what excuse did SHE have to do something like that to someone? Or is she just so special that she's allowed to appoint hate on whoever but not the other way around?

"Trying to come up with all these excuses isn't going to erase the fact that you are a cyber bully/cyber stalker." Oh that's right, she was too, ergo, she isn't any better so let these people talk shit just like you clearly put a blind eye at the fact that she was.

Stop being a hypocrite, you're defending someone that literally fits under the category of what you have been describing as a cyberbully.

No. 1351

I remember when that happened that girl had to change urls change her layout change everything cause berry's followers would not stop harassing her
Still following that other girl cause she's cool

No. 1352

File: 1437888797871.jpg (145.49 KB, 481x481, SI_20150720_124104.jpg)

>ignores all my points to retaliate with the same bullshit that no one cares about and has been refuted countless times

yeah, you obviously have nothing else to say, so. i'd say quit while you're ahead but….

No. 1353

File: 1437895699247.gif (4.67 MB, 512x283, billhaderpopcorn.gif)


Please, whiteknight, speak more. I am very interest.

No. 1354

Berry stopped posting interesting stuff and due to the lack of gossip we started to argue with each other to fill in the gaps. Seriously, people, what the fuck.

No. 1355

File: 1437896205063.png (545.66 KB, 480x536, 1407246143921.png)

We should return to what we are here for: stalking Berry and finding out everything about her real face for lulz, then exposing her real ugly fat self to the world. What about people who live in Tom's River area? Is there any?

No. 1356

Yeah, ignoring the raging faggot is probably the best idea. I swear they're more of a dumb bitch than burry.

No. 1357


why so angry then?

didnt you said that berry LAUGHED and HAD SOME FUN TOO? lol

No. 1358


not sure if people who live in Tom's River area want to see Berry after that OP photo

No. 1359

We need some fresh shoops instead of fake boyfriend staged texts.

No. 1360

File: 1437909158914.jpeg (8.3 KB, 320x240, 32553712885.jpeg)

First I miss her stream, now I miss her chimping out on here.

No. 1361

Newfag here, why is she a cow?
Aside from shoops and lies I dont see anything juicy?

No. 1362

No offense but nobody is going to explain everything to you when there's 8 threads already covering that shit.

No. 1363

berry is having a mental breakdown

No. 1364


No. 1365

File: 1437929850364.png (238.65 KB, 500x151, 54262462724.png)

You're telling me… When does she ever say shit like this? She only starts preaching ~be positive/stay strong~ bullshit when she's this close to breaking. That's the only time she's ever nice to others because she doesn't want anyone leaving her due to her lies.

No. 1366

Shes the one thats been posting all the cyber bully shit, next shell be threatening to sue or press chargers on all the haters lmao "my rich family will sue anyone who says anything negative about me, so you better watch out!" LOL

No. 1367


it was only a bait
i know she's lurking here
so she'd be like "no! i'll prove them wrong! they don't affect me in anyway! post positive tweets >>1365
cries scared of losing her fame due to her BS having mental breakdown"

No. 1368

maybe if she sues us she can actually get rich, then she could get a real carteir braclet

No. 1369

she is retweeting a bunch of sexual shit, she must be frustrated that her fake bf isnt giving her any

No. 1370

File: 1437935386103.png (1.21 MB, 1214x732, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.21…)

berry admits >>135989

No. 1371

File: 1437935758431.png (756.27 KB, 1015x656, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.32…)

thats definitely a wig you moron :D

No. 1372

File: 1437936627025.png (459.25 KB, 413x721, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.47…)


u sure u can play games while "trying hard to look cute"? lol

No. 1373

Didn't anyone screencap the stream?

No. 1374

File: 1437939858390.jpg (38.93 KB, 320x259, 1428971229403.jpg)

>Berry is having a mental breakdown!
>Shes trembling!

No. 1375

File: 1437940129805.jpg (154.58 KB, 640x987, image.jpg)

This reminds me of the girl on FB who said her dog took the picture with his nose

No. 1376


wtf is ur problem

No. 1377

>hella shoop
>selfie but claims sister ~snapped it~
>Burry be burying her fat in sweaters as usual

No. 1378

yeah people should screencap those

No. 1379

She doesn't show her face in the stream. I think there's one screencap of the chat in the previous thread

No. 1380

I couldn't figure out what repulsive thing she reminded me of but I just realized, she's like a pug or a fat wheezing chihuahua. Like she looks like it in the face. She's very overweight for her height.

No. 1381

gross, people don't actually speak this way so I'm surprised she entertained the conversation for that long

No. 1382


fucking liar no1 cuurrrs about her streams except us

No. 1383

File: 1437960959656.jpg (159.19 KB, 1024x716, CJgqUiiWoAA-fMB.jpg)

This is the view count from their stream 3 weeks ago I think. I doubt that their would be lag from this many

No. 1384


No. 1385

This is not the current viewers. It is all the people that clicked on it so this is super low. The actual number of viewers is always light up hello or orange color

No. 1386

what about those streams with tons of views lol

No. 1387

when she streamed the last of us and said she was ~graduating med school~ there was a peak of like 15 viewers. the rest of the time it just said 8, and 2of them were counting my accounts cause i got banned for saying hi korrine :(

No. 1388

Her recent stream had around that many too but it increased a bit when the link was shared here

No. 1389

File: 1437965261144.jpg (14.21 KB, 420x298, lolstreams.JPG)

also I was mistaken, those are the TOTAL views of the CHANNEL only. not the live streams. which means nothing, she has no one pretty much who has seen her stream. pic is my stream, i dont have 28,000+ viwers in live stream just that is total channel views

what about what???

No. 1390

korinne says the stream lagged but i was wondering why the streams with tons of people don't sorry if i wasnt explicit enough

No. 1391

apparently she ties her hair with one hand only lol

No. 1392

because her internet sucks, think of streaming like uploading a youtube video but live. if ur internet upload is shit there will be lots of lag since it uploads so slow

No. 1393

Ahh wtf why why why would she be stupid enough to lie about graduating med school. Is she gonna pretend to be unemployed/looking for a job in the medical field now?

No. 1394

whats her stream? someone should convince her to turn on the auto archiving, so it saves her past broadcasts so we can watch them

No. 1395

The past streams were on her friend's account

No. 1396

File: 1437972439235.png (208.36 KB, 771x757, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.4…)

Well this is interesting

No. 1397

Her right eye look bulgy, like like a frogs eye, and you can see some back coloring

No. 1398


No. 1399

I think she's having a meltdown

No. 1400

oh shit ITS FUCKIN L I T

No. 1401

File: 1437972946668.png (92.72 KB, 775x366, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.5…)

more tweets

No. 1402

File: 1437972982475.png (175.13 KB, 578x421, screenshot 072615.png)

No. 1403

File: 1437973078205.png (561.36 KB, 908x1060, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.5…)

how come all she does is send photos?

No. 1404

late as fuck but HI BERRY :^)

No. 1405

File: 1437974161812.png (76.89 KB, 701x561, Screenshot_2015-07-27-01-14-19…)

But berry you already bullied that ami girl

No. 1406

I love how she says that h8terz will never get to her, but dayuuum she cracked. No matter how much you deny it burry, u still come back here to lurk

No. 1407


lmao berry we all know that it hurts you so bad and ur legit crying rn

No. 1408

she always acknowledge us :')
and I love how her friends call us stalkers etc when they stalk this site in the first place lmao
if u dont care
why tweet???? mmm

No. 1409

love how she acts like a friend sent them to her like she would most likely block that said friend because they know of the thread/know of her lies, she also left out the ouji screencap

No. 1410

Even if this are fake or not
its hilarious because Berry had to fucking tweet it
i hope your friends also send you the deshopped selfies we make of you
Make a tweet of those next time sweetie ;)

No. 1411

a bunch of randoms are tweeting at her that they could never see her typing like that, oh berry but i thought you didn't talk to random people :????

No. 1412

LOL she privated her twitter

No. 1413

As if thats gonna stop us
if she vanishes completely then maybe

No. 1414

? no shes not, or at least for me

No. 1415

no she didn't, even if she did it would go against her i dun giv a fuqqqqqqqq xDDD attitude

No. 1416


She did for awhile. Guess she unprivated it ahahaha

No. 1417

We all knew it was obvious but she just admitted to lurking LMFAO HI BURRY WHERE'S YOUR NEW SELFIES SO WE CAN DESHOOP IT

No. 1418

She can't stand being not found by new people to become their center of attention

This is so fucking gold cause she is doing exactly what PC did. I guess the birds of the same feather really do flock together lol

No. 1419

LMAO,"i will never stoop so low to bully someone" said the one who called a girl who ADMIRED YOU along the lines of an ugly monkey

No. 1420

No. 1421

File: 1437978456081.jpg (71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe[1].jpg)

I understand how lolcow can be seen as a bullying platfom (kek).But let's play retarded and pretend she doesn't lurk here and go back to her stream, without knowledge of intent is saying " Hello ( real name)" or asking if a photo of a person is real or not really considered bullying or putting someone down?

I don't understand in the chat why she was all like " they tryin to put me down!!1!" when people just said hello…

sorry if my english is busted.

No. 1422

Her name is on the alumni website for their highschool.How she gonna lie like that

No. 1423

She thinks we're bullying her cause the bitch has low self-esteem lmao. Funny how she says she dgaf but still comes back and lurks here THEN complains that she's being cyberbullied. Girl this isn't high school, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 1424

her twitter is back up and she recently retweeted a tweet saying that girls 18 and younger should be able to freely expose their nipples and how awful it is that girls -gasp- have to put on shirts
never change berry, you and your first world problems

No. 1425

you misunderstood her retweet anon

No. 1426

I don't understand?? Didn't some anon from here talked to her in this conv?

No. 1427

yes they did and she took those screenshots and claims them to be shooped

No. 1428

Lies, beggs for money, boasts and takes advantage of her fans, brags about how rich she is, gloats about how cute she is, says whatever she likes while doing it all on social media and expects no one to call her out or judge her for all the shitty things she does, then acts innocent saying she would never bully anyone because apparently she wouldny go so low yet bullied amiko, wrote a whole post saying how she was upset for amiko "copying" her and for thousands and thousands of her fans to see, knowing they would stick up for her and send amiko hate. She thinks she is no bully? Hyprocrite.

If you wouldn't act like such a twat online korrine then maybe people wouldnt be expresssing their opinions freely in an anonymous thread site, which apparently you wouldnt dare to go on, so piss off out of here.

No. 1429


lol cant stop laughing. berry is dumb as fuck.

she lied to her fans AGAIN now saying that she never said that.
if that anon really shooped it, it'd be easier for her to PS it on message, not on chat.
and she's so bad at lying, if i was in her shoes i'd tell everyone that 'that berry account' wasnt mine. LOL why photoshop? dumbfuck
she used the emoticons she dont usually use on the chat because I assume berry 'was trying to be NICE' to that anon.
Just screen record (with quicktime player or etc) the chat msg + FB profile :D that can be a really strong proof that she's a liar :D
it hurts to know that everyone keeps saying "NO BERRY I KNOW ISNT LIKE THAT" when the real berry is actually like that. accept the truth, dumblind burry's fans LOL

No. 1430

i wish we had screenshots of the time berry called her a monkey

No. 1431

confirmed berry and her friends lurk here on the regular lol. the cyberbullying anon was definitely them

to berry's 'friends': you guys really think she would tell you guys the truth? pls.

No. 1432

>>1427 Thank you for explaining, kind anon. What I still don't understand is, why would she need to lie saying its ps-ed? Is it bc she stopped replying after the other person asked about her 'bf'? Lol
anyways I talked to her before, thats the way she talked to me too (with emojis and such) but back then I was her 'fan' who would inform her about anyone who used her pictures to catfish. Just my personal experience, Idk how she actually talk to other people.

No. 1433

This is such bs evidence for her not talking to strangers since she probably deleted the convo or quickly sent messages to make those people at the top

No. 1434


Berry is truly stupid for claiming that the conversation is shipped because if you look carefully you can see a bit of the anon's Facebook new feed in the background.

If I was that anon I would make a recording showing the conversation and that the profile actually belongs to Berry. That way she couldn't say anything.

No. 1435


im sure berry has blocked that anon

but yeah, anon can still record the chat history, go anon
make her speechless as fuck

No. 1436

she said it was "shooped" not "that anon make a fake account of me and talk as me"
make it look like she admits that its actually her account but the chat isnt from her lol
fucking liarrrrrr

No. 1437

>I don't understand in the chat why she was all like " they tryin to put me down!!1!" when people just said hello…

Well to be fair people said "Hello Korrine" in which she didnt want her name called. In cwcki(I think thats where I first heard the word) terms, that'll be classified as weening.

OT: when I was like 12 or 11, I used to roleplay in a bunch of chats, and those who were my closest friends, were asked if they could refrain from using my name because it has a lot of creeps/adults in the room (couldn't do anything because they weren't doing anything wrong really) and at that time, the room had a bunch of traffic. And yeah, I did get upset when people used my name whether purposely or not (I grew up now though, I don't care any more, and the room is pretty much dead except for a few of my old time friends, the admin, and a bunch of weebs). /Ot
Difference really was that I was young, and I actually asked for people not to use my name. Now that her friends known, she can ask for it not to be used in a polite manner, and not have a freaking meltdown on Twitter. Not trying to give her ideas, but if she establishes a rule that says that you can't refer to anyone in the chat by their real name, then it'll make kicking out more civil instead of doing it willynilly.
>Inb4 newfag defending Berry
>Inb4 whiteknight!!!1!!
Nah, I've admitted that Berry ain't shit, and would probably never change by the looks of it.
>inb4 you think it's bullying!!!
>Inb4 you think Berry isn't a bully herself? Let me tell you why….
Don't need to, I already know. I don't need Burry 101
>Inb4 defending her antics
Nah, I like looking at the different sides to almost anything.

I know most people will think that In wrong if people speak up for snowflakes if I go against the mass majority opinion….. But I could why she would be upset, who wouldn't? But I feel that she shouldn't be upset because her friends didnt even know her name (understandable since its online), and she couldn't/didnt ask anyone not to say it.

And could someone tell if its photoshopped? I'm no expert. Either way I find this hilarious. Keep on going Berry.

No. 1438


lol its just funny that she ever said "people think they all know my real name. nah try again"

but then anons trolled/tested her on stream like "hi korinne"
and she got angry and upset.
if that wasnt her real name, why upset?
it only proves that korinne is her real name
anons here dont care if that could put her down or not, they only wanted to make fun of her, but lol seems like we put berry down. :(

No. 1439


no one asked you, berry LOL

No. 1440


>she said it was "shooped" not "that anon make a fake account of me and talk as me"

Yeah, that's what I said. That's why it's dumb for her to make a claim it's fake.

No. 1441

File: 1438003079898.gif (991.71 KB, 500x200, imdrowning.gif)

Damn I missed on hell of a chimp out. Haven't seen anything as delicious all this since the height of the Coffin threads.

No. 1442

File: 1438004774816.png (60.59 KB, 718x195, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.41…)

Dunno why she was bothered by the 'common emojis' lol

and the fans all went " yeah no way you'd talk like that!"

i remember her using "TOT" a lot back then, but i forget when and where.

No. 1443


even without the emojis
thats more likely how berry would react
for all the bragging and how self-centered she is
and the "you're so nice omfg!!" whenever she gets praised and the "HAVE YOU SEEN THE COSPLAY I DID? ( TELL ME I LOOK CUTE PLS!!!!)"

those chats are obviously hers

No. 1444

Yeah, you can delete the convos or simply 'archive' them/move them to the 'other' folder; conversations moved there don't show up in Messenger or in your regular inbox.

No. 1445

You guys are really immature anda lil annoying

Photoshopping her already photoshopped pics of herself to be tan? Either get real unshopped pics or don't do it at all. Don't waste the effort

Those conversation screen caps were boring as hell. Anon just went up to her an spoke to her and she replied back normally. How can you find that entertaining? It isn't like they milked anything good from her

Recently you guys haven't gotten anything new. We already know she posts here (Very easy to point her out. Like when she gave us the definition of cyber bully and then started tweeting about cyber bullies… no shit)

Berry hasn't done anything legit mean in a while. I mean no meaner than the average person. She is being very careful
The only thing worth the time is her still DROWNING in her fake real life animu girl life. You guys need to come back to earth and focus, aye?

No. 1446

Yeah those screencaps weren't all that but the way she freaked out over them was weird as shit

No. 1447


Yuh the way she flipped out was weird, she clearly panicked, I don't know for what reasons though. She kept her cover and was being generally nice.

I'm just saying, anon could have gone deeper under cover and spoke with her more, not just for 5 minutes.
They were boosting saying they have juicy conversation screen caps when they didn't. Anon just came off as a huge attention whore "Gaiz! Gaiz! I went up to Berry breathing heavily as she replied to me for a full FIVE MINUTES! Look at this fat bitch being all nice and civil with me!"

Seriously man… these are the kinda idiots this thread attracts. I would be more impressed if someone got some more proof her BF is fake or proving she really is two faced or even more rare…. if someone found an unshopped pic of her face and body together (Always with the damn sweater)

Sorry I'm a bit ranty. But come on guys. Some of you are sooooo…

No. 1448


who cares? we arent here to entertain you

No. 1449

Ok. You don't need to keep spouting the same stupid shit over and over. You're no better than the people you complain about in this thread.

No. 1450

Then why don't you squeeze information out of Berry and provide screencaps?


If you aren't satisfied with the thread, then hide it. You don't have to announce your dissatisfaction and no one is forcing you to look at it.

No. 1451

File: 1438012601799.gif (557.83 KB, 320x200, 8765432.gif)

why do you keep posting in these threads if you don't like their content? (yes, i know you've posted in past threads too, trying to sway opinions, etc.)

No. 1452


lol impress your own self, boring anon

No. 1453


>>1437 is me, are you implying that we're same because we have the same mindset (honestly idem if we have the same mindset so I'm going off of your message)

No. 1454

those convos can actually be shooped.
theres a java code where if you bookmark the code itself and click on the bookmark, you can freely type in whatever the fuck you want to say

i'm not saying those are shooped but there is that possibility, so unless the anon makes a video of them scrolling down the chat, i'll keep my mind open lol

No. 1455

for anyone who doesn't know about this, just bookmark this
javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

and then click the bookmark and boom you're free to type in whatever you want wherever you want and make it look legit

i use chrome for this so idk if it works on other browsers if anyone is curious but yeah there is this possibility that the anon with screencaps used this in order to shoop the convo. unless they can prove it's 100% real.

No. 1456

Yes it does work in other browsers. This code is old as fuck and forgotten i doubt anyone still uses this.

No. 1457

it's a copypaste code not a bookmark. javascript code doesn't even work in fb convos lmfao

No. 1458


Kek. You mean javascript? That js code is ancient and is for putting in a url.
It doesn't magically fit inside of a tiny chatbox.

No. 1459


You mean like what 80 percent of the people here do?
And anons please. Just cuz 3-4 people have a different opinion than the majority. "You're the same anon in other threads!"
how thick are some of yall?

No. 1460

are these tweets gone?? ah ha haaa

No. 1461

I like how berry's friends act as if this thread is bad when all we do is expose her lies kek there are far worse things like the deep web and the red room. get out of here and stop lurking if you ~~don't care~~ berry.

No. 1462

What is a red room?

No. 1463

im not too sure anon but it seems to be pages in the deep web where u can join live streams and watch ppl get tortured, sort of like the dude who did daisy destruction would host

No. 1464


google is ur friend

No. 1465

copy paste or bookmark it works either way lol i have it bookmarked for my own reasons

?? i tried using it to edit the fb chatbox it works.

No. 1466

File: 1438025611444.jpg (61.66 KB, 275x265, shoopedtohellandback.jpg)

I shooped the unshooped Berry into the way she shoops herself.

No. 1467

lmao great job anon! the only thing I would change is to make her lips narrower + plumper. then it would be pretty spot on.

No. 1468

Those were proven fake. There's tons of gore on the deep web, though. But there's gore vids accessible from any browser. The "Red Room" shit isn't real tho. It's a creepypasta from even before "deep web" became a thing.

No. 1469


she looks creepy as hell :(

No. 1470

when doesn't she though

No. 1471

File: 1438034578183.png (243.3 KB, 526x379, Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4.59…)

using fans' money is just sad :'(

No. 1472

File: 1438034854973.jpg (121.16 KB, 590x547, unitingcows.jpg)

eww she started ass kissing abi

No. 1473

she can't buy these off of amazon lol the fan stuff is only for amazon i believe

No. 1474

that nail collection is only from memebox

No. 1475

She followed Abi before but then she didn't anymore lol

No. 1476

File: 1438042435416.jpg (74.46 KB, 868x441, image.jpg)


No. 1477

File: 1438043721794.png (64.68 KB, 765x222, Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.34…)

Berry lurking again

No. 1478

i feel like her parents doesnt give a shit about her

No. 1479

best ahaha

No. 1480

Lmao she's so fucking ugly.

No. 1481


No. 1482

Nope. But I sound like Tharthan?
Welp, time to take a brek from the internet. And possibly Tumblr. And just loosen myself up a bit. Jesus, thanks for that wake up call anon.

No. 1483

If it was Than, he would have censored the naughty words.

No. 1484

I'm all for self-confidence and all that jazz, but this kind of unwarranted narcissism just does not sit right with me. Berry, if you are indeed lurking, you're really not helping your case. I'm sure a good number of us wouldn't give as much of a shit about you if it wasn't for that nasty ass personality of yours.

No. 1485

i love how you can really see how heavily edited her nose is

No. 1486

File: 1438061618112.jpg (31.87 KB, 274x264, image.jpg)

I wonder if Berry ever gets tired of having such a wide dirty brown nose from all the shit sniffing she's been doing…

No. 1487

Come on guys, this is childlish and stupid.

No. 1488


No. 1489


…But Berry's whole existence is childish and stupid. It's an endless cycle of regurgitation.

No. 1490

Doesn't make you look any better. You're literally acting like her, which is cringe as fuck.

No. 1491


stay salty

No. 1492

wicked comeback

No. 1493

Oh boy you sure showed me!

No. 1494


lol come on dont be so sensitive
its not like that is your face
if you're as mature as you think you are, then just ignore it
simple as that

No. 1495


No. 1496

I think it is though kek

No. 1497

Unfortunately ignoring autism tends to just make the matters worse. Children need to be put in their place.

No. 1498

Good point. You actually justified this thread. We're discussing berry's autism here.

No. 1499


its funny that she reacts to everything on this thread while saying idgaf

No. 1500


Cringe as fuck… Interesting choice of words. Everything about Berry is cringe as fuck so you're kind of in the wrong place. Since when does lolcow maturely gossip about internet cows? Did you forget where you are?

No. 1501

File: 1438103848533.png (15.09 KB, 359x73, Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 12.1…)

she prepared this shit to get her fans buying her things on her birthday? lol pathetic :(

how i wish her fans werent as dumb, cuz its just so sad :(

claims to be 'a photoshop godduss princuss whatefuck animu girl rich ass' but exploiting innocent dumb people :'(

No. 1502

File: 1438104505495.gif (527.66 KB, 245x200, no honor.gif)

No. 1503

Kinda late to the party but I just realized her amazon wishlist is pinned to her Twitter too

No. 1504

File: 1438110543469.png (12.75 KB, 412x142, Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 2.05…)

she always mentioned she dyed her hair many times (lies though)

you sure "a high school student" is allowed to do that?

No. 1505

I started consistently dying my hair when I was 11.

No. 1506

Not sure where you're from but in the states (unless her school was a strict one) dying your hair isn't that big of a deal.

No. 1507

I'm from Canada and I had rainbow hair all through high school.

No. 1508

Only private schools forbid colored hair anon.

No. 1509

None of the "colored" hair she posts is even her hair anyway. She has a short bob.

No. 1510

girl this is america
anythings possible

No. 1511


Wait, do you mean to say that Berry went to a public school instead of a top-ranked private one? Despite being hella rich and super smart with a GPA of 115%?

No. 1512

Her dyeing her hair countless times isn't too surprising. They used to expel kids in my school for having pink or purple hair but now that shit's fine since it's not 2005 anymore.

No. 1513

File: 1438122063113.png (565.79 KB, 789x454, ebay girl.png)



No. 1514

I actually like that wig. Where would I get it?

No. 1515

Yesstyle or the korean web from the brand. Is from Gabalnara or Gabalmania, but there's also some ebay shops that sell it. However good luck because the real one is from one of these Gabal- stores from Korean and you can get a shiny and shitty wig from eBay

No. 1516

When I read comments like these it always makes me reevaluate a lot of the claims made about berry because of how retarded they are. I do agree on some of the criticism, but how far people reach to have something to say is annoying when it's shit like that.

this is just sad, she probably thinks that because most of her fans don't wear wigs themselves they wouldn't be able to tell

No. 1517

File: 1438133684455.jpg (97.34 KB, 640x755, image.jpg)

subtweet about the thread??

No. 1518

late as fuck but LOL LANDWHALE

No. 1519

and then comes the tweets from her saying she doesn't care lmao
it's an endless cycle

No. 1520

File: 1438136790317.png (130 KB, 275x265, berry.png)

had an weird urge to do this

No. 1521

i love you

No. 1522

That's actually pretty good

No. 1523

File: 1438201188706.jpg (25.16 KB, 350x594, 1653524_741324645891205_991269…)

its funny to see the shape of her blurred arm

No. 1524

No one going to bring up the bag that seems to be gravitating to her head in the back

No. 1525

File: 1438206799006.png (580.86 KB, 573x610, OMGGGGGGGGGG.png)

shes so poor she bought samples but not the actual product?? omg

No. 1526

File: 1438206833611.jpg (60.32 KB, 600x600, lmaoooo.jpg)

bigger pic

No. 1527

Lol @ the sample creams

No. 1528

This hair has to look fucking stupid in real life jfc.

No. 1529

Jesus christ is this entire thread 12? Who buys the whole bottle of a product they haven't even tried? And they sell samples in packs of 10 in Roseroseshop…

No. 1530

She looks like shes been crying. Maybe she had her circle lenses in too long….

No. 1531

all of this is samples other than the cheapo packs of eyelashes and the lipglosses

No. 1532

her arm wtf

No. 1533

Depends though, like the anon above me said, if I haven't tried a product before, why by a big package, pay more money(rich or not, it's called being frugal), and and probably end up hating it and have to give it away/throw it out?
Might as well buy small/travel size, test it and buy more if you like it.
But if she had it before, well you've got yourself a point.

No. 1534


oh shit

i just reailzed

lol photoshop gone weird

No. 1535

I just thought it was funny how excited she is for sample packs tbh

No. 1536

She took this pic months ago saying how her contacts were fucking up her eyes but was bold enough to edit this pic and actuallt post it

No. 1537

also, you can see that she has gotten multiple sample packs of the same product
so she is too poor to afford an actual package so she probably orders multiple samples from different places or something to make up for it

No. 1538

>inb4 she tweets that the samples were free

No. 1539

File: 1438213201092.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.67 KB, 300x200, Welcome to fj and you faggot _…)

All I could think of when I look at this pic

No. 1540

>also, you can see that she has gotten multiple sample packs of the same product
>And they sell samples in packs of 10 in Roseroseshop…

Multiple sample packs are really common. Samples of products from online shops usually come in packs of several, you only get one when they give it to you for free with a purchase. Jeez.

No. 1541

still, getting a shitload of sample packs instead of just buying the actual product is cheap as fuck

No. 1542


i mean, samples are for seeing if you like the product or not.

No. 1543

How many times do people have to say it? if she got the samples to test a product she hadn't tried before, it makes sense so that she would know whether it's something she'd want to purchase later on. Someone else already mentioned how you can receive upwards of 10 of the same sample item.

No. 1544

File: 1438216318155.png (324.95 KB, 500x333, 03148591.png)

No. 1545

Come on you're making too much sense! Let them hate on the girl for every little stupid thing.

No. 1546

I wonder if she used the money she exploited from her followers back when she was doing "drawing commissions"

No. 1547

lmao some people here are crazy…

A. when buying from asian sellers, it is customary to send free samples. last time I made a purchase I got 14 samples.

B. those products can be expensive with shipping, its normal to buy a few samples ( i buy some from RRS they usually come in 10) to try the product.

No. 1548

I literally have a drawer full of samples bc I get like 10 of them even when I buy something small lol

No. 1549

now we are getting alittle offtopic
we get it, you can get alot of samples without being poor
can we just drop this crap now

No. 1550

The best thing about Berry is how she says "I don't care about haters" and then continues to write 10000 tweets about these threads daily. That will never fail to crack me up

No. 1551

Why does Berry keep promising/make plans to meet with people from twitter? She just tweeted Ricehime saying she wants to meet in rl but we all know you're going to bail. Even if you did meet in person, she wouldn't recognize you

No. 1552


did she just buy these knock-off cheap lipglosses again -_-

and adding cheap af fake lashes

this bitch just killed me with her cheapness lmao

No. 1553

I'm happy Berry bought new lashes and cheap makeup. Because you know what that means? More super shopped photos that will get unshopped by people on this thread. I'm so happy she doesn't care about haters because I love seeing her actual tan ass face and small beady eyes

No. 1554

File: 1438242196099.jpg (23.48 KB, 539x539, serveimage.jpg)

Uhhh… Try harder, underageb&

No. 1555



No. 1556

She has knock-offs not the real etude house. There's better pics of it in the last thread

No. 1557


bf aka her ps4 controller

No. 1558


Uh…looks different tho? lmao gtfo

No. 1559

The knock off and the original etude house tints have really similar packaging except for the white text/label. She placed the tint text side down so people would think that she bought the actual product.

No. 1560


LOL HAHAHA let her imagination grows

No. 1561

File: 1438271302089.jpg (20.24 KB, 640x197, image.jpg)


No. 1562

the tweet is already deleted?

No. 1563

lmao idk why is it gone then

No. 1564

Why do they have to tweet each other publicly about this kind of stuff? Aren't they ~bf and gf~ they could just text each other through phone or text apps since they've been online dating for years

No. 1565


because she lied about they living together

No. 1566

Berry always needs to be public about her relationship because that's the only purpose it serves; as a way to get attention. Her "boyfriend" is just an accessory

No. 1567


and wanna show the world that they're still ''talking to each other" and "not break up"

No. 1568


and the pathetic part is he's proud of it

No. 1569

Like if she had an actual boyfriend, he wouldn't let her live the life shes living. I feel like he wouldn't want to be apart of her big lie, and after awhile he would be exhausted of all the stuff you have to do to fool people

No. 1570


oh shit

you've got a big point there

but even if thats rly the case, he still lets berry fooling everyone doesnt he? wont that make him a liar too?

No. 1571

what if the real ouji changed the fb's password and deactivated to get rid of berry

then berry changed his twitter's password and tweeted that to make everyone not suspicious
well since berry rules his twitter because his tweets are so girly

No. 1572

File: 1438283705060.png (27.13 KB, 525x93, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 2.12…)

No. 1573

No, I dont think Ouji is really with Berry, I think she controls social media pretending to be him

No. 1574

this one sounds like the real ouji

No. 1575

Ouji barely posts anything on his social media that isn't berry related. Thats why I think it's actually her manipulating his twitter ect.

No. 1576

Like I don't know any person crazy enough to sign up to live a lie.

No. 1577

The last time he posted a selfie
was on January ….. guess she isn't getting any new pics of him

No. 1578

She just keeps reposting his old photos and her "screenshots" of their old skype calls

No. 1579

File: 1438297249653.png (12.02 KB, 577x96, niggerweeb.png)

This weaboo/koreaboo bitch. N Sync and Backstreet Boys smash kpoop any day. She has no taste in music.

No. 1580

I know they're not american but isn't one direction like the biggest boy group?

No. 1581

Kpop groups= Gucci
Weaboo trash Korinne= Walmart

No. 1582

Why is talking bad on walmart when she literally shops there for everything, even clothes??? LOL???

No. 1583

She pisses me off with her "I can offord Catier bracelets but I beg my followers for gifts" bullshit. The only reason she's still on the internet is because this is the only way she can buy anything. If she isn't online with this fake ass persona and posting photoshop pictures, no one would give her amazon giftcards and all this other stuff

No. 1584

How come she doesn't just stop… Literally you can't sit here and be fake forever, you're bound to fuck up plenty more times and be found out. Everyone on this thread knows you're broke, and you live on a mountain of lies. All for what? To have a small piece of fame on the internet? 50 years from now how will this have effected you other than negatively? Sitting in your house playing pretend isn't going to last for a very long time, so "enjoy" it while you can because soon your whole life is just going to crumble in to nothing because thats what you have; nothing. You're a poor piece of shit that doesn't have a dollar to her name, so goodluck because outside of the internet, you're dirty little roach that lives to use people for money

No. 1585

Someone please make a fake account and befriend her on twitter, and then say you need a few dollars and see if she helps you. Because that shit deff doesn't work the other way around

No. 1586

This is like when Ariana Grande said she hates america but lives in it

No. 1587

Yeah but that's completely understandable
I hate America too, but I don't hate Americans

No. 1588

can't wait to see her lies in a few years when she's supposed to graduate and be a doctor lol

No. 1589


what a fucking twat, kpop is shit

No. 1590

To be fair, Gucci is a tacky faux-lux brand that new money Asians (and those who want to be them) find super fashionable.

Which in turn says a lot about Berry.

No. 1591

she's probably never even seen real gucci lmao

Ariana Grande is a weeb who idolizes KPP and thinks Nippon is the bestest most kawaii place in the world uwu

she'll just ignore you. she's not gonna help you because she's too busy spending what little money she has on knockoff etude house makeup and dollar store junk food

No. 1592

Only poorfags talk shit about Walmart to hide they're shopping there and embarrassed they can't afford better.

Meanwhile millionaires like Britney Spears shop there and 0 fucks given.

No. 1593

her arm must be cellulitey as fuck, why else would she blur it? it's not even fully visible, so we can't see the whole mass of it.

No. 1594


to make her fat arm look thin

No. 1595

This song reminds me of her ,idk

No. 1596

Yooo that is her anthem

No. 1597

does she think reading hentai makes her cool? cause all she reads is gross ass loli shit

No. 1598

It's her inspiration to be one lmao

No. 1599

That's probably why she likes Ouji… because she thinks it's cute to date boys that look like 10 year old lolis

No. 1600


lol berry shoulda lip sync that song too

and record it

No. 1601

File: 1438381360287.jpg (99.3 KB, 600x903, CLRg-roWsAAYPug.jpg)

According to berry her "bf" is being needy but isn't it like 6am where he is right now

No. 1602

Yeah, it's like 6:25 in the morning over there. He would be asleep right now, unless he's the type to either stay up all night or wake up really early.

No. 1603

His facebook is back now except instead of japanese characters it just says ouji sama

No. 1604

I don't know any dude who would text that much or that way to their s.o.
Berry you're being way too obvious

No. 1605

she probably thinks it makes her edgy lmfao

No. 1606


Borderline personality disorder is so kawaii~ ^____________________^

No. 1607

why does she think posting text messages about her relationship while she's at the shitter (but prob a lie too) is interesting??

No. 1608

Ouji sounds just like berry lol
She's not very good at pretending to be him

No. 1609

File: 1438391370831.jpg (226.22 KB, 1242x1443, image.jpg)

He looks so different to his other photos……..???

No. 1610

He looks the same tbh.

No. 1611

lol at her recycling the same pictures of him over and over again because they're not together anymore and she can't get new ones

No. 1612

yeah i feel like i have seen this picture before

No. 1613

it's really old, it was posted in his account like last year or something

No. 1614

lmao she is acting like he barely took it now desperation

No. 1615

She's retweeting old tweets that she probably typed too

No. 1616

He does look different. He looks like definitely the same person but less attractive. He probably edited his other photos more.

No. 1617

homeboys kinda looking like a rare pepe here. maybe im just bugging but something about his eyes is weirding me out.

No. 1618


No. 1619

No. 1620

yall act as if other people don't say wae
it could just a word that they use frequently with each other
i.e. if you use the word "yas" a lot someone is bound to catch onto it

No. 1621


now thats you berry

No. 1622

Literally have never heard any person use the word "wae" try again berry

No. 1623

the only people, other than berry, that i've heard use wae are koreaboos

No. 1624

i meant other people as in koreaboos and etc lol i didn't mean any other normal person. and i said "with each other"
not berry try again :)

No. 1625

but there is no each other…its berry talking to herself and dating herself

No. 1626

..that's an assumption though, it can go both ways because there's no solid proof, just things that support the assumption but nothing that screams OUJI AND BERRY ARE THE SAME PERSON!!1!

No. 1627


yes berry you and ouji are happy couple la la la thanks for the feedback, bye

No. 1628

i, not berry, can come when i want and leave when i want tyvm

No. 1629

I don't understand why she can't be upfront about it instead of being mysterious about her relationship. She brags so much about how perfect her bf is yet never posts pics of them together because of "privacy" . Gurl, you like posting hentai and other sexual shit with your bf but not a pic of you together?

No. 1630

She doesn't mind letting ppl know she would loveeeee to use rilakkuma condoms but a pic together with her bf oh no … Don't invade the privacy

No. 1631


lol yeah "privacy"
thats nonsense
at least make a better excuse berreh
idk what does PRIVACY have anything to do with taking pictures with bf? weird as fuck
she wants to brag shit and gets praised without giving proofs yet her fans still buying her lies

No. 1632

File: 1438406092995.png (20.72 KB, 515x88, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.1…)

this is very important and not privacy at all

No. 1633

True, back when Ouji and Berry were truly dating, I remember berry saying her bf doesnt really like kpop either; that was like 2 years ago though but then again it's berry so who knows
It was also the time berry was shitting on kpop fans. Such a hypocrite

No. 1634

Right? She posts pictures of him without her in it, what's the difference privacy-wise if they take one together?
You'd think a 'couple' that brag about each other so much would always want to take pictures together to show off their 'relationship'.
Yeah, they're totally hanging out together face-to-face.

No. 1635

Did she get it from Wal-Mart or Target? Lmao

No. 1636


berry be like
"Im not a hypocrite!!! its because my opinions change easily. NEVER. EVER. CALL ME A HYPOCRITE"

No. 1637


why are you acting like berry isnt in front of you "ouji"? lol

No. 1638

All bets on the "boyfriend" being an idol who has to keep her a secret to continue his career and spare her the pain of his rabid fans

No. 1639


Yeah right
But she lied too far she cant even prove it anymore lol

No. 1640


could she even afford to buy an underwear? lol

oh nevermind, fans' money.

No. 1641

File: 1438407363121.png (22.81 KB, 527x111, Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 12.3…)

you're so berry, ouji

No. 1642

whats that RT thing

No. 1643

Alright berry

No. 1644

For someone who loves to post selfies and the such, it's a miracle that she hasn't posted a selfie with her and ouji, since they're soooooo good looking together. But then again, it'd just be her taking a selfie with a mirror LOL

No. 1645

Berry uses RT to refer to her last retweet

No. 1646

The RT thing is something that she's been doing more frequently recently

No. 1647

the RT means retweet and no one uses it lol. it used to appear on certain phones (specifically Apple) when you quoted a tweet, but since the updates, that shouldn't be happening.

haven't seen people have RT in a quote/tweet since 2011-12, and when i do it's usually spam or accounts trying to get retweets (for popularity).

No. 1648

berrykissu is such a kiss ass towards berry

No. 1649

i see RT used when people want to retweet something from an account with locked tweets.

No. 1650

i see RT used when people want to retweet something from an account with locked tweets.

No. 1651

File: 1438434620372.png (53.94 KB, 148x181, 8765456.png)

just had a sinister thought about the whole ouji thing.
what if he's actually dead and that's the reason he isn't doing anything about her running his accounts and using his pics? how fucked up would that be.

No. 1652


and RT was supposed to be on front lel

No. 1653

I think that's not really a RT. I've seen some people do that when they tweet referring to the last retweet, and sometimes they even hashtag it like #lastRT or something

No. 1654


well duh SHE uses as last RT, but not a lot of people do. I have a twitter acc. for years and most of people uses for RT

No. 1655

File: 1438454560211.jpg (17.09 KB, 253x253, CHnumUKUYAACTi4.jpg)

Damn anon, that's dark. Personally I thought it would be hilarious if this turned out to be a gender swapped Peter Coffin/Kim Kobayashi/Ashleigh scenario.

No. 1656

I think she means real talk because rt = real talk, been that way for a while.

No. 1657

I was half expecting Ouji to be a farmer but it's too obviously Berry herself. She's the new peter coffin.

No. 1658

I follwed her for quite awhile and she usually uses "RT" to refer back to her last post.
Anyway let's move on now

No. 1659

Oh geez.. What if she killed him??
Wait.. Doesn't she has a fucking mannequin to pretend she's taking selfies with "him"…. Oh god.

No. 1660

Impossible. Berry's too poor to go out and fly to his country lel

No. 1661

I think sometimes she pretends her brother is him.

Or probably they did the whole, "I we can still be friends" thing, ad she occasionally asks him to pose for photos, and since I guess he no longer uses Twitter, he doesn't see the shit she does and just rolls with it.

No. 1662

File: 1438465893457.jpg (149.28 KB, 1024x701, Misery.jpg)

No. 1663

File: 1438469966258.png (198.42 KB, 515x269, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.56…)

berry without and with shoops

No. 1664


but berry is fat without ps

No. 1665

ugh berry's life is so fucked up. its like shes living a big fat lie. it really is depressing to think about.

No. 1666

That before picture of Minaj is actually photoshopped. They edited her ass and legs smaller. The door frame also makes it obvious, it's curving far in.

No. 1667

File: 1438471125582.jpg (66.63 KB, 440x607, image.jpg)

Oops dropped my pic. I'm done derailing now.

No. 1668

Eh her current ass is fake af anyways.

No. 1669

Her ass is fake as fuck right now though. And so is Iggy's. And Kim's.

No. 1670

I think she looks better than Iggy and Kim. Both of them have had so much surgery and still look like muppets.

Anyways, I wonder how fat Berry is without shoop. It's already obvious she's a piggy cus of those sausage fingers and the fact that she has a pug face. And I'm sick of her Ouji talk considering the fact that she's already made it painfully obvious she's just catfishing this random Asian dude.

No. 1671

atleast nicki admits even in her songs that her butt is fake unlike berry who keeps lying

No. 1672

It's fine to get plastic surgery… Nicki Didn't like her butt so she got it done which is totally fine. But another thing is Nicki admits that she got it done. It would be fine if Berry admitted to changing things about her body because she's insecure, but instead she lies and tries to fool people who are smarter than her.

No. 1673

I'm so glad Nicki isn't made to look like this anymore, it's so fucking ugly

No. 1674

stop derailing the thread

No. 1675

If she didn't do this she would have never become famous though. She basically cooned and whored herself out like a minstrel show for fame. I have no respect for this fake bitch.

No. 1676

Target's too expensive for her poor ass.

No. 1677


No. 1678

Seems like since we talk about berry and her imaginary bf , "he" has been tweeting more.. loool

No. 1679

lol berreh talking more about your fake bf won't make us believe you

No. 1680

He has been tweeting about kpop……who does he sounds like? ahem Berry ahem

No. 1681

yeah berry if you are lurkin remember this

indonesian boys (sadly) like fugly groups like JKT48 lel not your cute gucci boy groups

No. 1682

File: 1438529100930.png (206.25 KB, 528x309, Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.2…)

too bad ur too poor berreh

No. 1683

wtf are you trying to say?

No. 1684

does anyone remember how ouji looked like gd a few years ago?
as in, dyed his hair blond and imitated the "heartbreaker" look – he's into big bang lol

No. 1685


too bad berry is a poor hobo who cant travel (especially to indo) to see her "prince"

No. 1686

In the earlier threads there are some pics of him with blond hair. You can even see how short he is lol.
I'd dig it up but meh

No. 1687

ouji, if you think you look like an anime without even trying then why not taking a selfie again in berry's house? lol
help your waifu stop looking like a desperate girl with an imaginary hubby lol

No. 1688


wait. it does make sense.
ouji has stopped taking selfies because everyone would see the background, whether or not he lives together with berry. thats why. even if he's not berry. he's helping her waifu to be a bigger fat liar. oh shit.

No. 1689


and their dumb fans will be all like "i thought you were living with burry!?" and then they will finally understand that berry is fooling them lol

No. 1690

I think what doesn't make sense to me about their relationship is supposedly they've been dating for five years
and out of those five years they've not even attempted to try and see each other
instead of saving up money, or what I think she would rather do is beg her fans for it
she spends it all on stuff and who even knows if he has any money

but I know online relationships who usually meet after 2 years at the most because who wants to put in all the time and effort into a online relationship that doesn't seem to be going anywhere
not going anywhere in the way that they don't even like you enough to try and physically pursue you
after five years?????

someone cat fish either one of them and then we would get our answer on what's fake

No. 1691

ouji doesn't look like he's from a well off family – and well obviously berry isn't as well off either.
looking at it in a reasonable way, maybe they don't have the funds/don't want to save up yet? i've also seen LDRs where the couple meets up after a couple of years or so but just because a lot of people meet up after 2 years doesn't mean that all LDR couples meet up after 2 years. each to their own, tbh, if they can stay like that without meeting up after 5 years then thats their thing (personally i'd probably break up)

i agree though, someone go catfish one of them go go go

No. 1692


it's too hard to catfish berry because of the amount of asskissing you would have to do

No. 1693

then go for ouji ;)

No. 1694

No. 1695


but ouji is berry

No. 1696

File: 1438583971874.png (38.25 KB, 527x145, Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.37…)

ok burry

No. 1697

does she want a fucking award like why does she have to announce all the great things she does and how great she is

yes berry give your non existent money to your non existent boyfriend>>1696

No. 1698

will you provide actual photos of you two together?

No. 1699


eh "privacy" lmao

No. 1700

Sure, she will give money to him yet still can't afford a plane ticket to fly over there bahahaaha

No. 1701

go for him to make sure~

No. 1702

They couldnt even afford to get each other anything for their 5 year anniversary. I have never recalled a time burry said "oh look what i bought for my bf or look what he bought for me!" She brags about what other people sent her..but never from her bf..(maybe because she doesnt get anything from him) Remember, he only made her a typed up letter with that stolen image? Lmao. She didnt even get him anything either.

No. 1703

That's right berry, keep wishing for money!
I bet she'll just use her family's money if that ever happens

No. 1704

File: 1438622132509.png (241.1 KB, 610x390, 87564343.png)

this is clearly meant as an exaggerated comment by her.
but seriously, she appears to only have these online friends (apart from her sister). and they didn't even know her fucking name, korinne, in the last stream.
that's pretty sad.

No. 1705

File: 1438626158203.png (38.22 KB, 582x258, SSUREEEE.png)

sure burryyyyyyy

No. 1706

the only person who knows her real name is probably her best friend lol

No. 1707


No. 1708

guess Michyuu knows burry lives in njew jersey now, she sent her a package lmao

No. 1709


No. 1710

She always says this. Ok berry sure- so busy my ass all you tweet about is being lazy and play video games. Maybe one or two bs reviews once in a blue moon but that's not busy.
Yeah, they've been friends since the start so she knows pretty much everything.. Not sure if she knows about her schooling history though

No. 1711

Remember when Berry freaked out about the innocent convo screen caps? I think this is the reason. In them she said nobody wanted to sponsor her and she was "jelly" (as in… SHE WANTS some) of the other girl about it. So the "OMG SO MANY SPONSORS" shit was debunked there.

No. 1712

File: 1438633432352.png (112.15 KB, 827x275, lol.png)

made a little thing

No. 1713

>exploits her followers
>thinks gothic lolita wigs is a scandal

K burry

No. 1714

Wait, i was going to buy from them. Is there a scandal or is this bitch lying?

No. 1715

No. 1716

not sure money-wise but the company is racist

No. 1717

>a scandal
I don't think you know what that word is.
A company cannot be a scandal. She's talking about the alleged racist scandal that happened.
Although the scandal was stupid, they have overpriced shitty wigs anyway.

ok poster

No. 1718

Ugh man.. That's awful. That quoted paragraph really hurt to read. So sad.

I wouldn't want to support this company then. Thanks for posting anons.

No. 1719

this isn't the first package she sent lol i think she's known for a long while

No. 1720

so sad berry got the package michelld sent her and its full of a varity of stuff and presents and all berry fucking got her best friend of like 4+?? years was shitty nail polish

No. 1721

scan·dal (noun)
an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage

berry said "..I heard about the scandal…"

I'm just saying she's a hypocrite

No. 1722

Maybe the reason why she lied about living in NY is due to the fact that some farmers here claimed to live close to her (like this lady who worked at a gamestop in this mall in NJ) and some even saying to drop by and take her candid pictures lol.
It makes sense to me imo. Plus she started to claim to live in NY at the start of her first thread.

No. 1723

Might be. But her old followers already knew she was from NJ and she should've expected that someone's most likely to live near her sooner or later.
I think it's funny how long she keeps that lie though

No. 1724

umm just someone who follows michyuu and stuff – it was mentioned in a previous thread that berry got michele a package for her graduation (it had cute things and a cute plush)
and also adding in the fact that michele REALLY likes nail polish (she paints her nails every two weeks or something) so no berry didn't get her a shitty gift lol js

No. 1725

compared to what michelle got her it was pretty shitty

No. 1726

that doesn't mean it was good quality lol

No. 1727

"If I can provide, I'll provide."
Korrine, you don't have shit what are saying…
You want people to provide for YOU

No. 1728

Michyuu isn't that cute so you can tell the only reason berry is her friend is because michyuu can keep all her secrets

No. 1729

thats pretty rude lol

No. 1730

It's the truth. Berry never has been super close to any "popular" bloggers

No. 1731

maybe it's because "popular" bloggers are just as fake though
and besides, amikoto's best friend wasn't cute either. imo i think michyuu is pretty cute for someone who doesn't wear make up at all, each to their own opinion though

No. 1732

Can we talk about how long it's been since berry has posted a review? She has all these so called things to post but she it's been like a year lol
I wonder how long these stores have been waiting

No. 1733

berrykissu is kinda famous but only because she is using berry, i bet their friendship is all a bunch of compliments and fake modesty

No. 1734

haha her name is even berrykissu
like how much do you need to prove that you're only there to kiss ass

No. 1735

she is probably too scared to post any thing lately cause of the thread though i really want her to do another stream

No. 1736

If I were her I would be scared to do another stream. She must have been surprised to see that the people that see through her lies called her out on her bullshit right as she's playing games

No. 1737

All of her fans were so confused when people started commenting about her real name and stuff
I feel kinda bad that they are so oblivious

No. 1738

File: 1438696045017.png (245.73 KB, 527x680, Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 8.45…)


what a friend

No. 1739


just admit that you're poor berry and dont want to waste your money for your so called ''best friend''

No. 1740

No. 1741

this were the nail polish berry bought https://instagram.com/p/5pp5f-EoG1/?taken-by=milk.ey

No. 1742

guys stop this lol just because her best friend sent her a package full of nice things doesn't mean that she is obliged to send one back – and her best friend seems plenty glad about what she got back. their relationship doesn't seem to be a give and take or kiss-ass relationship. whats so bad about the nail polish anyways? and she's not restricted to buying her best friend things either.

No. 1743


she makes it seem like she has "friends" in rl

No. 1744

File: 1438707725128.jpg (53.97 KB, 577x387, snapchatwut.jpg)

I bet her snapchat is oh-so awesome and too private fake to tell anyone her account

No. 1745

File: 1438708524373.png (51.75 KB, 1273x579, twittercomparison- alltweets.p…)

so i ran the twitter accounts through some statistics websites.

here we see the average tweet times of the two accounts:

>both their peak times are between 10pm and 2am; 10am and 2pm

not that we needed further proof but this kind of solidifies that the "Ouji" account is a sockpuppet. the tweet times correspond pretty much. we can assume that the times with little activity are the times she's usually asleep.
in addition, if we assumed that the real ouji from indonesia was tweeting, these graphs would look beyond unusual considering his time zone.

(i changed the times to the timezone jersey is in, since i live on a different continent)

No. 1746

File: 1438708720621.png (121.35 KB, 1012x2419, berry stats-last1000tweets.png)

>intelligence rating: simpleton

No. 1747

File: 1438708766473.png (106.15 KB, 1018x2391, berrykissu-last1000tweets.png)

here's berrykissu as a comparison

No. 1748


shut up
its not like you're fun to talk with
you're no option when anybody's bored

No. 1749

"pinkmiruku is so stupid that they're currently studying to become a halfwit"

lol too accurate

No. 1750

602 mentions at berry? LOL wtf

No. 1751

File: 1438710016776.png (280.38 KB, 229x667, ok.png)

never forget :^)

No. 1752

except for the chapped lips, she looks cute here, idk why she goes through all the shooping

No. 1753

File: 1438710169126.png (55.94 KB, 318x167, lol.png)


oh you sure?

No. 1754


bcz not kawaii enough asdfghjk

No. 1755

Idk, she actually looks pretty cool/cute here. I think that gal-ulzzang (galzzang) thing suited her with a bit of shoop.
Too bad she's going for that ugly baby monkey sex doll look now.

No. 1756

she's pretty cute actually.

No. 1757

berrykissu's 602 mentions compared to berry's 59 mentions of her lmfao.
ass kissing at it's finest

No. 1758

File: 1438715432985.png (117.61 KB, 1012x2368, Ouji-last1000tweets.png)


>Favourite words: butt, fuck season, berry

>again: time graph corresponds to berry's
>Most mentioned user: berry (by far)


No. 1759

Didnt know ouji was into those fandoms lol

No. 1760

Berry's top mentions are other guys and ouji is like 3rd to last??

No. 1761

Ouji most tweets is towards Berry
(Does he has any other friends????)
Berry most tweet is toward online friend
and BerryKissu has 602 tweets toward Berry ….Desperate as fuck
When Berry only has 59
& all Berry most used words are so cringeeeeee worthy


No. 1762

and the only other people he tweets to are also berry's friends, like michyuu and rose_mochi.

No. 1763

the three people that he tweets (the three under berry of course) were all people that were in their "nekoloid" group a few years ago (2011 or 2012?)

No. 1764



ouji was a weeb?

No. 1765

File: 1438732200978.jpg (146.47 KB, 622x606, tweetails.jpg)

Does that tweet website calculate the stats different each search? I looked up Berry, Ouji, and berrykissu on tweetails and Berry's stats were pretty much the same as the previous screenshot, but it was different for Ouji and berrykissu.
Ouji stat's on the left and berrykissu's stats on the right. Some of the numbers are way off from the previous screenshots.

No. 1766

depends if you use more tweets or not

No. 1767

you think he wasn't?

No. 1768

someone share more things about ouji pls !!

No. 1769

I know ouji has always been into anime and stuff
and berry would often like jab at him (in a like oh he's my bf so i can make fun of him way) about how he would watch anime and she didn't

No. 1770

No. 1771

This is the guy that Berry usually streams with

No. 1772

File: 1438751172454.jpg (269.35 KB, 1553x764, porkypandastweetails.jpg)

No. 1773

1,500+ mentions to Berry lol

No. 1774

Her laugh is so weird

No. 1775

Sounds like she have a deep voice :o

No. 1776

sounds like an old witchy woman laugh LMAO
why are ppl saying it's cute???

No. 1777

and the top kiss ass award goes to…

No. 1778

>butt fucking

No. 1779

Is there a way that anyone could save this video, so if she deletes it we still have her laugh

No. 1780

How's this bitch going to always be boasting about "Why don't dark skinned girls love their skin, wtf it's so beautiful!!!!!" and then turn around and make fun of her name because she's black and it's hard to pronounce.
like her name's not a joke, and it's certainly not even more so because she's black and you think it's funny bc "wow so ghetto!!!"

this bitch whitens the shit out of her own skin and hides her real name and uses the fucking word Berry

No. 1781

That laugh is anything but kawaii. That's the kind of laugh a person would have if they do nothing but stay at home all day and sulk over the fact they'll never be kawaii and have been living a complete lie.

No. 1782


My thoughts exactly. Berry is a dark skinned self hating hypocrite. But we all knew that already…

No. 1783

Wow, her laugh doesn't match her ~uguu kawaii fragile dorru~ image at all. She sound heavy.

No. 1784

She's probably going to look on this thread and delete it lol

No. 1785

Eh, ain't kawaii but it ain't bad, Manish, nor heavy. It's pretty cute, but not kawaii cute.
Like those type of laughs you can't help but to poke a bit of fun at when with friends.

No. 1786

File: 1438765290456.jpg (233.2 KB, 500x752, burry.jpg)

oh, burry.
that's not vury kawaii of u.

No. 1787

the laugh seems heavy to me honestly

No. 1788


that laugh reminds me of an ugly whale

No. 1789


no offense but she sounds like a black fat momma

No. 1790

File: 1438789993763.png (81.46 KB, 523x609, Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.4…)

Lol burry you could've just "kicked his butt" to wake him up and not through texts

No. 1791

idc about the rest of the post but don't you guys think she hides her name for a reason?? because she wants to have a pseudonym on the internet?? kinda like being an anon but not anon

No. 1792

File: 1438790214506.png (512.05 KB, 529x725, Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 10.5…)

apparently they're still together and he's still in indo

No. 1793

Her laugh.. doesn't sound cute at all. doesn't sound like anime much which she always said she herself is anime. Her laugh sounds like a normal adult girl.

No. 1794

No one really cares what her real name is? People just found out what it was when they were trying to prove that she lives in NJ. But it's sad that her "bffs" online don't even know what her first name is

No. 1795

That's surprising. Maybe it's an old pic? If it really is the true Ouji then idk how he can deal with berry, unless he's just as bad

No. 1796

idk i mean it seems like some people on here care .. like those times when they would just say 'hi korinne' on the stream like?? no one cares??
i think only ouji and michyuu knows for sure since she's known them for too long lol

No. 1797

not sure if this'll preserve the vid but it's worth a shot

No. 1798

that pic has such a bad quality I believe it was cropped from some other picture and uploaded by her tbh

No. 1799

here you have it https://vid.me/P83D

No. 1800

or it's just a phone without a great camera, seeing that he's not so rich

No. 1801

i dunno how this proves ouji is ouji

No. 1802


I died laughing. Please let this be the photo for the next thread.

No. 1803

I agree, considering Berry has saved old photos from Ouji… What's to say this isn't an old photo he shared with her when they used to be together?

No. 1804

for the cat photo it could be just some random neighborhood cats??

I have a lady near me who feeds the strays and they come around often and aren't scared of the people that live around bc they're friendly towards them

No. 1805

File: 1438812334941.png (1.45 MB, 500x752, borrychinchin.png)


You forgot to add the double chin she so desperately tries to hide with her hair / wigs.

No. 1806

Holy shit anons lmfaoo

No. 1807

my sides

No. 1808

No. 1809

what was it nothing came up, captions people please.

No. 1810

if you copy the link instead of clicking on it it should work. basically it's a fb post with a picture of berry without ps and another with shop.

No. 1811

even though that post is from april..

No. 1812

Thank you

No. 1813

still, did you see the number of shares and likes? pretty amazing if you ask me

No. 1814

File: 1438827386158.jpg (70.79 KB, 599x902, CLrovwuVAAEjpXx.jpg)

Just realized that she's trying to be a gamer girl but there's just a phone in her hand

No. 1815

i think she's actually cosplaying anzu futaba

No. 1816

That looks fuckin gross

No. 1817

then her cosplay's pretty shitty then. The only similarity is the shirt

No. 1818

i've seen that before photo a couple of times, how do you guys know that's really her? where did you find it? just wondering

No. 1819

Her cosplays are all crap. They just consist of her wearing a wig, doing her usual makeup - only changing the colours of her contacts. And then bam cosplay lol

No. 1820

File: 1438834619755.png (464.15 KB, 492x649, Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 9.15…)

ya'll need to learn how to screenshot just incase something gets deleted js

No. 1821

Not really….. Lolcow archives links now.

No. 1822

someone just put it up on the earlier threads.. didn't really specify how he/she got it.
When it was first put up there was a whole discussion and comparissons with her other old pics whether it was berry or not but yeah It looks a lot like berry imo

No. 1823

Even if it was a deleted tweet for example? That's great

No. 1824

Well, I mean, this is an imageboard…

No. 1825

No. 1826

Wait, so she's Mexican?

No. 1827

it does look like her but…i kinda want to have a source to make sure it's legit lol

No. 1828

Oh god, please let this be her. I feel like it could be but I'm not sure. For some reason I feel like it's her sister or something.

No. 1829

i'm pretty sure when that old picture was first posted she went on a rant saying "lol people bringing up my old pictures trying to embarrass me"

No. 1830

File: 1438839723369.png (1.4 MB, 1062x614, mfg.png)

behold the gift of the many faced god.

(pardon my shitty collage)

No. 1831

File: 1438839913119.gif (743.46 KB, 340x280, large[1].gif)

No. 1832

dank meme

No. 1833

File: 1438840853183.jpg (38.83 KB, 400x600, berry-tsukasa[1].jpg)

even though this still has purikura effects and lightening it looks abit closer to her op photo face.

No. 1834


woops forgot these were posted in previous threads. I'll leave em here just for relevance I guess. I missed seeing the gif before and it just surprised me how large he body looked.

No. 1835

there were a couple other old pictures that looked exactly like her though

No. 1836

She looks so cute like this though!

I don't understand why Berry needs to shop so much when she can have the natural Asian beauty aesthetic. Its too much when she wears those super blonde wigs with the light blue eye contacts.

No. 1837

Exactly. I'll admit I like looking at her shoops, but its sad that she doesn't let anyone else see her any other way.

No. 1838

besides being a liar and having a shit personality, even her rare unshooped photos aren't awful, just very average pinay. I think if she just takes care of herself she'd be fine. I agree that picture is cute.

No. 1839

i dont find this picture cute at all honestly, her mouth looks weird

No. 1840

I would say they're a scam considering that their wigs are complete trash for the price.
Save yourself some money and get a wig from a reputable taobao shop instead.

No. 1841

yukapon face?

No. 1842

File: 1438848457457.jpg (980.21 KB, 1991x1731, BurryFaces.jpg)

I tried a comparison thing

No. 1843

Her 2006 one looks like me a few years ago. It's possible for her to make a dramatic change into a more attractive version. I highly doubt it though since she's so goddamn lazy.

No. 1844

the photo at the bottom left she claimed was her at fourteen

No. 1845

that gif is so cringey. lmao

she probably shooped one of her old pics.

No. 1846

File: 1438879589137.jpg (128.25 KB, 580x836, ouji.jpg)

New Ouji selfie?

No. 1847

Ouch, he lookin' uggo.

No. 1848

Dat hairstyle ain't doing him no favours either.

No. 1849

so much for looking like a real life anime :/

No. 1850


seems like they stopped the "living together" BS here

No. 1851

holy shit hes so ugly and so is that hideous hair

No. 1852


chibi maruko chan

No. 1853

But, niggers aren't dolly.

No. 1854

File: 1438881007262.png (433.49 KB, 626x479, ouji maruko chan.png)


sorry i just had to

No. 1855

Ouji looks like a pedophile omfg

No. 1856

well at least he's honest about how his looks
I mean maybe he's not very good at photoshop but he doesn't look special snowflake like berreh

No. 1857

No man looks good with long bangs split in the middle

No. 1858

wtf happened to him

No. 1859

watching tons of anime and being a hermit can do many things to you

No. 1860


he looks different :s

No. 1861

File: 1438882082469.jpg (55.38 KB, 773x389, image.jpg)

To complete the Pedo look ~
Berry doesn't need a mustache since
she already has one
Look at the kawaii animu couple!!!!!

No. 1862

Well I guess these pics aren't Photoshopped to oblivion. If it is, he/she didn't do a good job.

Plus that terrible haircut

No. 1863

I don't think he's ugly, just the hair style doesn't suit him at all

No. 1864

The angle too, if you try to take a selfie doing that angle your face will look bigger

No. 1865

>the face of someone having to deal with berry for years

No. 1866

I can't help but get a strange feeling about her brother faking Ouji's selfie.

No. 1867

File: 1438886480723.jpg (51.11 KB, 543x960, 1424384006216.jpg)

hmm don't know.. but I feel like it's not entirely impossible
omg anon, lol

No. 1868

ouji is tiny as hell anyway so if him and korinne ever did meet he would look shrimp next to her

No. 1869

No. 1870

He looks like luhan ..

No. 1871

that shoop tho LOL

No. 1872

File: 1438894151028.png (419.34 KB, 761x323, ouji.png)

No. 1873

I actually feel the same

No. 1874

No. 1875

thats another ass kisser friend porkypandas

No. 1876

I wonder what the unshooped version looks like.
The best scenario would be, if Berry is actually cosplaying ouji and shooping herself beyond recognition to look like him. Highly unlikely unfortunately (since he appears to have a neck).

No. 1877

orrrr… it could be an old pic that berry saved and never uploaded until now?

tbh this isn't a good pic of him lol

No. 1878

Agreed but can you imagine your younger sibling asking "hey can I use your selfies so it looks like I have a bf"

No. 1879

File: 1438896295988.png (54.1 KB, 787x228, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.23…)

If that's him right now why was he going on about dying his hair???

No. 1880

File: 1438896892996.png (30.92 KB, 780x111, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.29…)

yes photoshop in berry's face

No. 1881

File: 1438896906616.png (54.78 KB, 779x213, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.31…)

No. 1882

What guy talks like this? It couldn't be any more obviously Berry.

No. 1883

-suddenly selfie of ouji pops up with white hair either photoshopped or old as hell from when he had light hair- and of course they came from berry who kept all his old pictures

No. 1884

There is always a contradiction or something fishy

No. 1885


Hey I'm the anon who found the pic. So I found some of Berrys classmates/friends and one of them (a black girl) had this photo in her photo gallery in fb..
She also went to the tomsriver high north

No. 1886

File: 1438899635473.jpg (43.76 KB, 500x669, large[1].jpg)

He should get pink hair so he can match his waifu

No. 1887

File: 1438899768360.jpg (55.96 KB, 340x604, 1428355767501[1].jpg)

talking about photoshop….

No. 1888

do they still have fb? no more pics?

No. 1889

and her wavy eye

No. 1890

File: 1438901995323.png (2.71 MB, 1000x706, 845238952395239.png)

This doesn't look like him at all… Does it? A part of me is starting to believe that maybe she got her brother to pose for a photo and she photoshopped him a bit in attempt to look like Ouji. Berry is fucking crazy. I'd believe it. She surprises me with her antics more and more. You'd think she'd stop with the lies, but she's relentless. She doesn't want to stop. She's so sick in the head… She would rather live this fake life rather than try to better herself in real life and take the steps to be the person she truly wants to be. She's fat, she's poor, she lies compulsively, she hates the skin she's in. She's pathetic and she knows it.

Berry, if you're reading this… When will you be honest with yourself? I'm curious. You can't grow or be the person you want to be if you continue to live a lie. No one will ever truly love you for yourself since all they love is the lies you feed them. How lonely must that feel.

No. 1891

File: 1438902965140.jpg (60.18 KB, 494x491, 1438889550237.jpg)

Relax sweetie

No. 1892

I actually think that it could be him minus extreme shoop and high angles and with a tired expression. It's probably some old picture that berry saved though

No. 1893

incredible reach, but it looks like him

No. 1894

Korinne seems like the kind of person that sits on her ass all day and pretends to still be a child so she doesn't have to experience the burden of real life responsibility. She gives up having a real social life or even having to go outside so she can pretend to be an "anime" online. Her followers and ass kissing friends are just as much of losers as her as they feel the need to kiss the fat virtual ass of the internet identity that Korrine has created on social media, just so that they can say the great Wizard of Oz replied to thier tweet.

No. 1895

File: 1438905858012.jpg (55.79 KB, 555x740, CLvykasWIAA-kLW.jpg)

He posted this one but with lighter hair

No. 1896

No. 1897

this really shows how much his nose is shopped bc in his other selfies it's not as wide and it's more pointed and squared

if it really is him

No. 1898

I think it's edited to resemble some anime character

No. 1899

he's nothing special

No. 1900

what type of asian is this guy

No. 1901

File: 1438907893379.jpg (37.32 KB, 472x640, tumblr_mnbxondxzZ1r3wd4to1_500…)

why are her and her sister as flat as boards holy god damn

No. 1902

he's from the Federal Republic of Ugly

No. 1903


No. 1904


No. 1905

a more serious answer to this is that he's indonesian

No. 1906

it's the same guy imo…just aged, bad angle, and an unshooped nose
mostly bad angle??

also at the hair color thing, his tweets say he got a new phone so he probably has no money lol

No. 1907

Duh it's the same person allright.

If you don't already know, ouji is really good at photoshop and his pictures are abused as well. But he still looks the same irl except for his height.
I swear some of you anons are reaching too far lmao

No. 1908

Ouji voice is so high. How tall is he?

No. 1909


I'm good, sweetie. It's not me you should be worrying about.

No. 1910

Ok, everyone relax. Ouji has a big wide nose like Korinne and they're both poor as fuck. Maybe they are meant to be after all.

No. 1911

they're not THAT poor jfc people

No. 1912

File: 1438914957382.jpg (44.81 KB, 600x600, image.jpg)


You seem really bothered by this.

No. 1913

hmm, but the same could be said for most of the cows and "tumblr famous" kids

No. 1914



Whatever Ouji is shopping his photos too look at his chin lmao

No. 1915

He's short. 5'2-5'4 probably. There's group pics of him in the earlier threads

No. 1916

File: 1438918091144.jpg (61.07 KB, 640x480, 1429468343618.jpg)

No. 1917

i bet berry is taller than him so thats why she lies about her height

No. 1918

just bothered by the fact that you're here to expose lies and yet you say stuff that's not factual at all lool just because she claims she's rich but turns out she's not doesn't mean she's fucking poor though, as if the rest of us are company heirs (though i might be wrong, god knows what kind of people you all are)

No. 1919

have you seen her house tho

No. 1920

it looks like a house that needs a little bit of fixing on the outside for appearance but otherwise a house is a house tho

maybe it's bc my parents are first generation immigrants because lol not all immigrants hit gold and are able to buy the best houses on the market but idk

No. 1921

i'm poor and my house is nicer than hers lol

No. 1922

annual income?

No. 1923

Which one is he…?

No. 1924

blond one on the far right

No. 1925

Everyone who is saying her house looks like shit, I want to see photos of their houses. I live in a crowded apartment in a big city and most of my friends live at home or in an apt with roommates, and don't think they'd be able to own their own home in this generation. It's scary how many people cant own homes or decent housing.

No. 1926


I am not stupid enough for give photo on lolcow pls.

Well my flat ain't something luxury either. It is still much much better than Berry's because Berrys house is old and shitty and just sad looking. It is something between a house and shanty.

No one would give a fk about her house if she didn't say she was ~~~so rich desu~~~

No. 1927

I don't follow this thread and I am soooo grossed out by the OP pic everytime I scroll by.

No. 1928

her house is like a low class household/poor persons house where I like

My house is a million times nicer and it's not like a mansion or anything, just a nice house.2 stories,4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, big backyard and pool. This is normal where I live.

hers looks like the house of someone who works at publix for a living

No. 1929

Jesus Christ how tall is he?
He looks like he's around 5'2

No. 1930

File: 1438954264271.png (211.89 KB, 675x274, giantnose.png)

here's something factual for you, my friend.
her nose is truly humongous. i mean, look at that gigantic thing.

No. 1931


that kind of nose is really common among filipinos tho

No. 1932

so? she lives in murica and her nose is fat as fuck, although her fat face balances it out in a way(she is clearly fatter now than she was in that specific pic).

No. 1933

>She lives in Murica tho
So what if she lives in America? She was born in the Philippines in a Filippino family. Besides, almost everyone in the kawaii/ulzzang scene who have 'big noses' shoop themselves because it's not considered 'cute enough'.
Stop reaching for the straws pls.

No. 1934

damn bitch you reaching for the stars here. She doesn't have any Ashley type shit going on, it fits her face.

No. 1935

Ok white knight

No. 1936

her house is a poor persons house. plain and simple

No. 1937

I agree. I dont see anything bad with her nose at all. It just isn't the ideal

No. 1938

No? It looks like a normal middle class house to me….It may look beat down on the outside, but she's not 'poor'.
Just because she makes herself have a fake life, doesn't mean we should lose sights of the truth. She's just middle class and that's it.

No. 1939

What? That's more like an upper lower class home. It's not middle class at all.

No. 1940

>it fits her face
Exactly, her fat nose fits her fat face.

No. 1941

Fyi, the b8 was meant for berry. She always jumps on that (like in the last thread), because she just is THAT insecure.

No. 1942

Depends on where you live. I live in ny and a non-shitty + not in shitty area, four bedroom house with huge backyard and pool could easily be at least 1 mill or more.

then again berry lives in jersey, and i assume houses there are cheaper. my friend has a pretty nice house and they dont have much money

No. 1943

I live in south Florida in a nice area (boca area)

No. 1944

Sorry rest of message sent early

She looks like she lives in a cheap area so the house looks upper lower class to me.

No. 1945

Tbh if you look at the surrounding houses in her neighborhood it varies from middle to low middle/high lower class. Her's looks like a low middle class home.. There's actually crappier looking houses nearby

No. 1946

Not that anon, but Boca is so nice! I vacation there from time to time. I love that little Macaron place in Mizner.

No. 1947

i looked up houses w/ that description for sale in boca and they're half the cost but double the size of houses in nyc lmao im about to move ):

i looked it up and toms river has a lot of affordable houses. it looks like decent house run from 100k and you rarely have to go over 400k


actually….this house looks really similar to pics of houses berry has posted before…is it just me???

No. 1948

glad to see someone else also sees my point lol (tbh i wonder if people were thinking we were both the same?)

No. 1949

oh, i accidentally cut off my post but i also wanted to say that if you can get nice houses for prices like that in that area then i would put her at lower middle/high lower class.

No. 1950

ugh i hate it when i reply and i think of something else to say lol but yes exactly, just because we're here to expose lies doesn't mean we should exaggerate lies by saying she's poor as hell. the house is middle class, lower mid class maybe, but still middle class.
it depends on where you live, area and state.

also when did her parents buy the house?? maybe it was when they had enough money in order to buy their own place instead of renting a place. thats what my own parents did. they bought the best they could with their money at the time, they're not just gonna up and move every single time a better looking cheap house comes onto the market jfc that would take too much work

No. 1951

i dont think we have to keep debating about her income level though, everyone gets she's not rich and i dont really care if she's poor or not

No. 1952

Eh, I bet some did, you know, the one who's adamant one hoping that people are hating Berry, news flash, it not because we love Berry and we should wk her, it's because people are stretching stuff enough for it to be considered false.

Also, housing values aren't the same everywhere so depending on where that house is, then we can sort of estimate how much it was/is worth.
Plus I doubt how a house looks can estimate the annual income of their family. For example, some of my richest friends live in the projects.

No. 1953

is berrys boyfriend fake or not? like wtf, can y'all even establish that?

No. 1954

*The people who are adamant on

No. 1955

here's some info on Berry's house
http://njparcels.com/property/1508/513.02/22 and http://www.remax.com/realestatehomesforsale/43-cedarwood-dr-toms-river-nj-08755-gid400018303702.html

I believe Berry is not that poor like some people are saying but the house is from 1954 apparently, so it's not really new. Old pictures of it (posted in older threads and on Berry's vk) show how normal it is.

It's like some anon said, if she wasn't doing such an effort to make seem she is rich we wouldn't mind about it (and let's not forget when she claimed to live in New York LOL)

No. 1956

Yeah but the other anon was calling her 'poor', which she isn't exactly.

No. 1957

EXACTLY, just because someone makes a lot of money doesn't mean they want to live in a grand house too.

Yeah I don't like how she pretend she's rich, but she isn't exactly poor either. Just middle class.

No. 1958

File: 1438980997417.png (13.03 KB, 579x83, fjjd.png)

i find this pretty sad tbh

No. 1959

>just because someone makes a lot of money doesn't mean they want to live in a grand house too.

The location, size and general appearance (decor, cleanliness) of any house does give a huge indication of how much cash flow is going on though. Berry is definitely on the low end of middle class. This is also reflected in her shit tastes and what she percieves as signs of being rich.

No. 1960

lol she should save that amount to actually go and visit her boyfriend (who she probably has never seen face to face)

No. 1961

I feel like Ouji is trying hard to prove that he's been hanging out with Berry recently, or at all. I think this proves even more that Berry is taking control of his social media. They have "hung out" and he's seen her room but they don't have any pictures together

No. 1962

..being clean or not clean doesn't really say much about anyone lool you can be rich and still be a slob

No. 1963

We make fun of what Berry portrays herself to be and rich is one of them. Don't bring your personal feelings into this. Take everything with a grain of salt and calm down.

No. 1964

No one is mad though

No. 1965

who the fuck believes berry is a midde-class girl? It is not just about home, what she wears is cheap, what she buys is cheap (knock-off lol) , she is begging for $4.

Ofc she is not "homeless" poor, but she is NOT in the middle either, don't kid yourselves guys.

The worst thing about it is, being poor is not cringey, but being 20 and being just a lazy bitch and doing nothing about it is. Poor her family.

No. 1966

yea, she took over his social media long ago. the only proof of them "hanging out" is that one camming session btw.

No. 1967

I do? She isn't poor, and if you think so, prove it.
What, you must buy only expensive shit when you get money? Or do you buy reasonable shit?
Well, what Berry buys isnt reasonable, but it doesn't mean she can afford every expensive thing in the world. Everyone knows that she isn't rich by now, but why call her poor? I know y'all hate her, but damn. This is why people feel like this is a useless thread because it's a bunch of people that have a vendetta and is playing ring around a Rosie with some info they can't prove.

No. 1968

ITT lower middle class getting defensive on burry's behalf because they live like she does

No. 1969

Hey, at least admitted she's middle class.

But honestly, if I wasn't new to this thread, I would've sworn y'all were rich snobs, jsing. Not saying you guys are, but just buy how you type,
"She doesn't buy expensive stuff, she must be poor!!1!!"
"She begs for money online!!!" (like no other Tumblr user hasn't, and it's been sorta proven that Tumblr has one of the richest privileged fan base)

No. 1970


feel free to prove her family isn't poor

I think her behavior (trashing walmart meanwhile she is wearing walmart shit etc.) shows me she is a lower middle class (I call it poor, sorry) but she is embarrassed about it.

But whatever it is my words against yours
No one can prove something

No. 1971

It's funny because Berry tries to act like a rich snob and fails.

No. 1972

she goes to wal-mart all the time her "trashing" may just be joking

i feel like some people here take her jokes too far – well maybe she words them in a way where it doesn't sound like i joke, but i feel like she has a dry sense of humor (idk if that's the right term)

No. 1973

She words them like the retard that she is.

No. 1974

No. 1975

No. 1976

I hope y'all realize Berry didn't create this look, and Berry is just a basic ass anz ulzzang kawaii girl. And so is ths Hanna chick. Unless you mean behaviour wise too.

No. 1977

She doesn't shoop herself to berry extremes

No. 1978

File: 1439085482062.jpg (104.24 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

With and without makeup she looks a lot like berry, this is probably the closest we will get to knowing what berry looks like without shop and makeup

No. 1979

File: 1439085944248.jpg (135.31 KB, 640x945, image.jpg)

Berry before editing her photos

No. 1980

Kill it with fire

No. 1981

I would like to understand why these girls have the need to ps their faces to look like fucking aliens when they're like, normal looking irl

No. 1982

that girl really wants to be berry a lot of the photos she takes are super similar to berry's sad as hell

No. 1983

What? No she doesn't. As I said, Berry is basic a'f.

No. 1984

Oh and I forgot to add, why are y'all taking the piss out of this girl? Did she actually do something wrong, or you guys nitpicking everyone that ps's into a kawaii goddessu?
Honestly she isn't ugly, neither is Berry, but if they want to shoop themselves into kawaii monkeys let them be.
>Inb4 Berry or Hana

No. 1985

LOL the fucking sweaters

No. 1986

and there are more problematic people online like lol yall are getting mad at a person for doing stupid shit online when you should be getting mad at stuff that would actually benefit society..this is just sad.

like yes, she's stupid, we all get it, whats more to say? you repeat the same stuff over and over and every time she does something it's just something she has done before but in a different way. big whoop.

No. 1987

File: 1439092772631.png (51.14 KB, 773x247, Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.5…)

berry making it obvious that she lurks and is ouji

No. 1988

female Peter Coffin

No. 1989

I would pay to see a Xiaxue type of taekdown on her.

No. 1990

Damn, this is like when Taku face was revealed and Kaka had to go into hiding.

No. 1991


No one is forcing you to sit here and read this stuff. If it's the same stuff over and over again, why are you still here? I don't understand why this concerns you so much.

No. 1992

File: 1439120897575.jpg (28.76 KB, 640x231, image.jpg)

Who even calls their mom a 'betch'. Especially when this 'betch' gets her cheap knockoff stuff to match her daughters cheap spoiled milk personality.

No. 1993


** to match her cheap spoiled milk personality.

Hate using lolcow on my phone.

No. 1994


so berry is indonesian when she is not shopped

No. 1995

Mom: My daughter is such a disappointment. I hope she stays under that blanket for the rest of her life.

No. 1996

That feel when you want her family to find her twitter.

No. 1997


I even don't believe she actually called her mother a "betch"

stuff that never happened today

No. 1998

No one is forcing me to read it, but it does enforce the board stereotype as a bunch of bitchy girls with sand in their vaginas who has a vendetta over anyone who is deemed pretty on the the internet. Girls who works on rumors, and will bite anyone down. Some of these girls could be saints, but y'all will still hate.
Berry has bullied, lied, appeared on this board to wk, indirectly made girls feel bad about themselves and hate themsel, showed she's a hypocritical cunt, but you know at you guys rave about? That she's not rich like she says see is, and that She is ugly.
That other girl that was posted has done nothing wrong, but you guys compare her to Berry?

Not everyone here is a white knight in shining armor, but Berry has done much more things that she could be ripped apart for. If you guys have no mote information to share, or nothing else to talk , let the thread die, and let the attention for her fade away since you guys hate her so much.

No. 1999


stop being a drama queen, they only compare their looks

No. 2000

You could easily hide the thread instead of ranting about how you dislike it. Nobody's about to stop talking about her just because it's what you want them to do. There are other threads you can look at, and if you don't like those there are two other boards you can post on. If you don't like those, then don't come to the site.

No. 2001

File: 1439125264296.jpg (12.6 KB, 300x300, 1408860745071.jpg)

Still at it, eh? You're not going to sway opinions with that bullshit and all the other attempts you've made prior.
The best thing about these threads is, that there is no redemptive quality to you whatsoever.
Therefore the ride never ends.

No. 2002

Today on "Things that never happened":

No. 2003

Same. It would be glorious.

No. 2004

Kek, I'm sorry. I didn't know that long post =/= drama queen. All I'm saying is that we should post girls on the board if they aren't cows. Why would anyone want to be associated with this board? The girl is just a regular and person on the interwebz, and you just posted her link on a board of cows that people make fun of. Even if they are copying someone else's looks, or just look naturally similar. That's what sparked my reputation posts because of course people would think we're jelly bitches for just ripping on looks. (Not saying you guys are btw)

I don't want people here to stop talking about her, but all you guys talk about is her looks, hence my vendetta comment. But fine, I'm apparently trying to sway opinions so I will hide the thread and let it take its course. If other wks come, at least you guys will know that some people could actually not hate Berry, and share the same opinion.
And I do read and contribute to the other threads + boards, so hiding this thread should be no problem.
Tbh, I have alway forgotten about that option until someone mentions it. ♥

The first anon you listed isn't me if you're implying we're samefagging. Secondly, must I put 'inb4 xxxx' after EVERY good opinion post I have?

No. 2005

File: 1439130214683.png (41.73 KB, 540x152, friendly reminder.png)

Preach it sister

No. 2006


berry and berrykisser lurking lolcow

No. 2007

I agree with you guys. I've been following this thread since the first one and ever since burry hasn't produced good milk it seems like people's personal vendettas are coming out.

No. 2008

Honestly it's best if you just hide the thread and find a different cow. I hide plenty of threads I find uninteresting. Making a big about it is pretty unnecessary to me.

If I was her mom I would have slapped her. Why does she think disrespecting her mother is cute?

No. 2009

File: 1439140729024.gif (981.03 KB, 500x333, srsly.gif)

The fucking nerve.

No. 2010

There's no way she'd really call her mother 'betch' tho, no matter what a cool mom hers is. Especially remembering her asian background and her mother is really filipino too.

My mom is a really cool asian mom but calling her betch would be disrespecting her.

No. 2011

File: 1439141890451.png (28.51 KB, 513x136, Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 12.3…)


she's desperate to be funny

No. 2012

this… doesn't even make sense…

No. 2013

she was playing GTA

No. 2014

(I'm the anon that said this >>1986 )
Agreed, at first there was tons of milk and now there's nothing lol you guys are just trying to squeeze as much as you can out of empty udders at this point

No. 2015

File: 1439151298722.png (143.13 KB, 589x593, omg.png)

she was talking with her bf… who the fuck writes like that

No. 2016

She is staying low in order to get this thread dead

No. 2017

i'm starting to miss her selfies lol

No. 2018


She won't be able to stay low for too long. She'll do some more stupid shit eventually. Berry loves attention and she's a pathological liar.

No. 2019

File: 1439154469636.jpg (48.65 KB, 960x720, 481741_4007375710384_212693768…)

old front facing pic of ouji from 2012

No. 2020


It's funny because she thinks this just makes their 'relationship' so much more ~*speshu*~. In her scrambled egged brain she thinks we all must envy her and her fake relationship with Ouji!

Ye bih eat mi fat kaWAii desu ass while i e8 sum pocky yo. /insertpinkinstagramfilterhere Tru lavu so mch lop! XDDD

No. 2021


So he does have a more thicker nose after all. His nose is way more cuter than Korinne's though. Ouji needs to step his game up and be with someone that has a better face profile, because with Berry's DNA those children would be ugly as sin. If she ever does become the plastic surgeon she wants to be (which she probably never will. I mean let's be serious, all she does is sit on her fat ass, play video games and be gluttonous as fuck.) at least she can fix her children's faces up.

No. 2022

it's just the angles that made him look like he had a thinner nose
and jfc if he likes her then he likes her lol their children have nothing to do with you, sit down

No. 2023


I think you forgot for a moment where you're posting at. There's a seat right there for you too.

No. 2024

then lets both sit down

No. 2025

File: 1439155288330.png (624.62 KB, 563x276, bemoreobvious.png)

Well, she's back at being insufferable again.

No. 2026


when a retard couple texts each other

No. 2027

so he's real then? I've been skimming and i legit can't tell if y'all think he's a real dude who dates her or some mule.

No. 2028


eh stfu ur boyfriend is still in indo

if taking a picture together is private then why is claiming to live together with him not private at all?
if its private in the first place you wouldnt lie about living together, but hell yeah berry you want attention that bad, lie more so you can get more attention, what an "interesting" life you got there

No. 2029

File: 1439155891422.jpg (91.1 KB, 344x389, comments.jpg)

not everyone agrees on one thing, i think he's real (as in, they are dating each other to this day and age)
yall don't even know him and you act as if you do.
the way he's typing is just like how he typed back then when he's talking to her. i'm one of his friends on fb and here's a screenshot of his exchange with her in the past, he types all cutesy when talking to her

No. 2030

He's a real person and they were dating each other back then. However I think that they broke up a while ago and Berry's been using his socia media to make it seem like they're still together and have this enviable relationship

No. 2031


aww i ship these idiots

No. 2032

this reminds me of the way middle school couples talk to each other

No. 2033

i think he was 21 at the time

No. 2034

does ouji have no shame

No. 2035


plot twist: they've met each other and broke up because ouji saw berry's real face

No. 2036

idk if you guys can see it but he really does type like he does now in her screenshots lol

No. 2037

[insert barfing gif here] These two are made for each other tbh if ouji is still with her then he's just as bad

No. 2038

No guy writes like this

No. 2039


this is possible

No. 2040

and how do you know?

No. 2041

Thats bs. Had a bf that would type EXACTLY like that. In the end it started pissing me off though

No. 2042

so wait, she has access to his accounts even though they're supposedly not dating?

Me no comprehendo

No. 2043

She had access to his account while they were dating and when they broke up he kind of just left the internet without changing his passwords or anything (just a theory)

No. 2044


No. 2045

That sounds far fetched but okay.

No. 2046

actually it makes sense but okay

No. 2047


I don't know what person just disappears from the Internet after a break up knowing their ex has access to their social media. At least not without changing the password to prevent them from spreading shit, but okay keep reaching.

No. 2048

You know a person, it's ouji obviously lol

No. 2049

korinne pls go away

No. 2050

File: 1439163934957.png (199.69 KB, 640x530, 1438128593032.png)

>tfw this thread has more drama than burry

No. 2051

Has it been 100% confirmed that Berry's name is Korinne? All old photos of her on photobucket were saved under the name "Mary1" "Mary2" ect. Here's the photobucket I'm talking about http://s886.photobucket.com/user/ikillmidgets/library/?sort=3&page=1

No. 2052

File: 1439165006521.jpg (77.59 KB, 600x800, lol.jpg)

There's even this picture that has "Mary" stamped on the photo.

No. 2053


weird, if that were to be true it shouldn't bother her to be told korrine in the live streams, she could easily have told that was not her name

No. 2054

I was thinking about that too, but maybe she was uncomfortable because she knew the people in the chat were farmers, not specifically that her name was Korinne. But this is just speculation on my part.

No. 2055

Mary could be her middle name or nickname/alias.

No. 2056

When people were saying hi korinne on the stream she said yes to it being her name

No. 2057

Oops, I just did a quick read through the old threads. Her name is definitely Korinne, Mary/Yin/Sumiire are all just her different aliases. Continue along.

No. 2058

I swear some of her friends or korinne are in this thread stirring shit. I've never seen such defensive/butthurt people. Suspicious as fuck.

Also as I tried typing korinne's name my phone wanted to autocorrect it to koruna. I should have left it that way.

No. 2059

File: 1439170732960.jpg (30.44 KB, 629x220, image.jpg)

More like thank you korinne's parents for the ride. She never leaves the house unless it's for food. I don't think she even knows how to drive still.

No. 2060

File: 1439170949492.jpg (26.06 KB, 640x189, image.jpg)

If she's so rich as she claims why is the kawaii desu queen cleaning cars?! Those sausage toes were already tan as it is I can't imagine how much tanner they got.

No. 2061

No. 2062

not agreeing or disagreeing with either of you all, but she did have access to his tumblr or something if I recall. Someone posted a screenshot where she was on his account and changed his layout for him and told some girl who sent him a cutesy message to back off iirc. Little hazy since I don't follow her drama too much, but ti would make more sense to change the password after you aren't together anymore.

No. 2063

File: 1439175023580.png (5.14 KB, 568x186, 1437427701235[1].png)

ehh got it mixed up a bit, it doesn't really prove anything, but if he was in Indonesia at the time she probably had his password.

you can take it with a grain of salt.

No. 2064

Ouji has always lived in indo.. ?

I believe they both have each others passwords and accs cause I remember her tweeting a time when Ouji had to go in her email and send in her essay that she forgot to turn in or some shit

that's her sister, Myk.

No. 2065

My theory

Burry is kimikobayashi-ing everything since the begining

Burrys' sister or brother's photos are sometimes being shooped into "Ouji" photos

No. 2066

maybe he changed his tumblr password? of all his accounts it's the only one that was not updated for a ton of time? idk

No. 2067

File: 1439176484928.jpg (34.5 KB, 639x319, image.jpg)

I'm laughing at this. How is this a pregnancy craving? She's also never had sex.

No. 2068

File: 1439176653490.jpg (35.41 KB, 631x206, image.jpg)

She's been reading this thread recently for sure. She's so delusional and desperate…

No. 2069

just leaving room for doubt for >>2045

everyone seems to know they aren't living together but she keeps up her charade.

No. 2070

why does she have a sad pepe in her icon? i don't get it
she isn't sad in the icon, i doubt that she even knows the point of sad pepe because i remember her calling pepe "sad frog"
as a hardcore maymay enthusiast this both highly offends me and triggers me

No. 2071

What does being a virgin have to do with that? Pretty sure she was just making a common joke about how you crave things when pregnant. You can also crave things when on your period…….this thread sometimes….lol.

No. 2072


She's exaggerating and calling it "pregnancy cravings" to be funny. Jus' sayin'.

No. 2073

I heard Indonesia was pretty spooky.

No. 2074


humour is lost on the people of this thread.

No. 2075


It's not funny though. Jus' sayin'.

No. 2076

Her and a group of her twitter friends are the pepe squad. Too bad pepe is dead

No. 2077

Yes Berry, having a boyfriend means you are now way too good for anyone's criticisms. Also, regardless if its a joke or not, since when is Berry any good at humor? Stop being so defensive, its not a good look.

No. 2078


I know right? Since when did people start defending Korinne's shitty jokes.

No. 2079


K. I simply am capable of recognizing an attempt at humor, good or bad.

Anon took it seriously, which made me snicker, and seeing you guys respond like this is also funny considering I never said anything positive about Berry. I was taking a jab at the anon who posted the cap. Pfft.

No. 2080

…….da fuck?

No. 2081

that would be WAY too much shooping

No. 2082


They're referring to the Twitter screenshot, if it's not obvious enough.

No. 2083

a significant is pretty important to your well being

No. 2084


Y'all sound like the same person tbh.

No. 2085


Hey, what's it like up Berry's ass? How's the weather there?

No. 2086


To some extent we all need to be loved, but Berry is unhealthily obsessing over a guy in Indonesia that she'll most likely never meet. There's nothing wrong with having a significant other, but making that person your whole world and reason for living is not healthy no matter how you look at it.

No. 2087


Yes… they were talking about >>2068, and also how I and some other anon "defended" Berry's shit joke in >>2067. The anon who posted the Twitter cap about Berry's pregnancy cravings "joke" clearly took it too seriously. It was funny and I pointed it out. No one said Berry had good humor, either. Apparently I embarrassed someone, cuz they're lashing out like a child and being irrational, trying to throw the attention off them. Either that, or the paranoia on this particular thread has reached hilarious levels. I'm definitely not a Berry fan.


My only posts on this thread are >>2072 and >>2079

Anyway, I don't want to upset you guys with my posts anymore. Carry on.

No. 2088

What is berry going to do when she's like 50
Nobody is going to keep following her, and she's like not going anywhere in life.
Her life on the internet is all she has and whatever fantasy life she has going on in her head

No. 2089


forget 50, what's she gonna look like at 30? because at the rate she's going (eating junk, sitting on her tubalard, lying 'bout all sorts of shit) she's gonna be aging faster than soured milk and ain't no shoop gonna fix that

No. 2090

you guys only get what you know from her tweets and stuff, like damn she can be talking about her bf all the time but do you really know whats her world?? nah

No. 2091


So do you know her then? 'Cause that's what it sounds like.

(Hi Korinne)

No. 2092

no but you don't either
so if you happen to like something like pasta, and you go and talk about how much you like pasta and how pasta tastes amazing and that when you eat it you feel like the world is a great place for having pasta, you're therefore obsessed with pasta? no, pasta is just your favorite food and in that aspect ouji is her favorite person.
(hey there dumbass <3)

No. 2093

Turn it down a bit Berry, you might blow your cover!

No. 2094

File: 1439189576260.jpg (15.72 KB, 300x250, image.jpg)


You're basically being defensive over me pointing out that you're being defensive, lmao. Damn. You are so amusing. Don't stop making a fool of yourself now.

Did you really just compare pasta to a human being? Only doubled chinny chin chin Berry would say such a thing! Liking food or a certain dish does not compare to liking a person and being in a committed relationship with them.

And who the fuck ends things with a passive aggressive heart? You're so obvious. I'm sitting here laughing at you.

No. 2095

where was i being defensive?
LOL you guys are funny, you seem like you know her SO well though. care to introduce me?

No. 2096

It's kinda sad how much you are defending her. Do you not read anything here at all? If you did you wouldn't give two shits about anyone misunderstanding her jokes or people talking about her dependency on her "boyfriend". So clearly you do know her on some enlightened holier than thou level. This is the same girl who shoops her photos, is in denial, is a compulsive liar, and claims to be and do shit that clearly isn't real. She doesn't need people defending her. You're no use here and you won't sway opinions. You dropped a deuce, now smell it, Korinne.

No. 2097

File: 1439190490661.jpg (76.85 KB, 840x768, image.jpg)


The life of Korinne Tigno.

No. 2098

i'm defending a human being who's on the internet lol did she insult you personally? did she throw an egg on your face at some point? i've read everything and you people exaggerate things sometimes. but no, i'm not the expert here, you obviously are. and i'm stating my own opinion, who cares if i'm not welcomed? you're the one giving me a response i don't care about, trying to justify this thread and why your opinion is more superior to mine because OBVIOUSLY it's the right one! if i'm not swaying your opinion then why are you even replying? are you that bothered? just scroll past and post some more trash, i'll stop lurking/posting my opinion when i want to.

No. 2099

Oh give me a break lol. Why are you so defensive if you don't know her? What's your motive in this? Or do you just love to be the perpetual devils advocate?

No. 2100

that's my job, how did you know?

No. 2101

Why would I scroll past when you don't do that either? Didn't we get over these kinds of statements in 5th grade? Regardless if she did anything personally to me or not, it doesn't change who she is or what she does.

No. 2102

wow you're such an expert i'm impressed

No. 2103

No. 2104

Can you guys just take your "civil" arguements out of here like dam I know burry hasn't been producing milk but you guys don't have to nit-pick at everything and each other. I really hope this thread gets moved to /b/ or something

No. 2105

File: 1439222016574.gif (3.48 MB, 320x240, keks.gif)

it IS noteworthy when the cow in question is actually visiting the threads and posting.
how can you be such an idiot?
did it get obsessive compulsive for you or why do you just keep and keep on going?

>inb4 "i'm not berry!!"

No. 2106

Please refer to >>1222 and stop posting bullshit, shes right and you just butthurt.
Im berry btw

No. 2107

those arguments keep this thread bumping so idk why people get so pissy about it

No. 2108

proof or gtfo

No. 2109

Are you autistic?

No. 2110

Because it's off-topic/not about berry and it just looks like people have personal vendettas rather than posting good shit on what keep berry being a lolcow.

No. 2111

hahaa, i get it.

No. 2112

well maybe it's a sign that this thread is gonna die soon

No. 2113

why do people even care about the whiteknights let them talk to nothing and don't even reply to them

No. 2114

^ they'll leave sooner if you just ignore them

No. 2115

honestly, that rule about not publishing IPs is the only cover berry has in this thread.

and many more will follow.
afterall no one else comes as close to be a female version of fuckin' coffin.
even the attempts at humour, it's eerie in a way.

No. 2116

Again, shes shit as a lolcow, dont compare her to the top players because shes nowhere near peter level

No. 2117

File: 1439238997262.png (14.81 KB, 436x386, checklist.png)

Not yet.
Can't deny the similarities.

If someone can think of more, please feel free to add.

No. 2118

providing unrealistic beauty standards with photoshop to her underaged followers
shoops her nose smaller than ouji's dick when really its wide and not kawaii :(

No. 2119

Somebody reported oujis fb account because he is not using his real name. He changed his name from japanese kanji to romaji
Wow facebook

No. 2120

File: 1439246880226.jpg (29.75 KB, 640x324, image.jpg)

This is going to be hilarious

No. 2121

I wonder if berry will photoshop his hair pink or make her brother wear a wig

No. 2122

I miss the anon that would try to make ko(urine)s photoshopped photos look more like the real her. Where are you at?

No. 2123

theres a screensot in vk of a conversation between her and her bf where she says she messed up [had sex]and no longer is a virgin and he says it's ok that he still loves her

No. 2124

post the pic?

No. 2125

>>2123 that was during april fool or something, dude stop spewing shit and making up drama that doesn't exists.

I s2g this thread is going downhill

No. 2126

File: 1439258012075.jpg (47.4 KB, 311x230, fssdfd.jpg)

I dunno if she actually does do this or not I just thought it'd be funny to make an image,of everyones conspiracy theory

No. 2127

I added some shoop for extra effect

No. 2128


Ko(urine) never leaves her house except for food and nobody wants her sexually, so that's quite the stretch.

No. 2129

good picture, i don't think she does this though

No. 2130

No. 2131

Isn't Ouji in his 20's? I remember reading here that he was older than Korinne (forgive me if I'm wrong). Unless he lied about his age like Korinne did… Shouldn't he be in college or working of some sort? Could that explain his inactivity and the fact Korinne is so desperate to make it seem like he's active on Twitter to make things look less suspicious, but greatly failed at regardless?

No. 2132

File: 1439264400690.jpg (52.83 KB, 640x667, image.jpg)

Her lips look like a powdered anus. Why do her lips always look so weird and gross?

No. 2133

Her mouth area looks so… Black? compared to the rest of her face

No. 2134


No. 2135

It's been kind of 'proven' before, but since she shoops her skin to a lighter tone, corners and borders are going to end up grey, black, or the original color of her skin. Plus she has a lot of peach fuzz, so there's that.

Shoop, the ombre lip style, and then moar shoopdawoop

No. 2136

She has really revolting coloring. Her undertones are a darker brown than her skin which is why the area around her mouth and eyes is a dark brown color (and the mouth ones look like a mexistache kek). And pro tip: Berry's pussy lips and nippleswill be a nasty dark brown.

No. 2137

gross image lol keep those thoughts out of here

No. 2138

he should be yet his tweets show that he has a similar sleeping schedule as berry (sleeping at 4am and waking up in the afternoon)

No. 2139

maybe he doesn't have a job

No. 2140

I don't think so either. Can you imagine asking your brother or sister to do something like that? Why would they even agree

No. 2141

yeah lol even family has limits

No. 2142

I got the same coloring. Truth.

No. 2143

I never understood how Berry could spend hours photoshopping her face and yet never even think about photoshopping her sausage hands. It's beyond me.

No. 2144

File: 1439277814703.jpg (84.06 KB, 640x701, image.jpg)

Uh oh. Us talking about Ko(urine)'s powdered anus lips got her feeling some way.

No. 2145


If her facial lips look like this I don't even want to think about the lips down there. She probably gets bumps/pimples inside her inner thighs due to her weight. Those thighs rubbing together will cause darkness as well. But the kawaii life chose her. This is just one of the many kawaii desu struggles she goes through.

No. 2146

That top tweet quoting her "boyfriend" just seems so desperate. I wonder if she can even differentiate Her real life and her made up bullshit anymore.

No. 2147

File: 1439302956165.png (385.94 KB, 406x638, yuck.png)


miss u too

No. 2148

waits for burry to read it and take kawaii shooped pink photos of her vagina to prove a point to a random anonymous person
I bet she will at least tweet about it.

No. 2149


i think it's kinda mean to make fun of her for her coloring though… obviously she's insecure about it and she didn't ask to be born that way…

No. 2150

File: 1439304713094.png (416.69 KB, 381x604, totemokawaii.png)

No. 2151

File: 1439305173813.png (350.82 KB, 599x415, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.57…)

fuck. i cant imagine her face in this one

looks tan as fuck and her hair looks messy as fuck

No. 2152

Wait, what's this from?

No. 2153

No. 2154

File: 1439306700095.jpg (82.6 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)

Is this her? It kinda looks like Myk…but not.

No. 2155

Really? I mean compared to her shoops even white is a bit dark, but irl she isn't that dark (just based on this screen shot)

No. 2156

dw, it is Myk with some hefty shoop. She has the same shaved eyebrow in other pics.

No. 2157

Nope ouji definetely exists like 10000%%
I mean there are photos of him on fb profiles of some indonesian guys and you can clearly see that he doesnt have breasts and is a man

No. 2158

?? either i'm missing the pic as i scroll down the vk album or it's not her at all, i don't think it's her..?

No. 2159

that's not her. there are no sausage fingers.

No. 2160

File: 1439309466081.gif (85.05 KB, 272x260, barry.gif)


No. 2161

File: 1439311223807.jpg (27.56 KB, 438x353, image.jpg)


Speaking of sausage hands… Enjoy.

No. 2162

Ko(urine) should invest in some facial hair bleaching cream for that mustache of hers instead of buying ramen and sugary food.

No. 2163


when she shops her face's color but not hand's

No. 2164

they don't look too different in shade

No. 2165

Dam look at them pudgey fingers lmao

No. 2166

everyone knows ouji is real, it's just a joke on how desperate Berry is

No. 2167

File: 1439318771510.jpg (41.36 KB, 500x667, large[3].jpg)

old ass picture but I still feel this looks close to her real face as well. Her nose isn't super edited, and look at those teeth, yikes!

No. 2168

File: 1439318974699.jpg (16.08 KB, 500x375, large[1].jpg)

No. 2169

File: 1439318977274.png (482.37 KB, 499x594, Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.33…)

her hair is covering her face lol
the hair made it hard to edit her face
so maybe this is how she looks
minus the make up though

No. 2170

when the hair doesn't fall on your face properly because you edited it lol

No. 2171

File: 1439322131335.png (400.84 KB, 499x594, analysis.png)

not edited you say

No. 2172

Sorry anon but that isn't close to her real face at all, the OP pic is the closest to her real face, only even that pic was taken at an angle that flatters and hides a chunk of the fat on her pug face. This pic makes her look a million times better, some yellow teeth doesn't change that.

No. 2173

I think Myk actually has a good head on her shoulders. She stays pretty low key on social media, she doesn't brag about things, and doesn't shop herself to hell and back. Basically, she doesn't do the shit berry does. Personally, I believe that Myk started doing all the kawaii makeup and stuff (circle lenses, false lashes ect.) and Berry saw how cute she was and decided she wanted to be the same. But then she got all out of hand and got obsessed with the attention, so she kept going on and on.
First it was a little makeup and editing, then photoshopping until she wasn't the same person, and then lying about the way she lives, and the money she has. I think Myk might know about what Berry is doing, but I think she doesn't approve of it. Myk probably doesn't want to out her sister because they're family and she cares about Berry.

No. 2174

Its on there anon, here's the album its in. I think it was from her twitter where she was showing swatches. http://vk.com/album-50726051_195376841

No. 2175

right? she's practically not human XD XD XD

No. 2176

File: 1439330903180.jpg (70.89 KB, 628x703, image.jpg)

weren't we talking about his nose?

No. 2177

shut the fuck up its compared to her photoshoped skinny hands pictures

No. 2178

Mom: Get a husband who looks like a knock-off RealDoll

No. 2179

are these analyses even accurate

No. 2180

i don't think it's her though? it looks more like a youtube screenshot, and the bg doesn't look like her room or any of the rooms in her house we've seen so far

No. 2181

nope, which is why idg why people use them

No. 2182

i've always questioned the credibility..i feel like if you filter a picture and run it through it'll tell you the whole thing is photoshopped lol so it's not really reliable to base PS claims on

No. 2183


Regardless if it's accurate or not it's still pretty obvious it's photoshopped.

No. 2184

Has anyone tried sending her friends links to threads that show how much she's fabricating stuff? I wonder if she'll flip it she knew we were trying to educate her friends on the truth. I mean in the game chat they didn't even know her name war Korinne, lol.

No. 2185


Wonder if she'll flip out if **

No. 2186


Was Korinne* I should really stop trying to use lolcow on my phone. My apologies for the typos.

No. 2187

the hair though..??

No. 2188

aim for the best friend first and watch how the trust falls apart >:)

No. 2189

If you see it closer the hair is just melting in her face, and the way it falls in the side of her face isn't natural either.

No. 2190

File: 1439342583071.jpg (78.73 KB, 600x978, CMG8padUcAAHEqG.jpg)

Regarding this email she posted on twitter I just emailed the store with a link to his truth blog

No. 2191

out of all the shit jfc

No. 2192

for some reason i can't see it too well but i think i get what you're talking about
i don't have an artistic mind ugh

No. 2193

File: 1439343766106.png (171.93 KB, 973x614, closeup1.png)

here's a close up of her face

No. 2194

I can't say too much about her hands because i'm average/slightly fit and I have the hands of a child. I have really baby hands, so they look really fat as well.

No. 2195

File: 1439343837003.png (117.18 KB, 733x617, closeup2.png)

and another of her hair

No. 2196

that random bright line on her chin tho

No. 2197


This picture is so weird. Everything is off. It almost looks to me as if she photoshopped her eye back on over the chunk of hair, and the contact lens goes over the eyelid… you can see the faint outlines of everything overlapping.

Like how could that piece of hair be opaque enough to cover her cheek if you can see her eye under it.

Idk. Am I nuts?

No. 2198

it seems she basically cut half of her face and then she drew a chin lol

No. 2199


Who is her best friend? Has anyone tried telling her best friend/group about Korinne's lies? If someone were to do this what evidence should we use? I would try talking to her friends if I could, but I don't know how to about it. Any ideas?

No. 2200

File: 1439345160576.jpg (18.94 KB, 640x159, image.jpg)

When your eye contacts melts off suddenly :(
ok but seriously, did she like copy paste some contacts on her eyes?

No. 2201


The photo where she was showing off cheap knockoff stains from EBay shows she has a very thick arm/wrist area so it's highly likely that she's fat. Along with all the big sweaters that make her look like a hunchback, but photoshops her face smaller/slimmer. She has very big and wide set shoulders as well. She's posted photos of her putting shoes on and her ankles are fat. She admits to being 'chunky' and wanting to lose weight then switches back to pretending to be small and skinny since being overweight does not suit the kawaii desu gamer girl persona she's going for.

No. 2202

online is bf is that michyuu or something but she knows about this threads since she came here to whiteknight burry so idk

No. 2203

The online friends that she got already lives way far up in her asshole.
Wouldn't even bother.
They come here all the time

No. 2204


Amazing. She doesn't deserve any sponsorships. She ripped so many people off with her crappy $4 dollar drawings too. She'll mooch off of anyone in any way that she can.

No. 2205

Oh, I see. My ankles are actually small and the rest of my legs are muscle from running. So then she really is just fat/chubby

No. 2206

her mouth is melting to her hair

No. 2207

Hey everyone!
Berryblogmod here, I just wanted to add in on the sponsorship thing.
I could understand wanting to send them a link to the blog, but I don't think that it will help. Because a lot of the posts I have on there are her photoshopping faults, I can try to repost the all of the racial slurs she's used, but my computer was wiped clean so I don't have any screenshots saved on my pc anymore.
I believe that in some previous threads there is a screenshot where her and (I think honeybeartea?) are talking about the N-word; and berry said she "really wanted to be able to say it" and HBT(?) replied "Go ahead I'll give you permission to, you just have to make it funny so no one pisses you off!!!"

I'll try to dig that up and post it on the blog, but I felt that if the sponsors looked at the blog, they wouldn't care about her photoshopping lies. So, I need more evidence of her faults.

Does anyone else have anything to recommend?

No. 2208

when did michyuuu ever come in here? i only remember berrykissu coming in here

No. 2209

what if we linked them these lol

No. 2210

you're right i got them wrong (for me they all look the same tbh)

No. 2211

now now don't be racist

No. 2212

i wasnt being racist, i was referring to these wannabe kawaii girls that have all similar names and write similarly too

No. 2213

gonna sound like a bit of a wk here but not for berry lol i looked at michyuu's stuff she surprisingly is the most normal of them all imo

No. 2214

tbh i feel bad for her

No. 2215


No. 2216

she is just being used by berry. i hope she has friends irl

No. 2217

wait what's she being used for? idk if i missed this
i think she does lol she had pictures with friends and she goes out a lot (with family mostly i think? better then staying cooped up)

No. 2218

File: 1439353641816.jpg (86.79 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

She uploaded a new photo to Twitter. Her skin isn't even close to this color, lol. She looks like a ghost and her upper lip is blurred as usual.

No. 2219

I wonder what pink filter she uses for instagram

No. 2220

Didn't she upload this for her "kawaii squad" or something dumb like that?

No. 2221

No. 2222


No. 2223

where her ears

No. 2224

nah it looks like one of those ass kissers put that together

No. 2225

face is wider on the right side than the left????????

No. 2226

why is her eye like that

No. 2227


Has Korinne ever shown her ears? I can't even recall. I think it's rare that she does that.

No. 2228

I'm so furious with her photoshopping skills. She will smoothen and whiten her skin, enlarge her eyes, reshape her nose, but she always has those ugly blurred fish lips. It never fails. They always look so out of place compared to the rest of her photoshopped face. Her lips always look so chapped and disgusting.

No. 2229

her falsies look like fucking ass holy shit

No. 2230

I love how her skin and the whites of her eyes are the same color

No. 2231

yeah she has, in a past review pic

No. 2232

is it just me or does she look fatter?
as much as I don't think she deserves this, I don't think TOM cares about her shitty personality

No. 2233


If you zoom in on her finger it looks like the right side of her index finger has a shadow and it's a bit blurred which leads me to think she tried to reshape her sausage finger. She's definitely taking pointers from us because who else complains about Ko(urine)'s sausage fingers besides us?

No. 2234


It's not just you. I think she photoshopped her jaw/chin lesser than usual and she's also making a weird face. That double chin of hers must be getting bigger as well. Sooner or later her wigs won't be able to hide all her face fat. Especially the second layer of fat she so desperately tries to hide.

No. 2235

her nose is crooked and the oreo is fucked up lmaooo

No. 2236

the oreo looks fine

No. 2237

I almost feel like she does it that way to say "see i don't photoshop or else i would smooth my lips haha"

No. 2238

please tone it down with the skin
legit gasper the ghost

Maybe she got really tan from washing those cars she said that she has to shop more

No. 2239

When the tiny bit of shoulder and neck is a complete different color than your face

No. 2240

File: 1439359493816.jpg (78.85 KB, 500x667, IMG_20150812_020314.jpg)

Just in case she deletes the tweet

No. 2241

damn, she must really not give a shit about how bad her shoops look

No. 2242

i-is this the first time in years she hasn't hidden her jaw with her hair?

No. 2243

File: 1439362208874.jpg (27.45 KB, 640x201, image.jpg)

No. 2244

wow she looks like an alien

No. 2245

Do her minions not see the difference or her disgusting lips in these two photos???

No. 2246

I follow some of them and I don't know if they're just in denial or are too dense to see it

No. 2247

Whoa, this one is bad.
>dat blur
>dat face brightening
>dat weird shaped chin/jaw
I know obviously everyone has different shaped faces and shit but this just looks really odd? Like she tried to liquify her face and it didn't end well. Everything from her lips down looks so unnatural.

No. 2248

Her circle lenses on the right looks a little bit bigger than the other side? She might've used a phone editing app for easy shoops lol
I meant it's so blurred around her face but weirdly jagged/sharp near her chin.

No. 2249

Oops i meant her right/our left

No. 2250

Not saying she didn't shoop the hell out of her jaw/chin but she's obviously puffing out her cheeks for a more "kawaii" anime look. That's a small part of why her chin looks so fucked up. Several people in my family have unfortunately shaped and fatty jaws/chins that cause the skin to wrinkle in that exact spot from even the most minor facial movements.
Sorry for the blog and certainly not saying she didn't fuck up on all that over shooping, but she definitely has an unfortunate lower jaw because of that particular feature.

No. 2251

i think the majority are literally children.

No. 2252

I would say 16,17 and up. If people are fooled by her at that age they must be really dumb

No. 2253


boohoo nobody gives a crap.

No. 2254


does this fool not have a cupids bow

top kek, takes HD photo, shoops pores out… has she not even given a single thought how weird it will look in real life?

No. 2255

in some of her old photos her cupids bow is very defined

No. 2256

File: 1439387143599.jpg (136.66 KB, 900x900, image.jpg)

Wheres the difference

No. 2257

i actually think she didn't shoop her nose in the right pic, it looks wider and more like the original pic on the bottom

No. 2258

No, she definitely shooped it

No. 2259

Her lips are so dry lol

No. 2260

well it looks less shooped than her other pics?? it looks more normal

No. 2261

just noticed the pointed bumps on her chin

No. 2262

Anyone knows where she got her Umaru's cloak? I want it lol.

No. 2263

they are buildup a of fat squished together everyone can get that effect on their chin they aren't bumps
probably eBay or Amazon more likely eBay

No. 2264

File: 1439400849362.jpg (96.04 KB, 750x389, berry.jpg)

You sure? It looks jagged to me

No. 2265

and you see a similar spike on the oreo too

No. 2266

Def unnatural.

No. 2267

File: 1439404348938.png (450.74 KB, 444x600, korinne tigno.png)


what if

No. 2268

This is incredibly good

No. 2269

i agree. maybe she's trying to gradually distance herself from too much shoop/cover up.
afterall her big cheeks are visible, they're definitely not puffed up, and the nose doesn't appear to be shooped more narrow.
dat finger though, looks like she might have slimmed it: >>2264

doesn't look half bad. you mean she might look latino?

No. 2270

Don't some Filipino people have Spanish ancestry? Look at Yuuhi for example, without shoop she looked either Mexican or Asian depending on the pic. (I'll probably get a non shopped to hell pic of Yuuhi later for example if I can find any)

No. 2271

File: 1439405790242.png (315.69 KB, 386x526, BERRYISKORINNETIGNO.png)

oh shit

i just made an alien into a human

No. 2272

Wow, nice job. That looks so much more natural and human. I can't comprehend why she'd rather look like >>2218

No. 2273

File: 1439406825238.jpg (145.89 KB, 500x667, 1439359493814547.jpg)

i tried.

that pic looks like jessica alba. i doubt she looks like that in reallife.

No. 2274

Because no one would care about her if she didn't look like a precious animu character

No. 2275

File: 1439407113096.jpg (48.31 KB, 500x667, CMOwtP2UEAA38tH.jpg)

No. 2276

No. 2277

Even if it's just her eyes, she actually looks really different in that video compared to >>2275

No. 2278

> お兄ちゃん

No. 2279

File: 1439408898962.gif (316.31 KB, 500x667, burry.gif)

look at that nose, at least you could be consistent burry

No. 2280

File: 1439408982352.jpg (26.68 KB, 263x255, yyy.jpg)

No. 2281

This. And that video was stupid.

No. 2282

File: 1439409216980.gif (252.29 KB, 500x667, burry1.gif)


No. 2283

someone should send this to her and tag a few of her friends hahaha

No. 2284

File: 1439409403766.png (448.35 KB, 500x667, berry.png)

the full image

No. 2285

File: 1439409684527.png (176.69 KB, 390x268, rrrrr.png)

No. 2286

we always say someone should do it but who has the guts

No. 2287

i would if i had twitter (i can make one though)

No. 2288

50 shades of burry nose

No. 2289

The comparison between the second from the right bottom row and the ones beside it is too funny.

No. 2290

Why does she change her skin into the same whites as her eyes lmao and people actually buy this shit
Is she shooping herself younger to be like benjamin button? Accept the fact that you're aging, burry

No. 2291

File: 1439411499778.png (21.54 KB, 479x79, Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.29…)

photoshopping wastes time doesnt it burry?

No. 2292

her lips are so cracked

No. 2293

File: 1439412659091.png (433.42 KB, 428x587, this photo will tear your assh…)

tan umaru

No. 2294

You guys are a bunch of jelly little weebs lmao

- totally not Berry

No. 2295

>>2294 no1 cares

No. 2296


yeah how i wish i was as fat as berry

im sick of my perfect body :"(((((((((((

No. 2297

I bet you cry in your purfect ass at nights dreaming to be as cute and popular as her

No. 2298


No. 2299

File: 1439413590236.png (486.32 KB, 450x598, Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 4.03…)

but i am her
btw hey!! have u seen the cosplay i did of umaru chan?????

No. 2300


No. 2301

it's obviously a brightened pic though
not trying to be a wk here lol but i don't think people are gonna be like cute pic! so why did you brighten it berry???

No. 2302

You call me a troll for stating the truth? How pathetic.

No. 2303

Bless you little anob

No. 2304

Anon* damn phone

No. 2305

wtf is this even supposed to be?

you're all insanely jelly

No. 2306


totally jelly of a tan black pinoy with no life, yupyup

No. 2307

Or totally jelly because she reached a peak in popularity(maybe not now, but probs back then) without being real and photoshopping.
If you guys cared about her bullying and such, y'all would be talking about that, but since you guys are picking at features she can't change easily or were born with (like her skin tone). You guys are mad because she photoshops and people actually like them.
>inb4 troll
Not even the original anon, and I'm just calling it how I'm seeing it

No. 2308

i agree with you. on dakota's thread for example there's always people saying shit like "who cares about her shoop? she's a bad person!" yet here it's all about the berry's photoshopping and insecurities. it's not her fault she was born with dark skin, who cares if she's fat? who cares about photoshopping? can't you hate on her for something worthwhile?

No. 2309


No. 2310


but you guys, they're exposing the troooof!!!!1

No. 2311

clearly you're new since we don't just talk about her shoops. we talk about how shitty her personality is as well and all the racist and rude things she's said and the fact that she bullied some poor girl for looking up to her. so bye felicia's

No. 2312


you say that but 90% of this fucking thread is nothing but dumb bitches crying about edited photos and comparing pictures. we KNOW she shoops. it's uninteresting. stop finding things to pick at just because she's no longer producing any milk.

No. 2313


is this a tumblr truth blog lol

No. 2314

cmon guys just leave the trolls and wk let's go back to burry

No. 2315


but she doesn't do anything :(
is she irrevelant now

No. 2316

She can keep shopping her face and caking on makeup but that doesn't make you beautiful lol

No. 2317

I dare someone to go to all of the places that korinne is sponsored by and send them screenshots of all the rude racist shit she says. They would drop her ass so quick

No. 2318

OOOO please do that

No. 2319

As soon as she can't free stuff anymore, she would be off the internet

No. 2320

She lives off of freebies internet shops gives her
She's too poor to actually buy stuff

No. 2321

i want to make a plan to wipe that roach off the face off the earth omfg

No. 2322

let's start by listing her sponsors, shall we?

No. 2323

File: 1439418536689.png (583.4 KB, 1016x448, picture.png)

is she really promoting this store using a picture of her wearing that hood thing she got from ebay in the hopes that people will think she got it from that store or..??

No. 2324

someone comment her post with the gifs from this thread LOL

No. 2325

I just realized she put an invite link there so when people click it they give her more credit..so she's basically indirectly tricking her followers into getting her more stuff/money lol

No. 2326

File: 1439418722873.jpg (47.11 KB, 600x600, photoshop squad.jpg)

I'm sure it's someone in this picture that is trying to defend their precious burry.

No. 2327

how come you guys never post it then? you just keep posting pics of her fingers and talking about how fat they are while you suck the cheeto dust of yours

No. 2328

who's top middle?

No. 2329

File: 1439420004074.jpg (88.29 KB, 500x667, 1439407113096_meitu_1.jpg)

k-k-kawai ii, ne?

No. 2330

Lol, I don't even have a Twitter or a Facebook, but I'm a defender of Berry.
>inb4 get out!!
>inb4 do you know where you are?
Yes, a Berry thread, where people are allowed to like or hate her as they please.
Now you see, her not maki g reviews and shit while still getting free shit? Now that's some snowflake lolcow(tho dry ass milk) shit I'm talking about.
Not just her shoops.

No. 2331


No. 2332

They have been posted if you actually go through the other like 7 threads of berry k thanks

No. 2333

File: 1439420569360.png (20.64 KB, 575x155, toy gritando.png)

this is so sad omg

No. 2334

Another "defender" and don't even follow Berry cause unlike you i'm not a weeb, just came here to look at a bunch of pathetic ugly jelly little girls from PULL, and I must say, you girls are hilarious in your jealosy and hypocrisy, picking on an every slightest imperfection she's got but claiming "its nut only bout her perence shes also bad prson k". Pls keep being pathetic, so entertaining to watch you girls lolololol

No. 2335

hi burry

No. 2336


Is she seriously trying to be that girl Umaru chan from Himouto!? Talking about cola, chips, and even wearing the damn hamster hoodie? That show was hard to stomach because the main character was such an insufferable piece of shit. I'm dead inside.

No. 2337


Sorry. I got too mad. I think I hate that show more than Berry.

No. 2338

Well she seems to think that she's real life Umaru

No. 2339

>you girls


No. 2340

what a smart and original reply, my little ugly hypocrite~

No. 2341

berreh pls

No. 2342

can we all just agree to ignore the white knights as if they are invisible. then they will get bored and leave lol

No. 2343

when life gives you lemons make lemonade

No. 2344

Aaawww, you obviously just have got nothing to say in reply to stating the fact of your obvious hypocrisy, poor ugly little weebs~

No. 2345

I like how korinne was all excited about that otaku store contacting her as if they are some huge high class place lol

No. 2346

who the fuck uses ~ anymore besides weebs

No. 2347

just trying to piss you weebs off~

Also, another smart reply. All you gals do is picking on details, your life must be very pathetic, kek.

No. 2348

question of the day: how can berry type in his mobile phone with that sausages?

No. 2349

those* obviously

No. 2350

question of the day:

No. 2351

sorry burry you'll never be umaru, no matter how annoying she is she'll always be thin and cute, unlike you

No. 2352

File: 1439423323754.png (268.7 KB, 552x414, ok-im-so-jelly.png)

when people use 'u jelly' as the reason people hate berry

No. 2353

question of the day: how does berry's ass taste like? you're kissing that ass all the time

No. 2354

Stop letting whiteknights derail the thread, jesus, that's exactly what they want.

No. 2355

It comes off that way though. I'm not even trying to piss anyone off, thats just what I got from looking through these threads. Especially because of how recently there is less content about what a shitty person she is and more about the extent to which she shooped her pics, then reshooping them to grotesque levels as some sort of pay back.

It's similar to how people keep posting Kotas old pics in her threads because there doesn't seem much to talk about.

No. 2356

For some reason she does this thing where she tweets at a selfie she posted to try and bump it and get it more attention. She has no shame and it gives me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 2357

that desperation to get people to click her invite link is cringe worthy

No. 2358

Not defending her, but a lot of people do that on twitter. I've even bumped my own tweets (not selfies but still)

No. 2359

We talk about her shopping because shes in denial, she claims she uses a filter and whitenes her teeth when in reality she changes 80% of her face and body via shop. Another reason ifs fucking hilarious making these pics is because she lurks. So its so funny knowing she sees this shit and cares a lot about what we have to say about her. Shes constantly saying how kawaii and perfect she is while putting down other girls, all while she shops to look like someone she never truly look lie. Shes a liar and honestly, I could never be jealous of someone as shitty as her, I do agree some people take it too far complaing about stupid shit about her but its just so fun and entertaining to shit on someone who actually deserves it. Shes not just shopping her pics, she has a nasty fuckinh attitude and personality. We love hating on basic ass bitches

No. 2360

That actually might just be a zit.
I get ones like that around my chin and forehead that are just the bump without color.

No. 2361

a lot of people do that shit both on twitter and tumblr (reblogging their own selfies and saying stuff like "don't sleep on this!" etc) so idk why you guys are salty about her doing it lol

No. 2362

i know she shoops and stuff, but idk if it's as drastic as you guys say?
do you have LEGIT proof that she's actually fat and stuff? some people have chubby fingers even if they're not "fat", body types range a lot, so give me proof that she's really fat and tan and all that stuff

i remember some anons claiming that they lived near her or something, what happened to that?

No. 2363

Are you new? Is the op picture not enough indication? Have you never seen the old photos from friends FB people have posted?

No. 2364

no, i'm not
do you ask everyone who says something different than the majority?
no it's not enough because it's an OLD picture, get one that proves that she's still the same to this day

No. 2365

To be fair, the op pic was a de-shoop made from an anon like >>2293 and >>2267
,and not an official picture. Her old pictures found on vk are way better examples. >>2362

But honestly, she doesn't look fat in them really.

No. 2366

when the thread started to speak about how her hands look pudgy and she always wears sweaters and where are her collarbones and she stretched this photo and her boobs are inconsistent she started to tell people she was fat even with all her photoshopped thigh gap and stomach pictures

No. 2367

where is that?

No. 2368

It wasn't a major deshoop like the other ones. I think
is the original so it was mostly just fixing the lighting and contrast

No. 2369

of course someone who shoops themselves to that extent is worried about what others think and will lurk here, thats why I was looking to see what else there was to her aside from disliking her own looks and lying about editing herself

No. 2370

File: 1439437244860.jpg (79.19 KB, 500x667, ??.jpg)


No. 2371

you could read it in the first few threads don't be lazy just backtrack to the last few

No. 2372

i've been here through most of the threads and i don't remember seeing it lol not gonna scroll through that hell again

No. 2373

do you think she shooped it?

No. 2374