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File: 1701117704224.png (3.2 MB, 1004x1742, coquette.png)

No. 1934513

Coquette aesthetic or "Doelet/Dollette" is the neo Nyphette fashion trend between young women on social media. It's exactly like nymphette, only that it's apparently "less pedophilic" just because they said so (read: hypocrisy) even though the way they fantasize about Dolores Haze and obsess over being petite is exactly the same. They also dress the same, talk the same and post the same crap Tumblr did 10 years ago. Claim to be morally better than nymphettes, but in fact they’re just the same (still into DD/LG, still romanticize abuse of women). Coquettes spend entire days on „girlblogging” (reposting same 10 pictures of Lizzy Grant taken from pinterest), making idiotic whisper memes, posting fawn pictures, posting thinspo and calling themselves „waifs”, even though most of them weight 60kgs, and tagging everything with „Alana champion lily rose depp lana del rey”, even when it has nothing to do with those chicks.


>Alida bitches about being „slandered” and called nazi which is ~totally not true~. She just „drew swastikas in the sand once upon a time as a teen to scare old people”! Except making 2dgy4me videos is one thing, and dating nazi guys strictly is another. >>1825225, >>1827764

>old receipts of Alida meeting up with & whiteknighting XXXTentacion right after allegtions of him beating up & sexually assaulting his girlfriend (as well as killing several people) surfaced >>1827766, >>1830210 „Yeah he was abuser but who cares he brought so much light to the world RIP” >>1830212, >>1830213
>Oh the benefits of being Christian! Or „just a Jesus supporter”. Alida prays and Jesus buys her Porsche, supposedly >>1830939, >>1831039, >>1830970, >>1844531
>Jesus connects Alida with „influential people” >>1831432
>Alida’s new era of christian findom/betabux in the name of Jesus >>1844843 „Take me to the bank, not your bed. Invest in all my dreams & plans, maybe i will hold your hand… celibate & choosing Christ - watch me rise”
>new ~celibate life~ >>1856466
>also new disgusting sugar daddy on the horizon? >>1831408, >>1831137, >>1831458 „You can be the bossy daddy” by Lana Del Rey stays always relevant
>Alida’s sad attempts at rap music >>1844843, >>1851952
>Alida likes Andrew Tate’s tweets >>1833303, >>1834117, >>1834119
>Alida and her dog Luna see aliens and believe they’re celestial beings sent to earth with a mission. Well, at least Alida believes. Boasts about being posted on Pinterest by 13 year olds >>1838726, >>1852909
>still denies getting fillers & surgeries, still lies her photoshopped 16yo selfies are totally „real” >>1854317, >>1905581
>shames chicks on Onlyfans but has no qualms about whoring herself out on Playboy site >>1885745
>Alida’s friend Nina , unsurprisingly in relationship with a balding moid in his 50’s as well (>>1835278, >>1835409, >>1838451), is seen defending The Dare’s infamously disgusting pedo „teacher dry fucking teens in tenis skirts” album cover. also unsurprisingly. >>1838260
>Nina cries over age gap relationships STILL being persecuted (gasp!) because racism & sexism apparently „have been eradicated” and hatred is being directed elsewhere >>1898776
>Some literal nobody on tumblr with the same christian coquette brand as Alida has a meltdown over getting posted on lolcow >>1859188, >>1859187, >>1859983 turns out to be attention seeking man >>1859860
>Ethel Cain tells his followers fascinating stories of the old days when he was a kid and had fantasies about jerking off Doc Baker from Little House on the Praire >>1889097
>Alid discovers lolcow, gets salty, multiple spergout commence >>1890530, >>1834109, >>1890365, >>1890530, >>1834109
>cope posts bout being „tall & „towering over us” >>1890365
>also cope posts about having „tiny proportions” & having to trade S for XS due to buying dresses „too big”, all because some anon called her fat >>1889235, >>1894368
>Alida still desperately waits for Ron to marry her, Ron doesn’t feel inclined >>1902677
>Alida befriends a new skinwalker, unsurprisingly Brooklyn looks 100 better as Alida than Alida herself, but the skinwalking level is creepy regardless. >>1904648, >>1905505, >>1925089
>Coquettes reaching new levels of low >>1907199
>Methel Cain gets randomly called out on faking/glmorizing female trauma on tumblr, can’t resist calling OP a retard which makes half the tumblr go after him >>1914323 The second part (coquettes) love using retard word, so they praise him
>Bacon has an epic meltdown over "dumb bitches on this website" who stated the obvious (troons aren't women). Calls women "beasts" & "nasty little slugs" bc they have "coarse hair on pussy and asshole too". spills the usual angry troon word diarrhea online with classics like "breedable 12 year old waiting for some old man to fuck them" and "he's still not gonna fuck you" >>1914200
>Clarifies his post was directed at tumblr coquettes that „plague his dms daily” (how ungrateful! That’s 99% of his fanbase kek) not „militant radfems” & lolcow. In a typical malding moid manner assures he wouldn’t „touch us broads with a 10 foot pole” >>1914239
>Tumblr drama ensues, every reasonable person laughs at this misogynist/ malding scrote temper tantrum while his retarded coquette fans he allegedly hates soo much now naturally kiss his ass
>Bacon writes a few pages long angry spergout essay on how he was „misunderstood” and how he absolutely didn’t mean it that way >>1915234, >>1915236, >>1915237, >>1915240
> reminder how ~feminine & pretty~ & totally not a greasy zit-infested 4chan psycho-wannabe Columbiner our ~coquette kween~~ Ethel has always been! >>1915244
>malding cause some random tumblrtard called him Macon >>1915790
>Ch111oe claims her tits are absolutely real >>1921116
>Frankie, i mean alida goes to Hollywood >>1924375
> video of Ronald & alida looking like pervy grandpa and his embarassing granddaughter dancing on sanatorium ball >>1927006, >>1927255
>seeing anons speculate about her& Onion splitting yet again, Alida assures everyone they didn’t
>Alida gets fed up with her moid refusing to propose to her, resorts to blackmail. Announces she won’t have sex unless he proposes & gives her a ring >>1932169
>Alida is 2 months sober from sex, encourages girls to join the celibacy club as well bc „sex is for losers”. Advices to „save it for a man that will make you levitate” well i guess Ron is shit in bed then >>1932169
>nina claims she has „so much in common” with her 52 year old, says if you don’t have anything in common with old moids you’re „boring and simple” >>1932479, >>1900320
>Maya /Stolenbesos/Coldstonedreamery >>1894567 googles herself & finds the thread, acts all lmao unbothered. Conveniently cuts out the original caption „turns out she’s only known because she fucks Cobrasnake” part, wonder why? >>1927475
>Methel continues his Nicole Dollenganger skinwalking obsession & makes up shitty Nicole/Ginger Bronson tier ~crazy poverty larp stories from the wild past~ of his own >>1930000
>alida in the role of Jazmine’s tacky bridemaid, gets wildly jealous right after >>1933645, >>1933660
>compilation of alida’s top random delulu posting so you can relive the kek >>1831170, >>1906876, >>1856092, >>1886817, >>1899483, >>1901150, >>1902677, >>1905504, >>1885711, >>1905504
>ridiculous examples of „high fashion” adopting coquette shit >>1900756, >>1901787, >>1829332

Coquette aesthetic thread #1: >>>/snow/1410169
Coquette aesthetic thread #2: >>>/snow/1616017
Coquette aesthetic thread #3:


No. 1934515

It wouldn't let me put it in original post bc the text ws too long, so i'm dumping cow summaries below.

~Number #1 cow queen of coquette threads~

>Alida Simone - DDLG pedopanderer since her tumblr days, obsessed with looking like a child. Dresses in childlike/coquette/lolita clothes in hopes to look eternally young, ends up looking clapped & old. Formely thriving in nymphet/lolita community, now continues to be somewhat popular (thanks to her 2017 teenage pics) among coquettes. A narc always claiming she’s so beautiful and good and angelic, obsessed with herself to exteme delusional level. Uses lip plumpers and lip fillers since she was a teen but claims she’s all natural. Posts childhood photos with her lips photoshopped bigger as a „proof” ~, but actual unedited childhood/teenage photos of hers show she always had thin lips. Attacks other girls online claiming they „copy her” but then always finds ways to turn this around and victimize herself. Used to sell tacky handmade flower bikinis under „Key West Kitten” brand (1 dollar walmart bikinis with plastic flowers and ribbons hot glued on, not even sewn), then crotchet bees which apparently nobody cared for, loved to throw tantrum how „mainstream brands steal her idea”. Had a tumblr with Jumpropejailbait handle where she posted babygirl/daddy content and glorified Columbine shooters. Used to post videos of herself drawing swastikas in the sand „to scare old people”, claims she’s not nazi or racist, but she’s always befriended and dated people openly posting nazi/white pride content. Used to post nymphet photos of herself taken in shady motels and meth labs while she was a teen. Dates much older blokes since forever. When she was 16, she went missing/got kidnapped and assaulted by and older guy she was in a DD/LG relationship with. Quit school and all opportunities to live with an old scrote. On and off with her current moid Ron, still no marriage in sight despite her desperation. Used to be a sex worker while dating Onion, „assisting” poker scrotes in a casino, which is documented on youtube casino streams. Suddenly had a revelation & took a sudden 180 degree turn, now she’s a newborn celibate follower of Christ (which apparently granted her Porsche kek). Now forever depending on old scrotes mercy and prostitution, but still desperately trying to romanticize her dire situation and view everything through Lana Del Rey angle.

>Orion/Onion/Ron/Ronald >>1927003, >>1920669, >>1920705, >>1920743, >>1924082 – Alida’s current sugar daddy/boyfriend. She was pursued by him while she was still underage >>1898798, he noticed her when she was randomly riding bike/standing on the side of the road. Had no problem with alida prostituing herself in casinos, most probably even encouraged that. Thanks to his relationship with Alida, he gets messages from her retarded underage followers. Has no qualms inviting other young women around when Simone’s not around (which she later cries about in instagram stories, with fitting Lana Del Rey lyrics). 5 years of an (on & off) relationship and he still doesn’t want to marry Alida, which is apparently starting to frustrate her to the point of threatening celibacy.

>Ethel Cain - trans Nicole Dollanganger sdbbydoll skinwalker, used the coquette craze to make „career” but now claims to hate all that „coquette shit”. Writes awful Nicole/nymphet themed trauma/trafficking/sexual exploitation romanticizing texts with addition of misogyny. Photographs himself in gunne sax dresses & tacky lingerie and does trailer park shoots. Makes music that’s awful, styled as very bad ripoff of Lana Del Rey. Works with known industry abusers/rapists like Dr Luke or Pouya. Unlike his idol Nicole, actually has grown way beyond tumblr and made a career in mainstream just thanks to being a troon. Lurks lolcow 24/7 and the internet for any mention of his name, periodically snaps and malds online whenever someone says he looks like a man.

>Chl111oe – a person of many faces, thanks to Photoshop and plastic surgeries (which she promptly denies). An onlyfans thot wearing coquette/Y2K bimbo fashion who got famous thanks to porny pics and „modelling” coquette fashion for soundclout scene sourced cow Internetgirl & her tacky jewellery brand >>1838766, >>1838766, >>1844046, >>1851098

>Stolenbesos/Coldstonedreamery/Maya – another LA rich party girl suddenly turned trending photographer. Known for taking shitty Terry Richardson tier coquette pandering „lobotomy chic” pics and hanging around semi famous people. Turns out she’s only known because she fucks Cobrasnake

>ALeah – coquette e-celeb pickme „model” signed to Noagency, known for having rabid spergouts on SM. >>1907201, >>1907200, >>1907199, >>1907453 Dates a pedo model obsessed with Asians & raceplay >>1907321 He was caught messaging underage Asian girls nd talking about wanting to rape them >>1907325, >>1907439, >>1907440, >>1907336 She doesn’t seem to mind what her boyfriend does, just gets pissed that they got called out >>1907336

>Helena/angel-hel – low tier catalog model and tumblrina, acts like she hates coquette aesthetic but actually used to run a girlblogger IG account. Larps as a character from „My year of rest and relaxation”. Along with another coquette blogger Jamila took part in a zine coquette photoshoot that became an overused template for coquette whisper memes. Posts videos of herself snorting coke and listening to cringey Lil Peep tier music. Dreams of dating ~~eastern european adidas tracksuit wearing xanax dealer who was once arrested for dealing but also not really bc he’s out of jail and he’s dangerous & edgy but also a smart and good~~

>Dasha - polish/russian-larper, aryan waifu, abuses Photoshop, wants to be tradwife and shames women for taking sexy pics whilst shoving her tits in the center of every selfie herself.

No. 1934564

Very interesting and detailed summary OP, please next time try splitting it (for legiblity) using the greentext feature you employed at the start. I think this is my new favourite thread

No. 1934571

Well done OP! I got a chuckle out of Ron getting his own mention now too.

No. 1934599

Thank you nonnies! after writing the summaries i gotta say i'm surprised how quickly Alida & Ron lore is growing. Fast forward she's become one of the milkiest /snow cows, never disappoints

No. 1934687

File: 1701142336346.jpeg (1010.62 KB, 3025x3303, 2D6185D0-5BE6-4F4D-B385-FB17FD…)

Dasha and Alida are apparently friends, or at least moots, did I miss something or did they start talking because they're both cows? Looking at it their overinflated lips make them look alike. I also think whoever's trying to get her in this video has been reading these threads, I wish she would, could be milky

No. 1934739

Yea they started being 'friends' since both being cows. Alida befriends fellow cows because it makes her feel better.

No. 1934983

dasha looks far too old and haggard for this aesthetic. does she not notice the juxtaposition between her exhausted looking face and all those bows and pink?(sage your shit)

No. 1935006

File: 1701212686590.jpeg (1.92 MB, 1170x2072, IMG_7444.jpeg)

*my ride or die that keeps me around as the token racially-ambiguous brunette friend so she can eventually use me as cannon fodder when called out for supporting aryans

No. 1935037

File: 1701216759555.jpeg (774.48 KB, 1170x1475, IMG_7399.jpeg)

>Alida still desperately waits for Ron to marry her, Ron doesn’t feel inclined >>1902677

Everything she does is so calculated that I’m willing to bet she’s hoping Orion somehow sees this and “takes the hint.” Embarrassing

No. 1935055

Take this as you will from here. I went to school with Alida. She was basic and insignificant. She's not enough woman to pull off her intended look, she's built like a child and not in the way she wants. A fridge body and no one around her knows what she's doing, her life is as lonely as you'd expect.

No. 1935065

did she have big lips like she has now back then?

No. 1935081

Anyone else think it’s weird all the bridesmaids were also dressed in white? Takes away from the actual bride who is nearly indistinguishable from the others.

No. 1935129

I think its baby blue but it photographs as white, especially with a warm filter over the photo

No. 1935156

Oh my bad, I think you’re right. It photographs as white in a lot of photos though. Are there even any photos of the bride and her decrepit groom together?

No. 1935214

File: 1701266611532.jpeg (2.31 MB, 3464x3464, E408B313-1126-4774-9AFE-E74816…)

He’s actually the same age as her, thankfully. But she looks so smug lol

No. 1935404

I find all the coquettes so hard to look at. Terrible to see young women mutilating themselves into prematurely aged inflamed-looking puffer fish with filler abuse.

No. 1935499

File: 1701315937292.jpeg (2.29 MB, 3464x3464, 7CECAE83-14B1-4605-B7B6-153207…)

I just know Alida snatched that bouquet out of the girl in the brown dress’s hands so quick to act like she caught it. Clearly she did not.

No. 1935532

Legit looks like she has Cushing’s syndrome kek. Fridgey flabby bloated body and moonface.

No. 1935554

I thought one of these binches was with like a 50 year old? It’s so hard to tell their filler deformed faces apart.

No. 1935556

Cannot get over the potato sack nightie.

No. 1935558

File: 1701328527063.jpeg (117.09 KB, 757x584, 5014AF32-224D-4F6B-AA8C-3D9816…)

My god. She’s fucking HUNGRY for it!!

No. 1935576

She can grab as many bouquets as she wants to, he still isn’t going to marry her. When will coquettes understand the moids they pedo pander to see them as depreciating assets by definition? The logic is obvious but they still don’t get it.

No. 1935587

Omg she literally stole or knocked that from the girl's hands! This sums up her personality in a nutshell. Everything has to be about her, she's the main character everyone else is just an NPC, and she steals to then make out it was hers. (just like any 'idea' she has ever come up with.) SHE had to be in the spotlight and get all the attention by grabbing the bouquet.
When will she wake up and realise he doesn't want to marry her. That's never what he wanted her for. If he did, he would have asked by now, and not by force.

No. 1935591

She's got such a bitchy face.

No. 1935665

We all know her Lysistrata technique isn't going to work because he's fucking younger girls on the side and has no reason to marry a rapidly aging coquette. I'd feel bad for her getting groomed and manipulated by this grimy freak if she wasn't such a hateful person herself.

No. 1935695

File: 1701358822884.jpg (354.61 KB, 1079x910, wtffff.jpg)

Have you all seen these stupid videos all over youtube? They call them subliminal videos - watch them to look like Alida. Whattttttttt… is this absolute insanity!?
These are definitely created by those types of accounts who follow Alida using her underage photos for their profile pics on social media.

No. 1935698

File: 1701359152122.jpg (69.08 KB, 976x890, F54FCsrW0AAgT3z.jpg)

No. 1935699

How old are these people? This girl looks to be around 40. Their faces are so big with their puffed out filler cheeks, it makes their eyes all squinty.

No. 1935701

All of these people trying to look like her or wanting to be her, make her God complex even worse.
Their eyes look so beady and pushed in.

No. 1935756

This is such an autistic nitpick but I can’t stand when people get blonde hair but don’t bother getting a shade that actually goes with their skin tone.
Alida looks like her stylist just washes the bleach off and calls it a day, no toner, no purple shampoo. It looks piss yellow and makes her look cheap.

No. 1935852

Jazmine’s like 23? 24? Slightly older than Alida but not by much. Crazy how saggy yet puffy her face is… is it filler migration?

No. 1936888

Alida's already getting called out for her shitty "boutique"

No. 1936893

File: 1701557354203.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, shopping kiddie pics narcissis…)

she’s insufferable

No. 1936894

Post caps, called out in what way?

No. 1936899

File: 1701557896158.jpeg (1.66 MB, 3464x3464, FE6D2CAB-160E-455D-86C0-6C7271…)

sorry nona, i thought i’d embedded the tiktok. this account has to be a farmer, they’ve been making videos dedicated to calling her out for months now

No. 1936904

File: 1701558363719.jpeg (985.48 KB, 2708x2304, 2C6C9BF1-9C99-41B4-B876-D76F0B…)

went through their profile and found this video honestly nitpicking

No. 1936913

Does anyone know how much those coats cost when normally sold? How much has she marked these up? $180 is a lot.

No. 1936928

Thanks for the caps, I wondered about those coats and bags because they honestly look simple enough to be handsewn. Just strips of fake fur and quilting fabric for the tote with a simple pattern. So she could have sewn these herself. The tiktok doesn't show the source, they are just assuming she bought in bulk.
However we know her flower bras she used to sell were flowers glued to premade bikinis, so who knows.

No. 1936952

>So she could have sewn these herself
Nah. I mean,of course she could've learned since then, but she couldn't even sew some fake flowers onto bikini bottom back in a day. Heck she couldn't even sew a damn readymade ribbon bows on cotton pants
Out of all the things to expose her for though, someone's making videos on her clothes scams?… weak. the person making them must've bought that expensive shit from her personally & ended up pissed off enough to make a callout vid.

No. 1936989

Everything is so fucking ugly and tacky

No. 1937216

File: 1701615347172.jpg (363.65 KB, 1032x1027, 2.jpg)

Clown outfits..

No. 1937219

File: 1701615491883.jpg (306.88 KB, 588x968, 3.jpg)

The logo is smudged and not even symmetrical or measured properly. Such bad quality, even the flowers are fraying.

No. 1937221

I'm happy that she is trying to do something with her life, but this is soo half-assed and gaudy. That logo is also something she would only come up with while around onion. When she takes psychedelics with him..

No. 1937225

File: 1701616160943.jpg (57.57 KB, 623x621, 4.jpg)

She definitely is buying cheap items in bulk and sticking things on them.

No. 1937228

File: 1701616541114.jpg (83.27 KB, 300x519, kek.jpg)

I love that we literally just started a new thread and she's already doing something funny

No. 1937254

File: 1701618925423.jpg (484.46 KB, 634x1660, 5.jpg)

Sry to spam but this logo is MASSIVE. Cut up felt glued on. Could you imagine walking around with this on? Embarrassing to the max.

No. 1937256

what's it meant to be, a flying eyeball with teeth?
she's still using her manipulated kid pic i see

No. 1937257

Can't wait to see her fanclub wearing these numbers in her tagged section

No. 1937266

It's probably something she saw while on one of her psychedelic trips with ron. That's where she says she saw the dragon she's always referring to as well. Along with other symbols and things she clings to forever after.

No. 1937290

>I am a prophet

No. 1937303

She's so obsessed with her own eyes that she made a whole symbol about them.
>bAbY bLoNdE
>bAbY bLuEs
Her fixation on blonde hair and blue eyes is a big wtf. And why can't she just call it blonde and blue, without the word baby.

No. 1937497

I have a feeling she eyeballed everything and did actually handmake it (except anon's picrel >>1937225
where the caption doesn't say it's handmade, and does say it's printed - you can get logo hoodies printed anywhere so that's nothing new)
The logo isn't symmetrical (which - how do you manage to make a synmetrical logo unsymmetrical since you just cut two pieces at the same time) and if you look at the fur panels, they look different widths and one arm is significantly longer than the other.
Will be interesting seeing people attempt to wear these since it even looks like she's struggling to wear this coat, the photos are from weird angles and don't show it fully, nor show the inside. So I do think these items are handmade but she didn't actually measure anything (because she is guided by divine light and doesn't need a measuring tape)

No. 1937498

File: 1701647503099.mp4 (9.55 MB, VID_149821031_111048_277.mp4)

Fat coquette moid

No. 1937597

The toilet wtf

No. 1937616

The toilet… why

No. 1937628

File: 1701665771988.png (867.4 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20231204-125526.png)

I honestly don't think this guy is a lolcow because his whole account appears to be a comedy account where he's clearly making fun of himself but this picture is sending me.

No. 1937647

Troons absolutely disgust me but hopefully more fat repulsive moids start dressing in coquette and making a fool out of the aesthetic so the coquettes also stop dressing in this pedobait fashion and find something else to do with their time.

No. 1937745

he owns these clothes. wears them regularly. seems like too much effort to be just comedy.

No. 1937746

File: 1701694721890.jpg (671.74 KB, 1079x1774, Gjg16wb.jpg)

Aleah Tillis put her instagram back on public but is still mad that everyone knows that ~soft and strong white bf~ is a creepy groomer with race fetishes

No. 1937747

He is an old school lolcow, ridiculously cringeworthy

No. 1937782

It's a self confessed gay moid not a troon.

No. 1937815

I really want this to be a parody account just cause it would be ridiculous, but it probably isn't. These toys look like something cringetarded Melanie Martinez fans would buy.
Damn her dreads and lip fillers give me Lil Bo Weep flashbacks.
Didn't she have tiktok aswell? i don't get why is she throwing these tantrums, is she still with her pedo boyfriend atm?

No. 1937908

Kek at the guy in the back

No. 1938214

File: 1701764748031.jpg (29.75 KB, 385x691, ohMbQgA.jpg)

she clearly likes the attention but hates the criticism. Anyway you just know her and her bf are into ddlg shit

No. 1938327

If her going missing is so traumatic to her why does her glamorize it?(learn to reply, learn to sage)

No. 1938328

Asking about Alida I mean

No. 1938342

You know, I often wonder the same thing. She definitely glamourises it, no doubt. She also said when the police came to get her, she tried to jump out the window to get away from them. She didn't want to go back home and wanted to stay with the guy. She seems to use the whole situation for further attention. Not to mention, she was calling herself jailbait and snuffiepuppy.
Same with the death of her mother. She literally made a video on her Patreon, claiming how she was super glad she was dead and that her life is so much better without her. Basically, claiming she hated her. But when she wants to squeeze attention and sympathy out of it, she does. She also apparently stole her mother's medication while she was dying. Among other things.
Alida is manipulative and I wish more people realised this.

No. 1938490

alida has a bad habit of milking self-inflicted, attention-absorbing scenarios whenever she wants to be seen as an innocent damsel-in-distress baby lamb. she skips over any part she played, any hand she had in it.
in her words afterward "thank goodness my dad put up a beautiful photo of me for the news" - how she got her internet fame and even got lana to follow her from it (fucking weird how lana's bf followed her after that too might I add).
traumatised people don't post their scenarios all over social media for attention and views. truth is, alida creates and then thrives on these situations. she forever wants to be seen as a damsel because in her mind being feminine equates to being this soft. which is kind of pathetic and spineless if you ask me. she also wants to be seen as virginal/pure/virtuous and tries so hard to pretend she never had sex but cannot reverse what everybody already knows.

No. 1938574

Is there any way to watch any of her patreon video without giving her any money?(unsaged newfag)

No. 1938660

File: 1701826670704.jpeg (115.54 KB, 828x471, IMG_6046.jpeg)

kek is there even any proof of that? or is she just another cockette trying to larp as slavic per usual.

No. 1938679

her family last name is german so not sure. i also forgot her mother was an alcoholic and died from cancer and now her father seems to have cancer too. i wonder why she doesnt talk to her dad or brother anymore? she seems to have no family. i also wonder why she doesnt donate to her dying father when she used to fund her lifestyle entirely. not that she owes him anything. maybe she will seek therapy but not sure how that goes for compulsive liar narcs. just very sad.

No. 1938688

the internet is such a weird place. many people here (in germany) look down on poles but online you see german girls pretending to be polish or any other kind of eastern european. it’s baffling. maybe it’s because these girls are removed from europe? as in they live in other parts of the west

No. 1938697

File: 1701831641088.jpg (145.71 KB, 589x453, ring.jpg)

Another one of her friends got engaged. Alida's got to be seething inside.

No. 1938702

Her surname is Van Rooyen I’m pretty sure, so I can see the Dutch, but I doubt the Polish part.

No. 1938705

i thought it was Wyble?

No. 1938708

File: 1701832458743.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1170x1980, IMG_8071.jpeg)

alida merely liked it and didn’t reply. she’s definitely punching the air right now since this pick-me’s decrepit fiancé is in his 50s. meanwhile ron’s only ever gotten alida a gaudy hamsa hand necklace from some hack instagram shop.

No. 1938715

I genuinely believe that porn rot brain has made a lot of people both male and female see EE women (from the sexy “blonde” countries of course) as ultra sex objects thanks to media since as far back as like the old sleazy Bond movies and the like. Doesn’t help how many EE women end up trafficked or in the sex trade somehow or other either. Coquette dummies see it as glamorous and waifish etc etc and think it makes them sound white girl exotikkkkk ir something. It’s honestly really gross and makes me mad sorry to sperg. am just an angry Belarusian kek Also Alida shut up you never looked Polish. Tbh she looks very watered down Dutch to me but who knows what her actual face looks like under all that fluff

No. 1938716

Wyble may be her mother's surname? Van Rooyen is her Dad's surname. Also, I didn't know he had cancer and that she wasn't talking to him anymore. I know that when she was living with him, she complained about him all the time and hated living with him. That's why she moved in with onion, the first time. She had clashes with her Dad. I think she annoyed him and he was more practical and she was too much of an air head. Probably wanted her to be more normal, because she said he hated her talking about conspiracy theories all the time and being a jobless space cadet.

No. 1938755

She has always said South African with dutch roots. Where did Polish come from? So sick of these coquettes claiming to be slavic when they're clearly not.

No. 1938770

File: 1701840295444.jpeg (311.56 KB, 1170x898, IMG_8081.jpeg)

if her neglected husky in florida keeps getting attacked by other dogs, i’d bet anything that luna’s the aggressor.

No. 1938777

>you're literally the epitome of Slavic beauty
Cringe comment, what does that even mean? Slavic beauty… being Slavic doesn't automatically mean you're beautiful. All countries have their uglies and their pretties.
Just another daily drama in the life of Alida, She will post photos of her injuries, bc she likes to do that constantly. What are the odds that she is ALWAYS the innocent party in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING??
Maybe if she stops dragging that poor dog around like an accessory piece and actually give her the life a husky deserves, shit like this wouldn't keep happening.

No. 1938778

She's already flaking on her merchandise, that was quick.

No. 1938784

>so many orders to sew
I honestly cannot believe people are actually buying any of that trash.

No. 1938792

I'm actually starting to believe that Alida is backward in the mental department, if you catch my drift. I'm not being sarcastic here. I mean it would make so much sense. It would explain why she cannot comprehend situations, struggles with self-awareness, behaves like a child, can't hold a job or any type of responsibility, why she's so easily lead astray and so on. Take for example those clothes she made for her new business. Doesn't it feel like the types of outfits someone with brain damage would create? And how everyone encourages her out of politeness - the same way people do with those with impaired mental capacity? Trying to tread carefully with my words because I don't want to come off like I'm taking shots at those with any form of disability.
She has her special needs dog too. She has special needs features in appearance and behaves special needs. Making it all so fucked up that ron went for this girl who didn't have the mental capacity to realise what was wrong with the entire situation. What if, the drugs she has taken over the years, did do some damage to her brain? For reals. BPD or something like it, only explains so much. There's something else going on in the noggin. We all joke and say that she's retarded, but she might just be, in the literal sense.

No. 1938797

>many people here (in germany) look down on poles but online you see german girls pretending to be polish or any other kind of eastern european.
This baffles me because in my country (Ireland) a lot of people just see Eastern Europeans as a weird smelly boy they had in their class growing up or the ADHD white-blonde guy at their job. The contrast between the constant negative stereotyping offline (which is very cruel and unwarranted) vs the sheer number of women online who try as hard as they can to connect themselves to slavs is crazy. It's only really women I've seen doing this, I've never seen a guy try hard to be Lithuanian or something

No. 1938819

For third world mail order waifu points (advanced pickmeing). Obviously western men wouldn't pretend to be shit tier slav men, that's who slav women leave for western men in the first place.

No. 1938830

File: 1701855040094.jpg (102.19 KB, 323x580, 812.jpg)

It's a case of the disappearing lips..

No. 1938868

We already know.

No. 1938894

File: 1701872967412.jpeg (55.26 KB, 500x539, IMG_6586.jpeg)

Straight up Blagojevich lookin ass. Her under eye area is wild clearly she’s always had issues w it kek it looks like she has really bad allergies or something w those hollows.

No. 1938915

It's been awhile since I've seen this thick head of hair. They should study that man's hair genes.

No. 1938929

K E K you know it’s true. Man’s trash but his hair is plentiful as fuck and pretty nice texture it seems like too.

No. 1938998

File: 1701886938682.jpeg (218.67 KB, 1170x2075, FDA7C588-5DAC-401A-98D3-78EFFC…)

she posted this video of her crying with no context but showed a picture of onion

No. 1939007

She locked her twtx to private too. Something has gone down. I don't follow her on anything so I can only see when she has her stuff open.

No. 1939029

always find it weird when people film themselves while crying. kinda takes away anything genuine about it

No. 1939031

It’s literally just a combover

No. 1939035

Maybe Nina getting proposed to, was the final straw and she snapped. Idk just assuming because of the timing.

No. 1939065

File: 1701895529966.jpeg (421.01 KB, 1170x2039, IMG_8141.jpeg)

came here to post this. she’s losing it because he uses her and she’s realizing what a failure leech she is and that he’s never going to marry her no matter how many edits of women in bridal gowns she posts over the years

No. 1939066

File: 1701895633240.jpeg (198.34 KB, 1170x1172, IMG_8143.jpeg)

they definitely broke up again or he cheated while she was in hollywood

No. 1939067

Lol dumb bitch

No. 1939068

I’m cracking up at that picture of him and the dog on the right on the same altar as Jesus. Imagine shedding tears over the most generic, people of Walmart, cargo pants beer swilling maga hat scrote imaginable.

No. 1939111

>does anybody even know
Know what? That your "bf" is a pedophile loser?

No. 1939175

File: 1701910336766.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x2055, IMG_8179.jpeg)

jazmine shading alida?

No. 1939185

i notice that americans fetishize and exoticize russia. dangerous femme fatale, cold war soviet spy, ak47 ballerina, not obese, etc.
total bullshit.
poland to them is basically russia, since all slavs are the same, no? but it is more "believable" of a larp to claim polish ancestry, since poles are scattered all over the world and are fairly common. an american can easily claim "german" or "dutch" ancestry also, however norwegian or finnish doesn't sound as convincing.
also they lack our historical and economic context. to them poles aren't associated with cheap labor, nor with centuries of land dispute. polish migrant workers aren't there to give poland a scummy reputation.
(then again, they do fetishize latinas as well, despite their society being generally racist towards all those illegally working mexicans building their drywall hovels… so who knows…)
t. pole

No. 1939206

There seems to be so much juicy drama and friction lately, and yet I don't understand what any of it means. They're all being so cryptic or vague.

No. 1939271

File: 1701933233029.jpeg (580.2 KB, 1283x2080, 44121949-2C63-4A11-B288-EA74F8…)

What’s going on with her hands in this? Is this poor shooping?

No. 1939278

File: 1701935089466.jpg (88.07 KB, 800x1149, rog.jpg)

Beautiful cosplay.

No. 1939312

Lmaoooooook deadass accurate

No. 1939348

Her lips look like they have the pox, they are so lumpy.

No. 1939364

Her frame is just too broad and beefy for the uwu ddlg adult baby aesthetic she's trying to pull off. She'd unironically look better as a valkyrie Viking tradwife LARPer chick, then she could still fetishize blonde hair and blue eyes while looking (slightly) less ridiculous.

No. 1939374

File: 1701966403533.png (103.97 KB, 2000x2400, Rose_Quartz_-_Weaponized.png)

i hate the steven universe lips

No. 1939479

This sounds to me like a poorly crafted excuse so she doesn't have to actually deliver the goods people have paid for and instead keep the money.

No. 1939490

File: 1701978597364.jpeg (174.17 KB, 1170x705, IMG_8265.jpeg)

maybe she wouldn’t be crying on her story 2x in one day, 12 hours apart if she quit obsessively checking this thread and comparing herself to her friends. it’s like she doesn’t internalize any of her old “comparison is the thief of joy” and narc “no one does it like me, i’m the blueprint, i’m irreplaceable” shit from earlier this year. clearly she’s easily replaceable if onion is fucking teenagers any time she’s away for a few days.

No. 1939516

The thing is, she craves attention, EVERYWHERE that she goes. It's her whole schtick. But when all eyes are on her, she expects them all to worship the ground she walks on and admire her.
She wants to always be that one person in the room that holds the spotlight. But it must all be in favour of her, coddling and praising her, the way her fanbase do. Her fanbase feed her narcissism. We see all her flaws and nobody is allowed to see her flaws or call them out. Because she is such ~angelic perfection~.

No. 1939520

File: 1701981721320.png (11.22 KB, 589x82, capture-20231208-063837.png)

People are so shallow and stupid. Let us always jump to this shit generic conclusion that the ONLY POSSIBLE reason to hold grievances toward another, is always because THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND WE ARE SO JEALOUS/INSECURE. Sometimes, just sometimes, it might run deeper than that you stupid Alida ass-kissing cling-on.

No. 1939534

Most beautiful women I know are popular and well-liked. People dislike Alida because she’s an arrogant asshole who puts down other women while playing the victim, plus she promotes antisocial shit like pedophilia, prostitution, white supremacy etc. It’s not any deeper than that. Plenty of women look as good or better than Alida but they don’t have threads here bc duh, they aren’t cows.

No. 1939536

here's an idea, just log out of the net

No. 1939564

File: 1701987355689.jpg (199.84 KB, 615x327, R.jpg)


No. 1939583

So, how long before she moves out of ron's place?

No. 1939724

File: 1702015873796.jpeg (314.88 KB, 1170x925, IMG_8332.jpeg)

“it’s been since i was 16… i understand yet i don’t…” it’s because she never fucking learns from her mistakes and is still a nazi dick-rider just like she was when her PULL thread was made when she was a teenager, and she went headfirst rapid mode down the hippie-to-alt-right pipeline since meeting onion

No. 1940053

where is the dress from

No. 1940073

"For Love & Lemons Meadow Embroidered Mini Dress"

No. 1940104

She always makes out she was an innocent 16 year old. She was a horrible human even at 16 and super manipulative.

No. 1940105

I swear she must have spent whatever money she had left on Selkie and Love and Lemons dresses or went into debt for them. She wears the same dresses every day and hasn't splurged on anything since.

No. 1940111

She is trying to flex but is buying out of her budget, as she doesn't have an income. But once she gets money from her ' boutique ' she will do it again. Then show off her high-end purchases as she does.
I still can't get over her flexing over getting a Porsche but it was all bullshit.

No. 1940282

Who isn’t manipulative and horrible when they’re a teenager

No. 1940286

File: 1702083411940.jpg (292.57 KB, 720x1382, Screenshot_20231209_115705_Ins…)

Anyone else this her boutique items are heavily marked up crap with an ugly logo sewn on? Half the shit is probably altered aliexpress clothing. I suspect the flowers and nails are at least.

No. 1940297

I was studying, hanging out with my friends and getting ready for college at 16, not running away to meet up with old pedos. She needs professional help, not framing herself as a role model for equally fucked up teens.

No. 1940330

Well yes…she is just awful and knows she can try to squeeze money from her underaged and disabled followers by scamming them to afford a new selkie dress so she doesnt have to work like everyone else. $111 for a crochet hat you can find for $20, or even better you can make by yourself with some yarn and time.

No. 1940342

I agree, Alida was so fucked up as a teenager to the extreme that was far from the norm. No excuses. She wasn't a little kid. She was grown enough to know what was right or wrong, esp when it comes to issues like racism or pedophilia. Sick to death of the excuse that she was just a teen. She was late teens and still calling herself a little girl as tho she was 5, while being so incredibly vile and abusive. She played people like a fiddle to get her own way.
The only excuse possible, would be if she is intellectually disabled and literally did not know right from wrong.

No. 1940346

Yes, this is what she does. She charges ridiculous prices for half-assed merch and her lapdogs relish in it. Most who seem to have mental health issues themselves and are still stuck in their Tumblr years and only buy these things to be like Alida. The types who would buy her exact skincare routine, hair products, home products ~ EVERYTHING that she has. To BE her. It's sick and weird and truly sad.

No. 1940348

Those bumblebees she used to make, she copied from Etsy and you could get those same bees for more than half the price she was selling them for. Or you could get the exact crochet patterns for really cheap. It's honestly crazy! But the thing that got to me was how she was making out they were her designs and something she came up with herself. Same as those flower bikinis back in the day, and abusing others for copying, when she was not the first to put flowers like that on a bikini. She copies others for pretty much anything she creates.
But I guess, this is what any crazy fans do for that one person they obsess over. It's cringe to watch, but eh I'm ranting and repeating myself again.

No. 1940366

File: 1702097771181.jpg (525.43 KB, 603x2098, oops.jpg)

Ok so I just saw this Live vid and it's old (from 2 years ago), AND MIDWAY THROUGH HER PHONE GLITCHED AND THE FILTER FELL OFF. I'm shocked this one is still up

No. 1940372

Literally has a full filler mustache and calls herself “natural.” It’s just sad seeing someone this young destroying their face.

No. 1940376

File: 1702100180547.png (236.39 KB, 464x420, 20231209_.png)

you'd think this was a completely different person. pretty sure irl she looks closer to that and this
than most of her filtered vids and pics. especially the heavily filtered ones from 2020.
anyway, ever since she was talking about being accepted into a royal family, she has started wearing tiaras everywhere kek
her tiaras started off small and have only gotten bigger and bigger. soon she'll have a full-on crown on her head

No. 1940405

Alida was soooo toxic.
Yes! Some of us were out working at 16 and forging an income while still studying at school. Some of us had discipline in our lives and weren't allowed to run around the town like a wild maniac. But I've got Asian parents and there is absolutely no way I could even dream of behaving that way, or anyone I knew at 16. Some already have responsibilities on their shoulders at that age.
But I guess she didn't have a strict upbringing and could always do whatever she wanted. Including being online for hours and hours without being monitored and flirting with whoever. She forged this identity online and was rewarded for it, and so it continues to this day. I don't even know how it was possible for her to have blood vials in her room. She could have caught anything from doing that, the blood drinking.(no1currs not your personal blog)

No. 1940714

I can't believe I'm seeing adult women look at a case of a 16 year old minor being used for sex by adult men and agreeing Alida was the fucked up one in that situation. I don't like Alida for a lot of reasons, but there's principles to victim blaming and no matter how much you hate her the objective truth is that a 16 year old being used by grown as men for sex is still a minor being abused by pedophiles. She's a horrible cunt for who she is as an adult. You have absolutely no reason to dig up being groomed as an example of her being a bad person

No. 1940731

File: 1702165982890.png (364.53 KB, 582x703, teehee.png)

Why she still posting about it and glamorizing it like some twisted humble brag? Open your eyes.

No. 1940784

I honestly think she posts that because in her mind it’s almost like a flex as in, “look how beautiful I look here as a teen” the ad reports her age, height, eye color. It’s almost like she is reinforcing her whole self obsession with her looks and eyes and it gives off that mysterious gone girl thing.
nobody normal would ever post about something so traumatic with a smiley emoji with the tongue out.
It’s so weird honestly, there is something not okay with her. either that, or she is a massive vain narcissist who is also mentally ill

No. 1940786

congrats on being the perfect model teen! not everyone is like you though, it’s normal to be a mess as a teenager and even easier to be preyed on and manipulated by much older men. As much as I dislike Alida, I don’t blame her teenage antics fully on her. I don’t think you realize how easily young people want to be seen and validated. Yes, even from literal low life losers too. I suspect alida’s parents weren’t very present in her life and she didn’t get much attention from them, which caused her to get attention elsewhere, like the internet and pedos. it happens all the time and still is happening now

No. 1940788

I agree!
She brings this up herself constantly in the weirdest, questionable manner. It just doesn't sit right and you end up thinking something is very off about it all.

No. 1940797

You can tell she so obviously thinks of herself as Laura Palmer or Alison Dilaurentis, more coquette shit to play a part with.

No. 1940798

this is going to be a real sensitive topic here, but she claims she was a virgin when she met ron and that nothing happened during that incident. those are her words, not mine. don't really want to think about this any further cos this shit makes me feel mega uncomfortable, but none of us know the full story. and it doesn't matter if there was rape involved or not, it was still fucked up.

unfortunately i think some of these people are right. to this day, she's milking it for what it's worth. but that could be because it was how she got noticed by even lana herself. who knows. i can't relate to alida's headspace so i never know where she is coming from.

No. 1940800

I wasn't talking about her going missing. I was meaning how she would run all over town being racist, harassing and bullying other girls, stealing. drinking people's blood etc. And that she was allowed to do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted (sometimes even directly in front of her mother who wouldn't do anything about it), and that yes I think that her parents are to blame for much of it.
She was and still is, toxic though.

No. 1940810

Nobody dug this up. Alida brought it up herself for the 5 billionth time
> #alidalore

No. 1940811

Yep. Anybody who can't see this, well Idk what to tell you. She's a con artist and she really got you fooled.

No. 1940840

>Why she still posting about it and glamorizing it
Ayrt If you knew anything about children who have abused or trafficked, then you would know that actually it's not uncommon for victims to take ownership of their situation because it puts them in control. That's why you have the occasional case here and there of "yeah my mum kicked me out at 16 because my step dad fancied me", when the truth is that they're just a 16 year old who was being advanced on by a grown man who knows better than to pursue a minor. There are so many examples of this in /snow/ but this is the only thread where I've seen people use it as evidence she's a bad person

Nta but quite literally most kids who are going through sex abuse are outwardly massive dickheads because not everyone who is being passed around like a toy between unironic middle aged nazis is going to feel like being the best person they can be. How can you not see that every shitty thing she did is a giant reflection of the men who did that? She wasn't a nazi who randomly stumbled across other nazis and joined in for fun. She assimilated into the group of abusers because it feels less like abuse if you're an active participant in their shit. I'd be a shitty person too if this is how I lived my life

No. 1940845

Did anyone else catch that live that she deleted where she stared into the camera and said to lolcow "I always get the last laugh. Always." kek

No. 1940846

agree, also her parents and how neglectful they were in her life are to blame as well.
Other nonnas mentioned how they couldn’t in a billion years be allowed to do some of the stuff that Alida did under the supervision of their own parents, but that’s the difference between good parenting and bad parenting.
Being neglectful of your kids can cause cases like Alida. This idea that children are full consenting fully aware and sexually privy beings is just not true. They model themselves from those around them, and if the type of people around you that gives you one drop of attention is a pedofilic neo-nazi, then some of that is going to rub on you, whether you’re aware of it or not. I doubt Alida really identifies herself fully to white supremacy and even her Viking blonde Slavic whatever arc that she had a while ago. Those are topics of discussion and fetishes that only belong to degenerate older men. And unfortunately, young women will subconsciously pick up on that and even gaslight themselves into thinking that is was is attractive and makes them desirable.
Alida needs to clean her act and remove all the bad influences aka her crusty old boyfriend and hang out with people her own age be responsible for once

No. 1940857

She is a bad person stop trying to absolve her of any agency when she's a grown woman and can make her own choices. No one is holding her at gunpoint, your rant explains her behaviors but doesn't excuse them.

No. 1940867

I get what you're saying but…….holy whiteknighting

No. 1940868

well thats it, time to nuke the thread. pack it up because apparently alida isn't a fuckhead and is in fact an innocent baby lamb afterall. we're all gonna get done over for infighting anyway kek

No. 1940870

whats with all the tom spergery in here today. lets get back to laughing about her crayon painted eyeball skirt and take bets on how long it will take before she moves to hollywood to become a star

No. 1940877

File: 1702206143537.jpeg (137.45 KB, 828x571, IMG_9816.jpeg)

alida deleted "i love orion" from her bio
they definitely broke up or are fighting kek the pedophile didn't like alida growing up

No. 1940878

>gets dumped by pedo when she ages
Imagine my shock. Serves her right for calling 25+ women bitter old jealous ugly hags.

No. 1940880

Oh wow, I wonder what her next move will be now?
Does anybody else wish that they could just gossip about Alida without her looking all the time?

No. 1940881

hollywood here we come!

No. 1940914

I'm kinda surprised Alida hasn't learned anything, but what else is new? kek Alida will never grow out of this shit. I wonder if he knows about the thread and he bailed
Nowhere in my post did I wk her. I said it's fucking weird for people to act like she was equally to blame for the pedophiles taking advantage of her. You can hate someone and the shit they do without saying she was willingly running around with pedos as if them picking an easy target somehow makes it ok

No. 1940946


Half the people who post here are autistic so by nature they're not capable of understanding any nuances and perceive the world like small children(read lolcow.farm/info and learn how to post)

No. 1940985

File: 1702225668750.jpeg (488.02 KB, 828x970, IMG_9819.jpeg)

why is she so proud of being proposed by that ugly ass man omg she’s so embarrassing. he definitely looks like the old creepy guy who stares at any young girl he sees on the street.

No. 1940989

File: 1702226202289.png (949.83 KB, 828x1792, IMG_9820.png)

sorry for double posting but also i found his facebook and he has a son the same age as her… Imagine your almost 60 year old father marrying someone from your same generation. I really want to know his children's opinion because that’s disgusting and truly disturbing

No. 1941015

The whole time she was "missing" she was posting on social media and laughing about how much fun she was having. She ran off to Miami with "daddy" and was posting pictures of herself on motorcycles and shit. There was no tragedy. It wasn't traumatic for her. People were offering her help and she would talk shit to them. She did exactly what she wanted to. I'm not going to pretend like she was used and abused and needs to be pitied, she's the first to tell you that she wasn't. Are you people new to this story?

No. 1941081

Eww, the raggedy hairplugs. It’s wild watching these pickme girls bend over backwards to attract the ugliest scrotes on earth, while fat misandrists score better moids just by existing.

No. 1941095

It's either Alida herself or her fanbase coming in here, like they always eventually do.

No. 1941107

ewwww this is sick. Love how she put a filter over his face to smooth out his skin too. And yea his hair plugs lmao they are both so vile.

No. 1941110

File: 1702241682119.jpg (33.55 KB, 591x135, 065236.jpg)

I am guessing it was more than likely a fight (they always fight) because she recently liked this.

No. 1941111

File: 1702241798266.png (981.67 KB, 1071x719, Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 3.54…)

our tiny nose massive rack slavic princess ch111oe before the botched filler and rhinoplasty 1/3

No. 1941113

File: 1702241821873.png (1.37 MB, 1065x1161, Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 3.54…)


No. 1941115

I often wonder, how awkward does it get when these women call their 'bfs' Daddy, when their real biological Dads are in the same room as them

No. 1941116

File: 1702241931234.mp4 (243.53 KB, 640x360, 0rC4pbOa0RmQ0vro.mp4)


No. 1941142

File: 1702246777131.jpg (569.65 KB, 886x1780, lmao.jpg)


No. 1941167

Damn. Who is this friend? I bet Ch111loe is pissed at her for posting these pre nose job pics, lol.
Where is Chloe from? I know she WISHES she was from Russia, but let's be real. No amount of selfies in snow with russian hat on will convince anyone lol

No. 1941170

File: 1702250744517.gif (323.33 KB, 360x360, eww.gif)

No. 1941217

nina looks 35 & he looks so dusty bet he stinks like moldy cheese
these are the types of greasy schmucks who flirt with their kids friends. fucking nasty pedos

No. 1941221

nina, this fucker, alida, ronald, susieq, her pedo husband (didnt alida suck his dick with susie at one of lanas concerts, or was that just a rumour?). all these sleazy old men and they're all mates together.
what is up with this whole pedo club they've got going on????

No. 1941260

No where did I state you were whiteknighting, but you compiled an entire theoretical back story in rant form to dismiss why a grown woman would continue to romanticise her 5 minutes of coquette fame. You must be new here if you thought anything you said was relevant to Alida.
The fact there's actually a retard infantilizing a cow on the coquette thread of all places is hilarious.

No. 1941305

I thought that was Blaire White. Bit of a jumpscare

No. 1941313

No one on this thread was infantilizing her in any way or saying she was a wee little innocent baby lamb. but the other nonnas absolving the older scrotes from their massive part in it all and playing it up as it was alida’s master plan is certified retarded thinking. read through the other posts and then read it again if you can’t hold two basic ideas in your head of not liking alida, but also thinking she wasn’t entirely to blame either. It’s not that difficult

No. 1941362

Oh hey it looks like I got a mention here! Nice to know you freaks are still ripping on a literal angel sent to this earth. Really gives your miserable lives meaning. I recommend finding God(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1941364

Lmao I was waiting for you to come back in again.

No. 1941366

Ew, Jesus, you can find like 40 of these men in every pub or construction site. Why do they try so hard for these uggo moids? You would swear from their uwu tweets that the men were James Dean but it's bleak
Nonnas saying that it was a bad thing that happened to her when she was picked up by nazipedos =/= infantalising or excusing Alida. Spergs never drop it

No. 1941367

Walls of red text incoming for all this spergery going on in here lately. It's just too damn funny how the coquette threads go through waves of lunacy and drama.
Idc if Alida is good or bad I'm just here for the content and she's a clown I like to watch when I'm bored. This shit is so wild to me and there's nothing like it irl. Her and everyone around her are wack af

No. 1941368

How do you keep finding your way back in again? hopping vpns like a shady cunt

No. 1941379

I also agree that it’s fun to see the drama unfold and now that Alida is like 23, there’s no excuse at all. I’m just saying that when she was an actual teenager, I don’t think there should be a lot of judgement or blame. That’s all.

No. 1941385

She looks much more feminine before all the surgeries. Girlie really made herself look like a mtf troon

No. 1941437

File: 1702302370523.jpeg (299.57 KB, 1170x2073, 4733938E-9D1B-43CE-B775-2B10D6…)

she and onion are not done lol they never are she even posted a video of him cuddling her dog

No. 1941443

File: 1702304395246.jpeg (994.41 KB, 828x1555, IMG_0127.jpeg)

Nina girl know your angles. She gives me big crackhead child energy. She shops at target and has the worst style. At least if you’re going to have a sugar daddy that looks like that you could be getting the most out of it. Not target and the dollar store.

No. 1941444

File: 1702304439803.jpeg (256.32 KB, 828x1539, IMG_0126.jpeg)

She always looks dirty? Or like disheveled

No. 1941486

she looks like glitterforever17 before all the drugs here. that is not a compliment

No. 1941611

The fact that Nina and Alida are friends, says soo much.
These mean girls with their dirty old men in the same circle, is eerie. Alida posts about pedophile rings among the elite, but can't she see that the people she hangs with give out the same vibes? This gross little club of full-blown weirdness. And one of these couples has a toddler, it's absolutely worrying. These girls will literally bully you if you ever bring this up to them too. They never, for even a moment, question the integrity of these men and why they are with them to begin with. In the end they make out that you're the evil one for simply bringing it up.

No. 1941620

lolcow would have a field day if they saw how susieq dressed her baby. i won't put pics on here bc i really don't want to put a child on the forum, but she was deliberately dressing him up in pink dresses, lacey shit and pink bows. growing his hair long and putting little girl hair accessories in it. when people brought it up in her comments she would lose her shit and say she is above gender roles. this is one of alida's closest friends. this is the one who hangs around the shadiest old fuckers you have ever seen. all rich, just like nina's old fart.
it's sketchy af

No. 1941625

if alida blends into groups of the worst kinds of people so easily. what happens when she is hanging around a tight knit circle of scrotes who look like they are all about to create their own epstein island, with these chicks who defend them like rabid dogs by their sides. what are the odds that none of these old men are pedos and that they're all good of heart. let that sink in

No. 1941634

File: 1702338896500.jpg (832.92 KB, 517x2715, 10.jpg)

Susieq for anyone who might not know. She is one of Alida's closest friends.

No. 1941637

How are there women this retarded

No. 1941661

Her baby's gonna be retarded too.

No. 1941667

don't be shy, anon, drop her socials

No. 1941676

File: 1702347219945.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, 55F0E010-AC2F-4307-86DB-FB8889…)

alida’s “friend”s keep shading her. nina liked this response to the tweet underneath it today. jazmine posted >>1939175 the morning after alida’s pity party on her private account’s story.

No. 1941677

But unfortunately she's locked that to private now after getting a lot of negative feedback. She also seems to be into the whole trad wife thing and definitely coquette. That old gramps she is with, is like a bitcoin stock-market pedo kind of a guy and all of their whole circle is so seedy.
So Alida is close to that group (she was living with them after LA, they were the ones gifting her things) and also close to Nina and her suspect fiance too, who gives off the EXACT same vibes.
This is too funny because I swear I noticed Nina shading Alida a few times too.

No. 1941694

File: 1702348622322.jpg (147.54 KB, 1080x1293, 1684659352714.jpg)

there were rumours and don't quote me on this, but witnesses at the lana concert where alida and susie were at, swear she and susie were sucking that scrotes dick and were both all over him.
now this is where shit gets interesting.
is it just me or does this dude look similar to that very same guy?
meaning, this guy she was posting about, is either the same one or his brother. she was confirmed living with them at this time. she was getting presents constantly from anon sources. clothes, trips away with first class tickets, money.

this is the song she chose to post along with vidss with this guy at the time,
You can be the boss, daddy
You can be the boss
Bad to the bone, sick as a dog
You know that I like, like you a lot
Don’t let it stop
He had a cigarette with his number on it
He gave it over to me, “Do you want it?”

was there some weird threesome thing going on, or were dirty family members of his trying to get with her, idk its all fucking weird
someone tell me if its the same dude or not. i don't think it is, his nose is diff and yet he looks similar

No. 1941700

The common thread between all these people is prostitution.

No. 1941703

Ah yes, the old scrote who “”gifted”” her a Porsche (which has never again been seen lol)

No. 1941718

File: 1702350801980.webm (3.37 MB, 508x752, inmysexyporsche.webm)

Prostitutes and pedos. One big happy family.
It's hard to say, all of these old geezers look the same to me. I don't think that's the same one, but definitely has some kind of connection to Susie's "Daddy".
I only just recently saw this old video of hers from that time, that I didn't catch back then. What a liar lmao!

No. 1941732

You’re wrong, she had a live a few weeks ago for thanksgiving with her family it was very brief like 5 minutes and she said that her old boss gifted her the Porsche and then said that he tried to fuck her and she didn’t so he took the car back. She said she was working in stocks at the time

No. 1941736

We can see your email address.

No. 1941739

That actually makes a whole lot of sense. That's exactly what I was worried about in the last thread. Nobody just gifts you something for nothing like that, especially a much older man. The whole time I was like whyyy are you taking this, being that clueless. But then when it was never talked about again and it disappeared, I figured she was just flexing and then making it all up. Or was another sex working thing like in LA.
It's hard to know when you're on the outside looking in, and the way she posts these stories. She was showing off about the Porsche at the time, rubbing it in peoples faces and posting things like how she loves men saying "whoa" when they meet her, etc.

No. 1941741

At the time she was all excited and said Jesus blessed her with the Porsche as a miracle for being such a good Christian or something. I know she’s not a likeable person, but it’s clear she’s mentally not all there and these old creeps are taking advantage of her delusions. Also the crowd she runs with isn’t unusual in LA, you see a lot of girls exactly like her (from the bloated filler faces to the slimy sugar daddies) and it’s always gross & sad.

No. 1941744

Actually pretty bleak to pretend to gift her a porsche, reality is he always would have "taken it back" even if she did fuck him, literally just a moid taking advantage of young delusional girls
(e.g. angel sent to earth ok luv >>1941362 )

No. 1941751

Sometimes she is there upstairs, but other times she is just completely out of it. She gravitates to the worst kinds of people, or they gravitate to her and she lets them in. She is kind of picky with who she becomes friends with, there are some people that she won't let sit at her table. But these types she always lets in. Then she becomes total prey. It's a non-stop cycle of this.
She was warned about this, even from us, but she gets super defensive with any form of criticism and does it all even more out of spite.

No. 1941752

It also shows how deeply delulu she is. Anyone with a shred of common sense knows an old man doesn’t just “gift” a young woman a luxury car out of humble appreciation of her angelic beauty (kek), he always wants something. She should be institutionalized for her own safety and these moids should be flung off a cliff.

No. 1941754

Whether she is diagnosed as mentally handicapped or not, I personally cannot enable her pedophile shit and how she glamorizes little girl and old men relationships. Shes 23. I would be scared as fuck that she would touch my child! Not to mention she scams disabled people. She has not grown at all in the past 7 years.

No. 1941757

This is true too. It's all so twisted and seriously messed up. There are just so many angles to this. One part of me feels like she is preyed on and she can't see peoples true motives, that she has something seriously wrong with her mentally. But another part of me sees her mean streak and how she can be really cunning and shallow too. I also cannot stand the whole ddlg thing and that she is surrounded with pedophiles but feeds into it, and yet at the same time contradicts herself by saying she wants to fight all the corrupt pedophilic elite. It freaking confuses me to the max.

No. 1941760

She is probably not that much of an enigma. In fact it may be as simple as neglect and careless parents, NPD, and her desire to fight pedophiles could be true but has no personality or soul beyond the unique validation old men give her along with financial security. She gets to play the role of innocent child who needs to be protected and cared for so she can continue avoiding adult responsibilities. She wants to be young forever but in doing so fails to see its only hurting her.

She thinks she is above a job, above education, above responsibility. She hasnt had to lift a finger so while her parents were careless they also seemed to have spoiled her.

No. 1941799

File: 1702367882789.jpeg (761.31 KB, 1170x1792, IMG_8585.jpeg)

that clunky af sentence about unplugging your mind in between her 2nd grade level rhymes kek

No. 1941807

it's official, low iq confirmed.
she flirts with the old ballsack, takes all his gifts, goes on trips with him then is shook when she finds out he wanted to fuck her all along. as tho it was some big plot twist. what a dumbass
she's so pressed
she's going to fuck us all up with her sword and knife kit kek

No. 1941809

File: 1702369928464.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1170x2363, IMG_1069.jpeg)

Not sure if she‘s been talked about before but Kellen (coqxette on tiktok) is currently throwing a fit and shading others because she is convinced she started the whole coquette trend.
Don't know if that is milky enough for the thread

No. 1941822

I remember her. She used to seem so sweet but like a stereotypical coquette she has that malignant mean girl streak that seems to be showing itself now.
I have noticed this thing where older coquettes want to gate-keep the whole genre from newer generations. Same with Lana fans. The older ones, don't like the newer or younger Lana fans coming in.

No. 1941823

File: 1702371663727.png (120.74 KB, 225x322, lmao.png)

No. 1941829

how delusional do you have to be to actually believe you started something that people have been doing more than a decade earlier than you did.
how old is she anyway?

No. 1941911

File: 1702391167217.jpeg (997.35 KB, 828x1357, IMG_0135.jpeg)

She finally figured out how to hide her likes on twitter to bad it’s to late and we all know she’s Andrew tate dick rider and still racist.

No. 1941935

u can tell she has never touched a real book or poetry in her life and the only thing she has ever read are lana del rey songs. so cringy when people think they can write only for rhyming random words. also i bet she hasn’t read a single verse of the bible and only uses jesus for aesthetics

No. 1941944

How is she not embarrassed?
Uh oh don’t tell lovesickbrat or she’ll throw another fit on her tumblr blog

No. 1941971

File: 1702401939573.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, 85A1D5A3-F618-42B2-BC6A-A5BB35…)

god, she’s insufferable and coping because her vids adding bows to maxi pads are flopping

No. 1942077

She obviously lurks here 24/7. It's weird how many cows stalk here and never take any of the useful advice given (pedo pandering attracts shitty people, that dude isn't really "gifting" you a Porsche etc.) but just dismiss it all as "muh haterz." I feel like if I got a thread here I'd actually use it as fuel to become a better person, especially since anons are usually encouraging toward cows who self-improve and outgrow their messy behavior. But they just continue the same antics year after year and wonder why their lives never get better.

No. 1942080

Now be kind anon, Soundcloud rap is also an obvious reference here.

Are we sure this isn't a bit? The "poop" one is over the top.

No. 1942091

She definitely fits right into this thread perfectly! Unless she is being sarcastic and playing it up like a parody? Only time will tell.
She turned 19 this year, as I saw her latest yt vid.
Same, I'd be so embarrassed I'd delete all my socials forever and work on myself. I never understood how these cows can keep going and get combatant and defensive about their threads, with no shame in the world. It shows how narcissistic they are, because I don't think most people would just stand in the fire and still think they are a god. Sociopaths, narcissists and psychopaths would though…

No. 1942100

That's so funny! Now she's hidden it, she can go back to liking racist twts again.
You can tell she REALLY wants Tate to notice her. Because she got recognition so easily in her past, by Lana and Madison etc, she believes she can get noticed by any celeb online now. How she was talking to Elon to get his attention that time and get gifted money from him, was crazy. This is how spoiled people behave.

No. 1942101

Her and Alida can fight it out to see who is the queen of coquette.

No. 1942151



No. 1942157

she's only 19? that makes her trying to claim credit for inventing coquette even crazier, didn't it start years ago on tumblr after #nyphette was banned? yeah all of the college kids on tumblr took their fashion advice from a random 14yr old, sure

No. 1942166

File: 1702432792569.jpg (74.85 KB, 323x259, 20231213-115857.jpg)

Yea she's definitely 19 lol

No. 1942172

She seems really irritated that other girls are wearing bows. Don't go near the bows, apparently coquettes own them now.

No. 1942193

File: 1702436309249.png (533.9 KB, 479x539, fanart.png)

Alida and Jesus reading the thread (pls don't ban me I spent a good 10 mins of my life on this masterpiece)

No. 1942211

girls have been doing this schtick since probably before or around 2012, and even so, the nymphette and/or Lolita fashion adjacent stuff was like early 2000s on the internet. Of course those fashion subcultures were championed by teenage Japanese girls in the mid 90s. This girl is absolutely delusional and her version of “coquette” looks cheap and ugly.

No. 1942225

File: 1702440031280.mp4 (2.29 MB, 886x1214, RPReplay_Final1702438646.mp4)

I feel like this is proof that Alida’s friends secretly hate her lmao

No. 1942252

File: 1702444537428.jpeg (1003.1 KB, 1170x1844, IMG_8616.jpeg)

“do y’all want my poetry turned melody?”
the fact that she likens LA to the “trenches” is deplorable

No. 1942253

File: 1702444593676.jpeg (255.97 KB, 1170x1917, IMG_8617.jpeg)

the fact that none of her mutuals have commented praising her speaks volumes kek

No. 1942259

this is brilliant i want more lmfao
why did she pull out her own stitches until she was bleeding out? drug inflicted psychosis?
i want all her poems turned into jams. i want her to release a full blown album on spotify. i want her to get an acting agent in pedowood, i want her to date musk or tate, i want her to do it all. because we'd get never ending content. its a good time. she wants to keep being a clown then i got permission to laugh at her. she's simultaneously annoying and entertaining. i just wish she'd quit getting pissy and see the funny side of it all

No. 1942295

Her skin is so blurred out to the maximum.

No. 1942307

File: 1702463113898.jpg (228.52 KB, 512x827, 201843.jpg)

She is so over-dramatic. Her world really resembled life in the trenches back then ~sarcasm.
She literally has photos from that time, in an album titled 'happy girl'.

No. 1942349

File: 1702479350540.jpeg (245.97 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_4225.jpeg)

Alida Simone looks like if Miss Piggy smelled her own ass, it’s uncanny.

No. 1942393


Considering she‘s been trend hopping ever since joining tiktok and starting out as a Helena Bonham Carter copycat this whole "inventing coquette" shit is really weird

No. 1942472

File: 1702499463945.jpeg (210.28 KB, 1170x733, IMG_8652.jpeg)

simultaneously crying about yet romanticizing her failing relationship with onion once more as though she doesn’t go back of her own free will time and time again

No. 1942617

File: 1702511727428.jpeg (199.12 KB, 1170x529, IMG_8662.jpeg)

nina outright shading alida again. alida’s birthday is early in october and she’s always harping on about being a libra sun with a cancer rising and it supposedly meaning she’s nurturing and motherly (yeah fuckin right). glad to see her friends waking up to how awful and shallow she is.

No. 1942655

I wonder if something happened between them, because I keep seeing these too! 'queens of platitudes' is Alida to a tee.
She can never take responsibility for anything that she instigates or fuels. She thinks she is like Princess Diana. That's why she's always talking about her, royalty and wearing tiaras.
She seriously does look like a human version of miss piggy and one of those baby dolls mixed together.

No. 1942754

She looks very mexican. All her body modifications have made her looks trans.(Racebait)

No. 1942757

File: 1702528630080.jpg (11.04 KB, 233x55, wot.jpg)


No. 1942782

File: 1702537396753.png (780.07 KB, 828x1792, IMG_0639.png)

I swear on dashas twitter a few months ago she said she was 23 it was in her bio… she also doesn’t look 21 (or 23 tbf) she looks a lot older

No. 1942788

>but actually I’m a baby doe deer lamb angel baby wa wa

these women are so insufferable
anyone that talks like this are super retarded

No. 1942820

They are more like crocodiles than deers or lambs.

No. 1942838

Lmaooo ew she literally is simping over a basic ass Andrew Tate ass fake woke gym bro ass vibes mayo ape. He’s so fucking ugly but tbh she’s gotten uglier too and it fits, but crazy, she could still do better. Embarrassing

No. 1942839

She looks mentally challenged but like.. literally

No. 1942848

She was calling this guy (Porsche “gifted”) her “boss” at her new “job” at the time

No. 1942853

I don’t even think she lacks common sense or is dumb. I think she is fully delusional and so narcissistic that she truly thinks, why wouldn’t this man gift this to me for just existing? She really is psychotic and believes her delusions fully

No. 1942857

Lmao she obsessed w Tate but then tries to say her LA girlies forced her into sex trafficking. Let’s be real she would love and beg Tate to traffic her if she got the opportunity. Would probably fetishize it in some way.

No. 1942858

The fuck at the first comment what is wrong w these ppl and what do they see in her.. lying about a premonition dream to get her attention these people are pathetic

No. 1942939

File: 1702570657938.jpeg (91.95 KB, 1170x237, IMG_8684.jpeg)

well, she did diagnose herself with autism

No. 1942940

File: 1702570682131.jpeg (741.49 KB, 1170x1964, IMG_8683.jpeg)

No. 1942944

File: 1702570781296.jpeg (259.16 KB, 1170x592, IMG_8685.jpeg)

No. 1943052

had to google chateau marmont after hearing about it all the time… what a tacky renfaire ass place, a parody. a drywall castle with carpeted floors. nothing wrong with that, but how on earth is that luxurious? looks on par with a marriot. how "old world" of them.
put some respect on steez's name nonnie

No. 1943096

lana mentions chateau marmot a lot in her songs, that’s the only reason why she mentions it too and went there

her whole persona is a failed imitation of lana del rey, she tries too hard to make her life look like a lana song but ends up looking ridiculous and unhinged. i guess its kinda acceptable when you're a teenager but Simone you're a grown woman, you need to find your own identity and personality.

i also noticed that her new "song" is also an attempt to sound like lana and has a resemblance to Carmen (a lana song) ??? imagine having zero personality & being so boring and talentless that you need to completely copy someone else's style. it reminds me of paige niemann (the ariana grande wannabe), the only difference is that paige literally cosplays ariana & simone copies everything Lana says in her songs(sage)

No. 1943213

She's right about kibbe being autistic

No. 1943291

Nina's hilarious, until she's not.
I guess the same can be said about Alida. They cross over from being funny to obnoxious.

No. 1943315

File: 1702621981812.jpeg (271.77 KB, 1170x934, IMG_8730.jpeg)

alida has never been funny imo because she tries too hard to be poetic about any and everything. nina occasionally has some funny quips.

No. 1943325

The thing with Chateau Marmont isn't how it looks. It's that it has a lot of Hollywood history. The kind that these people romanticise. Many celebrities stayed there for longer periods, basically lived there. Celeb deaths and near deaths of drug overdoses happened there, a lot of stories of them doing wild shit there. Lana mentions it in her music, yes. But it's mentioned in so many books, music and shot in films. Rebel Without a Cause was written there. I think they even auditioned and rehearsed there. She wants to be near to the fantasy of what it is.

No. 1943338

File: 1702630446760.jpg (226.58 KB, 505x717, eatingdinnerwitjesus.jpg)

Alida is funny to me when she does things like having dinner with Jesus at her table lmao! The way she is with Jesus makes me laugh so much.
But yea, other times she's definitely not funny.

No. 1943351

what does “all pink inside me” even mean? like wtf?

No. 1943352

Yeah that grosses me out.

No. 1943355

You just know that fat bitch Alida stuffed her face with Taco Bell after taking this. Probably just a starter for her.

No. 1943358

it seems like a sexual thing or something. whatever it is, it’s super weird thing to say when you are taking a pic of your food

No. 1943361

Maybe a subtle reference to the pedo "bubblegum pink" thing about vageen, we know she is always pandering to pedos. The food isn't even pink…

No. 1943447

Even being completely covered in something baggy, you can tell she’s a fatty with a huge frame.
Even if she was thin, she’d still be lumbering with broad shoulders and thick, stocky limbs, not the dainty waif she wants to be so badly.

No. 1943584

I want Alida to get into Kibbe so bad. She's gonna have a bpd meltdown when she finds out she's too tall for all the smol uwu yin types(sage)

No. 1943645

File: 1702686465287.jpg (200.8 KB, 593x476, bigbitchvalkyrie.jpg)

She definitely lurks here daily

No. 1943653

She will have to ditch Jesus and go full Pagan if she wants to be a Valkyr. She would have to swap him out for Odin at her table instead.

No. 1943670

Kek that’s hilarious. Alida since you’re lurking here and taking lolcow’s advice, DUMP HIM.

No. 1943676

She’s like Chris chan in the sense that it’s so easy to get a reaction out of her and she plays right into it every time.

No. 1943688

I think that's why I find these threads so entertaining, because she reacts to pretty much everything. But sometimes she will do things we don't like all the more, in spite of it.

No. 1943718

Did she really just get a black henna ppd tattoo?

No. 1944050

File: 1702770043068.jpeg (820.38 KB, 1170x1357, IMG_8843.jpeg)

i don’t believe the pic alida claims was taken at 22 is from months ago. so now i think she’s about to start lying about her age.

No. 1944056

she does look older than early twenties, I would have guessed mid to late twenties. I could see her being embarrassed by her real age because of the rhetoric that women expire after 25 and lying

No. 1944058

>continued romanticisation of trauma the tweet

No. 1944068

She might actually be telling the truth about her age and look older from botched cosmetic work. That's the thing about anti-aging botox and fillers, they always age the hell out of anyone

No. 1944141

She is seriously obsessed with herself.

No. 1944160

Why does she always do this ~ compare photos of herself as a teenager and then an adult, side by side? Also bringing up her eyes…. AGAIN.

No. 1944165

File: 1702799468209.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1166, IMG_4221.jpeg)

She’s not lying about her age yet. She’s posted her ID and her age was published when she went “missing” in 2016. Also it’s really easy to find her via public information sites. If she’s lying about anything, it would be when that pic was taken.

No. 1944371

Omg five feet seven inches tall. Makes me think about that time she said "…my proportions are tiny…" in some online tantrum complaining about farmers.

No. 1945012

She has such an unfortunate and manly shape tbh.
Instead of lip fillers and gaudy clothing she should save up to fix that instead.
I’m sure Dr.Miami is up her alley.

No. 1945055

I'm kinda surprised that Alida never became a twitch streamer. She seems like the type who would be drawn into that world. She'd be sitting there with all her filters on, getting donations from her fans. She'd end up hanging out with the worst streamers and getting involved in all the drama.

No. 1945118

File: 1703006955959.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1170x2055, IMG_9031.jpeg)

good lord no wonder she can’t make it in the real world. she’s probably put in 2 hours of work at most.

No. 1945122

File: 1703007025189.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x2059, IMG_9032.jpeg)

samefag to sorry about her absolute garbage craftsmanship. the blue of the “eye” isn’t even centered, let alone even.

No. 1945144

It took her all night just to glue some felt together?

No. 1945157

This eye thing has to be a manic episode. Putting a sharp blue eye on a soft gentle looking bag doesn't mix, it doesn't blend even slightly with anything associated with her aesthetic

No. 1945230

The felt eye looks like an 8 year old made it. How is she not embarrassed to be selling such badly made crap and scamming her followers like this?

No. 1945270

There is nothing wrong or unfortunate about her body. It’s the way she conducts herself and what she believes in that is the problem

No. 1945291

File: 1703036581644.jpeg (450.33 KB, 1054x1819, A231A6B0-3CF5-4E98-BA91-29D339…)

Chloe suicide baiting on ig stories

No. 1945292

File: 1703036613767.jpeg (Spoiler Image,380.2 KB, 1064x1819, 62FCB157-164C-4A1C-96AA-2DCCB2…)

Clusterbee attention whores out in full force

No. 1945294

Well someone will probably just ask her youtuber mother to baker act her no biggie

No. 1945308

In your opinion.

No. 1945978

File: 1703193911624.jpeg (487.45 KB, 1170x1310, IMG_9139.jpeg)

nina’s coping so hard

No. 1945983

>ppl say I do all the time
Your pedo moid doesn’t count hon

No. 1946005

File: 1703200930215.png (459.84 KB, 640x824, i84aqe1jbd7c1.png)

Has lovedoveclarke been posted yet? OF model turned coquette, turned scam business owner, frequently goes viral on twitter for constant lying, delusions of grandeur, and being the victim of everything.

No. 1946048

File: 1703213204387.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1626, IMG_9162.jpeg)

she and the helena bonham cosplayer from tiktok should get in the ring

No. 1946135


The tiktok girl has used Alida's pictures before. It is so bizzare. She is aware of her but still claims to have invented (?) coquette

No. 1946140

I swear if I see another coquette christmas tree covered in bows Imma kms…
Is it just me, or is the coquette thing growing at a crazy rate suddenly? Or am I only just now noticing it..

No. 1946145

Grow up.

No. 1946187

she must be trolling or something cuz she looks 27+ lmaoo even at 18 she looks old af. older coquettes wanting to look underage by force are so pathetic, why do you want to look 15? for pedophiles? because there is no other reason to want to look underage. it's one thing to want to look young and another to try to look like a child or teenager. they truly need to grow up and accept the fact that they are already grown and mature women

No. 1946218

File: 1703252855601.png (39.78 KB, 780x590, Screenshot 2023-12-22 134841.p…)

ethel cain deleted his tumblr, wonder why?

No. 1946237

Imagine being with a 55+ year old man, and wanting to look 15 at the same time. Pedos much? Don't these women get, that they are pedos too? Enabling and feeding pedophilia as tho it's cute.
Everyone is having their xmas mental breakdowns it seems.

No. 1946239

whatever PR firm shoved this creep into the mainstream probably finally caught wind of it existing/got sent screencaps of the What Mother Cain Thinks Women Are For incident a few months back

No. 1946277

What gave you the idea, kek

No. 1946307

Everytime I come back to this thread I take another look at that bag and burst out laughing

No. 1946328

it's ~cult christian coquette kei~ you pleb, how dare you laugh at our fashion queen. (all that it needs though is just a bit of Bambi/fawn patch and ribbons, not coquette enough)

No. 1946362


Her body is fine and normal, but it's absolutely nothing to right home about. Especially for someone as vain and shallow as she is, and especially since she tries so hard to fit into the soft babygirl aesthetic. It's jarring.

He's not a miracle worker lol. Putting a BBL and fake boobs on a ruler/rectangle figure will just have her looking tragic and botched.

No. 1946475

i know she's a narcissist and obsessed with having blue eyes and what not but i don't believe she couldn't have tried to make that ugly ass eye cuter and more fitting to the rest of the whole bag
she totally looks 27 or something, if she thinks she looks the same she looked at 18 why would it matter she looks late 20's? lmao

No. 1946564

I have come to the realisation that I like Alida when she's being unintentionally funny. But I don't like her at all when she gets her god complex and the creepy little baby girl thing with ron. Or when I catch glimpses of her mean streak.

No. 1946625

File: 1703353919016.jpeg (1.26 MB, 4096x2730, AECB74B2-7A48-4301-B7DF-0A0F85…)

nina coping again because her geriatric fiancé prefers anachans. that’s got to be why she’s been posting about being an anachan >>1945978

No. 1946660

File: 1703365981978.jpeg (42.89 KB, 700x410, D82FC203-354A-459E-9B23-9ACB8D…)

When moids age and lose testosterone they start preferring anachans which is why many of them become pedos and go to SEA Asia to have sex with flat assless 4ft tall hookers. Young men in their prime and highest testosterone usually prefer curvier women and milfs.(derailing)

No. 1946665

kek, moids' opinion is worthless, but this reminded me about how dasha said men find her so attractive because of her waifish physique. not necessarily untrue, but still a nice reality check looking at the percentage.

No. 1946681

That's some sud science bulshit.
As if all pedos are over 50, come one. There's a lot of cases of pedophiles being caught in their late teens and twenties.
Also, spouting the bullshit about men that have yellow fever being just pedos is some twiter level garbage take.

No. 1946718

I hate this “chasing the wrong look” thing, moids fetishize every body type. Girls chase the look on the left because it’s attainable if you’re naturally thin or willing to starve yourself. The right look isn’t attainable unless you’re born with a very specific & rare body type and also photoshop yourself heavily.

No. 1946725

maybe just maybe women chase the look they want??

No. 1946847

This is a lie that fat slampigs tell to make themselves feel better about being fat slampigs.(scrote-tier post)

No. 1946961

You can't even tell what the woman on the right looks like because she has a strategically placed robe that's cinched in but not showing anything unappealing.

No. 1947214

File: 1703531492511.jpeg (552.06 KB, 1284x920, 3C0C7AF7-9D7B-4B62-BFDC-2F7F6C…)

Real. When women actually look like that, incels and scrotes call them fat.

No. 1947215

I agree. Just because the victim is imperfect doesn't make her any less of a victim, no woman deserves to be raped as a teen no matter how evil she is.

No. 1947902

File: 1703713698013.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1934, IMG_9536.jpeg)

meanwhile in nina’s likes.… dae think the republican wannabe tradwife LARP is because she’ll mold herself into anything her ancient fiancé wants her to be? or is it mainly a classic case of him having gotten to her while she was still incredibly young and impressionable, grooming her that way?

No. 1947915

NTA but no one said she was at fault. The discussion started bc Alida posted something like “everyone was messy at 16, it’s fine!” and anons rightfully pointed out the behaviors and people she was involved with weren’t normal or healthy for 16yos at all. Anons here aren’t the ones minimizing & glamorizing Alida getting groomed and pretending she was the one in charge; Alida is doing that herself.

No. 1948003

Seriously. Men cherry-pick what women can have this type of body. They are fine with a stomach a little bit as long as she has skinny arms and a smaller waist under the breasts that also have to be huge, and don't forget she has to have a butt. They even draw women like this, but will still call them fat and plus size. Unless you've had surgery, posts like that, the woman is fat all over. Men have such a coomerbrained idea of how weight should be distributed on a women, but have the audacity to say that you can't focal point lose weight.

No. 1948006

File: 1703740240779.jpeg (960.65 KB, 1170x1289, IMG_9586.jpeg)

alida’s mirroring melanie martinez with the second puberty weight gain kek. couldn’t be fucked to remember those girls’ names or @s — everyone is just a prop to her.

No. 1948007

File: 1703740270223.jpeg (321.75 KB, 1290x1290, IMG_9587.jpeg)

No. 1948008

File: 1703740367393.jpeg (153.69 KB, 784x784, IMG_9588.jpeg)

>>1948007(sage your shit)

No. 1948009

Random implies she wouldn't remember

No. 1948012

>>1948008 kek. the shayna looking clogs mixed with the grimes fried extensions.

No. 1948014

Isn't second puberty a myth?

No. 1948056

She´s way too wide to be coquette or ´dainty´

No. 1948082

Because she's an adult woman and the idea of coquetteish itself is based on children lets put this to bed.

No. 1948092


No. 1948111

Anon the term is sexual. It is not about children.

No. 1948166

It is both. Sexual and about children. That’s why it’s gross.

No. 1948181

nina just thinks that she’ll be one of the good ones that will be given special privileges

No. 1948261

She looks like a live action version of Miss Piggy. She even has the same pearl necklace that Miss Piggy always wears.

No. 1948359

File: 1703860548470.jpeg (622.47 KB, 828x1454, IMG_0434.jpeg)

The milk should be fresh and self given today

No. 1948547

Its sexual and about kids. Coquette is to sexualize young teens. "Nymphets" or pretty young girls who are impressionable and coming into their own. Ones that are easy to groom and then dump when they get too old.

No. 1948564

She's so fake, always trying so hard to be this projection of herself she wants to be viewed as. That stupid faux baby voice that she puts on..

No. 1948566

I swear if she starts doing makeup tutorials with filters on her face, that's messed up. How are you meant to see how products truly work? Girls will go out and buy everything that she uses, thinking it will look a certain way, when in reality it's all just smoke and mirrors.

No. 1948569

File: 1703908759369.jpg (54.1 KB, 590x153, 20231230-135856.jpg)

This is weird and gross.

No. 1948575

So she was in grade 4 and he was 43…………….

No. 1948600

It’s so weird how girls in major age gap relationships revel in the fact of how young they are. they always bring it up to the point that it’s a part of their personality as if there’s nothing else interesting about them.
It’s so weird

No. 1948602

why did she use a photo of her at 16….? bloated and fat down syndrome looking girl…cant even speak properly because she keeps saying “um” and “like”….guess shes running out of money trying to grow on youtube kek. just get a job alida. you’re in the rat race like everyone else & no man cares to support you and your pedophilia.

im sure she’ll get exposed on youtube soon enough for bullying and pedophilia.

No. 1948677

File: 1703945780678.jpeg (80.91 KB, 828x454, IMG_0438.jpeg)

what kind of impact does she want to make on “young” girls. I also noticed she’s following estee Williams on Instagram that ‘tradwife’ that was causing controversy on TikTok a while back. He’s never going to marry you Simone, he’s a fifteen year old boy in a moids body. Hence why he’s with you.

And if she wanted to make any use to this actual YouTube thing she might want to consider putting any amount of effort into the production. A script? Half the video not being you repeating the same things and trying to sell things in her first video? Also still claiming she “handmade” those fur coats.

No. 1948678

I aM THE kEyWeSt KiTtEn
Notice how she didn't put any of her friends up that are a part of the pedo slimey group? No Susieq on there.
The whole video is an act.
She also glosses over things. Like when she mentioned her previous handles, she left out her infamous questionable titles Jumpropejailbait, or Snuffiepuppy.
And why does she always dox herself. She gives out her full name, location, full family details, even posts photos of her drivers licence. Feels like she is just asking for trouble.

No. 1948680

We NEED to bully this evil retard off YouTube before she actually grooms little girls.(not your personal army)

No. 1948681

Scary how she just typed that out and didn't see anything wrong with it.
I'm going to puke at her calling him 'baby' too. These people are all seriously demented.

No. 1948683

File: 1703946707373.jpg (29.91 KB, 603x100, 20231231-002859.jpg)

ew midlife crisis man's formal appearance in the comments.

No. 1948684

File: 1703946894210.jpeg (125.32 KB, 828x605, IMG_0444.jpeg)

No. 1948685

File: 1703946899851.jpg (238.04 KB, 1087x656, misspiggycc.jpg)

Guys there's a 33 min subliminal up if anybody wants to look like Miss Piggy!
Anything to do with Alida is always retarded

No. 1948686

I can feel her God complex rising again.

No. 1948691

Why is he talking like that I can't even…. pls someone save me from this eternal cringe

No. 1948704

He types just like Dolly Mattel’s pedo reply guys too. Is there a factory where they make these defective Twitter males?

No. 1948741

I agree. I don't think that Alida should be going out of her way like this, to have an impact on young girls. Does she really want young girls to follow in her footsteps? She is fucking and dating a man twice her age (who instigated a relationship whilst she was underage), she condones all relationships with this dynamic - including Nina's, Susie's. Again, what are the odds that none of these men are pedophiles? At best, they are shallow assholes who do not need to be praised or allowed to do what they do. At worst, they are literal pedophiles and a danger to children. She pretends she is a toddler whilst being with this much older man; feeding into his pedophilic desires even moreso. Getting off by pretending she is a baby being molested by her father.
She is messed up in the head and all over the place when it comes to spirituality. She makes up her own tales and then forces them onto others who also follow along with these crazed beliefs like a cult. Telling people what they should and should not believe in (anybody who believes 100% that they know what comes after death is an arrogant, self-righteous fuckhead). She does drugs (but claims they aren't drugs at all, they are different 'eye-opening' drugs). She is highly mentally unstable. She is a narcissist and extremely vain. Her stories are either convoluted or diluted down to fit her agenda and garner attention; to make people feel sorry for her when she wants to (it actually works). Her appearance is smoke and mirrors. Young girls try to look like her, some even damaging their lips or obsessing daily like those ridiculous subliminal videos on youtube. Not realising that she does not look how she does on her videos or photos. In reality her skin is textured, she has lines and dark circles, she has scorched hair and I could go on. She spends hours on her appearance, she does not just wake up looking like that. She is just NORMAL.
She over charges for items that she botches together in a rush, just to get the money.
We all know this, and this is a repeat of everything we've already talked about. But it feels as though we are speaking into the void. She doesn't see it. Her followers clearly can't see it. She is NOT a good person to aspire to be and I feel sorry for any girl out there who is wasting and ruining their life on trying to be like Alida.
Sorry for the novella.(calm down)

No. 1948742

tips fedora m'lady

No. 1948747

I appreciate the effort but I think you’re overthinking what schizos do on the internet

No. 1948849

She did the dream face reveal position the whole video. Everything about it feels so fake and staged. And her voice kek. Trying so hard to sound like a soft angel baby.

No. 1948854

File: 1703980142960.jpeg (87.87 KB, 806x718, 23E9B0DB-4DF0-40DD-AE20-8CECD3…)

Did any of you nonnas catch this ridiculous in and out list going around? I look through op’a account and she can be pretty milky but it’s nothing new. Just divine feminine shit. Anyway, “calling your man daddy in a non-sexual way” made me kek hard. Wtf.

No. 1948855

File: 1703980169246.jpeg (80.23 KB, 828x1256, 783EDB45-A485-4A1B-8CDB-442402…)

No. 1948856

File: 1703980291102.jpeg (63.54 KB, 827x1261, 05D2FEB1-2FF7-455B-854B-AFC379…)

No. 1948889

her voice isn't like that on any of her lives. trying to sound all meek and timid, dainty and sweet
and whats with this goon's comment
they live together, why he talkin like that when she's prob just in the other room.
dude wtf is wrong with you
but still, i want more vids. i want more juicy ones, this one was too boring and i kept looking at her felt and glue eyeball brooch on her jacket the whole time. like she's a part of some lovecraftian cult where they worship that eye with all the tentacles coming out of it. only its her eye and everyone else is worshiping it
i feel like she's going to play it safe tho in all her vids, she's not going to do or say anything outrageous or talk about politics or tate or musk like on her twits

No. 1948892

now if she had a twitch, that would be a whole different kettle of fish. she can script and play it safe on youtube, all pre-planned and edited. if she was on twitch, daily, now that would be where all the drama would be at

No. 1948941

Ugh, there's absolutely nothing behind her eyes. She's completely vacant, only elevator music in there.

No. 1949045

>red scar podcast
Weird, why are the coquettes abandoning Anna and Dasha? I thought coquettes were their demographic

No. 1949095

regarding alida and her voice. here's the thing. she has been obsessed over the feminine sound of voices for a while now. she has trained herself to talk in a certain way, in an attempt to sound feminine. soft, higher pitched, shy and all that.
she has gone on rants in the past before about voices. she refuses to listen to anyone who and i quote "doesn't sound like an angel". she wouldn't listen to adele, called her masculine sounding, said she only listens to angels. she likes brooklyns voice because she is in the high range. but if u listen to her rant, when she loses control of this voice obsession that she has, her natural voice is actually quite deep. she lives her life, trying to control every single minute detail of herself because of this fucked up obsession with femininity. that of which stems from this world of coquette and what she believes men prefer. she attempts to mimic the way princess diana and marilyn monroe speak. that same demure way.
she can't hold a job, because her day fully consists of her grooming to an unhealthy degree, ocd'ing about how she appears and even sounds to others. imagine living your life like that.
she even went thru a stage where she tried to manipulate her accent into the US southern accent. claiming that it was her natural accent coming out more. but she was clearly doing that after people were saying how cute the accent is.
her whole life is a stage act. who even is she? pretty certain not even she knows because her whole existence revolves around how she is perceived by others.

No. 1949102

Imagine pretending as though you are shy on a video. Just because you believe that is more feminine and cute.

No. 1949110

he seems really awkward around her. made even the weirder because they live together.

No. 1949111

File: 1704041945331.jpeg (559.45 KB, 1170x1593, IMG_9894.jpeg)

nina’s “rants” for her flop podcast.
>”age gap hysteria is a fad, it’ll pass”
>doesn’t realize people have been critiquing age gaps for decades now – most notably in the past decade. anyone remember when johanna deutschman (spoiledsiren on tumblr) had to go to court at 15 because someone posted on reddit about her 30-something-year-old indian manlet picking her up from high school and taking her to hotels? and she was getting flooded with anonymous asks gushing about “you’re so brave for fighting for your love!!” yeah… they’re still together to this day.
>”if a woman wants marriage to work needs to make husband happy always” nina’s a redpilled trophy wife wannabe that thinks she’s made it because she’s got a ring on her finger. i don’t think she realizes, or cares, that marriages have ups and downs. she thinks she’s so special that she’s magically exempt from the nature of longterm relationships. there is no amount of makeup and clothes in the styles her geriatric fiancé prefers her in that will fix that. no amount of cleaning the house will ever be enough. and honestly, she’ll probably convince him to get a maid service subscription plan after 6 months of marriage because she won’t be able to keep up with his demands. we don’t even know if this anachan LARPer can cook kek

No. 1949116

There could be drama when she starts her podcast and invites people like Nina on, or others. Nina isn't going to be careful with what she says (see example)
..same with some of her other friends. But I guess Alida would just delete the video if it got too much negativity.
All of her lives where she lost her cool and got angry, were immediately deleted.

No. 1949118

>alcohol is based, will have a return like cigarettes
she's larping too hard. only 15 year olds think they're cool for doing adult things like drinking

No. 1949120

I honestly wonder how Nina will cope, when her old scrote gets a disease and loses all of his faculties. Which could quite literally be just around the corner as he's pushing 60. Would she stick around to take care of him? I highly doubt it.

No. 1949121

Found the exact coats Alida is trying to sell for $200 on aliexpress for $40(this is an imageboard)

No. 1949122

What is wrong with her? They're all seriously lacking in the intelligence department.
She would clash with Alida, over this take. Would love to see them debate on her podcast. But Alida wouldn't instigate any arguments or confrontations on her videos, as that would be seen as masculine.

No. 1949125

as much as nina gives me the shits, i gotta hand it to her for being a good sport when it comes to lolcow. she doesn't give a shit and just keeps on giving when it comes to content kek
interesting! now we gotta see the pics. im pretty sure she didnt make most of those things herself, those coats among them.
when she said she sat up all night long, all she was doing was going yolo on the felt measuring and slapping them together with glue. if i did that everybody would laugh at me and call me a retard, but here she is making bank

No. 1949128

the one thing alida has valid takes on is alcohol because her mother died from alcoholism complications. she used to speak on it in an anecdotal, matter-of-fact manner, then when she was in her woowoo hippie phase she claimed it blocked your third eye or some shit, and now that she's a born-again christian, she'll probably just say it leads one to temptation.
nina, on the other hand, is such an autist that alcohol probably makes her behave like a normal person. or her scrote is really into "upscale" bar-hopping/a boomer "mixologist" tard.

No. 1949157

Yea and I was thinking, if Nina's 'Daddy' drinks a lot (which I'm guessing he does), that's surely got to catch up with him soon too, like it did with Alida's mum. I'd really love to see debates like these on her podcast. But I think it's probably just going to be spirituality related where they waffle on about Jesus or the divine feminine. Which is just a snoozefest for me.
I want to see them tackle issues like age-gap relationships, but have opposing takes on the subject. She would never tho, she would want her podcasts to be 'pretty', like everything she wants to surround herself with.

No. 1949161

I should correct myself up there. She always wants to surround herself with the pretty, except when it comes to dirty old men.

No. 1949167

i wanna hear about all of her wild conspiracy theories. all of them
is she game enough though is the question.
shes talked about doing a podcast for years now but has never delivered.
she has the capacity to produce some wacko content if only she doesn't hold back. when she holds back, she's like how she was in that vid, stiff and uptight.
i think nina should b a regular guest and then i want ronald on it too .
i want debates. i want her to talk about those aliens she saw and never talked about again bc we laughed at her keeeeeek
i feel like she would only say things she thinks people would wanna hear tho and if she ever did let loose, yep she would delete it all after

No. 1949174

random comment but i bet alida only plays girly games like animal crossing or cutesy ones like pokemon. nothing she sees as too masculine. and if she ever does play games like that bc of ron, i bet she always creates her avatar with blonde hair, blue eyes and always the prettiest she can make it.
she'd never play games like elden ring or dark souls. reason i'm bringing this up is i was thinking about twitch and if she'd ever make it on the gaming side of the site. she'd end up just in the just chatting section
i'd love to see her play games like silent hill 2. she'd think she was summoning satan or something
but funny thing is, doing that type of thing is where she would prob get a lot of money. and a whole new audience to go with it

No. 1949178

She would see gaming as a whole, as very masculine probably. It would be a way where she could draw in an audience without being too controversial as she would be busy concentrating on the game in front of her. Her playing horror games would be really entertaining, but there is no way. Jesus wouldn't allow it. lmao
So many guys would be tipping their fedoras at her in the chat which would be just too funny. Her current fanbase would follow along, because they seem to follow her no matter what she does.

No. 1949183

She also wouldn't cope with any negativity in her chat. But then again, her fanbase would quite literally jump enmasse on anybody who came in to criticize her. If she ever did do Twitch, it would just be like her current Lives. Maybe attempt a podcast.

No. 1949285


that's what she's hoping for. that he'll pop off and she'll get all his money. you can tell by her older posts about getting men for money and men getting women just for looks. sucks for her if he gets a disease that lingers for years and years and she has to look after the fucker as well as have to pay for all the health care he'll need. esp in the us. but these dumb bitches don't ever think of these things

No. 1949289

hope alida has saved up enough pennies for when old ronald's health goes south. cos time is ticking on that front, a whole lot faster than for girls who date guys within their own age range

No. 1949291

That's true. Why would anyone want to date an old man anywhere, but especially in America where healthcare is soooo freaking expensive and trash. I mean, maybe in Nina's case they could afford it (idk how rich he is meant to be), but pretty sure Alida doesn't have that much money just lying about. She would probably end up squeezing money out of her fans for it.

No. 1949293

It would be so ironic though, getting with some old geezer for his wealth, only for that money to dwindle away to nothing due to him suddenly needing lots of healthcare.

No. 1949319

File: 1704098264333.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1517, IMG_9943.jpeg)

plastered old scrote doesn’t even know where the camera is. her tweet under this was embarrassing as well.

No. 1949320

File: 1704098336630.jpeg (232.7 KB, 1170x597, IMG_9944.jpeg)

“wasp people” as though she doesn’t desperately want to be one

No. 1949327

Imagine that the only thing interesting about you is that you are dating an old man lol sucks to suck I guess

No. 1949329

I'd be mortified to post that. He looks disgusting. That is genuinely so ugly to look at. Self respect is so precious and it's priceless.

No. 1949339

so she's trying to scam narc fans with daddy's credit card?

No. 1949343

He has Jonny Craig aka Goiter/BBP phenotype w that ugly rat nose and beady eyes.

No. 1949357

I demand a zoomer tell me what this means

No. 1949358

White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Mediterranean. Not zoomer terms, the former's been around like 100+ years

No. 1949412

You can just imagine how obnoxiously loud Nina could get without any regard to people around her. Even more so after getting drunk off her face. Main character syndrome.

No. 1949414

All they ever do is get plastered together.

No. 1949420

Wasp's are also 'upper-class' and wealthy. An exclusive circle. When someone uses the term 'wasp' they say it in a salty, jabbing sort of a way. Nina always likes to remind others that her and her pedo fiance are surrounded by wealthy people.
This is a guess, but Alida started posting photos with Nina around the same time she was living with Susie. Never before then, so they must have met around that time. Not sure, but I feel that Nina's finance has connections to Alida's old slimeball boss and Susie's gross partner too.

No. 1949424

File: 1704139038681.jpg (321.56 KB, 816x591, pedocentral.jpg)

So, these three, all connected. This is my theory, but I could put bets on it.
They all do stocks, they all are wealthy.
They all date young girls.
They are all slimey.

No. 1949427

Alida talks about bringing down the pedophile Elites, when maybe she should start by looking at what is right in front of her first..
I mean she knew they were conniving slime-balls when she was 'working' for them. Even said as much. And yet she is still a part of their circle and still agrees with these relationships. She is just so contradicting.

No. 1949432

Compare her attitude here
In comparison to her, I'm so shy innocent and cute teehee on her latest vid

No. 1949461

File: 1704146031049.png (213.86 KB, 1160x518, Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 8.53…)

Tinfoil but I'm guessing Alida is wanting to go down the Estee path and be a tradwife. She engages with a lot of trad content on twitter, it's only a matter of time until she starts making videos about it.

No. 1949464

not tinfoil at all , its absolutely where she's headed. bleargh

No. 1949477

Alida's lifestyle and all of her friends give me the creeps.

No. 1949531

>white anglo-saxon protestant white people
a wild retard appeared

No. 1949565

i mean… >>1942939 she does look FAS-esque at times

No. 1950055

File: 1704251019095.jpeg (535.97 KB, 828x927, IMG_0500.jpeg)

No. 1950064

>keeping up with trends
Your whole aesthetic is ig/twitter meme.
>red scare pod
Because obviously.
Jfc, these women are the most boring people alive. Nothing about their hobbies or actual changes in life, just meaningless shit no one gives a fuck about.

No. 1950065

biggest retard out of this thread and all of these topics sound like something red scare would put on, except that anna and dasha can be funny sometimes. the fact that her man is an actual uggo is a cherry on top.

No. 1950066

prolly find a new one but not that much older
and sell some bullshit about how she and her current one weren’t compatible.

hope it ends up like this tbh

No. 1950068

these women are getting so memmed kek, not one of them is mads mikkselsen hot tumblr daddy type, just mid losers. imagine bringing yourself to fuck an old scrote just for coquette larp kek.

No. 1950072

Because everyone wishes for the filler-stache.

No. 1950077

Bitch you'll be dead eventually and end up a rotting corpse like the rest of us. But keep on boasting about your fleeting appearance, as that is what is most important to you.

No. 1950079

careful now, wouldn't want to upset jesus with all that excess vanity

No. 1950080

she had facetune and a dream

No. 1950082

It's just her God complex rising again, it hasn't hit it's peak yet though.

Nothing like the shy, innocent larp in her youtube video lmao

No. 1950087

what a cunt

No. 1950089

>fake lashes
>fake hair
>fresh lip filler
>bleach job

anyone can look like alida…just spend a few hundred lol. i feel so bad for the young girls that follow her because some of them are so completely impressionable.

No. 1950096

Did she mean eternally? Yeesh

No. 1950113

File: 1704263321446.png (19.37 KB, 200x200, theslappablejerk-the.png)

nina's scrote looks like the moid who does toxic/manipulative/etc. POV videos on tiktok, kek.

No. 1950115

yet somehow looks even worse unfortunately

No. 1950143

File: 1704272602156.jpeg (69.11 KB, 660x495, 0B855014-406F-4515-A925-4B8371…)

She looks like Amanda bynes when she was bloated, just older and fatter.

No. 1950193

insulting to Amanda tbh, this woman looks like a busted Miss Piggy

No. 1950225

File: 1704291144213.jpeg (578.92 KB, 828x1372, IMG_0502.jpeg)

No. 1950257

Literally not even an hour after >>1950143 was posted lmao. The chubby thing really touches a nerve

No. 1950296

'survival overeat mode' kek what a greedy cow cope

No. 1950306

>been rollerblading everyday
KEK I call bullshit. If she was using them with any modicum of ability she’d be posting left and right. I know exactly which ones she prob has too, can’t stop laughing. Am a very skilled blade nonna who would love to see her skate

No. 1950426

she probably has the shitty "aesthetic" impala ones and is going to buy a new pair in a month because she doesn't know you're supposed to change the wheels & bearings, kek.

No. 1950528

Alida is that witch from Snow White. Bet she spends hours a day looking at herself in the mirror, preening and obsessing over her appearance. Who's the fairest one of all? It's me! It's me! Gross.

No. 1950553

File: 1704344728959.jpeg (68.26 KB, 828x790, IMG_0168.jpeg)

she posted this in her private ig and damn this has to be one of the worst glow down ever. i used to think she was pretty before 2020 but now she looks old and average. it looks like her head is getting wider and wider and that makes her look old. not surprising since most people who peak at a young age tend to get uglier as they get older

No. 1950556

File: 1704345461521.jpeg (183.3 KB, 1170x404, IMG_0181.jpeg)

she wants pats on the back for sh owing her filler-puffed face with no makeup for the first time in years as if she’s not going to add a beauty filter to the youtube video. calling makeup, DIY lash extensions and hair extensions “playful” when she hasn’t gone outside her house without them in months is disgustingly disingenuous. she’s not “playing” like a kid when she’s so deeply insecure that she prunes for hours every day and consistently has to harp on about being more beautiful than “the internet meanies.”

No. 1950557

Let's be real though. Filter aside, she looks better like this. She has an attractive face and features. But her over the top feminine larp is what makes her look bad. The overprocessed hair, the mtf troon fashion style, the obsession with trying to appear youthful.

No. 1950583

I wonder what happened to make her obsess over beauty this much. She gets dog-piled with compliments daily, to the point where she only sees worth in appearance. Being told she is gorgeous every single day, and girls saying they would do anything to look like her, has warped her mind. She tries so hard to uphold this image of herself. because she feels like she would be nobody without beauty. That she would just fade and not be noticed anymore.
This is great on one level. But you can tell that it's not done out of humility. Instead it feels as tho she is trying to garner even more beauty points - that see, I am still beautiful even without any of my crutches! And yea, it is waaay more than just playful dressing up. These things are her crutches, not merely tools. She lives in this constant strive for perfection on every level. I would feel sad for her, if she didn't lord over everybody -telling others that she is far more beautiful and worthy all the time. This extremely shallow outlook with everything.
She really is the witch from snow white, who was also obsessed with youth in the same manner.

No. 1950587

She is too shallow for any spiritual practices. Vanity is meant to be completely stripped away in all religions and that is the one thing she fails at.

No. 1950592

File: 1704352461546.jpg (710.12 KB, 590x2809, kek.jpg)

Uh oh Alida is playing with AI art. Now she will be making AI art of herself all the time. It reminds me of when she commissions artists to do art of herself. Or only likes art of girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Anyway, I just found this too funny! This creepy little dolly sneaking into her pics and I bet she didn't even notice her there.

No. 1950630

she looks fine here, actually pretty.
the fake lashes that look synthetic and bleach blonde that looks chemically bad is what makes her look bad. Also the shein level babydoll dresses that are all poofy and illfitting is even worse.
She would look so much better if she ditched the lashes, aimed for a more subdued 60s feminine look.
She could still wear makeup, but not those hideous fake lashes, lay off the filler and aim for a dusty light brown hair color.
I really wish she knew what suits her best

No. 1950689

100% she’s doing it because of the forum, everything we mention she puts up some sort of defensive against it. People were commenting on her weight she mentioned it in twitter yesterday, talked about appearance how puffy her face is how she covers up with my up constantly, next thing you know she’s posting “a bare faced video” she’s lurking you guys. Shes trying to get on top of everything she’s being criticized for.

No. 1950706

>because she feels like she would be nobody without beauty.
that’s because she really would be nobody. no one would care. her “art” (shitty crafts) is ugly, her “writing" is bad, her “singing" is atrocious. her looks are everything to her because it’s literally all she has, which is sad because her look isn’t even her own.

i see why she obsesses over all the fake ‘feminine' stuff; she truly looks like a bloated frat boy without it.

No. 1950854

Oh definitely!
Sadly, yea. She has built up her whole personality and existence around beauty, because she has been rewarded for it. Her recognition (even from celebs at the time) and popularity all stemmed from how she looked. She has to keep it up now though and that means ridiculously high maintenance.
Even her relationship is built from being young and pretty.

No. 1950865

Ai just keeping it real. the doll in the box that is her, is actually that fucked up little one

No. 1950866

kek my sides
remembering back to when we were saying alida looks like a fucked up babydoll, and then ai goes and does this as tho it knows(double posting, failing to reply)

No. 1951071

This prompt was posted on the farms >>>/m/344895 kek do you think Alida's lurking has led her to the off topic boards too?

No. 1951088

File: 1704472992618.jpeg (949.08 KB, 2730x4096, AE08888A-DD7C-4E6D-ADBD-71CD43…)

alida’s second youtube video is a lizzy grant makeup tutorial, naturally. she’s never beating the skinwalker allegations
>she’s struggling with eyeshadow for most of it
>shows off her fried hair that looks like it just snaps off with how choppy it is
>still speaking in the shy, simpering, marilyn monroe-esque voice
>uses a single paintbrush for her eyeshadow because she apparently doesn’t have many makeup brushes
>mentions brooklyn shaw a million times (brooklyn got her half the makeup she uses) and jazmine once to giggle that a brown eyeshadow stick she found “was probably jazmine’s.”
>letterman jacket is her dad’s “from when he was a foreign exchange student hehe” but there’s a giant A on the front of it and it’s in perfect condition

No. 1951092

File: 1704473643519.jpeg (327.69 KB, 828x1700, IMG_0524.jpeg)

Part of me wishes she would just commit to the whole meth-head schizo conspiracy theorist route, but she never will in fear of losing her fanbase and how it contradicts her whole new personality.

No. 1951145

It's funny listening to her speak because it's obvious that her voice is deeper/more mature from the way that she squeaks in her attempt to sound more "feminine". Someone whose voice is naturally high-pitched (for a woman) or breathy won't sound like that.

No. 1951148

I agree. Unhinged schizo conspiracy theorist/aspiring rapper Alida is waaay more interesting than giggling simpering wannabe makeup influencer Alida. She needs to lean into what makes her unique, like she leaned into the big-boned Valkyrie thing, rather than poorly cosplaying as the shy prissy schoolgirl she clearly is not.

No. 1951230

What happened to her natural, puffy lips here?

No. 1951242

I couldn't make it past the intro, her fake voice was getting on my nerves.
I wish she would go this route too, it would be entertaining, but all of her videos will just end up revolving around the pretty. Yawns, booorrrrinnnnggggg
And even if she did go that route, her focus would still be on her looks and she'd still use that stupid voice.

No. 1951264

That stringy longer piece of hair at the back..her hair is awful. It has been years since she last cut it, and it has barely grown at all. Hair grows so fast within a year, and hers obviously snaps off so easily due to the damage she has done to it.

No. 1951315

nice arm flab

No. 1951370

Probably foundation and lipgloss to create an illusion.

No. 1951528

dumb nitpick
most women at a healthy weight have fat under their arms

No. 1952232

File: 1704690487063.jpeg (359.86 KB, 1170x1960, IMG_0389.jpeg)


all women who were horrifically abused by moids, 2 of which met untimely and tragic, generation-defining deaths, and the only living one is openly struggling with psychosis.

alida’s hero worship of and projection of herself onto the lives of these women who lead sad lives with a glamorous public persona reminds me of the love has won cult leader, amy carlson, called herself “mother god” with her vision board of “ambassadors” that were all dead people (except trump kek) and also people amy’d been in been in “past lives.”

No. 1952271

Can we also talk about how absurdly shooped and botched her face is?

No. 1952304

Alida is really uptight and stiff, the more I think about it. Like loosen up already, go camping beneath the stars, go sea~diving, ANYTHING. Go surfing even (she said once that she can surf but I've never ever seen her surf, and I'm sure people would love to see that). People would soak up all of her adventures, if she ever did that. She could take it on the kooky route ~ go alien hunting, ghost hunting. I mean, what does she even do in her life? Nothing exciting I bet, bc she's too busy with her own reflection and over analysing herself to an unhealthy degree.
Even her youtube videos are super boring. Never any exciting adventures. Throw a party and do a livestream of it, or go to some spooky place and talk about conspiracies, play some scary games, go under the sea and film it, anythinggg other than just a focus on appearance. She has the ability to entertain, but she just gets so pedantic over her looks and being super girly all the time and it makes her super rigid.

No. 1952402

File: 1704723722064.jpeg (321.02 KB, 828x645, IMG_0544.jpeg)

You notice how there’s never proof?

No. 1952441

Call Bobby Trendy and demand he post proof

No. 1952464

in a couple days she’ll post a tweet about how she couldn’t possibly have gotten a pic with him as though she wasn’t in the streams from the casino >>1739726 or posting pics from the tables with the redhead she slutted out. because where else would she have met this fashion designer that was flirting with her?

No. 1952568

>working poker games
Got to love how they call it that. When I first heard this, I thought she was one of those casino girls dealing out the cards. Then I saw the videos, and I thought that's not exactly "working poker games", that's more like working poker men.
The fact that onion let her go and do all that too. But they are oh such a happy perfect couple!

No. 1952647

what happened to her calling it sex trafficking? wish kirsten gave her side of the story with all of that

No. 1952648

she really wants to be that beautiful tragedy doesn't she. if it's not Marilyn Monroe, its Princess Diana. or Anna Nicole Smith, or Ruslana Korshunova. she desperately wants to be idolised and beautiful long after she's dead and to be a damsel

No. 1952651

she is stiff as an old boot, like how she sat in that one position for the whole of her first vid, cos that was prob what she thought was her best angle, so didn't want to budge from it

No. 1952712

File: 1704787055525.jpg (29.99 KB, 583x108, whatswiththetunnels.jpg)

Alida's being funny again. Just in time, we wanted her to talk about conspiracy theories again and she is delivering lmao!
There is this comedic dynamic between her and the farm now.

No. 1952746

Alida is so likeable sometimes, and then so very unlikeable other times. Sometimes I feel bad, and then other times she gets on my last nerve.

No. 1952767

Nvm, I thought she was talking about the lizard people in the tunnels again, but turns out it's something else trending on x rn.

No. 1952792

File: 1704810948966.jpeg (411.61 KB, 828x916, IMG_0547.jpeg)

If she’s going to start calling out pedos shouldn’t she start with her boyfriend?
You know that man who was hanging out seventeen year old girls.

I don’t know about you but nobody I know that is 35+ has any business around teenagers to begin with so that’s always seemed a little predatory.

I’m sure also Kristen loves her name being slander a crossed the internet for the whole LA bringing Alida there thing. I wish one of them would come out with some TRUTH.

No. 1952817

She’s an insufferable pedo pandering cow, but I do find it kind of endearing how she uses the farms as a focus group to crowd-source her different personas. The coquette market is so played out & oversaturated anyway. I genuinely think she’d be a more interesting cow if she leaned into her big-boned “we wuz Vikangz” image or her schizo flat earth conspiracist image like farmers suggested.

No. 1952818

I’m sure Kristen doesn’t give a shit, she’s too busy robbing girls and pimping them out to feed her addictions. Alida sure keeps some interesting company for someone who claims to care about pedophilia and human trafficking.

No. 1952824

She makes special allowances for Ron and what these men >>1949424 do. Who knows what else these slimes do when nobody is looking.
>look the other way

No. 1952829

File: 1704818431008.jpeg (12.35 KB, 225x225, D476203D-CA0D-49BE-82BC-9820D0…)

She looks so scary now, wtf.. the massive filler face made her eyes completely change shape and look so beady.. it’s like her face is tiny in the middle of all of that lmao

No. 1953029

File: 1704853165008.jpg (24.45 KB, 592x109, 21337.jpg)

She really doesn't give a shit about her own personal safety. Even if this person was just walking by, you never know. And Alida is ALWAYS doxing herself with full name, location, identity cards, family members.
I swear this is why she always ends up in dangerous situations - she never thinks of her own safety.

No. 1953165


Ok what if one of these days those “angels” will make be hurt her irl too? Wish she knew what’s best for her

No. 1953226

the red scare pornhub pivot probably. as degenerate and into perverted old men as they are, literal pornhub is not coquette-coded

No. 1953283

She’s an idiot, she thinks this means “I’m famous!1!!1” (she’s delulu), but really that’s giving stalker energy and it is scary that she’s too delusional to see that. Her mind has not grown at all from her risky 16yr old self I see . At least she’ll have new stories to cry about online since she’s always the victim!! (Delusional)

No. 1953560

File: 1704939113438.jpeg (767.57 KB, 4096x2304, 3F1A72BD-4DCC-4150-AC02-F9AB77…)

botched filler source not mine - found on reddit. alida never shows her full side profile because she knows she’s botched - i skimmed through a live with brooklyn that she uploaded because the thumbnail was of her looking at brooklyn with a blunt in her mouth, side profile in full view. she’s also not putting on a soft-spoken baby voice in the video. her real voice is quite normal, if not a little deep, for a woman, and full of vocal fry. it’s also monotone as hell, unless she’s making fun of someone’s comment. the only time she emotes is when she’s being a condescending cunt to her teenage followers, or praising brooklyn for “being sooo pretty” while putting her “friend” down for being shy in the same breath.

she’s just an interloping, manipulative, social-climbing, desperate, degenerate, projecting and insecure little girl underneath the facade. she has a mean streak like i’ve rarely seen so swiftly excused for a micro-internet celeb that’s been caught being a bitch (to well-meaning followers that are genuinely concerned for her wellbeing) every few months for the past 6 years. i want to see her grow a little platform on youtube and then get called out by petty paige’s shrieking ass.

No. 1953564

Does anyone have photos before the lip filler?

No. 1953590

Quite literally the ONLY reason she has a fanbase at all; even going waaay back to the very start; is because they are as superficial as she. They covet her, because in their minds she is the prettiest. That's it. It goes no deeper than that. She lives to be a projection of absolute perfection. But in reality she's a flawed shallow hollow, orbited by shallow facile people. They will applaud her for absolutely anything that she does, simply because they believe she is beautiful. She can even switch religions, and they will all follow along. This is why she is excused constantly for anything wrong that she does.
I guess though, this is life. This is why people worship celebs half the time ~ it's a sad superficial world.

No. 1953595

if you go take a look at some of alidas fanclub accounts on X, all they do is sit there and like alida's posts. example: that kiki acc, cringe af. obsessed with alida in a disturbing way, their likes are just all alida

No. 1953611

Alida acknowledges that 16/17 is a child. And yet, she thinks that when older men desire a teenager around that age, that's not pedophilia and it's fine. Suddenly she doesn't see that age as being a child in that situation.
Same with Nina, she once stated on X that it's normal for older men to desire teenagers. That it's fine.
They don't get too, that these older men are going for the lowest possible legal age (especially in cases where 16 is the 'age of consent'). That there is a high probability they would go even younger if they got away with it.
Never EVER trust a man who only goes after girls much younger than him. Because you really don't know how far he desires to go with that.

No. 1953625

I'll add one more to your theory…
They're all on seeking arrangement

No. 1953626

Can't wait for the MKULtra-child-slave-sex-kitten-alter larp. Will be the perfect segue into her future tradthot "jesus saved me" larp.

No. 1953755

File: 1704991827133.jpeg (266.81 KB, 1468x1468, 29BC2FB3-78F3-44E6-87BD-5AB400…)

here u go

No. 1954091

Has she had a nose job?

No. 1954148

Filters make her nose look smaller often, you can see it when the filters accidentally fall off.
This is basically what she looks like without all of the fluff. Except her face is super puffy these days.

No. 1954250

Alida and Kamilla (the girl she accused of robbing her and the one she was with in LA) are friends again. So maybe expect some weird antics soon when they meet up again.

No. 1954277

File: 1705086443246.jpeg (941.76 KB, 1170x2032, IMG_0689.jpeg)

literally who? and brooke shields would hate the coquette community

No. 1954278

File: 1705086547437.jpeg (917.97 KB, 1170x2026, IMG_0690.jpeg)

alida could move beyond this being her whole personality if she spent onion’s money on therapy instead of ill-fitting selkie dresses

No. 1954279

She's so much prettier naturally. It makes me sad that these online coquette communities always have women ruining their self images in order to appeal to old ugly creepy men.

No. 1954292

>In Defense of Coquettes
Alida is the LAST person she should be putting in a video like this. She states she is against pedo-baiting and yet she introduces the biggest pedo-baiter of all time, who is in a massive age-gap relationship and hangs out with a bunch of dirty old scumbags etc etc. ALIDA CONDONES EXACTLY WHAT THIS GIRL WAS GOING AGAINST.
Also, Alida complaining about her friends and family being on here. Maybe she should stop doxing herself, family members and people she knows by putting it all out on the internet in the first place.

No. 1954325

Here is another classic >>1905581

No. 1954337

what a weak lame-ass video. if you're gonna debate a point, debate the fucking point already. so her argument (if u can even call it that) was basically 'we as coquettes don't associate with pedopanderers. the end.' then brings on the pedopandering queen herself who goes on a bitch n rant about other unrelated bullshit. forgets to put on her baby voice and sounds like a cunt.
she should get off all social media but is addicted to the attention, so continues to throw her friends and family under the bus for her micro celeb status.
we need some new cows in this part of the farm, alida is getting boring, too obnoxious and repetitive to be entertaining anymore. she's just flat out aggravating now

No. 1954343

well now that's just ridiculous, they're both nutcases

No. 1954349

what really grinds me gears is her saying “they posted pictures of me with nazi symbols in the corner” as though there’s not photographic evidence of her drawing a swastika in the sand and acting like she was only like that to keep the neo-nazi around. and shitting on south carolina like she’s not from schizocentral of north carolina.

No. 1954408

File: 1705105285358.jpeg (941.17 KB, 4096x2304, 47D3417E-27D5-4A01-BBE2-4A91C3…)

pedorion outed alida as breaking her vow of celibacy (to no one’s surprise) in her new reel.

>first thing he says is, “bumpin’ uglies!”

>alida says nothing, duck-faces to the mirror.
>pedoryan asks if she’s driving
>she says “yeah!” in her fake baby voice,
>he asks, “you like to drive, huh?”
>alida giggles and exclaims, “baby loves to drive!”
>reel ends with her walking into her bedroom and moaning loudly (??) before telling her neglected wOlFiE to behave.

since she wants to be a tradwife sooo badly, you’d think she’d have internalized the notion they spread that men are better/safer drivers and use it to her advantage, like her best friend jazmine, who will occasionally boast about being 23 with no license in a teehee passenger princess way. clearly alida doesn’t have the porsche anymore. i bet she hates driving whatever onion’s got.

No. 1954465

god they look so retarded in those clothes. just a couple of degenerate wooks off their gourds on drugs and ego, many such cases

No. 1954496

>baby and daddy
And yet she was put in that video that is meant to go against pedo-pandering…

No. 1954498

bros in his midlife crisis era

No. 1954500

soyman thinks he's sexier than he actually is
the ego coming out of these two show ponies is monumental

No. 1954502

No. 1954503

scrotes with that height usually end up with heart problems. add his age into the equation and time is not on his side on that front. his age will catch up with him eventually, slow him up and he won't be able to pretend like he's still a dude in his 20s

No. 1954511

imagine thinking you're winning at life while standing next to that embarrassing fag then telling everyone you're fcking him

No. 1954514

imagine going bowling and then seeing these two dickheads in the next lane over

No. 1954519

He's the type of guy who will start pea~cocking the very moment there are any teenage girls in the vicinity.

No. 1954521

File: 1705133428623.jpeg (602.64 KB, 1284x1994, IMG_0199.jpeg)

Looks like Alida and Kamilla made up. Alida accused Kamilla of stealing her $2k cash savings last January. They lived together and were poker girls together. Kamilla maintained that she wasn’t the one who stole Alida’s money. She accused Kamilla of getting her into trafficking, as Kamilla used to frequent a Russian spa in LA.

No. 1954524

File: 1705133708327.jpeg (324.7 KB, 1284x1015, IMG_0200.jpeg)

Coming from Kamilla’s twitter.

No. 1954529

>those fake freckles in an unnatural belt over her nose and under her cheeks
KEK god why so many do this. She is a lot cuter than Alida I will give her that. Idk who this particular coquette is but is she also birthing the spawn of some fetid old corpse?

No. 1954610

Is he coquette too? Why are they both dressed like literal giant babies? Imagine being some boomer man drinking beer in a bowling alley and seeing these two freaks walk in. Also
So petite and coquette kek. Valkyrie Alida when?

No. 1954619

>yeah I'll drive - dragon energy
Whattt??? She is only going to drive, doing what literally billions of people all over the world do daily. How is this dragon energy? Anyone else on the planet does this and it means nothing but when Alida is going to drive it's such a magnificent amazing feat. Her fans who suck up to her like this are so CRINGE, like stop already. She gets more than enough praise and gifts for simply breathing

No. 1954620

File: 1705155920205.jpg (56.74 KB, 590x189, fakeassbitch.jpg)

Just saw this too lmao

No. 1954640

Something tells me this redhead girl would beat Alida’s ass. She’s actually living the degenerate hooker lifestyle Alida is larping as.

No. 1954673

She’s less coquette and more into the hypebeast baby mama lifestyle. She says she’s been with a black guy for 5 years and this is his baby but she also posted recently she hates him bc he was attempting to talk to a 16 year old. I mention his race bc she always mentions his race. I wish i had a screenshot of when she said she could tell the baby was black bc of how much she was craving fried chicken.

No. 1954712

> I wish i had a screenshot of when she said she could tell the baby was black bc of how much she was craving fried chicken.

this makes me think she fucks around on him kek. maybe she’s actually a literal russian prostitute stereotype, just with a wigger twist that she’d claim isn’t the case because “i live in cali, erryone talms like dat df y’all don kno me.” anyway, if she’s been w the same dude for 5 years, why else would she feel the need to say this shit?

No. 1954829

File: 1705190526877.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1170x1727, IMG_0771.jpeg)

took her all of a day to prove how heavily she lurks >>1954408
>clearly alida doesn’t have the porsche anymore.
>”luna manifested this car tbh”
what, did alida’s aggressive dog with no boundaries sniff the slimy pedoscrote’s balls through his khakis til he came?

No. 1954870

File: 1705204001406.jpeg (217.4 KB, 1284x671, IMG_0218.jpeg)

Yep confirmation on Alida’s end too.

No. 1954886

The like to view ratio on her Tweets though, seems like she has a lot of hatewatchers

No. 1954888

She did want to knock her lights out after the incident, even made a song about it on youtube lmao
Why would she miss this car when it had connections to a rapey old Epstein-island vibes man?
Bet she gets jealous of Nina's cute white Jeep.

No. 1954891

I was thinking the same. I wonder sometimes if her actual fanbase is quite small, in comparison to the large number of people who just watch/follow and are either indifferent or hate-watching.

No. 1955103

File: 1705262666545.jpg (224.66 KB, 720x1032, Screenshot_20240114_200210_You…)

Perhaps this is an unconventional cow, but had anyone been keeping up with the teenage girl who is constantly posting YouTube shorts about her groomer teacher having a secret relationship with her? Her entire comment section is yes kweening this extremely weird relationship between her and a man who has known her since she was underage

No. 1955104

She is constantly churning out coquette style edits glorifying this age gap, and has recently admitted to killing a frog to prove she loved a guy

No. 1955106

File: 1705263035608.jpg (226.8 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_20240114_200952_You…)

More examples of her community posts

No. 1955107

File: 1705263058962.jpg (256.95 KB, 720x841, Screenshot_20240114_201219_You…)

No. 1955109

She looks like a middle aged mother who dresses quirky for her age.

No. 1955110

File: 1705263295952.jpg (83.39 KB, 720x414, Screenshot_20240114_201621_You…)

No. 1955112

She probably just borrowed or rented it

No. 1955114

File: 1705263406474.jpg (275.31 KB, 720x928, Screenshot_20240114_201811_You…)

No. 1955117

No. 1955138

Nah this is 100% fake fantasy bs

No. 1955163

File: 1705272675646.jpeg (110.73 KB, 828x228, IMG_0602.jpeg)


No. 1955226

Kekkk she prob just means it in a ‘my mom had prophetic visions from Gawd and she knew he would send me My Perfect Soulmate Daddy’ type way. also I wonder if the coquettes will ever find branch out and find Francesca Lia Block

No. 1955260

Definitely fake, like some weird roleplaying thing. What I want to know is, how do they have that many followers and millions of views??

No. 1955284

>his thing was there
>maybe he spilled water on his trousers bcz a bit of it was wet
Implying a man is precumming just sitting next to you and talking about kissing, well the person writing it is definitely a teenager but everything else about it is obviously fake

No. 1955296

I would understand it better if this was a TikTok account. The fact this is all YouTube shorts is what perplexes me

No. 1955453

File: 1705345924093.jpeg (972.24 KB, 1170x1412, IMG_1069.jpeg)

I hate this so much

No. 1955457

Based on Yt shorts I’ve found, I think they do this cause YT is the only social media type of platform they have. I’ve seen kids use it like social media and talking to each other in the comments.

No. 1955472

Oh wow, I thought that was from just another coquette acc and I now realise that it is from McDonald's itself. wtf is with the bow / coquette thing suddenly spreading like wildfire?

No. 1955477

Hopefully the coquette trend gets so overdone and over-saturated, that people get sick of it and move on to something else really fast. Girls who thought their style was unique or niche, are now becoming a popular trend, nothing special.
Fashion is littered now in coquette styles and overdone with Lana music in all of their campaigns.

No. 1955549

Gen z made bows trendy on tiktok last year then it just spread everywhere

No. 1955663

in the comments the official page is writing (in spanish) "Entering our coquette era" and shit kek

No. 1955689

That's so cringe!
I'm just imagining all of the bow waste once this wave trend passes, and there being bows clogging up the oceans and landfill full of old bows. Not so pretty then.

No. 1955864

Who knows? Maybe coquettards will come up with some sort of joke about coquette pollution or something along those lines.

No. 1955915

why is this so funny i'm cackling kek

No. 1956851

Just out of curiosity, does anybody know if Lana ever interacts with Alida on Inst (comments, likes or even msg I wonder?)

No. 1957344

Pretty sure Alida is paying for premium x just to hide her likes, it must be pretty bad if she’s willing to pay to hide them.

No. 1957358

kek it's official, coquette is no longer a tumblr niche, it's a public property. are they mad about this yet? So weird when you think about it, considering where it started (tumblr nymphets, sadbbydolls, Nicole)

No. 1957419

It was dead the moment it transferred to Instagram with these ~Kate Moss smoking a cigarette girl dinner~ unfunny 'memes' made by 20-something hags.

No. 1957460

File: 1705782049772.jpg (58.49 KB, 736x551, 2a9a471a137d0bbbce7c79de84dab0…)

This is too on the nose to not be a joke kek

>20 something hags
Coquette detected

No. 1957466

Learn to read the sarcasm.

No. 1957597

I noticed this too. A bunch of obscure aesthetics that were niche 4-5 years ago have gone mainstream. Millenial and early zoomer coquettes are being replaced by prettier younger teens. It’s actually kind of depressing how hiveminded gen z is. But then they all grew up on the internet consuming the same shit so it’s hardly surprising.

No. 1957609

Zoomers are trying to make “mob wife” and “office siren” go viral on Tiktok now, i.e. clothes middle-aged women wear every day. It’s like they’re incapable of the concept of personal style and just copy whatever 90s TV character they think is cool.

No. 1957630

this shit is weird, i don't get the obsession with labelling, they do it with gender, mental illness, personality types, etc.

No. 1957632

I'd rather call myself "retard chic" than "office siren"(sage your shit)

No. 1957644

I find it so bizarre. Like, I remember back in the days of Myspace, you could be the biggest scene queen on earth, but you would NEVER call yourself scene. Remember “labels are for soup cans”? It was cringe beyond belief to label yourself and made you seem like a total poser. I still have this instinctive cringe reaction when I see gen z unironically labeling themselves as “coquette” “dark academia” etc.

No. 1957685

File: 1705833566329.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, c81c558ff52706cb288fe3e0da8524…)

>mob wife
Damn it, Mob and other "mob" characters came to mind before I recognized they meant it like mafia.

No. 1957932

Zoomers who are now 17-20 were 12-15 at the beginning of COVID, and spent 3 years developing a sense of identity during a time were your presence was primarily based on what your social media profiles put foward about you. These are people conditioned to make an impression immediately- you look at them and you immediately know what they're about just like a profile bio. That first impression is the key to integrating into communities they like and socialising with people who have the same interests. The reason it's so bizarre is because that's not how a normal person who is raised in normal human society behaves

No. 1959730

The lip filler is so bad. Why does she want to have a lip filler mustache?

No. 1960324

File: 1706461762296.jpeg (279.39 KB, 1170x594, IMG_1300.jpeg)

alida’s return to twitter. i’d bet anything that she’s having flashes of clarity where she realizes pedonion is draining her of her youth and will never commit to her, hence the sad vagueposting. he probably has her convinced that his cheating was her fault.

No. 1960337

File: 1706464537006.png (4.77 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9143.png)

Here's a plushie brand for kids using coquette tags on FB to sell a Valentine's cow plushie that they already sold out of on release day.

There is something ironic here about how slapping bows on cheap overprocessed garbage is supposed to make it any better or more appealing.

I also have a feeling that this kind of ad is massively unappealing to the old rightwing obeasts that still eat at McDonald's and think this is some kind of feminization brainwashing since they're out of the loop of the coquette trend. Pretty sure it's trying to trend now.(sage your non milk)

No. 1960495

File: 1706498849825.jpeg (171.77 KB, 1170x643, IMG_1321.jpeg)

if she was still into astrology instead of deep in her tradeternalgirlfriend larp, she’d know that being 23 generally means you’re isolated, feeling stuck, confined, losing friends, etc. it suuucks astrologically.

from a realist pov - it’s just that she’d built her entire life around pleasing an old man that doesn’t care if she lives or dies, seems estranged from her family, has slipped back into smoking cigarettes and a ton of weed to cope, is incredibly bitter and jealous of her healthier friends that are married, can’t handle the fact that she’s rapidly aging from the filler and terrible diet, her little bit of fame hinges on pics of her from 5+ years ago, and she’s a nasty, racist, homophobic, nazi. that’s why her friends are dropping her left and right.

No. 1960501

She seems to always end up miserable; no matter where she lives or who she is with. Like nothing is ever good enough, or a void she can't fill. Granted, living with ron is the worst thing for her to be doing, because he holds her down and clearly in their past together it always ended in tears. Big mistake going back to him again because she was sad often there before.
She needs to have her own income (preferably high for someone like her), but from something that she loves doing and that doesn't take up all of her time. So that she has room for independence and her own space. Not too much isolation though; instead balanced with the right amount of attention that she seems to crave.
I still think she would make it as a live-streamer and would enjoy that. It's something she could control. But I guess, what would I know. That's just from outer observation. She is a character, and a born entertainer, so it does fit and she definitely has the ability to forge a living from it. But that could also mean eventual drama.

No. 1961211

File: 1706710725063.jpeg (114.5 KB, 828x951, IMG_0817.jpeg)

No. 1961212

File: 1706711012025.jpeg (419.15 KB, 828x1274, IMG_0818.jpeg)

No. 1961273

It's amazing how they all pretend to be Polish after Joanna Kuchta
I honestly thought they would pretend to be Ukrainian refugees to gain pity points(no contribution, no sage)

No. 1961317

I'm Polish and it's funny bc the coquette trend isn't really popular here, most college girls lean towards alt/goth styles if they don't want to be normies. Also the 'delicate Slavic beauty' is more Russian/Ukrainian to me, girls from Ukraine or Belarus have softer features and styling than Poles on the average.

No. 1961323

Ssshh nonna don’t mention Belarus, I haven’t seen that many coquette girls larping as from my country kek likely because a lot of them don’t know it exists. It will forever be weird to me, the slavaboo/coquette thing. There are far cooler cultures to want so badly to be from with, imo, more beautiful women on average (not that fleeting physical beauty is the end-all.)

No. 1961413

Noooooo i hate it! God, why can't things just be considered cute without having a "sexy baby" undertone

No. 1962364

So glad coquette is becoming a mainstream trend which also means it will go out of style soon(sage your shit)

No. 1962514

File: 1707057051023.jpeg (451.47 KB, 828x793, IMG_0902.jpeg)

Obsessed with posting photos from her youth, also wasn’t she home schooled, yet still went to prom?

No. 1962525

Homeschoolers host their own prom and/or maybe she was invited by people. I think outsiders can go to prom if invited by a student.

No. 1962811

Just took a look at her X. Does she ever stop talking about herself? Does she have any other passions other than her appearance? Her latest post is another video of herself with the title I'm Perfect. Gross.
I noticed this thread has died down a bit, probably bc people are just over her same old boring vanity and self obsession. No new milk really. And all of the other coquette cows are just the same.

No. 1962814

File: 1707134767491.jpg (117.37 KB, 586x696, imperf.jpg)

not milk, but still weird

No. 1962834

For a self proclaimed “follower of Christ” she is the complete opposite of humility which is the basic basis of a good Christian.
Alida is you are reading, don’t put your entire stock as a person into something as superficial as your looks because in 15 years, not even that, they will fade. After that, what will you have left?

No. 1962844

File: 1707142830793.jpeg (710.86 KB, 828x1271, IMG_0910.jpeg)

She’s a self obsessed narcissist the only person she worships more than herself is Lana.

Yes because I’m sure your family would love to have trauma so you could be known online as ethereal for dying to a nazi weirdo

No. 1962850

Who’s going to tell her that the real reason people admire that version of her more is because she’s gotten considerably heavier since then?

No. 1962859

What is that retarded expression she’s doing with her upper lip like she’s bearing her upper teeth kek. So odd.

No. 1962873

She's not fat, but she's also not thin enough for strapless anything.

No. 1962874

They will look at a picture of a spoon and be like what aesthetic is this? Is it spooncore? “Cutlery Girl”

No. 1962876

Just let her be delulu. Im a giant hater but these posts seem like they are vindictive. Who cares? She’s not milky and doesn’t have “mental breakdowns” like other cows(learn2integrate)

No. 1962885

Yea she's not doing much these days, apart from preening on all of her socials. Generic and nothing worth reporting on really. Same with Dasha.

No. 1963019


Unimportant but I've always been a lurker, never posted on any threads so apologies in advance but I saw this tweet and I just have to say It is THE weirdest, dumbest shit I've ever seen.

The self-obsessed "thats why I feel like yall admire that version of myself" (who?) alongside the overuse of "coquette" flowery keywords like ghost, ethereal, angel. It actually made me physically LOL.

No. 1963023

Whoever said she doesn’t have breakdowns hasn’t seen her recent x spiral(no caps = not milk, sage it)

No. 1963026

uh okay?

No. 1963044

File: 1707190403143.jpg (105.37 KB, 1487x821, hPeWwYB.jpg)

of course aleah tillis' creepy pedo boyfriend with a race fetish identifies as nonbinary.

No. 1963045

File: 1707190561613.jpg (49.91 KB, 1830x798, pv6ZkW9.jpg)

also named in a list of nonbinary models. this is the scrote aleah was bragging about. he got exposed for sexting with an asian teen and calling her slurs. a predator

No. 1963046

File: 1707190743278.jpg (81.27 KB, 1346x740, 0EGBx4S.jpg)

meanwhile on her stories she is making peformative posts about palestine but she can't even dump her pedo bf.

No. 1963047

File: 1707190914194.jpg (242.5 KB, 1170x2080, 5mUuWcS.jpg)

her story

No. 1963054


imagine peaking at 16 and admitting it publicly kek

No. 1963055

File: 1707195986398.jpg (126.34 KB, 584x771, 150021.jpg)

Oh wow there is a lot suddenly going on, on her X. Too much to screenshot in one go, but she's getting a lot of people biting back at her. Saw somebody posted this in retaliation too. Not sure if it's the same on her other socials.

No. 1963057

she is so fucking weird shes pushing 30 and is not only still on twitter to begin with but writing these retarded diary entries? Grow up. Get a job. Start a garden. Get off the internet

No. 1963058

File: 1707196599928.png (1.31 MB, 1160x1578, ugly behavior .png)

im not pro anachan in the slightest I believe they’re absolutely mentally ill in a similar way to Alida but this is just an ugly and immature response. Saying that you were “between realms” when you were missing for 23 hours as a teenager and got the most attention you’ve ever received in your life from it is obviously going to be met with some opposing reactions. Being like ‘just eat’ to an anorexic is the equivalent of saying ‘just don’t fuck old scrotes’ to her

No. 1963059

File: 1707196815985.jpg (14.96 KB, 593x88, 1.jpg)

I love this random guy's response to this. Her post seems to be getting a lot of traction, so unrelated people are getting weirded out. (covered his face with a star)

No. 1963062

lmao she is getting cooked in the comments

No. 1963063

File: 1707200488446.jpg (110.7 KB, 1290x1288, GFj7T8QXAAA1VS8.jpg)

why would she willingly post this picture of herself KEK

No. 1963065

Because she looks like a plastic blow up bimbo doll which she knows attracts men. it’s all about the attention and being desired. She would never post a photo of her during her time “escaping the timeline” of her looking like a normal teenager smiling at the camera. It will always be some sexual “who me” ingenue nymphet bullshit

No. 1963070

Alida is the epitome of 'pickme'.

No. 1963073

hardcore racist columbine school shooters? the fukk
how can anybody sit there and defend this cunt for shit like this, just bc she was 16. how retarded do you have to be, to not see how wrong this is. i'm fired up just looking at this and i haven't even seen the half of it. can only imagine what else she was saying and doing.
"but she was only 16, she was only a baby!"
"she only did it to fit in"
gtfo with that mindset. no excuses, 16 is not a baby. you sure as hell should know that praising literal school shooters is wrong. she needed to be pulled up and seriously reprimanded for this behaviour right from the get go. but she wasn't. she was constantly given leeway and is to this day. molly coddled like a damn baby all the time.
not to mention, alida suffers from the pretty privilege. she gets away with it all bc folks just see a pretty face and so she can do no wrong. then rubs the pretty in everyone's faces like the vain prick that she is.
and when she does get pulled up on these things by the minority, she goes crying like she's the victim in everything all the time.
"stop victim blaming" yeah no sit the fuck down and quit condoning this fuckery

No. 1963078

It would be different if she had acknowledged and learned from it. But she instead hides all of that and makes out that everyone who mentions it, is just a hating liar. Making it all up, but it was real especially for those who were in her group chats and saw it first hand.
Instead she should have apologised, especially for insensitive posts like those. But she buries it all, and then those who dig it up again (usually after she has brought up the past herself for weird reasons) are condemned for it.

No. 1963079

That's her mean girl streak starting to show. Every now and then her mask begins to slip. A lot of us can be mean, but we don't go around pretending to be sickeningly faux sweet.

No. 1963085

who else can do something so blatantly wrong and then get defended for it after? >>1963055
she's spoiled and privileged for sure.

No. 1963098

File: 1707216834972.jpg (234.34 KB, 802x539, _.jpg)

Alida's comment ….
There's only a matter of time before these two meet up again.

No. 1963137

File: 1707228120209.jpg (133.53 KB, 590x713, 2.jpg)

Just checked in to her x again for a gossipy read, and her post now has 308k views and growing. Idk why it has taken off so fast but the comments are funny.

No. 1963148

>hehe [text heart emoji]
>[tiger emoji] [bow emoji] [heart emoji] [crystal emoji] [baby blue emoji] hehe

No. 1963149

I think the saddest thing is she’s 23 year old adult woman and till this day still does and says these controversial things and hides behind oh I didn’t know better or I’m just a little baby I couldn’t possibly do anything wrong, it might have worked when she was younger but she still takes no accountability or responsibility for anything that happens to her or that she does and never will because she has a following who wipe her ass for her. She literally told an anorexic girl to just eat and everyone on twitter is going oh baby you did nothing wrong coddling her once again.

And also it wouldn’t surprise me if she was a racist since she has a weird superiority complex like she’s above all of us.(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1963186

All of those followers who bend over backward defending her constantly, don't they realise that she would never do the same for them? I've never seen her run to defend any single one of them. All they are, are numbers to her, to add to her adoring fan pool in the quest toward ultimate stardom.

Also, I saw her claim that ron never cheated on her and that we are all braindead liars. But she is the one who literally claimed that he had other girls over while she was gone. Wrote a big poem on it and then cried and said it was over. It's in the last thread I believe. She says there are no receipts for anything bad said about her, but these threads are all littered with receipts and even more are being revealed about her past lately. So who is the liar here?
It's like that time on her Live where she claimed she only followed Tate and liked his posts because she was on a mission. Lying like crazy and digging her hole even deeper, instead of just saying she likes Tate and believes in his views. That Live ended up deleted straight after, because she looked sketchy in it.
She just lies so much with a straight face, it's insane. Then gaslights people who call her out. Manipulative snakey.

No. 1963195

File: 1707235224636.jpg (33.28 KB, 359x91, 20240207-015154.jpg)

mhmm it sure does seem like there was nothing sexual about it… nothing at all. Totally innocent. What a joke, she treats people as though they are stupid. Keep on defending and lying to cover him though, because you know deep down that he was and still is a midlife crisis creeper.

No. 1963204

if i was dying and my teenage daughter came to me telling me this dirty old loser wanted her, let me tell you, that i would rise from my deathbed and rip off his nutsacks. no way in HELL would i leave her on this earth in the hands of some random scrote twice her age. any decent parent would feel the same. so either she is making this shit up or her mother didn't give a single care for her daughter's wellbeing.
>she was happy that i met this handsome older man who was very kind and nurturing to me
gtf outta here

No. 1963207

alida lies for him, bc if she didn't he'd be in jail. he broke the law getting with a minor so she has to cover his sad ass with constant lies that change bc she can't remember what she said the last few times. that's how you catch her out - her stories change if you sit there and listen for long enough

No. 1963228

File: 1707241130042.jpeg (873.7 KB, 1242x1825, 18242A75-2785-428F-BFEC-C26C77…)

She hasn’t moved on. And can’t accept that she’s too old for this. She isn’t milky just irritating and this thread is giving her ammo to continue doing what she’s doing. Same with Shayna

No. 1963231

Anorexic girls love bullying and calling random people who are normal weight, minding their business fat. They need to get called out for being rude. They love using their anorexia as an excuse.(derailing)

No. 1963285

He groomed her mum too, jesus

No. 1963298

>pushing 30
kek anon she's 23. that is beginning of her 20's. How old are you, 15? i agree she shouldn't post this absolute cringe, but wtf is this influx of teen zoomers thinking anything past 20 is oh so old kek.
Lmao that fucking god complex. Nobody likes your old pics because you were "dying" while on the run with some guy pretending to be Lana Del Rey, wtf. also you just know if SHE was told the same exact thing (the girl just eat comment), she'd post a HUGE tantrum spergout about being oh so triggered
no way! what ever happened to "uwu i was scammed & robbed by my best friend"?

No. 1963361

File: 1707275394533.jpg (84.84 KB, 588x231, 1.jpg)

She is getting triggered, all over the place. Just now seeing comments like these in numerous places.
Firstly, unless people are going for her, it's not bullying. It's an anon imageboard where we gossip and have a bitch about her (let people gossip, people have always done so, even she gossips about celebs, as do her friends like Nina), she is the one who comes in all the time looking. She is the one who puts everything on the internet in a public manner and doesn't expect gossip at her level of followers? She claims she isn't famous, but she sort of is (and is constantly growing in numbers), and even has Lana following her.
Secondly, she constantly chooses to believe that people in the past and even now, weren't in her age bracket. Stating she was just a child, when more than likely, so were the people from the old forum. They would have surely been in the same age bracket as her, even to this day it would be that way. Some maybe older, but I truly believe that her ex friends and those who were in the coquette community, were in that old forum.
But as per usual, she is the baby and the victim.
If this were me, and I was upset about a gossip site, I would turn everything to private or not do socials at all. But she refuses to, because she wants to raise to fame. And with that, comes a band of people who are going to find you fun to talk about. It's just life. Usually most things said, are reactions from screenshots of things she has said and done anyway.

No. 1963362

She’s only 23? I genuinely thought she was 29 or something wtf. Why does being a coquette make you so busted so quickly. Is it the bulimia and chain smoking?

No. 1963363

Just want to add too, that this thread went completely quiet when she wasn't active on her X. I believe it would die down a lot if she deactivated or privated her acc there. But she won't, because she thrives off of constant adoration and attention and can't seem to live without it. She also wants to get noticed by larger celebs. Just saying, if she truly wanted all of this to stop, well it's logical.

No. 1963365

>emphasis on child
ffs 16-19 is not a child. it's a young adult. unrelated but in japan they have the death penalty for that age. if you break the law in a major way, there is no "im a baby" card to get you out of it.
her dad even became best buds with him also. like where was the parenting?
doesn't she get that he only got with her for her youth and looks, the end. that he is a shallow prick who went for the lowest possible age that he could. he wants to feel young and vibrant so he siphons this from young girls.
she's a fucking moron pretending their relationship is all that on social media too. we all know they fight and she cries over lack of attention etc. it's not as she portrays it to be in all those posey vids. why else would she wanna get away so bad from him to go to LA that time and want to move to hollywood to get away now. it's all bullshit smoke and mirrors and her fans lap it all up like it's real

No. 1963366

anybody else notice how ron puffs his chest out when there's a girl around? lmfao he does this thing, hard to explain but his chest puffs out like how a gorilla beats his chest

No. 1963373

She's going to have to get thicker skin if she truly wants to become famous.

No. 1963376

she's a dumbass if she doesn't know where all this started. her ex friends that she did dirty, called her out for all the things she was saying in their group chat. you can see them all on insta in comments here and there, still talking about it, calling her out and always have. idk if it was voice chat or thru txt but the problem is, nobody recorded things she said. so that time is mostly hearsay. but i believe it, bc alida has proved time and time again that she can be a real dickhead. then they put alida on the radar via forums and being vocal about it all and afterward she dug her own grave all by herself. she rubs people up the wrong way with all her vanity and tomfoolery, so she garnered more haters along the way. i've caught her lying so many times but just sat back and watched her stew in them.
idk why she cares about it all, she has enough folks on her side, more than enough attention for one person and most people don't believe anything we say. we're the minority so who gives a fuk

No. 1963377

Honestly, I think my biggest gripe with her is ron. I hate that men like that get away with what they do, without any consequences at all. I get annoyed when people praise them together as a couple, when I'm sitting here thinking, why can't they see it for how it really is. It's just so accepted that old men desire teenagers and it grosses me out. Alida can't see it, because in her mind, she is the desired pretty one that he wants. She can't zoom out further and see what it truly is. She calls it a spiritual relationship. But if she didn't look how she did, and wasn't the age that she was, he wouldn't have gone for her at all. Making it soo nonspiritual and definitely physical.

No. 1963380

File: 1707285254739.jpg (323.14 KB, 490x1205, foundthis.jpg)

Just saw this in regard to Alida.

No. 1963381

File: 1707286121571.jpg (143.13 KB, 302x673, 2.jpg)

It was too much to screenshot in one go, I had to slice it up and there was also a comment from a girl who apparently went to school with her, from legitimate accounts.

No. 1963382

ayrt yeah. She was 15/16 when she started posting her bullshit back when it was all about nymphets, lolita larpers and teacher crush crowd bullshit. Idk what she does to her face, maybe she's getting face injections other than just constant lip fillers. That and bad genes i guess? Sort of like Billie Eilish - they're both barely in their 20's but aging somewhat disproportionately to their age. Other explanation would be prolonged heavy drug use but i don't think she's on anything other than weed. Normally i wouldn't pay attention to her busted looking, but i can't blame anons pointing out her wrinkles, considering how she's always rambling on about looking so young and childish and calling us "20 year old hags". But oops, guess she's a 20+yo hag now as well. kek
lol, but like what she does? what does she even wants to be famous for? Can't think about a single talent/activity/creative outlet she presents, and no 5 minute craft bees bikinis and making "how to larp as Lizzy Grant" ain't it

No. 1963386

Alida is spiritually hollow.
Her relationship with her boomer coomer shroomer is also hollow. Face facts, if she was a fugly and not a teen, he wouldn't have given her a second glance. She uses copium to ignore the gigantic red flags everywhere. So in the end, she'll be miserable with nobody to blame but herself and shitty choices.

No. 1963387

guaranteed he wanks it out to teen porn when she's not looking

No. 1963391

No one thinks 23 is pushing 30, it's just that most people legitimately think she's 29-32 by her looks. That's a ROUGH 23. Normal girls look like her 16 year old selfies in their early 20s, no wonder she's in full blown midlife crisis over those pics.

I suspect it's because aging was proven to be contagious, and there's no better way to catch old cooties than fucking an old man. Common lanafag L I guess.

No. 1963393

This is definitely untrue. On her Playboy account, she states that her "Daddy comes to play with her sometimes too". She also states that she has an "oral fetish", and he randomly would stick his fingers in her mouth in the most inappropriate of times. During a video with her and her friends at the beach, he randomly starts fingering her mouth with all his fingers at once, in a really sexual manner. If you have access to both of her private accs, you will still see these videos. Unless she deletes them after reading this.
There is more. Not to mention all of those videos in the past when she was much younger, and they were grinding sexually. Or the video of him literally eating out her ass on Instagram. Him recently talking about "bumping uglies". I could go on and on, but he definitely isn't just with her out of love and spirituality.

No. 1963394

Just wanted to add, that she was still a teenager in the video of him eating out her ass on Instagram.
But he is oh so noble, and such a gentleman!

No. 1963399

I wonder how much peroxide Alida inhales weekly

No. 1963402

File: 1707303168016.jpg (560.25 KB, 560x1767, ninasmotherr.jpg)

Sooo this is Nina's mum. Why is she so nasty all the time about how older women look, when her own mother is this pretty? Also, I wonder how her mum feels about all the things Nina says about older women.

No. 1963407

proof that going for older men ages you, why does she have the aura of a haggard single mom

No. 1963416

What would be the male equivalent of making your @ "jumpropejailbait"? "Fuckmeatbussy"?

No. 1963444

alright, get it. agree, she look 10-15years older than she is, which makes it even more ridiculous the way she dresses. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane but if Jane was overgrown high school girl trying to pack it all up in toddler aged doll clothes. Idk what style fits her but that's not it.
Wtf, i thought it's some legit 20yo girl before i read the post.

No. 1963450

Looks like she wiped her private IG of a lot dunno if it was recently after the comments

No. 1963452

A lot of her fans are parasocial with her. They all think she's their friend because she calls them angels, but she couldn't care less about them in reality and def wouldn't want them as friends irl. Just look at Betsy, she got parasocial the same way and when she tried to get too close to alida, she wanted nothing to do with her.
I remember that video with his face planted in between her bare butt cheeks and it shocked a lot of people at the time. There was a graphic one where they were tonguing each other too. Like who asked to see all that, nobody, it was nasty
If you can ever get the archived PULL to work it's probably on there, idk

No. 1963457

I can't keep up with all of her accounts. Why does she even have this many, it's so weird. She has two shop ones, and two private ones (could be more?), her dog one and her main. It could be on her original one, elvishwolfie? I can't see any of her priv accounts anymore, because I stopped following her while back. I just run off of other peoples screenshots or things she puts out publicly herself now. But yea, rion gave me the ick so bad and I wanted to puke seeing posts like that back in the day. I haaated it.
She keeps saying he is a good man, but compared to what? All the losers she dated before him? That's not a very high bar to reach.

No. 1963745

File: 1707374635609.jpg (62.53 KB, 640x368, tumblr_3d6cf4af9f17f3ff214ec04…)

anyone seen that shit? apparently Bacon is making vlogs, now that he can't embarass himself & talk about women being beasts and slugs for having coarse pubic hair anymore. Saw this mentioned both on tumblr an indie bands thread. I was half expecting "my room/my father's poacher guns collection i don't use" tour tbh but "spirituality", astrology and ketamine talk is what i should've come to expect instead tbh.

No. 1963746

i hate that i find him pretty.(nobody cares)

No. 1963749

File: 1707374919765.jpeg (915.54 KB, 1135x1480, 1701035088382.jpeg)

Get a grip, anon. stop it. get some help

No. 1963756


No. 1963759

>the pretty boy market is so dry some of you have resorted to crushing on skinny methhead tranny men

Embarrassing behavior

No. 1963780

I do too. Like I’m not attracted to trannies but he’s pretty. So is hunter Schafer.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963785

samefag, sorry for derailing the thread. but i need to clarify that i dont like his tranny-ness at all. i just think he's a pretty man and it is a shame that he chose to mutilate himself. poor bacon i could fix you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963793

File: 1707397802160.jpg (12.89 KB, 250x51, whiteknightsincoming.jpg)

Oh noooo she's going to send all of her moids after us…
All I have to say is good luck to any moids who try to enter here lmao, they are going to get eaten ALIVE.

No. 1963796

File: 1707399388479.gif (1.39 MB, 300x127, kek.gif)

shit quick ladies hold the fort! bunch of whiteknight fanboys on their way!

No. 1963798

I can just imagine a bunch of losers running in from everywhere to her side, all tipping their fedoras, "yes m'Lady!" "anything I do, I do for you!".

No. 1963803

File: 1707401472464.jpeg (323.85 KB, 828x1414, IMG_0980.jpeg)

Lmao belezebub!
Can’t keep her story straight cause she’s lying again

Maybe don’t have a record of everything you’ve done in the past if your going to constantly be contradicting yourself Simone

No. 1963811

Beezlebub Prince of Demons? lmaooo
Also, I don't want to assume anything or downplay the whole kidnapping ordeal as I wasn't there so wouldn't know the full story, and I really don't want to know any graphic details. But there is a glaringly obvious lie in all of that. She has said countless times that "luckily nothing ever happened" during that moment and that she was a virgin when she met rion. Is she trying to exaggerate the past for pity points, or was she lying about the virgin part? What is even real? It's none of my business about any of it really, but I guess it's another example of her saying one thing, and then replacing that with something else entirely. I'm starting to think she's a pathological liar. You could put this down to trauma, if she wasn't doing this as often as she does.
And what friends are these? Are these the same ones from here? >>1963380
So many questions.

No. 1963815

Wait a second, is caleb one of her white knights? LOL

No. 1963820

>spreading lies lord of flies
that's rich coming from her

No. 1963823

People in the replies on x think it’s just Alida making burner accounts to cover her ass which I wouldn’t be surprised by

No. 1963831

yep she probably made him up and is pretending to be her own wk. everybody notice how she is typing differently too? none of that cutesy pretentious crap. she's real mad. just say sorry to the black community for being an offensive little shit back in the day. it's not hard. but nope you gotta make them out the be the villains instead and pretend you never did a thing wrong because you're a real angel from outer space, above everything and all.
ntm still riding the whole blue eyed, blonde haired, white skin, aryan supremacy, pleiadian starseed horseshit. your beliefs align with hitlers when it comes to your nonstop obsession with blue eyes and blonde hair. even your 'boutique' is about your eye colour. your racism is still in you, but you are just better at covering it up and putting on your mask

No. 1963834

real disappointed that as a black lady she chose alida to be in her video. alida was using her as a weapon to deflect any racist claims made against her, to make herself look better. and yep pretty dumb that they also conveniently forgot to mention she's dating an old man who has a history of preying on teenagers

No. 1963837

She thinks we are literal demons…she's not just name-calling, she legit believes we are demons. And I swear she concludes that person is Beelzebub. She is the last person in the world who should be getting into religious belief, because she is the type to turn into an extremist with it. I wouldn't be surprised if she sometimes 100% believes she is God herself. Sometimes I wonder what she was thinking when she saw the Hellweek title, especially with the falling devil signs on here that time. Probably thinking that was a sign and we are all demonic entities spawning into lolcow LMAO.

No. 1963844

there's going to be some epic showdown between beelzebub and the angel of light (her). I wish my life was that exciting kek

No. 1963860

File: 1707413100942.jpeg (171.03 KB, 828x554, IMG_0475.jpeg)

Big fatty is big mad

No. 1963864

as some old wise bard would say, ~girl just stop eating and move on~
i'm living for this thread, it's almost like alida is top cow rn. In the times when farmers are quiet and /snow is a deserted pasture, alida never disappoints

No. 1963868

I agree! There are moments where I think it's all over and that it's going to settle down, but then out of nowhere (in this case literally overnight for me) it zooms from 0 back up to 100 again.
The part where she starts pleading for real IS SENDING ME
>remember your truth beelzebub!

No. 1963871

I love it when she drops her mask. I absolutely love it, because you get moments like Beelzebub.
I swear she called America once "disgusting" because of "fat people" and in the last thread she was asking how much we all weighed lol. It's just different when she is the one gaining weight and being criticised for it. Even tho I believe she is burning it off now, b/c she can't stand people calling her a dumpling anymore.

No. 1963872

File: 1707416410491.gif (3.51 MB, 498x280, oo.gif)

that woman on x, standing there taking all the hits from alidas fans and alida herself, what a legend. she's taking all the blows, no account deletion, no comment deletion, she gives no shits. taking them all on like a pro. damn if this isn't the funniest shit i've seen in a while. picrel is her energy

No. 1963881

File: 1707417318332.jpg (45.74 KB, 553x173, 20240209-043353.jpg)

She went all in for the kill!

No. 1963883

kek, savage.
>i've fought Poles
why though

No. 1963885

Because she is Beelzebub. (of course Beelzebub is going to be on twitter of all places lol)

No. 1963897

well least we've been promoted. we used to be gremlins but now we're demons and one of us gets to be the demon queen

No. 1963925

The past day is the only time I've ever seen her type without any kiddie emojis after every sentence.

No. 1963977

blackangelak is mentally ill but can be funny at times. she is mutuals with many white (racist) incels so i can’t take her calling out anyone else seriously. idk if anyone on here knows daniel (aryan neet was his username on twitter) but he was part of incel twt and groomed underage girls. she & her mutuals would flirt with him on the timeline. i give her a pass because she has serious self hate issues but she’s one of those people who don’t have an issue with racist white men but hate racist white women…that kind of mentality is common on twitter, it’s usually asian girls doing this though. nice to see some diversity since blackangelak is black!

No. 1964034

File: 1707437879290.jpg (43.75 KB, 601x315, she for real.JPG)


These were the tweets connected to that ^. Just from these comments she gives the vibe of a girl who googled "how to be anorexic", tried to emulate it for a week just so she can passionately profess "how awful disorders are!" and how much she suffered.

It's so clear she views eating disorders as a trendy/aesthetic thing considering she even says "I know it CAN be an illness but I feel like it's becoming a trend". It's ONLY EVER an illness because that's how disorders work, you either have it or you don't. And if she knew anything about having an ED she'd know social media is infamously huge with sufferers of EDs.

She tries so hard to be a "sweet ethereal angel" by making these little "anti-bullying, anti-disorder" tweets while also responding to people with said mental illness with such hostility. Her last rebuttal "Girl just eat" proves she's totally two-faced.(learn2integrate)

No. 1964055

A lot of these girls larp as having "daddy issues" bc pedophilic scrotes find it attractive, but they really have mommy issues. It leaks out in all their weird, bitter & competitive interactions with other women. Nina is probably just jealous of her mother, and copes that her youth makes her way more desirable than those old HAGS kek

No. 1964085

It’s kind of hilarious that the only time Alida gets attention online is if she posts pics of herself from when she was 15/16, like nearly a decade ago. She looks way more botched now and that’s exactly why her more recent pics haven’t gone “viral”.

No. 1964086

File: 1707449173163.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1882, IMG_2014.jpeg)

Sage for nonmilk but here’s another one of her cars that she posted but then mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter

No. 1964106

I remember that! Also, she said she was working as a waitress, but it lasted about a week. She said she had this job bc people were saying she was just siphoning off her dad, never working and all. Then suddenly she posted that, saying she had a job. Some wondered if she even had a job at all as there was no evidence of it.
Yea she does that type of thing a lot. She is CONSTANTLY trying to put out that she is sweet as sugar, cute as a button.
She has a lot of fans who have EDs too, esp on x.

No. 1964112

apparently she took shots at her ex-friend too, magickspell, for her weight a few times. mentioned her love handles that were coming out from beneath her corset at the renaissance or fairy festival whatever it was.
what goes around comes around. she gets what she gives

No. 1964125

File: 1707464117732.jpg (25.04 KB, 680x504, GFyvEWbW0AAxOjw.jpg)

me watching everything alida does then getting mad when she starts lying again(non-contribution)

No. 1964189

is anyone on boomer ron's instagram? if so is there anything milky on there?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 1964257

File: 1707507933151.jpeg (486 KB, 828x1344, IMG_0698.jpeg)

no milk but god her face is so hideous. the worst plastic surgery i've ever seen. the combination of photoshop and surgery is terrible. i can't wait to see how she'll look when she's 30, she's gonna age so horrible. she looks like an alien and not in the model type. her whole face and body is a total mess

No. 1964369

Alida is turning into a zealot. A hyper religious nutcase.
She changes so much every time that I look at her, that I always think it's a new cow at first glance.

No. 1964393

File: 1707535233771.gif (1.65 MB, 200x307, eww.gif)

This is so hot NOT

No. 1964400

File: 1707536686848.jpg (223.06 KB, 506x663, 133417.jpg)

This is nitpicking but idc cos it's Ron ~ he has a big wart on the top of his head lmao
I also felt like puking after making that licky gif. Still trying to find that vid where she was standing, holding up her skirt with no underwear on, while he was face planting her cheeks. It was probably the worst video they ever made together, esp given their massive age gap and how she was still a teen.

No. 1964402

File: 1707537153441.jpg (272.38 KB, 512x786, 133039.jpg)

Also, remember when they dressed up as Leon and Mathilda that time..which is kinda weird when you think about it. She would have been a teen in this photo too.
Anyway I have to go and bleach my eyes out now

No. 1964408

Got to love how he ends up with smoothing filters on his face whenever he does a video with her. The same with Nina's scrotum when they're together.

No. 1964463

So I noticed that holding pink rosary beads and crucifix's is a coquette trend, and am now thinking that Alida is only following Christ because of the aesthetic. And like the bow and Marie Antoinette trend, this seems to also be gaining popularity.

No. 1964574

Late to the party but why does Alida get disturbed by her haters but not by her fans legitimately believing that they can shapeshift into her? She's got to have all kinds of creeps living in her messages constantly.

No. 1964810

File: 1707641783983.jpg (53.61 KB, 596x165, moi.jpg)

Not milk, but you just know she reposted this thinking: ME! THIS IS ME!
Beauty doesn't shout it's own name from the rooftops.

No. 1964839

File: 1707659301666.jpg (252.01 KB, 900x503, 233916.jpg)

Super aged milk, but came across this and wanted to add it into the collection.

No. 1964875

I think its just overedited.

No. 1965061

File: 1707724098431.jpeg (353.88 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_4304.jpeg)

She looks so strange here

No. 1965085

she’s giving uncanny valley vibes

No. 1965106

but anon, that’s what she wants! >>1964810

No. 1965119

Sometimes I think Alida's life is like a horror movie. Only she seems to relish in dangerous situations and weird people. Any attention is good attention and she loves being the damsel.
If Kamilla did break and enter into her home, why would she go out of her way to befriend her again? Her whole world is a dark circus, that she seems to enjoy until it all goes south again. I mean, on the surface it all looks pretty but beneath it all, it's flat out creepy. Everyone she chooses to hang out with is a weirdo, missing a few screws.

No. 1965129

File: 1707746987985.jpeg (403.11 KB, 1170x787, IMG_2033.jpeg)

Alida’s Twitter likes are public again

No. 1965130

File: 1707747088057.jpeg (822.46 KB, 1170x1491, IMG_2029.jpeg)

No. 1965131

File: 1707747292353.jpeg (951.58 KB, 3000x4000, 3602B8BF-F7C7-48CE-93DB-A45BF2…)

these 2 being separated by a meme but liked yesterday is killing me

No. 1965141

She must have forgotten to pay Elon for this months checkmark, so she can't hide her likes right now.
Soo, Alida seems to dislike Jews, defends Putin, doesn't seem to fully believe what Hitler did in the past, has a thing about Japan and black people in Africa, adores people like Tate and Elon, loves all conspiracy theories…her and her friends definitely gravitate "ring-wing" (sorry but I'm not American and might use the wrong terminology). Is this where her racism began? Being fed conspiracies? There are potentially some theories that are real, but she seems to take on board any theory that is right-leaning. There is no denying that there is something within her that she covers/hides. She has strong beliefs but never talks about these things. You see all the time people saying "I've never seen her say anything racist", but it's because she is excellent at covering her tracks and if you see it, it's not there for long. I think she was the worst back when she had barely any followers on her x - before she deleted it all and pretended she is who she is on there now.
She is afraid of the backlash she would get if she spoke how she truly felt.

No. 1965147

File: 1707750850616.gif (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 150x232, tiger.gif)

Alida keeps talking about tigers too, and her last tiger video made me think of those people on 'The Tiger King'. They give out the EXACT same energy that Alida and her friends have. They are entertaining as anything but, super wild and weird. If you've seen it you'll totally get what I mean. She'd be the type to own a big cat too if she could. (spoilered for stupid gif)

No. 1965159

can easily picture her keeping big cats as urban accessory pieces. she wishes she could walk around with exotic cats on leashes the same way she does with her huskie everywhere

No. 1965197

She's still liking Andrew Tate's posts too. I honestly don't know any females who like Tate as much as she does (apart from randoms on x). She'd fall all over herself if she met him irl. Which is simultaneously funny and ew to think about.

No. 1965228

I hate that she has that dog. They’re one of the most returned/shelter found breeds because most people cannot handle them properly. They are needy. They are HIGH energy. I keep waiting for the day the poor dog escapes finally or that old Pillow Face Ugly Baby Doll will “rehome her”. Dogs like that are not little froufrou lap dogs. You just know she doesn’t provide good care at all beyond grooming because it’s aesthetic.

No. 1965311

This has also bothered me since I learned that she has a husky. They don’t typically make good emotional support or service dogs due to their high energy, high shedding and are typically quite vocal. Although hers seems well mannered, it is still not cool to bring a high shedding dog like that into restaurants and public places.

No. 1965328

File: 1707773866405.jpeg (737.41 KB, 1170x1696, IMG_2046.jpeg)

at least she’s being more brazenly open about being a gullible right-wing retard. i dislike biden as much as the next person, but Alida hates him because Nina does and she’s desperate to fit it. also because she believes in adrenochrome, lizard people, etc antisemitic conspiracy theories while posturing as a “viking” that supports apartheid and the idf. i bet if she’d been alive during ww2 she’d have called the holocaust a “conflict”

No. 1965351

File: 1707778256808.jpeg (110.48 KB, 828x572, IMG_1103.jpeg)

Talking in regards of Lana hanging out with Taylor at the Super Bowl, and the people like her and icespice are “inspired by her” but jealous of her and how she can personally relate girl, bye.

I’d mostly like Alida to get a real job or life so she has less time to read into conspiracies and be parasocial with lana

Also correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you need to have some sort of mental or physical disability to require a service animal or can anyone register one in the states? If the first is true what is her listed disability?

No. 1965354

shes actually retarded

No. 1965396

You know people really could give her the benefit of the doubt about the swastika drawings but she constantly spews antisemitic nonsense that validates it even further

No. 1965399

She’s a white South African, of course she’s racist(racebait)

No. 1965436

File: 1707794896994.jpeg (733.41 KB, 1170x1846, IMG_2101.jpeg)

alida’s response while unironically schizoposting about biden and feeding into the new satanic panic
>i want to enter into my assassin vigilante role

and i want her on a watchlist

No. 1965489

She definitely harbours racist views. She knows many would turn on her if she showed this side of herself. Her values all grow from conspiracy theories so in her mind she believes that she is right and good for it and is not racist at all. Same with her followers who are in the red. She definitely haaates Jewish people, has grouped all of them into the evil villain pile. Seems to also be taking that route of belief with black people in Africa. I have a SA born white friend who LOVES it there and loves her black friends, so it's not all black vs white there. There are extremists but there are extremists everywhere. But Alida keeps believing it's all black people killing off white people.
I love that she is being a tiny bit more open about it now lollll. This is what we wanted ~ for her to start talking about her conspiracy theories. I used to believe that someone like her, wouldn't pick a 'side' and realise that all politicians are stale and dodgy and it's all redundant (esp arguing on x about it). It's all so stupid. But she is definitely grouping with the right. It can get confusing for me, because where I live Liberals are the right, but in America Liberal means left.

Hard agree. I hate that they just gave Alida Service Dog approval because she wanted to take her dog everywhere. She does NOT have a disability, it's just pretty privilege, and it's a slap in the face to those who do. Also that doggo pants sooo much in the heat, it's sad. That breed is definitely not a Service Dog breed. Working dog (like sled dogs), yes, but not for most with a disability. At least not that I'm aware of. That breed would need hardcore training to be a proper service dog, pretty sure Luna hasn't had that. She just wants to take Luna everywhere with her like a cute best friend. Lots of people wish they could do the same. Luna goes with her light blue-eyed obsession as well. She has made this clear numerous times.

No. 1965490

File: 1707813146293.jpg (204.04 KB, 586x704, 182402.jpg)

Oh she literally said, "Lana is elite" compared to Taylor. The whole Swifties vs Lana fanatics thing lmaooo, so stupid
Her saying "I've experienced this" means she believes herself as being elite over others too.
She definitely does have a parasocial thing going on with Lana, for sure.
A part of me doesn't want us to talk about it just yet on here, and let her keep going bc she will stop doing it if there is backlash. I want her to keep talking about her beliefs and get deeper into her conspiracy theories. It's so entertaining to me. I'd rather this than her talking about how beautiful she is all the time.

No. 1965500

They look like they prey on bisexual and lesbian women on dating apps

No. 1965501

They def look sleazyyy

No. 1965502

>She definitely haaates Jewish people, has grouped all of them into the evil villain pile. Seems to also be taking that route of belief with black people in Africa. I have a SA born white friend who LOVES it there and loves her black friends, so it's not all black vs white there.
Because south african diasporans are literally children of people who moved as soon as they heard apartheid was ending. While the ones who grew up in SA our age went through integration so they are less extreme

No. 1965504

Alida doesn't even live there and has never even visited and yet she believes she knows it all. Then she starts trying to use this narrow view against the black community.

No. 1965506

File: 1707819113561.jpg (12.69 KB, 253x44, tehe.jpg)

Ok but why must she feel the need to talk like this every day
>baby girl
>[bow emoji] [sparkle emoji]
Stop it

No. 1965511

Alida believes Taylor Swift is a CIA psyop. Or that she's a part of Satan. No joke.
She's jealous that Lana is hanging out with Taylor, because Alida's in a parasocial relationship with her. She's like those obsessed fans who think they are bffs with their fave celeb. Made worse because Lana follows her (just a dead follow tho) and she walked up to her for a signature that one time years ago. She even believes some of Lana's songs are made about her.

When she was a teen and people say she followed to fit in, where did she draw the line with that? Curious, if they decided to do animal sacrifices, would she have joined in too and then people would have said it's ok because she's just a teen? If they jumped off a cliff, would she have jumped with them? If they started killing people, would she have done that too just to fit in?

No. 1965514

So funny to me that Alida has a parasocial relationship with Lana while Alida's fans are in a parasocial relationship with her.
Lana follows many women like Alida on Instagram, from years ago.
I still think it's mega creep of Lana's boyfriend back then to start following a teen girl's Instagram after she went missing. I believe it was only after he followed her, that she did as well. Unless I have that story mixed up, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1965515

>jealousy. evil eye
speaking of, when she says we are jealous of her because she's so beautiful. bitch, you're not the competition, i'm a lesbian

No. 1965530

I have a husky, and I am very mad she scammed the service dog tag It makes me genuinely upset she just sees it as an accessory, because she could have gotten any of the hundred different designer dog breeds out there. A little purse dog. They have blue eyed ones now I’m sure. So many retards get huskies because ‘muh dire wolf’ or because of how it makes THEM look to have the dog, not because their lifestyle and personality groove well with the breed. Sage for absolute spergery kek

No. 1965535

I've come across so many husky owners that are EXACTLY like this. It's a big reason why many Huskies do end up in animal shelters, as people get them for their looks and don't know a thing about the breed.
Alida is definitely the type to buy designer dogs. Has anybody noticed how mean she is with other dogs around too? Like for example, Ron has dogs and she would always snap at them to go outside but would pamper Luna and let her into the room. Even though they all wanted to come in. Also only takes photos with Luna but never the other doggos. Same with the last place she lived. There were dogs on that property too and she hated them. Would yell at them for barking at Luna, not giving them all a chance to transition (it was their home afterall so of course they are going to feel territorial).
Kind of unrelated, but imagine Alida as a mum, she'd play favourites with who was the prettiest and who fit into her ideals.

No. 1965543

Notice how Lana post a picture with a gun and Alida is posting guns again. Wow so original, also I hope ends up on a list too.

She also lives in Florida a place with some of the worst gun violence in America not that you can single it out there.

She wants to live dangerously die young but nobody will care if you put yourself in that position trying to play false prophet

I would also love if anyone actually questioned her about the service dog status, because technically if Luna isnt trained or registered it’s just a branding and not actually binding. Therefore I hope her and the dog get kicked out of whatever restaurant she decides it needs to come to next or on a flight.

She’s slapping a lot of actually disabled people in the face larping as one with her “service dog” that she doesn’t need there isn’t anything wrong with her besides being a narcissistic pathological liar which the last time I checked you couldn’t get a disability for.

No. 1965546

File: 1707835348630.jpg (28.78 KB, 590x171, 003709.jpg)

Latest take from Nina

No. 1965548

Oh wow you're right! She's mimicking Lana. She's just another obsessed crazed fan, trying so hard to get Lana to notice her more. If Lana wanted anything to do with her, she would have made some form of contact by now. It's been years and like someone said up there, it seems like a dead follow with no interaction at all.

No. 1965551

what kind of a shit person has a fake service dog while larping as someone with a disability

No. 1965571

Replying to myself, but was just thinking that Alida will probably msg Lana now herself, just to prove they have interaction. I'm kind of surprised she hasn't done that already. Unless she has, but Lana never responded. Who knows. All I know is if they did have any interaction, she would have paraded that around on her socials by now.

No. 1965610

File: 1707842822231.jpeg (211.67 KB, 1179x1225, IMG_4392.jpeg)

No. 1965624

LMAOOO this is too accurate! I feel bad, I can't stop laughing, the eyes!

No. 1965935

File: 1707924090733.jpg (29.72 KB, 589x134, 011805.jpg)

eww what is with her taste in men? Granted, she didn't have much to choose from with that question, but still.
It was Putin last week, this week it's Clinton.

No. 1965959

File: 1707928795795.jpeg (916.24 KB, 1170x1772, IMG_2165.jpeg)

If I were Alida, I’d feel like shit after going through Nina’s likes. It’s so obvious that Alida’s clout-chasing “friends” talk shit about her unironic schizoposting in a group chat.

No. 1965988

Alida couldn’t pay or couldn’t get rion to pay daddy Elon this month, her likes are open.

So funny she claims not be racist but everything in her likes is about the white genocide in SF and pedos which she needs to look closer to home like her groomer pedo boyfriend

No. 1965998

She mustn't have made enough money this month from her blue-eyeball merchandise. I wonder if she has realised yet that her likes are open.

No. 1966001

I noticed she doesn’t even wear her own merchandise ever. Guess that overnight, manic induced fever dream has already ended.

No. 1966002

What happened to her ‘girls don’t need to have sex! Stop degrading yourself ladies!’ rhetoric? Was she just holding out on rion for a day because he cheated again?

No. 1966007

It’s very easy to get service dog tags/harnesses. They are available for free online without any sort of screening. American disabilities act also makes it so the only question employees can ask in a person in regards to a supposed service dog is what service the dog provides that requires it to be medically necessary. A lot of employees don’t know this, or ask incorrectly (it’s a weird thing) and ill informed fake people will screech about how they aren’t allowed to ask them questions about their disability or whatever so most employees tend to let it go. I cannot stand people who abuse this so they can bring their dog everywhere. Especially a husky in a climate it is not made to exists in. I work for a dog rescue and also a place that trains service dogs, not emotional support dogs, and the requirements and training are incredibly intense (depending on what the dog is being trained for) plus the person who will be receiving the dog (with the disability) must also go through a week or so of training with the dog so they understand how to use it. An actual service dog can cost upwards to $10,000. It is trained to provide services a human would typically do. Emotional support is completely different and not considered a service as it is not medically necessary for you to live.

No. 1966013

Fake service dogs and people claiming any and every arm dog, dog riding in their cart or whatever have been a huge problem for actual service dogs and people with disabilities for a while now. Real service dogs DO NOT react to anything (they don’t spook, bark, aren’t skittish) don’t sniff people or other dogs, don’t pee inside or ride around in carts and don’t go up to people for pets. It’s generally asked to not pet service dogs when they have their vests on as they are technically ‘working’ (and dogs do know the difference) this training is rigorous and dogs can be immediately expelled from training for violating any of these things and more. Having a real service dog is a legitimate serious thing and it’s appalling there aren’t stricter laws regarding the distribution of tags allowing people like Alida to just bring her dog everywhere. These dogs work harder than she ever has in her life to get their service license and they actually contribute to society. All she is doing is making it harder for disabled people who just want to live their lives and not be harassed about having a dog they do medically need.

No. 1966022

you know she'd claim it's for anxiety or ptsd. but let me tell you something. i was there when alida went on instagram in 2020 to say that dogs weren't allowed in her dad's new place and she had to find a way around it. she went on asking how to get luna service dog approval. within a few days she was then walking around with luna and her new service dog jacket on. she didn't do it for emotional support like i'm betting she will claim now. if she says that, she's flat out lying.
now she gets to take her everywhere, even on flights. with no training, no disability or reason at all, other than just wanting to take her dog everywhere and abuse the service. it's fucked up how often she's given her own way and this type of thing doesn't help her spoiled attitude either

No. 1966029

File: 1707939236959.jpg (13.32 KB, 268x54, -053404.jpg)

Take a drink every time Alida says "baby blue"

No. 1966046

File: 1707942003699.jpeg (374.35 KB, 1170x1208, IMG_2194.jpeg)

oh pedoryan hates alida living with him lmfaooo

No. 1966174

This post is so cute anon
>It’s generally asked to not pet service dogs when they have their vests on as they are technically ‘working’ (and dogs do know the difference
>These dogs work harder than she ever has in her life to get their service license and they actually contribute to society

No. 1966213

File: 1707985373296.jpg (171.12 KB, 508x703, 181629.jpg)

She sits her dog on restaurant chairs too, up at the table sometimes. It's HER dog so of course she doesn't care if she breathes all over the utensils. I'm pretty sure if someone else's dog was spitting on her cutlery it would be a completely different story. Esp if the other dog isn't pedigree. The last time this was brought up, she's such a shitty person that she deliberately put up photos of Luna on a plane with a closeup of her "Service Dog" jacket, in retaliation. Being a total smart-ass.
America is super strict with some things, and yet other times ridiculously lenient.

No. 1966232

File: 1707994298875.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1615, IMG_2209.jpeg)

she learns a new word and decides to make it her whole personality for a month
>”I want to enter my vigilante assassin role” >>1965436
i can’t roll my eyes hard enough. does she actually think people believe this shit? kek she was probably speeding in ron’s chevy. hope she got a fat speeding ticket that he’s sweating over having to pay.

No. 1966248

guaranteed she would have been doing something sketch for them to pull her up like that. she prob was following them, trying to get their male gaze (you just know she was like oooo men in uniform, officers notice me!) or to get something on camera for the gram

No. 1966249

File: 1707999101933.webm (4.61 MB, 508x848, attitude.webm)

Oh you know it! She would have been trailing them for sure. She's honestly that starved for attention, so wouldn't surprise me. Love how the cop wasn't interested at all in what she had to say. He seemed really certain she was following sooo….
Surely they wouldn't pull someone over for just driving on the road in the same direction to where they needed to go.

No. 1966251

These cops would have seen it all, they weren't born yesterday, so they would have seen through her crap immediately. People in her comments claiming he only pulled her over because she's pretty. He doesn't sound like he's flirting at all, and legit believes she was trailing them. She had to have been at an uncomfortable dodgy distance. She probably was tailgating them lmao

No. 1966254

File: 1708000176824.jpeg (329.1 KB, 1170x1195, IMG_2214.jpeg)

“the cop was blessed after crossing paths with u and didn’t even know it” brainrot to the max in these comments

No. 1966260

File: 1708001945380.jpg (11.5 KB, 237x55, 224954.jpg)

Yea that's just stupid. Her comment section is always full of people sucking up to her like that. The cop sounded irritated with her, if anything.

No. 1966276

I’m going to laugh when she kills someone with her car or rental car as you can hear in the video and plays it offline oh “teehee I’ve been a bad girl” like bitch not everything is a fashion accessories. The reason she acts like a child is because she is one mentally. Why are you filming yourself driving instead of being focused on the fucking road.

I’m so tired of her and her dick riding fan base she could shit take a photo of it and they would all be like omg blessed by an angel omg princess poops omg.

They are gross anyone who associates with her is gross. She’s going to play and play until she gets herself into dire consequences and then cry damsel, you did this you retard.

No. 1966279

I bet she had a momentary thought to pretend the rental was her own. Hire a cute car and take photos with it and pretend like it was hers.

No. 1966295

File: 1708010568500.jpg (55.31 KB, 305x277, 011446.jpg)

This is my gripe with filters. People think her skin is flawless and then she announces products to buy that work. So that person runs off to spend their money on said products and then are disappointed to not get the same results.
Alida claims they're not filters "they don't do anything but smooth my skin, nothing has changed!" but literally smoothing out everything to an unnatural state, is still using filters. Then this type of thing happens and to me it's just wrong, esp if that person asking doesn't have much spare money to throw away on skincare products like that.

No. 1966342

File: 1708017168614.gif (1.27 MB, 200x314, helookslikehesgottitties.gif)

Look at him puffing out his chest lollll

No. 1966345

File: 1708017318057.jpg (249.88 KB, 517x785, undieduds.jpg)

Whyyy does she have a pic of her underpants? Seriously, we all don't need to know what you and Ron got up to on v day in the Florida Keys

No. 1966350

File: 1708018046364.jpg (96.72 KB, 378x278, 032547.jpg)

Looks like someone skipped leg day… Big barrel chest with twiggy legs lmao
You were right it seems! As if they would pull her up for speeding and not have proof of it. Esp with their tech these days.

No. 1966356

He probably pushed out his chest as soon as he knew the camera was on him, and lots of teen girls online would see the pic. He's like a baboon.

No. 1966363

Lmao she looks big in that new video about the cops like girl those angles why would you even post that.

They probably thought she was so weird or a a teenager with the bubbles blanket and how she’s dressed

No. 1966370

File: 1708022547625.jpg (56.48 KB, 640x584, 3ba851b91b19cbffe7269e055da6e4…)

That bag is so gaudy to me and kiddie~like.
Ok this is so not milk (and I'm sorry) but I think Ron might not be sticking his chest out on purpose. He literally might have barrel chest like Elon. It can come with lots of health problems later in life too. I mean, the way he walks too ~ stiff upper torso and big chest out. He either is going to the gym (skipping leg day) and only working on his pecs, puffing out his chest when he is pea-cocking, or he literally has barrel chest like Elon. Tmi, nobody asked, but I just had to say it.

No. 1966384

has ronald proposed yet?

No. 1966527

Not sure about the "surely they wouldn't" when American cops are notorious for wasting everyone's time with needless "traffic violations" like they statistically spend 80-90% of their time on traffic violations which are all decided by themselves (e.g.timewasting like this) not reported crime

They probably assumed a man was driving since it's a big car, like how was she speeding on a one lane road and she was supposedly trailing them
Just cops being cops.

No. 1966616

File: 1708093294588.jpg (68.52 KB, 597x218, 001841.jpg)

I thought American cops were hardcore and didn't mess about, but that's just from watching a handful videos on yt. I wouldn't know. Their swat teams are terrifying tho!

Also, picrel, from Nina's likes. I wonder how she feels about Alida and her sex work in the past.

I wonder if Alida is still getting money from her Playboy, as it's still up.

No. 1966803

File: 1708131688351.jpg (54.12 KB, 320x250, 110022.jpg)

Rion was one of the 4. Idk why she ever got back with him. That's why she had to get away to LA probably, because he was soo stifling.

No. 1966807

Her appearance is cringe as fuck though like does she want people to lie to her? kek no one is going to spare her feelings

No. 1966812

File: 1708132412053.jpeg (766.23 KB, 1170x1406, IMG_2336.jpeg)

she’s such a pure born-again christian celebrate kween for posting a pic teasing an upskirt shot. yawn. has to get someone to buy her twitter premium for the month somehow - though she’s been way more selective about what she likes in the last couple of days.

No. 1966815

File: 1708132834733.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1662, IMG_2337.jpeg)

wearing something other than dresses and skirts wasn’t being true to herself? kek. i remember her bragging once that she doesn’t own a pair of jeans. and she had that green hair forever, so she must’ve liked it well enough. then it was peach “like [her] bum!” for awhile.

the amount of copium in “i was trying to look fit and sexy in tight clothes” is so telling that ron was shitting on her weight gain constantly and him going through a phase of wanting an alt teenager. he was probably creeping on one on instagram.

No. 1966825

It looks as tho she has opened up a whole bunch of her old photos on Instagram. I could be wrong, but I don't remember seeing a lot of them before now. So she has probably been going through them, "being in awe of herself". This is why she keeps posting older photos on x.
She really needs to get a job, because nobody has this much time to over-analyse and overindulge themselves with their own appearance every moment of the day.
I bet her Dad was one of the 4 too. Ron was definitely one, because she has exposed him for things he said about how she dresses and how he hates her extensions etc. Then she dresses to what appeals to him - hence the flower of life/ metatron pants in that pic. He is the one into all of that, and he must be into leggings, prob cos he goes to the gym and pervs at girls butts in them. Let's not think too much about that, but it's the only time she wears clothing like that. When she's with him. Lately she's been wearing leggings again like that.
Her fashion will always depend who she is hanging out with the most. This is why her whole look changes whenever she is with different people.

No. 1966900

She looks strange because she is a 5'7 fully grown mid-twenties woman dressing in clothing made for pre-teens.

No. 1967073

Late but I looked up her voter info and she voted Republican (right-wing) in 2021, 2022, and 2023 kek

No. 1967086

Oh holy moly, you can do that there?
That definitely doesn't surprise me, makes perfect sense that she would vote that way. It's interesting too because she tries to pretend to more open minded and above it all, but ultimately she is one-sided, in the Red and Trump is her main man. lol

No. 1967430

File: 1708300644098.jpg (65.54 KB, 583x245, 094842.jpg)

Another from Nina's likes. She seems like the type to talk about Alida behind her back to others.

No. 1967489

File: 1708314710303.jpeg (98.18 KB, 828x512, IMG_4547.jpeg)

She commented this december 2017 on a friend of hers prom post, im guessing “ginger” is rion, meaning she was talking to him just after she turned 17. Disgusting pervert

No. 1967502

Ginger is her god mom, or a friend of her moms if I believe.

No. 1967542

File: 1708335909322.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240219-184540.png)

Macon Horner a.k.a. Ethel Cain's new Tumblr is @pulldrone. Looks like he's started hanging out with his groupies one on one irl as friends….. weird.

No. 1967543

Nitpick but this outfit is so comically retarded it’s like something Shayna would have put together in her skinny days. Alida needs to try and make coquette work for the gym kek. I also think obese Ron prob nitpicks/picked her body. I wonder how she feels when they see girls younger than her in public and he leers. We all know he does.

No. 1967545

Literally indistinguishable from each other.

No. 1967581

The way some women online have gaslit themselves into thinking this man is a gorgeous woman, we live in crazy times.

No. 1967626

true crime documentary ass photo, creepy

No. 1967700

File: 1708380205011.jpg (172.38 KB, 720x631, Screenshot_20240219_212232_Sam…)

Sage for non-milk, but I can me across this while floating around the Aesthetics Wiki. There's a whole aesthetic/sungenre of coquette y2k fusion fashion that started with Alida making bikinis

No. 1967707

The way that this is entirely inaccurate

No. 1967715

its ok to admit you have no idea what youre talking about anon. a stupid wiki doesnt mean shit.

No. 1967755

Although this is funny if true (please post caps this is ab imageboard) the left and the right are two wings of the same gay bird.

No. 1967757

Hasn't there been a fandom for unreleased Lana songs years before anyone heard of Alida?

No. 1967767

File: 1708392340597.jpg (187.89 KB, 1200x900, alidavotes.jpg)

You're right, sorry about that. Here's the pic. And I agree, as a fellow burger. I mostly wanted to put it out there because anon-chan specifically asked.

No. 1967955

File: 1708438863421.jpg (36.5 KB, 387x181, 002105.jpg)

Omg so when she kept saying this, she was (again) flat out lying.

No. 1967968

Yes, links to her unreleased songs have been floating around ever since Born To Die came out. Most fans were aware of them as early as 2012-2013. I assume children are now finding them on TikTok.

No. 1968032

File: 1708453093205.jpg (180.96 KB, 720x1063, Screenshot_20240220_181807_Sam…)

It's not about Lana, it's a splinter group of coquettes named after Alida's bikinis she used to make and based around the style she used to make them in. Lana isn't exactly tropical she's just in there because the people who do this, same as coquettes, skinwalk Alida

No. 1968068

File: 1708460140468.jpeg (228.23 KB, 1170x582, IMG_2501.jpeg)

1. ah yes having fried, uneven, severely damaged, untoned hair was a genius decision
2. daddy’s money, and she only lived in a trailer park for the white trash aesthetic

anyway, i think shit’s rough with ron again because 2 days ago she tweeted “I don’t wanna go…” and wasn’t she on a trip states away from that creep recently? clearly she’s miserable but won’t leave because she knows nothing else since she’s wasted so much time with him. i’d almost feel bad for her feeling no trapped if she didn’t romanticize it and hide her struggles from the majority of her following.

No. 1968114

>the ONLY good decision in my life
Her life must be absolute trash then.

No. 1968247

File: 1708493208316.jpeg (196.17 KB, 1284x642, IMG_0804.jpeg)

Her and Ron are definitely having issues. She just tweeted this essentially confirming this. It must be bad if she’s being this open about it.

No. 1968287

I hope they break up finally. Lucky you caught that, because she must have deleted it. She does this tho and then they are back together again, with her claiming he's the greatest man who ever lived. Constantly up and down.

No. 1968305

File: 1708512720376.jpeg (218.35 KB, 1170x1960, IMG_2511.jpeg)

her tweeting that and then mere hours later gushing on ig that some literal who sent her a surprise orion sticker in a package is so disingenuous. it’s also just sad that everyone can so plainly see her entire life revolves around a man who treats her like she means nothing to him.

No. 1968352

File: 1708530215767.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1796, IMG_2247.jpeg)

Her real hair is like three inches long and definitely feels like hay (pic from latest video)

No. 1968356

Now she’s dick riding Anna Nicole and amy winehouse. And still obsessed with herself as a teenager I dunno who has worst pedo tendencies rion or her cause she’s seems to be real obsessed with herself as a teenage girl.

the girl who gifted her that camcorder sells digital cameras as upmarket prices and claims there there cheapest you can buy them.

Scammer see scammer do.

It’s also good to know her business associates with racist.(this is an imageboard, learn2integrate)

No. 1968482

I hope that was a PO Box she gave out, and not her address to some random person on the internet. Wouldn't surprise me if she did that - she doesn't seem to care about having stalkers or creepers. That person probably used her as advertisement for her business too. I mean, it was a direct link to her store.
Feels as though Alida is beginning to see that she potentially could have risen to higher stardom (like she dreams) if it wasn't for Ron. Is she regretting this now? There's no denying she changed, the moment she got with him. I wonder if he is controlling or if he gets jealous ever. I've said it before, but I'll say it again - the fact that he got with a teen, when her mum had just passed away, was sick honestly.

No. 1968607

no, what I meant is that Alida inventing coquette as a aesthetic style is inaccurate. sorry, I’ve should have been more clear. The article has done no research whatsoever.

No. 1968608

I think those short bits are just layers not actual length of her hair. She definitely uses extensions though

No. 1968642

…. nonna the article doesn't say Alida invented coquette, it quite literally says that people made a beach coquette style and named themselves after Alida's bikinis

No. 1968742

File: 1708612166788.jpeg (380.37 KB, 1170x993, IMG_2564.jpeg)

meanwhile, in alida’s likes from the past day or so. they definitely lurk here

No. 1968995

Bullshit. Ballots are secret in all American elections. You can look up whether a voter participated in an election, but you can’t see which party or candidate they voted for.

No. 1969000

File: 1708656041320.jpg (548.16 KB, 991x1978, GGu7mVfWcAA9uYm.jpg)

So much going on in this photo. Like where is one of her arms?? Her hand looks like a dude's hand and the outline of that arm is all jagged.
There is something really suspicious about her - why can't she take a normal photo without the super heavy editing? Why does she try hard to fake an accent when she types, but isn't consistent with this. Feels like she's a fraud catfish. I need to see a normal pic without the desaturation and morphing and proof that she is Slavic, otherwise I seriously don't believe her. Something is waaay off.

No. 1969005

Not true anon. You can register to affiliate with a party and it legally has to be in the public domain. Some states require it if you want to vote in the primary elections. The actual candidates are private to the voter.

No. 1969017

File: 1708660452703.jpg (201.96 KB, 871x358, 122721.jpg)

Not American, but apparently the general public can see a person's 'affiliated Party', unless an individual qualifies for confidentiality (with special consideration). Which is bizarre to me, esp considering how volatile people can get over politics! And anybody can see this through an app too.

No. 1969165

That only shows which primary ballot the person voted on, not which candidate they chose in the general election. Some people in red states choose to participate in the Republican primary because the Republican candidate will get elected no matter what, so the primary is the only way to make a difference. Not saying that’s necessarily what Alida’s doing, just saying the previous anon’s claim that she voted right-wing in the general elections is impossible to prove.

No. 1969242

Yes– Anyone can tell whether someone is registered to vote or not, which elections they voted in, and whether they chose a Republican or Democratic ballot for the primary.

No. 1969309

File: 1708719135508.jpg (68.65 KB, 735x887, 44b21a221ab53a804ba2f0103c3aac…)

I'm surprised nobody has picked up on this given the very obvious physical similarities, but she has the same features as Angeltroon from the e-girls thread (picrel, now going by nymphblonde) which is achieved by being fat and editing thinspo proportions on their pictures. A lot of girls who look exactly the way Dasha/Angelthigh do are eventually outed as fat girls in candid pics. You can actually see most of them forget to edit details of their body fat such as editing themselves with thin wrists but no wrist bones/hand bones or leaving theory shoulders with a lot of padding despite editing them tiny

No. 1969318

This makes a whole lot of sense! She is a total catfish I am certain of it. Never seen a photo that hasn't been hardcore edited, she looks uncanny. Top it off with what seems to be her typing out in a stereotypical fake Slavic accent, that isn't consistent, I'm just overall convinced she is a con artist (especially because she is making money from these heavily edited pics). Prove me wrong by posting a normal photo, with some kind of Slavic fauna/flora or something. NON edited or AI. Otherwise I will stay suspicious.

No. 1969321

Great, seems like he couldn't do long enough without posting his 4chan incel talk under Tumblrina guise.
Is that Dasha or Chloe? I've always thought there's something very troon-ey about her body. Obviously it's exhanced to hell and back with surgeries, but i swear every pic of her is facetuned an body shooped to the unrealistic plastic doll proportions. The only person to rival her shit is this lol. >>1765346

No. 1969326

File: 1708724059050.png (120.55 KB, 832x1674, ecc.png)

Is pulldrone Bacon's old backburner or was his official account always like this? Scrolled just a few months in and all that he's posting about is bragging about ~being on drugs~ like a 15yo (surprised there's no obligatory "i'm on benaryl" post kek), pissing himself over Nicole dollanganger and posting lots of gifs from gay porn. Because, you know, it's so feminine and 100% woman of him to watch gay porn, right.

No. 1969337

File: 1708725351918.jpg (256.2 KB, 720x1520, 1660811994679.jpg)

Ayrt it's Dasha. Picrel is another picture of Dasha where she is much more similar looking to Angeltroon due to her editing, it's the exact same end result of fat larping as waif

No. 1969360

File: 1708729070200.jpg (69.92 KB, 656x1018, GG-mRe4XEAAI8Q1.jpg)

Her face too, I don't know what she is doing to it, but it's edited to the extreme. Almost looks like she's putting another face over the top of her own that's already edited, or…something? It's all iffy. Would love to see a candid photo of her, I'm guessing nobody would even recognise her irl. The fact that she makes money from doing this, is a big wtf.

No. 1969487

AI looking hand and fingers.

No. 1969505

File: 1708762709747.jpeg (219.48 KB, 1170x838, IMG_2656.jpeg)

jesus fucking christ, alida really has such narc delusions that she thinks her offing herself would cause her followers to do the same. i’m flabbergasted. every time i think she can’t get worse, more tone-deaf, or make anything about her entitlement to stardom, she does.

No. 1969507

yeah because a z-level e-girl who was popular as a teen for like 3 years is the same as a global mega popular musician who defined an entire generation and decades to come is the same thing kek

No. 1969523

>other young girls
Kek you’re a young WOMAN now Alida, not a girl. You’re 24. Girl can’t stop telling on herself what a fucking narc.

No. 1969534

File: 1708777423865.jpeg (53.14 KB, 1162x272, IMG_4639.jpeg)

Implying she has anywhere near the influence of Kurt Cobain is beyond insane. Girl is extremely delusional.

No. 1969538

Holy shit alida what is with people constantly suicide baiting these days? She's been posting happy stories and videos and then comes out with this shit. Also it is generally a rule to not mention suicide in news media for that reason, not because you are so inspiring uwu but that depressed people are vulnerable to influence.

No. 1969539

Old scrote must have cheated or broken up with her, she's just making him feel special with this shit.

No. 1969542

kek, this is also a lana lyric

No. 1969564

she needs to be medicated & put in therapy but she thinks its beneath her. also nobody cares that much to kill themselves over her what the fuck…is she still going to be doing this in her 30s?

No. 1969566

The girth of "her" forearms and large hands give Troon vibes. Are y'all sure this is a she?

No. 1969610

She's female. She looks uncanny because those are her real forearms and hands attached to an otherwise extremely edited body (>>1969309). The dead giveaway for all heavy catfish is failing to edit wrists, hands, collarbones
and shoulders.

No. 1969616

sorry, but those are man hands and fingernails

No. 1969637

I legitimately am starting to wonder the same! She is hiding what she actually looks like, that it's honestly possible. Those hands do look verrry manly. Definitely is a lot bigger and is carving herself down in pics.

No. 1969686

File: 1708817876280.jpeg (168.04 KB, 1170x639, 6690FC60-7853-4E24-858B-2CD768…)

No. 1969691

File: 1708819452430.jpg (22.61 KB, 503x53, 100020.jpg)

Just wanted you all to know that his name is Orion Starlight
What was that from? If her yt video, that's not even her first, she's done videos for literally years now, even on her patreon. And if she's shy, then I'm a t-rex

No. 1969739

This bitch is CRAZYYYYY omg

No. 1969747

File: 1708829547486.jpg (910.01 KB, 627x2936, orionlightsworn.jpg)

Orion Starlight

No. 1969748

File: 1708829785328.jpg (98.22 KB, 239x777, 123821.jpg)

He's like 43+ and dresses like this. What a loser, he's one with the teens in his dreams

No. 1969752

Top fucking kek, he looks like Fupaul but the LA edition.

No. 1969754

He looks like he could have been an average gym-bro if he never did DMT.

No. 1969756

He doesn't want to marry, he just wants to mess around and keep pretending he is an 18 year old sk8r boi. He's got ageing issues like Alida.

No. 1969759

This is the catch you get for embodying pedo love stories written by a scrotes kek

No. 1969763

Love how he often wears a hat at night in an attempt to cover his baldness. I swear this guy just keeps getting uglier and uglier.

No. 1969768

So there are always comments saying things like "Lana liked this" in a lot of Alida's Instagram pics/vids, but as far as I can see, Lana hasn't liked any of them. Don't know what that is all about. Am still curious if there has been any interaction at all between them, but there doesn't seem to be.

No. 1969773

so now she's larping as someone with autism. is that going to be her excuse for having a service dog?

No. 1969778

Self-diagnosed autism is a growing trend now, so probably.

No. 1969781

File: 1708840332782.jpeg (518.82 KB, 1125x1550, IMG_2434.jpeg)

So she thinks all of those girls are just going to kill themselves because some random bitch online that they complimented did it too? Get real.

No. 1969784

She literally wishes so badly that she had that kind of influence which is so fucked up. She needs be to focused on developing an actual skill because everyone will get bored of looking at the same three photographs she posts whenever she needs engagement. Not even her own loser boyfriend thinks she’s as cute as she used to be which is why he cheats on her with younger girls (gag).

No. 1969790

No wonder she gets miserable. Her only skills in life are making pretty edits of herself online for people to compliment, mimicking internet trends, being in an obsessive para-social relationship with Lana and an embarrassing relationship with a mid-life pedo.

No. 1969801

No. 1969810

kek @ those skinny jeans

No. 1969848

There’s nothing a service dog does for autism. It would be in the emotional support category if anything which is not entitled to the same things a service dog is. But we all know she already considers herself above everyone else anyways.

No. 1969958

File: 1708900199332.png (1.87 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5707.png)

for a split second i definitely thought this was a reference to alida’s moid. the lc universe expands. maybe she’ll buy it and propose to him?

No. 1969966

Kek I can’t tell what’s more embarrassing, the fact that she’s now claiming to be autistic or the amount of brain dead instagram users kissing her ass.

No. 1970004

The thing I don't get is, what are her fans going crazy over her for? Cos she doesn't even do anything.

No. 1970079

This age made me curious about him so I looked him up and you were close. He's 42. Also it looks like his legal name is actually just Ryan? Massive kek if so.

No. 1970112

I knew it! I swear I saw his name as Ryan once upon a time. So he changed it to Rion and then she changed it to Orion. Cringe and pretentious!
>Orion Starlight
Imagine pushing 40 and going after a 17 year old…..what a loser

No. 1970130

He turns 43 in a couple of months.

No. 1970141

Trying so hard to be quirky, derpy, cute and adorkable.
>my first video ever
Apart from her patreon, live videos, tiktok/instagram videos and others. She also had some public videos on her yt previously. Example: a room tour where she showed her blood vials and another one during the pandemic.
Forever lying tho.

No. 1970144

"fans" more like 5 people on a tonne of different accounts. some are probably even alida herself making bot accounts to spam herself. if you look, most of them, especially on x, aren't real people (fake photos, no friends, only alidas tweets) and the ones using her underage photos as their profiles are probably the same person. then there's a bunch who type like this in every post. who are also probably the same person. all in all there's prob only 5 fans kek

No. 1970168

File: 1708956776578.jpeg (295.83 KB, 828x1550, IMG_1281.jpeg)

Most of her “fans” are literally just her with less fame washed up too of old to be cute coquette girls who glamorize old men and ped0baiting but arnt actually pretty so they all larp as Alida in “fan accounts” or have a parasocial relationship with her which in reality she would never be seen or friends with half of them because she sees herself as better and like a celebrity to them. Does anyone remember that one older lady that had mental issues she was always conversing with? She would send Alida gifts and money for dresses and commented under all her post? Moonprism or something like that she takes advantage of these people cause that’s all she knows how to do.

Someone asked how she was ped0baiting by just being a teenager and it’s like does everyone just play oblivious to the fact she had a username with the word jailbait in it.

I would be so happy if she just made a truthful video sighting her problematic behaviour in that past but she can’t do that because it’s her current still behaviours. She lies and glosses over it and says we’re bullying her, it’s like no tell the truth say what you did and let your audience then base an opinion on the truth not this narrative you create for them.

Not related but funny coming from these two,
I feel maybe nina felt icky because she had to go to bed besides that living hemorrhoid she calls a fiancé(learn2integrate)

No. 1970181

File: 1708959296287.jpeg (757.44 KB, 1170x1523, IMG_2870.jpeg)

speaking of this pick-me pro-ana-lite republican larp nlog, she’s being more brazen about her homophobia lately — like it’s not painfully obvious she’d make out with a woman at a bar for her geriatric, grease-faced, beady-eyed sugar fiancé’s pleasure so that maybe he’d actually try to get her off for once later on.

No. 1970182

File: 1708959531894.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1170x2076, IMG_2714.jpeg)

samefag and this is just me being petty, but nina acts like mike is rolling in dough but this ring is cloudy and i’m 90% sure it’s moissanite. further, the band is too thin for that stone size and it probably spins all the time from the weight. the band will warp with every day wear.

but knowing how she is, she’s probably just happy to have a ring at all and feels superior to alida in that regard.

No. 1970248

File: 1708973851459.jpeg (712.46 KB, 1170x1411, IMG_2899.jpeg)

nurse, she’s out again!!

No. 1970344

You're generous in thinking it even is moissanite. The band alone looks like its thin gold veneer is rubbing off. That ring wouldn't even get her 50 bucks at a pawn shop.

No. 1970356

It looks like one of those rings you get from a kiddie vending machine. Imagine posting this knowing full well your friend is sad that her old scrote hasn't proposed yet, and is going to see this. She is definitely a fake friend.

No. 1970357

File: 1708998794595.jpg (206.13 KB, 493x615, 40427.jpg)

Meanwhile, Alida's still trying to pretend that Ryan proposed. Posing with photos deliberately highlighting the ring lol!

No. 1970367

Wondering if Alida had a falling out with orion starlight on V day, because internally she was hoping he would propose but didn't, again.

No. 1970401

File: 1709010843085.jpg (20.55 KB, 502x86, 151152.jpg)

Pls no. Just knowing she actually has sex with that moldy grandpa makes me want to puke.
Why do these women even bother buying nice clothes or anything pretty really, when their main accessory makes them look disgusting and full of disease germs. Not cute!

No. 1970464

these girls are too mentally stunted to have a child and its selfish anyway. really? have a kid so they can be born as a fucking symbolic dragon? thats all? nice reason to have a child. this girl and alida should not have children because if its a girl its getting raped and groomed by them both.

No. 1970474

File: 1709040847798.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1958, 0FB81026-C128-4CBA-A424-A17167…)

No. 1970494

He's so weird lmao
Also, wtf, he has a degree in Graphic Design and yet he made that stupid thing for Alida's birthday that time. >>1736803 Where did he get his degree from, the back of a cereal box?
Saw his Pinterest, that's where Alida gets all her cyber/mech/geometric/grimes phases from. She dropped all that when she went to LA and wasn't into it at all before she met him. That also makes sense why she hates raves and EDM whenever they break up or fight, bc that's his thing.

No. 1970517

i can see it now: alida and nina would view their daughters purely as an extension of themselves and competition for male attention as they grew older. they would be frothing at the mouth with jealousy if their pedo men spent more time with the kid than them, and when those creeps started acting inappropriately towards their daughters, they’d blame the kid.

No. 1970604

File: 1709070062303.jpeg (468.18 KB, 1170x863, IMG_2968.jpeg)

nina shading alida for her suicide baiting? >>1969505 she always lays low about her true feelings on alida’s issues for days/weeks at a time and then does she like this.

No. 1970608

So many Zoomer coquettes say they're nonbinary and use he/him pronouns. No wonder they treat Ethel Cain like a god.
This tiktoker likes to flipflop between whining about people not using he/him pronouns, to saying she's all pronouns, then jumping on trends like "female rage" or saying "i'm just a girl". She is such an nlog

No. 1970609

No. 1970610

No. 1970618

Yes! She does that all the time and it's the funniest thing.
You just know this is exactly how it would turn out. I just hope they all never procreate! (why would they want to procreate with ugly old toads anyway, nothing but bad genes in every department to pass on!)

No. 1970658

File: 1709085621270.jpg (40.94 KB, 578x155, 120108.jpg)

ooof careful Nina, your racism is showing…

No. 1970666

she really is a piece of shit, can’t wait for the ultimate pickme finale

No. 1970691

File: 1709094834672.png (981.93 KB, 798x610, wtf.png)

Pretty sure she's south asian larping as a Mediterranean or whatever. Wow I wonder what a catch she'll get for caring about, especially, racist moid's preferences so much…. Nooo I'm crying with my cats while she has such a gray fox! Men really do age like wine!!!

No. 1970695

File: 1709097832444.jpg (64.63 KB, 579x223, 151854.jpg)

ewww he looks like a big ol' toad. look at his hair plus too!
She looks waaaay older than she actually is too. Those wrinkles around her mouth. ugh they honestly just look like a pair of greasy pedophiles.
She's been liking Tate lately as well. What female in their right mind would EVERR like Tate???

No. 1970699

File: 1709099714687.jpg (61.96 KB, 584x202, 155306.jpg)

So she liked this video, but what does she do if not sit on her ass getting everything handed to her everyday for nothing? She shits on women who do Onlyfans constantly, on her high horse, but she is the world's biggest sloth who doesn't do anything ever. Only dating an ancient Toadman for his money, how is that any different?

No. 1970707

people on this site spend 150 threads calling a sicilian looking woman the ugliest thing they've every seen even tho she just looks ethnic at best (her phenotype isn't my fave). there's sooo much actual racism here, it'll make your head spin. belittling poor women in the global south who are sexually exploited by gross white codgers pale sin comparison to it.

oppression isn't a contest and these hettie betties will learn it the hard way(derailing)

No. 1970708

ruining your future employability so you can help coomers enlarge their 3 tb pr0n collection isn't a talent. neither is objectifying yourself or helping normalize that better than doing nothing, sis. get off your high horse

No. 1970710

File: 1709103168944.jpeg (381.34 KB, 1170x1150, IMG_2974.jpeg)

nina’s also back to her anachan larp that’ll last 2 weeks while she posts about being drunk and “hoes” at the bars she hops around before crying, asking how to get rid of bloating and whining over plateauing the next day.

it’s ironic because a few months ago alida tweeted about being confused over her “fans” being a bunch of eating disordered teens. might’ve been a dig at nina.

No. 1970712

File: 1709103655231.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1855, IMG_2972.jpeg)

she acts like she loves the hadids and is very into “old internet” (2014 tumblr) but doesn’t know bella hadid used to post about her ed on tumblr years ago. with her celebrity worship of lana and romanticization of the 2010s, you’d think she’d in the loop since there’s been countless threads about bella’s blatant autothinspo and anorexia vent posts for years, and nina’s been larping as disordered since 2021.

No. 1970713

File: 1709103741287.jpeg (696.03 KB, 1170x1050, IMG_2973.jpeg)

kek yesterday she was excitedly tweeting about getting chipotle.

No. 1970719

File: 1709106921272.webm (1.96 MB, 544x680, itsallgoodbby.webm)

It's all good baby!

No. 1970724

File: 1709107701388.jpg (160.6 KB, 488x577, hott.jpg)

I love that I'm bullying a 55 year old grandpa. Well, he deserves it

No. 1970725

File: 1709107821480.jpeg (84.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3454.jpeg)

No. 1970769

Is that a cup sleeve on bellas upper arm???

No. 1970776

actually laughing out loud
he's fucking disgusting, imagine being proud of dating that. lana and its consequences have been a disaster for femoidkind!

No. 1970791

>"so we're only slightly apart then"
>"it's all good baby"

Kek it's sooo obvious she's fetishizing the age gap while he's embarrassed by it and doesn't want a reminder of what an old decrepit man he is. Most of these elderly scrotes have the delusion that pursuing young girls will make them look & feel younger themselves. The last thing they want to discuss is the "age gap controversy" bc it reminds them of their own mortality approaching and the fact that those hair plugs are fooling no one.

No. 1970969

File: 1709172592585.png (4.79 KB, 242x54, 120433.png)

They definitely come here for a read everyday, onion starman said this on purpose

No. 1970977

File: 1709174766919.jpeg (607.29 KB, 828x1466, IMG_1321.jpeg)

Every good Christian shows off there lingerie on social media hehe

No. 1970982

Why even bother buying pretty things, when it's completely off-balanced by the ugliest; aka onion. These women always want to get the prettiest, most expensive items…and yet…AND YET…they choose the ugliest creepos to have by their sides. That just makes these girls look ugly and stupid too.
That beautiful lingerie is for onion, ew shivers. No longer beautiful, just tainted with grossness.

No. 1970985

I wish he would starbeam off into space forever, never to return.

No. 1971027

see you space soyboy

No. 1971103

File: 1709210874264.png (452.28 KB, 342x688, 224401.png)

lmao bon~voyage twinkly space soymoid
(his face while reading the thread)

No. 1971317

File: 1709272788144.jpg (129.91 KB, 594x355, 155304.jpg)

If he just got yeeted into space, her life would improve, probably.
Made me think about how he did kinda put her into cult-like situations. Even shipping her off to India to be grilled by all of the 'gurus' when she was too young for any of that. It's alright for him, he's over 40 and knows what he wants in life after years of experience. He can't dictate what she should be, inside and out, esp when she's so impressionable.
Everyone talks about the monster who kidnapped her in the past, but nobody says anything bad about this guy (except us of course). He kidnapped her too - only far more insidiously.
>he's just taking care of her

No. 1971318

A REAL gentleman wouldn't have gotten with a teenager when her mum was dying. Me staying mad about it.

No. 1971321

I feel like lots of people swarmed in on Alida when her mum passed away, like vultures, trying to get a piece of her. Even so called 'friends' that she met on the internet, who tried so hard to be her - skinwalkers, 'pretty' friend collectors, girls who befriended her because they too were in age-gap relationships, moids like rion who wanted to own/control her. Bad influences in her life that pulled out the absolute worst in her. Not that she is completely innocent but, it makes me wonder how things would be if she actually had decent people in her life that weren't out to siphon her. Maybe her enemies are closer than she realises.
Also, did she only go back to rion cos she had nowhere else to go? Did she feel that was her only choice? Omg why am I ranting so hard

No. 1971324

File: 1709276207647.jpeg (729.83 KB, 1150x1153, IMG_5775.jpeg)

she’s doing a live right now. super manic energy. but first thing i noticed is those huge bumps on her lips?? definitely looks like fresh filler injection sites

No. 1971327

She got groomed by the scrotoid pedoid then groomed easily impressed vulnerable girls online who fell for her physical appearance and aesthetic. I followed her in 2018 then stopped following her when the covid started because her getting with a pedophile made me so depressed about womanhood and I began obsessing over how men prefer teenagers over grown women. Her saying that she loves him more is another thing that made me hate womanhood