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File: 1672187479152.jpeg (121.75 KB, 824x1024, 1670687254372.jpeg)

No. 1732964

No. 1732972

File: 1672188166691.png (49.52 KB, 97x269, son.png)

No. 1732979

File: 1672189163752.png (9.54 MB, 3840x2160, nice.png)

Shit didn't make it in time but here's a collage for some future use

No. 1732983


I still can't believe how pronounced dylan's crows feet are… do we think that's the next struggle of 'girlhood' that'll be discussed?

No. 1732985

File: 1672189702514.jpg (1.3 MB, 1196x1284, tDNfSR8.jpg)

Sexism: the woman does the dishes

Feminism: anyone can do the dishes

Gender Ideology: whoever does the dishes is a woman

No. 1732990

File: 1672190296968.png (530.12 KB, 528x710, Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 01.17…)

has anyone seen grant sikes before?

grant is a troon who's currently peaking a lot of people on tiktok by being an even more misogynistic dylan mulvaney skinwalker who delivers incredible insight like 'where does that go' when showing a tampon, saying that his 'bad female trait' is cheating on his diet, and that the true representation of his life as a woman is being able to cook now. his audience is now turning on him and it's a delight to see the comments eating him alive.

notably his history includes faking being a tranny during alabama rush, where he was dropped by every sorority for a shitty gpa, doing onlyfans in trump merch, liking racist shit, and calling the girls rushing fat to their faces. obviously he tried to say it was transphobia but it took all of 2 seconds for him to get figured out

tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@grantelisikes

No. 1732992

he just had facial feminisation surgery so no more crows feet, i guess. but the crazy eyes will remain.

No. 1732993

omfg this piece of shit is really implying that women like doing housework? also you can see what a shithole his house is in the background with dirty floors and messy counters kek. so he is even larping when it comes to cleaning

No. 1732995


I really wonder why grant can't just accept that he's a man who enjoys 'feminine' things. you aren't trans because you like glitter and nails and skirts and talking like you've gotten kicked in the nuts constantly. way to reduce women to a vapid stereotype, btw, grant. glad the comments are calling him out–hope they KEEP doing it

true, but idk how even ff surgery will entirely fix that scary face of his

No. 1732998

File: 1672191309420.png (87.51 KB, 488x230, Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 01.25…)

Today's Google Doodle celebrates original Troon Icon Lili Elbe and having him look like a man. Based Google.

No. 1733004

i think why so many handmaidens fall for dylan is because he is a classic harmless gay guy. this grant guy looks way more physically threatening and seems like an upfront not-nice person, in comparison to dylan's saccharine passive aggressive #bekind schtick. they're both peaking material but for different audiences

No. 1733030

Notice how when other minorities are represented in Google Doodles, it's scientists, civil rights leaders, and scholars. But their cultural embassador for trannies is a retard who died of sepsis from the cadaver uterus a quack stuck in him. When it's not Elbe, it's one of those two retarded drag queens who claim to be part of Stonewall despite being tweeked out on a park bench when the riots began. Wow, a Darwin Award Winner and a couple of grifting cokeheads. What an unintentionally apt representation of this retarded movement.

No. 1733033

File: 1672196733094.jpeg (747.76 KB, 828x1461, 281274EC-60EE-4EBA-B63D-303A91…)

Hunched back mouth breathing ogre NEET (with bonus muchieness!). It’s like they create these drains on society in a factory.

No. 1733036

it looks like he’s picking a wedgie out of his ass kek

No. 1733038

That’s the only reason Dylan got all this hype and went to the White House in the first place. He’s a sassy “gay best friend” type who normies see as harmless. A lot of women wouldn’t even mind this guy in their locker rooms because he’s so sexually nonthreatening. He’s the perfect Trojan horse for a thousand hulking AGP freaks.

No. 1733040

I remember Grant from trying to get into that Alabama sorority while still identifying as a man. Is he identifying as trans now?

No. 1733041

>>>they likely could achieve equality if they just admitted they were gender-nonconforming men who wanted to dress feminine and live in peace.
they already had imo. look at all the ultra feminine gay men who were some of the biggest influencers/makeup artists, or how drag shows are super popular. GNC men were already well accepted in woke cities that are now pro-trans. so it seems pretty obvious that trannies' final goal was never to just be GNC and "live in peace", they saw the opportunity to make their fetish and deviance the next logical step in what the woke mob will relentlessly defend because oppression etc.

true but still, dylan has a serial killer stare and he is more misogynistic than the average gay guy. even if he looks pathetic and harmless why would you praise someone who says so much dumb shit about women idgi

No. 1733045

>those two retarded drag queens
Nowadays it's just the one retarded drag queen that's said to have won us lgbt rights. After the George Floyd riots TRAs stop mentioning Silvia Rivera, only crediting Marsha P Johnson(Malcolm Michaels Jr) as having started the Stonewall riot. I don't know why Rivera is no longer talked about. TRAs continue the myth of the "black transwomen won gays their rights" narrative when even wikipedia says Johnson wasn't there and refers to him as a drag queen not a transwomen.

No. 1733052

can you expand on the bonus munchieness?

of course this is an appropriate image to use to announce you're looking for somewhere to live.

No. 1733057

Nta but this gives me cancer. Troons and hoteps all site some retarded black drag queen as the saviour of gays and lesbians everywhere and I don't know how they manage to be so delusional. How could one person participating in a broad social movement be the soul arbiter of LGB rights? I know it sounds super special to clap on about someone with a bunch of oppression points but it doesn't even make sense logically.

No. 1733061

File: 1672202939899.jpeg (579.93 KB, 828x1364, 7EE1C671-6F41-4E7E-B7B5-D9AB24…)

Here’s the post for context Nona (this community is comedy gold btw), he claims to have EDS which is a munch fav n heaps uncommon in males. Only “planning” to start studying next year. Just 41% already.

No. 1733063

File: 1672203038794.jpeg (625.83 KB, 828x823, 54474CB7-14A5-4E84-8E11-D034A4…)

Samefag, what a creature.

No. 1733068

Why is he sticking his tongue out like that

No. 1733070

EDS isn't impossible in guys, but they're more likely to have classical EDS (which can be tested for) instead of munchie favorite hypermobile EDS. However, taking female hormones can increase joint problems so maybe this is a case of reaping what you sow.

No. 1733082

Marsha P Johnson identified as a man. Why are troons misgendering an LGBTQ icon? Let’s cancel them on Twitter.

No. 1733083

The male autist-to-troon pipeline remains strong

No. 1733087


yeah, after going back on himself during the sorority drama, he's now troon.

he did an interview with papermag where he claims that he was dirty rushed (lol), that they kicked him out for being trans (not being an outed racist junior with a shitty gpa and also doing onlyfans at a southern school), and then tried to blame the panhellenic pres who said she'd never spoken to him.

now he's a shitty dylan expy who's quickly peaking people lol

No. 1733093

>"true representation of his life as a woman is being able to cook now"

so what Gorden Ramsey is peak femininity now? kek

No. 1733107

But Dylan recently said he discovered he might be into women too. Moids gonna be moids, there’s so many gay guys who stop being gay just for a few years when they get their biological ‘urges’ around 30 years old to marry and impregnate a poor woman so they’d spread their DNA and get a maid to take care of them for a while. Usually having sex with her while also fucking men on side. You can’t really trust men, even gay, male sexuality is purely opportunistic. Dylan suddenly being sexually into women is just another example of that. I wouldn’t want any man in a locker room with me, gay or not, and normie women are dumb for this.

No. 1733112

Sorry for ot but I hate that munchies always choose EDS. I have hEDS but was diagnosed with joint hypermobility disorder as a child and the diagnosis was updated as an adult. Not something you can self diagnose. I've only ever heard of 2 men who have it. In fairness, he does have the thin nose + translucent skin and autism is a co-morbidity but maybe that's why he thinks he has it. But anyone who mentions they have it in an introduction post is most likely a munchie, especially if they're also a troon which is just another form of munchieness.

I was told that estrogen stabilises collagen and progesterone loosens it (causing more problems) so it depends which kind of hormones they take.

No. 1733115

do you have a link for that video? i remember seeing it but can't find it now. when he told his parents he "might like girls too" and as i recall his dad brought up getting a girl pregnant and dylan said "no, they would get me pregnant" and i honestly couldn't tell if he was joking or just that retarded. either way i'm pretty sure he is talking about being with other TIMs.

No. 1733116

It's interesting how trannies constantly 'change' their sexualities as well. With gay people they'll be in the closet for some time, come out and just live as gay for the rest of their lives. Sometimes there'll be a brief experimentation phase, but you rarely see the lgbs going back to what they 'used' to be, if that makes sense. While troons have this constant fluctuation, always AFTER transitioning - "i've been a straight man for the first 30 years of my life but after transitioning i found out i'm bisexual, oops nevermind i'm actually a lesbian, but i do jerk off to being dominated by a man sometimes too because it makes me feel womanly uwu" (or the inverse where a gay man suddenly discovers he's a lesbian or bi, actually, except only for girldrick, and the only real women they date are conveniently asexual or "low libido") happens with tifs as well

No. 1733117

File: 1672224211529.jpg (2.03 MB, 2560x2560, 22-12-28-10-40-54-322_deco.jpg)

He is definitely peaking people. This was a response to one of his videos

No. 1733120

File: 1672225565054.jpg (693.7 KB, 1080x2843, L1.jpg)

The absolute fucking state of libfems, literally defending perhaps the most misognystic fetish to ever exist

No. 1733121

File: 1672225615503.jpg (1.58 MB, 2424x3813, L2.jpg)

No. 1733122

File: 1672225746087.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x4840, L3.jpg)

the last comment perhaps in this collage is the worst defense of troons and feminization fetishes I have ever seen

No. 1733123

Like I said sadly I've seen this also with some gay men in my life and straight men are also rarely strictly straight. I think it's a male thing rather than troon thing.
I don't have a link but he said he came out to his parents, told them he found out he might be interested in being in a relationship with a woman which has been shock to them because he was really gay before. They were happy because he would be able to impregnate her and have a kid and he said 'But maybe she'll impregnate me and I'll have the kid teehee' or something similarly braindead.

No. 1733124

Almost every day on Reddit lately there's been a post from either the tranny or gamer subs shitting on JKR and it really reminds me of when normal nerdy scrotes have a new woman to hate on and obsessively post about because she's ruining their videogames or superhero movies or whatever. The incel to tranny pipeline is so real and they make zero effort to stop being misogynists when they troon out.

No. 1733126

Yeah JK is a troon's and ally's Anita Sarkessian. They'll lap up media mocking that moment in the manosphere where people like thunderf00t obsessively lost their bottle over hundreds of videos about her but then act oblivious to the parallels when making 2 hour videos about the fascism encoded into Harry Potter. In the end, left or right, moids are all the same.

No. 1733127

I constantly see them going full mask off with their misogyny too like rape/death threats or typical scrote comments about her appearance. Idk how they get away with it because they're so open with their misogyny. I can go on literally any tranny profile and very quickly find them being unhinged about her, how do handmaidens not peak just from looking at their profiles??

No. 1733129

Don't forget the autistic hit pieces/clickbait gaming "journalists" are writing about Hogwarts legacy because of the property association with JK. We live in a Southpark episode that would've been funny if it wasn't reality.

No. 1733130

He also has a long face and high palate/small jaw so I can see it being possible. Anyway, enough EDS sperging. I'm sure he's an OTT drama queen with it, and thinks it makes him more womanly when he has to flop onto his fainting couch.

No. 1733131

>yes this kink is about femininity being inherently humiliating and shameful but it's okay because men are the victims of toxic masculinity
How's that any different than what OP is saying is problematic and how is that in any way a defense of that kink?

No. 1733138

Holy shit, that last answer is in the most patronising obnoxious tone one could possibly generate in text. A textbook case of incel to tran.
>uh i bet you've never heard of misandry before
>the dictionary define misogyny as…
>women have more freedom in the world because they have a greater range of outfits to choose from
So incredibly insufferable. Imagine encountering this creature in real life.

No. 1733143

File: 1672229638257.jpg (3.22 MB, 2976x4400, Lili_Elbe_1926.jpg)

I don't know anon, I still think they did him a bit of a favor…

No. 1733146

He looks at the observer the way I imagine a sentient turd would before being flushed away

No. 1733162

nonny, it's because he saw the fame and money it brought dylan mulvaney.
he's not gay for pay, he's…
• tranny for subsidy
• rotpocket for benefit
• trans for opulence
• womanface for pence
• troon for boon
• AGP for a salary
• man in a dress for business
• dysphoric for economics
some poetic anon come and help me with all of this, i'm convinced about none of them

No. 1733163

File: 1672233839164.jpg (979.35 KB, 800x1117, danish-girl-costumes01_jpg.jpg)

KEK I'd never seen a real picture of him, only eddie redmayne playing him. Imagine trying to be a woman and looking worse than the actual man playing you

No. 1733174

Ayrt and I’m not saying Dylan isn’t a threat to women, just that he seems to be perceived that way by normies. I personally don’t trust any group of men period. I did theatre in college and knew tons of gay men, and a surprisingly large percentage of them would hook up with girls or even sexually harass girls. But straight women tend to see gay men as harmless exotic pets (especially ones who act twinky like Dylan) and forget the “man” part until things get weird. I’d probably trust Dylan even less than the average straight moid, because he’s a troon so we already know he’s proud of being sexually deviant.

No. 1733175

>I did theatre in college and knew tons of gay men, and a surprisingly large percentage of them would hook up with girls or even sexually harass girls.
This is so true, but it's taboo to talk about it lol. Straight women want to see gay scrotes as "one of the girls", and gay (and bi) scrotes know they benefit from that cope.

No. 1733181

What I don't get it how supposedly gay men can get it up for women enough to impregnate them and be briefly married with them when they want children but supposedly straight guys have erectile dysfunctions as soon as their gfs gain 5 pounds or grow two hairs in their armpits. Male sexuality is a meme.

No. 1733182

I've never been more bullied than by the gay men in my life (including family members). they think they know womanhood better than us just from observing.
funny how so many of them end up in fashion and also tell women to starve ourselves…what to look more like twinks? go terrorize men

No. 1733185

Dylan Mulvaney after his facial feminization surgery.

If his face legitimately looks no different after all this , I'm going to laugh.

No. 1733186

File: 1672237050024.png (935.58 KB, 667x931, Screenshot_20221228-091315~2.p…)

Forgot the pic but here he is.

No. 1733187

he really let the glowies butcher him huh? they must be paying him a lot

taking myself to tinfoil thread brb

No. 1733193

File: 1672237917800.jpeg (575.15 KB, 803x1118, F0E27C21-4065-4888-A61E-12D6F8…)


No. 1733194

context? besides two dudes hugging cause they're very gay?

No. 1733197

Once upon a time, a male washed his hair and his ass fell off

No. 1733207

Lmao that enormous hand

No. 1733211

I'm wondering if Dylan will end up like that one Sophie(?) guy. He had a ton of surgery and was popular on tiktok and twitter for looking cute and passable despite being an absolute asshole all the time, and then got another surgery that botched him and now I never see him anywhere bc he stopped showing his face lmao. I think the Dylan saga will end similarly, he'll fade out of relevancy after a bunch of surgeries and probably quiety detrans in a few years.

No. 1733217

File: 1672240555034.jpg (15.56 KB, 350x350, Sophie-0.jpg)

>and now I never see him anywhere bc he stopped showing his face lmao
Actually, it's probably because he died last year, if pic related is who you mean.

No. 1733219

Trash for Cash.

No. 1733220

Eddie Redmayne has a blessed bone structure. He's a good actor, but I bet they eventually chose him because if they used a more "realistic" actor for the dainty and womanly Lili then there'd be an outcry. Not that there wasn't one anyway because apparently only troons can play troons now even if the film shows them pre-transition.

I didn't see the film, did it include the dying of infected-womb-transplant bit?

No. 1733222

File: 1672241370868.png (524.31 KB, 570x427, Screenshot 2022-12-28 at 15.29…)

I hope it goes as well as Ripley Rioley Ravioli's. That dude had a full-on chin reshape and adam's apple shave down and came out looking exactly the same.

No. 1733223

File: 1672241490346.png (400.23 KB, 680x1007, 1670692786613.png)

every troon that dies means there's more space for the women of the world

No. 1733225

Dylan Mulvaney is the Liver King of transgenderism.

No. 1733228

File: 1672242201683.png (132.66 KB, 823x1596, lollmaoeven.png)

I've had this for a while but forgot to post. A tragedy in two Lex posts.

Lex is such a ridiculous app. What started as a fun idea quickly devolved in to grifters begging for money and troons howling their demands for sex in to the void.

No. 1733230

i doubt he'd detrans, i'm sure he'll think the botched surgeries is the metaphorical process of becoming a woman and entering womanhood. because being ugly and clearly aging is what being a woman is to them. or just become 'milf'. but im sure he won't be the first troon to embrace menopause.

No. 1733231

The "boohoo masculinity is so restrictive, women have it better bc they can wear whatever they want" moid coming in at the end is the perfect little cherry-shaped turd on top of that shit sundae. Who made masculinity so restrictive? MEN. Who fetishized & degraded femininity to the point where it's taboo for men to explore? MEN. It's not misandry, it's still misogyny numb nuts.

No. 1733232

>I think it's a male thing rather than troon thing.
100% agreed, male sexuality is inherently opportunistic. Men will fuck men, women, animals, children & chicken sandwiches if they get horny and the opportunity arises, regardless of their stated preferences. That's why women who believe HSTS are somehow "safer" than AGPs are out of their minds. They're all degenerate fetish scrotes and none of them can be trusted.

No. 1733234

take this with a grain of salt as I've watched it probably 5 years ago but he does end up dying in the film after his surgery, but it's not detailed at all. the surgery is only mentioned a couple of times and then he is shown to be weak and dying. I'm ESL so I didn't even realise at the time what this surgery entailed lol

No. 1733238

File: 1672243194190.jpeg (174.84 KB, 750x698, F4EFC3DA-8640-4313-B275-424195…)

you mean this dude “sofie” halili, right? Did he really disappear? Interesting how it happened after the facial feminization surgery tbh

No. 1733250

He got more surgery?? Kek I remember how kiwifags were like, "I will call her she because she actually puts effort-" meanwhile he looks like one of those gross porn spam animations

No. 1733251

The suck dick for cock guy? Kek

No. 1733253

he would have been better off spending that money on electrolysis for his beard

No. 1733257

funny how the actual guy thought he was hotter than women, he was an early agp

No. 1733258

this is what "passable" looks like to moids? he looks just like a regular 'ol ladyboy to me even after the ffs.

No. 1733259

wow he actually hasn't posted since september. Hope he's miserable

No. 1733260

>gays who stop being gay just for a few years

So true. Do you nonas remember Antonine Dodson, the fem gay guy who went viral after a TV news interview in 2010? "hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband cause they raping everybody out here".
After his 15 minutes of fame was over he became straight, joined the Black Israelites, entered a ltr with a female friend, and fathered a child. I checked up on him last year via Instagram. He now identifies as bisexual and has gone back to dressing more feminine. As for Dylan, yeah he may go the Gi Gi Gorgeous route.

No. 1733273

File: 1672248323428.jpg (790.65 KB, 2316x3088, 20221228_092401.jpg)

Sophie is/was one of my fav troons because he turned out manlier after getting his entire face redone. Love it when that happens lol

No. 1733274

File: 1672248369840.jpg (159.68 KB, 742x1024, Lili_Elbe_by_Gerda_Wegener.jpg)

it has been painted, as well…

No. 1733275

> Gigi Gorgeous
Haven’t thought of that troon in years. Creepy motherfucker got a braindamaged Getty & then she trooned out too. Protypical straight with extra steps relationship. But with added $$$

No. 1733285

Honestly Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty are weird cases, compared to Individual TIMs and TIFs and as a couple, Gigi was a every effeminate gay man before he trooned out and had only dated men, while nats was a butch lesbian who had only dated other women, they admitted that nats was a "pillow princess" and gigi used a strap-on to fuck her(cause his own penis can't work due to the hormones) someone theorized that nats might have been a female GAMP(someone attracted to displays of femininity rather then women)

No. 1733308

He paid thousands for FFS, but can't be bothered to tweeze his Groucho Marx eyebrows.

No. 1733314

File: 1672252081440.jpg (13.56 KB, 250x260, W_g_lady_tottington_web.jpg)

Why are these guys serving Lady Tottington looks?

No. 1733318

by making their heads seem as if they are extremely wide, it distracts from their long horse-like faces

No. 1733320

sophie fell off a roof high and none of his degenerate friends could give him a blood transfusion so he died. karma

No. 1733329

Big respect to the woman's uterus that killed this organ stealing tranny.

No. 1733330

File: 1672255237799.jpeg (291.64 KB, 655x673, 260679B1-C1EF-41C1-8ADA-5D2108…)

I had to look this up because I’d never heard of it and it sounds awful. I assume anyone who calls themself a lesbian on there is a moid. Also kek at “transmasc forest prince”. I doubt someone who refers to themself as that can even set up a tent or start a campfire. I can’t believe people really talk like that.

No. 1733333

Aside from being filled with trannies, that app sucks. It's just people using it like YikYak or Tumblr. True lesbian dating app WHEN.

No. 1733337

This is unbridled grotesqueness

No. 1733341

File: 1672256607626.png (1.83 MB, 2011x2048, chrome_screenshot_167172885286…)

No. 1733342

File: 1672256678207.png (2.98 MB, 1081x2260, chrome_screenshot_167172900357…)

No. 1733349

By troon logic he is not a woman, a woman would have a clean house lmao.

This logic is so fucking retarded, holy shit. Might as well argue "The ocean isn't saltier compared to fresh water because it has more salt in it but because fresh water has less salt than the ocean!"

Men are so fucking obtuse. The issue with trannies in women's prisons isn't just the rape, it's the potential consequences of that rape for the woman. Do women rape other women in prison? I doubt it, but even if they do, there is no chance of pregnancy, and less chance of catching an STD from your rapist. THAT'S why it's so much worse having MEN in women's prisons, fucking hell.

No. 1733354

He even mentions shit that isn't true about women's freedom in fashion. Like how he says women can shave their head or wear really revealing clothes and no one bats an eye, that's ridiculously untrue. People make a huge deal if you step out of permitted fashion as a woman too. Women aren't allowed to age, aren't allowed to not shave. And that shit about how he can't wear thongs and lacy underwear, he can wear it if he wants, no one will know. And a lot of men paint their nails too, people don't make a bigger deal out of it than if a woman is hairy or has a shaved head. He also said as a man he can't have long hair which is also a lie, it's something totally normal, probably more accepted than women having really short hair.

No. 1733369

yes, you are crazy. that is Elaine Miller a physiotherapist TERF who has done a lot for the women's movement and no, she does not look male. but I agree it was strange behaviour from her.

No. 1733372

samefag but pls do a basic search on who you are sperging over before posting here. she is quite a well known TERF in the UK and quick search would have told you that.

No. 1733377

It's honestly so laughable how troons repeat each other so often. Full on delusion. Not just the photo, but the caption "Feeling cute tonight" and you see something so repulsive. It's such a joke. Their humiliation fetishism is over the top.

No. 1733378

it's OT but damn nona you're so right. The most nakedly assholic men I've encountered outside of straight up sexual predators have been gay guys. They will say the meanest shit to women that they ostensibly "like" because they have A) the benefit of being socialized like men to just be as aggressive as they want, and B) gay male socialization of cattiness and "reading" that they think is feminine. This whole bullshit ties together though, the drag culture and shit, gay men and their handmaidens thinking it is the height of comedy to make jokes about female genitalia, and how ugly and performative women are, and how crazy and catty we are. It trickles down into these AGPs. If they aren't hypersexed "kinky" drag-type AGPs, they're "uwu I'm am innocent disney princess who likes to clean!" AGPs, but all of it is treating women as an "other", an identity to be worn rather than an ACTUAL human being. I think if we all start clawing our moms and sisters away from drag brunches, we can start peaking them more easily. for some reason they think dudes named "Pussy Stinky" who look like garish caricatures and talk about wigs 24/7 are 'funny' and not at all vaudeville pastiches of everything moids truly, genuinely hate about women. They're laughing at us, not with us.

No. 1733396

File: 1672262616143.png (1.76 MB, 1510x2048, chrome_screenshot_167226226964…)

Gordon Ramsay trooned out?

No. 1733397

Fucking Drew Carey Show Mimi ass looking makeup.

No. 1733400

No. 1733413

Taversia has a bigger grip on the troons than first thought

No. 1733450

I’ve seen this episode of Dateline, it doesn’t end well.

No. 1733493

File: 1672274031629.png (3.35 MB, 828x1792, 520AE58F-23E5-4B0A-B1B8-29CDE8…)

Keep seeing this ugly ass tranny on YouTube shorts and it’s annoying me. He looks like a duck with Down syndrome

No. 1733494

File: 1672274424607.jpeg (118.9 KB, 946x1599, 7B3BDFCF-73A4-432E-9320-D913E7…)

Same guy?

No. 1733495

File: 1672274464096.jpg (26.08 KB, 335x395, Screenshot_20221228-194104_Chr…)

No. 1733498

Does the mold not understand that he’s showing prejudice towards women by treating their entire existence as something that’s degrading? He’s fitting his dictionary definition of misogyny. But anyways I really hate when scrotes do the whole men worship women and femininity thing because they really don’t. I would agree they might worship femininity but definitely not women. They’re in a constant state of lust towards us that is all consuming but “worshipping” us? No. If he worships us he like claims he wouldn’t be so dismissive of our problems, he wouldn’t say he doesn’t like the word “misogyny” just like a typical penis haver, he wouldn’t be so condescending and rude. Men have literally no clue what worship really means. Even when men want to be us they still hate us and think less of us and dismiss all of our problems, which is especially weird given the fact that all the women on that sub were being doting and supportive of that fetish anyways but he still has to be nasty because he’s a filthy Y chromosome that can’t stand to be called out on his disgusting and misogynistic fetishes. He’s such a whiny jealous useless loser

No. 1733499

why do all these men larping as women have such an obsession with periods/feminine hygiene products/etc.?? Feels weird and gross. Are women not more than periods and skirts and the likes to them? It's so offensive to real women.

No. 1733506

Simple, they don't see women as real humans, just objects of conquest

No. 1733508

Because scrotes love invading and stealing every female space possible to the point of wanting to steal and personally possess our vaginas and ovaries for their own bodies

No. 1733509

it’s also never pads always tampons because moid brain is like “it goes inside” i genuinely feel like it’s just another nonsexual thing they fetishize

No. 1733513

Some of them steal used pads from bins and jerk off with them, some of them think we love sanitary towels and tampons and they are successfuly larping as woman by being interested in them. Like an alien expressimg interest in toilet paper.
>Wow you sure do love wiping your ass, do you want any toilet paper? I have spare in my bag!
Makes sense if you're a turbo autist with zero understanding of women.
Some of it is men trying to be a utility by being unwanted sanitary dispensers in toilets. Some of it is hetmale thing that goes near pussy is of interest Some of it is gay male misogyny. Lotta things.

No. 1733518

I will never stop being appalled and disgusted that we are at the point where we are allowing creeps to not only mock our biological functions but giving them an excuse to fetishize them further without guilt or shame. awarding them even! now we have to worry about changing our pads etc. in a stall that potentially has a pervert on the other side of it just because he said he likes lipstick and pink or whatever bullshit.

No. 1733530

File: 1672281527334.jpg (1.33 MB, 1440x1801, flamboyantandfat.jpg)

This is the most stupid and pointless article but I kekked
>'The bullies made up a pet name called "Chad" and would say "you have fat tits", they would tell me to take my shirt off and dance.'
>Develops a humiliation fetish and becomes a drug addict
>Thinks being a woman = humiliating because he is a misogynist piece of shit
>Troons out
Yet another case of failed-man-syndrome. And of course he is a game developer too


No. 1733533

File: 1672281884905.png (293.38 KB, 485x531, eureka.png)

drag = real and valid woman

No. 1733534

Yeah I've wondered this too

No. 1733537

In the film they make it seem that he died as a result of the genital surgery. The Darwin Award nature of the womb transplant is sidestepped.

No. 1733538

This is the same drag race cow that said he wanted to be a black woman and recorded himself saying the n word

No. 1733543

But what will be his downfall? I hope it is both public and mass-peaking.

No. 1733546

The one and the same. Bonus points for being another trans-munchie too (this one claims MS, hence the wheelchair use and butt-scooching in the "I suck dick for cock" video. When the other farms returns, his thread is an absolute fountain of milk.

No. 1733549

Yeah this dude is an insufferable ass. I feel like all the drag race queens trooning out is proof of social contagion. while there were some drag queens on the show that were trans before it became a thing, it seems like there's at least 2 or 3 from every season that either are troons or eventually troon out.

No. 1733552

File: 1672284574571.jpeg (111.96 KB, 750x339, A44BAEA3-768D-4642-A057-ED9584…)

god, men are stupid.

No. 1733553

of course he would troon out. Even on a show dedicated to drag queen out of all the contestants he was such a fucking attention whore and got on the nerves of the other drag queens. In fact, the more annoying a drag queen on the show is, the more likely they are to troon out.

No. 1733561

File: 1672285556661.jpeg (321.33 KB, 750x1076, 825CFBC0-BF12-44D6-A9A6-CFD6DA…)

this is just in, trannies smell like piss.

No. 1733562


They’re all perverts so it comes as no surprise. They’ll be comparing farts and the shit out of their ass soon

No. 1733563

Just for the record, some women are sexually abused by predatory women in prison just as men are by men. Everything you said about there being less risk re STIs and pregnancy is true though.

No. 1733566

They start when you have XX chromosomes.

No. 1733567

You could probably generalise this to
>the more annoying a moid is, the more likely he is to troon out

No. 1733571

>drag queens on the show that were trans
How the fuck can you be a drag queen and a transwomen? A transwomen is already a man doing drag 24/7. RuPaul was right that transwomen shouldn't compete on drag race. He should have stuck to his guns on that. By TRA logic if TWAW then how can they do drag? It's just burlesque then. Transmen, like Gottmik, doing drag does work with TRA logic.

No. 1733574

watch out nonnies hes gonna drop the n slur again

No. 1733581

Is it weird to be worried about my sister sending her baby kid to school and being brainwashed by some millennial pedo troon teacher

No. 1733584

File: 1672289603353.png (197.89 KB, 527x506, who.png)

Literally who? None of the TERFs I talk to regularly have even mentioned this musician. At this point, TRAs are just arguing with people they made up.

Fortunately, my favorite musicians died long before tranny shit came into vogue, so I'll never have to deal with them endorsing troons or turning into them. Bless

No. 1733588

Oh god shut the fuck up no woman listens to Ethel Cain and relates to it, it’s pure misogyny riding on the recent wave of Christianity porn in art. Ethel is no different from trannies who wear hijabs.

No. 1733589

Had to Google him and he is clearly a troon fooling no one

No. 1733590

Also it's not even remotely shocking to me that he's a self-hating HSTS who grew up in the deep South. It's been proven that trannies are more common in the American South. When someone is raised with such deeply ingrained conservative gender stereotypes, it's not surprising when they erroneously start believing that being "feminine" and wanting to fuck men means that the have a ladybrain and were ~born in le wrong body~.

No. 1733591

File: 1672290996491.png (1.05 MB, 1200x800, D551057F-3ABD-4883-8EAD-A72EEC…)

He plays a cis lesbian on the new l word reboot

No. 1733595

Ew and he's even a degenerate furry, too. What the fuck is that on his neck? Trying to hide the madam's apple?

No. 1733598

There are a ridiculous number of men out there who think that inserting tampons give a woman sexual pleasure

No. 1733608

It truly should be a Darwin award. Successful organ donations didn't happen until the 50s and that was kidneys. Who the fuck would agree to an experimental procedure that had never succeeded yet as an elective surgery? A fucking moron, that's who. Any other kind of transplant attempt would at least be a hail mary for someone already dying.

No. 1733609

Ew I remember dropping the show after that weird hookup scene he had with the cute masc lesbian. What a disgrace

No. 1733610

File: 1672293956103.png (854.82 KB, 1080x809, tumblr_6b9cfbb06a3580338e21345…)

He recently dueted Morning Elvis with Florence and the Machine, that might be why he's getting some extra attention lately. I didn't listen to it, his abused pastor's daughter larp infuriates me like nothing else and I refuse to give him any spotify pennies. He would have killed himself years ago if he had to live the life he larps for his edgy aesthetics.

No. 1733617

I watched one of his videos and it reeked of agp. Stereotypical troon fetishizing female development filled with nasty panty shots and awkward attempts at copying female mannerisms. Unfortunately i have seen plenty of fag hags eat his shit up. He wants to be early Lana del rey so fucking bad.

No. 1733636

File: 1672300146233.jpg (11.17 KB, 214x300, document-ethel-3-214x300.jpg)

never heard of him so i googled and could tell he was a tim from one photo lmao. are the imaginary terfs who thought ethel cain was a real woman in the room with us right now?

also it's so obvious he tries to rip off lana and nicole dollanganger with his lyrical content. he has so many songs about rape and incest and it's so coomerish and vouyeristic bc his writing is obviously from a male perspective. his whole schtick is sexualizing the abuse of young girls and women in the church and writing about it like it's cute, fucking freak. and he copies lana's low vocals (which are actually hard for a woman to do) by just using his man voice. i regret wasting 20 minutes of my life listening to some of his songs

No. 1733641

I love when one of these creatures is next to a woman who is criticized for being manly, who then goes on to effortlessly show up the troon as the male he is.

No. 1733642

Doesn't even pass even at 500 pixels and from a distance, the arms, body, movements, should've just been a feminine man like people were pre-trooncult. This is just embarrassing

No. 1733651

definitely AGP and this moid goes to show that there are basically no HSTS. all trannies are AGP, even the gay ones.

No. 1733653

i love when one of them didn't get the memo that they're all pretending to get multiple orgasms/period cramps/vaginal discharge etc. and goes "when is it going to happen to me??? :("

No. 1733656

When the placebo effect hasn't hit yet

No. 1733661

File: 1672312187201.jpeg (880.59 KB, 960x1324, 039894D6-FA3C-4339-86D8-E5716E…)

Where does it put the lotion again?

No. 1733666

>Username is lashcrafts
>Has no eyelashes

No. 1733669

File: 1672316448759.jpg (73.44 KB, 400x400, tumblr_7118317ac3252d9ce0089b1…)

Well, the society is telling me that trans people are good to the point they let troons running around in woman face so this is actually based

No. 1733674

kek they really think corporate media doesn't worship them?
i'm fully on board with this message.

No. 1733680

File: 1672319564541.png (44.66 KB, 588x145, hmnorth.png)

Sage for non-milk. I thought this was interesting. An extract from a recent inspection at HMP Northumberland male prison. They claim these weak and defenceless TIMs would suffer in male prisons and should be transferred to women's, and yet they need outside supplies of makeup and women's clothing to even stand out or appear as trans. This suggests that a) they're no more at risk than any other man in the prison, dependent on their size and strength, and b) men are using this 'vulnerability' display to get transferred to women's prisons. Violent men, many of whom are sex offenders, being pandered to again.

No. 1733681

They can be drag queens because they still look like men kek

No. 1733684

This is a great point, if it was "difficult to get makeup and women's clothing" it implies it's something they wanted. Not something that would immediately turn them into a vulnerable rape victim like they claim. Also suggests nobody would know they were trans without it as you said, which makes them 0% more vulnerable than any other man there.

No. 1733687

File: 1672321783957.png (6.06 MB, 1284x10046, 634E206A-435C-4C72-82F4-83607C…)

A rapey TiM author died. The comments are filled with TRAs angry that TERFs are celebrating the same way that the TRAs did when Magdalen Berns died. They love to dish it out but can’t take it when other people do. I’m not arguing for whether celebrating deaths is good or bad, I just find them hypocritical.

No. 1733689

Unfortunately it’s pads too. There’s an entire subreddit for men who steal used ones and post the findings. I have no idea how it wasn’t taken down yet, I can’t remember the name right this second but someone else might, I know it’s been posted in the Reddit hate threads before.

No. 1733697

The only reason I knew about him was because a woman I followed who claims to be lesbian never shut up about him. I had never seen a picture of him, so when she went on and on about “Ethel Cain” I thought “she” sounded cool for some of the descriptions of the music but I never listened to it. Flash forward to the lesbian posting a picture of herself with this man and I couldn’t do it anymore kek. Unfollowed. Not a bad idea anyway because this woman was so self-obsessed.

No. 1733720

Kek! They are so misogynistic! They really think self-respecting women out here stressong over their bodies being curvy enough to be a woman? Ha! No. Newshflash trantards. We are women because we are born women. You will never be a woman. Worrying about passing with a "more feminine shape" is just a trans struggle. Seeth, cope, dialate you wastes of air.

No. 1733729

they really do think more artificial curves, more makeup, more hairspray, higher heels, shorter dresses = more of a woman and gnc woman are not even considered women, despite literally being women. peak misogyny and pathetic coping.

No. 1733733

I horribly misread this and thought he formed an addiction at 2 year old lmao

No. 1733735

No, it's just worded that way.

No. 1733738

File: 1672328296464.webm (9.62 MB, 576x1024, james.webm)

small dick jokes are transphobic!
I found it hilarious that he mostly frames this as being offensive to TIFs who don't even have dicks. Sometimes I really think they have to be trolling.

No. 1733741

Sofie Halili is dead? Do you have a source for that?

No. 1733744

nta but she was talking about this >>1733217 Sophie

No. 1733745

no, SOPHIE a troon musician got zooted and fell off a transphobic roof

No. 1733747

What a faggot. I unironically though this was Dylan for a second. And it just goes to show they'll always cape for other moids over women despite said moid being notorious for ~bodyshaming~ which is what he's accusing Greta of.

No. 1733750

File: 1672329158244.png (338.56 KB, 336x501, james and dylan.png)

they get mistaken for each other a lot. they have very similar ways of speaking too.

No. 1733753

So then why not just transfer all weaker smaller men to women’s prisons? And transfer bigger stronger women to men’s prisons? Are they also arguing 6’4” hulking troons should stay in men’s prisons due to their strength? Hell, why even have sex segregated prisons in the first place? Just let prisoners pick whichever facility fits their “gender identity”, what could possibly go wrong? So fucking stupid.

No. 1733754


Didn't he die from a botched uterus transplant and his surgeon became one of the leading Nazis who sterilized the disabled and did experiments with hypothermia in the Dachau concentration camp? Yikes.

No. 1733756

I feel like troonism attracts the absolute most bottom of the barrel men with no standards or morals. They are the true bottom feeders of society with the only thing keeping them going is the coom which is why their sexuality is so fluid. Their sexuality boils down to "Can I jack off to it? Yes? Then I will fuck it." You have to be a weird fetishitic creep to troon in the first place. I don't apply this thinking to genuine gay moids who transition for acceptance in an extremely homophobic environment

No. 1733757

I’ve never seen this video before, but it’s grotesque watching an ugly adult man ape a high school cheerleader. Just AGP clownery in its purest form. And it’s extra irritating bc female artists like Britney Spears have been attacked and accused of pedo pandering just for wearing schoolgirl uniforms in their videos. Yet it’s stunning & brave for a grown ass man to dress up like a sexualized female child with a bunch of upskirt panty shots? Vomit.

No. 1733761

the torso and chin always get me, they're so unmistakably male

No. 1733771

>Some of them steal used pads from bins and jerk off with them
I'll never forget the troon who was making "tea" with his roommates used tampons because someone told him it would give him estrogen …

I'm old and dusty so I don't know what it's like now, but when I was a kid a lot of people thought using tampons was slutty, that it could break your hymen, etc. I actually had guys/girls ask me things like "Does it hurt to use tampons?" or "Doesn't it make you horny all the time, how can you concentrate?" when they found out I used them instead of pads. I assume it's better now, at least for girls, when it comes to information but men never listen to or learn anything about women unless it's for the coom so of course they sexualize a tampon.

I honestly don't know the statistics on it and I'm not sure I'd trust studies since they'd likely be conducted by men and/or include FTM inmates, but I concede it's possible.

No. 1733773

File: 1672332985570.jpeg (197.38 KB, 602x1304, B9468BF8-589A-4B04-B3B7-637CC6…)

Least misogynist transgender ideologue

No. 1733774

I hate the "woman rape too" argument. Such a tiny percentage of women sexually abuse compared to men and it goes without saying but male body assaulting a woman is a completely different scenario. Not saying there aren't some violent and fucked up women in prisons but it simply isn't comparable to the danger of being housed with violent fucked up men.

No. 1733775

I saw this before and it's completely insane but the author is a non-binary woman (i'm pretty sure - especially going by the second panel) or "X-Gender" as they call it

No. 1733776

woman is when makeup and skirt

No. 1733777

Penises were literally evolved to forcefully impregnate females and that’s what “rape” means. Men forcing copulation as a reproductive strategy. Women don’t have penises, therefore they can’t rape. Simple as, won’t be letting men and libtards brainwash me about this one.

No. 1733783

Why's he gesticulating like a black woman kek

No. 1733788

tried to find out
Not a single radfem in sight. There are fans saying "had no idea ethel was trans, slay", "omg ethel is trans too" and joking "i had no idea ethel was trans, i thought she was just wealthy". Ovarit has zero mentions of him. I don't even think he tried to hide that he was trans, and he doesn't seem to make the effort to pass. His name is Macon Horner, it was posted months ago in some other thread. They really are just making shit up, kek.

No. 1733793

File: 1672335672976.jpg (28.78 KB, 448x432, x3cns.jpg)

kek at "heterosexual"
>"sex and gender is not the same"
so youre a homo"sex"ual female then?
>mfw you're still a lesbian

No. 1733798

File: 1672336180726.png (116.07 KB, 904x390, hiltersdoctor.png)

Wow the doctor really was part of the Nazi human experiments in the concentration camps.

No. 1733799

if it werent for the tra propaganda itself, you could still tell a retarded male made this. lesbian and girl is when lipstick and skirt amirite fellow sisters?

No. 1733800

A hero for the racist transcels

No. 1733802

File: 1672336603697.jpeg (16.81 KB, 364x404, 89D60C1F-2A52-4E9A-883A-7F29DB…)

bump cp spam dont scroll

No. 1733808

File: 1672337127555.png (415.73 KB, 486x423, hug.png)

thank u nona

No. 1733812

Christ those tweets are disgusting. You can tell he was rejected by a lesbian prior to trooning out and tried to TGTOW his own idea of lesbianism

No. 1733818

Good lord, interesting that they leave that tidbit out lol

No. 1733827

Troons trying to steal Lana lights a rage in me I didn’t know I had

No. 1733836

Males commit 99% of rapes, but it's absolutely possible to rape someone with fingers or a foreign object instead of a penis. That's why even trannies who've had the chop are a liability in women's spaces.

Also, humans are not "designed," for rape, that's completely retarded, and arguably a defense of rape. Human beings of both sexes are designed to find sex pleasurable; we're one of only a handful of animal species who have sex "for fun."

No. 1733838

We are already at the 96th thread. Men are disgusting. BRB going to save everything to make a documentary.

No. 1733839

Must be from the same shallow corner of the gene pool.

No. 1733844

Darn, when you said a TiM author died, I was really hoping it would be the faggot who wrote Whipping Girl. Well, I guess beggars can't be choosers.

No. 1733847

I wish it had been the manhunt guy. I can’t believe he wrote about a black woman having her womb cut out while she was still alive and awake. He seems dangerous.

No. 1733855

Humans, indeed, are not "designed" for rape. But men are. And this is not a defense of rape, but a statement that all men are bad, and they all should be treated accordingly.

No. 1733864

Ntayrt but you’re kinda saying it’s like they don’t have a choice, which definitely is a weird fucked up defense.

No. 1733867

just like when trannies say we all have roast beef and get it cut off to have designer vaginas like they do~~

No. 1733871

if you want to define rape as technically only being male penetration that’s your prerogative, but women can still force other women to have sex and using “rape” or “female rape” as a colloquial term for that is a lot less unwieldy than “sexual assault perpetrated by a woman” in casual conversation

No. 1733877

Does anyone have that 4chan post that's like "trannies don't live in my home rent free, they break down the door and take a shit in the middle of the room"?

No. 1733909

File: 1672348946325.jpg (266.11 KB, 741x891, 1654012982146.jpg)

No. 1733917

one of the most based things i've ever read

No. 1733925

I agree with everything in this take except this

>hatred of the penis

simply bc so many of them can’t help bringing up their dicks (sorry, “girldicks”) nonstop in every situation like typical pornsick males

No. 1733926

His family is still rattling the tin cup for medical bills. In the USA no one gets stuck with a dead person's bills except for a few states.

No. 1733928

Correction, I guess they don't want it to come out of the estate, if there is one.

No. 1733941

File: 1672351678119.jpg (375.48 KB, 615x2187, index.jpg)

Saging because not sure if this quite fits but this tra has been blocking lots of people on twitter (im blocked, never interacted but foun out im on a terf lost lmao) anyway cant find the tweet after this but apparently he called her a nazi and threatened action against her so she did the same thing right back. Really hope she takes him to court for defamation.

No. 1733949

Token "I wish I didn't have a penis (can't stop cooming tho)" was the take until very recently. Wouldn't surprise me if the author disengaged from them before the shift to trannies loving "girldick" openly took over.

No. 1733952

I know JK will already have a great legal team but I would love to represent her. Tbh most of the women I've encountered working in law are terfy, but that may just be normie British women in general kek

No. 1733993

kek yay my thread pic suggestion was used. glad these gorgeous ladies are being featured

No. 1733997

this is incredible

No. 1734008

File: 1672359110450.png (91.79 KB, 522x847, BAAAW PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING AT M…)

It's as if…you were a male the whole time?!

No. 1734011

"Oh no, it's a situation that has nothing to do with me. Quick, better find a way to make it about me."

No. 1734020

Found out an old co-worker that i’m still in contact with is a tranny because of these threads. Found his ‘female’ twitter and have been lurking ever since. Turns out he’s coming out tomorrow on all his main social media. I’m looking forward to the meltdown that is bound to follow.

No. 1734031

I don’t understand how they don’t get it. I hate femboys but I understand why some people find them attractive in the same way I find butch women attractive. It’s hot when someone who knows what sex they are is confident enough to break barriers with it (however in the case of men, I’d say this applies more to men who wear their hair long or wear makeup and nail polish but are fully confident in being male). Someone who whines all the time and doesn’t even know what sex they are is not attractive. People who are GNC usually have a stronger skin because they’re used to stupid questions or comments. But it doesn’t ruin their day, they just do them. Troons are incapable of that, both male and female. Every little thing is considered an attack against them even if it’s an accident. Red flag. Not attractive.

No. 1734035

It's funny how half of the replies to this are trannies seething. I can't believe /v/ is full of troons, the same /v/ that was unapologetically racist and woman-hating but I really shouldn't be surprised.

No. 1734047

But didn’t “femboy hooters” arise in the weird intersection between 4chan (tttt) /twitter are they really blaming that on gnc men?
I hate how sexualised femboys are but i noticed that they became even more sexualised because of /tttt/ and whatever the fuck happened with that robots board

No. 1734061

When I heard that Florence had collabed with someone named Ethel Cain I automatically assumed it was a man because I thought Ethel was a weird misspelling of Ethan. This was before I had seen any pictures or seen anyone mention that he is trans.
Anyway I love Florence but this did disappoint me. She could had used her platform to promote an upcoming female artist. Morning Elvis is my fave song too so that adds to the disappointment.
it's far from commom but I have seen a 2-3 trans people claim that Florence is a TERF (I don't know what they are basing it on since I don't keep up with her personal views) and therefore criticize her female fans for listening to her but this was years ago so I don't have any screenshots so take it with a grain of salt.
What's bothers me about his music. Growing up in an extremely religious environment can be traumatizing for anyone. Yet his music focus on the specific trauma girls go trough. I think even if you suppoert trans people you understand that a FTM did not go trough a girl's childhood and was not raised as one

No. 1734062

Bit femboys and troons are different sides of the same shitty coin.
They complain about being sexualized by men but I was in a gnc/role reversal group (I waa stupid back then) and all what those "femboys" did was complain about how straight women didn't want to date them and proceed to be the most vicious misogynists when rejected by them. Scrotes will be scrotes no matter the "feminine" varnish or how much they call themselves a woman. And I didn't mention how the majority of them are nazis. So honestly boo hoo if moids sexualize them.

No. 1734069

Femboys and traps are different then troons because it’s an expression of male pedophillia, not gender nonconformity. It’s adult men on 4chan grooming minor boys into expressing a sexualized performance for their own pleasure and they are trying to normalize it as much as it is normalized already for teen girls. It’s not equality to sexualize minors of either sex, it should be stigmatized for both. The reality of normalizing the sex industry is that now all young bodies are open season to be consumed, and men only realize what is happening and how wrong it is because they see themselves in these teen boys.

No. 1734072

Liking anime catpeople in maid outfits is retarded in general. Hope that helps.

No. 1734078

I used to really love femboy characters and the whole discourse around what to call them has been so fucking annoying since gender woke stuff started being everywhere. Can't call them "crossdressers" because it implies clothes have gender, ok now everyone has picked up traps. Wait, "trap" is even more offensive because it implies they're trying to trick people! Ok, so we'll move to the most literal term possible "fem(inine) boy" but now we can't use that because sometimes people mistake troons as… being exactly what they are. Whatever, learning about AGP tainted my enjoyment of most characters like that.

No. 1734118

File: 1672372443480.jpeg (2.14 MB, 2500x3750, ethelcain4.jpeg)

If anyone had seen a full body shot of "Ethel Cain" they wouldn't be surprised to learn it was a man.

No. 1734120

This. Men also see femininity as weakness and something to prey on. Male sexuality is inherently predatory, pedophilic and based on humiliation, feminizing and sodomizing another male is the ultimate power trip and act of domination through humiliation which is why so many ‘straight’ moids are aroused by men in skirts and ‘sissified’ males because to feminize a male is to subjugate and humiliate him, because men hate women and being feminine is seen as so lowly to men.

No. 1734124

The Mail don't pay their grunts enough for intelligible copy.

No. 1734125

of course all their friends said they were trying to get a beautiful photograph of the moon when they fell off. Not that they were high as fuck when it happened.

No. 1734140

I have large labia which I was horrifically insecure about it when I was younger, to the point of never letting partners touch me down there or see my genitals. If you'd shown 16 year old me a picture of an average "neovagina" i think I would have counted my blessings and saved myself a good 10 years of body angst because at least mine is in the right place, and doesn't look like a selection of mystery meat crammed into a crevice.

No. 1734146

Where does the pic come from? I can't find a source that isn't social media commentary.

No. 1734148

Do keep us updated, especially if he's coming out at work toO!

No. 1734150

File: 1672375816983.png (661.37 KB, 445x791, 5166D960-2D13-455F-8AFB-FEE0B8…)

He looks like a boy I went to school with and it makes me feel sick

No. 1734152

you do you think it secretly enrages dylan that people mistake him for the other tiktok troon with a full beard

No. 1734154

What even is the point of having long hair when your hairline starts a foot away from your eyebrows

No. 1734156

File: 1672377308066.jpeg (55.75 KB, 600x513, C9B4A553-33D2-408E-8D25-05BE13…)

The shitty yaoi drawing proportions are so uncanny.

No. 1734158

"washing his face"

No. 1734159

File: 1672377605639.gif (1.54 MB, 480x207, vom.gif)

Oh god is that a diaper?

No. 1734164

penises being made to force fuck women is literally some shit i have seen incels say to justify rape. i know a guy who was pressured into sex when he was about 12 with a girl who was over 18. i know way more women who have experienced this shit but regardless that's not okay. even though 99% of pedos and rapists are men a groomer is a groomer.

it's important to recognize that acting like this is a choice, women can be rapists. and yet a large amount of men CHOOSE to rape where it's not even something that ever crosses the minds of most women.

No. 1734165

Will never understand this. You're MiSgEnDeRiNg him one way or another so let's at least be precise.
What the FUCK lmao imagine this creature coming at you from a dark alley

No. 1734166

His sad little shrunken head, my sides.

No. 1734171

this might be the most viscerally terrifying troon i've ever seen an image of. He doesn't look smart enough to edit photos, but I'm struggling to understand how his head could be that small. It breaks all the laws of bodily proportions I know as an artist

>shoulders should be about 3 head widths

he's at like 4 & 1/2
>hands are the length of chin to brow
try fucking chin to the top of the head

and why is his ribcage so tiny for the rest of his frame?? This is beyond me. I need answers. OP, please post more of this troon I have to see him from another angle

No. 1734184

Even when they bEcOmE wOmEn they can't escape their small penis insecurity.

No. 1734192

literally just looks like any other metalhead dude with long hair lol

No. 1734196

it's varg with boobs

No. 1734205

File: 1672390217177.jpeg (51.88 KB, 480x728, 11A35C93-7460-4D42-A50C-F07EBD…)

I wanna pound his Vargussy

No. 1734206

As much as I hate barg I think you’re being very unfair to him. No one would even bother to take ethel’s backdoor virginity in prison despite his best efforts.

No. 1734209

This, except you can’t be dumb enough to possibly think femininity isn’t degrading to begin with. Sissified men aren’t attractive to women because we’re not aroused by the degradation and torture of others, men are.

No. 1734211

What's that tattoo of "please" on his throat supposed to mean?

No. 1734212

>it's not even something that ever crosses the minds of most women
It's not something that occurs to most moids either, but the ones it does occur to are like this with every single woman they come across, so every woman has at least one story about it. It only takes one shitty sexpest moid in a group for every woman to know exactly which one he is because they've all had to deal with him, even if the rest of the moids have no idea it's happening. Usually when the rest of the moids are informed they're thoroughly disgusted.
In a way, the troon fad is a blessing for this because half the sexpest moids I've dealt with have trooned out and made themselves obvious, and half of the rest have revealed themselves as chasers. There's always going to be awful moids who slip past the radar but having so many of them announce themselves makes things somewhat simpler.

No. 1734217

File: 1672392024007.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1629, 295F4106-0A33-489A-B411-7E6221…)

No. 1734223

Oh, so you’ve never been “one of the boys.” I understand why you wouldn’t know, I’ll let you have your peace of mind.

No. 1734231

Don't condescend, nonnie. I have been "one of the boys" before, to the point one of the moids almost forgot I was a woman. I've also had to deal with plenty of sexpests before who couldn't get over that I was a woman. Not everybody with different judgements from you is just an ignorant inferior who should bow to your enlightened experience.

>Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Knowing troons exist is enough to keep anybody awake in misery, even themselves.

No. 1734234

Former femboy appreciating woman here as well. Now it seems every time an (online) famous man wears anything slightly feminine he's two months from announcing he's realized he's been a woman all along, and spiraling into, at least, a stereotypical obsession with his looks* and at worst, plastic surgery addiction ending in boob jobs and a stinkditch

*(A great example of what I mean by this is philosophy tube not having his camera on in a livestream, like, a month after coming out because he 'wasn't wearing makeup'. You weren't wearing makeup in most of your youtube videos but now that you're a wOmAn it's a fucking problem? Makes me a-log)

No. 1734236

What a fucking queen, i hate HP but i may buy t shirt or something as terf merch kek

No. 1734238

based nonna. GNC people are awesome because they dont give a fuck about what people think about them or what ppl call them, theyre just naturally masc women or fem men and presents accordingly and decently/within reason.

troons are coomer larpers who force everyone around them to participate in their fetish/chasing their coom.

No. 1734239

This. I was disappointed she was doing a grimes and collaborating with somebody who basks in the glow of their own traumatisation as well as other girls (Nicole dollanganger whatever her face is). She could really have used it as an opportunity to represent women since they make up of like only 20%-30% of the music scene if my numbers are still updated, despite being used to market the industry with their bodies and stories.

I hate earth and I think transwamon are doing their part to cull the numbers of “men” but if all they’re doing is to shove women aside then I can’t give a shit about them or their gofundmes

No. 1734241

“GNC” men aren’t the heckin’ valid femboys you think they are. Most of the time they have severe mental illnesses or weight problems due to childhood sexual assault history. They dress up and pretend to be teenage boys for male attention. Like if “coquettes” were legit demented men who hate all women because they get more male attention. Seething jealousy + tendency to eat himself to death is not a nice combination. Stick to your 2D husbandos.

No. 1734242

How are they culling men? Normal men kill their own kind just as much as trannies.

No. 1734247

male proportions are uncanny in general but this is just horrifying omg

No. 1734250

im talking about naturally effeminated men who are gnc not just by dressing up but by how they naturally act. just like how tomboys are a phenomenon the vice versa also happens albeit rarely in straights and more commonly in gay men (just like how butchness is more common among lesbians). ive seen it happen and theyre mostly harmless, but just like tomboys, theyre being groomed by troon ideologue into trooning out. trans the gnc/gay away if you will.

No. 1734267

lmfao holy cope the botched tranny just couldn't bear being a bogged monstrosity and decided to jump off a roof. wouldn't be my preferred way to suicide but im sure he was manic as fuck and didn't care

No. 1734278

You’re mistaking humans for ducks. God I hate this evopsych bullshit people like you spread. It’s non-factual pseudoscience an any at least slightly stem-educated person can clearly see that.

No. 1734284

File: 1672402247430.png (452.64 KB, 603x456, nikkisecondio.png)

ugh and apparently the dad was supportive of his gender bullshit. wonder if it was just a case of jealousy towards his sister and the father/daughter relationship? his poor sister, hope she recovers ok and gets the fuck away from him for good.

No. 1734286

>naturally effeminate
Ah yes, baby is born with a limp wrist.

No. 1734287

File: 1672402700896.webm (1.56 MB, 576x1024, erinmohr.webm)

this was posted earlier this year so I'm sorry for old milk but holy shit it made me so mad.

this guy is a "comedian" supposedly and got some shit for this video. recently he uploaded another video where he claims it upset him to see women getting abused in porn but that he enjoys it when directed at him. pretending he has empathy for women when he clearly does not.

No. 1734292

I hope the headline is implying that his little sister survived from the injuries at least. But man, shit like this and that case with the 10yo boy killing his mom over a VR headset make me want to never have kids.

No. 1734294

File: 1672403838928.png (146.2 KB, 461x305, secondino.png)

samefag but watching bits of that video that was linked in the article (not the whole thing though because it's so long) and there are so many red flags. obviously autistic child who was told he may have a personality disorder but was dismissed. has been jealous of his sister for a long time.

No. 1734298

you don't get the point anon, shes saying they are equipped to rape women and animals via nature. also they tend to be psychos from all the testosterone ups and downs

No. 1734300

Not another backrooms entity.

No. 1734310

Why are men with long hair cute but trannies never are? Even if you don’t know how he identifies, they just never look good. There’s no soul behind the eyes

No. 1734319

LMAO him attempting to talk down to "intersectional feminists" is exactly what a man who wants power and control would do.

No. 1734320

File: 1672409207070.png (605.72 KB, 600x812, Screen Shot 2022-12-30 at 08.5…)

You sir, are an abortion

No. 1734321

constantly moving the goalpost and policing language, keeping everyone on their toes, acting like only he has the moral superiority, with his passive aggressive fake-gentle tone. the manipulative behaviour is off the scales. the only way he can get people to act like they see him as a woman, is this consistent level of control. many such cases with troons.

No. 1734326

him and zephyr celebrating as gay marriage gets codified in the US and abortion doesn't. then mocking women who need it. very nice. very womanly behaviour.
also kek at him always using that angle to try and hide his massive fridge body, but it never works.

No. 1734328

its the thousand yard coom stare nonna, all troons have it kek

No. 1734331

the one on the right looks like Sander Jennings, brother of Jazz Jennings (boy forcibly transed by family - I truly feel bad for this person, to the extent that I feel bad saying 'he' since the trans was done to him at such a young age. but what else can I call him? A eunuch I guess.)

No. 1734347

File: 1672413346665.jpeg (403.51 KB, 828x1123, 52A4F9FF-2F43-4F18-908C-983B67…)

there’s currently a super viral video of a troon faking having a period on tiktok, the video has nearly 11 million views currently and i just keep seeing based take after based take, hope it doesn’t get deleted, the more normies who see this the better


No. 1734348

there is no need to feel bad calling him 'he' because it's just the truth, not an insult. most nonas here feel bad for jazz too. he is a victim in all this.

No. 1734350

this was posted in the last thread. glad to see it's peaking normies.

it's impossible to defend. even when TRAs and handmaidens say "he is still in pain" then why does he have to put it down to periods? why not just say IBS or whatever? because they're mocking and fetishising us, that's why. and i'm so tired of sciencebros trying to mansplain how periods work to women who call them out on this. no, periods are not when a man takes estrogen and gets intestinal spasms, retards.

No. 1734354

Shit larp on his part, like he's copying something he saw on tv. I'm sure this isn't universal for every woman but when I have bad cramps the worst thing to do for them is stand up straight and arch my back upwards like he did at 3 seconds in. Stretching upwards and arching my back like that makes it worse, so does laying on my back.

No. 1734355

totally. and you can see him smiling a bit at certain points. he is enjoying the larp.

No. 1734360

i didn't screenshot, but sometimes i go on 4chan lgbt board when i'm bored to peek in the zoo and someone had posted the video yesterday. with the dude in the video posting in the thread and dropping a selfie. they were mostly making fun of him, didn't stick around to see what he had to say further but he definitely did it as a joke

No. 1734365

well they just entered womanhood of course they wouldn't know how to best handle their new time of the month hehe

No. 1734368

I handled starting my periods at 10 far better than this dude. I just sucked it up with a hot water bottle and played gamecube. Wimp.

But for real, as someone who developed intensely painful periods as I got older, I wouldn't mind seeing them get the real messy deal and then deciding if they truly want them.

No. 1734370

This is great. They need to keep doing ridiculous shit like this, it’ll peak the normies even faster. Also


>large adult man with deep voice and Adam’s apple

They need to keep doing this shit too, make it crystal clear they’re pedos. Some comments were rightfully pointing out they never fake menopause symptoms because they don’t fetishize older women, just “girls.”

No. 1734373

Ayrt and you’re totally right, the earlier rhetoric was “we’re suffering from dysphoria, just let us change our bodies so we don’t kill ourselves.” And then when that sympathy ploy was accepted, they ramped up to inserting their dicks everywhere and demanding “cissies” suck them - which was likely the plan all along.

No. 1734374

I think it’s far more humane to call Jazz “he”, because it acknowledges the innocent little boy he was and not the self-loathing mess his parents & quack “doctors” turned him into. Playing along with his abusers’ delusions does nothing to help him heal.

No. 1734375

In reality, his central nervous system is shutting down because he's taking estrogen. This man is turning himself into a vegetable, not a woman. Kek.

No. 1734377

I’ve seen TRAs & handmaidens respond to normies questioning trans periods by saying “ok, so what if they don’t have a uterus and it’s just HRT side effects? What does it hurt to call them ‘periods’ if it helps alleviate their dysphoria?” They are now openly admitting these are delusions and we’re supposed to go along with them to avoid hurting mentally ill people’s feelings. I guess I should go outside and tell the schizo homeless guy ranting on the street corner that he’s right and space aliens really did implant tracking devices under his skin, I’m sure it’ll really help his healing process.

No. 1734379

TRAs can pretend they actually care about mental illness, but they're just simply lazy and retarded. They don't want to get to root causes of issues, they would rather reach towards quick fixes and psychosis enabling remedies.

No. 1734381

File: 1672419246454.jpg (1.32 MB, 1080x2219, Screenshot_20221230-115337_Ins…)

dylan just posted post ffs pics. he posted a set right after his surgery but they looked old, this is one of the new ones. literally nothing changed (1/2)

No. 1734382

File: 1672419278561.jpg (845.73 KB, 1080x1152, Screenshot_20221230-115411_Ins…)


No. 1734383

I feel bad for saying that I thought this was MBB at first but I’m gonna say it anyways

No. 1734386

Idk much about ffs, but wouldn’t surgery like that have bruising and swelling for a while? This seems really quick to take pictures. Anyways he still looks like a creepy old man kek

No. 1734387

don't worry tbh she's been both hypersexualized and infantilized her entire acting career. the short schoolgirl skirt with the hairdo makes dylan look kind of like a millie skinwalker

No. 1734388

I knew who it was from the fp and I'm on mobile, but then again I don't have face blindness

No. 1734389

i hope this is post ffs but even if it were, does anyone see a difference?? usually there are some slight changes but here the only thing i see are the tectonic plates between his eyebrows.

No. 1734390

looks like he got his brow shaved and some botox? the crows feet don't look so ghastly anymore but that may just be makeup/distance

No. 1734392

No, that seems impossible. He can't heal that quickly. Unless the FFS bandages was all fake and makeup. If this is actually after, then he definitely only got "FFS" as a sponsorship for the surgeon that did him.

No. 1734403

the average healing time for ffs takes 2-3 weeks… has it been that long already? if it has then the pic might be legit, but he still looks the same just minus the crow feet

No. 1734412

i would love to choke him to death

No. 1734425

These have been filmed before ffs and I think he even mentioned it in the tiktok or the description of it iirc, the dude is still healing.

No. 1734429

File: 1672423094174.jpg (26.38 KB, 512x233, dylan.jpg)

No. 1734432

ahhh ok sorry for the false alarm nonnas. will update the thread once he does post new photos

No. 1734436

File: 1672423625259.png (465 KB, 475x587, 634.png)

Whenever I see Dylan I'm instantly reminded of picrel

No. 1734438

that bag is adorable, does anyone know where it's from?

No. 1734439

you can find them on etsy for dirt cheap, just search goose bag

No. 1734452

File: 1672425011042.png (383.44 KB, 428x515, dylan.png)

pic rel is from a post-surgery video posted by that older lady he always hangs out with https://www.instagram.com/p/CmyPh7Thvcp/?hl=en
doesn't look any different, so far. but still got the nose bandaged.
kek same

No. 1734458

File: 1672425353011.jpeg (689.98 KB, 1125x2061, 79F07904-E0F1-481F-9E74-9C48E2…)

4chan scrotes have no shame

No. 1734476

Is that hulking unwashed swine the chaser? I’m totally okay with trannies becoming the third class sex slaves to shit tier men. Soft eugenicize these wastes

No. 1734477

The absolute terror in this twinks eyes makes me feel almost bad for them. Maybe poverty is preferable to this arrangement

No. 1734478

i was just thinking the same. i am all for whatever the fuck is going on in this picture. let the trannies become the male order brides and prostitutes for the incels. let them all fuck each other and leave us alone.

No. 1734480

I'm still convinced he has an eating disorder, whatever this is. He's way too skinny.

No. 1734481

Florence has posted pro-trans stuff on her personal insta for ages, it's just not very in-your-face. I think her book club read some trans book a while back too.

No. 1734497

Oh god, his chin looks like Chris Chan's

No. 1734500

jesus, the dainty little frilly socks, how incredibly foul on a grown man. is there ANY troon who isn't also a pedophile?

No. 1734509

Can't move his face and high as fuck on pain meds.

No. 1734511

I'm jaded due to these threads but every now and then it just hits me how I can't believe we live in a world today where some nasty rando fail male thinks it's perfectly normal to post a picture like this of himself for the entire internet to see and to exist until the end of time.

No. 1734513

yeah, it's really fucked up. Moids have always been weird and deviant, but they used to have some semblance of shame. Social pressure made them hide this shit and just like, dream about it or something. Now it's all out on front street. Pretty hard to fathom that just a a couple of decades ago this guy would've at LEAST had the decency to blur his face.

No. 1734515

Yeah I feel bad for anons who don't realize 100% of men - your father, your nigel, your sweet friend, have humored the idea of rape, get off to it, and have sexually assaulted, coerced or raped at least one woman (or man) in some way. 100% of them. It's just part of the male psyche. They will never show their depraved true selves to women they want the respect of, hence why so many women think their close male friends/partners/family are showing their true selves to them and are exempt. They are not.

No. 1734521

Kek at the hair covering his manly neck.
The filter makes this uncanny af. His face is a completely different color and resolution than the rest of his body.

No. 1734534

Still obviously male. Also kek at the wig covering half his forehead.

No. 1734540

this reads like a Bronze Age pervert pro rape argument lol

No. 1734549

Women also get other kinds of cramps sometimes. They can still pretend to be a woman with the shits. I used to think that telling boys girls also poop wasn't necessary, but maybe these trannies really are dumb enough to think taking a dump is a male-only experience.

No. 1734562

and of course he is wearing pedo braids with ribbons

No. 1734563


I swear some nonnies don't realize that "all men are inevitable rapists, it's an inherent part of what they are" is exactly what rapists want them to believe. No. Rapists are deviant and uncommon but they will lie to you that they're normal. Most of them want to believe it too, so they can excuse what they're doing as just being honest/natural. Saying all men are like this is handing them a perfect tool to manipulate other women they victimize, and in some cases will chip away the shame that can keep some in line.
Really, why would I believe a rapist when they tell me they're normal? Why would I believe anything they have to say? They love to pretend they're just a little mentally ill so they can avoid consequences. It's as foolish as listening to a tranny when they say all trannies have gender dysphoria and they can't help it when they get euphoria boners in public.

The standard abuser claim is that all people are really like them and they haven't done anything unnatural or wrong, it's just society's judgement holding them back. Don't gift rapists and other shitty men this excuse. They are defective and need to be reminded of this every day of their lives.

No. 1734589

File: 1672440471971.png (488.83 KB, 653x857, 751d979e9c20f7fbf880e7a45885db…)

he posted an update and claimed he meant to say "PMS"
of course he also says he has a gender studies degree. and says he chalks up everything to "transmisogyny" and that transwomen "experience PMS" because… hormones.

No. 1734591

men are so creepy this is all just so creepy

No. 1734592

it is natural for men, doesn't mean it isn't criminally punishable and morally wrong.

No. 1734593

File: 1672440714339.jpg (128.04 KB, 851x872, IMG_0463.JPG)

For real, just because a LOT or even most of men are rapists doesn't mean every single one has done it, or would, or even fantasizes about it. All groups of people are a spectrum. That being said, picrel.

No. 1734596

ok? kek that doesn't change anything. He can't get PMS either because he isn't a woman. Troons always pull something out their ass when met with facts.
>many of you are not doctors
>you're not biologists
Neither are you scrote. And this is all basic biology, you don't got to be a doctor to know all of this.

No. 1734604

All men doesn't mean that all men are rapists. It means that all men benefit from patriarchy and misogyny. And yes, there is almost no men who never raped if you count coercive rapes. Most men rape the woman they have their first sexual relationship with. It doesn't mean that it's natural. And what even is this meme? Go back. lol

No. 1734612

It's not that they necessarily are rapists but 99% of them masturbate to it at the very least.

No. 1734614

100% agree. This is why being a straight woman means that you are a pickme. You’re abetting our enemy. Be celibate or fuck off(>2X)

No. 1734615

File: 1672443120189.jpg (727.96 KB, 1079x1451, SmartSelect_20221230_183049_Fa…)

trannies make some effort not to live in absolute squalor challenge (impossible)

No. 1734630

>how to girl
the absolute state of that place. they're all perverted, deluded and live like pigs.

No. 1734641

This. Most porn is rape.

No. 1734654

Jesus Christ, go outside.

No. 1734662

…are those fishnets drawn on

No. 1734674


So which smooth muscle does he think his cramping? The smooth muscle in the lower abdomen is his bladder, urethra, and bowel. Did someone have Taco Bell?

And topkek at the gender studies degree

No. 1734677

We need to ship you guys and the MRAs/MGTOW types on an island and let you fight it out or hate fuck each other.

No. 1734679

>I truly feel bad for this person
Fuck Jazz! He still pushes for child transitioning despite it turning him into a fat eunuch who takes 17 pills a day. No sympathy for TRAs.

No. 1734680

i wish lol. i joined a few TiM groups for the keks and they looooove posting their legs and fishnets/fancy tights - shrimply because they are larping as the girl they want to fuck and they think their legs are the most "passable" part of their body (which they aren't but their male eyes are clouded by the coom)

No. 1734682

>women who hate scrotes for the things they say and do are the same rapist men who hate women
Y moment kek. Men really do not take responsibility for their behaviour and actions.

No. 1734693

kek i thought the same thing nonna.

men are not compelled to rape by the "male psyche"; men choose to rape because they become perverts who hate women

No. 1734697

It is almost certainly a kink thing, because what true and honest woman doesn't want a man to choke her half to death during sex?

No. 1734702

The 90s girl I am at heart is so grateful Brian Molko never trooned out. If Placebo were just getting big now, though, I bet an androgynous lead singer would be playing the troon card instead.

No. 1734703

HIM. When will you gendies stop with the pronouns bullshit? Do you know where you are?

No. 1734706

They don't get menopause symptoms, because they keep on taking oestrogen all the way til they … oh man I just realised we're going to get a generation of 50+, 60+, elderly troons.

No. 1734708

This reminds me of something that came up in my Sociology class years back. There was a study done at one of the major universities in the US where they asked male students if they could rape a woman and get away with it would they do it? As the survey was anonymous, most of the men said yes.

There's also this from the UK, which if anything is likely to be under the true number:

No. 1734718

I know the study you're talking about. One third of the men said yes, and they only surveyed eighty three people. While I generally agree with the assertion that more men would rape if they were certain to get away with it, I dislike the methodology of that particular study. Let's be real, men already get away with it most of the time based on the thousands of rape kits gathering dust in evidence rooms around the country, based on the fact that most rapes are unreported, based on marital rape not being taken seriously, etc. Statistically, if you've been raped in the United States, your assailant faced no criminal charges for it. 1/2

No. 1734719

This gets to the heart of the problem. Even if only 10% of men were rapists, the fact of the matter is that most other men turn a blind eye to rape at best and enable rapists at worst. The media's disproportionate obsession with false accusations despite their comparative rarity is a good example of that. Men only take a stand against rape when its perpetrated against women they feel personal ownership of, like their daughters, wives, mothers, and women of their own race. When racist white men a century ago flipped the fuck out about black men raping white women, it wasn't because they gave a fuck about rape, it's because they viewed white women as being their's to rape. In order to get men to give a fuck, you always have to ask them how they would feel if their female loved one got raped. When women's collective safety or rights are threatened, politicians always default to saying, "these women are peoples' wives, sisters and daughters," as opposed to saying, "these women are human beings who deserve basic dignity." They'll never come right out and say it, but in their minds, we only matter insofar as we are an extension of male ego. 2/2

Sorry for breaking the post into two parts. For some reason, there's a faggoty length limit on posts now?

No. 1734723

Take it to /2X/

No. 1734724

Believe it or not, there is a large portion of us here that aren't absolute bull dykes. Fucking relax.

No. 1734728

There is no need to respond to obvious bait and then blame it on lesbians.

nta but this is literally a TRA take. I think it was actually posted in one of the previous threads, some troon had a tweet about needing to force TERFs and Incels onto an island together to have it out. Way to be a troon, idiot.

No. 1734729

Just go build your female separatists compound already.

No. 1734731

It's male anon.

No. 1734734

I'm not male.

No. 1734735

Scrotes would just chimpout and try to destroy it like usual. Moids have literally poisoned female compound wells to prevent them. Men cannot stand the idea of women existing without them, as we see naturally demonstrated in this troon thread with both the troons and seething male posters. Men hate women saying no to them and avoiding them the way they hate an appliance being broken, because this is how they see us, as an object to use. They are made because the kettle has a mind of it's own and isn't forced to boil water as they believe it should, doesn't the kettle understand the scrote has declared it boils water? Ultimately men are entitled children who identify as whatever they want, which again is why the troon movement exists and has had such short success in such little time, because it's supported by the scrotes in power who think the same way, it's a scrote ideology.

No. 1734736

*mad not made

No. 1734737

nta take that energy out on the moids killing and raping u dumb bitch kek

No. 1734740

File: 1672465878304.jpeg (63.53 KB, 364x217, 839F39B0-C7EB-41D9-A6B5-AE326B…)

Did Dylan always have a lack of chin or did they shave it off.

No. 1734745

File: 1672466614699.jpeg (26.44 KB, 247x247, 285FE406-47ED-4E47-AB8F-44E65F…)

I'm so appalled right now. This one T.I.M. that is part of my group of friends decided to draw everybody as a Christmas gift, me included. He drew himself as this cute catgirl with the finest traits even though his face is the manliest face I’ve ever seen, and then he drew me with legs those of a Mr. Olympia. But my legs are soft as hell since I don't hit the gym. He also fucked up my face. Somehow, made me uglier than I already am. Is this the so-called gender envy? Because he can't pass at all with that guy square jaw and huge honker of his.

No. 1734747

let him be delusional, have your other friends brought this up in private? his moid ego is showing, he probably thinks his girldick is god’s gift to earth. watch him wallow about being utterly unwanted by everyone except his own disgusting kind

No. 1734748

My friends are handmaidens so they wouldn't dare say anything to him. I think something is up because I was only one who was drawn like a man. The others look pretty feminine and delicate. I think he can tell I'm kinda terfy since I don't play along with his delusions. He asked if he would look good with moobs and everybody encouraged him while I just dismissed the topic. Also, I tend to shut him down when he starts mansplaining about gender and womanhood. Guess I'm not his favorite, kek.

No. 1734749

disappointing that its not enough for peaking to them. oh well. at least you have tangible proof that he’s quite literally malding over you. try not to view the drawing in a bad way, i think its the same as chris chan’s drawings. it would be so funny to be able to see what it looks like but i know thats a risk.

No. 1734750

You are right, honestly the ones who cry hardest and are the biggest victims of moids are straight women because they keep giving them second chances. Just saying not all and walking away does fucking nothing. Straight women accomplish nothing, infact are the key components in reversing a lot of womens rights just because they feel the need to try and force moids to like them. The key is to be fucking annoying and accept that they will always hate you. There certainly are lesbian pickmes but i roll ny eyes at how stupid a lot of straight women are when it comes to moids. I get that we have been socialised to be this way, but a harder stance it needed at this point, i am so fucking fed up of people needing to protect their ugly ass worthless boyfriends they will end up breaking up with in the next 5 or less years. I have never heard a moid defend women the way women here defend moidkind from being blasted as rapists. Who fucking cares? Just cry on your pillow about it, the only reason why you care about seeming rational is because your thirst for dick is bigger than your desire to live in a world where men can finally recieve their punishment.

No. 1734762

I'd take it as a point of pride that a tranny was seething so bad about me he had to draw me ugly. He probably referenced a mirror for it.

No. 1734763

File: 1672470174212.jpg (686.96 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20221230-225854_Fac…)

seeing this made me want to kiwz maiswelfz!

No. 1734767

whyyyyyyyyyyy do they all have the hygiene of fucking sewer rats

No. 1734774

I'm sure it's the bandage on his schnoz and the way he's holding his chin but swear to God it looks like he smashed face first into a brick wall kek. Can't wait to see if he lurked here and filled in the deep ass ditches of crow's feet around his eyes.

No. 1734793

So true. I also saw a video of a moid literally drinking piss today as some sort of tribal ritual?? Men r literally so retarded they're all drinking pee now!!1! Every man you see in the street, every male family member, every man to have ever existed, etc. is drinking piss. Disgusting. Unbelievable. We are all, collectively as women cuz we are a hivemind as well, morally, physically, mentally, developmentally and biblically superior. I hope u feel good about that today nonna. Don't do anything to better urself becuz u are at least not some piss-drinking moid. I want u to look at every man in your environment and picture them drinking piss, and feel righteous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734794

File: 1672479630396.jpeg (278.82 KB, 1242x1728, D4042647-CAB6-4946-A45D-3F5168…)

so fucking gross

No. 1734795

The way he looks more normal with his face entirely covered by 10 inch long bangs..

No. 1734799

Kek >>>/snow/1734742/
Cope, seethe, and dilate 90% of violent crimers.

No. 1734807

>Straight women accomplish nothing
Lol, Yeah all the suffragettes were massive bulldykes, not one straight woman among them.

No. 1734825

can you chill? she was obviously using “them” in reference to tranny hookers as a group

No. 1734827

Nta but,
>Women who recognise men are retarded fags who comit 90% of violent crime must be gay!
Scrotoids forever trapped in their cope of needing to pretend that their degeneracy is not repulsing women en mass KEK.

No. 1734864

File: 1672496897210.webm (1.28 MB, 320x320, nik.webm)

ugh look at his smirk. he just murdered his father and almost killed his sister and is lapping up all the attention like a sociopath.

No. 1734865

Its pointless talking to people who think like that. You can try but they'll just end up calling you a man or say you're not a true radfem or gender critical when they get called out for sounding absolutely unhinged.

No. 1734869

kek. he writes like a warghammer ork speaks.

No. 1734871

same anon just realised he’s wearing a diaper. god give me the strength not to alog. absolute degenerates.

No. 1734872

>This is post straightening
I swear to God, I thought his hair was just simply wet. Dear lord, does this look gross. Vile disgusting man.

No. 1734874

I'm trying not to a-log

No. 1734875

File: 1672499366272.jpeg (1.19 MB, 960x1161, 5CBDB795-6252-439B-901D-D40190…)

Can’t even watch YouTube videos on girly fandoms such as dolls without the creators being troons. He doesn’t show his face in videos and I thought since He’s foreign that’s why his voice sounds weird. Checked his personal instagram to find this creature instead of a woman.

No. 1734877

Wisdom tooth looking ass. This look doesn't look good on a woman, let alone on a tranny.

No. 1734878

KEK those hip cushions

No. 1734881

File: 1672500409265.jpeg (31.55 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpeg)

i was looking for those hip-pad pants like this troon is wearing and came across these. the horror.

No. 1734882

The camel toe had me hollering. Wtf

No. 1734887

i hate this troon, hate how blatantly obvious he fetishizes women and i hate how the trannies always have to put their hormone titties on full display.

No. 1734889

Yeah I guess this video should have made it obvious but I’ve only started to watch him recently.

No. 1734890

he's skinwalking emma chamberlain

No. 1734894

God why can’t they keep this stupid shit in their own perverted communities. Every time I see these I can feel the lesbians being uncomfortable because I’ve seen enough comments where women tried to call it weird only to be told they weren’t considering TiM feelings. Fuck men. They want to come into spaces not made for them and tell people how to act, I want to alog badly.

No. 1734897

>wisdom tooth looking ass
kek nona please. i had only scrolled past and not seen the full image so I took another look and laughed my coffee out

No. 1734898

What in the fuck? This isn’t even the first time I’ve seen these camel toe things but every time they astound me. No woman wants a camel toe ffs, it’s a surefire way to get mocked or sexualized or both. I knew an older woman who wore pants that gave her one often and men would always talk about how disgusting she was for it. She was old and oblivious enough she probably didn’t even realize.

No. 1734899

Same. I think it’s fucked up how shameless they are with it when actual women get shamed into covering up or made to hate their bodies and told they’re gross for whatever choice they make, be it not wearing a bra or not shaving/wearing makeup, any of that. These are probably the same moids who have always made fun of women for those things too.

No. 1734905

Yeah rape is not actually a very viable reproductive strategy in such a pro-social species as humans.

But a male raping a female is always worse than the reverse because it comes with the chance of pregnancy. A woman raping a man has little physical consequence, a man raping a woman can result in her being burdened with the care of another person or kill her. Psychological damage is bad but it doesn't hold a candle to death as a potential negative consequence.

This is also why men, let alone trannies, should not be allowed in female prisons full stop. Prisoners should not be able to get pregnant whilst in prison. It's ethically fucked for the child they're creating.

No. 1734921

>Anime Tshirt
I have no sides and I must KEK…

No. 1734923

>I'm turning myself into a pickle. Funniest shit I've seen

No. 1734924

Sage for not but milk but I find the transition goals sub so interesting to get an insight of how women and scrotes' minds work. Sure, it is not as milky as r/lgbt r/MtF or other well known troon subs but this one shows well how they only see women as pornified anime things, since 90% of them is the same ridiculous huge hentai boobs with unrealistic thick thighs and a waist so tiny that wouldn't have space for organs, while the TIFs put goals of very masculine men, I know they would never achieve their goals, but still they post real humans, not just a sexualized caricature of what TIMs think a woman is.

No. 1734927

the ffs doesn't change anything meme truly is funny

No. 1734932

File: 1672508804774.png (301.75 KB, 536x694, confused bisexual.png)

the ideal woman is… a man

No. 1734935

File: 1672509111485.jpeg (199.91 KB, 2048x1463, goatbuds.jpeg)

don't scroll

No. 1734936

File: 1672509173291.jpg (52.05 KB, 800x667, FeQloOIWQAE1-9N.jpg)


No. 1734938

its gone now, nonnies.

No. 1734939

File: 1672509501242.jpeg (235.05 KB, 828x679, A9DB6373-FCEB-4177-939F-6A6F3A…)

this is on a post about a dude with a fridge body lmao i’m ??? no a real woman with no curves wouldn’t do that because she doesn’t need curves to verify that she is, in fact, a female human being

No. 1734941

Yes, the poster seething about dykes and men not being degenerate is definitely a woman…

No. 1734942

File: 1672510481811.jpeg (491.36 KB, 750x774, F404BD2C-CE18-4733-A0FD-7EA476…)

ever since the gay club shooting in Colorado these fucking freaks have been making it all about themselves and egging each other to buy guns, I do not trust psychotic men with guns

No. 1734944

lol clearly in his parent's house where his mummy still takes care of him and he takes these pictures around the house whilst she is out buying his favourite snacks.

No. 1734945

Ntayrt but being celibate doesn't change your sexuality. Abstaining from sex is a choice, but your sexuality is innate. You're making celibacy sound like polilez when it isn't.

No. 1734947

Just checked the sub and you’re absolutely right it’s really sad how all the woman/girl’s goals are to be non sexualized and how all the men’s goals is to be extremely sexualized because it’s all about the coom for them it truly is a fetish for men and for woman it’s about trying to escape the constant sexualization

No. 1734948

ik it sucks being cursed with heterosexuality but this seething doesn’t reduce the chances of ur nigel turning u into another femcide stat. find healthier ways to cope. also not every woman who calls you our on your bullshit is lesbian(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734952

has a lot to do with him because he has a small dick lol

No. 1734953

You are 100% right. I have no respect for dick garglers and their pickme ways(bait)

No. 1734954

He's probably one of those trannies that's extremely angry and bitter because his upper middle class democrat family fully supports him with no pushback and he wants to be the suffering martyr so he pretends he is equal to a homeless black tranny prostitute who grew up in the projects.

No. 1734958

Nta but can you please stop derailing? Go shame women for their sexualities somewhere else.

No. 1734975

You’re right about the stats but be honest with yourself. The only ones I could picture seething in a corner are people like you. The majority of people don’t like your type even if they share your beliefs. You have to stay in literal corners of the internet. Lolcow, discord and maybe tumblr are all you have. Call people “out on their bullshit” all you want, it’s not as if we can’t just walk away from the spergy weirdos in the corner and enjoy our lives.

No. 1734979

Your reading comprehension is low. First anon says straight women are taking away women's rights. Second anon sarcastically says that the suffragettes must have been solely "bulldykes" aka butch lesbians. She's not saying that butch lesbians are bad, she's saying it's stupid to think straight women have never participated in getting women rights.

Happened to check the meta thread and saw one of them run off to report "scrotes in the mtf thread". I always wondered why derailing only counts in this thread when someone disagrees with a radfem and now I know it's because they cry to mommy when straight women tell them no. Wasn't 2X made to quarantine the radfem vs tradthot posting?

No. 1734983

Does anyone else notice how TRAs always talk about self love and self acceptance then try to kill themselves?

No. 1734990

File: 1672517116787.jpg (18.51 KB, 168x188, IMG_20230101_004733.jpg)

Dylan's hyping up his eventual face reveal. He says the bandages are off and I guess he's healed enough to slather makeup on. He's censoring his face and also included a video of people reacting to his new face. Pure narcissism. Also his eyes look worse from what I can tell

No. 1734991

File: 1672517248894.jpg (18.52 KB, 191x219, IMG_20230101_005129_edit_36350…)

No. 1734992

File: 1672517359872.jpg (25.9 KB, 188x213, IMG_20230101_005726.jpg)

Face shape reveal. Looks like alcohol bloat kek. Actual women can look stunning with defined jawlines meanwhile he still has a wide man face but now looks dumpier

No. 1734995

File: 1672517783353.jpg (429.32 KB, 1080x1513, horror.jpg)

from his face reveal video KEK

No. 1734996

i fully anticipate him to look exactly the same
they look terrified

No. 1734998

File: 1672518015163.jpeg (562.27 KB, 1121x781, 5F72408E-CB68-40CD-9362-3712EB…)

I’m gonna guess. He got cheek fillers to make his horse face less narrow. He got lip fillers and a barely there brow ridge shaving. He’s going to look so much creepier. Where is my Jamie Clayton jump scare pic?

No. 1735017

This kind of shit is so narcissistic and stupid, I can’t stand people who think they’re the only person in the world and that obsessed with attention.

No. 1735021

the crows feet are still there? this is hilarious

No. 1735023

He's only like 25 so the fact he even has those deep crossed is crazy
He legit looks like 45 year old drag queen who has bad work done. Like job Jeffrey star looks. An older person with surgery to look young.

No. 1735028

File: 1672523768525.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, 5865C873-6E57-4678-8CEC-7FEF9D…)

omg I found Dylan on bumble set on women. AGP has been confirmed

No. 1735032

I think hsts / gay men will sometimes just pretend to be into women, Dylan just doesn’t give me autogynephile vibes

No. 1735034

The ones that go from gay men to transbians really drive home the fact that narcissists don't feel attraction for anyone but themselves. They aren't gay or straight; functionally they're basically aromantic. Sex to them is just a tool for validation, and anyone unfortunate enough to fuck them is just a masturbation aid. Before trooning out, Dylan was a flaming theater fag, but now here he is, chasing after pussy. I wonder how the faghags cooing at him on Tiktok would react if they knew he's not their "gay best friend," and wants to fuck them.

Blanchard calls this phenomenon "pseudo-bisexuality." Again, they're turned on by themselves, so it doesn't matter who they're having sex with as long as it plays into their fantasy.

No. 1735036

I know a gay guy who definitely isn’t bisexual or straight who had sex with a women just so he could say he did.

No. 1735037

nta but remember that AGP doesn't just apply to straight men fetishising women. gay men can get turned on by the idea of themselves as a woman, being seen as women and being fucked like women. it's always either humiliation or submission fetish. i honestly think in dylan's case he has a fetish for being a little girl, he even said he dresses like a little girl because he is going through his "toddler phase".

No. 1735044

Newsflash nonny, they’re all AGPs. Pornsick moids will fuck a chicken sandwich so their “stated” orientation doesn’t matter.

Troons will always turn on their handmaidens eventually, because they’ll “you go girl” them into oblivion but they’ll never date them or fuck them. Their support is all about public virtue signaling and seeing troons as pet gay besties. They have no interest in mutilated men beyond that.

No. 1735057

what the actual hell? he looks racially ambiguous now

No. 1735064

File: 1672528058461.png (Spoiler Image,397.42 KB, 540x405, A5B73861-02A2-4B36-877F-EE3DD2…)

Ethel Cain posting his nasty gynecomastia tits on tumblr - knowing the demographic of his followers, that p much confirms AGP

No. 1735069

>shaming me for being het
>nooo, you can't shit on nigel, noooo
Please newfag, integrate. I'm straight and will shit on nigel because I am not an underage newfag coming from twitter or tiktok.(stop derailing and take this to 2X)

No. 1735072

>sarcastically homophobic like the tranny who also rees about bulldykes
Definitely proven me wrong kek.

No. 1735074

File: 1672528845230.jpeg (439.02 KB, 522x910, 1D8D9968-D456-4A0C-916C-A5ECD8…)

when will the rest of the women realize this is offensive

also I wasn’t ready, if you haven’t clicked don’t do it nonas. it’s too high res lmfao

No. 1735076

I genuinely don’t understand how most women aren’t disgusted and offended by this. He doesn’t “look like a woman”, it’s a disgusting caricature of a blowup doll with prolapsed butthole lips. This is not okay

No. 1735077

He doesn't look like a woman, more like a plastic blow up doll, though I guess to men that's the same thing.

No. 1735078

To add myself, and at the same time as cp spamming…

No. 1735080

I hate him more than anyone in this thread, there’s something so pedophilic and creepy about fetishizing trauma women go through in Christianity.

No. 1735083

Scrotes really do just exist to coom and die, which manifests in this movement. Even so called progressive men only support progressive ideals which enable coomers like tranny stuff, prostitution, and pornsickness indulgence.

No. 1735084

It’s weird. I’m offended by the fact that he claims this is how women look, like there’s one way we all are or something, but at the same time I’m not offended because it’s such a farce and doesn’t represent me or how I am on any level.

No. 1735085

i thought the exact same thing about him. men larping as women is always offensive but some of their specific "niches" they choose particularly irritate me. he is a pastor's son with internalised homophobia which is sad but he is literally being celebrated for that.
then to act like he is the "preacher's daughter" with all the very specific trauma and vulnerability that comes with that. very Karen Carpenter-wannabe vibes. fetishizing that certain "brand" of female trauma. I dunno something about it just makes me extra angry. especially when it's seen as artful and sensitive, when it's the opposite. so exploitive.

No. 1735092

I don’t know, I doubt he’s even gay, he clearly thinks it’s so hot for women to be handmaiden second class citizens

No. 1735095

lol he transitioned into Gretchen from recess

No. 1735099

Pickme will find out the error in her ways sooner rather than later, keep sucking on those cocks tho gurl(infight bait)

No. 1735107

YWNBAW, samefaging yourself to infight like usual (reee don't shit on nigel do you hate het women fucking bulldykes! Cock hungry pickme whores! Cp spam, cp spam) fools no one you dumb troon, you've done it hundreds of times before >>>/ot/1439191 and your retard psyop has never worked nor will stopping anons from pointing out male degeneracy in a thread built on male degeneracy make any woman want you, especially not the lesbians you hate so much because you are a retard incel who makes threads about them on cc constantly. You also only do it during this time frame you fucking retard kek.

No. 1735150

i don’t blame straight women for moids being antisocial apes, but their consistent handmaiden behavior doesn’t help anyone.

No. 1735155

File: 1672537994709.png (895.42 KB, 648x1038, Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 6.46…)

Youtuber Foodie Beauty's ex-boyfriend trooned out. He followed the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1735170

It's always the grossest moids who troon out

No. 1735185

File: 1672540303194.png (82.06 KB, 994x452, Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 9.21…)

Sage b/c I'm not sure if this really counts as milk but I have a normie non-terf twitter account for interacting with others and I get this person recommended to me all the time and every tweet of theirs is so stupid. This one had a lot of really stupid TRAs saying particularly stupid shit in the comments.

No. 1735187

i don't get how they feel comfortable posting this shit lmao, like anyone outside of their little circle of tranny twitter orbiters would instantly find this shit offensive

No. 1735191

File: 1672541278942.png (80.11 KB, 998x266, Screen Shot 2022-12-31 at 9.22…)

Theres more, this is one of his followers 'deep' responses to that lol

No. 1735209

>being lesbian is an aesthetic
>to moids that aesthetic is porn object

No. 1735213

They’re just your typical moids, fetishizing lesbians while also claiming they don’t exist because women who don’t want to touch their dicks at all make them uncomfortable.

No. 1735215

KEK how embarrassing

No. 1735249

File: 1672556407777.jpeg (40.68 KB, 500x363, 25138B2B-84FC-461D-AC95-CE570C…)

whyyyyy i own that same shirt. why can’t trannies leave sailor moon alone?

No. 1735253

why do they always bald like that

No. 1735255

Testosterone makes men go bald iirc. Could all that testosterone be a culprit when it comes to their pornsickness too?

No. 1735257

>Foodie Beauty's ex-boyfriend
not even remotely surprised by this turn of events kek. I'm only surprised I didn't foresee it sooner.

if only she had a thread, it'd be fun to laugh about this with anons who've followed their milk.

No. 1735259

theres a bookmark of it on the farms but i dont have the patience to go through each page. iirc he specifically said something along the lines of “i’d be happier as a woman.” fucking incel loser

No. 1735260

friendly reminder that while peetz is speedrunning the 41%, the foodie queen is living with her arabian feeder prince husband. I hope Jersh doesnt troon out to cope with Chantal being taken too.

No. 1735262

That's exactly what he says. I found the video he posted. It's a bunch of rambling garbage but here it is if anyone wants to watch it.

No. 1735263

What on earth makes these ugly ass scrotes think that their lives would be easier if they were women? They clearly base that claim on attractive women "getting everything they want", so they seem to think that just by putting on some sloppy makeup, a skirt and announcing that they're women will make all that happen to them too. But they fail to understand that they will never ever be attractive nor women.

No. 1735264

Misogynistic heap of rotting garbage

No. 1735268

His Wikipedia is hella bias. It describes his eyes as "haunting, almond shaped eyes". They're haunting alright…

No. 1735270

They’re jealous spiteful incels who hate women and believe the ‘women live on tutorial mode’ meme. They genuinely think ‘becoming a woman’ and having access to sex with old farts will solve all their problems in life.

Instead, they quickly find that everyone judges women based solely on their fuckability and don’t get treated as people, plus most men are incredibly ugly and nobody finds ugly men in skirts attractive. So they get preyed on by creepy fetishistic chasers who will fuck literally anything, they are degraded and completely reduced to their holes, made fun of and mocked incessantly, the only positive form of attention they get is from horny creeps trying to get a nut.

They’ll spend thousands of dollars on painful feminization surgeries and hormones, which is irrelevant because nobody cares about troons outside of easy instant sexual availability anyway, get tossed to the side as soon as a real woman or younger hotter better passing tranny comes along, they cant hold down a regular job because no one wants to employ a tranny freak and they end up having to do sex work, they bring shame to their family and often disowned, no dude wants to marry or have a family with them or take care of them long term, then they end up killing themselves when they hit the wall because like scrotes objectify everything they become victims of their own self objectifation (which they fail at anyway because they’re so hideous).

No. 1735284

File: 1672564801639.jpeg (716.65 KB, 749x1178, D5CD339B-9E3F-4567-A2C3-4993C8…)

theres something so ironic about this to me

No. 1735286

File: 1672565318048.jpg (319.07 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20230101-202636__01…)

No. 1735287

still better than trannies

No. 1735289

File: 1672566792464.jpeg (70.45 KB, 828x317, 18F0379B-423B-4443-909B-800959…)

The absolute unironic retardation of these handmaidens is truly something to behold. Bitch doesn’t even realize she just fucked up her whole dumb argument trying to defend trannies. They already are, stupid, that’s the whole point! I’m so fucking tired, ladies.

No. 1735291

wonder if the chantal parody/skit/impression lady on youtube can get away with parodying fem peetz.

No. 1735295

"just like audrey hepburn!" i could never be friends with people who lie to me like this

No. 1735303

Extremely angry, yet has a steady cash flow to get him anything he wants. He has multiple guns, a wardrobe to his liking, and he gets his hair professionally done pretty often given the roots of his hair not needing much of a touch up yet.

No. 1735306

>The biggest threat to my safety as a woman are men
She's retarded grammatically and intellectually.

No. 1735320

it's actually correct lol

Men are the biggest threat to my safety.

No. 1735322

Yikes Dylan Mulvaney has really bad crows feet.

No. 1735326

The statement is correct but the irony is she's arguing in favour of troons which are men. She also should've used "is" instead of "are".

No. 1735328

thought Vicky Pollard from Little Britain went brunette

No. 1735329

very much so when only real women are referred to as "uterus havers", "menstruators" or whatnot

No. 1735334

yeah was just saying it changes if you switch the the position of the subject. Using 'is' is only correct in modern English.

No. 1735354

Oh I didn't realise you were correcting it for her kek

No. 1735365

Why does he have that goat in a chokehold

No. 1735369

The more they'll use these the cuter they are going to look on real women like us

No. 1735372

File: 1672586720610.jpg (53.29 KB, 700x500, 94f0976f786e741d117afde4e471c7…)

i'm gonna medfag but according to the detrans Shape Shifter, the hormones made him attracted to women because it killed his sex drive and started to become to be attracted towards personality rather than just chasing coom, so obviously women became "attractive" to him because he felt "used" by men just for coom but obviously he's still more sexually attracted to men cuz he's gay but he found women to be more emotionally attractive

Dylan is still straight up to be giving off AGP vibes tho, Shape Shifter case aside, some HSTS learn to get off from sissification/bimbofication aka finding women forcing them to dress up slutty/like a bimbo to be sexually arousing

Picrel, this is "day 3 of girlhood" and he got a handmaiden to turn him into a bimbo

No. 1735376

He's so fuckong ugly to me im sorry. Like offensively ugly,comically ugly. His face is so square wide and even if he was just a gay scrote he'd still be extremely ugly to me. I hate seeing him. I think people think he's retarded and a gay let. The same they feel about drag queens. You cannot look at this person and see a woman.

No. 1735378

kek exactly it's always the greasy incel looking(they're incels) ones with barely any hair on their head

No. 1735379

Kek, this the exact same breast obese middle aged men that exclusively drink stella get, yikes.

No. 1735380

This. Dyldo Faggins is into ABDL roleplaying stuff on top of being an AGP troon. For some reason those two fetishes seem to frequently occur together.

No. 1735381

straight out of the deepest sewers known to humanity

No. 1735383

> I kill everything I fuck
I'll bet you do

They always dress like middle schoolers, disgusting

No. 1735385

You can't just tell us Joe Bidens favorite tranny is a diaper wearer and not provide evidence. Did they share brands

No. 1735386

no matter how much surgery he does, that pencil body of his… that male skeleton is so obvious lol. i think he tries to be ana to look more "girl-like" but ends up looking more mannish. he should put weight on, really, if he has any chance of passing whatsoever. also just his ultra camp voice and mannerisms are so unfeminine, it's hilarious. he is just a drag queen.

No. 1735389

File: 1672589570555.jpeg (209.35 KB, 750x1318, 56631989-98E7-4EDA-B60E-97F31A…)

happy new year nonnies

No. 1735392

File: 1672589851659.png (48.15 KB, 151x185, dog.png)

happy new year to you too, and to this poor dog

No. 1735393

Insane that even if you digitally removed that sex pest you could still clock that as a male living space.

No. 1735394

Their obsession with girlhood and being a little girl/teen is pedophilic as hell

No. 1735399

File: 1672591705336.jpeg (208.59 KB, 956x540, 1647241445022.jpeg)

bump. don't scroll

No. 1735400

File: 1672591730826.jpeg (100.95 KB, 612x612, 1651407200009.jpeg)


No. 1735401

File: 1672591763137.gif (826.36 KB, 155x275, 7941760C-1780-4B69-BD6A-5EF759…)

Tranny attack

No. 1735405

File: 1672592530074.jpeg (364.58 KB, 957x2048, 5176A255-F13D-4D6D-87A2-D88C14…)

No. 1735407

This level of cope is fucking retarded. The only people reducing women to anything are trannies and TRAs. Biological reality is important I can’t help that I was born this way. Just because I have XX chromosomes who cares how long or short my hair is or how I dress or what I do for work etcetera. They always tell on themselves with their Olympic level mental gymnastic takes.

No. 1735412

kek the way he's pushing his shoulders back in the hopes they'll look smaller

No. 1735416

File: 1672594916870.png (153.95 KB, 258x381, dylan day 3 girlhood.png)

the worst part of the day 3 video is when he tried on a woman's bikini. i feel so bad for whoever ended up buying that.

>and he got a handmaiden to turn him into a bimbo

in the video you could tell how much he loved referring to the woman and himself as bimbos, mentioning it multiple times and talking about make up and shopping whilst making ditsy expressions.
it's no different then when TIMs love talking about how they're "whores" and "slutty". they now have free rein to show how they really see women (as stupid sex objects).

No. 1735430

Fuck this skin walker.. and you’re supposed to leave your underwear on when you’re trying on bathing suits for hygiene purposes. Of course this is all a fetish for him.

No. 1735433

File: 1672598977844.jpg (1.75 MB, 3464x3464, challenge.jpg)

happy new year nonnas, i'll bump with an autistic collage of the End of Year challenge from the How To Girl FB group.
enjoy their faggots looking mostly exactly the same but now featuring badly applied makeup, shaved beards and/or degenerate outfits. consider that the "after" pics are carefully posed and possibly filtered and yet prove that YWNBAW again and again.

No. 1735438

File: 1672599681439.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2946, Screenshots_2023-01-02-02-54-0…)

handmaids gonna handmaid

the comments are telling her to not pursue the guy who treats her like a human amd instead to fixs thing with the coomer scrote who treats her like a mommy bangmaid. beyond vile and disgusting.

No. 1735444

Fellow 90s fan here and I remember discovering Placebo back in the 2000s but I never looked at what the singer looked like until about 2010 and I was shocked that he was an androgynous man, he was gorgeous (lol). And I agree, it's so cool to see that he hasn't trooned out and I hope he never does. Another person I'm glad who never trooned out is Mana from the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer. Look him up if you haven't heard of him because you'd think a guy like him would be prime material to troon out but 20 years later and he never did which is nice to see.

No. 1735446

happy new year nona!
ugh why is it always 'girl'. also hilarious that most of them just grow slightly longer hair, as if men with long hair don't exist.

No. 1735447

>he loved referring to the woman and himself as bimbos

this is exactly what set off my AGP alarms tbh, third video in and he was already showing off his forced feminization fetish for the world to see. this was a recurring theme in his videos, getting women to shop clothes and do "bimbo" stuff with him, using said women as props for his performance of "girlhood".

also yeah he was wearing a bikini without wearing an underwear, thats pretty gross af

No. 1735451

Didn't watch it but it just goes without saying that the AGP will eventually find it's way out. It's like Contrapoints who denies that he has AGP but yet in his video where he tried to debunk Ray Blanchard's study of AGP, he admitted that he ignorantly admitted he had it when he said he found it "exciting" when his ex-girlfriend would dress him up in her clothes.

No. 1735458

so thrilled the NYPost published this piece on the Pritzker's dark money trail and how corrupt and hypocritical leftist politics and influencers are. a lot of these nyc hipsters read the post "ironically" and are finally getting this information from a source not as easy to ignore as the daily caller. dana kennedy if you're out there, you fucking rock!


No. 1735461

i still remember his earlier videos where he started experimenting with crossdressing and referred to himself as a 'crossdresser'. he was open about it being a sexual thing and said he was happy with any pronouns. but like almost all AGP crossdressers now (Eddie Izzard being the perfect example) their narcissism just can't help taking it all the way. especially for someone like hontra who is a middle class, knowledge class philosophy student who has the freedom and luxury to give his misogynist fetishes an intellectual cover, that he can make 2 hour long videos about.

Few men still keep the crossdresser label (such as Grayson Perry) implying that it will no longer be a 'thing' in the near future. There will be no AGPs, no crossdressers, no fetishists, only stunning and valid trans women.

No. 1735462

File: 1672602918267.png (315.81 KB, 768x757, pedo.png)

Reminder that he used actual toddlers as reference to draw his shitty babyfur diaper art.

No. 1735467

Has Andrew Tate said anything about trannies?

No. 1735468

Am I seeing things or is this supposed to be an Andrew Tate parody? You know, the guy who was notoriously misogynist but I don't recall ever saying anything about troons. It's always all about them even when it isn't.

No. 1735470

It’s some old shit they always say, before it was troons it was gay men who would drone on and on about how every politician who said anti-gay stuff was a secret gay male. Of course that isnt always true but it’s was a big gotcha for gay dudes in the 90s -00s. Once again troons just co-opting other people’s reality.

No. 1735492

>When he started experimenting with crossdressing and referred to himself as a crossdresser

AYRT, oh yeah is this back when he was calling himself "genderfluid" (I think?). I remember in one of his old videos he was wearing a leather corset-looking garment or is does this go even earlier like when he had his hair short before he started growing it out?

Either way what you said towards the end sounds fucking terrifying and I hope we don't get to that point…

No. 1735506

yeah, i looked at the archive of is old videos but i don't think any of the really old ones are there, when he had shorter hair (and was actually quite cute).

but yeah, he started by just being gender non-conforming, talking about how he likes wearing make up and women's clothing sometimes. i definitely recall a video of him talking about it being a sexual thing for him. then he got deeper into gender studies, as his ego grew bigger and bigger.

>what you said towards the end sounds fucking terrifying and I hope we don't get to that point

I mean, it's already happening as far as I can tell. All these trans support groups are filled with 60 year old men in pantyhose and lipstick. Why wouldn't they take advantage of the situation?

When someone like contra intellectualises his own perversions to make it seem more moralistic and palatable, he has paved the way for all these men to do the same, because the definition of trans woman is so vague and has zero gatekeeping, but comes with huge benefits, especially for predators. It's fucking bleak.

No. 1735513

KEK anybody who has followed Chantal's drama knew this was going to happen any day. He would absolutely lose his shit if anyone said anything bad about trannies. For any nonnies who don't know anything about him, he has also written some fanfic about rape. It's always these types of men, the gross ones who fantasize about raping women

No. 1735517

I knew it as soon as the flabby sperg started dressing upas a woman "as a joke" in chinnys streams it was evident he was one floppy moob from trooning out.

No. 1735518

Yes one is gay the other is a fag hag?

No. 1735520

saw this too lol. omg don't cheat!! Idc if your daughter drank cleaning fluid don't cheat!!!

No. 1735521

KEKKKKKKK someone in the comments recommended that op reads “why does he do that” and added “if anyone has a less gendered please share.” the pronouns dont make a fucking difference, they all act like retarded men that they are

No. 1735523

File: 1672611600935.jpeg (497.61 KB, 960x1366, B77490E7-AB9F-490D-847F-CD1B89…)

poor woman’s entire history is posting about how miserable her shitty troon husband makes her feel. uses he pronouns for the first post (1y ago) and mentioned that he never helps around the house and only knows how to make 2 dishes. apart from that he sits on his ass and goes on tiktok all day - but dont worry nonas he was totally repressing his female brain.
also mentions she got pregnant at 18. i just feel sad for her. what a pathetic lowlife to be attached to, cheating is the least this woman can do.

No. 1735525

Ladies this is what zero self-respect and self-esteem looks like.

No. 1735526

The difference is a lot of Republican senators in the 80’s and 90’s got caught with rent boys, troons don’t have that reasoning at all

No. 1735528

I've noticed a lot of people online saying the same thing of "see it isn't the trannies who are grooming, it's this person!!!" as if anyone involved ever mentioned troons. It's such a projection. Andrew Tate's fanbase was mostly teenage incels. Children. I don't know why everyone is acting like Tate was some conservative influencer. He was an incel influencer, he literally was trafficking women and bragging about it. Doesn't he own a famous camgirl site? These are not conservative values kekkk. Can't believe these tards are making me almost stand up for fucking conservatives of all people.

No. 1735535

Hilarious seeing troons try to dunk on Tate as if they aren't also loser incel men who hate women

No. 1735542

File: 1672615861366.png (336.59 KB, 616x406, tate and piers.png)

Tate is actually on record saying he supports transgender people (the context is from a piers morgan interview where he says he really doesn't care about the trans issue but that he is a "libertarian" so supports their freedom to express themselves)
but for some reason the press keeps describing him as transphobic, probably because he talks about masculinity a lot, I guess?
I wonder how bothered TIMs would become about his misogyny once they knew he actually supports their freedoms, unlike how he does not support women's freedom.

No. 1735545

File: 1672616200401.jpeg (829.94 KB, 960x1699, CAA8A3BA-2F41-44AD-B1EA-08DB56…)

I don’t have the words to express just how stupid these people are

No. 1735547

File: 1672616306553.jpeg (540.99 KB, 960x1361, 8F1DE4A7-537F-4B75-B8FB-BA006B…)

so are gender roles and behaviors innate or not? is a woman who never touches makeup or dresses inherently a man? or do trannies not owe us femininity after all?
this back and forth on gender representation and expression is fucking ridiculous, especially with how much they flipflop on the argument based on what suits they schizotypal delusion.

This was a reply to the post above

No. 1735548

i love when they accidentally prove our point and highlight how women don't experience any of the benefits when "transitioning" to men.

No. 1735552

File: 1672617324926.png (948.29 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20221220-014442~2.p…)

Handmaidens are so close to getting it but refuse to abandon their precious troons. No shit women who can understand and articulate the female condition don't like trannies

No. 1735557

God they’re so stupid. They make it sound like this is an individual issue and all you need to do is just, oh, change EVERYTHING about yourself instead of pointing out the issues with how society treats women at large.

No. 1735568

She is fully on the way to peaking.

No. 1735574

Kek so the argument is that trannies are still biologically men with innate advantages/disadvantages, and her idea to prove us wrong about that is to tell us to… become biological men? When the whole argument is that it isn't possible to change your sex? Can they at least try to make it make sense

No. 1735578

I have a feeling that in their roundabout mental gymnastics they would think he is still transphobic for not validating them. Validating in this context meaning he hates women but thinks men who dress as women are cool, therefore making them realize he doesn't actually view them as women.

No. 1735586

File: 1672619059479.jpeg (286.84 KB, 1170x2028, phantom vagina.jpeg)

autogynephilia in gay men (GAYGP?) is strange because typically gay men hate vaginas, and yet some really have a fetish for imagining they have one.

No. 1735588

Whole new level of delusion holy shit

No. 1735589

knowing medical terms doesnt mean he has a ghost pussy lol what

No. 1735592

They're gonna end up cutting their taint open to get at their totally real vaginas just like Chris-Chan did at this point

No. 1735593

Xenofeminism in a nutshell

No. 1735594

Who's to bet the "area where my vagina would be" he is imagining is nowhere near where actual vaginas are

No. 1735602

He's stimulating his prostate through his taint and thinks its a phantom vagina.

No. 1735603

File: 1672620109800.png (121.04 KB, 555x462, macdonalds euhpria.png)

looked at their profile and this comment made me laugh out loud. the consoomerism of trans ideology. literally basing it on which toy they are marketed from a multi billion dollar corporation. i can't.

No. 1735607

Oh look another cute little work of trannie fiction.

No. 1735613

this is the most gender dysphoric experience he has ever had. observing how the toy industry created dumb stereotypes for boys and girls toys, which many children quite rightly ignore.
imagine thinking you need surgery so you can get the "correct" macdonalds happy meal toy.

No. 1735619

Lmao, why does this remind me of when tweakers are convinced they have bugs under their skin, same mind virus apart from everyone has to pander to troons psychosis.

No. 1735629

I wear my boyfriend’s clothes sometimes cuz they’re big n comfy, I should totally go into debt grafting myself a mutant arm-dick. Checks out. And since his 15 yr old son sometimes grabs my big cozy hoodies out of the dryer when he’s being lazy, let’s chop him up, too, it’ll be a party!

That part.

No. 1735703

Tate like many far right scrotes is also totally fine with gay men. They just hate women. Mishima much?

No. 1735705

“Yeah and being a racial minority is only painful if you aren’t REALLY one, right, otherwise you would just LOVE being oppressed! Just change your hair and skin and wear contacts if you hate being oppressed, since not wanting to be abused and demeaned must mean you actually have the soul of a white person trapped in a minority body…” This is how stupid these people sound. Women are allowed to acknowledge how existing as women in a society that oppresses us is painful. We are allowed to express our suffering without the solution being “just grow a beard and cut off your boobs to emulate the privileged men and hope you fit in with them instead.”
This is why women like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie openly roll their eyes at this bullshit. Womanhood involves significant lifelong suffering and trauma for almost every woman on earth and it’s absolutely sheltered bullshit to say women are all happy with being women and that if they aren’t it means they need hormones and surgery.

No. 1735740

File: 1672641127059.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.41 KB, 456x297, alves.jpg)

Stunning and brave

No. 1735743

File: 1672641317839.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.27 KB, 485x571, jalves.jpg)

He says he is not going to get any more plastic surgery so the uterus transplant and giving birth dream have been scrapped.

No. 1735745

Rodrigo is so disgustingly botched you can do nothing but laugh

No. 1735746

File: 1672641785089.jpg (257.88 KB, 1080x1351, 323029273_134015759502311_3930…)

It can't be a necessity if others can go without it. The actual state of men, they honestly think that anything they have a passing desire for is an actual need. Also I cannot wait to see how his ugly oversized mouth ends up looking with his new face and nose.

No. 1735748

It's also a necessity for me as a woman to feel safe in female only spaces, please respect that Mr.

No. 1735749

I really hope he gets the final snip

No. 1735751

I'm sure he won't.
>not all trans people desire affirming surgeries or hormones
Is he even on hormones? He's just a vain man.

No. 1735756

>It's not a necessity, except it is, and when it is, we'll die without it. Needing it is part of our condition, but you don't have to need it to be valid!
Schrodinger's necessity.

No. 1735759

The surgeries make him look somewhat downsyndromed

No. 1735760

>Stimulating between where my clit and vaginal opening would be
There's nothing more male than having no idea how to get a woman off

No. 1735761

Dylan is doing some damage control. Other gross scrotes have started their own day of girlhood but they are peaking everyone. People are starting to think a little bit too much.

No. 1735763

don't you know? women love having the opening of their urethra rubbed

No. 1735764

File: 1672647615685.jpg (490.28 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230102_125529_com…)

In his Christmas video he makes mention of taking his estrogen. Don't know what good he expects it will do, he's not eating enough to get the change in fat distribution, moobs will look especially bad on his body frame, and his skin is slathered in makeup so nobody will see a change. I think he got his hairline changed too so estrogen isn't necessary for his balding. The only thing he's going to get is a broken dick and health issues. If I remember from another tranny you actually have to stop taking the hormones during and right after surgery so he's probably not on them right now but might start again afterwards.
I wasn't able to finish the Christmas video because of buffering but about two of the three minutes of his grand unique "girly" Christmas involves decorating, making cookies for Santa, and wearing red. All things single men who enjoy Christmas do too…

No. 1735765

Samefag but forgot to mention he also got himself a Barbie (it didn't look that fantastic, I remember Christmas/New Years Barbies looked crazy cool when I was a kid). Tbh since he was a little gay boy with seemingly liberal parents he's probably been gifted Barbies or dolls before too. A gay kid I knew begged every year for dolls but his dad yelled at him, one year his mom got him one and he was super happy. Didn't need to be a girl for that experience. Meanwhile tomboys I knew got annoyed at the default Barbie and clothes gifting and wanted the cool electronic toys boys got

No. 1735766

File: 1672647952930.png (1.51 MB, 1081x3004, chrome_screenshot_167264767657…)

Cruising at the gay bar. Nobody tell him why they all wanted a picture lol.

No. 1735767

looks as if he's wearing a facemask of a dead woman

No. 1735770

They probably thought he was a gay man, or were taking photos to mock him.

No. 1735777

It's because you can take a pic with a freak and post it on social media for clout. Other idiots are obligated to shower your post with updoots and everyone feels good about doing such a good job at loving freaks. Nobody likes them. They just used them.

No. 1735797

He seems autistic and lacking self awareness

No. 1735821

File: 1672664061192.jpg (295.74 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20230102_135318_Red…)

>five minute orgasms
What the fuck

No. 1735822

Keep lying, it'll get more men to get the chop!

No. 1735823

File: 1672664162303.jpg (141.51 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20230102_135500_Red…)

Getting orgasms from brushing teeth, justgirlythings right?

No. 1735824

til i don't have "female orgasms" because what are they even talking about

No. 1735825

why is this so funny? like the details of him telling people to use the other door, what pizza he got and him missing his train and having to get an uber to his car to drive home kek. just saying exactly what happened in order of its occurrence, with no feeling or insights offered. such autism

No. 1735826

it's odd how their whole entire existence is a lie, they lie to themselves and others about who they are, what happens to them
I'm sure they have themselves convinced, it reminds me of the kind of mass male hysteria that led to the witch hunts

No. 1735827

I want to read a story where women and children leave the planet, leaving men behind on their own, because they think they're so superior and can be us and do without us. Half of the men are going to be trans and delusionally think that they can give birth once they get an uterus transplant. Then they tragically find out they can't keep on living without women and their world ends.

No. 1735830

File: 1672665275970.jpg (128.14 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20230102_141216_Red…)

I see your phantom vagina and I raise you phantom boobs

No. 1735834

so coom-brained. next they'll have phantom huge hourglass hips, phantom tiny waist, phantom dainty hands and feet and phantom height. as if women are all just exaggerated porn dolls for them to transform into. pls bring back shaming in society.

No. 1735836

File: 1672667678713.jpg (275.93 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20230102_145337_Red…)

Women just cry all the time and have mood swings, so emotional right? Not like men are the ones punching holes in walls

No. 1735837

this sounds like that anime video where a girl gets horny when she had her teeth brushed or some shit like that

No. 1735841

These orgasm posts are always the funniest ones. It shows how not grounded in reality they are while also displaying that their brains have been fully rotted by porn. I think it just really astounds me the lack of research they do on things they supposedly want to have, like if they searched for two seconds, they’d find that male and female orgasms are quite similar in most ways with how they affect the brain. I think the female orgasm typically lasts longer but only by a few seconds. And of course, multiple ones are possible for some women (getting tired of the myth that every woman can do that though since refractory periods for women can vary just like they can for men). Other than that, it’s not like female orgasms have some magical effect. Males are so stupid. It’s annoying too how they make it seem like it’s so overwhelming you lie they’re useless with an ahegao mouth or something afterwards. I personally have an orgasm for stress relief or relaxation purposes and then immediately move on with my life. It’s just an orgasm. Sometimes I wonder if they could actually be female for a day and experience how (likely underwhelming or similar to the one they already have) the orgasm would be, they’d get bored of it.

No. 1735842

ice cream will cure female emotions. that's what women in all those movie scenes sponsored by ben & jerrys do!

No. 1735844

Honestly this, kek. My orgasms just feel like scratching an itch, maybe that's just me. They really think women just lay about having constant multiple euphoric orgasms all day, totally coom brained and porn addicted degenerates.

No. 1735847

all their ideas about women comes from sitcoms

No. 1735849

He just looks bloated and maybe 2 years younger but still like an aging twink.

No. 1735851

all ideas except the sitcom housewife's emotional and household labour duties. only the boobs, skirts + ice cream parts.

No. 1735852

why is he swimming in bandages? gross

No. 1735853

He's on his way to transition into oli london

No. 1735858

Mine get intense but there's no way in hell they're gonna last five minutes or that any woman would get one from brushing her teeth, they're absolutely delusional. And even a very intense orgasm doesn't feel like a stroke. Their whole knowledge of female anatomy comes from hentai

No. 1735863

Ew why are you dating a scrote with a child. Love yourself

No. 1735878

He gave context in a different interview explaining he was avoiding commentary on it because he didn't want to give them fuel to twist him into a villian in more areas, like they did with some of his woman comments (not saying he's not misogynistic before any nonnies flip out, I just don't think that interview is conclusive evidence he supports trannys). Granted, I think it's fair to say of all the loud, controversial opinions he publicly has, he could at least have discouraged the rotpocket menace

No. 1735881

i wouldn't be surprised if he's fucked troons considering the gay vibes he puts out

No. 1735887

File: 1672676047156.gif (1.85 MB, 500x292, ed3e0cb2fd67e6f89cd56d6c23aa86…)

It's very telling how these troonsbians never fantasize about giving these earth-shattering female orgasms to their female partners
>Phantom hourglass

No. 1735889

You said it!

No. 1735897

File: 1672678108298.jpg (83.45 KB, 828x1122, FlcFneWXwAEFGvU.jpg)

the things that is not supposed to be said is being said

No. 1735900

Are they saying that women don't matter unless men matter? What rights those cretins don't have? They are men and hold the privilege.
So fucking bleak.

No. 1735901

he actually only has one psychotic eye in this picture, i wonder if the drugs are tamping down his manic psychosis and it's starting to dawn on him what he's done

No. 1735903

who originally posted this? was it an organisation? i love how they made the transwoman look manly kek

No. 1735904

butch is when you carabiner

No. 1735906

"Tranny rights must be at the forefront before womens rights or FEMINISM get the focus." So tranny rights are not included in feminism? That's terfy.

No. 1735908


What a load of absolute dog shit

No. 1735909


It makes no sense

They’re basically saying they’re not women while trying to force them into women spaces. I wish they would all fuck off and die at this point.

No. 1735911

I genuinely can't believe they were bold enough to say this. Mask off moment. But it's also manipulative as fuck.

No. 1735912

File: 1672679429718.jpg (443.54 KB, 2048x1536, FlWv73bXoAI-neM.jpg)

anyone wanna bet how long this trannycule will last

No. 1735916

>orgasm from brushing his teeth
It's like these people are from another planet.

No. 1735918

File: 1672680663463.jpg (718.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230102-123300_Ins…)

is he doing what i think he's doing??? lmfao

No. 1735922

call him out call him out call him outtttt

No. 1735926

Probably swelling or a botched brow lift. Or maybe they damaged the nerves in half of his face, lmao.

No. 1735927

We can only dream…

No. 1735929

yeah but to the point where I am unsure if it's real. I would love to know the origin of the post and the context it was used, because it could just be trolling. not that it doesn't still work as a clear illustration of what is happening and what troons actually believe, however.

No. 1735932

are these the same ones who had the dilation party with mimosas?

No. 1735933

It looks like those fake graphics /pol/ made a while back tbh

No. 1735935

>you’re supposed to leave your underwear on when you’re trying on bathing suits for hygiene purposes.

Stuff every actual woman knows but trannies don't for 500, please

No. 1735937

these retards probably think women going to the gyno get the same orgasms their hentai faves get when having a cold speculum shoved inside with no pain relief. same goes for tampons.

infuriating that incel fags who barely speak to their own mother and get their idea of womanhood from the most misogynistic porn out there are writing fanfiction.

No. 1735939

yeah, this is more believable to me

No. 1735971

lmao right, they wouldn’t be able to find the clit if it bit them in the ass. no wonder their crotch surgery results are always botched, they don’t actually know or care what is supposed to be anatomically accurate.

No. 1735972

idk if the actual post was supposed to be trolling or what, but it doesn’t matter I guess since so many TRAs actually think this way. I’m so tired of posts I see that are like “if your feminism doesn’t include TiMs, it’s not feminism”. Bitch my feminism is for women who are struggling to keep their livelihoods or stay away from their scrote abusers or secure abortion. I don’t give a shit about men who think they are oppressed because someone isn’t calling them Lilith or a lesbian won’t sleep with them.

No. 1735975

Even when the room looks nice they look stinky. Put your shoes back on.

No. 1735985

Why does he have no bandages in other pictures of him?

No. 1736033

He has content banked to post while he recovers I suppose? I'm sure his agents made sure of that

No. 1736051

Fucking KEK is he pretending he experienced the "first time I masturbated I used a toothbrush" moment?? He has it all wrong, it's hilarious.

No. 1736053

Just so other anons know, intense facial surgeries can swell for several months afterwards. Even when he gets his bandages off, we wont really know the true results of the surgery for a few months after. I'm really expecting him to look the same after everything tbh but he will probably look swollen and puffy for a while and I'm predicting his fans will be thinking the puffiness is part of the feminization.

No. 1736082

i think this is stealing from the “no lives matter until black lives matter” saying. get your own damn movement

No. 1736086

I hate those polycule pics where the people are all over each other and having group hugs and kisses, it looks so fake and over compensating.

No. 1736093

Saged for off topic but I needed to get it out of my system. I just scammed people into buying me so much shit by pretending to be trans. It's a wonderful holiday season.

No. 1736094

Absolutely BASED! Technically by TRA terms, you could be trans and not even know it! We await your eventual egg cracking day.

No. 1736098

kek anon

No. 1736100

People these days really lack personality.

No. 1736123

Did you pretend to be a TiF or a TiM? I imagine you'd get way more mileage out of the TiM grift since TRAs ride so hard for them. Male privilege kek

No. 1736139

Nick Fuentes got caught watching tranny porn. Wouldn't be surprise if Andrew Tate's browser history includes t-girls. I swear all of these alpha male/trad influencers are closeted homos. Like Jack Murphy who was discovered to be a cuckold and amateur porn model who stuck dildos up his ass.
Check out some of Tate's zesty dance moves.

No. 1736143

KEK is that really him? if so he is 100% a crossdresser himself

No. 1736148

It's literally an open secret that Nick Fuentes is gay.

No. 1736153

Not him, but it's a hilarious joke for a bald dude who's kinda short.

No. 1736161

File: 1672702337182.png (340.96 KB, 447x663, submissiveandbreedable.png)

posted in a tattoo sub and of course he is a TIM.

sUbMiSSivE aNd BrEedABLe

No. 1736167

God imagine going to a supermarket in forty years (assuming he loves that) and seeing a elderly man with this bullshit on his arm, faded to green and blue because you know someone with AGP hygiene isn't going to care properly for a tattoo.

The equivalent to this ten years ago would've been getting a tattoo that says, "It's my dick in a box," or "I can spell boobies on a calculator."

No. 1736173

Even if they knew better, they'd still rub their dick all over shit they have no intention of buying because they get off on it.

No. 1736175

i couldn't tell if it was his massive arm or his thigh (and that's his bulge at the top, eww). either way it's so embarrassing.

No. 1736180

File: 1672703860816.jpg (1.26 MB, 740x2301, reddit.jpg)

samefag but his profile is quite interesting because
>he trooned out 11 years ago
>he is straight but is dating a TIF kek
>he only seems to be getting more degenerate (unsurprisingly)
and now he is using freckle filters on his new photos (why do the troons love that one so much ugh) when you can still see his old transition pictures.

No. 1736191

Holy fuck, they all hate women, don't they

No. 1736192

They’re incapable. Even “trans rights are humans rights” was stolen from “women’s rights are human rights”. It was first used in the 80s and they co-opted it.

No. 1736210

Please please please 41%

No. 1736211

no fucking way is that pic not a troll lmao. they even made the tranny vector clockable and balding kek
youre right

No. 1736216

Obvious troon bait

No. 1736221

>he is straight but is dating a TIF
That's still just straight, anon. It's a penis-haver dating a delusional woman.

No. 1736231

File: 1672711703289.webm (5.68 MB, 576x1024, agigip.webm)

based drake?

No. 1736235

Pedos ain't based nonna

No. 1736236

ayrt i know, i just worded it poorly (should have said and dating a TIF). it's an entertaining profile

No. 1736237

I totally forgot about all that

No. 1736238

lol it looks like his house is just decorated with pictures of himself, on the wall and on the tables. narc life

No. 1736240

A TIM, I also figured I would get more donations that way.

Not bait and it was extremely easy.

No. 1736242

truly. I remember liking him back before I peaked, and even then his transbianism read as very odd to me

No. 1736278

what did you get?? I want to live vicariously through your victory, nonna

No. 1736305

File: 1672727612537.jpg (180.92 KB, 1156x890, pa0Mq5rGm2QnzdpFmugTu4Mghf.jpg)

This is literally how everyone should handle troon delusions

No. 1736307

Based gay husband

No. 1736309

>His needs are valid too
Funny how this only applies to men for them, look at how every single woman who leaves their troon husbands get berated and called transphobes

No. 1736312

this is why i dont want to disclose myself as bi if ever i get into a relationship, especially with the possibility of my bf or worse husband wants to troon out so i could excuse my disgust as lost of attraction because he is now presenting as 'the same gender' as i am. i'll get backlash and get called out as a transphobe but at least sexuality is the main concern within the relationship.

but im sure troons would try to find the tiniest loopholes though.

No. 1736315

Did you use your own pictures? Aren't you afraid someone will dox you?

No. 1736316

>b-but she didn’t start being a woman overnight, she was always a woman, therefore you must be bi/lesbian!!

No. 1736321

Someone please deprogram this poor handmaiden who is starting to gain self awareness! I hope she gets with the coworker, and cuts off the leech - before successfully applying for sole custody of their child. Everything about her post was sad, but the major red flag was "our child drank cleaning products, but eh she'll probably be fine right?". No one who thinks like that should be in charge of a minor.

No. 1736323

Mainly clothes and art supplies. Admittedly frivolous things that I can't afford on my own income right now.

No I didn't use any pictures, especially not of myself. It was through transsanta, another anon a few threads back mentioned grifting them and I wanted to try. They seem to have no vetting process for submitting an application, though they stopped receiving submissions last month.

No. 1736334

Different skull shape in every photo.

No. 1736341

I can't believe they put this clown right after Iranian women protesting for their rights not to wear hijab.

See timestamp 6:58 . Fucking cringe ruined the entire video for me.

No. 1736358

Are there any all-year-round charities for trans people that don't really vet?

No. 1736362

File: 1672736844526.jpg (86.71 KB, 828x647, 9e7ae9f0-5da4-582f-bdac-70c149…)

Remined me of this, actually comparing war refuges to groomer parents, I swear radlibs are probably the biggest advocates for rightoids with every action they do

No. 1736368

What a jump scare

No. 1736384

>vox propaganda roundup
Why are you even surprised?

No. 1736388

File: 1672738486135.jpg (108.28 KB, 540x774, 517e18f65926f23c372d2feddbc932…)

There's drama brewing among tenacious unicorn ranch, the tranny commune/alpaca farm in rural Colorado that keeps getting positive mainstream press despite nobody involved actually knowing what the fuck they're doing. Picture related. One of the bigger bombshells being it's co-founder confirmed that out of at least 30-50 of their alpacas have died in the 2 years they've been active. Based on some calculations by new zealand agricultural specialists, that could be 1/3rd or 1/4th of the entire herd. at least.

No. 1736390

File: 1672738597703.png (49.46 KB, 578x379, rage.png)

These fucking idiots manage to freeze alpacas to death. The animal whose natural habitat is high up in the fucking andes.

No. 1736391

They are their own biggest enemies, they have the entire liberal media backing them and they still fuck up with their mere existence

No. 1736394

this is so awful. those poor animals. these freaks should be locked up.

No. 1736398

File: 1672740498376.png (304.59 KB, 594x530, curious.png)

Also, a highly ironic comment coming from a TiM.

No. 1736400

File: 1672740876468.jpeg (451.87 KB, 828x1056, D48FF0C2-B7D4-4CA8-B370-E408A8…)

It’s hard to feel bad for this opportunistic scrote but a scroll down his feed shows what a nice normal life he had when he was just some theater fag and not a troon. Maybe the fear of twink death got to him? Who really knows. It’s jarring to look at old photos of him before the complete psychosis took over his eyes. I remember many threads ago there was speculation that he was a plant given his tv and theater history, but with the ffs and alleged hormones, it seems like he really drank the kool aid.

No. 1736401

This has legitimately made me furious and I hope someone calls the goddamn Humane Society or something.

No. 1736402

Seconding this

No. 1736423

>I went to a gay bar in Philly last night. I am usually in bed by 9:30pm and I am not a drinker these days. I nursed on Redbull on ice and a club soda with lime. Early on a girl introduced herself to me and asked me where I was from. I said Jersey she said Maryland. I wandered around a bit then I saw her again. She wrapped her arm around me and asked if we could take a picture. I said sure. Later before she left her friend asked to take a picture with me too. I said sure. The rest of the night the place kept getting more crowded. I didn’t really get to talk to anyone else except to tell people to use the other door that one is locked from time to time. I left around 11:45. My body couldn’t take standing anymore and I was started to go into a daze. I grabbed two slices of buffalo chicken pizza across the street before hopping on the train. I missed my stop and had to take an uber from Woodcrest Patco station to the Delanco Riverline station to get my truck and drive home. Maybe if I can make time to go back to the bar I will start running into the same people and make friendships. Happy New Year

No. 1736425

When the long-haired metalheads troon out I am genuinely speechless, they get enough female attention if they are just hygienic and polite since the scene is so full of fat bald retards, why troon out?

No. 1736433

The difference in his eyes compared to then to now is simply harrowing

No. 1736436

File: 1672748927568.jpeg (569.81 KB, 1165x1536, 3E29444E-B027-45A0-B63B-D2EF2E…)

By pure chance I discovered YT channel with suspicious avatar and it’s a troon. Peak trans content.


His other social media links:

No. 1736437

File: 1672748957323.jpeg (164.29 KB, 1712x1536, 84571446-A98E-40B9-88C7-323483…)

No. 1736438

This is pathetic, so women have to stay with moids that "come out as lesbians", but if you're born with a dick you can tell a delusional woman that you don't want to fuck her and that's okay. Fuck this shit.

No. 1736439

I am losing count of how many troons I've come across with the specific fetish for being called a good girl. always the coombrained pedo shit. makes me want to die.

No. 1736440

File: 1672749399679.jpeg (159.56 KB, 1219x859, 00FC52A6-30A6-497A-A632-F44482…)

Sorry to make you feel worse, I was also going to post this from his video.

>Hi, my name is Skylar.

>Pronouns: she/her/they/them
>Anarchist Slut
>Evil Lesbian Witch
>Nonbinary Transgender Woman
>Some Punk Rock Girl
>Ska Lover & Proud
>Hardcore Dreamcast Enthusiast

>Skylar is a certified good girl

The only thing that he is is being certified pervert.

No. 1736441

File: 1672749493692.jpeg (721.72 KB, 2048x1449, FBE9ED7B-BA8F-4225-8A36-9F8E25…)


And his shit music bandcamp is called Terfstomp, so subtle. Rent free in their heads.

No. 1736446

any woman I know (who wasn't fully brainwashed into serving men's fetishes) would object to being called a "good girl" in this way, and certainly wouldn't be referring to themselves like that. If a man said "good girl" to me I would call him a creepy, patronising dickhead. but of course they don't care how demeaning it is.

he is the full fucking bingo card isn't he? lesbian, witch, slut, anarchist. more like violent, misogynist, perverted, ugly.

No. 1736448

It's like talking to a dog. Fetch, good girl!

No. 1736462

he aged himself 20 years by trooning out

No. 1736463

it always the guys that look like they are pushing 40 that want to be called ''good girls''

No. 1736465

It's sad and appalling, but not surprising. It was obvious three years ago that the animals were neglected. I'm too lazy to go get them now, but there are photos of the alpacas huddling together out in the open during a snowstorm, and living in ramshackle sheds with exposed pink insulation.

No. 1736468

He knows what he’s doing saying this since he tagged it how he did. He knows he himself is a male using his own privilege to be a disgusting perverted piece of alpaca shit.

No. 1736472

I was thinking that too. They see it in porn and just add it to their list of offensive things to include in their women cosplay. Like you said, the only women who “enjoy” being demeaned are the ones who’ve been brainwashed into thinking they need to do it for male attention. It’s the same reason there are literal teenage girls now who think being choked or slapped during sex is normal and required if they want to please their porn-addled scrote counterparts. It’s so vile and I really wish there was a way to help girls and women see their self-worth without relating it to men’s sexuality in any way. I swear the way the internet has progressed has made it so much worse.

No. 1736478

this makes me so angry holy shit. have they been reported to animal welfare? i saw they had the police around but couldn't find details of why they were there or what they were looking for. hopefully pictures and receipts were kept of the conditions behind the scenes or a full inspection by animal welfare officer can take place.

No. 1736483

File: 1672755484421.png (1.72 MB, 2048x1536, alpacas in the cold.png)

samefag but i'm just catching up with the KF thread on them because I wasn't aware of the tenacious unicorn scandal before. this pic related makes me so sad. and the owners are psychopaths. poor alpacas

No. 1736488

>and now he is using freckle filters on his new photos (why do the troons love that one so much ugh)
'cause they're all autopedophiles as well as autogynephiles

No. 1736490

>Delusional woman
Nonna, this meme is about two gay guys.

No. 1736493

You're not supposed to because it's touching the poop, but I imagine people from KF have anyway.

No. 1736494

>Ska Punk
>Metal logo

Sounds like this band has a bigger identity crisis than its members.

No. 1736495

File: 1672756829448.jpg (82.44 KB, 1280x853, 6Y7EO2EW2FCJLC4OP22VI72IVQ.jpg)

This tranny dies today.

Formerly known as “Scott,” McLaughlin began transitioning while on death row for the horrific rape and murder of his ex-girlfriend, Beverly Guenther, in 2003.


No. 1736498

i'm celebrating

No. 1736500

File: 1672757283214.png (25.91 KB, 587x233, barbaric.png)

Being a child sex offender and a murderer is not inhumane, cruel and barbaric though? And his trannyness is a good enough reason to not put him down? What the fuck are these clowns on??

No. 1736502

this made me chuckle thank u nona

No. 1736503

I guess a bunch of trannies will go to the place the dude will get executed and then they will chimp out or kill themselves as a form of protest.
Kek, where can we do a counter petition to make sure he dies?

No. 1736505

File: 1672757980819.png (913.71 KB, 864x1248, Screenshot_20230103-095649~2.p…)

There are people painting their nails pink in support of him.

No. 1736506

File: 1672758042523.png (155.65 KB, 314x445, scott.png)

I cannot stand how the mainstream headlines are playing down his crimes. "First transgender person to be executed" Who fucking cares. It's a man who raped and murdered his ex girlfriend and dumped her body like it was garbage. Like so many other evil sadistic men do. so little respect shown for this woman even after her brutal death. scott can fucking rot.

No. 1736507

you've got to be fucking kidding me…

No. 1736508

I'm gonna guess his cope with a picture like this comparing to now where he's aged so hard is he's more expressive now which means he's happier. Mental instability really makes you feel euphoric even when suffering. Before he was just lonely and narcissistic, now he's even more narcissistic and lonely and now delusional.

No. 1736511

Do these people realize theyre defending a pedophile murderer here?

No. 1736512

Apparently they are protesting because the judge decided the death sentence instead of a jury. Which is legal in that state.

Also that he's borderline retarded (IQ 80) and was abused as a child. Boo fucking who

No. 1736516

You know what… I've long been against the death penalty, but these fucktard trannies peaked me. Kill all rapists and murderers.

No. 1736522

I know it's not his full face… but he looks the same from these little fragments. I can't wait to see how this is going to turn out kek

No. 1736524

KEK these retards are supporting a faggot who raped a 14 years old girl, and then, when he got older, raped, murdered and disposed of the body of a woman who he stalked for years.

No. 1736525

Congresswoman cori bush said this about this depraved man :
Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done. The same is true for Ms. McLaughlin,” Bush and Cleaver wrote.

“As ordained ministers, we believe in accountability but also the sanctity of life, and do not think these tenets are mutually exclusive. We must therefore make investments in the social and economic well-being of all people,” the lawmakers continued. “In order to do so, we must first acknowledge the moral depravity of executions. They are not about justice; they are about who has institutional power and who doesn’t.”

No. 1736529

They're painting their nails uwu pink in support of a man who murdered and raped his girlfriend, several years after raping a teenage girl. They'd for sure change their tune if they were in the victim's shoes. It's so disgusting and offensive towards women who've been murdered at the hands of their partner.

They do realise sex offenders have a 90% reoffending rate too, right? Attempting to rehabilitate or further incarcerate this man is just a waste of tax payer money.

No. 1736531

File: 1672761286299.jpeg (258.22 KB, 821x861, O6ZXGh4.jpeg)

Handmaidens will literally say anything

No. 1736539

File: 1672761824545.jpeg (156.63 KB, 741x1048, 608FFD3B-0153-4071-883A-D3B17E…)

Women don’t look like this

No. 1736540

I've never seen a woman make that face. Trannies get all their mannerisms from porn and other degenerate content.

No. 1736541


No. 1736543

I'm convinced most women we call handmaidens are actually just complete normies who see a tranny and assume he's just a gay man who likes dresses. The language they use makes it seem as such, at least. "Slay queen" is absolutely something a young girl would say to her "gay bestie". They have no understanding of what troons actually believe and that transbians/AGPs even exist, nevermind make up the vast majority of TIMs.

No. 1736544

well she's degenerate

No. 1736548

I'm against the death penalty, but private individuals should still be able kill rapists and murderers out of good faith.

No. 1736549

It's definitely this, I know for me it was at least growing up I always just thought they were extra effeminate fags, normies don't know the depth of the degeneracy in fags and moids in general

No. 1736551

agreed 100% and it's why so many are yet to peak. normies think trans = extra gay and so brave for being gender non-conforming. wish they knew that they're actually identifying out of gay (or straight identifying into gay) and conforming to and perpetuating gender stereotypes - literally the opposite of what people think they're supporting.

No. 1736552

This makes no sense, isn't that literally who the death penalty is reserved for? I doubt anywhere in the western world is executing people for having an affair or stealing a loaf of bread, kek.

No. 1736559

He's not claiming to be trans or a woman so I don't mind him. I fully support gnc men who are upfront about it just being for fun or fetishes because they aren't trying to change women's rights to accomodate them.

No. 1736564

Holy Belle Delphine photoshop, Batman.

No. 1736565

Dont say it like that.. You're ok with them existing, you do not support them. Theyre as good as nothing.

No. 1736568

This is definitely it for the women in my life. They see them as 24/7 lifestyle drag queens, which they view as harmless gay men (debatable i know). If they truly understood the depravity of these (still heterosexual) freaks they would peak.

No. 1736570

No, the death penalty is carried out by the state, it costs taxpayers tons of money to have the state execute them. We, the people, should be able to do it without paying taxes.

No. 1736596

I'm also against the death penalty - I simply don't believe the state should be able to choose who lives or dies, even if they commit heinous crimes. I'm not saying literal child murderers etc don't deserve to die, just that it's too dangerous to give the state that kind of power. A dem politician calling for a halt on an execution isn't unusual.

But holy fucking troon armor, they're making excuses for his actions because muh childhood trauma?? That he's "misunderstood gentle human" who is "not of future harm" (direct quotes from the head of 'Missourians against the death penalty', by the way) And of course citing the gender dysphoria as a 'mitigating circumstance'. I guess when your gender dysphoria is bad enough it's totally understandable to rape a teenager and then stalk, rape and murder your ex-girlfriend.

What the actual fuck. I'm gonna a-log.

No. 1736607

Never siding with rapists. Never never never. These people have lost their fucking minds.

No. 1736608

he's not doing it for fun, he's doing it for money to take advantage of coomers yet doesn't take on any risk because sex work won't damage his reputation as a male and he is in no danger from another man trying to horn in on his earnings as a pimp

No. 1736614

Childhood trauma that leads to a man to murdering a woman is sympathetic. Childhood trauma that leads a woman into being anything less than perfect "daddy issues, lol get over it"

No. 1736616

100. My first exposure to one was when a friend in college confessed to me and wanted to come visit to have “girly time”. This was years ago before this was widespread, so I thought he was just really effeminate. Something in my gut told me it was fucked up, so I ghosted him, and now I’m glad I didn’t have to be alone with him in my apartment while he got a boner from doing makeup or whatever. But the point stands that initially I thought it was harmless yet my instinct told me it was something predatory. I wonder if other women feel that way.

No. 1736619

I would say yes but then scrotes would be shooting every woman whenever they wanted just for declining to fuck them.

No. 1736627

Can see that ending well, lmao.

No. 1736631

Rest in piss, troon

No. 1736642

I do support gnc people in general because I see it as being one of the answers to eventually having transgender medicalism and the degredation of women's rights die out. It's fun to laugh at troons and call them ugly or whatever, but the real issue lies with them imposing on biological, sex based women's spaces because of their fetishism and male ego. If they do their fetishism in male only spaces, I don't care. If a gay man wants to put on a dress and wear it every day and jack off to his reflection, I don't care so long as he isn't making females play along. Even in this thread, there is a literal convicted child rapist that TRAs are supporting because they are deluded into seeing him as a woman. Even if he was just thought of as a Buffalo Billesque crossdresser, I doubt he'd get any attention at all, it's because he's tied to trans "women's" rights ideology that people are caping for him. I'm not necessarily a fan of that one streamer guy, but so long as he keeps reminding people he's a man, I will take 100 of guys like him who just play sugarbaby online all day than literally just 1 male sharing a restroom with a female child.

No. 1736646

Samefagging, but I forgot to add that I think normalizing men wearing "feminine" clothes reduces the amount of fetishism. Troons love doing what they think women do because they get off on the bizarre degradation roleplay. Yet, Harry Styles and Lil Nas aren't fetishized by AGPs at all despite them crossdressing openly at times. I think all men are degens so there is always some degree of fetishism to all of this, but I think more things becoming less gendered removes the mysticism that a lot of trannies love.

No. 1736657

Such pretty words to defend a fucking rapist. Incredible work, congresswoman.

No. 1736662

brb twerking on this evil moid’s grave

No. 1736673

>first KNOWN tranny to get the chair
I wonder how many uwu eggs have been executed, based on the general level of perversion, violence and retardation in the troon community

No. 1736683

I said in good faith, that's not in good faith. Majority of society doesn't tolerate troons. It's the state. The state are the ones allowing them to troon out in prison and move them to women's prisons.

No. 1736693

>Harry Styles and Lil Nas
I agree with the sentiment it's just as examples they're run of the mill degenerate moids who want to ride the cross-dressing train to appeal to the masses of delusional retards who support troons to begin with. They're both boring, talentless hacks who have nothing to offer society except for 2quirky4u outfits that illicit a mild shock factor, followed by a "yaaaas kween" on first glance.

No. 1736697

rapists are rapists much like how transwomen are (at most) transwomen. you can't get the moid mindset out of them. and going by that bullshit logic, hitler wasn't even that bad! after eva braun tried to shoot herself, he cared for her and even bought her a house. we shouldn't judge him for his war crimes. see how fucking stupid that sounds? some crimes can't be excused. asserting power over another, weaker human (or animal) for something as low as sexual pleasure is unforgiveable and if you do something like that, it's deeply ingrained into your personality. it's irredeemable

No. 1736708

File: 1672777458349.jpg (160.49 KB, 678x679, twitter.jpg,.jpg)

lol, is this how they really see themselves

No. 1736709

File: 1672777491543.webm (16.22 MB, 576x1130, violetstanza.webm)

yet another Dylan clone. I didn't think anyone could be possibly be more annoying than him but I may have been wrong.
troon rattler who refers to himself as slutty and other misogynistic slurs whilst trying to normalise the fact his dick keeps falling out of his clothes at work (he works in a woman's clothing store)

No. 1736710

Lil Nas X isn't fetishised by troons because he's just an obvious flaming homo, and honestly, because he's not a conventionally attractive uwu softboi. A lot of troons actually got mad at him because he equated his gayness to liking penis.

But Harry Styles? The gender specials love that guy, especially FtMs who want to skinwalk him. His entire identity revolves around being "ambiguously queer" aka spicy straight.

No. 1736712

>when you look all pretty and girly like me, nobody expects a roll of quarters to be there
Does he genuinely think that he passes?

No. 1736713

kek so true. the troons should start claiming some of those poor souls as their own, then they could really bolster their claims of a state sponsored genocide against them. How many poor transwomen have gotten the needle in the last four decades simply because they couldn't transition and HAD to rape and murder women because of their dysphoria?

No. 1736719

Completely dead eyed. Combined with that frantic, spastic, jerky autistic energy. God, men are a mistake.

No. 1736720

kek my god they're so hilariously goofy. even in their comics trying to prove this point, it's still all about owning the ebil TERFs. fact is the troon was being carried all his life until he decided he didn't want to wear pants anymore, but he sleeps easy knowing he can climb back on the rickshaw anytime.

No. 1736721

Hey, he has one point over Mulvaney and that's that he actually dresses like a human being. I understand that's a low bar, but it's bar the TIMs set for themselves. Most of them dress in completely random mismatched garments that look like a cross between an anime character and a streetwalker.

No. 1736722

oh god, no look at the rest of his account kek https://www.tiktok.com/@violetstanza

he is only dressed like that for work. otherwise he loves dressing "slutty" and spinning around like a retard

No. 1736724

imagine having to take a piss at work but you can't because someone is in the employee bathroom making tiktoks

No. 1736727

Okay nevermind I rescind my comment, kek. Most of those clothes are extremely unflattering on his body type too. He's build like a stringbean.

No. 1736735

File: 1672779205181.webm (5.65 MB, 576x1024, stanza.webm)

I assumed he was gay because he mentions his boyfriend in another video. but turns out this is the ""boyfriend"" in video related. basically admitting their ROGD came about because of lockdown. many such cases.

No. 1736738

I find this shit so weird, when you have a couple and they BOTH troon out at the same time. And people will try and argue its not a social contagion.

Also wtf is up with his eyes? He looks like he has a lazy eye in this video.

No. 1736739

kek it's really like shooting fish in a barrel. had to watch a few times to really understand what happened since they kinda transformed into one another.

No. 1736742

and now he is desperate to get bottom surgery. wonder how that will work out for their relationship. i actually feel kind of bad for them, especially the girl, because they're so young and fucking up their lives.

i know right? that can't be an accident.

No. 1736752

Don't do that, he will like that. Actually, is there even a way to desecrate anything related to these moids? Everything is a fetish to them, and they're already worse than a rotting cockroach, so, is there even anything to desecrate?

No. 1736760

File: 1672780815068.jpg (20.77 KB, 312x542, FlcLrgWX0AA_uAq.jpg)

People are saying he shaved it off but he could have put on weight but its just funny as it makes him look more like a neckbeard now than a woman.

No. 1736763

Fuck this bitch handmaiden. Back in 2021 just a few days before Mother's Day this handmaiden had the nerve to use the term "black birthing people" when discussing the high maternal mortality rate among African American women. Cori Bush is no friend to women and girls.

No. 1736764

File: 1672781054517.jpg (456.35 KB, 1361x1976, FireShot Webpage Screenshot #5…)

I fucking hate the press this is so confusing reading, if you didnt know about this troon stuff it would be even worse

No. 1736773

File: 1672781964831.png (58.74 KB, 590x239, sheryl bloody crow.png)

this shit is peaking me all over again, i swear. now random celebs begging to save the life of this dangerous, violent, murderer-rapist-pedophile because he decided to put on a wig for sympathy. i don't see any other cases like this where women are pleading for these men to be spared?
by the way i am not in favour of the death penalty either but it's that they only care about this one case because it's a poor trans peron uwu.
I have seen not once ounce of sympathy for the family of his victim(s). god knows how they feel about all of this. this is making me so angry.

No. 1736793

“You shall not plow with an ox and an ass together.” -Deut. 22:10
Make the trannies and scrotes plow the fields while we drink wine

No. 1736794

If you find any please share kek

No. 1736795

I hope when I wake up tomorrow I get to read that the tranny was put down.

No. 1736816

I hate how they bring up the traumatic childhood like it'll make the jury pity him. Besing abused as a child is horrible, no ne is denying that. But how does that excuse stalking, rape and murder? It just means instead of getting help and being a better person you just became a piece of shit.

No. 1736817

Even with knowing this, you generally don't try on the bottom part of a swimsuit or panties, you just, know your size or try them on superficially, I know no woman that actually tries them on.

No. 1736820

they just play that card because insane people get locked up in much nicer conditions, duh. of course being molested as a child doesn't justify raping, i for one think no mental predisposition justifies doing that to another human, but there are mitigating factors that prevent being sentenced to death

No. 1736822

Is there any proof he had a traumatic childhood? Rapists lie and trannies especially make up stories about their childhood.

No. 1736828

Please. A more accurate version would have the tranny berate the woman for complaining about having to pull the cart, and call himself a "better" woman because he wants to pull the cart.

No. 1736835

Also, the main reason why people spend so long on death row is all of the appeals. Most criminals on death row will exhaust their appeals either in a vain attempt to be acquitted or just to delay their executions. If someone actually reaches the stage of being put to death, that means his case his been tried many, many, times and he's consistently been found guilty by different juries and judges. It's not impossible for someone to be wrongfully executed, but it's very rare. If this guy is going to the gallows after twenty years of appeals, that's how it goes.

Honestly, I think pedophilia is a worse crime than murder. It's a shame they don't do public executions anymore, because I'd be in the front row to see this guy get his comeuppance.

No. 1736846

As always, the more TRAs rush to the defense of literal pedophiles, rapists, and murderers, the more people will see it and be peaked. So keep crying about the degenerate on death row, Twitter, you are only peaking more people.

No. 1736847

His sibling said the dad tazed him and the step mom forced them to drown pregnant cats. Sucks but that doesn't justify rape and murder

No. 1736849

Samefag, the most predictable but most damaging thing troons did to their own movement was refusing to reject criminal, rapist, murderer, pedophile troons and instead welcome them as part of the gang. At the same time telling us they are perfectly harmless. They have no leg to stand on when women and children protest for their safety if they refuse to reject literal convicted criminals from their ranks.

No. 1736852

men always protect their own. why should a skirt from amazon and socks no woman actually wears actually make a change?

No. 1736862

File: 1672790526228.jpg (56.11 KB, 805x726, 1672788026730386.jpg)

>I'm an assigned man who wants to be a girl who looks like a boy

Moids won't stop until they can "have" all the things a woman has + more. They refuse to believe that there's anything exclusive to just women; they just think it isn't "accessible" yet. Many of them have already convinced themselves that their fart cramps/drug side effects are menstruation, as well as their bleeding from an open axe wound. They're already convinced that feeding babies discharge from their drug-induced gynecomastic chest growth is breastfeeding. Google the other day honored a gay man who thought he was a woman and died from a failed uterus transplant by a literal Nazi doctor who did hypothermia experiments in Dachau. They are now trying to season the populace into thinking that uterus transplants are possible for men. And to a smaller degree, they want something so niche as to be a tomboy, which they will never experience, even when they are "boymoding" (a.k.a cope) and this post demonstrates this need to claim & redefine every single thing that women exclusively have.

It all boils down to envy.

No. 1736868

Did they kill this worthless trash yet?

No. 1736873

File: 1672792109572.jpg (219.79 KB, 1589x1042, Flkx62paMAAck8Y.jpg)

I hope he has no grandkids.

No. 1736874

File: 1672792144134.jpg (129.59 KB, 640x1050, FlAXMYwXkAEwdA9.jpg)

No. 1736876

File: 1672792235942.jpg (105.19 KB, 600x844, FlcWoQ6XkAA9seZ.jpg)

finally a comic that truly captures what trannies look like

No. 1736879

I don’t have much more to say on this matter except you’re absolutely right

No. 1736883

Yes his execution was 6pm CST

No. 1736891

You will always be a man. may that poor woman he murdered rest in peace. Men are all violent pieces of shit.

No. 1736893

How many serial killers had fucked up childhoods? it doesnt matter to me. Innocent people were killed, mainly women. I have no sympathy for men who choose to grow up and hurt others. fuck you. Everyone has a shit event in their childhoods. if you cant over come it, then kill yourself before hurting others not involved.

No. 1736896

Exactly, I pity the child but not the man. I always go back to this - women are just as likely (if not way more) to have fucked up childhoods as men…and yet, somehow, we don't commit rape and murder. If the fucked up childhood is what does it, then why aren't all of us doing this shit?

No. 1736898

File: 1672795633457.png (67.85 KB, 893x195, mclaughlin.png)

i went to check and this is the first thing i see. i feel like i'm losing my mind.

but like >>1736883 said it should have already happened

No. 1736899

They all act as if it's not completely a choice to grow up to be a piece of shit person instead of getting help and bettering themselves. Current society has created a whole subclass of people who rely on 'muh trauma' as a get-out-of-jail free card.

No. 1736900

definite pedophile. yikes.

No. 1736902

This shit right here. Asking people to "respect" the identity of this (hopefully not still) living piece of shit, expecting us to afford him the "dignity" of referring to him as a woman when he is literally being put to death for being raping, murdering scum. Totally legit social justice movement guys lmao.

No. 1736906

File: 1672796041750.png (44.87 KB, 279x380, 38906510.png)

if anyone on death row deserved compassion, it was aileen, not this rapist piece of shit.

No. 1736932

File: 1672800566570.jpeg (33.08 KB, 340x483, 4585C925-ADAC-4FF5-8301-1EBDD4…)

I think Satoshi Kon almost got the troon character written properly. “Hana” in Tokyo Godfathers is a selfish troon who wouldn’t bring an abandoned baby to the police because reuniting the baby with it’s mother would make him realize why his mother left him. Yes the entire plot starts because the troon is that selfish (they even learn why they should have just done that in the first place smh). It honestly makes him no different than the antagonist who also loves/wants the baby for selfish (yet her case is understandable) circumstances. A lot of people love the “trans representation” in the movie but fail to realize how almost on the nose the character actually is.

No. 1736945

One thing I'll give Japanese media is troons are often depicted pretty honestly especially compared with Western delusions of being stunning and brave. They're often blatantly mentally ill, selfish or degenerate which is refreshing.

No. 1736948

File: 1672802466202.jpg (316.83 KB, 1080x1133, rotinhell.jpg)

He's dead nona, good morning!

No. 1736951

File: 1672803179146.jpg (20.05 KB, 334x500, f734a-16727591260779-1920.jpg)

This is Beverly Guenther. Hope her family can finally breathe easy.

No. 1736957

Didn't he do some stream with Keffals recently? I'm fine with effeminate men but when they associate with trannies it's obvious what's really on their mind.

No. 1736959

File: 1672804237396.jpeg (135.45 KB, 1000x1000, 2020112121365922-1000x1000.jpe…)

Beverly deserved so much more than this. hope her family feel more at peace.

No. 1736961

i fixed the comic

No. 1736964

File: 1672805367244.jpeg (194.49 KB, 828x828, 6F64D6EE-8F2B-4608-81A1-3A5519…)

forgot to add the image lol

No. 1736970

Everything I've seen about female murderers makes me think it's just fear that holds most fucked-up women back. They still want to hurt and murder, they just know they can't easily overpower and kill men as easily as the reverse, and against other women it's equal footing. I figure it's why female serial killers almost exclusively go after children, the elderly, or the disabled.

No. 1736973

Guns made everyone equal and still, here we are. Men are disproportionately way, WAY more likely to rape and kill than women. You think women are afraid of men sleeping in their beds at night, and that’s the only thing that stops us from raping and killing them? We don’t want to do that, no matter how fucked up our childhoods were, because we are not defective cannon fodder that outlive our purpose quickly in a world without famine or war.

No. 1736979

Yes or they attach themselves to a male serial killer and participate vicariously through his crimes (Myra Hindley, Rose West, Karla Homolka etc.) Violent female psychopaths exist, they just tend to be more covert in their criminality. Butchering people outright is moid shit.

No. 1736984

Yeah she’s constantly tweeting support for troons and ignoring women’s issues. I don’t rate her as a politician at all. Being an amerifag woman sucks rn because conservatives want you to get raped & die in childbirth and liberals are too busy caping for troons and erasing you from the language to care. There are no allies for us in government.

No. 1736991

Good, I wish him eternal suffering.

No. 1736998

File: 1672810254348.jpeg (202.78 KB, 1125x1777, E1442F34-0388-422E-A7C2-476EB7…)

saging because I’m sick of this Dylan offspring plant as well, the gen z “I have a tiktok and a boy pussy I’m better than all women” Fuck this troonadite

No. 1737007

This is hilarious, handmaidens love this type of pointless virtue signaling. “At least I didn’t misgender her!” Oh wow what a brave gesture, like the psycho moid even cares what pronouns you use while he’s getting lethally injected. Even if you’re dumb enough to believe Twitter hashtag slacktivism does anything, you could at least use it to address homelessness, war, poverty etc. Instead you use your platform to…make sure we use murderers’ preferred pronouns? How stunning and brave kek

No. 1737010

Speaking as a child abuse survivor, I don’t give a flying fuck if he was abused. Using it as an excuse is a huge slap in the face to every survivor who put in the work to process it and move on without hurting anyone else.

No. 1737019

I think it's funny he makes some trannies ree. especially the ones that are clockier than him

No. 1737030

>I want to artificially insert myself into a box of restrictions that is totally self-imposed then "break" those restrictions
How stunning and brave
Thousands of children are abused everyday and they don't grow up to be murderers or rapists. Kids don't even accept their bullies being from a broken home because aggression and taking your problems out on other people is shitty enough when the most they do is call you a doodoo head. This isn't even "breaking the cycle of abuse" stuff, this is straight up evil and makes you think he should have suffered more as a child instead of being allowed to offend multiple times before getting state funded tranny benefits

No. 1737035

I thought this was the actor that played xander in buffy for a moment kek

No. 1737043

Praise be

No. 1737048

"McLaughlin has tried to take her own life multiple times" so what exactly is the problem here? let's give him what he wants.

It must be torture to see people rally behind the monster who took away a womans life. Beverly deserved better.

No. 1737053

I simply don't understand how he aged so badly. If you go down his feed you can see he looked 19 when he was 19 so it doesn't seem like he's lying. But now he's supposed to be 25, and he looks like he's approaching his 40's? Is it the starvation?

No. 1737055

File: 1672822292324.png (1.99 MB, 1954x913, 1672822206442.png)

Stunning and brave troon in my local cosplay group

No. 1737056

does he live in a ww2 air raid shelter?

No. 1737057

File: 1672823201949.png (111.77 KB, 240x309, loofa.png)


No. 1737060

What, anon? You don't decorate your bedroom with loofahs?

No. 1737062

The fact that he has the giga Chad facial structure and veiny hands is sending me

No. 1737064

Female serial killers often fall into the "angel of death," category, where they believe that they're ending/preventing a person's "suffering" by killing them. It has to be someone the killer would take pity on or feel protective of, which is why they target children, the elderly, and the ill. When they're not "angels of death," female killers are utilitarian in their motives, killing people for their money. This is also why female killers target the elderly; most of those who work on elder care are women, so statistically, those who predate on them opportunistically will fit that demographic.

I've never heard of an independently-operating female serial killer motivated by sex the way most male killers are. Lust, a desire for control, and bigotry (typically against women) seem to be the most popular motives for males, with many having a mix of all three.

No. 1737081

jfc this one scares me

No. 1737084

File: 1672833746955.jpg (488.71 KB, 2193x612, 20 year evoloution.jpg)

sage for OT but I'm surprised Dan Shive hasn't trooned out, like he's been making his elaborate TG transformation webcomic for 20 years now and I would have thought he'd have trooned out years ago but he hasn't, kinda weird

No. 1737085

Finally, let's hope that these tranny sex pests learn that their disgusting actions have actual consequences.

No. 1737088

File: 1672835868494.webm (2.64 MB, 320x398, womens bench.webm)

"Anne" Andres - a "women's powerlifting bench record holder" in canada. he is so confused how women just aren't as strong as him and his son???? it must be because those women, who bench on a competition level, are simply not trying hard enough??

No. 1737091

File: 1672836545160.jpg (162.47 KB, 700x1180, 1672028584536.jpg)

>One thing I'll give Japanese media is troons are often depicted pretty honestly especially compared with Western delusions of being stunning and brave. They're often blatantly mentally ill, selfish or degenerate which is refreshing.
depends on the genre, this meme isn't a perfect example but across different series you see different depictions of TIMs and crossdressing men in general, in most Shonen TIMs are gag characters and are drawn hyperrealistically to emphasize how kinda ridiculous they are, in newer Isekai works crossdressing males are part of the fantasy where they are just essentially Schrödinger's girl but even then its understood those characters can only exist on the confides of a fantasy realm in BL crossdressing men are just straight up women in al but pronouns, essentially just flat chested girls(sometimes not even flat chested and given pectoral muscles that function exactly like breasts) with zero androgyny and design, voice and characteristics all being hyper feminine

No. 1737101

I don't know if this is still accurate but it seems like they're aware of HSTS vs AGP trannies and make the AGPs creepy sex pests and the HSTSs are either "traps" or basically just femme gay men. The HSTS representation is often a little pedo lite though, kinda like the puberty blocker dreams people have here where they're stuck as little boys you can cross dress. Seems to be a trope to see boys in drag as cute women. Creeps me out

No. 1737105

>sport made by men for men
>tranny : i'm so good at this, i'm such a strong women
fucking hell what an horrible looking tranny just trying to flex being a man. I hope he gets crush by his bench

No. 1737108

noo he is just the only woman actually making an effort! all the other women he competes against just aren't trying hard enough. even his 7 year old son is so much better than these silly female athletes!

this misogynist piece of shit has won 8 of 9 competitions entered in the women's category over the last 4 years, and seriously believes (or pretends to believe) it is because he trains harder.

No. 1737110

It's beyond inconceivable to me how troons feel fine living in absolute filth. My mum always says that even if you're poor and miserable, there is no excuse to not organize your place.

No. 1737113

Literally the exact opposite, the realistic troons above are modelled after Japanese drag queens and okamas(meaning HSTS) "traps" however are just a paedophilic fantasy

No. 1737115

Gotta love how he just can’t resist taking a shot at a woman’s appearance during his little rant.

No. 1737116

File: 1672842530454.png (1.44 MB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20230104-092631.png)

This disturbing troon keeps promoting his videos. He behaves like what he thinks teen girls are like.

No. 1737117

File: 1672842539541.jpg (80.06 KB, 927x602, josoupara.jpg)

In porn or media aimed at men it is more common for mtf to be indistinguishable from girls.
In other media, aimed at general audiences mtf are portrayed as cringe spectacles, outcasts from society, that will never pass as female. (Also gay men are often conflated with okama/dragqueens) Or it is a cross-dressing segment that is just light entertainment.

No. 1737118

File: 1672842556374.jpeg (59.18 KB, 679x462, gender neutral urinals.jpeg)

fucking finally. a place that makes the male toilets and changing areas the 'gender neutral' kek

No. 1737119

File: 1672842812341.jpg (7.28 KB, 275x183, trannylifter.jpg)

Here in the US we also have a TiM who broke a state record in women's powerlifting, Jaycee Cooper. Luckily after that USA Powerlifiting banned TiMs from their women's events. Last I read Cooper did try to sue USA Powerlifiting but nothing seems to have come of that.
Isn't it just interesting how you can find many examples of multiple TiMs winning and breaking records in any one women's sport but you don't see TiFs doing the same in men's. Are there mutliple TiFs that have broken men's records in powerlifiting? Are there multilple TiFs that have won or broken records in men's cycling? We don't need scientific tests to determine if trans "women" athletes have a advantage of real women, it's easily observable from just records.

No. 1737120

eww i feel so bad for the girls who have to go to share toilets with this troon. i watched a few seconds of one of his videos and got school shooter vibes.

No. 1737122

File: 1672843330118.png (92.39 KB, 727x463, gender neutral.png)

samefag but
>"If i were a cis woman i would choose to use the gender neutral" - a man
>"why do they expect us to be ok with changing in front of men" - a man
christ they are clueless and don't think about anyone but themselves for a second.

also they are so butthurt over the women's + gender neutral divide but don't stop to realise that the current norm is men's + gender neutral. it's only a problem when the men have to accommodate and they are denied free access to all women's spaces.

No. 1737123

The only thing he got right was how teen girls (atleast in my era) dont know how to choose their proper complection color or blend to the neck. I hope people who have daughters at that school tell them to use the nurses office restroom because fuck that shit.

No. 1737124

So it just HAS. TO. BE. women's locker rooms and bathrooms that get turned into gender neutral ones or it's not good enough.

No. 1737125

This is sorta untrue, mainstream shonen portrays crossdressing men as they are while most Yaoi portrays them as pseudo-females

No. 1737126

what really annoys me here is that it's clear some women felt uncomfortable or complained, and that's why they made it the men's room that was gender neutral. so instead of respecting that, he is gonna fight for access to a space where he makes women feel uncomfortable.

No. 1737127

File: 1672843697064.png (475.46 KB, 605x493, stitches00.png)

what he looks like btw.
whY wOnT thEy leT mE iN tHe feMaLe chAngiNG r00m

No. 1737130

i went to his insta, he has a shitty posture, a shitty body and gets injured all the time, but he's the best weightlifting athlete womanhood has ever known
>has won 8 of 9 competitions entered in the women's category
that's so demoralizing. Why you would you try to be the best at your sport when a beast can just crash in and win everything ? I'm so sorry for the women who didn't get first place because of him

No. 1737140

File: 1672845153690.png (56.41 KB, 639x505, Screenshot_20230104-101157~3.p…)

This dude technically isn't even a tranny yet. He's legit still just a normal…well is physically still a normal man.

No. 1737144

But stitchesss it's not the men's room! It's gender neutral! You can't know the other people's gender or sex!! Are you phobic???

No. 1737152

File: 1672846796060.png (57.53 KB, 696x197, stitches.png)

lol this is hilarious. he came out to his co-workers and then a few days later they change the men's room instead of the women's.

No. 1737156

>the fucking bucket being used as a table

No. 1737158

They can get fucked. This happened at my old workplace (women’s bathrooms were changed to neutral while men’s were left alone). Doesn’t it make more sense for the men’s to get this treatment anyway since they have urinals? That way it’s easier for the bepenised.

No. 1737159

How can they understand this but not from the other way around? I fucking hate these narcissistic scrotes.

No. 1737160

I hope the women bully him every chance they get. Push him out of where he doesn’t belong.

No. 1737162

kek leaves is a sub for people wanting to quit weed. He should probably just stick to being a stoner bro, clearly still has the look of one >>1737127

No. 1737166

on point nonna!

my sides hahah, for real why is this hanging there

so true.
>>>it's still a men's room for all intents and purposes
they tell on themselves so fucking much. how come the usage of the room by this stunning and brave "woman" doesn't make it a gender neutral room? how come it's still a men's room? they know he's still a man and there's nothing "validating" about this. they won't accept anything else than the women's room being the gender neutral one as you said.

No. 1737169

File: 1672848591977.png (146.66 KB, 764x423, MRA.png)

well well well why am i not surprised? a MRA who is so upset about his mutilated dick that he would "rather turn it into a vagina"

No. 1737172

File: 1672848941999.png (631.35 KB, 400x1178, play1980troons.png)

Found this article from a 1980 Playboy. How much you wanna bet those "studies" were rigged from the start? "Better family acceptance" my ass.

No. 1737173

Please lord, let this moid invert his poor mutilated penis. May he 41% shortly after

No. 1737183

he probably doesnt know what its for and thinks its a uwu cute femme wall decoration kek

No. 1737188

I think circumcision as a whole is stupid but I also love seeing men in agony over their dick failures because of how often they insult female body parts. No sympathy for moids like this.

No. 1737191

agree. it's worrying that an angry MRA is now demanding access to women's spaces though. his profile also shows he is autistic, drug problems, depressed and has intrusive thoughts. he needs to be kept far away from women.

hope the workplace keeps the men's gender neutral set up for the sake of the women colleagues.

No. 1737193

That seems to be the point. It isn't about having a locker room that suits his needs. It's about him invading women's spaces and encroaching on their boundaries.

No. 1737194

How is his misogynist fetish even relevant to the sub? Like who gives a fuck about his penis in a sobriety sub? They creep into any and every community for their stunning and brave validation. Fuck off to your tranny subs for that shit.

No. 1737205

Traps are just Japan's pedophilic "third gender", "Wakashu".

Also look into "asittakapandaka" if you want to hate anime as much as I do.

No. 1737239

wtf that's terrifying and the living conditions are viscerally repulsive, same vibe as that troon people thought was holding kidnapped people in a basement because you could see weird shit on his computer screen.

No. 1737240

File: 1672856519003.jpg (114.66 KB, 625x967, 1672826410948.jpg)

TIMs and TRAs are trying to cancel Tim Buckley(The Loss comic guy) over this rather benign take regarding Hogwarts Legacy

No. 1737242

let me guess, south american group?

No. 1737243

no way that guy is teenaged, he looks 40

No. 1737248

It’s not, they just need to insert their dicks into everything like the scrotes they are.

No. 1737254

Imagine telling a child they cant enjoy a game because autists and TRAs cant. I love that I got to go to Universal this past week and there were a ton of people there enjoying HP.

No. 1737255

it's so frustrating that society is going along with transgenders being a novel type of human (porn and the nonprofit industrial complex are to blame). a violent and deranged man was put to death, it's just another tuesday, nothing historic has happened.

No. 1737256

KEK I want to say it's here in Brazil so I can laugh of our ugly troons but the ceiling and floor don't look like our finished ceiling and floors (?

No. 1737259

File: 1672858947183.jpg (67.07 KB, 512x376, Youre-Under-Arrest-Anime.jpg)

I agree about that, whenever there are MTF characters in Japanese manga, anime or video games they actually feel like characters with good and bad sides instead of just one dimensional propaganda mascots. There are a bunch of jokes at their expenses too despite that kek. I remember watching You're Under Arrest as a kid on TV and the episode that introduced the tranny cop seemed respectful enough and the character was just portrayed as a tall anime lady (pic related, it's the one with the long, wavy hair) and the very last scene is a short joke about how the main female characters flee the showers in the police station while the guy is showering out of sheer disgust. Erica from the Catherine video game is actually likable now that I think about it, when the original game got released she was praised for her portrayal, and now that the remake is out Western fans are complaining about the exact same character because she/he doesn't transition in one specific ending and just lives as a normal twink. The funniest shit is how Grell from Black Butler was recently treated as a transwoman by new fans who will complain if you "misgender" him, and when you think about it it does make sense that the mentally ill, violent, sexually harassing faggot who murdered women out of pure jealousy because they got abortions yet he can't get pregnant would be a tranny.

No. 1737260

my little cousin who is 8 years old is utterly obsessed with harry potter right now, as are many of her friends. it's still going strong.

these troons would prefer children consume media created by pedophiles and rapists before anything by JKR.

No. 1737264

File: 1672859248562.jpeg (271.97 KB, 750x704, 5BA48E84-71D5-447D-9ADD-EF645E…)

ewww wash your corpse smelling dick, dude.

No. 1737268

They're fine with anything that makes their dicks hard. Remember that republican senator who got caught liking tranny porn? He was the leader of anti-tranny bills and shit. I'm happy women are opting out of marriage and relationships with scrotes. They are more degenerate than ever before. The misogyny and sexual assaults is just going to increase as the gap widens, just like in Japan.

No. 1737269

scrotes are so creepy, pathetic and disgusting

No. 1737270

i want to laugh and vomit at the same time

No. 1737271

Bro no woman has a naturally floral smelling crotch. I think his HRT is rotting his brain.

No. 1737273

No, the HSTS are portrayed as sex pests pretty often, see Grell from Black Butler harassing men or Erica in Catherine having sex with a much younger, inexperienced guy without telling him anything. And you'll see cases of "draw a girl, call him a guy/transwoman" and hulking gorilla like in Gintama alike. I can't think of any portrayal of an AGP in Japanese media on top of my head though.

No. 1737274

he came up in my recommended on youtube yesterday as well.

No. 1737275

You can hear the rage in his voice. I'm convinced he will start murdering women.

No. 1737277

saw this shit at the front page and almost pass out lmao

No. 1737278

I hate Erica from catherine so much. He uses that blonde dude and fucks him, never saying he's a tranny. Everyone else thinks it's so cute and funny, but this is why trannys are murdered by men.

No. 1737279

>Remember that republican senator who got caught liking tranny porn
No, I miss this. Who was it?

No. 1737288

I think it's shitty but it makes sense in context since the story takes place in the far future on an American space colony so it's likely that technology is so advanced that transition is easier or some shit. He gets his comeuppance anyway since he starts having nightmares just like the other guys, although he gets them for being gay and not having kids with a woman so it's more of a coincidence.

No. 1737291

Some kind of infection? Your crotch shouldn’t be smelling like that, male or female.

No. 1737301

It's for the same reason they all wear the "Protect trans children" shirts with the huge daggers and other weapons on them. They reserve the right to answer anything they consider disrespect with violence. Our speech is violence, their violence is speech.

I'm also reminded of that sadistic TIF lawyer from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project who wanted a man who killed a black woman moved to a women's prison. She went out of her way to support the worst criminals possible. They just get off on terrorizing us while forcing us to pretend they're all harmless.

No. 1737314

Sounds like he sprayed febreze on his cock.

No. 1737315

It sounds like his workplace is trying to be accommodating/supportive by changing the men’s room to gender neutral, but that’s not enough. He wants full access to the women’s room, even though by his own admission he’s “very early in transition” and physically looks completely male. Zero concern for how the women might feel. This is why there’s no point in trying to accommodate troons, because nothing short of full participation in their delusions will ever be enough.

No. 1737316

>jim in the 2023 The Office reboot

No. 1737317

Oh my God the delusion that moids have with vaginas smelling perfumed and "floral" is so classic.

No. 1737323

Correct me if I’m retarded, but is this comic not mocking TRAs?

No. 1737324

it really shows how little they know about women lol. he has clearly never been near a vagina since he was born. and takes the most retarded stereotypes about women (almost akin to "girls don't poop" level of stupidity) literally.

girls = naturally smell like flowers. uh, no girls just have better hygiene, on average and beauty standards make us feel ashamed of our natural bodies and doors so we are advertised "scented" tampons and other things that mess up our good bacteria. it's all so offensive but that goes without saying.

No. 1737328

Yes, it's mocking TRAs. According to TRAs buying the latest Harry Potter game means you support JKR's genocide on trans folx.

No. 1737329

File: 1672866384246.jpg (11.13 KB, 200x179, 1628093290539.jpg)

It's worth understanding that Homophobia as it existed in the west was never the norm in East Asia
While homosexual sexual activity and relationships did exist and were far more open then compared to the west, they did not see themselves as members of some special gender but as men and women still.
Sleeping with the same sex is really more of a fetish in old China for e.g, or a more ardent expression of master student relationship. But at the end of the day these people saw themselves as men and women who later married the opposite gender as was expected of them. Only difference is that women were expected to be faithful while the man can go raping slaves of either gender so long as he isnt consumed by sexual addicition to neglect his duties.

Ergo modern LGBT is utterly alien to the Japanese conceptions of homosexuality. For them that would be like identifying as as bdsm for a gender

No. 1737368

Very true. They want so badly to make it into a big civil rights issue and they ride the coattails of gay rights while comparing themselves to marginalized groups many of them aren’t even a part of. Sexism, racism, and homophobia still exist and are still issues in most of the world. A male person wanting access to a female bathroom while threatening suicide if he doesn’t get it isn’t a civil rights issue, it’s something the mental health system needs to deal with and something that adds to the safety concerns of an actually marginalized group of people (women). It’s even worse since so many of the TiMs crying are incels and MRAs, the people we most don’t want to be around and who are most insistent to be included. It’s so infuriating, and it’s beyond disrespectful and insulting to real civil rights issues and movements.

No. 1737370

Exactly. They don’t want gender neutral anything, they want access to women.

No. 1737373

File: 1672872183468.png (245.07 KB, 684x861, Twitter.png)

No. 1737379

File: 1672873127665.jpg (116 KB, 828x948, FlmE1EkagAAoS2G.jpg)

No. 1737381

Because they are men. It's just reeing about the feminazis with a new coat of paint, same retard incel shit as always.

No. 1737390

Sage for OT but it pisses me off how women are seen as lesser for not having children or getting older, but men aren’t seen as lesser for not going to war, or not having a job involving strength and physical fitness, will they ever realise how pathetic they are?

No. 1737392

File: 1672874599157.png (552.1 KB, 1298x780, ew.png)

No. 1737393

File: 1672874688253.jpg (449.58 KB, 1079x1393, Screenshot_20230104-152020_Fac…)

This is mild but I just thought it was cringe/funny. TIM discovers soap and is confused by its existence then immediately asks out girl for giving him attention. That's the joke.

No. 1737395

is he filming this.. at work… ?

No. 1737396

>men being seen as lesser for not going to war, or not having a job involving strength and physical fitness
This is something we need to start doing. If men won't stop being sexist, women need to become more 'sexist' in return, if they want it to stop, they should stop theirs.

No. 1737397

Japanese women already have to deal with so much. the fact that they have to make separate places for women because of the rampant sexual assault there speaks volumes. fucking hell. i hope he kills himself.

No. 1737398

the most based response. Random but most women crave chocolate on their periods because we need more magnesium than males do and we lose a lot of it when we are bleeding. Men just love false narratives and information.

No. 1737401

The joke is that that character is stupid, she's a regular ass female and not a troon. It's general coomer moid cringe, but since troons are coomer moids….

No. 1737404

didn't have to block out yanviv's twitter nonnie

No. 1737405

File: 1672876582818.png (472.49 KB, 462x525, giveit.PNG)

No. 1737413

Imagine having to take a piss but you cant because your fellow "female" coworker is in there retucking his dong

No. 1737418

File: 1672878814638.jpg (791.62 KB, 740x1750, make your move.jpg)

make your move, ladies (to the nearest exit)

No. 1737419

Stands like a damn gi joe action figure

No. 1737423

This is such cope kek, lesbians have no problems “making a move” when they find each other attractive. They’re probably just making faces at him because they’re wondering why there’s a man in the lesbian bar.

No. 1737426

I stole it from twitter, OP didn't recognize that fat tub of shit as Yaniv.

No. 1737427

I can't believe Tim Buckley is based now

No. 1737432

File: 1672880076088.png (1.63 MB, 945x1181, Screen.png)

No. 1737437

I do understand the joke it was GOING for, but my interpretation I thought was pretty good too.
I think the "regular ass female", I mean 2D anime loli, is supposed to represent a troon based on the colors.

No. 1737442

File: 1672881290292.png (93.77 KB, 945x292, screenshot.png)

ugh why is he always talking about periods. this reminds me, someone on twitter recently shared this 2013 blog entry on the psychology of period fetishes https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/period-drama-a-brief-look-at-haematophilia-and-sexualized-tampon-use/
two of the examples he uses are from 'crossdressers' (now TIMs i would guess). it's really disturbing.

anyway, immediately made me think of Yaniv of course.

No. 1737446

File: 1672881742275.webm (991.42 KB, 480x270, roxytickle.webm)

a man named 'Roxy Tickle' doesn't like the smell of the men's changing room.
the side eye glances from some of the women in the audience are making me chuckle.

No. 1737466

I get so tired of that stereotype, personally. Feels infantilizing and then it's in all kinds of media. Chocolate used to be primarily a men's thing anyway iirc, I think it was given in military rations in the field bc it was a good quick source of calories.

during my period, I'm in so much pain I can barely eat until day 3. so cute, so female

No. 1737481

Whenever they describe why they need to use women's spaces and utilities it always comes down to their issues with other men. They should take men to task instead of bothering women, but then that would require some actual stunning bravery lol.

No. 1737496

>”tons of people wanna kiss me huehue”

and are these people who want to kiss you in this room right now

No. 1737502

I'm going to take these heinous posts and make a zine and leave them around my town.

No. 1737507

you should include those on twitter and tumblr where they threaten rape too.

No. 1737520

I’ve been trying to do my part. I don’t give a fuck anymore.

No. 1737521

kek no lesbians want to approach you or make a move because you’re a man, dumbass

No. 1737526

it isn't, just saying that judging people morally for one videogame is kinda stupid