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No. 108748

I have a question regarding IUDs. I've been on the pill since early 2017 and I get pretty bad side effects. My breasts swell up (they become REALLY painful) and I get extremely nauseous. I haven't been off the pill since 2017 and the symptoms haven't disappeared. I'm honestly sick of it and decided to get an IUD. Have any of you had experiences with IUDs? I am not sure whether to get the hormonal or non-hormonal one. I absolutely hate and almost can't stand the side effects of hormonal birth control, but I get very painful periods and I heard that the copper IUD makes them 10x worse. ;-;

No. 108753

>Have any of you had experiences with IUDs?
Control+f IUD in the vagina thread

No. 108763

Tbh, OP, I recommend the patch. I have sensitive skin, but wearing it on my upper arm or my butt cheek doesn't break me out, though I won't assume it's the same for everyone. I've heard a lot of bad things about both IUD and the implant, so I'm very averse to trying those, but I've used almost every other method.

No. 108781

I like the OP image. Who is the artist?

Also, when deciding between the IUD and implant (I needed to get off estrogen because it was causing daily migraines, but needed to be on hormonal birth control due to my PCOS, and I hate taking pills), the IUD sounded way too invasive for me so I went with the implant. I actually like it a lot. I haven't had a period since I had it inserted 6 months ago. I did have breast pain, nausea and dizziness crop up a couple months ago, but started taking B6 for it and those symptoms are now completely gone.

YMMV, of course, but it's something to think about. I couldn't be happier with my implant.

No. 108811

I have the copper IUD. Had it for a few months so far, and it's been good. Insertion sucked, and it sucked at first, but so far has been nothing notable. YMMV, my body happened to take to it really well apparently.

For those who had bad experiences with the (copper) IUD, what were your periods like beforehand? I'm curious, mine have always been relatively easy and regular.

No. 108908

To each his own. Getting an IUD would be well worth it, I hate the feeling of condoms and so does my s/o

No. 108925

endo anon here. have to take birth control for it or i'm miserable. in high school i had to miss days of school a month because my bitch mom said i was faking symptoms (despite having it herself), but didn't care enough about me missing school. it hasn't really affected my body other than making me fat and possibly extremely horny.

other endo anons here?

No. 108934

File: 1550849148657.png (297.95 KB, 1650x1275, contraceptive_methods_508-01.p…)

I have the copper IUD. I had increased cramps the first few months, but things went back to normal in that regard. There is more blood than there used to be, but it's a good trade off for me personally. The insertion wasn't fun, but I didn't find it particularly awful. It's not as bad as orthodontia or other dental work in terms of pain, but I did get a local anesthetic directly on my cervix prior to insertion. If you aren't paying out-of-pocket for it, it's worth trying out to see if it works for you.


Condoms are not very effective on their own.

No. 108997

The IUD was very painful to get put in for me. It was effective for 2 years until I got increasing cramps and couldn't stand it any longer. Doctors can be weird about taking them out, I had to fight to get it taken out before the time is up for its effectiveness. Have you thought of basal thermometer method? I've been using the Natural Cycles app for 2 years now, with success. I was unable to tolerate the pill as well.

No. 109434

I've had Paragard for over a year and a half now.

My periods used to be 7 days long and normal flow. I had a bit of crampiness that I'd experience but nothing bad.

When I first got my Paragard, insertion was so easy. My GYN gave me cytotec to soften my cervix, 600mg ibuprofen to take before, and we planned the insertion to happen during the end of my cycle so it wasn't bad at all.

My periods sucked though. So much crampiness and I would go through so many tampons. I think now that it's been over a year, my periods have returned to somewhat of a more normal state. My periods are now around 7 days long, BUT I get days of irregular spotting before and after (usually around 2/3 days). I have off/on cramps, and the worst is a sharp shooting pain in my butt that I get every now and then. I also get stabbing pains in my uterus area sometimes but I've had my IUD checked and it's in place.

But I'm glad that I got Paragard because it's 10 years (if it stays in) because I'm moving back to a state where the governor is trying to ban abortions if Roe v. Wade gets overturned. Would recommend Paragard for anyone who is in the same position and needs protection because though it is a little shit at times that I hate, it's been a lifesaver for my boyfriend and I who could never afford a child.

No. 109435

Same OP but I should add that my cycle with Paragard goes like this:

> Cramps on/off for a few days

> Spotting for three days
> Two-three days of heavy flow
> Two-three days of regular flow
> Did my period stop?
> Spotting
> A day later and it seems like my period stopped
> Nope, still spotting
> Eventually spotting stops and I feel a weight off of my shoulders

No. 110885

>Never used birth control before
>Started Cerazette/Desogestrel/Progestogen-only pill 1 week ago

Currently going through the following:
>Recently defeated acne making an ugly comeback
>Brain fog
>Low energy
>Headaches (told to avoid estrogenic BC because lol migraines)
>Eliminated sex drive

Is this an adjustment period where my body gets used to new hormones in its system?

I've only just overcome my acne in the past few months after YEARS of treatment, the last thing I want to do is go back.

No. 110903

Can’t talk about the acne bc contrary to what my gyno told me it didn’t get worse at all. But about the other symptoms; I’ve had these even after the supposed 3-month adjusting period. And even about half a year after stopping it.

I also barely ever had migraines before and while taking the cerazette had them about every 1-2 weeks.
It really wasn’t a fun time.

No. 110905

I can't believe how horrible I feel, I was really hoping birth control would work because my bf and I don't find condoms enjoyable at all.

If this keeps up, I'll have to head back to rhythm and temp-tracking/ovulation strips.
And condoms.

No. 110906

reposting from the vagina thread since it's about birth control

have any farmers had success in alleviating PMDD symptoms by continuously taking their birth control? i just started doing that (day 2 of starting a new pack instead of taking the placebos) in order to skip my period and it'd be really fucking great if i could not have a period and also not want to kill myself every month

No. 110907

i'm on Microgestin FE and i'm still unfortunately getting bad PMDD symptoms like the suicidal haze for a week before my period is set to start. it's essentially cut my period duration in half and the blood is next to nothing (which is why i started it, heavy flow for 8 days straight), but i was hoping it would eliminate the PMDD. i tried to continuously take it for a couple of months without the placebo week and see if it would make a difference but it was still pretty bad the week before the new pack was set to start.

No. 111510

Yes, I've had surgery. They told me I'd be out of surgery in 45m, and it took over 4 hours. I didn't have endo on my ovaries or other reproductive organs, but it was all over my abdominal wall, colon, etc. When I went into surgery, I wasn't even sure if the surgeon would find anything (endo doesn't show up on ultrasounds, aside from chocolate cysts). I am afraid of taking hormones so I just deal with the pain and nausea, which is returning. Eventually I'll have to convince a doctor to do surgery again.

Based on everything I've read, I'm wary of taking hormones to suppress endo. Surgery is scary but it has much better outcomes. I have three almost invisible scars (about 1cm each), and the recovery wasn't bad imho. The hardest part was paying for it, as I was on student insurance. I got a payment plan to pay it off. My parents ought to have helped (they have the money) but at that time they were in a really awful phase and they didn't offer; they knew I'd never ask them for money. Not sure I'll ever forgive them for that, though we've never discussed it. Every time I see the expensive tacky art they bought around my surgery date, I get pretty angry.

No. 111522

Has anyone experienced extreme depression while using and going off of birth control pills? I was suffering from crippling depression three weeks into using Lo Loestrin and a few days after going off of it, I had an awful depressive meltdown. I can't help but feel it was the birth control that was at least partially responsible for those things.

No. 111524

You're not alone anon don't worry
It should be included in the leaflet with your bc, but give it a google and you'll see so much about it

No. 111526

Thanks. It's just that my gynecologist thought it was too soon for any real symptoms to appear but reading about other people's experiences really conflicted with my gynecologist's view on the matter. My recent erratic and depressive state caused an enormous strain in my relationship that may end in a break up so I wonder a lot how much of it can be attributed to Lo Loestrin. I've also had a similar experience from another birth control (Ortho Tri Cyclen I think) about 8 years ago so I'm more and more convinced that LoLo was a major determinant in my mood.

No. 111616

I had the Mirena IUD for 6 years and didn't encounter one single problem. Period vanished. I only had it removed about a month ago. I'd like to get another soon, but insertion was pretty painful, even if only for a few seconds.

No. 111709

Does anyone here suffer from extreme sensitivity to hormones, or hormonal control? I’ve tried a few methods, but every one I’ve tried thus far makes me loopy and I gain tons of weight. My search for a decent method has gotten me pregnant 3 times, despite being cautious.

No. 111716

Are you the anon from the confessions thread?

No. 111775

Do any other anons using birth control get really sharp shooting pains in their breast(s)? I’ve been taking the pill along with spiro (estrogen) for my acne for months and have heard that hormonal medication could cause breast tenderness, but this is a really sharp, sudden (it even startles me sometimes) shooting pain in the same place. It occurs at completely random times/days too.

No. 111776

I've totally had this anon. I changed bc pill and it went away.

No. 112223

so I have a question about the pill. I used to have the implant but switched to the pill and today marks one week exactly I've been on it. My period ended on friday and then today it started back up again. Normal? It's a combo pill if that matters

No. 112225

Why are you taking the pill while still on your period? You should start on the day your period ends, then not take anything for a week, then get back on the pill again. Unless you have those weird packs that include sugar pills for the time you’re not supposed to take anything.

No. 112234

It might be. When I started with the pill I had my period for three weeks straight. Is it like a full on period or just a little blood?

No. 112235

NTA but I think they might be referring to the starter day, as in starting that birth control in the first place which is what they're doing. In that case most docs recommend starting on the first day of your period since its supposed to help it become effective faster. Never in my life have I ever heard a doctor tell someone to
>start on the day your period ends, then not take anything for a week, then get back on the pill again

Why would you take a pill, wait a week then start it again? Am I reading your comment right because that sounds super incorrect. Also most if not all BC pills come with sugar pills even if you don't take them, don't know why you're referring them as the weird ones when pretty much all BC pill packs have those. I've never actually seen a pack that doesn't.

No. 112256

NTAYRT but I think they mean wait till period ends, take an entire blister and then pause (or take the placebos).
However, it’s definitely recommended to start on the day you go off your previous pill (or other contraceptive) without pausing.

Regarding the placebo pills: I think it definitely depends on where you live. In Germany I only really know of one brand that has placebo pills. All other brands have blisters with 21 pills (except for cerazette).

No. 112259

I meant that you take the first of 21 the day your period ends, then take nothing for a week or the placebo (I live in a country where they're very uncommon), then take the pill again.
tbqh though I haven't been on the pill for quite some time now, so mz info may be outdated.

No. 112303

just wanted to update: i've been skipping the placebo week for a lil bit now and so far i have been getting a period, but it's a lot lighter. i just got my period today and it actually took me by surprise because i WASN'T suicidal at all the week before. so, at least for me, continuously taking the pill seem to have helped with the PMDD symptoms. fingers crossed it isn't just a fluke

No. 112307

My doctor told me to start the pills on Sunday which was the day my period started. So I started on Sunday, my period ended Friday, and then it started up again. I followed the instructions my doctor gave exactly.

Anyway, I just called my doctor and she said it's normal, so no advice needed.

No. 112316

idk what people are giving your shit for, you can read on the package you either start on a sunday or the first sunday of your period. it's like they've never taken pills before.

No. 112403

Started cerazette, finished 1 pack, but forgot to buy another as I was sick, so I missed 2 days before I started again. But since I was sick, I also started it with a week of antibiotics. The doctor said this was fine. But now I have been bleeding non stop for two weeks with no signs of it stopping and it's really annoying, this didnt happen with the first pack. Is this because of missing 2 days and also being on antibiotics? Has anyone else experienced this and had the bleeding stop?

No. 112409

I recommend using the fertility awareness method, that way you don't need to put weird object in your body or take hormones.

Basically as a woman you are only fertile for one day during your cycle.

So you can't have piv sex on that day and the day before because sperm can survive in your body for like 24 hours.

You can use a tracking app which after a while will guess pretty accurately when your fertile window is. You can also tell you're fertile or about to be fertile when your discharge is sticky like egg-white (so, it's not liquid).
Your body temperature also goes up when you're fertile and of course you feel way more horny that usual.

If you're new to this I recommend getting a kit that checks if you're fertile, you just pee on it. Idk how accurate it is but it worked for me in the beginning.

Again, you're only fertile ONE DAY in a cycle, let's say TWO DAYS if you count the day before. So why would you take hormones if you don't have to for 28 days if you could just track and abstain/use condoms for those 2 days.

It's obviously not a method for people who are not responsible enough for I'm honestly not responsible and this method made me so aware of my body and it's awesome.

No. 112410

you're an absolute idiot and soon to be mother if you genuinely think women are fertile one or, at most, two days a cycle.

No. 112411

Sperm can live for 5 days in the vagina.

No. 112412

Samefag but you also are not fertile for only 24 hour, you're considered fertile on the day your body release the egg AND on the 5 days prior.

No. 112422

I know a young woman who's a diehard believer in fertility awareness/cycle tracking as a natural alternative to other birth control methods. She's had 3 unplanned pregnancies.

No. 112424

Maybe people use hormones because there’s positive sides to it as well?
Especially women with severe dysmenorrhea, endometriosis or PCOS are way better off while on birth control.

Also what >>112410 and >>112411 said. You’re obviously not as educated as you‘d like to be.

No. 112427

You should start saving for your child's college fund.
>The ‘fertile window’ is the day an egg is released from the ovary (ovulation) and the five days beforehand.

No. 112440

>I'm honestly not responsible
We can tell, anon

No. 112541

Have you never heard of condoms or something? Or do those count as "weird objects" too?

No. 112632

File: 1554597946274.jpg (26.74 KB, 232x296, 1503204094636.jpg)

I know this is a cOnTrOvErSiAl oPiNiOn, but I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone finds the time to deal with the horrible side effects of bc for several weeks to a month, to figure out whether or not they'll go away, switch to another pill when they don't, go through the same cycle all over again, switch to another pill, and hope that one day you'll find one that doesn't make you want to puke your brains out/kill yourself/sap you of your energy, etc.

I'm legitimately concerned for my entire gender, because this is apparently normal and acceptable for most of you.

I've only ever used condoms since I've become sexually active. I know that's irresponsible, but honest to god, I'd rather risk having to get an abortion and go through some discomfort for a short time, rather than feeling like I have poison running through my veins 24/7.

Maybe I'll change my mind if that actually does happen. Or if it happens more than once. But god damn, the reality of what birth control does to your mind and body is fucking dystopian levels of horrifying to me.

No. 112640

I hate hormonal birth control for similar reasons. My gynecologist suggested that I put up with the side effects of my birth control for three months when I brought up concerns of sudden depression and emotional eating binges. The whole thing caused me to eventually feel suicidal for no real reason and when I went off birth control, I was back to normal within a few weeks. I don't believe that most women's hormone levels should be fucked with and I hate that it's basically become normalized. I can't buy studies or articles now that claim that such side effects aren't the result of birth control pills. The pharmaceutical industries and doctors have to keep claiming that in order to keep shilling their pills.

No. 112641

File: 1554604665855.jpg (39.97 KB, 450x397, 0606-ContraceptionT3.jpg)

Birth control has done wonders to help me with a serious hormonal mood disorder. I am on an extremely low dose and have gone through about 8 different brands/dosages until I've found one that worked very well for me. No bad side effects. Like all medications, it's not for everyone. I think for those without a hormonal imbalance it is disruptive, but I am able to treat my hormonal mood disorder with birth control alone and was able to get off of the other 3 psychiatric medications I had been prescribed.

No. 112643

>I know this is a cOnTrOvErSiAl oPiNiOn, but I can't for the life of me figure out how anyone finds the time to deal with the horrible side effects of bc for several weeks to a month

Not everyone has crippling side effects, though. I've been on a couple different types of hormonal birth control for over 10 years (the pill, the ring, and finally the implant, as I got older and too busy to remember taking pills and shit) and I haven't had any side effects at all, ever. I've never gained weight or lost my mind or felt like offing myself. There are plenty of women who have little to no issues and are perfectly happy with whatever method they are on, just read through subreddits like r/birthcontrol.

I do agree that there should be more reliable methods of BC that aren't hormonal beyond just condoms and the copper IUD (which can make you bleed horribly, so not without its own side effects) and I hate that messing with your hormones is basically the end all be all for BC. But for me, I'll take it over risking pregnancy, especially since I'm lucky enough not to be badly affected by it.

No. 112649

The only side effect I've had is prolonged spotting after changing brands, which is 1000% worth it to skip my period. Skipping my period would be worth any number of side effects, they are a fucking heinous inconvenience and make me feel so uncomfortable. It's like a cosmic joke that we evolved to experience them so often.

I'm not even sexually active but the peace of mind is good too.

No. 112650

NTAYRT but you‘re obviously not the group of people anon is referring to, so why do you feel the need to justify your use of BC?

Idgi either. The longest I’ve been on any (combinated) pill was 7 days and after those I was seriously so exhausted. I couldn’t eat anything (like, literally anything) because I was incredibly nauseous 24/7. I could barely even drink water. I also had several panic attacks and migraines. I don’t know how I was supposed to go through this for three months.
The only thing I could bear physically was the shot but that severely fucked me up mentally (tried to kill myself 3 times in the 6 months I was on it - never have before or after that). I still deal with depression and I have long before getting it, but it’s never been as bad as it was then.

I don’t think I’ll ever try any hormonal shit again. Even though I have endometriosis. I’d rather suffer a few days and avoid sex occasionally because of the pain than feel as shitty ever again.

No. 112672

Hi. Could you read that anon's post again? Here's an excerpt:
>I'm legitimately concerned for my entire gender, because this is apparently normal and acceptable for most of you.

Appears to me that anon is addressing all women here and making the false assumption that these types of sides effects are "normal" when they are in fact not normal for many of us. I'm sorry for your experiences and that fucking sucks but the reality is that many women experience no problems.

We're not saying your bad experiences aren't valid. However our positive experiences are also valid.

So I'm not any of these anon's above but I'd also like to add I've previously been on depo, combo pill, and finally graduated to the Mirena IUD 6 years ago and haven't had to think about birth control since. No side effects whatsoever. But just like with pretty much all medications your mileage may vary.

Hope you guys can find something that works for you though.

No. 112674

My doctor says something to the effect that my hormone threshold is too high for some forms of bc, including the one I was pretty set on using(the ring). it looks like I'll probably get an copper IUD. has anyone else had this problem? it's apparently really rare and possibly caused by medication I'm on for anxiety. i'm pretty set on having my bf cum inside me so I could use advice on what BC to start/whether anyone else takes nsaids for anxiety and have the same issue/general advice. thanks

No. 112685

The point of her post was, how she‘s confused that it’s being normalized and expected to put up with 1-3 months of side effects just to know whether something works or not and maybe even go through this entire process for several different pills.

Obviously, if you don’t have any side effects, you won’t have trouble taking it. Taking something and not having side effects isn’t problematic either.

And I never felt like anyone was saying that my or other women’s bad experiences are invalid. I’m just legitimately confused how someone thinks that responding to

>How on earth do you put up with those side effects for this long and why on earth is this normalized

>Well, but I don’t have any side effects.
is helpful or any other way valuable input.

By the paragraph you quoted she obviously meant she’s worried because somehow women and girls are taught to just suck it up and put up with that shit for as long as it takes to find a method that doesn’t have terrible side effects. Obviously it just applies IF you do have side effects. However, side effects can happen to anyone any time.

Women feeling pressured to put their health and general quality of life on the line is a real issue. And even if you don’t have any noticeable side effects, there still do come risks with hormonal birth control.

No. 112697

To me the original post read "how can ALL OF YOU put up with these symptoms," implying that every single woman on birth control has insane side effects but we just accept it and cope, because the post said "most of you" and "entire gender." If she meant "how can some of you put up with it," then she should have clarified instead of making a sweeping generalization of all women on hormonal birth control. It was poorly worded, which isn't the fault of people responding "that's not true."

And "most women just normalize and accept it" isn't true either, women complain all the time how shitty birth control is and how they had to stop xyz method because they didn't want to deal with side effects.

No. 112700

Really, I think there is a ton of downplaying on the potential severe side effects of birth control from doctors. I wish my gynecologist didn't dismiss my concerns over side effects related to my mental health even though I was on the pill for nearly a month. She kept insisting that I try for three months and I really tried hard to keep with up with it since I was apparently on the lowest dose of hormones. I'm just wishing now that I trusted my gut instinct earlier instead of having suffered through the horrible side effects just to see if they might go away had I kept using them.

No. 112829

I am on my second IUD. First one was a breeze (except when it was inserted, which was a two-week bloody nightmare). I had it in for over 5 years (Mirena), and got it replaced when my time was up.

First IUD:
>MUCH less hormones and cramps
>period regulated itself after a while, less bleeding
>no maintenance except checking for strings at uterus

This new one is exactly the same type as the old one, but for whatever reason, I am:
>extremely hormonal now
>my breasts hurt like crazy before periods
>spotting at the two-week mark, so it's like I have two periods during a 4-week cycle instead of one
>also am extremely worried about perforation now, since the IUD weakens the walls of the uterus (I am told by my doctor), so I could poke through.

I may have endometriosis, so it is more of a problem for me. Considering taking it out at the end of the summer. Might want to procreate anyway, honestly.

Anyway, the first IUD was AWESOME. Definitely recommend it for at least the first time, haha.

No. 112835

I'm the anon from the other thread who stopped taking the pill after 10years….

So far, so good. Definitely more emotional some days, like a good ol' fashion PMS, but it's nice. A lot of my previous anxiety or paranoia really mellowed out. I do get MAD jelly of my husband giving girl's attention, but it's funny. Sex with condoms is not too terrible.

Also my skin cleared up? I used to get some small cystic type bumps on the pill, now I'm just a bit uneven. Skin is less dry.

My girlfriend who had Mirena took her's out. She did not mix well with the estrogen blend. My other girlfriend put in a Copper IUD and has had her period for like 6 months.

No. 112946

4 years ago I first went to a gyn to get birth control, because the cramps I get during my periods were horrible (think crying, vomiting, diarrhea). She gave me a pill that you have to take for 3 months straight.
A year later I started to get such bad headaches, that I had to stop taking it. She said I'm allergic to any normal pill and that there are only 3 options: either taking nothing, an IUD or some special pill, which I ended up taking then. You basically take it without any breaks and don't get your period at all. At first it worked, but already half a year later I always got my period + cramps despite taking it.
A few months ago I changed gyns, told her about that problem and she said that I'm too young for an IUD (she said it messes severely with your hormones and that it's also very bad for your bones), but promised to think about a solution. So far, nothing.
A month ago I simply stopped taking it, because I got such bad acne from it, that my back is basically ruined. I could stand that, but it also made me horribly depressed, bordering on feeling completely crazy.
Yesterday I've got my period naturally for the first time again and the cramps are so bad that I've been awake all night. I really don't know what to do anymore, am I doomed until menopause?

No. 113018

I was on the Depo shot for a little over a year. It helped contribute to my weight gain, had random bleeding for a week that wasnt my period, and I rarely became horny along with it being very painful when I did try to have sex. I switched back to a birth control pill but I had to get a new dr and I didn't remember the name of the bc pill I started on when I was 18, so she gave me Mono-Linyah. She was so stuck on my weight gain for the whole apppointment and saying the Mono Linyah pill was the best option for me, she didn't ask about any issues I had. I'm terrible at talking so I ended up not mentioning the sex issues I was having on the shot. I've read that the effects of the shot can take months or years to stop so I thought I'd go back to normal again. It's been about 8 months on Mono, I can have sex without pain but I still don't feel horny like I use to. When I'm on the week of white pill I feel a bit more normal again so I think this pill is making my sex drive low too.

I'll be needing a new prescription in a couple months and I want to change pills but I kind of hate the dr. I was about 135 pounds when I was 19 and moved out on my own, I ate lots of shitty foods since I was poor, had an extremely small apartment that I shared with someone, and living life on my own in an actual town after living in a corn field with nothing close by all my life. I was 22 and 170 pounds when I went to the new dr last year. I know I need to lose weight and getting off the shot helped me not feel hungry 24/7 anymore. I've lost about 10 pounds and I'm afraid she'll push the weight thing on me again next time I go. And I don't want her to put me on another pill that will reset me once again on a list of new symptoms to make me a different person, in a sense. Is there any way I can find out what my old bc pill was, like possibly the old dr giving me records or asking my Pharmacists for a history of my meds? Or does anyone who has more experience/knowledge suggest a pill they think will help with the lack of hornyness without ridiculous side effects?

No. 113030

Just out of curiosity: Are you from Germany?

But anyways: You might have endometriosis and should get checked for that. However, you’ll need a laparoscopy for that. Don’t trust any doctor that tells you, you don’t have it because of an ultrasound they made.
If you do have endometriosis there are a couple of things you can do. When they’re doing the laparoscopy they can also remove possible lesions and adhesions. It is possible you’ll need a bigger surgery though if you have severe adhesions.
It’s also possible to use GnRH analogues to induce a temporary menopause, as it may stop the endometriosis from spreading and making your symptoms worse.

Regardless whether or not you have endometriosis you could try agnus castus or menstrual teas (raspberry leaves, alchemilla, yarrow, turnera diffusa for example).
Sometimes even supplementing some minerals (mostly magnesium and vitamin b6) already works for me.

About the mirena (which I think you mean by IUD?): You aren’t too young for it, your doctor simply doesn’t earn as much from it as they would from prescribing the pill. Also please don’t believe anyone that tells you the mirena only works locally. That’s something the company that sells it writes in their pamphlets etc, but there has been research that shows it’s definitely not true.
That’s not me saying you should get the mirena though. If you’ve had issues with the cerazette (? I suppose that’s the pill you didn’t pause?) you’ll probably have issues with that, too.
You could, however, try the depo shot. But it can cause some really nasty side effects so if you’re prone to depression or a lack of libido - it’ll get much worse on it.

Just be careful with gynos that will give you a prescription for any hormonal birth control without at least trying to figure out what’s causing the pain. There’s a 99% chance they get paid extra for prescribing it.

Maybe consider seeing a pain therapist as well.

No. 113069

Oof, that sounds really bad, but thanks for the detailed answer.

My doctor did not specifically name mirena, she just told me that iuds in general are bad for young women. She's very sweet (contrary to my former one), so I thought she might have given me genuine advice by telling me not to go for that. Both my mother and a coworker told me that the process of inserting it is so painful, that I immediately thought that's a big no for me as well.
But I'll definitely try to talk to her about it.

And yes, I really am from Germany. How did you figure that out?

No. 113086


I had a kidney stone at 18, which was miserable until they gave me morphine in the hospital waiting room. That said, I tried to get Mirena at 26 and it was the most painful experience of my life at insertion. I was able to limp around in pain everyday for a week, crying every single day and then I had to have it out of me. I could feel it in me the entire time. My cervix will never feel the same. I also recently saw this documentary on Netflix about the medical devices industry and how unregulated it is thus horrific consequences are had in victims using these without proper testing. I just don't want to risk that.

I have strong family history of endo as well as having shown the symptoms for many years. I've been mostly stable on Junel Fe 1/20 but I had to try 5-6 others first. I am also diagnosed with PCOS at age 26 by my endocrinologist as I've had Hashimoto's thyroiditis since 12. Fun times are had.

No. 113096

As I said, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the mirena either as any IUD can make the pain worse.

It’s really hard to recommend anything just from your description. As I said, it depends on what causes the pain. It you’re comfortable with it, you could start taking a combined pill again in in a 3-month cycle (usually they recommend Valette or Maxim for that, but you can do it with any pill, so maybe one with a lower dosage of hormones would work too, such as Belara/Mona Hexal 20). You should definitely consider seeing an endometriosis specialist soon though, as taking a pill that contains estrogen can make it worse.

If it’s not endometriosis, taking a combined pill in a 3-month-cycle would probably be the way to go.

And as I said; Supplementing magnesium is never a bad idea when you have bad menstrual cramps.

And I guessed you’re from Germany because your gynecologist-story sounds strikingly similar to my own.
Btw since you are from Germany: Look up on https://mezis.de/ if there’s a gyno listed anywhere near you. It’s really, really hard to find one ‘out in the wild’ whose treatment isn’t affected by what’s most profitable for them.

No. 113546

hey anons, i started taking my birth control non-stop to help with pmdd symptoms, and so far i haven't been suicidally depressed so that's a big win, but i've had a lot of spotting and breakthrough bleeding at random times. it's certainly better than the debilitating depression, but it is a bit annoying. anyone else try this? did the random bleeding stop? it's only been a few months since i started skipping the placebo weeks so i'm hoping with time it'll chill out

No. 113557

Well, either it stops at some point or it‘ll get worse and you end up bleeding non stop. It can go either way. Nobody can tell you which one will happen.

No. 114679

Is it normal to barely bleed at all during the week youre on placebos?
I heard you arent supposed to stop bleeding until you start a new pack but ive only been bleeding for 3-4 days and its very light

No. 114681

Yeah, that can be normal.
After all it’s not an actual period, so it can differ a lot from your usual bleeding. Especially if it‘s a higher dosage of hormones, it’s normal not to bleed as much.

No. 114684

I don't get many bad side effects on pills but I was thinking a copper IUD would be a better option. I heard they can give you longer and heavier periods though, can anybody help me?

No. 114726

Does this sound like a cause for worry to anyone?

I've been taking Cerazette for over a year now and I haven't gotten any bleeding despite the packaging saying that "light, irregular bleeding" is the norm. Others online said they didn't bleed and my doctor didn't seem concerned so I wasn't bothered by it. Yesterday I started getting my normal period symptoms (cramps, mood swings, sore breasts) for the first time since starting it and this morning I woke up at 4am unable to get back to sleep with the pain (ibuprofen is helping). No blood yet. The packaging mentions bleeding but doesn't mention period symptoms. I'm good about taking my pill on time (yesterday I was 30 minutes late but I have a 12 hour window and it's never been a problem before). Did I fuck up?

No. 114740

Nah, I’d say that’s pretty normal. When I was on the shot, halfway theough the 3 months I would start getting pms symptoms and a week or two later I‘d start spotting and eventually full on bleeding.

I‘d watch it for another month and if it doesn’t get better get off it for a month or stop taking it altogether.
For me, I thought it would get better with the follow-up shot but it only got a little lighter. I ended up kinda-bleeding/spotting for the whole 3 months, all companied by the usual pms/period symptoms until the 3 months were over and the effects slowly wore off.

No. 114764

I got prescribed birth control for the first time, its now been 2 weeks on Yaz. My sex drive is gone, I used to constantly crave sex and have it everyday but now I have no interest, never initiate anymore, Im rejecting my bf now and occasionally give in when he begs. Ive also noticed my acne has gotten worse. Is this normal and what do i do? Do i switch to a non hormonal birth control?

No. 114766

My periods got heavier, but not longer. They were more painful for a few months but now it only hurts like it did before. I do get a little spotting, but that's also died down over time. I will say I'm happy that I have such reliable birth control without anything I have to remember every single day. I check the string every month after my period. I did expel the first IUD, and the second one seems to be placed more suitably, as I've experienced far less discomfort.

No. 114780

Thank you very much for your input. I have been looking for a non-hormonal birth control for some time and this seems the best option. I only use condoms when I'm getting to know the guy to prevent STDs but it sucks to rely on them and it doesn't feel as good. And hormones mess with my libido, I like keeping it higher.

No. 114789

My acne got worse on yaz too. I take midane now and it's gone. I didn't experience any changes in my sex drive from either one of those pills. Just because one pill didn't work for you, it doesn't mean you should quit hormonal bc completely. 2 weeks isn't even a full cycle.

No. 114796

Give it some more time. Your hormones are going to go a little crazy in the beginning because your body is adjusting. This causes all sorts of things, mood swings especially, which definitely contribute to low libido and what I call "pushing away".

>>114789 is right. You should see how your first cycle goes and if it is truly insufferable by your second cycle, give your gyno a call.

There are all sorts of doses and bc is not a "one-size-fits-all" thing. Just like any other medication you might need to try a few until you find the right fit.

No. 114860

I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this anons, please point me in the direction of another one if so - but does anyone use a menstrual cup here? I just got off Yaz bc I've had some scary experiences with it after being on it for four years and I'll be having proper periods again soon that won't be over in a day and I don't want to waste money and kill the environment with tampons and pads. Experiences, advice?

No. 115312

I started hormonal birth control for the first time two months ago and I swear my breasts have grown like a size or two. It's actually bothering me. Will it go away eventually if I stop taking birth control and workout a bit? Big boobs seriously trigger my body body dysmorphia.

No. 115314

Yes, they’re most likely a temporary change due to water retention. Maybe try drinking green or stinging nettle tea.

No. 115339

they probably will but what >>115314 said isn't the only cause. a more common cause is the additional hormones.

No. 117536

I was told by my doctor that the period you get during the inactive days of the pill is a caused by "withdrawal symptoms" from not having the hormones from the pill in your system anymore, and that it isnt a "real" period.
by this logic can you get your period between packs but still be pregnant if the birth control failed?

or is the "withdrawal" period still an indicator that you're not pregnant?

No. 117537

I used one for about a year. I think it was whichever diva cup model is the one for women who haven't had babies (1 or 2 I can't remember.) It was fine for a long time but eventually the rim started putting pressure like on my cervix or other organs and was really uncomfortable so I had to stop using it. I have thought about finding one from a brand that's thinner/smaller since I don't have a super heavy flow but I just don't want to be in pain again and have wasted money

No. 117543

Yes, you can still get that "period" when the birth control failed. Never trust your period when you're on bc.

No. 117569

Menstrual cups + IUDs - is the IUD basically guaranteed to come out?
I ask because I have a Paragard (copper IUD) and was spending upwards of $20+ per month on tampons because my period is so all over the place. It really adds up as a student and so far I’ve liked the Lunette cup bc I don’t have to buy tampons anymore. I’ve had my IUD for almost 2 years now and this is my second period with the cup.
Should I stop using the cup though? I’ve read some horror stories of cups pulling out IUDs but also seen OBGYNs say that the cup won’t pull it out unless you don’t break the suction. Plus my cup sits a bit lower than my cervix and my strings aren’t very long.
Should I be concerned?

No. 117572

I've had a copper IUD and used a menstrual cup for more than 4 yrs.
I've never had a problem, and my gynecologist (a woman) told me she's never seen anything like that happen, it shouldn't happen if you break the suction.

No. 118104

Is it worth it getting on a BC just for stopping periods? I'm not having sex and I don't plan on having any either. I feel really anxious and bad about my periods and I feel cramps all day in the first 3-4 days, it can be really annoying. I'll discuss it with a doctor but I'd like to know…

No. 118175

I'm on the combo pill and a couple of days recently I've been spotting. This isn't a usual thing for me and I've been on the pill for a while. I've changed timezones and am taking my pill kind of late, but this pill is ok if it's taken later vs the minipill afaik as long as you don't miss a whole day or 12 hours-ish. I did miss a pill and have to take it a day late last cycle and that caused spotting, but haven't made the same mistake. Could it be because I'm taking my pill several hours later than I usually do as I adjust to this? I'm sexually active too so this is probably important to ask in case I need to use a backup or have my bf not finish inside me for a little while.

No. 118240

taking your pill late and traveling could cause some breakthrough bleeding/spotting keep taking it till the end of the pack and taking the next pack in the new timezone should solve those problems so if its still acting weird after you start a new pack then something might be up.
but travelling always makes periods weird because it fucks up your bodies natural hormones to travel

No. 118434

I'm about to get the implant (implanon) in a couple of days. Anyone has any experience with this?
I was going to get the non-hormonal IUD but I am shit scared of the pain and also of it coming out. Also read some cases where the guy's dick can feel the thread hanging from the T and it can be painful. Imagine going through the awful pain of getting it in, just to have to take it out a month after?

Don't want to take combo pill because I am afraid the estrogen will give me melasma (darkening of the skin on the face, that stays forever btw) and also the blood clots. Progestin-only pills seem good but I am moving to a country that doesn't have them and you can only bring one month of pills with you so I'm effed. Only option left is the implanon hence why I am getting it, but I'm worried about the "decreased libido and acne" side effects.

As a side note, I've read in many places that there is no evidence that weight gain is related to taking BC.

No. 118439

IUD insertion isn't too bad. Take some ibuprofen beforehand and ask your doctor to use a local anesthetic, and it'll be less painful than dental work.

No. 118440

No local anesthetics are given for that procedure here.
Also Im moving away soon and I'm worried that I'm going to have the bad side effects in the middle of the move, etc

No. 118452

I had the implant (implanon) for over a year and I had a really good experience with it, personally. No periods at all, no spotting etc or weight gain. I’ve heard some bad stories about it though so YMMV

No. 118454

Yeah I guess there is absolutely NO way of knowing exactly how you will react to it unless you actually get it on. No way to predict the side effects. That sucks.

No. 118481

I've had Nexplanon in my arm for about a year now and no issues. The only complaint I have is I get a little queasy if I feel the rod under my skin (with my other hand, you will not feel the rod in your arm otherwise don't worry), but ymmv!
I was scared of insertion but I literally didn't even know when my doc did it bc I was looking the other way and felt absolutely nothing. Iirc it was a teeny bit sore in the next 3 or 4 days but it may have been my brain freaking about having something under my skin.

No. 118490

If you get an IUD inserted during your period, it doesn't hurt much at all. As other anons have said, everyone reacts differently to different birth control. I did have the string problem with my IUD at first but after about a month, the ends tuck up behind your cervix and your partner won't feel them. You can also get them cut shorter if that's still not enough.

An IUD can last 10-12 years if you get the copper one, 5-7 if you get the hormonal one. Nexplanon is only approved for up to 4 years, so it might help to think how long-term you want your birth control to be for. Whichever one you choose, take it easy for a few days after and keep pain meds close.

No. 118926

I got the worst acne on cerazette, huge seeping cystic acne ALL concentrated on the left side of my chin and going down in a diagonal line across my neck. I was on it for a few months but every day at least 2 new spots came up on top of all the others and with the 30 days of non stop bleeding that came along it just wasnt worth it. I stopped it and overnight the spots stopped appearing and it eventually went down but is scarred now. I am scheduled to have the Mirena put in soon and I've read some womens experiences with awful acne on that too. My doctor said theres no way to tell, but that it has less hormones than cerazette/ less hormones enter the bloodstream so it shouldnt be as much of an issue. Has anybody else experienced acne on the mini pill then switched to an iud and still had it?

No. 118945

I won't be seeing my BF for a few months so I decided to stop hormonal bc in the meantime. So far I already got my period or some kind of intense bleeding/bloating 2 days after stopping when I wasn't due for my period for another 3 weeks. I'm just wanted to know if my boobs will shrink back down to the size they were before bc. I honestly feel like a cow.

No. 118998

File: 1562978785959.png (265.26 KB, 376x438, 1551645899557.png)

have any farmers gotten an ovarian cyst with an IUD inserted? I had a Kyleena IUD inserted last October, and for about a month now I've been experiencing constant lower body pains, including my pelvis, lower back, and thighs. I thought it was from the way I position myself when I sleep, but I have what I can only describe as 24/7 period cramps. and obviously I still wake up with lower body pains even when I sleep in a way that's supposed to alleviate pelvic pain. I'm in my low 20s so it doesn't make sense for me to have this kind of pain right now.

I've had this IUD in for about 9 months now. the first 8 months were a breeze, no symptoms aside from greasier skin and really nasty looking periods. I've heard that IUDs can cause ovarian cysts, and when I saw that pelvic pain is a symptom, I'm now worried I might have a cyst. I scheduled an appointment with my family doctor for Monday, as well as an appointment with my OBGYN (but it isn't until August 20, ugh). I'll see what my doctor says on Monday, hopefully I can get a scan or something to see what's going on. I'm just wondering if anyone here has had this experience before. prior to my IUD, my periods weren't particularly painful, just extremely heavy (to the point where I'm anemic). I was on the pill for about 2 years and didn't have painful periods with that, I only stopped because it was giving me emotion regulation issues (which did not help my mental health).

No. 119276

Update on this because I'm in fucking shock. I went to go see my family doctor (the one that referred me to my OBGYN), told him about the pains I've been having and that I know they're not normal pain. Keep in mind that I have no idea how to deal with this, what kind of tests they'd have to run on me, this is my first IUD after all. All he did was just shrug and say "there's nothing I can do for you", since I suspect the pains are caused by my IUD. I tell him "I don't have my OBGYN appointment until August 20, they couldn't fit me in because July is completely booked out" and he tells me to just call and ask them to reschedule. Like fuck they can't just DO that. And even if they managed to fill me in if someone cancels their appointment, I still don't know how much sooner that will make my appointment. I even asked "is there someone else I can see?" and he says "nope!" and sends me on my way. I forgot to mention in my initial post that I'm on a bit of a tight schedule here, as I'll be out of the country early September and need to get this dealt with ASAP in case it's an actual health issue and I have to get surgery or some shit. And I don't want to go to the emergency room over this because it's not life threatening in any way, and I don't want to force someone in need of immediate care to wait. I can still function, I'm just concerned that it COULD become life threatening in the future, because this pain isn't normal at all. I'm surprised that he didn't even say "go to the ER if it hurts that much". I would have preferred to hear that over "I can't help you".

So I took his advice and called up my OBGYN just now. Explained my situation to the receptionist. She tells me "did he refer you to an ultrasound technician?", I'm like, no, he just shrugged me off and told me to call you guys so I can see if I can get my appointment moved up. Lo and behold, July is still completely booked out (shocker!). She seemed surprised that my doctor didn't even bother referring me to an ultrasound technician, since that's pretty much step one in diagnosing an issue that I suspect is caused by my IUD. So now she's going to talk to my OBGYN tomorrow and get me a referral to an ultrasound clinic. She told me that if I told my OBGYN about my pains during my August 20th appointment, all she would do is, surprise surprise, give me an ultrasound. I can't believe I had to call my fucking OBGYN to get an ultrasound scheduled, because my fucking family doctor just shrugged off my BODY PAIN as being a "girl problem" that only an OBGYN can deal with, apparently. It's a pain INSIDE my body, he only assumes it's a "girl problem" because there's an IUD in me. What the everloving fuck is wrong with my doctor.

No. 119280

I'm so sorry you have to go through that. Hope you get the help you need soon. I lowkey feel you. My left ovary has been out of control growing cysts all over the place. Most of them are small, but the biggest is now 7cm so the hospital told me in May the want to operate it as soon as possible. It sounded like I was a priority, but it's been like 2 months now and I haven't heard shit. I feel increasingly constipated as well which is probably connected to the cyst, I'm too anxious to have penetrative sex with my boyfriend in case the cyst bursts, I feel like I have to pee more often, random pains (luckily not too often) like.. I'm just stuck in limbo as if the operation isn't gonna suck as well (but at least I'll have some answers and relief eventually).

No. 119283

Lots of male doctors don’t take women seriously when they express issue lmao. It fucking sucks. It can be hard to stand your ground with a medical professional, but next time you suspect something, google what they do to diagnose it and specifically request it. If they refuse, ask them to note on their paperwork that they did in fact refuse. Sometimes that makes them backtrack. I’m glad your OBGYN is doing something for you in the mean time! I hope everything goes well and you’re treated fairly

No. 119291

Yep, a month ago I went to a doctor for stabbing pain in and around my ears, he actually rolled his eyes at me and sent me off after 10 minutes with ear drops that did fuck all. The hell.

I really, genuinely hope anon is okay. These situations are always so scary and unfair for the patient. When I lived in my home country our healthcare was a dumpster fire but at least you could say "I want x and y done" and they'd have to do it, here where they have amazing "free" healthcare you have to wait 4 months for an appointment or be dying, and unless you can't walk from the pain the doctors give you attitude. Mostly men, too.

No. 119295

My friend is prone to cysts and had a pretty huge ovarian cyst back when we were in high school. Her family doctor tried to tell her it was a digestive issue, went through a shit ton of tests for celiac, Chron's, and IBS. Found out it was a cyst much later. I hope your surgery goes well when it does happen! I have to ask, are your pains around your pelvic area?

I did want to bring up the possibility of cysts to him, but I was worried he'd just shrug that off too. Your advice is really good, I need to learn how to be more assertive. My mom actually warned me that our family doctor is like this about women's health. Either way, my OBGYN is a really nice lady and I'm beyond thankful that she's going to get a referral for me.

Wanna know what pisses me off even more though? When I was a young teen, I went to my doctor to have him look at this weird lump in my thumb joint that causes my thumb to pop whenever I move it (not painful, it's just unusual). He immediately got me an ultrasound appointment. When I complained about tonsil stones (not painful, but very gross), he immediately had me see a specialist. But the moment I'm feeling pain throughout my entire lower body and I suspect that it might be my IUD? Just talk to your OBGYN, maybe she'll magically clear our her schedule just for you!

Do you live in Canada? That's where I'm from. My boyfriend recently had to wait over a year to get a referral to a psychiatrist, and he still has to wait over a month for his appointment that he finally was able to schedule (it got to a point where he had to get his family doctor to call their office, and they actually straight up ignored his calls every time). I had a really horrible experience with a psychiatrist at the same office who, I shit you not, told me "you're not as insane as my other patients" and then tried to diagnose me with Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder because I liked to research the medications I was prescribed so I could avoid possible interactions (and then later he prescribed me something that DID interact with another drug I was taking). Sure is fucking hard to find doctors that actually give a shit in Canada, they're just so overworked that they stop caring altogether.

My family doctor is generally easy to schedule appointments with, but if you need any kind of specialized care, you're going to be waiting fucking months to get an appointment, which is typical but still very frustrating. It's kind of why this is scaring me so much, because it's not like I can just go to a walk-in clinic for this. I HAVE to go through my OBGYN, and her only available appointments are over 2 fucking months from now. I went to my doctor thinking he could point me in the right direction, but that's too much to ask I guess.

On the bright side, the pain seems to have died down a little. I'm currently on my period, but it's surprisingly light this time around. But for a solid month before my period, I was in so much pain. It started in my back/thighs/pelvis, and then as I got closer to my period, it moved to my uterus. I just hope that these pains don't come back after this period ends.

No. 119297

I was actually just going to ask if you were Canadian, I had the same experience with getting an ultrasound for my iud AND the same experience seeking out a psychiatrist.

No. 119300

Whereabouts? I'm near Toronto, about half an hour away. I've stopped seeing psychiatrists specifically because every single one has treated me like shit. The only one that ever actually gave a fuck was, unsurprisingly, a female psych I had in high school (that I can't see anymore because she only works with high school students). It's really frustrating that I had to go through absolute mental hell for many years and have it shrugged off most times (not just by doctors, but people in general who believe that mental pain "isn't as bad as physical pain"). Now I'm in physical pain, and I'm STILL being shrugged off.

Sage for mild OT.

No. 119836


Operation-anon here. Thanks, I hope it goes well too.
I get mild/moderate short-lived pelvic pain mostly centered on my left side.
Recently I can also feel pressure if I lay on that side in bed. It's a weird uncomfortable feeling, but doesn't hurt.
It really sucks that it came to this. I randomly went to a private GYNO at 19 and have been followed up at hospital for years now. This entire time I was on birth-control initially to control previous heavy periods. It was a dark time of fainting publicly, struggling up stairs and being generally miserable. The pill helped a lot in that sense, but apparently they did nothing in terms of preventing cyst growth.

The female body is a curse for quite a few of us.

Also slight OT but as much as I'm thankful for free healthcare it has it's downsides like huge waiting lists (and in psychiatry you might just be declined treatment unless your life is at risk). I wish the doctor hadn't told me I was a priority to be operated already if it wasn't very likely. It just gave me false hope to get this out of sight and mind.

No. 120042

I was taking birth control pills for about 6 years because my mom wanted to put me on it, I only ever used it to postpone my period since I never had sex. I just stopped taking it a few months ago and I vaguely remember thinking I felt different after I quit. It's been so long I can't remember the differences and I'm not sure if I want to start taking it again.. I love the option of being able to postpone my period and in case I ever start having sex obviously the no-baby part would be good too. But I'm worried it will mess with me mentally, I feel more stable and less fragile/upset these days and I'm not sure if me quitting is why or not..

No. 120076

I've been on Nexplanon for nearly 6 months now, the only negative side effects i've experienced is more frequent and irregular bleeding. For instance, last month, I only had 4 days I didn't bleed. As well finding it more difficult to become wet, even when aroused–both side effects are common and easily manageable. I've also experienced some benefits, though it's still too early to tell if they're related to my bc or just life–my hair is healthier, my acne has calmed down, and I feel less prone to mood swings.
10/10 would recommend Nexplanon

No. 120120

If I don’t take the last two pills in my pack, will my period come earlier and end in its usual 5 day schedule? Usually when I take all the pills, my period comes on a Tuesday and ends on a Friday/Saturday. I’m hoping that my period will start Saturday/Sunday and end Thursday. I just don’t want to be bleeding when I’m on a plane on Friday.

No. 120123

i had a very positive experience on nexplanon too! except i had no periods from when i got it put it until i got it taken out, which was about 2 years. i didn't experience vaginal dryness either. seems like some people absolutely hate it, i've heard stories of people bleeding for months on end bc of nexplanon so it definetely is very dependent on the person.

No. 120130

In theory it should work that way, yes. However, every body is different so nobody can tell you for sure. You might end up having your ‘period’ as usual, maybe you don’t get it for longer or shorter than usual, etc.
I’d rather recommend skipping the break entirely and just start with a new pack once you finished the old one (or skip the placebos, depending which kind of pack you have) and stop taking it as you usually would whenever it’s more convenient.

No. 120168

My doctor told me that’s how spitting happens. I’ve never tried moving into the next pack asap before the bleeding week begins. I don’t really want to experiment because it might ruin my vacation! Why do periods have to ruin everything

No. 120339

It's true skipping periods can give spotting. That's why I went from 3 packs without a break to just 2 since skipping more than that gave spotting eventually. That way I have my period every 6 weeks and don't get spotting. You might be different, but I'd try it out sometime if I were you.

No. 120452

Hi, about to go to my obgyn in a week to discuss birth control options. I'm strongly considering getting the arm implant, because that's what most of my friends have and they said it's one of the most effective forms of birth control. I'm kind of a hypochondriac, so I just want anybody who has the arm implant to weigh in, does it truly work? I'm kind of set on the idea of my next boyfriend being able to come inside of me, but even if he pulls out, I'm still worried about the risk of pregnancy.

No. 120454

It usually happens when you do it regularly for longer periods of time. But if you do it like >>120339 said there should be no problem. But also as >>120130 said: Everybody‘s different so you might still end up spotting.

Fun fact about the necessity of making breaks: Originally the break was meant to avoid husbands becoming suspicious. It was meant for (mostly religious) women that had to hide they were using birth control. There‘s not really a medical necessity to skip taking them for a week, since the uterine lining doesn’t build up anyway and the bleeding isn’t an actual period. It’s actually stressful for the body to have hormone levels to vary so much. Women do start spotting when continuously taking it though, because it’s still hormones and it’s not natural to have such high levels of estrogen without being pregnant.

No. 120456

How has the Depo shot worked for those who have it? I'm considering that option since my sister has been on it for years and recommended it.

I don't really want to get an IUD. I've also heard horror stories from friends about the pill so I'm wary about giving that a try

No. 120458

Was on it for 6 months and it worked in terms of contraception. It also made my cramps a wee bit better, but I‘m not sure it was worth all the side effects

>migraines twice a week

>hair falling out like crazy
>skin got dry and more acne prone
>gained 10-15 lbs
>no libido at all
>depression hit me hard to the point of having weekly mental breakdowns (and I mean legit breakdowns) attempting suicide twice (although I did suffer from depression beforehand, it just never was as bad before, my bf said I was basically a different person)
>started spotting two months into the first shot, thought getting the next one would stop it but ended up spotting/bleeding 24/7 for 4 months straight (took about a month after getting off it until it stopped)

No. 120463

my sister was on it after her first kid and was having literal night terrors. seems like it's definitely the one you hear about having the most side effects.

No. 120477

I had the implant for the full 3 years and let my bf cum in me, never got pregnant. But it fucked with my periods, like super random and I spotted a ton. I have a copper IUD and recommend it a lot more! It’s as effective as getting your tubes tied and doesn’t have any side effects bc no hormones. Talk to your provider though and see what she thinks would be best for you!

No. 120620

Should you get the IUD inserted on your period? I've read in many places that you should but a lot of places say it makes no difference. I'm never squeamish but this has me really worried. I know I need and want to get it but want to get it over with, and having to wait 3 weeks til my next period is annoying, so I hope it actually is worth it to get it done then

No. 120632

I got mine when I wasn’t on my period and it was fine. It hurt though and made me crampy for a couple days, but that’s normal. Personally I’m glad I wasn’t on my period cause I wouldn’t have been able to handle more pain on top of my usual cramps and I was really nervous about messing around down there for the first week? So period products would’ve been awful.

No. 120652

Thank you anon, I think I'll make my appointment this week. I hadn't even fully thought about trying to use period products down there too

No. 120666

Ask your doctor. Some doctors prefer for you to be on your period, some don't.

No. 120672

which methods besides obviously condoms don't affect your mental state?
since quitting pills I really feel different, in a positive way. I know basically all forms use hormones so I doubt there is a way but I really don't want those side effects again..

No. 120681

non hormonal, obviously.

No. 120683

I'm not looking for something you have to insert in your vagina or something like pulling out..

No. 120694

i think really the only other thing is copper iud's (paragard)

No. 120696

So it sounds like I'm not getting birth control since I know both pills and IUD will fuck me up. Guess I just won't have sex, becuase men will complain if you tell them to wrap up. I hate my life.

No. 120702

I've heard stories of those falling out. Also how painful would those be for a virgin with probable vaginismus..?

No. 120703

never mind I read they can increase period pain and flow and possibly permanently. god I fucking hate being a woman, there's no option without negative side effects, either you become different mentally or your body is like here have some more pain and blood

No. 120705

if a guy is really such a big cunt that he can't bother putting on a condom then he's not worth fucking imo
plus it protects from std's

No. 120708

I don't even like the thought of condoms tbh, I like the thought of skin to skin..

No. 120714

Okay but stds…………….

No. 120732

How about hands and mouth

No. 120738

but realistically how likely is it to get an std if you don't sleep around and don't sleep with people who do?

No. 120740


People aren't always that honest about who they've slept with or experimented with etc..

No. 120744

And because of this mind set STDs are on the rise again.

You can get infected by sleeping with just one person in your whole life. Hell, you don’t even need to have penetrative sex to catch something.
Even if the person you’re having sex with isn’t someone who sleeps around. It’s enough when they’ve had a partner, who’s had a partner who’s had a partner who does.

A lot of STDs stay unnoticed until actually tested because not all of them give you symptoms and even if they do they often appear to be something else. HPV for example doesn’t even cause any symptoms in men.

Unless you get tested, you won’t know and there will always be a risk to it. It’s up to you if you want to take it. But imo it’s irresponsible and not fair to go and sleep with people without protection not knowing for sure you don’t have anything. But that’s just me, I guess.

No. 120747


Yeah I feel like HPV doesn't get enough consideration from people, I had one of the cancer causing strains of it and my ex went to all the appointments with me and witnessed all my tears over cervical cancer fears.. and he was sleeping with other women potentially giving it to them at the time.. HPV is no joke but men either don't know they have it or they don't understand the risk. There's no treatment for it either, it's up to your immune system to hopefully deal with it

No. 120765

yep and this is why guys just need to suck it up and wear a fucking condom. i get that they're "not as comfortable" or whatever but grow up and get some lube until you both get tested.

No. 120793

The choice would be easier if the tests were actually covered by insurance instead of costing hundreds..

No. 120795

do you not get vaccinated against hpv over there?

No. 120796

They don't allow you after a certain age.

No. 120798

What choice tho?
Whether or not you want to risk getting life-threatening diseases like cancer or aids just for a few minutes (or for all I care hours) or fun? If that’s really that hard of a choice to make, you really should take a step back and reflect on your priorities.

And if you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, it should be worth the money, since you’re (probably) investing in something for the long run. It’s not like you’ll have to do it every couple months. A vacation usually costs more than that.
But if your and your SO’s health really isn’t even worth those few bucks - again, take a moment to reconsider your priorities.

I know it sounds drastic and paranoid because no one irl really talks about getting tested unless they do sleep around a lot or they did something risky. But thats exactly why STDs are at an all time high again.

Bette safe than sorry. Doesn’t only count for pregnancy.

No. 120800

Based on the way the conversation has gone up to this point I’m going to have to assume that no condom anon already has something

No. 120803


No. 120804

Not everyone can afford to go on vacation. And not everyone is wealthy enough to call 400 "a few bucks". Also you know, when you've already slept with someone or did something sexual it's already too late to prevent anything anyway. Actually after talking to people about stds it seems like people generally just don't get tested, it's not like they just don't talk about it. And no I'm not saying that means it's the right way to do it. But sometimes things happen when you don't plan on it and not everyone has 400 lying around.

No. 120830

So hpv is actually curable?

No. 120831

In my country you are not allowed to get the vaccine if you are over 24

No. 120832

Same rule where I live (US) but I was given the vaccine anyway when I asked because I was still a virgin. My doctor said that they don't give them over 24 because most people are already infected by then if they are sexually active. I had to pay mostly out of pocket but insurance covered part of if. I imagine if someone really wanted it they could insist regardless of their age.

No. 120843

Well, someone who can’t afford to get checked sure as hell can’t afford to catch something unless you plan on not getting any treatment.

Just use a condom jfc what’s the big deal about it?

No. 120847


Sometimes your immune system will manage to deal with it but not always. The vaccine is ideal but yeah a certain age group never got to have it

I've had hpv and cervical cancer as a result, my usually good immune system didn't help

No. 120848

mandatory treatment/healthcare is covered by insurance. using condoms is not a big deal but don't you understand that a lot of people don't think about it soon enough when things randomly happen or when someone forces it on them?

No. 120849

and now you're cured and perfectly healthy?

No. 120851


I'm 30 years old, the vaccine didn't exist when I was a teen/virgin

No. 120852


No I'm still getting treatment, it's three years since I had my first abnormal smear test result so it's been quite an ongoing thing

I'm in Ireland and the testing service over here was in trouble lately as it messed up on alot of womens results, gave them the all clear by mistake, etc

No. 120864

nobody's talking about rape. obviously that's an entirely different situation than simply asking about birth control.

No. 120876


I'm in my 20's and just had a 'radical hysterectomy' because of hpv and the resulting cancer

That's the removal of the uterus, cervix and some of the vagina, hpv isn't exactly curable no lol

No. 120891

Irish here too, that fuckup has been such a disgrace. I hope you're as ok and healthy as you can be.

No. 120904

No, I actually I don’t understand how you can care about your and all future potential partner‘s health so little to just ‘forget about it’.
I have condoms ready anywhere so that probably helps too.

And leave rape out of this. Because it’s fairly obvious you don’t get to choose anything in those situations.
But especially if you’ve been raped you should get tested and use protection since I’d think the kind of man that rapes women isn’t very considerate of their choices in sexual partners so it’s probably more likely for you to catch something.

No. 120953

Kinda depressing to see someone downplaying the importance of condoms on a thread full of other women describing years of serious medical treatment

Yes condoms are important, so are smear tests. Preventing these things is infinitely easier than dealing with the aftermath

No. 120954

We start getting smear tests at 30 years old
It might be a cultural thing though that we generally don't think or talk about it.. I'm not gonna leave rape out of this because I personally had things forced upon me. And when that happens it's already too late for you and that person.

No. 120955


What country is that? We get them at 25 where I am, I had cervical changes found at my first appointment

No. 120960

Are you actually retarded?
As mentioned in >>120864 as well as in >>120904 nobody is talking about rape and how you should think about protecting yourself from STD‘s, as it’s an entirely different thing than just being irresponsible.
When you’re being raped, you literally don’t have a choice. In any other situation, however, you do. So please stop with the straw man.

No. 120962

Excuse you? I started this conversation and I am talking about forced sexual encounters. Stop disrespecting me.

No. 120965

and multiple people are telling you it's stupid and irrelevant

No. 120966

It's not irrelevant because it actually happened, you're just being cunts for no reason. Fucking women. Hope you get raped too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120967

Oh big surprise, the anti-condom poster wants us all to get raped, genius on top of more genius, lolz

No. 120968

lol nice assumption that nothing like that has ever happened to me or any of the other women defending condoms itt. if you get raped, no form of birth control is going to keep you from getting an std. nothing itt has ever been about rape until you started hammering on about it. acting like condoms is out of the question (because of rape?) is one of the most ignorant arguments i've seen in a while.

No. 120969


If you've been sexually assaulted the best you can really do is just to get tested for everything afterwards

Oh and get therapy so you're not so angry you attack random people on the internet and wish assault on them. Honey you're not shocking anyone with your tantrum

No. 120973

this is the same person that said they couldn't afford to get tested, so if anything they should ONLY be having sex with condoms if they've been sexually assaulted because who knows what they're carrying/passing along.

No. 121008

hey to anyone with IUDs. ive had paragaurd for
5ish months with average side effects. (bad periods, occasionally painful intercourse and had a shitty excruciating insertion tho)

lately ive been having this problem where i can feel a sort of sharp localized cramp slightly to the left/near the ovaries whenever im close to orgasm and throughout. its not that bad but it definitely makes it less fun and is concerning. anyone ever have pain while theyre coming from this shit?

No. 121011

Yes but it went away. A few months later, my IUD expelled. I had pain again with the next IUD but it's been staying put and the pain has stopped.

No. 121017

Slightly different but I had really bad pain on the left side also close to the ovaries, even went to the hospital. Not sure what it was but I was kinda constipated so my theory is that something was pushing more or less close to the IUD and that was causing pain? It happened another couple times but never as painful as the first time.

No. 121070

That's a cyst, sis.

No. 121643

Copper IUD user here, been on it for 2 years and overall never had an issue. But now my period is four days late lmao, I’m gonna wait a couple more days before I take a test but damn I’m a little worried. I’m really hoping it’s nothing, my cycle sometimes will change if I’m around another woman a lot (like once it was a week late and started the same day as a new coworker) and my roommates girlfriend just moved in so… maybe my period decided to match hers?? But idk if that’s even a real thing that happens.

Anyways send me period vibes or someshit cuz I’m not thrilled about the idea of spending my savings on an abortion

No. 121690

Wear nice white panties and take a test. This should bring on a period.

No. 121693


I know so many women (myself included) who've been a week or more late and then within minutes of peeing on the stick… there it is

No. 121696

Can confirm. Happened to me 3 times.

(Just for clarification: It wasn’t really likely for me to be pregnant but I‘m super paranoid so I take a test basically every time I’m more than a week late. Which happens a lot, so it’s not even that unusual. I’m still super paranoid.)

No. 121706

lmao literally did put on some white underwear yesterday and started it this morning. thank god. now I am convinced another woman’s hormones effected mine because my tampon wrapper isn’t the only one in the trash bin lol

No. 122499

seems like this anon was on the money. apparently mine is on its way to being expelled / got super low. because its nonhormonal it probably has to be pulled out and replaced.

getting it in was massively painful like a 9/10 and I couldn't move for an hour afterwards so i am pretty bummed. any anons here have experience getting numbed for IUD insertion or some form of pain help?

No. 122595

File: 1567340181665.jpeg (88.67 KB, 687x687, B62336C3-8ABE-4AD4-A06A-AA2AAC…)

My the pill club package came in the mail yesterday. Starting the pill today <3

No. 122674

Remember to wait a full week of use before taking a load on the inside. If you start to feel complacent/vacant or reactive/angry, set a not on your calendar. If you feel the same way in a few months, you may want to change your pill or adjust your birth control method. <3

No. 122682

Full week, how about a full month? I am pretty sure that is what it says in the directions.

No. 122719

this is the first time im skipping the bleed week. the usual week my period is supposed to come I'm break through bleeding. should i just stop taking the pills and let my period come or will the break through bleeding stop?

No. 122722

it will likely stop eventually but it doesn't for some people.

No. 122731

Is it okay to take breaks from taking birth control pills multiple times? I stopped taking them after many years a few months ago but now my period keeps coming at random moments and at bad moments and because of my anxiety disorders I don't want to deal with bleeding at certain events so I want to take the pills again to be able to postpone my period again but I'm not sure how it affects me mentally so I might quit again if I don't like how it makes me feel..

No. 124620

anyone here have experience taking the mini pill? (progesterone only) wanted to take the lowest dose combo pill but estrogen isn't an option for me due to migraines/increased stroke risk.

i'm fuckin terrified of gaining weight/forming acne and losing my libido. this is the first time in my life i have not been acne ridden and slightly overweight and the idea of backsliding is so depressing and scary. i know it works differently for different people but i was hoping some of you might have some exp to share.

No. 124629

Have any of you gotten hives from bc? Tried two kinds and always hives.

No. 124640

thats weird. have heard most people are not allergic to bc because they are just hormones that occur naturally in the body already. its possible you could be allergic to one of the other ingredients/binding agents though? maybe try a different brand or ask a doctor about it.

No. 124642

I did tell them that I am 99% sure the hives are from the mini pills but they told me that it's highly unlikely and got annoyed when i said but not entirely? I had to take a break between them and the hives did nearly go away. I am gonna push them on the allergy tests tho, thanks anon. It's just morifying how dumb some doctors think you are when you voice actual concerns and problems.

No. 124740

i was on n off birthcontrol for two years…
i was on the shot but it made me gain a lot weight and cause me to have the worst depression ever.
then i switched to the pills.
the last time i was on the pill was July. i'm thinking about going back on it again but i want to know what brands are good…
i don't have insurance, so i always pay out of pocket💀 i use those BC delivery services!

No. 129646

been on combo pill for a couple of years. ive never done back to back pill packs because…idk. wanted to skip period over xmas so i started taking my new pack. without taking new pack i would've had my 'period' from friday to monday. all weekend had pelvic pain and cramps like i would normally, however no bleeding. this normal or what? i thought it was suppose to delay symptoms. not missed pill and taken correctly. don't understand my body.

No. 130154

The switch to continuous birth control pills is pretty awful. Tons of cramping, spotting etc. Your body doesn't just automatically easily adjust to birth control suddenly becoming continuous.

No. 130251

I'm on Seasonique and everything was perfect until I ended my second pack and started my third. I'm spotting and have been doing so for almost three weeks now. It's that annoying middle between not enough to warrant a pad but still enough to ruin panties, so now I get to add pantyliners to my shopping list. I read that I'm not supposed to stop the pack even with breakthrough bleeding, but I figure if it doesn't stop by Sunday completely, I'll make an appointment and try to get a new prescription. Anyone else been in a similar situation? How'd it go?

No. 130264

The pill gives me so many bad side effects both physically and mentally but I want to be able to postpone my period because I have multiple anxiety disorders and I can't deal with my period when I have to leave the house. Help?

No. 130274


I had the exact same experience. The first 4 packs were fantastic, but I started spotting on the 5th pack. It lasted 2 months before I gave up and switched. I've been on Pirmella 7/7/7 since and really enjoy it. I only have 1 day of spotting each month and no PMS symptoms, but everyone is different ofc.

No. 138483

My doctor is really out here changing my prescription on me because she found out Ive had migraines with aura when i was 14-15

I know it increases my chance of having a stroke but isn't that my risk to take?
is she really just allowed to change my prescription on me like this?

No. 138523

>I know it increases my chance of having a stroke but isn't that my risk to take?
No anon, Lots of people are restricted in what BC they can take because of their medical history. I'm limited because of not even my own history but the history of other women in my family. It's common and it's common sense.

No. 138800

Hormonal IUDs aren't so bad. The hurt like a BITCH during insertion and you'll feel crampy for a few days but in my experience it's helped a LOT. My periods don't last as long and don't hurt nearly as bad, plus it's cleared my face up and I'm actually losing some weight. That's me though and IANAD.

No. 138818

Thanks for the insight, anon! I am having trouble deciding which I should get. Hormonal or copper.

I am too sensitive to regular BC pills that even low estrogen pills fuck me up. Lots of weight gain, breaking out, headaches, depression, dead libido, all that.
But I am hoping in some weird wishful thinking way, hormonal IUD won't be so bad.

I might as well go for copper but I hate the side effects I keep reading about.

No. 138825

Just got a copper IUD inserted a couple of months ago. Had bad cramps for some days before my period for the first month and that was it.

People can get side effects with hormonal and non hormonal iuds. It just depends on chance I think.
Btw A little side effect that you dont hear about hormonal BC is that they can trigger melasma (hyperpigmentation that never goes away)

No. 138874

so they'll look the other way at the increased risk of cervical/ovarian cancer but not a stroke.

Ive been taking the new pill for 3 days and im having intense dizzy spells and i feel like im going to faint.

No. 138881

>so they'll look the other way at the increased risk of cervical/ovarian cancer but not a stroke
I have to laugh. First you insist that you 'should be allowed to take the risk of having a stroke' if you decide to and now you're accusing your doctor of not caring enough about a different increased risk? The logic there

It's a discussion you should have directly with your doctor. She'll tell you how she weighed up the risks. I can't take certain BC since my mom died young from cancer so yes they do consider cancer risks. They look at the risks based on your own individual history and family history. If you don't understand why she switched you then ask her directly, she's the one with knowledge of your medical history.

No. 138884

I got into an LDR and I don't like condoms but I don't want to take the pill every day when I'm only having sex every couple of months, what BC method should I use farmers pls

No. 138886

Depo maybe? companies like nurx will mail it too you if you arent to put off by the idea of giving yourself an injection in the thigh

you only take the shot once every 3 months and its effective within a week for most people, so you could take it a couple weeks in advance of meetups with your SO and be good to go without having to worry about taking it the whole time youre together

it can be pretty expensive though if you dont have insurance but most insurances cover it

No. 138909

Depo is a gamble. You can't stop taking it like a pill, patch, or ring, and you can't take it out like the implant or an IUD. I knew a girl who had migraines and constant bleeding until it finally wore off. I'd advise an IUD, either copper or hormonal depending on which side effects concern you, since removal is a simple procedure. Another good LARC option is the arm implant if the insertion freaks you out too much.

No. 138958

I started a new pack a little over a week ago. I'm usually prefect about taking them daily but quarantine has my days all wack and I missed two days. I'm doing the whole "take two one day, then two the next" so I'm caught up but I'm contemplating just starting a new pack. The main problem is I'm having a lot of spotting today, and need to wear a liner. It's the old, dark brown blood so I feel like an oven on the self cleaning setting. Apologies if it's TMI.

I'm taking birth control primarily because I've had very irregular, very painful cycles my whole life. The pills I'm taking have been working very well and give me little side effects if I take them on schedule. I don't want to feel dependent on them, but I don't want to go back to how my periods were before.

No. 138967


Ring? Only have to deal with it a couple times a month

No. 138979

Birth control can be so fucking tragic.

Women's birth control:
>Mood swings
>No sex drive (what's the point?)
>Literally dying

Men Birth control options:
>Reduces the guys pleasure by a tiny bit

I mean come the fuck on, use whatever you want but I made the decision years ago to never touch any pill or IUD ever again and I've never felt better.

Why fuck up your whole well-being instead of just slapping a condom on the guy? It's SO much easier and healthier. I feel so bad for my girlfriends who say shit like "I wish I didn't have to take bc" you don't, you really don't. Just pop a condom on, it's easy. If they don't want to use one just dump them on the spot. We keep acting like condoms are only for STDs.

In all seriousness do what you feel is best for you, but In my experience it is SO much easier to grab a condom and just pop it on the penis. Haven't had a mood swing ever since.

No. 138983

Personally I find the failure rate unacceptable.

No. 138984

I wish I could do that, but condoms gives me rashes and UTI.

No. 138987

I’m pretty biased in that birth control (pill in my case) has caused almost zero issues with me. No mood swings, weight gain, acne, my sex drive is normal. It’s always been kind of high though. I’ve had depression since long before I started the pill but that hasn’t changed much one way or another. Death and suicide sound pretty damn extreme. I don’t doubt it has happened to a very rare number of individuals but that’s not a reason to think they’re useless for everyone. If something works better for you, then like you said by all means. But because it doesn’t work for YOU doesn’t mean it’s the devil. If it has negative side affects, definitely stop it and/or find another method.

Plus and maybe more importantly, not everyone who uses BC uses it to not be pregnant. I’ve used the pill for almost 2.5 years now, to regulate the incredibly irregular and very painful periods I get. Condoms will do jack shit for that. I do use it for birth control as a side effect, though me and my bf also double up with a condom because we don’t want kids at all.

No. 138995

Combine them with pulling out and or spermicide. It's effectiveness is almost 100% at that point.

You're going to have to use different condoms. I did the same thing.

It's great that you double up. So many relationships the guy does nothing to prevent pregnancy even though his options are the easiest and healthiest.

No. 138997

Sounds like you may have a latex sensitivity.

No. 138998

This, condoms get a negative reputation for not being effective but they are 98% and I've never had a scare.

I get angry about it sometimes lol. Condoms are so easy and healthy. They're just great but we let the male species paint them as "not feeling good". They feel fine to me, no mood swings that I can't control no constant depression that SO many women get.

No. 138999

If you react to latex condoms I recommend the 'Skyn' non-latex ones. I'm not even sensitive to latex but I got some as samples once and they've been my fave ever since.

No. 139001

Hey these are the ones I use fist bump.

Birth control helps so many women but it also does the opposite for so many others. But the depression isn't worth men having more enjoyable sex. Skyn condoms feel the same to no condom, try them and let men suffer 5% less stimulation lol

No. 139026

Spermicide is pretty bad for your vagina.

No. 139027

They are only 85% effective with real-life use. Over five years, you'd have a 44% chance of not getting pregnant.

No. 139053

Frankly anon use what you want but condoms are not 85% effective they are 98% effective.

If you use a condom properly everytime then your chances are low. I'm not going to go all in on conspiracy but it wouldn't shock me if drug companies pushed this narrative to boost sales of bc.

The 85% figure comes from a study where couples occasionally didn't use condoms during sex or didn't use them fully. There is a tiny margin of error but so is there with the pill.

Also have him pull out with condoms if you want. Statistically this ups it to 99.9%. So the idea that condoms don't work is bs.

Use what you want and feel is best for you but condoms do work.

No. 139307

Has anyone used the implant before? I'm scared of the IUD but I want something long term

No. 139325

Yes, got my copper coil in January. It's great, save for some spotting here and there and heavier periods. Hormonal BC made me a Crazy Banshee™, so it was a god send.
What would you like to know?

No. 139344

I got one, it hurt like fuck to insert, it hurt like fuck every week before my period, I bled like a stuck pig every month, and to top it off, somehow it flipped upside down inside me. Never again for me. YMMV tho

No. 139780

I got the arm implant few years ago. The card I got from planned parenthood said 4 years but the nexplanon website said 3??? I had great experiences with hormonal bc aside from some weight gain probably associated with having a regular relationship and some numbness in arms and legs when sitting or lying down (like when you sit on your leg) probably explained by the last 10lbs I gained. My periods are cramp free and very infrequent, it's awesome.

No. 139784

That's weird, I've had it done twice now and they've been very forward with the whole "this will only last 3 years" information? Just don't sleep on getting it changed out, trust your fertility can't wait to come back. I'd get the copper but I'm not into those associated potential risks, sounds like a nightmare

No. 139790

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I don't want to unironically end up with a Coronababy.

No. 139796

The pill actually helped me so much, but I think I might have had some type of undiagnosed PMDD. It was a genuine life changer for me and I feel so bad when I see other girls have it be a genuine life changer in a bad way. I personally use pills and condoms together. The pill is for me, I don't really tell guys I take it. I started taking it to stop my period but it ended up fixing my skin, my mood, and completely got rid of my horrible cramps.

No. 139822

I've had the implant for 5 years now (got it replaced after the first 3 years) and while I personally like it, there's a lot of possible downsides.
The good:
>not having to think about BC at all for 3+ years
>doesn't feel as invasive as an IUD
>no nipple pain which I did have with other hormonal methods
>infrequent/light periods (for most people)
The bad:
>it's still hormones, everyone reacts differently
>more frequent periods (for most people just the first 6 months but for a few people including me this never stops)
>inserting it into the arm is unpleasant and getting it out even more so

Ever since I got the implant my periods have been all over the place and I get extremely mild bleeding/brownish discharge for probably 40% of the time. I'm ok with this since my bf doesn't mind and it doesn't hurt or anything.
Idk how common this is, but when I got mine taken out to be replaced, the doctor had to dig into my arm for like 45 minutes and call in nurses to assist. Apparently the muscle in my arm had kind of fused to the implant and they had to cut it loose. It left a small scar and was a very unpleasant experience, but nothing went wrong in the end and supposedly this was extremely uncommon.

No. 139826

>scared of the IUD
Don't be.
Getting an IUD was the best decision I ever made for birth control.
The pain you feel during the insertion lasts a few minutes, you have cramps afterwards that can last a few hours but you can take the usual painkiller you use for period cramps.
It's been only pros for me
>no hormones
>not having to remember to take it everyday
>lasts up to 5 years
>no pain and cannot notice its presence
>almost 100% secure against pregnancy
>only yearly check needed
>just basic hygiene rules have to be followed (some vaginal douching from time to time)
In my specific case, for some reason it also made my period arrive like clockwork, while for all my life I've been having irregular periods and some months it didn't arrive at all.
The only change I noticed was that the menstrual flow became much more abundant, bot only in the first year or so, then it became normal again.
I strongly recommend it, it basically has no side effects and if you decide to have a baby you can just have it removed and immediately try to get pregnant.

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