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File: 1674517475001.jpeg (168.7 KB, 1085x717, hypo.jpeg)

No. 1750922

No. 1750927

Sorry if this sucks ass, there hadn't been a new thread made and the old one was past its post limit. This is my first time attempting to make a new thread.

No. 1750935

File: 1674517872317.jpeg (178.68 KB, 733x502, CD996340-954B-48EF-AB0B-2033B5…)

“scared”, sure.

No. 1750945

Trannies are fucking retarded. Just because something was performed before something else doesn't mean that earlier something is better understood. All the "more experimental" examples have thousands upon thousands of studies done and actually have successful results with few side effects. At best trannies have case studies and disastrous results that they lie to themselves about kek

No. 1750956

I like the thread name kek. It’s fitting given the talk about TiMs and astrology last thread.

No. 1750961

it’s ok nona, i was looking for a thread pic and there wasn’t much to choose from.

No. 1750964

File: 1674522178576.png (239.03 KB, 684x1015, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)


No. 1750966

File: 1674522557944.jpeg (166.2 KB, 1608x1241, Fm5wMdzXwAAGXk3.jpeg)

>he pretended to be shopping for his granddaughter

No. 1750968

File: 1674522623368.png (1005.52 KB, 677x1200, Kirralie Smith on Twitter.png)

another ugly bloke in womens sport

No. 1750970

File: 1674522702064.jpeg (316.36 KB, 828x919, B4D6AF36-82F6-4172-98A2-FC08B9…)

No. 1750973

File: 1674522839577.jpeg (519.51 KB, 1125x1740, 27DB6B93-27F2-4DF9-A882-BFDB25…)

No. 1750978

not agreeing that a tranny is MORE of a woman than a woman is transphobia?? lmao. so now TWAW is not enough, if you don't think that TW are better you're transphobic. they're getting dangerously bold and delusional publicly, expecting people to see these retarded takes as normal.

No. 1750979

How the police can say this creep isn't a threat I have no idea. I mean, if nothing else he's putting himself at risk from some girl's crossfit dad punching him out.

No. 1750980

File: 1674523903921.png (71.51 KB, 671x369, Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.41…)

No. 1750981

File: 1674523979665.png (532.39 KB, 534x694, Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.41…)

and 2/2: what this "not a predatory male" decided was appropriate to wear to court.
Such dysphoria, apparently.

No. 1750991

File: 1674525346878.png (932.09 KB, 673x1101, on Twitter.png)

who wants to tell him the bad news

No. 1750995

i'm retarded, what is he trying to say here?

No. 1750996

ain't no way they're putting "transphobia" on the same level as not liking how the character you were playing was written

No. 1750999

Isn't this like the third time he's liked one of JKR's tweets? Funny how men get the benefit of the doubt but they immediately harass women.

No. 1751009

File: 1674527465373.jpg (281.3 KB, 1080x1676, autopedophilia.jpg)

I did not want the image of Jim Sterling larping as Anya in my head this morning.

No. 1751011

File: 1674527513823.jpg (345.17 KB, 1080x1434, thehomonculusfamiliarhiddenint…)

Him btw

No. 1751014

File: 1674527605223.jpg (230.79 KB, 1080x2068, gibesmoney.jpg)

And of course his links are only for handouts

No. 1751018

They’ve been pushing this for a while and the more and harder they do, the less support they gain. Only reason they haven’t been wiped off the public conscious is because of heavy funding from billionaires and big pharma. Already they lost to uk government denying self id in Scotland. We’re going to see stronger pushback soon

No. 1751019

Oh no, how will they ever consoom Star Wars themed plastic garbage now? You know, these people wouldn't be having meltdowns over Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker if they just grew the fuck up and stopped making kiddie shit their whole personality.

No. 1751021

THAT is Jim Sterling now? Fuck me I'm laughing. It's even funnier he's back on "TERF island" in that ridiculous getup.

No. 1751022

File: 1674528340664.jpg (126.34 KB, 994x732, Fm08PA1XgAAD4ID.jpg)

Finland L

No. 1751029

File: 1674528613214.jpeg (91.65 KB, 750x346, EDCCC0C9-E769-4CE1-9F82-0A6734…)

> I got a pad for someone I know
so he’s gonna give someone a used pad? trannies are vile.

No. 1751031

File: 1674528701014.png (116.11 KB, 1236x674, Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 9.46…)

The way this is written makes me think this is a fetish, especially the "Would you rather" paragraph.
Picrel is him arguing with a transman who was raised Muslim lol

No. 1751033

File: 1674529056670.png (165.11 KB, 1186x640, Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 9.56…)

You literally cannot make this up.

No. 1751034

File: 1674529096891.jpeg (638.8 KB, 1242x1944, 34BE7E46-5524-4504-AF08-64826E…)

Disgusting troon who’s local to me posts his daughter who’s a teen uncensored on his Twitter where he posts nudes and disgusting porn larps. I feel so bad for his kids. He’s even got flashing photos at his 15yo sons basketball game.

No. 1751035

File: 1674529158389.jpeg (351.65 KB, 1242x1980, DFC0C813-079F-4818-8E60-EC5727…)

He’s disgusting and hates women and calls his ex wife a cunt regularly because she doesn’t think a sex obsessed freak deserves to see his kids

No. 1751036

I don't understand what this poster means. Is he saying he got a pad as a present for someone, or from someone? I'm so confused. Then again many of these troons are below-average IQ tards.

I'd like to think this is a troll… but then again I can think of like 4 Islam-appropriating troons of all kinds from my (non Islamic) country.

No. 1751037

File: 1674529320986.jpg (17.08 KB, 738x415, jim.jpg)

Not him but might as well be

No. 1751038

>Alhamdullilah after every sentence

White male hands typed all of this.

No. 1751039

Def not a troll unfortunately. His post history goes back several years in diverse subreddits and he seems genuinely invested in Islam

No. 1751040

So what do we know about "transbianauntie" aside from the ebegging?

No. 1751041

>obsessive special interest in niche subject
>lectures people raised in Islam about their own religion and culture

Yup, that's autism.

No. 1751043

Betsey Ross LARP (he could never be her)

No. 1751044

Anon, why are you omitting the fact that this exchange is from a post the TIM made on a TIF subreddit asking if there were any boyfriend-free Muslim TIFs there who'd be willing to marry him? Lmao

No. 1751045

File: 1674529837364.jpg (592.69 KB, 1080x5270, list.jpg)

He's into wicca shit, leaning hard into that 60s magic sitcom wife look. Facebook posts are just typical sperging about terfs and sex shit usually accompanied by anime.

No. 1751048

Can someone just link to the post(s)? The screenshots and conversations are disjointed.

No. 1751049

>60s magic sitcom wife look
Sounds like Dylan. I don't think it's a coincidence that TIMs are drawn to the sixties, right before scrotes say second wave feminism "ruined" women.

No. 1751051

Anon do you mean Betsey Johnson? Betsy Ross is the woman who designed the U.S. flag…

No. 1751053

I thought an off-duty Bettie Page. Not that he looks anything like her, but the style looks like the 50s thing.

No. 1751054

Yeah I know who Betsey Ross is. Who is Betsey Johnson?

No. 1751055

File: 1674530782664.jpeg (960 KB, 800x1202, Betsey-Johnson-Man-Repeller-Oc…)

An American fashion designer who doesn't look anything like that. She's more like Cyndi Lauper on acid.

No. 1751057

sorry for blog but he looks like a troon who used to come into my work and showed up with a vibrator in his pocket once

No. 1751059

>who doesn't look anything like that
I said Betsey ROSS not Betsey Johnson

No. 1751060

Sorry nona, I was answering the anon who wanted to know who Betsey Johnson was.

No. 1751061

File: 1674531710108.png (761.25 KB, 1081x3027, chrome_screenshot_167449158906…)

Catfisher banned

No. 1751063

File: 1674531842638.png (457.37 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230123-224041.png)

I think I found him bitching about being called out on r/mtf. fucking kek

No. 1751069

5 years? I'm surprised, that's not exactly the region I'd associate with wokeness, more with retirees and meth heads (like most of regional nsw).

No. 1751088

that's a reply to "Dear Trans Twitter, what is the biggest misconception about being trans that kept you from realizing you're trans?"

No. 1751125

File: 1674534732498.jpg (20.89 KB, 300x300, betsy-ross.jpg)

Okay but here in Burgerland, Betsy Ross is the flag lady. So I have no idea who you're talking about.

No. 1751155

File: 1674535498487.png (318.18 KB, 2048x800, chrome_screenshot_167453545176…)

No. 1751187

I hope I'm reading this wrong because eww

No. 1751293

File: 1674542407958.jpeg (849.84 KB, 1125x1400, 1C96E264-19F5-4F6A-8F91-19DD61…)

>woman expresses discomfort with strength disparity between women and males in sports

No. 1751297

File: 1674542938120.jpeg (13.1 KB, 198x215, CA8F102E-424A-4461-B15A-8E0F62…)

>He’s even got flashing photos at his 15yo sons basketball game

No. 1751307

File: 1674544745965.jpeg (83.16 KB, 750x779, 7A04550A-ECF6-43D4-9D88-AA9B45…)

saging because this is TECHNICALLY not milk a though i see it that way. this memoir is by a wife who’s husband trooned out after 20 years of marriage. her husband, a once caring and hardworking man, became an abusive demented shell of himself who claimed that not allowing him to dress in womens clothes was akin to denying a cancer patient treatment.including but not limited to: suicide threats, agp crossdressing, emotional abuse, moid rages, skinwalking his wife, rampant handmaidenry from unfamiliar women,munchausens, internet addiction, and many more classic tranny shenanigans. i implore all nonnas to read this. if you need anyone to be quickly peaked send this book their way. it’s like all the worst parts of r/trans widows condensed into 300 pages. troon husband wrote a parallel book that i’m eager to read as well. i’m sure the delusion and abusiveness is palpable even if he tries to dress it up as otherwise

No. 1751310

I've heard it's basically an in-joke among born and raised muslims in the west that white converts are always absolutely bonkers and take the religion too far

No. 1751315

how handmaiden-y is the author throughout it? i want to read it for the lulz but if she's too much of a doormat and doesn't end up coming out a terf it's just going to make me angry

No. 1751316

>troon husband wrote a parallel book
Holy shit, I've read Sex Changes and I had no idea her nutcase husband wrote a clapback. Wonder how the fuck he justifies giving his daughter an eating disorder (probably by blaming Christina lbr.)

No. 1751317

File: 1674547133299.jpg (1.04 MB, 810x3364, Screenshot_20230124-024458_Boo…)

We don't call them transcels for nothing:

No. 1751318

You hear similar things in the Catholic community. The Catholics by heritage think the Catholic converts are crazy because a lot of the converts are traditionist and nationalistic Deus Vult LARPers.

No. 1751319

File: 1674547176586.jpg (53 KB, 615x900, 71qXVk2HdHL._AC_UL900_SR615,90…)

Sorry for samefagging, but I found the tranny ex-husband's book. Of course, it has all 5-star reviews compared to the mixed reviews Benvenuto's has. Gee, I fucking wonder why.

For anyone who hasn't read Benvenuto's book: he's a classic deadbeat troon father. He went mask off after she gave birth to their youngest, then proceeded to drag her and their kids through all sorts of troon histrionics. After the divorce, full custody went to mom and he just sought visitation. He also turned his entire synagogue against Christina, which presumably also would have forced his kids out as well since she has full custody. Wow, A+ Jew you must be, kicking your whole damn family out of the religion so you can LARP as an offensive caricature of a woman.

I'm going to try to hateread this crap when I get the time, using libgen of course. I'm not going to give this faggot a cent after what he put his wife through.

No. 1751320

>a jewish journey between genders
lmfao come on that's so cringe

No. 1751321

I always wondered if they thought this about the new wave of terminally online "tradcath" converts because any actual born+raised catholic i've known is pretty lax about the sort of things the online set gets hung up over

No. 1751322

His face says everything I need to know, it's activating my lizard brain defenses

No. 1751328

It's probably similar with every religion. I've definitely seen this happen with ex radical leftists and random nutjobs converting to Orthodox Christianity because they see it as more mystical than the mainstream Lutheran variety in my country.

No. 1751333

This is not surprising at all, all stats have always pointed towards trans identified men being more likely to be sexual offenders than other men. Every person I've been sexually assaulted by has been trans, some didn't come out until a few years later but the trans ideology says transness is innate so no matter their previous identity they still count as trans sex offenders.

No. 1751336

>DNA earrings

No. 1751337

what event is this guy at if they're handing out social anxiety badges, it must be an anime convention right? Or is this standard practice at DSA meetings now

No. 1751338

File: 1674552995971.jpg (321.85 KB, 1080x1319, 2.jpg)

No. 1751340

What the fuck do any of these words mean? He’s a CSA survivor though…sadly that explains a lot

No. 1751341

Yep, they do. There's been a huge uptick in rightwing Catholic converts who are obsessed with "European identity", hate Islam, hate poor people, hate feminism, and are very racist. They always insult Pope Francis and think he "doesn't truly understand Catholicism". At the same time they tend to be apologists for the pedophile priests by saying its all overblown, or they don't really care. If they're single men then it's very likely they're hoping to find a virginal Catholic woman to marry and have loads of kids with. Men always follow their dicks.

No. 1751342

There's definitely some type of correlation between being a serial killer and fetishistic crossdressing. Hurting women and pretending to be women gives these sick perverts some sexual high.

No. 1751343

>I transitioned to elicit empathy, be assumed harmless and innocent, and because it makes it easy to manipulate people
So it's full mask off now, huh? He's straight up a sociopath admitting how he lowers his victims' defenses. Newsflash tranny, normal people don't need to manipulate people or be assumed to not be a threat.
I'm sorry you had to go through that. We all support you here. You're so right and it's interesting that troons parrot this shit about always being trans their whole lives but give amnesty to known predators and don't claim their crimes (while letting it falsely inflate female crime statistics). I remember multiple tranny murderers tried to argue to the government that they shouldn't be held responsible for the murders they committed before transitioning. Disgusting and insensitive to the victims' families.

No. 1751345

A lot new Catholic converts are fucking insane and clearly had some type of involvement in the alt-right. It's strange how so many of these young men were raised Protestant, then they joined the New Atheist movement and turned against religion, and made a big deal about they were so "logical and rational" in their militant atheist phase. Then when attacking Christianity got boring; they started attacking feminism, racial minorities, and Islam. It really felt like a lot people in the New Atheism movement ended up becoming a part of the alt-right even though they used to criticize the right as young teenagers.

No. 1751346

I know many liberal atheist moids end up as far right Cathodox converts.

No. 1751352

There's essays about this
>The Alt-Right and new atheism are in many ways completely different movements, with new atheism reflecting a generally liberal and tolerant view which criticizes religion’s totalitarian tendencies (Schulzke 2013; Kettell 2013, 63). However, many have pointed to a shared heritage between the two movements (Nagle 2017, 109; Lewis 2017; Torres 2017).

No. 1751379

File: 1674564648412.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 810x6574, Screenshot_20230124-065828_Red…)

Most sane reddit tranny:

No. 1751390

I never understand why 4chan trannies larp using 4chan on Reddit

No. 1751398

Please tell me he's not referring to Junko Furuta

No. 1751403

It's Junko Enoshima from Dangan Ronpa.

No. 1751407

I hate this fandom.

No. 1751416

It's true and they're creepy as fuck

No. 1751418

It’s devastating that people like this are sold the lie that they need to focus on cosmetics. This dude is perpetually miserable because he needs to heal his relationships and work on establishing a sense of identity and value and purpose in life that doesn’t come from shallow appearance, but because of trans rights activism, the “help” he’s getting has to affirm his cosmetic obsession instead of tell him the truth which is that this is no better than anorexia etc. and the proper response to a shallow, fruitless goal doomed from the start is to find a realistic, healthy, meaningful goal instead. But instead depressed guys seeking some form of belonging and joy, like Remilia, get encouraged to get bigger and bigger boob implants and bone shaving and so on and it does nothing but hurt and doom them. Obviously I don’t feel bad for adult narcissistic moids but the element of grooming present where mentally ill teenagers are hooked into this is sad (including outcast and mentally ill teenage girls turning into TIMs, who also end up continuing to obsess over how they don’t look male and don’t relate to cis men at all and don’t fit in anywhere).

No. 1751421

File: 1674571977133.jpg (540.82 KB, 810x1801, Screenshot_20230124-093523_Red…)

Posts like this always make me reminisce about r/itsafetish:

No. 1751422

File: 1674572003957.jpg (682.07 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20230124-093925_Chr…)

>I am actually looking forward to being a sex object!

No. 1751424

a lot of males lie about being sexually abused as children because they think it gives them the right to groom children into liking incest porn or other degenerate shit

No. 1751431

forgive me if this was posted already/this is my first time posting a link but i was browsing neocities websites and came across this fat fucks page. didn't want to waste my time going through it but if anyone else wants to:

No. 1751435

File: 1674573872693.jpg (144.83 KB, 720x695, Screenshot_20230123-113119_Red…)

Interesting how the few remaining real women of the witch subreddit post actually cool content, whilst troonies karmawhore with fugly low effort selfies. (1/3)

No. 1751436

File: 1674573915548.jpg (137.12 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20230123-113126_Red…)

samefag 2/3

No. 1751437

File: 1674574076856.jpg (136.23 KB, 720x960, Screenshot_20230119-142723_Red…)

3/3 bonus: woman = cooking ???

No. 1751438

File: 1674574106419.jpeg (52.81 KB, 720x830, AA824A2F-4D68-4022-BD19-960FDA…)

ancient news, but i saw this in the wild and it made me kek

No. 1751440

Dude wearing a metal shirt, how witchy.

No. 1751445

Mitä vittua saatana

No. 1751447

This is so awesome.

On the topic, I feel like most TIMs "dysphoria" would be alleviated by getting a real hobby or something that they're genuinely passionate about that they can share with others. They only seem interested in their gender, sexual fantasies and very insular nerdy hobbies like programming, anime, video games, etc.

Ew, that bottom comment is so weird. He's basically getting turned on by his friend telling him to make a sandwich. So womanly.

No. 1751453

>>My sister just stared
Why does everything they write sound influenced by porn? Also based on his post history he's fifty-three which is just so..

No. 1751466

Same breed of lib men who lie about being abused by ex girlfriends because it gives them an excuse to emotionally manipulate and abuse their current partners. Imo male abuse stats are wildly inflated. I think its bullshit "men dont talk about their trauma". They're the first to bitch about trauma and use it to excuse their fucked up behavior. They only even kill themselves more than women because their ape brains compulsively do the most attention grabbing and violent methods. Women don't want to leave trauma or a mess to clean up for their loved ones most of the time. Men are the type to shoot themselves in the head in the family kitchen for their children/wives to discover.

No. 1751467

i hate myself for even correcting this moid since i hate islam but thats not even what inshallah means. damn i fucking hate trannies

No. 1751472

Whatever happened to him? Last I heard a couple years ago his "clit" fell off and he had to call the fire department to lift him out of the bathtub, lmao.

No. 1751474

Jeffrina dahmer

No. 1751478

File: 1674578373770.jpg (480.99 KB, 1075x964, YjBAEPP.jpg)

its like his own before and after in one pic

No. 1751496

last I saw was him in court in May and threatening to hit someone with his car; can't remember if this was before or after his "clit" falling off lol

No. 1751510

File: 1674580092570.jpg (412.75 KB, 972x2830, lol.jpg)

The troon who leaked the no fly list is getting rightfully called out for calling himself a bi lesbian and saying lesbians can be attracted to men. Now there's a bunch of troons calling anyone who is 'anti-MSPEC' a twansphobe and TERF. I s2g by the end of 2023 troons are going to bully libfems and handmaidens into accepting that lesbians can be attracted to men.

No. 1751513

File: 1674580286818.jpg (459.17 KB, 972x1874, lol1.jpg)

I know this shit is terminally online discourse but being a transbian was online discourse too and look where we are now. Why can't they leave us alone?

No. 1751523

File: 1674581195201.jpg (432.97 KB, 1080x1485, lol4.jpg)

Last one. This pisses me off because no one is bullying gay men into liking women (and if they are they're told to fuck off and there's no discourse over it).

No. 1751524

Literally all 'inter community' discourse would disappear overnight if trannies all fucked off. They're the ones pushing this bi lesbian shit plus neopronouns and all the other nonsense. Then they have the gall to call others terminally online and cry about discourse and 'exclusionists' or whatever.

No. 1751531


'mentally ill'

ummm… pretty sure you didn't need to disclaim that in your bio. the rest of it really speaks for itself…

No. 1751535

File: 1674582124052.jpeg (105.19 KB, 1080x837, 1F6D04DD-CAEF-494C-9E65-D4AEFF…)

Absolutely hate how we are reduced to nothing but our ovaries

No. 1751543

He lied and said it for his granddaughter? Wow that is so sad that trans women have to lie to protect themselves from being murdered by shopkeepers. If people weren't so transphobic all the time murdering men who buy clothes this wouldn't be a problem. How would you feel if you had to lie and say you were buying trousers for your son instead of yourself??! Trans rights are human rights

No. 1751547

whenever I see shit like this I go out my way to use the word "Woman", I'll be like,
>Oh yeah, I hate cramping, my cramps are so bad, I love being a woman but man I hate cramps

No. 1751555

File: 1674584831286.png (349.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230124-132537.png)

Yeah you didn't care so hard that you went home to whine about it on twitter. Also she probably only says "I meant she" because you gave her a dirty look or something. Posting what this troon looks like in the comment below.

No. 1751556

File: 1674584872993.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230124-132545.png)

Samefag ^ clearly you are male and that's why she used he/him pronouns, why even complain

No. 1751557

>by the end of 2023 troons are going to bully libfems and handmaidens into accepting that lesbians can be attracted to men
They’re doing that already. By the end of 2023 I think we’ll see even libfems get radicalized leaving troons with no allies

No. 1751576

>I wish I could
How the fuck can a grown ass adult not know how to make a sandwich? Good grief.

No. 1751580

Lmao fucking retard tried to accuse her of being a bigot but couldn't figure out who she might have been targeting. Pure Twitter.

No. 1751582

File: 1674589229591.png (635.9 KB, 1080x1676, Screenshot_20230124-143813.png)

The qrts are giving me cancer. So many people with trans flags in their name are telling the OP to graduate high school and meet "real queer people".

Also included in the replies is this person who I'm like 99% sure is a fakeboi claiming to be a man and trying to say this is only an issue in the lesbian community and gay men generally accept that they can have "exceptions".

No. 1751589

>By the end of 2023 I think we’ll see even libfems get radicalized leaving troons with no allies
AYRT I do hope you're right. Seeing the amount of delusional men calling themselves lesbians and scolding lesbians for not liking men is one of the things that made me peak. Sunlight is the best disinfectant but libfems are too quick to concede.
A lot of men refuse to learn how to cook because they want a mommy to cook for them.
It's likely her friends who are 'gay men' are other straight TIFs and bi-curious chasers who like tranny dick and femboys lol. She would not be saying this if she heard how actual gay men talk about vaginas.

No. 1751590

File: 1674591099563.png (565.06 KB, 824x810, man.png)

Was googling something and ran into this specimen. Profile full of posting himself in fetish lingerie and gross "memories" of his stepmother catching him crossdressing in her/his stepsisters clothes while masturbating. I would have just disregarded this guy as a regular ol' creepy sissy fetish moid, but for two things of note; 1) he is active in a "Translesbians" group and 2) He works as a nursing assistant, which makes this grosser because he's a massive perv in charge of women at their most vulnerable. (1/4 of cancer)

No. 1751592

File: 1674591220713.png (45.59 KB, 1087x434, man0.png)

2/4, reading between the lines I think his coworkers think he came out to them as trans and are trying to be sensitive/encouraging.

No. 1751593

File: 1674591360634.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.28 MB, 3120x4160, man1.jpg)

3/4, him in his scrubs with lingerie. This is the guy spongebathing your elderly mother.

No. 1751594

File: 1674591432113.png (82.69 KB, 960x718, menace.png)

4/4 And this is one of the gross stepmother stories because if I had to read it, so do you.

No. 1751612

File: 1674595355081.png (758.24 KB, 927x801, Screenshot 2023-01-24 232051.p…)

KEK someone made a fake post on r/transtimelines of this twitch streamer Macaiyla post chin surgery and her bf (Tyler1)'s brother and everyone's falling for it. Half the comments are asking how she ended up looking so young and feminine. https://www.reddit.com/r/transtimelines/comments/10jhjd0/just_over_2_years_now_its_surreal_to_see_my/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

No. 1751615

I’m pretty sure most of the comments are trolling too, nonna. I don’t get the “15” joke some of them are saying though, is that a thing?

No. 1751616

File: 1674595849773.jpeg (189.53 KB, 750x717, 024A3FB2-52EA-4118-B029-C50E83…)

Don’t like the fact most of the comments are saying that streamers pic is good because she doesn’t look a day over 15. No matter what they wear these scrotes stay the same and continue to think younger is better

No. 1751622


No, the "you look 15" isn't some inside joke, it's troons praising her for looking "youthful" when in reality her face is swollen up because of jaw surgery. The trolls are pretty straight forward, lots of troons still fell for it

No. 1751626

Saw this image on front page and immediately assumed it was from tranny thread due to the comments about age. All trannies are either pedos or self-hating gays, or both

No. 1751627

File: 1674596499843.jpg (188.48 KB, 946x2048, FjzaI9lWACIJyrf.jpg)

What makes it funnier is that Macaiyla said this before and League twitter lost their minds for like a week

No. 1751628

that reads like an interview with a serial killer and it's one of the reasons I will ask every man I ever meet if he did try on clothes from his sister/mother/aunt/grandma and if it's a yes, I will run.
Someone should tell his working place about this, honestly, it's not very comforting knowing that he works as a nurse.

No. 1751632

Yes, your step mother definitely called you a sissy with a small dick. This is basically a fetish fantasy. So fucking disgusting. Why are most troons pedos?

No. 1751635

I hope when hes a degenerate old man stuck in a nursing home, the nurses just starve him to death and he dies in miserable agony

No. 1751637

i've been saying for a long time that MTF trannyism is the direct result of misogyny and toxic masculinity. moids have no support systems, so they see womanhood as an escape…until they are shunned by both genders and realize that there is no easy way out and 41% themselves. this is their own fault. you cannot escape the fruits of your people by pretending to be something you're not.

No. 1751646

File: 1674599305170.jpg (41.94 KB, 1280x720, gradually-report.jpg)

kek he looks like that youtuber gradualreport

No. 1751663

File: 1674601085219.jpeg (539.69 KB, 750x1209, FA27A8AB-A563-4B34-BA24-EEB64D…)


No. 1751664

What's funny is that libfems claim it was radfems who invented "bi lesbian" identity. They blame radfems for everything bad.

No. 1751672

>Screenshots are violence
>Lurking on a public subreddit is tantamount to perving on people in public restrooms
What planet do these retards live on?

No. 1751674

File: 1674602062443.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20230124-163512.png)

This is in response to the question "To any trans women who are really attractive: how did you do it"

No. 1751675

File: 1674602135141.jpeg (563.17 KB, 750x2492, 34AF2ADF-008B-4CDB-94E8-7176B3…)

talk about rent free. i love how much they hate us for seeing through their bullshit, we must be doing something right.

No. 1751676

Missives from the civil war ass moid writing

No. 1751684

they’re also more likely to murder-suicide their entire family and the fucking dog.

No. 1751687

i hope they leave him to rot in his own shit.

No. 1751688

Lol somehow terfs invented bi lesbian but saying you're against bi lesbian also makes you a terf

No. 1751690

File: 1674603467229.jpeg (731.2 KB, 750x1143, C41BE839-6DEC-4F98-83E2-2E3FDE…)

lovely bloke

No. 1751691

Kek no they aren't. You've seen how much shit gets thrown at libfems and they still end up tolerating it. "Bi lesbian" is dumb but the fact that a man like crimew can even call himself a lesbian in the first place is crazier.

No. 1751693

wish some terfs would understand this towards TIMs. you cannot change a TIM’s mind. even the ones who detrans still are men. there’s no point to being civil or even putting them. they’re all freaks who wish we didn’t exist.

No. 1751695

seriously, what’s wrong with handmaidens? when will their collective prefrontal cortex be done developing? it’s about time.

No. 1751696

Haven't read this yet but I remember a Gendertrender post right before it came out. Troonhub got a bunch of do-nothing academics to sign a petition against its publication. The thing I remember was it said something like this is about real shit, not banal violence against women. They actually said violence against real women is banal.

No. 1751700

If libfems these days already believe that lesbians can be men then being a "bi lesbian" isn't much of a stretch at all.

No. 1751707

I hope his sister punched him in the face for wearing her clothes.

No. 1751709

File: 1674606086710.png (2.26 KB, 222x34, rets.png)

>ooze sex all day long
>sense of style

No. 1751712

>I give off a definite I like sex vibe
yeah you do, much in the way sex offenders and flashers do

No. 1751713

I feel like most radfems are already aware of this. It's the "gender critical" people who need to be meaner to trannies and stop buy into bs that there are "true trans" allies like Debbie Hayton.

No. 1751714

File: 1674607279970.png (2.07 MB, 1236x2048, chrome_screenshot_167460723857…)

No. 1751716

I hate this. Genuinely feels like blackface for women.

No. 1751717

always with the serial killer vibes

No. 1751719

even shayna has better taste in decor.

No. 1751723

File: 1674608616107.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1080x1083, 097A1DE2-A646-4AD0-949D-FE3202…)

It’s uncanny how ridiculous rape apes look next to women.

No. 1751725

File: 1674609370131.png (835.18 KB, 1500x2048, chrome_screenshot_167460927149…)

No. 1751728

The elephant is simply too big for the room here

No. 1751733

Those teeth are vomitrocious. Those are the kind of teeth that will kill you with infections

No. 1751736

KEKK 'rape ape'. He looks like a CGI blow-up doll and his huge hands on her waist makes me want to throw up

No. 1751737

Why are Europeans so stupid like this lmao

No. 1751738

>on a prison pen pal site out of curiosity
>can sort by lgbt
>sort by transgender
>click a few profiles
>Child Exploitation
>Attempted Sexual Assualt with Minor
>Criminal Sexual Conduct-Person Under 13, Child Sexually Abusive Material or Activity, Prisoner Possessing Weapon
i want to die.

No. 1751765

I always wonder who the “cis” women are that sleep with them. They are utterly ogre-esque irl so I find it hard to believe that it would occur without physical force.

No. 1751766

it's funny that they think women don't go through hell in their mind because they were born female. Society tells us what to do with our bodies, how we should look, which haircut we should get, got body hair, well, no. Got scars, damaged good. Not white, skinny and with a nice baby face, you aren't even a woman. Change something about you body with plastic surgery, oh no, why did you do that. Most women don't have a healthy relationship towards their own body because you just can't as a woman. I've got a brother and I once asked him if he ever thought something is wrong with his body and he was so confused by that question, he never even had to think about it, he is a guy, there are positive adjectives for every state a man is in, as a woman you are done after you reached the extremely old age of 25.

No. 1751767

sadly, some women still are raised to a standard that if a man does give you attention you just go with it or that you can change him. And sometimes I think it's a lot of self hatred the woman is going through. I've been young, hating myself, making stupid decisions, would never do that again, but it's a learning curve and not everyone has the right environment to protect them from troons.

No. 1751768

Handmaidens are just women so far gone in terms of how their subconscious was socialized. You don't see male handmaidens for TIFs just predatory moids who want to fuck mentally ill women. Men aren't socialized in the same way we are and have been for hundreds of years. The male troon LARP is so successful because it banks on taking advantage of how easy they perceive infiltrating our psyches are. Sex pests and predatory men already know all the excuses women use to stay away from them and some linger around their victims long enough to notice how women let their boundaries slowly get pushed more and more because they're afraid of appearing as "not nice" to the creep who keeps harassing them. They carry that sentiment over when they "transition" and use their protected class status to make it even more difficult for women to get them out of their spaces because they know women have a hard time speaking out even with their previous overt harassment.

No. 1751771

Every moid gives off an “I like sex” vibe, that’s not necessarily a good thing kek

No. 1751776

There are absolutely women who would sleep with disgusting moids. Women will go to crazy lengths to gain male approval.

No. 1751777

These hideous incels really just lie to each other all day and believe it. They all go “akshully estrogen turned me into a hyperfeminine sex symbol who literally everyone on earth is clamoring over due to my immense beauty, amazing tits and sexy style” and then their picture is always the ugliest most botched male alive.
The exception of course is the ones who reach a point of realization and post “I don’t get it, I spent years funneling all my money into this, gave up all my friendships and lost my family, and I still don’t pass. Why will I never be beautiful? I don’t want to live like this” because they believed some anonymous text saying that some hormone pills and growing their hair out would magically turn them into a 19 year old Angelina Jolie and then end up shocked that it’s just still them, the same as ever, but with longer hair and slightly less muscle mass.

No. 1751778

anon, what?

No. 1751781

i think it runs deeper than socialization. i think some (most) men are just born to be antisocial sex pests. it’s a feature, not a bug.

No. 1751784


No. 1751786

you have to be insanely delusional and overestimate your own attractiveness to a retarded degree to be a tranny, but i guess that’s how men typically roll.

No. 1751790

Nah. The reason why straight men are the most overweight of all groups of men when divided by sexuality is because straight men KNOW they don't have to look good to attract women. Many straight women are willing to look past their ugliness and try to find something else to like about them such as their sense of humor, interests, or money. Men are much more shallow and put a premium on physical appearance.

No. 1751793

This. Straight men are so hideous and badly groomed as a collective that most straight women’s standards are low by necessity. A guy who shaves and showers regularly enough not to stink like a walking dumpster is basically a catch in that demographic.

No. 1751794

Men always call women shallow for putting effort into their appearance but it's actually because men are fucking shallow. Even in hetero romance stories where its all like "looks don't matter, its actually the inside the counts!" the men is the hideous one while the woman is still conventionally attractive.

"Ugly man and hot woman" is not revolutionary, it's the standard.

No. 1751795

>when being t4t it felt incredibly gay
>two men in a gay relationship dressing up in girls' clothes felt incredibly gay

No. 1751797

Not only were straight men the most fattest group of men, but straight women were the thinnest group of women. Really says a lot.

No. 1751799

File: 1674618939593.png (181.83 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20230125-005314~2.p…)

Annoying buffalo bill apologist troonie thinks womem see themselves in the mirror and imagine ourselves getting fucked by men instead of going "this outfit is so cute!"

No. 1751800

if women were as shallow as men say we are, 99% of them would be incels.

No. 1751802

Glad Buffalo Bill exists because I can use him as an example to explain what AGP is to normies.

No. 1751804

I’ve seen troons malding over how Buffalo Bill was just a sweet misunderstood twanz gorl before. They should keep it up, really signal to normies what utterly misogynistic, woman skin suit wearing freaks they are kek

No. 1751805

File: 1674620558375.png (422.87 KB, 1081x2365, chrome_screenshot_167462049621…)

No. 1751806

>god I hope a man would fuck me
…said no woman ever. Most of us get constant running commentary on our fuckability to men and get tired of hearing about it. This is just moid projection.

No. 1751809

>woman = big boobies, makeup and fashion
They’ll never be women, and the hilarious part is they’ll never know what they don’t know about being women. They can’t even vaguely grasp the concept of womanhood. Their entire idea of womanhood is based in simplistic male stereotypes that never defined us in the first place.

No. 1751810

>Men are better women than actual women

No. 1751811

And yet all the porn he spams on that account is of cis women. lmao okay.

No. 1751824

in actuality
>just goin about your day
>god i hope no man tries to fck me

No. 1751831

>baking or making food in an apron just for some reason makes me feel so good
And here I am not feeling anything at all, just wearing an apron to not get grease or food splatters all over myself. Dude's brain is stuck in a 1950s sitcom or some shit. We don't wear aprons to be cute or feel good.

No. 1751839

>takes hormones in an attempt to change his moid body and pass as female
>clings to stereotypical "women's things" such as make-up and fashion to feel ~validated~
>compares naturally grown boobs
>"stop thinking that i see women as competition hahah i'm actually superior and so confident in myself!!"
that's a whole new level of mental gymnastics. at least he's right about not actually wanting to be a woman and just being your average self-hating misogynistic AGP, the honesty is refreshing

No. 1751841

Does anyone know what he looks like? All I can find is porn and two god awful close ups of his egg head

No. 1751843

File: 1674627065505.png (26.99 KB, 589x132, gross.png)

No. 1751844

Why do so many of them get off on lactation? Even if they did lactate, high e makes supply drop and some women even dry up if they get pregnant while breastfeeding. If taking estrogen+ t blockers made people lactate women would lactate on birth control or spiro

No. 1751857

If they don't want transphobes taking screenshots why not make the subreddit private?

No. 1751858

Seeing this is so depressing. I remember crushing on him as a teenager and watching him unravel into this is horrible. Another nonna was right on the money when she said he’s just gonna be miserable after the initial beginning of his transition.
He’s always suffered with depression and I don’t think he’s ever received proper help for it and it make it even more abysmal because mental health professionals are starting to push the tranny shit as some kind of cure.

No. 1751859

Most GC women don't buy the tru trans narrative. Kellie-Jay called out Debbie Hayton when he tried to insert himself into the GC movement.

No. 1751861

Because they think it's like cooming but for boobs. Seriously. Like I've seen some of them actually think that when breasts are stimulated they will produce milk.

No. 1751862

There are women who are into sissy men. These women may enjoy feminizing a man or sleeping with a cross dresser. Tranny chasers come in both sexes.

No. 1751863

The GC movement is highly diverse and there's definitely a lot of women in it who praise trannies that pass.

No. 1751869

I watched his newest video where he reintroduces himself, vidrel. Major points I took away are he is on HRT now and has been for 4 months as of publishing the video, he is single, and he identifies as bisexual (but I feel like he's said the last point before in an older video). Also, all of his videos have been privated but he kind of plays with the idea of returning to Youtube but not sure what the content would be. I did watch his Twitch streams on occasion pre-transiton and they're fine but nothing special and I think he gets around 300 viewers per stream.

His most recent ex is Emily Diana Ruth I believe, and iirc, he moved to Canada to be with her. It looks like she's deleted her twitter but I remember looking at it fairly recently, maybe around the time Charlie first came out as trans and I think he was still following her. She has a substack but hasn't posted anything since Sept of last year, in which she mentions that she rented a small sublet for a month.

No. 1751878

Can't decide if he looks more like a hippie or just a modern shaved Jesus. After my initial short period of grief I now just want to see how far he takes this trainwreck. It's a bit late to jump onto the transition bandwagon now when the world is finally starting to see all of the harms of it and reversing rules and laws to protect people from it. Even casual supporters have been rolling their eyes at trans people trying to boycott the harry potter game lately.
>he moved to Canada
always Canada

No. 1751879

In my experience that's mostly the newly converted GC's. Once you challenge them a little and gently lead them to think a little deeper they start seeing that passing is irrelevant, they're just afraid to go there on their own. They do sometimes refuse to think further if they have close trans friends though, which is a shame because they could help their friends so much more if they just realized it's a mental illness they're dealing with.

Ewww I was wondering which route he took, it's clearly the AGP one.

No. 1751880

File: 1674636103411.png (1.57 MB, 764x943, Screenshot_1985.png)

he looks like a german musician from the 70s

No. 1751884

Getting held accountable for your own words and actions is so rough kek

No. 1751888

Imagine having more in common with Jerry Brudos than JK Rowling and still thinking you're a real woman, kek.

No. 1751906

>Ewww I was wondering which route he took, it's clearly the AGP one.
Duh, he is straight. Straight men dress like shit and are like walking trash bags.

No. 1751922

he looks like he read girl defined’s guide on god honoring fashion.

No. 1751937

File: 1674648950818.jpg (119.42 KB, 804x449, maxresdefault.jpg)

sage cause this was written by a TIF libfem not a troon, but still WTF

>There may be a reason to laugh yet. As the TikToker @sabiesbooks pointed out, JK Rowling’s legacy is not aging well. Reason #1: her transphobia. It’s likely that the original readers of the Harry Potter series are not as keen to pass on the books to the younger generation. The original readers of Harry Potter may consider it a bit of a sore spot that they read all the books twice, watched all the movies, and wrote heaping piles of Draco/Harry slash fiction without realizing that Harry Potter leaves a problematic legacy.

>JK Rowling’s abhorrent point of view about trans people aside, the books are… rough. Rereading with a modern eye, it’s hard not to cringe at how dated they feel. The lack of a diverse cast of characters is a major detriment to the series. There are only a handful of characters of color in the series, one of which Hermione awkwardly refers to as “the dark one”. Yikes. The treatment of the character of Cho Chang is also deeply problematic. As @sabiesbooks pointed out, it’s bad enough that Rowling named the only East Asian character featured in the book “Cho Chang,” and worse that Rowling characterized her as one of the most annoying and insufferable characters in the novel. Rather than moving the plot forward, Cho Chang often feels like a distraction to the main action of the book. She is the object of the main character’s turbulent teenage affections, and then is ultimately discarded and replaced with Ginny Weasley.
>And speaking of bad romance, Ron and Hermione? Really? Ron spent six books being terrible to Hermione, and we’re expected to believe that he’s worthy of her love in the seventh? I would have rather seen her get with Neville Longbottom.
>And this doesn’t even touch on the problematic point of view about slavery in the series. The slavery of house elves is (according to the vast majority of the characters) justifiable, and Hermione is endlessly ridiculed by both her classmates (and at times the author herself) for her Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare, mockingly named “S.P.E.W.” Hermione spends the entirety of one of the books as a sort of “bleeding heart liberal” trope, as if the abolishment of slavery is a “quaint liberal notion”.
>And speaking of ugly tropes (or rather outright racist stereotypes) the goblins of the series are portrayed as “beady-eyed” and “hook-nosed” beings that control the banking system to further their own “greedy” ends. I wonder if Kanye West read these books as a child, because they’re probably where he gets a lot of his antisemitic views. Gross.
>Those of us who have read the books (myself included) likely feel some embarrassment and shame for having once enjoyed them. We don’t want to pass the influence of these books on, we want to let it die. There are so many other modern stories that are far more deserving of a place in history.
>JK Rowling made off with billions of dollars. While we can’t control her financial legacy, we can control her artistic legacy. We can choose to rag on these books until the end of time, and at least that will stick it to Rowling’s great-great-great grandchildren. So what if they weren’t responsible for their great-great-greatmother’s problematic views? They’re rich kids. They could use a little love tap from karma here and there. Maybe a big love tap. Huge. Knock some teeth out.

No. 1751942

Nona you’re so incredibly right, growing up so many scrotes used to have the same porny ‘molested by babysitter’ story. As I got to know them it because obvious they were liars with SAHMs who probably never even had babysitters.

My uncle used to threaten his wife with a baseball bat, but still howled about how he needed to join a battered men’s club. Me and my based cousin used to make fun of him. I also know men in their mid thirties who still like to claim their high school girlfriends would ‘hit’ them lmao.

No. 1751943

>We can choose to rag on these books until the end of time
Why are they so mad about these children's books, why so incredibly obsessed?

No. 1751947

>The lack of a diverse cast of characters is a major detriment to the series.

so are most casts of (still) popular book, tv, videogame and movie franchises from pre 2010…

No. 1751960

Whatever they're trying to do won't ever truly work because Harry Potter is literally timeless, even zoomers (at least from the country I'm from) who hate to fucking read, love reading Harry Potter because it's an easy and interesting read for a teenager, it isn't awkward with weird sexual shit and it doesn't have 2deep4U bullshit, plus, it's a magical world so the political critique can be easily disregarded, hell, some people may even relate to it.
But what are trannies doing? Tell me of a single book, aimed at kids and/or teens that has a plot that isn't focusing on being a tranny and "uwu I want to wear a skirt but someone out there doesn't want me to!!" give me a list.
Like what's annoying is that they're not even offering a brand new, original idea, they just want to destroy things because they hate seeing a woman being successful.

No. 1751971

File: 1674654562017.jpg (50.56 KB, 896x535, 1663440287314.jpeg.jpg)

>Rereading with a modern eye, it’s hard not to cringe at how dated they feel.
Mfw Dostoevsky didn't write Crime & Punishment from the queer perspective of a fat crippled latinx gloryhole operator

No. 1751972

Prediction; Alex Day will troon out and try a comeback (and perhaps succeed- it has worked for men outed as creeps before, after all)

Nah, I'm (mostly) kidding. Obviously Dan will be the next early 2010s brit youtuber to come out as a brave transwoman. He might make a pitstop at nonbinary first, though.

No. 1751973

i still can’t believe how much brainpower they spend criticizing children’s literature from 20+ years ago.

No. 1751988

I still don't get why they're so upset by "Cho Chang", there's literally a Taiwanese idol called Chang Ching, is her name racist too? (Or the fact she goes by Rona nowadays kek) It's going to be amazing seeing how children's/YA books written now will hold up. We all know the gender shit is going to be a trend amongst kids like being emo or whatever, that shit is definitely going to age even worse than Harry Potter ever could.

No. 1751992

And the blue haired fellow, Tom. Iirc he and Alex were accused around the same time

No. 1751993

>The lack of a diverse cast of characters is a major detriment to the series.
Is it really? Would they say that about any other story set in a non-"white" country in the 1900s? This sort of virtue-signaling is cringe af, and so are token POC characters.
>it’s bad enough that Rowling named the only East Asian character featured in the book “Cho Chang,”
I feel like they would have said that about any Asian sounding name, which says more about their view of Asian names than Rowling imho. And if she had been named Ashley they would probably have whined about white-washing.
>Rowling characterized her as one of the most annoying and insufferable characters in the novel
How desperate do you have to be to argue that Rowling is problematic because one of her POC characters is "annoying". She's not even a villain, literally the main character's first love interest. Hermione and Ron are also considered insufferable by many.
>omg goblins and elf slaves!!!
Has this person ever read/watched other fantasy stories before? JK Rowling did not invent these creatures, and most stories include war, slavery, murder. It's honestly embarrassing how this person makes a connection between goblins and Jewish people on their own and then confidently accuses JK Rowling of being antisemitic lmao
>JK Rowling’s abhorrent point of view about trans people aside,
She just said "sex is real". These people are so fcking weak I swear

No. 1752005

File: 1674658027929.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1655301956034.jpg)

No. 1752009

File: 1674658349132.png (498.03 KB, 649x2244, 36.png)

Mask off moment for troon misogyny

No. 1752020

hp IS quite diverse though? bearing in mind it's set in the UK and the author is a white woman writing in the 90s. like i think the fact that she didn't just add a token black character like other authors wouldve at the time but actually bothered to write in indian characters like the parvatis is fairly commendable. it also makes sense, bc most people going to hogwarts would be purebloods and thus mostly white british wizarding families. the wizarding populace is presumably small, so you're not going to see a massive range of diversity. and the uk in general doesn't have a massive east asian population compared to south asians, so them complaining about there only being cho chang is fucking stupid.

No. 1752021

File: 1674659610335.jpg (2.03 MB, 3464x2262, Picsart_23-01-25_15-03-45-227.…)

Meet u/Sissy_asuna on reddit, a degenerate trans woman who was incarcerated in Canada on two counts of trying to disarm police officers, and who manipulated the staff in the women's ward to let him mingle with actual females being housed there.

He now spends his time posting on ftm porn subreddits begging to be degraded using his misgendering fetish and posting pictures of his meth addict looking face & body.

The pictures are very nswf, please be warned. He leaves the house in girl's bikinis and visits children's parks in them too. Probably also something to do with him posting about how age inappropriate relationships are A-Okay in r/teenagers.

No. 1752025

why would you go after the children or grandchildren of a person? Should all Germans be bullied until eternity now because their ancestors grew up during WWII or every single child of a horrible, aggressive guy that beat up his wife, because sure thing the child is the same and shares every view the parents/grandparents ever had.

it just tells us, person never met a person with a not western styled name before. Honestly, the one chinese guy living near me has a name that everyone would think is a joke (similar to Chang Ching), but it's his name, not some fantasy name of an author or someone on the internet.

No. 1752029

>JK Rowling made off with billions of dollars. While we can’t control her financial legacy, we can control her artistic legacy. We can choose to rag on these books until the end of time, and at least that will stick it to Rowling’s great-great-great grandchildren. So what if they weren’t responsible for their great-great-greatmother’s problematic views? They’re rich kids. They could use a little love tap from karma here and there. Maybe a big love tap. Huge. Knock some teeth out.
Cool. I want to know who the author's parents are, what country and town they grew up in, their financial status all their life, etc and what they think some truly poor people should do to them.
Why do upper/upper middle class first world people love to cry about stupid shit while LARPing as "the underclass"? Get some real problems.

No. 1752030

I was going to say that. For the time, it WAS quite diverse. She also never explicitly says the majority of the character's races in the book anyway, including the Patil twins (with their names being the giveaway), which leads me to believe most of the character's races are open for interpretation anyway. Rowling probably imagined most of them as white, but very few are actually explicitly said to be white (or have their race stated in any capacity) in the text.

Besides, this is a book set in the UK during the 90s. Of course its going to be 90% white.

No. 1752036

Why do they want to punch the teeth out of JK Rowling's theoretical great-great-great grandchildren, who may or may not even be that rich by the time they are born? What the fuck kind of obsession do these weirdos have? Also Cho Chang wasn't that annoying, I hardly remember her. Their reason for her being annoying is that she's a love interest for Harry? Harry can't be in love with an asian girl?
>I wonder if Kanye West read these books as a child
Firstly, rent free; secondly, he's 45.

No. 1752062

>beady eyes and hooked noses and greed
Goblins being greedy is an old trope, are they going to fight everyone who uses the same trope? I remember beating up a goblin who carries a bag full of precious stuff in Diablo. Will this be enough to cancel Blizzard now?
Could find nothing about beady eyes in the books referring to goblins; the only hook nosed character described as such is Snape and his dad; the goblins are described as short, long fingers and feet and dark skinned I believe. I reckon these people are getting stuff from the movies too and mixing it up in their desperate attempt to drag jkr for her wrong doings. Are they cancelling the directors too or just women?

No. 1752064

No. 1752071

> I wonder if Kanye West read these books as a child, because they’re probably where he gets a lot of his antisemitic views. Gross.
kek how dumb is this person if they think this type of antisemitic stereotypes somehow originated from Harry Potter

No. 1752077

also 99% sure that Kanye wouldn't be able to get through the first chapter of the philosophers stone

No. 1752080

>the mary sue
I remember when that site went from a site for nerdy women to total troon takeover. It happened to a lot of nerdy and feminist sites for women at the same time, like it was orchestrated that way. Distressing. Glad LC is still going strong.

No. 1752085

>they’ll never know what they don’t know about being women
This is the thing I love the most in all of this. They consistently prove over and over that they can’t understand how women actually think or feel, all they know to do is boil down womanhood into stereotypes taken from porn and films. They go on and on and on like this, yet they also rant about how they constantly feel “othered” by real women. They can’t conceptualize what it feels like to exist in a female body since birth or comprehend the way girls and women spend that time learning to understand ourselves and one another. It’s something that they’re never going to get, primarily because of 1) their biology and 2) the fact that the world as a whole will never agree with them about what they want to be. You see the same thing when TiFs try to interact with groups of real men, it just doesn’t work because they’re lacking a fundamental understanding of how it feels to always have existed as a male. Real men see this and they don’t take it seriously. Even handmaidens know this, because so many of them just see TiMs as a kind of gay best friend stereotype. They know these people aren’t women, they just butter them up because it’s such a big part of female socialization. There’s a reason TiM selfies get massive amounts of upvotes on female-oriented reddits, and that’s because actual women tend to pity them until they’ve peaked. There’s always going to be that elephant in the room no matter what.

No. 1752087


this isn't some candid personal account. this guy calculated everything about it to game the twitter algorithm for money from porn sales/referrals (post sexy or attention-getting, controversial tweets in between porn gifs or clips and have the referral links in the replies or in your account header to circumvent spam rules). odds are just as good that some moid who makes porn sites stole a tranny's photo for the pfp and is just churning out whatever.

No. 1752088

File: 1674664611165.png (238.11 KB, 535x487, Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 16.35…)

Some good news from TERF Island: this rapist, who trooned out partway through the court case, has been found guilty of rape on both counts.

Even better, he was sent to a men's prison.
He looks like this btw.

No. 1752090

File: 1674664813349.jpg (528.48 KB, 1170x1451, tumblr_aae81bf1ea8a88055a8d10e…)

Dan is 100% next. I never had a phandom phase but I feel bad for any nonas that did. I wonder if his they/them pronouns reveal for June.
The only books he's reading are manga because he's a weeb.

No. 1752093

Ah yes, this psychotic walking mugshot is clearly just a "vulnerable" twans wahmen who is far too delicate & feminine for a male prison. Burn in hell crazy scrote.

No. 1752095

every nerdy space for women is overrun by troons. women can't have anything.

No. 1752097

The standards for women vs men are so unbalanced, truly.

No. 1752100

It's funny you mention Blizzard, because goblins in World of Warcraft pretty much have the exact same tropes as Rowling's goblins except they also have a Brooklyn accent, and yet I don't see anyone carrying on about those, despite the fact that Blizzard has overall done way worse shit than Rowling could ever dream of.

No. 1752104

File: 1674666392021.jpg (1.11 MB, 1066x965, SBEMXOF.jpg)


No. 1752105

File: 1674666634014.jpg (725.03 KB, 810x1577, Screenshot_20230125-120111_Red…)

Smug troon sounds

No. 1752106

There is some more TIM paedo/pervert drama in the Overwatch community - this time it involves EeveeA. (I used to follow him before he transitioned but lost interest sometime after partly because his social media presence became very whiny about their transition woes. I followed him for OW, not that.) So, the tea here is he was in a relationship with another TIM who was called out for posting sexually inappropriate shit to minors online/on Discord, in addition to racism and in-game cheating allegations. Rather than apologise, the boyfriend doubled down until it gained too much traction/hate. EeveeA rubbished a lot of the claims despite evidence being posted but was clowned on when they couldn't refute the racism accusations. Long story short, EeveeA decided to publicly twitlonger that they'd broken up with this person in addition to posting a lot of 'woe-is-me' crap that garnered little to no sympathy from people privy to the situation.

Anyway, this has prompted some of EeveeA's exes to post an entire Google doc calling him out: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_eKJ0mzb_fEidvZgTB-M3no3DE8ExXT4nE-sHrFkcPk/
For the record, he's ratified everything in here as accurate:

There are a lot of accusations here that revolve around not respecting his girlfriend's boundaries and shaming them for it, taking advantage of them when they're inebriated, cheating, masturbating or mentioning it constantly even during inappropriate times (one ex was mourning the death of her cat, and he needed to bring up beating off), and the OW-community special, grooming minors. The latter is so fucking disgusting because in the Discord convo he had with his ex where she talks about how wrong this was, after a half-assed apology, he felt the need to mention that he was unable to maintain an erection and was going to bed.

Fuckers like these are endemic in gaming communities, and I think this will peak more people as it's now spreading on OW circles on Twitter and Reddit, etc. The doc takes care to mention that this isn't a condemnation of LGBT people (major focus on the T, here), but I don't know how anyone could not see this piece of shit for the pornsick man he is. This is not a woman; this is a predatory and abusive male who shouldn't have a platform and needs psychological help.

No. 1752107

Does he have a framed picture of himself? Fucking kek

No. 1752108

imagine gestating your son for 9 months only to have him turn out like this yellow-teethed monstrosity.

No. 1752109

Why do so many troons have visibly rotting filthy grills? Are they just too uwu bimbo girl-brained to remember to brush their teeth? Kek

No. 1752114

They're men so they have no concept of hygiene by default

No. 1752119

The libfems, handmaidens, pro-trans liberal male, and trannies are freaking right about now. Hogwarts game is so overpoweringly good, that the gaming community is just talking about, god forbid, the game and NOT TRANSPHOBIA! On gamer twitter you have one "do not support someone who is literally killing trans people" for every real streamer saying "I PLAYED 2 HOURS OF HOGWARTS!! BELIEVE THE HYPE." I never cared for HP, never read the books, and watched 1 or 2 of the movies. Not that I loathed it, I always thought it was amazing that kids were actually obsessively reading books. I was surprised to hear how "hateful" JKR was about trans people since she always donated so much to charity. I actually took time to read her essay and it was the mildest thing I've ever read. In fact, I agreed. Sounded like a rape survivor being really wary of the penis and not wanting to be defined by a bodily function (i.e. menstrator). The way people have never read her comments or essay and talk about her being an evil TERF just reminded me how society HATES powerful women. Matt Walsh makes millions and no one wants to punch his grandchildren's teeth out. And he calls Trans people freaks instead of "vulnerable" like JKR. Every since, I got JKR pjs (Ravenclaw was always cute) and I'm buying Hogwarts Legacy. I mean, even if JKR was a tradwife I'd be tempted to buy it because it looks so damn good.

No. 1752125

File: 1674669558637.png (698.57 KB, 668x846, troonlol2.png)

No. 1752126

File: 1674669593163.png (455.98 KB, 629x806, troonlol1.png)

No. 1752130

Why is male skin so terrible? Like I see a 50 year old woman's chest with skin damage and it looks more delicate and beautiful than a 16 year old moid without acne and no hair.

No. 1752132

So he's going through a late emo phase? His skin looks better but still male lol.

No. 1752135

His skin looks ok. It's that nail polish for me.

No. 1752137

I really regret looking at this thread while eating

No. 1752138

He was 20 when the first Harry Potter book came out, kek. I doubt a grown ass man would've "learned" antisemitism from goblins in a children's book. Love how the retard who wrote the article just assumed that her experiences with the book are universal. Also, why isn't she anti-Semitic if she read the book as a kid? Bad logic all the way around.

No. 1752142

They have generally thicker and rougher skin than women, just another way mother nature is misgendering them.

No. 1752143

File: 1674670939505.jpeg (472.4 KB, 828x1027, B6135663-D5AB-40C3-AA31-3ECB65…)

No. 1752149

I've seen six year olds do a better job of painting their nails.

No. 1752154

I think that's just a fat gay guy making a joke

No. 1752155

>It’s uncanny how ridiculous rape apes look next to women
Still applies. Like just go be an effeminate fat guy in peace.

No. 1752156

Gomez Addams doesn’t have a real name, Gomez is a surname, but I don’t see anyone whining about that. Also, Cho is a Japanese and Korean name apparently, maybe Cho Chang is part Japanese or Korean? That could be a possibility.

No. 1752166

he’s too lazy to fully troon out, besides i don’t think his boyfriend would find that attractive, but i see him coming out as a he/they enby and making a huge deal out of it.

No. 1752176

Cho could also be just a different spelling of Chou/Zhou.

No. 1752177

File: 1674673777467.jpg (18.86 KB, 233x310, argail-felix-re-zero-kara-haji…)

Fucking kek this is what he thinks he looks like, like every other troon who obsesses over anime girls and femboys that are drawn to look like female children. The way they all use characters like this as their icons and in their memes to represent themselves versus the reality of how they are just completely average looking males in stupid clothes is so jarring.

No. 1752179

let's not give JKR credit. she was lazy as fuck and put a random korean and chinese name together instead of looking up a real name. Its a name that doesnt make sense in any language. she's not that smart.

No. 1752183

File: 1674674298662.png (1.54 MB, 1172x1962, tranny0.png)

Good thing you'll never achieve either. Magic The Gathering, so womanly.

No. 1752184

it's not racist and she's not lazy, still writing and doing charity work and fighting the troons single-handedly is not the work of a lazy woman. take your stale twitter talking points and tranny ass somewhere else

No. 1752185

how is this cretin only 18

No. 1752186

imagine being 50 and still having this child dynamic with your 80 year old mom. god men are pathetic.

No. 1752191

>random korean and chinese name together
I'm not a HP fan but aren't most of the names in HP ridiculous sounding on purpose? Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Albus Dumbledore, Minerva Mcgonagall sound like unusual names.

No. 1752192

why don't they filter their body skin too? those nails are hysterical

No. 1752199

as a woman who played MTG, they'll never understand what's it like to actually be harassed playing magic because you're a woman.

No. 1752202

Yeah I was thinking this. Like, this dude is at least in his mid-late 40s, his mother is probably in her 70s. Imagine harassing your pensioner mother because she doesn't understand your desire to chop of your penis.

No. 1752205

Are you a TRA ? Or are you retarded ?

>ever succesful author

>opened multiple charities for children, ukrainians and more recently the only female only refuge of the UK
>has been consistently defending actual women and LGB for years now instead of joining the cowards majority

Ofc the HP saga isn't perfect, it's primary audience are children/teens after all but she's achieved more in her lifetime than most people

No. 1752216

kek, thank you for reminding me of that gem

No. 1752224

File: 1674677909909.jpeg (104.65 KB, 750x588, 567D0AAB-61BF-4C47-AEA8-8AB333…)

for fucks sake

No. 1752227

ferris is also canonically a male, he's not a troon. he's also straight lol

No. 1752228

I've never even read HP and I've only seen one of the movies but I love JKR forever for writing every gender goblin's favorite books and then refusing to pander to them. She's one of very few celebrities who handles herself well on social media. Making a billion dollars off crybaby nerds on top of it? :chefskiss:

ps. Read another book, faggots

No. 1752234

File: 1674678665246.jpeg (380.26 KB, 750x1576, C3FA1E79-5428-48D3-8903-0907C7…)

you have no right to complain, you dipshit. if transwomen are women, then woman and trans are meaningless words.

No. 1752240

>44k notes

No. 1752241

File: 1674679188566.jpeg (459.31 KB, 750x1134, F6E9C8FB-C7CD-4456-9CB8-8DB255…)

if transwomen are the same as women, then there’s no difference between afab and amab, right? then why can’t an afab be a transwoman? they want to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 1752243

Irl Kikomi, queen.

No. 1752246

File: 1674679462327.jpeg (310.47 KB, 750x618, 44F44CDE-42A0-4354-A1B2-C8D8E1…)

i’m so sick of hearing about the cringey hacker troon

No. 1752252

File: 1674680130678.jpeg (851.12 KB, 750x3305, 4B7E2886-7039-44CB-BC07-3F01F8…)

he cheated on his wife and even the couple’s therapists agrees he’s a fetishistic freak, but somehow he’s the victim of “transmisogyny”.

No. 1752254

File: 1674680301668.jpeg (484.73 KB, 750x1041, 6C6BC1B7-8565-4CED-9550-F14EEB…)

oh no, he can’t force a woman to see his penis! such dysphoric! much suicidal!

No. 1752256

>Chinese singer Zhang Zhou plays leading roles in three operas

this name controversy doesn't really make any sense

No. 1752258

i fucking hate this type of violating behavior they do. no woman should be forced to look at dicks. it’s just a way for these freaks to get off, on humiliating women and forcing them into sexual situations.

No. 1752259

The replies are hilarious kek
>you need to identify as something other than your assigned at birth sex!
so by this definition, if in a few years from now a female child who was not assigned anything at birth calls herself trans, she'll be a 100% kosher trans girl! i can't wait

No. 1752261

If you're staff at a psych ward and want to force women to look at your penis, there are a whole bunch of patients right there you can expose yourself to and then call them histrionic liars and drug them if they say anything. Men shouldn't work in mixed gender psychiatric units

No. 1752262

and here is another example
>The same name was romanized as "Changchow" on the Chinese Postal Map and Chang-chou in Wade-Giles. Other romanizations include Chang-chow. It also appears as Chang-chu, Chiang-chiu, Chiang-chew, or Chiang Chew[citation needed] from the city's local Hokkien name Chiang-chiu. This name appeared in Spanish and Portuguese Jesuit sources as Chincheo, which was anglicized as Chinchew.

No. 1752265

File: 1674681644834.png (116.39 KB, 1483x552, jk rowling charity.png)

Heartwarming KF response I found when Googling the noodle-armed girl who talks about knocking teeth out but was too cowardly to include her Twitter handle with the article:

No. 1752285

I could be misremembering, but think the issue was that it was backwards? Something about how "Cho" doesn't make sense as a first name.

No. 1752288

Never, ever date or marry a cluster B male, anons. They don't want to change or improve themselves, and they downplay how insane their behavior is during their manic episodes. They often don't even realize that they're being manic. They're emotional vampires who will suck the life force and joy out of you.

For some reason, cluster Bs of both sexes are way more likely to troon out than other groups, likely because they're easily radicalized, have a poor sense of self, and are often narcissists.

No. 1752291

>Even worse, gay
HSTS says the quiet part out loud, lmao. TFW you can't get over your homophobic self hatred, so you saw your dick off and pretend to be a "straight woman."

No. 1752298

Most actual lesbians don't bother with flags at all, so of course all of the people buying the retarded sunset flag are trannies who plan to hang it next to their wrinkly troon flag.

Real lesbians are so difficult to find now that trannies and functionally bisexual/straight women have taken over the label. I've met some normal lesbians IRL but sheer luck, but both online and offline it's mostly just been posers. Sad that a sexual identity is now misused the same way "goth" was fifteen years ago.

AGPs have really flooded into Tumblr since Muskrat bought Twitter. We kept telling Twittards to fuck off, but trannies just love invading places they're told not to go.

No. 1752303

in my TRA era I tried messaging with a tranny that looked sorta passable but once I heard his voice in a voice text I was like nope, I'm really gay.

No. 1752304

i think it shows more of a subconscious racist bias than laziness. HP is heralded as a cultural icon & timepiece more than a pillar of english literature lol. she was a single working mother when she wrote the first few HP books, iirc

No. 1752310

File: 1674686648487.webm (3.63 MB, 720x1280, UK_82g7airGLmXta.webm)

So sexy and seductive

No. 1752321

Oh I was fully unprepared for when Weird Al-chan moved in with the tongue.

No. 1752332

>racist bias
already clarified that its actual chinese name so how is it racist?

No. 1752334

Why don't these idiots target the real problem, which is homophobia.

No. 1752336

>wahhhh transphobia is EVIL but homophobia is fine

No. 1752337

Because they are self-centered narcissists

No. 1752339

i had to stop reading when i got to the magic music altering his body. how can therapists stand treating these people?

No. 1752347

Is there even any difference between homophobia and "transphobia"? Transphobia just seems like an extension of homophobia. TIMs and TIFs are attacked because people assume they are very gender nonconforming homosexuals. "Transmisogyny" makes no sense because the people don't attack TIMs because they see them as women because they aren't, so they aren't experiencing misogyny.

No. 1752362

They don't actually care about homophobia or misogyny. They're just narcs who want to be enabled at all costs and they don't give a fuck about about problems that they feel don't personally involve them.

No. 1752363

>TIMs and TIFs are attacked because people assume they are very gender nonconforming homosexuals
The ones most likely to be attacked are HSTS, so it literally is just gay bashing. But with gay people that pretend to be straights of the opposite sex.

No. 1752364

There isn't, not at its core. Of course nowadays words and wrongthink is literal violence and if you look at someone the wrong way, or you don't want to suck someone's dick or be ogled in a dressing room you're being transphobic according to the TRAs, but at the end of the day it's two sides of the same coin. The men who beat up trannies do it because they think they're faggots, that's it. What women do is simply trying to protect ourselves, yet THAT'S the "violence" they focus on. Clowns.

No. 1752399

File: 1674692185118.png (26.76 KB, 677x178, twitter.png)

they see me rowlin' they hatin

No. 1752401

File: 1674692278391.png (137.99 KB, 679x703, Twitter (2).png)

Also good news in the uk, every other country should follow suit.

No. 1752405

transphobia is anything men in dresses don’t like, so it doesn’t mean shit. when a moid beats the shit out of a gay guy in a dress, that’s homophobia.

No. 1752407

File: 1674692557211.png (221.98 KB, 682x622, colon.png)

mask off moment by monty

No. 1752408

so based it hurts.

No. 1752422

File: 1674693166132.png (28.19 KB, 677x203, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)

The Queen has all the regulars spouting nonsense at her in that thread.

No. 1752425

File: 1674693233797.png (42.46 KB, 968x601, degenerate.png)

Damn degenerate. 1500 mtf subreddits and he, of course, has to post in 2x and you know it was with one had down his pants.

No. 1752427

File: 1674693318007.png (348.87 KB, 677x723, _ Twitter.png)

Why would he post that in a women's subreddit? I swear these retards.

No. 1752433

Do Americans have any big GC celebs like the British do with Rowling?

No. 1752442

>Those of us who have read the books (myself included) likely feel some embarrassment and shame for having once enjoyed them.
No, that’s just you. I’m not going to be embarrassed by something I did as a child that was normal for a child of that era, at least in the west. They’re OBSESSED with this woman and her books. Who thinks about this crap so much? Why would you want to self-flagellate for being into something that was good and fun for its time? Jesus, move the fuck on. It’s getting pathetic the way they never shut up about HP and JKR.

No. 1752443

Sorta. I mean those white TIMs who work in tech look at black tranny prostitute deaths and then brainwash clueless people into believing all trannies face the same risk of violence.

No. 1752449

No, we do not. Last summer Bette Miller and Macy Gray tweeted how the word 'woman' is being erased but quickly back tracked when the heat was on. Few female American celebrities will dare criticize men in dresses.

No. 1752454

male entitlement and ignorance 100%

No. 1752461

the definition of women has now been reduced to what's in your pants by most leftist ideology. sorry, but i'm way more than my genitals. being a woman doesn't just mean you have those parts. it's so much more than that (but that you also have those parts, lol).

No. 1752463

>"no trans girlie bits, what makes her a trans girl?"
and you have no ""woman bits"", what makes you a woman? come on now, are they genuinely retarded or just that hypocritical? there is 0 logic to gender ideology and trannies will use any argument including TERF ones depending on what they have to whine about.

some people hear legit names like li, zhang, wang and immediately go "wow racist" because the names sound too weird or stereotypical to them, which is ironic. plus everyone in HP has weird or nonexistent names so i feel like people are just grasping at straws for reasons to be mad at JKR.

No. 1752464

Try to tell those top 5 bullet points to any woman over 30. Males are absolutely delusional about how men treat women.
I was raised Baptist, and I can immediately tell when some scrote online is a late life larper. Especially when it comes to the "I can't help muh dick God made me horny and a liar" bullshit that directly contradicts everything in the actual religion.
He's got that canned biscuits skin texture.

No. 1752471

>being gay is “sinister”
These men are so desperate to get fucked by other guys without being gay they will really now call it SINISTER to say it’s gay. Now it’s not “it’s not gay unless balls touch,” it’s “it’s not gay (and therefore evil and SINISTER) if I have long hair and I’m wearing a skirt.”

No. 1752476

There are so many reviews and comments on reviews of the Sex Changes book where transwidows say their own partners completely changed after coming out, like the husbands thought being a woman meant being a manipulative brat all the time.


No. 1752478

Troons need an anime detox I stg…

No. 1752482

these people are so delusional, they think everyone they dont like are in cahoots

No. 1752483

File: 1674697539221.png (226.94 KB, 1453x780, Screenshot (2031).png)

>Cho Chang is racist
>the day white liberals stop projecting their racism is the day pigs fly

No. 1752489

Agree there, nona. I was on a mixed sex unit for under-25s and one of the male HCAs was having sex with a 16years old female patient. I'm amazed there was no sexual violence between patients honestly (lots of physical but that's a given on a psych ward).

No. 1752490

Bipolar disorder of any type isn't a Cluster B disorder. It's not a personality disorder.

No. 1752493

File: 1674699278611.png (1.03 MB, 720x1440, 56a61275-33b7-5d5e-b56e-9004b3…)

Males are broken. Just think of all the conditioning and pain you had to go through since birth in order to tolerate these creatures under normal circumstances, and this is how THEY turn out. Also, "Danielle" Muscato is on drugs, evicted from his parents house for the 2nd time, and melting down. Check KF.

No. 1752498

>85% match
ouch, nona!

No. 1752499

I stole it from ovarit. I feel sorry for lesbians. They broke the conditioning and still can't escape scrotes.

No. 1752501

Last time I used OKCupid well over 10 years ago there was an option "I don't want to be visible to straight people". I wonder how many keywords you'd have to exclude so this freak didn't see your profile.

No. 1752506

File: 1674701119500.jpg (198.91 KB, 800x903, Dwj10T9WwAAf8Ju.jpg)

the difference between him vs his avatar kek. eyes that don't look at you but through you

No. 1752508

Those last sentences… such a fucking queen

No. 1752513

File: 1674702094215.jpg (131.8 KB, 828x1610, FnQEAkFacAEo7w8.jpg)

Showing off his boner in the women's washroom ~just girlie things

No. 1752524

File: 1674703623171.png (1.37 MB, 1081x5621, chrome_screenshot_167470351893…)

No. 1752525

File: 1674703676445.jpg (176.2 KB, 1200x1800, e867ywo47pca1.jpg)

The guy

No. 1752527

Alright, everything else aside,
>38 years old
>In the club
>Surrounded by college girls
>"This may sound crazy, but I somehow feel…. unwelcome? Surely the explanation for this is the Terfs"

No. 1752541

File: 1674705443095.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 33j4j44.png)

No. 1752543

If I walked into any kind of gathering and everyone else was way younger, I would just leave. Clubs should just ban men over 30, especially on lesbian night. Nobody wants dad-age community dick.

No. 1752549

Uncle Bibi is now Aunt Bibi, it's official!
As an aside, this guy is very autistic and has adult care personnel with him. I feel slightly bad for showcasing him in such a negative light, but this is a case study for what happens if you let your neurodivergent sons to have free access to the internet.

No. 1752552

>My skirt landed in the up position and removed any doubt of what I had between my legs.
Buddy, there was never any doubt. If this actually happened, he probably got off on it.

Also, it seems unlikely to me that he would be the only tranny at a "Sapphic Night," with over a hundred attendees. I'm going to take a guess and say that the hot college girls in jeans were probably just a single clique of women that he spent all night ogling.

No. 1752553

>tries to larp as a porno lesbian
>wears a tiny skirt and high heels
>everyone else in jeans and tshirts
>towers over the actual lesbians
>is also the only middle aged man at the club
>manages to accidently flash everyone his junk
Clearly the TERFs are to blame for this!

No. 1752555

those sons need to be euthanized.

No. 1752556

Someone rescue that poor kitty before this sicko rapes it

No. 1752557

Is this that guy on tlc? I went down to the comments section and it's just a bunch handmaidens caping for him and calling it "therapeutic age regression" without them knowing that he has admitted to it being a kink and is still actively making ageplay porn. Fucking disgusting how people just lets him get away with it.

No. 1752562

He's not GC, but Michael Phelps has said that he believes TIMs have an unfair advantage in women's sports. Pretty hilarious considering how often trannies erroneously use him as an example of unfair advantages.

I assume by "GC," you mean liberals who oppose or question troonshit. America is aggressively partisan; either you're a liberal who sides with literally all left talking points, or you're a conservative who sides with all right wing planks. If you try to mix and match, your party will say that you're "(party) in name only," and treat you like shit. Basically, your choice is to accept literally everything one side says and be mistreated by the other side, or actually follow your own mixed beliefs and be screamed at by both. Plus the retarded argument that troonphobia=racism has a much stronger effect on Americans because of our country's issues with race.

Because of all that, Americans against troons are very quiet about it. If they're outspoken about it, they pussy out and backpedal like Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

No. 1752563

I don't hate this because it implies Mario is a terf/terf ally.

No. 1752569

File: 1674709795580.jpeg (142.75 KB, 1080x1556, 6CEB49CC-BC9D-45B6-B6A7-B7BB20…)

>Looked super cute

No. 1752570

> Luckily, a couple ladies come to my aid and take me to the bathroom where they ask me if I'm ok and I answer with ten seconds of silence then lots and lots of tears. They hug me and tell me that nobody will remember this tomorrow. thank them
for their kindness and leave.
ffs, women need to stop babying these gross fetishists. they objectify lesbians and get off on misogyny. don’t waste your kindness on men who hate women and actively work to take away our rights.

No. 1752573

File: 1674710468457.jpeg (178.31 KB, 750x466, A179D2D5-884F-4E80-ABEA-1912DE…)

i bet he jerks off to the idea of impregnating lesbians.

No. 1752574

The disgusting thing is that even after everybody went out of their way to tolerate him, and some even coddled him, he'll still be seething mad at them all. There's no way to win with entitled scrotes.

No. 1752578

That's what gets me. If women stopped coddling and lying to trannies, theyd know no one wants them. Men don't try to protect the feelings of aidens

No. 1752583

>I manage to hop into a conversation with a group of ladies
Otherwise known as a man butting into a group of women chatting, tale as old as time.

No. 1752595

>I feel like I don't understand lesbians
>I'm not sure I belong here
Love to hear it.

No. 1752597

I don't understand why women agree to being inseminated with some random moid's sperm. It's another reason why I'm more into adoption.

No. 1752603

File: 1674713968032.png (613.4 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20230125-221529.png)

is literally anything NOT sexual for them?

No. 1752606

ah yes, only women can cry as the male brain "cauterizes" itself to prevent one from doing so. Women, of course also experience leg shaking "sadness orgasms" from the overwhelming sadness they alone can experience. It's science you guys, duh.

No. 1752608

God I hope this one doesn't catch on. It will end up just another way to legitimize harassing your gf/wife until she breaks down in tears.

No. 1752610

>I feel like I don't understand lesbians
Every AGP moid I have ever had the displeasure of coming across invariably comes to this conclusion, wrestles with it over and over again for months or years at a time, and inevitably becomes either prison-bi for other trans moids or starts dating chasers because no real lesbian will have them. My personal cow is in the late stages of this trajectory right now. He desperately wants to believe he isn't AGP but no amount of sadposting about being a manmoding femboy will erase his true transbian nature lol.

No. 1752615

he got way more tolerance and kindness than he deserved

No. 1752656

this reads as so predatory to me like he's trying to say that "women hysterically shaking and crying" is orgasmically pleasurable for them, this makes me want to vomit

No. 1752657

>is literally anything NOT sexual for them?
nose picking?

No. 1752658

He's an AGP so he's probably going to end up with another AGP. I do know some AGP in relationships with bi women and the bi women will call themselves "lesbians" to make the AGP feel better about themselves. Wish these women would dump their AGP boyfriends and get some self respect.

No. 1752662

You clearly missed the covid test nose-orgasm memes

No. 1752663

>the goblins of the series are portrayed as “beady-eyed” and “hook-nosed” beings that control the banking system to further their own “greedy” ends. I wonder if Kanye West read these books as a child, because they’re probably where he gets a lot of his antisemitic views. Gross.
I'm fucking crying over their projections and insisting that goblins are jews, all because trans people themselves see jews this way. Where the fuck have you ever seen a sweet twinkly eyed little angel-like goblin with a generous personality? It's literally just a creature from old folklore looking and acting like they do in the folklore, nothing to do with jews at all. It's like if they insisted the troll is transphobic because transwomen are big, ugly, violent and out to hurt little girls in the girl's bathroom where they don't belong. God I hope they start saying that too, it would be so funny.

No. 1752666

He looks like Sharon Needles after he fucked up his face with plastic surgery. Which is funny, because Aaron fucked up his face on purpose. He said he always was fascinated with people who are botched like Amanda Lepore.

I also noticed that a lot of radfems seem to have been into drag at one point. I was super into it from a pretty young age. I learned how to do makeup from queens on YouTube, loved John Waters and rhps, started going to drag shows once I turned 18, etc. But the more I got into radical feminism, the more and more I saw it for what it actually is. "Womanface" and a mockery of women. I cut off all my drag friends too. Even the drag kings. I still follow a few "bio queens" like Creme Fatale.

No. 1752667

File: 1674725156512.jpg (250.12 KB, 1908x1146, 45A2C28000000578-0-image-a-13_…)

Samefag. Dropped pic

No. 1752670

This retard is describing in his nasty coomer terminology the natural release of relief crying causes because your body releases endorphins to soothe your emotional state. I hate trannies and their need to sexualize every aspect of their lives.

No. 1752678

Goblin = Jews is ridiculous. A fictional creature actually based on Jews would be Tolkien dwarves.

No. 1752682

I think a lot of women initially like seeing men do makeup and feminine clothes (both drag and trans) because it both has some comedic value and it's like they actually value our feminine traits without the direct sexual connotations (as they are perceived as gay or have their sexual desires directed to themselves and not us women). So in the beginning it seems empowering to have men value feminine things, but in reality they're doing it as an offensive stereotypical caricature to mock women, or as a sexual fetish, and after a while you start to see that and it's not so fun anymore

No. 1752687

Seriously though. I knew so many moids who thought virgin women could lactate just by playing with them. In order to make a non-lactating woman lactate to prepare for an adopted baby/surrogate child the process itself needs to take 6 or so months to a year, this includes getting up throughout the night to pump, lactation consultant visits weekly, taking a ton of medication, etc. Why would scrotes who never seen a lactation consultant a day in their life magically be able to lactate by getting on HRT?

No. 1752693

File: 1674731460972.jpeg (300.31 KB, 750x1016, 0D4C9ED8-9B8E-49A6-8ED7-302C51…)

this ugly troon fills me with so much rage. Does he not realize how weird and off putting he looks?

No. 1752695

I always like flipping these rage-fueled rants, because all men do is project their shit on to women as usual.

Like, check this out:

Trans identified males aren't going to learn, being polite and kind towards them isn't going to help, you can't magically turn misogynists into actual people worthy of sharing our oxygen.

The only thing they understand is violence and hatred - treating them kindly just teaches them that women are a group of scared children who would rather let them walk all over us than stand up for ourselves.

There's no such thing as "killing them with kindness", or "turning the other cheek". Pacifism is just a prettier word for cowardice.

No. 1752696

>Typical libfem thinks children are responsible for actions that took place before they were born
Humanity is a joke at this point

No. 1752698

it's him, the troll from the harry potter books

No. 1752700

File: 1674733692126.jpg (614.16 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20230126-062404_Chr…)

Average reddit tranny:

No. 1752701

Every moid who thinks he's a woman has absolutely rampant gum disease from not brushing and flossing. If there's anything I learnt in the dental industry it's that women are infinitely cleaner than scrotes.

No. 1752704

and I think I looked old, he looks like 40 at least, my god

No. 1752709

>24 yo
WHAT, how

No. 1752712

Troonshit has really soured my interest in GNC men, to be honest. Before genderism became mainstream, straight men just did GNC stuff publicly as a fashion statement or to be edgy, while the perverts generally kept their shit behind closed doors. Now the perverts are the only ones doing it, save for Harry Styles, who is ugly and sucks at it anyway. Gone are the days of Marc Bolan and Brian Molko.

A minor scrote actor I like recently modeled purses for a fashion company, and it made me nostalgic. It was refreshing in that was artsy and wholesome, so divorced from the performative gender stereotypes of people like Dylan Mulvaney.

No. 1752724

File: 1674737105391.png (509.9 KB, 676x421, 2sadel.png)

>"Troon in the bathroom, troon in the dungeon!"

No. 1752728

He looks like melting silly putty

No. 1752730

Is he blind…?

No. 1752732

fucking kek

No. 1752734

gave me a hearty chuckle nonna kek

sometimes i feel kinda ugly but fuck me, seeing these mugs is enough to feel any woman like an ethereal beauty kek

No. 1752735

Why do they give a shit about some actor's opinion on troons? What is it with this demographic and needing to feel validation from what people you will never meet think of something? Wasn't Mark Hamill just doing some "protect trans kids" thing recently?

Not Erin Reed mutilating his dick.

No. 1752740

File: 1674739297972.jpg (160.11 KB, 828x817, FnYbh0MacAMHtJX.jpg)

So many of these people have such obvious autism it almost hurts, I wonder why transgenderism is so popular within the autistic community? Its either autism or anime incels or in many cases both

No. 1752741

File: 1674739473275.png (92.17 KB, 682x940, 765675675657576.png)

The comments did not hold back kek

No. 1752751

what the actual fuck is he talking about

lmao nonna

No. 1752756

Can any medical nona explain what went wrong here? On his channel he used to be extremely articulate. Still obviously autistic but 6+ years ago he wasn't talking slow and focused on being an animal and this tranny shit. The difference between having a severely autistic son versus an autistic girl is so stark every time.

No. 1752762

Canada goose? I had richoids

No. 1752769

Norms are difficult to understand for people on the spectrum. So they are more likely to act gender nonconforming. Same reason why same sex attracted people are more likely to transition. Fitting a sex-role is difficult and even impossible for them. So they transition because it's easier to be labelled weird than abolishing patriarchy. It's always easier to side with the abuser.

No. 1752771

I saw a troon post on twox about being nervous being out in public at Victoria’s Secret and how everyone treated him super nicely and heaped on compliments purposefully like kek if you want to be a woman you’d just go on your merry way and not have to be treated like a special needs person just for going into a shop. It’s so retarded too because it’s not like women always get compliments or encouragement from strangers when they go about their day but when it’s an obvious troon moid everyone has to go out of their way to be the best little handmaiden. These freaks thrive off attention because they can’t do shit independently to improve their own life.

No. 1752774

File: 1674747989378.jpg (464.85 KB, 1079x2168, Screenshot_20230126_154350_Red…)

Can you believe it's been a year since this interview? While this is more on the reddit drama thread, the troon subs (especially mtf) did everything in the janny powers to defend this troglodite, despite him admitting to SA. Honestly amazing

No. 1752775

File: 1674748322587.jpg (1000.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20230126-104913_Red…)

You've got to be kidding me kek

No. 1752783

Since 2010 the only time I have heard the phrase "Sapphic" outside of academia is from trannies so yeah, I'd expect a "sapphic night" to be trans-focussed at this point.

No. 1752785

From what I remember of Tolkien, the dwarfs were quite handy in battle whereas Jews.. we are not a generally athletic people.

No. 1752789

i always thought the hobbits were more like jews than dwarves. quiet, keeps to themselves, they also just took all of bilbo’s shit the second he left. just because no one likes the dwarves and they like gold doesn’t make them jews. i doubt tolkien was that blatant about antisemitism.

No. 1752791

good, i've always hated that fucking creep and his shitty mercy rework ideas. why does the game i enjoy attract so many sexpests and degenerates?

No. 1752792

I don't know this person but from experience as a wrangler… maybe something in his environment or routine changed, threw him off, and they had to medicate him?

No. 1752808

HRT hurts their brains a lot, they get brain fog and can't think properly (it's probably permanent to some degree but detrans men say they feel like they can finally think again when they go back on testosterone so they can at least stop it from getting worse). Trans people have a high risk of early dementia because of it, i think the risk is slightly higher for women on HRT but it's consistent for both sexes.

But either way, HRT is literally giving troons brain damage and it affects how they think, act and speak.

No. 1752847


say what u will about aunt bibby he's still the best troon musician out there

No. 1752876

i feel like i'm actually going insane, i was reading more about puberty blockers so i could be more informed vs just my gut instinct that they're wrong and unhealthy. so puberty blockers are said to be to delay puberty so kids can have more time to choose to transition, but there are NO long term studies on what happens if a kid chooses not to transition and resumes puberty. basically all kids who go on puberty blockers transition, so it's not really to 'give them time to choose' but just the first step to transitioning. and if they go from puberty blockers to hormone therapy they will 100% be infertile and they won't be able to have any sexual function. but they literally say how safe puberty blockers are and that they can just magically resume puberty but it makes sense that kids who go on puberty blockers are probably too scared or brainwashed to back out. like a big pro-life talking point is how horrible forcing a child to remain pregnant is (which it obviously is) but how is it not horrible to sterilize kids? but if you're against puberty blockers you're seen as some schizo right winger instead of someone who's genuinely worried about children. i feel like there's going to be a huge amount of suicides for teens/young adults in about 10 years once these kids grow up and realize the severity of the choice their parents let them make.

No. 1752879

File: 1674758561522.jpg (415.88 KB, 720x1153, Picsart_23-01-26_19-39-07-839.…)

kekek you beat me anon. I've been keking/crying irl for a good 15 minutes and now my moid and pets think i'm possessed

No. 1752892

There aren't long term studies about the usage for "trans kids" but there are adults who are suffering for being on the same drugs for precocious puberty. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/women-fear-drug-they-used-to-halt-puberty-led-to-health-problems

No. 1752893

Puberty blockers are named as such because they don't delay puberty, they block it. Even if someone stops puberty blockers in adolescence, they're not going to go through the same natural puberty at age 16 than they would have at age 12.
Plus they say puberty is such an awkward, uncomfortable, and confusing time. You know what else is a very uncomfortable and confusing time? The late teens and early 20's, which is the stage in life people need to make huge impactful decisions and establish independence. Having someone experience puberty at this stage in life would be compounding stress and discomfort and overall not setting someone up for life success.
It's retarded to say delaying puberty is a good choice for anything.

No. 1752903

women can't have anything, even our musicians are just dolls for gays to play pop star with

No. 1752905

I don't get why using a troon's former name is so haram, almost everybody who has legally changed their name has their birth name listed on wikipedia, and I'm pretty sure Alice Cooper isn't going to sue you if you call him Vincent Furnier, so why do they want even more special treatment?

No. 1752914

This is exactly what I've been saying ever since moids started pushing puberty blockers for kids. They screech about how they save lives and what a cruel fate it would be to make kids go through puberty with a body they aren't comfortable with. If I were a young kid on puberty blockers while all my friends bodies were changing, getting taller and features changing while I stayed short and looked the same as I did in elementary, I'd feel pretty out of place and uncomfortable. Then they want these kids to start going through puberty, naturally if they stop blockers, or through HRT, as a young adult? The mixture of mental anguish, physical discomfort, and social outcasting sounds like a prefect recipe to increase the 41%. It's never been about saving kids.

No. 1752915

it's because most women are poor and men have the wealth and all the leverage

No. 1752920

there are some studies on their use for precocious puberty but the girls taking it got off them at around 12 to resume puberty, but even that doesn't have enough studies done.

No. 1752924

Because scrotes think the reason they aren't living the female lesbian-moid-porno-inspired life is because of women still recognising that they are men, no matter how tiny or reasonable that recognisation is, such as referencing their old name, so they react with violent outrage as if it's the greatest sin because it is, in their mind, getting in the way of their coom and it needs to be STOPED NOW so they can access the endless coom they desire.

No. 1752931

tolkien wrote an essay about how his dwarves were jews in response to wagner's ring saga negative characterization of dwarves as jews. their language in the novels is semitic

No. 1752946

File: 1674762710909.jpg (393.4 KB, 720x1275, Screenshot_20230126_204835_Fac…)

troonies are so delusional they must have face blindness to think they pass

No. 1752994

File: 1674764776249.jpg (225.67 KB, 718x895, Screenshot_20230126_204813_Fac…)

No. 1753001

File: 1674765007637.png (740.3 KB, 982x1079, Screenshot (127).png)

anyone remembers charlieissocoollike? he's a british youtuber, 32. bisexual. i remember that i had a crush on him when i was a teenager. now he's a tranny. how? what on earth goes on in the mind of moids? he always seemed like a genuinely good guy, as far as i remember

No. 1753015

You're late, nona. See >>1751843 and >>1751869. We discuss this 2 or 3 threads ago.

No. 1753016

File: 1674765726515.jpeg (254.18 KB, 2048x2048, crop.jpeg)

No. 1753061

File: 1674768567574.jpg (210.19 KB, 720x908, Screenshot_20230126_204855_Fac…)

and my favourite

No. 1753064

thank god

No. 1753070

>too scared to come out to my bigoted family
God why they always speak like they're teens in a christian household. This dude is probably 50 and father of 3.

No. 1753097

>Mtf btw

No shit

No. 1753152

Kenny AGP kek

No. 1753168

Trans woman to be sent to men's prison despite being super duper female and also a rapist.

No. 1753200

File: 1674772860890.png (1.82 MB, 814x5094, t.png)


No. 1753257

justin mcelroy trooned out

No. 1753309

>”there is no automatic right for a trans woman convicted of a crime to serve their sentence in a female prison even if they have a gender recognition certificate.”

this should just be the blanket statement every country/state says. they don’t have a right to what prison they serve time in. i can’t believe we’ll let people be falsely convicted or assaulted by guards but god forbid we make a man with a dick serve time with other men with dicks.

No. 1753311

That fucking smug. Who thinks this is hot? I can only believe it's themselves.
The glasses indicate yes

No. 1753316

Many of them do have face blindness, it's not uncommon in autism.

No. 1753317

i died hahahaha

No. 1753320

> America is aggressively partisan; either you're a liberal who sides with literally all left talking points, or you're a conservative who sides with all right wing planks. If you try to mix and match, your party will say that you're "(party) in name only," and treat you like shit. Basically, your choice is to accept literally everything one side says and be mistreated by the other side, or actually follow your own mixed beliefs and be screamed at by both. Plus the retarded argument that troonphobia=racism has a much stronger effect on Americans because of our country's issues with race.

This is an important point. Troons are the perfect kapos and purity test, especially now that corporate donor-fellating Dems don't have Roe to use as a choke chain anymore.

No. 1753322

Jazz Jennings never grew enough penis to have it inverted bc of blockers. And god knows if I was a kid right now, I'd be jumping on this train bc I was such a tomboy. In reality, i didn't like how girls were treated by society and how I was expected to act, like most gay kids. This shit is conversion therapy a lot of the time.

Honestly, what really repeaked me was vidrel when they discussed what lupron actually is. Not that I should believe anything Blaire White says though lol

Why do they even have to come out? Why can't they just be themselves without there being an announcement.

No. 1753348

You’re probably right, which means he’s probably scared of losing his emotional and domestic labor slave (wife).

No. 1753350

File: 1674779371159.jpeg (372.08 KB, 750x995, 701B3DB3-A1E4-452D-87E2-BE2E1B…)

he’s a pedo, isn’t he?

No. 1753357

The dwarves are good at fighting because Tolkien was influenced by how violent the Jewish people were in the Old Teatament.

No. 1753359

Late but he went through electroshock therapy and declined from there on. Really sad imo

No. 1753360

Now that I like.

Was this because of depression or behavioural issues? I feel sad for him now.

No. 1753362

Probably. Also, however shitty it was, we all had childhoods. Mine was shitty and I'd like to go back and be 10-17 again without being scared I was going to be killed by my own family members but despite that shit I was still a child and have memories of being one. This moid is acting like because he didn't have the exact childhood he wanted he has a void. How does he know it'd have been any better? Idiot.

No. 1753364

Tolkien explicitly stated the dwarves were based on Jews. Hobbits are based on rural English people.

No. 1753366

File: 1674780229204.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2797x2940, CEC340A6-CD5B-4990-A256-A3F282…)

is that supposed to be a cher from clueless cosplay? yikes

No. 1753367

File: 1674780406106.jpeg (657.46 KB, 750x1233, D1B24DB3-C0FE-43CC-B378-E0C62C…)

the delusion

No. 1753371

"knock some teeth out"? wow does this pathetic little LARPing shit know Rowling herself was a victim of domestic abuse? Is that why that part was added? Yeah let's continue the cycle of abuse everyone! Trans rights are abusive men's rights! what an unbelievably disgusting thing to put at the end of your whiny ass "article". fucking christ

No. 1753372

he only wants to relive his childhood just so he can look like a hot underage girl, nothing else, and he's no doubt an incel that believe women hit the wall on their mid 20's, even their early 20's. prob reads loli hentai too.

No. 1753374

File: 1674780649328.jpg (8.94 KB, 256x256, 5cb35822266f4e23f989f6452dc435…)

I fucking hate that they all name themselves Lilith, it's such a beautiful name now associated with incel neanderthals. Picrel is me.

No. 1753378

DW, nona. The original Lilith would have yanked their sorry dicks off.

No. 1753385

there's also a running joke about how so many male converts are ginger males

No. 1753397

LOL that makes so much sense

No. 1753398

>the worst part of being a lesbian is when a troon sees you and not knowing if he wants to rape you or kill you (or both).

I hate the female envy meme that moids promote. I’ve never wanted to be another woman. I’m one of those “all women are queens” cringe lesbians.

No. 1753400

A lot of people think Tolkien's dwarves are based on the Scottish and Vikings but they're actually based on Jews. The dwarves speak Khdzul which is a quasi-Semitic language, but they only speak it among themselves (like Jews did with Hebrew). They have Nordic names but Tolkien said that these are just "outer" names they use with non-dwarves, and their true dwarven names are based on Semitic languages. The dwarves lost their original homeland, became a diaspora, and live as a minority in lands ruled by other races where they often face persecution. Tolkien denounced antisemitism and racism so he tried to make the dwarves a positive depiction of Jews compared to what many other writers of his time did. Up to you to decide whether or not he succeeded.(derailing)

No. 1753408

Can you report that? Flashing in public especially at a children’s basketball is fucking disgusting.

No. 1753417

The exhibitionism is so strong in troons, part of why I peaked is knowing ones IRL who also kept doing exhibitionist shit like “accidentally” flashing their balls and nipples to groups of people at parties and other social gatherings, along with a lot of other inappropriate behavior like speaking in extreme detail publicly about enjoying anal sex or things like that.

No. 1753418

>Why do they even have to come out? Why can't they just be themselves without there being an announcement.

They're attention whores; like my partner's coworker TIF who sent everyone in their studio a 15 page Google doc to explain their coming out when all she had to say was she was a self hating homophobic lesbian because she grew up in a conservative religious community.

No. 1753422

I know a "non binary femme" (a woman) who does this. Literally flashed a nipple to the room in a coffee shop in the middle of the day. I think some people with personality issues add troon armor to their crazy.

No. 1753436

ugh! as if.

No. 1753444

File: 1674787867964.gif (139.05 KB, 220x210, 4677.gif)

No. 1753451

Alice Cooper isn't an autist manchild with BPD, that's why.

No. 1753502

The only woman, real or fiction, I've heard with the name Lilith is Frasier Crane's ex-wife.

No. 1753543

File: 1674792828818.jpg (613.2 KB, 1132x1833, Untitled.jpg)


I was confused at the beginning at how this "mother" was handling PPD, (I have it myself as a new mom) but then I realized it's just a troon claiming PPD and neglecting their baby. The actual mother is just making excuses for them. I'm so upset at the situation this poor baby is in.

No. 1753546

File: 1674793169284.png (1.32 MB, 866x1470, Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 01.15…)

Dylan is revealing his "new face" tomorrow. Grab the popcorn, nonnas, for the shit show is about to begin!

No. 1753547

what a fucking jumpscare

No. 1753549

I can't wait to see what the doctors did with his horrible case of fagface.

No. 1753550

If he passed, he wouldn't have to "come out" to his family as he wouldn't be able to keep it a secret. How dumb can he be.

Jesus this is infuriating. She hides the fact that she's talking about her troon husband until the 7th paragraph so yeah it doesn't make sense at first. I understand love is blind but how is she okay with him claiming to have PPD and using her pregnancy to justify his behavior… Sad.

No. 1753555

There are so many red flags, the fact that the real mother is giving herself the blame behind the troons depression is horrible, letting yourself get called "bitch" is sad and leaving your child in the hands of a troon that won't do anything besides masturbating is terrifying.
I guess that troon is the first person in her life ever telling her that he loves her and there is no one else she could run to. That child will have an amazing future life, wish troons would have to be sterilised before they can change their gender.

No. 1753558

The actual mother is a piece of shit too, she doesn’t give a flying fuck about the baby and is only concerned with her useless “wife’s” mEnTaL HeALth. Also is she implying the troon is watching CP?! I hope the poor kid is removed from these two degenerate dumbfucks and placed in a loving home.

No. 1753566

File: 1674795362367.jpeg (854.45 KB, 877x2021, DFC3EBC8-3AB1-40D1-AE2D-AE9E73…)

Wtf this CANNOT be real

No. 1753568

File: 1674795409043.jpeg (853.23 KB, 863x1989, 7B2311C6-96CE-46E2-963B-B684ED…)

No. 1753577

should be illegal for trannies to breed, straight up

No. 1753579

I hope this is a troll. Please be a troll for that baby's sake. If it's not that baby needs to be put up for adoption asap.

No. 1753583

I’m leaning toward troll (some of it reads a little too on-the-nose and fanfic-y) but that may just be to preserve my own sanity

No. 1753586

idk it also kind of feels real, mostly just because of small details like the baby's head getting flat spots and also the fact that there are tons of serious reddit posts about selfish moids trooning out and bring heinous after the baby is born. like playing video games and not working while the wife does everything.

No. 1753595

I was hoping it was a troll too at first but I agree the details like the flat spot from laying in a playpen all day made me think otherwise. I also read another story about a moid jerking off to porn next to their child. It's like their brains just turn off to the fact there's a living breathing baby next to them, probably watching them (since babies are trying to learn from their environment)… Some of men are just animals, and no amount of hormones and "life saving surgeries" are going to change what they are at their core.

No. 1753596

I've never in my life seen a woman wearing one of those utilitarian hair washing/hair styling clips outside of the house/salon. Lmao, that's like leaving the hair curlers in and calling it a style.
I want to believe it's a troll, but it's so normal for a woman end up playing attack dog and Hollywood fixer for a malicious scrote. And I've been there where the lies and manipulation made me feel like Prince Scrote was cruelly tormented daily, and I was the lucky one with a perfect life. It's almost impossible for a woman to extract herself once a manipulative man has dragged her down for years.

No. 1753598

"Japan: As of 2020, Japan requires the forced sterilization of transgender people for the legal recognition of sex reassignment."

No. 1753600

i hate when men claim to have ppd. obviously having a child is a big life change that can affect you whether you gave birth to it or not, but it's not the same thing. if you didn't give birth, you don't have ppd.

No. 1753601

Men are really gross. I knew a lady whose husband insisted on having sex while their toddler's bed was in the same bedroom.

No. 1753603

based af

No. 1753610

The fuck…? I feel awkward even if it's my dog in the room, I can't imagine just being chill with that

love to see it

No. 1753619

Yes it is. mark needs to just come out of the TERF closet already.

No. 1753624

Anon, they're still getting rid of women's toilets in certain workplaces and female-only universities allow trannies in based on Self ID in Japan. They even get gender counsellors to gaslight the women into accepting men at women's universities.

No. 1753636

Truly, scrotes will bitch and moan about being based all day when they are such cowards they can’t even cop to common sense like not thinking a man is a woman because he says so because it’s degenerate bros before women.

No. 1753639

File: 1674807482076.jpg (933.03 KB, 1843x4096, foto_no_exif (2).jpg)

I thought this was based but i had to check, and i was right. As usual, the lesbian twitter profile using a pretty kpop woman as a mask is a tranny shilling transbians as something zoomer lesbian girls should accept. Whats new kek

No. 1753650

Whenever TRA's screech "men aren't a part of lesbianism", they mean lesbian TiFs usually. AGPs are absolutely seething that a lesbian would rather get with a transmasc enbie or TiF, since they're still female, than a TiM, who will always be a male. Also there's a group of lesbian TiFs, who still acknowledge they're just transitioned lesbians, which again gets the TiMs angry. It goes against their whole "you can identify into anything and just deny your past and what you really are". If TiFs don't automatically get kicked out, then that would mean for TiMs they wouldn't be automatically included just by trooning out.

No. 1753682

Can't wait to see the horrible shaved brow bone. It always looks uncanny. As a real woman with a protruding brow bone that compliments my face I kek at that specific obsession to have a ball shaped head the most.

No. 1753684

He doesn't have to. Terfs and TRAs have told men to keep quiet, so he's enjoying the free pass.

No. 1753685

lmfao this. it's almost always because tifs "look like men" or for all intents and purposes ARE men, completely disregarding the thousands of troonies who look more like moids in full makeup and dresses than most tifs do on multiple years of T. i've also seen women say they got turned off to their tif partner because of the voice changes, hair growth, skin texture etc and tims use this ALL THE TIME to argue against lesbian tifs. the irony is excruciating

No. 1753688

>Now I'm not worried about her masturbating and I'm not really worried about most types of porn, but I know the type of videos she has to watch to orgasm and it makes me very uncomfortable having that near the baby.
Tf is he watching??

No. 1753713

Andropause brain. The sad fate of all men

No. 1753720

sorry to burst your bubble nona, but the admins are both they/them TiFs

No. 1753735

Rest easy, the number of handmaidens in Japan is microscopic. Even when private institutions manage to pass this shit, nobody takes it seriously. The normie women will continue on as usual aka acting visibly horrified and disgusted if a weird man is existing near them in a women’s space. There will be gaping space bubbles around anyone who is obviously male, I guarantee it.

People loves coming out of the woodwork to claim japan is soooo accepting of troons, but the uggo foreigners are getting a pass because the japanese see them and write it off as some weird western bullshit. Meanwhile, the hideous jp fetish grandpas strutting around in head to toe women’s pink hello kitty room wear are just getting mentally obliterated out of everyone’s vision like that black mirror episode kek. “If I don’t look, it’s not happening/doesn’t exist” is every Japanese persons fav mentality in public. I’m getting a little off topic from my original reply, but I’ve seen some nonas freaking out about japan going down the shitter re: troons in previous threads. It’s definitely not.

No. 1753740

File: 1674831052552.jpeg (327.14 KB, 1058x525, 2B820E3E-9BEF-4912-A8C9-955A47…)

What subs are these, sirs? Anyway, this post is from u/chloethebitch, who is mad reddit actually responded to his violent speech towards women. I’m posting the revddit link since it includes all the comments and mentions some different ways they want to murder women who disagree with them. Surprised to see voices of reason at all.


No. 1753741

File: 1674831300162.jpeg (989.7 KB, 1284x1230, C8A82101-0277-4D36-906F-AD4016…)

I have the feeling the OP is one of those TiMs who can magically no longer open a pickle jar since coming out as trans.

No. 1753743

>v femme
>an absolute unit

And yes, I’m sure women won’t say anything “TERFish” to you in public (or speak to you at all) because you’re a large, violent and obviously mentally unstable male.

No. 1753744

admins of what? Did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 1753748

It’s not uncommon for people to feel this way when they’re starting careers or families later than what’s been considered normal or average. The part that’s fucked up is him saying things like “I won’t be able to convince others that I’m in my teens” and being suicidal over that. If he actually had a shitty childhood, he should probably seek legitimate therapy instead of trying to convince himself he’s totes a teenage girl in a 30-something scrotes body, but we all know suicide is actually probably the best outcome in this case. Reeks of pedo vibes.

No. 1753749

>Several knives on me at all times
So edgy. Having a shitty pink Amazon knife means nothing if you don't know how to use it

No. 1753752

I feel like it’s a stupid millennial saying (speaking as a millennial) that no one uses anymore, so it’s no surprise a troon would, as they’re usually a decade or more behind on what women are actually wearing, saying, or doing. The skinwalking types always seem to fixate on some girl they had a crush on in the past and get frozen in time trying to be like her.

No. 1753755

I know all men are predatory, but it’s this kind of shit that made me realize TiMs are even more likely to be predators. Never seen a single one that didn’t have some kind of paraphilia that they loved to boast about where most men would keep it private. Troons really are the modern day naked guy in a trench coat that we were warned about.

No. 1753756

i used to follow this fucker in his pre-troon days and he was one of the main reasons i peaked, i did everything right and was still called a bigot kek. turns out hes a creep, color me fucking surprised

No. 1753759

I always thought they were choosing it because of the mythological Lilith, the first wife of Adam, and probably every anime character who was named after the mythological figure.

No. 1753769

File: 1674834427748.jpg (71.42 KB, 780x960, FmcAyJ7WAAMhY7u.jpg)

No. 1753779

Ugh. Im gonna start carrying a knife and when i encounter these freaks in the wild inside a womans restroom im going to chop their fucking dick off and claim he tried to rape me. Idgaf at this point. This doesnt count as alogging since this is the tranny thread and wishing death and harm on a tranny is the only acceptable reaction. Dont try and change my mind.

No. 1753782

Not to use a tiktok word but wrong sex pronouns honestly feel like gaslighting, especially in these contexts. I read this whole thing and was like "????" Because I was picturing a female who has just given birth in my head, not a fucking moid. I was like why is a post partum woman fucking WATCHING PORN next to her baby??? Then I realized what thread I'm on and it clicked. This movement is literally removing sanity from the world, I get why people get so pressed about using she pronouns for male murderers and rapists because is obfuscates the trends and realities of the male and female sex. Sage and sorry for going on a tangent but honestly tired of being straight up lied to all the time by these fucking gender believers, it's so dishonest.

No. 1753783

based nonny ''I just wanted to give them free SRS!!'' is a good excuse too.

No. 1753784

File: 1674835970512.jpg (743.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-01-27-08-09-28…)

Dylan's new face

No. 1753785

Still looks like a man.

No. 1753791

It worries me how people have gone from protecting young girls from weird guys, to letting the guys dress as young girls and hang out with them. I'm seriously creeped out by this picture.

No. 1753793

Where did you find this ? it's not on his tiktok

No. 1753794

The photo quality is poor, but I can see they shaved down his jaw and somethin is up with his under eye tightness and his nose. I wonder if he isnt smilimg cuz his eyes dont mobe anymore kek

No. 1753797

It's from TikTok. He must have removed it. You can see him in motion on his KF thread

No. 1753799

Lol. Trying to skinwalk Bella Hadid.

No. 1753801

Yes!! It’s insane! I feel bad because you can tell a lot of women in the comments end up confused about the actual situation. It’s pretty funny though that the truth always comes out and everyone realizes it makes more sense knowing it was a male. I believe these types of stories lead to peaking simply due to the fact that women know what women do and don’t do, so when you read about a “woman” masturbating next to a child, all the red flags go off and you’re not surprised at all to learn it was actually a man. It happens so frequently with TiMs that it shows sexual deviancy is a massive pattern in their behavior, and the more women are exposed to it and gaslit before they realize what’s actually going on, the more women are going to peak because of it. I really hope the majority of women would care more about their children being abused than about their husband’s fetish and pronoun usage.

No. 1753802

Is he wearing a peacock outfit? A peacock is the perfect obnoxious animal to represent him.

No. 1753805

That, and only the male have those big blue flamboyant feathers kek

No. 1753811

If this is real, I can't with these stupid bitches that one, don't even remotely have their lives financially stable enough to have a baby, two, decide to have a baby with a clearly garbage worthless moid, and three, are so pig-headed that they'd rather keep being a doormat to their mentally ill dude in a dress than admit they fucked up. Christ. Ladies, this is what no self-esteem nor self-respect gets you. Don't be a dumbfuck with these dopes.

No. 1753815

File: 1674838811123.jpeg (45.85 KB, 700x525, E4C139F3-26B3-4593-9DF8-BBF699…)

He’ll never be her.

No. 1753821

File: 1674839120967.jpeg (782.76 KB, 1242x2093, 3DAF2CD7-965E-4442-B4A9-4C21F0…)

We have come full circle, afab transgirls are no longer a terf psyop but a real, tangible idea being circulated in the trans community.

No. 1753823

my head hurts and soon I will transition to a penguin and go live among my kind.

No. 1753824

Kek of course

No. 1753827

i actually know of someone like this. she is a woman who claimed to be a TIF for the longest, despite making very little effort to look masculine. now, she claims to be a trans woman. she is also white, claims to be native, and dyes her hair black and applies patchy, dark spray tan to make herself "look native" kek. i've known of her for 10 years, she is fair skinned & blue eyed naturally. tumblr and its consequences

No. 1753828

Botched botched botched! He used to have at least some symmetry to his face, now he looks like he got punched hard and this was really of reconstructive face surgery.

No. 1753829

I love it when trannies post overly posed, photoshopped to hell and back videos/pictures, because first off, it makes others believe it's possible because the picture moves kek, and second, it's funnier to use the comparison with how it really looks like in candids.

No. 1753831

It cracks me up to see the normie women going “??? ….ohh it’s a man, ok got it, yeah he’s abusive leave him babe.” And then OP screeching about “TERFs” when women in Reddit mom groups are the furthest thing from TERFs, just regular libfems who haven’t been brainwashed by troons to the point of believing males can get PPD. This is why trans ideology is doomed to fail in the long run, because like 95% of people will reflexively have “TERFish” responses if they’re ever exposed to its full insanity. A lot of normies were willing to go along with 90s era “sex and gender are different” discourse, if only bc most of them know GNC people. These same normies aren’t going to be convinced sex doesn’t exist or that men can experience female hormone cycles, that’s a bridge too far.

No. 1753832

> tranny quit call center job to be stay at home dad
… but you can do call center jobs from home; obviously it would be harder to do with a baby but he could totally take a few calls while baby is napping, wtf. A lot of moms do that. Men are such lazy pieces of shit.

No. 1753833

Finally Kikomi has been validated as a real transgirl! So proud of her

No. 1753838

Millions of moms work from home with kids, especially during the pandemic. It’s not ideal but you make it work to support your family. And there are tons of remote contract jobs with flexible hours, including low-stress data entry jobs even a retard could do. You can work early mornings, evenings, during nap time etc. and still have time to play with the baby. But this is a moid we’re talking about, so porn & vidya are far more important priorities than his wife or kid.

No. 1753845

File: 1674840910354.png (4.53 KB, 239x91, Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 12-21…)

Sorry if I missed this, but why were threads #65 and #68 deleted?
FYI, they're available on wayback machine. #65 is fully intact, but #68 is missing a lot of images.

No. 1753848

File: 1674841140345.png (429.66 KB, 434x754, dylan.png)

No. 1753850

kek he transitioned into Bruce Jenner

No. 1753858

his eyes look so beady, ffs always looks like it ''shrinks'' their faces in their huge male skulls.

No. 1753865

File: 1674841706851.jpg (446.37 KB, 1051x953, Screenshot_2023-01-27-09-47-19…)

Kek you can tell they went to the same surgeon

No. 1753866

i legit thought it was bruce jenner

No. 1753868

also in western countries people are a lot more scared to stare/whisper so troons feel more empowered here, but in japan they'll stare at you blatantly. i mean eating on the train is enough to get people to give you dirty looks LOL when i visited a few years ago there was an old troon (or maybe just a cross dresser) on the train and you could physically FEEL the uncomfortable atmosphere and almost this anger/annoyance. people weren't sneaking peaks, they were just staring and looking disgusted. it was packed enough that a lot of people were standing but there was a clear ring of space around him. he was standing and wearing heels too so he was taller than everyone, including me and my husband.

No. 1753871

ngl i thought he didn't look too bad in the first picture but wtf is this?? he looks like he's 40 and has had too much surgery even though it's his first procedure. and this creepy stare.. nothing can be done about it i guess


No. 1753872

reminder that this man is 26 years old

No. 1753874

Damn he looks botched

No. 1753875

Oof the nose job is awful. It's way too small

No. 1753877

Catfishing as per normal. Never trust a picture or very edited video of a Troon. Always look for shit like this

No. 1753888

Wtf is wrong with his hairline, I know troons are pedos but microcephaly isn't exactly cute
YES finally I can LARP as an AGP sex predator queen. Hi everyone, my name is Mika Alice Meow-Chan and my pronouns are she/her but I am an afab transgirl and just as valid as your local incels pretending to be women. Our time is here to be our true selves, I feel so valid (aka I have a boner)!

No. 1753905

Notice how the scrote makes everything about himself. Typical after-baby male crisis where he’s not getting as much attention anymore so he has to make everyone else’s life miserable. The wife needs to leave but it sounds like she’s been abused and brainwashed to the point of no return.

It’s the same person who was masturbating next to the kid right? You couldn’t pay me to leave a child at home with someone like that.

No. 1753907

I see very few plastic surgeons know what "woman" is. Kek. "Uh small nose? Big eyes? Higher placed eyebrows I guess?" The only thing that helps is the shaved man jaw, but everything else is so creepy. Plastic surgeons tend to focus on desired features instead of the entire face. A lot of it is probably because the client wants it and why would you give them anything else and lose money?

No. 1753938

His nose was fine before, he never had one of those big manly honkers it was literally the least of his issues.. this surgery made him look so much older, he already looked older than 26 but now he looks 40 goddamn

No. 1753940

>wife is the breadwinner
>deadbeat husband played video games while his wife gave birth, trooned out, quit his job just to waste his wife's money on porn or cheating in other ways
>deadbeat, unmedicated by choice troon jacks off to porn next to the baby
>baby is clearly neglected due to deadbeat troon's porn addiction
>the mother is too far gone to realize she's being abused and accuses other women of being terfs when they tell her to leave
Getting "picked" is objectively the biggest scam of all time.

No. 1753943

>wOmEN hIt A waLL
lmao this man is younger than i am and he looks 20 years older.

No. 1753944

Is the pornstar he's talking about Ella Hollywood? Because his story is actually kind of sad. He got groomed into being a tranny by Natalie Mars, another porn tranny, then started using they/them pronouns and calling himself nonbinary, but porn coomers aren't interested in that shit so he had to stay feminine, then started to hit the wall when twink death set in, doing more and more gross extreme shit, then had to leave porn to stream on Twitch in a boymode hoodie.

No. 1753945

mfer really transitioned into jack skellingtroon to perv on the goth girls who would have rejected him in high school

No. 1753946

Aw shit, I love Aerosmith.

No. 1753954

I have no milk so I must sage, came here to say I accidentally said "TiMTok" instead of TikTok and laughed cause I'm retarded

No. 1753955

how was anyone confused the first paragraph mentions gender dysphoria

No. 1753977

It's not about getting picked, it's about disguising female care responsibility by liberal men so they can get the perks of republican men and trad wives. Libmen claim to be "male housewife!!" but in their head they think being a housewife is being the cool version of Peggy from Married with Children, eating bonbons and watching your fav show. Truly the feminist movement only got as far as women being able to financially contribute because it was beneficial for men. It's a double edged sword for women because it will bring them independence but it also inflates men's reliance on women and their strong arm demands. Men practice emotional manipulation far greater than women because men need manipulation as a breeding tactic having so little to do with reproductive immortality. So troons are just this confusing emotional boulder to women to drag them down in the swamp. They are heavily manipulative, denying sex norms but still engaging in male entitlement. It's the perfect storm to abuse transwidows. It's sick.

I had a few martinis and tried to fix it. Forgive me anons.

No. 1754043

kek, I first thought Sandra Bullock had another horrible plastic surgery. It's funny how after certain surgeries they all have the same features (nose, cheeks, etc). That went extremely wrong, he looks like he is in his 50s now.

No. 1754044

File: 1674850629595.jpg (547.52 KB, 2949x1475, bigdykeenergy.jpg)

Any of you ladies into shrivelled feminine micro gock ?uguu nya

No. 1754046

Good lord, he fucked up his face. Trannies have made plastic surgery woke. It's not chasing stereotypical beauty standards, you BIGOT! It's life-saving, gender-affirming care REEEEEE

No. 1754048

File: 1674850975470.jpg (365.51 KB, 1120x910, pedo.jpg)

Trans pedophile gets a woman fired from her job with just 1 tweet

No. 1754050

It's the company's right to fire whoever they want because tranny hate will actually lose autistic fans that spend cash on their garbage. It says more about the community that the video game has no qualms about not firing a pedophile as well. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

No. 1754051

File: 1674851249521.webm (4.17 MB, 640x360, 1qR-IsWH6f0GkZSb.webm)

A 50 year old tranny was the opening act of European Figure Skating Championships in Finland, despite only starting to skate later in life and being dogshit at it

https://mobile.twitter.com/kulmahuoneesta/status/1618722475713646592 (in Finnish, but the video link for nonas who can't view webm)

No. 1754053

sage for med sperg. do you have any sources for this or are you just talking out of your ass? i consistently read studies on the neuropsychological effects hrt has on troons and i have never found any studies for ftm dementia, only mtf dementia, and those were either single case studies or studies with marginal cognitive function decrease. hrt can reduce gray matter in mtf brains and it fucks with the size of their hippocampi but as for ftms the effects are less drastic (if noticeable at all)

(sources if interested:
https://www.jsm.jsexmed.org/article/S1743-6095(21)00519-1/pdf )

No. 1754054

it's so funny how LRG have kept replies off for their tweets since this, absolute cowards

sucks since i collect physical games but they take 1+ years to produce standard editions so fuck 'em

No. 1754055

fucking kek @ him struggling to stand 30 seconds in

No. 1754057

It somehow made him look even older than he looked before.

No. 1754060

I don't trust that the video is unaltered. And even still, he looks way worse and as you said, older.

No. 1754061

Sage, because I just want to ask a question. Does anyone else have way less of a problem with trans men than trans women? So many trans women are perverted degenerates, but a lot of trans men seem fine. They even pass better. Women are better at everything, even transitioning.

No. 1754064

are you new

No. 1754066

How did he manage to get botched so badly he looks even older and even more male

Also, why did Dylan never change his name? Does he plan to "detrans" after a while and remain his clout and not having to cvhange his name?

No. 1754067

Tbh I kind of love when they do they do these stupid performances because it's hilarious how pitiful they are and it's clear what is going on so it peaks people in the process. I'm sure that the majority of the audience was peaked that day.

Does anyone have that webm of the troon who was at some black civil rights march and was "dancing" or "performing"? Black people aren't usually with trans shit anyways but it was possibly one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life.

No. 1754069

Same anon but he was a fat white man "voguing" and it was hilariously bad. I remember him wearing a yellow shirt.

No. 1754071


>So many trans women are perverted degenerates

It's because of male socialization. No amount of makeup, dresses or surgeries can get rid of years and years of social conditioning. One of the reasons why is so easy to spot a TIM so easily on the internet (or in generally really lol)

No. 1754073

I can't entirely agree that they pass better. They're easy to clock as they're shorter, stockier, and curvier than men.

No. 1754074

For the love of God somebody post this video

No. 1754075


Not new, just genuinely don't have a problem with trans men. Even the fakebois seem mostly harmless and don't envoke the genuine disgust in me that trans women do.

No. 1754078

Dylan's face reveal was featured on MATI tonight. Interesting point brought up: Dylan is said to be AGP on KF, but he is very clearly HSTS. But he likes girls now, too? So what the fuck is going on with this lad

No. 1754081

I mean, if he is referring to attraction to other TIMs then nothing has changed. Still a gay narcissist.

No. 1754082

I remember reading that some trans people who are originally gay become attracted to the opposite sex after "transitioning".

No. 1754085

Somg hsts can develop agp from cooming too hard :/

No. 1754094

Commentator says he's been skating for NINE YEARS. Not nine months, YEARS. Add to that the fact most Finnish children have to do some kind of skating in PE class he wasn't even new to it 9 years ago, boys usually use hockey skates but the difference between skates isn't that huge.

No. 1754104

File: 1674855759198.jpeg (482.95 KB, 721x1131, 8862D72A-2C3F-4B54-AC42-716682…)

isn’t 18 too late to get blockers? his body has probably already masculinized.

No. 1754108

File: 1674856103738.png (122.52 KB, 300x268, 2FD1DACF-1978-492A-B294-2D68E1…)

No. 1754113

can any finnish nonnies translate some of the comments? Are people supportive or weirded out

No. 1754114

Any milk on him? I’m sure he’s got skeletons in his closet, most “trans lesbians” do. I hear about him having 9 “girlfriends” (probably other frumpy white men like himself) but I wanna see if there’s good dirt on him

No. 1754116

I used to think this way but then I noticed that TiFs and female enbys are the ones who are most insistent on obfuscating language in regards to women's health, consumer goods, and even feminist causes. They work their damned hardest to make life harder for women who are trying to give birth safely, buy menstrual products, or seek help for female-related issues. So in conclusion, sure TiMs are worse but TiFs aren't that much better. I will agree that TiFs can be cute in the face when they haven't taken that much testosterone but I'm bi and think butch or tomboy women are hot.

No. 1754117

Development can start in your teens and end in your mid 20s. Men have a longer puberty than women or at least they start later and end later. I know this is true of height for men. So who really knows if the dose and age will actually prevent anything at all? Doctors are just fucking around with puberty blockers and hormone therapy anyways. TRAs will always make sure these treatments are available and unreliable because TRANSPHOBIA! BIOESSENTIALISM!!

No. 1754118

borderline pd is one hell of a drug.

No. 1754119

They are all like wtf is going on and clowning on him. Though they seem to be mostly from conservative circles, I see some people from the nationalist party in there

No. 1754121

File: 1674856609202.webm (968.13 KB, 271x480, 1635555222599.webm)

I'm the original anon, I found it in thread #32 here >>>/snow/1358374
The event was Black Pride KEK.

No. 1754123

Nine years and he skates like shit, looks very out of shape for the sport, and made and ass out of himself in public. Fucking kek

No. 1754124

he’s lying about his age. he’s a fraud on every level possible.

No. 1754126

this mf really just rolled around on the ground like dropping a whole boiled egg

No. 1754130

He skates like me. Where is my sweet, finnish exhibition?

No. 1754136

Where I’m from, this is a punishable offence like you can’t jack off or do other sexual stuff with a child present

No. 1754138

No. 1754142

this is what happens when you make failed men into a protected class. they get especial treatment both as a result of the glass escalator effect, and because they’re seen almost as disabled children who can’t be held up to the same standards as everyone else.

No. 1754143

File: 1674857275731.webm (12.95 MB, 576x1024, 4345275-1b67cc201b1ee761f8b57d…)

The Natalie Portman skinwalking in this video is embarrassing

No. 1754145


he looks literally the same

No. 1754147

it’s more than socialization, it’s male nature. there are little boys who have raped girls and animals.

No. 1754151


because "his name doesn't define his gender and names don't have gender" or some bullshit I heard him say before.

No. 1754155

RuPaul's Drag Race was a mistake.

No. 1754158

I’m calling bullshit

No. 1754164

File: 1674858418035.png (868.81 KB, 980x551, dylantheresnodifference.png)

I don't see what difference his surgeon even made. Still the same face, not any more feminine whatsoever.

No. 1754171

I desperately want him to get a ton of lip filler and get addicted to plastic surgery. It'd be so funny seeing all the handmaidens in the comments cheering him on. He already looks so fucking botched.

No. 1754176

idk about you all but i’m excited to see the tranny on tranny violence. he looks marginally better than Robby White, and robby has been railing against dylan for “good tran” clout lolol.

his own fanbase is gonna compare him to dylan kek

No. 1754178

Nonna, it's not because of societal conditioning. It's simply men being male.

No. 1754182

The fucking narcissism. This isn't presenting a show with emotions and story and beauty it's about a "face reveal." And lol how edited this is vs. his real face without the lights. I do like seeing him try to imitate ballet. I'm not a dancer, but I can see his poor execution of delicate ballerina lines with his very small male body. Then again, male ballet dancers have more feminine lines and they're not even trannies. Fucking narc without talent.

No. 1754184

Nta but I thought it was a husband talking about his TiF wife at first.

No. 1754186

there is no way this man is 25 years old.

No. 1754188

>There’s a reason TiM selfies get massive amounts of upvotes on female-oriented reddits, and that’s because actual women tend to pity them until they’ve peaked.
Slight blogpost to say 100% this. I remember when I was a handmaiden - i never comment on anything in reddit, but when i saw a troon on a makeup subreddit, i went out of my way to give him tips and tell him how brave and stunning he looks. No joke lol.

No. 1754189

I felt this way but then the rampant NLOGism got to me. They really help push the idea that if you like anything outside of the prescribed “feminine interests”, you’re actually a man. As a woman who grew up obsessed with transformers and playing in dirt, it was hard for me to not fall for that and I really dislike the lies they try to push because of it. There is no one correct way to be a woman apart from existing in a female body.

No. 1754190

He looks like an angry bird with a facelift and still has those serial killer eyes. Those evil creepy eyes will give him away instantly, striking that fear and danger center in the brain.

No. 1754192

This, and also how they want to believe being uncomfortable in your body means you’re trans. Unfortunately, most women go through phases where they hate their breasts, curves, body hair, etc. What we should be doing is talking about why this is instead of pushing the idea that this discomfort means you’re not a woman.

No. 1754193

"Im saving them thousands of dollars officer!"

No. 1754198

File: 1674860873143.png (177.24 KB, 337x425, audrey1-main_Full.png)

The blatantly edited face on top of his emaciated male frame looks so uncanny to me. Not to mention he really thinks he looks like Audrey Hepburn as well… yeah, right.

No. 1754202

Dylan said he realised he might be into girls and how his parents rejoiced because he might get a girl pregnant. Male sexuality is opportunistic, I'm not surprised he feels the urge to get some poor girl pregnant as his biological clock is ticking, many gays do this. He isn't a pure HSTS imo.

No. 1754206

i used to reblog trannies on tumblr because virtue signaling made me feel like a good person without having to actually do anything.

No. 1754207

He just looks like a slightly different male.

No. 1754211

Seems like he just got a facelift because of his extreme premature wrinkles but has framed it in liberal empowerment rhetoric of “it’s not cosmetic bullshit, it’s gender affirming!” so that everyone has to cheer him on instead of noticing that he’s a shallow plastic surgery addict like the Kardashians and other surgery addict celebs that everyone loves to shit on.

No. 1754213

i don’t care what bathroom they go to or if they want to compete against males, what bothers me is that they’re the worst handmaidens out there, and male trannies use them as doormats.

No. 1754217

Only women can be vain. Males need to look good to be looooved, anon. It's affirming.
Handmaiden due to having one trans friend. I guess I thought he was decent because he had a low sex drive, suffered from being bisexual in a conservative MAGA type family and incredibly depressed. One of my friends met him when he was male (he's still male) and wanted to have a fling with him and he said he wasn't interested in a sexual relationship without partnership and feelings. I mean that's how little a woman's standards is. Just don't be a sex pest? Anyways, he was a cute guy that ruined himself. I'm still friends haven't seen any alarming behavior other than being fun to hang out with him. If not for this site, I would have stayed a handmaiden longer. I still he's an okay dude, but instead of fetish, it's more like a very abused, mentally ill dude. I swear I haven't seen him in years because he's so chronically depressed. Even the good trans are just broken. It's a mental illness. Tell people unicorns don't exist.

No. 1754218

File: 1674862591987.jpg (188.32 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20230128_003350_Chr…)

He looks even scarier now, like a vax figurine. Also why are his teeth so horizontally long and straight, he looks like a creepypasta edit.

No. 1754219

File: 1674862856783.jpg (Spoiler Image, 568.84 KB, 1080x1834, MTXX_MH20230128003924748.jpg)


No. 1754222

>TiFs and female enbys are the ones who are most insistent on obfuscating language in regards to women's health, consumer goods, and even feminist causes
I have noticed this too

No. 1754223

Jeff the Killer except instead of being bleached he was assigned gringo at birth

No. 1754228

could very well have been the women were 30s too. troons think women hit a wall at 25, he probably thinks any woman over 30 is a hag.

No. 1754231

>So many trans women are perverted degenerates, but a lot of trans men seem fine.
A lot of them are the same but in different ways. For example, a lot of mtfs are open MAPs if not just straight up predators whereas aidens will fight tooth an nail to defend disgusting age gap and/or incest fanfiction/art. If you've ever seen drama on Twitter concerning the romanticisation of grooming (or even attacking random teenagers who are disapproving of kinkshit being shoved down their throats in fandom spaces) aidens are in the trenches to shut that whole argument down. The only aiden you shouldn't massively side eye are butch lesbians who got gaslit by retards

No. 1754235

File: 1674864313923.jpg (29.76 KB, 340x453, 09d375e6336c6fa95d13795b52b6b5…)

No. 1754236

Men are awful at telling apart age. The only ages they know are “teen” and “milf” because their brains are so decayed from porn watch. There are women in their 20s who look older and women in their 30s who look younger, but I honestly think men can’t distinguish between the two that well because “the wall” really is arbitrary and the difference between fuckable and unfuckable to them.

No. 1754237

aidens make me sad. they’re mentally ill women self-harming and getting love bombed for it, it’s tragic.

No. 1754243

Women need to stop collectively pitying men

No. 1754246

I hate how the wikipedia page for "Feminist views on transgender topics" is so pro troon. Isn't it supposed to take a neutral stance? I think a tranny made this page.

No. 1754248

The most active Wikipedia editors are generally basement-dwellers, so yeah, they're obviously going to be troons and/or side with them.

No. 1754250

He just looks like he had a botched brow lift. I really hoped that the surgery would fix his Joker smile and serial killer eyes just so I wouldn't have to see them anymore, but I guess not lmao.

No. 1754251

File: 1674865646554.jpeg (42.04 KB, 630x677, 7AB786F8-E45B-4970-B2A0-8F456C…)

omg he looks older and they shrunk his forehead into a 3head??

No. 1754253

File: 1674865864682.jpeg (314.88 KB, 750x882, 19D2C833-98BE-4579-B796-C32CE5…)

oh ffs

No. 1754254

>botched nose
>botched lips
>double chin
>same eyes
>massive philtrum
>still has 5oclock shadow
Oh yeah. It's showtime.

No. 1754255

He looks different imo, but way more manly. His brow bone looks so fucking botched. He legit looks like a caveman now.

No. 1754257

These people have no idea what it's like to be oppressed. Trans people are a protected class in the UK but because we don't want male rapists in women's prisons and don't deny reality they want to seek asylum?

No. 1754258

what the hell is that

No. 1754259


Dude his smile reminds me of Eugenia Cooney's

No. 1754260

facial feminisation surgeons must be laughing on top their money piles lmfao i have yet to see one of these surgeries that actually achieves the desired results. dylan still looks like a fucking man but now with an address botched hairline

No. 1754262

>I'm not worried about her masturbating
>I'm not really worried about most types of porn
>I know the type of videos she HAS to watch to orgasm

Has to? I hate these porn normalizing handmaidens. What a pathetic woman. I feel no sympathy for a mother who leaves her baby in the hands of a pornsick mentally ill moid because she needs to remain agreeable about the ways she protects her own child from sexual abuse. She knows it's wrong, it makes her "uncomfortable" but her scrotes sexual functioning is more important that the welfare of her infant.

Do scrotes need to be neutered like dogs for their own sanity? These fucking idiots are masturbating themselves into psychosis.

No. 1754263

Where can I sign the "line trannies up against the wall" petition?

No. 1754264

Why are you using an obfuscating euphemism? They are called pedophiles. Using shit terms like MAP is a weasel word to make it sound like their shit is normal

No. 1754266

lmao he can barely balance his shrek ass

No. 1754268

File: 1674866938742.jpeg (222.06 KB, 750x1045, E9D143D0-6BB8-48CA-AFBE-B224D3…)

if i had the delusion that i woke up in a human body after being a dog, i’d go to a psychiatrist, i wouldn’t try to gaslight the world into validating me as a dog.

No. 1754269

Jesus FFS actually is a ripoff… this is top of the line surgeon results? The new jawline doesn't make him look anymore feminine, just makes him look older. Messed with his facial harmony too.

No. 1754271

It's not even the same thing anyway. These men have always been men and don't know what it's like to be a woman. This is not some Freaky Friday shit like they're trying to claim.

No. 1754272

File: 1674867508896.jpeg (35.93 KB, 393x600, DBB17A95-9DB0-4669-8431-9A6F7D…)

they always look like pic rel after ffs. in pictures you think the features ara small which = delicate and feminine until you see the hulking male and caveman skull which no longer fit the comically shrunken face.

No. 1754273

I don’t get FFS in general, I’ve never seen it make anyone look better or even more feminine. Are people really happy with these results or is it just cope? I cant imagine spending all that time, money & physical pain just to go from a regular looking man to a botched looking man.

No. 1754274

Where is this image from nonna? It’s horrifying kek

No. 1754275

If everyone woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex most people would just accept that and get on with their lives. Most people are not as obsessed with gender as they are.

No. 1754276

Ayrt because when I use "MAP" I'm talking about a very specific group of pedophile rights activists, who are of course pedophiles but are distinct from child predators (which I specified afterwards) given that they go out of their way trying to to garner support for themselves

No. 1754277

That's retarded, because that will never happen. Like something that's fucking stupid is that they really think that their retarded genderbend sexual fantasies are real or even possible.
Just think about it, there are many things that could change your life and that can happen at any time:
>getting diagnosed with cancer
>a heart attack
>an embolism
>suffering an accident
>getting raped
>getting assaulted
>losing all of your money
>going on a huge debt
>losing a loved one
None of these are suddenly waking up as a moid, these are real problems, real shit that happens to real people.
These faggots never knew what is it like to wake up and suddenly be forced to change your whole life, or they've never struggled with anything in general, it's honestly why trannynism exists after all.
The fact that there's people out there reading
>w-Well, imagine waking up as the other sex and being treated like your original sex! That would be atrocious!!!
And thinking "oh my, that's terrible!! Oh no!" It's the most bleak shit ever.

No. 1754281

Speak for yourself nonna, if I woke up as a moid I’d kms immediately. I don’t blame them for hating being moids but it still doesn’t make them women.

No. 1754283

They’re not distinct from child predators, they’re child predators. The stupid euphemisms they make up for themselves don’t mean jack shit to mentally normal people.

No. 1754287

It’s never going to happen. Canada’s asylum program is already backlogged for years with actual victims of war, terrorism and genocide. No chance in hell white males from rich countries with enough disposable income to change their gender are getting to the front of that line.

No. 1754295

The way she worded the thing about porn made it sound like borderline cp. It’s a known fact that the more men watch porn, the more hardcore stuff they begin to seek out. If your Nigel is that far down the pipeline that he has to watch a specific type of porn to get off and it’s something considered “taboo” even by porn standards, that should be a huge warning sign.

No. 1754296

Straight white men when they experience a minor inconvenience.
I never understood why they say things like this. If they were really women, they would put more effort into appearing "dainty" and feminine" but men are fucking stupid and fail to understand this. (not saying women are or should desire to be stereo-typically "feminine, as a disclaimer)

No. 1754299

File: 1674869773621.jpg (151.02 KB, 960x1200, 70s-sexiest-tv-actresses.jpg)

Artfag here, his 5head looks EVEN WORSE now. Nothing screams "pinhead" more than lowering your hairline to an unnatural level. Now all his facial proportions, hell, even his skull, look off.

No. 1754302

File: 1674869977332.gif (810.25 KB, 300x200, showtimefolks.gif)

It's showtime, folks!

No. 1754305

ntayrt but do you really expect there to be studies on hrt on trannies in this climate? kek. look up what was happening to female athletes in soviet union and easter germany who were fed testosterone for better performance. or women locked in mental asylums given hrt as a treatment for their hysteria.

No. 1754306

sorry for no sage

No. 1754310

am i schizo or is one of his eyes bigger than the other? they botched him so bad christ

No. 1754311

"Come on, skull, pop out of my skin…!!"

No. 1754312

File: 1674871165122.png (378.14 KB, 502x682, some long haired dude.PNG)

oh no no no

No. 1754316

literally bruce jenner. wonder how he feels after being scammed. ig he sold his soul to fame so he just cares about money and continues the show but man the amount of self-delusion exercises he must be doing every morning must be insane. can't wait to see him in 5 years.

No. 1754318

He's making a Lillie Jean face except his eyes are too squinty and piggy to do it right.

No. 1754319

Did they give him an overbite?

No. 1754327

Holy shit he looks like Bruce Jenner.

No. 1754328

ALL trannies and drag queens are the gender equivalent of blackface.

No. 1754330

just like post-menopausal women and women who've had hysterectomies never try to say they get periods yet troons do, it's telling that women who adopt or use surrogacy, etc. never claim postpartum depression but troons do

No. 1754335

File: 1674872994188.png (1.24 MB, 810x1080, botchbefore.png)

Posting this for a before and after comparison. He's gone completely off the deep end, right down the drain.

No. 1754342

kek does he have a microphone in his hair??? i've seen this picture several times before and never noticed it

No. 1754343

yeah he did book of mormon

No. 1754345

Dylan should have his own thread

No. 1754347

oooo gotcha, i didn't know this was a thing in theater. thanks!

No. 1754348

am i crazy or does dylan's new face look exactly the same but like shooped? i can't tell what he had done. did he just pay a doctor to knock him unconscious and punch him in the face a few times?

No. 1754351

File: 1674873911023.jpeg (52.8 KB, 987x954, A20153FD-4AD5-4602-A9A7-D5B3DA…)

i cannot believe they botched his fucking nose THIS bad

No. 1754355

nta but its an old /x/ image, now its associated with the SCP fandom

No. 1754358

I am not a med fag but here's a couple sources that seem to indicate that there are higher rates of cognitive decline (not necessarily dementia, and seemingly not related to hrt)
Subjective cognitive decline had a higher prevalence among sexual and gender minority (SGM) adults
>SCD prevalence was higher in SGM (15.7%) than in non-SGM adults (10.5%)

>Compared to cisgender adults, transgender adults are more likely to report subjective cognitive decline (SCD)
>SCD prevalence was highest among Non-Binary(21.3%), followed by Trans Women(16.3%) and Trans Men(14.1%)

Researching ended up leading me to one of those articles studying how the trans brains are totally more like the brains of the gender they're transitioning to: https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/andro.2021.0008
>…volumetric analyses show that the intracranial volume of an adolescent TM is like that of cisgender females.
>Trans Males have "volume decrements… found in the left superior medial frontal cortex" compared to cisgender girls

I literally know nothing about brain stuff and I'm not trying to go against people who have spent years studying this stuff, but is it at all possible that brain similarities, like in volume and gray matter, are related to mental illness or other stresses/traumas? Genuinely asking if anyone knows because it seems like sleep and other mental disorders affect volumes of things (sources below). I feel like the variation of difference in volumes and whatever else must have some sort of statistical difference that can only be attributed to having been born/raised with the difference (i.e. schizos may have smaller volume in a specific region, but it does not compare to the degree to that region is smaller in trans people), otherwise how do they know if the brain differences are because the person "literally has the brain of the opposite gender!!" or if the person just has some serious issues?

>Specifically, in children with short sleep, the cortical areas / volumes were lower of the… medial superior frontal gyrus
>(article is about schizophrenia) the largest areas of reduced volume were in the medial aspect of the left superior frontal gyrus

No. 1754364

How can his face look so similar to how it looked originally and yet still look drastically more botched?

No. 1754375

File: 1674875164306.png (934.3 KB, 1480x697, forehead_vein.png)

No. 1754378

Holy shit, this might be one of the most grotesque outcomes of FFS. Looks like he's wearing a skin mask made from a 60-70 woman.

No. 1754411

the way he smiles and talks is a taunting message to those who get it and manipulation to those who don’t. like a sneaky sociopathic fuck who is “the nicest person I know!” to everyone else. he is so creepy, I can’t believe how much support he gets. we will never be free. they are so fucking stupid.

No. 1754413

he’s definitely lying about his age

No. 1754423

Reading comprehension much? She mentions her "wife's gender dysphoria" in the first paragraph and how it was triggered by the arrival of the baby.

Why women chose to have kids with these absolute degenerates continues to baffle me.

No. 1754425

You need to check the Katherine McMahon threads. She thinks leaving the salon clips in her cheap wig is an actual look.

No. 1754430

NTA but I wouldn’t expect every Redditor on a mom sub to understand what gender dysphoria is. She was deliberately misleading by claiming her “wife” had “PPD” (i.e. a hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy & childbirth), most normies will assume it’s a woman who just gave birth and gloss over the rest. And women can experience gender dysphoria too so again, I wouldn’t expect everyone to immediately understand it’s a male troon. She should’ve given that context upfront.

No. 1754431

>Women can experience gender dysphoria
You mean feel the effects of misogyny in a patriarchal society? Gender isn't real kek

No. 1754433

Surprised no one mentions botox and a possible face lift. He has no expression lines on his face, esp on his forehead. If he got Botox injected then why didn’t they give him lip filler for his masculine smile/lips? Also I’m starting to realize that trannies look most similar to old rich women who are addicted to plastic surgery and have had multiple face lifts. And even in that case, we can still clock them kek. Imagine what else could have been done with the money that he wasted on all of these useless botched procedures.

No. 1754436

This! I can't wait for someone to catch him without makeup on!

No. 1754437

The TIF thread is full of women who claim to experience gender dysphoria. Doesn’t matter if it’s real or not, lots of normies will assume someone with PPD is a woman regardless of gender shit (as they should, men can’t get PPD) so the smug aside about “reading comprehension” isn’t necessary.

No. 1754444

you've got to be shitting me.

No. 1754447

Reminds me of that ballet thing many threads ago with the TIM as the lead dancer and he was doing all of these basic moves because obviously a hulking ogre can't be build like the dainty skellies that live off of cigarette butts.

No. 1754450

tchaikovsky rolling in his fucking grave… also gagging at the immediate first shot being framed like an exhibitionists wet dream. which this is
didnt think he could possibly look more frightening
i wish

No. 1754451


ig handmaidens have trained themselves to ignore male red flags in the name of being a "gOoD aLlY!!!" but Dylan is truly on another level of noxious, radioactively bad vibes, it's impressive. every word and fake ass mannerism from him immediately activates my fight or flight response. if people are still fawning over him and saying he's "just so genuine and kind" I guess there really is no hope anymore

No. 1754453

The handmaidens and troons will die by moid hands, their own or otherwise. It's just a pain in the ass waiting for that time to come.

No. 1754459

that’s a perfect way to describe it kek

No. 1754463

the fine and dainty sophie rebecca…

No. 1754467

that's why we call it womanface

No. 1754500

It's funny because everything in the description would show an actual woman having a complete mental breakdown and failing at such a spectacular level that she's in the very bottom 1% of failed mothers, excluding murderers. But it's just an everyday level failure for a man. That's the way trannies can peak women on all men.
He added another decade to his face, and he already looked 40.
Liberal non-provider men in general are a giant disaster, them being "non-conforming" is never beneficial or even just benign to a woman. They get enraged when confronted by the fact that they can't all get a housewife SAHM level of labor out of a 50/50 roommate price, women are burning out more by the day.
They're probably just judging on the results of hack job hysterectomies, it's not like adding testosterone to the mix is going to make the results any better.
All the money that went into this, and he still couldn't find pantyhose without a fabric reenforced crotch.

No. 1754510

File: 1674888755130.jpeg (537.74 KB, 2048x2048, 2D0A18E1-221F-47EA-B24C-BDAD9C…)

photo vs video still. Kek

No. 1754526

File: 1674889356790.png (1.3 MB, 882x1615, stephanie.png)

poor wife

No. 1754529

File: 1674889406760.png (1.29 MB, 884x1912, daisy.png)

>normal life

No. 1754531

File: 1674889451430.png (1.17 MB, 882x1620, dani.png)

No. 1754536

he looks like he diddles other things too.

No. 1754540

Can't even imagine… The reasons to marry a moid are literally nonexistent.

No. 1754545

Imagine waking up one day to find out your grandpa is a tranny. Or worse, that your husband who you're married for almost 40 years decides he is suddenly a girl (never a woman, always girl). That's some horror movie shit.

No. 1754549

File: 1674890258757.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.91 KB, 441x641, gq168.jpg)

Tifs and enbys are also the ones who end up groomer librarians and groomer teachers who directly push porn and troon YA fiction on kids. As much as I hate the tool time tits tranny, at least he's not out there shoving groomer books into kids' hands. I'm so fucking tired of these women and their "it's not sexual u bigot" game. They cluster around seedy sex shit like a moth to a flame.

No. 1754564

Better start printing out his face and putting it up around town, give the parents a head-start to pedo-proofing the playground

No. 1754566

Is he even on HRT? He has zero moob growth

No. 1754568

File: 1674892366007.png (486.34 KB, 1102x611, Gerard Schaefer.png)

Was watching true crime and stumbled on this guy who killed and sexually tortured a bunch of little girls in the 60s-70s. He wasn't an out of the closet TIM, but of course he wore women's panties and claimed he had wished he had been born a girl. The quote in picrel is him talking about how he used to play self bondage games before he decided to start acting them out on young girls. You just know if it were now he'd have been going about in dresses and calling himself "Gina" or some shit.

No. 1754575

File: 1674893784071.png (1.53 MB, 806x2066, tranny00.png)

most girls don't have cum stains on their mirrors

No. 1754580

while doing "autoerotic asphyxiation" I wish he'd killed himself, the prick.

No. 1754587

I'll never understand why you would post self-awarely about needing to clean your mirror (just like a lot of True and Honest girls do!) when you could literally just take five minutes and actually fucking clean it, THEN upload your picture.

Like, it wouldn't help with literally everything else, but it would be one less thing people could call you out on.

No. 1754597

File: 1674896540267.png (271.29 KB, 290x435, lmaowhat.png)

it's like a morbidly obese handsome squidward wtf am I looking at kek

No. 1754600

>My father favored my sister
Also read as "My father gave some attention to my sister because she needed it/I'm a fucking creep/the dad actually diddled her and I'm jealous and I can't stand that so I will try to skinwalk her and rape a bunch of girl because daddy didn't give me ALL of his attention it's never my fault".

No. 1754605

File: 1674897990140.png (4.56 MB, 828x1792, agp.png)

a real woman singing about her sexuality is apparently agp and comparable to troons. cope i guess

No. 1754615

Look at this highly produced video to showcase and celebrate his plastic surgery… not even the worst insta models have THIS level of narcissism. And he got all this becuase he claims to be a little girl who cries all days, screams at the sight of a bug, wants his crotch buldge to be in dressing rooms with real little girls, openly calls his own reflection sexy as he's in a skimpy bikini. I truly hate this man and his contempt for real women.

No. 1754616

File: 1674900937234.png (349.57 KB, 718x706, scream.png)

where's the difference? he's as creepy as always

No. 1754617

you always have to look up "not trans" studies, like how estrogen affects males and testosterone affects females regarding dementia

No. 1754618

He's a HSTS and AGP mix, but I think he is a pure narcissist more than anything. The fact that he has now addmitted to have some kind of attraction to girls (while also calling himself a little girl) will make peaking women on him easier. He wasn't the innocent gay drag queen they thought he was, he really is sexually interested in their young daughters. He gives me Michael Jackson vibes, pretending to be innocent while sexually using little kids and getting away with it beucase everyone loved his innocent act too much to accept it was true.

He still hasn't had any kind of boob job or hrt growth, and that's still sus. I don't think he's on any hormones. He doesn't actually want to stop being a man, he just wants to have a prettier face while still having a dick and flat chest. He chanted "normalize the bulge", not "i'm dysphoric over my bulge".

No. 1754621

Isn’t this the creepy grandpa who does karaoke covers on TikTok and exclusively duets teen blonde girls? The one they use to make these relatable “me at home /4 am/idk” video collages

No. 1754623

File: 1674903018238.png (1.69 MB, 1140x641, C7D7E2A7-173C-499E-994A-A15CF0…)

No. 1754627

Didn’t he claim he no longer has cute little nipples because they got bigger because of hrt? Or some creepy shit like that

No. 1754628

People on tiktok are legit saying Dylan looks exactly like Audrey Hepburn now I cant take this shit seriously

No. 1754633

File: 1674904414681.jpg (116.2 KB, 812x1140, Fnh4aJfaEAAsPQ7.jpg)

Things like this is so narcissistic and tonedeaf it makes me want to alog. "The same rhetoric" my ass, jews were compared to rats and were hunted and murdered, trans people get invited to the white house and put on pedestals. The audacity to make this comparison baffles me everytime, what a disgrace towards the jewish community

No. 1754636

>If you've never experienced being a woman in the first place
>Imagine waking up in the wrong body tomorrow (meaning before tomrrow, you actually experienced being a woman)
It's not even an argument

No. 1754638

They all delude themselves into thinking that only their bodies are wrong, while their brains are "women brains", so they already are women but just don't get treated like ones. That's not truth obviously and has no basis. A brain that correctly produces male cells, develops male body parts and makes male hormones is a male brain.

No. 1754652

Do these moids really not feel embarrassed over how infantalizing it is to be given special attention and centered simply because they are troons? Apparently the "theme" of this years competition is "come as you are", and one of the handmaidens in the twitter thread defended his appearance with ~it's supposed to symbolize the love of skating and how anyone can do it!~. But why not get a bunch of amateurs from different backgrounds to do a little, not-too-difficult performance? Why center ONLY a middle-aged troon how skates like shit? I literally cannot understand the thought process here.

No. 1754659

maybe I am just from a country that gives a fuck but there's no way in hell this is s real photo for a passport. blown out, weird facial expression and eyes are wherever the fuck.

No. 1754664

I looked this song up and it's by Chrissy Chlapecka, aka TikToker who thinks being a bimbo and acting like a retard on camera is feminist and hangs around with Dylan Mulvaney and other troons regularly. I don't think she's the prime example of the average woman. Most women do not think about fucking themselves, and behaviour scrotes usually assign as "AGP in cis women" is just normal female socialisation, like getting glammed up for a date, or wanting to feel sexy for a partner.

No. 1754666

The 'female brain in a man's body' line is such obvious fucking bullshit. It makes no sense. How does a female brain GET in a male body to begin with?

No. 1754667

this proves once again that FFS is the biggest scam in all of plastic surgery. the surgeons really break some tranny noses and inject botox and call it a day with a 20-30k paycheck

No. 1754668

i showed this to my granny who was in auschwitz and she told me to forward to him he should kill himself.

No. 1754670

HSTS can have AGP too

No. 1754671

i fucking hate that faggot pedo ass freak, wish i could smash his head with a brick and watch his brai matter ooze out of the cracks of his skull(a-logging)

No. 1754676

Anon wtf

No. 1754683

late reply but no? the page lesbieverything has two admins and both of them are TiFs

No. 1754691

His hump… Why do they all have these ogre humps? Stumbling around on stage like a kid with downs. Jesus Christ they really have no shame, they just suckle up the pity and asspats, imagine being this shit at something and not seeing that you're put on stage because they're sorry for you and are scared of you.

No. 1754692

File: 1674912444333.jpeg (147.09 KB, 600x576, BBB108F6-8B6F-4F34-8395-543E8F…)

Unfortunately not. I had the same thought as you and dug around for an archived playbook of something he was in around 2008. He was definitely a child then. Somehow I feel like this is worse then if he was lying about his age.

No. 1754695

File: 1674913273445.jpg (478.44 KB, 1080x1351, blenderpostprocessing.jpg)

even in his shooped promo pics you can still tell his skin is pulled way too tight. he looks like a literal fucking alien. it is so uncanny to see his hulking string cheese body hold up that grotesque neanderthal head

No. 1754696

there was a lot of talk from "queers" (mostly troons) on German twitter, they all wanted the day to be about them. It's not like they have days where they can celebrate themselves and remind everyone about their "suffering" and it's not like there weren't many other groups (mentally ill, disabled, etc) that suffered greatly during that time, still, only the troons cried on twitter that they are being ignored. I wonder if a visit to a concentration camp with a special "one day treated like a jew" tour would help them to understand that their situation is not in the slightest comparable. Maybe they could get a knock on their door in the middle of the night, get kicked out of their homes onto the streets to be transported to the reality they so much seem to wish for.

No. 1754697

Yeah sure grandpa. Kill yourself

No. 1754698

File: 1674913673332.jpg (410 KB, 465x600, Ruafo-portrait.jpg)

that's the only thing I see in him now

No. 1754699

He was a cute little boy and now he’s a botched, terrifying man. Moids truly are ticking time bombs.

No. 1754711

File: 1674916107682.jpg (8.21 MB, 4096x9106, GridArt_20230128_092352414.jpg)

Snagged this from a post on my cities subreddit about trying to get Jordan Petersons upcoming show cancelled at ctc.

They talk big but I guarantee that tranny who had the first ever vaginoplasty would have suffered horrible medical complications.. probably why she died in custody.

No. 1754713

pisses me off as a casual skating fan. female skaters are known to struggle with ED and horrible coaches that pushes them to practice awful techniques which eventually leads to an early retirement of around early 20s. although, the latter tends to be a more specific case of russian female skaters. nevertheless, women in the sport have to practice harder as scoring have been getting technical with more emphasis on jumps, usually quads and axels. some of those techniques are harder for women to perform, men have it easier due to their body.

i'm worried that men, both pre or post hrt are going to invade both junior but mostly the senior women's skating division and just wipe out competitions after competitions.

No. 1754719

I honestly don’t think they will, women’s figure skating isn’t a sport where they can just brute strength their way through and I haven’t been impressed with the technique of the troons I’ve seen so far.

No. 1754724

So now they are proudly claiming they are AGP?

No. 1754726

i'm just paranoid that's all. years ago, i read a post on a figure skating related subreddit if the OP, a tim, would be allowed to compete in a women's skating division of a local tournament. there weren't a lot of commenters that replied a definite answer, usually stating the lines of asking the organizers and etc. but even then, i was kinda afraid that there'd be a day if an opportunistic troon would try and embarrass himself on an international scale. or worst, be a decent skater. if not, a parent pushing their son to troon out and compete with the girls.

but you're right, most troons tend to gravitate towards sports that uses brute force. there hasn't been a troon trying a sport that also puts importance on artistry.

No. 1754728

File: 1674917483556.png (606.89 KB, 532x792, Jeffrey Marsh .png)


>Hey kids! Do you feel misunderstood? Does your family not accept that you are fluid faegender that needs hormonal therapy? Just come hang out with me. I can see the real you. And love you. Just get into the van.

No. 1754730

You can tell he definitely fantasizes about being the women in the class who are much better than him. He sticks out like a sore thumb and they put him in center stage for virtue signaling points. I’ve done ballet for my entire life and it’s a total cop out to treat this full grown man like a disabled child or something when he could be judged to the same standards as male dancers. I’d love to see him try this in a real ballet company and then scream transphobia when they reject his ass.
As someone who had family killed in the Holocaust, if only it was true. The world would be so much safer if at least proven predatory men (pedos, rapists) were rounded up and gassed. Leave it to patriarchy to inefficiently scapegoat other groups of humans when the problem of civil society has always been the Y chromosome populace.

No. 1754731

he makes my skin crawl, maybe david icke is right about lizard people.

No. 1754734

God DAMN this is scary looking and I wish it'd been spoilered but TOP FUCKING KEK it looks just like him

No. 1754736

His, umm…teeth look cleaner than the average troon’s rotting choppers. That’s the only nice thing I can say.

No. 1754737

File: 1674918522109.png (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 1281x986, black-phone-poster-3.png)

He activates my fight or flight response. I hate his face and his creepy way of talking. His huge horse mouth and teeth gross me out. He reminds me of picrel.

No. 1754738

"if you need a family, you can come hang out with me". Definitely gives the vibes of like those like 25 year old gross TIMs who used to be on Tumblr who would call themselves the "momfriend" and pretend to act maternal towards teen girls they wanted to fuck.

No. 1754739

File: 1674918667114.webm (1.34 MB, 320x568, 6Z_Lim1CUmB4vVx1.webm)

Technically not an MTF(he's an male enby drag queen) but at least he's honest about why TIMs participate in women's sports

No. 1754740

File: 1674918696712.jpg (93.65 KB, 934x1344, FnWxPLRX0AAaOjZ.jpg)

The filtered man behind the costume

No. 1754747

Based SCP troon comparing anon kek

No. 1754751

File: 1674919722502.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, FNv6Qs-XEAY5ve2.jpg)

why does he look like he's aged 10 years?

He looks like a frog in this picture kek. The stretched skin over his male skull is hilarious to see.

No. 1754752

File: 1674919787763.png (38.11 KB, 659x324, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)

JK Rowling giving no more fucks now

No. 1754756

He literally looks so much like Bruce Jenner kek. Absolutely botched

No. 1754757

This isn't a smile, it's a grimace. Still got the Grand Canyon deep crow's feet, too.

No. 1754759

File: 1674920045418.png (24.29 KB, 769x188, Court put in lockdown as dange…)

No. 1754761

He might be on it but not growing moobs because he's not gaining any weight at all. I suspect he has a mild ED, maybe we can exacerbate it by calling him fat, causing him to starve himself to death.

No. 1754762

Fucking kektacular. I think she's seeing the royalties pour in from Hogwarts Legacy as virtue streamers say "we're actually supporting the developers" JKR is already rich and nothing will change that. I mean it's true, but you know ppl only virtue signal about causes they know nothing about to get clout. Then when serious boycotting comes into play they have no reason to miss out because they never cared in the first place. And they shouldn't. Trannies are insane and everyone knows it.

No. 1754765

File: 1674920281932.png (412.05 KB, 679x609, Screenshot 2023.png)

No. 1754778

The notorious black A.G.P

No. 1754779

"we should continue to beat the shit out of sh-ssscis people in sports" what were you going to say anthony? no speak up we want to hear it again

No. 1754784

i just noticed this, why is there NO texture on his neck skin whatsoever??? did they perform a tracheal shave and some skin pulling shit there too?

No. 1754788

It looks way too round for a throat, I believe it's just edited

No. 1754789

This is seriously one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. That thick neck, little peanut head, noodle arms and a barrel chest. About as male in body structure as you can get. He was an ugly gay male, and now he is an uglier gay male. Love that no matter what they do, how many surgeries they get, they can never, ever be convincing as attractive human beings, let alone women. Of course male ego rarely allows them to see the hideous truth of what they’ve done. Only 41% seem to ever get it.

No. 1754793


How is his mouth so wide?

No. 1754794

She's going to be rich no matter what but she'll donate that money to women's charities, hospitals, poor people, etc and doesn't tax evade like other rich people. JK has done more good to the world than trannies ever will. It's hilarious to see them malding and seething.

No. 1754796

File: 1674923637930.jpg (220.49 KB, 1080x1883, FnhDHtJXkAMb4jm.jpg)

member this weirdo

No. 1754800

of course he is German, gosh, I'm so done with this country, as soon as I'm able to move I'm out of here.

No. 1754815

Dude's eyes got that continental drift going on.

No. 1754816

File: 1674925437007.jpeg (593.28 KB, 750x1108, AE1606A6-FA29-4E52-9BB1-75A346…)

Chucky looking ass

No. 1754821

Gross. Among everything else that's botched I didn't even notice that, nonnie. Definitely edited. Looks like a frog throat.

No. 1754830

He looks like he could be Kanadajin3's dad kek

No. 1754839

File: 1674927192118.jpg (299.77 KB, 828x1323, E3T67u9XoAkv0.jpg)

This could be somebody's dad

No. 1754845

File: 1674927569505.jpeg (109.55 KB, 500x751, 64489A15-C329-4CF7-ACFF-D9D5CE…)

is this a Lazy Town cosplay?

No. 1754849

File: 1674927975974.jpeg (49.03 KB, 458x687, 09B62A4D-6C8E-4CFD-A627-6AEF18…)

ntayrt but I thought it was dollar store lavagirl kek

No. 1754857

Yep 1 single jk Rowling is worth more than every Troon past present and future she's done more for society than those parasites ever will, they know it and they mad lol.

No. 1754862

One thing I don't get about troons (of both sexes) is, have they ever had surgery? That stuff is painful to recover from even when minimally invasive procedures are used. You get bored lying down all day and it turns cabin feverish fast, because you literally cannot go outdoors. It's advanced recovery when you can go to the toilet on your own. There is no physical way to speed up recovery and no matter how fancy the hospital you're staying in, the shit feels crippling. (And that's not even counting the post-recovery pain/malfunctions/regrets that you see in the vast majority of troons online.)

Why would you essentially take a chainsaw to your gonads and subject yourself to this shit for weeks, for an experimental, elective procedure? It's sociopathic that anybody would call this "affirming care" when you can't even call this medically necessary. It's as necessary as stealing opioids because "I'd kill myself otherwise uwu".

Genuinely fuck the people promoting this shit. Fuck the Erin Reeds and Oliver Thorns that think this disease should be paid for by public health systems.

No. 1754872

Honestly I'm here for castration. If moids want to willingly get the chop I certainly wont stop them. It wont stop them from being creeps, so may as well take away their dicks

No. 1754878

tbh nona most of them haven't. The average troon has no concept of physical pain or disability until they cripple themselves with cross-sex hormones and cosmetic surgery. It takes a sheltered life to get so coombrained you believe you can actually swap sex organs. Nothing is lost when these men castrate themselves.

No. 1754885

They made it look like a weird goiter.

No. 1754887

I think about this all the time, not only with troons but anyone who willingly puts themselves through multiple unnecessary surgeries. The pain and duration of recovery is so bad, and for these SRS surgeries in particular the complication rate is very high. I think a lot of them just want to believe it’s magical and are bad at thinking about the future and how they might end up disabled for life due to it.

No. 1754890

File: 1674930460763.jpeg (320.23 KB, 1284x2453, 7E786129-BCD0-465D-9D2E-EBCF51…)

A troon my friend follows just posted his face on TikTok after FFS and literally looks the same??
Can you tell which is which? (Hint: top is after ffs)

No. 1754899

He's an aspiring titan nonnie

No. 1754900

Why are German men like this just out of curiosity kek

No. 1754902

File: 1674932118120.jpeg (274.27 KB, 960x687, 4885C5E9-5170-4297-9EBE-323A25…)

No. 1754908

Erin's real name is Anthony fyi. Don't discourage troons to get the surgery, after all they deserve it.

No. 1754911

Kek the wide-ass shoulder on the right, but not on the left. NICE WORK, RETOUCHER

No. 1754913

Why would Canadians take in trannies that refuse to work? We have enough on disability programs as is.

No. 1754919

AYRT thank you for finding this, I needed that laugh

No. 1754923

trannies is are low iq sociopaths. them getting the chop and killing themselves when the regret set in is how they win the darwin awards.

No. 1754925

They're all fucking trying their chances now. Who could have predicted this??


No. 1754927

And you KNOW they aren't gonna make them do voluntary euthanasia like all the poor and disabled people are having forced upon them.

No. 1754930

File: 1674933732449.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1488x1993, 8BD71384-1825-47C6-BF8B-5FF500…)

potentially off topic but i love having the 2004 edition of this book which makes no apologies for the requirements of womens anatomy

No. 1754932

this fucking guy. he used to pop up on my fyp occasionally and he's insufferable, he seems vaguely milky too but i cba to dig into it

they've been trying to reclaim agp for a while. iirc kevin gibes said agp is a valid reason to transition lmao

No. 1754933

I think he meant "commit", not "face".

No. 1754934

It's the same as how they're calling everything oppression and even fucking genocide, most of them haven't had to face any sort of hardships in their lives and immediately break down and cry like pissbabies when they don't get everything handed to them on a platter.

No. 1754945

File: 1674935179471.jpeg (53.67 KB, 1280x720, D061BA2F-2FBB-4004-99D3-20EE3E…)

same energy

No. 1754947

How entitled mtf trannies act is the type of behavior that non-troon men would do if they got handed an oppression card. There are some differences between non-troon and troon moids but ultimately I think that this behavior is the same among both and a perfect explanation of why men think every woman will accuse them of rape and every non-white person is just crying racism when convenient. The troon movement is evidence of scrote's own projections onto women and other minorities.

No. 1754949

Yes the feminine urge to be “smashed” by loads of random men

No. 1754950

I literally thought it was the other way around until I read your text, wtf. They're not even aesthetically better looking. I feel like the problem is actual sex give aways like cranium size and face length can't be changed so they just round the jaw which doesn't really solve anything. They just end up looking like a dude with a rounder jaw.

No. 1754956

> is it at all possible that brain similarities, like in volume and gray matter, are related to mental illness or other stresses/traumas?
Yeah; findings in neuroimaging studies where there are minor hyper-localized differences in volume, activation etc. tend to be very unreliable to begin with, and the part of the brain where there was lower volume in the study you linked is implicated in working memory, which can be affected by stress and trauma.

No. 1754959

I was bored so I started browsing /tttt/. It's really hilarious how under every thread that feature "passing" MTF's (read: heavily edited), you get posters being suicidal and crying that they don't look like the troon in the thread pic. I can't believe how males are so fucking stupid. They really mutilate and castrate themselves because they're stupid enough to believe they can actually look like an anime bimbo sex doll. Looking at any "passing" tranny without filters and photoshop in candid pictures or in motion, you can see that they're still so painfully male. I'm all for raising the male suicide rate and men willingly castrating themselves if they didn't have to involve real women in the process.

No. 1754962

I can't find it anymore but there was an interesting article about transgender people aging with dementia, and asking their caretakers what the fuck happened to their bodies all the time. Like many of them only remember being their birth gender, of course, and so they wake up everyday in a body that feels completely alien and wrong. It was a good article, they were almost pitiable in it, but it really highlighted how that "wrong brain" shit is so retarded.

No. 1754965

Samefag, found it.
> He said: "As dementia progresses a person may not recall their current gender and they may see themselves being pre-transition and be surprised at the physical changes to their bodies. "This can result in them becoming very disorientated and anxious. They may not understand why they are being referred to as being a certain gender as they cannot recall publicly voicing this preference."
Maintain their preferred appearance, so in 25 years we're going to have holey-brained perverts being put in Belle Delphine wigs against their current addled will?

No. 1754966

Is this a way to make the girls look prettier to the audience lol? If there were only girls on stage they would look pretty average but they look like literal angels in comparison to that hulking troon

No. 1754970

The dementia is making them transphobic against themselves, duh. Too bad people treat the elderly like absolute garbage and will easily ignore stories like this

No. 1754972

My guess is high rates of autism

No. 1754978

File: 1674937598484.jpeg (516.46 KB, 938x1004, E2100025-CCC0-4524-9C29-AE1667…)

No. 1754984

wow, the dude from Fine Young Cannibals looks like shit.
wow, Morris Day looks like shit.

No. 1755006

would say that women are way too understanding in Germany and let them do whatever they want. Most of us also were raised by the believe that "boys are just boys" and "girls have to be nice and polite", don't know if it's still like that today. But honestly, I don't know, I just live here, kek, after three mentally ill German guys (BPD, every one of them) I'm done caring for any German man ever again.

No. 1755018

> Most of us also were raised by the believe that "boys are just boys" and "girls have to be nice and polite"
isn’t that everywhere in the world?

No. 1755019

File: 1674939727142.png (58.65 KB, 1826x283, Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 3.39…)

This is from Parade, some lingerie company that is inclusive to all sorts of women, but especially male women! Why the fuck do black women have to be grouped in with trans and queer people? The covert and noncovert racism at the heart of all the discourse around how "transwomen" are like black women, it's one of the most odious things about troons. They tell on that racist incel to troon pipeline all the fucking time.

Honestly, I think it all goes back to that subset of white male sexuality that wants to see their wife get fucked by a black man (the ultimate in machismo, I guess?) and then to be discreetly fucked by the black man themselves. They want to bring black women down because they're racists who want to be ones having sex with black men. I think the venn diagram between men who want to watch their wives have sex with black guys and guys who troon out is a perfect circle.

No. 1755024

That might be one thing, the autism diagnosis is the new bpd and adhd diagnosis. 20 years ago you had bpd if anything was wrong, 10 years ago adhd, today it's autism.

No. 1755029

File: 1674940027152.png (1.46 MB, 864x1430, Screenshot_20230128-160635.png)

Went to the same surgeon as this moid too I'm assuming. They all have the same face

No. 1755034

not the ptosis

No. 1755060

It's like when you play with the slides to make a character-creator character look ridiculous.

No. 1755065

File: 1674941516391.jpg (500.59 KB, 1080x1798, Screenshot_2023-01-29-00-30-23…)

May I leave it here it made me kek

No. 1755090

he looks so uncanny and scary

No. 1755091

I love her.

No. 1755136

TIMs honestly seem to wish they were relevant enough to be the scapegoat. If Kanye was running around telling everyone troons run the world economy and are trying to genocide black people they'd wet their diapers. But how can you claim the holocaust is coming for you when you're sterilising yourselves?

No. 1755137

File: 1674947855925.jpg (194.74 KB, 1440x1440, FnHnAe7aAAMTunN.jpg)

he wishes he could pass lel

No. 1755138

File: 1674948002380.png (47.71 KB, 661x471, Kelly Brooks on Twitter.png)

None of the genderspecials responded to this point btw

No. 1755140

File: 1674948062568.jpg (16.61 KB, 391x526, FnkZ05TXEAAeLQf.jpg)

No. 1755177

Is anywhere safe in the eu? Had friends who lived in France, Sweden and in Netherlands and they’ve said the same thing about the males there too - either undiagnosed bpd, narcissists, or troons

No. 1755178

i just want to know what terrible indie pop this geezer listens to

No. 1755180

File: 1674950108565.jpg (113.61 KB, 1196x472, m3Ue9VE.jpg)

Comments on twitter had some gems.

No. 1755182

I really hope being openly AGP does become the norm because it will only peak the rest of the normies that haven't already, and faster than anything us terves could do

No. 1755185

File: 1674950352530.jpg (49.05 KB, 1280x720, nAqQd3F.jpg)

Jesus fucking Christ he looks like a titan

No. 1755190

don't talk such trash. no child inherently knows how to sexually assault. that shit is taught to them or seen by them.

No. 1755205

i know this is half a day later, but anon, competitive figure skating in most countries is a sport for higher-end families that want focused daughters who can be married off. gymnastics too. i highly doubt it'll be invaded in the way swimming/weightlifting just because its inaccessible to these osteoporosis freaks due to time, money, and viable joints. not to mention the immense ""dysphoria"" that would come of participating in a sport filled with athletic girls

No. 1755223

His wife needs to take all the money they have in any joint accounts they may have and fucking SPLIT before he wastes it all on "girly" clothes and hormones from sketchy sites. Yet another pornrotted coombrained moid.

No. 1755240

I keep trying to get annoyed at this take they keep pushing but it’s so stupid it’s not even worth it.

No. 1755257

As an Arab woman these guys creep me out on a visceral level.

No. 1755301

German men are always freaks. I’ve never met one who wasn’t a total weirdo.

No. 1755344

Men can dance female ballet roles and do them properly - Les Ballets Trocaderos for example (think ballet crossed with drag). This guy tho, he has terrible footwork, posture, no flexibility so most of his part is just standing there waving his arms around like a fucking tree. Then again he only started in his 30s but they're treating him like a retarded kid being allowed to read the news or something because he's a troon therefore special.

Anyway, vid attached of Les Trocks for anyone interested.

No. 1755357

gotta be bolt ons next for Dylan right? or he’ll need to gain some weight in order to have fat transferred around his body in an effort to contour it into something that looks less like a draugr, I imagine. FFS can’t be the end of it for him, it never is for them. they always need to go bigger and bigger, until finally they flay their penis, realize nothing they did actually made them into a woman, and kill themselves.

the real treat will be seeing him 10 years from now. no matter what procedures he does or doesn’t get, it’s a guarantee that he’ll only look worse and worse.

No. 1755361

File: 1674964789128.png (376.73 KB, 523x535, Screenshot_2026.png)

i don't get how anyone can take one look at this dude and not think his brain is completely pickled

No. 1755383

the way his hairline is now it’s like he’s always wearing a wig pulled down too low lol

No. 1755385

That's just men for you. Men in the US, Asia or elsewhere aren't any better. The only difference is that in Asia and certain European countries (e.g. France, Poland), troon shit is not mainstream yet.

Is his team fucking with him? Why would they pick an outfit that makes his bulge, male legs and male torso so noticeable and prominent for his FFS reveal video?? And the skinwalking of real women is creepy as fuck. And his little speech at the end is so unsettling and cringe, he looks like he's acting all his emotions and trying so hard to sound emotional, overwhelmed and ""feminine"" yikes

No. 1755395

autism is definitely getting overdiagnosed. i’ve seen women who seem perfectly normal claim they’re autistic. meanwhile, my autistic older brother can barely hold a conversation because it’s like talking to a child.

No. 1755397

ugh i didn't even realize that that WASN'T a wig…they over-corrected that shit so far omg

No. 1755401

you can still be high-functioning and end up seeming normal while still feeling like you're putting on a theatre performance for normies, I get that it's not the same as the autists who are incapable of fooling people but it's still a challenging life to lead when you're expected to constantly abide by social norms you may not even fully understand

No. 1755402

File: 1674969364150.jpg (3.47 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230129_000140949.jpg)

Made a collage. We'll see how even more minimal the effects are going to be once the swelling goes down. I picture a filler addiction in the future since the part he said he liked about his "subtle" (ignoring the nose botch) FFS is that his features are "softer" but this is mostly due to the swelling, we'll all have a better idea in a few weeks or months as to how his features actually are.
Also I couldn't stop laughing when his face reveal (the thing he's advertising to normies as what's making him a woman) started with a reveal of his dick bulge. He really did just transition to try and escape twink death while pairing it with his excessive narcissism and need to create the scenarios in his head irl. You can't convince me otherwise seeing as he's a theatre gay who didn't get anywhere in his career and also a themby who won't even shave properly

No. 1755407

Samefag but the left is pre op and the right is post

No. 1755421

sorry for off topic but women are much much better at masking than moids, especially high functioning autists. it's been destigmatized (and almost fetishized) recently which explains the influx of diagnoses but some of it (or most) is legit.

No. 1755424

File: 1674970582826.jpg (163.84 KB, 1080x1409, Botched.jpg)

No. 1755425

Creepy how they somehow made his already near-nonexistent lips even thinner

No. 1755428

I can not believe this man is 26 years old.

No. 1755429

What kind of fancy ass psych ward lets you use your phone??? The audacity to complain about this shit when people in the US are treated worse than prisoners in psych wards and would never ever be allowed to use technology.

No. 1755430

while it initially sucks not being able to use your phone i think it's for the best as someone who's been stuck on psych wards in the u.s. i mean this guy would be better off had he not had easy access to his brainwashed reddit echochambers

No. 1755461

File: 1674974818400.jpeg (195.76 KB, 652x559, 33B21551-7C18-4152-91A7-BFDB4B…)

What is on his inner thighs? That padding or whatever the fuck it is? Did he tape his balls to his legs? Pls what is that

No. 1755466

I think it's the padding you find in stockings, in the crotch area.

No. 1755476

File: 1674977138039.png (412.17 KB, 1095x717, 5555.png)

he's apparently about to turn 56 and recently divorced his wife

No. 1755486

File: 1674978289140.png (169.72 KB, 1384x872, cope.png)

I'm currently reading Invisible Women by Caroline Criado-Perez (highly recommend btw) If only I could force every moid doing the "men who inject estrogen are physiologically the exact same as postmenopausal women!!" routine to read pic related. (And that doesn't even include the difference in skeletal and muscular composition of the body)

No. 1755487

File: 1674978317198.png (216.03 KB, 1305x880, seethe.png)


No. 1755489

File: 1674978342173.png (212.75 KB, 1702x718, dilate.png)

3/3 her sources(>> /2X/)

No. 1755495

File: 1674979092568.png (7.85 MB, 1932x2576, A44C8E4D-344C-4162-9C15-52B12A…)

That cat has seen a lot I feel

No. 1755498

File: 1674979928568.jpg (10.85 KB, 190x279, Screenshot 2023-01-29 131103.j…)

the horrors ive seen

No. 1755534

File: 1674981735768.jpg (163.71 KB, 744x1280, ew.jpg)

Except for one person referencing the tranny's surgery, most people in the comments were like "why are you sharing this", "cringe", etc. Imho when these reels get into normies' feed and they don't even notice it's two men, no one cares. But when people are aware that there's a troon involved, they hype them up and compliment them for saying shit like "*when my bf ate my ~taco~ for the first time, it took an hour!!1*" eww. Trannies are too dumb to understand that this is the ultimate proof that even their precious allies don't see them as women and give them the victim/retard special treatment. Anyway this tranny always makes the exact same face in his videos, head kinda sideways and eyes half closed (I don't know how to describe it properly) to try to look sensual I guess but it irks me so much lol

No. 1755541

coomers like this always have the same empty, glazed over look to their eyes. it's like the eyes of a shark.

No. 1755542

Exactly. The handmaiden gushing is so overly cringe & performative, and they never speak to actual women that way. I was in a makeup group and troons would show up in the most sloppy terrible makeup and the replies would all be “YASS KWEEN, SLAY! YOU ARE TOTALLY VALID.” How can they take it seriously? Their “allies” literally treat them like gay besties.

No. 1755629

Anyone have any posts stashed where troons wish they were raped/assaulted to validate their gender identity?

No. 1755645

File: 1674988186471.jpg (133.66 KB, 736x1154, Fm-QbvuXkAEQzUX.jpg)


No. 1755647

This troon is incapable of shutting up about him and his chaser boyfriend's sex life to his underage audience. Really makes you wonder how dysfunctional it really must be for him to be coping this hard.

No. 1755654

CP on main. Don't scroll.

No. 1755667

God his nose is seriously fucked… looking at his before pics I gasped at how much flesh they cut out of it. it looks like they were trying to create a ski slope but ended up creating an unnatural divot in the bridge instead?

hacking away at the entire face at once is just really ill-advised honestly, noses in particular should strictly be done separately and by surgeons who are specialists in noses. but whatever I hope this just leads to more surgery that accelerates the utter decomposition of his body lol

No. 1755670

am i seeing things or did they shop his upper arm to be as thin as his wrists while leaving the other arm and shoulder hulk sized? also kek at the plastic neck looks like photoshopping out that adams apple took half his neck tendons with it

No. 1755673

Jessie Gender made a fucking three hour long video about how he's totes really and truly 100% absolutely done with J.K. Rowling, for real this time, no fakesies, you guys.

I think we all know what a blatant lie this is. Having a famous and powerful 'evil archenemy' figure is great for these people, because they can put her name in the title or picture in the thumbnails of their videos and they know they'll get a lot more engagement as all the other seething failmales click on the video to join in the hatewank, nodding along with opinions they already have, self-soothing themselves through the villification of someone they've already convinced themselves is an irredeemable villain.

It's literally exactly the same behaviour we saw when all the antifeminist rational skeptic neckbeards were making videos about Anita Sarkeesian and Chanty Binx, back in the day.

Jessie Gender and his ilk will not stop talking about J.K. Rowling until it ceases to be profitable for them to do so.

No. 1755678

Jessie Gender is so fucking mawkish. He spends most of his videos deliberately trying to look sad so people will feel sorry for him and I hate that shit. It's pathetic and he should be embarrassed.

No. 1755683

It's ironic he's depicting Rowling as Sirius Black here. Wasn't Sirius actually a heroic, selfless figure vilified by the mob for false reasons? It's like when Harry Potter told the truth about the threat of Voldemort and was branded 'Undesirable #1'.

These people are somehow obsessed with these children's books, but seemingly have no ability to understand them.

No. 1755684

They never read the books, they only saw the movies

No. 1755690

File: 1674995553399.jpg (46.13 KB, 692x689, peter-pettigrew-1548065743.jpg)

Sirius was framed by Peter Pettigrew, who of all the Marauders, is easily the most troon-like.

No. 1755693

Men weren't getting diagnosed with BPD en masse. That was mostly for the angsty young women, many of whom had longstanding trauma instead of an innate personality disorder.

No. 1755699

File: 1674996168296.jpg (131.58 KB, 1920x1080, 7e6f9-16724835790411-1920.jpg)

One thing I noticed about evil men is that if you look at casual photos, their eyes are usually like black holes. There's just no spark of light or life coming out of them, regardless of the lighting. It sounds crazy, but tell me it's not true. I look back at photos of my pornsick ex who was impotent before he was old enough to drink, and he had these same dead eyes in every photo.

No. 1755722

File: 1674999195203.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, image_2023-01-29_143321002.png)

No. 1755723

I just think this is a thing with men in general, not necessarily just 'evil' ones, because eyes are the biggest thing that make TIFs clockable in photos for me, when I can't see their height, hands, etc.

No. 1755725

Sorry if this is offtopic, but nonnas, does this deranged gender shit ever make you just want to scream and scream and scream at the bizarre nihilistic horror of it all?

I'm a Britbonger, and my country is literally being dismantled by a right-wing cartel that calls itself a government, that only cares about money and only acts in the interests of rich wealthy people like them, the gap between the rich and the poor hasn't been this bad since the Victorian times, but we can't ever have an organised political fightback against it because the left-wing has seemingly been completely hijacked by these child grooming, science denying actual, literal fucking lunatics, to the point where even the opposition leader refuses to say what a woman is for fear of offending a demographic that make up 0.9% of the population who thirty years ago would be in a fucking psych ward for their delusional beliefs and behaviour.

I feel like I'm going crazy, like I sound like a conspiracy theorist or something, but what the hell is going on? How did it get so bad so quickly?

No. 1755733

File: 1675001313101.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.34 KB, 2000x2000, RDT_20230128_20352611614353660…)

Help they're starting to make blahaj porn now

No. 1755734

File: 1675001369066.jpg (2.17 MB, 2292x1601, RDT_20230124_19223012333098562…)

No. 1755739

File: 1675001657312.jpg (113.99 KB, 828x839, Fnl1M4CWYAU0CNH.jpg)

"I looked more cis than my mom and sister"

No. 1755742

My fucking sides he was living out his pedo coom fantasy (note the giggling like a little girl part) when the camera exposes him to the actual reality that he is a disgusting degenerate male who dresses up as a woman to get off.

No. 1755745

File: 1675002077151.jpg (347.23 KB, 3000x1688, uglymale.jpg)

he looks like a disgusting circus freak. they're mad because deep down they know they will never be women. ugly tranny lowlife.

No. 1755746

File: 1675002460798.png (116.07 KB, 904x390, hiltersdoctor.png)

Kek posted in a previous thread, but the doctor who performed the first ever vaginoplasty actually went on to be a doctor in Nazi concentration camps. This guy can help people realize the "hateful rhetoric" is correct.

No. 1755749

it's the same all over the western world. we're in need of sane left-wing movements but they've all been hijacked by madmen and people who are scared of offending those madmen.

No. 1755750

No I feel the same, and I think either a moronic or deliberate misunderstanding of intersectionality is at the heart of it. Oppression Olympics and "checking your privilege" was a thing longer than the current trans craze, then a group of opportunistic men (and mostly heterosexual women) simply found a way to make them the biggest victims in any scenario by opting into oppression. This level of identity politics are inherently non-leftist (as the focus should be on the collective needs of society, not just catering to a small number of lunatics) and this level of navel gazing has absolutely crippled the left. Now certain countries are fighting it out to try to be the most woke and are hurting women and girls in the process.

No. 1755752

We know that most trannies regret chopping their cocks off, it's why they 41%. I think that's why I honestly find Jessie and post-op eunuchs like him so fucking insidious and creepy.

They can't breed, so they recruit. That's all I see in these videos. Jessie Gender looking out an audience of other geeky, ugly, failmale soft boys, just like he used to be, trying to groom them and drag them down into the same miserable fate as him.

No. 1755753

File: 1675003628489.jpg (153.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Anyone else remember when Jessie Gender forked out thousands of dollars of his Patreon cucksbucks for facial feminisation surgery and came out looking… Exactly the same?

No. 1755754

I like him better with all the bandages and the swelling. He reminds me of Touché Turtle.

No. 1755759

File: 1675004205673.jpg (479.91 KB, 1200x1200, idl7hg4qdjaa1.jpg)

I wanted to watch this anime but now I dont

No. 1755765

Who can stand to watch this ugly fucking creep droning on about how the wizard book lady is a big evil meanie for that long? How does he have an audience? Who are his fans? Just think of all the better things you could do in three and a half hours.

No. 1755769

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the longest Harry Potter film and it still has a runtime of only 2 hours, 41 minutes.

No. 1755772

File: 1675005501879.jpg (457.88 KB, 1280x961, hunter.jpg)

The most famous one is probably this instagram post from actor Hunter Schafer (now deleted), see "not feeling femme enough without being a victim of rape" next to "gay woman" in the bottom left corner. I've seen other posts from random troons about this but didn't think of saving them…

No. 1755777

Look up “Inauthentic Selves: The modern LGBTQ+ Movement Is Run By Philanthropic Astroturf And Based On Junk Science.”
You feel like pointing out the insanity makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist because it actually IS a conspiracy, it’s intentional astroturfing by extremely wealthy and powerful old white men and pharmaceutical companies designed to gain them profit and to leave leftists distracted by inconsequential bullshit. Feminist publications have been completely replaced with publications on gender studies and transgenderism; feminism is basically dead, and every single time a new discussion kicks up about women’s rights or minority rights or class rights it gets pasted over with “but ESPECIALLY we mean TRANS poor/black women! It actually all goes back to TRANS rights because they’re the truly most oppressed group of all!” “Pussy hats are transphobic, saying abortion is women’s tights is transphobic, let’s not forget this impacts trans people the most, we need to focus on gender affirming healthcare” etc. and once again shuts down the entire conversation in favor of pushing pharmaceuticals and plastic surgery and useless self ID laws that do nothing to improve the actual conditions of struggling minorities and working class/impoverished people in the modern world.

No. 1755778

tried to watch it. apparently people say it gets better, but i literally couldn't finish the first episode. sister force-fems the main character, there's ungodly amounts of ass shots for characters that are 14, and there's even a skirt goes spinny moment. felt like i was going on a watchlist looking at that show.

so basically, troons are going gaga over it.

No. 1755779

Lmao this schizo diarypost never fails to amuse/horrify me. If it was a regular dude posting this you’d just assume he had various women’s body parts stored in his basement freezer, but since it’s a famous troon he’s le stunning and brave.

No. 1755782

File: 1675006336789.jpeg (693.7 KB, 1125x619, 8AFD319D-9798-46F7-9D8A-946B1D…)

Troons being pedos obsessed with porn and hypersexualized cartoons about Japanese children, what’s new.
https://blogs.feministwiki.org/socjuswiz/2019/10/20/masculinity-anime-and-gender-dysphoria/ relevant article on anime influenced transgenderism that’s been posted here in the past, for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

No. 1755787

No. 1755789

wasn't there a statistic that like 60% of TIMs who get vaginoplasty suffer unbearable pain and severely regret it

No. 1755791

Serves them right for trying to play god

No. 1755810

File: 1675008507843.png (587.55 KB, 695x613, J.K. Rowling on Twitter.png)

I think JK is really sick of troons

No. 1755817

Holy shit, lol. JKR has been going hard the last few days.

Also, anybody notice how troons, handmaidens and TRAs go out of their way to call her Jo or Joanne instead of JK, JKR or Rowling like normal people. Fucking misogynists.

No. 1755819

I had to explain to my brother that didn't disagree with JK but eas saying she keeps talking. I was telling him how every fucking day people have her name in their mouth, acting like she's a devil. But she's not going to shut the fuck up and take it. They keep going at her expecting her to eventually shut the fuck up, and just take their video essay, constant tweets and disrespect. I love how she does it with Class. This isn't someone just shooting off at the mouth this is someone defending herself and women.

No. 1755821

File: 1675009084004.png (438.68 KB, 685x716, ripx4nutmeg on Twitter.png)

No. 1755823

File: 1675009244634.jpg (254.39 KB, 922x2048, FnoXL5PWYAAYPKV.jpg)


No. 1755831

This is how I feel about the entire genre of people posting videos over 10 minutes of them just rambling on and on. Scrotes just love to hear other scrotes talk.

No. 1755833

Normally they skinwalk, the goth girl they couldn't get. Props to this guy for having a more atypical crush. LOL

No. 1755834

Too bad they won't relabel it a ladies Bible study group and start over.

No. 1755836

File: 1675010088647.jpg (117.17 KB, 1080x608, superjail_cc_306_pt1_bay7s_cc-…)

most accurate physical portrayal of a troon I have ever seen

No. 1755839

Rowling's definitely gone full gender critical in the past few months. The self-id shit being proposed in Scotland really set her off. I'd say in 2018 when Rowling first spoke out about the trans issue she was a true trans believer, "TWAW, but we shouldn't erase women's language to describe themselves". In her essay Rowling mentioned how she had a TiM friend who she couldn't see as anything other then a woman. I doubt that's the case now, Rowling has reach full peak trans. Look at this tweet from the end of 2021, this is when the peaking began. Once again it's related to Scotland.

No. 1755841

Honestly troons only have themselves to blame, the attacks against her and family were too much

No. 1755846