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File: 1673152366798.jpg (33.14 KB, 261x380, Flx8FNPakAAbDn5.jpg)

No. 1739573

No. 1739576

File: 1673152479277.jpg (718.1 KB, 1080x2220, 1672641785089.jpg)

Thanks for the thread, nona. I'm sad you didn't use picrel, though, kek

No. 1739577

File: 1673152490527.jpg (373.53 KB, 2048x2048, Fk7mehUXgAY-TGQ.jpg)

Colon should stick to his regular angles for his photos.

No. 1739578

I wonder if he uses face and voice filter in his video. He seems so unpassable otherwise

No. 1739583

The cat knows

No. 1739589

File: 1673154275719.png (619.96 KB, 622x796, Uncanny.png)

Why does the man in the thread pic look just like Jimmy Carr?

No. 1739627

Because they've had the same amount of plastic surgery.

No. 1739636

Thanks, now I can't unsee this.

No. 1739650

christ he's so bloated yet still looks so obviously male

No. 1739691

the fact that dylan got a whole cosmetic surgery but still couldn't be bothered to shave his facial hair kills me

No. 1739742

File: 1673184552494.png (142.46 KB, 558x502, grant.png)

Grant Sikes got rejected from sororities
>a future where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves
a future where men can go wherever the fuck they want without consequences or care for how it impacts women

No. 1739747


No. 1739781

>for any nonnitas who like power electronics/death industrial.
yes yes that'd be me! I'll be keeping
a lookout for your EP and supporting it however I can.

No. 1739785

File: 1673189903192.png (812.16 KB, 846x1172, Screenshot_20230108_083051_com…)

Can XX ep nonna post it covertly here or post their artist name spoilered? Wanna support a based EDM artist (too many scrotes, troons, and pick mes)
Also no new news from Dylan except a predone video for when he hit 10mil followers. God I hope he's botched, his face is really Manish and couldn't be easy to work with even compared to other troons. From snippets it's clear surgery hasn't done much to "feminize" even through the inflammation so I hope it looks bad when it goes down and he has to go for more surgeries. The more he does the more inhuman he's gonna look too

No. 1739787

>a future where everyone is welcomed for just being themselves
He can find all the other weirdos that are dropped from the first rounds and make a club with them. Grant can find validation in this moment, but it means he's on the same level with the women so disgusting and unpleasant to be around no organization wants them.

No. 1739792

File: 1673191506431.png (71.08 KB, 589x487, sex segregation.png)

>I am going to swim
you… did swim? no one is stopping you swimming, moron. their intentions are so clear. imagine feeling oppressed because you can't whip your dick out in front of women and children.

No. 1739794

File: 1673192070600.jpeg (515.68 KB, 1125x1542, 1623502A-C11F-4CC1-ADC3-170E6C…)

>moral panic
You mean women’s panic at being suddenly exposed to a naked male body. Women aren’t being crazy moralist pearlclutchers for not wanting to see a random guy’s penis. He can literally just continue to change privately jfc.

Also, looks like he got called out for his original post, and his response was to say “nothing, absolutely nothing you do can stop me” in regards to showing random women his dick every day.

No. 1739803

>have a good day wankers
must be telling this to his fellow tim wankers that whip it out in female spaces

No. 1739806

This is ancient news. Pretty sure it’s what launched his attempt into being a Dylan clone because he can’t stand not having attention on him. Somehow he manages to be even creepier than Dylan in some ways, but I think people were already calling him out on it.

No. 1739808

dylan come across less creepy to most women because of how gay he is. even handmaidens find agps off-putting whether they are willing to admit that or not.

No. 1739809

>He can literally just continue to change privately jfc.
This is what gets under my skin. Most women I know don’t even enjoy changing in front of strangers and make it as quick and covert as they can. If there are stalls available, people will go to those first for the privacy. Why the fuck are these men such exhibitionists? It’s fucking weird.

No. 1739810

That’s true. I still don’t know how some women don’t find Dylan creepy. His mannerisms and eyes are like something from a horror movie.

No. 1739813

The whole not shaving thing gets me, he looks so much like Chris Chan now because his head is just a circle now. Dylan just looks like a mega autist now.

No. 1739816

Exactly. I’ve only changed in the locker rooms in middle/high school for gym class. If I’m going to the pool, I wear my bathing suit there or even change in my car, that’s how much I hate changing rooms.

No. 1739828

Will get FFS but won’t kill himself? Unfortunate. Let’s hope his surgery wounds go septic!

No. 1739830

>There’s nothing you can do to stop me

Until one of these women shoots you, tazes you, sic’s their brother or husband on you, any number of things should be happening to these men. Why is it so unpopular to jump on them?

No. 1739832

The second a male walks into women's changing rooms I hope all the women leave. It's not illegal to just walk away and it makes a statement to the establishment's owner. If the men want the spaces so bad then have them but no women will be in there with them.

No. 1739845

I’ve seen something similar to this happen before in a public bathroom, some homeless man walked in behind a mom and her kids to the restroom and when someone questioned him he said “I have ID that says I’m female” and everyone waited until he was out of the building to use that bathroom. I’ve seen so many men where I live use the “The government says I’m female so I am” rhetoric and it’s just so fucking retarded and wastes everyone’s time. Sorry for blogposting but I just felt like sharing that kek

No. 1739878

A nona is making a xx ep??? Sign me up. I hope she posts it in 2X

No. 1739887

Having to do this sucks but in many cases it works to make them feel bad, which is enough for me. Even online, they’ll overtake a space for women then whine once it’s only TiMs after all the women have left. In many cases it resorts to women needing to make private spaces, but it’s better than nothing. The only problem is then there are women who feel left out and don’t know how to seek those places out. For instance, there are gender critical discords out there, but it’s luck of the draw on whether you’ll find them or not because they usually shield themselves with fake names and purposes and the only way to get in is if you manage to get a random invite because someone trusts you. Otherwise you’re stuck on infiltrated subreddits or even somewhere like here, where they’re free to come and troll.

No. 1739894

>Why is it so unpopular to jump on them?
TiMs have the media on their side. Any type of physical retaliation against them will be reported as transphobic violence against a poor transwoman. Remember how the msm protrayed the Wi Spa incident as a right-wing hoax? Or the Loudon County dad who the msm said was a lunatic.

No. 1739920

>b-but twanswomen are terrified of being hurt by cees womin!!!!

yep, totally seems terrified. i swear to god they have a coomerish male idea of changing rooms. we go in we go out as discreetly as possible. most even opt to get naked in private stalls (at least where i’m from) girls in my old highschool would always hold up towels to help one another get changed privately.

No. 1739923

Not to mention that most scrotes these days are pathetic soys who would probably side with troons over defending their loved ones.

And let's say I pepper sprayed a troon for whipping his dick out near me. He'd press charges, and some TRA lawyer would work for him pro-bono. If he'd whipped his dick out in front of me on the street, I'd probably be fine, but he was naked in a locker room, where people typically undress. A liberal judge and jury (a given in my area) are not going to side with me.

We have literally no recourse but social shaming, and troons have proved that they have zero self-awareness or shame. Our only option is to abandon our own spaces and hope that others see it for the injustice that it is and/or it makes troons feel shitty enough to stop.

No. 1739947

idk how i feel about abandoning our spaces. obviously i don’t want women to subject themselves to essentially being sexually harassed, but giving it to them is also what they want. as soon as there’s not enough real women, they’ll migrate to wherever we’ve gone.

i know they don’t understand shame, but they do understand aversion/disgust. Sage for blogging but a troon came in to my sister’s job at PINK (the victoria’s secret sister store for teens..), and she commented on how everyone just walked around or away from him when he’s check out an area. We need to at least be obvious in our aversion.

No. 1739958

Don't just leave the washroom; tell someone in charge that you will not be patronizing their business as long as men are allowed in the washroom and then leave the whole building. If you don't feel comfortable doing this in person, then just leave the building and call/email the establishment later.

No. 1739991

Low IQ men just won't control their sexual impulses unless another man is right there to kick their asses. Even average intelligence ones just barely can keep their misbehavior under wraps. Clueless middle class handmaidens fucked us all over when they started demanding policy changes based on the public behavior of their worthless Nigels.

No. 1740034

Whenever I went swimming and had to change afterward I’d just go into the bathroom stall to do it. I never felt oppressed for not being nude in a shared space, it’s not that hard for males to go change in private but they feel like they need to whip their dick out and wave it in everyone’s face, further showcasing their male behavior. It’s like a power fetish at this point, they get off on breaking the obvious rules and imposing themselves on women making them visibly uncomfortable and then using the trans pass to be made an innocent victim. When I walk into any establishment with a tranny or tranny adjacent male I walk right on out, even if you don’t see them you can hear their creepy voices.

No. 1740037

File: 1673224774226.jpeg (82.99 KB, 534x680, not a fetish.jpeg)

a troon exposing himself in public places and sharing on his flickr (most are sfw but with the odd tucked-dick crotch shot thrown in, be warned: https://www.flickr.com/photos/194284923@N02/)

No. 1740038

File: 1673224970393.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x1440, rosemary times.jpg)

samefag. meanwhile on his tiktok he is being praised by handmaidens for being fabulous. if only they knew…

No. 1740046

yass that's what women do, flashing in public places, you go queen, that's totes a feminine thing to do!!

No. 1740055

Normie women are so annoyingly dense, they legitimately believe he's just interested in fashion and not a peverted coom brained scrote transvestite wanking to a pair of heels and tights.

No. 1740057

i know its been said a billion times before but how can women look at these moids and not realize its a disgusting fetish. even when i was on board with the trans shit, men like this gave me the creeps. why is no one questioning why these 60+ year old men are putting on stockings and wigs after being regular low value moids their whole lives. why are we enabling this ffs. it's infuriating

No. 1740059

what's sad is their gut instinct must be telling them this guy is a huge perverted red flag but their need to be seen as "inclusive" overrides and even makes them double down. only a few years ago, women would automatically remove their children from the presence of this man or alert a member of staff if he was in the women's changing room because they would just know instinctively that he is a deviant and likely predatory. it's really disturbing to me that these protective mechanisms are being dulled.

No. 1740060

File: 1673228483169.jpeg (60.99 KB, 800x467, porn.jpeg)

how fabulous! you go gurl

No. 1740065

I think he must be botched beyond belief. He did a video with a cartoon/anime filter bc he can't bear to show the results yet. Probably trying to figure out how to disguise the problems.

I'm on my phone but will embed it later

No. 1740068

What the fuck is that pose??

No. 1740098

Not to cape for men, but I always thought this was the standard for all people. Like from what I know, most people don't like the idea of their genitals being exposed to others, mostly out of shame for themselves. It's just common decency. I genuinely believe that this idea of people willingly flashing their tits or dicks in a changing to each other comes from porn or autists who take jokes literally.

No. 1740111

I hope someone tries to cancel him for doing a nazi salute

No. 1740119

I fucking thought he was doing the nazi hand sign for a minute

No. 1740121

I was going to say "thankful I get to use the disabled changing facilities" at my local rec center, but I've seen so much chat between TIMs about using them for 'safety'. I guess it's preferable to getting their penises out in front of women, from our POV, but they always love to use what isn't there for them. That's the main point of it, intruding in others spaces gets them off.

No. 1740122

Honestly, I think grim politeness might work. "Ma'am, I think we'd all appreciate if you'd put your pants on and your penis away now. This is a changing room not a nudist colony."

No. 1740131

File: 1673243239275.png (30.59 KB, 755x729, yeast.png)

I feel bad for her but why would you trust a troon in the first place

No. 1740133

>bigger and stronger
Sure Jan.

No. 1740138

File: 1673243767309.png (536.22 KB, 1081x2114, chrome_screenshot_167324374571…)

No. 1740139

File: 1673243869241.jpeg (270.13 KB, 828x1459, 78BE942D-7613-42D3-927E-FA8379…)

Hasan Pikers literal tranny leftist ratking defending andrew Callaghan against rape accusations

No. 1740141

File: 1673244036223.jpeg (186.89 KB, 828x1173, D3773FB4-63F3-439C-BC60-48BF7E…)

I’ve seen a shocking number of men openly admit attraction to the new 13 year old Wednesday Addams character.

No. 1740142

but when we say tims are perverts we're wrong somehow

No. 1740146

> this is MY house
Dude you live with your parents, so it is their house. Your brother has just as much of a right to be there. I shudder to think what "revenge" is to this creep though.

No. 1740147

proving to everyone that he's a moid

No. 1740148

Not that it's a whole lot of difference, but the "current" Wednesday Addams is 16.

No. 1740156

I'm sure she might be a big taller then him, but she greatly underestimates the gap in physical strength between the two

No. 1740157

Yeah she still dresses like a little girl though and is “cutesy” and infantilized

No. 1740162

File: 1673246350703.png (1.11 MB, 1081x2147, chrome_screenshot_167324615659…)

The men currently on the front-page of Flexin' Lesbians

No. 1740163

File: 1673246445112.png (1.56 MB, 1081x2919, chrome_screenshot_167324594720…)

No. 1740164

File: 1673246704259.png (1.65 MB, 1081x2111, chrome_screenshot_167324607830…)

No. 1740166

File: 1673247651129.png (584.61 KB, 1713x2048, chrome_screenshot_167324756673…)

>we just don't allow men to post

No. 1740190

The way his headband totally highlights that male pattern balding KEK

No. 1740245

I have more muscles than this skinnyfat tranny jfc

No. 1740275

>TIMs using disabled changing facilities
that is just as bad if not worse wtf? why do they feel so entitled to every space? not only are they making women uncomfortable but they're actually taking up limited facilities for those that actually fucking need them.

No. 1740295

why is he posing so awkwardly ? Does he want to show off his shower gel and proves he showers ?

No. 1740298

i have never seen a forearm bigger than an upper arm before. what is he meant to be "flexin'" exactly?

No. 1740320

>We never used a condom
Jfc it gets harder and harder to side with handmaidens when they're this retarded. Is everyone forgetting getting pregnant isn't the only risk you put yourself in when you have piv? IUDs, the pill and other contraceptives aren't magic; why have unprotected sex with a moid you're not even official with? And not even a regular moid, but a tranny. How do so many of these notoriously repulsive degenerates somehow get enough female attention to treat handmaidens like shit? They should be struggling to even get acquaintances yet there's endless stories of libfems and pickmes getting cheated on and played by these subhuman incels.

No. 1740331

Because rape culture now teaches women and girls that the “feelings” of their partner (men) are so much more important then their physical safety and health.
But he feels like a woman so therefor his penis is magically a female sex organ, so shut up and suck it bigot.
The condom makes him feel dysphoria so he shouldn’t have to wear it or you’re being a bigot!
He has multiple sex partners to validate his sissy fetish, asking that he doesn’t or that he discloses makes you the vile bigot!
Just the usual shit with a different rug over it.

No. 1740337

>poured baked beans in the bin over them to ruin them

Sounds fake but the moid doesn't know how to use a washing machine? He wants to copy every other part of being a woman except being competent at taking care of yourself

No. 1740344

>You should be on the balenciaga catwalk

Kek was this a crypto terf dig? I know it's a stretch but Balenciaga has been getting a lot of shit in the media for their pedophilic photo shoot

No. 1740345

File: 1673280028923.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2141x2959, 4725EFEF-2DC3-410A-A3EC-FBCB81…)

according to advanced biology, men are women you guise.

No. 1740346

i did briefly wonder this too but it's a very subtle dig. i chuckled either way.

No. 1740349

File: 1673280187211.jpeg (448.96 KB, 750x889, 5EE8444A-DB6B-4C30-9536-AAFF65…)

same milky retard.

No. 1740350

not sure if it's more depressing if an adult made this (and is obviously retarded) or if a child that has become this indoctrinated made it. and of course the drawing has to be furry too.

No. 1740352

ok nevermind this just answered all those things kek

No. 1740354

You can almost smell the male autism radiating from that handwriting

No. 1740372

Andrew Callaghan raped someone? I can’t find anything about it googling, is there discussion in another thread here?

No. 1740374

I imagined it as they put them in the trash to fuck with him and maybe later someone poured the leftovers of dinner into it or something like that, maybe not even knowing or thinking about it.

No. 1740382

This stuff is so insulting. It makes me think of so many womens subs where the rules are to keep things non-sexual when people post selfies. I don’t know if that particular sub is like that, but when I see it in ones that are and they let TiMs post it pisses me off because they are just playing into TiM fetishes by letting them exist there at all. How can a safe place for women exist when these scrotes are so comfortable displaying that crap? Any woman’s space is instantly devalued and becomes unsafe the moment you let men into it.

No. 1740403

it has been discussed in the post-left cows thread here nonnie >>>/snow/1739927 and also on the celebricows thread i've just seen.

No. 1740414

>this is MY house
>lives with his parents
Yeah, I doubt the 23 years old loser with no real problems is the one working daily to keep the bills paid. I refuse to assume any tranny has a real job, specially a job like cleaning or in construction, because people with real jobs have real responsibilities and real problems.

No. 1740439

thank you nonna

No. 1740472

File: 1673291438074.jpeg (418.21 KB, 750x1023, C10E0499-EB2D-46F9-9535-2963E4…)

No. 1740490

People need to warn girls and young women daily that going some place private with a scrote always = sex to males. Even when they lie to get you there. Men are so evil and gross. I had some scrote try to fuck me in an empty waiting room in an office building once, absolutely humiliating, other people could have walked in at any minute.

No. 1740491

File: 1673293280012.jpg (320.88 KB, 2048x1152, Fk_OSIkacAAXGF3.jpg)

No. 1740493

File: 1673293398496.jpeg (59.17 KB, 400x400, DABC99DD-9018-4BD5-BE19-653534…)

Why did this thing follow my art acc. He calls himself “mommy” btw
Sage for blogpost

No. 1740495

This was made by a small child. Sad.

No. 1740512

File: 1673294416156.jpg (47.83 KB, 600x716, kull___serpent_man_of_valusia_…)

they look like serpent man disguised as human beings

No. 1740528

why do they all look like this

No. 1740539

whenever a tranny follows me i leave a little YWNBAW in their dms and immediately block them. instagram guidelines don't know what YWNBAW stand for so nothing ever happens

No. 1740592

Based kek.

No. 1740596

File: 1673304200065.png (740.83 KB, 900x1425, delusional.png)

Matt Walsh is still a pig but they are so delusional lol

>This is literally me!!!

No. 1740598

The troon is right though. They date each other all the time, people sound like retarded out of touch boomers when they say 'h-how come they only want cis women???'

No. 1740602

File: 1673304922027.jpg (100.53 KB, 1024x576, E_-9AJAXIAEoFNN.jpg)

the actual transbian reality

No. 1740603

They wish they looked like that

No. 1740605

silence of the lambs as fuck

No. 1740607

It’s not wrong, but for every one who does that there are five others on the mtf sub saying they just can’t do it and blaming lesbians for being meanies.

No. 1740624

Now that the Daily Dilation of Stinkditch (DDOS) spam is over, the site can finally resume as usual.

No. 1740637

T4T is endstage cope for the LARP, once they finally realize that no lesbian wants to touch them. That meme is so far removed from reality, only a troon could create it. Matt Walsh could find more than enough examples on troon subs or in transbian app dating profiles where they cry that they only feel fully validated if they can date a real woman.

I really would bet all my money that every T4T troon either tried desperately to date a lesbian and had to give up or would dump their tranny "girl"friend the second they might have a chance with an actual woman.

No. 1740650

File: 1673308416942.png (507.67 KB, 315x663, Capture.PNG)

Why does dylan ever think he's going to look womanly when he has such a skeletal fridge body?

No. 1740656

File: 1673309172413.png (145.12 KB, 295x350, 23.PNG)

i saw it so you do too

No. 1740658

God damn 60's era Ken doll looking ass body with a swim suit forced onto it.

No. 1740659

nonna no, it's made by a very obvious male autist. They all write and draw like that, plus furry.

No. 1740660

two break ups in, what, 4 months? you must fucking suck

No. 1740663

File: 1673309720398.jpeg (23.13 KB, 236x340, 6ACF1563-9092-4015-BF2D-CAE234…)

No. 1740664

File: 1673309848246.jpg (23.98 KB, 250x369, 1671488856007456.jpg)

I wish there was a keffals thread. It's funny seeing candid pictures of him where he isn't tricking the viewer with tranny angles. He's become my personal cow tbh

No. 1740681

No. 1740690

No. 1740693

Is this post op?? If so that failed miserably kek

No. 1740730

I think there's one on kiwifarms

No. 1740735

nta but it goes way too fast, and 99% of replies are some variation of "Keffals is fat and ugly and I would not have sex with him."

No. 1740737

samefag, sorry this was stupid. That was the reason all their trouble started. Is kiwifarms even still up?

Tranny tax, picrel is from an article about a kid whose parents are in a custody battle because the mom wants to trans the kid and has just recently moved him to California. Apparently there is a "trans refuge" law there.

No. 1740741

File: 1673314572098.jpg (68.6 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20230109-025434~2.j…)

Dropped my pic sigh

No. 1740753

Kiwifarms has been up for a while. They still get ddos attacked occasionally but the site hasn't gone down again like during the keffals saga (yet). Keffals is mostly laying low and has given up on drop kiwifarms.

No. 1741011

File: 1673325851345.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.28 KB, 1536x2786, troon delusions.jpg)

No. 1741018

Reminder that the male breast does not contain Cooper's ligaments and that's why they have weird cone tits

No. 1741039

With all these handmaidens praising him, is it any wonder so many ugly middle-aged moids troon out? This is probably the most female attention he’s had in decades. And with so little effort too, all these AGPs have to do is throw on a cheap wig and Aliexpress dress and have braindead libfems tripping over each other to stroke their egos and validate their wank fantasies.

No. 1741041

Is it too much to hope he got horribly botched and becomes a cautionary tale and uses his platform to peak others about the dangers of trooning out?

No. 1741042

>This is probably the most female attention he’s had in decades.
Absolutely, they just lack the self awareness to realize the attention is a mix of faghagging and pity that women reserve for the most unfortunate disabled/deformed people.

No. 1741046

Exactly. And the moid rage kicks in when they realize these women are just virtue signaling and none of them actually want to touch their musty girldicks. Then they retreat to r/MTF to fantasize about killing “TERFs” with their fellow incel failmales.

No. 1741055

not likely, he's talking it up or whatever. if he's truly botched it'll end up being an exercise in extreme coping

No. 1741059

it's technically too early swelling wise, so shit looks at its most disgusting. but also, that hasn't stopped troons in the past. i'm praying for botched results

No. 1741062

File: 1673334628662.jpeg (414.56 KB, 1668x2031, 22551757-D557-4DCA-B797-577846…)

again, Dylan and Demi are the most zoomer coomer misogynistic scrotes on TT. Demitroon disturbs me more than Dylan . A few scrolls on DemitroonDUI page is enough to alog

No. 1741072

File: 1673335353014.jpeg (241.07 KB, 750x630, 8E789264-D6CC-4932-AFAB-FCE494…)

What the fuck I go to quora looking for grammar help and immediately get this troon popping up. Clocked him the moment he wrote all this fanfic about being a “woman who loves to suck cock!” and its scary to see his profile says he works as a manager in retail that teenagers like to shop and work at

No. 1741074

File: 1673335446054.jpeg (254.83 KB, 750x968, 56B55E07-1E7A-4A08-A458-ADA4F8…)

Also the fact he posts where he lives online on his public account while being a contributor to porn groups on the same website

No. 1741075

File: 1673335512905.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 278.31 KB, 750x1157, 133CA4F3-C32A-4B8D-A5C9-232882…)

The groups his contributes to and even admins spoiler for moid porn

No. 1741080

File: 1673337027954.jpg (78.49 KB, 500x350, 0_110.jpg)

Fuck off Dan i already told you i don't want any vodka you washed up schizo
someone needs to throw one of those hostage negotiation phones into his mancave so he lets the moobs free

No. 1741092

Nonas… I literally have the same tits as him. Like slightly bigger but very slightly. But the shape and nips are pretty much identical, does that mean I don't have coopers ligaments or am I just genetically unfortunate? I gotta stop lurking this thread it makes me feel bad about myself lol at least I have proper sexual functioning and can take comfort in the fact I'm not an XY failure

No. 1741093

Tubular breasts are a thing and I think I have those and it's killing me. As a teen I thought I had cancer.

No. 1741100

I've been getting there a while, but nonna I think you just pushed me over the peak! Thank you.

No. 1741103

I am exactly the same and scared lmao. Mine aren't as coney as his, but they're similar shape and I have identical nipples to his. I don't think my breasts will ever be attractive when they look like a troons.

No. 1741107

Yeah I'm pretty sure that's Chris Chan's work.

No. 1741108

It's called tuberous breasts and is considered a deformity. It's caused by abnormally thick and strong connective tissue, which restricts the breast growth. While it is a deformity, insurance doesn't cover surgery for it since there's no health issues related to it, but it could cause complications with breastfeeding. Only "fix" for it is a breast augmentation

No. 1741109

i have tubular boobs too! its not a big deal nonna - i have PCOS and im pretty sure it’s associated with that, so if u have anything like that it might be a clue - honestly dont get too down about it though, i have a pretty severe case and partners never really care IME, and when it comes to troon comparisons i just think of it like dylan’s facial hair or broad shoulders or something, women can have those features and still be beautiful because they’re women and even if something isn’t in the perfect box of typical female sex characteristics, they’re still obviously attached to a woman, and with someone like keffals its just like.. floppy moobs lol

No. 1741110

This is so depressing. My friend's youngest is a boy and has two older sisters. When he was 4 he had a stage of wearing his sisters' Frozen costume and insisting everyone call him Elsa. He was playing a character because small kids do imaginative role play. My friend, luckily, is not a lunatic and after a couple of months he got bored of being Elsa and found a new film to obsess over.

No. 1741111

Keffals has been quiet because more and more people are asking what he did with the money they sent him. I look foward to his downfall.

No. 1741112

This is 100% a fanfic/fantasy. No manager, no matter how sleazy, would ask this freak for a blowjob in exchange for a promotion.

No. 1741114

Eh some would kek

No. 1741120

He looks like a total clown. I don't get why handmaidens praise these uggo's looks.

No. 1741123

Definitely fanfic and it pisses me off because here at least there's a picture of his unfortunate face so people know it's a pornsick man writing, but there are plenty of men LARPing as women online who contribute to perpetuate these ideas about women. I remember when I was still using reddit and was not aware of the troon epidemic, I was always quite confused by the ""women"" posting in relationship/sex-related subs and going on about absolutely ~loooving~ to be degraded, suck dick and have anal sex. They were always top voted, too. I know it's possible that some women are just pandering/pornsick, but they were too many of these threads and always written in such an unnatural way. It all makes sense now. And of course moids upvote these en masse because they are completely unable to understand that this is absolutely not relatable for 99% of women. Then they use it to say "see?? i've heard so many women admit online that they have sex for promotions and love anal!!!!" ughhh

No. 1741177

File: 1673355671019.png (194.35 KB, 792x814, okaythen.png)

Smol vulnerable princess in my female only discord shares his experience of being a true woman.

No. 1741180

>Homeless men stared at me, being a woman is so scawwwrryyyy
I hate them. I hate them so much.

No. 1741185

File: 1673356345595.jpg (1.38 MB, 2311x3464, Picsart_23-01-10_13-08-03-328.…)

these degenerates make me sick, you would never see a well-adjusted woman posting anything this blindly unaware and disgusting on her personal FB, alas she'd be ripped to shreds in the comments and shared across platforms to be laughed at. but I'm supposed to feel sorry for these perverts? I'm supposed to feel comfortable with them in my bathrooms and changing rooms and other single sex spaces? not trying to a-log, just feeling kinda down with the how the world is accepting the sickening abuse of women's rights with open arms.

No. 1741196

>So very cute vulnerable white girl
>Uncomfortable stares from homeless guys
I now know what kind of porn this creature watches and all I can say is I didn't ask for this.

No. 1741199

i think most people do not accept this kind of behaviour, they just don't go online and write rants about these people. if you'd ask normies in the streets, i'm certain near 95% would say it's disgusting and laughable. it's just that those who accept this kind of behaviour (and participate in it) are terminally online retards who are very vocal about their degeneracy. bailey and lawrence (who are proponents of the autogynephilia theory) found that those transsexuals who are vocal about their transsexualism on the internet are almost always autogynephilic.

No. 1741207

You sure it's not because he is wearing a fucking furry helmet with paws?

No. 1741209

They were scared of him because he's wearing a fucking furry outfit, lord these men will victimize themselves at any moment

No. 1741217

Such a female experience, getting stared at by confussed homeless people because i am wearing a dog mask, happens to all of us

No. 1741226

Somewhere in the world, homeless men's tales of seeing El Chupacabra will excite cryptozoologists around the world.

No. 1741227

File: 1673362713650.png (99.09 KB, 811x665, trifecta.png)

The holy trinity
communist, check

comparing men to black women, check

fantasies about being sexually assaulted by actual women, check

No. 1741230

>i would feel safer in a space with trans women than cis women
why not advocate for trans women-only spaces then?

No. 1741233

>anyone who doesn't want girlcock are terfs
>terfs sexually assault transwomen
which is it?

No. 1741253

File: 1673365611618.png (29.56 KB, 709x303, Screenshot_20230110_073814.png)


kek where the hell are all these troons gonna go? hate that they act like they are being hunted down by the government

No. 1741255

Troons please flee to Antarctica

No. 1741256

please, no, they would only bother the penguins there, let them flee to an island with a volcano, they could live inside the volcano

No. 1741257

americans live nothing if not a spoiled, privileged life.

america has got to be the most accepting country of trans people.

No. 1741261

White American male privilege at its finest. They're mad they aren't getting enough headpats, so they're going to go clog up an already overburdened asylum system full of real victims of war, famine, terrorism and human trafficking. They've been treating women and racial minorities like shit in the US for centuries and even we don't whine as much as these dudes. They can stfu and get in line.

No. 1741268

I hope theyre treated even worse wherever they decide to go. Even better: rejected and thrown back into the US.

No. 1741278

True, the penguins already have to deal with whales and seals, they don't need more abuse

No. 1741279

File: 1673368219297.png (Spoiler Image, 549.68 KB, 761x768, Capture.PNG)

Kek, this troons cut up cock and balls look like a disgusting explosion. He cannot think this looks good.

No. 1741281

Forgot to sage, apologies

No. 1741285

Looks like when you stretch silly putty out then hastily stuff it back into those red snap eggs before it re-congeals

No. 1741286

File: 1673368803190.jpg (357.2 KB, 1045x1085, Luxeria.jpg)

"I wasn't born a man". Troons really just make things up. Actual psychosis. Stop appropriating womanhood, Luxeria. Just as you seem to care about white people appropriating dreads.

No. 1741289

Really don’t get the projection of random terf is going to emerge from around a street corner to attack and rape them. That’s not a thing women do.

No. 1741292

This. The US is one of the safest countries for them. They have all the same rights afforded to them as everyone else. I don’t understand.

No. 1741297

It's already happening. His relevancy dropped like crazy the second he got home from his first europe trip where he was pretending to flee the country
They pretend this is a thing that happens because it's a sexual fantasy of theirs. Women are not raping troons lol

No. 1741301

The top two pics look like they're across the street from a school. Sick.

No. 1741305

his name is Michael James

No. 1741311

thailand probably. 90% of them are pedophiles.

No. 1741322

Male trannies also really like Japan because of all the weeb coomer shit and the fact women there are supposed to be more passive and submissive on average so it enables them. The deterrent is how expensive it is and most trannies are broke except the ones who work in STEM so thankfully they haven’t managed to totally overrun Japan yet but they’re trying.

There was some fat tumblr tranny lolcow here who was like 6ft tall, a whale and didn’t pass remotely, just looked like an obese white guy in a skirt, he kept talking about how much he loved Japan and how great it was to live there, I’m 100% certain it’s because Japanese people were too polite or scared to openly laugh at or mock him and he mistook their avoidance and politeness for acceptance.

No. 1741323

This retard literally shared his story of being stabbed in the dick and then transitioning because of it

No. 1741327

Ive seen so many troons on reddit complain about not getting sexually assaulted and how it's making them dysphoric because they're missing out.

No. 1741329

Same, and it's so gross from so many different angles. First, sexual assault isn't pleasurable, it's physical violence. Women are scarred for years by SA, sometimes even their whole lives. It's so insulting that men would not only consider SA an intrinsic part of womanhood, but to imply it might be fun or desirable is just the most disrespectful thing I can imagine

No. 1741352

This is like that South park episode where Mr Garrison (a middle aged man) felt insecure because his dad didn't sexually assaulted him as a child. Life imitates art.

No. 1741372

They want to take away my experience of being molested as a 7 year old they're very welcome to it. Then again, they'd be more likely to do the molesting in the name of "feeling euphoric".

No. 1741374

They like SA because they're real women and you don't appreciate it because you don't recognize it as the privilege it is. If you don't like being sexually harassed have you considered examining your gender identity? Maybe you are a trans man.

No. 1741380

Why do troons love equating everything with Civil Rights era discrimination?

No. 1741383

this is an imageboard

No. 1741390

Because to men not forcing others to participate in their fetish is as bad a violation of their rights as the concerns of other important real human rights causes.

No. 1741392

File: 1673379914915.jpeg (83.47 KB, 640x900, FmEM3mGaUAYnoJG.jpeg)

Thanks, males of reddit. There really is nothing more straight male than being jealous and hateful towards pretty women, all because of a retarded idealized fantasy the scrote thought up in his head. This is the straightest straight male shit. An ex fucked me up for years with this shit.

No. 1741395

Kek why is women censored

No. 1741398

The only thing funnier than weird screenshots is trying to figure out who censored completely random words and why.

No. 1741401

if anything cis should be censored

No. 1741409

Sage for dumb musings, I read some old tumblrs from 2013 and saw people virtue signaling about trans* rights (remember ?) Which current newspeak term will be obsolete in a few years? They don't seem to like AMAB and AFAB so much know that people are using them like men and women.

No. 1741426

File: 1673382415278.jpg (677.27 KB, 2208x2944, ew.jpg)

This creature is very proud of its self inflicted bang mutilation

No. 1741438

File: 1673383953845.png (369.03 KB, 477x528, terf bangs.png)

interesting that he would choose something so "terf-y" but in fairness his is more of a bowl cut mullet.

No. 1741444

i have seen horses with cleaner teeth, ewwwww

No. 1741451


Nonas, there is nothing wrong with your breasts; they're natural, and designed by the loving and experienced hand of Mother Nature. Furthermore, they aren't attached to a male rib cage so there is no way they are comparable to troon boobs.

No. 1741453

Some poor tweakers trying to figure out if you're one of the deranged shadow people they keep seeing is not the same as been harrassed or worse because you dare venture out alone at night.

No. 1741458

> until I drive home good and trashed

Oh great, an angry drink driver. I bet no one called him out on that either.

No. 1741459

For self-done bangs those aren't the worst, but holy shit there's no point doing anything to your hair when your teeth look like that.

No. 1741464

File: 1673386456757.jpeg (557.92 KB, 1290x3503, t4tiscope.jpeg)

t4t is a last resort when they can't land a actual woman. That's why a tranny porn model coined the term cotton ceiling because TiMs can't get lesbians to sleep with them.

No. 1741467

quora is so demented it's so easy to find this shit

No. 1741470

They used to be called SJW bangs but the libfems and TRAs didn't like that I so they started calling them that. Like >>1741409 said it's one term they've done a switcheroo on, kind of like how pansexual is transphobic now as trans people are 100% men or women and othering them is twansphobic. Even though they used to harass bi people for enforcing the ebin binary.

No. 1741475

I can let the horrible hair cut pass but the real question is why the fuck are there so many troonies with horrible teeth? Are they so mentally ill that they can't practice proper dental hygiene?

No. 1741477

File: 1673387890964.webm (17.87 MB, 164x320, download.webm)

Got it for you. His man hands look hilarious next to the creepy filtered doll face. To anyone who doesn't watch he's saying he'll try and post his real face in two weeks once it's healed (but says it "looks great" already) and he decided to make a poster board with images for his future year including going blonde and blocking more people

No. 1741478

Canada will welcome them with open arms. TiMs are a protected class there.

No. 1741486

Nonas my best friend has tits like this too, and it's the reason she has anxiety to undress in front of other women, because other girls in high school made her feel inadequate, like the other nona itt claiming it's a deformity and only augmentation can fix it. My bff is conventionally hot and has always been popular among scrotes, and apparently never had a scrote negatively comment on her tits. Also, according to her her mother has the same tits and didn't have any problems breast feeding. Your breasts are fine and this troon is just lucky to have come out with tits that match a breast-variety of actual women. It always made me rage when girls do shit like this to other girls that's worse than scrote behaviour.

No. 1741488

No matter what evil lies men say to further shame women, they know most women are stable, loving, nonviolent, easily manipulated, self-sacrificing, hard workers, and the key ingredient to having a home instead of a flop house, while 99% of other men just aren't any of those things. The same way the tranch turned into an alpaca concentration camp coated in years of grime, even with a dozen lovely troon homemakers living there.

No. 1741491

Only in Ontario and Quebec. The rest of the country isn't so retarded.

No. 1741493

basically it's straight men wanting to have sex with women (specifically with women who don't want to have sex with them. kek incels stay losing) and the ones that are happy with t4t are bi or gay. or like this commenter suggests, desperate.

No. 1741496

I hope he crashes his car and is the sole casualty.

No. 1741507

File: 1673391194636.jpg (338.36 KB, 2280x1167, BC bullshit.jpg)

BC fag here; BC is fucked too. We've jailed a man for trying to protect his daughter and other kids from the trans cult. Then there's the rape relief centre that had its funding cut because they refused to serve troons and then opened a shelter for troons only because apparently THAT'S ok? And it seems like we have drag story time every fucking day somewhere.

No. 1741508

same fag, sorry I don't know why that image is so fucking wide

No. 1741511

File: 1673391401469.png (54.06 KB, 835x366, screenshot.PNG)

The trans person in the article wants to move to Iceland. Any icelandic nonas who can give some insight of how the trans situation is there?
I live in another scandinavian country that is often praised by americans for being progressive/non-conservative but even we don't do that pronoun circle or "menstruator" thing. We just say women when talking about menstruation and pregnancy. I doubt they would like that.
sorry for incoming seethe/rant but I have people close to me who had to flee from war and ethnic cleansing so it bothered me that someone would seek asylum for being trans. I'm starting to think that these people have a persecution complex. The article even mentions that lgbt people in general have trouble seeking asylum in EU countries. Gay people from countries where it's illegal to be gay can't even get asylum here. Why do american trans people think they can? I try do be sympathetic I really do. It can't be easy living with dysphoria but there must be healthier ways to deal with it than transition. Imagine if we just validated people with ED like this. They chose to transition and demanded to use women only spaces and then called everyone who didn't like that a bigot. If they didn't deny biology and accepted they can never have the body they want they would avoid being hate crimed and they would also feel better about themselves. I wish the way we dealt with body dysphoria was with a focus on self-acceptence and not on validation. I genuinely think that it would help dysphoric people more in the long run. It would also mean that women spaces could stay women spaces so overall it would be an improvement for everyone
picrel is a part of the article that makes a good point that I wanted to include and is sort of related to my rant

No. 1741535

I know this is a joke but this one isn’t even funny. Joking about SA or rape at all is just shitty.

No. 1741540

why haven't they kicked out the tranny?

No. 1741552

>spends life savings trying to emulate 1% of the appearance of these women and ends up more miserable, enraged, and ashamed than ever instead of focusing all that time, money, and effort on something meaningful and healthy that would actually bring him joy
This is why troons are so self hating honestly. Instead of being told to focus on more productive and meaningful aspects of their lives, they’re encouraged to see trooning out as a mental health cure-all that will wipe their former mediocre identity and give them a new dream life. So they make their whole identity and lifestyle and income put towards a cosmetic obsession and the total pipe dream of magically becoming Barbie. Even once they get the moobs and dick inversion and laser hair removal they cry about their hairlines and voices and bone structure and how no one sees them as cute schoolgirls or sorority girls. It’s a complete and utter shallow waste of their lives and only brings them farther from experiencing actual fulfillment. Like no shit everyone wishes they were born as some carefree rich super popular perfect princess, fucking get over it and move on. Genuinely pathetic for adult men to be shitting themselves crying because some young pretty women are existing nearby.

No. 1741556

Go back to twitter, retard

No. 1741557

She's not making a joke about SA or rape, she's making a joke about how deluded and fetishistic moids are

No. 1741561

Dylan is the only troon that really makes me seethe. The second he put on a skirt he got showered with money, attention, and influence. He gets to mock women to our faces but if you dare say anything about it you'll get attacked by handmaidens.

Maybe I'm just being bitter, I mean he has been working for years to get famous. This is just the scheme that finally worked. Good for you Dyl kek

No. 1741604

File: 1673403551286.jpg (243.38 KB, 994x808, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1741605

File: 1673403573200.jpg (178.14 KB, 869x578, Screenshot (173).jpg)

No. 1741606

File: 1673403675475.jpg (226.6 KB, 812x697, Screenshot (174) (1).jpg)

No. 1741607

File: 1673403759493.jpg (101.55 KB, 534x463, uhuh.jpg)

Oh for fuck sake

No. 1741610

File: 1673404065705.jpg (223.32 KB, 790x603, Screenshot (175) (1).jpg)

No. 1741611

No. 1741612

>Requested Ecuadorian courts "make an interpretation of the application" regarding his circumstances
How transphobic of them. It would be so oppressive to force someone to pretend to be cis and have crippling gender dysphoria on top of the stress of a custody battle. Literal genocide.

No. 1741613

I gotta be honest I'm surprised that Dylan wants to do some feminist reading

No. 1741614

This is also going to get MRA's riled up how females are so privileged and men are so oppressed.

No. 1741617

>"We are surprise a visibly cisgender man…"
How can you tell this person is a cisgender man? What happened to transwomen don't owe society femininity?

No. 1741619

Exactly, it's a "win" in that it makes troons seethe but ultimately it's more of the same bullshit about how women get all these special privileges like being the ones to raise children.

No. 1741626

Yeah this is only gonna fuel the dumb mra narrative that women have “privilege” in family court cases. I’m too lazy to cite specific studies, but you can look it up - fathers are actually more likely to be awarded custody when they actually ask for it. Problem is they usually don’t want it. I forget the specific percentage, but it’s over 50% in their favor. Maybe the situation is different in Ecuador, but I doubt it. It’s very easy for vindictive, abusive dads to convince a judge that the mom is turning the kids against him when in actuality she’s just trying to keep her kids safe. Any accusation on her part of abuse will be interpreted as malicious and actually make it more difficult for her to retain custody in many cases.

No. 1741627

That is very unfortunate. They try that kind of shit here in Alberta too, but at least here the large redneck demographic will beat the shit out of them first.

No. 1741630

Am I missing something, or is this just a sensationalist headline with no backing? None of the articles delve into the alleged abuse the mother was perpetrating. All it says is the father could not see his daughters for over 5 months. You'd think he'd provide evidence of this alleged abuse or neglect, no? Seems like a classic conservative moid who's trying to get back at his wife by pretending to be a woman. He wouldn't have admitted that he transitioned on purpose for this reason unless he's making a political statement of some kind.

No. 1741637

File: 1673408744494.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 32.59 KB, 801x383, Amelie.jpeg)

They are %100 a libfem haircut where I'm from. All the extremely left leaning handmaidens (the kind with trans flags and antifa badges on their horribly coordinated rainbow vomit ensembles) I know have colourful mullets with these exact bangs. I swear in the early 2000s before all of the autism blunt short bangs and a bob used to be associated with the "manic pixie dream girl" archetype. Picrel

No. 1741640

File: 1673409764112.jpg (43.86 KB, 480x249, 1660306232737.jpg)

His nuanced feminist literature is gonna be tranny Twitter, let's be honest

No. 1741658

that and books from libfems. anything else would remind him that feminism is for, you know, people of the female sex, and that half of his ideas and behaviors are textbook misogyny, so it's not like he has any room to be actually nuanced.

i get it because the scheme in question is pretending to be oppressed and insulting women on the regular. other 2023 goals in his tiktok include making collabs with his "dream brands" Barbie and Tiffany's, having a role in Emily in Paris, playing a princess in Broadway or whatever, getting closer to some female celebs.. all of that may be accessible to him because he put on women's clothes? ridiculous. i do think he's a bit delusional with these goals, but you never know these days. i mean the guy met the president of the united states so.

No. 1741667

File: 1673414246685.jpeg (564.69 KB, 750x2995, 27B682A5-E6DC-4C6D-8351-ECC636…)

nah dude, she was looking at you cause you’re weird and ugly.

No. 1741700

most cone shaped breasts are normal tho. i’m so over calling everything remotely unattractive in women a deformity, i grew up thinking cellulite was a deformity.

No. 1741706

Lmaooo so he's a true and honest woman with a female soul and socialization but he doesn't know how women interact, and it's actually his "cis" straight male friend who mansplained him the female psyche ("she sees you as competition bro trust me!!") and sure enough the trannies in the comments agree with him because they're all men with the same ideas about women, and the whole "ciswomen are jealous of me" is their biggest fantasy. You can't make this shit up, they tell on themselves all the time.
And of course the pathetic handmaiden's comment, "i'm cis and women are sooo competitive", as if men don't get jealous, competitive and literally start fights when drunk.

No. 1741715

File: 1673420231722.png (202.78 KB, 524x1000, 902656.png)

These notes made me fucking see red. Trannies constantly accuse us of calling cis women trans, yet here they are, doing that exact fucking thing to a woman for just… not wearing a ton of makeup and looking a little slovenly.

When one based user (censored, but not me) just… pointed it out, a TIM clapped back by saying that Tumblr was a "tgirl" website. A TIM who joined in fucking 2022, likely a Twitter refugee. Tumblr has ALWAYS been female dominated. Most of the trannies on it have historically been TIFs. And now a scrote who joined the site ten years after its peak is coming in and describing this long-standing PREDOMINATELY FEMALE SPACE as something that BELONGS to scrotes. Unbe-fucking-lievable. I was pissed.

Based TERF is censored because she's already getting harassed and I don't want the schizo trannies who obsessively lurk here to send her child porn.

No. 1741717

cp bump don’t scroll

No. 1741740

Still up, do not go to next page

No. 1741767

Ayrt, of course they're normal, and deformity though in this case is not used as an insult so I hope nobody took it that way, but if anybody did I apologize. It's a congenital deformity, just like cleft lips or a heart defect is. It's not something to be ashamed of or made fun of so again I sincerely apologize if any anons took it that way. I was just trying to explain what it is so they could be able to look up information on it.

No. 1741837

>slightly on the autistic spectrum

No. 1741848

Nayrt, but >>1741486
ty for the explanation anon, and sorry for having accused you of scrote behaviour.

No. 1741857

Not sure exactly the same, but this thread makes me insecure in being a tall woman for the first time since high school. I feel like nonas get shitty about small chested women as well. I’m sure you are being too harsh on yourself at the end of the day we’re all women and on the same team. much love and sorry you’re feeling bad.

No. 1741865

I was an idiot for even engaging in the whole Hogwarts Legacy/JKR TERF bullshit. But a dude that I was pretty chill with tried to argue that my believing biological women and TIMs need separate spaces for specific things like sexual abuse support is nonsense. In the case of TIMs not passing and looking masculine, he conceded. But then he was like 'if they pass, you'd never know they were trans, so how can you exclude them', or 'what if a masculine-looking woman joins the group'? It's not about how they look; it's the fact that they're men, even if they don't identify that way. No matter what, we will never be the same as them. My fault for trying to talk about women's issues with a man, I guess. (Hoping this isn't blog posting, and I apologise if it is; I'm just very irritated).

No. 1741874

My friend tried to pull the same argument "What if you can't tell/genital inspections etc etc" I shut her down by sending her like 20 pictures of the men who are arguing they should be let into women's spaces and stated I think we should probably just start here and stop worrying about currently impossible hypotheticals.

No. 1741877

I was getting really pissed off, and it was in a Discord server that's not really about this stuff, so I didn't want to push things too far. It's funny though because I was getting back-up from another friend (male) who could see the points I was trying to make. The friend who I argued with privately DM'd me afterwards to apologise because he read back his responses and realised he was being rude. I think it's because I generally don't get mad at anything or anyone in that server. Either way, I'm still buying Hogwarts Legacy. :^)

No. 1741891

Sometimes I wonder if feigning concern for the moids would work to make them shut up, saying shit like "uwu but what if some terf tries to attack a tranny?? Aren't you worried about that?!??! They literally kill trannies to make trail mix with them ówò" like seriously, do they think about this? Let's pretend that women attack mentally ill moids in dresses, wouldn't forcing them go to the bathroom with women make then vulnerable? And if they "get harassed" by other moids, don't they need their own place to jack off? You can tell them "oh well, there's lots of videos of ebil yt Karens! So it's not an uncommon thing!!!" And then they can go back to jerking off each other about le ebil Karen demon thing something and such.

No. 1741896

They are retarded. She’s a weird girl icon and they’ll never have a fraction of what she has.

No. 1741913

>>>'if they pass, you'd never know they were trans, so how can you exclude them'
What's so stupid about this argument is that if a tranny actually pass (both his appearance and behavior), then he can already access all the female spaces that don't require some form of formal identification, like the women's restrooms and changing rooms trannies obsess over. But obviously, TIMs virtually never pass, that's why they want these spaces to be officially gender neutral, because then women cannot call them out anymore. Anyway, like you said it's not about how they look, and in the spaces where women are even more vulnerable (support group, rape shelter, prisons etc), the problem is that TIMs will still make them uncomfortable, be able to overpower them, assault them etc.

Would be a funny experiment. I mean, none of them would actually be worried because they know they're lying when they claim that they're ~literally~ being assaulted and killed en masse by evil yt Karen (who have the same physical strength as them, of course!), however, they would have to find a counter-argument, and it would probably be hilarious and pathetic, knowing they're the ones to have spread these lies about terf attacks in the first place.

No. 1741952

I can never understand their argument of feigning concern that any woman would ever attack them. If they're so worried about that, why don't they argue for separate special third changing rooms and bathrooms? No ebil terf karens to attack them there. I'd be more than happy to give it to them but that's never what they want, they want to colonize women's spaces

No. 1741959

Honestly, I'd wish they'd just make their own goddamn facilities instead of stealing ours more often. Put all the troons in their own shelter, away from women. They should make their own shitty sports leagues and prisons, too, instead of invading women's.

No. 1741961

I can just imagine all these companies and media orgs jumping through hoops to make his dreams come true because he's a special ickle princess. Meanwhile some teenage girl dying of cancer wants to visit the set of Emily In Paris but is told "no can do, boring leukemia cis girl, there's the most special person in the world on set today!".

No. 1741971

You just know that even with a trans women's shelter they'd all be clamoring to be let into the existing women's one because it's more validating.

also re
>own sports leagues


based boxing

No. 1741973

>goals in his tiktok include making collabs with his "dream brands" Barbie and Tiffany's, having a role in Emily in Paris, playing a princess on Broadway
Jesus Christ, it's the most boiler-plate, stereotypical shit about women an eight-year-old boy would cook up. Woman is when Barbie, Jewelry, and princesses apparently. He doesn't actually enjoy any of that consoomer crap, he just thinks he should because they're ~girl~ things.

And he can get fucking bent for saying that his offensive caricature of us is just based on him going through a "toddler" phase. LARPing as a toddler is sex offender shit. Also, I fail to see how mansplaining tampons is "toddler" behavior and not just the rhetoric of a chauvinist male.

No. 1741980

Yeah, but they don’t want that. They want to be “othered”, but only in the “correct” ways. If they have their own spaces, it’s not validating their womanhood. If they have ours they can claim they are women with the added bonus of making people uncomfortable or getting trophies/scholarships/praise that should go to actual women. Things that our relatives and ancestors fought for. These people are men, all they know is pushing people around and taking what isn’t theirs. That’s part of the fun for them.

No. 1741983

Exactly. They say they don’t feel safe in the men’s room. They say they don’t feel safe in the women’s room. Okay, so why do you want in the women’s room so badly? If I didn’t feel safe, I’d advocate for a place I did feel safe.

No. 1742005

File: 1673465925998.jpeg (195.8 KB, 1080x1087, Flz2h0xXEA43m8K.jpeg)

Reddit moment

No. 1742040

True, but I am always going to support separate spaces for troons just so we can get away from them.

No. 1742053

>completely straight
Sure, Jan

No. 1742057

Gasp! Your mom thinks you're gay and that's bad! Because she's homophobic? Nope! Because you think you're not!

No. 1742096

This sounds like something a troon made up kek

No. 1742097

Like the other anon said, this is so clearly fake and made for karma farming. It hits all the reddit sympathy points.
>ohhh nooooo I'm just a teen girl who has a tranny girlfriend (who passes AMAZINGLY well btw!!!!!) and we were having SEX and my BITCH OF A MOTHER saw tranny gf's COCK AND BALLS while she was out of the shower and I'm JUST A TEEN GIRL and now my mom hates me and my tranny gf!!!!!!! I'm just a teen!!!!!! And my mom is a transphobic bitch.
Top fucking kek. A tranny definitely wrote this.

No. 1742098

Men identifying as straight while being some flavour of homosexual as well as being cowardly/obsessed with male hierarchy is why we have trannies in the first place.

No. 1742099

>i am only looking for a women, not a man, not a trans
sooooo, trans women aren't women ?

No. 1742109

>she passes amazingly well
>I’m completely straight
Riiiiiight kek

No. 1742110

>it's so hard and mean that nobody wants to date transwomen!!
>oh i hate dating transwomen too, don't get it twisted.

No. 1742116

Isn’t it a boy and the tranny?

No. 1742127

Ayrt, kek sorry anon my eyes didn't catch the "m", whoops. Still, the fact that it's a teen boy who has a tranny gf who passes "amazingly well" and he INSISTS that he's 100% straight is so fake. Redditors be redditing.

No. 1742138

TRAs get so hung up on le mythical 100% passing tranny they forget that 99.999% of MTFs look like Buffalo Bill and the gay ones just look and act like drag queens. The .001% who "pass" are prepubescent boys who had their hormones fucked up and won't always look that way.

No. 1742161

File: 1673475847084.png (504.41 KB, 479x847, Capture.PNG)

Anons, has anyone else been getting this annoying troon on their for you page? He acts super quirky, mentally ill and self obsessed like your average troon, posting his ''controversial'' tranny opinions. Joined his discord server some time last year and it was extremely pro ana. Not sure if he's been discussed much or at all.

No. 1742164

File: 1673475990842.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1662, 9D97F341-9BA2-4A22-A67A-61C8D0…)

No. 1742182

lmao he’s wearing the lana del rey coke spoon necklace, is he trying to be ethel cain (tranny lana skinwalker)? how do you skinwalk the skinwalker

No. 1742200

I remember him. I haven't seen his videos in a minute. He was a big Blaire White fan. There were so many things he would say to defend troonery, like the brain sex science shit.

No. 1742203

>i grew up thinking cellulite was a deformity
I refuse to believe that's a thing. I thought everyone knew it was 100% normal for adult women to have cellulite regardless of weight.

No. 1742252

I wonder if troons think Im jealous of them when I give them a dirty look, lol. So detached from reality its fucking insane

No. 1742279

This is so fake but I can’t stop laughing. Based mom.

No. 1742282

Absolutely not, nona. Same with shit like hip dips, tons of people still believe they're deformities.

No. 1742312

File: 1673487813669.jpg (151.83 KB, 488x648, Cellulite_Tabloid_Cover-1.jpg)

When I was 13 I checked myself and everyone around for it all the time. Society is a hell of a drug.

No. 1742338

(sage for wildly offtopic blogpost im vewwy sowwy i wont do it again) i am one of the tubularanons from earlier in the thread, not gonna lie nonnas i think you’d have to be borderline retarded to have thought hip dips or cellulite were actually medical deformities, i know a lot of people erroneously think they’re a problem or something to get rid of but the hallmark of those things is that they’re extremely common to the point of being ubiquitous, that’s not a deformity that’s just a feature you dont like - tubular breasts are an actual malformation in the development of the breast, personally i found it very comforting to know that the thing i was insecure about wasn’t my fault (i had assumed it had something to do with being very overweight as a child + later losing it and blamed myself) and also that it had a name, was a known issue people struggle with, and there are documented options for correction if i ever decided to go down that route - not to be harsh but as much as some may feel it’s an icky term thats… too bad lol, it is what it is, pussyfooting around it isnt going to bring back my tit muscles unfortunately

No. 1742359

The reason those hrt toob boobies look so bad is because they are clearly on a male frame. Nonnas I have seen several pairs of tuberous breasts irl on true and honest females let me say that they are perky, firm, pointy, delicious, soft, and sexy. Those breasts on that boy looks viscerally appalling it looks like he is very sick. Those breasts on his frame is so, so wrong. I promise that any tuberous nonnas just do not look anything like that man because of your feminine frame reguardless the boobs attached to it. Men can't even grow deformed tits right, it is nasty

No. 1742362

Thank you. I feel like there's false flagging trannies here to make actual women feel bad. Though, nitpicking on women's apperances is probably just a staple of cow boards.

No. 1742372

File: 1673494230342.jpg (380.49 KB, 1876x1584, 23-01-11-22-15-38-320_deco.jpg)

Nasty ass scrote I went to middle/highschool with. He was known as the biggest pervert and sex obsessed weirdo who would obsess over and harass girls. Now he's an uwu oppwessed twans girl. I literally saw him give a girl 20 dollars in 7th grade to feel her boobs in the back of the class room. He would point out the outline of his penis on his pants to people. He was incredibly uncomfortable to be around and gave me danger vibes.

No. 1742378

yeah, i distinctly remember girls in middle school pointing at one of my friend’s thighs and saying that she had a fat disease. i think they were mixing up cellulite with cellulitis. it scared me anyway and i was terrified of cellulite for years after.

No. 1742383

A troon being a sex pest is no more surprising than him having nasty teeth

No. 1742384

File: 1673495849898.jpg (165.33 KB, 1080x1631, FmFl82sXkAAjAFk.jpg)

No. 1742386

The only time I remember noticing it on another person IRL was when I saw it on a relatively popular girl in high school and it made me realize how little it matters. How much or little of it you have is basically random and/or hereditary. It's not even an indicator of being overweight, because skinny people can still have it on their thighs and such.

No. 1742390

Ah yes, threatening a woman's job because of your fragile male ego. Typical boy shit

No. 1742391

>double Ds
Yeah, that look like a-cups on your hulking male torso, where they're like ten inches apart and shaped like Bugle chips.

I keep seeing MTFs with tiny-looking toob moobs say that they have these stereotypically larger cup sizes (Kevin for instance) like it's some kind of achievement. Cup sizes aren't like dick sizes you scrotoid retards. An obese woman with Ds might look less "busty" compared to a tiny woman with Bs. It's relative. That's why the only people who use cup sizes as a measure of worth are scrotes and teenage pickmes.

No. 1742401

his fingers are so knobby wtf

No. 1742409

File: 1673498911172.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 864x1693, Screenshot_20230111-204257.png)

This is the second image for an Amazon listing, I thought it was a swimsuit… must be my first day on the internet. Did he really link his real legal name to the review?
Amazon listing here https://www.amazon.com/Littleforbig-Cotton-Button-Pajamas-Bodysuit/dp/B08CC5T8LC/ref=mp_s_a_1_52?crid=4MCBUST9I723&keywords=sailor+moon+workout+clothes&qid=1673498506&sprefix=sailor+moon+workout+clothes%2Caps%2C195&sr=8-52#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div

No. 1742413

Is this creature wearing his diaper OVER his jumper?

No. 1742419

File: 1673500048499.png (Spoiler Image, 192.53 KB, 553x480, Screenshot 2023-01-12 000449.p…)

There is even more on this listing. I am reposting it again just because i forgot to use the spoiler to protect everyone's eyes.

No. 1742421

File: 1673500180126.png (Spoiler Image, 193.59 KB, 560x463, Screenshot 2023-01-12 000627.p…)

WHEN DOES IT END? Even the biological women in the reviews of tragic. It really does make me think how many grown ass balding men are larping as babies? None of them are even trying to hide anything.

No. 1742430

File: 1673500821619.jpeg (262.65 KB, 748x512, E2FEF1F6-6867-456E-A493-CCA3E5…)

Came across this neanderthal live on TikTok and shit was depressing. He was singing incoherently and drooling all over the place. He begun to make out with his other autistic boyfriend.

No. 1742435

why can't you report these obvious sexual images

No. 1742453

i had it even when i was clinically underweight. it used to be my biggest insecurity.

No. 1742465

>(i had assumed it had something to do with being very overweight as a child + later losing it and blamed myself)
I relate to this so hard, I've always had this worry that my tits are toobie-like because I anachanned my way through puberty, I know that's not possible and it's a deformity that happens regardless. But it always hurts to think maybe I could have "normal" boobies if I had smartened up and got to a normal weight at a younger age while I was still developing.

No. 1742472

well, anachan-ing doesn't give you tubular breasts but it does fuck them up if you lose weight fast & excessively after they've already developed. it's one of my biggest insecurities because you're not supposed to be like this when you're still young and yeah it also hurts every time i think about the fact that i fucked up my body forever when i was still a teen, yay.

No. 1742473

Elliot Rogers

No. 1742474

Fake and gay

No. 1742476

>I literally saw him give a girl 20 dollars in 7th grade to feel her boobs in the back of the class room.
Imagine being this much of a misogynist you essentially are soliciting sex work from your classmates in 7th grade. Y'know rather than see them as fellow children like a normal person does.

No. 1742478

Are your original search keywords "sailor moon workout clothes" because that's very cute, I'm sorry it led you to a littleforbig ddlg troon terror. These images should be banned from reviews, may as well post his dick while he's there for all the use that image is to a buyer

No. 1742485

>it's one of my biggest insecurities because you're not supposed to be like this when you're still young and yeah it also hurts every time i think about the fact that i fucked up my body forever when i was still a teen, yay.
Fuck this is so relatable, I'm sorry nona I know how you feel. I was honestly such a cow when I was a young teen I fucked my entire body up with sh scars literally everywhere and developed alopecia from the anachanning that never recovered. When I hit my early twenties I was put on medication that made me gain like almost 1/3rd of my body weight within 6 months and then lost it within another 6 months after getting off the meds and just fucked my body up completely with loose skin, joint problems and gnarly varicose veins on my legs. I'm sorry nona I hope we both find some semblance of peace with our past mistakes some day.

No. 1742493

Lol at you playing hard ball but then coping through your cellulitis. Cellulitis isn't ubiquituous but I'm really sorry that you have it nonna. Perhaps you should look into sports and massages to get rid of your skin deformity.

No. 1742501

Shit like this it's no wonder so many young girls have eating disorders.

No. 1742503

Cellulitis and cellulite are not the same thing idiot. And yeah, cellulite is pretty ubiquitous for adult women. Troon posting?

No. 1742507

As a medfag, celulitide could be called a secondary sex characteristic for women. Troon?

No. 1742522

Definitely a troon, since cellulite is due to the way women's fat cells are. Only a fucking troon would think it's the same thing as cellulitis and then cope by trying to make fun of women for it, when it's something they will never have kek

No. 1742523

Please accept my apology for not being a native english speaker nonnas, I will try to never mix up words again. I'm sure the two of you are burgers, aren't you? The cope seems so self righteously like it. In my eastern eurotrash country cellulite isn't ubiquituous and women who have it lose weight, gain muscle and do heavy massages.

No. 1742526

Most def not a troon but not an english native speaker. I was just annoyed that that anon went hard ball about tubular breasts being a deformity but then copingly claiming cellulite is "just a feature you don't like" in opposition to the former.

No. 1742531

What the hell? Okay assuming this isn't an XY, tuberous breasts are literally a congenital deformity, cellulite is not. You can have cellulite and be skinny, it's due to how women's fat cells are.

No. 1742533

>I was just annoyed that that anon went hard ball about tubular breasts being a deformity but then copingly claiming cellulite is "just a feature you don't like" in opposition to the former.
But she was right? Tubular breast are a deformity, and it can cause serious problems for women with it like make breastfeeding difficult or impossible. Cellulite isn't a deformity it's just something that happens to fat sometimes, it doesn't cause issues beyond aesthetic ones. And don't come for me about saying tubular breasts are a deformity I have them. Are you an anachan or just underaged?

No. 1742534

>women who have it lose weight, gain muscle and do heavy massages.
Cellulite isn't something that only overweight women get, I've seen plenty of women who are fit and active and still have it. Hormones can cause it, aging can cause it. And you sound like a moid talking about leering at women to see if they have cellulite and then expecting them to do all this shit to try to get rid of it as if it matters beyond aesthetics. If you're not a scrote you have some issues to work out cause you think and sound like one.

No. 1742539

They do it to every woman who has "unfeminine" features and doubly so to black women. Facial hair, wide shoulders, broad ribs, lack of round ass… all these things get used by troons as examples of "well cis women have these too sometimes" to make themselves feel better when they look like lumberjacks.

No. 1742540

DDs mean nothing when you have a 44 inch chest, Bruce.

No. 1742541

has this been shared yet?

No. 1742544

It shouldnt' really be surprising that everyone buying "little" clothing is a degenerate. It's honestly the most sickening fetish I can think of. They're all potential chomos.

No. 1742558

i’m also polish and what? just because women that have it tend to be fat doesn’t mean that if you just happen to have bad skin genetics that some of the fat is gonna go to the surface and form cellulite
just because you got a rid of it during your 20s doesn’t mean it won’t come back ten years later either

No. 1742561

File: 1673520126828.jpeg (318.93 KB, 750x719, 4B9CFE50-7A06-4792-BA84-ADDE44…)

i’ll pay you 10 bucks to kick you in the nuts.

No. 1742563

File: 1673520398097.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 56.12 KB, 574x840, 6126699F-B047-4DE1-8A38-04472E…)

yeah, i have shoulders as wide as my 6ft nigel and hands as big as his (i think his are small but idk) and my ribs are wide and i have a square ass. i come from a line of literal baltic farmers so would i be born 200 years ago id be the ideal farmers woman. i could plow fields with my powerful EU42 feet. my life goal is to be that log carrying babushka meme.
my boobs are flat and saggy
yet nobody would ever mistake me for a male unless i try hard to hide my hair or figure
any nonnies here with tubular breasts or squareback shoulders that aren’t dainty anas or bubble butted fairies, don’t let yourself be insecure about us picking apart failmales here. just because some trannies share a few traits of ours, it’s more like comparing a monkey to a human.

No. 1742565

File: 1673520443863.jpeg (190.67 KB, 750x1013, 2DA4910B-73D4-4BE2-90C0-B39024…)

fucking creeps.

No. 1742567

>any nonnies here with tubular breasts
shoutout & represent

No. 1742570

>it’s more like comparing a monkey to a human.

this precisely.

No. 1742573

I'm going a bit tinfoil here but I call misogynist bullshit on the claim that tubular breasts cause issues. I'm the anon whose bff has really sad body issues due to behaviour from other girls in high school wrt her tubboobs that was never matched by any scrotes. My background is anecdotal, but then again a lot of medical "studies" on women's bodies are as we all know crap, so this elevates anecdotal knowledge in my book. Bff was obsessed with tub breasts and reached out to older women with them via her mum, who has them too, to inquire exactly on the breast feeding question among other stuff and none of them had any issues. Perhaps the nonas claiming tub breasts itt can back or reject this claim from their own experience? From what I got, tub breasts are a variety of female breasts like big aerolae'd, flat or sagging breasts and talk about deformity and breast feeding issues is just another iteration of misogyny under the guise of medical scholasticism or care mongering.
Ok upon further consideration it's not my goal to antagonize us, so I'm sorry for the trolling phrasing about cellulite beforehand, although it is true that you can reduce it via losing fat, sports and deep massages, this is considered common sense knowledge among women in my east euro country. You don't have to if you don't want to, but it grinds my gears so much if women hypocritically put other women down by calling their breasts deformed and rationalizing their equally random body issue that they're insecure about in opposition to the former.

No. 1742582

babies prefer sagging breasts with downward pointing nipples, not home so I cant find the studies right now but I'll link them on 2X later

No. 1742583

samefag, my tubeboobs do cause me some minor issues though, sorry anon

No. 1742609

Physical/health issues? Genuinely curious.

No. 1742618

Oh shut up. We don't have "female mentors". No one teaches us how to move or gesticulate or sound like women.

No. 1742620

File: 1673525611837.png (126.51 KB, 858x330, Droopy-Saggy-Breasts-Ptosis-Ch…)

nonnie with all due respect i think the AYRT meant my flat non tubular flat saggy breasts.
mine are pic rel between minor mild and moderate.
trannies tend to have odd looking breasts because of a multitude of reasons, especially because of their framing. its extremely rare for them to look good, even on thai ladyboys which are likely the most experienced and androgynous looking men i can think of.
men tend to have way wider torsos which means the fat is displaced differently once their gynecomastia (medical term for mens breasts that low t, roiders and trannies get) forms. if they get bolt ons it also always looks terrible because of said reason.

No. 1742627

File: 1673526105313.jpg (374.8 KB, 742x637, feminist-heart-1.jpg)

i love you nonnies, seriously. please always remember that porn, lingerine and most standards to what is a body "aesthetic" to """society""" is a standard set by old ass white men that look like shiveled up assholes
i hope we all find the strength to see our bodies as they are and treat them kindly without being blinded by unrealistic standards of said propaganda.

No. 1742640

File: 1673526551824.jpg (76.85 KB, 1024x449, Cruise-Classification-6-Types-…)

adding onto my boob sperg, to specify why exactly tranny gyno looks like shit is because when they take estrogen their glandular tissue they always had in their breasts (likely also why men have nipples despite not needing them) swells up, but in contrast to females they have no lobules attached to those lands. lobules is the weird grainy tissue inside of your breast tissue you may feel when self examining.
no lobules means that the glands will simply be weighed down by gravity without adding much or any volume. not to mention their nipples sit much lower than ours and their pec muscles much higher. which means without surgery they point more down and with surgery they are placed awkwardly to account for both pec and nipple placement.

No. 1742643

so true nona. reminder that women are fetishised or mocked for all these features too (tall, muscular, big feet and hands, "amazonian", specific shaped breasts or nipples etc etc) because we are women. because we are still clearly women with one or two typically "male" or rarer features. men are still clearly men, even when they're short, dainty, small hands and feet etc. also a reminder that there is a standard and stereotype for feminine beauty that most women don't live up to, and nor should we.
nonas get carried away nitpicking details about troon's looks here (usually things that can apply to both sexes - like bad dress sense of poor hygiene) but it's the fact that these men think they can identify into womanhood is all that needs to be mocked, the rest is just extra.

No. 1742646

Female breasts are the result of puberty in girls, not an hormonal imbalance in men. Having tubular or unconventionally attractive breasts or even an absence of breasts doesn't make a woman similar to a man.

No. 1742662

samfag, sorry >>1742533 I overread that you claim tub breasts yourself. But have they actually ever caused medical issues to you or do you just assume they will in the future f.e. in pregnancy because medscrotes say they will? If it's the latter, my intent is to uplift via highlighting my anecdotal evidence from before that perhaps this is just not true and your boobs are completely fine. Some women without tube boobs have troubles breastfeeding and some with tube boobs do, and because tube boobs deviate a little from what is considered the norm, people might jump to conclusions, not taking into account all the women with tube breasts that have no issues.

No. 1742680

Same nona, I was on tumblr during the early days and I remember it being such a safe haven from all the misogyny on the rest of the internet and irl. Despite all the cringe, genuinely awful takes and early stage trans theory bullshit it essentially introduced me to feminism and it's been so sad and repulsive watching all these trannies crawl out of 4chan and reddit now getting 150k notes in posts about girldick with urls like catgirlforeskin. What's more infuriating is them thinking they and their hentai addict r/MTF coomer humor actually fit in when only other trannies enjoy it, and handmaidens only give them notes so they don't get anons calling them "suspiciously terfy" for not reblogging their daily post about tgirls in cockcages yet. And of course every few weeks a bunch of them get outed as pedos/rapists/zoophiles but tumblr only cares about making sure you don't forget this had NOTHING to do with them being tims (despite the fact that it's always them being degenerates).

No. 1742733

I’m from Easter Europe too you retard.
If you think cellulitide is something you can work out with sport or products, you’ve fallen for scrotes’ shit trying to bait you into buying products and spending time being insecure about something that’s natural even for thin women because of the way out body stores fat.

No. 1742742

>it also hurts every time i think about the fact that i fucked up my body forever when i was still a teen, yay
First off, I relate, nonna. Fellow ED recoverer with lasting issues from it. I’m sorry for what you went through. On a more related note, though still a bit OT and probably better suited to FTM thread, what you said really reminds me of the female detransitioners and how a lot of them are so depressed after making permanent changes to their bodies in their teens. I fucking hate how every few years there is a new thing that makes girls hate their bodies so much that they resort to drastic measures to “fix it”, be it an ED or plastic surgery or testosterone. Meanwhile, moids are over here looking like piles of trash while jacking off to female oppression. It really makes me want to a-log so bad.

No. 1742749

I wonder when that was. I only ask because it feels like prepubscent scrotes are getting worse and worse. In the past, they would have to steal their dad’s playboy or sneak on the family computer to look at porn once they learned of its existence. Now it’s freely available to them at every moment and it’s severely fucking up their brains. When my cousin confessed that her seven year old boys had found porn on their phones, it was so disturbing to me. I can’t stand to be around them now that they are older teenagers because they regurgitate things about how women are this or that and I can’t believe she never put a stop to it. Same for when teacher friends mention things the boys say in their classes, they’ve mentioned “sexual moaning” and extreme harassment of the female classmates and of themselves. It’s really making me think kids shouldn’t have cell phones or at least unsupervised access to them.

No. 1742754

I don’t know if it’s possible to lose all your cellulite if you’re predispositioned to it. I was a long-distance runner for many years but still had it near my ass. All the women on my mother’s side had it fairly badly though so it’s probably just my bad genetic luck of the draw. I don’t like the assumption that any women can get rid of it completely, sometimes life just gives you a bad card and that’s okay. I think it’s the equating it to a woman being fat or lazy or bad that’s the issue.

No. 1742755

Really hate that I read this as “how to smell my nuts”. Wasn’t going to say anything because it seems like something they’d do anyway.

No. 1742758

I hate men. I am usually okay with going out to run errands but this is the kind of stuff that I despise. The fact that you can just be minding your own business grabbing coffee or getting something done and at least one moid in the area is going to be staring at you and every other woman in the room thinking god knows what. I don’t get why they can just let us exist in peace.

No. 1742760

It’s a female secondary sex characteristic that’s mostly governed by genetics just like breast size and body hair, but (like breast size) can be affected by weight gain or loss. You can’t get rid of it entirely any more than you can get rid of your breasts with weight loss.

No. 1742770

>based babushkachan

No. 1742777

Kek nonnie I glanced at that photo and genuinely thought it was a monkey in female clothes. It is worse.
But about you are absolutely based. I wish I could be a babushka but I am a 5'0 chubby latina. I envy you, nonnie.

No. 1742785

File: 1673539041039.webm (1.7 MB, 480x848, bristolst.webm)

Lemieux has started a trend. this guy has been spotted numerous times in santa ana, apparently.

No. 1742790

this is really good!

No. 1742805

File: 1673540826900.png (1.37 MB, 1172x1227, tranny15.png)

He looks even worse in motion.

No. 1742809

Retard ugly faggot expended so much money on horse piss and forgot to fix the fucking horse teeth lol

No. 1742810

Sid the sloth looking ass

No. 1742819

File: 1673542146221.png (909.43 KB, 1172x1136, puke.png)

No. 1742823

You can still make the troons seethe, lil nonita, because you aren't 6'2" trying to pass as "girl".

No. 1742827

> disgusting bathroom
> toilet in view

every time.

No. 1742831

If they ever make an all-tranny remake of the HP movies (written by Daniel Radcliffe) this one would be perfect as Peter Pettigrew.

No. 1742840

Disgusting. Is Dylan even on HRT

No. 1742856

imagine thinking HRT will do shit that will affect the male skeletal structure. even robbie admits that HRT wont make his hips grow or that it will not make his tranny hands smaller.

it ''might'' give some moids gynecomastia, but you have to have fat for that and dilly is an anachan.

No. 1742860

File: 1673544918543.jpeg (292.9 KB, 828x809, 98A4649F-D6FB-4EC7-B35D-147CEF…)

handmaidens ask the big question

No. 1742863

>toilet in view…
and the seat is still up.

No. 1742865

File: 1673545244660.png (24.52 KB, 900x756, freakyfred.png)

No. 1742868

File: 1673545283670.jpg (222.99 KB, 588x280, py64eBI.jpg)

Because a tattoo is comparable to irreversible (and unnecessary) changes to one's normal healthy body that often result in complications that may leave you peeing in a bag for the rest of your life or other equally fucked up shit.

Also I've never seen someone on social media say "cats are my favourite animal" and then be told by hundreds of freaks that they should get tattoos or surgery to become a cat …

No. 1742880

Absolutely shitty false equivalent.
It's more accurate to say "I believe I am a cat and I want to fuck cats."

No. 1742894

Amazing how they accidentally make being trans sound like a decision they make on a whim and not a deep, long-held feeling since childhood. Almost as if….

anyway, Lemieux might have to ditch the giant boobs


No. 1742903

I really don’t get it. Do they really think this or are they in denial and trying to cope?

No. 1742907

Autism causes facial blindness. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. Nobody can look at this mug and see anything other than a gross creepy man

No. 1742910

Getting a tattoo doesn’t require everyone around you to change how they talk or act, it doesn’t take away rights from oppressed people, it may be “permanent”, but it isn’t fucking up entire body systems unless you have some sort of bad allergy to the ink. There aren’t movements to push for children and teens to get tattoos. The only thing that’s remotely similar is some people may have regrets about the tattoo, but normally that isn’t life-ruining and they can get it lasered off or covered up in most cases. You can’t get back the body or health you had before HRT.

No. 1742911

File: 1673546901170.jpeg (312.89 KB, 750x547, 0615EC43-8E1B-496D-9553-B306BF…)

Coach Greg who is a little handmaiden-y and “inclusive” calls a spade a spade and tells that tranny lifter women’s bench is poor because women have less Testosterone. Tells the tranny they’re succeeding because they were (are) male and should not be competing against women. This was in a YT short. Greg also dragged him for insulting the one lifter with the “T-rex arms”

Tranny throws a fit and Greg makes a full video. Will admit he’s pretty shrill and not fit everyone but hats off to the man for being one of the few who tells it like it is. Maybe not milk but really damn refreshing to see someone with a platform call out the bull shit, even if Male.

No. 1742947

File: 1673549009888.jpg (303.1 KB, 1080x1516, 1673194413455.jpg)

this post gave me sex-based euphoria

No. 1742948

File: 1673549019903.png (3.73 KB, 566x58, url.png)


they really think this

13k likes and 185 comments says it all really, either people dont want to speak up, or they, somehow, actually agree

No. 1742950

> either people dont want to speak up,
Can't you still get banned for doing as little as using sex appropriate pronouns on twitter? Imagine if someone actually gave the reasons.

No. 1742960

Kek. Just three women meeting up, having a chat, snack and drinks, living their lives is triggering to trannies.
Also, did he just admit he wants to drive home completely drunk?? Hurry and 41 percent.

No. 1742961

>this stupid femoid rejected me and now I hate to listen to these young sexy girls talk about their boyfriends and sex lives it is so unfair

Can you sound any more like man.

No. 1742967

At this point, I think the average man has fairly impaired perception of other people compared to women. Either from genetics, or just being lazy, coddled, isolated, and never doing anything with themselves. But I also think that some of it is how boys are never taught explicitly how to hate themselves. They keep that toddler-like lack of shame into adulthood.

No. 1742969

kek they really are all incels
>cis women dumped me
Love how he admits to being a man

No. 1742973

Almost every men in the comments call him a she. Men respecting men. lol

No. 1742981

Trans is more like if some degenerate otherkin furry insisted on having the government pay for them to have cat fur implants and ears, wore a fursuit out in public 24/7, and decided to exclusively start shitting in a cat's litterbox. Oh, and if you don't call them "kitten" they have free range to beat you with nail bats until you're hospitalized.

No. 1742988

AYART my bad. first time sharing anything like this. shared but saged for dumbfaggotry

No. 1742993

File: 1673551894029.jpeg (119.18 KB, 1200x1600, B66BF8AA-158E-4FB3-BF4A-32673E…)

No. 1743021

kek, I look bad and horrible at the moment, but that picture made me feel good about myself, cause I can change my body to look like a beautiful woman and he never will be able to do that, he looks like a bad made zombie

No. 1743050

I'm not American, I've always been underweight until recently and I'm still thin, yet I started having cellulite when I was a teenager. It's unrelated to weight. Although fat women tend to have more cellulite, or at least it's more visible, but if they lost weight it would still be here.

No. 1743053

men get fat and think they're beautiful women, maybe the HAES propaganda is working on the moid brain

No. 1743056

it's related to high sugar intake, cellulite was a lot less common in the past

No. 1743062

women are very misogynistic too because society pits us against each other, this is already well established.

No. 1743070

nta but i'm not sure if i buy this. i'm also underweight but have cellulite, but i also eat almost no sugar because i have a repulsion to sweet flavors. i think it's more to do with lack of muscle tone.

No. 1743073

Maybe you all can move the cellulite and boob talk to the women's health thread in 2X or something?

No. 1743091

Late to the convo but you tagged my post so I wanted to answer this.
>Bff was obsessed with tub breasts and reached out to older women with them via her mum, who has them too, to inquire exactly on the breast feeding question among other stuff and none of them had any issues. Perhaps the nonas claiming tub breasts itt can back or reject this claim from their own experience?
I have them but their not as "severe" as others I've seen, I've never had a baby and not sure if I will have any so I can't attest to the breastfeeding issue. But one of my older cousins has severe tubular breasts, where the fat is mostly in the nipple/areola and none really in the breast tissue. She couldn't lactate or breast feed her baby but I'm not sure if that is strictly due to the breast deformity or if it was another issue. Perhaps it's only an issue in severe cases, she also had problems with the ducts on her breasts sort of getting "blocked" as she described it but I don't have any detail beyond that as the descriptions she gave were brief and she didn't go into extreme detail.

No. 1743093

Fuck sorry I just saw this, I'm done I just wanted to reply to the one nona who tagged my post about half a day ago

No. 1743115

very feminine thing, something that is clearly part of the womanhood !

No. 1743119

I was an anachan during puberty too, mine are weird and still look like the breast buds you get when you first start developing
I just say at least i'm not a troon

No. 1743126

File: 1673559560726.png (382.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230112-163703.png)

This troon always shows up on my feed for some reason and now he's complaining about his period making him want to kill himself, wtf? Am I right for thinking this is dumb?

No. 1743129

He should have been fired and banned from school grounds long time ago. Just ditching the fake boobs isn’t enough at this point

No. 1743135

fat pig

No. 1743138

When will they understand that the hormones that spike during menstruation are not the ones they take!!! They're so fucking dumb holy shit, this one's just roleplaying suicidal thoughts because he thinks all women want to kill themselves and act ~irrational~ when they get their periods.

No. 1743141

i just hope he gives up on hormones lmfao, i wish he had those excruciating ""periods"" every single day.

No. 1743150

oh, I would love to help him trying to fulfil his suicidal dreams. Sry, I can't take this bullshit anymore, I've been suicidal while having my period and it took me years to understand what is wrong, because no one ever told me that it can happen. While I grew up having your period was a topic no one would talk about, people would get bullied at school for it by other girls, etc and here we have a fucking man on hormones telling me that he has pms? Honestly, I wish he would live the real life of many women for a month, it's not boobs and sleepovers and most doctors won't even listen to a real woman if she has any problems.

No. 1743162

File: 1673561045444.jpeg (466.24 KB, 750x1266, 8AF6D615-E888-4228-9F65-7C0A8A…)

the nerve these men have to say vaginas stink like their nasty dick cheese filled wounds.

No. 1743187

How are you going to get PMS or PMDD when you’re a fucking male messing with your hormone levels? Calling it these things makes no sense, they’re so stupid!

No. 1743193

to be honest i also really hate ops description of 'clean fresh vagina', as if he expects all womens vaginas to smell like flowers and febreeze. but yeah the reply was also really disingenuous. to leave out that while it might be normal to have some kind of smell, if its 'leaking fluid' (wtf) that has an odour to it thats not really the same thing.

No. 1743194

File: 1673562122451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 688.95 KB, 750x1185, 27D51773-8C78-4632-80DC-6815B5…)

completely botched, the penis head was reduced to a pimple kek

No. 1743200

These idiots could be days post-op and constantly spreading a literal wound/surgical site open with their nasty ass hands, then wonder why shit keeps getting infected. Leave it alone and go to a doctor! What is so hard to understand?

It's basically a cosmetic surgery to help their feefees but they want to play with it like it's an actual vagina. Just insane to me.

No. 1743202

File: 1673562737063.png (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 750x1624, 7E451973-E8BA-4752-A61F-FCB0B5…)

wtf is that shit coming out of it? pus? gauze? do i even want to know?

No. 1743209

File: 1673563219195.jpg (70.27 KB, 907x388, gyut6tygtd4erufydtd.JPG)

This is one of the most ironic things I've ever seen. lol

No. 1743219

idk if this has been posted in a previous thread but i needed to share this awful troon rapping with you nonnies. @titmouse973 on twitter.

No. 1743234

I don’t get giving him any advice about it smelling like a vagina at all, because it’s not a vagina.

No. 1743236

Does he live on another planet? No one is listening to radical feminists. I hate this equating of conservatism and traditional values to radical feminism. Agreeing on one issue (and not even from the same viewpoint) means nothing. I am not cozying up to people on either side who think a girl playing in mud means she’s a boy or a boy liking pink means he’s a girl.

No. 1743246

lmao what cycle could there be? Don't they take the same amount every day? PMS is from various hormones fluctuating. That's what a cycle means smh

No. 1743280

trannies think women were put on earth to make them miserable. like other moids, they suffer from main character syndrome and think everything is about them and their feelings.

No. 1743282

File: 1673568291417.jpg (126.07 KB, 540x624, 20230112_175652.jpg)

Which one of you was this lol

No. 1743286

Difference is, this man can stop taking the hormones that cause him to have such bad "PMDD". But he won't because that would be admitting they did more harm than good.

No. 1743287

A vagina has a natural smell and taste, and many do have daily discharge (from the self lubricating). The difference is a healthy vagina smells like a vagina, something a stink ditch won’t ever do because it doesn’t have the same bacterial flora. Also if there’s discharge coming from a dead end hole, then that’s a problem.

No. 1743288

Gauze. Often used to drain fluid after an infection or surgery. I can never get over these literal “front holes”. It’s like someone with a vagina way too high up.

No. 1743300

Fat men with the lowest quality genetics are the grossest thing ever. John Oliver looking fuck. I'm so glad their their abnormal sex drive is pushing them out of the gene pool entirely.

No. 1743308

I thought this was monty for a second there kek

No. 1743313

File: 1673571287351.jpg (70.68 KB, 680x663, FmSsDqvWAAQ6HVA.jpg)

No. 1743315

Girl is when Frozen. Jfc at least in the past when schizo parents dressed their boys as girls, they were honest about it being because they wanted daughters instead.

No. 1743317

1) No one cares.
2) Your beasts will always look better on you than on a tranny because you don't have fridge torso like them.

No. 1743318

Not the place to be asking this but is there a reverse shinigami-eyes application that blocks TiMs? I’m fine with TiFs even if I do disagree with their life choices.

No. 1743320

"Cow woman"? Is this the most demeaning and offensive ESL way to refer to a surrogate I've ever heard or something else..?

No. 1743324

>Hi guys, I'm retarded and I want to sell my testicles on the black market
Fucking Reddit

No. 1743332

Someone should ask this woman what she finds so appealing about a corporate shill with serial killer eyes and a giant creepy Joker smile.

No. 1743338

People aren't advocating for ten-year-olds to get tattoos, and tattoos don't make you sterile, for starters.

This is an imageboard.

No. 1743339

File: 1673573538113.jpeg (426.7 KB, 750x1065, 38C23897-0917-485B-AF37-FE3B9C…)

this just made my day kek

No. 1743346

a video about john money has handmaidens racing to the comments to compare it to transing kids and why kids can consent to becoming infertile.

No. 1743349

A creep who started playing dress up on TikTok got to meet the POTUS just because he was a tranny. If that doesn't sound like a "darling of the mainstream media," then I don't know what the fuck does.

>Donated to a DV shelter on someone else's behalf

No. 1743360

super late but thank you nona <3 and thank you for sharing your experience, hope we can forgive ourselves and make peace with our bodies too.

thank you, and i completely agree. FTMs obviously have body image issues or even ED like so many teenage girls before them and it's devastating to see them go down that path (with doctor approval!) knowing that transitioning is absolutely not a "cure" and will only make things worse. like you said it's just the latest ""fix"" for it but it's fucked up.

so his online life is threatened because someone made a donation to a charity in his name… literally admitting that the trans cult harasses people for any action they don't agree with, even unrelated to trans people. we love a good TIM's self-own!

No. 1743361

File: 1673576089118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.15 KB, 379x253, B978141603184000008X_gr1b.jpg)

I'm the anon that started the breast sperg. I'm sorry nonas I knew there was variation in female breasts but I've never seen breasts that look like troon tits. After googling tuberous breasts I still don't think they look like tranny moobs but I still apologize for inflaming insecurities.

No. 1743423

>No one cares
As you reply to comments from 2 days ago, sure Jan.

No. 1743430

I just replied to the anons that started the discussion. Someone else posted about it literally right above your post.

It is pretty fucking irritating that anons are giving trannies fuel to call us ugly because they're too retarded to save their insecure sperging for the breasts thread in /g/. Good job anons, now all of the trannies who lurk here are going to turn that against us.

No. 1743437

Calm down, do you really think women being insecure about certain stuff is some hidden secret that trannies don't know about, and that they somehow now acquired this info from this thread alone? Lol delusional. And what has been said is basically "I'm insecure about my tits but I'm a woman so whatever." Why are you acting like nuclear launch codes were just given. Also you're dumb af if you think trannies that lurk snow aren't also lurking g, get real.

No. 1743439

File: 1673585213083.jpeg (5.3 MB, 3456x12893, 366038B9-6CC5-4D83-9809-6B2EAF…)

i wish trannies who larp as lesbians a very die alone.

No. 1743440

>your beasts
sorry nonna that made me laugh

No. 1743441

Haha wtf nonnie you made me agree with Greg fucking Doucette. Dude sounds more womanly than the trans. Shame he had to pronounfag but he's right, linking to his profile would have just made him complain about brigading and he's just sad Greg didn't give him the chance to be a victim again.

No. 1743443

nta but im going to start calling my boobs that
my beasts

No. 1743444

File: 1673585397408.jpeg (345.81 KB, 1920x2400, A412F785-7A58-47A3-BEBF-0C3028…)

Relevant, saw this on ovarit from an interview with the guy who took the tiddy teacher up to skydive.

No. 1743448

File: 1673585623034.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 550.66 KB, 750x1224, CA94FE97-3834-4AC4-A557-524898…)

ofc he flashes his dick in public.

No. 1743460

File: 1673586686731.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2048x3861, 568984B4-A2AF-4B27-A2DC-362B9E…)

the troonsbians have their own sub, but there can be no actual lesbian sub because excluding men is a hate crime obvi.

No. 1743476

I love all the openly deranged incel posting on r/MTF lately. Prime peaking material.

No. 1743477

Exactly. Gender critical means gender critical. Both troons and right wingers want to enforce gender roles and for that reason they’re both my enemies. I hate being conflated with either.

No. 1743514

But nonny it's different the evil-cis-terf women want a cis only sub because they don't want to fuck poor innocent dick toting men- I mean women. These strong brave "ladies" have a sub so they can bitch about how real women don't want to fuck them and the best way to guilt/force said women into fucking them.
They need a sub to organize and strategize. Lesbians want a sub to socialize and relate to other humans over shared experiences exclusive to one small subset of humanity. Completely different. Maybe if we make a sub to plan a hate crime against another marginalize (and female) group Reddit will leave it alone until it goes viral like the incels who were ignored for years despite explicitly discussing harming other people.

No. 1743521

File: 1673595182942.jpg (48.52 KB, 650x433, focused_229239516-stock-photo-…)

Porn bump do not scroll nonitas

No. 1743559

File: 1673601515090.jpg (116.95 KB, 951x902, nuts.jpg)

No. 1743623

File: 1673613838526.png (27.28 KB, 838x292, gBaY3QO.png)

ChatGPT actually has common sense.

No. 1743627

>this is considered common sense knowledge among women in my east euro country.
yes and east euro countries are misogynistic shitholes t. also eastern euro

No. 1743634


The way he types especially the "fun and flirty" line is giving me major chris chan vibes.

No. 1743643

trannies stop being pedophiles challenge FAILED

No. 1743646

I think the same thing when someone posts troon tits like that. It makes me feel bad, but I was always too scared to say anything because I thought the thread would end up derailed with anons getting mad at me for being a freak with an abnormal body infringing on their right to bully trannies lol. Thanks for saying this, anon.

No. 1743659

Women can "look" like men, women can have fridge bodies, women can be fat, women can be bald, women can have facial hair, women can have a high libido, women can have wide skeletons, women can have big feet, women can have deep voices, women can have small hips, women can have small boobs, big boobs, tubular boobs, one boob, no boobs, etc and they're still women. Trannies all want to be a stereotype of a woman that they see in porn and anime and it's funny when they end up looking like men with hormonal disorders and get fat and grow gross looking man boobs (that are gross because they're men who chose to go on hormones that gave them fucked up moobs) because they all want to be the sexy animu ladies from their chinese sex cartoons. Just keep in mind that you are not sexually degenerate males with a retarded life-ruining fetish and that those insults do not apply to you.

No. 1743668

Beautiful and 100% correct, nonnie.

No. 1743670

right. there are moids who look more feminine and women who look more masculine. still, a moid will always be a moid and a woman will always be a woman. nothing can change that.

No. 1743673

Major Buffalo Bill vibes.

No. 1743674

You're right, nonna ♥

No. 1743709

This. I have facial hair and certainly am not the embodiment of the universal narrow beauty standard, but I’ll always be woman and I have so much respect for all my different sisters. Nonnas you are naturally, genuinely beautiful and a gift to the world the way you are. Like >>1743670 said, moid will always be a moid and a woman will always be a woman.

No. 1743758

cp in catalog, don’t scroll

No. 1743766

kek. he kinda looks like jerma

No. 1743787

speaking of jerma i wouldn’t be surprised if he trooned out

No. 1743792

What do you mean "for some reason", you need to set your timeline to "latest tweets" instead of "home" and that should solve the problem, unless you follow him or haven't blocked him yet and the accounts you follow rt his bullshit.

No. 1743793

> Am I right for thinking this is dumb?
They straight up don't have the organs, they don't cycle their hormones, they don't have anything that would make this make sense.

No. 1743796

if he bathes his brows will wash out

No. 1743799

Jerma's a retarded lukewarm straight male lib who had to bend a knee to troonies because surprise, they're like most of his viewers at this point and saying "fuck trannies" would cost him his "job". He probably doesn't give much of a shit aside from "yeah I guess people can do whatever they want". His furry fatfetish GF is probably one of those diehard tranny defenders though. Kim was a "she/they" too. He's such a regular straight guy, no way he'd troon out. Sage for irrelevant Jerma lore.

No. 1743802

>calling him fat
>seeing it as a challenge
kek based as fuck, i hope he had fun

No. 1743833

I don't go on Twitter super often but yeah, my feed always shows me people I don't even follow. Say if someone I follow "liked" a tweet, I'll see that tweet in my feed. That's usually what ends up happening

No. 1743836

I was hospitalized for suicidal ideation multiple times during puberty and still have no doctor who agrees I have PMDD even though it's the only time I'm unstable. PMDD literally destroyed my life before it could even begin, would I get twitter sympathy for that? Nah

No. 1743851

File: 1673640639520.jpeg (159.5 KB, 750x515, A3B8A71D-E4CE-418F-BC59-66B2D7…)

are you male? then it’s a fetish, you’re welcome.

No. 1743854

File: 1673641206976.jpeg (173.9 KB, 750x479, E8537F15-4543-499F-BD9A-53B198…)

gender cultists are so fucking stupid.

No. 1743858

She's going to look back and regret that comment after he comes out to her.

No. 1743865

If I could go the rest of my life and never hear the fucking word "euphoria" again I'd be happy. Thanks to goddamn troons all that comes to mind when they spout that bullshit is that they get boners. Fuck.

No. 1743876

shit like this really is incomprehensible to me. How could you possibly have such little understanding of your own mind that you hope for internet strangers to tell you whether or not you're horny for the right reasons? Freakazoid, it's a fetish. next question.

No. 1743881

He knows it's a fetish, he knows it all. He just want validation from strangers.

No. 1743894

god i hope not

No. 1743914

She probably meant it in a funny way, but he had to take her innocent comment as fetish fuel.

No. 1743922

pre 2000: you have to walk on the eggshells near your scrote or he will become abusive and violent
post 2000: you have to walk on eggshells near your scrote or he will become abusive, violent and mtf

No. 1743925

Is willing to talk about it with strangers online but is keeping it a secret from his fiancee, probably until she's locked in by marriage. Men are so conniving.

No. 1744011

File: 1673650615879.jpeg (377.3 KB, 1171x1356, 4C67642D-ED32-41C2-9B70-50C496…)

the second comment lmao…. that mental image is going to be making me laugh for the next few days, SIX FOOT THREE but he doesn’t think he’s unmistakably a man kek, people just think you’re a trashy drag queen

No. 1744021

File: 1673650917677.jpeg (244.91 KB, 947x2048, 40A3D08C-336B-4C89-A8AB-66BB8E…)

No. 1744023

Once I thought there was a tall beautiful model woman in the market but when I saw it closer it was a tranny. He passed from 30 yards away at least.

No. 1744044

It's amazing how these men are so shocked that people don't think being a woman is defined solely by having boobs, plus I thought that was one of their biggest talking points, that physiology doesn't have anything to do with sex?

No. 1744046

If this happened to me, I’d get a divorce on the spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of our honeymoon, it doesn’t matter if I’m pregnant, or if he threatens to kill himself, no amount of sunk cost fallacy would keep me in a relationship with a troon.

No. 1744053

File: 1673653616126.jpeg (303.13 KB, 750x1466, 0DEA4FAC-2848-45E7-B6FC-AE7F3B…)

this annoying failed booty guru fuck who does the most awful makeup i’ve ever seen trooned out. now he’s bullying people for misgendering him.

No. 1744056

Nta but my theory is that since jerma was literally a school teacher and apparently the "cool" teacher that students liked then he's probably just used to saying "ok yeah sure" whenever kids have a phase. He was still a teacher when gender stuff was popping off so he probably had the sensitivity training to wrangle them effectively

No. 1744059

Shocking! Can’t they just stick to being gay drag queens or whatever the fuck, I’m so serious

No. 1744060

shayna if she was born with the wrong chromosomes

No. 1744062

oh dollar store James chares? Damn I'm never going to win that bet. Which is good, James & Jeffree should continue being the disgusting scrotes they are and thats the only thing I like about them. That despite being very feminine and having a "Straight man fetish" they haven't trooned out yet.

No. 1744064

Yeah, he also avoids troon shit, I think that "Non-binary cat maid" shit was Ludwig's idea. When he played Sims 4 he didn't even touch the Pronoun thing, I expected him to comment on it or something but nah he ignored it. I just think he'd be the LAST person i'd think would troon. He deals with troons, probably does support it but does not think much into it.

No. 1744065

Off topic but on topic, I remember years ago on a reddit, some scrote came in like
>Guys, okay, I like to watch trans porns. I'M NOT GAY. I like the idea of breasts and penises but i'm NOT ATTRACTED TO THE PENISES
>Can someone explain to me my sexuality and tell me this fetish is just a fetish and doesn't mean I'm gay, because I'm not and I don't want to hear that-
Or some shit, and I'm like, "Dude why are you here?" He didn't want anyone to correctly call him bisexual/gay and that his fetish was tits and dicks aka men with tits. I hate when scrotes ask these questions because they don't want the truth. They want some lie but with sprinkles on it.

No. 1744080

File: 1673656268962.jpg (1.22 MB, 1196x1228, iwgQKId.jpg)

No. 1744082

No. 1744083

File: 1673656411329.jpg (113.47 KB, 1080x1355, FmSSKzVXkAs9_Qo.jpg)

No. 1744084

explains so much tbh kek

No. 1744097

This vice video popped up in my feed and it was between feminists vs anti-feminists. I would say it was all women but I don't think that

25:48 they bring up the troon question and it goes as well as you would expect. The way the woman on the far left shouted the whole mantra of "Transwomen are women" was so unnerving, I have a suspicion that she doesn't believe it lol. And that woman who was explaining why men should not be competing against women, I really don't care for Sydney Watson but I appreciated that she chimed in to defend her when the other women were ganging up on her.
As for the Eli fuck who was trying to mansplain, once again comparing apples to oranges with the Michael Phelps example, Michael Phelps is stlll a man competing against other men you tard, it's not comparable to Fallon Fox vs the women who had to fight him. Like fuck off. Also fat dude in the red dress is funny, it's just… Wow. At the very least though, he didn't try to bulldoze his way into topics like abortion.

Also I'll be honest in saying that I can't tell if the host is a woman or just another TIM. I feel like they might be but on the other hand ,I feel like they could just be a woman with a masculine face.

No. 1744098

I hope this man never gets children.

No. 1744101

Proof that they just see women as a collection of parts (boobs, ass, hair, etc.) and don’t understand how most people (women at least) can see the entire package and clock them instantly.

No. 1744102

>Shaved facial hair
>Grew his hair out
>Slapped a smoothing face filter
>Posing in a way that masks your linebacker shoulders

Sure Dan, sure.

No. 1744104

So what are your thoughts on the term "transwoman"? Do you actually call these delusional men this word or not? I personally don't.

No. 1744108

File: 1673657850977.jpeg (327.31 KB, 960x1049, 95355978-F279-409C-A34C-DDE849…)

what’s the point if shitting on actual womens’ interests and then demand to be in our spaces? anyways wtf i love astrology now

so scrotey to go out of your way to post hot takes about astrology.

No. 1744109

File: 1673657998344.jpeg (138.19 KB, 960x381, AA945D67-2138-4E85-8E37-63A4F1…)

fat white scrote replies

No. 1744111

you dont get it nonny, speedrunning and porn are the real feminine hobby

No. 1744112

how did he lose like 3 inches of height

No. 1744116

>I would say it was all women but I don't think that
Eli Erlick is a infamous troon who claims to have sent illegal hormones to minors. He also has a sexual assault allegation against him. He is currently feuding with Blaire White who says he has receipts of Eli's sexual assaults Eli has a thread on Kiwi Farms if you're interested.

I'm not into sports but from what I've read about Phelps he's a genetic freak. He has this one in a million combination of genetic attributes that makes him a beast in the water. You'd be hard press to find another Michael Phelps. With TiM athletes they all have a biological advantage over women from being born male. You can easily create a team of Lia Thomases if everyone on UPenn's men's swim team troons out but you couldn't form a team of Michael Phelps.

No. 1744117

Because they’re men??

No. 1744118

File: 1673658692762.jpg (99.16 KB, 750x381, lesbian trans terf.jpg)

what a dumb question to ask in this thread

No. 1744120

File: 1673658885246.png (264.67 KB, 669x844, Firefox_Screen.png)

No. 1744122

men get so irrationally triggered by astrology i bring it up just to spite them.

No. 1744123

I really think they get a hunchback, like seriously. Look at Keffals, I don't if it's by design tall men get the hunchback from troonshit or if they start hunching and it develops. Thats probably how they are getting "Shorter" they are literally being deformed by troonshine and/or hunching over and fucking up their backs. If they aint lying

No. 1744130

Was the title of the thread the only thing you read before posting? Like how could you possibly read even just the OP and not be able to infer that we don't call these troglodytes women?

No. 1744132

File: 1673659714533.png (197.91 KB, 564x545, E1B57FF5-975F-4F72-8722-E6B984…)

No. 1744136

I like how the issue he takes with astrology is that it relates to the circumstances of your birth, and not that it's a bunch of woo-woo nonsense. It's like leaving FLDS because you thought the dress code was unfashionable.

No. 1744137

it's the osteoporosis from hrt as well as the eunuch hunch

No. 1744143

>Eli Erlick is a white woman
I am so fucking tired of this shit. But hopefully it might peak some people when they realize the "yt woman" in question is in fact a man.

No. 1744145

Medical transition is just the lobotomy of the internet age.

No. 1744147

File: 1673660508630.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 211.13 KB, 1080x804, 77442004-1612-4D5C-AA04-11A181…)

I had to see this so now you do too

No. 1744150

People have still managed to break some of his records, though, so his physiological advantages didn't break the game the way William Thomas swimming against women with a foot shorter than him with two thirds the wingspan did.

The quantifiable difference between Phelps and other male swimmers is 1/10th that of the difference between male and female Olympians. Ergo, a male has ten times the advantage over women that Phelps had against his competitors.

No. 1744152

Imagine the smell. Omfg

No. 1744154

holy shit I missed the part about the "slave tacos". Genuinely considering blinding myself at the moment. where do you find these depraved discord servers?

No. 1744156

I was literally unable to read through that because I couldn't stop gagging. Y chromoid genocide NOW.

No. 1744164

some brave soul posted the screenshots under a Jordan Peterson tweet that was getting attention from troons

No. 1744168

Add clown hair to his pic on the top right and that top photo would make a great thread pic

No. 1744181

No. 1744187

God I hate these botched washed up fags so fucking much it's unreal.

No. 1744194

File: 1673663159208.jpg (98.26 KB, 720x1119, IMG_20230113_231504.jpg)

Men have to invade everything. Women can't be in any place without some fucking ball smelling trannies invading them. I fucking hate them so much, but something I hate even more is the women defending these degenerates.
"Ow, but pwease don't say afab, twans women are excluded!" a user says in a fucking woman-only sub. God the level of brainwashing these people went through.

I need to calm the fuck down

No. 1744198

We can’t even say afab now? I knew this day was coming. Blog posting but major reason I detransitioned was because of how isolating TIMs make it for dysphoric women. I see they haven’t stopped trying to silence us even within the same “community”. Fuckheads. Thanks for sharing, wish I could wash my eyeballs.

No. 1744200

Damn this woman rapes men, that's crazy. The twitter sperg even goes out of their way to use woman without the trans suffix and splits transwoman into two words when they use it. We must at all costs protect the feelings of rapists and child predators, even at the cost of increasing the number of victims.

>using AFAB to refer to women belittles "the lived experience as a woman" of men

No. 1744217

Love this girl, as a millennial oldfag all these young zoomer terfs resisting the social pressure and speaking up against this horseshit gives me hope for the future.

No. 1744237

It wasn't so long ago that blogging about your personal insecurities in a cow thread was a temp ban. I sympathise with anons but there's a time and a place for it. I wanna know when did we become this soft on the internet much less an imageboard?

No. 1744243

She said it perfectly + she's beautiful. Watched the full video from the guy and it triggered something from my childhood, the way he's mocking the products and joking like "where does this go lolll" is so gross. Even Dylan's was better than that. There is never any reason a TIM needs to be buying tampons and playing with them when actual women need them.

No. 1744256

Not sure if I missed it but could someone post the original video she's commenting on or tell me his username?

No. 1744296

lmao im gonna be honest he passes as a really ugly girl. but i feel like if he actually lost weight and tried to look more like an actual woman he'd end up looking more male and like a tranny, ironically.

No. 1744300

AYRT Thanks for the heads up, I'll look more into this Eli Erlick person, I did hear about the feud with his fellow TIM Blaire White but I didn't really look into it.

>Michael Phelps breadown

Exactly but then Eli argues with the woman saying that women are being ridiculous "Transmisogynists" because he claims that men are not dominating female sports and only Lia(r) Thomas is the one who has came first place when it comes to "transwomen" competing against women.

No. 1744303

Because I've met some self-proclaimed radfems who say the term is no big deal and a distraction so I was curious.

No. 1744325

File: 1673673589557.jpg (381.84 KB, 1120x840, girl-with-cancer-princess-part…)

Nonnies, I saw this story about some poor little girl with terminal cancer who was given a princess birthday party, but looking at the photo there's no way Merida isn't a troon, right?

No. 1744354

Can we just stop with this guessing if some random irrelevant person is a tranny or not once and for all? It's been brought up time and time again.

No. 1744372

there should be a transpiracy thread.

No. 1744378

Troons would fucking love it if we created a thread just to tinfoil about how actual women are totally trannies. It would get colonized by them instantly. So, how about no?

No. 1744403

Don't ask where I learned this and also shut up any of you who got this information from the same relatively recent stream, but there was a thing observed in eunach Chinese monks where after their castration they would slowly develop a hunch. You can always spot a true troon by how they shoulders are rounded foward and their neck is almost perpendicular to their spine

No. 1744404

I think the pronounced hunch is also a result of poor posture of terminally online people who sit all day hunched over in front of their computer.

No. 1744411

>DDs protruding
>she breasted boobily down the stairs

No. 1744427

could only get about 5mins in, just seems like ragebait of a bunch of the stupidest women saying the stupidest shit. very typical of vice.

No. 1744432

Is this from that thread yesterday where some troon was like 'omg thank you for making me feel welcome' and then his entire post history was in a female gooning sub? I nearly screenshotted it to post here.

No. 1744433

> the sexual subculture of chronic and compulsive masturbators

No. 1744434

It's literally a bunch of moids frying their brains on an overload of porn. They have 'goon caves' where they set up a bunch of monitors that are all playing different porn videos and have posters and photos printed out of porn stars all over their walls. Some of them even have friends who join them to have day long jacking off sessions together.

No. 1744435

That's disgusting, what the fuck. These people need to get institutionalized.

No. 1744444

…What does this even mean?

No. 1744452

please nona name the gooning sub, I'd like to see this kek

No. 1744453

File: 1673694518277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 884.1 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_8196.jpg)

Lmao here I went and found the screenshot I took of his post history

No. 1744479

File: 1673697476869.png (497.9 KB, 640x560, Screenshots_2023-01-14-19-57-1…)

medfagging a bit but its called having osteoporosis

going eunuch is basically simulating immediate menopause on men, the difference between the male menopause and female menopause is that it is much slower progressing in males thats why their risk of osteoporosis is lowered compared to females

so if a moid becomes a enunch (by removing his balls), he is basically giving himself end stage male menopause almost immediately, so he's gonna enjoy the perks of getting fat, having ED and brittle/deformed bones at a much younger age

pic unrelated milk tax

No. 1744483

Their obsession with tampons is so fucking 90's. Most women wear organic, cotton reusable pads or always pads. No woman sticks that toxic shit in their vagina anymore. These troons are just an extension of the disgusting males who designed those toxic products in the first place. They are so far out of touch with what women do it's SOOOOOO male I cant.

No. 1744499

File: 1673701264160.jpeg (18.28 KB, 177x284, 5EC31F8B-F447-4086-907C-D99AB8…)

Nah, ot, but I am all for toxic shit

No. 1744501

They think nipples have actual big center holes in them like they do in hentai. Kill me

No. 1744503

huge nitpick but

>rare specimen of man with decent hair

>would probably "pass" better if he left it like it is on left pic
>but no, styles it in a way that suggests a way shittier hairline and makes him look even more male

Why. Even when actual women did their front hair like this in 2008 it looked awful.

No. 1744514

File: 1673703906827.jpg (154.01 KB, 1221x1215, 8119g7t111ca1.jpg)

I don't know if anybody here cares about this but I was feeling autistic and wanted to check a hypothesis I had (spoiler: my hypothesis was correct)
I checked the front page of /r/MtFselfietrain - a tranny sub that isn't explicitly porn, and counted how many of the posters also post lewds and porn. to compare, I picked a female-specific picture sub that also wasn't explicitly porn to do the same - i chose /r/femalestreetwear.

there are 25 posts on the front page - on the TiM sub, two posters had two separate posts on the front page, so I subtracted two out of the count. On the female sub, there were five duplicates and two TiMs, so i counted there being 19 posts.

the results? 12/23 of the TiMs posted lewds or porn, so more than half. Of the females, it was 6/19, so just under third. one of the two tims on femalestreetwear also posted lewds but i didn't add it to either count.

Other notes I made - 8 of the TiMs also posted on femboy/trap subs, 6 in crossdressing subs, 4 in sissy subs (shoutout to one of them posting in /r/blackownedsissies), 3 in feminization fetish subs and 1 in bimbofication subs. 1 of the TiMs was a literal schizo who has hallucinations, 2 of the TiMs had recently had a child and 1 posted himself flashing his tits at his workplace. One of the tims has an apparent stocking fetish and seems to frequent /r/men_in_stocking, and though he himself didn't post it on that subs front page there's a guy supposedly wearing his moms pantyhose. Fucking gross.

Picture related, this guy spams his cock all over the goddamn place.

No. 1744515

good work nonnie they're all so foul and frightful

No. 1744517

I also stopped wearing tampons and don't throw my pads in the sanitary bin in stalls. I throw them away in the normal trash bin outside of stalls now. You can also rip them up. If any nonnies are wearing tampons still just flush them down toilets at businesses. Fuck em

No. 1744519


So it seems like these brave strong trans wimmin know they’re actually men with fetishes? But we can’t acknowledge the same without getting death threats? Curious.

No. 1744520

Samefag, clarifying something - on /r/femalestreetwear three posters had two posts each on the front page, so I subtracted three, and then two for the TiMs. so the actual count is 6/20

No. 1744523

I was one of the people who made reddit accounts with usernames like 'leavelesbiansalone' to follow TIMs with back when that was a thing (I didn't want to post about it back then in case it counted as cowtipping but I think it's safe now kek, I was even in some of the compilations they made). I only went on r/actuallesbians and literally every TIM I followed had an account marked as NSFW, there wasn't a single exception.

No. 1744524

Cups are the way nona. Blood goes straight down the toilet, the cup never leaves your person.

No. 1744525

I don't know what to tell you but I know a lot of women who still use tampons.
Personally I use probably super-toxic Always pads but nothing else except this particular line alleviates my fear of leaking.

No. 1744526

>incoming message from the BIG GIANT HEAD

No. 1744528

File: 1673705499271.png (177.88 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230114-110945.png)

The comments he received in the "thanks for accepting a twans woman uwu" post.
Trans women are women because of a brain scan trust me you guys

No. 1744529

File: 1673705515249.png (576.35 KB, 1194x1186, Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 9.10.…)

God they are so mad lmfao. Someone I know liked it, he's a male enby and keeps asking me to hang out while knowing I'm a lesbian.

No. 1744531

>literally named "Snow"

talk about flakes and mistakes…

No. 1744532

They try to tie everything they dislike with anti troonery. Like, damn it's really easy to dislike something just because it's not your thing, but trying to turn it into some morality thing is pure schizo behavior. Not liking astrology makes you a trans hero now!

No. 1744536

Did you see the one claiming the only reason he hadn't been diagnosed with autism as a kid was because he didn't have 'boy' autism and had the same symptoms as girls instead?

No. 1744560

File: 1673710519748.jpg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-01-14_15-15-18-103.…)

my favourite thing about TiMs is how hard they fucking try and how it makes no difference at all. Sir, I am a hunched autist and it makes no difference at all - I am still a biological woman, trannies can cope and seethe

No. 1744562

samefagging to add
>woman is when pushing out chest and bum
kys sir

No. 1744585

He looks like a fucking faggot who wants to audition for Glee busting his chest out like that kek
Yes, same thing for women when they get hysterectomies, they're prone to osteoporosis, memory loss, etc because the female central nervous system functions with the production of estrogen and the male central nervous system functions with testosterone. Hormones just ain't for genitalia regions, it's the entire body. The risk of early onset osteoporosis and dementia increases exponentially when a procedure is done before the person is in their 40s.

No. 1744587

It’s crap like this that really gets to me. THEY can’t handle the fact they they weren’t born female and they were socialized as men, so everyone else has to play along with the delusions. I used to be okay with them before I knew of all their degeneracy, but also when they still knew that transitioning had to come from somewhere. What’s the point of it if you were supposedly always a woman and no different from any other women? Why does it even exist if that’s the case? If you grew up being expected to act a certain way, if you got your first period, if you had to deal with misogyny and sexual harassment and assault from men? I’m not playing nice with any males who think they can talk over my experiences with those things. They can go fuck themselves and rot.

No. 1744588

Stupid post plus why post the child here?

No. 1744590

literally what is wrong with scrotes

No. 1744595

Seconding. There’s a learning curve but it’s made dealing with my period so much more bearable, plus there’s the added bonus of no troons stealing my sanitary products from the bin once I toss them. I can’t believe that’s a thing we have to fear now.

No. 1744597

That’s so insulting. It’s insulting that girls with autism have been notoriously underdiagnosed and misunderstood because all the focus was on autistic boys, yet these dumbasses are insistent on colonizing spaces where women can talk about their experiences with it, for some of whom it’s probably the first time in their lives they finally have an answer to why they are the way they are.

No. 1744599

it’s like they’re going through a porn induced mass extinction. they’re making sure they won’t pass their degenerate genes on by willingly castrating themselves or becoming too antisocial to communicate with other human beings.

No. 1744601

Guess I’m not a woman because I definitely don’t stand like this. I stand like him on the left kek

No. 1744602

Had the same thought lol. Woman is when arched back

No. 1744603

I hope they speed up the process. Wasn’t there something about sperm being able to be made in labs now? They’re literally unnecessary and and a detriment to the species.

No. 1744607

imagine being a teen girl and looking for swimwear online and coming across that. these perverted freaks get off on people seeing their pictures, especially children im sure.

No. 1744613

File: 1673714452059.jpg (1.08 MB, 2560x1920, 23-01-14-16-33-08-401_deco.jpg)

based mom

No. 1744614

File: 1673714498122.jpg (68.81 KB, 417x625, brokenspine.jpg)

KEK this really goes on to show that they learnt everything they know about women from shitty moid media. Gotta get those boobs and ass to the frame!

No. 1744615

clearly you dont do sports, good luck trying to wearing a pad underwater or while sweating out of your ass.

No. 1744618

not to be a cupvangelist but menstrual cups and discs are literally the best of both worlds

No. 1744619

you can buy organic non-toxic tampons. Tampons have been around since antiquity in one way or another.

I won't buy Always anymore because of their relationship with Dylan Mulvaney. I don't know anyone who uses washable pads, I truly think I'd be sick if I had to scrub my heavy endo periods out of fabric. My periods are bad enough without having to atone for their stains. The women I know use tampons or menstrual cups mostly, myself included.

I want to compile a list of all the companies supporting Dylan or sponsoring him so I never buy their stuff.(pad-derail)

No. 1744621

cups are great. I don't like them for when I'm away from my home for long periods of time though. But during the worst of COVID, I almost exclusively used a cup

No. 1744636

i love how she doesn't even say my favourite or anything just my first kek really just doing it to rub it in

No. 1744647

Sis if you could get on that asap, cause I've only ever been able to find those large over night ones from always, and I would rather not support them if I could.

No. 1744654

File: 1673717733004.png (467.82 KB, 718x635, Screenshot 2023-01-14 183257.p…)

definitely don't support always, they give out "learning material about sexual orientation" aka queer indoctrination for teachers to use in class with children as young as 10. at least in germany. on the sheet there is a question worded like "a trans*woman with XY chromosomes loves a woman, what is her sexuality?" and the right answer of course is supposed to be homosexual. you can translate the tweets showing the source of the sheets is always here https://twitter.com/ronalyze/status/1613637399724138497

No. 1744662

The internet has been a amazing tool for humankind, allowing us to connect to each other, share info, and even find love. However it has also created a huge problem with the easy access to tons and tons of pornography causing addiction and making moids seek out more extreme stuff. With the introduction of mobile phones with internet service boys can access porn at anytime without their parents knowing. I read that the earliest age boys start watching porn is 8. The internet also introduces moids to further degeneracy like AB/DL and sissy hypno when 30 years ago they would have never thought such fetishes existed. I saw on Ovarit a few weeks ago that the state of Louisiana will require a government ID to access Pornhub. This may prevent per-adoslent boys in that state from accessing porn but once they reach their teens they will figure out how to by pass it.

No. 1744665

That sucks about washable pads nonnie. I use reusable pads sometimes when I don’t feel like the cup, and even though my period is pretty light, I feel like reusable pads end up smelling more after use than normal ones. I guess they just collect sweat, I should probably ask this elsewhere but I wonder if other people have been annoyed by that too.

No. 1744666

I saw that government ID thing too. Please let that become a thing everywhere. If other addictive things like drugs and alcohol are regulated according to age, porn should be too, because clearly boys and men cannot be trusted to view it responsibly (as if there can be any responsible use of porn). It’s fucking up their brains for real.

No. 1744681

i actually found that i had less odor when i switched to reusable pads (i could sing their praises for hours). maybe it's the material yours are made of that's causing the issue?

No. 1744682

i've had a great experience with modibodi period panties. that being said, i only use them on my light days.

No. 1744692

Big same, the best thing I ever did was switch to a menstrual cup and washable pads. No toxic chemicals, zero waste, and depriving troons of my precious bodily fluids is just a nice perk kek

No. 1744695

On one hand it’s annoying when these threads get derailed by period talk because it happens so often, on another, it’s funny knowing how much TiMs seethe when women discuss it, so I hope it bothers moid lurkers.

No. 1744699

yeah, men tend to get angry about astrology. it's funny when men who troon out hate it, considering they're literally worse than any astrologyfag when it comes to delusion, though.

No. 1744704

You can tell he's trying so hard with his shoulders to make his moobs look like a cleavage.

No. 1744710

File: 1673722063367.jpg (98.47 KB, 707x787, 20230114_124704.jpg)

No. 1744727

The op sounds like a TiF. I can' imagine TiMs crying from being misgendred.

No. 1744743

Does anyone else notice whenever moids troon out and grow their hair long they only end up looking more long/horse faced? Like the long face isn't emphasized until they start crossdressing and larping as women kek. It's so so so rare for men to have a female typical face structure and even ffs cannot fix the fact that your facial proportions scream male.

No. 1744745

It’s because most men are hideously ugly but you don’t realize just how ugly because we are conditioned to find these ugly hulk bastards attractive. It’s only when they try to pass as women you see how ugly men really are, and see how beautiful women really are.

No. 1744749

Maybe the evil JK Rowling is hiding in the walls misgendering this stunning & brave troon??

No. 1744758

damn, do they really teach that stuff today? Every day I'm more and more happy that I didn't decide to become a teacher, I wouldn't teach such bullshit.

No. 1744763

I mean I agree with that quote but why is a man applying it to himself.

No. 1744776

Because astrology has become female dominated for the first time in history so he has to suck the fun out of it.

No. 1744812

File: 1673729131407.png (88.93 KB, 285x249, DbolMcfWAAEz3Uw_jpg.png)

cranky because your mars is in aries arent you

No. 1744815

This is just so funny because who is asking this?

No. 1744816

I’ve never been into astrology, but the way moids sperg out about it makes me want to. They constantly engage in delusions and magical thinking themselves, but god forbid women do so as a harmless hobby. Next time I hear a moid insulting astrology I’m gonna be like “aww, must be your Venus in retrograde making you act like such a whiny little bitch.”

No. 1744827

Fucking dystopian.

No. 1744829

Not to sound like a moid, but I don't think it's necessarily "harmless." A lot of astrologyfags pass judgement on people based entirely on the day they were born, which is just absurd. In college, I knew a girl who dumped someone just for being a Gemini. Like it's obviously not as toxic or harmful as tranny dogma, but it's still irrational.

No. 1744832

The only people I know who are serious about astrology are FTM or gender special women. Telling

No. 1744833

Who cares. It makes moids seethe and it's fun. Some people are just nuts in general.

No. 1744837

Well, if it's fun for you, I can't really fault you for it. But I'm not going to make myself look unintelligent and delusional just to get one over on moids. There are plenty of other ways to piss them off, it's not hard to do.

No. 1744840

I don’t think dumping someone for being a Gemini is a great example of how “harmful” astrology is kek, who cares? And as long as moids believe porn, manosphere bullshit & fantasy football are “real” and that OF camgirl they’re tipping truly likes them as a person, I don’t give a flying fuuuuck if some women are into astrology.

No. 1744842

So? Religious fags have been prosecuting people for millennia. I don't give a shit if some woman out there is living her life based on astrology signs.

No. 1744843

Based, having internal moral standards is great, don't let the lunatics tell you otherwise.

No. 1744846

File: 1673731661504.jpeg (807.69 KB, 1170x1380, 3EC6090C-279B-4E27-9F15-213E36…)

Enough astro derailing - take it to 2X.
Chanced upon this hideous faggot on my tl sperging about the new Harry Potter game.

No. 1744847

>Enough astro derailing
That's exactly what a Gemini would say.

No. 1744850

You sound like you don't have many friends.

No. 1744851

Astrology is anti science but so everything moids embrace and shill as science while not actually being so. Who cares. Men identify as muh logical gender while embracing religion and anti science beliefs. Astrology is just embarrassing at worst and funny at best, whille moid retard beliefs lead to war and a rise in a retarded racist form of nationalism. Cringe astrology believers and wiccans or whatever are never as retarded. Men don’t think religion fags make them look bad so why should we, just as scientific, and way less harmful for society kek.

No. 1744853

You can enjoy astrology without this giant cope.

No. 1744855

I’m not into astrology, just not a retard coping like a stemlord kf fag kek.

No. 1744857

Samefag but:
>you disagree with my stupid point, you must be one of them! It’s not possible someone thinks I’m wrong!
How shocking someone seething about an unimportant and silly yet harmless belief thinks this way kek. How is it a cope, do you think religion is scientific?

No. 1744859

Thinking someone breaking up with someone because they’re an incompatible sign is dangerous is the same as trannys saying not validating them is harmful, both are claiming harm without violence.

No. 1744860

I'm just tired of seeing every retarded belief and every retarded action justified with b-but muh moids. If you believe in astrology you are a fool and you should stop being so superstitious. You don't even really disagree with that, hence your incoherent rant about how many men believe in irrational things too. Like your response is we should all be maximum retarded, while I think we should all strive to be as non-retarded as we are able to and help each other achieve that.

No. 1744862

Speak for yourself, anon. I wear tampons almost exclusively. I hate the feeling of sitting in my own filth with pads, and I have zero interest in boiling a plastic cup every month. I just buy grocery store brand tampons, and I don't really give a fuck about the environmental impact or whatever. Taylor Swift's private jet pours a shitload of CO2 into the atmosphere every month. It's not going to make a difference if I use tampons.

No. 1744863

It's literally just the libfem TRA girls who think trans women are women who are embarrassingly over-invested in astrology. Of course astrology isn't "real" but neither is having a female brain in a male body. Astrologyfags aren't endangering women by believing in stars and planets as a religion or whatever. It's just a fun little thing. Show me an astrologyfag that has attacked random civilians with an axe or steals used tampons to shove up their buttholes. You can't.

No. 1744864

Believe me you're better off. I sat through it just to see what they would talk about and the feminists they chose to represent the movement were mostly awful in explaining their points (or lack thereof).
Feminism does have it's place but they chose the worst women to debate for it because the whole time through whenever a question was asked towards them, they deflected and went on tangents.

And then the TIMs, the only one who kinda was checking them was that Sydney lady and from what I heard, she brought up a lot more issues about the trans BS but it got cut out.

So as is, I really don't recommend watching this unless you're genuinely curious. Otherwise you're not missing much.

No. 1744865

File: 1673732945729.jpg (168.7 KB, 1085x717, 1000 hours on mspaint.jpg)

I was inspired to make this meme

No. 1744867

No. 1744868

That sounds more like a personal issue on her part than a problem with astrology as a whole imo.

No. 1744871

Because making friends is entirely about degrading yourself to make other people angry, apparently.

I've never had issues with astrology people in real life, but the astrologyfags on lolcow are unhinged for some reason.

No. 1744872

Dunno where you life and all that, so I'll say only about my region: but astrolofags are bad because they enable magical thinking and some women get so invested in this that they just waste all their money, time and sometimes health on astrology, tarot and similar mystic shit, and then, most of time, get disappointed. And I always feel bad about them, stupidity shouldn't be punished that harsh.

No. 1744873

Yeah, especially all that crystal crap is so expensive.

No. 1744874

Where the fuck do you live where there's an epidemic of women wasting all of their money on astrology.

No. 1744875

They still aren't endangering other women like trannies are.

No. 1744876

Holy shit everyone shut up

No. 1744877

Anons morals were pro freedom including speech. Muh moral decay sounds like scrotes when they don’t want women working because it’s a sign of moral decay not worshipping scrotes enough like the old days.

Retard chan, you are retarded because you think you define what not retarded means and think everyone who says who cares is saying we should act retarded, when all they are saying is they can be free to do what they want since it isn’t dangerous. You obviously shouldn’t decide what is and isn’t retarded because you think someone dumping someone over astrology is harmful kek. Ypu seemingly cannot comprehend that I and other anons aren’t in to astrology but don’t care if other people are into it, like you can’t understand not enforcing your own ideals on to others when others aren’t physically hurting anyone and are just cringe.

No. 1744878

File: 1673733508512.jpg (32.33 KB, 750x838, vv0l1ijwyfg21.jpg)

Reminds me of picrel lmao

No. 1744879

It was explained by myself and by other posters how it's harmful, but seeing how you think having an internal moral code you adhere to is scrotish you're probably a tranny trying to stir up shit rather than arguing in good faith.

No. 1744880

>because the whole time through whenever a question was asked towards them, they deflected and went on tangents.
Sydney Watson has a yt channel and she did a video on her experience and said the derails and tangets were so much worse during the filming. And for anyone who doesn't know, Eli Erlick is a rapist.

No. 1744882

>Immediate chimpout when anon suggests to use astrology to piss off moids, jokingly or not, not even that she actually believes it
How shocking that some of you crossover tards haven’t learned to integrate.

No. 1744883

>Retard chan, you are retarded because you think you define what not retarded means
We ask the deep questions here on this Chinese basket weaving forum.

No. 1744884

Nta but astrology isn't a big deal and is in no way comparable to trannies. Nice scrote/tranny accusation because you disagree with that anon though.

No. 1744886

It's the astrology fans who sperg out, it's interesting that you lie like this, almost like it's an attempt to derail the thread. I see how it is.

No. 1744888

Your explanation was of breaking up and people wilfully spending their own money on stuff you don’t approve of. Great explanation kek.

No. 1744889

>you’re an astrology fan!
No, just hate retards who try to enforce their will on to others just like trannies and chimpout like angti astro sperg chan. Don’t believe in it, just think they’re retarded.

No. 1744890

I'm the anon who said the breakup thing, and the anon you're replying to is someone else. I admit it was a dumb example.

No. 1744891

Can we laugh at trannies again instead of doing this shit.

No. 1744892

File: 1673734003241.jpg (377.54 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20230114_165808.jpg)

Posts like this make me wish it was possible to direct confused normie women far the fuck away from actualtransbians without getting immediately pounced by mods

>Men don’t think religion fags make them look bad
ntayrt, but neckbeard style atheism has been popular with genX/millenial dudes for the past 20 years. What are you even talking about? Enjoy what you want to enjoy, just do it without falling over yourself to justify it. I see this so often on lolcow, anything men hate is automatically based and you HAVE to like it (and liking anything with even a partially male fanbase makes you a pick-me or a troon).(take it to /2X/)

No. 1744894

File: 1673734047197.jpg (1.24 MB, 1080x4659, Screenshot_20230114_165646.jpg)

No. 1744898

Imagine having to ask for someone's opinion on your boundaries. Peak reddit female brain.

No. 1744899

>Not caring is degrading anons self
>Making me angry
Do you really make everything about you and what you believe like this?

No. 1744901

Unfortunately in a shithole, where women are trying their best to improve their life, and mystic-crap-sellers are very happy to exploit this women.
Well, this is also true. But, generally speaking, both are bad and fuck it all

No. 1744902

Holy shit, Paki chan is that you? Romani chan?

No. 1744904

Comparing troonism dangers and astrology is pretty tone deaf.

No. 1744905

oh my god shut up

No. 1744906

So why do you keep doing it?

No. 1744907

With astrology, women have the option of not spending all their money on it. With trannies, women can't just undo all of the retarded and dangerous laws in place allowing men into women's spaces. With astrology, a woman can just not engage with it if she doesn't believe in it. With trannies, women are shit out of luck and just have to deal with it even if she doesn't believe in it. Anon doesn't get that.

No. 1744909

So it is you…
>I know you are but what am I

No. 1744911

But anon think of the women looking silly, the horror kek. Just as bad obviously.

No. 1744912

The conversation started when someone said astrology is dumb and got dogpiled by people who said astrology is not as bad as troonism or racism or genocide so we we should leave the poor idiots who believe in stars and crystals alone and not expose them to what people outside their bubble think about them, so it's pretty rich to now claim the opposite. Do you think everyone has the memory of a goldfish?

No. 1744923

Anons literally just said who cares because they aren’t hurting anybody, so anti astro chan chimped to explain why it does hurt people, then anons explained that the definition of harm given was flimsy, like explaining that people spending their own money on things they like and breaking up with someone isn’t harmful. Please redirect your passion to the fujo cringe thread in ot or wherever romani chan posts. Scrotes oppress us and think us inferior with or without astrology. They oppress due to reproductive anxiety.

No. 1744927

Muy basado.

No. 1744928

And pales in comparison to true harms ala this thread.

No. 1744939

Choice feminism is cancer and you know it.

No. 1744952

Says the one coping about muh moral decay and words = violence like a troon kek.

No. 1744954

>freedom of speech = choice feminism
>reeing about mocking scrotes
Kys scrote.

No. 1744959

Men will cope until the end of time to justify their retardation as being somehow less retarded than others and ree when people match their behaviour to fuck with them because it works and highlights their retardation.

No. 1744960

I wasn’t even talking about astrology - I just pointed out that you shouldn’t be obligated to support some outing because some women like it.

No. 1744961

I will take an astrology fag as moral leader over some retard seething about people having different but not dangerous beliefs being a sign of moral decay any day of the week. Bet they identify as moral and pro freedom while thinking this stuff too.

No. 1744962

File: 1673737851106.jpeg (340.95 KB, 750x779, 9DE08D61-30B7-4BAF-BF57-1766B4…)

Instead of being upset about how this isnt good lesbian representation, tranny is instead upset its not jerk off-able enough

No. 1744963

What the fuck are you talking about.

No. 1744967

How accurate is twitter's view function now? I'd like to believe there are 710 hate viewing his shit and peaking

No. 1744973

I guess I have to give most of the commenters credit for not calling her a bigot, but it's fucking bleak that someone felt the need to ask this at all. Your body is not a business or a public facility; it's not bigotry to limit access to it.

As for the massive douchebag who accused her of being troonphobic solely because she felt the need to ask in the first place? I hope he never has physical contact with another human being until the (hopefully soon) day he 41%. Like this woman is prostrating herself before them like a fucking battered spouse and he's still berating her. He's basically telling her that her sexual disinterest in males is her fault for not hanging out with them and giving them a chance.

No. 1744978

I'm >>1744829 and >>1744837
I apologize for partially fomenting the spergout about astrology. I didn't think it would get this far out of hand. My example about the breakup was dumb, and probably more reflective of that girl being a bippie than of her belief in astrology. To say that it's not harmless was probably a mischaracterization. It's just new age woo-woo crap that's dumb but ultimately not a big deal.

However, I also agree with >>1744892 that we shouldn't default to defending something just because troons dislike it. That's the sort of thinking that gives way to ant-partisanship and all the other problems that come with it. It's kind of retarded that atheism is seen as scrotey and woo-woo is viewed as feminine, generally, and I do think it's indicative of how women are viewed as irrational by misogynists. Like these two things shouldn't be associated with either gender in the first place.

No. 1744983

>t. Too lazy to read thread to understand context

No. 1744985

im so confused what he means by this? does this tranny get mad at all lesbians in media or is it just because its scooby doo or something

No. 1744989

I think he means it was a forced plotline in the show since he said "There it's actually believable." Which is funny, because it would less believable lesbianism as he is a man

No. 1744995

what did she mean by this? i am a retarded esl

No. 1744997

extremely based

No. 1745005

You don't have to apologize to these tranny retards, you were completely right about everything you said and they had no rebuttal, instead they lied and twisted what was being said, and harassed people until they shut up, which is despicable behaviour. Behaviour that has become normal on this site and it's sad to see.

No. 1745014

File: 1673742444550.gif (1.4 MB, 400x300, A9F0D911-1349-4D94-BB5B-7C8D27…)

Too obscure?

No. 1745017

File: 1673742856247.webm (3.53 MB, 720x720, 4efvpnBU2nOxhdmy.webm)

TIM arrested for murdering his father

No. 1745023

Isn't this from a while ago?

No. 1745046

File: 1673745686401.jpeg (41.59 KB, 400x400, 6D50AC12-E53A-48D1-85C3-32E1EF…)

I was looking for female tech blogs to follow and saw this

No. 1745055

I always noticed the hunchback on troons irl but figured it was due to their autism since usually they’d also be wearing an anime schoolgirl skirt with thigh highs and giant ugly white dad lawnmowing autism sneakers. It makes sense it’s also medically induced bone deformity sometimes in addition to the above and that they believe hunching over makes them appear smaller.

No. 1745057

File: 1673746758955.png (852.11 KB, 876x1368, tranny16.png)

No. 1745061

its infested by them, i hate it

No. 1745063

Yeah, had seething jealously of younger sister too. Anons with tranny relatives, lock your doors at night.

No. 1745082

I want to make the terf version of this hypnosis video YWNBAW x 100. Let the easy money roll in.

No. 1745087

File: 1673749498295.png (44.27 KB, 699x372, Opium Tea on Twitter.png)

Doesn't Colon run this twitter? Of course I don't expect any better coming from him.

No. 1745146

dumpy pear jawed man

No. 1745164

File: 1673758273023.jpeg (555.14 KB, 1170x1177, B6605512-1766-4F85-A909-2452A5…)

Good news. Hopefully the rest of burgerland will follow suit.

No. 1745166

File: 1673758288260.png (1.37 MB, 810x1870, tranny17.png)

trannies are the worst

No. 1745174

What is Tony worried about? Isn't sex and gender different?

No. 1745177

I prefer there's not one just bc it puts a huge target on the site. plus, we get it.

No. 1745187

File: 1673760731338.jpeg (80.56 KB, 482x427, FDAA7565-9B16-40C1-820E-9B0EB0…)

Please tell me this is fake

No. 1745189

I doubt any of the anons here are British married heterosexuals in their fifties. I'd be shocked if there was a single anon like that. Many TERFanons I've interacted with here don't even live in Anglophone countries.

The publicly visible TERFs are often older British women because those are the people with the least to lose, not because they're demographically representative of GC women on the whole. They're typically retired or self-employed, so trannies can't harass their employer or get them fired. They're British because TERFism has a stronger root there than in the U.S. or Canada. A young person living in America is terrified to publicly say that they're a TERF because they've seen what the internet tranny lynch mob has done to people's families and careers.

No. 1745191

Looked into it, and the person on the right in that picture isn't an actual kid, thankfully. It's just an extremely moon-faced adult LARPing as a kid. Still extremely creepy, though, and the way he phrased the tweet absolutely made it sound like he was talking about an actual kid.

No. 1745193

Is it wrong to say I hope he's raped by someone besides his tranny "mommy"

No. 1745209

the yellow wallpaper: tranny edition

No. 1745226

File: 1673765429293.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 172.83 KB, 1440x1800, 5AB7B3AD-89B4-41F7-B5BA-39F91F…)

pure nightmare fuel

No. 1745229

This one looks like a tif

No. 1745231

TRAs are well past that now, these days they insist they've always been 100% true and honest biological women from birth or that horsepiss changes actual sex. Simply saying you are something physically changes material reality.

No. 1745238

File: 1673769211458.jpg (28.78 KB, 736x414, 951367c657bb3bbdd66f5c5b9a2526…)

>the walls misgender me

No. 1745267

The vast majority of Brits are terfy. Laughing at men in dresses is part of our heritage. So is the phrase “political correctness gone mad.”
Most people aren’t in the terminally online echo chamber and don’t care or even know about TRA stuff. A blue collar bong might make a tranny joke in the workshop or down the pub but he’s not gonna post it on Twitter. Not because he’s afraid but because Twitter is for losers.

No. 1745269

That’s really sexist. You are wrong because you’re an old hag that is gonna have MeNOpaUSe sooN! Can’t think of a more moid insult

No. 1745290

It's funny how these people absolutely refuse to believe that terfs aren't just white middle aged "karens" and that the very vast majority are actually not white and from very different backgrounds and age ranges. If anything handmaidens are typically what they call "white feminism".

No. 1745332

File: 1673781097470.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, 8B33BC50-BA04-42DB-8769-A6408D…)

So tired of seeing women go on and on about being lesbians and it turns out they’re dating men, I’m so annoyed. Pictured is some woman from tik tok but what should I expect from gen z

No. 1745333

the picture of the two of them from behind made me laugh out loud. literally just a moid with bad posture.

No. 1745334

Twitter is crawling with MRAs and typical misogynist scrotes so I'm sure they're loving all the tweets shitting on women by 'progressive' people and are boosting these numbers a lot because they're just happy to help attack women and don't give a fuck about the politics behind it. Same with those tweets about how nice and soft men are from Aidens that get picked up by scrotes and pick mes. I'm so tired of left and right wing moids joining forces to attack women.

No. 1745336

Lol scrotes and their high likelihood of schizophrenia in adulthood which is then in turn caused by their fathers whom are old scrotes with fossilized semen.

No. 1745338

Ily anon, and that's besides the fact that I'm a Pisces, so compassion is par for the course.

No. 1745339

File: 1673781867399.jpg (34.68 KB, 937x270, malebehavior.JPG)

Trannies stop fantasizing about assaulting women in weirdly sexual ways challenge (impossible)

No. 1745341

what a moid-y reaction to a statement of fact

No. 1745343

you just know the replies are gonna affirm him that that cis bitch totally would get wet !!1!

theyre all rapists in training

No. 1745344

File: 1673782302892.jpeg (1.14 MB, 960x1263, 1F920883-219E-4A77-9CBF-36CEBA…)

nonas doesnt this make you wet

No. 1745349

oh god i'm the ayrt
I live in Austria and had no idea. wtf

No. 1745353

I definitely want to compile a list and have alternatives listed. I know Kotex is decent, but I haven't tried their overnight pads. Their regular U by Kotex pads used to be so fancy that I felt bad about putting that museum print in my underwear! I can't find u by kotex pads where I'm living now but the old ones were insanely good.

I know that Always pads work very well for leaking, the new design they released in the 2010s was a game-changer. But I just want nothing to do with them now. I'll try to get on that list.

And for anyone wondering, I was looking for a foundation when I went to the US to visit family; someone said I'd have to go to Ulta to buy the one I wanted. I said, oh, I'll have to buy online then, I don't want to support Ulta right now." I think this make-up artist at Macy's actually knew what I was implying tbh, though we didn't discuss further.

No. 1745364

Kotex is the best. I usually seethe reading offtopic period stuff in the tranny thread (more than the trannies do, probably) but now that Kotex has been mentioned I have to say, anyone not using those 1.5inch thick "dolls pillow" style granny pads is living an empty life. They make you confront so many aspects of yourself. Why were you going to wear those tight pants? They are a spiritual device. I use the black nighttime ones during the day. My period isn't even heavy I just feel a sense of (literal) security from the cosy pad. No more sweaty, sticky, plasticy bullshit. They are the best.

No. 1745365

Samefag reminder to never use scented pads. Synthetic scents cause more cancer than most other things and women's hygiene products is no exception, it's the rule

No. 1745366

Based, I hate thin and slimline pads, the thicker the better. Currently using some weird Korean deodorizing ones that make my blood smell like roses which is nice, I hate the smell of blood especially period blood.

No. 1745377

what are they called?? sounds good kek

No. 1745384

This gay men with tits era needs to end, I look forward to gay men being simply gay men again #makegaygreatagain

No. 1745388

>they don't deserve to be listened to because they're old women
Spoken like a true moid. Also day 9130965866 of moids using woke "white x" to hide their misogyny.

No. 1745389

File: 1673788259246.jpg (1.94 MB, 4096x2304, MTXX_PT20230116000832735.jpg)

>I am a woman because I work really hard on my looks
>I am a woman because I am emotional and have a soft heart
You can't make this shit up

No. 1745390

File: 1673788356097.png (850.45 KB, 863x558, Screenshot_20230115-141046.png)

U by Kotex pads made me feel like royalty, there were multiple pretty patterns. idk if they look like that now though. I can't find many pics and I'm done searching for them kek

No. 1745396

Sounds like a projection of how much they hate their own mental illness so they point fingers at completely rational individuals

No. 1745401

File: 1673791287602.jpeg (286.89 KB, 750x671, BF241195-029E-4C56-8432-40D8D1…)

thoughts on this twitter troon? twitter keeps recommending him to me and i finally took a look at his account and this is what i came across kek.

No. 1745402

I stopped following this company cause the popped up in my feed yesterday.

No. 1745406

I don't understand why you would use pads when menstrual cups exist. Pads always felt like a diaper to me.

No. 1745409

uh some women don't wanna put things inside of them for whatever reason? if you have an IUD, I can't imagine cups working with those either.

No. 1745417

Everyone has their own preference, idk why you are autistic about what other women put on / in their vagina kek

No. 1745418

File: 1673794946120.png (194.98 KB, 1158x842, Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 10.02…)

i want to die

No. 1745419

And to some women, pads don't feel like diapers. Which is why they use them. Because they feel comfortable using them. People can vary.

No. 1745420

You can't imagine cause you can't bother to google. IUDs work fine with cups. Back to poking fun of trannies cause either I have to believe health education is failing this generation of women or this is tranny period chat.

No. 1745422

For me it's the inconvenient upfront cost, i know it's really not much, but when I'm strapped on cash, $3 is so much nicer on your receipt than $14.
Also I'm hesitant, my body completely rejects tampons and many dildos give my body a rejection feel similar to tampons after a short while. I'll maybe buy myself one as a gift on a special day just to see.

No. 1745424

Do you even need anything since you wear diapers anyway?

No. 1745425

Lol are you destitute or something

No. 1745429

Smells like a selfpost, terrible photoshop

No. 1745430

Might be off topic, but I've been lurking /nofap, /pornfree, and /pureretention on reddit, basically moids who believe their porn addiction is a problem, the latter sub is more delusional where they think sperm is some godly moid essence that women are dying to get a taste of (they call women succubus and demonic). What I'm saying is that these moids wouldn't view porn addiction as a bad thing if it wasn't degrading and "going against their (right wing) values". 99% of these moids are addicted to femdom, sissy porn and troon porn. Let me explain:
While I was lurking, I noticed that at least in every or every other page there was a post about porn either making them gay or them having a "disgusting fetish", ie sissy/troons. I know porn is an escalation thing where the moid primitive brain can't be satisfied with one thing, so they start watching gay and troon porn. These moids are the right wing Christian "family values" type of moids. Instead of blaming their degeneracy on themselves, they blame it on women.
See this video as a very good example (attached below). Summary:
"Porn destroyed my life" caller describes his porn addiction, psychologist thinks he's a pedophile and consumes CP, but the moid caller confesses (6:05) that "I started with straight porn but then I started masturbating with men on webcam".
Then in 11:00 he says the webcam moids he was fapping with was what "he wanted in a girlfriend". He's talking about masturbating with troons but tires to skirt around the fact.

The psychologist clocked his degenracy, thought he was a pedophile and he knows this moid has a degenerate paraphilia with a -739% rehabilitation rate.

I'm seeing a huge connection between porn addicted moids who see it as a problem and troonerism, and misogyny (the right wing type where all women are described as whores but they're fapping to moids).
Thanks for reading my schizo post, hopefully radfems can stop simping for nofap "based" moids. They are the enemy.

No. 1745431

File: 1673796157347.jpg (372 KB, 540x2720, athena.jpg)

I didn't ask to be spoonfed either retard, must unfathomable that someone doesn't google what they don't give a shit about. stop cup sperging.

here's some milk for the thread

No. 1745433

>>1745430 Same poster as schizo post here, I'm just saying there's a huge shadow of proto troons who mask/hide as right wing gym bro "my little dark age" masculinity redpill moids that needs to be brought to the light. this is why I don't trust any moids opinion on these issues.

No. 1745434

You just need to take a look at PFP in these manosphere/alt right circles and you'll see swarms of anime girls, that tells you all you need to know.

No. 1745437

TOP FUCKING KEKKKKKK you just KNOW he was rejected by some genderfluid/demiboy 2014 alt tumblr girl. This is fucking hilarious. Those fucking galaxy overalls. Wow king go off! Slay! Top kek it's so retarded.

No. 1745439

the craziest part I gathered from these subreddits, tiktoks and youtube videos is that these men are clearly into other men but they think abstaining from masturbation will "cure" them. A moid who has erectyle disfunction doesn't have it bc he fapps to women, he faps to moids. If your bf or husband confesses that he has a porn "issue" (important wording) he is 100% gay and into degenerate nieche fetishes involving men or at the very least you fucking him in the ass with a strap on.

No. 1745441

Anyway, I want to create a nofap thread bc there's lots of milk, lots of it. Should I make it here or on ot?

No. 1745443

a lot of moids are gay with a fetish for femininity

No. 1745445

I was just typing that we need an anti-porn thread here. KF has one about sissy porn but naturally, it sucks. I say make it in OT?

I'm trying to find the one Elliot Fong-Jones tweet where he says women WANT to be asphyxiated in porn, so it's okay, even though porn enables human trafficking. That would be good initial milk.

No. 1745447

File: 1673798487195.png (71.38 KB, 611x464, fong.png)

Found it

No. 1745450

So tired of this fucking stereotyping. They sound like every moid incel and they really believe this shit.

No. 1745452

They ALWAYS end up dressing like the woman who rejected them or the woman they were obsessed with. It’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so creepy, but it’s pretty funny to see them stuck in fashion from different eras.

No. 1745454

You know he’s a moid because he doesn’t understand that 99.99999% of women don’t enjoy abusive porn practices as sex workers and will say whatever to get paid because men are idiots who will pay them. I swear you could show a male an interview with an ex-porn star who is detailing all the trauma she went through and they’d still believe she was actually enjoying it. Stupid fucks.

No. 1745455

Wish I could replace every woman being abused in the sex industry with trannies who fetishise it and woke moids who act like it's the same as flipping burgers.

No. 1745465

sage but what is the company, nonna? it seems familiar but i cant put a name to it. i feel like ive gotten this exact ad once, ginger moobs and all kek

No. 1745476

didn't this moid rape someone and call it a "consent accident"?

No. 1745479

We don't know what exactly happened. He said he had sex with some retard who is afraid of dogs and afterwards that person found a dog hair and retroactively revoked consent or something along those lines. He called that a consent accident.
The story is of course retarded but everyone involved in this is retarded too so it might be true, or maybe not. That's all we know as far as I'm aware though.

"Consent accident" is such a demented creepy thing it became a meme afterwards.

No. 1745495

I've heard of a doctor who took disgust at the fact a moid confessed he stopped masturbating and he claimed his quality of life has improved in many aspects. The doctor responds "Nothing's wrong with masturbating to porn. Masturbation is good." Key point is the doctor reveals he only masturbates if he watches porn. Even professionals we see as figures of authority are sick in the head.

No. 1745501

Diva cup spergs are the vegans of menstrual products users

No. 1745502

I miss when parents would tell their kids not to believe what strangers told them on the internet and that people lie on the internet. "I'm not a pedophile/sadist, this is a coping mechanism for ~trauma~" should be broadcast to children everywhere the same way "mature for your age" is taught as a red flag. Also I wish that people (the women on the receiving end of these "kinks") would understand that self harming behaviours feel great in the moment, a cutter typically feels relief and euphoria, but that's no reason to encourage the self harming behaviour. If you are truly traumatized by something your brain trying to get you to relieve your trauma is another sign of trauma and you're supposed to stop that. Brain dead idiots can read a million statements online about how to healthily cope with trauma but are incapable of putting two and two together when it comes to applying those topics to a scenario if the person on the other side talks fancy enough (yet ironically they know right wingers copy their language as a gotcha, just don't seem to understand it). This mentality also never goes into the person who actually does the raping and choking themselves, they will happily victim blame the trauma victim and put no reasonability on the man

No. 1745516

That is so hilariously retarded

No. 1745525

Can’t use anything else. Even trying tampons I faint, some have trauma or other issues and can’t just put something up there.

No. 1745544

File: 1673810823092.jpg (201.27 KB, 800x1048, Athena-v-Ares.jpg)

Kek, they always call themselves Artemis and Lilith without knowing most of these goddesses would have seen right through their bs and curse them out of women spaces.

No. 1745553

Yes they are. This isn't an 'anti trans bill', but it would affect the 0.5% of people with actual DSDs or at least those with obvious genital ambiguity. Then again they can sequence the genome now, so their sex chromosomes can be determined. As I understand it (I might be wrong!) someone with a DSD is still mostly one sex or the other.

But as always, trans activists use intersex people to both prove that variation is a thing, and to claim oppression on their behalf.

No. 1745554

Tidiest room I've seen a troon selfie in for a while. Must be visiting Grandma.

No. 1745556

>Always new design is a game changer
You mean the Infinity ones with that foam layer? I agree, it's why I raged at them pairing with a man who has never had and will never have a period. I loathe supporting troon-licker companies, but my periods are so heavy.

No. 1745567

File: 1673815283576.jpeg (432.56 KB, 1170x1554, DA2C6EBD-4136-4629-818B-FE175D…)

No. 1745571

That was a fucking AD?

No. 1745574

Didn't Pete Townshend of The Who claim he was trying to work through childhood trauma when he was stung for downloading child porn? Gross old nonce.

No. 1745577

I knew one who chose the name "Eris", the goddess of discord. Rather fittingly, as she 41%ed. One of those poor sods who was never happy, always an issue with something. I felt sorry when she died, but she was the biggest downer I'd ever met. The whole pub would groan inwardly when she walked in. She'd complain people didn't want to hang out with her because she was trans, but she lived in one of the most trans-friendly places in Europe. It was just her personality.
Some people need therapy far far more than they need to be "affirmed" as women.

No. 1745581


No. 1745582

Are you new here?

No. 1745607

File: 1673820266812.jpg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-01-15_15-30-13-392.…)

I'm a retard and posted this on /meta but here you go nonnies, good compilation of quality points

No. 1745624

So the tranny rapist acknowledges that there are women that DON'T enjoy violent sex acts in porn. How do you know which ones are ok to jerk off to then?

No. 1745628

hairstyle and pose is reminding me too much of luna slater, that's an uncanny tranny

No. 1745662

>my wife is enby and pan
Idk I just think it’s funny he used a female word for her given the context.

No. 1745673

Hoes mad, but you're absolutely right, anon. I have no idea how people can tolerate sitting on a stinky, soggy pad all day. I stopped wearing them years ago and now I wear tampons exclusively. Like yeah some women have medical reasons for not wanting to insert a things, but I think most pads-only people just have weird hangups about putting things in their vaginas. Like what are you, a nun? And don't come at me with the "muh chemicals" shit. People will preach about toxins or whatever and then immediately turn around and eat a bag of Doritos or take a hit off their vape pen.

No. 1745685

>I have no idea how people can tolerate sitting on a stinky, soggy pad all day
Yikes, maybe don't wear the same pad all day then. If it's "stinky" and "soggy" it should have been changed a long time ago.
>If you don't like putting objects in your vagina you're a prude
You okay there? How is it even related? That's some scrote-tier thinking.

No. 1745745

You sound like a troon with "women are wrong or weird if they do or think stuff that I don't approve". Anyone can decide against using tampons for any reason, doesn't need to be medical or trauma.
Tampon-only people are always so obsessed with being more hygienic or clean, I never have noticed any smell from friends who use pads.

No. 1745748

shut up.

No. 1745781

do you retards ever shut up? tampon shills think they have a degree in maturity kek. just use what you want, it’s so not that deep.

No. 1745785

File: 1673834893846.jpg (1.02 MB, 2688x2450, merge_from_ofoct(1).jpg)

Stop derailing the fucking thread talking about periods, are you troons? Why are you so obsessed with it? Go to the women's health thread in X2 ffs.

No. 1745787

Resident reddit troon Daintyda1sy had his account suspended, what a shame. I enjoyed his unhinged rants

No. 1745824

File: 1673839090983.jpg (60.58 KB, 854x816, cryingcatwithhopeinitseyes.jpg)

Blogpost I don't care. I've been browsing this thread for years, first for keks cus it was new to me then posted more stuff based on the legislation and law aspect of trans stuff that I looked at for myself. I have a boyfriend of 10+ years. I always came to him about it and we did see eye to eye on some things but not the big ones but tonight for the first time he came to me, we had a few hours conversation, he's fully peaked. This is so lame but I'm in like a sort of nerd shock from it, I can't believe it.

Its hard to be patient when you reeee so hard from trannies meanwhile your loved ones are like "be kind live laugh love" lmao but it worked.

Jfc I need a lie down.(blogpost/ no1currs)

No. 1745842

sage for being a retard but i was getting sad for you because i thought he was going to troon out kek
good for you anon

No. 1745848

this is definitely not off-topic. quite literally every troon that i've come across consumes some type of extreme pornography to the point that i believe now every TiM brought up in this thread consumes it.

most moids really are fucking stupid, i have zero sympathy at this point. they love to play victim by yelling 'muh porn addiction made me this way' to justify degenerate / coomer behavior or for simply being a closeted homosexual bc apparently nothing is worse in their mind than being gay. on top of that, they have the audacity to blame WOMEN for it bc 'temptations'… LMAO ok

also this is based. if the men in these subreddits were actually as straight as they claim, do you really think they'd be inclined to even search for gay or troon porn to begin with, or better yet, MASTURBATE with another male like the example presented by the other nona? i know watching porn is an escalatory behavior but i don't see it going to that degree that someone just suddenly decides to watch gay porn. moid logic really is stupid and time and time again, it's about putting the blame onto someone/something else to cope.

No. 1745862

File: 1673844922935.jpeg (765.43 KB, 1242x1663, 5CD13C1F-0E51-4D02-B9A7-DA4EE1…)

Sorry if wrong place to post but I came across this on Twitter.
>"J.K. Rowling thinks rounding up trans people for mass extermination is okay"
When the actual fuck did she say this? Having doubts and worries about pushing life-altering surgery on prepubescent children is on par with genocide now?

No. 1745869

Why do people want to claim allyship? Who gives a shit?

No. 1745887

I'm starting to think the "rounding us up and executing us" is reverse psychology. They know that's the only way they would ever be able to drop the delusion. If they were really at risk of genocide they'd all detrans. The only way out is if they're all forced out at once.

No. 1745899

It's basically just a game of retard-telephone. They can't even be assed to hate-read Rowling's actual blog post, so they just circulate increasingly absurd misinformation about what it says.

Say what you want about TERFs, at least we bother to read what the goddamn opposing side says (which is how most of us peaked as it turned out, lmao.) Trannies allow their hatred for women who say no to them to override all their better judgement, so they can't do anything but squawk endlessly about how we supposedly want to round them up and send them to the goddamn gas chambers.

No, retards. We don't want you dead. We just want you to stop calling yourselves women, stay out of womens' sport/prisons/locker rooms, and stop trying to push pills and surgery on minors. That's literally it. I don't give a fuck if a consenting adult fucks his body up with surgeries or runs around in cat ears. Just don't call yourself a woman while doing it.

No. 1745903

I bought my copy I hope it traumatized them.

No. 1745911

Sorry HE died but TIMs named Eris are a dime a dozen so I'm sure you can find a replacement for HIM

No. 1745930

Wish there was this same energy when OW2 came out with the sexual harassment allegations of Blizzard. But nooo troon feelings matter more than the safety and rights of women so they just let JKR live rent free in their heads.

No. 1745932

What made him peak all of a sudden?

No. 1745946

Yeah, I had a much easier time at night with those. Back then I would never wear tampons overnight, now I'm bad and do sometimes (idk I wake up often enough). If anyone knows of another company making pads like that, please post here.

In Europe, ofc there are pads, but there's less variety, and you have to be insanely careful because a bunch of them are scented. It's actually easy to accidentally buy scented pads, tissues, etc. here, even with C1 language level (the writing "with fragrance" is often in the tiniest print on the back or even missing). idk why women put up with it. Who wants scented pads and liners? So I try to buy pads when I travel, otherwise I have to buy the generic brand (to avoid getting burned AGAIN by Always not making it clear that the pads are scented), and here the generic one is not great if you have a heavy period. The wings also suck. For night or when wearing loose clothing, maxi pads do rock though. I concur with >>1745364 that the "doll's pillow" is comforting, kek

No. 1745948

I also peaked my boyfriend who was otherwise a pretty normal woke dude and I started by slowly showing him gross botched surgeries and how puberty blockers hurt and deform kids. Then showing him the nasty Reddit fetishists, and eventually breaking down how this whole movement is a men’s rights movement and it’s not as benevolent as it may seem bc the loudest troons in the room are always autistic white males. I’ve managed to shake a lot of that neoliberal crap out of him since then, peaking someone can be a slow process but the conclusion is always inevitable because the truth is right in front of us. He reads reduxx now lmao

No. 1745950

oh exactly. And what about the pedophile pervert movie directors? Rapey authors? Actors who have actually assaulted people? Musicians? No one gets the hate JK Rowling gets, and she hasn't committed a single crime. Troons can fuck off, let people play and read what they want unless you are willing to say things like this about men who commit actual heinous acts against women. Oh past and present, too. Why stop at the living?

No. 1745956

She said no to coomer degenerates, and they are pandered to by a male dominated society, the sex driven by coom. Worst crime there is in their book.

No. 1746000

File: 1673864625211.jpeg (473.59 KB, 960x1449, DA893397-3EE7-46AB-81C5-E8B3C3…)

the comments under this tweet are just trannies complaining about how they wont have anything to themselves. when are they going to realize that we dont want anything to do with them kek

No. 1746003

Seriously, cut the period derailing out, nobody cares. Astrologyfags sperging, tubular tits anons and now this shit, can't you be autistic in 2X like nonas have been telling you?

No. 1746004

oh the irony

No. 1746019

I love it when they're like "if you say you're an ally but do x you can fuck off we don't need your help" because lots of allies actually leave and we happily accept them here on the sane side kek

It will be such a joy to see them seethe when they realize the game is incredibly popular and people end up looking up what Rowling said out of curiosity only to realize they agree with all of her takes. Troon milkmas is soon upon us.

No. 1746025

imagine appropriating womanhood and then whining about an imaginary woman you made up in your head using a word

No. 1746036

Austria nonnies unite

No. 1746061

File: 1673876744671.jpeg (223.64 KB, 1125x1420, 30C6FA8C-7396-465A-A946-90F1B8…)

this reply takes the cake for me kek their whole shtick is claiming their spinny skirts and programmer socks give them euphoria but now they’re acting confused bc they know it’s code for cross dressing boners

No. 1746066

File: 1673877535004.jpeg (338.31 KB, 1125x1541, 10543864-C3F0-4B45-B2F2-410DF9…)

>radfem: women, even when infertile or not wanting to become pregnant, are denied life-saving medications and operations because the healthcare industry prioritizes even the possibility of a fetus over the actual life of the woman seeking medical aid

>troon: umm akshually trans wimmin are denied reproductive healthcare and rights more than u cissies are even tho we sterilize ourselves and roe v wade got overturned. also there are more trans wimmin born with uteruses than terfs are. I am very smart and u r dumb.

No. 1746070

so the <300 men in the world with persistent müllerian duct syndrome not getting "proper healthcare" (source?) are more important than the 170m women in the us alone being stripped of their reproductive rights? how many men with pmds are even trans?

No. 1746071

Oh so this is what he means lmao. I was so confused by the "males with uterus".

No. 1746074

>Biological male
Pick one, if the uterus is functional that's a female

No. 1746080

File: 1673879753824.jpeg (279.12 KB, 1125x1526, 50929412-B918-4FFD-A8C5-AFAF81…)

>scoffs at the established science of two binary sexes existing
>compares the systemic medical discrimination women face to doctors assuming trannies are infertile or something despite the fact that women are senselessly denied access to medicine they need yet there are no real consequences for trannies
>makes the false equivalency that trannies being able to impregnate real women is somehow the same as actually being able to become pregnant themselves during a discussion about bodily autonomy and healthcare rights
>concludes that trannies and real women are equally oppressed regarding reproductive healthcare in the U.S. even though they’re free to get vasectomies and axe wounds as they please - and state-funded for the latter - while we’re denied tubal litigation/ablation or hysterectomies unless we meet all of the following criteria: multiple children already born, a husband’s signature expressing his approval (regardless of the woman’s sexuality or marital status), and are like 50+ years old, about to enter menopause

troons and tras are such insufferable cretins for normalizing this meninist shit like read the fucking room and quit stomping all over legitimate women’s rights issues you tone deaf dickheads

No. 1746098

test 2 see if spam bans caught me sorry

No. 1746112

I bring up this comparison all the fucking time lately. I have acquaintances who are troons and they’ll whine about JKR and the HP game while immediately going into talking about what happened when they were playing OW five minutes prior. I don’t know how people can be so stupid.

No. 1746117

Absolutely true. Turns out most people really dislike being guilt-tripped or told what to think and believe and so they cut out the toxic people who do that. I blindly believed this shit until I noticed the patterns of that kind of behavior and realized how it reminded me of the way narcissists talk. Now it’s an instant block for that, because that’s not how you get people on your side. I do the same thing with those e-grifters who are like “uh oh! It’s been three days since anyone donated! Don’t you want to support a disabled trans demiboy who lives with their abusers?” Then it turns out they have no disabilities and their mother said they’d have to contribute more if they were going to be an adult living at home. Sorry to derail a little but these people are all cut from the same cloth, I swear.

No. 1746122

I dare him to read accounts of the medical trauma black women in particular in the US have gone through since it’s inception. Not attempting racebait and I’m not black, but reading about some of the experimentation done on them was horrifying. These men really think they’re oppressed because they can’t always take the spot of a woman needing a pap smear or because they have to wait for cosmetic surgery.

No. 1746123

What is it with troons who always use sexual development disorders and intersex conditions to validate their identities. It's such a statistic anomaly that's it's more of an exception than the rule.

No. 1746130

Just because of this I'm going to call it boymoding whenever I have to dress down to avoid sexual harassment in a bad neighborhood. Never had a word for it until now besides "self preservation"

No. 1746132

It's not as important anon because those people aren't so outward with their hatred and abuse like JKR when she makes tweets saying all females deserve respect.

No. 1746135

Out of the very few intersex/DSD people out there, they're not even trans. I was speaking to a handmaiden and asked if I could identify as a little person and get into the special Olympics because of my height dYsPhOrIa and she said it was insulting and disrespectful to compare trans people to people with disabilities. But a few minutes before she compared trans people to those with DSD. I didn't make the connection until after the conversation but I hope one day it comes up again to see her or any other handmaiden try to explain rationalizing that one.

No. 1746144

Oppressed women """"boymoded"""" centuries before these moids were conceived. Tfw afghani girls have to "boymode" to recieve an education or not to be married off at 12! Teehee so gender!!

No. 1746145

Samefag, forgot to tag.

No. 1746158

Outwoke her and revisit it by telling her you're "concerned" about her ableism and ask why it's so disrespectful to compare troons to disabled people, is there something offensive about being disabled? Lol.

No. 1746168

Griaß di! Sorry for the delay, I copped a 4-hour ban for my
"pad derailing" post from 2 days ago >>1746036 (arguably the least derailing thing I posted in this thread over my shitty weekend but w/e)

Dylan Mulvaney still hasn't shown his face. I think it must be pretty bad. Why wouldn't he want to share his transition progress with the other troons? He's got a fetish for old Hollywood aesthetic (larping as 50s housewives) and based on his choice of surgeon, I am fully expecting a result that is botched in an old-fashioned way. Like Caitlyn Jenner, basically. Actually idk any good examples of FFS aside from a few decent nose jobs.

No. 1746174

Men are so fucking fragile. As a woman I am bombarded with media where women are violently assaulted, raped, murdered, tortured, demeaned, and abused for the titillation of men and if I ever say anything about it I put myself at risk of the same treatment but the wizard game apparently causes trans people "harm".

No. 1746179

File: 1673892964982.png (544.66 KB, 1135x2048, chrome_screenshot_167389286200…)

UK government to block Scotland's atrocious self-id law and the troons are mad as fuck.

No. 1746184

File: 1673893285003.png (1.26 MB, 1081x3896, chrome_screenshot_167389325634…)

No. 1746188

They can also add on the question of if they're not disabled or mentally ill, why do they ask for therapy and the importance of surgery and medical transition to save their lives? TRA enablers have a gotcha for everything and it all contradicts.

No. 1746201

in which cases can troons get pregnant you complete idiot who even this lmfao

No. 1746216

File: 1673897582411.png (3.75 MB, 2370x1264, Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 2.30…)

Just discovered The Great Pottery Throw Down which is literally just bake off but for pottery and the kiln attendant is a TiM named 'Rose'. I really like the show but I'm struggling to stomach this absolute giant trying to cosplay as a woman every time he appears on screen

No. 1746217

terf island is going to build a great, great wall and it's going to make Scotland pay for that wall.

No. 1746218

File: 1673897611407.png (3.55 MB, 1770x1456, Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 2.30…)

No. 1746228

File: 1673898808265.jpg (Spoiler Image, 807.38 KB, 965x688, MBq1vqa.jpg)

Nonnies, I found a monster

The Twitter bio:
>It/She/Sin/Fae/ body is 27 | mtf Plural, Polyam, Lesbian, Autistic, ADHD | Twitch affiliate and singer. A Sinful doll in the Starlight Not a person ♡ Owned 18+

No. 1746232

wtf is wrong with his tongue??

No. 1746234

27, damn, my grandma looks younger than he does and she is over 3 times his age

No. 1746253

that tongue is seriously terrifying what the absolute fuck

No. 1746265

If you check higher in the thread you'll see that he said he was waiting around two weeks before posting a proper reveal. Also for any anons who don't want the Chinese surveillance app on their phone to check up on Dilly with a Willy here's a link to watch them anonymously https://tokytiky.com/profile/dylanmulvaney-6791237041642669061
How many years has this man refused to brush his tongue? That shit is nasty and I bet a bacterial swab would help us discover all new diseases we didn't know exist

No. 1746295

File: 1673904810715.jpeg (709.39 KB, 2560x2153, 4C2B3480-8992-455F-81B1-7BEF67…)

Unprompted, on a post only tangentially related to JKR. And it got so many likes. Why can’t they get her off their minds?

No. 1746300

I always wonder what goes through handmaidens minds when they suck up to some ugly tranny on social media then check his profile and it's full of porn and selfies of him in dog collars

No. 1746303

that man probably had 5 different undiscovered fungus species just on his tongue. a biological miracle.

No. 1746306

Definetly projecting the fact that he has no friends onto women who wont fuck him or suck his shriveled tranny dick for handmaiden woke points.

No. 1746322

File: 1673907037400.png (313.06 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20230116-165927.png)

I had to look up this Tweet because of the sheer ridiculousness of it, and it's not that this person thinks that being able to impregnate someone is the same as being pregnant. She genuinely thinks that a male with an intersex condition can get pregnant. And also thinks TIMs can yet pregnant.

Intersex conditions that cause people to develop ambiguous sexual reproductive organs are unbelievably rare and not at all comparable to trans people. Wtf.

No. 1746338

Everyone so distracted from crater tongue they don't notice yellow teeth corroded down to tiny nubs. Is this meth mouth?

No. 1746346

Fun fact, drinking too much Mountain Dew can give similar results to meth mouth.

No. 1746361

File: 1674053414271.png (25.69 KB, 703x335, oy6ivWsc2T.png)

im crying nonnies, no this is just a very unfortunate failmale tongue but the fucking name of this condition is sendng me

No. 1746372

File: 1674054071435.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.62 KB, 800x450, 3B124BA6-94CC-46F1-BE35-D08FE9…)

Some TIM is distributing fake penises for “trans” children aka girls to wear. Fucking pedo. Also he shut down a lecture on women’s rights in the past.

No. 1746387

They're just openly grooming kids to be sexual at this point. No kid is dysphoric about their genitals. It is so fucked up that these kid-sized packers are even produced.

No. 1746388

>Some biological males are born with uteruses
>more than any cis women actually

More men are born with uteruses than women are. What in the what. Trannies get more insane with each second

No. 1746396

File: 1674056519302.jpg (42.62 KB, 462x1200, Fmca09FX0AAzJa2.jpg)

This AGP scrote is so ugly that even my slowly-peaking boyfriend is disgusted by him. He used to be completely unaware of what's going on and didn't questions trans ideology but he started following some TRAs on Twitter to stay on topic after I came out as a terf. Guess it's working, he now states that he doesn't like the queer types (he means TRAs who scream fascists all the time), I think he is now more team true trans which is good enough for me atm. He'll peak more, it just takes time and he has to see it on his own. He also started following some terf accounts which make fun of trans lunacy.
This Lilischote dude just looks like your stereotypical ugly emo boy with no fashion sense and he's totally convinced that he's hot and that others find him hot too. He's also really dumb and lacks basic knowledge of German grammar.

Jesus Christ that's disgusting

No. 1746397

Fuck this troon country

No. 1746399

I'm also crying laughing. Thanks for sharing.

No. 1746407

File: 1674057225496.png (447.66 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20230118-043140.png)

I posted this on crystal cafe's TERF thread too but meh, I'll reshare it here.

Scrotes have really convinced themselves that they're not supporting sexual misconduct by lining the pockets of men who commit it. They couldn't make it any clearer that they have no empathy until it's something that affects them personally.

No. 1746411

File: 1674057804100.png (24.66 KB, 1102x149, Screenshot_20230118_080155.png)


here we go again, same shit different toilet.

No. 1746415

File: 1674057974661.jpeg (982.67 KB, 1170x1749, 0A33218A-E178-44C1-894D-B3BD47…)

I didn't think IKEA even gave a shit about the trannys claiming that fucking shark but I guess they do

No. 1746416

If they did I would try to move there

No. 1746445

File: 1674060480894.png (786.75 KB, 720x1086, Screenshot_20230118-113733~3.p…)

Dylan Mulvaney posted a slight face reveal around 6 hours ago.

No. 1746447

lol the eternal 5 o'clock shadow. he's shelling out thousands to shave down his skull but his facial hair will still grow.

No. 1746453

Nooooooo! Not IKEA! Where will I shop for my inexpensive furniture now without supporting troons?

No. 1746463

File: 1674061959954.png (157.82 KB, 250x309, 5B478CF8-A631-4A32-8F18-06F458…)

I haven’t seen this posted yet

No. 1746483

Looking the exact same to me.

No. 1746490

The fact he didn’t laser off his facial hair before botching his face just proves he’s doing the tranny charade for attention and money.

No. 1746493

He has one of if not the most masculine bodies I have ever seen, and his eating disorder makes him look even more male. Shaving a millimetre off some facial bone makes no difference, he will always look like a super manly man.

(FFS is a giant scam, 90% of the time I see no difference whatsoever and the other 10% I cannot tell which is supposed to be the after and which the before pic)

No. 1746517

I sincerely hate them.

No. 1746523

>According to Bloomberg Law, the agency accused Blizzard of promoting a “‘frat boy’ culture” that put female employees in the crosshairs. While women only made up approximately 20% of Activision Blizzard’s employee population, they experienced “constant sexual harassment, unequal pay, and retaliation.” One of the biggest discoveries was the pervasiveness of what the lawsuit dubbed “cube crawls,” where male employees got drunk, crawled their way through cubicles, and participated in “inappropriate behavior toward female employees.” Many male employees also allegedly openly joked about rape and passed off their responsibilities to their female coworkers just so they could slack off and play video games. Moreover, female employees claimed they were passed over for promotions because “they might become pregnant.” The most troubling accusation listed in the lawsuit is the reveal that one unnamed female Activision worker committed suicide while on a company trip with an unnamed “male supervisor.” She was allegedly the victim of “intense sexual harassment” to the point where nude pictures of her were circulated during a company holiday party.

But please sir, tell me more how “supporting companies with sexual misconduct scandals isn’t supporting that conduct”. And tell me too about how you’re a real woman if you don’t have a problem with the above. I’ve ditched any friends who still play Blizzard games, male or female. Idgaf. If troons can do it to people who play HP, I can do it to people who support this kind of work environment.

No. 1746544

men being male-aligned. women who defend this are literally acting against themselves.

No. 1746560

It's so common though. You'll get yelled at and threatened for playing a Harry Potter game, comparing what Rowling said to literal genocide like >>1745862 when all she advocated for was to prevent the erasure of sex as a protected characteristic in law and safe-guarding for young autistic girls.

And yet its perfectly acceptable to play OW2. Male devs don't get held accountable for sexually harassing women and their consumers don't get held accountable for supporting a disgusting company.

I hate that the world is run by moids so it doesn't matter what moids do. But as soon as a woman hurts some men's feefees she's the absolute worst person in the world. They only care when it affects them, which means they know deep down they're not woman.

Not to mention there are video games companies actually complicit in the hyperbole they threw at JKR. Tencent have been complicit in literal war crimes and have stakes in a ton of major and incredibly popular games/companies that I don't see anyone boycotting any time soon.

No. 1746571

File: 1674069649815.png (688.43 KB, 1024x623, trianon-labelle-1024x623.png)

sorry, but seeing this reminded me of when i see coomers claim asian trannies "pass well" because "asian men are so feminine uwu". it's such ridiculous stereotype/cope built off porn, shooping and anime. AGP scrotes are so ugly and clockable across all races.

No. 1746580

labelle is so fugly it's hilarious

No. 1746586

File: 1674070464969.jpg (67.26 KB, 1473x224, 4QBb7fb.jpg)

Fuck, I wish I'd known about this when the articles about him shutting down the lecture were circulating on my local reddits. What the fuck.

A lot of the articles left out the fact that these people assaulted the speaker by throwing flour at him. Very peaceful rational behaviour.

No. 1746592

isn't "sophie labelle" the troon scrote who traces diaper fetish art from pictures of real children? why are these degenerates allowed to have any social capital whatsoever?

No. 1746597

File: 1674071553709.webm (3.33 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1674066128376.webm)

Man claims that progesterone gave him a fetish for impregnating lesbians.

No. 1746598

It's a scam and super dangerous. Imagine getting a surgery on your face that could lead to death with such weak results.

it's the same double standards they apply to TIM sexual predators and murderers. They only care if the victims are parts of TQ+.

No. 1746604

The people who think Asians pass better are just racist and/or don't spend enough time around asian people to understand how they look. None of them pass

No. 1746605

Nona, this isn't what he said. He said he he wants to be impregnated by a "lesbian" (read: another TIM). He's saying how other TIMs become attracted to men on hormones, and how just because "[the other TIMs] can't imagine being impregnated by a 'lesbian', doesn't mean [he] can't".

He's still a total degen with a pregnancy fetish though, don't get me wrong.

No. 1746612

File: 1674073675494.webm (17.07 MB, 288x512, download (3)_1.webm)

Samefag, another video of him acknowledging that him being attracted to lesbians is predatory but all he does on his tiktok is shame lesbians for not wanting to have sex with him.
Ayrt and thanks it's hard to wrap my head around tranny logic. I still don't understand what the fuck he means by that but I don't want to know either lol. Gross.
>it's such ridiculous stereotype/cope built off porn, shooping and anime.
And racism. They are the same men who think asian women are demure and submissive children.
He had a babyfur account too and he gives lectures at elementary and middle schools.

No. 1746791

>still don't understand what the fuck he means by that but I don't want to know either lol. Gross.
Basically he's a typical pseudo-bisexual AGP who thinks getting dicked down by other TIMs is somehow different and more 'lesbian' than getting dicked down by normal moids. He's trying to say he's not like other pseudo-bisexual/gay troons because he fucks transbians instead even though it's no different in reality because its just men fucking men either way and they're all doing it for the same reason (because in their mind being women = taking dick and getting pregnant).

That video you just posted now is weird though. It's just him describing being straight kid but saying it somehow 'felt' like lesbian attraction.

and also
>that 5'o clock shadow.

No. 1746814

I'm convinced he just wanted a nose job and a jeffree star-esque hairline fixing. Unless he was scammed lol. I wonder if the surgeon went easy because actually doing anything would guarantee a botching since there was so much to do to make him look vaguely like a feminine looking dude. His jaw being fully shaved would only point out how large and male his mouth is for example, plus the more you shave the more uncanny it looks and has the room for wonky symmetry. I can't wait to see his chin though, we've seen stills that indicate the one thing he may have done is made himself almost as chinless as leafy kek

No. 1746863

I'm convinced he just wanted a nose job and a jeffree star-esque hairline fixing. Unless he was scammed lol. I wonder if the surgeon went easy because actually doing anything would guarantee a botching since there was so much to do to make him look vaguely like a feminine looking dude. His jaw being fully shaved would only point out how large and male his mouth is for example, plus the more you shave the more uncanny it looks and has the room for wonky symmetry. I can't wait to see his chin though, we've seen stills that indicate the one thing he may have done is made himself almost as chinless as leafy kek

No. 1747910

File: 1674090384086.jpeg (103.11 KB, 836x784, Fmrb6mXXwAUQZ1c.jpeg)

No. 1747966

File: 1674095301745.jpg (315.85 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20230119_022810_You…)

I haven't watched him in years and I honestly didn't expect this.

No. 1747967

File: 1674095477430.jpg (641.46 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20230119_023036_Chr…)

Of course he had to do the creepy Troon pigtails.

No. 1747971

stonetoss, bitch? despite the old adage the enemy of your enemy is not your friend

No. 1747984

It's funny, who cares who made it?

No. 1747990

It's not funny.

No. 1747992

Oh damn, thanks for telling me. I mistakenly thought it was quite amusing.

No. 1747997

people that you generally disagree with can still be funny on occasion, try growing up

No. 1748001

Let's move to England, nonnies. When all the trans scrotes have left we can swim, change, and use tampon disposals in peace.

No. 1748002

He's speedrunning the transition thing, aided by handmaidens and corporate sponsorship. Getting hair lasered to the point where it no longer grows takes many sessions, spaced apart. That won't get him clicks and likes like surgery will.

No. 1748004

I hate when troons do this "feeling cute might delete later" crap. I remember when men used to make fun of teen girls fishing for compliments that way on the internet. Now a bunch of grown men doing the same shit, it is so pathetic.

No. 1748011

he couldn't face the twink death

No. 1748012

File: 1674101817959.jpeg (695.34 KB, 937x1478, 0DD092FC-540E-4656-9CBF-21154C…)

A reply under this question: What’s the advantage of a female body other than babies?

>austistic incel hates women (surprise surprise) and badly wants to be a caricature of one from the countless animes he’s watched

Link to this retard’s comment: https://www.reddit.com/r/TooAfraidToAsk/comments/10fdaqa/whats_the_advantage_of_a_female_body_other_than/j4wg1cs/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3

No. 1748013

File: 1674101885583.jpeg (373.43 KB, 960x842, 3CFFD4CE-8A16-43BD-A88B-3FE002…)


>men will generally treat you nice if you’re a woman

No. 1748019

where are these places that just give out free shit to me for being a woman?

No. 1748025

In the imagination of every moid that exists.

No. 1748027

File: 1674104400284.jpg (288.88 KB, 1345x1073, 16737559105.jpg)

I hate Fatsoc/Leftist moids so much sometimes, like Jesus Christ how can anyone even think like this, its like when John Money(the pedo who coined the term gender identity and made softcore child porn as part of his experiment) claiming anyone who was against him was simply a regressive christen moralist

No. 1748030

that's a lot of words for "i get off on exposing myself to women and children"

No. 1748032

>weird fixation on genitalia
but fails to recognize it’s only one particular set of genitalia. the one that’s terrorizing girls in locker rooms is the same one on those politicians and church leaders

No. 1748041

File: 1674106302565.png (92.02 KB, 657x440, Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 03.10…)

This from an article recently. Obviously the sample is biased, but it's interesting and i wonder when it will be denounced as transphobic or the fault of the surgeons for not being miracle workers.

No. 1748042

File: 1674106352542.png (289.95 KB, 624x742, Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 03.11…)

other image detailing reported problems with surgically created crotch holes

No. 1748043

sooo he makes a point about politicians raping children (bad) to come to the conclusion that children and teenage girls should ~witness~ sexuality and dicks in their locker rooms (good)? ok. braindead take from coombrained man who tries to pass it off as being progressive and sex positive.

source: reddit and movies i guess. women "just have to be slim" while men need muscles? does he think that people reading his post aren't aware that the average man with a gf isn't some ripped chad with a chiseled jaw? even bald, old, fugly, fat or thin men can find a woman as long as they aren't total assholes. beauty standards are much more strict when it comes to women. so, yes, less body hair but you have to remove them. who cares about body hair when you're male and you don't have to do anything about it.
free drinks ""and stuff"" (?) whenever you go out? delusional, also i wonder why women don't go on dates every single night then. not sure the free coke outweighs the fear of meeting up with a creep, being assaulted or pressured to kiss/have sex after the date. so many of the things he lists, when they're not false, are a thing purely because men want to have sex with women, not because they see women as having inherent ~value~, or deserving kindness and free stuff, or whatever the fuck.

No. 1748047

File: 1674106984511.jpg (88.73 KB, 1080x390, IMG_20230119_183847.jpg)


Is sex positivity even a real thing at this point or is it just a cope to degrade and humiliate women upholding that they think themselves as objects to be dehumanized by moids?

Whenever I see any pro sex positive argument it boils down to vacuous bullshit like picrel.

No. 1748049

Anatomic irregularity should be 100%

No. 1748050

preach. so much this

No. 1748051

kek please tell me what thread this was

No. 1748054

it was on leftypol on the isg thread, it was my mistake actually, leftypol is great for free resources but the userbase are all open degenerates

No. 1748056

men only give women free drinks when they want sex

No. 1748067

Bump don't scroll CP

No. 1748073

Yeah. And it's not even free. Free is being given something with no expectation of anything in return, scrotes are trying to buy sex/attention from women with shit they willingly give in hopes of getting some in exchange, and we have scrotes then chimping out that they aren't being treated as something that can be bought and sold as if humanization is a bad thing. Women largely reject free drinks due to fear of date rape drugging as many moids try and do by giving women free drinks, or just don't want the expectation of giving the moid any attention taking the drink makes them think they're owed. Like, women can have almost no rights for millennia and be considered property for thousands of years, but scrotes trying to barter pussy from women means women have it too good. Scrotes are degenerate retards.

No. 1748075

>can show feelings and not get called toxic
Is he high? Women have been called hysterics and manipulators for centuries because they cry more easily. There's even psychiatric disorders names after womb because of how much society shunned women crying. And men are allowed to show emotion, who is it that punches hole in the wall when their favourite team loses? Which sex of groups is always the louder with laughter and shouting when you go outside? It's always males. They chimp out, scream, laugh. But no emotions? Women are only more prone to crying, less prone to any other emotion. And crying man is called a pussy because female emotions are inherently inferior and embarrassing to them.

>just be slim

Yeah, and average man has to just not be obese.
If he's talking about the actual attractive people; Male body ideal of having a bit of muscle is to be healthy and achievable through self-dedication, female body ideal of having big boobs and bubble butt, small waist, small nose, big lips, long eyelashes and so on is achievable through surgery. Not only that but women are also supposed to not age so women inject botox, apply 100 products, supposed to have no blemishes and slap on makeup, wear uncomfortable clothes, have perfect eyebrows, long painted nails, tediously take care of long hair and our natural body hair is deemed as a huge social faux pas.
I hate when males see a totally hot woman and think all women are just born into that and there's no work beind it. That she isn't going crazy and wants to scream about all the things she has to do as a woman to have 'value' in looks.
(repost because forgot sage)

No. 1748076

A lot of mens problems are just a result of them having autism and thinking fantasy is real.

No. 1748081

kekk fucking dateless wonder scrotes are becoming insane redpillers or trooning out
they're so frustrated that in modern times women finally have independence, and them just having a salary won't win them dates anymore. They can't figure out that they actually need a personality, be interesting, have good hygiene, able to cook/clean, etc. The fact they haven't caught onto this is beyond me.

No. 1748085

File: 1674115361893.jpg (84.83 KB, 537x872, crosswordsaretransphobic.JPG)

>no1currs here,

He realised that despite us being 51% of the population, we are coerced, threatened, and silenced when we explain that the oppressor class cannot opt in to the class of the oppressed under reasons of biological differences which are also the same differences that allow them to do the coercing, the threatening, and the silencing.

For the thread: This breast surgeon from Australia ain't too happy about her morning crossword.

Ladies, do you know that the definition of who you are is a transphobic siren for hate? beep beep motherfuckers lets go

No. 1748092

>unnecessary invasive dangerous and purely cosmetic surgery leaves over half of patients in extreme chronic pain and at least a third with no sexual function (despite the main goal being sexual function)
>"they just need better post-operative care"
Have you considered just not doing the surgery because it was unethical to begin with

No. 1748094

He always gave the vibe that he was a slave to his female audience, he had to have been brainwashed by all the social justice causes from the start to not ruin his internet legacy so I'm not surprised. I wonder how long it will take before he realizes he ruined his life by trooning out

No. 1748116

I am ashamed to be associated with this country we're basically a bunch of fucking leafs in the southern hemisphere

No. 1748119


Some seedy bar where you might get a free drink that has been roofied.

No. 1748120

>They only care if the victims are parts of TQ+.
Sometimes not even then, I don't remember his name but wasn't there a popular online tranny figure who raped other tims? (one might've even been underage) and afaik most tras took the rapists side. I also thought they'd at least care about their own, but like a good male supremacist movement it really seems like they'll support the biggest degenerate/sexual predator no matter what (and mtfs have an overabundance of them).

No. 1748125

> malodour 10%
kek, must be self-reported lies, the cope. we've already seen tons of posts, articles, etc. about the bad smells their inverted dicks and colon holes give off.

No. 1748128

It's normal that they would stink. Neovaginas literally share bacteria with their colons, plus they're always covered in sweat and pus because of the failed surgery and the fact that males don't fucking clean themselves. Bad smell is always going to be present unless the male washes the hole REALLY well several times a day (they don't). Otherwise it's a stinky hole full of shit particles, bacteria from their intestines, sweat, rotten blood and infection and possibly piss, since their urethras are fucked and they splash everywhere when they attempt to pee.

No. 1748134

File: 1674129644908.jpg (45.83 KB, 1240x697, trannypain.jpg)

You say this aus-anon but NZ is far worse.

Your criminal justice system at least punishes moids most of the time, ours propped up a weight lifting tranny who's father was a mayoral candidate for the biggest city in the country and came from immense privilege. He (the tranny) then proceeded to steal an Olympic place from other women, including marginalized pacific women lel.

No. 1748145

keep getting them failmales hahahah

No. 1748161

Must be a place where women aren't expected to work out and literally look like models, while acting as a free maid whore to prove their worth to scrotes. Sounds great, if only I could buy a ticket.

No. 1748167

File: 1674134192630.jpeg (945.16 KB, 3072x3072, 1674133948500.jpeg)

No. 1748168

back to your containment thread

No. 174