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File: 1670435697220.jpeg (95.86 KB, 599x680, 1670417719347.jpeg)

No. 1721227

No. 1721242

Bless whoever decided to put the previous thread in a pastebin

No. 1721245

File: 1670436711380.jpg (120.03 KB, 1200x1200, FjTgu06WAAM46X2.jpg)

Tiktok was a mistake

No. 1721247

File: 1670436758856.jpeg (152.96 KB, 828x1039, B7FD2218-A089-4536-9718-A821E4…)

Why are they like this

No. 1721252

To be fair most of these are probably people calling themselves “bisexual” or “queer” while spending their lives exclusively dating the opposite sex kek. I doubt they’re all troons.

No. 1721256

Lmfao oh my god, is this moid saying he doesn't understand that all these women just don't want to bother talking to him? This is a brand new cope and a hilarious one lol

No. 1721269

Because men.

No. 1721271

"women aren't interested in what i have to say. they must be stupid!". that's moids for you.

No. 1721272

File: 1670438101457.png (798.89 KB, 675x936, t.PNG)

This gross me out ngl

No. 1721273

File: 1670438150294.png (41.46 KB, 676x371, tt.PNG)

No. 1721275

File: 1670438297120.png (42.47 KB, 665x349, ttt.PNG)

No. 1721277

File: 1670438384350.png (318.43 KB, 748x492, tttt.PNG)

What did ya know, the author is a troon/racist/AI art user. Tripple whammy

No. 1721278

I was going to say. I want to know how many ID as “queer” versus actually homo- or bisexual.

No. 1721281

File: 1670438569526.png (656 KB, 743x633, yikes.PNG)

No. 1721283

>fucking bihets reeeeee!!!!
even in the tranny thread you fags never give it a rest kek. rent free

No. 1721285

it's okay to be straight, nona.

No. 1721286

>Tibet Buddhist
Wonder if he could find Tibet on a map
Also white guy thinks light skinned people are exclusively Caucasian and can't fathom we're not all "darkies", news at 11 if buddah were of a different race that would have been mentioned as racial differences are a thing and not just that his skin was the colour of wheat (a colour darker than many Caucasians I've seen and most pale Caucasians don't have yellow skin, it's usually pink)

No. 1721288

dont shit up the thread just bc youre too retarded to know what bisexual means

No. 1721292

You're the only one derailing here

No. 1721302

Genuinely dumb

No. 1721303

File: 1670440235595.jpeg (789.03 KB, 960x1548, 4B2B6EEB-6DFF-4BE5-8320-8C6CE1…)

>no u
yeah you really got me.

posting milk since you arent

No. 1721319

That anon meant people that claim to be bi without actual OSA (hence the quotes) but you took it to a great direction with the homophobia, nice job retard.

No. 1721327

File: 1670441326362.png (518.95 KB, 826x827, w28fllqau94a1.png)

I just burst out laughing

No. 1721351

Is that why they kick off every detrans person on every platform just for talking about their own experiences? And call them liars and grifters? Trans people even openly bully them like they did for KC Miller recently

No. 1721358


Don’t believe your lying eyes. This never happens!

No. 1721359

File: 1670443641682.jpeg (310.98 KB, 1259x856, 5CE5C7B3-4287-494B-8C89-E73184…)

looks like the stoner guy from that netflix show

No. 1721368

File: 1670444369461.png (634.39 KB, 1023x578, e37.png)

so I was scrolling through my Instagram as always and this person pops up; I really like bdj dolls so naturally, I took a look at their profile to see cute handmade dolls at first but after scrolling some more I find a photo shoot of a naked toddler bdj; private parts and all. I start to see that most of these person semirealistic toddler dolls are photographed naked. I scroll more and I notice the account owner is a MtF, so everything made sense. Fucking degenerate

No. 1721377

Its genuinely fascinating how each popular social media platform is more cancerous than the last. I can't wait to see what horror replaces TikTok in the future.

No. 1721382

tinfoil ahead:
Ive heard the conspiracy theory that the ccp makes tiktok promote this whole gender bullshit and other degeneracies in the west to "weaken" it and in china educational content gets boosted for kids. Not that it is true or necessarily a good taktik to weaken anybody but I wouldnt put it past them to try stuff like this, kek

No. 1721395

I wouldn't either, but I don't think thats entirely accurate. Or at least not it alone. Gender shit has been happening since before TikTok, and it has so many different things promoting it, that its hard to pin down to just one thing. Generally, when I see someone trying to pin it on one simple thing (feminism did this is a common one among rightoids), I think they're just coping hard.

No. 1721404

File: 1670446078404.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, bridges.jpeg)

the cyclist troon emily bridges (aka britain's answer to lia thomas) has made a documentary about himself for ITV kek. the self-importance and victim narrative is very on-brand.

No. 1721413

He looks like he was the kind of middle school boy who would do something dumb, get hurt because of it, and then blame the nearest girl for his misfortune.

No. 1721415

When have trans ppl ever even been nice to detransitioners? Peak gaslighting

No. 1721416

File: 1670446789966.jpeg (73.47 KB, 348x456, img.jpeg)

old but I have to share this again because it's just the perfect summation. bridges and another TIM in 1st and 2nd place, whilst the actual female 3rd place winner cares for her child.

Bridges has since been banned from competing in the women's races (thanks to an effort from based female athletes) and claims he is unable to race, when he is still perfectly welcome to compete in the male category, where he has still won races.

No. 1721419

File: 1670447133898.jpeg (113.28 KB, 828x1175, 73C1A5B8-09E0-4A91-82C9-600901…)

The amount of women criminals has been sky rocketing lately!

No. 1721420

Peaking material.

No. 1721421

that wonky eyeliner kek

No. 1721432

File: 1670448032263.jpg (120.75 KB, 1000x300, himdia.jpg)

history will remember himdia as another sexist man, if he is remembered at all

No. 1721440

Yea yk maybe some lesbians are jealous of tims but not for their looks but their scrote priviledge

No. 1721443

File: 1670448674008.png (59.71 KB, 1247x272, Screenshot 2022-12-07 123258.p…)

>it's not agp I s-swear

No. 1721445

File: 1670448702150.png (50.78 KB, 1136x217, Screenshot 2022-12-07 123536.p…)

No. 1721447

File: 1670448838534.png (44.77 KB, 1100x237, Screenshot 2022-12-06 211543.p…)

they're fucking psychos

No. 1721458

File: 1670449871283.jpg (357.25 KB, 1080x1466, _Instagram.jpg)


No. 1721469

I always get so mad at TIMS with this gross bloated body type wearing shit that I would be too ashamed/uncomfortable to wear let alone post pics of, even though I have an objectively “hot” fit body. It’s too objectifying imo, and they just..:get off on the fantasy that they are a hot woman who is objectifying herself and loving it. Like they will never know body dysmorphia the way we do, they’ll never know shame based around appearance the way we do. They just make me so fucking mad.

No. 1721471

File: 1670450454175.png (930.14 KB, 2118x2671, 06A3DD6F-B690-47C4-8A67-7460C1…)

tranny is having a mid life crisis

No. 1721474

Isnt he in his early to mid twenties? He posts porn and is one of the transwomen are better than real women crowd iirc

No. 1721480

Well, he is not wrong…

No. 1721487

Yeah, it's almost like everyone should seek therapy from the beginning. Damn, he's close

No. 1721491

eh hes one of those "self aware" trannies, I doubt he really means it. Its most likely just to be a pickme

No. 1721493

i was almost wishing him well, for his enlightened self-aware take. thanks for snapping me out of it nona

No. 1721495

he's only saying this now after his recent botched boob job

No. 1721514

troid woke up

No. 1721554

File: 1670455694382.jpg (252.73 KB, 1662x1062, 1670429550255.jpg)

A classic

No. 1721556

being nazi and trans seems like an oxymoron

No. 1721560

this definitely goes in my peaking folder nonny

No. 1721577

Nah the most strict righteous ones are often the most perverted ones, I don’t doubt there were a lot of nazi perverts with sissy fetish, look at how many priests are pedos

No. 1721589

I mean Mtf troons frequently meme about the “neonazi to transfem pipeline” kek

No. 1721601

I really don't understand what part we're supposedly jealous of?

No. 1721622

No. 1721623

File: 1670458788621.jpeg (Spoiler Image,21.2 KB, 450x281, iw.jpeg)

there is a trick to translating Willyboy language: basically he IS everything he accuses TERFs of being. in this case a sexist, racist, homophobe. and he is seethingly jealous of real lesbians because he knows he'll never be one. bonus picture of his FFS surgery because it makes me laugh.

No. 1721710

Oh no, I KNOW that’s some bullshit.

No. 1721777

File: 1670465981822.jpeg (112.66 KB, 697x1000, f1103f1e-9afb-487c-86aa-725464…)

No. 1721778

File: 1670466176913.jpeg (116.67 KB, 609x1007, rowingus.jpeg)

A boat with 8 men (4 being TIMs) vs a boat with 4 men and 4 women is unfair, huh? but i thought tHeRe wAs LiTeRaLlY nO DiFfErEnCe.

figures that the ONE time men have a slight disadvantage in sport, suddenly sex is real.

No. 1721782

File: 1670466397606.png (124.5 KB, 1149x478, usrowing.png)

it's un-fucking-believable

No. 1721787

you know they're lying if they're telling you we have more trannies than thailand

No. 1721810

this is almost ready to make me go apeshit, the disrespect women have to deal with

No. 1721829

File: 1670470421513.png (736.92 KB, 718x646, Screenshot 2022-12-07 9.02.02 …)

I posted this in the old thread oops, reposting here. American girl doll encouraging young girls to gender transition.

No. 1721832

The way this shifts from "some assumptions and expectations forced upon women (and men too uwu don't be a misandrist) are unfair and don't actually represent reality for most people" to "some men like spinny skirts and therefore they are true and honest women" is very unsettling. I know that "gender is made up stereotypes, but gender is real, valid, and more relevant than sex" is a very common variety of doublethink in trans ideology, but it always startles me just how severe the collective cognitive dissonance actually is.

No. 1721838

The misprinted trans flag button is a nice touch.

No. 1721846

We have five to 10 years before all the people sterilized as children start suing hospitals, right?

No. 1721851

File: 1670472166370.jpeg (132.43 KB, 1170x723, 00A9FFF7-84D5-4D63-9397-1DA9E6…)

i have to kek

No. 1721857

>Women means wearing dresses and pants mean being a man
How did we go backwards?

No. 1721860

File: 1670472858672.png (437.57 KB, 673x592, Libs of TikTok on Twitter.png)

And then they say they aren't grooming children

No. 1721867

How did we come from accepting that gender is fake and harmful to pushing and encouraging gender stereotypes?

No. 1721868

The "informed consent" documents that transitioners sign prevent them from suing, as they waive their rights away, knowingly, in this process. The only recourse is "the document was misleading, I was not informed of the side effects" but most cases like this have been thrown out in the west because they could "do their own research" meaning they were informed in the eyes of the state. one of the only solutions to this is to regard the informed consent documents as malpractice and do a comprehensive look at everyone who signed one and see how they feel in a decade. also there is a real conspiracy within the courts to prevent detrans suits, particularly places like UK, Ireland, Norway, etc, where there isn't a culture of suing. Interesting stuff, would be interested to hear a real lawyer drop the tranny law milk

No. 1721869

Around about the time the feminist "abolish sex roles" got taken over by men behaving like men

No. 1721874

It's degenerate coomers hijacking liberatory movements and rebranding themselves as noble victims who must be revered. It's also a lazy substitute for developing a personality. You don't need to have any of the wit, talent or style of 70s or 80s genderbenders, you just have to wear ugly clothes and makeup like Abloke.

Liberal men see womanhood as a dumping ground for defective men, often themselves.

No. 1721876

not really surprising, since its inception this has been about raping children

No. 1721877

The only documented instance of this i have ever seen was unironically on rupauls drag race where one of the contestants stated they were a detransitioner and they showed pictures to prove it. They were met mainly with support despite the community who watches the show being rampant tras or trannies themselves. As long as you are a gay man and you do not drag down their agenda, they tend to be kind to you.

No. 1721895

Those women worked their whole lives to compete within their sport, against other women with the same challenges so that an achievement actually awards their hard work with recognition. Rowing is a sport that is natural to a male physique and bone structure, all manual labor is. For women to compete at that level is remarkable. I had friends in college who were heavy into sports and competition, really fucked up they have to deal with some form pf this because men cant fuck off and understand not everything is for them.

Any time a woman is happy and succesful, they try to harm that so they can be talked aboit or "needed", even if someone rightfully needs you to not need law enforcement and updated law policy to deal with their trash baby selves. I dont even care if people transition, why is it literally impossible for men to leave women alone especially if they hate us so much. Girls couldnt like anything that a boy did growing up because it hurt their egos knowing we existed and will never deal with the psychotic insecurity they do. Sorry someone lied to you about your importance when you were a kid, start something new like all girls who turned into women had to and deal with it.

No. 1721902

they might not be a pedo, just weird. this woman, I'm almost certain, who is a popular creator in the Sims community makes overrides for the default Sims bodies and she's even created a nude toddler bottom, complete with micropeen. Her adult male body is also equipped w an unusually tiny d*ck, so I think that's just the style she likes? very roman marble statue.

anyway she's obviously an ESL and she lives somewhere in Russia so it could be a cultural thing? the nude toddler bottom is probably for the 3D modelers to use as a base in Blender. Or you could have little naked tods for ur screenshots? maybe some people want to recreate Renaissance paintings.

No. 1721907

File: 1670478708712.jpg (Spoiler Image,301.86 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20221208-004627__01…)

why do the dolls have genitalia…

No. 1721910

Makes me think of how the original barbie was a direct rip off of a German bild-lilli sex doll for men. I think this is why troons like dolls so much in general.

No. 1721911

Informed Consent might protect the individual doctor but it actually puts the institution into the crosshairs. Off label "experimental" treatments that are approved because of pressing medical need have to get approved by the ethics board of any large medical institution. It's only a matter of time before some enterprising lawyer figures out they need to FOIA the documents showing how many kids are lost to follow up, how many adverse events aren't being reported appropriately, how nobody on the review boards are requesting consult from endocrinologists… When the hammer comes down it's going to bankrupt whole hospital systems, not lose one doctor a bunch of money in malpractice.

No. 1721915

>Little naked tods for your screenshot
With no respect, kill yourself.

No. 1721924

I dunno anon, maybe shes no pedo but there definitely is something super wrong with her if she needs to explicitly make "art" of toddlers with their genitalia in focus. Like Im noone to care about naked bodies but this is just creepy and Im really sure it has nothing to do with her being russian.

No. 1721925

i know exactly what you’re saying. they claim dysphoria and dont even realize how fucking freakish they look in the hundreds of selfies they post online.

No. 1721930

I thought the owner of the account is a tranny?

No. 1721932

Oh well he then, my point stands. Although we know whats wrong with him in this case. Creepy troon, what a surprise

No. 1721933

bjd usually have lightly detailed anatomy, it's not a pedo thing just an art doll thing. Not many men in the community either since men prefer fashion dolls or vinyl dolls.
I had a look at her profile (why does anon think she's a troon?) and there's plenty of normal doll photoshoots with clothing.

No. 1721935

I might be willing to see the doll thing as not pedo but why would anyone need to make genitals for toddlers in sims

No. 1721947

Looks like a woman to me. I have no idea why unknown assume that they are a TiM.
The default toddler bodies have a big diaper which may not be the silhouette that some cc creators want, ig. these custom bottoms are useful to use as a base for pants/outfit modeling (they're also higher poly than the default bodies).

No. 1721948

considering how I've seen that men buy rubbery bjd body replacements with huge boobs that can be used as sex toys the detailed vag thing seems skeevy

trust me, men are definitely into the animu bjd waifu shit

No. 1721949

It's working

No. 1721954

>this is why troons like dolls so much in general
Maybe sex dolls, I don't see that many trannies in the doll community other than occasional FtMs. It's mostly middle-aged women into them.

No. 1721956

hell world

No. 1721965

I see tons on tiktok, the fat hispanic male immediately comes to mind. They are obsessed with Bratz dolls and the like

No. 1721968

there are many Asian blogs that are run by men who go to animu conventions and report geeky news. those guys tend to love bjds

No. 1721974

Troons stop grooming kids challenge

No. 1721984

If they can't sue the doctors, they can sue the "gender therapists" who sent them to the surgeons in the first place. WPATH literally just named themselves the leading experts on trans healthcare based on nothing and then made up the trans standard of care based on bias, a lack of science based evidence, and what earns the board members the most money. The guidelines aren't ethical (probably not even legal in a lot of countries) and falls apart when you look into it. Once the suing ball starts rolling these groomers are screwed.

No. 1721986

Tragic, but it's hilarious when they admit they know there's a difference. This is perfect light peaking material to use on friends and family.

No. 1721991

not really. you just have a very sexualised mind compared to them and many other people who have no problem with it. i'm not into dolls but i think it's pretty normal and no one is weird about it.

No. 1721998

It isn't all that odd, on animal sculpts adding the genitals is expected. For most people its not seen as a sexual thing so much as just an accurate representation, and there's no reason to avoid it. If it's weird, it's also pretty obviously weird. I didn't look at the girls dolls but there's usually dead giveaways like the breasts are massive or the genitals are weirdly detailed. Otherwise it's pretty standard unless the sculpt is specifically intended for children

No. 1722015

i'm sure they do count themlets as trannies so it does make sense

No. 1722020

In the future looking at pictures like this will be like looking at pictures of nazis. You just wonder why they ever allowed that nonsense and how they didn't see how bad it was at the time.
I hope all sports that allowed troons to compete with women make sure to retroactively disqualify all of their efforts and prizes. It's not enough to stop them from competing in future races and matches, they only ever won from cheating by pretending to be women while being men, so their wins have to be nullified and the real women should retroactively get the prizes they had stolen from them. And it should be done publicly.

No. 1722021

that photo has the little girl doll's vulva right in the middle of the photo and the pose itself looks uncomfortably suggestive, definitely not just a matter of correct anatomy here.

No. 1722027

Themlets, tomboys and feminine men, AND spicy straight people are all trans now. My male ex-friend is "trans" because he sometimes plays as women in video games (because he's a straight man who wants to look at pretty women). I shit you not, that is the only reason he considers himself trans, and naturally the reason we are no longer friends.

No. 1722031

I second this. It's not just a "natural" looking doll, it's a naked child doll posed in a sensual way on purpose. Normal people don't do that because they know it attracts pedos.

No. 1722041

File: 1670497338448.jpeg (209.01 KB, 712x641, DFB546B7-ABA4-45AE-995B-0A6F3B…)

Why are they so stupid

No. 1722050

You hate Andrea Dworkin cause your a retard, I hate her cause she was a Zionist, we are not the same(thinly-veiled racebait)

No. 1722057

Even those baby dolls for little girls often have realistic anatomy, I think it's fine as long as there's nothing else weird going on. If someone is a fetishist you'll know about it since they always ham it up for attention.

No. 1722058

this is actually a pretty big deal
taft is the epitome of pediatric transition, especially for twitter coomers. him saying he regrets it should be making huge waves but predictably everyone pretended this never happened.

No. 1722061

Do they think every woman they dislike is actually just 1 person

No. 1722069

>sick, viscous person
She was a fat weirdo who assured her husband he totes wasn't a man because he was a proto-soyboy. Calm down with the hyperbole.

No. 1722071

Gretchen Felker-Martin wrote a shit zombie apocalypse novel about trannies literally eating balls to survive.

Why should we take his opinion on ANYTHING seriously?

No. 1722078

I started voicing my honest opinion about TiMs and it's surprising how easy it is to peak people about them and how many people actually think the same but are too afraid to speak. Even my friends who support them always end up agreeing with me that they're not really women and that they will never experience real womanhood

No. 1722085

which one detransed?

No. 1722086

being a tomboy child in the 90s, i really felt like things were changing for the better as i got older. i know this is a silly example - but I remember it being a big deal at the time - when Bend it Like Beckham came out, I really felt like things had changed around that time. that we were moving past girls = pink, feminine phase in society (of course that film also did a lot for south asian and lesbian representation for women) and felt hopeful for the future. i can't even pinpoint when it felt like things were regressing back further than when i was a child. some of this gender discourse is like something from the 50's.

No. 1722087

File: 1670503260314.png (1.02 MB, 874x2426, tranny.png)

Phoebe is an ugly man who likes to stalk women

No. 1722090

Was also a tomboy in the 90s and Bend it Like Beckham really did feel like a benchmark moment. Crazy how that was our peak and it's all been downhill since then.

No. 1722092

File: 1670504238780.jpeg (124.01 KB, 675x1200, poordolls.jpeg)

now you've reminded me of this nightmare of a troon, from a few threads back >>1697317

No. 1722096

Good lord. I have no words to truly explain how awful it is to have explicitly unfair shit like this and have it virtually ignored as always. When will this be over? 10 years? 20?

No. 1722099

>I haven’t had sex in six years
You don’t say

No. 1722101

File: 1670506703899.png (602 KB, 1080x2009, markup_151893.png)

No. 1722102

Jesus Christ why is he trying to stalk some woman and salivate over details about motherhood? Oh, we know why, nvm. These freaks need to be you know what’d.

No. 1722110

i hate troons but the bild lilli wasn't a sex doll lol.. it was a typical misogynist 50s type black and white housewife comic and they made small dolls out of it and it got popular and suggested men buy it for their wife as a gift, eventually becoming a children's toy and it ended up being a base for barbie

No. 1722114

Yup, women are just dumb-dumb brains. It’s definitely not like we have lives & hobbies and don’t have time to entertain fugly moids for free in our DMs.

No. 1722116

just goes to show how porn and media brainwashed makes men have this insanely twisted perception of femininity. wish that religion was still a big thing in the west, that way useless men could become monks and jerk over jesus till they die.

No. 1722122

File: 1670510289097.webm (9.23 MB, 480x270, XswSFIlk2b-oGT4s.webm)

long video but watch a handmaiden get peaked in real-time.

>women in silent protest against dana rivers being put in a woman's prison

>TRAs attack them, steal their sign and throw eggs at their faces
>handmaiden witnesses and is shocked

No. 1722129

I wouldn't call her a handmaiden, it's clear she's just an uniformed normie who thinks troons are all dainty HSTS. These are the women we truly need to be reaching, get them before they're brainwashed. Those protesters are doing amazing work, so proud of them. Handling unhinged male violence with such dignity, never stooping to their level. Respect.

No. 1722134

>>"Who are these people??"
>>"They are trans"


No. 1722135

Kek that woman with her dog was really at the right place at the wrong time, politely walking away after hearing there isn't a dialogue to be had that day, only to witness a crazed gang of men ripping signs out of women's hands and riding a bike into them. Troons are so retarded, don't they know that showing off how violent they are they are going to peak normies en masse? Troons are masters of projection, always saying that TERFs are so violent and demonic, yet here it's just a small group of women standing in silence, so scary. So glad those masked men wearing all black ran up and took their sign away, I feel so much safer now knowing there are masked pro-troon militias that go around silencing these evil middle-aged mothers, truly the worst demographic on the planet. Notice the man on the bike wearing a red armband. Truly the protagonists of the universe!

No. 1722136

>woman shows obvious disinterest
>she must be a moron who pales in comparison to my boundless intellect, infinite humor, and incredible personality.
>there is no other explanation for why women refuse to enthusiastically engage with me.
Troons being run of the mill braindead narcissistic misogynists yet again.

No. 1722137

It's always such a mask-off moment when trannies say "women" as opposed to themselves to insult us.

No. 1722138

could someone post that screenshot of how troons don't live in anyone's heads rent free, they barge in everyone's spaces and make people hate them

No. 1722140

Love how much they love to insult radical feminism but can’t even keep historical radfem figures separate.

No. 1722143

File: 1670513810092.jpeg (250.96 KB, 1265x302, 6114D0AD-A40C-4513-ABA0-F3837C…)

Don’t forget the part of the book where a black woman has her uterus cut out while she’s still alive and awake. Picrel taken from a goodreads review.

No. 1722146

>tries to call a woman “sir” as a gotcha
Why do they always do this? Why do they think we care? They’re the ones who get so pissed about misgendering. Whatever they want to call me has no bearing on what I actually am. It’s just childish.

No. 1722148

Yeah she seemed like a regular older liberal who is still in the “live and let live mindset” and think that trans rights are an extension of gay rights. I’ve spoken to some women like that and a lot of them have no clue how these men actually are. Once you tell them, they always have a similar reaction. I even got one to read JKR’s “infamous” essay after she heard it was bad and she was very confused as to why people were upset about it, because everything in the essay made sense. It’s really just a matter of many of them not being aware because they aren’t terminally online like the rest of us.

No. 1722153

It’s amazing, right? They do all the work for us. Makes me think of the terfisaslur website because they have gathered so many tweets that are just 100%, pure male violence. You can compare it to any other time in history during which women were trying to make strides and men were screeching and upping their rage and violence. Nothing changes. And this time women don’t even have to do much because TiMs themselves are the ultimate peaking tool. They’ve put their depravity out in the open and each time more people wake up to it.

No. 1722177

I think I know who you're talking about Anon and she is at best, a pedo apologist who wants to supply them with wank material and at worse one herself. She made a nude female toddler body too. Don't fall for the excuse that it's for realism or artistic nudity, the sims modding community already has moids making mods for raping children in the game. There's a sims thread here somewhere where I posted about her if you want to discuss this anymore to not derail the thread.

No. 1722188

File: 1670518087775.jpeg (212.11 KB, 2076x1400, FjZqUmpXEAUazhh.jpeg)

so male of them

No. 1722191

kek they’re so fucking cringe, if they weren’t putting women in danger I wouldn’t be able to take this seriously at all

No. 1722199

I really admire the strength of the women. If it were me i'd fight them, i'd pepperspray them, i wouldn't be able to hold myself back

No. 1722200

Oh-em-gee! Totally on the right side of history you guyss!!
Aside from my cringe impression, this is actually sickening. Reminds me of right-wingers burning gay flags with a full face covering. Well, I guess it's the same people

No. 1722209

File: 1670519511561.png (288.02 KB, 337x538, dylan.png)

attempting to enjoy something you will literally never experience is what is incomprehensible to us

(he now claims to enjoy "womanhood" less because people are mean to him about tampons)

No. 1722211

It's eerie how just 10 years ago, it would be your "style," not your "gender identity." Clothes are aesthetic and make up your STYLE, for fuck's fucking sake. They're not magical power totems that change your gender when you put them on. Can we go back to that?

No. 1722212

If they're the "good guys", why don't they ever go attack transphobic and homophobic men?

No. 1722213

NTA but how is this racebait

No. 1722214

'survivorship bias', thanks man!

Anons, Get comfortable with this understanding, reciting and defending this logical bias. It is entirely the approach of trans agenda on all levels of indicators.

It's not based in feminism so people will listen.

It's an unacceptable bias in quality assurance and public safety. The academic trans research does not include adequate balance to the societal impact faced by females and children, therefore it is 'survivorship bias'. Based on proof of bias, there shouldn't be accommodation of any policy shift that negatively impacts female population (free and incarcerated) or allow kids to access blockers/surgery.

No. 1722218

File: 1670520351804.jpeg (569.03 KB, 965x1178, 7A3F8877-DBA4-459D-8AC7-B3004B…)

Apply to be a mod at 2X so they can prevent women from talking about issues women face due to deranged moid behavior!

No. 1722219

Project Veritas has zero credibility.

If you hate trans people, at least don’t use Project Veritas as a source ffs

No. 1722220

this is one of the most telling things with these misogynists. and no wonder trans ideology attracts incels and MRAs, because you get to attack and yell at women with no repercussions. and even in the name of being "progressive"

No. 1722221

File: 1670520650585.jpeg (362.24 KB, 1284x628, 96B88377-6875-4D90-B2B5-8B8A7C…)

This totally female mod isn’t going to let any actual women on the team, is he.

No. 1722223

It’s an algorithm. You are weak-minded.

No. 1722224

Totally. They care more about putting women in their place for even speaking one word of wrongthink more than they do standing up to the men who actually hurt them. They want to have their privilege from still being men while continuing to punch down at women.

No. 1722226

I assume janny mistook Zionist for Jewish, considering many actual antisemites do use Zionist as synonymous with Jewish. But to inform the janny, Zionist in its actual definition is a supporter of Israel as a country and its actions, not necessarily Jewish. In fact many Jews are antizionist, but yes Dworkin was Jewish and also a staunch Israel supporter. The former is obviously fine, not so much the latter. Or maybe that anon did mean it in the antisemitic way and janny has access to post history of that IP that does show further antisemitism, but let's not digress.

No. 1722228

A nice little coven of radfems should apply and promptly boot all the troons.

No. 1722234

well I personally believe they just "suggested" to whichever company owns tiktok to push educational shit for kids in China. Which isnt that unreasonable of a move and would definitely been in line with what kind of stuff they usually do. This would lead to the same outcome we see since afaik the algorithm really works different for chinese tiktok.

No. 1722245

Halp, we need male mods on a sub called two x chromosomes to make sure that the sub's content stays focused on men and doesn't derail into women's bullshit!

No. 1722247

She didn’t have a husband she had a gay male parasite who destroyed her legacy as soon as she was dead

No. 1722249

So I'm assuming a woman was asking if she should get her tubes tied, and this moid comes in and tells her he doesn't regret his completely unrelated male procedure? How the fuck is that helpful?

No. 1722251

The gender shit is what caused all this in the first place though? Scrotes need to be kept in check and in strict gender roles, letting them prance around in dresses and nail polish was always goinh to devolve into general perversion and degeneracy because well it involves moiids, kek.

No. 1722254

No. 1722255

they just jump from one harmful extreme ideology to another. Just like drug addicts tend to become fundies

No. 1722256

also a vasectomy is a simple and reversible procedure, getting tubes tied is a more serious operation and in most cases cannot be reversed.

No. 1722264

> Taktik

No. 1722267

it's a tiktok taktik

No. 1722269

I hate to break it to you, but they at least claimed to love each other and had sex. He wasn't gay, he was (at most) bi. Her legacy wasn't ruined because the man she married was one of those "dirty homosexuals," her books were put out of print because she married a man, therefore giving a male control over her work when she died. The same could happen to any OSA feminist.

No. 1722271

Exactly. My perception of myself isn't rocked by some external factor, being you know…an actualized human being and not a gross amalgamation of all the things that have ever made me come (aka, a troon)

No. 1722286

File: 1670525271572.jpg (55.64 KB, 828x465, my nigel bonding with his frie…)

Here's the blog post, since OP didn't link it: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2022/12/07/18853301.php
It's full of schizo rambling, but here's some snippets:
>It is heartbreaking for us to learn of the murders by one of our trans sisters, a white woman, against a queer, Black family. We want to make it clear that we, as well as being abolitionists, are anti-racists and firmly committed to the destruction of white supremacy, a societal force that is enacted daily and enforced through the state by, among other things, the mass incarceration of Black, Indigenous and other people of color. We send our infinite love and heartbreak to the loved ones who are grieving for those who were murdered.
>The transphobes attempting to exploit this terrible situation do not share any of these attitudes and are explicitly attempting to assist the state in furthering its goal of white supremacy, trans carceralism and cis-domination. These are opportunistic vultures who circle and sniff about for tragedies, the fascist ambulance chasers of faux-feminism.
>A pathetic turnout of 10-13 terfs showed up and unfurled banners on the steps of the alameda courthouse where Dana Rivers was set to have a hearing.
>They stepped on our turf. this is a single paragraph by the way.
>p.s. All those breezies were bricks. We can only assume they’re so obsessed with us because they want to fuck hot people for once instead each other’s dusty assess in the ugly girl ghetto.

No. 1722290

No. 1722295

File: 1670525575516.jpg (266.11 KB, 741x891, the hottest take.jpg)

hopefully this is the one nonnie

No. 1722296

>A TIM killed a lesbian black family
>Transphobes are the real criminals tho
>10-13 women had a peaceful protest on public grounds
>But the public sidewalk outside the courthourse is akshually owned by us
>The womens worst offense was being ugly

Peak moid, peak peaking material

No. 1722301

"staunch Israel supporter"

she had the victim complex that a lot of other self professed Jews in academia seemed to suffer from (and used it as a distraction, it seemed like – she had a habit of stepping on the toes of the lesbian community and then crying victim when she got flak for it), although I've not personally not seen anything in her writing that suggests that she would excuse anything the Israeli state did on the basis that it's the Israeli state, not that qualifies as zionism for all I know.

Although there is a slippery slope between "The Jews are reviled and discriminated against and Jewish women face a mixture of misogyny and anti-semitism" and "The actual state of Israel's actions can only be viewed in a negative light by people trying to smear Jews as a whole"

No. 1722311

I fucking hate this man, the way he talks down to actual women. Oh and the line he says about never receiving any money from tampax is funny.

No. 1722312

I'd like them to expand on what they think society should do with their 'trans sister' who murdered 3 POC

No. 1722313

Maybe throw eggs at him?

No. 1722315

Did you even see the video mentioned? the school even acknowledged it, how is it fake?

No. 1722325

It really doesn't matter what these sports governing bodies rule. The only way to stop the destruction of women's sports is boycotting. Whenever a TiM is allowed in a women's event the female athletes should refuse to compete.

No. 1722327

File: 1670528116601.png (90.25 KB, 725x469, Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 2.34…)

Yeah generally Project Veritas is fucked up but this time it seems more true. To be fair it's probably taken out of context in some way or another, like that was the guy's example of what they may do in a college setting with this queer sex curriculum, or whatever. Take it with a grain of salt but what he said isn't so outrageous conceptually.

No. 1722329

samefag to add watched the entire video and it seems he's referring to high school students with regards to the dildo, buttplug demonstration. It's so retarded how these people talk about this being "queer sex". I'm not such a prude that I think talking about safe sex practices to older students is bad - but nobody at that age NEEDS to know about butt plugs.

No. 1722335

Those women should have had some pepper spray on them so they could use it on those trannies for assaulting them.

No. 1722336

Not just that, she wasn't just not a lesbian but not even bisexual, her acquaintances said she was never seen involved with another woman.

No. 1722341

>defending a grown ass man teaching under 18's about butt plugs and if spit vs lube is better
kys "out of context " my ass

No. 1722346

I didn't defend him doofus, pick your battles. I gave the benefit of the doubt as Project Veritas takes shit out of context all the time - see their retard take down of Planned Parenthood from like 10 years ago. Teaching people under 18 about shit like that is crazy as I said in the post you quoted. this time they were right, it wasn't out of context, the dean is a freak.

No. 1722347

you're first post clearly defended him dumb tranny.

No. 1722351

File: 1670529624486.png (217.63 KB, 501x352, boycott.png)

this is actually happening here in the UK (pic related and the result of this boycott seen here >> 1721416) but the sacrifice it takes is a lot. these women aren't only giving up their dreams to compete, but they're risking their reputation and relationships, even physical safety. it helps a lot when famous female athletes, like swimmer Sharon Davies, speak out in their defence. i hope the same thing happens more in the US and other countries.

this rowing thing will hopefully peak a lot of women. when they look and see that they have to compete 1-1 with men, but men aren't expected to do the same when it's in a mixed team.

No. 1722357

That was Esther Villas who tried to shot him not Dworkin.

No. 1722360

No. 1722362

File: 1670530668061.png (1.47 MB, 1081x2228, chrome_screenshot_167053056659…)

No. 1722366

Why would a terf complain about this

No. 1722367

Maybe I’m wrong but I think it’s a troon who is offended by it.

No. 1722372

File: 1670531437392.png (144.23 KB, 575x714, mitchell.png)

of course Mitchell has a problem with women being pissed off at Durham College for saying that those women were massacred for their "gender". but he skews it as women being simply annoyed because the tweet even mentions trans women, and not that they're implying the attack wasn't against women as a sex class.

the replies are saying that TIMs would also have been murdered because "the killer asked the women to go on one side of the room" kek too dumb.

No. 1722376

What's the difference between trans women and trans femmmes?

No. 1722377

trans femmes are more genderspecial

No. 1722380

who the fuck is esther villas

No. 1722386

File: 1670532069578.png (381.22 KB, 697x761, Twitter.png)

No. 1722391

Trannies wouldn't have been murdered because they wouldn't look like women, they'd blend in with the men. And how do women getting murdered because of sexism always involve trannies? But not the opposite? Whenever trannies get murdered, women aren't included in their vigils or statistics?

No. 1722393

the murderer likely would've trooned out if it happened in the past decade. Incel to troon pipeline and all.

No. 1722401

kek wtf are you talking about. Valerie Solanas, author of the SCUM manifesto, is the one who tried to kill him. It’s stupid that people can’t keep these things in order while they claim to know so much about radfem theory and how to dispute it. Not talking about you but the og tweet.

No. 1722404

File: 1670533010494.png (498.81 KB, 671x684, Media.png)

playing dumb is a pastime for trannies

No. 1722405

Question, are they literally retarded? None of those women chose to “identify” as women. They were killed because of SEX-based violence. It’s not like a murderer would go up to a woman and ask how she IDs first i.e. Hello there, I was thinking about killing you, but can you tell me if you identify as a man before I do? God the way they’re so stupid is actually mind-numbing.

No. 1722406

the entirety of their argument rests on a) that they are all indistinguishable from women, and b) even if they were mistaken for a real woman that they wouldn't identify out of it in a second if it saved their life. something women can't do.

this is a bit irrelevant but it still gets me… these were women studying engineering in the 80s, and they were targeted specifically because they were feminists. the killer wasn't targeting women who conform to ultra-feminine stereotypes, he was specifically targeting women who were going against stereotypes and choosing a career they were told wasn't for them. bimbofied troons will never be mistaken for feminists.

kek this is very true. he would still kill women though, for being TERFs. and he would know exactly who to shoot.

No. 1722409

idk what a woman face is but it' definitely not the millennial men smirk

No. 1722412

God, exactly. They know they can go right back to being men again and everything will be peachy. I got annoyed at a friend’s TiM coworker once because he’d put on this fake high-pitched Mickey Mouse voice, but then he had a serious phone call to take and went right back to sounding like the male he was. They know what they’re doing. Yet they want to claim oppression and for what reason? To feel special? They have everything in the world they could want to feel powerful, I don’t understand why men are so fucked beyond belief.

No. 1722413

That would be the calling yourself a woman and appropriating everything we go through while being a scrote. Hope that clears things up.

No. 1722415

were those women even actual feminist activists or were they targeted simply for being female engineers? "feminist" for moids (or "terf" for the more insidious ones) is just code-word for "disobedient woman" and is often slurred at basically any woman men just don't like. did any of their male colleagues even try to stand up for them?

No. 1722419

I’m sure there are some who would be spiteful and committed enough to do so

No. 1722422

Translation: he bragged to another man about how he grooms kids in his class and was horrified to discover the other guy set him up.

No. 1722425

File: 1670533894767.png (48.13 KB, 868x382, vomitinducing.png)

No. 1722429

he separated the men and women at gunpoint and forced the men to leave. he told them he was targeting them for being feminists. "One of the students, Nathalie Provost, protested that they were women studying engineering, not feminists fighting against men or marching to prove that they were better. He responded by opening fire on the students from left to right."

so yes, like you say, it's a code-word for disobedient woman. and as will be no surprise, even their attempts to claim they weren't feminists didn't save their lives. he hated them because they were women. the real meaning of feminism didn't matter to him. their identities, their thoughts, feelings, beliefs had nothing to do with his attack.

No. 1722430

File: 1670534033342.png (49.95 KB, 849x372, delusion.png)

I've never met any woman who has masturbated to her own reflection in a mirror

No. 1722431

I’m not going to disregard her work because she wasn’t pure enough. The zionists smears are laughable, if she wasn’t Jewish she’d be smeared as an anti Semite. Gay men routinely betray women for a seat at the table in male supremacy. Not once did I call her partner dirty, just a disappointment.

No. 1722432

File: 1670534100028.png (822.64 KB, 1162x900, Capture d’écran 2022-12-08 à 2…)

goddamn i used to love her so much. these HSTS will spit on you girl why do you want to give them your compassion

No. 1722434

I'm not dismissing her work either, just pointing out that she was not perfect, but that does not mean none of her work was valuable, just that no one should be put on a pedestal and treated as THE one authority on the subject.

No. 1722435

This did not ever happen. The delusion and fantasy fanfic writing is insane…

No. 1722440

"NOT ALL MEN!! PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!! I'M NOT THAT BAD!!" meanwhile men still hate you. never give any group of men even an inch because eventually they will take a mile.

No. 1722444

i can't deal with the stupidity when they try to turn AGP around on women. it's not possible. how can a woman get turned on by imagining herself as a woman when she IS a woman? does that mean anytime a woman is turned on it's AGP? the only comparison is women getting turned on by the thought of being men, like some TIFs do. I don't know if there is a word for it though.

No. 1722445

And none of those men even tried to stop him. Bleak.

No. 1722447

File: 1670534625352.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.87 KB, 450x800, 9-CFEE2-D7-4075-46-DD-8-F73-97…)


No. 1722448

Really couldn't have said it better if I tried. Respect to them, whoever they are.
Speaking of which, this may sound dumb but what board was this in? if it's even 4chin I need the original

No. 1722454

File: 1670534952399.jpg (67.38 KB, 482x427, d90.jpg)

>American Girl
>pushing genderism
>one of their dolls is Julie, a feminist basketball playing tomboy from the 70s
>another is Kit, another slightly tomboyish girl living through the Great Depression
>all the dolls promoted girls using bravery, intelligence and compassion to solve problems
>nah jk girl is when dress and makeup

No. 1722456

This is probably off topic but it reminds me when Big Joel covered this incident and actually had the audacity to sympathize with the poor men who had to witness the trauma and getting triggered that people pointed out no one tried to stop him. An entire video dedicated to the men of that incident. Alright I'm derailing, but it just goes to show how insidious breadtubers and other "leftists" are

No. 1722460

I know, nonna. This one hurts. I was looking forward to buying AG dolls for my girls when they’re big enough. Now I won’t give them a dime.

No. 1722462

can these retards stop calling themselves radfems when they don't know what it means? HSTS who want to be sex dolls for men have nothing to do with feminism

No. 1722466

>his reasons for the attack included his anger towards feminists for seeking changes that "retain the advantages of being women, while trying to grab those of the men"
whenever you ask men what the advantages of being a woman are, it's always things like men sacrificing their lives for women. and yet…
Big Joel knew this guy was doing this on behalf of men, even going out of his way to warn the men and avoiding hurting any of them, and that's how he is afforded to feel sympathy for him. breadtube moids make me wanna a-log.

No. 1722471

File: 1670535786223.jpeg (648.67 KB, 1536x1956, 7CBC9DB8-83E7-4C84-9CB0-D438AB…)

captioned “how girls watch jerma” on twt. delusional

No. 1722480

>It is heartbreaking for us to learn of the murders by one of our trans sisters, a white woman, against a queer, Black family. We want to make it clear that we, as well as being abolitionists, are anti-racists…

Their entire condemnation of the murderer’s actions rests on the race angle. I’m not doubting the troon had racist motivations too, but what would they have said if he’d killed a white lesbian couple? Then they would have had to admit to having jealousy towards lesbians so strong it drove one of them to murder.
You will never be a dyke on a bike, you’re violent straight white incels in disguise.

No. 1722483

might as well just admit sympathizing with the shooter really

No. 1722485

hate that they use the word queer instead of lesbian. so much.

No. 1722487

I heard that they had a Harry Potter collab so maybe they're just trying to play both sides, but even that is kind of cowardly.

No. 1722488

File: 1670536469753.png (520.54 KB, 1158x952, Capture d’écran 2022-12-08 à 2…)

samefag yup its over she fucking rted katy montroonmery, inb4 she's gonna come out as a TIRF and say that TERFs were cruel to her bc we dont recognize HSTS as real women

No. 1722494

all i can think about when i see this photo is how much burning plastic fumes they're inhaling lol

No. 1722497

Cowards, all of them. If I’m ever in an emergency I’m not giving a shit for any moids around me. They could be dying covered in blood or trapped beneath rubble, fuck it. You’d have thought at least one of them would have had the gall to do something, but no. Worthless wastes of space.

No. 1722499

Pecs? Lol?

No. 1722502

Nta but their body book for girls was really helpful in the couple years before I started puberty and as I was going through it. If those pages had been in the books I probably would have felt so confused. Puberty should be the time to introduce facts about how the body functions and not mystical, pseudoreligious gender woo that will just make the entire experience even worse.

No. 1722505

Alright, either this was posted by a LARPing tranny who lurks here, or one of you anons. If it's the latter– you're retarded and you should feel bad. Women don't cape for troons because they're slutty you fucking idiot, they do it because they're either pickmes to start with, or they've been manipulated into believing that the poor twannies need their protection.

No. 1722507

This. All they'd do for us would be to silently leave the room.

No. 1722510

AYRT and same. That book was really helpful for me as well, I can’t imagine what books for female puberty are like anymore. I’m glad I still have my old copy in storage at my mom’s.

No. 1722513

This doesn't even mention trannies, though. Also he's not even talking about stuff that actually happened, just changes to the curriculum that no one in their right mind would approve.

Stop posting LOTT. She's not a TERF, she's a republican. Not our ally.

No. 1722525

This is literally assault and battery. That's why they wore masks. They're confident they're on the "right side of history," yet they're assaulting others and wearing masks.

No. 1722539

Monty does it too

No. 1722544

I read that dumb thread and they say identify because it makes it easier for "us cissies" and they are all women teehee

No. 1722549

File: 1670539369082.jpeg (75.6 KB, 750x385, 59A957CF-E4F8-4F58-80FA-2BBB9E…)

Sucks that a place that was known (and mocked) for being full of teen girls is now full of tranny faggots

No. 1722551

>i used to love her so much
she made one funny tiktok. she was always a brainlet and she's a faghag.
those teen girls are the troons / support the troons. in fact, that's probably a tif.

No. 1722555

No. 1722557

This actually happened retard, go click the link. This dean also invites drag queens to meet with students in their school, it has everything to do with trannies.

No. 1722561

Sucks to reap what they sowed, you mean. That shithole was known for being ground zero of the genderspecial shit that has become so common now. Tumblr was full of trannies in 2015 lmao.

No. 1722569

He's not going to approve any female mods and you damn well know it. All of the new appointees are going to be troons. I'd bet money on it.

No. 1722576

moids isn't only used on this site anon

No. 1722577

very filthy moid living conditions, as always

No. 1722580

Sorry for blogposting but I just started using Tumblr again more regularly to post my art and I'm already being swarmed by trannies I hate it so much. One will reblog my art and then my notifs are full of gross porny urls and the blogs themselves are all nothing but hentai. I wish they'd fuck off.

No. 1722587

Hate to be that person but does this feel staged to anyone else? It just feels set up too well (No one had pepper spray?, perfect timing and framing etc) Dana rivers is still an evil scrote I just had to be contrarian. Saged for sperg

No. 1722593

Drag queens and trannies are two different things, conservitard. Drag queens are men who put on minstel shows as women, and trannies are delusional male perverts who think that they actually are women and get surgery to achieve that goal.

No. 1722594

if this is staged, then so were all the other times they've done this, which is anytime feminists rally. seriously look at all the times these women have met, even just to talk, and you will find masked men throwing stuff at them, threatening them, making noise to drown them out etc. plus look at >>1722286 to see them gloating afterwards.

TRAs are amazing at being the perfect example of male violence and entitlement. you can't make it up.

No. 1722597

File: 1670541814366.jpg (75.21 KB, 750x600, FjZPW2-XwBcrBNI.jpg)

Someone posted this in his tweets and he hid it btw, in case anyone wants to repost.

No. 1722600

Have you've been completely oblivious to moids dressing as women ending up as trannies? Story time for children aren't a red flag for you? The Desmond is Amazing kid?

Hang yourself tranny

No. 1722605

File: 1670542394744.png (207.93 KB, 317x413, cursed mitchell.png)

he has strong fedora energy

No. 1722611

Someone should ask him how he knows they all identified as women. How many trans men and non-binaries could have been killed there? It's erasure. He's reducing all the victims to their chromosomes/body parts and upholding the transphobic, exclusionary assumptions of the murderer. MtFs cannot be included in their memory because any/all of those "women" could've actually been t-boys (or on any other edge of the gender spectrum). Watch his head explode.

No. 1722613

>Story time for children aren't a red flag for you?
I never said it was a good thing, why are you responding as if that's what I said? I called drag a "minstrel show," do you not know what that means?

>moids dressing as women ending up as trannies?

One thing leading to the other doesn't automatically make them the same thing. When drag queens troon out, they're HSTSes. Guys who go from being dumpy incels to being dumpy incels who take horse piss are AGPs. Desmond is clearly an example of a gay kid with an insane stage mom; basically the male equivalent to honey boo-boo.

>REEE tranny

Obligatory "not everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny." I wasn't even disagreeing with you specifically, I just don't like when people post right-wing shit here that doesn't directly involve trannies.

No. 1722617

For some reason, there have been way more retarded scrote accusations than usual in the past two days or so on LC. It keeps happening whenever someone's wrong about something and gets embarrassed, too.

No. 1722625

noticed this too.

No. 1722631

File: 1670544519115.png (Spoiler Image,777.81 KB, 750x1624, dylanew.png)

It irritates me so much when moids try to be "bimbos" and whatever. Of course natural womanhood is unattainable to them, but it's such an insult.

Can't believe the President met with this guy

No. 1722632

literally looks like just some dude doing a prank or hopping on some tiktok challenge

No. 1722638

i hope he bought that bikini after trying it on…

No. 1722641

All the women had to say was “actually I identify as nonbinary/agender/bigender/transmasc” and the gunman would have let them go with the rest of the men. Too bad they didn’t know this one trick.

No. 1722649

Dylan makes me want to a-log. I hope he just disappears from social media one day and goes back to being a gay manlet.

No. 1722654

Every-time I see him I can’t believe he’s only 26. He looks so aged. I totally believe he’s a celebrity plant though, his videos are shit and creepy even to other trannies.

No. 1722657

Dylan is horrible, but he is good for peaking people. There is no way you can look at him and not see a man who roleplays stereotypical ideas about femininity.

No. 1722659

Of course a male wouldn't know you're supposed to leave your underwear on when trying on bathing suits.

No. 1722666

Oh he knows, it just feeds into his fetish thinking about the women who're going to try this in after him.

No. 1722671

i miss when men just became good ol fashioned trenchcoat/fedora wearing r/atheism users instead of tradcath genderbenders

No. 1722700

They are the same men.

No. 1722701

Dylan's doing this because he thinks men get off to it. He literally sand some shit about boys drooling in one of the TikToks.

No. 1722702

File: 1670551861388.png (329.59 KB, 479x428, fedoramen.png)

No. 1722704

they should retvrn to their roots, amazing how troonhood makes classical neckbeardism look preferable

No. 1722724

File: 1670554269088.jpg (604.73 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20221208_204855.jpg)

So, so misogynistic

No. 1722728

File: 1670554927316.png (364.82 KB, 733x603, Screenshot 2022-12-08 215738.p…)

Weirdly enough, the super wide eyes seems like a common thing among sociopathic moids. Whenever I see it, it always reminds me of picrel.

No. 1722734

File: 1670556285931.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (117).png)

I just wanna see the ff16 trailer

No. 1722743

not only did this TIM win the award for "innovation in accessibility" for GOW, he's the entire reason why the game grating to get through. he literally baby-fied the whole experience and called it accessibility by saying easier puzzles are more accessible. it's a constant handholding hellhole where the moment you're given a puzzle, your partner at the time will always solve it. if you're in combat, your partners will constantly be backseating you. I have no idea how this refrigerator even got hired.
sorry for the rant nonnas, this pissed me off beyond anything else. classic TIM moment to think that accessibility = easymode.

No. 1722745

I can't stand the cringe awards lol

No. 1722747

Can't wait for this retard to get clowned on endlessly and then threaten to kill himself. Literally the worst part of the game

No. 1722758

I watched my now ex husband go down the classic work-from-home pervert tech bro pipeline. I went from innocent handmaiden when first stumbling across this thread to full-on terf thanks to the discussions and evidence posted here and I can't get over how predictable and unwavering the path is. Textbook. Keep men off the internet at all costs.

No. 1722768

sorry anon…hopefully you dont have kids with him

No. 1722777

File: 1670560582286.jpeg (62.37 KB, 1024x414, 89DA916D-985F-464A-9210-31B648…)

so the dude in the left picture apparently paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on the troon to mold him into his perfect tranny sex doll? seems like a lot of effort and money just to pretend he’s not a faggot. it’s hilarious to see how the troon actually looks when he’s steaming, just undeniably male despite the god-awful bolt-ons.

No. 1722778

File: 1670560639778.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.15 KB, 764x1024, 67062306-7EC2-495D-8ACF-D50959…)

and here are the bolt-ons kek, imagine spending money on this botch-job

No. 1722780

Dude on the left looks exactly like an incel faggot I know lol

No. 1722781

Thank you so much. But also thanks for reminding me how packed to the brim /v is with trannies. That is hilarious though, triggered so many trannies in such a short interval and not one of them could recover without just resorting to rEnT FReE. Kept them insecure and malding kek

No. 1722787

I heard that one way trannies can get "wet" is when their bottom surgery involves sectioning a part of their colon. Basically it gets "wet" after eating… Yikes. And still, they can't help claiming that it's "identical" to actual women or even better. The delusion.

NTA but HSTS are still MtF so they belong here. And the drag queens who don't troon out still mock femininity and women and reduce them to makeup and mannerisms. It seems that this new trend of bringing drag queens into schools goes hand in hand with the rise of gender ideology.
Also, why would it be okay to post screenshots from liberal sources (when gender BS is pushed by liberals) but not conservative sources? Both sides hate women and have their own crazy ideologies.

No. 1722795

those things look like they have some kind of issue. it legit looks like there might be a tumor in both of them causing them to look very weird.

No. 1722798

Holy shit, someone please tell him that his foundation is like five shades too light and that it's making him look like a literal clown.

Love how no matter how big their moobs or implants are, they're still like a mile apart because of their male ribcage shape.

No. 1722799

File: 1670564651486.jpg (183.11 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20221209-004312.jpg)

If they get the peritoneal pull or sigmoid colon vaginoplasty they are ALWAYS leaking fluid. So much fluid that they need to change pads multiple times a day.

any "lubricant" they produce likely comes from their Cowper's gland (precum). So effen gross to see TiMs who frequently talk about not telling their casual sex partners that they are trans brag about not having an issue with lubrication… I'm betting my money on the hetero fucking dude sticking his thing in an inverted p3nis caring about that!

No. 1722801

We don't post shit from liberal sources either, unless it's to mock it for defending troons. We shouldn't side with conservatives just because liberals are finding creative ways to hate women while trying to appear woke. Remember that the right stripped women of their right to choose just a few months ago. They are not our allies just because they dislike troons as much as we do. Neither party deserves our allegiance.

We hate troons because they're what happens when you combine systemic misogyny with late-stage capitalism. Conservatives hate troons because they see trannies as a threat to their sacred "traditional" families, where women are bangmaid slaves to their husbands.

No. 1722805

just look at that fucking barrel of a torso and then look at all the other wet noodle limbs
but yeah
>they want to fuck hot people for once instead each other’s dusty assess in the ugly girl ghetto
this is what is is lmao ok

No. 1722813

Just because we post things here from sources you don't like doesnt mean we agree with everything they say, most of the time that's the only news source posting this kinda stuff.

No. 1722817

Apparently when Geoff was reading HP in most anticipated it got booed kek.

No. 1722823

File: 1670569583300.png (1.61 MB, 1151x2048, chrome_screenshot_167056948619…)

Yes we do. because you are a man, now gtfo.

No. 1722824

File: 1670569697366.jpeg (297.55 KB, 1173x1276, 6F863EB9-EB57-4E23-ADCD-65F04C…)

He’s done it again lmao

No. 1722825

So little boob he has to dig it into his armpit to keep it up.

No. 1722826

the new GOW are awful, i hate them. They feel nothing like the originals, of course a troon had to behind it, ugh.

No. 1722833

on the other hand, no efforts are needed for us to see the shape of his dick. well actually it looks like he's holding the towel just high enough to show it off. imagine going to the changing rooms and coming face to face with this creep. he really thinks he belongs in there just because he's wearing a purple bikini or whatever that is? i hate troons.

No. 1722843

File: 1670572977453.jpeg (823 KB, 1242x4914, 47C7D9B9-D267-468E-B8C9-9A2B29…)

She’s going pretty hard on this stance

No. 1722859

>>1722843 She'll eventually get there.

No. 1722864

Wtf is that screencapped tweet real? It could be posted by one of the unhinged woman-hating ""radfems"" from here though

No. 1722875

File: 1670576601195.jpg (831.53 KB, 1080x2340, 266262424242422244428.jpg)

This troon is a fucking jumpscare

No. 1722881

>I even got one to read JKR’s “infamous” essay after she heard it was bad and she was very confused as to why people were upset about it
I recommend sending the JKR text directly to your passive pro-troon friends asking them what they think. If they're normies it's an easy peak to tell them this is all she did that made trans people send her death and rape threats on the daily. If they're anti-JKR TRA you can pretend to be confused about it and ask them to explain it while acting all innocent and like you really want to understand. I don't even have to act when I do it because I genuinely don't understand why they hate her so much (jk, i know they hate her because she's a woman)

No. 1722882

I wrote this before but I had to unfollow her because she kept liking tweets about incel or tradthot shit like “having a children is woman’s true purpose, not dick carousel and bars”. She’s just trying to appeal to pol dudes imo and she can’t risk upsetting the ones that fap it to ladyboys hsts thinking it’s straight.

No. 1722884

I don't use reddit, but maybe the solution is to make a XY/"men only" sub but have it be all women and deny troons based on them "not being men". If anyone complains about there clearly being women there just accuse them of transphobia kek

No. 1722887

reading this makes me want to barf

No. 1722891

Their trans "gotcha" is still arguing that ugly non-passing troons should not be in women's changing rooms. So they're totally fine with SOME troons being excluded, thwn we might as well exclude all troons.

No. 1722894

jesus. legit looks like a serial killer wearing a mask and one of his victim's scalp.

No. 1722914

good luck for her to attract /pol/tards since she kept saying that she’s a rAdFeM and believes that true dysphoric people could be included in feminism (which any polfag disagree with that)

No. 1722920

no fucking way kek. a few nonas here called that he would do it again, and that it will eventually escalate into worse.

No. 1722921

yep, same. i clocked her as a RWW the moment i checked her profiles. her dylan video was hilarious but that's about it.

No. 1722924

i'm mostly defeatist because men can and will control what is allowed on reddit. even if they have no control over a certain subreddit, they will campaign to have it removed and somehow it will be, before any subreddit encouraging rape or pedophilia is removed.

plus i don't think TIMs will want to use an XY group, because their own chromosomes invalidate them kek.

but i also think their behaviour will eventually peak people and that turning it back around on them, even if it did work, is just giving them justification and ammo.

No. 1722926

We need a "trannies, clean your room" fake viral challenge or something, damn

No. 1722927

Normal people don't see things like that sexually and don't have pedos on their mind as a result.

No. 1722930

File: 1670584585695.jpg (172.58 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20221209_131357.jpg)

Game of the Year awards were last night. The source vid had no booing only less cheers than Final Fantasy.

No. 1722931

>normal people
you say on an imageboard.
tbf you kind of have a point though.

No. 1722933

Men manifesting since the dawn of time pretending it's women into woowoo shit kek.

No. 1722937


jesus christ people will believe anything on social media nowadays there was no booing

No. 1722938

Hogwarts Legacy looks objectively awesome not just for HP fans. The seething and reeing is going to epic.

No. 1722942

did anyone think this chick was smart? dylan is a total freakshow and deserves to be mocked but this lady is dumb as hell for putting her real name and face to funny but ultimately kinda embarrassing and juvenile videos of herself dressing up and making fun of a tiktoker, good luck to her but she’s gonna spend the rest of her life just praying none of her coworkers google her at any workplace she ever has

No. 1722948

Elon needs to clean up the bots more because even thought this tweet has 1k+ likes I scanned through and most of the comments are like,"I do, I'm going to buy it just to spite you" kek. Nobody fucking cares. I just can't wait to see what streamers I lose respect for when they add a disclaimer if they play or try to trash it because trawnsrights. I hope Jerma doesn't touch it because I can imagine him doing this

No. 1722949

File: 1670586386464.jpg (56.75 KB, 720x577, Screenshot_20221209-064442_Chr…)

No. 1722950

File: 1670586394037.gif (502.87 KB, 601x784, stacymalfoy.gif)

normie reeeing over something they're obsessed with (see Disney Adults/Star Wars fags) could easily be misinterpreted. it all sounds retarded, I'm sure the body odour in the atmosphere distorted the sound too.

No. 1722951

lol, Authorities should check his home. There's probably a horde of stolen luggage and suitcases in his basement.

No. 1722954

god that guy is such a fucking pseud faggot, sometimes i hatewatch but i can hardly get through his vids because the intonation he uses for his MUNDANE observations sets my teeth on edge. genuinely laughed at his recent vid cause i thought he was doing a self depreciating bit. it was SO BAD and poorly researched and written, with the fucking chopin in the background lmfao. srsly i expected a punchline at the end. sorry for the sperg but he really makes me see red
i do commend her for making fun of that nasty tiktok ghoul, though in the end it hasnt really changed anything or made any impact, and all for pretty steep costs. not really worth it. dylans videos are already prime peaking material on their own, if a woman sees him and isnt instantly viscerally repulsed she is probably never going to change her mind

No. 1722955

man I was so disappointed to see that she was that much of a pick me and a bit of a tradthot. She is so close to getting it. So close.

I think it depends on what area she is in. People do dumb shit to get fame on tiktok all the time. There is content on there that makes fun of trannies as well. Brandon Rodgers has made fun of troons and made racist jokes multiple times and he is still able to get jobs.

No. 1722959

File: 1670587245785.jpg (46.67 KB, 720x421, Screenshot_20221209-065621_You…)

I found that video and I found this comment
Kek. And the response to this was, "fair enough".

No. 1722961

and y'all called me a tranny for saying she's not a radfem and only a lolcow would make a video dressed up as a tranny

No. 1722963

>try and pass as a man
he wouldn't have to try kek.
that room was filled with women with short hair, wearing trousers and shirts and the shooter still knew they were women, as would any person.
at least he is acknowledging he would actually do this, whereas most TIMs deny it would be an option to them, as if they would even be targeted in this situation.

No. 1722964

That's even worse and so disgusting. Turns out trannies do have a reason to wear pads after all. I was gonna ask why do they willingly go through that but then I remembered that only a minority transitions and that it would actually be better if all the perverts could cut their dicks off.

No. 1722966

>normal people don't see a sensually posed naked child doll with its genetalia exposed as something that could attract pedos
You've clearly never been in charge of keeping a child safe, any male who posts something like this is a red flag for a parent. Does it mean the person who posted it is undoubtly a pedo? No, but it raises questions. Your argument is the same logic TRAs use when they say drag shows aren't inherently sexual and therefore safe for kids, and the people questioning it are the pervs for insisting drag shows are too sexual for kids.

No. 1722967

Don't forget that even scientific studies felt the need to comment on how "foul" and noticable the smell of their inverted penises are when they have the sigmoid colon vaginoplasty. Because it smells like what it is, the part of the colon that holds your poop, so you can imagine what the stench is like.

No. 1722971

the world is so fucked up and dark, let me focus on my fetish,nothing i can do to help anyone, other than jerk myself off all day, dark times, sad, why does everyone think im a selfish disgusting freak, they should just have nasty monkeypox sex in between their 3 jobs

No. 1722972

Reminder to my fellow terf-islanders to not pay for a tv licence!

No. 1722981

dream chin

No. 1722982

File: 1670591930813.jpeg (388.58 KB, 1394x828, D4448537-D70C-4960-933E-AC679F…)

Niggas built like the incredibly retarded hulk and still obsessed with this pansy bullshit

No. 1722985

>”I want to look, dress and act like a man but call myself a lesbian.”
Pure insanity. I cannot wrap my brain around this shit anymore than I can around the diaper freaks and tampon stealers.

No. 1722987

Many of them are just incels who think that women live life on easy mode (even if that were true you would have to be, you know an ACTUAL WOMEN to get that) and they can get a free “lesbian” out of it to.

No. 1722994

His face is just so ugly, he looks like he was moulded out of plasticine with those weird pudgy cheeks and demonic smile. He couldn't look more male if he tried.

wow one of the worst dicknoses I've ever seen. The haircut is ugly and autistic too kek

Yes. I can literally see the bulge without even expanding the image, pervert.

This guy must have some kind of disability right? Why is his face like that?? He looks like a default sim

the male socialisation just jumps straight out. The aggression, entitlement, and need to silence women. They can't hide it even when they're trying to imitate us.

No. 1722999

>I'm pushing and establishing boundaries.
Always men, always pushing boundaries.

No. 1723003

more like genderfluid nuclear waste of space

No. 1723006

Yeah, he definitely knew what he was doing with having his bulge on display. They’re such perverts.

No. 1723008

>default sim
i wonder if that is validating to non-binary people

No. 1723009

I can’t fully agree with this tbh. Once you know what pedos look for, sometimes it’s hard not to notice because the warning bells go off. Things like Cuties for instance, or learning how a lot of pedos will steal photos that parents posts of their children in swimsuits or dance costumes. I think many nonnas have been exposed to dialogue about it, so it isn’t hard to make the connections. It’s why I try to tell all my friends who are parents to be really careful with what images they share of their children online, because even men on their friends lists can’t be trusted. As for the doll everyone is talking about, idk, but with the posing it gave slightly nefarious vibes to me too.

No. 1723019

>he's still able to get jobs
there's your answer nonnie

No. 1723032

> “Femmes don’t preen under my gaze”
Ah, yes, the extremely lesbian experience of being an ugly incel angry women won’t perform femininity for you and you in particulaen

No. 1723034

Why did he take his purse with him to the stage, embarrassing

No. 1723035

i didn't even notice that. that's hilarious. like he needs a gender affirming prop with him.

No. 1723037

these types invest all their energy on being chronically online because they know they’d get kicked out of a lesbian bar irl. it does make me wanna alog though, complaining about not being desired by women lol. how did you come to that conclusion, genius?

No. 1723050

File: 1670600228414.png (282.84 KB, 472x562, am.png)

>first woman since 1978
this is a man.

he stabbed his ex girlfriend to death and raped her lifeless body. she had a restraining order against him for previous aggressions.

but the article still goes on to talk about how much happier he is since he has been able to "live as a woman" and claims he wouldn't have committed those acts if he was able to live as him true self.


reduxx article: https://reduxx.info/inmate-on-death-row-now-identifying-as-a-woman-ahead-of-execution/

No. 1723056

How do you have patience with friends that have “peaked” but aren’t quite there yet? I thought my friend was on the same page about TIMs, but she says radfems go too far with not allowing HSTS castrated “true trans” into women’s toilets. I don’t understand how someone can think like this? I told her statistically they’re still dangerous, crimes have happened, and just because she feels comfortable with it, it’s not her place to tell other women how to feel. I regard her as a normie so if this is representative of what the public think, I fear we still have an uphill battle ahead of us.

No. 1723059

Using their own argument against them, you cannot check genitals before "allowing" someone into a toilet. When you allow one man in, you allow them all in. The only logical thing is so divide by sex when it comes to toilets, changing room, sports, prisons etc. because that is where sex matters, for women's safety and dignity. that isn't suggesting that every single trans person is a predator but it does invite predators to take advantage, which they can and have done. Even if that HSTS was the kindest, sweetest, most respectful man and had no genitals, his presence still can make women feel unsafe and his presence still justifies the opportunistic rapist or pedophile access to women and girl's spaces.

there is no argument to be had because men are not women. one man's discomfort around other men, based on the way he dresses, is one man's problem vs millions of women's safety.

No. 1723060

File: 1670601745107.jpeg (372.3 KB, 750x1134, BB5746D7-65D4-4B98-8282-336218…)

stink ditches stink, what a surprise.

No. 1723061

just to add: this is an issue for men to solve within their own spaces. if they can't be accommodating towards members of their own sex based on how they dress or act, then they ned to take responsibility and find a solution. women's spaces are not a shelter for rejected and failed men. we are expected to just take the burden at our own peril.

No. 1723064

My god this is so angering. You wouldn't need to try, you'd just go ""boymode"". These fuckers make me see red; the women there wouldn't be able to do this.

No. 1723065

Well, in patriarchal societies degraded men (eunuchs, faggots, and all other failures) are considered women-lite but of course with certain rights and dignity. Which sucks, but it's not a big problem. If fagcels get hate crimed in women's toilets once or twice they'll stop being peepin' Tom's. Reach heaven through violence etc etc

No. 1723069

This is pretty much "I want to be a straight man while being able to get with lesbians". Also the fact that he said dyke; what a truly upstanding gentlewoman!

No. 1723070

I work at video game store in NA, and I promise you, the number of people excited including my FTM co-worker is insane.
A bunch of fake cope from Twitter as usual

No. 1723075

Your wound doesn't self clean the way a vagina is biologically designed to do. Next question

No. 1723077

this is one of the things that peaked me, even when you believe in all of their shit it doesnt make sense how much they hate on people like J.K.Rowling. Like everyone of us consumes/uses lots of stuff everyday that comes from horrific conditions for humans or animals. Even as a vegan who only buys fair trade stuff you dont really get around it, but then they loose their shit if a very rich woman who is "rude" gets slightly more money she doesnt even care about anymore and everyone who buys products she profits even a bit from gets shunned. The hogwarts game has barely anything to do with her

No. 1723089

File: 1670605217824.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1964, 19F23EA9-AEC5-4D10-B913-3D21F6…)

Anyone know this stupid twink on tiktok? He’s been super misogynistic on a lot of occasions and bitches about “radical feminists” anytime he gets called out and he finally got chased off tiktok a month ago. Now he’s back with she/her pronouns! Can’t be misogynistic if you’re a sweet little girl!

No. 1723096

No fucking way. It's over now, this is the ultimate defense against taking accountability for your actions.

No. 1723097

i used to follow him and when he popped up in my fyp with that ugly blonde wig claiming he was a woman 2 days after being called out for using a sexist rethoric i really thought he was joking and then i realized he wasnt.

in the comments ppl were saying that him comparing a vagina to a porkchop was not sexism but internalized misogyny lmao

No. 1723099

I played Signalis, an indie game that seemed kind of cool. I play whatever horror game hits the market. It was described as Resident Evil in space, Silent Hill vibes, but in space. It had great reviews. The moment I walked around with my character I thought "did a tranny design this" because of the retarded way she walked and the anime vibes. The game was pretty good and the puzzles were fun even if a lot of stuff was rip offs of RE and SH (it didn't make any qualms about not being that anyways). Story was convoluted enough to have some tinge of autism, but ultimately a good premise. Sure enough I read the credits and the creators are "Yuri" and "Barbara."

I work with disabled people and honestly, that kind of stuff does make it more accessible. While the original puzzles and game play were more difficult (puzzles really weren't in my opinion), it was also full of dude bro energy. Being able to restore health by having sex was gross. The story of GOW (2018) is way better along with its interactions and main story. If you have a problem with gameplay you can always just play it on harder difficulty. I don't think the tranny made any retarded tranny decisions, just regular industry decisions to make a game easier to gain more players. Elden Ring infuriated gamers for being too hard.

No. 1723103

he's probably a grifter a la dylan mulvaney

No. 1723112

this tiktok, along with all his "top 10 songs" ones, are jokes

No. 1723114

who said anything about his retarded unfunny tiktoks hes a misogynistic faggot

No. 1723115

disabled people shouldn't be the target market for games.

No. 1723121

Trannies are disabled and the best consumers you can find, anon.

No. 1723126

Exactly. Men want to whine all day about how they are treated and perceived but do nothing to solve it.

No. 1723128

Right? They really act like their whining about it is going to stop swathes of normies from not buying this game. It’s funny that some trans people don’t even care either. I mean, why should they? It’s all just posturing and virtue signaling.

No. 1723131

"I use the douche twice a week" and he wonders why it stinks lol, with that wound youve kept open you need to use that several times a day. These moids dont know their own hygiene and especially not after such a butcher surgery. Its gonna need so much intense care for the rest of their lives

No. 1723134

This is a weird comment. Obviously they shouldn’t be the target, and not every game needs accessibility options, but it’s not like having them ruins the game if they’re optional. The only people I’ve seen disagree are rabid dudebros. It’s not like disabled people don’t have hobbies too or want to enjoy a game they see.

No. 1723135

I legit gag every time I unwillingly imagine what their rotpockets must smell like. Like…I’m imagining straight up the worst post-booze shit smell mixed with dick cheese and I wanna die

No. 1723141

I only know about the hogwarts game from trans activists, I had never heard of it before and I'm now super hyped about it to the point that I've even preordered it and I never do that. I've told my whole family and friends about it which will get another few copies sold. They are so stupid for giving the game free advertising kek

I'm sure almost every game review will open with "we know JKR is a transphobe and that's bad BUT…"

No. 1723158

File: 1670610471706.png (533.64 KB, 679x735, Libs of TikTok on Twitter (2).…)

No. 1723178

I watched one of her videos where she mocked transwomen. She mentioned the surname of one of the people she was talking about was Nguyen, and she couldn't even put in the basic effort of looking up the pronunciation of literally the most common Vietnamese names ever. She exudes gen z "I'm so edgy" energy. It honestly doesn't surprise me at all that she's beginning to backtrack.

No. 1723180

File: 1670612251107.jpeg (9.92 KB, 300x168, images (21).jpeg)

I cant deal with this nonnas, my heart is so angry for my sisters having their lives and identities stolen because men are disgusting rape apes who hate us, this hell will never end and gets worse all the time, how does one cope with this

No. 1723183

doesn't surprise me either. always avoid those with grifter energy, even if they appear to be on the same page, they'll do a 180 soon enough. you can tell when they don't appear to stand for anything and are just reacting to regurgitated talking points.

No. 1723184

I want off this wild ride.

No. 1723209

You don't know what the fuck your talking about, because the 'accessability' options for the game we're talking about is to have NPCs give puzzle answers to the player, and make the game worse. In conclusion, fuck retards

No. 1723211

nta but i think you should take your meds. its just video games, calm down.

No. 1723217

Lmao he contoured his receding hairline hahahaha!

No. 1723221


No disagreement here.

No. 1723229

Idk about "Yuri" (a "they" on twitter, no troon flags.) but Barbara seems to be a real woman (her website http://www.antihelios.de/). Neither put any obvious troon shit on their social media, so maybe you are a bit too paranoid due to the anime aesthetics. (I didn't really dig that deep but usually troons cannot shut up about how trans they are.)

No. 1723230

keep peaking women at every opportunity. we can't stop misogyny but we can open other women's eyes to it and band together.

No. 1723264

Do trannies ever impact video games in a positive way? If what you said is true then there's that stuff with Japanese games being localized to seem more tranny friendly in English by using they/them for characters that are clearly either girls or boys (like in ACNH) or saying that you have to choose a "style" instead of a gender, then you have a diagnosed Swedish tranny nobody who named himself after a Love Live yuri ship who spread lies about some dialogs in FE Fates to influence the localizers into changing a bunch of characters and scenes, then you have a lot of boring indie games being made by trans people who brag about being "women in STEM" and "female devs", and don't get me started on speedrunning.

No. 1723270

can't wait to buy a copy for me AND my husband! it's so funny to see people say they're gonna torrent it as some sort of gotcha but that happens to literally every game and yet the video game industry continues to thrive.

No. 1723275

normal people are even more sensitive to things being pedo. people outside of a niche (like dolls) are even more likely to be weirded out. take for example the amount of zoomers just discovering anime and calling everything pedo.

No. 1723278

It's not that there are a lot of bots on twitter, there's a lot of that but it's mostly that not everyone is on twitter. People truly believe everyone uses it all the time like it's fb and like everything on twitter reflect common sense and common opinions on various topics. There aren't that many users, most users don't even post anything at all, and even the ones who do post stuff are mostly American, then Japanese and then from other countries and they're usually posting because they're into specific topics. It's a very biased platform.

No. 1723289

File: 1670619619686.jpg (53.04 KB, 900x900, d3pp3yzkawn.jpg)

>should I buy some odor thing for the inside?

This should do it kek

No. 1723295

the acnh 'style' thing is ultimately good imo. i wouldn't agree the characters are "clearly either girls or boys" when everyone including the PC is either a sexless cute animal or a sexless child. there's no sex (genitals or chromosomes,) thus no sex-based oppression, thus no gender, so clothes and haircut is literally your 'style' and nothing more.

since they only did the 'style' thing and neutral pronouns in the US indicates it was probably due to pressure from trannies, but intentionally or not it's basically a gc utopia.

No. 1723304

File: 1670620274523.jpeg (Spoiler Image,892.41 KB, 1242x5521, BDB37039-500B-474C-8CD3-5DB417…)

It’s starting to become off-topic now somewhat so I’ll make this my last.

>how do you know there’s filters

Well ok how do you know there isn’t filters lmao

No. 1723306

It didn’t need spoilered.

No. 1723311

File: 1670620456114.png (237.92 KB, 519x1000, op is THIRTY.png)

nearly 4k notes for a long rambling spiel on bullshit gender romanticism

No. 1723314

File: 1670620542596.png (274.79 KB, 367x764, prison.png)

the DM just posted an article about TIMs in women's prison in the US. i know the DM sucks but hopefully this will peak some people.


No. 1723320

god fucking damn it when are they gonna put this senile out of the white house

No. 1723325

i hope they rope that fucker

No. 1723347

>gender is a tool
>gender is a performance
>gender is a weapon
what too much judith butler does to a mf. 'gender' is the manifestation of sex based oppression and nothing more

No. 1723358

Gender isn't real kek, only when it is used synonymously for sex because saying sex makes juvenile people laugh/uptight people cringe because of the double meaning. A man can have long hair and like girly shit, doesn't change the fact that he is male no matter how hard these tradfag types cope.

No. 1723361

It's not just pressure from troons, it's also because that shit is impossible to convey based on a shit ton of languages' grammatical rules. The original script when choosing your playable character is just "what are you?" and either "a boy" or "a girl", that shit feels very unnatural in the English script.

>when everyone including the PC is either a sexless cute animal or a sexless child

All the characters are either a boy or a girl
>there's no sex (genitals or chromosomes,) thus no sex-based oppression, thus no gender, so clothes and haircut is literally your 'style' and nothing more.
That shit is retarded, that's pure invention from the American localizers, in other languages if you play as a boy everyone will refer to you with masculine pronouns and adjectives but you're still able to wear whatever the fuck you want, there's no need to think that far about this cutesy game. If anything instead of "gc utopia" it feels like the localizers where like "a male character can wear a dress? trans rights!" and called it a day.

No. 1723387

So this man has been shoving a lubed up dialator up what is either a second colon or inverted penis multiple times a day since he's had it, likely drawing blood at times, and he only douches it twice a week? It's probably stinking of rank bloody lubricant with the potential for intestinal bacteria or dick cheese (disgustingly enough I've seen reports of what seems like smegma out of their holes)

No. 1723388

I still don't know what to make of it, will he get away with being based here and there, also kek, grooming of course

No. 1723391

KEK is the headline going to get longer and longer as he keeps doing more retarded fetish shit? Because this is hilarious.

No. 1723397

real women in basic office jobs are fired for posting innocent photos of themselves in a modest swimsuit on a beach meanwhile degenerate moid sex pests like this one can get high ranking positions in the department of energy fucking male privilege at its finest

No. 1723403

That would be awesome! If even one of them is a REAL woman I'd be forgiving since it's a good game. The game revolves around two lesbians (lesbian robot?)so I am extra paranoid. I'm just so sick of trannies in gaming claiming female representation.

No. 1723413

File: 1670625892237.png (623.11 KB, 2024x548, Capture d’écran 2022-12-09 à 2…)

she's obsessed with that pic tf

No. 1723425

I swear these women have a certain look about them. I knew that Vanessa Vokey was a conservative from looks alone and Jess has the same vibe.

No. 1723427

File: 1670626959616.png (257.59 KB, 677x861, BBC 100 Women on Twitter.png)


the responses to this thread are all dunking on the bbc regarding them including two trannies in their list

No. 1723430

Yeah this is getting weird, also I don't get her confusion about the post surgery HSTS washroom thing. They can very easily enter the men's washroom and just explain that they're trans if someone asks what they're doing there. The moment they talk it'll be pretty obvious they're a man

No. 1723436

I can't be the only one who sees the absolute crazy in jess' eyes kek

No. 1723438

i mean, tbf she was doing her dylan impersonation at the time so crazy eyes is a basic requirement for that

No. 1723445

That's very true kek. It's honestly my favorite part of her skits

No. 1723454

Watched it, super fucked up situation but also furthers that it's just a fetish for all of them.

No. 1723461

which reminds me of that reddit post about a woman who had to drug herself before going down on her tranny husband’s rot pocket because the smell made her nauseous. and the tranny had the nerve to tell her her pussy didn’t smell good either. does anyone have the screenshot?

No. 1723467

stop derailing and make a thread about her.

No. 1723470

this discussion probably belongs in the radfem cows thread but lol, it was always obvious she was a grifter. she made fun of troons once or twice and immediately started plugging her cashapp.

No. 1723472

can someone please make a thread about her I liked her at first but she follows a bunch of conservatives and believes in true trans.

No. 1723474

doubt that it will attract a lot of ppl. she's not that popular, maybe the radfem cow thread would be the best

No. 1723488

File: 1670631440212.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.37 KB, 600x800, frog.jpg)

This image smells like decades of rule34 porn

No. 1723490

She has to regret those videos and is doing damage control, there's no other explanation for why she would start caping for trannies like her life depended on it.

No. 1723500

Yeah me too I thought she was cool. She even planned ahead and made a fake dox before making those videos.

No. 1723504

this is a very scrote take, her issue with Dylan was that he looked creepy and didn't pull of looking like a woman. Seems she's very happy to except those who wear woman face in a way she thinks makes them pass. I'm not buying this "Dysphoric" shit.
Also it's very scrote like to go,
>Okay but what about this troon
>How you know?
Uhhhhhh I have eyes, even non-troons can look different irl, but we're supposed to take troons at face value?

No. 1723508

Jess isn’t the smartest person. I’ve talked to her and she’d be like “yeah, totally” the whole time with rarely any input of her own.

No. 1723522

posted about her in radfem cows. but if someone else wants to make a thread instead, pls post. >>>/snow/1351285

No. 1723523

make an ActualXX subreddit

No. 1723529

They ruined God of War and Horizon with that bullshit. They should have made it optional because the handholding is outrageous.

No. 1723532

I hate troons and dylan but her videos were always cringe and unfunny kek, maybe i'm just a misery guts though.

No. 1723539

I've known at least ten moids that look like this, other males are just going to see a fag in a bikini.

No. 1723575

They were literally just remakes of the originals but with an extra layer of another person desperate for attention cashing in on the popularity of Dylan's videos. He was already peaking people with his clownery on his own, her replies are just narc on narc violence kek.

No. 1723581

Nah the first dylan video was super funny, it's sad she got pretty much jumped on for being totally right. There was a moid comedian who spoofed dylan and he never got half the hate Jess received.

No. 1723589

intellectually disabled people who need very easy puzzles should not be the target market for the gaming industry. that would be like removing all color from websites/media/television to accommodate both red-green and yellow-blue color blind people

No. 1723590

it's crazy how clinton was impeached for having a consensual affair but now nothing is sticking with this dude

No. 1723594

>Gender is a knife
Yup and you lot weaponize it against us.

>Gender is a tool

Yup and you use it as such, turning ‘womanhood’ on and off when it suits your needs.

The OP and the people reblogging it are just telling on themselves kek

No. 1723636

maybe she’s going through the same phase i went through after peaking, when i tried really hard to re-brainwash myself because it was easier than dealing with the truth. it doesn’t work, she’ll eventually re-peak.

No. 1723651

the fucking contour in his hairline

No. 1723679

File: 1670646527155.jpg (90.93 KB, 639x464, moid being dramatic.jpg)

Sorry I must have blinked and missed all the "tranphobia" in harry potter seriously why are troons insistent on being the victims of everything?

No. 1723696

Well, there is this scene where Ron tries to get in the girls dormitory and the castle doesn't allow it, turning the stairs into a slide because the founders thought of boys as less trustworthy, while girls are still alowed in the boys dormitory. Thats terf magic if you ask me.

No. 1723709

File: 1670648462651.jpg (44.18 KB, 827x780, FjlIrZaacAEl81N.jpg)


No. 1723710

are you joking? lady gaga has been pushing troons on youths for like two decades now

No. 1723712

My bad I guess I was hoping she would have drawn the line at this creep.

No. 1723722

Incredible. Ellen Page troons out and her career craters. A Literal Who troons out and he gets a meeting with the president and celebrity/brand endorsements. Male privilege.

No. 1723723

Forgive my autism, but Clinton was actually impeached for lying under oath, which is a crime. Appointing retards to your cabinet isn't a crime, just reckless and stupid.

No. 1723727

isn’t lady gaga a troon?

No. 1723731

File: 1670650329200.jpeg (540.72 KB, 750x2128, AC3E712D-D817-4278-B204-CC803A…)

when fetishists become the fetish, suddenly paraphilias are bad.

No. 1723732

Nah, she just leaned into that rumor for the attention.

No. 1723739

itsd basically confirmed he stole obvious womens luggage to wear their clothes. none of them got their stuff back either.

No. 1723743

doesn't she have a male love interest?

No. 1723751

lmao why are they acting like having a foot fetish and wanting to fuck trannies are even remotely comparable? just because your fetish has ruined your life and your brain doesn't mean literally anyone with any sort of fetish is also retarded.

No. 1723752

lmao the audacity of trannies. always claiming to be the victims of their own fucking behaviors and ideologies. also, maybe it's because i'm an ESLfag but what does he mean by "chasers are particularly good at clocking because to a hammer, anything looks like a nail"? does it mean that to a chaser anyone looks like a troon?? in any case, seems like a cope for being clockable

No. 1723754

File: 1670653354336.jpeg (287.27 KB, 750x1600, 3E4ADF0D-6A3C-4062-8825-34DA34…)

let me guess, he did this because he’s going to catfish people or jerk off to himself, or both.

No. 1723761

actually high IQ shit
>get some troon/scrote's photos and deep fake them
>sell the images to other scrotes

No. 1723765

Foot fetishes aren't going to cause significant damage to society like troonery does, but it's still a paraphilia and imo a signal of sexuality distorted by porn or porn culture. A troon calling that out is like a vantablack pot calling the kettle black, though. Pleading that the thread doesn't face the most retarded derail as of yet because of this.

No. 1723767

Combining AGP with digital exploitation and sexual harassment of actual women, all for his own sexual gratification. Horrifying. Only a truly, thoroughly repugnant male individual could do this and think to encourage other men to do the same, instead of just killing himself in shame for even considering this.

No. 1723768

Real women are scared of deepfakes because it will be used to sexually harass them.
Meanwhile this tranny is making fetish photos of himself. So relateable as a woman…

No. 1723780

Unfortunately games were already getting the "made for speds" treatment long ago. People can call it innovated and say we're nitpicking but honestly, to have an already established franchise and to introduce this shit in the 2nd game of a 'reboot' is straight up retarded. No doubt that because it was a fucking tranny present in an already depraved work environment, no one was capable of calling out what a horseshit design choice it was. If they wanted to, they could've had optional "hints" after a certain time frame or failed attempts. The puzzles are elementary level not rocket science, if you as a player cannot solve those puzzle you shouldn't be wasting time playing vidya instead go and build up your IQ if you're so retarded

(Sorry for vidya sperg)

No. 1723785

they aren't really made for speds, easier vidya is for the casual normalfags and children. saying it's made for speds just gives them extra woke points.

No. 1723788

Normies may not be informed but they aren't stupid. The virtue signaling is what gives us these problems. Anyone who has played VGs knows how dumb downed gameplay has become

No. 1723795

these threads are beginning to reek of anti sjw men

No. 1723798

This shows how opposite troons and women actually are, as anon said >>1723768
>Real woman: scared of the very real threat a hateful scrote will spread fake porn of her to ruin her career/relationships/reputation
>Troon scrote: makes fake porn of himself for fun and encourages other to do so by unsubtly inviting them to join the deepfake community

No. 1723799

How the fuck does this faketard know everyone?

Yeah no trannie don't use womens bodies to satisfy your sick delusions. Creep.

No. 1723801

Why? Because video games got brought up? We're not sjw's dummy, we're just making fun of troons.

No. 1723802

Stfu moid

No. 1723805

Because somebody complained about dumbed down video games? Really, nonnie?

No. 1723810

time to delete her songs from my playlists, cant have shit in this world

No. 1723812

Sorry guys, I have enough of your bullshit sperg shit.
The tranny and his team got the award for accessible UX design, like options for colorblind people or extra mapping special needs controller, not game design choices you might not like. Even Elden Ring and other games could benefit from those options, making it accessible does not always mean cutting down on difficulty. Also, as someone who 100% the game, it's not that bad as you make it out and there are plenty of side content puzzels (like the nornir chest) that don't get solved by your companions.
Play first befor you sperg.

No. 1723822

How are you guys surprise that Lady Gaga is pro tranny? The woman who's known for the 'Born This Way' song. Gaga probably thinks trans is just another flavor of gay like the drag queens. I bet she's a huge handmaiden.

No. 1723824

There’s an old interview with nardwuar where she uses the word tranny lmao

No. 1723825

File: 1670667062542.jpg (199.48 KB, 946x2048, 20221210_111007.jpg)

What are your thoughts on people claiming brittany griner is a dude

No. 1723827

File: 1670667426604.jpeg (28.6 KB, 678x452, 95657111-8953-446E-B6A6-7AE3D1…)

its actually confusing me sm, she is definitely built like a man, sounds exactly like one and has some mannerisms like a man but idk, there have been lots of women with deep voices and especially athletes, she could be on some kind of hormone or is a detrans ftm.

picrel, is that an adams apple?

No. 1723828

saging for OT but does anyone else find the tranny voice really grating on their ears? I can’t listen to a video of one talking for more than 5 seconds without having to just turn it off

No. 1723829

samefagging, but taller women and athletes can have more masculine voices. shes 6’8 if the info is correct so that could have something to do with it, not sure about the boobs though. maybe she was stunted and might actually have a condition that caused her to be so tall

No. 1723831

File: 1670667977294.jpeg (510.2 KB, 828x1331, 40B8D712-1BE6-45DD-A164-2B3549…)

this article was written by brittney and another masculine wnba player.
>While we do not identify as transgender, we know what it feels like to be singled out for not fitting neatly into social norms.
“Do not identify” is weird
>We empathize but cannot understand fully what it means to walk in the shoes of trans folks. As difficult as it is for us, we can only imagine how hard it must be for a transgender person.

No. 1723832

Brittany has soft eyes like a woman. Being tall and butch I'm sure she's been called a boy/man her entire life which is probably why she got her breasts remove. If she was secretly a man we would see typical male behavior from her. I believe Caster Semenya is a DSD male though.

No. 1723833

Retarded. She was born and raised in Texas and played there her whole life. She would’ve been lynched a long time ago if she were a man.

No. 1723834

You have some strange beliefs that don't hold up

No. 1723836

Being pro tranny (bad) is a thing, being supportive of that degenerate calling vaginas "barbie pouches" is another. Nta but I didn't expect celebrities and the fucking president to be accepting of someone that's so clearly a sick perverted faggot. He has to have some special connections.

No. 1723838

Willingly going to Russia as a 'black lesbian' for money and taking weed with you despite knowing it’s illegal there, to ultimately go to prison and the US govt to save your ass by exchanging you for a war criminal arms dealer is pretty male.
She’s obviously just a tall woman on roids and/or with DSD though.

No. 1723839

Farmers complain about the autistic design choices proving they played the game

> You guys missed the point and i don't agree with you, you must have not played the game

No. 1723840

File: 1670669620364.jpeg (61.05 KB, 758x1023, 0EB67462-5B12-4594-B27C-EEDADF…)

completely agree, while i think russia and their laws and prisons are not the most ethical, thats just something you work around. its really not that hard to not get blazed for a month or so while you’re meant to be working.
and yeah i think shes probably on roids or some sort of male hormone thing idk what the fuck they take.

No. 1723842

By male behavior I mean the sexual/fetishistic shit we usually see from moids and TiMs. But yeah she's probably on roids.

No. 1723844

Texas high schools would not let a 6’9” man play woman’s sports. It’s retarded that groypers and redditors have decided to stop diddling themselves for two seconds to tweet their groundbreaking revelation that literally the most highly visible woman in basketball since 2005 might actually a man, as if no one has ever had that thought before.

No. 1723846

need that

No. 1723855

Last comment from me on this but it turns out the image she keeps using is actually a female. So women got annoyed at her like ‘why the fuck use a real woman when you’re trying to make a point about men’ so it’s obvious she just wanted her gotcha moment but couldn’t provide a real image of a man trying to become a woman out of the truth and purity of his soul lmao. Wonder why

No. 1723858

prob meant to say that they do not identify as transman or enby since everyone says that she's too much androgynous looking

No. 1723861

this is so fucking lesbophobic from yall, theres clearly pictures of her when she was young and she doesnt look male at all. she's just a stud and it seems that you cant accept when someones looks too much stud-looking, it feels like yall wanna accept butch women but to some extent, which at the end just makes it regressive as shit. she might take low dose steroids or testosterone for getting more strenght, and got breast reduction, but she's not a detrans ftm nor a tranny, she's still a woman and she even said that she suffered from bullies because they thought she was a tranny and it still continues w people calling her like that. If she likes appearing like a masc but still knows that she's a woman then great, this debate shouldn't exist. Also, even her dad doesnt accept her as a lesbian, how do you think that he would agreed to trans her ? leave her alone ffs

No. 1723867

fucking thank you

No. 1723871

Was also gonna post this

>will he get away with being based here and there

Yes, because he's male.

No. 1723872

she looks and sounds like a man like now you're just acting retarded by pretending there is nothing mannish about her at all.

No. 1723873

I really feel for tall, butch women during these tranny-times. My friend who fits into that description gets mistaken for my boyfriend when I'm with her and she laughs it off but she tells me she sometimes gets asked if she is trans too or gets strange looks in women's spaces. We need more representation of women like this because they should not have to have their womanhood debated. Unlike TIMs who never have and never will experience womanhood. Not to mention this tells young butch women that they need to get surgery and hormones to change who they are.

No. 1723874

shut the fuck up scrote. as i said she might take low dose of test or steroids, which makes her voice deeper, and you can clearly see her pictures as a young girl, no troon bullshit. And she got bullied to the point of selfharm n shit bc of people making too much jugdement on her. Not every butch women has to look like Lea DeLaria, now get the fuck out here with your lesbophobia.

No. 1723875

having eyes and ears isn't a male only trait. ho about instead of coping and acting dumb you just accept that she looks and sounds like a dude and that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. i didn't even call her a tranny i just said she looks and sounds like a man and you're the one making a problem about that, you're the one getting offended about it as if there is something bad about her looking and sounding like a man

No. 1723876

for real, this debate shouldnt exist, she isnt a tranny nor everything and typing these posts makes me mad bc why the fuck she has to be debatable on this specific thread ?? she doesnt deserve to be on that thread this is so offensive toward her, you can see every article theres no mention of troonism, this is making so much mad for women who naturally looks masculine, she's not gonna get breast transplant nor shrink for the pleasure to the anons there

No. 1723877

shut the fuck up

No. 1723881

File: 1670677806210.png (1004.59 KB, 2316x550, Screenshot 2022-12-10 at 8.07.…)

>what woman reaches 6'9 in height?

No. 1723886

that's a woman, retard. She talks about getting a hysterectomy quite often.

No. 1723890

Damn if she's a woman I'm sad for her, she's really ugly and fat.

No. 1723892

That's fucking Erika Hilton, he's from my city. It makes me feel mad. He's a hulking troon and I hate how much sympathy he gained while being a disgusting ass troon. I hate how this shit is gaining notoriety in Brazil, the country that kills women the most but what can we do when transvestite men who sells their assholes for crack get their feefees hurt? Autistic as fuck but there were a lot of election stickers of this troon around my neighborhood, I peeled them or scracthed them with a posca pen.

No. 1723898

tall beautiful queens

No. 1723900

Nonna pls delete that is a whole ass woman.

Couldn't have said it better myself thank you nonnie for that.

No. 1723901

she looks feminine to me idgi it's obvious. if she were short no one would say anything. Tall women are always ostracized

No. 1723904

exactly. also people aren't used to seeing athletic women with low body fat percentage. hate that she has to put up with this bullshit.

No. 1723906

File: 1670682135321.png (238.4 KB, 531x725, IMG_4053.png)


No. 1723908

File: 1670682264826.png (288.28 KB, 531x619, IMG_4054.png)

No. 1723909

This was posted in the last thread or the one before it. The OP might be a troll as he's posted other ridiculous shit.

No. 1723910

Social media was a mistake. At least the closet case homophobe conservatards and crack-smoking mayors tried to hide it.

No. 1723911

I dunno maybe it's nice that no one has to feel bad or shamed for their literal crimes and moral atrocities. Everyone deserves happiness don't judge. Maybe learn to identify as someone who is open minded. This man in a stolen dress practicing bdsm is much freer that you, maybe you're jealous and need to stop projecting your envy. Be better

No. 1723914

did I miss the troons in that show? Were there any gay characters? I must have been sleeping while watching it. Can troons please not take over the Addams Family and leave it alone, just one fandom without them would be nice.

No. 1723915

File: 1670683544701.png (351.97 KB, 2066x3380, doesanyonehaveanyideawhymastur…)

No. 1723917

File: 1670683694608.jpg (510.11 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20221209-022028_Chr…)

No. 1723918

This one I can’t wrap my head around. He thinks he’s a woman because he has to abstain from masturbating to be a sperm donor? What?

No. 1723921

when have tranny delusions ever made sense nonna?

No. 1723923

Some of you didn't listen to "born this way" it seems…

No. 1723930

How do these people define dysphoria? They don't feel like men when they don't masturbate? What? Also, they always describe obvious coomer porn fantasies, but then claim AGP isn't real lmao
And this is the first time I had to read that a prostate would have been a uterus, really amazing tranny cope.

No. 1723936

She acts like a big handmaiden in it. Generally, i like her music, but yeah, her supporting a gross misogynist like Dylan is unsurprising.

No. 1723937

not 100% sure but I get the feeling they're using the meaningless version of "queer" (ie. goth = queer, because ???)

No. 1723938

No clue who she is, I saw her on the news because she just got out of prison in Russia apparently and I think she's cute, no homo though.

No. 1723939

Fair point kek

No. 1723942

Then no one owes transwomen preferred pronouns. If you ain't gonna put in the effort to at least present as a woman don't get mad when you're misgendered.

No. 1723943

kek literally stealing feminist talking points on the stupidity of gender roles and applying it to their gender identity. hilarious.

No. 1723944

I guess because they’ve meme’d themselves into thinking women have no sex drive and therefore don’t masturbate. Probably because they have no idea how to actually please women. Woo buddy. I know a lot of women do have lower libidos, but it’s always hilarious to me when men think women aren’t interested in sex or pleasure at all. Do they think female sex toys are just made to look cute?

No. 1723947

coping because they know they can never be feminine

No. 1723954

>she might take low dose of test or steroids,
Isn't that strictly forbidden for professional athletes?

No. 1723955

I dunno why they hate on chasers. The only relationship they'll ever have will be with a chaser or another troon.

No. 1723958

So basically they're just sloppy fags that can't even be bothered to shave.

No. 1723959

File: 1670685816480.png (97.46 KB, 727x484, kf1.png)


No. 1723962

And so don't expect lesbians to even go near you.

No. 1723963

What? People are prohibiting the distribution of hrt to minors and young adults who may not even know what they're doing? The term is 'genocide', bigot.

No. 1723964

amusing considering that there are parents literally trooning out their kids because they wanted a child of the opposite sex. or "transing the gay away" in homophobic families.

also is this the guy who wrote a book that includes the violent death of jk rowling?

No. 1723966

So funny how they don’t want to be objectified by predatory men but they don’t give a shit about being predatory men who objectify lesbians and demand relationships with them.

No. 1723967

I don’t think lesbians are going near them regardless on if they perform femininity or not.

No. 1723968

Trannies hate chaser because chasers are only into them because they're trans. Chasers don't see them as real women just t-girls.

No. 1723970

File: 1670686741635.png (107.02 KB, 502x742, theaudacityoftroonsaurus.png)

That troon thinking he is more of a woman than Kate Winslet and Kat Dennings because he has gross fatass moobs
Also "growing up", he is older than then btw

No. 1723971

>as painful and unlivable as possible
>lives in first world country with practically every freedom give to him on the basis of being male
>probably thinks his life is worse than those of women in third world countries who are raped and beaten to death or are victims of acid attacks, etc

No. 1723972

File: 1670686819874.png (39.82 KB, 476x181, youwillneverbeananimegirl.png)

Also the first comment in his profile kek
He collects hentai anime figures, so feminine, just like Scarlett Johansson!

No. 1723973

File: 1670686836124.jpg (424.51 KB, 1419x1164, Fji3zcNaUAEi_fh.jpg)

child killer Synthia China

No. 1723974

Oh don't worry that's obvious to me. But you just know AGPs like this will still expect to get with a lesbian even if he tries to look like a woman or not.

No. 1723975

So instead of admiring those women for their actual qualities this tranny just cares that he has bigger breasts than them? Real women amiright?

No. 1723976

>a book that includes the violent death of jk rowling?
Yes, that's the author of 'Manhunt'. I can't remember if Rowling dies in the book but I do remember that there's a group of TERFs in the book that call themselves the Knights of JK Rowling.

No. 1723977

Imagine someone writing this about any other oppressed group that’s trying to stand up for themselves, holy shit.

No. 1723978

TRAs and MRAs are not the same tho, amirite

No. 1723979

Good news is his account's suspended. Bad news is he's probably still out there

No. 1723980

File: 1670687211596.jpg (108.98 KB, 1439x821, Fjm1BggXwAAy_-r.jpg)

how surprising right?

No. 1723981

File: 1670687254372.jpg (121.75 KB, 824x1024, Fjbt8aQWQAAIL7z.jpg)

No. 1723982

It is very obvious that he feels more like of a woman than them despite denying it so, otherwise he wouldn't even post about that. Only a troon can think he is better than those famous and gorgeous talented actresses because of his hormone induced gynecomastia

No. 1723984

File: 1670687376415.png (384.36 KB, 677x447, he wishes.png)

No. 1723986

File: 1670687585804.jpg (194.51 KB, 1079x1530, FjEwxI7X0AM06rg.jpg)

the surgery to move his fat to give him more of a figure clearly didn't work

No. 1723988

Nta kek yes but every professional athlete is roiding or on some sort of PED. It's something you have to do to even be able to compete, because everyone is doing it. You'd be at a disadvantage if you didn't. Or to get over injuries faster. It ends up becoming a game of who can fool or game the tests the best.

No. 1723989

don't you dare touch elden ring. tards should be gatekept out

No. 1723991

so now i know who to laugh at for the arachnophobia mode in grounded where the spider can be made into just a floating head

No. 1724000

kek the animation still looks male somehow

No. 1724001

I looked this up but didn't understand because I don't follow hockey. How did she end up concussed? Was she hit by a puck from a male player?

No. 1724012

No. 1724017

File: 1670689615649.jpg (114.51 KB, 828x1061, FiNN6J0VQAI21QE.jpg)

No. 1724019

You probably used spirit ashes for every boss fight.

No. 1724023

File: 1670690036462.png (402.95 KB, 679x854, Progressive Misogyny on Twitte…)

No. 1724024

I want to die

No. 1724025

File: 1670690141088.jpg (143.67 KB, 828x1032, Fjc8wQcVsAEXVCx.jpg)

No. 1724028

File: 1670690174130.png (644.79 KB, 621x600, 017342D5-30BC-496C-8485-95E291…)

No. 1724029

File: 1670690268857.jpg (102.8 KB, 586x824, FjZ453LVEAAGCpp.jpg)

No. 1724030

men want to take over every space intended for women. this is a dystopia

No. 1724031

File: 1670690444885.jpg (52.92 KB, 750x844, FjWL4aRUcAMMoaf.jpg)

No. 1724032

disgusting. this all started with women accepting 'brolitas' into the community. Now look where we are.

No. 1724034

File: 1670690540174.png (340.32 KB, 677x720, TroonyToons (@troonytoons) _ T…)

No. 1724038

File: 1670690748020.png (110.1 KB, 347x224, trans ice hockey.png)

thanks. i watched the video on the quillette article and it's hard to tell if it was accidental or not but regardless, a male body colliding with a female body like that, at speed, is dangerous. weird that the girl injured just says "i took a very odd fall" ?? Why can't she just say she accidentally collided with another player if that's what happened. She clearly felt pressure, or doesn't remember what happened due to the concussion.

No. 1724042

why are all TIMs anorexic

No. 1724043

man gets off on dressing in a fashion that he associates with underage girls. shocker. why are we meant to find this wholesome? kill me.

No. 1724046

what the fuck is that around his neck? is that a noose burn?

No. 1724048


No. 1724050

Lol, lmao.

Please let this league continue lol. They don't need to try to enter women's hockey. the NWHL has one tif player who is only allowed to play as long as she doesn't transition.

No. 1724051

i’ve noticed too that tims tend to be on extreme ends of the weight spectrum and there’s few in between - from observation, it seems that men in general interpret their body dysmorphia into dysphoria due to their tendency towards black and white thinking (explains why male fatties, anas, and bodybuilders alike fall for this crap). it also might have to do with the fact that it’s harder to differentiate between sexes at a glance at extreme weights - in their minds, they probably think it’s easier to pass, but it winds up highlighting the worst of the male anatomy.

No. 1724053

File: 1670691727601.jpg (152.37 KB, 828x1317, Fi_yU8hVQAIw6L-.jpg)

No. 1724054

File: 1670691748312.jpg (197.43 KB, 1173x763, Fir8BmaUcAAj3op.jpg)

why do these all look like pennywise?

No. 1724055

cos they are smoll and dainty little girls uwu
but seriously i think it is often to pass better and lose muscle mass. i've seen a lot of them larp as anorexic teenage girls… i also think they might just have general dysphoria issues with their body, in some cases.

No. 1724056

File: 1670691965903.png (425.29 KB, 677x771, Twitter.png)

hide yo kids

No. 1724057

File: 1670692004866.png (402.54 KB, 677x720, _ Twitter.png)

No. 1724058

well i actually agree. but being neither feminine nor masculine make you a woman, if you're a man.

No. 1724059

File: 1670692488539.jpg (267.31 KB, 2129x1838, Fjjfe5iXwAEcDD8.jpg)

No. 1724061

File: 1670692731298.png (487.32 KB, 686x598, Jordan Gray on Twitter.png)

what's wrong with this world?

No. 1724062

File: 1670692786613.png (400.23 KB, 680x1007, Jackie Turner on Twitter.png)

>implying this isn't actually happening

No. 1724065

>TV moment of the year
the moment a man exposes his penis on live television whilst singing about how he is better than women

No. 1724066

File: 1670693096213.jpg (293.1 KB, 1876x707, FjI4boEXoAApBjW.jpg)


No. 1724072

It involves a lot of full body tackling to gain control of the puck. Notoriously (men's) teams will have members willing to risk suspension/warnings for fistfights and violence as a tactic to gain advantage in game.

No. 1724073

the stew literally looks like shit

No. 1724075

File: 1670693964321.jpg (337.06 KB, 1125x1948, FjBfRhkXwAA75YM.jpg)

No. 1724076

File: 1670694067262.jpg (144.49 KB, 1125x836, FjBfRhhXEAYrAwt.jpg)

No. 1724077

lol, This is what we've always wanted, a trans division. If these transmen are on testosterone shouldn't they be the ones dominating the team of dainty transwomen? I thought HRT put transwomen athletes on par with cis women. How did a fagile transwomen injure a man?

No. 1724082


and in the video, he barely hit her and yet she was STILL concussed. she had literally just stepped onto the ice, too.

No. 1724087

What’s OP’s username? I want to see the responses kek

No. 1724088

I seriously hope she divorced him and reported him to the local authorities. He sounds like a fucking pedo. Embodying behavior you see in porn in front of your children is fucking repugnant.

No. 1724090

I’ve seen him irl and it’s uncanny as hell.

No. 1724091

The fact that this is a “milestone” for them is so depressing. Most normal people don’t make it a milestone to be exhibitionists in public.

No. 1724097

File: 1670696395343.jpg (109.22 KB, 798x798, G4VNv5V.jpg)

would you want your shit back after someone like this did god only knows what with it? I'd just want a fat check so I could buy new stuff and some therapy.

- don't put out for men
- foster relationships with other women
- don't make excuses for yourself or anyone else

I'm straight but I decided at a young age I never wanted a relationship with a man after I saw what it cost the women around me; I have been in a platonic Boston marriage with my best friend for 18 years now, neither of us have ever been with a man. There's a reason media likes to shame virgins so much, they want us to compromise and put up with abuse and worse from men, but you don't have to. Most men can't even get women off, and don't care to, so what do we get from settling for their bullshit? If you're bi, date women only. If you're gay, even better. If you're straight, buy toys and foster deep friendships. We used to have a culture of strong same-sex friendships that could fulfill your emotional needs, there's no reason we can't bring that back. As for the physical needs, like I said earlier, men refuse to fulfill those so what are you getting out of a relationship with a man that you can't get from a friend?

Sage for retarded manifesto blogging.

reminds me of picrel

No. 1724098

I can’t believe people read this and think it’s normal, like posting a photo of yourself making a rape threat isn’t harmful to any child who sees it. That’s not normal behavior.

No. 1724103

Based tbh

No. 1724117

File: 1670697207120.png (3.1 MB, 1081x4128, chrome_screenshot_167069714008…)


No. 1724120

literally has a goiter on only one side of neck

No. 1724128

This faggot's soycock must so soft that he can use it as a blender to shitty make up

No. 1724130

File: 1670697818666.jpeg (436.72 KB, 828x1430, 279890EE-E125-40CD-82DD-0C8FF5…)

No. 1724135

Is that his fucking diarrhea

No. 1724142

no sir you do not have bigger boobs than Kat fucking Dennings

No. 1724145

lolllllllllll so much ego for a man with the torso of a fucking tree stump

No. 1724147

i love that for you nona. hope i can meet a likeminded woman to be my platonic wife one day.

No. 1724152

its so insulting seeing tims be 200 something pounds and claim that theyre anorexic. im not diagnosed ana chan but those fucking disgraces piss me off and they appear more and more in ED spaces , groveling for handmaiden attention as usual bc they dont know how to do anything properly

No. 1724153

holy shit ET trooned out

No. 1724154

his AGP smirk is one of the worst for me. truly hideous.

No. 1724159

The user is ok-sherbet32

No. 1724161

File: 1670700304372.jpg (1.06 MB, 1000x2000, twitteremployee.jpg)

KEK another twitter employee, Willow Wren Turkal

No. 1724165

As much as I hate the Muskrat, the milk from this whole Twitter saga has been glorious.

No. 1724167

>shows this hon
Ngl, my eye twitched

No. 1724170

>Defaces his own property with shitty doodles of poop
You sure showed her!

No. 1724174

File: 1670702037590.jpeg (154.72 KB, 828x621, 0678BAC3-DF53-4A94-91E7-E81177…)

the jokes write themselves lmfao

No. 1724178

I remember this tranny from cgl many years ago, he's so disgusting. At the time they shunned trannies but idk how they're now. Pathetic.

No. 1724185

She needs to divorce him like yesterday Jesus Christ. As if the acting like fetish porn stereotype around children wasn’t enough, this freak throws tantrums in restaurants over not being allowed a kids menu???? And he’s trying to gaslight her into thinking she’s wrong for being correctly horrified??? I want off this ride, nonnas. Make it stop.

No. 1724192

He's Mister rot pocket
He's Mister loon
He's Mister striped stockings
He's Mister covered in coom!

No. 1724196

The girls are ramping up the clownery right before Christmas so that those of us with troon family (including moids who show warning signs) won't be able to stop ourselves from going into hysterics upon seeing Chromlet over the holidays.

No. 1724200

File: 1670704248595.webm (3.61 MB, 576x1024, tiktok_output.webm)

This picture was already posted in the last thread and it seems like a troll account–at least, I hope it is.

No. 1724201

Something a ten year old was do. If an adult was so bothered by a playing card they’d either replace it with one from another set or just not use that set. I swear they don’t mentally progress past fifth grade. It reminds me of the ones who are burning books (just like fundie rightwingers). It’s not like they stole books to do it, they’re destroying their own belongings for what? Some reddit karma? Okay?

No. 1724202

A bigger ribcage maybe, but that’s probably a given.

No. 1724205

I think he’s one of the most disgusting ones just because of his terribly done “dickgirl” tattoo. It’s so vulgar and ugly.

No. 1724207

Awww did someone play stupid games?

No. 1724214

I will buy it even though I probably won't play it (I have like 50+ games I am hoping to get to…) just to do my part in bumping those sales numbers up. Fuck trannies.

No. 1724243

File: 1670709359953.png (432.49 KB, 680x756, trannies.png)

No. 1724244

glad this motherfucker is jobless now, thats for suspending all of my accounts stupid fuck

No. 1724253

File: 1670710177929.png (7.16 MB, 1170x2532, 27698ACA-7A90-4E03-AEFC-3B3261…)


No. 1724254

You probably want to keep it in case you get around to playing but if you dropped the game code in here one of us nonnas would probably play it.

No. 1724256

File: 1670710323809.png (7.31 MB, 1170x2532, F2AE4CF4-AA2E-4FC5-AC7B-4E6C2A…)

No. 1724257

File: 1670710348615.jpeg (142.84 KB, 1170x431, 6530CEBD-DBC2-449F-9D92-637233…)

Yes you are

No. 1724258

File: 1670710401876.jpeg (325.35 KB, 1170x1217, 340935DC-5311-4217-84F0-D4F3C7…)

Word salad

No. 1724260

WHAT IS THIS FUCKING PUSH TO HAVE CHILDREN GO TO FUCKING DRAG QUEEN SHOWS? Seriously? Is this a new thing? Every fucking week there's a new one, I do not get why they want to do this. It' almost seems fake at this point.

No. 1724265

I remember when there was that drag show in like Texas or god knows where and a bunch of cops showed up and got the kids out of the bar. Literally in broad daylight. I can’t even say that I don’t understand what’s going on kek, because it’s very obviously liberal parents giving pedophiles access to their young children for woke points.

No. 1724266

the first time i heard of them, i thought… fine, i don't care. like it's just a pantomime costume basically, and i'm sure kids would enjoy that. doesn't seem very common. but now it IS such a common thing and not only that, it's from these hypersexual bimbofied TIMs being "slutty" in front of children for entertainment. aside from how fucked up that is, i don't see why children would find this entertaining at all. WHY IS IT HAPPENING?

No. 1724268

personally it's fag hag mom's. I think Desmond's mother started the trend, and then everyone followed. I don't want to be like, "Damn mothers!" no, but I always see it being mothers with their sons/daughters, taking them to see perverted weird tims who are 100% inapporiate.
I would say it's replacing clown shows, but they legit want these kids to see these Drag queens as acception of gay people/normal. Vs Clowns supposing to make kids laugh be silly. It's a whole different thing, it's like, "Lil Jimmy laugh at the man in drag, whose trying to look like a clownish version of a woman, but also respect him for his gayness and/or her as a woman!!" (because tims for some reason do Drag queen shit, so that again loses the, "it's funny" shit)

No. 1724272

>lesbian is nmlnm
non-male loving non-males? noo silly tiktoker that's neptunesexual, c'mon

the concept has been around for a while on the west coast, supposedly the point is to 'normalize' gender nonconformity and different sexualities to children but (blog ahead) as a lesbian wanting to become a parent i would never take my kids to a drag queen story hour. men dressed up as caricatures of women are not part of the basic experience of being gay, it's a nightlife performance at best and a fetish at worst. why can't we just tell kids it's okay to be gnc or like people of the same sex, they don't need to spend time with glorified exotic dancers ffs.

No. 1724275

A friendmarriage with another woman sounds kind of awesome TBH. I love the idea of a mutual commitment with another person, but the idea of having to play lifelong maid/caregiver to a scrote sounds nightmarish, especially given the sheer number of ways a scrote can ruin a woman's life once she makes the mistake of marrying him.

No. 1724277

It's a cheap, easy way for stuffy old bureaucrats to make their municipalities seem "woke" and "hip." Just dig up some clown who puts on womanface shows at the local bar and stick him in the local library with a bunch of kids for a thirty minute photo-op. The politicians probably think it helps their polling numbers.

No. 1724279

File: 1670712245016.jpg (414.16 KB, 1051x1741, Screenshot_20221210_234220_com…)

Imagine having to constantly deal with these people

No. 1724281

at least the comments are making fun of his entitlement kek

No. 1724283

File: 1670712632941.jpeg (647.36 KB, 960x1336, 978354C5-17BF-40B8-97E6-314FF1…)

No. 1724285

this is just… I feel like I'm too old for all this shit. If you are a woman and prefer men you are straight, nothing else. And it's so annoying, honestly, I just now realised that I'm bi and according to all that new bullshit I have to fuck every mentally ill scrote I find? No, thank you, I'm not into stupid people…

No. 1724287

>cheering on misogynistic hate crimes
>blue lives matter flag
>terfs are fascists
projection is stored on the y chromosome

No. 1724292


ik he was fired but when i see shit like this i feel a bit better about my life. i may be retarded, but if someone like this can get a well paying job at a huge company so can i.


lol no one bats an eye because while people pretend to be accepting of nb genders a lesbian woman who goes by they/them is still seen as a lesbian woman. a man who goes by they/them and calls himself a lesbian is just a straight man. like irl i'm pretty tolerant and 'accepting' of this shit for my own sake, but even those i know who are genuinely accepting will just swipe left on every male on dating apps. even the most progressive and loving lesbian women will use your pronouns, call you non-binary or a woman or whatever you want, but would never ever be attracted to you the same as another woman. and those who are unaware of chronically online lgbt discourse just see a man with a beard calling himself a lesbian and assume you are a creep or joking, not even intending to be rude or malicious. most people don't think about this BS.

No. 1724294

Saw this earlier today on the local news. A lot of women in tech out here are rightfully worried and a lot of them did get fired from twitter, but for the news to immediately cut to this tranny was just too much. On one hand, its great that he fired all the trannies. On the other though, he also fired the majority of actual women too, but I'm sure none of them will be allowed to be front and center like this (seeing as women arent allowed to be the face of women anymore). The trannies will likely suck up all the spotlight and get the discrimination lawsuit laughed out of court via their selfish stupidity.

No. 1724297

No. 1724298

They know they can get away with it now.

No. 1724299

File: 1670714618785.jpg (143.42 KB, 671x1000, FiTkwIHVQAAGpsL.jpg)

fug this made me spill my coffee

No. 1724301

File: 1670714881864.jpg (706.07 KB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20221210_124245.jpg)

a tranny wrote this article fyi

No. 1724302

File: 1670714926185.jpg (342.49 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20221210_124519.jpg)

tranny in question

No. 1724303

the fucking heart choker, why are troons stuck in 2016 fashion ?

No. 1724304

the amounts of copium required to type "threat to your womanhood" literally nothing can threaten our womanhood, even if we wanted it to. it's pathetic.

also making out like he is donating tampons to charities and not just hoarding them so he can approach women in the toilets and feel validated.

No. 1724305

Its so crazy how hes gay and still has the agp face and look down so well. honestly hes so good at sporting the classic agp dreamworks face that hes appropriating their culture

No. 1724307

kek the crazy eyes yet again. there are so many tranny journalists. anytime i see a retarded take, it's unsurprisingly from a TIM or nb.

No. 1724308

Im not sure about trans rep, but Wednesday's friend who runs the bee club has two mums. So there was some queer rep. Gives the vibe they will introduce more stuff to score woke points later.

Also the principle is AFAB but hella tall and well built so I can see troons stanning her.

No. 1724309

>People who need them
>threat to womanhood
hmm which one is it then?

If he wants to be useful he should buy boxes of them and start donating to charity instead of making tiktoks with them.

No. 1724310

You meant a woman not afab retard.

No. 1724312

Psycho eyes as per usual. I’m so tired.

No. 1724313

File: 1670715375415.jpg (90.07 KB, 970x924, FioR_DQUAAAfg2E.jpg)

It's ok to let troons in the washroom they just wanna pee right?

No. 1724315

File: 1670715607571.jpg (142.22 KB, 576x1024, 4044522-44f217162ffb3013d9c8c3…)

he's wearing like two pairs of underwear under that unitard

No. 1724317

NYART but at least you can Google what afab means. I've been lurking these threads for 2 years and I still don't know what TiM or TiF actually stands for, just that it's trannies. If you're going to be an autist about insular jargon/acronyms maybe this thread shouldn't use them as much as twitter does

No. 1724318

Maybe you're just dumb

No. 1724319

I know what it means retard that's why I said that. After 2 years of lurking you still don't know? It's in the damn title.

No. 1724320

ntayrt either but i think she was saying to use "woman" instead of assigned female at birth because it's using their language (like saying cis women instead of just women). a woman is a woman, we don't need to clarify we were born women.

No. 1724321

T = trans i = idenfitified F = female/M = male

No. 1724326

What freaks me out about Dylan is that he claims to be 25. Which means he's closer to 30 in reality but I legit thought he was like 40 with those wrinkles.

No. 1724327

If nonnies (or trannies trolling should just f off) are going to be using cis and afab here they might as well go back to twitter and stop posting here. lolcow isn't for them.

No. 1724329

she received a red cross award for her charity work?? every day i keep finding more and more reasons to support her. i hope i'll be like her when i turn 50

No. 1724340

File: 1670717948275.png (93.83 KB, 904x321, kristie.png)

sorry if this was already posted. damn, i didn't know Kirstie Alley was terfy. and of course this violent misogynist is glad because he hates women.

RIP kirstie

No. 1724343

Oh god, what a creep; I knew that was coming. But in all seriousness, how does this guy look himself in the mirror with his jaw and his stubble and go "yeah, lesbians will be okay with me". I swear we're getting closer and closer to a point where men don't even have to try to be "feminine" (trooning out) and can just call themselves "lesbians" as a full ass man. Granted, lesbians wouldn't want them either way, but we're getting closer and closer to peak predatory-ism.

No. 1724344

His face looks so demonic here, Jesus Christ. Looks like the album cover of Aphex Twin

No. 1724345

I feel for those women since they have no allies on either side. The left want to focus on moids like that tranny who’s crying over being fired while the right find it hilarious and a good decision to fire women because they want women to stay home.

No. 1724346

THANK YOU. for ages now I've been trying to work out what his face reminds me of and that's exactly what it is.

lookin' like the richard d. james album cover when he wishes he was like the windowlicker album cover

No. 1724347

This is one good thing that came out of troonism for me. I am really ugly but they showed me that even ugly women look so much better than men honestly and the myth of women hitting the wall is just projection on their part

No. 1724349

File: 1670718593430.png (648.4 KB, 720x1036, Screenshot_20221210-192629~2.p…)

This man is supposedly a mtf and dating woman who identifies as transmas but I honestly can't take these people seriously…

No. 1724351

He definitely has a certain goal for twitter's staff and I'm concerned he'll just make the entire team a white man's club. With this news in mind, get ready to see more, or worse, accounts like "women posting their L's" go unchecked.

No. 1724354

File: 1670718975002.png (409.38 KB, 677x1143, IWDBrisbaneMeanjin on Twitter.…)

>ab/dl tranny

No. 1724355

File: 1670718985598.png (1.47 MB, 1020x966, twitter.PNG)

ah yes that reminds me.

No. 1724357

all those normie-looking women get fired (presumably sexism by looking at these photo comparisons) and yet their representative is this >>1724161 and it will inevitably become gender discrimination bullshit instead.

No. 1724358

Holy shit he literally turned it into a man club. Like I said, we will definitely see more extreme MRA/scrotal accounts in the future. Also who's the pickme making the post, or is she being sarcastic

No. 1724359

tbf they are probably better of anyway. Elon seems to be driving Twitter in to the ground with warp speed and working conditions for him are terrible everywhere.

No. 1724360

its a troon

No. 1724363

Oh, I didn't bother to check, thanks. Still, is he being sarcastic? I'm kinda retarded and can't tell sometimes kek. Presumably no?

No. 1724364

So this is aimed at any here who are into the gaming side of YouTube and watch content about. I saw in the last thread how there was some talk about how it seems like troons are so prominent in the gaming world and especially when it comes to YouTube where it seems like most of the "girls" who make game reviews are just mentally ill coomer men who think they are girls and that actual women reviewers are a rarity to find.

But it really got me wondering, have any of you actually come across a content creator in the gaming side of YouTube that is a "terf"? Could a content creator who doesn't believe in trans bullshit actually find success in this community or would they not get far and get crucified and not be able to grow a platform?

I'll admit that I've been thinking about getting into making game content while being unashamed of not kowtowing to trans ideology like so many of these content creators seem to do. I'm not saying that I would go out of my way to start drama or anything like that but just that if I'm talking about a game like Guilty Gear and not referring to the character Bridget as "a transwoman" or Testament as "nonbinary" and just calling them what they which is men. Or Street Fighter with Poison and so on.
But part of me is hesitant not because people will hate me for being honest but rather if I'll have to deal with that nonsense and not have people actually watching the content for what it is and not judging it on my lack of wanting to validate "trans identity".

No. 1724365

>>1724364 if they ever existed they're banned by now

No. 1724366

You really think such a channel would be banned? Even if they don't @ trans content creators and remain to themselves for the most part?

No. 1724368

yeah vile because it’s true you retarded piece of shit

No. 1724373

I would love it if more game content creators ended up being terfs.
I'm more interested in making indie video games and if I go through with creating one or two indie games then they absolutely won't allow for any non-binary or trans options for the player character. And no gender special side characters or topics either. I'm honestly hoping if I don't have those things that maybe , just maybe , mtf/ftm/etc will avoid the game…but if they complain, oh well.

No. 1724375

yes. you can say whatever you want about whatever other protected group - women, jews, black people, whatever - and 'slip under the radar' i.e. have your shit platformed until it gets too big for whatever platform allowed your shit to ignore, but the second you say anything about a moid larping as a woman and you're done. this is the case on and off the internet at this point.

No. 1724376

AYRT Oh fuck yes, I would play that game for sure. You know, just going back to the good old days of games where there was no trans crap in it. I would do the same if I had interest in making games kek. Anyway right, I'm hoping that if I do go through with content creation and I'm unabashedly myself with my views, the troons and their sycophant supporters will avoid my content and I'll hopefully have people who aren't caught up in gender stuff neither.

No. 1724379

AYRT well damn lol I mean I think it might be still worth a try. There are plenty of gender critical "terf" content creators managing to flourish like Posie Parker and Peak Trans but then again, they aren't in the nerd gaming sphere so that might be the reason why lol.

No. 1724380

Just be careful you don't end up like the Heartbeat devs lol. They had no gender/trans shit in their game but they did have an anime art style with lesbians and cute female characters so troons still flocked to the game. They were openly TERFs on Twitter though and troons did everything they could to ruin their lives

No. 1724385

The best way to do this is to completely isolate your developer accounts, persona, and information from your real self, I think. Don't link the content you're making to your personal social media or any identifying information.

No. 1724388

Now that you've pointed it out I don't see much woman reviews terf or otherwise . If you do make your channel let us nonnas know about it.

No. 1724393

I dont know either tbh, he posts shit like this all the time. Nonas also talkd about him earlier because he said sometime he regrets transitioning, hes weird all around

No. 1724395

File: 1670721867179.jpg (124.54 KB, 750x909, tumblr_pm24av1YXd1va3hpr_1280.…)

Didn't he write this? Lmao

No. 1724398

Thanks, I'll consider it if I go through with it as I'm still thinking on it lol. But yeah there aren't many game reviewers at all. There's Tama-Hero but she mostly talks about Pokemon. An another one that comes to mind is Lady Decade though she mostly covers obscure Nintendo games which is cool and all but as far as a woman who covers all kinds of things like from Playstation to Xbox? I have yet to find any woman who covers these which is part of why I want to throw my hat into the ring.

Oh I plan to avoid Twitter if I go through with my channel, that seems to be where most of the drama comes from.

No. 1724400

Anime check. Schoolgirls possibly underage? Check. If this is true, it all checks out kek.

No. 1724405

idk this is all too much. I feel like I hallucinate this all

No. 1724406

File: 1670722340435.png (493.42 KB, 950x570, samr.png)

He is absolutely deranged. And of course he has an onlyfans too.

No. 1724407

totes different anon but i feel the same, found this lady a month ago and she works in the industry as well as reviews games/media https://www.youtube.com/@MertKayKay

No. 1724412

File: 1670722556239.jpg (18.68 KB, 258x275, ff.jpg)

Yeah go for it, covering hack and slash or beat em ups would be a plus in my book. Twitter ain't so bad now that most tranny mods got fired lol. I would stick to here and tumblr. Just be careful because you can get your video deleted if troons do come after you. Youtube sucks at moderation and they're very heavy handed with channel strikes.
Good luck!

No. 1724414


Will do and thanks! I have a lot to think about!

Great find, thanks for sharing! This is more or less what I think a lot of us here are looking for. Now if she were a "terf", that would be great but she more than likely isn't so oh well, at least they're a woman out there talking about games that isn't a Nintendo heavy (no hate to Nintendo, it's just nice to see women talking about non-Nintendo games as well)

No. 1724415

Unfortunately, she follows Jim sterling and other tranny accounts.

No. 1724419

Why do people make the "i" lowercase? "Identified" is an adjective, so all three letters should be capitalized. The only time you don't capitalize words or titles in acronyms is when they're preposition verbs. The reason the "t" in MtF is lowercase is because it's "to," a preposition. You don't make a word lowercase just because it's in the middle of an acronym, ESL-chans.

No. 1724425

This is exactly what I was going to say. Carrying tampons around because you're eagerly waiting for an excuse to harass strangers in a women's restroom is not "giving tampons to women in need," especially when donations of tampons and pads are notoriously uncommon at food banks and women's shelters. He doesn't give a fuck about women's needs, he's doing this because being asked for a tampon is the ultimate troon wank fantasy where a woman not only fails to clock you but is trusting you with something private.

No one is going to ask a man in drag for a tampon, so he's not giving shit to anybody. I'd rather bleed all over my favorite pants than ask a troon.

No. 1724436

I hope his inevitable death from prostate cancer is long and painful.

No. 1724444

gives it that extra somethin

No. 1724446

I just wrote it that way because that's how anon wrote it first, to explain to her.

No. 1724448

Samefag, I was wondering the same thing, and had to backspace the capital I that I wrote kek.

No. 1724461

Not all of us are not retarded, including myself KEK. I only did it because others kept doing it and a lot of us don't think about these things

No. 1724468

I may be alone on this but I notice a lot of nonas here seem to fall for the same pattern. Just looking at this tumbnail tells me it's made by either a troon or some weeb coomer and should be avoided at all costs. What I'm trying to say is avoiding videos with these kinds of tumbnails will cut most of the accidental-troon-viewings out of your life.

No. 1724476

It's so strange how all troons have this weird fantasy about being asked for tampons, like any woman would have ever asked a troon for it. Imagine a moids giant hand appearing under the stall to give you it. Scary!

No. 1724482

>But it really got me wondering, have any of you actually come across a content creator in the gaming side of YouTube that is a "terf"?
i havent even been able to find a female gaming channel thats slightly edgy. Not even ssseth levels of edgy, i mean scott the woz leves of edgy. I think they know that being (real)women makes them prone to be cancelled/called out if they say something about the people in power(men). Also, same. I am going to start streaming and making videogame content, lets try to be the little change we want in the (youtube) world.

No. 1724494

I think it’s because they think they’re truly a woman if they get asked for one. I’ve been asked before by women if I had one while in the bathroom or by friends of mine but I doubt I would any of us would ask one of these mentally unstable brutes for one bc troons make you feel unsafe and any time a stranger has asked me it’s clear she was vulnerable.
It’s nothing about us, it’s just how it makes THEM feel because everything always has to be about them. These ugly men and their entitlement/narcissism knows no bounds. No self-respecting woman will ever trust these freaks the same way that women (including the pickmes) trust each other.

No. 1724496

File: 1670730846686.png (259.33 KB, 1496x1088, Trans-identified Male.png)

doesn't the 'identified' in trans-identified count as a modifier though? so it'd be Trans-identified Males or TiMs

No. 1724563

nonnie that pic is fucking killing me

No. 1724577

This guy is like the new Yaniv lol

No. 1724589

File: 1670740984563.jpeg (Spoiler Image,855.67 KB, 828x1408, 79D32B50-019A-4EB6-9736-ED03C1…)

dont even want to dl the tiktok to post, what the fuck are we supposed to be jealous of here?

No. 1724595

>the nails
AGP makes men retarded, it's like a tumor in the brain. (Excluding the ones who have always been retarded.) I mean, how do they go from relatively normal men to not knowing how to dress like a human, not washing their hair, being slobs in general, and proudly showing themselves to the world. Do they not… see themselves.

No. 1724599

File: 1670742261662.jpg (318.75 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20221211-070247_Bra…)

No. 1724602

No. 1724606


Pretty sure it's the Y chromosome making them retarded, nona.

Only semi-kidding, you're right. Somehow AGPs are even more retarded than regular men. I genuinely don't get how they can look at themselves and willingly show themselves in public. It's like AGP saps the last little bit of shame that they had left from their bodies. I just don't get it.

No. 1724610

AYRT I'm actually aware that this YTber is a TIM, I've known for awhile now, I just posted it as vidrel because it was when I watched this review months ago that really made me think "gee, a review for this game that was done by a woman would be so nice".
I'm aware that the artist who drew his avatar is a popular porn artist who draws a lot of TIM art though I didn't know this at first until someone tipped me off to it.

No. 1724613

AYRT I actually haven't watched Scott the Woz in awhile, he's cute but his content doesn't realy hit for me kek Anyway I think you might be right. Maybe the few women who actually do make game content don't want to risk being descended upon by the people in power (men) who would gleefully sick their fans on them for being TWANSPHOBIC. But IDC, maybe it's because I've been re-watching a lot of Magdalen Berns' awesome videos and I really wanna have that IDGAF attitude towards deluded men in dresses while partaking in a hobby that I enjoy. Like you said, we have to be the change we want to see and if you're not looking to make YT your job, there's really not much to lose.

No. 1724615

what to fuck is this e-girl jesus cosplay

No. 1724620

Does anyone notice a lot of troons and Twitter lefties double down whereas TRAs deny something? Just something I’ve noticed. When Lia Thomas happened a lot of TRAs tried to downplay it or act as if nothing was wrong but a lot of Chapo type Twitter accounts made jokes about how much better transwomen were at sports. I feel like that’ll end up being their undoing.

No. 1724629

File: 1670745771607.jpg (28.72 KB, 501x479, owo.jpg)

I s2g the crazy eyes trigger my fight or flight response. It's not even funny.

No. 1724630

File: 1670745842366.jpeg (99.08 KB, 828x654, E629F3E3-8669-404F-8CD1-B5CFF7…)

God, I hate autistic men. I hate anime so much.

No. 1724631

Let me guess, anime is what helped him find that he's actually a girl "uwu"?

No. 1724634

The push for normalizing genderspecials and neurodivergence happened at the same time. Suddenly it’s normal to spend all of your time playing video games.

No. 1724639

Goddamn based. I love this, nonna, and I'm proud of you.

No. 1724644

Fuck this Earth. I met him IRL, he seemed fairly harmless tbh apart from going on and on about not having a girl childhood but it was obviously agp and what started to peak me. I left the lolita community shortly after that, him and someone other random man being involved changed the dynamics too much. I just want an all female space.

No. 1724655

Kek, I was encouraged to apply for a position there. Turned it down. Zero regrets.

No. 1724666

always with the autopedophilia

No. 1724675

File: 1670751708990.png (720.51 KB, 1416x2048, chrome_screenshot_167075137792…)

It's not women's fault men rape other men in prison. And comparing themselves to literal sex slaves- disgusting.

No. 1724676

I want to alog so bad

No. 1724683

The way they just conveniently ignore that the "prison bitch" phenomenon occurs to all sorts of men in jail (though it is predominantly gay, effeminate, short, or simply weak men). Should we allow all of those men into women's prisons too? Are we to believe it is fair to force women to be imprisoned alongside men (who have male privilege, male pattern aggression, male strength, and the ability to impregnate them) in an attempt to protect men from other men? Can we truly believe that this is for the sake of protecting those males, regardless, if the very men who attacked them are just as free to self-ID into women's prisons as these supposed "vulnerable" men? Or is there something differentiating "vulnerable" men from women that would make the women more desirable targets for sexually aggressive men, if they all shared one prison? It's impossible to answer these questions without breaking the masquerade.

No. 1724691

I'm convinced that people who believe that women's spaces should be accessible to failed men for shelter are either stuck at mental age of 2 (hence the unfathomable sense of entitlement and bottomless need for care and validation, especially from women) or genuine retards.
I hate burgerland and tranada for validating, tolerating and nurturing these nutcases so much. Coddling weak men only makes them more nosy and entitled. TiMs are just a bunch of useless, hypocrite, mentally unstable people taking away resources from real women, projecting their bile onto others and demanding MORE MORE MORE. Nothing will be good enough for these leeches.

No. 1724703

I miss when people who would work with/teach children needed tons of documents to say they could safely work with children.

Literally risking their own children’s safety for woke points.

No. 1724704

The mental gymnastics of
>men are dangerous, we agree
>that's why you need to protect the dangerous men from the other dangerous men by welcoming the dangerous men into your segregated female spaces which are made specifically to avoid dangerous men
>We will of course do nothing to curtail the dangerous male behavior itself
It must be so tiring being a troon

No. 1724720

File: 1670757849005.jpg (1.05 MB, 2000x1000, yaniv.jpg)

It just immediately makes me think of Yaniv. whether they're a HSTS or AGP, it's like a fantasy to them to be asked or involved. it's creepy and intrusive.

No. 1724721

Statistically the men who get raped in prison are also the men who rape others in prison. It's typically "contained" that way which is why the obvious solution of "just separate the rapists from the victims" doesn't work, because they're all rapists. They're also more likely to be part of that group if they are sex offenders to begin with. And as we know, the average troon was jailed for a sex crime at a much higher rate than even cis males. Sending a troon to a female prison is quite literally sending a known rapists there

No. 1724726

God I forgot how fucking gross and obviously pedo he is. Is he dead yet?

No. 1724727

what really gets me is women have said NO to this, over and over. if men said NO to something, it wouldn't be allowed to happen. men always decide for us, whether it's prisons, our reproductive rights, sports and other policies. but soon under the eyes of the law, a TIM's opinion on women's spaces will be equal or greater than that of a woman. it's already happening.

No. 1724728

File: 1670758966077.jpeg (54.22 KB, 584x337, yaniv.jpeg)

good question. it's been a while since we heard an update. looks like his trial will begin next year, for assault, false alarm and reporting a false offence.

meanwhile he is suing one of the people he is assaulted, because of course he is kek https://meowmix.org/jessica-yaniv-simpson-sues-senior-they-assaulted-one-other/

No. 1724735

I used to think this guy was a troll when he just appeared, but he's actually just like your average tranny, a pedo who assaults people and he got SRS too. And trannies were always saying he's not REALLY trans, he just wants to make them look bad! But I don't see what makes him different anymore

No. 1724738

>I used to think this guy was a troll
We have got to stop underestimating the depravity of trannies. So many times I've seen people say ridiculous tranny specimen #1581 is a troll only for it to be discovered he's 100% serious. The Wi Spa tranny was said to be a hoax, Dylan Mulvaney was said to be a troll, Lia Thomas was said to be a troll, Canadian breast plate tranny is said to be a troll.

No. 1724744

the thing is, even if they were all trolls, they're examples of how this ideology not only attracts but enables predators to use gender identity to their advantage. so either TRAs accept that a disproportionate amount of trannies are creeps or that self-ID and blind encouragement of gender ideology is dangerous as it allows rapists, pedophiles and violent misogynists to get away with shit. which is it? they can whine about how TrUe and vAliD they are individually as much as they want but they can't continue to ignore all these things that "never happen" for long, before people wake up.

No. 1724754

They're also not saying anything about TIFs and their safety if they were to enter the prison that matches with their "gender expression."

No. 1724760

File: 1670766894191.jpg (746.64 KB, 1000x2000, jan morris.jpg)

this was an interesting (and sad) read. Jan Morris, a TIM who was praised for his transition and his work but treated his family like shit. his daughter, Suki, gave her account: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/68bcdad6-77f4-11ed-b756-a5744446c41f?shareToken=556a5badd5b584b856d060b0cc63a864

Some things that stood out in particular to me
>her life was disrupted and uprooted, constantly having to move, change schools and no longer allowed to say "daddy" from age 6
>her mother raised her and her brothers alone and put on a brave face despite everything
>"I never felt any femininity in her"
>"I never looked on Jan as a parent. I had my mother, and I didn’t have a father. That was it."
>In reference to bringing friends from school back to their house: "I would never know whether she was going to be downright rude, flirt in a painfully coy manner or just be totally indifferent. It was almost always very embarrassing."
>Jan romanticised and lied about the death of her baby sister, with a totally fictional account of holding her in his arms as she died, when the reality is he refused to go see her as she died in hospital.
>Jan belittled Suki, made fun of her weight, always teased and ridiculed her.
>Jan had a sexist idea of what a woman should be - a babymaker, a secretary etc. but felt he was a better woman than the rest (pic related)
>Jan constantly spoke about kindness but never showed it to his family

i always think of how fucked up this situation must be for kids whose parents transition, but imagine what it was like in the early 70s. jfc.

No. 1724761

Could you imagine tiny Elliot Page in a men's prison? She'll be ripped apart. Better let throw Chase Strangio in there since she loves to advocate for male criminals to put in women's prisons.

No. 1724763

File: 1670767166674.jpeg (92.49 KB, 1200x800, 6446DE14-D619-4B69-815C-67549C…)

So they’re appropriating the term “comfort women” now? For those who don’t know, the term refers to women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII. It’s not just a term for prostitutes. They lived nightmares and were separated from their families, were raped extensively and referred to as “public toilets”. They just looooove co-opting terms and phrases and words for things that have nothing to do with them.

No. 1724764

wow i didn't know about this, thanks for sharing nona. how fucking dare he use that term.

No. 1724766

File: 1670767413783.png (15.28 KB, 983x140, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 08-59…)

Because dresses, makeup, and hair make the woman
>Why do people make the "i" lowercase? "Identified" is an adjective, so all three letters should be capitalized.
I've always capitalized the I out of habit. Did I just Identify myself kek?

No. 1724797

Kek not the 2016 constellation print skirt

No. 1724801

Damn, bleak. I feel terrible for children whose father transitions in their childhood, I couldn't imagine my dad starting to dress like a parody of a woman one week to another.
Also this >he never gave anything to womankind part stood out, because even today women will cape for grifters like the Barbie Pouch guy, acting like he's giving something to the world by being so unapologically pedo girly. Do these fuckers even donate or help actual women? How come every brand gets hit with the "cultural inappropriation" accusation, and is asked to give back to the communities they got rich stealing from, but these fuckers can stereotype women and get rich.

No. 1724805

it seems you know something about the "comfort women" topic, do you have any literature you could recommend about it? Andy yes, I could use google, but often a personal recommendation is way better.

No. 1724808

File: 1670771716275.png (263.61 KB, 527x960, F81D8A5D-559D-4D8D-874C-0ED4CA…)


No. 1724809

Kirstie Alley has always been fucking based:
Scroll to around 26:56

No. 1724810

Because all they know about women comes from porn, and porn fashion is evergreen

No. 1724811

File: 1670771926395.png (134.34 KB, 500x272, F3C22265-BB90-4314-BE6E-9CFB4C…)

No. 1724813

If their only crime was doing the sexist chores women are expected to do I would happily welcome them

No. 1724814

Is "tif" = male?
"tim" = female?

I don't care what they wish they were, but waht they ARE.

No. 1724815

File: 1670771972044.png (223.22 KB, 500x500, C14AE505-1E1E-4C20-9307-8953CA…)

i just thought this was funny and fitting. wishing r/ntf users a very painful die

No. 1724818

“Trans-identified male” is a male who identifies as trans, (Tim)
“Trans-identified female” is a female who identifies as trans (tif)

No. 1724819

girl have you ever thought about googling “tim/tif trans” you can’t tell someone to google something when you can’t even do so yourself lmao and i’m with the other anon, why the hell would you say afab and not just woman? we know what afab is and we also know it’s an unnecessary term in this contex

No. 1724820

File: 1670772247572.png (54.24 KB, 956x471, surejan.png)

Holy shit how terrifying. Every TiM should forcibly be removed from their home if they have daughters. Imagine intentionally fucking up your daughters mind and punishing her for being a real woman while you seethe you can't imitate what she naturally is

No. 1724822

yeah I hate when anons are like 'omg just google it' I even saw that on a stupid questions thread once. i thought this place was also for likeminded discussions and chatting too. kinda annoying, they could just not reply instead

No. 1724825

>i also call myself sexist slurs, but i know lots of cis women who do the same
who are these women ? they're like santa, i always hear about them but i never met one

No. 1724826

What angers me about the troons complaining and whining about "not having the girl childhood/teens" is the fact that most women did not have that romanticised girl childhood. We did not get spoiled by our daddies. We did not wear cutesy fashions. We did not all have sleepovers and besties, we did not all bake cookies and talk about boys and giggle to ourselves before pillow fights and whatnot. Yet we don't complain about it, because that would be fucking retarded.

Yet wherever I look I see these pedo troons complaining about "missing out" on being a little girl. It's disgusting and no one ever calls them out on it, and I wish they did.

No. 1724828

Thanks nonna! I get it now.

No. 1724834

parasocial relationship w porn stars i assume. hopefully no woman actually associates with this degenerate

No. 1724835

wish you spoilered this nona. first pic just made me retch

No. 1724836

very true. they only harm rights for women, by redefining our existence when our material reality remains the same and sexism is still rife.

they act like they're better, more advanced "women" but continue to just act like misogynist males, except in a dress. even the men who do join with "feminist" groups or claim to protest violence against women, end up undermining our message and silencing our voices in the process.

No. 1724837

What a stunning and brave individual. So much euphoria, so valid!
Menstruating and being able to create life is not a part of true and honest womanhood. Washing dishes is.
TiMs create their womansonas based on either women they want to skinwalk or idiotic sexist stereotypes. To them "transition" is just a costume to play with, a funny role they can switch on and off at any given moment. And anyone who dares to confront their blatant misogyny is a stinky bigot.

"Transition is totally not a fetish guys, cis women have kinks too!"

No. 1724841

I don't understand how they don't seem to come to the (obvious to everyone but themselves) conclusion that all of these people who 'can't believe their biologically male' are just pretending so because they're shitscared of them chimping out. they're so far removed from reality.

>I'm a girl now
what do you mean 'now'? I thought all troons had a super girly girl brain from birth?

No. 1724844

I know he sounds sadistic tbh. he clearly resented his daughter and she had to grow up feeling the affects of that.

i also feel terribly for his wife. having to hold it together all those years for her children - something he was too selfish to do.

No. 1724847

she just told it like it was. women like that are always hated by weak men.

No. 1724850

File: 1670775121443.gif (183.91 KB, 220x220, marcia-sure-jan.gif)

also, i just noticed the filename kek. i cannot believe i missed the perfect opportunity for a sure jan

No. 1724854

File: 1670775344275.png (44.76 KB, 983x335, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11-11…)

No. 1724855

it's not sexist when we sarcastically use oppressive words used to demean women, as a way to deal with misogyny. when men mock us and refer to themselves with derogatory words because they think they are women, that is just straight up offensive and disgusting. i'm so tired. so, so tired.

No. 1724861

I wish I did nonnie. The reason I found out about them was because a friend was telling me. I know she watched a documentary but I can’t remember what it was called now. After she told me, I kind of just did my own research to read some of the personal accounts but it’s been several years now.

No. 1724863

File: 1670775782615.jpg (104.44 KB, 700x800, 7793fd39f60c20dc480e41ae005f6a…)

Don't scroll.

No. 1724864

File: 1670775788301.jpeg (32.08 KB, 643x197, dylan m.jpeg)

this. and once again it's the "easy mode" bullshit. like all little girls grew up with everyone being nice to them and behaving in a loving way. "getting to" play with dolls and wear pink dresses. many of us didn't fucking want to act girly/feminine but were made to for the benefit of men, most of us were discouraged from thinking or speaking our minds, most of us were taught to put men's feelings first and many of us did not experience warm, loving conditions growing up. not to mention being sexualised from a young age by men exactly like the ones who complain they didn't get to experience it. the pedophilia energy is so strong in those TIMs.

it gives them the excuse to act and dress like little girls because it's just them going through their "toddler phase" (see pic related from an interview with Dylan). it's sick.

No. 1724865

File: 1670775850307.jpg (55.43 KB, 1021x330, Fjo9v2VWQAMH2kI.jpg)

It's not about being equal to women it's about being better than them- every tranny ever

No. 1724866

I really don’t understand this cope. The last thing I would want to see when looking in the mirror is one of them.

No. 1724867

File: 1670776092878.jpeg (100.32 KB, 636x636, IMG_2687.jpeg)


No. 1724868

this needs to go in the >>>/snow/1351285 radfem cow thread too. https://twitter.com/aletheia327 she larps as a radfem like slxthkween

No. 1724869

thanks for your services

No. 1724870

shes the final boss of the handmaidens

No. 1724872

File: 1670776305063.jpg (388.86 KB, 1536x2048, FhJJkBXWYAI-QHv.jpg)

found an irl picture of him

No. 1724874

Sure I'll post there too.

No. 1724875

What do you mean?

No. 1724879

theres cp in /snow/ we're waiting for the jannies to remove it

No. 1724880

sucks that there is no way to report it without having to look

No. 1724882

they always have that shark, its the discord groomer shark.

No. 1724884

File: 1670776830293.png (1.06 MB, 826x773, thank mew.png)

thank u nonnies

No. 1724886

Vile. I see. Thank you for bumping. How fucking degenerate.

No. 1724887

spamming cp and gore, such a delicate and feminine hobby! having entire disks of illegal cp material is just so fembrained

thank you for the warning nonitas

No. 1724889

File: 1670777418286.png (21.92 KB, 983x159, Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11-47…)

I thought they were talking about their nuts when I saw the title. They're egging each other on in the comments about how much height they've lost.

No. 1724892

File: 1670777579052.png (653.17 KB, 702x1164, on Twitter.png)


No. 1724893

File: 1670777631131.jpg (159.28 KB, 896x1939, Fjpr9gVXgAACwTb.jpg)

No. 1724894

He sure is excited about HRT-induced osteoporosis.

No. 1724896

I genuinely wish I had an ounce of the confidence/delusion the average tranny has. They all always look so terrible, unhealthy, and down right hideous but they post pics like this as though anyone would want to see them. if a fat woman posted a pic in this outfit, she would be ripped to shreds.

No. 1724898

File: 1670778250780.jpeg (564.97 KB, 1080x1080, vtkkh8ps5ny91.jpeg)

I was hoping they had a before and after and they do. kek.

No. 1724899

File: 1670778378188.png (578.73 KB, 775x768, NHS doc says patients worried …)

No. 1724900

we all wish him that imo

No. 1724903

I'm so glad I decided to never have kids 'cause I can't imagine the struggle to raise normal healthy children in this fucking clown world.

Who in their right mind thinks drag shows are appropriate for children? It's a kind of burlesque, a cabaret performance, that's where it fucking comes from. When I've tried to make this argument in my local subreddits, people just tell me that the sexual aspects are optional. OK so what? It's 20-fucking-22, kids are terminally online, they WILL find out about the sexual aspects associated with drag.

I've also tried to point out that drag is sexist, it relies on a sexist stereotypical performance of femininity. I hate scrotes but I DO think there is a POSSIBILITY that drag could be used as a tool to deconstruct those stereotypes but no scrote is going to do that and neither is an audience of kids watching that performance. No one ever has an argument against this when I say it, if I get a response at all it is "No, you're wrong" with no further explanation why (because they know I'm fucking right).

>there are so many tranny journalists.

There are so many tranny EVERYTHING because men dominate nearly every industry.

Can we all just buy a chunk of land somewhere far away from civilization and build some sort of women-only self sufficient homestead? I don't know how much more of this clown world I can take.

No. 1724905

File: 1670778852758.jpg (453.67 KB, 1536x2048, FjpxYMLUYAEgnRp.jpg)

No. 1724906

File: 1670778873430.png (43.2 KB, 681x419, Kirstyn Dancing with Myself on…)

he has a wife by the way

No. 1724908

>has a wife
>tons of free time
Divorce incoming or is already in process.

No. 1724909

File: 1670779146392.png (47.18 KB, 648x183, gaslight patients.png)

omfg so nurses are trained to gaslight women who are understandably uncomfortable about sharing a ward with men. then compare them to racists if they don't believe it.

there is NO reason for a man to be in the female-only ward.

No. 1724911

Absolutely dystopian.

No. 1724916

File: 1670779594689.png (413.07 KB, 679x869, India Willoughby on Twitter.pn…)

Jonathon with the smart takes again. Yes blame JK for protecting her rights.

No. 1724919


No. 1724921

Absolute lack of sense aside, do they not realise how creepy that line sounds? Legit out of a horror movie, just missing the soulless delivery and empty eyes.

No. 1724923

its just coping, remember how often they seethe over muh body dysphoria any time they see another trans person or a decent looking woman

No. 1724925

File: 1670779909421.png (469.99 KB, 1080x3529, Screenshot_20221211-182722.png)

Jesus christ who the hell needs multiple tomes on how to have sex? Just admit you've fucking ruined your body and you're suffering the consequences, don't demand everyone understand how your mutilated corpse works.

No. 1724928

I just know there has to be more context to this story, like these are photos of two separate departments or something

No. 1724933

File: 1670780229089.gif (3.55 MB, 500x279, wallofwomen.gif)

reminder that this scene of grey's anatomy was 4 years ago. the nurses made sure NO men were even within eyeshot for this woman who is a rape victim. this couldn't be shown now. this same rape victim character would be portrayed as a TERF.

No. 1724934

psychological thriller plot

No. 1724935

File: 1670780376917.jpg (22.15 KB, 347x468, FjnzvY1WYAAqBwB.jpg)

what a waste

No. 1724939

i thought the same thing. the first one doesn't show any TIMs, TIFs or obvious enbys, for a start. definitely a different department, i reckon. also there are only 2 "women" (one is actually a TIM who was a programmer for twitter) suing over discrimination so i think this been completely skewed. not that i don't doubt musk is a sexist shit.

No. 1724944

Why do men always kill themselves in the most attention seeking ways? It’s not on anyone else that he did that, he made that choice. One of the first things my therapist said was if someone threatens suicide, and you can try to get them help, but ultimately it came down to their decision and isn’t on anyone else.

No. 1724947

think it was a TIF nona. they never question if it was the transition that made her question her own life. it's always immediately JK's fault. sad.

No. 1724950

Adam Lanza eyes

No. 1724953

the TIM in question is Himdia Willyboy, not the TIF in the article who commit suicide.

No. 1724956

oh, let them shrink, please, I'm so annoyed by the "height = male/female" and "shoe size = male/female" stuff. Where I'm from women are tall and have large feet and they all look like women, not like men, hope he got himself some irreversible body damages.

No. 1724959

They finally did it.

Only just started but it already feels like they definitely scrubbed the living shit out of it and were EXTREMELY careful with the picking the participants

No. 1724960

I get the impression he was always shorter than he thought and "transmaxxed" because he is a manlet. now he is still a manlet but with muscle wasting and bone degeneration to boot.

No. 1724964

File: 1670782710383.png (368.03 KB, 749x395, fatherted.png)

I'm done, they got me, now I'm a racist, I won't deny it anymore, I won't stand against it anymore, I'm a full blown racist now. After all, it was always meant to happen, I'm a woman, I'm German, I'm blonde, I don't want men in dresses in female spaces, I can't be anything else than racist.

Honestly, why can't they let women decide what they think is best. I don't go to female doctors because I always had bad experiences with them, not once I had a nice or pleasant time with a female doctor, but if a woman doesn't want to have men around in a vulnerable situation, well, let them fucking decide for themselves. Make spaces exclusively for troons and people that don't care, can't be that hard, after all most troons are white, rich males.

No. 1724971

ntayrt there's a book named "Chinese Comfort Women: Testimonies from Imperial Japan's Sex Slave", available at amazon and such. If you want to listen to a podcast, Behind the bastards read excerpts from this book I believe at some point during the three parter about Nobusuke Kishi.

No. 1724973

File: 1670783578253.jpeg (779.32 KB, 2472x3296, 171D2E36-C5B8-4D6B-8621-EED39D…)

his hair looks so dry and brittle that a gust of wind would make it shatter to pieces

No. 1724974

its just coping, remember how often they seethe over muh body dysphoria any time they see another trans person or a decent looking woman

No. 1724975

Do you think trannies are obsessed with tampons specifically (in contrast to pads) because they see it as a little penis? As in the fantasy of offering one to a desperate stranger is not even about validation, but instead is about putting something belonging to them in a vulnerable woman's vagina?

No. 1724977

Possible. There are men who think women get pleasure from tampons, and that it's like being penetrated sexually all day. Yes I have heard men say this irl.

No. 1724978

ugh. i think you're onto something there. it's never about pads, is it? it's worse when you realise that so many man think that inserting a tampon must feel good for women. no, shoving a hard piece of cotton up our vaginas to stop the lining of our wombs bleeding out of us does not feel good. especially not when having to do it in a stall next to a man. ffs

No. 1724979

They're finally penetrated like a woman with a woman's product, directly from a woman, like an indirect sociopathic form of pegging

No. 1724985

It's about fucking time tbh, what took them so damn long? Granted I am not a Conservative but I acknowledge that conservative women make up a good many women who aren't afraid to speak the truth publicly.

However this is also comes off a bit deceitful. Just like how with Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman?" documentary where he made it out like only conservatives are the ones speaking out against trans ideology and making it seem like anyone on the left blindly supports the ideology when that's not true. I feel like Jubilee is trying to do the same thing here by only selecting conservative women and not including leftist women who actually are against it as well.

No. 1724986

still, thank you for your answer, you brought up a topic that I'm interested to learn something about

Sadly I have the attention span of a goldfish and can't listen to podcasts. But thank you for the book title, it's 106 € on amazon, but I found it on libgen, if someone else is also short on money but likes to read about stuff.

No. 1724987

This. I once had a scrote ask me out of nowhere if I had ever let someone else put a tampon in for me and then play absolutely dumb when I flipped the fuck out on him. I ghosted and he sent me a bunch of pathetic apologies after. I hope he’s dead kek

No. 1724988

God, the one called Blossom went in there so aggressive for every question. Like let someone else talk.

No. 1724991

Well you know what they say, "men will be men" kek. But agree, he was fucking annoying cutting the women off at certain points before they could even finish their point.

No. 1725004

Lmaooo men are so fucking STUPID it never ceases to amuse me

No. 1725015


Summary for nonnas who don't want to watch (I'm watching rn). I refused to listen to Roxana one of the transwomen because he speaks with the most annoying voice and doesn't know how to without drowning in his own saliva.

Transgender movement is indoctrinating kids:
>no kids have just become more aware of themselves and know themselves better. Drag queen story time is not grooming. (Trans, blossom)
>no but at the same time drag queen story time and introducing certain ideas to early is harmful to children. (Trans, gina)
>yes because there is a huge uptake in trans children via social media, schools etc. (All conservatives)

I am comfortable sharing bathrooms with the others:
>yes I'm not really threatened by you. The bathroom bill was more about men exploiting it (conservative, Amala)
>yes, I feel safer there since men are dangerous (trans, Gina)
>no, gender is made up *insert gender idealogy hurdur (moron, roxana)

Question that came up: is your comfort as a transwoman more important than the safety of females using the same bathroom?

>yes more or less because my safety matters (blossom)

>not sure how to answer entirely, gets cut off anyeay (gina)

Next Q: the ability to give birth is a woman's greatest strength:

Everyone disagrees, one of thr conservatives is upset by the question due to her own circumstance. Blossom is absolutely unbearable and starts saying that one of the conservatives shouldn't say only females can give birth and to use the right terminology. Conservative doubles down, transmen are female regardless of what they identify, birth is not the greatest strength of a woman etc.

What is a woman/what is womanhood comes up from one of the conservatives.

Didn't listen to roxana because the voice is awful kek
>womanhood is about standing in integrity, about confidence in who you are and me as a black transwoman shouldn't be a threat to you (blossom) insert sperg about cis/trans womanhood being able to coexist and how cis women always gatekeep, having female anatomy ie a vagina isn't the only thing that makes you a woman (newsflash it is, my periods are a painful reminder of my femaleness, as is every other secondary sex characteristic I have naturally kek

Conservative then asks: if I were a white person and I said [insert quote, then replace woman with black people] and I wanna transition into being black by redefining what blackness is to fit me since there isn't an objective idea of what that is is that appropriation?

>that's dodging, apples to oranges. Race and gender are different and white supremacy… Rachel Dolezal continues to sperg (blossom)

>race has a more understandable structure for transracialism than gender has for transgenderism. Race is actually a spectrum and has no binary, gender/sex does. We can say it doesn't but it does. Chromosomes aren't changing. (Conservative, Amala)
>I was born intersex, never had chromosomes checked. Fatheres two children. I felt out of place, spent first week of his life in hospital having surgeries and 11 years on testosterone when growing up. A true sex binary would make the world easier, intersex people get fucked over. I'm a conservative transperson though, gender spectrum is not as big as people like to say (Gina)
>transwomen have different struggles, are discriminated against and it sounds pretty shit ngl (amala)

Transwomen should be allowed to compete in women's sports:
Everyone but blossom disagrees.
>hormones + surgery break their body down so they're basically female. You are all uneducated (blossom)
>no, and people who disagree with you aren't uneducated. Research shows that you retain and advantage in spite of taking hormones. They change you but not to the same level. Mainly about people transitioning post puberty with advantages that can't be taken away with hormones (hand/feet size, wingspan and so on). You have an advantage in women's only spaces and sports in competition. (Amala)

Roxana says shit but fuck his voice. But in short jt's unfair give cis women more opps. What's your relationship with sport?

Amala: you don't need to care about sport to see women are being affected and it's unfair. I reject the idea of equity- equality of outcome is bs. Women's sports are less funded.

In a solo interview, Amala:

Where does the line stop? Sports, changing rooms, prisons? This is gonna get worse. It's already a problem. Biological males should not be alongside women because they identify as such. Society needs to settle on if they care about inclusion or safety for women more.

Gina: I'm the same size I was in hs. I used to be able to do tthis, now I can't as much but I still have an advantage. I still have strength over other women even if I have gotten weaker.

Blossom: stats pls? (To amala)

Amala: there is plenty out there, even trans people agree with me. We can see it in sports. Look at lia thomas.

Blossom: you can't give stats. We're not doing enough work. There are cis women who produce more testosterone.

Amala: can you produce statistics about the advantages of biological males and how hormones effect them? Does it level the playingfield?

Blossom: no, I thought those stats were bs tbh. The reality is experience matters more than data [side note, gina mentioned he had an advantage earlier but I guess ut doesn't matter because you disagree]. Cis women get kicked for high testosterone so what are we talking about?

Amala: looking at you vs the rest of us [conservatives] there is an obvious difference between our bone density and strength

Blossom: you don't know that

And that is my limit of tolerance for this retarded video and blossom. I got 28mins in to a 40 minute video. Good luck nonas, I'mma kms.

No. 1725017

Haha only in fiction, no US hospital cares this much about rape victims irl

No. 1725018

>Indoctrinating children

I think the women bringing up things like Drag Queen Story Time was good but I wish that they also brought up how children are being indoctrinated through the internet with app like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. They causal mention "social media" but I feel like one of them should've went into more detail about it.

Also to that one dude who said that the trans movement is trying to "separate sex from sex roles", dude WTF are you talking about? You men are all about doubling down on sex roles and/or stereotypes.

>Comfortable sharing bathrooms with opposite sex

That Bloom guy has really bad listening skills. The woman wasn't saying that all trans-identified men are predators, she was saying that by allowing trans-identifying men into our spaces, we are also opening the door to having predatory men come in as well so long as they "identify" as a woman. How are we supposed to know who is and isn't predatory? Simply banning all men regardless of how they "feel" is the best solution for the safety of us women and girls. Because woman on woman assault in our restrooms was a rarity (and sexual assault almost non-existent). It wasn't until men started coming in them where we started seeing problems. And when he said that the guys who turned out to be predators are "not actually trans", dude shut the fuck up. Who are you to say who is and isn't a troon? That's why your movement is so easy to troll, it's baseless you idiot.
Overall I think the women tried here and we know this is happening but what could've helped is if they name dropped some of the cases of women who got assaulted in restrooms because that Bloom guy was doing what men typically do trying to hand-wave the issue with "it's not happening" bullshit.

And to "Gina" who was whining about how he feels he'd get the shit kicked out of him if he used the men's restroom, sounds like a "you" problem dude, it's not our job to make you feel safe. He's built like a linebacker and I doubt any guy would give him problems unless he's being a creep. If you're that worried, just advocate for your own spaces and stop demanding us to give up our own.

Also side-note, the troons keep on bringing up "gender this"/"gender that" and this is where WE REALLY could've used a feminist here to call that shit out by saying "women are not genders". It was really frustrating hearing these guys resort to "gender"

No. 1725022

This is why I hate moids with long hair, they never wash or condition it properly and it’s usually lank & greasy at the roots and parched at the ends. Male lack of basic self-care is frightening.

No. 1725027

I’ve been offered/asked for tampons by troons and other moids before and it’s 100% a fetish thing for them. Very creepy. If you aren’t a female with a real vagina that menstruates, I don’t trust anyone’s motives for being interested in that topic.

No. 1725029

You! Are! Not! A! Lesbian! Your boyfriend put on a dress. You would never touch a pussy and you know it.

No. 1725031

thanks for the summary nona. i watched a bit just to see who was who and literally every bit i skipped to was Blossom talking over people kek. and yeah roxanna is super annoying with his shy girl larping and he really triggers my misophonia tbh.

No. 1725032

>Monon, Roxana

Agree kek. It's clear to see where his problems stem from. He's clearly a gay man who was experienced his homosexuality at a young age and didn't have anyone to help him understand himself. It feels like he may have a conservative and/or religious family background. Either way his arguments were dumb and are dismantled when you tell him the simple truth that "gender isn't real". Also I noticed he kept saying "disingenuous" in places where it doesn't make sense, does he know what the word actually means?

No. 1725034

That’s called “mansplaining” nonna kek

No. 1725037

when a man actually washes his hair, i find long hair on men really hot. but it's so rare to find one that isn't a greaseball and/or about to troon out. SAD!

No. 1725043

Also most transwomen are in prison for sexually assulting women and girls, surely then putting them with women is what they want. They need to be in the mens prison, its not womens problem they are degenerate moids.

No. 1725047

Ayrt and sure, long pretty hair is a flex on anyone. It’s just that too many moids can’t be bothered with the “pretty” part and go straight to greasy and raggedy.

No. 1725048

VERY good point anon. Which is all the more reason why no one but especially women should give a fuck what happens to these rapists and molestors. They're gonna risk getting raped in prison by other men? Sucks to be you but hey, they'll understand how the woman and/or girl they sexually assaulted felt when they did that to them.

No. 1725057

I think some girls and women talked about liking it on tumblr (imo it is very cute), and TIMs instantly latched onto it because it was something that some women seemed to enjoy that matched their idea of what women/girls are (soft, cute, gentle, etc). The group of actual women and girls who liked the toy seems to have been dwarfed by the group of men larping as sexist caricatures who bought it, though. They insist it's "trans colors" as an excuse, but it's literally just colored like a normal cartoon shark (not even close to the same pallet as the trans flag), so imo it's pretty obvious some e-girl had one and troons copied her, then copied each other.

No. 1725061

sage for blogpost but i remember arguing w a friend about troons in women's prison, i told him it was unfair and they should be in men's prison or at least in a 3rd space without women and men, this douchebag replied me "yeah but imagine if a transwoman is incarcerated in men's prison bc they stole a book or smthg ?? that would be so unfair to keep them in men's prison!!" that was the most ridiculous excuse ive ever heard

No. 1725062

If you meet another man say that, retort it with something like: "You honestly think something that small could genuinely pleasure a woman?" With an innocent face. Someone please do this I really wanna know the reaction.

No. 1725064

File: 1670789932248.png (129.3 KB, 942x504, Image3252.png)

and yet most women in prison are in for that kind of shit. see pic related. Women are mostly in for 'summary non-motoring proceedings' = things like TV licence evasion and less serious criminal damages. Then theft, fraud etc. Almost half of TIMs in prison are sex offenders well over half are in for violent assault.

So statistically, most of the women in women's prisons are there for petty reasons. Not to even mention how women end up committing crime because of situations that men have put them in. And thinking it's fair to put a rapist into those prisons because he is worried about getting raped is literally the most insane and evil thing. You allow one, you allow them all.

No. 1725065

honestly, i wouldn't do this. it just plays into the nonsense that we should always get pleasure from being penetrated and that bigger = more pleasure. i get excruciating pain just from having a smear test, and that is just a very thin stick. it's the thing of being penetrated when you don't want to be, and the fact it is not in a sexual context. i won't indulge their retarded and pornified understanding of how women's bodies work.

No. 1725070

This. I just wouldn’t respond at all because they might take something like what nona suggested as a come on or something. Men are complete idiots, plus, speaking about it in a sexual context just perpetuates the perverted ideas they have about tampons. Just walk away.

No. 1725072

And what about 5' even "cis" men who were imprisoned for shoplifting? Men need to solve their own problem of male violence, instead of shunting the responsibility onto women. For every one tranny in prison for "just stealing a book," there's a handful of others who are outright sex offenders. What are the actual women supposed to do about them? Just accept being assaulted and raped, because it will potentially protect a few men from the "same" fate? Never mind how male on male sexual violence doesn't come with as many consequences as male on female sexual violence, for more than one reason. And how are they so certain there aren't violent males among the trannies, or that trannies won't rape other trannies in female prisons? Or do they just know that, in a mixed-sex space, women are the preferred victims, and they just don't care about the potential (or actual, it's already happened!) harm, so long as it's not being done to men? Men are such selfish retards.

No. 1725118

File: 1670795636836.jpeg (381.57 KB, 750x869, 57979E5E-6BAB-4EBE-8B30-74C86E…)

NTA but this article was very moving about a Japanese photographer who works with the women still alive, and how they are still being taken advantage of in a nursing home

No. 1725121

No. 1725124

File: 1670796146255.jpeg (145.28 KB, 750x1010, FA8B3730-0B5E-4056-A52D-D36D97…)

No. 1725126

wow so they're being used as tourist attractions to make money, which isn't even being put towards their care? this is disgusting. and being emotionally and physically abused further in their old age. breaks my heart.

No. 1725128

btw this was recommended to me and legit gives me a notifcation on the app????

No. 1725130

I thought that was just me. I had to block that troon because Twitter kept giving me notifications for his tweets wtf

No. 1725135

to his credit i could've thought the fist pic was a tif. he passes pretty well, especially to the untrained normie eye. too bad passing isn't what makes someone a woman though!

No. 1725137

Tbh it’s the eyes. They always have dead, creepy coomer eyes. Even the ones who photoshop themselves (body and face) into passing. The eyes give them away to me before anything.

No. 1725149

Thank you nonna and my sympathies for having to see whatever vile things they posted this time. I get so scared to use this site sometimes, I never want to see that stuff and I don’t know how long my luck will last. It’s odd they don’t target these threads

No. 1725153

File: 1670798535108.jpeg (81.92 KB, 735x708, EAFC75C8-8973-41A5-AA11-4A9098…)

I feel the same way nonna. I accidentally saw some gore in this thread once and that was enough but I never saw the CP and tbh that would be even worse to me. They hit at such random times too it’s not necessarily predictable. I fucking hate scrotes so much.

No. 1725154

Is there a website where you can take a test to see how good you are at clocking troons? Like troon or not, or something like that?

No. 1725157

i think this would only work if they're not using filters or photoshop, which they always are. plus some of the ones that appear to pass the best online look like hulking great oafs in person.

for me the biggest tells are their attitude and the things they say kek. they can't help but be misogynistic coom-brained freaks.

No. 1725173

how would it be a tif lol.. tifs don't strive for this appearance

No. 1725181

File: 1670801219476.png (366.13 KB, 413x553, Screenshot 2022-12-12 .png)

my bad, i should have specified. i was talking about his pre-transition pictures

No. 1725195

smart nonnie

No. 1725209

they always look more feminine as a man

No. 1725232

File: 1670805501238.jpeg (337.42 KB, 1536x2048, 4AA00559-4893-4A91-BCF6-1F474E…)

Why is he denying it like he doesn’t look anything like this in his tags. It’s way worse.

No. 1725234

File: 1670805563323.jpeg (433 KB, 2010x2048, 78F567D6-7305-4BD0-95A4-F44DC2…)

His edited to hell and back with shopping and filters of that night

No. 1725239

Looks like a TIF imo. Could just be extremely soy or photoshopped, though. I wouldn't put it past a troon to Photoshop their "before" pictures to look more feminine.

No. 1725256

always hiding the hands lmao they think theyre slick

No. 1725263

File: 1670807668563.jpg (1.44 MB, 1440x2561, faye.jpg)

there is something really weird about this guy. under 3 different names. Faye Mikah, Faye Kinley and Faye Isla (maybe even more kinds of Faye)

in some news stories he is referred to as "Faye Kinley"

and pic related for the other names. wtf?

No. 1725271

File: 1670807975248.jpg (1.23 MB, 1440x1800, whichisit.jpg)

kek which is it Faye??

No. 1725273

didn't know phil lester had trooned out

No. 1725298

that's either photoshop or plastic surgery

No. 1725303

where can I find a list of tampon/pad companies that haven't pandered to troons? A cup is not great for me except on lighter days. I don't want cloth pads or period underwear.

I won't buy from any company giving period products to men or partnering with men.

No. 1725305

i nominate those creatures as the next thread pic pls

No. 1725317

probably impossible to come by nowadays. buy generic brands

No. 1725332

seconded. I wonder who these sophisticated ladies are

No. 1725388

Holy shit, it's hyphenated, I completely forgot. I've been outclassed lmao

No. 1725391

By this logic, every incarcerated moid who gets raped or targeted for his identity should be housed with women. I've said this before and I'll say it again: why the fuck should women be punished with endangerment when men rape each other?

No. 1725412

Kotex? That's the brand I use and I haven't heard anything from them.

No. 1725415

same, they seem to have yet to give into the genderspecial bullshit. i swear by their U line

No. 1725420

i changed my mind i need this as the next thread pic

No. 1725421

They also donate period products to women and girls in need too and they have quite the extensive history, going back 100 years.

No. 1725445

look it’s my favorite ex-tinychat moderator!
Kinda fun to see people still hating Mitch the Bitch/Doep out in the wild

No. 1725452

Just took a look at the Kotex website vs the Tampax website
>Kotex: women
>Tampax: women "or those who bleed"
Hell yeah Kotex guess I'm switching brands

No. 1725455

>Blossom talking over people
>Blossom went in there so aggressive

I recognize Blossom from that CNN Equality Town Hall meeting during the 2020 Democratic primaries. The Dem nominees were taking questions from LGBTQ voters. During one scene a Hispanic mother with a TiF child was speaking when Blossom came out of no where, took the mic from the mother then started screeching about black TiMs being murdered. I see he hasn't changed at all

No. 1725456

oh my god LMAO

No. 1725468

File: 1670831576735.jpg (281.19 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20221212_024654.jpg)

Troons stay clockable

No. 1725477

>the discord groomer shark.
it's hilarious to me that they use one of the most feared brutal predators without natural enemies as their trans symbol… it seems like a parody how fitting it is

No. 1725478

First of all, it's dystopian and sick to celebrate 6 months on a drug. It's not even "6 months of being my true coomer self" but literally taking the drug in itself is the thing that is celebrated. Big Papa Pharma has raised his livestock well.
Secondly "presenting as femme" = "a literal woman" to these people. They are again erasing the existence of feminine men and masculine women, which is quite often gay people. They literally cannot comprehend anything but clothes and makeup being the definition of a woman. I have no patience for these medieval gender roles they keep forcing on people, fuck off with your regressive views.

No. 1725484

I actually bought a shark for the simple reason that I thought it was cute and it's nice having something to hold at night. I won't let these groomers take that away from me

No. 1725489

Grow up

No. 1725490

NTAYRT but fuck off blahaj is adorable and a great pillow

No. 1725493

troons probably fuck the poor shark plush

No. 1725498


No. 1725501

Sphere Hunter is a lolcow in his own right.

Before he started doing the YouTube gamer thing, he got groomed into doing tranny porn by a much older troon called Natalie Mars (who Contrapoints is apparently a big fan of), and used to go by the name 'Sue Lightning'. However, even the coomers made fun of him and he ended up literally crywanking on cam for pennies because they told him YWNBAW.

He also looks like Milhouse from The Simpsons and it's really funny to me.

No. 1725505

>Openly wanting to fuck Pokémon
>Using the same degrading porn language that they all use
These creatures are disgusting.

No. 1725506

I think they're cute, too! They look like ideal body pillow size. It's a shame gross men keep forcing association between themselves and cute things, especially when they either never properly care for the things they take, or turn those things into a fetish. Usually both.
Kys joyless rat.
You're right but I don't want to hear it.

No. 1725507

Austin Killips, a TIM, caught on tape assaulting a female cyclist during a race. It's not enough he cheats by entering the women's race, but he has to play dirty tricks if he falls behind. There were two TIMs in this race, Killips taking 3rd place and Lingwood taking 5th.

No. 1725508

File: 1670843635037.jpeg (255.98 KB, 1276x1915, austin.jpeg)

samefagging to add that the woman he pushed ended up in 4th place. meaning he took her spot on the podium.

No. 1725510

File: 1670844012769.jpg (365.26 KB, 1080x1596, Screenshot_20221212-221512__01…)

Sorry for the shitty daily mail article and if this has already been posted anons ( these threads move so fast) but I am fucking irate. We are truly at the end of society when a disgusting predator can forcefully sodomise two teenage girls and it's being covered up by officials and schools. I am 100% homeschooling my kid when she's born because no doubt this absolute degeneracy will escalate in the rest of the western world too.


No. 1725513

File: 1670844522296.png (74.74 KB, 658x372, dm.png)

Wait wtf? So his mother refers to him as a boy? And defends that he "wanted to have sex in a bathroom". So why was he in the girl's bathroom if he is a boy, and why should he get to rape and sodomise girls because he wants to have sex? This is fucked up.

Also, off-topic but why does this article focus so much on the dad? Every photo is him with his belly out. kek

No. 1725514

"kilt wearing boy" is now feminine enough that people don't stop them from going into female bathrooms? Did he claim to be nonbinary or did he just know no one would stop him?

No. 1725516

File: 1670845578524.jpeg (384.49 KB, 960x1249, 4FBB87C1-A009-46FE-B5CD-C7FB78…)

“twanzwimmin cant even open a pickle jar on E!1!”
yet blatantly admits that male puberty does give them an advantage even before adulthood. Man-tgomerie really is fucking stupid

No. 1725517

telling on themselves as usual

No. 1725521

It's so funny how this scrote is seething 24/7 because he will never be a real woman so he just spends all his free time insulting actual women

No. 1725524

hate that this is the default answer whenever taylor says smth about tims in sports. but coomer brains just can't formulate an actual conversation of the issue. and just devalue female athletes who are concerned over their experiences.

No. 1725533

File: 1670853170087.jpeg (534.06 KB, 828x883, D70A2AA5-9DF4-4B75-8E4D-22F82D…)

oh no the fat gay kid from school fell into the troon pipeline

No. 1725536

File: 1670853546283.jpg (243.16 KB, 1393x818, trannydefendsmurderer.jpg)

A tranny gets upset that Dana Rivers (the TIM who murdered two women and their son) is ""misgendered"" on reddit (and pretty much everyone in the comments calls the murderer a "she" btw). All of the tranny's arguments are complete bullshit as you'd expect, but they're often used by TRAs, and they really show how troons think their kind deserves to be treated better than the rest of the population. Perpetrators of horrible crimes are insulted and called "monsters" all the time (so, not even considered human) and no one would ever tell you that you're rude or that you don't believe in the humanity of others. Also, it would seem perfectly normal to think that the perpetrator of a serious crime could commit other types of crimes. But no, this troon acts as if implying that a murderer might be a sexual predator is crazy, and that by insulting or ~misgendering~ one troon, you are insulting them all. Also he is blatantly lying about "huge quantities of data" showing that transwomen and actual women have the same criminal patterns!!! The audacity of TRAs knows no bound