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File: 1670007781437.png (2.43 MB, 1170x1905, 4449D477-9A04-47BE-A6B3-8100CC…)

No. 1716715

No. 1716717

File: 1670007985062.jpg (92.52 KB, 750x1147, 903acb19-92c1-50f0-8834-75f59d…)

I genuinely can't understand what argument their trying to make here ?

No. 1716719

only a moid would think women having less strength means they’re inferior.

No. 1716723

I've seen a fair number of TRAs saying we should just end sex segregation in sports. If you point out how if we did this women will rarley or never win a sporting event the TRAs will then accuse you of saying women are inferior to men.

No. 1716733

So they agree trans women are men? And that they think women are inferior, phew that’s some projection.

No. 1716735

File: 1670009824966.jpeg (494.34 KB, 1125x2034, 4438BD54-A174-4856-A6CC-124BCD…)

No. 1716737

File: 1670009850062.jpeg (440.11 KB, 1125x2072, 80273ECF-CB10-4BD5-A1E0-D93C09…)

No. 1716746

File: 1670010175835.jpg (354.23 KB, 719x906, Screenshot_20221202-193445_Chr…)

Some excerpts:

>Mr Inglefield had been considered one of the world’s leading surgeons in the field of transgender operations but he had been accused in the past of turning his operating theatre into 'a circus' by broadcasting on Snapchat.

>He is also an exponent of womb transplants, claiming the contentious procedure is ‘essentially identical’ to that of ‘cis-women’ - females born in that gender.

>"Because once the medical community accept this as a treatment for cis-women with uterine infertility, such as the congenital absence of a womb, then it would be illegal to deny a trans-female who has completed her transition"

>"There are clearly anatomical boundaries when it comes to trans women but these are problems that I believe can be surmounted and the transplant into a trans-female is essentially identical to that of a cis-female"

And from what I can gather from the article, it sounds like he's more in trouble for not reporting what happened during the surgery. Rather than, y'know, the fact he blinded someone who thought getting plastic surgery would turn them into a female.

No. 1716751

File: 1670010525663.jpeg (320.78 KB, 1170x1728, 9283286A-0A76-4B20-9A81-A686DC…)

This is just blatantly untrue, lmao. Also note the comment about fucking terfs with rusty poles, because… sexual violence against women acceptable if not agree?

No. 1716761

File: 1670010899841.jpeg (152.43 KB, 500x695, tumblr_n1m16nohvA1r9c2hyo1_500…)

It isn't, tranny-kun. Yes, a woman in good shape can beat a NEET in a fight. But a peak-condition man will always beat a peak-condition woman in most sports because there are physiological differences between the sexes. Women and men are intellectual equals, but on average men have more tard strength because it's just in their DNA.

Women generally outperform men in sports where being more flexible or having a smaller body is beneficial. For instance, most Olympic-level equestrians are female.

No. 1716767

>They target butch cis women as well
First off, no, we don't. We're in favor of women being allowed to be butch without everyone accusing them of being an egg or whatever.

There are some GCs that wrongfully clock normal women as troons, but that's typically because of their body proportions, not their clothing style. Butch is a type of fashion, not just when a stereotypically feminine woman has a really mannish face (like that one woman Petras recently called a tranny.)

No. 1716776

First study I found. You could google for a lot more on the subject.

No. 1716778

> I'll take the whole strength difference stuff with a grain of salt since this is the first time I'm hearing about this.
What? How have you gone your whole life not noticing that? Also sage non milk newfag

No. 1716780

So you agree? You think trans women are men?

So you're a man? You think having more chimp strength means you're superior?

No. 1716781

I'm a tard and cba with muh studies but have you ever been to a gym nona? it's pretty obvious moids have more brute strength than women, outliers don't count.

No. 1716782

File: 1670013289129.png (22.73 KB, 552x522, 436836A9-B848-4C51-B252-77F6ED…)

To any butch trans women reading here, you are men.

No. 1716783

Do you need a peer-reviewed paper to tell you that the sky is blue, too? Just compare the world records in women's athletics to the ones in men's.

No. 1716785

>not a social contagion

No. 1716786

>can be surmounted

… are you sure lol
is he srs or is this more cope

No. 1716788

all men under 40 now are either MGTOW Nazi incels or trannies

No. 1716789

TikTok is hyperinfluential to zoomers and trans shit is a huge part of that

No. 1716808

File: 1670015765183.jpeg (897.28 KB, 1284x2151, 9D9D29F7-3075-48F9-86DB-0902EC…)

No. 1716809

>What? How have you gone your whole life not noticing that?
right?? seriously wtf. how terminally online does someone have to be to have never observed IRL sex differences or never noticing that men are physically bigger, stronger and more of a threat to us. I just can't believe someone can ask this lol. Young children know this without having to be told.

No. 1716810

Raised on the internet and never had a bf to play wrestle with?

No. 1716812

All this talk of punching down sure makes me want to punch something…Jesus Christ I have nowhere to put this boiling anger besides the gym and I ALREADY WENT TODAY REEE

No. 1716813

and never wondered why the took PE classes separate from boys, never wondered why men are able to physically overpower women (do women just let themselves be raped and physically abused by men?), never felt intimidated by men's anger more than women's anger? that's crazy to me but i wonder if that's just how people are raised now.

No. 1716815

Right like what the FUCK are they talking about? The proof of their male privilege is in how even when they ID as trans, they STILL speak over TiFs, who aren’t taken seriously because they were born female. Do they even hear themselves? Or do they know and just don’t care?

No. 1716816

Men are on average very oblivious and trans women are no different from the average man.

No. 1716817


They want to be treated like women but never act like it.

No. 1716832

trannies and ~~cis~~ men are exactly the same, and equally privileged. except trannies are probably more likely to abuse, sexually harass, assault, and kill a woman than a non-crossdressing moid, and more likely to get away with it, too.

No. 1716834

the dynamics between tifs and tims are the ultimate proof that genderism only reinforces male supremacy.

No. 1716837


The more I think about it, the more I don't think terf is even a real thing. It's just feminism. Feminism is female advocacy. It was never about defending a performance or an adopted identity, it was about defending a female material reality. Sometimes I step back and it's just insane how insidious the language has gotten. Like you have to go back and reassert that for centuries the woman's rights activist were talking about those actual flesh and blood women and not some abstract idea. Like news flash if the suffragettes have a successor movement it's not going to have a dick.

No. 1716843

I've been thinking about this recently, how some tims say that "male socialization" doesn't exists but at the same time suck up all the air around the trans debate in regards to tifs. I feel like the way they dominate the conversations you'd think that tifs or even butch women face zero repercussions in society.

No. 1716846

Sage for long blogpost, but I am starting to successfully peak my septuagenarian mother. She was a hardcore feminist in the 1960s and 70s, but unfortunately sees MTFs as harmless. Sharing below for fellow nonnas who need to convince family members of TERF superiority!

A few weeks ago she had her high school reunion, and one of her classmates decided to chop his dick off and adopt woman-face in his 70s. My mother was praising his stunning braveness, but said she was uncomfortable by how frequently her male classmate brought up his surgery, and how he could never sympathize with classmates who had cancer or who had died because he could only talk about his inverted dick.

Last night, I was having drinks with my mother and her high school friend. The conversation of incel rhetoric came up, so I casually mentioned how increasingly young white male incels troon out because they believe women live life on easy mode and women are basically failed men. I softened this by lying that there are many ~real~ trans people like her classmate, but recently these privileged young white men who don't have dysphoria and who demand sex from lesbians are growing, which makes me very nervous around young white men who claim to be women. I said it was a shame that we can't address this issue, nor the problem of male socialization. My mom and her friend had never heard of male socialization, so I explained by using their MTF classmate as an example. They both got excited, saying this male socialization concept explains exactly why their classmate was so insufferable. I continued, saying that while I would never say their MTF friend isn't a woman since she got surgery, if we think about Simone de Beauvoir (my mother's favorite), late-blooming MTFs can never be fully female not because of birth but because of socialization. My mom and her friend were very interested by this. Flash forward to today when my mom and her friend are getting ready to have dinner with old classmates including the MTF. They made frequent references to not looking forward to seeing "her" because of her "male behaviors," and how now they know how to deal with "her" better if they think of "her" as a man. I think the seed has been planted, so I am going to keep pushing this every time I come home. (My brother, sadly, often talks about how evil republicans are because of trans kids, and not because of the oppression of women and hostile takeover of the judiciary branch. So hopefully I can peak my mom and then start working on my brother before he goes full TRA….)

No. 1716851


to any smarter nonnas out there, question? if women have to have the uterus removed after birth when they get one donated because they cannot keep it then how would this be the proper method to treat a trans woman? why would that be the method to treat it? it doesn’t seem like it would work so either the studies from before are lying or this man is just like the other surgeons i see who suddenly say this. you have to be on immunosuppressants to have things like that and women only get this done when they carry their baby and then they get rid of it.

No. 1716852

>the abuse men inflict on women
Rape, assault, financial abuse, workplace harassment, creepshots, industries built on female servitude, list goes on
>the abuse women inflict on transwomen
Don't come into our restroom! Don't come into our sports! Please stop being creepy!

No. 1716855

The phrasing on this topic is important, because just saying "men are stronger" does read as "men are better," especially if you pair it with a statement like "men and women are intellectually equal," which (intentionally or not) further implies that any advantage over the other sex is held by men, not women.
To clarify: Men only have superior peak strength and sprint speed. Women have better peak endurance and flexibility. Part of the imbalance in athletic competitions is that most sports are designed for or judged based on male capabilities. For example, figure skaters are often ranked better for their jumps (something men are better at) than their poses and dancing (things that women are better at). It's also worth noting that the suggestion that men and women are intellectual equals may not be entirely true, as research in this field has often shown that women score equally to men on tests that (just as with the sports before) are designed to be passed by men. It's well-known that many popular methods of testing intelligence use faulty methods that give privileged demographics an advantage. More thorough, balanced testing has often resulted in evidence that women may be more intelligent than men, if only due to higher emotional intelligence (though it's likely more than that, considering that it's doubtful that EQ is what made girls in Japan so much more likely to pass entry exams that schools gave boys a handicap of a lower passing grade).
The idea that brute strength and ability to harm others is what makes people superior is both male-centric and inherently violent. The potential to do harm is not what defines something as superior. If it was, a single grain silo would be superior to the average man.

No. 1716856

From the quotes OP posted the surgeon mainly just said "it'd be illegal to deny it to transwomen", probably just based on the unfortunate alignment of the fact that they are women (legally) and do not have a womb, which all they need as requirements to qualify for this type of treatment. The surgeons that support treatments like these are just in it for the quick buck and media attention, I doubt anyone in the medical world believes they can make a man give birth.

No. 1716861

It's just Mengele tier surgeons who want to play God. Whenever they bring up Lili Elbe as the first attempt of a womb transplant, they claim it failed because medicine wasn't ready yet, but they always downplay that he pretty much died from having an organ stuffed into his body that had no business being there, and that still hasn't changed. Biology is a TERF etc.

No. 1716862

That image is so creepy, I can't believe actually got upvoted at r/actuallytransbians

No. 1716867

Yup. And “trans women” are still the ones benefitting from those male systems of abuse against women while women are still powerless to do anything of substance against it due to the current state of things. TiMs are in the news for rape and assault every day while women don’t lay a finger on them. TiMs are highly represented in well-paying tech jobs and political positions (at least in first world countries). TiMs regularly creep on women, steal used menstrual products, and support porn and prostitution.

No. 1716868

I mean, I guess that’s why it did since they’ve run all the real women out.

No. 1716869

File: 1670021512181.png (572.34 KB, 958x475, gemini.png)

>lot easier than i thought
yep it's pretty easy for intimidating men to go wherever the fuck they like even if they aren't welcome, because now there isn't even a law or policy against it

No. 1716871

File: 1670021571328.jpeg (587.09 KB, 1124x1843, D9214478-499F-4739-BAC2-6413E5…)

I know posting HER screenshots is cheating but I need everyone to observe this stunning and brave specimen. The next pic is even better.

No. 1716873

File: 1670021639372.jpeg (311.35 KB, 1125x1892, 3167697C-A398-46B4-82F1-B96842…)

No. 1716874

samefag but i swear it looks like he intentionally gave himself a camel toe for "validation"

No. 1716876

Ngl this one looks so scary I would have called security pretty fast. He literally just looks like a creepy man.

No. 1716877

He probably did. They even make prosthetics for that.

No. 1716879

Love how he’s trying to pose cutesy but took the pic from the position that made him look the most like a caveman.

No. 1716881

IK I'm beating a dead horse as well but HER has few actual women except for bisexual/straight handmaidens and gender-confused Aidens. I hated the app, it felt so performative and cringe troon/libfem with the dumb stickers. I'm bi but when I was exclusively seeking out women I had better luck on non-gay-targeted apps like Bumble and Tinder personally.

No. 1716883

kek those male long arms

No. 1716885

I live in a liberal college town and every other woman on Tinder is a TiM.

No. 1716886

No actual lesbians want to use a dating app where they're a target demographic, but being openly exclusively homosexual can get you banned. We all know they're treating us more like products than consumers. Personally, my first exposure to HER emphasizes this; I saw that they were asking TIMs what problems they had on the app so that they could address it, and one of the options was, "Not getting enough matches/dates." I wondered how on earth they would fix that.

No. 1716895

File: 1670024291786.png (66.14 KB, 595x437, Screenshot 2022-12-02 6.38.03 …)

how can i make this about meeeeeeee????

No. 1716898

They could date each other…

No. 1716899


so i’m getting the idea that it’s just sensationalist. why is it always the one who promote this don’t line up with actual studies and health standards?? i’m just trying to get over that they say you suddenly treat the absence of a uterus with… getting one, very few women are just born with no uterus and they usually have parts there that can be reconstructed to have it actually develop
they don’t just get one shoved in and walk off, no, they can’t keep it, they have to have it removed so idk i guess i’m just trying to make sense of it
i don’t think we’ll be around long enough for their hellish dreams to come to fruition anyways

No. 1716900

His body proportions are so odd. I feel like he could touch his knees without bending his spine.

No. 1716905

violence against children’s hospitals???

No. 1716907

Some of them do out of desperation but the overwhelming majority of those men are straight as an arrow and want real women with real vaginas. Rules for thee but not for me and all that. They’re the same men who previously would have made jokes about “being a lesbian in a man’s body”, only now they’ve taken it a step further and think they’re even more entitled to lesbians than before.

No. 1716922

What the hell is He-Man doing in a lesbian app?

No. 1716940

File: 1670029265235.jpeg (221.23 KB, 750x759, 49EC3694-2532-4937-92F3-EE3A5C…)

Never would’ve expected a tiktok comment section to be so based, this was under a moid’s ‘transition journey’ video. Am I being naive or are people actually waking up? I feel like I’m seeing stuff like this exponentially more

No. 1716941

the third comment lmmmaooooo

No. 1716943

i feel fantastic looking ass haircut

No. 1716945

Kek what were they commenting on?

No. 1716947

>Labeling trans women as men
What kind of retarded reverse uno is he trying to pull here? They're the ones who started mislabeling men as women. You were born male, you'll die male. That's not a "label" it's an observation of fact. A woman could never "punch down" on a man, no matter how much horse piss he takes or spinny skirts he wears.

No. 1716950

at least elon will never ban libsoftiktok and this just feels great

No. 1716965

File: 1670030567525.jpg (14.74 KB, 208x326, 700.jpg)

>We shouldn't care about the living conditions in prison because prison is bad to begin with!
Impressively retarded. I love how this also implies that the better thing to do is advocate for the abolition of prison entirely, as if that's in any way as realistic as just keeping them single-sex. Bizarre.

No. 1716966

you ever notice that trannies never mention any "misogyny" that they have encountered since transitioning? like their wages don't get lowered, they almost never claim rape by a man, no workplace harassment as a woman (but plenty for being trans….), no creepshots, no negative experience of catcalling or public groping. it's almost like they experience none of the downsides of being a woman but want all the upsides.

No. 1716973

They mention it pretty often actually, they just talk about how validating and euphoric it is to be treated like shit. Usually it's catcalling, which probably happens a lot because they misinterpret heckling as being hit on.

No. 1716974

File: 1670031663649.png (425.96 KB, 387x429, gibbon.png)

his arms remind me of a gibbon. gibbons are way cuter tho

No. 1716976

the 32.0 miles away sounds threatening

No. 1716981

no periods, no risk of getting pregnant, no getting talked down to or infantilised (which they would enjoy anyway), no expecting them to do household chores or be the automatic emotional caregivers, not having their spaces invaded, no heightened sense of pain, not underrepresented in STEM and other sectors, no lack of self esteem from years of female socialising. Just to name a few more…

No. 1716984

File: 1670032456430.gif (3.94 MB, 1400x900, tracker.gif)

update: 29.0 miles away

No. 1716995

File: 1670033005459.jpg (117.26 KB, 1080x1080, Fecdv8kVIAEIsIM.jpg)

>adding actuallesbians
oh u

No. 1717000

File: 1670033225200.png (37.88 KB, 288x220, cat.png)

>more powerless than them
Which group is society listening to more? Women or men pretending they're women?

No. 1717003

File: 1670033590287.jpeg (505.64 KB, 1920x2074, 7F4B96F2-87A7-4EBB-A66E-39A6B8…)

they’ll never be women regardless of how they dress, that’s what people have been trying to tell them.

No. 1717006

File: 1670034049285.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1801x5534, 14F6AF07-E360-4BC2-8632-247070…)

kill it with fire.

No. 1717015

already taken down

No. 1717018

File: 1670035452477.jpeg (461.79 KB, 750x1193, CB8F3A51-FD39-45A5-8D2C-8674DE…)

girl is when crying and submissive to others u w u

No. 1717023

File: 1670035933975.jpeg (254.18 KB, 2048x2048, Fi8dTC6XwAErpqU.jpeg)

what is projection? living in glass houses and throwing stones with their attacking women for their appearances. I'm not even hateful, just incredulous at the arrogance and lack of self awareness.

No. 1717024

File: 1670035946459.jpeg (194.8 KB, 750x515, A1596ACB-8608-4114-8A8D-3ECF0B…)

girls only think about clothes and hair, men are incapable of thinking about those two things, they’re just for girls.

No. 1717027

they always think we make fun of their appearances because we're judging them as ugly women and not realising that we're laughing at them for being creepy ugly men. no "TERF" is holding any woman up to hyper-feminine beauty standards, ffs. they're so dumb. the shooped photo of that woman is hilarious though kek.

No. 1717033

Troons will always have a little voice in their head telling them they're living a lie and a fraud. I love to read posts like these because it just confirms this further.

No. 1717039

>The more I think about it, the more I don't think terf is even a real thing. It's just feminism.
Uh, do you know what terf stands for?

No. 1717048

True Earnest Real Female

No. 1717065

>violence against children’s hospitals???
back in august, libsoftikok posted a video from a surgeon at the pediatric troon dept at Boston Children's Hospital talking about hysterectomies and a link to an article on postmillenial that said the the hospital was doing mastectomies on 15 year old girls and was flexible on castrating under 18 year old boys. The hospital said it was all lies and swore they didn't do anything to people under 18, nobody believed them but troons, mainstream media and handmaidens pretend that they do. Anyway, since then, there have been like 3 bomb threats at the hospital. Bombs were never found. And now, according to troon twitter, libsoftikok is inciting violence against hospitals.

No. 1717075

i have nothing to add bc im so mad, i hope this one ends up castrating himself

No. 1717081

>True Earnest Real Female
ayrt Nice. I like that one. I don't think I've seen it yet.

No. 1717110

File: 1670041007366.jpg (333.61 KB, 1125x1537, Fi82dS2XwAAqTl8.jpg)

No. 1717117

A tranny jealous of his sister's sexual abuse, just when I thought they couldn't get any lower

No. 1717120

File: 1670041459891.jpg (378.62 KB, 1125x1443, Fi82gq8XgAATzMs.jpg)

No. 1717125

Estrogen makes you submissive to others, the more you know!!!

If only these fools learned the tiniest bit about female socialization before they begin their transition. If women were larger than men with every other thing exactly the same, you'd see how fucking submissive we are, fool

No. 1717133

lol an iota of thinking critically would shatter their delusion that male socialization isnt real (allegedly). then suddenly the novelty of doing laundry before the clothes start to rot is suddenly omg female brain

No. 1717136

File: 1670041989709.png (27.13 KB, 1050x207, How does estrogen affect the b…)

>60 yo
>researching bigger areolas

No. 1717144

File: 1670042600620.png (2.08 MB, 1152x1970, tranny13.png)

No. 1717152

this is just low effort bait to rile up terfs

No. 1717189

it's dainty daisy again lol

No. 1717205

You just know that the only resemblance between that character and his actual appearance is maybe the hair color.

Anyway, the troon is misinterpreting the circumstances under which people say these things. The bottom statement is usually said in response to troon explaining why they think they're women in the first place, while the top one is just pointing out how slovenly troons look in general. Even when they're going for a "high femme" look, they're horrifically uncoordinated. "Butch" looks can be legitimately fashionable and flattering on normal women who actually take care of themselves. "Butch" troons just look like NEETs with no clean laundry left.

No. 1717237

i wish TEF was an option.

No. 1717272

Why do so many women cape for troons? I've literally seen women defend breast plate teacher. I'm speechless, all of them saying nothing defines being a woman and trying to do so it's misogynistic… No words

No. 1717276

>just take care of business (toilet, makeup, etc.)
Why do they love being in bathrooms? I can't remember the last time I saw a woman fixing her makeup in a public bathroom. Usually people love to get in and get out as quick as possible

It's impressive how this one can make literally anything about trans people.

No. 1717277

pick me's same shit as the anti feminist women from 2016

No. 1717278

it feels surreal to see it happen post roe tbh. not that it was okay before but a lot of us were handmaidens or even tifs before realizing. if youre still falling for this shit now i dont even want to think about what they let their "cis" moids get away with

No. 1717279

They also think they’re standing up for the oppressed underdogs because the trans are made out to be super special and oppressed just like other races or sexual orientations that they get social justice points from supporting. I’m pretty sure most don’t see it as supporting men, they’re just told by all their media to not see them as men or have any rational thought about the whole thing.

No. 1717280

I think it comes from a place of ignorance and neoliberal mainstream rhetoric

No. 1717297

third wave feminism is male pandering trash, and almost every young woman has been brainwashed by it. they don’t know any better, they think committing wrongthink against men is a hate crime and feminists are nazis.

No. 1717298

“trans women are women” is the definition of a thought terminating cliche, but it works. people are genuinely afraid of saying, or even thinking otherwise.

No. 1717300

Yeah because feminine fashion is usually age appropriate stuff that’s elegant or cute.
Troons only have three fashion styles:
>slutty bimbo
>programmer socks catgirl

No. 1717306

Males have weaponized the empathy engrained in women against us. They know that we're more likely to defend the marginalized, so they convinced a bunch of women that trannies are the most oppressed people in America. People are willing to do and say some incredibly fucked up things if they truly believe it's in service of the vulnerable. The McMartin trials are a good example of that.

No. 1717307

>assuming what she said is true
of course he also has to plant a seed of doubt in between his sick jealousy

No. 1717308

These people tell on themselves with how disconnected from women (and womens' trends) they actually are. I don't even need to assume anything about the author's appearance, though what >>1717205 said is most likely true. The fact is, most real women, even and especially zoomers, don't wear off-the-shoulder crop tops or chokers out and about, because they were last trendy 5 years ago.

No. 1717315

File: 1670061198096.png (223.37 KB, 1080x471, reddit.png)

I don't think I've ever had to refrain from a-logging more.

No. 1717317

kek he's BAWWing. good.

No. 1717320

I want to believe this, but I tried to speak to my libfem friends about this whole thing while I was peaking (retard behavior on my part), and a surprising amount of these "feminist" women would parrot back actual MRA rhetoric when faced with actual feminist views.
>"Not all men are like that"
>"Some men are marginalized, and you're just hurting them by thinking men have privilege"
>"You just think that because you have personal trauma"
>"There's no way that 50% of the population could be that way"
>"Patriarchy hurts men, too"
>"Men are forbidden from crying, they're unfairly seen as predators, they can't wear cute clothes or makeup, they can't shave, etc"
>"Claiming men have some physical advantages means you think men are superior in general" gotcha
They pass as leftist because they're pro-choice and think that women should have the right to vote, work, and own property, but they're just centrists (or even right-wing) who do and say whatever is most acceptable or convenient in the moment, and have accepted whatever legislation feminists fought extremely hard for to put in place before these women were born as a consequence. If you actually speak to them, you'll find that they're some of the most intellectually lazy people on this planet. They've given up.

No. 1717322

Something that's been on my mind a lot lately is how many of my libfem friends go hard on fighting for the rights of every oppressed group except women. They might support abortion or share a mild libfem comic or something but most of their 'feminism' revolves around sharing posts about how men can cry too and I've even seen some of them outright share posts from MRA pages. They all went full mask off with eating up MRA rhetoric during the Depp trial too, absolutely zero critical thinking skills when it comes to feminism.

No. 1717329

I've also noticed that not many people give a fuck when it comes to feminism in comparison to other movements. Especially pickmes who are so dick-whipped that they cape impressively hard for men every time. Probably something about being guilty cause of their nigels.

>Some men are marginalized, and you're just hurting them by thinking men have privilege
So they think men aren't privileged now?? Wtf? You're right this is all just MRA cope. You should introduce your friends to the incredibly new and challenging concept of "intersectionality".

No. 1717330

Ironically the nazis did horrible experimental surgeries on children too just like trans people advocate for. So if anything they should ban the trans content for being pro-child abuse. I honestly think once this is over the trans flag might become a new "swastika" that no one wants to touch

No. 1717331

It's because a lot of leftists still don't think female oppression is a "real" form of oppression. They think of it as "soft oppression." They don't think we have slurs (bitch, cunt, whore, etc "aren't slurs"), they don't think our rights are meaningfully in danger (they won't admit it, but they think that abortion is a "reasonably debatable" right, especially in the case of a woman who has the means to care for the kid, wasn't raped, won't die or be seriously harmed by the pregnancy/birth, and won't be having a stillbirth; Hell, many of them think it would be "eugenics" if a woman aborted because she somehow knew the baby was going to be disabled. I doubt many of them know or feel as if their jobs, right to property, right to vote, or right to divorce are threatened, even though they very much are), and they think that everything else (rape, sexual assault, abuse, lower respect, lower pay, lower hire rate, higher and much more unrealistic beauty standards, periods being considered filthy/a blight and resulting in exile, etc) are just interpersonal issues that are exacerbated by being in a large society, rather than systemic oppression and hate crimes.

No. 1717332

I've noticed a lot of aidens and 'progressive' men love hand wringing about how generalizing men is bad because it's a pipeline to becoming a terf and oppresses men who are minorities and of course it always goes viral on places like Twitter because it's crawling with pick me's and scrotes who hate women. Every time feminism starts getting its teeth back everyone starts scolding women and scaring them back into being good little libfems

No. 1717333

Libfems think intersectionality means including people who don't fit into certain oppressed groups in activism for said oppressed groups, rather than understanding it addresses ways that people can be oppressed on multiple axes, or be oppressed on one axis but not the other. See "include transwomen (and even full-on regular men) in feminism," or the way they excuse racism from gay people or homophobia from people of color.

No. 1717334

Moids looking like this be like i'm fully stealth, I barely get clocked in public

No. 1717341

Samefag because I forgot to explain that they think this way because they think that oppression is more or less "you are, or you aren't" with no nuance, with three exceptions. Exception one is if you're ludicrously wealthy, exception two is if you're white and you say something they dislike (it doesn't matter if it's factual or asvocating for marginalized people; you could be making a point about racism against black people being bad, but they'd bring up the fact that you're white if it mentioned racism from gay or, god forbid, their precious trans people, even though they're also white), and exception three is if you're part of a marginalized group (people of color, homosexuals, women, disabled people, intersex people, etc) and you say something they dislike (mysteriously they never seem to have an explanation for this, except potentially "it feels like a betrayal"). They think that if you're oppressed on one axis, you're oppressed on all of them. Except, of course, if you disagree with them. Then your oppression isn't real, and you're part of the privileged oppressor group.

No. 1717351

Aside from the post itself, it feels like the repeated use of the word "kiddo" is a red flag that the child is going through sexual abuse. In the same way a child rapist can't refer to genitals by their proper name, it's like she's using "kiddo" to detract from the fact it's a small child, and lessen the impact of forcing him to transition.

No. 1717353

Every time someone claims even a gynecologists can't tell the difference between a stinkditch and a vagina i want to a-log so bad. You're telling me a medical professional, whose entire career is knowing the anatomical minutiae of a vagina can't tell the difference between it and a pocket carved into a pelvis? Can't tell a neovagina is located in a different spot of that pelvis than a real vagina? That a professional, for whom a major part of the job is finding irregularities in the mucosal lining of vagina, can't tell the difference between that and skin or a piece of a colon? Can't see a difference between a vagina, which is a muscular canal and usually 'collapsed' closed, and a neovagina, which is, again, an open hole with no muscle? Can't see the missing clitoral hoods and labia minoras? Doesn't notice a lack of a cervix?

The absolute state of women's healthcare is just defined in how people will claim shit like this and be believed with barely a pushback. That there are so many people who just genuinely don't seem to be aware that a vagina is a functional organ and not just pelvic hole you can fuck. It's so fucking offensive I can't stand it.(sage)

No. 1717354

I use kiddo all the time but you guys are convincing me not to anymore kek

No. 1717359

I don't think the word is wrong in itself but in the context of transitioning a small child it's like she's trying to hide the fact it's a child to normalize discussing children when discussing sex, sexuality, and gender. If you're not transing your child it's not weird at all.

No. 1717381

These people are delusional, they really think a competent gynecologist can't differentiate a mutilated dick from a vulva and a vagina at first glance? The same professionals who can distinguish a fibroadenoma from a breast cancer tumor just buy touching the patient's breast for a minute at the very most? You just know they're lying and coping when saying that shit.

No. 1717382

there are actually a lot of really good terf accounts popping up on tiktok they usually end up deleted and the app in itself is retarded but there are still some people speaking out and getting horrific hate

No. 1717385

File: 1670074447026.jpeg (747.67 KB, 3060x4080, brookevalley.jpeg)

i found a photo of him dressed exactly like the cartoon he drew kek. the top drawing is probably him just literally looking like an ordinary man in a hoodie and calling himself a woman.

No. 1717393

I know two australian people who use "kiddo" to refer to their children so i always assumed it was aussie slang. now i cannot read it without an aussie accent. but in that post it was definitely the insane repetition of the word that was off-putting and the cutesy language in the context of harming her child. i'm sure it's cute when you do it nona.

No. 1717401

His username always disturbs me. It feels like a red flag because it makes me think of Peter Scully and Daisy’s Destruction. Normally I wouldn’t be so quick to think or say that, but with the things he’s posted about wanting to be sexually assaulted as a child, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was a pedophile as well. That seems to be common for TiMs.

No. 1717403

The case of that teacher is particularly strange to me. No idea how any woman can look at that and feel anything but rage and disgust. Even in my hardcore TRA days, I could clearly see when a TiM was a sex predator and I would make every effort to avoid being around him.

No. 1717404

So male of him.

No. 1717405

E-girl fashion is VERY naff and hasn't been relevant since 2020, proving my point again. Even for e-girl fashion, this outfit is extremely uncoordinated. Also, agreed on this hoodie point.

No. 1717406

It wouldn’t surprise me if the gynos say whatever to appease the moids so they don’t lose their licenses or get assaulted.

No. 1717408

A gynecologists that cannot locate a cervix is not a good gynecologist.

No. 1717412

File: 1670079232898.jpg (453.5 KB, 1080x1398, Screenshot_20221203_094711.jpg)

Theres no point in me blurring this since its already been on bigger news outlets lmao. My old highschool held an anti-trans protest… I guess theres still some hope… then again, when I went to school there they also held pro-life weeks and kids would wear tape over their mouths.

No. 1717416

Your school sounds retarded and conservative, and is probably anti-tranny because they're homophobic and think that trannies are gay. Idk if I can call this a win, because rightoids agreeing with "trans bad" are anti-trans out of homophobia, ironically believe similar regressive gender roles (feminine = woman, masculine = man, the only difference is that rightards don't think you can swap between the two and pomotards do; both are fucking stupid), and ultimately they just perpetuate the notion that anyone against transgenderism is some retarded conservative who would lose their mind if they saw a GNC woman.

No. 1717422

Yeah, all of this. This is why I get so enraged when terfs get compared to and associated with the far right or people who engage in trad lifestyles, because neither of those things can exist within the context of radical feminism. TRAs are unironically way closer to both of those things than terfs could ever be. TRAs always talk about destroying the gender binary while they’re some of the ones upholding it the most and radfems legitimately want to break it down. I know there are conservative trad women who hang out in gender critical spaces, and while I will fight for their rights, I don’t support their beliefs outside of some of the trans-related issues.

No. 1717423

I went to a mega conservative Christian school and they did the retarded tape over the mouth thing, I made fun of all those kids lmao. Now they send out newsletters about how Jesus loves trans kids and it blew me away. I get alumni shit (begging for money, as private schools do) and usually just throw it out but when I saw the trans shit I threw it in my fireplace kek.

No. 1717424

File: 1670080777050.png (1.37 MB, 1192x1358, Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 10.18…)


No. 1717428

If that’s the case then doctors must really want to kill women, many of whom go for years and years and year without proper diagnoses for problems they are more at risk for simply by virtue of being female. Most of the time you’re just told you’re being dramatic or to suck it up, and women legitimately die because if it. Always have. Really wish these idiots would pick up books about medical malpractice as it relates to women (and in particular black women if they live in the US because that shit is extremely horrific).

No. 1717430

Yup. Trannies are conservatards' fault. Now they want to act like they never wanted this but who was experimenting on gay and gnc people because they thought we were defective? Even now in Iran they force gay people to transition

No. 1717433

> they're treating us more like products than consumers
That gave me chills…

No. 1717437

>>171699 thought zuckerberg went tim for a moment

No. 1717443

File: 1670083626123.png (475.35 KB, 745x785, Patrick on Twitter.png)

I hope his wife and kid forget about him

No. 1717445

Let's ~unpack~ this, though. Someone who was trained to resist interrogation/torture was brainwashed by the troon cult.

No. 1717454

Sure, trained to resist those things, but not trained to resist the coom.

No. 1717457

>Jesus loves trans kids
Holy shit, the use of transgenderism by the right wing as a form of sterilization and "conversion" of GNC/presumed gay kids really is popular.

No. 1717467

Dude probably went into the military thinking it would help fight off the urge to put on a dress. A lot of AGPs are military veterans or have other macho careers. Fallon Fox was in the Navy, Alana McLaughlin was Special Forces.

No. 1717470

File: 1670085452340.jpeg (384.01 KB, 1110x1367, 0C3851F2-3870-4933-AD11-24AAB9…)

Most “trans hate crimes” are committed by their fellow moids. But no, some pushback from women is LiTeRaL vIoLeNcE.

No. 1717484

i hate the rich ones who are using the label of trans to jump the line in the oppression Olympics the most

No. 1717489

I really do not believe this theory that many troons go into the military because they had troon thoughts and were trying to suppress them.
All of them, I think. Keep hearing on the news a tranny was killed. Who did it? A black moid. Not white women, or "karens" or whatever. The troon was also probably black. It is a crime that literally does not concern women.

No. 1717490

it's literally all dating apps, women are a product to market to men

No. 1717493

File: 1670087063038.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x1827, 46D6D8B6-3B65-46A3-8EEA-17E997…)

I laughed

No. 1717497

its not even feminism though, its common sense, like 99.9% of women think troons are degens and shouldn't be allowed in women spaces

No. 1717500

TOPKEK this made me audibly chortle.

No. 1717505

>too fat for surgery
I love that they pretend this is just the doctor insulting them and not an extremely important factor in your surgery going well or not

No. 1717510

File: 1670088085120.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1957, BD450830-C922-4C69-95D1-2A7F62…)

Goes to work around the public like this every year

No. 1717511

ewwwww look how dirty the "white" fur lining is

No. 1717519

He probably got asked to describe his genitals because he started blubbering something about being intersex and they knew it was bullshit

No. 1717524

File: 1670089568951.png (107.37 KB, 733x829, hrt.png)

From the replies to that thread
>how dare the doctor not let me give myself cancer

No. 1717532

As someone who formerly trolled MTF subs with shit like this, I do think these types of fake stories do us a favor with showing how complicit the trans community is in enabling moid predators. You really have no idea how much they will cover up and try to smooth over, which is why you see so many pedos and evil violent moids now transing. IME you can write stories about trying to kidnap a child and as long as you mention the mom is a cis woman (bonus points if she's white) they (white men) will claim you were persecuted by an evil TERF. If any of you decide to test it, you'd be surprised how insane you can be in these communities yet still be upvoted and given a victimization spiel and testimony by other sex pest moids to rewrite yourself as the true victim. So yes the story is likely fake, instead you should screencap the comments from actual trannies and the share of upvotes–that is where the gold is.

No. 1717533

+ something like "my penis doesn't get hard unless i can look like a woman" with "will my penis shrink and start working if i take estrogen?" which led to the suggestion of viagra. he must have made it clear how important his dick was for them to suggest viagra. literally why else would they prescribe it? and why do TIM's gender dysphoria never extend to their penis i wonder?

No. 1717544

Right-wingers screeching about it does qualify as incitation of violence, as I keep saying we need to make the line between feminist anti-troonism and RW anti-troonism much clearer

The bar is so low for these people's behavior I was almost relieved that he was "just" jealous, because I assumed he would say there's no way someone so accepting of his transition could be an abuser and insist his sister take it back or go to a funeral she didn't want to go or whatever. Absolutely vile either way

No. 1717545

That's a pretty interesting take. Just shows how useless the SEAL training is useless when it comes to moids' perverted desires. Patriarchy is quite incredible when you think about how such testerical beings have used sheer physical advantage as a threat to cover up their mental/emotional/intellectual inferiority. At this point I'm quite sad that the troon thing took so long to take off because I would have loved to see the "greats" like Plato and Aristotle troon out and show their true nature. Scrotes are easily led and everything misogynists say about women is simple projection.

No. 1717546

This is a good point. Healthy communities root out those who would try and bring the rest down. Every time you see a story like the one you replied to (real or not), the other people in the community rush to enable and defend them.

No. 1717551

Also IME no other "civil rights movement" does this except for maybe in the case of pickmes trying to empathize with the actions of violent men in their communities. Notice that the only semi-equivalent comparison is excuses being made for MEN. Ha. But even then, only the trans community really defends convicted child murderers and convicted child rapists who people would agree are the most evil and sick sadistic freaks of all.

No. 1717552

File: 1670091729395.png (227.55 KB, 507x280, kestroon.png)

pic related is the man in question kek

hate when these clearly-not-working-class troons slag off the NHS waiting times. they surely have the money to go private so why put extra pressure on a severely struggling system? all the comments are complaining about socialised healthcare when there are plenty of shill private doctors waiting to take their money and ruin their lives faster. philosophy troon is doing the exact same thing by demonising the NHS for not bending over backwards enough (in reality the NHS is already overrun with gender ideology bs and every service has extremely long waiting times, including cancer patients).

No. 1717554

Is this guy really from Europe? He looks like the fat retard version of typical Irish/Italian mix ancestry moids that you find in New England states.

No. 1717561

File: 1670092615071.jpg (152.37 KB, 828x1317, Fi_yU8hVQAIw6L-.jpg)

No. 1717567

File: 1670092769326.jpg (139.43 KB, 828x1276, Fi_yU8lVIAAezWC.jpg)

No. 1717570

yep he's british. worked at Mermaids, and currently at a London school. looks like a typical red-faced obese british man to me.

No. 1717572

tims do not have periods and never will, moid

No. 1717574

These people never had real health issues, otherwise they'd know it's not a matter of big rooms with a lot of chairs, it's a matter of how many doctors can take care of how many patients and for how long they have to follow each patient. Not even taking into account that if we're talking about, idk, endocrinologists they have a shit ton of patients that have actual conditions that are severely impacting their quality of life they also take care of on top of having to give horse piss pills and injections to degenerates.

No. 1717575

Yeah when he dilates too hard.

No. 1717577

oh my god. reminds me that a mutual who have recently turned into a MtF tried telling me that he feels 'meh' because of 'it's the end of the month, you know uwu', i told him hope he will feel better soon but he said 'it happens every month!!' implying he has periods. I had to hold my laughter extremely hard. It's insane. He also has some harem-relationship w other trannies.

No. 1717580

never heard any other aussie who isnt usmedia poisoned millenial use "kiddo" personally. i always read it with like a midwest accent, find it cringe when other austraians use it like when they say "y'all" or "folks". lots of overlap in those phrases ime.
lol i hope he kills himself hehe
lmfao fat cunt

No. 1717582

if anything it's the middle-aged hons who would unironically post photos like that and claim to be their real unfiltered selfies

No. 1717583

>the end of the month
Did he think women only get periods at the end of each month? It’s funny, I don’t even think this is the first time I’ve heard of one of them saying that.

No. 1717584

pretty sure (hopeful?) it's another ragebait account like terfsbeware. however it still says a lot that a lot of actual trannies do take him seriously and agree with his posts. poe's law applies perfectly to trannies.

No. 1717589

Why do terves make fake accounts like terfsbeware when trannies can make themselves look bad without throwing fake stories i ? Is it to show how shitty trans subreddits are?

No. 1717590

not even libfems, literal anti-feminists. even the cutesy "misandry uwu" shit that was popular among libfems in the early 2010s is now too much

No. 1717592

yeah when i shoot them with my 9mm semi

No. 1717595

poe's law. much like religious fundamentalists, trannies are so insane that no matter how outrageously you try to satirize them there will still be someone out there who will take it seriously and agree. like >>1717532 said, it's not the posts themselves but the numbers of supportive comments and upvotes that show it all.

No. 1717629

I disagree, I checked the comments and they weren't that unreasonable, if we continue with that they can just claim that any unfavourable post is made by ebil TERFs and should be disregarded.

No. 1717631

the amount of conservative/right screeching is impressive
leftism and liberals will not save you and have no values that help women, but continue to preach about the “evil republicans” and the “evil right”

No. 1717638

Keep crying rightoid

No. 1717641

it’s the same as surgeons saying oh we can get a troon pregnant the procedure is just the same as in a natal woman dw

No. 1717644

The voice of reason is a "syndrome" now. What a time to be alive.

No. 1717650

neither will right wingers, men do not belong in politics, all they care about is subjugating women in their own deranged way

No. 1717651

/pol/ incel five seconds away from screaming about women being sluts because he can’t find a trad waifu on the Dworkin website

No. 1717654

NTA but you realize that troons already claim that when actual troons do something bad right? They still support dangerous fake posts and you can click their profiles and it’s an actual stunning brave transwoman like 90% of the time. Many comments on that post were trying to be nice to the OP gently suggesting therapy. Chances are those comments appeared first and that the anons here upvoted/downvoted on it which altered the comments popping up first. Some troons have even deleted their comments because they were initially in support of “daisy”.
Troll accounts are always gonna exist and it’s possible that it’s some random autistic male who likes to troll rather than a TERF fyi. Terfsbeware didn’t claim to be a TERF; the radfem assumptions came from people saying that the reveal post and reasoning sounded too empathetic towards women to be a moid kek. Kiwifarms is full of autistic deranged males who could make a troon troll account if they wanted to just like a radfem imo.

No. 1717657

a conservative moid telling you he has values to “help women” should have you bringing out pepper spray

No. 1717659

Health insurance covering cosmetic surgery for troons really pisses me off. If they can get cosmetic surgery covered, everyone should.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that troons can get electrolysis and laser hair removal covered by their fucking health insurance, but real women with PCOS can never get those procedures covered by their insurance because they identify with their biological fucking sex.

No. 1717662

I was recently at a cosplay group shoot to support my friends cosplays and there was a troon there, he was an autist, had several missing teeth, made little effort to pass but had small estrogen moobs and a she/her pin. He invited all the female cosplayers to get their faces "nuzzled by her motherly bosom" as a funny pose for pictures… needless to say we're never meeting up with him again.

No. 1717665

Troon threads are a coven of radfems. The whole website tends to lean that way but here it's especially bad if you believe in anything other than the lesbian female separatist utopia (this is a hyperbole).
You can even understand why: radfems have nowhere to go. Tumblr bans them like flies for muh transphobia so they remake every month or ditch the site. Reddit troons took hold of all their subreddits. Ovarit is for older women and they don't allow rude shit.

The best thing to do with radposting is just to ignore and move on.

No. 1717666

>Not thinking republicans have the best interests for women means you’re a hysterical radical feminist caricature
Lmao nice try

No. 1717668

>Someone who was trained to resist interrogation/torture was brainwashed by the troon cult
Not that surprising when they're also taught to suppress their rational emotions to do so, and to blindly follow orders without thinking, they're probably more vulnerable to this kind of affirmation-based cultish brainwashing. Any public detrans ex-troon speaking out against it is a win in my opinion.

No. 1717670

Fuck off moid. You don't need to be a radfem to realize rightoids want women to be slaves and to eradicate gay people.

No. 1717675

Note the use of the word coven. Men think women are literal witches for talking to each other and not worshipping them

No. 1717681

Kek that stuck out to me too. What a retard.

No. 1717686

I don't give a shit about republicans, I am not even american. I just noticed how common it is here for radfems to put posters on their purity tests because they don't conform to their ideals. Every woman should laugh at troons regardless of her beliefs even if she is a woman you don't like.
I mentioned zero men you screeching radfem loon. I am esl so I had no idea that coven is exclusive to witches.

No. 1717692

dick or dicksucker you still a retard

No. 1717697

So you just want to "laugh at troons" and we can't talk about how they're mutilating kids and making laws that harm women, and therefore talking about politics which is relevant. Maybe you need a hobby that doesn't involve a serious issue that affects us?

No. 1717698

Keep coping, I don't even like men, I just don't like you radfems' cult behavior either. Your constant judgement of other women is proof that your group is peak female NLOG socialization where instead of accepting eachother's differences we shun those who are not in line with your pessimistic beliefs.

No. 1717700

it’s not a purity test & you’re feigning ignorance if you’re defending the scrote whining about women not being submissive towards right wing men. This might be a hard pill to swallow but a lot of trannies are literal former alt righters. By their own admittance. The two go hand in hand.

No. 1717703

gargle gargle glug glug glug

No. 1717704

Idk if "I'm ESL" covers using a word that has literally no other definition than "a group of witches" and is only ever used to refer to groups of women as unreasonable, shrieking wenches, especially when, in context, it seems like even you understood it as "a group of unreasonable women."

No. 1717706

Says the one that judges radfems. Oh right only pickme dicksuckers are allowed to exist

No. 1717709

Take this shit to 2X

No. 1717712

You're all stupid. Lets get back to laughing at men in dresses.

No. 1717719

will the right-wing tradthots one day realize that them and their rightoid moids are the exact same breed as trannies and their handmaidens?

No. 1717720

I literally don't care, so long as they stop derailing our conversations with "but the conservative men aren't that bad, and it's just those dirty gays who are agp trannies (somehow)" crying and then blaming the evil radfems for the shitshow they caused.

No. 1717722

Then stop derailing more idiot

No. 1717723

Trannies cover all of the political spectrum but I bet 10$ that tifs lean left while tims lean right. Hmmm I wonder why.

No. 1717724

that threadpic is the worst thing i've ever seen

No. 1717725

*men have no values
Right or left, it's always the XY kek.

No. 1717726

if long hair = woman then i guess every finnish metal guitarist is a woman now

No. 1717730

File: 1670106243206.jpg (15.25 KB, 300x241, a6yfx.jpg)

well they would be in an ideal world

No. 1717734

does anyone have the cap of the 4chan troonpost that says "i need female eyes"
he wants an eye transplant and the reply is "imagine still not knowing the problem is you" or sthg

No. 1717735

get the fuck out of here tranny. men and women are intellectually equal AND men are physically stronger than women. there's nothing fucking sexist about saying men are huge and strong and belong in a different weight class/athletic division than women.

No. 1717736

File: 1670106739390.jpg (2.73 MB, 1523x6542, 1670004620274.jpg)

from the from the bad short comics thread

>The "third gender" term from Hawaia, Māhū, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who teach hula (they were allowed to perform in some temples that women weren't), and were known to "always be available for sexual conquest by men"; It is a role for gay men who act as performers and sex objects for other men

>The "third gender" term from central america, muxe, is a male to female identification used by (primarily homosexual) males who dress in "female" clothes or otherwise behave "like women". They do jobs associated with females. It is a role for homosexual and GNC males.
>The "third gender" used in Samoa, fa'afafine, is supposedly an identification used by males to signal "being between male and female", but the term itself means "in the manner of woman". So, once again, it is a male to female identity. Fa'afafine are known to do housework, care for families, and only having homosexual sex (sex with other men). It is a role for homosexual males.

why do wokeis fetishize pre-colonial third genders, when 99% of the time its always gay/effeminate men kicked out of the male sex or little boys dressed as women that were being raped by male nobles

No. 1717739

Men have retard strength kek.

No. 1717740

straight women would date this man. he looks fine to me. so he would literally rather never have sex or a girlfriend than accept that there are some women he can never have? i don't understand how males who can get straight women, have a gf, have regular sex, will have all that and still be constantly seething that somewhere out there, there are women who will never fuck him no matter what because they don't fuck men?

No. 1717743

Did you even read her post? You're in agreement.

No. 1717744

File: 1670106907773.jpeg (157.06 KB, 1169x977, 60433D05-482D-477F-A807-B51D66…)

Every time I see something depraved posted in that subreddit, I click on the profile of the poster. It’s almost always a TiM.

No. 1717745

It must be some ultra autistic shit because I can't imagine a normal person who cares about something this insignificant

No. 1717748

File: 1670107066392.png (597.33 KB, 593x1080, ridiculous troon.png)

This guy is beyond unhinged. He goes on an insane rant about his mother following her calling his girlfriend a women, where he implies she should be killed, and then proceeds to dump his girlfriend after she calls the sex they have, "straight."

No. 1717749

There's literally not a single woman in this subreddit, it's strictly male only place

No. 1717750

they do it because they're man-children with no direction or passion or drive. the military does the thinking for them. that's why there's so many troons. it's the inner NEET, guy with no skills, nothing he particularly likes to do or learn about, no purpose and no ability to think of/imagine a purpose. military does all that for you, but the fact that it's a weak willed NEET inside doesn't change.

No. 1717757

sometimes i like to play the "is it an actual lesbian or is it a tranny?" game on r/actuallesbians. i almost never lose, they're so obvious. but male socialisation isn't a thing kek

No. 1717758

Today a troon went on and on about how one day soon he will get ovaries and an uterus and I thought I would get angry but instead I just laughed so hard and hard that he left even before I finished. I am not the one, I had to have a full hysto due to an illness, no man would get those bits before my ass, if you nonas can, always laugh at them. Seem amused, but only if you're not alone with them and they pose no immediate physical threat to you, he looked like was about to cry.

No. 1717760

File: 1670108852952.png (509.73 KB, 749x824, TERFs are not women on Twitter…)

tranny cope thread kek

No. 1717761

thought this was ftm

No. 1717762

The fetishization of non-western third genders by wokies is the new form of noble savage idealization.

No. 1717763

I was at a restaurant last night with my 90 year old grandpa and grandma and a poorly dressed AGP kept doing extremely uncomfortable PDA with his gf and talking loudly. He was groping his gf in front of everyone. Not saying it wasn’t consensual but just so weird and uncomfortable to sit next to.

No. 1717765

i also thought this was a well passing ftm lol

No. 1717767

He ate too much pizza in that year?

No. 1717768

If you see the word “sapphic” there’s a 99% chance it’s a moid or a spicy straight handmaiden. Same for when you see the words “top” or “bottom” but in that case almost always a male.

No. 1717769

WTF those sapphic mean? I only see troons using it. Is it for when lesbian/transbian isn't cool enough? Do lesbians even have that top/bottom dichotomy that gay men do?

No. 1717770

If you clench your asscheeks, it makes your butt/hips look smaller, which is what he's doing on the left. Congrats, anyone can do it

No. 1717771

why his balls hang so low. weird.

No. 1717772

If this one is actually a troll like some nonnas suggest, they come up with some crazy shit.

No. 1717773

File: 1670109298160.jpeg (219.7 KB, 828x822, 9289CBC6-D079-4FB9-9529-64DEE0…)

Imagine just living in seething hatred of half the population every day

No. 1717774

Oh congratulations for him, he was a weak soyboy, now he's a fat flacid soyboy with wierd mamboobs, amazing!

No. 1717775

Me too. You can even clock them based on single sentence comments and pfp alone.

No. 1717776

incels and troons are literally the same lmao

No. 1717779

>contorts body to fit into my idea of hips
I went to his thread and its just camera angles hiding his moid body

No. 1717783

Sapphic and wlw are words that were used to refer to female x female relationships where one (or two) of the partners is not necessarely a lesbian (so lesbian x bi woman, for example, was called sapphic).
Iirc comes from the poet Sappho's name due to the poems about female same sex love she wrote despite having a husband (apparently).

No. 1717785

>estrogen therapy changes every part of the body
So you agree ? Trans women aren't real women without drugs

No. 1717786

Love how on brand they are with women haters no matter how much they try to say they’re “fem brained”. Even Robert Crumb looks like a saint compared to what these trannies say and think about women all the time

No. 1717787

even with drugs they aren't

No. 1717788

They can never be women though no matter how many drugs and surgeries

No. 1717789

kek he buys his likes just like kegel does

No. 1717790

Tranny nipples are offensive as always. Also spoiler this cancer next time.

No. 1717797

Feminine men and men on hormone injections are LITERALLY biologically female u guyss!! Terfs aren’t women btw

No. 1717799

>bones and brain
What does this mean. I’m serious, what does this mean. We know hormone shots fuck up their bone density iirc, but… brain? Another “I’m so fembrained now uwu” troglodyte?

No. 1717800

Always laugh at these people. Always.

No. 1717801

I don't understand these words but it sounds rapey. classic moid.

No. 1717807

delicious troon tears. keep crying troonie you will never be us

No. 1717808

This reeks of troon so bad I got instant fight or flight reaction from it

No. 1717809

Well it does speed up moid alzheimer so maybe brain fog

No. 1717818

i just had a galaxy brain idea. if men are women, then women are men. every day is backwards day. we can create female only spaces for “afab agender men” or some convoluted shit, and trannies won’t be as interested in colonizing them because they don’t want to be called men. i also doubt aidens will want to join them since they don’t want to be recognized as afab. in other words, create the opposite of a tranny affirming experience disguised as a tranny space.

No. 1717825

File: 1670115096453.png (24.25 KB, 750x235, BoringKate on Twitter.png)

how is this a own?

No. 1717829

Exactly, sounds more like a cope on his end kek.

No. 1717831

clearly being a fetish for other coomers hurts him the most kek no one will ever truly love you loser

No. 1717832

"your boyfriend likes pussy? wow."

No. 1717834

Atleast he knows I'm a real woman, unlike you, troon.

No. 1717836

File: 1670115933667.jpeg (110.25 KB, 1574x904, 378DF620-F5F7-45E6-BAD0-00E623…)

it’s a tranny if: it’s anime or a comic strip, includes words like “sapphic” or “top/bottom” (who is the man in the relationship??), it’s a picture men fetishize (that meme of a girl doing another girl’s makeup), it’s about a lesbian stereotype (like pictures of manicures with short index and middle finger nails). bonus points if it looks like a 4 year-old did it, whatever it is.

No. 1717837

File: 1670116055606.png (1.05 MB, 765x1134, JadziaDani on Twitter.png)

imagine the stench

No. 1717840

Documenting changes….right. Dude just wants to be an exhibitionist on main.

No. 1717841

File: 1670116143451.jpg (524.08 KB, 3069x1728, FiuvMOHXwAcodt8.jpg)

spot the woman kek

No. 1717842

are they dilating on the fucking couch???

No. 1717844

your bf prefers vaginas over bottom wound filled with pus and stitches and scabs ? wow..

No. 1717846

Oh my god no way. That sounds so disgusting, do they really have so little shame? Do they at least light a scented candle or febreeze the room after?

No. 1717847

Maybe that’s why they have the alcohol. So they can forget it ever happened.

No. 1717848

File: 1670116710901.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1389, CD39203A-F7E4-47F0-B139-771C60…)

one of my favourite pastimes is editing troons to see how they would look as an actual woman. its really not surprising how difficult it is to transform a man into a woman.
it just goes to show, huh

No. 1717866

what a weird hobby, nona. why don’t you play the sims instead? you can make trannies and kill them with mods.

No. 1717872

She read the first paragraph and nothing else kek. It's clear by the way she assumed OP was saying men don't have strength advantage.

No. 1717876

Don't bully nona, I find her hobby intriguing. Such edits sound very difficult, and it would be fascinating to know just how many male features TIMs have that they simply cannot hope to fully escape from.

No. 1717901


don’t be fucking rude!

No. 1717931

File: 1670122792844.jpeg (197.99 KB, 828x1472, FAD87B1F-B470-4241-95F9-E93E37…)

its a bit weird but it can be fulfilling.
about the sims though, why would i put my time and effort into creating an atrocity, also i get bored of the sims within a week anyways kek
sidenote; this shoop was fucking impossible, those lips

No. 1717940

The mouth in the top one is still too wide, men have wider mouths than women. If you're an artfag I understand the hobby, figuring out what features signify male and female is interesting

No. 1717944

File: 1670124211697.png (246.42 KB, 646x756, 246724076042.png)

I think it is amusing when trannies post things like this. Seems to be the /tttt/ crowd of "self aware" troons who are totally not like other trannies!!! I don't even know what to say, it's obvious when they post these self critiques of their man body they are trying to summon their herd of tranny followers from the woodwork to assure them that they totally look like a soft and petite girl but everything he's written about himself here is like, 100% true.

No. 1717945

Samefag but I like how his self hatred is directed towards his shoulders and bone structure and not his scraggly hair because he's not self aware enough to realize that most women actually bother to use conditioner.

No. 1717947

fuck off poltard

No. 1717953

File: 1670125663820.jpeg (401.7 KB, 750x874, DB4430B3-C30C-4AE8-A006-DCDC79…)

how do they do it? make the most mundane things sound so gross and creepy.

No. 1717959

The way he describes her as being pregnant since he joined the group and her belly swelling, it's the same way they view all women's bodies: somehow it's for HIM and meant to cause a reaction. Not just a woman living her life and attending a group that has a weird tranny in it

No. 1717965

>I hate old people as they are dumb and don't do anything and have nasty backwards views
As opposed to this creature who will never grow old due to the irreversible damage he's done to his body nor will he have children to call him dumb and backwards. I can't believe a 30 something wrote this, but I shouldn't be surprised because he's both a moid and dating a 21 year old.

No. 1717966

File: 1670127819335.png (147.27 KB, 500x320, 9D344118-B743-4B0D-9306-ECC4FA…)

>pussy/clit stick

No. 1717968

I just can’t imagine a single woman doing this kind of shit. What a joke of a failed male
(sorry this is a link and not the vid, i’m on mobile)

No. 1717970

jeff bezos in half of a 2008 outfit lmao i weekend what shoes he’d wear with this insanity

No. 1717972

>The fact this creature lives on the same island as me
Moids who hate their mothers are always serial killer tier and I can see that in his screed. Also nice rant about hating old people when he is a fucking old man (30+ year old men are generally past their prime and all the "wall" stuff is projection) dating a child.

No. 1717973

The fuck is with Euroanons and ethnic purity? Calling people mutts and such. Are you guys trying to imply that it's good to be inbred like your monarchs?

No. 1717975

Also his granparents sound like a lot more fun than him, heating on full blast while watching your favourite movies at 2am sounds like fun. His family sound great, if all he can muster up to complain about them is they play bridge you know they are actual saints since online moids always spin the smallest things.
His whole screed is so eugenicist/genocidal, the part about lockdowns (which weren't even well enforced in the UK) being the "fault" of older people when anybody could catch covid and get sick, long covid currently affects millions in the UK. He, a literal tranny pedo oxygen thief things everyone who mildly annoys him needs to literally die.

No. 1717977

He looks like a pixar background character
That anon sounds american, "New England states" is a meaningless phrase to Europeans

No. 1717978

File: 1670129599186.png (43.84 KB, 500x426, A44580F6-B022-42AB-B677-0BC9E6…)

No. 1717980

holy shit this is accurate and 100% what happened to me

No. 1717982

>now I only want to date actual lesbians who will see me as a woman
Well…uhm yes I agree he should only date other "lesbians" aka males and they can fuck and suck their girldicks and girlholes to their heart's content. A lucky escape for that child

No. 1717997

Nonnas? Can I be honest? I feel… really
hopeless with all this troon stuff. I come here to get updates and see what’s going on so I’m not falling behind, or see what you all think about the current state of things. But between what’s been going on, the constant obstruction of women’s rights, barging into our spaces, reducing us to clothing and a ‘feeling’ and wanting to steal our wombs/motherhood, I’m genuinely not sure if it gets better. Maybe all the pro-troon articles and stuff are getting to me, but I don’t know. It feels so hopeless.

No. 1717998

Truly can't think of a more miserable existence than being part of a middle aged prison gay hon polycule lmao

No. 1718000

The only way it gets better is if we stand up and tell MEN to shut the fuck up and get out of our spaces. We have to be vocal! I'm starting to be more and more. Male trannies only get ahead when women bow down and let them take over. They really hate women and thrive on us bowing down. We need to protect ourselves loud and proud! Fuck men coming into our space, our gender.

No. 1718003

You must be new.
Also, "Kate" (the Vriska tranny) is known here, and has been discussed in the Whatpumpkin thread.

No. 1718007

nta but how was any of that moidlike

No. 1718008

yea agreed, take ur pills nona. let women express themselves however they want to

No. 1718013

personal blog post here, but I was once someone who would probably have dived under the bus for cringe trans teachers (okay maybe that not that hard for breast plate chan). a big part of it for me is that im LGB and a woman obv so ive been socialized to think we're all in this together and that if people were making fun of me for my sexuality that they would stand up for me. I wanted to include people because I believed these people were being harassed like i was. I also didnt think for myself, i took the word of TRAs as the word of God, like if they said you didnt need dysphoria to be trans id suck it up. that would include the deFiNe a wOmaN bit. but like even then i couldn't fully see trans people as any thing as their biological sex but i just respected their pronouns.

It was only when I started to think for myself and got out of an abusive relationship with a tim did i see how I was trapped in a cult and still am because most of my friends are LGBT. I still avoid the topic of trans just because i know some would cancel me for my beliefs despite being IRL or online friends for years.

No. 1718025

File: 1670134868611.jpg (51.27 KB, 640x788, 0e466228-2b3e-5291-8908-7d51eb…)

No. 1718026

Trans policy manuals mention this and suggest "less exposure" for mitigation.

No. 1718027

ok, tranny

No. 1718032

"Sapphic" is one of those instant MTF tells. No actual lesbian ever uses that word unless she's literally writing a dissertation on ancient Greek poetry.

No. 1718040

Thanks nona I’m trying to be positive or more aware of anything. But I’m terribly scared at the prospect of having everything ripped from me, even my most innate abilities and things concerning my sex. It’s bleak.

No. 1718041

File: 1670136604214.png (220.43 KB, 1024x647, 05-janitor-e1561628583423.png)

the fucking proportions on this mutant

No. 1718043

I think it's because they're terrified. If they acknowledge all of that as systemic, then they will have to come to terms with the fact that they love and birth their oppressors and they're also scared of men fighting back.

No. 1718056

This. Women can't accept that this is a feature of male existence, and that all their sons are like this.

No. 1718061

literally who gives a shit. he’ll still let it slide and look the other way when his male friends and family do this. are you fucking stupid?

No. 1718064

not all men are bad, but most have the physical capacity to overpower and harm you, and that’s something all women instinctively know, if not from personal experience.

No. 1718067

Holy shit you really need to go back. It is painful to read this. I'm begging you.

No. 1718068

okay. good luck on your journey to find the super duper uber duber rare good male and have countless shitty men use and abuse you on the way there, libfem bilbo. go find your nigel that totally resists a system thats specifically tailored to give him the benefits of being a male.

No. 1718072

Can you retards take your seperatismsperging to literally any other thread than this? This site is not a radfem site. Users here don't have to share your views and a lot of them dont. Is that so hard to understand? Can we go back to posting ugly trannys now?

No. 1718073

Women rejecting men really blasts scrotes assess, keep it up kek.

No. 1718077

>hello fellow females

Dear god this is incredibly retarded. Just for starters, why would you assume an anonymous internet stranger is heterosexual, single and wants to get married to a man?

No. 1718078

I assume it's these fags kek >>>/meta/47879

No. 1718079

meant to reply to >>1718077
Male autism. Y is deformed.

No. 1718082

File: 1670142692356.jpeg (359.95 KB, 1768x1831, D7AE5762-6687-4D9E-B96D-3D9DAC…)

literally. if youre smart enough to laugh at trannies but too dumb to see it in men, youre desperate for male validation. its pathetic and to expect it out of others is retarded. end of.

anyway back to laughing at them.

No. 1718084

>troon sees this
>either realizes that his femsona dream is impossible and 41%
>or doubles down
>regardless he is psyopped into insanity

No. 1718085

So anon, dear, darling, what you need to understand is all men are the same but it's a sliding scale depending on various factors: environment, peers/colleagues/friends, income/finances, upbringing, appearance, base personality, strength, testosterone level, intelligence, skills, mental health (which can be affected by the prior factors) etc etc.

All men and ALL of them have the capacity to do the most terrible, destructive things given various variations of the above traits. The idea of "good" and "bad" men is false, it's a sliding scale. Some men have the correct set of traits that they have never jacked it to cp, would never hurt a child, etc, but that is only due to the correct alignment of traits as listed above and is liable to change. If one or several factors were to change, his capacity for harm will also change. Some men with "perfect" lives do a murder suicide due to one of these factors changing. (usually mental health or finances)

It's not about hope, it's understanding it's a sliding scale and all men must be treated with some level of caution. Think of them as a volitile substance that may explode if mixed with the wrong thing.

No. 1718086

File: 1670143626254.png (783.74 KB, 673x734, 0343450.png)

Funny how TIMS are always making digs at TIFs while inflating their own egos and delusions. kek

No. 1718088

Moids are getting worse and with each generation, the odds of catching the legendary shiny Nigel gets slimmer and slimmer.

No. 1718089

off topic but i love how non-sexualized her design is

No. 1718090

This is like the millionth time they branded any random ugly short comic relief cartoon character as "transmasc". Tifs will happily lap this up though. Anything for their tim overlords

No. 1718091

And yet there's already so much god awful gross porn of her all over twitter. Truly a cesspool.

No. 1718093

I don't even mind ftms in women's spaces (obviously because they are women) they just make me sad
Remember a post where a tranny was complaining about fakebois being welcomed in irl lesbian spaces while tim troons are always left behind, it's always such a kek when they realize nobody aside from Reddit groomers wants them

No. 1718095

moids will draw porn with everything, it's just how sad reality is. But the fact that the official designs change for the better is nice

No. 1718096

File: 1670144988209.png (791.58 KB, 673x734, truth.png)

couldn't help myself kek

No. 1718109

>end of the month
It is not even like that kek, just a 28 day cycle, I usually get my period in middle of month. They really think it is the same cycle at the end of the month for all women. Damn I hate troons so much

No. 1718112

and his jealousy is centred around the belly and not a real pregnancy where you birth and raise a child. You raise a human that becomes your whole world. But for him it’s just his latest fetish and wants to experience a pornified version for himself. It’s so sick and selfish. I cannot.

No. 1718114

post sources i want to laugh

No. 1718118

She never had official sexualized designs though, did you forget she's a character from a video game series for kids?

kek that's far more accurate.

No. 1718119

File: 1670154808673.jpg (577.34 KB, 1080x1588, goodbyehorses.jpg)

What is up with the crazy eyes these guys get after trooning out? This guy looked completely normal before.

No. 1718122

Kek the amount of filter. The delusion is strong in this one

No. 1718123

Yet another one doing the psycho Lillee Jean eyes in their woman costume. Is that them attempting to mimic the innate kindness in women’s eyes as discussed in the Aiden thread? Kek

No. 1718124

They open their eyes wider in an attempt to look more feminine, but really they just end up looking crazy.
>Men’s eyelids are heavier, with more skin that is thicker than women’s. This can result in men having a more hooded look to their eyes as they get older.

No. 1718141

I would have just assumed he means he's broke at the end of the month like every underemployed person but a troon period makes sense in troon logic

No. 1718144

File: 1670160268233.jpeg (31.06 KB, 678x452, 5DAC1C48-CE3B-41D9-81CF-1DA040…)

They always remind me of this when they try and open their eyes more to look feminine

No. 1718149

they try to emulate the disassociated young girl look, which has become very fetishised (like everything else relating to women's suffering). he has definitely been looking at pictures of literal children holding teddies to copy this pose and it's sick. and I can't even say it's just his 'tism face because he manages to pull a perfectly ordinary face in the first photos.

No. 1718151

so many of these fags wanna be lain kek

No. 1718153

>I hope this doesn’t sound too weird
i actually laughed out loud

No. 1718163

This one is actually putting a bit of effort in but the teddy holding is???? Why must they sexualize children so much? It'd be different if had kawaii self expression and interests in the before but this female = teddy correlation is unnerving as this anon pointed out >>1718149
He resembles a personal trans cow of mine and that one posted saying it feels like he now has access to lesbians, essentially, so I think part of that crazy agp look is this false belief that by growing hair out, putting eyeliner on and calling themselves Alice or Mabel or whatever that they can unlock Lesbians in the game of their life.

No. 1718164

Wait really? I’ve never head that before but now I want to see it.

No. 1718169

kek your post just made me think of some TiFs getting angry at the fact that most women would rather share spaces with them than with TiMs. I saw one share a pic of Buck Angel or some other one that passed fairly well and she was like “you REALLY want this person in your bathrooms instead of a TW?” Yes. Absolutely. Even when TiFs go out of their way to try to be misogynistic and vulgar it falls flat and either way I’d unironically rather be next to a testosterone-taking woman with internalized misogyny than an actual danger-to-my-safety, porn-addled moid who acts like he has anything in common with me. Besides, TiFs usually understand the danger and misogyny of men and will even admit or acknowledge it. They bring it up in their own subreddits with posts about how TW tend to take over the conversation and belittle them. It’s so interesting to see the male/female socialization in action in those places.

No. 1718175

>“you REALLY want this person in your bathrooms instead of a TW?”
It's so funny like do they think we just don't want to be around people with beards? What's Buck Angel gonna do? She openly talks about how she loves her vagina and makes porn getting fucked by moids, what makes her any more dangerous than a normal masculine woman?

No. 1718176

File: 1670164540486.jpeg (902.97 KB, 1284x2115, 82DCBDAE-820B-474A-87E3-E8F706…)

Dylan Mulvaney clone who “can’t figure out” how tampons work in this video. This is the guy who was rejected from every sorority he tried to get into. He’s still going by female pronouns and still being blatantly misogynistic. I used to care less about these HSTS types even though they can be catty and vile, but after Dylan my tolerance for them has completely plummeted.


No. 1718177

These crusty moids just keep wasting period products for their fetish and internet points. Disgusting. And if I ever hear a company sending men period products again, instead of giving them to women in need, I will riot.

No. 1718178

Right, not to mention that plenty of women have facial hair from having PCOS or excess testosterone. Who cares? The TiFs who are covered in hair and actually work out to try and look more masculine/“pass” better I have no problem being around, unlike 100% of the men posted in these threads.

No. 1718179

I know it’s been said before, but I really don’t understand the logic. If they’re trying to appeal to TRAs and the more woke crowd, why wouldn’t they at least sponsor people who actually use the products? I’m not saying I really want to see ads with tifs but it would make so much more sense than using scrotes and pushing away the women who already use your products. Say what you will about the cup or reusable pads, but I’m glad I switched to those so I don’t have to support the brands that are catering to this shit anymore.

No. 1718181

They assosiate periods with women (uh oh that's terfy) because duh women are the only ones that get periods. Then they start bending reality to validate men larping as women. And TIFs don't want anything to do with periods because that's not manly at all!

No. 1718182

For fucking real. I use OB tampons and have since I was a teen. They don’t pander to troons at all and their website still uses the words “women” and “feminine hygiene” and talks about vaginas as exclusive to women. Refreshing tbh.

No. 1718184

ayrt, that’s good to know. I’m glad some brands aren’t catering to it and I hope it continues to stay that way.

No. 1718185

because "trans women are biologically female" and "trans men are biologically male"… which is weird because years ago it was perfectly acceptable to state that TIMs are biologically male but "have a female gender identity" which is what made them trans, nowadays it's basically considered hate speech.

No. 1718187

File: 1670166788152.jpg (194.21 KB, 1080x1215, 0 -6M_khSXKTfMdE-i.jpg)

Tampon manufacturers were starting to advertise their products to TiFs. Pic related is a Lutel campaign ad from last year to remind you some "men" menstruate. For some reason tampon manufactures decided to shift course to promoting tampon usage for TiMs.

No. 1718189

its because troons only see the world through the sexualised lense of the male brain

The very simple truth is the vast majority of troons dont want to be women they want to have the body of a woman and the brain of a man so they can live out their sexual fantasies

No. 1718190

Someone in marketing knew where tims are putting those tampons and they desperately wanted to boost sales..

No. 1718191

interesting that nearly all of them have tattoos

No. 1718194


Of course “people” (women) have periods, but do we really need free bleeding in adverts?

No. 1718195

I'm actually surprised because it seems most period products, no matter if it's a big brand or something independent, have gone all "people with periods". But both o.b. and Carefree (managed under the same company) use women/female on their websites. I really hope they will continue like that.
Both Tampax and Always are under Procter & Gamble and both pissed me off with their troon pandering so I am avoiding all brands they manage.

No. 1718196

I think it speaks volumes also that OB is a brand you really never see ad spots for, like commercials etc. I used them bc my mom used them. A lot of female athletes use them and I’m sure they know that and actually don’t want to spit on one of the biggest demographics of the women who use them. Fuck Tampax and their stupid plastic applicators anyway.

No. 1718197

I actually prefer that to the pad or tampon commercials using that blue plasma thing to represent period blood.

No. 1718200

File: 1670168558058.png (13.12 KB, 803x87, vuokkoset.png)

I wish OB made pads too because I can't use tampons. Out of curiosity I went to see a local company's site, they also claim they're ecological so I'd like to support them but of course on the front page they have an article stating "periods are not a gender issue".. I'm genuinely surprised they only talked about TIFs and didn't try to claim that men can have periods too.

No. 1718204

Even Lunette has jumped on board with the gender nonsense and I'm so disappointed. But I'll vote with my dollar rather than keep supporting ludicrous ideologies. I will be buying reusable pads as soon as I can. Fuck these companies and their female erasure.

No. 1718205

Goddamnit. I suppose TIF only pandering is better than if they included the dreaded TIMs. Sigh. I will continue to use until that day kek. I’ve been considering some of those period underwear but only by a brand I saw that had NO trannies of either type on their website.

No. 1718206

>periods aren’t a sign of womanhood
But they kind of are? It’s the traumatic passage into womanhood, along with the rest of puberty. It’s why a lot of TIMs fetishize it.
Trannies are only a small percentage of people, so I hate companies putting these stupid disclaimers. Troons always look to be the victim.
You don’t see fucking viagra being “gender-neutral”, but we all know why.

No. 1718207

A trans woman in Finland has been advertising Lunette's products. Products well wasted there.

No. 1718209

>both "woman" pics feature him holding a stuffed animal
I don't want to live in this retarded world anymore
I was really hoping this was a troll who might peak people by doing a parody of Dylan. But he seems incapable of that kind of critical thought. Just some young dumbass copying Dylan for TikTok clout.

No. 1718213

File: 1670170375898.webm (9.33 MB, 406x720, andrews_wheels_started_turning…)

This has been making rounds on reddit, and obviously troons appear in the comments calling the 60-year old a "girl" and "egg". I mean he might actually troon out, because men honestly believe that a generic filter is their "girl self", even though it's an idealized Samsung Sam face superimposed on their ugly mug

No. 1718216

sage for blog and rant, but I was similar. I was pro-Troon because I'm a biracial bisexual black woman raised in a majority white place so I figured I understood them. Like I know what it's like to be visibly the only one like you in a room, for people to feel ok commenting when you don't meet their expectations, but always people always expect you to be exactly two opposite ends of a made up spectrum. To feel like the way you live and behave are simultaneously who and how you are but also like it's wrong because no matter what someone always thinks its off or you're being fake.
But then I learned more about them, and watched how they behave. And it pissed me off. I saw men who weren't just trying to live, they weren't just asking for the grace to live authentically. They were insisting that everyone should bend over backwards and never question them, while publicly acting like degenerates. Not even bothering to be likable. They have no shame, they have no humility, and they are entitled. Like the lesbian thing, as a bi women I understand them wanting their own space. Do I sometimes feel like they are going into a room and locking me out with the boys, sure, but that isn't reality there are spaces where I am welcome and I understand when people need their "sacred" space.
Troons don't just want to be accepted. They want everything without question, exclusively to themselves.

No. 1718219

I actually had fun with the gender filter when it came out, and the guys in vid are clearly just having a laugh, its just autistic troons who can't seem to grasp the fact

No. 1718226

kek this made me laugh. hopefully the old guy is just kidding and isn't really "pissed off" that he doesn't look like this filtered unrealistic and younger face, when in reality if he was a woman he would still be old, haggard with the same shaped nose and would also be post-menopausal. the comments just confirm how shallow trans ideology is and how so many of them are just transmaxxing (and failing).

No. 1718228

File: 1670171313664.png (5.01 MB, 2510x1494, ob.png)

Ugh, but as a brand these days do you even have a choice but to pander in some way if this is the profitable trend of the times. Then again, the average woman honestly doesnt even know this is a debate in the first place

No. 1718229

File: 1670171326341.png (147.5 KB, 817x785, image_2022-12-04_172842235.png)

No. 1718230

>"Sapphic" is one of those instant MTF tells. No actual lesbian ever uses that word unless she's literally writing a dissertation on ancient Greek poetry.
It was somewhat popular with a certain section of lesbian f/f writers back in the day when fandom was all about on livejournal. It has completely dropped off though.

No. 1718231

I always think it’s interesting how story after story of women peaking involves us having been supportive of TRAs at one point. The stories about it seem endless, and so often it starts with general discomfort about how the TiMs they know make them feel weird or seem to have some kind of sexual angle to what they’re doing. We all know it, we’ve all been around creepy men, that instinct to recognize it is there for a reason. At first it’s easy to ignore it in order to protect the feelings of people you perceive to be part of an oppressed group, but then the more you are exposed to them and “listen to them”, the more the extremely blatant misogyny stares right at you.

No. 1718233

Kek based parents

No. 1718234

Encouraging all nonas to email companies saying you will no longer buy from them because of their erasure of women. No one else will see it so you can't get cancelled on twitter and the company will still see it, there's a massively big chance they're doing it for money and give 0 shits about troons

No. 1718235

Okay everyone, buy cups and reusable pads. Let's stop supporting these woman erasing brands and on the plus side you'll be doing a favor to the environment.

No. 1718236

all the straight peaked women I know irl also involved having a male partner trans out and want to suddenly be in a "lesbian" relationship. the first time i heard that i was shocked, then the third or fourth time I was like damn…is this a thing? they would absolutely be the type to describe themselves as sapphic lmao

No. 1718239

Period panties are pretty good too, I've honestly never been as comfortable on my period as when I wear them and I've never had a single leak

No. 1718241

Back when it wasn't a gender thing, you wouldn't hear anyone talking about women who couldn't menstruate due to health problems. Now they won't shut up about it. It's obvious to me they're only bringing up women with reproductive issues now as a shield to their tranny bullshit.

No. 1718242

it is a pretty common thing, many even trying to gaslight their wives or girlfriends into identifying as bisexual or even lesbians to validate them.

No. 1718243

imo so is "wlw"

No. 1718245

The best thing we can do really is to stop giving these companies our money. Menstrual cups, reusable pads, period underwear. Buying products every month means we’re at the mercy of these companies that know we’re bound to them because we bleed every month.

No. 1718246

True, I just really want to find a period underwear brand that doesn’t have any trannies in their ad campaigns. I think Proof might be good? Not sure as I am off instagram now. I think Ruby are as well.

No. 1718247

Yes!! Sorry for ot but Ive been using a period disc and period underwear for over 2 years now and its completely changed my life and how I view periods

No. 1718248

>queer menstruation
and why are they comparing periods to love? kek it's so dumb. periods are a female bodily function where we shed tissue from the lining of our uterus. what does that have to do with love?

No. 1718252

also they are forced to reply to complaints and log them so they would rather avoid dealing with extra workload in future. don't make it easy for them to throw us under the bus nonas.

No. 1718253

I didn’t know this was so common kek. This is true, I’m a straight woman that ended up with an ex that trooned out. He wanted me to admit I was a lesbian because now he was supposedly a woman. Not even bisexual would suffice for him, because he thought that I was still seeing the man in him by being bisexual, and that “gave him doubt” and wasn’t reassuring enough.
Troons don’t want bisexual or pansexual people, because it’s not enough validation. They want to have a lesbian, which is impossible.

No. 1718256

Right I have no idea. There should be no morality assigned to menstruation at all, it’s ridiculous. It’s literally just a function of the female body when everything is running smoothly and you’re of a certain age range, and having one or not having one doesn’t have some kind of deeper meaning. It has nothing to do with being “queer”, it has nothing to do with “gender”. It’s just a fucking biological function that affects one sex. I’m so tired.

No. 1718258

Dylan Mulvaney VS women
sorry for being a tard, but idk how to share this video when the file is too large on lc and youtube isn't an option. if some more tech savy nona could share it properly that would be great

No. 1718259


In 2019, a huge law firm released a document that advised on strategy tras should use to get laws passed for self-id for children.

The standouts were: "Tie your campaign to more popular reform, e.g. legalizing gay marriage", "tie trans rights to the rights of actually oppressed people", "do everything you can to avoid media attention", "target young politicians; tell them they will be on the right side of history", and "get ahead of the govt; NGOs need to intervene early in the legislative process and ideally before it has even started. This will give them far greater ability to shape the government agenda and the ultimate proposal than if they intervene after the government has already started to develop its own proposals."

Articles about it:

Actual document:
Only adults? Good practices in legal gender recognition for youth

No. 1718263

Really? Seriously? Somebody tell me, what is a tranny gonna do with a period cup.

No. 1718265

put them up their bootyholes and shart in them pretending they got their periods most likely

No. 1718266

I'm not straight but I peaked this way as well, more or less. I dated a "nonbinary" man and the ridiculousness of dealing with dating someone obviously delusional peaked me over time

No. 1718268

It makes sense. So many of them are narcissistic and entitled and that kind of personality is insufferable to deal with even when the person isn’t IDing as trans.

No. 1718270

File: 1670174802263.png (3.91 MB, 2510x1494, fixedyourad.png)

Fixed it for them.

No. 1718273

Sorry for minor blog.
Looking at my personal mtf lolcows social media used to make me laugh so hard, but I checked in again all he posts now is porn and I just feel ill. I can't laugh at this shit.
Previously it's been general life oversharing, which is hilarious to see since he looks like an emaciated projared now with bolt on tits. Seeing him fumble through normal stuff like family holidays and dinners with friends etc is hilarious. It's so awkward, detailed posts about wearing hand me down items of women's clothing that haven't been worn since 2006 asking if he looks cute, attempting his own make up and hair or maybe some complaining about how his adhd ruins his ability to stay friends with people or get a job.
But now… Nothing but posts and pictures of his collection of bdsm gear and godawful pictures of his ass. No shame nudity coupled with writings about head pats and spankings. I'm so disgusted. I'm so glad i didn't hang out with him more way back when we had mutual friends.

No. 1718275

I'm going through Always' website right now and so far I haven't seen any tranny crap or gender nonsense. They do say they support "all women and girls" so does that include the genderspecials as well? They still use the words women and girls. If they have been troon pandering harder in the past might they have backtracked now?

No. 1718276

There was a thing about them removing the Venus symbol from their packaging/wrappers because it triggered TIFs.

No. 1718278

Please let it be true…their overnight infinity pads are superior at collecting the inevitable spill from my tampons and extreme flow.

No. 1718287

File: 1670175892846.jpg (102.77 KB, 493x603, bodyform.jpg)

I was just about to rejoice that Bodyform isn't trannypandering but I was wrong.. It took a lot of digging but I found the pandering.

No. 1718290

>woman, the word used for people who menstruate since the beginning of history, is no longer the right word for people who menstruate
>woman+ is better
What in the dystopian hellscape

No. 1718291

This shit makes me rage & want to create a brand of period products that unabashedly does not pander to troons.

No. 1718292

Was this recently? Last I checked mine still had a female symbol on them.

No. 1718293

I do not "identify as" a woman. I AM a woman. Fuck this bullshit. I'd rather free bleed than support these misogynitic money hungry companies.

No. 1718295

Was just thinking this. I fucking hate this timeline.

No. 1718296

File: 1670176622707.jpeg (122.21 KB, 1169x868, C4BEF199-0C5C-4C4E-A340-5B8E5B…)

Very normal thing to say!

No. 1718297

File: 1670176646942.jpeg (140.38 KB, 1170x345, B6366A3F-5623-4EB5-8E5A-A5BD57…)

and of course, in the replies…

No. 1718298

Wow… These people better not cry about violence againt trannies ever again. Violence againt women or anyone is never ok. But apparently it's ok to beat women who disagree with you.

No. 1718299

let us know if you do. i think an entrepreneurial TERF could make something much needed and appreciated by many women. Those troon-pandering companies use toxic materials too. A bullshit-free, toxic-free, woman-centered period products company that raises awareness about period stigma, FGM, reproductive health problems like endometriosis and other women's issues would be my dream.

No. 1718301

Ok, I just read a like 10 different articles on always removing the venus symbol. And what seems to have happened is the non-binary women and tifs kept bitching about the symbol - whining on twitter, emailing them, and so on - so always was like "fuck it" and took it off and then said they were doing it to be "inclusive" vs "we just want them to stfu". They removed the symbol in 2019. I haven't found any other evidence that they pander to troons, tims or tifs.

I will note, that I am and oldfag and have used Always since I got my period and the venus symbol was some new shit, I don't recall it being there in the 90s or early 2000s, so I see why Always was decided to nope out.

>their overnight infinity pads are superior at collecting the inevitable spill from my tampons and extreme flow.

even if always was like the worst troon panderer, you should still use the pads if they work best for you. I would not die on this specific hill and end up with bloody clothes and sheets.

No. 1718302

Troons have been making violent threats to women forever, anon. Their hypocrisy does not bother them.

No. 1718303

In the wake of all these companies pandering to literally anyone except for women, have any other nonas looked into period underwear? I swear I read a post on here that non-disposable products aren't as alluring to TiMs as pads, tampons etc are (and it eliminates the whole digging through trash fetish). I want to make the switch not only financially but for the above reason. I just don't know which brand to go with and I'm not sure how to really use them.

No. 1718305

No. 1718306

TA, and I’m already talking to my mom and sister about it seriously. They are interested in doing it with me. This is a huge issue and there needs to be SOMETHING for women to choose that won’t put money in the pockets of people who hate/want to erase us while lifting up deranged males. I would absolutely love to use profits to donate to women’s shelters like the one that got its funding taken away bc they refused to allow male troons in.

No. 1718307

File: 1670177174137.gif (1.36 MB, 448x252, victoria chase ladypants.gif)

I have a heavy flow and it was not enough for me. I got the thicc ones designed for heavy flow and felt like pic related tbh.

No. 1718310

I just looked at the Kotex site, and it exclusively uses "women" from what I can tell. It also talks about period stigma and period poverty. Their logo includes the Venus symbol, too (the "ot" in "Kotex"). Apparently their tampons are shitty, but I've been using their pads for a long time, and they work very well for me.

No. 1718311

I have been using period underwear for a while and I would definitely recommend WUKA. They are pretty easy to use as you just wear them accordingly to how heavy your flow is then change them every couple of hours

No. 1718314

I think if they work well for someone, keep using them, but there is no reason why they have to cave to genderspecials crying since women are still their majority customer base. They can easily ignore them and it would not be a loss for them. When women complain about them changing the layout "it's just a symbol, who cares", but non-binaries and TIFs are shaking and crying when they are reminded that they are female.

No. 1718318

Yeah, seems it was maybe a uk and co. thing. Here in the us, mine still have the female symbol and the ones that don't still have things like "#likeagirl". That still sucks though, they may not be pandering to troons here but they're definitely doing it in other places

No. 1718319


No. 1718323

>carrying soiled reusable underwear or pads in your purse
I'll start caring about the environment when celebrities stop taking private jets for a 15minute rides

No. 1718324

Sage for ot but cloth pads don't need anywhere near as many changes as disposables, most women would be able to go the duration of a work shift or whatever on one heavy flow pad and just change it at home. There are other benefits to not having bleached plastic up in your business 5-7 days of the month.

No. 1718328

none of this shit ever happens with "men's products".

No. 1718330

i will never use anything but disposable pads unless they make reusables free.

No. 1718331

This pathetic freeloader can't pay ~$500 for 3-4 months of a car payment with a job that pays mileage? That is a cheap payment, good lord. Spending too much on toys and coom, huh?

No. 1718340

Sounds like B.S. they have a job so take out a loan instead of whining.
Kek at the Black Mirror level remotely disabled car for coming out to parents.

No. 1718341

I've used pads all my life I'm not worried. If I ever needed to change to reusable I'd used it for lighter days to replace toliet paper.

Start advertising condoms for TIM's lol

No. 1718346

because none of them have their own style, they just copy what they see on instagram and tiktok. I think its amusing how none of them are in particularly good shape.

kek the huge man shoes. he looks like a dirty disgusting retard.

the hair, eurgh. How long does one go without washing for it to look like that

No. 1718348

Period underwear is good for medium and lesser flow days, but if you have a truly heavy flow they can be less than ideal. I switch between cloth pads and period undies during my rag, after previously using disposable pads all my life and tbh I'm never going back. I have a few different sizes of cloth pads, the "overnight" size is perfect for heavy flow days. You don't get that itchy dryness that disposable pads can cause, and after the initial investment reusable stuff costs way less than buying disposable products every month or so. The no-trash-for-scavenging-troons factor is also a plus. Hope you can find something that works for you, anon!

No. 1718353

those guys who beat up troons were ahead of their time tbh

No. 1718358

nona you'd be my hero

No. 1718386

I'm pretty sure that the car owner is a black cis lesbian…

No. 1718395

>Reeee knowledgeable people are hard to argue with
Especially when we're right lmao

No. 1718397

File: 1670184129266.jpeg (264.29 KB, 1536x2048, abtisam.jpeg)

Eddie Izzard lost the parliamentary candidacy to this woman in pic related - Abstisam Mohamed. Their size difference made me kek (and the way it looks like she has no feet)

No. 1718399

I just use generic grocery store brand tampons lmao

No. 1718400

File: 1670184567549.jpeg (400.47 KB, 1070x3090, CD9C20E4-4BAB-4224-8EA3-CCF4E5…)

i got bored and decided to play around with chatgpt and ask it a bunch a questions about trannies. of course if you dare to say anything bad about them the bot rushes to tell you that “trans people are unique individuals with different experiences and you can’t judge them as one”, even if you try to cheat around it. at least it says that women can’t have penises or XY chromosomes, but it’s pretty easy to make it contradict itself

No. 1718405

I only buy handmade period products from Etsy. Ensures it’s well made and not in a factory, more variety and I know it’s made by a single real woman

No. 1718414

this is an unbelievably absurd photo.

No. 1718423

I just bought a cup! Now I don't have to worry about who I'm giving my money to because I won't be giving it to anyone.

No. 1718425

is this satire

No. 1718430

File: 1670186954934.jpeg (957.54 KB, 750x4980, 91227531-A174-4338-BBF8-408C6C…)

No. 1718431

File: 1670186969012.jpg (2.34 MB, 216x216, 9YDiU0q.jpg)

Thanks for the recommendations nonitas, I'll try out what I can.

I didn't know cloth pads existed so this is some great info. My flow is short but it gets pretty heavy so I was hoping to find something like this, thanks nona!

Anyway sorry for the derail but I feel better knowing its one less pad (more like hundreds) for a moid to possibly get off on kek. Sometimes I wonder about how they went from 'not all women have periods, so we can still be women!!' to eventually caving and making it this huge deal. Was it just the undeniable fact that the vast majority of pre-menopause women get periods or the main demographic went from gay hons to AGPs or what

No. 1718433

he moved the legs to pretend he has a waist now, he looks exactly the same except for the tube tits. I sometimes wonder if TiMs who do these fake before and after actually want other TiMs to kill themselves out of spite.

No. 1718434

I think im going to vomit, the delusion is so palpable,

No. 1718437

File: 1670187509933.png (205.75 KB, 901x369, straightmen.png)

I am howling at this one
>lurking in r/actuallesbians made me realise how much i have in common with lesbians and how little i have in common with straight men

No. 1718438

Posts like that prove JKR's point.

No. 1718439

He lurked r/actuallesbians and found out he related to other TIMs, that's crazy

No. 1718441

File: 1670188044024.jpeg (123.89 KB, 1125x1118, 90823C2A-C0D2-4000-A4BA-B54B54…)


I am currently using OB but looking to change once my stockpile runs out. I want to switch to cups/period underwear. But every fucking time I get a rec, I look up their website and social media and they all have shit like this. Are there any legit brands left that aren’t doing this?

No. 1718450

I am sure that lesbians are delighted to hear that that guy who was obsessed with lesbians now identifies as one.

No. 1718455

File: 1670188777018.png (70.69 KB, 500x326, 7CAF4591-1A87-4A5B-8DD2-B636E5…)

I want to a-log so FUCKING bad HOLY SHIT
>I just get how they love women

No. 1718456

What’s wrong with their tampons? I like them

No. 1718464

"I, a man, just want to be perceived as a non-conforming woman" = I want to be perceived as exceptional and subversive while being normative and doing nothing.
"Even the bones" = Osteopenia makes me feel so feminine and fragile, just like a girl!
Having flashbacks to those bootypop (padded bum underwear) ads where the model stands straight in the before and then poses in an S-curve for the after.
nayrt but I find kotex tampons uncomfortable to pull out, ironically the wider tampax tampons have less of an abrupt "shelf" when you pull them out since the wider profile has more give and forms a gentler slope when removed.

No. 1718466

The way that everything is moving towards the two genders being “men” and “people” is soo

No. 1718473

File: 1670189522998.jpeg (223.55 KB, 1242x2046, 5F6F530C-6080-4810-BD07-9BF47A…)

Nona I have bad news… also I checked their site and they are a MERMAIDS partner and donate to them. Even worse than pandering.

No. 1718485

File: 1670190317120.jpeg (827.17 KB, 1170x1915, 6327C1F4-BC63-4B88-AA40-719BB2…)

LOLA is a brand of pads AND tampons that are really great. I’ve used both their tampons and their pads (they sell them at Walmart). Completely free of toxic bullshit like other brands, and it seems they’re also free from toxic troon pandering. They also donate products to women and girls in need.

No. 1718486

These wrappers are comically loud but i agree

No. 1718487

File: 1670190378174.png (1.91 MB, 1536x819, Picsart_22-12-04_16-44-47-368.…)

it's not even funny it's downright scary

No. 1718491

WUKA doesn't and that is why I buy from them only for period underwear

No. 1718492

sorry to disappoint but see >>1718473

No. 1718495

oof I didn't see this, well there really isn't anyone who doesn't pander to this nonsense

No. 1718503

this is the best suggestion here. Just looked on Etsy and there are lots of options using the word "women" and with good reviews.

No. 1718517

File: 1670191912738.jpeg (74.85 KB, 750x380, 41025489-12EB-4D48-BDAB-7C6E58…)

play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 1718520

Nta but tbf it’s not hard to do some research and find people who are actually handmaking their products and not purchasing/reselling.

No. 1718527

There’s so much to unpack here but the two that stood out the most to me were these:

>my biggest sexual fantasy was transforming into a woman. guess that’s just how i wanted to have sex the entire time

Too bad he never will have sex as a woman. No amount of HRT or surgeries will make him female or give him that mythical orgasm I’m sure he craves like all of them seem to do.

>using AL as a barometer for how real lesbians feel or think

KEK the entire sub is made of men who feel comfortable speaking over a minority group of women, of course he feels welcome there.

No. 1718528

I think they know that, hence the follow up where this one >>1718297 put “socialized male” in quotes. They’re very aware of the privilege they hold and they love the fact that women can do so little against it right now. They’re men, keeping women under their boot is the goal.

No. 1718530

The TiFs do this exact thing too. They claim to love men like gay men do, not like other women. That would be icky and wouldn’t fit into their whole NLOG ideology.

No. 1718531

Good lord, I have to rant. According to the seventh one, socialization determines your sexuality – who knew! And kek at the fact that facing toxic masculinity growing up isn't male socialization ackshually and that makes him a True and Honest woman. It's also insane to me how so many think them being attracted to lesbians/bisexuals (straight attraction) is somehow "kweer". Let me stop because trying to wrap my head around this is undeniably pointless.

No. 1718537

>being heterosexual is now a fetish

No. 1718539

File: 1670194051923.webm (2.4 MB, 721x1152, YouCut_20221205_094122001.webm)

>going on hormones at 13 so you can brag about your push-up bra in reels 9 years later
Australia is a hell hole

No. 1718541

still obviously male it's so funny

No. 1718548

>"look i have boobs! That means I'm a real woman! Please validate me"
Assuming he was on puberty blockers his IQ is compromised, his penis is undeveloped and dysfunctional and too small to be used for vaginoplasty, he probably has 0 sex drive and can't have an orgasm anyway, his bones are that of an 60 year old… but he's got nails and long hair and moobs! Suicide prevented!!!

No. 1718566

File: 1670195406426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.83 KB, 1080x1463, Screenshot_20221204-213049__01…)

He either has a micro penis or has had the thing removed and fashioned into a particularly botched rotpocket. Fun fact that I'm sure won't surprise anyone, his dad is z-list television actor Matt Stevens from Australian TV show "Home and Away". It's always "celebrities" trooning their children out obscenely young.

No. 1718569

This is such an unrealistic photo lmao. Why would you ever wanna do makeup on someone when you’re casting a shadow over their entire face like that? Only a moid would see this and think that women totally actually do stuff like that. No moids, we’d be sitting up in front of a fucking ring light.

No. 1718572

you can always tell instantly by the length of the arms

No. 1718575

This shit makes me so insecure. I have long gangly arms and giant hands for a real woman. My fucking fingertips almost reach my knees. I wish fucking troons werent a thing because I’m constantly worried about people thinking I’m a tranny.

No. 1718577

Don’t worry Nonna. I’m 5’11 and had this fear but it is baseless. A woman is a woman, we don’t need to pass. They wish they could look like us.

No. 1718582

moids too stupid to know it’s posed kek

No. 1718583

sorry i didnt mean to trigger your insecurity. i think its a lot of things combined that these morons don't even think to consider. long arms, big fucking mitts, big ass head and wide shoulders. you can even tell in the legs but idk how to describe it. besides, like the other nona said, we don't need to pass. but i'm sure people know you're a woman.

No. 1718588

>the legs
They have thin legs and thin thighs with over-defined calf muscles.

No. 1718590

I mean they think most porn is a reflection of reality so it’s no surprise they’d think that’s real too.

No. 1718593

This one for sure was lucky with his figure though. Dont know if the stinkditch/micro penis and mangled brain is worth it but hey

No. 1718595

Old guy just seems like a boomer blown away by what technology can do. He's not going to troon out.

No. 1718596

Is it actually the troon’s body? Or is it some actual girl and he stole it? Or is it a shoop? It does seem awful feminine for a troon, I’ve never seen one like this before sorry if I sound like a tard kek

No. 1718598

Don't worry anon they're just nitpicking. That guy transitioned as a child, he doesn't have a normal male body so I don't think we would be able to tell if we didn't know he's a tranny

No. 1718603

This thought came to my mind aswell but I know nothing about shooping or this troon in particular, maybe some knowledgable nonas can analyze this for us.

No. 1718605

Buck is also being called a TERF and an autogynephile for being against trans women in women's spaces and for being against transing kids. So yeah. She can come in the bathroom.

No. 1718611

Have you tards never heard of photoshop

No. 1718612

File: 1670197870633.png (557.53 KB, 460x758, bambi.png)

other than the puberty blockers, you can tell next to his dad they are very small slim build for men, which helps a bit when it comes to passing. awful to imagine the botched surgery + dilating so young though. found an article on them and apparently Hyland's dad also wants to help his friend… "Bambi" kek

No. 1718620

>Wtf kind of cishet male searches for "tender" porn
The fact that this is considered weird at all. Fucking bleak that violent porn is normalized to this point.

No. 1718627

filtered to hell

No. 1718632

i just use small etsy shops or asian brands. no western gender bullshit 99% percent of the time. most of the brand names are made in china anyways so cut the middleman and just buy it directly

No. 1718633

The dad has a crippling tranny fetish I see

No. 1718635

"tender" and "violent" aren't the only options. tims think "tender" means loli hentai where the cartoon man says "sorry i hurt you" at the end.

No. 1718637

he’s an absolute unit and built like a wall, there’s no way the picture he posted on ig isn’t edited or stolen.

No. 1718640

I like the brand Saalt. They make cups, disks, and underwear. There may be an ad somewhere on the internet that is pro troon, but I searched their site and couldn't find anything. Transgender returns nothing, trans returns "transactional, transfer, and transition (talking about changing to reusable from disposable)" gender returns discussions of gender inequality and how women in less wealthy countries are economically disadvantaged by being forced to stay home.
They do have things about womanhood, vaginas, and no visible men in the pictures (save for a pic of the founder, her husband, her infant son, and her five daughters). They also have a B Corp certification for donations to women's rights orgs if that matters to anyone.

No. 1718642

of course everything is filtered and edited to death + surgery but also the classic wide leg stance to give the impression of curves. he is obsessed with bimbofication.

pretty funny tho when these rich puberty blocker troons can afford all the best medical and styling help money can buy and trigger the majority of trannies into thinking they can look the same with estrogen and drug store eyeliner in their 40s.

No. 1718662

thanks so much for this! i've been waiting to try out period underwear but everything i saw looked either too bulky or not reliable. this company looks great!

No. 1718665

Why'd you reply to me I never said the troon isn't clockable, or that he wasn't using photoshop (he clearly abuses it) I just stated he probably has a micro penis or a botched rotpocket, retard.

No. 1718676

How young are these kids and why is the "friend" not with his parents?

No. 1718678

Kids? They're adults

No. 1718681

my bad the filters got to me

No. 1718684

File: 1670205865443.png (850.08 KB, 837x949, 11 months HRT has produced one…)

>I was faget all along but I tricked my wife into marrying me and having kids
>and its their fault I couldn't be the faget I always wanted to be

No. 1718686

File: 1670206037898.png (52.53 KB, 818x292, 1.png)

more crazy trannies wanting to abuse JK

No. 1718689

Legendary golden nigel would understand.

No. 1718690

File: 1670206384895.jpg (216.73 KB, 828x503, IMG_8622.jpg)

No. 1718691

File: 1670206517338.png (68.37 KB, 922x785, hijabi terfs is something i di…)

>the black women comparison

No. 1718694

The woman who replied is deeply based. I hope she has a great night wherever she is

No. 1718696

File: 1670206897994.png (10.59 KB, 1518x72, submitted by averageglossenjoy…)

the guy ran to another subreddit to ask how to respond to the comment lel

No. 1718707

You’re either black or biracial


No. 1718709

oh my gosh i am so dumb i thought exponent meant he was manufacturing womb snatch surgeries and got so sick but it’s literally a nicer way to say ‘propagandist’ lmaoo ok makes sense

No. 1718713

NTA but as someone who’s biracial and mixed with black, you can be both

No. 1718714

Why are women the ones being penalized for men's spaces being dangerous? Their logic is basically: men treat GNC men like shit, therefore women should have to create a safe haven for GNC men at the expense of their own safety. If men cause a problem, the onus should be on them, not women, so face the consequences and fix it.

No. 1718720

Nta I think she meant she is biracial, which can mean any two races, and then specified being half black as being the other race besides white to explain why she would look different.

No. 1718728

File: 1670210817525.png (211.17 KB, 1365x807, nya.png)

Found a tranny forum:

No. 1718729

Because men do not take responsibility for their actions.

No. 1718738

I've now known five women personally as friends that this happened to. Unfriended their Troon partner the second they started up their delusional screeds about being so gheyyy after getting a straight marriage and not feeling special enough

No. 1718746

>therefore women should have to create a safe haven

Something I read earlier that made me realise this is the default for women, a thread on Twitter where many people said they teach their kids if there's any problem and the kid is lost or in danger, the kid should find another mother with kids and ask them for help (as opposed to the puhleec).
Literally as a woman you are signed up (as far as society is concerned) to shoulder the emotional labour and workload for the rest of society. It's assumed women will create a safe haven for the needy, hence the incessant demands for it, it's baked into the structure of society. Our unpaid labour is the solution to every problem. Every day in society people expect you to shoulder their burdens, even if you are a total stranger to them.

No. 1718751

File: 1670213871411.jpeg (339.43 KB, 750x994, AE842610-66C5-4A13-A5AF-2BE2C2…)

I can't get over this troon who is trying to compare himself to having the same experience as a young man who died horrifically in a cave after being trapped for over 24 hours. The lack of self awareness and sympathy truly baffles me.

No. 1718758

I want to a-log.

No. 1718761

> If men cause a problem, the onus should be on them, not women,
This is the main problem with MRAs, they’ll cry and piss their pants over there not being enough male rape shelters or support groups and then blame women for not helping them enough despite woman’s shelters only existing because women made them to help each other and men don’t even take their own ‘rapes’ seriously. Ironically the only male shelters local to me were set up by and are run by women and receive no male volunteers.

No. 1718765

File: 1670215433932.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2157, BB8EE2C5-A7BC-4CAF-94E6-7A21E8…)

"Trans women are harmless they just want to be normal women why are terfs always so mean!!!!" maybe because fetishistic freaks who dress like this

No. 1718766

File: 1670215518562.jpeg (740.9 KB, 750x1268, 338426EB-243E-40F5-8997-D5C8A4…)

he looks like he’s wearing a mask of himself kek. and all that surgery for nothing.

No. 1718770

File: 1670215855579.jpeg (355.94 KB, 750x2053, 867EAA86-521C-4245-BF30-A2EF4D…)

he doesn’t have a vagina, the stink ditch not being big enough isn’t vaginismus.

No. 1718773

it’s hilarious how there’s many troonies who clearly just wish they were anime girls. get real

No. 1718778

It’s because it’s a goddamn wound being irritated. Imagine someone saying their ear piercings feel fine but when they start repeatedly cramming a piercing in and out for several minutes straight then they have problems. Of course that is going to re-irritate the hole and even potentially lead to infection. Cutting and sewing a new hole in the body will never create a vagina, it will basically create a massive crotch ear piercing hole like a gauge that tries to close up forever. Troons who are told that bottom surgery will get them a vagina have been lied to.

No. 1718780

File: 1670216600964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 623.44 KB, 750x4060, BCB569CF-7E86-4482-914E-EBC2AE…)

stupid prizes.

No. 1718781

This shit has become so common there's a support group for women who's husbands have trooned out. These women call themselves trans widows.
>Women in this situation report feeling like their male partner has died. This is particularly the case if their partner or husband came out as trans' and decided to transition. The transformation is usually so complete that their partner is unrecognisable as the man they married, both in looks and in personality. The woman will be forbidden from calling her husband by his previous “dead name”.

No. 1718782

>went to one of the infamous ones
kek could it be our little miss dr. Shdhdjdh?

No. 1718783

it’s a cavity wound, plain and simple. and trannies are stupid to think that a cavity wound would ever stay open. a post-op tranny’s body will be constantly trying to fill the wound with granulation tissue. they’re actually just denying the body’s attempts to heal.

No. 1718786


I feel EVIL for this because this is a mentally ill person who is suffering but damn it brings me so much joy to read all of that, and I can't help but think "GOOD! HA!"

I feel so bad tho

No. 1718787

Butthole eyes

No. 1718789

File: 1670218041260.png (314.9 KB, 768x768, aaaaaatroons.png)

The fact that handmaidens shit on those poor women is insane. They literally want to force women to fuck gross troons.
Men are not allowed to harrass women, but the second a man claims is akchualy true and hones lesbian any woman who turns him down is an evil terf and must be forced to date him. And troons know exactly what a woman is when they want to harass one.
No wonder so many real lesbians pretend to be he/him fakebois or asexuals.

No. 1718794

No, don't you dare feel bad for a male troon. You know he hates women and would never feel bad for one. Troons leech off women's sympathy and it needs to stop.
The only troons who deserve sympathy are sad CSA ftm victims or lesbian ftms.

No. 1718795

Personally I do not and cannot revel in genetically mutilation like this unless it’s someone particularly sex pest oriented. I just think it’s really really sad.

No. 1718799

it’s the ill-fated hubris of it all. men being so confident they can get a replica of an exquisitely complex organ, only to end up mutilated and disillusioned. it feels like poetic justice.

No. 1718801

These stories are harrowing, my heart goes out to these women. Especially the most recent from a woman who is mourning the loss of the man she thought she knew after 35 years of marriage. These women are so much stronger than their degenerate ex-husband could ever understand.

No. 1718802

Don't worry, nona, everyone can tell you're female. I'm taller than basically all men, wear men's clothes literally every day, and it doesn't matter at all. At most, once in a while someone will think I'm trying to be a TIF kek. No one who actually looks at me thinks I'm male. Ever.

That's how I know no one actually believes any of this shit. Everyone can tell your biological sex instantly on sight. Everyone really is just pretending to be retarded. When it's not trendy anymore they'll all stop.

No. 1718803

File: 1670218842870.png (613.93 KB, 640x646, fc22e7ef5de0218b290259ace35990…)

Nonas who feel bad for troons are so weird
Do you realize this is what troons want?
okay no more stolen pictures from kf

No. 1718805

They’re being used by the medical industry as Guinea pigs and often are too fixated on thinking changing their genitalia will be that last magic step or something and so often it just ruins them in so many ways, I cannot derive any sort of amusement from that personally. I think it’s perpetuating this idea that just rearranging your sex organs will make your life better or make you appear how you want to, preying upon the part of themselves that thinks it’s a miraculous transformation, and leaving them irreparably mutilated and having to tend to a festering wound indefinitely. Idk for me castration should be reserved for pedophiles and sexual predators and not physically healthy adults that are mentally unwell to the point that they are so easily manipulated into thinking this will make them happier or complete them.

No. 1718806

Nonna you are gorgeous unique queen and no troon ever will be even close to you no matter how "masculine" your appearance is because you are an actual woman

No. 1718820

This is so bad i don't understand where it begins or ends.

No. 1718822

This is basically my take on it, too. The whole "good thing these guys are castrating themselves," is mostly just something I joke about when I'm particularly annoyed at troon behavior.

It's not like these guys are any less likely to rape people anyway, or removing themselves from the gene pool for that matter. Most AGPs either had kids before trooning out or freeze their sperm.

No. 1718832

the stitches on the forehead, how horrifying

No. 1718841

Doubt, I’ve seen lists of posts on Reddit and the like admitting she’s a shit bottom surgery doctor. I think on kf in her thread. It’s pretty well known in the tranny community. They still advocate for her for too surgery though

No. 1718842

A timeline all troons can look forward to when they opt for the rot pocket.

No. 1718843

File: 1670224115648.jpg (21.22 KB, 226x282, 33b7d1570c334905edb278a0927453…)

No. 1718846

Ew it looks like his hair is going under his skin on his hairline. Horrifying

No. 1718851

Could be Kathy Rumer. Gallagher mostly butchers young women. Rumer is known to lash out at her patients if they complain about complications. She has accused of abusing her patients. Rumer has a thread over at the farms.

>Over the duration of Carlie’s time in the hospital, both her mother and her OBGYN made countless calls to Dr. Rumers’ office, which all went unanswered. Once they got in contact with Rumer, they were told there had been an administrative mix-up with the records. During one phone call, Carlie says Rumer shocked her and her mother, “Dr. Rumer goes, ‘I followed the WPATH guidelines on how to treat my patients. If you think you can do better, why don’t you just give her a vagina?’” Carlie recalls.

No. 1718861

>"I don't feel or think I look too different"
Reminder that his is the supposed life saving surgery they clamor for. The frankenstein stitches make me shiver.

>can't have sex even 2 years post surgery
Another suicide prevented by life saving surgery
>"maybe you tense up, look at what cis women do"
lmao a surgically cut up and inverted penis covered in scar tissue doesn't work anything like a vagina. That's like saying he should look up proper dental care for horses to fix having his arm cut off, it's in no way related and he doesn't even have that biology to begin with.

No. 1718862

any time i see these ladies i smile, so brave and stunning kek

No. 1718864

Nona it's not evil or even bad to see a man who knowingly does great harm to innocent people, including advocating for cutting up literal children's genitals, and feel justice when their own actions backfires on them.

No. 1718866

File: 1670229312339.jpeg (149.57 KB, 1024x769, 7A2D503A-6884-4B5D-ACD3-FE35A4…)

What a unit

No. 1718869

File: 1670229529241.png (117.99 KB, 491x441, Screenshot 2022-12-05 033545.p…)

I was looking through a facebook group and saw this posted. A local shelter organization made more room for men and trannies than they did women. I want to A-log so bad rn.

No. 1718871

Gonna call this one a she since she does pass via early transition, look at her sad eyes. Reminds me of Jazz, the dad definitely pushed her into this. What a sad life to be butchered, on fake hormones, and never be able to experience sexual pleasure or truly relate to other women (plus the issues that arise later with bones and ligaments, as documented by older transwomen)

No. 1718872

lmao and then he just copies and pastes their dumb suggestions in a reply and his tone is like he is just speaking off the top of his head. almost 50% of the TIMs in women's prisons are violent RAPISTS and they're comparing those men, with penises, being in a women's prison to women sharing the prison with other women who have committed statistically much much less violent crimes and don't have penises because they're not men so therefore not as much of a threat to each other.

No. 1718875


No. 1718876

Eh, if someone looks female, which is like 1% of transwomen, it's dumb to call them male for the sake of it. Like you'd look retarded irl calling that person male.

No. 1718877

Kek right? Fuck these scrotes. Also, women in prison already have to worry about male guards raping them, it’s unthinkable to me that now they’re literally locked up with these freaks. Also fuck that no doubt hideous troon who had to run off crying for help with his comeback to the based woman who told the truth.

No. 1718878

a man is a man no matter what he looks like. adult human male. he/him. no exceptions.

No. 1718879

Some drag queens can pass as a women just as well as this child transitioner but you wouldn't call them her/she. This person is still male and probably only passes in curated pictures/film.

No. 1718882

File: 1670230842641.jpg (3.15 MB, 4096x4096, _pt2022_12_05_19_59_41.jpg)

Looks like a guy with long hair and makeup to me

No. 1718884

In the right image he looks like less ugly contrapoints. Does contra have his own thread anywhere by the way?

No. 1718885

Nona that behemoth does not look like a woman

No. 1718887

File: 1670231680039.jpg (410.07 KB, 1080x1429, Screenshot_20221205-200933__01…)

Idk about his own thread but I know he's a topic in the breadtube one. Whilst looking for candids of "Grace" I stumbled across one of his troon model friends who also transitioned extremely young because as stated before Australia is a hell hole. They both have male tells but his friend makes him look so uncanny.

No. 1718888

does anyone else feel that at the end the way he moved his hand seemed weird like he was just imitating the way women move but it comes across as unnatural

No. 1718889

Using Queen Kate Bush for this travesty. Disgusting.

Also all those layers of make up and he still looks basically like a drag queen. I wonder what it must be like to have to spend an hour just doing make up to look like a somewhat passable 'female'. Imagine.

No. 1718892

Yes, that's and the whole video seemed for lack of a better word "performative".

No. 1718899

yeah i watched it again, i guess its true what they say a troon has to 'perform' as a woman putting effort and thought into it, like in that video he is clearly moving awkwardly, he is clearly moving in a way he thinks women move.
Where as a woman just is, effortlessly

No. 1718900

They look like 14 year old boys in drag(which I'm sure was the point)

No. 1718902

File: 1670235441623.png (285.46 KB, 594x313, 1669948020493657.png)


No. 1718908

Give them a few years and the maleness will come through. Early transitioners who used to "pass" always look more and more male the older they get. (I know it's a meme to point out certain features and call them "obviously male", but his arm/elbow joint really does look weird.)

No. 1718911

there was a recent discussion in the celebricows thread about david walliams (one of those actors) being a sexual predator so it's even more apt kek

No. 1718914

Haha holy shit…I think that's why TIMs are creepy, that's a perfect description. They are both the sexualized female and the predatory male who is sexualizing her all in one package.

No. 1718915

tims are really confusing to me, beyond the obvious. ftms dont have that male ego they try to emulate, iirc about 40% of them have eating disorders. tims go out into the world looking like this and expect the world to 'choke on their girldick' with no questions asked. the confidence of men baffles me, he really thought he looked cute and dolled up for that pfp.

No. 1718916

I bet you he found that murdered prostitute comment validating kek

No. 1718917

>you'd look retarded irl calling that person male
It's not retarded to call a literal male person male, what are you on about?
If they truly passed and you honestly didn't know they were male then sure, or if they're acting and you're referring to the role (such as a drag queen) rather than the person - then sure call him she/her if you want. But if you know it's a boy in a costume and you're talking about him as a male person there's no real reason to call him anything but he/him. Calling him she is just indulging in their attempt at denying biology and promoting rigid gender roles that say makeup and a dress actually literally makes him a biological female and therefore female pronouns should be used. It started with "just use these pronouns to be nice, that's all we want" and now they're actively censoring the word "woman" and cutting off body parts of mentally ill children and teens. It's not as simple and harmless as it seems nona.

No. 1718918

Eh, at least he's wearing age appropriate stuff and makeup. It's the little things, but I'm happy when grandpa doesn't want to dress like a 18-year old bimbo with his balls hanging out of his thong, and talking about his "perky DD boobies"

No. 1718919

So what about extremely feminine males who enjoy makeup and having long hair but still identify as men? Should we call them she and female because they look like women? Should we pretend gnc kids are the opposite sex? Congrats you played yourself retard

No. 1718926

Do you think there are genuine 'transgenders', as in people who truly are stuck as the opposite sex, as now I am unsure?

What strikes me is how much the trans community has changed compared to 10 years ago when I thought I was a TIF and was involved in it, back then you had to seek the community out now it is shoved in everyones faces all the time.
Back then it was full of people saying dont transition unless you are sure, saying that 'it wasn't for everyone'. People asking 'how do I know if I am a cis person who thinks they are trans or a trans person who is cis' with people responding not to transition until they were sure.
But now it feels like the trans commuinty is insane. 'You like pink, time to lop of those testes and take these pills that cause bowel upset, erectile dysfunction and infertility', 'You have short hair and wear trousers time to lop off those breasts and take these pills that will grow your clitoris, cause baldness and stop your period'.
It's true what people say its more like a fandom now.

Going back to my question, I went back and lurked on some of the old forums that I used to go to and now it feels like they aren't really trans, they want to be transgenders not women or men that the transgender identity is the goal now. On those forums it seems the majority were talking as if this was the goal and that it was a recent descion triggered by porn or anime and only a tiny tiny handful were saying how they wished they were born as the opposite gender and how they had felt this way their entire life, which was the opposite to what it was 10 years ago.

Sorry for the long post but to me as someone who was, when they were a confused teenager, 'part' of the community I can understand what it has become and what has happened to it.

No. 1718927

I might be genuinely retarded, but what are male tells here? I wouldn't be able to guess these are MtFs from that pic

No. 1718930

No, I don't think there are people that truly need to take hormones that weren't made for their body and can give them serious health issues, or that need to mutilate their genitals and have fistulas and infinite infections. That's just ridiculous

No. 1718931

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Do you believe a person can be 'trapped in the wrong body', I used to believe it but now I am not so sure.

No. 1718935

The idea of being stuck in the wrong body is nonsensical and relies on stereotypes. What body are we supposed to be born with other than the one we are born with? None. A feminine man is a feminine man in a mans body, not a woman, etc. Empathising with people is normal, it does not mean you literally are those people (and as we see here, most trans do not even empathise with their believed gender anyway but fetishize and covet it rather than see the members as regular human beings). Believing such a thing is the same as believing in religion, it relies on an idea of something which is not observable nor testable to dictate the way people behave.

No. 1718936

NTA but no, your body is literally just you, your mind is not separate from your body.

No. 1718938

a lot of it comes from this societal expectation to be the most stereotypical version of your sex. feminine men, especially gay or bi men, delude themselves into thinking theyre women, or failed men and vice versa for masculine women.
if everyone accepted that men and women come in a diverse array of versions and not this autismgender girlboygender stupid shit we wouldnt be laughing at pornsick narcs waving their botches crotch nubbins on reddit but here we are

No. 1718939


No. 1718941

I don't really get the nitpicking of these kinds of photos since they are so heavily edited and filtered so there is no point. And he only ever stands next to other males.

In some of the candid shots you can see masculine facial features and broad shoulders etc. but he generally still passes better than most because of transitioning at such a young age. Still male though and that will become more apparent as he ages.

No. 1718944

how would that even work? it sounds like religious woowoo. like other nonas have said - you ARE your body. Your mind, your brain, every cell in your body is one. You can develop mental health disorders that make you feel dysphoric or disembodied. these dissociative disorders are usually brought on by trauma but can also be encouraged by things like social contagions and other environmental factors. grounding yourself in reality is the best approach - not feeding delusions and feeling more and more disconnected.

No. 1718946

ofc there are trannies suffering from crippling dysphoria, but transing them will never be the correct therapy. it is only pushed because you can make massive profits of the mentally ill and sometimes do a little eugenics on autistic and gnc people.
all trutrannies become tired of their own larp, either by detransing or just accepting the life-long mistake (see blaire white and buck angel)

No. 1718951


I think there can be a disconnect between sex characteristics and gender identity based on neurological miswiring; this is gender dysphoria, and it's something that has been in the DSM for years.

I also think there are just as many, if not more, people who take into account personal hobbies, fetishes, peer pressure, or trauma affecting sexual development when deciding to transition when they absolutely shouldn't. As an example, gender non-conformity being conflated with being non-binary has done irreparable damage to actual GNC people by giving the message that if one doesn't fall into a strict set of gender stereotypes, they cannot be just a GNC man/woman, but instead must be trans. This type of person is called an "egg", and TRAs will do everything they can to "crack" it (read: pressure them into "realising" they are trans).

Another example stems from wanting to escape individual issues; in an culture where the idea of sex and healthy relationships seems to be increasingly warped, many peoples' ideas of the opposite sex are overtly idealised, with the understanding that said opposite sex is seen as "having it easier" or "being more desired". Add poor self-esteem or a sex target misfire (AGP/AAP) into the mix and you have a sure-fire cocktail of going trans.

One thing that also cannot be understated is the link between autism and being trans, plus the large numbers of teenagers involved, which leads to a high prevalence of black-and-white thinking. When this data is brought into the the real world, the effects includes a community that tends to uncritically affirm transitioning while actively hiding and suppressing studies and side effects that go against the narrative.

I'm going to go against the grain and say there are a select few, but they are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the current population. Then again, even if that is that case, do we let anorexia patients starve?

No. 1718954

I used to think the same way too but now I can't see any evidence for it. There are academic papers highlighting the link between higher/lower testosterone levels and transgenderism, but not everyone with said imbalance is trans. There is no clear "point" when you become trans, let alone today where it's completely accepted you don't have to experience dysphoria at all to be trans and it all means nothing. It has become an simple identity which anyone anywhere can identify as at any time.

I myself and others have what some might consider "dysphoria". What TRAs fail to take into consideration, however, is that there are societal factors and pressure against the marginalized i.e. women.

Honestly, this nona said it better than I ever could including some things I need to take into account tbh

No. 1718957

I don't get this "miswiring" when gender is a made-up social construct. I can see how people are genetically pre-disposed to feel dysphoric (body dysmphoria, anorexia, OCD relating to the body etc.) and that absolutely includes dysphoria to sexual organs. I also think many people go through a mild phase of this during puberty. I know I did up until my twenties. I also see that these are exacerbated by external factors like beauty standards and social contagions.
But none of these other dysphoric conditions have treatments that involve physically altering your body and changing actual policies and laws to not only accommodate the patient but demand that everyone else adapts to them (at many people's detriment) for the patient's benefit.

No. 1718960

File: 1670244080629.jpg (349.24 KB, 1055x1061, fdsfdsf.jpg)

you really don't notice anything weird for example in that back area, lmao?

No. 1718964

This is true, he's only ever photographed with unconventional, large women or other troons for obvious reasons.

No. 1718972

Same OP as before. Just wanted to add before I reply, another factor of the trans pipeline and medical journal stuff is the pharma lobby. This is obvious to anyone with two braincells to rub together.

Transness is one of the only oppressed classes one can identify into, and with how lax the entry requirements for the trans* umbrella nowadays, there are a good chunk of people who want to take advantage of that. As for a lot of the social accommodations, say, in sports or bathrooms, it's delulu, or worse, selfish people.

No. 1718975

I agree, the tone here implies (intentionally or not) that gender is at least somewhat naturally occurring. Femininity and masculinity are in no way inherent to any people. They are collections of several personality traits and stylistic choices that are designed to disempower women¹ and empower men², not natural features of human beings. People's personalities and interests aren't determined at birth to begin with, those things are largely shaped by external factors such as family, environment, culture, opportunities, and random chance.
I'm also not a huge fan of the implication that women thinking men have it better is comparable to men thinking women have it better. Men objectively do have it better in the vast majority of the world, excluding the rare scattered matriarchal cultures where women rule, but women and men are mostly equal. Most places in the world have longstanding violent patriarchal cultures. Women are oppressed. This isn't natural or fair, and it certainly doesn't mean that women are lesser (if anything, it could imply female superiority) but it's true.
¹Waste time and money to remove all of your body hair, wear toxic chemicals on your face, waste significant time and money on extensive beauty routines, wear shoes that limit your mobility, wear false nails that make using your hands more difficult, wear clothes that are more difficult to move in and more likely to expose you, keep your hair at an impractical length, serve others instead of yourself at all times, keep yourself thin and weak, learn skills that are primarily useful for pleasing others, be docile, take up little space, etc
²Don't waste time or money removing your body hair, don't wear toxic chemicals on your face, don't waste significant time or money on extensive beauty routines, wear shoes that don't limit your mobility, don't wear false nails that make using your hands more difficult, wear practical clothes that are easier to move in and don't risk exposing you, keep your hair at a practical length, serve yourself instead of others at all times, keep yourself big and strong, learn skills that are practical for both personal life and your career, be headstrong, take up as much space as you need, etc

No. 1718979

File: 1670247136154.png (268.38 KB, 1588x1203, thegenderspectrum.png)

What trans ideology is doing is saying stereotypes IS what makes you male/female - not biology. In reality a man who is soft, loves pink, dresses and makeup is exactly the same amount of man as a man who is an aggressive hairy bodybuilder. Neither of them are more male than the other, neither is less male - because being a man in not a spectrum. And neither of them are more or less female than the other - because as men they're not women. The only thing that differs are their personal traits, and all traits are neutral. Those neutral traits of our brains are often more common in one sex and that's why we think of them as masculine or feminine, but they're never exclusive to one sex.

No. 1718983

File: 1670247359318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 369.7 KB, 750x1087, 92AA9077-4ED2-4B28-ABBC-7B5B76…)

that doesn’t look right, does it?

No. 1718994

File: 1670248035884.jpg (95.16 KB, 675x681, Untitled.jpg)

mass tranny death soon

No. 1718998

It kind of looks like an uglier version of those weird, uncanny valley 3d anime porn vulvas that just kind of look like a small ass with a black hole in the middle. A tranny would probably like hearing that though, even though the fictional Hank Hill butt pussy still functions, whereas a rot pocket doesn't. Congrats on having two butts, I guess?

No. 1719003

That's a literal cave. This is what moids must think women's vaginas look like after they give birth. He should feel very affirmed.

No. 1719005

Please understand that I am not trying to say femininity nor masculinity are naturally occurring, but when social conditioning is involved one may seek to conform to the stereotypes of the opposite sex as a substitute or supplement for alleviating genital dysphoria. I'm not saying it is good or right, but I am stating what is likely.

Furthermore, I am not implying that a man thinking women have it better vs a woman thinking men have it better are comparable in any shape or way, but I am saying that from the individual perspective of a persons' life, that being heavily warped, it may seem that way.

When a man sees a woman as fuckable, he desires her, and sees her as desirable, even if it's only as a sex object. He assumes women have it on easy mode because he desires women, refusing to acknowledge the hardships and dangers that exist from being born female.

With a woman, quite frankly, there are massive social benefits of being a male over being a female (!). However, I would not be lying if I said a lot of FtMs also project heavily onto primarily male-centric media, shonen or BL media being public offender number one, which also present an idealised view of manhood (freedom, coolness, a sick friend group etc. OR sex on equal terms, being hot, a stable relationship etc.) That being said, refusing to challenge stereotypes or work to change sex-based systems of oppression and discrimination, instead deciding to take the easy way out by transition, is not a working long-term solution. It'll only lead to more hurt.

No. 1719009

Imo it's more likely that people develop genital/body dysmorphia as a response to societal structures like gender roles or ideal body types, rather than the other way around. I've seen a lot of desisted women suggest that they just "naturally" wish they were men, and I've always been skeptical of it, since there is always a reason they feel that way (namely misogyny and homophobia).

No. 1719014

I swear, when this whole thing blows up in trannies' faces and everyone realizes the deaths and irreversible damage that has been caused, they will pin the blame and the responsibility on literally everyone. I can practically smell it now

No. 1719019

They're going to blame gay people and women.

No. 1719021

>He assumes women have it on easy mode because he desires women, refusing to acknowledge the hardships and dangers that exist from being born female.
Very well put, I feel troons and incels spout this nonsense that women have life on easy mode and that women don't see ugly men as people and tif aidens deserve to suffer when they find being a man hard.
The truth is that these troons and incels only care about attractive women they look at the top 1% who are beautiful and confident they are guilty of what they acuse women of, they only care about most attractive women and refuse to awknowlage ugly ones as human

No. 1719023

Probably they will blame the doctors and politicians that alowed this to happen
They will scream 'how did you let us destroy ourselves' even thought they were the ones who demanded it to be this way

No. 1719024

File: 1670249578934.jpeg (180.21 KB, 588x1092, 8CB3262A-D799-44F5-A55F-53FD61…)

Men will sooner hire a man than a strong woman. We still couldn’t have bank accounts on our own in the 70’s but trannies were already stealing jobs from us. Remember this when they claim to be marginalised.

No. 1719025

Definitely, more so than the rest. What I mean is it'll be a "everyone enabled and manipulated us and look what happened" scenario that will turn into a complete shitshow

100%, exactly

No. 1719026

And its going to get even worse. Very soon leadership boards of companies will be men and male troons. Women will be become a perpetual underclass and virtually unhireable because men will always prefer their own. And now they can get away with it while claiming that theyre hiring "women". If people only knew how bad things really are.

No. 1719028

I really, really hope to god it doesn't get to that point and just ends with trannies blaming each other and/or everyone else for the damage

No. 1719033

The fact this is more common in corporate businesses is concerning too, since they're becoming so protected by the corrupted government. Criticism doesn't kill bad business anymore. As long as they rank in money and pander to politics, they'll stay alive and thrive. If only customer reviews actually had power like they're supposed to…

No. 1719035

Buffalo bill after he puts on the skinsuit. I can already read the headlines. The demented franken-rapist. You can tell you’ve encountered this Halloween Monster by his identifying feature… the STAPLED FOREHEAD. That’s right, when he kills girls to harvest their skin, he saves the prettiest ones for mask making. The botched surgeries have killed all of his nerve endings so he just uses a standard office stapler for the operation. Is also known to fear sunlight and women with spines.

No. 1719055

Does anyone else feel insulted when they refer to their fuck-up results as vaginas or vulvas? That’s in no way similar to what I have nor is it capable of any of the same functions. It’s an affront to mankind.

No. 1719056

The Venn diagram between TiMs and pedophiles/sexual predators is a circle.

No. 1719059

I don’t get it either. It’s annoying to hear “not all men” by women in a thread where every man is displaying the exact same kind of behavior. Those men would not defend us in any instance. In fact, they want us to be raped and killed. They’re so misogynistic they get these surgeries done with the thought of becoming “better women than the real thing”. So no, I don’t feel bad at all.

No. 1719065

Why have women’s shelters and groups become a catch-all for anyone who doesn’t see themselves as a man or woman? They need to make their own spaces if they don’t want to be seen as the sex they are, it’s not up to women to cater to them. Like another nonna said, women are expected to do emotional labor for everyone they meet, it’s bullshit. Why are men incapable?

No. 1719067

Yes, nonna. It makes me scoff in disgust. They should come up with an entirely different medical term for those disgusting holes.

No. 1719070

So we should reinforce the idea that looks equate to gender roles and stereotypes because he chooses to wear traditionally “girly” clothing? Having long hair and makeup makes him a woman? No.

No. 1719079

Stinkus ditchus

No. 1719081

Phallus inversus

No. 1719082


No. 1719088

Foraminis putredo kek

No. 1719093

File: 1670255495208.jpg (245.4 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20221205-103123_Twi…)

men (and the occasional TIF) are semi-harassing Jadzia Dax's, a character from Star Trek, actor for liking Ricky Gervais. if you know anything about her character and the insufferable TRA-infested side of the Trek fandom you'll know why this prob feels like a hate crime to them. this moid >>1717837 and many more like him named themselves after her kek

No. 1719095

The inside of a thanksgiving turkey

No. 1719097

I can hear the screeching at the LGB now. “We helped you get your rights, we started stonewall! You never did anything to help us!”

No. 1719098

This post actually started some really good and thoughtful conversations. It was nice to read them and not see infighting, helped me think more too. Thanks.

No. 1719099

File: 1670255992320.jpg (110.95 KB, 544x862, Trannycharles.jpg)

Is James Charles a tranny or is this just clickbaiting info we already knew aka he is gay?

No. 1719100

Yep. You can see it happening in government and tech already. A man wearing a dress is a diversity hire now.

No. 1719110

kek will we get Janice Charles?

No. 1719115

it also pisses me off how MRAs say we "dug our own grave" with anything that can be categorised as "woke". No, this isn't because of feminism (which is literally FOR women) it's MEN who pushed for this and women are expected to bear the burden/shut up and take it. Handmaidens pander but it's men who caused this. We are conditioned to be 100% caring to any and all of men's demands and delusions and anytime we push back it results in violent threats.

Like you say, it's also on MEN that they can't accommodate different kinds of men. Failed men are not women and they need to take ownership. An actual positive men's movement would be centred around this and confronting their obsession with man = 100% masculinity. Seems to be going the opposite way though so I'm sure that will work out well…

No. 1719116

They're probably trannies tbh they come here all the time

No. 1719122

This. The blame will be laid on women/lgb who "let this happen" or "pushed for trans rights", no one within government or leading organizations will take responsibility. It's an easy out because you can probably find a group of women willing to take some accountability and just make women/lgb in general deserving of full blame for the whole movement.

No. 1719128

Legitimate question, but what do you think the reactions of handmaidens will be at that point? Silence and moving on to whatever next thing will earn them some kind of validation? It always feels like a lot of them are the same keyboard warriors who were all about feminism and girl power!! in the 2010s but then never actually did anything more than wearing a shirt that said “ovaries before brovaries” on it (which they’ve probably burned now since wearing it would make them a terf).

No. 1719129

If he started hormones young then yeah he does have a micro/baby dick. Jazz had one too

No. 1719134

tbf there aren't that many 6'7 women out there

No. 1719140

I am happy it was of help Nonny, I was genuinely curious as to what others felt as certain thoughts had returned.

No. 1719141

Women and LGB are already being blamed for the rise in trans-identification. Check out the comment section of any conservative Youtuber discussing the trans issue and you'll see post like "This is what women voted for" or "The gays said they just wanted to get married"

No. 1719152

It's too big of a problem for handmaidens. The issue of a massive amount of men irreversibly castrating themselves and their children is going to be a hard issue to fix. Some doctors will work on something for a decade but mainly they will be left to die out. Handmaidens will react to it like social media leftists and soft feminists react to all big issues (climate, employment, the state of our political systems, homelessness, ect). They will early in platform two or three people who are saying they ate doing something (these people will never make headway) then it will go quite. Any time the issue is brought up they will yell about all the problems again then go back to doing nothing. They will never, ever, admit to being a part of all of it unless they have to and if they have to they will focus on how everyone was duped by some "scientist" or "doctor".
It is the most polite way to say that you don't really care to inconvenience yourself over an issue that you don't think matters or affects you. Trannies may seem to have power now, but when the work of advocacy becomes more then "post this picture on IG" "stand in this mob of people on your off day and get day drunk with friends while feeling like you did something", when it becomes having to sacrifice or make changes it will all fall apart.
It may seem like a billion people are trans because they are all terminally only but trans people are only like 5% of the population and most TIFs aren't going to go out of their way to fight for "reparations". They will go softy into that good night and try and do the best with what they have left. Meanwhile letting 3,000 dickless men cry about how they ruined their lives on Dr Phil.

No. 1719153

lmaoooooooooooooooo this would be sooo funny. also dry heaving at that ratty ass wig, ew

No. 1719156

Didn't he get accused of sexting underage boys? It's not unheard of for sex pests to troon out to hide or obscure there crimes. We know the trans community protects it's rapists no matter what.

No. 1719160

>We know the trans community protects it's rapists no matter what.
Definitve proof they are still male

No. 1719161

I really don't know. Most will default into a socially acceptable group, afraid to speak up, either forgetting or lamenting their past beliefs. Whoever does come out to say "I was a handmaiden and this is why I was wrong" will get a lot of attention, but I don't know if any good can come of it.

No. 1719169

And he harassed straight men too, something trannies love to do

No. 1719179

I think they'll sweep their participation under the rug and move on to whatever new postmodernist fake leftist crap they're advertised, or will simply disappear from the conversation almost completely. Many will marry men and live normal lives, unburdened by the consequences of their actions, unless they have a daughter and she grows up to ask about why the world is so messed up and awful. Most of them will chalk it up to being a "harmless, embarrassing phase," because they won't be the ones cleaning up after it. I haven't lived long enough to see this cycle in action more than once, but reading older feminist literature shows that there's some fairly solid patterns of "fairweather feminists" and people who think they're woke but are lowkey regressive in their views aging into just becoming regular centrists and conservatives who think that all leftism is the cringy hypocritical shit they were into (I've met the type who did this from the last generation, they get wildly insecure and agitated whenever they get too close to self-awareness about this).

No. 1719180

File: 1670264512945.png (948.14 KB, 864x1557, Screenshot_20221205-131958~2.p…)

checked up on "mama hart" , he's gotten even worse

No. 1719182

File: 1670264569954.png (801.97 KB, 864x1654, Screenshot_20221205-132049~2.p…)

how can anybody look at this man and think "wow, stunning and brave" .

No. 1719183

as if her character was trans in that show, those troons wish it were written like that. This stuff just came around now, as the species Terry Farrell character is portraying back in DS9 is now in Discovery played by a non-binary child. Honestly, I hate how they ruined Star Trek under Kurtzman and I wish he would just go away and take on another fandom to ruin, maybe write a woke bullshit sitcom about troons with a lot of time travel.

No. 1719197

Is it even possible for men’s rot pockets to “tense up?” surely they don’t have functional muscle tone in there? The only “grip” they can aspire to is the slow but inevitable closing up of the wound.

No. 1719218

they're even trying to take sexual dysfunction from women.

No. 1719224

they will just suck up to men for a crumb of power or protection like they always do

No. 1719233

Come on. Simple logic should tell you kiwifarms has one on him.

No. 1719256

I’ve heard stories of them entering support groups for infertile women. There’s nothing they won’t try to take from us.

No. 1719263

I was staring at his nose mouth area for a long time what the fuck is up with it?

No. 1719266

Who wants to go to kiwifarms?

No. 1719273

the y chromosome and its consequences

No. 1719281

File: 1670272927159.jpg (188.45 KB, 533x2038, not shocked.jpg)

No. 1719288

women should make scrotes sign a pre-nup in case they troon out.

No. 1719290

Kek he genuinely looked like a tomboy then as opposed to a tranny here >>1718882 Might be the bad pic quality though.

The "tomboy" look is way cuter imo. Many of the non rapey tims and tifs alike could rock a gnc look but I guess mutilation, sci-fi delusions and being extra special is just way more important.

I also never understood this obsession with their partners sexuality, like honestly who gives a shit about pronouns I will happily call people whatever as long as they arent dicks, but why would a guy be obsessed with dating straight men or lesbians? Just weird

No. 1719299

There are a couple of warning signs that a man may troon out in the future. At the end of Pride Month Null did a MATI stream where he read posts from the subreddit r/mypartneristrans. Most of the post in that subreddit are from women seeking advice on how to handle their husband's new found gender identity. Null noticed there where two warning signs that usually came up when the couples began dating. The man would either disclose he cross dresses or he's bisexual. Don't date bi men or cross dressers, nonas.

No. 1719309

File: 1670275500202.png (348.53 KB, 328x489, Capture.PNG)

something i'm noticing about early trooners is they have extreme small faces or heads, it's like their head never grows or their face never grows in correctly. Like how Jazz Jennings head literally holds none of the fat on his poor body. Even his arms are weirdly slim while his huge moobs and belly make him look like he wobbles. Tim Petras has the same thing as well, it's very subtle in some early trooners but their faces look undeveloped which probably because they are.

No. 1719312

>Cross dresser

Also white, i don't want to get banned for this but seriously, it seems like white men troon out the most on their wives/gf's and become "transbiens" with other troons. I suggest if you are dating a white male with these traits just return to sender. Non-white scrotes usually turn out to be the chaser and/or just become a "woman" all togeather and just larp as a "Straight woman" to get with other men)
This is what I have seen

No. 1719314

>pity she'ing

No. 1719317

The look in his eyes is haunting… jfc that is an intense thousand yard stare

No. 1719318

You are part of the problem.

No. 1719320

>”to those of you who are saying I’m a man, I’m actually…a man, gotcha”
Kek the jokes write themselves. Also press x to doubt any man has ever even done half this shit to him.

No. 1719323


You guys make me paranoid about my bf.

No. 1719325

File: 1670276942592.jpg (256.52 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20221205-224654_Ins…)

They always look like little boys with boobs. There's something pedophilic about it

No. 1719327

Yeah, no child is that haggard. Shit tinfoil

No. 1719328

Kek the little mustache

No. 1719331

go back to /tttt/

No. 1719333

Early transitioners = Fat, square-shaped eunuchs

No. 1719335

Don't worry about it. It's less about size and more about proportions. It's how you can tell male and female children apart because of the proportions. All women have female proportions no matter how tall they are.

No. 1719340

Yep. History is poetry. Whenever something goes wrong, the (witches) women who predicted it will be blamed.

No. 1719344

>the possibility of the first female president role being taken by a troon is low but not zero

No. 1719346

imagine granny tranny potus Jo Biden

No. 1719349

They will go to wherever male validation can be farmed. The handmaidenry never truly goes away.

No. 1719375

Exactly what I thought of. It is scary.

No. 1719376

File: 1670280265989.jpeg (55.13 KB, 400x400, 09AA20BB-AF8D-434B-9845-1BAFD8…)

I wonder how he’s doing

No. 1719396

File: 1670282207461.jpg (281.27 KB, 582x1732, they tell on themselves.jpg)

>Thread is about ugly bdsm porn brain rotted people


They know the truth and just tripped themselves up kek

No. 1719401

File: 1670282824023.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, 70A14BF1-48B8-4A86-A0CA-6A466F…)

another tiktok moid comes out as a “transwoman” and immediately adopts the dead agp glare. why do they think this makes them look more feminine?

No. 1719409

It's not actually about gender, it's about sex organs. Think of it like phantom limbs: your brain is expecting a leg there, but it doesn't get any inputs it recognizes, so the brain processes that as pain or discomfort. I'm not saying trans people actually experience this, but gender doesn't relate to the concept directly.

No. 1719423

>your brain is expecting a limb there
Do you know what a neuron is? You have them throughout your body. That’s how your brain knows what is where. Kek you don’t have phantom breasts or whatever tranny delusion. Discomfort with the body parts you have is the result of living in a sexist society with outdated gender roles.

No. 1719430

File: 1670284886616.png (62.67 KB, 240x247, TRANS.png)

i hope i dont get crucified for this take but if someone actually makes the effort to present as a woman and is actually diagnosed with the mental illnesses associated with being trans and i respect them i will use their preferred pronouns. it just so happens that majority now are pushing disgusting agendas and are not respectable whatsoever. they're literally going backwards with their activism and making it so much more hatable and YES i do hate majority of trooners especially when they're invading female spaces. they will never be real women and i'll be blatantly clear about that if anyone asks my opinion

No. 1719433

Encouraging the delusions of the mentally ill is harmful to them and society as a whole though. When an anorexic girl talks to you about how she needs to diet more, do you go along with it and send her 0 calorie celery recipes out of kindness or would you see that as enabling and abetting her self harm?

No. 1719440

File: 1670285717909.jpg (62.56 KB, 512x886, 7_tNNuVLdPF1YB4O7KOMgGPogY546y…)

this is a good point nona but i'm thinking of trooners such as blaire white. she recognises her mental health issues and the realities of being a tranny, and if i were to see her on the street i'd assume she was a woman. these types are very few and far between though and as i said i'd only be nice if i respect them and they respect that they will never experience life as a real woman or experience actual female struggles

No. 1719442

>if a man makes an effort himself to support the delusions he wants me to support, I will also support his delusions
Uh, okay, that’s nice for you, I guess?

No. 1719445

Yeah I just flat disagree with that. I’d never call a trans male a woman in the same way I’d never tell an anorexic she could stand to lose a few pounds. You think you’re being nice by avoiding conflict but the “respect” is cancelled out by the actual harm of encouraging self destructive mental illness. Which is to say nothing of enabling the societal belief that men can become female through cosmetic surgeries and dresses.

No. 1719453

There's a middle ground between being an active enabler and treating people badly. I wouldn't send her 0 calorie celery recipes but I wouldn't tell her to go eat a sandwich either.

No. 1719454

Why does that cop look like Tom Bergeron? lol

No. 1719460

Why do they keep repeating this like like people who were involved in the original movement aren't still alive? No one who was actually involved says their were any fat black trannies being pioneers, they state uncompromisingly it was lesbians, gays and bisexuals in the early years. I'm sick of zoomers parroting that fat black trannies did everything it's just erasure of the real pioneers for a perceived more protected class that ticks more oppression points.

No. 1719463

Yes I think some of the hsts people fall into that category like Blaire White. It doesn't mean that all gnc people are trans but gender roles are partially based in biology and these people are gnc to the extreme, and from an early age, it makes me think they really do have different brains.

No. 1719467

all races do it, but it happens to white women because they're such meek doormats

No. 1719470

You realise under trans ideology that GNC people need to be "fixed" with barbaric surgery, organ removal and hormones? Who gives a fuck if GNC have different brains. People who prefer cats to dogs have different brains. Having a different brain doesn't mean there's something wrong with you that requires violent, destructive intervention like "transitioning".

No. 1719480

Oh shit that deep back/large shoulderblades, not that anon but I guess that part escaped the photoshop.

No. 1719483


I notice they have a real credibility issue internally. Almost everyone who picked this stuff up did it from discord, tumblr, tik tok or reddit. The "movement" is basically buying merchandise and posting while shady lobbying groups do all the political work. Like it's already kinda shaky for people to try and draw something like an ancestral line to a riot they weren't a part of and organizations they never joined from 50 years ago, but people really want that militant identity.

No. 1719488

Nothing about what they do is new. Feminists in the 70s were complaining about TiMs then too. There have been “advice columns” posted here where transsexuals of that era insulted women and commented on how lesbians were frigid and angry.

No. 1719491

They hated Jesus because he told the truth

No. 1719497

Did him and his wife get divorced? Seems like they scrubbed each other off their socials. You know you're beyond degenerate when your pornstar wife wants nothing to do with you

No. 1719499

The only reason that I would call a troon their preferred pronoun in person is because I am genuinely scared of them acting out in anger at me refusing. I have no respect for them at all, just fear and disgust

No. 1719504

>mfw I’n worried that maybe my most recent tattoo was a bad idea and I might regret it eventually
>mfw my friend’s troon brother just got a lesbian pride symbol tattooed on him

At least I didn’t fuck up that badly kek

No. 1719515


Trans revisionism in general is really annoying. It can't be overstated how few people had actually heard the term gender identity or believed TWAW was a legit thing in the 90s. I remember them freaking out because of Buck Angel's views when it was just the default views the trans community in general used to have. "You don't literally become a woman by saying you are a woman" was common sense. The whole idea was that some people wanted to live that way regardless.

No. 1719524

I'm not saying I agree with it, I'm just saying brains can sometimes be retarded about why people have discomfort and pain if something is out of place.

No. 1719531

why would you call a man a she if he’s not a woman? sex is factually, objectively immutable. i don’t care about being nice, i care about the truth. women are being erased and on the brink of losing everything we have in society because of fetishists. i don’t give a single fuck about true trans or whatever bullshit these men want to hide their intentions behind. i don’t care about men, i don’t care about their feelings and shallow woes, i care about safety and dignity for women. i don’t have to have compassion for the oppressor, where’s the compassion for women? where’s the benefit of the doubt for us?

No. 1719540

Sorry, forgot to sage.

No. 1719549

>exmuslim where it’s shown how women are treated like shit in islam
>troons still protected over women

No. 1719553

Sorry for breaking your circlejerk but my arms and back look like that. Please don't stomp on GNC women in your hurry to shit on trannies

No. 1719556

I'm sorry, what am I supposed to be seeing?..

No. 1719564


i was pretty open to trans people until i started using dating apps actually. even now…theoretically i'd be 100% cool with trans people if they didn't demand to be treated the same as bio women and acknowledged what they are. as in understanding men are still physically stronger than women on average (even if you take hormones), that women may not be comfortable with you in the bathroom/changeroom and their feelings matter too, etc. but the idea that in some people's heads they truly believe it is transphobic for me as a lesbian to reject this person solely for their assigned sex is ridiculous. an even larger amount of people think it's only transphobic if you still don't want trans people post-op. like come on. even if surgery did miracles why would i want to be with someone that in all other aspects looks like a man? then they will bring up butch women as if it's the same. i feel like this attitude is almost always directed at lesbians too. it happens still ofc but i don't see this malice towards gay men as often when they talk about not liking vagina.

No. 1719575

your anatomy isn't GNC. he looks undeniably male.

No. 1719579

Lol, my back and shoulders look like that because I work out and have muscle. Don't be obtuse, you know plenty of women with unfeminine builds have been made fun of and called tranny.

No. 1719585

There's nothing really blatantly male about his back in the first place, it doesn't even look muscular? I get that anons want to think every tranny is immediately clockable but with posing and photoshop that just isn't the case…

No. 1719590

It's weird that anyone feels the need to argue over how clockable a physically stunted manboy who's gotten endless surgery, coated himself in cosmetics, and been photoshopped to hell and back is. He doesn't actually look like that in real life. Also, if he's not too clocky now, he will be in ten years or so.

No. 1719596

NTA but honestly I didn’t really think his back was particularly clocky, but his almost disproportionately thick neck caught my eye.

No. 1719606

Shut up

No. 1719612

File: 1670300361386.png (1.73 MB, 1100x1982, tranback.png)

I implore any actual woman and not a trolling tranny to take their shirt off, lean very slightly back and tell me they have this deep indentation at the spine and large shoulderblades. This pose is easy for a ciswoman but since men have larger bones and straighter backs, he is straining to do such a simple pose hence the deep indentation. He is also clearly not muscular so a muscular woman is not a fair comparison.
I swear it's trannies who post here with the "aktually I look like this" since actually, you don't, unless you have body dysmorphia and imagining things. Though most people have shit anatomy perception and knowledge so I understand the confusion, but I'm suspicious especially when that's not even what GNC means, GNC refers to personality/interests/styling etc, not actual body parts.

No. 1719622

Nona just stop lol, this is part of the reason I stopped lurking these threads because it turns into a bunch of tinfoiling about what features women have and don't have. Some women have "masculine" builds and that's okay, I have broad shoulders that are like 1 and a half inches larger than my hips on each side. No I'm not a tranny and it gets annoying and redundant to see common features that women have being scrutinized as tranny features. I've met men with very mousy builds who have the same shoulder width as me. And I've seen women with wider shoulders than me. Stop it, the nitpicking of women's features is borderline misogynistic at this point.

No. 1719626

Exactly. I’m less interested in this thread as a phrenological breakdown of male vs female spine indentation, and more as a place to kek at retard pervo troons. We know trannies try to get us to denigrate other women as some kind of TERF own, and it’s just not worth engaging in. Those models represent a tiny fraction of any population and are heavily photomanip’d, its really irrelevant if you could clock some complete no name based off of their arched back. Fact remains troons are brain damaged coomers whether they can sometimes on rare occasions “trick” us physically, or not

No. 1719631

>But one thing in particular that's been a huge nuisance has been discharge. Discharge or just in general leaking. I've been wearing liners and thin pads to help, but I hope for a day to come that these things aren't necessary and I can go back to just panties against my bare skin. Does it ever end?

Kek the real stunning and brave born woman never learned about discharge. I know it isn't the same and this leakage is most likely pus and blood, but them not even bothering to do research and learn how an actual woman's body works will always make me laugh. I've had to explain discharge to every ex I've had and it's like a huge disgusting revelation to them. If you hate that your rot pocket leaks, you got exactly what you wanted, moid.

No. 1719638

>i'd assume she was a woman.
he's hiding behind a dozen or so filters kek
Sue Lighting and Blaire both look like gollums in candid photos.

No. 1719640

File: 1670302832512.png (390.7 KB, 748x690, Twitter.png)

Now I know you trolling

No. 1719654


my back looks like this and i've always been really insecure about how much my shoulder blades stick out :/ i think it's something that happens when you're tall and lanky. if it has to be an argument and needs a red circle to point it out, it's not obvious. this photo also looks very edited. stop sperging about miniscule bullshit so we can laugh at actual insanity. sage bc looking at previous replies this convo about some mans back being feminine or masculine looking has already gone on too long lol.

No. 1719658

I am begging you to please sage if you don't have milk.

No. 1719659

KEK real women just won't show up
It's going to be like in the 50s, lesbians are going to be an underground hated community secretly gathering in quiet places.

No. 1719662

File: 1670305175600.jpg (901.73 KB, 2807x3509, 07be34ccf1e33b35a0e08da1ba21fa…)

nice granny swimsuit

No. 1719663

File: 1670305487704.jpeg (350.8 KB, 1044x2080, 1670187759177.jpeg)


No. 1719665

Autistic blogpost warning.
What really annoys me is the fact that moids never go out of their way to uplift troons, but whenever I watch a random video by a female creator she randomly will stop and explain how trannies are valid and transphobia is the worst crime on earth. And no one even appreciates her virtue signaling, this behavior is expected from women.
And when a moid does openly support troons like Curtis everyone bends over to praise him, his virtue signaling never goes unnoticed.

No. 1719669

nice cock bro
Women's swimsuits look hideous on troons as they were not designed for male body.

No. 1719670

imagine this being your dad/grandpa

No. 1719671

Holy shit this needs a spoiler. But another note, what is it with non-black being so obsessed with white/asian women having sex with black men? Not even in a cuckhold way, i remember seeing a compilation of screencaps of supposedly straight men asking for the names of the male actors and there was enough of them complied that I noticed this particular trend. I wish i had archived the discourse. I have also noticed that a lot of troonery in white men starts with interracial porn specifically with a white woman and a black man, as if they want to skinwalk to women in these porns.

No. 1719672

He looks ever so slightly like putin here.

No. 1719673

having a feminization kink is all about humiliation for moids, because they see being a woman as humiliating. the same goes for race play. it's all about black men humiliating white men by fucking "their women".

No. 1719674

File: 1670306454271.png (361.79 KB, 639x399, Screenshot.png)

Troons calling us "chuds" will never not be funny

No. 1719675

File: 1670306591703.jpg (63.04 KB, 900x504, EeCsGOqXgAYtMiy.jpg)

No. 1719676

File: 1670306633774.jpg (255.25 KB, 1200x1200, EeCsGyUWoAEym2g.jpg)


No. 1719686

i was talking to this one moid (i know) who said part of the fun was being “forced to be a girl” and i was so disgusted with him. hes a fat sweaty low iq moid and he couldnt bring himself to make the connection that its misogynistic.

No. 1719689

Are you friends? Why would he tell you that…

No. 1719692

i dont talk to him anymore lol

No. 1719695

Hahaha for once there's something in these threads that's so ridiculous it's actually funny instead of just purely rage inducing

No. 1719697

File: 1670309567276.jpg (440.16 KB, 1000x2399, c6e6c5d39.jpg)

You reminded me of this comic, where they expect a mommydom to do all the feminization shit for them and they can just relax and coom with prostate orgasms

No. 1719700

>painting my hair

No. 1719701

that is exactly the brand of fail male he was. then he had the nerve to tell me the wage gap isnt real and hulked out on me when i called him out. they are all pornsick maggots

No. 1719702

what's weird is that the artist is a fat brown Brazilian IRL

No. 1719703

They see black men as inferior therefore a black man fucking "their" women is a humiliation kink, meanwhile they also see them as physically superior because they are all pornsick and buy into the meme of BBC so its also humiliating for them to watch "their" women have sex with a larger bepenised individual. The BBC spam on places like /pol/ also seeks to demoralize young men and make them hate women by making them think that women don't want them cause they are all sluts who only seek the biggest penis.

No. 1719704

File: 1670311116875.jpeg (553.37 KB, 828x797, E85FEA22-A287-46D0-A541-C0374D…)

another angle of gramps

No. 1719705

do you know where to get a picture? im so curious now

No. 1719708

If the goth woman was a TIM and both characters were ugly, this would basically be what happens. The blonde dude didn't want to troon out on his own, he was literally groomed into it.

No. 1719711

File: 1670311493709.jpeg (586.02 KB, 728x4323, de6ucfm-bd9e6896-7d63-4c16-861…)

I can't find pictures of him(I remember seeing it) but he was featured in an article about art sexual politics

>DeviantArt is perhaps the biggest art community in the world and this is where you will find many of the artists dealing with contemporary issues surrounding gender fluidity. 'The Chosen One' takes the traditional Superman myth and subverts it, the powerful male ideal of the superhero, turned on its head, using the conventions of a media normally associated with teenage boys. In a few panels, the artist behind KannelArt, has unpicked a deeply engrained male mythology and shown us an alternative, shape shifting superpower. What is perhaps the most interesting issue here is the rise of platforms like DeviantArt, which I believe foreshadow the eventual death of the old art market and the rise of more democratic art forms. Things have changed a lot since my old tutor at art college caught me drawing a comic strip and took the piss out of me for being such a 'silly boy'. An awareness of audience is not just the preserve of graphic designers and illustrators, it would seem to me to be fundamental to any form of communication, and if fine art is to maintain any form of relevance to society it will have to continue to evolve and embrace the many and various forms that contemporary visual communication is made in.

No. 1719720

thanks nona. i’ve been trying to peak my mother for a few weeks now. some success especially when i brought up the australian breastfeeding association. it’s way harder to bring up in conversation than i initially thought though. does anyone have any more advice? my mother is still stuck in the whole “let people live how they want to” thing and was also involved with a TIM at work. i think this experience kind of destroyed the progress i have made considering how manipulative troons are in convincing women of their “femaleness”. >>1716846

No. 1719721

>The BBC spam on places like /pol/ also seeks to demoralize young men and make them hate women by making them think that women don't want them cause they are all sluts who only seek the biggest penis.
This is such an accurate representation of that shit hole.

No. 1719725

This is not a candid, it's clearly retouched. The flowers in the background look sloppily color-corrected, for starters. A picture being on someone else's account doesn't automatically make it candid.

You're being ridiculous. They shooped out their male features, and people aren't going to clock them from their backs, ffs. If I saw this out of context, I'd just think it was two rando women on Insta with too much makeup and too much shoop.

"Passing" in a still, edited image or a carefully posed video with Meitu filters doesn't mean shit. It's okay to acknowledge that some of these dumb tricks work, because the important thing is that none of these idiots "pass" in real life.

No. 1719727

I didn't say it was a candid, I said I was searching for candids and came across his younger tranny model friend who transitioned even younger than him, learn2read.

No. 1719728

kek the projection is astounding

No. 1719729

No. Your brain and your body literally developed together from the same DNA. There is no such thing as ladybrains or manbrains; the differences in behavior between the sexes are a product of socialization, which literally begins before the baby is even born.

Performing cosmetic procedures on a healthy body just to enable someone's delusions is medical opportunism and antithetical to the Hippocratic oath. We don't give lipo to anorexics because they're "trapped" in bodies that aren't thin enough. We don't give terminal illnesses to munchies because they're "trapped" in healthy bodies. Why the fuck are we enabling this one mental illness with surgery? It's logically inconsistent.

No. 1719735

its just mestizo vs indians spamming inter-racial porn

No. 1719740

File: 1670313901166.gif (3.56 MB, 498x211, 974BC312-9987-4B9D-B8AB-8F9446…)

he was bimbofied from touching an alien baby?

No. 1719744

File: 1670315177850.jpg (306.84 KB, 850x2147, 0d0da5277716f4dbf97e672b45dd0f…)

I can tell you've never been on DeviantArt, these "tg transformation comics" have been a thing since the early 2010's, I used to be into narusasu and would occasionally see these on related artworks

No. 1719751

File: 1670316779700.jpg (19.41 KB, 178x317, dfsadd.jpg)

those trannies look like total trannies, deal with it, take your body dysmorphia somewhere else. like what do you expect this thread to be, constant radfem discussions and not a gossip site where you can call a tranny looking tranny a tranny looking tranny? look at that fucking neck(nitpicking, derail)

No. 1719752

Bring up how they fetishize being pregnant and giving birth - but rarely ever being a mother or raising children. There are silicone babies they push up their butts to "give birth" to them, it's clearly not got anything to do with wanting a real child. A lot of them CAN have children if they actually wanted to by just impregnating a woman - only like 20% have srs and the rest keep their dicks.
And then tell her how those troons then infiltrate support groups meant for women who can't have their own children for different medical reasons. While again, they still CAN have their own children.
And how they walk around women's changing rooms with their dicks out, and even when they have erections around children it's the women who complain who get thrown out and the troon gets to stay. Or if they have massive fetish gear silicone breastplates with nipples poking out the school will defend them to death and let them stay around teen girls and boys who say it makes them uncomfortable.

Moms are protective of their children, and they know men aren't to be trusted around them. Once they realize troons ARE just men in a dress they'll understand exactly what's going on.

No. 1719753

like for real you all whiners are some of the reason why tranny problem cannot be dealt with, you have to point and laugh at these idiots nothing else works on men they honestly, seriously fear women laughing and ridiculing them the most that's why they are always seething about terfs and not men who beat them up, but you all insecure whiners gotta make this all about your body image issues.

No. 1719754

>i support anorexic people by telling them that yes they infact are obese and should lose some more weight so that i would not hurt their feelings by saying that they are insane and sick
I love using the anorexia comparison to peak people, but is there another condition to use too? I feel like it's getting old to bring up anorexia every time I talk about it

No. 1719755

File: 1670317462432.jpg (104.3 KB, 537x537, tumblr_30e45524c3845a1a0999b8a…)

it goes even further back, they did the agp pervert stuff even back in 1930

No. 1719756

Retarded take nonitas but you know how troons always complain about chasers and how it's bad to fetishize troons? So if I create an account on this male only dating app HER and say that I'm looking for a ladyboy futa sissy "girlfriend" will they complain about "objectification"? Or is that chaser sperging solely a HSTS thing?

No. 1719764

>Any woman who thinks they have masculine features is just body dysmorphic!
Lol okay schizo chan, also learn the definition of body dysmorphia if you're going to keep throwing it around. I literally said my shoulders are wider than my hips in inches, as in I've been measured by a seamstress and had the info relayed to me. I'm not bothered by it or obsess over it it's just a fact, that's not "body dysmorphia" you sperg.

No. 1719765

File: 1670319412663.png (382.45 KB, 444x524, lesbians1930s.PNG)

nona, do you know where this excert is from?

for all german nonas, heres a 1930s lesbian complaining about TIMs

No. 1719766

most of these were actual fucking pedophiles btw, who performed horrific surgeries on poor orphan children

No. 1719770

yeah, and guess what, that isn't a male or especially masculine feature you fucking retard, i'd say a pretty huge present of women have shoulders wider than their hips because not everyone is pear shaped, not even most women. so people pointing out hon's wide shoulders isn't anyone saying "every woman has shoulders less wide than their hips". male shoulders look different than woman with wide shoulders everyone realizes that unless you are a insecure whiner with body dysmorphia, i get mistaken male all the time and yet i don't think any of this tranny clocking has anything to do with me because it doesn't.

No. 1719773

Oh come on dumbass OP's argument and the majority of the "gotchya's" here are "OMG look at his wide ass shoulders and no hips omg!!" I agree it's a common feature for women to have shoulders wider than their hips but you're just lying to yourself if you're going to try to claim that's not mentioned here all the fucking time you loon. I'm done here this argument is retarded and you sound like an insufferable autistic cunt, maybe that's why people mistake you for a man all the time. You have scrote vibes and the stupidity that goes along with it, along with the illiteracy and incapability of listening. And no said they were insecure so the fact you keep bringing it up feels an awful lot like projection.

No. 1719778

Trans fatties really haven't learned anything since Rylan?
Sucks to be mental

No. 1719779

calling me that because that's something you will never have? lol

also kinda borderline misogynist to imply that you gotta act certain way to be a real woman, how would you feel if people said something about i don't know wide shoulders not being feminine.
like how can you seriosuly start whining about people calling obvious male hips and shoulders male hips and shoulders and act wounded and hurt as if that has anything to do with wide shouldered women etc how it is misogynist and nitpicking to expect women to look certain way (female) and then turn around and be like "if you don't act like a hysteric prey animal that takes everything personally in the most stereotypical female way possible" that means you are a man.

No. 1719780

Most troons don't pass, particularly mtfs. But sometimes, just sometimes, they do. And when this happens, nitpicking so hard in an desperate effort to make them "clockable" ends up hurting all women. Rarely, you have to admit that some – shit, FEW – troons pass; it doesn't invalidate our movement when this happens, and clocking them certainly isn't the foundation of it. You're just embarrassing yourself at this point.

No. 1719781

So women aren't allowed to use cunt without being a tranny? I'm not reading the rest of your incomprehensible nonsense it's not worth the time. Although it is ironic you're accusing me of being a tranny for saying the big bad c word but then go on to say I'm misogynistic for "wanting women to act a certain way." Hypocritical much? Enjoy living your life through the rules of ideology, but unlike you I would never let a man dictate what I can and can't say. Anyway goodnight cunt, enjoy being limited by your own dogma.

No. 1719782

its not about "passing" young troons like jazz, hunter and this kid are abnormal humans created by human, they aren't women but you can't compare them to regular men, their non-pubescent males with altered bodies

No. 1719784

Obvious samefag

No. 1719785

NTA but tranny hands wrote this.
Also fuck off if you are going to keep infighting and polluting the thread.

No. 1719786

File: 1670323727676.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1170x2026, B2A2FF84-25CA-4A95-A1D4-9A72B7…)

you are literally a man what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1719787

Same guy. I am gonna commit murder-suicide.

No. 1719788

File: 1670323862670.jpeg (596.33 KB, 1170x1068, CA09A997-C91B-4A32-A919-1FB2C4…)

My bad- the picture didn't attach and I can't delete this for some reason.

No. 1719792

chasers don't make distinctions between HSTS and AGP weirdos. all of them suffer from bisexuality or pseudobisexuality. only HSTS take the sperging seriously tho, as they hate being reminded of what they truly are, gay moids. transbians will try to make the sperg sound serious, but will fuck the chaser anyways for the fetish and because these are the only kind of people willing to have proximity with a transbian.

No. 1719795

File: 1670324515704.jpeg (240.69 KB, 701x443, B7A9ECE3-F3FA-4E1A-87FE-20C57E…)

whenever i read their posts without a pic i can already tell hes gonna look like the left, so fucking predictable. i hate that flatironed hair that middle aged men do to ‘de-age’ themselves, you’re not fooling anyone troon

No. 1719797

not that it's the main problem here, but sharks aren't even mammals

No. 1719799

Bimbofication comics makes me see red every single time. Dissecting it doesn't even matter, it's obvious they are misogynistic and don't see women beyond appearances, clothes, hair, etc.
Bomus points when it's a white man becoming a tan/woc eith racialized features. Beyond disgusting.

No. 1719801

reminds me of this

No. 1719806

File: 1670325403892.png (445.89 KB, 936x772, image-3.png)

This is what I'm talking about, front page of itch io too

No. 1719810

File: 1670326134005.png (1.17 MB, 924x1005, lmaook.png)

saw this interaction on FB and had a hearty kek at the Juggalo handmaiden

No. 1719811

As a freckle faced nonna I take great offense to the retarded way this troon has drawn his fake ones on kek it looks like super wide pores.

No. 1719816

File: 1670326628517.png (214.27 KB, 449x353, emo.png)

if it was the 2010s these guys would just be creepy old emo dudes. their flat iron hair and make up is really no different - especially when they try to copy the goth e-girl look kek.

No. 1719817

they look like blackheads

No. 1719820

samefag. more like 2000s than 2010s. all the fedora and emo guys are gender freaks now.

No. 1719821


I used to believe in the "trapped in the wrong body" thing too, but the best way I've seen it described is that people are born as bodies and not in them. Everyone only has access to their own internal world so while a male can pursue a male idea of what a woman's internal world might be he has no way of verifying that it is accurate. He has no way to access the female internal world as all the conscious and outward aspects of it are downstream from the underlying chemical, genetic and subconscious elements.

Even transition itself isn't an accurate term. It's just mimicry. Without biological women mimics have no reference point whereas if it was truly innate a female culture would develop even in groups that were entirely male and had never encountered women.

No. 1719833

looks like shmorky and his yarn wigs kek

No. 1719836

>Even transition itself isn't an accurate term. It's just mimicry.
Honestly we should just start calling them something like mimics, there is no real transition because they never at any point stop being men.

No. 1719842

File: 1670329559310.jpeg (572.26 KB, 960x1086, 6F99912F-AED0-46BB-B35C-C3DD1A…)

how does one person become too fat to have rolls. he looks like a smushed loaf of bread

No. 1719843

My mental health practitioner is fucking peaked and based, she had me text her reduxx's address after my appointment. I told her what TERF stands for and she loved it, she said it sounded good and not like an insult.

No. 1719848

Telling a schizophrenic people their hallucinations and totally real and valid. Giving a drug addict drugs because it's the only thing that will make their dysphoria go away. Encouraging plastic surgery for someone with body dysmorphia. It can be compared to any mental illness. The funny thing is, troonism is the only mental illness where the "treatment" is giving into the thing that is causing the other person distress. I can't think of any other condition or illness where you give someone the thing their body THINKS they need.

No. 1719854

wow I wish I could find a peaked therapist, without having to find out the awkward way one way or another. I feel like so many women are made to feel mad or threatened to the point of despair in this climate so a directory of TERF therapists would be amazing.

No. 1719861

Jessie Gender is always so mawkish and pathetic, but especially in this video where he's desperately trying to squeeze out some tears over the Colorado shooting so that he can LARP as being sooooo oppwessed.

No. 1719865

I'd ask why, when describing their outfits, troons always include their underwear, but I already know the answer

No. 1719870

nothing is more pathetic than them trying to "inverse" things as a gotcha
like when they think they're doing something by asking an obvious real woman her pronouns, it just shows their insecurities

No. 1719875

I hate this word and never use it, I feel like mainly moids do, and it always feels so pedophilic. Disgusting. Every woman I know calls them underwear.

No. 1719876

I use This word for a specific style of underwear lol not everything has to be claimed by those perverts

No. 1719878

File: 1670333847942.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x1861, 482184C8-14CE-47F4-85AC-AF03EB…)

The audio used for the video is “proud to be a man on a day like this.” So basically, they want all of the good parts of being a woman but expect none of the bad experiences?

No. 1719879

As a Britbonger, the bit around 2:23, this one particular bit where he's reading the list of all those dead trans people and how they died stands out for me. Most of these dead trannies are from places you'd expect, like Brazil, Colombia, etc. They're all in their twenties and usually have a glamorous headshot photo to accompany them. But then this one.

>No picture

>Name unknown
>Age 12
>Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom)
>Suicide, 6 Feb 2022

It's odd to me. It just seems sus that they have no name, no picture yet they know for definite that this hypothetical dead child was totally transgender and they definitely killed themselves.

Also, the way Jessie Gender pronounces 'Milton Keynes' with his ignorant burger mouth is amusing.

No. 1719881

Tfw I actually live in Milton… Kennie's? Burking-Shire.

No. 1719884

I think it was a few months ago that they were having trouble with the whole "Terf Island" thing and trying to prove JK Rowling was a terrible murderer because sites like mumsnet would point out no trans person had actually been murdered in the UK over like 3 years. So they gotta get the stats up somehow I guess.

No. 1719886

Google tells me a 12 year old schoolboy in Milton Keynes did kill himself after being bullied at school, supposedly for being trans.

There's also, amusingly, another news story about a tranny in juvie doing a flip off a roof after the other scrotes refused to pretend he was a real girl, but he didn't die, he just ended up paralysed below the waist.

No. 1719887

If I was a man and saw that I would be afraid it was gonna attack my "goth" gf like a rabid dog

No. 1719889

I don't get this. He's proud that other men are trying to protect their girlfriends from the creepy tranny? Or does he think it means they're attracted to him?

No. 1719894

In his porn-addled mind, he thinks they're doing it because their goth gfs would be so attracted to him that if they don't hold onto them, they'll swarm him.

In reality, it's just men being protective of their girlfriends from a creepy looking rape-ape.

No. 1719902

I thought he had surgery done to his face but he looks the same as before

No. 1719905

This is a FTM.

No. 1719908

euphoria for passing as a rape ape on lc. the jokes write themselves.

No. 1719912

Oh, she made herself ugly on purpose and is proud that straight men are put off by her? Nvm, that's actually pretty funny, would almost be based if she was a lesbian and not an NLOG

No. 1719913

And I… am a dumbass. My bad.

No. 1719914

Anon has to be a genuine retard or self poster because everything about her screams TIF. The username is like a giant red flag and in the comments she calls herself a twink.

No. 1719915

I swear to god mods need to make a rule against this shit. It gets so annoying and who cares, what matters is JUST that he is male. This starts to get into some weird pseudoscience shit like phrenology like another anon said.

No. 1719922

Nah, everyone knows it's the white, pornsick incels of /pol/ themselves, and many of them enter the incel-to-troon pipeline.

No. 1719927

it's all of them and they're all pornsick incels

No. 1719932

File: 1670338771368.jpeg (285.95 KB, 828x796, 3CD81BA0-15F3-432E-AA50-DC8262…)

retarded interaction on tiktok.
‘garfy boy’ had some stupid fucking he/vamp/faggot neopronouns and was incessantly commenting that she was a terf on a post that said NOTHING about trooners

No. 1719936

File: 1670339409276.png (2.92 MB, 1982x1570, actualtransbians-submission.pn…)

ofc, it's a transbian who posted this. Knew it even before seeing his transbian user flair:

No. 1719939

stop posting obvious TIFs in the TIM thread ffs

No. 1719951

trannies just can't stop it with the self owns can they

No. 1719957

Guessing both of the “women” in the comic are actually men, because no women talk like this. Moids are always the one making shit about dominance and submission and tops and bottoms.

No. 1719959

it's oglaf, it's a coomer comic

No. 1719967

what is a chud? I'm not an american nor do I use 4chan or whatever

No. 1719970

Is this a real fetish group thing or this fucker getting custom made "breed me" leggings and collars. I feel so sorry for the poor chinese woman who had to sew that.

No. 1719971

is that not that tumblr-fakeboi-created "mlm" flag on the bottom? is grandpa a racist coomer tranny or just a racist coomer faggot

No. 1719986

Mine is also based as hell, she rolls her eyes when we talk about tranny shit and she keeps saying how no one can research shit like anxiety or depression if we can't acknowledge there's only two genders or sex idk what it's in english, but she told me the same about the term terf.

No. 1719990

File: 1670343741247.jpeg (985.12 KB, 960x1498, 8DEC4CE9-BC64-4691-BCA5-2C3918…)

No. 1719991

>what's a chud
so basically there's this podcast hosted by gross leftist coomers called chapotraphouse and they had this joke to call rightwingers a made up slur and they choose the title of a bad 80's horror film, where chud stood for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller, originally it was meant as a half ironic joke
this term became common lexicon on their subreddit, r/chapotraphouse which also had a history of raiding other subreddits and online spaces, eventually chud started being used unironically in other "dirtbag left" spaces like commie twitter, bunkerchan and leftypol
its incredibly cringe inducing IRL

No. 1719992

If being 'trapped in the wrong body' was a thing it seems like people born without limbs/people who lost limbs would be reporting a tons of "limb dysphoria" and yet the don't. Blind people don't report "sight dysphoria", etc.

No. 1719994

>I thought he had surgery done to his face but he looks the same as before
He did and he does.

No. 1719997

Can any lesbian nonas tell me if top and bottom is even a thing in lesbian relationships?

No. 1719998

File: 1670344649249.png (2.06 MB, 1239x2048, IMG_4030.PNG)

yeah there on the flipside is an illness where people feel their limbs dont belong to them or even their senses and actively try to amputate themselves or take those senses. theres this old video of a lady putting drain cleaner into her eyes cus she identified as a blind person and she went through it and now her eyes are leaking all the time because of the damage.
all bodily dysphoria is either a crippling mental illness or someone mistaking being unattractive and feeling bad about it with dysphoria.

No. 1720000

yes and no. it's usually less strict than in gay male relationships, unless we're talking about stone/pillow princess dynamics, but those are not THAT common. generally "top" and "bottom" are more likely to be closer to "vers top" or "vers bottom", you may prefer giving or receiving but you're usually expected to do both at some point. and then there's also the literal teenagers who don't know anything about actual sex and think outgoing and confident means "top" and shy and innocent means "bottom" like in the fanfics kek

No. 1720002

File: 1670344777258.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1125x1335, 1558922599524.jpeg)

What >>1719445 said. It's not about whether the TIM is nice or not, they all believe in the same concept that they are any kind of woman when they aren't and by going along with it, you're just enabling the mental illness/delusion and cosigning their self-destruction. Because even if they don't get the rot-pocket surgery, the HRT is destroying their bodies as well giving them early onset osteoporosis, increased blood pressure which leads to cardiovascular problems, and even kidney failure. And if we want to regain our spaces back as well as ensure a future for the women and girls who come after us to not have to go through having TIMs being in our spaces, we have to push back at all of them.
It would be one thing if TIMs like Blaire were advocating for their own spaces and telling other TIMs to stop invading ours but he's not doing that and so the point remains. Treat them all the same by not believing they are any kind of woman because they aren't and never will be. Also >>1719638 is correct that Blaire hides behind a ton of filters and IRL he doesn't look like how he does in his videos and photos (picrel and yes, that's after his "FFS")

No. 1720007

and thats still more valid cause shes actually transitioned into being blind. a man is still a man

No. 1720010

Wow I could have never guessed that, thank you for explaining nona! I am a leftist but like, a proper terf one from a nordic country so I've never even stopped near that chapo stuff

No. 1720013

funny how even the so-called "anti-woke" leftists still shit their pants over "terfs". men will be men i guess

No. 1720021

How did you bring up the topic to them? I want to be I’m always scared she’ll drop me for it. She’s a lesbian though so I feel like I might be okay.

No. 1720029

A moment of silence for all the murdered Brazilian hookers and Thai ladyboys. When will trannies finally be safe prostituting themselves in dangerous places? Tragic.

No. 1720030

THAT is Blair? I have never seen an unedited pic or video of him. Holy shit lmao I'm dead

No. 1720034

yeah it is valid, that's what i'm saying. it's an illness where ppl deliberately cripple themselves because of their delusion. being trans used to fall into that category now it doesn't anymore but wrongfully so, it's batshit insane to chop your tits or chode off if you aren't happy with it. there should be more action be taken towards resolving those delusions rather than indulging them. pretty sure the person who did the drain cleaner into the ladies eyes got his medical license revoked but it's been a while since i've read up on that

No. 1720041

File: 1670347927303.jpg (161.58 KB, 720x1234, 20221206_112827.jpg)

Tranny (mtf) gets mad a sex therapist talks about sex addiction. Then goes to r/JustUnsubbed for asspats about "sex therapist lying about addiction" only to have them tell him it is a real thing

No. 1720044


No. 1720047

when i saw this i thought i was in the ftm thread. girlie looks like she's skinwalking idubbbz in a dead raccoon hat kek

No. 1720048

How does it feel to have a micropenis?

No. 1720055

Yes, now, you’ll get to be one of the chasers’ favorites, what a treat for you

No. 1720056

why are you guys giving the tranny attention. just ignore him

No. 1720062

oh yeah thank goodness, its worked out so well for Jazz Jennings & Kim Petras…totally cant see their male features. Lmao dumbass tranny

No. 1720065

cannot stand that word either and agree about it coming across pedo but curious to know where you're from because I think it's a regional thing. I'm a britfag and the word literally makes me nauseous. but then again I say "knickers" which is also ridiculous in its own way and "pants" which burgers use for trousers.

No. 1720067

go necrotize

No. 1720071

kek fucking retard thinks getting attention from chasers and pedos makes him into a 'hot girl'. even the ugliest and butchest of us will always be seen as women, you will not. cumbrain caveman logic at its finest.

No. 1720072

My favorite puberty blocker troon is Niki Tutorials.

No. 1720073

Nowadays even the biggest chuds know porn addiction is real. Trannys keep outing themselves as weapons grade coomers

No. 1720074

sage your shit

No. 1720076

File: 1670349285865.jpeg (208.07 KB, 1169x1786, 3CB9D42D-2B24-45C4-A66D-424BF4…)

62 yo man with the soul of a 13 year old girl.

No. 1720078

and yet us ugly butches are still women and you're not. enjoy never being able to orgasm.

No. 1720083

this moid should be on an interpol watchlist

No. 1720086

literal goblino

No. 1720090

File: 1670349759007.jpg (409.99 KB, 1080x1080, rs_1200x1200-221120164643-Kim-…)

This. Even the early transitioners already know their fate, they just do all this sperging at women to try and distract themselves. Imagine having to look up to pic related and Jazz Jennings, knowing that actual girls/women can grow into "graceful old lady" types whenever (or at least they won't be seen as men), but for you, it's a period of being a skinny gay boy in heavy makeup (and passing, mostly), followed by becoming a rectangular, blobby drag parody, all because of your male bone structure and fat. Even being super skinny as an adult does nothing but bring attention to how different your build is from a woman's. Hunter Schaefer is seen as a success story, but he literally just looks like a teenage boy with tits. That's the best that can be done. This probably sounds really harsh, but the more I think about it, the more sad it actually gets.

No. 1720093

Do you know what the main difference between me (a woman) and you (a man) is? I don't care about being validated by men for my looks and femininity. I rest secure in the fact that I am a woman. You are addicted to validation from the outside, mine comes from within. Funny how it works when you are real woman and not a larping man.

No. 1720094

File: 1670349881682.jpeg (41.13 KB, 827x495, richards.jpeg)

"children" are just social constructs, according to this TIM.

No. 1720096

He looks bloated and drugged up

No. 1720097

what really gets me is these trannies calling us ugly and how we'll never be loved for our looks. the very maleness to proclaim that to be beautiful is the only driving force for them to be alive. might as well join the 41% already bc that ship has already sailed buddy lmfao.

No. 1720098

pedophile alert

No. 1720099

Troons coming in here talking about how we'll never be happy when their whole lives are about being so dissatisfied with themselves that they mutilate their dicks and use violence to force others to join their larp.

No. 1720100

It is profoundly sad, because these men are ruining their lives for nothing. Imagine growing old as a troon. That's just depressing.

No. 1720105

If you were comfortable with who you are you wouldn't pretend to be a woman.

No. 1720107

also is he saying filters on tiktok = effects of hrt? lmfao. scrote logic

No. 1720108

All they can do is cope by looking at other young, heavily filtered gay guys in makeup on TikTok and IG, and hope against hope reality never hits.

No. 1720110

try coming back in 15 years, puberty won't last forever.. time is ticking my dude

No. 1720111

Scrotes can't even see colors properly, their opinion on visuals are worth shit, go catch a blood clot and phimosis.

No. 1720114

nona these are men who also think faceapp gender swap is a realistic expectation for their transition

No. 1720115

Can you get phimosis when you have a microdick from being on puberty blockers?

No. 1720117

Why are men like this?

No. 1720118

xy gene is a disability

No. 1720121

I hope they can but I guess an infected, wrongly cut and butchered neo-hole a la jazz would be more fitting for this scrote, what a bright future.

No. 1720122

Honestly, trannies on puberty blockers just makes me sad. No sexual function whatsoever. Can't have kids if they would want them. Fucked up from the start with no chance to course correct. It is fun to laugh at troons to let of some steam, but it really is a tragedy.

No. 1720123

someone said that males are attracted to boobs, not women, holes, not vagina and sometimes I actually feel like troons cannot see the bigger picture, just a set of visuals. They look at Him Petras and see boobs, moobs but to them they are boobs, even if they are in different zip codes. Long hair, even if it is fried and mostly extensions and his hairline is fucked. The clothes are cute or nostalgic but they never fit, his voice is that of a gay boy who never had his balls drop, he is a fucking eunuch that sings about fucking and sluts and is being produced by a fucking sex criminal but that is just a hot pop star to them, not a fridge shaped, woman hating, never sex having eunuch faggot.

No. 1720125

stop giving the scrote attention by responding to him, i will be monitoring and deleting his posts.

No. 1720127

not responding to the tranny but does he actually think those photos we use aren't real and heavily filtered tiktoks/ig photos are? even beyond social media they are clocked so easily and so quickly.

No. 1720128

Tik Tok is the real world if you a chronically online.

No. 1720129

they're brain dead, nona. they never notice editing and a video being filtered is like witchcraft to them, another thing males can't do btw kek

No. 1720130

>why be delusional
oh the irony

No. 1720131

lmfao and thinking being told of actual consequences of medical 'transitioning' is wishing harm. informed consent is hate speech now guys be warned

No. 1720132

File: 1670351314027.png (298.59 KB, 2026x2430, vaginophile.png)

>you're a vaginophile, not a lesbian

No. 1720134

Lesbians should start calling themselves vaginophiles and demand vaginophiles only spaces.

No. 1720138

File: 1670351677773.jpg (636.67 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1670351605217.jpg)

Remember to apologize when your dog assumes someone's gender.

No. 1720141

Dogs are terfs.. that's pretty cool

No. 1720144

No. 1720149

Both animals and women who have been abused by scrotes tend to be TERFs.

No. 1720153

File: 1670352512634.jpg (450.22 KB, 540x765, 1670352310322.jpg)

Another based TERF doggo kek

No. 1720156

File: 1670352857193.jpeg (189.1 KB, 1125x1354, 1558922644549.jpeg)

Yep, that is what he looks like before he puts on his eyeliner and false lashes and then cranks up his filming filter app to like 11.
This was taken back in 2018, months after he had his FFS and he made a guest appearance on some makeup artist's IG and the artist didn't film with a filter which gave a glimpse into what Blaire actually looks like. Picrel is the finished look but as you can see, looks more drag queenish doesn't it? kek

No. 1720159

File: 1670353012829.png (17.31 KB, 411x50, dogs study gender theory.png)

i was searching for other dog posts in trans subs and this reply on one post made me chuckle

No. 1720161

Newsflash, there are no "passing" troons. Ya'll just use a lot of filters to mask what you really look like but make no mistake that when you step outside into the real world, most people can tell you're dudes in drag but will play along with you out of pity or to not hear your sperg screeching.

No. 1720163

Thanks for my daily reminder it’s a transphobic and bannable offensive to reddit jannies if you don’t want a man to rape you

No. 1720164

I’m sad I missed his autism. What did he say exactly?

No. 1720166

he tried to unironically say that the trannies on tiktok pass way better than honter schafer and him petras. you know, the app where filters are trends.

No. 1720169

>"Why do you only post these two ugly troons lol. Have you ever been on tiktok there are way better looking tranners on there. Your age is showing"

No. 1720171

Aw rats. If I came to this thread an hour ago I could’ve seen what the tranny actually said

No. 1720174

I'm old so I said "x, I'm going to say it, but I don't like what's going on with all this trans shit." And she immediately jumped on it. You could say you don't like it, you don't understand it, etc. to put out feelers.

No. 1720176

also claims that we had them because of our sad sad miserable lives and a need for control. too fucking stupid to see that all we want is to be left alone and to keep our spaces free of males but reading comprehension and critical thinking is rare for someone who uses tiktok as his fucking source.

No. 1720178

I was thinking about posting this but I wasn't sure if it's a troll or not. How can they openly say this

No. 1720181

File: 1670353736662.png (400.18 KB, 1446x1324, 4tran.png)

apparently theres drama on ttttrans about whether or not the one and only mod is really a tranny, or a cis woman thats 'suspiciously well versed on rad feminism'. theyre whining about wanting a real troon as mod. its like a parody i swear to fucking god

No. 1720182

so it's fine that the mod teams for every female-oriented subreddit there is are infested by troons, but not the other way around?

No. 1720184

Literally was about to make this exact same comment.

No. 1720190

File: 1670354376673.png (282.67 KB, 238x518, richardss.png)

he is very much real I'm afraid. he refers to himself as a feminist and is an officer for his local WOMEN'S Labour Party group. he also founded a trans organisation he named after himself.

No. 1720194

File: 1670354635091.png (41.92 KB, 983x342, Screenshot 2022-12-06 at 14-23…)

One of my faves from years ago anon

No. 1720203

this sparks much joy. glad they're getting a taste of their own medicine

No. 1720211

>goes to account
>sees that internet name is "Legs" and has "he/they" in bio
>probably a tif
>looks at a couple videos
>unmistakably long male ape arms and asteroid swatters for hands
>doesn't have the tif cadence to voice
>nope this is a male

No. 1720214

File: 1670355884459.png (53.94 KB, 826x384, 0shame.neocities.org.png)

Tranny talks about trannies in women's sports: https://0shame.neocities.org/trans-girls-in-sports.html

No. 1720215

OT but of course it’s a programmer and a “witch”. Ughhhhhh

No. 1720216

OH MY GOD KEKKKKKK nonnie please if you see this i love you so fucking much u made my night

No. 1720218

Post caps then

No. 1720227

unsurprisingly zero self reflection on the troons' part. based terf mod keep them insecure and malding queen

No. 1720233

File: 1670357795582.jpeg (818.81 KB, 750x3876, 08C37E5E-50AA-491F-99EF-DFA9DB…)

No. 1720234

So we should have actual women mods in the ActualLesbian subreddit then?

No. 1720236

File: 1670357913272.png (712.48 KB, 755x671, willyboykkk.png)

Willyboy is at it again.

No. 1720238

so soon after being explicitly racist to a black woman?

No. 1720239

File: 1670358055631.jpg (602.39 KB, 940x808, Kxc5mAP.jpg)

I mean, they take a medication that stops their puberty; nothing grows when/how it should

>another tiktok moid comes out as a “transwoman” and immediately adopts the dead agp glare. why do they think this makes them look more feminine?

Because they all think like picrel that:
> The barest essentials of femaleness are
an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes (Andrea Long Chu, American transwoman and author of “Females: A Concern”)

nona wtf no
love yourself and don't give into men's demands

No. 1720240

rapists protecting rapists. every single fucking time.

No. 1720242

Lovely to see so many nice women in one place. Seething moid can go fuck himself.

No. 1720244

woman on the left with the light blonde hair is really cute