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File: 1670974300358.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.78 KB, 1152x2048, 1670896951312.jpg)

No. 1726744

No. 1726746

Request that you use a different thread pic, this one honestly looks like he fucks his cat and I don't want to see that every time I scroll /snow

No. 1726750

OP is honestly evil Ford posting it without spoiler

No. 1726754

I have to comment from last thread because it's killing me


You are LITERALLY repeating troon rhetoric. A couple of old ass studies that tried saying black women statistically have more testosterone are considered defunct. Those theories do not align with our current understanding of genetics/genealogy and how ethnic traits do and do not correlate at times. That argument has been used by troons in sports trying to say "look! black women have more testosterone too! you gotta ban them too then!!"

The specific black women (like three athletes) who were reported as having higher testosterone levels also had DSD (differences of sexual development). NOT biologically normally developed black women, and women in general. I need some of you to plz think.

No. 1726757

I would treat that subthread with suspicion, there's a good chance a triggered racist tranny is in there kicking off about how his white tranny ass looks like a male next to a woman, and he's trying to derail with the same shit they always do (won't anyone think of the _____) like any woman goes to the tranny thread to reflect on themselves

No. 1726760

File: 1670975636589.jpeg (223.72 KB, 828x1122, BA209178-DD9D-4B94-8393-FB84FD…)

Really says a lot they can prioritize gays and troons being protected but they refuse to codify roe v wade

No. 1726761

There are too many people chomping at the bit to equate women with racists for resisting men’s appropriation of our lives experiences and bodies. We have to be careful that arguments like that compilation of hulking troons next to normal black women stay in within the context of the TRA talking point that refuting male womanhood is the same as refuting black womanhood.

No. 1726762

There are a shockingly high amount of pro life trannies actually, they’re usually trad cath 4chan larpers who cosplay as tradwives, the left cows thread has a few of them

No. 1726768

>trannies who larp as tradwives
The jokes write themselves.

No. 1726771

this. gonna be vigilant on any of those comparisons. don't need to give them any fodder.

"ella" grant is one for sure.

No. 1726773

someone save that poor cat from this menace of a creature

No. 1726785

File: 1670978329620.jpg (92.4 KB, 540x477, 20221213_183717.jpg)

I just made a mistake and started replying to people on that video. But it's so hard not to with the bullshit that they spew. Its hateful to not want a man in women's spaces but okay to say that the rape of a woman by a tim doesn't matter because tims have it worse.

No. 1726787

Also notice how he says fake transwomen. Hes talking about predators. It's okay if women are housed with literal predators in his mind because apparently it being a women's prison makes it safer.

No. 1726806

>trans women are way more at risk in regular prison than cis women are with a fake trans woman
Meanwhile you have dudes who only go trans in regular prison because of the benefits it brings them. Yes men are rapist freaks in either prison, but one of these demographics can get pregnant in jail and the other can not. This argument is beyond any sense of reason.

No. 1726823

the face that this needs to be explained in every thread, sometimes multiple times, is indication enough of tranny infiltration. thank you for doing the good work of actually explaining it coherently

No. 1726826

but anon didn't you know, they're actually BETTER than gross cissies because they know PRECISELY how to appeal to the male gaze (because conveniently they themselves are gazing!)

No. 1726887

In reply to the last thread
So we've gone from identifying as a gender, a social construct, to a sex, a concrete biological state. Trannies always defended themselves by saying "it's a social construct!!" But now it's okay to literally say you have two x chromosomes and this is fine and everything is fine

No. 1726892

Yeah can we please make a new thread because I think that is actually beastiality.

No. 1726894

File: 1670989161503.png (878.61 KB, 1200x1340, NHL-TWAW02.png)

No. 1726895

File: 1670989280432.png (20.6 KB, 583x177, My scent has changed… MtF.png)

Imma throw up soon

No. 1726897

File: 1670989396151.png (2.96 MB, 1242x2208, 1B918F96-419B-4EE8-9944-492566…)

Wish I was as delusional as an ugly troon

No. 1726899

m'lady to troon pipeline

No. 1726902

“Girls hidden treasure”

This is a pedophile.(sage non-milk)

No. 1726905

Sick bastard
He needs set on fire

No. 1726908

is he talking about used liners or…

No. 1726910

How dirty is his penis that he can smell it from a mile away?

No. 1726938

File: 1670996476338.jpg (59.26 KB, 774x217, I_am_gonna_sodoku_its_too_much…)

Nonnies I'm gonna fucking puke

No. 1726939

there is not enough rope in the world for the degenerates featured in this thread

No. 1726944

I still want to know what the fuck period poops are supposed to mean.

No. 1726945

>genital acne
You learn something new everyday

No. 1726950

File: 1670997652457.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1280x9087, ED0F3DEE-3380-426C-B5F4-FD6F5A…)

i’m pretty sure the point was to prove to trannies that they don’t look like the black women they love to compare themselves to.

No. 1726953

constipation and/or diarrhea, i guess?

No. 1726955

File: 1670997990166.jpeg (712.4 KB, 911x3241, 8E7360CF-5BC9-46A9-8BE0-169452…)

i love me a good collage of trannies next to women. it demolishes the idea that they can pass irl.

No. 1726958

File: 1670998422145.jpeg (53.55 KB, 660x440, 4FD40FCF-8C67-49AF-8997-1DC7BA…)

oops, i forgot to add this one.

No. 1726959

File: 1670998505583.png (206.59 KB, 1892x594, barf.png)

praying to god this is a larp because wtf

No. 1726961

File: 1670998623400.png (40.03 KB, 1806x152, whyaretroons.png)

sorry for samefagging but god I hate everything about this and I fucking hate troons

No. 1726969

No. 1726974

>bonding experience
People like this should be castrated

No. 1726975

conveniently a lot of them aspire to that

No. 1726977

chris-chan lite

No. 1726980

He wrote this fanfic one handed, hopefully

No. 1726984

Isn't that Blaire White's shtick, the tradwife transwoman?

No. 1726986

Genital acne?! Wtf does this guy think that's a period symptom? I feel insane

No. 1726988

yeah it's a whole genre of TIM, probably the most noxious of them all

No. 1726992

Not sure whether this has been posted already? A man who got approved for euthanasia because his transition failed.
I feel like there's gonna be a pandemic of older trannies with massive physical + mental health problems.

No. 1726998

Wait, did they seriously split the teams "boys" vs "girls"? I thought they'd distribute them evenly to make it at least a little more fair. The delusion required to not see this coming… They've also just provided undeniable video evidence of male advantage in sports, so, uh, thanks?

No. 1727005

As soon as the general cultural euphoria wears off these men will be left with moobs and dicks that don’t work (or cut off penises). Men are fucking babies, they’ll demand reparations then commit suicide.

No. 1727006


I need everyone to know this picture was posted while this guy was sex-RPing on twitter with a furry. Not to be dramatic but I am legitimately worried for that cat.

No. 1727009

Prostaglandins that causes your uterus to contract is a muscle contractor, therefore it can also cause contractions in other nearby muscles. A lot of women end up having 'period poops' as a result and suffer from diarrhoea/constipation on their periods. For me 'period poops' are one of the worst parts of my period.

No. 1727013

Pro or anti tranny camp? I've seen him being floated around as a plant a few times but I don't know enough about the creep to know how he is
I'm curious what he's gonna get. Is he going to have his head stapled to pretend his forehead is smaller? Will he try to shave down his brow and jaw? The nose is definitely getting the Blaire White treatment where it's going to look too small on the man face but still not girly. More eyes are on him than most and he doesn't have Bruce Jenner's excuse of being old, I'm curious to see people react to the face once this is done. It's going to be interesting considering how unfortunate his actual face is as a man anyways, and he's not starting with much of your usual estrogen minimums is he? Of course they're going to hide it behind Photoshop and filters but he will inevitably be seen in a candid post surgery.

No. 1727015

this one has watched so much incest porn that he thinks this shit actually happens in real life

No. 1727021

Dylan is a pro-tranny industry plant. I've said it a couple of threads ago but his purpose is to make the public think all MtF trannies are just camp gay twinks so women shouldn't haven't a issue with them in women-only spaces.

No. 1727022

He should have his boobs cut off

No. 1727026

File: 1671005929079.jpeg (683.08 KB, 960x1465, 00FA6235-E926-4740-AF9C-365BDF…)

troon on r/twoxchromosomes whining about how hard it is to larp as a woman and decided to call out “cis allies”. comments are full of cis women saying “welcome to misogyny hun” and other bullshit fake sisterhood replies

No. 1727030

Handmaidens need to realise how truly narcissistic and self-victimising these trannies are. Nothing is ever good enough for them and you will never be the perfect ally for a tranny because they change the criteria of transphobic every year - tbh, now it feels like every 6 months.
A man, coming into a womens subreddit, telling them that uhm actually he has it worse than they ever could, is fucking sad. There is no right answer with these freaks other than "Yes dearest tranny you are more of a victim and also more womanly than my inferior ciswoman self" and even then they decided that woman was too offensive so now it's uterus-haver.

No. 1727031

Lol they only left nice comments for the updoots

No. 1727035

I had almost exactly this argument with my moid friend (not anymore, got rid of his ass).
>troons are at higher risk in male prisons than women with 1 troon/rapist
Yeah because males are the problem and 2 males are more dangerous than 1 in any location. Doesn't make it fair to put it on the females to take the burden of males violence. Would you accept a pedophile instead going to a children's facility and lock him up with them? Because I've heard pedos are at a higher risk of violence in prisons, and that's the only logical solution according to your logic.
>Prisons are bad in general and need to be reformed
Yeah sure but troons still don't belong in women's prisons
>You could get a court to decide if someone is trans
LMAO don't lie, none of you troons would accept that, you'd call it transphobic the second a man is deemed "not trans enough"
>it's a non issue that could be solved if it becomes one
There are literally troon rapists getting moved to female prisons, it is already an issue

No. 1727036

File: 1671006949711.png (182.17 KB, 1178x530, Capture d’écran 2022-12-14 à 0…)

popeyes whiner is having a wild breakdown on his identity right now lmao

No. 1727037

holy shit op how did you find this picrel

No. 1727039

fucking disgusting

No. 1727040

Every time they try to "prove" something all they do is prove the opposite kek

No. 1727041

Didn't Blanchard say gay men can be autogynephilics? AGP is a just another paraphilia that men of any sexual orientation can have. CommieDGurl just needs to admit he's a same-sex attracted dude who likes to cross dress.

No. 1727042

So he just admitted he's a horny gay man and not a woman.

No. 1727043


ntayrt but im a bio student. Some of my professors put their pronouns on the registration page (not even the class website or the syllabus- but on the system catalogue where we choose classes to sign up for….) so I sort of wonder if they ignore the cognitive dissonance. I go to a very liberal school though. My genetics professor, before she defined "female" as the sex that has eggs, had to clarify she wasn't talking about gender. So I wonder if most biologists who go along with this stuff are more in the "sex and gender are seperate, their sex is male but their gender is a woman..!" rather than "there is no difference between sexes" camp. In epidemiology and global health classes I haven't seen much of the weird "people who menstruate" creep up yet, but many professors and TAs will introduce themselves and their pronouns. Its only the women who do this shit. My male professors never care.

No. 1727044

Yeah it was made to defend black women from racist troon allegations that they as hulking men with bolt on silicone are oh so much more feminine than "naturally masculine" black women. Unfortunately for them we all have eyes. I personally love the comparison pics because those pictures shut down any arguments they have, even though "passing" is obviously completely irrelevant to what sex someone is.

No. 1727045

So the transman was on T and yet that didn't prevent "him" from getting "his" shit pushed in by a UwU transwoman lol.

No. 1727046

Ironically he is instead peaking other trans people lmao only faghag handmaidens like him

No. 1727047

anon i was simply talking about biology. what is high testosterone for a female, is low test for a male. it's an undeniable fact that black and arabic women get their periods faster and are disproportionally better at sports as most any females of any race.
for reference, a male will less than 200ng/dl is a candidate for TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) as his dick won't won't put on muscle and gets depressed. male reference range is 300ngdl-1000. let that sink in for a while because the female reference range is from 15ngdl to 70. levels under 15ngdl cause infertility in females.
SO even the highest test athletic woman is not even at a 1/4th of a normally functioning males testosterone.
Not to mention, black women are disproportionally affected with PCOS. the cause? high hormone levels of all sorts, including estrogen and testosterone.
I am not saying that black women have as high T as scrotes. It's apples and oranges. But what I am saying is that they are high E and high T for many reasons, including the lifestyle and adaptations in their DNA.
Again for any retarded tranny listening, black women are not manly or masculine. They simply have elevated T levels but even that would never put them into the lowest male ranges. high T women have high estrogen as well that's why they remain womanly again unlike goddamn scrotes.
I'm very sorry i don't want to fight or anything but i just want to spread the numbers and information as not explaining it autistically spreads confusion.

No. 1727048

lmao is the one on the first picture contrapoints?

No. 1727049

nta but yes, it was leaked by polfags lmao

No. 1727050

>its only the women who do this shit. My male professors never care.
Because women have more to lose, they made Rowling trans enemy no. 1 for saying "trans is real and we should support them, we just need to acknowledge sex based discrimination exists too" and they don't give a shit about the male anti-troon politicians who actually advocate for have the power to erase them.

No. 1727051

nta but he's thinking that he's a heterosexual man for liking dick lmao, he even said that he drops the label gay and trans, this is beyond delusion.
the only good thing about him is that he recognizes that he aint allowed to be in women's spaces and stopped sending death threats to terfs

No. 1727054

There have already been sexual assaults that have occurred as the direct result of pro tranny laws welcoming them into women's spaces. In prisons, schools and bathrooms. These moids don't have an ounce of empathy for anyone who doesn't have a dick.

No. 1727056

i'm the anon that wrote this, and the same one that angered my nonnies by my very poorly worded post from last thread. again i apologize. i am a long distance runner that doesn't compete and i take steroids myself that's why i can hormone sperg so hard
I just wanted to make the girls reading aware that black female athletes are literally being discriminated against in sports because they often fall outside of the normal female ranges while claiming to not take steroids.

again to clarify, the tranny argument that black women are manly is a mixture of immense racism and sexual stereotyping.

No. 1727062

I see your point, just wanna add that saying "elevated" levels is a bit misleading and makes it sound like "higher than normal", when they have levels perfectly within the natural and normal range for women - just happens to be on the higher end of it.

No. 1727063

File: 1671011236045.jpeg (610.28 KB, 828x1256, 12B82288-DE1A-4D37-8226-CA75D2…)

because defined cheeks are exclusively male… even their lack of knowledge about female aesthetics is obviously male. women have always worn contour and aimed for the “chiselled” look.
all the comments are cope like “they want to be us so bad” as if they aren’t genuinely difficult to look at. i can guarantee none of these celebrities thought “i want to look like a tranny” when they got this (admittedly stupid) procedure done.

No. 1727064

That’s like saying someone wants to have cancer because they shaved their head kek

No. 1727066

I wonder, do nonnies think there will ever be a time when the political/anticapitalist left abandons the whole troon degenerate cult shit and go back to focusing on things that matter, like ecology and class politics? It’s like, holy fuck, no matter where I go it’s all about their gross fetishes and shit, like early was trying to read something for a bit of catharsis, then some moid started saying how his entire belief system changed once he got a boner by putting on a dress, I can’t take this shit anymore, when does it stop?

No. 1727068

oh yeah, you are absolutely right. I apologise, I am ESL and to me those are interchangable.

No. 1727069

what makes this even funnier is that the comments are either filled with troons coping, or women calling this look fugly

No. 1727075

File: 1671014421172.png (3.99 MB, 828x1792, 0FE1323B-AB86-465B-8773-0B3A97…)

Seen this person on tiktok and YouTube shorts, and it kinda looks like a TIM, but it can also be a woman with a bunch og playing surgery. I really don’t know. What do you think?

No. 1727079


No. 1727080

Are you a baiting tranny or just face blind? That is clearly a women PS makes no difference. Pretty disrespectful too considering that this woman actually helps out poorer communities which we all know that a moid in denial would never think to do but instead think he is much more oppressed and should instead be given the majority of whatever handout is being offered.

No. 1727081

File: 1671015528562.jpg (62.46 KB, 520x520, surthycooks-familia-520x520.jp…)

Just toned arms and too much surgery. Most of these "is this a troon?" posts could be answered by using google.

No. 1727082

Anon that's a woman. Anons coming here and posting pictures of women and trying to determine whether or not she's a tranny are getting fucking annoying.

No. 1727083

Grasping at straws kek if they were really women they would know that high cheek bones are seen as a coveted feature among the female oriented beauty trends.

No. 1727084

File: 1671015860220.png (76.28 KB, 1317x459, male.png)

I put the oakland anti terf trans group's rant from last thread into a writing gender guesser, never gets old

No. 1727086

Trannies fucking wish, but tbh troons stack a shit load of editing and filters to try to resemble this type.

No. 1727087

Yes, I like that she gives out food to poor people. She often does this in reaction to some viral tiktok wasting large amounts of food for a joke. It's no joke to those who are starving. I hope these actions inspire other rich people to step up. Tiktok is so full of wasteful consumerism, so she could actually make a difference. It's much more impressive to see her make the food and give it away as it is to watch some scrote waste gallons of marmalade or other food for a viral video.

No. 1727090

File: 1671017541997.png (1.35 MB, 864x1594, Screenshot_20221214-122950.png)

why…why does he look over 50. I've never seen someone look like this at his age.

No. 1727092

File: 1671017637283.png (1.36 MB, 864x1609, Screenshot_20221214-123006.png)

it's not just the eyes, either. His lips. Everything. It looks like he is about to bite the possum's head off.

No. 1727095

this also has to do with water being transferred from inside cells to outside of the cells. I'm on mobile so can't post a full discussion, but basically men have been advising women incorrectly for decades about eating a low-salt diet to prevent menstrual bloat. A lot of GI symptoms and bloat occurs because intercellular water becomes extracellular, which in addition to prostaglandin-induced cramps can also cause diarrhea or changes in bowel movements. A low-salt diet will not prevent this kind of change from happening, it's another way to blame women for a natural process.

It is hell, though, and trannies don't experience this at all.

No. 1727098

i think he’s lying about his age.

No. 1727102

Does anyone know Dylan's age? I've been told 25-30.

No. 1727103

he claims to be 25 (maybe 26 now?)

No. 1727111

25.. in dog years?!

No. 1727115

idk, he's an ana-man and men look so ugly in drag that it ages them

No. 1727123

Same, he's gotta be. He has pretty intense crow's feet for a 25 year old

No. 1727126

Anons stop transvestigating women who (apparently) don't fit exact female beauty standards challenge (impossible)

No. 1727128

Nona just admit you don't know what Arab women look like and you're cherry picking unfortunately timed screen grabs.

No. 1727132

File: 1671024154003.png (34.71 KB, 140x212, norway.png)

Please be patient with her Nona, she doesn't have very good vision on land.

No. 1727135

I think his point is that his co-troons here are on the more masculine side and not a good example of the more common "exquisite performance" (keyword performance) of femininity

Sorry in advance if I misread you nonna

No. 1727139

NTAYRT but the troon in the OP didn't create the collage or post it, it's just included in the collage as an example of a TIM claiming that transwomen are "more womanly" than black women for the sake of contrast with the images of TIMs being obviously male near black women who are obviously female (because of course they are).

No. 1727142

>then some moid started saying how his entire belief system changed once he got a boner by putting on a dress
it's not funny, but i kek, for if
i do not, i weep. i try to remain positive, and believe when the shit continues to accelerate and hit the fan, people will be forced to come together in more meaningful ways/drop this narcissistic, destructive bullshit. no real reason, i guess, that i should believe it, given humanity's history. female only communes may be the only way??

No. 1727145

Some students were doing their final project (idk the word in English) about recognizing sex chromosomes better and more efficiently with a methid we use. My professors have just talked about male/female chromosomes, no mention of gender, we never talk about that with my peers either. Only a statistics professor in her 60s said ”well I don’t know how correct it is to ask sex these days… (relating to studies we do)”. Idk if we have any pronoun-havers in my class, our language is gender neutral. I do suspect a girl who looks like she uses tumblr and has a furry sticker on her laptop does kek but idk

No. 1727146

no milk but the amount of women i have seen caping for TIMs, arguing against men actually literally saying autogynephilia (shocking that they know the term now), is appalling

No. 1727147

>transwomen criminals who rape women are just fakers and male predators!!
convicts transwoman for rape
>trans woman criminals must be put in female prisons because they are real women and would never rape a female inmate.

No. 1727148

To add to this my school has an art campus that is of course all in on this crap but the tech campus I’m in is just… normal. We have kind of an anon message app many in our school use, someone whined about a professor being PrObLeMaTiC with some gender thing there and got told to fuck off basically by like 80% of posters lol

No. 1727149

>woman with toned/muscular arms
>guys is this a tranny i'm so confused!!!
Jesus fucking christ go outside and ideally go to a gym you'll see plenty of women who look like this

No. 1727151

drugs can do this

No. 1727155

File: 1671026717679.png (878.98 KB, 720x1280, completelycispassing.png)

Drives me absolutely insane when troons try to gotcha basic biology with 'most people dont know their chromosomes!!!' as if around half of the pregnant women in developed countries don't get prenatal screening for chromosomal abnormalities. Granted, I don't know how long reliable genetic screening has been available, but my not-even-high-risk mother got it when pregnant with me and my brother in the late 90s, it's hardly a new thing. So, to any adult zoomer genderspecials reading this? Congrats, you're not intersex.

..Not that you'd even need to go as far as genetic testing to tell an adult's sex.

No. 1727156

Bold of you to assume that someone who actually contributes to helping people, other than themselves, is a troon. Trannies are selfish and victimize themselves all the time. I don't think a troon could be as compassionate as this woman is, let alone be as talented in cooking. The closest thing he could do is open a bag of doritos after a day's worth of wanking to his reflection and harrassing women online.

No. 1727157

File: 1671026887001.jpeg (389.65 KB, 1284x1072, 388A8156-B2AB-4BDE-A420-422351…)

One of the OPs comments.

No. 1727158

I remember once listening to a podcast episode related to the environment, and the specialist they had on couldn’t even be brought on without mentioning he was a TiM. I wanted to write in and ask how it was relevant to the conversation at all because I literally do not give a shit. I turned it off.

No. 1727160

I hope that this movement will peak more women on male degeneracy in general and put a stop to the myth that men are the more rational sex.

Then after it happens
>she’s lying it never happened and anyway how do you know it wasn’t consensual

Ugh, this guy looks exactly like an incel I knew in high school.

No. 1727161

has he had botox in his forehead only?

No. 1727178

File: 1671031206314.jpg (23.29 KB, 496x474, yzma-the-emperors-new-groove-d…)

No. 1727186

>anything that sounds unexpected or counterintuitive?
thanks for this great opportunity to talk about my diiiiiiiiiick

No. 1727197

shit, i can't help but feel sorry for this guy (and shapeshifter too). i know people are stupid for buying the lies and transitioning, especially as far as getting this kind of surgery. but damn… my eyes did tear up hearing what those doctors did to him. absolutely bleak af that they experiment on people and then offer them the "solution" of suicide to their problems, as if it's a therapeutic treatment.

No. 1727201

I assumed it was photoshopped but now I looked again and I'm worried… That cat is not OK. has anyone reported it? What is the account?

No. 1727215

I'd like to know as well, I've seen him before and I know he's a mentally ill autistic (of course) Australian but I can't find his twitter using those search terms alone kek

No. 1727216

physician-assisted suicide is something i support in theory, but in practice it always seems to end up enabling dystopian things like this

No. 1727220

I've literally never heard of this low-salt diet being recommended before. It sounds like something you'd read in cosmo.

No. 1727239

no one is gonna be mad at a man for saying he has a cramp/gets cramps. it's when you start saying you have a period. no one is gaslighting you for saying you don't get periods on HRT. and surprise! looking at his profile he does refer to it as periods :/ all male and female bodies have hormone cycles it has nothing to do with womanhood and it's not what menstruation is.

No. 1727242

Nta but I have, only for bloat in general though. I didn’t know there was some specific kind of bloating related to periods, I still don’t know if that’s true.

No. 1727244

for real. i absolutely believe that a man injecting himself with estrogen is going to experience side-effects, but those side-effects are not periods.

No. 1727250

Especially because period side effects are largely caused by the drop in estrogen, so if these guys experience “female hormone cycle” effects it would have to be when they skip a few days of titty skittles, not when they’re taking them consistently.

No. 1727254

This. Obviously HRT fucks with your body in ways we probably don’t even understand yet. But they need to realize how fucked up it is to appropriate the term “period” or “menstrual cycle”. They don’t have that. They never will. I guarantee they’re the same men who were boys making fun of girls for their periods and talking about how gross it is. They don’t have to deal with any of the stigma that comes with it. They can go fuck themselves.

No. 1727256

Exactly. This delusion that somehow introducing only a fraction of the hormones which contribute to the menstrual cycle somehow changes their entire brain anatomy into thinking they have a phantom uterus is so laughably absurd I'd find it hilarious if it wasn't for the fact this delusion is becoming more and more widely accepted. It started with don't assume my gender/I'm a woman trapped in a man's body and now it's how dare you not assume my gender I'm wearing a wig/my body is literally biologically female (even without hormones or surgery)

No. 1727264

I hate how they present it as solid fact backed by mainstream scientists and not a fringe theory spawned from maybe one tranny's delusion that spread like wildfire on Reddit of all places. They think if you disagree that their penis hurting and their ass shitting is a period then you are rejecting science like a flat earther. Lilith Amy Amelia Sakura Johnson is not a credible source, troons.

No. 1727272

File: 1671041340163.jpeg (727.04 KB, 960x1445, 83E0D026-1C6A-4A18-9BA9-AA9AEC…)

women can’t even use their period tracking apps safely yet trannies keep jerking off to their genocide fantasy

No. 1727283

Fuck crow's feet, that's a murder stampede.

No. 1727288

Can't wait till they get offended by uterus haver too and everyone is either referred to as man, transwoman, transman and not male as to not offend trannys

No. 1727294

Fucking christ he is actually terrifying. I'm creeped out by him in the same way that Michael Jackson creeps me out. What's with his freaky dolphin teeth and bloated forehead. If I saw him in public I would blatantly scowl and frown just to make him feel even more disgusting and insecure.

No. 1727300

I'm the Anon that said she didn't like the comparison pictures. This is why. I'm tired of troons implying I'm less than a woman because black women have elevated testosterone or we're "loud and don't take shit from scrotes", which is a giant fucking lie because black women face the most domestic violence from scrotes, we're most likely to die during childbirth, and no one takes out victimization seriously because of all the fucking dumb ass stereotypes both sides push.

Personally wish both sides of the equation would leave black women out of it. All women are going to look feminine, especially when standing next to men who are poorly cosplaying feminity. We don't need to keep adding pictures of black women looking like cute women next to scrotes to prove a point. We have eyes.

No. 1727314


why the fuck are they so obsessed with genocide lmao. femicide is a real thing and i dont see nearly as many people talk about it.

No. 1727321

File: 1671045684430.jpeg (996.29 KB, 960x1319, 27D6D318-6E2A-4907-A678-2B699C…)

No. 1727322

File: 1671045812824.jpg (274.95 KB, 1080x590, IMG_20221214_202111.jpg)

We can just post trannies vs moids, it's really like only the most ogre of the xy race troon out kek

No. 1727328

The genocide obsession is funny considering they genocide themselves with the high suicide rate and sterilization from hrt and grs. Maybe it's just tranny narcissism. They think everyone secretly wants to fuck them, so everyone wants to kill them as well.

No. 1727329

Is that Nikki Tutorials? Yeah, it does seem like it's mostly hulking men trooning out along with the smallest of women.

No. 1727332

I just did a quick Google search and I think he's actually 25. I saw something about him being a freshman in high school in 2011. Being anorexic really aged him, yikes. I wouldn't be surprised if he did hard drugs too, which also contributed to his twink death.

No. 1727333

File: 1671046844309.png (8.18 KB, 387x210, 25.png)

Holy shit that's an incredibly rough 25 even for a man

No. 1727340

File: 1671047158307.png (271.11 KB, 546x681, shark.png)

Yet another shark plushie troon

No. 1727341

chris chan

No. 1727343

File: 1671047858688.jpeg (632.82 KB, 960x1599, 378C9965-3DED-4F67-970C-C93EC2…)

be so serious

No. 1727345

I'm glad this troon is younger than me yet looks older than my Pre-K teacher, who was a senior at the time. Serves him right. Probably should have ate some fuckin food and invested in moisturizer instead of being a dummy troon

No. 1727350

silly nona, us girlies are always dieting!

No. 1727354

File: 1671048371541.jpeg (98.2 KB, 930x930, 67105886_1463780337120134_9214…)

opossum lady (who he is clearly obsessed with - naming the possum Pearl, after her) must be thrice his age and his crows feet rival hers. jesus christ.

I cannot wait to see how much scarier his face becomes post surgery.

No. 1727358

Off topic, but how common is interracial dating in the lesbian community? Do lesbian dating profiles list preferences like "no whites, no blacks etc" like you see on gay moid dating apps/sites?

No. 1727361

Domesticated opossums can be quite cute. How are they as pets when compared to dogs and cats?

No. 1727362

There is a logic to it. You can believe life begins at conception and also believe some people are born in the wrong body. If you genuinely believe in the supernatural then it can all follow from that. There's probably pro-life pro-trans feminist Wiccans out there who think fetuses immediately have a soul and sometimes a female soul is put into a male body.

I'm not saying they're right but it is consistent. Of course its also true that a lot of people just hate women and invent the reasons afterwards.

No. 1727365

Dylan really is 26. Kiwifarms has his full dox.

No. 1727366

How have I never come across her before? Subscribed

No. 1727368

sunk cost fallacy for them at this point

No. 1727372

The high suicide rate is a myth.

The puberty blockers may have made Nikki bigger than he would have been otherwise. Historically, castrati and eunuchs who were castrated before puberty were known for growing tall and fat.

No. 1727376

Complete and absolute appropriation of lesbian culture by a male. Disgusting.

No. 1727378

Kek why do they always stand that way? I remember seeing that health secretary Rachel Levine in a picture with women and men and he was standing that way like all the other men while the women had their legs together, taking up less space. I wish I still had it.

No. 1727380

i think its autism
there are a lot of non-tranny autistic people that stand that way, though i'm not sure why

No. 1727381

he doesn’t look a day over 40.

No. 1727384

File: 1671050865572.jpg (170.7 KB, 1400x700, recoome[1].jpg)

The Ginyu Force have invaded Earth?

No. 1727385

from the amount of mixed race couples ive seen at lesbian bars, id say its pretty balanced between same race and mixed race. depends on the country of course

No. 1727387

I know i shouldn’t let them get to me nonnas but i feel so angry and sick seeing this every time i see a moid calling himself butch.

No. 1727390

Lack of general body awareness and coordination, plus in this guy’s case being fat which often results in people splaying their legs more and standing/walking in unusual and unhealthily bent ways to accommodate the weight.

No. 1727394

ayrt its okay nona, we’re angry with you. its okay to get angry. seeing bulldyke on his splotchy giant moid arm felt like a slap in the face.

No. 1727398

how has any of the anons replying to this not pointed out him dreaming about being burned at the stake in Salem, jesus christ.. of course he would love to endure the misogyny leading up to the deaths of women

No. 1727399

Based on my experiences, it seems more common than in straight or gay male couples. I feel like I've seen an equal mix of interracial and racially homogeneous lesbian couples, if not more interracial pairs than racially homogeneous pairs, in contrast to how both straight and gay male relationships appear to be mostly racially homogeneous. I will say, though, most of the same-race lesbian couples I've met have been white, whereas most of the interracial pairings have been WOC dating WOC of other races. There's probably a lot of potentially interesting data about human psychology, empathy, and privilege vs oppression to be found in this, if my observations are accurate.

No. 1727404

wow can't believe i missed that.
>i think we can all agree
you're literally a man Dylan

on a related note, troons obsession with Witches (eg, taking over the WitchesVsPatriarchy reddit sub) makes my blood boil. larping as silenced and murdered women, whilst they silence and send death threats to women.

No. 1727405

anon fuck that one got me

No. 1727406

Because they're men, kek. Every man stands with his legs apart and feet splayed out like the complete dipshit he is. It's a take up space, manspreading, "dominant" move they all unconsciously do. Autistic men, overweight men, authority figures like cops, they all do it, some are just worse about it.

No. 1727407

File: 1671052774681.png (196.27 KB, 377x674, F52D8DE9-97C9-446E-A0E7-C9E7F3…)

twitter’s main character today is this troon that went on a rant about how everything everywhere was shitty and he was bewildered at why everyone (see: poc) loved it. when everyone told him why he was wrong he went on a rampage thread saying he was being bullied lol it doesnt get more male than this. sad to see everyone label this as a white woman moment though. we can all see the male behavior

No. 1727410

File: 1671052898566.jpeg (8.13 KB, 199x253, t.jpeg)

Yep, it's cos they're men. Their hips and knees are angled differently. Some troons obsess over this and train themselves to stand and walk like women but it's so unnatural to them because of their anatomy kek

No. 1727412

I didn't read his caption, and I guess other nonnies didn't either. He's such a narcissist. Men really will see an instance of femicide and cry, "But how can I make this about meeee?!" Well, surprise, asshole–It's already about you. You're a misogynist, just like the church and state. You would be cheering on the burning, maybe even volunteering other women to be put to death for heresy, disobedience, or witchcraft. You aren't a victim, Dylan, you're a modern day Reverend Samuel Parris.

No. 1727413

Yep. This impacts how men and women sit (manspreading is likely partially a result of a narrower pelvis needing a wider stance to keep balance, for example), stand, walk, etc.
No matter how much they train, no matter how much estrogen they take, no many how many puberty blockers they chug, it will not change their bones (except giving them brittle bones in the case of the last option I guess).
In other words, tims will never be real women, and their very skeletal structure gives them away as male every time.

No. 1727421

>i think we can all agree
I don't think I ever heard a woman say this phrase. It would only lead to her getting attacked by moids who disagree just because she's a woman.
Dylan probably never heard No! in his entire life.

No. 1727424

Cite. Your. Research. PCOS is often also caused by obesity, poor environment, and other factors found in communities with higher socioeconomic issues. Black women ll across Africa do not get their periods earlier, but black women in the US do. You’re pointing out issues caused by obesity. Black women are not inherently more prone to PCOS annd elevated testosterone levels. You are examining the wrong variable, it’s not race, it’s physical health.

You are spewing race science that has been thoroughly debunked. Plz stfu.

No. 1727433

that’s like 4 women total. And again, some of those women do have DSD. Obviously it’s not ok what’s happening to them, but it isn’t conclusive to say that is representative of all black women data wise?? You’re drawing conclusions based on an infinitely small sample size.

No. 1727435

Yeah, this, basically. AFAIK periods in young girls tend to start when there is sufficient body fat percentage (17% being the pre-requisite), meaning childhood obesity/overweight could plausibly trigger earlier periods (and insufficient body fat can result in amenorrhea).
Likewise, PCOS is likely caused issues resulting from insulin resistance (which is why it's sometimes treated with diabetes drugs like metformin or diets that can lower insulin levels), and obese people tend to also be insulin resistant. PCOS also disrupts hormone levels (hence why it can cause facial hair growth, etc).
Black women in the US likely get PCOS more often, as well as early menstruation, because they are more likely to be poor, which also correlates with poor health and obesity due to poor food quality and inadequate healthcare.

No. 1727439

All this money wasted. Cant people put their dollars towards more meaningful causes?

No. 1727448

cackled at "weak male", even the bots can recognize failmales

No. 1727456

Nah this is normal for moids. I’m autistic about noticing wrinkles on men and I have to tell you after 23 it’s a sharp decline and they have straight up grandpa skin in late twenties. Women look so much better. Transitioning makes troons look so much older because compared to women their skin is jarringly bad but we don’t notice it because of how low bar is for men. That’s also why all TIFs look like preschool boys,

No. 1727457

> i can guarantee none of these celebrities thought “i want to look like a tranny” when they got this (admittedly stupid) procedure done.
Eh, a lot of what is currently fashionable does look to me like tranny/drag queen style. I would be shocked if it wasn't based on male looks. Like that whole egirl contouring specifically aims to make girls look like men in drag. (There's a whole bimbo thing to it too which I hadn't seen outside of tranny shit since the early 2000s)

No. 1727459

NTA and I love her too, she’s so classy and her vids are so out there kek

No. 1727466

File: 1671057941737.jpg (423.12 KB, 1079x1593, creature.jpg)

instagram keeps recommending that i follow this thing and i get jumpscared every time

No. 1727468

this is 100% true, it really shows how pathetic moids are, they get outperformed everywhere except raw strength and still think they are superior and we are objects

No. 1727469

File: 1671058372091.jpg (181.05 KB, 1600x900, Fj68qf_UUAE_tYp.jpg)

No. 1727471

ew when moids puff their cheeks out like that it just looks like a physical deformity, not anything close to cute

No. 1727472

File: 1671058552612.jpg (196.73 KB, 1704x995, Fj6BXNIVQAU9O6B.jpg)

No. 1727473

uh… bad, sir. you look bad.

No. 1727474

File: 1671058668471.png (35.92 KB, 489x531, CC2E7C09-21EE-4C5F-8580-3A826F…)

It’s pretty common. I’m a white woman dating a Latina woman and another couple I know is Desi and white. Here’s a graph of gay women’s reply rates to other women organized by race.

No. 1727475

im gonna throw up in my mouth i hate him with my whole being i wish him a lot of bad things

No. 1727476

File: 1671058871482.jpg (162.76 KB, 999x1110, FjYQ1zuXEAIytoA.jpg)

Surely this one has to be satire

No. 1727478

lmfao this is a witty reply, nonna

No. 1727480

fucking SHENIS, no i refuse to accept this is sincere

No. 1727481

you guys are right, i apologize.

No. 1727484

i play in a quartet with two fit women in their 40s. Neither has wrinkles like this. Mind you, he is using a smoothing filter too (not judging that, just saying he must look even more haggard and old irl)

No. 1727491


No. 1727501

I was thinking of this too, he always does very exaggerated facial expressions but his forehead rarely moves, even when he does the wide open crazy eyes. I heard somewhere that if your forehead is frozen by botox, your other face muscles might work harder to compensate when you make facial expressions. That certainly wouldn't help with the extreme crow's feet he has.

No. 1727503

yes, because this ideology is unsustainable and they've been getting more dissent from normies and right wingers. Best case scenario, it'll be looked at as PC gone wrong and we move to a right wing environment a la 80s Reagan years. Worst case scenario, leftists gain power and make us suffer like they made the russians suffer under lysenkoism.

No. 1727507

File: 1671061151946.jpeg (413.27 KB, 750x2516, F9CB486A-A4A1-412B-85BB-1F4CFE…)

a straight couple got married, how groundbreaking. and of course the troon is skinwalking his wife, trying to look like her twin. creepy af.

No. 1727508

If they were actually gay, they would have been thrown in the gulag for even attempting this.

No. 1727516

File: 1671062269768.jpg (1.13 MB, 600x2643, skinwalkers.jpg)

we need a skinwalkers collage. I added Davis to it

No. 1727521

siblings or dating

No. 1727527

who wants to bet they have bad cause of untreated herpes.

like how bad and how many "pimples" are there for them to pop and feel like the amount of fluid you have from a period?

No. 1727532

Hilarious. Always fun to see them next to their kawaii picrew pfps.

No. 1727536

This is beyond disturbing.

No. 1727540

File: 1671065770668.jpg (178.01 KB, 1024x697, Untitled.jpg)

i hate them so much im glad they are always miserable and suicidal

No. 1727592

File: 1671069456693.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1833, C6DB4F13-8E1D-4ED9-9850-A134C8…)

No. 1727607

What non-western/ancient culture is he appropriating to justify his perversion?

No. 1727615

Might be a baiting tranny

No. 1727618

unfortunately, he's probably trying to make a loose reference to native american two-spirit individuals.

No. 1727619

File: 1671070665344.png (511.42 KB, 677x771, Sc.png)

JK opening Beira's Place was the best thing to happen for women and to prove that tra's want to take over everything that is centered around women.

No. 1727621

sometimes these trannies are so ridiculous that it seems like they’re trolling.

No. 1727624

File: 1671070939725.jpg (141.65 KB, 898x1402, Fj5maGqUYAAZR81.jpg)

I wish they were trolling

No. 1727632

Reminder that it’s coomers like this writing for one of the world’s largest streaming services. Imagine being female and tweeting a dick tattoo you got. Job gone instantly

No. 1727634

I thought Moore left Netflix after the boss refused to remove Dave Chappelle's special.

No. 1727635

File: 1671071617726.png (512.7 KB, 829x705, Fj5leT8VQAIyrI1.png)

Or wearing normal clothes

No. 1727636

File: 1671071669328.jpg (67.32 KB, 749x1092, Fj-QjtFXEAIgnoK.jpg)

No. 1727637

File: 1671071713440.jpg (85.88 KB, 943x520, Fj8a3RFXEAMDuP6.jpg)

>you can't tell who's a tranny

No. 1727638

this should be considered sexual harassment

No. 1727639

Kek did he? He still worked for them with that first girldick tattoo

No. 1727650

File: 1671072591614.jpg (123.96 KB, 979x521, Fj5n1UNXgAArIMz.jpg)

No. 1727652

uhhh what the fuck? this would be weird even if real woman did it

No. 1727657

Yeah, he left Netflix over a couple of mild jokes at trannies expense.
>"Moore transitioned during the pandemic"
We really need someone to study this phenomenon. Why did so many people troon out after being isolated for so long?

No. 1727658

not quite sure but it's very interesting that both trannies and eating disorders spiked during the pandemic

No. 1727660

samefag but i guess it just gave people more time to ponder their bodies and find perceived faults with them that they could obsess over, plus both of those disorders have massive support groups online, tranny social circles and proana shit overlaps a lot

No. 1727661

I've never seen a woman act like this

No. 1727662

maybe we'll have Canadian euthanasia for them by then

No. 1727665

I just learned about Beira's Place. I'm worried that women who work there or seek help there will be doxxed and/or attacked by violent moids in wigs. I'm also worried that any media coverage will portray Beira's Place as a "hateful" place and any actions taken to thwart it are acceptable and good. I really hope it doesn't come to that, but I am full of anxiety. We do live in evil clown world.

No. 1727666

should high test keep body fat low, making menstruation come later? most athletes are older than average when they first menstruate

No. 1727670

there are so many in texas it's really fucking insane

No. 1727672

sam hyde hairline

No. 1727677

i’m starting to regret having a kid. it seems so normalized and accepting now for men to just prey on them without reserve. my kid is about to just carry a handgun everywhere she goes.

No. 1727678

Maybe they shouldn't keep approving this guy for whatever medical procedures he wants. Maybe he's too mentally ill to make these kinds of decisions.

No. 1727682

File: 1671075537375.png (340.39 KB, 673x901, Twitter.png)

kinda suspect

No. 1727710

>leaves netflix after a special making fun of troon
>doesnt leave after netflix features with half naked little girls twerking

No. 1727723

it really is crazy just how delusional troons can be

No. 1727726

File: 1671078946058.jpg (13.74 KB, 384x384, ts94c2c3rod81.jpg)

This made my skin fucking CRAWL. Wannabe skinwalker and pedophile.

No. 1727728

oh my god shut up! just shut the fuck up. name 1 tranny that’s “powerful”

No. 1727730

god lock these troons the fuck up

No. 1727731

leave it to troons to be narcissistic assholes who only think of themselves and can't give any sympathy to ACTUAL women who are SA'd. They would be 100 percent fine with saying "make one of all of us or make one for none of us." I hope Beria's Place prospers.

No. 1727734

File: 1671079646986.png (137.89 KB, 713x1033, Fae Johnstone MSW on Twitter.p…)

he's at it again

No. 1727736

File: 1671079696215.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.54 KB, 680x510, FjuUP0nXoAA-UaJ.jpg)

No. 1727740

The audacity of men knows no bounds

No. 1727742

nipples protruding, very very disrespectful
why the fuck is this being bankrolled? cannot wrap my head around the fact that politics, economy, everything is all locked in a giant circlejerk of men cooming. grim

No. 1727747

It's almost like he's taking pride in the fact that he would had been fucking shot because he's a "woman". If you want to get shot so bad, then just do to yourself then.

No. 1727749

"Do you really think he is going to do a genital inspection?"
No but I do think you would conveniently opt out of womanhood to save your own life.

No. 1727756

Look I have a penis! I'm not a woman, can I please leave now?
A woman until it's no longer convenient for them.

No. 1727762

I want to a-log so bad. Disgusting scrote should be executed.

No. 1727772

holy shit, how dense. Its not about ''what could have happened'' its about what happened and it was about women, not troons. Literal clown world.

No. 1727776

File: 1671084362757.png (2.52 MB, 1704x1816, asdfgh.png)

Zuckerberg here has "never ever been clocked".

No. 1727781

"if i was there i'd be shot and killed!!!" yeah let's make this massacre of 14 innocent women about me me me. even being born female i cannot imagine inserting myself into such a tragic event. so tone deaf. this isn't even about honoring these poor women and their families to him, it's about affirming his 'womanhood'.

>even in supposedly very transphobic countries like the USA and Japan

do they live in the real world lmao.

No. 1727783

He may not have a clue and he may not have style
But everything he lacks, well, he makes up in denial

No. 1727784

File: 1671086258271.jpeg (248.34 KB, 750x723, 58456913-A17B-48FE-93E9-BD99F0…)

what do they think gender is? what a weird thing to be obsessed with.

No. 1727790

>In Japan, nobody complained about me
Does he know anything about Japanese culture?

No. 1727791

I agree, I don’t give a flying fuck about “gender” or “doing gender”, they should just date each other.

No. 1727793

This is a TIF though, no?

No. 1727799

The man in the thumbnail is a gay dude who got bottom surgery

No. 1727801

Where does he come up with these absolutely retarded hairstyles? Channelling Truly Scrumptious disguised as a haggard faggot right here.

No. 1727802

Holy fuck sorry for the incoming blogbost but shit im so fucking disgusted with my ex friend and almost no one will fucking let me vent without calling me transphobic.

I ended my friendship with my enby female friend of 10 years a couple months ago due to her trying to get me to date mtfs and shit like that. Over the past 3 years she's really gotten into the fucking lgbt queer shit. Shes been non binary for 3 years and started dating a mtf around 9 months ago. Since shes been dating the mtf shes been sending me pics of mtfs asking me if i think they are attractive/would i date them and she knows im a lesbian. She kept on asking me if i wanted to date one of her mtf friends and the final fucking straw was her asking for me to join her and her mtf bf to be polyamorous. I have no idea whats wrong with her. I dont know how she got this way from respecting I was lesbian over 5 years ago to straight up fucking trying to get me to hook up with men.
Almost everyone including my fucking therapist keeps on calling me transphobic and keeps on telling me shit like "just try dating them", "you should reconsider you views", etc. holy fuck im sick of all of this homophobia even from non lgb people. when does this shit fucking end? this is literally the only place i can fucking vent about this nasty shit.(sage your shit)

No. 1727804

File: 1671090592996.jpg (212.59 KB, 1077x1208, Screenshot_20221215_094603_com…)

A TIF made a video stating not all lesbians are terfs. She said it is transphobic to say so because that would erase trans lesbians. She said that lesbians not liking penis is due to trauma caused by aggressive cis men and lesbians are learning to unpack this trauma.

No. 1727805

oh no they trooned mike stoklasa

No. 1727806

seriously ditch that therapist if you haven't already. fucking retarded
KEK nona oh my god

No. 1727809

a bazillion years later and people still think women can only be lesbians because of trauma with men? now imagine if someone said this about gay moids

No. 1727810

it's funny that they think they pass so well that a genital inspection would be needed. the rest of us aren't as autistic as you and aren't face-blind, moid

No. 1727811

being totally ignored in public isn't "not being clocked"

No. 1727819

it's not even an entirely true story, he's not even an actual tranny by the self-id definition, he actually identifies as a heterosexual male androgyne and actually openly called actual homosexuality wrong

No. 1727822

Ur gonna get banned for that smiley jsyk

No. 1727826

why tf is he trying to dress like an edgy tumblr girl? i was going to say that a woman his age would be ridiculed for dressing like that, but then i googled him and he's only 34?? a 34yo woman could still dress like that. i guess being an ugly male is what makes his outfit so ridiculous.

right lmao, the delusion. and in Japan of all countries.

No. 1727828

I'm so sorry nona, those people are sick. Trans ideology turns everyone so fucking homophobic it's terrifying. You have to report the therapist for blatant homophobia, she's trying to "correct" your same sex attraction by forcing you to date men when you're already in a vulnerable position. It's disgusting.

So if cis and trans dicks are oh so different it's totally valid for everyone who is into dick to still not be intro trans dick, thanks for confirming that everyone being repulsed by troons is valid.
"Lesbians with penis trauma" are the only ones they gracefully grant the permission to not be into dick (but only cis dicks, you still have to be into trans dicks). These people are sick and twisted.

No. 1727830

I thought the point of the collage was because of the women's expressions next to the troons. They all look uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 1727831

I always thought of it as both a response to the tranny assertion that black women look masculine and also a showcase for how uncomfortable real women are next to fake ones.

No. 1727839

well troons do often insist that the black female experience is somehow closer to the tim experience than the white female one and all transphobes are either racist whites or self-hating poc. shows they have never spoken to a non-white normie (if white) or are majorly coping (if not white)

No. 1727847

This was also my impression. It's meant as a rebuttal to troons constantly banging on about how black women have more in common with troons than they do with other women. But that particular troon argument is so fucking retarded that maybe we shouldn't even be dignifying it with counter-evidence, especially if it makes black anons uncomfortable. We don't need to post endless pictures of black women looking better and more feminine than troons when the more obvious response to troons being racist is to just… call them racist. If someone says the sky is green, you don't post a bunch of photos of a blue sky, you just call them a retard and move on.

No. 1727848

File: 1671097170957.png (1.55 MB, 870x1882, tranny.png)

No. 1727849

that argument is extremely racist whenever they try to make it out like adding trans in front of woman makes trans women, and then they try to compare it to non-white women esp Black women and it isn't subtle

No. 1727852

How will tucking affect the boys' fertility, is there any studies? I've heard that if men use too tight underwear they might lose their ability to have children so starting to tuck this early on must do a lot of damage right? I can't understand how tras are so adamant about the treatments not causing infertility when puberty blockers, hormones and crushing your genitalia for days on end does just that.

No. 1727853

Fuck that therapists! Telling a patient she should try dating someone she's not attracted to has got to be some type of ethics violation.>>1727802

No. 1727855

>if you were raped by a tif you have to be quiet about it okay? but being raped by a cis man is ok vent all you like!

not to a-log but i wish i could blink these people out of existence.

No. 1727857

I hope you find yourself an actual woman one day nonna. Don't be taking shit from anyone trying to convince you to date a TiM. No one should tell you who you that you're bigoted for not wanting to date a TiM. Terrible friend honestly. It shouldn't take them 10 thousand times of not wanting to do anything with TiMs to get the picture. Stay strong Nonna and hope you find some better friends.

No. 1727859

"The vibe" is different, what a fucking idiot. A dick is a dick and only men can have dicks. The "lady dick" doesn't exist. Maybe they only look more flaccid, are uglier, feel dirtier and taste like piss and fish.


No. 1727860

The number one thing I don't think I understand when it comes to TiMs is what even is a woman to them? Like I genuinely do not understand their mindset at this point other than it being an overt fetish thing. It's okay to like like penis as long as you like OUR penis, like we'll just magically make an exception for them. And as if lesbians ONLY exist because of penis trauma. No you fucking troon I just do not like penis and no amount of you calling me a bigot or saying "you should just try it" will make me like them. No I don't have fucking "Penis Trauma" you retard. This makes me want to seriously a-log. Go 41% yourself "Jo".

No. 1727861

They think having different pronouns changes how their dick feels to others.

No. 1727866

Why do fat troons always have Peter Griffin vibes.

No. 1727870

Get a different therapist, there's a lot of terfy ones. I think older women might be better. This one is straight up homophobic and you should shame them for it.

No. 1727876

why is it that with gc men and women their only argument is that theyre “hot”?
why is the idea that they’re utterly repulsive so foreign to them? this motherfucker looks like a peter griffin boobah. ugly ass tranny

No. 1727882

What are you using gc to mean here? Trannies aren't gc.

No. 1727891

Nta but kek, you're right, if anything, trannies are Gender Extremists who make their lives all about following stereotypes, from how to dress to how to walk, feel, and do things, it's insane.

No. 1727911

Men just LOVE saying it’s more harmful for them to be perceived as rapists than rape is harmful to women.

No. 1727917

trans = religion
gender = faith
Not even joking, it all suddenly makes sense when you read it like this:
>i'm not going through faith 101 with you
>it's way easier being religious with other religious people
>holy shit your faith is awesome, my faith is awesome
>i just enjoy sharing the faithfulness of it all too much
Sad part is despite thinking and expressing this they deny the (extremely obvious) spirituality of it, because they think it's "reality" and everyone else just needs to "see the light".

No. 1727920

Feels more like a cult than organized religion at times.

No. 1727921

it is a cult, Exuslansic says this all the time.

No. 1727925

>i understand being scared of BEING A PREDATOR
>but fuck them (transwomen)
>being seen as a predatory male is worse than the racism black and brown people receive

what is this? spot the manipulative predator difficulty level -100?

No. 1727928

Whatever you call it it's a "religion" as much as cults are religions, or spirituality without a clear "god" is religion. It's faith based beliefs without any ties to reality.

No. 1727936

Well she's a bit off her rocker too so I wouldn't trust everything she says. But other people do call it a cult too so she's not wrong there.

No. 1727940

>I'm not attracted to blonds.
>"Have you tried dating one?"
>I'm not attracted to manlets.
>"Have you tried dating one?"
>I'm not attracted to lanky men.
>"Have you tried dating one?"
>I'm not attracted to penises, and I wouldn't be attracted to an unwashed poorly-dressed pornsick man even if you could magic a real vagina onto him.
>"You have to try dating one or you're a bad person."
You can expect people you turn down to put some pressure on, so I'd expect troons to be pushy, but there's no reason for a therapist or "friend" to do so. Well, if they're so convinced troon dick is so good then they can keep it all to themselves. No need to share, more for them!

No. 1727945

I've been in trannie circles before I peaked and there are so many transbians who if you told them to date a moid or even another MiF, they'd freak out. These trannies only want real women so they can skinwalk.

No. 1727950

>"just try dating them", "you should reconsider you views", etc.

Nobody is obliged to sympathyfuck weird pathetic fetishizing pornsick men (who are also invariably incredibly ugly since normal men do not need to resort to womanface) this is like someone trying to get their friend to date a 500lb man because they feel sorry for them. Even worse when it's homophobic or conversion therapy/rapeshit

Taking all other elements out of it, sympathy fucking is never a good idea. Nobody should have intimate relations with someone they find disgusting.

No. 1727951

They want women because they actually do understand the difference between men and women despite pretending not to

No. 1727952

It was so refreshing to see the fandom for Encanto tell gendies to F-off for once just because a woman looks masculine doesn’t mean they’re trans

No. 1727957

They’re so obsessed with these hypothetical “genital inspections”. I don’t want to see your penis sir, nor does anyone else. I swear they’re all just exhibitionists waiting for a moment to sexually assault someone.

No. 1727960

File: 1671114882581.jpeg (168.47 KB, 2220x1080, Fj-ZabeacAAjW3I.jpeg)

Gross man Robyn Woof - who identifies as a woman, spitting on women attending a screening for Adult Human Female in Edinburgh

No. 1727966

They have no idea how wrong they are. Becoming more “terfy”, while increasing my despair about how women have been historically and are currently oppressed, has also made me learn to love myself and my body. I let my body hair grow out after shaving it for over a decade, always thinking it was “gross” before. I don’t wear makeup anymore because I realized that for me, it felt pointless. I don’t mind my period now, honestly by virtue of how so many of them hate us for having periods and existing as women. Everything I did to or thought about my body was due to getting caught up in what I thought was necessary to exist in a patriarchal world. Not kowtowing to men feels so much better, and I love myself for unpacking all that shit and breaking out of it. Scrotes like that one will never understand the self-love a woman can have once she stops giving a shit about men.

No. 1727969

Shouldn’t spitting on someone be considered assault, especially after covid started?

No. 1727975

was just about to say this nona

No. 1727978

Definitely, and he has been reported to the university. We'll see what happens…

Also just realised I linked to the wrong tweet, where it shows the stills of him actually spitting https://twitter.com/Wreath0fBarbs/status/1603168684285251584

No. 1727987

File: 1671117276556.jpeg (561.29 KB, 2048x1365, eduni.jpeg)

eww this is him in the middle. imagine wearing this for a professional photo, as a representative for a university

No. 1727988

>you can't tell someone is trans just by looking at them


No. 1727990

Oh my god. Did he just forget his pants?

No. 1727992

Why is his whole coochie out wtf is going on??? If i saw this on a university website i would not apply.

No. 1727993

Why was this allowed? If he was a woman for real that would not fly.

No. 1728001

File: 1671118249577.png (703.23 KB, 702x750, Fj-0V05aMAE07pB.png)

Why are they this delusional, its literally always just shaving their beards off and putting on some bad makeup

No. 1728009

kek the choker. always the choker emphasising their fat male necks.

No. 1728011

goddamn even the fat fuck from the hangover movies trooned out huh

No. 1728016

File: 1671120280799.jpg (2.08 MB, 2560x1440, robynw.jpg)

I found some photos of him assaulting an old woman. the context here is that this old woman is anti-abortion, so of course he feels justified in being violent towards her. I am very much pro-choice but this angers me. It's the same as him feeling justified in being violent towards "TERFs". He would never attack MEN who are anti-abortion or anti-trans. Reminder that men seek out this movement so they can disguise their aggression towards women under the guise of activism.

No. 1728019

Not sure on that front, but if the tucking doesn't make them infertile, then the puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones definitely will.

No. 1728021

File: 1671120647411.png (141.42 KB, 460x527, Kayla Lemieux.png)

an update on Lemieux.

>is working as a substitute teacher at other schools now

>students warned not to take photos or videos or they will be suspended
>some footage emerges anyway
>he is now using crutches

I couldn't find the video referenced though. if anyone finds it, pls post

No. 1728022

oh I found it. it just wasn't loading for me on the news page for some reason.

No. 1728028

I hope everyone keeps photographing him. It's what he deserves showing up like a clown to work. Invade his privacy like he invades women's spaces.

No. 1728030

File: 1671122120577.png (50.36 KB, 596x372, dumbassery.png)

He probably hates the movie because he resents his mother and the message about empathy flew over his head because he's an angry trancel. And of course he thinks Jamie Lee Curtis' natural body is disgusting too.
>My partner says it's a crazy difference.
All he did was shaved and straightened out his hair. There is no difference.
How does he keep getting hired as a shop teacher? Troon shit aside that man is a literal safety hazard. I took a shop wood and metal shop class once and I remember the instructors wouldn't let anyone into the shop until they were wearing proper attire. If you had long hair it had to be tied and long nails or jewelry were not allowed. I can't wait to watch shaky Snapchat video of his prosthetic breasts getting caught in a bandsaw kek.
>The loud thump as he stomps around in his crutches

No. 1728032

Attacking anyone who’s just standing there with a sign is moid shit. It doesn’t matter if they have a different opinion or not, that’s one of the things I hate about these men so much. They purposefully go after women (like you said, not men), who are always peacefully protesting. I’m pro-choice too but I’ve never felt the urge to beat some old pro-life woman into submission because what would that accomplish? Using aggression instead of words when it’s not needed is so male.

No. 1728033

Some anons might think this is mean but for the fakebois that throw women under the bus, I have no sympathy for them, even if they crawl back begging for forgiveness.

No. 1728034

File: 1671123687042.jpg (192.4 KB, 1240x2325, bog2n6vaqy5a1.jpg)

Do they still claim it's not a fetish?

No. 1728036

right? HOW is he still getting hired? it's one thing for him to be hired pre-transition and them not able to fire him, it's another thing actually going through the hiring process and see not only a clear mentally unstable person, a health hazard but also a controversial figure that has been in the news/caused protests etc. and deciding to let him look after your students. wtf is going on?? this is so bizarre

No. 1728038

From what I heard he was hanging by a thread because he would say a lot of anti SJW shit, he pulled the trans card before he was about to get fired so that way he can sue for discrimination if they fired him

I don't like him but he's a perfect example of trans privilege, I just wonder how many other people turn trans to get away with everything

No. 1728042

A lot. Sage for tranny ex blog but he trooned out in prison and got Lambda Legal involved and it led to Shitmer commuting his sentence to time served. Fuck Michigan.

No. 1728044

british men are so fucking predictable

No. 1728046

File: 1671124740585.png (261.78 KB, 488x500, reduxx.png)

Yet another rapist pedophile transferred to a woman's prison. he groomed and sexually abused a 13 year old girl. really horrific stuff. but now he conveniently identifies as a woman.

No. 1728047

File: 1671124805853.png (47.59 KB, 654x184, nonnie.png)

also how dare this disgusting troon choose the name nonnie

No. 1728048

Meanwhile actual female JLC (who has been the subject of male accusations before trannies were cool) was thrilled to not have to watch her weight as a 60+ year old
I read that but wasn't this just debunked as a random internet lie? I don't remember there being any source about him not being just a typical fetishistic tranny

No. 1728049

File: 1671125345500.webm (18.09 MB, 1080x1920, hair_metal_buffalo_bill.webm)

sage for no real milk and autism, but youtube suggested me this video by a channel called Crissy salem metal mascara with literally 100 views or something and I've been in this rabbit hole ever since. was considering not posting him here since it might just be a dude with issues but encyclopedia metallum lists him as a woman. here's what i've gathered so far

>used to be connected to some band called diamond rexx that stopped being relevant since before I was born

>is in an on and off again relationship with himself
>is in a supposed relationship with another scrote in makeup/tranny called "rave spellsong" on instagram
>this spell song only shares this freak's video on twitter - indicating that he is possibly cheating on himself…with himself
>all his "heavy metal news videos" are just excuses for him to shake his hank hill ass at the camera while metal music from the 80s play in the background
this is like some trainwreck but for the sake of my sanity I'll stop now

No. 1728050

they have serial killers who targeted women locked up with women? what????

No. 1728060

His YouTube about section says he has an onlyfans. The absolute horror.

No. 1728082

>From what I heard he was hanging by a thread because he would say a lot of anti SJW shit, he pulled the trans card before he was about to get fired so that way he can sue for discrimination if they fired him
This rumor came from one poster on /pol. There is zero proof for it.

No. 1728084

If it's the case then it is a huge dedication to the bit. Also it doesn't explain why other schools are taking him on as a substitute teacher. That's what is really confusing me. Unless he already had a contract with those schools? We need more information. The amount of suppression of this story is crazy.

No. 1728087

The bit about pedophiles is a pretty good comparison. Chomos are at the bottom of the totem pole in prison and often have to be separated from the other inmates for their own safety. Imagine if a convicted child molester said, "Adult prison is too dangerous for me. I should be placed in juvenile hall instead." He'd be ridiculed, but that's the exact logic TRAs use for putting trannies in women's prisons.

Biological males are a danger to women, yet we're pushing for certain biological males to be put in cells with women on the basis that they're "too vulnerable" to be housed with men. Most trannies are in jail for a sex crime, typically against a woman. If pedophiles are getting murdered in prison and trannies are getting their asses kicked, that's an issue with security in the prison, not with the demographics of inmates they're housed with.

No. 1728093

I don't know about Bongland, but in the States, spitting on someone is considered battery.

No. 1728117

The stark contrast between the trannies and the actual women in this image is so funny. All the women are wearing nice, comfortable clothes appropriate to the context. They look good and professional, but then the trannies just show how much they do not give a fuck about integrating into society anymore. Showing off their low muscle mass disgusting thighs and wearing a fucking corset for a professional photo is disgusting and disrespectful.
And they have the audacity to say that we can't tell who's a tranny or not - sorry, but you're all insanely obvious. When you're not wearing heart chokers and an outfit you've seen from porn, you're just dressed completely inappropriately and as skimpy as possible when real women aren't even interested in that.

No. 1728120

>When you're not wearing heart chokers and an outfit you've seen from porn, you're just dressed completely inappropriately and as skimpy as possible when real women aren't even interested in that

That's what makes them so brave. Skirt go spinny hehe

No. 1728121

he's not a pol op you tarded tranny, this is how idiotic you all are. go false flag somewhere else

No. 1728126

Pol try and say he is a psyop because scrotes refuse to accept the fact that men are just coomer degenerates.

No. 1728128

The robotic denunciations of JK Rowling are kinda annoying. Even if you put aside the whole issue of truth in her statements, it's crazy the level of blindness people have to have to force this standard for JK Rowling they can't on a practical level hold anyone else to.

Like how many of them are big anime nerds? Do they really think Anno, Kojima, Miyazaki or whoever actually read and buy into Judith Butler, really? Even WaPo and the NYT don't. People like Hasan Piker and Chapos don't. JK was all for it when the ideology stated it was mainly about preventing hate crimes, she jumped ship when it became about erasing the category of women and medicalisation. How many others even got that far? They never want to deal with the question of actual support or what a dialogue with people who fully understand what TRA language means looks like.

No. 1728161

File: 1671138986838.jpg (853.62 KB, 1440x1080, jimsterling.jpg)

wtF is going on with his moobs?

No. 1728163

looks like they start at his neck, kek

No. 1728172

he is the ugliest motherfucker. I feel so annoyed to used to watch the Jimquistion back in 2013 when he was going off about gaming scandals. But i fell off when he went into rants about transwomen ARE women and then had that podcast with Laura k buzz. Nasty degenerates.

No. 1728174

i hope he gets killed by the inmates. I cant believe this shit is happening in 2022.
>quietly transferred
Hope everyone involved with this dies horribly

No. 1728179

File: 1671141049165.jpeg (78.5 KB, 495x680, FkCjT9OVEAAPJi3.jpeg)

DM just published an article with a bit more detail. apparently he now requires police escorts because of the bomb threats.

No. 1728183

why is this disgusting piece of shit still employed at a school?? i hope they record him everywhere he goes

No. 1728185

There are many mothers in prison who won't stand for this and sock-in-lock attacks are already not uncommon, so who knows how long he'll last. It's not like women's prison is a complete walk in the park.

No. 1728186

It's illegal to say or do anything about it because trannies are a protected class and he totally is possessed by the female gender spirit and needs to modify his body to express that religious belief.

The article says students mostly don't comment on it anymore even though some are still openly uncomfortable, as if to say nobody cares anymore. Bullshit they just can't do anything and get punished if they say a word, so of course they keep their mouths shut and their head down. This abominable pervert has free reign over children because his right to live out his fetish > student's rights to not be molested.

No. 1728187

can’t the students just walk out of his class if he’s teaching? at this point who cares about getting suspended if the school is willing to protect trannies over them.

No. 1728189

I'm concerned for their safety though. Even if they gang up on him, he is still a man with the power to rape and physically abuse the women there. I just hope they make it as difficult for him as possible.

No. 1728191

Why risk your academic future for this? Eat shit for two hours a week or eat shit all day every day for being a violent transphobe nazi truant. Nobody has their back, the entire establishment protects this pervert swine.

No. 1728194

that part of the article really annoyed me. it's already stated that they are threatened with suspension if they talk about it. so of course they're not going to talk to the media if they're uncomfortable. hate that is makes out like all the kids are cool with it now and "think she should be able to express herself however she wants to."

No. 1728198

Normies are so far gone with this, they believe there is such a thing as being trans when in reality there is zero evidence for it and there's not even a scientific theory that could potentially explain what it is. But mainstream media and politics push it as fact and so people think it is a fact when it couldn't be further from that.

If even 10% of normies knew the truth about the trans scam and its non-existent basis in science there would be riots in the streets over these policies, but the only people who know the truth are literal neo nazis, terfs, and other internet schizophrenics nobody listens to.

No. 1728204

I agree. I don't see how committing violent crimes against girls and women shouldn't be taken into consideration when these moids want a transfer. You committed a crime against the same population you now want access to? Nah, fuck that shit fr

No. 1728207

Uhh, sweety are you arguing for putting women who murder or assault women into men's prison????
TWAW !!!

No. 1728208

If anything happens to him, it would probably be at night. I don't want to completely lose hope for the women who are stuck with him.

No. 1728231

>n-no you don't get, it's actually a big brain undercover move!!

No. 1728232

trannies are chapos and hasans top paypigs, they are absolute an arm of the TRA movement. calling someone a chapo is literally calling them a tranny

No. 1728235

how is the school district financing this circus instead of just firing this freak? owning their students and their chud parents by throwing thousands of dollars on exposing kids to a disgusting pervert instead of educating them?

No. 1728247

clearly the inevitable lawsuit resulting from firing a troon is a far more expensive option

No. 1728253

also firing a teacher who has tenure is extremely difficult. teachers unions are great for the teachers but if a teacher sucks, the union makes a lot of trouble for the school.

No. 1728279

Still laughing at him being so hard to watch he lost over 300k subs just for trooning out

No. 1728282

what I don't understand is how he's not even getting in trouble for DRESS code?? visible (fake) nipple outline must be violating fucking something. I know for a fact they wouldn't let it fly on a teen girl who has actual real breasts.

No. 1728331

I wish a group of students would buy those prosthetic breasts and all wear them to school.

No. 1728388

Does anyone else clock troons just from their putting their pronouns in their bio? Anytime I see she/her it's an instant red flag, and more often than not venturing to their profile confirms it. It's ironic because I never announce that I'm female in online spaces because of weirdos; not even my handmaiden friends have their pronouns in their bios. Yet now seeing she/her signifies that they're actually male. We've gone full circle.

No. 1728393

Some people put their correct pronouns in their bio, but they do seem to be a minority. That kind is usually supremely annoying, anyway (and most of the moids that do it are troons in the making).

No. 1728396

this this this. the second i see someone put pronouns i automatically think troon, faggot, or TRA. these porn-sick moids are really trying to claim even the simplest of rights; fucking pronouns. as if they haven't taken over every female space/circle/thing to ever exist, KEK

No. 1728403

File: 1671161759884.webm (1.68 MB, 576x1024, 1ee2e30e1011873e5bf0b2dceb223a…)

This was the first video that showed up on my fyp on tiktok after not using it for months, nothing but positivity in the comments too. Every time I think about how a million teenagers probably see videos like this every day it makes me nauseous. tiktok is cancer lol

No. 1728405

she/her can be pretty questionable, because there are more than enough handmaidens who don't claim to be trans but still want to kiss their asses and virtue signal with pronouns. But he/him almost ALWAYS = female, men do not care enough about tranny feelings to bother unless they themselves are trannies.

No. 1728408

File: 1671162276323.jpeg (395.41 KB, 1536x2048, 85941065-959B-47BF-8A77-50E805…)

that giant hand

No. 1728409

How can these male whales think that skirt go spinny is cute when they do it? They all look like the retarded degenerates they are.
Every time I've met a he/him in bio male, he's had every "will troon out" red flag in the book, and likely considered switching to she/her the second he put he/him up instead. They're far outnumbered by he/him Aidens and Kais, though.

No. 1728410

and the nails are sickening

No. 1728411

Sage for blog but periodically I have gotten YouTube video essays recommended where the host is a troon with a female username and avatar/pathetic furry rantsona but upon clicking the actual video the voice is straight up that of a male, not even the archetypal sassy gay male voice training Troon voice, but just a man with zero attempt at even imitating female cadence and pitch. It gets under my skin even more than usual troonshit because it shatters the illusion immediately. What is the point if you won't even try? Low effort troons disgust me the most

No. 1728412

i think it's very disrespectful of gay men to be openly celebrating such a trivial victory while women are literally dying because biden and the rest of the democrats dragged their feet on codifying abortion rights

No. 1728413

File: 1671162590362.png (140.86 KB, 374x315, Screenshot 2022-12-15 224803.p…)

I am so sick of this ugly troon being shilled so hard.

No. 1728415

File: 1671162772881.png (159.07 KB, 267x494, 1571838344040.png)

imagine this guy in your daughters class

No. 1728416

File: 1671162823966.png (34.49 KB, 743x281, jk.png)

dats the point

No. 1728418

thank you anon, you struck gold, what a jumpscare! It sounds like he is mad that his career never took off and it's been getting to him.

No. 1728429

We didn't have the problem of males identifying into female spaces en masse and women being legally unable to be uncomfortable with it 20 years ago, Tim.

No. 1728434

someone needs to respond to him to that picture of a tranny bragging about walking with his dick out at a woman shelter

No. 1728438

what's funny is we did
the man that sued vancouver rape relief for not letting him work as a counselor there sued them in the 90s

No. 1728440

That didn't get the rape centre shut down like the trannies have

No. 1728441

File: 1671167624814.png (540.97 KB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20221216-110805.png)

I noticed that too. I came across him on Spotify because i listen to women with similar vibes (Chelsea Wolfe, darkher etc) and none of them pushed so hard as he does. Btw, I wonder if nonnies watched this video, I swear this is the most male he's ever looked lmao, Barg vikernes lookalike. Those giant moid talons jump out immediately. Twink death is probably happening as we speak

No. 1728443

Hahaha I didn’t know this one was a troon. He kept getting recommended to me by people knowing my penchant for music with dark religious themes but try as I might I just could not get into his music.

My subconscious was protecting me from dick. Love having a woman’s intuition

No. 1728449

File: 1671168624613.png (15.66 KB, 578x124, braindead.png)

saw that transgender was trending on twitter, looked and saw this as a recent tweet. Imagine living in a bubble and lying to yourself this hard

No. 1728461

Liberal or lefty men are the only ones who genuinely believe that conservative men are more likely to be sexual predators. Getting groomed by a lgbt+ ally man with a guitar is pretty much a rite of passage for girls these days.

Men are really out here trying to shift blame onto every other group but whatever one they belong to like we are all too stupid to notice that there is no category of man that is exempt from the innate masculine urge to rape and traumatize girls and women.

No. 1728469

File: 1671171083923.png (965.71 KB, 1474x1260, totallynotdangerous.png)

You can just tell they haven't ever bothered to actually look into these claims they are making

No. 1728479

File: 1671171435105.png (144.48 KB, 681x656, reginaarthurell.png)

No. 1728481

File: 1671171574764.png (484.56 KB, 537x722, rachel queen burton.png)

No. 1728488

File: 1671171996116.jpg (136.92 KB, 800x601, 202121532551.jpg)

No. 1728491

I love this pic so much, i'm glad he got excluded by the real girls and mocked on social media en-masse.

No. 1728498

im just wondering how many of the 3% are moids with a grc

No. 1728508

This was reposted over and over on 4chan by someone who REALLY wanted people to believe it, kek. Zero evidence, but plenty of evidence that the teacher is for real (Tinder account from 2021, videos of him teaching in a falsetto voice, etc).
Whenever you see a tranny insisting it's fake, ask him for proof. He'll react with aggression because he knows it's a lie and cope he can never deliver on.

No. 1728510

so true and well put. it's even more ridiculous when it comes to trannies because them being trannies doesn't say anything about where they stand on the political spectrum, what it does say however is that they're more likely to have other paraphilias/be sexual deviants, and there's evidence for it (like >>1728488)

No. 1728511

File: 1671174284723.png (43.54 KB, 828x201, cooffending.png)

Probably a few that managed to slip through the cracks, though majority are likely pick-mes or addicts co-offending with pedo scrotes. Being a pick-me brings out the worst in women and men are eager to exploit that.

No. 1728520

they think trooning out will delay it instead of accelerating it, kek

No. 1728527

the tranny is trying to touch everyone but no-one is touching him. Body language never fails

No. 1728532

File: 1671175917447.png (43.67 KB, 829x435, blah.png)

dykes have it so easy

No. 1728536

His reddit description:

"Alt account because my main got banned for "spreading hate"⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She/her (Trans)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Women & femboys & fembies⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I like planes and tanks and im a leftist ig"


No. 1728537

They see lesbians as a category of woman to cosplay as instead of an actual oppressed minority so of course they can't imagine us having worse trauma than them. God I hate them.

No. 1728541

File: 1671178486341.jpg (81.27 KB, 828x1310, 20221216_091358.jpg)

No. 1728543

File: 1671178626474.jpg (512.99 KB, 1536x2048, 20221216_091400.jpg)

No. 1728545

File: 1671179132581.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, 1663071602212.png)

Fuck I thought this was the nerdy guys thread… my day is ruined… why do TIMs have to groom insecure nerdy guys! WHY? I swear to god nerdy guys should be a protected class!

No. 1728546

I want to alog so bad I hope he spends the rest of his life alone,unloved and alienated from his friends and family I am done this broke me

No. 1728548

is this the same guy who paid like 50k to get a new hairline?

No. 1728549


Please for the love of god tell me this is very fake and not real, I'm actually going to vomit, holy shit

No. 1728550

Imagine thinking mentally ill men should be allowed in women's rape crisis centres. Imagine being mad when they aren't allowed in there. Imagine hating women that much.

What if someone opened a WOC only rape crisis centre? Would that be racist for excluding white people? What about a children's only centre? Is that adult-transphobic? Or will even thinking about that make their tiny hypocritical brains explode?

No. 1728551

>he/him almost ALWAYS = female, men do not care enough about tranny feelings to bother unless they themselves are trannies
The exception is woke canadian males and boyfriends of handmaidens

No. 1728554

The girls should all get giant prosthetic dicks to wear to school, it's just gender expression so it's ok right

No. 1728557

>Normies are so far gone with this, they believe there is such a thing as being trans when in reality there is zero evidence for it and there's not even a scientific theory that could potentially explain what it is.
I used to think the witch burning period was so silly, how did people not realize everything was made up for like 30 years when they had zero evidence any of those black magic things happened, that would never happen in modern times! Then this troon bullshit happened. People are so fucking dumb. Peak your friends, peak your moids, peak your parents.

No. 1728566

that’s it. i’m officially peaked. why should i be forced to share a gender with these sickos? or a planet even? this is legitimately disgusting, give that breast pump to a woman who actually needs it you gross faggot

No. 1728571

a reddit troon tried to fuck their own dad and in the end gets his dad drunk and sexually assaults him. If this is just a fetish larp, it's so typical of them to pretend to be underaged like this. Why the fuck are they always pretending to be children in degenerate contexts? If this is true, then this is an exceptional example of how deep down all moids operate on prison instincts where they're all ok with just fucking eachother

No. 1728575

Not to wk but am preeeeeetty sure this is larp bait. Remember that there was literally a nonna here who admitted to making fake stories on Reddit herself kek

No. 1728578

ot but this youtuber is like a more annoying sounding ready to glare jesus christ

No. 1728591

I hope whoever buys this does a qualitative analysis of what exactly is in it. Because I highly fucking doubt there's anything of nutritional value there.

(I'm aware that if someone does buy it they're likely going to do something degenerate with it. I'm just trying to be optimistic)

No. 1728595

File: 1671186440138.png (518.38 KB, 1552x850, drharrison.png)

So apparently Dylan Mulvaney is getting FFS done by the same surgeon who did Bruce Jenner's FFS

No. 1728597

Weak men have never been any less misogynistic than jocks. Going after moids with the Paul Dano phenotype wouldn't protect you from male retardation, even if trannyism didn't exist.

No. 1728598

no wonder, i hope hes terribly botched and gets necrosis

No. 1728600

Moids trying to look like women will always be a fruitless endeavor, but especially so with this guy. There is absolutely nothing feminine about him. I can't imagine what the hell they'll try to do to his caveman skull and can't wait to see how uncanny valley Dylan can truly get KEK

No. 1728601

I hope seniors have their own separate class and he is not with actual children.

No. 1728602

The narcissism. The audacity.

No. 1728603

doesn't even seem cold. classic psychopath troon.

No. 1728606

well yeah this aint gonna work for him lol

No. 1728607

fuck you

No. 1728609

I just looked him up and I cannot stand this glorification of a man who is clearly demonstrating gay conversion therapy in action. literally a preacher's son and looks like a traumatised cult victim. now he is larping as the "ethereal" anorexic, disassociated karen carpenter type woman and people are eating it up. how depressing.

No. 1728613

Implying that it's British men and not all the fucking Pajeets that live in Bongland now.(racebait)

No. 1728614

I honestly feel like Jim Sterling deserves a thread in his own right. He's such a histrionic moron.

No. 1728630

He has one, but it’s dead.

No. 1728634

Kiwi has one that's active, but even moids don't wanna watch him anymore. Last I heard he still does his stupid wrestling shit and was trying to move to or from England to the states.

No. 1728648

He’d probably say something about how “that’s different because it’s a female dick”.

No. 1728649

What’s the difference? They’re all the same. Males are the problem.

No. 1728650

File: 1671198216316.jpeg (360.23 KB, 1170x1030, 0A3E52AF-F7A8-4EE8-A844-75CA93…)

I knew this was written by a TiF the second I saw it.

No. 1728652

This ugly mf drives me insane because you just know that an actual ugly woman with zero self awareness would never be given the chance he has.

No. 1728653

This. That’s how they view all women, as boiled down porn stereotypes. They don’t care about lesbians as real people who have lives in which misogyny and homophobia intersect and have made life hellish at times, they just see the word “lesbian” and their porn-fried brains go to the endless sea of videos where women are faking squealing and orgasming or to their pedophilic yuri or dommy mommy shit.

No. 1728655

This has to be fake. I thought even with all the drugs they use to stimulate “breast milk”, they can only bring forth tiny amounts of puss and whatever else the components are.

No. 1728657

I think you mean TiM, nonna. TiF = trans-identified female (so an FtM) and TiM = trans-identified male (MtF). Post is still gross though, they’re so clockable by how they type and what they talk about.

No. 1728658

The trans fucks girls definitely puts into perspective what the fuck these moids are watching

No. 1728666

File: 1671199774594.jpg (5.46 KB, 370x100, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg)

Why would so many people be interested in this topic
I mean I understand it's a trend among autists but among normies?

No. 1728669

File: 1671200176555.jpeg (752.69 KB, 960x1615, 25D2CC34-82FB-48E1-A6F7-4E8546…)

people in the replies compared this to white people saying the n word. The fucking n word.

No. 1728673

we need to bomb uk

No. 1728679

based partner but she should dump him

No. 1728682

This, why do they put up with these narcissistic pieces of shit?

No. 1728688

It’s like that John Mulaney joke: “we know the N word is worse because we literally won’t say it”

No. 1728697

Probably a huge chunk of people are rubbernecking due to how loud and pushy the agenda keeps growing. Doubt that many people are identifying as trans, just wanna join the fuss. But who knows. Maybe it's a plant to further force the ideology in front of more eyes.

No. 1728712

There's your problem. Germany is full of genuinely evil autistic moids who do nothing but get drunk, jack off to paraphilic porn (mostly humiliation, furry, crossdressing, and transformation), obsess over weapons, and rape prostitutes. The women are fine, but I swear I've never met a moid with German ancestry who wasn't complete human garbage with severely disordered sexuality and low empathy. Men are awful everywhere, but German men are literal coom apes.

No. 1728715

Somehow they always know exactly who's trans and who's the girl when it comes to coom

No. 1728717

Bruce jenner had ffs? Literally had no idea, he still looks a million percent male so that was clearly wasted money

No. 1728721

Ffs has a tendency to never work out. Just look at troon before and after pictures.

No. 1728726

Nonna, it's not necessarily positive interest. There are enough normies who are peaking.

No. 1728742

Nerdy scrotes have always been worse than jock types kek

No. 1728743

I would not trust any of the middle three, they all look sus as fuck.

No. 1728751

I just looked it up and prices start from £27k ($32k) upwards for that kind of surgery. And I've never seen an example where they don't look pretty much the exact same as before kek. i cannot imagine having anywhere close to those amounts of savings in my lifetime, to splurge on something so dumb. but of course they justify it as lifesaving so they don' come across like the privileged narcissists they are.

No. 1728763

they either look the same or somehow even more masculine because it always makes their face more elongated

No. 1728764

There was a troon on youtube who recently literally sicced his audience to physically harm people for watching exulansic by posting videos sitting in his car outside their house, all because she reacted to a video in which he himself said he was disappointed that no one noticed his FFS or praised him for it (there really wasn't a difference kek)

No. 1728769

one thing that gets me about those before/after pics, is that you often see things less complicated than taking an angle grinder to the browbone or fucking with the hairline that would actually make them look less manly (although theres only so much one can do kek) that the surgeon didnt bother doing? like, with so many of them i think this person would have been better off just saving their money and getting a regular nose job and some filler lol, its a total racket

No. 1728772

File: 1671211513378.webm (444.04 KB, 320x568, 393OKGwM_K4mQSZT.webm)

This is just straight up grooming feminine gay men

No. 1728774

it's fake and he's trying to do a "sell my bath water!!!" type of thing. of course there will be a nasty scrote out there who will buy it

No. 1728775

this thread is putting me off nerdy guys for LIFE

No. 1728778

it's porn, it ruined this crop of children and their millennial and gen x parents just shrug helplessly. they are worse than the boomer generation and it's the sexism disguised as empowerment dirty, violent 1970s all over again but a thousand times worse. just waiting for more serial killers to pop up

No. 1728779

hope he gets nerve damage and lifetime chronic pain

No. 1728780

5 months later and all the comments are overwhelmingly negative…it gives me hope

No. 1728781

Don’t act like every scrote doesn’t suck ass. Some can play pretend at being nicer than others, but deep down they’re all deranged.

No. 1728782

>just waiting for more serial killers to pop up
This. See>>1728479. I know these are about the same person but it feels more common now to see men who have these paraphilias harming more women out in the open then being given free reign to live along women in prison.

No. 1728784

I loved this interview. Trevor Noah is hit or miss for me, but you could tell he was biting his tongue in this one.

No. 1728786

it's so dishonest how they act like they are banned from sports. i think people literally used to think that sporting bodies were refusing trans people. glad they're starting to wake up and see that nope, they can still compete in the men's (as well as still being welcome in most women's teams for now, unfortunately) and how they have a clear advantage. also think people are starting to notice how we never hear from TIFs wanting to compete in male categories kek

No. 1728788

my experience confirms this. you know what you're getting with the jock types. they are more upfront with their misogyny, at the very least.

No. 1728790

I wish Trevor got him to elaborate on the racist aspect of transphobia. This white man trying to lump his big ass in with woc is absurd.

No. 1728791

Trevor really fucking tried. He immediately starts to try and get real discussion started by telling the dude that we need to get over the "transphobe" finger pointing and talk about issues without ulterior motives. Tranny totally derails and shoots down every one of Trevor's honest arguments with "but I'M A WOMAN." Trevor, for being a huge liberal, ends the interview by basically saying "yeah yeah, but let's wait for REAL research." The look on Trevors face when the troon talks about transphobia coming from colonizers is hilarious. It's like a microsecond of indignation. This white man is talking to a black guy from fucking SOUTH AFRICA. The audacity of this dude made me hate TRAs that much more. Peak a few normies too. Love to see it.

No. 1728801

There are already serial killers popping up, they just wont be infamous just yet.

No. 1728818

We never hear about TIFs on the teams, unless they're being taken out on a stretcher. See the latest tranny vs tranny hockey match.

No. 1728821

Which troon? Not that any of them tend to be that unique from each other I just get a decent amount of schadenfreude from the like (also I just realised all exulansic's
videos on odyssey are membership only now? Ugh that's sad, she's a little too crazy to monetarily support honestly)
Poor Trevor, John Stewart does nothing but gaggle tranny cock now so Trevor probably can't say shit. It's one thing if your boss throws them a bone here and there but I'm sure it's harder to speak out on it when he's actively campaigning for trannies and probably has expectations for the show bringing up their issues in a supportive light

No. 1728829

Is John Stewart a chaser or have troon kids or something? Or is another case of men going out of their way for other men?

No. 1728832

Can someone briefly spoonfeed me on what she did/said? I remember it was right after the CAS report but can't find the right thread, thanks in advance

No. 1728838

Men will be men. Gay or straight, they have zero empathy for women.

No. 1728840

I wish it was easier to talk about the fact that because of porn basically all men now have what used to be considered serial killer level paraphilias, and they all jerk off to extreme violence against women, and incest, and cp, and rape on a daily basis.

Sometimes I think TIMs might be the least of our worries, because you can always spot them ten miles off. 'Normal' men are all ruined and dangerous now too, but they hide it better.

No. 1728841

I will bet my firstborn that a substantial percentage of that concoction is semen

No. 1728842

I can't make a facebook right now to get a picture, gives me an error but Rachel Levine is skinwalking his daughter when she wore glasses, he chose the same exact kind of glasses and hairstyle as when she was a teenager

No. 1728848

It's still wildly confuses me how someone can be a competitive cyclist and look like a tub of lard

No. 1728849

I hate you for this one, nonnie

No. 1728858

I know this is old, but this absolute retard really thinks he's a top performer because he just found the best training method, and women are just not trying hard enough I guess. I'm surprised no one "accidentally" ran him over while cycling.

No. 1728865

Either chaser or he lost his mind. He started going hard around the trans kids stuff about the same time Ellen did I think. It's possible some kid he's related to or loves is trans identified but as far as I know he hadn't mentioned anyone specific driving him to start caring as hard as he did about troons. It's also possible that retirement on the ranch gave him a huge porn addiction of course
I don't know about other anons but I stopped watching for a while because she is obsessed with her theories and will go insane trying to confirm her ideas. She had it in her head that Jazz Jennings was suffering a very specific brain issue from the hormones, decided it was fact and the sole reason for his weight gain, and would bring it up constantly during her videos as this certain truth. Like full blown condescension in videos saying "how can Jazz loose weight when we all know he suffers this issue". She couldn't just have a theory and put it to the side when related issues came up, she was weirdly adamant of her diagnosis and used it as her foundation to talk about anything to do with Jazz's weight. At that point every episode was about his weight so it was just her going on about how he couldn't control himself due to his "obvious" brain injury she diagnosed him with. That's just one example but you can kinda see why she was trans at one point, she suffers strongly from confirmation bias and will go out looking for everything to prove herself right to others without even entertaining other ideas. And goes overboard trying to convince others as well. She went a little mental when people suggested she shouldn't act like this is fact then she made a video about the disorder trying to convince people she was right

No. 1728872

this picture isnt even graphic and it still made me fucking gag

No. 1728876

because it's a bottle of pus. and like another nona said, it's probably got semen in there too. at the very least you know this is his fetish and he got off on it. repulsive.

No. 1728884

i hope so, a little surprise for the scrote you know is going to buy it and chug it

No. 1728899

nonnas this overwhelmingly pisses me the fuck off. Just a couple years ago the troons were trying to convince us that they "know the difference between gender and biological sex" and now this troon just says they are a biological woman.
>I'm not biological somehow…
>Well, I am a woman. That's a FACT. I am female, so all my identify records…all say female.
Well shame on those officials for aiding in your delusion.
And the kicker
>I'm made of biological stuff so I'm a biological female.
Very unkindly 41 percent yourself. You waste of space.

To his credit, Trevor tries in a very nonaggressive way to saw why real woman might actually be uncomfortable to an extent because they are…you know…actual women? and she says "haha well that's not how human rights work…the burden of proof is on those seeking to exclude." How fucking convenient that these troons feel that they need no proof to say they are women, and we need to prove they aren't women. Well, you weren't born a fucking woman. And then they say that's not adequate. This has made me peak way more then I already have and I want to alog.

I'm seething and I need to actually do something to relax right now before I lose my mind.

No. 1728900

I said she instead of he, what's wrong with me?

No. 1728901

They always skinwalk women in their lives and those girls are suppose to be ok with it ew

I’m placing money on a loved one most likely a kid saying they’re trans in his family on top of a porn addiction and a fetish for trannies. Encouraging kids that most likely just have autism that they’re trans that hard like what Stewart does should be abuse.

No. 1728902

Always remember that Rhys McKinnon aka Veronica Ivy lost his tenure and once fell off his bike due to his fatness. He is uniquely infuriating even by troon standard but he is also a lolcow.

No. 1728911

Probably because 'she' is most likely also a he.

No. 1728913

There is a kf farm thread on her. It goes over all her issues. She is way more of a lolcow than I thought.

No. 1728918

File: 1671223194785.jpg (45.79 KB, 938x443, FkDjpi_XoAANJXX.jpg)

You know if this happened Jk Rowling would make 1 comment and India would immediatly explode in a rage within 10min

No. 1728924

>Most noxious of them all
Agree mainly because these TIMs act like if they call out genuine creeps of their ilk while performing the utmost over the top style of femininity, that makes them the same as us women which is retarded. Doesn't help that some conservatives validate these moids.

No. 1728925

It's going to be such a waste of money kek Like when that candid comes out, it's gonna literally be that Office meme of "they look the same…" when you compare his before and after photos.

No. 1728928

Love him trying to act rational and nice here as though he hasn't been going on unhinged racist rants every other week.

No. 1728934

It's funny that he cannot relate to women without doing stereotyoical "girl" stuff. Can't talk to JKR like a normal human being, must do spa day and nails.

No. 1728935

I feel like JK Rowling would happily do this and it would change nothing. They want her to be a frothing foaming bigot so badly, instead of a nice lady who just points out the obvious on occasion.

No. 1728936

>spending time with a woman
>shopping, nails, spa day
to me this just seems like him desperately trying to prove how much of a woman he is to her by doing "women things"
also kek at him imagining his interviewing skills to be on par with louis theroux

No. 1728941

File: 1671224689220.jpeg (67.87 KB, 477x679, Fj_LMIjVIAABA79.jpeg)

No. 1728942

Maybe after that, they could make me a sandwich and suck my girl dick, like real women

No. 1728947

File: 1671225076802.jpg (520.21 KB, 1080x1739, Screenshot_20221216-220818_Chr…)

I hate how many of those cases are out there

No. 1728948

You forgot the obligatory sleep over (also with girl dick).

No. 1728949

File: 1671225132354.jpg (331.96 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20221216-220221_Chr…)

The tranny that she married

No. 1728951

I'm sorry but you have to be fucking retarded to have a baby with a tranny that you've been with less than a year. Am I supposed to feel bad for this idiot?

No. 1728955

right it's just male competition, trying to "out woman" her

No. 1728957

the only thing I can wish for this woman is 3 things
>she finally peaks
>she provides a safe environment for her child AWAY from any of her previous degenerate sex work
>she gets full parental rights from this disgusting troon.

And before anyone says she shouldn't have her kid either, we need to make more room for women to feel comfortable peaking. She could lean into her dilemma or she can actually seek community from anti-trans/radfems that will have open arms. It's possible, i've seen it happen.

No. 1728959

Im just sorry for the kid, and like she said shes repeating the cycle of being a single mom just like her own monther, her whole instagram is just sad not to mention she was doing disgusting onlyfans preg fetish photoshoot
I hate new york

No. 1728960

She's literally 25 years old. I just don't understand where people think having a baby with anyone within one year is a good idea. she's not a stupid teen anymore. regardless, i hope her and that baby are safe. she already put her kid at risk, but she can come back from this.

No. 1728963

I have a hard time feeling bad for someone who does pregnancy fetish porn. You’re using your baby as a prop for degenerate men to coom to, it’s fucking vile.

No. 1728964

it's not great, it's in fact pretty fucking bad. However she does say that she's having to "reconcile the fact that [she] did in person SW throughout [her] entire pregnancy" which shows she's deeply ashamed and from her other instagram posts it sounds like she was financially insecure at the time.

not an excuse i know, but i think she can come back from it if she seriously turns her life around.

No. 1728965

I hope she can make it for the sake of her child, poor kid didn’t ask for this. This is just a sad and gross story all around.

No. 1728974

im sure when her child’s classmates find this post 15 years from now it wont have any adverse consequences for them

feel for her and everything, but this lady has crammed so, so many awful choices into just one image

No. 1728983

This person is a whole cow themselves
>doing in person sexwork during their pregnancy
>thinking a rushed pregnancy will solve their problems
>nurses did std screenings due to prejudice (see first greentext)
>surprised tranny moid is untrustworthy

No. 1728988

Men's legs are unironically such a clockable part of them, I could ID any tranny just by seeing their legs

No. 1728990

The fucking audacity of this moid to think he would have any advantage with JKR irl lmao. Typical male arrogance, so sure his powers of persuasion would work on a woman as eloquent, intelligent and empathetic as JKR. They hate her the most because of how rationally and carefully she expresses her views and they know it will win people over if they pay attention.

No. 1728991

Samefag, I may be misreading and she self elected to do extra std screenings because she suspected the cheating moid of cheating, but it's both hard to parse the text and hard to parse her logic where his cheating is bad and life ruining but her sexwork is…not? Like they were cheating on each other the whole time. They're both awful and both set this kid up for failure, I hope she has a mom or grandma to take over because she's a trainwreck

No. 1728993

>women love shopping and manicures and spas!!!
They never fucking stop with the gender stereotypes. JK has even said in her essay that she is gender nonconforming. Her female characters tend to be gender nonconforming (at least via tranny definitions) in various ways too, in fact none of her characters fit gender stereotypes in their actions or behaviour, but sure, spa day you useless fucker.

No. 1728996

When you think about it most women are gender non-conforming in some way.

No. 1729001

Also true, in real life women who dress up in all pink and heels and long blonde hair are the novel minority, most women wear trousers, dark clothing, little makeup, short hair is common, "male" professions, and so on. Tranny stereotypes are incredibly narrow and reductive but it makes it easier to groom children - don't like fucking while wearing pink high heels? You must be male! Don't like chopping down trees while swigging beer? You must be a woman! Now send me your teenage transition progress selfies uwu

No. 1729010

but she was saying she does find her SW while pregnant to be bad. and in a world where said moid thinks sex work is "real work" since she said she was paying for shit, it doesn't seem to be cheating in his book either. i know, it's brain numbing.

No. 1729016


I notice that a lot of them talk about JKR the same way rightwing moids do with AOC. A lot of the JKR hate is extremely thinly veiled sexual pathology. If they talk at length it always goes to bizarre fantasies about JKR being secretly trans, dating them, being a "mommy" figure to them and all kinds of shit.

No. 1729020

totally. this is a good observation, nona. it's pretty much the same mechanism, the obsession with the female figure that they loathe but also love in some way or another (mommy)

No. 1729021

Democrats won’t codify Roe because it’s their way of holding young female voters hostage. They didn’t even codify Roe after they won the election last month after another election cycle of “Come on young people, we NEED your vote!!!” and you can expect nothing will change aside from Biden’s pockets.

Women need to start protesting and actually threatening not to vote so they’ll codify Roe. Let’s hold them fucking hostage and see how they like it.

No. 1729039

File: 1671236015332.jpg (154.18 KB, 1170x1439, FkFw_mAWQAAgbBE.jpg)

No. 1729042

Exactly this.

No. 1729043

File: 1671236319530.webm (1.44 MB, 480x270, brazil.webm)

omfg. imagine if she didn't have that man with his arm around her, or if this wasn't in a public space. terrifying. posting the video here.

No. 1729048

File: 1671237286863.png (194.03 KB, 331x393, graffiti.png)

the guy recently posted this on his instagram. roughly translated:
>there are women with penises
>men with vaginas
>transphobes without teeth

No. 1729057

Holy shit, she's lucky the baby wasn't born with herpes in its eyes. Jesus Christ, I'm so grateful my mother's only issue was having a martyr complex.

No. 1729061

Men are incapable of being normal about the shit they hate. Ordinary people are like, "damn that thing is annoying," meanwhile scrotes are like "that thing makes me so angry, I'm gonna jerk off about it!"

No. 1729068

>She was financially insecure at the time.
Then don't have a fucking kid at all. If she was doing SW during the whole pregnancy, that means that she knew she was pregnant and couldn't afford the kid when it was well within reason to abort.

Did the tranny emotionally blackmail her into keeping it or something? Because bringing a baby into that environment is just condemning it to a life of suffering, and therefore profoundly selfish.

No. 1729069

File: 1671239464045.png (316.34 KB, 496x805, discgolf.png)

Reminder of the huge financial incentive these sports create for men to troon out and compete in women's sports. This guy won the past 2 years in a row, since he transitioned, taking home the winner's checks and denying women of a fair competition as well as money.

Thank fuck he and the other scrotes are now banned from competing in the women's divisions. I hope to keep seeing other sports follow suit.

No. 1729070

File: 1671239632363.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1860, DCE61625-E6C6-463C-AA1E-77DAFB…)

You aren’t built for any of those things

No. 1729071

File: 1671239682577.png (280.76 KB, 484x601, ryan.png)

kek he has started a gofundme to sue them.

"The reality is that I'm not all that great, but I'm good enough to win and that alone scared people into believing I was some monster. Some of my fellow competitors decided they wouldn't work on their games and improve themselves but instead tear me down because their games weren't complete."

No. 1729073

Nothing to do but porn

No. 1729074

Scrotes really do only think of coom. No wonder, they are born to coom and die and the failmales are trooning out.

No. 1729077

I could be wrong, but I don't think Stewart is his boss in any capacity. He doesn't even write for the Daily Show anymore as far as I can tell. Stewart is just his predecessor.

Noah isn't putting up with this bullshit because he was told to; like most high-profile liberals, he probably just wants to be on what everybody aggressively insists is the "right side of history." He knows he has to keep to the party line.

No. 1729080

How much of a newfag do you have to be to not know the difference between TIF and TIM??

No. 1729081

I'm not saying it was smart to bring a child in the world, but what can she fucking do now? adoption/foster care industry is absolutely hell. And yes, she mentions that it was his idea so sounds like it was abuse.

No. 1729083

"I'm not all that great"

so he's admitting that despite not even being technically that good, he is winning by a landslide in the women's division? does he hear himself?

No. 1729095

exactly. that's what really got me. and then slagging off the women in the team for being lazy and not working as hard as him. uh…

No. 1729138

Calm down, nona. It was probably a typo.

No. 1729203

Tbf the whole world lies to women about what preganancy, birth, and motherhood will be like. They tell girls and women that pregnancy will be hard, birth will be painful, and babies cry, but that's about it. They set you up to think it's about the same level of commitment as training for a triathlon. We aren't told that our bodies will be permanently changed (often scarred) by the process, that children will derail your life, or that a child won't fix a broken life or guarantee a happy family. Girls are told from a young age that children will be a net positive for their lives, that there's nothing better a woman can experience than being a wife and/or mother, and that if they don't want a husband or kids, "they will some day, we all used to say that."
A poor woman coming from a broken home is going to be much more enticed by this for a number of reasons. I will say that I believe she made a lot of bad decisions that were extremely ignorant and at least a little selfish, and she's definitely struggling to comprehend how the problems she's experiencing aren't all arbitrary bad luck or predjudice, but consequences of her own actions, but I also understand that much of society is structured to lead women down this path. "Sell your body and soul to work towards your happily ever after, it will work out in the end. Once you get your Prince Charming and have a child or two (or three, four, five…), you'll be happy. Until then, you're nothing." It's a mass-scale scam designed to produce weakened women who will provide free labor for men and spawn working class babies to serve the upper class's desire for a large subservient class of people to do all the dirty work for the sake of infinite economic growth.

No. 1729221

File: 1671247481112.jpg (267.56 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20221216_220840.jpg)

https://twitter.com/bimbotheory/status/1603618952160346119 check out the whiny men in the replies kek (op who RTd is a kinkster tim who constantly calls himself a dyke btw)

No. 1729232

They're the same thing, so it's not like it matters lmao. It's the difference between saying "elephants" and "large pachyderms with trunks."

No. 1729237

Weird how men have an advantage in a sport focused on the upper body, almost like their entire physique was designed for that or something…

His shoulders take up half the frame. Stunning male journalist Joe Kinsey needs to dial it down, reading "destroy biological women" was mask off incel. Can men write anything that doesnt involve visceral perversion and/or their revenge fantasies towards women who literally just want to live their own lives. Like no woman wants to "destroy men", they just want to destroy misogyny so they can live in peace. It's really obvious when men are too afraid and fragile to compete with each other, will never understand when they get called out for it they just keep going. Like "you cant make me" but with a gofundme. All of those women robbed of being recognized for their physical achievements find ways to deal with it appropriately, and he cant be told "no" without every branch of government addressing him personally as gently as possible so he won't become the next unibomber.

Why cant any of them taake that energy and use it to change laws to protect vulnerable people, which they identify as?

No. 1729242

So which is it? I genuinely don't understand how this isn't the exact type of language that they ask for? The impossible language games are such an obvious manipulation tactic.

No. 1729251

i bet he expects women to be okay with being called 'people with uteruses' or 'birthing people'

No. 1729262

Trannies those aren't period cramps, thats irritable bowel syndrome coming from your terrible eating habits and stress eating. Of course you don't wanna accept that this is a consequence of your actions, but some sort of gender euphoria phenomenon. No honey, it's your diet.

No. 1729271

How do women in prisons respond to a male chomo being thrown in with them? It's not like these women are shrinking violets, after all. I feel like they'd gang up on a pedo and the corrections officers would let it happen.

Have any anons here been to prison or know a woman who has? Are pedophiles targeted in women's prisons as harshly as they are in men's? I feel like women in prison wouldn't give a fuck about being PC and would just treat the troon like shit or ignore him altogether.

No. 1729273

File: 1671250921589.png (953.47 KB, 1157x627, why.png)

checking in on sus people I used to know, another one bit the dust since covid.

trap porn addicted weeb incel to smirking agp pipeline is real

No. 1729276

ugh yes i've always wondered this. I hope the women gang up against troons. Can you image sharing a group shower with a 6'2 dick equipped troon?

No. 1729283

whats the context of the discussion, why did the troon get pissed?

No. 1729286

i have never in my life done any of the things this troons lists

No. 1729291

I put she/her in my dialogue for plausible deniability because I'm crypto. Getting doxed and dogpiled by troons would seriously affect my career in the industry I work in. I don't engage with troonshit or show support for it; the pronouns-in-bio were my only concession, and the second this retarded fad is over, I'm deleting them.

I'm beginning to lose hope, but I wish to see the day when saying "no woman is born with a penis," doesn't threaten my job security. I keep wondering what it's going to take for people to come to their senses. If Breastplate Teacher didn't do it, I don't know what the fuck will.

No. 1729292

File: 1671252461440.jpeg (72.76 KB, 533x719, C194F9B3-8C18-482E-8297-539138…)

Gay dude from HS trooned out I can’t stop laughing

No. 1729293

this has to be the worst trooncore outfit i have seen so far

No. 1729294

he's probably in recreational adult classes but he could very well be in a school that also teaches children and might even use their change rooms. There was a woman who had a troon husband who was in my old ballet school in adult classes, it was a national school so full of students (Who are often here ALONE and away from their families living in dorms). So one day she took him into the change rooms to show him around and I watched him pretend to cover his eyes when he saw a adult woman undressing, he kept saying "how cute!" at everything, that was like 10 years ago and shit still haunts me.

Thankfully all the men that were in my recreational classes were very sweet and not overly creepy tho most were not on the same skill level as the woman lmao

No. 1729332

File: 1671255201398.jpeg (88.4 KB, 689x1024, 6AC26668-2A85-42F2-9FDD-F3732A…)


No. 1729333

File: 1671255222824.png (159.47 KB, 677x788, on Twitter.png)

No. 1729335

woman wasn't letting the troon into the women's washroom.

No. 1729337

File: 1671255648140.webm (2.04 MB, 386x270, OeaB-0MTo_DEh-gG.webm)

No. 1729339

I like the quick and easy video resource but the tiktok meme music overlaid with text talking about rape and pedophilia is unsettling.

No. 1729352

No shit his partner did that. What self-respecting woman could feel anything but contempt and resentment for a delusional man? We're conditioned to be nice, to not push back, to give the benefit of the doubt. But we'll never respect broken men who are slaves to their fetishes and emotional immaturity, let alone see them as actual, EQUAL women. And any woman that says that they do is either lying or equally delusional about how they really feel. We have been women our entire lives and the more we get to know men like this, the more obvious their delusions become. We notice all the little things that scream male and mentally ill. Getting closer to us and telling us what they really feel and think just grosses us out all the more because we are reminded of how much they sound like little boys. Of course she did that to this man. The only question is why was he so stupid to believe anything different for so long about how we really see them? But the answer is probably the same: he is delusional.

No. 1729362

Not an exaggeration, spironolactone (the androgen blocker they all take) can cause terrible bad breath.

No. 1729377

which fucking IS IT my god

No. 1729378

The song isn't even good, and it doesn't fully convey what's being shown. OP of the video may as well have created a collage and put it through Blingee. Minus the retarded audio or default screen transitions, it definitely makes a point. Troons are predators and degenerates.

No. 1729401

File: 1671265148395.jpeg (96.78 KB, 720x405, women.jpeg)

So, I've been catching up with the new thread and the stuff about doing the comparison photos of AGPs to black women is all over. But it got me thinking, we see these men by normal women all the time but they want to use outlier women as their rational for why they "valid women". (We know they aren't, that not how testosterone works blah blah blah)
But it did get me thinking that despite their arguments they never actually try to use these women as physical props. I struggled to find pics of trannies near any of the common examples. So lets look at these "manly" women. Pics at the right are all Britney Griner becasue she is the new hot topic. And while I won't call her a pin-up model, she have obviously female features compared to men (even one who is so much smaller and softer) and so many similarities with both another female athlete and her tiny female coach. I even added in one of her less favorable pictures from her prison photoshoot. Save for pictures with bad lighting or weird angles/faces, she visibly has a woman's face. And stood next to almost any tranny there wouldn't be confusion. The woman is big as hell, 6'9, but you can tell shes a woman especially when she smiles.
And to not make it about her alone the other two women are the Namibian Olympians who were disqualified for their testosterone levels in 2021. You know the women whose mistreatment/public trauma trannies use to ruin women's sports. (Not trying to debate about women with anomalous testosterone in sports only about male boards deciding what teenage girls can and cannot do after training for their entire lives and encouraging the public to debate their bodies and use their bodies for politics) They are also no waifs, but still more visibly female then troons, especially athlete troons. And this is with them exhausted and sweaty from competing (also at peak competition form, so with less fat and more muscle than usual).
And these girls are both runners, a group who have notoriously low body fat to muscle even for world class athletes.
Anyway sorry for the autism, I just realized these attention whores are avoiding so many great photo opps considering they seem to assert there are SO MANY cis women like this that we should change our definitions and the ways we understand ourselves and our sexualities.

No. 1729408

and most importantly, trans people without sanity

No. 1729432

how long do you think it would take this to get removed from every social media because of ''disinformation''. Great video regardless

No. 1729435

report the therapist

No. 1729449

I fucking love it when trannies out themselves like this kek. Rowling must be into shopping, nails and spa days otherwise she's not a real woman like Himdia. It's not possible to interview her on an intellectual level because true lady brainz don't have the capacity for that, I assume. Their boomer levels of misogyny will never fail to amaze me.
Two retards fighting.

No. 1729453

Finding himself and discovering true happiness by dressing like a 2004 Bratz doll crossed with an anime coomer

No. 1729467

The first edited photo is scary

No. 1729469

This is just sad

No. 1729476

the idea of not one, not two, but three different men directing a GOD DAMN!! to this creature while out in the park is hilarious to me.

No. 1729480

>want something for the beautiful hair of yours?
what the fuck does this mean?

No. 1729485

shampoo salesman?

No. 1729497

File: 1671290609959.jpg (257.69 KB, 1073x1587, Screenshot_20221217-102012_Ope…)

Amber has shown great courage in embracing who she is as a transgender woman in spite of the potential for people reacting with hate, so I admire her display of courage.”

"It is extremely unusual for a woman to commit a capital offense, such as a brutal murder, and even more unusual for a woman to, as was the case with McLaughlin, rape and murder a woman,” p


No. 1729503

A true visionary, an inspiration to us all. I wish I was half the woman she is.

No. 1729516

someone give a summary please, i'm not watching this entire video just get mad

No. 1729517

I’m annoyed she’s making so many vids about troons lately. She can be funny sometimes, and she’s obviously just a regular old lesbian. Idk why she has been catering to them so much. I really dislike Girl Defined but their “transphobia” isn’t the issue.

No. 1729519

I didn't know he was still active lol.

No. 1729525

It was the jezebel comment for me.

No. 1729526

> It is extremely unusual for a woman to commit a capital offense, such as a brutal murder, and even more unusual for a woman to, as was the case with McLaughlin, rape and murder a woman
Hm yeah. I wonder why that could possibly be. A complete and total fucking mystery.

No. 1729530

kek the op in qrt made a thread for "people with vulvas" and that didn't get anywhere near the same amount of backlash.
crossdressing coomers are fine with dehumanizing language as long as it only affects women. we should just start calling them "future castration patients" instead if being reduced to their genitals makes them mald that much.

No. 1729531

I'm not watching this, but the idea that anyone can come out of watching Girl Defined content and have their main criticism be literally anything other than misogyny is insane to me. I can't even imagine them talking about trannies that much, they're too busy trying to find new ways to say "women should be pretty and subservient to men at all times."

No. 1729535

let me guess, you work in gaming/animation?

No. 1729536

ugh. he was posted in one of the previous threads. seems he is trying to pull the "if I was able to transition sooner, I never would have murdered my ex girlfriend and raped her lifeless body uwu" shit. not only does he take a woman's life, makes her death all about his feelings, and now is going to skew the statistics for all women. i hope there is a malfunction during his execution and he dies a slow, excruciatingly gruesome death.

No. 1729537

the non-science of it all means a lot of 'women' are going to be in sex crime/murder statistics that shouldn't be.

No. 1729542

Dude, wash your hair.

No. 1729545

NTA, but I work in academics and it would be career suicide to come out as a TERF. I had to put pronouns in my zoom meetings, but then took them off afterwards and I could see others would do the same. You play along for show and that shows your workplace you'll be complacent if told to. I was asked if I wanted to go to a trans acceptance workshop with other coworkers, asked if I got paid (nope) and said no. None of my ultra liberal coworkers did anything but laugh.

No. 1729550

britney griner is a queen

No. 1729552

omG i totally forgot about him from Big Brother UK!! everyone hated him, he had huge troon meltdowns and yelled at the other women multiple times. he also said he finds drag queens offensive (there was a drag queen/gay on the show that season) and was pissed because all the men on the show felt very comfortable with the gay guy but not a troon.

embed is his meltdown

No. 1729560

kek thank you for posting this again nona
>I'll say it one more time so it really penetrates
typical male
>all the men on the show felt very comfortable with the gay guy but not a troon
he is definitely homophobic and really hates being grouped in with gay people. he even had a rant about it on This Morning. it's hilarious how he can't stop exposing his bigotry.

No. 1729562

These trannies demand our respect while being the most obnoxious, rude, confrontational fucks around. And to say another woman is being aggressive is just kek.

No. 1729571

File: 1671299049954.webm (593.02 KB, 444x270, willyboy.webm)

samefagging to post this one.
>"being gay isn't the same as being trans"
He isn't wrong here but he is so terrified of being a gay man that he can't even be associated with other gay people.
And yet he will bite your head off if you suggest LGB without the T

No. 1729573

This reminds me of how calling a woman "masculine" is really saying she's "masculine for a woman". Nobody thinks she's actually masculine, she just stands out against the average in that direction. Britney Griner is only "masculine" in a group of women, put her in with a group of men and she's too feminine to even be compared to them.
It's like how nobody thinks a mint green is a blue, if it was they'd just call it blue. But in a group of greens mostly ranging from lime to forest, the mint is going to stand out. Still, if you took that mint and put it in a patch of blues, it obviously wouldn't belong.
A child who's called tall isn't being compared to a basketball player. A puppy who's called aggressive isn't being compared to a wolf. And a woman who's called masculine isn't being compared to a man.

No. 1729574

Very good way of describing it nona. Screenshotting this one.

No. 1729577

You already are, have you seen how broad "her" shoulders are?

No. 1729595

File: 1671302863027.jpg (125.84 KB, 671x680, FkKvwfaXkAEZnCf.jpg)

No. 1729597

File: 1671303082739.jpeg (920.23 KB, 1125x1727, E2055FC9-02BF-4874-881B-E73213…)

And of course the troon is skinwalking her now too. Troons: not even once!

No. 1729598

File: 1671303104956.jpeg (969.88 KB, 1125x1375, C2453D4F-440E-44F6-835D-1E7375…)

No. 1729601

Is he wearing a Frankenstein Halloween costume?

No. 1729602

He also tried to kiss the singer Ginuwine on the show, and then got enraged and called him a “transphobe” when he pulled away. He’s just a garden variety misogynistic sex pest, JKR should stay far away from this unhinged moid.

No. 1729606

>>>i just want peace

Yeah, okay. This woman is a cow herself.

Put on some clothes, log off insta, and take care of your baby. You made your bed shacking up with a narcissistic tranny, now lie in it. You aren’t the victim. Your innocent baby is.

No. 1729608

i will always remember that scene. how india didnt just get thrown off the show for that? who knows. literal sexual assault. and his jealousy of Shane (drag queen) was so interesting, like it’s clear it’s all about looks and not “being a real woman” because why is he so jealous of a gay guy if he wants to be a woman?

i also think it’s interesting how time and time again we notice that scrotes are more attracted to femboy/drag queens/cross dressers than troons who medically change themselves. what is this phenomenon ? there’s too many of them to all be gay. is it just coomer brain?

No. 1729611

File: 1671306106538.png (38.87 KB, 592x388, 1665677434839868.png)

>self loathing gay
not a surprise

No. 1729612

File: 1671306161624.png (8.34 MB, 2172x3862, 1668630711424.png)

No. 1729613

shouldn’t it be the other way around? d

No. 1729620

He’s jealous of a gay guy because he’s a gay guy himself, and the drag queen performed femininity better than he could. It’s just your regular rape ape intrasexual competition with extra steps.

No. 1729623

nta but yep. this meme is used by people who haven't watched the film. I see it the wrong way round more than I do the correct way kek

No. 1729629

File: 1671307703190.jpeg (503.42 KB, 828x1183, A3FF0ABD-C73C-4B04-880E-8C3DFD…)

dumb tranny quoted a radfem talking about a pathetic tiktok from an 18 y/o who wanted to work at a strip club about labia surgery (cosmetic surgery to remove long labia) always desperate to try and involve trannys in a huge societal problem that only affects actual women. nothing new here. troon mass extinction when?

No. 1729630

The autists in the comments are so close and yet so far. They understand that "pink for girls blue for boys" is just a stereotype, and yet they still choose to troon out. Retards.

No. 1729631

File: 1671307976239.jpg (83.83 KB, 750x872, 1671306499744522.jpg)

No. 1729632

kek nonna I don't believe trannies suffer as much as they claim to, but if this is how they actually live it's funny as fuck

No. 1729644

File: 1671309675878.png (1.58 MB, 1200x675, free-my-pp-1.png)

4W wrote an article about this https://4w.pub/brazil-trans-identified-man-violence/

>Black lesbian student told him not to use the woman's toilets because he is a man

>She is not a TERF and actually has no problem with TIMs using the toilets if they are passing trans (I am guessing?)
>He started advancing towards her, in an aggressive manner
>“He would have hit me if another woman had not arrived and defended me” she said
>She might lose her place as a student at the uni. several requests for her expulsion have been filed
>Another student said "he was the most misogynistic gay man I have ever met”
>"he has a history of aggression, always shouting, or threatening to sue. He was even banned from academic groups for his behavior”
>A different student said that he is a "pornographic person” - always wearing “hypersexualized” clothes and making many people “uncomfortable.”
>More than a quarter of the female students find the toilets the most unsafe place on campus

No. 1729672

Nona, you need to read this >>1729203

At least it's using the men's room lol

I've definitely said "god damn" in a bad way so I'm willing to bet if it did happen that's what it was.

> i hope there is a malfunction during his execution and he dies a slow, excruciatingly gruesome death.
For what it's worth, the ways we execute criminals are pretty inhumane and prone to error.

No. 1729685

i hate how these people call any elective surgery women get "gender affirming". a woman cutting her labia off isn't "getting surgery to be like women" because women have labia. it is literally an exclusively female trait. talking like this betrays that they think the platonic ideal of a woman is a sex doll.

No. 1729686

They're admitting that gender affirming is a just a euphemism for cosmetic.

No. 1729699

This comic is so funny because it’s true. This is what all their cope ultimately boils down to.

No. 1729701

This stuff pissed me off because it’s all the result of porn and male expectations for women. Women having their labia cut or removed is not a natural thing to want. I hate that porn has made women feel like this is necessary, the same for things like bleaching down there.

No. 1729704

All I can say is at least they posted a picture of this “woman”.

No. 1729741

File: 1671321806659.jpg (516.62 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20221217-160036_Fac…)

I keep seeing this get spread around. Do these people not realize that muscles aren't an inherently male trait, while breasts ARE inherently female? Why the fuck compare a muscular woman to a cross dresser?

No. 1729746

I understand that having a degree doesn't always mean you're inherently smarter than others, but why do these troons always think they "know better" than the psychiatrists they talk to. Look in the comments, it's full of troons basically saying they don't like what their therapist said to them concerning their autism. It's pure delusion.

No. 1729747

because they’re moids and moids always think they know things when they don’t know shit

No. 1729751

File: 1671322954178.png (1.54 MB, 2074x1461, feces.png)

No. 1729753

Fuck off tranny. Leave Patty out of this and proves the fact idiots can't fathom the idea of a muscular woman and thinking ShEs A mAN

No. 1729754

File: 1671323049179.jpeg (77.49 KB, 438x394, 49D8EB68-AB16-4038-B5AE-D122B6…)

they're so quick to hurl or attack women for their event, no one has ever attacked their tranny events.

No. 1729755

File: 1671323195404.png (48.5 KB, 708x414, Screenshot.png)

trannies need to find something else to read

No. 1729762

File: 1671324181074.png (209.91 KB, 745x763, Untitled.png)

The whole world will have reached peak trans and they will all be dead before that happens lol

ngl, I love TERF Queen JKR

No. 1729765

Once again, isn’t it assault to throw any kind of body fluids at another person because it’s a biohazard?

No. 1729767

It brings me a lot of satisfaction that these people can’t enjoy HP anymore.

No. 1729770

Wait are you calling me a tranny? Kek read my caption… But yeah. Goes to show that these people who think they are so open minded about gender are actually still brainwashed into gender stereotypes like muscles = man.

No. 1729771

File: 1671324949945.png (2.84 MB, 1536x2048, 4372847.png)

trash edit but the jokes write themselves at this point

No. 1729772

In some cases, women with very large labia minora get labiaplasty for comfort reasons, tbf. Same as getting breast reductions for very large breasts.

No. 1729775

>weeaboo username and icon
I am begging these guys to just go back to wearing fedoras and talking about katanas instead of making everyone listen to them talk about how their addiction to jerking off to cartoons of teenage Japanese girls means they are actually lesbians born in the wrong body.

No. 1729782

Journos posting this kind of shit should rightly be called out for homophobia. Calling this freak a woman is misleading. He is not a lesbian pedophile, he is a straight male pedophile. Referring to male rapists and pedos as women or lesbians is homophobic, misleading, and needs to be harshly criticized.

No. 1729785

Chasers are bisexual. If the tranny keeps the cock it's like having 1/2 man + 1/2 woman. If they cut it off it's 1/4 man + 1/4 woman + and 1/2 mutilated abomination. Even if they like the idea of the surgery, the reality of it is a bleeding mince-ringed portal into a rotting abyss, and nobody really wants that.

No. 1729792

File: 1671326497830.jpg (364.38 KB, 1536x2048, FfE3m71acAATvgi.jpg)

gollum trooned out

No. 1729796

you know its bad when this is one of the more decent looking ones by their standards

No. 1729804

File: 1671328022901.png (214.98 KB, 677x722, Hogwarts Legacy.png)

No. 1729811

File: 1671328589870.jpeg (1.44 MB, 750x7651, FC234DDE-67C9-4751-8ABC-013BB2…)


No. 1729813

File: 1671329020549.jpg (396.84 KB, 1295x1697, icantdothisanymore.jpg)

this fucking troon baboon's whole account is a mess. not_joshing_with_you on ig for those with more time and patience for dumbassery

No. 1729814

Enjoying this based JK arc hope it never ends!

No. 1729815

No anon I'm agreeing with you that they have ridged ideas on how women are supposed to look.

No. 1729821

>how dare she casually make a joke about being a terf
>she should be raped for this!

No. 1729822

OT but it says a lot that dudes see Patty as manly, my ex tried to get me to skinwalk her because he thinks shes hot. I always had a feeling he was secretly very gay and this kind of confirms it. Not bc she's masculine but because clearly dumb ass males see her that way.

No. 1729823

There is so much to comment on in this that I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. I suppose my "favorite" part is that the first comment that randomly brings up the "alt right pipeline" is an AGP who watched Sargon and named himself Lilly. If he's a programmer who partially "found his identity" through paraphilic porn and anime, then he's the full stereotype.

No. 1729824

Males who read/watch yuri and lesbian media are so disgusting.

No. 1729827

Exactly. Cutting off your labia isn’t a “gender affirming surgery”, labia are far more feminine than anything men have on their bodies. It’s just women trying to fit ridiculous porn standards. Nothing to do with troonery, but of course moids will always insert themselves and make everything about them.

No. 1729832

The alt-right to troon pipeline remains undefeated

No. 1729834

notice how they always like yuri, a genre by moids for moids, instead of yaoi, a genre by women for women?

No. 1729842


No. 1729843

She is such a queen.

No. 1729845

A penis is a penis is a penis. The crime rates of TiMs prove this fact.

No. 1729847

devil advocation but i've seen a few troons into yaoi.

No. 1729850


I realize you may have been speaking rhetorically, but he's still employed because the teacher's union is strong and the school board is weak.

No. 1729851

File: 1671335286862.jpg (427.71 KB, 1732x2048, Fj-w2dvVUAASrJH.jpg)

No. 1729853

File: 1671335444813.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.19 KB, 838x602, FkBEIntWIAIppjl.jpg)

same tranny

No. 1729854

File: 1671335509847.jpg (168.68 KB, 1322x782, Fj0VyjKVEAEREpC.jpg)

No. 1729855

File: 1671335628381.jpg (175.85 KB, 1426x747, Fir9HZqVsAAtrMj.jpg)

No. 1729856

Please stop with the "yuri is by moids for moids" nonsense. Yuri manga were originally created by women for women. There still are a lot of yuri manga made for women, but moids have just tainted the genre.

No. 1729857

File: 1671335842921.png (19.49 KB, 735x202, Jars.PNG)

What the fuck is up with their obsession with opening jars?

No. 1729864

File: 1671336449968.jpg (363.38 KB, 1993x2048, Fj7XuFJWQAASvAn.jpg)

apologizes for the jump scare

No. 1729868

yuri has been for men for a long time nonny this isnt the 80s anymore

No. 1729872

File: 1671338257516.jpeg (310.71 KB, 750x1294, 94C35765-EEDA-496D-9D6D-5E9EC5…)

Clocked by title alone. I didn't even see the trans part at first but I just knew. He also posts about how much he loves his girldick and wants it to be bigger. They make it so easy.

No. 1729878

I'm fucking cackling did a geriatric hit on him or the ghost of someone's great grandfather?

No. 1729881

They think it makes them look weak and feminine. There's that meme that women can't open jars

No. 1729883


Men are men but this is some alarmist hyperbole to the extreme with the "basically alls."

No. 1729885

there are vomit inducing moobs, and then there are these, moobs that make you wish for a mass extinction event.

No. 1729886

Wrong, still plenty of yuri being made today by women for women.

No. 1729889

File: 1671341317122.png (47.59 KB, 693x442, Cis Women ig have never been a…)


No. 1729891

Someone please find a picture of this dude I need to know what he looks like

No. 1729892

samefag but leave it to moids to continuously downplay assault against cis women and claim that every other demographic is actually MORE oppressed than us.

No. 1729893

Someone please innocently ask for the source on that first claim, pretend to be a TRA or trans widow if you have to LMAO

No. 1729894

File: 1671342128162.png (47.47 KB, 737x481, well....PNG)

Holy shit this is so funny, I was looking for a picture of them since another nona asked, and I found this in their post history. They were SO close to figuring it out. Actually they figured it out, but they went right back to trooning out.

>Behaved poorly to women
At least he admits it.

No. 1729898

NTAYRT But "yuri made by women for women" is such a minority in the genre that it's not even worth talking about. It's like saying "not all trannies are coomers because there are probably a couple gay intersex moids who have never watched porn or threatened women but trooned out anyway." The vast majority of yuri (like with all representation of lesbians) is fetishizing lesbians for the male gaze.

No. 1729905

the huge lips and square face look is oddly masculinizing tho

And as far as we know those are normal women – It's uncommon for troons to look like "normal" women instead of vaguely feminized weirdos. Even the TiMs who got extensive ffs look off. most don't do that as far as I know.

No. 1729906

You sound like you have no idea of what the genre is actually like and think SSA women shouldn't enjoy fictional romance that focus on themselves. More than half of yuri, manga, LN, VNs, etc right now is created by women and targetted for women. This discussion is off topic anyways so I don't care much to respond further.

No. 1729907

sources? I tend to conflate shojo so with Yuri because The only titles that I'm familiar with are from the '70s, and those are not pornified. lesbians were a minority to begin in with and most porn is for men by men.

No. 1729908

File: 1671345903011.jpg (358.53 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20221217-135414__01…)

how can someone be so dumb?

No. 1729912

they're obsessed with fitting into sexist tropes because that's what they believe women are; a collection of sexist tropes.

No. 1729917

No. 1729942

Literal moobs, I wonder if in his head he sees himself as a huge chested sexy girl kek
I had an internship at a well known plastic surgery clinic and in 99% of cases you see absolutely normal length healthy and pretty labia being removed for cosmetic reasons. Usually if you dig deeper, the women have a complex bc of what a scrote in their life said to them or they’re virgins who think porn is real and are afraid scrotes will shame them. Doesn’t mean they won’t say they did it because it’s uncomfortable on social media because they’d be ashamed to admit it’s because of a complex. Btw the docs there just want the money and don’t give a shit about your comfort, they’ll just cut it all off without properly protecting the nerves and the women would often return bc of complications like bad healing, botched shape, chronic pain and they almost always had some loss of sensation. It usually doesn’t even look better, just like mutilated genitals. Extremely long labia that are actually uncomfortable are really really rare and like a 1% of the women undergoing this.

No. 1729948

thanks to her I could block 10 troons in under 1 minute on twitter, if I would have scrolled for a little longer, I might have blocked 20% of all twitter users in the end

guess it's time to spend my money on some nice deluxe illustrated Harry Potter books, kek

No. 1729953

they are pretty much saying that women with small labia are more womanly than those with big labia

No. 1729961

File: 1671356540459.jpeg (712.14 KB, 960x1494, 26B1CCED-8E01-4F72-A1EF-A35700…)

No. 1729964

and they never consider that some of these surgeries have nothing to do with cosmetic bullshit, for some women those things can be hurtful and therefore they have surgery. But no, every women not build like a porn star has gender dysphoria and needs surgery to be a "real" woman

No. 1729966

I never even got into harry potter but god I love her, kek

Imagine being so braindead you think it's misogynistic to be saddened by women being so ashamed of a completely normal anatomical feature they get cosmetic surgery about it

No. 1729967

I finally preordered the terf game. Can't wait to perform terf spells in my terf wizard school.

Seriously though I've been telling everyone I know that if they see someone say terfs are bad that means they're pro-pedophilia and anti-womens rights. They are dangerous extremists in a cult-like ideology, you shouldn't trust or get involved with these people.

No. 1729968

Based until the last sentence. If you're gonna bring out the big guns like AGP there's no point pandering to redditors at the end.

No. 1729971

late but kek'd at the filename.

No. 1729972

I wish Rowling wouldn't respond to these trans influenceors like Jessie Gender. It just makes to followers of these influenceors more radicalized against her and increses the influenceors profile.

No. 1729973

I've never bought any Harry Potter shit in my life but you bet your bippy I pre-ordered the most expensive edition of Hogwarts school for terf witches

No. 1729975

Gynandromorphophilic men, bka chasers, appear to be attracted more to femininity than the female body. Sexologists consider Gynandromorphophilia a different type of heterosexuality. Chasers have no interests in men and women who do not present in a stereotypical feminine way. A chaser will fuck a vacuum cleaner if you put it in a wig and pink dress.

No. 1729987

This, gay or bisexual. I do not care about studies. Troons are men, and if it was about feminity then why don't they chase ones with fake vaginas? No. They want the ones with a dick. The troon doesn't even have to pass all that well can literally have a deep ass voice and look like a old scrote in a wig.
They want dick. There's nothing feminine about the attraction of a dick has to be present. There's no other word for ot but gay/bisexual. I feel like men like that they can escape those titles to seem less gay. I will make it my mission to call troons men and sex with them gay/bisexual.

No. 1729988

Of course he is attracted to something male gazey, he is a man.
Blogposting but I am bi and find and that aesthetic so repulsive it is like porn aesthetic on steroids, not to mention the sexist stereotypes.

No. 1730022

File: 1671373397754.jpeg (470.84 KB, 1170x1216, 929CABFE-27F4-4878-ABF0-E6A29F…)

what a joke.

No. 1730024

>boring human
we can tell

No. 1730025


honey u dont have to change ur belief to be accepted by weirdos, if u have to brainwash urself this hard that means u are entering in a cult xx

No. 1730028

I can smell the fetishist chaser coomer stench with a critical futa hentai addiction from all the way here

No. 1730038

File: 1671377323049.jpg (62.89 KB, 636x383, 65694631-11550365-Controversia…)

Well we can stop speculating if breastplate teacher is a troll or not. He's been wearing this getup in public for at least a year before he started wearing it to his job. No troll is going to risk being labeled a pedo by attending a children's dance recital looking like that.

>A source told DailyMail.com that in 2021, Kayla Lemieux, attended a children's dance recital in Burlington, Ontario. The source said that Lemieux apparently snuck into the theater during intermission.

Lemieux sat in the front row watching the children dancing on stage. Eventually, she was confronted by concerned parents and asked to leave as she did not have a child involved in the show. 

No. 1730040

I'd love this even more if the woman was wearing casual clothes, like sweats and a hoodie or sth. being a woman is non-performative, I don't have to put on le short skirt to go about my day. even if I wear comfy baggy clothing, men's clothing, wear no make-up - I'm still 100% female and trannies can seethe and dilate all day, it doesn't change shit

No. 1730042

I can’t wait for the day this creep gets arrested, but he’ll probably be put in a women’s prison :/

No. 1730043

File: 1671377932558.jpg (205.39 KB, 1046x586, flatshare.jpg)

so nonnies, I'm passively looking for a house share rn cos my living situation sucks and got this alert for a room in my area. Two women looking for someone "female-identifying" person to share with them. handmaidens like this deserve to be stuck with a hulking male tranny who just stays in his coom chamber of secretions, but oh so comfortable cos female-identifying! just had a little sensible kek to myself because - I am very obviously biologically female. would they not want to share with me if I identified as non-binary?

No. 1730044

he won't be allowed to keep his chest props though. is a man still a woman without his rubber breastplates? it's an interesting philosophical question.

No. 1730046

File: 1671378982364.webm (833.14 KB, 576x1024, tumblr_rn3em9QYxo1z3judm.webm)

No. 1730047

Good lord, who would want to live there if you aren’t already indoctrinated into the cult? Sounds like they’re about to assign you a 500 word essay outlining your commitment to making the world more retarded

No. 1730049

Nonnie I'm literally a lesbian who tried very hard to get into it (for obvious reasons). It's mostly porn or innocence porn that's clearly made for men.

No. 1730054

>i don't like it so it's made for men
women can be degenerate coomers too

No. 1730056

it's for men

No. 1730058

nah nonnie's right. why do you think so many women are into yaoi? most of its actually written by women for women. yuri is very obviously almost always written by men. speaking of which, where are the tranny fujos? hmmm

No. 1730059

How do you know there's not already a TIM there? Are there pictures of the people who set up the listing? I've seen a lot of TIMs putting up listings looking for "other femme-aligned" roommates, which is pretty clearly a ploy to get a live-in maid they don't have to pay, and who they will likely pursue romantically, if not sexually harass.

No. 1730062

ayrt and tbf there is only a picture of one of them who is defo a bio female. but honestly from their bios and hobbies and the overall description (there is a lot more than in my screenshot) I get the vibe it's 2 girls who are just caping hard for the woke crowd. could be wrong innit but I live in a super Liberal area, am just slightly younger, and just know a lot of biological women who are buying into this crap. apart from the gender bs, they're also vegan and environmentalist people - it's just a very stereotypical woke crowd.

No. 1730063

Yeah it sounds like they're going to try and pull a weird polyamory thing with the new roommate
>making this place even more of a home
>curious to be out…in the world
>us wanting to be comfortable we're open to literally anyone
I hope no one responds.

No. 1730064

Degenerate coomer lesbians who are into hentai that depicts unrealistic, fetishized versions of women are a minority of a minority that already only accounts for about 1% of the population as a whole. Lesbians aren't and never will be the target audience for this shit, and frankly it's a bit embarrassing to admit you like trash that depicts women in a way that panders to the deranged male gaze. It reeks of internalized misogyny. Get better taste in f/f content.

No. 1730066

>why do you think so many women are into yaoi?
Same reason a lot of moids love yuri? Because most women are straight (and so are most moids). Yaoi isn't lesbian-friendly and I'm not going to convert to fujoism just because you all talk about how "empowering" it is. The real problem is that yuri is an all encompassing term and there's no split between male/female demographics unlike gay moid stories (bara for faggots and yaoi for straight women).
You really do have no idea what yuri is.

No. 1730073

Okay nonnie you can rest. No one here is trying to take your degenerate yuri from your dead cold hands or making you a fujo. But that is made for moids, how hard is to accept that? Legit the less recently scrote-ish yuri I could remember was Crescent Moon and Doughnuts ans even so it became boring after a few chapters.

No. 1730079

Yuri is notoriously by men for men, mainly

No. 1730082

Even women's clothing is made by males for (the) males (gaze.) No pockets, plunging necklines, high skirts, high heels. That is all for men.

No. 1730084

My bad, by "coomer" did you mean borderline shoujo with softcore sex scenes? Because moids whack off to that, too. I know you're probably desperate to feel ownership over something, because lesbians never get anything for ourselves, but the reality is that lesbian porn, f/f innocence porn, and shoujo ai are all predominantly made for male audiences, because lesbians aren't a very lucrative target audience.

No. 1730093

anyone that thinks the most degenerate women even come close to the depths the average scrote coomer regularly spends his time on is fucking retarded

No. 1730095

Can all you tards stop this pedantic arguing about porn? Ffs

No. 1730098

This guy whines about being denied access to the female changing rooms at his gym.

>His real name is Nathan Jenkins (now 'Chloe')

>He made videos eroticizing the violent capture of women and children
>Local women see the videos and are rightly concerned
>Report him
>He thinks he is a victim

This is an article about him from last year:
(also kek at this based writer for describing him as 'heavily-moobed')

No. 1730099

File: 1671385194496.jpg (270.04 KB, 1080x1220, ok.jpg)

Okay. Also the word "yuri" literally originated from a lesbian column in a gay lifestyle magazine. I love how none of you do any basic googling before looking this shit up. Just because men fetishize everything women exist in doesn't mean everything for and from women is for men.

No. 1730101

File: 1671385329346.jpg (1003.44 KB, 2000x1000, jenkins.jpg)

samefag. who wouldn't want this man who gets turned on by the thought of kidnapping and stabbing young women in their changing rooms with them?

No. 1730105

>Using a Discord screenshot as a citation
>"Muh real, true yuri is by lesbians for lesbians!"
You do realize it's more lucrative to sell F/F material to men if you have a female pen name, right? Sort of like how a lot of male erotica writers will use female pen names and vice versa. Men don't want to imagine a scrote being involved in their all-female fantasy.

No. 1730106

Why is this the second AGP "Chloe" I've seen who dyed their hair firetruck red?

No. 1730107

its always a little funny to me when trannies immediately go to "i'll get beat up if i go into the men's restroom!". they basically just admit to being extremely clockable kek. if i were to consider using the men's restroom, being beat up definitely isn't my first concern. but i'm sure being sexually assaulted would be some fucked up form of validation for their fetish.
it's also priceless how he refuses to compromise by using the unisex toilet. if he's just in there to do his business and get out, what's the issue with a uni-sex or single-stall restroom? their agenda is so unbelievably transparent.

No. 1730109

Ntayrt, and thank you. I'll add that one only has to give yuri the most fleeting glance, I'm talking a fraction of a second, to instantly tell that it's made by moids for moids.

No. 1730113

File: 1671386937492.jpg (157.99 KB, 812x1130, 1484917167237.jpg)

anyone seen this

No. 1730114

"Most people" give me a fucking break

No. 1730120

I think that's about incels who call women 'females', I see it called out regularly.

No. 1730123

Go bait somewhere else moid.

No. 1730124

>looking for a third
Literally what couples looking for their unicorn say

No. 1730126

File: 1671388221490.jpg (21.64 KB, 190x266, milk-morinaga-1-190x266.jpg)

1. It's not a discord screenshot, it's from an article, literally just fucking google it. 2 You can also look up the faces of a lot of authors, even if they don't post their face a lot of mangaka post outfits/daily life pics online, it's really not hard to figure out. Same way trannies are clockable through everything they do, you can almost always tell which author is a woman through their works or social media.

No. 1730129

KEK I fucking choked, woman is when pink bra. Eat shit, bro.

No. 1730134

Ignore those retards, idk why this thread attracts so many "no REAL woman would (do thing i disapprove of)" idiots

No. 1730135

This seems like a parody kek

No. 1730136

nta but it’s clear you guys don’t know much about the history of the genre or tried that hard to find good yuri, which is fine. no one is forcing you to like it. but don’t discount an entire genre of japanese women’s creative contributions because it has been taken over by coomers in the past 20 years. if you want to learn more about it Erica Friedman’s book about yuri had a very comprehensive overview and her blog has a lot of recommendations. another way to find non-male-pandering yuri is going to dynasty scans and using the “non-moe art” tag.

No. 1730140

File: 1671389358151.jpeg (894.82 KB, 1255x1829, 9F30CA0F-1EDE-47D8-B2D1-3765FF…)

Interesting how he can utilize his male privilege when he needs to get out of trouble. This is the former US nuclear energy guy who was stealing women’s luggage.


No. 1730141

NTA but I genuinely don’t get the appeal of yaoi. Two guys fucking each other is pretty gross, one scrote is enough hassle I don’t need two.

No. 1730145

Yup. The worst content made by women is generally mpreg or men fingering each other’s prostates, scrotes literally fetishize torturing and murdering women, raping disabled people and newborns, giving people aids or receiving it, violently raping their sons and daughters etc.

No. 1730146

if you want to sperg about yaoi, do it somewhere else

No. 1730147

God I hate them

No. 1730150

Why in the fresh fuck would 99% of lesbians go digging for 20+ year old yuri when the vast majority of the modern shit is degrading and made for men? Idk why you're acting so surprised that most of us were put off, instead of going on some weeb adventure through archives hoping to find something not fetishizing us in the same genre as the rest of the crap. Do you just want to feel superior for your taste in old, niche comic books, or what?

No. 1730152

No one has even accused any of you of being moids/trannies in this discussion, the only accusations being made are that you're out of touch and have shit taste. Just because men are more degenerate and retarded doesn't mean that it's impossible for women to be spergs.

No. 1730154

ironically it makes them sound bizarrely like trannies kek
>uwu no REAL woman would do that, you cissies totally don't pass if you like (thing I dont like) sorry!!!

No. 1730155

The yaoi/yuri discussion ends here, please get back on topic. Thank you.

No. 1730161

Conveniently leaving out the real reason (they are insane and unattractive, so nobody else is interested and they turn to each other out of necessity)

No. 1730165

File: 1671391134721.jpg (87.84 KB, 801x905, FkPbAJhXkAEDQi_.jpg)

Yeah kids always point out obvious things

No. 1730166

Something I would love to know, those troons have Blåhaj (that ikea shark) as their "patronus" and I've been thinking, which animal are we, what represents us the most? There must be something fluffy that we can push up their faces and I've been thinking about it for days now so I could design and sew something, but I can't think of anything, except for a nice dinosaur, but if a dinosaur, which?

No. 1730167

lord please send these men back to their natural habitat of working at dingy comic shops and wearing fedoras. amen.

No. 1730169

File: 1671391257131.jpg (344.07 KB, 828x1051, Fir_jonVIAE8Pai.jpg)

No. 1730170

hope that kid smacks his father on the head when it's old enough… damn, you just don't hit your child, even a smack on the head is not okay

No. 1730171

File: 1671391387092.jpg (131.87 KB, 545x1200, Fir_joSVIAAxXbp.jpg)

No. 1730174

Kinda ot but I agree with the OP’s point on Mr. Samuel Brinton, except I’m confused how the OP brings up male privilege while being a “Camille Paglia stan”. Camille Paglia is a pickme sellout who claims moids are the most oppressed of all and would argue that male privilege doesn’t exist.

No. 1730177

Someone send her a private link to the MtF thread and don’t let her get brainwashed by the TRA cult. She’s so close to peaking I feel it!(cowtipping)

No. 1730186

never date a guy that collects dolls, we know that since the Simpsons and why do you keep the damn door open while trying on stuff like that? He wanted his mother to see it, no other explanation. Hope he crawls back into a hole by the name of a volcano.

No. 1730191

Make a cute terf shark, that would annoy trooms the most

No. 1730193

It's all the same shit. Stop coping and drop the porn.

No. 1730194

Maybe a peahen?
Technically a dinosaur and both sexes of the species look GNC through the lens of modern western stereotypes

No. 1730196

imagine the crushing sadness and shame of going home after a long day and seeing the son you loved and cared for jerking off in a playboy bunny outfit under your roof for people on the internet. i honestly dont know if id make it through the night

No. 1730198

>having a son

That’s horrible nonna, why would you put such a vile thought in my head

No. 1730199

The Barbie collection… ugh. I feel sick.

No. 1730200

File: 1671393520650.png (122.52 KB, 419x270, shark week.png)

Perhaps a microwaveable shark plushie that we can use during 'Shark Week' for cramps

No. 1730202

So, which is it? He had dysphoria or he thought it was funny? Because if it was enough to cause him dysphoria, wouldn't that be so TrAUmATiC and not at all worthy of a laugh?

No. 1730204

This is amazing

No. 1730220

long labias are sexy as fuck, i can’t think of anything more unnecessary and harmful than surgically trimming them.

No. 1730221

i think you misunderstood about ‘taken over by males in the last 20 years’, there are still women writing yuri they’re just overshadowed by the prolific coom output of male fetishist authors. some of them prefer a different genre title “Bian” to set themselves apart from yuri, some still consider their lesbian romance work yuri. No one is asking you to go digging for anything, or even to enjoy romance stories in the first place. but you can’t throw a shit fit about all yuri being nasty porn for men and not expect other lesbians who actually enjoy yuri written by women not to come defend it. No more brother wars kek(derailing. you were told to stop.)

No. 1730222

The dimpled texture seemed to be part of the shiny brown instinct for the male beetles to mate with the very largest brown shiny dimpled item they could find. This could have led to fewer and fewer baby brown bottle beetles as the males weren’t mating with females. The males were also frequently being consumed by predatory ants while they were focused on the large shiny bottles.

No. 1730246

File: 1671398173075.png (192.72 KB, 677x726, #TransWomenAreConMen.png)

excellent hashtag btw

No. 1730248

kek Colin walked into that one didn't he

No. 1730258

Hahaha abusing a child for being innocent & honest, so hilarious hahaha

No. 1730271

I thought this was a parody but then he started crying

No. 1730272

File: 1671400917666.png (236.31 KB, 892x940, image_2022-12-18_230125040.png)

Crystal cafe has Cece the "liz"bian

No. 1730275

This is awesome tbh, they're also gnc, a shark is the best idea.

No. 1730286

File: 1671402805963.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1508x2073, D83221BC-001B-4407-AFB5-4A8FD6…)

Bwahaha I can’t wait to see him destroy himself

No. 1730291

File: 1671403362574.jpeg (520.36 KB, 1170x1711, 9898962D-54B3-4F4F-B052-75274B…)

Is this old? Because I’m unable to find it now and think it might’ve been deleted, which is laughable considering shit like this is kept up.

No. 1730292

lemme get my smallest violin, me and many other nonas have had cancer shut the fuck up about doctor whining troonfuck

No. 1730294

i can't believe it's not a parody
>live authentically
i always laugh when they say this. especially when they say it in a strained, male high-pitched voice.

No. 1730297

what does this even mean

No. 1730299

No. 1730325

I've seen a few TIMs calling themselves "fujoshi" but they never were and they seemed to think it was an edgy cool word or it just meant "female nerd" instead of something more specific.

No. 1730348

File: 1671408838376.png (3.89 KB, 345x74, 2022-12-18 (1).png)

Adding on, this tag is trending right now. Thought it was mostly trannies getting mad about it because that's really the only way I've seen trans-related stuff get this big. But it's full of gcs and criticism of trains which seems impossible for twitter but here we are. I'm genuinely and pleasantly surprised

No. 1730351

Yeah man I laugh too when I see grown men smacking their small children out in public. Hitting kids is hilarious. Whatever dysphoria means to him, I wish it a thousand times upon his balding head. May his stubble ever darken.

No. 1730358

File: 1671409162239.png (197.95 KB, 751x662, prostate cancer dysphoria.png)

wtf? so he can't just take the HRT for health reasons? he has to actually call himself a woman and start wearing dresses so he doesn't get cancer? pathetic.

No. 1730361

being a woman really is just a "lifestyle choice" now. it's like becoming vegan or something.

No. 1730366

File: 1671410047046.webm (2.35 MB, 480x852, jI3WPddAyDuRXmmW.webm)

Before you watch this, brace yourself for the most grating voice you've ever heard.
I'm loving the undeniable reality check this is giving them.

No. 1730393

File: 1671413299670.png (1.24 MB, 1170x2532, 74853788-F639-447A-89E3-D553A9…)

They never have a comeback to good points. This is under some tweet of JK Rowling’s.

No. 1730402

Seeing her last edit is disappointing. I hope she peaks eventually.

No. 1730404

I wish women would just respond "single sex spaces" to this question. It's clear and it's true.

they are being written out of law. so now, legally, a man who is a convicted rapist can use a woman-only shelter, a 6ft 8" tall beefcake of a man can dominate a woman's sports team, a pervert can use female and child changing areas etc. and a woman can no longer refuse a male doctor/carer to examine them or police/security officer to frisk them. and all he has to do is declare he is a woman, and not in any official way either. these are the rights we are losing, plain and simple.

but sure, these are just imaginary enemies. they literally don't give a fuck that women are being put at risk, just because they need their ego stroked.

No. 1730407

Troons are sowing a truly massive and devastating whirlwind for themselves

No. 1730411

I feel like there’s a slow build up happening right now of every day people who are sick of troon shit being shoved at them. With Roe overturned especially, I think women’s collective patience for TIM antics is getting thin.

No. 1730412

File: 1671415115771.jpeg (317.74 KB, 750x751, 7BB7977F-9595-4362-BBB5-668F8C…)

he doesn’t want to be a dad, he just wants the validation and euphoria (boners). these men are sick.

No. 1730414


No. 1730416

File: 1671416059001.jpeg (884.51 KB, 750x3204, 04F19891-AA73-4427-B07B-F89A6E…)

> Everything was going well until I began to notice the hair inside the neovagina, that's where all my depression began, the reason for the hair growth was because I didn't have electrolysis, in my country they don't do electrolysis, I only had hair with standard laser.

> I also think they are the reason for a smell Specifically, I don't like it because it reminds me of my testicles and I think they are a reason for itching… They recommended me a maximum of two washes a week, however, inside a type of dirt accumulates like the one that accumulates in the ears or nose…


No. 1730438

sounds like fred figglehorn kek

No. 1730442

File: 1671418151569.gif (57.36 KB, 498x337, peepo-laugh-point.gif)

No. 1730447

This absolutely fucking pedophile retard is sitting on children toilets? Holy shit.

No. 1730461

TiMs want to be able to reproduce to have an endless supply of children to molest just like craster in game of thrones

No. 1730463

this sounds like a gay man in the third world who was promised a lie. these surgeries really ruin any chance for people to have upward mobility because these men so narrowly focus on their appearance and an impossible dream. another gay sterilized, another dollar.

No. 1730464

Don't worry nonnie, it didn't happen.

No. 1730466

I love its intelligent enough to recognize they're wearing bras yet still makes them men wearing bras

No. 1730468

File: 1671421634728.png (266.5 KB, 500x500, Disgust.png.png)

Ugh and sitting on the bathroom floor. Men are the nastiest animals on the face of this earth.

No. 1730481

how long has he been wearing that same fucking shirt…?

No. 1730491

In the second one, it turns some random background clothes into a girl and it still makes him a man LMAO

No. 1730509

File: 1671428720425.jpg (148.11 KB, 1000x750, The-tails-of-male-and-female-p…)

I like your idea, Nona. It conveys so much about our shared beliefs. Gender isn't real, sex matters, femininity =/= women and is an unnatural construct, masculinity =/= male and is an unnatural construct, gender nonconformity is natural and beautiful, and sexual dimorphism exists. It even includes the dinosaur motif by being a species related to raptors. As much as I like sharks, I feel like copying the shark is too derivative to send a message.

No. 1730510

This is a beautiful idea, nonnie.

No. 1730552

Walking a mile takes me, like, 15 minutes max. He's claiming 8 different people cat called him. This ugly beast is really pretending that every few feet someone said something to him. Absolutely delusional.

No. 1730560

Hilarious, I need to see more of this.
Also, I'm surprised to find out he's 22, dude looks like he's pushing 30.

No. 1730569

This is like saying that weed and black tar heroin are "the same." Like they're both bad for you, but Jesus Christ, it's not unreasonable to make a distinction between the two.

Sorry for OT.

No. 1730577

God… I unfortunately work at Walmart. I work with two TIMs. One of them is a hulking fat ogre (my Nigel is 6'2 and he's taller than him) who is clearly trying to skinwalk me and the other crust punk/disrocker girl who works there. He used to dress in mall goth and pop punk type shit with a greasy blue undercut. But now he wears patch pants (very badly done ones with fucking poser bands) and real tree camo with a half black half blue mullet. I have a half blonde and black mullet and the other girl has a half black half red mullet… He also bought a napalm death shirt when the rest of his band patches are like nofx and green day. I started using the women's bathroom by the photo center that's technically for customers, because I refuse to use the employee one since he's always badly applying lipstick and taking selfies in there.

The other troon just changed his name tag and otherwise uses the male restroom. But he's super creepy and has never said a word to me. My coworker is a gay and is scared the troon is going to shoot up our work. God, I miss target. The only troon they hired there were gender special women.(retarded blogposting)

No. 1730578

*coworker is a gay furry

No. 1730583

File: 1671435745627.jpg (102.26 KB, 640x1028, 20221219_061643.jpg)

No. 1730588

can't even pass in the dark

No. 1730612

File: 1671439412382.png (Spoiler Image,465.36 KB, 598x720, asteroidcollisionnow.png)


No. 1730615

Ah, yes, the fourth most popular salad dressing: Milk. It really does just look like semen, though.

No. 1730616

The first one was bad enough, why ???? What's next?? Rice pudding?? May allah banish this mf into the 5th circle of hell

No. 1730622

Fuck. I was drinking tea with cream when I opened this and I actually fucking threw up. I fucking hate Y-chromoids su fucking much it's unreal

No. 1730625

He just came all over it didn't he

No. 1730632

Because it is, isn't it

No. 1730633

>a poor imitation of femininity
They say things like this because they know it's what they are

No. 1730634

post the troons pics nona

No. 1730635

I can't imagine looking that male and ugly and thinking you in any shape or form look female, or even cute.

No. 1730641

Is he dressed as Harley Quinn?

No. 1730643

Pojection is mens natural state kek.

No. 1730655

Someone in the thread told OP to go browse r/MTF because of how many disturbing posts get posted every few hours and said that’s what made them vary of trans women. Crazy how the only thing needed for peaking is literally browsing and seeing their actual spaces. They do the peaking for us, I wish normies would take time to actually hear what troons are saying.

No. 1730657

I hate Dylan but I wouldn't wish grs on my worst enemy. I don't think he'll take his grift that far.

No. 1730658

i honestly don't think he's getting ffs, i think he's getting some surgery he wants like a nose job while pretending it's to look more feminine

No. 1730664

just girly things, right ladies? fuck these coombrained moids.

No. 1730666

kek @ the fake high pitched voice

No. 1730669

I tried out this filter trying to look as scrote and ugly as possible and it still turned me into the anime waifu of every troon's dreams
stay mad troon, your maleness will always be instantly detectable by humans and AI alike

No. 1730675

File: 1671454501245.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1242x7139, F71ECE42-A42C-459B-A9DC-92E09F…)

They caught the Wi Spa predator. You know, the hoax? The thing that never happens. The thing that TRA’s say never happened yet also simultaneously protested against women at the spa?

He’s a convicted sex offender before all this. And does indeed legally classify as female.

Delicious bonus below; a woman recording the reception area after being exposed to this man’s penis where minors had also been changing. Some soyboy approaches her and tries to mansplain and she shuts it the fuck down. I love women like her.


No. 1730682

AI is transphobic kek

No. 1730683

Merry TERFmas to us all

No. 1730685

Read the Wikipedia article if you really want a trip
In summary
>The offender isn't actually confirmed to be trans despite him saying his documents say female
>The people at the spa confirmed no one who was trans was at the spa that day
>The video was said to be a hoax by TERFs, conservatives, and alt-right
>There were anti trans protests in which conservatives stabbed and bashed liberals with a metal pipe
>The alleged offender was convicted of multiple sexual crimes in the past
>But don't forget he's not trans so everything that happened here was an attack on trans people!

It really blows my mind how there is no concern or safety for women. Sure, the offender isn't actually trans (who is though kek), but it shows how easy it is for a man to get into female spaces and how no one can do anything about it. It's so fucked up.

No. 1730688

akshually don't troons have the lowest rates of violence out of every demographic in the US? there as a tumblr post i think debunking the "1 in 12 and 1 in 8 if poc" or so claim about troons

No. 1730693

Joy to the world, the Lord is come…

No. 1730695

File: 1671457323518.png (720.9 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20221219-122055.png)

For context, the original tweet is about a girl who was sex trafficked and had the video uploaded and promoted by pornhub

No. 1730696

File: 1671457469977.png (99.31 KB, 1080x688, markup_1000000025.png)

Another tranny asking to see the video. Very womanly!

No. 1730697

Least pedophiliac canadian teacher

No. 1730702

so so so bleak

No. 1730703

They have the lowest murder rate out of the general population. Here's a article by a TiM that debunks the trans genocide narrative.

>The current murder rate in the United States is five murders per 100,000, which is about 0.005%. The Williams Institute’s 2016 study, “How Many Adults Identify as Transgender in the United States?,” reports that 1.4 million US Americans identify as transgender. In 2019, the United States reported the murders of 30 trans people. With 1.4 million trans people, that’s a murder rate of 0.002% — less than half of the murder rate for the general population. It’s possible that more trans people are dying than reported, but the number would have to be over 250% higher to be considered even marginally higher than the overall rate.

The article also points out that the murders aren't usually a result of transphobia.

No. 1730706

Dutch documentary (90% in english) about trans people in sports in the US. The doc tries to argue the position of 'the sex binary is old school and should be abolished' but in the end they accidentally make the case for sex segregation.

It has 2 TIM runners who completely ruin the other female runners. And a TIF (on testosteron) who wins all matches from her non juicing competitors.

It thing you should be able to watch it outside of the netherlands.


No. 1730720

What the fuck is wrong with him? FUCK YOU you disgusting piece of shit.

No. 1730723

thanks for all the great ideas, I love them all, especially the peahen idea, birds in general, as you can mostly tell the gender difference in an instant looking at a bird. My head will be working on something, it will take time, as it has to be perfect, but your brains helped me a lot.

And the microwaveable shark thing, kek, that would make them seethe.

No. 1730734

There's never been a more accurate file name than this in the history of the farms, nonny.

No. 1730735

Damn, I wish GRS on every male who mocks women the way they all do. There’s something so rewarding about seeing the most misogynistic ones who legitimately think they’ll have a real working female reproductive system and really believe they’ll be able to have mystical female orgasms non-stop ultimately having their penis removed and being left with a gaping hole and no libido. It’s what their hubris deserves for all of the rape jokes and all of the constant demeaning and devaluing of women and our spaces and our lives.

No. 1730738

>currently in a male inmate facility
Good. Let’s hope they keep him there. A male sex offender who preys on women has no right being around them.

No. 1730739

Same shit as Oli London, then

No. 1730741

I really love how they seem to arbitrarily pick and choose what criminals are ackshually trans. The breast plate teacher? Totally trans even though he performs his fetish around minors (this is apparently okay)! The Q shooter and Wi Spa guy? Nah. Chris-chan? Yep, trans! I thought we were supposed to believe everyone who says they’re trans, so what is the truth? Why are some suddenly not?

No. 1730754

>murders aren't usually a result of transphobia
This always gets me. I read the article you linked and have read others, and the majority of the time it has nothing to do with how they identify as trans. And usually it’s not even due to homophobia, which you think would be the actual reasoning. It’s almost always related to men being violent and over drug deals or because TiMs turn to sex work in the form of street prostitution, which is an inherently violent path to be on. Men regularly kill and physically harm prostitutes just because they think they can be as violent as they want with them and because they think they don’t matter as people. I have no idea why TiMs defend sex work so much when it’s something that puts them in danger, then turn around and blame it on women for some reason. Women are not the ones out there buying sex. They make no sense. If they did, they would be fighting against prostitution and porn like many women actually do, yet they seem to be so pornified their entire worldview is experienced through those things. They uphold the very system that perpetuates violence against them and everyone else who it victimizes. I don’t understand how someone can see something like this >>1730695 for example and not immediately feel rage and empathy. Would they care if the girl there was a TiM of the same age? Or would they still be celebrating it? I feel like they still wouldn’t care. How can they cry about trans sex workers being murdered but support things like this?

No. 1730758

Samefag, and I know I’m being pedantic about things that are a little irrelevant. We know the majority of TiMs out there aren’t third-world street prostitutes but upper middle class to wealthy white men who aren’t affected by any of that in any way. But for something they want to call a civil rights movement so bad, most TiMs sure don’t seem to actually care about the people they use as virtue signal fodder so often.

No. 1730770

Samefag, but I just notice the article has a cartoon illustration where a white man is strangling a black TiM lol. I'm surprise they didn't give the white male a red hat.

No. 1730772

Nonny, this is such a good point. Going to be thinking about this for awhile. Thanks.

No. 1730792

Literally the reason I became a TERF is because the very first “trans woman” I ever met was a moid who, pre-trooning, (poorly) attempted to cyberbully me because I told a friend his vibe creeped me out. He went to prison for selling prescriptions pills, and when he came out of prison as a troon he told me he only cyberbullied me because he was struggling with his gender issues. I was 20 years old at the time but already I could tell that he wasn’t a woman, just a mentally ill misogynistic man. He eventually died from a blood clot caused by taking estrogen without a prescription and I didn’t feel all that sad for him. Troons are absolutely their own worst enemies and they peak women just by existing.

No. 1730802

This thread is how I peaked. I wish there was a way to send links to normies without them shitting up the thread with their knee jerk defense of troons. Any nonnies have links to useful peaking websites?

No. 1730803

Thats gold nona, thanks! Hopefully I can sneakily bring this up in a conversation with my friends, they all think im still a handmaiden

No. 1730807

the amount of schadenfreude i got from when yaniv's neo-clit fell off was so immense, i still kek about it to this day

No. 1730811

File: 1671471240272.png (52.4 KB, 748x542, 17-30-25.png)

this shit makes me laugh so much. jkr saying lesbians can't feel attraction to males is a banning-worthy event, but literally all the pedo and white supremacist male authors are still being sold.

trannies are the biggest snowflakes on earth. they wouldn't last two minutes as a woman.

No. 1730815

No. 1730816

When did she ever attack children though? These are the same people super okay with pedos giving hormones to 12 year olds because they liked pink and played with a doll once. Make it make sense.

No. 1730817

When was JK ever aggressive? Saying that women are women and you cant force biology for the tranny narrative isnt aggressive. It's the truth.

I hope JK makes tons of money through her books and hogwarts Legacy.

No. 1730819

True doe. The fastest way to peak is to actually listen to troons and look at their own actions. That's all we're doing here after all.

No. 1730822

Such a good post. Everyone does say transphobia, when it is homophobia. if a man is buying what he thinks is a woman for a night of sex, but turns out they are a man, they are gonna flip. You cannot tell me sex has nothing to do with them. Straight men do not want to fuck men, same way lesbians do not want to fuck men. This doesn't get through the thick brain of a tranny or tranny lover.

No. 1730823

These people are so insane. "Personally pursues" what fucking projection, that's what they are doing to her and anyone who dares question their baseless claims

No. 1730824

It's how I peaked. I used to be sus of tranny agenda, but the threads here really showed me they are nothing but violent, disgusting men who think even less of women than non tranny men.

No. 1730825

I love how they have no evidence to back this up. Never do I ever remember seeing her tweet to personally attack anyone who didnt attack her first. I guess a woman defending herself against TRAs and other trannys is not okay? She has never once used violence or threatened another person based on their opinions.

No. 1730827

It's always DARVO tactics with the troons.

No. 1730832

File: 1671472557451.png (Spoiler Image,304.68 KB, 966x637, moobs.png)

TIM claims to have 40E moobs kek

No. 1730840

it's because he's a barrel chested man, trannies will get measurements like 40EE because of their broad male chests and think they have "mommy milkers" or some shit

No. 1730844

still this is never ever a C or more, I highly doubt even B, they just dont know shit about bra sizes, 40E would be massive, the wider the thorax the bigger they need to be for the same letter

No. 1730845

to be fair bra sizes really are fucking stupid and inconsistent and really don't make sense.

No. 1730847

I mean the biggest problem is peoples misconceptions and companies being unable to adhere to standards. Where im from the number in our system is supposed to be the width in cm but it is sometimes over 10cm off, it sucks

No. 1730854

File: 1671474226096.jpeg (653.19 KB, 960x1405, FA87EFEE-0742-4325-A22D-7D71D5…)

No. 1730860

File: 1671474452782.jpeg (154.04 KB, 828x1305, 1FD84CDB-14DC-4DF5-A514-DF152F…)

No. 1730869

I'm so jealous of birds, because males are the ones in the majority of bird species who have to look beautiful and put all the effort in. Honestly, birds should've evolved to be the intelligent species instead of retarded naked apes.

No. 1730877

File: 1671475315741.jpeg (394.26 KB, 960x1378, EB072BB8-376C-4A28-8B3A-3852CA…)

ngl this makes me want to alog. typical scrote seething and malding because a woman doesn’t present herself the way he’d kill himself to be able to. best case scenario for him is a botched dick that leaks piss for the rest of his life and zero orgasms.

No. 1730879

>A lot of body hair
>Low estrogen
The projection. Dude, this is telling everyone you hate yourself without saying 'I hate myself'

No. 1730884

Women with body hair are hot. Unlike this nasty scrote who will never be hot

No. 1730889

i hope more of them get blood clots

No. 1730890

Meanwhile his options are that he has a shriveled limp shrimp dick, or a botched leaky poop wound that looks like his penis went through a grinder. He wishes he was a woman.

No. 1730893

who cares if this woke local bookstore won't carry it, it's not as if the store will even be around in five years

No. 1730896

Typical boring scrote opinion and taste.

No. 1730900

DykeNukem3D is such a great username i love this chick.

No. 1730902

most birds don’t have sexual dimorphism and are monogamous. they’re truly the higher beings.

No. 1730908

>moid who defines his entire life and identity around how he hates his body, hormones, and genitals so much he wants to medically alter them and have his dick and balls cut up
>encounters random unknown woman who is clearly comfortable with her given body
Moids are so fucking transparent and stupid it’s incredible kek. Can’t get any more ironic

No. 1730912

also they can fly

No. 1730916

“i bet you have a lot of body hair and low estrogen like i used to until i inserted artificial hormones into my body!” what an own. at least her labia didn’t used to be saggy hairy balls.

No. 1730919

Same here. A troon peaked me just by existing in a voice chat. We were both in the same DnD group and he felt inadequate because of my natural speaking voice. His self-proclaimed "natural voice" was a tryhard gay falsetto and his emotional range only consisted of "teehee I have big boobies" and full blown narc rage. Because of his voice insecurity, he spread false rumors and got others to make fun of me for having a small chest, all because my DnD character wasn't busty like his? It was so dumb and I just left the group.
I hope every cyberbully troon transitions and makes the right choice when the realization dawns on them that they'll never be a woman.

No. 1730921

>low estrogen
Extremely male insult. I have never seen women insult each other's hormone levels but I have seen men insult "low testosterone cucks" kek

No. 1730922

No. 1730924

ugly man to ugly, artificially feminized man pipeline

No. 1730926

and those that do have the male be the pretty one to attract females

No. 1730929

I’ve heard of the incident but never saw that footage before. I love how calm, clear and rational she stays while the creepy moids try to mansplain “well ackshually it’s a female girldick.” I also liked how the female customers stuck together. Queen shit.

No. 1730934

Lmaooo the projection! This could describe any TIM on this thread (except replace “roast beef” with “rotting flesh wound”)

No. 1730941

he sounds like a pedophile
you're literally a man

No. 1730943

Was this deleted? Can’t find it

No. 1730945

No. 1730953

File: 1671480777048.png (18.2 KB, 748x147, dasd3q44rw3r.png)

Male behaviour

No. 1730956

An entire thread of palpable incel projection and seething. Wonderful milk. I hope twink death hits him hard. The stacies dragging him right now (are they lurking here?) make this tweet exchange even better.

No. 1730957

he aint even a 'twink' nasty mofo scrote lul, though I also hope he becomes even uglier so he resents himself more, especially for the roast beef comments

No. 1730959

so by his own standards he is human trash, im glad we cleared that up

No. 1730960

"twink death" was just my go-to but you're right. This freak of nature is already busted and this is the most interaction he'll ever get from women in his life.

No. 1730961

File: 1671481146013.jpg (93.56 KB, 709x929, Fir_88ZVsAA28Xj.jpg)

No. 1730965

He looks like if the smell of sour cream was a person.

No. 1730969

File: 1671481563223.png (17.67 KB, 595x131, imsoopressed.PNG)

No. 1730975

They make our job so easy, it's astounding. Show this to any normie and they will peak fr

No. 1730977

File: 1671481985297.jpeg (213.8 KB, 946x2048, desgusten.jpeg)

He looks like an even uglier keffals topkek

No. 1730981

File: 1671482062386.png (12.95 KB, 575x92, thewall.PNG)

No. 1730982

How do they age better if all trannies are dead by 35?

No. 1730984

By 25 they all look like shit.

No. 1730988

eh I think he looks better, mostly because he isnt fat, is younger and seems to wash his hair, even though he claire doesnt use the right shampoo

No. 1730989

>reeee low estrogen
Normies literally do not give a shit about a woman's estrogen levels.

No. 1730990

no hate to you nonnie but isn’t that dandruff right on top of his head? looks like he got caught in snowfall

No. 1730991

ye thats why I meant he doesnt use the right shampoo, it doesnt look greasy like keffals' hair though

No. 1730993

so you agree? you’re a man?

No. 1730995

mfer needs to log off and wash his hair instead of spending all his time regurgitating rancid incel takes on twitter dot com

No. 1730997

Love how men making up inches for their dick translates directly to trannies making up sizes for their moobs.
>looks more like C
Those look like A cups. Maybe B but on a smaller side.
Making me feel like you could tell a moid you have two sizes bigger boobs than you actually have and they’d believe you if they’re this easily deluded kek

No. 1730998

File: 1671483106435.png (38.44 KB, 634x156, ribeiro.png)

jfc. this is awful. the things he said to that child are so disturbing. and of course this is the porn he likes. sick of these glorified pedos

No. 1730999

this now seems so fucking obvious but my god you're right anon kek, that is why, idk why i didn't think of it this way.

No. 1731009

holy shit, attending a recital front and center for the kids to see?? this man has been escalating his exhibition for awhile. he will assault someone if he hasn't already

No. 1731045

Honestly I think troons don't know about microwavable pillows and would be ecstatic to have a new thing to misuse as a sex toy, since they're so dickbrained.

No. 1731049

Samefag but I forgot to wish you luck with your project. It sounds very cute and cool.

No. 1731055

Stupid moid doesn't realise the reason women tend to have difficulty with jars isn't because we're weak but because your average jar lid doesn't fit properly in your average woman's hands so you can't actually get a good grip on it. It's not that they're too hard for our "weak" hands, the world is just built for large man hands

No. 1731057

File: 1671487212174.jpg (424.11 KB, 1152x2048, FkC-ImlWYAUb7M0.jpg)

the amount of angles + hiding the man hands kek

No. 1731059

In what fucking world. He's most likely wayyy underestimating his band size and getting bigger cups instead. How can men be so delusional.

No. 1731063

And yet, it's still obviously a male.

No. 1731068

To be fair, even primate mating strategies center around males performing and competing for female partnership, and females are almost always naturally "plain" or "default" in aesthetics, whereas some or all males develop aesthetic features to attract females. The problem is that sentience gave men the ability to plan, while also making them realize how utterly worthless they are in comparison to women, so they've done everything in their power to reverse the natural order and force females to take the male role of serving the opposite sex and groveling for their attention. Human society is not how things are supposed to be, and it's incredible obvious if you look at literally any animal species other than our own.

No. 1731070

Kek really shows how nonsensical bra sizes are.

No. 1731073

>misusing a microwavable plushie as a sex toy
let them burn whatever is left of their micropenis. it's win win

No. 1731074

What is happening in the gut area? Sucking in? Or is it just the posture?

No. 1731075

File: 1671488383227.jpg (177.79 KB, 922x1539, FkXgjxmVUAEx-r_.jpg)

I want to alog theyre so misogynistic it hurts

No. 1731077

Cryaotic stuck his dick in microwaved mashed potatoes and lived to coom'n'groom another day. I'm sure trannies, who are prone to being built similarly to Cry, would unfortunately survive under similar conditions.

No. 1731078

AGP. That's AGP. They're connecting womanhood with concepts like weakness and subservience and getting off to applying it to themselves as a form of humiliation fetish, similar to cuckholdry, but with much, much more misogyny (which would be impressive if it weren't so gross, given cuckholdry already involves a high amount of misogyny).

No. 1731083

i can tell you're an ex-cryaotic fan

No. 1731087

We were all 13 at some point.

No. 1731095

File: 1671490291162.jpg (92.93 KB, 750x1334, FkYBvuYVUAE-2Y5.jpg)

they are 100% serious

No. 1731100

At first glance, I saw troon Elliot Rodger with a longer face.

No. 1731105

File: 1671490777308.jpeg (373.25 KB, 1125x1672, 96D61BD7-83B5-4DED-987B-248823…)

The comment section is littered with trans flag emojis and “I’ll check back in a year” and “who’s going to tell her” yeah totally not a cult built around fetish

No. 1731116

kek someone redline those linebacker shoulders

No. 1731131

Honestly the "wait till her egg cracks uwu" replies are stupid and obviously grooming people, but this dude's caption sounds retarded and like he's baiting for encouragement to troon out to begin with. What the fuck is a "lesbian in a gay male's body"? Is he even gay? Or us he saying that gay men have certain body types?

No. 1731137

Complete self-own

No. 1731143

im going to throw up

No. 1731150

kek. even the ai knows. i tried it out of curiosity cause i’ve a shaved head and wide af shoulders and every time it made a woman.

No. 1731151

File: 1671494282540.jpg (594.31 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20221219-182631_Ins…)

This TiM I follow on Instagram usually just posts hypershooped pictures of himself with his moobs and ass hanging out in the very typical porn-addicted-autogynephilic-male kind of way. However, he's currently in the hospital with gallstones apparently due to his binge eating habit that he admits developed because he has no idea how to eat healthily and never cared to learn. He's also someone who claims to have been put on puberty blockers so watching the hospital video he made for pity-likes talking about how he's a gorging fatass and hearing that he has a deep ass man voice regardless made me giggle. He recently moved to Los Angeles and mentioned vaguely how he's having a "hard time" and that it's contributed to his lack of control surrounding eating out for every fucking meal. I imagine the "hard time" he's having is no longer living in his shitty liberal small town echochamber where he was allowed to be elected homecoming queen and he is stepping into the real world where he has found that being a "LGBTQIA+ ambassador" on Instagtam truly means jack shit to anyone.

No. 1731168

It’s so fucking weird how many men see sex as overtaking us and an act of dominance. And they think we see it as an act of submissiveness and letting ourselves be overpowered. Like…no. I’ve always seen sex as something two people do to make each another feel good and orgasm. Being submissive (??) and overtaken isn’t supposed to be a part of that in any way. Men are so fucking weird in how they conflate sex with power and dominance. They’re like chimps.

No. 1731172

Lol I remember this troon. So funny he's getting eaten alive in LA

No. 1731187

thought this was jazz ngl, does estrogen/puberty blockers cause an increased appetite or something? all the young transitioners get so chunky

No. 1731188

File: 1671497234819.png (26.8 KB, 200x288, 4DEE0C7A-59C9-4C14-AB4B-C1D91D…)

All these men do is appropriate the speech of women and other oppressed groups, as if women getting cheek fat removed is akin to black phising. Please.