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No. 1581780

Thread created from Pride Month 2022 conversations on LGB rights being replaced by identity politics and queer relationships (eg spicy straights) and fetishists. This thread is to commiserate on our communities being erased because libfems and their nigels aren't like other couples. Although this thread is a place to vent together about the current gay community, homophobechans are not allowed or accepted. Since there is already MTF and FTM threads, this thread will focus more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads.

Topics of discussion:
-Rainbow consoomerism
-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Spicy Straight
-Queer and Trans taking opportunities away from LBG people

Pride Month 2022 Thread >>>/ot/1191923
Pride Month 2022 Thread #2 >>>/ot/1219875
MtF/Trans-identified Male General #71 >>>/snow/1578640
Fakeboi/Transtrender/TIF Thread #22 >>>/snow/1565584

lesbian general #5 >>>/g/273508
Butch General >>>/g/273185
Bisexuality #2 >>>/g/199767

No. 1581785

I feel a spicy straight would work better on /ot/ then snow, these people are more of trend rather then specific group of related cows

No. 1581786

also great gob on the editting of the thread pic, it looks great

No. 1581789

I was thinking the same thing but I thought it would also fit nicely among the MTF and FTM thread. And I know snow is kind of for one person (I looked at the rules) but there are many threads that encompass a whole group of people like: femboys, camgirls, SJW e-artist etc.
And thanks anon lol at first I was super pumped editing it but by the end it just made me sad that that is the new gay community lol.

No. 1581795

I think the MTF and camgirls threads have a lot of people interested in them and that's why they move so fast, like compare how slow the femboy and SJW artists thread move for comparison

No. 1581801

Should I delete and move to ot then? This is my first time making a thread so I'm scared lol.

No. 1581810

File: 1657127765276.png (1.05 MB, 1080x801, Untitled-12.png)

I was watching cat videos on tiktok and then this shows up. I wish more people would call this out. Only one comment in 199.

No. 1581815

File: 1657128356581.jpg (59.54 KB, 1153x649, insanity.jpg)

excellent thread nonnie, thank you. May I contribute the Dublin Pride 2022 flag, where being an actual homosexual somehow lumps you in with Ukranians, POC, trans and… intersex disorder?

No. 1581827

Thanks Nonnie and yessss!
I was thinking about that flag when putting one in the dudes hand. I wonder if all this absurdity is to make people homophobic again. How can these people creating this stuff be so tone-deaf.

No. 1581832

This gave me an instant migraine.

Good thread, nonna

No. 1581842

File: 1657130204757.png (853.43 KB, 668x898, colmmolloy.png)

The guy who designed it looks scary, meet a beautiful they/them with the most androgynous of names; Colm! >>1581827

No. 1581846

Men are so damn ugly. Why do all male they/thems dress like retards

No. 1581850

File: 1657131104480.jpg (220.72 KB, 1080x1506, 1657125460641.jpg)

This was in the celebricow thread but I wonder if Dove is going to be embraced or disgraced in her "ambiguously queer" era. It helped propel Halsey, Demi Lavato, Miley Cyrus, St Vincent, Billie Eilish, Phoebe Bridgers, etc careers but it seems so 10 years ago to be trying to gain an audience this way. But maybe that's because I lived through those phases and the newer generation hasn't witnessed this sort of pandering and slowfade out of the gay community once their career is more stable?

Thanks! And same I was so close to using my business account to rant and rave in the comments. I really need to make a personal account to do that. Sorry for the headache lol

OH MY GOD the picture that popped up on google was that photo cropped. I love that they didn't want to show his brave and stunning mini skirt.

No. 1581852

I predict a they/them or even a full troon arc with Dove shortly. She’s been dropping lots of hints about her “dysphoria” lately.

No. 1581856

what's the over/under on this thread deteriorating into lesbian vs. bisexual slapfighting within the day?

No. 1581857

Dysphoria from all that plastic surgery. How sad she used to be so cute. I wonder if instead of queerbaiting it will be troonbaiting.

lmfao I hope none. The pride threads didn't have any slap fighting. The ones posting the bisexual reddit thread compilations where bisexual themselves.

No. 1581859

he look like a confused 1700's scotish man trying to look like a normal 2022 man but only by using pride month corporate commercial as a reference.

No. 1581863

I don't know why but he reminds me of a demi patoot version of Alan Cumming. Maybe it's the eyes.

No. 1581872

File: 1657132027190.png (162.67 KB, 800x600, eatagoddamnvagina.png)

oh, hey, thanks for making this thread! im EAT A DAMN VAGINA anon from the pride month thread, so i'll re-drop my content in hopes of kicking this off. ilu!

No. 1581874

File: 1657132097398.jpg (308.88 KB, 800x600, cope.jpg)

No. 1581876

File: 1657132163478.png (882.08 KB, 732x790, bipridetarp.png)

btw these are all taken from the facebook group "Bisexual but make it fashion," which contains neither fashion nor bisexuality

No. 1581878

File: 1657132209393.jpg (83.57 KB, 980x653, dove-cameron-ryan-mccartan.jpg)

look up Dove Cameron's dating history
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
>tall straight guy
she doesn't even date non-binary genderqueers who dress like ezra miller, she's only ever dated normal looking straight guys who are a bit tall

No. 1581879

File: 1657132234237.png (562.15 KB, 751x596, bravebisexualwomandatesman.png)

spicy straight subtype: supporting my moid trooning so i can call myself a lesbian

No. 1581881

File: 1657132306075.png (16.36 KB, 749x125, ifidonthavealabelidonthaveaper…)

get a fucking personality

No. 1581882

No problem and thanks for the reddit title compilations. I wanted to credit your post but I didn't know how to do it through different thread pages.

Thanks for redropping too I really enjoyed reading them lol. It was cathartic knowing I'm not the only one bothered by this. I should make a compilation of all the late bloomer lesbians that found out they were "lesbians" from the masterdoc and being confined with their boyfriends during lockdown.

No. 1581883

File: 1657132378494.png (12.02 KB, 724x125, contagiousmentalillness.png)

making everyone around me queer makes me more queer, like an MLM upline/downline

No. 1581885

File: 1657132435545.png (25.11 KB, 728x182, mentalgymnastics.png)

they're actually facebook comments from a closed group which is why they're extra bold and stupid, it's hugbox territory. idfk how to link either or i would have. i hope this thread flourishes and we all eat more vaginas

No. 1581886

File: 1657132501119.png (447.25 KB, 488x590, imbibecausehelltroonin5years.p…)

last time i searched for the key words "bi wife husband," next time i get some time ill make a "im lesbian because it's a girldick" special

No. 1581888

I hope it doesn’t. I’m sure there will be some hurt feelings but people need to accept that shit isn’t all about them and it’s okay to laugh or get annoyed sometimes. I think it would be best if the thread stuck to laughing at cows we find instead of nonas bringing up their own experiences/nigels/etc.

No. 1581889

can we just preemptively say that nigelposting is banned? no one cares about how your spicy straightness is validated because your man looked at a penis in a locker room in high school once.

No. 1581891

Yes but you know someone is going to do it anyway.

No. 1581892

i'm so confused. picrel is cute. is he the op or the wife?

No. 1581893

File: 1657132865386.png (624.92 KB, 618x873, Screenshot 2022-07-06 113833.p…)

This reminds me of the lgbt wedding reddit page where it was all straight couples that needed advice on how to make their wedding as gay looking as possible.

Awe, I should have put that in the OP. I didn't even think about that. I'm glad everyone agrees lol.

No. 1581899

imo this would be better in ot because the rules could be looser and people don't have to worry about saging. since it is a loose topic it could get lost in the shuffle and the rules about what should be saged and what shouldn't be will be messy.

No. 1581900

lmaooo the dude in that pic is the wife, he's a low-effort troon. OP is bi because her husband trooned, making them lesbians, duh.

No. 1581906

My brain had blocked out the term, I hate you for reminding it exists, thread theme btw

>Now at over 44 million views, the #biwifeenergy tag is full of content about people’s relationships – both real and fictional (I regret to inform you that both Simon, the blue hoodie-wearing chipmunk from Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Johnny – Andy Samberg’s character from Hotel Transylvania – have received bi wife energy tributes).

>For the most part, though, the trend seems to have gained significant traction with "queer" women on the platform, who seemingly use the track to express their appreciation for one special “hetero guy” trying to be a “good ally” in their lives. The song, created by TikTok user @cringelizard, is reportedly part of “a bit” according to their bio, as they are not, in fact, “a hetero guy”, but instead identify as a queer transmasc. While the meme has attracted a few negative responses from TikTok users, in general, the platform seems to have embraced bi wife energy wholeheartedly.
>Both people and relationships are becoming increasingly queer, making rote statements about what’s perceived to be “cis-het” sound more and more like identity policing. “Some ‘straight’ relationships – even ones where both partners are cis and heterosexual – can be pretty queer,” Asa says in an email. “At the same time, I don't agree that just being a queer person automatically makes all your relationships queer.” For Asa, and for many who claim the label, “queerness is not an essential identity, it is a kind of attachment, practice, and orientation to the world.”
>A queer person in a “straight” relationship is often actively changing the dynamic of that relationship, helping their partners engage with queerness themselves as better allies or even participants. This isn’t to say that non-queer people are unable to sympathise with the LGBT+ community otherwise, or that they cannot come to these conclusions on their own, but that these reassessments do often occur as a result of the “queering” of a straight relationship.


No. 1581907

What is this word salad kek?

No. 1581910

scientists are working around the clock to decipher it still

oh give a thread a chance before you start prophesizing its death. there are definitely individual cows that can come out of this, especially from instagram/tiktok tags like >>1581906 talks about (10/10 appropriate content btw)

No. 1581918

File: 1657134073643.webm (6.18 MB, 720x1280, _kfF1i_hF36fzu8T.webm)

Ohh reminded me of this gem lol (thanks who posted it on the pride thread).

I am so tired of tiktok making things a thing. like lesbians being non men loving non men and everyone calling fruity something that's straight but a little gay. The misogyny and homophobia.

No. 1581929

File: 1657134544604.png (53.87 KB, 549x379, Screenshot 35.png)

part 2 and here's the "political" part about the article, about how a tiktok trend(that is mostly dead as of now) means for society as a whole
>In a 2016 essay for the New York Times, Jenna Wortham asks ‘When Everyone Can Be ‘Queer,’ Is Anyone?’ in response to a VICE piece about young celebrities’ usage of the term. The writer warns against the “dilution” of queerness, particularly as it relates to aspects of life that can be easily commodified, such as “clothes, haircuts, piercings, even diets”.
>But it’s fallacious to act as if these things aren’t a huge part of gender presentation, which in turn is a vital aspect of queerness for many people. More than that, at a time when lots of people are beginning to push against prescribed ideas of gender, it feels counterproductive to gatekeep the use of a broad label that is supposed to refer to an “open mesh of possibilities” and almost resistant to the idea that people (yes, even straight ones) can change their minds about things.
>The backlash, though from a minority, indicates that Asa may be right. In the comments of one TikTok, a user writes: “In the first half he looks homophobic sorry”. “Guys she made this”, says another trying to explain that the video’s creator is the ‘bi wife’ herself, not a straight man trying to gas himself up about participating in his own relationship with a queer partner.
>Of course, the trend does take on a very different tone when it reads as a straight person patting themselves on the back for their supposed progressiveness. Some commenters have noted the overlap between bi wife energy and the figure of the ‘softboi’, defined as “anyone who has any unique or alternative interests that make them feel superior to other people”.
>Jane Ward, the author of The Tragedy of Heterosexuality and a professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at the University of California Riverside, thinks the reality is more complicated than it seems: “I think what people are doing with the song on TikTok probably can't be reduced to one phenomena. Some are satirising this dude, some are celebrating him, and some are doing both.”
>For Jane, bi wife energy is “a queer feminist satire of the woke bro, or the men we used to call SNAGs – sensitive new age guys”. She explains that these are men who “have some good politics on the outside, but still cause sexist or racist harm in their relationships and communities.”
>“What we know about this guy from the song itself is that he is hardly a radical. He lets us know that he is ‘trying’ to be a good ally, who isn't cruel, but he doesn't want us to get confused and think he is queer, so he lets us know that whenever anyone makes this mistake, he corrects them and tells them ‘no, I'm heterosexual. It's just that my wife is bi.’ So we don't have much to work with here.”
>So perhaps there is no one true meaning of bi wife energy. The bi is in the eye of the beholder, as it were. “To be honest,” Asa says, “there are probably very few relationships where both parties are 100% heterosexual – and yet heterosexuality nonetheless exists!”
>“It's important not to ascribe sinister ulterior motives to people just because they happen to be straight and/or men. This TikTok meme seems to be about men loving their wives and respecting their queerness, which is very cute – it doesn't have to get any deeper than that.” Too bad, this piece exists now.

I literally despise every single person described in the article

No. 1581940

these stupid straight girls will literally do anything in the world to feel like they have some queer points by proxy. literally desperate to have their stupid word vomiting into the void be seen as brave and activist and accomplishing something. the smug NLOG energy is exactly what pisses me off so much about these idiots.

No. 1581942

File: 1657134979030.png (620.48 KB, 645x510, queer.png)

Posted in a group for Queer Identifying Folks™

No. 1581945

can somebody explain to me the point of coming out as bi when you're in a long term het relationship? is it just attention?

No. 1581946

It sure takes lot of word salad to write a “queer” article about the feelings of straight moids.

No. 1581949

He probably calls himself “bi” because he’s attracted to both women and female they/thems

No. 1581952

File: 1657135367259.png (2.05 MB, 1518x2439, Untitled-3.png)

>"and yet heterosexuality nonetheless exists!”
Who knew!

That reminds me of when I was younger and would google Why is everyone copying lesbian fashion/style when I would see one to many gnc women and then find out they were straight lol.

Stealing these images from the Pride thread because I think it relates.

No. 1581955

that's exactly it. it's entirely for attention and to feel included in the cool gen z qweer movement. my original rant in the pride thread is that these girls are never going to leave their moids and eat an actual vagina. the most they'll do is try to unicorn hunt, and probably get all butthurt if they do get into a threesome because they can't stand their dude getting hard for another woman. there's no risk in them coming out because they can always be "straight passing" whenever they want, but idiots on the internet will tell you how brave you are for coming out on twitter, so it's a win/win for them.

No. 1581963

>boyfriend is bi
>girlfriend is a “sex worker”
who wants to bet this is an “open” relationship

No. 1581964

>the rules that we operate under may be different
if you asked her to elaborate she would say something like "just like you know, the dynamic is different" and dance around the fact that she really just means that grug doesn't drag her around by her hair

No. 1581967

yeah these bi girls with husbands, long-term boyfriends, and a male-only dating history just want to feel speshul and act as oppressed as lesbians. they want a piece of the pride pie without feeling any adversity, just asspats.

No. 1581973

It means she pegs him occasionally and they both objectify women together

No. 1581976

She uses a squirting dildo on his ass and he cooks sometimes (grilled cheese)

No. 1581979

File: 1657136780619.jpg (77.38 KB, 554x960, 1653543535528.jpg)

Don't forget he paints his nails and sometimes does fag hands.

No. 1581980

Translation: he wears nail polish sometimes but still doesn't clean or does the dishes

No. 1581981

low-effort troons call themselves butch now

No. 1581985

What the hell is this?
>our partners changing gender can be confusing - not knowing how best to interact with them at any given time
>have you pinpointed any indicators that help you?
So does he yell at you or have a “gender-dysphoric” meltdown when he’s feeling a little more “femme” at the moment, and you misgender him? Way to walk on eggshells.

No. 1581990

samefag but kek at
>friendly smile mean female
>smug look mean male

No. 1581991

This is so fucking funny. If your boyfie smiles, remember to ask his pronouns!

No. 1581994

For real I was thinking about that as I read it. Although it's just shitty human nature it sucks that abusers and narcissist have found a new way of terrorizing people and be applauded or hidden in plain sight.


I know! I think I remember watching some of her vids like a year ago. It's just like radfem spaces; when one gets a little famous they go batshit. The Radfem curse lmao.


No. 1581997

File: 1657137548444.webm (6.81 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1657136692932.webm)

what's weird is she has some based takes every now and then, I honestly think she's just not too caught up with queer subculture, also going through her vids she does not at all come across as a kinkfag


No. 1582001

Why are queers always the mustiest people you could ever see? They always look like they smell like cigarettes, cheap beer and dirty clothes.

No. 1582004

I need to find that reddit meme of what you think a poly relationship looks like vs what it actually looks like.

No. 1582005

>I'm a queer artist
Called it. Overperforming feminity + shitton of plastic surgery + body dysmorphia never ends well with woke women. If "Boyfriend" becomes a ftm "anthem" I'm gonna throw up

No. 1582009

is that Twist3dDisast3r?

No. 1582012

>Halp internet, how do I humor my mentally ill moid’s mood swings?
but make it GeNdEr

No. 1582013

Because baths and showers are cishet hegemony, nonna

No. 1582014

I said the same! Disney pedo machine victim + “Boyfriend” + constant IG whinging about dysphoria = FTM saga incoming (although her management may convince her to tone it down to enby for career purposes)

No. 1582026

Kek, have any other women stopped even telling people they're bi due to all this queer/non binary bullshit? I just identify as straight because I find most bi women so cringe and embarrassing.

No. 1582030

Not bi but same but I don't tell anyone especially online artist circles that I'm a lesbian. Someday I'll have #gaynotqueer in my bio but until then I'm so turned off and disgusted by the consoomerism of my sexuality that I'd rather it be a secret.

No. 1582041

gross she could do so much better

No. 1582078

File: 1657143668447.jpeg (184.25 KB, 750x1334, 1553427299033.jpeg)

Remember this from Pheobe's threads lmao, my fav spicy straight call out ever

No. 1582093

File: 1657144275684.png (68.11 KB, 647x265, Screenshot 2022-07-06 145114.p…)

Her mom wrote that? lmfao.

I was really into lesbian wlw indie artists but after Girl In Red defended troons and said she didn't like the word lesbian, Hayley Kyoko only writing songs about straight girls and being cuckholded, and King Princess saying she's a drag queen in a woman's body my mind isn't mentally prepared for any other possible gay artists.

No. 1582143

sage for blogposting, but is it wrong that I am bi woman and find bi moids repulsive? Sounds hypocritical but I absolutely hate them, they are way more degenerate than straight moids

No. 1582154

File: 1657147571566.png (155.25 KB, 637x540, 800 ratings how.png)

I remember seeing this woman a while ago. She wrote a book about this stuff at one point. Maybe I'll get my bi card revoked for thinking she's a dumb fuck?

No. 1582161

10 bux it's the same as parkavenue pigeon and her greasy streamer neckbeard having another, slightly less cringy girlfriend he takes out in public and the degen he keeps on the side.

100% and the same reason this type comes out as they/thems or neopronouns then doesnt change their style whatsoever. easy to act brave being a xirself on the internet and easy to go back to being the she they really are when in an irl situation outside of their hugbox. cowardly and wastes the time of actual women who love women.

turns out mood swings are gender, as a rapid-cycling bipolar i must be empress of gender

they do and it ruins it for lesbians who actually like butch women. go to click on what seems like a hot masc woman and it's either a poorly passing TIM or a TIF.

opposite, theyve moved on to the label "omni" because pan and bi (overlapping definitions already) weren't enough to be special anymore

>how many cunts have you licked
big mood

i don't think it's inherently a bi male thing, i think that degenerate death-grip-dick males stop caring about what the hole is attached to and start to ID as bi when realy they're just after anything their dick can fit in. all the TIM lesbians show you that men are willing to be much more degenerate with each other than with a woman.

No. 1582163

Me. I don’t even want to be associated with any of it now unless it’s relevant to who I’m dating and someone just asks.

No. 1582164

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've lost other bi women as friends because I've pointed out that they shouldn't speak over lesbians about oppression when they've only ever dated and slept with men. I also hate meeting other bi women, because, as you say, the vast majority are fucking cringe and are either permanently online straight women who want to feel special, or ~uwu genderqueers who asslick troons. I'm dating the only normal bi woman I've ever met kek.

Same. Both times I've dated bi moids, I've been abused by them. I agree with >>1582161 and think that 99% of "bi" men are just pornsick and like to whore around with whoever.

No. 1582167

These people quite literally see being gay/bisexual like you're in a fandom for some shit like Superwholock. Woke homophobia at its best.

No. 1582171

File: 1657148531671.jpg (72.64 KB, 500x709, 1645871889713.jpg)

since nonna posted >>1582078 i thought i'd post jillybean's spicy straight moment

No. 1582174

Why does this picture give me bumfuck canada version of Lori and Kevin vibes…..

No. 1582175

Not a PDA fan usually but I kind of want to kiss or even hold hands with a woman in front of these kind of girls just to see them sweat

No. 1582176

if pixie's thread wasn't so active for plenty of other good merits, she'd be right at home here. she's got the full spicy straight bingo clear.

No. 1582179

Yes! Or when they call their boyfriend/husband "partner". I'm still on the fence of whether it's being "helpful" like normalizing the term so that gay people aren't slightly outed when tiptoeing the sex of their partner or if they are purposely being ambiguous so you think they might be in a gay relationship. Personally I think I'll always hate hearing straights say partner.

No. 1582183

Nah nonny, if I need to hide my relationship with my gf I just call her family, like a cousin or sister or something. People question that a lot less than 'friend' and a hell of a lot less than 'partner'.

No. 1582187

Omg I never even thought about that. I would love the opportunity to call my future gf my cousin someday. Preferably in front of her without her prior knowledge. Thanks Nonnie that's a great idea.

No. 1582191

Yup same, I’m one of those dreaded bi women married to a man and I don’t even talk about my sexuality, although I’ve licked plenty of vagina and was married to a woman before kek. What’s the point? It’s not relevant to my current relationship and “bi erasure” is so far down the list of shit LGB people are dealing with right now.

No. 1582192

For a minute I thought it was that “ex-gay” alt right freak Milo

No. 1582207

Exactly, honestly, whenever someone says "partner" most people assume that person is dating another person of their same sex, it's not a secret if everyone knows.

No. 1582208

File: 1657150426274.png (15.56 KB, 753x131, homosexualityisacostume.png)

i'm bored and i love yall ITT so im going to dump some more garbage. first up, this one bragging abuot how her lesbian costume is successful (except the eating a vagina part)

No. 1582210

File: 1657150504882.png (7.68 KB, 744x70, notafetish.png)

no way your boyfriend is encouraging this in hopes he gets a sloppy threesome from two women he won't be able to please

No. 1582217

File: 1657151107524.png (467.8 KB, 1500x1067, lesbiantraits.png)

things you need to be bisexual: pic related
things you dont need to be bisexual: eat a vagina

No. 1582219

File: 1657151232153.png (8.04 KB, 726x49, queerwomenin2022.png)

can we get bravery points online for something we won't experience any oppression for IRL? thanks!

No. 1582222

File: 1657151407062.png (350.11 KB, 751x485, bravebisexual.png)

no one will know im spicy straight AND gender when i show up with my husband, good thing i got this hat to make sure everyone knows.

No. 1582224

it's because the moid is just hunching and hovering over her, not wanting to look or even touch her. keeping a distance, no expression, while she looks in the camera far more interested in herself, just like narc lori. kevin stays back out of fear, but this dude i think just hates pixie and only begrudgingly stays with her because she's a body to use and probably coddles him.

No. 1582225

File: 1657151686425.png (20.21 KB, 629x181, icantdatewomenimmonogamous.png)

sorry ladies i cant be bisexual, im monogamous and relationships only count with men

lmao the boyfriend in that pic is long gone and replaced with an even worse version. thread's taking bets on when he'll troon out (soon). she'll reach spicy straight peak soon.

No. 1582226

File: 1657151876225.png (8.69 KB, 615x77, itsbitonotkissgirls.png)

trying to understand this gives me a headache

No. 1582229

File: 1657151964265.png (16.34 KB, 630x148, thatsbeingstraight.png)

>i'm bi
>tried to hook up with girls, only kissed
>couldn't go through with fucking a woman
>still bi though

make it make sense

No. 1582233

Wait is this Phoebe Bridgers? I need confirmation

No. 1582235

File: 1657152759564.png (188.94 KB, 1000x622, youarestraight.png)

hey gals is not feeling any urges towards women or desire to be with them bisexual or what?

yes, RIP her milkflow

No. 1582237

girl no lmao, it's Pheobe Tickner

No. 1582239

File: 1657152936508.png (20.36 KB, 626x198, signsofgay.png)

you bet my high ass just read pheobe and autofilled the rest, smh

No. 1582250

That last text from her mom is still one of the most iconic interactions with a parent a cow has ever posted online, I know Feebs is apparently reformed and not so bad anymore but this will never not be hilarious. Maybe her mother helped her see how full of shit she was, honestly

No. 1582253

What the fuck is a nigel

No. 1582258

she was like a candle in the wind, F

your chosen moid who is totally not like other men for all of these reasons that are usually depressingly bottom-barrel, like he doesn't beat you and eats your pussy one in every ten times

No. 1582267

lgbtards did this to themselves.
"muh accept meehh!!!!11!!1!" to the point they make straight people insecure to where straight people feel like they need to pretend to be LGBT to feel accepted. Now you're culture is being diluted. Funny how that works, isn't it?

No. 1582269

>straight people feel like they need to pretend to be LGBT to feel accepted

that's a super backward take. if it was universally accepted to be LGBT, they wouldn't be spicy for pretending they're not straight. they're doing it specifically because it's one aspect of their straight, usually white, non-genderspecial average lives that's ~contentious~ and ~might anger their dad~

No. 1582274

kek, unsaged moid, ol' reliable

No. 1582321

It's weird because I thought for a while that pretending to be bi had gone out of fashion a bit and had been replaced with pretending to be queer and/or a pronoun haver. Part of the problem imo is that being "bi" has become so normalised (if that's the right word) in these kind of woque circles that having anything to say about this kind of embarrassing behaviour that isn't totally positive gets you labelled as an evil gatekeeping terfbian no matter whether you're bi yourself or a lesbian. sage for slight blogging but I'm not going to stop calling myself bi though especially because I have a female lean. One day this kweer larping will stop being seen as some kind of fun fandom.

No. 1582350

i thought that was the same boyfriend it is now kek. they're both twink blondes. she's definitely going to reel when he inevitably troons out. or maybe she would like that, since then she'll be "a lesbian" and get extra kweer points.

No. 1582372

I worry for these kids so much.

No. 1582377

>be bisexual
>every bi group on facebook might as well rename itself the nigel fanclub
>want a gf and a place to talk honestly about liking the same sex that isn't lesbians only, don't want to spend all my time validating women who aren't interested in me and hearing about why nigel is their one dude exception and also oh no a lesbian was mean once because she said nigel sucks

It hurts, anons.

Fucking kek i thought it was her at first too but apparently she's american and not a bong (i'm out of the loop). I'm sure she's very spicy straight as well, though.

No. 1582381

Purposeful ambiguity. Bihets especially love describing their Nigels as "partners"

No. 1582418

File: 1657166080397.png (7.77 KB, 530x86, thenperish.png)

claiming to be bi is now the bare-minimum entry level special. being straight is out of fashion, so they can't possibly admit they are and look uncool and like the fetishists these faghags largely are. claiming to be genderqueer is for bonus points, especially when they're fat and ugly and can use it as an excuse for why no one wants to fuck them. claiming to be genderqueer because it makes your cishet nigel gay is the exploding brain level move.

she will absolutely like that and she will absolutely make being lesbians with him her whole new identity

girl, every letter of that greentext is exactly why i'm here. the only escape is sapphic-focused groups because these "bi" girls would piss themselves in terror if a woman actually flirted with them. like this one >>1582235 says over and over, they feel "no need" to be with women and can't even bear to touch some vag like >>1582229. someone in that stupid group said that their nigel's lack of toxic masculinity made him an honorary queer and made their relationship queer. they can never shut up for two fucking seconds and let anyone talk, it's just "my boyfriend stayed with me when i came out because he wants a threesome and finds it hot that i objectify women for his approval!" fucking pickmes i s2g

No. 1582462

File: 1657170197287.jpeg (77.98 KB, 602x570, main-qimg-b42568b565ca257f9187…)

Damn, life was hard for Higgins after Magnum PI.

No. 1582465

File: 1657170655670.jpg (268.02 KB, 1280x1081, ebc48f64-ca41-5d94-9101-0aaeb.…)

Finally a place to post this

No. 1582466

Idk nonnie I agree but I think you're both onto something. I unironically believe people with no self respect market themselves as a spicy straight so they feel like they're allowed to be included in conversation. There's a lot of policing of language based upon whatever bullshit label you fabricate your entire identity on nowadays.

No. 1582489

it's almost worth catching a ban in that facebook group to post this, might make a sock

agree with that aspect, but it isn't LGB people pushing these girls to be spicy. the average LGB seems to fucking hate these types because they waste your time and dick you around.

No. 1582494

Conversion therapists have been keeping an eye on these developments and since most women who claim to be bi never ever do anything with women anyway, they now try to shill it to lesbians. They've stopped trying to shoot for straight, bi is practically close enough. They don't call it conversion therapy anymore because of it, but things like SAFE-T (sexual attraction fluidity exploration in therapy).

No. 1582523

paging pixielocks

Thank you for making this thread op!
These are infuriating, no interest in women until they've been married for 7-10 years to a man and still don't want to do anything with a woman even once they've """realised"""" they're bi.
They should stick to being allies intead of larping bisexuality with absolutely nothing to back it up.

No. 1582524

>bi-wife energy
>golden retriever adhd gamer boy

Absolutely begging these people to go outside

No. 1582620

Ever since I was a kid, people in my country would call their spouses "partner" even if they were het. I think it's just something that gained prominence due to people being in long term defacto relationships. Said country legalized gay marriage less than 5 years ago. I suppose for us girlfriend/boyfriend has very juvenile connotations, and if you've been living domestically for over two years, you're seen as married in a lot of areas and some people just never bother making it official if it's not something that is important to them.
That being said, I still roll my eyes when exclusively male dating bi girls do it. For that reason I almost always say boyfriend especially when I'm around these people to hopefully let them know I'm not their ally.

No. 1582622

File: 1657199884770.jpg (43.14 KB, 669x347, queens.jpg)

No. 1582627

Let me share my favorite spicy straight personal cow. This is a lolita who’s poly and married to a neckbeard moid (who has his own sidepiece gf) and she also dates a MTF troon. She’s a “professional seamstress” who’s been churning out poorly constructed fashion for years now, and she flaunts her nasty BDSM fetish in public by wearing shibari harnesses over her coords, and making her models wear shibari in fashion shows. She has an autistic obsession with rainbows and other tacky Pride shit but afaik she’s never actually licked a pussy. Also she’s a she/they who feels “masc” sometimes, AKA sometimes she puts on pants.

No. 1582691

I only say it if asked directly, or if it's someone that I guess should know (like my ex), but I do everything in my power to avoid talking about the lgbsnsisnks+ as a community at school or wearing any kind of pin because I would feel mortified to look like a kweer girl, which is ironic because my closest friend and sister are super woke so I have to ambiguously nod when they say retarded shit kek

No. 1582737

I really wanted to make a late bloomer lesbian compilation like you've done but it's kind of hard to decipher the ones forced into marriage/old farts vs the young ones that are having a mid life crisis and have never thought about women before and are still married to their husbands. There was so many during the middle of covid but I'm just bad at telling now. Maybe I should go on actuallesbians lol. That would be easier.

Totally agree lol.

Yeah I think a lot of older people do it. But when someone's alternative and does it I feel like the intention is for you to think their partner might be the same sex.

Kek. The best cousin relationship ever.

It's crazy how there's a subsect of people that follow this to a T. When I was more into the diy fashion on youtube there was a handful of women like this. Maybe it also has something to do with being a part of the art community (everyone's queer).

No. 1582742

File: 1657209807253.png (422.82 KB, 570x895, Screenshot 2022-06-29 172019.p…)

What do you nonnies think about the queering of media? I always wanted it when I was younger but now it just feels like pandering and the stories are never good imo. That one snl sketch about lesbian period pieces was pretty funny and spot on lol.

No. 1582745

File: 1657209908485.png (1.8 MB, 957x1168, stfu.png)

I'm getting ahead of myself but this should definitely be next threads image.

No. 1582749

File: 1657210027452.webm (1.34 MB, 576x1024, FullSizeRender.webm)

This happened at the Thor premiere in London last night. Wtf

No. 1582751

it's desgustang and embarrassing that people are 'representation/visibility acitvists' why the fuck would you want to be spoken for my media conglomorates let alone think each moment is a win/groundbreaking each time they do, the left is entirely subverted

No. 1582755

File: 1657210134992.png (114.54 KB, 1162x510, Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 9.08…)

No. 1582758

Can this gay stop blowing smoke up his queerio fanbase for one second? The corporate disney owned multi million dollar superhero product is going to be completely sexless and sterile as always. Much less "super gay". I bet he means that a male character and a woman with short hair exchange glances for 2 seconds and that's a "queer relationship" nowadays

No. 1582760

forgive me for samefagging but I obviously meant "guy". Not gay. That's famously straight male in a polycule with women half his age

No. 1582761

File: 1657210221669.png (10.8 KB, 741x96, straightenergy.png)

>no interest in women until they've been married for 7-10 years to a man
i'd bet money that the moid has a lesbian fetish and coerced them into "coming out" (and never doing anything) as bi for their fetish. NLOG pickmes happy to objectify other women to excite their scrote, but only as long as he isn't actually attracted to the other woman. most of them read like talking about theoretical bisexuality is some cute choice to spice up their dead marriage.

love this, next thread pic

perfect fit for this thread nonna. those outfits are fugly as hell.

the ones that are actually having a midlife crisis either go poly as a half step or just straight up leave their man and end up actually trying to be with a woman, even if it doesn't get all the way and they backslide into relationship with men, which is more than the rest of these fakers do. the majority of them are just obsessed with looking ~queer~ or ~bi~ and don't treat it as more than a fashion, like modern goths who don't listen to the old music.

No. 1582762

Exactly! I was just thinking that especially Disney with those say no gay bills or whatever. Everyone on artist twitter was all pissed and shit and then they do this and the baymax shit and everyone claps and waves lol. Keyboard warriors are the worst.

No. 1582763

File: 1657210339074.png (14.63 KB, 741x120, actuallyflirtwithawoman.png)

they're all baffled why they can't ~come off as gay~ when they're not showing any actual signs of interest in women, flirting with women, pursuing women, etc. it's entirely just a costume, designed by men, worn with the intention of enticing men and looking speshul.

No. 1582766

File: 1657210520699.png (601.06 KB, 1000x763, YOURESTRAIGHT.png)

it's not even difficult to find unironic posts like this, where they talk about how omg gay i love women they are then follow up with disgust about having actual sex with a woman. they will never eat any vag. but dont you dare call them not bi, they totally think women are hot (just not hot enough to have sex with).

No. 1582768

close, 2 women state at each other for 2 seconds and its implied that they dated at some point, overall this was by far the worst Thor movie, felt like a generic sci-fi comedy film rather then a Thor film

No. 1582770

>I'm confused how you're confused as a member of the community
this sums it up they see it having some kind of 'canon' that the fanbase all needs to agree on and respect.

No. 1582773

100% remember the spicy straights copying bi and lesbian fashion trends on tiktok like 2 years ago? I wonder if it's still as strong and tiktok just doesn't show me those anymore lol.

Yeah at least they try even though it seems like they're looking for a manlite. Like those women you see with several children that try out a stud because they have no other options. I might be being mean but I do not believe they're all bi.

No. 1582775

Is that why these spicy straights and “non binaries” always look fugly? That explains a lot, if they think there’s a “look” to being gay. None of them are actually gay, so they have to look as obnoxious as possible. The colorful greasy hair, pronoun pins, ugly shirts, mismatched outfits…it’s compensating and attention-seeking.

No. 1582777

File: 1657210897015.png (45.88 KB, 642x336, canttouchvagjusttouchtranny.pn…)

in response to that comment, someone brings a simple solution. disgusted by vaginas but still want to be cool and gay? date a true and honest woman and validate her womanhood while never having to think about touching a gross vag!

No. 1582780

lmfao that reminds me of friend I had like 10 years ago. She told me she was a lesbian too and as we got closer she revealed she only dated tims.

No. 1582781

>My girlfriend is trans and we are VERY active
Gross. TMI. You just like to have sex with a coomer that cross dresses. You’re still straight.

No. 1582783

File: 1657211142162.png (32.59 KB, 727x227, 089cb5b6bd54c88fc088c6a42141b5…)

someone hipper with the internet should go scrape tiktok for some content for this thread tbh. also
>I might be being mean but I do not believe they're all bi.
it's okay, you're safe here, anon. they're not all bi. they're just spicy straight.

there's specific style traits (cuffed jeans, mullets/wolf cuts, fanny packs) that these straight girls have labeled bisexual for reasons that no actual pussy-eater can understand, and you become gay when you collect 17 pieces of flair. hope this helps you on your quest to become gay.

>it seems like they're looking for a manlite.
yep, many of htem are, and the they/thems get rustled when the straight girls consider them men lite

No. 1582786

File: 1657211462045.png (483.76 KB, 739x636, performativebisexuality.png)

they're literally obsessed with just collecting pride items like the more you have, the gayer you are. because how else will women know they're not interested?

(sorry for all my samefagging for multiple pictures ITT, wish i could post them all at once but i don't have time to make big compilations rn)

No. 1582788

thx, now I can buy all that crap off of aliexpress and become a super kweer bisexual too! And ofc follow that with a tiktok haul video.

No. 1582790

File: 1657211673808.png (17.8 KB, 711x123, dangerhair.png)

make sure you also poorly dye your hair a costume color that doesn't suit you, preferably a bi or rainbow flag that'll blend into an ugly mash after 3 washes.

No. 1582794

File: 1657211798063.png (16.79 KB, 745x119, sobrave.png)

i mean how can you not be inspired by this act of incredible bravery? no one has been so courageous since the first brick was thrown at stonewall. she truly had so much at stake and was honestly forced to come out, it's amazing that no one persecuted her for this! [/s]

No. 1582796

File: 1657211984851.png (833.52 KB, 752x579, toouglyforgays.png)

gotta make sure everyone knows that we're not just allies at this pride parade, or how else can i co-opt this moment not made for me?

No. 1582797

Honestly, I would just assume this was a chick that likes rainbows. That’s something a 9-year-old girl would wear, or a quirky adult. Claire’s-tier.
I don’t know what the hell I would do in this situation. That must have been so damn awkward for her coworkers. If someone asked me for my pronouns, I would state that I am a woman. I won’t play with that pronoun shit, but maybe the workplace would have taken that as “discrimination”.

No. 1582799

Bruh how do you find all these I love it lol. Chefs kiss. That is another thing that makes me literally rage. When straight chicks or newbie bi's say dating a women would be so easy and magical. or I wish I wasn't straight I would love to date women. I don't want to shit on wlw but it's hard out here. If they knew they wouldn't be wishing or fantasizing about it.

Yeah, they perverted the gay fashion that we all wore as teens to try and find one another. Perverted and commodified it. Although it's probably good for the young ones to find their own fashion instead of borrowing from stereotypes it's still sad.

No. 1582801

File: 1657212360307.png (333.44 KB, 556x465, sostraight.png)

>this was a chick that likes rainbows
b-b-but those hearts are clearly the bi flag and couldn't possibly be mistaken for just a cute colorway! if only you could see her outfit and how cuffed her jeans are, you'd know instantly.

>That must have been so damn awkward for her coworkers.

they were already in an LGBT presentation made by an ugly fat straight woman, they were probably just trying to be done with it and move on.

these are particularly from the facebook group "Bisexual but make it fashion" (which contains neither fashion nor bisexuality) but any dumbass queer group like that has plenty of this content. i search keywords like "bi wife" "never with a woman" "bi husband" and there's more than i could screencap in a whole year lol. they truly do act like relationships with women are all magical and sparkly and cottagecore and it's impossible for a lesbian to be abusive. so many times i see shit like "i had a bad relationship with a man, i want to date a woman now because she'll treat me better."

maybe later i'll do a special on the suss dudes who also pretend to be bi so they can hopefully catch a unicorn.

No. 1582807

File: 1657212701604.png (34.06 KB, 637x286, yourejustfriends.png)

most of the time, if they did end up pretending to be interested in a woman, they never do more than kiss at most and their relationship just resembles regular female friendship. imagine being such an NLOG and pickme that you only befriend other women when you can excite a nearby dude by pretending to date them.

No. 1582810

File: 1657212797556.webm (4.86 MB, 576x1024, download (6).webm)

A couple weeks ago I was trying to find comradery on tiktok and put #gaynotqueer there was nothing. But there sure was a lot of #queernotgay. Love that being nonbinary is considered gay now.

No. 1582813

File: 1657213352255.png (148.14 KB, 797x950, goodnigels.png)

i call this one "good nigels who definitely don't have a fetish and the girls who will never fulfill it anyway"

being nonbinary automatically makes all of your partners (past and present) gay, because you being nonbinary and not a gross plain woman means it wasn't a gross plain straight relationship, duh. that guy they dated two years ago when they still shaved their pits and not their head? whoosh [waves magic wand] you're retroactively gay now too. hope this helps.

No. 1582817

Personally I hate-read the latebloomerlesbians subreddit for spicy straight content. There are dozens of posts that consist of “I’ve been married to my Nigel for 10 years and have no plans to divorce, I’ve only ever dated moids, but women are sooooooooo pretty I’m just sooooooo gay y’all!”

No. 1582821

This whole thread reminds me of Charlotte Charms saying she was devastated she and her husband would be seen as a married straight couple because she hadn’t come out as a TiF before she married her husband…who fucking cares.

No. 1582839

>poly relationship with ex and his gf
>never met the gf in person
Lmao, what

No. 1582845

Because if you're anything like me, you were hoping for new stories where gay people and their experiences in life were the center and maybe who were even written by gay people or just your regular action/romance/comedy movie but with a gay protagonist and a big budget, medias that would not be a niche interest or fetish fuel but that would become national references and part of the common ground of references for all cinema or whatever lovers. But instead of more Maurices or even Brokeback Mountains, we only got more American blockbusters dropping short references to gay relationships (but in a way that can totally be edited out by CPP censors in case the movie gets a permission to screen in China) so their generic lackluster movie or kid cartoon would get hyped by the usual suspects on Twitter as ~so progressive~ and a must see or moids fetishy movies about lesbians with 20 minutes sex scenes or pandering to the fujoshi contingent. You feel disappointed because, as I suppose, a LGB person, you feel those movies are not about you or for you and you're right.
And as >>1582751 says, what we have nowadays as the left is seal clapping to all of this because they just are interested in appearing as open-minded and progressive as a part of their performative self-branding as up with the times and so special as this thread is sadly showing. (Great thread idea btw thanks OP nonna!)

No. 1582858

This is why it's retarded for women, bi or not, to be in relationship with scrotes

No. 1582866

Wait so she acknowledges that women are the same sex as her?? Lool

No. 1582877

another reason this is done is because it deflects any criticism as phobic for whatever retarded thing that's being promoted like a minions 10 float at pride or a reboot no one asked for(sage)

No. 1582878

This has to be parody, right? Holy shit

No. 1582896

ok moid

No. 1582900

File: 1657220580642.png (167.03 KB, 635x637, Screenshot 2022-07-07 120201.p…)

They're onto something. I wonder how many days it will be till fakedisordercringe gets banned from reddit.

No. 1582903

This is literally that MAD TV sketch about how guys would be cool if their wives/girlfriends with other women, cause they don't this its real sex, its just hot foreplay for them

No. 1582910

Funnily enough Phobe is anti-sex work and identifies as a woman now…maybe her mom got to her lol

No. 1582914

>my closeted lesbian ass looking at this shit while having to vaguely refer to my girlfriend as a "friend" to my coworkers and act like I'm a 4ever alone femcel for not having a male spouse
Yes, must be great to have the privilege to put your cute rainbow identity on display and brag about it because they know you still have a husband and read you as a straight and thus a normal person to be treated with respect.

No. 1582931

>the fact that I'm a woman married to a man
every time.

No. 1582942

Oh my god nona if you have any more updates please share! RIP her big boi pussy panties kek

No. 1582947

File: 1657224360598.png (244.57 KB, 528x202, Untitled.png)

lmao so sad.

One thing that will always grind my gears is when fandoms or whatever try to make something conically gay. Like Kaowru from eva only had 15 minute screen time and he was more commentary on how extremely lonely and pathetic the main character was that he would take any attention from anyone. That was the premise of every character from the series. Honestly I was shocked at how much fanart and shit was created for a character with such little screen time.

And Utena for fucks sakes, Anthy was just using Utena. Ahh!

No. 1582948

in theory i am very pro free speech but in practice i wish these people would be banned from using the internet or get the body parts necessary for communication mangled in some freakish accident

No. 1582953

File: 1657224445327.jpg (57.23 KB, 655x369, gay.jpg)

Old news, but it fits this thread. This is official art for a children's card game.

No. 1582957

I haven't seen Utena yet, but for Eva, anon, one nigga unironically told the other nigga "I love you" and then he blushed. That shit was gay as fuck, stop lying

No. 1582962

>Picks the most iconic gay anime couples to bitch about "fandoms ruining perfectly good hetero characters"
This has to be bait, holy shit. Try again.

No. 1582963

File: 1657225511026.png (527.53 KB, 764x557, pleaseopressmedaddy.png)

they try so hard to pretend this isn't true and it's troo supportive allyship but then talk about how they show attraction towards women specifically to arouse their moid. true feminist allies participating in their own objectification and fetishization.

exactly. they have nothing at risk. she can peel that stupid sticker up and no one would ever know. picrel.

disagree that this fits in this thread. the first one is about an FTM showing up in a gay scene (belongs in the FTM thread) and the other one is probably something like that too but just reads typical gay. this is more about straight girls who lie about being attracted to women or men who pretend to be bi to bag bi chicks in hopes of getting a threesome.

No. 1582971

Maybe I'm naive but this one actually surprised me, I guess I wasn't expecting them to outright say they think pussy is disgusting.

>I keep feeling hints of what love actually feels like

Yeah, who wouldn't want a woman who was too disgusted by you to ever fuck you and blamed it all on her self diagnosed "OCD"?

No. 1582982

Who cares if it's "iconic" have you even watched them? Maybe I should post this in the unpopular opinions thread lol.

Idk I see it as like the innocent crush that boy in card captor had for that white haired older dude. Did you watch the series? 15 MINUTES! They were only together for like less than a day how can that be love. And people blush all the time just because he wasn't disgusted doesn't mean its gay. Again…. The whole series was about escapism and each character dealing with their own form of escapism. Asuka, no one abandoning her even when she acts her worst, Misato not wanting to be alone so she sleeps with ryoji and wants his attention even if she doesn't love him anymore, Ritsuko not letting go of her mothers death by spending her life sabotaging the pilot program or whatever. I think his need for attention or relationships to anyone regardless of sex was trying to be illustrated here but the fujos went crazy. There was even a line in the anime about it when they were in the bathhouse I think.

My sister watched it awhile back so I was watching bits and pieces and I was shocked, shocked I tell you on how straight it was.

No. 1582986

File: 1657226777931.png (1.01 MB, 1129x780, i4wasuqe18w71.png)

Well, it could fit into the rainbow consoomerism topic in this thread. But I only know adults who play Magic the Gathering… They do have straight couple relationship cards so it's not that out of the norm……. I can see the slight pandering though.

No. 1582989

Magic is mostly played by adults, its pretty complex as far as trading card games go. Additionally, the art of the card on right is not, in fact, official but fanmade. The card and its mechanic exist, this version does however not.

No. 1582992

i can't wait for this thread to quickly devolve into 'bisexuals bad'

No. 1582993

File: 1657227700861.jpg (602.98 KB, 1200x800, harem.jpg)

Picrel shows Poland's most eminent spicy straights, 'Margot', 'Łania' and 'Lu'

A bit of context: a fundie organization in Poland decided that the best way to further their moronic cause was to send volunteers to drive trucks emblazoned with homophobic and anti-abortion slogans and fitted with speakers broadcasting said homophobic slogans in every major city in Poland. Two years ago Michał Szutowicz, who calls himself 'Margot' or 'Małgorzata' stopped one of these trucks, slashed its tires, and beat up the driver. He was arrested for assault. His arrest was framed as persecution of a brave LGBT activist, there were mass protests in his defense and even a EU official condemned his arrest. Centrist/liberal media that were rather moderate on trans issues were calling for him to be put in a cell with women and were condemning his 'misgendering', even though he uses male pronouns along with female ones and said outright that he's not bothered by being called Michał. Margot's two 'polyamorous partners', 'Łania' and 'Lu' have been advocating for him and giving interviews in the media when he was arrested.

Margot (center)

>uses female pronouns and name, claims to be nonbinary and trans but is non-op and not on hormones, is also ok with male name and pronouns

>says he doesn't intend to transition, but e-begged for his alleged transition anyway
>identifies as nonbinary because he read a book about male violence once and it made him uncomfortable
>'doesn't see himself in a male role'
>admits that he 'forgets to refer to himself with female verb forms when he's tired'
>says he's from a 'small village' (actually a town with 100k inhabitants, but Michał says that from a queer person's point of view it's the same as a small village)
>claims his father is homeless (because his father lives with his parents)
>cut off his sister because she didn't buy him a car
>porn addict since primary school
>says he 'had to learn that consent is a part of sex', admits to manipulating women into sex
>complained that the police took away his g-string panties when he was arrested
>posted a photo of himself dressed as Virgin Mary giving the middle finger
>constant BPD behavior, accuses other activists of abusing him, made a callout post for a well-known pro-choice campaigner accusing her of 'misgendering' and 'making him homeless' because she evicted him from her apartment, he also claimed she did so because she was in love with him

Łania (right)

>drug abuser

>'sex worker'
>self-described 'female faggot', used to identify as a bisexual woman, now identifies as nonbinary and uses male pronouns
>posts her nudes in lesbian FB groups
>squat dweller, gets into physical altercations with other lowlifes from rivalling squats

Lu (left)

>uses male pronouns

>drug addict, self described 'crackhead', has overdosed
>brags about having failed her high school finals, says she's happy about it because it 'gives her more time for climate activism'
>cries about being a victim of 'classism' from other leftists because she's a drug user without a high school degree
>self-diagnosed DID
>posts ass pics on Instagram as part of 'ED recovery'
>claims to be asexual, has casual sex
>livestreamed her abortion on Insta, during which she listened to 100 gecs and cried because 'she wanted that baby but she didn't want to make it live in Poland'
>claimed that she was a victim of a hate crime and someone tried to push her under a tram; there's zero evidence that anything like that happened, the Warsaw public transportation authority said they didn't record any incident similar to what she claimed; Lu didn't report it to the cops because 'she's a persecuted queer activist'; after the alleged event she e-begged for rent for an expensive apartment in the Warsaw city centre because 'the trauma made her unable to use public transport'

After Szutowicz was released, he and his sisterwives milked his popularity and started several GFMs 'for sex and pizza', then they tried to raise 1 million złotys because 'they deserved to become millionnaires'. They started a few witch hunts against other Polish LGBT activists, who unlike them are actually gay, because they dared not to be radical anarchists or didn't use gender-neutral language. During the pro-choice protests of 2020/2021, they lambasted the organizers because they called it a 'women's protest' instead of a 'people with uteruses' protest.' After they got too bored with queer activism, they toned down their media appearances and switched to Twitter/Instagram attention seeking, constantly reminding everyone that they hate Poland and volunteering for pro-prostitution organizations. They were many people's first introduction to the LGBT community, and many people judge all LGB people by Margot and Lu. Many other progressive activists have caved to their demands and now pro-choice activists talk about 'persons with uteruses' and 'pregnant people', LGBT activists focus on nonbinaries, troons and queers (even though gay people are by far the biggest victims of discrimination in Poland), and everyone who's leftist/liberal contorts themselves into making a mockery of the Polish language to make it gender neutral.

No. 1582998

Are you the sperg who created the "gaywashed media" thread just to cry about people and their gay headcanons? This isn't the thread for your weird gripes about cartoon characters, it's for straight people who pretend to be LGB activists for clout. Take it outside.

No. 1582999

>Kaworu: you certainly go to extremes to avoid making first contact. Are you afraid of intimacy >with others? If you avoid other people, you'll never be betrayed. You won't hurt each other, >either. But you'll never stop feeling lonely. Humans can't permanently be free of loneliness. >Because man is ultimately alone but people can go on living because they are able to forget.
>The human heart is in constant pain. The heart is sensitive to pain, so that makes living feel >painful. Hearts are delicate as glass. Especially yours."
>Shinji: It is?
>Kaworu: Yes. You're worthy of my affection.
>Shinji: your affection?
>Kaworu: It means I like you

This the subtitles from ep 24. Idk Watching the series as a whole and any interview Ano did it makes it seem like he was just shocked and surprised that kaworu this mysterious cool dude was giving him attention. And we find out why he was giving him attention later…. He was the last angel. Whatever I'll always believe I'm right. I'm done sperging.

You're the second person to write this. Hopefully you won't contribute to it. Most of the anons here are bisexual and I think it's nice that this is one place we can come together to vent.

No. 1583003

>Kaworu: It means I like you
He even used the term "love" in the original Japanese audio but the translators chickened out and changed it to "like" in the English localization. Anyway, done with this and I hope to god this thread doesn't get derailed into another Homophobia General like the original /ot/ pride 2022 thread.

No. 1583005

No, I'm the anon who made this thread with the intention of it being the continuation of Pride Month 2022 now that it's July.

I know I'm sperging I'll stop lol. I just didn't want to go to some other thread and have straight nonnies be homophobic about why I don't think those are gay iconic characters. I guess I can't have that conversation here either.

No. 1583008

Wow, heard about them from the media but had no idea they were this fucked up - great job with all the milk nonna

Any milk about Sybil Grzybowskie?

No. 1583009

>I know I get violent and make hurtful decisions when I drink, but that’s just a different gender coming through! It’s not me! You’re transphobic if you don’t accept that1!!11

No. 1583010

It actually boggles the mind to learn something like this happening in Poland of all places. Troonacy really is a vicious disease to invade even the Slavic states, especially the one notoriously banning abortion. Hell at this point I wouldn't be surprised to hear about Afghanistan having some "Margot" adjacent he-ma'am having BPD fits on social media and whining about having it harder than any uterus haver in the country while his bihet polycule handmaidens beg for money and drugs.

No. 1583011

File: 1657229199539.jpg (1.25 MB, 1125x2000, atyve7dvewefue834.jpg)


All I know about Sybil the polyamorous demisexual genderfluid anarchist trans boy is that she's a diagnosed narcissist because she posts about it on leftie Facebook groups. No real milk though.

No. 1583012

File: 1657229205368.png (8.56 KB, 614x66, yourestraightyall.png)

oh, and they do admit it pretty regularly, just usually in more veiled wordings. they all talk about how they've just made out with women, usually at their moid's urging, at most.

it's amazing how just looking at their picture, none of the rest of it is surprising, kek. spicy straights love to orbit a "feminist ally"

No. 1583013

File: 1657229340933.png (7.37 KB, 583x95, lesbianslovegock.png)

and don't forget, if you really cant stand even thinking about a vagina, you can still be gay, just claim trauma!

No. 1583014

>Netflix subtitles
It was "love" in the original, anon. I agree with the second anon, don't want to derail but this wasn't some accidental/forced shit

No. 1583016

I’m bisexual and I think this thread is great. If you’re bothered by this thread it’s probably because you act like some of the people featured in it.

There’s nothing wrong with being in a straight relationship, your Nigel isn’t “queer” because he wore nail polish once, and if you’ve never licked a pussy please don’t run around yelling about how “gay” you are.

No. 1583025

It sounds like she doesn't want to have sex with anyone tbh

No. 1583028

I'm still confused why LGBT people, intersex people, black, brown & Ukrainian people all need the same flag? Like, who does the umbrella even represent anymore?

No. 1583029

>my husband would want it to be our girlfriend


No. 1583043

I always side eye women saying vaginas are soooo gross and disgusting, even more so when they're allegedly bisexual. You just know they're straight up pick me, cockworshipping handmaidens that would drag any woman through the mud irl just to please her pathetic moid.

No. 1583055

For real it just shows how immature and self hating they are talking down to a body part they also have.

No. 1583064

Really. Not to mention, some of those same women will collect tons of phallic paraphernalia (art, food, candles, etc).

No. 1583093

>stopped one of these trucks, slashed its tires, and beat up the driver. He was arrested for assault.
>identifies as nonbinary because he read a book about male violence once and it made him uncomfortable

>'doesn't see himself in a male role'

>says he 'had to learn that consent is a part of sex', admits to manipulating women into sex

Ah, men. Always the superior, logical sex…
But I'm more and more starting to think that the TQ+ activism is given so much air time by mainstream media as a psyop to discredit the LGB.

No. 1583096

File: 1657236800785.png (14.46 KB, 618x127, 8d735efd57bcb1bdd3c4153e936a4c…)

> when you're so desperate to look bi that you hire a sex worker that doesn't have sex to validate you without having to touch vag

she definitely doesn't, but she's thinking that a relationship with a woman will inherently somehow be different and magical. imo she's a very lonely girl in desperate need of positive female role models and good female friends, not a girlfriend. i'd be sad for the actual bi/lesbian she'd string along, but she'll never even attempt to flirt with a woman, let's be real.

"it" because any other woman brought into the relationship would just be a living sex toy. that jealous type would never let it actually happen anyway.

calling vaginas disgusting is homophobic to a level that i can't believe that person could actually ever be bi in addition to being a symptom of deep internal misogyny.

No. 1583097

File: 1657236869494.png (14.86 KB, 636x141, math.png)

you're only straight if both people are straight, obviously. if you looked at a picture of a naked woman once, all your partners are now gay. congratulations, here's your bi pin, cuff your jeans.

No. 1583101

File: 1657237022709.png (31.37 KB, 645x250, trooally.png)

n-no my nigel is the perfect man who has never seen a lesbian porno and has no fetishistic inclinations at all! he's respecting my identity when he pushes me to have sex with other women that he's attracted to. he's being a good ally by trying to get me to fuck his coworker. you see, he just wants to express his queerdom by being with two queer women, which makes our relationship twice as gay.

No. 1583103

File: 1657237108975.png (11.8 KB, 652x100, iwonderwhy.png)

FTM thread crossover special: become a man to get those gay oppression points, still only ever get clocked as a straight woman

No. 1583116

A lot of even legitimately bi-attracted women feel “not queer enough” for their queer friend groups/online circles and feel the need to super emphasize their bisexuality to feel more in style within the group. I will never understand wanting a queer friend group where the whole social system is based on being queer and whose the most queer, it’s just a formula for infighting.

Blog but I’m bi and have a boyfriend and have other bi girl friends that ALWAYS want to riff about how queer we are and like, babe, I don’t care, I’m not visibly queer and it just doesn’t matter to me how queer I seem to other people. And I’m typically the only one between us that has even had experience with women. Sad!

No. 1583126

I’m in the same boat as you nonnie, I’d be happy to be your chill bisexual friend that doesn’t need to discuss our “queerness” every 10 seconds.

No. 1583132

Even when I was a little pickme handmaiden and watched porn, I always found vaginas sexy. When a bi woman says that I always assume she is straight and lying for moid attention.

No. 1583143

Does anyone have tips on how to deal with being around women like this? I have 2 in my extended friend group and I find it homophobic but if you say anything, you're the homophobe.
Dove Cameron will do anything for attention.

No. 1583147

File: 1657241646380.jpg (79.63 KB, 801x800, 1648740318943.jpg)

>identifies as nonbinary because he read a book about male violence once and it made him uncomfortable
Literally picrel.

No. 1583150

>vaginas are gross
>is a woman with a vagina

Goddamn pickmes are the worst, even a straight man will not claim he thinks dicks are gross just to look straighter (generally straight men think dicks are fantastic, so)
Selfhating women need to check themselves and reassess their lives.

No. 1583151


Fuckin…"sick to my stomach" after that whole rant about how she totes loves women. She's been fucking moids for 6 years straight and is bored, she needs to be single, not waste a gay woman's time by being disgusted with her.

No. 1583179

File: 1657246599417.png (817.19 KB, 752x795, isitterftolovevagina.png)

hey ladies is it transphobic to like vaginas?

No. 1583181

File: 1657246838013.png (20.35 KB, 734x161, tellsonitself.png)

>hey can anyone tell me their actual WLW experiences?
>look i cuffed my jeans
tells on itself

No. 1583183

File: 1657246968568.png (51.82 KB, 728x429, yoruejustnotinterested.png)

yeah the reason i can't successfully date women is because i'm TOO queer and have always been too queer, that's it

No. 1583189

Oh no! The evil company lied!
This is really stupid, how was she supposed to answer that question honestly without getting trashed?

No. 1583197

This sounds like a moid wrote this. I wonder how many of these posts are written by men pretending to be women. Like all those relationship novellas and revenge stories posted on Quora.

Oh how I wish I could go to that post and comment.

No. 1583198

Wtf, when has it been normal to do this with platonic straight friends? This reads like a man's imagination of female friendships.

No. 1583202

This one is just sad. I hope this isn’t seriously gonna be the future of bi groups and eventually the uwu kweer subculture will go out of fashion. I might try joining one of the “sapphic” groups mentioned in the pride thread though, bi/lesbian loneliness is real kek

No. 1583205

So gross that OP and the colleague were discussing female sexuality in general, and the boyfriend immediately demanded a threesome with his WORK COLLEAGUE. Pick mes never notice the glaring red flags.

No. 1583207

sadly, OP is verifiably a woman, and i mean real women not women identifiers. these caps are from facebook, so i saw profile pics/names. it's a nice cope to think it's moid fiction but sadly not.

recommending again "this is sword lesbian content no i will not be taking comments" for being surprisingly fake-bi and moid free

there's so many layers of gross in that, it's like a rotten onion. the boyfriend is so obviously just a huge lesbian fetishist and dated this "bi" girl specifically to try to force her into a threesome. he's not even considering her emotions (or considering her as a person and not a sex object) by not even considering if she's attracted to this other woman before going full steam ahead. i hope she leaves this shitty dude and finds a woman that'll actually treat her right.

No. 1583208

Yeah, being SEXUALLY attracted to both sexes is the textbook definition of bisexuality. To me that’s the bare minimum to claim that label, regardless of who you’re dating. If you find women pretty to look at but don’t want to have sex with them and find vaginas gross, congrats: you’re a straight woman with functioning eyes.

No. 1583224

Twitter lesbians are usually brainwashed to be as handmaidnenly and pushover as posible, but even they can't stand the queer nonsense. For these individuals they coined the question "Does your boyfriend knows he's an queer relationship?" And it makes spicy straights so mad because is true. Does these men know they're being "queered" ? They actually care? Do they tell their friends about that "queer" status? (Honestly if you have to tell people about your "queerness" you may not be actually "queer", if you wouldnt be called it naturally maybe you're reaching about said ""queerness"")

No. 1583307

File: 1657260175819.png (1.04 MB, 1075x1751, Screenshot.png)

I'm not Polish but I am form a country even worse off then poland, we don't have Margret's here but our wokies are just as delusional, they are literally 0.0001% of the population and want the country accommodate their made up and they have disproportionate power cause their parents are from upper upper class, rather then fighting the literal feudalism, female infanticide, corruption e.t.c in our country, they campaign for trans and asexual rights, they have no understanding of their own nations and live in a woke americanized bubble, lot of third world left wing suffers from this sadly

No. 1583308

Pakianon no! How did you find this thread?

No. 1583407

It always does. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1583435

I'll never understand how they can say vaginas are gross then suck a dick.

No. 1583487

File: 1657291587324.jpg (76.35 KB, 750x738, 131985496_10158608384392508_36…)

Finally an excuse to post my favorite memes.

No. 1583488

File: 1657291615077.jpg (43.87 KB, 720x708, 122905824_2611892272455497_144…)

No. 1583503

File: 1657295721140.png (223.37 KB, 452x491, D9m8c26U8AACPD4.png)

ik it's not exactly the series themselves, but in the final rebuild movie Kaworu literally says "I was attracted to you" to Shinji, and they kiss in the manga. And in the Utena movie they kiss at least 3 times and Anthy tries to have sex with her. Also, if you think Anthy was only using Utena, rewatch the final episode and come back.

There are plently of spicy straight things in anime these days, Eva and Utena are actually gay and were dealing with censorship from the 90's. Sorry for ot, but I go full autismo for these shows in particular.

No. 1583534

File: 1657300545732.jpeg (54.3 KB, 720x568, 112A5AE9-AD1D-412A-AFEB-D7D797…)

I think this fits here.

No. 1583544

it literally hasn't except for you two sadsacks prophesizing that it will. in fact, multiple actual bi anons are happy about this thread. kindly find another place to air your sandy vagina.

love these, saved

this and does someone have the meme that's like the mexican girl talking about trash the straights, trash the whites, and then shows her plain white boyfriend? because the overlap between spicy straight and spicy slacktivist is a circle

No. 1583606

I don't count the rebuilds because I think they were created as a way to give the fanbase what they really wanted. Teenagers fighting in mechas and fan service not the philosophical commentary ano originally intended people to hear.

Idk queerbaiting was a thing back then and seeing Yuri Kuma Arashi series it just kind of cemented for me that it was just some titillating thing for anime watchers. But that's just me I'm sour and critical of everything I watch. Thanks for replying.

No. 1583620

File: 1657309621065.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1586315920828.jpg)

This one lmao?

No. 1583656

Saying you personally don't like part of the series doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Regardless of the fanservice of the rebuilds, Kaworu was attracted to Shinji. Regardless of the fanservice of Ikuhara's other works, Utena and Anthy still end up together. Queerbaiting existed but so do all the scenes where they're actually gay, you just want to be contrarian.

No. 1583667

That's like saying Castiel and Dean, Rizzoli and Isles, Korra and Asami, Keith and Lance, Hannibal and Will, Sherlock Holmes and Martin are gay. Just because it checks off a few boxes of being cannonically possibly homosexual doesn't mean it is. You should also be critical of who the writers are and what their intentions are instead of running whole heartedly into a ship just because they give you a few scraps of a homosexual relationship.

And they didn't really end up together they were just naked on some broken down car leaving the school grounds.

No. 1583675

Some of these you listed are actually gay so I don't understand your point. Again, just because you don't like the writing or writers doesn't mean it isn't gay. So yes, I count characters saying "I'm attracted to you" and kissing each other as gay. You also contradict yourself with the writer's intent thing. Korra and Utena's creator planned the gay as endgame but it doesn't count because.. we shouldn't trust the writing intent? (I'll give you Eva though, Anno didn't intend to write Kaworu as gay in the og series, but still, doesn't change the fact that the later iterations of Eva have him explicitly attracted to Shinji to the point of being directly compared to Gendo's feelings for Yui.) Again, I don't care if it's poorly written, that's not what this thread is about.

>And they didn't really end up together they were just naked on some broken down car leaving the school grounds.

Tell me you don't understand Utena without telling me you don't understand Utena. Also once again, how the fuck is them kissing each other and deciding to be together not gay? I will stop responding to this convo now.

No. 1583909

Still wondering what the reaction would be if a woman went to this same group and posted that she really didn’t like penises and they made her sick to her stomach. Any wild guesses kek?

No. 1583945

File: 1657343737414.png (17.95 KB, 628x136, 18004affbd8ca14d2afc6a083af7b0…)

yes thanks ilu

the comments would be completely full of spicy straight girls going "omg i know i hate men so much that i cant even believe i'm attracted to them! i wish i wasn't! i love women and i want to be with them so badly and they're just so attractive ughhhhh but anyway i'm monogamous with my husband/boyfriend who is the one true perfect ally that has made me feel more confident in my bisexuality by constantly pushing me into threesomes and prompting me to objectify women with him."

No. 1583946

File: 1657343868558.png (20.56 KB, 616x176, fb6aeaed84bdea6bce83d3a138b13b…)

>married to a man
>wants to date more bi men and nonbinary folks (men acting feminine for pussy/future TIMs)
>still queer though

No. 1583948

File: 1657344146291.png (29.4 KB, 645x357, lesbianerasure.png)

>OOP posts about running into biphobia while trying to date women, dreads idea of ending up with man to not be alone
>people reply that she might want to consider identifying as a lesbian if she really doesn't want to date men, which will help the issue
>screeee you must just have penis-related trauma, not wanting to date men doesn't mean you're a lesbian

No. 1583949

It's insane how they use all our terminology for their spicy straight queer shit.

and kek at your commentary love your posts. I hope that other nonnie that hate reads the late bloomers thread will posts some some day.

No. 1583951

File: 1657344563215.png (8.99 KB, 853x520, tryeatingvag.png)

here's also a 30-page manifesto written by some speds who needed an actual handbook to figure out if they're lesbians or not.


>Compulsory heterosexuality is the voice in my head that says I must really be het ​ even when I’m in love with a woman.​

>If you love women but feel fake about it, just remember that those feelings are the product of a patriarchal society which has conditioned you to believe the false idea that you are defined by your ties to men.
>Lesbians are allowed to like male celebrities and fictional characters. it’s usually a symptom of compulsory heterosexuality—male celebrities/fictional characters are completely unobtainable crushes and thus it allows the
lesbian in question to distance themselves from men. Because it’s impossible to ever be with that person, they get to avoid the romance and intimacy, which is usually something that girls can recognize that they don’t want with
men but can’t exactly place why or what it means.

No. 1583952

Weird how they don't know the term fabfem when they're all bi lol.


Remember during lockdown when all these bored wives found it on twitter and it blew the fuck up. That was around the time one of the Orange Country House Wives left her husband to get with a woman. I wonder where she is now.

No. 1583954

File: 1657344748177.png (20.3 KB, 607x220, moiddefendingisacrime.png)

ilu too and everyone else who posts here, i wish you all successful sexy relationships with hot women. anyway here's some handmaiden nonsense

No. 1583956

File: 1657344980580.png (1.62 MB, 740x1203, Screenshot 2022-07-08 223530.p…)

Braunwyn Windham-Burke was her name and omg her exgf looks like her daughter. Googling her they actually broke up yesterday.

No. 1583957

File: 1657345009567.png (29.33 KB, 640x276, allgaysarewhite.png)

to anyone wondering if it's more than just an image thing to them: [bugs bunny voice] no

No. 1583964

File: 1657345329643.png (689.98 KB, 750x1124, Screenshot 2022-07-08 223906.p…)

What do you guys think of this? I used to think the whole gay community was soooooo small like that 3% of the population. Do you think more people are like late bloomer bisexual/gay? Or do you think some people get off on the idea of doing taboo things?

No. 1583969

I think a lot of women are bisexual and either know it and opt for men because social expectations/pressure, or don't know it and just chalk it up to "women are pretty". I think more moids are bisexual too, but keep it on the downlow out of shame or just sneak around on grindr because they're sex crazed moids.

No. 1583974

This is literally my friend. He cried about the exact thing that the first panel says. Not yet out the closet properly but me calling him a man made him feel "unsafe"

No. 1583979

I can see that. Just like men create really intimate respectful/understanding relationships with each other but have a hard time doing that with women. Do you think people are heteroromantic or homoromantic but bi too? Or do you think the Kinsey scale is real?

Idk maybe I'm just an extreme downer but I feel shit like brave new world is happening right now.

No. 1583993

I feel like kinsey scale is probably fairly realistic? We're primates and bisexuality is pretty common amongst primates to varying degrees. I could just be bias though, as a bisexual.

I really feel >>1583964 though because women typically are much better partners than moids. Glad her pick-meism lead to her a fulfilling relationship in a round about way. kek

No. 1584000

Yeah, lesbian here and I feel like it doesn't exist lol. Or does exist but only with bisexuals. And straight people only do that sort of stuff because it titillating/taboo or they get some sort of social gain out of it. I think some people here assume that if you're not repulsed by the same sex then you must be bi but I don't think that has to be true.

For real, I read the whole article it was so sad. But now she's made her story her tiktok career. Idk I have a problem with all these performative woke queer people on tiktok it feels so shallow and fake. I used to go on trulesbians and we would often talk about the fake lesbians on social media that are doing it money/fame. I don't go out of my way to find that content anymore but I believe it's a thing.

No. 1584074

the boomer generation had a gigantic spike in divorces, it's just a new phenomenon like that, doubting your marriage as its the only thing you've known and thinking if "there's more out there".
Not saying that all of these are not genuine, but most normies are just bored.

No. 1584077

Facebook Anon, your contributions have been amazing. I want more

No. 1584113

>Korra and Asami,
>Hannibal and Will,
Those characters are gay though, like confirmed by the authors even

No. 1584115

File: 1657377821112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.68 MB, 3533x2886, lesb.jpg)

>And they didn't really end up together they were just naked on some broken down car leaving the school grounds.

Also you have to keep in mind this was a pre 2000 show, Ikuhara was literally not able to make the relationship explicit in the TV series because of TV rating and the Mangaka's opposition, but he went all out for the movie where he didn't have to deal with that stuff.

No. 1584120

File: 1657379815330.png (9.44 KB, 741x75, c0aea04b43af0c0330232e12960792…)

ilu 2 babe, here's some more just for you

>came out to my boyfriend so we can watch pandering WLW movies

>so brave, so bi

No. 1584123

File: 1657379927664.png (6.73 KB, 627x80, 23aaafd28d17d0720dc8025e014b35…)

truly nothing queerer than heterosexual attraction

No. 1584126

File: 1657380479772.png (7.22 KB, 608x65, thatsjuststraight.png)

fuck you, just because i'm with a man and identify as an invented bi-but-more-special label that specifies my attraction to men doesn't mean i'm not super gay!

No. 1584127

File: 1657380604605.png (8.46 KB, 621x97, nomomimspecialtoo.png)

this one is almost sad because she's definitely playing gay to be cool and in with the rest of her siblings because she saw them get a ton of attention for it and won't feel special otherwise

No. 1584128

File: 1657380836492.png (158.54 KB, 800x600, copecollection.png)

they will do anything to look bi except eat some actual vag

feat my favorite line
>i'm a non-practicing bisexual

you all are, honey

No. 1584134

File: 1657381313635.png (582.54 KB, 800x1216, unicornhunters.png)

>someone probably actually WLW who's tired of getting dicked around: please stop using us for your sexual kicks for your nigels
>reeeee how dare you suggest we're unicorn hunting, it's pure and ethical to trawl for temporary pussy that i probably won't touch or enjoy, and there are totally lots of lesbians around just waiting for this chance

No. 1584161

File: 1657384048806.jpeg (543.14 KB, 1170x1298, 557FAEBC-A66D-444D-9947-309A81…)

Anybody remember Gothfruits and her boyfriend? They were were both he/theys and he had long hair so that made them not heterosexual for some reason? I wonder why she fell off with that crowd, you would think she’d be thriving in the current climate of fakers, queerbaiting and panderers.

No. 1584180

File: 1657385203534.png (4.12 MB, 2234x1444, gothfruits-t.png)

gothfruits was "cancelled" for being a rape apologist. it made some mild waves online: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6836533/Non-binary-YouTuber-accused-bullying-sexual-assault-victims.html

she has her own thread here >>785270

it seems like she doubled down on all fronts by beginning to take testosterone this year and marrying the alleged rapist

No. 1584232

File: 1657390481711.jpeg (219.23 KB, 828x585, 2E252ADF-C6CD-4450-A8CF-EA949F…)

I wasn’t sure whether this would fit better here or in the tumblr hate thread

No. 1584237

It's so weird how these people think everyone thinks the same besides them and they're more enlightened or something. Same train of thought with demisexual. You are not different or special. If only you had conversations with other people or read a book you would know that.

No. 1584240

Funny how this all comes down to, again, insisting that straight womens sexuality is degrading and disgusting and that they're relationships with moids are brutal and subjugating and unloving. Unlike us bi women who's relationships with straight men are truly groundbreaking and completely equal and beautiful and wow he must be soooooo gay for dating me teehee

Meanwhile both women are dating the same smelly uncaring moid

No. 1584257

File: 1657392533875.jpeg (123.32 KB, 828x873, A6DF6942-9F7A-472C-B63B-D563E2…)

Kek yes, it’s a huge NLOG cope. She must have had several people replying to disagree with her though because in typical butthurt fashion she disabled the replies on the post and now there’s only one visible despite it having 5000 notes.

No. 1584258

ntayrt but dang I never thought of it that way.

Sorry for blogpost but that reminds me yesterday my sister was telling me she doesn't understand why some men find buff women attractive and why do women do that to themselves. I told her it's pretty amazing that women get buff for themselves and they don't care that moids might not want to date them and other women might have the commentary my sister had. I've been trying to wake her up to the transwomen bullshit and no matter how many insane people I show her she still thinks about one hsts tim she knew in high school and has a soft spot for all tims. Not for tifs though. Your comment reminded me how deep in misogyny some women are that I think they might never come out of it. The whole if they conform and protect misogyny they'll be exempt from it or some shit.

No. 1584347

>Meanwhile both women are dating the same smelly uncaring moid
I lol'd, every spicy straight woman in this thread is like this. Men will humour whatever a woman says if it continues to get him laid, the males smiling and nodding to their wives' completely imaginary bisexuality is just another example of that.

No. 1584440

File: 1657407127589.png (85.89 KB, 385x385, me.png)

What famous people give off the biggest spicy straight waves to you anons? Off the top of my head I can think of

>doja cat ("i like both. i like dicks. i like people that i can have sex with. and you can kinda have sex with anybody" can't even say she likes pussy and you can "kinda" have sex with anybody)

>lily allen (hired a prostitute iirc during her first marriage)
>fiona apple (iirc once mentioned some kind of relationship with a woman but there are no details and all her songs are about men)
>phoebe bridgers (self-explanatory)
>phoebe waller-bridge (see also fleabag)
>grimes (supposedly dating a troon)
>harry styles (self-explanatory)

No. 1584477

>Billie Eyelash
>Ezra Miller
>Janelle Monae
>Kehlanie (and that other singer that did that pool music video together)
>Brendon Urie
>Mylie Cyrus
>Tessa Thompson
>Megan Fox
>Demi lovato

No. 1584481

>Lilie Reinhart
>Willow Smith
>Michelle Rodriguez
>Rita Ora
>Carrie Brownstein
>Aubrey Plaza
>Sara Ramirez
>Angelina Jolie
>Dakota Johnson
>Jameela Jamil
>Jason Mraz
>Anna Paquin

Looking up lists of "queer" people in hollywood it is literally everyone. Either it's coming from an attention seeking place, Hollywood has a gun to their head telling them they better tell the world they like everything or they're all bisexual even if they all date mostly just the opposite sex. I didn't list many men because I'm a lesbian and don't give a shit about them.

No. 1584519

Are you just talking about the music video with Haylee Kyoko? Kek. People lie for attention anon. That isn't a new thing.

No. 1584531

>"sooo lemme get this straight, she said she was lesbian a year before she popped up pregnant and between that, she broke Victoria Monet’s heart then after the world found out about her pregnancy, she identified as a “queer” woman, then after having a baby, was in a public relationship with a known colorist and homophobic man “YG” and after the break up, had a secret relationship with a abuser “Joey Purp” now she’s a lesbian??? this lady is exhausting and I’m sick of people falling for this fraud’s bullshit" -lipstickalley https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/kehlani-i-finally-know-i%E2%80%99m-a-lesbian.4512757/

So maybe not a spicy straight but definitely a bi- bpdchan cow. I can't believe she's saying she's a lesbian now.

No. 1584533

>even dated a bisexual scrote and had kids with him

How does that make a woman bi?

No. 1584726

I think this cringefest goes here.

No. 1584747

Most female celebrities that call themselves bi or queer and have a history of dating exclusively men á la Themi Lovato, Halsey, Miley Cyrus and Dove Cameron. They're the embodiment of that meme >>1583620 and of the term "spicy straight".
Actual bisexual female celebrities like Cassandra Peterson don't feel the need to put on this whole act of being oh so kweer, and they also don't pretend that women don't have vaginas

No. 1584806

> didn't list many men
Coming out as a bi men is probably more dangerous for one career, bi women are seen desiderale my straight guys and harmless

No. 1584887

I know she has her own thread but it's been dead for a while and since she doesn't produce good milk anymore so I did not want to bump it.

Anyways, yet another "bi" pickme who has dated exclusively men and built her career upon hating women and pandering to incels is now "fighting for bisexual rights" and criticizing rest of LGB community for not accepting her shit.

No, performing for male gaze and catcalling other women is not homosexual, June.

No. 1584893

she has changed her idielgy so many times, its hard to tell how long she's gonna keep this schtik going, she's been a tardgirl, a commie, a based centrist and now she's doing whatever this is

No. 1584903

File: 1657468150146.jpg (412.02 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20220710_174834.jpg)

she also followed the girl who does the dylan mulvaney parodies. I don't know if this jess girl identifies as a radfem (probably not considering this tweet) but her Twitter feed is definitely very pro woman (she's pro choice and pro amber heard for example, and rewteets terfs) and anti trans so it's very weird that shoe would follow it. I swear to god if she starts pretending like she's been gc this whole time as if she didn't spend years pandering to trannies and set the movement back significantly, I'll be upset lol

No. 1584910

She won't even come out as "TERF", its too unprofitable and she'd get actually "canceled" over it,

No. 1584919

She's most likely a pickmeisha, her examples are still showing the idiocy of twitter people though.

No. 1584920

Forgot mah sageeee

No. 1584921

File: 1657469584109.png (72.17 KB, 1216x250, slxth666_radfem.png)


she's def rad leaning

No. 1584928

The way she added this to the thumbnail as if it's something she's frequently told is fucking sending me. Beyond parody.
I don't know how one can reconcile being a "rad-leaning feminist" and a yearlong Shoe0nhead fan. Shoe is arguably thee biggest cock worshiper on YouTube lmao

No. 1584938

>Man Residue

Is that meant to be funny? I have the pleasure (or maybe misfortune) of not knowing who this cow is but there are certainly bi women out there who haven’t slept with men. me included until just recently I definitely feel like these people act like the Universal Bi Experience is to have boyfriends and think you’re straight until adulthood and never have girlfriends and yet they’re the ones who shout about being erased?

No. 1584943

File: 1657471610414.png (471.64 KB, 545x540, Screenshot 88.png)

She Retweeted this, so she is definitely not some pick-me conservative

No. 1584977

File: 1657474723330.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2160x2160, 1656053199730.jpeg)

Reposting this from fakeboi thread but why are these people trying so hard to erase homosexuality?

No. 1584986

I can just imagine her boyfriend just snickering and grinning to himself while shes doing all this because he knows he can get unlimited pussy if hes just like "yes honey I am totally gay for you and youre totally my handsome uwu boyfriend"

No. 1585012

wtf i thought Carrie Brownstein is actually a lesbian tho

No. 1585037

File: 1657480877080.png (239.73 KB, 1577x923, 'BisexuaIity Isn't Real' - You…)


the comment section is stellar

No. 1585040

I've always wondered; do these girls know on some level that their moids are just humoring them, or do they truly think the guy fucking them in the pussy is an actual gay man attracted to their masculine(read:tomboy at best) energy, or whatever bullshit they believe attraction is based on? I can't wrap my head around it. At least fake bi and nonbinary women are doing it for a calculated social/political reason, but these women just get nothing but humiliation and mediocre sex. Though I guess that's what all spicy straights get in the end kek
>take a break for a few days
>there's KawoShin and Utena/Anthy discourse on lolcow, on spicy straight thread of all things
Inescapable. I can't believe it's been 25+ years and people still aren't over their preferred self-insert character being into someone of the same sex

No. 1585050

Scrotes love having sex under false pretenses, whether it be telling the woman that he wants a relationship when he doesn't, stealthing, etc. I can't believe guys are lying about being gay to fuck females now this is some next level shit. Ironic that fakebois wanna be men so bad but they fall for the most stereotypically gendered straight sex roles. But I suppose fujo brainrot is too strong and these women so badly wanna be in a gay relationship they'll delude themselves.

No. 1585075

I'm sure there's some now. I just don't give a shit too look them up or know about them because I'm a lesbian. That reminds me…
>Harry Styles

Exactly and that's why they're going on this list but some nonnies are trying to fight it instead of googling these celebrities and finding out for themselves.

Several of you anons see shit at face value like you don't understands someones hidden intentions or nuance. I guess I'm just surprised there's so many autists on here.

I thought she was too or bi when watching portlandia but I googled her in like 2015 and she had wrote some stuff on not knowing what she was or being bi transcends gender. But googling her now it seems like she's very secretive about dating and maybe possibly dated/hung out with other bi chicks because there's paparazzi pics? Idk I just remember being saddened that she wasn't a lesbian.

No. 1585081

It's not a spicy straight thread read the rules. Reading all your comments made me realize how many of you like to police shit you don't actually know.

And I think the ones fighting my opinion are actually not gay because you just see something at face value and believe it's gay. Are those two chicks making out at a bar lesbians because they're kissing? They must be too you. I bet gaybaiting isn't even a thing to you because any media is good media for you.

All the examples I listed in media where relationships that had no buildup whatsoever or were coerced to be gay because of the fandom. How is it gay media when people with yaoi and yuri goggles see a couple fleeting long gazes and build up a whole ass relationship out of that? When these same characters had seasons long romances with the opposite gender but ohh they said I love you in the last 20 minutes of the finales episode! It's iconic! it's revolutionary! Never to be criticized!

I actually went out of my way to read some plot articles and the utena movie. There is so many straight/bisexual moments in Utena. Utena even slept with a dude. They aren't lesbians they are two bisexuals if you want to call it that. BUT the thing that really gets me is the writer is some moid with a homosexual fetish. He did that weird ass kappa yaoi anime, that yuri bear one, penguindrum that made no godamn sense. And that one nonnie that had to post the two naked high schoolers on a broken down car with their boobs pressed together. Have you never heard of ecchi or hentai? You guys say ohhh it was so metaphorical because there was laws/popularity issues he had to be secretive about their love. Did you also forget that mostly scrotes read yuri? And that he wasn't a fucking pioneer because there was many lesbian/bisexual relationships in ecchi and hentai before that because men like that. Do you think lesbian porn is made for lesbians too? I'm done sperging you guys are annoying.

No. 1585089

One last thing Shinji fucking masterbates on an unconscious Asuka. The whole show was focused on his awkwardness and relationships with the women of the show. Did you just forget that? It's surprising that any criticism is seen as being a homophobechan to your precious media. But I'm a lesbian, I see this fanservice for what it is because I'm waiting and looking for actual good representation of homosexual relationships. I haven't found any good lesbian representation yet since it always involves a newly discovering bisexual women that's femme or the whole lesbian death trope at the end. And do not tell me Gentlemen Jack is a good example. She acts like her love interest is a dunce and manipulates her. But this community will take any scraps thrown at them. As for a gay relationship God's Own Country (2017) is a good movie and probably the only homosexual movie I recommend.

No. 1585096

>All the examples I listed in media where relationships that had no buildup whatsoever or were coerced to be gay because of the fandom.
What? Your original example(that I was responding to) were two iconic pairings comprised of characters with canon romantic feelings for one another. I wasn't responding to Johnlock or whatever, everyone knows that's just bait.
>There is so many straight/bisexual moments in Utena. Utena even slept with a dude. They aren't lesbians they are two bisexuals if you want to call it that.
And…? Bisexual women can fall in love with women. Three of the four characters you mentioned are bi(Utena, Anthy, Shinji), and only one is gay(Kaworu). I don't understand the premise of this tantrum you're having. If you don't like them then fine, they're just fictional characters so who cares, but they're not relevant to a thread about fake gays and bisexuals.
>Shinji is a fucked up character
Are you a timetraveler from 1996? No shit. Still has canon romantic feelings for a dude, and your spergout is still not relevant to the thread. You had something going with Johnlock and Rizzoli/Isles or whatever gaybait was popular pre-2020, but these two pairs don't apply.

No. 1585099

>Thread created from Pride Month 2022 conversations on LGB rights being replaced by identity >politics and queer relationships (eg spicy straights) and fetishists. This thread is to commiserate >on our communities being erased because libfems and their nigels aren't like other couples. >Although this thread is a place to vent together about the current gay community, homophobechans >are not allowed or accepted. Since there is already MTF and FTM threads, this thread will focus >more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads.

>Topics of discussion:

>-Rainbow consoomerism
>-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
>-History revisionism
>-Alphabet soup getting longer
>-Celebs and cows pride-drama
>-Spicy Straight
>-Queer and Trans taking opportunities away from LBG people

[u] Although this thread is a place to vent together about the current gay community… this thread will focus more on the LGB community as a whole and topics that don't really fall under the Trans threads. [/u]

No. 1585100

I don't know how to format or underline.

No. 1585117

Listen anon, there is this whole board called /m/ for discussing 2d shit. /snow/ out of all places is not where you discuss 2d ships.

No. 1585121

Fujosperg be gone from this thread

No. 1585265

File: 1657511769261.jpg (367.01 KB, 1648x1232, 12.jpg)

a twitter thread where enbyes and feminine aydens at least acknowledge the fact that guys who fuck them still view them as women, one particular comment I found kinda ironic
>the real issue here is cishet men seeing afab nb people as quirky cisgender women
which is the actual reality, they are nothing more then quirky straight women


No. 1585271

>the real issue here is cishet men seeing afab nb people as quirky cisgender women

Bi and gay men see you that way too.

No. 1585323

File: 1657518640567.webm (10.94 MB, 480x852, 3NzzfaD6u79sYKMc.webm)

I feel this belongs here, warning extreeeeeme levels of cringe

No. 1585330

Does using TikTok make you retarded or something why is she speaking like that

No. 1585334

File: 1657520088084.png (119.74 KB, 258x347, Screenshot_20220710-231433.png)

I hate this trend of calling things fruity it needs to fucking die

No. 1585369

The thing that gets me is if you ask 99% of these bi/pan (allegedly) chicks what they’d hope to get out of a relationship with a female, it’s 100% recycled tumblr text post tier nonsense.

It’s not ‘oh I’m just attracted to women, and can see myself in a steady relationship with one/would feel equally as comfortable engaging sexually with one just as I might with a man’

It’s ‘uwu I want a tall goth big titty queen that’ll crush me with her thighs slay!! We’d be just like adora and catra! We can take hawt cosplay pics together and do each other’s pride makeup!!!’

It’s kind of like, on par with the ‘____core’ nonsense discussed in consumerism thread (eg. You can’t just like pink and anime, it’s kawaii core, or you can’t just like neutrals and flowers, you’ve gotta act cottagecore etc). Not actually about being true to yourself or just simply existing as you are, but filling a marketable or trendy idea of what a bi bitch might be.

do I qualify as a spicy straight if I’ve never really bothered to label myself but sometimes prefer to imagine I’m riding a woman’s strap on when fucking my moid?

No. 1585371

Not a fruit to be found in this wack ass walmart shampoo

No. 1585375

Thomas sanders didn't just ruin an entire generation of fujos by giving them a selfcest fetish, he also ruined them by making them believe that this bouncy dramatic mouthy theater thing is somehow entertaining

No. 1585387

Lol sometimes I see that even in here, liking eating pussy makes me scrote, you can only like women in a cottagecore hand holding way uwu

No. 1585388

As if you can't eat pussy and hold hands at the same time smh, they're just scrubs

No. 1585409

Eat hands and hold pussy

No. 1585410

Watching this with the sound off because I'm at the office sure was an experience, huh…

No. 1585503

Or when the only women they ever "simp" over are Cindy Kimberly or Dove Cameron. It's like.. have you ever been attracted to a normal woman you walked past on the street? Have you ever been attracted to a woman outside of a fucking Instagram picture?

No. 1585787

Well that depends nona, was their Nigel there? Because if so they might have said whatever normal woman they walked past had nice boobs.

No. 1585798

I'm bi and only want to date other bisexuals at this point, never have before but now I know what's waiting for me if I do, quirky straight girls who desperately want kweer points and moids who are more "Ill fuck anything" than bi. Love that for me.

No. 1586105

what a pink face, i thought I only ever saw that on old racists

No. 1586439

This thread helped me realize I'm probably a fake bi, so thanks nonnas. That lesbian masterdoc made me wonder if I'm bi or even lesbian, even though I've never been romantically interested in an irl woman and only ever had romantic interest in men, because I like looking at boobs and butts. I was so confused and freaking out when it turns out I just have low libido in general and have eyes to tell women are hot.

Even when I was fake bi I thought the idea that all bi people in relationships make the relationships queer was fucking dumb. Who cares? And where did all this 'bi culture' come from, what does cuffing your jeans or eating lemon bars have to do with liking pussy and cock? It seems like a forced way for spicy straight women to have an aesthetic identity the way lesbians and gay men do.

No. 1586792

ahh nonna, i get u. i'm in agony over the fact that butch 4 butch simping has a massive fucking warning that the singer uses they/them pronouns in the title and never stops sperging about it

try marika hackman. or lady lamb the beekeeper. heaven bent by lady lamb is an all time fav song of mine.

No. 1586797

File: 1657665665483.png (1.69 MB, 1288x1238, Screen Shot 2022-07-12 at 6.37…)

Ariana Grande, who had the lyrics "i like women and men" in that one song she did with Victoria Monet (i think it was called Monopoly), headlined at Pride, and said that she "doesn't feel the need to lable her sexuality"

Meanwhile her entire dating history has been the blandest of milquetoast men, and she's currently married to a dude who looks like a default background character

No. 1586800

File: 1657666048822.jpg (281.94 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

Picrel is Ariana Grand's husband kek

No. 1586812

He looks like a bottom

No. 1586951

This was marketing pure and simple, it’s honestly hard for me to think of a famous woman who seems straighter than Ariana

No. 1587045

File: 1657697243144.jpg (72.62 KB, 553x808, i_view64_2022-07-13_09-27-25.j…)

Does this go here I wonder?

No. 1587058

Fuckin A…

No. 1587066

File: 1657700492650.jpeg (12.43 KB, 480x360, 360F71F4-D3AC-4458-AC34-DFC866…)

It makes her seem cooler to her legion of teenage/queer/woke Twitter fans, I think it was actually Victoria monet who wrote and included that lyric. Ariana also did an extremely porny weird male gaze video a looooong time ago kissing Liz Gillies (victorious costar) and then freaking out instantly after.

No. 1587104

>straight girls do quirky little kiss for attention
>can’t commit and laugh while unable to hide that they’re uncomfortable
>every time

No. 1587127

What, something you do on impulse that changes your body forever and then you regret it a few years later? Kek

No. 1587149

Ah yes because getting a shitty tattoo that you're embarrassed of in retrospect that'll be able to be covered/removed is exactly the same as taking hormones of the opposite sex, causing potentially life threatening consequences like blood clots, pancreatitis, uterine atrophy, osteoporosis…For what reason would you want to transition that "doesn't even need to be about your gender?" It doesn't make sense. Doctors should just give you whatever medicine you want without asking any questions?
But sure go ahead and treat HRT like a tattoo. You should legally need to be 18 in order to get it and the person administering it has the right to refuse you if you don't seem in your right mind or if they just don't want to. Oh and it's recognized as purely cosmetic and not covered by insurance. And you won't be able to work certain jobs if it's very noticeable. Just like a tattoo, right?

No. 1587190


Why would you even want hormone therapy and shit if you're not trans? Like what hetrosexual "cis" woman wants to go on T and grow a patchy pathetic beard, get weird fat distribution and potentially fuck up her ability to give birth/throw her hormones out of wack for funsies?

These people don't live in reality, but for some reason they want to influence it. These weirdos actually want to be dependent on pills and doctors for the rest of their lives. I truly don't understand how hard it is to just wear the fuckin clothes that make you feel comfortable and done the damn joke.

It's like, they're so cowardly they need to transition to get asspats. A actual GNC person who doesn't feel the need to ~transition~ is way braver and gets way more shit than these pussy ass trannies

No. 1587199

Didn't she do this because she was acting stupid at a donut shop and was getting flack for it?

Awe thanks nonnie for the recs I'll definitely check them out tonight.

No. 1587256

File: 1657728476094.png (48.25 KB, 588x382, 6517e18db79ba771b218f3fa357e3d…)

the temptation to put this in my ig story and to offend the themies i went to college with is strong.

No. 1587260

we are all being groomed for transhumanism

No. 1587516

File: 1657752036558.png (179.38 KB, 449x940, lgbtchecklist.png)

on lgbt checklist: urinary tract infections
not on checklist: being attracted to the same sex

No. 1587524

when did tumblr become so based?

No. 1587539


No. 1587578

File: 1657760725067.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x6579, ZomboDroid 11072022154321.jpg)

Went to FB to see whether there were any late bloomer lesbian groups and found a spicy straight admin oversharing in the group description kekw

If FB nonna isn't still around (love your work btw) I might make an alt to try and get in

No. 1587649

autism. Literal autism, either that or this woman has suffered some horrible trauma to be so disconnected for her body.

No. 1587706

How does 6.6k people fall for a woman just trying to sell her life coach services. And how is any of this shit accredited. Reminds me of Reiki healer masters.

No. 1587761

Being raped by a pedophile isn't the same as willingly sleeping with a man. You clearly haven't been paying any attention to the cartoons you were watching since you are misrepresenting so many character relationships (not only gay, but straight as well) in your posts, holy shit
>so many times i see shit like "i had a bad relationship with a man, i want to date a woman now because she'll treat me better."
Literally a default stance at /ot/ and /g/ kek

No. 1587771

Have they ever met a straight person not made out of wood? It's like they forget 99% of the population has these issues too. Homeless people wear clothes too big, abused children wear clothes too small… Homophobes can be afraid of the doctor's… Pimps and hitchhiker serial killers hate cops…
Whoever wrote this is stuck in a bubble. I'm eagerly awaiting when it pops.

No. 1587973

Don't you know? It's LGBTQ where Q is for "quirky".

No. 1588331

File: 1657848630958.png (274.93 KB, 1270x642, oo.png)

No. 1588609

Fuckin' BASED.

No. 1588649

>certified master life coach

No. 1590345

Sage and sorry for blogpost but:
>Be in cringe zoomer infested discord
>Bunch of TiMs and ~kweerz~
>One straight cis dude who claims he is not trans but also not cis but also not nonbinary
>"It's hard being a straight queer person"
>Spicy straight girl says cis lesbians are the worst for judging her sexuality for being fake
>One of the TiM troons chimes in saying cis lesbians suck

Can't take it anymore

No. 1590428

Sounds like those girls and troons need to wake up and smell the coffee, it's not just the mean cis lesbians who think they're full of shit. Have they ever interacted with anyone who was actually a lesbian or bi woman irl? She complains about being judged for being fake as if nobody ever lies on the internet or she wouldn't react with confusion or disgust if a woman tried flirting with her irl.

No. 1590609

This just screams homophobia to me. They have some weird need to be better than lesbians and "cis" people, better than lgb people, better than women, better than everyone else because they're queer/trans.

No. 1590754

That's exactly how they feel, nonna.

>lesbians - terfs, don't like troon dick which is a crime

>bisexuals - also terfs, the "bi" means they acknowledge 2 sexes which is terfy
>"cis" people - ewww, boring, not trendy on Tumblr
>women - EWWWWW

No. 1590794

I'm kind of on the same boat. I wouldn't call myself straight but I don't see myself in a long-term relationship with a woman, so even if I'm bi it's just very inconsequential to my life. This thread made me realize it was a mistake to tell everyone I'm bi and now I don't know how to backpedal kek

No. 1590939

No need to backpedal just let it slow fade from everyone's memory. And if people ask you can just say you thought you were but realized you weren't. Don't be ashamed for it because your shame will transfer to the people you're telling and they'll sense it. Own it and move on it's not a big deal unless you make it out to be one.

This reminds me of a lipstick alley thread about women who were bicurious or thought they were bisexual but just oogled and viewed women with the male gaze. I think that would be a nice topic to discuss but I don't really know where to start. How did straight women adopt the male gaze and do you think in this ever increasing pornified culture women will be able to separate themselves from that and stop viewing other women as objects of desire?

No. 1590963


I think if you look at polling there are probably a huge amount of people in the same boat. People aren't taught that there's a real distinction between stuff you would masturbate to and the people you'd actually be willing to have a relationship with. So now as a result the number of "Queer" people grows with porn desensitization.

I don't think there's any shame in it at all on an individual level. Society needs to re-calibrate its idea of sexuality away from the idea that raw pornographic attraction is what defines people.

No. 1590969

File: 1658176687206.jpg (394.93 KB, 1920x1200, 2020_02_08_16.28.16.jpg)

surprised Jameela Jamil wasn't hasn't been mentioned yet, she is the dictionary definition of Spicy Straight

No. 1591012

I swear It's like she was trying to win at woke bingo

No. 1591046

wasn't there some major post of all the weird jameela shit that doesn't make sense

No. 1591103

All I remember is she claims to have got attacked by swarms of bees three times, and I think some munchie health lies iirc

No. 1591178

>"Needed to hop on this trend"
I'll say

No. 1591193

File: 1658196093405.jpeg (12.95 KB, 270x264, 1649630039094.jpeg)

No. 1591597

>thought they were bisexual but just oogled and viewed women with the male gaze.
I think this is because male sexuality, the one built around the degradation, domination and possession of a objectified partner who is cast as less-as is the one getting major representation in your society and media to the point of many people think that's all sexuality is instead of it being a deviant, extremely male version. Many women learn what desire is and what is desirable from those representations, and even those who don't interiorize them still need to understand them in order to perform the standards of femininity, which 1st commandment in our society is to be desirable to men all the time and before anything else. They just recognize those women as desirable (to men), but have no real attraction to them as people and have no vocabulary to articulate the difference.
Like for the longest time, I didn't think I was really a lesbian because I had 0 attraction to the kind of women that were thought as super attractive by men –women who overplayed their bimbo or their vapid, helpless side, followed all the enforced beauty standards like heavy make-up or heels or what have you or whose whole glory to fame was being shown off like a naked slab of meat in the media, and I think that what they feel is the exact opposite of the confusion I felt.
As for it changing, idk, on one side all the asexual/demisexual discourse is retarded but it being 100% composed of women does go to show that there is a big discomfort with the current pornified culture, but on the other hand, the only way this discomfort manifested in real life is people getting addicted to a different kind of online porn like fujoshis or opting out of relationships definitively or using it only for clout over stupid cishets so all in all, I'm not optimistic.

No. 1591685

being around Fred Armisen for extended periods of time would make any woman into a lesbian

No. 1592471

File: 1658339791500.jpg (73.53 KB, 724x607, photo_2022-07-17_18-47-49.jpg)

No. 1592473

> gender is pseudoscientific
So it’s not real
> 100 genders will bloom
Oh fuck

No. 1592477

So gender is meaningless bullshit created by capitalism so we'll create loads more of different cages, and interestingly enough promote consumerism as we do. That doesn't sound crazy and contradictory at all.

No. 1592553


No. 1592567

Female sexuality really gets shoved to the very back. You either get straight male sexuality superimposed over everything, or gay male sexuality superimposed over everything.
I always want to ask people like this if they think people under eastern communism don't have a concept of gender. Nobody in China would have kind words for a 350lb daughter with a million shitty tattoos and a bad dye job.

No. 1592571

why does she resemble Phoebe Tickner so much? kek

No. 1592574

No Patrick, mayonnaise is not a gender

No. 1592637

I thought it was her too

No. 1592703

File: 1658360062985.png (708.29 KB, 603x1277, Screenshot 2022-07-20 163124.p…)

>Popular artist youtuber
>loosing relatability as she ages and creates life plans with husband
>Has miscarriage during covid documents all this for her fans
>Breaks up with husband
>Comes out as lesbian
>fantasizes about lesbian relationships online
>new content on finding herself and being baby gay

No. 1592728

Damn and I liked her stuff, too.

No. 1592816

As a same sex leaning bi so much of this dumb behaviour feels like internalized biphobia to me. Either that or these women are convinced the only way to be bi is to drunkenly kiss a woman once before marrying straight Nigel. I hate how it's considered "gatekeeping" to suggest that oh maybe there's the tiniest possibility you might not be gay and that's okay.

No. 1592827

Samefagging but it's also very uncomfortable that in a lot of these braindead circles lesbian = terf for the unforgiveable crime of not liking or touching penises but at the same time it's an orientation that a lot of people want for themselves and will twist to fit them.

No. 1592856

Irrelevant but why does she write her lowercase Ms with three humps like that? It looks fucking dumb

No. 1592915

idk I always thought she was very whiny. she also published a book about her and her husbands relationship traveling all around the world. I agree, she could be bi but skimming through her page doesn't look like she's tried to date anyone. She even made her husband be on camera during the messy separation telling her fans how he supports her new life.

No. 1592967

File: 1658377296446.png (785.42 KB, 1239x1219, Screenshot 2022-07-20 205844.p…)

I should comb through artist twitter for more of these gems

No. 1593029

That "hot take" literally contradicts itself oh my god kek

No. 1593052

Does anyone have a screenshot of that fucktarded Tumblr post from last month about how wealthy gay businessmen are "less queer" than people who are functionally straight but engage with "queerness" and oppose capitalism? I'm almost certain it was posted in one of the tranny or fakeboi threads, but I haven't found it yet.

I understand that any political discourse built on the "marginalized vs. privileged" framework is expanding on Marxist principles on power dynamics, but if that framework is being used outside of an economic context, it's retarded to act as though Marx's economic policies apply. While it certainly helps, there are types of discrimination wealth does not protect you against, at least not entirely. At the end of the day, a gay man is still more subject to discrimination than a straight person in kweer cosplay.

I understand the impulse to distrust white scrotes, but I'm sick of the cope that black twans women are responsible for stonewall. Go and look at photographs of the riots– it's a sea of white men in their 20s and 30s. You can't exclude white gay scrotes from a movement they had such a large hand in creating. Although I've noticed that a lot of old-school gays and lesbians are removing themselves from the community, because they're exhausted by all the corporate bullshit, spicey straights, and gender woo-woo. A lot of activists who were at stonewall when it started (not showed up later, like fucking Malcolm Johnson) have been ousted from mainstream gay organizations for wrongthink, typically as it pertains to gender shit or BDSM in public. The weirdo attention-seekers and perennial losers totally ruined this movement.

No. 1593105

File: 1658400526042.jpg (52.03 KB, 753x674, 9opml7udbxz71.jpg)

Two of my female friends just broke up with their nigels and now they're dating as "asexual lesbians"
Meaning they go out but they don't engage in any sexual activities because they don't feel attractions but they like to spend time together.
Who's gonna tell them they're just heartbroken and salty?

No. 1593108

what in the scrote meme is that.

No. 1593117

I only had to read the first sentence and I got a headache. What are the people spewing that kind of shit on??

No. 1593138

That's next level retardation and embarrassing.

No. 1593247

Kek this is real though - it's comparing female friendships not relationships, and normie straight women don't have strong boundaries in their friendships/act "bi" to get scrote attention, whereas lesbians who feel guilt/shame/worry over making other women uncomfortable by being "predatory" often have boundaries with our platonic friends and don't bother trying to appeal to scrotes by acting sexual in public because we don't want their harassment.

No. 1593312

I swear this just gave me nam flashbacks. I knew two girls who "dated" but were very very obviously not attracted to each other. One of them (whos now trooned out) was a self hating anachan nymphet scumbag and the other was a 6'2" shehulk. I guess they both felt blackpilled about the bottom shelf type men they both attracted due to how they looked and acted. As far as I know they never even had sex or met up outside of group get togethers where they cringily made out for male pleasure. Why is this so common?

No. 1593396

This exactly. I went out with my coworkers when I worked in a bar and in the middle of a conversation, apropos of absolutely nothing, my coworker/friend looked at me with a super horny expression and said "shall we kiss..?" and i was like "uhhh sure but won't your boyfriend mind??" and she said "oh i forgot you were actually into girls" and immediately lost interest in the subject. Not even in a homophobic way, but it was clear there was no fun in it for her if I wasn't straight. I've had various incidents like this over the years.

No. 1593458

There's something wrong with straight girls, sincerely speaking, this is deranged behaviour
>perform fake lesbianism for male viewers or nah?
>Oh I forgot you're actually a lesbian

No. 1593493

my personal take on that is because they want to revenge themselves into thinking "Tehee I don't need men!!!!" while crying for their attention/trying to get them back.
I can't pinpoint a reason that makes sense for them, notice how they don't even bother knowing and actually get interested in someone, it's either their best friend they've known in years or some girls they barely know, no in between, it's just a side gimmick for them until they find the new nigel because they can't be alone and do some proper self care acts. I feel they're not in touch with themselves.
I remember when I dated a girl for a couple years and we had to fucking stand at least one feet a part in public and hold hands/kiss (not making out, idk how to say it, not a native speaker) in dark streets due to the harassment and these girls spit in each other's mouth in fb posts and the captions says "fuck me lole lmao so quirky"
Their motto is vid related.

No. 1593554

File: 1658431623440.jpeg (377.7 KB, 1080x1920, 1675D70B-75B4-4C00-8725-3CF7D0…)

Sage for retard but I edited all my pets, my partner and myself into this. It’s a great format.

No. 1593613

It's so much better with a dog instead

No. 1594761

i remember that, i think it was posted in the pride month thread

No. 1595475

No. 1595881

this video is getting a lot of hate bc the mole is a straight guy who identifies as non-binary but doesn't consider himself ~queer~

surprisingly he's the least obnoxious one in the group, which is what you'd expect from people who call themselves queer kek

No. 1596165

>gender is a western concept and without it hundreds of genders will bloom
>the only people participating in the "enhanced gender" life are white people

No. 1596346

Late but I used to watch Fran Meneses and her videos with her husband, and they got along pretty well, I remember she said in one of her videos that in case there was a house fire she would save the polly pocket her husband gifted her when he proposed to her, I guess after the miscarriage and living in NY on top of that she gave up her whole life to the spicy straight cult

No. 1596668

File: 1658707987988.jpeg (310.6 KB, 828x704, B329EAFD-548C-48ED-9C24-44BEDF…)

Most of the replies are saying the same old “yasss kween you’re a totally valid bi” and “not all women have vaginas!”

No. 1596747

The Devin in this video is Mei Yan's bf lol

No. 1596870

>internalized homophobia

jfc. i know i’m preaching to the choir here but internalised homophobia is knowing you’re attracted to the same sex but feeling crushing feelings of shame and disgust. it’s not being fully cognizant that you’re not attracted to women but desperately trying to force it anyway because you’ve decided you want to be bisexual

No. 1596874

It's crazy how these people can say they're a "queer person" with a straight face. And kek at her boyfriend funny seeing him around youtube. He was also apart of that dating while undressing or whatever show. Why are so many mediocre people trying to become famous online.

No. 1597013

These are the kind of women commenting "oouuh I'm sooo gay" under the pics of 10/10 supermodels and 10/10 supermodels only. They have never found a regular woman attractive and never will. The "female form" she finds attractive is the form of the top 0.01% of women

No. 1597026

Holy shit this is so stupid aestathics attraction

No. 1597052

>literally admits she is turned off and grossed out by female genitalia
>is it my internalized homophobia??
>aesthetically attracted to women
God I feel so bad for actual LGB people, imagine having to put up with this shit. Interesting that she brings up the term aesthetic, because that's what it is. Being kweer is an aesthetic to them.

Lmao I had the same thought anon. Odd how they're only "attracted" to extremely dolled up supermodels while their boyfriends are usually unkempt and ugly as fuck. So many spicy straights have the Shoe0nHead mentality of "catcalling other women with my bf because I'm heckin gaaay xD". A whole new level of pickmeism (and coping).

No. 1597054

Kek this. Like what the hell man, they are so fucking weird. I genuinely don't understand worshipping the ground men walk in to that fucking point.

No. 1597055

Your doggo is cute anon

No. 1597135

The answer is no. How hard is it to just admit that if you won't have sex with someone, you aren't sexually attracted to them? Oh you'd kiss a beautiful woman? Wow that's so gay. No it isn't! Fuck off. Reminds me of girls in high school who would playfully flirt with each other and then be like "ew I heard so and so's bi/lesbian that's gross I hope she doesn't like me"

No. 1597152

"Aesthetically attracted to women" = thinks megan fox is totally hawt

This is the exact type of shit that fucks with so many baby lesbians sense of desirability. Any discussion of female same sex attraction has been taken over by spicy straight girls who mistake them finding impossibly beautiful actresses and models pretty as genuine attraction. So all the women you see being thirsted over by women and elevated to "lesbian icon" are extremely conventionally attractive male pandering female celebrities. You think no woman would ever want you because you don't look like a victorias secret model

No. 1597174

Yes! last night I saw a Charlies Angels tiktok and all these spicy straights saying that was their gay awakening and they're so gay fetishizing these actresses. Made me realize that these spicy straights may be pushing their pornified male gaze version of what's attractive into the lesbian community… So glad I'm older.

No. 1597185

Meaning? I am not a lesbian, so kinda lost: you are not attracted to attractive women or what does it suppose to mean?..

No. 1597198

I think the point was very obvious. We are talking about how straight girls larping as same sex attracted only express "attraction" towards the most attractive of conventionally attractive women. They think these women are pretty and aesthetically pleasing but would never have sex with a woman or express attraction towards a woman that doesn't look like a model

No. 1597221

File: 1658770332506.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.16 KB, 283x178, images.jpg)

Being part of the LGB you sort of become tied to the politics of the community… When I was a baby gay I kind of got sucked into tumblr feminism (which I am grateful for). And it helped me sort out my internalized misogyny/homophobia. Made me realize how women are portrayed as objects in media. So I would say the tumblr lesbian community influenced my point of view today. And the baby gays of today have tiktok to influence them on how they will perceive women/themselves thanks to the spicy straights and queers.

No. 1597257

Retarded semiblog but I remember paying attention to this even as a baby lesbian, it actually caused me body dysmorphia and an eating disorder because I wanted to be thin and pretty to be worth any "WLW"'s time. It's actually painful to be surrounded by these women who simp for actresses and supermodels with tailor-made good looks and confuse adoration for attraction, yet identify as "aroace lesbians" because they don't want to touch a regular woman you pass by on the street with a 10 foot pole.

That said I fucking swear "queer" has just become "not completely disgusted by gay people" by this point.

No. 1597268

>as a baby lesbian, it actually caused me body dysmorphia and an eating disorder because I wanted to be thin and pretty to be worth any "WLW"'s time
God, the same thing happened to me nonnie. It' s so ridiculous now when I think about it because I realize that true lesbian do not care if you are not a supermodel but that mindset still follows me sometimes. I try to remember that some of the things that I find disgusting on my body, I would never in a million year find them unattractive on a other women, it's so illogical kek.

No. 1597590

Yeah I don't see the point, in my current spot, I will not experience any homophobia, so I don't feel the need to stress it much to other people or to focus on it myself.

No. 1597934

File: 1658835291423.jpg (35.78 KB, 568x169, firefox_2022-07-26_13-34-54.jp…)

Does this count?

No. 1597935

I’d say so. There’s been a huge uptick in “asexuals who like sex and have lots of it” type shit recently. Someone always has to butt in and say it.

No. 1597950

you just fixed my life nonnie, thank you

No. 1597952

You can put "friendly reminder" in front of anything and just have it be accepted. Ok so few things wrong here. Firstly, an asexual is not LGBT because they don't have a sexual orientation. Secondly, if a supposed asexual likes nsfw/sex then they're easily categorized as straight or gay depending on what they're into. So what is the fucking point of this person posting this? Actual retard behaviour

No. 1597956

Its so weird how it seems to be words only that make them uncomfortable. Not actions. They can enjoy sex just fine but acknowledging that you desire sexuality makes you dirty. The same thing with tifs. You can be feminine but acknowledging you're a woman makes you dirty. It's semantics only. It's pure mental gymnastics

No. 1597999

What's attractive to lesbians is not the same as what's attractive to straight men, especially in this pornbrained world.

No. 1598029

It always makes me wonder what these women/girls think is going on with normal straight women over 30 who no longer bother with men at all. Because statistically they have to know at least one of these women. Are all these women "demi" or "ace"? Fuck no, it's just normal female sexuality to not be horny all the time like scrotes.

No. 1598137

Absolutely, asexuals are just the "not like other girls" of the sexualities, just because we women aren't horny 24/7 like scrotes they think they are special or something

No. 1598610

File: 1658886511817.gif (214.78 KB, 1600x1186, uwu-poly mall map.gif)

Yes anon it counts kek, I see so much of this on certain dating apps right now as well. Your post also reminded me that being poly and/or kinky seems to be counted as kweer now and there's almost some level of expectation to be poly if you're woque and expressing literally any amount of jealousy in a relationship is toxic problematic abusive etc. I don't know about lesbian anons but for me this expectation to be poly feels like it's polluted so much of bi groups.

No. 1598630

Every single example in picrel sounds absolutely toxic, I guess instead of accepting they are loveless husks in toxic relationships they decided to project and say if you don't have a hellish, loveless, kink relationship with a bunch of strangers you're doing it wrong.

No. 1598713

I think there also is or used to be a demographic of kids online calling themselves asexual as a shield to signify "I absolutely do not want creeps talking to me, leave me alone" and if someone tried to be a creep they could claim it's "acephobia", but the whole "normalize asexuals being kinky and sex crazed" shtick is killing that.

No. 1598734

Yep. And technically those women kinda fit as "spicy straight" but at least they are doing it to protect themselves. And for that reason I really have a grudge with the "sex positive ace" movement is that they are doing their cringy spicy straight routine for brownie points by specifically ruining the one spicy straight label that at lest could be used as a defense mechanism for girls.

And since you mention demisexual, I wonder if there's also people trying to destroy the meaning of demisexual or if it's just asexual they've wrecked. "Just because I regularly do one night stands doesn't mean I'm not demisexual"

I think they do this on semi-purpose. Being speshul relatively to the straights isn't enough, they also have to be speshul and transgressive relatively to the other people inside the exact same label.

No. 1598821

File: 1658906895719.jpeg (395.35 KB, 827x1550, FAF16279-040C-4524-AC99-33D39C…)

Not spicy straight but just something that annoys me about straight people that use gay stories as entertainment. This was a private letter from a gay dude to his nephew. Fuck the dude for marrying a woman but fuck the op for finding content for her Instagram account about a gay persons hardships.

No. 1598930

I feel really sorry for modern girls. They get exposed to an internet where rule 34 shit is omnipresent, and whatever their interests are, they will have to interact with horny middle aged creeps of both genders shitting up whatever they like. It can't be great for your sexual development if you have to learn to smile and coexist with adult perverts on the same level as Bronies. People under 18 probably just shouldn't be on the internet anymore.

No. 1599518

One of my coworkers told me today that she didn't want to go to x college because it was in a conservative state and she heard that it wasn't "safe for queer people." It took me everything not to roll my eyes because she's only dated men. The only time she's referred to her attraction to women was this weird per formative unprompted ramble about some actress in a movie. She's young, so I don't fault her as much for falling for this shit, but I'm a butch lesbian whose family is from a conservative third-world country and it's still insulting. I'm glad the enby garbage is encouraging her to be more GNC though, even though she'll probably go back to conforming when this trend dies down.

No. 1599529

File: 1658965420672.png (4.61 MB, 4000x4000, nosuchthing.png)

How about we start calling NB people "spicy woman" or "spicy man"

No. 1599543

I like this except that gender isn’t a biological reality, that’s sex

No. 1599548

Aren't gender and sex synonyms tho?
I used "gender" to reinforce the fact that no matter what gender they identify to, they will still be how biology decided for them.
or maybe I'm just a retarded non native speaker sorry if it sounds weird nonny ;_;

No. 1600655

nta but i think its good, you summed it up nincely! and while yeah sex ≠ gender (gender dont real in my humble terf opinion), thats not gonna be a problem with the gendie crowd that this is meant to peak. anyway gender is supposed to be your "mental sex", as you may have heard from "but i feel like a woman" troons. all based on feeling and stereotypes. and sex is the material reality, the only truth, your chromosomes, cells, primary and secondary sexual characteristics and hormones (hormonal imbalances exist but you know what im talking about)
sorry for femsplaining kek

No. 1601273

File: 1659106020741.jpg (860.78 KB, 2127x2926, itoohaveapersonality.jpg)

whooo nonnie what have you done to my feed… there is so much good content there i have to stop myself from screenshotting it all lmao. picrel for a spicy treat

No. 1601553

File: 1659131112126.jpg (10.08 KB, 515x46, aro.jpg)

Does anyone else get really annoyed at this shit?

No. 1601609

blogposting ahead but I used to identify as aro, turns out I just have poor connection to my feelings in general due to mental illness. After years of therapy, I stopped identifying as such and I hope people find peace.

No. 1601611

>I came out as not wanting to have a relationship
Wow, stunning and brave

No. 1601620

>heavily pregnant
>male in shot
>bi and lookin' fly
>"bi fashion"

they really think bisexuality is a fashion style and not an, uh, sexuality the clue is kinda in the name girls

No. 1601635

literally indistinguishable from a tradwife’s photoshoot

No. 1601813

Top left would be cute to me if she didn't have an annoying personality, it sucks that those type of girls are straight 99% of the time but would never just admit it. I joined that group as well after it got posted here kek but I have yet to see an actual same sex couple? I joined about 3 weeks ago.

No. 1602119

File: 1659183485636.jpg (45.52 KB, 372x251, Dworkin and Stoltenberg.jpg)

Andrea Dworkin was actually married to an effeminate self-hating man who had renounced his manhood and they claimed they were in a relationship beyond the patriarchal norm and was truly free and liberating, This is an unpopular opinion but Andrea Dworkin was a proto-bugman/bugwoman. sexually confused, always vaguely angry about some made up cultural manifestation or another, extremely sensitive and entitled, a fat shut-in and a retarded take-seller. If she were alive today she'd have a podcast and a nose ring

No. 1602131

Why does she look like a wax sculpture

No. 1602141

>If she were alive today she'd have a podcast and a nose ring
TOP KEK. 100% true and she'd have a decent amount of threads on her in /snow/ too.

No. 1602155

>married to an effeminate self hating man
Ok but this is the dreme and all men should hate themselves

No. 1602218

>effeminate self hating men
i guess if you want a troon husband, sick people are the most degenerate

No. 1602232

What about an effeminate self-respecting man

No. 1602236


No. 1602560

stoltenberg is still an intact male though. of course given recent trends if he were my age it’s highly likely he would be a tranny so you’re not wrong.

No. 1602574

i once knew a guy who identified as aro to justify why he didn't want relationships, only sex

No. 1602714

>some made up cultural manifestation
the sex industry is real and it exploits women every day. what are you on?

No. 1603558

Women who identify as aromantic are usually traumatized and/or mentally ill, moids who identify as aromantic are sociopaths who use women for sex and are incapable of feeling love. So most of them kek

No. 1603731


>”Rate or roast me, idgaf.”

-someone who definitely, definitely gives a fuck

No. 1604126

File: 1659326558662.png (17.1 KB, 558x227, 79.png)

From the Twitter hate thread

>bi woman chooses to only date men

>yassss kween! you and nigel are a valid queer quple!
>bi woman chooses to only date women
>omg TERF better post a "psa" so other kweer folx know to watch out

No. 1604188

Is there any other definition besides that?

No. 1604291

Rather brazen with the misogyny there. Probably lesbophobia too as bi women who actually date other women in queer circles are rarer than a troon who washes their ass.

No. 1604323

A bisexual in general is rarer than a troon who washes their ass. Most "bisexuals" you make a big deal about their supposed bisexuality are just pickmes

No. 1604500

This sounds like 3rd-world-chan who constantly cries about radfems and dworkin being fat kek.

No. 1604533

It must be either a moid or that particular tranny thats been terrorizing this site for a while. Honestly even with some of the deranged weight and ana spergs on here, discrediting Dworkin on the basis that she was obese is just ridiculous. Shes was too brilliant and has given women too much to be written off with "lol she fat tho"

No. 1604575

True. Makes me chuckle thinking how this tweet effectively translates to "NO REAL HOMOS ALLOWED IN OUR KOOL KLUB"

NTA but Dworkin was a polilez with shit takes who couldn't even keep to her own polilez bullshit and married a moid, kek. Yeah, the weight jab was going for the low hanging fruit, but if you think you have to be a moid or a tranny to dislike her you're nuts.

No. 1604621

File: 1659387222583.jpeg (256.49 KB, 1080x1061, 5806DBE7-A231-472D-BD35-B862AA…)

Sharing picrel here because it made me laugh

No. 1605124

File: 1659450416806.jpeg (781.44 KB, 750x1340, 525737C1-7101-4EB7-A28B-11CB2E…)

the audio was "I'm gay… My bitch is gay"

No. 1605130

it's not that people don't understand its literally that no one gives a fuck

No. 1605142

File: 1659452057295.jpg (434.67 KB, 1848x1792, I_just_wanna_play_call_of_duty…)

I almost feel bad for these dudes, cause with rare exceptions it seems most of these guys got in relationships with these girls when they still identified as female and just midway they started as identifying as non-binary and then as gay transman
I don't know as someone whose been roped in to their partner's fandom shit I can sympathize with them

No. 1605143

lmao he looks so dead inside

No. 1605178

I feel kinda bad for this girl for being the face for so many egirl memes, a lot of them violent incel fantasies while she seems like a chill and normal person, unless i'm missing sth

No. 1605180

>dressed as Nagito Komaeda
>has her boyfriend dressed as Dabi, who is basically the default dom daddy for bnha fics
its worse then I thought, she likely has roleplay sex with him, while pretending to be shonen anime characters, I'd be traumatized as well

No. 1605194

Yeah, she seems fine. I used to follow her on YouTube a while ago.

No. 1605220

You sound like a misogynist.

No. 1605288

File: 1659465707738.png (144.82 KB, 1200x762, tbl52041ia291.png)

Truly, today's satire is tomorrow's reality

No. 1605301

Hey, where's the red umbrella for sex workers?

No. 1605379

>that filename

No. 1605455

Skater skirt and converse… The type of outfit a young child or teen girl would wear. Adult women can pull it off too (Personally I love the look lol) but it looks SO creepy on men. He's probably a pedophile

No. 1605592

>these are the same women who'll accuse you of "shaming" them for liking men

No. 1611451

this is it. the most aggravating thread on the site. i want to sudoku.

No. 1613886

File: 1660315632336.webm (4.55 MB, 576x1024, download (9).webm)

I just saw that Best Dressed got a collab with Marc Jacobs and it reminded me of this spicy straight gem of hers. Trying to get the tiktok queero fanbase even though her other videos are on being a tradhoe and pining after her ex boyfriend.

No. 1613895

Yeah there's no way she's anything other than 100% straight. She's the kind of "bi" girl who will kiss a girl for a weird male gazey Instagram photo but be disgusted at the thought of actually eating pussy. I always thought that PULLfags reasons for obsessively disliking her were so stupid. They tried to justify it to themselves by reaching for anything she did to call problematic through a social justice lens. But in reality, she's just annoying and you're allowed to dislike her for that reason alone. I know I do

No. 1613933

Who is she again?

No. 1613936

Yeah I agree. I actually tried to get into watching her because she did thrift some very beautiful clothes. But idk that ember chamberlian type look at me I'm mentally unstable self deprecating quirky financially stable it girl got annoying and that tiktok was just icing on the cake. I understand why she would try to be spicy straight though since it looks like all her friends are gay NYC people.

Since I searched for this video, tiktok has been giving me videos with hashtag #comphetlesbian. I'm so over it.

No. 1614217

I thought it was pretty ironic that she had a cameo in the movie 'Not okay' which is about a trend-hopping zoomer influencer who also tries to claim the 'spicy straight' label in one scene in order to fit in with her LGBT coworkers, by telling a very similar anecdote to this one lmao. In her cameo she's making fun of this character but it's literally her.
Also as a sidenote, can't believe she is collabing with Marc Jacobs when she's wearing the infamous tacky amazon corset in this vid - especially with all that money and preaching about sustainability.

No. 1614227


I know this a latereply but this is so morbidly fascinating and grotesque for me as an oldfag who spent their preteens/teens identifying as sex-repulsed asexual (grew out of by early 30s thank god). The specific discomfort/disgust at acknowledging sexuality seems to be linked the pathological fear of intimacy/interdependancy/fusion that it the hallmark of low functioning narc, szchoid and sometimes borderline personality disorders. I completely recognize that now ( was treated for traits of BPD at 18) and honestly think 90% of asexuals are the same shit while the other 10% just have naturally lower libido then most and got sucked into tumblr BS at a young age instead of being a normie.

This obviously isn't surprising to anyone here that genderspecial identity is in it's essence personality disorders rebranded to allow the harmful behaviors to exist without accountable- but it raises interesting questions in my mind as to how voraciously and quickly capitalism can jump in the fill the traditional medical treatment model with stuff/experiences/speshul social spaces for genderspecials to spend money on as a replacement for the medical goods and services they would be buying 30 years ago, except prob also buying the medical services too.

No. 1614322

iirc she did a video ages ago about being "bi" where she mentioned getting recommended bi videos on TikTok(??) and hooking up with a woman but when she went on a date later she found it impossible/undoable. Just my vague recollection though. It might be vidrel but to be honest I don't want to watch it because I find her very annoying. If any other nonas want to watch and see though…

No. 1614506

File: 1660366449256.png (20.97 KB, 137x157, 1659394012944.png)

I get so close to a-logging every damn time I see this shit mentioned
Franklin Veux deserves to face the wall especially

No. 1614511

Why these guys don't dump these girls is beyond me? maybe to them he/him pussy is easy pussy

No. 1614512

I'm just trying to find the food court

No. 1615213

Most of them are depressed young males and he/him pussy is the only thing pulling them off inceldom

No. 1615777

Having seen enough of these couples it's usually because the girlfriend troons out mid-relationship and he decides to wait it out instead of leaving right away. It's usually when the girl starts talking about wanting to go on T and having surgeries that they bail. I've met maybe one couple in which the man actually stayed and that's because he was bisexual and too dysfunctional and depressed to start his life over and the FTM was his personal nanny to begin with. It's not like trans widow cases with MTFs where the man traps a woman with 3 kids and a mortgage and then decides to transition in his late 30's, a lot of these FTMs dating an actual male started the relationship in their teens and only caught the gender brainrot in their early 20's.

No. 1616132

eve.frsr, honestly shes a very chill person and not really very "online" apart from posting frequent selfies, doesn't really deserve to be the face of e-girl dysfunction

tbh i can kinda understand the argument for ace ppl who have no interest in sex/ relationships being under the queer umbrella since they're also living outside of the typical heteronormative dynamic, but this whole "i'm ace but i still have sex" thing is where it really starts to loose me. like ok but in what material way does that make you different from a regular person, straight or otherwise?

No. 1616169

File: 1660525646357.png (71.75 KB, 1255x677, cringe.png)

Some of this comments section makes me want to sudoku

No. 1616174

Personally I don't think it is "valid" in any circumstance to only be sexually attracted to a group of people and not ever romantically attracted. So you just want to use their bodies? Why is this woke and acceptable and worthy of praise?

No. 1616179

>the cuffed jeans, the plant obsession, the awkward hand gestures, making jokes about your mental health.

What does any of this random bullshit have to do with being bisexual? Go eat a pussy. Straight people literally think you’re queer if you have terrible fashion & social skills, and the same-sex attraction part is optional.

No. 1616424

File: 1660554142937.jpeg (133.01 KB, 1280x706, 96DF1A5A-07FA-4DF9-930C-951CA3…)

hope i’m not late. anyone else encounter this loser on the web? besides being unfunny visual pollution on my dash, she’s now in a relationship with a bearded moid (and i’ll bet the farm he’s straight, only thinks he’s bi cause he’ll fuck theyfabs) and won’t shut up about it

No. 1616432

I thought this was a satire edit lmao

No. 1616440

They can't help being a pickme and shitting on women while declaring they're bi, how do you know you couldn't be romantically attracted to any woman if you're (supposedly) sexually attracted? Romantic attraction is rarer. To take it off the table completely is pure pickme, uwu I can only love a scrote, women are too boring/bitchy/whatever shit to love!

No. 1616448

"Sexually attracted to women but not romantically attracted" means one or more of the following:
>I think boobs look nice
>I would have a threesome with my moid and another woman
>I would be willing to receive pleasure from a woman but would not give it in return

No. 1616474

This literal retard has been shitting up everyones tumblr feed for what is probably 10 years now with her unfunny low effort comics. And she is that type of autistic female that thinks that due to the fact that she has a personality and is fat/not a walking sex doll that she is aktschually not a woman at all and something deeper and more profound. Because women cant be autistic and nerdy and awkward and have a rich inner life without immediately being made to question if they can still be women. Not a suprise that shes now dating a fugly scrote whos running a scam on her for easy pussy by making her believe their het relationship is kweer and bi

No. 1616478

Oh no not this faggot. I thought I was safe from their reign of unfunny terror here. They are the very definition of Tumblr shit "Haha smol bean gender" comedy

No. 1616506

Weird how "bi4bis" only date "bis" of the opposite sex kek. Especially "bi" women.
Spot on. Only the classic "I watch porn together with my moid" is missing.

No. 1616547

the 'lol so random and quirky!!' humor really irritates me. i was getting a pick me vibe from her unfunny comics and it turns out that i'm right

No. 1617081

Why is it so important to be told you're "valid" for preferring men? The majority of women are straight and the majority of bi women do prefer men but when you say the second part in a completely neutral way (me saying it as a bi woman too) people get upset. They'd sooner deny it and say bisexuality is all a numbers game or it's the fault of lesbians for not pursuing them rather than just truly embrace their preference. I guess most are really straight and think liking boobs and thinking women are pretty is where same sex attraction stops. Sure, it can be harder to find a girlfriend because men are desperate and most will fuck anything but it's not as if dating or hooking up with women is some impossible goal. For most of them they could do it if they wanted but they choose not to and then act like it's other people's fault.

No. 1617086

Because they don't want to. They just want to bitch and moan about how it's too hard to date women and choose the easier option while ignoring that lesbians literally have no other option and deal with the same issues while still managing to actually get into gay relationships.

I hate how much energy goes to validated bibet women when none of them ever devote even a smidgen of this energy to bi women who date women and deal with homophobia and misogyny.

No. 1617108

They're usually completely blind to lesbophobia, don't realize how straight shit is forced into everyone's faces. So when some lesbians make jokes online or women in general joke about how terrible men are, they feel personally attacked, because they're just not used to dealing with anything. It's like how a toddler thinks everything is the end of the world, because they just haven't experienced much yet.

No. 1617119

File: 1660608175558.jpg (604.33 KB, 993x1773, SmartSelect_20220816-010113_Ch…)

love how you can tell that OP's wifey is 100% an annoying spicy straight retard. obviously comments are calling him homophobic for denying her "identity"

No. 1617133

Right? Women who prefer men are ALREADY validated everywhere they go. They are literally the cultural norm. Spicy straights are not being structurally oppressed by the gay community and don't need to be "validated" by them. If any bisexual women actually get invalidated, it's those of us who prefer women.

No. 1617138

>tbh i can kinda understand the argument for ace ppl who have no interest in sex/ relationships being under the queer umbrella since they're also living outside of the typical heteronormative dynamic,

Dummy. Saying anyone who is outside the 'typical heteronormative dynamic' should count as queer is how you end up with spicy straights calling themselves queer in the first place. Queers are homos and actual bis. That's it.

No. 1617266

Hilarious, I hope he breaks up with her. I know a woman like this and I expect her bf to hit his breaking point soon as well lol

No. 1617481

>It's also valid to only be sexually attracted to women and not romantically attracted
My god what the fuck. Congrats, you got conditioned into seeing a female body as a sexualized piece of meat just like everyone else on the planet. Now treating women as romantical partners equal to men? Well that isn't a part of bisexuality! It's also curious how their "not everyone is 50/50 attracted" ratio always tips for 99% attracted to men, 1% women, it's almost like they're actually straight but trying to fake it I guess!

The "hehe cuffed jeans and being a plant mom means ur bi!!" shit is just a true testimony to the way they treat sexuality as a fun fandom or a fashion identity instead of an innate feature people still get ostracized for.

It's okay, you can say "she" here.

No. 1617506

This is so funny, i think being spicy straight only works if the man is on board with it which he clearly isn't.

No. 1618726

File: 1660770094515.jpg (332.9 KB, 1078x1834, plsgobacktolurking.jpg)

>The "hehe cuffed jeans and being a plant mom means ur bi!!" shit is just a true testimony to the way they treat sexuality as a fun fandom or a fashion identity

we're so past this nonna, the real bisexuals have discovered red lip and eyeliner see picrel

No. 1619510

File: 1660855473209.png (610.65 KB, 835x619, CAPTURE.png)

apparently this particular post got viral on twitter and someone even a wrote a whole ass article about

>A man was slammed online after he said he refused to attend a pride event with his wife who identifies as bisexual.

>The Original Poster (OP), known as u/Kejryehe, posted about the situation in Reddit's popular "Am I The A**hole" forum where it received more than 7,000 upvotes and 4,400 comments, with many calling the man out for his bisexual erasure.

>Bisexual Erasure

>Bisexual erasure is defined by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) as when the "existence or legitimacy of bisexuality (either in general or in regard to an individual) is questioned or denied outright."
>Individuals identifying as bisexual often suffer higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders compared to their gay, lesbian, and heterosexual peers. Bisexual individuals often have a higher rate of tobacco use and risk of heart disease than their peers.
>According to the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC), bisexual individuals face poor mental health outcomes due to biphobia and bi erasure, often feeling lumped into "gay" or "straight" categories and making their identities feel "invisibilized or ignored altogether."
>"Even when our identities are acknowledged, they can often be fetishized or judged in negative ways," the BRC wrote.

>"It honestly gets a little exhausting," the post read. "She says that she doesn't like it when people assume she's straight just because she married a man and doesn't want a big part of her identity that she's struggled with to be erased. Still it feels like she's almost ashamed of me."

>Recently, the man's wife invited him to a pride event that she said was really important to her, adding that she bought him an ally t-shirt to wear.
>He said that he has no issues with his wife attending the event but that he told her no because it isn't his "thing," but she said it doesn't feel that he is supportive of her identity.
>"I replied that maybe she needs to focus less on her identity and more on her current relationship," the post read. "She's been very icy with me since. I get that I probably was a bit mean but still. AITA?"

>Redditor Reactions

>More than 4,400 users commented on the post, many calling out the man for his "homophobic" comments and for not being "supportive" of his wife.
>"If she was ashamed of you, she wouldn't be asking you to come with," one user commented. "If anything it sounds like YOU'RE ashamed of HER and want her to bury her identity away. Support your wife. YTA."
>"She literally invited you to a very public event as her spouse and ally. This is who she is. This is the woman you married. Yes, you should go with her and YTA," another user commented. "If you are feeling unappreciated or left out of this relationship, maybe some couples counseling is in order."
>"'I'll preface by saying that I am in no way homophobic or bigoted.' Wait for it…'The thing is, she is very vocal and showy about it.' Aaand here is the homophobic comment," another commented. "OP, you are clearly bothered by your wife's activism, even when it's an important part of her personality and so important to her. YTA."
>"Just from what you mentioned, I can tell you clearly aren't supportive of her identity," one user wrote. "You sound irked by her being proud of her identity. Her being validly upset about bi erasure has nothing to do with you and it's nothing for you to feel ashamed about. It's about other people invalidating her and being biphobic to her."

No. 1619553

he sounds like a better ally than any straight/bi man who went with his gf/wife

No. 1619602

"I'm queer! I'm queer!" Woman who's dated men all her life insists, breath smelling of cock.

Sage for blog, but as a homo I dislike pride parades myself and haven't gone in years. Why force the scrote? Just go on your own and air-kiss the other spicy straights there

No. 1619611

i wanna a-log so badly

No. 1619632

>making their identities feel "invisibilized or ignored altogether."
>she married a man and doesn't want a big part of her identity that she's struggled with to be erased
>identity identity identity
oh my god it's just who you're attracted to, who the fuck cares. why do you need anyone to see and acknowledge it, it's like basing your identity on your favorite ice cream flavor

No. 1619717

File: 1660871165760.png (24.71 KB, 509x334, h.png)

This reminds me of picrel. I remember wanting to a-log so bad at it

No. 1619718

I’m straight so I never got this, why should lesbians want to hear about your Nigel and how Nice he is? We don’t want to hear about it either. No one actually cares about your retarded relationship. What’s wrong with being normal and finding common ground? Wtf. Bi/gay men never have to do this stuff. We lose no matter what. Sorry for a-log

No. 1619719


they keep saying he should just go but it really is awkward to go to pride as a vanilla straight couple and people are absolutely judgemental about it

No. 1619720

Oh god I wanted to add a nasty comment about this post so bad but my account got deleted kek. I’m glad someone’s as annoyed as I am. It’s always autistic young women falling for this trap.. kinda sad.

No. 1619731

You can tell these people don't have actual real life friends, and solely interact with strangers online in their woke circles because solidarity has nothing to do with listening to spicy straits complain about their boyfriends. Solidarity is supporting people in your community regardless of whether you know them personally. Vent about your shitty moid to your friends, not to any random lesbian you feel like bothering

No. 1619849

Why the fuck would you want to talk to your partner about who you're drooling over in the first place?

No. 1619885

>Individuals identifying as bisexual often suffer higher rates of anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders compared to their gay, lesbian, and heterosexual peers.

>Bisexual individuals often have a higher rate of tobacco use and risk of heart disease than their peers.

They were REALLY reaching here, weren't they?

No. 1619929

File: 1660906371941.png (116.79 KB, 963x1004, 93.png)

kekking at the comments, he seems to have triggered every spicy straight women on reddit

No. 1620010

>"If she was ashamed of you, she wouldn't be asking you to come with," one user commented. "If anything it sounds like YOU'RE ashamed of HER and want her to bury her identity away. Support your wife. YTA."
This is bullshit, given the info of how showy she is her taking him to a pride event is just another aspect of her performativity. Of course she's want to parade around her super speshul ally of a husband to show all the other queers that YES, I AM MARRIED TO A MAN AND STILL SUPER GAY EVERYONE!!!
I just know exactly the kind of woman that is, it's all one big image.

No. 1620085


i honestly don't understand how it is an identity. they can go to the most homophobic places on earth and literally not be treated different than any straight woman.

it's like if someone wasn't jewish, but tried to claim they are victims of antisemitism because they are open to converting. of course if you don't actually do it nobody cares!

No. 1620193

They always use the most dramatic words for it. Erasure. What does erasure even mean? In this case, it just means that her husband doesn't want to acknowledge and talk about it at all times. If she's same-sex attracted, then nothing should change this aspect of herself.

No. 1620448

Idk why people are encouraging a homophobic straight man to go to Pride anyway. Who even wants him there?

No. 1620969

File: 1661020663885.jpeg (189.59 KB, 1125x1288, F0D4016F-7882-4EAC-B78C-A08C4C…)

>golden retriever boyfriend
put him down

No. 1620971

is that the drummer from fall out boy

No. 1620974

NTA but yes

No. 1620995

Sugar he's goin down I guess

No. 1620998

someone made a whole thread about her which highlighted all her insanity but the farmhands took it down asshole move and said just to use celebricows instead

No. 1621061

boyfriend? looks like her creepy uncle
I bet he only puts up with her psycho BPD shit because he's twice her age kek

No. 1621166


what's her username?

No. 1621281

File: 1661043503210.png (437.26 KB, 645x902, scaredofvaginas.png)

Thank you Reddit for providing us with so many classics

No. 1621283

File: 1661043585892.png (329.55 KB, 1497x531, 7.png)

>it felt forced and awkward
>i'm a real bi though

At what point does someone like this begin to doubt their own bullshit?

No. 1621311


Man I wish I had their "problem" imagine being attracted to men, might make life a lot easier. Straight women trying to brute-force same sex attraction and failing is like some kinda mental illness, like forcing yourself to eat some food you hate every day and asking people for advice on it

No. 1621318

When you are a straight women, but are desperate to feel the love your shitty boyfriend/husband are incapable of supplying so you fool yourself into thinking you must be bisexual.

No. 1621319

I saw this posted by a radfem on Twitter and it just made me wonder if OP actually likes women or is just a straight woman who wants a BFF to cuddle with. She lists all the things she finds attractive about guys and why, but for women it's just 2 vague physical features and wanting a "strong bond". I don't understand why these bicurious straight girls just experiment with each other instead of worrying about lesbians judging (which it's hard not to judge)

No. 1621327

Idk whats so confusing, she just has no desire to eat pussy so shes straight. I wish women didn't have this weird mindset being attracted to other women makes you alt and rebellious

No. 1621329

God only in the West will you get people trying to force themselves to be same-sex attracted while the gay people around them are still subject to the same homophobia. It’s incredible.

No. 1621347

>it feels like a club you can't get into
hettie confirmed
Being gay is less like some secret counterculture underground hangout for the misfits of society, it's more like having green eyes or freckles.

No. 1621352

Meredith Allen, she does hair styling and dj’s emo nite gigs, nothing exciting really

No. 1621483

I hate every retard in this video but oh my god my sides @ this fakeboi screaming like a banshee for attention at 22:23 KEK. If you have the time, the full video is fun to skim through

No. 1621485

Any time some clueless bihet bitches about lesbians and their gold star system I will show her this screenshot to visualize why it's a thing. It actually makes me angry seeing someone listing things why men are so much better to date yet still is trying to force herself on women for reasons left in the dark. As for "strong bonds", yes, we bond over mutual experiences of being women and especially being marginalized women. You can do that with a platonic friend, no need to drag a lesbian into your experimental mess.

It's like these people just decide to become same sex attracted and ask on tips where to start because they're never been attracted to women before yet don't realize that if you're actually a bisexual you would've had several natural intense emotions for them all by yourself already. Nobody can wave a lesbian magic wand and make them instantly same sex attracted if they find the entire thought repulsive already.

No. 1621515


Why doesn't she just find a brave and stunning transbian to date? She wouldn't have to deal with a female body that she isn't actually attracted to, and she can claim to be in a totally valid uwu sapphic relationship that's extra queer because her girlfriend is trans

(And then both members of the happy couple can leave actual lesbians alone)

No. 1621558

>how much bigger their chest is to sleep on uwu
This is the straightest shit I've ever read, it makes me wanna puke.

No. 1621588

these people obviously have no interaction with irl gay/lgbt spaces in they think the media rep is the norm. maybe its an american thing but you see a fat person here and usually wearing tacky thrifted dangerfield clothes with dyed hair and piercings and you know they're a qwueer

No. 1621608

File: 1661092457807.jpeg (128.61 KB, 828x695, 6E072523-99F5-4D94-A2E0-ED1704…)

No. 1621611

File: 1661092579806.jpeg (596.08 KB, 828x1307, 5E4AD425-4F28-441F-9CCB-3B73A2…)

No. 1621612

File: 1661092627126.jpeg (183.58 KB, 825x701, BD814BB0-73EB-4C5A-9A26-6A536F…)

No. 1621661

makes me wonder if the scrote is a feeder lmao

No. 1621726

This has to be one of the most heterosexual posts I have ever read. From the uwu shit about men to the "it feels like a club I can't get into", kek. That is literally how these spicy straights view homosexuality: a club, group or community defined by arbitrary bullshit like cuffing your Jeans or unorthodox haircuts. Essentially anything BUT same-sex attraction. Bleak.

No. 1621819

Could you post links to the Twitter discussion of this post

No. 1622822

File: 1661210220291.jpg (147.74 KB, 1049x1200, coachella.jpg)

It's not often men are as spicy straight as this guy. I guess he really is breaking the mould

>Drawing the curtain over his life has only made everyone who’s not behind it more curious. His sexuality, for example, has been a topic of near-obsession for years. He has embraced gender fluidity in his fashion, like Mick Jagger and David Bowie before him, and has repeatedly pointed out how backward it feels to require labels and boxes for everyone’s identity. Critics of his approach have accused him of “queerbaiting,” or profiting off queer aesthetics without explicitly claiming the community. Defenders feel it’s unfair to force anyone to label themselves as one thing in order to validate their gender or creative expression.

>Styles, without prompting, points out how silly he finds some of the arguments about how he may identify to be: “Sometimes people say, ‘You’ve only publicly been with women,’ and I don’t think I’ve publicly been with anyone. If someone takes a picture of you with someone, it doesn’t mean you’re choosing to have a public relationship or something.”

No. 1622838

>big titty goth theyfriend
>sad deflated small boobs despite being obese
I see the delusions are multi leveled kek

No. 1622848

it’s the overflowing trash can for me lmfao

No. 1622879

sure he’s embracing gender fluidity because he doesn’t want the attention on his sexuality. makes total sense.

No. 1623048

File: 1661226621408.jpg (157.21 KB, 828x1792, 299168723_1105452473463985_378…)

For some reason I can't right click save tiktok videos on desktop anymore…. But this graced my feed today. Calls the dude a 6'4 bottom and at the end says she wanted to peg him so bad. Straight women taking gay men vernacular?

No. 1623066

They think that when a man calls a "bottom/submissive" that somehow makes him innocent and not like other men, but what it actually means is that he expects others to pleasure him while doing absolutely nothing on his own part, these spicy straight women lack the necessary caution that you have to have when dating as a straight woman

No. 1623078

True. Just like that one Ihatereddit post about the chick thinking giving a man flowers was a power move.

No. 1623188

some women really do need real friends. I too thought I was bi when really I just wanted the same bound with girls I had as a kid. Probably happens a lot now that everyone is expected to move around for work and change your friend group every 5 years

No. 1623342

Sage for sperg but being a str8 woman(or a gay guy) married to a bi man seems to be the worst fucking nightmare. Look at the r/BisexualMen and search for "married" and it's fucking full of disgusting moids talking about being married but "craving cock". And comments are fucking full of people almost validating their "normal" desires. Imagine is a straight woman was "craving different cock" in a relationship, but as long as you are a woke man it's a-ok and if anyone dislikes it they are BiPhObIc.

No. 1623355

File: 1661261927699.png (58.2 KB, 739x437, wokemarrCapture.PNG)


No. 1623382

Never date a bisexual man, they're such scum. Fags dragging women down with them.

No. 1623411

I love how a bartender simply doing his job was all it took to set this off. Yes he totally wanted you. I mean why else was he serving you drinks?

No. 1623430

there is unironically at least one fujo out there in the world who would be okay with this arrangement

No. 1623450

I'm surprised more transkids haven't murdered their narc parents

No. 1623458

File: 1661271840926.jpeg (718.44 KB, 1170x1400, 4920F06E-9243-4D58-830B-3808C8…)

I’d call him a faggot but that’s a misnomer.

No. 1623508

Oh my this is so ot sorry nonnies but anything from older winx/bratz/barbie/monster high cartoons makes my heart throb. Growing up with this image of women/girls that are unapologetically themselves. This is the spirit I want to embody.

Reject modernity, embrace girl cartoons.

No. 1623512

File: 1661275925096.jpg (206.2 KB, 719x907, Screenshot_2022-08-23-18-50-31…)


No. 1623543

yeah exactly, although the line is sometimes blurry there’s a huge difference between female friendship and a lesbian relationship, and anyone who’s actually attracted to women will come to realize this. this girl just sounds like she wants “woman love” in the form of friendship. it’s understandable to crave close friendships with women who understand you but it’s not a gay thing lol

No. 1623665

This will end in him cheating on her and sucking and fucking random guys and ultimately leaving her. Possibly giving her a std in the process. If I was the wife I'd kill myself. Imagine being married to a man and he tells you he wants to start sucking cock

No. 1623673

File: 1661287102616.jpg (214.98 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_2022-08-23-18-46-47…)

They also all scream acceptance and how they just want to be honest with themselves but ultimately they are just self centered fucks who want to have everything. Like what do they hope to achieve by "coming out" to their wife if not a pass to catch pubic lice? This is straight from the horses mouth. Imagine if a straight woman expressed on reddit that she has an urge to suck strange dick. Would le redditors also tell her to ask her husband for a permit to give blowjobs to strangers lmao

No. 1623680

Since redditor males are depraved incels and or in abusive relationships (where they are the abuser) they'd probably encourage her to go out there and monetize it. Worst bunch of men on the internet aside from imageboard scrotes.
Also bet this guy doesn't even have a gf since his first response was to say he doesn't have a partner, he forgot the shit he just wrote.

No. 1623681

If the mtf threads are anything to go by, they try to force the wife/gf to stay with them (while they continue having casual sex with men) by concluding their desire for gay sex is because they're a woman, and leaving them would be a transphobia. Being on reddit also suggests this conclusion.

No. 1623683

Harry styles, the straightest man alive who decided to go all in on dressing in women's clothes and pretending to be gay as he rapidly approaches the wall

No. 1623684

Bi men are the worst, end of story. Never date them. They prey on insecure younger gay guys to get a free fuckbuddy while cheating on their wife with them of course, like the scrote in your screenshot most of them seem to be bi only due to their terminal pornsickness and sex addiction and thus just being able to settle with a hole in a mattress as their partner if nothing else was available. Not worth it.

No. 1623794

I think he interpreted partner in a gay way because he reassures the man that he wouldn't be in a relationship with a guy (that's gay) but he just loves sucking on dick. Hence "orally bisexual" as if he doesn't have a penis fixation.

No. 1623843

I think he's talking about "tenderness" because he knows that's the kind of kweerness that personally appeals to his fangirls. They want to talk about holding hands with women and kissing them chastely enough to post a pic of it on social media, they don't want to touch any icky same sex genitals.

No. 1624088

This seems to be very true from all I've seen of bi men. They want a female spouse for the social benefits of being straight married but they want young male fuck buddies on the side. And if they don't get what they want they troon out. It's literally a pattern at this point. Bi men want a woman to cook and clean and fuck on demand but their true allegiance lies with other men

No. 1624115

Facts, esp the gay leaning ones. They are somewhat attracted to women, but not much. But since they are selfish cunts they feel entitled to have a traditional family and have no moral qualms with just using some poor woman to achieve it. Like even if society is homophobic they can still just… Leave women alone and fuck men? But nooooooo they have to have it all and who cares about the poor woman they drag down with themselves.

Also 'heteroromantic' isn't a real fucking sexuality, you're just using gay men for sex and women for fake relationships.

No. 1624118

File: 1661330585131.jpg (288.98 KB, 719x929, Screenshot_2022-08-23-19-35-56…)

Welcome to hell earth.

No. 1624119

File: 1661330727387.jpg (481.95 KB, 718x1240, Screenshot_2022-08-23-18-37-30…)

Pray tell, why do you need to do pride shit when you are married with wife and kids? What the fuck do your kids gain from knowing you want to fuck men too lmao.

No. 1624124

Nonas please whatever you do. Do not date or marry a bisexual man. He will very conveniently realize hes bi just as you are married and he has locked you down. Then the cruising phase begins and he will literally fuck everything bepenised under the sun. Meanwhile youre at home grappling with heartbreak and betrayal as well as the threat of being called a bigoted karen bitch if you object to his new std collection habit

No. 1624146

We need to bring back bullying so bad. This is not something to be proud of.

No. 1624147

The behavior of these cows makes me totally humiliated to be bisexual. This is why I rarely tell people what my orientation is. The "bisexuals" who make a big fuss about it online tend to be suburban schlubs who want to adopt these labels in lieu of a personality. Reminds me a lot of grown adults who make liking Disney or Star Wars their whole personality.

It would be one thing if these were just women who identified as bisexual before getting married and who acknowledged that being "straight-passing" is a privilege (there do exist women like this, though rare). However you see a lot of online "bisexuals" doubling down and trying to make their heterosexual marriage ~kweer~.

No. 1624152

>threesome with my wife and another guy
No way. This better be fake. I refuse to believe this is real.

No. 1624153

I think if youre forcing your sexuality on your children to the point where you make them bake you a uwu pride cake in celebration of your desire to suck and fuck cocks, thats child abuse

No. 1624164

>love and support
>threesome with another man

Wow "support" certainly looks interesting in 2022

No. 1624168

If he says he is bi it is 100000% because he expects to be able to fuck other people openly. Perhaps better than cheating but still dishonest since he waited until she was tied down to him. No sane woman would commit to a guy like that and they know it so they deceitfully wait.

Like notice how they always come out to their wife. Not gf. Wife. Scumbags.

No. 1624172

tbf I wouldn't say no to a threesome with 2 hot guys

No. 1624181

Bold of you to assume a bi reddit male is hot

No. 1624204

all bi men are degenerates and should never be trusted

t. found my husband’s M4M posts, he “came out” as bi, I divorced him

No. 1624228

Homosexual men are even worse but at least they're not a problem for anyone but themselves. Aside from being a hotbed of disease that then gets to the rest of the population. Not sure why people gleefully support the worst of the worst moid degeneracy.

No. 1624235

Go cry elsewhere. It isn't a bisexual hate thread. No one care about your life.

No. 1624242

Woke "mixed sexuality" marriages do fall under alphabet entitlement because if you are monogamous theres no need to "live your honest truth" unless you want to fucking cheat or fuck other ppl under the guise of wokeness

No. 1624251

Yes maam. It's the audacity and how they also think they 'need' cock. And lmao when they post about grief of what they might have missed out on or lost or some shit.

In 2022 we don't only grieve loss of loved ones or meaningful relationships. We apparently also grieve genitals and degenerate sex.

No. 1624296

>stop noticing and speaking about bisexual degeneracy!
NTA but no. Women are right to warn others of what bisexual moids are like.

No. 1624334

>It isn't a bisexual hate thread.
Unfortunately, that's what it quickly devolved into. There are definitely poser-bisexual cows and I'm fine with seeing them in the thread, but I also want to see more polyamoryfags, theybies, and weirdos who think having kinks makes them ~kweer~. There are many flavors of spicy straight.

This is a reasonable concern, but the purpose of cow threads isn't to "warn people," it's to ridicule the cows. Framing what we do as being for the greater good is just denial and cope.

No. 1624362

I mean then post the cows you want to see

No. 1624565

Yea no. We won't stop talking about straight married porn addicts who wait until they legally locked their wife down in marriage to start serial cheating with their real preference (men). And then they hide behind lgbt pride shit to shame their wifes into silence and compliance because they don't want to be seen as homophobic or bigoted. Sorry if this hurts your feelings because your scrote is bi or whatever

No. 1624583

You have to be a fujo voyer/ cuck to be able to enjoy that shit

No. 1624678

File: 1661373830675.jpg (221.87 KB, 719x792, Screenshot_2022-08-23-18-23-16…)

How about you marry someone who has a fucking personality?

No. 1624709

Why has nobody commented on the username here lmao. He's definitely been some kind of "poly" for a while. Probably just changed the sex of whoever they're using as a third.

No. 1624727

This makes me stomach turn. As has already been pointed out they always wait to be married to a woman first before they come out to her with his plans to have sex with other people. They want the straight marriage for the social status but the ones they're attracted to are males

No. 1624747

Pretty sure I saw a moid strategy once which was basically
>get married
>slowly introduce your fetishes and interest in group sex after a couple years

Straight men have similar awful plans for us unfortunately, all about slowly boiling that frog

No. 1634343


No. 1634499

First of all it's a ren faire in Wisconsin so I doubt anyone there is under 200 lbs, second, how does she know any of these people are queer? Assuming based on retarded hair styles probably. And third, she married her middle school boyfriend. Strait woman.

No. 1634503

I wanna guess how she looks or is: does she have borderline horse girl hair she sometimes dyes with danger colors, wears dark lipstick when she's feeling edgy and quirky, lots of sassy graphic shirts, ugly glasses and jeggings. Slightly pudgy and you can tell she could be cute. The guy is just regular ugly

No. 1634504

Recently went to a Ren faire and I want to say a good 10% of the people there (maybe less, but it was a looot) had on pronoun/omg super kweer pins or something trying to tell me to call a very visible woman a they/them. It was so ugly and tacky and clashed with everything.

No. 1634511

NTA but I'd like to put some money down on this bet as well

No. 1634586

File: 1662231466623.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.82 MB, 640x640, im-dead-inside-creepy.gif)

>it's a ren faire in Wisconsin so I doubt anyone there is under 200 lbs

No. 1635969

You are the change I want to see in the world. Ily nona. Go to a coast, you'll like it there more, I promise.

No. 1636689

File: 1662362309337.jpeg (165.2 KB, 827x1117, AAF2D875-1A2A-4542-9778-D79663…)

I didn’t know which thread to post this in but the chick in the photo is a they/them kweer insta model. Who counts as disabled because she’s got albinism I guess??

Anyways the fucking ball gag is cracking me up.

No. 1636703

I know albinos have shitty eyes but I didn't know that counted as a disability when I've seen a lot of them (not in real life) just wear glasses. The more you know

Also that style is so confusing kek. Why is she going for a blood queen look neck-up and neck down is weird ddlg energy?

No. 1636704

I mean people with albinism are often legally blind or very visually impaired so she probably is classed as disabled

No. 1636710

Just had to look her up
>“Zebedee (talent agency) puts my pronouns on call sheets and they stick up for me if styling makes me feel dysphoric, or I can be sensitive to light because of my albinism,” adds non-binary model Nan Mthembu. “The representation on Zebedee’s books reassures me that bookers aren’t choosing me as a token, because there are so many models with similar disabilities."

Literally "I CAN be sensitive to light" + kweer gender dysphoria is what she counts as being disabled. Also sorry girl, but you are 100% being cast as a token because of your albinism.

No. 1636737

pink ball gag = can safely assume she's a giant autist

No. 1636751

>ball gag
I hate it that literal sex toys count as normal accessories that people wear in their public photos now.

No. 1637868

>styling makes me feel dysphoric
the fuck, this is literally the job
I don’t know the business, but I guess models can turn gigs down, but because of mah disforiah - hmm?

No. 1638124

>I can be sensitive to light because of my albinism
kek meanwhile this bitch is regularly hanging out at techno goth club nights, how's that strobe light treating ya?

t. inhabit the same cringe scene

No. 1639710

>Both people and relationships are becoming increasingly queer, making rote statements about what’s perceived to be “cis-het” sound more and more like identity policing. “Some ‘straight’ relationships – even ones where both partners are cis and heterosexual – can be pretty queer,” Asa says in an email. “At the same time, I don't agree that just being a queer person automatically makes all your relationships queer.” For Asa, and for many who claim the label, “queerness is not an essential identity, it is a kind of attachment, practice, and orientation to the world.”
>A queer person in a “straight” relationship is often actively changing the dynamic of that relationship, helping their partners engage with queerness themselves as better allies or even participants. This isn’t to say that non-queer people are unable to sympathise with the LGBT+ community otherwise, or that they cannot come to these conclusions on their own, but that these reassessments do often occur as a result of the “queering” of a straight relationship.

Amazing how they make being kweer about literally anything EXCEPT attraction to the same sex, either because they're really straight or they're afraid of being labelled dirty terfs for liking the same sex or both. It's almost impressive at this point.

No. 1640643

kekkkkkkk mthembu

No. 1640820

Kek agreed, PLEASE drop what she looks like anon, for science

No. 1646668

> Elliot Sumner (Sting’s daughter)
> Mara Wilson- reportedly toured a gay bar and acted like the gay men were like exotic creatures at the zoo

No. 1647246

File: 1663101750762.jpg (1.47 MB, 3464x3464, urfavqueercouple.jpg)

let's stop with the biphobia sperging and laugh at spicy straights nonas, this came up on my timeline and i was stunned by the bravery of these queen people just daring to get married like that!
>my spouse and i had such gender euphoria!
literally just
>man in suit
>woman in dress (albeit large)

No. 1647265

but nonny, moid have long hair and woman have short hair! That makes them totes kweer!

No. 1647269

Does gender euphoria simply mean happiness in genderspecial speak? Like you are happy on your wedding day, like most people in unarranged marriages are, so it must be because ~gender~ because everything needs to revolve around gender…even when you present as your birth gender.
How exhausting kek

No. 1647277

Yes, and he has influenced a lot of other straights to become spicy as well.

No. 1647291

>Does gender euphoria simply mean happiness in genderspecial speak?
this is from a nonbinary fb group lol and believe me, eeeeeeverything is either euphoria or dysphoria with these people it's ridiculous
married my spouse!!!
taking a selfie with face app gender filter
found a shirt that fit me well!
kid asked me if I'm a boy or a girl!

nonbinary AMAB on HRT that is sprouting moobs
shaved my head and now i look even more female because of my womanly round face
literally just straight up bdd

all actual examples btw kek

No. 1647412

These two are probably insufferable to be around. I guess vaguely goth is nonbinary now?

No. 1647421

i like how this shows just how meaningless terms like gender/gender euphoria even are. so it's all about fashion?

No. 1647428

When male toons talk about gender euphoria they mean erections. They get hardons when they put on womens clothes and sometimes when they do 'female' things so they came up with the term 'gender euphoria' to pretend its not a fetish.

It has since spread out to the wider gender special community and they mean, "im deep into my delusion that i'm not a man/woman."

No. 1647467

True. Usually it's;
For men: euphoria = boner
For women: euphoria = aesthetic

No. 1647572

It is obviously just so they can be included and not get insulted on the basis of them being straight and white like you did in this post. It arises from a subculture's obsession with hierarchy and being the right kind of person.

No. 1647578

My coworker who’s become progressively more spicy straight within the past year (cut her hair short, puts she/they in her email signature) described her new bathing suit as giving “gender euphoria” when I think she just meant it was flattering on her body (and less sexualized than a bikini).

No. 1647700

This makes me so curious what did their wedding officiant call them? You may now kiss the Them?

No. 1647716

oh totally, you know when you get a new haircut or wear a new piece of clothing that you really like how you look in? you're 'feeling yourself'? that's all, that's it for all the genderspecial women in these groups. like, Ashleigh, it's not euphoria to be liking how you look because you changed a thing about your style. that's a normal every day experience. how watered down do your emotions have to be to describing something so normal and human as euphoric lmao

you may now kiss your spouse ig. he probably did a lil wet squirt in his male cut suit trousers when he heard it.

No. 1647724

I am so tired of “ace” people because 99% of them are exactly like this.
>identifies as grey ace pan
>”asexuality means not having sexual attraction strongly or frequently enough to feel comfortable identifying as anything else”
>has a boyfriend who she is so sexually attracted to that she describes it as giving her a “one-tack mind”
>not having a crush as a kid/not being boy crazy like your friends is a sign you are asexual
>not being attracted to strangers and needing to get to know a person first is a sign you’re asexual
>only being attracted to a handful of people throughout your life is a sign you are asexual
This is just a form of normal female sexuality. You are just a normal straight woman. I do feel for her because in another video on the topic, she goes into how she and many other ace people were disturbed and traumatized growing up by the prevalence of sex everywhere, so it seems like young girls are being driven to think they must be asexual if they are off-put by the over-sexualized aspects of society.

No. 1647748

>young girls are being driven to think they must be asexual if they are off-put by the over-sexualized aspects of society

At the core it's just misogyny (as per usual). It's the same thing that makes so many girls identify as non-binary or trans, they think all other girls and women are hyper-sexual and love being seen as sexual objects by men, so they have to be different from the other females somehow. Very few people really are ace (but ironically the non binary and trans kids stunted by hormones will be since they were castrated before they finished growing)

No. 1647765


This reminds me of people posting on the detrans reddit that they realized they weren't actually gay or trans, but were scared to tell their friends because they knew their opinions would immediately be dismissed going forward.

No. 1647792

File: 1663157843245.jpg (35.51 KB, 372x422, disgusting.jpg)

I've noticed asexuality is often used as an excuse to be blatantly lesbophobic or homophobic, while trying to pretend it's woke. Like they'll call themselves an "asexual lesbian", then go into lesbian spaces to complain about any mention of intimacy that goes beyond handholding. Like they'll act like a toddler just finding out about kissing, when they're supposedly adults. At some point you've got to ask yourself, are you really a lesbian or do you just want female friends? How come everything beyond what is normal in a friendship is disgusting? ~Sapphic~ shit is already desexualized af.

No. 1647839

>they think all other girls and women are hyper-sexual and love being seen as sexual objects by men
This, they talk about non-ace women like they go around desiring sex with every random guy they pass by on the street. In another video, I think she does admit that a perk of identifying as ace is it reduced the number of guys who would pester her, and it gave her an easy out when rejecting them.

No. 1647849

I don't follow this thread but wanted to pop but to say
As an asexual from a traumatic sexual experience, most ace people I've talked to don't want to see anyone make out regardless of gender or sexuality. If she's lesbian romantic then she doesn't want see girls make out she just wants whatever makes her comfy. It's not phobic in my experience in the community. Swapping spit is kinda gross on paper anyways regardless of who is participating

No. 1647868

>As an asexual
go back to twitter.

No. 1647869

>As an asexual
>from a traumatic sexual experience
Asexuality isn't learned if it's real.

No. 1647872

99% of "sapphic" or "wlw" spaces are already devoid of sex and full of pictures of cottagecore picnics and wholesome handholding only. So it's kinda weird to complain about the 1% which isn't like that.

No. 1647887

I hadn't read the previous post and thought you were talking about the TV show because it works the same way kek

No. 1647991

File: 1663175536757.jpg (59.44 KB, 400x480, tumblr_891d4b6262e343bfcd30ce5…)

Swapping spit is hot.

No. 1648017

how retarded do you have to be to get memed into thinking ace is a real thing and these people aren't just homophobic kek

No. 1648036

ok and if you dont want to see it simply close the tab or your eyes and dont go into homoSEXUAL spaces. ever think about that ? no because you only think about yourself. yes lesbian means same sex attraction which implies OMG SEX
also no one gives a shit about your blog retard neither does anyone care about your unasked for opinions.
>swapping spit is kinda gross
to YOU. dont do it if you dont like it. simple as.

No. 1648066


i feel like there has to be a distinction made. asexuality used to refer to people who just didn't have libidinal urges at all at any stage of life.

it wasn't a term for straight or gay people with trauma or people with certain preferences about sex or people who don't have much interest in sex. the umbrella term for most of that was celibate.

No. 1648088


You don't become asexual thru trauma. That's like saying you became gay because trauma. Tired of you special snowflake types bastardizing terminology for whatever reason. Back when things made at least some sense, people like you would be called celibate and asexuals would be referred too as asexuals because they NEVER had any sexual interest in someone

No. 1648138

Asexuality isn't real and every female is traumatized from birth just for existing.

No. 1648253

I would be fine if asexuality meant zero sexual attraction, but it's just meaningless when it's defined as not "enough" sexual attraction. Like what does that even mean? Who decides that?

No. 1648481

File: 1663211774501.jpeg (119.69 KB, 716x914, 272FE96D-8252-4CF5-8B87-D1A36A…)

No. 1648539

Lmao that's what asexual means ime literally never experienced no sexual attraction but go off

No. 1648585

if what you want is essentially a roommate you can just get one. Plenty of women who don't want to have sex with, touch or cuddle anyone. I live in a rural catholic area and there's always been older ladies who did not marry or have kids who live together with other unmarried women or their mum.

No. 1648608

File: 1663234654544.jpg (1.52 MB, 3464x3464, blissatthebell.jpg)

agree, the concept of girls and women not feeling 'enough sexual attraction' is inherently misogynistic from the start. being 'ace', 'demi', 'greysexual' and all is just another way for girls and women to put themselves on a pedestal because they are not like those disgusting slots craving dick every second of their life. typical internalised misogyny NLOGisms.

anyway nonas, I present you another image of queer married bliss! enjoy (just like the beautiful married themble enjoyed feeding each other that taco bell)

No. 1648612

a lot of the time it seems like none of them know what a female sex drive can look like, maybe because they're shut-ins or autists. they assume everyone is horny all the time and has sex on the first date so they think they're abnormal for wanting emotional closeness before fucking, or having a lower libido.
then with the asexual shit, people who truly have no sex drive are a tiny minority even amongst those who identify with the term. the rest are told they're sooper valid and special for being sex-repulsed because of trauma, or having no libido because of medication. no one thinks critically and we end up with idiots who don't see that it's alarming to be sex-obsessed and sex-repulsed at the same time.

asexual sperg outside, KEK. "enby" fat woman in a dress and "enby" fat man in a suit (with a skirt! oooo) get married in a fast food chain. much breaking of the stereotypes, such original.

No. 1648617

While asexuality is made up, it doesn't mean you don't have a sex drive anyway, hence the tumblr posts about "asexies can masturbate and fuck all the time but they aren't attracted to anybody unlike those shallow sluts" IMO most aces and other made up labels under that umbrella are pornsick or autistic women who are ashamed of their sexual deviancies. Kinda like how misogynistic men with rape fantasies wear flower crowns and become he/theys to subvert from their deviancy.
This is of course ignoring the very few legitimate asexuals who are generally victims of sexual trauma or religious conditioning.

No. 1648618

I know if I were a kid on the internet today, I would absolutely fall for the ace stuff and identify as demi. I’m glad none of that was around when I was growing up, saved me a lot of embarrassment. I instead grew up understanding that female sexuality is varied and the way I experience it is not some abnormality compared to my more boy-crazy friends.

No. 1648619

This is only true because most straight males who identify as trans lesbians don't even transition, apart from putting on a skirt and growing their hair out. Hormones and srs would both make them permanently infertile and unable to reproduce. The woman might be pan (special snowflake name for bisexual) like she claims, but her attraction to a dick is always on the straight side.

No. 1648621

sexuality is biosocial so its partially learned yea lol. how r ppl still so retarded to not understand how everything is both biological and environmental

No. 1648623

>asexies can masturbate and fuck all the time but they aren't attracted to anybody
This confused me so much. At first I thought the ace-spectrum was about low sex drive people, but they make a distinction between sex drive and attraction. So an asexual person can essentially have a high sex drive and be in a relationship where they desire and have sex frequently, but what makes them asexual is they aren’t attracted to their partner? Just sort of using them to get off?

No. 1648624

>it seems like none of them know what a female sex drive can look like, maybe because they're shut-ins or autists.
As embarrassing as it is to claim to be asexual online, it's not really the girls fault. Men and boys are shoving their sexualities and their image of women as sluts and sex objects down everyone's throats all the time everywhere. And pretty much every teen drama and popular song is about sex. No one is telling these girls what is actually normal. There are countless of women now asking if it's even ok for them to not like being choked by their boyfriends during sex, as if that's a normal thing to do.

Non-binary is when checks notes a woman is dressing in traditional female clothes (just make sure they're pants!) and a man is dressing in traditional male clothes, but with 1 single addition of something more feminine. If you wanna go Big Kweer as a male you could also paint your nails (preferably black so people know that you aren't gay) but this specimen opted not to.

No. 1648625

>I instead grew up understanding that female sexuality is varied and the way I experience it is not some abnormality compared to my more boy-crazy friends.
NTA, but I didn't grow up with any examples of samesex attraction between women. Add religious shit to that. Then also how there's been several movements which have largely succeeded in desexualizing lesbianism, besides of course when it's for the male gaze. So even in the community I feel like a sex obsessed freak (even though I've never liked porn).
In a sense I get it, it's a lot nicer to say asexual instead of "sex repulsed due to trauma" or whatever, which is maybe something they don't want to advertise to the world. Aromantic romance favorable sounds a lot nicer than dismissive attachment due to trauma. Still wouldn't put it in a bio or say every place should cater to me, but to a degree I get it.

No. 1648627

You're not wrong, sexual fetishes are learned and not innate for example. But a guy into feet isn't footsexual, he's still straight, bi or gay. And if you're traumatized to not like sex you're not asexual, you're just traumatized.

No. 1648651

>a man is dressing in traditional male clothes, but with 1 single addition of something more feminine

it's not even feminine, it's very much a kilt style. like a man's skirt. but lady wear pants and short hair tho!!! the gender euphoria must have been overwhelming, bet grandma was proud to be able to witness this at taco bell.
so happy they got to share those hard-shells in front of the Bell TM logo, Mr Monopoly will be looking down approvingly from the clouds.

No. 1648659

Cross-gender clothes is such a double-edged sword for enbies kek they want to be able to feel special for being a male wearing a skirt, or female wearing pants. But when they do that they normalize it, so that skirts are no longer just female clothes (already happened to female pants long ago). So then they can't wear it to look all crossgender enby uwu anymore, becuase they're now just wearing male skirts. It's never been about "being yourself", it's just people wanting attention for the sake of attention. People who actually give a fuck are against sexist gender roles, while trans ideology is built around sexism being alive and strong.

No. 1648677

The fat jokes write themselves.

No. 1648823

>So an asexual person can essentially have a high sex drive and be in a relationship where they desire and have sex frequently, but what makes them asexual is they aren’t attracted to their partner?
Yes, this what they claim, but, no, because it's a lie. People are lying when they say they aren't attracted to people even though they love to fuck.

>Just sort of using them to get off?

If it were true, then yes, they would be just using the person to get off. It's hilarious when you point out the end logic of their 'beliefs' and then they try to come up with tons of rationalizations about 1) no, it's totally not using people and/or 2) why the person shouldn't mind be used because they got off too.

If you want to troll some asexuals, next time one of them spouts off about liking sex but not being attracted to people say "I would feel used/upset/horrible if the person I was having sex with was not attracted to me." and watch them fall all over themselves trying to explain why you are wrong to feel that way. You can keep them going for a long time by just insisting "No, I would feel bad."

No. 1648910

Kek I remember being like 11 and my sister told me I might be demi because I didn't have crushes and she explained what demi was and I just thought, 'that doesn't make any sense' then again I had an aversion to labels because it confused me and I rather just not be confused or give a shit about anything, for better or for worse. She also thought I was genderfluid. My friends also thought I was asexual but I was 13 and hadn't quite developed sexual attraction yet. I feel like girls start identifying with these labels when they are too young to even feel anything strongly sexual and then they become too embarrassed to ditch those labels as they get older, hence the cope

No. 1649169


this is why asexual being a term for people who truly have no sex drive is the only thing that makes sense. like just flat out if someone masturbates out of anything more than curiosity they aren't asexual.

everything else just has too much overlap with behaviors from straight and gay people. The whole "I'm not attracted to anyone, but I really like using them for sex" thing is also how a lot of narcissist view sex for example.

of course nobody can pop into someone's head and actually verify there is a different mental process going on and not just people relabeling common experiences because nobody likes being basic. but at least as an outside observer people without a sex drive exhibit truly unique behavior that is worth a descriptor. while with "aces" it just feels like someone going in loops trying to describe their personality.

No. 1649404

>next time one of them spouts off about liking sex but not being attracted to people say "I would feel used/upset/horrible if the person I was having sex with was not attracted to me."

I had the misfortune of dating a "sex neutral" asexual man for a year and the dead eyes whenever we fucked are burned into my brain and haunt me to this day. He also claimed he was a trans woman but still just looked like a deranged moid and couldn't be bothered going on hormones. He said sex was something he could "take or leave" and that he was just willing to do it for my pleasure. But the emptiness when we were intimate actually terrified me. He wasn't passionate or loving, he also always wanted to fuck with clothes on and had a kink for me in stockings.

And yes, he was a diagnosed autist.

No. 1649478

File: 1663303054206.png (538.97 KB, 923x733, chrome_aYLFXs7bgZ.png)

reminds me of when i left a comment on reddit thread about asexuality saying i wouldn't want to be in an unsatisfying sexual (or sexless) relationship and weirdos replied to me either saying 'old people don't have sex, should they break up?' or some girl explaining to me that her boyfriend doesn't mind that shes asexual yet my comment made her feel guilty about not having sex with him kek. also while on the topic of asexuality, have you guys ever played a game called outer worlds? there's a kweer character who is an 'asexual lesbian' and you get to advise her on what she should do because she met a lesbian she liked, so i told her to leave the lesbian alone and stop bothering her. honestly surprised they let you have a negative opinion about it at all

No. 1649495


No. 1649588

>this is why asexual being a term for people who truly have no sex drive is the only thing that makes sense.
This. The way I see it is that it's not a sexuality like these people try to make it out to be, it's simply a "medical descriptor". I've seen a lot of aces say that they are sex-repulsed and that makes them asexual. Girl me too, I don't wanna see other people doing it either and that's fucking normal. I'm 110% FOR kink-shaming people, get your gross shit out of my face lol

No. 1650606

It’s the fetish flag.

No. 1653680

File: 1663800085566.jpeg (290.97 KB, 1170x896, B0927993-CA15-4580-8F0A-EDF0EA…)

aiden’s scared of yaoi

No. 1653696


I definitely see it leaning towards a medical issue though a mostly harmless one that snowflakes and sjws shouldn’t be jumping on trying to “treat” or “heal” unless the individual seeks it.
I find that many self-identified asexuals (online at least) have experienced some kind of trauma and assault which made them psychologically averse or indifferent to it. In that case id leave it be and just hope the girls are okay esp since most people and the community usually leaves them alone anyway though some can be antagonistic to it. It’s unfortunate if trauma is the case and not genetics but on the upside, it leaves them room for more fulfilling things than rubbing their sweaty bodies against someone else’s, often leaving a poor girl in a hetero relationship low key traumatised or feeling like they’ve wasted their time at best. Praying for the girls

No. 1653788

>there's always been older ladies who did not marry or have kids who live together with other unmarried women
>Implying there would be no sex, cuddling or touching
>Implying those arent the lesbians
Oh nonnie you fool

No. 1653805

Old people do have sex kek

No. 1653809

>ur only supportive of bi people when they're with the same gender

This works both ways actually and people are a lot less supportive if it's someone of the same sex. If she tried it she'd soon see

No. 1653988

Has anyone else seen the supposedly lesbian couple (Julie and Camila) constantly sperging about babies on YT shorts? They unironically said that they couldn't find a guy who wanted to have kids with them in time, so they decided to do it together. No other explanation why they got together, they just wanted kids. Videos of the wedding? All about the future kids. And every time the same story about how they wanted prince charming to knock them up, but couldn't find a prince charming who wanted that. So since both best friends both wanted kids and couldn't find a guy for it, they decided to do it together, which is fair. Maybe they really are SSA, maybe there's more they like about each other than that they both want kids, but just don't really include it in the videos. It still feels really weird for a couple to basically say "the straights were right, SSA women only exist because they couldn't find a man". I don't think it's a bad idea either way for straight women to decide to raise kids with their best friends, because yeah scrotes aren't reliable. This couple is giving mixed messages though.

No. 1654137

yes! I got recommended one of their stupid videos about why they got married. I'm over all these polilez straightbians pretending to be lesbians online. Same with all those hetero beautiful women that just divorced their husband and left their religious cult 2 days ago and now talking about everything lesbian on tiktok.

No. 1654238

File: 1663854308158.jpg (636.06 KB, 2852x3093, spoose.jpg)

tag yourself nonnies, i'm queer platonic

i mean yes, of course. gay people have to deal with a lot more shit in society, bi people who go on and on about being bi while in a traditionally more 'safe' relationship are just attention seeking for oppression points cos they want to be speshul.

No. 1654291

And half the time the women who are suddenly lesbians and divorce their husbands were groomed by other lesbians, political or not.

No. 1654324

>lesbians are grooming straight women
oh no.

No. 1654326

>ur only supportive of bi people when they’re with the same gender.

No. 1654361

They both only dated men beforehand, I doubt they were "groomed by lesbians" kek. One of them literally explained that the doctors said that she doesn't have much time left to have kids. Neither could find a scrote who wanted to commit and have kids with them, so they decided to do it together instead. Since the prince Charming they were promised, doesn't exist. It's almost a stereotype that a straight woman will unprompted tell lesbians that she wishes she was one too, which usually stems from just having to deal with annoying ass scrotes who don't put in any effort. Maybe you'd have a point if we were in the 70's and polilez had any actual cultural significance, but even polilez aren't actually lesbians generally, just straight or bi women 99% of the time.

No. 1654548

kek Betty Henrie referring to her husband by his name is the queerest thing I've ever heard

No. 1654613

File: 1663875737275.jpg (76.26 KB, 640x661, 1657924848095.jpg)

2 months late but here you go kek


I am about to blog post, but to be completely honest, when I was around 15 i was close to identifying as ace and this was prior to asexuality being co-opted by gender specials and spicy straights. I remember finding a forum where it was predominantly filled with middle aged people lamenting on not ever feeling attraction or desiring sex. They also suggested that you can't really know you are truly ace for sure unless you make it to your 30s without ever feeling any kind of attraction. Fast forward to now, my mind shifted on the ace stuff. I have come to realisation that a lot of the time it's mostly influenced by anxiety towards relationships, attention whoring, puberty and medications. Even with the boomers, a lot of them were married and just decided to never have sex again, i question if their feelings were brought about for the fact that they settled for someone they were not attracted to or just have a very low sex drive that can typically be dealt with by masturbation. It just can't be a valid sexuality imo because too many extraneous factors can influence such a desire. I don't think the lgbt are the best umbrella for these people because much of the pressures to need to hetrosexual relationship isn't 100% stemmed in homophobia all the time. I still don't want to be in a romantic relationship or have sex, but I just don't agree with the notion that everybody has to "explore" their sexuality, for a lot people just masturbating once a week for 10 minutes negates needing an actual sexual relationship. I wouldn't really call it being asexual either.


No. 1654863

Just saw this and thought of this thread. Why can't people be like this? Just be GNC and straight.

No. 1654913

honestly i’m confused, is this real? i’ve seen them before and thought they were just friends joking around like other girls and their gay friends have done before. are they super committed to the bit or actually dating? im going back and forth

No. 1654916

Awe they are so cute. There should just be men and women. And they should be able to identify is masculine or feminine. What we're doing now is just fucking everybody up.

No. 1654918

Watch the video. They address those comments of "theyre joking" and "theyre doing it for the fame." They seem legit to me. I dont have tiktok though so this is my first exposure to them.

No. 1654924

Makes more sense to me than a gay man being friends with a lesbian lol

No. 1654926

I hate to sound like the wokes who obsess over representation but goddamn as a woman who gets mistaken for a man in a relationship with a man who gets mistaken for a woman, this is refreshing as fuck to see honestly.

No. 1655029

Did you watch the video? The dude would tell people he was gay because it was less complicated then telling people he was bi. And she only dated women in the past but was all over lesbiantok? They're both probably bisexual but calling themselves homosexuals until they met each other. Two bi people using ssa as a gimmick to get popular online.

No. 1655053

I did watch the video and I’m still not sure I believe them. They wouldn’t be the first people to lie for attention..but if they’re really together than good for them

No. 1655055

By "people" I'm referring to the spicy straights in this thread. They can just be GNC straight people, no need for weird gendee stuff or trying to fit into being "queer".

No. 1655168

File: 1663914849400.webm (1.58 MB, 540x960, download (10).webm)

She's made other videos about sleeping with men and how she had a boyfriend and would makeout with her best friend and one lesbian in town all the bi chicks would go to to experiment. Just own being bi, it's not that hard. And why do all these pornstarish hyper femme "lesbian" tiktokers always have to be so male gazey. Same with the ones with long ass nails.

No. 1655231

are you asian by any chance ?

No. 1655273

The "masculine presenting" woman just looks like a normal woman IMO, just casual in her femininity. I agree with the concept though

No. 1655276

What's so suspicious about two gender non-conforming people in a straight relationship? I don't even see why it'd grab a lot of attention

No. 1655318

This, she has sort of strong facial features but she is recognizably feminine. So many people desperate to be special.

No. 1655369

I don't think it's even necessarily about her wanting to be special, but that the standard for women nowadays is such levels of hyperfemininity, that by gen z standards she is unironically considered "masc".

No. 1655372

i agree with this, it's not as much an issue with this woman, or this couple, but with society. society sees any woman who doesn't play into stereotypes or dress hyperfeminine as "masc". but the same people would unironically find a bearded male in a skirt as "femme". it's literally 1950s stereotypes of "gender". i can't believe we've let troon shit push us back so far.

No. 1655378

Her mannerisms and the way she carries herself come off as masc especially in the tiktok sphere, which for straight women isn't what you'd expect. To me the way she's dressed it mostly just neutral. But I can see why she's calling herself masc the way she's dressed is considered basic masc/butch but if she's not a lesbian she won't call herself that.

No. 1655399

I agree with you, her style is pretty neutral but the way she carries herself is masc. I'm a lesbian and have no issue with her calling herself masc, though she definitely should just stick to that and not use butch. The latter is not for bisexuals/hets to use.

No. 1655465

I haven't watched the vid but from the screenshot she doesn't even seem to be dressed masculine at all? She looks feminine but casual. Is this really the state of society in 2022 kek

No. 1655496

File: 1663947443911.jpeg (766.04 KB, 2333x1360, 4C518166-0F14-4668-BB65-F30E76…)

literally. would people think that how girls dressed in the 90s was "masc", picrel is from an old delias catalog. the issue is with zoomers and troon culture thinking that all women have to wear tight clothing, makeup, and hypersexualize themselves to be "feminine". looks like these are perfectly "femme", the only requirement to being feminine is literally to be a female.

No. 1655670

File: 1663962473058.webm (11.68 MB, 960x720, KenzAbelizados.webm)

From the FTM thread, I think I discovered the the first recorded case of a fujo who trooned out, so they can live their fantasy of being a yaoi boy,

>KenzAbelizados is a channel of two boys originally from Spain.

>The content of this one is just showing some blogs of them doing something that people like to call "Cute".
>Even so, they also show the odd life lesson among other things.
>The name of the channel as such is composed of both names of the creators, Which are: Kenzo Lloret and Abel Soriano Belmonte.


>Kenzo is a very energetic and tender boy.
>He is usually somewhat temperamental, but is in love with Abel.
>In addition, Kenzo is nothing more and nothing less than a transsexual boy. Knowing all the implications Regardless of it, Abel loves him very much.
>Kenzo has already explained the situation he has with his sex change process with a video inside the channel, after photos of him when he dressed as a woman came to light, as mentioned above.
>Still, he keeps going with the support of his family and friends, no matter what.
>Because Kenzo is like that, brave!!
>‡ Curious fact ‡ Kenzo loves yaoi and extracurricular activities, as well as cosplaying.
>Abel is a gay boy (as far as is known) who met Kenzo through the social media site Instagram, Through that they began to relate and get to know each other better. And so over time they fell in love. Cave clarify that Abel knows about Kenzo's transition and supports him with his whole heart. Abel is an expert in the maintenance of electronic devices and is very fond of technology. In addition, Abel is studying a Nutritionist degree at the university.

>Without a doubt, they are one more proof that gender and sexual orientation are

No. 1655671

File: 1663962531610.png (293.19 KB, 736x643, CAPTURE.png)

this was also them btw

No. 1655682

>The dude would tell people he was gay because it was less complicated then telling people he was bi.
Small correction. He said he told people he was gay because it was easier than telling people he was an effeminate af straight guy and that he really had zero interest having sex with men.

Both of them are like 21 so I don't think they know what they are.

No. 1655723

Nah we're both white. I just never wear makeup and have a massive jaw/chin while my bf is a long-haired twink with gentle facial features.

No. 1655725

sage this. no one cared about it on the troon thread, no one cares about it here.

No. 1655728

I wish people would go to the country, like real farm country not middle of nowhere suburbia, and see what women look like and behave there. We're gruff, dirty, big, muscular, and smell like shit. We tend to emasculate even the most "manly" city-dwellers. It ain't no cottagecore lmao

No. 1655765

lmao there's an artist whose stuff i really like but she identifies as an aromantic asexual lesbian. bitch that's called having friends???

No. 1656265

Kek who? I know a similar artist (she's pretty well known I think) and I'm wondering if it's the same person.

No. 1656267

Also samefagging but what does it even mean to be an 'aromantic asexual lesbian'? Don't all those words directly contradict eachother?

No. 1656356

I know a woman is 28 and recently due to the decrease of libido she suddenly decided that she is asexual which is stupid since she has been fucking men her entire life. But…she is almost 30. Isn't it a bit too late for trendy shit? She posts fag flags everywhere now to show off how special she is now.
I'm asexual due to mental illness and have never dated anyone and for some reason we are equally ace in the world view of the alphabet soup brainrots. Sorry if blogpost I dont know if i should post her, what if she finds out and gets me cancelled for wrongthinking

No. 1656427

In rural America, men and women tend to be incredibly obese lmao

No. 1656428

The yaoi boi looks a bit like spicy straight cosplayer JoeyBlondeWolf

No. 1656568

god, a couple i know who had a threesome recently looks EXACTLY like this. They contracted herpes from the 3rd and gave it to their 1 and half year old baby…

No. 1656740

what i don't understand about fakebians/polilezes is why do they keep talking about the men in their lives online if they want to larp as lez so bad?? it baffles me so much if i wanted to fake something like that i would just lie lmao it does not seem hard to not be a retard about it

No. 1656795

Not the ones who do actual physical labor.

No. 1656799


sourbeefio though i've seen plenty others use that label

i know right? if you don't want to romance women and you don't want to fuck women, then how are you lez? though i think some of the autismos on twitter define romance as like…expensive weddings and 90's romcoms, instead of y'know…love

No. 1657082

So they just want female friends, then?

No. 1657216

ruined a friend dinner party tonight because I kept misgendering someones non-binary ex who is clearly not a woman because she has a quirky haircut and plays ukelele. I’m so tired of having to tip toe around mens feelings.

No. 1657248


Based nonnie

No. 1657328

Yeah that's her, I like her stuff but just can't get past the label. Very OT but checked her twitter to see she got into discourse because she drew something ~problematic~, what is it with spicy straights and getting into pro/anti ship discourse like their lives depend on it?
I've recently seen a lot about 'aesthetic' attraction, so maybe they just like looking at women kek? Either way it pisses me off. Why call yourself a lesbian when both labels literally mean no attraction?
Based, I love you. How did your friends react?

No. 1657485

you're fighting the good fight.

No. 1657699

File: 1664135571008.jpg (751.74 KB, 1714x2349, 002.jpg)

This woman literally had news stories about her and positioned herself as an authority on lesbian identity and comphet for a year and then was like jk I’m bi

No. 1657705

Ffs not again. Aesthetic attraction was almost a thing during the heydays of MOGAI on tumblr circa 2015. Congrats Spicy Straight(tm), you (not you nona, general you) recognize when people people are good looking and fit into beauty standards.

No. 1657737

Tiktok people have the most malleable core personalities I've ever seen, this is what happens when you tie your identity solely to hashtags and popularity

No. 1658195

idiots like this are partly responsible for spewing all that shit about "lesbians like me like dick too so all lesbians must fuck troon girldick or you're a bigot"

No. 1658837

File: 1664227941452.jpeg (158.24 KB, 750x1082, 10CC64A8-B77C-4E32-90E6-AB7168…)

No. 1658845

How is it being spicy straight if she had sex with women?

No. 1658858

Lady Gaga ended up walking back the bisexual thing and now calls herself an “ally”.

No. 1658870

kek really? what a clownshow

No. 1658872


It's probably true because she was paid to do it. She was in that stripper life.

No. 1658877

if true it's the right thing to do. Spicy straights started lying about being bi when they were young and feel like they have to keep up the LARP instead of just admitting they're "allies".

No. 1658879


Agreed. I'd rather have her admit it was a phase than continue the larp.

No. 1659071

harry styles is easily the most annoying of these four imo. i don't think cardi is really so bad compared to tryhard libfem types like phoebe bridgers

No. 1659252

Gay men recently turned on harry for doing a "sensual gay" movie. he said something like gay movies are usually too rough and he wanted to show that gay men are also sensual and sweet, for a few days my whole twitter was nothing but angry gay men complaining about him being homophobic for implying gay men aren't just horny af and railing each other all the time
i think i'm the spicy straight in this scenario, i don't really get why they were mad

No. 1659500

the wording harry used was that his film would have a “tender” sex scene as opposed to apparently all the gay films with sex scenes of “two guys going at it”. i guess people were mad because firstly being tender and also “going at it” aren’t mutually exclusive and also why is it a problem if the sex scene isn’t “tender” secondly people were wondering where all these rough gay sex scenes actually are (at least in my experience the movies i’ve seen that do include two men having sex are usually pretty meaningful or ~tender~ or whatever) and thirdly people are annoyed that harry styles is acting like he’s god’s gift to cinema when recent clips of his acting in don’t worry darling and my policeman indicate otherwise. i think if someone isn’t openly a gay or bisexual man, making comments on the politics of gay sex scenes in cinema is always going to piss people off

No. 1659504

reminds me of a recent clip of megan thee stallion “flirting” with a woman. absolutely cringe inducing

No. 1659588

Who are you talking about here? Also it's practically impossible for a community to have "no culture".

No. 1659597

integrate twitterfag
nta shes prob talking about white people.

No. 1659765

the least you two could do is sage

No. 1659978

File: 1664315249416.jpeg (143.16 KB, 945x881, 1640936975802.jpeg)


probs the tranny sperg from the mtf thread

No. 1660034

Love it when gender specials find this site and start commenting! They really think theyre telling people off, reaching an audience or making a point. All just to give a good kek to some farmers. Its honestly glorious.

No. 1664416

File: 1664680733732.png (660.02 KB, 581x775, 0.png)

Saying you like pussy: how dare you terf
Whatever picrel is: yassss queen

No. 1664530

I remember when those posts were blowing up all over instagram and twitter and billie eyelash was liking them and all her spicy straight fans were pretending to be "sapphic." Did that covid-comphet-manual-actually-lesbian-hysteria die down or am I just used to it now?

No. 1664591

My nightmare: having my makeup done by a chick who looks like she faceplanted in talcum powder and feeling too polite/awkward to decline.

No. 1665138

File: 1664752029371.jpg (73.49 KB, 894x960, FB_IMG_1664751910869.jpg)

Saw this and thought it was fitting for this thread kek

No. 1665890

So when do you see this fad dying? Do you think the queering of everything will go away or ramp up? I think we peaked 2020-21 and it’s all downhill from here

No. 1667106

ot but isn't one or both of these girls a cow from spam ig or whatever the fuck lol. I don't know the specifics but I know this pic has been posted on /snow/ before clowning the performative lesbianism

No. 1668197

File: 1665014644124.jpeg (346.45 KB, 1170x1646, 725F0414-972A-4A37-8953-1C86E5…)

Not going to post all if it but i love how at the start the post just spews misinformation and avoids mentioning that the flag was designed by a marketing company

No. 1668200

File: 1665014718038.jpeg (618.29 KB, 1170x1668, 8531113E-00F9-4364-B477-312EF5…)

Noble savage . They really get way too comfortable lumping in all non-Western cultures together

No. 1668201

File: 1665014743181.jpeg (597.18 KB, 1170x1500, F3286E65-D8F0-4188-818E-86A712…)


No. 1668265

I think it will die out too. I don't like to ascribe all sorts of cultural tumult to Donald Trump (or, internationally, the rise of populist rightwinger candidates period) but I do think this whole "I'm queer as fuck, not just a liberal white woman/man!" comes from people desperate to define themselves against what they perceived as a quickening evil mainstream. With another 10 years of hopefully milquetoast politicians ahead of us, I'm assuming a lot of loud and proud "queer" moms and dads will start just quietly being libs again.

No. 1668285

people pretending to not be straight won't go away too soon imo because it's basically an aesthetic for a lot of them. i think what's happening right now is it's branching off into lots of different types of spicy straight, like the regular old fake bi (these seem to be mostly semi-normie millennials and older), mogai neopronoun-type zoomers, troons who are queer as more of an add on to gender stuff etc. sage for my autism btw

No. 1668298

They don't tell you stonewall bar was overwhelmingly made up of mostly young white and latino men, their were very few women 8involved

No. 1668966

Lovely third genders/gender roles (that are all based on sex) such as:
>feminine men
>masculine women
>gay men
>some weird pseudomale because women aren't seen as people and if you wanted to be active in your society with being shamed you must become this/your family doesn't have any sons for inheritance
>little boys that were being raped by male nobles
So progressive!

No. 1669604

No. 1670629

that first woman is so hot

No. 1670747

File: 1665289819076.png (1.14 MB, 743x749, 8cb38c2a-4c33-5436-afb6-4652c6…)

I'm so fucking sick of these nasty ass nihilistic people and their desire to smear the whole world with their ugly ugly shit.

No. 1670753

File: 1665290532891.png (90.91 KB, 648x616, Screenshot 5.png)

reposting from the MTF Thread, in south asia the most common term for "third gendered" people is hijras, now the word hijra is actually a corruption of the word "khusra" which its self is a corruption of an Arabic term that means something like "to remove" it was originally used for court eunnchs who had the job of communicating between the segregated Islamic male and female rooms(this wasn't because they were considered some special gender other then male and female, rather it was because they didn't have cocks so the ruler was assured that they couldn't fuck the women i.e his property) after a while it became more "inclusive" term, as it is used for crosdressing men, gay men and effeminate men and 99% of the time its used as the south asain equivalent of the term faggot, that's why its funny seeing american woke people pretending that term is some special identity and culture that evil colonizers tried to destroy, when 99% of the time IRL I see it being heard on the road by angry drivers

No. 1670767

I'm a strong believer that some people shouldn't have children. Especially people who subscribe to BuzzFeed as a legitimate news source and raise their kids on RuPaul's drag race.

No. 1670769

File: 1665292718299.png (7.99 MB, 2054x8499, ugh.png)

Posted this on fakeboi thread thought it would fit here too. Talks about sexy men on her account but she's a lesbian that draws this shit.

No. 1670776

I’m all for drawing women in more masculine attire and with unconventional proportions but these are basically dudes with tits.

No. 1670786

>Making your child carry fans with misogynistic slurs printed in huge font with no context
They're not even old enough to watch a movie where a character says "cunt" but apparently walking around holding it up in huge letters is good parenting. Like all this is is filtering male misogyny through a (judging by the hair) female child, what is progressive or woke about this? Men shout these words at women, or post them under photo/video of women every day, getting a child to walk around carrying these words/phrases is merely echoing and celebrating an already extremely visible male hatred for us, in their own words.
Like 0 people seeing this child would know the (probably imagined strawman) context of "bad parent for taking child to pride" but nobody will miss the misogynistic slurs being banded around by a child.
Absolutely baffling mental gymnastics happening in this woman's mind.

No. 1670815

I like the character designs ig but what an ugly style

No. 1670845

>Designed by a marketing company
Sorry if this is spoon feeding, but do you have a source/context for this?

No. 1670860

have you never heard of google before?

No. 1670942

The dialogue is fucking embarrassing

No. 1671028

I feel like right wing populism is as popular as ever and Trump still has a lot of friends. I don’t get why you think it’s dying out

No. 1671101

I looked it up and couldn't find anything, anon. Why the fuck wouldn't I try that before asking?

No. 1671109

Jesus that’s a cps call anon

No. 1671259

IKR. Gay "pride" turned into a way for women to worship men even harder, sacrifice other women for men even harder, and for men to harass women even harder. It just took the sickest dynamic of straight behavior and amplified it. I wonder if some of these women subconsciously resent the shit out of being straight, and expose their little kids to nasty and confusing things just to get revenge on them. As if the poor kids asked these cultural revolutionaries to shack up with mediocre white guys and birth a bunch of kids whiter than Wonder bread.

No. 1671260

>black women with bf in jail

woke artists cant help themselves eh?

No. 1671680

Imagine being this much of a pathetic self-hating piece of shit handmaiden. I'm actually speechless.

No. 1672055

File: 1665452706228.png (24.41 KB, 666x268, what.png)

>do masc bisexuals exist

I wish I could laugh react to this stuff without getting kicked out of the group for muh harassment or something

No. 1672058

There's something so amusing about people demanding to dismantle the gender binary while at the same time worrying that their clothes mark them out as a particular gender.

No. 1672066

>bisexual fashion

No. 1672077

File: 1665455583985.jpg (109.08 KB, 2048x1334, idcrp1yvc1g11.jpg)

I'm so sick of people like this whining about "bisexual erasure". And I'm fucking bi. Just wear whatever clothes you like and if someone assumes you're a lesbian, correct them and move on. If they try to press you on that, then they're the weird ones. The fact that people make such a big deal about this is what's keeping bisexuality "erased" in the first place. Plus anything she wears will scream "obviously a girl" because people can tell she's female unless they've been infected with gender brainrot.
She wants to look masc but in a specifically bisexual way which doesn't even exist. The only thing I've heard of is that retarded cuffed jeans meme like in picrel. Masculine women are automatically more likely to be assumed to be lesbians by a lot of people and that's just how it is. Feminine women will be perceived as straight, for the most part aside from that whole stupid sentiment that every woman is a little bit bi. It's annoying and outdated, but the only way to combat that is by not feeling the need to abide by weird arbitrary stereotypes and just living your life.
I wish there was somewhere to actually meet and hang out with bisexuals who are normal. Not fucking annoying people with huge victim complexes who are so neurotic and consumed with how other people perceive them that they ironically don't realize how off-putting this behavior actually is

No. 1672096

>my sexuality is erased by randoms perceptions or my clothing
I hope they all off themselves

No. 1672153

I've probably said it before ITT but I hate the "bi fashion" too. It's because spicy straights realized they're not OSA but they don't want to admit they're straight so they start turning sexuality into things that isn't about sex: sexuality is the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, the way you cut your hair, how you sit (hate this one especially) It's all so tiring

No. 1672170

>Masculine women are automatically more likely to be assumed to be lesbians by a lot of people
Not nearly enough god damnit. It reminds me of people who think they can be actually "colorblind", but then this version is where scrotes will say they didn't want to apply stereotypes as an excuse for harassing butches. You can even explicitly say you're a lesbian and they'll still act like THEY'RE the ones who are so super duper uber open minded and I'm so small minded for not understanding that in their opinion some lesbians are bi and it was worth a shot. If she's worried that scrotes won't continue to try to screw her, she has nothing to worry about, they ignore everyone's sexuality.

No. 1672264

That's how you know OP is straight kek, dead giveaway

No. 1672719

kek exactly, they'll do anything to define their sexuality as long as it means they never, ever have to actually pursue a sexual relationship with another woman. Often because they're already happy in their otherwise normal heterosexual marriages.

No. 1672803

>don't want to dress feminine
>if I get confused for a lesbian my sexuality is erased

Your sexuality as a straight woman, got it. If you want to look "bisexual" but are terrified of looking lesbian we can be rest assured this is a performance solely for males

No. 1672937

Usually when people do these things, it's for practical reasons (except for rolling up the sleeves on a tee shirt, that just looks retarded.) Like, you cuff your pants of they're too long, or if you're wearing the kind of boots they get bunched up on. Or you tuck your shirt in to make your silhouette look better. Who you fuck has nothing to do with these choices.

I mentioned this in a different thread somewhere, but this is just insecure straight girls deciding that the mundane things they do/like are indicators that they're ~actually queer~. They're not into the same sex, so they're looking for other reasons to call themselves gay/bisexual/etc. The examples I gave were frogs, succulents, pet rats, mushrooms, goblins, oversized clothes, certain fandoms, and so on. They seem to confuse and conflate "nerdy/tomboyish girl" with "likes pussy," even though that's not how sexuality works.

No. 1672988

File: 1665530607693.jpeg (1022.31 KB, 828x1385, 4E7CA264-31E4-4FE9-B5C0-06AA5D…)

Might have been posted b4 but this is a gemmy

No. 1673036

>I wish there was somewhere to actually meet and hang out with bisexuals who are normal

AYRT Same. I'm in a few different bi FB groups and some of the posts there make me want to a-log so badly. Everyone seems so fixated on everything being valid (everything being everything they do because bi people are all the same to them) and if you have anything to say about it that isn't 100% positive you're an evil gatekeeper. I'm GNC and get mistaken for a lesbian now and again irl, funny how basically none of them ever get mistaken as gay because so many are married to Mister Soy and raising Brayden and Kayden

No. 1673052

File: 1665537458679.png (163.97 KB, 389x256, but woke.png)

reminds me of the westboro signs

No. 1673383

This reminds me of a band I found recently, male vocalist, cis male front and center on the album cover, blurb includes many mentions of their trans status, said male vocalist has a "girl" name and claims to be a she/they despite looking, dressing and sounding 100% male. There was another no-effort they/them in the band, also looking 100% male, and I think one TIF.

This has got to be the worst social trend in history. I don't even know how people handle this shit irl other than the "I know nothing" stance I've seen suggested, where you just act perpetually confused and ask people to explain it to you over and over.

No. 1673605

File: 1665590536384.jpeg (105.09 KB, 469x800, F36265DA-2A65-4BA6-BBBA-FFEB3B…)

No. 1674077

This shit is why I'm ashamed to be bisexual. Who would want to be associated with these kweer spicy straights who think wanting other woman is yet another quirky alt subculture?

This is absolutely true. Def a dealbreaker.

I love how this artist has two modes of "woman"
1. An actual male body structure with tits that talks about impregnating
2. Super slutty bimbo straight out of some coomer hentai

No. 1674160

File: 1665629370856.jpeg (407.29 KB, 676x775, 38FB1839-4408-491D-825D-6D89CF…)

Idk if this has been posted in this thread before but the website offbeatbride is a goldmine of this type of behavior.
This is just an example of one of many artical about this kinda thing. Imagine going to a wedding and seeing this shit, id have a hard time not laughing lmao


No. 1674164

Is this two trannies getting married? And of course they're polyamorous. Gross.

No. 1674169

File: 1665629765946.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1161x1239, 95146D55-A902-4792-B5AB-EF2572…)

Nah just a hainmaiden and her moid

No. 1674170

why do all their eyes look like someone painted fake eyes over their eyelids??Am I the only one seeing this? I thought this was the trans-abled thread for a mintue, like they blinded themselves and drew fake eyes on their eyelids or something.
Especially the one with the colorful eyelashes

No. 1674173

Why are they all fat?

No. 1674176

File: 1665629987979.png (304.88 KB, 892x208, Capture (1).png)

No. 1674177

File: 1665630039609.jpeg (510.94 KB, 731x776, 80E900B9-E0B6-4B5F-9625-BA460C…)

Cause they cant do any better lmao

No. 1674181

good lord I did a double take thinking this was my toxic fakeboi ex friend
are these people made in a factory??

No. 1674182

So many hamplanets, its a ham solar system

No. 1674185

>organically-formed triad

as opposed to a genetically modified triad that came from a lab?

No. 1674189

>love like this will not be hidden
We need to bring back bullying

No. 1674201

It’s a filter or similar-you can see it’s a ghost of the glasses the person on far right is wearing.

No. 1674244

Ending in a situation like this is my worst nightmare

No. 1674280

Harem but throw some manic panic on it
I don't understand how hamplanets get married while putting no effort in to get healthy and lose weight first, like are you really living your best life when you have an 80inch waistline?

No. 1674284

The photographer did this man a solid with that pose, since in the long distance photo we can see he has a full beard and breasts, and there's a guy on far left who appears to also have a male hairstyle and titties.
Truly people need to be bullied more, they all seem "happy" but they are also mostly hamplanets and multiple of them are fucking up their bodily health with cross-sex hormones, so they are all ticking time-bombs, health wise.

No. 1674286

File: 1665646944127.jpeg (447.47 KB, 733x653, F9B913E2-4F23-4E43-BCA6-E47219…)

It gets even worse

No. 1674289

Fat people hate themselves due to beauty standards, so they're more likely to 1. want to change their identity to escape themselves, 2. accept any ideology that says "ugly"(/unusual/fat) = beautiful, 3. date and be friends with other ugly people because that's all that's available

No. 1674308

They look like they were generated for "bots of new york" post

No. 1674378

ok so what is with this particular way alphabet fandom artists draw faces. idk how to describe it, but essentially everytime an artist draws faces in this semi-angluar prettyboy cartooney way they are a mentally ill alphabet woman

No. 1674385

honestly imo asexuality would only be a thing if someone had legit hormonal issues that make them unable to get aroused, and even then it can be medically treated

No. 1674415

File: 1665666201881.jpg (1.91 MB, 3293x3464, scoliosis.jpg)

no nonna what have you done to me. this site is amazing.

another good one, highlights in picrel.
>queer DIY but literally just a straight couple
>having to weave being bisexual into every single aspect when you are a hetero straight couple
>zelda sword nerd bullshit
>reading SCOTUS decision meant to improve quality of life for gay people at your - again - straight wedding
>music from How To Train Your Dragon 2
>dry wedding BUT WE HAD FUN!!! Amazing entertainment!
>entertainment is literally board games


No. 1674419

>I fuck men but my back's a little weird, that's queer right?

No. 1674422

tbh dry wedding with board games could be fun, but everything else about this post is super embarrassing.

No. 1674424

File: 1665667886838.jpg (361.4 KB, 1079x960, dad.jpg)

i disagree but I'm an alcoholic

No. 1674433

dry weddings are the epitome of the couple thinking they are the center of the universe. Alcohol makes someone else's wedding more bearable and fun. If you think the majority of your guests will just have fun showering you with attention and drinking a pepsi you're probably a narc couple.

No. 1674439

… it’s the couples wedding? You’re there to celebrate them, don’t want to don’t go anon. If you need to drink to have fun, you’re not a fun person, you’re an alcoholic.

No. 1674453

Where I live we have this thing where we drink at home in our underwear, no need to go to a wedding. If I'm actually friends with someone I'll probably enjoy a board game night with them.

No. 1674460

That purple hair looks fucked. Did you put this photo through an upscaler or something?

No. 1674469

When you have absolutely no personality so you go for bisexual (marrying a man) and scoliosis. Get a hobby, damn

No. 1674484

File: 1665674838419.jpeg (51.43 KB, 540x632, 4DD25666-DAF3-45FD-B7F7-84DF3D…)

>”queer elf queen” outfit
>it’s a traditional wedding dress with flats
>”instead of bridesmaids and groomsmen we had an Adventuring Party of bridesfolk and groomsfolk, including several nonbinary friends. My bridesfolk picked their emerald green outfits and carried lanterns, and my shield maiden-of-honor wore gold. We gifted her and our best man replica swords from Lord Of The Rings and Zelda”
>supposedly genderblind wedding party
>”best man”
linked articles include A bisexual bride [marrying a man] asks: Is my wedding queer enough? & Alternate wedding party names – bridesminions, henchmen, adventure party, and more!
>pew crew
>my “maid of honor” is being called my “handmaiden”
>matrimony homies

No. 1674579

File: 1665684628411.png (2.3 MB, 1476x1096, Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 2.07…)


>I'm Seattle-based burlesque performer and producer, Mx. Pucks, and my tagline is “The They/Them/Yas Queen of Burlesque”. Josh and I wanted an epic, queer, witchy hoe, burlesque celebration at our sex positive friend's wooded property.

>I'm polyamorous and all five of my partners (including Josh) were going to be present at this celebration.

>Josh is a cannabis medical consultant and is known among friends as the Weed Wizard.

No. 1674583


sorry i dropped the link and left out the most milky quote

>Our family of origins were not involved or invited to this ceremony, for good reason.


No. 1674587

File: 1665685359245.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 1629648772248.jpg)

these two are literally picrel

No. 1674598

I’ve looked at the site and there is a lot of “modern couples”. Interracial straight couples are also included under the “modern” umbrella, even though they technically aren’t a new type of pairing.

No. 1674637

File: 1665689944087.png (3.22 MB, 1406x1486, Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 3.38…)

in a way it feels oddly regressive tbh.

theres a ton of them on the website its amazing

No. 1674654

Why does every one of these guys look like a magician tho

No. 1674656

File: 1665691944600.png (1.74 MB, 1440x1600, ofcourse.png)

How silly of me to think the fairy and the magician were merely marrying each other

No. 1674665

File: 1665692431239.png (326.27 KB, 1440x1670, unorthodox.png)

This wedding is destroying me
>the wedding music was very unorthodox
>lists several very well-known bands and songs

Yes, very crazy and wild.
To keep this on topic of spicy straights, our fairies are of course:
>We are both gender-queer (Ash: demigirl, Wren: fem-boi) and ace, and I'm pansexual.

No. 1674690

Magicians are queer culture

No. 1674799

Why hello neighbor I saw that post on that very same group. It's tough having peaked in this tranny infested hellhole of a county isn't it?

No. 1674897

It's amazing that they consider themselves asexual because even they don't want to fuck each other

No. 1675175

Seriously, panSEXUAL and ace? Really? I know another acquaintance IRL that calls herself poly and ace and I just don't get it. So you just want several close friends? So do I but I don't give myself special labels.

No. 1675215

Lol nonna they still fuck they just want to make it sound more special that they do. It's pathetic

No. 1675325

“Bisexual fashion” “lesbian fashion” they’re all so boring
Here. I remember coming across people that claimed they had to pay up to use this specific flag.

No. 1675399

File: 1665772928743.png (639.88 KB, 1080x1177, idontwanttobeoneofthem.png)

I hate how mullets are now a trendy cool nlog edgy straight girl thing. Appropriation of redneck culture.

No. 1675487

I want to a-log every time a spicy straight claims their ugly hipster haircut makes them lesbian or bisexual.

No. 1675559

File: 1665788559686.jpg (107.92 KB, 700x708, FfAZFawXEAAeCve.jpg)

straight larping as gay by claiming to be enby queer for oppression points

No. 1675567

NTA but most people only drink on special occasions. It's customary to want a glass champagne or wine at a wedding, especially if it compliments whatever food is being served. Dry weddings definitely have an err of the couple forcing their stringent values on the guests at the expense of the guests' enjoyment. If you aren't willing to create a fun environment for guests, then don't have guests at all, just go to a courthouse and get married.

The board game thing is lame, too. The only people who would want to do that are the elderly and the grooms geekass friends. Everyone else would be standing around with the thumbs up their ass, miserable because they're in expensive, uncomfortable clothes and they can't even take the edge off with a drink.

No. 1675586

The one on the right is a TIF. She says she's "not a trans guy" but "nonbinary". Has mastectomy scars and everything.

No. 1675587

that shouldn’t even be a conversation with students that happens unless they’re peers

No. 1675599

In my experience, dry events are organized for the sake of recovering alcoholics. It'd fucking suck to see someone relapse at your wedding. Of course, I don't actually know why that specific couple chose to have a dry wedding, so who knows.

No. 1675600

Poor student that didn't get the memo that actually if you are queer you can say fag, even if you're a woman dating a man. Also she's non-binary!!! A vagina + a penis in a relationship =/= straight sex stupid terf child!
Exactly, wtf kind of teacher is saying fag in class?

No. 1675630

That’s what I was thinking. Their wedding still seems kinda lame but it’s probably a bigger reason than them just being dorks.

No. 1675664


No. 1675666

This is so cute

No. 1675682

"I love it when my handpicked queer students isolate and bully the kid who doesn't go along with my bullshit."
This didn't happen, but that she wishes it had is pretty bad on its own.

No. 1675813

NLOG-themed wedding

No. 1675817

The wedding was very unorthodox. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow…

No. 1675964

File: 1665836414438.jpg (1.85 MB, 3464x3464, 22-10-15_13-08-42-629.jpg)

when you are in a straight relationship and no personality featuring
>Halloween related autism
>is the neckline of the tank top too high to wear with the jacket
>my husband told me these two basic ass outfits were soooo bi
>my husband hates me
>ugly moid with totes bi wife energy

my favourite however
>we totally had oysters before Applebee's!!!!!!!11
>no underpants

No. 1675976

>the idea of one of these enby spicy straights being a teacher and arguing with their students about who is the gayest
She passes very well, good to know it's not as retarded as it seems

No. 1675977

>It'd fucking suck to see someone relapse at your wedding
Ugh, I'd never thought of that. That's very considerate.

No. 1675982

The applebee girl needs to lose weight and get better fashion sense. that strip of fabric going into her crotch makes me cringe, her face is lovely though.
>bi wife energy moid
>It's a digusting, stubbly bloated looking thing
No bi woman could fuck that man, bi card withdrawn.

No. 1675988

Why is she saying fag in the classroom?