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File: 1653190691118.jpg (68.82 KB, 992x558, FS0vfjhVsAA-uf3.jpg)

No. 1191923

It's that time of the year again!
Another round of rainbows, now with the updated ugly Progress flag as the defacto flag

Topics of discussion:
-Rainbow consoomerism
-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
-Pride parade drama
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Your personal feelings of gayness and if you should be loud and proud about it or not
-July 1st clean up

No. 1191932

I fucking love that OP image, did you make it?

No. 1191937

The store I work at has been getting some Pride stuff in, but not nearly as much as last years. At least this year's stuff is more pastel colored and not as obnoxiously bright and ugly.

No. 1191942

So gay

No. 1191954

File: 1653193541132.jpg (451.83 KB, 722x1282, we live in a society.jpg)

Found it on twitter of all places, kek
But I made this one after looking at Coach's website today.

No. 1191975

File: 1653195603944.jpg (561.23 KB, 1878x1878, GUEST_2dec6e0b-bd2f-4629-b17c-…)

Fucking tired of the history revision. Look at what Target's pumping out.

No. 1191998

File: 1653197533504.jpg (15.15 KB, 275x275, 1653005521722.jpg)

sick sad world

No. 1192003

File: 1653197894331.png (837.41 KB, 1050x784, Screen Shot 2022-05-21 at 10.3…)

what the actual fuck.

No. 1192013

File: 1653199492342.png (608.01 KB, 910x617, vr.pride.PNG)

No. 1192019

I never understood what being black would have to do with being gay. Is the buck breaking meme real?

No. 1192055

File: 1653203357710.jpg (23.3 KB, 390x239, 189533875_2906094233043871_813…)

every year has to get worker, so I predict more of this than before

No. 1192060

It's because activists don't get what intersectionality is supposed to mean in the context of social issues, so they added "black and brown people" even though LGBT black and brown people were already included in the original flag, and the straight ones have completely separate problems to solve.

No. 1192063

Laughing at this. And i think it all happened in lieu of the Floyd shooting. For a long time gay men have been held as the spokesmen for gayness so I think wanting more color inclusivity came to combat that. But again it's fucking retarded because the very symbol of a rainbow implies that everyone is welcome or whatever

No. 1192121

Anybody else wishing they could join the celebration openly but can't, out of disgust? I hate what the LGB community has turned into, companies, degenerates and trans people ruined it for me. I was born in a religious household so I used to fantasize about going to a pride parade. Now there's no way in hell I'll walk next to a bunch of people wearing butt plugs and fetish gear.

No. 1192132

Anon are you me?? Because exact SAME

No. 1192167

One would think the rainbow symbolizes all colours and variations between them so there wouldn't be a need to add more. Jesus christ.

No. 1192196

File: 1653216910883.jpg (92.26 KB, 750x422, rainbow-coin.jpg)

UK releasing a collectable 50 pence coin.

No. 1192198

The bottom part for troons should just say dissapointment or failure

No. 1192200

File: 1653217420061.jpeg (634.38 KB, 1170x1720, 4CC324AB-CBD4-41DC-9916-707967…)

Have you seen their pride candles yet? kek it’s so stupid and the kweers are going to love it 1/2

No. 1192201

I collect coins like those, I don’t think I will add that to my collection

No. 1192202

File: 1653217492744.jpeg (611 KB, 1170x1733, 4469C766-A87B-40CC-9244-9DC3AD…)

No. 1192203

Do they have a non tranny version bc they’re cute otherwise

No. 1192204

Nope, there is just 1 pride design

No. 1192205

File: 1653217726001.png (29.49 KB, 979x368, Capture.PNG)

Alright so if we're including disorders in the flag now I want me and my fellow bpd-chans represented there next year

No. 1192206

I went to a pride parade in a rural town one year and it was so nice. There was tranny shit still but no weird fetish stuff. Everyone was fully dressed and the highlight was the 4H club walking a bunch of horses and goats with pride ribbons.

No. 1192207

tfw the "trans women of color literally gave all lgbt people their rights" meme literally started on tumblr. and people say tumblr has had no social impact…

No. 1192210

What kind of satanic symbol is this?

No. 1192214

gay white men* I'm a retard

No. 1192216

btw why do they always use both the tranny flag and the rainbow flag? isn't the rainbow supposed to represent the entire alphabet soup? yet if you say lgb instead of lgbt you're a "zomg bigot!!!" they also do that when reporting. Openly lesbian/gay or bisexual people are referred to as "LGBTQ+" or "queer" yet trannies are always explicitly called trans.

No. 1192218

iirc it was supposed to be a one-time thing to express solidarity with gay black men who were racially harassed at a particular gay bar in some American town

No. 1192220

Weirdly, when walking around in the UK I've seen more pride flags with the extra colours/stripes than regular rainbow flags. Rainbow's not good enough anymore I guess.

No. 1192221

File: 1653218788145.jpg (8.74 KB, 250x250, b12589ab4cdf5f3fdffd51a66e75b5…)

it doesn't even make sense because the original pride stripes color meanings were more abstract and not inherently related to a particular orientation or race or "gender identity"

No. 1192230

i'm so tried anons. You all don't know how I wish I had nothing to do with the lgbtwtfdukcdu. if these fuckers can be bitransbians aroace pansexuals i want to be a straight woman that only feels sexual and romantic attraction other women and no men whatsoever.

No. 1192252

I was just going to post this pic for another thread, I found it on tumblr
It was made by a marketing to highlight the struggles of POC members, obviously this presupposes that you thought the first flag was for white people only.

Then there's the progress pride flag made by some enbie graphic designer because you know more inclusivity. The original flag represents everything under the sun anyway but that's not enough.

Same, I always wanted to attend one but now I feel like I would feel so out of place. I always felt envious but now I don't care.

No. 1192253

I demand a BDP bi flag plz.

No. 1192254

I can't believe there was a point in my life when I attended pride parades and thought anything about them was ok. I'll never forget the disgusting moids lining up for a bang in the porta johns or the leather daddy floats. Disgusting.

No. 1192255

i will never forget that disgusting photo of a little girl at a pride parade holding a flag petting these disgusting moids dressed in bdsm dog face harnesses whatever it literally makes me shiver. i would not let my child near those digusting perverted scrotes

No. 1192257

Kinda related, I'm not sure where you are from but from the sound of it, might be what I'm talking about. I don't get why progressive countries still organize parades at all. It makes sense in my backwards country because there's a lot for people to fight for, but places like Denmark or Germany, why?

No. 1192261

Seeing marches in Turkey is very tragic because they always get attacked by people but in Western countries it's just a fun thing. I'm glad that people elsewhere don't get attacked but when corporations are selling products to you and you still claim oppression it leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

No. 1192262

I'm a burger but I see what you mean. Though I wonder if pride parades are now being cut back a bit because of the growing Muslim population in the more progressive European countries?

No. 1192263

A bit OT but I'm turkish and when I was younger, a girl in my class bullied me for being bi. She was someone who attended pride parades at the front and always advocated for gay rights, allegedly. I think they just like using gay people to stand up to the religious government, they don't really care about gay people.
There was also a protest against a man who only got his position because of the aforementioned religious government and everyone marching against him used LGBT flags even though the protesters were homophobic and completely straight save for a few.

No. 1192267

Exactly and as painful it is to watch, this is the point for me. We stand together, we exist and we will not be shamed into hiding even if other people hate us so much they're willing to attack.

No. 1192268

this has been debunked so many times, if you listen to marsha's interview itself he says he wasn't there at the start

No. 1192269

tbh i have noticed quite a few straight "allies" being shitty to bisexual people as a way to get away with blatant homophobia that they wouldn't get away with if they said it to gay people.

No. 1192270

pride parades were more fun wjen being there meant something. i started going to pride parades in my country when there were just some thousands of people attending, it was fun to see friends, party, go to events, but now the parade and pride party has exploded and all the normies and spice straights are there and it's just not the same anymore

No. 1192272

Yeah, she bullied me cause she thought I was a lesbian though. Because I wasn't interested in any dude at that moment, lmao.

No. 1192276

At least here in the Nordics not in the slightest.

No. 1192279

at TARGET? really??

No. 1192280

Even in the most progressive countries there's homophobia, though it's fortunately getting more and more rare. I still think Pride is needed here as well to act as a sort of reminder of what once was and how far we've come as a society. But instead of consoomerism and monthly oppression olympics it should be about being grateful for those who have fought for our equal rights and standing in solidarity for LGB in countries that don't have those rights.

No. 1192282

This man is not even a tranny

No. 1192284

i've never actually been to the parade, but i once went to a sort of pride month side-event that was a lesbian dance. this was in like 2011 so it wasn't overrun with dimwits. it was a lot of fun. i'd like to go to the parade with my wife but i don't want to deal with all the spicy straights.

hate how pride has gotten so corporate. feels like the social media obsesesion with pride flags is pushed so that they can sell nb flag pins to teenagers at ten bucks a pop. the obsessive categorization divides us instead of uniting us. i get that people want to define themselves, but i think it just creates infighting when we're dealing with too many labels.

i don't really care about kink at pride. your kid isn't going to become "corrupt" if they see a man in leather pants on a float. that said, the kink adjacent things that are directly aimed at children, like drag-queen storytime need to stop

No. 1192300

here in terf island it's a chance for the two factions of woke feminists to clash. otherwise oh it's another pride thing. there must be 50% of the days where it's some kind of oppression day/week/month

No. 1192301

it would be so much funnier if they made a regular version and put it in circulation.

No. 1192302

This, holy shit. I've also seen some "people" go on about how being shitty to gay moids is a collateral attack on lesbians, but for some reason, they're silent about the fact that attacking bisexual women is much closer. Scrotes love pathologizing and bashing any woman they perceive as sexually unavailable or "strange"

No. 1192304

This just bolsters the point, so I'm actually a little glad. You know a belief system is for retarded drones when big, soulless brands start endorsing it like this

No. 1192306

yeah because bi women are often whiny fucking homophobes themselves

No. 1192309

Here we go. YWNBAW lol

No. 1192312

If that's what pride looks like where you live then that's more than understandable.

I went last year and it was pretty nice. There were a lot of people including grandparents with their grandchildren which was kind of cute and an old lesbian couple dressed fancy. Everyone was dressed "normal" or in (non sexual/provocative) costume. The ONLY problem were like 4 retarded moids who wanted to join in cat maid outfits but everyone ignored them and they left pretty quickly.

My country is already shitty as it is, hope this doesn't get ruined too.

Ignore the bait

No. 1192320

and how does that justify actual literal heterosexuals being shitty and seriously homophobic to them?

No. 1192322

No. 1192326

I don't have proof but I heard reports of there being pride themed toys in the kids section of Target in Seattle area

No. 1192330

saw this at my university and it isn't even june yet kek.

No. 1192337

Yeah it would be more special and meaningful if we didnt have some kind of minority day every other day. I'm not against the idea of different "awareness" days/weeks, but as it is now that shit just has no meaning. The days are made by tiktok teenagers to get clout or corporations to sell their products, yet the people who these days should actually be for get nothing. And the shit is far too individualistic anyway, I'm all for stuff like pride week or world mental health day but we don't need "poly asexual lesbian demiromantic animegender day" or day for every single diagnosis lol

No. 1192342

File: 1653230690901.png (19.66 KB, 1200x720, lesbian_labrys_by_pride_flags-…)

Ngl I wish I could wear a little pride pin to bat signal to other lesbians what I am but I'm afraid that will start leading them to question my attractions to 'all' women… The LGBT community is a fucking joke gatekeeping people's sexualites.

I kinda want a labrys flag pin not only because it looks cooler and i like the meaning more and the ones who have problem with it can fuck off & the ones who know what's up can stay

No. 1192349

That stupid black/brown/troon flag color pisses me off so much. i dont mind the rainbows and always grew up to believe rainbows were pride inclusive. I hate how trannies have taken over everything. Every time i see that new flag add on, i want to slap someone.

No. 1192350

No. 1192351

Love how they didnt have shit to buy for Lunar near year at my area, but this? Guess I won't be buying from coach for a while.

No. 1192355

I wish you and other women could wear that to pride, anon. Seeing the labrys symbol in the wild always makes me happy.

No. 1192356

I dont get what brown and black means. Is it a reference to black and brown people? If so it's almost derogatory to add them in, especially right next to troons.

No. 1192363

reminds me of the alan turing banknote they put in circulation last year although dude was a pedo. why not put the face of a normal homo? kek britbongs.

No. 1192365

It is, and makes no sense since OG pride flag didn't exclude them.

No. 1192376

Yeah that's what I mean. It feels like they weren't included and only got included now. It's also weird if you think about how most brown and black people won't really like being included in a pride flag, especially muslims.
All in all it's disrespectful and inconsiderate. Just… Performative.

No. 1192377

Didn't a white guy from PA make that shit too? Why would he include black and brown when they were always included in the rainbow? it's segregation, except with shitty pride stuff now.

No. 1192378

We dont care about homophobic muslims here.

No. 1192379

yes, and the black stripe is also supposed to represent those who have died of AIDS.

No. 1192396

yes, created by a white dude. and a different white dude made the flag with the trans colors, too. and his reasoning?
>shift focus and emphasis to what is important in our current community climate.
that’s a direct quote. the flag’s entire purpose is to obfuscate who LGB activism is actually for. of course we already knew that, it’s just sickening that he can openly admit it and people still use the flag and think they’re oh so progressive.

No. 1192399

The normal flag already covered those

No. 1192401

This is so stupid, so basically this is just the libtard flag.

No. 1192403

Black and brown people wouldn't wanna be included in a lgbt flag. It's borderline racist to include them like this.

No. 1192406

No. 1192410

I heard someone say that Coachella is always either about to happen, just happened, or is happening and that’s exactly how I feel about pride month too

No. 1192412

Nta, it’s really cute. Is “black air” a random Engrish phrase or does it have significance?

No. 1192413

It really is, it’s like they want to just start segregating people again by using pride as an excuse, so it’s racism but woke.

No. 1192419

File: 1653234579683.jpeg (155.18 KB, 1242x1242, 699D6105-0838-4DB1-9278-A83005…)

I hope they try to add religions now, starting with Muslims like this.

No. 1192422

I think it might be the brand of the sweater?

No. 1192426

I am the only one who felt tension between the black community and the LGBT community during June 2020 because of that? Like the protests were taking over their month?

No. 1192437

I remember seeing some white kids being mad that June is also Indigenous People's History Month and whining that they "can't have this one thing just for [us]" even if Indigenous People's History Month gets nowhere near as much attention as Pride.

No. 1192446

What counts as history revisionism? Is ignoring the problematic figures in the movement and their significance history revisionism?

No. 1192448

These hurt my eyes, I feel like an autist with sensory overload.

No. 1192467

Haha, thank you anon. It's pretty hard to find anything with labrys where I live. Not sure I should be wearing it because of the hate ("progressive" flags are more in style AND I'm a filthy bisexual) but it's neat and I love that fit.

No. 1192475

Does the green one mean anything?

No. 1192477

File: 1653237678187.jpeg (156.91 KB, 1200x763, 57393FB4-5B8E-43CE-97AA-FAA3FF…)

Recently went to target and they have their shitty pride section filled with pronoun bs
Apparently they’re also selling chest binders and packing underwear, fucking wild

No. 1192480

File: 1653237823731.jpeg (496.89 KB, 828x1122, F387C19D-3FE3-4F70-866B-55AD07…)

One of the “queer” designers of their selection are just a straight furry couple.

No. 1192482

I always find it so interesting when companies place the tranny and black/brown stripes at the focal point of a product.

No. 1192483

>Selling chest binders and packers

No. 1192487

They know their consoomers after all,

No. 1192489

I hate married couples who are clearly female + male engaging in hetero sex insisting they should go to pride because one of them is pansexual KEK

No. 1192507

File: 1653239875667.jpg (1.28 MB, 3292x1712, fuck's sake.jpg)

You know it.

Did you see the two spirit shirt? It's so fucking distasteful but you know the kweers are gonna eat it up.

No. 1192508

I feel like I'm looking at a daughter and father

No. 1192515

>Comfort starts from within
>So put our garments on your body so you can be more yourself

No. 1192516

File: 1653240099727.jpeg (386.66 KB, 1170x1421, 76C0C96A-670C-46E1-8E93-FC40DE…)

I was at Target yesterday and I didn’t take a pic in-store but they have PRIDE CAT AND DOG toys, what the fuck lol

No. 1192520

Petco had a bunch of pride pet shit last year. It's so unnecessary lol

No. 1192523

They/thems using the whole two spirit thing to suit their narrative reminds me of trans people using the existance of intersex people to suit themselves. It's all just shitty and self serving.

No. 1192525

The cats are trans now I guess

No. 1192532

Don't cats try to kill these things… kind of funny when you think about it.

No. 1192535

No. 1192538

Perhaps that's the true agenda all along…..

No. 1192543

File: 1653241390566.jpg (151.7 KB, 735x937, 1647077507532.jpg)

I'm going BPD all over the shit in this thread

No. 1192552

File: 1653241979569.png (36.84 KB, 1000x600, Fictosexual_pride_flag.png)

When are we husbandofags getting the LGBTQ+ representation we need in mainstream media?

No. 1192557

Soon I hope because I really want to see corporations sweat over fitting all of these colors and shapes in their branding

No. 1192558

for one month every year big corporations pretend that they care about gay people and the retards eat it the fuck up. it will never cease to amaze me how stupid these people are, they fall for it every time.

No. 1192560

I hope they have something like that for dogs, I want my dog to constantly maul trannies.

No. 1192562

Why is there a lesbian flag but not a gay flag? I have a feeling that they were thinking of transbians when they made those, kek

No. 1192563

I hope so, I want to have my own fictosexual t-shirt, maybe someday we will know the truth, that a yoomer like me started the stonewall riot.

No. 1192567

>Your personal feelings of gayness and if you should be loud and proud about it or not
I'm a lesbian and I don't try to hide it if someone asks me something or if I'm clearly trying to get across the message that I'm not interested (because I'm a lesbian), but I don't loudly declare it or make it visibly apparent outside of having a small gifted pin a friend gave me that says "short, gay, and ANGRY" on one of my bags kek. I hate the LGBT crowd, especially because it's so intertwined with the woke crowd. I dress very feminine so most people write me off as a trad straight bitch but honestly I'd rather that and to be left alone than to have to deal with wokies. My identity as a lesbian has little to do with my life, especially because I have low sex drive and low interest in dating right now.

No. 1192570

i am surprised nobody has claimed their dog or cat or pet mouse is trans yet. probably there has been actually

No. 1192575

There are people who give their carnivorous pets a vegan diet, and IIRC there have been people who claimed their pets were gay, or avoided using masculine or feminine pronouns for their pets because they don't know their gender identity kek. It wouldn't surprise me if someone had already claimed their cat or dog is trans.

No. 1192580

kek yes i saw on this morning (a british show) a woman who said her dog was vegan and prefers non-meat food, but when they put a bowl of meat and a bowl of vegetables infront of the dog, it ate the meat instantly. people are so retarded.

No. 1192584

although I wonder if it was satire all along

No. 1192590

Those people should have their pets taken away from abuse. it's almost as if biology are based on facts. cats and dogs need a specific omnivore diet to live.

No. 1192593

File: 1653244233864.jpg (79.58 KB, 750x1025, uxbgbkgp5yw41.jpg)

No joke I think my dog is gay. He's only showed interest in stuffed animals larger than him, we have an (unfixed) female dog but he never tried to mate with her outside of dominance, because she is the dominant one. And once a male gay friend came over and he looked at him and trusted randomly in the air at him, wtf else can explain that?

Is my dog trans now because we removed his balls? Kek

No. 1192594

I'm genuinely pissed and curious about why, in the last few years, trannies want to make every single fucking aspect of pride about themselves.
They have the T already, but noooo, they also want to hijack the L, G and B.
And talking about it, Bi people where finally getting aknowledged and respected and suddenly trannies had to swallow every single other conversation about pride.

No. 1192596

That's just being into drawings, doesn't need a new sexuality

No. 1192603

File: 1653244528483.png (496.5 KB, 616x628, 627.png)

I'm not mentally prepared for the pride bullshit to see everywhere for an entire month muuhh support your local poc disabled tranny plz donate here. Fuck that shit. This shit made me genuinely hate the LGBTDBSJHBFJHDKBASHJ++- community.

No. 1192608

>tfw my birthday is in pride month
plz kill me

No. 1192609

I feel like a retarded wokie but if I pass someone's dog on the street and I want to say something like 'oh your dog is so cute' and ask breed or whatever I always use 'they' since I have no idea what gender their dog is lol.

No. 1192610

File: 1653245029134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.85 KB, 727x730, new pride flag.JPG)

pride flag to shove up your ass

No. 1192619

What a joy that would be to try and clean.

No. 1192621

>have a perfectly fine pride flag with pretty rainbow colors, theoretically including everything because Rainbow
>ruin it with fucking ugly pastel pink and blue brown and pitch black
it’s so repulsive to look at, objectively a horrible design choice. I’ve never seen such an ugly flag in my life what the hell were they thinking, I wouldn’t even buy this shit if I were a proud lgbtqrpt+ enthusiast. new pride flag flop era when

No. 1192640

I’ve never attended one in turkey because I assume they’re usually in Istanbul, but I end up seeing the photos of people getting attacked at such events. Have you ever been to one anon? I’m curious how it is over there.

No. 1192644

Something tells me the people who buy those dildos won't be bothering themselves with tasks like that.

No. 1192648

I used to have a cross body bag where the strap on it just said the word love over and over. It was a thick black strap with white text. I brought this bag everywhere for about a year and one day someone told me they always thought it said 'love is love'

Turns out everyone at my (then) workplace thought I was gay all based on a bag strap.

No. 1192653

It’s weird how some people think who you want to badonk is something to be proud of. It’s just…one part of your character. I am also a lesbian in camouflage, and I would hate to associate with lgbt wokies my age with their ever changing pronouns and vain, self pitying attitudes.
>pin that says short gay and angry
Honestly whenever i see a woman call herself ‘gay’ these days i assume she’s bisexual. My schoolfriends all called themselves ‘gay’ but liked men a lot. They wanted everyone to wear a pride flag, only associate with other ‘gays’ (straight/bi girls) and go to ‘gay’ events. I just stayed in the closet because they were that cringe that if gay meant being an absolute fag then i definitely wasn’t gay kek
Ah, they’re all enbies now anyway, some of them admitted to not really being bi so they need something else to solidify their ‘not like other girls/the whole world is against me’ identity. I hate being a zoomie. I hate the connotations of lgbt in 2022. I am very bitter.

No. 1192700

The most my family has done was joke that a stray cat was gay when I was younger because he’d always follow our male cat around and completely ignore any and all female cats.

No. 1192723

>Is ignoring the problematic figures in the movement and their significance history revisionism?
I'd say yes for sure. In order to bolster their cause, they hide important figures' skeletons and call people haters/phobes when it's addressed.

No. 1192762

It's actually kind of amusing how common picrel's mentality is. For a while on Tumblr around June the posts are just "UGHH NOW AGAIN MAKE IT STOP", probably for different reasons.

No. 1192813

File: 1653257179458.jpg (10.73 KB, 320x241, 739cbb58ea5c8239ff9f4f740304de…)

I remember once i saw a couple of older lesbians and one had a larbys pin and they were holding hands and ngl that was one of the best things i saw in my life. I'm so sad that at least in my country the larbys flag was hiacked by polilez but they were so natural, it wasnt a "provocative stament" just two lesbians existing without a care about the word of what other ""LGTB"" members think of them and their choices, their lesbianism existing outiside of queer ideology. I want it so bad. i want that for myself nonitas

No. 1192821

We are the same anon. I dress femme that looks trad because I enjoy blouses and skirts. To me there's no point in saying I'm lesbian if it doesn't involve another lesbian I'm interested in. The only thing I've considered is putting the labrys pin on my purse. Every woman I've met who goes around saying she is so gay is either bi with her own internal biphobia or full on straight larping as bi.

No. 1192848

What are your predictions for pride month anons? Mine are

>celebrities like hairy styles work overtime for she/they dollars. harry himself might "come out" as polyamorous or something similar. not bi or gay though

>discourse/thinkpieces about kink at pride and whether children should be involved in kink at pride continue from last year
>transshit is the main topic of discussion as always

No. 1192853

File: 1653260947965.jpg (130.34 KB, 1000x565, 1000_F_277714513_fQ0akmI3TQxa0…)

2040 Pride flag gonna be like

No. 1192858

I know you just mistyped labrys but larbys sounds amazingly awful. I would get that pin.

No. 1192859

Dove cameron will come out as some sort of ace and a themlet

No. 1192863

I always liked it so I'll be first to wave it from my balcony

No. 1192876

File: 1653263419971.jpg (72.91 KB, 736x724, d6fac4018a8e2018b2b8273dd5cc00…)

>>1192858 sorry i didn't noticed the typo kek. And yes, vintage pins and vintage pride merch was way cuter, maybe because it was actually made by lesbians for lesbians or by bisexuals for bisexuals instead of a soulless corporation.

No. 1193007

As bi, I'm ok with it when it's tastefully done, not the horrendous rainbow crap everywhere.

No. 1193011

I need this pin and some harry potter pins to use in public as tranny repellant.

No. 1193015

This makes me so homophobic, ngl

No. 1193034

Ughhhh disgusting. Anorectal violence right there.

No. 1193057

File: 1653277727813.png (286.53 KB, 797x615, poctsocks.PNG)

Why. Just why

No. 1193123

File: 1653283902669.png (184.44 KB, 621x1514, tms kink at pride.png)

The Mary Sue thinks that "kink" (which is described in the article as an "erotic power exchange") totally belongs in public pride parades, and their biggest arguments are that BDSM and trannies are good and the evil radfems (who are just as bad as conservatives, obviously) are against those two, and since radfems are bad, "kink at pride" is good.


No. 1193155

I'm just tired. I wish I could close my eyes and pretend this is all a lie.

No. 1193362

File: 1653292365370.jpeg (325.85 KB, 1170x1244, 80672AB8-A347-43F6-9213-44A394…)

I’m pissed that I genuinely like rainbow color schemes, and the aesthetic of colorful things all together in the ROYGBIV order, and now I can never decorate or wear accessories like that without people thinking I speak for The Alphabet People

No. 1193378

Imagine my despair, I like the pale blue x pink combo. Now I feel anxious choosing such color scheme for my art in fear it somehow attracts troons.

No. 1193379

File: 1653293578225.png (1.55 MB, 1562x953, picture-44.png)

agreed, i'm quite sad about this ! i have a few rainbow things and it always sometimes questions.
interesting thing about the penguins, though the redditor and the journos are too stupid to know it's not in greek but in the greek alphabet, picrel you can actually decipher it lmao

No. 1193422

tranny flag with shit and necrosis stripes

No. 1193429

I don't think most people would question you unless you wear obnoxious stuff like rainbow hoodies or rainbow pins. Then again those stuff are ugly and tacky on their own so don't know why you'd wear them. A normal color combo won't get people thinking about you're gay.

No. 1193478

would it be cringe to wear a bi pin
i want to but it also does feel like every woman on the internet is identifying as bi these days, i don't want people to think i'm faking for attention (but i also kind of want to join the pride stuff)

No. 1193485

How can you really know if they're faking it for attention? Isn't it healthier to assume they're just like you? Don't care about cringe, if you identify as such and want to wear the pin, go for it.

No. 1193498

Back when I attended pride events I wore a bi pin and purple/blue/pink. I also felt kind of anxious and like I stuck out like a sore thumb. This was also on the cusp of the troonening so I felt like I was gonna be yelled at for not being pan. But it was fine. I can guarantee to you that everyone else there is probably 100x cringe than you'd ever be nonnie. Go have some fun and report back

No. 1193503

I wear a labrys pin daily (radfem dyke here) and most people don't even notice. I live in an extra unwoke country where you can get jailed for lgbt propaganda, but didn't get asked about my pin once.
I wonder if there are more obscure symbols for bisexuality so you too can show pride in who you are but also like, being lowkey about it?

On the other note, I got an LGBT rainbow patch for pennies and thought of cutting off the T on it and sewing it onto my jacket, but displaying any rainbow in Russia is a great way to get hatecrimed.
Really glad that the labrys is subtle and untainted (except by woke bullshit)

No. 1193534

>We need to help them understand what’s at stake in the kink-at-Pride culture war
>targets women’s reproductive rights

No. 1193555

This is the best thing I saw so far. Bippies unite !

No. 1193565

>In theory, people against kink at Pride believe we’re going to lose all our rights if a topless woman walks around Washington Square Park with a muzzle on.
This is literally what is starting to happen in places like Hungary, Poland and elsewhere in Europe.

No. 1193567

File: 1653309673792.png (3.59 KB, 207x243, 78C60309-C901-4840-B85F-34FC5D…)

Thanks anon you inspired me. To give a gift to a friend of mine, i hope she doesn’t freak out over the labrys symbol.
There’s the joint crescent symbol, its very lowkey and a triple moon symbol. Not sure what the difference is

No. 1193568

I seriously hate how trannies picked such a practical color palette for their fetish’s flag, and honestly, I hate how now “pride” flags are basically any color scheme, it was easy to just leave the rainbow alone because it was straight (heh) to the point and obvious, now you can’t post a thing on the internet without having swarms of groomers and idiots trying to ask if you’re this or that “gender” or this or that “sexuality”.
I doubt people will even take a second glance while you’re outside and you happen to wear light blue jeans and a pink t-shirt, the issue would be if you live in a place where terminally online retards go outside to get their own tendies.

No. 1193569

File: 1653309759321.jpeg (25.91 KB, 225x225, F4903F3E-5A22-4CE2-BC50-8302EF…)

Here’s the triple moon

No. 1193571

Yeah i feel you. But i also roll my eyes when homophobes complain about how the gays ruined the rainbow.
I love the color combo and for the longest time someone in my gild would joke about it whenever i uploaded my character. I wasn’t critical/peaked back then but it still annoyed me.

No. 1193576

File: 1653310577242.jpg (818.45 KB, 1920x1080, television-static-black-white-…)

2087 pride flag

No. 1193578

I like the fairy lights, it looks like M&Ms.

No. 1193581

>I hate how now “pride” flags are basically any color scheme
Lmao this reminds me I was working on a design recently that featured aligned stripes part and one of the feedback I got was to check if the color palette is not associated with any flag since client doesn't want the product to be associated with anything by accident

No. 1193582

This would be a cool flag. Would actually wear this as clothing designs. The real future pride flag would be ugly.

No. 1193585

Kek anon. Just replace the pink/yellow/blue with the trannyshit colors and your'e good to go

No. 1193653

There's only one other girl in my office that is full of elderly expats who is a lesbian and she has latched onto me but she is so obnoxious about being a lesbian around me. She constantly talks about her dates and whatever and I'm just like… I don't care! I don't care at all! Stop talking to me about it just because I'm the other office lesbian! I also have a friend who, no joke, posts nothing but herself in front of rainbows and other LGBT shit. Rainbow this, rainbow that. I love women this, I love women that. Shut the fuck up, it comes off as so performative.

No. 1193726

File: 1653319750735.webm (1.83 MB, 576x1024, The Perfect Girl by Mareux.web…)

Getting closer.

No. 1193838

Target has been selling binders and "packing" underwear recently. This has completely sealed my boycott of them without a doubt.

No. 1193896

Well one of the cat accounts I followed now calls one of their cats a nonbinary legend with she/they pronouns because the testicles didn't drop before spaying and thought the cat was a girl. We're talking a kitten here. I'm also not 100% sure she wasn't just joking.

No. 1193919

tbh this just looks like kids taking their casual vexillology hobby way too far. It's fucking absurd, it's just a LARP, a hobby. I can't bring myself to care about these.

No. 1193956

File: 1653330602617.jpeg (116.52 KB, 648x797, 0C9EB5DA-7B37-42BE-83E0-A0709C…)

Most of those skeletons in their closet are the same thing, pedophilia
I really think we are on the verge of a civilizational collapse, or rather it's already in full swing and this is what it looks like

No. 1194018

I think it would be good to collect anyway, for the eventual historical revisionism when people realize this shit is retarded

No. 1194091

I just wish it would be between two consenting adults. The faggots at pride seriously damage the public perception because they can't stop fucking and sucking for literally the afternoon. Trannies are out there on Discord convincing young girls to get double mastectomies at 18 and convincing boys to castrate themselves because "your bussy is way better"

And the mature lesbian and gay couples who love each other in their own lives, who go on dates and watch movies and go hiking and celebrate birthdays and pay taxes and co-own accounts and properties and act like normal fucking human beings suffer.

No. 1194143

I just came back from local gay district and saw many of these kek. I also saw a giant labrys flag (next to a trans and leather flag but still)

No. 1194170

>the highlight was the 4H club walking a bunch of horses and goats with pride ribbons
That sounds so lovely

No. 1194230

Why is the moon a bi symbol? I kind of hope it isn't related to bisexuality being a phase, my own bi-ness is pretty static and boring but I do think it's a cute symbol. I have a small bi pin on my bag but nobody has commented on it so far (had it nearly a year)

No. 1194420

What that anon posted was a neopagan symbol, I think the association is due to overlap between neopagans/"witches" and LGBT crowds kek

No. 1194436

I'm not bi or a lesbian, but my sister bought me a similar set for my cats because she thinks pride stuff is "fun". I hope my male cat pisses all over the troon one so I can throw it away.

No. 1194437

I think the lesbian sunset flag is more well known than the gay man one.

No. 1194450

File: 1653364552872.jpg (9.86 KB, 1456x864, Tumblr_l_465955920395153.jpg)

Gilbert Baker added a 9th stripe in 2017 to his original pride flag to represent diversity. But instead everyone went with adding the black and brown designed by a MARKETING FIRM? And they took the pink and turquoise out just to save money on mass production of the flags. Not very anti capitalism/large corporation of the community. I miss the age of DIY.

No. 1194453

This flag is pretty

No. 1194459

I always thought it was a play on how people say that bisexuality is a phase and that each moon symbolises attraction to the male and female sexes. I have no idea what the three moon actually means and its more recent i believe.
I tried doing some digging but all i could find is that it was created to replace a more problematic symbol (inverted triangles = nazis) and it symbolises the bi connection to LG, so basically LGB couldn’t find any other website that confirmed it.

No. 1194460

This is bad, the pink shade he chose is ugly. How about we just leave the OG alone.

No. 1194463

did a marketing firm actually design the pride flag with the extra brown shades? lol

No. 1194474

Why is this so true? Why do they overlap so hard? Maybe the witch trials were for an entirely different reason?

No. 1194541

I've gone ascended contrarian and I love pride month and pride merch. Companies capitalizing on pride makes perfect sense, they already do this for Christmas and Valentines day. It's nice that companies show they care and that what was once a renegade movement is now so accepted that it's profitable to support it. Additional revenue from pride month helps create jobs and raise GDP, further increasing the standard of living in my country. Populists like to rage against pride month advertising to show they're class conscious progressives, however the lower working class is made up of homophobic subhumans who don't deserve social safety nets due to their backwards social views.

No. 1194625

This looked so much better. Honestly, fuck tasteless woketards and fuck these mindless, opportunistic corporations selling garbage and exploiting members of the same community they claim to pander to from poverty all the way up to upper/upper middle class insecurity

No. 1194738

Looks like shit as well, bleh.

No. 1194906

It's better than the progress shit and you know it.

No. 1194996

File: 1653410049276.jpg (105.15 KB, 750x1334, FThCPSQX0AAzQaB.jpg)

Not my screenshots but I think it fits the entire flag discussion

No. 1194997

File: 1653410143073.jpg (97.62 KB, 750x1334, FThCPSQWQAEYrWz.jpg)

responds to it

No. 1194999

what does the brown and black mean? it doesn't mean race does it… kek

No. 1195000

How can they not realise how incredibly racist they are, its not inclusive. Its literally segregating lgb brown and black people from the rest.

No. 1195017

I fucking hate the word "folx" so much holy shit. What does it even mean?
And isn't the original pride flag supposed to represent sexualities other than straight? Why do you need to include a color that represents specific races? They're already included in the original flag. And what about the pastel colors, aren't trannies (unfortunately) included in the original rainbow, too?

No. 1195152

It does

No. 1195557

And the black and brown is right next to the tranny flag, which is doubly racist…you know, since so many trannies think black women are just as "manly" as they are and "don't pass".

No. 1195659

If you were visited by an LGB fairy and granted one wish for pride month, what would you wish for and why? For me I'd wish for Harry Styles to be revealed to be a terf in a secret relationship with JK Rowling saging for my extreme autism

No. 1195714

brown for poop, black for necrosis. fits in perfectly next to the tranny colors too, since trannies are the ones having diarrhea ""periods"" out of their necrotic gangrenous flesh wound ""vaginas"" kek

No. 1195783

most of the LGBT people here are employees of the biggest corps here, it's always a good time to listen to them complain about corporate rainbow while they walk with their company at pride because it's a better experience

No. 1195821

File: 1653461526732.jpg (96.09 KB, 750x786, tumblr_feb7f30aeddbd6307b41609…)

if black and brown people do not appreciate being ~included~ orthodox christian ukrainians definitely will

No. 1195830

Fr they always add the people that'd be enraged to see themselves in the flag. Straight ukrnaians, blacks or brown people would mostly dislike this.

No. 1195877

god fuck is it already that time again

No. 1195920

Honestly? Rainbow house looks cute. Nothing against it.

No. 1195926

Messing with the rainbow should be bannable by law. It is nature's perfect visual harmony. Anything a puny human changes or adds to it tarnishes it. Leave perfection alone!

No. 1195931

The brown and the trans colors have always looked so fucking ugly to me. Like at least use slightly different shades so it looks good with the raindow ffs.

No. 1195932

Hello, where is the intersex thing?????????

No. 1195934

File: 1653473048455.png (120.16 KB, 679x382, 1.png)

I wish someone would combine these; the Ukraine one doesn't have the intersex symbol.

No. 1195937

Never lol

No. 1195970

File: 1653475365888.jpeg (172.32 KB, 1440x1342, 8E5BC2B0-20F4-48BF-A45D-9C9F70…)

Inshallah all trannies and male homosexuals suffer this June

No. 1195976

Базировано до экстремальной степени

No. 1196053

File: 1653482899620.png (104.97 KB, 835x759, detrans.PNG)

Tbh other than the mustard diarrhea yellow color this flag is pretty cool. Would love to see more people wear this and see how many troons seethe

No. 1196058

Top two are colors of rotting wounds

No. 1196063

All these flags make me wish I was colorblind

No. 1196093

No. 1196790

I love the homophobic dog

No. 1196821

kek for the rotting neovag and dicksleeve

No. 1196841

I'm so tired of this jihadfag commenting inshallah in all the fucking threads

No. 1196850

'ate tranny janny.
'ate muslamicks. not rude just don't want em on me farm.
luv me homophobic dog.
simple as.

No. 1196888

If this wasn't so fugly I'd wear this. To me it symbolizes reclaiming and embracing my womanhood and finally starting the journey towards a happy life. Yet the flag looks like that while men flaunting their fetish get cute pastels? We totally live in a society smh

No. 1196941

The only gay men who deserve to suffer this June are the ones who brown nose troons while failing to address the genital preferences discourse elephant in the room that expects them to eat pussy

No. 1196968

isn't it against the rules to not blend in and to have a specific typing style? may as well be namefagging
I'm sick of it too ngl

No. 1196995

“jihadfag” kek what? inshallah has just become a memey saying i’m not even muslim you retard

No. 1197002

Why do we fucking needs flags for everything? I drink coffee. Do I need a flag for that too?

No. 1197004

Same. I wish we could report and get them banned. annoying

No. 1197086

No. 1197103

File: 1653543535528.jpg (77.38 KB, 554x960, Tumblr_l_23274190393724.jpg)

I was feeling kind of excited for the pride festival/parade in my city bc I have fun memories of the music and food and floats but then I came back to reality and remembered that these are the type of people who go to pride nowadays and I want nothing to do with it lol

No. 1197105

What..? Is this glorified multiple personality disorder?

No. 1197110

Nah these ppl literally believe gender is "fluid" and can fluctuate on a daily basis. Really. They are worse than "normal" trans people when it comes to their understanding of gender as a concept. They don't seem to realize that personality and mood fluctuations are something literally every person goes through and they're not a brand new fucking breed of human for feeling more feminine sometimes and more masculine other times. That's normal and almost nobody has ONLY feminine traits or ONLY masculine traits. It's pure narcissism and special snowflake syndrome.

No. 1197134

omg! same! I don't understand why 'folks' needs an 'x' to replace the 'ks'! It's one of my biggest pet peeves of all this new woke wordage and it makes zero sense
'folks' is already an all-inclusive term

No. 1197164

So, all of them?

No. 1197172

I'm gonna pull a #notallgaymen here for a sec. There's a vocal minority who strongly oppose modern day trans rhetoric, and a minority of THAT minority also openly support GC women.

Of course, you usually won't find this breed of gay man at pride, bc the alphabet Mafia would tear them to shreds, but they do exist.

No. 1197218

>not knowing how best to interact with them at any given time
On top of everything implying the way you interact with men is different than the way you interact with women? Or idk wtf they mean

No. 1197261

File: 1653563514732.jpg (33.12 KB, 384x443, RDT_20220526_08595474162997379…)

Lord help me I am VERY close to buying these, I had a huge crush on one of these girls a kid, she awakened my same sex attraction so this feels like it's meant for me lmao. The signs are holding me back though, they are awful.

No. 1197262

Oh and the fucking pins on the sunhat, are those nonbinary and poly flags? Fucking end me, fuck you MGA

No. 1197264

File: 1653563892483.jpg (119.52 KB, 640x601, IMG_20220526_141753.jpg)

Inshallah you (and your VPN alt personalities) understand it's a fucking meme

No. 1197276

>memey saying
It's fucking retarded and so are you.

No. 1197278

One of them is the "intersex" pin if that helps you decide. Also they were designed by some fag dude. Yuck.

No. 1197281

>Among us meme
Are you 14 years old?

No. 1197284

Most doll designers are gay men though, so nothing new there

No. 1197288

Are you telling me posting a meme like that is quite…. SUS

No. 1197293

At least it was designed by an actual gay person though? Unlike the Target shit that was made my spicy straights

No. 1197294

I actually didn't know this! Whoops

No. 1197295

kek is he trying to say using faggy hand gestures changes your gender?

No. 1197299

>There's a vocal minority who strongly oppose modern day trans rhetoric
yeah but a lot of them are only looking to dunk on the gaydens and only because it started affecting them personally. if it was only transbians pushing themselves on lesbians they wouldn't give a shit. and they often also yell "homophobia" at GC women who don't asskiss HSTS and treat them as "the good ones".
>a minority of THAT minority also openly support GC women
minority of a minority indeed. statistical outliers, not worth caping for the entire gay male community for.

No. 1197309

Isn't our pride month in February? Why release this in June if we're not yanks? Twitter has too much power.

No. 1197315

File: 1653567489021.jpg (43.13 KB, 800x450, Bethesda_Pride_Month_Logos_Ban…)

What pisses me off the most about corporate pride is how OF COURSE now corpos are all 'love is love!' and putting rainbows on everything now that their market research has indicated that homosexuality (and probably transgender identities) is becoming more accepted. But how many of them would've stuck their neck out for us back when things like Prop 8 were in the news? Not very fucking many. Pic related epitomizes this.

They aren't allies, they're just here to pat themselves on the back while making easy money off gays and troons, and consoomer allies looking to pat themselves on the back.

I also hate the 'progress' flag but the silver lining is that it kind of looks like it could represent trans-racial pride and that's lulzy.

They're selling your own symbol back to you, don't fall for it.

This applies to any rainbow-themed merch. And next year they're probably going to release some 'more inclusive' version so people will buy it twice.

No. 1197316

It just seems to be a place to be a degenerate in pubic and if anyone calls them out, they can just throw around accusations of homophobia/transphobia~.

The fact that 'Kids or Kink' in pride parades is a debate still ongoing. The answer should be obvious.

No. 1197394

is that jade and Sasha? I got both of their minis for my birthday and always made them girlfriends. feels like full circle kek

No. 1197418

File: 1653574378023.gif (709.76 KB, 300x240, Nevra_and_Roxxi_Love_Meter.gif)

It's Roxxi and Nevra (kek I though it was Sasha and Roxxi until now) https://bratz.fandom.com/wiki/Nevra_and_Roxxi

I know it's just marketing but LOOK at them they are so cute

You're right anon, must not listen to the seductive whispers of gay kids toys kek

No. 1197440

NTA but are you the anonita from /meta/ who thought that all inshallah posters are a one big namefag kek?

No. 1197444

File: 1653575770916.jpg (70.85 KB, 1300x433, heroin.jpg)

She might have age dysphoria, don't bully our 14 year old larper anonita

No. 1197455

I think you should buy it, because we all like to occasionally spend money on things that we don't necessarily need but make us happy.

No. 1197465

Kek she 100% is

Thank you anon, happy to get some recognition around here for the trans age community! Physically I might be 30, but in my heart I am 14 laughing at AMOGUUUUS memes

No. 1197473

I can't stand the new BratZ PR-team after following them on Instagram

No. 1197616

A Nonna said she likes when farmers who don't speak Arabic use random words like that, so it's fun to oblige her. I think of her every time I do it.

No. 1197640

File: 1653586360564.png (495.36 KB, 649x680, erthe.png)

Toys for this kitten

I myself think of the nonna that is so triggered by it, making her a tiny bit angrier with every post wallah

No. 1197646

Since when has that been a trait in sims 4? Unless it's a part of the mod

No. 1197649

It's some LGBTQIABBQ+ mod that has the option to add homo- and transphobia

No. 1197716

Can't believe it's been a year almost since the blues clues abomination. What will happen this year? We should take predictions

No. 1197740

File: 1653589561744.png (285.67 KB, 770x422, Capture.PNG)

I bought this sticker after contemplating a few months. I think most pride merch is tacky, especially for how mainstream and pandering it has become. The stuff I really do like and would wear, would only make me feel like a genderspecial. The fact this is the tired kawaii, chibi, neko trope doesn't help, but it's the only one that includes all of the major pride flags and doesn't aesthetically look jarring due to all the colors. It's surprisingly hard to find something that doesn't have that gawdawful "inclusive" Philly triangle these days.

No. 1197751

File: 1653589948305.jpeg (116.86 KB, 1242x681, 81396BF3-9AD7-4D48-9B15-556976…)

You can just follow the lines and gift the other cats to any genderspecials that you think may want to commit a mass murder at your workplace so they don’t kill you.

No. 1197781

File: 1653591866987.webm (3.02 MB, 576x1024, store.webm)

No. 1197786

File: 1653592046050.webm (4.36 MB, 576x1024, candles & soaps.webm)

No. 1197787

Are these actual dick's employees doing free promo or are they just gay men being annoying like gay men usually are? Because that store does not look "pride ready" at all kek.

No. 1197790

lol I think they're just being annoying.

No. 1197791

Anons those are jokes, stop being so autistic. They are making fun of this shit.

No. 1197809

It's probably been said before, but at this point Pride Month is like every holidays. Stores starts to display chinese crap a month in advance then sell at a discount as soon as it's done.

No. 1197853

Nta but that doesn't change the fact that they're being annoying, in public

No. 1197858

I wiped my butt today where's my flag

No. 1197883

I think the audio is a voiceover, they just posed and shit. I've seen worse done for social media

No. 1198015

File: 1653603159583.png (1.82 MB, 1505x876, Bratz (@bratz) • Instagram.png)

Nah don't bother. International Women's History Month back in 2021 their insta was making dolls in the image of real ~inspirational~ women and "celebrating women all month long!" with posts every week that month but 3 out of 4 were troons (only AOC was not). They promoed more troons this year for Women's History Month too.

No. 1198058

sort of related but can someone please explain to me why fags are so obsessed with dolls and womens clothes? Like they talk about hating women and women’s bodies so much but are obsessed with small representations of women and clothes that go on women’s bodies it’s baffling to me?

No. 1198161

File: 1653613974717.jpg (37.01 KB, 502x611, images-7.jpg)

Wtf kek

No. 1198162

File: 1653614000321.jpg (23.51 KB, 539x569, images-8.jpg)

No. 1198164

File: 1653614150025.jpg (36.57 KB, 466x659, images-6.jpg)

No. 1198243

>this will be possible to achieve in the future
kek further proof that this is just a big-ass LARP/hobby taken too far. It should be treated as such, not as a real thing tied to real life.

No. 1198254

This has to be a joke.

No. 1198266

Can't wait until I get my gender reaffirming head removal surgery, which will become available in the future.

No. 1198423

Finally a rainbow variant that doesn't make me want to gauge my eyes out! This one looks good and balanced

No. 1198594

File: 1653648614031.jpg (704.24 KB, 1079x1357, 1653631970360.jpg)

Look at all the lesbian & bi flags and the venus symbol earrings…. STOP ME

No. 1198603

Are those bratz dolls or myscene? Never seen this line. Did they come back?

No. 1198610

Ngl, do want. Whenever I get the desire to buy dolls at this old age, I open up the Sims and give them makeovers. it happens every day

No. 1198631

File: 1653650637798.jpg (26.51 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 1198648

> I treat my partner differently depending on whatever stereotype I project onto him/her/them/mothself because actions like sitting a certain way are indicative of gender
Sexism. Thats just repackaged sexism lvl 100.

No. 1198657

You had a crush on a doll?

No. 1198660

Have you never heard of fictional crushes, anon?

No. 1198666

lemme alog for a quick second, this t-shirt and all of target's bullshit apparel was made in some 3rd world country by underpaid, dirt poor woc working in unsafe and unsanitary conditions, the fucking audacity to pump out this lgbtq+ "queer liberation" merch is un-fucking-believable

No. 1198753

File: 1653657332332.jpg (167.43 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20220520-124318_Ali…)

No. 1198819

kek I like this

No. 1199058

Buy them, they cute

No. 1199083

the obsession causes jealousy and hatred. moids in general always seem to go to

> destroy it

whenever their obsessions are unattainable

No. 1199146

Their outfits looks so mismatched and tacky jfc

No. 1199269

Did Destinytomoon design these dolls?

No. 1199378

File: 1653680823333.jpeg (44 KB, 739x520, E2B340DD-F33B-4E84-85F6-F29382…)

Wtf is this abomination, looks like some African nations flag lol

Nonnas I'm actually so afraid for gay rights crumbling under all this nonsense and people getting fed up with it and thinking it's tge homosexuals who want this

No. 1199389

File: 1653681209946.jpg (186.18 KB, 1080x1326, 1653624320494.jpg)

From the Finnish thread

No. 1199395

I hope they both grow inwards and eventually the trannies and bisexuals have a beam struggle (and the bisexuals win)

No. 1199405

They push the use of this flag because unlike the regular rainbow flag, the one with the triangle gets the creator revenue when companies use it.

No. 1199412

File: 1653681805882.png (7.72 KB, 1200x628, SuperStraightFlag.png)

I am proud to be superstraight, one of the most discriminated against sexualities currently.

No. 1199436

I was in my city gay village earlier this week and they use the troon flag for everything. I heard this old gay man asking his husband what the fuck this was kek

No. 1199439

what the fuck. why are there black and brown twice?

No. 1199442

File: 1653682561084.jpg (106.38 KB, 962x1200, FRX56YmWQAIzSHA.jpg)

is it just me or are jokes about being homophobic more accepted than jokes about being transphobic? if i say something like "god i hate the GAYS" people are going to giggle because it's an edgy bit of humor. if i say "god i hate the TRANS folk" people are going to bitch and moan at me

No. 1199443

trannies are the least oppressed people on earth, yet have the most privilege, especially if they're men.

No. 1199455

I want to go to pride again this year but there's ALWAYS these same human pups and I just can't deal with it again. They have the leather masks on and leather bondage straps on their bare chests. I can't stand it, I wish they were banned. Last year I saw a little girl petting one's head with her mum laughing and taking a picture, and the human pup pretended to lick her leg with it's weird mask tongue.

No. 1199456

Because troons and gender specials are zoomers.

No. 1199465

samefag, but I also find my personal space gets invaded too much at pride. Random people will come and hug me or kiss my cheek etc. I feel like the odd one out if I act annoyed about it or tell them to fuck off, however, because it's usually flamboyant men or drag queens so it's not seen as predatory because there's supposedly no attraction.

No. 1199494

I remember one of the first times I ventured outside of the biblebelt I saw a pride parade accidentally and I think seeing something like those human pups/transbians did cause some internalized homophobia. It just made me not want to be associated with that stuff at all.
I do want to go one day and see if I can find other lesbians, but I don't know if I'll fit in and whether it will be too much and too busy for me. I doubt people will randomly touch me though, because I don't look inviting or attractive lol.

No. 1199515

based old gays

No. 1199517

Yeah I’ve had gay men and their boyfriends come up and think it’s cool to grope me because it’s “totally not like that”. I like my personal space and I definitely don’t want to be touched.

No. 1199523

>there’s supposedly no attraction
There is no attraction. Gay men are not attracted to you in any way. Agree that it’s a normalized behavior that shouldn’t be but I don’t understand what that “supposedly” is suppose to imply.

No. 1199564

nta, but I think there is a minority of men who are functionally gay but technically bi.

No. 1199615

An extremely small statistic whose vague Kinsey scale exceptions are very, very unlikely to include any of us. I really strongly don’t think covert womanizer scrotes are going to go undercover at pride for a chance to smack your ass or kiss you on the cheek, fortunately. I think they believe it’s an expression of friendliness and celebration and since they have zero idea of the socialization of women and the sort of harassment they deal with on a daily basis, it doesn’t even cross their mind that what they are doing makes them a pest. That said the ignorance isn’t an excuse or anything.

No. 1199626

he looks too old for this
someone needs to come get their uncle jfc

No. 1199676

File: 1653691028702.jpg (433.98 KB, 1080x1308, Picsart_22-05-27_17-36-21-214.…)

Be the change you wanna see in the world, nonnie

No. 1199702

truly. that's why I'm trying to get my mind fixed in my 20s so I'm not out here with a mid life crisis like this. didn't there use to be shame around having a mid life crisis, what happened?

No. 1199781

Nothing makes me feel more validated than a concoction of unknown, vomit and cancer-inducing scented chemicals, packaged in environmentally destructive and endocrine disrupting plastic, transported by fossil fuel, from a factory of underpaid 3rd worlders. "Love wins!" What is it, 2015?

No. 1199783

I didn't know there was pride flag for my visual aura inducing migraines

No. 1199873

what is the gray and dark pink stripes supposed to represent

No. 1199888

Gray is from the asexual flag, idk if the pink is from the bi flag

No. 1199898

It's the same way with jokes about women being okay but not jokes about trannies even though trannies claim they are women. It's not aloud because one is the straight man coomer who has trooned out over his fetish and sexism while in a position of power and can force back ridicule, while the others aren't as numerous in positions of power to enforce the 'you can't joke about me' rule.

No. 1199900

* allowed kek, didn't even notice.
Troons are essentially coomer addicts, and not actually a minority but a majority calling themselves a minority while their entire transness is a choice.

No. 1199966

>There is no attraction.
Then why in the fuck they are groping random women? Isn't that what the heterosexual rapists do as well?

No. 1200031

File: 1653723479777.png (227.56 KB, 631x321, fliphorizontal.PNG)

No. 1200038

Idk man, I think there are some "gay" men that are actually bi and not even out to themselves. A gay guy I knew was very into staring and groping my boobs every time he was drunk which was ???? (I played along with it and even made out with him a few times because I was touch starved, he always iniated it though, sue me). I think he did it with a couple other of his female friends too lol

No. 1200049

I was friends (more like acquaintances) with what I thought was a gay guy and when I came out to him as a lesbian, he decided to come out as bi as a response and confess his attraction to me and begged me to give him a chance. He gave me the whole spiel of "how can you know you don't like men when you barely have any experience with them?". I picked him to come out to because I thought he'd get it, but nope.

No. 1200122

Even if there is no attraction how is it okay to touch and grope random women? I’ve had gay scrotes grab and borderline molest me but whenever I made a comment about it making me uncomfortable it was always “oh relax anon you know I don’t like pussy” as if gay men don’t use their sexuality to be extremely creepy to women and misogynistic? Fuck off faggots don’t get a free pass to harass women because they happen to like dick. This anon >>1200038 has a point, I’ve had the misfortune of having a lot of gay scrotes in my life due to my line of work and you’d be surprised the shit they pull. At the end of the day gay men are scrotes who will do anything to get their rocks off.

No. 1200181

I'm the anon who wrote the original message and >>1200122 sums it up pretty well. They grope you right between your legs in a way that is so uncomfortable, sexual and awful but since they appear so flamboyant and gay, you can't comment because it makes you look like you can't "take a joke". Plus, even if they are wearing a pride badge and have eyeliner on, they don't exactly come up to you and say "hey, I'm gay!" Then grab your tits. You just assume they're gay from their behaviour but you never REALLY know. They could be bi, they could be pan- could be anything. I was not trying to say "I'm so hot, even gay guys want me!"- I think that's what you were implying? It wasn't like that at all.

No. 1200210

Oh I definitely am not "so hot I even gay men want to fuck me teehee", idk what that anon was on about

No. 1200239

File: 1653742636105.png (25.36 KB, 200x238, thumb_when-you-pretend-to-be-g…)

Many men are just bisexual, with more gay leanings than straight. Some are straight up 50/50, or even straight, and just act flamboyant
Lesbians who mistakenly believe they can have a true kinship with moids, assorted faghags and hettie betties really hate this fact. The last group dislike it because it makes them question their "totally gay" male friend who's into watching them change clothes, calls female pop stars "mommy" and "jokingly" grabs their ass and tits all the time

No. 1200345

Not gonna lie, I love how they included the lesbian flag. That shit always gets ignored.

No. 1200350

It just goes to show that they, deep down, understand that they're not actually women. They can distance themselves from their lie at any time.

No. 1200664

i used to suck my barbies' tits and make them kiss and scissor

No. 1200674

Okay so are we talking like, pedestrian events where regular people are lingering? Because I find it very hard to believe or even envision actual gay men going out of their way to molest you on the streets. Could I see a straight male or a sex pest coomer who has convinced himself he’s bi because he watches femboy porn now doing something like previous anons have said? Absolutely. But statistically, most of the men at pride that are prowling for ass are not even planning on glancing at ours unless we are in their way or something. I don’t know what kind of reddit coomers you surround yourself with but the majority of gay chads are not going to try to feel you up and probably already have a social filter over their vision to not even see you at all.

No. 1200680

Why are you so dedicated to writing these long posts attempting to gaslight random, anonymous women about whether self-proclaimed gay scrotes are touching them inappropriately at parades? You did this before here >>1199615, on some "T-Those bi men LARPing as gay who actually do want to bone women exist, sure, but they wouldn't even be ATTRACTED to yo-I mean us!!" shit
>gay chads
Kek, give it up Gropey

No. 1200707

Because I’m concerned about the state of lolcow when I see unending conspiracies about how even gay men want to molest you. What the hell.
>give it up gropey
I absolutely do not want to touch you either kek.

No. 1200711

I was in work earlier when the news came on the radio and monkeypox has reached my country with gays in particular being warned to be careful and to pay attention to lesions on sexual partners.. just in time for pride! They're working on a vaccine now.?.. I stg if gays (guys) spread this shit like its the new covid and if pride events are the things that really spread it around.. well I'll be back to whing some more I guess lol.

No. 1200713

They already have the smallpox vaccine for monkeypox

No. 1200722

File: 1653771815735.png (251.34 KB, 305x802, 1643671031367.png)

Everyone's said they're not gay, though. You even got triggered earlier when an anon said they were only "supposedly" gay. It's weird, you're trying to do it both ways. You actually softly agree it happens because you can't stop the girls from realizing, but you're still clearly bothered that it's even being pointed out, and trying to make it into some weird desirability game or insult with this "You're just surrounding yourself with Reddit coomers, gay chads don't even see you!". As if men being disgusting is supposed to be flattering in any way (which betrays either an incel mentality, or an insecure/pick-me one), or that gay men have any respectable status among women except as funny BFFs, drag queens and the occasional diversity token (to a straight woman).
You sound like either a bottom bitch prison gay nigga mad the jig is up, or a fujoshi faghag/failed FtM projecting her shitdick lust on the rest of the female population. News flash: If any woman posting here wanted it, this conversation wouldn't be happening right now

No. 1200724

I meant like working on getting doses ready to give out to people.

No. 1200726

The vaxx already exists. It's not a new virus, but an outbreak outside Africa is unusual.

No. 1200728

I know, I meant my country is ordering in doses of the vaccine.

No. 1200738

Would it kill faggots to not have unprotected sex with 50 strangers every week? They do it even if it does kill them. First aids, now monkey pox. Jesus Christ.

No. 1200744

I have no faith that they'll pay attention to these warnings or give up casual sex for just a while to help avoid this becoming a whole lot worse. I think it was right in the middle of the pandemic that we had warning about syphilis outbreaks that started with gay men and crossed over

No. 1200750

They're not that rare, just ask around your gay friends. Few are very repulsed but a good chunk of them had gfs before and will tell you that female body is attractive to them even if they wouldn't wanna have sex or date women.

No. 1200769

I’m not triggered. I know it may sound unfathomable but like you probably are as well, I’m just casually typing. The shift in lolcow has just been interesting. The hatred for gay men is almost as palpable for the hatred of straight men. It’s just interesting to see such a dynamic where gay men who are high on poppers flouncing around in harnesses one week a year around the gen pop are supposedly harboring feelings of female attraction because they smacked your ass or something during a parade.

No. 1200788

You've been at this for a day now, it's concerning. Men are men, who they go to bed with doesn't redeem them of shitty actions and you can't pretend it's just homophobia whenever women point out terrible behavior. You also seem very attached to this idea that wimpy bisexual men don't ever pretend to be 100% gay to get away with shit (and if they do, it doesn't count, and if it does, it's not that bad, and if it is, it doesn't matter etc etc). Sexual harassment is just wrong, dude, stop doing drugs and making excuses

No. 1200847

Someone should make an ugly gay/bi/lesbian flag combo without the trans flag and see how people react to it

No. 1200859

What the fuck is the joke supposed to be? It's just abuse they can get away with. Seriously, what possible meaning can there be to sexually grabbing someone against their will? Normal men get off on it, I bet faggots do too, I bet they get off on making women squirm and feel uncomfortable even if they have zero sexual feelings about women in itself. No decent person would do something like that because it serves no conceivable non-negative purpose.

No. 1200953

Sexual harassment is wrong, yeah. Maybe I was just thrown aback by the concept that someone would pretend to be gay at pride for the sole purpose to violate a woman. It’s just kind of hard for me to fathom. I think we are moving away from this archaic stereotype that gay men can behave like that anyways luckily so hopefully your pride experiences are better this coming year and after.
I do think it’s very disrespectful and unhinged to say the majority of men are actually bisexual even if they’re “gay leaning” because that completely erases gay people in the same way men like to dismiss and erase lesbians as bisexual. It doesn’t mean I’m dickriding the gay community it’s just something I think is terrible to say.

No. 1200977

File: 1653787543418.jpg (177.42 KB, 640x1136, hairry.jpg)

Speaking of moids, what shenanigans do you predict he'll get up to next month? And are there any other celebrities to look out for in terms of stupidity?

No. 1200999

>Sexual harassment is wrong, yeah. Maybe I was just thrown aback by the concept that someone would pretend to be gay at pride for the sole purpose to violate a woman.
Men do all sorts of twisted things to get their rocks off. The results of society listening to "We just wanna pee (in women's bathrooms) for god's sake" show that. There's no official gay club membership or anything, people just like to go by stereotypes about personality/appearance, so it's even easier to just pretend to be gay
>I do think it’s very disrespectful and unhinged to say the majority of men are actually bisexua
I said "many", not "the majority", but even that doesn't really matter because I just don't care about respecting men who sexually harass women. Lolcow isn't where you come if men's feelings are important to you in general, and they shouldn't be equated to lesbians. Lesbians don't grab random men's dicks or asses and try to excuse it with "It's okay, I'm gay!" (no matter how many porn addicted men might appreciate that, kek)

No. 1201009

Perhaps I misread your intentions then. I’m not a handmaid I was just very taken aback about the “supposedly” gay and “mostly gay” thing. That was why I mentioned that gay men have no sexual interest in women. I see you are talking about what I consider to be a minority of gay people fortunately. I don’t and will never find sexual harassment of any kind okay I just refuse to dismiss anybody gay of their sexuality because “some” are “really bisexual” but “it’s complicated or not worth explaining” kek.

No. 1201028

“straight” men in the early 00s when gay bars became more popular would go to said gay bars and pretend to be gay to get with the women that gay dudes brought along as friends, so it’s not unfathomable that dudes are pretending to be fags to get close to women because naturally (and wrongfully so) women let their guard down around gay men. There’s also a new trend of men where they paint their nails and wear skirts and do gay shit to seem non threatening to women, you act like males playing characters in order to get sex is unheard of and impossible. >>1200859
When the gay men I knew groped me I never assumed it was sexual or because they were attracted to me, I still don’t, I’m pretty sure they just wanted to humiliate me, they’d always grab my boobs or ass and comment about how I should be careful about getting fat, etc. They would also comment on how I dressed or did my makeup in very backhanded ways, so yeah I basically sum it all up to them wanting to humiliate me and be catty not them wanting to have sex with me or some other shit. I just think gay men are super catty and have a weird innate hate for women in general and they do this shit to humiliate us. Weirdly enough the one gay dude I knew who admitted to sleeping with women was the only one who never did creepy shit like that to me. >>1200769
Yeah obviously the hatred for gay men is as strong as the hatred for straight men? We hate all men, wouldn’t it be more homophobic if we excluded gay men because then that would imply we “don’t see them as real men”?

No. 1201207

thank you nona, thank god i am not the only ruski on the board.

No. 1201209

Gay men are just as unwelcome on lc as straight men, fuck off. Also, no one was talking about ACTUAL gay men, but men that masquerade as gay men (or even reverse-bicurious men) that act creepily towards us. I'm not one of those nonnas that have deep hatred for gay men here and throw the word faggot around like it's candy, but I'm starting to see their point a bit. The entitlement to our spaces is in moid nature, be you straight, gay or a tranny.

No. 1201237

File: 1653816104394.jpeg (161.95 KB, 1000x1000, FTY2pozWYAEhUVk.jpeg)

Ain't ready for this month

No. 1201238

File: 1653816362465.jpg (24.07 KB, 680x670, 667.jpg)

the polyamory flag

No. 1202107

Why is gay male there twice?

No. 1202124

why is sexual degenerate straight male and spicy kweer pickme female there more than twice?

No. 1202148

>drag flag
>poly flag
I want off this ride

No. 1202161

the polyamorous flag is as ugly as real polyamorous people are.

No. 1202166

File: 1653872590628.jpeg (100.61 KB, 1011x1491, D988C347-6ED0-4CA9-8AE9-03B1C2…)

never forget

No. 1202169

File: 1653872695130.jpeg (65.72 KB, 1242x1129, C1E78550-FF77-4895-AEE3-069227…)

sorry i forgot to add this for context lol

No. 1202207

The fuck is Maverique? and aren’t Hijra’s some oppressed moids that suffer the fuck a lot on India?

No. 1202258

I identify as a progressive! I'm also a bit of a maverick. I'm also currently in drag and I am currently questioning my gender. I am now LGBT and I can now ask random people on Twitter for money

No. 1202270

No. 1202469

File: 1653903020906.png (299.74 KB, 1466x1352, wtf.png)

Jesus fucking christ. Well at least the terfy pink lesbian flag is there kek. Also if you have a desire to lose a few braincells I suggest visiting the gender fandom wiki and read some random entries and the comments that go with them.

No. 1202503

File: 1653907671618.jpeg (116.55 KB, 1024x1024, 8FCA69F6-1D04-4C7A-A9B5-9B3E65…)

I honestly became a lot more accepting of Pride month culture, yes grudgingly even the Western consoomer side of it, after studying in Hungary. Fuck it genuinely sucks over there, nearly Russia-tier "LGB are pedos preying on your poor uwu children and breaking up heterosexual wholesome Christian families" propaganda is retarded but the people eat it up. The only place in Europe where I've actually experienced genuine lesbophobia and been told to "go back to my own country", "we don't want your kind here", and that I'm "mentally ill" for being a lesbian. Makes me hate the T even more, fucking troons ruined it for all of us and keep setting us back further. Glad to be out of that shithole, you know the other side is actually fascist when you feel like siding with genderspecials out of spite.

No. 1202506

I don't feel like the pink lesbian flag is terfy, more just femme4femme?

No. 1202508

this is why we need trannies out of the LGB

No. 1202526

>LGB are pedos preying on your poor uwu children and breaking up heterosexual wholesome Christian families
not untrue though, gay men should not be allowed near children

No. 1202530

Come to Poland or Hungary then, with your views you'll be the queen of our retarded alt right "elite"

No. 1202532

oh no, not the heckin gay pedophiles and degenerates

No. 1202534

Yeah they’re unironically right on that one kek. Gay male culture is basically built around older men preying on barely pubescent boys

No. 1202538

It's annoying to read being in a country that would rather have billboards warning against hypothetical "gay pedos" than take care of countless confirmed cases of hetero pedophile priests, but hey, if it's a priest abusing your child that's all fine for a wholesome christian family.

No. 1202541


Ok /pol/, yes everyone knows scrotes regardless of sexuality have a high chance of being legit pedos, is that news? The point is that lesbian and bi women too are affected by these hateful stereotypes and fucking Fidesz/PiS is not a based ally against the troons and "degeneracy", they are actual misogynists and if you'd rather side with them in fear of being grouped with some theoretical degenerate gay scrotes you are genuinely a tardthot of the highest order.

No. 1202549

There’s something wrong with every one t. trannies. I can’t find the infographic right now but if some other anonita finds it please post it!

No. 1202553

This, thank you nonna

No. 1202564

The priests are the gay pedos though

No. 1202567

>Ok /pol/
>"""theoretical degenerate gay scrotes""""
i want to like your post, but something doesn't add up

No. 1202569

There's a lot of research suggesting the majority of homosexual pedophilia cases in church are crimes of opportunity; meaning they're preying mostly on boys because they're easily "accessible" for a long term grooming, with altar boys, or all boys schools; as compared to girls. Even with all the trust placed in priests by christian communities, it's far more likely for a predator to be in contact with boys only, than having any one on one with a girl. Ultimately church degeneracy is kinda it's own thing, with the power dynamics and sexual repression and so.

No. 1202589

Just the sole idea of even typing shit like what’s written in those comments, even ironically, makes me want to kill myself.

No. 1202621

You realize some of has experience with gay scrotes and you should stop speaking for gay and bisexual women? Gay men can use cactus as dildos till they die for all I care. A moids a moid. Stop putting me in the category with them. Also my harassment and assault is not supposedly. You’re worse for any women here than the ones shitting on men. You’re sure those are xx hands denying a women could be sexually harassed? Starting to smell like smega and shit in here.

No. 1202622

You're responding to a post about very specific situation in very specific countries that anon was referring to; if you're not from either of these, please stop getting so triggered

No. 1202624

Okay, but that doesn't change that the "pink lesbian flag" is just the lipstick lesbian flag without the kiss mark. Lipstick lesbian meaning femme4femme. It's not exactly inclusive of butches, so wouldn't want that to be the official lesbian flag either. Unless you're a big fan of pushing butches out of every community ever.
This. When I'm in deeply conservative areas, finding a gay scrote is actually refreshing. Yes yadayada I hate men, probably more than you and I've beaten up more than you have. Women are great, but the ones in conservative areas who think I'm just a predatory creepy gross dyke, aren't exactly my super based radfem allies. They think I'm just as bad, if not worse than gay scrotes and also will aggressively yank their kids to the other side of them when they pass me in the street. At that point it's just nice to find someone who actually gets it and knows what it's like to be hated for just being the way you were born. Who understands gender nonconformity. Even if it has to be a scrote.

No. 1202648

can someone explain this to me? what does that flag mean?

No. 1202661

Rupaul, the person who posted that tweet, is a famous drag queen and a host of drag competition show; known for discriminating trans contestants. Since at some point the show started aiming at more and more mainstream audience, I suppose the production started pushing for more "progressive" look of it and have Rupaul himself express more openness to trans people; and here is the example of that. He was supposed to show support to trans community but didn't give a fuck to the point where he probably misspelled his google search of "trans flag" to "trains flag" and just posted first colors that came up; which happen to be an abstract painting depicting three green lines titled "trains landscape".

No. 1202717

ahhh I knew who rupaul and his show was but didn't understand the flag. that's hilarious lol

No. 1202749

It means BRASIL!!!!!!

No. 1203032

ngl that's pretty based of him

No. 1203288

>known for discriminating trans contestants
Good lol, you make it seem like that's a bad thing

No. 1203464

File: 1653973294329.png (835.26 KB, 1148x791, GRID SCARF.png)


No. 1203466

shut up retard

No. 1203562

At least this one is more subtle compared to the other cringe merch. Still garbage but not as bad

No. 1203599

Lmao why do you even think so, I just wrote an informative post without expressing my opinion at all

No. 1203883

File: 1654010477392.jpg (1.15 MB, 4280x3030, kikomi.jpg)

Happy pride nonnies. Do the lord's work this year and counter tag every tranny propaganda sticker and graffiti you see

No. 1203896

File: 1654011121515.jpg (273.24 KB, 735x1280, facts.jpg)

I hate gay moids so much it's unreal. I just can not and will never understand why lesbians chose to ally with them. The entire predjudice against gays is based on the grooming and child molesting behavior from gay moids. Faghags and handmaidens for gay scrotes are so incredibly retarded and naive.

No. 1203902

File: 1654011654982.jpg (100.01 KB, 1353x895, storm.JPG)

Oh god, anons. June is almost here and my SM feed is already filled with tranny shit about it. This will be a extra long month.

No. 1203906

Honestly as a lesbian, gay moids often feel like a ball and chain. They slow us down and do fuck all for us. I remember watching a documentary about AIDS and it got to a part about how helpful lesbians were and a gay guy said something along the lines of "I doubt gay men would do the same" and I can believe it. Don't get me wrong, I have a few gay male friends, but linking our causes together seems counterproductive. We're both attracted exclusively to the same sex and face difficulties because of that, sure, but we're still two very different groups with different needs.

No. 1203924

>with different needs
like what?

No. 1203974

File: 1654014593834.jpg (9.52 MB, 6048x4032, 20220514_062838-merged.jpg)

Hell yeah nonny

No. 1203976

Did you do that anon? Good job!

No. 1203984

Nta, all-make and all-female couples have different needs in the same sense that males and females have different needs. Most obvious one is that STD prevalence and spread is a way bigger problem for the gay male community than it is for the lesbian or straight community, since men want to screw anything that breathes and women are normally the limiting factor that keeps them from doing that.

No. 1203992

Tempted to make a banner out of this

No. 1203994

Gay men were just as bad to lesbians as straight men back in the day and lesbians still stepped up to help them during AIDS.

No. 1203995

While I know that some gay moids can be very bad and lesbians/bi women shouldn't be lumped with them, this graphic looks very /pol/-tier and makes me wonder if I'm being too harsh on the gays. There are some few good and respectable and nice gay men out there. I don't want to take their rights off them

No. 1204001

> all-make and all-female couples have different needs in the same sense that males and females have different needs.
yeah that’s why i was confused. because these differences would be due to us being female and them being male, not due to our respective sexualities. the STD thing makes sense though. but then again, gay men higher rates of STDs than lesbians, but women have higher rates of STDs than men. or is it just that we have an increased risk of contracting them? idk, but either way, i don’t think that one example means we do in fact have different goals or different needs. if any of that makes sense

No. 1204011

Good for you. You’re a women you can’t take their rights. Only other men can. It’s not our fight.

No. 1204015

Hmm, that's true. Still, I really am not a faghag and think most gay men are full of shit, but I do know some of them are just trying to have normal families.

No. 1204021

Being the receiving partner in penetrative sex makes people more susceptible to STDs. Most people are straight and nearly all straight couples have PIV.

No. 1204023

>23% of children of lesbian mothers are sexually abused
Wait what? I've never seen a stat about lesbians being child abusers… "By parent or other adult" does that mean mom's abuse their kids or are more likely to leave their kids around degens?

No. 1204032

Anal sex is also a factor in STDs. An asshole is not designed to accommodate a penis like a vagina, this leads to more risk of skin tearing which increases transmission rates.

No. 1204034

Of course, but there are far more women who do PIV than men who take dick up the ass, which explains why overall more women have STDs than men do but gay men have more STDs than lesbians.

No. 1204039

I did! Thank you hehe

No. 1204041

Hell yeah nonnie, go out there and make us proud!

No. 1204045

So based nonnie, I admire that

No. 1204048

File: 1654018276070.jpg (16.39 KB, 310x309, 17b741cf59f3a5ffc6d992c8883d13…)

I love you, nonnie! Doing god's work here!

No. 1204049


No. 1204074

File: 1654019452129.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x882, 1630503913588.jpeg)

Based beyond belief

No. 1204102

Wow love you anon, I was thinking about doing graffity stencil of something like " women rights over men's feelings " ( I think its's a quote of Uno Ishigami ? ) but I can't flee easly in my city so I can't spray it myself

No. 1204159

File: 1654022902118.png (48.97 KB, 300x100, wer34ttt.png)

made it into a banner

No. 1204199

File: 1654024275113.jpg (37.56 KB, 595x160, HIV_rate.jpg)

49% of HIV diagnoses were in heterosexuals and 45% in gay and bi men in the UK in 2020, even though heterosexuals decided to get tested less that year. Also this infographic throws lesbians under the bus too.
The HIV prevalence already fell 70% between 2014 and 2020 in the UK, it's probably similar in other countries. Heterosexuals are outpacing them now. I think both gay men and lesbians are affected by conversion therapy being legal or schools being able to ask parents to sign anti-homosexuality statements before allowing students to be admitted. Forcibly outing students to their parents. As long as homosexuality (yes extremely Christian conservatives don't make a difference between gay men and lesbians) is compared to murder, pedophilia and rape, I don't see how we have completely different needs. The acceptance of homosexuality and being allowed to develop and exist as you are are some very basic things. It's easy to say you have nothing in common when you're in a very progressive area.

No. 1204211

Probably because moids are seeking more sex from prostitution and women think they're ~empowered~ when they sell their body.

No. 1204217

You’re actually on about Bi men and the cross spreading. They pick up trans “women” prostitutes and then take home STD to their wives. They would label themselves Herero but uh I’d say anal with another male is pretty Bi. I know one in real life who actually gave it to him and his ex wife that way and it happened in my grandmothers social circle when I was a kid too weirdly enough.

No. 1204219

I wonder how much PREP has played a role in the numbers evening out. I know anyone can take it but you only really hear of gays doing it.

No. 1204232

My mom always told me the main victims of HIV weren't men, but women, housewives at that, because disgusting men go and cheat and then bring home the bug with them. It gets worse knowing these women might not initially know if they have it or not and then pass it to their kids or during pregnancy. I hate men.

No. 1204238

I feel like I've heard that before, does anyone know a good article/book that would have more info on this? I'm trying to search by the internet in my country is awful kek

No. 1204244

There are more heterosexuals than queers, and I’m pretty sure polyamory bs is one of the root causes of this tomfoolery.
Remember ladies, virginity! Is! Cool!

No. 1204256

Well two men fucking each other is now considered heterosexual if one of them identifies as a woman. I'm sure that skews the statistics a bit.

No. 1204259

The term those men used was DL because they were on the down low. So try looking for that otherwise I’ll make a master post later when I have time.

No. 1204262

Looking foward to it nona!
>Well two men fucking each other is now considered heterosexual if one of them identifies as a woman.
Dang, that's true.

No. 1204276

That's why it's actually harmful to continuously associate HIV solely with gay men. Women and doctors wait with testing for years, despite all symptoms being there and only find out when it's late stage.

No. 1204279

File: 1654026927060.png (130.38 KB, 512x512, 895837f6-2164-4a4a-aaf8-c1c86b…)

I love you, nonnas !!!!!

No. 1204284

nta but that pic is adorable.

No. 1204286

i think womens societal position still being largely economically dependant on men and also being subjected to sexual terrorism/risk of pregnancy makes their experiences in traversing lesbophobia rights more precarious then a man just experiencing homophobia. sure there are ways a man can be targetted by homophobia that can ruin his life but there are many more means to keep a lesbian terorrized and closeted through misogyny and lesbophobia, things not easily rectified with granting rights alone.

No. 1204557

/pol/ moids fuck off

No. 1204879

Can't believe they made an aids scarf. I'm gonna buy one.

No. 1204941

File: 1654062005440.jpg (73.42 KB, 1080x1152, IMG-20220601-WA0001.jpg)


No. 1204944

Signaling to everyone at pride that I have aids using the bandanna system to assert my dominance

No. 1204946

Holy shit

No. 1204954

Imagine going back in time 20 years and asking someone “what do the following have in common?”

>gay people

>black people
>brown people
>transgender people
>people with birth defects
>people from Ukraine

No. 1204958

This. The new flag isn't so offensive to gay people and racial minorities. It's so weird to group those groups together as if they're different from normal people, aka white straights and therefore needs to be excluded.

No. 1204972

graphic design is my passion.jpg

No. 1204977

Does anyone know how to flag butch4butch or butch4both?
Sure, just atm people say "lol just move" to literal children and teenagers stuck with parents who try to send them to conversion therapy. The housing crisis also adds to the difficulty of moving out of conservative areas, while at the same time having no homeless shelters available which are safe for women in general and especially lesbians. Abortion access deserts and hurdles make the potential consequences of corrective rape terrifying. Sadly enough, nobody gives a shit about those areas and just act like everyone can move so easily. Including liberals who feel some sort of schadenfreude at women being put through that for being born in the wrong area and not liking it.

No. 1204983

File: 1654063609400.jpeg (37.98 KB, 919x577, c.jpeg)

Reminder these women who have never eaten pussy in their lives will one day be the majority of the LGBT

No. 1204986

Confusing very subtle and fleeting bicuriosity as bisexuality will be the bisektual womens downfall.

No. 1204988

Twitter she/they's and it's consequences have been a disaster for the homosexual race.

No. 1204992

Women meme themselves into thinking they could have a relationship with women and men are pretending to be bisexual for female attention, it’s getting bizarre

No. 1205009

I think these types have legit traumatized me by wanting to experiment, but being so obviously not into women at all. They also seem to be the most vocal about hating gnc women, because they got their idea of samesex love literally from porn or a tv show.

No. 1205014

Where’s that meme that’s like when a fake gay bitch is around a real lesbian

No. 1205019

File: 1654065240693.png (166.23 KB, 500x522, how-fake-gay-girls-look-when-r…)

Through a quick Google I found two

No. 1205020

File: 1654065262573.jpg (79.78 KB, 900x666, 7jvbg9r9a7771.jpg)

No. 1205027

File: 1654065931634.png (1.22 MB, 1439x765, Screenshot 95.png)

I think this is the result of being gay/bi for the "aesthetic". even girls who act as bi for the male gaze are willing to engage in some form of sexual intimacy with another woman, but for these girls its about the aesthetic, the Sapphic fantasy which is just that a fantasy, for them being gay isn't just being attracted to women, its kissing under the moonlight, its homesteading with your lesbian farmer gf without ever having worked a day in their lives, I honestly feel bad for the, they have no sense of personal identity or self worth

No. 1205033

I’m not the first and will not be the last who has said this but it’s very scary that the new daterapist look will be chipped nail polish and guyliner. Men are using the same feminizing tactics Michael Jackson did to look less threatening, ew.

No. 1205040

File: 1654066403135.png (828.69 KB, 1280x1264, PG_2020.06.25_Global-Views-Hom…)

I wonder what actual Ukrainians think of that kek

No. 1205043

They seem to try to get away with it by labelling themselves asexual. How the fuck else are like 20% of women on dating apps "asexual"? They're explicitly looking for a TikTok accessory. I don't know if this is an improvement over the old, step 1 experiment, step 2 get a boyfriend, step 3 contact the girl/woman you experimented with and ask for a threesome.

No. 1205054

>Mexico 69

No. 1205056

No. 1205062

Brown people(muslims), blacks and unkranians don't want to be included in lgbt flag, the white people who designed it know that but they only care about being trendy so they won't respect the people they include. It just comes off as white straights being a different class than people of color(slavs included) and gays.

No. 1205069

All of these just feel like 2 best friends who got drunk and kissed or faked lesbianism for aesthetic i hate it. Being with a woman is just as mundane as a straight couple its not like the stars are bright, there's always a sunset sky, and a beautiful field to take pics in.

No. 1205071

They just romanticize close friendship and think that’s the same thing as physical attraction.

No. 1205078

I mean just at this @forsapphic accounts, its just random women(some IRL and some fictional characters) holding hands or just in the same room together and has captions about how gay they are

No. 1205081

It's super telling when they romanticize the cutesyuwu aesthetically pleasing small kiss on the lips thot pictures but when it comes to eating actual pussy they stay radio silent.

No. 1205084

I hate this shit so much. And you never see women who don't fit that stereotypical "I kissed a girl to impress my boyfriend" look on those pictures. It's always painfully hetero. No actual pictures of real lesbian women.

No. 1205085

Samefag but before anyone says shit, no I don't mean that lesbians have to have a certain "look" to them or that lesbians can't be pretty. But if you love women you know what I mean, it's a feel some women have. Plus the girls in those ~aesthetic lesbian~ pictures always look too perfect and instagrameable. They don't look like average women loving each other, which you would think that if they're totes lesbians they would actually be happy about. These hetties will never know how homophobia feels like because all they do is for the male gaze.

No. 1205089

Also the only women they ever thirst over are ruby rose tier and it isn’t even real thirst it’s just the uwu girlcwush shit

No. 1205091

>are ruby rose tier
I feel like it's the opposite? They only like pretty feminine girls who would photograph well to mimic those pics for instagram. Especially to recreate that make up application while straddling pic. Preferably with the same size so you can share clothes uwu. Meanwhile any gender nonconformity is icky, because that doesn't get the guys going, "might as well date a man then".

No. 1205113

File: 1654070496521.jpg (212.74 KB, 1074x1240, 8fce6b69-15e2-5c34-b5d7-fa3f1f…)

its similar to labeling people(fictional and IRL) as having bi or queer energy, a lot of these morons have an irrational fear of being perceived as ordinary, but they don't use the word ordinary they use the words like mediocre, bland and vanilla to describe their perceived enemies who probably don't give a second thought about them, people aren't people to these idiots, their a bag of aesthetics and tropes that they learned about from twitter that were recycled from the ideas of pretentious queer intellectuals

No. 1205130

File: 1654072214574.png (80.02 KB, 374x331, Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 4.28…)

It is from /pol/. At the bottom says "Brought to you by Vanguard America". Vanguard America is a far right white nationalist organization, so I wouldn't trust anything coming out of there. The infographic sources are not even cited

No. 1205138

iirc that was a deliberate misinterpretation of the statistic. it wasn't the adoptive lesbian mothers who were abusing the kids, but because the kids, who were adopted/fostered, often came from bad situations where they experienced abuse before being adopted. "by parent or other adult" refers to the parents/guardians the kids had before being adopted

No. 1205163

The straightest of straight couples that could be the phase of “that one polyamorous couple at the bar” at best

No. 1205180

Just want to add the pride debate about gays and lesbians, remember how gay moids let pedos in the gay rights movement (NAMBLA) and it was up to gay women to fight tooth and nail to get them removed from the LGB movement because they knew how harmful it was to associate with literal pedos, meanwhile most men did not care or even agreed with the pedos views.

No. 1205182

samefag, a source in case people aren’t sure what i’m talking about https://4w.pub/lesbians-vs-pedophiles/amp/

No. 1205190

I was better off two minutes ago when I didn’t know this was a thing thanks

No. 1205201

>brought to you by : vanguard america
Hhhm, yeah totally reliable source for totally unbiaised and up to date statistics, thanks anon

No. 1205231

Some of those women could be like me who are just currently in a long term relationship with a moid, even though they have been with a woman longer than 5 years ago. Though that could be the minority (MANY of them could be just unicorn hunter bi types) + even if that was the case it's debatable how tightly us opposite sex partnered bihetties even are a part of the LGB community.

No. 1205238

I'm in the same boat as you. I've dated women more women than men and for longer. My current relationship is a guy.

No. 1205258

File: 1654080252092.jpg (83.67 KB, 330x796, omnUjIS.jpg)

So it begins. Westerners are too privileged to know why homosexuality was a taboo. Also who is this mythical rich gay man that's donating to homophobic groups?

No. 1205268

Queer is a political term to "the Queer community", like how Lesbian (with a capitalized L) is a political term to Polilez. Queer doesn't refer to LGB(t) individuals automatically, but it refers to non-assimilationist, anarchist and socialist LGB(t) people. It doesn't refer to the gender conforming gay and lesbian people who want a white picket fence life and who are spending thousands on IVF or surrogacy. Homosexuality was taboo in the west because it couldn't lead to reproduction. Which is why up until the middle ages, homosexuality was tolerated in Europe, as long as you also "performed your duty", i.e. have kids. Then it didn't matter who you fucked on the side, in many cases it was even encouraged to engage in homosexual activity. Until the church cracked down on it.

No. 1205361

Sage for a mini sperg out.
I hate the retarded pride merch but some of the shit regarding that from people living in western countries is really disgusting. No, you don't fucking want to trade this for a ultra conservative country where people get beat up in the street merely for "looking" too gay (which includes gnc women). And no, mtfs trying to gain access to women bathrooms (which is awful and I obviously don't condone it) doesn't mean you have it just as bad ffs, women get raped in bathrooms all the time here too.
I'm just so tired of reading homophobic takes under the guise of not caping for men from people who absolutely don't give a shit about gay women. If gay scrotes are treated badly somewhere then you can be 100% sure lesbians and even straight gnc women have it a dozen times worse. The reason Poland has government approved "anti-lgbt zones" isn't because they care about pedophilia, they literally cape for pedos and there are politicians who raped children in illegal brothels who vocally support that. One of the main reasons for being anti lgbt that they give is that it ruins the traditional family model lmao
They're literally only upset because gay relationships aren't based on having a woman be a bangmaid to some nasty moid and almost never mention troons anyway.

No. 1205370

i feel like this is a good place to post this question

I met someone who said sexuality is fluid and thats why people experimenting is necessary but it confused me. If sexuality is fluid and you need to experiment to help figure who you are, then doesn't that invalidate the "born gay" argument? In this case this person was crying about how scrotes are oppressed because they're seen as gay for wanting to experiment with a dude just to see if they like it but the way i see it is if the dude has the urge to try out cock then yeah he's either gay, bi, or pornsick. is "sexuality is fluid" part of the TQ+ retardedness that's plaguing the LGB?

No. 1205380

i can’t answer your question but it always seemed interesting to me when people said shit like “everyone’s a little gay” wouldn’t that make the reverse also true? but somehow that’s offensive

No. 1205382

samefag i should say i don’t agree with the “everyone is a little bit gay/straight” mentality but yeah

No. 1205390

its okay nonna i appreciate your response regardless
that saying is so weird and comes off as very predatory i cant explain why

No. 1205393

"everyone's a little gay" is something they say at conversion therapy too, followed by "but they don't act on it, so you have no excuse". They've gotten smarter and use wishy washy progressive talking points in tandem with religion. It also reminds me of "everyone is a little autistic" when a woman suspects she's a sperg or just says she was diagnosed. It feels more like weird gaslighting.

No. 1205415

Pride month never fails to make me hate my female bisexual friends. What are you even celebrating if you've never touched a woman and never will?

No. 1205419

A company I work with started posting LGBTQ+ stuff because of their desperate need of diversity in the workforce straight white middle aged men who have outrageous salaries and management positions are begging me non stop to help them hire women, foreigners and disabled workers unprompted, it's that bad and they're going to invite some "activists" to talk about LGBT rights and discrimination and guess who's one of the two guests? A male tranny stealing women's medals in high level sports competitions. I cringed so fucking hard when I saw this.

No. 1205420

Why Ukraine?! Just add every single fucking country. every interest. cats and dogs.
God damn, homosexuals are a joke and so is pride. I'm a lesbian but I want nothing to do with this.

No. 1205426

I remember this. Gay men didnt lift a finger. They dont give a shit. It's always been women who fight for their rights. Straight women and lesbians need to stick together and overthrow men. they only bring shame and violence to any culture.

No. 1205429

I'll never forget when I was going to pride with a coworker and my then girlfriend (now wife) and she brings along her boyfriend and goes, "So excited for pride. My boyfriend is coming out as bi to his parents." and she had the bi flag and it just rubbed me the wrong way when she went on about how oppressed she and her boyfriend are for being bisexuals.

No. 1205434

Coming out when you're in a straight marriage is just plain narcissism. Why should anyone else care if you jerk off to men sometimes in your spare time?

No. 1205436

Yeah, a slavic country where it's a crime to be gay, incredible. Can't wait for middle eastern countries to get included in the flag. Oh wait, weren't twitterfags finally learning about Israel and Palestine last year? Why aren't they on the flag? Get on it, people.

No. 1205450

So true, I don’t care how much anons here cry about muh homophobia, moids gay or straight can die, all I care about are women, lesbian, bi or straight.

No. 1205453

If you are in a relationship with a man and you are a woman you are straight, idk why this is oppression to call it what it is. I've noticed a lot of women now feel the need to "come out" as bi after years of being married to a man. Wtf is the point? Are you fucking women? Or are you exclusively fucking your husband?

No. 1205454

>Straight women and lesbians need to stick together and overthrow men.
Reminder that straight radfems in the 70's didn't give a shit about lesbians and threw them out of organizations. Nobody cares about lesbians, except lesbians.

No. 1205459

File: 1654093708787.jpg (12.16 KB, 259x275, 1648727840653.jpg)

Pride makes me hate being gay, I hate being lumped in with all the tards and dogfuckers. No not every sexuality is heckin valid and acceptable

No. 1205462

So if a bi woman dates women for years but ultimately ends up with a man that single moid cancels out the entirety of her lived experience? You wanna give moids that much power?

No. 1205463

Why exactly does "pride month" need to be a thing outside of corporate greed? Gays can get married now and are literally propped up by every big company on earth and one of the most protected and privileged group, so much so that kids in school want to be gay now just to be trendy (like 30% of zoomers identify as gay now).

At some point this will backfire and make people more homophobic again, I think that's already happening. Covering everything in ugly rainbows and rubbing all that weird kink and fetish stuff in my face is already making me despise June and honestly all those people who boast about how queer/gay/special they are. Super wokies at my college already start to insult people as "boring cishets" when you don't claim some kind of special snowflake identity. I'm so sick of it.

No. 1205465

That's not what nonna said. Why would you need to come out if you've never been with a woman, you're married and not exactly planning on divorcing? What is the point? Looking for a third on Tinder? Oppression points?

No. 1205484

I'm not wking for idiots that pretend to be bi because they certainly exist, but you're not going to be privy to the entirety of someone's sexual experiences unless they're a terminally online over sharer. I had to hide my relationships with women and this kind of talk is what kept me out of LGB spaces for years. I know I'm not the only one.

No. 1205509

Why do you want to get into LGB spaces after marrying and settling down with a man? What is exactly the point, when you're not planning on ever being with a woman ever again? Almost every lesbian has probably dated a bi woman for a couple weeks until she was dumped for a man. We know you exist. Doesn't mean you're not bi, but there's not much of a point to you joining LGB spaces, unless you want to be one of the many women who drags their husband to lesbian bars of all places.

No. 1205521

File: 1654097385660.png (121.66 KB, 309x271, bethesda pride.PNG)

Bethesda's Twitter. This is the final pride boss

No. 1205536

Holy shit anon I was 100% sure it's satire, went to check just in case and it's not

No. 1205553

File: 1654098246980.gif (869.88 KB, 268x144, 2839299292929292.gif)

>2022: A Gay Odyssey

No. 1205562

I always thought it was a little cringe when people used to say "labels are for soup cans not people" but good god I wish we could go back to that now.

No. 1205566

Open the pod gay doors, HAL.

No. 1205576

sis, my gay friends were eyerolling and cringing at all the rainbow flag pink pound bullshit in the '90s. It's pride year 365 days a year already in the UK so it's like double points month.

No. 1205584

In mind this always instead reads as "I wanna fuck these two characters" kek

No. 1205585

Because they still enjoy being victims. It's just narcissism combined with corporate greed.

No. 1205586

They have got to be taking the piss, this will be removed soon, I am archiving it lol.

No. 1205613

I'm bi and I think this is stupid. Your sexual identity doesn't matter if you already have partner. Sexual identity only matters when you're actively searching for a partner, it's not a part of your personality or whatever.

No. 1205620

the problem is you thinking that gay pride doesn't need to be a thing anymore outside of corporate greed because "gay marriage is legal and corporations claim to support gays therefore everything is ok now". that's a naive and laughable view of the current state of affairs for LGBTQ folks but ok. are you from outside of burgerland?

cause in burgerland there is already legislation continuing in many states that threatens gay marriage. just look at tennessee and how they accidentally legalized child marriage for 14 year olds with their vaguely worded bill trying to target lgbt people. just the vaguely worded "dont say gay" bills using think of the children 70s era propaganda to criminalize students confiding in their teachers about anything related to thinking they might like the same sex. you're delusional if you think that just because some multimillion dollar companies, to your own admittance, prop up lgbt folks just for an extra buck and some woke brownie points, that suddenly the real everyday lives of gay folks across america and the legislation that affects them is suddenly a non-issue.

even with "gay marriage being legal" it still doesnt grant every gay married couple in the states the same rights. just look at the lesbian mother of her child who was removed from her childs birth certificate despite legal adoption and marriage. get out of whatever twitter echo chamber you're in where you think gay people are as liberated as terminally online twitter genderspecials and step outside.

No. 1205631

i'm glad someone else said this… I've been a little iffy about my husband correcting everyone who thinks he's straight when he, you know, married a woman… We're both technically bi but I'm the only one who changed that label to [husband'sname]sexual instead of bisexual lmao

No. 1205633

literal absurdity to hold a meeting like that in a professional workplace. It honestly feels like they're trying to prod female employees into openly and publicly disagreeing with their approach, even though doing so is a one-way ticket to getting a lecture at best/fired for poor culture fit at worst. Gender politics are not a part of my job and never come up outside of mandatory HR training. But all it takes is one HR person getting a bug up their ass, and inevitably we end up being asked to share pronouns in the chat. My employer literally has a documented policy on "detransition-related content" for fuck's sake

No. 1205663

File: 1654103383716.jpeg (100.06 KB, 934x1024, 33ABA7AD-A65C-469A-AFDB-8375DF…)

No. 1205686

> sexuality is fluid

I think this came from Queer Theory, so yea with the TQ+ shit.

No. 1205696

I felt for a few years like people did treat me equally like a normal person but nowadays I'm a LGBTQ+ SPECIAL PERSON for a lot of people. I hate pride.

No. 1205725

I have already seen a huge swell of people I know “coming out” as they/them this fine pride month.

Why is this non-binary shit treating as special when it’s literally just a form of self expression like being goth/punk/etc. None of those fucks expect anything from me besides regular ol human decency. I don’t have to walk on eggshells around them and treat what they do as some sort of “brave” endevour.

Fucking Christ the entitlement activates my glands to some next level shit.

No. 1205757

File: 1654105956939.gif (3.02 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I'm lowkey kind of wishing I hadn't nuked my social media. I wonder how many of the people I used to be friends with are some flavor of kweer now.

No. 1205778

If this is real, have people complained about it saying “Queers” yet? I think we’re back to that word being bad. I don’t know. I can’t be bothered to keep up.

No. 1205830

People legit think that a corporation posting a rainbow flag means that they're actually doing anything substantial. It's like seeing a company post about girl power and decide that patriarchy has been defeated based on that kek. Yeah Pride is barely anymore about what it needs to be about, because it has been coopted by corporations, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be needed in its original form. It's just a new way of saying "Gay people are allowed to exist, but why do you have to force it down my throat?".
That doesn't come from Queer Theory, it unironically started with Political Lesbians saying anyone can become a "L"esbian (they capitalize the L to indicate superiority over the "lifelongs") and reeeing about sexologists saying it doesn't work like that.

No. 1205853

I swear this ad existed before but without the Q part added. Why do we need the queer part? I kind of wish people would go back to using faggots and queer as insults again. fucking hell. I hate anyone who calls themselves queer. Gay people were murdered while that word was screamed at them. this whole 'reclaiming' shit is garbage. Let the word go.

No. 1205855

So glad I don't buy from Bethesda anymore. How could a company have fallen so far??I don't know if they're worse than Bioware, but i hate them both now.

No. 1205858

Because we are still fighting for our rights. Yes, shit is screwed up with trannies and agendas, but in reality, there is still a huge part of the world where being gay or even being accused of being gay is punishable by death. Not to mention, even in America you can still be fired from your job for being openly gay. These are the things we should be fighting for, not whether or not people can weather dog suits at pride or should asexuals be invited. fuck all that shit. We have actual problems outside of pride.

No. 1206197

File: 1654112915821.jpeg (46.3 KB, 318x418, C552791E-695F-411D-9D42-920166…)

I cannot stop thinking about the HOMO sunglasses that I passed by in the Simlish language thread

No. 1206515

kek me neither, I unironically want those

No. 1206590

>i’m a bi-nana
kek what the hell. i want the gay toothbrush though.

No. 1206624

>muh gays can get married what more do you want!!!!!!
Anon literally in the United States a bill got passed that forbids gay people being mentioned in elementary school, a horrible situation for example for kids with gay or lesbian parents. The bill even allows parents to sue schools in case they feel their child has been taught "inappropriate" things which is intentionally left vague so that you can file "my child's teacher said she could have a husband or a wife in the future" under "non-age-appropriate discussion". Gay rights are under constant attack and conservatives and other homophobes are always trying to take them away piece by piece, they're not a status quo that doesn't need protection or activism.

And even besides that, many LGB teens still get disowned and thrown to the street for being gay. Many lesbians still get harassed and threatened with corrective rape. Same sex couples are still sometimes beat up if they walk hand in hand or kiss in a public place. Even if zoomers, have a gay phase experimenting with their sexuality, what's the harm in that? Most of them grow up to be straight anyway.

No. 1206677

File: 1654119609409.jpg (347.03 KB, 1080x1311, IMG_20220602_025814.jpg)

Not sure if this new youtube layout for pride month is the same everywhere, but the irony of how it focused ENTIRELY on troons when I live in a 3rd world shithole, which hasn't even legalised same-sex marriage and you can see honor killings of gay kids on the news everyday, is both funny and sad. Lesbians are being forced into marriages with scrotes but won't anyone think of the poor troons?

Not to mention, most of the troons in this country are either intersex or gay men instead of 15yos tiktok dumbasses 'exploring their gender identity'.

No. 1206705

>fat woman with glucose monitor
Har dee har har, a fat-ass diabetic. Couldn't they have had a physically fit woman with a monitor on? Why encourage the stereotype that diabetes is solely a disease for fat-asses? Also the aiden's horrifically mangled chest. Jesus CHRIST.

No. 1206710

>top surgery scars
omg.. Have they really checked off all the freakin check marks for pandering? There can still be one more.

No. 1206724

Now this is some corporate marketing material inclusivity, jesus christ. Romanticizing mastectomy scars on top of putting a disabled black woman and a muslim in a hijabi for a flattering, inclusive look. Seriously I'm not bothered by rainbow toothbrushes or whatever silly merch there is, this is the dishonest rainbow capitalism I can't stand.

No. 1206731

Finally some representation, I feel seeeen

No. 1206735

the muslim girl looks like she has one fat titty out

No. 1206745

Not even mentioning the diabetes patch

No. 1206746

Children under 4th grade don't need to learn about gender bullshit and be indoctrinated with the tranny agenda

No. 1206771

Got my HOMO reflective sheen sunglasses on. My CHOOSE LOVE visor tipped ever so slightly over my brow for a mysterious, fun party girl look. My undercut is freshly sheared, stacked with an array of manic panic rainbow hues that have regrettably died more of my scalp than my hair. My shorts are cuffed for optimal chafing. My goop sunscreen gives me a timid, Cullendsque sheen, perfect for attracting my mates like prey. If you didn’t notice my perfectly manicured rainbow toenails you will now. The stacks of silicon bracelets distract from the chipped polish on my fingers. I am at the peak of human aphex predator. No one can stop me.

No. 1206778

File: 1654122439753.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.42 KB, 293x172, images.jpeg)

Nonny I.. I think you dropped this?

No. 1206789

That was supposed to be a secret! It like flashes a holographic bat signal on the sidewalk that really pops in the dark, it says love is love

No. 1206797

As a pussy eating bi (kek?) I do sometimes wish there was more B with the L solidarity, like women who are genuinely interested in and seek relationships with other women supporting each other. I keep seeing the "B with the T" shit and hate it so much. It's like you're not only banned from saying you like/prefer pussy but now you also have to babysit the T. I sometimes see "L with the T" too, don't even know where to start with that one.

No. 1206805

to be fair alot of lesbianz and especially the ones who pretend to be like polilez throw hate at bi women all the time so its understandable.

No. 1206819

If this were realistic instead of trying to glorify trannies the FTM would be the fat diabetic.

No. 1206833

I've noticed a lot of lesbian women will explicitly state they don't want to date a bi woman, even my own friends have stated so. It does make me sad, but I understand their way of thinking.

No. 1206838

Everyone's allowed to have their preferences so I don't have a problem with it as along as they're respectful towards bi women. If not, then it's weird.

No. 1206845

IMO I’ve always found dating women to be just as biphobic as dating men. Being alone seems to be the only way to not get accused of wanting to cheat with imaginary people. It gets tiring. Anyone so focused on labels and identity at this point are red flags to close to the alphabet soup mess.

No. 1206864

tbh i like to call them the incel lesbians, most of them get rejected or cant find anyone because they are a toxic mess so they resort to being hype-fixated on bisexual women, making up fake scenarios in their head of how they are totes rejecting them slutty bi women or just ranting about bi women all the time.

Ive also noticed that polilez tend to throw hate on bi women the most, which is ironic considering polilez are not even actual lesbians .

No. 1206870

Cope. Gay women want stable relationships where their partner won't leave them since their are more men attracted to women then women attracted to women, or they want kids, or to not be used to excite men like in the 2000s with lesbians being used as props for another girl to titillate a moid in hopes of seducing him. I'm not even gay and I can understand that.

No. 1206879

It annoys this shit out of me. Every partner I’ve had, male or female, has told me they’re afraid of me leaving them for an opposite sex partner or cheating when I never have and I’ve been in some very long term relationships. It makes me feel like they just see me as a stereotype instead of seeing how I treat them and past partners. The relationships ended with nothing to do with my sexuality and more due to life stages or compatibility.

No. 1206889

Personally, I've found there really aren't enough lesbians for me to be able to exclusive date other lesbians. My current gf is bi and prefers women, but I've had a woman cheat on me with men so I do get where the fear and insecurity comes from.

No. 1206891

most bi women date other bi women or men, so you dont have to worry about those imaginary bi women in your head.

Instead you should worry the polilez always leaving lesbian partners for some for some military dude. Once theyre done larping.

No. 1206894

Same. It’s just disheartening to like bring someone flowers after working a double and have them accuse you of cheating or severely wanting to leave for the opposite sex of whatever they are. It’s like if I didn’t want to be here I wouldn’t be.

No. 1206908

>most bi women date bi women or men
>why do you think lesbians are hesitant to date them, it's all in your head.
You said it yourself, most likely to leave for the above. Just look at gay dating apps where bi women are looking for a 3rd for their polycule with their reddit husband.

No. 1206912

I am a lesbian who doesn't want to date a bi woman but it's not at all because I'm afraid that she'll cheat or leave me for a man or whatever. I just find attraction to men to be extremely alienating. I don't understand it at all, hearing women gush about men makes me uncomfortable cause it reminds me too much of that horrible nagging feeling of growing up surrounded by boy crazy female friends and being unable to relate. I can handle it just fine now coming from my friends and close ones, but I want my relationship to be a respite from that, with a woman who just "gets" what it's like to be a lesbian. I might still be able to get over it for the right woman, but it's not very likely

No. 1206925

That makes sense. I can respect wanting to have a partner who understands you more.

No. 1206934

File: 1654127117840.png (1.8 MB, 957x1168, stfu.png)

Lesbian here and ditto. My attraction also lies in the deep understanding we have about being lesbians in this world and how it's shaped us as people.

It's only been day one but I'm already dying at all these straight artist pretending their queer or gay for attention. I remember wanting people to know I was a lesbian artist so other lesbians wouldn't feel alone online. And now I've been and probably will be forever in the closet because I don't want to be associated with these people taking up our spaces and I don't want it to be why someone might support my work.

No. 1206937

not bi but lesbian women will say shit like this and then go and date polilez or straight women who are experimenting.

No. 1206941

You sound like the incel tbh.

No. 1206942

I’m bi but I hate dating sites and avoid them for this reasons (and because troons have taken over). I don’t really care if a woman is bi or lesbian, the main thing is that we have interests in common and good chemistry. There are some shitty people in every group, that’s what I’ve learned over time, and now I just look out for personal red flags that can show up with any potential suitor, male or female (though red flags in general are much more common in men).

No. 1206960

I would only say this in the case where a woman constantly feels the need to flaunt how she’s ACTUALLY QUEER GUYS. I have friends who are bi girls with boyfriends but they never get involved in pride or go on about how gay they are, they just are attracted to women too. Bi girls who overcompensate tend to be way too self conscious about how archetypically straight they are, the most mom tier friend of mine who has a sports loving goofy man husband, who spends her time taking care of plants and baking is totally obsessed with being androgynous and being seen as queer. Like babes gotta chill.

No. 1206966

This is a red flag anyway, no one’s partner wants to hear them gushing about how attractive they find other people so bi girls that feel like they can do it to show off how bi they are is fucking annoying. It’s one thing being like “oh this actor is attractive” and another to salivate and gush over someone.

No. 1206980

I agree with this honestly. Obviously a bi woman with a man is different from a bi woman with a woman, but who you're dating doesn't determine your sexuality and being with a man doesn't negate being bi. The only thing I don't like is when bi women who are with men make it a point to talk about how "gay" they are, it's not bad for them to just be like "I am bisexual" though.

No. 1206984

I’m so tired of this generic queer art and persona shit. The word “queer” has becoming absolutely meaningless because in the end it really means nothing. I don’t want to be treated like a special unicorn or whatever I just want people to be normal about who I choose to date.

No. 1206996

That's a lot of words just to say you're autistic.

No. 1207011

Yeah. When it comes to being bi, a lesson I had to learn over time is that lesbians don’t want to hear you wax romantic about whatever nigel you’re currently dating (I was young and stupid once and could only see things from my perspective as someone into both). However, talking about your own experiences with dating women and homophobia you get from normies (because they can’t distinguish two women holding hands as being bi or lesbian and probably don’t care) is okay. Talking about lesbian media you enjoy is okay. The contention always comes because of men and that’s fair, since if you want to talk about wlw shit together, men don’t equate. It’s not that you can’t bring up your love life on occasion but most people aren’t as interested in it as you are anyway because people have their own lives to live. Focus on what you have in common and leave it at that I think.

No. 1207055

kek i cant wait for spicy straights to start shitting up discussions about gay people again. i really hate pride month most of the time because it makes so many retards think theyre important for no damn reason. everything is so troon centric nowadays. fuck the TQ+


No. 1207082

I want the pendulum to swing back so hard it utterly destroys pride events ever reoccurring ever again. The utter narcissism of this shit is getting more and more out of control

No. 1207111

>I want the pendulum to swing back so hard it utterly destroys pride events ever reoccurring ever again.
Same, I rather be in the closet forever.

No. 1207115

I'm bi and never told the women I was with about men or my attraction towards them, and I don't tell that to my lesbian friends either

No. 1207140

I hate to tell you but that is a fetish some gay moids have so, good thing you're a woman

No. 1207143

My bet is this will be the year that pride finally adds straight people to the LGBTQ+ list, then renames it as the "progressive sexuality movement"

No. 1207144

It looks like other game companies are following this trend too. I saw Microsoft post an Xbox logo with the fruit stripe gum flag disaster

No. 1207146

File: 1654134828986.jpg (17.42 KB, 609x359, wrecGsV.jpg)

Google put up a link…
There's the gay flag, the tranny flag, and even the bisexual flag, but no lesbian flag to be seen. We know it's because most lesbians don't put up with troon antics or date them. I guess the lesbian flag is a "terf" flag that can't be shown anymore. They might as well just take the L out at this point.

No. 1207150

We as women should just form our own LB movement, since nobody wants us. I'm fucking tired of lesbian erasure

No. 1207156

Pozzers, yeah.

No. 1207172

Don't forget the leg hair on the person in the wheelchair. Apparently women having natural body hair is either due to some disease or it's a political statement. Troons actually think body hair makes women "not pass".
I am sick of seeing the troon flag with the Ukraine flag. I'm seeing it everywhere. Trannies always have to be the center of attention or co-opt everything. Ukranians lost so much and have suffered, and yet, trannies still claim to be "oppressed" and "don't have human rights".
Also, TRAs somehow forgot that Ukraine denied TiMs from fleeing and wanted them drafted, because they're men. I doubt Ukraine cares about trannies and do not want to be associated with them. TRAs are just virtue signalers for any "trendy" movement or cause.

No. 1207190

File: 1654136289659.jpeg (33.82 KB, 500x350, 763117FC-662F-41FE-A446-2E54E4…)

Every time I see this shit I'm blown away that the "token minorities with every disability" art tropes I used to see on Tumblr have become mainstream reality. The kind of shit made by 13 year olds with their ocs and fanart. I'm honestly sitting here laughing my ass off. It is unreal. The one truth I accept about this life is that clown world is more than a meme, it's fact. We are living in it sisters

No. 1207196

The trans flag really has taken over, hasnt it? And I'm all for historical gays, but all I ever see is lesbian erasure. It's awful. This is why lesbians should not back down. Fuck trannies

No. 1207213


>TRAs are just virtue signalers for any "trendy" movement or cause.
It's not trannies, it's corporations and capitalist governments that are using LGBTQ+ and Ukraine's situation as a shield. "If you don't support these you're not progressive, therefore you must be censored", or "if you're against this, you're also against these", as well as "we're good because we support all these causes".

No. 1207234

Someone add the Islamic flag

No. 1207235

File: 1654137883911.png (352.51 KB, 1280x583, 4D0AE92D-EDF7-4119-BB59-D244B1…)

Seriously how is >>1206677 or any ad now different than what I used to see on tumblr age 14. Can't find examples from that time, but they would legit give characters random disabilities and skin conditions to virtue signal, it was basically Oppression Bingo, picrel is the closest I could locate. "Queer" means the same thing to these people as whatever's going on in these drawings, so I expect to see more of it this month

No. 1207236

File: 1654137892376.jpg (291.34 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_20220601-224204_Ins…)

Was Kaitlyn always this obnoxious? The whole show sucks now.

No. 1207238

straight men do this all the time, you fucking weirdo

No. 1207239

i fucking love you!

No. 1207240

This is the first time in weeks that I've read "Kaitlyn" on this site and it wasn't about she who shall not be named

No. 1207249

>you can pee next to me
What the fuck does that mean? I'd be alarmed as fuck to be told this

No. 1207251

Think it's a reference to trans people using the bathroom

No. 1207253

It was the very beginning of the trans movement when the men wanted to use the women's restroom. Librards regurgitated that phrase.

No. 1207255

Assuming TiFs would be brave enough to whip out their cylindrical piece of thigh meat at the urinals

No. 1207258

Be glad they didn't put up a lesbian flag, Google is the fucking devil's HQ and anything they support is by that right evil. They probably think lesbians are too sane and non-conforming to control.

No. 1207259

A bunch of washed ups who will never be in anything of note again. They'll take whatever pittance of relevancy.

No. 1207260

>I don't know if they're worse than Bioware, but i hate them both now
Reminded me of an image I have on an old HDD that had the ME3 logo and underneath it it said, "Every time you push a button something gay happens".

No. 1207261

AGREED. Let children be fucking innocent, for fuck's sakes.

No. 1207268

Good. Danny Devito is an overrated old fuck who doesn't give two shits, just wants his paycheck

No. 1207270

Nta but I like this description, it's true. I feel bad for you guys being slapped in the face by these soulless corporations. I already feel mocked as a woman when I run into libfem girlboss bullshit in commercials, movies, and so on. If anything it hurts our causes more than it helps. People's annoyance at these things will backfire toward us

No. 1207271

for those who do celebrate pride/go to events, why? what is it you enjoy about it? are there any more reasonable pride events going on that arent so tasteless?

it does peak my interest but the idea of being in a space surrounded by the other types who would celebrate pride (troons, nbs, kink freaks) puts me off. it feels like theres not much way to talk about your own sexuality without being grouped in with them and having to interact, at least online.

No. 1207284

The ability to enjoy yourself with friends and have a good time? Lots of people experience that at pride. Not everyone wants to square dance in the lesbian bar.

No. 1207294

File: 1654141944813.jpg (1.05 MB, 1927x2406, what the flag.jpg)

Store I work in had a similar shirt but none of the hearts were labled and it was annoying having customers come up to me and ask me what they all meant.
Also interesting that the trans flag got its own little range within the range (there were big flags and other merch to go along with whats here) but no other flag did.

No. 1207296

Is the last heart for gay Frenchies or something?

No. 1207301

Lol! I thought the "maverique" one was just french for attention seeker but i really dont know a few of these are not even on the gender specials diagram I replied to.

No. 1207306

File: 1654142940086.jpg (508.8 KB, 1536x2048, E2k8vSBWYAUCrNQ.jpg)

Ok me again also from the same collection (this was all last years btw) even the most obnoxious "queers" on twitter were complaining about this shirt and a lot of us in store thought it was weird too

No. 1207323

File: 1654145215102.jpeg (627.12 KB, 1652x1943, 3F03DBBA-4324-45D1-94C0-4CD326…)

Day one and I’m already sick of it

No. 1207386

I wouldn't neccessarily mind dating a bi woman and wouldn't hassle her about it or act like she's going to cheat on me, but I would only date a febfem or a kinsey 4/5. Plus points if she doesn't want bio kids. They're extremely rare though. Kinsey 1's might just as well be straight and are the most common bi women I've come across.

No. 1207425

>Talking only about homosexuality
You do know that conservative parents would rather have a straight trans kid than a gay cis kid? Stop conflating gay people with troons and fuck off back to /pol/.

No. 1207428

File: 1654156402436.jpg (95.29 KB, 1232x758, IMG_20220602_094001_511.jpg)

A bit bigger so you can see this fucking mess. I love how this is not just causing epileptic seizures but also not even properly centered. From a graphical perspective this is the worst fucking offense yet. On the top, the bluegender flag overlapping with its own stripes. Couldn't they make the main eyesore flag on the bottom be aligned straight? Or that the stripes are the same width. What the fuck is this travesty.

No. 1207441

lmao is that morbius on the bottom one

No. 1207475

Glad someone posted this. I saw it on Tumblr the other day and rolled my eyes so hard.

What they're basically saying with this is that money entirely exempts you from bigotry if you have enough of it, which just isn't true. Money alleviates most of the problems caused by bigotry, but certainly not all of them. Years back I remember a story about how Lenny Kravitz was erroneously arrested just because he resembled a wanted person who also happened to be black. This was after he became rich and famous, mind you, and many black celebrities have recounted similar experiences.

Being wealthy and famous didn't protect Oscar Wilde from systemic homophobia. Nor did it protect Alan Turing, or Harvey Milk, who were poisoned by the state and killed in a hate crime respectively. (I know some of you don't like Milk, but I'm trying to make a point here.)

People who are targeted for being into the same sex belong in the same advocacy group regardless of their economic class. Straight men in dresses should fuck off, no matter how much lip-service they pay on Twitter. Also, there's no reason why people who saw off their tits or cocks belong in a movement about orientation, because BDD is not an orientation.

No. 1207478

In all honesty they have a very good point. A self-hating millionaire gay or bisexual man who fucks men in secret and has a fake wife/girlfriend for show funding conservatives making anti-LGB laws is a worse "ally" than a heterosexual person doing legwork for the cause. The part about "GNC being more queer" is beyond retarded just like the entire "queer umbrella" concept but there's an ounce of truth behind what's being said here, just buried under the brainrot.

No. 1207606

They're backpedaling on earlier episodes recently for being too offensive so this move doesn't surprise me

No. 1207630

>Change your Middle East profile to that

No. 1207645

>A self-hating millionaire gay or bisexual man who fucks men in secret and has a fake wife/girlfriend
That's not who they were talking about, though. The post was specifically talking about wealthy gay men who are out, and apparently take the ability to be out for granted.

No. 1207647

Why is her armpit hair pink? Who on Earth dyes their armpit hair?

No. 1207657

Maybe it’s an Ally flag or something? I feel like black and white has been associated with the straights before.

No. 1207784

This was a short-lived trend on Tumblr in 2013 or so.

No. 1207794

File: 1654182188947.jpg (367.99 KB, 1536x2048, FUMQFl1X0AEbIUk.jpg)

Our store is coming out with a range for pets, this is the first of it.

No. 1207796

Pride merch for animals makes me laugh the most. Sure yeah my dog is gay kek.

No. 1207800

File: 1654182432794.jpg (448.08 KB, 1125x2009, IMG_2598.jpg)

literally so disgusting.

No. 1207802

Wasn't Legally Blonde 2 about gay dogs?

No. 1207803

Happy promise month to any overcomers in the thread btw

No. 1207810

File: 1654182989342.jpeg (231.61 KB, 1125x393, IMG_9796F261CE05-1.jpeg)

the fact that "kink" shit is just allowed in public at all just bc they're gay is kind of crazy. it's really an entire month dedicated to sex and fucking, and i guess grooming.

No. 1207814

Kids should absolutely not be at pride. I am a lesbian and knew about gay people since young, however my mom was responsible enough to not expose me to any of that. I was a teenager (16) when she said it was okay to go if I wanted, but only with her and my dad. This shit boils my brocoli. Like… kids should NOT be at pride or drag con. this is straight up grooming

No. 1207816

i wonder really how much of an actual profit they make off this shit, the market for these items cannot be that large.

No. 1207853

File: 1654184613620.jpg (206.4 KB, 1201x1286, FULtGAmXsAEp8JJ.jpg)


No. 1207902

People that attend can be unhinged too. I remember going at 14, and some naked dude was dancing, i, the kid in this scenario, was confused. I didn’t hate gay people, i went there because i wanted to celebrate. but the interaction made me uncomfortable because 14 years old. And i just remember this aiden sticking a flag to my face as a gotcha as if i’m a homophobe or something lol. It’s like everyones there on edge and resentful

No. 1207914

Yeah there is a sexual edge to so much that happens at pride, I wish the kink stuff was only after dark. It doesn’t help that a lot of people are partying too throughout the day so people feel like they can do whatever the fuck they want to whoever.

No. 1207923

this reminds me of that pic of a little girl with a pride flag 'petting' the heads of these perverted moids wearing dog bondage gear. it makes me sick that these disgusting fetish perverts do stuff like this in public when kids are around

No. 1207979

Actually based for once

No. 1207985

And as the Kathy thread in /snow/ proved last year, straight couples like she and her bf go to pride to do "kink" too because they think being bdsmfags includes them in queer

No. 1207986

File: 1654189461278.jpg (867.89 KB, 1500x981, 8_Progression_Louis_Wain_Illus…)

This reminds me of Louis Wain, the British artist who was schizophrenic and lived with his sisters, and drew cats. In fact this flag's shitty progression is perfectly lining up with Louis Wain's spiral into psychosis. Everyone is insane.

No. 1207989

I saw that flag posted somewhere else recently and I actually thought they were taking the piss. Although – I did see someone suggesting it's because Dublin city Council already had Ukrainian flags flying along the river Liffey in the city centre and didn't want to take them down for pride because it would look bad, so they just merged the two flags instead. Still ridiculous though and I'm pretty embarrassed to see that this is real.

No. 1207991

Ah yes because you know every parent on the planet and know that they wouldn't mind their children having to learn about sexuality so early. Fuck off.

No. 1208002

It's about all aspects of sexuality. Little kids don't need to learn about that shit until they're older. At best you can tell them "families come in different sizes and appearances and that's okay." No need to go into detail about the entire process, both gay or hetero. A 5 year old girl doesn't need to know about sex for fuck's sakes

No. 1208006

This. It’s about age appropriateness and also not confusing kids. You can easily explain different families and dynamics to children but sometimes it doesn’t need to go further than that til they get older. Like telling a kid some families have two fathers is fine. No need for that to evolve into a discussion on anal sex or the history of leather daddies.

No. 1208040

holyshit, anon. i'm dying

No. 1208041

So glad I left starbucks before June. Last june our boss forced us to put up all these flags as decoration, even though I was the only openly gay woman there. it was embarrassing. people kept asking me what the colors meant and I kept saying I didnt know any but rainbow and lesbian.

No. 1208045

My sexuality is Morb/Morbillion

No. 1208048

Not based at all. I dont like the pandering shit either, but it's literally a crime to be gay in the middle east. You will be jailed or most likely killed. Fuck the middle east

No. 1208052

>A 5 year old girl doesn't need to know about sex for fuck's sakes
This. My 6 y/o sister is a nosy lil shit and started asking why I had a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend when she was about 4 and a half, I gave her the stock "some people like the same sex as them" speech and she understood it and never questioned it again. Now she's seeing pride shit everywhere and getting in trouble at school because the weirdo teacher tried explaining troons (he's non-binary) and my sister committed the grand crime of saying "that's stupid". Like goddamnit can these people not wait a lil while longer before trying to groom kids into accepting this shit? What the fuck do they even expect these age kids to say? They still giggle when they hear the word "sex", let alone any discussions relating to it.

No. 1208062

>the weirdo teacher tried explaining troons (he's non-binary)
Aggghghghgh I fear for your sister's safety.

No. 1208069

>the weirdo teacher tried explaining troons (he's non-binary)
how is this legal? what state are you in? i'm assuming she's being sent to public school

No. 1208071

Nayrt but same. Men who call themselves NB are just trying to make themselves appear less threatening. An “NB” male working with children is a huge red flag.

No. 1208074

>because the weirdo teacher tried explaining troons
Was he allowed to do that without a parental waiver/permission slip? How tf does that even happen

No. 1208083

Me too, intense dread hit me like a wall when she told me about what happened. Me, my father and my stepmother made a habit of asking her what he's said in his classes as none of us trust him not to pull that shit again. The school did get quite a few complaints from parents about him teaching that though, so hopefully he sticks to the lesson plan in future.

I'm in the UK. When my father and stepmother complained to the school the headmaster excused it as an impromptu lesson that he himself must have decided to teach, and that they had no knowledge of this as he only asked them to explain his pronouns to kids - which they ok'd.

>Men who call themselves NB are just trying to make themselves appear less threatening. An “NB” male working with children is a huge red flag.
That's exactly what my wife and I said. It's textbook predator behaviour.

No. 1208085

demisexuals lol

No. 1208098

This is the exact garbage the "Dont Say Gay" bill is targeting, it encompasses all matters of sexuality from all spectrums because kids don't need to know about this at an early age. But retards started giving it the "don't say gay!" name and cried about it without reading what it entailed. It's not setting anyone back: it's to stop these groomers from indoctrinating small children (both straight and gay, there's no way some moid teacher isn't trying to prey on a little girl by talking about straight sex) The reason they chose the 4th grade to ALLOW the sex talk is because girls typically start puberty in that grade. but lmao don't say guy gaiz!!!! ex dee

No. 1208115

I literally have ad block on and this stupid fucking ad still pops up on the home page.

No. 1208136

someone got paid money to draw that

No. 1208156

Get uBlock, right-click on the ad and then click on "block element"

No. 1208158

NTA To add to this the dumbass in FL they are using as their victim is a “pansexual” women married to a man that was telling her students about her husband and girlfriends poly relationship.

No. 1208160

Thank you. The outrage about it online screams troons using lgb people as a shield and scapegoat as usual so nobody questions their troomer ways

No. 1208213

That is so disgusting and inappropriate. It's one thing to state the person you recently married was a man as a man (happened to a teacher IRL and got in trouble for mentioning it) and other thing is to talk about your poly degeneracy.

No. 1208214

AYRT, I'm convinced people who bash that bill have never read a single article about it. Literally every pick-me and kweer I know was bitching about it but when I press them on it and ask when they think kids should learn about sex they clam up and/or use faux concern for gay people as a shield. Trying to explain to them that discussing sex - be it straight or gay - with young kids is bad is like talking to a brick wall.

No. 1208224

I think a lot of them don’t actually feel like adults and project themselves as immature adults in place of the children and think oh well I would be fine and the other part of it is our ability to pull the wool over are own eyes to protect ourselves because chances are someone said something to them as children too or the world would seemed to messed up to accept that predators really exist and you know them.

No. 1208232


No. 1208241

Nta I think sex ed is a good thing to help kids not get targeted by creeps too. But in some places they use it for the opposite purpose. It's not that education is bad, it's the educator and what they chose to do. I don't want kids near troons for example, but I want them to know why periods happen.

No. 1208257

My mother never explained to me what sex was at that age, instead I got the "never let ANYONE touch you in your private areas" and to always tell her if anyone tried/had no matter what they tell me. You don't need to go into graphic detail on sex. Just telling kids what are your private areas and that no one has the right to touch you is enough to have a child understand. They're not as stupid as people think they are.

No. 1208259

What the fuck? Why do you /pol/cucks always go straight to bedroom shit with homosexuality? You can just tell a child that someone can fall in love with a man or a woman, an act that's utterly banned by the "Don't say gay" bill and can get the teacher sued, yet you're here acting like they're being exposed to explicit fetish porn. I doubt you would have such a problem with kids seeing straight couples kissing or holding hands even though that's pushing sexuality on them just as much as them seeing a gay or a lesbian couple doing the same. Retards like you are the reason why homosexuals are still treated as second class citizens.

So because trannies are grooming kids talk about homosexuality has to be banned too? You really think it's just targeting le evil trooner groomers and not LGB people? I'm sorry, but it's not the ~gays~ that are funded by all those republican millionaires unlike the medicalized trans industry. Don't come crying when all the LGB teens ostracized by the regular society around them and having their sexuality denied are forced into the arms of all these fringe adult perverts preying on them and grooming them to carry on their degenerate legacy.

No. 1208261

I think it’s somewhere between the both of you. It’s important kids know anatomy and body parts especially once they start spending time with adults outside the home and basic periods and where babies come from with no sexual element (think the pleasure element) I think is fine. It’s when they include sexual content or overly personal tidbits. The second it’s boundary crossing and not strictly educational it’s a problem imo. Like the kids in FL even said they were uncomfortable and wanted to not be there. Not saying you agree with the poly teacher, just trying to clarify since I think both your points are valid and I’d like to hear more.

No. 1208265

Samefag but I think the problem comes down to who is responsible for teaching the government or the parents. The FL bill is just till grade 4 (if i remember correctly) and I’d question any adults desperate to discuss relationships or sex of any kind with children under 11, but the question of who is hard from a policy perspective I suppose.

No. 1208284

So you’re aware of the CA lawsuits, the Texas investigations, the Ptzier family and their funding, soros and his backing of the Dems and paying off DA’s in Blue cities and his stake in Lupron right? There can be multiple issues on a table and the Dems aren’t are friends either. They realized they don’t need the lgb when the gay men in the south went red for their 401k and return investments after they got what they wanted 2015.

No. 1208329

I wasn't trying to upset anyone. I only gave the example of two fathers because this is the thread about pride. I don't know how that equates to me not wanting children to see people kissing or holding hands, that's not what I said, and those things are much different than learning the intricacies of any sort of sex. I'm really confused when some of us were talking about kink at pride, because that is fetish-related and I wouldn't want to expose a young kid to it. I also don't want to expose a young kid to hetero porn because it's the most misogynistic and harmful kind out there imo. This was not about me hating anyone at all and I don't get why you think I want talk about homosexuality banned. I just don't want to expose children to detailed discussion about sex acts before they're old enough to understand what it means. Before anyone says something about me not telling children that sex exists or about reproductive organs, I DO think they should learn the names for their genitals so they have the words in case they are ever sexually abused by someone. I'm just really confused about your reaction to what I said.

No. 1208332

File: 1654202690715.jpg (234.98 KB, 765x383, 1.jpg)

I saw these posts(among others)on the stories of some institute I used to go to. It doesn't surprise me cause they had a kind of "hip" style but it's still weird seeing pride month stuff like this in my not so woke country. Also anons, is the post about the transwoman and pride true?

No. 1208334

Multiple people brought up heterosexuality too, this wasn't an attack on gays or lesbians. Why is it wrong for parents to have a handle on what and how their children learn about what sex is?

No. 1208335

Marsha p johnson wasnt even a transwoman ffs, why do they keep saying first pride was lead by troons? It was a fucking riot caused by retarded laws and attitudes from the cops towards gays, mainly faggoty men

No. 1208338

Marsha was a gay man. There’s a literal interview where he even says he wasn’t there. It was quoted in a book by the interviewer. It was started by a biracial lesbian and there’s a police report.

No. 1208341

I'm said that as a lesbian married to a woman, and I also included heterosexual sex. Small children at the very least should know the names of their genitals so they know the term, but I don't agree that they should talk beyond the different family dynamics. Why do you think the people here are against homosexuality? We are not, at least I'm not kek. I'm against having the sex talk, gay or straight - to small children. It's one thing to teach a child how to say no/tell on people trying to touch them and another thing is to teach about gender and how babies are made and how to put a condom on.

No. 1208348

Revisionism, of course

No. 1208349

File: 1654203583515.png (456.64 KB, 446x616, Untitled.png)

Thank you anons. I thought this info was wrong cause I read about this in other threads but I wanted to be sure.
I went back to the stories and he was posted and it says he was a drag queen. Do they say that drag queens are also transwomen just because they put on women's clothes HMMMM

No. 1208351

Love doesn't equal sex dingus, in what way is it "talking about sex" to tell a kid that some women like other women and some men like other men? Is it talking about sex when the teacher mentions getting married or having a husband? Do you people really think the "don't say gay" bill is to ban gay porn from schools or something? It literally bans stuff like a kid with gay or lesbian parents or any other relatives like brothers or sisters from mentioning them and their partners at school, completely alienating them and teaching that being gay is something to be kept as a dirty secret. A male teacher can't mention his husband and a female teacher can't mention her wife while heterosexual teachers are allowed to do so. That's why it's called the "don't say gay" bill.

Think about it, like when the topic of mothers' day comes up a kid with lesbian parents talks about having two moms and the teacher having a discussion about it, she could lose her job over something so innocuous and harmless. People going straight to "well at least now all those sex crazed AGPs can't groom our kids at schools" are really, really missing how that's not even being really targeted here.

No. 1208354

>the woman who wasn't there

No. 1208362

Honestly I didn’t read all the posts the first anon started in that thread of replies and that’s on me. I didn’t realize we were talking about the bill and thought we were only talking about the concept of teaching sex to children. I absolutely agree with what you’re saying. I am at fault for misconstruing things a little and I apologize.

No. 1208377

Nothing is wrong with that. It's fine to tell children that some families have mom and dad and others have two moms or two dads, or grandparents or whatever, and that it's 100% okay and healthy. What I don't agree with is going far and beyond that point. Children readily accept that explanation without the gender nonsense

No. 1208378

Nayrt but where did anon say any of that

No. 1208413

What are you even on about? Where is anyone talking about that?

No. 1208440

Does thinking toddlers shouldn't be taken to parties and exposed to naked adult men make me a puritan now? Are they going to revoke my bi card?

No. 1208442


>you can pee next to me

>a male wearing the shirt


No. 1208444

>that's stupid

bless kids

No. 1208445

Right? That’s nice that a 5’1” TiF with an STP device can pee next to him but I don’t want hulking TiMs in my bathroom “peeing” in my vicinity.

No. 1208478

File: 1654209872212.png (771.75 KB, 802x1011, 7CB6E340-73C0-490A-BB30-0526B2…)

Lesbians, idk how you guys don’t lose your minds every fucking day. Also I’m not even sure what the “d slur” is when talking about race. I assumed it was dyke but I’m extremely confused as to why that would be against the rules for a lesbian to say and how it has anything to do with her being white. Jesus Christ how many flags have they gone through now?

No. 1208487

My simple answer is I'm not dating because I dont trust any female only dating apps and I don't have a twitter so the only discourse I see is on LC screenshots of it. Also don't participate in any pride, wear any pins, I'm not butch so I'm just a bland straight woman to everyone. I would rather pretend to be normie and horrified at the gender shit than be considered in the same thing then get ostracized for not agreeing to date/fuck dudes in skirts.

No. 1208489

And ofc their new new lesbian flag has to include the stunning and brave incels in dresses.

No. 1208490

>It literally bans stuff like a kid with gay or lesbian parents or any other relatives like brothers or sisters from mentioning them and their partners at school
source? pretty sure that's not a stipulation in the bill. it's simply to stop teachers from creating curriculums teaching children about sexuality

No. 1208499

i saw people beefing yesterday on twitter about how dyke is a word only for black women. never seen that argued about before yesterday

No. 1208504

>yet you're here acting like they're being exposed to explicit fetish porn
I mean the entire discussion evolved out of this post >>1207800
and the fact that pride parades expose children to kinks and inappropriate behavior, and that article in question is trying to affirm that its okay and kids should be exposed to these things.

No. 1208517

Have you ever been around children or worked with them? Or did the employers correctly identify you as insane?

No. 1208519

It's already been said that the wording on that bill was left intentionally vague so that it can be interpreted as whatever you want. It's not "teachers can't tell little children about sex", it's literally "teachers can't talk to children about sexual orientation", i.e. mention gay people in any way. So if a kid got bullied for having two mothers, the teacher couldn't step in and tell the children that some women just like other women and it's okay. That would count as "indoctrination". Just take two seconds to google "Don't Say Gay Bill Florida" and see testimonials from teachers for the love of god.

No, it evolved from this post >>1206624 mentioning the bill as an example why gay rights acticism has a purpose and homophobe-chans jumping at it to cry about kids being exposed to nasty gay sex because the mere mentioning of homosexuality is a sexual assault.

No. 1208523

Y'know what, judging by how poorly you sling the word "literally" around and how riled up you are about parents having more control over their childrens' upbringing than you'd like, I'm gonna guess you're under 18.

No. 1208524

>homophobe-chans jumping at it to cry about kids being exposed to nasty gay sex because the mere mentioning of homosexuality is a sexual assault
Literally not one person you’ve been replying to has said that. At this point you’re putting words in peoples mouths and arguing with you any further is pointless.

No. 1208533

What are you talking about? Anons who were compounding "talking about sexual orientation" to "talking about sex" were quoted above. Here, I'll do it for you so you don't have to lie about "putting words in others' mouths".

No. 1208534

i see how stud is, but dyke? what's their reasoning?

No. 1208550

I've seen people say that dyke is for black lesbians only/a derogatory term for black lesbians because bulldyke originated as a derogatory term for lesbian. No idea if any of that holds any truth but that's what I've seen been said.

No. 1208558

File: 1654212468187.png (267.64 KB, 582x679, B935DE83-21A4-442B-88D2-3302D9…)

Seems like that is accurate in some ways according to this (saw on KF, I have no idea if this was a reply to that thread or what).

No. 1208562

*originated as a derogatory term for black lesbians.

No. 1208565

Here's the thing verbatim:
>Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

Source: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2022/1557/BillText/er/PDF

If you really want to be pedantic, you can't talk about straighties either. In medical "or" means a lot, but legal is a different thing. A legal anon can probably explain better

No. 1208581

>kindergarten through grade 3
And you were seriously gonna try and convince us children THIS young should learn about sexuality?

No. 1208596

I'm not that anon and not on her side. I'm just posting it for clarity's sake.

No. 1208617

It seems like for the general public this month is just for laughing at the dumb flag redesigns and parade drama now. It makes me sad as pride month could be more meaningful.

No. 1208618

Ah, then in that case I aim at that anon, not you.

No. 1208621

my mom used to teach 2nd grade in california, and one of the students, who had a tranny mother was invited (by the school admin btw) to come and speak to the class, to read them some kind of children's book dealing with the concept. parents needed to approve their kids being there b4 the discussion could even occur.
so in Florida this entire kind of thing is outlawed now, basically?

No. 1208625

they can find it out from literally anywhere else. do you not see genderkweer/retardgender teachers post on social media about getting naked in kid's bathrooms or teaching their students to accept themselves as 'queer'? i'm bi and i don't give a shit if kids know me or anyone else has same sex attraction if it means kids don't get groomed by these morons

No. 1208666

Maybe she said dego wop lol

No. 1208707

Kids need to really learn their anatomy and bodily hormones or problems that can occur with them too. My school barely glossed over periods, puberty, and basically just said sticking a dick in a vagina with some semen will equal baby. I had to ask my parents more in depth questions, look on the internet, and even in my adulthood after having to go to obgyn for check ups did I learn a lot more about female reproductive health because its a lot more in depth.

No. 1208717

Is that the fucking text on the one ring from LOTR? KEK

No. 1208721


It's dago wop, anon

No. 1208729

Okay, so I haven't been to a pride in probably literally 15 years. And I live in a state in the US South, though our pride is held in a pretty lefty city. I don't remember any public nudity or kink displays there. Is that a thing that happens during some of them? I thought kinkshits got their own crappy festivals.

I just remember it being hot, getting some nice scented oils, and finding an out of print rad fem book from like 1970 for two bucks. A sweet score, honestly.

No. 1208776

except this is bullshit, and the "dont say gay" bill is called that because of its vague wording that is purposeful, its use of "think of the children" talking points to prop up the bill, when in actuality the bill in many of the states it has been proposed criminalizes teachers who dont out students to their parents who come out to them or even suspect they might like the same sex. this is about so much more than sex education and grooming (which is already illegal, retard). its about scheezy republicans trying to set a legal precendent using a shitty vaguely worded bill to put kids at risk for even thinking they might be gay. vid related.

No. 1208783

>Remember ladies, virginity! Is! Cool!
are you a scrote

Everyone wants to be "gay" (kweer/spicy straight) but nobody wants to be homosexual. And actual homosexuals are still oppressed

No. 1208799

is that danny devito?

No. 1208802

Who else could that possibly be

No. 1208808

AYRT, I don't think he will stick to the lesson plan in the future. Troons will always push the boundary because, at the end of the day, they don't care about anyone but themselves, least of all small children. The fact that he did it once was a huge red flag. If I were you I'd discuss switching schools, preferably one that isn't infested with trannies.

No. 1208812

It's Dagobah, anon

No. 1208815

Fucking Prince's (or the artist formerly known as) logo, too, I'm dying

No. 1208844

yeah but not in the west.

No. 1208848

>criminalizes teachers who dont out students to their parents who come out to them or even suspect they might like the same sex.

Did you bother to read this section?

>This subparagraph does not prohibit a school district from adopting procedures that permit school personnel to withhold such information from a parent if a reasonably prudent person would believe that disclosure would result in abuse, abandonment, or neglect, as those terms are defined in s. 39.01

This protects the teacher from not revealing their kid is trans or lgb to their parents.

No. 1208893

If a teacher would call my child gay the one getting abused would be the teacher.

No. 1208915

File: 1654235442911.jpeg (165.25 KB, 750x1244, B67503E7-2EB5-4269-90B7-4D0235…)

> “Pride isn’t just for June!”
> Only mentioning pride because it is June

No. 1208919

File: 1654235789664.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)


No. 1208938

>>1205258 sperg rant incoming: because queer doesnt mean lgb(t) in fact they're just vagely related, this Tumblr user is just saying the usually quiet part loud (because queers lech us lgb people like vampires, they use homobisexuality as a presentation card for normies, and don't want to ruin the facade) "queer" was more related to anarchism and wanting to burn society down than what it was to same sex attraction. So of course they love perverts in dresses, dogfuckers, and all sorts of degenerates because those have way more reasons to wanting to burn down society that a somewhat well ajusted gay person. It doesnt matter that these persons aside from any "personal bias" or "social pressure" (it's not personal at all, society is disgusted at them for very good reasons but that is not the point) have a genuine antisocial behavior and you can't build up anything with them because it would crumble, is literally anarchy for anarchy's sake. And i say "it was" because nowdays "queer" is nothing but a vulgar marketing strategy, queer ideology is the principal responsable of the absolute state of pride today. So yeah, before ruining every for same achievement for sex attracted people, poisoning it with their retardation and objectively limiting its scope to all countries (the countries that resist homobisexuality nowdays mostly do it as a way to resist anglo/western influence and queer ideology, it has almost nothing to do with the sexuality itself) being psyoped left and right and agree to become the trojan horse of globalization and neocolonization, they have the balls to tell us that they prefer perverts more because they're more committed to the cause of tearing society apart. So With the permission of polilez (jk, fuck them too, but that is another topic) i'm going to borrow one of their slogans: i'm a lesbian, not queer. And i NEVER will be queer. I don't agree with queer ideology and unlike what they say, I owe nothing to them. Because as other nona said, Homosexuality was taboo in the west because it couldn't lead to reproduction. With todays techniques (as questionable as they can be tbh) that is not the case anymore. That is why being gay is at least not a legal problem anymore, that is why homosexuality was legalized and ect. Queer ideology did nothing except making things worse. All progress that same sex attracted people did it was despiste queers being around. Of course the fight is not over yet, homophobia is a very real thing in most of the word the issue is that queers are making worse than ever, by grouping gay rights with all of their shitshow now conservatives have "valid" (not really because as demented as queers are, they're only a minority that only exists today to buy shitty pride merch mostly. You can target them without putting every lgb person on the same bag) reasons to fight against gay rights (and womans rights too, because queers invaded feminism too) again. We're going to a conservative dark age, and queer ideology accelerating the process, not helping to fight against it.

No. 1208967

Oh my fucking god

No. 1208970

>Homosexuality was taboo in the west because it couldn't lead to reproduction. With todays techniques (as questionable as they can be tbh) that is not the case anymore. That is why being gay is at least not a legal problem anymore, that is why homosexuality was legalized and ect.
The problem is that if you don't want to reproduce at all, you still get treated like shit and disadvantaged. So I agree with queer theorists on that, the acceptance of homosexuality is superficial. If you're gender non conforming or you don't want to do IVF, you get treated much and much worse than a femme who happily wants to do IVF or a masc4masc couple wanting to do surrogacy. This is why gnc women are pressured to transition in progressive countries, because both progressives and conservatives in the west HATE gender non conformity. The progressives see butches as regressive and archaic, the conservatives hate it because of it being a potential visible marker of homosexuality.
>was more related to anarchism and wanting to burn society down than what it was to same sex attraction
Btw before shitting on anarchism. Realize that Valerie Solanas was an anarchist, many radfems were anarchists. If you want to burn patriarchy down, you want to burn society down, because it is built on patriarchy. Anarchy can be Hobbiton, Moominvalley, or any radfem commune you've heard of, it doesn't necessarily mean anything other than wanting to organize things without hierarchies and especially without "Big Daddy" (that is what Solanas calls the government, I swear nobody actually properly read SCUM manifesto).
>they're only a minority that only exists today to buy shitty pride merch mostly
It's not even "queer ideology" at this point. Some Queer Theory raises good points and it's sometimes the only place you can find anyone saying anything actually positive about butches, because not even radfems have anything positive to say (the polilez shit doesn't count and is extremely butchphobic, if that is a word). The problem is that it's been coopted a while back by AGPs and pedo's have been trying to hop on that train too. Both of those can never even be anarchist, because with anarchism they wouldn't have the protection of the police and any woman would be able to bash their skulls in. Which now would land you in jail, because self defense practically isn't allowed. Pedo's and AGPs both need neoliberal society, because they've never had so much protection and freedom as now and nobody can do anything about it, because we're supposed to rely on a misogynistic police force which doesn't give a fuck and a legal system which is broken and built on misogyny and a government which is full of pedo's. Mujeres libres gave women guns to shoot their oppressors and abusers. Rojava, while not a perfect, is a modernday example of how anarchism can give control to women and make things more fair. What AGPs and pedo's are doing is coopting queer and anarchism as an aesthetic and using it to push for more protections within a neoliberal framework. Just like they coopted feminism, punk and practically everything else.

No. 1209002

>trans flag creator outed as a pedo
>lesbian flag got multiple changes

No. 1209006

File: 1654243983244.jpg (417.45 KB, 921x1114, 1645447630041.jpg)

No. 1209013

the fact that theres a dedicated tranny stripe.. funny and sad
there always has to be dumbass 14 year olds losing their fucking shit over the creator of whatever new flavor of the month lesbian flag there is for being problematic even though they had absolutely no problem with it even a few months ago

right? its so fucking telling because ive never seen any other specific flag get as many redesigns as the lesbian one

No. 1209020

even if it was "started" by a biraical lesbian, the main participants were mostly white and hispanic gay men

No. 1209026

I read this post but didn't understand it? Why did you post this and where is this from?

No. 1209035

Really not loving the insane amount of homophobia and lesbophobia going around

No. 1209073

Where's the lesbophobia though? Once women stop attaching themselves to men when it comes to sexuality and other personal aspects, the burden to defend them falls off

No. 1209077

there has been a dedicated /pol/tard astroturfing homophobia on lc for a while, he posts wherever he can make it seem relevant and says 'fag' a lot, frames gay men as woman haters.

No. 1209092

the infographic posted upthread literally insinuates that lesbian mothers are dangerous

No. 1209191

> frames gay men as woman haters.
nta but that’s true lol

No. 1209210

This? >>1207810
That was an article literally praising that sort of thing. It is wrong, though, and that mother is 100% likely a handmaiden to gay scrotes

No. 1209211

Stop arguing and keep posting funny shit. Let's get angry at them instead

No. 1209214

Your sister is the only hope we have for this generation. I can't believe shit like vidrel is ok

No. 1209216

I was agreeing with you until you said fag. I think I've made some of those posts and I just hate men and also hate how gay men get treated specially as if they're not women haters and pedos just like other men.
I also hate faghag pickmes. A dumb anon even made a post complaining about how we hate gays and trans women but never mentioned lesbophobia, which is much more common here because there are a lot of lesbian users and mocking them is an easy way out of arguments for some users.
Lesbophobia is also a bigger issue in real life, because most people still don't believe two women can have a relationship together even though most samesex female relationships are much more healthier than samesex male relationships.
I agree. Taking kids to pride is pointless just like how teaching them stuff aside from how couples can be either genders is. Sexuality only develops in your teens and before a person is a legal adult, they shouldn't partake in activities like this especially considering how many gay men are lowkey pedophilic and have had and will encourage underage children into sexual activities.

No. 1209230

Anyone who takes kids to pride events is either retarded or a fucking psycho kek. Pride is full of bdsm sexual shit, why expose a kid to this? You can't make "family friendly" pride events because it triggers the deranged individuals who make their degradation kink everyone's problem. There's no time for dialogue at a parade, no time to discuss or explain weird shit to a kid that is beyond their comprehension. Plus let's be real, what kid wants to be strolling around on a hot summer doing absolutely nothing but walking while all the skimpy outfit rainbow haired individuals shout who knows what the fuck about tranny dick? Come on.

No. 1209232

>never mentioned lesbophobia, which is much more common here because there are a lot of lesbian users and mocking them is an easy way out of arguments for some users.
Oh yeah some anons just screech "dyke" and assume it automatically defeats any argument. You support a woman over a man or think it's retarded to nitpick? "DYKE!" Or they blame everything on lesbians and say any mean nonna is a "red pilled lesbian". Or when actual lesbians get blamed for shit polilez did and everyone keeps acting as if they've never heard of them before, while other nonnas at the same time are recommending lesbophobic polilez shit to actual lesbians.

No. 1209235

I hope that child grows up to be a homophobic chrisitan
also "k is for kinky" that woman should have her child taken away from her, a subhuman like that doesn't deserve children(calm your edge)

No. 1209238

Sorry anon actually the K was for Kiki, which is some gay slang for hanging out. But I do agree with you anyway

No. 1209244

I hate the influx of anons who say the word "subhuman" in this website

No. 1209248

A lot of it is one anon

No. 1209262

nta but god you guys always assume anyone who uses one common word is the same person, inshallah, fag, subhuman, etc. it’s so annoying and dumb.

No. 1209280

Influx? Are you new? That's always been a part of imageboard vocabulary.

No. 1209286

The word subhuman isn't okay, sounds low-key seriously racist.

No. 1209287

>Part of imageboard vocabulary
Of /pol/tier ones, yes. It's not very used here aside some anons.

No. 1209288

Calm the fuck down, there is a particular anon who uses the word consistently. Some people have recognizable typing styles or bring up the same topics over and over again. Stop acting like anons are pulling it out of their asses, that anon was giving a legitimate answer as to why it keeps popping up recently.

No. 1209289

if the word subhuman bothers you go back to twitter, how is it racist when no one is using it to refer to people of any specific race? brain damage

No. 1209294

You know what's way more annoying than "is this that anon"? Bitching about it.

No. 1209295

You understand the subtext of that word right? Kindly fuck off back to /pol/.

No. 1209297

whenever what is clearly someone's pet issue arises and the same repeated opinion and typing style respond with the same word that clearly amuses them to use…it's usually the same person. not that many people use this site. there are only a couple 'fag' anons who post the same shit over and over and think it's a total seekrit there arent 50 anons on this board trying to spread a perception of gay men as evil, disgusting etc

No. 1209300

Why are you defending the word "subhuman"? Kek what a retard. Imagine this being the hill you die on.

No. 1209302

Stop being a retard. If you've been here longer than a week, you know exactly who I'm talking about when I say it's one anon. She's been in multiple threads today alone. No I won't spoonfeed you

No. 1209357

File: 1654263764014.jpg (61.3 KB, 750x563, mauer2.jpg)

In Vienna there was a drag queen reading to kids today and some nazis went and build a wall in front of the building overnight

No. 1209374

Thank you!

No. 1209383

I'm so sick of this misinformation!! there was no trannie there. but there were lesbians and a poc butch lesbian but no one mentions it. fuck trannies. they're trying to rewrite history now

No. 1209403

>Shoving T into LGB
>Shoving blacks into LGBT
>Shoving Ukraine into LGBTblacks
what's their endgame?

No. 1209420

To make everyone hate themselves for who they are and to cause division so people are too busy fighting each other to realise who the actual problem is.

No. 1209446

There was a time when hanging up a giant gay or tran pride flag in your bedroom.. especially right above your bed was a declaration of what you are and what goes down in your bedroom lol. Now it seems to equally just be an allyship gesture? Above your bed tho? Why?

No. 1209447

File: 1654265974206.jpg (105.29 KB, 660x660, tin-foil-cat.jpg)

Adding so many flags to the collage that is causes mass seizures and deaths and contributes towards the New World Order's depopulation plan.

No. 1209478

To make lesbians and bi women create their own utopia, away from trannies

No. 1209516

File: 1654268521529.png (2.99 MB, 1879x922, English pride.PNG)

Googling "pride" in different languages.

No. 1209517

File: 1654268560569.png (2.09 MB, 1873x928, German pride.PNG)

No. 1209519

File: 1654268600754.png (1.77 MB, 1868x920, Spanish pride.PNG)

No. 1209520

File: 1654268635992.png (2.04 MB, 1876x927, Chinese pride.PNG)

No. 1209521

File: 1654268658426.png (2 MB, 1874x927, Arabic pride.PNG)

No. 1209522

File: 1654268680762.png (2.39 MB, 1876x934, Hebrew pride.PNG)

No. 1209523

File: 1654268712876.png (2.26 MB, 1880x929, Hindi pride.PNG)

No. 1209524

what are we supposed to do with this information

No. 1209525

File: 1654268861032.png (1.54 MB, 1868x930, Russian pride.PNG)

No. 1209526

No. 1209527

Sorry to be autistic, but the difference is one uses beef and the other lamb

No. 1209531

discuss it?

No. 1209535

no like what is your point

No. 1209537

File: 1654269325311.png (469.13 KB, 593x690, jhgfd.png)

a bit ot but this is driving me insane kek

just ignore it, this anon is tryin to imply that the jews are behind it or something

No. 1209538

"Pride" kind of lost its meaning in English (and I guess Hebrew as well).

No. 1209541

No because it's short for Gay Pride

No. 1209542

is that actually his collection? kek i bet he had nothing to do with those names.

No. 1209544

File: 1654269562061.png (4.4 MB, 2458x1500, Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.1…)

"gay pride"

No. 1209545

This just feels homophobic.

No. 1209546

samefagging, I mean the nailpolish line with that

No. 1209562

File: 1654269894958.png (60.13 KB, 637x510, original_pride_flag_845x510.pn…)

"Yasss"? "Ally"? Harry Styles fake faggotry is genuinely offensive at this point

No. 1209594

>english and hebrew only
doesn't really help against the whole gay jewish conspiracy theory rhetoric does it

No. 1209596


I speak Hebrew and I can confirm it has. Even the Hebrew term for LGBT is translated to "The Proud Community" (הקהילה הגאה)

No. 1209598

It's just pandering for marketing, all of it is, he knows what he's doing. Most younger people online don't understand what real authenticity is, the moment they joined social media it stopped being a part of their lives.

No. 1209629

Tag yourself, I'm 'vague'

No. 1209633

File: 1654272056821.jpeg (690.43 KB, 828x975, A7A29237-F755-430C-B86E-18EB82…)


No. 1209642

>he says fag a lot
Because god forbid women say fag.

No. 1209644

Kinda ironic that this is the most black and thinking… But its also a rainbow lol

No. 1209645

>art and magic
Why is bullshit lumped together with art? And why is pink "sex"? I thought pink was the color exclusively for girls.

No. 1209658

This can be applied to literally anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

No. 1209660

some people don't want to wear their mental illness on their sleeves

No. 1209664

Ngl the original Pride flag is my favorite. I just think it looks nice.

No. 1209692

kek nonnie it says "vogue" not vague, i read it like that at first too

No. 1209699

I spotted my mistake too but I just.. I would never wear vogue. Vague is definitely my shade.

No. 1209701

>some nazis
Go back

No. 1209715

File: 1654274946934.png (205.47 KB, 625x677, gnostic ponzi schemes vs gnost…)

The first piece was made by a schizo that used to spam his "introduction to memeticism" on /x/
He used to sell drugs and had a spiritual awakening in prison, then became a gnostic christian. He's pretty harmless and nice to talk to, even for a christian scrote. You can find him here :


No. 1209741

OT but iirc Louis Wain's portraits of cats didn't 'start of as normal but then became more abstract as his brain deteriorated'. He always drew both normal and abstract styles because he liked it. His paintings weren't indicative of his mental state

No. 1209763

Nobody asked about the moid

No. 1209810

File: 1654278562420.jpeg (16.18 KB, 554x554, images (44).jpeg)

My friend showed me the "2022 Pride Calendar" and congratulated me because apparently today is the bi flag day, I died a little bit on the inside ngl
I can't believe we've reached the point where there's 30 different flags for pride.

No. 1209848

Isn't Tel Aviv the gay capital or something?

No. 1209864

This cat so fucking kawaii I'm dying to spam crying emojis and heart or whatever but then the faggot mods would ban me because they're no fun allowed pieces of Scheiße I just want to convey how much I love this catto catterino so much it's grabbing me by the heart so hard that I have trouble staying still without squeezing my pillow and kissing it while pretending that it's cattus felis neko-chan and making baby sounds as if it's my dear chil

No. 1209867

File: 1654280987585.jpg (12.36 KB, 275x274, 1651427917454.jpg)

I love you nonners

No. 1209875

Whenever I see this particular cat picture it reminds me of a time when I found and joined a pro-ana WhatsApp group. Then I got creeped out because 70% of the people there, if not more, were underaged. The youngest was 12. I reported and left the group asap. Also yes someone sent that as a sticker.

No. 1209882

Kek this, I dislike telling people my sexuality.

No. 1209884

This is not a queer only thing ffs. A lot of people think like this without being queer. I sweat to god they think everything has to go through some queer lens when it's not even necessary.

No. 1209886

>Harry Styles fake faggotry is genuinely offensive at this point
It always has been

No. 1209887

File: 1654281562550.jpeg (269.22 KB, 1920x1152, 2091.jpeg)

Same. I'm glad Gilbert Baker died before he could see the pride/trans/poc/intersex/Ukraine abomination.

No. 1209888

This angers me. Even the straights are oppressed and part of homo culture now. Sad.

No. 1209889

Osea si, orgullo significa otras cosas y no tiene que ver con los gays necesariamente.

No. 1210033

Kek I just saw a moid try to preach "men's health month". Suddenly I'm all for pride month

No. 1210052

Damn I wonder how he knows what a man even is? Where are the TiFs trying to overtake that holiday and make it their own? I have no idea if there’s actually a woman’s health month but if there is I’m sure it’s been co-opted by AGPs.

No. 1210059

>>1208970 woah a nuanced response to my spergy ventpost? In lc? It must be a dream.
Jk, nonnie. I mostly agree with you in the acceptance of GNC, that is shallow and always compromised. The issue is i don't see how "true" acceptance would work, or if is even posible. And my issue with anarchism is that the copout of pedoagps isn't a bug, but a feature. Anarchism has no real tools to keep antisocial behavior out, and that is an important part of all social processes.
>Pedo's and AGPs both need neoliberal society
True, they're happier than ever. That is why i don't call them revolutionaries, but accelerationists. In truth they're not "queer" but transhumanists, but that is a pointless nitpick because i see no point in reclaim "queer" from them. And the problem is, to keep them out, you need an authority. At the very least, the authority that gives a gun for shoting them on sight.

No. 1210091


Love this point about how sexually deviant men depend on socially progressive society. Thank you based anons

Pitching in on the idea of "butchphobia." I consider myself somewhat of a recovering butch, in the sense that I recognize my androgyny to be a result of having identified with my childhood abuse. In my case, my abuse came in the form of neglect, and the only clothes I had were hand-me-downs from my dad. I cut my hair short because nobody was brushing it and when they did it hurt. Enough about my personal history, I only bring it up to illustrate my next point about why I think society rejects butch women. I believe butch women are subconsciously understood by the general public to be women that hate themselves or are otherwise too troubled to treat their bodies as the beautiful temples they are. Don't misunderstand me, I am not a biological essentialist but I think our basic collective subconscious as human beings is; this could help explain your point about people responding with discomfort towards anyone who refuses to reproduce.
I think this theory could help explain why GNC men are also generally rejected. Our subconscious looks at these types and says, "You're not living up to your reproductive potential, which we hate because your reproductive potential is the only justification for your existence."

No. 1210108

File: 1654289334219.jpeg (642.07 KB, 1170x1147, F117A655-48FA-4E69-8724-1643AA…)

Personally I think this slays(irrelevant )

No. 1210116

Maybe you should go back to /pol/ dude

No. 1210122

>>1210091 and because society is trying to combine two contradictory states, the most primitive one where reproduction is your only worth and a more abstract where individualization exists and people aren't only their reproductive capacity, and as a byproduct things like gender roles start existing, we have this clusterfuck today. A paradise for agp & pedos, where we aren't not abstract enough to void them and not primitive enough to kill them. And i'm not going to mention them because that is infighting and i don't want to catch a ban because i'm actually having fun, but i already reported you, lost twitterfag. Kys.(KYS is a-logging.)

No. 1210123

I liked this thread before, love laughing at stupid pride flags, not loving the /pol/ tier homophobia though. Also >muh jews, is it you Parappanon?

No. 1210127

They have the same

Odd space

At the top of their posts that tinfoil sekret tranny cult anon uses.

No. 1210140

Parappa anon is anti-semitic?

No. 1210145

Wish I screenshotted it but she sperged a bit about "name the problem" (jews) in a discord server I was in. She's also the "fat people are immoral" anon

No. 1210146

It's not the same person but somehow tradthots found about this site and now they're shitting it up. Trannyhands, one tradchan posting a picture of a gay redditor to larp as her husband, etc. are all newfag tradthots that spend all their time indoors and await for their rich Christian prince charming. They're always misogynistic and seem to hate this userbase but keep posting to argue.

No. 1210162

So many pieces are clicking together in my head now

No. 1210168

Sorry for not having any proof, but you can probably just ask her about her thoughts on those things and she'll tell you

No. 1210173

I had to look it up because I was also like wtf

"Maverique is a term for a non-binary gender identity that is defined by autonomy and view about one's internal sense of self which is not related to or derived from manhood or womanhood, but also is not neutrois or a form of agender."

Uhhh ok

No. 1210174



No. 1210176

File: 1654291896051.gif (6.82 MB, 498x280, stoned-cat (1).gif)

No. 1210177

File: 1654291954757.jpg (176.19 KB, 808x482, NoQv46h.jpg)

I was looking something up using a vpn, this is what you westerners see?? for the whole month.
I'm so sorry.

No. 1210181

File: 1654292104157.png (158.28 KB, 642x384, ANON.png)

Lesbian anons ITT gleefully shitting on other gays when they realize there's nothing of any actual substance separating them from the rest of the alphabet cult…

Sorry ladies what do you expect in a pride month critical thread? That you will be recognized as special? Snowflake behavior tbh we be better do better

No. 1210183

Good call, nona. When I was on a dating app years ago I had my profile set to "both men and women" and literally 99% of the "women" that came up were troons. I ended up switching it over to Men Only.

No. 1210184

>Seriously how is >>1206677 or any ad now different than what I used to see on tumblr age 14.
Anon the ad and the tumblr art is the same because it's done by the same people. The artists grew up and got jobs.

No. 1210246

Literally just using the fact that they are lesbians to be extremely homophobic. Once again not everyone wants to spend pride square dancing to Olivia Rodrigo at the lesbian bar.

No. 1210258

File: 1654295663508.jpg (22.26 KB, 445x376, guide.jpg)

>Enough about my personal history, I only bring it up to illustrate my next point about why I think society rejects butch women. I believe butch women are subconsciously understood by the general public to be women that hate themselves or are otherwise too troubled to treat their bodies as the beautiful temples they are. Don't misunderstand me, I am not a biological essentialist but I think our basic collective subconscious as human beings is; this could help explain your point about people responding with discomfort towards anyone who refuses to reproduce.
Butch isn't about neglect or being lazy. Way too many people think that and it's mainly an idea propagated by polilez, that it's merely being in your "natural" state and just laziness. I still groom myself, I regularly go to a barber and do more with my hair when it's short than ever when it was long, I wear cologne, I either lift weights or do calisthenics, I still wear sunscreen and put on moisturizer, besides regular daily showering ofc. I dress masculine on purpose, not just out of laziness or out of practicality and it's obvious. I polish my boots and shoes. My body was never a beautiful temple, but a sturdy one, with no daintiness or obvious femininity in sight. If I'd try to be feminine, I would be hiding my cheekbones, covering up my face with paint, trying to squeeze myself in clothes which don't suit me nor my bodytype and I'd look less put together or natural than now. Why try and fail at being a feminine woman, I would be an incredibly fugly one, when I have a better shot at trying to be a masculine handsome woman? That society is retarded and thinks only femininity is grooming yourself and thinks every woman is dainty and destined for femininity, that's mainly their problem. What's really going on is that they don't like the deliberateness, because they know what it likely means (i.e. homosexuality). I signal that I'm very likely not available to men, which makes them really upset, they also feel like I'm "stealing" "their" masculinity. Also all the butch representation in culture has been extremely negative, while also rare. Ironically enough according to my grandma, back in her day women would perform on stage while cross dressing and people loved it. Society is more conservative now when it comes to masc women than back then in a way. Yes women weren't allowed to wear trousers yet, while at the same time people were way more familiar with masc women and found it charming instead of repugnant. Except for the police and the deeply religious people of course.

No. 1210262

I posted this in a discord I'm in and commented on how it was nice that they included the pink since a lot of modern pride flags still drop it and I was met with an 'ackshually this the modern pride flag"
>image of the ugly Progress Pride Flag.

Sorry my dude, I don't acknowledge that as a Pride flag.

No. 1210265

I think a big problem we are having is that everyone wants to make their presentation political or like a radical act instead of just letting people be. I think, at least, if “odd gender presentation” is being shoved in everyone’s faces for awhile they will finally just see it as a part of life instead of something to gawk at or ridicule. There is nothing organized or cohesive about what I’m saying, just thinking about how you really shouldn’t have to be justifying why you present the way you do. That shouldn’t be a burden of yours.

No. 1210287

>if “odd gender presentation” is being shoved in everyone’s faces for awhile they will finally just see it as a part of life instead of something to gawk at or ridicule
I think it maybe was somewhat normal for a while. From what I've understood, the 70's and 80's were kinda like that. Not thanks to polilez, general culture was experimenting with gender expression a lot. I don't know what happened though for that to change.
>just thinking about how you really shouldn’t have to be justifying why you present the way you do. That shouldn’t be a burden of yours.
Yeah that's sweet.

No. 1210319

I really like Ms. Harlow's art (sorry, I can't remember her first name). Cut out sleeves do indeed radiate sensuality and virility.

No. 1210325

Yeah, lately anything barely tangent with politics on lc is being filled with 4chan-tier garbage

No. 1210326


No. 1210332

Yes, thanks.

No. 1210343

Sorry to respond to something so late but I don’t think they will be happy until the new lesbian flag is just shaped like a dick that waves in the wind.

No. 1210352

Most lesbians hate gay men, for good reason.

No. 1210360

How do you want to spend pride, nona?

No. 1210382

File: 1654301467797.jpg (56.67 KB, 442x520, IMG_6255.jpg)


No. 1210383

File: 1654301518134.png (660.56 KB, 458x679, unknown.png)

I personally think it doesn't

No. 1210384

File: 1654301570174.jpg (184.93 KB, 1079x1089, Screenshot_20220603-142310_Ins…)

Yes, the entire fucking month

No. 1210393

File: 1654302071882.jpg (224.75 KB, 683x1024, istockphoto-174869355-1024x102…)

Nobody said you have to justify yourself, sister. Clearly you're not lazy in your appearance, and I believe you brought up the idea of laziness in reference to butchness in the first place. The post you're referring to was clearly talking about childhood trauma, so it's kind've rude to compare that to being lazy js!

I'm not coming for you, I respect your identity and sense of style. I do want to point out that your idea of femininity is antiquated and shaped by capitalist/patriarchal fantasy. Femininity is not applying paint to your face, squeezing into tight clothing, or dressing outside of your body type, although I used to think that way too. It's a misogynistic view of a woman that really could only be achieved through consumerism, which is a view that most women subscribe to because it is what we are taught, but that image is not actually true womanhood or natural femininity. Contemporary femininity is completely unnatural, I'm sorry but the Kardashians barely look human. I truly believe that if natural femininity, without the contemporary constraints of pinching clothing or ridiculous drag makeup, was more normal in our society there would be a lot less pain for girls in general.

Again, I'm not coming for you. In a world where Kardashi-Doja's are the norm there's no wonder you would want to assert yourself outside of that male fantasy. I did too for a long time. But you're still a woman, and you don't have to be dainty to be feminine or beautiful. You are already beautiful, with and not despite your sturdiness.

No. 1210403

I agree with this but Doja is cute too so I'm conflicted

No. 1210408

So… if you care about bodily autonomy and don't live your life by stereotypes you are now Queer and oppressed

No. 1210410

This is perfect, anon.

No. 1210418

>It's a misogynistic view of a woman that really could only be achieved through consumerism, which is a view that most women subscribe to because it is what we are taught

And this is all rooted in sexism as well. Women are paid less than men for doing the same job or bullied out of higher paying jobs or positions by men. It's insane how women are expected to spend tons of money on hair case, makeup, wax/razors etc.

Good point in all of this!
> I did too for a long time. But you're still a woman, and you don't have to be dainty to be feminine or beautiful. You are already beautiful, with and not despite your sturdiness.
NTA But i'm a butch lesbian and it took me a very long time to love myself and understand I was not born a girly girl the way sister is. Or my wife effortlessly is, but that doesnt make me less of a woman because I'm still born XX.

No. 1210436

I'm interested to hear your definition of femininity

No. 1210447

Think I'll go with the definition that came up when I googled femininity: "qualities or attributes regarded as characteristics of women."

My post was about NATURAL femininity, so I'm talking about qualities or attributes regarded as characteristics of natural, natal women. XX. Anything a woman does is feminine because that's what she is.
It's sad that most butches don't feel like women because even their masculinity is feminine. A man could absolutely never

Look at it on the flip side. Even when men are limp wristed, dressing flouncy so as to appear beautiful, it is done in a masculine way as it is done by a man. I know this is not a very traditional definition, but I actually think it's an improved definition. Drag queens are just not feminine, despite the pinching clothing and makeup. Do you see what I'm saying?

No. 1210459

File: 1654305122302.jpg (40.77 KB, 356x500, naomily.jpg)

Hope this is the right place to ask, but do you anons have any favourite or least favourite LGB(T) characters? Pic sort of related, they were never a pairing I cared about when Skins was airing but seeing some of the "representation" lesbians and bi women have now I kind of miss them.

No. 1210461

Interesting, I can tell you've put some thought into this. While I respect your reasoning, the practical definitions of masculine/feminine are more useful to me. With this in mind, how would you be able to describe butch style of dress? I don't like to say "wearing men's clothes" because that feels regressive and untrue of some neutral, unisex types of clothing.

No. 1210465

This cat doesn't look like he's ok

No. 1210469

He's on drugs. You know what that nip'll do to ya.

No. 1210471

Lesbians are not men. Trans women are men. I don't know why these two facts make some people seethe so much

No. 1210472

That was supposed to be a contraction of "nip" and "will", but I do realize what it looks like

No. 1210477

I know he's on drugs but I was wondering if it was really catnip (which I know is safe for the vast majority of cats)

No. 1210480

Oh I was just joking, idk what the cat is on.

No. 1210483

Wow! So my schizometer was right, after all! Also what the actual fuck is that pic you posted?

No. 1210497

Wish he'd preach "men's hygiene month" instead.

No. 1210498

Based "nazis", then.

No. 1210501

We have a massive influx of newfags from twitter and because summer. I hate it.

No. 1210504

Too much moon sugar

No. 1210511

I’ve noticed that the past couple of days. Lots of ‘nooo, you can’t call me a retard on an image board. If you disagree with me you’re literally hitler go back to pol.’ Zoomers please go outside please this summer.

No. 1210522

>"men's hygiene month" instead.
pretty sure they call it no nut november

No. 1210562

Omg they r so important to me. They were the little lesbian representation I could find as a child. I'd watch that season over and over and over again

No. 1210599

It's because women are better by default.

No. 1210736

Saw a sticker of this flag on someone's car today. I couldn't believe my eyes, but it did make me laugh because it reminded me of you nonnas.

No. 1210765

File: 1654326219868.jpeg (252.87 KB, 1284x1441, C1CC0EF2-3852-4442-BA41-2573C9…)

No. 1210770

I’m going to Kermit sewerslide wtf is this

No. 1210780

>unearthly ugly inclusive home stuck fanart
Ah what started it all

No. 1210782

Time to be proud? Of what? Having heart attacks?

No. 1210792

File: 1654328646060.png (1.41 MB, 1423x1080, Patty_Hype_056.png)

Those burgers aren't rainbows
Fuckin cowards

No. 1210793

All of "If These Walls Could Talk 2" and I wish more people would watch it to understand how difficult things used to be. There are three stories, the first is about a lesbian couple living together, but when one dies the other gets screwed over by the family because she had no legal protections back then. The second especially shows how badly lesbian radfems were treated by straight radfems in the 70's and how badly lesbian radfems again treated butches. The third story is about lesbian parenthood.
>linda look we have to be really clear about what kind of group we are we just we feel it's too risky to include your issues right now
>you're kidding me
>first we have to fight for the real issues of feminism equal rights between men and women there isn't any room for you guys
>diane we started this group together yeah and I worked my butt off to get free birth control on this campus, what do you think i was protecting my right to screw frat boys?
>that is exactly the kind of attitude we don't need in here
>We did it for you!
and the shitty behavior of lesbian radfems to butches
>looks like the woman's woman's really alive and kicking here george that's a bar
>look at that suit careful she might slip your number
>i'm telling you you're gonna get picked up
>[Laughter] oh man tell me that's not a tie
>oh yeah I even got my dad to stop wearing one yeah and a woman that's ten times more offensive
>you did not go home with the tie
>I told you I just got a ride on her bike it was fun
>linda that's worse than imagining you with a man
>how do you expect us to be accepted as feminists with your little boyfriend around right on
>really doesn't even matter never gonna speak to me again after the way that I treated her today
>how can you like someone who dresses like a man I saw those women in the bar, we fought so hard to break free of those rules
>she's not like that
>so am I the woman and you're the man no why do you dress like one
>No, this is how I feel comfortable
>do you see yourself as a woman?
>don't you think I know what people think of me this is me it can't be any other way

No. 1210811

So these are queer burgers because they have the same type of buns… homobuns, if you will

No. 1210844

inb4 the twitter crowd call this transphobic because some buns identify differently than others

No. 1210879

Actual nazis sadly.. Austria and all. They don't do half assed nazis.

No. 1210920

File: 1654342154623.jpg (37.59 KB, 768x768, 7iRkcfC.jpg)

From Vault comics

No. 1210923

I find it cute tbh

No. 1210925

File: 1654343362931.jpeg (235.17 KB, 1600x1069, 1.jpeg)

Really fucking kills me that nazi's have actually started copying anarchist praxis, direct action for their own ends and actual anarchists have been run over by AGPs whining. Even Italian fascists started doing ACTUAL mutual aid (just only for white Italians), not the ebegging kind (too many people act like donations are radical). Azov literally got big and popular through doing mutual aid, just only to ethnic Ukrainians, while bullying Greeks etc. These nazi's and fascists aren't "based", they call it the globohomo agenda and throw lesbians under the bus too. Don't think for a second that they actually differentiate between any of the letters. Anarchist radfems are also a rarity, nobody properly reads SCUM manifesto.

No. 1210929

I think corporate pandering is dumb in general but I do also kind of think that one is a cute idea. Also like that it's the one ad that is just making a cute joke for same sex attracted people (aka who pride is actually for) and not troons or straight people who like drag like a lot of the other stuff posted itt

No. 1210930

I still find it hilarious that they have added blue and yellow for ukraine to the new mess of a pride flag, yet gay marriage is illegal there

No. 1210936

surprised its not the impossible burger that had a bunch of estrogen

No. 1210941

File: 1654345286595.jpg (54.52 KB, 742x772, lol.jpg)

Lockheed Martin also joined in the wokeness

No. 1210942

Being Ukrainian and being black are both considered deviant sexualities now

No. 1210944

Also wasn’t Ukraine transphobic for making troons stay and fight because their IDs listed them as male?

No. 1210951

Ohh I did not notice the homobuns lol. It's kind of cute (tho I bet my ass none of the profits are donated to charity), but it also seems like commentary on "look! only two different kinds if buns truly complete each other!" lmaoo

No. 1211126

??? Fake meat doesn’t have real estrogen kek thats made up by old dudes who think they’re masculine for eating McDonald’s hamburgers like a real man is supposed to yeehaw not these libs and their soy alternatives

No. 1211132

id like to see some defense contractors wear these to work lmfao

No. 1211158

At this point I'd argue it IS globohomo.

No. 1211160

Funny how a defense contractor is supporting pride, it's almost like all these corporations are pushing wokeism and a certain ideology on the world… if only there was some special word for it…!

No. 1211165

File: 1654360065703.jpeg (94.9 KB, 448x492, 7PkV45H.jpeg)

No. 1211174

File: 1654360321948.png (1.56 MB, 882x1608, Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 9.31…)

no fr what is this phenomenon.

No. 1211178

And these are the men controlling everyone else's futures. My god.

No. 1211180

Go back to /pol/. Corporations coopting shit for browniepoints doesn't mean they actually care about lgb people. They are just trying to pinkwash their image, trying to get in the good graces of zoomers, trying to get more zoomer customers and support. There is no secret cabal, they're just trying to function within capitalism. They aren't trying to spread shit other than vague platitudes. When it comes down to it, they don't put money into shelters for gay and lesbian youth. They don't actually try to help anyone or further any cause. They just wave a rainbow flag for one month and that's it. That's not some sort of insidious globohomo agenda.

No. 1211190

This image is so stupid. You learn this shit over time through life experience, and some of it through good parenting. Nothing to do with sexuality…

No. 1211193

File: 1654361806045.png (407.08 KB, 718x716, ED65C346-3E1F-4C39-AD58-6BFAEF…)

Same energy?

No. 1211208

>stop noticing things
Bite me.

No. 1211247

You're noticing things and then ascribing the wrong meaning to it. Yes they are coopting pride shit, but that doesn't mean they actually support it. They also coopt feminism, do you believe that there's a massive feminist agenda supported by global corporation? Or no? If you do believe that, then like I said, go back to /pol/ and you're probably a scrote. If you understand that just because corporations pretend to support something, doesn't mean they actually support it, put any money towards it or whatever, just like they don't actually give a shit about feminism, then you would understand that globohomo is bullshit. And no, pushing tranny shit isn't "globohomo", you know that the word homo is literally in the word "globohomo" and tranny shit is homophobic? So it doesn't work that way, you don't get to throw the LGB under the bus just for your gripes with the T.

No. 1211263

Pride month is only in August where I live, yet everyone has to live like a burger and companies are already shilling lgbt crap. Just kill me already. My neighbors put on a troon flag in their windows alongside a sign that says Trans Lives Matter and a BLM one, English is not even the main language where I live. You can see that these people have been brainwashed by burger ideologies that don't even apply where I live. Nuke the US already ffs.

No. 1211291

No, that's based.

No. 1211298

burger ideologies is a disease. I swear. BLM is a joke and so are trannies. at least BLM kind of makes sense in america, but why korea? why japan? shit is so dumb. Cant wait for pride to be over.

No. 1211305

Remember that BLM march in Japan and how no one cared and looked at them as if they were freaks? Kek

No. 1211354

exacly. thre's a lot of comanies who'll change their logo to the uwu progress blm troon flag because that's just a PR move that doesn't cost them much and brings them custiomers. But then they discretely donate to anti-gay politicians. disney for one does this.
the uwu pride shit doesn't mean the gay agenda is winning. most of it's just lip service

No. 1211359

If anything the fact that troons have taken over pride so much (and let's be real, a lot of men in these big companies are probably secret autogynephiles too so they promote trans stuff and not lgb more intentionally for that reason) means that gay people are more shafted than ever. You would have to be retarded to think the gay agenda is winning because same sex attracted people are being massively fucked over at every turn.

No. 1211361

File: 1654371415730.jpg (101.02 KB, 780x780, in-this-house.jpg)

No. 1211381

The Ukraine hearts next to some imageboard tranny shitpost accounts name is the cherry on top

No. 1211495

Pretty sure anarchists and other radical leftists actually do shit in Europe, or at least in some parts of Europe. For example, I heard some Greek anarchists held a far-right politician hostage a few years ago.
>These nazi's and fascists aren't "based", they call it the globohomo agenda and throw lesbians under the bus too. Don't think for a second that they actually differentiate between any of the letters
This, getting kind of sick of people here calling /pol/fags and literal Neo-Nazis "based" just because they happen to hate trannies too. They're delusional "trad" scrotes who don't give a shit about women. Those posts have the same vibe as /r9k/ or /pol/ retards calling TERFs "based tradwives" because of the "Trans-Exclusionary" but completely ignoring the "RF" part. And I'm wondering if these people posting in this thread aren't /pol/fags themselves.

No. 1211507

File: 1654380226473.jpeg (70.14 KB, 828x528, 2FB8BA2B-E925-4EBE-931F-032E3E…)

My least favorite type of person. If you are bisexual, just fucking call yourself bisexual.

No. 1211517

this shit is suicide-inducing. what the fuck did bisexuals ever do, seriously

No. 1211583

I dont get why we cant go back to gay/lesbian, straight or bi… I still don't know what queer means I'm lesbian af.

No. 1211597

bisexuality probably counts as transphobia or some shit, uneducated guess

No. 1211604

"Queer" is one of those terms trickled down from academia that has lost all meaning. Even married heterosexual monogamous couples call themselves "queer" if they're into some light bdsm nowadays.

No. 1211608

Relax they're probably mostly bots.

No. 1211658

Am I the only one who thought tops and bottoms at first but then realized both together made no sense?

No. 1211665

Kek I didn't realize the buns were switched

No. 1211707

Looks like its wearing a tie

No. 1211748

I think it's supposed to represent gay people. Like being with one of the same buns instead of the opposite.

No. 1211754

the analogy makes no sense. it should be a bun with another bun inside, and a burger between two burgers

No. 1211766

I see what you're saying but nobody would get that. Or I wouldn't at least

No. 1211771

aaaw looks like they included German pride too!

No. 1211776

well i don't get the current version. a bun is one thing that you split, it's not equivalent to two people.

No. 1211786

I remember hearing that a lot of gay and lesbians still find queer to be offensive. I think mainly older ones because of how often that word was used in bullying.

No. 1211814

That's what I equate it too, but I suppose I'm an oldfag lesbian. I remember the days in school of being bullied and people would use queer and dyke as an insult. I feel like a lot of zoomers trying to use queer have never actually been bullied or left their basements.

No. 1211818

The majority of people I ever see refer to themselves as queer are just dangerhair bisexual women with boyfriends

No. 1211824

And troons

No. 1211855

Idk, it makes sense to me. I think you're applying way too much logic to this lol.

No. 1212339

Thank you for putting it into smart words..

No. 1212358

My country has had same-sex marriage for over two decades but I know people who think we only got it a few years ago. It’s like these people spend so much time online that they start believing they live in the US.

No. 1212393

File: 1654435022155.jpg (693.91 KB, 1078x1417, Screenshot_20220605-151255_Fir…)

Pride was yesterday and honestly it was alright. We don't have as much american bs so it's still okay. If I lived in the US I sure as shit wouldn't go.

There were a lot of zoomers (who were the majority of "trans" people there), old people, tons of normies and some kids. There were maybe 1-2 retarded males dressed "provocative" and I hope the number won't increase because it's always and only males pulling this shit. We didn't even have a single incident like last year which was surprising. All in all, it was chill.

No. 1212583

What country are you from?

No. 1212938


No. 1213136

>We didn't even have a single incident like last year
I'm intrigued

No. 1213409

I'm really glad you had a good time, anon

No. 1213488

File: 1654488761514.jpeg (344.92 KB, 827x1261, 9A057761-8708-43FA-8CF0-D24D0F…)

humans are just like fish, duh. it all makes sense suddenly!

No. 1213499

Even if they applied the fish logic to humans, there isn’t like a bunch of women suddenly dying or becoming infertile to the point of needing men becoming women so the human race doesn’t go extinct.

No. 1213500

This is one of the most braindead things I've ever seen. Next they're going to call seahorses trans.

No. 1213503

Deep-sea anglerfish females absorb males. That doesn't mean it's natural for human females to absorb human males - or even possible.

No. 1213531

Theres a reason its called a clownfish

No. 1213539

There’s already a bunch of ‘pregnant males’ (women) that call themselves ‘seahorse dads’

No. 1213544

File: 1654494181404.jpeg (258.25 KB, 1242x937, 39912880-268E-4FF4-B5D6-3106AA…)

It would be better if we were more like praying mantises.

No. 1213553

File: 1654495048969.jpg (415.07 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20220606-075255_Twi…)

Why are they so giddy about a goddamn cartoon rabbit made for toddlers being nonbinary? 3 year olds dont even know what a gender is.

No. 1213577

Moland is ruined.

No. 1213604

File: 1654499447482.png (565.1 KB, 720x1021, 1630136130524.png)

I don't know how many times this has to be said but male sea horses don't get pregnant
The female seahorses lays the eggs and The male seahorse has a POUCH that he carries the eggs and later babies in so they don't get eaten by predators

No. 1213605

Sea! Horses! Are! Horses!

No. 1213606

Ah yes, the survival mechanism of certain non-mammals that makes them adapt their reproductive mechanism in a situation where their survival is threatened due to the dwindling possibility of being able to reproduce in a single-sex environment. That's literally the same thing as troons and their gender identity.

No. 1213615

That's what that purple yellow flag is… Somebody in my neighborhood actually put one up on a flagpole in front of their house. I was like, that's not the asexual one right? Why would you advertise that stuff.

No. 1213618

File: 1654502376021.png (41.41 KB, 738x285, tarant.png)

i introduce you to the tarantula's mating anon

No. 1213666

Seeing that the only people triggered by company pride support in social media comments are dumb conservative scrotes I'm back to supporting the notion; anything that gets moids so upset must be good (and also I'll never side with them)

No. 1213776

Low IQ post

No. 1213786

Same anon, it's hilarious how conservatard scrotes fly into a fit of rage seeing their favourite vidya company switch to a rainbow PFP and the unironically homophobic anons in this thread really solidify how pride is still necessary. Sure the rainbow capitalism is cringe and tranny shilling is horrible but I still support the LGB part.

No. 1213847


Why the fuck does gender bullshit need to shown to pre schoolers? this is grooming. Also non binary? what oppression do non binaries suffer? Also, I really hate when they use characters like Hello Kitty, kirby, Miku etc to for pride bullshit. Way to ruin a kid's cartoon mascot.

No. 1213854

That fish illustration is really cute, what a waste

No. 1213858

This is what kills me about "womb rights for men" arguments. Like why would states invest huge amount of money into human experiments instead of just revising the social contracts with the physically capable, large half of the already living population? Other than vanity

No. 1213864

> what oppression do non binaries suffer?
Not getting enough attention for being NLOGs/NLOBs.

No. 1213885

File: 1654526600246.jpg (318.93 KB, 2048x1777, FUMzQIsWUAEAegv.jpg)

This made me laugh harder than it really should have, hope it does for you too!

No. 1214070