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File: 1654873858951.jpeg (142.42 KB, 1080x1559, 1654869170419.jpeg)

No. 1219875

Since the first thread >>1191923 is soon to lock.

Topics of discussion:
-Rainbow consoomerism
-Hilariously stupid company pandering and other corporate unhinged content
-Pride parade drama
-History revisionism
-Alphabet soup getting longer
-Celebs and cows pride-drama
-Your personal feelings of gayness and if you should be loud and proud about it or not
-July 1st clean up

No. 1219884

File: 1654874240376.jpg (237.99 KB, 1400x788, 983255578.jpg.jpg)

I went away last weekend for a trip and it just so happened that the town I went to visit was having their pride parade while I was there. It was a very small town, local affair, but still very vibrant and fun with a good number of people in the streets. Actually kid friendly.

It's the first pride parade I've ever attended and I think it's about all I need kek. Nothing wrong with it and I had fun watching, but I'm live in a major city and the pride parade here (like every other parade) is a fucking nightmare and monstrosity and I can't imagine what sort of freakshows are going to attend, on top of my city's disgustingly hot and humid weather.

No. 1219893

Tried to check this guy's Twitter and he's been banned apparently.

No. 1219900

File: 1654874901195.jpeg (219.33 KB, 427x761, F54F1C10-5F95-45F7-816C-91B499…)

Interesting that this year’s Pride threads filled up quicker in comparison to 2021, which didn’t get full. Less than a month in and we got a 2nd thread. I think because more people are peaking about the tranny and kink inclusion.

Picrel, I got an ad from American Eagle. I keked a little that the trans were on a separate shoe from the rest of the rainbow (LGB), but it’s too bad black people are lumped in with troons.

No. 1219904

does anyone have good sources similar to what's in op, by the way?

No. 1219911

>black people are lumped in with troons.
Same nonny, I'm a mentor for young Native girls (and non-binary now smh) and it's next to impossible to find like programs for them because how many of them just lump in racial minorities with "queers," like wtf is QTPOC? Why are trans people always there own thing and why is queer always so exclusive of actual gay/lesbians? Some of my girls are lesbians and they talked about how they can't find anything for them in their own communities because either it's for "Two-Spirit," folxs or by creepy white people who don't treat them as actual people and constantly self-flagellate by how evil white people are and it's like stop basically scaring young girls who have gone through a lot jfc, sorry for the weird ass dump, I sould have written this in french so it would have flowed better but then I don't think theres that many francophones on here kek

No. 1219922

Isn't treading on flags hugely disrespectful?

No. 1219935

It is.
They also seem to not know that brown in a flag is the color of fascism.

No. 1219945

What if they stepped in dog shit with the trans flag? Kek

No. 1219969

Pride has been taken over by trannies and men in bondage gear and it is frankly revolting

No. 1219974

Kek I hope that happens

No. 1219978

That’s what happens when people push that “inclusivity at any cost” shit, it leaves the actually marginalized people eating dirt. I feel bad for your girls. It sounds really alienating.

No. 1220022

Does anyone know where to find the archived lesbian mag that had the stormi interview in it?

No. 1220623

If you could pick any celebrities to come out this month who would you choose and why? I might pick Ellen Page to detroon (we're bound to get a detrans celebrity eventually but I don't think it'll be her) or someone popular and current like Lil Nas X being exposed as gender critical

No. 1223793

Lil Nas X would be so based if he came out as gender critical. There’s no way the whole backlash against his pregnant photo shoot didn’t peak him.

No. 1223829

I am sorry for my stupid rant, but sometimes the bi-het thing really gets to me. I’ve taken my male partner to a pride event once with a group of friends, but usually if I go to any I go with other women. It still is hurtful to hear this stuff though because I didn’t spend my entire childhood/adolescence getting called a dyke by bullies and hiding lesbian romance novels from my family just to get it from within the community too. It makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. I obviously don’t take him because he doesn’t belong and I don’t want to annoy people but it’s not like every bi woman presents as gender-conforming or is just straight.

No. 1223856

Samefagging bc I was still thinking about it, but I feel isolated too around straight women because they don’t get it either. I don’t relate to the ways they interact with their Nigels most of the time because it’s extremely heteronormative. I don’t mean this to be an attack on the nona I replied to, I just wish I could feel like I can relate to anyone in or outside of the community. It’s not like bi women really have spaces for themselves and I’m not sure why that is. I would like it if I could be around other women like that.

No. 1223912

Nah he caved in pretty quickly to aidens calling him a perverted hiv+ faggot for daring to say he likes dick. He always seemed like a normie gay to me who supports trannies by default but isn't that interested in the ins and outs of their "struggle" but i think fakebois and agps as well as pressure from his label are forcing him to prioritize the T

No. 1224036

Holy shit I'm laughing. In my city in Europe there was the gay pride this Saturday so a coworker of mine (effeminate Black gay guy) went to see the parade with his straight white female best friends. Because of the inclusivity stuff going on he was told that for the parade the white people participating should be in front of the parade and the poc should be behind them, you know, to make the poc the stars of the show or something like that. He was pissed off kek, he told everyone at the office about it and almost none of us are white so you can guess how that went. By trying to be inclusive towards other minorities the people organizing this thing managed to look like total racists, and when I told my family about it they were shocked as well. Sérieusement les ameriboos français qui traduisent poc par "personnes racisées" devraient se tirer une balle dans le crâne, hors contexte on dirait une insulte au même niveau que nègre ou bougnoule.

No. 1224065

File: 1655144481790.jpg (19.54 KB, 650x623, 1655046242675.jpg)

I feel you on a spiritual level nonna, as another disgusting bihettie. I do not mean to say we have it worse than actual homosexuals, we definitely do not, but it is alienating sometimes. There are spaces for bi women exclusively on the internet, irl is a lost cause tbh. I've been on some gc/radfem servers for bisexual women from tumblr, they were chill. You could try that?

No. 1224121

What the hell, it sounds exactly like black people having to seat in the back of the bus, holy shit. sérieux je savais pas à quel point la wokitude était grave à ce point dans les milieux gay en France, c'était dans quelle ville, Nantes ou Bordeaux ou un truc comme ça ? Et ouais, j'ai jamais compris le coup de racisé, on dirait une invention de vieux réac

No. 1224141

File: 1655147631185.jpg (121.89 KB, 750x564, Tumblr_l_3379163789560089.jpg)

Nonitas I can't take looking at this ugly ass flag anymore. I can't stand black and brown people being lumped in with gay people and being seen as "inheritely queer". It's literally so annoying and pointless. Also the addition of the hideous pedo groomer pride flag is probably the single most retarded pr decision the lgb community ever made

No. 1224162

I know right? I told my family because I wanted to see how they'd react and they were shocked, they legit thought it was some extreme racists who said that to my coworker. Je suis à Lyon. Dieu merci j'avais la flemme de sortir en ville pour me faire rembourser des vêtements qui me vont pas, on m'aurait dit d'aller faire à la parade derrière les gays blancs de force, merci mais non merci. Vraiment des bails de tumblr circa 2012 ces conneries. Apparemment ils appellent ça la non-mixité ou je ne sais quoi.

No. 1224225

This may be a huge reach, but based on her posts about body dysmorphia, I'm thinking maybe Dove Cameron will come out as themby, considering those are always the ones perfoming feminity constantly and this is how their internalized mysoginy evolves.

No. 1224321

Oh cool, I might see if I can find them. It’s definitely isolating and I really mean what I said. I feel just as awkward as I do around lesbians as I do straightoids. Like talking about your interests and attractions to either group seems to totally put them off (and I’m not even talking about in a vulgar way or whatever, just nonchalantly bringing up being with women in the past makes straight women start looking at you like you’re gross and I understand why lesbians don’t give a shit about nigel). I feel like there were groups of bi women that met up in the past and stood together at pride but now that seems few and far between.

No. 1224324

I agree. I hate it and I refuse to acknowledge it.

No. 1224392

I hate how mainstream it has gone and how everybody uses it now, same with people saying LGBTQ+.

No. 1224401

>I feel like there were groups of bi women that met up in the past and stood together at pride but now that seems few and far between.

DA I would like to do that. I always felt out of place within the online bi community because I didn't sleep with men for a long time (I'm in my late 20s, GNC/almost trooned and have never had a Nigel kek, only male fwbs and gfs). I hated myself for ages and am only just beginning to feel more okay with it all. A GC bi friend group sounds like way too much to ask but that's the dream

No. 1224502

they are literally using this flag at major league baseball games
its so fucking ugly omfg. why is it EVERYWHERE now?

No. 1224505

My neighbor used to have the regular rainbow flag, but 2 years ago he got this one and every time i just wanna burn it, but then it would be considered a hate crime. kek

No. 1224508

I thought that was the whole point of the rainbow flag in general..it was a mix to represent everyone? So it was just for gay white people this whole time?

No. 1224548

Yeah, I never got why they changed it.

No. 1224931

File: 1655216442095.jpeg (64.93 KB, 1080x712, 5D066697-CDA3-4937-A995-6484DE…)

Idk either but it does always make me laugh (cry) to think of it as trans just bulldozing over everyone else. I always liked this interpretation of the flag.

No. 1226506

I hate the progress flag so fucking much

No. 1226614

File: 1655317155075.jpg (67.48 KB, 500x528, FU1wW8-WYAIjeoP.jpg)

No. 1226677

File: 1655319082619.jpg (47.89 KB, 718x480, 20220615_215029.jpg)

The true pride flag.

No. 1226736


No. 1226744

Trannoids wish they looked half as good as her

No. 1227453

File: 1655361589307.webm (6.18 MB, 720x1280, _kfF1i_hF36fzu8T.webm)

What was the point where all these mostly woke straight girls started declaring themselves queer for no apparent reason
>I date men in a queerer way

No. 1227460

File: 1655361700446.jpg (228.05 KB, 750x1655, 001.jpg)

the comments 1/2
>so mant lgbt+ people(especially gay men) don't feel queer at all
a gay guy sucking dick is "reductive" and "bioessentialist" but this woman sucking her boyfriend off is revolutionary and "kweer"

No. 1227467

File: 1655362101848.jpg (104.18 KB, 750x781, 002.jpg)

No. 1227476

File: 1655363476839.jpg (369.36 KB, 720x1139, 1655159048322.jpg)

Queer is a meaningless word. I'm fucking tired

No. 1227478

File: 1655363542122.gif (53.34 KB, 96x96, t3453434r435.gif)

>mfw they knew all along they're just spicy straights and now they're trying to advocate for it

No. 1227495

File: 1655364498359.jpg (92.97 KB, 640x1136, FOob-cTXoBEYApg.jpg)

These two are the dictionary definition of spicy straight

the girl
>Meyers is queer, bisexual and non-binary, and uses they/she pronouns.[22][23][24] In 2017 they proposed to actor Nico Tortorella, whom they met in college, after eleven years of dating.[25] On March 9, 2018 Meyers and Tortorella married[26] in a civil ceremony at a Manhattan City Clerk's office before exchanging vows at St. Paul's Chapel, an Episcopal church and parish church of Trinity Church Wall Street.[27][28] They both wore gender non-conforming outfits designed by Andrew Morrison with crowns.[29] Meyers and Tortorella are in a polyamorous marriage and both openly date other people.[30][31][32]

the guy
>Speaking to the New York Post's Page Six in June 2016, Tortorella declared themself sexually fluid[16] and identified as bisexual in an October 2016 interview with Vulture.[17] In November 2017, Tortorella and Bethany C. Meyers (who had been dating for 11 years) talked about being in a polyamorous relationship, a revelation that got them uninvited from their respective families' Thanksgiving dinners.[18]

No. 1227524

Rant incoming but I'm sick of seeing posts by gay men supporting trans people and saying it's just the same attacks and lies gay people used to get. My dude trans people are THE most homophobic group, they hate your fucking guts. If you as a gay man is not into vagina… then you're an evil transphobe who should die. They also tell lesbians to take the dick, or they're a transphobic who should get raped and die. They deny the existence of gay people, they advocate for violence on "terfs" who object to it, and they advocate for same-sex attraction to be ostracized and illegal.

And secondly, gay men never at any point had a higher rate of raping and sexually assaulting women. Trans identified men do, the data is right there! They're statistically more likely to commit a sexual crime than any white "cis" straight man. Gay people never advocated for cutting the breast or genitals off of literal minors, trans people do. Gay people didn't want to mentally and physically stunt the growth of children, in hopes that they'll be more physically attractive as adults. Gay people didn't groom children to do all of that, the way trans people ARE grooming children to do all that.

Gay people said "I want to consensually sleep with this other gay person".
Trans people are saying "You have to sleep with me even though you don't want to".
It's never been the same. Stop bending backwards for the trans people who hate your guts gay men. Please open your eyes.

No. 1227531

My lovely, well meaning straight coworker suggested we put up a happy pride month poster on our bakery (located inside a store). I was like hah that's lovely, but then explained to her a bit how performative the whole corporate pride month is. I also terfed out a bit to explain how many homosexuals feel alienated in the LGBT community these days due to pressured from trannies to fuck them etc, she was horrified and went all ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION hah. She did not even know about the other pride flags other than rainbow lmao. Such sweet and innocent summer child.

I haye to be so fucking jaded and bitter about the LGBT shit. When I was the boss at another bakery a few years ago I went all out with the pride week decorations, put pride flags and shit everywhere since majority of pur workers, including me, were LGBT. It was just fun. Idk, maybe we could do the rainbow sprinkle donuts my coworker suggested, thats nice and subtle imo. Dunno how our boomer boss will feel about it though kek

No. 1227532

Oh and lol I also informed her she is transphobic if she doesn't want to fuck a tranny, she was like uhhh eww kekkkk

No. 1227643

>straight people in the kink comm are still queer
The tiktok kids are not okay

No. 1227656

>I'm a gender queer fem presenting person in a relationship with a bi man, looks but is VERY queer
just 5 years ago this would have been a shitpost by Anti-SJWs

No. 1227658

I hate the word QUEER it makes me quiver and want to shrivel up

No. 1227855

File: 1655400149315.png (178.27 KB, 460x267, FUL6hYgWUAcpo6O.png)

No. 1227875

I hate that word so much too. Every time I hear someone say they identify as queer, I automatically think they're a spicy straight

No. 1227901

It’s such a meaningless term. I side eye anyone who uses it. Half the time these people can’t even articulate what it means for themselves, it’s just vague gesturing.

No. 1227906

Well, sounds like you peaked her a little bit at least. Good job.

No. 1227911

I was bullied with that word. It will never not be a slur in my book.

No. 1227929

I remember a few years ago there were homestuck and weaboo fujo shippers on the pride in my country. Most lesbians and gays just want to stay safe and not get attacked by some retarded hooligans.

No. 1227934

File: 1655403860627.jpg (13.32 KB, 288x276, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.jpg)

I'm not a lesbian myself and sorry if this sounds rude, it's not my intention and maybe you can explain me something I don't get. I hate when women call themselves gay.
>D'uh, I'm gay
>[gay random verb] memes like pic related
It sounds so forced. Lesbian sounds so much better phonetically and the etymology is so much cooler, why choose gay to describe yourself? Is it like when actresses use actor to describe themselves rather than actress because they think that term carries less seriousness than the male counterpart? But lesbian and gay don't share any origin and if anything, lesbian wins the duel. I'm probably biased for being straight and because there was a time when gay was used as synonym of uncool/cringe in the 00s. What do you think? Do you use the term to describe yourself?

No. 1227936

Samefag, I forgot I clicked on your post. I only wanted to integrate in the queer as a word debate.

No. 1227948

Lesbian is such a powerful word and has a nice history, putting it under the gay umbrella is lame. I find these
>haha I'm so gay/qweer!
memes annoying personally. You are allowed to have fun and finally express your identity openly, but the 'sad gay noises' stuff feels like a teen on tumblr trying really hard to not be a boring het.

No. 1227957

I use both gay and lesbian now, but I hated using lesbian when I was younger because I felt like it was too porny and felt fake (in the way queer does now). This was the 00's and 10's so you could buy stickers at Spencer's that said "I (heart) Lesbians", but the lesbians they were referring to were obviously like t.A.T.u. Gay generalized my sexuality without (I thought) calling to mind pornified straight women kissing. Obviously I don't feel that way now that I've grown and met other lesbians but I'll still use gay around certain people.

No. 1227978

disassociation with lesbian porn genre. most young people are going to be faced with porn rather than lgbt history

No. 1228007

Isn't gay porn a thing too? I get what you're saying btw

No. 1228056

I mean yeah I guess? Straight and gay are definitely categories of porn, but they're generally seen as sexualities first. I just felt like lesbian was porny because my experience with it was like I stated (fetishistic) and because I didn't know other lesbians. I didn't want attention from men when I was young and inevitably using "lesbian" got questions/comments from men in a really gross way compared to "gay" (or "queer" which I did use in my early twenties for the same reason lol).

No. 1228087

This sadly reminds me of the reason some women and young girls troon out. Men pornify and disrespect everything to do with women

No. 1228143

Thanks for your kind replies, also for the nonas above who explained their situation. In my case it used to be the other way around, gay sounded so airy and appliable to things (as a synonym of cringe when I was a teenager, sorry), whereas lesbian sounded so serious. There were a couple of young lesbian sport instructors at my school, one did basketball and floorball and the other baseball, and they were long haired butches that looked like they would kill you if you didn't take the sport seriously. Now I'm almost glad these two shaped the word for me in my head.

No. 1228201

Thanks for asking the question tbh, it got me thinking about why I'm still hesitant with it sometimes. It really is a great word that means exactly what it says kek

No. 1228340

Can someone please explain the Freudian reason behind that specific and abundant category of homosexual males who obsess over women just as much if not more than straight men but they think it’s normal or acceptable because they’re gay. Why do they all think they have some sort of prodigal ear for music and fashion and that they somehow have a better grasp of what women should be wearing or presenting themselves? Their cope is always that gay men dress celebrities but they aren’t up to par with any of the men they’re referencing in the industry in any way by a long shot. Stan gays are like so subhuman. They also all talk about how much better they’d be at being women than actual women and that they’d just get a bbl and escort it’s vile and retarded and the absolutely most caveman brained bullshit. Why is this a thing?

No. 1228494

File: 1655445135625.jpeg (823.93 KB, 1170x1133, 536BBDAA-A9F3-4FD3-8FDE-F86748…)

I’m late to the party here but I just got back from seeing the new Doctor Strange movie, I really enjoyed it, but holy hell

A Mary Sue character, a brown girl literally named America, shows up wearing a denim jacket with the words Amor es Amor (“Love is love”) on it and the ugly new pride design pin. Spoiler alert she has ultra rare powers and ends up saving the day. My friend and I laughed out loud in the theater, it felt so on-the-nose and hamfisted

No. 1228619

>implying most of the marvel superhero scrotes are not mary sues
Not to mention she's a character established in the comics something like 12 years ago, stop getting triggered by non-white female character in capeshit movie like a moid, anon

No. 1228643

nta but you're really asking someone to stop having standards? For a Disney blockbuster?

>she's a character established in the comics something like 12 years

I've seen enough of her comics to wonder wtf they were thinking about with her.

No. 1228708

Along with that I feel like she added very little to the movie besides being a plot device and having lesbians for parents, it felt really weird that despite the fact that she travels between different dimensions she's wearing wore the LGBTQQIP2SAA pin super ugly instead of the pin in her dress when she was younger to remind her of her home or something. She was honestly just there and when the spotlight was on her, her power that she didn't have full control of just conveniently worked when needed. WE didn't see her struggle and she didn't even try to break out of the cage until needed and even then it was just a punch and her power worked there no biggie. LOL at her comic background being ignored beside her lesbian parents

No. 1228724

NTA. Compared to the running length of other characters in the comic book universe, she's relatively young. The early 2010s were a time to be contrived and this movie would be no exception. It's not hard to write a fresh and memorable character who happens to be a WOC with unique racial struggles. The jarring outfit and name should not be the only thing we remember about her. I'm assuming she's of Hispanic origin (I'm not familiar with her character), but I grew up SoCal, often the only white kid in some of my classes. I can assure you most hate this country and would not wear that jacket, let alone carry that name. Make her character believable. It makes it difficult to focus on the actual plot of the movie.

No. 1228748

File: 1655475388977.jpg (66.26 KB, 449x682, images.jpeg-335.jpg)

im a capeshit comic autist and im still baffled they chose to introduce america, shes a notoriously difficult character to write and has very few good comic runs (i liked her in west coast avengers, a COMEDY comic), its like the execs picked the character that fit the most woke checkboxes and told the writers to insert them in whatever movie they could.
But thats the main problem with America, she has so many token points its near impossible to not make her a walking talking stereotype and she does not work as a focal point of any media.

No. 1228759

America is a Spanish woman name so it's not that weird, but iirc it's a very widespread name nowadays since it was used to name an entire continent. I never read her comics besides some panels here and there out of context but she's not even human I think. iirc she's an alien from outerspace or another dimension or universe so the whole WOC thing seems very stupid and out of place. I haven't watched that Doctor Strange movie either and I don't want to pay for Disney+ to have enough context to understand that shit, I'm pretty much done with the MCU now.

No. 1228765

Many have a fetish for straight men, so they are jealous of women and spend lots of time trying to outdo us. It sounds harsh but if you've ever read gay men's posts in their communities a lot of them want specifically straight men, there's endless porn of this and they seethe over women.

No. 1228792


kek my old gay male friend dumped me because he had a crush on my ex, and only blamed me for being with him. he also actively came onto him several times. gay men are still moids after all, of course this means they hate women

No. 1228798

Yeah, I've seen their discussions about how women don't deserve straight men, we don't do enough for them, aren't truly attracted to them etc.

No. 1228873

File: 1655480555780.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 145730.png)

No. 1228926

File: 1655483099754.png (4 KB, 351x36, Capture.PNG)

I liked the other doodles they force on my search bar, but was surpised to see this today on windows…

No. 1228945

I saw it when I started up my computer and instantly tried to figure out how to fucking get rid of it. If you right click and hover over "search" you can unselect it under "show search highlights". I'm not computer savvy so it took me a while kek

No. 1228949

It looks like rainbows coming out of a disembodied crotch the fuck.

No. 1228950

I see it as the rainbow (The gays) getting sucked into the troon hole and everything going fucking nuts and crazy.
Notice going in the rainbow is straight going in,but coming out, it's crinkled up and almost seems to be assuming the shape of the troon hole (a chaotic triangle).
It's literally a picture of what the Trans are doing to the gays.

No. 1229022

All through the lense of someone who has never had to deal with the general day to day abuse that comes with being a woman and being sexualized even as a child so to them being a wominz must be suuuper easy because the only apparent criteria to being a woman is having fake tits, revealing clothes, and being promiscuous and that’s like sooo easy and fun. They think they wouldn’t need to work and that sex work is a cakewalk. Literally just abject delusion.

No. 1229142

>troon flag fucking huge and in the middle as always

Woah, didn't see that one coming!

No. 1229180

> I feel like she added very little to the movie besides being a plot device and having lesbians for parents
Same! They built it up like we were supposed to care about this character and I really didn’t, she was just kinda there. I felt more sympathetic towards the villain for most of the movie

No. 1229414

>Rainbow flag gets eaten by pedo troon flag
It never ends.

No. 1229614

can someone PLEASE explain the lemon bars bi stereotype. where does this come from

No. 1229628

I feel very good knowing I have no idea what this means actually

No. 1229669

apparently this is a meme that reddit decided. is it true then that bisexuals have horrible taste in desserts? lemon bars suck.

No. 1229694

im bisexual and I kind of dislike deserts. i have the opposite of a sweet tooth.

No. 1229721

i'm bi and like to eat lemons by themselves sometimes if that counts for anything

No. 1229793

They also say gay people sit a certain way and hold their phones like clutches when most people do those things. It’s like that terrible era where girls kept dancing while eating food because that’s what was shown on social media.

No. 1230373

I've seen some of her videos a few months back, she seemed intelligent but she wasted her potential on things like and "analyzing" shitty dating shows.

No. 1230401

Tbh if she's unironically spicy straight she isn't intelligent at all.

No. 1230800

Hey hey same. I’m bi and never crave sweets or sugar but I’m a salt FIEND. Give me salty/savory/spicy any day

No. 1230847

File: 1655607496746.jpg (22.01 KB, 360x236, FU5bD16WAAAmQsv.jpg)

a lot of people are seething because of this scene in Lightyear

No. 1230849

Same. And usually they are. Actual gay men or lesbians just use those terms. Spicy straights ruined it for everyone in pride.

No. 1230850

That's actually really adorable. Good for them

No. 1230852

They're cute. I haven't seen the movie, but I bet this part was barely 5 seconds and not at all important for the story. People just look for things to be outraged over.

No. 1230896

that kid bout to topple backwards, he got no upper body support

No. 1230980

Good for them
All I care about is how good looking they made Buzz

No. 1231346

I don't like salt either lol. I usually crave something "refreshing" like a salad or fresh fruit, usually to wash out strong sweet/salty flavors.

No. 1231352

why is at least one of the lesbians always a black woman? are they overrepresented among lesbians or something I never come across black lesbians except in movies and ads lol.

No. 1231370

File: 1655654606315.jpg (229.58 KB, 1242x1924, FVmqzr8XsAAyuIn.jpg)

It's pride month and monkeypox is spreading like crazy, yet I see barely any info that targets the main group of spreaders (gay and bi men) of stop fucking around like crazy, bc I guess it would be ~problematic~ but instead telling people they should have sex with clothes on or masturbate 6 feet away from each other kek. The dude who brought monkeypox to the UK was deported from his vacation place because was tested HIV positiv.

No. 1231648

Men always spreading disease. I am all for sodomy laws coming back into play

No. 1231684

File: 1655664523711.jpg (48.74 KB, 486x200, tumblr_f8035bd71c8cf4c748e40ad…)

really now?? who fucking cares

No. 1231743

lesbian = progressive
black woman = progressive
black lesbian = double progressive
simple as that. the woke pandering is super obvious when they're ALWAYS portrayed dating non-black women, i see plenty of black lesbian characters but virtually no fictional black lesbian couples, even though black lesbians do date each other all the time in real life. no, i'm obviously not against interracial couples, i'm biracial myself and have no problem with that, it's just that you see white gay couples all the time in fiction, but non-white gay people are always in interracial relationships, usually with white people. do they think having a black lesbian couple would make it "too woke"?

No. 1231753

>Your personal feelings of gayness and if you should be loud and proud about it or not
I have a gay brother who's the only scrote I care for in my life and I'm thankful he's gender critical and has a normal relationship with his boyfriend.

Being cut off from "LGBT culture" does nothing but positive things, any kind of online social community breeds mental illness inc. this one and relying on it for comfort and friendship is a sure way to slowly destroy your life.

No. 1231758

Checkbox diversity is so tiresome. I have no issues with black lesbian astronauts in my Pixar films but it feels like everything past 2016 that tried to be progressive does it in a super disingenuous and cynical way.

No. 1231769

In the new Jurassic World movie it really stuck out to me that during some dumb lecture Jeff Goldblum was doing, it made sure to deliberately highlight that the people in the audience were poc and showed flashes of each individual ethnicity. The reason why it struck me was that instead of just panning over the audience, it’s like they were trying to prove there was diversity. Like what do you think you’re showing, it’s just some random white man lecturing an audience of brown people? Okay? Do you want a cookie?

No. 1231777

Kek wtf?

No. 1231784

I am tired of people seething at lesbians. The middle east and china banned this movie, and malaysia cut the gay content.

No. 1231790

To be frank that is what a lot of race activists preach, constant and utter devotion to the cause at all times. I'm japanese and I don't get why white people are so quaint and acquiescent to extremist demands.
Treat people the same regardless of race and simply ignore the screeching divisiveness on internet media.

No. 1231806

excessive performative guilt for atrocities your ancestors committed is useless and idiotic but let's not act like outright denial is any better

No. 1231824

Go to Atlanta and there is literally so many black lesbians concentrated in one area it's insane.

No. 1231829

What denial? Acknowledgment from what I see is acting like assholes on internet forums to guilt trip random white people into constant display of submission while not accomplishing anything of value. So much so that men rarely partake in this exercise because of how blatantly degrading it is.

Identity does not preclude suffering or even privilege, I'm very well off and endured much less suffering compared to a redneck family of miners in Missouri.

Either way I fail to see how being rude to others as a generational revenge helps anything. It's crab mentality.

No. 1231847

>Either way I fail to see how being rude to others as a generational revenge helps anything. It's crab mentality.
Of course not but I can't help but find it a liiiitle hypocritical coming from someone from a country known for denying war crimes. Of course, that doesn't mean YOU personally do that, but we're also talking on a societal level here. White guilt is pushed in Western countries as a whole while other places are less scrutinized over literal denial. I'm saying this as someone from an Eastern European country that literally had gypsies enslaved but the average citizen has no idea because it's not taught in schools. Of course it's not okay to guilt trip people over things their ancestors did, but denying the things they did does not help at all.

No. 1231874

>but we're also talking on a societal level here
Sorry but I do not fall for low hanging social sciences bs like "societal (structural) level". If we're attributing societal problems to the identities of those participating in it you're no different than someone demanding black men "acknowledge" their "societal level" violent and criminal behavior.

I'm tired of being pushed towards excusing abuse and harassment because when the recipient is supposedly less privileged than the harasser it's OK.

If anything lead to TRAs dominating feminist circles or recreational misogyny being normalized progressive circles it's this irrational insistence that suffering makes your pleas immune to scrutiny.

No. 1231877

The problem is that men don't suffer kek

No. 1231879

That's exactly the point I'm trying to make, bullying individuals is not the solution. Especially when it's not even consistent to the point that you can tell some random white American to kill themselves for breathing while white, but you're called a racist for pointing out that non-Western countries also did war crimes and genocide and slavery and even in those cases white people have to be brought into it somehow like they were the actual guilty ones.

No. 1231881

For real. Lesbians are the least of any problem.

No. 1231884

This. Suffering builds empathy and reasoning, which is why women are 1,000 times smarter than their inferior male counterparts.

No. 1231892

I agree. It's sad to see leftists becoming increasingly illiberal and antidemocratic. Everyone online is preaching some schizophrenic flavor of extremism.

No. 1231902

Yes they do, I'm not delusional. Men who give up their status as a men to live a skinwalker porn-induced fantasy are treated like dogshit by everyone, that's a fact. I don't envy their place.

Still doesn't mean their pleas are above logical scrutiny, nobody should be above it, not me not anyone else.

No. 1231906

They can easily stop trying to live out their favorite jerk-off material and grow the fuck up (and many of them do, it's called "boymoding" or just detransitioning if they stop with the hormones), so no. That's not legitimate.
A woman in a misogynistic country can't just decide to go back to the womb and be born male instead, neither can a brown or black woman in a racist country just switch races lmao

No. 1231907

That's just the stupid prize they win for playing such a stupid game.

No. 1231908

how are they treated badly by anyone. white straight agps are massively protected and privileged as well as backed by an immensely powerful lobby

No. 1231918

Literally. In some first world countries, parents can lose their kids for not allowing them to troon out, but trannies are "treated like dogshit by everyone"? Sure

No. 1231923

You just moved the goalpost from "TIMs don't suffer" to "TIMs choose to suffer".

I don't think gender dysphoria is a choice, females have it just as much despite not displaying the same rapist behavior. I also don't think I'm obligated to ease their suffering.

I have OCD, my pain is real, nobody should be forced to participate in my rituals. Same goes for any mental illness.

No. 1231925

Does anyone else find it funny that gendershits fall over themselves condemning Pride merch and "corporations preying on us" but also absolutely love the actually predatory pharma and plastic surgery industries + convince themselves that there is no ulterior motive to those products being pushed and targeted at them. Like a rainbow t shirt is hurting you but a double mastectomy isn't?

No. 1231926

I just want to chime in and say I went to the pride demo in a decent sized european city this Saturday and it was lovely, I finally got one of those rainbow face crayons everyone seems to have. I mean yeah it's been drawn on me in the past but every year I wished I had one of my own and now I do! I went ham with it.

All in all a very nice affair. A few dispersed strange characters but nothing like the parade in Vienna, which had a whole BDSM/latex float and leather gimp gang.

Also it was super hot (36C) and along the city streets people were sprinkling water from their balcony hoses/watering cans onto the crowd to cool them and honestly it was just very nice.

No. 1231928

TIMs do choose to suffer compared to women and minorities who suffer just for being born like that. They could just manage their dysphoria in ways other than roleplaying as women.

No. 1231930

OK you're being delusional. Yes there are wokewashed cults that support them as the second coming of Christ, the majority of people still see them for exactly who they are, pornsick men pretending to be women. Woke anglophone twitter is not as populated as you'd think, these forums are nothing close to YouTube and Facebook. They're very capable of causing real harm to women's rights while still having a humiliating life almost nobody takes seriously.

No. 1231931

>"I put on an ugly costume and people look at me weird, but they will be arrested, beaten, and harassed if they actually do anything to me or disagree with me. This is LITERALLY the same as how women and actual minorities suffer, if you disagree you are moving the goalposts"
That flat-out isn't suffering. I'm sorry, but how can you be so blind?
>I don't think gender dysphoria is a choice, females have it just as much despite not displaying the same rapist behavior. I also don't think I'm obligated to ease their suffering.
Having gender dysphoria in itself doesn't cause you to be treated like dogshit by everyone. No one's walking around with a scanner for troonery

No. 1231933

straight tims dont suffer nona. they are having a grand time living out their fetish and enjoying the privilege of being able to rape women with no consequences. the only kind of tim that suffers is the crack addicted male gay prostitute kind

No. 1231939

even those can just not be faggy crackwhores idc. Latin America (where most of these dudes live) is infamous for femicides, women and girls are raped and murdered on a grand scale there just for existing, faggy crackwhores are not special.

No. 1231940

even that "humiliating life almost nobody takes seriously" can be very easily avoided by not trooning

No. 1231946

You could say the same about lesbians "managing" their same sex attraction. I know they're not equivalent as one causes harm while the other doesn't, I'm pointing out that that's not the issue.

As far as all I've read nothing eases their pain. Transition is an attempt that desperately fails as much as it succeeds. Regardless of it, I do not think it's a choice (please post any proof of it as I'm seriously discussing this and open to changing my mind), that doesn't excuse making everyone pretend these men are women.

I do think gender dysphoria is comparable to racial and female issues. I do not think the answer is putting that burden on society to destroy the concept of material reality to appease the mental illness of 0.3% of people.

No. 1231949

It's not just "muh white anglophone Twitter". It's governments sanctioning them, men being allowed into female prisons because of how they "identify" and assaulting women, being able to flash their dicks at places like spas legally, hospitals changing "woman" to "people who get pregnant", 12 year old girls being given mastectomies, homosexual men in Iran being made to transition because being gay is worse than being trans, Christian parents in the US transitioning their very young sons because they're afraid they'll "turn out gay", etc
If you don't see the harm this is doing and how it's encroaching on society at a rate quicker than literally any group to claim oppression just because everyone you personally know agrees it's an embarrassment, you're not paying attention

No. 1231951

Plastic surgery lobby is far more subtle and undercover, they'll never realize they're just fueling the industry not "doing it for themselves". Corporate pride is an easy and obvious target

No. 1231952

>I do think gender dysphoria is comparable to racial and female issues.
How are a person's own private feelings/mental struggles they can keep to themselves comparable to the treatment a woman or a minority is given in the world?

No. 1231955

>That flat-out isn't suffering. I'm sorry, but how can you be so blind?

Please, tell me what is real pain and what is fake pain.

>I don't think gender dysphoria is a choice, females have it just as much despite not displaying the same rapist behavior. I also don't think I'm obligated to ease their suffering.

>Having gender dysphoria in itself doesn't cause you to be treated like dogshit by everyone. No one's walking around with a scanner for troonery

No need for a scanner when almost none of them look like actual women. I don't believe people see a man in badly applied makeup and a dress and treat them as a gentleman like any other. I can dispute their pleas as abusive while still acknowledging most people will judge you if you're ugly, let alone a freakshow.

No. 1231959

Both are not a choice, like many things in life.

No. 1231962

I think the very crucial detail you are missing is that the humiliation and the bad treatment is part of the fetish. they want to be treated that way. they want to be treated like a pornified version of a sexually degraded woman. go on any reddit tranny sub and look for yourself. they talk about getting raging erection from catcalling and sexual harrassement. they want this. they dont suffer

No. 1231966

No, the scanner would detect tranny feels in men who don't openly troon and live as regular men while still having tranny feels.

No. 1231976

Having gender dysphoria doesn't force you to be a crossdresser, that's just a shitty attempt at treatment that will eventually go the way of lobotomies. Again, a tranny can easily stop being a walking porno cosplayer, or not do it at all, and like magic, nothing fucking happens. A woman cannot decide to be born male or change her race, those are inborn aspects that people see and attack, so equating the two is ridiculous. We don't put on our extra X chromosome every day the way a tranny puts on makeup and a dress

No. 1231980

Both not being a choice doesn't mean they're comparable in any way, shape or form

No. 1231987

Nonna, contrary to most people who roam this earth I don't think identities come in hiveminds. I'm simply indifferent to things that don't victimize anyone.
They're a problem because they're constantly working to erode the definition of womanhood, woman rights, normalizing misogyny and injecting males in female spaces.

Their mental health are completely deteriorated regardless of crossdressing. If it were that simple they wouldn't struggle so much with it.

No. 1231992

I agree, which is why I don't support most of their pleas.

Psychopaths may be born this way (rhetorical purposes as I don't know the science about ASPD), I do think it's a distressing condition, I don't think they should be able to kill as they please.

No. 1231995

>Their mental health are completely deteriorated regardless of crossdressing.
That's their own problem they can find personal solutions for, and exactly why they don't belong in the discussion. Being a woman or a racial minority isn't a mental illness or something you can "solve" by going to therapy or seeking treatment of any sort, it's a condition of being born that those in power give you shit over. Changing the power structure is the only way to resolve that

No. 1231999

Troons aren't oppressed because they think liking a stereotypically female or male thing means they're actually the opposite sex. Nor are they oppressed for being porn addicts and wanting to skinwalk the other sex for a fetish. They're mentally ill and autistic, and instead of encouraging their delusions people should teach them to accept themselves as what they actually are. Only then we can talk about how they suffer.

>contrary to most people who roam this earth I don't think identities come in hiveminds
the vast majority of TIMs, if not all, get off on being degraded like a woman. It's only when others refuse to play along and acknowledge their gender identity that they claim to be oppressed, but in reality they're just delusional. I would hardly call that "suffering" in the same way that women or ethnic minorities suffer, since trannies are not being attacked for what they truly are and can't change about themselves (which would be unfair reasons), they're being attacked for pretending to be something they're not.

No. 1232009

People in power absolutely do give you shit for things beyond visibly identifiable identity. People kill each other over religion. The answer is also in "the system".(Hate this terminology, we unironically live in a society. It's not a system it's culture.)

No. 1232020

Some of you spend way too much time navelgazing about the exact condition and intricacies of a group of people who look at you and think "worthless cis bitch who should die". And that's the extent of their thoughts on you

No. 1232027

When people say "the system" they mean capitalism. If you mean culture, just say "culture".

No. 1232033

And having gender dysphoria isn't one of them, simple as

No. 1232046

You know that isn't true when trannies write diatribes on Reddit everyday about how they have the inalienable right for any woman they choose to suck their dick and give them infinite pussy. They force their way into women's spaces but are men. By being trans they are inherently dangerous. It isn't normal to be a skinwalker.

No. 1232118

File: 1655680892514.png (243.88 KB, 491x501, It'stelling.PNG)

So saucey santana, gay man with a BBL and I didn't have an issue with (I know), gets on stage and apperently does the normal, "Gays/trans ar the bluepring" type of shit. This isn't the first time I've seen gay men/troons claim this. It's like they don't have any other personality or claim to fame, so they HAVE to pretend because some of them do hair or dress women that means we don't know how to be women etc.
Whats funny is every single one whose said this, from Santana to Nikita Dragun are only famous because of women. Either they are pretending to be us or are still gay men, walking around with wigs, make up and clothes MEANT for us. While hanging around a mixture of gay men/troons and WOMEN. Saucey basically became really popular because the City Girls anyway.
It's telling they can't get on stage like, "Yass pride month!" it's, "We do women hair, we do yall make up! You bitches aint this or that-"
I guess it's my fault for thinking a gay man like him wouldn't be the type to shit on women.

No. 1232152

You weren't tipped off that he was a catty gay from his music? kek

No. 1232160

If im being honest I only know one hook of one song. I always assumed he was just the type to respect women because I never heard any complaints until these past couple of weeks. So maybe his fat ass has always been shitty

No. 1234830

File: 1655892421886.png (540.44 KB, 1061x1500, ppr.png)

"Lineup" for pride parade in my country, look at all of these corpo reps in sektor 4 and 8. Major cringe, how do they have no shame?
I know for a fact some of these companies are actually genuinely progressive at all but then somehow it's even more of a bad taste for them to "officially" participate like that

No. 1235098

My eyes immediately fell on polyamory. I am so sorry, nonnie

No. 1235124

How can Pride get this much corporate support in Poland?

No. 1235154

TBH Poland is far less conservative than people think, big cities are (for the most part) almost as progressive as western europe and this is where all the big corpos are; big corpos whose main clients are people from said big cities and rest of the world, not these from the poorer and more conservative, less developed areas.

No. 1235490

File: 1655930469840.png (64.86 KB, 459x298, ugh.png)

Neopets recently dropped Pride items. No lesbian or bisexual flag, but they made sure to represent the trannies and genderspecials! Guess the "B" and "L" in LGBT don't matter anymore. Such blatant misogyny when most of their userbase is female.

Seriously considering quitting the game over this. It's not enough that trannies ruin everything, they also go out of their way to insult lesbians.

No. 1235498

You know it popped into my head the other day. Glad I didn’t go back. This shit will make sure I never do.

No. 1235508

this was to be expected after they said they wanted to get into NFTs.

No. 1235540

Isn't this a game for toddlers, why are there pride flags there at all
center one looks like the pedo symbol also

No. 1235545

It's 20 years old, so most of the players are adults.

Pedophiles did not invent concentric hearts, nor do they own them.

No. 1235548

what is the 4th flag? the new pride flag is so retarded

No. 1235570

File: 1655933653550.png (112.5 KB, 200x214, 88787.png)

>pride personified
who the fuck is this

No. 1235572

isn't the one in the upper middle the pedo flag?????

No. 1235581

The fuck is wrong with you people? It's a heart with pastel rainbow colors. Use Occam's razor, not everything is a pedophile Qanon conspiracy.

No. 1235611

Yeah pedo flag colors + pedo symbol on a website made for children but apparently full of adults

No. 1235617

I'm happy webkinz stays out of shit like this
nta but I guess it's just that the green, orange and purple blend into the other colours so at first glance it kinda looks like the pedo flag. The other anons probably only saw blue/pink/while/yellow

No. 1235646

I don’t think a child has set foot on neopets.com in a decade.

No. 1235680

Kek I'd be surprised if even 10% of the active userbase is under the age of 18
Lurk the thread more and you'll realize there's a bunch of not-so-subtle homophobe-chans looking for an excuse to be homophobes

No. 1235702

Kids in 2022 aren't playing on slow virtual pet websites anon.

No. 1235780

Okay, but it is what the site was intended for, anyone still hanging out there is clearly stunted and stuck in childhood for whatever reason
I don't think the majority of LGBs are pedophiles, but I do think there are pedos and pedo endorsing corporations trying to worm their way in

No. 1235834

What a stupid faggot. This person is right. Gay men, fags, trannies, they ALL women and strive to be women. Vagina envy is REAL.

No. 1235879

I don’t think they do tbh they’re very vocal about how much they hate women and it permeates through their speech and typing styles as well. They’re just angry we exist when we aren’t churning out entertainment for them or servicing them in some way.

No. 1236080

I agree with >>1235879 but I also want to add that there's an element of "the grass is always greener on the other side," especially for failmales. There's this persistent belief among men that women have life on "easy mode," and there's no rational basis for the assumption beyond a bunch of incels going, "my life sucks, I bet literally everyone different from me has it easier."

No. 1236187

Of course they would do this, trying to get back on the users good graces after the NFT trash fire they pulled. Wonder when Flight Rising will jump on as well after the whole shit with adding a "trans" dragon character to one of the training post things.

No. 1236527

File: 1656016728172.png (377.76 KB, 751x833, sesame.png)

This flag is a blight and gave its AIDS to Sesame Street

No. 1236542

the nonbinary flag

No. 1236595

believe it or not neopets was originally for bored college students because that's who made it. og neopets was kind of edgy and most of the games are gambling. it was a lot more marketable when they toned it down for kids but at least with the nft thing really i don't think they care who's playing anymore.

anyway a large chunk of the playerbase has always been furries so its more surprising that they ddint do pride flags sooner.

No. 1236668

Today, the most active users are stay-at-home moms, hobbyist web designers, and autistic women (with overlap between those categories.)

No. 1237104

File: 1656048155102.jpg (686.22 KB, 1695x1853, based swiss.jpg)

I know this is licking the boots of a corporation, but based fucking Swatch for not including the troon flag in any of their pride watches, or the shitty black and brown stripes.

No. 1237111

My gay male friend was always obsessed with this brand, he's owned countless Swatches

No. 1237180

I love the 4th one. A business I like with good merch released a pride line and it's all rainbows and actually looks decent. No ugly tranny flag or poop stains anywhere

No. 1237299

Beating love is really cute, i kind of want to get it

No. 1240572

>that terrible era where girls kept dancing while eating food

I have no idea what you're referring to but that sounds weird and hilarious

No. 1241299

Yesterday was the Parade at my country. Lots of trans flags. I guess I'll never go to a Parade until that nonsense dies down.

No. 1241920

Friend just attended Seattle pride. Gross trannies in bondage gear with their guts hanging out and puphoods galore

No. 1241977

I'm so sorry, nonnie

No. 1241978

Oh we shitting on puphoods too? I can’t get behind that sorry

No. 1241984

Neopets Classic did something for pride but at least they included the lesbian and bi flag so whatever, still makes me cringe though, I don't want to be reminded of the real world when I feed my lupe

No. 1242027

No. 1242054

Are you daft?

No. 1242108

Sadly expected of Seattle area.

No. 1242110

Based. The rainbows alone look so nice. Very 60s/70s vibe , as well as pride. I really like the Peace and love one.

No. 1242112

This is why I am controlling and monitoring what my kid watches. There was no reason to add the shit stain and troon colors to the flag, when rainbow represented all of the above.

No. 1242114

Why does a show aimed at toddlers even need to include pride anyway? At that age a brief explanation of some men love other men and some women love other women is enough.

No. 1242141

Honestly. I was told when I was 11 or 12 that sometimes men liked men and women liked women and that was it from my mother who knew a few gay men and lesbians. No flags. no rainbows. just matter of fact. The fact that these shows do this seems like grooming for children into thinking they're gay themselves, rather than just being accepting of.

No. 1242187

Not counting the homophobechans I'm actually going to miss this thread when pride month is over. I wonder if it would be useful to have some kind of other general LGB/kweer discourse thread? I find these ones pretty cathartic and funny

No. 1242202

I like that idea, and I agree that it should be LGB/Kweer. We already have the containment generals for both flavors of T

No. 1242232

File: 1656298313998.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 727x1193, puphoods.png)

AYRT, compiled a collage for nonnies if you dare.
And I'm just now seeing the "Seattle Pups and Handlers" banner now. Disgusting.

No. 1242243

what the fuck are puphoods

No. 1242245

Click above and find out

No. 1242249

I see it but I'm still confused? Are they polyamorous bdsm furries? What the fuck are they?

No. 1242250

Your guess is as good as mine kek. I don't get them either and have know idea why they're so popular or have become synonymous with gay stuff, or that they need an entire fucking organization dedicated to them. I guess it's like modern day leather daddy stuff for furries? But I think non furries use them too so idk

No. 1242274

I find it ironic that white people are now represented on the flag, and not just anywhere but first and foremost, thanks to trannies. thanks sweeties, love you too.
I had a gay coworker grope my boobs. i was dumb at the time and allowed it because i thought if he was gay it was fine. honestly weird, because lesbians wouldn't go up to scrotes and play with their dicks. (and yes he really was gay, he told me in detail what he did at bathhouses.) i don't believe men are actually ever gay, i think some just give up on women like fox and grapes style because they're afraid to try and fail, but gay men have lower standards and will fuck even them. or maybe prostate orgasms are addictive like pornography is and causes their dicks to break so they can't enjoy PIV sex anymore. maybe both.

No. 1242402

I’m >>1241978 and I would like to issue a public apology for my insolence. I meant moderately sexy men in puphoods, forgive me.

No. 1244291

File: 1656453436722.png (439.04 KB, 725x473, 289682596_710677220209389_2817…)

IM SO FUCKING TIRED OF SPICY STRAIGHT GIRLS POSTING ON EVERY LGBT RELATED GROUP IN THE UNIVERSE ABOUT HOW QUEER THEY ARE! I'm tired of women in the Target pride finger guns shirt and bi flag manicure posting pics of themselves at pride with their straight husbands cropped out! I'm tired of they/them dumpy fat women claiming their husband is queer for dating them because they're a they/them or somehow vaguely queer! Someone posted their husband saying he has "I have bi wife energy", what the fuck does that mean, that you objectify women together then get butthurt at him when he's actually attracted to a woman like you aren't?! I'm tired of all these stupid "I sit crooked" "I roll my jeans" "I can't make decisions" stereotypes that let straight girls pretend to be bi! I'm tired of straight girls going on about how they want to fuck/be some girl in a photo on the internet but if you hit on them in real life they get grossed out or offended! EAT A GODDAMN VAGINA OR SHUT UP!

No. 1244293

(context for my rage: straight girl puts pics of her and her straight husband through faceapp gender swap filter to simulate them being gay INSTEAD OF DATING A FUCKING WOMAN EVER)

No. 1244399

I hate the queers so much. They make life more miserable for the LGBs and they're the reason why we're getting our rights taken away

No. 1244406

that's the worst part, they're not even any kind of conceivable queer. they're literally just homely, usually portly straight cis girls who are so desperate to be special and NLOG and get attention and force their way into a group not for them. they can't even do the minimum of performative bisexuality like posing with another woman they conceivably could be attracted to, it's always about their ugly fucking moids. they're not queer or trying to be genderspecial, they just want to be cool and hip and different and part of the group by lying about how they might be theoretically attracted to women. exactly the same type who'll go to a gay bar and then get mad when a woman actually hits on them, or expects a lesbian to be patient with them flirting and figuring themselves out until they leave for a man anyway, or at most has pecked a girl for moid attention. At absolute most it's the gross unicorn hunter redditor-looking couple that would invite you to a threesome only for her to get buttmad when her man gets erect in your presence. shit some of them might just be faghags who want to be bi because if theyre LGB, then it's fine if they fetishize gay men and write fanfic about real people. whatever fucking pathology leads them to it, i wish they would S T O P.
-sincerely, stone butch just trying to find a cute femme that isn't treating me as boyfriend lite

No. 1244421

File: 1656463007225.jpg (100.57 KB, 1100x618, sings (1).jpg)


No. 1244448

Understandable nonnie.. A "bi" 30 year old friend of mine has only ever dated men because "women are scary to approach romantically" (I call bs spectating this for over 8 years now) and it's just offensive how straight she is but she's NLOG, even brags about how her mother hates her being "queer". I just wish these fakers would admit being straight, since finding women just pretty isn't the same as being into women. Truly wish they would all just eat vagina or shut up kek

No. 1244452

Let me guess, nearly every reply was libfems and lame men saying yaaassss kween and anyone who wasn't liking it was being called biphobic or something? I wish these people would understand this kind of narcissistic behaviour only makes it harder for bi people especially ones with a same sex lean

No. 1244459

yes, exactly! these barely bicurious girls who think "women are too scary" flirt back with me because i'm butch enough that if they squint they can pretend im just a low-T manlet, waste my time and string me along, then decide they're straight after all and leave like i don't have any emotions and i'm just supposed to be glad i got to be part of their learning experience. then they hop onto the next dick and start bragging about how super bi they are. put the pussy where your mouth is or GTFO.

the whole group, which is supposed to be exclusively for bisexuals, (which i'm honestly only in for hate-bait and to find things like white women from nebraska who legally changed their names to sasuke) is just fat NEETs and horse girls posting selfies for any excuse possible. the replies are similarly dumpy women who are just gassing them up so they'll go do the same on their own ugly selfie. you can tell how straight they all are by the way they comment on each other's appearances, it's all yass girl (fire emoji) and no actual sign of flirting. of course moids being gross, TIMs being gross, etc. they do this shit for male attention and female compliments.

No. 1244462

Hope it's okay to ask, but do you know any good bi FB groups? or which one the one you're talking about is so i can lurk for the shits and giggles It's kind of my dream to find a bi community or friend group that isn't all about proving dating straight John-Nigel is totally valid and qweer and oh no a lesbian wasn't super nice to me once

No. 1244466

File: 1656466682437.png (25.11 KB, 728x182, mentalgymnastics.png)

honestly, i've had way more luck in sapphic/lesbian-focused groups. they also attract bi women, but ones who are actually wlw. the fakers dont last long in those groups because they only understand one lesbian joke and it's the manicure with the first two nails short. there's also minimal to no scrotes for them to impress and women will actually try to (gasp) flirt with them, so they have nothing to gain. "this is sword lesbian content no i will not be taking comments" and "this is sapphic propaganda if ever I saw it" are chill, and see what groups people tag in the comments of those to find more like it.

this group is Bisexual But Make It Fashion which contains neither bisexuals nor fashion. while i'm a-logging anyway, here, have some more rage fuel.

No. 1244469

File: 1656466795561.png (16.36 KB, 749x125, ifidonthavealabelidonthaveaper…)

they're all obsessed with stupid labels and stereotypes like this because they have no actual personalities

No. 1244471

File: 1656466939235.png (562.15 KB, 751x596, bravebisexualwomandatesman.png)

also have to mention the sub-type of pickmes who stay with their moids after they troon out because it makes them bisexual now without having to touch a clitoris

No. 1244472

File: 1656467004899.jpeg (53.1 KB, 394x457, ttc.jpeg)

Whenever I read trannies or their handmaidens use phrases like "not all people who give birth/menstruate/… are women" etc. it makes me think of this which is a phrase that originated in the study of cults. Which is very appropriate of course because modern troonery is a cult.

No. 1244473

how did you manage to tag a post from the future?

No. 1244476

File: 1656467287759.png (447.25 KB, 488x590, imbibecausehelltroonin5years.p…)

No. 1244483

I wish I knew other bi people like you anon. I feel like I can never be truly honest with most of my friends about hating this kind of stuff because they'll act like I'm being horrible or "gatekeeping"

No. 1244485

File: 1656468106320.png (882.08 KB, 732x790, bipridetarp.png)

girl, same. if i say shit like that, the dangerhairs bring out all the "who hurt you" tag groups, saying i'm just bitter about a specific bad experience. everyone is bisexual in their minds because theoretically maybe someday they could be attracted to someone their same gender. they all hide behind the excuse of they're already married and monogamous, so it's impossible for them to explore any attraction to women beyond comments gassing up other straight uggos. if theyre determined enough, they get their unicorn hunter arc that probably ends in divorce when they have to accept that their husbands are definitely still attracted to other women. they clog up dating apps, pretending to be so into women because it's cool to be misogynist in lefty circles, only to always end up right back on a dick. they dont even have the ovaries to be political lesbians. its bleak, babe.

i wonder if an actual bisexuals support thread would survive here, maybe on /g/. there's definitely enough idiots like this to fill up a /snow/ thread like the MTF/FTM/etc ones for sure.

No. 1244493

File: 1656468820948.png (162.67 KB, 800x600, eatagoddamnvagina.png)

i could have made this image infinity pixels long, these are all from separate people's posts

No. 1244496

These are definitely the same women who get really loudly offended if a lesbian hasn't slept with a man and has anything to say about it other than "oh dear oh yikes I'm so so sorry." I didn't have sex with any men until my mid 20s out of choice/pregnancy phobia but to some people that kind of bi experience just doesn't exist, it's depressing. I'd be interested in posting in a /g/ thread like that btw, I don't know how long it would last without being invaded but I'd be willing to give it a try kek. Either that or we need an /ot/ or maybe /snow/ thread for this kind of bullshit outside of pride month

No. 1244499

File: 1656469364952.jpg (308.88 KB, 800x600, cope.jpg)

there's definitely enough content for a snow or OT thread, just depends on if there's enough rage to keep it perpetuated. a /g/ thread would be much more about support and bonding vs just mocking these idiots so i guess it's which flavor would be preferred.

No. 1244542

I read and sometimes post in the bi thread on /g/ and it's often a bit of a shitshow. I like the thought of a general LGB discussion and laughing at queershits thread like the one mentioned here >>1242187 but would be open to whatever other anons like the idea of

No. 1244554

File: 1656473604702.png (12.02 KB, 724x125, contagiousmentalillness.png)

there's already threads for trannies, detrans, AGPs "boymoders", so an LGB general? it would probably carry a thread for longer than just laughing at fake bisexuals.

No. 1244555

This is insanely creepy.

The word salad to justify being a “kweer” is one thing but to go and fucking finagle images to show “how really gay we are” is unsettling.

No. 1244557

i wonder how her straight husband feels about it. he'd leave her in a heartbeat if she looked like the male faceapp pic and she 100% knows it. so bisexual you have to use a gender-swapping app to picture yourself in a gay relationship smfh

No. 1244729

And I can't get behind puphoods, sorry furfag

No. 1244825

I'm always surprised that anons seem to know actual LGB people who call themselves queer, I think every person I have met irl or online who uses the word queer as a self describer has either been a troon or a straight woman who just dresses in ugly clothes (i.e. Jill types or like the other anon's picrel)

No. 1245725

File: 1656552450028.png (11.54 KB, 246x272, 'k' friendly.png)

AYRT yeah, I like the idea of an LGB/queershit thread. Maybe one here on /ot/ similar to this thread where we can post stuff we find on twitter, dumblr, articles, corporate weirdness outside of pride month, any current terf witch hunts if the women involved are LB etc

No. 1245900

File: 1656570269341.jpeg (142.29 KB, 827x478, 869D5E35-D7D6-41A8-87B1-9155B6…)

Portland being cringe as usual

No. 1245902

it seems common among actual gays and lesbians who are entrenched in Tumblr politics, at least in my area. the type of person who also uses folks and Latinx

No. 1246076

this is so shameful. and "portland an axe" means what, exactly?

No. 1246099

File: 1656584121015.jpg (43.93 KB, 450x299, 6113-07808621en_Masterfile.jpg)

It's the last day of pride month! Almost over!

No. 1246192

(from) portland, an axe. Are you ESL?

No. 1246293

File: 1656602815753.jpg (74.11 KB, 750x1005, d34b45a8f8f387b5e910f4b780cac3…)

This is from last year but I still love it. See you nonnies next year to peep the horror

No. 1246563

a history channel i really like made a video about being gay in ancient rome right at the end of pride month i'm probably reading way too much into this but i dont know it feels more genuine when done this late? i mean videos take a lot of time to make so it's probably that but idk feelsnice

No. 1246709

no, wtf does "an axe" mean? i can't be the only anon who reads this and is mystified as to what it means

No. 1246737

it looks like an axe throwing event. they're saying bricks were thrown in stonewall, and they will throw axes in portland.

No. 1246755

File: 1656634287382.gif (837.38 KB, 320x240, woo.gif)

We made it through!! Even my dumb ass neighbor took down his ugly ass tranny flag 3 days ago.

No. 1248659

Yesterday I went to target for a few things. I looked to see where the pride stuff was but it was nowhere to be seen except on tiny ass clearance shelf. Something something they're on queerance.

No. 1248694

kek!! bless, anon

No. 1248818

Wasn't Target recently selling binders? Before pride month I mean

No. 1249207

God, i said on fb a few weeks ago that i hate bi women who constantly talk about how gay they are or call themselves lesbians while dating moids (or in general, actually). I got so much hate. Some nb stripper went off at me how sexuality is fluid and people can identify with whatever labels they want. This woman is my age, 30 kek.

No. 1249334

>a 30 y.om nb stripper went off at me how sexuality is fluid and people can identify with whatever labels they want
When I feel down about myself and need to snap out of it, I need only glance at the current state of the kweer community kek. It's not about being who you are anymore, it's about being who you want to be since kweer is a choice and a replacement for a personality. Would be depressing if it wasn't amusing.

No. 1249372

File: 1656829571529.jpg (38.66 KB, 680x510, IMG_20220703_082114_732.jpg)

Happy July!

No. 1249376

File: 1656830274614.jpg (110.02 KB, 777x1280, chick fil a.jpg)


No. 1249455

Oh my god I didn't get the connection between the picture and your post but now it makes so much sense. Absolutely fucking exhausting to witness.

God nonny I just want you to know I love you for wording my exact experience with bicurious girls catfishing for butch attention.

No. 1249538

dangerously based viral marketer

No. 1250701

What a pair of absolute specimens. The cuffs of his pants are around his toes, his gunt pushed the crotch down halfway to his knees. To his credit, though, he's not "poly" nor the one posting their straight Christmas photo like a gay flex on gay Reddit.

No. 1251399

We need a queer cringe/queer hate (aka spicy straight) thread on /ot/ for sure.

No. 1252963

File: 1657125732710.png (3.15 MB, 1200x1448, 1200px-Grant_Wood_-_American_G…)

No. 1252968

KEK Nonna

No. 1253012

Amazing, stunning and brave etc. Thank you anon! I hope this’ll be fun

No. 1253038

Thanks Nonnies I look forward to seeing your posts on there.

No. 1327978

I remember when the Annoying Orange was popular and everybody questioned whether Marshmallow was male or female. Nobody has given a shit about the AO in years, but the creator is a woke fuck (don't read his Twitter) so this is not just a publicity stunt.

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