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File: 1654735487476.png (89.56 KB, 621x265, spooky.png)

No. 1553710


Spooky Bones was briefly a respected member of Kiwi Farms after managing to discover a google drive that was connected to an incest leak regarding Chris Chan. However, he very very quickly squandered the goodwill he earned hereby continuously tilting at windmills and the perceived socks of Janke.

Spooky claimed to be a woman with two children and a husband this is not only a huge lie but very well may have been covering up more dangerous behavior on the part of this individual with his attempts at gaining access to lolcow.farm. It should be observed here for all those who bought into the idea he was a woman that if you hang out on Discord with someone for more than 2 months and they say they’re female but refuse to voice chat with you then they’re a dude.

To begin this is actually not the original account this person used. His original account was Jigaboo Jones (https://kiwifarms.net/members/jigaboo-jones) which was fairly easy to prove because he felt the need to write on this accounts wall with his Spooky Bones account letting everyone know:
Largely this is an unremarkable account beyond the fact that like the early posts on Spooky Bones he discusses his drug use a great deal as well as the drug websites he frequents. He did also include a link to a bizarre 40k/Chris Chan fanfic. (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/De_cultu_bos_risus / https://archive.ph/wip/kJlYu)

He also did meet Tooter IRL to give you a good idea of the sort of crowd this guy finds enjoyable IRL. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tommy-tooter-general-discussion.18925/page-661#post-3962947)
He also ran into Douglas Brian Spink (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dougl...pecies-alliance-exitpoint-lecontespink.49922/) a known Zoophile on a drug website called Bluelight (https://bluelight.org/xf/)
Make a note in this post that Spooky brings up the known date rape drug Rohypnol as that will come up again later.

What is interesting is that Spooky seems pretty fixated on the fact this individual snitched more than the things he has done. This did however give a very easy starting point to finding more information on him off-site.

Spooky Bones you see is a huge Grateful Dead fan. His lastest sock on KF (Wharf rat) is even named for a Grateful Dead song. It made it very easy to go to Bluelight and search through Grateful Dead posts until one was discovered with a particular habit Spooky has in his typing [REDACTED - no reason to tell him]. You’ll find if you look at any one of his posts he has a tendency to include a least one or two so upon finding users with that a simple search of their name and Chris Chan quickly made it possible to narrow down his user name.

In a twist of irony, I hope he is able to appreciate his precious therapy cat, two german shepherds, and horses would lead to the confirmation of his account. A user who has been active over there since 2007 by the name of SKL made a post in a thread about his pets. (https://bluelight.org/xf/threads/post-a-picture-of-your-pets.886558/page-17#post-15158536 / https://archive.ph/BYX9i) however, you’ll find if you visit this the photos are broken. That's okay though because if you inspect element you can find the code for the photos which will give you:

The cat is a match as is the color of the bedroom. The cat is not only the same but so is the room it was photographed in. There are other photos of this cat around Spooky’s account and you’ll find most have a similar colored room. Spooky according to the Bluelight account moved at some point and that accounts for the differences in the room. It's also noteworthy in the photographs of the dogs there is a terrible linoleum floor. In the photograph Spooky shared of him cooking weed on the stove there is a similar floor:
It is a fair conclusion this is the same person. In addition to these photos, there are discussions by the account about how they are a therapist, something Spooky seemed to pride himself on, as well as mentions of a serious assault by a patient that left him crippled which is another thing he discussed on the Farms. (I will update with links later)

Now here is where we can unravel the lies of Spooky Bones:

See, Spooky claims to be a woman who shared an account with her husband. They have two children who are both teenage-ish supposedly according to the story being told by “her” however this leads us to a confusing post early in that account’s history.
( https://kiwifarms.is/threads/designated-whiner-shitting-street.37975/page-47#post-5563875 )
Here, Spooky claims to have one child who is 13. I’m not sure how he spawned another teenager by the time of Chris Chan raping Barb…but his Bluelight account will come in for the save and explanation for us.
See Spooky knocked up a former junkie and had a child who was raised by her and a man he apparently robbed people with. Archive: https://archive.ph/G0gsW
Arguably even funnier he had no clue this child even existed until he was 10 years old.
Archive: https://archive.ph/Plyyu


Archive: https://archive.ph/T6coV
If you note here the child was discovered in 2016 at 10 meaning by 2019 he was 13 which matches that odd KF post. There has only ever been one child for this individual and he wasn’t a father to him but rather a sperm donor.

Archive: https://archive.ph/M4oed
The mother of the child and he aren’t together as evidenced by this but I suppose he could have a wife still right? If he does she and Pantsu should get together:

Archive: https://archive.ph/lmd2r

During the IP leaks from the Farms in 2019 it did include one for Spooky that showed a Massachusettes IP:
It's likely if he was not living there at the time he was just visiting family.
This would be the area for his IP.

Archive: https://archive.ph/tZTEu
I believe we can thoroughly put to bed the idea that spooky have other children or a wife with this post. He only visits hookers because of his loneliness and desire for the love he can gain no other way but to pay for it or apparently by larping as a woman online.

Unfortunately Spooky has some ED issues and as a result, was very excited he was able to fuck the prostitute due to his current regimen of T&T. He uses Trigger warnings on a website where people discuss their horrible drug addictions and the behaviors that come from that.
Archive: https://archive.ph/lHwCT
Don’t worry, he details his experience with a call girl and his current homebrew solution to his ED:
Archive: https://archive.ph/ZapMw
His mix of drugs and alcohol is at best concerning and he is giving this advice to people.

His love for hookers is so strong he hires them quickly before getting on a bus. Lovely. There’s a small dark quality about him as well that gets mentioned one time on Bluelight that might explain his reasons for pretending to be female among the lolcow.farm discord:
Archive: https://archive.ph/290vz
Spooky used GHB and I have very little doubt he also was around many others on it, a known date-rape drug. I’d point out he also spontaneously brought up a date rape drug when complaining a known Zoophile who was an admin on Bluelight was a snitch which I mentioned above.

He also drank constantly on the job where he was a therapist whose findings actually impacted whether or not people were released from institutions.
Archive: https://archive.ph/VpkLU
Archive: https://archive.ph/coD1m
Archive: https://archive.ph/1mzLI
Archive: https://archive.ph/RDcrK

It was after this he started larping as his own wife on KF so it's not out of the realm of speculation that this marked him going back downhill as well as explains his often erratic behavior on the Farms. He wouldn’t be the first junkie to get prescribed meds and fall off the wagon.

Also because it's amusing to me Spooky felt the need to show his literal penis to Bluelight and I think we can all enjoy a good laugh at that. Since Spooky shows a lot of concern for things like revenge porn I will note this was posted on a forum anyone can see and perhaps the reason he adored Chris chan so much is they both have a massively bent penis.

Spoiler: spookys feminine benis
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/uESJo
Lastly, there is a Twitter for this person called esoteric pharma observed in this post:
http://web.archive.org/web/2021*/Esotericpharma.org Which can be observed here.
His current discord is (not that) Regina#7604 and the ID for it is 877699586356035604. Someone might want to give the ladies on lolcow.farm a heads up.

Feel free to link this wherever and just give people a heads up since it's a google document they will want to be careful about connecting on their real google accounts.

EDIT: Things that will be added include the hospital Spooky was drunkenly evaluating patients for jail (he lived in Manhattan and it is a criminal psych hospital if you’d like to go find it yourself) as well as when he moved to Boston. Also Spooky has over 14k posts on Bluelight so if you decide to go hunting for funny posts by him from there make sure to archive. There’s a number I’ve already taken care of and will be adding over the next few days but with 14k I’m sure I’ve missed some funny stuff.

EDIT2: Be aware if you link this anywhere that Spooky has a history of attacking the people he perceives as “enemies”.

EDIT3: I will also add notes about Spooky’s guns. I’m not sure this is someone who should have any but it is what it is.

No. 1553713

File: 1654735786632.png (210.52 KB, 991x601, spooky2.png)

Here are more screens of his degeneracy.

No. 1553714

File: 1654735815922.jpg (101.34 KB, 506x150, spooky3.jpg)

No. 1553715

File: 1654735847651.jpg (71.3 KB, 457x150, spooky4.jpg)

No. 1553716

File: 1654735873085.png (34.3 KB, 528x114, spooky5.png)

No. 1553718

File: 1654735897060.jpg (156.08 KB, 849x150, spooky6.jpg)

No. 1553724

File: 1654736068780.png (608.13 KB, 800x444, lol.png)

Oh finally, I have been waiting for a thread on this fucker. Too bad you posted it so late but I have some milk to add, I will compile it up and post it tomorrow. Thank you nonna!(samefagging, creator of the thread)

No. 1553725

I actually have some milk on this clout chaser.(samefagging, creator of the thread)

No. 1553727

thank you for copying and pasting a thread down to every word. idk what we would do without this already known leak here

No. 1553730

File: 1654736434523.png (78.64 KB, 744x458, 1650236140727.png)

No. 1553731

File: 1654736470753.png (77.01 KB, 1025x593, 1650909419045.png)

No. 1553732

File: 1654736519817.png (37.04 KB, 1326x188, 1650378115948.png)

No. 1553733

elaine go back to your own thread, this isnt the gayops you think it is

No. 1553735

File: 1654736605881.jpg (80.98 KB, 910x250, 3201991-285c9cb02bc9d46e42bd3c…)

No. 1553736

File: 1654736759115.png (105.38 KB, 1006x312, 1649736352504.png)

No. 1553737

Right here is the connections for his dox(don't dox, clown)

No. 1553740

~NSFW Spookystyle~(don't post random links, retard)

No. 1553742


No. 1553748

what is this, an image for ants!?

No. 1553754

Oh nice! A chance to unload on this bitch, let me get my receipts from burnbook. I have been waiting for a while to unload that trash.(samefagging, creator of the thread)

No. 1553769

>a dickless move
so what you're saying is, she's a woman?

No. 1553771

doxxing is against the rules but I don't think this counts. couldn't afford the $0.95?

No. 1553773

elaine so broke she can't even pay the 95 cents

No. 1553775

Dis ain't Elaine toots, I'm here to bring the actual scoop see ny'ah see

No. 1553777

Michael either, he's poor as fuck

No. 1553779

P sure this is AC spamming a Naught thread as well as a few other screencaps from various threads.

No. 1553780

elaine so broke she couldnt sponsor you

No. 1553783

you couldn’t have at least fixed the formatting after copying this thread word for word from onionfarms?

No. 1553784

No. 1553786

Nah see I'm a brand new playah, I ain't been showing my face before until now but I am here to set the record straight see
I ain't working for Elaine see, she's the next target I got some dirt on ya dig?(cringe)

No. 1553787

File: 1654738617645.png (59.95 KB, 1519x337, mike.png)

forgive me, pic related

No. 1553788

what is this character you're trying to do i hate it

No. 1553790

File: 1654738741076.png (43.43 KB, 1802x190, see.png)

this is what michael thinks is plausible deniability

No. 1553799

a known tranny trying to larp as a scrote, very funny but not in the way you intended, nice job

No. 1553808

Yo dis ain't Mikey and I ain't no tranny

No. 1553810

delete this one too plz

No. 1553812


No. 1553813

You all are just trying to cover up the truth!

No. 1553817

They still didn't remove the bit about it being a google doc either.

No. 1553824

The first half of this sounds like a stereotypical 1970s pimp.
The second half sounds like a mobster cartoon character.


made me laugh ngl.
This is fucking retarded though.

No. 1553858

>(samefagging, creator of the thread)
That's not how you tease, dumbass.

No. 1553868

AYRT. Its really bad minus the gabaghoul.
(which, btw, its 'gabagool' and its literally just capicola)

No. 1553875

I ain't need no woman correcting my spelling ya hear?

No. 1553879

die elaine

No. 1553880

Then spell it correctly the first time, capisce?

No. 1553896

File: 1654742745334.jpeg (386.99 KB, 1170x876, 2D8F8621-80C9-435E-B5B7-AC694E…)

it’s a coincidence Elaine was trying to contact Grateful Dead accounts on twitter?

No. 1553912

pick one. This is embarrassing and you and your 'gang' should be embarrassed.

No. 1553923


No. 1553957

File: 1654747202220.png (193.26 KB, 1069x630, Somefagthathatesthetranny.png)

Was the dirt you had on Elaine that she paid you to do this(which I doubt)or that she contacted you to gayop for her after she texted the tranny's family? I hope they dox you on that site you glorychasing chucklefuck.

No. 1553963

Samefag to say for those who don't know that site autofilters nigger to dingus, our new friend did not know that but it might be why the tranny used the word ape.

No. 1553966

>blocked on discord
>blocked on OF

Lmao what a bitch. No wonder he sucked at larping as a tough guy.

No. 1553972

Lmfao Retard Ape, well at least this latest de-railing was amusing if nothing else.

No. 1553973

I wish they hadn't blocked out the user info, I bet the dude is a megatard and would have some ways to figure out who he is just from his discord alone.

No. 1553983

Fuck you, she paid me and I got the paypal to prove it. You idiots are just shielding a fucking transvestite from being tarred and feathered like they deserve. Blaine and Spookybones are both tranny faggots and I will make sure they are both ran out of everywhere they go just like I got you ladies to chase Blaine out of the Rachel thread this morning. You don't even have any idea what type of mind you are messing with here, I have a billion different plans of attack and none of you will ever be able to catch up.(self-inserting scrote faggot)

No. 1553989

Kek you block people like a little bitch.

No. 1553991

At least I'm not a faggot tranny lover like you are bitch

No. 1553992

You don't even know anything about me. I, however, know you're a pussy.

No. 1553993

receipts or gtfo

No. 1553994

I know you're probably some fat bitch who think shes tough talking behind a computer

No. 1553995

File: 1654748933152.png (191.24 KB, 500x374, XoKGyrF.png)

stop arguing with yourself

No. 1553996

Wrong, but feel free to think that mister mobster.

No. 1553999

Stupid women can't tell me what to do
Oh I will know so now are we gonna get back to talking about this tranny faggot Spookybones or what?

No. 1554003

No, we're probably gonna keep laughing at you.
And to think a Spooky Bones thread could have been entertaining, but you had to go and fuck it up. Sad!

No. 1554006

we never were, just you samefagging

No. 1554009

I hope Elaine gets her money back (if she even sent it) because this is fucking embarrassing.

No. 1554010

Regina hasn't poked their head back up and I personally do not have enough milk to justify making a thread on them.
Get off the internet Travis.

No. 1554015

Fuck you BLAINE GAVIN ROSS ywnbaw

No. 1554020

Oh no, Tranny-kun! He busted out the caps lock! Better watch out!

No. 1554038

File: 1654750133507.jpeg (26.55 KB, 672x625, FQw1HxjXoAAKCz-.jpeg)

No. 1554040

Who's Travis? Don't tease. Maybe follow the rules and don't drop actual dox but come on.

No. 1554043

They said they would drop the dox on OF if this Travis fellow kept it up. Honestly after how they have been treated I cannot blame them for wanting to risk breaking any rules(obvious posting is relevant in this regard, fight me lol).

No. 1554044

Travis seems low functioning or underage.

An anon in the Bertha thread said the Troon went to bed but said if Travis keeps it up then he's going to drop his dox on OF in the AM

No. 1554046

Fuck you bitch I was never held back in school
Me you dumb bitch

No. 1554048

File: 1654750462977.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.88 KB, 224x224, 1654272410055.jpg)

i'll take my dox ban. picrel.

No. 1554050

Oh, hey little buddy!
Well, the answer to your question of why I act like Blaine is 1. Because I'm a petty bitch apparently and 2. (this ones the most important) you're easy as fuck to poke and you seem extremely sensitive with how you react.

Was also me. Your response is sus.

No. 1554051

Yo where is this dumb bitch from the Rachel thread that claims he isn't blaine?

No. 1554053


No. 1554055

Is that a troon?

No. 1554056

No. 1554060

That's weird because I'm poking you and you're reacting.
Wasn't the one that called you a tranny but thou dost protest too much, methinks.

No. 1554061

Well fuck I am using Proton so I am going to stop posting here so I do not confuse the mods.

No. 1554062

>FUCK YOU I'm not a tranny!
Travis is coping, seething and dilating because Blaine passes better than he does.

No. 1554063

I am way better than he will ever be, and any of you for that matter
Dude I am not a tranny, it isn't funny so knock it the fuck off

No. 1554065

File: 1654751134348.jpg (96.18 KB, 2847x1412, press-x-to-doubt-la-noir-origi…)

No. 1554066

File: 1654751341923.png (461.08 KB, 837x616, fuckyoubitch.png)

Pic related it's what I'm going to do to you when I find you

No. 1554067

Stronger (non-troon) men have tried and I'm still here. Good luck, ma'am.

No. 1554068


No. 1554069

So sorry, miss.

No. 1554070

I'm not a girl Blaine you are the one that wants to be a fucking girl you pussy

No. 1554071

Still not Blaine, still an actual woman. Yawn.

No. 1554073

You'll never be a woman Blaine keep lying on the internet, next to nobody uses this loser of a website it's like you and three women

No. 1554074

Correct, he wont be. Don't seethe so hard you forget to dilate.

No. 1554077

Oh based, maybe you're an actual okay one my bad

No. 1554078

You're still a whiney bitch

No. 1554081

Fuck off and bring stuff on Spookybones this thread is about that tranny

No. 1554138

Couldn't you buy the stock image with the amount Elaine's paying you to roll this thread? Show some professionalism.

No. 1554173

Awwww I got excited when I saw the name, I thought this was an actual thread on Spooky.

No. 1554389

Y'all trannies are dumb,not a single thing on this dude just attacking Elaine and Rachel. Nice job getting me paid for chasing off Blaine, 100 from Elaine, 75 from Mike and 75 from Rene lucky day!!!

No. 1554442

You say the same thing like this is legit the only "W" you've ever gotten.
That makes sense.

No. 1554457

Not really that big a W as I'm waiting for the terf sperging to die down before I dump any caps on anything.
Travis is now complaining on facebook that his screen is flipped so I am guessing farmhands finally took care of him.

No. 1554460

lmao wow complaining on FB of all places. Also no its not even much of a W at all. Its the best he's got though.

No. 1554618

Michael is painfully ugly.

No. 1554624

Fuck off with your gay vendetta

No. 1554630

Mikey, why do you want to fuck pigs?

No. 1554631

Should I make a thread named Rachel-containment side thread? I didn't make this and I have nothing against Regina personally I just think it's already shit, it's still here and it might as well be re-commisioned as a containment thread than users continuing to be off-topic on the Rachel thread that is all and that is it.

No. 1554634

Women built like a fridge are more likely to be into pegging, idk why he's after Rachel now but his ex-wife def was bending him over furniture.

No. 1554637

> I have nothing against Regina personally
Doubt, you've made several posts that look exactly like vendetta gayops narrative-pushing.
> Should I make a thread named Rachel-containment side thread?
Maybe TBH, but you should definitely not call attention to the fact that it's you making it if you do.

No. 1554663

No. 1573636

File: 1656345531744.jpeg (11.84 KB, 275x183, 1656345024390.jpeg)

since that other retard couldn't be bothered

No. 1573648

File: 1656346385500.png (108.33 KB, 1241x686, cringe as fuck.png)

Seeing Spooky talk about his nerd autistic hyperfocus makes my skin crawl.

No. 1574348

File: 1656393579638.png (224.54 KB, 1135x410, 1656339202633.png)

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