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File: 1609313270932.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 750x1334, Polish_20201230_021913385.png)

No. 1117932

Current -
Instagram: @puppygrl, @pwurring
Twitter: @crepegrl, @blush77777

Past -
Instagram: @pwurrs, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade, @warmmilkies, @pukeys,
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries, @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

> 20 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> rich mummy and daddy pay for everything
> “don’t talk about my rape or trauma” but mentions it at least once a week
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> public sperg posts on the daily
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> deactivating, changing and moving her accounts between twitter and Instagram
> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos as other egirls
> starts getting called out by twitter thots
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks
> strange influx of newfags to the thread because of cowtipping
> “RIP ERIN PAINTER” account
> posts “unedited” “no makeup” pics but is clearly wearing a wig, makeup, eyeliner/lashes and her nose is heavily edited with 70000 snow filters on top
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” - SELF POST
> Cinawoll chronicles!!! Erin Painter self posting in both her own and nymphet soft girls thread! banned by mods. uses a cheap VPN to come back. mods tag all her selfposts, she shits herself and deactivates all social media for a “break”
> “break” lasts not even 12 hours and is back to baiting
> literally useless at FFXIV but is such a uwu gamer gurrrrrlll
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> given up separating her NSFW and SFW accounts
> “I can’t handle college” but “I’m moving to the city in my own apartment and mummy is gonna pay for me eeeee!”
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability”
> instagram story sperging never ends
> instantly responds to lolcow posts publicly to prove the big meanies wrong
> “I have a spare room to use for my own space” stores her 100s of plushies on the bed
> no cursing rule is suddenly revoked
> forever claims she never mentioned “daddy” or posted anything “ddlg”
> continues to follow and interact with ddlg accounts
> “stop mentioning my rape or trauma” but continues to talk about it every chance she gets
> considers her online discord daddy relationship as part of her trauma. dedicated and spent “every waking minute with him” but it was an online relationship?
> seems to have literally no friends
> didn’t know what “knotting” (beastiality) was but says it was one of her kinks. a followers come forward and lets her know how stupid she is. cue another sperg.
> someone posts her before/after photoshops on reddit, gets thousands of upvotes
> apparently is going to a “state college” but never mentions it again
> apparently is going to “therapy” but never mentions it again
> starts making “music” on garage band, all are covers but never says so to make it seem like they’re her own songs
> “I’m German”
> song no.2, somehow worse than the first
> tried to make clay food, failed and has a breakdown
> defends some twitter daddy pedophile, receives hate then backpedals as usual
> dramatically starts to change her aesthetic
> next skinwalking victim, Maja (@mjolktander/@childoflamb) and possibly Nicole Dollanganger
> styles changes from pink princess loli to hazy cottagecore creepy cute in less than a month
> constantly wealth bragging without even realizing
> “I have to deep clean all my rooms then I get new furniture”
> publicly talks about her trauma as a child on her twitter in almost direct response to the thread followed by a suicide bait
> “peepeepoopoo widdle babi dance puppets dance” manic-sperg on twitter
> publicly talks about her lolcow ban on her story, uploads a screenshot and everything (thanks erin)
> links her followers the thread
> replies to her own posts using one of her 500 accounts because no one cares
> manic replying to the thread on her story instantly after comments being posted
> extreme maja skinwalking, posts almost identical pictures
> another day, another face
> hates children, but age regresses?
> “I have a little bit of Swedish in me!”
> wants to make heavy mental music with soft vocals all of a sudden
> MERRY CHRISTMAS! mods mark all erin painter & “friend” self posts
> multiple posts are revealed in her own threads and the loli soft girls thread
> turns out to be the only comments trying to WK
> uses edgy twitch lingo to try fit in, makes her stand out more
> many posts anons suspected are erin self posts, including the so called male dorm “friend”
> completely changes her art style within a day, artist calls her out saying that she’s improved/changed her style too quickly to be real
> “I post a total of 1% of my life online”
> fakes self harm
> had mental breakdown showing her cuts and bandaid for attention
> disables account only to come back 2 days later
> continues to post on her private spam whilst ~taking a break~

> starts going through the process of changing her legal name
> goes on live to show her “REEL FACE!!” but only stays on for 3 mins and is switching the filters the whole time
> Fat Erin won’t stop skinwalking and taking all her old usernames
> starts threatening to leave the internet
> Erin emails admins, they just expose her on the thread
> more self posts
> anon cowtips, sends nudes to her mother and Erin gets taken off the internet for good
> egirls start to pretend to be her to get attention
> multiple accounts resurface but none can 100% be confirmed to be Erin
> months pass and she finally reactivates
> mummy finally caved and bought her a nose job
> complains that the healing process was awful
>Privates her instagram while claiming she's decided to take a break from all forms of social media so she can focus on (imaginary) school, (imaginary) work, and her mental health, then proceeds to unprivate her accounts and hop back on twitter the next day
>Is caught flirting with online neckbeard imzervox on Final Fantasy and Twitter, and makes it more than obvious that she's still currently lurking her thread when she proceedd to vague tweet about imzervox living in Georgia and send herself instagram questions asking herself if she's dating him, bawwing when people call her out for flirting with other guys while she has a boyfriend.
>Has a public breakdown on instagram stories saying that she's going to break up with her boyfriend while accusing him of abuse, which it turns out is simply him not being able to powder her ass with love and attention 24/7 because he works. She then said that she went back over to his place and they worked things out, but towards the end of the last thread it appears that they've broken up again.
>When online daddy dom imzervox started playing WoW, she jumped the Final Fantasy ship and starting sperging about how much she loves WoW, then proceeds to pay for a level 50 character so that she doesn't have to grind or spend time unlocking characters. A fellow twitter user calls her out on this after offering to grind with her to get the void elf, and Erin/Nina Bellucci privates her twitter.
>Is still tracing artwork, as seen here >>1115250
>Has started expressing an interest in going back into nsfw ddlg twitter after saying she would never do that again, has already started posting paint shots on her public account >>1116948
>Our ddlg princess's new legal name has been revealed! No longer is she Erin Painter, but is now Nina Rose Bellucci, smoll Italian bean of New York! >>1085633

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(# 4.5 egirl thread) >>>/snow/1079162
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Last thread >>>/snow/1082360

No. 1117944

File: 1609316144728.jpg (28.38 KB, 480x483, 1234.jpg)

No. 1117971

She deactivated her twitter account. Let’s see how long it takes til she comes back again, either there or on ig.

No. 1118009

While we wait for her guaranteed return, just wanna say good job on the OP anon

No. 1118020

Seconding this, but isn't the op pic supposed to be spoilered bc of the nudes?

No. 1118025

They are censored, don’t you see that little white line for her uwu innie

No. 1118102

bruh the op is fucking huge, there's no reason to include anything but a summary and current milk. thread pic is ugly af too, why did you include so many 50 year old pictures?

No. 1118128

This thread was done horribly kek

No. 1118132

wtf are u talking abt, seems fine to me

No. 1118137

It's fine, any new milk from the last thread was included, and there wasn't a lot of brand new milk anyways.

No. 1118153

sage for no milk but why does privating/deleting her twitter/ig count as leaving social media for her when she's still constantly hate stalking cuter egirls and lolcow.

No. 1118177

Thread pic is definitely going to be spoilered.

No. 1118179

There have been worse thread pics that haven't been spoilered, and the censored nude that you're talking about is down in the corner and hardly noticable.

Can sperging about the thread pic end and get back on topic?

No. 1118201

sage for no milk but i really feel like erin could just be normal if she stopped attention seeking/lurking here and actually kept herself private. i dont find her that ugly, its the faking like shes a tiny uwu loli that makes her ugly. she has the time to actually play WoW which would be more commendable than just lying about lvling in a dead game. i dont know i do believe that shes sorry for the stuff she did when she was younger (projecting her insecurities) i hope she cuts the attention shit one day soon.

No. 1118253

so you’re saying if she didn’t do all the things that make her a cow she wouldn’t be a cow? wonder how you came to that conclusion anon

No. 1118320

No anon, she's ugly inside and out, it's ok to say it.

Also, if she was truly sorry, she would have given a thorough apology for all of her bad behavior, no "buts" or "I was just not good mentally at the time". She continues to blame her behavior on poor mental health when in reality, Nina Bellucci is just a gross, rude, vindictive woman who continues to spit vitriol towards those who are prettier and kinder than her.

No. 1118675

Hi Nina(hi cow)

No. 1118878

Jesus fuck the white knights are still at it

No. 1118915

it really sounds like her lmfao types the exact same way

No. 1119357

Wish mods would tag all her posts again KEK was legendary

No. 1120017

Sorry for ffxivfag and probably old milk but her fight logs show that she consistently performs worse than 97% of the player base that plays her class kek so much for uwu gamer gurl

No. 1120195

Kek where can we look this up?

No. 1120775

different ffxivfag anon here

her fight logs can be found here: https://www.fflogs.com/character/na/cactuar/cinna%20bun

she mainly plays healer but for a healer her damage output is very low

she also tried playing a dps class and her output is abysmal too

No. 1120839

to be fair i doubt she’s the kinda person who plays games for anything else than cute characters… i don’t think anyone expected her to care about stats or do anything else than cringe rp with her daddies in game for that matter lol

No. 1120919

why doesn't she just play one of those dress up role playing social games then lmaoo, lot of them are still around

No. 1120927

File: 1609687061296.png (10.99 KB, 1097x191, cinnabun.png)

Wow did she delete the character after the fight logs got linked here? I just got this and a page with no stats

No. 1120945

Erin lurking again kek

No. 1120964

don’t worry it’s still around, just under her new username: https://www.fflogs.com/character/na/cactuar/vanilla%20cream

No. 1120972

File: 1609691372914.png (70.76 KB, 636x814, nina_fflogs1.png)

samefag, i've screenshotted her fightlogs in case she changes username again (1/2)

No. 1120974

File: 1609691741680.png (77.5 KB, 1104x632, nina_fflogs2.png)

and here's her logs on her best runs. erin looks like the type of player who thinks healer classes should be exclusively healing and not be putting out damage.

on average most raid healers put out 8k damage and still be able to give 8k HP in heals

No. 1120981

Oh, nice one anon, thanks

No. 1121227

File: 1609712386451.jpeg (203.24 KB, 828x750, F52DAB09-E684-4061-A97E-AE873E…)

Our favorite cow is back.

No. 1121245

File: 1609714251543.jpeg (469.95 KB, 1284x1068, 7539BC86-B374-4661-B510-E5E8A6…)

oh brother

No. 1121267

take your own advice, Bellucci.

No. 1121268

File: 1609715753239.jpeg (406.67 KB, 828x1139, 86A3F6C8-5091-4AA6-8FDE-44B9A4…)

No. 1121293

File: 1609717451511.jpeg (366.14 KB, 828x1039, 375CF797-9B91-4518-A17E-E08067…)

No. 1121294

File: 1609717561697.jpeg (168.99 KB, 989x1544, 77C64380-AE58-4D3C-B16B-CA7187…)


No. 1121298

Another sock account of Ninas??
Their tweet history/account is barely a week old

They even type like nina

No. 1121305

So you're telling me she deactivated just to come back and talk about exactly what made her leave? kek
Notice how the dms dont make sense in the order that she posted them, looks like she cut a bunch of shit out because it doesn't fit her victim complex

No. 1121306

File: 1609718082019.jpeg (148.59 KB, 973x1516, 5CB1FE89-4C12-45B8-867D-107493…)

(2/4) since this person disappeared i’ll post the rest of the screenshots. they start talking about the threads / lolcow and erin still is pretending she doesn’t check the thread

No. 1121308

File: 1609718133831.jpeg (143.87 KB, 994x1249, D1907D49-F0F8-4045-834E-1081FF…)

(3/4) i think the person she’s arguing with is a farmer tbh, but then again so is nina erin kek

No. 1121311

File: 1609718169959.jpeg (164.29 KB, 980x1585, 6F57F6AA-B3D9-4932-8B21-622B96…)

(4/4) last one sorry nina rose bellucci came back with a spergfest

No. 1121313

File: 1609718234615.jpeg (856.13 KB, 1242x2329, EDC01852-9FF1-42B9-A3BE-B31277…)

So we can all agree this account is erin painter.

No. 1121314

File: 1609718297791.jpeg (280.89 KB, 750x795, D2510CAD-A557-4865-8E6E-0448F0…)

Nina Rose Bellucci does not have any friends and no one can convince me otherwise.

No. 1121319

what's the point of this? what is she trying to get out of this? it's just one person, if she was genuinely this affected why not block them right away? she wants them attention tweets over something she technically instigated kek

No. 1121320

File: 1609718588391.jpeg (450.03 KB, 750x1287, 25E64544-EC72-4D7E-8824-BF0496…)

definitely, the ONLY likes the account has are those posts by nina erin and three sanrio ones. the twitter location really says he / they, is she LARPing as some non binary boy?

No. 1121322

File: 1609718706610.jpeg (50.42 KB, 827x532, 1F1BE615-BAF8-4332-A127-EEC8DD…)

“n. bells”
Nina getting closer to revealing her new legal name publicly.

No. 1121323

File: 1609718735110.jpeg (200.71 KB, 750x604, 22E6DDB9-7FA2-4D6A-B926-9C9F08…)

samefag, the clockwork from nina rose bellucci amazes me, only five minutes later

No. 1121337

Am the only one that thinks this is just a sock acc again? You'd think someone dumb enough to cowtip would actually post caps, not to mention it types just like her (not that faking typing quirks/mannerisms is hard) it feels fake as shit. We already know she sends herself asks, why not this?
>guise there's these creepy psycho stalkers who think everything i do is about them..!!!one!!11,,,, also im a super real gamer girl and they're just jealous ;_;,,,,

No. 1121342

File: 1609719568656.jpg (73.85 KB, 520x351, nothingUWUkid.jpg)

It's been zero days since Nina has tried to fix herself and gotten off the internet.

I wonder if she likes being self destructive

No. 1121346

Does her """best friend""" Zervox even has velf?

No. 1121347

File: 1609719837825.jpeg (210.29 KB, 750x781, 0A1736BC-A217-479B-B6D4-189225…)

> i feel like people screenshotted
no, you’re checking the thread. honesty, nina bellucci.

No. 1121353

exactly, didn't someone say he plays horde? wonder if he considers her a best friend too

its almost like she wanted it to be posted on this thread in hopes of everyone demonzing her possible sock account and not her. didn't work out as she planned it seems like

No. 1121356

and she reactivated FOR WHAT? clearly this all started since getting exposed with WoW, so it was one person…what is the need in making a public statement telling people they don't know her? This is beyond cringe, stay offline

No. 1121359

Let's add it to the tally chart for the New Year anons!
How many times will Erin Nina Rose Painter Bellucci the 3rd will leave the internet this year?
I'm gonna say 24 times, at least two times a month

No. 1121364

It's so weird she deleted so fast but not before switching usernames with another sockpuppet/inactive account with the same username

She's acting like an international spy, it must be exhausting being like this online

No. 1121378

Lol. Sounds like her being exposed was eating away at her since deactivating. She couldn't cope knowing she left the internet on such an embarassing note so she decided to reactivate once more to at least receive some validation from her ddlg followers. She got her mini dose of validation and has disappeared again. See you next week.

repost for spelling error

No. 1121402

what social are they using to dm in these screenshots?

she did that so when people look up the old @ it doesn’t send them back to her current account anymore, in hopes that when she reactivates her account they can’t find it.

No. 1121410

I’m just confused as to why said farmer would have her on fb?? these are fb messages

No. 1121416

You didn’t leave social media Erin, you went private and had countless accounts pretending to be someone else while constantly lurking lolcow

No. 1121426

yeah this is where i was getting at.
you’re telling me this person isn’t her friend (her own words) and she deactivated her twitter to “run” from that specific drama, but added them on facebook (although they’re not friends) and argued more with them? that’s 100% a sock account lol

No. 1121430

File: 1609726346973.jpg (244.59 KB, 719x873, Screenshot_20210104-040846_Twi…)

He does. Wonder how he feels about being her bwest fwend kek

No. 1121434


initially I thought that account had to be a dumbass farmer out to tip the cow and spoil the milk (still a real possibility tbh) but after looking at the account and the messages I’m starting to buy into this sockpuppet theory more. It’s just so like Erin to create some ~psycho sanrio girl stalker~ to “harass” herself and get victim points. The problem is that this character is so…unbelievable. It’s too highkey egirl crazy to cry copying for a WoW race of all things and there’s no history for the account at all. It comes off as Erin living out her fantasy of being aspirational enough that girls online are just dying to interact with/play video games with her, and the skinwalking accusation is par for the course with her own history kek

Still, though…some cowtippers really are this embarrassing so it’s still up in the air for me lol

No. 1121438

he probably still doesn’t even know she exists considering how much he ignored her trying to flirt with him kek

No. 1121440

somehow this hasn’t been brought up before but i wonder if she choose her new name because of Monica Bellucci. it’s very likely and extremely cringe… you genuinely wish you were even half the woman she is, erin painter / nina rose bellucci

sage cuz no real contribution

No. 1121474

This thread is the 3rd result when you search her full name on Google. You can delete your social media accounts but you can’t escape your reputation

No. 1121517

Bellucci also means “beautiful” in Italian so I’m sure she just looked up Italian surnames meaning beautiful. if she was really Italian I’d think she’d find a family name to use but we all know she’s not

No. 1121525

so "beautiful little girl" basically..kek

No. 1121531

it’s instagram.

No. 1121557

Lmao pretty embarrassing. even changed her username.

How'd you find her new one?

No. 1121586

AYRT, I found it through the link in this post > 941842 (https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/24336055/)

She can change her username as much as she wants, but she can’t change her profile URL

No. 1121653

Wow, that's bad even for a grey parser. Why am I not surprised?

No. 1121682

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed but can anyone find Ninas Facebook acc? I cannot find it and didn’t even know she had one to begin with.

No. 1121699

either way, logic still stands. if this person isn’t her friend why would she have them on instagram? especially that her main is deactivated (afaik) so she messaged them on her private.
if it weren’t a sock account it’d be a farmer (hence the mentions of lolcow in the messages) and they 100% would’ve come forward with the @ of the account she messaged them on.

No. 1121713

That’s definitely messenger and not Instagram, I have this exact layout with one of my contacts on it, which makes the whole story very strange

No. 1121719

nta but a few weeks ago facebook messaging and instagram messaging merged, making the layouts the same

No. 1121740

File: 1609771140373.jpeg (791.28 KB, 3464x3464, winemoommaybestalker.jpeg)

the girl in those screenshots that was messaging Erin about wow is @winemoom on Instagram. she’s in the spam community, i follow her on my spam and she made a poll not too long ago asking if she should change her username to @btchcobbler, which is coincidentally her Twitter username. same girl in the profile pictures on both accounts too. never seen Erin comment on any of her posts either so Erin probably told the truth about not knowing who she is. that pretty much confirms the person in those screenshots is winemoom and not an Erin sock account. if all of this is correct, then winemoom is fucking weird beyond belief and she's most likely a farmer.

No. 1121742

File: 1609771217513.jpeg (362.95 KB, 1300x690, winemoomtwitter.jpeg)

samefag. this is the screenshot of winemoom sperging under Erin's tweet, from the last thread.

No. 1121762


I was wondering when someone would say something. Not WK, I don't like Nina Erin by any means, but it's equally annoying to see each of her threads filled with tinfoil. The Erin threads sometimes tend to feel like anons jump straight to tinfoil claims just because it's UwU Erin Painter, without actually digging deeper into the facts. Overall it just makes us look bad when it turns out she's actually telling the truth about something. The Erin Painter thread 4 even got autosaged and eventually locked because of the endless tinfoil for months after she left. Cancer.

Good catch with these, anon. Ironic how this "winemoom" girl is a blatant farmer what with the self-posting and then this, yet she has cow potential herself.
Hi, winemoom!

No. 1121791

Bellucci doesn't mean "beautiful". She likely just took it after Monica Bellucci

No. 1121801


Even if that wasn't a sock account it's still fucking weird that she felt the need to reach out on another platform to talk about it and take screenshots for the world to see instead of just stepping away, especially since she doesn't have the same username on Twitter and erin claims to not know her… plus if you never intended to play with her then just say no instead of telling them you'll play with them just to ghost after.

No. 1121874

It doesn’t literally mean “beautiful” it’s derived from the word bello meaning beautiful. Don’t take everything so literally

No. 1121916

If Nina was sending messages to herself, why would she mention "the forums"? lolcow is the place she doesn't want anyone to see.

No. 1122059

>plus if you never intended to play with her then just say no instead of telling them you'll play with them just to ghost after

Erin could have easily said exactly that. But she is notorious for never following through any advances made towards her.

was it blown out of proportion? definitely but Erik could have just said no from the get go instead of continuously coming up with excuses.

Makes 0 zero sense as to why she chose to reactivate just for this besides her wanting to continue this facade.

No. 1122071

Imagine how different her reaction would've been if it was a Twitter eboy instead kek

No. 1122072

She always replies to the questions regarding lolcow on her instagram stories. It makes her look more like a victim. Plus she’s an attention whore to the core, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad attention.

No. 1122073

Who gives a shit if it “makes us look bad” no one is here to look good kek. Nina Rose Bellucci is so predictable and literally every thread about anybody on lolcow has massive amounts of tinfoil. Stop whining

No. 1122226


Sage for slight tinfoil and no screencaps, but hi Winemom kek. Only someone who has done the same as the Winemom girl would say nitpicky crybaby shit like this

Read the thread. She did say she didn't know the girl and she said she doesn't owe strangers a response which is plausible after seeing the screencaps of her conversation with Winemom-Btchcobbler-whatever her name is. It's weird to expect someone you don't know to play a video game with you and be so adamant about it on top of that. She's even almost hostile from the looks of it. Very weird. But I suppose if the girl truly is a farmer it would make sense why she would want to spy on her. Just an embarrassing execution and didn't quite work out in the girl's favor.
It's bizarre that this would happen to Erin Painter of all people and honestly disappointing that it ended up being just an unhinged bitch and not an Erin sock puppet episode

Her tweet about "not owing anybody a response", for context: >>1121227

No. 1122271

For somebody that stalks Erin you sure sound like Erin lmfao. “Stalk the thread”

No. 1122287

I'd also like to point out that OP's pic was posted 1 minute after winemoom starting sperging at Erin on Twitter. Winemoom's just an ugly unhinged cowtipping farmer.

No. 1122295

File: 1609818115551.jpeg (524.37 KB, 1125x1176, WinemomTwitter.jpeg)

Don't forget the iconic statistics buttons on her tweets that she forgot to edit out, which 100% confirms she's a self posting farmer! Cringe.
It makes me wonder if all of the winemoom WK anons was her herself self posting again.

No. 1122337

Who the fuck spergs over a cowtipper? Just block and move on. This literally sounds like Erin trying to retract people’s attention elsewhere.

No. 1122348

File: 1609822874430.gif (764.54 KB, 320x240, hiwinemoom.gif)

No. 1122394

why do i feel like this is just erin and winemoom fighting back and forth?

No. 1122566

File: 1609857827783.jpeg (72.88 KB, 828x325, BC77EA47-605F-47CD-8161-0359CF…)

11 hours ago, hasn’t tweeted since?

No. 1122618

Who cares

Here is the only place people talk about her though isn't it? And she didn't wanna say lolcow so people wouldn't look it up and "figure out her new name" or whatever. Also I'm like 100% sure she just stole that e girls pic to make it look more legit when she tweets at herself. Don't get why you guys are acting like she wouldn't do that, she's done way weirder things in the past kek

No. 1122619

She's literally just doing the "indirectly talking about what we're talking about on this thread" shit again so she doesn't have to admit she actively reads but still can defend herself and get pity

No. 1122630


Are you fucking stupid? Check >>1121740 and >>1122295
Anons posted proof that the winemoom/btchcobbler person that sperged under Nina Erin's tweet was self posting here. And learn to sage for your autistic tinfoil

The vendettas on this thread are starting to get more and more obvious kek

No. 1122647

That's not even proof, that could just mean Erin made the account and posted the screenshots herself which would be on brand faggot. Straight up, have you read the old threads? Is lockdown bringing all the normal summerfags here permanently?

No. 1122674

Who actually cares this much besides Erin? What is there to do with this info besides banning the tipper.
Weed out the CTs and calm your own spergfest

No. 1122791

btchcobbler is a tipper and a cow, have you seen this bitch ig. no amount of screeching about muh Erin’s socks will change my mind, fuck off before you get a thread cunt

No. 1122808

>20 hours of damage control
Lmao learn when to stop btchcobbler

No. 1123382

File: 1609901837058.png (181.53 KB, 613x305, GETFUCKED.png)

retard is gone

No. 1123499

File: 1609909395129.jpeg (744.55 KB, 828x1419, E1B0AC9E-8E74-48F5-AB5B-E8A892…)

New nose job photo

No. 1123502

Is it just me or does her nose still look goblina-esque? I thought it would be more upturned like how it looked in the side profile pictures she posted.

No. 1123510

Yea it still looks like a potato nose, but it could be because of the swelling

No. 1123511

I feel like a boomer reading this lol. Seems like both of these girls just need to go outside or something, what a dumb thing to fight about

No. 1123512

Still looks as meh as it was before imo

No. 1123514

File: 1609910845256.jpeg (624.81 KB, 828x1241, FD7A3F09-216F-4EDF-AA72-1AE8A5…)

No. 1123515

So her "good news" was that she took some selfies with her new nose? And here I was thinking she had enrolled in college or gotten a job or something.

No. 1123518

so…. right back to heavy editing, extremely deceptive strategically taken selfies. uh huh git it nina beluga

No. 1123519

File: 1609912219681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.36 KB, 901x1200, 0FD66F4E-47D3-4CE5-9D96-AF31A4…)

It looks like a slightly more female version of Shane Dawson’s nose

No. 1123520

Maybe I’m an idiot but after 2 months shouldn’t her nose basically be done healing? I don’t think it’s swollen. I think the tip is a little bulby but I also think it’s miles better than her old nose.

No. 1123523

I don’t know how to describe it but it looks like she’s smelling something bad…not a nose worth forcing someone else to pay for.

No. 1123526

it actually looks good? she's lucky that mama painter paid for her to go to a legit surgeon, most cows end up cheaping out and getting botched

No. 1123528

It’s not bad, but the bulbous tip of her nose will be a forever remnant of the hog nose she once had

No. 1123539

File: 1609915127796.jpg (35.41 KB, 487x316, sleepover.jpg)

No. 1123544

It looks nice now but give it 5 or 10 years and her nose will probably collapse with the amount of cartilage and bone that was shaved off.

It's still so confusing and bewildering to me why she feels the need to post screenshots of text conversations whenever she mentions visiting her friends. It's not even something necessary for context or anything??

No. 1123549

She does it to prove she isn’t a loser to “the forum”

No. 1123571

File: 1609918670355.jpeg (26.72 KB, 304x279, 0F3DE4F3-EA15-4A2A-A5BD-E22B09…)


that is…not a good nose lol. I mean, anything is better than the literal potato she had on her face before, but you’d think if you’re paying to go under the knife you’d get that bulbous tip and weird-ass line where it meets the philtrum fixed. looking like a straight-up cartoon nose and not in an ugu kawaii anime way kek

No. 1123572

late, but just a reminder that every time she changes her character’s race it’s $10 and every time she changes her name it’s also $10. not including the actual sub, she’s spending an ungodly amount of money just to sit in limsa and look for eboys.

No. 1123580

kek i was gonna say, what is that line from her philtrum into her nostrils? it looks really weird/unnatural. is it just from her pushing her lip up with her hand or what?

No. 1123584

>now I don’t have to edit my nose
>still edits her nose along with the rest of her face

No. 1123589

"my body dysmorphia is going to go"
>Still uses facetune to edit eyes
>pushes pencil thin lip to appear bigger
>wears a wig
Sure Jan,

Also I wonder who she's trying to skin-walk this week? She did mention Belle Delphine a few tweets ago and she got herself a new pink wig

No. 1123602

Is her new phase "elf cosplay"?
The costume Spock ears, I can't

No. 1123615

Pretty sure its just the incision sight. It'll stay prominent like that for at least a couple months, iirc. Every nose job comes with an incision scar that heals itself over time, its normal. Same with her swelling but I think she said that could take up to a year to subside and its only been 2 (?) months since she's had her nose done. Nose jobs require lots and lots of patience with the long-term healing. Especially if she has thicker skin. Her nose does look very swollen.

No. 1123619

File: 1609926482171.jpeg (418.6 KB, 828x1293, A4C038F4-32AF-4AAB-944F-AE6DCA…)

she responded to the “still edited” claims real fast with a video

No. 1123622

unsure how to post videos so here's an imgur link: https://imgur.com/l10ktQw

No. 1123625

lmao that fat moon face. And it is probably still edited, she is delusional. The retarded pushing up the top lip thing, I fuckin cannot. Bitch got full rhino, you would think she could front for a couple hundred extra for her nonexistent lips

No. 1123632

going off prettypastelplease's nosejob story, it keeps healing/changing for about a year.

No. 1123637

I honestly think she's pretty when not edited to oblivion but what is with the crazy eyes in this video? She looks like she's in the middle of fainting

No. 1123638

even with a nosejob she still has a shane dawson potato nose. SAD!

No. 1123647

> m-muh growth n self-acceptance!
> proceeds to get a nosejob thanks to of her mommys money instead of getting a therapy and reality check
She really needs to get off the internet, she is too immature to be here.

No. 1123701

what’s sad is she probably didn’t realize that changing the shape of her nose wouldn’t make it smaller. her nose has a nicer shape, sure, but it’s still big. and with her eyes and nose both being pretty big, it doesn’t match her thin lips at all so she’s still insecure about that

also she clearly gained weight, her face is so large and lacks structure from the chub. it does give her a moon shaped face and again doesn’t help her non proportionate features

nina, changing your nose won’t make up for the lack of a good diet and exercise. just eat healthy and move a bit more and you’ll shred the extra pounds; the nose job is pointless if you’re still ashamed of your chubby face

also that makeup makes your eyes look bigger and your lips smaller, try a different look that doesn’t enhance further more the size difference between your mouth and other features

No. 1123726

she's clearly doing that thing all ig girls do where they push their nose down to make their lips look bigger and nose thinner, it's why it looks like she's smelling shit. when relaxed it's probably just her old nose

i also don't get the thumb under the top lip thing… like we can see it's just your thumb flipping your lip, not an actual big lip

No. 1123763

Kek she really shouldn't have made that video, completely ruined the uwu soft elf girl illusion she tried to put up

No. 1123772

File: 1609943128790.jpg (17.02 KB, 311x263, aa9f6c7f23a8bbeb4ca0ad4552dfe6…)

Real Penelope vibes

No. 1123785

Sage for being old but why does she always type "hhh"?

No. 1123787

She fucking paid for her nose to still look like a fucking potato? Almost exactly the same except the nostrils look botched and the tip is still droopy and bulbous. Great job Nina Bellucci, get mommy's money back, your nose should not still be swollen 2 months after.

Also show us your real lips

No. 1123804

why even get your face surgically altered if youre gonna continue to heavily edit your photos?? like shes enlarged her eyes x 3 and is using hella filters! (not to mention the wig) if shes gonna keep morphing pics of herself into completely different people … why even bother getting cut up? to make her photoshoppery just slightly easier? girl needs help

No. 1123805

File: 1609947748423.jpeg (600.04 KB, 1242x1082, F34F310B-B263-4491-9514-107F47…)

This is NOT cute kek

No. 1123807

crazy eyes. my god her bulgy eyes and half ass nose job really irk me, her face barely changed. the new “elf” persona is also laughable, can’t wait to see what she morphs into in the next 4-5 months.

No. 1123822

Before I saw the other posts I thought she had a tissue in her mouth lmaooo

No. 1123870

She always posts texts and never actually meeting up KEK
LMFAO she looks the exact same as before with just a fatter face and pig nose now.

No. 1123881

she deleted the video already, it’s like as soon as she gets on social media she checks this thread lol

No. 1123893

Holy fuck those scary eyes. Unfortunate that mommy can’t pay to fix those. Why’s she pushing her crusty thin lip upwards like she has any lips whatsoever. Nina stop being so delusional and calm down with the snow filters and pathetic angles that cover half of your face.

No. 1123899

> epic nose job moment
sometimes i want to die violently.
her nose looks remarkably fake, but not good at all. the nostrils scream surgically altered.

No. 1123913

Love the effort she put in to hide her disgusting fat sausage fingers so she could look s o f t

No. 1123928

It’s how species of the genus e-thottinus signal to nearby scrotes that she is mentally ill and willing to do anything for male attention
Did a farmer edit this or did she really do herself like that…

No. 1123930

File: 1609956701804.jpg (88.84 KB, 1228x1082, youshouldsue.jpg)

i really hope it's just a shitty edited pic because Y I K E S

No. 1123931

it’s just the screenshot from her video unedited

No. 1123943

She really named herself kitten balls kek. Why couldn't she stick with crepegrl since her drawings have that name all over them. And it suits her fatty ass way more than "kitten"

No. 1123944

> kitten balls
anon you made me lol

No. 1123948

File: 1609958261044.jpeg (143.89 KB, 828x536, DCF4AEC0-769D-47F1-B4DC-DDB15B…)

she legit responded to you, anon
just nina rose bellucci being her usual erin painter rofl

No. 1123954

No. 1123957

File: 1609958677385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 279.79 KB, 828x882, 9113F2B3-D742-4A4D-B815-19F6CA…)

repost with spoiler
she really can’t help herself lol. posting her body again, pretty sure she still has minors following her but who cares right, nina?

No. 1123960

File: 1609958789599.gif (177.68 KB, 220x209, fixyournose.gif)

she needs a hobby that doesn't involve the internet. may i suggest underwater basketweaving?

No. 1123961

File: 1609958830807.png (316.45 KB, 597x452, boolies.PNG)

erin is just an innocent kitten being boolied online, this is so sad
incredible response time. thank you for the insight and always responding to us, erin.
i am seriously not equipped to process this kind of delusional thinking. you're still a size 8 erin stfu.

No. 1123964

Filter working overtime, peep the shaky background while her body barely moves. Bonus points for covering her tiny pink pwussy with a childish sticker but totally not a ddlg. Never change, Nina Erin Painter Belluci.

No. 1123965

File: 1609959060464.png (Spoiler Image, 277.2 KB, 778x310, touching.PNG)

your thigh gap is not your vagina gap, erin. look lower and see your upper thighs are touching.

No. 1123969

lmao the classic ~subtle~ arching the lower back/tilting the pelvis to make it look like you have a thigh gap, erin really would fit in perfectly with the wannarexics in the ana cows thread lately

No. 1123974

i was just thinking that. she's acting like that "malnourished" fat girl being talked about in the pro-ana thread before her "recovery era"
inb4 erin painter ana "workout" posts inevitably commence

No. 1123987

tbh i’m shocked she hasn’t deleted the video yet considering she cares about traction so much and her posts “flopping” it has no likes in 40 mins and she kept it up she must really want people to see

No. 1123993

File: 1609960365056.png (142.78 KB, 594x1103, 1608672226589.png)

She has a lot of underage followers, picrel is a repost from the previous thread. And it's only small fraction of them, most don't have their age in bio but once you take a look into there it's clear they're minors. Some of them are as young as she was when she was allegedly groomed. But what's more creepy is that she follows them back, so she can't say she had no idea. Not only she doesn't try to protect them from sexual shit (the least she could do is put "dni minors" in her bio), she exposes them to nudity. The "cw" warning doesn't mean jack shit. What kind of mental gymnastics she's using to justify this now? "We're all naked under clothes so it's not NSFW"?

Nina Rose Belluci is truly a pedophile

No. 1124009

Male attention > indecent exposure to minors duh
What a disgusting groomer.

No. 1124011

This Zervox person usually likes all her posts. He skipped her thigh gap video and liked the ones after that. Lmao. She still had 0 likes on it.

No. 1124012

I don't ever want to hear someone defending this girl's pedophilic and manipulative behaviour towards minors. She really needs validation for her almost nude body from FUCKING MINORS. She is waiting on Twitter for someone, ANYONE to call her skinny. Her "fanbase" has always been filled with minors, and she fanes being agere to seem like one of them. Since she is older in physical age, agere kawaii uwu children look up to her in a sense, and she knows this. She has a form of power in her life for once with social media, although the power is over children who have some type of mental illness, autism or attention disorder that makes them think they're mentally "0-4," it's all the same to Erin. Then she posts wannarexic status's, body checks, NSFW pics and vids of herself because she wants these children to look up to her, see her as the top anorexic, see her as the uwu kawaii agere SMALL TINY cat girl they all want to be. She works on crafting her online image constantly instead of making strides in her real life, posting about going to school and hanging out with friends but never doing it. She is disturbed and her parents need to put her in intensive treatment.

No. 1124015


No. 1124017

File: 1609961750938.jpg (43.96 KB, 1080x1296, 20210106_113413.jpg)

And deactivated her account too

No. 1124019

She definitely lurks on here so hard

No. 1124020

Not to medfag but for 2-3 months post op, her nose is very, very droopy. It isn't bad nose job per se, but her surgeon was supposed to make it more upturned considering it's gonna sag further (completely normal thing to happen, especially with her thick skin). I also don't understand how she can say "my nose looks exactly how I used to edit it" when it doesn't, she used to edit it a lot smaller&upturned? Still, it does look a lot better now, but it didn't really get any smaller.

No. 1124024

File: 1609961972858.jpg (67.56 KB, 607x221, 656756445.jpg)

why is she trying to befriend kids?

No. 1124030

File: 1609962378311.jpeg (108.28 KB, 1426x450, pedodefintion.jpeg)

Sage for wanting to be spoon-fed but can somebody tell me if she ever said she's attracted to minors in any way? Why is she a pedophile for following minors? Am I missing something?

No. 1124033

Erin exhibits pedophilic and manipulative behaviour towards minors by uploading NSFW content on a non-NSFW or 18+ twitter, followed by agere minors primarily. I explained in depth here >>1124020 and if you think nothing is pedophilic about it that is on you.

No. 1124034

she tweeted about meeting an advisor for her new college on friday, couldn’t get a ss since she deactivated

No. 1124037

IMO calling her a pedo might be a bit harsh, but maybe an autopedophile? Doesn't mean that she isn't a fucking creep though. She just wants to be seen as a loli by adult men and she doesn't care if she makes kids uncomfortable. A really bad case of pickmeism.

No. 1124039

I agree, I'm unconvinced she's a pedophile. However she seems very fixated on infantalizing herself to appeal to actual predators (with mixed results, kek).

No. 1124040

She’s exposing her pussy to a bunch of minors that are following her. Pedo or not, she’s a fucking creep.

No. 1124042

To answer your question, there is no source of her saying or showing any attraction to minors. Check the threads, it seems to be mostly the same people that called her "age regression" pedophilia in the past.

Not WK but agreed. Your vendettas are showing again, anons.

Posting a bodycheck and following minors does not equal pedophilia. Stop being autistic. If she was tweeting bodychecks/nsfw posts directly to minors it would be a different story, but it sounds like the same person trying to push the Erin Painter pedophile-facade. Is it the cowtipper again?

No. 1124046

sorry for spoonfeed, do you have any screenshots of this? i saw all of her tweets before she deactivated and i didn't see anything about her wanting to appear younger than she is, she mentioned her actual age in a few tweets but that's all i saw that was related to her age

No. 1124048

She used to expose kids to explicit content and still does, which is a grooming technique. And she can't say she had no clue about being followed by minors, since she cherry picks her followers (a lot of farmers complained she blocked them even when they never interacted with her + she admitted she blocks anyone she thinks is "fake agere").

While her intents are unclear, and she might not be attracted to children, but it's still unacceptable. Let's not forget she used to promote her "body positivity" twitter account where she posted her fully exposed breasts and vagina on her sfw account where she interacted with kids. She also did the same thing on instagram, including videos of her rubbing naked against her stuffed animals. And now she doesn't even try to separate it anymore.

How can you not see the problem with that and shrug it off as an act for male attention when she had a total of 3 male followers on this new acc of hers?

No. 1124049

She knows damn well half of her followers are minors and still shares these nsfw shit so it shows up on their timelines. Stop trying to white-knight this weirdo so hard.

No. 1124056

If her intentions are so unclear like you said, why are you calling her a pedophile? And at least provide screencaps of her pedophilic behavior if you're going to make severe claims like this. This is cringe as fuck.

No. 1124057

Thank you how can anyone justify this? She is an ADULT sharing NSFW photos to her CHILDREN followers. That is fucking deranged and disgusting.
No one has a vendetta. I am disgusted by pedophiles and people who show minors sexual material. They are fucking children who cannot consent to seeing these images. She could've worn spandex or panties, she chose to be nude and cover it up with a sticker. She is posting them DIRECTLY to minors, as those are literally her entire following as shown here >>1123993 . if you feel the need to defend this behaviour as simply bodychecking, i'm gonna assume you do the same shit. it is creepy, pedophillic behaviour and that is that.
Also >>1124048 explains it extremely well.

No. 1124060

She hasn't been called a pedophile in this post once, and for "screencaps of her pedophilic behavior" you can just scroll up, there's proof of both her being followed by minors and following minors as well as a screencap of her posting her vagina covered with a sticker, it is censored but nude nonetheless.

No. 1124061

I'm confused did she send the tweets to minors why is that pedophilia

No. 1124063

File: 1609964084528.jpg (59.6 KB, 1440x345, Screenshot_20210106-211403.jpg)

Didn't deactivate, just changed her @ again

No. 1124066

File: 1609964203805.jpeg (260.28 KB, 828x707, 6DBD6156-2F93-45A8-B956-03A6B2…)

No. 1124071

how long has she been talking about going to college? is she really gonna tweet about going to college for the next four years and then have mommy buy her a degree?

No. 1124073

Imagine if it was a man putting a dickpick in children's tl, would you really care that he doesn't send it to them individually?

No. 1124082

File: 1609968314882.jpg (297.12 KB, 1080x1656, 20210106_124154.jpg)

Does she really need to show her bones if this was really just about stretch marks?

No. 1124087

so only occasionally she photoshops out the stretch marks

No. 1124093

No one is justifying her actions, she just isn’t a pedophile. She’s just stupid and cares more about having men’s attention than having minors see her nude. Twitter isn’t even for kids retard

No. 1124095

Good God her skin is disgusting, barring the stretch marks. Girl put on some lotion and go outside for vitamin d

No. 1124100

Not the anon you’re replying to but ofc twitter isn’t for kids, doesn’t mean they’re not on there. Because she’s a ~agere uwu~ whore, half of her followers are underaged and clearly state it as so. She has inserted herself into a space of minors by choice, normal nsfw accounts do not do that because it is fucking weird. Doesn’t matter what her intentions are, it’s weird and inappropriate. End of story.

No. 1124101

NTA but Twitter is 13+, pretty sure people from age 14 to 17 are kids.

clearly some pathetic attempt to have people worry about her being skinny or whatever. keep sucking your tummy in, nina

also she already deleted the tweet about girls for some reason… why tweet at all?

No. 1124104

Anyone who's over the age of 13 is allowed on Twitter. If she wants to post her fishy pussy she can put age restriction on her profile and stop following minors. She called people creeps for less than what she does.

You don't have to white knight so hard to get into your chubby loli kitten's pink panties Kevin, you can just buy her a big mac you know

No. 1124110

She did deactivate but for like 30 minuets. She’s so pathetic.

No. 1124112

Old photo.

No. 1124113

Shes got a nose type thats hard to shape into something "ideal" like an upturned or pixie type nose. Beluga is just gonna have to either accept the fact that shes got a meaty face or go full Pnp and get a bunch of botched surgeries.

No. 1124117

the pedo vendettas are embarrassing and ridiculous to see on here it’s so autistic, no one is wking you’re just anons being called out on you wanting Nina Rose Bellucci to be a pedophile so bad. I doubt she’s a pedophile, she’s an attention seeker but it doesn’t make it okay. But to call her a pedophile you have to be a fucking imbecile

No. 1124118

This photo is an old photo that she had photoshopped to have clear skin and posted in like 2018. This makes me believe she’s bigger then ever.
repost because I forgot to sage

No. 1124121

Can we get erin’s posts marked one more time.

No. 1124126

These all sound so much like her trying to adjust to the farm lingo I can’t lie. Why would anybody else be so pressed about this?

No. 1124151

File: 1609976516901.png (111.26 KB, 1300x892, SFAk.png)

No. 1124152

File: 1609976694462.jpeg (127.75 KB, 750x695, 1D8D030F-79A1-41E6-A522-9AD6FA…)

No. 1124163

the beard.. this is priceless

No. 1124200


Agreed. This entire thing about pedophilia sounds like it's being pushed by someone who wants her to be labeled as a pedophile. The only evidence anyone has posted so far regarding the supposed pedophilia is her "UwU agere" and her following some minors (?) and being followed by minors (??). If that's what makes a person a pedophile nowadays, we're doomed.

This thread is turning into desperate farmers trying to force the milk instead of letting it flow naturally. And when they get called out on their autism, their comeback is "Hi cow." In truth, there hasn't been any relevant milk since she came back, except for her rhinoplasty and new boyfriend. What a shitshow.

No. 1124215

File: 1609980595467.jpeg (95.16 KB, 1616x338, groomer.jpeg)

post screenies of her grooming children or gtfo

No. 1124216

You had to bump the thread to enlighten us with your opinion because?

I don’t really think she’s into diddling kids, she would be jealous of abused kids actually. But it’s funny as fuck knowing she’d 100% get baited into wking herself kek
The facts are she’s a creepy bitch for compulsively showing her naked body to minors who expressedly wish to not see it. Defend that.

No. 1124235

Sage for being an annoying anachan but Jesus Christ this just proves that she’s big, the only reason her hip bones are showing is because of her massive frame, if she was underweight or even healthy weight her belly button wouldn’t look like that.

No. 1124247

anachan you gotta get help, we all know she is fat. stop your stupid sperg, having your hip bones showing says nothing about having a "massive frame".

No. 1124252

lmfao you guys are retarded. most of her followers are minors, go check yourselves since you like being in denial. i haven’t even called her a pedo but who the fuck do you think she’s posting her pussy for? most people following her are kids, whose attention is she trying to catch? she could just post it in her private ig story with only adults on it, she could post it on a private nsfw account, but she makes the conscious decision to post it on twitter where minors follow her. just because you say “not to white knight kek” doesn’t mean you’re not whiteknighting you idiots.

if you think nina rose bellucci / erin painter wouldn’t entertain some 16 year old daddy dom in the dms if he was dommy enough for her taste then i suggest you go check her previous threads to see how far she would go for male attention.

No. 1124260

People with larger bones have them show easier than someone with a small frame who might have to get to a very low weight to have those hip bones, people with larger frames can get them even at overweight anyways I’m gonna not fill up the thread anymore

No. 1124265

File: 1609983065946.jpg (296.84 KB, 1080x1725, Screenshot_20210107-122857__01…)

She may not be a full blown pedophile, but she sure dun goofd

kek at the retard defending this shit

No. 1124280

Sure hope she doesn’t expose them to self harm and pictures of her cutting herself like she did to the last batch of minors who followed her

No. 1124309

Can u post real milk and stop sperging abt this no one gives a fat shit

No. 1124311

>hasn't lurked
>reddit spacing
>doesn't sage
where did you even come from? "evidence": the 4 other fucking threads where she posted loli hentai on social media alongside "legal loli" little girl sexual roleplay where she fawned over being called a child (in a sexual content)
you don't have to actually abuse children to be a pedophile just be aroused by them

No. 1124312

Fr these anons throwing the word “pedophile” around like they think they know what it means kek no one is fucking defending her posting her pussy for kids to see it doesn’t mean she’s a full blown groomer/pedophile. It’s just tinfoil and vendetta

No. 1124327

NTA but having hip bones show when you’re literally overweight means she has a very large frame, it’s basic science. why are you even trying to defend her if we all have agreed she’s large many times?
Your poor integration really, really makes me think you’re Erin.
It means she is exposing children to graphic images, which as shown here
is included in the definition of child grooming. Mince words all you want but facts are facts. Now shut the fuck up about the pedophile stuff. Anyone defending her is a nasty fuck.

No. 1124342

File: 1609987599320.jpeg (502.53 KB, 1242x1382, 05BED0FA-48CB-457C-9D6D-665167…)

yet u lurk here, nina.

No. 1124347

stop infighting
lmao she’s obviously responding to this thread with this tweet. you can’t “change” from exposing your body to minors, stealing boyfriends, skinwalking other girls and making them extremely uncomfortable, cucking your neck beard bf, the list goes on. she’s preachy about mental health but won’t take her own advice, a classic pattern nine rose bellucci/erin painter has displayed.

No. 1124350

A shit by any other name still smells like shit, almost-groomer-chan

No. 1124353

Whenever narcs say "you" in these psa self-care bullshit they always mean "me" lol

No. 1124360

She’s looking for validation from random people on the internet, even after all the bullshit she’s done, all the threads made about her she’s still on here when no one wants her around. Playing the game of “I changed since i left !!” but the reality is she’s still the nasty and gross human shes always been.

No. 1124378

Not to WK but I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be related to everything that has gone down since the Capitol riot, it's a bit of a stretch to say this was in response to the pedo accusations.

No. 1124382

Nina I thought you were logging off?(hi cow)

No. 1124389

tbh she’s probably just trying to reassure herself with that tweet and using the current situation as an excuse to post that so she can just say it wasn’t about her but really it is about her

No. 1124391

File: 1609990687889.jpeg (198.16 KB, 1314x740, gentlereminder.jpeg)

actually you're right, she says it word for word in this screenshot that its about what's happening in America. it's.. literally the tweet right below >>1124342 and anons still won't acknowledge it because op's post about her lurking fits their "hi cow" fascination..

No. 1124404

How does any of that have to do with her?she certainly wasn’t affected by this, being so white and privileged. She will make anything about her

No. 1124405

why are you jumping at every opportunity to defend her? Even if that specific tweet wasn’t for lolcow, half of her responds on twitter/insta are literally direct answers to the anons here. You can just leave the thread if it bothers you that much that “ppl are forcing milk” when it’s saged, instead of bumping the thread with also non-milky shit.

Just a recent example out of hundreds. Stalk more if you genuinely don’t think she clearly still lurks here.

No. 1124444

again with the wannarexic poses and angles lol. newsflash erin: lying on your back desperately sucking your stomach in and lifting your hips to try to define your nonexistent hipbones isn’t fooling anyone into thinking you’re not chubby. we’ve all seen the tiktok video kek

No. 1124481

Amazing work anon, thread pic material.

No. 1124534

File: 1610017135778.jpg (65.99 KB, 1318x500, Screenshot_20210107-115653.jpg)

Erin ain't no pedophile, she's autopedophilic. She hates any girl that is smaller and cuter than her, she just loves to pretend she's a cute loli while being a walking seacow.

No. 1125097

Why would she post that video and then expose herself with these pics of her whale body stretch marks lmao

No. 1125210

File: 1610073701929.jpeg (267.75 KB, 750x1050, 454754A8-C61E-4202-88F8-CAE587…)

insta reactivated for now to promo, must be missing the big audience

No. 1125235

File: 1610075622331.jpeg (248.3 KB, 828x746, 495687C0-F347-4DA0-859C-7CC142…)

“skin study” she put a base color and flat shadows… no blending, no highlight, no skin texture…… just picked 2 flat colors and called it skin study

No. 1125243

File: 1610076188964.jpeg (152.7 KB, 750x618, 77A1761F-D8BD-4630-8D91-B88151…)

wtf she is so weird

No. 1125248

Who gives a shit lmfao learn to sage

No. 1125318

The first two are saged.
How is drawing darker skin “skin study” kek this isn’t milk it’s just ridiculous

No. 1125334

File: 1610083311001.jpg (298.53 KB, 809x520, artist.jpg)

her "skin study" is just her copying Karlovycross' art and re-drawing her fairies

No. 1125406

She even gave it light colored eyes. “Skin study”

No. 1125468

File: 1610099009960.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1227x951, 02F7D0F1-64C3-4B9C-B401-62A9EF…)

Found 2 of Erin’s WoW characters. Both have very similar achievement points to each other but the most solid proof that they’re both her is that both of them have the same battle pets as the druid from >>1113540

Good to know she worked SO hard to unlock void elves just to use a ranged weapon as a survival hunter

No. 1125483

yes, hence why it’s saged
she reposted it later captioned “sketch repost” then deleted it again

the faces actually look so similar lol but sadly that’s nothing new, i don’t think she can actually draw i think she just traces stuff honestly.

sage for no contribution

No. 1125713

sage for non contribution but will erin ever get to live a normal life? she could have easily left the internet with her name change or came back while anons were all wking for her saying shes changed and yk… actually changed? now her name name is public along with all the other shit she's done

No. 1125740

She won't because she can't live without her sheep tween and agere followers showering her with internet points and validation. She had the chance to completely dissociate from her old social media accounts to avoid her past but she reactivates her instagram multiple times to promote herself because she needs the attention.

So instead of copying aesthetics she copies art now lmao… This girl really doesn't have an ounce of originality in her.

No. 1125839

ffxivfag here, she still actively copies a bunch of aesthetics on XIV. copied my character as well as a bunch of other people. mainly other twitter users

No. 1125853

Cringe as fuck. These anons sound exactly like the 'winemoom' cowtipper that went on an entire 2-day sperg about how she thought Erin copied her video game character. There's no such thing as 'copying' a video game character, and to be specific, on a video game with barely any unique customization options such as FFXIV or WOW. Her outfit and character model is the same outfit that every other uwu gamer girl e-girl uses. Also very certain Erin Nina Rose Bellucci Painter didn't exclusively seek out your character so she could copy it, anon. Go outside and touch some grass.
Stop clogging up the thread with stupid shit that only your personal vendetta cares about. If the most interesting thing you can post here is her video game character models, you're just as pathetic as she is.

No. 1125869

Why is this same retarded anon always sperging about clogging up the thread with lengthy ass responses. Just close the thread girl..? I can’t imagine anybody going out of their way to type this shit for goblina.

No. 1125893

my thoughts exactly

No. 1125936

You’re a moron.
These look like mirror images. Her faces on her characters change to a new artist’s style every week

No. 1125987

Girl I literally posted the screenshot of her characters to archive the names, when did I say she was copying my characters? If you’re going to constantly cry over people posting in the thread, click the little [-] by the title or stfu

No. 1126054

File: 1610152103020.jpg (186.69 KB, 1080x1080, karlovycross_12466193718760861…)

Tinfoil I think her new obsession is to be a dainty smol elf fairy like the artist she's copying, god knows she has the wig for it

No. 1126062

OT but this is cute.

No. 1126076

don’t give her ideas, anon. now she’s gonna think she can actually look like this

No. 1126109

Why did erin give her hairy legs and arms? Or am I just seeing shit, thought she would hate women with hair due to her autopedophilia

No. 1126141

thats not erins art.

No. 1126173

It's the next artist she's claiming to be "inspired by" when someone inevitably calls her out for tracing.

No. 1126212

File: 1610165242580.jpeg (255.54 KB, 2064x1154, 56F034A6-2E2F-46C9-BA0D-AE859C…)

Would this be traced too? Face shape looks oddly similar, it seems like on the other one that she traces then changes proportions. The nose, lips and overall structure matches with slight modifications. Unsure if anyone else sees it. Sage for potential nitpick?

No. 1126219

i see it for sure, but tbh erin tracing isn’t anything new or even shocked and interesting at this point

No. 1126265

That looks traced for sure, some proportions are just off because she's so bad she can't even trace right and she changes minor things like the eyes so she can claim she didn't trace and was just "inspired" like she did with that milkgrl person.

No. 1126285

File: 1610168297637.jpg (103.93 KB, 980x1118, overlay.jpg)

If the image on the left isn't altered, then I'm sure she did. It seems like she only traced the facial features but drew the rest herself, the head tilt should also be taken into account, it is identical.

No. 1126640

File: 1610184216805.jpeg (351.34 KB, 750x568, E94B662E-C1C1-4E70-90B9-D0A136…)

This is irrelevant towards anything but i was scrolling on her old thread and was wondering if anyone knew where she got her bed set from? it has white ruffles with pink bows on the ruffles if you can’t tell from the photo unless its just a filter making it look lighter.

No. 1126710

i’ve seen the same one on amazon but it’s out of stock now.

No. 1126866

sage bc not milk & kind of OT but why do u think she changes her usernames so often? she changed her insta like 6 times within a 4 day time period. not even to mention her twitter changes either

No. 1126886

she's indecisive and has identity issues. simple as that.

No. 1126972

Likely aliexpress

No. 1127427

File: 1610262980687.png (4.95 MB, 1242x2688, 62E1FD1B-43C6-49DA-B3F7-8E7829…)

Sage for totally off topic but I believe it’s this one anon, but prob would find cheaper somewhere else

No. 1127449

File: 1610268394605.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, C032340D-40ED-41B5-BDE4-02C197…)

It’s frumpy and ugly in the review pictures. It looks nothing like the pictures. so it’s most likely a China knockoff of the original one she has. Just type pink princess bed on Amazon

No. 1127466

File: 1610273371557.jpeg (177.85 KB, 1125x628, D92E1D5F-535E-4D09-94AD-1C4C45…)

changed her ig name to „bambinabells“ bambina is child or little girl in italian nina back at it again

No. 1127506

I still don't understand how she always manages to get that many followers in such a short time

No. 1127508

maybe her mom is buying them for her

No. 1127525

isn’t this just an old reactivated account not a new one?

No. 1127547

Pretty sure it is her old one that she decided to re-activate, she's clearly the queen of announcing social media breaks but never being able to actually do them. All because she's so attention-starved (and using twitter alone doesn't do it for her).

Also kek at "I love art" when all she does is trace to distract from her own, poor skills. It's like ~learning how to draw anatomy~ by drawing over deviantart bases, she will never improve or find her own style this way.

No. 1127784

File: 1610314173217.png (429.57 KB, 2048x1212, Screenshot_20210110-172543.png)

Erin's other account following winemoom…??? WTF is the point of that exactly?

No. 1127788

she doesn’t even try to hide how much she stalks her own thread

No. 1128221

File: 1610357416578.jpeg (179.06 KB, 750x512, 7D1760D0-F849-470F-834D-C7BE13…)

I thought erin was against following people who call themselves legal loli or loli in general but she seems to be following a few people with the term loli in their username or bio. She’s never gonna change is she?

Word of advice Erin; If you’re gonna be publicly against something, maybe learn to stick with it instead of just hopping on the hate train trend cause you’re clearly a loli lover still and still a hypocrite.

No. 1128357

her boyfriend called her loli and she kept giggling at it and saying he only does it because she hates it, just like dumb girls in high school telling their crush to stop when they don’t want them to. you just realized she enjoys it? she thinks sexualizing children’s behaviors are hot, where did you get the idea she actually hates it lmao she’s just trying to save face. this isn’t new or relevant, sage next time

No. 1128374

exactly, when her "daddies" call her loli, she brushes it off by saying uwu daddy stahpp but when some girl questions it, she goes on full blown rants of being clueless and everyone hating her, but that's just our Erin.

No. 1128413

File: 1610379935980.jpeg (74.88 KB, 275x258, 88E947F7-3769-4C84-8CB1-FBB967…)

it’s hilarious to imagine this giggling and uwuing at being called a smol littol loli

No. 1128466

Sage for no screenshots, she has posted questionnaires answering that she doesn't like being called a loli. You can probably find it in her Instagram highlights. I remember her saying her boyfriend named her "Loli" in Discord as a prank or something similar.
Do we have any recent screenshots of her calling herself a loli from this past year? Not including the "I'm an Italian loli uwu" quote, iirc that was two to three (?) years ago. I'm curious because it always gets brought up in recent threads but I don't remember seeing her talk about it since.. years ago.. (@pocketsizee era)

No. 1128474

why is one person in this thread so obsessed with defending erin at every fucking corner

No. 1128475

this pic is from 2015

stg this thread is about to be autosaged

No. 1128480

So answering anon's question asking where Erin said something.. is considered "defending" her now? Yikes

No. 1128566

just stop and learn how to sage

No. 1128573

File: 1610388020050.jpeg (385.38 KB, 828x1205, FAEB7C76-B96C-4EC5-B133-457B01…)

this bitch has some audacity. reposting pictures of plushies is so inconsiderate but tracing artists’ works through the year is fine, eh?

because her normie irl boyfriend came up with calling her a loli by himself especially knowing she used to call herself that and insists she’s uwu small, yeah? we’re just gonna pretend she doesn’t go out of her way to have people call her very specific things and compliment her in very specific ways? if you can’t figure out the obvious by yourself, go read previous threads instead of trying to white knight her subtly pretending you’re “just asking questions”. there’s no way in hell her boyfriend started calling her “loli” randomly as a joke without her bringing it up, she’s the only person who’s referred to herself as such before. he could’ve called her so many things to tease her, what a huge coincidence he came up with that specific word to tease her without her bringing it up when she used to frequently call herself that, huh? and made a discord role for everyone to see too? anon you’re either retarded or just trying to be slick about wk’ing which are both embarrassing so pick a struggle or fuck off

No. 1128574

No, but you’re clearly the same person in the thread always defending her which is odd. If you’re so knowledgeable about her, you should know that it wasn’t even a full year ago when she used to call herself loli. Erin herself said the same shit and pretended it was 2-3 years ago, when it was clearly not. She’s been on the same bullshit for a while now and still is. If you want screenshots, lurk the other threads, simple as that.

No. 1128684

That’s her at 14 when she should’ve been “loli” jfc

No. 1128734

Why are the autists getting pissed at an unshooped pic of Goblina? Who gives a fuck when it was taken

No. 1128781

File: 1610399106002.jpeg (642.29 KB, 1125x1543, 267D388F-C6F6-4402-9D3A-C687AA…)


saged and big sorry for being off-topic, but I looked up that acc out of curiosity after seeing this and oh my god I’m rolling at the bad shoop on this girl, I had to share

> tfw you’re so loli your chin disappears and your neck becomes as thick as your head

No. 1128796

Anon quit white knighting. That shouldnt even be saged if it’s calling her out on her bullshit. I’ve been apart of her threads and have read all of it before so anon quit trying to tell others to not put any milk on the thread. If you’re that offended over it then i’m starting to think you’re Erin herself.

>>”this isnt new or relevant”

it is new if she’s recently following lolicon people, but okay Erin.

No. 1128814

be careful anon you might get banned for accusing them to be erin

No. 1128822

sage but why are there always anons typing big paragraphs like we give a fuck kek imagine being that obsessed with a cow

No. 1128879

This girl is weird, she has a goth style post with a less shooped face where she admits to photoshopping herself unrecognisable, but then goes back to posting these baby facetune filter shoops.

No. 1129010

are you retarded? i literally said she doesn’t hate being called a loli and she obviously told her boyfriend to call her that, how is that whiteknighting lmfao

>it is new if she’s recently following lolicon people, but okay Erin.

her following lolicon people isn’t new. she’s always done it, which was my point, moron. get some reading comprehension, weirdo

No. 1129385

Okay where are the mods. She's obviously posting on here again. It looks like most of these posts are her fr.

No. 1129474

The mods have abandoned us and let the cows takeover. That’s why the egirl thread existed for six months.

No. 1129667

File: 1610485087621.jpeg (408.01 KB, 828x1163, 70B4686C-5F57-4957-930F-07C339…)

italian small artist btw

No. 1129680

File: 1610485483001.jpg (102.02 KB, 1200x1108, HSlKpqQ.jpg)

She really can't live a day without stealing someone's art style

No. 1129682

If you listen closely you can hear her Scandi ancestors kulning sorrowfully

No. 1129690

Doesn't she live in America? Has she ever put a foot on Italian ground? Hell, can she even say ONE word in Italian?

No. 1129696


no she mentioned before she can’t speak italian but she went through a few ethnicities to identify as prior to this one lmao. german, italian and i don’t remember what else, guess she settled on italian because of the name change

No. 1129698

She’s never ever spoken Italian. Previous threads have shown she claimed to not know a lot but then claimed a lot later to speak in full sentences… it’s p funny

No. 1129700

i've been following for a while and iirc she posted a video of her speaking Italian on her spam in like 2018, i'm not sure if its been posted here before or not. sage for no screenshots

No. 1129705

"Small Artist" means you're an artist with a smaller following. She doesn't mean that she's an UwU small loli artist

No. 1129714

No. 1129718

Really don't want to wk our goblina but there are at least 500 other lazy uwu artists who draw exactly like this. Yawn

No. 1129719

you're fucking stupid

No. 1129721

no one said anything about that, stop wking lmao you guys are so annoying

No. 1129723

>have you heard I’m italian/irish/german???
Literally born and raised suburban Burgerfags behavior

No. 1129736

File: 1610488202115.jpg (195.65 KB, 1080x1628, PicsArt_01-12-01.49.46.jpg)


No. 1129747

File: 1610488988938.jpeg (441.62 KB, 828x1206, 4C4931F2-36D6-48C0-9E93-299842…)

also leaving this here for future reference but she made another account

No. 1129764

Not to "hi erin" but this really does sound like her, she self posted a lot about shit from her "old spam" to defend herself, also anyone can look up how to say something in a certain language and record themselves doing so kek

No. 1129765

kek anon, fucking exactly

No. 1129795

Omg like yesss u are so hilarious for making this meme gurl

No. 1129800

She’s said a thousand times she took a dna test that say she’s “italian” but we all know if that’s true she’d be milking the hell out of it and posting it everywhere. she’s like every white girl that claims an ethnicity to be more “exotic”. Erin has no Italian features and knows nothing about the culture. it’s quite funny at this point

No. 1129810

milk has gotten so dry that we're resorting to being THIS bothered by her saying she's Italian? being Italian isn't milk, almost every single person on this earth is Italian. you can really tell which anons are the neets in this thread(no one cares)

No. 1129818

>almost every single person on this earth is Italian

No. 1129819

anon it sounds like you are personally offended by these tinfoils. would you mind explaining why you care this much?

No. 1129831

>almost every single person on this earth is Italian


No. 1129877

File: 1610496940517.png (318.74 KB, 1200x720, VIVAITALIA.png)

what, you mean this isn't the map you grew up with?

No. 1129880

anon you’re a fucking genius lmfao

No. 1129887

File: 1610497844257.jpg (309.17 KB, 1611x833, art compare.jpg)

You've got the artist she's "inspired" by right but this piece is more accurate

It's wild how she's now skinwalking as an artist now, she needs to copy other artists work cause she herself can't even understand basic fundamentals, you can tell especially with her weird elf fairy girl trace

No. 1129912

It's ironic and hilarious to me that she draws cows. Unintentional message?


No. 1129952

Anon my fucking sides. Also imagine the state of the world if Italy WAS that big.

No. 1129957


Im surprised she’s this confident nobody will notice her obvious tracing. It’s ridiculous how she claims she has a small following but she can easily reactivate one of her big following accounts and post art on it. Shes also easily known and if people knew that @pwurrs / @poutypet is now @faediary / @bunnabells i’m sure the nsfw community that remembered her drama as @pwurrs/poutypet would call her out if you brought this to their attention and she’ll delete or play victim almost immediately.

Remember when she got called out for tracing 2 artists and she personally sent them a dm and played the inspiration card and the artists forgave her or just straight up said “i dont see the resemblance” when there was heavyyyy resemblance. But i’m also surprised nobody has tweeted a reply to her photos with the ones they believe she traced.

No. 1129971

Not to tinfoil but it reminds me that on the previous threads there were 1-2 farmers that claimed that "she was always very open about her trauma/agere, I followed her spam!!" but they never provide any screenshots.

She's always so quick to refute allegations made on here, you really think she wouldn't post herself speaking Italian in a forced loli voice by now, if she could speak it at all?

No. 1129996

File: 1610505777231.jpeg (259.64 KB, 1124x1498, D61318BF-CAB4-490E-81ED-8F15F7…)


it looks like somebody mentioned how “similar” her cake rip-off is in the comments so I looked to see if word had made its way round to the artist. sure enough

wonder how it feels to be so utterly empty of anything unique that you creep out ppl on the internet so quickly lol

No. 1130000


From what i remember during the time i followed her she was in her baddie new york aesthetic phase and she never talked about her trauma during that time. If she was ever open about her agere i’d assume she was talking about her stuffed animals and petplay life style that she showed more of when she was more slim + after dating that music artist dude she tweeted about abusing her i think? Maybe she did talk about her trauma way before i followed but i’m unsure. I only remember her constantly posting close up of her eyes being puffy and crying every day and then deleting her spam of crying photos the next day.

No. 1130001


sage bc this is stupid and total non-milk content but it’s weird af for an American that’s not like, first-gen immigrant to identify themselves as Italian in like a bio tweet. that very intentionally comes off like she’s saying she lives there and it’s her nationality. Even ppl I know in NJ who speak Italian fluently call themselves Italian-Americans, not just Italian

No. 1130003

This is so hilarious, imagine an artist you're inspired by straight up tells you to stop. Even the artist community doesn't want Erin.

Her reputation as a "small artist" is not starting out so great for her.

No. 1130017

File: 1610507112658.jpg (30.22 KB, 455x234, fdbfdgb.JPG)

She did it again, anon, here comes the screenshots of their dms LMFAO

No. 1130019

File: 1610507264883.jpeg (334.16 KB, 750x879, 47FA6EF2-4885-41EE-8193-B359A2…)

this is the same excuse she did for the other times she got caught tracing. Erin baby just admit you’re untalented and need to trace other peoples work. Your bullshit of “small artists trying to grow” but got caught copying/ tracing 5 peoples art is just a joke. Quit the art community already cause you’re gonna keep getting called out.

No. 1130020

so embarrassing.. how many times is this going to happen? how many communities is she going to get shunned from

No. 1130023

File: 1610507705467.jpeg (84.41 KB, 750x651, 1F557790-2883-48C6-9CF5-C3D4C0…)

heres the 5th artist she’s tracing from as well, atleast in that cat in the hat photo she drew it was heavily copied from the original on the top especially the eyes which are VERY similar

No. 1130024

Does she actually think she will ever be a real artist and make money from her art if everything she does is copied, traced, or “inspired”. Its not hard to come up your own art if you have a single creative bone in your body, but she’s just a socially inept skin walker with no creativity or self awareness

No. 1130025

File: 1610507735444.jpeg (220.21 KB, 531x470, 81FDBB62-FD94-4D1B-842F-EB7AC2…)

saged bc completely OT and retarded but her cat is so obese

No. 1130026

She's just embarrassed she got caught.
Deadass she knew what she was doing or she wouldn't own up to it immediately.

It's like a toxic cycle for her
Step 1: Copy illustration/Photo
Step 2: Post it like it's an original
Step 3: Get caught & victimize-self
Step 4: Tell everyone you've DM'd the original creator
Step 5: Rinse & Repeat

No. 1130031

At this point is she making art cause she likes it or just to ride off someone else's clout for the likes?

No. 1130037


It’s funny that she’s lurking on the thread still because the person who said her art looked similar to Matocha sent that tweet 14hrs ago which she would’ve seen since she was active way before >>1129957 suggested someone should call her out on it. Within the past hour Matocha tweeted about her art being copied and all of a sudden Erin is panicking. Erin you had enough time to speak up or credit that you got inspiration from said artists. When you did that soft reindeer girl or whatever it was with the sparkles and obviously copied another artist, you got told each time to say you got inspiration from so and so. You even said yourself each time this happens “i should’ve stated i got inspiration from this person” and you STILL fail to do so. Just quit trying to do art, like it would’ve been nice only if you were original and didn’t trace someone elses hard work. The fact you even traced ANOTHER small artists work and beg for your followers to retweet because you want to grow is absolutely disgusting of you.

No. 1130039

File: 1610508504939.jpeg (421.09 KB, 1125x1281, 291C8CB5-564E-4CDC-AF3F-FF0EF9…)

It’s literally just for the attention. The cow art she’s been doing came immediately after someone’s cow art went viral

No. 1130041


The original designer she copied from is literally friends with Matocha and they’re both tagged in each others bio so i’m honestly not surprised she copied both Matocha and Kape

No. 1130044

I'll probably get banned for this but is it bad that I wish she would die or stop existing somehow? Every time something like this happens it just proves my point more and more. Think about it: she has no talent, no social skills, no sex appeal, no friends, no original personality traits, no smarts, no one in real life or online likes her, she's basically just a hollow shell that takes up space. I'm tired of pretending that no one else here feels the same. I rarely wish death on anybody or question anybody's purpose for living, but this is an exception, its almost pointless for her to exist at this point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1130045

She refused to acknowledge that she referenced Shari's work (@milkgrrl) until someone pointed it out too. And once someone does, it's always "oh yes, that person is my biggest inspiration!!!"

She's so full of bullshit, she acts as if she saw that single work and based her art off of that, but it's clear she referenced it from at least two pieces ( >>1129680 flowers and strawberry on top, it even has the same yellow splash of color; >>1129887 for the bottom). And artist signs all of their work so there's just no way she didn't know who they are. She gets mad if someone reposts pics of her basic ass plushies but skinwalks people who have smaller following than her.

No. 1130047

Yeah, a lot of cows I think have some chance of being normal but she's so fucking hopeless, it's not just her being young and dumb, she clearly cannot be a functioning citizen, or hell even a functioning neet, she always manages to hurt people or get in their way, she provides nothing to the world, she makes no one happy besides us when we laugh at her ngl

No. 1130049

Samefag, but even by just existing she hurts people, as I've seen her posted on edtwt for fatspo so much

No. 1130052


Its the fact after she posted those tweets she instantly uploads another art piece to draw attention away from those “i’ve message the artist” tweets. She’s gaining followers and at this point people should just make a thread on twitter comparing the copied / traced artt and retweet it until she loses followers cause she has the mental capacity of a nut.

No. 1130053

I see your point, but it’s fun to see what she does next. I would hate my existence to just be a cow for farmers to laugh at whilst larping as a smol anime girl when I’m an obese big nose hermit. Erin Painter and Shayna Clifford have no reason to live tbh.

No. 1130055


this begs the question if anyone would miss her if she actually died except us LMFAO how depressing

No. 1130058

She'd probably come back somehow and re-active her twitter

No. 1130059

in a way i agree with you, but mainly about her internet presence. it'd do erin a lot of good in the long run if her mom shut off the home wifi and gave her a few weeks to get a job and find somewhere else to live

No. 1130060

i feel like she'd just cause drama irl too, like she did in highschool.

No. 1130061

I can't tell if this was supposed to be a joke or not but the point is she wouldn't be able to come back, ever. She'd be dead.

No. 1130064

ah yes the bitch is so fat that she gets posted as fatspo this is definitely a solid reason to want someone dead.

No. 1130065


I think a joke, like she’ll reactivate her twitter from the grave and still cause drama even while she’s dead

No. 1130066

I don't think farmers want her dead since she just provides milk for us. If anything it's people who were unlucky enough to encounter her IRL, like her classmates or her ex-boyfriend. Does anyone know what happened to Dawson after she falsely accused him of rape and threatened to drop his full name? She actually wanted to ruin his life just because he was "abusive" to her on discord.

No. 1130067

File: 1610509924422.jpeg (185.11 KB, 750x664, B8A77931-8610-4285-ADF2-889364…)

Is this a farmer trolling or just someone dick riding her?

No. 1130070


If you look a few threads back i’m sure there was an update about him when she tweeted about him being abusive. She actually wanted to ruin his life because he was in her words, “abusive” “manipulative” “gaslighting” “cheating” “used her for nudes” and i think the girl he cheated with for Erin left him after she messaged her because Dawson didn’t want Erin anymore.

No. 1130071

File: 1610510138333.png (259.73 KB, 607x466, sock.PNG)

Probably another sock

It's wild how the only people who seem to interact with her have very new accounts but stop interaction after we point it out

No. 1130073

What happened to her neck beard bf she showed on her Instagram story recently???She never talked about him again after farmers saw she was flirting on Twitter with a discord scrote. She said they were working things out and never mentioned him again

No. 1130074

sorry my autistic ass still thinks it's 2020

but I still stand my statement

No. 1130075

Really not trying to WK but Dawson was a scummy person. I don't think she was lying about that at all and I do think it caused real damage to her, its only the "abusive online" thought that makes it funny.

No. 1130079

They broke up, he apparently threatened to kill himself if she ever left him. She also mentioned how he made her feel bad with the way he would talk to her. She went on instagram live and talked about it. Its all in the other thread somewhere

No. 1130082

Don't insult Shayna like that anon, at least she works and leeches off her followers and not her middle-aged mom. She is 20+ and never worked a single day in her life. Selling shitty traced art is scamming, maybe Erin better off doing sex work too. It could work out for her if she doesn't post her vagina for free again

No. 1130084

sage but didn't she just turn 20 a couple months ago, and when did she start selling her art

No. 1130085


Yeah i agree he was a shitty person, but she choosed to stay with him and help him cheat and ignore her followers. She would let him follow her spam and she posted lewds just to get his attention but lets not forget when she would hide him from her story and cry to us about it and tell us to be nice to him.

No. 1130092

she had just turned 17 and he was in his 20s when they started talking, correct? that would at least explain why she was so unstable about the relationship, at that age you're still so vulnerable and easily manipulated

No. 1130093

She probably made up that stuff because he left his online relationship with Erin to be with a girl in real life who wasn’t fugly and not online. I recall Erin getting mad and saying she looked like a raccoon. and I’m pretty sure per his Instagram they’re still together.

No. 1130102

Are you saying he deserves to be falsely accused of raping a minor because he caused "real damage" to her on discord? It's funny how the second he dumps her he becomes a rapist, but if she didn't lie, then how could she possibly know? And why she posts about it instead of reporting it to the police? She knew all along but felt so threatened he's gonna yell at her when they call? Repost the nudes from her instagram? What "real" damage are you talking about? If Dawson was a rapist then he deserves to rot in jail, but I doubt that 16 y.o. was even real.

No. 1130111

the 16 year old was a real thing, unless it was a big fever dream because of how long ago it was. and i'm pretty sure i remember who it is. not posting her username here for.. reasons lmao

No. 1130133


Anon take the stick out of your ass already, when her and Dawson were together she never had a discord they legit facetimed each other on her macbook and she’d always post photos or video clips of him singing, talking, or random snippets of him on facetime with her. It is damaging if he would’ve leaked any of her nudes and if he ever recorded their phone sex but i doubt he would’ve stoooped that low even when she posted about him after they called it off. I do agree Erin been knew about him fucking a 16 year old but she doesn’t have proof or evidence to start a case against him and i doubt she’d want to do anything like that against an abuser. Dawson was a shitty person but Erin isnt any better than him. If you’re gonna make claims Anon at least go back and read her threads especially the one thread that has the back story about Dawson and her relationship before you post.

No. 1130137

Regarding Erin's "art", there's no way this isn't going to bite her in the ass. The art community takes art theft super seriously, combine that with Twitter and their propensity to form hate mobs and try to cancel people and it's only a matter of time before the copying and tracing blows up in Erin's face if she keeps trying to pull this.
Some artists have gotten away with continuous tracing if they're popular enough and have a big enough fanbase (e.g. BluePotionCo) but Erin has no one and she's too uwu fwagile and you know if…not if, WHEN…this backfires she's going to have a meltdown and use it to suicide bait and lord knows what else. Too bad she's too stupid and desperate for attention to quit while she's somewhat ahead.
I'll be readying the popcorn.

No. 1130141

Samefag but I should say "gotten away with" is even a stretch, even people like BluePotionCo have had a lot of people call her out and try to cancel her but she has enough of a following to somewhat attempt to sweep it under the rug and get away with it, my point with that is Erin is nowhere near her level of popularity and doesn't have the fanbase or mental strength to do that so when she inevitably gets called out for trying to work her way into the art community with nothing but traced and stolen art it's going to be a shitshow.

No. 1130150

File: 1610517451006.jpeg (391.22 KB, 750x1008, 3E63A190-A1CB-42BF-AC85-49FCD8…)


starting to think her obsessed fans are the only reason she has a following, this lyn girl has been another one of erin’s obsessed followers and i’m pretty sure she got spam copyrighted for posting erins photos on WHI

No. 1130160

People who say this shit either can't draw or aren't artists themselves.

Most people who seem to comment on her twitter are either brain dead or actual children. They should be staying away with someone with autopedophilia

No. 1130166

knowing about the kind of creepy things she's into, ms nina bellucci should mark her accounts as 18+ and actually stick to it

No. 1130205

File: 1610530895438.jpeg (503.23 KB, 1242x1691, 6A0B6A9D-C000-4C78-A29D-70C4F5…)

definitely copied this artist too

No. 1130207

thanks for posting these, i honestly thought her cow art was pretty cute and was hoping i could find a way to support the actual artists

No. 1130209

so there are no original ideas in her head huh

No. 1130210

File: 1610531517779.jpg (25.71 KB, 483x369, all know each other.jpg)

the artists she copied all know each other lmao.

No. 1130211

File: 1610531542926.jpg (36.81 KB, 483x339, lmao same style.jpg)

No. 1130214

File: 1610532043755.jpg (254.94 KB, 2129x905, palette.jpg)

So she basically colour picked the illustration and slapped a pink filter to make it look ~pastel & original~

If you look at every piece that Erins done at this point its either 100% traced or copied

Nina the skinwalking artist

No. 1130223

i fucking cackled

No. 1130250

I'll crack in kekking if she will try befriending this artist. I feel like she is copying her artwork on purpose because this artist has the "soft" image on twitter that she wouldnt want to seem bitchy on twitter so Erin is abusing it

No. 1130264

I think she's turning either 21 or 22 later this year

No. 1130273


I told y’all she’s copy everyone related to Matocha, literally she copied matocha + two of matochas friends and it’s sad she’s getting away with it hence her following is growing even more

No. 1130276

She and her dumb orbiters say stuff like this but lose their damn mind if someone reposts a picture of one of their plushies

No. 1130353

File: 1610554011963.jpeg (578.08 KB, 1179x1225, D9F8A17A-E208-47C1-BDBA-CC33C7…)

Sage for no contribution

No. 1130355

I appreciate the slight detail change you made to her nose. Kek.

No. 1130366

what makes this whole thing even stupider is the fact that most, if not all, of the artists she's been copying seem to be fine with people referencing their art and being inspired by them as long as the person using their art as a reference credits them/asks for permission to post their inspired art. erin could've just done that, tagged these artists after posting her obv copies, and then 1) reached a wider audience through acknowledgment via the original artist and 2) made a point of contact with these artists and put herself in their good books. she actually is so unbelievably shortsighted, it's crazy

No. 1130377

Didn’t she say she was more german than italian when she was going through her weird “not Maja” phase. If that were true why would she call herself italian and not german?? iirc she posted it on her story. it’s so weird she insists on not being american lul. Sage for no screenshots

No. 1130385

you know i think i'd have more respect for erin if she'd at least commit to learning other languages if she's going to larp as a non-american

No. 1130631

Let's challenge her to speak Italian and upload it, she's probably going to do it anyways since she's lurking here

No. 1130665

If she actually knew how to speak Italian she would’ve done it by now kek

No. 1130672

yeah she'll be 21 in october
>inb4 she posts a series of self sent questions and answers in blatantly google translated italian to her instagram story

No. 1130690

File: 1610575515349.jpg (421.77 KB, 1184x808, erincowreal.jpg)


I'm officially convinced most anons in this thread are so desperate for milk that they're actually willing to create their own milk at this point. The version of Erin's art that anon posted is edited to look more like the other artist's. I linked her actual art without the editing.
It's a big reach to claim she copied this art, Moobloom is very a popular character in the art community and in Minecraft in general. Their art doesn't even look the same at all, except for all of the original "Moobloom" character traits (flowers growing out of him, bees flying around him, color palette). I'm guessing at this point whoever thinks she copied that art doesn't know who the character Moobloom is. It would be obvious she copied it if it wasn't a Minecraft character that everyone obsesses over kek.

No. 1130693


I’m not Erin btw admin check my IP

No. 1130696

File: 1610575896504.jpeg (3.83 MB, 2554x1846, moobloom.jpeg)

No. 1130697


Exactly what i mean anon! She knows this but she prefers the drama route. The other times she was caught copying and got called out she stated herself “i’ll start crediting where i got inspiration” which she deleted those tweets about her copying on that princess bubblegum drawing she did. She knows that she has to credit the artists she takes inspiration from but she doesn’t because she wants to seem “original” and “different”

No. 1130701

it’s a very popular character but if you think both art styles aren’t extremely similar then you need to get your eyes checked. it’s one thing to draw a character, it’s another to draw it in the exact same style and extremely similar pose as another artist. not only that, but the fact that she just “happened” to trace / copy multiple other art pieces from other people who that very same artist knows. she took one of the posts down and admitted herself she’s “inspired” by that artist so i’m not sure why you’re saying their art style don’t look the same when she admitted she’s “inspired” herself lmao
but sure you’re not whiteknighting

No. 1130706

File: 1610576350024.png (10.87 KB, 560x750, Moobloom.png)

The point of this anons edit >>1130214
was that Erin took the original artists palette and just slapped a filter on top. The similarities are too apparent compared to other interpretations of the cow and there's evidence above that she's traced & copied before with other artists.

No. 1130707

Yo is that Cryaotic's character with the mask? Didn't he get canceled?

No. 1130708


Her drawing still looks EXACTLY like the one >>1130210 showed us. If it was “edited” it’s still similar no matter what. If you compare her drawing to the ones in the google search it doesn’t look similar to those. Just admit you’re a WK and move on cause you’re acting like 90% of her drawings weren’t traced when i’m sure alll of her art is.

No. 1130710

Not yet, he only got doxed.

No. 1130711


Delete for OT please anon, if you’re curious about that go search it up yourself. This thread is about Erin not some random you wanna know if they got canceled

No. 1130712

they changed the filters on it to show she used the exact same colors then added her own filter

No. 1130715

okay Nina

No. 1130721

WHERE? It’s only darkened because Erin’s shit is filtered to the point of so washed out you have to lower your screen brightness to feast your eyes upon her plagiarism. Literally what are values and contrasts.
>inb4 muh style
You must be so fucking stupid that you think editing will hide how copied is everything from strokes to colors.
All the cows in this image >>1130696 has 100% more variety than Nina Belluga’s “inspired” works. WK die.

No. 1130723

anon that posted the unedited one is right, there are no similarities in their art.. the poses are different, the colors are different, the art style is different, the only similarity is the actual character, that Minecraft owns. i don't understand the fuss about this. it screams vendetta

No. 1130725

you're retarded, there's no filter on it.

No. 1130729


okay Moegrl or erin

No. 1130734

File: 1610577110623.png (465.3 KB, 1048x584, mooshroom.png)

who did she copy this one from then? you're all retarded, its obviously her art style lmao

No. 1130735

File: 1610577152592.png (314.77 KB, 1024x584, strawberrycow.png)

and who did she copy this one from..

No. 1130737

It's the same traced shit that's recoloured, for someone that's such an inept WK you need to chill.

No. 1130738

retard vendetta spotted

No. 1130739


found the whiteknight, wheres the ban button?

No. 1130741

Proof for this statement? She's not as smol as she claims but its hard to imagine shes getting posted on fatspo blogs

No. 1130744

Seconded, she's not fatspo

No. 1130750

Where did you find these photos?

No. 1130752

Mainly just the tiktok (big shirt one) I see a lot, and maybe you dont use edtwt but fatspo isn't just morbidly obese people, it's just anyone noticably overweight, I'll post caps next time I see

No. 1130753

She posted them on her Twitter, the Strawberry one was the very first one she posted

No. 1130756

Where the fuck are these white knights coming from? Has mommy bought erin a new vpn?

No. 1130760

File: 1610578606002.jpeg (679.84 KB, 1194x1742, C445FA93-12CF-4C69-9755-F3597E…)

If that anon saved them from Erin’s Twitter they would not have been attached as named png files lol

No. 1130762

File: 1610578611881.jpeg (60.14 KB, 550x454, 096C5D36-3706-403B-AA30-796906…)

Calm down white knight, she isn’t going to be ur uwu frwend.
Nina “Bambina” Bellucci copies everything she does and you’re a fool if you think otherwise.

And learn how to sage if you’re going to fill up the thread with nonsense.

No. 1130764

The styles may be similar but it's not an original style. I've seen a lot of artists have the same color palette as well as coloring style. I think Erin is cringe as much as anyone else but I feel like saying she's tracing and copying everything is a reach. Heavy inspiration is there which she admitted, but she obviously possesses the skill to actually make these pieces, inspired or not.

No. 1130766

These look exactly the same with her previous art. Besides, there’s so many other instances of her copying art in the past. At the end of the day, she has no unique personality or style on her own. No need to rage about it. >>1130734

No. 1130767

Samefag but “I’m not Erin btw admin check my IP” needs to be a banner.

No. 1130768

It's literally the same fucking cow with different accessories. Not a good argument.

Im tired of this thread being filled with white knights and people sperging about her art. It's a reach. The only relevant part was an artist calling her out.

No. 1130774

they cropped it lmfao

No. 1130776

>bumps the thread with an unsaged post replying to as many people as possible to start drama
>manages to sage the B-B-BTW I'M NOT ERIN!!!!!! post, posted a full 5 mins later after obviously refreshing the thread to see if anyone replied yet
find a hobby that isn't stealing artwork or stalking lolcow threads, not erin (check her IP)

that's what i was thinking but maybe it's just me desperately wanting erin's post history to be revealed again (though these anons totally aren't her, check her IP btw)

No. 1130778

big agree, she definitely didn't copy it. and at least she admitted to being obviously inspired by that one cake artist and owned up to not asking the artist first if she could post her inspired art.
also inb4 "hi cow" or "hi wk" this thread is cancer

No. 1130780

anon they were being sarcastic calm down

No. 1130782

You guys are exhausting. We’re just gonna ignore the fact that the cake drawing and the fairy drawings were traced from artists who get retweeted by the original cow artist? She traced all those ones but not the cow ones which have the same art style? All her cow drawings are the same, they’re all copied from that artist and put in different poses. So many interpretations of the MC cow yet somehow erin’s is extremely similar to this one artist’s whose friends’ art she also traces? We need the fucking mods in here because the WK is seriously gotten out of hand. Please.

No. 1130785

explain where the sarcasm was because I'm really not seeing it

No. 1130786

at this point who the fuck cares anymore. the thread talking about her art for days is exhausting and you're still typing out huge ass paragraphs about it. get a life

No. 1130788

They were clearly referring to the banner that says "Check my IP" word for word newfag kek

No. 1130791

you replied to the wrong post, newfag

No. 1130796

File: 1610580196917.jpeg (70.53 KB, 759x255, ABB6953D-2342-4830-B2F2-D84908…)

OT but not really word for word.

No. 1130797

oh "Check my IP Admin please"

No. 1130799

Well if you’re going to try so hard to prove a point at least get it right. Mods please help.

No. 1130913

File: 1610585495125.jpeg (244.94 KB, 750x678, F45452FB-4CA5-4681-8E1B-065F51…)

very hypocritical for erin to like this tweet lmao

No. 1131102

Copying aside, hers is pretty cute. It's a shame she has no original ideas though, I do think she has some talent.

No. 1131176

same, too bad she’s too lazy to come up with any of her own ideas

No. 1131499

File: 1610649219386.png (10.05 KB, 800x1050, dog colouring page.png)

sage for no milk but I can't be the only one feeling like erin and the rest of these style twitter artists are just copying/ heavily referencing precious moments?
I couldn't find a calf but here

No. 1131545

No lol

No. 1131589

why would they go out of their way to crop and rename photos they downloaded off twitter when they could just post the original. nina obviously posted those

No. 1131590

File: 1610656582512.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1244x1664, BlackYonettaErinArt.jpeg)

Her most recent art. Apparently she actually got permission to use someone as inspiration this time, and even credited the girl in the tweet. It seems like she's doing better after her fuck up from last time she used someone as inspiration.
Also kind of unrelated but if she didn't copy anything then it's a surprisingly pretty piece and comes off as original.

No. 1131599

This is a reach.. learn to sage. Keep "hi cow"ing and get the thread autosaged kek.
I crop whatever I screenshot to show her captions and any other tweets she made under it.

No. 1131605

Sorry anon but refer to
She’s still copying and tracing. Don’t wk

No. 1131607

Hers is a carbon copy of the original kek she always traces art and it’s always the exact same. That’s why we can pinpoint who she traces lmfao what do u mean “hers is pretty cute” she traced it

No. 1131610


lmao all of her shit is at the very least traced if not straight up copied. not that it really matters, this pastel uwu style is so played out that all of these lazy weebs are copying each other constantly. if goblina here is going to be an "artist" how about she start from studying some real human anatomy, but oh well that's not kawaii for muh style, easier to just trace this soulless shit for clout and change it a tiny bit and the braindead twitter "artists" will lap it up. her attention whoring, instant gratification desiring bpd ass can't be bothered to actually develop any real skill in anything.

No. 1131612

You raise a good observation anon. The person protesting is sus.

No. 1131615

File: 1610657715328.png (1.08 MB, 1314x673, 2783462534.png)

Not to burst your bubble but she likely "got inspired" by Karlovycross' fairies again - inb4 tinfoil because the outlines don't match in the forehead and chin area: she's gotta be a bit sneaky in order not to get called out again and change minor details like these.

No. 1131616


not the same anon but the lineworks don't line up at all with either of these so what did she trace? and weird of you to use bpd as an insult,

No. 1131618

you're an idiot.

No. 1131620

You are blind.

No. 1131622

Not WK but those don't look the same at all.

No. 1131626


it's so hard to believe some anons here aren't neets who are so desperate for erin milk that they struggle to line up two different pieces of art and call it tracing /s get over your obvious vendetta inb4 hi cow retards

No. 1131644

>weird of you to use BPD as an insult

Do you know where younger you agere faggot go shit and card in your diaper and color a book

No. 1131653

what language are you speaking LMAO

No. 1131718


Anon this is just embarrassing for you, if you’re gonna attempt to insult please go fix your english beforehand before jesus reading that made me lose the same amount of brain cells erin makes me lose when she plays a retarded victim.


Learn to sage your text posts that have zero milk, newfag. It’s newfags like you that will get the thread auto-saged. Like im genuinely asking you people to sage your post if it doesn’t contribute any sort of information and is just a pointless text post.

No. 1131719

I agree this thread is boring now that all we talk about is whether or not her art is traced. You've got to be autistic to know exactly which artist and which piece she copied and for it to be that big of a deal

Not a wk, not Erin, but it's obvious she's unoriginal and never comes up with her own ideas. That is not the same as tracing. Nor is it stealing, most of the art community on twitter is unoriginal and people who trace or copy are usually way more obvious than this.

A bit of tinfoil but maybe this is her way of detailing the threads. I think we should stop sperging over her basic art.

No. 1131723

Samefag *derailing

No. 1131753

You’re retarded. If you really think “tracing” is always drawing over the original drawing then I really don’t know what to say. Too many wk morons on here kissing Erin’s dimply tracing ass lol

No. 1131755

This is a huge problem in the art community. Artists don’t appreciate cows like Nina stealing their ideas and passing them as their own. You think she wouldn’t trace after she already lied and called herself an “italian artist”? Art theft and tracing is milk, just like her other embarrassing repetitive behaviors.

No. 1131758

oh no honey… that's literally the definition of tracing.. putting an image underneath your image in order to TRACE over it. which is clear that is not the case here

No. 1131761

No??? When talking about art theft it’s an umbrella term for copying. You know nothing and are most likely a newfag

No. 1131762


are we really back to talking about her being italian again? who the fuck cares, its so obvious there's only one or two anons here that continuously post about this shit that no one else gives a fuck about. at least she didn't call herself an uwu smol italian loli like before

No. 1131766

you're fucking stupid. shut up and gtfo. you just claimed tracing is not copying over another piece of art. but that is the exact definition no matter where you stand. you're the one that knows nothing, newfag.

No. 1131769

did you even read that? no one cares she’s italian but the context was she’s constantly doing the same bs and people are giving her a free pass on here. u have to be nina or one of her white knight ass kissers for sure

No. 1131770

Samefag but I said it was an umbrella term which includes literal tracing and other types of copying. None of you newfags have any reading comprehension

No. 1131772

kek this looks like a nina selfpost

No. 1131801

This is around your third "Hi cow" today. Get some help. It's not normal to be this obsessed. Anons are filling up meta everyday asking for the thread to be autosaged because of autism like you.

No. 1131803


lmao "hi wk!" "hi cow!"

get over yourself

No. 1131999

Pretty crazy how anons see this but are sperging in the thread that the people pointing this out are desperate for milk. Just admit you’re a newfag and don’t understand Erin/Nina’s history of tracing. It’s in previous threads. The infighting here instead of milk is also ridiculous.

No. 1132000

File: 1610678229336.jpeg (179.27 KB, 750x866, 8D0C98A2-ABF6-4DC5-ABAA-9BA5E7…)

sage bc no milk, came across a picture of erin on pinterest and this girl in the comments was claiming to be her friend- the friend has a pinterest board named “nina” as well

No. 1132073


Do you have a link? I wanna look into it

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