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File: 1563646546854.jpeg (283.8 KB, 1097x1088, 0524AD41-5CBC-41E5-9B5E-926767…)

No. 841145

Third thread to discuss Nicole Dollanganger's following & skin-walkers alike.

Frequent faces include:
Millie (Doll)graves, Patience / torturegardens, etc. In the last thread someone brought up @sighsierra on IG — conversation about that pale uwu edgy picsart stickers community may be fitting as they all listen to and try to emulate ~2015 Nicole.

Newest milk is Millie's interview with Medium.

Other, souring milk is Patience's attachment to Nicole through having been involved in music videos she may have shot but never released alongside Nicole, Andre the Giant (@cryspell), and Maggie (@maggiedunlap).

Nicole and Matt have broken up in the past year or so and it appears that Andre got her sloppy seconds. Millie has gotten engaged to a normie.

No. 841158

File: 1563649178777.gif (1.52 MB, 518x336, tenor.gif)

No. 841185


No. 841209

File: 1563656406097.jpeg (768.44 KB, 3464x3464, 1D1C18B4-2B42-4C7C-BDFC-94A850…)

as far as the soft goth girls community on ig goes, there is drama. this girl erin / @pocketsizee has been skin-walking a different girl, aubrey / @usedpet for the past year or so. erin goes out of her way to buy the exact outfits aubrey wears and even went so far as to buy a wig in the same color & style as aubrey's natural hair. she is constantly called-out for this and just says nO oNe OwNs aNy StyLe while not answering the proof that she buys the same exact shit aubrey does. moreover, she cry-types and suicide baits on her ig story constantly, asks for more friends but ignores you if you're not above her in numbers. she's also incredibly rude when or if she does reply.

in pic related: usedpet posted her pic on april 27, pocketsizee posted hers (now-deleted) sometime in may.

No. 841566


SO GLAD we’re finally talking about Erin painter/pocketsizee on here… this girl skinwalks every “Lolita”/“nymphet” on Instagram but suicide baits constantly if anyone is slightly rude about her because she’s a scawed wittle baby uwu

No. 841567

File: 1563716359108.jpeg (901.95 KB, 3464x3464, 7F97834C-7841-4D3D-BEDB-F06087…)


Forgot to attach related image

No. 841586

File: 1563720320652.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 53640E90-478E-44F1-A8D4-8278D8…)

If anyone is skin- walking Simone / @babydarkoangel, it's @bruisedlittlegirl.

No. 841632

Baby person is so goregeous its not fair

No. 841654

previous thread link?

No. 841656

they’re both wannabe lizzy grant

No. 841682

No. 844094

No. 844151

Eh, that’s a self-published piece, not one that Medium commissioned. We might be the only people to ever read it apart from the writer’s mum.

No. 844185

are you like? blind?

so her whole personality is a fabrication. not to mention she's really not gonna mention her hair is a remnant of her Yolandi-skinwalking days?

No. 844883

man, what happened to robyn? all her shit's deactivated again.
kind of curious because i used to interact with her in like 2013 or something and i just found out that her new username on IG is/was a ripoff of my old tumblr handle.

No. 845551

I found it a while back and posted in the last thread. She’s still being cringe online. Blocked me everywhere though, and she lurks hard here. Hi Robyn

No. 845954

ye, i found it in the last thread but all of those accounts are awol again, presumably she saw them posted here.

also to whoever reported my last post as a 'blog-post': part of robyn's entire brand is ripping off/copy-catting the people that she interacts with. lurk more.

No. 847351

Can you post image comparisons between robyn's rip offs and the people she copied?

No. 848816

I don’t think anyone cares about Robyn enough to take time out of their day for that. Lmao

No. 849120

I never really believed the drama of "pocketsizee is skinwalking usedpet" … but pocketsizee published a instastory about the piglet build a bear she was getting and wanting it to smell like strawberries. Pigs and strawberries have always been usedpet’s “thing". I know these are common things, but it's still strange because the usedpet got a strawberry-scented bear when she went to visit her boyfriend. I don’t know it just feels strange. Apparently there is a lot of milk on pocketsizee, I don’t personally know a lot of it but a lot of people do. She could probably have her own thread, along with other people in the Instagram spam community.

No. 849743

File: 1565132678061.jpeg (198.42 KB, 750x553, 1A4895E0-36CC-4493-8A71-92253C…)

Damn, I didn’t even recognize it was Patience at first

No. 849883

Holy fucking fat, I had no idea she got THAT big. That was so fast

No. 849941

>trying to hide her cow dimensions behind an adult razor scooter

new low for you patience

No. 850169

i'm op of this specific thread and i'd be willing to make a ig spam account general if there's enough positive feedback. i'd mentioned usedpet etc in the first place just because they're all into nicole and typically have similar aesthetics to her old one. there's plenty of other people in the spam community(?) to talk about but i worry that anons would whine about "why can't we just keep them to the 'instagrammers you hate' thread!?"

No. 850507

Stop shamimg girls that are just expressing themselves(kek)

No. 854935

No. 856842

erin / @pocketsizeee has now decided to become bella / @anemicspice as of yesterday. pulling the same shit she did with aubrey / @usedpet wherein she obsessively watches bella's stories, posts the exact same shit an hour later, and when confronted about it by people, claims she's "just joking." caps incoming.

No. 856843

File: 1566522106106.png (4.68 MB, 3464x3464, E8F3DDCD-8060-41A0-87EB-CFEFAC…)

No. 856844

File: 1566522265685.png (7.84 MB, 3464x3464, C37C8355-D659-4F24-AA50-E97E52…)

No. 869135

File: 1568596225192.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 4096x2304, F396FCCE-D302-4CF3-8E16-AB36E1…)

Can we talk about these guys? They’re not EXTREMELY milky but they both seem to have a strange obsession with old Millie’s style. The first guy has repeatedly posted old Millie pictures on his Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube channel and has talked a lot of shit about the “new Millie”… and he also makes music on bandcamp (under the name hamburger baby) that seems VERY inspired by Nicole. And the second guy… he has his own store that seems to be inspired by Millie, even down to copying her designs from her old Tumblr posts. I think these guys are actually dating each other (or so I assume, because they said that they’ve sent love letters to each other in the past) which is why I brought them up at the same time.

No. 869196

Lmao, I've seen them around. The Gays™ have finally discovered Nicole Dollanganger. I'm actually surprised it took this long.

No. 870039


Uhh… Those look like your typical Tumblr FTMs from the thumbnail.

No. 870042

File: 1568801586770.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4096x2048, 813C2BD7-285F-4B35-9D1B-C00B41…)

@angelsslaughter tried to call out @honeylambs a few months ago too for ‘stealing his idea’ lmao (his shops username used to be @paralysisbabies)

I actually do like a lot of what his shop puts out but I thought that this was just so stupid. They’re stickers of edgy vintage cute animals, not extremely difficult to come up with (and not to mention that has been @honeylambs style for a VERY long time)

I messaged @honeylambs about it when it happened and he said that he unfollowed angelsslaughter because he was leaving hate messages on @jazminbeans Instagram

No. 870044

File: 1568802318389.jpeg (992.76 KB, 4096x2730, 3F87D369-22A0-44A1-B9D5-E3F298…)

Also some receipts for him stealing Millie’s old posts & putting them on clothes — even calves have calves

No. 870244

Not to mention, it seems honeylambs makes their own art whereas the other one, who goes by milk bunny cult now, just alters existing pictures.

No. 876465

File: 1570214815046.jpeg (611.75 KB, 946x2048, 0DFAB320-5451-41BB-B021-DFF3CA…)

Somebody posted this picture & caption in the Nicole thread… I don’t have any idea what it means though. It’s pretty creepy & stalker-ish

No. 876472

File: 1570215723856.jpeg (416.11 KB, 946x2048, 3D2B4654-BB87-40AA-BECF-E30462…)

Okay so after googling “vulgarakrooner” this picture came up, and I found their Instagram. I knew it was probably the person who wrote that because in the picture it looks like it’s Millie’s room. So I guess that means they used to be friends with Millie. They also have other posts “exposing” her

No. 876474

File: 1570215907796.jpeg (503.3 KB, 560x994, D4B95F55-BBB8-4CED-BF85-978151…)

No. 876475

File: 1570215932306.jpeg (631.9 KB, 750x1105, 2C6B7922-EA46-4170-B4DA-B44FE6…)

No. 876476

File: 1570215961621.jpeg (359.18 KB, 1152x2048, 8B653296-0A88-4997-892D-7E32F2…)

They seem very delusional

No. 876493

File: 1570218453280.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-04-15-46-47-261_deco.jpg)


No. 876496

File: 1570218918534.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-04-15-54-46-076_deco.jpg)


No. 876500

>>876496 she looks better on the left

No. 876504

Kek, had no idea this disaster was supposed to be her. Guess she has no idea how to not be ugly. But that "vulgarakrooner" thing hasn't given us anything to work with, so useless butthurt vendetta chan is useless. Come back when you actually have something to talk about.

No. 876506

We been saying.

She needs to spill the milk on what the lies actually are. She's being vague because she doesn't have the audience yet but I'm sure if she sees demand she'll gladly throw her under the bus for attention which seems to be what has her butthurt lol that Millie doesn't consider her aesthetic enough to flash around. Millie burned bridges with the whole nymphet crowd for the same reason so I imagine there will be folks eager to see her fall.

No. 876507

how…. old is millie?

No. 876512

File: 1570221687862.jpg (22.34 KB, 400x296, 134ed865-59ec-4b0a-972b-a2f93e…)

Her dumpy boyfriend makes sense when you realize she's actually more unnattractive than him irl. Lord. She really can't do better.

No. 876518

I'd suppose in her early to mid twenties

No. 877008

She is going to feel so embarrassed when she’s finally over this persona, bless her poor heart.

If I’m remembering correctly, Millie is about 23/24

No. 877009

Not siding with Millie, think she's an abomination who uses her “trauma” for attention. She’s probably nothing like her persona irl.

But to be fair, this chick seems kinda unstable and loopy

No. 877167

File: 1570396695064.png (742.87 KB, 934x547, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 11.0…)

It seems like annybooty has another account that has all those same photos of herself and also this one that was tagged with Millie's old username. Not really milk but if that's Millie, and it looks like her to me, it's interesting to see more photos of her pre-contrived sadbbydoll era.

No. 877340

Definitely looks like Millie’s facial structure. Think it’s safe to say that is definitely her, with awful hair. She’s never been good with her hair has she?

No. 877531

Looks to me like she was dressing up as Magenta from the rocky horror picture show (which would explain the hair)

No. 877566

The hair's awful indeed but still better than the abomination she's wearing on her head right now

No. 878521

File: 1570673449892.jpg (78.9 KB, 713x876, tumblr_px8pcsnKs41qa78bho1_128…)

It's interesting to see these calves regurgitate and recycle concepts and key words without any substance behind them. This sounds like it was written by a bad Nicole Dollanganger random lyric generator bot

No. 878585

this reads like a tuna slater poem but w/o the heroin

No. 879422

File: 1570901763956.jpeg (425.91 KB, 750x739, 9BD7B64B-4B35-453D-B9C9-474A1F…)

I’m not sure if I really dig Millie’s new makeup, I don’t think it flatters her very well & actually makes her eyes look way smaller

No. 879474

Eh, I’ve always found her makeup to be atrocious. I can’t even imagine what it must look like irl considering how hard she filters her photos.

Millie is such a cow, I’ve never witnessed such an absolute try-hard. Is she still talking with that fake Yolandi Visser accent?

No. 879978

She posted something about changing her makeup style as she always usd to foxus on making her small eyes look bigger. Something about embracing them, bla blah

No. 883003

File: 1571690796183.png (602.82 KB, 477x585, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.3…)

All of Millie's recent instagram posts from her honeymoon are cracking me up. It looks like she planned her outfits to be match different rooms in the hotel she's staying in.
Can you imagine going on your honeymoon and spending the whole trip dressing up and making your husband take ~aesthetic~ pictures for you? tfw your whole life is oriented around your fake online persona

No. 883028

very suspiria/kiss of the vampire

No. 883106

He is really posting this after honeylambs literally called him out for posting rude messages on Jazminbean’s ig huh lmao

No. 883107

File: 1571702593667.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, EB8250F9-66D4-4C0F-8A2A-702C53…)

No. 883429

I thought the same thing. How strange to make your wedding all about your instagram persona. If her new husband doesn't want to be in the pics with her then she shouldn't do them bc it's very self-centered and inappropriate. She seems humble and demure but she's not.

No. 883704

File: 1571845529721.png (850.93 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20191023-084326_1.p…)

So smug she is. She must be insufferable to be around

No. 883723

File: 1571849350180.jpeg (505.79 KB, 1125x1370, D07FCA16-6E27-40F4-B7C3-C57A52…)

No. 883726

File: 1571851188815.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1402, ED93F9BC-B462-4343-9186-F55781…)

No. 883740

File: 1571852374517.jpeg (459.02 KB, 1125x1392, 54EA361B-481E-4B7F-9725-D5CBE0…)

No. 883751


Not one of these bitches had the guts to tell her her eyeliner is uneven.

No. 883757

File: 1571854791782.jpg (126.96 KB, 542x554, qtcOYk88JZ8.jpg)


Does anyone have some milk on childoflamb/mjolktander?

I know that she lives with much older man. Maybe anything else?

No. 885572

File: 1572220598504.jpeg (622.42 KB, 750x1112, 20E2B5F9-B953-4499-9F02-07CB0A…)

kroonervulgara has been at it again.

No. 885573

File: 1572220638525.jpeg (532.92 KB, 750x1105, FE6CA522-BB18-4E02-9CD3-CB4338…)

No. 885574

File: 1572220675712.jpeg (635.71 KB, 750x1098, FD28B32F-A002-4448-86CF-2C2E15…)

Im trying to make sense of any of this and I just can’t???

No. 885594

Lmao did Millie call the cops on her for harassment and stalking only for them to come over and laugh about what a waste of time it was?

No. 885832

am i the only one who remembers Millie answering an ask where she claims to be a quarter Korean?

on the hunt to find said post I found this gem… https://milliegraves.com/post/158070673978/rotting-angel-blood-babystain

No. 885864

File: 1572291176878.jpeg (7.32 KB, 275x84, 1489797182817.png.jpeg)

i just found it in the previous thread!!!! it was a facebook comment in response to a mixed girl iirc. might be reaching a little bit but with the fetishism surrounding east asian women and how it overlaps with this niche i think it's fair to be suspect of this, no? claiming a little percentage of a "desirable" nonwhite identity makes these white girls feel special at the expense of actually mixed individuals. never have i seen a photo of Millie with little/no makeup but i think it's fair to say she doesn't have a monolid. she's always trying to hide this fact by tilting her head completely downwards and looking straight like in the past, or tilting her head back and drawing on thick as fuck eyeliner to hide her double lids. she probably remembers this claim and the guilt of it burdens her lol

No. 886426

no milk

No. 890617

File: 1573219154943.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 600.64 KB, 750x1039, E6D8B374-E536-4A56-8369-2212FB…)

Ew. I bet her nipple is the size of her palm by the way she’s grabbing her tit. Looks like it would flatten out like slime too.

No. 890652

I came to post this too. Why would anyone get a tat there? In like thirty years she’ll have to lift her tit up for it to be visible lol

No. 916256

Has anyone noticed that Millie doesn't talk about her dog anymore now that she's married?(necro)

No. 920387

is this retard a manic street preachers fan now or is this tattoo just for aesthetics

No. 920439


? Is this a real question? She's always sperging about how much she loves them and posts about them. It's for the aesthetic as much as the rest of her personality and interests are.

I have to say I am actually really refreshed that Millie has dropped the sadbbygrl shtick. I think it's kinda of cool she has taken an interest in the 60's retro stuff and overall find her to be WAY less milky than she used to be. It's kind of harrowing to watch Patience beat the same dead horse with that cheap wig as she gets older, meanwhile Millie has moved on, has a functional happy relationship, interests outside of collecting dolls, etc. I feel like she has actually grown up and I don't think she will really producing milk for us in the future. Good for her. That being said I think Patience will continue to cling to this ghost while she fades into obscurity.

No. 920524

File: 1579466181405.jpeg (1.99 MB, 4000x3000, E77A9238-8FB3-48B6-B91B-AC2942…)

Have to say I agree with you, anon. I used to have the biggest hate boner for Millie but it's nice to see she's removed herself from that crowd and found her own niche aesthetic — though it still gives off 70s hippie vibes mixed with cottagecore — of sorts. Now she just needs to grow those bangs out to her brows and she'll be fine.

No. 921757

I don't follow her beyond this thread and this was never mentioned. Weird to see her go for MSP when she was autistically obsessed with Nicole and Yolandi.

No. 921795

I think you might be a little confused anon, the original picture we are referring to of the ugly tit tat belongs to Patience. She's the one who likes MSP and talks about it. I'm not sure if Millie ever got into them, she never spoke on it.

No. 921807

that seventies orange shot is impressive. she looks great.

No. 921822

aaah thanks. I was indeed confused! Those cows are all alike.

No. 921852

Wow the orange set shot is my favorite Millie yet.

No. 923507

File: 1579927945856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 754.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200124_225135_com…)

have you seen this girl "@hospidoll"? she shows that she wants to look like a millie, her hair dyed him just like Millie and she even has the same cut she had before, just like Yolandi filho

No. 923510

File: 1579928481055.jpg (569.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200124_225855_com…)

I can't believe how disgusting of @hamburger.baby believing he can be like all those sadbbydolls and forgets the fact that he is a man

No. 923519

File: 1579929002136.jpeg (539.02 KB, 750x937, 7477FBB0-692B-47C4-B6F3-592BB0…)

Wtf with his boyfriend @angelsslaughter lmao he looks like a sick pedophile on the street lmao imagine how scary seeing a man looking like this just taking pictures

No. 923522

File: 1579929177864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.48 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20200124_230802.jpg)

hamburger baby seems to have a fetishism with men chained and dressed in leather, or simply chooses the same sh*t that Nicole for simple teenage nonsense

No. 923534

It's amazing how after the change of Nicole and Millie there are still edgy teenagers wanting to be like them

No. 923558

thats no man thats a chubby mexican girl

No. 923565

File: 1579933591611.jpeg (944.58 KB, 828x1619, 28B5B8F6-CFCA-4D96-839F-E25719…)

yep lol she’s visibly female

No. 923566

trans? maybe?

No. 923570

He is very visibly a teenage boy with androgynous features, maybe he looks like this because of his young age

No. 923572

File: 1579935285680.jpg (245.7 KB, 2289x1352, PicsArt_01-25-12.54.41.jpg)

Another dragged up copying old photos of Millie like @angelsslaughter

No. 923575

File: 1579936040022.jpg (642.74 KB, 2289x1352, PicsArt_01-25-01.06.20.jpg)

No. 923691

these are so generic and forgettable tbh

No. 923725


Samefag. While I appreciate the attempt to bring milk it's kind of pointless. These people are nobody's, they aren't interesting, and with the flop of Nicole's recent album I think this aesthetic can be officially ruled dead tbh. It was "popular" for a while but I think people have as a whole moved on from it, I don't think any cows worth noting will appear from here on out.

No. 923731

NTA, but I still find it mildly fascinating to watch the last few skinwalkers waffle about as the whole "scene" circles the drain.
I actually think it's seeing a small resurgence, but less cohesive and without a group mentality or "leader" to skinwalk, now that Nicole's flopped and Robyn/rottinggirlsrestingplace deleted.
You can see that users like Jazmin Bean take clear influence, but not 100%.

No. 923892

Ok so I used to be friends with her younger brother so I know quite a bit about her. Her real name is Michala and she’s just a fucking cunt. I remember one night I spending the night at his house and we were sleeping when she comes storming down the stairs, comes into the room, picks up a TV remote and starts beating her younger brother with it because “he was being too loud” when we weren’t making a fucking sound.

More about her brother though. He’s an online persona as well. He’s a wannabe electro-experiments artist and goes by the name Visceral Intentions. He pretty much has the same personality as her and is just as problematic.

No. 923898

File: 1580010999280.jpeg (566.47 KB, 750x878, 091368B9-A5DD-4433-A878-393228…)

A picture of “Millie”’s brother to show how much of a gimmick he is as well

No. 924011

Are you talking about Millie dollgraves?

No. 924016

Good god this needs to be spoilered

No. 924122

Yeah, I was talking about Millie

No. 924139

Imagine their fucking family pictures with two kids with ridiculous gimmicky aesthetics, kek

No. 924150

Is she always dressed up like in her IG posts, or does she look like a normal person at home?

No. 924256

File: 1580075896786.jpeg (68.21 KB, 535x298, EEC8ECD3-B302-4493-A94D-31DEAD…)

Oh Millie was ALWAYS dressed up in the clothes she wore in her pictures. She threw away all of her “normal” clothes.

Her and her brother are ALWAYS fighting. I remember when I was over at his house one time and they were having this super intense fight over Facebook and Insta when they were living in the same house lmao. Here’s a screenshot of a post she made about him years ago

No. 924259

What’s funny about Millie though is her husband started out as a fan of her and a complete fucking incel. I remember her brother telling me that his apartment was only decorated with anime wall scrolls and figurines with huge tits, until Millie forced her aesthetic upon him

No. 925031

Mercynecromancy seems to be an influence on this style, @effanbeebabydoll used to take pictures of Millie's style and is now Mercynecromancy's style

No. 925324

File: 1580275100234.jpeg (1.01 MB, 4096x2730, A11F13B7-DCBF-4AF5-83BE-14931C…)

wtf is it just me or mercy and nessa look so alike?

No. 925575

they're twin sisters.

No. 934023

Sooo, I just found out about these threads and read through them. I know it’s been a while since the last post, but I actually knew Tina Flores irl. If anyone cares I have plenty of stories!

No. 934076

Go ahead and share them, anon.

No. 934186

Share them!

No. 934449

We would talk every now and then and I saw that she was having family problems. I knew how that felt and decided to tried to help her out. So I made the huge mistake of letting her live with us..
For starters, she was an absolute neet. I helped set up her bank account, got her a job and even help her get her old tax return. Anyways, living with her was horrible. I somehow didn’t realize how mental she was prior. We were so embarrassed to go out with her cause she dressed like a toddler. She was definitely into age play. We passed adult diapers and she’d say things like “Awh how cute”. She was super fake and inconsiderate. Even though she was “friends” with Millie she would always trash talk her. After a few weeks she got too comfortable and was inviting strangers from tinder over to our house cause she really wanted to get “dicked down.”
We had even told her she can make some money first before getting rent to us but she gave no fucks and started wasting money on tattoos, cigarettes and stupid shit (while not paying rent). She was just staying in one of the living rooms since it was just temporary but she snuck into our friends room and slept in his bed while he was gone, he ended up coming home to a locked bedroom! We saw her post online about how she didn’t care, and we also saw that she was constantly complaining how my now husband and I didn’t include her into everything we did. Eventually we got sick of her shit and told her she had a week to leave. She left the next day.
In the end she called the cops on us because we had some of her packages. She also moved in with one of her weird bf/gf. And I’m pretty sure she burned that bridge too. Sorry if it’s confusing to read, a lot happened so I had to cut out a lot of details or it’d be even longer.

No. 934452

Also, the packages were just some teddy bears from depop. She called the cops over fucking stuffed animals.

No. 934476

Why am I not surprised by any of these, I feel like all these girls talk shit on each other for being the “most original” or what have you, but she seemed like one of the more legitimately unhinged ones, same as Robin.

No. 934494

File: 1582252036071.jpeg (212.33 KB, 728x1027, 2CFAE295-212B-40C6-BC91-117118…)

Yeah they both definitely have some problems.

I looked up Tina’s Instagram and holy shit… it’s gotten worse.

No. 934702

imagine hating yourself that much

No. 937755

Yeah, Nicole's older aesthetic seems to have made a resurgence. Just, no one really name-drops her anymore as she's become irrelevant. I've seen some younger girls mention her tho, they probably believe her music is so ~*obscure uwu*~ and different.

Speaking of Jazmin Bean, is there any milk about her? She's Tumblr-gendered and has an obvious Nicole and possibly Millie influence, not to mention her horrendous music. All it's missing is Nicole's signature sadbbygurl voice.

Ah, that explains why he looks "off" in pics. I thought he was gay or something and using Millie as his beard lmao

No. 937888

is she on T???

sage for possible newfagging

No. 937911

not really milk but she dates like 20+ year olds when shes underage (16 I think?) and actively posts photos with them online. if you’re going to involve yourself with older men, at least don’t post about it to your 200k followers. clearly demonstrates her age and maturity level.

No. 938734

File: 1582949689997.jpeg (934.43 KB, 3464x2862, 6068B243-F359-457F-93D9-A4AAAA…)

Idk if anyone is talking about Scarlett (@vwanilla) but she posted some milk about this girl Kylah (@cut.e) apparently drinking her own piss

No. 938838


Far as I know she's not milky herself. She is involved in an older crowd and sneaks into clubs, but aside from her cringy aesthetic, she hasn't caused anything.

However, the most thing she was involved in was when Jude and sadboi did a live stream saying they didn't have to respect pronouns if they didn't like the person, repeatedly calling Jazmin she instead of hee chosen "they" pronounces. This caused a huge uproar in that community.

No. 938971

it's probably a joke and she's probably drinking fanta or some juice
it's not that deep

No. 939066

Anon, does that even look like piss to you? Really now.

No. 949589

File: 1585178509887.png (133.34 KB, 640x914, IMG_2715.PNG)

I can't believe this new selfie from patience, the photoshop is absurd

No. 956633

I think I may have sent her one of those packages! A couple years ago I shipped her a stuffed animal and she said she never got it because her "horrible roommates were keeping all her mail" and I assumed she just didn't want to do anything as a thank you or whatever and just kind of stopped talking to her or anything lmaooo

No. 956732

File: 1586509882214.jpeg (621.18 KB, 750x1076, 2227031E-8FDE-4BB2-A9F5-884F4D…)

@hamburger.baby keeps copying people lol in this case @missing_haveyouseenher after seeing his tumblr blog I noticed he rebloged pictures of tied men, dressed in leather and people with diseases

No. 958487

File: 1586845878931.png (876.91 KB, 750x1334, E545D789-734E-4ADD-8D08-20564E…)

No one has said anything about Robyn, what the hell is wrong with her? Has she become a vulgar and alcoholic person, perhaps we were the culprits?

No. 969528

File: 1588711051128.jpg (345.4 KB, 710x947, 20200505_143714.jpg)

Jfc what am I looking at

No. 969555

Yeah I'm sure her bone titties are suuuper soft

No. 969566

noooooo why alice you used to be one of the good ones

No. 969807

whats her ig?

No. 971385

The fact that these grownass adults are actually still building their lives & personalities around tumblr aesthetics is astonishing to me. I haven’t checked this thread in quite some time, it’s fucking depressing seeing them age so poorly… I truly pity this group, I’m glad I was at least able to leave it behind & live a successful adult life. Y’all should really drop this sadbbydoll contrived bullshit - pursue a career, read some books, take a class, maybe even gain some self awareness.

No. 975161

You truly dodged a bullet not talking to her anymor. She probably would have tried to move in or ask for money!(necro)

No. 975282

File: 1589722047061.png (738.5 KB, 737x745, hmAs9a5.png)

At least Big Andre is looking better these days.

No. 975290

NO WAY! she looks brilliant!

No. 976766

whoa shes lost a lot of weight

No. 998514

File: 1593436847825.png (351.77 KB, 750x553, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 13.4…)

this girl has been mentioned before on a sadbbydoll thread (@rotting_angel_blood on instagram) as a robin/nicole skinwalker and now she's glamorising and profiting from BPD and SAD with shitty sticker sets on her storenvy. she's also selling knives illegally on there, so i've reported her shop. they have to take action if they receive 3+ complaints. support@storenvy.com rottingangelblood.storenvy.com(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998608

Dude, I had no idea her face could be that pretty. Fuck yeah you big beautiful bitch.

No. 1003549

File: 1594128120376.jpeg (972.34 KB, 1242x1661, E32232D9-5750-4656-AFAD-260889…)

did jess woods came back under a new persona to try to take down Nicole and her calves lol

No. 1020135

The Manics are fucking great(necro)

No. 1020234

She's aware it's 2020… yes? This attempt at an apology may have had more substance in 2016.

No. 1020295

The insta handle doesn't exist anymore and I want to read the rest of this post. Does anyone know this page's new @?

No. 1020347

there is a reason why nobody gave a fuck late anon

No. 1020394

Thanks for that helpful answer

No. 1020406

lurk more

No. 1080634

does anyone know robyn's new accounts?(necro)

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