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File: 1563646546854.jpeg (283.8 KB, 1097x1088, 0524AD41-5CBC-41E5-9B5E-926767…)

No. 841145

Third thread to discuss Nicole Dollanganger's following & skin-walkers alike.

Frequent faces include:
Millie (Doll)graves, Patience / torturegardens, etc. In the last thread someone brought up @sighsierra on IG — conversation about that pale uwu edgy picsart stickers community may be fitting as they all listen to and try to emulate ~2015 Nicole.

Newest milk is Millie's interview with Medium.

Other, souring milk is Patience's attachment to Nicole through having been involved in music videos she may have shot but never released alongside Nicole, Andre the Giant (@cryspell), and Maggie (@maggiedunlap).

Nicole and Matt have broken up in the past year or so and it appears that Andre got her sloppy seconds. Millie has gotten engaged to a normie.

No. 841158

File: 1563649178777.gif (1.52 MB, 518x336, tenor.gif)

No. 841185


No. 841209

File: 1563656406097.jpeg (768.44 KB, 3464x3464, 1D1C18B4-2B42-4C7C-BDFC-94A850…)

as far as the soft goth girls community on ig goes, there is drama. this girl erin / @pocketsizee has been skin-walking a different girl, aubrey / @usedpet for the past year or so. erin goes out of her way to buy the exact outfits aubrey wears and even went so far as to buy a wig in the same color & style as aubrey's natural hair. she is constantly called-out for this and just says nO oNe OwNs aNy StyLe while not answering the proof that she buys the same exact shit aubrey does. moreover, she cry-types and suicide baits on her ig story constantly, asks for more friends but ignores you if you're not above her in numbers. she's also incredibly rude when or if she does reply.

in pic related: usedpet posted her pic on april 27, pocketsizee posted hers (now-deleted) sometime in may.

No. 841566


SO GLAD we’re finally talking about Erin painter/pocketsizee on here… this girl skinwalks every “Lolita”/“nymphet” on Instagram but suicide baits constantly if anyone is slightly rude about her because she’s a scawed wittle baby uwu

No. 841567

File: 1563716359108.jpeg (901.95 KB, 3464x3464, 7F97834C-7841-4D3D-BEDB-F06087…)


Forgot to attach related image

No. 841586

File: 1563720320652.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 53640E90-478E-44F1-A8D4-8278D8…)

If anyone is skin- walking Simone / @babydarkoangel, it's @bruisedlittlegirl.

No. 841632

Baby person is so goregeous its not fair

No. 841654

previous thread link?

No. 841656

they’re both wannabe lizzy grant

No. 841682

No. 844094

No. 844151

Eh, that’s a self-published piece, not one that Medium commissioned. We might be the only people to ever read it apart from the writer’s mum.

No. 844185

are you like? blind?

so her whole personality is a fabrication. not to mention she's really not gonna mention her hair is a remnant of her Yolandi-skinwalking days?

No. 844883

man, what happened to robyn? all her shit's deactivated again.
kind of curious because i used to interact with her in like 2013 or something and i just found out that her new username on IG is/was a ripoff of my old tumblr handle.

No. 845551

I found it a while back and posted in the last thread. She’s still being cringe online. Blocked me everywhere though, and she lurks hard here. Hi Robyn

No. 845954

ye, i found it in the last thread but all of those accounts are awol again, presumably she saw them posted here.

also to whoever reported my last post as a 'blog-post': part of robyn's entire brand is ripping off/copy-catting the people that she interacts with. lurk more.

No. 847351

Can you post image comparisons between robyn's rip offs and the people she copied?

No. 848816

I don’t think anyone cares about Robyn enough to take time out of their day for that. Lmao

No. 849120

I never really believed the drama of "pocketsizee is skinwalking usedpet" … but pocketsizee published a instastory about the piglet build a bear she was getting and wanting it to smell like strawberries. Pigs and strawberries have always been usedpet’s “thing". I know these are common things, but it's still strange because the usedpet got a strawberry-scented bear when she went to visit her boyfriend. I don’t know it just feels strange. Apparently there is a lot of milk on pocketsizee, I don’t personally know a lot of it but a lot of people do. She could probably have her own thread, along with other people in the Instagram spam community.

No. 849743

File: 1565132678061.jpeg (198.42 KB, 750x553, 1A4895E0-36CC-4493-8A71-92253C…)

Damn, I didn’t even recognize it was Patience at first

No. 849883

Holy fucking fat, I had no idea she got THAT big. That was so fast

No. 849941

>trying to hide her cow dimensions behind an adult razor scooter

new low for you patience

No. 850169

i'm op of this specific thread and i'd be willing to make a ig spam account general if there's enough positive feedback. i'd mentioned usedpet etc in the first place just because they're all into nicole and typically have similar aesthetics to her old one. there's plenty of other people in the spam community(?) to talk about but i worry that anons would whine about "why can't we just keep them to the 'instagrammers you hate' thread!?"

No. 850507

Stop shamimg girls that are just expressing themselves(kek)

No. 854935

No. 856842

erin / @pocketsizeee has now decided to become bella / @anemicspice as of yesterday. pulling the same shit she did with aubrey / @usedpet wherein she obsessively watches bella's stories, posts the exact same shit an hour later, and when confronted about it by people, claims she's "just joking." caps incoming.

No. 856843

File: 1566522106106.png (4.68 MB, 3464x3464, E8F3DDCD-8060-41A0-87EB-CFEFAC…)

No. 856844

File: 1566522265685.png (7.84 MB, 3464x3464, C37C8355-D659-4F24-AA50-E97E52…)

No. 869135

File: 1568596225192.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 4096x2304, F396FCCE-D302-4CF3-8E16-AB36E1…)

Can we talk about these guys? They’re not EXTREMELY milky but they both seem to have a strange obsession with old Millie’s style. The first guy has repeatedly posted old Millie pictures on his Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube channel and has talked a lot of shit about the “new Millie”… and he also makes music on bandcamp (under the name hamburger baby) that seems VERY inspired by Nicole. And the second guy… he has his own store that seems to be inspired by Millie, even down to copying her designs from her old Tumblr posts. I think these guys are actually dating each other (or so I assume, because they said that they’ve sent love letters to each other in the past) which is why I brought them up at the same time.

No. 869196

Lmao, I've seen them around. The Gays™ have finally discovered Nicole Dollanganger. I'm actually surprised it took this long.

No. 870039


Uhh… Those look like your typical Tumblr FTMs from the thumbnail.

No. 870042

File: 1568801586770.jpeg (1.56 MB, 4096x2048, 813C2BD7-285F-4B35-9D1B-C00B41…)

@angelsslaughter tried to call out @honeylambs a few months ago too for ‘stealing his idea’ lmao (his shops username used to be @paralysisbabies)

I actually do like a lot of what his shop puts out but I thought that this was just so stupid. They’re stickers of edgy vintage cute animals, not extremely difficult to come up with (and not to mention that has been @honeylambs style for a VERY long time)

I messaged @honeylambs about it when it happened and he said that he unfollowed angelsslaughter because he was leaving hate messages on @jazminbeans Instagram

No. 870044

File: 1568802318389.jpeg (992.76 KB, 4096x2730, 3F87D369-22A0-44A1-B9D5-E3F298…)

Also some receipts for him stealing Millie’s old posts & putting them on clothes — even calves have calves

No. 870244

Not to mention, it seems honeylambs makes their own art whereas the other one, who goes by milk bunny cult now, just alters existing pictures.

No. 876465

File: 1570214815046.jpeg (611.75 KB, 946x2048, 0DFAB320-5451-41BB-B021-DFF3CA…)

Somebody posted this picture & caption in the Nicole thread… I don’t have any idea what it means though. It’s pretty creepy & stalker-ish

No. 876472

File: 1570215723856.jpeg (416.11 KB, 946x2048, 3D2B4654-BB87-40AA-BECF-E30462…)

Okay so after googling “vulgarakrooner” this picture came up, and I found their Instagram. I knew it was probably the person who wrote that because in the picture it looks like it’s Millie’s room. So I guess that means they used to be friends with Millie. They also have other posts “exposing” her

No. 876474

File: 1570215907796.jpeg (503.3 KB, 560x994, D4B95F55-BBB8-4CED-BF85-978151…)

No. 876475

File: 1570215932306.jpeg (631.9 KB, 750x1105, 2C6B7922-EA46-4170-B4DA-B44FE6…)

No. 876476

File: 1570215961621.jpeg (359.18 KB, 1152x2048, 8B653296-0A88-4997-892D-7E32F2…)

They seem very delusional

No. 876493

File: 1570218453280.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-04-15-46-47-261_deco.jpg)


No. 876496

File: 1570218918534.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1920, 19-10-04-15-54-46-076_deco.jpg)


No. 876500

>>876496 she looks better on the left

No. 876504

Kek, had no idea this disaster was supposed to be her. Guess she has no idea how to not be ugly. But that "vulgarakrooner" thing hasn't given us anything to work with, so useless butthurt vendetta chan is useless. Come back when you actually have something to talk about.

No. 876506

We been saying.

She needs to spill the milk on what the lies actually are. She's being vague because she doesn't have the audience yet but I'm sure if she sees demand she'll gladly throw her under the bus for attention which seems to be what has her butthurt lol that Millie doesn't consider her aesthetic enough to flash around. Millie burned bridges with the whole nymphet crowd for the same reason so I imagine there will be folks eager to see her fall.

No. 876507

how…. old is millie?

No. 876512

File: 1570221687862.jpg (22.34 KB, 400x296, 134ed865-59ec-4b0a-972b-a2f93e…)

Her dumpy boyfriend makes sense when you realize she's actually more unnattractive than him irl. Lord. She really can't do better.

No. 876518

I'd suppose in her early to mid twenties

No. 877008

She is going to feel so embarrassed when she’s finally over this persona, bless her poor heart.

If I’m remembering correctly, Millie is about 23/24

No. 877009

Not siding with Millie, think she's an abomination who uses her “trauma” for attention. She’s probably nothing like her persona irl.

But to be fair, this chick seems kinda unstable and loopy

No. 877167

File: 1570396695064.png (742.87 KB, 934x547, Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 11.0…)

It seems like annybooty has another account that has all those same photos of herself and also this one that was tagged with Millie's old username. Not really milk but if that's Millie, and it looks like her to me, it's interesting to see more photos of her pre-contrived sadbbydoll era.

No. 877340

Definitely looks like Millie’s facial structure. Think it’s safe to say that is definitely her, with awful hair. She’s never been good with her hair has she?

No. 877531

Looks to me like she was dressing up as Magenta from the rocky horror picture show (which would explain the hair)

No. 877566

The hair's awful indeed but still better than the abomination she's wearing on her head right now

No. 878521

File: 1570673449892.jpg (78.9 KB, 713x876, tumblr_px8pcsnKs41qa78bho1_128…)

It's interesting to see these calves regurgitate and recycle concepts and key words without any substance behind them. This sounds like it was written by a bad Nicole Dollanganger random lyric generator bot

No. 878585

this reads like a tuna slater poem but w/o the heroin

No. 879422

File: 1570901763956.jpeg (425.91 KB, 750x739, 9BD7B64B-4B35-453D-B9C9-474A1F…)

I’m not sure if I really dig Millie’s new makeup, I don’t think it flatters her very well & actually makes her eyes look way smaller

No. 879474

Eh, I’ve always found her makeup to be atrocious. I can’t even imagine what it must look like irl considering how hard she filters her photos.

Millie is such a cow, I’ve never witnessed such an absolute try-hard. Is she still talking with that fake Yolandi Visser accent?

No. 879978

She posted something about changing her makeup style as she always usd to foxus on making her small eyes look bigger. Something about embracing them, bla blah

No. 883003

File: 1571690796183.png (602.82 KB, 477x585, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.3…)

All of Millie's recent instagram posts from her honeymoon are cracking me up. It looks like she planned her outfits to be match different rooms in the hotel she's staying in.
Can you imagine going on your honeymoon and spending the whole trip dressing up and making your husband take ~aesthetic~ pictures for you? tfw your whole life is oriented around your fake online persona

No. 883028

very suspiria/kiss of the vampire

No. 883106

He is really posting this after honeylambs literally called him out for posting rude messages on Jazminbean’s ig huh lmao

No. 883107

File: 1571702593667.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, EB8250F9-66D4-4C0F-8A2A-702C53…)

No. 883429

I thought the same thing. How strange to make your wedding all about your instagram persona. If her new husband doesn't want to be in the pics with her then she shouldn't do them bc it's very self-centered and inappropriate. She seems humble and demure but she's not.

No. 883704

File: 1571845529721.png (850.93 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20191023-084326_1.p…)

So smug she is. She must be insufferable to be around

No. 883723

File: 1571849350180.jpeg (505.79 KB, 1125x1370, D07FCA16-6E27-40F4-B7C3-C57A52…)

No. 883726

File: 1571851188815.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1402, ED93F9BC-B462-4343-9186-F55781…)

No. 883740

File: 1571852374517.jpeg (459.02 KB, 1125x1392, 54EA361B-481E-4B7F-9725-D5CBE0…)

No. 883751


Not one of these bitches had the guts to tell her her eyeliner is uneven.

No. 883757

File: 1571854791782.jpg (126.96 KB, 542x554, qtcOYk88JZ8.jpg)


Does anyone have some milk on childoflamb/mjolktander?

I know that she lives with much older man. Maybe anything else?

No. 885572

File: 1572220598504.jpeg (622.42 KB, 750x1112, 20E2B5F9-B953-4499-9F02-07CB0A…)

kroonervulgara has been at it again.

No. 885573

File: 1572220638525.jpeg (532.92 KB, 750x1105, FE6CA522-BB18-4E02-9CD3-CB4338…)

No. 885574

File: 1572220675712.jpeg (635.71 KB, 750x1098, FD28B32F-A002-4448-86CF-2C2E15…)

Im trying to make sense of any of this and I just can’t???

No. 885594

Lmao did Millie call the cops on her for harassment and stalking only for them to come over and laugh about what a waste of time it was?

No. 885832

am i the only one who remembers Millie answering an ask where she claims to be a quarter Korean?

on the hunt to find said post I found this gem… https://milliegraves.com/post/158070673978/rotting-angel-blood-babystain

No. 885864

File: 1572291176878.jpeg (7.32 KB, 275x84, 1489797182817.png.jpeg)

i just found it in the previous thread!!!! it was a facebook comment in response to a mixed girl iirc. might be reaching a little bit but with the fetishism surrounding east asian women and how it overlaps with this niche i think it's fair to be suspect of this, no? claiming a little percentage of a "desirable" nonwhite identity makes these white girls feel special at the expense of actually mixed individuals. never have i seen a photo of Millie with little/no makeup but i think it's fair to say she doesn't have a monolid. she's always trying to hide this fact by tilting her head completely downwards and looking straight like in the past, or tilting her head back and drawing on thick as fuck eyeliner to hide her double lids. she probably remembers this claim and the guilt of it burdens her lol

No. 886426

no milk

No. 890617

File: 1573219154943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,600.64 KB, 750x1039, E6D8B374-E536-4A56-8369-2212FB…)

Ew. I bet her nipple is the size of her palm by the way she’s grabbing her tit. Looks like it would flatten out like slime too.

No. 890652

I came to post this too. Why would anyone get a tat there? In like thirty years she’ll have to lift her tit up for it to be visible lol

No. 916256

Has anyone noticed that Millie doesn't talk about her dog anymore now that she's married?(necro)

No. 920387

is this retard a manic street preachers fan now or is this tattoo just for aesthetics

No. 920439


? Is this a real question? She's always sperging about how much she loves them and posts about them. It's for the aesthetic as much as the rest of her personality and interests are.

I have to say I am actually really refreshed that Millie has dropped the sadbbygrl shtick. I think it's kinda of cool she has taken an interest in the 60's retro stuff and overall find her to be WAY less milky than she used to be. It's kind of harrowing to watch Patience beat the same dead horse with that cheap wig as she gets older, meanwhile Millie has moved on, has a functional happy relationship, interests outside of collecting dolls, etc. I feel like she has actually grown up and I don't think she will really producing milk for us in the future. Good for her. That being said I think Patience will continue to cling to this ghost while she fades into obscurity.

No. 920524

File: 1579466181405.jpeg (1.99 MB, 4000x3000, E77A9238-8FB3-48B6-B91B-AC2942…)

Have to say I agree with you, anon. I used to have the biggest hate boner for Millie but it's nice to see she's removed herself from that crowd and found her own niche aesthetic — though it still gives off 70s hippie vibes mixed with cottagecore — of sorts. Now she just needs to grow those bangs out to her brows and she'll be fine.

No. 921757

I don't follow her beyond this thread and this was never mentioned. Weird to see her go for MSP when she was autistically obsessed with Nicole and Yolandi.

No. 921795

I think you might be a little confused anon, the original picture we are referring to of the ugly tit tat belongs to Patience. She's the one who likes MSP and talks about it. I'm not sure if Millie ever got into them, she never spoke on it.

No. 921807

that seventies orange shot is impressive. she looks great.

No. 921822

aaah thanks. I was indeed confused! Those cows are all alike.

No. 921852

Wow the orange set shot is my favorite Millie yet.

No. 923507

File: 1579927945856.jpg (Spoiler Image,754.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200124_225135_com…)

have you seen this girl "@hospidoll"? she shows that she wants to look like a millie, her hair dyed him just like Millie and she even has the same cut she had before, just like Yolandi filho

No. 923510

File: 1579928481055.jpg (569.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200124_225855_com…)

I can't believe how disgusting of @hamburger.baby believing he can be like all those sadbbydolls and forgets the fact that he is a man

No. 923519

File: 1579929002136.jpeg (539.02 KB, 750x937, 7477FBB0-692B-47C4-B6F3-592BB0…)

Wtf with his boyfriend @angelsslaughter lmao he looks like a sick pedophile on the street lmao imagine how scary seeing a man looking like this just taking pictures

No. 923522

File: 1579929177864.jpg (Spoiler Image,292.48 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20200124_230802.jpg)

hamburger baby seems to have a fetishism with men chained and dressed in leather, or simply chooses the same sh*t that Nicole for simple teenage nonsense

No. 923534

It's amazing how after the change of Nicole and Millie there are still edgy teenagers wanting to be like them

No. 923558

thats no man thats a chubby mexican girl

No. 923565

File: 1579933591611.jpeg (944.58 KB, 828x1619, 28B5B8F6-CFCA-4D96-839F-E25719…)

yep lol she’s visibly female

No. 923566

trans? maybe?

No. 923570

He is very visibly a teenage boy with androgynous features, maybe he looks like this because of his young age

No. 923572

File: 1579935285680.jpg (245.7 KB, 2289x1352, PicsArt_01-25-12.54.41.jpg)

Another dragged up copying old photos of Millie like @angelsslaughter

No. 923575

File: 1579936040022.jpg (642.74 KB, 2289x1352, PicsArt_01-25-01.06.20.jpg)

No. 923691

these are so generic and forgettable tbh

No. 923725


Samefag. While I appreciate the attempt to bring milk it's kind of pointless. These people are nobody's, they aren't interesting, and with the flop of Nicole's recent album I think this aesthetic can be officially ruled dead tbh. It was "popular" for a while but I think people have as a whole moved on from it, I don't think any cows worth noting will appear from here on out.

No. 923731

NTA, but I still find it mildly fascinating to watch the last few skinwalkers waffle about as the whole "scene" circles the drain.
I actually think it's seeing a small resurgence, but less cohesive and without a group mentality or "leader" to skinwalk, now that Nicole's flopped and Robyn/rottinggirlsrestingplace deleted.
You can see that users like Jazmin Bean take clear influence, but not 100%.

No. 923892

Ok so I used to be friends with her younger brother so I know quite a bit about her. Her real name is Michala and she’s just a fucking cunt. I remember one night I spending the night at his house and we were sleeping when she comes storming down the stairs, comes into the room, picks up a TV remote and starts beating her younger brother with it because “he was being too loud” when we weren’t making a fucking sound.

More about her brother though. He’s an online persona as well. He’s a wannabe electro-experiments artist and goes by the name Visceral Intentions. He pretty much has the same personality as her and is just as problematic.

No. 923898

File: 1580010999280.jpeg (566.47 KB, 750x878, 091368B9-A5DD-4433-A878-393228…)

A picture of “Millie”’s brother to show how much of a gimmick he is as well

No. 924011

Are you talking about Millie dollgraves?

No. 924016

Good god this needs to be spoilered

No. 924122

Yeah, I was talking about Millie

No. 924139

Imagine their fucking family pictures with two kids with ridiculous gimmicky aesthetics, kek

No. 924150

Is she always dressed up like in her IG posts, or does she look like a normal person at home?

No. 924256

File: 1580075896786.jpeg (68.21 KB, 535x298, EEC8ECD3-B302-4493-A94D-31DEAD…)

Oh Millie was ALWAYS dressed up in the clothes she wore in her pictures. She threw away all of her “normal” clothes.

Her and her brother are ALWAYS fighting. I remember when I was over at his house one time and they were having this super intense fight over Facebook and Insta when they were living in the same house lmao. Here’s a screenshot of a post she made about him years ago

No. 924259

What’s funny about Millie though is her husband started out as a fan of her and a complete fucking incel. I remember her brother telling me that his apartment was only decorated with anime wall scrolls and figurines with huge tits, until Millie forced her aesthetic upon him

No. 925031

Mercynecromancy seems to be an influence on this style, @effanbeebabydoll used to take pictures of Millie's style and is now Mercynecromancy's style

No. 925324

File: 1580275100234.jpeg (1.01 MB, 4096x2730, A11F13B7-DCBF-4AF5-83BE-14931C…)

wtf is it just me or mercy and nessa look so alike?

No. 925575

they're twin sisters.

No. 934023

Sooo, I just found out about these threads and read through them. I know it’s been a while since the last post, but I actually knew Tina Flores irl. If anyone cares I have plenty of stories!

No. 934076

Go ahead and share them, anon.

No. 934186

Share them!

No. 934449

We would talk every now and then and I saw that she was having family problems. I knew how that felt and decided to tried to help her out. So I made the huge mistake of letting her live with us..
For starters, she was an absolute neet. I helped set up her bank account, got her a job and even help her get her old tax return. Anyways, living with her was horrible. I somehow didn’t realize how mental she was prior. We were so embarrassed to go out with her cause she dressed like a toddler. She was definitely into age play. We passed adult diapers and she’d say things like “Awh how cute”. She was super fake and inconsiderate. Even though she was “friends” with Millie she would always trash talk her. After a few weeks she got too comfortable and was inviting strangers from tinder over to our house cause she really wanted to get “dicked down.”
We had even told her she can make some money first before getting rent to us but she gave no fucks and started wasting money on tattoos, cigarettes and stupid shit (while not paying rent). She was just staying in one of the living rooms since it was just temporary but she snuck into our friends room and slept in his bed while he was gone, he ended up coming home to a locked bedroom! We saw her post online about how she didn’t care, and we also saw that she was constantly complaining how my now husband and I didn’t include her into everything we did. Eventually we got sick of her shit and told her she had a week to leave. She left the next day.
In the end she called the cops on us because we had some of her packages. She also moved in with one of her weird bf/gf. And I’m pretty sure she burned that bridge too. Sorry if it’s confusing to read, a lot happened so I had to cut out a lot of details or it’d be even longer.

No. 934452

Also, the packages were just some teddy bears from depop. She called the cops over fucking stuffed animals.

No. 934476

Why am I not surprised by any of these, I feel like all these girls talk shit on each other for being the “most original” or what have you, but she seemed like one of the more legitimately unhinged ones, same as Robin.

No. 934494

File: 1582252036071.jpeg (212.33 KB, 728x1027, 2CFAE295-212B-40C6-BC91-117118…)

Yeah they both definitely have some problems.

I looked up Tina’s Instagram and holy shit… it’s gotten worse.

No. 934702

imagine hating yourself that much

No. 937755

Yeah, Nicole's older aesthetic seems to have made a resurgence. Just, no one really name-drops her anymore as she's become irrelevant. I've seen some younger girls mention her tho, they probably believe her music is so ~*obscure uwu*~ and different.

Speaking of Jazmin Bean, is there any milk about her? She's Tumblr-gendered and has an obvious Nicole and possibly Millie influence, not to mention her horrendous music. All it's missing is Nicole's signature sadbbygurl voice.

Ah, that explains why he looks "off" in pics. I thought he was gay or something and using Millie as his beard lmao

No. 937888

is she on T???

sage for possible newfagging

No. 937911

not really milk but she dates like 20+ year olds when shes underage (16 I think?) and actively posts photos with them online. if you’re going to involve yourself with older men, at least don’t post about it to your 200k followers. clearly demonstrates her age and maturity level.

No. 938734

File: 1582949689997.jpeg (934.43 KB, 3464x2862, 6068B243-F359-457F-93D9-A4AAAA…)

Idk if anyone is talking about Scarlett (@vwanilla) but she posted some milk about this girl Kylah (@cut.e) apparently drinking her own piss

No. 938838


Far as I know she's not milky herself. She is involved in an older crowd and sneaks into clubs, but aside from her cringy aesthetic, she hasn't caused anything.

However, the most thing she was involved in was when Jude and sadboi did a live stream saying they didn't have to respect pronouns if they didn't like the person, repeatedly calling Jazmin she instead of hee chosen "they" pronounces. This caused a huge uproar in that community.

No. 938971

it's probably a joke and she's probably drinking fanta or some juice
it's not that deep

No. 939066

Anon, does that even look like piss to you? Really now.

No. 949589

File: 1585178509887.png (133.34 KB, 640x914, IMG_2715.PNG)

I can't believe this new selfie from patience, the photoshop is absurd

No. 956633

I think I may have sent her one of those packages! A couple years ago I shipped her a stuffed animal and she said she never got it because her "horrible roommates were keeping all her mail" and I assumed she just didn't want to do anything as a thank you or whatever and just kind of stopped talking to her or anything lmaooo

No. 956732

File: 1586509882214.jpeg (621.18 KB, 750x1076, 2227031E-8FDE-4BB2-A9F5-884F4D…)

@hamburger.baby keeps copying people lol in this case @missing_haveyouseenher after seeing his tumblr blog I noticed he rebloged pictures of tied men, dressed in leather and people with diseases

No. 958487

File: 1586845878931.png (876.91 KB, 750x1334, E545D789-734E-4ADD-8D08-20564E…)

No one has said anything about Robyn, what the hell is wrong with her? Has she become a vulgar and alcoholic person, perhaps we were the culprits?

No. 969528

File: 1588711051128.jpg (345.4 KB, 710x947, 20200505_143714.jpg)

Jfc what am I looking at

No. 969555

Yeah I'm sure her bone titties are suuuper soft

No. 969566

noooooo why alice you used to be one of the good ones

No. 969807

whats her ig?

No. 971385

The fact that these grownass adults are actually still building their lives & personalities around tumblr aesthetics is astonishing to me. I haven’t checked this thread in quite some time, it’s fucking depressing seeing them age so poorly… I truly pity this group, I’m glad I was at least able to leave it behind & live a successful adult life. Y’all should really drop this sadbbydoll contrived bullshit - pursue a career, read some books, take a class, maybe even gain some self awareness.

No. 975161

You truly dodged a bullet not talking to her anymor. She probably would have tried to move in or ask for money!(necro)

No. 975282

File: 1589722047061.png (738.5 KB, 737x745, hmAs9a5.png)

At least Big Andre is looking better these days.

No. 975290

NO WAY! she looks brilliant!

No. 976766

whoa shes lost a lot of weight

No. 998514

File: 1593436847825.png (351.77 KB, 750x553, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 13.4…)

this girl has been mentioned before on a sadbbydoll thread (@rotting_angel_blood on instagram) as a robin/nicole skinwalker and now she's glamorising and profiting from BPD and SAD with shitty sticker sets on her storenvy. she's also selling knives illegally on there, so i've reported her shop. they have to take action if they receive 3+ complaints. support@storenvy.com rottingangelblood.storenvy.com(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 998608

Dude, I had no idea her face could be that pretty. Fuck yeah you big beautiful bitch.

No. 1003549

File: 1594128120376.jpeg (972.34 KB, 1242x1661, E32232D9-5750-4656-AFAD-260889…)

did jess woods came back under a new persona to try to take down Nicole and her calves lol

No. 1020135

The Manics are fucking great(necro)

No. 1020234

She's aware it's 2020… yes? This attempt at an apology may have had more substance in 2016.

No. 1020295

The insta handle doesn't exist anymore and I want to read the rest of this post. Does anyone know this page's new @?

No. 1020347

there is a reason why nobody gave a fuck late anon

No. 1020394

Thanks for that helpful answer

No. 1020406

lurk more

No. 1080634

does anyone know robyn's new accounts?(necro)

No. 1142265

File: 1611630054550.jpeg (675.68 KB, 750x897, 8342244A-1EF9-420B-AA7D-C0E9E0…)

Torturegardens is now skin walking Millie, she seems just so desperate to be like her it’s depressed(newfaggotry)

No. 1142277

They’re friends. Neither of them are interesting either, the most I can say about Patience is that she somehow manages to disguise how fucking huge she is in pictures. She’s a blimp.

No. 1156557

What happened to Millie Graves? Her website is gone, her tumblr is gone, I cannot find anything about her now. Strange that she just disappeared with a following of 60K+ followers.

No. 1156838


what a strange coincidence, i just looked her tumblr up yesterday to see how she was doing now. it hadn't been updated in long but was still sporting her mid century style. had to doublecheck and you're right, it's gone.
maybe she decided to start over?

No. 1156914

I mean she wouldn't have to delete her account to start over, just get rid of old pictures n stuff. If I remember correctly she wasn't very active (I only followed her on insta tho) so maybe she's decided she doesn't really want to be on social media? Makes me sad though, I was really digging her new style.

No. 1156919

>>1156557 I’m friends with some people she knows on Facebook, she has a personal account she posted on in October last year. I think she might just be trying to keep a quiet social media presence.

No. 1168172

what happened to @ usedpet ? she went by aubrey /pixie but randomly disappeared after the erin / pocketsizee drama(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1168183

She got engaged if I recall well.

No. 1176207

these people seriously need to grow the fuck up, their shtick is so fucking embarrassing for their age like someone else already said. i even saw another calve called jungfrufodd on ig say she just turned 25 and still wants to dress like a fucking toddler. like get an education and stop acting like a uwu nymphet w* on the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1176209

she grew the fuck up.

No. 1176372

Aubrey/Pixie’s new instagram is @rancidrot, her tiktok @p1glet, and her tumblr is @babiedgrl. I follow her on everything and she’s still pretending to be 4 years old while she’s really over 24 years old. Her Amazon wishlist is linked in her bio and it’s full of UwU kawaii ddlg shit. Her tumblr is a mix of disturbing ddlg kink shit and UwU soft ageregression posts. She’s still as disgusting as ever kek. There’s many posts about her recent ddlg shenanigans in the most recent Erin Painter thread.

No. 1177952

File: 1615065754110.jpeg (567.66 KB, 828x894, 52B5E30C-D685-440A-B0AA-F94B7C…)

Damn the photoshop is so obvious on her body and face

No. 1177990

this is AFTER photoshop? gurl you are not done

No. 1178171

>shoops face
>chooses to keep in self harm scars on thunder thighs

If you had any doubt these hoes use mental illness as an aesthetic

No. 1220101

File: 1619755218170.jpg (397.95 KB, 720x988, 20210429_215703.jpg)

I hate to bump a dead thread but what in hell is Patience doing to her face? I don't remember her shoop being this bad before. How much do you have to hate yourself to make yourself look like a sex doll

No. 1220641

Fuck she’s huge now. She blocked me on IG a whiiile back, so it’s fun for me to see this. Thanks nonnie

No. 1220914


interesting how millie dropped off the face of the internet and patience copied her entire style down to a t.

No. 1221385

Patience strikes me as being really fucking creepy irl. Not in the “good way” that they romanticize either. I feel like she’s the type of creepy that probably can’t hold down jobs because there’s just something off about her and she probably can’t function as an adult. Does she still live with mom and dad?

No. 1221387

I guess what I mean is, more simply put - she seems mentally challenged and developmentally stunted on a disturbing level

No. 1224273

Considering Mercy Necromancy releasing an album waaaay too similar to old Nicole Dollanganger seems to have lit a fire under Nicoles ass to release new music, I'm expecting this thread to bounce back to life in the near future

No. 1224331

File: 1620263000196.jpg (441.97 KB, 720x815, 20210505_190019.jpg)

Surprised Ethel Cain hasn't been mentioned here. He's the troon Nicole who is getting more traction with his knockoff Dollanganger aesthetics because he's so stunning and brave. I think they're sort of friends but I bet Nicole isn't thrilled that he's trying to wear her skin.

No. 1225062

I love that her skin walkers wear the aesthetic better than her.

No. 1230227

have any of u heard of josie loset? hes a fatass nicole skinwalker who makes crap music and is also obsessed with ethel cain.

No. 1230278

I actually like her song Misuse Oh. Oddly, even though I was aware of the similarities to Nicole, I never actually drew the skin Walker connection between them.

Ethel has the sadgirl southern gothic vibe but doesn't seem to have the pedopandering

No. 1230282

File: 1621028201814.jpg (4.35 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg-1.jpg)

Josie Loset? Wow, it never occured to me that a male would enter the Dollanganger music scene. His schtick checks out tho. His album is called Heart Stains and its exactly what you'd expect from Dollanganger clan

No. 1230450

Him. That's a man. Caving to the whims of the mentally ill is stupid. Ot but stil.

No. 1230485

Ethel Cain is trans??? I would never have guessed. I've never seen pictures of Cain or heard them speak but I'd never have guessed from the voice alone

No. 1230488

File: 1621049454010.jpg (42.24 KB, 500x500, artworks-000659511772-86xt35-t…)

Here is Ethel in the nip

No. 1230503

did nicole and matt ever actually break up? i don’t remember seeing proof, and he’s producing her new album that hasn’t come out yet. i feel like they’ve just been dating this whole time.

btw, anyone know if nicole ever moved out of her parents house, or is she still in the middle of nowhere canada?

No. 1231072

File: 1621137169573.jpg (364.07 KB, 720x814, 20210515_215139.jpg)

Found Mildred in my Facebook suggested. She seems to be laying low. Still hanging out with Patience. She looks great imo

No. 1231097

Yikes is her bridge rejecting or has it always been that crooked?

No. 1231200

her nose has always been crooked, it's just that obvious from the angle.

No. 1231325

The piercing anon
sorry I didn’t sage

No. 1231351

Looks crooked as fuck oh my god. I can’t believe she wouldn’t want that fixed. I know most piercings are swollen immediately after and it can take a couple weeks to see how they sit on the face, but that’s awful.

No. 1234913

Apparently Kindercow (cowbabyteardrops) is doing music now https://m.soundcloud.com/morpgorp/daerie-faerie-dare-feat-ptch-pnk-sweet-dee She drops the n word at least once

No. 1234918

I smell a self post. Or maybe that's just Tina's unwashed ass.

No. 1234997

Holy hell, this is actually terrible. These sadbby dolls have NO place in anything outside sad girl music

No. 1235520

This isn't Nicole's thread. Yes she broke up with Matt. He dated Cryspells/Andre/Rosie Diamond. Nicole had a bald monkey eared bf for a while. She moved out, who knows where to. Read her thread.

No. 1242110

Can someone link it? Newfag, only one I can find is years old.

No. 1328994

>ethnicity = muslim
KEK elaine…

No. 1369702

Y'all stupid as fuck(y'all need to sage)

No. 1369726

And you need to get motherfucking taste. Why do you keep bumping Dollanganger threads when no one cares about her in 2021?
Just be grateful you still have Xanga and Melanie Martinez.

No. 1396843

File: 1639895274400.png (1.98 MB, 1395x2048, Screenshot_20211219-002645.png)

she looks so much worse now, jesus christ

No. 1397034

File: 1639923874321.png (1.31 MB, 828x842, cryspell.png)

Damn, it's like a cross of the "goth" people and a bad impression of Robert Smith, with bad attempt at Siouxsie Sioux makeup.
Btw i don't get how those people managed to run this wornout old "fragile sadbbydoll" aesthetic for so long. no wonder some are desperately trying to rebrand, or in the last step get ashamed and try to completely disappear like the Millie chick. that's such a boring aesthetic, it's all granny clothes, dolls and abandoned places, at some point you run out of photo ideas to take. it lasts 2-3 years max, surprised some lasted/last longer.
If anything, the aesthetic is now taken on by select "dollcore/coquette" teen tumblrettes with trauma blogs, or even worse, sadbbybois.
On a sidenote, even Cryspell changed wardrobe. she still hangs out at ugly motels but this time with an tacky lingerie edge to it & looks kind of grotesque

No. 1397466

Anon, this is an Audrey Horne cosplay. She looks like a whore but, at least this time that’s the entire point.

No. 1397499

maybe i just have terrible taste but i think this looks amazing

No. 1397502

it’s ok anon I love it too, everyone has diff tastes

No. 1397666

Doesn’t mean it’s not tacky and grotesque

No. 1397769

Not that anon, but I think the cheapness is kind of part of that "aesthetic". I could be wrong since I don't run in those circles but the whole thing is to be trailer trash glam, or kind of "I smoke meth with my older man boyfriend business man in cheap motels but it's romantic because Lana waif innocent lamb" look, so the trashy tack cheapness of it suits better than actual expensive glamorous lingerie

No. 1397845

I personally just think trad goth (specifically the cure + siouxsie) is ugly as sin and hers is a bit extreme even compared to them
if she wanted to do the whole 90s trailer trash babydoll aesthetic she could at least use real vintage lingerie and makeup…. not shein/amazon lingerie and instagram thot makeup. just my opinion though

No. 1397872

Can we have a Calves "where are they now"?. Back in ~2014 (15 years old) I used to follow all of them and Nicole and wanted the look so much before I grew up. Reading these threads gives me such a nostalgia for the shitshow it all was. The only one I still see online is Ophelia Doe because she's an edgy lolita now.

No. 1398029

i'm up for the "where are they now" talk, but idk if it warrants entire thread since it wouldn't be long overflowing thread. we could talk here but idk it's just my opinion.
Jessica Celebre for example had her own thread and pulled a Millie long time ago. Patience is still in the aesthetic i think but less frequently posting
Was there ever lolita/nymphetes thread on LC? i remember there used to be a nymphet thread on PULL which was quite milky cause all the uwu nymphets posted there got cowtipped and got so pissed, kept making mental gymnastics just to make excuses for their glamorizing Lolita and screeching they're (PULL posters) all ugly bitches that are jealous.
Also remember this chick (Simone) >>841586 had her own long thread too, she was another walmart version of Lizzie Grant, selling tacky flower bikinis (that weren't even sewn on, she hot glued shit on aliexpress bikinis), glorifying Columbine and photoshopping her baby pics just to prove she totally doesn't get lipfillers. Also bullying some other chicks and privately a nazi/Trump supporter.

No. 1398035

Does anyone know if rottinggirlsrestingplace is doing something nowadays? She was a bit like a protoLucinda with her schizophrenia running wild and a complete devotion to an aesthetic. I didn't (and still don't) have anything against her, but she was an interesting person to follow

No. 1398038

Still doesn't mean that it's not tacky and grotesque lol

No. 1398043

Was that the same person as bones-of-babydolls (or something)? that was i think even earlier than Nicole and did the same sadbbydoll posting extreme fucking up shit, gore etc. No idea what she does now though but i remember she cut herself completely from bbydoll circle at some point. if i'm thinking of the right person ofc.

No. 1398046

File: 1640046751758.png (4.18 MB, 1416x1392, rdd.png)

Perhaps i should've clarified it, i know "tacky motel dollarstore glam a'la Lana" is what she goes for, but her overall vibe recently is just tacky, and not in a good intended way. she looks so much older than she is in some of them, which is jarring cause she used to be all into lacy-dress-innocent-babyish-giant-walking-doll chic. Especially photos in the bottom row on pic rel.

No. 1398737

Ok yeah, now that I see a few more pictures I get what you mean, yes this is tacky looking

Do you mean Alida Simone? I've been trying to find what the milk was with her for a while. All I know is that she was queen if the nymphets because she had an actual older man boyfriend. She later came out saying that she looks back on her aesthetic says worth regret and that seeing her pictures still floating around doesn't sit right with her because she knows she was being abused by older men and coping with a Lana Lolita aesthetic. There is apparently a lot more with her that I'm trying ti find (also she was on the news after going missing for a while)

No. 1398816

Yes, Alida Simone. haven't heard of her in a while but last time i checked she was still in a nymphet phase. Yes, she was apparently kidnapped by an older boyfriend (a guy in his 20s?) when she was 16. I remember however she was dating/living with several other much older scrotes after that, relying on their money (she only sold her ugly Key West Kitten "brand").
As for her Lana aesthetic, i remember at some point Pull users had this consensus that despite copycating, she personally wasn't that much of a Lana stan, but she used the aesthetic cause it would give her more popularity or something like that. also recall she went to a Lana show with 2 or 3 other girls AND a sugar daddy, and some people from the crowd recognized her online and complained that all of them were too loud and gave the guy a blowjob while in the 1st/2nd row at that show.
But i only recall bits and pieces of that, might look through the whole thing again cause i just found that all the pages of the thread are archived:

No. 1398963

File: 1640136296296.png (2.23 MB, 1299x2048, Screenshot_20211221-191852.png)

she still has a big hairy bf she calls "daddy" and now she is into crystal/zodiac/witch stuff, and handmakes crochet hats and leg warmers and stuff. and she posts videos of her pole dancing to Lana songs sometimes….. that's about it. not sure where she fits aesthetically now that she's got red hair, maybe the whole "snowbunny" thing I saw on the aesthetics wiki?

No. 1398990

File: 1640137867698.png (1.03 MB, 1457x2048, Screenshot_20211221-194131.png)

an interesting comment

No. 1398991

File: 1640137928281.png (1003.24 KB, 1447x2048, Screenshot_20211221-194149.png)

No. 1398995

whoa Alida crochets? that's some development since she couldn't fucking use a needle and thread to sew a simple ribbon onto cheap panties lol. good for her i guess
Crystal/witchy shit isn't a surprise, that's what we couldve expected more or less. she used to be into some shit liek that, having spiritual animals etc. she was obsessed with "guardian wolf" or something like that, and had a husky. One other girl i guess took on that thing from her and when Alida confronted her, she explained she was raped and it helped her with trauma etc. Alida made a hissy fit about it and said the girl's a liar. like… girl there's probably plenty of people believing in spirit animals or whatever, that's not special.

I think aesthetically, when nymphets grow out of their old schtick, they usually try to go more elegant/old hollywood/70's movie star way. but they often still use motel/Lana-ish aesthetics, just trying to make it less obvious. alida's kind of a mix of various insta stuff i guess, elegant-fairie-cottagecore etc.
it's good she ditched nymphette shit and knows it was toxic but on the other hand she still continues the ddlg bullshit "daddy"… i thought ppl's already grown out of this shit
(also hope she's got any job cause… wtf is she even doing all days besides crocheting, dancing and browsing the net)

No. 1398996

File: 1640138081231.png (951.06 KB, 1559x2048, Screenshot_20211221-194208.png)

No. 1399002

samefag, that's the girl i was talking about. idk what to think of that situation, there was a girl who copied her but i don't remember her messaging her exes. hard to tell.
As for drawing swastikas, there was a video of her doing that as a teen. she would date a nazi boyfriend (?) and hang out with another racist/trump supporter 60speech/Brooke, it was on pull too

No. 1399004

File: 1640138278301.png (829.26 KB, 2048x1728, Screenshot_20211221-194229.png)

pt 4

No. 1399007

i'm still reading through the comment but LOL at her saying PULL was taken down because "~they all bUlLiEd hEr and others~". idk behind the scenes thing but wasn't it that Nyx didn't want to pay for sever/deal with it anymore

Plus bold of her to say "everything was lies". easiest thing to say, lol.

No. 1399062

>not sure where she fits aesthetically now that she's got red hair, maybe the whole "snowbunny" thing I saw on the aesthetics wiki?
you are aware that sometimes people can just exist without feeling the urge to twist and mold themselves into fitting into an aesthetic? like that is an option.

No. 1399066

This thread is going to self destruct if you keep bringing up these radical notions.

No. 1399067

right. well that part of her didn't change at all i guess. just when you think she's about to admit to her old faults, she turns around saying everythng was a lie and this grand plan to take her down.
Idk, i really don't like the reasoning "i was 16, i was only a child!" it's not like you cannot think at 16 yet.
she probably isn't how she used to anymore, at least in some aspects. yes these things happened awhile ago, but her "These were mean hateful lies and bullying, and know that ofc i'm ALWAYS a pure innocent beautiful soul" talk is really offputting.

No. 1399125

trust me I know… it's just she originally got her following from pandering to certain aesthetics

sage for useless post

No. 1399137

Typing “sage” doesn’t sage the post retarded newfag

No. 1399144

lol, what a fucking throwback.
at least bruisedlittlegirl/littlechurchgirl dropped all of the stupid nymphette shit and left the internet. god bless her.

No. 1399145

File: 1640155305356.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 1242x1500, 0DEF83AE-DA8D-49EA-8D84-EA43CC…)

Lol sorry anons but Ailda Simone is still an extreme pedo-panderer despite being a 21 year old woman. Her tumblr url is still jumpropejailbait and she still posts shit like picrel with now edited captions that originally complained about “People say I look like a child!! But I can’t help it I don’t want to!!” She still talks down to her followers as well as scams them. Her crocheting is extremely an extremely basic bee pattern that she got from YouTube. She’s attempting to sell leg warmers now which is just squares of cheap faux fur with some bows on it kek she’s still the same, just older.

No. 1399156

File: 1640157471481.jpg (269.12 KB, 1440x1440, old scrote.jpg)


I feel sorry for Alida since she was memed by nymphet culture to think having an old pedophile scrote is aspirational, she will look back with regret when she's older and realizes she should have been shagging attractive guys her own age.
As soon as she looks older this obvious pervert will dump her, she does look and act like a teenager which is clearly his thing, but save having a lobotomy she will mature at some point, and he will be disgusted to see an actual intelligent woman in front of him instead of an excitable child.

No. 1399159

>She later came out saying that she looks back on her aesthetic says worth regret and that seeing her pictures still floating around doesn't sit right with her because she knows she was being abused by older men and coping with a Lana Lolita aesthetic.

Mfw she still has an old scrote now (see above) that was obviously only a brief glimmer of self-awareness

No. 1399160

>complained that all of them were too loud and gave the guy a blowjob while in the 1st/2nd row at that show.

I once waited to see Lana at a festival (after listening to the Born to Die album a lot the previous year) and walked off about two songs in, absolutely lifeless and dull in person. I can't imagine how much worse it would be giving oral at the same time, absolute hell kek. I hope that isn't true for her sake.
There was a clip of Lana especially going over to Alida in the crowd/at the barrier which I think Lana posted on her own page and Alida reposted, so she is known to her.

No. 1399162

She looks like a regular 21-25 year old, not like a teenager but she definitely infantilizes herself personality wise which is what he wants. I used to feel bad for her but at this point she knows better and has shown that she knows better but would rather be the pathetic way she is.

No. 1399165

samefag for clarity, the clip Lana posted was at a different performance when Alida was in Ireland visiting another ethot, I don't think any guys were there.

No. 1399166

Lana's ex posted her missing poster when she ran away because he's a fucking creep, that's how Lana knows about her.

No. 1399167

There was men with them

No. 1399169

oh right, forgot about the disgusting "jumpropejailbait" tumblr. her aesthetic is not so visibly nymphette anymore but she could still easily pander to that crowd with pastel colors, sailor moon stylistics etc. she's still as much immature as ever. and still dates old "daddy's". seems she didn't change at all besides ditching lolita references.
lol she will undoubtedly get older, and maybe even mature to some degree, but Alida transforming with age into an "intelligent woman" is overstatement

No. 1399170

She still makes lolita and the like references on her alt insta elvishwolfie

No. 1399175

Iirc Alida & girls posted a photo with that "daddy" guy and he's visible behind them at that short clip with Lana. i'd have to search Pull for that though and now i don't have time. can't prove they did that ofc, just trying to memorize, but there was an outrage, Lana posted the pic/video with Alida i guess? and her fans even messaged Lana that this girl is obnoxious for doint that and so on.
so even if they didn't have sex in public, they travelled with the stranger guy for a few days (?) and that gave suspicious sugar vibes either way

No. 1399178

It was Johanna Liauw's sugar daddy lol she used to have him tagged on her instagram but who knows now

No. 1399181

yeah, that's kinda disgusting nonetheless, even if Alida went as a friend only. cause we know she romanticized that lifestyle back then
well then looks like "i'm mature i don't do nymphett/lolita anymore" shit is just a pose then, she just hides it better on official cause she knows she'd be called out.
she must've been delighted when pull went down, with all of her thread.

on a sidenote, i think she prob buys followers

No. 1400461

Why did this thread become active again this shit died along with these losers in 2015. Let’s not lol

No. 1435155

there's another boy in the "aesthetic"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1446578

No. 1462317

File: 1646859992153.png (1.23 MB, 1265x2048, Screenshot_20220309-150309.png)

in case anyone's wondering what robyn's ex gf @rottinglace is up to now… she now has a style very similar to millie's, and she's been in the hospital for her anorexia for weeks

No. 1462333

the Nicole thread is >>694958
the nymphet thread is >>1410169

No. 1462348

File: 1646862493362.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1476x872, Screenshot_20220309-154606~2.p…)

she's been vulgar for a long, long time

No. 1520478

I'm really curious what happened with all of these girls especially Jess Woods and Millie who seemed to have disappeared so suddenly. Can we do some stalking and find out their IGs? I highly doubt they don't have any social media…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1520541

Learn 2 sage but a lot of these girls probably just grew out of it. Very few people go and pull a Luna trying to cling to their clout once the aesthetic stops being trendy, plus a lot of these nymphet type styles are abandoned when they people realise they're adult women trying to pedopander

No. 1520554

Jess Woods vanished, last time we've had any update was when she worked at a library and looked like a normal person. probably ashamed of her nymphet phase since she deleted all her sites. Millie deleted everything but i think she has private facebook. last time she posted she got married to some guy, pics upwards in the thread. curious if she keeps up her Yolandi/Jazmin Bean style or if she went normie privately. Cryspell/Rosie Diamonds has retro prostitute in kitchy hotel vibe now but rarely posts. Torturegardens still has an instagram and posts once a year or so, still likes dolls etc. as well as heart shaped motels and blah blah, but she also went that more vintage retro Lana vibe.
nymphet is dead, coquette is now the thing, but it's the other way of cringe and not really the same vibe as nymphets. no distinct characters, no distinct "famous" figures. nymphets were as idiotic as coquettes but at least there was more milk.

No. 1521019

She only vanished from tumblr. Her instagram is byalicesnow which is mostly treated as an art account, though.

No. 1521873

all i know is that maja/childoflamb/mjolktander is still fairly active. she got married to her 45 year old bf but there's not much milk overall.

huh? alice and jess aren't the same person.

No. 1522458

You're curious about the calves but I'm curious about Nicole herself. All of these calves would be doing great on TikTok rn so I find it surprising that neither they nor Nicole is taking advantage of that

No. 1522626

How old is Maja? She must be at least 25 at this point.

No. 1522884

File: 1651999449036.jpg (108.32 KB, 827x827, 197584753_208806041162883_8142…)

Millie looks pretty normal now, or at least fixed her hair and is not going the straight across cut bangs and toned down the eye makeup.

No. 1522985

woah, where did you find this? of course she transformed into normie right after the wedding. not that it's a bad thing though, cause she looks way better here. at least she has brows now.

I think it's ironic how even after nymphets drop their old image, they still live with remnants of nymphet "principles" as most of ppl mentioned here either date or married men much, much older than them.

No. 1523031

nicole has already made waves on tiktok before but they’ll always shut her down for the columbine ep/cp she posted before anyone starts listening and liking her lmfao

No. 1524344

there are two schools of thought here, those who learn all that shit and cross her out completely, and those who completely ignore it and wk her because "that was so long ago! she's a different person now!" etc.
Nicole's sitting quiet because she knows she's been cancelled, but imo there are other factors too. perhaps she noticed that she's got no audience to pander to now, nymphettes are gone and coquettes are less sadbbydoll uwu and more about anorexic celebrities. Nicole's old pals like Patience, Cryspell and co. have moved one from aesthetic, she'd have no way to be the prettiest girl in the pack anymore. maybe she's busy doing the 9 to 5 job along with her ugly boyfriend

No. 1524810

One of the ugliest cows here(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1524925

Gotta be honest her weird columbine and pedo shit still has an audience. I go and gawk at freaks on Twitter as my own mini cow watching expeditions and there's people who absolutely adore her specifically for those two things

No. 1524969

same age as original nymphets or younger? everything old tumblr is glorified, there will come a time when "pedo Nicole" times will be specifically glorified, if it hasn't already.
I wonder how Nicole's potential comeback might look like, theoretically she could have some grounds if she played along with coquette trend, but she lacks ideas tbh. i think alot of her "popularity" relied just on that, on going along with toxic tumblr trends. DDLG, abandoned places, gore posting, being favourite in that tumblr circle. now there are no "tumblr circles". what i mean is, 2013-2016 tumblr had its fair dose of tumblr-famous people, which later translated into instagram famous ppl etc. now something like that doesn't happen anymore.
her original sadbbydoll squad fell apart. wonder if she's still in contact with anyone. what happened to Maggie though?

No. 1525068

>same age
Yes and no. I've noticed that the old obsession with aesthetics had kinda broadened beyond teens. I'm talking an average of 16 to 25ish years old going by the accounts I lurk around and laugh at. Actually, if you look at the pedopanderer thread, those circles still adore Nicole and they're usually 20+ years of age. Same boring fat girls and anachan type fans as she had years before kek

No. 1526616

she just turned 27

No. 1585309

and the VC Andrews fandom still loves her

No. 1772939

File: 1676945331700.jpeg (213.5 KB, 748x1258, 44929D8F-67BC-490C-AA81-FFE6D1…)

Is @maggiedunlap considered to be one of Nicole’s calves ? Her & Nicole used to hang out together. Here she is on instagram squealing over the fact that the got permission from a morgue to photograph dead bodies

No. 1772940

File: 1676945385971.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3275x4096, 0B9B9180-708D-4CEB-95E7-F54738…)

And here is commenters criticizing her for this & her not giving a flying fuck

No. 1773268

>Is @maggiedunlap considered to be one of Nicole’s calves ?
Yes she used to be mentioned in these threads bc she used to hang out with Nicole. i have no idea if she's still on this sadbbydoll nymphet shit, haven't heard of her in years. nice to see she's as cringe as ever.

No. 1779453



Not familiar with how this website works. I found it by googling "Millie Doll".

I knew her from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was at that performance that this photo was taken at.

She joined Velvet Darkness (the Rocky Horror shadow cast here in Madison. I’m just gonna say these details because they’re all revealed on this page, anyway) when she was around 18. That would've been about 7 years ago. VD only had a few performances booked per year at that time. So, naturally, we weren't that well organized. Chala (this is what we knew her as, because her real name is Michala, as someone previously mentioned) came into the cast & had a lot of that "I just saw Rocky Horror for the first time & I'm obsessed & full of energy" vibe that a lot of newcomers have. She became close to the guy who was in charge of the group - let’s call him Lucien. They started dating (there was a significant age gap between them & he was married…I didn’t make much of that, because rocky horror is very associated with the alternative relationship arrangements that occur in the BDSM world - it is what it is. But, I think maybe it seemed odd to others in the group, I really don’t know).

She & I would talk for hours on the phone sometimes. I helped organize casts rehearsals & stuff. She started getting closer with Lucien. Conflicts started happening on cast. (In hindsight, I discovered that she was the original cause of all these conflicts). She lied to a few people to get them riled up & leave the cast. She tried to lie to me, & told me that Lucien (who I had known for years already at this point) really didn’t like me & was about to boot me. I just did nothing about that information, LOL, so I ended up not getting manipulated due to my apathy. I think she was hoping I’d get mad at him & then leave cast or something…

She would tell me these stories over the phone about how terrible her home life was. She claimed (to me & several others) that she had a schizophrenic older brother who had been in & out of mental institutions who would abuse her & her younger brother (the one mentioned on here) when he would get out. And she would tell me about how cruel her parents were. Eventually, I realized that there was literally no way that some of things she was saying could be true, because I observed that she actually had a fairly comfortable middle-class life, which directly contradicted some things she’d said. I figured she was just exaggerating, & was a little spoiled or something. No big deal, I figured, but just not necessarily true.

Ultimately, Velvet Darkness held some kind of meeting I was at where Lucien asked her for the passwords back to the social media accounts for the cast. And I vaguely remember most of us (except her & Hannah the girl who posted the picture of Chala at Rocky Horror, which is mentioned on this page) gathering outside afterwards, discussing something about some sort of “incident” that had happened. I don’t really remember what it was. But, what I know for sure is that she had started a hell of a lot of drama on cast for basically everyone. She had tried to get me kicked out. I think that meeting was the last time I saw her.

A few weeks or months afterwards, Lucien & I were sitting in his car talking about the whole fiasco. He said that she had told him some lies about me & urged him to kick me off cast. He said that ultimately he decided not to because he knew I was a good person, at heart. In time, of course, he found out it was all lies anyway. The biggest kicker for Lucien was this: Chala didn’t actually have an older brother. It was a lie. He realized that actually Chala got the idea to tell this lie from me, because I actually have a much older brother with schizophrenia who used to beat up me & my mom when I was younger. 

The girl Hannah who posted that picture of Chala at the Rocky Horror Picture show was someone who Chala had gotten quite close to. I still followed Hannah until a year or so ago. I remember about 3 years she ago made a post of her & Chala & basically lamented all these times she had gotten lied to & “nonconsensual touched despite my protestations” by Chala. I don’t keep up with Hannah anymore.

The first time I met Chala I noticed that she had more self-mutilation scars than anyone I’d ever seen in my entire life. Including many, many very deep ones across her chest (you’ll realized that you’ve never actually seen her exposed chest before in any of these pictures…) She must be very messed up to do that. I don’t know the psychological basis of that tendency, so I’m not judging people who do that in general. Just saying that it’s clear she’s no doing too great.

I said to Lucien afterwards that she seems like a fucking psychopath. He said that she is a narcissist. I agree with that (hey I’m not a psychiatrist or something but I’m gonna call ‘em how I sees ‘em!) Chala has the honor of being the first person I ever realized was a malignant narcissist. I’ve met several since then, & they all tend to follow the same basic patterns (once you start to see their patterns they’re pretty obvious, TBH). I’m actually really grateful for all the freaks like this I’ve met in my life, because I’ve learned what kinds of people to AVOID in the future. And of course, after all was said & done, she claimed to be the victim of Lucien & the rest of the cast. It’s a shame really: this was one of my first lessons that most of the time when women are abusive, they will claim after the fact “my ex was abusive.” No, honey; it’s you. (Yes the same is true of men, too; but I don’t have to worry about that because I won’t be dating any men anytime soon).

At the time, Chala was going to the community college to study Education, I think. I know she wanted to work with kids as a teacher, because she actually worked with my sister at a daycare, briefly. She was definitely nice to the kids. That’s something I’ve noticed with narcissists: they usually like kids & actually do quite well at interacting with them. That’s probably because narcissists are immature themselves, & also enjoy the approval & admiration that kids have for them. Either way, I’ll give her credit where it’s due that she actually some genuinely interest in the early childhood development process. I think she dropped out of college though.

Abby Holgerson / ominous Abby is cool, as far as I know. She went to high school with my niece. We matched on Tinder once. We were also in a music video together. I asked her out at that time but she didn’t want to because she has a boyfriend now. I think she’s probably just somebody who enjoys dressing up & taking photos & isn’t completely fucking batshit insane but HEY I COULD BE WRONG! If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life from shit like the Chala Incident it is that you don’t know what someone could be up to, especially if they have a pretty face to distract you (or the semblance of one).

I feel really sorry for the guy who is married (was married?) to Chala now. Somebody on this board said he used to be an Incel. I’m not surprised. That’s probably the only kind of man she can manipulate; desperate, lonely, & not too discerning of women because he’s not used to any female attention.

I’m glad I found this board because it’s kind of interesting to think how far I’ve come since the Chala Incident. I’m much more discerning about people’s real intentions & about how different types of people operate. It’s definitely been positive, over all. And Velvet Darkness has been doing great ever since; we even have a regular monthly show in town now!

Thank you!

(P.S. I think it’s worth mentioning: I’m sure Chala had some weird shit happen to her. The only explanation for her psychology I ever heard was from Lucien, who said that Chala was jealous of her brother ever since he was born because he took attention away from her. Now, being that she’s only a few years older than her brother, that means she’s felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention since pretty young. I don’t know exactly how that comes about, but I’m sure it originated in circumstances beyond her control. I never met her parents, but I’m sure they fucked something up if they’re kids are this fucked up. I’m just mentioning that because it’s not like abusive narcissists just “happen” out of thin air. She is responsible for her behavior, but maybe not the conditions that led to her emotional baggage.)

No. 1779467

>She would tell me these stories over the phone
Thank you for the milk, newfriend, but when you're posting to an imageboard like this it is a very bad idea to include information that can be used to identify you. All the cows mentioned in this thread have read what people were posting about them. There's a chance she will see this and know who you are

No. 1779468

oh I forgot to add:

The "Fake brother" note is confirmed by the image of Chala as Magenta, above, where Hannah says "when you had red hair & a half brother." >>877167

That "half brother" is not the brother from >>923898
that "half brother" is the imaginary one with schizophrenia that Chala made up.

Also: Chala had a friend named Charlie who was also on cast. I got to know Charlie after the Chala Incident on cast. She said that Chala used to drive downtown & tell her to wait in the car for hours because "She (Charlie) wasn't pretty enough to be seen with me". I guess Charlie did so. She definitely had serious self-esteem issues of her own, though not in the narcissistic direction… sad, really. I hope she's doing better now

No. 1779469


Yea, that's a good point. I just don't think it would matter at this point… But I suppose you're right.(namefag)

No. 1791576

as someone who used to be very close friends with Michala she was lying about the half brother thing since she was 15/16. I was the original guinea pig for her narcissistic bs because she knew I was autistic and gullible at the time(post proof or gtfo)

No. 1804915

Wow I didn't even recognize her. This is so much more pretty than that ugly black Lord Farquad bobbed hair. Surprised she never went this route for her look as it fits that whole nicole aesthetic better.

>married to her 45 year old bf
God I can't imagine having to take care of him when he's older and she's still young. What a dumbass lol. Anything for the aesthetic tho

No. 1845776

File: 1686655634282.jpeg (245.47 KB, 1125x1396, IMG_8293.jpeg)

Yeah as someone who works at a funeral home AND with the medical examiner (late to this post) this is absolutely disgusting. Maggie Dunlap should never be allowed around deceased loved ones - let alone allowed to take photos. She glorifies murder scenes and traumatic deaths, straight up romanticizes it. Is there a way to petition this? Kek she’s an awful human being. Someone should report her shit so she has no platform for this bullshit. I would never allow her around any of our death scenes or anywhere near the bodies of the loved ones we serve. It is not art or something to be glamorized. These are real people with families who are mourning. If this really happens someone needs to do something to get her banned from all platforms, since she loves the edginess of being banned from gore sites etc so much

Originally stopped by this thread because of Patience Kingsley’s recent post. Couldn’t resist. The level of FaceTune is astonishing and so laughable. Who does she think she’s fooling besides herself?

No. 1845887

File: 1686671882290.jpeg (199.92 KB, 1125x1578, IMG_8294.jpeg)

More Maggie Dunlap milk because fuck it - she belongs in this thread, and let’s be real she’s a horrible person who thinks her edgy posts are somehow art. Maggie Dunlap as a “runway model”. Saged because irrelevant but funny

No. 1845888

File: 1686671933795.jpeg (126.95 KB, 1125x1583, IMG_8295.jpeg)

No. 1845895

File: 1686672167268.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1125x1547, IMG_8296.jpeg)

Maggie Dunlap posing in front of her “art”. I almost feel like she deserves her own thread here

No. 1845896

File: 1686672055367.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1125x1547, IMG_8296.jpeg)

Maggie Dunlap posing in front of her “art”

No. 1845897

File: 1686672236985.jpeg (134.77 KB, 1125x1547, IMG_8296.jpeg)

Maggie Dunlap posing in front of her “art”. I almost feel like she deserves her own thread here

No. 1845907

Y’all the site glitched I did not mean for that to post three times lol I’m so sorry

No. 1845944

This corny bitch is still doing this dumb aesthetic shit? Jesus Christ, she's been editing and editing herself into a white blob for years. Lol a true dark, victorian era witch or whatever she's been going for is not working.

No. 1845952

does anyone know what happened to that underage girl kiki who used to hang out with nicole and her bf? is she still a fan?

No. 1845993

I pray to god she moved on, that child was straight up being groomed by Nicole. It was sad to watch, and eerie vibes knowing Nicole was in her late 20s and paying so much special attention to a literal child. I’d be interested to know too - if anyone finds anything maybe post an update

No. 1846065

Is her name kirin? If so, think I found her in Nicole’s following on IG. Seems like she’s moved on from Nicole and that entire aesthetic completely if so

No. 1846229

Damn that’s a weird blast from the past. Haven’t seen her in years. I thought she would have grown out of it by now

No. 1846231

Why do pickmes and scrotes love dead womens bodies?

No. 1846235

She’s working in England, I’m actually surprised she’s allowed to exhibit this stuff as we have much stricter laws against gore and obscenity than the US

No. 1846239

Living proof gore and CP rots your soul. Same evil demonic face and soulless eyes that trannies and pedos acquire.

No. 1846470

File: 1686751046622.jpeg (131.79 KB, 1125x1106, IMG_8301.jpeg)

She’s “big” on IG in her niche - surprised she’s not mentioned here more. She did some bit for a while where she posted like, fake snuff or some bullshit on online forums and got all giddy about being banned or people thinking they were real videos. I think one was what she pulled these stills from for IG - like pretending to be a little girl being mauled by a dog, posting a fake snuff where her nasty bf or whomever abducted and raped/murdered her, etc. If someone has more info on her or wants to lurk her socials and make a Maggie Dunlap thread I think it would be fucking hilarious and entertaining. There’s a lot to unpack

No. 1846472

File: 1686751096922.jpeg (300.15 KB, 1125x1371, IMG_8300.jpeg)

No. 1846473

File: 1686751149465.jpeg (39.48 KB, 517x564, IMG_8302.jpeg)

Never forget kek

No. 1846474

File: 1686751258976.jpeg (257.83 KB, 1125x1553, IMG_8303.jpeg)

One of her “creative partners” or friends or whatever is this lilybloom idiot

No. 1846478

I don't mean this to sound bitchy but you mustn't visit galleries often. We've displayed artworks like that for decades.

No. 1846479

File: 1686751699916.jpeg (211.55 KB, 1125x1783, IMG_8305.jpeg)

Maggie Dunlap boasting about her “art” being banned on every platform, and also being kicked out of her art school

No. 1846480

File: 1686751731415.jpeg (314 KB, 1125x1796, IMG_8304.jpeg)

Her book about her “internet performance”

No. 1846481

Hi Maggie("hi cow")

No. 1846485

File: 1686752844920.jpeg (166.21 KB, 1125x1671, IMG_8306.jpeg)

Her website. Big reminder this woman is about to be 30

No. 1846486

File: 1686752908511.png (450.18 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_8307.png)

More “art” with a detailed explanation about her wanting to expose the reality of true crime by creating edgy fakes of dead bodies

No. 1846488

I’m so sorry I forgot to spoiler that

No. 1846495

Clarifying it's not too gory or obscene for English galleries doesn't make me Maggie or a Maggie-fan, retard. Anyone with eyes can see her art is shit.

No. 1846496

File: 1686753592702.jpeg (547.83 KB, 1125x2304, IMG_8308.jpeg)

No. 1846499

File: 1686753723070.jpeg (Spoiler Image,221.38 KB, 1125x1605, IMG_8309.jpeg)

No. 1846569

File: 1686767652334.png (794.04 KB, 660x830, md1.png)

Damn, a blast from the past indeed. I'm all for discussing these old ass nymphet cows if there's milk, Maggie Dunlap seems to be the worst one atm with her obnoxious dead body obsession and all.
I recognized this photo and can provide some info. It's a photoshoot done by Moni Hayworth (monibelle), same boring bitch who shot Ethel Cain, Arrow De Wilde, Grimes, that coquette Alana girl i forgot her name etc so she ws mentioned before on lolcow. It's a typical LA washout artfag with connections, who for some reason got trendy and shoots for ""art"" mags ala Paper. Friends with Petra Collins and whatnot. She used to be boring rich LA girl living at a "poverty house" for the aesthetic (she still takes pics in that house lmao, she loves to invite new trendy stars like the chick who plays new Wednesday Adams and photograph them against her "shabby" white walls and old window curtains - as shown in pic related, except Maggie isn't new trendy star ofc), but now is all ~trendy~. What's her style you ask? She's doing exactly the same thing EVERYBODY in LA/elsewhere is doing now: blurry shitty Y2K themed photos (of people dressed in Y2k bimbos & for some reason she likes to give them aall plastic swords), all taken with old iphone/2003 digital camera/digi videotape cams and thinking it's oh so original and not like any other photographers ever. Hence the "snuff" quality about this Maggie Dunlap photos.

These pics with fake "dog attack" were published in some magazine, along with this atrocious interview. All yet another "artistic" project of Moni Hayworth. So I CANNOT believe this bitch was trying to pass this off as legit snuff film and getting banned on 4chan etc. It's a fucking ~art paper mag~ photoshoot kek

No. 1846571

File: 1686767880295.png (326.14 KB, 660x812, md2.png)

Here's the rest of the article, as if her True Crime tumblr zin tier bullshit is even worth describing

No. 1846573

File: 1686768093606.png (362.8 KB, 668x846, md3.png)

No. 1846576

What even is the point of these photos besides trying to find an “artistic uwu so deep” reason to take edgy tumblr pics? This is just basic old school tumblr reblog vibes. It’s giving so much cringe and 2010s tumblr nostalgia. Will she ever grow up? This shit isn’t going to be “cute” in her 30s

No. 1846578

I didn’t know about all of that nonnie thank you! That’s really laughable. Anyone can take poor quality pics in worn out houses. I don’t see why this photographer is trending at all. Weird that she has notable connections and then agrees to photograph Maggie. How much do you wanna bet Maggie asked for the shoot, and maybe even paid for it herself?

No. 1846583

I notice it's an overall trend in the media (and on individual instathots/tumblrina scene as well). The whole Y2k nostalgia/bimbo thing, taking pics with 2003 digi cameras OR at least pretending you're using one via right combination of effects/ filters. i see it everywhere, tumblr, insta, and it's been leaking into shitty mags like i-D as well. It's incredibly funny because all these popular (or not so popular but functioning, it's all big nepo-friend scene keeping each other alive) photographers think they're doing something soooo innovative and unique when in reality they're all doing exact shit
No idea how did this shoot come into fruition. Are they sharing some friends or what. Because i don't believe Moni approached Maggie and asked her to pose. Where is Maggie from? i don't think she's in LA is she?

No. 1846594

File: 1686770376308.png (1.53 MB, 836x1692, dog2.png)

Samefag but this amuses me for some reason… she was trying to make it look like uwu scary snuff violent film of nymphet girl smiling while big scary dog bites her, with shots of a dog barking and whatnot…

No. 1846596

File: 1686770574755.png (710.56 KB, 816x840, dog.png)

…and then this pic of a cute dog playing and being happy

No. 1846597

File: 1686770748953.png (130.35 KB, 708x826, maggied.png)

That's just such an ambitious project you guys

No. 1846600

File: 1686771040151.png (206.27 KB, 712x832, maggie.png)

Btw anons who read Post-Leftcows thread, you know that pic of Dasha cow from Red Scare podcast wearing plaid and "Male Fantasies" t-shirt? Turns out she bought it from Maggie Dunlap…

No. 1846649

Ive been to plenty of modern art exhibits but I don’t remember seeing photographs of brutalised dead bodies

No. 1846652

I knew I’d seen that same house dozens of times before. Is it the same one where Ch111oe and Allison Harvard did shoots too?

And yeah the creepycore pastel gore shit is so outdated.

No. 1846654

>if you consume media about true crime then you’re just as fucked up and evil as the killers themselves
Hasnt this retarded non sequitur been argued to death?

No. 1846658

She’s retarded, posting gore on /x/ is against the rules and random pics of dead bodies and crime scenes have nothing to do with paranormal, so any thread that is about true crime gets deleted off /x/ automatically unless there’s a blatant link to something paranormal about it.

No. 1847376

Yeah you can’t exactly get “banned” from 4chan, but they can delete your threads if it doesn’t go with the theme of the board

No. 1848447

Does anyone know what became of Myra Josephine? Her art was cool(learn2sage)

No. 1852220

File: 1687602500824.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1125x1520, IMG_8384.jpeg)

Allegedly miss edgelord Dunlap actually got her “pass” for photographing dead people at a morgue. Truly disgusting. Does this look absolutely fake to anyone else? The poor families if this is legit… someone please make this bitch her own thread. I’m so busy lately

No. 1852221

File: 1687602787419.jpeg (36.3 KB, 398x628, IMG_8385.jpeg)

She could have photoshopped this image, all you have to do is google search LA sheriffs press pass. Hers doesn’t exactly follow the exact layout and obviously is photoshopped to make her look better - not the actual colors of the pass

No. 1852455


New Maggie Dunlap thread

No. 1943026

Another one for the pile: garbagedolly.tumblr.com(still hasn't learned how to post)

No. 1985617

File: 1713144519819.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.62 KB, 735x541, tumblr_e868f90a30163bf987c7d78…)

Sorry to bump a dead thread, but I was looking on that Garbagedolly blog,and found this… there's also what looks like a man wrestling with a teen boy in her likes…(this isn't milk, don't post unsaged unless it's milk)

No. 1985653

File: 1713155034333.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.97 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20240415-001547_Chr…)

I want to bring up he-was-a-bad-man on Tumblr. She literally posts pictures of precious moments figures alongside reblogs about David Parker Ray. She also reblogs a lot about incest between fathers and sons, and also incest with siblings, and posts Bible verses for religious trauma edgepoints.In her first post, she actually calls herself a "Philip Markoff fangirl." The picture I added is literally the post she wanted at the top of her blog. It just feels like she's putting that stuff on her blog because it's what Nicole sings about. There's honestly too much to talk about in one post, but she actually said she "liked men in their 40s that rape teenage girls." Honestly it's kind of cringy as well as disgusting.

No. 1985661

File: 1713158631694.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.99 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20240415-012053_Chr…)

Something he-was-a-bad-man (aka lucy bell) reblogged. There's honestly a lot of ddlg, sibcest, and bdsm on her blog it feels like she's trying to emulate Nicole's masochist vibes

No. 1985663

File: 1713158796053.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.92 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20240415-012457_Chr…)

Wow she is really into daddy daughter incest

No. 1985694

>Honestly it's kind of cringy as well as disgusting.
>doesn't bother to unlike the posts
kek yeah i'm sure you find them really disgusting anon

No. 1985695

I liked the posts so I could find them again lmao.

No. 1985696

File: 1713174567286.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.04 KB, 250x258, tumblr_98d46b62d19832532e643c1…)

Apparently she's into pedos too

No. 1985697

File: 1713174655754.jpg (320.41 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_8348d8c3467f67f68fca7bb…)

Here's something interesting from her blog. Not milk, but who would call Nicole Dollanganger of all the greatest living north american songwriter?

No. 1985699

File: 1713174872437.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.79 KB, 400x283, tumblr_pptv0hQxl11r9lyq9o1_400…)

Jesus christ her whole blog is like this. This can't be ddlg because it's an actual little girl in that drawing getting touched by that man wtf

No. 1985700

File: 1713174988212.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.03 KB, 250x186, tumblr_8b28acef57252b5a94540ec…)

This has Nicole's old blog written all over it… weapons, homoerotic bdsm shit, reblogged from some Ethel Cain fan blog kek

No. 1985717

pretty sure Grimes paid for that billboard

No. 1985741

Yeah Grimes has always had a weird obsession w Nicole

No. 1985770

I'm always glad to see Nicole calves bumped, but this is absolutely no milk, there's HUNDREDS of blogs exactly like this. What is so special about this Garbagedolly person? What sets Nicole's calves apart from thousand of other ~morute traumacore sadbbydoll~ blogs is that
1) their owners posted selfies of themselves blatantly skinwalking Nicole and/or Ginger Bronson
2) kissing Nicole's and other calves asses but secretly seething with jealousy & gossiping behind each other's backs (that including cows posting about each other on lolcow kek)
3) having some actual dramas and usually some semi notoriety on tumblr. These are boring ass anonymous blogs of a random idiot that discovered Nicole and ddlg. disgusting but not milky.

No. 1985882

https://project-imas.wiki/Uzuki_Shimamura Not a little girl but I can't say the rest of what you're saying is false and it's fair if you didn't know this character beforehand

No. 1985983

Nona plz be real with looking at this character, this is like arguing for the million year old dragon girl who conveniently looks like a 7 year old. Stop watching hentai

No. 1986664

Idk, I think there's actually real milk on her. I mean, she actually acts like philip markoff, aka the Craigslist killer, is a teen idol or something. Also she posts pictures of teen boys having sex. Not technically children, but anytime someone underage is shown naked, it's cp.(sage your shit)

No. 1986667

File: 1713474877483.jpg (Spoiler Image,355.85 KB, 1801x1442, tumblr_3cc90268a62bcbac81f201f…)

Yeah, these look like teen boys.

No. 1986703

how did you even find this blog, just coincidentally looking up ddlg content yourself or what?

No. 1986727

those are some post wall teen boys

No. 1986810

If u search #diary on tumblr she comes up so idk

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