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File: 1580252559234.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 0141E245-AEC5-43E9-BA96-91DC92…)

No. 925187

Current -
Instagram: @puppygrl, @warmmilkies
Twitter: @pwurrs
Tumblr: @warmmilky
Soundcloud: @warmmilky

Past -
Instagram: @pwurring, @purinpet, @puppygrl, @pocketsizee, @piglwet, @angrwy, @littolest, @prwotect, @kittyggrl, @pupgrrl, @kttiey, @churchgrl, @69angelonline, @scarlctt, @irlbby, @barbiedreamcoffin, @kittiey, @bladegrl, @girlfromthegrave, @scarlettsblade
Twitter: @shypurr, @pwurrs, @maidpurr, @ekittyprwincess
Tumblr: @strawpurries

> 19 year old agere/petre NEET, self proclaimed "legal loli"
> serial photoshopper, copycat, and liar
> doxes people, steals/copies pics and art
> skinwalks every agere/“nymphet” girl even when they beg her to stop, threatens suicide on her ig story if anyone calls her out
> rich mummy and daddy pay for everything
> “don’t talk about my rape or trauma” but mentions it at least once a week
> claims that her entire bone structure, height has changed so much in 3 years that she looks like completely different person
> claims to be anti-ddlg/pet play/kink yet posts that exact content on her nsfw accounts
> calls people out for doing the exact same shit she does
> regularly cusses people out for defending the person she's currently skinwalking despite her ~uwuwu i'm so sweet~ persona
> public sperg posts on the daily
> flirts with other girl's boyfriends on twitter, doesn't understand why nobody wants to be friends with her
> makes alt accounts to harass people who have blocked her
> "i'm sooo shy, insecure, & inexperienced compared to the rest of you~”; goes on to talk about her obscure fetishes, has been posting underaged lewds for years, whines if it doesn't get enough likes/rts
> uses manipulation and passive aggression get away with being a scumbag and seen like a “widdle babie”
> wannarexic; posts aggressively angled / shooped photos that make her look underweight along with captions about how she's starting a "weight loss journey”, bodychecks with captions about how her “bones are starting stick out”

> deactivating, changing and moving her accounts between twitter and Instagram
> skinwalks other agree/petre thots
> buys exact outfits, copies watermarks and poses in photos
> starts getting called out by twitter thots
> master thread made about Erin
> chased off NSFW twitter with torches and pitchforks !!
> strange influx of newfags to the thread because of cowtipping
> “RIP ERIN PAINTER” account
> posts “unedited” “no makeup” pics but is clearly wearing a wig, makeup, eyeliner/lashes and her nose is heavily edited with 70000 snow filters on top
> “I’m ewins fweind and her vwoice sounds the same unwess she gets mad at video game or somethin” - SELF POST
> Cinawoll chronicles!!! Erin Painter self posting in both her own and nymphet soft girls thread! banned by mods. uses a cheap VPN to come back. mods tag all her selfposts, she shits herself and deactivates all social media for a “break”
> “break” lasts not even 12 hours and is back to baiting
> literally useless at FFXIV but is such a uwu gamer gurrrrrlll
> “I don’t look at the thread” but has to prove the meanies wrong within an hour of anything being posted
> given up separating her NSFW and SFW accounts
> “I can’t handle college” but “I’m moving to the city in my own apartment and mummy is gonna pay for me eeeee!”
> rich parents paid for lasik eye surgery, now asking for a nosejob
> “I have a learning disability”
> posts the most unedited photos to date. looks like a complete different person and lives up to her goblina title!

> instagram story sperging never ends
> instantly responds to lolcow posts publicly to prove the big meanies wrong
> self post conspiracies
> “I have a spare room to use for my own space” stores her 100s of plushies on the bed
> “fake” @pocketsizee account sperg
> no cursing rule is suddenly revoked
> constant twitter diary sperging
> forever claims she never mentioned “daddy” or posted anything “ddlg”
> continues to follow and interact with ddlg accounts
> “stop mentioning my rape or trauma” but continues to talk about it every chance she gets
> considers her online discord daddy relationship as part of her trauma. dedicated and spent “every waking minute with him” but it was an online relationship?
> seems to have literally no friends
> didn’t know what “knotting” (beastiality) was but says it was one of her kinks. a followers come forward and lets her know how stupid she is. cue another sperg.
> someone posts her before/after photoshops on reddit, gets thousands of upvotes
> apparently is going to a “state college” but never mentions it again
> apparently is going to “therapy” but never mentions it again
> starts making “music” on garage band, all are covers but never says so to make it seem like they’re her own songs
> “I’m German”
> song no.2, somehow worse than the first
> tried to make clay food, failed and has a breakdown ??
> defends some twitter daddy pedophile, receives hate then backpedals as usual
> dramatically starts to change her aesthetic
> next skinwalking victim, Maja (@mjolktander/@childoflamb) and possibly Nicole Dollanganger
> styles changes from pink princess loli to hazy cottagecore creepy cute in less than a month
> constantly wealth bragging without even realizing
> “I have to deep clean all my rooms then I get new furniture”
> publicly talks about her trauma as a child on her twitter in almost direct response to the thread followed by a suicide bait
> “peepeepoopoo widdle babi dance puppets dance” manic-sperg on twitter
> publicly talks about her lolcow ban on her story, uploads a screenshot and everything (thanks erin)
> links her followers the thread
> replies to her own posts using one of her 500 accounts because no one cares
> manic replying to the thread on her story instantly after comments being posted
> anons start to get inpatient for the mods revealing erin selfposts
> another terrible song to defer attention
> extreme maja skinwalking, posts almost identical pictures
> another day, another face
> hates children, but age regresses?
> most recent song, attempts “kulning”, fails miserably
> “I have a little bit of Swedish in me!”
> wants to make heavy mental music with soft vocals all of a sudden
> MERRY CHRISTMAS! mods mark all erin painter & “friend” self posts
> multiple posts are revealed in her own threads and the loli soft girls thread
> turns out to be the only comments trying to WK
> uses edgy twitch lingo to try fit in, makes her stand out more
> many posts anons suspected are erin self posts, including the so called male dorm “friend”
> no breakdowns as of yet
> completely changes her art style within a day, artist calls her out saying that she’s improved/changed her style too quickly to be real
> “I post a total of 1% of my life online”
> fakes self harm
> had mental breakdown showing her cuts and bandaid for attention
> disables account only to come back 2 days later
> continues to post on her private spam whilst ~taking a break~

No. 925193

>>> No. 925187

No. 925438

File: 1580313703044.png (6.46 MB, 1242x2208, 6532B7F0-8132-4A91-B0E1-C697EB…)

Blurring out that goblin nose she got

No. 925439

>this is me admitting to saying "how old is her rape baby" when i was 13/14 years old

but like… does she understand the implications of that? it was bullying. she DID want to hurt whoever this person was, period. that's why she said something so fucking nasty.

saying that wasn't only about her uwu twauma, it was about the other person. but no one is a victim except for erin mae painter! she is the ONLY one who has every experienced pain. nobody who has experienced it on her behalf is valid!

No. 925449

She looks like Voldemort

No. 925455

As someone who has experienced sexual violence before, I have never ever ever had the urge to put down someone else and trigger them for being raped. I know there’s lots of way people cope, like becoming a bully because you were bullied, but I have a feeling she asked someone about their “rape baby” because she’s a cunt, not because it was ~to deal with her trauma~

No. 925459

daamn she puts that greasy wig on first thing outta bed, huh?

No. 925462

i wish she’d realize she looks like a creepy frog with how bulgy her eyes are… it’s so so unattractive, stop opening your eyes so big i beg you. literal nightmare fuel
also you indeed seem excited to deactivate instagram again considering you still post all day long on it. what happened to needing a break, attention whore?

No. 925465

File: 1580316275621.png (8.53 MB, 1242x2208, BCC1F61E-95C4-496E-B89A-F5A42C…)

No. 925473

how dare you insult voldemort like that

JUST. DELETE. THE. APP. you dont need to deactivate the account just delete the app and turn off email notification its not that difficult

No. 925479

And the fact that she didn’t admit to any of the other instances of her bullying her classmates online

No. 925481

she won’t delete it, the deactivating thing is just an excuse to stay on social media and whore for attention because it’s the only place where people acknowledge her pathetic existence.

No. 925483

this shit makes me especially doubt her ~trauma~, why did she not go to a therapist to learn some coping mechanisms instead of lashing out at everything? i feel like it was more like she felt isolated in her class so she started being an asshole to everyone because she thought they deserved it or some shit.

looks like she saw my message last thread that she probably still has back up accounts on other platforms lol.

No. 925485

Nitpick but why does she try to force herself to type putting spaces before every comma? You can tell she's putting it on because she keeps inconsistently doing it (i.e. there's a space after tumblr but not before twitter, why?) Is it a cute uwu loli thing to type like my boomer ESL father?

No. 925497


agreed. people react to trauma differently, sure. some continue the cycle. unfortunate, but sure.

her bullying and intentionally triggering someone in the way she did has nothing to do as a reaction to her twauma. it has to do with her being absolutely fucking sick and cruel, and her twauma isn't what made her that way.

No. 925502

Erins just an angry soul. everyone I know who has been truly abused, physically and mentally, they are good souls but damaged. Erin is just a terrible person period and I imagine it stems from growing up white and privileged but not pretty enough to be acknowledged by anyone. She has to find some way to be unique and oppressed

No. 925521

i'm not sure we can say everyone with trauma is a nice person, it's not at all uncommon for someone to grow up horrible because of it (see: serial killers). not trying to excuse erin's actions with this, especially since she could afford to go to a therapist who would help her along to become a better person. i'm just saying this because i don't think we can judge whetever she has trauma based on what type of person she is, we can judge better on what she does, and she lies and contradicts herself constantly.

No. 925536

Erin is a sociopath. She wants everything to be her way, she has no sense of self and will try anything to manipulate people, in the messiest manners possible. She doesn’t know how to function, she just wants to manipulate to have things her way. She’s too stupid to learn that just shutting up and leaving the internet will save her skin

No. 925547

she’s not an angry soul. she’s a capricious, entitled child. a lot of angry people acknowledge their issues and don’t make up excuses for them, erin just wants to be a victim. that has nothing to do with anger. she just enjoys the attention and uses other people to feel better about herself either by abusing their kindness or using their misery to boost her ego.

No. 925554

Everyone I’ve met with trauma, including myself, does not talk about it nearly as much as she does. It’s personal and private and hard to talk about. She mentions it any given chance

No. 925563

this is why she'll never actually delete and stay gone. she thrives off showing off her mediocre copied 'work' for a tiny bit of ego stroking, and since she only does it to get clout, it's not like she'll continue doing it when she deactivates her insta for another 6 hours. anyway can't wait to see what amazing 'different' piece of artwork she's traced from some other artist with more skill and talent than her!!

this is exactly what i think. almost every woman i know has experienced some form of sexual violence before, but we don't turn around and make fun of other women for what happened to them because we aren't awful people. linking to that - i'm a victim of csa. it makes me horrendously uncomfortable to even think about it. i will never get how erin can bring it up unprompted every 5 seconds to get pity points when someone calls her out for something.

the way that she blames everything on her ~twauma~ and ~gwooming~ and uses it as a weapon to make sure absolutely nobody can criticise her for being a silly cunt at any given point is laughable. it all boils down to the same thing: she's a manipulative, narcissistic bitch who thinks she's the only person on earth who's ever suffered, and she won't hesitate use delicate issues like rape and child abuse to get out of accepting responsibility. that shit is wack

No. 925570

Has anyone noticed Erins dislike of wanting female friends?

When she used her twitter her only goals seem to either find a daddy or find an e-boy who was already taken

She only seems to look at other girls as either competition or someone to steal ideas from and when other ddlg girls give her advice she blocks them

Everything she does is for male attention it must be sad to be her.

I wouldn't be surprised if erin was like "I'm not like those other girls" in high school and would constantly bully her female peers

No. 925576

She has little to none yea, she does everything for a reason. She makes sure u see questions ppl have abt her trauma or her mental health or ppl berating her, but hardly ever casual ones like “where’d u get that”

No. 925578

haven't a lot of people who thought they were on good terms with her complained about the fact that they sent her nice questions and dms and stuff and she would straight up ignore them and then post about all the hate she was getting? so weird

No. 925582

it’s not just that, it’s also the fact any interaction she gets she makes sure to mention on one of her socials but she never mentions any girl anywhere because she simply does not have friends. she shares everything she does, if she had a girl friend she was close to, trust me, we would know.

No. 925589

yep, that's why i said "we can judge better on what she does", her constant talk about her trauma also makes it sound fake.

No. 925619

Agreed. She always say “I love women I want a girlfriend” but only responds back to her WK neckbeards or hate messages. Her online ex Dawson or whatever chose his real life girlfriend over Erin and Erin was posting how his gf looked like a raccoon and shit. She is so hateful towards women because she’s a pick me ass bitch

No. 925625

honestly i think it's a good thing she doesn't have any female friends. the type of girls who would actually want to talk to her would do nothing but enable her, and who knows what retarded bullshit erin would be willing to do with people backing her.

No. 925647

i think that’s just her typing style, lots of uwu agere babygirls type like that

No. 925673

File: 1580344158671.jpeg (62.4 KB, 613x598, funny.jpeg)

imagine putting yourself through all this suffering in an attempt to get a guy like this

No. 925934

Honestly I never even cared about the cross tagging drama or the ddlg/agere drama or whatever she did when she was a teen the things that really get to me is when people call her out for ANYTHING she really just sits there and acts like nothing happened. People show her screenshots of her saying pro ana things and she's like "oh no haha I didn't actually mean that haha uwu" and it's just amazing to me. Like what is actually wrong with her.

No. 925955

she’s autistic she doesn’t understand social cues.

No. 925998

lol don't give her a excuse to latch onto

No. 926021

File: 1580425929835.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, AD7091A0-D159-4972-AA15-972A97…)

No. 926022

She’s so damn creepy looking. Her eyes are so ugly. Keep that goblin nose blurred Erin

No. 926023

Reason for name change: I put all of my business on the internet under my legal name like a dumbass and now that’s all that comes up!

No. 926030

You wouldnt be "in and out" of courthouses to change your name. You fill out a form online and it takes at least a month before you see one judge

No. 926042

I wonder if she's been going outside with that wig
It seems like her new obsession

No. 926065

she’s probably not even changing her name. she’s just freaked out by the fact that lolcow comes up with her real name so she’s pretending to change her name so that we will use that instead of erin now.

No. 926067

this. it's bullshit. also erin you know it's obvious when you keep the brightness up so insanely high that your nose conventiently disappears?

No. 926072

File: 1580433013285.png (290.5 KB, 750x1334, C5017894-0BC3-41E2-AF12-01A145…)

No. 926073

Doesn't it also cost hundreds of dollars? I mean I get she's got well off parents but still

No. 926077

File: 1580434012162.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, 80FAE988-829D-4573-B5BE-DDB38B…)

Yeah we know ur spoiled Erin we’ve seen ur thousands of stuffed animals

No. 926081

it's her rape trauma babies

No. 926086

Costs around 100 depending where you live. Not very expensive really

No. 926095


She doesn’t even play animal crossing as much as she’s making it seem like she does. I added her on it and she’s only on for 10 minutes once a week. She makes it seem like she’s on it 24/7 when really she’s not lmao. I swear she lies about the smallest things possible. Every time she says she’s playing animal crossing and not stalking the thread, her status will say “online 1 week ago” like why bother lying about something so small? She seriously is a pathological liar.

No. 926102

Now she's gonna go on a rampage and delete all her friends on there lol.

No. 926103

quite expensive for someone who was going to make an only dans to help their mum with expenses cause they were supposedly badly needing money

crazy how all she spoke about is how she was gonna whore herself for money but now she’s throwing it into a name change. lying about your mum’s health is messed up erin

No. 926104

same fag, onlyfans* how did i fuck that up

No. 926146

File: 1580441472375.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 3D96DA42-E22A-425B-8FC9-DE2BC0…)

Stop bulging your eyes erin, dear god.

No. 926148

File: 1580441923267.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.02 KB, 1125x1500, 053A5794-6AD7-45C7-8202-3E8EA5…)

spot the difference

No. 926150

File: 1580442186989.png (697.89 KB, 750x1334, B6B73E2B-0105-4D3E-BBD4-A319C9…)

Do her eyes look shopped to you guys or is it just me? sage for possible nitpick

No. 926152

Photoshopped and bulged. She’s not self aware enough to understand she looks creepy

No. 926153

File: 1580442618711.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 601AC5C0-CC65-41BA-A927-677F28…)

does this bitch ever get tired of sending herself questions replying to this thread because it’s basically all she fucking does

No. 926161

“I love girls I get shy and awkward around girls and say girls who have never done anything to me look like raccoons uwu tehe” she’s such a loser

No. 926166

File: 1580444007851.png (6.77 MB, 1242x2208, 5F094000-A89B-423D-A3B7-F6030D…)

Is she in denial

No. 926169

Erin since you’re reading this, post the account that asked you about the photoshop

No. 926180

I wonder if her eyes bulge so much because she has Graves disease, or if she's just a creepy bitch?

No. 926181

File: 1580445319855.jpeg (21.6 KB, 300x300, 94D363A3-C205-4956-B467-7BF27F…)

I feel like she’s purposely trying to pull of a ~kwerky creepy-cute wide-eyed~ look a la Allison Harvard

No. 926183

"i love girls heehee" ignores every girl who attempts to talk to her unless it's to trash her
who does she think she's fooling? she's gotta know that she doesn't have any girl friends because she's horrible to women, right?
>ive always wanted a gf uwu i really wuv girls uwu please believe me uwu
get a grip, erin.

i'm pretty sure it's because she thinks that wide eyes=younger look. probably thinks it offsets her giant ass nose kek.

No. 926187

File: 1580446639429.png (3.49 MB, 1242x2208, C2B74F6D-32D3-448F-BF72-E46AA6…)

She has to be stalking the thread again. She posted this showing the accs that asked

No. 926189

Take a shower for once Erin
I bet all the hair under that wig must be disgusting and greasy no wonder why you hide it all the time

No. 926196

File: 1580447504789.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 6C39B4C2-752D-40A5-B14B-24FF32…)


They’re most definitely shooped. The picture is old milk from december but compare her eyes in that photo to this one. Her eyes are wonky as fuck and she looks like she’s disabled. She probably has autism honestly.

No. 926199

I don't know where you live, but in the US a legal name change costs about $700 and it's a pretty involved process. You have to go to court, then go through social security to get a new card, then get a new drivers license/ID/passport etc.

No. 926200

Court is never immediate though. There’s paper work and stuff. You have to set court dates. you don’t just walk in and go up to a judge. She’s lying

No. 926203

This is honestly one of her worst pictures. She looks sick and crazy.

Erin, have you tried genuinely smiling for your selfies? These creepy, try-hard contorted face expressions don't suit your face. It looks unnatural and honestly bad.

You said you're trying to accept the way you look without photoshop, that's fine, but facial expressions play a big role in how people (and yourself) perceive you, as well. If you start acting more like yourself and less like all these girls you're trying to skinwalk, maybe that'll help.

No. 926204

oh absolutely, that's what i'm saying. and it's not $100 like a previous anon said.

No. 926216

File: 1580451941015.jpg (208.43 KB, 720x701, 20200130_222150.jpg)

Don't know how far she is from NYC, it's really not that expensive in New York though

No. 926220

Does anyone know if she has a Nintendo ds? That’s the only other viable option but if she doesn’t have one then lying about playing animal crossing is pretty sad kek

No. 926221


Nope she doesn’t have one nor has she ever mentioned buying one. She only plays pocket camp lmao.

No. 926222

I think she looks upward and open her eyes wide to make them look bigger. Which gives that creepyass sanpaku gaze.

No. 926228

$100 anon. Where the hell did you get your name changed? It does not cost more than 200 if you want an extra copy (you def should). And that's the end of the name change. Changing social security, drivers, etc is less than $100 each. It's annoying but it's really not hard. Anyone can do it

No. 926239

File: 1580462396060.jpeg (240.68 KB, 750x1206, 169B92BA-7019-41B7-B513-83E590…)

She for real threw shade at Erin and then edited her caption a few seconds later. At least she finally spoke the truth about Erin and stopped defending her weird ass.

No. 926243

File: 1580465707273.jpg (42.38 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20200131-141634__01…)

Saw this today and it had me thinking of this specific picture kek

No. 926252

Just noticed they both unfollowed each other too lmao. both as bad as each other

No. 926262

Why did she post this?
It looks awful, especially her nose

No. 926266

What is it with obviously straight girls pretending to be bi? The rednecks Erin tries to attract prefer straight girls anyway. When has she ever fantasied about actually being with a woman

No. 926273

Commit suicide Erin the world would be better off without you thot(a-log)

No. 926275


Kitten isn’t problematic like Erin is anon, she’s just into ddlg the gross pedo community. Erin is the only worse one with all the shit she’s done. It’s honestly sad that Erin only admitted to the rape shit but didn’t admit to all of the other stuff she did.She didn’t even bother to admit to all her victims she skinwalked, her poor ex friends she copied to the core and tried to be them and everything else she did or the fetish she has with chasing taken boys, or the fact she’s a furry and is sexually interested in ANIMALS. Too bad her trauma is her only blame for everything. Your trauma doesn’t excuse your behavior Erin.

No. 926276

erin, is that you? or maybe this kitten girl she broke up with lol

No. 926279

Agree. It's certainly not a farmer, if Erin died there'd be a mass milk shortage

No. 926287

Stop selfposting Erin, nobody here wants you dead.

No. 926295

File: 1580481779617.png (740.19 KB, 1140x901, 2020-01-31_17432.png)

Sage for tinfoil but could this be erin? It really looks like the video she made in her pink apron, her body looks chubby too + wig and bunny watermark, no face so I can't be sure

No. 926297

i know it's common knowledge that erin makes fake accounts, but i looked up some of the instagrams that asked her a question super fast anyways, and most of them are on private. but prophetgirlfriend doesn't exist, and flowerfearie only started posting yesterday. stop making it painfully obvious, erin.

No. 926302

chubby? what?

No. 926303

could you spoiler this next time anon? also what's the point of posting some random girl who minimally looks like erin and has the same aesthetic which thousands of other accounts have?

No. 926307

File: 1580484085389.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, 632C76DC-850B-456C-987D-39FA90…)


No. 926309

love how she took a pic of the very corner of these, so we can be sure it's not actually the name change paper, or the amount needed for it cus if it were she would have no need for hiding it like this lol

No. 926315

File: 1580486287592.jpeg (332.6 KB, 750x802, F498EDBE-A990-4AFC-886E-4C22D6…)

>this will all mean nothing in the next week

lol how did that work out for you Erin?

No. 926320

it’s funny cause “uwu goo goo gah gah I need my daddy” summarizes her entire personality lol

never seen a goblin with frog eyes until i found out about erin painter

No. 926323

was erin born in pennsylvania?? i thought she was a new york native.

No. 926328

Tbh this makes sense to me cuz the town she lives in western NY is very close to the PA border.

No. 926331

File: 1580490926707.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 8AE64153-F7E3-443F-9624-E6F0C3…)

Erin thinks everyone’s just gonna stop calling her Erin Painter lol

No. 926333

Taking bets now:
Is her new name Bella or something completely out of the blue?

No. 926336

my vote's on something like anastasia, personally. fits her current ~aesthetic~.

No. 926340

File: 1580493503552.png (6.84 MB, 1125x2436, CFC93DB6-0248-4F38-B56B-F6CCB0…)

Hey Erin, can you tell us the point of these lives where you sit their staring at yourself saying nothing like a creep? Does it hurt to crane your neck like that for too long? Is that why you can only stay live for like 3 mins? Going live even though you said your hated instagram and wanted no part of social media anymore?

No. 926342

So I guess now everytime she changes her aesthetic & whoever she’s skin walking she’s just gonna change her name to whatever fits?

No. 926344

File: 1580494090098.png (6.27 MB, 1242x2208, 24F209FD-96DD-4E47-9F53-4CD2E5…)

Yeah you’re still ugly Erin

No. 926354

File: 1580495226849.jpeg (407.32 KB, 653x971, 603D9CB4-1004-4AF3-AED5-377024…)

Her eyes are so fucking buggy and gross oh my god

No. 926355

bumping the thread just to call her ugly & regurgitate the dozens of other pointless posts about her eye shape..?

can't wait for the mods to show all of erin's selfposts in this thread, i have a feeling these are gonna be included

No. 926356

File: 1580495649275.jpeg (343.18 KB, 1242x1242, 640AF131-7E26-4D17-A3DE-D5841A…)

No. 926357

that sounded like an Erin post but I didn’t want to say

No. 926358

don’t understand why she feels the need to do all these weird facial expressions especially with her mouth, never noticed how wrinkly her chin is… and doing that with her lips makes her nose look even bigger. no filter can save you, erin

No. 926359

File: 1580496075308.jpeg (30.28 KB, 400x600, 69D5A69C-C3CF-45ED-812A-65E33E…)

take a closer look at that snout! red line follows what you can actually see of her nose and the blue line is an artists projection accounting for the slight angle she’s got her face at.

No. 926360

i’m the samefag who posted the one sc of erin from her story, forgot to sage that shit because i’m an imbecile. Just though it looked odd when she switched filters

No. 926361

File: 1580496124875.png (409.39 KB, 2000x2000, erin.png)

im cute, right guys?

No. 926364

File: 1580496830092.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1831, 2F125416-37FB-41FF-860F-D8F4C7…)

Tfw erin’s friends stalk the thread too LOOL

No. 926365

This is perfect anon

No. 926366

File: 1580496949756.jpg (79.73 KB, 670x538, 1567861998841.jpg)

She looks like shoeonhead's boyfriend pregory in this

No. 926368

Wow even her online friends don’t like her. Imagine being hated in real life and online ….. I bet her uwu friends post on the thread too

No. 926373

i'd bet a lot of the newfags on here who keep exposing themselves through not sageing and misusing imageboard terms, etc. are them

jesus, does erin even have any real friends?

No. 926375

File: 1580498049044.png (521.02 KB, 1000x1000, 9E9097A9-B58D-4BEC-85F4-F4D559…)

Whipped this up

No. 926376

you made her look cuter than she is, anon

No. 926377

‘since i was 13’ ah yes because we all know the most meaningful relationships of your life happen when you’re still a child. erin please just admit you hate other women even if you are apparently ‘attracted’ to them (which i very much doubt)

every time i see an unsaged post out of nowhere that says something like ERIN IS A STUPID FAT UGLY FREAK BITCH!!!!! i always think it’s for sure either her or one of her friends kek

No. 926378

I tried to make it as ugly as I could, I agree it’s a little too forgiving

No. 926382

absolutely phenomenal, anons. got a hearty chuckle out of these

No. 926383

god if farmhands figure out erin's new ip they need to use this image to mark all her posts lol

No. 926389

I hope she does the smart thing and abandons her current social media presence after changing her legal name, or at least doesn’t post about her legal name online. This is pretty much way too far gone for her. If she really does read this thread I hope she takes this advice to heart. She’s got a lot of life ahead of her and could potentially fix this mess.

No. 926390

Agreed! But we all know she won’t leave social media, it’s her source of dopamine. The more attention she grabs the more her brain is satisfied.

No. 926391

oh god, the farmart is getting more and more diverse just like her face. Excellent art anons

No. 926396

We all know she’s gonna tell us what the new name is so she can be quirky & have a ~dead name~ & gain attention off of it. When people still call her Erin She probably gonna cry & have a aneurysm & make like 17 different accounts where she calls herself whatever name she picked for validation & hopes it’d ‘catch on’’

No. 926398

File: 1580500998247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 986.09 KB, 3464x3464, 2F87201E-2771-4A08-9D6A-68593B…)


Actually… you might be right. It seems like these were posted the same exact day.

No. 926400


Honestly tho, all these DDLG freaks are exactly the same. Could just be the usual skin walking of one another. But that is awfully coincidental IMO especially when I haven’t seen that “shirt challenge” since like 2014. But then again, I’m not a ddlg fag.

No. 926406

will never understand why fags always try to appeal to certain cows and sabotage potential milk. leave the cow alone without trying to influence what it does, don't preach to it and give it ~advice~ just watch, wait and see.

No. 926407

File: 1580502690051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 324.25 KB, 1132x1588, xfiles.jpg)

yeah well it's just a tinfoil but I couldn't help but notices some similarities. Its just this one particular video that she looks a lot like her, too bad there's no backup for Erin's apron video that shows her chubby arms. And her wig looks like the one that erin used for her dva cosplay but i can't find the screenshot. But maybe anons are right and all dllg fags are just like each other lol

No. 926408

File: 1580502874830.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2208, DEAFA8AB-3A20-4665-8131-71CF6C…)

she’s leaving ~forever~ you guys

No. 926413

actually the shirt trend was brought back by anime egirls and eboys on twitter it’s been going on for a week before she did it she just jumped on the bandwagon for attention as usual

No. 926417


can’t wait to her to feel “mentally well enough” in approx. three days, if she even actually leaves IG. erin you are just too predictable

No. 926418

“i wont be coming back to this acc until i feel like im mentally well enough” lmfao ok erin see you in a week

No. 926419

i love that her first reaction to being called out and told to hold herself accountable is to just change her name. i wish i could've been the fly on the wall when she asked her mom to pay for her to get a new name KEK. granted, this could all be absolutely 100% fake since there isn't any solid proof, but if it is real then we all know she isn't going to go anywhere. the bitch thrives off of negative attention.

No. 926420

i get a kick out of how she refers to her 18 year old self as a ~girl~ and the other person as a woman lol. 18 is a fucking legal adult too erin!

No. 926421

I’m leaning towards fake. She said in her story to not call her Erin Painter anymore so I agree with that anon that said she’s just trying to get us to stop using her real name. She’s hoping when she decides to get a job in 5 years all the threads will be buried a few pages. Plus even if she said she was being bullied online, her mom would probably want to google her herself to see and then would realize how messed up her daughter is.

No. 926424

Someone went to the Lillee Jean Trueman school of modeling

No. 926426

And I’m pretty sure the girl she was referring to is alot smaller than Erin and Erin used to skin walk her so it was probably one of Erins passive aggressive attempts to put her down

No. 926434

it was for sure an attempt to put the other girl down. erin's probably going to have a mental breakdown when she turns 20 herself like all ddlg cows do and i'm not going to feel bad for her when she does, maybe if she didn't pander to pedophilic men she wouldn't have such a warped sense of age.

No. 926443

i've spoke to her nicely about having a 'mommy' in the past but go off i guess…

what a cunt, shes just as bad as erin

stop defending kitten, shes as much asa pedo and furry as erin is

No. 926444

shut up, erin, nobody cares. go "delete" your account already.

a different name isn't even going to change anything because she'll just end up doing the same bullshit as before and we'll just end up finding her again. the cow cycle is endless.(hi cow)

No. 926446

plot twist, not everyone is erin.
yall just want the tiniest of things to nitpick at her. yeah shes a cunt but you all act as if shes the only one online that acts like this, it's just as pathetic. yall need to get a hobby.

No. 926447

if you want to eat Erins fat pussy so bad I’m sure she’d let you

No. 926448

yall need to hop off erins dick and get a fucking life

No. 926449

imagine revolving your whole life around a girl that doesnt even know you exist fucking pathetic

No. 926450

don't forget to report and ignore

No. 926451

you replying to yourself pal? yall really out here constantly writing shit about her. Get a hobby, stop bitching about little girls on the internet. go do something productive with your time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 926452

Okay Erin (or one of her minions) go have a fake mental breakdown and use paper edges to cut yourself.

No. 926453

“Little girl”, kek.

No. 926454

fuck off, stupid little gimp. Use your time productively instead of obsessing over someone online

No. 926460

sorry to break it to you erin but you aren’t a little girl, your pedo audience is gonna lose interest in you soon

No. 926461

Can mods ban these white knights? Clearly they’re uneducated about Erin and it’s hilarious how they’ll switch up on her in a week. You don’t matter to Erin sweetie, you’re literally someone she can get advice to that goes in one ear and out the other. Stop defending that suicide baiting goblin.

No. 926475

you gave yourself away when you referred to 19 year old big erin as "little girl"

No. 926493

There isn’t anything little about Goblina . Fuck off and get a life Erin, we wouldn’t be talking about you if you did that

No. 926529

>little girls
sir that’s a whole ass 5’8 adult we’re dealing with

No. 926540

File: 1580523740785.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2208, EF9A9439-F572-4CF7-AC96-C64A6C…)

wait so how tall is this girl

No. 926544

She has said in the past that she is 5’6. And she looks way taller than 5’5”, even 5’6”, in all of her photos.

No. 926549

File: 1580524609548.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

And i thought Erin was going to be leaving forever

She didn't even last 6 hours

No. 926550

Shes said tht she was 5’5 5’6 & 5’4 before everytime she goes to the ~doctors~ they give her a different answer

No. 926561

File: 1580525411139.png (9.28 KB, 275x134, 0F4D640B-8BE0-4333-A221-7F4217…)


She said here >>923237 on her own tumblr FAQ that she’s 5’6

No. 926574

File: 1580528869604.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, B3440350-D7C1-4FBB-B091-567109…)

Why doesn’t she admit to ddlg if she has a caregiver acts like a 2 year old, and says daddy whilst pretending to be a underaged loli I don’t know if this is a nitpick but like it’s CLEAR it’s not just ~age regression from trauma~

No. 926576

You’re right, it’s actually 65 bucks in her state . Don’t know where you get the 700 figure

No. 926580

crazy how she can’t get off this thread, legit sees a new post here and immediately sends herself an anon question to reply to the thread

No. 926590


She was dating Slip when she used to post stuff like that. It’s funny how he told her to delete her spam account and even after they split she causes more drama and continues her legacy she had in spam community. Major throwback to when she snapped at a girl for commenting on slips post a lot and she saw the girl as a ~threat~ to their relationship. Apparently girls couldn’t be mutuals with her boyfriend or be nice but look at Erin going after taken guys and wanting them to leave their girlfriends for her lmao. Honestly i just wish someone who played ps4 or xbox with her to come on here and drop a bomb shell of what she actually is like in a party chat

No. 926592

Yeah that’s old news, she’s definitely ddlg and her showing her pussy on twitter and being horny on main just goes to show

No. 926596

File: 1580532322714.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 164.05 KB, 750x420, E5BD9234-2151-4FD3-8BBE-4EF9EB…)


Is this the screenshot of her arms you’re asking about?

No. 926620

did she shoop her chunky fingers here?? top kek she is back to talking to us again. Even after she “changes her name” she’s still going to be checking the thread and posting on this account she’s supposedly sooo excited to deactivate. someone needs to break this girls phone and computer. tell her to get a job.

No. 926624

this is the type of shit you sage and spoiler, newfag

No. 926629


not a newfag, get over it lmao. boo hoo forgot to spoiler an upload of goblins chubby arms wahh wahh cry about it.

No. 926630

This sounds like Erin(hi cow)

No. 926631

I was confused at what I was looking at for a second. I thought I was looking at someone flashing their crotch at the camera while laying on their back.

No. 926642


Another newfag trying to say everyone is erin. Stop nitpicking on this thread.(actual newfag)

No. 926653

What is Erin's train of thought here? Does she realize that every cow with aliases/former names has them listed in the title of their threads? Surely she's seen that (with the exception of this thread, kek) each new OP links back to the old threads? Surely she knows that every legitimate job requires that applicants list past names and aliases? What does she expect a name change to do for her?

No. 926656

hey anon, me and my boyfriend played with erin through ps4. she keeps up the loli voice and also pursued my boyfriend and made him extremely uncomfortable. she constantly wanted to play alone with him and invited him to private parties whenever he was online and i wasn’t (thought i was usually just appearing offline) - i posted screenshots in the egirl or soft girl thread i believe. i’d repost them for you but i can’t be arsed to go find them sorry

No. 926657


Maybe when she dates someone and they’re stalker-ish or like to do a google search on their partners name like Joe from YOU and search her full name they’ll see all the threads made about her. I’m honestly curious as to if she ever gets a boyfriend again, will they come across all the threads exposing her and how he might react.

No. 926709

god what's with all the trashy newfags, and obvious erin self posts? get the evidence you lazy cunt, or don't post, especially unsaged.

No. 926727

i posted the evidence THREADS ago - maybe read my fucking post? i’m not a newfag, i’ve been on this site when erin was first mentioned in the dollanganger thread. do i seriously need to go all the way back because you’re a lazy fuck and want to be spoonfed info?

No. 926728

you seriously think that providing evidence is spoonfeeding? are you retarded? no one is going to find evidence for your post in your place.

No. 926731

anon who i replied to wanted proof - i told them where it was. i don’t have the time or means to scroll through like 3 threads to screenshot a single dm convo i had with erin almost two years ago. do it yourself if you wanna see the eViDenCe so bad

No. 926733

if someone googles erin's name and her old threads pop up, they would probably think it's someone else because of the shoop lul

No. 926736

File: 1580574345671.jpeg (235.46 KB, 1006x1453, 1572721134251.jpeg)

i found it for you >>887952

No. 926738

can the link to the previous thread be added to the op pls maybe?
(# 3) >>>/snow/915439
(# 2) >>>/snow/900685
(# 1) >>>/snow/891485
(# 0.5 soft girls thread) >>>/snow/879341

No. 926745

she was also originally posted in the following threads:
(nicole dollanganger's calves) >>841209
& (e-girls) >>866897

No. 926754

Erin is so funny. She thinks ANY guy would just up and leave their perfectly normal girlfriend for her goblin looking ass. pure narcissism and absolutely no self awareness. she literally creeps guys out lmao

No. 926778

god the way she texts is so cringe and unbearable. how are people friends with this 5 year old wannabe?

No. 926852

pooioopoooo pee

No. 926863

damn, erin is back on this shit again

No. 926868

Are you sperging out because you won’t be able to get away with harassing girls’ boyfriends anymore? How does it feel knowing your face will be permanently associated with all the shitty things you’ve done?

No. 926871

Kek, did Erin learn ’what the fuck’ a sage is?

No. 926880

File: 1580609525147.jpg (308.68 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20200201-210917_Ins…)

Nothing new, but I thought shes been going on and on about all other accounts being deleted?
Purrln is her as of less than 2 months ago and it def wasnt deleted

No. 926905

File: 1580612490140.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, 27500117-B228-47AD-91CC-66BE32…)

No. 926909


Bitch, you brought this wholly on yourself, what the fuck? Could you imagine being this happy just to have to undo damage that YOU YOURSELF did?

No. 926910

It’s sad lmao. Erin will have to keep her real name a secret from every new person she meets because she knows that if anyone read these threads about her and knew everything she’s said/done, they wouldn’t want to associate with her anymore.

No. 926911

There are so many ways we will eventually get her new name. I'm sure some anons on here know how to look through public state records to find this info. Or she'll be stupid and slip up and reveal it. Or any of the people she's fucked over who live in the area will see it in the newspaper (since they legally have to publish it). What will she do then? Like does she really think this is going to magically make all her problems disappear? She did all of this to herself and she'll keep attention whoring because that's just who she is.

No. 926913

She’s never truly deleted any of her accounts, pocket size is still up, maidpurrs & a few other are up still actually. Her interpretation of deleteing the acc is just logging out. If she actually does what she says she should be able to deactivate Puppygrl now bc it’s been a week ://

No. 926914

As >>926911 said, in certain US states, legal name changes have to be listed in local publications (like newspapers) for at least one month after the change (possibly longer than one month in some.) Someone in her area could easily find out what it is if they kept track of local newspaper.

No. 926917

File: 1580614771799.png (119.69 KB, 1640x685, Screenshot_2020-02-01 please r…)

I've never encountered a cow stupid enough to continue emailing me after a thinly veiled threat.
Erin painter emailed me around the time she went on IG live to wheeze into the camera for 5 minutes, not one but three emails.
She is emailing me again to ban people on her fucking behalf.

Erin, we know you lurk, we know you probably still post. Eat a snickers or close the thread.

No. 926919

File: 1580614800232.png (27.77 KB, 1632x325, Screenshot_2020-02-01 please r…)

No. 926921

dude.. she did this to herself. i can't believe this. and she's still too stupid to know the actual way to get threads down, but even if she figured that out, they'd continue being made.
"i'm not threatening you with this at all" uh huh..
so sorry admin

No. 926922

n i c e

who is posting pictures of her house? did i not lurk hard enough? all ive seen are the ones shes posted herself bragging about her room specifically for her plushies
also erin babe thats kiwifarms dont lump us in with them

No. 926923

File: 1580615527975.png (15.38 KB, 1326x159, Screenshot_2020-02-01 please r…)

She is lurking right now. 3 minutes ago.

No. 926926

"you're so scared to reply to me"
yes that's why she's posting this here, she's terrified of erin painter, the pornsick NEET crying every day behind her mommy and stack of money. not because it's funny that you're so pathetic or anything. yep, you're terrifying, erin!

No. 926929

It's entertainment. Why do people choose to document their lives and breakdowns online, publicly?

No. 926931

didn’t know entertainment is talking shit about ppl who obviously have mental issues damn y’all r so bored

No. 926933

Hey thanks for admitting and confirming all those self posts were you tho

No. 926934

And what do you do when bored, "kitty?" Masturbate to porn that caters to pedophiles and pretend to be a little kid? You're no better than anyone here.

No. 926935

erin just show your roastie pussy to the admin with your instagram handle and she'll delete your thread

No. 926936

that was so specific and tmi just bc u do those things don’t mean everyone does too. get a life bro it’s looking sad

No. 926937

File: 1580616074502.jpeg (514.09 KB, 728x640, 1562887385233.jpeg)

shut the fuck up erin. its really fun to mock BPD whores who were molested during childhood and never got any got any attention.

cry more you dumb bitch

No. 926938

Just go back to twitter or instagram and continue your DDLG roleplaying.

No. 926939

guarantee if you actually analyzed anything you take interest in or laugh at you'd find a majority of it is the result of human trafficking and child abuse lmao bye

dont act like you don't jump in on 'cancel culture' shit & mock anyone who slips up, you arent better

No. 926940

u think i’m erin?? LMAO u r so wrong

No. 926941


this is confirmed Erin.

No. 926942

no it’s not lol im erin . ur such an asshole and you literally just proved to me and everyone else here tht ur only doing this to fuel the drama :-)

No. 926943

Erin you aren’t fooling anybody. You can stalk the thread without letting anything out of your whore mouth

No. 926944

File: 1580616361526.gif (716.7 KB, 300x300, bury rainbow.gif)


No. 926945

congrats u made my trauma and whole life of mental illness look like a joke just bc u want to make these idiots believe some random person defending me, is me . thanks

No. 926946

i have until now lol these are my first self posts on this thread :))

No. 926947

i said one thing and y’all attacked me thinking i’m erin, just bc someone isn’t talking shit about her doesn’t mean it’s her STOP BEING SUCH IDIOTS LOL

No. 926948

You realize you're proving to everyone including admins that you're completely aware of how to ban-evade now right? "uwu what's a VPN, uwu i'm banned guyz, i couldn't possibly be posting" is no longer valid.

No. 926950


Someone ban this white knight already, clogging up the thread with your crying and protecting a dumb cow. Also Erin while you’re at it emailing the mods, why don’t you admit to you doxxing your “abusive master” Dawson? Why don’t you admit you skinwalk anyone you meet, all your ex friends you’ve skinwalked so hard. Every phase you’ve ever had was just you wanting to be someone you’re friends with. We will gladly use your old name and your new name Erin. You can keep changing your names but the shit you’ve done is karma. Quit crying to the mods to delete evidence of your mistakes. They don’t care about your little threats, you posted ALL of this stuff which means we legally have every right to repost and talk about it. Stop being an onision 2.0

No. 926951

hello mystery person lol everyone thinks ur me bc “admin” “””confirmed””””” it was “”me”” PLS I AM DYING this just goes to show how corrupt and fake everything on this website is

No. 926952

no, i was never banned because admin never fucking banned my ip that they claimed was me, they banned random ppl and labeled it as me for drama

No. 926953

you’re wrong about almost all of that info lol try again

No. 926954

File: 1580616595626.png (5.12 KB, 56x56, 364080271840116738.png)

stop being a faggot

No. 926955

JFC Erin just shut off your Internet already

No. 926956

no thanks googoo gah gah

No. 926957

Then why were you telling everyone who follows you on instagram "see? i can't even post uwu, i was banned teehee, it couldn't possibly be me?" along with a screenshot.

No. 926958

y’all really think criticizing anons for shit talking = either erin or someone defending erin lol calm down heathens

No. 926959

Shut the fuck up honestly. You really think you’re being a good person uwu lol don’t pretend to be Erin just because we called your dumbass out. Spend your time doing something else instead of going on a thread looking for a fight. Actual autismo right here.

No. 926960

how bout u spend ur time on doing something better instead of talking shit of some random girl who needs help?

No. 926961

did erin just deactivate her instagram?

No. 926962

nigger you admitted to this in your email to admin
>googoogaga I only had those self posts admin nothing new here
shut the fuck up

No. 926963

damn bitch u using racial slurs now? bet yo ass is white as fuck

No. 926965

Hey y'all here's some good OST for the thread

No. 926966

Are you dumb? She’s been told she needed help since 4 years ago. She just refuses to get help because she thinks she’s the victim and everyone is wrong. Stop protecting her when she’s doing everything to herself. Get the fuck off the thread if you’re too lazy to realize Erin doesn’t want help.

No. 926967

You could say that about the millions of other threads made about people. But instead you specifically come onto this one because you’re obsessed w Erin’s fat ogre pussy and you’ll do anything to kiss her lumpy uwu daddy ass. The fact that you’re still on here is beyond me, you must really be obsessed with the goblin nosed troll.

No. 926968

Yeah because we definitely know your race shut the fuck up snowflake lmao grow thicker skin

No. 926969

this is an image board, newfag

No. 926970

bro who tf is protecting her? idek the girl but this site lolcow shouldn’t even exist bc it’s just a platform for bored fools to bully random ppl they don’t even know >>926967

No. 926971

No she’s still active, she hasn’t deleted yet.

No. 926972

Does “I AM DYING” translate to frantically typing on your keyboard in a dark room begging admin to take the thread down?

No. 926973

If you don't know who she is, what led you to this site and specifically this thread and what makes you defend her out of everyone else posted here? She's so smol and innocent, huh?

No. 926974

lol i hope shes crytyping on instaram

No. 926975

>>926922 they didn’t even prompt much discussion and were mostly forgotten until Erin had an absolute meltdown

No. 926976


You do realize there are other threads on here that aren’t even for “bullying”? There’s literally a picrew thread posting character creations. Get off the site if you’re that uneducated on it.

No. 926977

she must've blocked me lol

No. 926978

why the fuck y’all think i’m defending her? LMFAOO this is so fucking funny

No. 926979

File: 1580617404741.jpeg (471.89 KB, 750x731, 1577559170451.jpeg)

what's this then?

No. 926980

im surprised i haven’t gotten banned yet(here you go)

No. 926981

You're a cow yourself.

No. 926982

File: 1580617637612.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 7F80D79E-B168-4679-A1AC-B110D3…)

Anyways. Erin Painter, sweetie, it doesn’t take 3 days for a name change. The document you posted earlier was not any sort of confirmation of that. If you ever left your room and did big girl things you would realize this doesn’t fool anyone. I hope that girl she teased about being raped goes before the judge and tells them all the reasons why they should deny this bitch.

No. 926983

Admins please expose Erin selfposts agaib

No. 926985

File: 1580617798753.gif (452.35 KB, 640x360, 5pjpFizOF0WqHWXSGonzMYLP794iK9…)

God I fucking love this thread. Erin I love you.

No. 926988

File: 1580618190813.jpeg (52.24 KB, 680x376, D26C8D5F-781D-4E56-9DD1-628814…)

Erin’s retardation never ceases to amaze me

No. 926989

File: 1580618237196.gif (1.11 MB, 480x360, milkkid.gif)

same. good god what a train wreck. erin is really such a classic cow, no self-awareness and constantly craves validation and attention from strangers online.
anyway my 2020 prediction for this cow is that she will give up on pretending to be a normal person capable of getting a job and start doing porn or something

No. 926990

Does she even know that on documents like job applications, college applications, anything financial related and government forms, she still has to list her previous name?

Everyone is going to find out about you and your shit no matter what, Erin.

No. 926993

We already know how thats gonna end lmao, she’s gonna do it for a week and dip because ~twauma~ or people find the thread and don’t buy her shit. We all know she’s gonna be a ddlg porn maker for all the pedos

No. 926997

She has zero sense about background checks, bureaucracy, court records, etc. She thinks all of this is bad now, but it’s just the internet baby. The real world is going to fuck you much harder.

No. 927002


Double embarrassing. Instead of McDonald's just skimming and seeing "Erin Painter" on her resume, they'll see some dumb-shit name like, "Bella Ginger Loveheart, Formerly Erin Painter" and be even more inclined to do a background check as to why this 20 year old has a fake pornstar-esque legal psuedonym…why shoot yourself in the foot this fucking hard???

No. 927003


The OP can't be edited, but thank you for organizing these. Hope no one minds, I'm going to link to these unsaged so the next OP sees it.

No. 927004

AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA. YOUR THREADS AREN’T EVEN ON /PT FUCK. She thinks she’s “popular” on this site, wow this shit is gold. She still has zero clue how this site runs while lurking 24/7 huh.

No. 927005

I wonder if she’s still crying to the mods begging them to remove her threads.

No. 927009

This is so hilarious. Kitty mail uwu she’s so unprofessional. She’s a literal pedophile who sexualizes children’s things. Gross. Good luck getting a job you brought this on to yourself. Maybe if you weren’t such a messy bitch this wouldn’t be documented on the internet

No. 927011

It amazes me how retarded Erin is. Like she’s the one who posted her location, and house bragging about her big room. She also posted her moms face. Nobody had to lurk that hard to find it. She brought this onto herself. If she wouldn’t of posted any of this or had an Instagram, she would of been safe from the ~bullies~ Now go agere in your room and cry to your final fantasy daddies

No. 927012

Exactly. One of the things that's been pissing me off about this is Erin being all "people posted pictures of my HOUSE I feel so threatened :(((" "they know what my MOM looks like" "these threads are associated with my REAL NAME" like yeah bitch you're the one who put all that information online right alongside your nudes? At first I thought someone had gotten the pics of her house off some real estate website (seriously, so fucking beige and boring I didn't believe anyone was actually living there) but no, she posted them herself on instagram. If you want to post nudes and fetish shit online sure, go ahead, but if you don't want that stuff associated with your real name and face then maybe don't post that information? It's not that fucking hard.

No. 927013

>talking shit about ppl who obviously have mental issues

Erin. If you used an ounce of critical thinking when reading these threads, you would notice that plenty of people criticizing you are doing so because you make a mockery of pathological trauma and self-harm. Maybe you do "have mental issues." That doesn't excuse you from tormenting rape victims only to co-opt their struggles, nor posting scratches and band-aids for attention. Which is not "asking you to cut deeper" or however you put it. At the risk of blogging, I was shocked by your posts the other day. I know what non-attention-seeking SI looks like. I especially know how gruesome it is when people don't have a razor or other relatively easy-to-control object. (I predict you would make some excuse about not having the right instrument if this wasn't addressed preemptively.) Just maybe don't self-injure, mimic it, or purposefully trigger your followers after they already confronted you about it.

Never mind all the anons advising you to just get offline and get help.

Not even sure why I'm trying to reason with you, as you seem to be perfectly aware that you co-opt others' struggles to excuse your bad behavior.

No. 927014

She for real is acting like we had to hack into her account or stalk her in real life to find this stuff. She publicly posted that stuff and we’re just talking about what YOU decided to make public. This is like Repzion x Onision type of shit. Erin you decided to post your suicide bait photos, you regret posting it because it instantly got posted on here. You are at fault and you refuse to better yourself. Quit nitpicking and crying to mods to remove stuff you made public and we’re bringing attention towards. You aren’t popular either, you’re just another cow that needed a good exposing to open your eyes on your shitty personality. Boo hoo that someone found your house which you kept showing us pictures of on your twitter and instagram. You didn’t get doxxed either, everything you see on all your threads is what you caused. You only cared to change your name after the fact you admitted to bullying a rape victim, which honestly is so disgusting and you being young was not an excuse. You meant to hurt that girls feelings and you probably wanted her to kill herself. You’re that disgusting and we can easily see your teenage you through those emails you sent to mods calling them scared. Nobody is scared of some fat goblin thats sitting in her room and humping her stuffed animals and acting like a victim to everything you’re getting called out for.

No. 927015

Yeah ok that whole shit show between all the unsaged newfucks had nothing to do with you Erin. If you’re dumb enough to threaten admins then you’re dumb enough to draw attention to your own thread by trying to start retarded infights with yourself.

No. 927039


Did you tag the wrong post?

No. 927042

yes! i meant to tag this
somehow fucked it up

but yes very funny to me she’d come here crying about her ~uwu twauma~ when that’s exactly what everyone’s been telling her to stop doing and what everyone’s been laughing about. bitch has 0 self awareness of how ridiculous she is

No. 927045

I think Erin has given most of us secondhand embarrassment by now. You'd seriously rather email an admin of an image board than cut your own crap? I honestly can't feel bad for such a brainless hermit.
You posted images of your big house and spare plushie room so anons went looking.
You fake your whole face around old Tumblr aesthetics so anons go looking for your true goblin snout.
You posted stupid crap about your twauma and backtracking on weird kinks so anons comment on them.

You did this Erin Painter.

No. 927046

File: 1580631501176.jpg (35.15 KB, 548x436, erin thread right now.jpg)

absolutely brilliant. fuck you erin

No. 927065

File: 1580636907785.jpeg (21.66 KB, 275x260, 1575700654846.jpeg)

serious question but is this bitch on drugs?

No. 927072

Erin trying to make us think she has whiteknights is funny. Nobody, not even spam com ddlg fags, like you. You’re so insufferable and the fact that all the whiteknight posts were actually you is sad. It’s even sadder that you pretended to be a friend of yours, how pathetic. Nobody here feels bad for you tho, you refuse to accept responsibility for anything bad you do and excuse yourself with your trauma instead of actually apologizing and changing your ways .
Why do you care that you won’t be able to get a job because of this thread? Won’t your ~age regression~ interfere with a job as well? Also imagine being an employer and the goblina loli rolls up in an anime getup that doesn’t even fit her fat body properly for an interview. Maybe that guy friend of yours can help and “pull down your skirt” lmfao go humo a stuffed animal, you freak

No. 927073

File: 1580638107204.jpg (14.73 KB, 419x480, zhcwd3y_d.jpg)

Hahahahah, imagine having to change your name instead of stopping attention whoring.

No. 927078

Don't you even worry Anon, she's gonna expose herself soon since she's so attention starved.

No. 927096

File: 1580641872685.jpg (311.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200202-121123.jpg)

Is this her?
Brand new aesthetic / identity incoming

No. 927116

holy fuck the lies in this, like the admins can't read the thread. we all know you don't go to a therapist nor psychiatrist, and sure as fuck not to school. admins, please expose her self posts again, it would be hilarious.

extremely doubtful it actually happened after that one anon posted the requirements in her state.

god, this made me realize that erin is just the online version of those freak out videos where someone makes up how they have been wronged and yells about it in some public place, when in reality they are being an asshole (and usually on crack).

i'm not very up with my trashy instathot account knowledge, any anons know who she is skin walking right now?

No. 927119

It’s an old photo, she probably misses her damaged crispy blonde hair. That shit was fried to the core when she did have blonde hair, i remember Dawson telling her brown hair looked ugly when she first dyed it.

No. 927121

When is she going to understand that changing your clothes and hair doesn't give you a personality.

No. 927122

This made me snort laugh anon ily

No. 927190

File: 1580654346041.jpeg (645.65 KB, 828x1163, D68A1B3D-90B1-4C3A-AF6A-7F64EE…)

is @erinpainterr on instagram ran by a farmer?
they’ve been inactive but posted again two days ago, not sure if the most recent pic has been posted before so i’m sageing this.

No. 927194

File: 1580654943846.jpg (339.54 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20200202-094422_Ins…)

I'll take the ban idc she blocked me anyway.
Erin claiming shes legally not erin painter in a week.
She then said "no I'm not!" And blocked and erased the comment.

No. 927195

File: 1580654998267.jpg (329.1 KB, 1080x1740, 20200202_095047.jpg)


No. 927203

with all this happening erin hasn’t been talking about her age regression in so long it’s almost like… her agere is… made up… she used to talk about it 24/7 and say other people fake their agere lol

No. 927206

maybe i'm just out of the loop, but isn't all agere fake that just some weirdos do? well unless they have actual mental problems that cause them to not mature as they grow up.

No. 927220

im not sure honestly, i think it’s weird as fuck but i don’t know where agere stands in psychology and if it’s actually a valid coping mechanism that’s used in therapy.
by made up i’m just quoting erin who used to say people fake agere, that assuming agere is even a real thing.

No. 927244


Age regression is a type of hypnosis done in an actual therapist's office. It's not a lifestyle thing one does online. Even real age regression is controversial, with very good reason. (It can easily create false memories.)

No. 927257

Maybe Erins “agere” created these false memories and that’s why Erin is soo convinced that every inconvenient interaction she’s had or every time she’s been rejected = abuse.

No. 927258

Sent Erins mom her threads on Facebook and after reading the messages she deactivated her account(cowtipping)

No. 927266

oh i see, yea it doesn't sound like a very good technique from your description lol. i though agere was like that one trans who was all over the news a few years back cus she was acting like a 6 year old girl. i guess it's a thing ddlg people appropriated to excuse their bullshit.

No. 927276

Are you serious?

No. 927279

why the fuck would you ever do that

No. 927280

If you wanted to message someone so much you should have found her old classmates or people she bullied. That would be much more useful and could bring some milk.

No. 927285

wtf anon she's just going to think you're a psycho and that her daughter is some poor boolied grill if anything that'll just give erin access to easier victimhood.

No. 927286

huh?? her mom's facebook is still up (not sure if it's okay to post) and so is erins account. what do you mean anon?(newfag)

No. 927290

You’ve got to be the stupidest anon that ever existed. Stop cow tipping and trying to cause problems in her life, we’re not here to ruin anyone’s life or cause something to happen. It’s literally a site for gawking at people idiot.

No. 927299

File: 1580662818643.png (6.13 KB, 816x74, readtherules.png)

read the rules
do not post her mom's facebook and especially do not msg her mom

No. 927301

the admin does not even enforce those rules and refuses to remove photos of friends/family of cows. just saying

No. 927305

Erin you yourself posted your moms images. No one went looking for them

No. 927307

there’s a difference between posting pictures shared by the cow herself and going out of your way to find family pictures, though. the only pictures shared on lolcow of erin’s family were made public by her first.

No. 927315

File: 1580664059093.jpg (71.8 KB, 720x746, gayle.jpg)


Outside of self-doxxing, photos of people unrelated to drama get taken down lightning-fast.


Pic related.

No. 927317

nah that's rule 5.1
>5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.
It's still cowtipping but man, how retarted could one be…

No. 927319

i love more than anything that this is the ONE thread you can do a "hi, cow" on an unsaged WK post and you're almost always right. this is like a fucking ARG

No. 927323

Self-doxxer anon. I am NOT the same person as sending her mother messages. Wtf is that. And it a burner account dude, idc>>927315(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 927324

The anons in this thread are almost more fascinating to watch than Erin at this point.

No. 927325

since the cowtipping with erin's mom she did delete/privatize a bunch of stuff on her facebook. don't cowtip, you spoil the potential for finding information and resources in the future you mongs.

No. 927329


I never said you were? And the rule against cowtipping has nothing to do with the veracity of your own account. Quit infighting and learn to tag posts.

No. 927341

Please anon stay off the thread lmao, you’re clearly a party pooper. What even went in your head that you decided to cowtip her MOTHER.

No. 927349

ot but miras thread is way worse to the point where mods don't bother labeling her posts

No. 927372

shut the fuck up retard, no one cares and this is Erin’s thread. stop bringing up other cows who don’t matter.

No. 927420

“for real” it hasn’t even been 20h what are you on about

No. 927423

>>927420 oops i meant that its not just being blocked and that she deactivated. last night her account was there, for me at least.

No. 927434


No. 927435

No. 927458

I’m a psychology major and age regression as a coping mechanism is talked about often. It’s a real thing but definitely nothing like how Erin claims it to be like.(armchairing)

No. 927466

from what you learnt about it, is it considered a good/effective coping mechanism? and is it common or rarely used?

No. 927477

Erin deactivated puppygrl or she blocked me

No. 927478

yeah i'm pretty sure she deactivated this time. unless she just also happened to block my other account i followed on lol.

No. 927479

Does the process of posting about it publicly and having it be part of your personal identity have anything to do with it? Seems like every age reg fucker has to display it to the whole world.

No. 927485

File: 1580689761582.jpeg (567.27 KB, 750x1206, 882E7C77-9909-41F3-B6D1-9B4ABD…)

Not really milk but crippled girl is still talking about Erin and is going on a whole rant about her ddlg kink on another post. We get it you’re a pedo as well and trying to justify a kink that groomers and pedophiles target is making you look even worse than Erin.

No. 927486

so i'm guessing erin's mom read the threads after anon cowtipped and then told erin to finally delete her insta

No. 927493

Probably threatened to take Erin off the family credit card if she didn’t delete her instagram. I’m honestly still wondering what retard thought it was a good idea to cowtip to her mother, like you could’ve sent her a paragraph telling her to get her daughter some help instead of linking the entire threads. There could’ve been good milk on her facebook before she went private, but seriously anon you could’ve sent her “suicide bait” pictures then she would be taken to an actual place to get help instead of her bedroom and the internet.

No. 927529

i'm waiting for erin to either a. come back with a "new name", new aesthetic and new photoshopping skills or b. for her to reactivate next week or even in a couple days sobbing about how "uwu those evil bullies showed my mom my threads and now im in so much twouble" like she's 12 and not 19 years old

No. 927535

How is she crippled? Is she in a wheelchair? It makes me think of Stevie from Malcom in the middle but in pastel dress and kneehighs lmao I didn’t know gimps could be ddlg agere fags too

No. 927563

Jesus fucking christ. What is it about Erin that brings in all the newfags?

Newfags/newfriends/whatever, please for the love of god lurk for a bit before posting here. Lolcow is a place to admire cows in their natural habitat. When you interfere with a cow's life, its milk lifespan has been proven to shorten. Cowtipping (interfering with a cow's life to try to force milk and contacting their family/friends/etc) cuts off drama because that will usually cause them to delete/deactivate everything. We're here to watch and document them as they are, like National Geographic.

All this will cause is Erin to possibly actually remake/delete, and further her bullshit about lolcow ~stalking her family~ when in reality it was 99% a newfag coming from instagram who discovered babby's first imageboard and thought it'd be xDD EPIK IRL PWN!! to contact her family.

And please don't fucking selfpost/selfdox/namefag here. You aren't going to make fans and it's obvious as fuck every time. Everyone here is a catty bitch, keep yourself Anonymous and sage.

No. 927575

Fr and y’all stop giving the crippled kitten girl clout. She’s irrelevant.

No. 927602

Who was the autist that posted her mom's photo anyways. Kinda enjoying tbe artwork about her btw lol.

No. 927603

samefagging, I remember it again, it was made in a meme, but did she actually posted her poor mom on the public internet alongside with her public nudes?sad…

No. 927605

If you look at the other thread, Erin posted a selfie with her mom on instagram story. Nobody even doxxed the mothers photo when it was only a selfie of Erin, her mom, and some other lady. We posted the photo here because Erin looked like a middle aged person in the photo and not her edited uwu tiny cat girl type of photos. But that anon sent the mother all her threads.

No. 927610

Not even a newfag I’ve been here since the first toopoor thread you fat bitch(newfag)

No. 927615

You're just doing this on purpose on this point, "dommymontana".

No. 927635

So you decided to send the entire thread to her mother? why? get off the thread if you’re gonna spoil the milk.

No. 927636

believe it or not this tard was actually around shitting up he toopoor threads like they say. they're not even new they just post like this.

No. 927637

Yet they haven’t gotten banned? Constant cowtipping and still able to post?

No. 927646

newfag is a state of mind
>she doesn't know about ban evasion

No. 927653

sigh I was hesitant to click on this thread when I saw it bumped in the catalog, because I knew it was possibly some tard saying something useless, who didn’t sage,
I was right , I wonder if Erin’s mom made her delete her Instagram and Erin IS in trouble that’d be wild

No. 927661

Oh please. Maximum Erin is going to get is a bit of verbal slapping for showing her tiny lil pink loli puss puss on the internets. Big momma loves her too much

No. 927662

it's not a good coping mechanism and is associated with quackery shit (and killing people accidentally). these people like to use it as a way to make excuses and divert blame, or as a criticism free way to express their gross fetish.

No. 927667

God damn I leave for a day and all of this happens. Thank you farmhands

Surprised cow tipping occurred- I love the mess that is Erin, and if Anon wasn’t shitting us, I’m hoping it may lead to Erin getting help but it’ll probably just exacerbate her actions and I’m stoked

No. 927682

Oh look we got a whole lot of cows in this thread, it's turning into a factory farm. Does ruining milk bring you joy, Montana-chan? Do you need attention?

No. 927803


I'm curious as to what Momma Painter will do if cowtipping autism anon did actually link to the thread. I'm sure she knows that Erin requested a namechange and Erin probably lied and told her some bullshit reason about why she wanted to change her name like for the ~*~Aesthetic~*~. I can't imagine any mother would be happy to see her daughter appealing to pedos and suicide baiting online.

No. 927850

She probably said it’s too manly or something

No. 927867

i kind of blame the cowtipping on erin partially. if she hadn't have kept posting screenshots of her replying to posts here or posting about how the threads "ruined her life," ig people wouldn't have found it. it's very gross to message her mom, but think about it

No. 927873

fuck the bitch who cowtipped now there’s a milk shortage

No. 927880

Hope the newfags learned their fucking lesson

No. 927882

You can't really be mad she's "gone" really. This is what everyone wanted, everyone told her to leave, get offline and from what we can see/tell as of right now, she has.

Although, I can't wait for her to come crying back to Instagram doxing her new name because we all know she will

No. 927901

she'll be back pretending to be a black girl next month, new name new race new persona. she'll donate all her animu shit to goodwill lol

No. 927906

Erin can’t even pass as the “Italian” she claims to be lol but she’s tried to be Latina before so I hope she tries to be black this time lol

No. 927917

Blackface Erin, coming soon to a theatre near you!

No. 927992

I mean. Going quiet sort of proves her mum had no idea about this shit. Or at least suggests it. Thats all thats changed here really. Nothing else has made her shut the fuck up.
I genuinely hope this gives her time to reflect and sort her shit out.

No. 928003

Cowtipperfag deserves to have her boyfriend stolen by miss nasalis larvatus

No. 928006

File: 1580821609547.jpeg (182.76 KB, 750x1078, F0BCE5B0-C42E-4157-B0D4-2337F5…)


No. 928007

File: 1580821700497.jpeg (199.89 KB, 750x1073, D04B29E0-73F8-47C3-B2D4-F02A99…)


No. 928017

lmao she deactivated already

No. 928018


she writes as though the internet cares about all that crap! TITS OF GTFO still applies in 2020, erin.

No. 928019

newfag hope I saged it correctly.
I haven’t seen anyone who “experiences” “age regression” in this thread rlly talk about it so I thought I’d do it rq to give some insight if erin is just bsing w her regression.
to keep it kinda short: it is nothing like erin makes it seem, you don’t choose to regress, you can’t control it and you don’t color books and hump ur “stuffies” when regressed.
it’s annoying, creepy and I hate it 100%.
for erin I am nearly 100% sure it’s just an excuse to not confess that she is into ddlg.

No. 928020


Nah that account has been up for like 2-3 years before the thread

No. 928038

When people are regressed they do color, but they don’t rub/hump stuffed animals on their naked body like erin has. On her spam she used to post videos of her “naked” and having a stuffed animal covering her lower area, clearly she’s into DDLG and i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s into MAP as well. Erin is a fake age regresser and is into beastiality.

No. 928041

don’t start this shit again

No. 928044

I wonder how long she can go without her precious social media. I'm getting bored.

agere twitterfags please go and stay go

No. 928048

Quit nitpicking instagram fag.

No. 928050


nobody gives a shit jesus we all already figured out that she's bullshitting about this agere shit and it's just plain DDLG shenanigans, we dont need more self fagging in here

No. 928051

sorry I didn’t want to start anything I just wanted to give a short explanation from my pov to maybe end the discussion if erin really age regresses or not.

No. 928060

hello i am unbanned bitches

No. 928061

also i doubt erin regresses, but even if she does she keeps it off social media

No. 928221

milk drought thanks to the newfag

No. 928225

i doubt this is the end to erin's saga, but damn did we go from 100 to 0 in activity real fast. would be interesting to see if her mother actually signs her up to therapy, or she'll beg her way back onto social media eventually.

No. 928249

I'm genuinely surprised she has stayed off of social media for the most part. No asspats for her but it's more than I expected. For the sake of the thread I hope she comes back neetier than ever, but for her sake I hope she stays away and gets some therapy.

My guess if she comes back is that she'll take on a new tiktok style ethot persona.

No. 928264

yea, i feel like her mother straight up plugged the internet from the house, otherwise she wouldn't be able to stay away. or kinda tinfoil but maybe she got put in a psychiatric hospital cus her mother freaked out over the cat scratches?
but yea, i'm also having that dual feeling of wanting her back for the fun, but wanting her away for her own good.

No. 928291

Erin was one of the best cows I can’t believe some tard messaged her mom I will truly miss this thread Goblina

No. 928305

Have no fear, she’ll be back next week

No. 928344

I give her until Valentine's Day max. She'll be back with uwu aesthetic pics of new plushies that mommy got her and spouting off something about how she needs someone to cuddle with, while everyone else is out with a SO, friend, or at least doing something worthwhile with their time.

No. 928431

These screenshots were uploaded by Erin (25 seconds ago cmon) and it seems as though most of the activity in this thread is her own commenting as well. Guessing she “cowtipped” herself to her mom. I dunno. This feels like an ARG lol

No. 928446

nah, i don’t think the screenshots were posted by erin. a lot of us have her twitter notifications on since she deletes things so frequently

No. 928488

File: 1580927178514.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3464x3464, 9283DF9D-FA52-491C-BFAE-FC8AFA…)

sage since this is old milk but i’m super confused by something
erin’s ~uwu twauma~ comes from the fact she lost her virginity to rape but i remembered this from the old threads… how she met up with a guy from tinder and they had sex and then he didn’t call her again? how did she lose her virginity to rape if this exists? she was legit meeting up with guys on tinder for sex, apparently she even fucked the guy’s friend after he didn’t call back?
am i missing a piece of info here?

No. 928493

oh shit she really contradicted herself there then. she will probably pull the excuse of that she doesn't consider the rape sex, so she didn't lose her virginity before, but she's been contradicting herself too much on her trauma.
also i wasn't around for these two posts, so why are they so rapey sounding? is she trying to sound innocent and weak or something?

No. 928501

not to wk but lots of people who have gone through some kind of sexual abuse don’t count their rape/abuse as their first time. they count their consensual first time as loosing their virginity. not saying erins trauma is real, but I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned before that she doesn’t count the rape as her first time.

No. 928506

i don’t think they’re rapey sounding considering she went on instagram after having sex then proceeded to have sex again if that makes sense

i mean it could make sense but isn’t it kinda weird she’d go on instagram saying “i just lost my virginity” even if she doesn’t consider her rape as losing her virginity? maybe i’m just nitpicking but well

No. 928507

this is erin we’re talking about, anything for attention remember? there are a few anons who actually followed her around this time so they can probably say more in detail.

No. 928508

it's rapey sounding cus she is like "god it hurts" and "what do i do, he cam inside???". also it's pretty ironic how she would brag about liking all these extreme kinks, but then it seems like they had rough sex and she can't stand it lol.

No. 928548

Yeah during that time she made it clear that she wasn’t a virgin but she didn’t count it as losing her virginity since it wasn’t consensual so she decided to say she was a virgin still. She went on a story rant about people criticizing her for that.

It sounds rapey because all of this was after her and her “abusive master” Dawson broke up. She literally owns a dildo and a vibrator that she’s used on herself when having sexy time with him. She was already experienced before having sex with those guys she met.

No. 928549

I’m surprised she didn’t claim to be raped after the guy didn’t call her back lol that’s what happens when you don’t look anything like your photos and have a nasty fat pussy miss “uwu smol innie v-vagina”

No. 928550

ooh i see. i should probably read up on him since her thread is real slow with this milk shortage right now.

No. 928551

how is that experienced? Her and Dawson never met in real life. masturbating in your room on FaceTime to dog porn or whatever she likes is nothing like sex

No. 928561

tinfoil but that sounds too detailed not to be erin

No. 928566

>>too detailed not to be erin
it’s called being one of her old followers and remembering her bullshit lies. Clearly you weren’t around during that time. Quit nitpicking any og follower is her, someone asked for an old follower to talk about it.

It’s experienced because she literally posted a photo of her dildo. Using a toy on yourself is considered experience.

No. 928569

Imagine her shooped pictures where she tries to look animu captioned Erin, 19, 5 miles away and her profile talks about how smol she is and how she’s just like a legal loli uwu and then this stocky blocky large bitch with a giant nose and beady, bulgy Paul Giamatti eyes rolls up I wonder if she does her gross fake voice in real life too, how unsettling

No. 928572

anyone who’s actually had experience wouldnt consider that experience. Everybody masturbates. Erin would consider it experience because shes never had a real life boyfriend

No. 928616

anon is right, you do sound like erin. she used to type similar shit on older threads, with personal details like
> She literally owns a dildo and a vibrator that she’s used on herself when having sexy time with him.

literally the exact same shit erin would write about herself on older threads lol

No. 928627

She has posted about her sex toys many times.

No. 928634

okay but when did erin even start mentioning or talking about her "trauma?" im not an og follower

No. 928641

I can dig up a screenshot since you keep nitpicking anon. She’s literally mentioned it when she was “moving” by asking her followers how and where to hide her sex toys when moving and she was public about it. She only stopped being public about that stuff after she became a so called “age regresser” and her “trauma” all of a sudden became a huge problem. You for real act like any old follower that calls her out on stuff she used to post is her, my bad for having a good memory bro

No. 928643

If you had a good memory you’d know her and Dawson never met lol how can they have “sexy time” thousands of miles away?

No. 928645

Erin probably meant discord calls with camera on

No. 928661

i am amazed by how slow this thread is making people. reading erins shit depletes brain cells like no other

No. 928664

You do realize sexy time doesn’t have to refer to meeting up right? It’s been stated they were online dating and used facetime to have their sexy time. She always posted video gifs of her and him in call all the time. How slow are you anon?

No. 928678

say FaceTime calls then lol I would consider that sexting not sex

No. 928689

I’m in the camp that hopes Erin will come back and provide us with more milk, because this infighting over her dildo is ridiculous.

The kittysophie vs. PULL drama has been pretty good though if y’all are bored.

No. 928820

thanks for the advice anon. i just caught up on it all and it's like erin but if her entire personality was annoying ethot instead of annoying uwu agere

No. 929077

Not really milk at all but i’m seeing a lot of people in my suggestions using Erin’s “soft girl” photos as their profile pictures and i can’t tell if some are her new alts or not.

No. 929240

No. 929403

the death of this thread is so sad

No. 929415

I mean you may as well post them, then.

No. 929479

Agreed. She was my fav cow. Part of me hoped she'd get better and grow, but the other part of me wants that fresh milk.

No. 929598


I hope the anon that cowtipped her mum gets herpes and genital warts

No. 929599

Cowtipper will burn eternally in hell for what they’ve done

No. 929702

Off topic but is there a thread on juliapenton she’s really messy and has called out Erin for photoshopping when she used to do it as well.

No. 929712

For about two months you were all constantly telling her she needs to leave Instagram and acting mad because she wouldn’t deactivate her ig
and now you’re all mad because she actually left
makes a lot of sense

No. 929717

>acting mad because she wouldn’t deactivate her ig
We were making fun of her for stalling so long on deleting it.
>now you’re all mad because she actually left
We’re mad at the cowtipper for acting like a retard. Learn to sage, you’re obviously new

No. 929721

quit pretending we’re a hive mind with the same opinions. thousands of different people use this site from around the world every day. i for one am glad she’s staying off the damn internet, it was only driving her further into her self-inflicted victimhood. i hope she stays offline and takes part in some serious therapy.

No. 929728

I couldn't give a fuck if she completely disappeared, all she was to 90% of us was free entertainment, like one of those TLC shows but in live action.

Give or take a few people, everyone is allowed to be online. Nobody is telling her to never come online again, they're just saying "stop being a dumb lying bitch and act your damn age."

She's 100% still using the internet but luckily for her, nobody on here, including myself, knows what account(s) she's currently using.

She's probably hoping everyone dies off the thread and forgets about her so she can pop up again saying how she's "changed" and "better" and then it'll just happen all over again.

No. 929738

Learn to sage, tard. You’re probably one of Erin’s fake agere Friendster Goblina herself from the whiteknighting and not saging. Gtfo

No. 929741

god i knew an idiot like this would crop up. first of all like other anons said not all of us think the same thing. second it's completely possible to be a bit disappointed over suddenly loosing something entertaining to you, while still wanting erin to fuck off from the internet for her own good.

yea she is either hoping for anons to loose interest and pop up again, or waiting on her mother to plug the internet back in their house. it hasn't been a week since her last post (which is a long time for someone like erin who doesn't do anything besides it), but i think we need to wait longer to see if she is officially gone.

No. 929845

baiting is a thing yknow

fuck whoever messaged her mom
cowtipping is fucking annoying, way to spoil the fun

No. 929881

There is a special circle in hell for cow tippers.

No. 929892


I enjoy making cow's think someone is going to cowtip, but actual cowtippers just ruin it for everyone.

Although i do want erin to grow as a person, she is still hilarious as a cow. V frustrating.

No. 929909

File: 1581220241572.jpeg (172.05 KB, 750x923, 4A83CB31-632F-4A14-A1D0-FB6B79…)

Sage for old milk but I found these funny and entertaining 1/2

No. 929910

File: 1581220268761.jpeg (116.03 KB, 750x915, F2F8E65E-3B85-4B79-B91F-887E73…)


No. 929911

I never seen these on the other threads before. She’s so disgusting. Her whole innocent act is really annoying. I’m glad she left but I lowkey miss the milk.

No. 929912

the fact that she wrote something like that with the image of her cat.. ick.

dno if its just me but something about that just sits wrong with me

No. 929925

"bestest" blowjob makes me want to retch worse than anything else she's ever said

No. 929939

Yeah poor fucking cat. Who knows what horrors that cat's seen, or knowing Erin been subjected to?

No. 929962

this girl is very sad and stupid

No. 929977

honestly.. doubting that “ryan” even existed.. but who was that man she went to the arcade with and said “my thumb next to big man hand”

No. 930025

File: 1581262134536.jpg (133.66 KB, 794x888, SaveFred2020.jpg)

lack of milk and pity for her cat made me make this shitty thing
>tfw you're forced to live with erin painter

No. 930027


Kek, thank you based anon!

No. 930028

If I had a penny for every girl who has ever heard this.. Erin truly thinks she’s something special yet can’t get called back by any guy who’s seen her real life face

No. 930046

>oh come on erin i can scratch harder than that
KEK thank you anon

No. 930063

> sage for old milk
> didn’t even sage

seen this somewhere before.

No. 930065

tbf, pics negate sage anyways.

No. 930067

File: 1581275061441.jpeg (266.45 KB, 640x553, 5179B604-4FC4-4444-A2E2-A6B265…)

He probably wanted my uwu innie vag but I only gave him my sniveling goblin mouth teehee so innocent uwu

No. 930071

I don't think Erin has been posting here recently but she sure is lurking

No. 930239

honestly i want some new milk but damn she’s doing good at not being on social media (unless she made another account which wouldn’t surprise me) and i hope she’s doing SOMETHING other than sitting around all day being on her phone

No. 930250

File: 1581299811465.png (1.81 MB, 828x1792, D5E2986D-D486-4E71-9BC3-1E05CA…)

is this her tumblr? if so then she’s active right now

No. 930253

That was her instagram name but I'm not sure about it being tumblr name

No. 930258

That account reblogged a pic of a sanrio character which points to it being Erin but there are tons of accounts on tumblr just like this one so its hard to say

No. 930267

an uwu soft girl account reblogging a Sanrio character does not mean it’s erin.

No. 930284

Lmao idiots. I messaged Erins mother on the 24th, Erin didn’t leave until days after that. She didn’t leave because of me. Erins mother knows about her threads and doesn’t care(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 930289

kek, autism. thanks for the milk though. i wonder what kind of lies erin tells to spin this to her mother.

No. 930300

Hopefully the cowtipper is gone for good, but just to clear things up lest people believe her:

>after reading the messages


Unread messages.

Even if that's Erin's mom's real account, which would be very easy to fake, there's nothing to suggest she read the messages long before Erin disappeared. It's not even relevant– even if the cowtipper somehow wasn't responsible for her disappearing, cowtipping is against site rules. But I thought I should post in case anyone wasn't convinced.

No. 930378

what do u think erin is doing

No. 930388

Personally I think this >>929909 is her, but that might just be hopeful optimism lol

No. 930416

This is her but that post was like 2 years ago.

No. 930466

As of today erin still has not completed any kind of legal name change.

No. 930471

she definitely never had the papers for it in the first place.

No. 930702

No I mean I seems like something irrelevant she'd post. I know that's a cap of one of her social medias haha

No. 930793

unless shes dumber than i thought, i think she was just lying about a name change. surely if she were truly trying to escape, she would announce it? besides as anon said, she hasnt changed her name yet.

No. 930806

I'll give Erin another week tops before she makes a reappearance.

No. 930812

Thank you for this anon. I stood up and played with my cat.

No. 930821

her last post was a week ago, so i think now we can be certain now that she is taking a longer break. gonna be hilarious if she posts right after this post though.

No. 930999

Tinfoil, but what if she cowtipped herself? Or lied about the cowtipping?

No. 931241

That'd be wild. But didn't other anons say the retarded who cow tipped has been doing it for ages/in other threads?

No. 931322

if it werent for the fact that it'd been happening in other threads, i wouldn't be suprised.

No. 931477

All of her usernames are literally stolen off of other peoples social medias. She copies anyones username she see’s on twitter, tumblr, etc. Yet cries when someone takes one of her old usernames.
I swear anyone that brings old screencaps from her spam you people assume it’s her self posting.

No. 931559

>Sage for old milk
>Doesn't Sage
I wonder where we've seen that before?

No. 931722

This thread is just full of newfags

No. 932043

apolgy for bad english

where were u wen erin die

i was at farm drinking milk when phone ring

"erin is kill"


No. 932101

Shut up Erin(hi cow)

No. 932110

nta, but anon don't you know that this is a meme?

No. 932111

Anon you tagged the wrong post

No. 932181

NTA but thats shit posting and erin is known to do that on her threads.

No. 932677

File: 1581827977107.jpeg (52.65 KB, 750x645, B41715F3-5468-4724-938A-38D9C8…)

this is a big reach, but maybe it’s her?

No. 932705

i doubt it’s her

No. 933153

File: 1581971140165.png (572.53 KB, 926x611, Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 3.24…)

looked through the threads to see if this has been posted but i didnt find it. but sage anyway just incase

No. 933154

both photos of her are here so what's so special about her being in some random barely viewed compilation…?

No. 933182

This thread dry as fuck why are you mad erin(hi cow)

No. 933187

it sure is dry when every single anon is hi cow-ing whenever someone posts anything lmao. are you really that desperate for erin content that you need this random shitty compilation video?

No. 933267

I didnt lol

No. 933269

erin come back

No. 933352

welp, it has been a full two weeks since erin posted anything, so it's probably safe to say that she is taking a longer break or is in hardcore lurking mode.

No. 933420

I honestly think she got in serious trouble and her mom unplugged the internet or confiscated her electronics…

No. 933421

i'm thinking that too, i don't think she'd be able to all of the sudden get off the internet any other way. And if she still has it, her mother might be only allowing her to browse, so she can't use social media.

No. 933425

i’ve been thinking the same and if we has access to the internet, she’s surely made new accounts already. did erin have any friends/close mutuals on ig or twitter? has anyone tried looking through their followers/following and see if any accounts that might be erin have popped up? i don’t recall erin having any friends tho, just the guys on twitter she lusted after

No. 933470

fuck i mad. this was awesome milk. i hope faggot cowtip anon intends on taking her place. what a pissbaby. erin wasn't even doing anything morally fucked up like scamming, she was just a hilarious attention whore. with basic, good quality milk.

No. 933551

Nobody likes her, nobody in her spam agere community. I think she’ll come back as a “gothic Lolita” or whatever new fad

No. 933608

If she’s lurking she’ll reveal herself sooner or later. She craves the attention.

No. 933611

This thread is so dead. I wonder if she is actually getting mental health treatment

No. 933630

I was thinking this too, her mom was probably so embarrassed by her daughter's antics in the internet (especially considering Erin used her real name and had pictures of herself on her thot accounts with her mother) that she either took everything away, or is heavily monitoring her internet usage. Maybe she made her get a job

No. 934043

like a month ago she was posting about caring about her followers and making a new account for her body pics because she would ~never~ want to trigger her followers then an hour later posted her bloody cuts lmao(namefag)

No. 934072

I hate you for bumping this thread and making such a useless comment. Retard

No. 934127

idk if this matters but I have her on Xbox and all it seems she’s done these past few days is play tera and rdr2.

No. 934160

if it shows her activity it means she still has internet connection at least. maybe just her phone/computer got taken away so she can't access social media? or she's being heavily monitored when using those.
can you take a picture or a screenshot of her activity? it would be good to see since when she's been only playing on her xbox.

No. 934176

post caps or fake news

No. 934225

File: 1582222795081.png (888.22 KB, 750x1334, 2DAF8324-F63B-414C-9F9E-E07E3C…)

Yesterday when I was on it showed her playing red dead pretty much all day, she’s active now since the green dots there but I’m not home so I can’t really see what she’s playing or anything, her last achievement was 2 days ago though on tera.

No. 934236

send us more screens when you get home anon, i'm really starting to feel the theory that only her phone got taken away.

No. 934265

File: 1582226818771.jpg (425.69 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20200220-192554_Twi…)

No. 934266

File: 1582226883128.jpg (536.3 KB, 1079x1566, Screenshot_20200220-192757_Twi…)

No. 934270

File: 1582227323975.jpg (198.5 KB, 1079x745, Screenshot_20200220-193515_Twi…)

No. 934279

welp she is back lmao. she sure as fuck didn't change her name though, especially since she keeps changing the story with "well now i did change it!". guess she really was just lurking.

No. 934311

File: 1582231050006.gif (1.08 MB, 320x240, 7f5.gif)

the milk queen returns. /snow/ had been getting stale

No. 934348

has she deactivated already?

No. 934352

seems like so. but she really couldn't go over 2 weeks without activating again, huh.

No. 934433

File: 1582242859811.jpg (304.34 KB, 1089x612, LISAA.jpg)

Not even before Valentines Day
I knew Erin couldn't stay away

No. 934489

most rescue places are on a volunteer basis and if they do hire someone i doubt it’d be someone with 0 fucking job experience or credentials to handle and care for animals?

No. 934493

Especially considering she’s a freak who fantasizes about animals and she has adopted then returned multiple dogs which is just plain neglect

No. 934513

Lol chill Erin before the retarded cowtipper tells the kitty shelter you work at that you like pet play and stick tails in your big flappy ass

No. 934539

This is my favourite thread next to our kween PT. Pls princess Erin, return to us with tales of your stint as a functioning adult, who's name definitely isn't Erin anymore. Your subjects faithfully await your glorious second coming ~
Saged for obvious no1curr

No. 934540

bless the fuck up!!! i know it’s hardly milk but i’ve been so bored without her goofy ass antics lately. here’s hoping this thread bounces back so it’s not just being bumped by HI ERIN every day

No. 934543

So i feel like Erin is absolutely full of shit. I don’t think for a second that all of her family and “friends” are just calling her by a brand new name and i also think she’s lying or exaggerating about her getting a job at the uwu kitty facility because usually that’s just volunteering and to actually get a work position at any big animal rescue place you need to fill out a bigger application and they tend to pay above minimum wage which means there are some expectations it’s not just a comfy easy job playing with cats and most places you need experience handling animals or something related. I think it’s either just a flat lie or she’s volunteering lol. It’s too convenient that she’s just up and hired by the most uwu cutesy place possible

No. 934545

For some reason I can’t stop laughing at this “big flappy ass” KEK

No. 934557

File: 1582262845458.jpeg (311.5 KB, 1242x1717, 6C9E0174-CEAC-4DEF-8DB2-4FBE1F…)

Erin does appear to be doing well

No. 934560

The art in this thread is beautiful, thank you anon. This is why I miss Erin so ~

No. 934576

smh anon you forgot even more of her uwu kawaii knockoff rilakkuma plushies all over the place

No. 934601


Is that fucking fly stank above her head lmfao! God, I really do miss this thread. I hope cowtipper is FUCKING HAPPY..

Also I feel like erins mom may have finally left the house and erin was able to log into her socials for 5 min lol. I really do think the only think keeping her off the internetzzzz is the wrath of mama painter. Either that or erins fat flabby ass discovered you can use the internet browser on Xbox.

No. 934626

>erins fat flabby ass discovered you can use the internet browser on Xbox
Fucking KEK anon, trust Erin to type those long ass posts using nothing but her Xbox controller

No. 934648

it says twitter for iphone so she has her phone

No. 934692

The Erin in my head is way more entertaining than Erin irl kek

No. 934732

File: 1582300974242.jpeg (417.9 KB, 1242x1717, 6F171ADC-B46B-43B9-A75E-4B74C0…)

samefag here, added some more stuff for accuracy

No. 934750

anon you’re amazing. 10/10

No. 935111

File: 1582337595714.png (1.67 MB, 946x946, huhh.PNG)

It may be stretching but I saw this girl being shared on another persons story and she resembles Erin quite a bit?

The IG is frnatic666

No. 935148


No it's so not. Her profile is public, you could have checked. She does seem like a cow tho.

No. 935168

she’s just ugly anon

No. 935308

I miss the milk as much as you do anon, but this unfortunately is a reach.

No. 935911

Obligatory H I E R I N

No. 935912

welcome back erin, as you can see several anons missed you.(hi cow)

No. 935940

what are u guys even replying to

No. 936341

File: 1582554929709.png (7.68 KB, 548x226, Screenshot_2020-02-23 snow - …)

i don't care if i get banned again, this is obviously erin lol(hi cow, again)

No. 936424

I feel like erin will be back soon.

No. 936615

File: 1582590991999.png (595.92 KB, 758x427, 14523465.png)

No. 936723

first u want erin to leave now y’all want erin back? make up ur minds idiots

No. 936737

File: 1582611504858.png (954.43 KB, 1280x720, erin.png)

She won't even stay on Final Fantasy 14 for more than 20 minutes :(

No. 936788

Gtfo twitterfag
A few anons here said they wished her well and advised her to go offline. The others were enjoying the entertainment of her uwu little space + lies

No. 936811

File: 1582631931742.jpg (1.56 MB, 1488x2105, 20-02-25-12-58-40-286_deco.jpg)

I feel like shit, I just want my cow back

No. 936828

That made me snort thanks anon, hopefully Erin will return soon so the beautiful art can keep flowing

No. 936840

We’re not all the same person. The people who encouraged her to delete her accounts are faggots.

No. 936850

she still lurks in other threads/boards so let's play a game of "cow spotting"

No. 936918

I didn’t think goblina would stay off the internet so long. I wonder what her new phase is going to be.

No. 936948

She's probably gonna go full blackmetal or goth or become a k-pop stan

No. 936989

Imagine she becomes a drainer

No. 937049

being 3 ft tall and 90 lbs is like erin's petite loli dream

No. 937247

lol i begged for this a couple threads ago but it'd be too much cringe for me to even handle

No. 937271

she's been getting on ff14 to AFK and do nothing like she always does as well so she's not banned from the internet.

No. 937506

She’s been active on pocket camp as well

No. 937509

For once

No. 937582

File: 1582766424458.jpeg (57.86 KB, 750x597, 3F9AB68F-419F-450C-9BDD-239D6D…)

This is DEFINITELY a big reach, but I’m just really getting erin vibes from this

No. 937586

I am too… But my heart dropped because you bumped the thread… Alas our precious Erin has not returned to us yet

No. 937750

Do you guys think erin is into bestiality? Serious question, this isn’t new milk but it’s just a random thought that hit me that Erin is a 2.0 version of that girl that made youtube videos on why it’s okay to fuck your dog.

For example, that “mistake” she made of not researching what knotting meant, she clearly knew what it was and is HEAVILY into it since she colored in that jar full. It’s not something new that some blonde girl is into that. Another example would be her obsessive reposts of dogs, especially canines and her “love” for husky male dogs. She did sexualize that wolf character from whatever anime she posted on her twitter and admitted to finding an actual wolf man attractive. She also sexualizes her petplay lifestyle which is either a grown “dog” or “puppy”. Could be a huge reach but it’s something to make a note on.

No. 937772

I think probably the idea of it.. but I doubt she would just fuck dogs if that’s what you’re asking

No. 937798

Off topic but, I assume some people here are from the spam community, why don't someone create a thread about Nika? A thread about her would be milky as fuck. Recent examples of her being a cow in just past 24 hours: Admitting to doing heroin and that her best friends father wants to fuck her.

No. 937820

True.. but she would feed off the thread and probably suicide bait even more

No. 937890

She must be very bored these days

No. 937956

She's probably going under a different name now because she's ~no longer Erin~

No. 937987

File: 1582841820573.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 5114CCE0-9688-43AB-9D5B-23F08C…)

so i recently found this thread about erin who ive disliked for a while because of her whole agere but no ddlg hypocrisy and ive been watching her activity so i could block her on my accounts for a while. she recently made a new account on twitter under the name mimi and im 90% sure this is definitely her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 937996

if it isn't her they look so much alike but they're definitely a close link because they're friends with my ex as well as many other people erin used to be friends with on her old account

No. 938011

>new account
>joined november 2018

No. 938014

this looks nothing like her. can anons stop assuming every chubby loli twitter thot is erin?

No. 938018

Account is from November 2018 but started Tweeting Jan of this year which is coincidentally around the time Erin had that huge suicide-bait meltdown. It could be an old account Erin repurposed. Also plays TERA but that's not unique to Erin. Every ethot DDLG wannabe plays TERA.

A bit of a stretch, but I'll take it. Also, learn to integrate.

No. 938023

File: 1582843653436.jpeg (240.28 KB, 750x574, 410C67C5-E541-4C81-B48D-1800F3…)

she only recently started posting on 18/01/2020 regardless of the account being from 2018, she's followed by many of the same people and talks exactly the same as erin. could be not but she acts exactly the same as erin imo and her name is also similar 'pocketsizee' 'petsized'

No. 938028

why do u guys think every fat loli girl with no lips is erin! she wouldn’t be posting these ugly pics out in the open.. they would be shopped aswell

No. 938031

why are you so defensive about this? theres a possibility that it could be her but you're so in denial

No. 938043

File: 1582845581948.png (163.74 KB, 750x1334, 7CB86E6A-9A11-4361-A5D3-3E61A1…)

i guess its also probably a coincidence that @/pwurinpup just happens to be following @/petsized's instagram account(Ban evading)

No. 938053

Absolutely looks nothing like her. Really getting my hopes up bumping the thread, newfag, we all miss this cow's antics. This ain't it, though.

As if we don't know all these ddlg agre creeps follow each other anyway.

No. 938072

pretty sure i have her tumblr. seemed to be following it from awhile ago (had no idea why i followed it so i’m fairly certain she must’ve mentioned it ages ago). she at first had the name “erin” and then it changed to “mimi” and now it’s “pichu”. the tumblr is urinalpuppy.

No. 938080

Her last tumblr (now deleted) was called warmmilky. The one you mentioned is definitely not hers, considering it's active as of now and posts stuff she doesn't care about/that doesn't match her last aesthetic

No. 938118

True, i think that anon was self posting to get traction onto their tumblr

No. 938121

i'm actually in her discord server. it's not erin.

No. 938125

no shit, looks nothing like her. post server caps if ur gonna bump.

No. 938276

does anyone know where she’s at? any clues???

No. 938280

Jesus Christ. Stop bumping the thread with tinfoil and speculation. Just wait for the milk.

No. 938291

No. 938300

damn, learn to sage when you have nothing to add

No. 938312

We really need a Nika thread on here, she’s the most dramatic attention seeking bitch I’ve ever seen lol

No. 938315

I'm almost positive that she's super vanilla in real life and claims all kind of stupid kinks for clout.

What makes you think she would shoop herself to look this ugly kek

No. 938343

Gtfo Retard why do you keep bumping this thread and adding nothing to it?

No. 938377

Alright first of all she is not into ddlg I know this person very well and just because you hate one person you try to shame everyone who "looks" like her???? you lot are the worst kind of humans and you can't even be considered humans. this mimi person is a wonderful complete sfw person and you can't be sure about something you don't know. so the 10% is true. this is not erin whoever the fuck erin is. don't fucking fatshame people just cuz you hate one person and they're all suddenly erin to you now. disgusting pieces of shit kill yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 938380

you need to get your facts before you start posting shit about people you don't even know. they follow each other and its a coincidence so what? why do you have to shame someone that resembles someone else? you don't even know this person. i'm 100% sure she's never into ddlg and shes the biggest anti to it.

No. 938381

woah, did you search yourself on google and this came up first or wtf? your aesthetic completely fits into ddlg stuff so don't even lie on that front lol.

No. 938382

the fuck are u on about, you think its okay to do stuff like this? u think its normal and allowed?

No. 938383

DDLG fags just want people to think they're uwu so tragic age regressor-chans! don't try to tell anon her sexual kink isn't deep and moody.

No. 938384

File: 1582911447083.jpg (44.17 KB, 500x620, 2v65fe[1].jpg)

>normal and allowed

No. 938385

ddlg is a disgusting kink and whoever likes it can't even be considered human and afaik i did my research and this person isn't really into that. being an age regressor is different.

No. 938386

aight i get it u can be free on this site as much as u like i dont really care much just wanna point out that you need to search for facts before you start assuming and shaming.

No. 938387

you kys-ed us though, it's hilarious you consider us bad, when you are going that far for getting posted here lol

No. 938388

nta but it is actually explicitly against the rules to post photos of people who are not thread subjects and are 100% unrelated to any of that thread subject’s drama. this girl is very obviously not erin, so i don’t see why anyone wants to shit on her anyway. if she’s milky make a thread on her or put her in the instagram thots/ddlg thots thread (if that even still exists idk) but she doesn’t need to be posted here anymore

No. 938389

age reg is fake.

No. 938390

don't reply to newfags who clearly mean "illegal" by "not allowed".

No. 938393

what i'm trying to point out anyways that this person isn't erin or whoever that is. and im sure that this person is completely unrelated.

No. 938396

what im trying to figure out is why yall so busy making fun of someone that you clearly don't even know if shes the same as you think or not and yet are so aggressively trying to prove your "point" that youre better than them well good for you! XD(k)

No. 938399

where are you getting these delusions that everyone is making fun of you? almost every anon pointed out that you don't look similar to erin. are you just happy to have a thread's attention to yourself, to get any attention?

No. 938401

awesome I've got a whole threat of people who love to make fun of girls and their looks and naw theyre sad that i wasnt the famous one so they wont score as much aw :c

No. 938402

only 4 caps were posted trying to deliberate if it was her or not, but I mostly agree. anons are too hard up for milk now, but we should have posted this other girl in the DDLG thot thread. I'd actually be up for discussing her there, especially after >>938401 crazy shit.

No. 938403

if you think this is erin, you're blind as fuck tbh. they look nothing alike

No. 938404

how long are you going to be sperging?

No. 938405

she's definitely sperged her way into the DDLG general.

No. 938406

she’s erin for sure

No. 938409

y’all r so bored u had to pick a random person u don’t even know and cry wolf that’s it’s erin like damn bitches shut the FUCK up go find something better to do than sit on the internet and talk shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 938412

don't feed the trolls

No. 938413

think we should just start ignoring her at this point, she is just repeating herself now so it isn't even funny

No. 938414

Erin and that mimi person look ugly af lmao

No. 938415

simps :|(:|)

No. 938427

god all these ddlg girls look and act exactly the same and all are autistic af. i don't blame anon for thinking she found erin when everyone's socials looks like an exact copypaste of each other. they really have no agency other than being a pedo pandering shithead online.

No. 938429

that and reeing that someone dare call them out. sorry that the screen cap of your loli FF14 character grinding on someone doesn't look pure and uwu.

No. 938435

File: 1582916655193.jpeg (220.74 KB, 640x597, 7A0B3C06-D002-4B44-B821-8B8B77…)

These retarded DDLG hoes think theyre so pure and uwu but they quickly switch up when called out and cuss and act confrontational. Lmao go hump a stuffed animal you freak. Age regression isn’t real and you are straight up autistic. The only reason you do this is because you want attention and you’re too ugly to even get normal dudes to jerk off to you, so you pander to the lowest common denominator. Pedo

No. 938451

This mimi girl is literally 20 years old and acts like this? Boohoo you got posted on a thread and now you’re whining about how badly you wanna self harm in your discord server

No. 938453

sounds like she deserves a thread of her own already lmao

No. 938471

post caps

No. 938472

I honestly feel like she’s never gonna come back unless this thread dies down, you guys keep begging and bumping the thread up. Let’s just play it out and wait instead of getting on our knees and begging for milk.

No. 938478

thank you for finally saying it anon, y’all are annoying bumping the thread everyday with absolute nonsense. you are giving erin what she wants, which is attention. she feeds off this stuff, have y’all forgotten?

No. 938479

samefag but if anyone has caps of the discord server, let’s move this to the DDLG general thread.

No. 938490

Having trouble finding thread, if someone links it I’ll post the caps

No. 938495

No. 938502

oh i thought i was the only one not finding the thread lol, no surprise thought it's basically abandoned

No. 938563

Exactly, all i’m seeing is newfags begging for milk and even posting just absolutely random off topic stuff. Let the thread die down instead of constantly posting bullshit caps and having a literal off topic conversation.

No. 938587


No. 938621

Learn to fucking sage newfag, literally stop wasting posts just to type random words. Get off the thread basic white girl, clearly it’s hard for newfags to let the thread die down for awhile.

No. 938622

omg pocketsizee is back on insta deadass

No. 938623

yoo she posted again ur right

No. 938626

damn she really did. why bring back some random side account now though?

No. 938631

Then post a fuckin cap to the IMAGE BOARD. And sage your fucking post please.

No. 938635

File: 1582936742575.jpg (307.37 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20200229-113646__01…)

Here's a cap. Hopefully it quells some of the autist ddlg fags from derailing more

No. 938637

File: 1582936956765.jpg (354.67 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20200229-113956__01…)

Apparently someone is impersonating her kek?

No. 938638

File: 1582936985592.jpg (226.96 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20200229-114003__01…)

No. 938639

File: 1582937012895.jpg (229.64 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20200229-114018__01…)

No. 938642

File: 1582937068370.jpg (207.24 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20200229-114025__01…)

No. 938643

File: 1582937109565.jpg (199.8 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20200229-114031__01…)

No. 938645

we all know she didn't actually get a name change, but who would even be impersonating her on an account she owns? did she give it away and if so what would be the point? and what does the impersonator have to gain from this?

No. 938646

File: 1582937418669.jpg (389.68 KB, 1643x2560, 20-02-29-11-49-07-912_deco__01…)

Okay so it's probably a desperate farmer or twitter fag, look at the post caption and comments. Unless Erin is doing some deep undercover work kek

No. 938654

File: 1582937795740.jpg (166.23 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20200229-115329__01…)

Tbf I'd believe she's doing this to herself but it's possible it's an impersonator too

Here's the link for ease of access, have a read I'd like other anon's opinions: https://instagram.com/pocketsizee?igshid=1sqiry8bd6fvf

No. 938666

the only reason i would think she'd pretend to be her own impersonator instead of just opening her last active accounts again is that she wants the attention of the thread, but she'd get that just from normally coming back too. but also how would an impersonator get access to her account? i definitely think her typing is off compered to how we last saw her, but this is the same account she used before, so the impersonator would need to get access to it somehow.

No. 938669

Mmm I don’t think tht it’s a impersonator. Remember how upset she got over some1 taking pwincess? A @ like pocketsizee? I’m sure she would have complained about it

No. 938679

what if she's just trying to make herself some drama to "come back to" lmao

No. 938695

does anyone remover her using that photo previously? i doubt its her because if it was her she would posted about people assuming it’s not her already…..

No. 938698

huh??? want to repeat yourself and learn to sage? this hurts to read.

No. 938773

Yeah I'd believe this. Let's continue watching the account, if it's really Erin the milk will start flowing soon enough.

No. 938797

u can join "erin's" discord its public on her twitter @petsized. original post was removed? i got u anon

No. 938798

shoutout to anon
she might actually be erin lol


No. 938799

shoutout to the anon!
her fake discord daddy is there to lol
she might not be erin but she acts like her and is ugly like her also she says shes not into ddlg but follows and interacts with ddlg accounts or nsfw ones.
also her friend is @longsleeves.

even if she isnt erin this is hilarious to watch its like erin 2.0 but uglier and fatter with a female friend shes fake with

No. 938810

File: 1582966709001.png (784.13 KB, 1074x850, erin.PNG)

I can't remember if someone already dragged it, but it is definitely an erin's drawings.
the last time she saved something was 11 days ago.

No. 938815

File: 1582968382600.png (1.33 MB, 1607x1560, erin.PNG)

This user (@cwutsie a.k.a bun .⋅ εïз ⋅. on weheartit) also posted some of erin's drawings. her instagram:
she is followed by this account who have the same drawing as their userpic (and who promoted another girl who also use it lol)

No. 938822

kek if she’s reacting this way to being called fat she’s definitely cow-tier

No. 938824

she literally has an eating disorder. can we at least not deepen that?

i'm all for exposing erin for all the shit she's done wrong but why the fuck are we bringing someone else into this?

No. 938825

are you new here? no one gives a fuck about fake loli ana-chans. if you haven’t seen, there’s a whole thread on them.
take your boohooing to tumblr, newfag.

No. 938833

Damn it’s not working for her she is still fat as hell
You should gtfo if you’re an agere retard it isn’t real and you aren’t welcome on this site

No. 938834

lol looks like erin 2.0 is a crying cow
https://imgur.com/a/y7cFXyS people in her server trying to make her feel better. their all ddlg and agere.
mia is erin 2.0
lil cuddly rinnychu is a random agere with issues
pixii is a rando agere

go wild boys her twitter @petsized still has her discord and she wants to remove it lol erin wants to hide again(offtopic)

No. 938835

Your link doesn't work.

No. 938836

no one cares about this rn stop bumping the thread unless its about erin this mimi person or whatever is just another person

No. 938837

Can you guys take this to another thread? I'm sick of being bumped and thinking there is new Erin milk.

No. 938845

File: 1582977294032.jpg (102.06 KB, 499x385, vl4eqakfrpr21.jpg)

Will you newfags ever learn how to sage unless you're delivering Erin milk?

No. 938847

Can we make a new thread about that mimi bitch? She seems hella gross and fake lmao

No. 938849

Learn to fucking sage retard.
I did some research and she really isn't milky enough to warrant her own thread.

No. 938853

>"Learn to fucking sage retard."
>doesn't sage

No. 938860

Erin leaves us for two weeks and all of us go retarded. Nice.

No. 938865

im starting to seriously think erin gave yall brain damage, fucking sage already and take this to another thread

No. 938934

That Mimi girls looks similar to unshooped Erin but they don’t look alike at all.Why do girls try hard to be UWU cute when they look nothing like their aesthetic ?? She’d be cute if she was normal and not trying to look like an oversized toddler

No. 938936

also can someone make a Nika thread she’s fucking annoying. She should just overdose instead of leashing off her followers and being a piece of shit. And Julia is very milky.(a-log)

No. 938945

Nta but posting minors on here is against the rules, and that @/buwnnie girl is a minor

No. 938957

who is nika? what’s her instagram @

No. 938962

you can, they just have to be 16+
it’s posted in the instagram general thread with more.

but can we PLEASE stop bumping the thread with absolutely nothing to do with erin, it’s so frustrating and the thread is going to get locked.

No. 939068

File: 1583024819177.png (621.15 KB, 401x598, Screenshot_135.png)

No. 939094

I don't think this user is Erin, but I would like to point out that this user has a board for 6snot pictures, a once popular eboy turned incel misogynist kek

No. 939113

File: 1583032418246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 382.46 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20200301-140951__01…)

Newfags this isn't hard:
I'll even throw in an image for those of you who I know won't click the links

No. 939122

kek really? can we continue this in the e-girl thread? he’s been mentioned in there before and coincidentally it was bumped 2 hours ago with one of his songs? interesting

No. 939129

File: 1583035217418.jpg (134.82 KB, 1080x1706, Screenshot_20200301-145642__01…)

Ikr, the egirl thread is already a shit show. Can we stop ruining this absolute gem reserved for Erin's autism only. It's seriously giving me an aneurysm at this point with all the thread bumping.

In other news Pocketsizee is private since being posted and is
>Not accepting

No. 939213

it looks like she's active on there, like she really couldn't go longer without social media (otherwise it would be deactivated right?)

No. 939254

read the previous fucking threads and stop spamming this one with that pocketsizee bullshit. that account is obviously not erin and it‘s fucking annoying to come here expecting milk only to see this fucking bullshit that‘s been discussed like 50 times in previous threads.

No. 939297

pocketsizee is literally listed as one of her past instas, that's why people are speculating. how would an impostor have access to her account? there's a possibility it's not her since some things are off, but who the hell could it be then and why?

No. 939299

ntayrt but this imposter account was literally discussed in past threads. it isn’t erin, just someone who stole her old username. it’s not milk can we please stop discussing it

No. 939302

how'd she have a thousand followers when she only started posting recently by the looks of it on that page? and several people in the comments were confused too if it's erin, and i doubt randos really keep up with her usernames so they must have been past followers.

No. 939307

most likely dumb farmers or stalkers of the thread who wanna feel cool for being posted here. it isn’t erin, you can look at the past threads for more discussion about it.

No. 939309

any specific thread that discusses this or is it scattered through out?

No. 939418

Can you newfags shut the fuck up already stop bumping the thread every day with offtopic shit. Learn to sage your posts especially if its off topic.

Pocketsizee account is old milk, stop bringing it up. It’s already known it’s a farmer who snatched the username from Erin. Stop bringing up the Mimi girl, post her in the ddlg thread that was linked 2 days ago. Get the fuck off the thread if you’re gonna fill it with spoiled milk. By the time ACTUAL milk comes, the thread is gonna have to get moved again since newfags wanna try to reach maximum posts with utter crap.

No. 939421

This is old milk as well, stop posting old fucking milk. The person running that account apparently was editing Erins watermarks out. Read the past threads instead of repeating uploads.

No. 940449

File: 1583267295361.jpeg (145.33 KB, 750x697, B05C5E49-9351-4245-AFBA-2F2D37…)

sage bc not milky but is this erin?

No. 940459

probably not that bio is the same one this nika girl that’s been mentioned a few times has and I doubt erin would use a picture of her face as her pp when she’s trying to stay “off social media” she’s dumb but I don’t think she’s that dumb.

No. 940704

She requested to follow me too. I followed Erin before she deleted. I’m not sure how they would’ve found me if they weren't Erin or somehow connected to Erin because I only have like 3 followers.

No. 940735

I wouldn't put it past her to just change her name but keep using old pictures. Someone should accept and post the two things she's already put up

No. 940824

If she really has changed her name she wouldn't give a damn about staying offline anymore, she'd think she's unrecognizable. Erin's pretty naive and doesn't think through the shit she does, as proven multiple times.

No. 940906

it’s not Erin. I followed and she accepted me. She has pictures of her face up. She looks a lot like Erin, but it’s not her.

No. 940911

She’s posted one of erins pictures, and I think her profile pic is Erin. But she has pics of herself in her story highlights. Debunked

No. 940951

if you aren’t gonna provide caps, sage

No. 940967

File: 1583356974227.png (922.68 KB, 750x1334, D04B5F58-F881-41AA-9091-2A4C56…)

Not that anon but I also requested out of curiosity and for some odd reason they posted this. Not sure what they’re trying to do here.

No. 940969

File: 1583357070456.png (276.14 KB, 750x1334, 7781C60D-E52F-42EA-B9A2-969DCE…)

No. 940980

I WAS JUST GOING TO POST THIS! She followed me too and I thought this was weird?

No. 940982

File: 1583358264131.png (4.53 MB, 2048x2048, 0624A3EC-2558-4E3B-AEC9-3E2244…)

pics in the highlights

No. 940997

Something doesn't add up here, while I'm 100% sure this is something Erin would post, it's obviously not her telling by the highlights. Has that girl been posted on here before?

Or to drag this nonsense even further, what if it really is Erin and she posted someone else's selfies (a friend/crush perhaps?) for whatever reason?

No. 940998

yea that really doesn't look like her and the camera flash reflection makes me doubt it's shopped. i do wonder where the lolcow thing comes from though, could she be a trolling farmer?

No. 940999

next thread post is gonna need a "debunked/fake erin accounts" list because holy shit there's been a lot of look alikes and a lot of just farmers probably trolling with their "is this erin????" posts

No. 941002

It's @rabbitmaja on instagram.
So it's definitely a farmer

No. 941011

this one actually COULD’VE been erin though so doesn’t hurt to ask y’all

No. 941017

there really wasn't any more proof for this one though lmao, and that list would be useful either way

No. 941077

Thats crazy. I have no idea how she found my account then.

No. 941812

No. 941842

File: 1583493974217.jpg (1.17 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1583493895342.jpg)

Seems like her stupid White Mage that she's playing on Aether so it could be her (also seeing how much fantasia she's spending just to switch between Miqote and Viera)

Had found her lodestone profile a few months ago, but it fits:

No. 941996

looks like she removed some twitter meme that posted her character's name on it "Cinna Bun"

No. 942040

Kyro (one of erins fnf ex daddys) follows that nyabuns account and i’m pretty sure she’s just another fnf look alike Erin copied or vise versa.

No. 942041

Also the tumblr account linked in her bio has kpop reposts as well and Erin has never showed interest into that community or even posted about it.

No. 942073

that is her, her prev FFXIV username was Vanilla Cake and now it’s Cinna Bun. We even had speculated that this was someone trying to be her.

No. 942077


You guys are actual freaks get out of your moms basement and stop stalking me in a virtual game

even your obsession with vanilla cake is fucking creepy, you guys are probably actual pedos irl

No. 942087

Yeah. She always hangs around in Limsa with some dom daddy Aura and another thot catgirl. I'm on the same world as her. Changed her name to Cinna Bun about a week ago but didn't find it relevant to post since she wasn't Twitter-whoring. Though guess if she's back, it's fine.

No. 942242

Does it tell you their playstation username? Cause if it’s Bwunnie then it’s Erin, i would add her but i don’t own the game and i doubt she’s accepting friend requests from females and only FNF daddys can be her friends

No. 942245

Anon you do realize this girl is 19 and sexualized children toys right? You do realize she made fun of a girl for having a rape baby and admitted to doing that? You clearly don’t know all the milk on this girl and it’s hilarious how you’re a failure at white knighting a girl who only cares about herself. You’re also in the wrong since you’re on this site yourself and crying like a bitch about people exposing someone who should know right from wrong.

No. 942274

File: 1583567573267.jpg (246.82 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20200307_084547.jpg)

Lodestone doesn't show any information about the service account (square enix account) or anything about the licenses owned (PC, Mac or PS4). As far as I'm aware of you can't link your PSN account to your service account and has no relevancy.

Anyways, she seemed to have already changed her name from Vanilla Cake to Cinna Bun to hide all tracks yet she still plans on doing more so people can't find her? How much money does this bitch have?
Name change alone costs €7, world transfer is €14. A vial of Fantasia costs €7 each and I heavily doubt that she's using the ones obtained from Main Story Quests with how often she changes races (just did so last night to AuRa). + The link leading to your character on Lodestone will still stay the same, no matter how many name changes and world transfers and Fantasias you use.

If this turns out to be Erin, I'll eat my shoe. If not, damn that's a good troll.

No. 942275

>stop stalking me in a virtual game
bitch, if you google "final fantasy xiv vanilla cake cactuar aether", it redirects to cinna bun. went into my browsing history, since i found that vanilla cake account once, and it redirected to cinna buns. gtfo cow.

No. 942287

File: 1583570394053.jpeg (383.1 KB, 750x919, 7B09E493-EB74-43B7-B994-56AA92…)

She uploaded “selfies” 9h ago and she has the same hair color Erin has, even when Erin wore wigs it’s identical.

No. 942345

So is it her new thing to pretend to be Japanese? lol

No. 942566

think this is auto saged, thread isn’t getting bumped

No. 942640

idky but it looks like the tumblr got scrubbed and is filled with the same soft uwu baby shit that erin is attracted too. even some ff stuff too
pwurin.tumblr.com link to the tumblr

No. 942716

File: 1583662718102.jpeg (177.62 KB, 744x742, 314A7EE5-651A-475A-B139-0ED5C5…)

same wig, definitely her. she’s LARPing as a japanese girl again

No. 942728

someone could be using the same wig though, also is that even her room?

No. 942747

She really does have a surprising amount of disposable income for someone who's a NEET. Does her mommy really just give her money as she pleases to buy fucking fantasia?

No. 942759

File: 1583680760227.jpeg (181.72 KB, 750x1294, 5850D317-D696-48D5-B642-F5D6AD…)

She’s got Erins same terrifying bulging eyes.

No. 942787

This thread won't go off autosage until the newfags and retarded tinfoiling cease.

No. 942794

I think someone should do a hand/arm comparison because it could help a lot

No. 942797

god, thank you

No. 942849

Exactly, we don’t want another cowtipping and newfags continuing the “you’re all creeps for stalking” bullshit.

No. 942857

File: 1583701881435.jpeg (398.6 KB, 1732x1363, C9A8CDEB-11E6-4631-935F-3F24D1…)

first is vanilla cake, second is cinna bun.
not sure how exactly FFXIV works because I don’t play but the stats are IDENTICAL aside from two which have gone up. surely that’s rare in any game let alone a MMORPG?

No. 942859

We know that it's her, anon. It's not a tinfoil. As has already been stated before. Lodestone links do not change. Regardless of how many times Erin changes her name it will stay the same.

No. 942864

apparently a tinfoil to the admins though?

No. 942934

File: 1583721602098.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 4AED0166-BFD3-41D5-9725-0D40AB…)

Sorry to break it to u, it’s not Erin, erin’s fingers are fat lol

No. 942947

This literally looks like the exact same person from different angles, anon.

No. 942951

I was thinking that too, they both have fat fingers.

No. 942953

Both have fat fingers.

No. 942970

the girl on the right has slimmer hands compared to Erin, if you look at how erin’s nails are you can notice the difference, they look weird.

No. 943011

File: 1583759603273.jpeg (132.46 KB, 1019x1106, 59095958-73E5-452F-BE26-67B232…)

their rooms are completely different

No. 943015

Let's just forget that she has three rooms right

No. 943037

File: 1583764024737.jpeg (189.85 KB, 750x1294, 0DBDC324-CCD5-4E24-916D-0D147A…)

I found Erin guys, either it’s her or someone pretending to be her and reposting her photos again.

No. 943039

File: 1583764244231.jpeg (242.25 KB, 699x569, 492AFEF1-C615-4387-8ED5-F8A89F…)

I also checked their social card and all their linked socials are recently made as well. The pfp is one of Erin’s photos she uploaded and the instagram post is a photo Erin posted in december.

No. 943040

File: 1583764287059.jpeg (160.02 KB, 750x597, A396C149-658B-446B-95F8-654DAE…)

the twitter linked in the card .co is followed by nyabuns…

No. 943043

All the story posts were posted since 5 weeks ago. It’s enough time for Erin to somehow have a secret irl daddy since she was pretty private before she deactivated. Especially when it came to boyfriends so it’s a major possibility

No. 943045

Wasn't Erin's middle name Mae or something? At least I remember her Spotify username being Erinmae

No. 943047

Yes her middle name is Mae, Erin Mae Painter to be exact

No. 943050

“maemi mae painter” is this girl retarded.

No. 943051

The About Me section of ~ apparent Erin ~ 's carrd sounds familiar


No. 943052

i don’t think she’d keep her middle and last name with her new name, but if this account is her then i wouldn’t be surprised that she came back into the agere or soft girl community just to gain followers again.

No. 943053

did she close her acc? or it was always closed?

No. 943056

i know, but the idea that she kept it is funny

No. 943059

>◦ please do not ask me about my age, address, trauma, boyfriend, finances, private life, etc.. please respect my privacy

pretty much

No. 943069

It’s always been on private, but yeah the about me section is a copy and paste of Erin’s past trauma dni posts. They accept almost immediately after you request them.

No. 943085

File: 1583769508487.png (15.44 KB, 372x273, Screenshot_2020-03-09 ꒰´꒳`꒱ ♡.…)

still totally could be not her but it makes me laugh how she has those evil ~bullies~ and ~drama involved people~ listed so many times on her carrd for being disliked by her or not to interact with her lol.

No. 943090

“Irl daddy” lol Erin couldn’t even get guys online to date her let alone guys in real life

No. 943113

Oh anon don’t you dare doubt Erin on getting an irl boyfriend, we all know she’s a professional at morphing herself into whatever creature she wants to become

No. 943117

File: 1583773651695.png (565.05 KB, 750x1334, 9252EB3A-B7FD-419B-8241-E56886…)

>dislikes drama, drama involved people<
>posts drama<
what kind of retard…?

No. 943121

damn, even if this isn't erin they are on the same hypocrisy shit, especially with their carrd also having that they are not into ddlg but have the exact same aesthetic as every other ddlg blog and they are agere.

No. 943133

I do doubt it. You can morph with photoshop but she will always look how she does unless she gets serious plastic surgery. She’s complained multiple times about guys irl not wanting to be with her. until I see her with a real life boyfriend I will assume she’s lying for attention. Erin wants people to think she is wanted, that’s why she’s such a woman hater.

No. 943137

that mimi girl who people thought was erin had an actual boyfriend but to be fair she seems to be more likable than erin even if they have similar faces

No. 943139

Tinder boys exist, making fake messages with an alt account exist. If it isn’t Erin then why is this girl randomly using Erin’s photo as her pfp and reposting photos she posted in december. Lets not forget Erin had a twitter guy she always talked to and he would white knight the fuck outta her, so they could’ve met up and somehow have a relationship.

No. 943175

shysofti is another fat ddlg girl, i knew her previous socials and she’s an ugly british girl

No. 943183

If you’re gonna say something like that Anon then post caps, show evidence, provide detail instead of sounding like a newfag.

No. 943187

This is an imageboard. Post caps or gtfo.

I meant the pocketsizee girl with the discord who got posted. I agree that nyabuns is probably Erin.

No. 943189

File: 1583784346234.png (435.8 KB, 537x545, dude.png)

Lmao she literally posted this image of some random dude's hand immediately after anons started doubting she could have an irl bf

No. 943229

File: 1583791299415.jpeg (610.83 KB, 750x990, 20312B60-AEE0-449E-A676-954220…)

you can tell it’s erin

No. 943235

Typical Erin behavior. She’s posted pictures of her male friends before completely out of context in response to the threads before.

No. 943258

i no longer follow her? i know for a fact her name is Chelsea though and that she used to post kittenplay content. i have no solid proof of this because i don’t randomly screenshot profiles? i used to follow her instagram until she went off the radar and started a new account. however i did follow her on depop and her username on there is @magicalkitten .it is no longer linked to her profile but i followed her instagram through there. sorry for this wall of text & my bad english. she is 1000% not erin though

No. 943370

File: 1583811233171.jpeg (137.6 KB, 728x1189, 75FF21CB-FFBE-4B79-8460-7939B8…)

She changed her user to @/shypwincess

No. 943387

I'm confused? If that's not Erin why is she going to such retarded lengths to hide her face? I get the "phone in face" mirror outfit shots, but this is a cosplay selfie with a retarded sticker hiding her face defeating the entire purpose of taking it imo. If it's not Erin, this bitch must have a legit autistic level of self esteem or something. I wasn't buying all the other accounts mentioned here but this one's a bit suspicious tbh.

No. 943392

Also soz for samefag but agree with the anon above. That's text book Erin behaviour, this girl's a cow if she isn't our ~pwincess ewin~

No. 943414

She changed her instagram as well and deleted the post, changed her profile picture to the anime character. I’m guessing someone cowtipped and messaged her.

No. 943430

File: 1583819238065.jpg (115.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200310-004612_Twi…)

if shypwincess is erin, shes interacting with a girl she stole a post from a while ago, maybe the softgirl weeb community on twt is tiny though?

No. 943431

File: 1583819297317.jpg (314.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200310-004621_Twi…)

>>943430 proof number 2

No. 943526

She deleted this.

No. 943530

I don't think anyone would dare to cowtip again after the last time, it's more likely that she's simply still lurking here

No. 943533

I’m pretty sure they’re mutuals though, before Erin deleted her twitter they both followed each other and always relied to one another tweets. Longsleeves was uset when that happened but then became friends with Erin

No. 943590

Just a btw the recent accounts you have "discovered" aren't whoever "Erin" is, they're my friend who is in fact called Chelsea, not Erin. Think before you start ruining people's lives and accusing them of being someone they're not

No. 943592

Anon are you dumb? How is that ruining their life? Why is your “friend” catfishing as Erin then? Why is she using Erin’s deleted photos and re-uploading them as her own? Post evidence then if that’s supposedly “Chelsea” . Clearly you know who Erin is if you’re posting on this thread and read our screenshots of her account. So Anon post evidence or don’t bother making a post with zero proof of what you’re saying.

No. 943593

how did you manage to find this thread so quick then?

No. 943650

you really gotta post some proof then cus using her pictures while acting like you don't even know her when you found her threads so easily is pretty weird. if you really feel like your life is being ruined for being featured in this thread than just admit to stealing her pics. of course you could be just erin too, trying to direct our attention away lol.

No. 943651

File: 1583862083435.png (448.16 KB, 680x376, peach.png)

No one cares, Nano. Post proof or go back to Twitter and larp more as an uwu anime girl.

No. 943657

Tinfoil: Erin's new name is Chelsea and the girl ain't lying.

Although she totally didnt change her name legally

No. 943662

i can kinda see this happening, but would erin be stupid enough to even give out the name she "changed" her name to?

No. 943668

Anon don’t doubt erin’s stupidity levels, she’s addicted to getting attention even if it’s negative feedback.

No. 943758

File: 1583877759717.jpeg (99.12 KB, 750x924, 981214CA-0A55-4474-B40A-CFA8E5…)

@shypwincess is now deactivated

No. 943773

File: 1583879585878.jpeg (133.21 KB, 750x1204, DB973257-AC9F-4379-86C9-A73DCB…)

She changed her username twice and apparently was redoing her bio only to change it to hiatus. Definitely Erin and that anon trying to drive us away from it was Erin self posting.

No. 943782

i cant believe you really went and posted your instagram on lolcow of all places. 900iq move

No. 943783

chelsea is totally something erin would change her name to lmao. its the name of one of the kawaii uwu pastel animal crossing characters that ddlgfags are obsessed with.

No. 943788

I dont even know what lolcow is I'm simply here to defend my friend and got nothing to hide 🤷‍♀️

No. 943791

You make things a million times worse when you come here to whiteknight and bring attention to your friend, jsyk

No. 943793

Good to know thank you for telling me.

No. 943794

some's gonna probably put you on another thread now cus holy shit your pics are bad

No. 943795

tinfoil: nano foxx's friend is a ddlgfag that posts in this thread. how else would they have found it? embarrassing

No. 943796

we still have no explanation for why she was stealing erin's pictures if it wasn't erin, so you basically put your insta here for no reason besides i guess more attention?

No. 943799

I asked her about the picture situation and she said she found them on a site called weheartit. So I dunno, images can be found all over and she thought it was cute and posted it, she didn't think it would put her in this situation.

No. 943800

I'm not gonna lie about the resemblance to their Instagram profiles though. They do look similar.

No. 943801

that will just make people think it's her, god i hate instagram repost culture. also why make it her pfp?

No. 943804

if you’re going to post at least read the rules. stop namefagging and learn to sage.

No. 943824

Have any anons been able to find the record (if any) of Erins ~name change~ yet?

No. 943859

Like we said again, provide evidence of what this Chelsea person said. It’s not hard to screenshot your conversation of you asking her and her showing you where she got the photos. It’s a big coincidence how both photos are Erin’s. She posted Erin’s bear picture first, changed her pfp to Erin the next day after she gained a few followers during shoutouts. For all we know you could be Chelsea and posted one of your alt accounts, or you could be Chelsea and faking you’re her friend. You haven’t bothered to provide evidence for any claims you’ve stated even though we asked multiple times to give us proof, you just keep posting words not any screenshot of what you’re saying. You asked her? Show us proof. Stop posting if you can’t fall through with giving EVIDENCE.

No. 944010

File: 1583914691801.png (643.69 KB, 1147x2048, Screenshot_20200311-081300.png)

hi, Chelsea here.
i can assure you that i am NOT erin. i live in the uk and i am british. i did not know that the picture i posted was erin's as i found it on weheartit, same for my previous profile picture. i did not mean to 'pose' or 'look' like erin. now please leave me and my friend alone, thank you <3

No. 944012

>i live in the uk and i am british
Please fucking leave this autism is hurting me

No. 944014

i said this because erin has said she lives in the states and said she was 'italian' correct? also using autism as an insult doesn't make you funny buddy :)

No. 944021

extreme autism

No. 944022

Don't act so stuck up and go steal some more ddlg pictures from weheartit

No. 944024

i'm not acting stuck up, i'm simply asking you all to leave me the fuck alone. ya'll have nothing better to do than sit behind a screen and pick on girls because you're bored. yes i did take the pictures but i didn't know they were hers because like i said, i found them on weheartit, i literally posted proof. i /am/ going to change my usernames all the time because you won't stop stalking me? i've said my piece so leave me alone now, that's all i'm asking. thanks.

No. 944046

Erin's carrd is still and always has been pwurrs.carrd.co
However the only socials it links to is a league of legends account and a twitter that "no longer exists."

No. 944047

this is still not stalking you retard, also reposting another girl's picture will of course make people think that you are her. maybe take your own goddamned pictures.

No. 944057

Don’t steal a girls photos and than wonder why people confront you for being that girl, you used quite a few of erins photos even her own face, if you don’t want people to think you’re someone else don’t hide behind the face of someone else, it’s common sense. You sitting around acting like you didn’t do this to yourself catfishing as someone is milky behavior and can definitely land you with a thread on here just like Erins, so keep up the behavior “Chelsea”.

No. 944060

Still doesn’t explain how you got her photo as your pfp. It’s not ruining your reputation when you’re catfishing as someone you probably followed before.

No. 944075

>♡ ﹣name: emily/emmie

No. 944097

File: 1583938908032.png (1.05 MB, 1125x2436, 997D52BB-E6DB-434C-83C2-0F3BDA…)

No. 944099

>ya'll have nothing better to do than sit behind a screen and pick on girls because you're bored
please ask your friend's friend how exactly she found this thread. she either googled your name for some weird reason or she's a poster here. if it's the latter (most likely) you should go tell this to your friends too for contributing here

No. 944142

They’re accepting and denying followers now.

No. 944143

Someone cowtipped already or they’re a farmer as well

No. 944221

UGH not again

No. 944225

File: 1583958550014.jpeg (161.65 KB, 750x881, E6535951-DD88-4F1A-BF92-3E25EF…)

They’re now on a “hiatus” but accepted a bunch of people. This thread has gone to shit, any account posted immediately starts declining any followers and goes on a hiatus. Stop cowtipping.

No. 944228

Can someone who got accepted show what they're posting?

No. 944231

File: 1583959626093.jpeg (70.36 KB, 750x371, A348DDE1-5270-45BD-A7F4-D0844A…)

there is a “main” account on twitter

No. 944234

Oh yeah, the infamous h*t word

That's so retarded, "I'm Chelsea, and I'm british, not Erin!" doesn't proof anything. Doesn't debunk ffxiv account with the exact same stats as goblina had and the fact she looks exactly like her.

Welcome back, Erin

No. 944242

this seems like Erin trying to push the Italian bullshit more. also why use a picture of another person as your profile picture?

No. 944276

File: 1583965606727.jpeg (126.8 KB, 750x675, 538B33C1-C0C9-4C98-B11E-B3153C…)

They added a new account to their bio and it seems like it’s the Chelsea person again or as we know Erin.

Anon thats such a dumb question to ask, a lot of people use other people as their pfp. Hence the half head profile pictures, full body ones, etc. But the real question is how come she used 2 photos that belonged to Erin and didn’t even credit in her bio or poste caption that the photo isn’t hers? This “Chelsea” person ignored giving any evidence except a simple image search on the teddy bear photo.

No. 944437

File: 1583989462832.jpeg (75.5 KB, 750x688, C1B1AB0A-6FF8-4CFF-BA61-DB1110…)

new username and bio! it’s official

No. 944442

Nah that seems too fishy anon, it’s a copy and paste of her old bio. I have my suspicions it’s just a farmer that copied and pasted Erin’s bios into notes. It really just seems like they’re pretending to be Erin for clout at this point. That account seems like it belongs to the user vwanilla who pretty much is equally as shitty as Erin. She’s known for copying and catfishing people, plus she’s a farmer on this thread so it’s most likely her.

No. 944446

damn, that is a midget's height. Any white woman that height is 100% more likely to be built like Snooki than a kawaii uwu loli.

No. 944451

she’s not actually that height anon she’s on the taller side of 5’5 / 5’6. she’s known for lying about her height (if this is erin, anyway)

No. 944494

>782 posts
what the fuck

No. 944518

It’s not her, the person is a farmer. It’s just a photodump account, usually what people do when they save photos and want to delete them off their phone.

No. 944526

That's what I thought. The bio is way too autistic even for Erin standards.

No. 944533

There's been multiple posts of that hope vwanilla girl asking eboys for usernames or else she will out them as p*dos her main account is hopeaxeila shes dare I say more crazy than erin

No. 944573

Yeah she’s worse than Erin, but she deserves her own thread just it’s hard to keep up with scarlet/hope/julia or whatever name she’s going by now.

No. 944581

it's a copy of her old one kek.

No. 944933

File: 1584095762261.jpeg (593.28 KB, 827x1786, 10E91381-BBAE-44F6-9B89-2C4E5D…)

sage cause unsure if actually relevant but @shypwincess used to go by the name esme, wasn’t that name associated with erin in one of the past threads? can’t remember but it sounded familiar, correct me if i’m wrong

No. 944998

No she never went by that name nor had any relation to it

No. 945268

File: 1584165563397.jpeg (85.47 KB, 750x782, 2A0DFC10-F503-458D-A3EC-D8DF9F…)

this is definitely a farmer kek

No. 945331

what’s up with all these farmers making erin fake accounts? is it bc they want attention or to make fun of her? I genuinely don’t know why anyone would want to “be” erin.

No. 945334

IKR it’s so embarrassing why would anyone pretend to be a cow

No. 945353

probably gets them a lot of good laughs from so many dumbass farmers falling for it so quickly lol. it's been weeks, people need to stop being so gullible and start critically thinking about if an account really belongs to her or not. the only real lead we have is the few anons who have her added on xbox and such. there are a lot of people with similar aesthetics to her since she herself stole it too, not every ddlg agere is her.

No. 945355

thank you honestly it’s so annoying to see people shit up this thread with accounts that obviously aren’t erin. Some farmers really seem dumber than erin is and that’s a fucking accomplishment.

No. 945407

It's been said before but we also know @nyabuns is her because she posted her ff14 char and it matched the lodestone profile which is a permanent link that cannot be changed.

No. 945409

i'm not sure about that one just because i'd think she would private that account if it was hers or at least change the @, if not delete.

No. 945417

Because she likes attention? Lmao. This is Erin…she was literally tagging her ff14 char and getting it rtd by the popular screenshot twitter just so someone would notice it was her. Also new photos with the same wig. It's Erin.

No. 945422

other people could have the same wig too, the room in the pics didn't look like hers anyway. also abandoning her old twitter to have her new twitter to be found here and then not doing something makes no sense. you can't always depend on "hur dur she is a stupid attention whore" as evidence, that's just circumstantial.

No. 945425

Okay? I wasn't relying on it? The solid evidence is that it's literally her FF14 character.

No. 945429

yea but the pics not matching her is still suspicious, also admins locked the thread to auto sage literally after that post. is it even that rare to have really similar characters in that game, especially when they both have a ddlg aesthetic?

No. 945433

Yeah, not when she fantasias as the exact same time as her lodestone profile that, like we said, has a permanent link. Try harder. The account isn't milky anyway, but it's definitely hers.

No. 945437

could you try harder at english cus i have no idea what you are trying to get at. i'm saying that twitter account just has a similar looking character, since there were no names on it we can't exactly trace it to the lodestone profile.

No. 945439

Wouldnt it be smarter to not post here if you suspect someone of being erin?
If it is erin shes def still looking here and you'll scare her off. Itd prob be better to watch and wait at this point

No. 945441

been thinking the exact same thing, but anons want to have their 5 minutes of fame of finding erin.

No. 945442

Fantasias are the in-game item that change your race and appearance. She fantasiad from miqote(cat girl) to rabbit/viera the second we recognized her and also changed her name. The screenshots on the Twitter line up with the time she fantasiad.

No. 945444

oh i see, yea that would need to be a really big coincidence if it wasn't her. i don't know enough about these weeb games unfortunately lol.

No. 945463

File: 1584212794556.jpeg (372.55 KB, 828x1273, 241B448F-AE39-45EF-BAA2-3E6A34…)

this girl texted me on her other acc pretending to be bold and stuff, she sounds 5 years old with the reasons she made this account

No. 945464

That’s literally Scarlet or whatever her real name is. She’s obsessed with Erin and literally wants to be her. She’s only “pretending” to be Erin for free clout just like when everyone thought her and Erin were the same people because Scarlet reposted Erin’s mental breakdown story posts as her own and a few other posts. Just ignore this wannabe Erin, she’s known for 2 counts of fake rape and was exposed for it when her and the guy are literally long distance and have never met. She also catfishes people and is racist, wishes death upon others and if you disagree with her on ANYTHING she will get your account deleted and make fake lies about you. Let the thread die again please Anon.

No. 945465

All of these DDLG girls in the agere community or whatever are so milky but hide it under a uwu facade. Wish there was someone who had insider info.

No. 945490

She’s not in the DDLG or Agereg community though Anon, she’s literally a spam girl that obsesses over anyone she follows. In one of Erin’s past threads she was mentioned and a photo of her was added. Not sure which thread it was but this girl is only faking her ddlg or agere account to follow her new victims.

No. 945570

Hey Erin if you read this.. take your name change as an opportunity to actually change yourself. I say this for your benefit. You have the power to be a better person. Be completely honest with yourself and don’t lie to yourself. Don’t put your life on the internet

No. 945587

it’s not scarlett, it’s the girl named @erinbabie

No. 945722

Anon are you slow? It’s Scarlet on both accounts, please learn to read texts and take your time to respond. It’s already been debunked that those two accounts are Scarlet/Hope/Julia or whatever name she goes by now.

No. 945795

it’s not her.. she says it in the text herself. erinbabie is a different girl. “she even sent me a bad msg on erinbabie” you must be the slow one because she mentions herself in that.

No. 945796

you’re too slow to realize she’s lying about that retard

No. 945801

why would she lie. i had contact with erinbabie a few days back so i know its her lol..

No. 945813

>why would she lie
you are on lolcow you fucking idiot lmao. think for 2 seconds and then you'll come to the answer.

No. 945838

Anon please get off the thread, you’re literally the slowest anon i’ve ever had an interaction with. It’s scarlet on both accounts, they were both linked together, please anon learn to stop believing “why would they lie” because everyone lies. Scarlet is erinbabie and petpupy. End of discussion so stop dragging this offtopic argument on. Get over your delusions that it’s not the same person when there’s evidence.

No. 946053

i found scarlets/hopes/yulias dox <3 (1/2)

No. 946054


No. 946094

is there a thread made for scarlett/hope/yulia/lily etc? this bitch is such a cow lol

No. 946256

she doesn’t need one

No. 946261

Stop self posting scarlet

No. 946264

retard i’m not scarlet i said she doesn’t need one bc she’s annoying and will feed off of it and do even more evil shit

No. 946872

why does anyone care to make a thread for yulia/scarlett/hope? she’s not milkworthy and doesn’t need one. it will only enable her she thrives off of negative attention

No. 946874

the lily account isn’t the scarlett girl just someone who made the account to mock her, scarlett has never used the name “lily” as an alias

No. 946876

scarlett isn’t a known spam girl but the more people talk about her she is unstoppable with her sociopathic behavior. neither of those accounts are hers. she hops from accounts to accounts within 2 weeks and then deletes and disappears for a few months and comes back. you can’t keep up with her stop giving this girl attention it fuels her. i doubt she has any friends outside the internet or any at all who care for her and that could be another reason for her acting out. instead of trying to ruin her life over the internet and put her through more hate when she doesn’t have a spam account anymore. why not be supportive and uplifting? i know this is an incel site where no one gives a fuck about someone’s mental health but this can’t be helping anyone.

No. 946924

This is Erin's thread, go make a new one if you feel like discussing someone who's got nothing to do w her and stop tf bumping.

No. 946927

why don’t you all get a fucking life? you’re psychopaths living with your parents, with no futures, besides what you’re doing currently is the only goal you have accomplished in life is watching others downfalls and to see someone hit rock bottom when they’re already suffering. this site is a fucking joke.

No. 946935

File: 1584532347740.png (531.61 KB, 745x492, nyabuns is erin.png)

Her lodestone link updated and she she fantasiad again, this time from Aura(Lizard) back to Miqote (Cat girl). @nyabuns posted screenshots around the same time showing her as the exact same face miqote.
Not really milk but she's gone through about 4 fantasias and 1 name change in less than a month. That's $50 spent on optional items in a video game when she doesn't even have a job.

No. 946938

get the fuck off it then and stop sperging.

No. 947043

It must be nice having rich parents who can afford to spoil you.

No. 947051

why would i leave a thread where people are mentioning my good friend scarlett? stop talking about her and i will take my leave

No. 947052

god where do all these ~friends~ of people who are related to erin come here? lemme guess, you were already stalking the thread. stop being a weirdo bitch impersonating erin, and we will stop talking about you. simple as that.

No. 947053

File: 1584557406772.jpg (24.62 KB, 600x600, 1427909650737.jpg)

No. 947054

listen you fucker i came to this thread because i received a text from scarlett saying she got mentioned. you should realize scarlett’s gonna do what she wants it doesn’t matter who comes for her she’s used to neckbeards like you talking shit

No. 947056

>you’re psychopaths living with your parents, with no futures
sounds like someone i know . . .

No. 947057

thought no one on this thread likes erin why do you care erin’s photos are everywhere on the internet and people are pretending to be scarlett too

No. 947058

File: 1584557730243.png (7.41 KB, 252x256, 1422804089096.png)

No. 947059

File: 1584557796443.jpg (28.73 KB, 550x633, IMG_20200117_085736.jpg)

No. 947060

i’m not scarlett you can’t believe someone would ever stand up for her. surprise surprise leave her alone this is supposed to be an erin thread stop mentioning scarlett you’re going to fuel her into doing more toxic shit

No. 947061

good, then.

No. 947062

good then? scarlett doesn’t care about being posted about. she reads and brags about how she’s gonna be a known spam girl. she laughs at this foolery you all create around her name. she wants to be posted about and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. have fun posting ab someone’s bad mental state u neet who lives with mommy and daddy

No. 947063

>she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her
>you’re going to fuel her into doing more toxic shit

No. 947065

File: 1584558206510.png (564.31 KB, 709x618, 1508312752881.png)

Erin this is what your thread has come to. Some random troll is forcing a bitch no one even knows or cares about. Erin please come back we need you back we'll forgive you!!

No. 947067

and what’s your point? she doesn’t care what you think of her if she’s just going to continue a toxic cycle disregarding the fact an incel site is talking badly about her you’re giving her what she wants

No. 947068

you really are confirming my suspicions now, scarlet. it's hilarious you say we have no life, when you are proving you yourself don't, especially when you sperg this much lol.

No. 947069

then shut the fuck up about her she’s not relevant to erins life

No. 947070



No. 947071

not everyone who posts on this thread is scarlett

No. 947072

>you’re giving her what she wants
good, then.

No. 947073

stop speaking in second person, we know it's you. and if you impersonate her and then come into the thread to sperg, then of course you will be brought up. are you this desperate for the attention of people you call incels?

No. 947075

this site is for incels, you post about people’s lives and out them as attention seekers and if they have BPD you mock that. you all run to a site because you’re in fear of these girls you post about

No. 947077

you are actually power tripping right now, aren't you?

No. 947078

File: 1584558649905.jpg (101.71 KB, 680x989, 1428177308859.jpg)

Yeah buddy we want all these girls so desperately we turn to hate them because we can't be them.

No. 947079

you want to ruin someone’s life over the internet. you’re doing far worse than an impersonation account who didn’t bring any harm can u stop anon you’re braindead

No. 947081

lol, what's the point of telling us this anyway? it's obvious we don't give a shit. you're wasting your time, love

No. 947082

tell me if gossiping about someone else’s life will do to your own? will it change yours? or do you just sit at home alone in your apartment every hour of the day spreading hatred about a girl with an online personality

No. 947083

you’re an incel have fun living your life online spreading negativity because u can’t do anything good in this world.

No. 947084

File: 1584558862471.jpg (49.56 KB, 496x527, 1508407170410.jpg)

Well not every hour. I typically check this site maybe 15-20 mins out of boredom. Sometimes people like you deliver. Thank you for your service

No. 947090

you’re desperate for the milk, the drama, i can’t imagine being so bored to be internet stalking someone for years. erin has disappeared and you’re all begging for her to return because u want to use her trauma as entertainment ur sicky in the head about. scarlett’s irrelevant and doesn’t have a spam anymore. it would be old milk spilled about her all these other saying they are her are impersonating her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947091

cry some more lmao

No. 947106

totally crying over a girl with no social interactions outside the internet LOL

No. 947169

Can you guys learn to sage your pointless posts? Is it so hard to sage something that isn’t related to Erin? Scarlet get off the thread and learn to sage your fake friend posts, go back to accusing people of rape and crying wolf whenever someone calls your bullshit out. You’re literally 20 looking like you’re about to hit your mid 50’s. Go suicide bait just like Erin and cry about the thread being mentioned when you stalk and post on this thread. You’ll get your own thread and who cares if you feed off of it? You pretend it’s all an act when really you’re just showing your true self just like Erin. Monkey see monkey do is all i’m getting from you, you’ve had Erin’s old bio’s saved in your notes and even continue to impersonate her.

Get off this topic of Scarlet, the thread needs to get locked if people keep throwing tantrums on here just because they’re mentioned.

No. 947193

make a thread about me you oblivious cow. i dont care ?? i'll keep doing horrible shit the more you post about me. youre an ugly autistic bitch keep crying over my online actions and banning me as if i dont own other devices and phones. youre a piggy and remember i dont care ab an online reputation. ive been in 4 psych wards nigga.

No. 947195

make a thread ab me give me what i want. let me be known please. spend your time living in delusions thinking you know me. ima do what i want regardless of your hatred towards me. you will be 30 saddled down with heartache. keep showing ur misery pls so i can laugh at you and when your life totally drains to the shitter and you die from being such a piece of shit and being worthless i can spit on your grave. - scarlett

No. 947202

i'm good at hiding, the only reason people find my accounts is because i mention who i am to get attention all over again. i can easily delete my accounts , change alias and never mention my past again. and ignore this bullshit thread and live a happy life. im not like erin i'm stronger and dont need validation from strangers on the internet. im just fine having little to no interactions with ppl online. i get off my phone go out and see friends and family and forget about the horrors of the internet. you think i have ever cared about any of this other than to get a rise out of people ? you don't know how erin or scarlett acts in real life. you see what they post and create a fake image of both. i dont care about lolcow im happy and if im not happy ? has nothing to do with e boys or the internet dont bother banning me again i'll come back its best to move on and lose my existence. i dont care if ppl see i'm a bad person , i've never tried hiding it.

No. 947206

i dont have feelings , i dont cry over the internet. i pretend to hurt to get people on my side. i dont care about anything. i dont dislike erin or like her but i also dont see why everyones so obsessed w her? i was upset with her but i didnt bully her or put her through hell. i'm not like other farmers, i barely care about this site. its just hilarious ppl are still talking ab me when i dont have a spam anymore and am barely relevant in the community your thread about me is gonna die. no one knows who i am i dont show myself enough , i dont stay on the same accounts for a long time , and no one gives a fuck about me that much unless youre a deranged freak.

No. 947214

god, can the mods ban this spamming retard already? they've been in the thread for the entire day now, they clearly have no life besides fucking around in here.

No. 947215

i dont have an instagram account anymore. besides cakesized which i am deleting. have fun trying to find me and maybe you will fall into the trap and be fooled by spams pretending theyre me but i wont be the one suffering from hate because im forgetting about this thread and moving on and you should do the same or continue to live online lmao.

No. 947216

you dont get notified about people posting on the thread, quit stalking it ? i've already been banned today and i came back stop crying.

No. 947217

she's really out there talking to herself

No. 947221

i have a life a better one than sitting behind a screen making threads ab girls u find problematic to discuss about go outside the internet isnt rainbows and sunshine.

No. 947223

i'm not talking to myself if youre probably someone sitting here reading my replies.

No. 947224

Literally lmao. How old is she again? I wonder if she'll grow up to remember these threads and cringe.

Anon I'm pretty sure this thread doesn't auto bump when you don't sage anyway. Nothing will save it. It's gonna go deeper and deeper down and disappear eventually.

No. 947227

you dont know anything about me but i'm cringing at the fact you care so much about my online behavior. its the internet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947254

File: 1584582782182.png (541.25 KB, 1135x605, nyabuns is erin for sure.png)

Still not milk but she fantasiad again to cosplay this little sister from Demon Slayer or w/e. Another $10. For all who were doubting Erin was @nyabuns heres her lodestone where Cinna Bun is conveniently the same race as @nyabuns again.

No. 947261

File: 1584584078801.jpeg (592.06 KB, 1620x1133, 3252CD76-0A19-4EA7-AF1E-3C6E83…)

idk if this has been said yet but the tumblr linked to the twitter is “pwurins” it sounds too familiar and if I’m wrong and just trippin about it, it still sounds like some shit Erin would name a tumblr

No. 947312

why do u keep talking about nyabuns on twitter? that’s not even erin

No. 947315

The have the same Final Fantasy linked account, right? Then it must be Erin. Whiteknights begone.

No. 947316

yes anon, like i and other anons have said. @nyabuns is erin. but all this shitposting about scarlet or whoever the fuck has buried it under a sea of garbage and ruined the thread.

>say its not erin.
>provide no evidence to the contrary
k, erin.

No. 947339

Shit I didnt realize this thread was still going, regardless of all the new fags/Erin selfposting/skinwalking ddlg asshats that ruined the milk, so thank you mods for auto saging everything since this thread became more garbage than erin herself

Anyway I had a major tinfoil and I know I'm reaching but has there been any evidence to recent self posting? I ask because towards the beginning of Erin's hiatus this thread starting bringing up the jaelle and nika shitshow or whatever their names are. Suddenly they have their own thread that got a lot of heat for a few days and this one was legit dead. Tinfoil I know but perhaps Erin brought all that up herself to distract from her hiatus so she could re create her image? Funny now that their thread dies, hers starts to get spammy again

No. 947388

Lmfao, probable. I also don't doubt some of the retarded selfposting in the thread (at least towards the beginning) was Erin trying to derail. Who else has random ddlg thot accounts literally on tap? That and Scarlet jumped in to desperately bury Erin's thread further because she's that jealous of the negative attention Erin receives. Too bad for her it's autosaged and %99 of farmers weren't privy to her autistic samefagging. Like any of this matters though, this thread can fall into the abyss but the moment farmers get a whiff of Erin's new accounts there will be another. The only way our for her is to modify her milky behaviour or stay off the internet, period.

No. 947451

just because they have the same game character u automatically assume she’s erin? lmfao y’all r so bored and desperate for erin to come back u accuse some random gamer girl to be erin. erin may be retarded but she ain’t dumb enough to make a whole new twitter to post dumb game shit

No. 947452

and before u assume im defending erin, fuck that bitch at least she’s staying off the internet so find something else to do instead of accusing every ddlg soft uwu thot as erin(kitty)

No. 947457

File: 1584636029042.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 3927f0279ed109e35afa4ed19036d2…)

No. 947528

i didn’t ruin the thread

No. 947574

u guys are so obsessed with someone else’s life it’s pure insanity to be this deeply invested in what erin’s doing n tryna stalk her too.

No. 947599

Why are you here? You're pretty obsessed with someone else's life too. Or you're erin or scarlett and personally offended

No. 947659

erin please come back this thread is a fucking horror show

No. 947682

please for the love of god stop crying. the more i am mentioned on this thread i will continue to come back and defend myself. i was banned twice yesterday.

No. 947698

Scarlet you’re obsessed with this thread, who cares if you’re mentioned. Nobody gives a shit about you cow, go cry about being raped by someone you’ve never met in your entire life. Learn to sage as well, you’re bumping this dead thread for pointless reasons. Go make your own thread if you’re that desperate for attention.

No. 947713

Agreed. We done with this scarlett bitch? Ya? K bye. I miss erin

No. 947715

If you want me gone then CEASE from mentioning my name. i dont talk to erin or anyone who is associates with her. i only come back to this thread because i get mentioned on it every 3-4 months, spare me from your lies you care about me enough to keep using me as entertainment. you're a fucking giro and an autistic freakazoid. fuck you and your retarded thread that is damaging peoples lives. youre lucky i dont have feelings like erin does. we're nothing alike do not compare me again.

No. 947723

hit me up on my social’s @hopeaxelia. yeah my real name is hope might as well use it. you wouldn’t dare to face me. you’re a clown, and you know you’d get dragged the moment you stepped into my dms pretending to be bold. you’re far from it. i don’t give a fuck about you, i couldn’t care less if anyone didn’t care for me. you’re the kind of person i’d lie about rape on and i’ll be damned if you don’t deserve it or worse.

No. 947725

holy shit shut up

No. 947727

i’ll shut up when you autistics suffering from aspergers leave me be and go bother someone else, i’m not erin you poor joke. it was bad enough when you guys came up with theories about how we might be the same person. drown in filth incel.

No. 947738

No. 947739

Lmao thank you. So erin changed her avatar again? What is the actual cost each time? I can believe paying once but….

No. 947837

I'm not familiar with FF, but in some games you can use in-game currency to purchase items that are usually only purchasable with real money. Like race change, appearance change, name change etc. Maybe she has an in-game daddy that gives her gold or whatever FF uses as in-game currency?

Still think she uses her mom's credit card though.

No. 947838

No, you can only buy fantasia(race change item) with IRL money. She is literally just shitting out her mom's money to take random screenshots in this video game to twitter whore.

No. 947855

That's super smart when coronavirus is about to make everyone survive on welfare.

No. 948730

Okay I’m so confused with this thread now, is Erin back or not??

No. 948760

She's still definitely on FF and possibly hiding behind an alias, or in this very thread. Ot but does Scarlett have downs because all she achieved is looking like an absolute tard who's desperately sucking up the crumbs of Erin's negative attention? No one wants to follow that pathetic Trainwreck LMFAO and yet she insists on plugging her social media multiple times. Also big kek at her tough talk, she'd physically get squashed irl much like she did verbally here. She's lucky anons are just here to simply kek. If she dies of natural causes I'd be genuinely surprised. Let's hope she's too dumb to read spoilers, kek.

No. 948774

I know we are done with this scarlet/hope or whatever her name is topic but i’m pretty sure she has multiple personality disorder and is schizophrenia, she probably has other mental disorders but if she doesn’t have anything then she’s a true cow living in a fantasy world that everyone loves her.

No. 948811

i really don't think she has any of those, she will probably claim that though to excuse her actions. she is probably a pathological liar, or wasn't loved by her parents so she seeks attention every which way. i do hope she doesn't crawl back to this thread though, she'll probably pretend to be erin again soon enough cus that has gotten her the most attention so far lol.

No. 948818

I honestly think she’s just a socially inept girl just like Erin who thinks the world owes her things. She calls everyone incels but I think it’s just projection because she is an incel.

No. 948919

No. 948987

this is scarlett i told you and i'll say it again i will keep coming back the more i get mentioned. i do have schizophrenia , bpd , and was abused in real life for years. my parents are rich and i dont live with them anymore. ask my ex bf vincent he knows everything ab me. more than u spams ever will. leave me the fuck alone with your mob mentality bullshit. youre a cow and so is everyone else who isnt praising me. YOU DONT KNOW ME IRL OR KNOW HOW IM LIKE ONLY WHAT U HEAR AND SEE ON THE INTERNET. quit bitching lol

No. 948989

never claimed to be loved by everyone its clear i am the opposite but im surrounding myself with the ppl who care ab me i dont have a spam acc anymore why am i still the topic here ? this is harassment. whats wrong with me being mentally ill ? i have never gotten treatment and here i am at the age of 20 and my mental state worsens because of ppl like you and others praying on my downfalls. leave me be , i couldnt careless who u "warn" about me. i've been through hell and know what its like to feel hurt i dont feel anything now i am emotionless.

No. 948991

explain how im an incel ? is it because im not a neet staying on her phone all day putting others to shame on an anonymous website called lolcow.farm ? i'll say it again i have no issues w erin i dont obsess over girls and me catfishing was 4 years ago. when someone is tryna become a better person and youre flaming their ass on social media for things they have done months- years ago you're the abuser and you're not helping anyone with a mental illness bc u dont know what its like to suffer until you hit rock bottom. you're enabling sociopathic behavior and not raising awareness youre putting others in harm.

No. 948996

you blame guys not wanting to be with you or not caring about you on them, saying they are “incels”. you falsely accuse them of rape when you are rejected. that is classic incel behavior. The world, and men specifically, owe you nothing.

No. 948997

keep cornering me but i promise you im gonna find out whos behind these anonymous posts and it wont be pretty when i show the police all these hatred filled texts. its best to leave me alone because youre harassing me and this is slander publicly which is illegal and if police get notified ab this website it can be investigated because pretty sure someone leaked my dox too. leave me alone or police are being contacted. I have left instagram and anyone claiming to be me isnt.

No. 948998

i dont know his irls , personals , family , and never went to police. my ex didnt want me anymore but he also mentally abused me and still wanted me after he exposed me on my account. we were still texting. he wasnt in harm. i dont abuse guys , i dont cheat. he even told me i was the best gf he ever had. please leave me alone i dont want to get anyone in trouble but i have the power to do it. i dont wanna be found , thats why i left all of my accounts, Ive hit rock bottom you can all be happy but anymore harassment towards me and im contacting police

No. 949001

i am willing to talk civil but any vulgar talk is being screenshotted and sent to the police. i told you guys im done with instagram what pushed me to stop was the fake accounts people were making and claiming to be me. let me live my life in private and peace thank you

No. 949007

plenty of guys want me because im geniune , not every men is bad but a lot yes. if i lie i come clean , even in my catfishing days years ago. i felt remorse and opened up about my lie to guys and showed the real me. the responses i received was that i was ugly and my voice was weird. the others were happy i came clean and accepted me. i am extremely sweet to people who show me theyre gonna be nice to me. people wanna call me horrible for them provoking me victim blaming isnt cute. i did feel bad for my ex but never apologized publicly , but did apologize to him i felt sorry. spams will continue to hate me apology or not , change or no change. its all because of my appearance and "raspy" voice although its just an accent not a speech impediment.

No. 949009

you dont know how im like offline , im one of the sweetest girls ever and free spirited too. thats why guys have taken advantage of me its why my ex hurt me i was too good and he knew it he told me all the time. im only mean because people listen to one side and immediately attack someone for the fun of it. then complain about me doing the worse of the worst ever thought you might be provoking it?(nobody cares, BPDette)

No. 949020

imagine being pissy and hating someone for their mental illnesses that u ban me. quit mentioning me u heckers and then i’ll go away. you’re all so fucking ugly burn in hell.(BPD)

No. 949056

Scarlett didn’t u go on live once and played an audio of a gunshot to act like u killed urself shut up lmfao ur deadweight

No. 949071

Anyone else finding her double digit samefagging fucking hilarious? There's some serious narcsessism emanating from this one. Clearly no one ever told you if you're trying this hard to convince us you're ~one of the sweetest girls ever~ you're making us doubt even more. AND that's being generous by ignoring all the prior posts that are all evidence to the contrary, kek.

Ngl guys the mod redtexts made me lose my shit. They're beautiful. And I still don't think she's worked out how to read spoliers yet big kek.

No. 949106

My guess is she has serious mental issues and definitely is a pathological liar, she is addicted to the attention she gets here just ignore her and poof she’ll go to her next most available source of attention. This bitch isn’t a cow she’s a cockroach

No. 949127

definitely pathological liar, no idea how else someone can go on for so long about so much fake shit otherwise. she is desperate for a thread here, but there's no actual milk to her, she literally has no personality. which is hilarious thing to have to say about someone on fucking erin's thread.

No. 949188

Can you trashbags take your shit to a seperate thread?

No. 949213

matched with her on bumble and reverse image searched to find her instagram boy is this all interesting to find

No. 949216

No. 949250

File: 1585085463735.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, 9004087E-74C6-4429-8508-201C1A…)

no roach here bro just really blown away by a community of people obsessed with a girl i met on bumble(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 949335

if you had half a brain you’d read this entire thread and her 3 other ones. no ones obsessed with her, she’s entertaining because she’s a genuinely shitty person.

also ot but why would you even swipe on someone with a bio like that? cringe kek

No. 949377

Sorry anon, I like watching the roach squirm.

No. 950257

since when has she been pretending to be irish

No. 950277

She picks a new heritage every week acting like it makes her any less white lol

No. 950353

you cant get more whiter than irish

No. 950384

She calls herself an “Italian loli” just like every pale white girl with blue eyes trying to be “exotic”

No. 950488

File: 1585401734139.jpeg (119.37 KB, 750x949, 51ECF85C-3A6E-4859-B4E4-375FD6…)

Erin is still lurking somewhere, just haven’t found the account. I’m positive he’s talking about the same Erin because she used to try to flirt with him and looks like he’s still not taking it.

No. 950677

Literally who
Wasn't she associated with multiple guys called Eric?

No. 950765

He’s talking about the cinawoll account that people thought was Erin but was just another farmer that was an og follower of hers. Eric is also a weirdo that only uses girls for nudes regardless if they’re a minor and thinks he’s famous because he makes music. The dude also fetishes asian girls and white girls.

No. 950792

Oh well that’s my bad

No. 950823

hi, sorry if this is self posting or whatever but i seen people talking abt @cinawoll on twitter, i have the same @ on tumblr but i am not her nor erin just incase anyone says i could be erin ..

No. 950850

File: 1585482892390.png (1.23 MB, 1814x1298, ern.png)

Nyabuns is clearly her. You can see it in the way she draws eyes

No. 950853

oh my god i can’t believe you’re that weird freak who keeps asking people to buy them og usernames or you’ll tell everyone they’re a rapist and a pedophile… see a therapist you freak, obviously you need one with the amount of mental illnesses you have

No. 950855

why do ddlg thots manage to find people talking about them/someone with their name so quickly? fuck off already

No. 950867

No one has even made speculation you are the same farmer as the twitter account nor has your tumblr account even been brought up.

No. 950927

they're narcissists who are constantly looking themselves up.

No. 950965

File: 1585512186189.png (953.23 KB, 750x1334, 5E0D06DE-2B06-41BE-A131-AE4F61…)

her new account. photoshop that makes her look alien reminded me of erin(offtopic)

No. 950976

File: 1585512651303.jpeg (31.25 KB, 750x205, 3E411C54-901D-4244-BE2A-665858…)

No. 951024

yeah definitely isn’t erin tbh.. right??

No. 951061

Wait i remember this girl, Erin claimed that egirlerin /petpupy was stealing her tweets on twitter and stole her name and Erin did post a thread crying about this and sent her followers to harass egirlerin/petpupy. I’m pretty sure she was forced to switch to a different account because Erin’s followers were fat shaming her and threatening her. Her real name is Erin as well so it was disgusting that Erin Painter thinks she’s the only girl named Erin in the entire world and that any girl with her name is a copy cat.

No. 951251

Pouty Pup is Erin's alt on Final Fantasy if anyone cares https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/27434587/

And if anyone else followed her on her old twitter account she reposted exact screenshots of her toons on nyabuns plus the background is exactly the same too in newer screenshots so yeah nyabuns is 100% her

No. 952027

This petpupy girl is so confusing, she gets mad people still think she’s Erin but yet has her old bio copy and pasted. She posted a photo of her ID but you couldn’t see anything because it was blurred to the maximum. Didn’t she also say she was a troll account like the ErinPainterr one when really she isn’t a troll except a fangirl of Erin even after she got publicity humiliated by Erin.

No. 952053

humiliated? what happened

No. 952064

Read this reply anon >>951061

No. 952074

File: 1585620135799.jpeg (141.75 KB, 750x616, 673A7F8E-688C-4208-A416-FDD50B…)

Hey anon stop cowtipping the thread to petpupy. You made a few comments on her posts about the thread including recent post on here.

No. 952263

lmfao i’m not a ddlg thot …….. i was saying so i don’t harassed cunt

No. 952265

Here's a tip: coming here to talk about yourself is a great way to get people to talk about you. You have absolutely nothing to do with this thread and your tumblr wasn't mentioned so I dont know why you felt the need to announce yourself, but


Love the uwu persona dropping because someone called you a ddlgthot though.

No. 952837

erin pls come back skinny legend

No. 953013

Any further tinfoiling about accounts will earn a ban. Attempts to seek out Erin and blatantly cowtipping will earn you a longer ban.

No. 956089

File: 1586388789056.jpeg (288.79 KB, 707x671, 4E0391BF-F522-4A6D-9822-35B737…)

her depop was active today, not sure if this should be saged or not.

No. 956841

it says she's inactive and will be selling her depop account now.

No. 957068

Does anyone remember when she sold all those clothes only for her to apparently not have linked her payment plan to depop so she didn’t get any money she earned? At least she claimed that happened but i doubt that was the truth, it was during the time her mother couldn’t “afford” some bills but immediately after she came back showing a haul of stuff she got.

No. 957484

File: 1586685494473.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 3FD57711-5338-4DD7-A420-0227A7…)

didn‘t erin say that pocketsizee and prwincess were run by the same person? or am I mixing something up?

No. 957499

Neither of them are erin- the pwrincess girl is some other girl who is copying erin but not impersonating

No. 957602

nono I know it‘s not erin but I think I remember erin saying that the person who is behind pocketsizee also took the prwincess username and I‘m just confused if that’s the case why pocketsizee would want the acc deleted

No. 959329

Well glad that Erin finally learned her lesson and is staying offline, or perhaps her mother finally got a grip on her. I assume she will be back if she ever moves out of her mothers place.

No. 959614

im shocked about how long it’s been

No. 959665

I never post on this thread (newfag ig) but if y'all haven't realize, Erin has been back for a while. She's just "hiding" but she's public and it's pretty obvious it's her. Idk if giving out her social is doxxing or not, so I'm not going to, but she's back on her loli phase and lying to people. (I found her through a hashtag lol.)

No. 959711

It's not doxxing, it's milk. For the love of God this better not be another tinfoil. Post proof pls.

No. 959855

Fr like tell us bruh

No. 959862

Don’t post on the thread if you can’t learn the difference between doxxing and giving milk. If you “doxxed” her it would be giving out her personal information such as phone number, address, family names, etc. Get off the thread if you’re gonna post information that you refuse to post because you don’t have anything. l

No. 959874

Please post her new twitter anon

No. 959914

They don’t got any milk clearly, they’re just lying out of their ass.

No. 960280

inb4 it's revealed this is erin trying to bring attention to herself again and get us to ~totally stalk~ her so she can play victim more

No. 960606

File: 1587149595825.jpeg (719.2 KB, 3464x3464, 409F5AE5-EA83-4AF5-8123-6EABB9…)

I'm not erin, lmfao. But this is why I know it's her new account, strawbyu, she deleted the post already but her account is still there. She might end up deleting her whole account again if she still lurks here though lol. I have screenshots from some of the stuff she said in her story about her new name (Nina, I think it is). There's other reasons why I know it's her just by viewing the stuff she says in her story, but I'm pretty sure this is enough proof.

No. 960616

she has a new twitter account, @menphinaa, but it's really inactive.

No. 960623

holy shit it is her.


No. 960723

File: 1587159542779.jpeg (227.31 KB, 750x831, FEA48C8C-0B55-4557-8B43-A1B189…)

and she already changed her @

No. 960730

File: 1587160206882.png (210.21 KB, 1980x812, 2994160911.png)


kek, she's gone already. clearly she can't stop lurking

No. 960734

im so sad

No. 960735

she changed her @ back to strawbyu, guess she figured out she can’t escape anymore

No. 960742

Did somebody cowtip again?

Also, since the cow is back, will this thread be taken off the autosage?

No. 960756

her account was found a while ago but that was considered tinfoiling for some reason by the farmhands.

No. 960766


This erin is twitter @pupgirly

No. 960858

they deactivated i think

No. 960860

File: 1587172131543.jpeg (39.42 KB, 750x226, 6D513365-D506-4B5F-BA33-418498…)

pupgirly is already gone…. was she selling content?

No. 960864

samefag but did OP manage to get any more screenshots before she changed her user? on both insta/twitter

No. 960870

File: 1587172924064.jpeg (279.41 KB, 750x1294, 16003E0D-3589-44F3-A857-74FC17…)

Apparently she was selling nudes

No. 960886

File: 1587175017504.jpeg (475.56 KB, 750x1281, B192963B-8A8C-4F88-9922-E84B4D…)

Used the wayback machine and was able to archive her tweet and this is her onlyfans that was linked in the bio. Clearly she’s been making nsfw content and is somewhat very popular on OF”s.

No. 960888

Scrolled through her OF’s and based on the titles she apparently has a master now. But i’m guessing this is that chubby Erin girl’s twitter and not actually Erin. If anyone takes one for the team and buys a subscription let us know and confirm if it’s actually Erin Painter. The first post was made January 7th while the recent was made 4 days ago.

No. 960891

>chubby Erin girl

No. 960894

15 minutes later and she’s deleting her photos, videos, etc. Quit stalking the thread cow.

No. 960899

forgot to put spoiler

No. 960902

File: 1587177423739.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 333.21 KB, 750x844, F698E23C-2761-4177-B3ED-D16072…)

Went on wayback machine on computer and turns out it’s the chubby erin girl. The twitter doesn’t belong to Erin Painter. Chubby Erin posted these photos on instagram before she changed accounts.

Reposted to add spoiler

No. 961302

File: 1587240857744.jpeg (263.36 KB, 750x1294, 85663BF7-8752-4DC1-A179-8FE80B…)

I didn’t even know this was her twitter. I never even interacted with her or anything and she apparently blocked me lol. I just searched her name and didn’t even request at all. Does anyone even know what she posted on their or no?

No. 961306

File: 1587241304358.jpeg (225.72 KB, 750x654, DB652043-B450-4688-84FE-BE386A…)

Aren’t these the same exact photos just differently drawn?

No. 961314

Honestly just hoping this thread dies, nobody is active anymore and there’s really no milk since she’s starting off new and hasn’t posted anything controversial. It’s time we move on until she actually does something milk worthy.

No. 961491

anon, could you post the other screenshots you have?

No. 961525

This erins insta is strawbiey now. She keeps making new accounts.

No. 961632

Stop posting about Chubby Erin. She’s not apart of this thread anymore so quit mentioning her. Only milky thing she did was steal Erin Painters identity for a little and still does for “clout” since she knows about this thread because someone cowtipped again.