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File: 1601370555370.jpeg (99.04 KB, 1242x963, 1600833440149.jpeg)

No. 1063353

previous thread: >>607349

last thread's milk:

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry
>Sworn spotlight avoiders Meghan and Harry sign deal with Netflix
>Harry purportedly upset that the royal announcement for his birthday contained no mention of Meghan
>Rumors surface that Meghan is considering a 2024 presidentual run

Jameela Jamil
>responds to a compliment on instagram about her skin with patronizing speech about privilege
>claims her critics are only pissed because she's "waking people up to their bullshit"
>discussion begins anew re: her attempts at "quirkiness" and history of making up personal tragedies for sympathy and clout
>farmers debate whether or not her hair is a wig, complain about middle parted bangs

Other celebs:
>Bella Thorne joins OnlyFans, allegedly scams patrons, pisses off "real" sex workers, disgusts everyone
>Her sister Kalli Thorne, who also has an OF, jumps to her defense by fighting people on social media
>Britney Spears files for father to be replaced as her court-appointed guardian
>Lori Laughlin sentenced to two months in prison for bribing her daughter's way into college
>Blackpink x Selena Gomez collab is released to middling reviews
>Chadwick Boseman passes away after a private battle with colon cancer
>Adele wears Bantu knots and Jamaican flag bikini, Twitter is furious for exactly one day
>Pap shots surface of Aubrey O'Day looking drastically different from her heavily edited IG selfies; she furiously claims they're not her, posts heavily edited selfie as proof
>Twenty One Pilots frontman Tyler Joseph, in response to calls for him to use his "platform", jokingly posts photos of his platform shoes. He is predictably browbeaten into apologizing
>Azealia Banks spills on Twitter that Jonah Hill has "the saltiest Cum on FUCKING earth", among other details
>Robert Pattinson catches COVID-19 on the set of The Batman, halting production
>Armie Hammer attempts to PR his way out of his adultery scandal by LARPing as working class
>Halsey and Cara Delevingne allegedly dating
>Brad Pitt's new girlfriend is a 27-year-old model in an open relationship with her elderly husband
>Paris Hilton releases documentary about the abuse she endured at boarding school
>Rapper Silento (known for hit single Whip/Nae Nae) charged with assaulting his girlfriend and two strangers; photos of his asshole are leaked on social media
>Keeping Up With The Kardashians is officially discontinued after 20 seasons, last season will air in 2021
>Selena Gomez x Vogue video shows her looking aged, dazed, and shaky, possibly suffering from the effects of bipolar disorder, lupus, plastic surgery, drugs, or alcohol depending on who you ask
>Alec Baldwin has his 5th child in 7 years, with his wife who is 26 years his junior
>Chris Evans accidentally leaks his own dick pic, stans rush to protect him by flooding the tag with unrelated content, he laughs it off and uses the attention to encourage people to vote
>Demi Lovato's fiance Max Ehrich found to have been creepily obsessed with Selena Gomez; they end the engagement after two months
>Cardi B files for divorce from Offset, husband of 3 years
>Lana del Rey releases interview sitting on her bed/wearing a dress in a filled tub to show how cool and laid-back she is. Later, posts unhinged IG story filming herself while driving on a known dangerous road
>Kanye leaks screengrabs of all of his recording contracts in protest of how record companies exploit their musicians
>Liz Gillies marries her groomer (one of the music producers on Victorious), whom she met when she was 15 and he was 32
>Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away
>Jerry Harris, featured in the documentary "Cheer", charged with producing child porn, sexting 13 year olds
>Ellen starts off her show with a non-apology re: allegations of abuse from her employees
>Zayn announces the birth of his baby daughter
>Tory Lanez speaks on Megan Thee Stallion issue… through an album, in which he claims that during their relationship she was jealous of his crush on Kylie Jenner

No. 1063354

File: 1601380627951.jpeg (426.89 KB, 1242x1367, 15E81275-1A88-4F1D-B7FE-427CA5…)

No. 1063355

Yikes, i dont think thats friendship

No. 1063356

Wow, that's fucking sick and disgusting.

No. 1063357

File: 1601381610510.jpeg (144 KB, 961x949, 9D675CB9-5217-4313-B0EE-97237B…)

No. 1063358

I don't know who is more disgusting, her or him. Like is it really that hard to find someone else that is NOT related to your deceased sister/wife and has a 10 year age gap?

No. 1063359


jesus christ i cant even decide who is the biggest asshole here. if the husband or the sister

No. 1063360

it definitely is a bit disgusting to date your ex's relative but in all fairness he and Naya Rivera were divorced for like 3 years already so it's not at all like "loving husband hooks up with his deceased wife sister 2 months after her death"

No. 1063361

File: 1601398930816.jpg (179.08 KB, 1242x2208, SVLoaPn.jpg)

demi's ex claiming that she sent her fans to break into his airbnb

No. 1063362

Fans probably did that on their own, but tbh I wouldn't blame her if she did. I don't condone it, but I understand.

No. 1063363

I can’t prove this so feel free to disregard it/take it with a grain of salt but I used to know a girl who ran a big Selena Gomez fan account who Max was in a group chat with and he was still obsessed with Selena as of 2 years ago.

No. 1063364

Just seems odd, did they have a romantic relationship prior to this and did it affect Nayas mental state. Shits weird.

No. 1063365

You can't trust anything this dick says. And how dumb are celebrities are they honestly that easy to woo

No. 1063366

Paris Hilton is continuing to speak on Provo Canyon.
Don't care for her brand, but respect to her for this, honestly.

No. 1063367

File: 1601403273038.png (404.23 KB, 964x810, FBF7LuO.png)

No. 1063368

Is it supposed to be bad someone wants to pass a law like this? I don’t care either way

No. 1063369

Totally agree but I wonder if this will lead anywhere. Provo already made a statement that the current owners are different from the ones when Paris went so it's not their responsibility…

No. 1063370

First responders are supposed to be there to perform a job, not get caught up in dead celebrity future clickbait. It's gross that we would have to make a law, but humans are fucked up

No. 1063371

Too bad they couldn't do the same for "Porsche Girl." She wasn't a famous rapist though.

No. 1063372


No. 1063373

I actually really enjoyed her documentary. I really really respect her now. It was quite emotional actually.

No. 1063374

Never heard of her until today. Photos of her body shouldn’t have been shared but I’m glad that she didn’t kill anyone else

No. 1063375

What's wrong with this? He's endorsing them because everyone is scared of what will happen to the country is Trump is reelected.

No. 1063376

No one gave a shit about cops doing this shit when it was nobodies that died in fucked up ways or mass murderers but now they care it happened to a celebrity lmao

No. 1063377

I dont really care about this dead rapist either, but idk I'm glad cops might actually face some punishment for their sociopathic behavior for once.

No. 1063378

What does trans rights have to do with having good skin?

No. 1063379

this comment belongs to the dumbass shit thread istg

No. 1063380

just head back to /pol/, you'll be happier

No. 1063381

Please stop replying to brittany venti

No. 1063382

This is kind of bullshit though unless they fired all previous staff that let the abuse happen and changed the whole system. Also they should give out comoensation to the teens they abuse and who couldn't speak like paris is doing.

I like that she seems to want to create a domino effect on other insitutions like these too.

No. 1063383

It still blows my mind how that deputy actually tried to pick up a girl by showing her those pictures, like how…? I've seen the autopsy reports and it was incredibly fucked up, how would one even come up with the idea that showing your tinder date such a gory picture would impress her rather than making her run for the hills? I don't get it.
Anyway, I wonder why didn't this law exist until now. Not even after what happened to Nikki Catsouras? The fuck, California.

Agreed, though I feel bad about the innocent people who also died in the accident, as well as Kobe's little daughter. When the Catsouras accident happened, her pictures were being sent to her family over and over to the point they had to retire the remaining kids from school, remove their internet access and homeschool them, in fear that they would have to face those pictures too. I'm sure there's people sick enough to do the same with Kobe's and the innocent people's families.

No. 1063384

This is creepy and weird but they’re also consenting adults. And Naya and Ryan we’re divorced for years. I just wonder what the son is gonna think about this when he gets older.

No. 1063385

So glad Jameela made it into the thread OP image, despite her thread being locked. She's so cringey it isn't even enjoyable for me to see or discuss her, she graduated from lolcow academy with full honors. Fully fledged cow right there. One of those people pretty privilege is not a thing for, since their personality is so awful it cancels out any attractiveness.

No. 1063386

I also wonder. He saw his mom drown and then dad moves in her sister as a replacement so soon after? i would be a bit fucked up.

Idk they may be consenting adults but it's still disgusting, your sisters ex is usually off limits, your dead sisters ex two months after is just gross. I can't help but think they're using the kid as an excuse to move in together too.

No. 1063387

File: 1601444105925.png (354.26 KB, 631x612, Annotation 2020-09-03 130928.p…)

why is her thread locked?

No. 1063388

>8 local deputies accused pf taking or sharing death pics

literally what the fuck? I saw the SKETCH of Kobe in the report and it was fucked up. Idek how much would be ok to post here it's so fucked up. Who would want to see that and why??

No. 1063389

Farmhand told us to just discuss her in the celebricow threads. Fair enough but I still think an exclusive thread about her would've been funny

No. 1063390

jfc, thank you, why did everyone forget he's a rapist as soon as he died?

No. 1063391

I would love a containment thread, I don't want Jameela anons to shit up the Celebricows thread. Why did the farmhands decide this?

No. 1063392

What do you expect from American police?
I checked the sketches out too and I have no desire to see the actual pictures. One of the children on board was basically decapitated.

No. 1063393

Sage for graphic post (idk how to spoiler, sorry!): Both Kobe and Gianna's heads were split open & their brains were missing, and the report said their orbital sockets were destroyed and her eyes were missing, and he only had one plus severe burns to most of his face. He had to be ID'd by his tattoos at the coroner's office, and his feet were amputated at the ankle and liquefied into a substance that had to be identified by DNA and the size of the shoes the remains were found in.

Fuck whoever took those pics, it should be more than a misdemeanor. Also fuck whatever sicko wants to see that.

No. 1063394

I don't even think we've seen the shiftiest side of this tiny troll yet.
>but I'm playing a PASTOR in a straight to VOD Christian film!

No. 1063395

I like to believe it's a multiple choice question and the right answer is c)

No. 1063396

File: 1601477320876.png (109.02 KB, 645x363, 1.png)

The Rock 2024

improvement to the current batch tbh

No. 1063397

My guess is that she’s insinuating that she’s a good person and that inner beauty leads to outward beauty or some shit. Or maybe once you accept transwomen as your Lord and Saviour they can miracle your acne away.

No. 1063398

The guy on the far right in the thumbnail looks like a lizard wearing a human skin.

No. 1063399

Oh god I wish I didn't read that. Was it because of the impact of the accident or because some fucker stole them?

No. 1063400

If he's not shitting into his own hand and blaming painkillers for everything by then.

No. 1063401

I think it's just that twitter meme that's like "stan x for good skin!"

No. 1063402

Wait so were the graphic photos actually leaked or just shown to people in person? After reading these posts I looked it up and didn't find anything. Are all of these accounts about how gruesome the photos are from word of mouth or has anyone here actually seen them and confirmed?

No. 1063403

just shown to people in person. The autopsy reports are pretty easy to find though and they go into detail about all the injuries. They also include very basic sketches marking where the injuries occurred.

No. 1063404

File: 1601488594778.jpg (231.76 KB, 1242x2688, avga6n3odfd41.jpg)

Evan Rachel wood mentioned that he was a rapist after he died and was crucified for it on Twitter. She's 100% right but was the only celeb with the balls to say it.

No. 1063405

I remember seeing the Porsche Girl pics and everyone saying how she deserved it, she was spoiled, reckless, etc., and just generally laughing it up about her "well deserved" death.

There are so many gruesome photos of dead people on the internet. There was a whole subreddit for videos of people dying, it's not obscure or hard to find. Are we only supposed to care about the victim if it's a celebrity?

No. 1063406

I don't want to be spoonfed I swear, but in this context it's hard not to - I really want to avoid finding pictures of dead bodies, but who was Porsche Girl, what is the story behind her?

No. 1063407

Remember when Twitter sperged when Gayle King dared to mention his rape allegations? His death was tragic, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was a rapist. Evan Rachel Wood is 100% correct.

No. 1063408

It refers to a teenager who was driving recklessly and drove her dad's Porsche off a cliff. Without going into detail, her body was severely disfigured and the photos were especially gruesome, even as far as fatal accident photos go. The photos were leaked at some point with the story, so of course people started saying how the girl deserved it and sent the pictures to her family several times.

No. 1063409

Some girl who was speeding and crashed, had her face literally ripped off, police took pics of the body and it ended up going viral on social media. Her family found out she was dead by being sent the pics of her hanging out of the car window with her face hanging off. Sooo fucked up.

No. 1063410

wasnt she on coke?

No. 1063411

President Kamacho is the only president for me

No. 1063412

I remember being in like middle school and someone (i don't remember who) forwarding photos of horrific, gory car crash aftermath as a PSA chainmail of sorts. Like person clipped at the torso, guts strewn across the pavement, stuff I shouldn't have seen at 12 type stuff. It's gross and fucked, but I didn't really realize or think about how it's abnormal or cruel. I just assumed people are gross and share graphic shit and dead bodies. Rotten.com and other shock sites was something all the kids gathered around at parties. Is this different than that?

Not condoning at all, btw, just really interesting to think about faced with the introduction of a law about it.

No. 1063413

She had it in her system but it wasn't fresh.

2 employees of California Highway Patrol shared the pictures. They started the spread. There's a wikipedia page about it with no pictures. I agree she was extremely reckless but the point here was about first responders sharing pictures.

No. 1063414

I think it's about respect for the family and reducing the chance that they would see something that would further traumatize them

Also jfc I can't believe paramedics/investigators would leak photos of dead people but I guess I'm naive

No. 1063415

Slightly OT but I’m really sick of the “Idiocracy was a documentary” take. Not saying OP was doing that but I’m sick of every smug asshole on Twitter stating that and thinking they’re so smart for saying that despite it being said ad nauseam since 2006.

No. 1063416

I am pretty sure I saw them online, but it was on a site where you could only view a few images before you had to pay to see more…

No. 1063417

The sketches were already too much tbh, after seeing them I couldn't sleep that night.

It wasn't off a cliff, she collided with a toll booth. I heard the pics were so bad because something happened to her face, not gonna check em though. I hate that it's so easy to run into them, I just wrote her name to find the wikipedia page and I could already see a blurred version of the picture (which would most likely unblur if clicked) in the info box on the right of the page. Didn't even have to open google images or search for those pics.

Wtf, the Kobe accident pictures are already on google images? Feel bad for his kids, there's no way they're not gonna see them if they're already so widespread.

No. 1063418

File: 1601527653356.png (571.3 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20200930-224408~2.p…)

Chrissy Teigen had a miscarriage, I'm glad she's being open about it since it happens more often than what people expect but I find it weird that she had a photo of her in the hospital.

No. 1063419

File: 1601527700430.jpg (303.64 KB, 1124x1801, IMG_20200930_224433.jpg)

Samefag, here's the text she posted

No. 1063420

Damn. I am so fucking sad for them, and any family that has to go through miscarriage.

No. 1063421

I am annoyed at whatever fucking ass decides to snap pics during this sensitive moment. They couldn't wait until she was finished sobbing her fucking eyes out?

No. 1063422

what an actual nightmare for her. it's a pain i can't even comprehend. was it technically stillborn? idk how many months she was pregnant

No. 1063423

Don’t be naive anon, she probably asked them to take the picture.

No. 1063424

Not naive. In that pic she looks like she's experiencing deep despair. I'm sure someone doesn't pause a despairful mourning to say "Please take a picture". I get taking a picture during miscarriages but not at an exact moment like that.

No. 1063425

You’re underestimating how disingenuous and opportunistic celebrities are. I repeat, she probably asked someone to take that pic for her despairing ig post.

No. 1063426

I genuinely think that being a celebrity/influencer fucks with one's ego/sanity so much that she just thought it was a totally natural thing to pose for a photo during such a traumatic moment. Not trying to discount the tragedy of the situation; I'm sad this happened to her, but at the same time it's clear that fame has fucked her priorities up.

Also, slightly off-topic, I asked my mom who's a doctor who has worked with miscarriage cases why she was naked in the photo. She paused for a long time then said, "I don't know." Kek

No. 1063427

Presumably any celebrity would be in the habit of taking photos of any significant moment in their life. And judging by the message she posted with it, she probably sees it as helping others and normalizing discussion about miscarriage by being open about her experience. But that's pretty incomprehensible to people without a massive platform of millions of followers, naturally we're gonna find it bizarre but I wouldn't jump to harsh conclusions about her intentions.

No. 1063428

She posted that photo herself. I really don't think it wasn't deliberate. I have the same thoughts as >>1063426, honestly.

No. 1063429

File: 1601545053825.jpg (88.53 KB, 923x555, Chrissy-Teigen-Proudly-Shows-O…)

She's always been open about things other celebs weren't.

No. 1063430

File: 1601548842093.jpeg (577.59 KB, 1100x733, E243A663-A951-4A3F-B56E-D03F1F…)

Imo it’s great that she has opened up about Provo Canyon and brought the issue to the public knowledge. I hope it gives credibility and courage to come out to the other victims who have suffered.
I don’t care for her persona but the documentary made me feel bad for her. Her parents seemed awful human beings. The worst part is that her trauma from Provo Canyon keeps her from seeking professional mental help because she can’t trust psyciatrists.

Also, her rave dress was cute.

No. 1063431

This is an extremely naive take, sorry.

Your mom was running through every scenario and was like no, nothing. Lol. Maybe her clothes were ruined.

No. 1063432

>>Bella Thorne joins OnlyFans, allegedly scams patrons, pisses off "real" sex workers, disgusts everyone
Bella Thorne is that one celebrity that annoys everyone no matter what she does with her attention whoring. Her colleague Zendaya is so much cooler, she should take notes.

No. 1063433

True, I don't know how anyone actually likes her. The only people I personally know that do have the literal goal of being Instagram/SM famous, though, so maybe being vapid is the common thread. I will say that she perfectly suited her character in the Babysitter, so I'm glad she didn't ruin the movie by being herself.

No. 1063434

File: 1601561886165.jpeg (136.52 KB, 1242x286, B271E2F2-D4C1-47BA-975E-197CBD…)

Personally I think this is a little weird to tweet immediately after but everyone grieves differently I guess

No. 1063435

Someone on twitter tweeted out that her mom died literally 15 minutes after it happened. It's weird hard social media is the first thing people turn to in serious moments like these. I get if someone who doesn't really have a physical support system does it, but why would she feel the need to do so.

My only guess is that she was in there for a few days before tweeting this.

No. 1063436

File: 1601563385236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 735.84 KB, 1242x1547, F8A0359A-221A-43E5-B5FF-0E62F9…)

I feel mean/cynical saying this but just why would you post a picture of you literally holding your dead baby crying before you’ve even left the hospital

No. 1063437

I've seen non-celebrities do this as well. I don't understand it on any level. I get that people grieve differently, but damn, social media is a disease.

No. 1063438

The black and white filter is what really gets me. I’m picturing her taking a break from crying, taking the time to try on the different filters on the photo, seeing the black and white one and being like “ah yes this one looks sad. It will look extra tragic on my Instagram”. Nothing feels candid about those pictures. It just feels extremely shallow.

No. 1063439

yeah, this shit is insane. it's a horrendous situation but i don't think her liveblogging every second of it is helpful to anyone. like girl you have enough money to get a therapist so why are you posting this traumatising shit on instagram and twitter dot com? it's not empowering, it's not brave, it's just fucking weird and unnecessary

No. 1063440

I'm glad im not the only one that's put off by this. I understand why families want to have pictures and maybe even show other relatives to help the grieving process, but i will never understand why people think strangers want to see a dead baby on their feed. I mentioned this in a fb group once and a bunch of 'mommies' tried tearing me apart for it.

No. 1063441

Crissy Tiegen has always been an attention whore let's be real. This is not at all surprising.

I'm sorry for her loss anyways. At least she's not at the level of that one girl who would put barbie clothes on her miscarried baby.

No. 1063442

this is the dumbest take you could possibly have on the entire situation. crack a textbook and you’ll find that memento mori is a tradition that predates “social media” by a couple hundred years. taking photos of your dead child sounds weird if your emotional depth maxes out at “puddle.” i don’t even like kids, but people like you are so earnestly retarded i can’t help but wonder why you even bother speaking.

No. 1063443

NTA but it’s not taking a photo of it, it’s posting it on IG with a black and white filter before you’ve even left the hospital

No. 1063444

holy shit what a reaction

No. 1063445

Oh ffs anon, you can go straight to hell with this “memento mori” bullshit. If a plain Jane posted a black and white set of her and her husband on insta artfully sniveling and crying, you would chew them out for being attention whores trying to milk the death of their child for asspats.

No. 1063446

Do you take photos of dead babies, anon? What's with this sudden rage?

No. 1063447

To be fair, I think the death of a newborn is a pretty good excuse to be an attention whore. I don't think the picture is particularly distasteful.
I admit I have bias because I'm curious about death. It satisfies a part of my ape brain when I see pictures and discussions.

No. 1063448

File: 1601571602112.png (336.17 KB, 568x525, Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 11.5…)

Honestly forget about that photo, it actually is fine to me. This photo is weirder to me for some reason.
Like why did someone think "Let me just take a picture of her real quick crying her eyes out". That or she asked someone to take it of her. Really just seems weird that that would come to mind unless you had every intention of posting it online for sympathy. You wouldn't accept this from a regular person.

No. 1063449

It's ok tho because ~~memento mori~~

No. 1063450

Kek holy shit sorry for so deeply striking a nerve. By all means, post all the artsy hospital/dead baby photos for friends and family to see as you wish.

No. 1063451

The last thing I'd want as a grieving mother is to deal with other people bothering me about my dead child or, worse, trying to make my dead child about them. It just sounds exhausting.

No. 1063452

idk why but the lady in the background just gets to me

No. 1063453

lol, an attention whore had her feefees hurt
I will never see people abusing their "loved" ones death and tragedy for likes and social clout as anything but narcissistic sociopaths. There's nothing memento mori about cheapening the death of someone you're supposed to grieve. It's disgusting in every possible way.

No. 1063454

I really don't find this strange or surprising. These are celebrities. They have teams that work with them every single day to strategize. They likely already discussed how to broach the subject as she was beginning to experience the bleeding. They already decided that this was going to be documented and shared. There were drafts of that post already being written, reviewed and tweaked. I am not a fan of dead baby photos, but this process and trauma needs to be public. It happens more often than anyone realizes, and she's a fucking celebrity. People are going to notice she's not pregnant anymore. You can't hide it, so spin it the best way for yourself that you can.

You need to get the dead baby out of you somehow, I'm not sure why people are surprised she's naked? Also, sorry to say that receiving sympathy is part of grieving and when your entire identity is intertwined with being a public figure, that means your grieving will be public too.

Sorry to say, you will be bothered because it is not just the mom who gets invested in the baby. It's difficult to allow people to celebrate the joy with you and then slam the door entirely when it goes South. Not saying I can't relate to the desire for privacy, but pregnancy is a communal event in the best circumstances, so the grieving is too

No. 1063455

That’s not even what memento mori is, you’re referring to mourning portraits or post mortem photography. Anyway those photos of dead relatives weren’t posted for millions to see, you kept them in your family photo album or mailed them to your relatives.

No. 1063456

This is an easy play for good press, most likely planned by a manager. A text post would have been more tasteful, but it wouldn't be controversial and shocking enough. Photos like this generate infinite sympathy for an otherwise unlikable, barely relevant person. John Legend is the only reason she's not a dime-a-dozen Z list nobody. Now both of them will be shielded from negative press until the end of the year.

No. 1063457

Can't blame em.

It was either draft the picture and story on their own terms so they could grieve in the way they authorized, or get their dignity and privacy torn to pieces by speculative media. Then they'd have absolutely little control of the narrative at that point. Not to mention how intrusive and hostile people can be towards female public figures who don't spill the beans about their private lives.

No. 1063458

>pregnancy is a communal event in the best circumstances, so the grieving is too
No? Leave grieving mothers alone if they want to be or leave them to their immediate family. Obviously if they want the help and attention, that's on them, but again, if that ever happened to me and extended family or friends tried to bug me, I'd cut them off immediately. No one is entitled to your time, attention, photos, etc after you lose a baby, jesus.

No. 1063459

Not that anon but the point is pretty relevant considering they are celebrity figures so they weren't going to realistically receive privacy on the issue either way. I really do see this as a grieving couple expressing themselves on their terms.

No. 1063460

Yeah that I understand and agree with, I meant for myself/the average person, though.

No. 1063461

That's really sad and sorry for her loss, but all these pictures are fucking weird…like why would you post this?

No. 1063462

Does anyone in this thread know Chrissy was bleeding for the past several weeks and was on bed rest, said she had a weak placenta. And the bleeding and clots got worse. I didn't follow with her posts but I believe she shared about this journey a lot.

No. 1063463

File: 1601585721591.png (470.16 KB, 794x522, n9qkOqv.png)

No. 1063464

I think the pictures are weird too

I also think people who dress up their dead babies and take pics of them for Instagram are diseased in the head (it’s a hashtag)

I think people getting emotional about this need to chill. This really is a part of someone life millions of people don’t need to know about in this much detail. Seemed staged and shallow and stupid to take those photos. John legend told his assistant or whoever was there with them “can you snap a pic of us please” or they have a personal photog following them around… like… ugh.why are we not allowed to question this or act like it’s not cool without being called assholeS or horrible people ??

No. 1063465

File: 1601586124749.png (265.06 KB, 525x643, kenneth.PNG)

I remember pic related was revealed a couple months ago. Allegedly it was her formed hairstylist who leaked this information. I wonder if he was allowed in the room lol


No. 1063466

I think they were already documenting the entire pregnancy on film. So it’s not that John saw her sobbing and thought “wait babe keep crying, I should take a picture of this” she was already being filmed by a manager or something. Or what I think is equally possible given how she comes off, is that she was given a kind of interview immediately or an hour or two after the procedure as per the documentation of the pregnancy.

But I agree, taking to instagram immediately or at least in the same day is a lot. I think social media and support online is equally therapy for her as much as it’s detrimental sometimes.

No. 1063467

But like, why was she naked

No. 1063468

The more I look at this photo and wonder where her clothes are the more it looks photoshopped. Like she's been super imposed into this image. Like around her right shoulders am. I crazy

No. 1063469

What is with her and rapists???

No. 1063470

I don’t think she was really covered during the procedure (basically her entire lower half) and then took the gown off by the time the pics were taken because it was worn during and needed to be discarded anyways. I mean I don’t actually know, she’s obviously (and reasonably) a wreck mentally right now and her relationship with social media was already lacking a lot of boundaries on her part.

No. 1063471

File: 1601589160498.gif (962.64 KB, 245x219, 1460775501684.gif)


This is just so wrong. This shit will end very badly … Sending prayers to this poor child.

No. 1063472

It’s been speculated that she’s a victim of something herself, granted her mother and older brother have very little qualms about incest and predatory/pedophilic behaviors.

Her family’s engagement with it, the people around her when she grew up (including her husband who was also her childhood boy-friend) she probably thinks rape and pedos are normal to some degree and always has.

No. 1063473

Either she’s a huge pickme or is a CSA victim who never got therapy and thinks it’s normal, like >>1063472 said. Maybe a combination of both

No. 1063474

File: 1601604514018.jpeg (458.2 KB, 1242x1353, 20091A34-6C80-4246-900B-A5286C…)

I think posting one photo would’ve be fine. It’s still a bit weird to me, but I can understand why she would want to be upfront and say on social media that she lost the baby rather than suddenly posting photos with no bump and having people bombard her with questions about it. What I find truly bizarre though is posting an entire filtered photoshoot including a picture of herself holding the dead baby. It’s not the fact that she’s open about having a miscarriage, or even the fact that she wants love & support from fans on social media… it’s that you have to be pretty sick to use your own miscarriage as a photo op and share it with millions of people. I don’t think anyone would’ve turned up their nose over pic related or just a blank photo with a note explaining what happened. That being said I hope no one one is giving her her a hard time in her comments, whether you think she’s shallow and twitter-poisoned or not she deserves to grieve in peace.

No. 1063475

File: 1601605276521.jpg (97.46 KB, 825x593, 6fa7ae5ff5ed4ce0a454397a66b335…)

anyone been following the JK rowling drama? idgaf about her TERFism but her desire for it to be the hill she dies on has turned her into such a cow

some milky events over last few months:
>JK writes longass post explaining her stance https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/
>praises Stephen King but deletes tweet when he makes a pro-trans statement
>releases 900 page book where a cis man crossdresses in order to kill women, causes TRAs to sperg
>people decide to trend #RipJKRowling and/or have a headcanon that someone else wrote the HP books…instead of you know letting go of a subpar children series from 2 decades ago
>JK posts selfie wearing a shirt that says "this witch won't burn" and promotes the shop where she bought it, which sells stuff with slogans like "fuck your pronouns" "transmen are our sisters" etc…TRA spergout 2.0

all this just makes me wonder WHY. she could just sit on her throne of money or at least toe the line on trans issues but decided to make herself public enemy #1 to a huge swath of people. did she get tired of pandering and decide on a scorched earth policy? then again the woman has always been a weird mix of "problematic" vs pandering e.g. the character cho chang vs dumbledore is gay! in hindsight the latter is even weirder because the pen-name she chose (robert galbraith) sounds exactly like the man who invented shock therapy for homosexuality (robert galbraith heath)

if she didn't do shit like getting butthurt about what other people do (Stephen King) i would say it's just high-level trolling - after all, her anti-trans dog-whistling book is still topping the charts kek but who knows

No. 1063476

Please go back to whatever hate thread on twitter that gave you this idea to call her a cow lol also that “900 paged book about a twans womyn killing women” is bullshit. The character is a cis male that dresses up as a woman to get closer to his victim and that was only mentioned in a passing paragraph and isn’t the entire novel. It’s funny to see people get mad when it doesn’t matter to anyone but the few mentally ill and extremely woke on twitter

No. 1063477

>all this just makes me wonder WHY. she could just sit on her throne of money or at least toe the line on trans issues but decided to make herself public enemy #1 to a huge swath of people.
Because she's not a cowardly POS and actually speaks out on issues she feels passionate about? Lucky us that at least ONE famous, powerful woman is willing to advocate for our gender. Stay mad about it, libfem.

No. 1063478

She was aways pretty outspoken about womens rights, i think she is so insistent around this issue because no one else can really speak up since they dont have fuck you money. She just tweets things peole reeeee at, dont really see her as a cow unless she was picking fights with random trans on twitter and having meltdowns.

>releases 900 page book where a cis man crossdresses in order to kill women, causes TRAs to sperg

See that makes her sound insane but its not even true lmao it was one scene iirc where the cis man killer does this. Its like calling the silence of the lambs writter a terf because of buffalo bill

No. 1063479

She's got Fuck You money and doesn't need to pretend to be agreeable and pandering anymore.

This is the issue that she drew a line in the sand about. She's within her right.

No. 1063480

I am pretty impressed with JKR for not letting herself be bullied into shutting up. She has a right to speak her mind, whether people agree or not, and I think it’s pretty gross that in the year 2020 theres still witch hunts towards women who dare have opinions.
I think it’s also pretty entitled of the person who tweeted to Stephen King in your screen cap to be like “i read your books so I DEMAND you disagree publicly with a controversial tweet” (the way the question is formulated makes it pretty clear what he’s expected to answer).

No. 1063481

I don't know what makes you think I'm a libfem. oh boohoo I don't praise JK and I called her a cow I don't have a stake in either side of the issue, in fact maybe if you had some reading comprehension you would see that I find amusement in how much rage she causes in TRAs.

apparently you didn't even fucking read what I wrote because I never called the character a trans woman you fucking dumb shit.

I will admit that maybe I got some facts like the book wrong after seeing >>1063478. I didn't read entirely into it because I DON'T HAVE A STAKE IN IT.

I called her a cow because she's approaching the trans stuff with so much eccentricity and fervor. also did you ignore the other weird shit she does?? like the pen-name??(calm down)

No. 1063482

Trans people live in her head rent free kek. I'm bitter but not that bitter. To try to frame this as "people hating on a woman/women" is ridiculous. Someone must have knocked a few screws loose in her head somewhere down the road.

No. 1063483

THANK YOU you actually got the post of my post

actually I'm going to make a second point to >>1063477 I meant if she toed the line she could at least win a few sympathetic people over, but her going completely antagonistic makes her look like a "evil TERF" even to people who haven't taken sides

No. 1063484


Is Rowling a bit of a cow? Yea maybe but definitely not lolcow worthy.

It’s the hill she wants to die on because she’s one of the very few who:
- Has enough fuck you money to not care if everybody cancel her
- Has used a huge amount of her money for charity so at least people know she puts her money where her mouth is
- Went from victim of DV and homeless to billionaire so she knows first-hand how dangerous men are to women
- Gained a huge platform and following

Other wealthy women have neither experienced being victim of abuse and/or being dirt poor so they don’t care if some trans wants to get into a women shelter, because it’s not even on their radar.
Or they simply don’t have enough money to be able to voice their opinion or are afraid of being blacklisted in Hollywood if they’re young actresses.

No. 1063485

>being vocally opposed to misogyny is 'bitterness'

Do you have the same energy for female celebs who are against sexism? Or just when it's your precious troons who just wanna use the bathroom in peace uwu

No. 1063486

>the hill she wants to die on
I’ve heard people say this about Rowling a lot and I don’t get it. It’s her opinion, some people agree and some people don’t. Why is she dying on a hill? Is she just supposed to immediately change her mind because of the constant Twitter harassment?

No. 1063487

yes actually. case in fact in this very thread: jameela.

y'all are still ignoring the other shit she does…again the fucking pen-name. NONE OF YOU HAVE ADDRESSED THIS.

if anyone else was this intense about anything, they would be considered a weirdo. why does JK get a pass because it's the one topic y'all like to REEE about. and what the fuck is with you cunts and claiming people are pro-trans? i AGREE with most of the things she's doing. did you literally not read where I recapped how much the TRAs were losing their minds?

HOWEVER she can protect women and cause MTF TRAs to sperg without doing shit like promoting a shop with slogans like "trans men are our sisters" which just hurts her cause. c'mon y'all that's just deliberately just trying to get under people's skins.

No. 1063488

Im betting on mid life crisis, she's uber rich and bored so getting under everyone's skin and being an edgy fuck gives her the kicks.

No. 1063489

How is a few tweets and wearing a shirt with a vague message being “intense”

No. 1063490

You sound about 100x times more bothered than both us and JKR. She feels strongly about an issue that affects women, and she is speaking out on it at a time when the vast majority of women are silenced and censored for even the slightest wrongthink. She's not sperging, she's not virtue signalling like Jameela, she's a well spoken, well intentioned woman who is refusing to back down on her reasonable and correct opinions. No fucking shit we respect her and aren't in agreement with your dumb take.

No. 1063491

Because she already said she didnt know who galbraith was, she combined robert f kennedy and a name she wanted to have as a kid.

You may not believe it but it makes no sense for someone who is an lgbt ally and never said anything bad about gay people (remember that gailman was known for frying the brains of GAY people), in fact she panders to us and even said transition was being used as conversion therapy and she was against that.

No. 1063492

People have been harrassing her non-stop since she made the first mistake THATS why she kept going. People did not let it go.
and the book wasn't 900 pages I heard it was few sentences and PinkNews made it seem like it was the focus of the book.

and it's not a "huge swath" of people, most don't give a fuck. She's cow-ish but not for this. People act like she came out of nowhere with this.

No. 1063493


Oh come on, JK is far from being these things, she has been a joke on the internet for years for alot of milky behavior (OH BUT DUMBLEDORE IS GAY just he isn't going to be in the movie that would feature that oopsie) but now that she's against troons she's untouchable here.

>panders to gay people
>literally not a single one canon character that is LGB
>double downs on dumbledore being gay in fantastic beasts because it won't make her money

sure jan she's super lgbt positive

No. 1063494

I don't see whats edgy about what she's doing, more people agree with her stances then the ones who do agree, it just seems online and in bubbles everyone agrees but if anything imo the people who think JK is scum of the earth are outnumbered by those who do not care and those who agree.

No. 1063495

you're telling me the woman who supposedly put so much thought into the naming of HP characters couldn't bother googling her future pen name and seeing if there was any controversy

No. 1063496


You said this very well. Also, if I were a huge, untouchable celebrity who could reach millions, I would definitely express all the horror I feel about the Trans Rights/Gender Ideology Movement. But, like most women, I am neither famous nor a billionaire. If I express my reasonable analysis of the situation, no one will listen to me and will assume I am a religious fundamentalist or neo-Nazi or whatever. I won’t even be allowed to explain why I’m against their dangerous ideology. It’s extremely frustrating. So, I am very thankful that JKR spoke up.

No. 1063497

I mean we all know she didn't put thought at all lol

fucking cho chang

No. 1063498

JKR is boring as are trannies. Just say you were unsuccessful at being pretty as your own sex and go away

No. 1063499

How is she untouchable? You are talking about her opinions on troons, not the shit about dumbledore, ALSO she has always spoken up for LGBTQ+ and has changed more people's lives in those communities through all the fucking money she gives to charity.

No. 1063500

I fucking love JK for not backing down, why would she? What does she have to gain from backpedaling to gain back a few “ex-fans” (or more likely, invite more demands)? She insanely rich, ten people on Twitter reeing about it changes nothing for her realistically. She can just laugh at them while they pretend someone else wrote her book but 90% of them are still buying her merch and the rest of the world DGAF

No. 1063501

Because she's doing the same shit Jameela does, heck maybe even worse because she's just picking a fight with woke twitter teens, potentially losing alot of contracts in the process, all as a grown fucking woman, but we aren't allowed to have a discussion about it because she's a uwu based terven

No. 1063502

I wasn't bothered until people started claiming I was a libfem / pro-trans and started attacking me in my original post I was just literally just wondering why she was doing this

No. 1063503

I agree with this. JKR is really immature and obnoxious, even if I don't necessarily disagree with her opinions on troons

No. 1063504

yeah that's why I said supposedly. anons keep claiming she's so smart and well-spoken but she continually contradicts herself in showing how little research she does. if robert galbraith was indeed a coincidence, she's a dumbass who's still committing the same mistakes she did when she wrote/planned out HP in the 90s.

No. 1063505

I dont get it, isnt jameela the opposite? she says whatever the woke mob wants her to say for money, jk is doing the opposite and losing money no?

Tbf its kind of obvious anon, she has been a feminist and into womens rights since forever. She aways talked about sexism and donated a shit ton of money for charities that help vulnerable women, of course she wont back down easily if she sees something as an atack on these things.

No. 1063506

It being completely the opposite but equally as idiotic for a celebrity to do is what makes it milky.

No. 1063507


"cho chang" aka zhou/chou zhang/zheng is literally such a common name in china

she should've kept the chinese spelling (if kids could read hermione they could read zhou or chou) but its irritates me to see people acting like this name is some racist wordplay when it's not

No. 1063508

Those are both surnames, Chang can be used as a first name sometimes but Zhou is ALWAYS a surname.

She named the character Smith Carter basically.

Sure she could've been meaning to name her Chang Zhou but we all know she just slapped two chinese-y sounding names together.

No. 1063509

Its not racist just uninspired, like parvati or the name of those schools mahoutokoro and castelobruxo. She doesnt seem to work too hard on some names so its possible she could have mixed two random names and got a pen name like that.

No. 1063510

well that part makes sense. I just meant the other things she was doing, which imo dilutes her message of protecting women. I see her point and I want her to succeed, but I think she would win more people over if she was more nuanced in her takes, if she made sure her to sound just against MTF troons and how autogyne the lot of them are. however, she loses a lot of people by coming off as generally anti-trans. but if she's also anti-FTM she should make that clear as to why.

No. 1063511


No. 1063512

she is way to gentle and forgiving. every troon is mentally ill, and shoulf be treated as such, aiden

No. 1063513

My thoughts exactly. People like to act as if JKR invented racism when she came up with Cho Chang. A whole bunch of her characters' names are oversimplifications of their culture. "Fleur Delacour", lbr. And don't get me started on how everyone thinks she's secretly anti-Semitic because of Gringotts being run by goblins.

No. 1063514

cho's name &the other slip-ups are valid criticisms of her work except I don't feel it's unique to JKR at all

Seems like a problem you'd encounter from your average white person blissfully inconsiderate of racism, which is sadly common or used to be. It's definitely bad but people talk like this is her being tHe WoRsT

No. 1063515

actually in addition the name, cho chang is written as a typical asian trophy with no personality to be won over by the white male protag. not saying she did it intentionally, but it's a common racial trope

No. 1063516

File: 1601611926419.png (317.71 KB, 807x528, yhQr7Q2.png)

No. 1063517

twitter =====>

No. 1063518

No. 1063519

I hate living in the times of OnlyFans and DeepFake

No. 1063520

This is exactly my problem with her. If she's generally transphobic, then make that known. She shouldn't be doing this "I'm just protecting women" schtick where she tiptoes around what she actually believes. If she's against people who fetishize womanhood, then fine fair, whatever. What she's doing is being vague to the point where she knows it pisses people off, but she still looks blameless. In all honesty, I think most of it is for attention. Her name was considered legendary and for many people I'm sure it still is, but the press around her died down tremendously in recent years. Now though, she's got a mixture of good and bad press simply because she's not explicit about her beliefs. I never got into HP to begin with, but her current opinions definitely don't make me want to read anything she puts out now. She can't keep blaming her slip-ups on ignorance being bliss. I'll never snap at a woman who believes her life/rights are at danger, but directing that toward all trans women is frankly delusional imo.

No. 1063521

I always get a kick out of farmers carrying the torch for an out-of-touch Christian boomer like JK Rowling just because she shares their views on trannies. One of the biggest jokes in 2018-2019 was that she would happily make up lies about how Hagrid’s parents were actually born on a plantation and he had scoliosis from picking cotton as a child or whatever if she thought it could earn her more woke points. Plus she would gladly bulldoze over your peepaw’s countryside home where he fled from Poland during WWII if it was in the way of the latest expansion for her trillion dollar mansion. She is literally the definition of a libfem, an absurdly rich centrist with nothing better to do than get in twitter fights with terminally online teenagers. This is your queen?

No. 1063522

I think people see it as worse because of her whole inclusion of racial themes e.g. the mudblood/pureblood thing, house elf slavery, etc when in reality she's still an ignorant white person lol

No. 1063523

I think you all make great points but a bitter, weakling part of me is pleased just to have someone speaking up at all.

No. 1063524

yeah it's just our side isn't winning any points by her coming off as boomer TERF instead of an abused woman sympathetic to women's issues

correct me if I'm wrong since it's been a while since I've read up on her, but Rose McGowan also spoke up and I felt like she did a better job at it?

No. 1063525

Wasn’t her “transphobic essay” that blew up her being explicit?

No. 1063526

yea it annoys me that she fucked up the order of the name but i dont expect westerners to get that shit right most of the time. i always assumed she was going for zhang zhou and didnt understand it was in the wrong order lol

No. 1063527

Rose is definitely better advocate for women’s issues and she handled the situation much more gracefully, heck i think most woke people just agreed to disagree with her and left her alone.

But she’s not as nearly as famous and powerful as JKR.

No. 1063528

what, did you expect the uber rich middle aged white woman to have some kind of perfect agenda? no shit she pandered. who cares? i'm just glad she called out the trannies, and fully willing to ignore the other bullshit because FINALLY someone with actual influence has said it.

I do think JKR cares about women, she sees whats happening with fuckin troons invading womens spaces and shes rightfully uncomfortable, and now she gets death threats from these fucking men threatening to bash her head in and people ignore the sexist nature of that bullshit because UWU INNOCENT TRANNIES.
shes based for speaking up, end of story

No. 1063529

where did all these twitterfags who care about muh racist childrens book come from. go back to the artist salt thread retards

No. 1063530

But then we wouldnt get so many people sperging about her to laugh at kek

No. 1063531

being transphobic is based. fuck trannies and tranny enablers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1063532

She is an abused woman sympathetic to women's issues, this whole thing started because she stood up for a woman.Does all the things she done for women go away because she's a "Terf"?
She could've said things in the best way possible and the same people would still call her a transphobic terf. They don't care what she has to say if it's not what they want to hear.

No. 1063533

Oh god not another one

No. 1063534

Then why do people claim her buying a shirt from a company that notoriously sells TERF memorabilia was just an innocent purchase? She shouldn't have it both ways. Whether she's radfem or not, she's playing both sides like a fiddle because that's what she does best and has done for decades. As I mentioned, I've never read a single book of hers and even I know she's played cat and mouse with controversy for a large chunk of her career. I'd like to see how many people have joined her cause since this whole debacle started versus people who either don't care or who already held transphobic beliefs and want to grapple to her side now. Other anons mentioned this, but I know she's not losing money from this. She might even be making a shit ton since her name is back in the news. I commend her for being one of the best passive-aggressive trolls in literary history, but she's still an unlikable person in my eyes.

No. 1063535

i think you anons helped me answer my initial question, thank you. while no doubt JKR believes in her mission, the really wacky shit she does is probably her trolling and/or drumming up controversy cause she can + makes her remain relevant

either way milk galore

No. 1063536

Wait who says it was an innocent purchase? Obviously if you buy a politically charged shirt it’s on purpose to make a statement

No. 1063537

at the end of the day who cares. The people who think she's a "terf' and "transphobic" are NOT going to change their mind and the people who like her because of those things aren't going to change their minds.
Most people don't give a fuck what her opinion is, if they do I promise you it's not for long unless they have some issues.

No. 1063538

for me the true milk comes from 40 yr old twitter terves throwing up i <3 jk rowling billboards left and right…like…cool…a billboard…(begone, back to twitter with you)

No. 1063539

The milk to me comes from 40 year old transwomen telling JK she's killing them and to suck their girl dicks.

No. 1063540

I don’t expect anything politically coherent from rich white women, I just think it’s funny that you and many others ignore all the skeletons in her closet just because she triggers genderqueer zoomers. By your own admission you don’t care about the antisemitism and racism and sexism in her writing just because she has lots of followers and said men don’t belong in women’s restrooms. Pure stan twitter logic.

No. 1063541

File: 1601616717885.jpeg (97.24 KB, 773x960, E37576C6-6E3B-4E88-8344-31086B…)

JK just go full JK Trolling. You have the money and clearly the time, plus it would be extremely entertaining.

No. 1063542

shows how insecure they are kek. when cis women tell people to suck their dick (Cardi B for a famous and frequent example) they don't feel the need to add girl before it. they don't need to justify their womanhood, they know they just ARE.

No. 1063543

nta but why does it have to be all or nothing? In this case I'm smug, I like that she's speaking her mind about this but as for the rest I think she sucks and farmers who "we stan a queen" her are ridiculous

as >>1063537 said though I don't think it matters. whether shes a libfem or not those people will hate it. It seems to me though that she's discovering radfem points which is cool to see them brought up by a big figure, to me. She can still be shitty at the same time

No. 1063544

File: 1601617489336.jpg (423.36 KB, 1080x1718, IMG_20201002_014436.jpg)

No. 1063545

File: 1601618107994.jpg (11.02 KB, 526x152, 116582651_647013542831939_3251…)

No. 1063546

What happens if Pence and Biden get it too, and all three die because old?

No. 1063547

File: 1601618791736.gif (3.14 MB, 360x240, AAC66030-EF8B-4C77-9699-56B443…)

we dnace

No. 1063548

File: 1601618825018.jpg (52.36 KB, 960x797, 120602910_3385152464898924_911…)

please let him die
please let him die
please let him die
please let him die
please let him die
please let him die
please let him die
please let him die

No. 1063549

I know I'm not in the tinfoil thread but this is probably fake news so he can "recover" (possible hydroxychloroquine cure?) and say that all the people who died are suckers and losers.

No. 1063550

i am Erect

No. 1063551

I have a feeling he's going to die

No. 1063552

File: 1601619110282.png (42.62 KB, 206x275, 1484907623167.png)

dear god i hope he takes one of those stupid cures and it ends up killing him faster, the irony would be more delicious than any milk

No. 1063553

What does this mean for the next debate? A fucking zoom call. That'll shut him up.

They did say they were going to find a way to reshape the debate format to get him to stop talking. This was CNN's genius plan.

No. 1063554

I hope they do it over zoom!
>"Mr President will you please unmute your candidate? He's getting upset."

No. 1063555

Harry Potter's family are an unflattering stereotypes of suburban English people, Hermione's name actually comes from an old movie Bell Book and Candle (I think there were two Potter names in the cast or characters, haven't watched it for a while)
Rowling didn't put as much time into all this as people think. She's just intelligent and can knock a book out quickly.

No. 1063556

Trump is also obese so he’s even more at risk besides his age. The rates are significantly higher for older people but I don’t think any big politicians would die since they get the super special elite medical treatment. Of course it’s possible and there’s always the chance for permanent damage regardless. Can’t wait for people to wake up to this news though wow

No. 1063557

Stephen "child orgy to lighten the mood" King who gets a pass on pedophilia, sexism and racism just like George R R Martin and every other male author.

No. 1063558

Is it not a bit anti Semitic to assume goblins are a stereotype of Jews?

No. 1063559

>least toe the line on trans issues

If you had as much money as her you wouldn't toe the line either. She must laugh every time someone tries to guilt trip her because they spent $50 on her books 15 years ago. Since when does purchasing an item entitle you to control the words and thoughts of the person who made the item decades later?

No. 1063560

Right, she didn't invent goblins. These people just show their noob status when they start claiming racism in ancient fantasy tropes she used in her books. Nothing in there is new.

No. 1063561

That’s what I thought, but supposedly there’s supporting evidence in the books. I never bothered to look into it so idk and last time I read it was like 10+ years ago

No. 1063562

It's hilarious if it's true, but he won't die. He'll receive special treatment and will recover in a week like all the other old ass politicians who got covid.

No. 1063563

File: 1601623801052.jpg (189.14 KB, 498x916, maxehrich100220.jpg)

Sorry I didn't respond to your heartfelt message about my breakup, Grandma, I was too busy FILMING because I'm a BUSY, SUCCESSFUL actor, so let me give you a shoutout in my stories instead

No. 1063564

See, that's what I don't get. Anon over here >>1063475 and all these media people are writing full-on essays about how JK Rowling is like, Satan, because she wrote a book that included a guy in a dress killing a woman, used the pseudonym "Robert Galbraith" (most likely unintentionally) and named a character Cho Chang. We have to scroll past fucking grocery store lists on why she's evil or whatever, kek.
Meanwhile, Stephen King and other assorted males are out here writing full-on rape and gratuituous child sex, and it's crickets. Why are the standards different? I think I know the answer, but I want to hear these people's argument.

What makes JK Rowling more worthy of being dragged than Stephen King or someone like Thomas Harris (of Silence of the Lambs fame)?

No. 1063565

>What makes JK Rowling more worthy of being dragged than Stephen King
I like the books he wrote when he was an alcoholic but before he got into coke

that's it, you can torch them all though honestly

No. 1063566

So, as long as the "bit of pedo shit just for fun :)" guy's a half-decent writer sometimes, it's all good? Damn, okay anon.

No. 1063567

I was one of the anons who responded to >>1063475 and I'd love to address this topic. I think Stephen King has contributed to disturbing shock value content more than JKR has tbh. While I don't like her, I can admit her bad takes likely come more from poking the bear instead outright being offensive just because like King. He did write Rage after all (and did it under a pseudonym while basing it on his own feelings about being in high school). In my eyes, they both suck and that's why I believe birds of a feather flock together. I don't care if Stephen King agrees with me that trans women are women, he still has a career that's been built on featuring harmful depictions of women and themes that deserve criticism and scrutiny like JKR is getting.

No. 1063568

do people even remember how it was revealed dumbledore is gay. there was gonna be a line on the movie by dumbledore about some past girlfriend and jkr said that he's gay and someone leaked it. that's it. jkr panders a lot but i never understood why people complaing about the dumbledore is gay thing

No. 1063569

I didn't mean the books

No. 1063570

trans women are men and stop acting like you give a shit about women if you gonna let agp males uplift sexist stereotypes

No. 1063571

The name was 100% unintentional. There's no mention of Galbraith until months after she published under the name.

But you're right. I get major pedo vibes from Stephen King but no one gives a shit because defending trannies is more trendy

No. 1063572

>In my eyes, they both suck
Alright. So, where are all the Stephen King think pieces and posts? Why is one clearly more vilified than the other?
I'm not saying this is what it is, but it definitely looks like you're far, far more tolerant of males "acting up" than women, and when you look at the basic fact that men are actively more harmful to each other, women and children in reality (re: crime rates, re: which of the sexes has the most political/corporate/literal physical power on a global scale), I don't understand it.

No. 1063573

what do you expect she thinks males have the right to erode women's right and language around women and our issues so that they can be larping their fetish in the wild.

No. 1063574


>JKR has a few bad takes

>Stephen King has built a career featuring harmful depictions of women and themes
>Birds of a feather

And there's the fucking issue right there. Women are held to such different standards than men that you seriously consider these two people in the same vein. You may not like what she says but JKR is talking about her own experiences. Stephen King is writing hardcore child rape scenes and these are similar?

I bet you consider yourself a feminist, too kek

No. 1063575

>actually reference the 'importance' of a performance on a tacky UK talent show that has been the most complained about of the year
this is how delusional they are

No. 1063576

for reference this is the performance

No. 1063577

File: 1601626430210.png (251.21 KB, 1121x583, lol sure banjo.png)

Was also very milky that the judge from this performance clearly made pic related himself, in an attempt to be aligned with far more famous and relevant people than an ex-contestant turned judge on said tacky U.K talent show

No. 1063578

>tbf the person is obviously upset in the behalf of males (MTFs) so of course they'd come down on JK more than the male.
I agree, but it'd be good to hear their defense for it, so we can maybe understand each other better. I don't get how these types of people aren't seeing what we're all seeing plain as day.
What is their response to these double standards being questioned? How is any of this correct, in their eyes? Romanticized child orgies aren't as bad as saying "Women have periods" now, and the latter is 100x more worthy of backlash and death/rape threats than the former? In what nightmare world does that make sense? I want to believe these people only have good intentions and a vision of equality/justice at heart (even if they can be mislead or naive at some points), and not some bizarre crossdressing coomer cult cabal, but jesus, they make themselves look bad.
I feel like anyone with a discerning mind is going to wonder about all this shit, and eventually end up as one of those dreaded "transphobes"/"TERFs", because none of this is justified. It all flies in the face of everything they claim to stand for.
Are they just going to ignore the gap in logic forever?

No. 1063579

if this man doesn't shut the fuck up about his movie. i dont even live in america and my timeline is still spammed with articles about 'I didnt know we were even broken up until i saw it in the tabloids' which is bullshit but hilarious if true.
nobody cares about your movie

No. 1063580

File: 1601634734509.jpg (132.92 KB, 1242x1628, EjHO6QTXYAERR_j.jpg)

They never have a response. Look how quiet this thread got directly after those questions were asked. King also wrote a graphic child rape on a young boy by an adult. And it was super graphic, WAY more graphic than something like that ever has to be.

It's like how tik tok will go after that dumb Bella Poarch chick for having no talent and will spam every one of her videos she uploads saying that, but that 69 ugly rainbow guy is on the platform with no issues. Or how Laura Lee was canceled for racist tweets yet Jeffree Star gets away with years of even worse. Mike Tyson has a rape conviction yet had a tv show on adult swim lmao.

He's apparently dating Summer Rae (??) now who is an influencer. He was posting fire emojis on her photos on the 22nd September which is before him and Demi even broke up I think??

No. 1063581

>I don't see whats edgy about what she's doing, more people agree with her stances then the ones who do agree
Including in this thread.
I think OP was likely baiting.

No. 1063582

I think a lot of JKR names were simplistic like that because Harry Potter was a fucking children's books and to make the story accessible to them they had to contain all these different character arcs in their head. She was writing for children. She probably did a male penname to write for adults so she wouldn't get stigmatised. She's hated because she has a controversial stance on trannies that shouldn't be controversial. There is no need to open up female spaces where minors gather and can be vulnerable to men that self identify as female. No one is denying caitlyn jenner didn't go through a lot for the cause, we get it. Sex pests are an entirely different issue!

No. 1063583

>the cause

is this what we call cooming now

No. 1063584

I'm glad I'm not the only one who reached for tinfoil. I figured he'd get covid eventually, but I would never expect him to announce it publicly– he tries to hide or ignore literally every other indiscretion, why would he admit to fucking up in this instance? After the Biden debate, his tax history being leaked, trying to shut down the postal service (among everything else), would anyone really be surprised if this is a ploy to fuck with the election?

As fun as it is to speculate how my country is going to hell though, there's enough evidence and enough people involved to verify he's really infected.

No. 1063585

Unfortunately yes. Democrats really got those trans rights pushed through in the last few years. I really don't see society stepping back from having trans people being so visible now do you? Imo the ones that want to convert need to step up, fully commit and pass. This is where all the bullshit funding for their organisations is supposedly going yes?

No. 1063586

imagine being this fucked up but thinking its okay because orange man bad

No. 1063587

don’t be mad anon, the orange man deserves to die and u know it

No. 1063588

nah its called if you think someone deserves to die and you find a way to justify it, youre as rotten as the person u wish to die lol

love yourself & dont worry biden will sniff your hair and help u through these trying times

No. 1063589

What is this bleeding heart shit, are you a liberal or something

No. 1063590

enough with this anne frank "everyone has good in them" shit.

No. 1063591

Oh shut up the world is never worse for losing horrible people and btw Biden and all pedophiles and rapists can die too

No. 1063592

trump isnt even that bad why not focus on biden, an actual corrupt/racist/pedo/money hungry creep lol oh wait nvm that would make sense oops sorry i forgot ppl like you are more interested in accepting everything the media says

No. 1063593

Is this a raid?
Trump won't fuck you anon

No. 1063594

No one has to confirm or deny who they're voting for faggot. Welcome to democracy bitch

No. 1063595

"waaaaa the unemployment rate is decreasing waaaa the economy is bouncing back" damn umm ya thats pretty horrible

think whatever u want about the guy but "horrible" really lol…

No. 1063596

??? who asked that

sorry i triggered u go back to twitter

No. 1063597

>trump is not even that bad

he has like 30 actual sexual assault lawsuits.

No. 1063598

Go back to whatever stupid site you come from.

No. 1063599

being accused of something doesnt equal that it happened? but ok

No. 1063600

Trump is just as if not more corrupt than Biden and is more brazen and retarded about it. Emperor Trump isn't going to let you piss on him anon, it's okay, you don't have to d-ride him so hard.

Waaahhh people are going to keep contracting COVID and it's never going to go away waaaaaaahhhhh at least I can watch football though thank you Trump daddy sama uwu

No. 1063601

Oh no it's retarded kek

No. 1063602

this fucking trumpfag istg

No. 1063603

ppl are getting covid bc its an infectious disease that originated from china but ya ok im sure theyre getting it because of trump!!! smh

No. 1063604

Holy fuck stop with all the derailing. Back to celebricows please.

No. 1063605

sorry its obvious you cant stand anyone who doesnt agree with you like imagine getting THAT upset over someone saying wishing death upon ppl isnt ok wow

No. 1063606

Trump is going to die someday whether you like it or not and people will celebrate it and piss on his grave. Shame he'd probably be into it, but I digress.

No. 1063607

everyone dies of course, but because im not insane i am not praying for it to happen i feel like thats not that strange but i would see a therapist if i were you about that piss fetish you have

No. 1063608

File: 1601651066771.gif (783.71 KB, 300x266, giphy.gif)

that last sentence

No. 1063609

I don't care. JKR did absolutely nothing wrong. Twitter is a plague.

No. 1063610

Trump is an astoundingly stupid, malignant narcissist responsible for for the deaths of over 200,000 Americans by being one of the largest sources of misinformation as well as playing down the severity of the virus.

With that in mind, I would really love to know how Biden is worse than Trump; but judging by your grammar and rambling posts, I assume you lack the critical thinking skills necessary to understand why your position is objectively retarded.

Absolutely fucking based kek

No. 1063611

No. 1063612

It's time to get off the internet you MAGA cult victim

No. 1063613

No victims, it's a choice at this point.

No. 1063614

I knew this site was full of retarded bitches, but actual Trump stans?

No. 1063615

You are correct in that Biden has had a less-than-stellar record by 2020 standards, but I expect my politicians to grow and change their opinions with more information. With maybe the exception of Bernie Sanders, I don't think there is a single lifelong politician who has not adapted their views as society becomes more progressive.

You are right that he has signed off on some shitty, racist fucking bills– but Biden has admitted this and grown from it. I'm not going to sit here and shit on something he did 30 years ago when he's actively trying to help marginalized communities. I'm not going to shit on him for showing legitimate political growth while Trump is on national TV telling proud boys to "standby." You're a fucking loon.

The Trump admin has been unequivocally worse for black Americans, but I understand MAGAtards like you really rely on whataboutism to push your narrative, so I won't even try to convince you that your God King's a racist fuck.

No. 1063616

It’s hilarious how autists and freaks like paris hilton used to be in my book so cool and now they’re do not wants. Celebrities truly are cows.

No. 1063617

What happens if Trump and Biden both die from COVID?

No. 1063618

Speaking from an experience of being from a country where ruling president died - you don't want that. if you support Trump, obvious reasons, but if you don't, you don't want that even more. That will make his supporters even stronger, they'll "carry the legacy", people who were on the fence will stop talking bad about Trump policies because it's wrong to speak badly of the dead and slowly in time - faster than you think! - all the bad things he is responsible for will be forgotten under the "he suffered and died, poor man!" message. And all the good things, even if only few, will be amplified and used by his supporters to convice centrist to go on their side.

No. 1063619

the leader of both parties will need to be revoted/rechosen and i assume push the election date back more

No. 1063620

File: 1601653897724.jpg (112.79 KB, 640x960, 20200924-november-cover-06.jpg)

Armie Hammer breaks his silence regarding his divorce with the standard "we're two adults making an adult decision" boilerplate. He's also apparently been living in an abandoned motel with his best friend for the past several weeks. Enjoy this hideous shot from the accompanying photoshoot


No. 1063621

cant go to court with no evidence, let alone pretend it will be entertained kek. you realize hes been to court over this stuff multiple times right? if it was just an "accusation" there would be no trial.

No. 1063622

Ewww who does this appeal to except Tom of Finland

No. 1063623

Jesus he looks like he owns a van and hangs out around kindergartens

No. 1063624

"Some people will hate you simply because they see you enjoying the success they don't have from the work they haven't done"

People hate Trump without having a single clue why. That is why the media tries to push this "white supremacist" narrative without any legitimate proof; Aside from being a boisterous character, he didn't do a darn thing to deserve hate. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, and company… all involved with criminal activity; But they are "martyrs". Biden has a racist past that no one acknowledges; Acting like he is the beacon for black hope. Just a backwards society we live in.

No. 1063625

the goatee, the sweatpants, the text on the shirt, the SWEAT on the shirt… why???

No. 1063626

You need fucking help.

No. 1063627

File: 1601655524970.jpg (335.17 KB, 1600x1043, simp.jpg)

No. 1063628

I feel like the words on his shirt accurately characterize his look lmao

No. 1063629

my sides

No. 1063630

are you lost or just retarded?

No. 1063631

File: 1601655820705.jpg (185.03 KB, 558x841, Screenshot_1.jpg)

Here's another shot of him looking like a pimp from the 70s. It's like whoever did the photoshoot wanted to fuck with him lmao

No. 1063632


You prove my point. Attack and critize. But you got nothing. ABSOLUTELY nothing.

No. 1063633

The cheese in Trump's foreskin must be really tasty for you to keep sucking his weenie like this.

No. 1063634

I didn’t vote for him and I won’t this time around either but frankly the “hate orange man he racism he fascism he suks” is so so so boring. A little actual discussion would be welcome but there’s no centerism allowed anymore so there is no compromise or evolving allowed.

No. 1063635

File: 1601656390637.png (384.29 KB, 1080x789, 2C17F84D-4167-44B1-AAA9-BB3055…)

you poor innocent baby, I’m sorry you feel so attacked.

No. 1063636

More insults, ya gotta love it.
When you don't have an argument, you get angry and attack.
I pray for you(>comes to lolcow just to wk trump)

No. 1063637

Haha then you assume im phased by immaturity?
Man, it's all assumptions with yall LOL
keep it up

No. 1063638

Sto responding to obvious retard trump baiters. Just report them and move on.

No. 1063639

fazed, not phased

Even attractive arms can't save the rest of this fashion choice, wow.

No. 1063640

ty queen

No. 1063641

Thanks for the correction, I appreciate it

No. 1063642

Hope admin-chan's boots taste good.

No. 1063643

No. 1063644

I want the celebricows thread to be about fucking celebricows, but by all means keep LARPing as an insurrectionist

No. 1063645

I don't give a fuck about trump or biden, i'm just making fun of you for sucking the admins dick.(derailing further with your sperg)

No. 1063646

kek(ban evasion)

No. 1063647

I predict he will reveal a vaguely homo relationship with his best friend to get attention and ass pats

No. 1063648

Weren't there rumours about his (ex) wife being angry about CMBYN and having her husband become some sort of gay icon?
He seems like the type that would something like that just to spite her out.

No. 1063649

File: 1601669158525.png (752.16 KB, 1200x906, do blow like a man.png)

lmao I can't believe that anon came to whiteknight a fucking politician what a loser

in actual "celeb" news tekashi overdosed on… caffeine and weight loss pills

No. 1063650

I also responded to their posts with a legitimate response, and they chose to completely ignore it and complain that people “have nothing” but insults. Ok.

Are weight loss pills even things that people abuse recreationally? Sorry if that’s a dumb question… I’ve just never heard of it

No. 1063651

That or it becomes Pence vs. Harris
I bet you he’s gonna come out of the closet soon. Or this will at least fuels the gay rumors.

No. 1063652

He overdosed on weight loss supplements? wtf

No. 1063653

>JKR says Dumbledore is gay
>woke crowd: YASSS KWEEN
>JKR says Hermione could just as well been a black girl and she has no problem with people imagining her as black
>woke crowd: YAAAASSS SLAYYY
>JKR says erasing the definition of a woman also erased sex-based oppression, something she's experienced first hand
>woke crowd: what the fuck???? oh this nasty fucking bitch who does she think she is, in fact chong chang was a racist stereotype and harry potter is pro-slavery, fuck your stupid books I'm going to tell all of my 100 twitter followers to stop buying your books you rotten old whore!!!!!!!
Gee, I just wonder why the last statement crossed the line.

>I totally agree with her guys i mean didn't you read my post??? but jesus FUCK HER for wearing a shirt she bought from a store that doesn't RESPECC trans pronouns even though the shirt in question had nothing to do with trans ppl, I just hate her so much for this yall how dare she PICK A FIGHT WITH TWITTER MINORS!!!!!!!!

What zoomers are forgetting is that the books were originally written in the 90s. By 30-year old standards they were extremely progressive for featuring characters that weren't all white british kids, even if it was just an exotic name. The current requirements for sexual/racial diversity didn't exist in the mainstream until the 2010s.

No. 1063654

weight loss pills are just speed, so yah

No. 1063655

File: 1601676028593.png (378.37 KB, 811x776, XWGWHzv.png)

Now he's hospitalized

No. 1063656

I can't wait for him to die. He deserves it. Wish Bolsonaro kicked it too, but this will make up for it.

No. 1063657

eh, i wouldn't really read much into this. it's probably just preemptive

No. 1063658

why is his hair suddenly white

No. 1063659

UK prime minister survived covid and it still didn't make him see any sense I'll hold my breath for Trumps Amerikkka

No. 1063660

File: 1601678763777.png (698.98 KB, 640x640, 18CF861F-61B0-41A9-8343-60FD5A…)

Oh no hope he doesn’t have to go on a ventilator /s

i’m sure he’s fine

No. 1063661

Wonder if he will take selfies in the hospital for pity points like bolsonaro too

No. 1063662

he'll take a picture of him walking out the day after saying he's cured while coughing up blood

No. 1063663

File: 1601684223663.jpg (113.34 KB, 750x1334, EjW9vrvWkAA_S3i.jpg)

Lana's new album Chemtrails over the Country Club is set to be released December 10th or January 7th.

No. 1063664

Her mask looks like the mesh my fruit comes in

No. 1063665

Do you think its possibly because he's still on house arrest and still gets drug tested? Like he still wants to get high but has to resort to stuff that won't show on a test?

No. 1063666

The election date can't be pushed back, legally and the official candidate is not the leader of a party, it's usually the chairperson.

If one or both of them die, their parties will have to do their best to rush through the approval of a new ticket (probably pence v harris). If somehow they weren't able to get anyone on the ballot, it'd be Howie Hawkins vs Jo Jorgenson since those are the next strongest competitors.

Isn't he filthy rich? Why does he keep larping as a poor person?

No. 1063667

File: 1601687869020.jpg (68.46 KB, 750x618, rGzWdhg.jpg)

khloe k's now cosplaying as ariana

No. 1063668

it's incredibly anti-semetic and I get into twitter arguments about this daily

No. 1063669

she has entered uncanny valley

No. 1063670

im a huge fan of lana's but this bitch and her masks are so stupid. how is it possible that no one would tell her you need an actual mask?

No. 1063671

It's so sad. I've been watching earlier seasons of kuwtk and khloe always had a pretty face she just was fat and then she thinned out but next to her midget sisters she looked big. I think all the nose jobs have something to do with her snorting habits tho

No. 1063672

File: 1601690770172.jpg (70.5 KB, 400x395, IMG_20201003_030652.jpg)

OK so maybe her nose wasn't great ever, but she looks more like Kendall here.

No. 1063673

No one can tell Lana anything or they get fired/ghosted.

No. 1063674

someone already mentioned earlier in thread shes been in the hospital for a week from bleeding, I assume its from that

No. 1063675

Noooo Klogre looks so good here! So sad

No. 1063676

File: 1601695960908.jpeg (82.61 KB, 554x554, 3F229178-F721-4419-8321-442646…)

No she does not. She is absolutely the ugliest of them all. I don’t know what is up with anons but some of you are really retarded.

No. 1063677

She looks pretty in that picture, chill the fuck out

No. 1063678

a human being
a sleep paralysis demon

No. 1063679

God, thank you. Sometimes the anons that accuse other people of being retarded for not being a peabrained asshole sound genuinely deranged and angry

No. 1063680

Anons will be mad about this but you're right

No. 1063681

imagine being that much of a faggot for believing in that piss story. Gosh, wonder what that's like??

No. 1063682

Khloe just looks average, she has the looks of a basic soccer mom which just makes her look uglier in comparison to her sisters since they all have fully sculpted near symmetrical faces.

No. 1063683

Why would we be mad? I literally called the cunt Klogre. She just looks like dogshit compared to before, she wasn’t offensive to look at even though she wasn’t conventional or anything but now her face makes me squirm

No. 1063684

I love how several countries are considering banning TikTok and Dua Lipa just casually collaborates with them in her latest song

No. 1063685

She was young in first photo, early 20s. She still had time to grow into her features. Imo plastic surgery should be considered early to get in your 30s. Megan Fox face has a weird juxtaposition since her work was done early, plus she's short so she fucked up her proportions.

Khloe was always styled way too heavily. They could have thickened her brows, highlighted her eyes and stopped putting so much heavy make up around her cheeks and jaw.

I'm getting jaded of the filler faces, they're all starting to look uncanny valley.

No. 1063686

File: 1601750661322.png (Spoiler Image, 598.38 KB, 452x524, tyga.PNG)

Tyga has a only fans and i'm wondering if he'll have some transwomen on because he did get "exposed" by a trans porn star back in the day, who ALSO fucked Charlie Sheen (eww).
Lets not forget his nasty ass was fucking with underaged Kylie Jenner and people still work with him to this day.

No. 1063687

>that pic
>celeb behaviors in this thread in general
Sometimes I feel like a commoner in ancient times watching the aristocrats have their orgies and dress weird and shit

No. 1063688

>the girl showing her asshole
Also he’s surprising packing. Still doesn’t change the fact that he’s a gross ephebophile

No. 1063689

it's grossing me out seeing people go, "I see why Kylie was sprung!" yeah, he got with her when she was underaged.
We also saw his dick in 2015-15 when that tranny leaked it or whoever leaked it, we knew he had a big dick.
He's still trash and disgusting.

No. 1063690

File: 1601752766930.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.25 KB, 686x686, EjZJcwtWkAAsuZu.jpg)

Im shocked too, I woulda thought he had a skinny penis. It's not the prettiest, but it's solid I guess. I know he has a onlyfans but what's with all these male celebrities getting their nudes leaked? First Chris, then Silento, and now Tyga is showing off his dick.

No. 1063691

that dick looks weird tho

No. 1063692

I'm not tryin to see dicks everyday but that looks weird to me? Like its oddly smooth and plastic looking. I thought it was a strap on at first kek

No. 1063693

The ugly peasants and meth heads of society also dress weird and have orgies. The pious of society are the natural beauties.

No. 1063694

Does he have a big dick or is he so skinny it looks big? Looks pretty average. Circumcised and the head doesn't look that impressive. He's just a skinny junkie

No. 1063695

why’s it shaped like a baseball bat

No. 1063696

was/is he pumping? Tyga did own a porn company back in the day, seems like the type of dude to ruin his dick with drugs and death grip, so he has to pump now.

No. 1063697

looks like it that it would smell, like really bad

No. 1063698

does anyone here have Chris evans dick pic, I wanna see it for my self

No. 1063699

It’s in the last thread anon

No. 1063700

oh yeah saw it, not much too go off since its not a clear image but looks okay from a distance

No. 1063701

shit penis taste

No. 1063702

not anything amazing but i’d hardly consider it “shit”. what are your standards

No. 1063703

well sorry I can't judge it properly, its a blurry out of focus screenshot from a video, but it looks straight at least but I can't still can't make any proper assessments

No. 1063704

the head is weird and tiny. bigger head is better in bed.

No. 1063705

File: 1601758932769.png (422.67 KB, 589x567, b.PNG)

It's kind of crazy that Danielle Bregoli (catch me outside girl) has been "famous" since she was like 13 and a rapper, but has been connected to so many grown men.
I'm not only talking about the dating rumors but just "Friends" with them.
It's weird to me how if you google her name you'll see articles of people she's been rumored to date.

and about 70% of the list are grown men and are a lot older then her. Why the fuck are grown rappers hanging with girls under 18?
Where's her parents?
Also, drake is creepy if this is true, but we already knew he was creepy.
This whole thing is creepy, I don't like DB but it's obvious she's been groomed and no one cares about her well being.

No. 1063706

File: 1601760429940.png (288.42 KB, 545x589, 1.PNG)

>Where's her parents?
Danielle's mother doesn't give a fuck about her. I feel like she lets her do this stuff because it makes her money. It's been like that since Dr. Phil. Idk what's going on with her dad, according to Danielle he left her to start another family with a stripper and he didn't want to see her and pay child support. The dad says her mom beats her. Her whole situation is fucked up honestly. She never had a chance.

>Why the fuck are grown rappers hanging with girls under 18?

You know why.

No. 1063707

File: 1601760486058.png (266.89 KB, 578x521, 2.PNG)

No. 1063708

This whole situation is fucked, i wish they had never accepted her on dr. phil because it kickstarted this whole mess by making her famous at such a young age and for all the wrong reasons. All the adults around her failed her.

Why is he mentioning pornhub though??

No. 1063709

I think his old ass was trying to use hashtags and failed. Probably was just trying to get more exposure on his post.

No. 1063710

Are you from Poland, anon?

No. 1063711

File: 1601766252039.jpeg (109.71 KB, 736x509, 1F65AAC1-DC39-423D-BF98-78547F…)

take your pick, ladies, who is it gonna be?

>Jim Carrey

>Russell Brand
>Sacha Baron Cohen

No. 1063712

i'm betting on SBC since he seems to be gaining relevance again

No. 1063713

definitely russell. this is why he's been cultivating a soft pacifist hippie image for years

No. 1063714

I bet you anything it’s Russell.

No. 1063715

File: 1601772199813.png (611.16 KB, 628x1344, xvBEVES.png)

No. 1063716

File: 1601772356936.jpg (150.86 KB, 634x882, 23030922-7855219-image-m-44_15…)

i don't think SBC really tracks for this one, specifically the "hundreds of women" part. he's been w Isla Fisher for almost 20 years, no public cheating scandals afaik

my money's on Carrey tbh; his whole thing with Ariana Grande was especially fucking weird. Brand would make sense, too, but I don't know how "A-list" he really is.

No. 1063717

sage for samefriend but ana-chans are so embarrassing lmfao… rihanna looks great and as per usual some hungry bitch has gotta chime in about her skelly standards like anyone outside of MPA gives a shit what she thinks.

No. 1063718


farmhands i'm so sorry for clogging up the thread with my smoothbrainedness but that also makes this 50x funnier imo and i fully stand by what i said

No. 1063719

Jim or Russell for sure. My bets on Jim tho, Russell is gross but he isn’t of that particular caliber.

No. 1063720

You're right, Carrey makes more sense. Didn't he make a creepy comment out of nowhere to an interviewer at the start of the year too?

No. 1063721

> In the film, Sonic has a bucket list. I was wondering, after all you’ve done in your career and in your life, is there anything still left on your bucket list?” asked Long, who posted the interview on Twitter.
>“Just you,” Carrey responds, as Long laughs and covers her mouth. “That’s it, it’s all done now.”
>“Wow,” Long responds. “I don’t know what to say to that!”
>“Just own it,” Carrey says, also laughing.

No. 1063722

I wish privilege and money really did make your skin perfect. Treatment-resistant hormonal acne blows.

No. 1063723

File: 1601774804062.jpg (112.95 KB, 634x1036, d4ffe0168d3aeb415d500dc0c6cd78…)

Rihanna looks amazing, even with her weight gain. She carries it well imo.

No. 1063724

she's acting like she gained 100 pounds…? she's literally carrying it well too… what a weirdo lmao

No. 1063725

don't forget almost all his ex's said he is an abusive coke head that fucks hookers all the time. And he drove one of his ex's to kill herself after giving her an STI without telling her. my money is on jim carrey.

No. 1063726

anyone got corroboration from his other exes who aren't the dead girl? I haven't seen abuse testimonies by his other exes besides Cat White. I've heard this but I haven't seen any of his other exes call him out

No. 1063727

yeah i’m not sure what azealia is sperging about. she looks great and i believe has actually LOST some weight if you go back to how she was looking in 2018.

No. 1063728

Azealia sperging is just Azealia being Azealia

No. 1063729

true i think that’s her only mode

No. 1063730

not to be that bitch, but if a celebrity has a coke habit they're most likely going to engage in a lot of casual sexual action.

No. 1063731

okay but does coke also turn someone into an abuser

No. 1063732

A normal person would never get close to coke, so yeah. Either that or they were one before

No. 1063733

like, you take one snort of crack somehow your girlfriend is on the floor?!?

No. 1063734

Sorry but all the comments about this video made me think it was Vin Diesel level of horrible but I watched and it was not even that bad jfc. He’s still scum tho

No. 1063735

File: 1601787693400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.74 KB, 473x1024, Z60U0Muh.jpg)

Its been color corrected now

No. 1063736

Didn’t Russell brand go to rehab for sex addiction along with the myriad of other problems he had?

No. 1063737

Plenty of normal people have done coke

No. 1063738

Learn to read you fucking sperg

No. 1063739

as far as circumcised penises go its okay the mushroom head looks weird and Im personally not into that, would be better if he was uncut though

No. 1063740

Two sentences of someone disagreeing with you is not sperging sorry to say you irritable cunt

Consensual sex does not equate to abuse. The most he could be cancelled for is helping spread chlamydia or something? He doesn’t play mind games with women or lie, he’s very forward about his intentions.

No. 1063741

the consensus seems to be gearing towards carrey, given how shadowy his rumors are and him getting metoo'd makes sense with his recent career revival and people dredging up what's happened with his ex… it might encourage women to come out

brand isn't even a blip on the a-list radar by cdan standards. carrey is permanent a-list. also can't imagine brand having hundreds of women

even if 'foreign born' isnt typically used for all canadians on cdan it could be him, enty's used 'foreign born' for canadian beiber before

No. 1063742

He has definitely slept with hundreds, but he’s very open about it. I wouldn’t want to say he’s harmless per se, but he doesn’t have the violent complex. Carrey is an insidious and manipulative person that lives for mind games and power play.

No. 1063743

File: 1601797833027.jpeg (608.71 KB, 828x1046, CEE22A9E-9E5A-4DA2-A5D6-BCE983…)

A bunch of people are big mad at Chris Pratt for saying to vote for his mediocre cartoon movie at the People’s Choice awards or die.


No. 1063744

haha wtf was he on something when posting this

No. 1063745

WOOF Why didn't his publicist advise him against this

No. 1063746

social media makes celebs too unconstrained, i dont think publicists can help them anymore

No. 1063747

Actors and other public figures should absolutely not have their personal social media accounts without putting their tweets through a publicist because this is always what happens. They're already mentally fragile from being in the public eye and most likely drug/alcohol binges, would it really be a good idea to let them tweet freely for their millions of followers to see? Not to mention what a huge PR disaster it is when they get into slapfights with Twitter/IG randos.

No. 1063748

She’s probably just jelly because Rihanna is actually succesful artist and Azealia gets in to the headlines only when she’s feuding with someone.

Oww that’s so tone deaf and shows how detached of the reality most of the celebs are

No. 1063749

File: 1601828785024.jpeg (534.66 KB, 750x1191, 05D206E1-1CBD-4915-B91B-6FE5D4…)


No. 1063750

what an attention whore

No. 1063751

Chris Pratt has raised in my esteem from this post. Sometimes you just want to see something dumb on the internet.

No. 1063752

Could be literally any comedian, they are all dodgy

No. 1063753

Chris pratt is a gross cult coomer though but this was kinda funny in a bizarre way

No. 1063754

And most of those people will probably engage in more heightened sexual behaviour than they would have otherwise. Male celebrities probably don't get denied much sex like some randoms in clubs or house parties deal with and that's when things can get pushy/tense. I hate being around people on it, such a cringey drug

No. 1063755

He had an IG story that's a bit too huge for posting where he kept trying to squeeze out tears. For someone playing a PASTOR in a POSITIVE film, he's a really shitty actor.

No. 1063756

What does positive mean here

No. 1063757

Okay this is pretty funny. Tone deaf but I totally appreciate it.

No. 1063758

This is fucking embarrassing, are we supposed to feel bad?

> I hate being around people on it, such a cringey drug
It’s clear you've never been someone on coke lol.

No. 1063759

Probably "uplifting," but really "film that would cast a bit part soap actor in a leading role."

No. 1063760

This kind of makes us in the golden age of celebrity milk. Celebrity "gossip" used to be really uneventful because of how much control they had over their images in news and magazines. It was mostly like who they were dating or cheating on at the most. And even if there was "drama" it was probably staged. Now they're the same as internet cows where they don't even need provoked to post dumbass shit to the internet for an endless flow of milk. They just ruin everything for themselves on their own.

No. 1063761

File: 1601867275064.jpg (57.73 KB, 540x449, sofie-hagen-5-e1506598246269.j…)

Has anyone mentioned Sofie Hagen yet?

> Danish comedian living in the UK, constantly complains about how fatphobic the UK is and how hard it is to make a living here when you're terrible at comedy

> personality is just being bitter and morbidly obese (same as her comedy)

> came out as non binary in an effort to remain relevant because being "unapologetically fat" wasn't special enough

> literally got a cancer charity to pull their CANCER PREVENTION CAMPAIGN because it mentioned that obesity was a leading risk factor to developing some kinds of cancer

No. 1063762


This dick looks like Darth Vader

No. 1063763

Questionable celebrity status but sounds milky and I want more

No. 1063764


The other Farms has a modest thread. Warning - she likes to take her clothes off.


No. 1063765

She also left Denmark because she thought we wouldn't let her get the chance to become successful because of her size and gender. Kek.

No. 1063766

She's quite the cow in a low-key way. Can not have anyone disagree with her on Twitter, and breaks down into emotional martyred passive-aggressive whinging very easily. I'd link some threads but she likes to delete shit.

Her voice is also really really annoying. Like a Danish mouse on oxycodone.


That'll never stop being funny. She went for the UK of all the places thinking it'd be more tolerant and forward-thinking than Denmark…

No. 1063767

I can’t find a single picture of Jamila Jamils forehead. What the fuck is she hiding under there.

No. 1063768

File: 1601875522823.png (36.13 KB, 727x348, Screenshot_2020-10-05 Rihanna …)

Well looks like Rihanna's just got cancelled, see in her new song verses of a Hadith mixed into the beat. (for those not knowing the hadiths are a collection of supposed saying by Muhammad and e his companions recorded 230 after his supposed death but Muslims hold them second only to the Quran which is also bullshit but that's another discussion)

Muslim and SJW twitter is having a meltdown over her appropriating Islam which is ironic considering Islam is the most appropriating religion in the world, I mean appropriating in the sense that it is meant to be used like it claims authority over christian and Jewish figures as its own but still disrespects jews and christian and everyone else

No. 1063769

A micropenis, that's my bet

That or she has a forehead like a builder's arse.

No. 1063770

I'm confused and don't follow religions, could you explain it more? Is it like she used bible verses in a song and Christians overreacted, except they're Muslim/Islamic?

Sorry I'm retarded and dont get why whatever she did is an issue

No. 1063771

So a lot of stuff that we associate with Islam comes more from the Hadiths then the Quran, stuff like the niqab and also the Islamic way to perform prayers. the Hadits were complied 200 years after Muhammads death and are based on supposed sayings that were transmitted orally, many of these supposed sayings by Muhammad are just various Christian and Jewish stories and accounts, as well as some Indian and Arab parables and while its obvious bullshit if anyone thinks about it for a second but for Muslims these saying are second only to the Quran and very important for them

No. 1063772

She is discussed a fair bit in the deathfats thread

No. 1063773

File: 1601880708387.png (539.56 KB, 678x509, Screen-Shot-2019-05-29-at-2.52…)

I don't really understand what they're angry about. Did the song attack Islam?
>"Rihanna is responsible for this even if she didn't choose the music"
Are they retarded? Also, have any of these people trying to "cancel" Rihanna on Twitter properly addressed why shit like this is prevalent in their media, why they call black people "abeed", and why they're literally still enslaving black people in their countries, or…?

No. 1063774

NTA but why? People on coke are cringy as hell, are you seriously trying to argue against that?

No. 1063775

Lol anon is just trying to gatekeep drugs because they think people doing drugs are somehow cool automagically

Like no, Brenda, being on coke is not a replacement for personality. Cokeheads can be fucking insufferable.

No. 1063776

Cokeheads are only tolerable to other people on coke, the overconfidence they think is sexy and powerful comes off as unbearably retarded to everyone else.

I looked for nearly 20 minutes anon. I used all sorts of searches. There literally isn’t a single photograph of her with her forehead showing, or any with her hair up. It’s most definitely a wig. I’m actually wondering now if she has a threehead?

No. 1063777

DB is obviously being exploited, her entire career is based off of her mother and others around her ability to do that. And like you said anon, d is a known groomer in the industry. Creepy is putting it nicely. He’s known to be “friends” with 13 year olds texting them “I miss you”s (MBB from stranger things on netflix) and one of his best friends in Toronto is a well known “pimp” aka trafficker lol. SZA, jorja smith, etc. The girls stay in the barely 18 age range while only he gets older. Excuse me for the tinfoil but sometimes water and lemons don’t make anything besides lemonade, and he is not very discreet.

No. 1063778

This will blow over in about a day, maybe even less. Woke twitter moves faster than the speed of light, they will find another celebrity to harass by tomorrow

No. 1063779

I appreciate this, even though its an incredibly dumb thing to post from a pr perspective. Im kinda sick of every self righteous celebrity guilt tripping people for not voting this year, like our choices arent between a giant douche and a turd sandwich.

Im voting Onward for potus this year

No. 1063780

I mean it kinda makes sense imo, didn’t she date a saudi guy for years? He’s obviously muslim so she was gonna come across every aspect of arabic culture including its religion and take inspiration. Stay mad muslimfags

No. 1063781

Why are Muslims always so easily offended lmao

No. 1063782

in one of these hadiths they claim is so offensive for non-Muslims to bring up Muhammad outlines what are the proper ways to treat your slaves, how to beat one's wife just the right and why women should be covered head to toe in all times including in front of their own fathers

No. 1063783

>Are you from Poland, anon?
Yup, easy guess for a fellow polanon

No. 1063784

It's no one. CDAN is fictional. ENTY is a real lawyer, but nowhere near the entertainment industry – he's some sadsack that does wills & probates in a sad little town dreaming of celebrity sex trafficking rings.

No. 1063785

I used to watch her on whatever UK show she used to host, can confirm she has a 3-head.

Also I just image searched her, and it's hilarious and insane how every photo has that carefully parted triangle in the bangs. Her forehead must stop where the parting stops or it would sometimes be higher. It never moves. Wig is also an option, but I think she just has an unfortunate hairline.

No. 1063786

muslims are so annoying

No. 1063787

I honestly hate woke twitter Muslims far more then ignorant rural Muslims in my own country, Woke Muslims use so much PC SJW speak and how Islam is actually totes peaceful and tolerant, its a disgusting Arab supremacist creed

No. 1063788

Reading through the tweets is making me angry, these fucks are unsurprisingly saying real nasty shit like thanking Chris Brown for beating her ass and calling for the public harassment of everyone who worked on the project by posting their socials. Legit they are so fucking sensitive and need to get a grip, a non believer saying your religious text/words isn’t gonna make Muhammad poof and disappear forever guys

No. 1063789

Islam is like the Ultimate Incel religion anon, its perfect for whiners and they can't accept anyone dares disrespect the pedophile prophet who even in the Quran was stated to have a 2 sex slaves, one given to him as a gift and the other was a jew and he had killed her husband and he taken her to be his wife

No. 1063790

File: 1601907020992.jpg (218.06 KB, 1074x1678, EjkTHNNVkAECjhB.jpg)

This is also from the Hadiths

No. 1063791

Well, what do you expect when most groups of people value just about any type of ideology over women in general. This shit is hilarious as it is sad and ironic.

You’ll get invited to a party someday anon, don’t take it so personally.

No. 1063792


blogposting, but one time when I was in a discord chat which intentionally allowed "edgy" jokes, an ex-Muslim girl posted "Virgin Muhammad vs. Chad [video game character]" shitpost meme. Nearly everyone else got upset at her and she got banned, meanwhile, if the meme was about "Virgin Jesus", I'm sure everyone would have just laughed

No. 1063793

God i hate living in a moose limb country. People online working overtime calling out rihanna all day for islamophobia like there isn't currently a genocidal rhethoric going on in your own country against an islamic sect, focus on that maybe. Anyways, this is probably derailing so stop posting braindead hadiths.

No. 1063794

people mock Jesus or make memes Jesus all the time and no one really cares, some might get offended and leave the discussion, Muslims will kill you or tell you to leave

No. 1063795

Fellow Pakistani anon by any chance ? are you talking about the anti-shia violence btw, I think one protests reached around 500'000 people, all cause one comment one Imam made insulting one of Muhammad companions

No. 1063796


Not to mention the same atheist leftists who laugh at JC jokes are the first ones to scold you for the slightest act of iSlAmOpHoBiA

No. 1063797

Yeah getting assaulted by people taking coke when I've also taken it means I've no idea of the cringey experience others exhibit on it. Sorry, but I didn't find coke all that exhilarating to be on, in fact it just made me even angrier being surrounded by people I thought were extremely annoying. I'll stick to weed at least it doesn't have you pulling odd faces, grinding your teeth and sweating like a maniac, but by all means consider that sexy.

No. 1063798

Ay, yes, I'm a fellow pakistani. And exactly what I'm talking about, a friend's brother got beat up really bad in a restaurent because he 'looked shia'. It's getting insane. They also lit some shia dude's car on fire.

No. 1063799

JC reminds me more of james charles than jesus.

No. 1063800

I'm telling you these Islamists want nothing more then for Pakistan to be some Arab enslaved state, If Arab army stood outside Pakistan's border they would let them in and suck their socks and give wives their wives and daughters to them as well, cause they love Arabs and Turks more then life its self and despise their ancestors

No. 1063801

okay I'm sorry if it came across that way, Its just I have to live in this shit hold country every day and I have to bear all its religious evils and hear the goddamm Azan 4 times a day so bear with me if you think that so I do vent every now and then

No. 1063802

You're just not supposed to draw or make an image of Muhammad in any way at all, I'm not muslim but remember je suis charlie? It was because the magazine kept drawing the prophet, its like the ultimate sin for islamic people to see a depiction of Muhammad. I don't think its the nature of the meme itself but the fact that they had to see a depiction of Muhammad.

No. 1063803


No one in the server was Muslim though, the only person from a Muslim background was the ex-Muslim girl

Also the "must not look at Muhammad" to the point of committing terrorism is just retarded, sorry. Not that Charlie Hebdo weren't disgustingly racist, particularly anti-black, but it's not like non-black Muslims make any better allies for black people

No. 1063804

Except you don't do it every now and then you do it excessively and you get horribly angry at anyone who mentions an opposing side that isn't even necessarily opposing you. I completely understand your anger but you're not going to get any sort of relief on lolcow. I live near a muslim community here in Canada. I hear their adhan 5 times a day and it doesn't anger me one bit. It lasts like 15 seconds.

No. 1063805

Ohhh okay I didn’t get that context from your post but I get it now, thought it was an ex-Muslim sending it to Muslims. And yeah no obviously I don’t condone the Charlie shootings because that was clearly extremists, was just thinking of a relevant example of depiction of Muhammad. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

No. 1063806

Stopp you guys are gonna banned for derailing

No. 1063807

imagine being triggered by an image of your own ugly prophet. tragic

No. 1063808

>these fucks are unsurprisingly saying real nasty shit like thanking Chris Brown for beating her ass
I expected nothing less, based on how they treat women. I hope this and other cancerous religions get stomped out someday.

No. 1063809

I’m Muslim and this Hadith remix outrage is so ridiculous. Nobody, and especially not Rihanna deserves to receive insults and threats over this, seriously fuck whoever’s doing that. Her team should just reupload it with a different song and that’s it, she shouldn’t have to release an apology and I hope she doesn’t.

No. 1063810

Wait, I'm French and never heard Charlie Hebdo being racist or anti-black. The publication describes itself as Left-leaning, antiracist and atheist. Do you have some exemples of them being racist? Not trying to be agressive or anything, I'm just curious.
[/spoiler] I'm sorry I don't want to derail the thread any further but it's an interesting subject imo (especially when we have anons from Muslim countries sharing their point of view with us) maybe we could continue the discussion in the vent thread? [spoiler]

No. 1063811

i’ll throw it back for a real one to rihanna’s hadith song why tf not. muslims keep crying.

No. 1063812

They were called racist JUST for publishing an image of the pedk prophet. Muslims are just fragile idiots

No. 1063813

> I mean appropriating in the sense that it is meant to be used like it claims authority over christian and Jewish figures as its own
Islam is kind of a sequel of both and the point of the Quran is to "correct" these bad interpretations of the words of god. It's the same god for three and it's three groups of people disagreeing over the most stupid shit, like 2012 tumblrinas arguing over which gay BBC Sherlock fanfic is the most canon except worse.

I wonder if it's regular insecure Muslims losing their shit over Rihanna or just the usual old extreme ones who legit think music in general is sinful.

No. 1063814

C'est super connu que Charlie Hebdo est carrément irrespectueux de plein de gens, y compris les noirs, les maghrébins, les asiatiques, etc. à les dessiner comme s'ils étaient dans des propagandes des années 40s en moins détaillés.
>inb4 muh satire

No. 1063815

Muslims, Christians, practicing Jews and all the sects that are offshoots of those 3 religions are all cut from the same cloth. Everything is blasphemy. They're always victims. Literally every second they breathe they are being attacked by the devil and his ilk. Including when other people choose to dare to exist without converting to their religions.

No. 1063816

North Americans just don’t understand satire anon. They take everything first degree.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack I saw tons of (exclusively non French) people online saying they were racist for publishing the prophet’s caricature, and American news were blurring the caricature when showing je suis Charlie walks/protests because it’s ‘offensive’. They just don’t get it.

Back on topic, I hope Rihanna doesn’t apologise. I hate how hateful and intolerant Islam is but they’re so sensitive to the slightest criticism or perceived slight of their precious religion. They need to get over themselves. I’m not a Christian of a Christian defender by any means but at least they don’t take themselves so seriously. If someone remixed a bible verse they would be ridiculed if they took offense tbh.

No. 1063817

Yeah, imagine if christians whined about using bible verses or jesus on anything or buddhists complained about the use of incense outside of rituals and those buddha images.

I hope she doesn't apologize either, but i'm sure she will. Can't risk being labeled a islamophobe and losing a huge part of her fanbase.

No. 1063818

File: 1601923133245.jpg (94.88 KB, 749x919, m57RUrl.jpg)

No. 1063819

if muslims can rape 6 year olds I can draw that fugly potato Muhammad

No. 1063820

File: 1601923264823.jpg (64.53 KB, 713x698, ryGg57h.jpg)

No. 1063821

>American news were blurring the caricature when showing je suis Charlie walks/protests because it’s ‘offensive’
It's more because they didn't want the same shit to happen to them.

No. 1063822

there’s something about her face that makes me irrationally angry. it’s like she has easter island moai head

No. 1063823

I had to zoom real far in to realize that Halsey, I thought it was a chubby little fakeboi

No. 1063824

>wearing a mask "most of the time"
How does she think a mask works? Do its effects still last for a while after taking it off? Or do the those people who happen to be in your vicinity during that time simply not mattter?
That's why Murica has 7.5 million cases. Who needs boomers believing in a hoax when young and supposedly woke people aren't any better.

That shit is so vile. Kind of proves that celebrities aren't even all about money, they're simply addicted to any attention they can get, no matter what.

I didn't saw it mentioned here, but I heard that Chrissi Teigen got botox during her pregnancy, because of headaches… That can't be good for a baby, no?

No. 1063825

An unexpected cow crossover

No. 1063826

>botox for a headache

>while pregnant


Okay, even if this didn't harm her unborn child this is still massively and unbelievably retarded in many scales.

No. 1063827

Botox for headaches and migraines isn't that uncommon, especially if they're due to tension headaches. Likely not a good idea while pregnant, though.

No. 1063828

You can get masseter botox for jaw related headaches but doing that during pregnancy is just risky.

No. 1063829

And she got beta blocker shots too, i think it was mentioned.

No. 1063830

this bitch had her mask down so her face was showing in paparazzi pics and was like livetweeting the protest using cringy histrionic language to talk about her and yungblood being revolutionaries or whatever, she's so embarrassing… I miss the halsey PULL tread tbh it was the only thing I visited that site for, there was a lot of milk (even if there was an unfortunate number of btsfags on the thread)

No. 1063831

Botox is also an effective method of reducing/preventing migraines for people who have chronic migraines.

No. 1063832

Pure truth ITT

No. 1063833

File: 1601995182121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.67 KB, 750x1334, 20201006_154008.jpg)

Bella hadid's pro ana tumblr from years ago was leaked

No. 1063834

File: 1601995238794.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.79 KB, 554x468, 20201006_154014.jpg)

No. 1063835

>>1063833 how do we know this is her?

No. 1063836

This is old, it was leaked years ago

No. 1063837

It has her body checks on and in some you can see her face

No. 1063838

As someone already said, this was leaked like two years ago but it's still crazy how Yolanda clearly messed up her two daughters' self-esteem and got them into modeling so young. I wonder if they truly like modeling or if they're just going with the flow and are low-key trapped in the industry and the pressure of their families. All that money could have paid so much education, training in the sports they used to do, or just anything else, in general

No. 1063839

>>1063838 my tinfoil is that gigi had a baby so she could leave the industry for a lil while

No. 1063840

Can't be the only one who is at least a little worried about Nicki Minaj's newborn baby girl, considering her father, maternal uncle and so many of her mother's affiliations. I hope I'm just being paranoid and that she grows up safe and healthy.

I actually really used to root for Nicki back in the day and publicly defend her when it was cool to hate on her just because she was "slutty" and a rapper. Why must she disappoint like this

No. 1063841

Yeah won't help since other celebs show their after-baby-bodies three months after births that look better than the average farmers body kek. I feel sorry for Gigi and Bella having such an insufferable cunt as a mother

No. 1063842

Lana looks like an old lady wearing a bathrobe here.

No. 1063843

She looks like a fucking thumb in a dress

No. 1063844

You are right. I don’t keep up with them but I hope Gigi’s baby won’t be a girl, seriously. They probably pass all that toxic shit onto their daughters.

No. 1063845

i’m so sorry anon but gigi had her baby and it was a girl, zayn posted a tweet about it

No. 1063846


god you sound insufferable.

No. 1063847

File: 1602195540535.png (448.39 KB, 834x784, UCSCObV.png)

he could face up to 23 years

No. 1063848

No. 1063849

While I doubt he's gonna face serious jail time, I am happy he's being charged at all.

No. 1063850

Yeah, I was beginning to doubt he ever would be.

No. 1063851

Isn’t he Canadian too? This will probably at least effect his ability to go to the states.

No. 1063852

Is music itself, apart from acapellas, haram? Not like most Muslims follow that

No. 1063853

File: 1602456722829.jpg (241.33 KB, 720x1144, Screenshot_2020-10-11-23-53-17…)

He's such a cow

No. 1063854

File: 1602458252371.png (104.36 KB, 804x512, 89428.png)

Azealia Banks is dragging trannies on Twitter

No. 1063855

File: 1602458333487.png (218.68 KB, 800x1058, 903092.png)

No. 1063856

File: 1602458443753.png (226.38 KB, 804x992, 928932.png)

No. 1063857

File: 1602458494363.png (247.98 KB, 804x1120, 9893.png)

No. 1063858

File: 1602458753774.png (176.02 KB, 800x726, 88786.png)

No. 1063859

even a broken clock is right two times a day

No. 1063860

File: 1602459117671.png (273.69 KB, 798x1350, 48211.png)

Seems the isolation is what sparked things off. She made solid points on troons, though.

No. 1063861

File: 1602459175884.png (512 KB, 790x1118, 48921.png)

No. 1063862

File: 1602459272187.png (557.6 KB, 794x1344, 84928.png)

No. 1063863

File: 1602459372943.png (260.99 KB, 784x1084, 131342.png)

No. 1063864

File: 1602459493291.png (296.27 KB, 796x1342, 90490.png)

No. 1063865

File: 1602459587124.png (244.02 KB, 804x1138, 490209.png)

No. 1063866

File: 1602459682968.png (168.45 KB, 802x776, 242132.png)

No. 1063867

File: 1602460001344.png (351.02 KB, 802x722, 429842.png)

No. 1063868

File: 1602460043630.png (85.88 KB, 794x344, 4029032.png)

>juiced-up cyborg trans freak

No. 1063869

File: 1602460109624.png (122.75 KB, 802x570, 8938.png)

She's fucking hilarious

No. 1063870

I don't agree with any of Azealia's tweets, but I really respect that she is speaking her mind no matter what other people think. A perk of being mentally ill I guess?

No. 1063871

based tbh

is she going to be the next jk rowling? i hope so because this is too funny, she really has no filter or fear of anyone lmao

No. 1063872

>she really has no filter or fear of anyone lmao
She cried when she was on Wild n Out and threatened suicide when Khia made fun of her

No. 1063873

File: 1602460686512.png (59.35 KB, 798x284, 6758708.png)

No. 1063874

based azealia saying what literally everyone is thinking

No. 1063875

Don't know about the Khia thing, but the Wild N Out crying was because she was trying to be "good" and hold back all the hurtful things she could've said (and was already known for by that point). I guess she snapped and stopped caring after that point.

No. 1063876

People say this so often about Azealia, it's so true. I just wish she wouldn't mix her wrong takes with her right takes. Happy to see her taking down trannies in a very accurate and hilarious way, but talking about voting for Trump and complaining about lockdown in the same breath is a bad look and doesn't help her case.

No. 1063877

I used to dislike her, but this is amazing that she's speaking about this publicly on a large social media platform. This takes balls, and a lot of manic impulse. I'm proud?

No. 1063878

i don't think the suicide thing was really about khia, she's mentally ill (you can see it in this meltdown) and iirc she has been through some stuff like rape. i think this was her bad mental health in general plus her feeling irrelevant and like she isn't doing well when it comes to music.

wild n out was embarassing for her, i'll give you that.

No. 1063879

File: 1602462852917.jpg (73.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Jesus christ the people on this thread praising Azaelia being fucking unhinged and off her meds again, she's literally the same as Kanye you retards, next on here we won't be able to shit on her weird behavior because she's a uwu based terven.

No. 1063880

Do they both like fingers in their ass

No. 1063881

File: 1602463089858.png (1.4 MB, 958x1116, 89482.png)

Funny how mental illness shaming is okay if you do it to a woman (especially a black woman), but it's off-limits on primarily white men in dresses who will threaten to flay you if you don't call them "ma'am".
No one is saying she's never wrong, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Seethe. Also, she's actually cute now.

No. 1063882

File: 1602463352144.jpg (56.12 KB, 615x583, kanye-west-tuites4.jpg)

I don't doubt it tbh
So was Kanye when he was talking about Kris Jenner being a manipulative creepy bitch but most people didn't clap to the manic show he was putting on because its obviously just his mental illness acting up and not being on meds, the double standard when its something that the radfems agree on (trannies) is getting fucking insane and polluting the threads.

Also kek at that snow-ed the fuck out selfie.

No. 1063883

No one is saying she's mentally healthy, people with mental issues can give their opinion and be right sometimes

Also this is celebricows, she's a cow like kanye anon

No. 1063884

Because Kanye's a pornsick douchebag who put a naked mannequin of a woman who didn't consent in his music video for attention. Go to The Coli if you want support for him, no one here will do it.
>the double standard when its something that the radfems agree on (trannies) is getting fucking insane and polluting the threads.
What are you even talking about? No one's talked about Azealia in-depth for multiple threads. The last time she was mentioned here was for her ana-sperging about Rihanna. We don't think she's mentally sane and no one denied she's in a manic phase, but we're also allowed to point out when she's right.
>Also kek at that snow-ed the fuck out selfie.
And? All your faves do it. Even the picture you posted clearly had a filter, kek.

No. 1063885

insulting trannies and getting them angry is funny get over yourselves

No. 1063886

The tranny bit makes sense but her thinking we're going to be in quarantine forever (and for no reason at that) is funy. We're just waiting for the vaccine and her tiny brain can't comprehend that for some reason.

No. 1063887

She been dragging these mentally ill people. This song of hers from 2012 is about delusional trannies thinking their one of us. Here's one of the line from the rap
>We the Creme Dela Creme, All these other bitches H-to-the-I-M's.
I kekked. I think Azealia is an awful person but SEETHE. If you're still genuinely aggrieved by anything she says at this point, then you're a literal retard.

No. 1063888

booohooo cry me a river why are you so upset there are like 2 people agreeing with her stance on troons?

No. 1063889

We're hitting levels of BASED that shouldn't even be possible.

No. 1063890

Some people will post long-ass essays in this thread about why JK Rowling is bad (as if we asked), but absolutely lose their shit when we have a laugh about an actual celebrity stating her opinions clearly and being right about trannies, kek.

No. 1063891

>ballsack pussy lips
Is sending me. What a queen.

No. 1063892

>another Trump vote
She had me until this shit. Bitch is just mad she needs to pay taxes and doesn't have the clearance to perform to make more money right now.
She can't claim she cares about cis women going ignored and then vote for the man who's going to take away even more rights for those same cis women.

No. 1063893

She has been in the industry now for over a decade and only has 1 full length album to her name. In a perfect world she would actually be using this quarantine time to come up with some new content instead of acting like a retard on the internet.

No. 1063894

Exactly. She needs to shut the fuck up and make some music instead of crying about performing.

No. 1063895

Azealia is stuck in 2012.

No. 1063896

File: 1602527451167.gif (512.39 KB, 331x200, deserved.gif)

I hope he'll actually do 23 years in prison.

I love how everyone's trying to drag her when she's just saying the normal, general public's opinion out loud. Doesn't she have a sibling who's trans? I think her little sister is a lesbian who decided to transition so now she's FTM, I'm sure she knows more about that shit than many people who disagree with her because in that case it personally affects her. I've also heard that she's bi and mostly hangs out with gay guys so she must have seen a bunch of crazy MTFs

No. 1063897

Holy shit. This isn't new for me so don't judge but I wish I could eat her out.

No. 1063898

You forgot to say no homo. I'm not into girls but I could definitely make an exception for her tbh

No. 1063899

File: 1602539690666.jpg (57.59 KB, 710x474, IMG_20201013_005254.jpg)

New Naya blind item.

No. 1063900

I checked all of AB's recent tweets just now and in some of her post she was replying to a fan of her who is trans and who kept talking like an entitled piece of shit with posts like "you can't say that to me I'm your fan :(" and "would you be happy if I killed myself bc of you :'(" and now he's posting himself crying on twitter: https://twitter.com/imaminabanks/status/1315426195345899520

No. 1063901


I love this perfect description of the current state of "beauty standards" for women.

>neoliberal digital genderfluidity sex doll porno content

No. 1063902

Jeffree Star's cousin really grabbing onto those 15 seconds of fame

No. 1063903

Imagine being a fan of someone like AB then whining because you realize she does not give a shit about you. How much shit about how many people have AB spoken about, yet this person was cool supporting her but now since she came at HIM and something HE cares about it's a issue?

And this wack ass, "What if I kill myself" is so troony.
It's just like with Dave Chapelle, no one cared until he said things they felt were transphobic, then SUDDENLY they weren't a fan.
But could laugh at his jokes about other groups of people.
Fuck AB but fuck this guy as well

No. 1063904

>State sanctioned castration

She is incredibly bold. Remember castration/medical castration used to be the "cure" for homosexuality.

No. 1063905

But that’s what troons are doing to themselves and she’s literally just calling it what it is. Castration is a medical term for cutting one’s bollocks, not a politically loaded word. They may call it orchiectomy but those words are interchangeable.

No. 1063906

I honestly believe that she would be generally happier and healthier if she gave up on trying to make it big in the music scene.
She's been putting out music for years and years, but she's already too broke to buy food less than a year into covid times? She's burned far too many bridges and has proven that she'll turn on anyone at any time, so I don't know why she's surprised that no one will help her.
If she accepted her one hit wonder status and pursued a more realistic career for herself (and I don't mean selling butthole soap to gay dudes while openly disparaging them), she could actually get some money and maybe even find some independent self worth.

No. 1063907

You know, the funniest thing about all this shit is that she's barely even transphobic. Time and time again, she refers to them as "girls", "sis", "bitch", etc.
She doesn't hate trans people, and she's happy to respect pronouns. She literally has a sister who's FtM, and she's spoken before about supporting her family no matter how nasty they are to her. She knows how this is.
She's just sick of the bullshit and double standards. You'd have to be a fool not to see it, but all these people just want to dogpile, reee, play victim and virtue signal how good they are.

No. 1063908

What bothers me is that she's had so many chances to get hers. She's talented, and has had all sorts of artists try to work with her, but it all seems to get fucked up over some sort of drama, or everything stays in the vault and never gets released for whatever reason.
The war with Grimes was fucking hilarious, but it really would've been amazing to see them create together. Same goes for her and Slayyyter, and all the other musicians she was going to collab with. It makes me sad. She could win, but something always happens and she just doesn't handle it with grace.
I wish she'd save her fury for things that could only possibly make her look good.

No. 1063909

File: 1602546973389.jpg (217.99 KB, 962x1328, kzoU8dg.jpg)

Dominic West was caught cheating on his wife with Lily James

No. 1063910

File: 1602547066453.jpg (98.67 KB, 680x506, bA5XxHi.jpg)

No. 1063911

Ew. Why do these young, talented, beautiful women constantly go for gross older men? And to only be his side piece? Sad, Lily James could do so much better. His poor wife too.

No. 1063912

Because gross older men groom them.

No. 1063913

He's kinda thicc

No. 1063914

File: 1602548444753.png (475.56 KB, 800x450, b00779f0-0cc6-11eb-9a7f-45be93…)

Didn't know who this was so I looked him up, and oh no baby what is you doing?

No. 1063915

He looks like he smells like olives and cigarettes.

No. 1063916

>shit-eating grin
>one eyebrow raised
anyone who intentionally distorts their facial features to resemble a dreamworks character is a sociopath, you cannot change my mind on this.

No. 1063917

Onion behavior

No. 1063918

They're both posh as shit so it makes a fucked up kind of sense. Getting caught by cameras might be the dealbreaker for his wife though.

No. 1063919

I believe he was mostly himself on brassic

No. 1063920

not meaning to nitpick I'm always glad to see celeb "imperfections" but why is her bruise/birthmark thingy shaped lke a star? is it just me? this mf lily joestar

No. 1063921

KEK oh my god what a fucking manchild
Imagine broadcasting how pathetic and psycho you are to the public like this and thinking it'll benefit you in any way. I hope Demi is living her best life.

No. 1063922

File: 1602550477956.png (562.16 KB, 651x601, normalbehaviour.png)

No. 1063923

Okay I used to not like her because she came at lana del rey (I’m still a huge stan okay) but she’s spitting facts. trans people deserve to get surgery but it shouldn’t be free?? Idk she’s spitting some facts it’s not transphobic

No. 1063924

this would make me think bpd if all celebs didn't pull this shit

No. 1063925

File: 1602551294471.jpg (157.64 KB, 828x1133, mlE3orY.jpg)

No. 1063926

File: 1602551597249.jpeg (1.86 MB, 3464x3464, 562F77E3-7D80-4EC0-8370-E0D34B…)


No. 1063927

Damn I thought she was with that british rapper. Maybe she's just having hookups cause of the divorce?

I don't agree with the rest of what she said, but I also think SRS should be classified as cosmetic surgery.

She made a lot of bad points imo, especially with trump and covid (even though I think we should work to being safe, productive and eat healthier). We shouldn't just end restrictions just cause she wants to "fuck up the stage" lmao

No. 1063928

Isn’t she dating some other dude?

First Drake, now Chris Brown. Adele really associates with the worst male celebrities out there.

No. 1063929

We should get the country back up, people want to move on with their lives. The lockdown is making everyone obese and depressed. Suicide and drinking rates have gone up. If people are at high risk they should get government assistance in my opinion. But seriously they need to open gyms up. Exercise is important especially if you’re mentally ill

No. 1063930

File: 1602552076181.jpeg (55.25 KB, 259x384, Rebecca_poster.jpeg)


I call PR on this one, she has a big movie movie coming up and needs to shed the disney princess image from Cinderella.

No. 1063931

Like Kristen Stewart and the hack she pretended to have an affair with after Snow White and the Huntsman? It's possible.

No. 1063932

Sure, open gyms back up but make sure everyone can be separate and the machines are sanitized properly. Some places like schools and daycares would be a perfect place for covid to spread cause of how gross kids are sometimes. Anyway, I don't wanna start an argument about corona, my post was just my 2 cents.

No. 1063933

File: 1602552500581.jpg (39.29 KB, 615x409, 0_MAIN-Netflixs-Rebecca.jpg)

Yes, and Rebecca is traditionally a dark and sexy gothic romance, being known as "the mistress" instead of "Cinderella" fits the movie publicity ALOT more.

No. 1063934

i mean at least he's not a total fatslob like Leo but there's far better looking old men and she chose him, ok then

>armie hammer
the fact this man still has work after his cheating scandal

No. 1063935

OT but I find this song ironic now that she’s no longer “young and beautiful”. Feelsbadman

No. 1063936

35 is not old, objectively

No. 1063937

I'm sure she considers it old, she consistently dates old men and must buy into ~the wall~ bullshit.

No. 1063938

adele ilysm but you look like a tranny now

No. 1063939

adele get bangs i beg of you!!!

No. 1063940

most of her bf were not old? Like Barrie, Francesco, G-eazy… The cop is probably the oldest longtime bf. I was surprised that back when she had the image in her music videos and lyrics, she was actually dating a guy close to her age.

No. 1063941

I know the daily mail is shit but
>arrived at midnight
>left at 2am

2 fuckin' hours which they are trying to phrase like it was far longer

No. 1063942

Here's a 'source' for celebrity gossip and blind items for those who are interested

No. 1063943

I think it's intentional, they're implying that he popped in for a quickie lol. Of all the people to associate with, why choose certified woman hater Chris Brown? This reeks of desperation. On another note, what happened to the style and grace this woman used to carry? I don't wanna say she looked better when she was fat, but…the eyebrows and the hair are not flattering

No. 1063944

idk, I think Adele looks pretty, like a kindergarten teacher..

No. 1063945

i definitely never liked adele and i feel like this kind of thing and her recent weighloss in general solidifies to me that all her sad bawwing about men was really shitty pickme behavior that was disguised as stong woman shit.

No. 1063946

How is losing weight pickme behavior? She's probably just having casual sex to deal with her divorce.

No. 1063947

my bad i am being a dirty phoneposter
>her attitude towards her recent weightloss

No. 1063948

I've always wondered… how the fuck do people find this shit? Who is scrolling through what I'm assuming very old pro-ana blogs and is like "oh fuck, is that ___?" Why are you on a pro-ana blog in the first place…?

No. 1063949

agreed I think she looks gorgeous like this. it's not a conventional hairstyle she's chosen but I find it appealing and weirdly i cant stop staring at her help lol

No. 1063950

Kanye's presidential ad

No. 1063951

I swear Adele is the only overweight person who looked worse after getting thin.

No. 1063952

File: 1602577910346.jpeg (147.11 KB, 1114x1247, 458229D0-0933-45A2-A0A0-F741F5…)

She still is beautiful and young

No. 1063953

She would be if she lost weight

No. 1063954

Nah, lots of people look significantly older and more worn after losing a lot of weigh. It makes sense since fat in your face makes you look youthful.

Though in Adele's case it also seems like losing weight gave her the confidence to drop the really glam look she used to have, now her style is a bit more casual and natural. I know I feel inclined to overcompensate by looking really done up and polished when I'm heavier, wouldn't be surprised if she did too.

No. 1063955

Idk I think Adele looks pretty now too. She looks like a carefree bohemian chick who doesn't give a shit, I love the aesthetic
And the one pic of her after weight loss with her hair up and she's standing in a doorway or something, she looks beautiful in that pic. Ppl shit on her appearance when she was fat and they still are after she lost so much weight, it makes me sad cause she's just a beautiful woman

No. 1063956

I think she's gorgeous tbh

No. 1063957

She's pretty but she'd probably look 10 years younger without all the shitty plastic surgery

No. 1063958

Is this the plot of The Affair?

No. 1063959

tbh her appearance should be completely irrelevant since she's exceptionally talented and doesn't need anything else to justify her fame. But that said, drastic change is just really hard not to comment on if you're in the habit of discussing celebs. You're going to develop an opinion even if you don't think it matters, whether it's positive or negative, and eventually you're gonna want to add your 2c to a conversation just because it's there.

No. 1063960

I also think that she is pretty, she just doesn't look like herself anymore

No. 1063961

Ah I was excited about this movie until I saw that this dude is in it. I hate him so much

No. 1063962

I bet they do coke and I bet Adele hit it hard during the separation and divorce and that's why she's so gaunt looking.

No. 1063963

File: 1602594046604.jpeg (641.21 KB, 2048x2048, 52109AB7-3203-48D3-A2F9-126168…)

Lmao Dominic West flew back home and took photos with his wife outside their house. They gave this note to the paparazzi.

Also, this quote from 2016 is apt: “ The British star of The Affair told The Evening Standard he struggled to understand why wives would get so upset by a cheating spouse. ‘I mean, I think women should be more indulgent of affairs,’ he said. ‘I really do. It’s daft to kick someone out over a fling. Isn’t it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to men’s behaviour between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all blow over.’”

No. 1063964

Ew ew ew ew ew ew eeeeew, what a disgusting old fuck

No. 1063965

only a fucking man could be so open ly batshit and be allowed to run for president. Sage for slight a-log but fuck Kanye west and fuck anybody who thinks he's a genius.

No. 1063966

She’s 31 years old, she’s not being “““groomed”””

No. 1063967

An entire presidential ad to say nothing but "we should read the bible more", amazing. And that "i am kanye west and i approve of this message" didn't even sound like him lmfao

No. 1063968

She's probably suffering from severe low self-esteem.
It's hard to explain but something happens to women who go from being big to normal size. Like they exhibit pandering behavior as if they're still fat women who need to overcompensate due to their appearance (which doesn't happen to fat men as much because men get treated humanely regardless of how they act and look). Plus it's weird to have people treat them different when they know that who they are as people didn't really change, just their bodies. She's sleeping with men cause she needs the quick fix of validation.

Plus her divorce was awful. Just imagine being married to someone who only wanted you for your fame and money, and when he leaves you he takes you for over half of anything you've ever worked for. She wants to feel wanted and desired but isn't in a healthy mindset to be seeking it from the right kind of men. Bad men are easily had, however.

No. 1063969


>and when he leaves you he takes you for over half of anything you've ever worked for.

is it know how much he got?

No. 1063970

Ugh Lily fucked up big time letting a full blown scrote inside her. Dude isn’t sorry in the slightest and will continue to cheat on his wife and probably his side chicks until the day he dies old and crusty.

No. 1063971

He sounds so weird putting on that nonregional accent and the expression on his face is so empty. The worst part is that some people are actually going to vote for him. For the sake of the American public I hope he mostly ends up splitting the trump pence vote.

No. 1063972

File: 1602608221973.png (37.17 KB, 601x611, sadface.png)

i hope she makes a new account soon

No. 1063973

File: 1602610393572.jpg (223.82 KB, 1200x1492, 1600382781277.jpg)

I've seen so much worse than what she posted on twitter on a semi-regular basis and she's the one who gets suspended. I've even seen some people who disagreed with her spamming disgusting porn in her replies and I'm sure they're not banned or suspended for that. But maybe it's just a matter of algorithm, she's famous so more people were able to report her. And I guess JKR definitely has more "fuck you" money than AB, without taking into account that JKR is always way too nice to trannies when calling them out when AB went for the jugular when talking about "ballsack pussy lips" I know we joked about Azealia being a potential farmer and all that but I secretly wish she's shitpost here if she doesn't already.

No. 1063974

File: 1602610826588.jpg (104.54 KB, 1200x675, Dn7m1OVX0AAM75X.jpg)

No. 1063975

too bad she wasn't promoting pedophilia, she'd still have her account

No. 1063976

File: 1602612658363.jpg (56.77 KB, 500x521, 061e850c103c6afe3ec828bd67d524…)

Remember: Azealia got banned, but this is fair game, according to Twitter.

No. 1063977

Just report it and she will also get banned lol

No. 1063978

this reads exactly like something azealia could've posted before. doesn't she get suspended every so often anyway?

No. 1063979

Tons of people did, across multiple sites. Nothing happened, he is still there calling people "nignog" and other slurs while advertising his shriveled dick and abused hole ad nauseam.

No. 1063980

kek Adele is just looking for new material for her next batch of "he done me wrong" songs

No. 1063981

It's just funny to me how selective Twitter is with enforcing their rules. If AB had posted that, she probably would've been suspended. But if it's a penis person doing it, they just pretend not to see.
Pedophilia, racism, misogyny, bestiality, doxxing, threats of violence against women = A-OK
"Ballsack pussy lips" = Suspended in a day
Banned for speaking the truth, kek

No. 1063982

We really need to kill all racist and sexist men, we don't need them.

No. 1063983

Literal pedos are announcing what they are in their bios and somehow they’re acc is still up, but banks get banned. Twitter is sick pedos are on there talking about how they want to kidnap and rape children but you’ll get banned for calling someone a retard?

No. 1063984

File: 1602632259711.jpeg (101.8 KB, 960x960, A265B583-B123-4E95-B2AA-ED04DB…)

Timothy Heller (who accused Melanie Martinez of rape) started following Melanie on Tiktok and commented on a bunch of her vids stuff like “so happy for you girlie” and heart emojis. Also deleted all the tiktoks she made about her accusations towards Melanie. Then unfollows her a few hours later. Might’ve been hacked but idk much about the situation, just thought anons might be interested

No. 1063985

That’s probably the main reason I can’t stand Adele as an artist. She sings about the same shit over and over again. People mock Taylor Swift for the same shit while saying nothing about Adele but fuck, at least Taylor switches it up once in a while.

No. 1063986

>her IG name
Ugh. Can’t stand this bitch and her ddlg shtick.

No. 1063987

Allegedly she already admitted to faking it (vid related), but apparently many people didn't see it cause she did a post and delete. Btw, I'm linking a video with barely any views cause it's the only one I could find without commentary, there are more videos with this same topic. Also, apparently the photos in these stories have never been posted on the internet, and the quality implies these are photos Timothy personally had.

No. 1063988

File: 1602634165254.jpg (115.3 KB, 1421x855, nothing out of the ordinary.jp…)

Twitter Jack had some odd personal interactions with Azealia years ago and there's definitely an existing grudge.

No. 1063989

I don't think the amulet thing is crazy, but why isis?

No. 1063990

Twitter was doing an amazingly shit job at cracking down on the teen recruitment stuff taking place on the platform. As the figurehead, he got most of the threats over that.

No. 1063991

Can’t Melanie sue for defamation or libel? That accusation seriously affected her career. Don’t even like her but I would be pissed.

No. 1063992

Probably not unless she has video of them having sex, or proof she was somewhere else when the alleged rape took place, but I don't think she does since Melanie confirmed they did have sex, but according to her Timothy never said no, to stop or indicated she was uncomfortable.

No. 1063993

Even if the accusations are false, Melanie is still a weird ass ddlg bitch who can't sing about anything other than "1 2 3 the big kids hate me, make me spell i c u p, 4 5 6 im a mess you cannot fix uwu"

No. 1063994

yes but she doesn't deserve a false rape accusation just because she's a gross little bitch. That's serious shit and it fucked her career.

No. 1063995

The accusation is false. ‘Timothy’ is a pathological liar. I’m not a fan of Melanie at all but the rape accusation was evil and opportunistic.

No. 1063996

Never understood how he managed that when the nation slammed him for that prank call(It's been over a decade, I don't remember). I thought public opinion was that his comedy was low-brow offensive schlock? It was bizarre to me how he got into politics a few years afterwards and basically told young people not to vote before a crucial election because it didn't matter like a brain-dead high schooler's "fuck da system".

No. 1063997

Russell Brand is a boring old man these days. His heads fried from all the drugs. Caught one of his lives and he seemed to even bore himself when he started doing his rambling shite.

No. 1063998

This is genuinely embarrassing and pathetic. Women who simp for their cheating partners publicly are retarded.

No. 1063999

Not surprising honestly, and Im not a Melanie fan. But I could tell from the jump this bitch was a skinwalker and stalker type to the highest degree. She literally made herself look like Melanies split zygote, and then tried to release music the week she put out the accusation.

No. 1064000

I have no idea what he's up to these days since he's that irrelevant, which makes me wonder why the blind would even be about him? like would he be worth me too'ing at this point? doubtful

No. 1064001

on deuxmoi there are dozens of stories from women who have had affairs and one night stands with him l o fucking l

No. 1064002

Cardi B tits are tragic lmao, I feel bad for her, the nipples look botched.

No. 1064003

should start following deuxmoi but i don't have ig anymore, guess ill just use the plebbit… but if you guys see any juicy blinds esp about scrotes that have been mentioned itt post away please

No. 1064004

File: 1602659121741.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.1 KB, 827x1465, cardi.jpg)

fuck her tits she looks like a corpse, everytime I see Card I she looks different.
This looks like some shit a serial killer took of his victim.

No. 1064005

jesus…she really does look dead what the fuck

No. 1064006

why are her nipples like that? Is that normal?

No. 1064007

yes large areolas are common

No. 1064008

I guess I don’t see enough naked women I do think they look unusual but maybe it’s just an unflattering angle.

No. 1064009

File: 1602662092566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.22 KB, 280x180, images.jpg)

her areolas were a lot smaller in her stripper days, does having a baby make them grow? I seriously ask this as a childless anon who has big areolas

No. 1064010

Why does she look like a randomized townie in the Sims

No. 1064011

that's not large, that's humongous, you could barely cover one of those with a pizza

No. 1064012

we stan a big nipple bitch, fuck yeah representation. where my other big nipple hoes at

No. 1064013

here! lol these itty bitty beesting titty bitches are Shocked and Appalled by some areola

No. 1064014

Pregnancy can darken areola and since pregnancy and breastfeeding makes the breasts swell the skin stretches and this affects the areola. If her breasts stayed the same size as they were when she was breastfeeding you’d probably find her areola more proportionate, I’m guessing the breasts went down to their original size but the areola remained looking the same.

No. 1064015

It’s different for everyone, they generally get a bit bigger though. Mine got slightly bigger but I’m still breastfeeding and apparently they are likely to shrink again after stopping

No. 1064016

that's actually really interesting, ntayrt but thank you.

No. 1064017

I just had to google if these were real lyrics or not cos I wasn’t sure, anon you should write for her it’s exactly how I picture her lyrics kek

No. 1064018

just make a burner account thats what I do, there are a lot of good stories and sightings

No. 1064019

Nevermind her boobs, I can't tell if she really looks like this or used the tiktok ugly filter

No. 1064020

File: 1602689310824.jpg (191.08 KB, 632x1318, nice.jpg)

Such a refreshing thing to read, nothing but respect to Liam Cunningham

No. 1064021

File: 1602689714920.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.46 KB, 960x607, fd23b1c91148c438685b9c383bba8a…)

I wonder how they made her areolas smaller for the WAP video? big nipple gang
This wouldn't have even made sense for his or Missandei's character…

No. 1064022

I don’t think they did, I think it’s just the angle in that photo. You can see her nipple covers are much bigger than usual for WAP then before pregnancy, she wore pasties a lot.

No. 1064023

File: 1602690229732.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.24 KB, 483x859, EkOsdAFXsAEXFSU.jpg)

Here's a straight on photo.

No. 1064024

Thanks. To elaborate, I mean the angle of the nude. I think it exaggerated the areola since they were the focal point, I think the pasties in your pic are made so that they just barely cover the diameter of her areola.

No. 1064025

Good on him for understanding gross age disparity shit

No. 1064026

File: 1602690799126.png (62.62 KB, 190x182, 20201014_105425.png)

No. 1064027

I’m actually wheezing, it’s been awhile

No. 1064028

Anon I'm sobbing

No. 1064029

File: 1602691809050.jpeg (6.98 KB, 108x154, 8D2F91C2-D12A-42B8-8D3A-689471…)

I would give my right pussy lip to hear what his voice sounds like

No. 1064030

Bless you Anon. As soon as I saw the areola conversation I hoped someone would pop in with this classic kek

No. 1064031

I hate you anon

No. 1064032

No one cares about your reddit. Stop.

No. 1064033

He’s clearly of rare ancient primitive phenotype, I feel like he sounds like something from Courage the Cowardly Dog

No. 1064034

hate to do this, but can i get some context

No. 1064035

honestly this is good, because we know if they had gone through with it he probably would have also ended up raping her, since that was GOT's MO in regards to sex

No. 1064036

File: 1602700049518.png (1.01 MB, 542x809, billie.PNG)

only slight milk, but continuing from her weird "anti-body shaming" video/speech (??). honestly i feel a little bad for billie. she mentioned developing a lot earlier than other girls and that's something that made me feel fat and weird when i was younger too. a lot that comes out of her mouth is still cringe since shes still from a strange strange homeschooled co-ed sleeping vegan family.

No. 1064037

I dont feel sorry for celebrities in terms of "body shaming". Their job, especially hers as an industry plant, is to look a certain way to appeal to whoever the target audience is. Her target audience is fat white millenial tumblr witches who are ~uwu~ special with 47875 self diagnosed mental illnesses, almost none of which they actually have. She will be ok. Its not the same as someone getting bullied in a school setting.

No. 1064038

Sorry, meant zoomer, not millenial, but they tend to overlap anyway.

No. 1064039

shut the fuck about about industry plants. Her parents being z-list voice actors did not automatically make her famous faggot

No. 1064040

No. 1064041

Her parents didn’t but those execs and producers (and her creepy brother!) behind her finely crafted image after her debut sure did.
She’s an industry plant because she doesn’t do shit, she doesn’t write her music, pick her clothes and style or even chooses how her performances will go, there’s nothing creative about her, even Ariana is more of an artist.

No. 1064042

get what you mean, but parents molding their kids like this has to be a form of brainwashing. being a celebrity as a child just seems so cruel and extremely hard to get away from if it wasn't really choice. even then, kids are more naive and stupid so more likely to make stupid decisions. like thinking being a celebrity will be great

No. 1064043

so how is she a plant? Because record execs want to make money off her? i am shocked

No. 1064044

She’s a plant because execs and marketing people come up with everything about her, universal also invested alot on Lorde but she writers her songs and seems involved in most of the creative part of her music for comparasion.

No. 1064045

Do you even understand what an industry plant is? Because shes the literal definition of one.

No. 1064046

Are you dumb faggots trying to say astro turfing? I have bad news about every famous person, they all have fake images that try to appeal to a demographic, because they want m o n e y

No. 1064047

Yeah but at least they came up with her own fucking images lol, Lorde wanted to be the uwu oh so deep poetic not like other girls dark lipstick wearing goff-but-not-really goddess, Billie just wears what makes her brother’s pee pee hard.

No. 1064048

Theres NOTHING organic about her. Theres nothing genuine about anything she does, says, wears or pretends to care about. Yes, the definition applies to a lot of other celebrities. I dont think anyone would disagree with you on that. Doesnt make it any less of a point.

No. 1064049

Im this anon >>1064037 and you're actually making my point for me. I said I dont feel sorry for celebrities, especially outright industry plants who have absolutely no control or creative input or direction, or any personality of their own outside of what is being assigned to them by their handlers to appeal to specific demographics and markets. They exist as an object, not a human being.

No. 1064050

>They exist as an object, not a human being.

No. 1064051

It sounds harsh, but its the ugly reality. As a celebrity, your job is to fit a certain box in order to appeal to a certain demographic or target audience. Its sad on a large scale, but what will it take to get it through peoples heads that being a celebrity is one of the dumbest, most moronic decisions you can make. And that the world doesnt owe you any sort of respect when you put yourself out there to be leered at and "stanned" by mentally ill children. You give up your rights to privacy, respect and decency and the more famous you get, the worse it gets for you. Thats just the reality and it always has been.

No. 1064052

This. I wouldn't even be surprised if whoever influences her image literally told her to gain a bit more weight in order to be "relatable".

No. 1064053

why is everything in this image 320p except for her face

No. 1064054

Billie is only 18. She was a 13 year old justin bieber sperg st the start of her career. None of this is her fault.

No. 1064055

I'll give Billie some credit in that at least she acknowledges and acts like a teen. Compare her to Lorde, who also got famous at 16, but always came off as super pretentious.
Ugh, I expect nothing less from D&D. Good for Liam for stomping it out though. He seems like a good dude.

No. 1064056

Not the Billie Eyelash stan again, please go back to twitter. We already have this exact argument months ago. Let it go.

No. 1064057

No. 1064058

Luna Slater on pt. She and her fiancé (Matthew, the Easter island fuck in the picture) are heroin addicts and she wrote a lot of shitty poetry on her Tumblr, one line was something like “I love it when you say you love my big areola”. an anon posted that picture of him as a reaction image >when she has the big areola

No. 1064059

Thanks lmfao is that why there's a header with her nipples out?

No. 1064060

Between the unprompted rap-bashing, the pedo-bait strip-teasing, and the custom gucci and louie outfits - while saying she's somehow fashionably alternative and not a plant - Billie acts like any other rich spoiled egirl bitch lets be real

No. 1064061

>Between the unprompted rap-bashing
Lol, she wasn't wrong there, though. Idk why you're viewing it as a bad thing.

No. 1064062

>I dont feel sorry for celebrities
>especially outright industry plants who have absolutely no control
>They exist as an object, not a human being
Just because they're privileged because of their fame and money doesn't mean that isn't a fucked up and sad existence. I'm not saying you need to shed tears and say prayers for the little rich white girl but to say that her being treated as less than human makes her LESS sympathetic than the average celebrity is bizarre to me.

No. 1064063

Because ‘Billie Eilish’ as the public figure literally isn’t a human but a multi million dollar brand with a team of people coordinating her every move and curating every aspect of what we see. She has chosen to reap the astronomical benefits of being in this position, so I just don’t really care about people making fun of her for having skinny legs or whatever.

No. 1064064

i hope billie eventually pulls a miley cyrus in a few years and goes completely off the wall. a mental breakdown might make her seem a little more authentic.

No. 1064065

NTA but I can see even this incident being calculated as a way to make her appear more sympathetic. It's difficult to believe anything at all from people in the industry.

No. 1064066

damn that's a really unfortunate body shape, I wonder if she can even keep her career as a pop girlie looking like that now that she's over 18??? as much as stans love to deny it, there's a gigantic importance to how they look and her having this body shape really wont help her proto e-girl brand at all

No. 1064067

Big boobs and slim legs are hardly a death sentence lmao, that was the ideal a few decades back. Obviously she won't carry extra weight as well as an hourglass or pear shape but if she slimmed down enough to get a flat stomach she'd be fine.

No. 1064068

Agree with >>1064062.
Is this thread full of scrotes or what? This "who has it worse" competition and "I don't feel bad for her bc she's rich" is such male logic. Shouldn't we sort of empathize? An unwanted episode of sexualization is a female experience that all women have had (unless you make an argument that you're a pickme femcel that is 'jealous' and delusional enough to blame other women that are raped and harassed). Being sexualized is obviously fucking dehumanizing no matter what situation you're in (like being rich & white in her case), and if anything it's probably awful for Billie considering there's edited porn Deepfakes videos with her face on them and millions of men who talk about her in a degrading way. Every time pictures of her with less clothing come out, there's a not only a swarm of men that have disgusting comments but also another group of people who make offhand comments about her body shape. It wasn't even that long ago that Kesha came clean about her ED which she developed after being memed over and over with her body compared to Spongebob its natural shape. Personally I don't see the problem with Billie's body but this really shouldn't be a discussion anyways.
I'm not that familiar with Billie's music but from what I've listened to, it's boring as fuck and faux deep. I find this song (in video) so particularly boring lmao. But Billie has been popular for what seems like years now, or at least relatively longer compared to Lorde who wasn't anywhere near as relevant after Pure Heroine. How long do you think it'll be until Billie starts losing mainstream relevance?

No. 1064069

same OP, ignore the grammatical errors, I need to sleep

No. 1064070

I don't think she has reached her peak on how popular she is yet. She will probably have a very normal pop star popularity cicle and peak at 23/25 and go down from that point on. Though for that to happen her sophomore album needs to at least not flop, which considering how her last single performed, it's a real possibility.

No. 1064071

It's part of her act. She stripped on a live show and started showing off her body the second she turned 18, I doubt she gives a shit.

No. 1064072

File: 1602732447494.jpeg (104.63 KB, 500x434, 6CEE1110-9249-4DA0-87B8-1A70E9…)

>They exist as an object, not a human being.

No. 1064073

She right tho

No. 1064074

thats just the industry. their image is built upon being looked up for whatever characteristic theyre given but to be relatable enough that it seems it can be approachable. its all fabricated nonsense

No. 1064075

That's just the autism.

No. 1064076

File: 1602736635851.png (608.48 KB, 775x812, 58493054390.PNG)

I don't stan Billie at all but she's already broken records, how much more can she peak lmfao? She already has 5 Grammys at 18 years old. If anything I'm concerned how she's going to come back from the success of her first album.
>In 2019, Eilish and her debut album received six Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year (for "Bad Guy").
>At seventeen, Eilish became the youngest artist to be nominated in the four main categories in the same year.
>At just 18, she swept all four general field categories at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in 2020, making her the first female and youngest artist to do so and the youngest solo act to win the prestigious Album of the Year award.
>She also became the second ever and the first singer to win all four general field categories in the same year since Christopher Cross did in 1981.

No. 1064077

She still looks beautiful and young in this overly edited photo yep

No. 1064078

Oh, I meant in popularity. Sure, she did a lot in relation to her album critical success with the Grammys and I doubt she will ever do that again but her world tour wasn't as successful as older pop acts like Ariana or Taylor, she has a lot to grow on that. Afaik she only did an Arena Tour with some Stadium shows rather than a full Stadium tour like most big pop stars do, I mean that she has a long way to go on that regard.

No. 1064079

Why does she aleays look half drugged? Is she another industry pedoplant like Ariana, but for the awkward weirdo alt grrlz?

No. 1064080

>acting like they're worth half a shit

The Grammys are for egotists who need to be told their music is good because they're too insecure to feel it for themselves.

No. 1064081

File: 1602741060316.jpg (56.63 KB, 960x952, 51801072_2200249843366767_3617…)

No. 1064082

AYRT I agree 100% but at least "industry wise" they're seen as the highest accolade. Even though it's definitely more of a popularity contest than anything based on talent. But that's getting OT kek

No. 1064083

God damn she is so based.

No. 1064084

>How long do you think it'll be until Billie starts losing mainstream relevance?
I feel like it already started. Ever since she hit 18 I haven't heard anything special from her, but that's maybe because I just don't pay attention as much. Definitely feel like her relevance is fading

No. 1064085

I haven't commented about Billie ITT, but I just wanted to say that I think this is a good, empathetic take.

I understand the anons who have exceedingly cynical opinions about why she chooses/doesn't choose to display more of her body, but honestly, I think she… kind of did everything "right," in a way. She stated that she didn't want to be sexualized as a minor, so she dressed almost exclusively in baggy clothing. Of course, scrotes shouldn't sexualize anyone– much less a fucking child– regardless of what they're wearing, but unfortunately that's not the world we live in.

There are a lot of angst and edgy takes about celebs here (notably this post >>1064049 ), and I do get it, but it's hilarious to me that so many of us hate men for being retarded, objectifying women, and treating them like shit– but apparently being a celebrity dehumanizes Billie Eyelash so much that we can effectively act like scrotes because she decided to wear a fucking tank top, lmao.

I don't really care if she's an industry plant. Everyone knows that celebs' images are fabricated to some degree– some more than others. I also don't think the quality of her music matters in this instance. Is it really just that impossible to feel some shred of empathy for the women who are constantly objectified and ridiculed at a scale that likely none of us have experienced before? No amount of money in the world can "undo" the thousands of degrading and creepy comments about her body. I'm definitely not shedding tears over her, but damn, as a woman I can empathize to some degree.

TL;DR: I don't think being a celebrity should make women immune from other women's empathy. Just because she has money and her image is probably fabricated doesn't mean she can't be impacted by constant scrote-tier sexualization both IRL and on social media.

No. 1064086

We aren’t a monolith. The anons you’re talking about who ‘hate men’ aren’t necessarily the same anons criticising her looks. Also criticising someone’s appearance isn’t exclusive to scrotes, and it isn’t necessarily ‘sexualising’ someone to comment on their appearance. Male and female celebrities get their appearances made fun of. Plenty of people do the same to like Justin Bieber or whoever and talk about how much of a homeless meth addict he looks like. No one comes to the celebricows thread to read moralfagging dissertations about how much empathy you feel ‘as a woman’ for some multi millionaire celebrity getting made fun of for an unflattering pic. I wish stans would just hide the thread.

No. 1064087


>accuses me of writing a dissertation

It's less than five paragraphs. Read a book. Just hide saged posts if you're so bothered. I, personally, enjoy the debating here.

>accusing anyone of defending Billie Eyelash of being a stan

I don't care for her music or know much about her in general, but great argumentative skills. I'm not a stan for holding a different opinion than you; and I'm not a stan for acknowledging that it's hilarious that several people ITT think all celebrities are literal objects and undeserving of any empathy.

Sorry having the tiniest bit of empathy is a problem. Actual kek.

No. 1064088

>She stated that she didn't want to be sexualized as a minor, so she dressed almost exclusively in baggy clothing.
And you believed her?

No. 1064089

Celebrities objectively are just products being sold to you

No. 1064090

Considering that she did exactly what she said…yes?

No. 1064091

Finally, a brain.

Billie Eyelash aloggers will persevere, though

No. 1064092

She dressed that way because her brother told her to. She doesn't care about this sexualization thing in the slightest. Did you forget about her stripping on a live show?

No. 1064093

File: 1602782132697.png (418.92 KB, 790x755, W5xy81w.png)

katharine mcphee got knocked up by a 70 year old

No. 1064094

Lmao that child will be violently autistic from that fossil sperm.

No. 1064095

You've already brought this up lol no one cares about her doing that shit after she turned 18, that's the point. Your hate boner for her is raging.

No. 1064096

Im a female, and nope. I empathize with literal children who are forced into the business by their parents and passed around by pedophiles, and thats the extent of my sympathy for most celebs.

No. 1064097

She did that before she was 18 too

No. 1064098

Why the fuck would a 70 year old willingly have a child?

No. 1064099

A sociopath only concerned about his genetics being passed on and knowing he won't have to lift a finger physically or emotionally to do it cause he will literally be dead before that kid is in middle school, and the nannies will cover everything before that.
They don't care.

No. 1064100

>billie eyelash

anon plz stop with these dad jokes

No. 1064101

Had to look this geezer up, and fuck he's ancient kek

Kat must love being his fifth wife… imagine winning the lottery in the looks and talent dept and then marrying some old fuck like David Foster. Ew.

Gotta wonder how she got pregnant, there's nothing coming out of that prehistoric dick but dust and STIs at this point…

No. 1064102

Wasn’t David Foster the self-important scumbag who divorced Yolanda because she was having health problems and had to get her implants removed, I remember him being unbearable on Real Housewives. That poor (not literally) child.

No. 1064103

all of the billie white knights in this thread are obviously underage stans from twitter. just like the ariana wks from previous threads.

No. 1064104

All the Billie aloggers are NLOG zoomers who clearly follow her just as closely as her "stans" in order to be able to correct them.

No. 1064105

except literally no one is alogging her? this is the celebricows thread, where we gossip and shit talk celebrities. yet stans are here to sperg out the second someone mentions this particular celebrity.

No. 1064106

farm hands please ban all billie spergs

No. 1064107

I don’t know shit about her except like one song but imo, Billie Eilish looks like a normal fucking human and I love it. She looks to be maybe 5 kg overweight, who gives a shit. I know there’s a bunch of perfect Stacies (lmao as if, fucking larpers) on here that will go off on me but I think it’s goddamn refreshing to see a young successful woman who doesn’t fit the Hollywood beauty mold while still looking cool to a lot of people except these wannarexic anons who seem to have a huge hate boner for her for some reason.

No. 1064108

I've gathered that they hate her…because of her brother kek.

No. 1064109

> who doesn’t fit the Hollywood beauty mold
I'm neutral/don't care about Billie but she's just as much a product of the music/entertainment industry as all other basic popstars and actresses who do fit the beauty mold perfectly. Her whole purpose and marketing image is to make you think she's ~~different~~ and ~~refreshing~~.

No. 1064110

Seriously. This is like someone pointing out a product has nice wrapping on the outside, but the actual item isn't that great, and someone else being like "You're just a hater! Look how nice the wrapping is!", thinking they're making points.

No. 1064111

>non ironically using the word refreshing

No. 1064112

No. 1064113

I literally said in my post defending her how fucking boring I find her music to be. I know nothing about her except for the controversy with her body and scrotes’ degenerate behavior. I can’t even defend another woman without being accused of being a stan? You lot are seriously insufferable.
That’s cool and all but does anyone know what Billie really contributes musically considering she doesn’t do much artistically and also can’t sing properly on top of that? Her vocal technique seems to be really bad despite what stans say. Normally I don’t care about that but since she doesn’t do anything else in the creative process it begs the question of how much credit she can get for her “talent”/career.

No. 1064114

>vin diesel
Sorry, out of the loop, did he do something?

No. 1064115

What didn’t he do

No. 1064116

No. 1064117

File: 1602828869560.jpg (106.05 KB, 827x823, dxrxhfo7rbt51.jpg)

Lana's new single sucks

No. 1064118

> I can’t even defend a cow in the celebricows thread without being accused of being a stan

No. 1064119

that pic cracked me up lmao

No. 1064120

she has some kind of eyeball tic thing. i wanna say tourette's? i don't know, i read it on the internet

No. 1064121

I'm ESL, didn't know there was something wrong with this word.

I have no real opinion on her music, there's nothing really special about it and I know that she's an industry plant, but that's not what I was talking about either.

No. 1064122

Sorry if people have different levels of empathy. I don't understand how anons can be so mean, insult and nitpick absolutely everything when we all know at least 90% of us(like most females) have struggled with eating disorders and low self-esteem. I'm not against nitpicking at all or speaking your mind if it's done in a funny way but some anon are just mean and projecting.

No. 1064123

File: 1602851453493.jpeg (61.78 KB, 532x960, EkK9rPXWkAAJrWa.jpeg)

Is this photoshopped?

No. 1064124

They're two different photos taken at different points of her walking, so her weight is kind of bouncing in her stomach and chest. They might be photoshopped, but I think that's the difference you're seeing between both photos.

No. 1064125

File: 1602854080635.png (407.1 KB, 620x620, lana-del-rey-let-me-love-you-l…)

Even the actual cover looks bad. What the fuck happened to her aesthetic?

No. 1064126

This literally looks like the work of someone who just discovered the lasso tool in Photoshop.

No. 1064127

File: 1602855561998.jpg (142.83 KB, 1000x1000, 8dba12c177e13ff5526051a787beab…)

ehh, it's okay. at least it's better than the doin time selfie cover

No. 1064128

>What the fuck happened to her aesthetic?
I feel like she wants to reinvent her image and her aesthetic and try something new but honey this ain't it

No. 1064129

I have a feeling it's a direct response to critics accusing her of having an over-produced, manufactured image. So bring on the at-home selfies and "amateur" Myspace musician vibes. It's the wrong move imo. I'm not a huge fan apart from a couple of songs of hers I enjoy but even I thought the airbrushed Americana aesthetic fit her beautifully.

No. 1064130

Lol, what is the creative direction here?

No. 1064131

File: 1602856974545.jpg (89.55 KB, 848x848, Crawford-Letters-of-Sylvia-Pla…)

makes me think of Sylvia Plath's photos, which maybe a stretch or not since Lana has been on a Sylvia kick for a year or two

No. 1064132

Ugh, came here to say this. This looks like an uninspired amateur job. Maybe that’s her new aesthetic.

No. 1064133

Maybe she wants to be Lizzy Grant again

No. 1064134

Agreed. Don’t really care for her as an artist or if she’s a plant or not but it’s refreshing to see a young female pop star with her body (as someone who grew up in the heyday of Britney Spears)

No. 1064135

File: 1602874547652.jpg (155.94 KB, 946x2048, Fud6RHy.jpg)

No. 1064136

File: 1602874601871.jpg (170.06 KB, 946x2048, IvqReER.jpg)

No. 1064137

I've seen Cardi B hit people who she was just arguing with, who weren't trying to touch her or anything. The fact people are making excuses for violence but then will be "outraged" if she's hit back by a man is crazy.
This is how she wants to live her life. She wants to hit and fight with me, she's a victim and abuser.
I think she and the men she deal with are abusive, at this point people should just stop worrying about it. This is the life she wants, it's just sad she has a daughter involved in all of this

No. 1064138

with men not me

No. 1064139

Ngl, I’m glad that she’s not letting other people put words in her mouth or decide who’s doing what to her, actively pushing back against painting her as a victim, etc. They’re both obviously toxic but at least they are to each other kek, like >>1064137 said if that’s how she lives her life, so be it.

No. 1064140

Yeah, she's a abuser and no doubt that Offset hits her back, I don't care about these two tards, because they are keeping that shit with eachother.
Hopefully, the kids is far away when this shit happens and we all know Offset only cheats so the only woman he's hitting or whose hitting him is Cardi.
If she wants to live this way, live it. I just hope people like Joe Biden stop taking her serious, she's just a rapper who moved out of the ghetto but her mindset is still there.

No. 1064141

She chose this life, whatever. My only point of annoyance is her not only showing off this shitty, dysfunctional behavior to her child, you already know there's tons of young poor girls and women who see her as an icon or role model (because she also came from poverty), cheering this on and being like "Yasss girl that's so empowering haha same goals".
She's literally proud of abuse, dysfunction and unstable, hypersexual behavior, and she's encouraging impressionable fans to be the same. It's gross.

No. 1064142

Damn, i'd be embarrassed af to look like this public, especially being such a big image singer.

No. 1064143

Men are physically stronger than women. Theres never a reason to hit women. Stfu with this shit. Men can easily restrain women, women cant most of the time. Its not the same thing and it will never be the same thing

No. 1064144

she looks awful and the song is bad

No. 1064145

She's middle American now. Her aesthetic is minivan soccor mom and she's killing it honestly.

No. 1064146

lmao good men need to get a slap more often maybe then they'd learn

hurrr men hitting women is the same as women hitting men hurrrr like fuck off with that shit. Men love to flex about how much stronger they are than women until it comes to taking responsibility for that extra strength, then it's all "we're equal I get to hit you back" lmao

No. 1064147

No it's just the usual quarantine weight everyone is putting on

No. 1064148

File: 1602885055167.jpg (458.86 KB, 2000x2000, 659drm34yx051.jpg)


as a huge lana fag, I know that found footage videos are her thing but this one is random and half-assed af. Is she in the hurry to release new music or why is it so underwhelming? I love NFR but I do not feel this one tho and this looks like shit wow >>1064125
Pic related is apparently the new album cover

No. 1064149

File: 1602885670943.png (113.44 KB, 412x411, W9D2hqn.png)


kek at this fan cover

No. 1064150

I know it's not the same, you guys are right. My point is I'd just never put myself or anyone around me in that kind of danger. Why hit a man who can kill me, harm me or harm those around me when there's thousands of other ways to handle the situation?
It makes ZERO sense to me, but she owns it so I don't care what happens between them, if thats how she wants to live so be it.

No. 1064151

I'm never going to be like, "well he'll just restrain me, he won't hit me back", I've been terrified of being hit by men I'm just agruing with. I'm not her and it seems like they are both abusing eachother and she's fine with it or pretending to be.

No. 1064152

unfortunately yes

No. 1064153

File: 1602888501462.jpeg (242.45 KB, 750x715, A13D1969-CB2A-4966-94FF-A5A39A…)

Sia voices her support for Johnny Depp

No. 1064154

Depp is a gross junkie but after watching the tapes and reading most of the shit about the case, I 100% believe amber was abusive as well, I am sure depp did shit too but amber cannot keep a story straight and sucks at acting like she can.

No. 1064155

ok anon we get it, you're smarter than the other girls.

No. 1064156

Elon about to be mad she's dragging him into this. he already was mad Depp dragged his name into it and told them to quit it in the press. Anyway Sia has always been a fucking idiot.

seriously wondering - people that say this shit, did you listen to the tape where depp is begging her to cut him and giving her a knife while she begs him to stop? And everytime she says no to cutting him, he cuts himself? Do you not think someone would start lashing out first when dealing with that type of abuse from an extremely famous, well connected male?

The pick mes in here today, I can't.

No. 1064157

Them tapes were seen by a judge too who decided Johnny was the abuser. But you seem to know something the judge didn't so feel free to share. it's not uncommon for an abuse victim to start hitting their abuser to speed up what they know is coming

No. 1064158

Sis, i am no pickme, i am not saying depp didn't do shit, i am saying they both did. Amber has had violent tendencies before and they are just shit for each other. I just don't believe Amber's story for the most part, doesn't mean she wasn't going through bullshit with him, it's almost like junkies always end up in toxic relationshits like these. I am not here to fight with anyone ffs

No. 1064159

File: 1602892970858.jpg (70.03 KB, 470x592, 20472956-7638923-Halloween_Jam…)

Jameela jamil did billie for halloween and still kept her weird hair, the hell is goin awn luv?

No. 1064160

What if she has some dumb scar like Harry Potter or whatever.

No. 1064161

Her costume is so low-effort it actually offends me lmao. The ugly Billie hair is the only notable part of her look.

No. 1064162

>not a pick me
>defends a male who abused his wife
>"I don't believe the abuse victim"
>Doesn't care what judge who saw all the evidence says


No. 1064163

So i am a lesbian pickme?

No. 1064164

this is 100% a wig it just has to be

No. 1064165

Kek I would never think that’s a costume, zero effort

No. 1064166

File: 1602898040773.png (890.33 KB, 820x854, WFwhQRj.png)

No. 1064167

This looks shooped. Why do the bags have shadows but their bodies don't?

No. 1064168

Go play with a flashlight and ask why the cup directly in front of you doesn't have a shadow but the one at 2oclock does

No. 1064169

i'm a huge nostalgia fag but just no to velour tracksuits

No. 1064170

No judge decided he was abusive, check your facts.

And she didn't take away the knife from him and he did cut himself. There are pictures of it. She watched him doing it more concerned about recording him and then try to lure him in bed. She is obviously the sick one.

No. 1064171

She has an ugly threehead.

No. 1064172

>she didn't take the knife from him reee
As if she was responsible for his well-being more than he is. Johnny is not going to fuck you, luv.

No. 1064173

He would love to fuck someone so naive

No. 1064174

The judge made him pay her 7 million you retard. After seeing the same tapes you have. Imagine standing Johnny Depp in 2020 how embaressing. The fact you're blaming her for his selfharm lol pickmeisha vibes. If a male did that to me id record him too to cover my ass. Good job she did

No. 1064175

File: 1602939579517.jpg (7.22 KB, 194x260, jj.jpg)

Old jameela pic lol

No. 1064176

Dunno why literally ANYONE would be surprised by Cardis posts. Especially the shit about dick. Gee, you mean a woman whos fame literally revolves around her vagina and her obsession with being ~sexually empowered and vulgar~ actually has low self esteem who knows she will probably never contribute anything to an actual genuine nonviolent relationship with anyone of value??!!! IM SHOCKED!!!

No. 1064177

>And she didn't take away the knife from him and he did cut himself. – She is obviously the sick one.


They're both sick, manipulative and abusive and should just disappear from fame

No. 1064178

no to velour but ngl i'm glad that instead of being bitchy and competetive they're at least pretending to support each other

No. 1064179

This but this anon decided to twist shit and fight no matter what

No. 1064180

I think she’s had bangs almost her entire life from all the childhood pictures I could find. Now the question is why she styles them in such a bizarre center part

No. 1064181

She has a very matronly body for a 18-19 year old iirc

No. 1064182

Just remember Billie would run you over with her car if she was late for an appointment.

No. 1064183

Can JKR get her own thread ffs? Every single time she's posted the whole thread gets polluted and is all about her. I get it, you hate trannies and JKR reminds you of your shitty childhood, but if I wanted to watch cows discussing JKR being transphobic or not, I would have made a twitter account. I feel like I'm missing on juicy milk because you guys are too invested on discussing about troons and whatnot. Who cares about what this bitch said, move on, I want to know if Henry Cavill has been metooed yet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1064184

nice to know that you find shitting in bed arousing

No. 1064185

File: 1602953622589.jpg (22.3 KB, 560x280, jj.jpg)

So what's the deal with Jameela Jamil bf James Blake, they have been dating for years now, its kinda funny that this hyperwoke queer WOC is dating this seemingly boring generic English white man

No. 1064186

Also, does anyone else feel like the milk has been watered down now that the lockdown has calmed a bit? I feel like I've haven't seen anything that interesting lately, we used to talk about a different cow every 5 minutes 2 months ago, and now is more centered on the same 5 guys. At this point I might as well go poke Musk with a stick, and yell at him "hey, pick a fight with your girlfriend or something"

No. 1064187

This. Idc if you guys wanna be terfs/radfem/whateverthefuck but it gets inserted into most threads and its annoying.

No. 1064188

I didn't know they were a couple until recently. Makes me side-eye james now cause you have to somewhat agree with your partner's views to be together for that long. I can't stand her woke ass. Too bad i like james' music…

No. 1064189

She looks normal, you're just brainwashed by things like tiktok skinny culture.

No. 1064190

I forgot about them lol, whatever happened to musk’s newest unwanted child?

No. 1064191

No one's talked about JKR in two weeks, and the first person to bring her up was someone who ranted about why she's totally evil for wearing a shirt or something.
Are we looking at the same thread?

No. 1064192

That's not normal. She has the body of an alcoholic 40 year old living off of fast food in her trailer.

No. 1064193

I miss when quarantine was brand new and people were watching celebs’ behavior like hawks. It was fun to see everyone ragging on Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michele kek.

No. 1064194

People are built differently, you can hate her and go on mpa but some people are just built like that and it's normal? Inb4 billie stan whinge, nah.

No. 1064195

Anon, all she has to do is stop eating as much of whatever bullshit she's gobbling up during quarantine and she'll get back to normal teenage healthy shape again. Her waistline is the epitome of oncoming heart problems. She's too young for that.

No. 1064196

Have you never seen this type of relationship anon, overly woke women dating normie usually (but not always) white guys, who just ignore it, hell even radfems get into these types of relationships with boring normie men

No. 1064197

omg please can you pull refugees just start a blog or something I promise no one here gives a shit about your eating disorder or how mean you find people making fun of Billies beer gut

No. 1064198

you’re too invested

No. 1064199

>at least 90% of us(like most females) have struggled with eating disorders
at least she's not making giant blogposts

No. 1064200

File: 1602971260640.png (380.66 KB, 923x450, nicki.PNG)

Didn't think the Billie argument would still be going on 3 days later. I guess a woman not looking 100% perfect is really triggering for some lmao.

Anyway, Nicki announced a day ago that her baby is a boy. Thank god, lets just hope he doesn't grow up to be trash like his daddy. I don't have much hope though considering the environment Nicki is probably gonna raise him in + being a celebrity kid.

Ngl I love it. If the Kardashian products weren't unnecessarily, ridiculously over-priced, I would actually buy a set.

No. 1064201

nta but you seem pretty new here if you think anons defending a teenagers body is pull shit.

that baby is going to grow up being taught he has the right to women and can take what he needs by force if need be, just like his daddy and uncle. Nicki is such absolute trash that I heavily sideeye anyone that is her fan. There's a lot of dumb shit in "cancel culture" but this woman associates with rapists and pedophiles like it's her second job.

No. 1064202

also someone pointed out on another site that not one card is addressed to her husband as well. These celebs are well aware of who he is and don't want to be seen acknowledging him. How fucking embarrassing for her.

No. 1064203

I think the bangs look fine and billie has a nice body. Put her in a high waisted shorts and cute cami set, typical instagram pose and I guarantee you'd think she looks hot af. Fuck Depp tho

No. 1064204

File: 1602973730400.jpg (16.46 KB, 320x318, 1601135147569.jpg)

>Put her in a high waisted shorts and cute cami set, typical instagram pose and I guarantee you'd think she looks hot af

No. 1064205

File: 1602974164241.jpg (253.9 KB, 975x995, Screenshot_20201017-173427__01…)

This is some Amanda seyfried level butthurt. I love it.

No. 1064206

Go back and read some pre-2016 cow threads newfag. This site has had cows way younger than Billie and ruthlessly picked apart their appearance. The endless moralfagging and white knighting we currently have only started around 2016/ when the onision threads began to attract attention.

No. 1064207

anon youre retarded. this place has always been a hive of infighting. Take your boomer ass somewhere else.

No. 1064208

Nta but
>Unironically using boomer as an insult
>Retarded zoomer newfag detected

No. 1064209

Can you not read? Nobody’s talking about infighting they’re talking about ‘defending’ cows against comments on their appearence

No. 1064210

>This site has had cows way younger than Billie
isn't the minimum age for a cow to be posted here 16
that's not much younger than billie lmao

No. 1064211

Nta but I theorise Billie is made to lie about her age by whoever's behind the scenes of her success. She looks like she's in her twenties and has since her "break out". I can see why this would be done too, considering how vapid the whole industry is and how women "age out" so quickly.

No. 1064212

Anon, turning 20 doesn’t magically give you saggy tits and beer gut lmao. It’s just how she is built

No. 1064213

I disagree, I think she’s always looked her age. Anyway women often look about the same from late teens through early 20s

No. 1064214

File: 1602997911930.jpeg (110.95 KB, 1124x656, 0488342C-1AA6-454B-A050-113ECD…)

No. 1064215


Sure jan. No one cares about your opinions, grandma

No. 1064216

using zoomer newfag as an insult isnt any better. can you stop shitting up the thread, autist.

this sent me

No. 1064217

By continuing to reply to whatever dumb infight this is you’re just as bad for desperately needing the last word in, autists. Also do you know where you are? Anons have been posting on this site since zoomers were still eating their boogers and wearing rubber bands on their braces.

I want to see her forehead so goddamn bad.

No. 1064218

File: 1603003406827.jpeg (43.81 KB, 726x374, 9897EF00-65BD-4C6D-AE1B-0DD96C…)

Just came here to talk about how much lip filler Grimes has gotten. Can we talk about it? It’s getting a little ridiculous looking, and I don’t think it’s just Post-pregnancy.

Sorry for potato quality, screenshot from webcam video interview


No. 1064219

Wtfff, why would she do that to herself? Muskrat really ruined her. She used to be so cute and didn't seem the type to mess with her face.

No. 1064220

I just can't deal with how slavic this bitch looks. She looks like my mom. I fucking hate it

No. 1064221

Looks like cheekbone filler too, plus those eyebrows didn't move an inch the whole video so probably some botox as well.

No. 1064222

File: 1603005314727.jpg (75.4 KB, 675x1200, grimes-banks-3.jpg)

Reminds me of when Azealia Banks literally told her she needed it to mock her.
Didn't think she'd actually do it, oof.

No. 1064223

Being that she’s obsessed with looking childlike (anorexia, etc) probably to look young

No. 1064224

Went back to check the eyebrows thing and you’re right I even scrubbed the video to check. Not at all even a centimeter.

No. 1064225

She just… looks like she lost a boxing match.

No. 1064226

Her eyes are too small for lips that big. She looks like a monkey.

No. 1064227

It's certainly not the first time but she looks like shes had a quarter vial too much

No. 1064228

File: 1603008628021.jpg (464.35 KB, 1936x1936, lx54u1ybva521.jpg)

Samefag dropped pic - my bad for not saging

No. 1064229

Did she also have a browlift, or are her brows just styled differently?

No. 1064230

They're just styled differently.

No. 1064231

File: 1603019247617.jpeg (292.35 KB, 696x737, Shinichi_Shinohara_(JPN).jpeg)

Looks like she got her cheekbones done too. Shinohara clone… kek

No. 1064232

That's tragic. She's evidently obsessed with looking young(er), and she did accomplish that so far, as I would've thought she were in her early to mid 20s by scrolling through her current pics.
But fillers and botox age you so much, and you can already see it. It was dumb of her.

No. 1064233

She looks like one of those Super Speshus sims from tumblr, circa 2016 kek

No. 1064234

I don't think she's obsessed with weight to look younger, I think she's always been kind of thin and she used to take drugs quite a lot.
As for aging, I think she still looks cute but needs to stop with the lip filler.
Too much filler combined with her already noticeable lisp is recipe for a speech impediment.

No. 1064235

Her lips are overlined on the left pics but i'm pretty sure there's no filler involved; recent interview though… her main appeal used to how genuine and natural she seemed, definitely not like a person that would use fillers on herself, cant wait for her to leave Musk already.

No. 1064236

On the bright side, she’s making me feel less shameful about my body type.

No. 1064237

This is rather nitpicking but Beyoncé has some weird ass handwriting. Unless it’s actually her assistant…..

No. 1064238

I never even thought of the possibility of it being her actual writing kek

No. 1064239

File: 1603053112906.jpeg (64.21 KB, 615x617, 48F57476-790A-44DE-9506-BC285C…)

The way she writes ‘f’ looks the same, I think it’s her hand writing

No. 1064240

This is painful, I’m glad other people write her songs

No. 1064241

Wait but wtf is this? I know it's something Beyonce wrote but what is this for

No. 1064242

Years ago when her hair got stuck in the fan while she was “singing” halo she posted this on IG

No. 1064243

No. 1064244

She has a beautiful voice but over the years her music has deteriorated imo. Not because of the “message” but rather that she doesn’t show the extent of her talent in her newer songs. I know that her most recent work has been profound and inspirational for the AA community (this is just according to what I’ve seen from African Americans and black people, I’m white) but I definitely think she’s better off showing her vocal range by singing (not rapping lmao) catchy songs like Countdown without the lyrics that are basically rap one-liners. Then again I don’t think Beyonce is even involved in as much of the production process, idk about Lemonade but I know that she had little involvement with the creation and production for the songs on Beyonce.

No. 1064245

I agree, I honestly think Bday is her best album. I feel like the positive reception of the message and visuals of lemonade over shadowed the fact the album itself was not that great, especially the second half. I think her vocal range has changed a lot from what it was in her earlier years. It’s much lower now and she wouldn’t be able to sing a lot of the high notes in her newer songs live. I definitely agree Beyonce is not the most skilled or talented rapper, but I actually think she has good delivery and charisma with it and generally pulls it off well. I definitely would not want to see a full rap album from her though.

No. 1064246

hearing her rap about onlyfans is a definite low point

No. 1064247

What’s weird about her handwriting?

No. 1064248


Agreed with >>1064247, what's wrong with Beyonce's handwriting?

No. 1064249

She gives off a refined "above you" kind of looks and personality but her hand writing looks like it could be a random kid's. It's just a massive disconnect since it's just very average while she was trained since young to be above average in everything else.

No. 1064250

God, she was already so unfortunate looking. I learned men would fuck anything when she used to have multiple threads at a time everyday on /mu/. Like her first album was good, but…

No. 1064251

NTA but she has the same handwriting as the girls who bullied everyone in high school

No. 1065579

Why in the world are actresses and actors still hired instead of the stuntmen/women that do their scenes?

No. 1065587

Why are the actors hired to act instead of the stuntpeople hired to do stunts? That what you mean? Because you know the answer by their job description

No. 1065614

File: 1603368273078.png (1.66 MB, 1397x821, Screenshot (350).png)

That's so disgusting, being a degenerate has become way too normalized. If she lived 200 years ago she would've been a poor prostitute raising her kids in a brothel, but nowadays millions worship and admire her for living like that.

No. 1065615

yoo celebricow is in snow?

No. 1065616

I agree somewhat but that ass is amazing

No. 1065622

Yeah, it needs to stop. Stuntwomen are usually much better looking and have a more humble personality. Actors/actresses are completely useless.

No. 1065625

Why are people always criticizing her for doing that though? Because she’s bold/bald about it? At least she knows what she is meanwhile Paris Hilton and Kim Hoedashian will cry wolf when you call them out for it.

No. 1065631

File: 1603370385163.jpg (461.85 KB, 1920x1440, Ek0-_PVUcAEFRJV-1.jpg)

Doubt there's going to be anything new about this but I'm still amazed about the unnecessary and honestly blown of proportions defense squad formed after……a Twitter poll…especially because it's a fact that he has direct ties with the hillsong church. Also I know Brie is a controversial topic but she didn't have not even a quarter of support like chris had.

Mushroom dick chris stays winning.

No. 1065632

i mean this is just further proof that he’s hollywood’s worst chris imo

No. 1065639

Stop what? Knowing what different jobs are? Do you think every movie requires stunt people? Stop watching capeshit retard

No. 1065640

this shit is so funny to me. They're acting like he's dead lmao. Zoe with the tupac quote KEK. It was a dumb twitter game that when I saw it hadn't even broken 5k likes. It's such a non-issue and they drew 10x more attention to it by putting it in front of their millions of followers.

And either way, just because they personally like him that doesn't mean the public has to? God celebrities are fucking stupid. Where was this energy for Brie.

No. 1065645

>where was this energy for brie
you know hollywood doesn’t give a fuck about women

No. 1065654

This ain't mushroom dick chris though, this is the cult chris.

No. 1065665

As far as I know Paris isn't posting pics of her (non-existent) toddlers next to her naked ass…

Sorry but what twitter poll?
And I thought he was cancelled already after he was called out by some celeb for his church financing conversion therapy?

No. 1065673

File: 1603375487604.png (429.77 KB, 600x530, da729ac891443128a39336dd926bbf…)

It wasn't even a poll it was just a random question in a format used all the time on twitter.

To put how dumb this is into perspective, the original tweet has 10k likes which isn't even a huge amount by twitter standards, Robert Downey JR's insta post about it has over 4 million likes.


No. 1065686

the narrative they’re trying to create that people hate chris pratt because he’s a christian or whatever is hilarious. uhh maybe people just think he’s fucking annoying?

No. 1065703

Plus hillsong is uber cult-y, sure we can hate scientologists all we want but not their cool hip christian cult.

No. 1065706

Wtf? Sorry but in this case this applies, fucking boomers and karens
Did they interpret that as "which chris do i want to die"? And even if, so what? It's not a big deal, just a single mean tweet in exchange for the millions he earned.

This. Makes me suspect that they're members of shady organisations too, that's so far-fetched, most people who retweeted it wrote that it's because he's a trump voter.
Now I get why farmers brought up brie, this is absolutely nothing compared to what her or other celebrities have to see all year long.

I will never understand why seemingly entire america is simping so hard for superhero movies, they always consist of the most obnoxious and overpayed breed of actors.

No. 1065713

I just fucking understood you were in the right with your usage of mushroom dick chris and I apologize for the retardation

No. 1065717

Does he have an upcoming movie or something? This stinks of absolutely fabricated drama to put his name in the news.

No. 1065722

Either that or he's creating a podcast/yt channel. I also thinks it's somewhat fabricated because no sane person would see that tweet as a threat or insult.

No. 1065728

Exactly. All the vile shit is OK when it’s spewed at bio women.
Then we praise Aiden’s and Kai’s with entitlement issues, and BPD.
Prime example is something that’s talked about a lot in the MTF thread. A tranny posting minimal, and poorly applied makeup (in a specific sub-Reddit) gets outstanding praise and upvotes. Whereas, if a bio woman of the same caliber posted the same image, she would be ripped apart.
I fucking hate trannies. It’s just a covert way to erase true woman-hood.

No. 1065734

Yeah I've seen tweets circulating about that possiblity and it is extremely fishy everyone jumped into defending him for a minor tweet,saw some ppl talking about trying to keep his image clear for a possible candidacy later on which seeing his Schwarzenegger ties, so maybe?

Lol dw anon

No. 1065737

Sorry, samefag, but they don’t DESERVE surgery?! Wtf is wrong with you? Fucking libfems getting socially cucked by trannies is mind boggling. Like, have fun being an enemy to your own kind, in favor of being an ally to those who want to erase, or skin walk you. All to get an “I’m woke” back stage pass. Disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1065739

why are you trying to fight with comments from over a week ago kek

No. 1065751


He's not the worst because he's Christian

He's the worst because he's a smug anti-choicer who looks like a kewpie doll

No. 1065756

falseflaggers coming from /meta/
just ignore

No. 1065758

All of these celebs who jumped to defend him over this meaningless, non-threatening tweet are automatically sus, and it really proves how Women in the same or worse positions aren't given the same energy.

Anyone else remember that one tweet with the 4 famous black women, one of them being Zendaya, asking if there was a purge which one of them would you rape? And everyone is jumping to protect this dumb white boy's feelings cause we all know he's the lamest Chris—my god.

No. 1065762

>it really proves how Women in the same or worse positions aren't given the same energy
We've known this, though. I'm not even hurt or surprised, I expect absolutely nothing from men, especially these lame ass celebrity men that blow each other between takes all day. I wonder if any of them will say anything or acknowledge the discrepancy in their behaviors towards crisp rat vs their female coworkers. Not that it matters, it'd just be interesting to see libfem, fakewoke meninists take some sort of accountability for their hypocrisy. Doubt.jpg.

No. 1065890

Either actresses/actors/(you) should be able to take beatings while repeating some mediocre lines or they should not be in a movie at all. Also, sometimes they even protect them from being naked by using a double, totally lame!
I deleted my post to correct something but I like how totally ignored what you said, I mean wtf does capeshit even mean lol.

No. 1065902

Is this fucking satire?

No. 1065928


Nta but how are you even in this thread if you don't know what capeshit is? Commonly used term referring to the last decade of nonstop superhero movies

No. 1065930

Also you sound like a jealous extra or stunt double with your batshit posts

No. 1065956

File: 1603403729725.png (1.36 MB, 1501x2048, Screenshot_20201022-145538.png)

Zoe saldana is such a pick me. She's always saying the dumbest fucking shit to ensure she's liked by the sci-fi community. Of course she'd come out for that crazy cult boy.

No. 1065968

This is dumb like everything Zoe says but every few months I remember she was the ana chan friend from the Britney Spears film Crossroads who was played by someone clearly a bit older than everyone else.

No. 1066154

File: 1603428382073.png (536.65 KB, 635x515, 33x89u.png)

>Also, sometimes they even protect them from being naked by using a double, totally lame!

No. 1066181

Ariana released her latest single…and it's really bland. Also I think she did something to her face again, she looks different

No. 1066328

File: 1603467446915.jpg (61.41 KB, 679x749, 4ef.jpg)

Did we ever got the full story of this pic? I Also remember that by the time this started getting the rounds some people commented that goldblum was very "handsy" and somewhat of a creep but it died down real fast

No. 1066340

I know nothing about this picture/him really, but I don't get the Jeff Goldblum hype. He's ugly and creepy and annoying kek.

No. 1066341

I love Jeff Goldblum but this picture is fucking creepy

No. 1066353

She asked him to do that. If she changed her story she’s lying. As far as for others idk though.

No. 1066366


No. 1066370

Most music released this year sounds like people were bored out of their mind making it imo. I’ve listened to the song twice now and I can’t remember any of it… I don’t like the video though, I’m tired of women acting like wanting a career and being a ”good house wife” at the same is revolutionary. I don’t think she looks different, just less filtered than in her selfies.

No. 1066372

Jeff Goldbloom is said to be one of those "open secret" handsy guys, but everyone always mentions that the women are willing. I have no source other than an acquaintance who worked for TMZ. So take that with a huge grain of salt

No. 1066373

File: 1603473262220.png (1.68 MB, 1072x1072, 010dca6b01c899c44.png)

To me her face shape looks bizarrely round

No. 1066377

Also her eyebrows did not move at all throughout the video. She's had botox for sure

No. 1066392

Local radio, who were probably paid to play it once per hour today, have been going in on how dull and unmemorable the song is.
>why are we playing this

No. 1066394

File: 1603475177329.jpeg (24.34 KB, 442x333, images (1).jpeg)

She's had a myriad of procedures since she was very young. I think her management intended for it to be perceived as puberty, and for the most part it worked. Now she's a little older and the procedures have piled up she's starting to look odd. I can't be the only one who remembers her botched brow lift when one was significantly more raised than the other for what seemed like forever?

No. 1066399

not saying this isn't ps but not everybody's face is completely symmetrical. blogposting but when i raise my eyebrows one of them definitely raises higher than the other.

No. 1066400

Yaaaas feminist queen jumping through hoops to please her man what an icon!!! Let’s promote the fact that women should juggle housework, pleasing their partner, and having a successful career!!
We all know Ariana is a fake feminist with her pick me antics but this song kinda made it more obvious. New boyfriend, gotta please him to be a good woman! Look at me being sexy in the kitchen pls uwu it’s so empowering tho since I showed my ass

No. 1066405

Would it kill her to enunciate or have all the procedures paralyzed her mouth? With all the shitty CGI in the transitions this straight up feels like a Sims ad. Simlish chanteuse

No. 1066406

Same but in this comparison you can see how the start (opposite the tail) of her eyebrow completely moved way higher as well. The tell is that her whole eyebrow just migrated up and more eyelid is visible.

No. 1066410

Oh don’t you worry anon youre not the only one to remember the surgeries

No. 1066411

I don't expect people to have symmetrical faces anon, I except their features to not completely change and migrate around like in Sims character creation.

No. 1066412

Hahah this made me laugh

No. 1066419

Ariana gets a lot of visual effects edit on her videos, in fact I’d say that a majority of the wait on her videos to debut is because the vfx team spends a lot of time doing beauty work on her.

No. 1066458

To be fair I don't think she's had a myriad, and they're not bad, she's very pretty imho. This video is all speculation of course but I don't think it's that far from the truth.
>brow lift
>chin wing implant
>lip fillers

No. 1066469

she was so pretty before, she didn't need any work. If they'd left her face the fuck alone she could still have ditched the red dye, gone anachan and done her makeup like today but look miles better without having one eyebrow halfway up her forehead kek

No. 1066487

agree. she could have achieved the majority of her look now with a spray tan, hair color change and makeup.

No. 1066494

They really fucked up her face, she looked cuter and more ethnic before they could've easily tried to pass her as Latina before with her curly hair and Hispanic looking face but now she looks like every white italian girl. She keeps getting mad at all her clones but it's the bed she made letting her company mess with her face.

No. 1066521

i dont know if this even makes sense but it always makes me have this weird, sad, almost nostalgic feeling when i see pictures of her old face. not just in an "oh no she was a pretty girl before why" way, but it sort of just reminds me how everyone looks the same now with the heavy makeup and overfilled lips. i mean dumb beauty standards have always existed but for some reason i feel like the current form of it is truly just.. clones. any time i see her i cant believe thats really the same girl who was on victorious.

No. 1066533

I was just gonna say this. She looks like Pete Burns, her face is so fucking fucked up now. I can’t believe straight dudes are into this.

No. 1066540

Seriously. I have to remind myself of this every time I think I want a nose job. It's really sad, but it makes me appreciate natural features on women more, honestly.

No. 1066552

Like most anons said, she was cuter before. She's trying to look asian now.

No. 1066567


the thing that bothers me the most is those stilletos in the kitchen are such a OHSA violation

No. 1066606

File: 1603491994482.png (403.3 KB, 482x433, lmao.png)

Chris Pratt has been a bad boy and has been found to be following the following people and groups, causing twitter to lose their shit:

>Kevin Spacey

>Tucker Carlson.
>Police Support groups and FBI LA.
>Ben Shapiro
>Duck Dynasty family members
>Dan Crenshaw.
>Turning Points USA

His defenders are saying he's not "tech-savvy" and "trying to break his echo chamber".

He deserves this 100% for sperging out about a twitter thread.

No. 1066618

I’ve always had bad vibes about this dude. Everyone always raved about him but now he just looks like a douche and is into those culty religions that Hollywood freaks are obsessed with. No surprise he’s a conservative and gets his panties twisted over criticism. I can’t even watch parks and rec anymore.

No. 1066619

>>1065956 sage cuz old milk

and remember when zoe did darker face for her role as nina simone? truly disturbing don't know what was going thru her mind