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File: 1604250319755.png (49.59 KB, 275x274, 1602885670943.png)

No. 1072499

Now in our new home on /snow/!

Previous thread: >>1063353

Last thread's milk:

Chrissy Teigen
>Announces her miscarriage on social media with a series of artistic photos
>Took offense at people celebrating births in their own family while she was at the hospital
>Makes her nurse dress up as a plague doctor for Halloween

Chris Pratt
>Encourages people to vote for his Pixar movie at the People's Choice awards with a dumb joke about the US elections
>Avengers cast rushes to defend him and kiss his ass, unleashing the Barbra Streisand effect on all his shortcomings
>Shortcomings that include his questionable Following list on Twitter, including Kevin Spacey, Ben Shapiro, and PragerU

Max Ehrich
>Claims he's being harassed by Demi's fans, struggles to squeeze out tears for selfies
>Hires paparazzi to follow him to beach where he proposed to her, pretends to cry

Lily James & Dominic West
>The two are seen kissing in Italy; Dominic isn't wearing his wedding ring
>Dominic and his wife come out of their home to kiss in front of paps, hands them a note that their marriage is still strong
>Suspected to be PR for Lily's new Netflix film Rebecca

Lana del Rey
>promotes new album Chemtrails over the Country Club in a mask that looks like a glittery fruit mesh bag
>promotes new single with a lazily designed, amateurish cover
>also the song sucks

>The late Naya Rivera's sister moves in with the father of her child; defends actions on IG

>Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty welcome their first child, a boy
>Anons argue about how milky JKR is
>Trump tests positive for COVID-19
>Armie Hammer poses for GQ with a fugly mustache
>6ix9ine hospitalized for overdose on caffeine and weight loss pills
>Tyga has an OnlyFans, my eyes, my fucking eyes
>Rihanna criticized by some for using Islamic Hadith in a new song, no one cares really
>Blaire White criticizes Halsey for not properly wearing her mask at a protest, Halsey claps back with ad hominems
>Tory Lanez charged with felony assault over Megan Thee Stallion shooting
>Azealia Banks goes off on trannies on Twitter, announces she's voting for Trump so she can perform live again
>Chris Brown spotted leaving Adele's house after a purported booty call
>Timothy Heller, who previously accused Melanie Martinez of rape, has followed her on Tiktok and seems to have reconciled
>Liam Cunningham (Davos on GOT) refused to let his character have a crush on Missandei
>Anons argue about whether or not it's okay to body-shame Billie Eilish after pap pics surface
>Katharine McPhee knocked up by her 70-year-old husband David Foster, a music producer
>Cardi B hits back at Offset abuse rumors by claiming "nobody can manipulate" her
>Sia voices her support for Johny Depp
>Paris and Kim are friends again; release velour tracksuits
>Grimes has a ridiculous amount of lip filler
>Ariana Grande's new MV spurs discussion on all the cosmetic surgery she's ruined her face with
>Aubrey O'Day claims in a now deleted tweet that Don Jr hates his father and that Ivanka is a closet lesbian
>Emily Ratajkowski grosses everyone out with her uncomfortable amount of pregnant vanity shots
>Miley Cyrus is working on an album of Metallica covers
>Kim K parties on a private island in the middle of a pandemic
>Jameela works herself into that somehow
>Jennifer Lawrence admits in an interview to having been "a little republican"; voted for McCain
>Sean Connery dies at 90
>Keke Palmer catches flak from black Twitter for dating a white guy

No. 1072504

The Chris Pratt support drama was about someone making a “one has to go” twitter post about Hollywood Chrises and everyone chose Chris Pratt, he got butthurt, so they looked into his life and found actual reasons he was the one who they would choose. His friends caped first him because of course everyone supports the dumpy white male. Also the voting thing he threatened to kill people who didn’t vote for his movie (lol)

No. 1072512

I mean in terms of pure looks I get why he'd be chosen last, nothing about him is really striking compared to Hemsworth, Pines and Evans, he has a very forgettable face

No. 1072517

he’s also just an annoying bitch as illustrated by the way he acted afterward. well deserved.

No. 1072536

Yeah that of course as well, I was just speaking in terms of looks

No. 1072566

they all just look like basic rent-a-white-guys

No. 1072570

I find Chris Evans has something that really stands out for me, I don't know what it is but it's their

No. 1072577

>Chris Brown spotted leaving Adele's house after a purported booty call
I missed this in the last thread but wtf, what a random pairing

No. 1072579

Pretty sure I'm echoing past anon's with this opinion, but;
The only thing I've seen Chris Pratt in is Parks and Rec, and he was always my least favorite part of the show. I know his character is supposed to be dumb and goofy, but something about him seemed off/just annoyed me. Finding out the dirt on him makes me feel validated in my irrational hate kek

No. 1072607

Adele is suing The Sun over that story, for what it's worth.

No. 1072628

A friend of mine is his cousin and said that his role as Andy on Parks & Rec was really not far off from his IRL personality kek.

No. 1072649

File: 1604263138551.jpg (48.52 KB, 574x284, 20201101_123657.jpg)

What was it about Connery that gets men hyped like this? Tf?

No. 1072666

First, gross.
Second, what does AF mean in this context? Assuming this dude didn't mean connery was "naturally as fuck"

No. 1072669

>naturally AF

No. 1072670

That Cooper guy is some balding grandpa who gives PUA advice or something. I'm guessing he's been cucked in every relationship or something and now spends his time seething at women

No. 1072675

Sorry I can't post caps cause my phone is being weird but apparently Ariana Grande has been throwing a tantrum due to her album getting poor reviews and keeps doing that weird baby talk thanking people who said nice things.And a bunch of fans attacked a fan for posting a comparison of her halloween look from this year to the one from 2016 with mac miller. Ariana claimed she didn't do the same look on purpose and that that fan was hurting her feelings.

No. 1072679

Hasn't her album been getting generally good reviews? Maybe she tripled her adderall dose this weekend.

No. 1072772

I think she's just zeroing in on the people who don't like it. It's not like it's affecting her sales even if it gets negative reviews, her fans are rabid and will continue to buy and stream ad nauseam

No. 1072835

File: 1604285516954.jpeg (754.81 KB, 1006x1251, 60CAFC60-4F5A-49E1-8DC2-2D44D9…)

No. 1072841

this reads like a shitty reddit comment

No. 1072857

"them" "they" - is this kid a theyby?

No. 1072861

This sounds like Anna Khachiyan wrote it

No. 1072863

I think there's more than one kid

No. 1072911

File: 1604295645042.jpeg (312.92 KB, 2174x800, Amanda Grande.jpeg)

>Ariana Grande has been throwing a tantrum
inb4 Ariana's Amanda Bynes meltdown.

No. 1072952

File: 1604301346716.jpeg (628.45 KB, 2000x1208, muh bread n' circuses.jpeg)

Gospel music apparently started gaining in popularity right before these "secular" artists began trying to insert themselves. The mainstream looks at gospel and sees dollar signs. For them it's about what they think will be the most lucrative, ultimately.
I don't know what his problem is exactly but he's definitely not someone I'd take life advice from lol. idc about politics btw I just like laughing at how pretentious, fake and cringey it all is.

No. 1072990

so she's buttmad he posted a photo with the kid(s) because it makes her look like a terrible mother when she doesn't do the same? cmon megan use your brain, you could've at least used the "I actually care about their privacy brian" excuse to make him look like a bad person

No. 1073091

File: 1604330431467.jpg (283.21 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201102-115623_Twi…)

So people are still trying to cancel brendon? I hate actually having to defend "rock" male stars but i haven't been able to find any of the claims about him except for your typical hearsay and echo chamber effect of users repeating what they read from one of their mutuals so it means it's totally true, he did do a stream saying he fired his bodyguard zack and that the allegations were fake but most people were pissed it was 3 min only (there were also some comments about how he didn't showed his face so he was "trying not to expose his body language……..)


No. 1073092

File: 1604330458375.jpg (310.11 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201102-115627_Twi…)

No. 1073095

File: 1604330585626.jpg (270.97 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201102-115638_Twi…)

No. 1073096


Sage for no milk but who the fuck is Brendan?

No. 1073098

>"I don't think the pedophile thing is true," but shared it anyways
These people are retarded. Who cares. I wish half the people they call transphobic actually were, they'd be based.

No. 1073099

Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco/Vine if you're an infant

No. 1073108

is the t slur “tranny?” lmao

No. 1073119


what the fuck do these people think an "intersex" joke even is?

No. 1073140

File: 1604335991351.png (156.59 KB, 828x638, 204BB66C-D3AD-4E0A-804C-0FFCAF…)

What the fuck is wrong with her? I overlooked her tinychat mess but this is too much

No. 1073142

File: 1604336023707.png (131.35 KB, 622x437, AB8DEB50-82BA-4E51-86EE-5BB84A…)

No. 1073143

File: 1604336096042.png (310.32 KB, 750x601, F6EB31A2-0CBC-4EC0-AFC9-9A2691…)

No. 1073146

Did she delete these? I'm not seeing them on her page. What is this even about?

No. 1073147

what’s the context here?

No. 1073149

This is how she got COVID the first time kek. One minute she's clowning people for believing in it and the next she came on live saying "yeah, so I tested positive." If she gets it again from going to all these parties then that's just willful ignorance at that point.

No. 1073153

To be a celebrity you definitely have to be mentally unstable, at least. I love her music and performances, but she should get away from social media and these interactions with fans, it distorts reality and these people are already far from it

No. 1073159

Yeah, male celebrities are among the last things I’d defend but this sounds like a load of bull LOL.

No. 1073162

She doesn’t owe them anything. If they’re fans of her especially after the chatrooms then they should have seen the crazy rude weirdo behavior coming. Doja getting backlash for this would be very apt but they need the wakeup call too.

No. 1073172

You can't convince this specific type of nerd to not use the internet. It's just the same way Azealia ruined her career, by shitposting in a way that just doesn't work with the general public at all because they're both way too online.

I remember when she got infected but did she feel sick or did she realize she was sick only later because of no symptoms?

No. 1073178

Well, yes and no. Stans are mentally unstable as well, but the truth is that she would be stuck doing her own music in her bedroom and uploading it to soundcloud if it wasn't for her supporters. Being a mainstream singer comes with having a relationship with fans and all of her movements scrutinized, she can't escape it. If she can't be nice with them, she can ignore them when they're annoying but she decided to insult them over nothing.
I still have no idea what happened, I'm not from the US but I'm guessing that tests aren't free, and she just calls anyone who most likely can't afford them, lazy?

No. 1073181


Depptards about to have meltdowns.

>Depp turned to drink and drugs when stressed, which was often
>Depp would get jealous over perceived threats by other men
>He was prone to bouts of jealousy and rage
>Amber Heard's claims of violence and Depp's monster' within were true
>Amber's team proved that he had indeed assaulted her physically in at least 14 occasions between 2013-2016
>On three occasions she was provably in fear of her life

>Depp cut his own fingertip off, possibly accidentally, allegedly while smashing his phone in an attempt to hit her head with it

>Judge found it 'unlikely' Amber Heard/a friend did a poo in the bed. The dog had "an incomplete mastery of her bowels"
>Heard has suffered online abuse for speaking out
>Heard got provably only once physical with him, when he was attempting to assault her sister by alllegedly attempting to push her down the stairs

No. 1073203

Doja has industry backing that Azealia never had so she'll be sheltered from any real fallout.

No. 1073211

True, I was comparing their behaviors more than their success or anything related to business but Azealia seemed like she was stuck with a shitty contract and I think she barely earned anything from her "broke with expensive taste" album because the higher-ups are keeping all the profits and these guys also wanted her to just be a ghost writer for more successful singers, and that's before her reputation turned to shit. Doja Cat seems like she's in a better situation to begin with and she marketed herself way better online too.

No. 1073218

File: 1604341684079.jpg (164.94 KB, 1080x810, 122819971_796623437845503_2820…)

I don't know if anybody cares, but gwen stefani got engaged to blake shelton.

No. 1073227

They look like they're in a basement set for niche religion porn

No. 1073234

Gross. They’re major fucking weirdos. Good match.
What’s hilarious about this is that we all (the general public with access to the entire dispute and common sense) knew that everything Heard claimed about Depp was likely true. depptards are going to lose their minds when that one hit Amber got on him was their only retort to prove she was the abusive one the entire time.

No. 1073293

I actually thought they had already gotten married for some reason. I dk, they seem weirdly happy together

No. 1073469

Kanye was nominated for several Stellar Awards in 2004, but sure, he's totally new to gospel.

No. 1073578

an 80 year old grandpa has been that played in great movies and a hag that thinks she's 18 years old and a prize still on it
I hope at least this case will shut them up

No. 1073588

I thought they were already engaged

No. 1073616

They're having meltdowns but then blame the "biased courts" against Depp for being male. They'll just double down and continue to hold him up as an uwu delicate victim

No. 1073619

i'll never get how or why normies love her so much and think she's some sweet talented humanitarian. her music is subpar at best and ever since she licked those fucking donuts as a joke that were then supposed to be bought and eaten by other customers? nope, she's just another made-for-fame cunty robot with no real empathy or concern for anyone else, it's all image (wow what a shocker)

No. 1073629

why is Ariana grande a heavily discussed topic in these threads and other celebrities that are way more annoying aren't? (kardashians, Jenners, kardashians, Jenners)

No. 1073638

Is there really much more anyone can say about the Kardashians and Jenners at this point? We know that they're milky. It's almost boring at this point because it's always the same shit with them. Ariana Grande imo is interesting because she has the potential to be milky, but we don't have a lot of solid proof yet. It's just bubbling underneath the surface imo

No. 1073639

is she really that heavily discussed? honestly don't remember much about her being brought up in the last thread or two.. unless it was just a few posts i don't think it was that much though.

No. 1073640

Lmao how long is this shit going to keep getting played out before people figure out that they're both cows who bring out the worst in each other?

No. 1073642

The album sucks though and this is coming from someone who actually likes her music generally.
Ariana has more cow-tier moments (pro-ana phase, lolita/ddlg aesthetic, surgery transformation, bad attitude, her revolving door of relationships) that are similar to the cows on /pt/ and /snow/ whereas the Kardashians are just gross and boring aside from Kanye's antics and his cult. I think LSA has a whole forum on instathots and the Kardashians, which in theory sounds way more milky than Ariana, but it's kind of like you expect trashiness from them anyways so it's not as good.

No. 1073659

yarp. He's a wife beater, that's the point of the libel case - but she ain't no better.

No. 1073662

I’m pretty sure it is a theyby though

No. 1073689

I thought they had already been engaged but called off the wedding due to political disagreements and covid, I'm just remembering what I read off a people magazine cover though kek

No. 1073705

Ariana's got a more controlled image and tighter PR than the Kardashians but there's obviously something milky about her that makes it seem like she could do something crazy at any second and it wouldn't be surprising. Her love life is also milky as well, her tendency to hop from man to man, as well as the kinds of rumors that surround her about who she's dated, slept with, the friends she's trashed, and the things she's done. Things like the donut incident will occasionally slip through the cracks. Her positive innocent babygirl uwu image has to crack eventually and people can't wait till the day it does.

No. 1073716

I think one reason is because her anachan tendencies/“I’m so small uwu” shtick triggered anons. At least in the beginning. She’s pretty much if Shoe0nhead was a pop star instead of an internet pickme.

No. 1073718

Triggered anons how? Are you implying they’re jealous?

No. 1073720

because Ariana has a good reputation even if it's not deserved, while the Kardashians are the Kardashians, everyone sees them for what they are

No. 1073747

if you haven't found out, Kylie held a bday/halloween party in which about 100 celebs, including doja, attended. they were given one of those cheap fast acting tests at the door, that give false results constantly, and low and behold the internet is mad that celebs are having yet another party

No. 1073771


The Depp retards always end up in here when he's mentioned. Shoo.

No. 1073778

Not caping for either of them just yet. Shit's not that black and white. That being said, the fact that there's a 20 year age difference between them is pretty telling. I wish one of his exes would come forward if there really is more evidence that he's abusive. At the same time, don't really blame anyone for not wanting to get wrapped up in this fiasco

No. 1073804

Controlled PR and same management as JB, they just deny everything. She's had everything handed down to her and really doesn't deserve praise considering how she views her fans and others when the cameras aren't on her. She acts like a Diva when she hasn't earned it and continues to act dumb when blackfishing for exotic points and is petty enough to block people over it. I haven't even touched her cringey relationship antics, the milk will spill eventually.

No. 1073809

I mean she is friends with that racist Courtney and blocked people who asked her why she was hanging out with her. Birds of a feather flock together. Not to mention that heinous stuff she told that asian reporter who criticized her. She told her it was okay that Ariana's fans were making fun of the reporter's rape and calling her racial slurs cause they were "protecting her and keeping the same energy".

No. 1073816

Maybe some. But honestly, any discussion about female celebs and their body image is enough to get anons sperging, even if they’re not jealous at all. Case and point, the Billie Eilish brouhaha from the previous thread.

No. 1073822

even if his exes come forward and say he’s baby jesus reincarnated and never hurt a soul, that wouldn’t invalidate amber’s claims. i’m not trying to say you implied that but i have seen depp stans use that line of thought to discredit her and i’ve also seen it in totally separate but similar situations. people seem to forget sometimes that abusers didn’t just come out of the womb smacking their partners, it’s a long and specific process that gets complicated and messy as shit. that’s also part of why people say “they’re both cows” even though it’s clear which of the two had more power.

No. 1073853

She's always droning on about her trauma and how hard she works. But then she'll dismiss others trauma like in >>1073809

Ariana is like a bunch of celebs these days, they're part of that "no hate, only light and love" bullshit that's real easy to spout when you're literal millionaires with a legion of fans. Then when they do get criticized they can fall back on "b-but all i do is give positivity plz dont attack".

No. 1073855

Ariana is and always will be a spoiled rich Boca girl that got everything handed to her, and it shows.

No. 1073866

File: 1604397526014.jpg (97.29 KB, 634x403, yuhyuh.jpg)

hdu anon she's the hardest working girl on earth!!!

No. 1073959

Think it was Kendall's party rather than Kylie's

No. 1074019

celebrities think it's easy to pretend to feign positive outlooks because they're rich, when they're some of the seediest, most negative, dysfunctional people out there. it's hilarious when the ones with the nicest images are caught doing the nastiest shit. I await the day celebs false positivity is shafted and they're caught in the middle of some horrific act. even a lot of the previously positive ones have realized how false they sound and added a dash of nihilism to their brand to try and seem more convincing… it's not working

No. 1074030

Ellen is the ultimate example. She just gave no fucks.

No. 1074132

sage for no milk
BUT THIS IS TRUE AF, he is such a bad untalented person who only talks about him, it's so sad, i truly believe he is this problematic, just listen to his songs…

poor ryan.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1074151

everyone in the fueled by ramen bandom scene is a nerd who was bullied in high school and then suddenly got famous very young (especially re: p!atd) and didn't know how to deal with it. that's why they're basically all (except maybe Patrick Stump) more or less douchebags.

No. 1074174

Fujo detected

No. 1074182

She’s so unbearable and I think she only got a pass because people coddled her after the terrorist attack and Mac Miller thing. Cringe at those hashtags. What a vapid and ignorant life.

No. 1074187

so no one was going to tell me that chelsea handler is dating 50 cent? what's with all these random af celebrity couples these days. i thought gwen stefani and her man was random. then there's the situationship with adele and chris brown. also, all these dumbass talentless "rapper" clowns are simping for donald trump because they are individualistic little sadists, like lil pump, kodak black, waka flocka, lil wayne, 50 cent.

No. 1074189

Back around 2014ish she was super skinny and would post blatant body check content on her Snapchat (thigh gap from above, ribs sticking out, chest/collarbones jutting out) and she was the main celeb for thinspo. Her fans were also super young at that time and I can’t imagine it gave them a healthy view of themselves and their body image.
I could give less of a shit if some girl is skinny but she was just so obvious about showing it off in those anachan methods that it was gross given her audience demographic

No. 1074210

File: 1604434292284.png (1.85 MB, 1212x1552, 1.png)

Amazing how different she looks now. Lol.

No. 1074219

Why did they photoshop her arm to be so busted?

No. 1074229

Sadly I think she lost weight after the video bc a few people commented that she’s looking thicker than usual. It’s suspected she has an ED but idk I think she’s also just obsessive with looking tiny as her image so people can fawn over her being so “small and cute“ even though her fans are younger than her.

No. 1074242

It’s so stupid. She finally looked healthy, and the minute a super skinny person gains weight, everyone feels the need to point it out, which is the last thing someone with a suspected ED needs to hear.

No. 1074328

I laughed my ass off when I saw that Gaga had to wear high heels just to make sure Grande looks "smol".

No. 1074337

Wait is this… Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga? Sorry if I sound slow kek, I don't really follow them but this looks nothing like either of them

No. 1074360

Its them from the recent Rain On Me song collaboration. I personally enjoyed Gaga's part and song would have been better without Ari anyway (imo) because she does nothing but repeats the same lines.

No. 1074373

File: 1604447371558.png (290.55 KB, 594x715, 03dfcd39a7f014afb51478980976fe…)

To be fair Adele is suing over that Chris brown story


Lmao she really did bust her lips with filler

No. 1074450

kinda OT but gaga is so gorgeous. ariana really looks busted though

No. 1074495

Really? I think they look equally busted and inflated with filler, like borderline indistinguishable.

No. 1074505

never mind, i take it back. in this photo she looks good but you're right they're more or less equally botched

No. 1074516

Doesn't Lady Gaga just wear big platform heels a lot anyway?
Although I do find it funny that Lady Gaga, someone who is actually very short, enjoys wearing tall heels and making people think she's taller than she is, whereas Ariana who is just slightly below average height for an American girl is obsessed with keeping up this uwu so tiny and petite image.

No. 1074517

File: 1604458457026.jpg (390.02 KB, 638x776, Press Release 2004 Stellar Awa…)

>two devout Christians UwU

No. 1074535

File: 1604459860104.png (23.69 KB, 779x223, Screenshot-2020-11-3 MeToo act…)

What about all that audio with Amber admitting she was physically abusive while also being verbally abusive to him in the same audio? It was posted on twitter months ago lol.

>smashing a telephone beside her face

>beside her face
So tragic.
>the British law firm that represented Depp said in an emailed statement that the American proceedings were “ongoing.” She called the British decision “as perverse as it is bewildering” and said that “it would be ridiculous for Mr. Depp not to appeal.”

The articles you linked are about the lost libel case against the Sun. His case against Amber isn't over yet. Depp fucked up by not making Amber sign a prenup and being a sloppy drunk.

No. 1074536

that is such an unflattering photo of Ari

No. 1074546

> I wish one of his exes would come forward
I know his ex wife (French, I can't remember her name) came out in support of him after the allegations surfaced.

No. 1074573

I only recently found out Gaga is like 5 ft 1, I was legit shocked. I always thought she was tall, maybe because her style gives her so much presence.

Anyway I have no respect for women who intentionally diminutize themselves.

No. 1074592

Five foot two.

It's literally the title of her documentary.


Yeah it's before she was LARPing as black

No. 1074605

Calm down Gaganon, we haven't all watched her documentary. This isn't stan twitter

No. 1074608

kek neither have I! I didn't mean in it that way, I only know her height because it's the title if you get me

No. 1074628

She is not below average, but a complete average. The woman is obsessed with trying to look shorter than others on pictures (and never updating her height info). In her paparazzi pictures she would wear huge, oversized sweaters just for the illusion of looking "smol" and on photos with celebs shorter than her she would bend over but try hiding it.

No. 1074640

Crazy that someone might hit their abuser back after prolonged abuse. Never heard of. Depp ain't gonna fuck you, Karen.

No. 1074687

File: 1604490581282.jpeg (64.81 KB, 935x365, Gaga Odo.jpeg)

Say what you want anon but I think her Odo cosplay was stunning and brave.

No. 1074695

At least Gaga kept SOME of her nose, which made her visually unique.

No. 1074697

File: 1604493239260.png (284.53 KB, 1384x990, Cow.png)

>Crazy that someone might hit their abuser back after prolonged abuse

So any idea why some of Ambers former allies abandoned her for lying to them? Depp lost the libel case against the Sun (libel cases are notoriously difficult to win), that has nothing to do with his case against Amber which is still ongoing, as his lawyer stated. I quoted from the articles you linked to lol. Your reading comprehension is poor.

No. 1074720

No use posting these, there's that one anon who will claim you just wanna fuck depp because you're a stan till the end of times.

No. 1074728


nta but you guys really think you know better than the 2 judges from 2 seperate continents that hav both ruled that he abused her.

also as a brit you have no clue what you're talking about re: libel cases. Since 2010-ish libel can be defended by the truth in britain. the judge ruled that way because there was proof he abused her, and he flat out told depp that he had lied so much he doesn't believe anything he says anymore.

like when he claimed she shit in his bed but the judge said it made no sense because 1) Johnny wasn't even in the country so why would she shit in her own bed to own herself? 2) The shit was clearly a dog shit because the judge had pictures given to him by Johnny.

I hope you get picked though, sis. Your standards are in the toilet so idk why it's this hard for you.

No. 1074731

kek at you calling someone elses reading comprehension poor while you misunderstand and outright lie about why he lost the libel case.

>Justice Nicol said Depp was jealous of actor Billy Bob Thornton and believed Heard was having an affair with him before she came to Australia. He also said Depp was also angry because he believed Heard was unwilling to sign a post-nuptial agreement, and did not like the latest instalment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

>"It is a sign of the depth of his rage that he admitted scrawling graffiti in blood from his injured finger and then, when that was insufficient, dipping his badly injured finger in paint and continuing to write messages and other things," he said.

>"I accept her evidence of the nature of the assaults he committed against her. They must have been terrifying. I accept that Mr Depp put her in fear of her life."

Amber def lied/bent some truths but this narrative that she's just as bad as this giant ugly baby is fucking hilarious.

Also, he has a history of abuse, too!

>In 2018, two of Depp's former bodyguards sued him for unpaid fees and unsafe working conditions. The suit was settled in 2019. Also in 2018, Depp was sued for allegedly punching a crew member twice in the ribs during a foul-mouthed tirade on the set of City of Lies. Court documents stated that the actor "reeked of alcohol" and took drugs on set.

No. 1074734

A fight on set, even if Depp is totally in the wrong, isn't Abuse.

No. 1074735


noun: abuse; plural noun: abuses

cruel and violent treatment of a person or animal.

dumbass(genuine autism)

No. 1074739

jfc how dense are you? Most reasonable people consider abuse ongoing violence against someone.
Hitting a guy on set once is just assault.

No. 1074741

he punched him twice in the ribs while drunk. Also, it was his bodyguard, not a crew member.

Sorry you don't understand the word anon, doesn't make it the wrong one. Hope he notices you!

No. 1074742

imagine going this hard for johnny depp lmao

No. 1074748

Nta and from what I’ve seen (which isn’t that much) I think he’s guilty but this would not be considered abuse by anyone, it’s a violent assault, the pattern of behaviour for abusive people isnt the same for those who comment like a drunken assault. This isnt what people mean with the term ‘abuse’ and I’m pretty sure you are aware of that.

No. 1074750

Lmfao autistically posting the literal definition when that’s not the colloquial or legal definition isn’t some kind of gotcha. So if some guy got into a drunken fight with someone one time you would consider him an ‘abuse victim’?

No. 1074752

why is it so controversial to say amber and jdepp are as bad as each other and it was a mutually abusive relationship and they’re both shitheads

No. 1074773

right??? so confused every time I see someone pick a side in that combo of abusive, mental shitheads

No. 1074785

Because Depp has a lot of stans who will sperg no matter what.

No. 1074852

File: 1604515031283.jpg (140.21 KB, 946x2048, 1X53nGm.jpg)

Lana delayed Chemtrails over the Country Club until spring. Also slammed one of her fans.

No. 1074853

File: 1604515056710.jpg (52.75 KB, 777x625, T7InuQ6.jpg)

No. 1074858

She announced on Instagram that she delayed COTCC because she plans on releasing a cover album (made with her friend Nikki Lane) on Christmas, apparently. It's not shocking that she delayed her studio album, given that she announced it just one day after releasing her last one.

No. 1074862

God, can you imagine having a tattoo of a celeb you love (which is dumb as hell) and then having said celeb telling you to go fuck yourself on the internet where everyone can see. She will remember this exchange every time she looks at her tattoo kek

No. 1074863

That's hilarious. I have no opinion about her, but good for her telling the person off. Just because they're a "fan" doesn't mean she needs to treat everyone nicely.

Really hope she does, kek

No. 1074868

Along with calling her a hoe and telling her she was waiting for her to unstan lmao

No. 1074873

File: 1604516819626.jpg (24.77 KB, 601x193, lana.JPG)


classic lana kek

also lol at the tweet I found below the second one

No. 1074878

ot but this woman's makeup and amount of blur on her photo disturbs me.

Also > holyh00ker twitter username
> gets called a hoe

No. 1074880

How did this scrote manage to call a 35-year-old "40+" but a 25-year-old a "young girl"?

No. 1074883

Also is she telling her to go fuck yourself because she doesn’t support him or she is saying that because she does? If that makes sense. As I don’t know much about her

No. 1074885

Lana's been vocally against Trump for years. She's offended that the "fan" accused her of voting for him.

No. 1074887

File: 1604517455104.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1629, C53428F6-B0E4-449F-B86C-6A5DA1…)

No. 1074888

File: 1604517560530.jpg (174.95 KB, 1280x1920, d027b5d8d86b2b3e8c3657f70f7824…)

No. 1074889


oh shut the fuck up. explain a hat, a political opinion? no one owes anyone an explanation about anything, it's a free country. this is a super retard move

No. 1074890

File: 1604517690566.jpg (47.96 KB, 592x538, yeforpresident.JPG)

>According to a report from the New York Post on Wednesday (Nov. 4), Yeezy, who ran as an Independent candidate under the Birthday Party, received 57,396 votes altogether from the 12 states where he was able to get on the ballot.

>In Colorado, Kanye received nearly 6,000 votes; in Vermont over 1,200 votes; Arkansas: 3,979 votes; Idaho: 2,309; Iowa: 3,179; Kentucky: 6,259; Louisiana: 4,837; Minnesota 6,796; Mississippi: 3,009; Oklahoma: 5,587; Tennessee: 10,188; and in Utah, 'Ye received 4,053 votes.


No. 1074891

File: 1604517760844.jpg (15.72 KB, 308x457, EmABjE8X0AEQdCl.jpg)

No. 1075017

File: 1604528115996.jpg (48.88 KB, 810x539, cute.jpg)

I wonder if Azealia voted for Trump like she did in 2016. That's what she seemed to be gearing up to in that Twitter rant.

No. 1075026

Imagine being a legal adult and taking the time to go to a polling location and wait in line just to vote for this clown

No. 1075051

>Justice Nicol said Depp was jealous of actor Billy Bob Thornton
You realize that (and the other quotes) is just an opinion of the judge, right? I don't care about his opinion I care about evidence - where there's evidence there's charges, so where are the charges??
>"It is a sign of the depth of his rage that he admitted scrawling graffiti in blood from his injured finger
>sign of the depth of his rage
Another opinion.

He lost a libel case, that's literally it lol.

I'm not saying Depp isn't a fucking cow, I'm saying I don't believe he abused Amber and the opinion of some old faggot in a wig isn't evidence to the contrary.

No. 1075057

>he has a history of abuse, too!
But unlike Amber, he has no history of domestic violence. None of his former exes have come forward to say he was violent towards them, it's the opposite actually.

No. 1075062

>you guys really think you know better than the 2 judges from 2 seperate continents
Two? He lost in the UK. Anyone who knows anything about libel cases knows they're extremely difficult to win, so his loss here is no surprise. If you read the articles about it you'd see his case against Amber specifically isn't over.

If there's evidence that Depp abused her why wasn't he charged with a crime? And since you seem to have the answers, do YOU know why some of Ambers former allies ditched her for lying to them about this case?

No. 1075073

Anyone who gets this bent over politics (bread and circuses) is a fucking retard. Like the lemmings who disown family members because they voted for someone they don't like. As if corporate shills care about their miserable lives.

No. 1075080

File: 1604532163204.gif (977.07 KB, 500x281, muh politics.gif)

I mean, if the Electoral College decides to elect him he could win kek.

No. 1075090

not sure she counts as a celeb at all but she has a few million tiktok followers and thousands on youtube and insta. basically zoe laverne (19) posted a video of her kissing a 13 year old boy and her excuse was that she just needed to be happy. she said "we made eachother happy in many different ways!" and still says shes his best friend whilst he has gone silent about it. cries on instagram live a lot to her fans about how she shouldn't be "cancelled" even though she's actually a pedophile

No. 1075100

>birthday party

No. 1075101

anon has depp tweeted you his thanks yet? Keep samefagging you sperg.

this is absolutely vile

No. 1075102

her mum also weighed in on the situation by shouting at all her "haters" because "BEST FRIENDS CAN LEAN OVER AND KISS EACHOTHER!!!!"

No. 1075110

I AM CACKLING ANON where the hell do you keep popping up, shouldn't you be rerererewatching aquaman or something? They both suck, anon.

No. 1075126

File: 1604535862889.jpg (196.39 KB, 640x614, 15640614.jpg)

No. 1075128

fucking hilarious. what kind of stan to the point of getting a LDR tattoo would ever suspect she would vote trump? dumb bitch kek

No. 1075132

File: 1604536050428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.64 KB, 515x341, 1597250352283.jpg)

That's not what samefagging is high IQ anon, but clearly your knowledge of the judicial process (and overall intellect) is far superior to anyone else here.gg

No. 1075177

File: 1604543196561.jpeg (142.85 KB, 768x1024, F3548CC5-2C0C-4F2B-A690-78B42C…)

She really does look like a punched-in rubber baby doll

No. 1075178

File: 1604543301493.jpeg (32.88 KB, 300x398, 7D00530E-B82E-457D-8B84-3F4CFB…)

No. 1075180

she's the definition of a "model" who is famous because of her body and not her butterface, though that's most "models" these days kek

No. 1075216

Scrolling by I thought this was Trisha Paytas.

No. 1075232

i always used to think she was plus sized due to all the swelling in her face. i had to look up a full body shot when i learned she was a model

No. 1075337

File: 1604564841054.jpeg (88.91 KB, 875x583, A92AB093-BF10-4EF9-A7AC-5CFEC1…)

She has a fridge body

No. 1075354

She's a swimsuit model from the 00s all she needed was big (fake) tits. I don't get why normies are obsessed with her.

No. 1075374

I thought this too, she really does look like trish here kek

No. 1075382

But she doesnt have a twitter anymore. Did she create another account after being banned for her rant over trannies?

No. 1075387

Same! only recently I found out she's not some plus size ~inspirational swimsuit model and had to look her up because her face and body don't compute. Getting filler is already so dicey let alone when you have a moon face. she looks so swollen. I have never understood her appeal, whether it be body/face/personality/humour, she seems insufferable and sub-average on all levels.

No. 1075404

lmao gaga is shorter than her too. what a damn dweeb

No. 1075455

so chris delia, can we talk about this? he's disappeared into the wind like a hat trick and nothing else has come out about him. opinions?
defs a coomer and a sleaze but a rapist and groomer?
sometimes I swear all scrotes are the same. pink pill all day

No. 1075582

extremely predatory, but i think this better fits in the tik tok thread rather than here despite however many followers she has.

No. 1075677

That’s not true, Ariana is 5’0 and Gaga is 5’2

No. 1075821

File: 1604616565495.jpeg (30.54 KB, 800x392, cef13213-bacd-4b30-814c-ccf36f…)

They love her because she has mildly funny, acceptably punching down takes like a Daily Show correspondent and eats "real food" and I guess has a pretty "real" body for a former model. She's also self effacing. Her face is really fucked up these days though, and I don't think she ever touches on that. Picrel, her face in Between Two Ferns which genuinely startled me.

No. 1075834

File: 1604617927156.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1515, FEA1DE5C-3D09-419F-AD85-EE873A…)

Not sure if it’s an unpopular opinion but I used to find her so pretty facially until like 2014/2015. I don’t get what would cause the degree of bloating she currently has with her cheeks. I know she said she has an alcohol problem so maybe that? Unless it’s fillers and she for some reason wants to look like that.

No. 1075844

Nah, she was gorgeous back in the day. I think she is just someone who unfortunately gets a fat face if they gain any weight. Even back in the day you can see she already had pronounced cheeks. Bodies are weird.

No. 1075845

File: 1604618562618.jpg (56.62 KB, 931x524, Chrissy-Teigen-2-Getty.jpg)

She was definitely pretty in that era, the fillers are tragic. My guess is that she's trying to look younger, her cheeks must've started to sag and go gaunt with age and having kind of a babyface was part of her look. If she wasn't such a media darling I think she'd be mocked as much as any of the Kardasians, but since she's a milquetoast who instagrams herself eating cheeseburgers, she gets a pass on what is obviously some shitty procedures.

No. 1075853

File: 1604619319212.jpeg (190.4 KB, 1200x950, C57CC19C-FC2A-4304-A4A2-39E7D7…)

I think it may be something more permanent than fillers like a fat transfer just because she edits her cheeks smaller, if she doesn’t like how it looks and it’s fillers why not just dissolve it? Left is what she posted on her story and right is the actual picture. I also find it funny how she constantly ‘speaks out’ about photoshop but posted this.

No. 1075883

File: 1604621254922.png (9.4 KB, 1116x118, birthdayparty.png)

No. 1075970

Ok but why do so many celebs have this fridge body? Like Lana del Rey, Selena Gomez, etc. Lana's straight up looks like a fucking linebacker, bitch is gonna be trying out for the games

They never had these ugly-ass bodies until recently, or was it just that being thin helped us not notice the absolute lack of curves?

No. 1075971

>or was it just that being thin helped us not notice the absolute lack of curves?

I think it’s exactly that, I feel like this body type looks best when the person is thin but other body types carry weight a lot better

No. 1075972

same fag but AUBREY O'DAY, how'd I forget that ogress, christ

No. 1076031

none of the people you mentioned have never been particularly curvaceous, and it’s normal for people to gain weight as they enter their 30s and 40s as their metabolism has slowed a bit since their 20s. that’s why even people with the best nutrition and exercise routines start fluctuating as they age. and with women it’s partially hormonal too i think.

No. 1076092

I also think its a matter of perception and the “in” looks right now. Being pear shaped or very hippy is the sexy thing right now but just 15 years ago most of those women wouldn’t have been considered ‘fridge like’ necessarily. Lana has very broad shoulders that dont look good with added weight and as a headshot…but she’s not really built like a fridge, she’s just not preternaturally big-assed.

No. 1076127

it is definitely the perception change as of recent years, the kardashians really popularized catalogue models into being these exaggerated hour glass phat tiddy phat ass//tiny waist, while the only other look is just "waifery skinny" like ari. even kim k 15 years ago was way slimmer (with extremely broad shoulders). obv shes now rocking that "thick" mommy milf fetish nightmare shes turned her body into

No. 1076130

Ariana would love for people to believe that she’s 5 foot lol. She’s 5’3”. Literally just slightly below average but yeah she lives off the anachan “i’m so smol uwu” status she has from her fans

No. 1076173

Ru dumb

No. 1076194

File: 1604653266542.jpg (311.79 KB, 607x849, winning.jpg)

He got 49,000 more votes than Harambe in 2016.

No. 1076287

File: 1604671167519.jpg (132.04 KB, 1170x578, IMG_0050.jpg)

Sage because this really isn't milky, but it's a crossover with a personal cow so I can't resist. Armie Hammer is (supposedly) fucking some college-aged instathot. Even more embarrassing than him sleeping with someone 12 years younger is the fact that Paige seems to be desperately submitting anonymous "tips" that they're dating. Her biggest claim to fame is dating and dramatically breaking up with Kasperi Kapanen, which is… not something to be proud of. God sometimes I wish lolcow had a WAGs/wannabe WAGs post but I know it would be nothing but nitpicking.

No. 1076289

Ariana Grande is a pedo plant, which ig isn't surprising considering she fucked her entire career out of Dan Schneider and still interacts with him on twitter. She clings to the "smol"-ness and oversized clothes+high pony because it's the aesthetic that pedos love, it uses proportions to make petite adult women resemble smaller children.

Remember in an old thread when something got posted by Amanda Bynes, like an old article or blind where she was having a breakdown over being replaced at nick by a girl who "acts even younger" than her for a certain someone? I can't believe the two are unrelated.

Ariana is a decent singer, but her fame and popularity were obviously pushed for the sake of normalizing nymphet loli bullshit and kissing up to older men for personal gain. Think about the way she poses and captions her pics, like the one where she signed the contract to be in a FF game, she was seated at the table, scrunched up and posed like a toddler saying how crazy it was for "such a tiny little thing to be holding her own in the business world". Her whole vibe makes me feel like she's LARPing a toddler pretending to be a popstar while her daddy plays manager, except it's real. She's also hardly ever around people her own age, always businessmen. It's like she's pretending she's an artist aimed at young girls, but she acts and posts on social media in an incredibly cringey "daddy-look-at-me" kind of way that's obviously not aimed at her supposed fanbase.

No. 1076297

>She's also hardly ever around people her own age
Ariana's image is creepy af, but we've seen her around her friends more than ever. Her previous album TUN was made all by her producers and songwriters friends and she even went to interviews with this group of people by her side, everyone knows how Victoria Monet and her are best friends and they truly seem very close. Even on 2020 she was seen with this group of people going for dinner and stuff like that. Idk, she seems in a healthier and more normal place than before, maybe because she has established herself in the industry

No. 1076320

She's insanely famous in japan for a western performer and i've always believed it's because she looks childlike.

Her new album is full of immature sexual shit too. Like 34+35 is so cringey, it's not clever or sensual. It's like it was written by a 16 year old girl and it has to be on purpose. There's too much money behind her for it not to be.

She's also a huge hypocrite about the corona thing. She was shouting at people for going out at halloween but she went on holiday to another state in August and had a huge birthday party in June??

No. 1076326

Armie is so fucking bland, I'm not even excited for his eventual Ramada Inn overdose and PR recovery era.
Do you know if he creeped her on IG?

No. 1076335

>She's insanely famous in japan for a western performer and i've always believed it's because she looks childlike.

>It's like it was written by a 16 year old girl and it has to be on purpose. There's too much money behind her for it not to be.

Exactly. She's almost 30, still dressing and acting like she jist hit puberty and discovered male attention, and using it to appeal to the forever-13 nymphet chasers.

Ariana has way too many handlers and way too much PR and funding for her image to be incidental or unintentional. She and her team know exactly what they're doing, and they clearly aren't ashamed of it at all.

No. 1076337

>Idk, she seems in a healthier and more normal place than before, maybe because she has established herself in the industry

>now that she's built a career for herself as a pedo pandering nymphet, she can act her own age on her own time

Still creepy and weird, tbh. What people do in their free time doesn't justify how they earn the means to do it.

No. 1076338

People who defend her and say she isn’t pedobait is lying. Old sub degenerates are obsessed with her and call her Baby Ari. She also has an entire cult following of creepy old men who want to be assfucked by her.

No. 1076340

Yup. Half her fanbase is young girls bearding for the pedos she really targets. Everyone knows pedophiles have fucktons of money and influence in America since the Trump administration began.

No. 1076342

>Her whole vibe makes me feel like she's LARPing a toddler pretending to be a popstar while her daddy plays manager, except it's real. She's also hardly ever around people her own age, always businessmen. It's like she's pretending she's an artist aimed at young girls, but she acts and posts on social media in an incredibly cringey "daddy-look-at-me" kind of way that's obviously not aimed at her supposed fanbase.

>People who defend her and say she isn’t pedobait is lying. Old sub degenerates are obsessed with her and call her Baby Ari

Very interesting.

No. 1076343

>She also has an entire cult following of creepy old men who want to be assfucked by her
Mentally unstable men will obsess over any woman like this. It happens to basically all female celebrities at some point. Is that supposed to say something about Ariana?

No. 1076346

Other female celebs don't intentionally dress and act like a little girl to appeal to them while pretending she doesn't like Ariana does.

No. 1076350

See >>1076335

>She's almost 30, still dressing and acting like she just hit puberty and discovered male attention, and using it to appeal to the forever-13 nymphet chasers

Her actual young female fans will copy this behavior, and without the protection and handlers a celebrity has it sets an extremely dangerous precedent. Ariana Grande only became as massively famous as she did because legions of pedos push her as a reward for pandering to them and normalizing it for even younger girls without any of the protection and opportunity she had.

Teens and 20-somethings already think it's okay to walk around acting like sex kittens and wearing bondage harnesses while acting as innocent and naïve as a 5 year old, and that it's ok to use this appeal to get what you want instead of actually earning it. Ari herself pushes this narrative by rebranding it as "girl power", but really she's just a tool for pedos to normalize young girls fucking old men for personal gain.

No. 1076351

>normalizing it for even younger girls without any of the protection and opportunity she had.

I mean, normalizing that behavior for girls who don't have the protection she had (in case that was unclear).

No. 1076358

Let me elaborate. These are the same men that call her baby Ariana. They regard her as a little girl dressed in dominatrix attire. Aside from that, countless sources has says Ariana is a huge pickme bitch that doesn’t like women and will never defend her previous cast mates who were molested and traumatized because said molesters are the reason she has a career.

No. 1076360

THIS. Not to mention the very public and obvious association between Ariana and Dan Schneider. Idk how she gets away with fucking actual pedophiles and still gets to push her fake girl power career as all her own. Where's the moral outrage? Is everyone in America just okay that Hollywood oa run by predatory child fuckers???

No. 1076366

It’s overran with these monsters. Of course they’re attracted to those positions, most talent scouts and agents for children are pedophiles. It isn’t even a conspiracy. They all protect each other. Ariana would not have her career or her stream farm without them. Pretending she’s into it is what’s gotten her so far.

No. 1076375


Either they're pedos, or they're self hating former child/teen stars who flopped trying to take their failure out on the next generation by pushing them into the hands of pedos in exchange for a half decent standard of living. Think about the model recruit lady from the documentary Girl Model.

No. 1076377


Not a wk I hate Ariana because of the same reasons listed above, but have there been any actual claims/evidence that she fucked Schneider or any other pedos to further her career? It would totally make sense given her image but this is the first I’ve heard it speculated

No. 1076382

>will never defend her previous cast mates who were molested and traumatized because said molesters are the reason she has a career.

Yeah, how does everyone glaze over this?? Dan got fired from Nick for being an obvious foot fetishist pedo and using Nick employed KIDS to make foot fetish content that aired publicly, allegedly for KIDS but clearly not in hindsight. Then, there's Amanda Bynes' nreakdown and accusations, the fact that Ari's castmates have come forward with their own claims while Ari stays quiet about it so she can continue to enjoy the fruits of covert pedophilia being dripfed into mainstream media.

It's stupidly obvious, but bc Ari says nuh uh and pretends she's just naturally special and amazing enough to achieve her success for doing the same things millions of other talented, beautiful women and girls tried and failed to do.

No. 1076384

Go look in the catalog for the Dan Schneider thread, there are some Ariana/Amanda receipts in there, but it's a little dated now iirc. Basically it's an open secret but people keep finding more and more clues as they dig back through old episodes amd social media.

No. 1076388

Go look through their twitter interactions and tell me you aren't skeeved tf out.

No. 1076389

I didn’t know that existed, ty anon I’ll go look now

No. 1076390


It doesn't matter how "obvious" it is if nobody has proof, or if those who do choose not to come forward to protect themselves. Anyone close enough to all this to expose it is most likely already involved.

No. 1076397

File: 1604682843303.png (447.73 KB, 540x484, 5F876AF7-F276-4BCF-82D0-FA1019…)

Nobody said she specifically fucked him. That’s something we will likely never know. As far as sex goes, they targeted girls with homes that lacked stability—look into Jenette McCurdy and Erin Sanders. Girls like Liz and Ariana were given favoritism and were probably carefully groomed for smaller things—won’t doubt they did the famed footjobs—but their MO is to give girls that are likely to have longer careers preferential treatment while focusing their urges on girls who wouldn’t ie Jenette and Erin. Gives them an alibi and allows them to fly under the radar—look, only the jealous has-been child stars say we abused them because they want money and attention. And of course there’s always Amanda Bynes if you really need a sad story.

No. 1076400

You summed it up pretty well. It’s a very tight knit society, they have a ‘you take care of us and we’ll take care of you’ attitude. This is why Jenette basically disappeared even though she was initially more popular than Ariana. Also, ever wonder about Miranda Cosgroves complete radio silence?

No. 1076402

File: 1604683305820.jpeg (181.45 KB, 828x334, 4C1B473C-FD5C-4E8B-9DD2-F8203A…)

Completely vile.

No. 1076407

Miranda Cosgrove was being pimped out for her castmates on Drake & Josh, there was a scandal years ago over it. She was cancelled for being exposed doing what all the other Nick kids were expected to do.


>They target girls from unstable homes and focus their pedo abuse on them bc they have more to lose than say, Ariana, who comes from a well off family and wouldn't be able to sell a story of beong coerced into it bc she had no other choice but poverty

>Well off girls like Ari go along with and enable it so they can be placed on pedestals far above other girls who are more talented and interesting

Case in point, I forgot all about Jeanette but she was initially more popular than Ariana… Until suddenly pedogate, Jeanette disappeared and Ari blew the fuck up out of nowhere.

No. 1076410

Adding to this, it just makes it all seem like Ariana's career is just a handout to keep her quiet about what went on at Nickelodeon during the Dan Schneider days, but as long as she gets to pretend she earned it all by being a sexy baddie girlboss she doesn't care.

No. 1076413

Wasn’t the thing about Miranda and prostitution fake though?

Exactly. It isn’t exactly a secret that Ariana is a massive cunt among people who live in LA. She doesn’t care at all. This is the same girl still obsessing over Jim Carrey. She enjoys being fawned over.

No. 1076417

Isn't she fucking Jim Carrey? That's the weirdest, most off the wall celeb pairing ever to me. I don't see her doing that unless there's an ulterior motive.

No. 1076420

Kek, it sounds like Ariana got everything Kiki Kannibal wanted the exact way she wanted to get it.

No. 1076421

There’s no ulterior motive, she was just obsessed with him as a kid and he was her favorite comedian, and he’ll fuck anything that moves. Some other interesting ‘open secrets’ on the west coast include the fact that she’s donated millions to the funding of an implant chip that’s supposed to induce the body’s ability to tan much darker than it can naturally, she goes to Jimmy Coco twice a week (that’s a thousand dollar tan) and has an assistant technician specifically for applying the tan around her vagina, she pays paps to make sure she doesn’t look her real orange tint in released photos, etc.

No. 1076424

So in addition to being a pedo plant and fake feminist, she gets away with blatantly brownfacing?

Not everyone in this country is a pedophile or enabler, so why do so many other people get ripped apart for shit that isn't even problematic while Ariana gets to do it all and be praised for it?

No. 1076426


POC women had to bleach their skin and dye their hair for decades to appear more white to make it in Hollywood, but a white girl can throw it in reverse to make herself brown and nobody bats an eye all because she's a pedo pickme?

No. 1076427

Am I the only one who never thought Ariana was supposed to look young or be pedobait? Maybe my radar is off, I thought she was marketed as way more like ‘mature’ and ethnic/exotic/sexy. I never look at her SM though just basing this off her misic videos.

No. 1076429

File: 1604685229903.jpeg (45.8 KB, 480x481, D2CE7D6E-B5F2-441F-848B-B344E4…)

Because people like her music and visuals, basically. She glows orange in person.

No. 1076431

>I never looked at her SM

That's why you missed it. She's going in a more mature direction now, but before Mac Miller died and she went on her grrl power kick she was big into the smol pastel nymphet uwu look.

No. 1076432

File: 1604685566258.jpeg (148.13 KB, 612x871, 97C393AC-80D9-43D4-9228-E3042C…)

Sage for stupid but I believe her claim of 5’0, without heels she looks very midgetlike

No. 1076433

>POC women
"People of color women"? You mean women of color? At least learn how to use the term.

No. 1076435

File: 1604685659290.jpg (33.26 KB, 640x793, ariana-grande-thank-u-next-alb…)

kek, picrel.

No. 1076436

File: 1604685752231.jpeg (40.38 KB, 640x640, 1217D4FA-639A-4ADC-B694-7C61AE…)

Stills of Ariana from 2018 without makeup, genuinely shocking 1/2

No. 1076437

File: 1604685790418.jpeg (42.45 KB, 640x640, E9BA9753-8593-499D-8A5A-FB747D…)

No. 1076438

Yeah, but just being short doesn't automatically make an adult female look like a child.

Look at the way she's standing and posed, especially in this pic she looks like a little, little girl surrounded by adults. What's disgusting is, this is intentional, and it's ONLY for the benefit of predatory pedos who get off on such a big star being their inside girl in their open secret.

Degenerates aren't happy sharing their perversion among other degenerates, what makes them degenerates is their eternal need to involve other people in their fetishism unknowingly/unwillingly.

No. 1076440

File: 1604686016118.jpeg (72.46 KB, 749x978, 337503D3-A326-4594-8BD4-604280…)

She’s always referred to herself as smol and tiny, for no damn reason talking about herself like a pervert

No. 1076442

She had a complete racial makeover, wow. I always assumed she was naturally olive toned and tanned to enhance it, but no, she went from milquetoast to dark tan.

No. 1076443

File: 1604686110140.jpeg (37.04 KB, 640x640, EB8D396B-B5FC-44A7-A380-2E7C34…)

These pictures definitely illustrates it well, and this is still with fake tan on her face.(nitpicking)

No. 1076445

the way she and pete talked about how his uWu large dick couldnt fit into her smol pussy properly was definitely disgusting and almost as if she was playing up that she was childlike physically in comparison to a grown man
so gross

No. 1076446

File: 1604686240110.jpg (150.41 KB, 1047x1047, AFE0a7Q.jpg)

She definitely was at one point, picrel. She's toned it down a lot in recent years.

No. 1076447

>for no damn reason like a pervert

See: >>1076438 >>1076397 >>1076358 >>1076350 >>1076335 >>1076346 >>1076289 >>1076320

No. 1076448

I remember Pete mentioned in his Netflix special that he loved she was so tiny because his dick was “normal to everyone else but huge to her”.

No. 1076451

I forgot about that, but that "pussy 2 smol dik wont fit" is 100% pedoshit. Adult and teen women aren't physically too small to take a dick, if it won't fit it's probably because of lack of arousal (but Pete was just to shit on Mac so w.e fuck Ari).

Strange how much of her image revolves around pedophile language and aesthetics until it's pointed out.

No. 1076455

I don't believe that, he only said it to boost her ego and put her above other women by letting her and any insecure fans of hers think she's some sex goddess with an undersized vaginal canal. If something like that were even possible, it wouldn't be something small to just throw around for bragging rights, I'd imagine it's a serious medical condition yoi habe to work around sexually vs. some sexual powerup.

No. 1076456

Wild how much she used to do this stuff but how hard it is to find nowadays?

She rode the Dakota Rose viral shoop aesthetic train for her Japan popularity, hence hee becoming a Final Fantasy character and pretending to be a weeb gamer grrrl during the 7 Rings era.

No. 1076468

I wish Ari was a normie, her pedo pandering ass would have gotten jumped by the baddie hood girls she tries to emulate.(a-logging)

No. 1076474

If Ari were a normie she'd absolutely be an OF pickme SW.

No. 1076488

Yeah, that’s gross. I only started noticing her during 7 Rings, and thought she was cringy but in a standard pop star way. That image is creepy - reminds of that porn star Little Lupe who tried to also have a pop career.

No. 1076514

File: 1604692494412.png (419.17 KB, 818x642, johnny.png)

No. 1076522


I remember seeing sooooo many pics of her in flowy pastel lace lingerie and bondage outfits with thigh highs and clunky stripper heels and wondering why nobody else saw through the bullshit and just acted like it was okay… God, that look aged horribly, it's so obviously meant to appeal to all the wrong kinds of people…

No. 1076523

this is sad and so wrong

No. 1076525

He was terrible for the role anyway

No. 1076535

they weren't good movies anyway anon

No. 1076551

Glad I'm not the only one who was surprised how much she blew up. She went from being barely memorable on one of Nick's most mediocre live action shows to an A-Lister in what felt like a matter of months. Always seemed incredibly sketchy to me.

No. 1076559

I'm sure he'll live anon

No. 1076567

I saw the stand up. Pete said that she also said that so every girl he sleeps with would be disappointed
As much of a cunt I think Ari is, I still think it’s possible that her whole aesthetic comes from her being groomed at a very very young age. Child actors and victims of sexual abuse tend to be emotionally stunted. Like I almost want to believe she doesn’t know how harmful the “little girl” aesthetic is bc her staff (and Dan S) constantly pushed it on her. Still don’t think she’s blameless tho

No. 1076571


Yup, she was a Dan Schnieder tween wasn't she?

No. 1076579

File: 1604697587207.jpeg (308.11 KB, 828x587, 702C24EF-3EAC-425F-8F6A-7648D8…)

Yeah. Pictured

No. 1076585

Definitely not a coincidence, but the audacity of pulling something like that RIGHT after Dan geta scrubbed from nick for making kiddie porn? Sus doesn't even begin to describe it.

So, she dated Pete to shit on Mac and Pete was rewarded for shilling up Ari's pedo pussy lie to feed her ego. The more I learn about Ariana the more I wish she would be cancelled.

No. 1076589

She's not blameless, but remember her parents were there the whole time andher brother was in showbiz as well. Ariana became a pedo plant in exchange for a career after Dan ruined Nick for the kids, because before that nobody cared much about her, but she could have absolutely walked away from it all and went to work for another studio with her family's abundant money and support.

She chose this life, but she doesn't have the benefit of being able to say she had no choice but to go along with it to acheive her dreams. She could have separated from Dan/Nick and still tried to become a singer, but she chose to leave Nick and let Dan and his pedo network feed her a new life instead. I can only imagine what they must still be getting out of it all.

No. 1076592

She's no blameless victim, yes she was groomed, but she wasn't like other starlets whose parents forced them into it or who were blackmailed into it.

No. 1076607

Idk why some people act like vaccuum-sealed vagina feels good? "too tight" is a real issue couples sometimes face that isn't praised at all. Immaturity perhaps?

No. 1076658

I kinda want Ari & Jim to get publicly outed or go public, the reactions will be hilarious. Doubt it'll happen though. Don't know who he pays off or who's on his PR team to keep his image cleaner, don't know who's on hers either, but whoever's working their PR is working overtime

No. 1076667

File: 1604705542928.jpeg (33.62 KB, 570x383, EC9B5428-D493-466C-B52E-938219…)

Am I the only one who’s getting sick of the Ariana Grande sperging shitting up the thread

Not saying that she isn’t milky but it sounds like a broken record at this point

No. 1076686


Is this true, honestly?? Jesus

No. 1076691

Not to mention the lack of caps/proof in regard to her investment in fucking tanning implants and Jim Carrey of all things. I don't like her and her involvement with Schneider is suspicious as fuck but it kinda seems like people are just straight up lying about things and claiming they're an open secret.

No. 1076750

No. I couldn't care less about her, but she seems to get on a lot of farmers' nerves for trying to emulate the same image that a lot of young women emulate.

No. 1076755


where did you find these? It's so weird that they've been scrubbed from google. All the links go to dead pages or pages about her without these. Crazy. Are there more?

why did this get a ban? Genuinely asking.


No. 1076786

This. She obviously has a ddlg fetish, was most likely whored out to Dan Schneider as a teen, and probably bangs Jim Carrey on the reg but that's about it. The anons who sperg that she's a plant to normalize pedophilia are retarded. If Hollywood was gonna do that, they wouldn't use a 26 year old woman to do so.

No. 1076798

Damn if hes gonna fuck around anyway, he mightve as well got on that charmie shit for real. Wouldve been more interesting than ig daddydom cringe shit at least

No. 1076825

i don't think you understand how normalizing pedophilia and things like it work. I think some of the anons in here are sperging hardcore, but if you don't see all the young girls emulating her look and smol bean look then you haven't been paying attention. These men pump millions of dollars into these stars and control every area of their looks.

No. 1076868

I do. No need to be condescending. If Hollywood was going to normalize pedophilia, they would use an actual teenager to do so. Not a 20 something. Also she was hardly the first celebrity to project the “smol bean” image and she’ll definitely not be the last. Teen girls always try to emulate pop stars, actresses, and models. Hollywood is a skeevy place but there isn’t some organized plan to normalize pedophilia with using Ariana Grande as the main figurehead.

No. 1076873

she was 15 when she started out. You need to go read the dan shneider thread or w/e his name is because you're missing a lot of context and no one want to explain 100+ posts to you

No. 1076876

File: 1604722180036.jpg (122.27 KB, 1171x497, ariana.jpg)

you got it anon this shit is totally normal for a man with a known foot fetish to be producing for kids tv. no agenda here!

No. 1076886


A wag/bunny thread would be great imo because they're such desperate cows but not sure if there's enough demand for it here. heard that Paige was also hooking up with Nolan Patrick sometime this year too

No. 1076894


this picture disturbs me just because it looks like she's been crying

No. 1076908

Kid/young teen shows have always had this 'in hind sight' fetish shit. Spongebob, Kenan and Kel, All That, The Amanda show, etc.

Not saying this stuff isnt weird and possibly added for kiddy diddlers but it's also just a staple of 'lawl randum tv people doing gross stuff' garbage TV shows that have existed forever.

Hell Nick's whole 'slime' thing could be considered a fetish too.

No. 1076912

>fucking tanning implants
It’s called the SIK inhibitor, and they’re currently trying to get approval for trials right now. Not unlikely at all from someone who sinks like $8k a month into fake tan imo.


No. 1076924

Wonder if there'll be implants for plastic surgery next. The way things are going with surgery trends? Probably.

No. 1076927

It’s a small chip that you put in your arm I believe, it releases slowly into your bloodstream. The technology has been experimented with for a couple decades now and it relies exclusively on private funding from wealthy investors.

No. 1076977

Simping for blumpf just gives them more attention and they know he won't be taxing them more, kek

No. 1076986

1. at least spongebob doesn't have child actors on set
2. there's a difference between Nickelodeon's slime which some people find a fetish in v specific circumstances and outright pedo behaviour from Schneider

No. 1076987


what was creepy about spongebob?

No. 1076988

The slime thing definitely reads fetishy, there's no way whoever came up with it wasn't doing it for their slime fetish reasons and if not that, a tame substitute for bukkake.

No. 1076997

Yeah and every single one of those shows with the exception of SpongeBob (which I disagree on having fetish shit) was created by Dan Schneider

No. 1077004

They have not "always" had fetishy shit, except for those you mentioned, bc like it's been said all those are Dan Schneider shows except Spongebob, which iirc isn't fetishy at all. Plus, all those DS-made shows are off the air.

No. 1077005

File: 1604736496381.jpeg (543.74 KB, 2048x2048, 5033F401-9290-4E88-8088-3852EA…)

Emrata’s obsession with her pregnancy continues

No. 1077021

it's probably a reach, spongebob had a few hidden "adult humor" jokes but nothing fetishy iirc

No. 1077023

And anyway, "adult humor" is still very very different from blatantly having children perform fetishes on TV. Adult jokes go over most kids' heads, but many many posts in the Dan Schneider thread mentioned anons seeing questionable fetish stuff on TV in Dan's shows and feeling unsettled by it before they ever knew why. Apples and oranges.

No. 1077024

Damn I wish the Dan thread was more active. Someone needs to out his disgusting ass.

No. 1077026

Maybe if it got linked here there would be more interest? Especially with the new Ariana tinfoiling. Ot just sank into the catalog and was forgotten I guess.

No. 1077027

Cartoons leave those in there for adults so that they won’t want to change the channel. It’s like that with tons of cartoons and they aren’t relying on the kids to figuring it out, they are leaving it there for the parents that are stuck watching cartoons all day with their kids. There’s innuendo in Rugrats as well and there’s nothing creepy about Rugrats.

No. 1077031

And the other difference is that most of Dan's shows were very hit or miss for their "target audiences" despite the ratings because it was all foot jokes, foot references, casual hopeless nihilism before it was really a thing yet, the cast playing out skits where they have to do gross foot related stuff they don't want to (and now that I remember, LOTS of skits about being forced to do gross or weird stuff). And there were almost never any adults on the shows unless they were weird, creepy, or just useless and goofy.

No. 1077033

Didn't he get the Zoey 101 girl pregnant as well and they had to cancel that show as a result? Around the same time Britney had her famous breakdown.

No. 1077038



Here is the thread on Dan if anyone is interested. Lots of evidence in here so it’s worth the read.

No. 1077043

I wasn’t going to mention that but her daughter does look a lot like him as well.

No. 1077048

File: 1604744592767.jpeg (350.29 KB, 1344x416, 1556839474281.jpeg)

Fucking wow

No. 1077049

>being this naive

Sexy schoolgirl trope, hitting the wall at 20, two decade age gaps between lead actors, teenage popstars singing about love and sex in skimpy outfits, yeah sure nothing to see here. Some of the new lyrics for music aimed at teenage girls is so sexual it could be an onlyfans caption, girls counting the days until they're 18 and can monetize their body, or selling underaged nudes of themselves, none of these things are connected

No. 1077052

File: 1604745186116.gif (941.85 KB, 500x281, 1556856343032.gif)

She didn't start doing it as an adult, she started at 15 and it's not like they'll jist let her take her bag of gold and walk away after everything she did and undoubtedly saw. Picrel, just go scroll the Dan thread and you'll be fucking overwhelmed by how much obviously sexual innuendos are in all his shows, but especially the shows with Ariana and Miranda Cosgrove.

No. 1077054

The dvd extras of the amanda show are up on youtube and are also pretty horrifying

No. 1077055

Also, there’s the tikotks (or was it vines?) where Jenette was having a breakdown and called Dan out by name.

No. 1077060

>Like 34+35 is so cringey, it's not clever or sensual.

It took me 20 hours to get the 69 reference, yeah that's weird as fuck to use for a song title. Ariana Grande confirmed for pedo perv.

No. 1077063

Dan is so fat and disgusting. At least his dick is probably mostly buried in his fat.

No. 1077064

File: 1604750257588.jpeg (654.25 KB, 1018x1960, 1556866809164.jpeg)

Holy shit, there's so much in the Dan thread I had no idea about, but the blinds about Dan/Ariana/Amanda are the craziest for me. I'd love it if there was a dedicated Ariana thread to compile everything in.

No. 1077067

>Also makes sense as to why Ariana Grande blew up right after the spontaneous cancelation of Victorious and Sam & Cat.

>suddenly pedogate, Jeanette disappeared and Ari blew the fuck up out of nowhere.


No. 1077073

That would be irresponsible and attract a lot of stans eager to derail.

No. 1077078

He's so fucking bland, I honestly have no idea how he continues to get major roles. First there was all of his public sperging after CMBYN and now he's acting out his pathetic daddy dom fantasies with clout chasers. I guess it's all downhill from here.

Ugh no, not Nolan - I'm surprised she would even go after him considering he hasn't played in like a year and is basically making league minimum. You're right though anon, while a WAG/bunny thread would be milky it would probably only be kept alive by self-posting. I'm glad someone else gets a kek out of their antics though!

No. 1077099

His grandpa was an oil tycoon, he's a rich white guy who undoubtedly bought his career.

No. 1077100

So does every other thread on this site, but almost none of them are actually interesting or deal with. the real world/real celebs. Most of this site is insecure unpopular averages nitpicking people who have the audacity to live/be/act (or at least pretend) how the averages wish they could.

No. 1077110

File: 1604757594004.jpg (324.75 KB, 794x1058, 1585355161346.jpg)

>Dan: Ari, to say it was "my pleasure" would be such an understatement! What a fantastic ride Victorious was.

It's disgusting how all these peices fit together, because it highlights how unashamed he was with his behavior and how widespread it was.

No. 1077143

I know Dan Schneider is a creep. I was just saying that to think there is some overall Hollywood plot to normalize pedophilia with Ariana Grande is stupid. Also while she was sexualized in her Nickelodeon days, those days are long gone. She’s too old for pedo bait now.

No. 1077149

Definitely. As a kid I remember feeling grossed out and uncomfortable by the foot scenes they had, but I reasoned that some other kids thought it funny so that's why they put them in relatively often.

My favorite Ariana tinfoil is that she made her ponytail her look as a "fuck you" to Dan. In his thread in OT there was talk of him saying "My girls don't wear ponytails" and you hardly ever saw girls with them in his shows.

No. 1077151

most groomers have no problem switching to borderline retarded 20 year olds, especially younger looking ones
pedophilia is about control and causing suffering more than it is about age, those people want to hurt people, it's easier to hurt children, but if you grew up and groom'd up in hollywood getting fucked by dan schneider as a kid, you'd still be an easy target as long as you don't have crows feet

No. 1077152

No ones like 20 something. Everyone is children on nick.

No. 1077154

Do you guys remember all the foot scenes in icarly ? Sam and Carly where always trying to stick their foot in their mouth, and cover it in slime or weird goo for their webshow

No. 1077155

File: 1604762828905.jpeg (15.24 KB, 299x168, F181F7E5-7266-4C68-A6EA-4AF824…)

Here’s just one of many examples

No. 1077157

the most insidious part is realizing the goal here was to get real life children who wanted to be internet famous to do this shit and post it on youtube
to encourage an endless supply of fresh, willing, unsuspecting pedofuel

No. 1077158

I know omg, this is a huge blog. When I was a kid I literally did do that, and tried to upload it on YouTube, but my parents caught me and said it was inappropriate.

No. 1077159

Youtube? That was filmed for Nickelodeon anon

No. 1077161

Are you dyslexic?

No. 1077169

What they were trying to say is that the whole point of iCarly was to get kids to copy the actors on iCarly, and make their own videos and upload it to YouTube, so they constantly have this flow of children doing this really creepy things with their feet.

No. 1077192

Not to mention the twitter requests to send pictures of their feet.

No. 1077230

>a 27-year-old woman naming her song "69" means she's a pedophile and a pervert
This is a joke, right?

No. 1077249

Know her male audience is huge, I can imagine how many pregnancy kink guys are getting off to this. Before she got pregnant, I kinda assumed she'd open an only fans

No. 1077269

If no one else does it, I'm going to make a collage of all his foot related twitter posts when I get time. He's clearly a pedo-footfag.

No. 1077284

File: 1604773998833.jpg (3.44 MB, 2000x4795, 1556830343810.jpg)

there's already a bunch in the dan schneider thread on /ot/

No. 1077339

He mass deleted most of the feet tweets about a year ago. If you go into the thread, anons have archived. You don’t need to repost.

Dan Schneider thread needs a revival. This isn’t just about Ariana. So many Nick AND Disney child actors are coming forward.

No. 1077345

Samefag but Ricky Garcia (Disney) came forward last year and said his manager (and up to 6 other people) have been raping him for years.
Joby Harte, the pedo motherfucker is still working with children.


No. 1077364

In this collage, the little girl in the hot tub nect to the man in the green shirt is visibly disturbed, and the arm of the man beside the other girl has his arm behind both of them and down her side. What the fuck is this? This was on TV?

No. 1077370

this seemingly small positive thing helped after falling into a hole reading this thread, thank you for sharing this and thank good for your parents.

No. 1077378

Oh my god, sage for no contribution but I thought the album name “chemtrails over the country club” was a joke made up by farmers, possibly referring to her being a Qanon type bc of the holed mask. I just learned it’s actually what the album is going to be called.

No. 1077436

it's insanely gross and weird. what sort of context can this have?

No. 1077441

File: 1604785700996.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1125x1344, 6D49A82F-0959-4163-B9BE-D20A5C…)

Apologies if this has been brought up. the girl who played jade West on Victorious married Michael Corcoran, a guy who worked as a composer for the show at the time. He’s 20 years older than her and apparently met when she was 16. Idk man it isn’t illegal NOW but everything with Schneider going around, something about the whole thing is fucked up.

No. 1077442

it’s from the show game shakers but i have no idea what the context could be

No. 1077449

There’s a scene in Gameshakers where the main character peels an orange with his feet and the other character eats it…. from his feet….

There are hundreds of creepy scenes like this in all of the shows Dan has produced.
Anons said that it’s rare to find an episode without at least one gross fetish innuendo. But that was the “selling point” apparently - to target older teens and adolescents by using innuendos.

No. 1077539

>pedos have fucktons of money and influence in America since the Trump administration began.
That's inaccurate. They've had money and influence for decades, just look at what happened in Franklin Nebraska in the 80s.

No. 1077565

Sage for no contribute but I remember Schneider responding to filthy frank's nickeloden girls song on twitter, like laughing and agreeing that he'd bring back the bitches. I can't find caps anywhere though so I might be remembering wrong, it was a while ago. Does anyone else remember this? It creeped me out at the time, it's so weird but not even surprising to read this shit about him now.

No. 1077611


No. 1077679

File: 1604804081057.jpg (830.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201108-044930_Ins…)

I know many are joining in on the election street parties but this video of chrissy teigen and john legend makes it look like this was a party just for them. Maybe i just have a hate boner.

No. 1077707

I mean non celebrities are doing the same shit, there was just footage of a reporter on CNN in Atlanta where she was pointing out how many people were driving past Trump tower holding Biden flags out of the sunroof of their cars

No. 1077821

You can tell from this footage that the atmosphere immediately changes after Dan shows up. Note how Liz immediately rearranges Ariana's skirt when she notices that Dan is watching them

No. 1077823

The fact that they made the Nickelodeon logo foot-shaped is sickening, it's like they're showing a middle finger to the world

No. 1077827

Fuck, I didn't want to attach the video again, but I can't delete the post because it says wrong password??

No. 1077850

Knowing the context of what Dan's done really lends a sinister vibe to an otherwise innocuous video.

No. 1077853

File: 1604829248483.png (41.18 KB, 1280x334, Johnny Depp dropped from 'Pir…)

Disney booted him from the "Pirates" franchise too when the allegations first surfaced. JD hasn't been charged with anything, he's just being railroaded imo. I'm sure the CEOs making these decisions have probably killed a hooker or two.

No. 1077900

I would argue that any crew member approaching to film young/ underage actresses when they aren’t working and are sitting on the floor together being affectionate and high as balls is far from innocuous. There’s no reason to document footage of this. Nasty fuck.

That bitch was really behaving like it was for her, that’s why.

No. 1077923

So sick that Ari does this yet to this day still kisses up to him publicly. Money and fame for fucking a pedophile, not even once.

No. 1078016

File: 1604860057915.jpeg (363.42 KB, 869x706, 158695A1-777A-4430-8785-8A2761…)

the look of fear on their faces when schneider gets near them is tragic, what a disgusting man.

No. 1078048

Well when you think about it … nothing good happens to women who speak out about industry predators. The women are blamed, slut shamed, and then blacklisted to fade into obscurity. She could be ass kissing out of that fear. I fucking wish Hollywood would hold these creeps accountable considering the amount of evidence on Dan. But then again Hollywood is ran by these creeps.

No. 1078152

File: 1604875467431.jpeg (188.07 KB, 819x781, ED13CBC0-8E2F-4B5B-933F-4F902A…)

Someone finally said his name backwards

No. 1078171

Standards are stricter. I don't think selena gomez is straight up and down. Lana, selena and Christy all look perfectly healthy. And if hollywood was exclusively filled with hourglass figures y'all would complain too. Very little people are naturally perfect

No. 1078175

RIP to a legend. I was watching Jeopardy just the other night.

No. 1078178

I grew up watching Jeopardy. Saw this morning that he passed. RIP to an icon

No. 1078223

I actually feel kind of sad his death has been overshadowed by the election results. Of course he will be a remembered, but it reminds me of how no one gave a shit when Farrah Fawcett died of ass cancer because it was the same day Michael Jackson died

No. 1078230

Innocuous as far as what the girls were doing, but yeah they obviously didn't know they were being watched and the second they noticed, their demeanor changed. I feel like Liz was legit angry.

Imagine people like Dan are the rule and not the exception in "show business". That entire industry is a fucking cesspool.

No. 1078243

why is this thread always fulls of pick mes crying about depp kek

No. 1078253

Literally every place online is full of Depp apologists, his fanbase is rabid. Heard was abusive too but she's proven he hurt her multiple times, and they've started dating when she was only 20 and he was a creep twice her age in his midlife crisis which is not a healthy balance of power; so I feel like it's high time to stop acting like he is an innocent cinammon roll seduced by an Evil Woman, not deserving all that awful punishment coming to him.

No. 1078256

idk why people are even blaming her for this. if he hadnt had tried to sue the sun he wouldnt have lost his job. He bought more attention to the situation and has now been branded a wife-beater legally. It's like that meme of the kid putting a stick in his bike spokes and screaming "Why Amber Heard!" when he falls.

No. 1078259


I think as a 38-40 year old (I can't remember), using your fame to get girls in their late teens and early twenties to sleep with you is skeevy. Illegal though? No. But if we cancel Chris D'Elia then we should cancel most of Hollywood.

I'm sad because his podcast was really funny and I don't think he deserved to lose his career for being a creep. I can't find any proof that he did anything sexual with minors - the closest thing to it were emails asking for their ages and then when he was told 16 he said "bit young for me sorry" (or something to that effect).

No. 1078261

Woah she is stunning. I had to check who that was, looks nothing like how she does now.

No. 1078262

>acting like he is an innocent cinammon roll seduced by an Evil Woman, not deserving all that awful punishment coming to him.
Who is saying this ITT? It feels like some anons have a black and white view of this situation.

No. 1078263

My guess is with age her cheeks started to sag and lose their elasticity, so she got fillers to pad out the wrinkles. Doing this kinda pulls up the skin and gives a little tightening effect on the surrounding skin lifting the jowls slightly.

I think she got it done once, loved the subtle improvement, but obviously skin stretches over time and as the fillers fade will need more filler to fill out the baggy skin.

She should just dissolve the cheek fillers and get a mid-face facelift imo because right now she looks like she's smuggling apples.

Sage for plastic surgery talk

No. 1078272

IDK if someone is saying it ITT, just an observation about overall vibe of the discussions about this situation online, seen a lot of voices like that. People are definitely very polarized about it while the truth is most likely in the middle somewhere. Still surprising even in this time and age most of the commenters would side with the man despite majority of proof against him ruled as true.

No. 1078289

yeah there were at least 4 or 5 top posts on the front page of reddit between yesterday and today about “amber heard bad johnny depp good” not that it surprises me

No. 1078291

so a bit off topic but this is also how incest works! "only the ugly, unsuccessful child would ever say that!"

No. 1078293

>Heard was abusive too but she's proven he hurt her multiple times

Bitch where? I read the entire transcripts of this case. All that Amber had were 2 photos on her phone of "bruises" which her house staff say didn't exist at all as they saw her all week with no makeup. She had used makeup to fake bruises and had used a photo editing app to increase contrast to make the bruises worse.

Amber even accidentally submitted a recording of herself admitting she beats Jonny to the court. Yet she still got off scott free.

Multiple staff members (bodyguards, housekeepers) made witness testimony and all said Jonny was never violet and that Amber was often aggressive and flew off the handle.

Johnny was no saint and had issues with drugs and alcohol - but it's clear Amber was the abusive one.

No. 1078296

Can someone please share evidence that Jonny was abusive to Amber Heard please? I've read and listened to the whole thing

No. 1078305

The last 3 threads have had either a samefagging anon or a couple defending him and saying amber ruined his entire life with lies and abuse.

lmao get help retard

No. 1078307

>Not believing unproven allegations = pickme
ok. No one's been charged and Amber's lost support for lying >>1074535. You can say whatever you want about either of them but there's no evidence proving JD abused Amber, otherwise he would've been charged, correct?

That's what I've been waiting for.

No. 1078309

stop samefagging sperg. The proof is 2 court judgements against him.

No. 1078316

This you >>1075101?

Can someone who's not a smooth brained mongoloid produce any evidence and answer why JD has not been charged?

No. 1078324


Anyone find it weird that him and Sean Connery died within a week of each other? I wouldn’t even bring it up had if it weren’t for SNL’s Celebrity Jeopardy lmao.

No. 1078340

This, people know only the narrative that was build / officially released to the media and act like they sat through all court hearings over the years. Depp just now lost a case where he claimed Heard is lying, but if all Depp defenders here and out ther really have more knowledge from just reading articles than the courts, then sure, I apologize.

No. 1078343

It's one anon that keeps spam posting about him every time he's mentioned. Mods need to ban her because she's absolitely psychotic.

No. 1078357

No. 1078365

Sounds like some robot or lost coomer ended up here somehow; e.g. “all women are liars and psycho whores so JD was the abused one, actually, but if he did hit her she deserved it for xyz reason.” I guess JD being the greasiest slob alive resonates with them or something.

No. 1078372

lol you're just putting words in people's mouths. All anon >>1078316 asked was where are the charges against JD and no one answered LOL. Please. Have a nap.

No. 1078380

File: 1604902275027.jpg (356.37 KB, 1080x1336, 20201109_060940.jpg)

I had to reverse image search this to prove to myself that it's an image of Doja Cat, and it apparently is. Am I just out of touch or does anyone not remember her looking like this at all? How did she age so quickly?

No. 1078386

I feel like she looks the same as she usually does

No. 1078388

i think it’s just a bad wig for her

No. 1078390

anon didn't say anything like that at all. They just asked where the charges are. Any logical person should be able to look at all the presented evidence of the case, including both their past histories, and come to the conclusion that they both abused each other and fed off of each other's toxicity. Amber has a history of gaslighting her significant others as well as being arrested in 2009 for starting a fight with Tasya van Ree. JD has a long history of abusing alcohol and drugs and being disorderly as there being solid proof he did abuse Amber. The audio logs released made them BOTH look horrible. They both look like narcs that fed off each other's toxicity and both mentally/physically/emotionally abused each other. Toxic relationships exist and this was clearly an example of two people both being horrible human beings.

No. 1078394

she was always ugly. you guys just stan her too much

No. 1078412


anon take your meds

ive honestly never seen her in a well installed wig kek

No. 1078416

A lost libel case against a tabloid rag is just that. If JD were found guilty of domestic violence (abusing Amber) he would've been charged but he never was. Apparently just mentioning that mere fact is sO pSyChOtIc to some of the galaxy brains on here incapable of critical thought.

No. 1078431

File: 1604913502245.jpeg (71.63 KB, 1024x576, BCB4FA81-AE5A-402F-8E00-8AC8DC…)

Not sure who watches John Oliver, but the asshat ceo Bob Murray who sued him and countless others for libel because they brought up his shitty practices within the coal mining industry is dead. He recently was trying to lobby against federal regulations to protect miners from black lung. What he ended up dying from? Black lung. Ain’t god good.

No. 1078434

I was team Amber until more came out, now I think she’s a psychopath. Never was really a Johnny fan either, but I have yet to see any solid proof of him abusing her. I’m confused about the whole thing. It appears Amber is getting jobs too, isn’t she? I’ve seen a lot of her being just as bad as him so I don’t get it.

No. 1078439

Nobody in Hollywood cares cause they are literally all like that. Look at the Weinstein shit. You could probably rape and eat babies in Hollywood and your colleagues won't say a thing cause they also like to do that on the weekend sometimes.

No. 1078440

If that’s the case, why exile JD but not Amber?

No. 1078441

File: 1604918272011.jpg (188.71 KB, 2048x1152, skynews-depp-johnny-depp_50385…)

Johnny's a liability and Amber likely takes her work seriously. He's a drunken mess past his prime, barely functional and box office poison even before the allegations. I got the impression JK pushed for his casting because she's his friend and WB jumped at the chance to cut him loose.

No. 1078447

Amber is a joke. She is just as bad. They're both trash.

No. 1078451

This. It's especially a shame with Depp because he was a good actor who managed to trash his entire reputation.

No. 1078453

This makes a lot of sense. It’s a real shame too. I think Amber is an extremely high-functioning psycho, she probably uses her sobriety and professionalism as a hell of a guise. I’m not caping for JDs career but Jesus that woman is insane.

No. 1078455

>age so quickly
Some of you are so stupid it's hard to process

No. 1078456

>I have yet to see any solid proof of him abusing her

you mean like the publicly available video showing him throw a bottle wine and a wine glass at her because she asked him what's wrong? or the texts where he was gleefully talking to his friends about how he wants to drown her, burn her, and then rape her corpse? or the audio where he tries to force amber to cut him with a knife while she begs him to stop?

johnny depp is just as abusive as amber heard, in fact i think he was the main abuser in this relationship. if anyone here is a psychopath it's him. theres a reason for why not even the best lawyer in the whole country was able to save him from losing the libel case. while i think amber is hardly innocent, it's fucking laughable that everyone is sticking up for a washed up millionaire with a history of violence dating back to 1989 just because he was a hot guy and mediocre actor 20 years ago.

No. 1078458

Based anon

No. 1078462

>Incoming 3 separate posts all within 2 minutes of each other insisting amber was just as bad

anon can stay seetheing Amber still has her L'Oreal contract because Johnny Depp was dumb enough to sue for libel in a country where the truth is a legal defense to it.

No. 1078485

She looks the same what's your point anon?
Maybe her super rough exfoliate vogue routine is catching up KEK

No. 1078489

Doja doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables and barely drinks water, she’s just nasty and smelly

No. 1078496

I think it’s at least partially the makeup she’s wearing, it isn’t flattering. Heavy makeup will age almost anyone.

No. 1078502

Didn’t she get booted from her role as Mera, or was that that just a rumor? I don’t care enough about superhero movies to follow anything regarding them.

Yeah, JD seems like an unstable mess, AH seems more outright malicious.

No. 1078515

File: 1604929505240.jpg (59.47 KB, 640x1136, 69a7f47fed32557186ad6e95fdcec3…)

I was reading an old article today Ariana was talking about how her mom always wore black and a colored lipstick like blue in this pic. And another article where she reunited with her dad last year after years of not talking. Wonder what happened.

No. 1078521

lmao this complex you have about unstable men is what gets so many women killed a day, anon.

No. 1078538

maybe her parents disagreed on whether to pimp her to Schneider for fame or not

No. 1078633

>Also she was hardly the first celebrity to project the “smol bean” image
Sage for irrelevant but I can’t think of any other celebrity whose done this, what are you talking about?

No. 1078634

I was thinking the same thing. I hate how children are pimped out for money and Hollywood fame. What parent would put their child through that. Everyone knows what goes down in that industry. It’s not a shocker that it’s full of pedos.

No. 1078639

I didn’t realize you knew every celebrity. That’s an amazing memory

No. 1078640

File: 1604941022822.png (700.13 KB, 822x754, 6lPQXQ2.png)

No. 1078645

That makes me happy

No. 1078652

File: 1604942149205.jpg (58.47 KB, 724x398, k.JPG)


Looks like it's behind a paywall? Can't access the site without getting a banner for paying to see some content. Anyways, of course I know her dad but never heard of her but looks like she has been always a hot mess?


No. 1078664

File: 1604942730707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 315.51 KB, 1536x2048, Elxs4IhXYAEn1ot.jpg)

~body pos vibes~

No. 1078668

File: 1604943091120.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

>violence towards me
She is rich as fuck, what kind of violence is she risking? She's probably one of those "sex workers rights uwu" when that's just a zero risk hobby.

No. 1078680

I feel like I went down a terrible rabbit hole. This girl is dating Chuck Pankow who is 47?

No. 1078692

not to nitpick but wtf is this body

some women are really unfortunate, jesus

No. 1078695

Thanks, Stacy

No. 1078702

she says she was groomed by men, presumably in the entertainment industry, so it's not surprising she's dating a 47 year old

No. 1078743

File: 1604948385985.jpg (171.95 KB, 1200x1200, Mikaela-Spielberg-chuck-pankow…)

This is so depressing, sex work should be last resort, not something a rich girl with all the possibilities in the world does. And she says her parents are okay with this and "expected it to happen"???
Here in this The Sun article https://www.the-sun.com/news/514139/steven-spielberg-daughter-mikaela-porn-arrest/ they quote her saying this:
>My parents - despite what people have written - aren't embarrassed, they were actually kind of expecting it to be my career… some sort of outsider art… or taboo art, because they've always known that I was a little bit neurotic.

How tf can parents support their neurotic daughter decision to cope with some past abuse traumas (she claims to have but not from the hands of "someone known") by becoming a sex worker? Or even her relationship with a 51 years old dude (not 47, if we're to believe google). She's Spielberg's adoptive daughter which makes me suspect the worst about her upbringing. Poor girl.

No. 1078751

How the fuck does a wealthy man clearly take such poor care of their daughter? Those teeth…

No. 1078758

Not to tinfoil but seems like all of the other Spielberg kids are normal, well adjusted adults, musicians, actors or filmmakers themselves, somehow only the one he adopted turned out like this
(one of his sons is also an adopted but by his wife long before she got together with Spielberg)

No. 1078766

The fact that she's adopted rubs me the wrong way, so many kids in the american foster care system get molested/raped only to be adopted in to child exploitation rings. It also doesn't help that it looks like they're not helping her with anything since her teeth are so fucked up.

No. 1078776


She mentioned using her OF money for paying rent - like, when her parents support her in her "career", why does she have to sell noods for 5$ in order to pay her own place?


No. 1078781

They probably assumed she was a lost cause and put more effort into their "real" kids.

No. 1078798

File: 1604950964328.gif (1 MB, 350x191, 6f6.gif)


>My heart goes out to all those kids tossed around pedowood and I hope amanda is healing.

I don't wish ill will on anyone but if ari has an AB type of breakdown…


I'll be sitting back w/everyone else eating popcorn!

No. 1078799

It's disturbing to see a Spielberg kid, adopted or not, end up like this. Guess they couldn't spare any of their millions of shekels to help her in any way.

No. 1078805

That poor baby’s teeth… why is she paying rent with OF? Fuck SS

No. 1078808

>johnny depp is just as abusive as amber heard, in fact i think he was the main abuser in this relationship
I'm inclined to agree with this, even though I'm not 100% on either person's side due to conflicting evidence. What I think is nuts is that people can listen to those phone conversations between them and somehow get that she's the abusive one, when to me it sounds like, if anything, two people who are obviously toxic for each other and can't make a relationship work due to poor communication. But again, that's only me judging from the phone conversations, not taking everything else into account.

I also want to point out that the common narrative that within abusive relationships, one person is ALWAYS abusive, and the other is NEVER abusive, is simply bullshit, and if anything is making it more difficult for victims of abuse to speak out due to fear that they will be accused of lying, or labeled "just as bad" if they were not a complete doormat to their abuser and fought back on occasion. One person lashing out at another does not make them an abuser, although you could technically argue that in those moments they are being abusive. Power dynamics are much more important to take into account when determining whether or not a relationship is abusive. In this context, one party is seeking power over the other. This is usually done at the very beginning of the relationship: the abuser person intentionally seeks out someone more vulnerable than them, typically someone in a lesser socioeconomic position as well. You tend to see this in a lot of abusive relationships, wherein the victim was much younger than the perpetrator, or was isolated from friends and family, was dependent on the abuser for financial support, etc, or a combination of these things.

Within this context, it's pretty clear to me that this relationship was overflowing with red flags from the get-go. Even if we still want to go with the narrative that they were equally toxic to each other, it's hard to overlook the fact that Johnny is 20+ years older than Amber, has more prestige and social power than Amber, is inordinately wealthier than Amber, etc. Nobody even knew who Amber Heard was until she started dating Johnny Depp. Johnny was and always will be a beloved Hollywood figure, regardless of her allegations against him, and she always had more to lose by speaking out against him. The latter is why I'm disinclined to take Johnny's ex's claims that he was never abusive and never hit her, as evidence that he is not in fact, abusive in that way. Who's to say she isn't lying to cover her own ass?

I don't want to tinfoil too much here, but keep in mind that even Michael Jackson's victims defended him and claimed he never molested him, only retracting these statements and coming forward with the truth several years after his death. And even still, Jackson is such a beloved Hollywood icon that many people choose not to believe them.

No. 1078812

File: 1604952099202.png (47 KB, 463x395, KVWHvyx.png)

She purposely chose this path as a way to support herself. It seems like Spielberg was helping her out before.

No. 1078823

Why are camwhore always the loudest of all sex workers? No on gives a shit that you're selling pussy shots.

No. 1078874

tinfoil: fucked up teeth can make you look younger. kids usually got nasty teeth and if you're into pleasing pedos, well don't burn your money-maker

No. 1078879

thought the same

No. 1078883

I agree that they're both toxic and awful and he has an advantage over her enough socially that it's likely everyone would be willing to cape for him. this is all too reminiscent of other cases where "nice guy" actors are found out to be assholes, and people cape for them because their pr worked tirelessly to keep their image as "nice guys" and their a-list status allowed them to keep that image and pushed the idea that they couldn't possibly be abusers. but considering how many are drug addicted it's likely what goes on behind closed doors isn't savory, especially with women. cocaine is a helluva drug

in a long term toxic and abusive relationship where someone is originally the main instigator, the balance of power will shift when the recipient of the instigators abuse will start trying to reclaim power and fire back at the instigator, thus creating a mutually abusive relationship dynamic. it's not to say that amber and johnny weren't toxic before they met one another and their abusive streaks were only emphasized when they got together. I wouldn't doubt depp was toxic prior to heard because of his drug addiction.

the longer this thing goes on the worse it looks for both of their careers though

No. 1078892

>the longer this thing goes on the worse it looks for both of their careers though
Yep. Even though Depp is the worse person here, I think that Heard made a mistake by trying to make it publicly known that he's abusive. There's too much support for him and not enough for her, and because there is record of her fighting back against him, she was basically doomed to fall out of public favor from the get-go.

Fuck Johnny though. He's been an drug-addled asshole for years and doesn't deserve the prestige he once had, even without the abuse claims. I don't sympathize with his tanking career at all.

No. 1078895

>the lace on that wig

No. 1078904

File: 1604960855391.jpg (67.9 KB, 1200x654, tobogganing.jpg)

Wig placement never came up on tinychat.

No. 1078906

Fucking top kek good riddance.

No. 1078915

Eat Shit Bob was way more catchy than it had any right to be

No. 1078955

she's just what most girls look like when they get chunky, saggy tits, zero ratio.

No. 1079108

They're both fill of shit. Regardless of Derpy or not, she's still a horrendously mediocre actress with extreme clout chasing game. All Depp's done is made sure Miss Milquetoast stays in the headlines, whereas if he'd have took it on the nose 4 years ago, she'd have been forgotten and fucked off into the irrelevancy that she so deserves.

No. 1079126


No. 1079156

>the truth
>"the truth" being a judges opinion of events written in a tabloid magazine
That's actually the truth, hence no charges.

If he abused her I hope he's charged and convicted. If she abused him I hope she's charged and convicted.

No. 1079157

Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I think he has a chance to rehabilitate his image if he dedicates himself to some sort of therapy program, unless he wants more of this >>1078441 kek. He's been extremely careless with money, obviously most of that has to do with substance abuse.

No. 1079158

File: 1604995577659.webm (1.6 MB, 640x360, Amber admits to starting physi…)

>a history of violence dating back to 1989
Ok but on topic, none of his exes have accused him of domestic abuse, just Amber, and those are still just accusations btw. One thing he without a doubt abuses is drugs and alcohol.
>or the audio where he tries to force amber to cut him with a knife while she begs him to stop?

No. 1079160

>AH seems more outright malicious.
>unstable men
They're both unstable and shockingly gravitated towards each other. I don't think she's going to win her case in the US though.

This is 27mins of Amber contradicting herself under oath.

No. 1079174

Totally agree. I hate when people think relationships neatly fall into a black and white pattern. Like there’s a sub, there’s a dom. The abuser, the abused.

I had a friend who kept going for toxic dudes and retaliated to their abuse with more unhinged abuse. It’s hard to tell who’s the asshole in those situations. Is it the instigator or the person who answers back with even more violence? Especially since both parties then think they’re justified because the other did X shitty action right before.

Celebrities, especially of the caliber of JD, have fucking pros working around the clock to make sure their PR is on point and they can still make money. If JD was innocent as he claims it’d be fucking easy to prove.
Also, fucking tired of seeing reddit lapping it all up because it means they can safely shit on a woman for once and be like “See?? Women are just as abusive as men” when women are still most likely to die from the hands of their partner.

No. 1079198

Don't know anything about her but sounds like she had things handed to her and never learned a skill to support herself. Probably her parents never gave emotional support. And ofc, working a normie job is out of the question.

No. 1079231

Amber has PR people too lol. Funny I haven't seen her lose out on acting gigs (yet).

Amber makes victims of abuse look bad by lying about her abuse >>1074697, >>1074535, on top of that she's on record lying under oath. The fact that that judge in the UK sided with Amber is pretty bizarre considering all the lies she's told that are out in the open for everyone to see.

No. 1079253

Depp stans and Reddit misogynists aside, I think this case is kind of unique because of the people involved. While it's absolutely true that women are usually the victims of domestic violence and abuse by their partners, you can tell Amber is either out of her fucking mind or she has psychopatic tendencies. She's mentally ill, a liar and has had a few addictions too. On the other hand Depp is also unstable and has been filmed smashing stuff out of anger and was/is also a drug addict and an alcoholic. I don't think there's proof of him ever hitting Amber afaik. It's hard to pick a side, but to me Amber seems the most malicious, manipulative and violent out of the two.

No. 1079258

the lace front… bitch, get a new hairstylist wtf

No. 1079435

Gwen got more boring after she started dating Blake Shelton.

No. 1079628

Belle Thorne has graced us with a music video

No. 1079634

a true lyrical delight
she's out of tune the whole song it's crazy she would listen to that and say "yes this is worth a videoclip"

No. 1079648

Imagine being rich and thinking the way to go is sex work to support yourself. This poor girl is doomed. She should have taken her dad's money and went to college.

No. 1079654

File: 1605052448529.jpg (157.49 KB, 1000x666, patsy thorne.jpg)

Someone hated her enough to choose that thumbnail. She looks like Patrick Wilson.

No. 1079667

>"safe, sane, consensual"
ah, the saying that was repeated to death on the bdsm side of tumblr. wouldn't be surprised if this is where she took it from and fell into that cesspit head-first

No. 1079687

Uploading and making this makes her braver than any US Marine

No. 1079689

Lol, jesus christ. I have no words for this monstrosity.

No. 1079703

Her dad looks like a sexy Danny Tanner.

No. 1079711

Her mom looks a fright tho!

No. 1079712

A Disney starlet that didn't have singing lessons payed by them. What a shame.

No. 1079714

I think that might be her brother, aka the most insufferable contestant that was ever on American Big Brother, and that’s saying something.

No. 1079718

>Amber is either out of her fucking mind or she has psychopatic tendencies. She's mentally ill, a liar and has had a few addictions too.
Yeah, most of the people looking at Johnny's past are apparently unaware of Ambers. Johnny, for all his many problems, has no history of domestic violence.

That series of videos are well done

I don't think she's going to win her US trial either. Whatever corrupt horseshit happened in the UK, anyone whose watched Amber's deposition can see this for what it is.

No. 1079720

Frankie Grande is a national nightmare.

No. 1079721

Bruh… what are they doing to these hollywood kids that makes them turn out like this? Horrifying. She needs help.

No. 1079733

I'm convinced this was done to advertise her OF, and maybe her herself for yachts.

No. 1079772

I don’t get how you can watch a woman like Amber smirk at audio of her admitting to her husband’s face to purposely hitting him and then be “well obviously a newspaper is correct to label this man a wifebeater and her a victim time to go home”

this is like when that sidekick of Epstein was interrogated and she legitimately pretended she didn’t know what a girl was when asked if she brought any girls to Epstein’s place. And the bitch still isn’t in prison.

No. 1079777

File: 1605065308046.png (351.68 KB, 805x677, 0sJma27.png)

No. 1079783

jesus. is zendaya the only one who wasn't totally corrupted by disney child stardom (that still had a career afterwards)?

No. 1079803

honestly, it doesn't matter what you "think", the courts say he's a wife-beater. Move on.

No. 1079819

> It's hard to pick a side, but

You don’t need to. They’re both awful. Neither one deserves defending.

No. 1079832

This whole situation is baffling to me. Britney is almost 40, it’s not like she’s underage or something. She might have mental health issues, but why don’t they appoint a qualified financial manager to be her conservator? Why does it have to be her dad?

Even if she’s totally off the deep end (which she doesn’t seem to be), she clearly doesn’t want her dad having this much control over her career and her money, and that’s totally reasonable. Why are the courts so dead set on keeping her dad in control of her life?

No. 1079833

can't you pay off judges on the hush hush?

or have I watched too much american tv

No. 1079834

Not that anon, but google Franklin Scandal. I remember reading years ago that it was related to a cult called Finders Keepers or something like that. I never read much into it for my own mental health

No. 1079852

I’m starting to wonder. Can’t see any reason why they’d have her dad managing her finances over an actual financial planner. Feels so infantilizing.

No. 1079870


A court presided over by a judge that's got more than a few links with Heard's legal representation. Treat that verdict with caution.

No. 1079881

Her and Hilary Duff are the only two Disney starts who didn’t grow up to be total train wrecks.

No. 1079893

nta. I've heard about that alleged conflict of interest but haven't found any sauce for it. Wouldn't surprise me if it were true though.

No. 1079908

File: 1605082304568.jpeg (1008.19 KB, 1221x2664, Oof.jpeg)

kek. Amber's perjured herself, lied under oath >>1079160 and contradicted her own story multiple times. JD lost a libel case against a tabloid, anyone trying to spin that into "he lost against Amber in court" is being disingenuous. His trial against Amber isn't over, thus people are going to keep talking about it sorry not sorry.

No. 1079923

can you take this dumb shit to the conspiracy thread? This is for celebrity news.

No. 1079924

stay mad he lost 2 court cases kek

No. 1079928

Well yeah, I was just discussing it and meant something like "who's the worst of the two". And eventually when the case is closed, one of them is gonna be "right" and the other one "wrong", even if they're both fucked up.

No. 1079959

Why don't these girls go to therapy and learn to self-validate and maybe get a healthier lifestyle going on? She has all the privilege in the world to do so.
There needs to be a Depp/Heard thread for these unhinged spergs.

No. 1079962

I don't care that she's dumb and this is technically her own fault, her father is said to own around 4 billion, there are zero excuses for letting her do this. Her not working at all and living of his money would be better than her selling herself.

This shit makes me so mad. She can go on worldwide tours getting milked for money 24/7 but god forbid she's allowed to make any decision on her own. There's this sadly accurate South Park episode about her, her going crazy was inevitable with how everybody is treating her since she was just a young girl.

Heart is a nobody compared to Depp, he has hundreds of millions, if anybody manages to get the judge on their site it's him.

No. 1080061

File: 1605108527971.jpeg (211.59 KB, 828x531, 294B5916-924B-4D84-8D53-4D01BF…)

Harvey Levin has never owned up to how much he contributed to her mental breakdown as well. TMZ is a lot less brutal than they used to be; I remember they went IN on Britney when she was clearly ill, but they kept harassing her anyway because, “lul, it’s just Hollywood, man”.


No. 1080070

File: 1605110243325.jpg (33.02 KB, 480x360, 1566142888862.jpg)

Honestly Depp and Amber Heard both seems like pieces of shit, that shouldn't be controversial to say

they remind me a lot of the Alpha couple from the Mountain goats

No. 1080076

Or they could just be banned? Don’t reply and report.

No. 1080099

File: 1605113935987.png (24.25 KB, 598x313, Screenshot_2020-11-11 Farrakha…)

kiki palmer really can't catch a break can she, she got canceled a week ago for kissing a white and now she's getting cancelled for saying black people should try to eat healthier

No. 1080133

>Farrakhan stan account
At least they're honest kek

No. 1080142

File: 1605117115587.png (747.03 KB, 858x769, 2020-11-11 12_50_37-Window.png)

No. 1080160

File: 1605118693040.png (84.35 KB, 1200x368, Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 08.4…)

She did word it terribly though. If EBT/Link only worked on healthy foods (by which I assume she means fruits/veggies) people wouldn't be able to feed their families.

No. 1080166

Literally how, you can make a week's worth of beans and rice for pennies. Throw on some packets of hot sauce and some cilantro and you've got yourself a healthy tasty meal

No. 1080177

Someone else mentioned to her how a lot of lower-income areas in the U.S. are food deserts and fast food swamps. In order for people on EBT to be able to afford a week's supply of nutritious foods that can be regimented, you would need a structural change from the government program alongside corporations lowering their prices on produce and canned goods (which would only further harms the workers who harvest the crops and get a terrible wage as is).

No. 1080202

True but an issue I see is that a lot of people will blow their EBT money on any place that can accept it (lots of fast food places take EBT) as well as blowing it on unneeded clothing and everything else, if EBT only accepted healthy food and toiletries it would fix the obesity issue among poor people

No. 1080218


Only like 3 states allow restaurant purchases with an EBT card anon. And I've never heard of non-food places accepting them for clothing (pretty sure they literally can't).

No. 1080224

yeah it will limit you to food only purchases, not sure what that anon is sperging about

No. 1080240

>if EBT only accepted healthy food and toiletries it would fix the obesity issue among poor people
Not necessarily. Look up the term "food desert" - lack of access to and/or distance from fresh or cooked food affects many rural Americans. There are plenty of places in the US where you can be an hour or two (driving distance, with no access to public transportation or transportation apps) from a grocery store or a restaurant, even just a fast food place.

No. 1080275

Does anybody have proof or reports that the Olsen twins were victims of abuse during their Hollywood career?

No. 1080292

Amazon accepts EBT now. i’m pretty sure you can buy food off of Amazon Fresh with EBT.

No. 1080295

i mean they’ve literally been in show business since they were babies so there was no shortage of opportunities for someone to take advantage of them at some point. don’t think they’ve ever spoken out about it though.

No. 1080314

They didn't get to go to school and they were working as children
That's abuse we don't even have to wonder about

No. 1080331


Not if they don't deliver in your area which is likely if you live in the middle of nowhere.

No. 1080344

File: 1605134913219.jpg (114.51 KB, 1039x475, Screenshot_20201111-174400_Chr…)

Don't really care about either one but anyone who thinks AH doesn't have a past of being abusive is wilfully blind. It came out that she was abusing her exwife. No clue why anons are stanning for her so hard and choosing to ignore this.

No. 1080346

holy fuck that is my dream man

No. 1080357

>actually ex gf
>thinking that the court proving Depp hit her over 14 times as opposed to the one time she hit back makes her equal to him

No. 1080358

Her sister spoke out about how Amber used to beat the crap out of her too.

No. 1080363

I thought it was proven they are both abusive assholes? Why are people still fighting over this?s

No. 1080364

>No clue why anons are stanning for her so hard and choosing to ignore this
You're on an imageboard full of anons who think that women aren't capable of committing domestic abuse, towards men or towards other women.

No. 1080365

I've literally never heard of "Amazon Fresh" before this post, kek.

No. 1080366

>women aren't capable of committing domestic abuse
you're purposely dense. none of you deppfags know more than the two judges who have ruled against him so let it go

No. 1080370

I don't care about either of the two and I have very little knowledge about what the legal conflicts between them are. I said that because I've posted here for years and that is genuinely the case. Instances of women committing domestic abuse or assaulting their partners, be it physically, sexually, in any form, have been openly defended here plenty of times. Lurk more.

No. 1080377

You can also shop on Walmart delivery using EBT. I use it all the time.

No. 1080378

if you dont care about either of them why come here to simp for scrotes?
>lurk more
nice try

No. 1080380

File: 1605137613879.jpg (54.76 KB, 500x500, fsuZpox.jpg)

In CA there is EBT food, and EBT cash. They are loaded onto the same card. People who receive EBT cash can spend it on anything. Even alcohol. They can withdraw it and spend it on heroin if they desire. Only homeless people are allowed to use the EBT for fast food.

No. 1080383

Because men bad

No. 1080384

Someone acknowledging that Depp and Heard both have histories of abusive behavior, and that women are capable of committing domestic abuse, isn't "simping" for the man in the situation. Not sure how you developed the weird kneejerk assumption that everyone who states obvious things is disagreeing with you or defending someone.

No. 1080386

even walmart doesn't deliver everywhere.

No. 1080387

Her aesthetic isn't necessarily unique, though. Belle Delphine does the same pedobait shtick but with an anime-inspired twist and, as far as we know, she wasn't groomed or sexually abused as a child.

No. 1080401

poorfag CA anon here, actually anyone with EBT can use it at participating fast food places, usually Del Taco or Jack In The Box in low income areas. Sage for ebt sperging.

No. 1080410

really? I'm in New york and I've only heard of people using it for cold foods, like corner store subs or something. Never knew you could use it for fast food outside of that. NTA by the way

No. 1080412

i think it depends state to state

No. 1080415

kek think of it as reparations for all the terrible shit men do everyday anon

No. 1080444

I understand why you'd think that way but if someone's falsely accused that literally doesn't help anyone.

No. 1080450

>a lot of lower-income areas in the U.S. are food deserts and fast food swamps.
>"food desert" - lack of access to and/or distance from fresh or cooked food affects many rural Americans.
This shouldn't be happening in 2020. People still struggling just for basic quality of life shit like healthy food and affordable healthcare. Fuck capitalism. Actually fuck all the -ism's.

No. 1080453

>stating the obvious
kek. Apparently separating fact from fiction is also "simping for scrotes" according to them.

No. 1080455

The argument though is that he abused Amber, and so far most of the evidence paints Amber as the abuser. They're both cows but that's not the argument.

No. 1080460

>Amber's perjured herself, lied under oath and contradicted her own story multiple times.
But that was in the US and of course you conveniently ignore that.

If you think the tabloids successful (for now) use of perjured testimony as evidence to "win" in court reflects well on the UK justice system, that's on you lol.

Someone keeps saying two court cases (none against Amber), I only know of the one against the tabloid. His and Ambers court case hasn't started.

No. 1080462

literally two court judgments did not uphold Depp’s claims of being falsely accused

let it go

No. 1080464

I would add to that, convenience or laziness kek. Some people would rather accept things at face value instead of trying to differentiate truth from lies.

No. 1080468

>let it go
Once the court case with Amber is over, sure.

No. 1080469

>a caucasoid
kek. never change internet.
How does a grown woman not have control over her own estate? I know a lot of tinfoiler's get laughed at but we know pedo's run rampant in that business, who knows what other weird nefarious shit goes on that the public doesn't know about.

No. 1080471

By adopting the right viewpoints, it's very easy and effortless to form an opinion on any situation where a man is involved. You can automatically assume the man is in the wrong and the woman is in the right, without the hassle of needing to research any further!

No. 1080482

File: 1605143682404.png (98.27 KB, 484x436, 2AB05C18-9ABF-48D2-93D7-B9F204…)

No. 1080500

That person seems like a troll.

Anyway, I honestly don’t think KeKe is that particularly bright. I remember that video where she didn’t recognize Dick Cheney and everyone thought it was cute but I thought it was embarrassing. It’s not like she was super young when he was VP. But people really did overreacted to her comment. She even admitted that she’s not an expert and because of it, people shouldn’t take her opinion that seriously. It was a dumb thing to say but I could see her point honestly. Also who cares who she makes out with? Social media was a mistake.

No. 1080513

The lawsuit against Amber is next year, no court found him to be rightfully accused.

No. 1080531

There are 2 of us anons who asked for proof JD was abusive btw and still no proof.

I read all the transcripts and all witness testimonies claimed Jonny was a gentle soft spoken man who had a problem with drink and drugs but was never seen to be verbally or physically abusive by any of his and Amber's staff or his exes.

Amber stupidly put forward a secret recording of her berating Johnny for annoying her. The whole time she's going on and on at him like a psycho and actually talks about beating on him. She admits she beats him. God knows why she tried to put this forward as evidence JD was abusive, but she did. She literally admitted she abused him on tape and got away with it.

No. 1080532

>>there being solid proof he did abuse Amber


No. 1080535

This is just pointless sperging at this point.

No. 1080542

This. Honestly some of you anons hate men so much you're willing to side with an abusive woman just because of your own personal experiences.

Not to be all "not all men" but yeah this kind of attitude is dangerous as it reinstates the idea that "only women can be victims". What if some woman lied about your brother or dad being abusive?

sage for non contribution I'll stop talking about JD AH now.(infight)

No. 1080553

By hitting other women?

No. 1080569

I explained in the previous thread why certain people had am issue with her dating a white guy

everyone sorta expects the black girl with blue dyed hair who likes anime to date mostly white guys, but no one expects a black girl whose more culturally black and speaks with a AAVE accent like keke to ever date a white guy so its a bit of a shock

No. 1080585

File: 1605153044326.jpg (77.44 KB, 381x292, F.jpg)

You ok anon?

No. 1080590

>she didn’t recognize Dick Cheney
>She even admitted that she’s not an expert
Oh so she's a moron who likes to talk out of her ass. Well that settles it then.

No. 1080593

>replying to a 3 day old post just to simp for an abusive junkie
At least sage your autism.

No. 1080597

lol ikr.
They have none because there never was proof.
nta. Look, as much as I'd love to hate a man for no reason, there just isn't any evidence to support Amber's claims of abuse. She can do her press junkets and virtue signal about muh victim hood in the media all she likes, but the reality is there's a mountain of evidence stacked against her, most of which she herself has contributed to kek. Also >>1080513

No. 1080646

Mild tinfoil but I remember there being some news not too long ago about a relative of Keke’s constantly asking her for money (I think it was a cousin.) She could have been subtweeting them.

No. 1080687

lmao the deppfags sperging in here. lolcow has truly been abandoned by admin.

anyway most of these posts seem to be the same anon and they've been here doing this for days. over a fat ugly unemployed alcoholic kek

No. 1080773

it's lolcow.farm, not manhate.com, discussions about men are allowed to not end in "all men are evil, what a scumbad, I am so glad I am a lesbian".(derailing)

No. 1080833

Look cunt, we get that you hate Depp and all men on this world, but this is the celebricows thread and we're allowed to talk about celebrities and things you don't personally care about. It's not like they're sperging and stanning, they're providing information and just gossiping ffs. If the snowflake anon over here is so butthurt over this someone should make a JD/AH thread, if there's enough to talk about.

No. 1080839

Holy fuck no one gives a shit about Johnny Depp in 2020 can you move the fuck on.

No. 1080848

D*pp’s team is notorious for sending his defense squad raining down upon any Google-able corner of the internet whenever someone points out that he sucks. it’s actually kind of funny.

No. 1080852


lmao it's scrotes in here defending him. Makes sense. Kill yourselves you useless moids.

No. 1080905

>one of the most well known actors in the entire world, household name, is defended on the internet
omg shocking. this is JIDF tier tinfoiling

No. 1080953

Kek sure
Nice bait autistic scrote

No. 1080954

Oh it’s the racist. How is she not canceled yet

No. 1080955

This is heartbreaking

No. 1081053

she's racist against herself though, seeing she's a self hating black girl

No. 1081076

Take it to Lipstick Alley, Farrakhan.

No. 1081084


I feel so bad for Britney. She needs a conservator who is licensed and won't take advantage of her money.

No. 1081088

nta, and not black, but isn't she though? No hate, I feel sorry for her

No. 1081117

dont be sorry anon she has millions to go to therapy bitch is just to obsess talking like an incel on twitter kek

No. 1081202

Doja Cat is mixed race. Her dad is Zulu from South Africa, but she was raised in the US by her white mum.

She says racist shit to pander to racist simps. It’s gross as hell.

No. 1081281

Go back sperging on twitter with your asterisks. Are you twelve?!
Amber is actually pretty cow material. She and her friends are scammers. She ruined her face with implants yet her fans still claim she is all natural beauty. She lied about being abused to gain status and now that she is being called out she cries about bots and trolls. And I bet not even Luna is so disgusting to take a dump on her own bed just as a prank. And it seems that there are other people here that thinks she's celebricow material, or she's untouchable even here on lolcow?

No. 1081284

Can the depp moids leave please you're shitting up the entire thread no one fucking cares. your boy unemployed and unfuckable.

No. 1081296

Is Amber the cow we want to talk about, who cares about Depp. You twat.

No. 1081327

being racist literally adds nothing to her career, she gains way more traction by pandering to the black community, I think deep down she really does hate the culture but panders to them anyway for more money

No. 1081330

File: 1605244031787.jpg (70.99 KB, 1020x574, download.jpg)

Cazzie David opened up about her break up with Pete Davidson, nothing new really.

>The 26-year-old writes in her book that she had actually called Davidson a few days after she broke up with him to say she’d made a mistake. The comedian rebuffed her, concluding their breakup two days later via text and later covering up his tattoos dedicated to David.

>David would find out that he’d already started seeing Grande and, upon learning that he’d covered up the tattoos, was devastated. She recalls that she “shook uncontrollably” in her father’s arms en route to her sister’s college graduation and would later wake up in a hotel room “screaming in agony.”

>Of the social media frenzy around Davidson and Grande, David writes that it only worsened her pain. She had to force herself to stop thinking of Davidson “immediately falling in love, accompanied by audio of [Grande’s] baby voice whispering sweet nothings in his ear, dubbed over his past declarations of love and trust to me.”

>“It was a really pivotal moment in my life and writing about it has caused me a ton of anxiety, especially because I talk so much about hating the attention it brought me. Why would I bring more attention to myself by writing about it? But there’s nothing that’s gonna be worse than what I already experienced with that,” David told the Los Angeles Times.

>Davidson and Grande have since become engaged, broken off their engagement and moved on with other people. David and Davidson have also become friends again. The Times notes that David even thanks him in her book’s acknowledgments: “Pete. I love you … Your bravery inspires me and your friendship means the world to me.”


No. 1081331

Why the fuck does the guy that looks like he sold weed in high school get so many hot female celebrates

No. 1081334

That's pathetic. All that over Pete Davidson? Straight women have zero standards

No. 1081336

>David and Davidson have also become friends again. The Times notes that David even thanks him in her book’s acknowledgments: “Pete. I love you …
Oh ffs come on.. I was empathizing with her until I read that.

No. 1081339

I forgot where I first heard this, but he really does have butthole eyes

No. 1081354

i feel awful that the legend larry david had to comfort his daughter crying over this walking hpv infection

No. 1081363

I have heard rumors that Davidson has the perfect penis, not just the size and girth but allegedly it smells nice, has the perfect texture and fragrance and everything, could this be why

No. 1081365

At least imaging Larry David awkwardly comforting his daughter over a heartbreak would make an amusing Curb Your Enthusiasm episode (I know Larry doesn’t have any kids in the show but still)

No. 1081366

>perfect fragrance
i’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that

No. 1081368

>perfect fragrance
This made me laugh sorry anon, his dick probably smells like dick

No. 1081373

>She woke up “screaming in agony,” her dad pulling her from the bed to stop her spiraling.

No. 1081379

i'm convinced it is because he has BPD. i don't buy the perfect penis rumors. he probably lovebombs the fuck out of these women when he's not emotionally manipulating them.
whereas many men, and i'm sure this is especially so in hollywood, are chronically aloof and non-committal, he probably comes on super strong, puts them on a pedestal and eliminates all of his personal boundaries for the sake of ~LoVe~. see: the tattoos he gets for his partners early in their relationships. a lot of women will see it as really flattering, validating and romantic, when it's really just a big, fat red flag. eventually, the pair becomes trauma bonded as Pete likely does some typical risky, petty, melodramatic BPD shit throughout the relationship which is why these women stay with his ass so long and grieve so deeply when they do split.

No. 1081423

Some guy on Barstool made the joke, but Grande flipped out and said it was a slur because Davidson has Crohn's.

No. 1081435

Yeah I’m gonna have to agree. Those w bpd (much like other cluster b’s) can be very charismatic even with obvious love-bombing and lack of any boundaries in the beginning. Bpd/npdfags mirror someone else’s personality/behaviors and basically morph into what they think the other person wants them to be

No. 1081442

Could be he is using talcum powder and that's why it's fragranced kek

No. 1081457


No. 1081458

He literally said himself in his Netflix special that his penis is just some ordinary old floppy dick and that Grande started that rumour basically so that every woman who would ever sleep with him afterwards would be disappointed

No. 1081538

I swear the idea that you can keep a hot girlfriend with just a nice dick is a cope for ugly assholes

No. 1082344

It's looks, charisma, success, the whole package (kek)

No. 1082356

Guys are more likely to think highly of their looks than their dick though, they always overrate their appearance (proven in studies) but also feel deeply insecure about their penis size thanks to comparisons with porn. Seems unlikely many men would rely on that specific cope.

No. 1082383

If that’s true then it seems that Ariana is not as dumb as she acts like

No. 1082600

>Pete Davidson
>Insert 911 joke
His dad died on 911 and he makes jokes about it all the time.

No. 1082662

>Not believing or going along with unproven allegations = stans/deppfags/scrotes
Thanks for your non-contributions.

No. 1082682

I find it interesting that despite clear evidence showing JD was the one abused, Amber still gets work and JD kind of got blacklisted for rumors (lost out on a few jobs anyway). Though I can't say I'm surprised that a bottom feeding piss tier tabloid (owned by industrial parasite Rupert Murdoch) won a libel case using perjured testimony.

No. 1082726

>replying to 3 day old posts to pretend you're unbothered kek

No. 1082801

oh yeah anon, it was big bad amber that got him ~blacklisted~. definitely not his long and public history of being a belligerently drunk and coked out pillhead even pre amber kek. no, he’s a perfect angel who can do no wrong and it’s 100% her fault!!!!11!!1

No. 1082841

File: 1605443995512.png (21.07 KB, 776x82, geniuswargeneraldepp.png)

depp is fucking crazy lol he deserves everything that's coming his way

give me mads mikkelsen grindelwald and let's never speak of depp again

No. 1082852

not to defend him but that just sounds like a joke, like seriously every stoner since the 60's has made more or less the same joke

No. 1082854


Depp is past the point of being able to act well, I'm here for Mads.

No. 1082876

File: 1605449238227.jpg (71.21 KB, 828x748, musk.JPG)

Looks like elon got the rona

>The boss of Tesla and SpaceX, who is 49, tweeted his symptoms were those of a "minor cold". On Friday he said he had been tested four times, with two positive and two negative results.


No. 1082878

File: 1605449377772.jpg (39.83 KB, 573x341, musktweet.JPG)

No. 1082879

> facepalm

No. 1082886

every stoner since the 60s has at some point actually thought they were a genius because of half baked ideas like that, i doubt depp is joking, he solves all his problems with drugs too

No. 1082927

File: 1605454710368.png (20.39 KB, 691x243, quote.png)

No. 1082935

>they do that on purpose to make people thing being an outspoken woman is a terrible and painful way of life. And it's not! It's fucking brilliant!

Feminist activists in majority Muslim countries would like a word.

No. 1082937

sage for off topic, I don't care who abused who in this in this debacle, I don't like Depp and have never heard of his wife but that LSD comment was clearly a dumb joke and and not a suggestion, like fuck stop being autistic

No. 1082945

BuT He KIlLEd RIveR PHoeNIX!1!!

No. 1082951

What does that indicate, that he's getting tested to see what strain of the disease he caught? Or that his viral load's insignificant? I guess when you have money to burn, you can find out.

He's right tbf, he's a chonky but healthy middle-aged guy and will almost certainly just 'have a cold' for a bit.

No. 1082971


NTA but wish John Frusciante wasn't defended so fiercely by Depp and others for more-likely-than-not killing River Phoenix through his junkie stupidity tho

No. 1083041

Rich faggots don't get heavy viral loads because they don't have to intermingle with heavily affected populations, surprise surprise. Can't wait for him to perpetuate the coronahoax conspiracy to his neckbeard cult.

No. 1083065

He had already been tweeting in that direction, this just seems like a new angle since he got shut down pretty hard before.

No. 1083573

File: 1605502776657.webm (14.41 MB, 1280x720, xnhr42.webm)

Grimes almost certainly got lip fillers recently.

No. 1083612

The "Stuff" mini documentary on Frusciante's house during active addiction is horrifying, I think Depp narrated it. At least he cleaned up in recent years, it's still a fucking tragedy a talent like River didn't have the same opportunites.

No. 1083629

This is so sad. She should have left her face well alone. She was kinda weird looking but pretty cute.

No. 1083670

File: 1605525441752.jpg (265.3 KB, 1200x1200, 1200px-Grimes_2012_(cropped).j…)

This is so depressing. I liked her music and image for years, it was really cool about her she was that quirky artist that didnt care about being hot and conforming to what woman should be like to appeal to men; all about girl power and accepting herself; Elon ruined her. I refuse to believe she would ever go into such bimbo look if not for his influence.

No. 1083699

Oh wow, she's also blonde now. Like elon's previous wives.

No. 1083726

Now that she's completed the transformation, you just know he's going to lose interest entirely.

No. 1083793

She's also over 30, way too old for his taste. God he's such a fucking scumbag.

No. 1083819

File: 1605543926990.jpg (19.05 KB, 340x340, Janice_m15.jpg)

No. 1083875

File: 1605548315826.png (178.26 KB, 500x333, grimes-2012.png)

I also feel like she wouldn't have done this without Elon's influence. She used to be such an interesting girl, I loved how she didn't conform to beauty standards and I think she has a really cute face naturally. Makes me sad to see her face look so distorted now. I miss old Grimes.

No. 1083979

Can you upload an image? The file's not there

No. 1084109

File: 1605562986175.jpeg (609.63 KB, 1242x1143, EA8C4E63-3A8A-4433-9B29-ADA084…)

No. 1084111


No. 1084114

and if you need anymore proof that not all women need to have massive lips, then look no further than our friend claire here

No. 1084115

She's been Musked, now she is the perfect blonde bimbo wife until she ages out and he moves onto the next one (are they even married?)

No. 1084116

ew wtf everything about this is aging her so badly

No. 1084127


Lmao she sounds and looks exactly like a weird Mikhaila Peterson

No. 1084131

Are we sure that’s not Khloe Kardashian?

No. 1084153


Looks like she got Voluma in her cheeks too. I’m not as bothered by the lip filler as other anons here but the cheeks are so overdone.
Anons should also keep in mind that she has been pretty open about drug use and not being kind to her body in her earlier years. Sometimes that kind of aging will hit you like a truck, especially after squeezing out a kid.

Aside from being a rich white scrote, what’s with the hate for Elon? I must have missed the memo

No. 1084163

He has approximately 6878 kids he lowkey abandoned, a few ex wives, shitty boss, lame, ugly, cringy hello fellow weebs tweets. Imagine a weedbro had millions of dollars and somehow an access to space x AND fakku.

No. 1084166

As soon as they started dating, her hair went from black to dyeing it lighter and it turned reddish, now full blonde like he always wanted.
She also mysteriously got lip fillers after her argument with Azaelea Banks making fun of her 'thin lips', that can't be a coincidence. In this video though, she definitely overlined her lips to make them look even bigger.

No. 1084188

File: 1605568048271.png (138.88 KB, 742x786, fuckmusk.png)

he fired an employee for failing a drug test (for cannabis) and then goes on joe rogan and proceeds to smoke weed (like a total fucking boomer too, didn't inhale at all) and then backtracks and says that the employee actually violated union laws like that made anything better.

the worst one is during the crisis with the soccer players stuck in the flooded cave, he tried to be all fucking hero and claim that he could invent an underwater submarine to help get them out. A diver that was the expert on the crisis said that Elon was trying to claim a PR stunt (which I agree with.) Elon then proceeded to claim the guy was a "pedo guy" on twitter.
The diver took him to court with Elon hysterically took the defense of "well in South Africa, pedo guy doesn't mean pedophile!" Even though Musk hired a private investigator to research the goddamn diver.

Musk is a psychopath who has been hyped up so much he believes his own shit.

No. 1084189

I always thought the song "Flesh Without Blood" was about an ex-friend who got really shitty plastic surgery and abandoned her.
The line "Got a doll that looks just like you" and the fact that at 1:26 to 1:28 in this video, she gestures to her face while singing "You destroy everything that you know" gave me that idea. It seemed like a sneak diss or something.
It's kind of funny and sad that the same thing now applies to her.

No. 1084201

Thx for the rundown. Sounds like an entitled POS. Sucks that she had a kid with him.

No. 1084206

i think she did it for her career tbh. it's made her a lot more media-relevant than she was before.

No. 1084218

File: 1605570194996.png (352.91 KB, 680x635, 1.PNG)

Speaking of unions, last year Musk tried to illegally discourage Tesla employees from unionizing (violating labor laws) and despite him and Grimes both denying the allegations, he was taken to court over it and the records are publicly available. Grimes claimed it was "fake news" at the time that it happened.


No. 1084243

Why do people whiteknight Grimes so much? To me she is a cringy attention seeker.

No. 1084251

All of the artists are attention seekers to be honest, doesn't mean we can't like and symphatize with them, no?

No. 1084253

Agree with >>1084251, but it doesn't seem like anyone here is whiteknighting or even defending her?

No. 1084254

I know this is going to make me sound like a bitter old lady even though I'm the exact same age as Grimes, but I wish women would stop fucking up their faces like this. I always thought she was the type to not give in to the pressures of impossible beauty standards (eating disorder notwithstanding) and this is such a basic-ass "I need to look like everyone else on Instagram" cope. I'm not particularly a fan of her's but this is just so disappointing to see.

god I wish more women could recognize that aging and having unconventional features does not make them inherently ugly. This is shit, though, looks so off-putting and sad

No. 1084273

I'm so tired of seeing narc men meeting interesting and unique women and then doing everything they can to stamp out what was attractive about them in the first place. It's like a huge waving red flag when a man changes his partner like this and especially since his ex wives went through the same blonde bimbo shit. Musk is fucked in the head.

No. 1084350

She was always a stinky hippie

No. 1084371

she straight up looks like one of those gen Z bratz reaction images. "girl i-"

No. 1084412

>>Aside from being a rich white scrote, what’s with the hate for Elon? I must have missed the memo
He's basically a superannuated salesman.

No. 1084423

I don't think Talulah Riley had lip fillers and if she had work done it was subtle. She was in my sister's class in high school, I nearly fell off my chair when I read she'd married Elon Musk.

No. 1084518

He's from a rich white South African family kek says it all really.
I agree. Looking like an aging bimbo is 100% more shameful than some lines around your eyes and dreaded nasolabial folds. I think more women should spend time in male spaces to figure out how men really view them, because even guys into the bimbo look are into it because they get off on a woman ruining her looks for them. Pathetic.

No. 1084522

No, it's a good reason to not sympathize with them.

No. 1084577

As the anon who in the last thread said Grimes looks like she got fillers and was told it was lipstick… ayyy I hate how right it apparently became - this is sad

No. 1084595

They think they relate to her for some reason or another. Autistic lispy “smart” anorexic with a career.

No. 1084631

Men like that probably get off to being able to take a woman and make her devoid of any personality.

No. 1084648

File: 1605629537594.jpeg (39.23 KB, 899x544, 4CD7F20A-4995-40DE-9804-2EFD27…)

She looks like the girl in the mrs potato head music vid after all the botched surgeries she gets to please her bf. Sad how often this happens to women.. men are allowed to age and be mediocre but they pressure women to unrealistic standards

No. 1084746

Or "taking away everything that didn't come from me", like soke weird type if ownership over her personality.

No. 1084748

If society stopped handwaving men bitching and whining about everything they dislike, the pressure to change wouldn't be as hard. Silence from onlookers make a victim feel like they agree with the aggressor, and when nobody steps up or says anything nothing is ever done about it. Meme culture paired with basic scrote psychology could absolutely be used to shame men's shitty behavior out of rhe norm.

No. 1084792

you're too hopeful anon, shitty trash worth men are always going to exist like this, shame or no shame, they're just going to get more aggressive and demanding a la elliot rodger level.

Grimes is cringey as fuck but her music wasn't bad and she was at least trying to be an 'artist' and be different/interesting. I remember how she didn't care about facial hair and some anons memed about it but I found it really empowering considering the level of shit women get handed at not fitting the ideal. Her doing this for Elon is depressing, because you just know it's most likely because he lowkey picks on her 'feministic nature' (like that reddit post) and she probably just wants him to be happy/not argue etc. He's gunna get bored of her once she becomes what he wants and move on.

No. 1084793

It's getting worse

No. 1084812

lmao what the fuck is this? Still sounds like her mouth is numb from all the fillers and what is this dumb bimbo baby glorification. Shayna Clifford walked so Ariana could run!! Dolly Mattel taught ha, collab when etc etc

No. 1084858

its based on the fembots from austin powers

No. 1084895

She looks so dead in her music videos it’s creepy. Like it’s fitting she was a robot I guess. This song is so cringy and boring.

No. 1084896


This song is garbage

No. 1084901

why does this sound and look like ariana grande trying to do some kind of doja cat impersonation

No. 1084978

Not if there's enough people refusing to just allow them to be shitty. "Neutrality" in society is a myth, if you're not helping the issue you're just silently enabling it. If nobody speaks or stands up with a victim, the aggressor knows he can do whatever he did again and probably more next time, which is setting a precedent.

No. 1085098

oh no baby what is you doin :(

She looks so much older now! That shit aged her like crazy. On her vogue video, people were like 'grimes is in her 30s?? thought she was a teen'

Now she looks like just another mid-30s LA freak(:()

No. 1085194

Yeah but they're eating it up on tik tok though and they're talking about how much of an icon she is. There was a video of people jokingly puting her vinyls behind AC/DC's and her fans went ape shit and said ac/dc are nobodies and that ariana is and will also be a pop legend.

No. 1085257

Some of it was overlining, maybe all of it was overlining, I choose to believe this, everything is fine.

No. 1085358

seeing this happening, his bimbofication fetish is out of control. I think he may have that and an onision-tier pregnancy fetish. elon is fucking gross

was literally about to say this! she might have a great voice but jfc the way she panders is legit sickening. I wonder if Jim Carrey and her watched Austin Powers together and got the idea for Fembot aesthetic from there. gratuitous tinfoil my bad but still what the fuck is this
female empowerment my ass, be small and fuckable with a vice tight pussy and blackfish you'll win. get the fuck out ari
although I agree with anons above, she might need her own thread cause of the amanda bines-chan sperging and I'm sorry to add to it. humbly requesting one now if anyone is down. this is getting shitted up with ari and johnny/amber aids.
where did lana-sperg go I miss you

No. 1085516

Disgusting how her bimbofication began around the time she became a mother. Now that Elon has seen his manic pixie dream girl pregnant, with a healthy BMI, acting motherly.. She's no longer his Madonna. She's now a Whore. The only reason she wasn't bimbofied sooner is because she had the look and persona of a teenager.

No. 1085522

I think that grimes was severely emotionally manipulated by elon. Nothing besides this really makes sense as to why she would date him. They have virtually nothing in common aside from a spergy love of space. She seemed mostly normal before him and her behavior and actions in the past two years have been so strange by comparison. Like even her weird interviews were nowhere near as cringey and pretentious as they are now.

She must have some pretty extreme self-esteem issues to stay with him for this long and to indulge him in this weird bimbofication shit. Her face looks so fucked now. It's really sad.

No. 1085526

Why was that whole robot subplot even there? It literally had nothing to do with anything

No. 1085529

lool i hate this album, ariana songs were always like sex is women's power kind of deal but this housewife sex robot aesthetic is awful, i hate that women's pop is just talking about how fuckable you are

No. 1085540

another thing: did she have her nose done? i can't tell even looking at old pictures, different angles.
now it looks flatter and idk… ethnic?

No. 1085552

nah her nose has always looked like that

No. 1085556

File: 1605727301071.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1759, 917DDD63-6865-449D-92B5-0881C1…)

pic from her story where you can see more clearly the balloon lips

personally i think she left it alone for now, her nose was extremely swollen during pregnancy and looked disproportionately huge so it just looks to me like the swelling's gone down. she however did say in an instagram comment about her pregnancy face changes "i'll take the lips but not the nose" so at this point i wouldn't be surprised.

No. 1085559

File: 1605727526145.png (10.73 MB, 1242x2688, E6D03B8F-5EB4-416D-BC73-542500…)

dropped wrong pic

No. 1085623


I've been a fan of Grimes but she definitely does have insecurity issues. She has an eating disorder (if that old since-deleted post on LJ is actually her, where she indicated that she doesn't have a desire to recover and being very thin will always be a priority) and in her text messages to Azaelia Banks pre-fallout she indicated that "didn't want to be like the other girls" and ask him for money or gifts. She's been trying very, very hard to please him.

No. 1085658

Before Ariana I didn't even realise libfem sex robot nightmare could be an aesthetic. Slay Ari!!! /s

No. 1085664

there is no way in hell a billionaire like elon musk doesn't have mistresses and fucks people on the side. why on earth grimes would wanna stay with him despite that, i have no clue

No. 1085667

File: 1605736003122.jpg (46.11 KB, 624x315, sy96oaw8ywz51.jpg)

No. 1085668

She sounds vaguely pinkpilled

No. 1085676

Wait, what the fuck? Is this a problem people have? I’m legit asking, do people have a hard time having sex after eating and have to ‘save room’ or this this a metaphor and I’m just oblivious

No. 1085678

wtf is this shit
it almost seems like someone put a random ass song over old y2k music video

No. 1085688

Full disclosure, I gave up on that mess halfway though, but did this bitch just discover that having sex on a full stomach is uncomfortable, much like literally any other physical activity, and tried to turn it into 'women's issue? Or is she dumb enough to think that full stomach pushes down on your vagina and makes it smaller?

Either way, 'No one asked for this' is a very fitting title.

No. 1085694

I think it’s meant to be a joke? Idk either way it’s badly written and not funny. I don’t get why these kinds of people always make sex seem like the least enjoyable activity imaginable.

No. 1085695

She looks like a chola. Miss Grimes for la raza!

No. 1085713

Yeah, all of this sounds pretty pathetic on her behalf. Sounds like she's prime bait for a narc like musk. Hopefully she'll come to her senses eventually. Sad she didn't do so before succumbing to plastic surgery

No. 1085714

Doubt she means it literally. But I will admit, if eat a lot the last thing I want to do is fuck.

No. 1085719

OK i read the article and she literally can't eat too much because she 'doesnt have room in her body' for food, dessert, AND a dick

No. 1085721

File: 1605740115903.jpg (96.17 KB, 694x549, wat.JPG)

No. 1085734

Maybe she means she can't suck dick after eating ice cream in case she gags? I am confused

No. 1085745

Girl this isn’t a “straight men have everything” problem, this is a “you” problem

No. 1085765

Bullshit, it doesn't work that way. Does she think everything below her gullet is a giant sack that fills up with food and squashes her vag?
Nobody feels like having sex when they're bloated and sluggish from overeating, I have no idea why'd she pick that as her quirky trait. She sounds highkey stupid and should probably be more worried about her self admitted habit of eating until she feels sick. Sounds like an ED.

No. 1085771

yeah this is cringe but i kind of get what she’s going for? it’s a really stupid way of trying to express the point, but i think she just used this really stupid anecdote to convey how a lot of women give up comfort to please men sexually, although this is literally the worst way to express it

No. 1085789

this sounds like something a 17 yr old wrote on tumblr

No. 1085804

She might have got fillers but her lips are really, REALLY overlined in this vid. When she turns her head the light hits her natural lip line and it's less than half the size of her lipstick lips.

No. 1085811

I'm really confused as to why she can eat other food and have sex but not ice cream is it lactose intolerance?

No. 1085812

Is she talking about anal sex? I genuinely do not understand…

No. 1085814

This is such a reach. Not eating ice cream because you want to have sex and don’t want to be too full to do it (which is not even a thing tbh) isn’t “giving up comfort”. Also this is like an actual book, that she’s had months if not longer to plan out, if she was actually trying to make a point about that all she’s done with what she decided to write is make it seem like the biggest non issue ever. Like just buy a strap on or something.

No. 1085816

None of you ever had to choose between cramming down dessert or dick?
You've been going on crappy dates, I'm sorry lol

No. 1085825

>before succumbing to plastic surgery
and having a kid with him…

No. 1085826

File: 1605749721357.png (103.35 KB, 1242x366, cded.png)

it sounds more like the remnants of eating disorder rather than anything.

i lost some brain cells reading halfway through this thing though.

No. 1085843

So this is old but I been meaning to bring it up but Scarlett Johansson got married again. She’s not even 40 and this is her third time. I know it’s Hollywood but it still seems excessive. I feel like she has some milk.

No. 1085854

Stomach pain? Mental illness? Whatever this is it isn't something most people experience.

No. 1085867

There were rumors that her previous husband was shifty in vague ways, like she allegedly found out Romain Dauriac wasn't his real name when it came time for a marriage license. And then the whole journalism career he didn't have.
She seems to jump into serious relationships super quickly.

No. 1085889

File: 1605754599363.png (209.14 KB, 750x1334, A23CFA23-5298-4B3D-ABB7-F12A9B…)

I only just found out Tati’s real birth name was Tanya and she changed it to Tatiana, and lies and says Tanya was her childhood nickname instead. This woman is shifty as hell.

No. 1085901

>want to have sex and don’t want to be too full to do it (which is not even a thing tbh)
Not saying I get what exactly it is she is going on about, but this very much is a thing, especially if you suffer from an ED like she's supposed to lol

No. 1085905

File: 1605755882491.png (260.53 KB, 521x811, Screenshot_20201118-211243.png)

Since we're talking about just finding things out, I had no clue these two were married. I think it's weird he went from obsessed fan to husband, though he's probably mostly joking..

No. 1085907

Saying you “don’t have room in your stomach for a full dinner, two handfuls of cream, and a penis” doesnt make sense and is definitely not a thing for the vast majority of women and she hasn’t claimed to suffer from an ED in the essay or anywhere ever.

No. 1085921

He’s just a himbo that grew up watching the Cosby show. Lots of guys that grew up with it had a crush on her.

No. 1085934

File: 1605757806675.png (1.11 MB, 1156x1080, j85bytuavu341.png)

I kinda feel bad for Shawn Mendes, he started his career when he was underage and he was a sorta feminine guy who took care of his appearance but that made Gay men start making a lot of disgusting comments about him, calling him a bottom twink when he was underage, even now that he has seemingly healthy relationship with Camila people still dont accept it and now make comments like that he's secretly gay or that she pegs him all cause Shawn is a guy who happens to care about his appearance

Maybe the reason I'm making this post is cause I did/do have a little crush on him and seeing these comments hurts me especially when he's done nothing wrong, not that he would deserve these comments even if he was just a general asshole, I just feel like young girls aren't allowed to have innocent celebrity crushes cause of degenerate weirdos

No. 1085942

Deja vu?

No. 1085961

They way she talks about it in terms of how full her stomach is makes no sense, it sounds like she was trying to phrase it in a funny way. But a big meal can easily make you bloated and if she's at all insecure about her stomach, maybe she doesn't want to fuck unless she has the flat stomach you get when you haven't eaten much. I'd rather have sex when I've still got my morning skinny going on tbh but it's just a confidence boost, not a serious business ED thing.

No. 1085964

idk, the Camila relationship is bizarre from a casual viewpoint. It's mostly that the entire thing seems to exist for paparazzi pics and gaining him his first number 1 single.

No. 1085967

Anon I also only found this out the other day while googling how old Zoe Kravitz is. I thought it was creepy he framed it like that, because when he was 8 years old she was 19. Obviously they’re both well into adulthood now, it was just a gross thought to me.

No. 1085968

They were dating before the papprazi

No. 1085969

It is gross how people force the gay thing on him, it’s honestly disrespectful and creepy. I don’t even care about the dude or his music but people need to mind their business and not insert their own fanfiction view of someone onto their real life.

No. 1085980

File: 1605763965757.jpeg (428.82 KB, 750x962, 7B5BE107-6964-43C0-98EE-BE2753…)


Muskrat spotted at some no name artists opening in nyc with no mask, mad rosesea, wearing burzum T-shirt, grimes nowhere in sight. Le kek

No. 1085991

Lmao this is Jeanette Hayes she runs with most of the people in the leftthot threads

No. 1085993

this deep fried meme level filtering makes him look like a piece of raw steak kek

No. 1085997

He looks like hes made out of ham

No. 1085998

Feels the right time to post this

No. 1086009

He looks very rough and kind of diseased, sort of like what you'd imagine the tormented soul of a peasant turned beggar/alcoholic/unrepentant thief might look like in hell, moments after the duke's horse beat him to death in a bungled robbery, and in his last moments, an angel came to save him, but he was too drunk to understand what was going on, so he told it "Buineach dhearg go dtigidh ort" and it abandoned him.

No. 1086011

It’s a Darkthrone shirt

No. 1086018

You are retarded as fuck oh my god.

No. 1086020

god i hate when celebs do this shit… we know you obviously don't listen to black metal, yet stans will eat it up regardless. it's like when he made those retarded dark souls and zelda tweets. also this is probably the most unflattering outfit he's ever put on, and what's with the filter? both their hands look black

No. 1086028

Hahahaha when I was scrolling up I thought it was a Halloween costume or smth and he had blood all over his face, what the actual fuck

No. 1086030

lmao anon what planet are you from

No. 1086033

the fembot aesthetic is all too uncanny with her surgeries, is she trying to seem like she's being self aware? she looks more bimbo than human now

kek anon the mental image of ari and jim watching austin powers

did she dump an entire bucket of ice cream on her head before filming this or what

No. 1086039

idk dude if I'm full with food I'll wait a bit until I have sex, it's common sense?? Nobody is in the mood for a physical activity after eating a ton.
Maybe her bf could have sex because compared to her he didn't eat as much cause he's a dude and therefore physically larger.

No. 1086041

gay men have been harassing him since he was 16, they need to find a new hobby and stop obsessing over a straight guy

No. 1086063

It's just gross and old at this point, you'd think they'd be understanding if he was in the closet.
Also, how come him being bisexual isn't a option? Why does it matter?

No. 1086072

Gay men aren't that funny, they repeat the same dumb jokes or moronic statements and for some reason libfems go bananas over it

No. 1086122

Lmao true. Grimes’ music is also way overrated. The beats are good, but her voice is annoying. She stanned Nicole Dollanganger so hard because they both have the same stupid baby voice. I’d rather just listen to Crystal Castles.

No. 1086124

File: 1605790363951.jpg (44.17 KB, 500x620, 1582911447083.jpg)

anon my sides, he doesn't deserve such whimsy

No. 1086153

If he was actually gay no one would give a shit about him, gay men are obsessed with straight/ straight looking men.

No. 1086157

File: 1605794250787.jpg (45.73 KB, 640x380, zdmec83mjrx11.jpg)

the fact that she’s considered attractive baffles me

No. 1086174

Hear me out, what about having sex like, 30 minutes before you stuff your fat face into what seems to be a food coma and severe gastrointestinal distress?
Otherwise, horrible metaphor.

No. 1086176

File: 1605795644246.jpg (152.29 KB, 760x1117, melania-trump-stane-jerko-toda…)


What did she do to her eyes tho???

No. 1086177

Maybe it’s just this angle, but I wonder if all the cosmetic work has partially impaired her eyesight. Her face is frozen and her eyes look like they’re being pulled upwards.

Also I know the moving truck picture was probably fake, but I bet she’s excited to get her ass out of the White House and just be a regular trophy wife again

No. 1086190

Left was cute, right is a monstrosity.

No. 1086194

I'm beginning to think that no one who uses this website has any reading comprehension

No. 1086215

her eyes are on upside down

No. 1086218

File: 1605800267520.jpg (70.41 KB, 584x479, swift.JPG)

No. 1086219

File: 1605800329547.jpg (379.24 KB, 1275x1650, Em-uH-vXIAYiNPG.jpg)

No. 1086220

File: 1605800465435.jpg (228.94 KB, 1275x1650, Em-uH-wW4AEQ-Tr.jpg)

No. 1086221

Looks like a weird face-lift

No. 1086229

I thought it was a taake shirt

No. 1086230

Good for her

No. 1086271

I truly do not understand how literally anyone can view celebraties as human beings let alone "Stan" them

I don't mean to dehumanize the people behind the mask but like 99% of most celebs persona is the result of a marketing team Beyonce, Lana Del Ray and Billie Elish aren't real people like you or me, they are a great lie that has been created and people choose to Believe In, honestly feel bad for them cause they can't take that mask off for moment cause otherwise they would feel they are nobody's

No. 1086272

It’s creepy because a kid had a crush on an actress that most other kids at the time had a crush on? Jesus go outside

No. 1086276

Dumb kids are growing up in the social media era where it’s normalized to idolize any celebrity and obsess over their every move. It’s a result of that social media culture and then just not knowing better/manipulated by feeling like they’re a real part of something.

No. 1086283

If they want para-social relationships why not go for podcasts or whatever

No. 1086291

Celebrities are pretty and shiny. And when they’re really popular it’s easier to join the bandwagon. I’ve noticed a lot of stans have low self esteem openly so they’re likely attracted to that image of perfection and success and then they want to be close as possible to that ideal represented as a person. That might be a reach but I refuse to believe young people aren’t being fucked up mentally as a result of this forced idolization and hyperbolic worship.

No. 1086307

young melania is a dead ringer for n2f from the pro ana thread

No. 1086326

File: 1605809488423.jpg (77.4 KB, 600x904, b96ybc373p551.jpg)

I disagree. She's a fat-faced teen in your first pic, and middle-aged and botoxed in the second. There's plenty of pics of her in her 20s pre-surgery, and she's stunning IMO.

No. 1086371

I quite like her attitude in this one, no obnoxious libfem pandering in sight. Good for her. I hope it does amazingly.

For a model she really doesn't know how to make her eye-area appealing in her facial expressions. She opens her top lid too much, look's startled/disgusted all the time.

No. 1086543

File: 1605829014992.png (650.17 KB, 612x730, Screen Shot 2020-11-19 at 6.36…)

Why does Ariana Grande look more like Cardi B than Cardi even does these days?

No. 1086544

File: 1605829084159.jpg (71 KB, 655x478, 16029474310219-e1602947452951.…)

Same OP, this is Cardi's face recently

No. 1086805

Other than the dead, beady eyes, I don't see a resemblance.

No. 1086886

Lol thought this was iggy azzealia

No. 1086950

I really like this. She should stick with jazz, it suits her voice best.

No. 1086951

You feel bad for celebrities? They signed up for it, they don't need anyone's pity.

No. 1086955

Some of them signed up for it while being too young / naive to understand what they were even signing up for. Or their parents pushed them into it, which must suck

No. 1086979

Nicki Minaj mixed with Blac Chyna. also that nose is fucked up. i give her a year before she publicly cries about her botched nose job.

No. 1086991

These lyrics were so cringe holy shit. Powerfully cringe. Does she says shes been drinking coffee… so shes been shitting?? Uwuwuwhat the fuck

No. 1086996

Lmao its so she can stay up all night fucking like the sexy baby she is, anon.

No. 1087007

Thanks anon - I guess it was lost in translation. I dont speak Fuckable Baby language, you see.

No. 1087060

Love it! I hope the next album has some songs that go in this direction.

BUT lana girl, what is this grandma dress? It makes her look prego tho.

No. 1087063

Decent cover tbh, Janis Joplins version will always be god tier tho.

No. 1087123

No. 1087129

the video is try-hardish but i like the song

No. 1087156

I thought Dua Lipa was Bella Thorne from the thumbnail, lmao.
It's kind of sad how the video is very hard rock, but the song is some basic pop track.

No. 1087167

Good for her, fuck Scooter. Swifties are some of the most loyal fans on the planet, they would pay to smell her farts so they will definitely buy everything she re-records

No. 1087262

Sage for autism but it's actually darkthrone

No. 1087269

Everything about this trailer looks SO BAD. Twitter is angry at Sia right now and I don't blame them, not even autists deserve this kind of representation. This looks like Simple Jack the Musical, featuring Maddie Ziegler going full retard

No. 1087274

Jesus what the fuck happened to her face

No. 1087280

This was already pointed out.

Poor Miley tries so hard kek it must suck to be a butterface scrounging for relevance

No. 1087297

File: 1605905027249.png (Spoiler Image, 477.2 KB, 676x706, screen-shot-2020-08-04-at-12-1…)

The ps, coke, her outfits and the hair color really did a number on her. I don't expect her to look the same as she did 10 years ago, but now she looks like a racist middle-aged lady rather than a smooth 35.

No. 1087301

WHAT IS THIS?! i am fucking screaming. poor maddie, just let the girl fade into obscurity already. this seriously feels like sia was making an effort to kill a teenager’s career.

No. 1087304

No. 1087313

Oh god this is just awful. I understand why a person with a mental disability could be harder to work with, hence them using a person with no disabilities, but this just looks like someone mocking autistic people for shock value lmao

No. 1087327

File: 1605906361759.jpg (50.38 KB, 393x500, f5746d2a3175d5b7cd0750bf963565…)

The first thing coming to my mind after watching this mess was Simple Jack kek

No. 1087342

File: 1605907306197.png (648.45 KB, 599x572, hhh.PNG)

No. 1087345

File: 1605907540971.jpg (125.52 KB, 1200x905, EnRWewpXYAAmL7G.jpg)

No. 1087347

got damn she's..something

No. 1087356

Same, I've been replaying the song all day but the video is cringe

No. 1087358

Right just look at 35 year old Marina. Her music fucking sucks, but she still looks fit and so much healthier than Karen del Rey.

No. 1087361

Never work with animals or retarded children

No. 1087368

I don't get why they couldn't have used an actual autistic actress.
Also, I've side-eyed Sia and her thing with Maddie Ziegler ever since this video. Creepy. I'm not sure if this was the original song, but the whole clip is weird and it kind of disturbs me that it seems to have been scrubbed off the net everywhere else.

No. 1087373

isn't the whole deal with autists is that they're so retarded they just bang their heads on the wall or their 'high-functioning' and can't understand emotions? Sounds like a bad combo for acting

The johnny depp simping is way more embarrassing to me

No. 1087378

This looks like a fanmade video tbh. Maddie isn't even dancing to the beat. If this was actually a video uploaded to Brooke or Sia's channel then I doubt it could have been scrubbed that easy without raising some alarms. In-fact, after the whole elastic heart thing, I feel like their teams are probably careful about what Maddie is in lmao

No. 1087384

That was fan made, but it's real footage from this song

No. 1087389

Actually, seems like it's from this. Guess Dazed was behind it, not Sia.

No. 1087397

It isn’t scrubbed? Some of you are perverts. Elastic Heart represented Sia and her dad. She kept using Maddie as the character for herself as a child. The dazed video wasn’t that bad either, notice how they never showed her actually riding the hobby horse and any time she moved on one of the horses they cropped out the lower half of her body. What a ridiculous witch hunt.

No. 1087403

No. 1087412

I don't really get the issue then tbh. The clips aren't sexualized or creepy to me. She looks blank, but I think that's apart of the character Sia has her play. It's only weird when you pair it with the Brooke Candy song.
Anon who posted the elastic heart video, I get what the meaning behind the video is, but it's still super uncomfortable to watch. My point was the video caused controversy cause of the gross-ness, so I didn't think they would let Maddie dance to such a blatantly sexual song after that whole mess.

I don't want to cause a pedo debate derail, just my two cents.

No. 1087426

The fact that you even had to type all that shit out to defend the video(s), lmao. As if these teams involved had absolutely no choice but to make all the weird aesthetic decisions they did. Go away, creep.

No. 1087429

>Her music fucking sucks
It's kind of shocking to me how terrible her music (lyrics especially) have become since she dropped the Diamonds.
On the subject of Marina and Sia, they share a manager who is also an annoying and idiotic twitter stan.

No. 1087440

>all that shit out
it was four sentences. You seeing perversity in something that absolutely does not have it is the issue. There are plenty of pedophilic flags in media and this isn’t one of them. YOU are the creep here. God forbid not thinking about sex when a child in a leotard dances.

No. 1087453

>implying it's just me
Give it up and stop trying to get people to support weird shit.

No. 1087455

Agreed on Marina's newer music being mediocre at best.
Who is the manager? Anything milky there?

No. 1087474

File: 1605916576304.jpg (43.69 KB, 602x561, how do u do fellow kidz.jpg)

The manager is an aging twitter gay named David Russel. He went private earlier today when his brainless "yaaas kween!" defense of Sia didn't go over so well. That's his management style generally. "yas kween slay!"
He's more fan than manager, his feed looks like a stan account most of the time. It's not terribly milky but perhaps you'd want someone more professional in your corner.

No. 1087503

wow, she actually looks great. song is meh. shame she has shitty management.

No. 1087513

Yeah, because you Qanon-tier tinfoil tards really speak for the rest of the world. It reminds me of when Soren Hayes says she sees adults go to change baby’s diapers and think gasp he’s going to fuck it.

No. 1087517

>thinking a music video is creepy makes you a Q-anon tinfoil whatever
Seek mental help, jesus.

No. 1087526

You act like this wasn't a big deal when that video released.

No. 1087542

Is it just me or does this song sound like her older stuff? I kinda like it despite finding her more recent stuff very samey.

No. 1087547

It has a FROOT sound, it would fit right in to that album. It actually reminds me a lot of Forget specifically for some reason. Or like a faster, more hype version of I'm a Ruin.

No. 1087564

She is entitled to cast whomever she pleases (even if it is just maddie). It's her project, fuck the twitter hivemind.

No. 1087576

It's definitely her project but at a certain point, stuff like this makes you just another callous, selfish dickhead like 80% of twitter and not the free thinking maverick you wish you were.

No. 1087582

She’s right.

No. 1087588

NTA, but it really wasn't? When it came out I recall the song getting a lot of airplay and the musuc video getting a lot of views. Most people liked it and simply thought it was creative.

No. 1087597

They're so tiresome. Everyone's a pedo and everyone's a creep, always always always. Are they maladapted CSA survivors or smth?

No. 1087602

File: 1605931466004.jpeg (152.63 KB, 828x540, 818E7B5D-6ED4-47D6-A511-78EA06…)

It’s just embarrassing that she was fighting with people on twitter and got so angry about the feedback enough to reply and say someone isn’t a good actor. You just know she thought she was going to be so woke with this but it didn’t go her way lol now she’s raging about the drama in pic related.

No. 1087603

Why are you so angry about how people you don't know feel about a strange music video? Why did you randomly think of Soren and fucking babies when nobody mentioned either of those things? You sound like a whole nonce in denial mad that people are insulting your waifu’s video, just quit

No. 1087605

NTA, but no one in this thread is "angry", or a Sia stan. You sound irrationally mad about this.

No. 1087606

One of them went on an unrelated spergout about Qanon and insisted everyone else is a pervert or a creep for not having their opinion, that sounds pretty angry

No. 1087610

Are you referring to >>1087513? A two-sentence casual post isn't a "spergout" just because you disagree with what it says.

No. 1087614

Except they went on for multiple posts about something very banal, as if they had something to defend, which goes back to >>1087603 lol

No. 1087615

All that filler is making her look deformed. Her lips have that typical overfilled look and she is looking 40. She should have stopped in 2016. It's sad because she wasn't an ugly girl to begin with.

No. 1087616

>why don't you watch my film before you judge it?

People were saying the same thing about Cuties calling it thought provoking when in reality it was a steaming pile of pedo bait horse shit.

The trailer for Sia's movie makes Music(the lead character) look like a regular retard since she has the agape overbite instead of the run of a mill autist. I think that's where most of the anger comes from and it doesn't help that she was working with Autism Speaks for the references instead of more reputable organizations.

No. 1087618

File: 1605934133797.jpg (76.96 KB, 960x723, cmrk7fkbx0061.jpg)

No. 1087620

I’m getting real tired of anons immediately picking the cheapest route when someone disagrees with them, pretending it’s sperging or too long when they’re rarely either. Fucking weak.

Im seeing three posts of someone disagreeing with you. Get a grip you drama queen.

No. 1087624

I’m not any of the anons you were dragging this out with, I just think your whole argument reeeing at people for not liking a video is retarded. It’s something only a neckbeard with personal investment would pull. This is the celebricows thread, people are allowed to dislike things you like

No. 1087627

>People were saying the same thing about Cuties calling it thought provoking when in reality it was a steaming pile of pedo bait horse shit.
Seriously. Sia WKs need to get a life, the thing looks both tacky and embarrassing. If actual autistic people are taking issue, maybe try listening to them instead of having a Twitter meltdown. She wanted to make bank on the tired "quirky autistic girl" trope so bad, and now that it's blowing up in her face she can't handle it

No. 1087629

autists don't deserve attention kek

No. 1087630

Okay, then don't try to make money by virtue signalling with them and throwing tantrums when it doesn't go your way. One might even say that's autistic behavior in itself, on top of the whole "Don't look at me while I sing, I'm covering my entire face with a clown wig and turning my back to the audience. You don't understand, I MUST put a 12 year old in a nude leotard and have her dance with a nude man looking somber for my art, it's to symbolize muh trauma" thing

No. 1087631

*nude-leotarded man

No. 1087672

I'm autistic and could literally give less of a shit about Sia and her autism movie. Sia hasn't been good since 1000 forms of fears from 6 goddamn years ago.
Twitterfags keep seething.

No. 1087687

I can't wait for this privileged cunt's pillowy face to go viral and for her & that trash family to be exposed for how awful they actually look in real life. Hopefully that will be enough for the pendulum the other way towards natural beauty so that young girls' beauty ideals are not totally pornified. I can't even imagine what a tween today perceives as beautiful, but what I do know is that the Kardashians and their plastic surgery influencer wave is to blame for the cartoonish look that we're all comparing ourselves to.

No. 1087695

I wasn’t even those anons good god.
>This is the celebricows thread, people are allowed to dislike things you like
I don’t like Sia, don’t care about her either. My sentiment was that if you cant handle a disagreement like an adult and think you’re owning whoever doesn’t share your opinion with ‘sperg’ and ‘tl;dr’ to things that are neither autistic or lengthy because you don’t have a better retort you’re retarded. Shock horror, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean they even like any of the parties involves in the first place.

I love that Kylie just debuted her grinch collection, I consider it an act of self empowerment on her end considering she looks like the grinch irl.

No. 1087701

people are really exaggerating how “ruined” she is, she’s not. if you watch the interview, it’s first of all in awful lighting.
her lips don’t even look that done, they are just over lined into the most unflattering shape. her forehead is covered by heavy curtains of blonde hair the same shade as her skin tone, and middle parted which is just reinforcing the bottom heavy/aged look. her lips are over lined into a triangle because she tried to do the top lip cupid’s bow trick, but her bottom lip isn’t reflecting the shape of being fullest in the center. because her hair washes her out, your eyes naturally go to the shadows of her face, which is her way too heavy eye and brow make up, sunken in eyes especially by her nose bridge (that she didn’t conceal but touched every other inch of her face with make up???), and her dusty matte pyramid lips accentuating her Character Nose. she just doesn’t have dark or quirky hair to take the eye away and make any of that make sense.

if she washed her face and got a ring light she wouldn’t look nearly as bad. i’m surprised a forum full of other girls are going in on her so hard when this was filmed during quarantine and because this is also the same woman who damn near painted long wiggly pube hair on her entire fucking forehead with liquid eyeliner for a Vogue interview and called it “futuristic”. as long as she stays away from the permanent stuff, an adult can wash away or dissolve her mistakes.

bottom line is elon asked her to blonde wash herself and she did this to herself instead while he had to quarantine with her, can we just agree that maybe this man isn’t the evil genius at least in this instance

No. 1087709

Calm down. I wasn't part of it and no one "disagreed with me" because I'm not part of your autistic fight, either.
All I said is that it's weird to get emotionally invested in people not liking a music video, lmao.

No. 1087710

Michael Jackson

No. 1087718

You pizzafags will tinfoil about anything

No. 1087722

Love how no one's allowed to call anything that looks off for what it is, because “muh pizza gate!!1”. Even if it's a clip of an 11 year old dancing to an explicitly sexual song (even fanmade, why would anyone do that?), we shouldn't even mention feeling uncomfortable.
What's next, Cuties is actually a good movie and everyone's just an overreacting pervert?

No. 1087724

i seriously thought she was referring to anal because of the lack of eating before sex, but tbh who eats a full meal before a very physical activity. you also have to make room for anything to touch your g spot and dudes have theirs in their assholes and all that sugar your mans is packing on isn’t going to improve the activity or his physique either so she’s leaving like a lot of the narrative out.

No. 1087727

100% agree with this anon, her lips are mostly overdrawn and not fillered. Plus I find it really gross and abhorrent how quickly anons on here came to the conclusion that a scrote is behind whatever dumb shit a women does. I'm sure anons thinking this are repressed ameriburgers that project their own felt lack of agency in the face of scrotes onto other women.
Her going more for less edgy feminine beauty standards could also just be entirely due to growing out of a phase. At some point after 30y not shaving legs etc might just seem like an embarassing teenage edgelord thing to do.
This being said, Elon is a vile, evil scrote but I doubt that he has that much influence on her.

No. 1087728

Samefagging to clear ambiguity in my post: i meant that she did get minor lip fillers at one point but the big lips effect in that video is mostly due to her lips being heavily overdrawn

No. 1087729

Yeah, sure, everyone else is a pedophile and you’re just a genius.

I don’t know why we bother with you, but babe, you can click on the post number and see the post. Did you really think AYRT was suddenly talking about a rando fan when linking to a post about Sia and the CDs? Please cope

No. 1087735

File: 1605952493188.jpeg (267.1 KB, 750x793, DDE698D5-FE9F-4078-9F03-E72684…)

you’d actually have a point if it wasn’t well known that Elon Musk is actually a piece of shit who pressures his wives/girlfriends into maintaining a bimbo blonde trophy wife aesthetic. maybe you should actually look into things before you go off about ~hysterical American women~ because you sound very uninformed.

No. 1087736

Let's all overdraw our lips so that we're not considered teenage edgelords

No. 1087738

Who's calling anyone a pedophile? Because I think "Come, come, I'ma make you cum cum" is inappropriate to put on a video of a child? Interesting standards for being persecuted you've got, glad I don't share them. The post says "I'm not sure if this was the original song" pretty clearly, not sure what your problem is.
Nvm, now I think I know why you're seething so hard over this. Gross, go back already.

No. 1087740

Yeah, I don't get why anyone bothers defending Musk. He's a known asshole.
Honestly, with this and the "Stop calling the Maddie video creepy reee pizzagate q-anon" shit, this thread is crawling with weird "devil's advocate" posters right now who don't seem like usual posters. I wonder if they're also the Depp spergs who've been tirelessly whiteknighting him like they're getting paid.

No. 1087753

Hes such a gross little man and its a major red flag for me if a guy is caught up in his weird cult of personality he cultivates for himself.

Yeah this is why I barely check this thread anymore. It's overrun by complete retards.

No. 1087762

The post you're referring to referred to mine and I didn't defend Musk at all, he's a vile scrote and viscious oligarch. The anon you referred to rightly called me out for my lack of knowledge about Musks history of bimboifying his ex partners and thus making the claim I ciritized that grimes changed her appearance for him and not for autonomous reasons more credible. The post didn't call someone out for defending him.

No. 1087767

no one is defending him at all? we’re saying she has personal choice in all of this, she’s been blonde before, she always experiments with make up, she said she liked the bigger lips she had during pregnancy, and she’s allowed to grow as a person and develop her identity as an adult without it being because his fetishes rule her life. she just became an adult and did her lipstick really bad she’s not in a cult.

does anyone else realize the irony in someone saying they liked her because she went against beauty standards, yet when she goes against their personal natural beauty standards they treat her like she’s a different person?

No. 1087772

Do you realize you're calling everyone immature for liking her old looks more?

No. 1087777

no because that’s not at all what i had written.

No. 1087792

A lot of people here really are blind or just naive/autistic ffs. If you can't understand how creepy it is for an adult woman to continuously have a teenager dance(who's supposed to be a stand-in for her) in make-up and wigs, wearing skin-colored leotards to songs that can be interpreted in a sensual or sexual way, I don't know what to tell you. The way Maddie dances in Elastic Heart with an adult man, or how there are men's silhouettes watching her manic-dancing in Unstoppable, or even how she moves in the Chandelier video is creepy and odd imo. And of course everyone who dares to say this is a pedophile themselves because "you see it in a sexual way that means you're the problem!!1!".

No. 1087795

You sound like the pedo here tbh. I don’t see those things as sexual at all, sounds like you’re really trying to go out of your way to do so.

No. 1087816

File: 1605966370042.jpg (63.31 KB, 609x508, sia.JPG)

No. 1087824

why aren’t you questioning the grown male dancers for participating in this if it was so wrong and sexual?
do you also think all female dancers under a certain age should not practice and perform because of the male gaze, and therefore need to just accept it and not be recognized for their talent?
should all girls stop expressing themselves?
i don’t think you’re following the logical conclusion of your argument about a sis video from however many years ago, that involved a scene that was intended for the viewer to feel protective of the girl yet watch the dynamic with the man (representing her father) unfold, much like how strangers may see a man with a girl related to him. there are real examples of child exploitation, some even in this thread, this really isn’t it.

No. 1087848

>she just became an adult and did her lipstick

just fyi we're talking about 32 years old woman and not a teenager here; she "became an adult" long time ago

No. 1087856

kek the real reaon autists hate Autism Speaks is because they actually acknowledge autism is a terrible disability that ruins lives (of the parents who squirted out these potatoes), not a magical brain power that turns children into doctors and programmers. An autist might find a film set full of lights and people overwhelming?? I am shocked

No. 1087861

She's responsible for her own appearance and self-esteem. Don't blame Elon for her own stupidity.

No. 1087864

I mean, if you're a celebrity, you're understandably going to feel a lot more pressure to conform to the usual Hollywood bimbo look than even the average woman.

Not that that's an excuse or anything, though.

No. 1087868

Who cares

No. 1087874

from the trailer yea, the level of functionality that maddies character seems to have is pretty far below the level you would find working autistic actors functioning at. so they either cast someone who would become totally overwhelmed & unable to perform, an autist that would still be laying it on thick b/c they personally dont act like that irl, or this chick sia is creepily obsessed with. theres no right choice imo
im just beyond myself b/c what other anons have pointed out, that she tried to make a movie for woke pointa but it backfired, that shit is hilarious to me

No. 1087877

Has anyone actually listened to what they are all talking about in this video? Ariana literally is saying, "Everyone can see my pussy" as she stretches her body out and her skirt rises. Listen close. It's the very first thing she says. Wtf.

>Ariana (not aware yet she's on cam): "Everyone can see my pussy!"

>Notices camera and says: "Heheheh Cut that out!"
>Camera pans out to show 2 old men ogling her, who then also notice the personal camera and nervously turn away/bring hands to their mouths…
>One of the men says something intelligible about the camera, and the other says:
>"That was amazing! That was one of the better things I've ever heard."
>Ariana sits up & covers her mouth in shock bc her behavior was just caught on camera, looks super guilty at the camera. 
>Cameraman: "Hi, what's going on here?" 
>Ariana and her co-star look at each other awkwardly bursting into nervous laughter.
>Ariana to camerman: "Nothing! Cut out that part."
>Cameraman: "Why are we sitting on the floor of the set?" 
>Ariana: "Because we are~~"
>Co-star barks when the camera pans away for a sec (lolsorandum) to take attention off of Ariana & what just happened.
>Meanwhile Ariana starts trying to engage co-star with a funny story (apparently about something that happened yesterday with Ariana sitting down in a manly/funny way) but her co-star ignores every attempt Ariana makes to save face/engage/relate with her. 
>Finally co-star walks away seemingly disgusted or frustrated.

Sorry, I know the post I'm replying to is like 2 weeks old…

This video is revealing a glimpse into the everyday casual pedophilia that takes place on those sets. I've seen this video a few times & never realized how damning it is if you listen closely.

No. 1087880

double posting to add that meant to tag this post >>1077823 and that the cameraman is Dan Schneider (obviously)

No. 1087881

Lmao, movies like What's Eating Gilbert Grape would be insta-cancelled today. Twitter is on some next level retardation

No. 1087882

I haven't seen a lot of Sia stuff, but I always thought watching a child dancing in a tight leotard for a whole music video was an odd, creepy choice, and didn't understand why anyone was stanning it.

No. 1087886

This seems to be the case with wokeness now, unless you want to spend the rest of your life explaining and defending yourself to hordes of obsessive trolls, you should avoid woke shit like the plague

No. 1087916

File: 1605977624862.jpg (123.57 KB, 634x899, 35931098-0-image-m-21_16059177…)

the fuck is this outfit lmao

No. 1087918

Tbh it could be ok if she wore different pants. Who is this anyway? Kendall?

No. 1087922

yes its kendall

No. 1087927

File: 1605978844705.jpg (499.59 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20201122-001008_You…)

Honestly the film look very bad and a cash grab. Also the framing in movie look like dull an uniteresting.kek
Is SIA trying to make profit like K-12 from Melanie Martinez??
Atleast K-12 has some soul and passion with it.

No. 1087930

I think this look is very on trend for this season. She looks cute and interesting in it too imo

No. 1087932

This is the first time I've ever seen anyone try to describe Melanie Martinez's pastel fetish material as passionate.

No. 1087933

i think its a perfect example of >privileged overrated rich white girl wears an outfit that looks like it was hand sewn by a poverty stricken grandmother in 1950 that a normal person would be ripped to shreds for wearing and people bend over backwards to compliment her and call it "cute and trendy"

No. 1087950

It looks like she heard about dark academia and wanted to do babby's first attempt at it.

No. 1087952

No, it looks good on her because she is a model. Everything looks good on a model.

No. 1087954

nah thats a subjective NPC take
an ugly outfit is an ugly outfit no matter who wears it

No. 1087956

Anyone chosen by the establishment can be a model and people will LARP that they look great. That doesn't make it true, though.
Actual models/model fans don't even like Kendall or the other ones who got in through nepotism because they see that.

No. 1087973

>stop obsessing over a straight guy
>a straight guy
I wouldn't go that far, anon

No. 1087997

looks like she's trying to a channel a mid 70s annie hall look. there's better ways to do it imo

No. 1088013

10 seconds in and she’s doing the cliche hurr retardation face, this is hilariously bad

No. 1088016

Maybe I’m just a fucking idiot but I think this is very smart looking and attractive. Obviously she looks good in it because she’s a model; a fatty would look frumpy in this, because fatties are fat. The clothes are great tho.

No. 1088020

I don't like this style so it's ugly by default to me, but this outfit is 2 times bad

No. 1088026

She looks like Sara Paulson in this thumbnail.

I agree these pieces are really trendy right now. The fit is terrible though. I think she either should have gone for a looser, longer sweater vest or higher waisted pants. Also, the colors kind of clash. cool brown + warm brown is gross.

No. 1088028

>somehow turns this into “Muh Americans”

No. 1088058

File: 1605988038402.jpg (720.28 KB, 2166x2916, fairisleslipover.jpg)

very 70s looking imo

No. 1088112

Dua is really fucking unbearable but she only made good songs the whole year, it's annoying

What even is this??? It seems less autism and more like she's mocking someone with downs

No. 1088113


What's the issue though? Straight people play gay roles all the time. So how is this different? And isnt autism a spectrum? I dont see an issue. She can cast who she wants.

No. 1088120

I feel bad for Sia having to explain herself. Truth is, if you were filming a movie, would you want to work with an autistic person?

No. 1088123

this ugly bitch has some nerve

No. 1088124

i don’t think it was wrong of sia to cast a non-autistic person to play that role, but it does seem like it was poorly executed. i think they needed someone that looked less like they were trying to do a literal retard impersonation but i know she’s obsessed with having maddie in all of her projects.

No. 1088129

amanda bynes?

No. 1088135

Video isn't working for me, anon.

No. 1088140

>your autistic fight
can you even read? I made two posts on the matter wtf

Complete mediocrity

No. 1088166

Kek sure, but can you actually read? Why should I question the male dancers? I assume they're cast just like Maddie and probably have to believe Sia's bullshit explanations otherwise they're called pedophiles, or maybe they don't think too much about it because it's just their job, I don't know. And yes, female dancers can perform at any age of course, what's importart is the way they're made to dance, along what lyrics and by who. It's really not necessary to have Maddie in every work, or in a skin-colored leotard, or performing with a much older man, or doing certain moves while wearing what she wears, or being a stand-in for a grown woman every fucking time. But sure, it's art.

No. 1088198

It’s been 8 hours drop the Sia pedogate infighting already

No. 1088299

I've always thought Sia was up her own ass since she started doing the whole hidden-face thing. She was an established artist before her recent resurgence. Not a huge star, but everyone who was sad in the early 2000s knew Breathe Me well, and she was fine with showing her face then. But I guess gimmicks are good for marketing, even fucking stupid ones.

No. 1088304

> an autist that would still be laying it on thick b/c they personally dont act like that irl
Unfortunately I think this is the only option. Rj Mitte (the son from Breaking Bad) is one case of a disabled actor who has cerebral palsy in real life and portrayed a character with a worse case of cerebral palsy including symptoms he personally did not have (i.e, speech impediment, use of crutches). Because the actors are specifically disabled themselves (even if a bit 'lesser') then no one can come for them on Twitter bc that's ~ableist~.

No. 1088313

Why would burgers be my burgers?

No. 1088339

Glad I’m not the only one that is annoyed by the hidden face gimmick considering she was a totally normal singer bedore. I don’t buy the artsy, ‘let the music speak for me’ gimmick. I think she def is just self conscious aboiut aging, or even likelier, trying to set herself apart in some way. I find the Maddie Zeigler thing cringey but not evidence of her being a pedo or anything that weird. Just stupid. Chandelier was a loved video so she just tried to do it again.

No. 1088343

Dua did have some catchy songs but she’s a little too generic and boring. I doubt we will see much of her in the future.

No. 1088352

Take a break, holy shit. You're not convincing anyone

No. 1088376

she's 35? LOOOOOL

No. 1088406

Respectfully, you are so schizophrenic.

Her eyes look like they’ve been been thumbed far back into the recesses of their sockets it’s slightly terrifying.

No. 1088464

This is so nitpicky what the fuck lol

No. 1088536

AYRT and I don’t know where you want me to go back to, but you can go back to /ot/ with your infighting thanks

No. 1088552

he looks like Dwight here

No. 1088554

Your projection is what’s really schizo, please get help

No. 1088564

I don't really think there's anything wrong with that, honestly. Even if they're not at the level demanded by the story, it just seems sensible that someone who actually has a personal understanding of how a disability feels would be a better fit for a role than someone who doesn't.

>coming back an entire day later to accuse the other person of infighting
Just cancerous and pathetic.

No. 1088580

File: 1606041324416.jpeg (244.41 KB, 1080x1080, 14D53687-5391-43F9-89A1-51CED1…)

Is Lana trying to go back to her Americana phase again? Because they look like they’re about to boogie with some country rock music by the looks of this photo.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the need to listen to Turn The Page (cover) by Metallica is calling me.

No. 1088628

She looks like a botched Drew Barrymore here

No. 1088659

it didnt stop people from jumping on zoe saldana for playing a black woman a few shades darker than herself. if they had cast an actor with autism im sure there would still be plenty of complaints about something b/c its all a competition to see who is the most holier-than-thou

No. 1088662

>Is Lana trying to go back to her Americana phase again?

No. 1088666

The fact that she's not wearing shoes is making her look so out of place. Gross. At least she looks like she lost a bit of weight again I guess.

No. 1088670

File: 1606055199009.jpg (486.77 KB, 2000x1333, indnex.jpg)

Zoe Saldana isn't just "a few shades lighter". She's an entire biracial woman who had to put on literal blackface to look even similar to Nina Simone.
If you don't see any problem with that and think these two pictures look the same, I don't know what to tell you.

No. 1088674

File: 1606055900493.jpg (35.92 KB, 660x363, 177877.jpg)

That entire thing was so weird. Zoe doesn't even look like Nina Simone imo, and if I remember correctly they had to put a prosthetic nose on her. Zoe's on the right btw.

No. 1088692

zoe saldana is black shes not in blackface
>mixed & biracial people aren't black
dont do this

No. 1088696

Biracial people are biracial. Mixed people are mixed. She is genetically as black as she is white, but I'm sure people in this thread would have something to say if she was cast as Princess Diana for a film.
The one drop rule was abolished long ago, get over it.
If you need to do this much >>1088674 to look convincing cast as a black historical figure, you need to accept certain facts of life.

No. 1088698

ntayrt but that anon was completely right, Zoe IS biracial. It doesn’t mean she isn’t Black at all, it means she’s biracial. tayrt never said otherwise. She also kinda did do blackface, how else would you describe a mixed lightskin applying darker makeup (and possibly a prosthetic nose) to look like a specific darkskinned Black woman? To put it into perspective, cosplayers get flack for this kind of thing too. iirc Zoe said she regrets taking this role anyways.

No. 1088701

She is black (and Puerto rican), but it's still weird to put on a prosthetic nose and makeup a lot darker than your skin whether or not your black. Making yourself darker with foundation will never look natural anyway. There's tons of actresses that could have played that role.

No. 1088705

She did apologize but at the time she doubled down and talked shit about anyone saying it wasn't appropriate. Zoe is constantly saying dumb shit though. mainly because she likes being "one of the guys" in the sci-fi world.

No. 1088711

File: 1606061939683.jpg (95.58 KB, 396x594, Sia 2008 Points West Music Art…)

It's probably just her way of trying to enter and stay in the mainstream as a not particularly conventionally attractive singer. The more public you get, the more pressure there is to look a certain way.

No. 1088719

Didn't she offer to adopt a kid she saw on TV over twitter? Everyone praised her for that but I found it super creepy

No. 1088951

her being barefoot is the only reason you notice her, otherwise any one of them look like leads and you wouldn’t look at lana once let alone focus on her. i don’t understand why her hair, skin, and clothing is all one beige blob, it ages the fuck out of her and makes you notice her weight gain and plastic surgery. both of those things wouldn’t be necessarily bad if she had hair that framed her and gave her contrast. then she could have shoes.

No. 1088982

Lana looking like a member of the Croods with those giant hands and feet. What's happening, is she LARPing as a 70s folk singer?

No. 1089003

They spray painted her like five shades darker and gave her a prosthetic nose and a wig every single day, when they could have just hired a woman that actually had those features… I don’t see it as any difference from what they did in Cloud Atlas. Imagine how much it must have hurt for darkskin women to see that.

No. 1089053

iirc she adopted two fully grown or teenage black kids and yes, it was weird
everything she does seems weird to me she reminds me of those two white women that adopted like 10 black kids, staged pics of them hugging police, then drove them off a cliff a year or two ago

No. 1089502

Sounds like a ~quirky~ way to say you have a milk allergy and if you eat too much, youll get bloated and shit your brains out. Im allergic to milk so i know that feeling all too well, its a really uncomfortable bloated feeling. I can see someone misinterpreting it as just a normal effect of eating ice cream.

No. 1089620

File: 1606159398091.jpg (1.07 MB, 1530x2048, gettyimages-1287146871-2048x20…)

she's so ugly. if she wasn't a celebrity, people wouldn't look at her twice

No. 1089640

so what if she's ugly? Not like she won this award for her beauty.

No. 1089647

I think she’s hot, I still keep getting bi vibes from her

No. 1089650

I mean I guess beauty is subjective but I find her to be insanely attractive. She knows how to make her makeup work for her facial features and her body is fucking ridiculous

No. 1089652

File: 1606160764292.jpg (34.74 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-1189860781-612x612…)

I think she's beautiful and statuesque. That Getty images did her dirty though.

No. 1089654

She's sexy.

No. 1089672

I don't find megan ugly, just average looking in untouched pictures, but pretty. I also dislike how she dresses and her make up.
I think she's overrated in every way possible, but hey everyone else is.
I just hate thot rap and i'm starting to hate rap in general. It's all the same.

No. 1089674

her makeup is god awful, but shes got a natural glow to her skin and looks put together- even in that dress lol. might just be a personal taste thing.

No. 1089676

She's sexy and you're on lolcow. Cope baby girl

No. 1089677

I'm honestly very surprised nobody is calling her fat or boxy shaped, which they do to everyone else.
It's actually nice to see.

No. 1089679

Delusional, lmao. She should definitely lose weight, though. She's way too naturally beautiful for that chubby/"thicc" female rapper aesthetic.

No. 1089684

IDK I was never really for the whole 'box' thing cause at this point it's literally applied to every cow who isn't anorexic. Every type of girl posted here is called ugly so take them with a grain of salt tbh.
She is on the heavier side and prob would look better if she lost some weight but she wears it well and she's not 'sloppy' about it if that makes any sense?
Either way I like her look, especially compared to all the girls now looking cookie cutter cause they all go to the same surgeon.

No. 1089692

File: 1606163483709.jpg (339.73 KB, 797x1095, Em83NkrXEAAy3Hy.jpg)

That's just an unflattering picture, Megan is hot as fuck

No. 1089695

NTA but she looks the same in this picture

No. 1089702

and that picture of meg isn't even bad looking, I've seen worst ones of her, so i don't know why anon decided that was when she realized meg was so "ugly".
There's nothing wrong with the picture in the green dress, it's the best I've seen her look in a while, even though the dress is ugly.

No. 1089721

Sorry anon she’s gorgeous you could never

No. 1089725

Insanity and brainrot at work

No. 1089737

>she reminds me of those two white women that adopted like 10 black kids, staged pics of them hugging police, then drove them off a cliff a year or two ago

Wait, WHAT?!

No. 1089738

Is… is that you, Ziggy Azaelia..?

No. 1089744

No. 1089746

Look up ”Hart family crash”. It’s creepy! They had a whole fake life just to show off for facebook.

No. 1089757

does iggy have beef with megan?

No. 1089777

Oh anon not that I know of. I was just joking that she faded into obscurity and was a known hater

No. 1089840

this makes me so incredibly sad every time I read about it. those children cried out for help so many times and no one was able to do anything. sorry, sage for ot

No. 1089928

Sia looks like a bitch at Home Goods yelling at the autistic cashier because they didn’t make eye contact

No. 1089975

Vibes? She's pretty open about it.

No. 1089990

>On March 26, 2018, Jennifer and Sarah Hart murdered all six of their children when Jennifer Hart drove an SUV over a 100-foot (30 m) cliff on California State Route 1, in Mendocino County, California, near Westport. The bodies of five of the children (Hannah, 16; Markis, 19; Jeremiah, 14; Abigail, 14; and Ciera, 12) were found in or nearby the vehicle, which landed upside down on a Pacific Ocean beach.
>The body of Devonte, 15, has not been found.
>A superior court judge ruled that Devonte was in the vehicle at the time of the crash, and a death certificate was signed on April 3, 2019.

What the actual fuck.

No. 1090007