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File: 1612176253507.png (944.22 KB, 1080x1921, 1611770635168.png)

No. 819453

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>810356

Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co?
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

No. 819455

In response to one of the last few comments in the previous thread:

Nothing would change for anyone outside Japan. It would be impossible to enforce internationally. You can have a copyright, but it's only good in the US. You can't stop someone like china from taking your design and reselling it on aliexpress. Because china doesn't have to obey US laws. US would have to agree to abide by these laws for it to be applicable to someone like moo. And I don't foresee something like that happening in the US.

No. 819456

This. She would be protected by parody law as well, especially when it comes to her porn. How fitting since her cosplays feel like parodies in the first place.

No. 819458


I'm glad someone mentioned Charleston because all of her snow excursions have been just to Mt. Charleston which is like a 45 minute drive from Summerlin. Also in the last picture are those fiber optics near her ass? Is that tail supposed to light up?

No. 819461

File: 1612180957561.gif (182.46 KB, 500x375, mqpoiveaslfdhjg.gif)

No. 819462

File: 1612181755898.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1708, 01B60E2C-3709-433E-9031-F43E44…)

Reposting this mess from the end of the last thread.

(Also thank you OP for not using that creepy ass melting moo pic. My eyes can only take so much)

No. 819464

Ah, yes "cosplay"
Seriously, this has gotta be her most low effort "cosplay" yet.

No. 819465

Giving me period clots sis. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 819468

How is this a cosplay?

No. 819473

pieck didn't deserve this trash

No. 819479

The slabs doesn't even look like they're attached to her, or anything at all really. It just looks like someone took a picture while using one of those streamer popper behind the camera

No. 819486

The US and Japan are signatories to a bunch of international copyright agreements, and actually do mutually enforce copyrights by allowing legal actions to be brought in their countries.
China doesn’t sign on to these agreements, which is why they shit on every country’s copyrights with impunity.
Of course Japan can’t bring criminal charges against Moo in the US, but Japanese copyright holders could sue her in US courts.

No. 819487

Sameposting to say of course they won’t, but that’s because she’s a nobody, not because copyrights can’t be enforced internationally.

No. 819490

she seems to be peddling her wares on depop again.

No. 819491

If she didn't state this was AoT I would assume this was some weird tentacle hentai. This character never once popped out of the titan naked. I wouldn't call this cosplay, more like her walking naked around her house and begging the photographer to paint a digital picture.

No. 819495

“Mommy look what I drew!”
“Oh hunny that’s a beautiful tree!”
“Mommy it’s a submarine driven by woodchucks!”
“That’s nice dear. Mommy has a headache now”

This is what I hear when I see any of moos “cosplays”

No. 819502

Second day of my period be like.

No. 819504

Surprised she hasn’t got a booblift yet at this point.

No. 819506

Reminds me of those irl tentacle vore JAV videos.

No. 819509

File: 1612203066336.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.17 KB, 853x1280, FLMY53L.jpg)

No. 819511

File: 1612203137502.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.51 KB, 960x642, JkYZaMg.jpg)

white girl salad

No. 819512

She looks like a raw Butterball turkey.

No. 819518

what do you mean anon? I laugh alone on my couch holding my tits all the time

No. 819522

Women laughing alone with salads vibe

No. 819525

File: 1612207441476.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1549, 32FD447C-6ED0-4CE1-B5D1-444E53…)

What was the editor's plan with all the junk above her top lip? She looks like a little kid with a runny nose they won't wipe. Also lol at the shopped hair strand coming out of her nose

No. 819526

File: 1612207594433.jpg (100.58 KB, 412x415, tumblr_m57m4tYJU61r1ojpv.jpg)

No. 819527

did square photoshop this? This literally looks like a highschooler who's only started photo editing made this. I don't even want to bother going in and nitpicking all the terrible layering, jarring cuts on the assets and garbage smoke added to clearly hide mistakes/issues with the overall concept… Just to even name a few. If she's making so much money can't she get someone who's actually semi decent at this? This looks beyond amateurish.

No. 819531

Square is the only one who will work with her. Moo burnt all her bridges in her first 2 years.

No. 819544

I’m still convinced she’s just a chronic mouth breather. The mouth open pictures are just gross.

No. 819556

Why does the hair that comes from her forehead end in her nostril

No. 819560

I had the same thought. This is baby's first photo manip

No. 819572

File: 1612223728879.jpg (349.79 KB, 1080x1700, IMG_20210201_205350.jpg)

Nice hair

No. 819578

File: 1612230009560.png (2.49 MB, 1800x1141, 44FC082B-0484-44BE-A50F-4E2505…)

Some nobody named lagoon did the effects for this monstrosity and judging from their portfolio on IG, it’s extremely amateurish. Guess Mariah either burned bridges with legitimate effects artists or this was the only one willing to sacrifice their reputation for that sweet Moo money.

Good to see girlonthemoonpro still getting work kek

No. 819610

oh god yeah that lagoon person is ATROCIOUS. Just went through their IG and it's actually embarrassing. Look at those sharp edges lol…
I guess moo really can't get anyone legit.

No. 819611

sage for unrelated but lagoon is kadu-out's photography page, another cosplayer.

he tries to be unique with his photography but it just ends up looking like someone who watched a few photoshop tutorials. why would you ever edit people as food? weird.

No. 819621


Perfect, a giant ham covered with beef jerky.

No. 819629

She commented on a lot of Lana (another porn cosplay cow, remember she masturbated in public and dated the Manlet who lead a cult? Not an a+ superstar) telling her how she loved her work, and this guy has also worked with Lana. Cows never wander too far away from their own kind do they?

No. 819650

how the fuck

this looks absolutely terrible, like somoene just took a .png of that red stuff and stuck it over her body

No. 819652

I haven't been to Momo's threads in a while, could someone explain why her tits got so large? Did she get a boob job? Back during her initial Samus/Mei skinwalking days her tits were pretty small for her size but now they're huge. Is it just because she keeps gaining weight but sucking it out around her waist?

No. 819653

Nitpick but is her sock pulled up over her legging?
Yes, she gained weight at an accelerated rate and a lot of fat deposited in her tips. They are usually very pancake-like, which is probably why she is holding them like that in thatvpic, to give the illusion of fullness. In the Pieck Pic, she was wearing a bra that was photoshopped out too, so they would look more round and less like sad droopy flesh sacks.

No. 819654

Yeah its just weight gain. Shes gained like 100lbs since then

No. 819655

>Is it just because she keeps gaining weight but sucking it out around her waist?
yup, the fat combined with plastic surgery makes her look like a melting michael jackson if he was also obese

No. 819661

i knew this poor editing style wasn't new to me. he was the one who edited that entire 3d from kda for stellachuu's ahri and everyone was in love with that shit. but at least he was a good ekko, it's disappointing to see him working with moo

No. 819691

File: 1612296324292.jpg (27.66 KB, 250x363, 1889058-eb41f8d424d4da8861be25…)

here's some minor milk from Lori (Usagi Kou who has her own threads in /w/)

this is from kiwifarms btw

i mean, lori isn't wrong lol

No. 819698

I love when cows collide, now we just have to wait for Moo to clap back that she has bank and actually makes money on OFs vs Lori's broke ass making Kev appeal to people who hate her. I hope they continue this feud for a few more threads it's not the most milky but it sure is entertaining.

No. 819703

isn't this from almost two years ago now anon? this is right before AX 2019.

No. 819705


oooh, maybe. if it is, sorry! it's still interesting to see that same shit is going on. Moo and her are so stagnant/getting progressively worse by tonne each year

No. 819725

File: 1612312870540.jpg (312.02 KB, 1080x1526, IMG_20210202_214106.jpg)

No. 819730

That belongs under a spoiler jfc

No. 819735

again, Annie where? This looks more like a glam rock cosplay. She's trying so hard to e "irl AoT". She goes through these phases where she shits out "cosplays" to prove she only makes a living with porn

No. 819754

This is old. Stop trying to make them interact.

No. 819760

File: 1612321910943.jpg (Spoiler Image,419.8 KB, 1080x1913, IMG_20210203_001129.jpg)

Is she unable to do anything by herself ?

No. 819764

She's playing Sophie because of course she is.

No. 819767

Why would she when she has money?

Seriously though, I’d love to see what she’d do if her OF and Patreon were suddenly nuked. It’d be pretty funny to see her flounder since she has barely any real experience working a normie job and she can’t sew or craft to save her life.

No. 819768

amrezy is a facial filter it has nothing to do with the artist lmfao

No. 819774

Is she trying to one up vamp? She's barely shown an ounce of interest in Annie but vamps has consistently done her cosplay since last year. And doing it leagues better. How long until they fall out again because Moo always has to let her friends know she's better than them.

No. 819776

File: 1612327933958.png (4.06 MB, 1105x1800, C20F966E-FC41-4F4D-BC0B-13CE5B…)

Holy shit that sag. Also, the piss poor paint job makes it look like she’s wearing yet another cheap zentai suit.

No. 819777

Holy shit is right- this is unshopped truth ? Just wow. And the fact her upper lip seems shooped to look like it used to? Gah

No. 819778

I can’t tell if she’s wearing pasties or not, but tbh it looks like she’s not… I think she posted all these to tiktok as well so if she’s not wearing pasties she just showed her painted nip nops off on tiktok lmfao

No. 819780

She is wearing pasties, they’re stark white on my screen compared to her skin.
I’m honestly not surprised she saw fit to post her floppy tits on TikTok for attention. Even with pasties, how has she not been banned?

No. 819782

The lines airbrushed onto her pancakes make them look even saggier. Who let their eccentric grandma loose on tiktok?

No. 819786

Looks like some naaasty stretch marks

No. 819791

It's not shoop. If you actually watch them you can see the filler is still there, it's just hanging out above her lip. This is just what they look like when she isn't making a blow up doll face or drawing on an entirely new lipline.

No. 819792

File: 1612341384042.png (996 KB, 825x1382, Screenshot_20210203-003612.png)

No. 819793

Ah for a second there I thought all that fucked up work to return to fucked up normal.

No. 819794

Why do I get the vibe that in her own little tiny world where she thinks doing the most basic of tasks and time management is #hustling, she's actually "trying" when it comes to her last AoT cosplays even though as far as I know she's not planning to make porn of it
Like sage for tinfoil but could it be that she misses actually cosplaying, or wishes that she did actual cosplay instead of the porn that she does now?
I've got no basis for this other than a vibe and what anons have said in the past but still.

No. 819795


It’s as simple as “being treated like a useless, no talent whore cumdump who makes money completely debasing herself for gross neckbeards doesn’t feel good”. So now she is going to try and show all the haturz that she does have talent and that she shouldn’t just be written off as some useless cumrag. Except as usual she is completely failing at it because she has no idea what the fuck she is doing and is throwing all kinds of money at people who do so that she can take all the credit for it later.

No. 819796

The lines on her tits, and their general shape, remind me of Possessed Henrietta from Evil Dead 2.

No. 819798

>she's actually "trying" when it comes to her last AoT cosplays
I mean she's naked in both but ok.

No. 819804

Right? At most, all she did was the shitty brown smear “makeup” between her tits and the poop lip in the first set but the hacks that are Squarecuck, Lagoon and painted gypsy did the heavy lifting (pun intended).

No. 819810

Her pancake breasts look more unfortunate and saggy than my 85 years old grandmothers. Also the paint job is so poor, oh jesus. How long she will try to be seen as a cosplayer?

No. 819811

Is it because her false eyelashes are so heavy, or does she look bored and done with things?

No. 819817

She’s naked in both of her AOT “cosplay” pics and all of the work on both (body paint, wig styling, photoshopping, etc) was done by someone else. She’s created nothing, what do you think she’s “actually trying” at? 13 year old beginning cosplayers do far more than her in terms of styling their own wigs, etc, which should embarrass her considering she’s been calling herself a cosplayer for like 6+ years now.

No. 819841

Moo and Vamps barely get along. But Vamps has a lot of dirt on Moo during her doormat days. But Moo also has dirt on her. So it's best to pay hush money to prevent all the tea being spilled.

No. 819842

of course she posts her naked cosplay on tiktok with all her teen fans. I don't know how this sex pandering hag hasn't been banned yet.
Also it looks like she got more sculpting on her chin and neck again

It's baffling how her upper lip deflates and all the fluid just goes above her lip

No. 819852

This has to be her worst "cosplay" yet. Between the melting face, horrible paint job and botched body… Why not wear a suit? It would look a thousand times better. Wait, she wouldn't be able to one-up Vamps that way. Fucking repulsive looking at those poor saggy pancakes wishing for sweet relief. As others have stated, she's literally done nothing for these cosplays. She pays others to actually create it and then soaks up all the credit.

Each year she gets lazier and lazier with these. Before it was wearing a complete cosplay and taking credit, then only wearing half an outfit and taking credit, now it's… uh? Being naked and somehow still taking credit. Fuck man this is sad

No. 819854

She probably couldn’t fit into a cheap zentai suit, idk if they make those even on her size.

No. 819855

even though she wants people to believe she's under 200 pounds. Quarantine is her best friend right now. I don't know how she's going to show her face in any con

No. 819856


She says she “plans cosplays” and has “so many cosplays” and she’s such a huge AoT fan, yet here we are with a last minute paint job, and once again not socially distancing and risking people’s lives for paint jobs, make up, photos,

No. 819859

Ooooo… New airbrush/makeup artist, does this mean moo's burned bridges with Kelton her old SFX mua?

No. 819867

I don't know about you guys but I've been here since thread 1 and the entire time I've been hoping she'd actually try one day and turn her life around. Like I had a lot of fun laughing at her bs but I almost wished it would end one day, or at least she didn't ruin her career, or took care of herself while still being a cow.
Rome wasn't built in a day and no one (realistically) expects anyone to become a Better Person (tm) in one day, there's gonna be ups and downs but damn I just wish she trended upward.
She's clearly got no self esteem or self worth and she's GOT to be aware of the fact that the money is gonna run out soon and that's gotta have a lot of dread.
I don't care how trash she is, this is sad. She could have been so great. Maybe she can still salvage what's left, I dunno.
Anyways, I'll take my ban for blogposting, thanks.(no1curr)

No. 819876

He probably didn't like it when farmers started dunking on him last time he worked with Moo.

Her personality has been vile long before she ever had delusions of cosplay grandeur, as much as she moos about still having Very Important Friends in secret, she nuked a lot of bridges before her social downfall.

No. 819877

>I've been here since thread 1 and

Okay and? A lot of us have been here since this place was just /pt/ and /b/.

>hoping she'd actually try one day and turn her life around

Was never going to happen because even prior to cosplay she was a piece of shit human being.

>blah blah could've should've would've

>maybe she can still salvage what's left

No and no. Mariah has always been shit and will continue to be shit until she inevitably up and croaks from cardiac arrest.

Good. He deserves it kek

No. 819878

She can’t even be honest with herself about her weight and face shape. The miracle of self awareness cannot be found in sushi bars.

You should probably look for a better cause to support.

No. 819894


Whoever did that brushing has no idea how an airbush works. You can see splatter from poor trigger management, no needle control on that brush I am guessing because I can spot exactly where they stop and start line gradients. In addition to the awful sagging of her skin I almot guarantee Moo was either yanking her skin and not posing in the position she will be in post paint resulting in this horrific droop. But also this, and I don't think I can use this word, artist who painted her has no idea how to shadow or outline and decided on the kindergarten spray and pray method. Sage because this image was so offensive to me I had to post.

No. 819906

File: 1612388915632.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20210203154747517_o…)

No. 819907

I hate the neon blue circle lenses she insists on wearing.

No. 819913


The wig isn’t right at all and she lives with a fucking wig artist, geezus

No. 819914

File: 1612390985370.jpg (657.82 KB, 1062x1865, IMG_20210203_162213.jpg)

Imagine being so busted that you look worse than pre surgery vamps. Even though vamps is trash, she always ends up leagues above momo while spending far less money.

No. 819919

Another anon who's been here since thread #1 but only lurking for the past year, I feel you. Unpopular opinion but honestly I believe Momo when she says that she was just a dumb spergy fuck during the peak of her drama acting out of ignorance instead of malice. And at least she seems to have genuine interest, albeit shallow, in whatever she cosplays. Most costhots barely even watch anime. I wished she would've turned her life around but here we are, thread #100something and she's making squirting porn and mutilating her body to look like a circus freak. It's legitimately depressing.

No. 819923

>acting out of ignorance instead of malice

What part of sexually harassing someone at a convention and then blaming it on your ADHD rather than actually taking accountability is just simple ignorance rather than malice? Simple ignorance would be if she had said something weird/bad once or twice, malice is doing inappropriate things to multiple different people at conventions. It’s hard to give moo the benefit of the doubt when she still doesn’t take accountability for everything today — her initial apology following the situation where she groped that guy’s butt at a convention was so bad she ended up deleting it and she hasn’t made a legitimate one since. Not to mention that time where she pulled a female cosplayer’s top down in a public restroom at a con.

If there was just one isolated incident of moo doing something stupid and then actually taking accountability and apologizing, it would be easier to feel bad for her. But when there’s consistent patterns of gross behavior that she never seems to be able to actually learn and grow from, it’s pretty hard to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 819926


Bullshit. Bitch knows what she’s doing and you drank the koolaid. Gtfo. Even children know not to touch people so fuck off with this.

No. 819929

If you'd been here since thread 1 you'd nearly immediately had known she was a cow for a reason. She isn't and never was some innocent girl who just made bad choices.

Like >>819877,>>819878, and >>819923 say she was like this from the very start and at multiple points had opportunities to correct herself and always chose the shittiest option.

She's burned countless bridges, made enemies of people she's never even met, and a host of other things purely by her own actions. These threads exist because she chooses to do these milkable things. Not a single farmer here or anyone in her life is making her make these choices. And so far all that she can keep nosediving until she hits the bottom and I'll keep watching and you will too.

No. 819932

“genuine interest” hard disagree. it is blatant that she jumps on any bandwagon or trend to find a new cosplay. she mentions an anime once, right before she does a cosplay off of it and she never mentions it again. do i think she just doesn’t watch anime at all? no, I think it’s possible she has a few loved shows. but she clearly doesn’t watch the vast majority of animes.

No. 819933

she fucked up the makeup big time. the lines on the chin aren’t even connected to her lips. and i don’t even know what she’s doing on the cheeks. what a mess.

No. 819936


Vamps took really much time in the body paint moo paint was really really trash

No. 819942

Call me whatever you like anons but I am 100% convinced moo does 80% the shit she does out of lack of foresight, jealousy and pure stupidity rather than straight up malice. She's dumb, she's too scared to sit down and think and too scared to change because to do that she needs self reflection and she knows she's not gonna like what she sees.
Case in point: with her whole sexual assault thing, instead of sitting down and thinking that owning up to it and apologizing or whatever is the best move, she blames it on a mental illness because she thinks everyone around her is dumb and will just say "ok uwu poor thing", because she didn't bother thinking to herself that maybe other people don't have the iq equivalent to a twig.
Ten bucks says the whole thing happened in the first place because she didn't stop and think that groping isn't funny and uwu quirky~☆

Tl;dr she's not the ~malishus~ cunt everyone thinks she is, she's just really, really, REALLY dumb and or lazy.

No. 819947

Yep, exactly. Titan Annie was never on her "alllll the cosplays I'm going to do this year!!" lists. She only jumps on what's popular, and when she does she spergs like she's been the biggest fan forever.

No. 819948

Why can she be dumb, lazy, and fucking malicious all at once? It’s obvious she doesn’t think s out her actions and the consequences. Buts also obvious she’s a hateful, jealous bitch who does shit because she’s a hateful jealous bitch. Like she doesn’t have to fall on just one of those labels, she’s ALL of them.

No. 819949

I very much would call her doing shit purely out of jealousy being “malicious” but go off.

No. 819950

She’s not malicious but she’s bullied multiple people in high school and cosplay leading one person to leave cosplay for good?

No. 819953


She literally bullied people out of the cosplay community, let a girl in her cosplay group (of 3 fucking people) faint and dipped to go join up with another group later that night (AX when she cosplayed that awful Yoko and changed into Mei later) - that girl consequentially quit cosplay because of her. She’s already been noted to try to steal girls boyfriends, which if that’s not malicious I don’t know what the fuck is. Ffs, one cosplayer at ColossalCon said Mariah shoved a megaphone up her vagina. None of this is malicious? Stealing peoples art, other cosplayers very recent cosplays? Not malicious either?

No. 819956


The girl is a class A cunt. There’s no defense. She reminds the public of that monthly when she spergs about being a bad bitch and buying a house and whatever designer trash she flaunts in people’s face during a fucking pandemic where people have lost their livelihoods and dying. But she’s totes not malicious my dude.

No. 819959

Is WKing this hard even allowed? Go lick her dark asscrack on ig or something.

No. 819960

File: 1612400908728.jpg (53.64 KB, 1080x424, 20210203_190744.jpg)

No. 819961

As we’ve been saying, it’s about patterns of behavior with moo. Obviously everyone fucks up, everybody does things out of jealousy or pride or envy or whatever one time or another, but most people take these fuck ups as learning experiences and don’t repeat their mistakes. I’m sure every anon here would agree they’ve done hurtful things to someone else but took those incidents to heart and grew from them. We aren’t saying that moo is a bad person because she makes mistakes, we’re saying she’s a shitty person because she just doesn’t learn from them, repeats the EXACT same behavior, and deletes comments and flips the bird on her story whenever people bring up legitimate concerns (re: her “i love owning the sjws” response to people getting upset with her Nezuko cosplay)

She has been given multiple opportunities to try and correct her behavior and apologize to others and she doesn’t. When people said that her response to her grabbing a guy’s ass at a con was inadequate, she threw a tantrum and deleted the video and never attempted to apologize again. It’s not because she’s dumb like you think she is because you’re trying to absolve her of all responsibility under the guise of “well she just doesn’t know better”, but because she knows she’s petty and bitchy. She has literally called herself a bad bitch multiple times and said that she’s not a nice girl or whatever in response to her drama with other people.

“They just don’t know better” is for 13 year old bullies in middle school. It’s not for mid-20s Moo who has admitted to taking pleasure in fucking around with other girls’ boyfriends, has been accused of sexual harassment/assault multiple times, has mocked other women’s bodies despite all her “self love muh dudez” messages, and has bullied other people out of the cosplay community. Come on now

No. 819963

$5 says you’re someone she feigned nice to at a con for a brief encounter. How about you actually go through and read the threads since it’s obvious you skimmed past some important details since thread #1 lol

No. 819983

File: 1612408957539.jpg (786.81 KB, 598x750, QTMKPTr.jpg)

Yo these are bad

No. 819984

File: 1612408989275.jpg (975.77 KB, 601x752, Mp078B5.jpg)

No. 819985

Eyeing the last donut in the box

No. 819988

Mental illness.

No. 819989

Attack of Titanic.

No. 819993

The photo looks both in focus and blurry at the same time thanks to that shitty paint job. It’s sure to cause eye strain to the idiots jerking to this garbage lol

No. 820001


her tits look like garlic pieces

No. 820002

Her wig looks more like Howl than Annie.

No. 820003

That's because, dear anon, it is a Howl wig

No. 820006

i cannot believe that she decided not to wear a bodysuit. she got famous for wearing samus bodysuits.

probably looks like a cronenberg monster with a suit on.

No. 820008

Would it kill her to stand straight? She looks like the old lady in the bathtub from the shinning?

No. 820010

She didn't upload any normal forward facing full body shots because she probably looks like a linebacker that went through a blender. Maybe to hide that her tits droop so low they draw attention to her botched coolsculpted "abs"?

No. 820012

Now I can't unsee garlic cloves. Thanks anon.

No. 820015

that's way too accurate
also looks like she's wearing peperoni glasses

No. 820016

Too lazy to cover/hide her brows so she just went full panda

No. 820017


Her lower stomach area and vagina are so .. wrinkly?? Who thought this was a good idea..

No. 820019

Oh yeah, she was supposed to cosplay him too. I remember seeing Howl’s coat on the background a few months ago i think? Moo probably won’t do the cosplay bc she got too fat for it and that’s why she reused the wig for Annie.

No. 820022

anon has a stroke live

No. 820028

Moo posted a big long rant about AOT.

She thinks the show is fine for kids and they should watch it. A show full of blood, death, dismemberment and complex political issues that will go over their(her) heads.

No. 820031

File: 1612442936722.jpeg (268.26 KB, 827x1085, 21D6F499-8286-48AF-8E85-6B6EB2…)

Moo and Vamp have been attacking Lori Lewd/ Usagi kou and Kevin on the Dollskill Instagram. Kevin posted this in response.

No. 820032

File: 1612443006679.jpeg (137.47 KB, 625x961, 11E646C0-F8A7-4FC3-BD0A-919245…)

Lori posted this.

No. 820033

Would like to see a public beef between these two.

No. 820035

File: 1612445757326.jpeg (551.45 KB, 750x1063, 351A9125-1C43-415B-8D4E-2E4F95…)

At this point Shut the fuck up and post your porn moo stop talking just shut your mouth holy fuck no one cares about any words you say just post your porn stop putting captions stop talking just fucking be quiet. Fucking cringy self hating weeb.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 820043

I know you're reading this mooriah…Vamps still did it better than you, I know how much it hurts you and you want to one up her.

No. 820045

What is that on her head? Tape?

No. 820048

Are ok anon?

No. 820050

Looks like it, but it’s a known fact she tapes her face to hell and back anyways.

No. 820060

I love that these people think cancel culture is so fucked up, but have no problem doing it ti someone else they really hate. The hypocrisy in this group is just mind boggling.

Not to say I’m defending Lori, but I just doubt any of these twats seriously know how to give a shit about anyone besides themselves. All they care about us drama and if they’re not in it then they need to be.

No. 820077

File: 1612457911423.png (122.79 KB, 1000x500, 8c5.png)

Take notes from proJared who laughed at Jontron for getting cancelled until it happened to him. Kek

I love a good cow collision and can't wait to see what Moo will do to Lori. Also moo quit being a dipshit and let Kevin live his delusional life because the more you try to "save him" he'll push away even more.

No. 820079

File: 1612461059309.jpeg (327.77 KB, 750x1114, 1612102056183.jpeg)

>Moo and Vamp have been attacking Lori Lewd/ Usagi kou and Kevin on the Dollskill Instagram.
So that's not what happened at all. Vamp posted a comment but it was mostly random people kept calling out Lori on that Dollskill post and Kevin was being a spergy wk. KEVIN was the one who tagged Moo and Vamp as his "true abusers" while he was going off on someone. Moo hasn't said shit since she tried to save her rep by talking to a "concerned anon" about trying to save him. She hasn't had anything to do with this in a while.

If you're going to cross post milk from other threads at least get the facts straight.

No. 820080

File: 1612461156664.jpeg (411.29 KB, 1500x1301, 1612370137683.jpeg)

No. 820081

File: 1612461985893.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2307, 5B051402-6752-407F-B3C0-52D57C…)

How long until she gets bored of AoT and regrets this impulse purchase?

No. 820086

At least it’s not a huge shitty tattoo (yet).

No. 820089

Imagine being proud of ruining your car with a giant fascist anime sticker.

No. 820100

No wonder they almost went in the ditch on their ski trip. Jeeps are cheaply made and have the tendency to roll over. I hope someone smashes her windows for having gay ass shit on her car.

No. 820101

It would be pretty funny if she goes back to cons and her car gets egged or something since aot is the big thing to hate right now.

No. 820104


Series is ending a few months so I give it till summer if that long

No. 820126

File: 1612472893115.jpeg (165.17 KB, 668x715, 99BD78F0-E988-4630-B481-ACFCEF…)

Kevin is accusing the other accounts of being moo and vamp sock puppets. Sowwy I have to hold your hand and spell it out slowly for you.

No. 820127

Oh like her DBZ and Fate tattoos. Ya know, the shows she never mentions ever now.

No. 820142

>Lori sleeps most of the day

No. 820153


I find it hilarious that Vamp of all people is trying to call someone out for being “abusive” when her hook nosed ass was the big simp for one of the biggest abusers ever in Moo. How many times did she try to shout down people calling Moo the fuck out? How many excuses did she keep making for her shit behavior. How many did she try to accuse of being liars and jealous clout chasers.

Bitch needs to shut the fuck up and go sit down somewhere before she even thinks about trying to call out abusive behavior. It was right under her busted nose for years and she didn’t do shot about it, just remained a good little lapdog and defended her master when she needed it.

No. 820174

>Moo and Vamp have been attacking Lori Lewd/ Usagi kou and Kevin on the Dollskill Instagram. Kevin posted this in response.

is literally what you posted, sorry you want to backpedal to

>Kevin is accusing the other accounts of being moo and vamp sock puppets.

…which he didn't even say in >>820126

I'm not the one trying to force moo into drama she is barely involved in and pretending it's milk. This belongs in the calves thread imo, but that's not my call.

No. 820184

Why does this sounds like Lori and Kevin positing in here.(hi cow)

No. 820185

Even if Lori and Kevin try to take Moo down they really can't. She stays relevant via porn. Not like she's a part of the cos community other than clout chasers and fat girls who look up to her

No. 820187

Exactly. Vamp forgets what Mariah did to Nanabear and Mariah sure as hell can't rewrite history for what she did to Nana and KBBQ. Let's not forget that Mariah tried to get his house vandalized and they both received death threats. Mariah calling Lori a bully is laughable cause they're both as bad as the other.

No. 820188

Nta but if you were at all in the know of this drama you’d know he’s accusing moo but ok idiot. Feel free to dm him if you need confirmation, he volunteered to name them directly if you need help.

No. 820195

Looks like the set of some cheap porno

No. 820208

It's the same anon who keeps cowtipping in comments. They have a throw away and Ice tried reporting it to mods as cowtipping too, but anon is trying to manufacture drama when these cows haven't purposely interacted in years.
If he keeps being vague, STOP saying it's moo and vamps 100%.

No. 820217

File: 1612495842652.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.66 KB, 960x1280, RjY7W8E.jpg)

No. 820221

wait lmao..I thought this was one of those stupid “darken the area to see the nipples” posts. Did she actually just rip off her pasties and uhh, slight vagina covering for the nude part of the shoot?

No. 820225

File: 1612497151544.jpg (1.73 MB, 1428x755, FENB3QL.jpg)

end of a era, mates

No. 820230

It was a pasty over her vagina?? Damn I thought with all the super folding and wrinkling near her gunt and hips that she was wearing like panties they painted over. Shit's wild.

No. 820231

I will never understand what compels her to post this shit. It looks like flaky skin vomit

No. 820233

She's gonna save up for another one. Just you wait lol.

No. 820236

It looks like the body latex that you can spray on- really just the grown up version of putting white glue all over your hands and peeling it off. Still looks horrid af and lazy as shit.

No. 820240

reminds me of a lizard shedding it's skin lol

No. 820241

it looks like she was taking off the pasties in the bathroom, thought it looked hot in her brain and ran out to tell the photographer "WAIT! Snap a few quick pics before you go!"

No. 820242

It’s kinda weird that they attempted(failed) to put details in the hands and muscles but then absolutely butchered the face.

No. 820252

idk if it’s bc she’s fat but god, this was just not a good look in general for her. the wig sucks, the paint job sucks, the posing sucks.

No. 820265


What’s going on with her nails .. eww. .

No. 820266

File: 1612513592578.jpg (Spoiler Image,128.22 KB, 760x1352, 760x1352_59dfeed2b54f211bab9eb…)

No. 820270

Both those rooms look so dirty and soulless

No. 820271

Seriously thought this was some sort of creepypasta pic for a sec. Also, good to know that her new place is going to look just as trashy as her previous homes.

No. 820279

>they haven’t interacted in years
>screenshot of vamp and Kevin exchanging IG beef

Ok anon

No. 820285

Lol moofatass is big mad. I love it. She could just ignore negative comments, but no, gotta retard sperg. Uuhhh brain use it!

No. 820287

Sorry, here's the link again


She deleted it from her ig stories
Isn't she tired of lurking so much here?

No. 820288

File: 1612531130366.jpeg (43.71 KB, 640x363, 01134BB4-6C10-4E35-AF9A-F81C99…)

If they shitty paint job took 9 hours…. yikes

No. 820289

File: 1612531245603.jpeg (463.26 KB, 778x1100, E4CD3BCC-5881-4691-823D-4F8AE0…)

Idk if it’s just me but her face in this shoot is giving me a little bit of anime down syndrome.

No. 820291

>the stupid fucking lip smack at 1:29
>the noises following as if she's calling to a horse

Is she on something again? Also what's with the fucking blaccent?

No. 820299

I don't believe it, it looks way too much like a rush job. No way Moo would have the patience for something like that

No. 820301

No. 820303


Anon the show is fictional. The island and titans and experiments are fictional. There isn't any real nazism happening. This isnt some real world proud boys thing, jesus. It's just an anime symbol.

No. 820304

For its 3D, not story. Lol

No. 820309


>"I'm sorry, I don't care about you guys in that way to make opinions about my work."

god she is such a fucking bitch. if you don't kiss her ass 24/7 she doesn't want anything to do with you. people are allowed to voice their opinions about public figures whether she likes it or not, and it's not always going to be positive. such a fragile ego. damn.
the way she switches the way she talks (from relatively normal to "hood") about halfway through is super cringy too. her lips flapping around is hard to watch too, i swear they extend further than her nose sometimes

No. 820310

File: 1612541612728.png (491.66 KB, 408x729, moo at all-you-can-eat sushi b…)

what the fuck

No. 820311



No. 820312

Nice filename and I totally agree this is something to meme. I mean how often we get to see a non edited photo of moo? Lol

No. 820315

File: 1612542394771.png (155.05 KB, 599x210, moo is hungry.png)

No. 820316

Mariah hasn't changed a single bit. Honestly it's like every year she regresses back. This is 5 year old behavior. "How dare you say you dislike something I've done! Now I shall publicly shame you for voicing your opinion!" The dude literally said he disliked it. He didn't say it was trash and that it belonged in the dumpster. Although it really does.

She lives in such a deep echo chamber. It's gotten worse due to her blocking anyone that slightly disagrees with her. She would NEVER survive in a normal job or even a normal anime convention again. She has rooted herself so deep in that ass-kissing self "love" cave that she can't handle being told "sorry, I'm not a fan of this one."

I'm honestly amazed she keeps regressing like this. She had to be on something.

No. 820317

Are these photoshopped? They have to be right? Good lord

No. 820319

after? these aren’t the after? terrifying

No. 820320

Who wants to bet that hardly any of her coomers actually look at her stories? Once again Mooriah moos and literally nobody cares what she has to say.

No. 820322

banner material

No. 820324


a better banner would be if someone could animate it so it's a bunch of different foods flying into her mouth

No. 820325

she only gets like this when she finished a round of lipo. But she has to be aware it looks weird that she has the legs of a 350 pound woman and the upper body to match. Unless she really thinks "I can't be fat because my gut doesn't hang over"

No. 820327

File: 1612548463819.jpg (Spoiler Image,762.83 KB, 691x742, Vjdwt3W.jpg)

So basically Mariah wants people to kiss her ass forever and live in a hugbox environment that stunts her growth. Right

No. 820329

File: 1612548768702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.55 MB, 1661x3051, 496B4FF9-BDC5-4079-AE18-EA2D65…)

I mean; say what you will but her Goya cosplay is pretty accurate

No. 820330

This looks so cheap and horrible with that smile LMAO

No. 820331

The fact this comment is what sets her off? Like it wasn’t even mean, they were just saying it’s not their favorite thing she’s done.

Also the fact she turns on a black girl voice when she starts going off… god she’s fucking embarrassing.

Also her lips in motion.. girl no.

No. 820332

File: 1612549978079.jpg (4.85 KB, 106x188, 1612513592578~2.jpg)

How is she still this bad at shoop?

He even prefaced it by calling her his favorite cosplayer. Like surely she's gotten worse comments than this?

No. 820341

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, thanks anon

No. 820344

File: 1612554120479.png (249.93 KB, 415x369, attack on titan.png)

No. 820348

>goes on a rant about she cannot accept negative criticism
>makes "content" like this
Legitimately no wonder her so-called friends let her go outside with her tits hanging past her stomach. No type of critique is civil to her, only an attack. Her mentioning wimpy male ego is funny too since that's what makes her money. Keep biting the hand that feeds, Mariah.

No. 820352

File: 1612558997446.jpeg (242.48 KB, 769x676, 586BE879-2686-4B9F-AA36-F842D2…)

I know moo’s reached a point where caricature is basically pointless, but there was this one expression….

No. 820355


holy SHIT anon my sides

No. 820356

i audibly guffaw, you saucy wench lmao

No. 820359


All I see is a fucking raw steak with excess of fat lol

No. 820360

LMAO this is beautiful

No. 820363

Omg love this! The greatest thing about these threads- we are vastly more creative than she ever was

No. 820370


She talks about how “hard” she works. What did she do? Pose? Post the pictures on social media? That’s the hard work? The photography, editing, painting, makeup, the wig, literally everything was everyone else.

No. 820371

File: 1612564261501.jpeg (169.22 KB, 1284x557, C7AD665B-B853-458B-99BB-7273AF…)


For clarification, this is what she did.
She stood and sat.

No. 820378

what growth? She sucked so bad at cosplay she had to resort to porn to stay relevant

No. 820383

Jesus, she will never grow out of this. This is exactly how she used to sperg on twitter about her mom as a teen. I know anons miss her having a twitter for these chimpouts but the bonus of her being regulated to IG is seeing her meltdown in stories and recording her bitch fits. It’s more amusing than reading text tbh despite her horrendous speech and mannerisms.
I’m not surprised Moo hasn’t been called out for this since her fans are literal retards but she is definitely too comfortable biting the hand that feeds her hedonistic lifestyle.

No. 820389

Moo will never be sorry for her behavior. She is the most infamous figure in cosplay, but she doesn't care because she makes bank. She will only be sorry if she can't get money

No. 820392

The only time I remember Moo speak was during her verbal rape with Low Tier God. Why does she sound like she's trying to imitate a black girl?

No. 820398

I swear it seems like Moo gifts us with the best milk/worst pictures of herself immediately after we make a new thread. Any of these recents are new thread image contenders but by the next time a new thread rolls around there'll be more recent shit to use.

Because she is.

No. 820405


Pepperoni golem

No. 820426

File: 1612579096077.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x2061, AD75CD90-41F2-46D8-86EA-499F29…)

She was out snowboarding again. Tell us again, Moo, how hard you’re always working.

No. 820428

around the middle

No. 820430


She was looking for immediate praise since this is the first thing in a long time that’s isn’t just a lazy ass slutty version of a character. In her head this time she was actually “trying”, that you can’t just write her off as a lazy cum dumpster and that she has actual cosplay “skill”, and it still wasn’t enough, so then comes the bitchy temper tantrum. Here entire attitude just screams “I ACTUALLY TRIED THIS TIME YOU MOTHERFUCKERS AND YOU STILL WONT PRAISE ME?! FUCK YOU!!!!”

No. 820431

I fucking choked on my coffee, top notch gold anon. Well done!

No. 820439

True, she was really try hard for this cosplay. Looking up info on AoT, even putting a giant sticker on her car (better than a tattoo) and was simping for one of the characters. But it still wasn't enough. That and she threw it all away by making porn of it anyway

No. 820443

really weird porn too. if she truly likes aot, why didn’t she just lewd up Petra or Mikasa?

No. 820455

> why didn’t she just lewd up Petra or Mikasa?
because she's a titan sized bitch and at this point, her core coomer demo is specifically into large women and/or body modification.

No. 820458


Also anime girls tend to be cute and fit. Her lard ass couldn’t realistically pull of any character that isn’t a fat disgusting slob like her. It’s why she keeps going for slightly chubby looking characters. Because she thinks with a shitload of photoshop she could closely resemble the character enough for her simps to associate her with the character and give her a new cash cow to milk like Mei and Pochao. She won’t go near any character that looks remotely in shape and when she does, she eventually gives up on because she ends up feeling self conscious about her lard ass about how she’ll never look like that and she’ll start trashing the character for being “unrealistic”.

No. 820488

File: 1612627770346.jpeg (89.13 KB, 1024x576, 538319DD-8A30-4D67-BC52-860EBB…)

Idk she kinda looks like witch of the waste, she should start calling herself an irl version of her.

No. 820489

Oh shit sorry forgot to sage.

No. 820490

File: 1612627998224.jpg (630.71 KB, 538x845, jHhbILc.jpg)

TBH I'm shocked she doesn't revisit Mei more often it's usually a go to for heavy cosplayers and still relevant enough people are gonna recognize it. Her latest skin is right up there for her to hide her actual size too.
But Howl even says she was very beautiful once Moo was never

No. 820491

That’s true, moo really was unfortunate looking always.

No. 820492

Her sister took all of the good genes and left Moo with the droopy bug eyes and jowls.

It's pretty funny to watch her outside quickly morph into what she looks like on the inside. She'll always be a jealous bitch who's willing to do literally anything for money including whoring herself out. She keeps altering her body to keep up with her fleeting fanbase and when they all leave, she's going to be left with the mess that she is.

No. 820493

File: 1612629874775.png (Spoiler Image,3.14 MB, 828x1792, image0.png)

No. 820494

Its incredible how sweaty she looks when all she did was sit and stand with a occasional crouching for the poses. The paint is smearing under her chest and her hands from separating her slabs of meat

No. 820496

The only time I saw arms and legs this huge was when I saw someone who was 350 so pounds at the gym who had that gastric surgery. She's insane if she thinks she's magically healthy because she sucks the fat out of her stomach every month. Her weight gain is out of control at this point.
Also I've been noticing the area below her stomach but just above her genitals is storing fat now. Too bad whenever someone voices concern she takes it as crit and fat shaming

No. 820497


Is this supposed to be sexy? Horror? I say this with no sarcasm- what is seriously fucking wrong with moo that this is somehow an idea? It serves as neither, and the look on her face discounts horror (besides it being moo) and unless you’re a fucking serial killer the whole exposed skeletal/muscles aspect would remove any “sexy” ideal. So she thinks to herself “gee I should totally spread my vag! THAT WILL look GREAT!”
Of all the shit tier cosplays and things she has done this is the first time I’ve been really baffled at the end result thought process.

No. 820498

I still think this was last minute and she was taking off the pasties to take a shower but looked in the mirror and thought it was such a good idea.

No. 820499

we talk a lot about the worst photo she's ever taken in these threads, but I think this one takes the cake for me. holy shit, everything about this is just so grotesque. Even without the body paint… the pose, the wig, her face, how her tits and genitals look, the sheer size of her, christ, it's all fucking terrible.

No. 820500

Ohhh nooooo girl this is not sexy. Why is she pulling her pussy open THAT much AHHH
This is it. The momokun content that finally drove me insane

No. 820507

This is the same idiot who dressed up like a clown for Umbran but then posted it online as if any of her followers wanted to see a couple of obese clown OCs. She has always lacked good taste and common sense.

She never cared about Mei or overwatch. She probably doesn't want side by side comparisons of how she used to look. That looks like a pricey build for a costume that wouldn't allow her to show off her giant flapjacks.

No. 820508

I hate it I hate it I hate it.
You fucking retard momo. Her clit that’s just sticking out looks like a ftm beginning dick. It’s fucking grotesque especially paired with the paint job.

No. 820510

File: 1612638661674.jpg (58.29 KB, 324x263, Droopy .jpg)


She has a face like Droopy with those sad sloping eyes. And Poofy wigs only make her look more like a dog. Her pussy looks like a gaping fish mouth…a trout? A bass? Yeah, not sexy in the least. Girl you've become a ragged mess.

No. 820513

Her pussy got the same expression as her mouth. Someone Shoop her mouth on her pussy.

No. 820528

File: 1612642956519.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 828x1100, filename.png)

I think you're onto something anon.

No. 820532

Like a fat retarded baby discovering it’s private for the first time.

No. 820536

scary thing is she's that droopy with her whole face taped up. We haven't seen her without the tap unfiltered in a while.

No. 820543

i'm ded

No. 820545

File: 1612647924008.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 828x1133, image.png)

No. 820547


Horrific. This is a Dark Souls boss lol.

No. 820549

I literally clicked on the second pic and it took me a bit to realize it's switched.

No. 820550

Omg I haven’t laughed this hard at the content she’s made in so long. This is so low budget, the lighting. Everything. What even. Normally I could fathom who would be in to it, but it’s low quality. The fact it’s just tape ripped off and now you have ruined body paint and didn’t even try to fix it, isn’t quality.

No. 820555

guess "biggest fan" moo missed the lesson about how titans don't have genitals

No. 820557

File: 1612654288102.png (1009.9 KB, 1390x1094, Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 5.17…)

Out of curiosity, is there actual footage of her snowboarding? She said she started a year ago, but I've never seen her upright and it seems like she's just screwing around Lee Canyon (mainly bunny slopes and a poorly maintained downhill with low coverage). Just curious if she's actually "shredding da slopes" or it's just for photos

No. 820563


Like everything else she does, it’s just for the flexing she wants to do on people and she doesn’t actually do any of the shit she brags about. Hence the only photos and videos of her are just her dicking around with her friends in public like she always does. I’ll bet the second anyone throws any basic snowboarding terminology at her or questing her skills she’ll sperg out and bitch about “mansplaining” and try to make herself out to be some genius prodigy like she does when she gets questioned about fitness and guns.

No. 820564

Snowboarding is a sport so no, she can't actually do it. She just poses for it. But if you call her out on it she will spin a tale about how in just a year she "beat" pro snowboarders and won jump contests. She's ridiculous.

No. 820567

How much is she claiming to weigh now? She looks 300+ here. Jesus Christ moo.

No. 820569

This is a horrific photo to look at by yourself in the dark at 1 in the morning

No. 820570


Exactly. It never enough for her to just be into something. She also has to always claim to be a secret prodigy who puts even most pros to shame and the only reason she doesn’t compete is because apparently she’s to busy being amazing at literally everything else she tired.

She hates so much that all she can do is garbage tier porn despite all her shit talking in the past about how she would never have to subject herself to something like that because she was “way too talented to ever have to resort to taking off my clothes for money”. Being cum dumpster material is all she is good for these days.

No. 820571

We should use her old cosplay in this shoop - her original AoT from 2015. Might be a thread pic.

No. 820573

So I was right on the hill looking like bunny slopes. Noice!

She should have tried to learn skiing instead because they're a lot easier to learn. I grew up in town with a slope so I'd see tons of snowboarders just chillin in the snow like that.

No. 820574

My sides are in orbit anon, well done
This is horrifying and repulsive, I wish we could use it as next thread pic tho kek

No. 820576

You reminded me anon, she only did a cosplay contest once and when she lost she never entered one again. The one where she was Mewtwo and stalked the judge on social media for a while. (Well she can't enter one now because you HAVE to make the cosplay yourself). But she just claims to be the best, but deep down she hates pros, thus hates them giving her advice.

No. 820579


Pros only serve to remind of her own inadequacies. She loves to talk out her fat ass and prop herself up as some sort of expert. But when an actual pro with standing in an industry comes along and tells her how wrong she is, she either shuts the fuck up after getting clowned, or she attempts to heal her bruised ego by doubling down by trying to publicly lecture them in a desperate attempt to save face. Then she’ll play the victim and bitch about how someone important is “gatekeeping” her from an industry because they are too afraid of a stronk woman like her making it her space.

No. 820588

I always wonder what would happen if moo and Vicky belle Morte ended up stuck in a box alone for three weeks. The battles of ego and who was the smartest greatest soberist person would be legendary. The slap fight between these two “bad ass bitches” would be epic since neither of them is one. Sorry a little OT but yea.

No. 820597

File: 1612672174066.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 680x1270, jaeger_bomb.png)

No. 820600

That works. Lmao!

No. 820607

Doing a side by side comparison of Moo's face from just five years ago she didn't have such dramatic drooping eyes. I think Moo had a stroke due to obesity. Would also explain why she's slightly cross eyed too.
Too bad we will never truly know since Moo never seen a real doctor since she left her parents house. It's going to be a miracle if she makes it past 30

No. 820608

How the fuck does someone manage to make a house that filthy after only a few months of living there? Christ.

No. 820610

File: 1612684944212.png (Spoiler Image,5.66 MB, 1125x2436, 2DA4F049-AB02-447C-95AB-4E9B91…)

This screenshot from her masturbating titan video is the epitome of botched. Her left boob is a head bigger then her right boob.

No. 820613

While boobs DO tend to be uneven…this is sad given how saggy her's are.

No. 820616

Her boob is literally the size of her head while the other isn’t even close

No. 820627

Frankenstein’s monster-esque.

No. 820647

Who the hell is Jacking off to a titan from aot?

No. 820653

Literally no one. It's a combination of Vamps (being better than her) and current popularity that drives this bitch to do things like this.

No. 820654


“masturbating Titan video”

Moo’s nonsensical levels of depravity have gaslit us all into accepting that these are words that can be put together in this order.

No. 820686

File: 1612732231247.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.78 KB, 600x337, d4042b9db9af546f64427f4d444037…)

Haha, oh no, this reminds of that terrible ET porno. Except Moo's a real deal porkier.

No. 820739

This is terrible and I am transfixed by it.

No. 820751

Thanks, anon. I actually prefer looking at that to Moo's awkward titan pussy.

No. 820759

File: 1612754778397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.43 KB, 750x694, 6D6EFF10-26F0-49E4-A3FF-EEB52E…)

Since no one has made the correlation yet

No. 820784

nta, but aot's creator is a super japanese nationalist and denies japans involvement in WWII and the atrocities they did. the show is 100 percent just nationalistic nazi bullshit repackaged in a shitty anime form.

No. 820788

File: 1612774730258.jpeg (320.84 KB, 1242x1818, 420E35CF-2BFC-4D06-B483-E75A6B…)

Sure Mariah.

No. 820799

Stop sperging about fictional cartoons anon

No. 820828

You'd be surprised, I found porn fanfics about Eren's titan form the other day and they seemed like they were well received by some people. The internet is mad I tell you

Boohoo go back to twitter

No. 820844

I remember that was only an unconfirmed rumor, but even then, anyone who's read SNK knows it's anything but fascist.

No. 820847

File: 1612803022331.jpeg (365.02 KB, 828x1451, 4DC4D3A3-D4C8-42CE-9D57-409378…)

Momo are you fucking stupid lmao.

No. 820850

As if she was ever feminist to begin with, only when it suits her argument. Most of her paypigs are probably manlets with no range of emotions just like Levi!

No. 820856

Why does feminism even matter in this situation? She's just lusting over a fucking drawing and is trying to "twigger da libs uwu". Coomers literally don't care what you say, moo. Why are you trying to appeal to them when they're only here to cum and go?

No. 820869

A few years ago didn't she say something stupid about short guys not even counting as men? It was also around the time she was sperging about boobs on fat girls not counting. She's just fake simping over Levi to make her seem more of a fan

No. 820874

Oh yeah lol, i remember that too, not sure on which thread that was though.

No. 820875

didn't the creator heavily imply Levi was bi and has a thing for really tall fit characters? And we know Moo's real thoughts on lgbt peeps.

No. 820894


Lol bitch please. She’s the furtherest thing from a feminist. In fact, she doesn’t really have any opinion that isn’t one that whatever cock she is craving this week has or whatever she thinks will “win” her an argument in her comments.

No. 820895

shoeonhead/ash coffin skinwalking phase when?

No. 820919

Shoe did crossover w indie vtubers recently, it might be only a matter of time before she crosses over with other anime cows. Major tinfoil, but if Moo starts messing with vtuber stuff there might be a whole different moral battle for her to fight with her nonexistent "sjw haturz"

No. 820920


It’s funny because Steffvvon Scweets did an excellent Levi cosplay. But Steff called Mariah on her bullshit and I believe didn’t vote highly for her at some Vegas con she judged for? So Mariah’s always hated Steff. One of the best Levi’s in the cosplay community lmao and Mariah is weirdly obsessed

No. 820935

No one curr but Moo was featured in a video with gokuflex

Her top lip is blown the fuck out

No. 820936

File: 1612854149054.jpg (241.92 KB, 795x689, zthtey2.jpg)

that bulge above her thin top lip is killing me.

No. 820940

oh my god, the permanent double chin. how is she getting fatter? what the fuck is she eating everyday?

No. 820942

This literally shouldn’t happen. She’s going to a shitty injector who only cares about money and does her so dirty. A respectable cosmetic surgeon would not only let her have lips like this, but they would advise against getting so much.
She needs to get it dissolved.

Major TND vibes.

No. 820943

Reminds me of a milkshake mustache, lol

No. 820947

I shouldn't expect much from a channel called gokuflex and with a thumbnail like that but damn his viewers doesn't know shit about Moo huh? good for her I guess, she might catch a couple of new pathetic simps from this

No. 820948

OT but how does this guy have 700k subs with such a low view count? Garbage attracts garbage. Also it seems some people in the comments are calling out our cow.

No. 820949

>One of the best Levi’s in the cosplay community
Self-post harder Steff, it is average at most.

Either way, Moo's "sexy" titan is fucking nightmare fuel, it feels like I'm seeing my sleep paralysis demon but I'm wide awake. The fact that she took a look at those photos and went "eh, good enough" says a lot about how lazy she is. She's lucky coomers don't care

No. 820950

he probably bought followers like lillee Jean lol

No. 820956

People always come out and call her out whenever she tries to do anything outside her bubble. It’s just proof she has no real sway on the community anymore and she goes back to her hug box.

No. 820974

Her face looks the fattest and bloated it has ever looked? Wtf. Last time she showed her weight she claimed to be 180lbs or something like that?

No. 820978

this is what she looks like without filters? And she tried her best with make up too. I forgot she doesn't have a pointy chin and she's so round. Like fuck, she looks like a man

No. 820981


>"are we fake fans?"

No. 820989

She's just a fetish porn actress. Does he talk about the grotesque body paint with her vagina spread out like she's speculum?

Usually, farmers go in too hard about wrinkles and knitpicking, but those lines underneath her eyes are way too advanced to be on a 20 year old. What botched injections did she get in that area?

Her upper lip looks just as thin.

No. 821004

File: 1612894121603.jpeg (12.5 KB, 360x255, 16AA7D3A-D29D-4AA0-AA50-14D43A…)

Oh dear, honestly I kept hoping that this was just a bad screenshot but it’s not.
She’s starting to look like Doctor Finkelstein.

No. 821006

“tried her best” is something no one can ever say about moo.

No. 821022

File: 1612901713845.jpeg (786.96 KB, 1241x2333, 748E620A-9857-46CD-B3EF-72F527…)


Her titties are so low, she looks like she's grabbing her gunt

No. 821025

Real talk, is she not aware that her plastic surgeon is total shit?

I mean whoever fixes her up does an objectively shitty job,I understand that she surrounds herself with a sect of yes-men but jesus chrit, she could at least have enough self-awareness to understand how bad did she fuck up.

No. 821026

At least she understands she needs to cover who whole face and cover up most of her body to look half way decent. Now if only she could put a tarp over herself the look would be perfect

No. 821027

File: 1612902805083.jpg (20.99 KB, 250x250, tumblr_p3zshtZ6qg1wrxst0o1_250…)

Jesus she used to look so much better, she looks like a fucking monster now.

No. 821028

She used to be pretty in a way what the fuck happened.

No. 821030

She doesn't care about quality she cares about who will do what she asks. Since they never said no she keeps going to them. She doesn't know what a quality surgeon is. A proper one would dissolve the shit around her mouth and suggest surgery and then fillers.

God she was botched back then. But I guess in comparison

No. 821031

File: 1612903088299.jpg (314.61 KB, 1538x2048, 0aqskx34x7121[1].jpg)

This wasn't even that long ago.

No. 821033

girl has self control issues. She would be better off being a mukbanger. But then she would have to admit she isn't into fitness (no shit) and is just a fat ass

No. 821036

These were probably taken at that rest stop. Another tax write off lol.

No. 821039

Keep in mind that this was after a few rounds of lipo and copious shoop.

As for what happened, drugs and a lazy, hedonistic lifestyle her cucks fund. Why actually work on improving herself when her simps don't care as long as the shoop gives her big boobas or whatever the fuck kids are calling breasts these days.

No. 821040

If she wasn't heading downhill so fast I'd envy her life. She gets to sit around all day and get paid to do jack shit and eat sushi and pretend she likes anime while the rest of us gotta bust ass.
But hey, at least I got my dignity.

No. 821041

I dunno man, her appearance is what gets me. I would die if I looked liked her. Girl can't find love. You can't throw money at that issue

No. 821042

lol and back then on those pics you were all saying she was morbidly obese and disgusting (sorry, a bit of advocate of the devil here)
but yeah, she really changed a lot, and not for the best omg…When you start to inject things in your body thinking it will change everything, it's the beginning of the end…

No. 821049

Love the boots - they are trying to hold it in but she broke the laces how many times trying that? I’m surprised these boots haven’t split to god over her calves

No. 821059

Tbf people have been saying that about her since Samus and earlier. And yet she keeps one upping us every year by getting fatter. In two years imagine where she’ll be. Good job moo, really proving us farmers wrong.

No. 821060

Remember when one of her fans asked her wtf happened and she said she simply grew up? Girl grows out, every year.

No. 821066

god i hate how uneven she always has her thigh highs. it’s so easy for whoever’s taking photos of her to be like “oh hey pull your other stocking up a bit” and yet here we are

No. 821067

She still looks disgusting in those old cow pics. Obese, lumpy, and lazy-eyed.

In comparison to the even more obese, lumpy, lazy eyed, and now duck bill lipped monster she’s become, she looked “cuter”.

No. 821068

She looked fine until she discovered plastic surgery, now she looks like a disgusting pig.

No. 821069

File: 1612915224513.jpg (129.8 KB, 794x1200, Eqb6rLyXUAAABA1.jpg)

How the fuck do you get thousands of dollars worth of plastic surgery and end up looking 10x more like bimbo Jontron than before???

No. 821071

This isn't on purpose right? If it's migrated filler or just poorly done, she really needs to get it dissolved.
I get that the "shelf" is a shitty trend meant to give more of a pout, but there's no point to it if the actual lip remains thin as fuck.

No. 821072

Depends on genetics in all honesty. I imagine Moo has partied pretty hard in the last few years, and the thick foundation doesn't help.

I had to look up her age though. I thought she was 28/29, not 24. Yeesh.
I don't know about "pretty" in a conventional sense. She just had a normal looking face.

No. 821076

have we ever done a collage of all the times she’s worn these stupid thigh highs in a shoot? she parades these puppies out at least once a month at this point

No. 821078

This was when I thought she was pretty. I always think of this and ask, just what the fuck have you been doing to yourself? You don't fuck yourself up this bad when you're a happy, confident person.

No. 821080

File: 1612920211399.png (2.94 MB, 1800x819, 8721FD2E-7AD7-49C5-9658-2D1717…)

You would think at some point if you can’t lace up your boots the way they’re meant to be worn, maybe don’t force it and consider it a wake up call.

Shes 25. But she looks like she’s pushing mid 40’s.

Lol those cool sculpted abs really were the beginning of the end for her.

No. 821091

So she's bought another Whisperiawigs wig despite shitting on them before?

No. 821098

It really is astounding how everyone talks hot shit about how large she is, only to look back and go “Jesus Christ, it’s so bad now that this looks good by comparison.”

Definitely wanna eventually see a collage of her weight gain over the years for science, or at least more comparisons between the first time and last time she’s cosplayed from certain fandoms/characters

No. 821100

File: 1612929149433.jpg (391.81 KB, 1075x1915, IMG_20210210_004714.jpg)

>Best anime
>Post a manga picture
She is such a poser

No. 821104

Mariah is so simple-minded that literally every mediocre anime/manga she’s obsessed with is suddenly “too deep” for anyone else to fully appreciate. If only she put this much tryhard effort into her cosplay pursuits, then maybe she’d be known as someone other than a sad, sagging porn thot.

No. 821105

AoT is a pretty political and weighty show, I'm willing to bet she only perceives it at face value ie, "fight scene cool, Levi hot, emotional scene sad".

No. 821106

political =/= deep

No. 821136

File: 1612947842470.jpeg (230.62 KB, 1172x1173, 188D0FA8-B6EE-4B6D-9847-5B3CDE…)

The editing gets worse and worse..
You can see where they painted in her skin tone to remove fat roll/hair/stretchmarks with frequency separation on photoshop. (For non photoshop people, it separates the texture and the colour so you can touch up skin and still keep texture—if you know what you are doing)
They seem to have also painted over the white of her outfit.. a child could edit this better…

No. 821137

I feel like there was one before where it was collage of her and the weights she said she was. I can’t remember though. I think that would be a great one to make.

No. 821138


Lol I follow the person she commissioned that cosplay from and they conveniently left out that it was for moo. But hey moneys money even if it's her cuck bucks

No. 821222

Can't cap but she's cool sculpting again:
>Says cool sculpting isn't so much for weight loss but for stubborn fat deposits that cannot be lost through exercise
>Says it's important to be transparent about procedures
>Says this is her "second time cool sculpting" and her first was on her chin
>Says she has a "binge eating disorder"; when she's on Adderall her appetite is regular but when she's off of it she binges
>Says as a reminder that body positivity is about also enhancing yourself. It doesn't mean she hates herself cause she would've still be happy if she didn't get procedure done
>Says she's going to do a "new procedure she's never done before" and has a consult tomorrow for it
>Said that "Helen" did her lipo revisions and even tried to lipo her chin. Her jaw was cut in the process

No. 821224

I was just coming here to roll my fucking eyes at the binge eating disorder. Just say you like food. That disorder is because people have literally brain/nerve issues. I hate her so much. And these fucking tiktok losers are going to believe this shit because it's her way of cleaning up her bullshit.

No. 821228

File: 1612995050917.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, 9772861D-1222-406A-934F-BCDCE7…)

I got you fam


She’s always changing the definition of body positivity to fit her narrative since she’s so ashamed of the misshapen blob that she is and refuses to admit she fucked up. I rolled my eyes hard at her saying she only got cool sculpting once for her chin when her botched cool sculpted abs scream otherwise.

No. 821229

The doctor poster in the background doesn't even believe this bs.

No. 821231

>Says she's going to do a "new procedure she's never done before" and has a consult tomorrow for it

Any bet takers for BBL?

No. 821233


Where can we place bets because it’s either that or a titty lift. She comes here to see what procedures she can get next

No. 821234

Oh man, I want to change my bet to titty lift/implants now, because between them being drastically different sizes, flat as pancakes, and starting to reach toward her belly button, they need some serious help. Plus she has gushed multiple times about wanting big ol' anime titties.

No. 821235


Who the fuck posts pictures at the doctors office with their sweater lifted over their chest when the sweater is a crop, jesus the girl is such fucking trash

No. 821236


Guaranfuckingteed the comment anon made yesterday of her titties down to her waist in that weird wolf shoot she posted yesterday was the final straw that broke the camels back

No. 821238


Literally no doctor will do a lift on someone her size. The healing process is like 6 months, Momo will not be able to do ANYTHING lewd or hardly move at all, it's not some little procedure. It's a heavy surgery she will almost never do.

No. 821239

According to her AMA on Instagram:
>She said she'll eventually get a breast reconstruction and described what they do (question was about the breast reduction)
>Recommends getting lipo on the chin then fillers

No. 821240


You say this as if she’s gone to any reputable doctor. We’ve already discussed how whoever is working on her sucks by the state of her lips and lipo procedures.

No. 821241

File: 1612998989924.png (1.52 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210210-151042.png)

>Helen who does her lipo also does her fillers

Helen must hate her lmao

No. 821242

I'm in genuine awe of the fact that she still feels the need to use instagram filters even when modst of her face is covered by a mask and bangs. She's that insecure

No. 821243

i know shes botched now, but i am so excited for the botched-reality-check saga. i can smell it on the horizon.

No. 821244

I would hope its coming soon. She has some DEEP self hatred issues to have had this many procedures before she's even 25…

No. 821245

File: 1613000386856.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, 5869C400-978A-44AF-9F52-C14FE8…)

Part 2

There are 4 more stories she posted after these but I don’t feel like capping her obnoxious voice/face anymore today lol

No. 821247

File: 1613000874850.jpg (84.9 KB, 1248x702, 7c9e9afa5a9dc68ccaf27d9effeb93…)

The thing about people who abuse plastic surgery is that it's often accompanied by severe body image issues, which is why these people feel like they need to get surgery again and again and again

she'll probably end up looking like a Bogdanoff

No. 821248

based anon, came in to post this but you beat me to it. I laughed way too hard at the paint over the dress, you can spot that a mile away even if you don't do any editing what so ever.

No. 821252


Can’t wait to see what kind of botched mess she turns herself into this time. Seems crazy that her lazy fat ass refuses to take the hint that actually going to the gym and working out and not stuffing her fat face 24/7 would be better for her than these expensive ass lipo sessions that she ends up ruining after a week because she thinks that because she slimmed down a hair it means she’s free to eat like a total pig again. I can’t help be laugh at how hard she keeps trying to justify these procedures everytime, as if it’s a good thing she is doing to herself and that it’s a just a normal thing everyone should do if they have the means. Her simps are obviously too brain dead retarded to care and only want to see her tits, but anyone with common sense can see that she is totally ruining herself with all these lipo procedures and that they don’t nearly have the effect that she thinks they do.

No. 821322

Ya, calling bullshit on the binge eating disorder. I'm pretty sure if that was the case she would have talked about it way back when people were first calling her fat and she was super "body positive".
This isn't fucking funny Moo. You can't just go through the DSMV to list off excuses for your shit behavior.

No. 821331

but she hasn't lost any fat deposits through exercise or weight loss? What is she on about? And why is she lying about the number of procedures she had done?
Also she can't change the definition of body positivity. Reminds me of the time she tried re defining the word porn.

No. 821332


Nah she got work done on her titties before. She said something she hasn't done….my guess is butt or arm fat…maybe eyebags?

No. 821333

File: 1613018092916.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, 1547168531216.gif)

This is rich coming from the same girl who stuffed herself live back in her Camversity days and ordered take out on stream and it was heavy amounts of food.

Case in point, image related from 2 years ago in 2019.

No. 821334

You would think she would have realized she can't lipo and cool sculpt her way to victory. She gains a steady 50 pounds a year despite sucking out 100

No. 821336

File: 1613018245054.png (855.9 KB, 640x1136, 052CEBBB-3DA0-4EFA-B1BE-55342A…)

She confirmed she’s getting injections in her butt this week

No. 821337

File: 1613018331537.png (646.34 KB, 640x1136, AF6E3DCB-A9B9-4219-9585-F809F5…)

What a huge lie we all know she stopped using them when Vamp and Maddie stopped talking about theirs

No. 821339

The flat ass comments are getting to her lmao.

No. 821340

cant wait to see how bad this will look

No. 821341


She keeps trying to frame her getting lipo as “Helping along the hard work she has already done to get rid of those problem areas”. Except her whole hard lard ass is the “problem area”. She just refuses to admit to being a lazy fat ass and just wants to take the easy way out by getting work done instead going to the gym (not for self indulgent selfies) and actually sticking to a diet and cutting out the garbage she shoved into her mouth on a weekly basis.

I just laugh at her fat ass attempting to give any sort of health advice that isn’t “just get the fat sucked out of you on a practically monthly basis with expensive as shit procedures”

No. 821342

This is hilarious. She's literally spending all her money to botch and hurt herself. This is karma at it's finest. Moo is the biggest danger to herself.
Though really, how hasn't our cow had a heart attack yet with all the fat around her organs?

No. 821343

File: 1613019178898.png (4.39 MB, 1284x2778, 2B0C8ECA-2F43-4697-B971-163E64…)

Holy shit shut the fuck up Mariah. This is ALL wrong.

No. 821344

dude this was obviously a diss. They're calling you boxy like a fridge

No. 821346

Based on what I’m reading with her flat ass it’s probably gonna cost a lot more than a lift would to see significant increase.

It’s to fix wrinkles/sag and restore fullness but she has no shape to start with.

Plus it’s only FDA approved for the face…

No. 821347


She tried to spin this entire plastic surgery addiction on “targeting stubborn fat.” If you worked out often and ate healthy and did specific exercises to sculpt certain areas, like squats, you would have lost weight. People get one, ONE, round of lipo to flatten out their belly, sure. After being physically active and eating well. You’re using it as a replacement for what you’re suppose to be doing.

No. 821348


Did her dense ass really not see this as the diss that it obviously was? They obviously just said you’re built like a fridge.

No. 821357

File: 1613024134167.png (2.38 MB, 1242x2208, 8E98433F-2166-469F-B5D5-3DE283…)

Mariah is the last person to ask about anything ADHD related. Jfc…

No. 821358

Huh? If you have a prescription from a professional you shouldn't have to go off/on them. She's just missing some days.

No. 821359

File: 1613024595604.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 20E2E94D-E62B-453E-944D-33FE0C…)

I think there were quite a few questions throwing shade….. this one seems so specific, I almost feel like she knew what was up but answered anyway to show haters she’s totally unbothered.

No. 821360

Whyyy would she trust someone who did that to her face with her ass? There are just shocking new layers of stupid unlocked every day.

Does she use all of these procedures as tax write offs? In many states you only owe taxes on actual profits, like the money you make after expenses. Is blowing all of her money getting botched some kind of tax evasion? She said her chin lipo was $3-5k total. For her CHIN. And she wants to spend $4k on questionable collagen butt shots? What kind of retard math is she doing where this amount of spending makes sense?

No. 821361

I’m betting eyes maybe. Throwing that in there as a possibility

No. 821364

She’s desperate for the bishoujomom shape. She gets those injections which is why she’s so rounded in the hips.

No. 821367

>has to go off meds sometimes due to the war on drugs
I’m not familiar with the US healthcare system but this sounds pretty shady, like she doesn’t have an actual diagnosis or prescription and has to get it through some dealer who falls off the radar occasionally.

No. 821368


Adderall is a Schedule II controlled substance, but it usually has 3 month signature verification(as opposed to monthly like opiates or specialty drugs). It hasn't been targeted for prescription audits since the big "anti-adderall" push in the 90s.

She's lying again.

No. 821369

Putting bets on her nose since Vamps just got her procedure done. Bitch doesn't have an original thought in that tiny head of hers.
Also getting cosmetic procedures done during a pandemic? I shouldn't be surprised anymore any yet…

No. 821370

This right here. That and we have known for years she abuses anything she can get her hands on. She most likely used Adderall based on that rumor it helps with weight loss and focus. Though it seemed to have the opposite effect on Moo.
She doesn't have binge eating disorder and she doesn't have ADHD

No. 821372

Maybe a nose job could have looked good on her years ago, but her face is so bloated and puffy at this point that shaving down her nose will just make her look even more like Big Ang.

No. 821377


I hate to armchair but Adderall abuse might explain some of moo's weirder behaviours.

There are a whole slew of side affects of Adderall abuse including (but not limited to):
•Sociability, talkativeness, and fast thoughts
•A sense of grandiosity, invincibility, and intense wellbeing
•The illusion of wellness
•A desire to work
•Feeling social
•Getting insights about the meaning of life
•A sensation of excitement or being hyperactive
•Being talkative
•Thinking about things more than usual
•A feeling of impatience, worry, nervousness, and anxiety
•Sleep difficulties
•Poor impulse control, including impulsive spending habits

It is also an amphetamine that causes mania in those with bipolar disorder, which moo has said she has, so it seems weird a doctor would prescribe it to her to begin with. Many of the symptoms of mania in bipolar people are similar to the symptoms of adderall abuse so this could be an explanation as well. Same with some of the symptoms of adhd in adults.(armchair)

No. 821384


she's probably not lying about getting it prescribed (likely from a shitty pill mill/inattentive psych or psych np) but the signature verification thing doesn't stop her from taking more than her prescribed daily dosage, running out early, and binging between refills - there are no pharmacies that will refill early unless your script has been stolen/lost and you have a police report, so she'd be left tired and super hungry on days without it. most good doctors would suggest that you take a break from stimulant adhd meds on weekends and hold on to the leftovers in case of emergency.
with that she definitely doesn't have a "binge eating disorder", people who actually have adhd and take adderall report the "eating more than usual" thing when they take breaks but she just has no self control lol

No. 821385

Even so, she can't even wear her lipo compression garments for the week she's supposed to, she's not going to wear a compression bra, go in for checkups, or stop fucking around and doing stupid shit so she'll botch her surgery results. The scarring and healing process are absolutely insane, it's not a simple surgery. It's minimum 6 months, the scars don't even start to fade until a few years into it.

Good doc or bad doc, it doesn't matter.
I wish anons would stop pushing for breast lift as the next surgery. She wants a quick fix, not years of recovery. Boobs jobs are almost 100% out of her thought process.

No. 821398

being tired, frustrated, and having difficulties to have energy and proper thoughts are also symptom of bad diet…eating proper food with good nutritional value (aka, not food that is only fat and sugar) can make so much a difference on your quality of sleep and energy throughout the day, you can't even imagine…Could it be just all high calorie malnutrition ?

No. 821401

Her advice is so fucking dangerous. The only reason you have these problem areas Mariag is BECAUSE of the cosmetic procedures you get done. Don't fucking lie to people about not able to target fat and that people would need $4k fucking procedures to "fix" it.

Can't wait to see her ass even more lumpy and gross. Hopefully she makes herself so disgusting even her paypigs will have to bounce.

No. 821406

Everyone relentlessly jokes about the Kardashians having botched, “diaper” asses. Why would you want something like that?
Also, getting bum injections and CoolSculpting while being overweight is like burning money. The results will be completely lost in a matter of months or if her weight fluctuates.
Does this girl really have no friends in her corner to help her with these decisions?

No. 821425

Considering Vamps can't stand her (their relationship has always been strained) and Umbran is just a "yes-man", yeah there's nobody she has to give her genuine advice against not doing something stupid. Vamps won't say anything because they don't even like each other and Umbran won't say anything because she worships the ground Moo walks on and would never dare disrespect her Moo /s

So no, she doesn't have any real friends who genuinely care about her decisions and would give her real advice.

No. 821428

Sage for tax/financial sperging but say she makes $10k a month, $120k a year AFTER taxes (which it's on her to pay someone else to take care of) She probably spends $3k a month on her mortgage and utilities. She probably spends another $3k a month eating out or getting takeout everyday ($100 a day average) and $5-10k a month at least on "flexing" with overpriced designer crap that she breaks with her fat, $1k on fillers, much more if she has a quarterly lipo.

She has to pay for commissions, maybe she pays maddie in used panties, idk, she has to pay square for the weeks it takes to digitally paint her a new body, she has to buy random body paint artists for 10 hours of time, etc.

She probably has car payments or insurance. She should have health insurance with all of the bullshit she does to her body, and that isn't cheap without an employer. She has to throw money in the form of gifts to buy her friendships, and take them on random covid inappropriate trips or take them out to eat.

It's not new milk but it no one else confused how she's able to afford this? Is she racking up massive credit card debt? She's going to crash so hard when the simpbux dry out.

No. 821430

She makes more than 10k a month. 10k is just her dying paetron that is only alive because people forget to unsub. Her new money maker is only fans and she def makes more than 10k on that I believe. So really double that.

No. 821431

her paypigs have evolved overtime: they started out as basic simps into chubby cosplay, but now have devolved to feeder/body mod/bimboification fetishists, skewing heavily towards asian/middle eastern

I miss when these threads were basically a comedy of errors of some dumb bitch sexually harassing nerds at anime conventions, now it's become full on body horror

No. 821436

Youbcant target fat, shes not wrong about that as much as it pisses me off. Fat loss is all over, you cannot target it. At least dont be this dumb, anon.

No. 821437

Getting ass injections instead oc spending a year doing ass wokouts because the wobbliness of water/filler under the skin with no muscle, will eventually sag. Shes just inflating herself. Shes not even fat transferring.

No. 821439

You can’t target fat but you can choose to work certain muscles more or less (or even not at all) than others while focusing on cardio

No. 821441

Personal trainer anon here, and it doesn't matter if you work some muscles more or less than others. It's not going to do anything to the fat in that area. You can't spot reduce. For her though, it doesn't matter because she doesn't even do what she needs to to actually lose weight and is now trying to throw the blame onto an eating disorder. She's just lazy. Even in the working out shit she posts, she half-reps and tries to act like a bad bitch with the amount of weight when she can't even lift properly, which is likely the real reason her knee is jacked up.

Sage for slight fitness sperging.

No. 821442

So she’s got the ultimate excuse in place now. When her butt is lumpy from the injections and she photoshops them to cover up the botch, she’ll claim that see, the injections were flawlessly perfect, because they’re supposed to look photoshopped.

No. 821445

It's really sad and pathetic that her end goal with all these procedures is to look photoshopped. Besides, doesn't that usually have a negative connotation? She should be spending less money to be under the knife (or needle in this case) and get some real psychiatric help.

No. 821449

File: 1613074265475.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.94 KB, 1200x1200, kim-kardashian-butt-photoshop-…)

ah yes that famous photoshopped-looking kardashian butt

No. 821451

File: 1613074798067.png (3.47 MB, 1242x2208, 22379D00-5820-42D7-8228-FC9F84…)

No. 821454

Did she not say literally yesterday that her teeth were perfect?

No. 821457

Shes probably getting molds for veneers like an idiot or custom fitting fangs/fake teeth bands for cosplay. Movie studios do this. Moo would go and call that a 'cosmetic procedure'.

No. 821460

hate to break it to you but with her percentage on onlyfans she likely makes around $100k a month on there.

No. 821463

she needs new teeth to match the bulbous lips.

No. 821469

Quit using the amrezy filter moo and be actually body positive and show us your real face, the one you see every morning.

No. 821474

I think it might be a mold for a sleep retainer. I wear them so my teeth don't get grinded to shit.

No. 821476

I see the top lip comments got to her. I don't understand the point of all these surgeries if you have to max out filters and photoshop anyway to hide the fact she's botched

No. 821477

Moo doesn't look directly at mirrors unless she's looking through it with a phone filter. This is established. Moo hates herself

No. 821478

Even with a filter her skin looks rough

No. 821480

File: 1613084111200.gif (205.37 KB, 220x164, tenor-2.gif)

So you think she's a millionaire? Making this kind of content?>>820217

She easily spends $20,000 a month so I assume she's making more than that, but $100,000 a month is laughable. She would also lose a good chunk of that from taxes in that tax bracket.

No. 821483

Go try the Amrezy filter right now on yourselves, The funniest thing is how crazy this makes people and she still somehow manages to look botched and terrible with it
Really makes you think.

No. 821497

Anon, don't be delusional. This reach is the same as 'Belle doesn't make money'. Onlyfans is so steady and easy, it's ridiculous. She is definitely making a lot even if you don't agree, anon. Most of us here understand her numbers snd realize scrotes are disgusting but will pay. She is still liked by a lot of cosplayers. I constantly see big names like her posts. She has shitty friends, but those friends aren't as scandal ridden as her, so when they promote Moo, people take it for face value. Most people don't Google and don't care. If people cared, she'd have been canceled long ago.

No. 821499

Speaking of her Patreon, does she still post content on there? It's been a while since we've had any updates from it. Is that just because Patreon anon left?

No. 821500

Anon, anywhere moo is mentioned she is ridiculed. No one likes her, not honestly at least. Even her “fans” don’t hold much respect for her. Money doesn’t last, and even if she is rolling in it, at what cost? Her body is forever fucked.

No. 821501

The small caps anons post, arent majority comments. Especially when on things like tiktok, gross coomers are praising her. Anons post nitpick callouts the same way all threads do and most interactions are likes, not comments. Keep thinking everyone hates her anon. That's a minority now, even though people are still afraid to say they work with her or make her commissions. Most women hate her. Men don't give a fuck.

No. 821502

I dont post them anymore because it was a waste of money and scrotes post sets anyway or some other anon desperately looks for the leaks to post themselves.

No. 821503

I'm gonna laugh if she ends up getting grills or modifications like fangs

No. 821507


It has to be her two messed up front teeth in the center. Her teeth aren’t straight, one is at a weird angle like a chiclet. And probably evening them out. They’re not aligned.

No. 821508

Oh sweet anon, you think I’m only locked to this website? I’ve seen her posted in various weeb centered fb groups and she always gets torn apart. There are still some fans who kiss her ass but they are mostly on her own echochamhers. You can keep believing she still has a name in cosplay.

No. 821511

I compare Moo's infamy to Trisha's. Most people know them as dumpster fires. But they watch anyway

No. 821513


She's 100% doing what you're not supposed to do and doubling up on pills when she builds a tolerance, making you run through them faster. Then when you run out in between refills, you withdraw HARD and sleep for 18 hours at a time

No. 821520

No one said she has a name in cosplay. I said a lot of this, but name, do like her stuff. You can see the names under posts from ones like OMGcosplay, Peachjars, Yureto, Sniperwolf (obviously), Hopiechan.. thots from all sorts of cosplay backgrounds too. Stay mad that she isn't irrelevant yet. It'll happen, but pretending she isn't big in general, mostly because of normies now, is retarded

No. 821528

She's sure big alright.

No. 821532

File: 1613128370205.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, B504C489-6803-4216-B05C-43F3FF…)

Oh no this gonna be bad

No. 821543

crazy eyes

No. 821546

File: 1613137562490.jpg (48.51 KB, 720x666, 3xzl42-1.jpg)

No. 821547

Literally no one. LITERALLY NO ONE asked for "Futa Momo" lol

No. 821549

Sabrina and bishoujomom both have recently done promo for futa stuff within the past few months. I didn’t think anything of it but..

No. 821550

Oh, well that's the case then yeah, like always she has to "do it better" than her competition that her defenders and fans on here claim isn't true.

No. 821552


What the fuck, man

No. 821569

File: 1613146951791.gif (1.45 MB, 268x150, 1F95160C-DBD7-4BD7-8B99-634A94…)

This is not something anyone should have to wake up to see. Jesus fucking Christ…

No. 821571

Isn't this the kind of stuff that angers the woke crowd? She's gonna get cancelled again

No. 821574

Doubt it cause lolcows are cockroaches that can only destroy themselves.

No. 821584

Dumb question, but does she mean futanari? Like a vag and a dick on one person?

No. 821588

Of course it does. With Moo, always assume it’s some gross degenerate shit.

No. 821589

Oh god this is gonna be so bad I’m ready for the cringe

No. 821592

Scrotes pay big for futa stuff, but still.say they arent gay. Futa is a big popular hentai wetdream to a lot of coomers.

No. 821593

File: 1613156442274.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 2880x3840, image0.jpg)

Absolutely terrifying

No. 821594

This isn't futa at all. I was expecting photoshopped penis attached to her vag.

No. 821597

The stain on her stockings is grossing me out

No. 821599

FR this is just a pegging fantasy. Not futa lmfao when will she get anything right? She always rushes to out preform the competition she fucks up the simplest things. Just like the womb tattoo all over again

No. 821600

File: 1613158099868.jpg (Spoiler Image,325.07 KB, 1536x2048, 20210212_112841.jpg)

That's something else, anon. Jesus. Stop being a vag and dick obsessed sperg. Normal futa stuff is just chicks with dicks and holy fuck the Sabrina emulation here is insane

No. 821602

I just wanted the bad Shoop job we deserve. We're moo's real fans after all kek.

No. 821603

I have gotten so desensitized by Moo's nudes that I am nowadays more offended by her crusty af fake lashes. She could shove an entire bottle of syrup up her ass and I would still hysterically focus on those lashes.
Nitpick I know, but still, her eyes would probably not look like they're melting off her face if she used lashes that doesn't look like dead caterpillars and chilled out on the thick eyeliner. But I guess she and Shayna have decided crusty and dirty is the new bimbo

No. 821605


Not a nitpick is the first thing I see as well unfortunately and I’m just like how … what makes you think this is remotely attractive? She looks like a joke, let her keep it up

No. 821610

Futanari is in reference to a woman having a penis. It’s the actual Japanese word for hermaphroditism. What moo is doing is not futa, it’s just her with a strap on and a dildo. Sabrinas stuff is clearly going for the allusion that she has a cock but moo is too fucking lazy and probs doesn’t want to be seen as a “dyke”

No. 821612

Don't try to start this anon. Most people refer to it as tits and stallion genitals, not with slit. This isn't the time to nitpick to this extent when it's more commonly known this way than a hermaphrodite regardless of the original meaning. Most tags involve only this and not the other way around. Moo is doing futa as its been known to be called. Don't be retarded.

No. 821626

Does a strap-on count as "genitals"? I don't know anything about weird futa fetishes, but to my untrained eye, if she was going for a chick with a dick look she failed.

Looks more like "pegged by my stepmom" fetish porn to me.

No. 821633

Is this how she compensates Umbran for her wigs commissions?

No. 821642

Random but did anyone realize how there’s next to none candids of her anymore even though she’s going out often with friends? Maddie posts none of her either.

No. 821644

It's common knowledge that she tells her circle to not post candids of her.

No. 821645

we all know she gonna be lazy but my fucking god this is awful and retarded
and for the love of god moo stop with that shitty blow up doll face
god I fucking hate this so much

No. 821646

This is so low effort. Why call it futa when you're gonna squeeze into a $20 amazon strap-on?
Also lol at her hiking up the harness like she does her underwear

No. 821655

Because mariahs probably transphobic as well as homophobic so she didn’t want to do the “dur I have tits AND a dick” so strap on it is.

No. 821657


Oh fuck off, isn't hard to google and see how off the mark she is.

No. 821663

it's too early for Halloween.
oh. This is a lot less gross than I was expecting tbh.

No. 821694

Because she's rushing to one up people, otherwise it'd be horrendous if she put in effort.

No. 821709

Is she even wearing the harness, or is she so fat it won't fit and she's only holding it in place?

No. 821774

How desperate and ignorant do you have to be to ask her for advice when your child has ADHD, jesus christ, what kind of parent is this

No. 821778

I smell cowtipper

No. 821791

the kind of parent who is obviously not a parent but a fat ass cow pretending to kiss her own ass.

No. 821801

I wonder how many times moo has replied to her own comments on her ig stories LOL

No. 821805

Oh god, that reminds me of how people used to send themselves anonymous hate messages on Tumblr to generate their own drama. I wouldn’t put it past Moo to be that stupid since she’s a perpetual teenager.

No. 821824

File: 1613317852020.jpeg (644.61 KB, 828x1333, E5A838DC-85D4-4EA2-811D-D94C22…)

> “didn’t need to slap as hard as i did in paya!!”

What is there to brag about? You didn’t make a single part of the costume or design a single part of the wig. If she’s talking about her makeup then the brown strip across her nose is certainly nothing to brag about either

No. 821831

mariah is back on gokuflex's channel for the "oppai challenge"

No. 821844

I hate how women, just because of tits and uwu forgivemeimababu bullshit gets people like Moo a pass for all their scams, charity fraud, theft, design theft, harassment, surgery lies, friends wanting to kill themselves from her harassment.. I can't stand the cos scene anymore. It's all straight influencer bs now where nothing matters as long as you have surgery and get naked. This is worse with cons gone.

No. 821855


As long as there are simps desperate enough to want to get with her or degenerates looking to jerk off to her, she’ll always keep getting away with it. Guys will put up with a lot of her shit if they think they have a chance with her.

No. 821866


Agreed. And you can’t call it out otherwise it’s “slut shaming” lol

No. 821867

File: 1613347525200.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, A3CD83C7-D73D-46F7-9FCC-6F69ED…)

No. 821874

Lmao. Why does this have the same vibe as those advertisements on pornhub “ugly women will pay for sex in your area”

No. 821875

Who the fuck even is this incel

No. 821903

why do I have a feeling Moo paid a stupid amount of money for him to do this?

No. 821907


No. 821908


More like two lonely as hell fat cows lying to themselves about “only needing each other” because no guy with any common sense or self respect wants to put their dick anywhere near them.

No. 821911

File: 1613363296993.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.31 KB, 873x1501, IMG_20210214_222818.jpg)

Spoilers for being horrendous, but not nsfw. Gotta love that squatting to shit pose.

No. 821919

This is horrifying for all the wrong reasons

No. 821921

File: 1613376711436.jpeg (527.11 KB, 750x1130, 54EDAF4D-BD91-4C85-B864-9AB3E8…)

Anon from Last thread I found her on tinder too, it seems since you made that post she no longer includes her cleavage.

No. 821922

File: 1613377909169.png (3.29 MB, 1154x1800, 4B3A8BC3-B09F-415F-9E51-B629DB…)

Would it kill her to actually attempt to emote in sets she’s supposedly “so excited“ for? Her dead eyes are only enhanced thanks to that hack Lagoon.

No. 821923

File: 1613378042949.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x2001, 4983C509-10A7-41C2-9B17-6CC5F4…)

No. 821925

This is terrible. The ms paint eye whiteout gets me lol

No. 821926

This is a work of art
From the idiotic description to the absurdity of the image
Love it 10/10

No. 821927

tomboy? sweaty just because you're gross and smell like shit doesn't mean you're a tomboy.
milf? well at least she's aware that she resembles a 40 year old mum.

No. 821929


>big titty tomboy milf

>6 cats, 2 geckos, snake

Maybe she should have stuck with the cleavage. This profile screams “crazy cat lady desperate for dick”.

No. 821930

File: 1613380576353.jpeg (118.68 KB, 1024x550, 5F158453-D738-49F4-8317-DB4C55…)

Samefag but it just struck me why her tits bothered me so much with that shitty paint job. Looks like the food in pic related.

No. 821935

Did… did Square photoshop her into a forest??? The sapling to her left is in front of her, but the branches go behind her.

No. 821938

Considering he has to photoshop her a wholeass new body every time.. this must be easy.

No. 821939

“Quick, get to cover! It’s the Fupa-Titan!”

No. 821943

why does she look so short kek

No. 821952

File: 1613401121386.jpeg (345.53 KB, 1242x1945, 2886A774-867B-46AE-9B1E-41EB22…)

She makes this same droopy, lobotomized chimp face in every picture. Why does nobody close to her tell her how bad she looks? She’s got that nursing home patient slack jawed thousand yard stare in every picture she’s taken since Mei and nobody involved in this multiple person editing train is telling her to maybe, just like…make an angry face? Or smile? Look in a different direction besides straightforward at nothing with her eyes bobbing about in different directions? Anything?

No. 821954

File: 1613403084363.jpeg (129.37 KB, 416x478, 20D8E1F4-A38E-47D3-9E07-109252…)

This is the funniest pic I've seen so far this year. Reaction image worthy

No. 821960

File: 1613407626846.jpg (1.51 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210215-114322_Ins…)

seriously, literally paint scribbles. high quality editing job guys

she's too afraid to make any sort of "ugly" face because she knows at the end of the day her job is to be hot, not accurate. not that this fish out of water face is close to attractive, but.
what a shame, all those skype acting classes for nothing.

No. 821983

Where is her chin?! The picture of the actual character doesn't have the tongue hanging out and the jaw is just stretched open super wide. Moo's entire chin is just gone. Is tongue meant to make it sexy? At first I literally thought her jaw was supposed to be torn off but it doesn't seem like that's the case either wtf. I mean it looks horrible no matter what.

No. 821995

It's so weird to me how devoid of personality she is. Like why does she constantly need to mention that she owns cats and plants? Your only interest is owning living things and using them as props? She forgets she has cats half of the time and the plants just hang out while she awkwardly masturbates or shows of her tits to teenagers on tiktok. She doesn't own any interesting or rare ones since she gets them at whole foods and wouldn't have shit to say if anyone asked her a plant related question.

Oh and watch out, here comes this biggest attack on titan fan ever! Did you see her phone case and car and horrific cosplay porn? Don't forget she has lots of guns that she definitely knows how to use! #badbitch

No. 821996

All this fucking effort and not one of them thought to edit the stupid paint into looking 3D. everything so overly photoshopped that the shit paint job stands out even more
saddest thing here is that's the lips she shoulda done small upper pouty lower. It'd compliment her way more than the bulbous nightmare she has now

No. 821997

squarecuck truly chiseled 50 lbs off of her lmao

No. 822002

File: 1613426435812.jpg (38.66 KB, 680x383, db0.jpg)

When there's no binge food left

No. 822009

What an odd pic to choose. It's like she's caught in the middle of screaming at someone + the distracting tripod + her huge calf. I can't really understand what she's going for.
I live in a big city with lots of tourism and Tinder is always full of guys visiting looking to hookup. For the Las Vegas anons, is it the same kind of vibe?

No. 822036

They probably do and when they're sober they realize the huge mistake they've made. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

No. 822088

sorry for offending ya weebs

No. 822136

File: 1613466534715.jpg (123.36 KB, 720x1280, 20210216_030811.jpg)

What the actual fuck is her degen fetish with "recreating" death scenes? No one gives a shit what emotion you put into it Moo, at the end of the day, your coomers just want you to flash your saggy sacks.

No. 822138

So how will it differ from the dead-eyed, lobotomized expression she pulls in every set? Girl can’t act/emote her way out of a paper bag. The death scene recreation will probably end up looking like the Life Alert grandma.

No. 822139

Bitch all your pictures look like a death scene

No. 822278


Why would anyone even want to see that cosplay?

No. 822304

Because only TRUE fans cosplay the death scenes. She's the biggest AoT fan, ya know until next month where she never mentions it again.

No. 822310

Would not put it past her to have a snuff fetish, lest we forget her being a ~huge fan~ of eroge like Euphoria

No. 822311

tinfoil, But I've been thinking, What if she did Annie as a way to 'one-up' vamps, seeing as she did annie a few years back. Would explain why she did her instead of, you know, any of the other far more relevant characters (pieck excluded) right now.
I can't stop laughing at her proportions. That thigh has to be double her face at this point. You're not thicc moo, you're just fat.
We're nitpicking the jaw, but can we take a moment to mention that terrible eye edit and the out of place tear.

No. 822319


Because she is a cringey dipshit who thinks she’s being “deep” and “dark” by being obsessed with death and macabre stuff. She’s like a fatter, more pathetic version of Suzy from Game Grumps.

No. 822328

Can’t wait for the toothless mouth breathing thousand yard stare she does for every picture. Is she afraid to do any emotions because it would accentuate how fat her bloated face is. Too afraid to show a jowl line or eye wrinkle? Is slack jaw the only thing she can do to fake her face thinner?

No. 822340

This is hardly a tinfoil theory, most of us here feel that's exactly why she's doing Annie rather than the more popular characters like Mikasa because she would surely bring Moo more clout than Annie (and clout is all Moo cares about). Moo's always been one to try and upstage others, especially vamps, so your theory is basically fact

No. 822346

Before she cosplayed the token girl Mikasa and said how much she loves her. Now she hates her. Well for the petty reasons that she does want to one up Vamps. Two, Mikasa is really ripped.
She likes cosplaying the titans because they have fucked up bodies. And she's only doing the mom because she admits she looks like a 50 year old mother of three.

No. 822425

File: 1613588229513.jpg (2.77 MB, 3024x4032, IMG-7322.jpg)

Art class is having us do blind couture practices and I accidently made moos weird sausage hands.(no one cares)

No. 822429

File: 1613590869741.jpg (275.09 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20210217-143720_Ins…)

Even her usual amrezy filter can't hide her fugly mug well anymore. Something seems seriously up with her face.

No. 822430

File: 1613590915206.jpg (132.5 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20210217-143757_Ins…)

Same fag, but filter fell off here and showed just how wide her face is these days

No. 822432


she looks like she's been stung by a bee or is having a severe allergic reaction

No. 822436

So is her strategy to always keep her lips fatter than her chin?

No. 822438

File: 1613593174715.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, FFED9796-CD24-4827-BFE3-38217B…)

>Little rant of her complaining about girls (specifically other sex work related girls) asking for promos on her page, her claiming they are all synthetic and “the same girl x10” claims she “isn’t there to share other women’s boobies” doesn’t care that she’s “not uplifting other women” claims she posts about geckos tells everyone to “with peace and love, fuck off” classic moo

No. 822439

Samefagging but legit she will not post a story or selfie that isn’t using that fucking amrezy filter.

No. 822440

At this point her bottom lip is completely botched. In the picture without a filter it looks a little less swollen, but it can't be comfortable.

The irony of calling other women "synthetic." This girl has a big ego to match her big body. She is the stereotypical 'not-like-other-girls' who puts other women down because she's insecure

No. 822461


I don’t expect this to stay up long once others start clowning her in her comments/dms or she comes off of whatever substance she was under when posting this. We all know how much she wants to rant and put her opinions out there but she doesn’t like ever being challenged on them.

Also, for someone who is the literal embodiment of “not like other girls” including the putting other women down to prop herself up part it’s hilarious seeing her trying to claim that all the other girls are all the same.

She isn’t fooling anyone with this fake ass “boss bitch who isn’t here to uplift other women” temper tantrum she is throwing. Because her fake ass will be the first to talk about needing “unity”/“peace and love”/“we need to be uplifting each other instead of putting each other down” the second she wants to weasel into a community because of whatever cock she was thirsting after this week.

No. 822464


Got the recording just in case she deletes again. My god she’s such an absolute cunt. I get not wanting to be bothered by people asking to be promoted (hell, they even offer to pay unlike most begging for a shoutout) but the way she has to bitch about it and make it a huge deal is really stupid.

No. 822465

Did she just insinuate that she doesn’t do porn? It’s hard to tell because the audio cuts off between stories so I could be mistaken. But in any case lol at her referring to what she posts to her IG as “my art”.

No. 822468

She has gaslighted herself into believing she’s not a low tier porn actress. Hates being called an “egirl” because she thinks her work is so pristine and high quality. Calls herself a “gravure model” instead of an onlyfans girl. Shits so laughable how deluded her perception of her life is.

No. 822469

Felt like an arrogant humblebrag to me.
Wants everyone to know people come to her for promos because she’s so influential.
Mariah even ig accounts with 200 followers get asked for promos you are not special.

No. 822475

>"i don't care if im not uplifting other women"

This is especially amazing given all of moo's rantings and preachings about self-love and body positivity and self-acceptance or whatever. For someone who claims to believe that anyone can cosplay and that all bodies are beautiful, she sure is quick to make it clear that she doesn't really care about anyone else but her own growth.

What's wrong moo, threatened by these smaller rando creators because they put more effort into their work than you do?

No. 822481

That's not what gaslighting means. It's not a synonym for lying ffs.
I really can't at her saying Other Girls™ all look the same. What look are you chasing with your horror movie fillers and surgery? It's all going to catch up to her one day, and not just in her mug and body looking completely busted. You can't lipo and photoshop your arteries, moo.

No. 822482


That’s probably it. She’s scared of how irrelevant they are soon going to make her. They are less fat, less bitchy and probably put in way more work than her lazy ass. Her simps are going to find new thots to chase after once they get tired of her worn out ass.

So she thinks she can stamp them out early by poisoning the well for them. Make them all out to be clout chasing leeches who are only interested in using her so that simps and the combat large won’t want anything to do with them. It’s so damn pathetic that she thinks that’ll work. If her reputation wasn’t already complete dogshit she might have been able to pull it off. She is on the outside looking in to keep others from getting in as well. Her dumbass doesn’t realize that she appears to be doing the gatekeeping this time.

No. 822489

It's probably residual bitterness from her moo-lesting drama. Women were the most vocal about excluding her from the cosplay community. That leftover anger paired with a lot of new competition from OnlyFans probably soured her to other women.
I wonder if guys know "Im not like other girls" is a big red flag the same way "I'm a nice guy" is

No. 822495

Look up gaslighting before you comment dumb shit anon, and you can self gaslight, and have a fucked concept of reality.

No. 822500

She's looking rough these days.

No. 822506

Imagine giving Moo any form of money for promos. Wasn't she just saying like ..last year she was mentoring other ""models"" on Patreon? But she won't do paid promos or just a shout-out. Weird

No. 822507

Cuz when her first account was deleted she was crying to every other thot to promote her but she can't promote other thots who are actually attractive cuz her simps will drool over someone else.

No. 822512


She literally shared huge porn actresses before? Like Britannia and some other trash? Now she’s suddenly too good to share anyone?

No. 822515

She has always hated women. First it was saying women with titts were just fat. And now that she's the fat ass other fit girls are just "basic"
No wonder she broke other girls cosplays and harassed them at cons. She's just pissed she can't compete with anyone irl

No. 822527

I agree, she's never treated other women with respect and I think she genuinely hates them unless she can use them for something

Every woman that Mariah knows she has used or is using them:
Vamps was a step stool to get into cosplay
Umbran is just a fan that will give her constant praise and make wigs for her with a drop of a hat
Frogdresser was for free hair work in Hawaii
Even SSsniperwolf is "friends" with her so Mariah can get better clout.

I don't think she's ever had a normal female friend?

No. 822529


>>don’t think she’s ever had an ACTUAL friend


No. 822531

She's only a pickme girl because her family liked her sister over her. Now that she has money she can hold her own family and friends financially hostage lol

No. 822532

Honestly I'd hang out with Moo's sister. She actually seems chill and likeable.
Moo is someone you hang out with if you don't want to pay for dinners.

No. 822533

Her family still prefers Moo's sister over her. You don't really see Moo hanging out with her family (She will now that we reminded her) and when she does hang out with them she is forcing her family to be maids. You see her sister constantly being invited to family gatherings and vacations. But having Moo around is just embarrassing. I would disown her too

No. 822542

The Moonster Mash

No. 822551

She loves to think she has friends, but fails to realize the only company she can manage to keep are sycophantic yes men.
The moment u give her criticism or say no she’ll cut you off or try to smear your name because she’s a “boss bitch who didn’t come to coddle anyone”

No. 822560

The absolute fucking hypocrisy of calling other sec workers synthetic and all the same. She has literally fucking admitted the reason she’s getting her face so fucked up is to fit into a certain aesthetic for her porn. How does this bitch have no kind of self awareness??

No. 822571

Her gecko's tail looks quite thin :((:()

No. 822588

I feel sorry for the geckos, they don’t like to be handled much. Momokun really needs to learn that animals’s aren’t accessories ffs.

No. 822592

File: 1613676344851.jpg (Spoiler Image,447.5 KB, 1440x2173, TubreeQ.jpg)

Why does it look like they copy pasted a whole new coochie on her?

No. 822595

Lol it really does though. Nothing about her is real, she must be terrified if conventions come back, she haven’t shown her unedited body in a looong time

No. 822596

She has a rotten soul. The vileness that is rooted deep within her has manifested itself physically - whatever beauty she once had is deteriorating rapidly. I wonder what she was like as a child and what she aspired to. If she was once pure at heart what caused her to deviate to such nastiness? By nastiness I don’t mean sex work, I mean the way she treats others. She must, to some extent, realize how nasty she comes across to other people. Right? She is in no way obligated to promote other women, but the way she expressed it was so ugly. Saged for pointless rambling, just can’t help but wonder how people end up like this. I hope her money keeps her warm at night because I can’t imagine someone genuinely loving and caring for someone who is truly frozen within.

No. 822598

File: 1613677685279.jpg (8.96 KB, 356x158, Eo5FCTbXEAAqGPc.jpg)

No. 822621

So. They photoshopped literally EVERYTHING about this photo…

But… left the band holding the ears??? Since they're basically doing a digital painting at this point couldn't they also remove that?

No. 822622

I think the visible cat ears band is what makes this picture ace

No. 822623

At this point I wish people would pay her to keep her clothes on

No. 822630

lmao OT but what is this screenshot from?

No. 822637

File: 1613687745300.jpeg (97.93 KB, 701x451, 6C6D2FA0-D4E5-4208-81BE-E52237…)

lmao please tell me her nipple is not all the way down there

No. 822668

NTA but Drakengard 3

No. 822672

File: 1613697947938.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, AF668721-6CE1-49F3-92AC-2FB51C…)

Wtf is going on with her leg?

No. 822673

File: 1613698253478.png (101.65 KB, 1750x3050, garnet.png)

why is she kind of built like garnet

No. 822676

Please. She wishes her waist was that thin

No. 822677

She’s had so much lipo in her midsection and wears the same compression leggings everyday. If I saw her in the wild I’d think she had chronic lymphedema

No. 822679

At least Moo is frumpily flexing about furniture for a change so maybe the McMansion will get some love for a change

haha who the fuck am I kidding, she's likely shopping to shove a gift onto a calf.

No. 822681

File: 1613700879026.jpeg (36.06 KB, 591x361, 746F8234-99D4-42A7-8549-7CA8A9…)

she built like that tranny captain america that one tumblr bitch drew all the time

No. 822685

File: 1613701836666.png (578.8 KB, 752x894, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 8.27…)

I can't imagine the strain on her knees. They look like they're buckling inwards. Does lipo really fuck up your body this much or is it genetic with weight gain?

No. 822688

This. Typically smaller creators put way more work into their costumes, setting/props, lighting etc simply because they’re small accounts so they know they need to do more in order to get new followers and interaction, but Moo is so comfortable where she is now that she knows all she needs to do is flash some pancake tit and some photoshopped pussy and the money will come rolling in. She doesn’t have to be original or creative as long as her nips are out so she’s threatened by all these smaller creators who have original ideas instead of “nude shoot in a rest stop parking lot” so she doesn’t want to promo them lol

No. 822690

Love that she’s wearing slippers in public lmao

No. 822692

What absolute trash, wearing slippers out to shop. Disgusting.

Her body is getting more and more distorted. I can't even imagine what her real body looks like. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't as rotten in the inside as she is on the outside. Countdown for diabeetus when?

No. 822695


Holy shit. How is possible that she is so fat that she doesn’t have any knees whatsoever. How is that not a wake up call for her.


As gross and trashy as it is, I’m guessing they’re the only things she can fit her fat feet into at this point. Or she was too lazy to put on anything else. For as much as she loves to flex on people she oddly has the laziest wardrobe ever. She wears the same musty ass leggings, sweatshirts and slippers all the time no matter where she is going or what the weather is. Although we did see her lumpy cottage cheese thighs when she wore short shorts long ago, so I guess she wants to hide her gross ass body that she is obviously ashamed of.

No. 822696

Lol the hardwood is warped. She tried to BBL her hips LOL

No. 822705

File: 1613706336814.jpeg (203.13 KB, 555x1140, 2D3D8447-F531-478B-9192-2577F6…)

I brightened this up because my phones ass but what the actual fuck? Her legs like that scene in black swan when she gets duck legs. (Also she’s wearing two shades of black. Lol)

No. 822706


I think that’s padding underneath her leggings from the BBL injections or surgery that she must’ve gotten. Her hips and upper thigh are far too wide

No. 822710

Is she too fat to fit into a proper pair of pants? Or just lazy?

No. 822713

I think she hates fashion because the really high end brands don't go higher than an XL. And a lot of trendy asian brands rarely go past an American 12
So she hopes to look thinner by wearing all black and slapping on compression gear and corsets. Not like she has any other options

No. 822714

I thought she was wearing a hat but that shiny shit is her hair?

No. 822717

Listen, I love bashing Moo's appearance just as much as the rest of you, but her hair reflecting light is hardly an issue. Most hair does that, greasy or not.

No. 822718

What the actual hell am I looking at? That leg shape makes no physical sense. Is it shoop or is she legit that deformed? Why does the other leg look relatively normal?

No. 822719

I think she's wearing tights that look like thigh highs. If so, they probably did blur/copy+paste her vag on top of the crotch seam of the tights.

No. 822730

No no, that's her vag it's just very airbrushed

No. 822731

I think it looks extra uncanny because normal people would have some kind of skin folds (in her case, fat rolls) from being in that position. Her vag looks out of place and pasted in there without a fupa.

No. 822781

File: 1613750940732.jpg (24.43 KB, 360x450, Xavier.jpg)

She shooped herself to look like Xaviar: renegade angel.

No. 822852

I think she just ended up there because "Crate and Barrel" describes her body type - like a "Big and Tall" store

No. 822885


No. 822893

kek y'alls burns are killing me tonight anons

No. 822945

pass me all the photos and videos of Momokun in magnet, is for homework…please>>822893

No. 822946

pass me all the photos and videos of Momokun in magnet, is for homework…please(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822947

Take your horny ass somewhere else and to google.

No. 822958

File: 1613841859593.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-02-20-11-23-18…)

Ooooo more traveling during a fucking pandemic.

No. 822966

I wonder what tax evasion trip this is.

No. 822973

Anyone have the strapon video?(thirst)

No. 822975


If you want to jerk off to the cow go spend your own money on her OF we aren’t your spank bank

No. 822976

You guys think she will end up like Onion? Where he thinks he's fine for 8-10 years but then the irs comes knockin?

No. 822977

Countdown to “flashing beef curtains on plane RISKY” video.

No. 822978

File: 1613849560789.jpg (689.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-02-20-13-32-23…)

No. 822979


god she pisses me the fuck off

No. 822980

Betcha it's going to be an AOT tat so she can stop pretending to like the show. But if you call her out she can show you the tat

No. 822981

No. 822984

File: 1613851157679.jpg (631.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210220-115830_Ins…)


Cheese rose 2 anyone????

No. 822985

Yass Moo it's going to look so epic next to your dry scrotum skin elbow!!

No. 822986

This is just self destructive behavior. Not to armchair but holy fuck the shit she does for any dopamine high.

No. 822987

She flew all the way to Cali for a stupid flower tattoo? That's laughably sad.
She probably will end up like onion. Kek

No. 822990

File: 1613854885035.png (1.81 MB, 1067x1842, Screenshot_20210220-125402(1).…)

This guy probably did the original cheese rose. I was scrolling his ig to see his work and this is his gf or wife. This may be a reach or tinfoil but why do I get the feeling that she goes to this guy specifically for attention and to show of how much "hotter" she is than who he's currently with? His work is really not impressive enough to warrant flying out with her handlers in the middle of a pandemic for a goddamn rose tattoo.

No. 822991

It's not that deep, anon. She probably just goes to him because he already tattoos fat people, or she met him somewhere and her autistic ass wants to avoid going to someone who sees traditionally attractive, skinny clients.

No. 822995

People who like their tattoos generally try to go back to the same artist so the art is more cohesive. I'm sure she also wanted to go to LA for other reasons and this is just her main excuse for traveling.
I don't really get why Moo and other influencers feel like they have to post about traveling during COVID. They can't go on the down low, they have to show everyone.

No. 822996


It’s literally a 5 hr drive from Vegas to LA, but ok Mariah.

No. 822998

File: 1613862566492.jpg (316.79 KB, 1080x2101, IMG_20210220_200717.jpg)

All these are so fucking ugly

No. 822999

File: 1613862578771.png (5.46 MB, 1284x2778, C3328A20-D370-4FF7-8EE3-38B4FF…)

Ah the reason is now clear! “Sorry had a tattoo appt in LA, clearly couldn’t make your birthday” that you weren’t invited to but all your friends are. Nice try Mariah lmao

No. 823000

File: 1613862598067.jpg (350.79 KB, 1063x2099, IMG_20210220_200630.jpg)

No. 823001

she got the arms of a sumo wrestler

No. 823002

File: 1613862689476.jpg (567.23 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-02-20-20-05-29…)

No. 823003

Am I the only one that sees a passing resemblance between moo and his girlfriend? What I mean is he is probably (in moos mind) thirsty af for her, and she laps up that attention.

No. 823005

god that looks terrible, especially with his "realistic" style. those armbands are THICC, usually when women get them they're a bit daintier. maybe the artist thought they'd be better since moo's limbs are so beefy?

No. 823006

File: 1613863209846.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2527, Screenshot_20210220-181956_Ins…)

lol she knows

No. 823007

That lady could be Moo’s sister! Her frumpier but infinitely less crazy and repulsive sister.

No. 823008

The lines are all messy and not straight at all wtf. Bc of filters or the tattoo’s scuffed?

No. 823009

double posting, but what I mean to say is why go for ground pork that’s been left out on the counter when you have a perfectly healthy pork roast at home?

No. 823012

wouldn't it make sense to do the thick black bands after the second flower is complete?
It's just so ugly.

No. 823013

This is nitpicky but a hard black band? Who told Moo that this design was good? Who is sabotaging her?

No. 823020

Wow, those thick black bands are really ugly. I guess we should expect her to get some generic tribal tattoos next since she’s going for the roided out body builder look. I’m actually genuinely curious as to what her thought process was for this and who encouraged it because she’s going to regret it big time pretty soon. Good luck shooping this shit out Squarecuck lol

No. 823028

This look like absolute shit. The bands are way too dark and too thick for her more “dainty” roses. Not to mention they look scratchy as fuck and uneven. God she managed to make her already less-than-mediocre tattoo look even shittier

No. 823029

If I didn’t know any better I’d say she was getting a tattoo from icky Vicky. That rose will look JUST FINE with more white…

No. 823049

…. just why? Yes the rose tattoo was not the greatest, but adding dark bands to something that’s such a lighter coloring just seems so fucked. It’s throwing the evoke piece of balance sbd the contrast is way too harsh. She must just really hate her body and doesn’t give a fuck at this point.

No. 823051

Anyone seen the strap-on vid? I could not imagine anyone who would ever enjoy this.


No. 823055

good to know she lurks here and that her previous rose looks like cheese

No. 823056

This is so revolting, how much time until she stars doing something related to scat porn (I don't know if it's the name but I mean porn involving shit). It's like she's getting even more degenerate as time passes. I don't understand how degenerate are her simps paying for this content.

No. 823057

File: 1613879268352.jpg (642.61 KB, 510x901, ZKtKUWE.jpg)

No. 823058

welp, I guess we know why she brought that fleshlight however many months ago. Also worth noting, It really shows how lopsided her tits are and I'm 100% certain she's filming this in a hotel suite

No. 823062

Nitpick, but what is wrong with her boobs? I don't even mean the uneven size, though they are getting to be about as uneven as Hitomi Tanaka's, but just why do they always look so red and inflamed. Every part of her either looks botched or aggravated.

No. 823063

File: 1613881126617.png (Spoiler Image,4.49 MB, 1356x1800, B9092C3E-E4DC-4471-A805-2D1368…)

Definitely NSFL… Jfc my eyes.
But hey, this is Moo’s “art”. No wonder she feels threatened by other sex workers and refuses to promo them. I mean, who could top a shitty strap on in ill-fitting lingerie in a Vegas hotel bathroom? Stay classy Moo.

No. 823064

File: 1613881262317.jpeg (Spoiler Image,778.05 KB, 1018x1346, 5AE7902D-20A6-4D4C-8A0A-A03E0F…)

Samefag but the way she manhandled the strap on was hilarious. Makes me wonder if she’s given guys she’s fucked around with “indian burns” on their dicks.

No. 823067

File: 1613881531367.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.01 KB, 486x462, IMG_20210220_4.jpg)

Even her fingertips look inflamed lol

No. 823070

I was recently watching a doc about OF on Hulu. In one segment, sex workers on the platform talked about their experiences with their audience and drawing the line when they start to demand things they personally do not want to do. Feels like Moo caves easily and will do literally anything they want to keep from feeling irrelevant or risking a drop in income from the degenerates willing to pay up. It’s only going to get worse as time goes on and they get bored with her.

No. 823074

Why does she insist on disfiguring herself? I think the tattoo would have looked fine without the thick black bands. It looks so weird

No. 823078


Oh look instead of a Swiss cheese tattoo she’s packaging it - all we need now is Saran Wrap and a label over it. “Moos Finest cottage cheese err Swiss cheese slices” yea black bands make this all better.

No. 823079

I am really confused what these black bands are for. The aesthetic doesn’t even match??

No. 823081

Thing is anon, far more people are into scatplay than strap on/futa shit especially in the 'cosplay' community.

No. 823091

OMG she's alomst perfect - if only she had thick black bars on the middle of her arm this would look so much better

No. 823095


That’s how she got to this point in the first place.

Before, she tried to get by with constant teasing or implied nudity or stupid nipple pasties pretending she had some sort of standards that she refused to violate. She was desperate to establish herself as a “legit cosplayer” who didn’t have to reduce herself to doing porn.

But eventually the paypigs started to get fed up and started demanding more and she started getting scared of possibly losing more subs. So eventually she finally started full topless, then full nude then started actually using toys. She just keeps sinking further and further into degeneracy, desperate to keep the simp bux coming since without this, she’d have to go back to working a regular 9 to 5 job because she obviously has no talents or prospects outside of completely debasing herself for gross neckbeards online.

Pretty soon even what she does now won’t be enough for her simps to stick around anymore. They’ll only want to see her sink further and further, wanting to see her in more and more states of debauchery. So yeah, eventually they’ll start demanding stuff like seeing her pissing or shitting herself. And because she is too afraid to tell them no for fear of them possibly taking their dollars elsewhere, she’ll comply.

No. 823096

She's gonna end up just like her beloved hentai goddesses used up and thrown away.

No. 823097

I know you're retarded Moo but why the fuck would you add those black bars? whats the point?

No. 823098

They aren't. Jfc. Get out of here, scrote.

No. 823102

Who has the video? I'm curious

No. 823105

Jesus you can even tell how much she's straining herself to do that first pose. Just slightly twisting herself is probably the most movement she's gotten in a year.

No. 823113

File: 1613903118897.jpg (2.34 MB, 3264x2448, pt2021_02_21_11_23_43.jpg)

I don't know what you're talking about, Anons, this Michael Jackson cosplay is amazing! Her most accurate yet!

No. 823117

Dunno if nitpick but at first I thought the band was gonna go UNDER the rose like here >>823002 but why make it go over it like she stuck some black tape over her arm?

The lines don’t even look that even. I thought that tattoo artist wasn’t half-bad but I’m lost on the design and composition here. Having the thick ass band over it just makes this 3D rose flat.

Couldn’t she have picked a shorter fake dick? This one is so ridiculous and just flops around. But again, I’m not part of Mariah’s cumbrained simps so maybe they really do enjoy seeing that stuff.

No. 823118

Given her only knowledge of sex seems to be hentai she probably thinks giant floppy dicks are what is sexy.

No. 823130

Does she know that that kind of bands on arm tattoos used to be a mark of a criminal in Japan?

No. 823131

She's already done a lot of pissing under the guise of "squirting" tbf.

No. 823132


Is she getting the cheese rose covered up?

No. 823133

I know it's already been said, but what exactly was she going for with the bands? They look like electrical tape and make her forearm look even wider.

No. 823135

File: 1613922944536.jpg (Spoiler Image,479.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210221-155042_Chr…)


I'm pretty stumped as to what the fuck the mark is, looks like redness from an infection or something

No. 823137

On her boob? Prolly a zit or something

No. 823143

I demand an explanation to this, I literally thought the design was being held in place with electrical tape

WHO decided this was a good idea? this looks like a coverup, but it was definitely PLANNED. Moo, stop designing things, you are absolutely trash at it

No. 823144

I thought the same thing too at first, but the two bands barely cover it, and it looks like she's getting another rose on the back of her arm, so a cover up just seemed wrong. I'm thoroughly confused as to the how concept she's going for.

Though, given how she lurks here, I'm sure we'll get an insta story or two explaining that it's some super deep meaning that only the truest higurashi fans will understand

No. 823147


“It’s tribal dating back to Mesopotamia” which is complete bullshit lol she lurked here and explained in her IG story

No. 823151

File: 1613928212693.jpg (1.58 MB, 2560x1920, 21-02-21-12-19-01-465_deco.jpg)

literally googled "armband tattoos" and all the ones that look like hers are shown as men's tattoos lol. when women get them, they're usually much thinner like on the right, and definitely not weirdly meshed with a realistic color tattoo?

No. 823152

File: 1613928479335.jpg (1.8 MB, 1438x2186, Screenshot_20210221-122010_Ins…)

continuing, it must have been her idea, not his, as the bars don't show up in any of his other pieces. it doesn't seem like it's his style. I'm thinking he probably just went with what she wanted and didn't know how to implement it well, or just didn't disagree with her at all.

No. 823156

Moosplanation incoming:
>She said the black bands "Westernally" mean "loss and mourning" and based it off of what football players wear when they lose someone on their team
>says it dates back to "some Victorian queen" and is one of the oldest tattoos
>said it represented "strength and courage" for tribal men. For men they would put it on the bicep and for women it'd be on the forearm or elbow and below. The thicker then band, then more strength due to the "packing" being so intense during the tattoo sessions.
>likes to think tattoos as a form of meditation and rite of passage
>said the black band tattoo doesn't belong to a certain culture and cites Mesopotamia as the "originally being the middle east"
>eventually wants to get more black bands on right arm and red bands on left arm. Is a tattoo she's wanted for a long time

No. 823157

That's going to look like absolute shit in a few years - more so than it does now. That rose will be a pissy blob and the only soliid lines you'll be able to make out will be those hideous censor bars. She should have gotten him to put some black in the rose while he was at it because that's the only way that tattoo would hold up.

No. 823158

Is this because she got too fat for the strap?

No. 823160

She's doing basic bitch tribal, ahaha. Actual Polynesian and other societies that use these for storytelling or otherwise fucking haaaate white 'enlightened' bitches like her. This is some of that sensei cuck stuff.

No. 823161


So a recap of the "deeper meaning" of the tattoo from her insta stories:

> Says bands trace back to "Mesopotamia area" and are some of the oldest tattoos known to man.

> The black bands represent "strength" and "courage"
> Men get them on their upper arms women get them on their lower arms.
> The thicker that band the more strength or courage you have because how how hard it is to sit through a tattoo like that.
> Women usually have thinner bands but because of how they represent strength she obviously wanted them to be thicker
> Views getting the band tattoo as a form of "meditation"
> Plans to get more bands on her right arm, as well as bands on her left arm.
> Plans to have her entire right arm be a sleeve of yellow roses.
> Says yellow roses represent "friendship" and "loyalty" which are things that are important to her.

Wow there's a lot to unpack there.

No. 823162

Looking at the her strapon video, yes. Shes not edited here like in photos. Shes easily 250 again if not more.

No. 823163

God her face is so fucking fat even with this half assed filter.

No. 823164

Welp, I was half right I guess.
Cant wait for her regret to kick in now. She's neither strong or courageous, so they're basically meaningless in regards to her >>823161
>loyalty is important to her
Why am I not surprised by this.
>sleeve of yellow roses
Soo, a cheeseboard then?

No. 823165

Can someone anon explain why her titts are square?

No. 823166

File: 1613930790412.jpg (16.03 KB, 236x310, 1ee73da361e3368fc9366a92272775…)

His lineless and realistic work is going to age like ass. Unless she's setting herself up for future coverups or eventually adds linework, adding huge ass black bands to realistic style roses is only going to make the shitty fading on the roses look more obvious.
Yes, please get more wonky bands all over your arms to prove how strong you are.

No. 823167

She is just directly responding to us at this point lol, I'm touched.

No. 823168

Usually when someone gets a tattoo they can say with confidence what the significance is or why they got the tattoo. She didn't seem confident and seem hesitant to just get to the point. The way she expressed the "history" of black band tattoos made it seem like she was reading about it from a cookie cutter tattoo site while explaining it. That's just my opinion. If she's wanted the tattoos for "a long time" then why hasn't she mentioned it before? It's the same feeling I felt about the rose tattoo…it's so big and gaudy by itself and now she has two with two black bands?

She's wide and she's had a breast reduction.

She must be bored watching the same Fate episodes 1000 times a day to prove she's a super fan.

No. 823169

>some Victorian queen

I mean, the Victorian Queen would be Queen Victoria. That's how it works. To be Victorian it has to be under her rule while she was reigning monarch. Are we saying Queen Vic was tatted? Or is she talking about another queen in another place reigning at the same time as her and just couldn't be bothered to learn her name, her country or the century? idgi

And black armbands were traditionally for uniformed people, not royalty. The whole idea is they could easily be added to uniforms, so maids, cooks and soldiers could respect a mourning period with the least amount of expense, disruption and effort. Sports teams adopted it because it meant they didn't have to change kits. I guess it makes sense she'd go with something that was traditionally for people that couldn't go all out. It lines up with her shit cosplays.

It's always a dead giveaway that no research was done when people mention huge chunks of the planet and huge periods of time. Yes, it was somewhere in the Mesopotamia area, sometime in these few millennia. Despite each period of time having it's own specific name and each culture being titled, it is just IMPOSSIBLE to narrow it down any further!

No. 823170

Who wants to bet that she just wants to cover up her anime tattoos because she knows she's reaching the end

No. 823171

My assumption was she was attempting to explain what you just explained but didn't know how to spew it out.

She would've pulled a Kelly Eden and had gotten a tattoo removal if that was the case. Another procedure would be a rush for her.

No. 823172

I don't understand why she didn't get linework added while she got the bands done. It would make the whole thing look more cohesive and prolong the life of the rose tattoo.

No. 823173

File: 1613931407401.gif (3.11 MB, 540x250, anigif_sub-buzz-1619-152667314…)

Moo's reason for getting random thick bars and actin tough reminds me of this dope from Mulan

No. 823175

The most fascinating thing about this whole tattoo saga, is that if she wanted another one, why not just get a flavour of the month, survey corps tattoo? She wanted have had to pretend to care about any deep or significant meaning, and it would have atleast matched with her other weeb shit tattoos.
I'm just left feeling so incredibly confused by all of this frankly.

No. 823177

In spite of everything she seems to still want to be seen as better than other people on her level.

I bet she doesn't want to admit she got a tattoo just because she liked the look and idea because she always has to be a little bit better than people doing the same stuff as her, so she googled any old shit she could use to justify it in a way that she could sell as intellectual.

It's not just a tattoo, it's a clever tattoo!

No. 823178

Moo has never forged a true identity for herself. She piggybacks off of other people's talents and personalities so much she's never created her own naturally. If this tattoo held a real significance she would've taken the time to create a design that shows it meant something. Why didn't she hire one of her artist friends? Why didn't she get Sensei to tattoo her since he's in the same city as her? Why didn't she just…wait? If she realizes she's manic then she could've put the energy into some other batshit trendy thing.

No. 823207

No. 823210

I respect people with ugly tattoos a lot more when they don't try to justify them with complicated backstories.
Also I'm not super familiar with tattooing, but I though most artists prefer their work to face up (when your arm is relaxed at your side the art appears facing up). Moo's rose is facing down. You can see what I'm talking about with his other work. >>823152

No. 823214

In the end it doesn't matter what the artist wants with a tattoo. They just have to use their tools to do what the client wants. Moo isn't the type to give a fuck what he says or thinks.

No. 823233

It is for one of the few reasons Moo gets off her ass outside of food, money, and dick: Clout.

The cheeseburger guy is internet famous for his anime tattoos, so that is why she zeroed in on him for the first cheese rose. The whole black band saga is fucking hilarious though and I'll be surprised if it goes into his portfolio at all.

No. 823274

which is such a waste of the one thing this guy is good at. She didn't have to go to this guy for thick black bands, but tattoo sensei doesn't have clout nor is he giving Moo D.

No. 823303

File: 1613962313497.png (1.68 MB, 1820x689, FAD1CB8D-7C94-41CA-B528-4B7CD8…)

lmao mariah who tf are you kidding with that korean chin shoop??

No. 823308

…its irritating me that she apparently read/watched attack on titan but is so ok with Erin destroying the world… bitch are you that dumb

No. 823311

Kek wtf that’s not even her face. She wishes her potato nose was that small.

Moo always has this ability to find talent and make it look the worst. I mean…these tattoos are super good (not my taste but he’s clearly talented). His roses look amazing but twice now she’s gone to him with her stupid ideas and made his tattoos look like laughable garbage. This is why a lot of really popular tattoo artists won’t let you design your own and they make you pick it out from the artists own drawings. To avoid clients like moo.

No. 823330

that's a sign of iron deficiency

No. 823342

File: 1613977606483.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, 96C54BF7-2988-4406-B868-C29C55…)

No. 823343

As another anon stated earlier, those black bands look like electrical tape. Damn, didn't know her cheese rose could look even worse.

No. 823344

Thinner lines would have looked better. Still stupid, but better.

And jfc her lips look like they’re going to burst.

No. 823348

Can’t wait for her to get snippy/bitchy at people who ask about the black bands. I can already see her throwing a fit because no one will understand the deep profound significance of her ugly electrical tape tats.

No. 823354

if she'd gotten them up and below the rose, it wouldn't have looked as bad, but instead she got them over it, why?
Still would've looked terrible but could've been more cohesive

No. 823380

anons I'm no tattoo fag so what's the purpose of the massive censor bars?

No. 823386

Scroll up, anons posted transcripts and video of her explaining it. No matter how she spins it in her head, it’s still an eyesore of a tattoo.

No. 823390

she could've saved this by having the black bands look like black ribbons, which would have a) fit contextually with the umineko theme and b) fit stylistically with the whole rose look

No. 823394

File: 1613984436184.gif (485.28 KB, 366x232, 648484.gif)

>ugly electrical tape tats
Spot on anon

Mariah is going to do this and claim that it was her plan all along!

No. 823397

Idk if any other tattoo fag can chime in but those bands don’t look super even (especially the bottom one) and the black doesn’t look evenly packed, but could be hard to tell cause it’s fresh.
Doing even black is actually not as easy as people think. If you mess it up, it ends up looking like some sharpie project.

No. 823398

File: 1613985214021.jpg (345.7 KB, 1080x484, Screenshot_20210222-101034_Dri…)

>muh Mesopotamian tattoo
TOPKEK In Ancient Mesopotamia tattoos were actually only used as an involuntary marker of slaves and often given as punishment.

No. 823403

It’s not. That’s just her putting pressure on her tips. Stop medfagging when obviously it’s not medical. Nothing is medically wrong with Moo. Maybe she takes ADHD medicine. Still doubt that too. She would’ve talked about it as often as she does now back in high school if this was a life altering as she says it is since her harassment stuff. She’s a liar and stop giving her excuses.

No. 823404

File: 1613990546902.jpg (84.12 KB, 1883x649, 3owzh8kawq951.jpg)

Did she really say she wants red arm bands on her left arm??
Is that gonna be her stupid ass AOT-inspired tattoo?

No. 823405

Band lines look like as it heals they will definitely be blown out in spots. She probably kept moving on her phone the whole time. I mean we saw her videoing nonstop because much significance

No. 823406

Yes, Moo. Stripe your arm the same way they nuance the holocaust in AoT.

What a fucking retard.

No. 823409

Nah, watch her get the star in the middle instead.

No. 823410

File: 1613992776897.jpg (41.62 KB, 807x659, 1613608909820.jpg)

Hearing her and watching her try to justify why she got two fat ass black lines over her already shitty tattoo is ALMOST as bad as her autistic cringeposting about Attack On Titan. I never thought I would say this about Moo but just fucking talk about something ELSE, god. I would rather be annoyed with her not knowing anything about what she claims to be a big fan of than to see her actually passionate about something because then almost everything she posts HAS to be Attack On Titan. Even so, it feels so forced because a LOT of people are watching AOT now so obviously she's probably getting a lot of traffic on her tik toks and stuff. Idk, regardless she's super fucking lame.

No. 823419

> red bands on left arm

… is she trying to be tattooed into a nazi

No. 823420

wait didn’t she get the first cheese rose originally to prove she’s a ~real umineko fan~ lol not some friendship symbolism

No. 823421

I think she got another rose, the original rose on the other side of her arm has them go under and the new rose has the bars go over it - but still I ???

No. 823423

I have a theory now reading everything back again, with the flowers on either side and the retarded bars, but honestly don't want to have her read it and think it's good because it makes sense and she uses it. I'd rather her keep saying she wants to color her arms with bands that so many countries have used as markings for criminals or like in Germany. I just can't believe she thinks aesthetically this looks good. It's so blocky, bands will most likely blowout. Just yikes all around. This artist hopefully won't post this as something to be proud of.

No. 823424

Of all the things related to AoT you could get a tattoo of, this is just straight up goofy. Those armbands exist to indicate those characters are of a lower social status, literally people in an internment zone. What the fuck Moo, seek help.

No. 823427

No I hope she gets the tattoo.

No. 823446

File: 1614008658199.jpg (12.89 KB, 229x275, big areolas located.jpg)


No. 823447

"There's nothing medically wrong with Moo."
Uh what? She hasn't seen a real legit doctor in how many years? Because being obese with a botched body definitely doesn't have it's medical issues. She's clearly internally screwed up but none of us know exactly what and that's why people medfag/armchair. If the dumb bitch would actually go to a doctor and get diagnosed for the befit of herself then we could go off that, but Moo can't stand having someone who's worth 10x more than her tell her what to do.

No. 823456

Watch her get the red band and the star but it blurs out to look like a circle and Moo ends up looking like a nazi sympathizer

No. 823465

yeah, she’s fucking stupid if she tries to get a tattoo anywhere else right now tbh. her weight is so erratic that a tattoo on an area like her bicep gonna get blurred and blown tf out.

No. 823470

no1curr but she uploaded a bunch of "drafts" to her tiktok. I think shes reuploading them. Two of them contain the Euphoria audio

No. 823492

So… post them? Whats the point of just telling us?

No. 823519

Probably moo self posting to get views.

No. 823522

NTA but that makes sense since drafts on TikTok aren’t visible to the public and can only be seen by the user of the account lol

No. 823530

Same, too bad she reads here and probably will not get them. Would be funny af if she got a literal nazi tattoo though.

No. 823539

That's so embarassing

No. 823562

Literally says it in one of the descriptions of her tiktoks. Please

No. 823582

Maybe post a screencap next time to avoid confusion dipshit. Not everyone wants to dig through her TikTok.

No. 823588

this is an imageboard

No. 823596

the tag on her thigh is what's really bothering me here

No. 823648

I’m choking anon

No. 823672

someone knows a place, where i can see all the pics and vids for free?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 823681

go away scrote

No. 823710

File: 1614134769860.jpg (459.98 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210223-171306_Ins…)

From her insta story. Either that's the crinkles of face injections or the wrinkles from too many bad habits…

No. 823711

File: 1614134892423.png (184.7 KB, 326x557, momocatlady.png)

Is it just me, or is her "lisp" worse here?
Sounds like she's slurring at the start. She can barely talk or move her upper lip. Getting a real Jocelyn Wildenstein lip, lol. New upper lip fillings freshly done?

No. 823715


That lip shit she's done to herself looks fucking awful. How the fuck do you pay money to have your face looking like that. Just sayin.

No. 823724

She honestly should’ve just gotten a nose job instead. Yes, she would still have turtle lips but a slightly smaller nose with a better shape would’ve made her face look more balanced instead of getting lip fillers that make her look like a shitty blow up doll.

No. 823736

Is that a catholic medal on our super Muslim POC moocow? Hmm

No. 823744

Let's play a game: Drunk, or Botched Lip Fillers?

No. 823746

could be. She use to wear golden crosses too. The catholic Italian south beach trash is coming out of her

No. 823748

Moo is an unhygienic pig, don't get me wrong, but it certainly doesn't help that she lives in one of the driest places in the country. We all know she doesn't drink water, and I doubt she's ever worn sunscreen (she probably thinks an ~exotic~ girl like her doesn't need it.)

No. 823751

Pretty sure it's one of those goddess coin necklaces that's popular right now. I think she has the Persephone one, because she's still on that she's still bandwagoning from her Olympus Lore phase.

No. 823752

This screenshot giving serious Michael Jackson vibes.

No. 823764

Looking more and more like an ugly Miss Piggy.

No. 823778

File: 1614170931490.jpg (54.08 KB, 361x403, ECi4S5ZWsAAtnGh.jpg)

Damn those lips. She should have picked this titan for her cosplay.

No. 823780

I can't wait for her to plunk down a shit ton of money to look like a sakimi-chan anatomical freak show. Then to waddle her obease ass to a con.

No. 823787

Anon, my sides you're really on to something here. The wrinkles around the eyes, the nose, the lips, she literally is cart titan.

No. 823805

She did already!!! It was the low effort cosplay with loads of photoshopped fog and red soggy tissue stuck all over her

No. 823806

the fact the filter is on max and you can still see her dry skin and sagging jowls says enough

No. 823847

Lmao yes I wanna see her looking like Michael Jackson

No. 823854

Oh god you're right and she said more Pieck to come too. It could actually happen. It would look better than her other AOT edits probably, or at least fit right in.

No. 823855

That Amrezzy filter making her lips look bigger isn't helping her at all but also no wonder she cant stop getting new fillers, they'll never look the way they do on the filter

No. 823882


No. 824048

File: 1614316412228.jpg (811.49 KB, 1168x752, g3acJiV.jpg)

No. 824053

File: 1614319094438.png (642.28 KB, 960x568, Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 11.5…)

Her house looks like a hotel lobby.

No. 824066

Yup, also the walls are so tacky imo.

No. 824069

What the hell, even shoops her hands? Check out the tile by her thumb

No. 824084

Someone gotta undo the shopping, should be easy enough. I just want to see her meat paws.

No. 824099

File: 1614358541297.jpg (53.73 KB, 436x336, 1340900128271.jpg)


It's never impressive when people get these nice apartments/houses but spend so much on the place itself that they can't furnish it. It's empty, and I don't buy it's "minimalist and clean."

No. 824112

She really is up shaft's creek without a paddle!

No. 824158

File: 1614396684904.jpg (210.54 KB, 720x1280, 20210226_212814.jpg)

Imagine making your mother sit on a hotel lobby floor and eat like a slave. God her house is fucking tacky.

No. 824159

Anons keep bringing up that the only time she invites her mother anywhere is to be her slave and treat her like shit. Though I can't feel bad for this woman. This is the same mom who thought giving Moo a birthday gift on her sisters birthday was a good idea. And thought it was okay for Momo to throw a plate of eggs at her. No sympathy, she made this forever child.

No. 824163

the floor just doesn’t look good at all. the marble looks ugly and bland. the fact she just put the same tile on some of the walls is mind boggling to me. where’s the fucking color mariah

No. 824167

I think it's because it's faux-marble made with ceramic tiles, so it looks painted. And that much tile in general makes everything seem cold and boring.

Why take a picture of your mom awkwardly eating on the floor?

No. 824169

So what was the reason she had to move again into another bland AF McMansion? What happened to that Victorian (lol) house she was bragging about moving into a while back?

I’m just echoing the other anons at this point with how tacky the place looks.

No. 824173

lol look at her move into a shitty partical-board constructed clone home. All that money to have a kitchen that's built the same way as a studio appartment. Small and looking like it's connected to a livingroom. This house is like the Gucci fannypack of houses: expensive but still pretty crappy.

No. 824174

She wants to live like her J* idol

No. 824176

Even jafar strep wouldn't live there.

No. 824186

It's not even ceramic, there's no depth or dimension to the design. It's laminate or something.

No. 824202

She was renting the other place, this is the house that cuck money built. Fitting that it is as unoriginal, tacky, and soulless as her.

She's been oinking that she's totes a real estate mogul now so we'll see what happens to this house.

No. 824212

the Victorian was out of her price range. Properties in the middle of no where in Vegas are cheap as hell. No view, Moo gives no shits if she has no lawn. If she can make the inside of her box look good she's happy. But covering it in that tacky faux marble ain't it

No. 824332

Plus if it's a Victorian home a lot of times you're forbidden to change anything about it as it's valuable as a historical lot. It was likely out of her range and she was told it comes as is and she'd have to maintain it as that with no alterations.

No. 824339

There are no actual Victorian homes in Vegas unless they’re reproductions worth several mil. Further proof Moo knows jack shit about anything.

No. 824439

File: 1614575187981.png (Spoiler Image,501.08 KB, 485x761, Screen Shot 2021-02-28 at 9.05…)

sage for NSFL meme

No. 824441

I don't get it. Is it the editing or something thats not right?

No. 824456

What's not to get? It's hideous.. I'm gonna puke and have nightmares.

No. 824466

What is the correlation between these pics? Idgi at all.

No. 824489

Its not a meme..

No. 824516

File: 1614619592241.png (362.69 KB, 435x683, Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 12.2…)

>a summary so you don't have to suffer. It's not much.

>loudly smacking on mochi this whole time with her boiled sausage lips

>omg you guyz I have so many costumes lined up!!!1!! It's overwhelming!

>Has more Attack on Titan cosplays lined up (God help us)

>Really wants to 'blow our socks off'

Oh yeah you'll be blowing something off alright Moo.

No. 824556

Has the whale taken an actual dick on camera yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824557

This is the least of the ways in which she abuses her body, but the constant putting in and taking out of extensions can’t be good for her hair, right?

No. 824560

It depends. If they're just a track, no. But if they're glued in.. yeah.

I'm just waiting for her lips to rip apart.

No. 824561

Not a hairdresser so I can't say for sure but I can't imagine constantly taking them in and out is good for your scalp. Her hair looks like it's been thinning out so that could be the culprit.

God right? And it's just making her face look puffy and old.

No. 824566

Are you new here? Yes she has.. A couple of thr ads ago

No. 824581

Comparing her thick, shiny black hair she had years ago she's def doing something for it to be a crispy balding mess that can only grow to her shoulders

No. 824585

yea, it's called traction alopecia. the constant weight and pull of clip-ins and sew-in extensions can cause hair loss.
glue-in extensions is trash all together too.

No. 824586

She gonna look like Jojo Siwa soon.

No. 824595


Don’t forget she dropped the subtle “I read the manga and don’t wanna spoil you guys!” that she must have done incredibly last minute because she’s no longer sperging and making 10 tiktoks as reactions to each episode. What a waste of an existence jesus

No. 824600

Ah yes, Mariah, the truest and biggest fan of AoT! How gracious of her to not cosplay spoilers!

No. 824619

It's always weird that instead of just casually watching multiple series she pretends to go braindead for just one series to prove she's an anime fan. But drops all her other "loves"
Girl has no sense of identity outside of being fake. Who lives like this?

No. 824629

File: 1614648681562.jpg (Spoiler Image,372.14 KB, 484x727, v5bmB9O.jpg)

>new video
>cats are fighting/meowing loudly in the background
>lying on her marbled ass bathroom floor spewing literal chunks from her vag
>even with a beauty filter on full blast you can see her weight gain

No. 824631

File: 1614648726071.jpg (Spoiler Image,403.52 KB, 476x735, snMQ3fD.jpg)

No. 824639

What. the fuck. is that shit. Looking like maggots or pearly papules.

No. 824640

yeah, that’s a totally normal body type for a human being. how attractive.

No. 824641

looks like a yeast infection honestly

No. 824643

File: 1614650667008.jpg (55.8 KB, 986x555, Monistat-e08815328dab4582acca6…)


Get this cow some Monistat

No. 824647

A true cow Moomoo is, curdling her milk into fucking cheese curds. Nature is beautiful, god bless

No. 824680

So this is what happens when you constantly stab your inner lining with unhygienic sharp manicured nails. Nature sure is fascinating

No. 824681

definitely a yeast infection. moo has time to go to any doctor except one that matters, a fucking gyno

No. 824686

her anatomy is surreal. Her back fat is squishing to the front but there is a visible line where the fat stops on her lipo sucked mid section.
It's scary to think she sucked the fat our of her back and in less than a year it's already back

No. 824687

Those creases where her thighs mean her hips look.. Unnatural to me? Maybe she’s wearing underwear that’s too small for her body (wouldn’t surprise me) or maybe it’s a hygiene problem?? A weight issue maybe? I dunno.

No. 824689

Do any of you know how regulat discharge turns white the same way egg whites can thicken? Its gross, but honestly with a machine like that, I fucking hate typing it out, but might be 'cream'. This is really common and not necessarily a yeast infection. This happens when you're too wet and it basically whips the discharge from the constant friction.

No. 824690

Honestly looks like BBL rounded hips. Probably got those hip injections to fix her violin hips.

No. 824691

normal discharge or even "cream" as you put it, doesn't look like cottage cheese. but yeast infections do.

No. 824693

Yeah that doesn’t look normal to me. Fat chicks are more prone to yeast infections so I wouldn’t be shocked if that’s the case

No. 824697

It could be the type of lube she uses.
Some water based lives get all weird like this with enough friction.
Coconut oil or silicone is best, but just depends on the toys

No. 824698

It can get clumpy anon. It isnt always smooth when a girl creams. Just like a scrote can be watery or chunky.

No. 824700

Shit like this is the reason why God doesn't talk to us anymore.

FFS Moo, how do you think having white clumps in your vag is normal or appealing to anyone?

No. 824706

all that surgery and you can still tell how fat she really is by her pubic mound

No. 824708

The way her boob merges with her backfat will never not be funny. What’s not funny is seeing her cottage cheese discharge, I wish I hadn’t seen this right after eating.

No. 824722

Why did you make us see this… I am literally crying in pain… what the fuck…. see a god damn doctor moo… she has so much yeast she could start her own brewery

No. 824741

Cream would have look silky and consistent, these look more like boogers. Not cleaning your toys can give you infections like this, Moo should know this considering her line of work.

No. 824744

this is stupid, but we don't call hentai an anime series, it's called hentai. So I don't know why Moo persists she doesn't do porn at all but is a cosplay model.
It still shows that somehow in her fucked up head she's still "Better than those sex workers"

No. 824745

Also why is her house all white? That is literally anxiety inducing and in the long term would make anyone go crazy. Bet you anything her "friends" are going to move out in a few months

No. 824772

Yeah the all white house gives off a weird dark energy. But that could just be Moo. That bitch could sage a room and knock herself out because SHE'S the negative energy in there.

No. 824802

Her body reminds me of the destiny logo

No. 824809

Gives me mental asylum vibes.

No. 824814

I’m betting she thought all that linoleum (whatever the fuck they used for real) would make the house easier to clean since we all know she doesn’t like cleaning at all. And I’m sure she was watching some mtv cribs or some shit and thought “hey this will make me look successful! Rich people do fake
Marble right?!?”
Yea when that McMansion falls apart in a few years it will be fun to watch her sperg.

No. 824816

The problems aren't prevalent until a few months in tbh. Knew someone who moved in th day they were done building and the basement suite they lived in flooded lol a couple months later.

No. 824828

I think it's just crumbled up lube. I've seen this happening with some types, it's annoying and disgusting but definitely the lube, not a yeast infection.

No. 824830

Honestly she probably got all white marble because her cats piss everywhere. This way she can see it and it won't ruin the carpet
This might be true, but if she's trying to sell her porn and be "uwu hentai waifu" she needs to put in effort and add more lube to cover up her coochie rice

No. 824865

A lot of people don't understand color theory and aren't confident with interior design, so they opt for all white and fill the space with a bunch of plants because it's easier. That's at least 50% of Instagram interiors right now. But that faux marble tiling is going to look super dated in 10 years the same way wood paneling on walls became ugly.

No. 824882

Tbh Ive never even seen a YI like that unless its already really far into the infection or if you've used an egg pill, but even thrn its more smooth and not white like that. Anons just want it to desperately be more gross than it is, but just looks like friction, lube, and discharge. This is so so common with sex toys too because of the material. Its not the same as skin on skin.

No. 824891

i heard her mom got laid off, so prepare for more "i pay for my parents!!" bullshit incoming soon

No. 824919

File: 1614739877067.jpg (389.12 KB, 1080x1500, Cat.jpg)

Is that the cat that went missing?

No. 824923

i need this video(scrotes get nothing)

No. 824927

I can’t get over her tacky waiting-room flooring.

No. 824929

It isn’t the floors that are the travesty of poor taste- the walls were a bit much.

No. 824930

File: 1614747346984.webm (Spoiler Image,12.27 MB, 850x480, 2021-03-03 01-31-33.webm)

No. 824931

I am going to fucking puke

No. 824933

>rubbing her nasty paint covered fingers all over
yeah that >>824629 is definitely yeast jfc

No. 824935


I cannot think of anyone that would ever think this was erotic or a good idea beyond moo. I think this is lowest tier shit yet, and she’s still sliding.

No. 824937

Please make it go away

No. 824938

File: 1614751005160.jpg (Spoiler Image,457.03 KB, 481x707, ZediWp7.jpg)

The forced eyerolls of pleasure is what really sent my sides into orbit

No. 824941


No. 824943

her face in motion is genuinely monstrous, she doesn't look human, never mind the makeup

No. 824945

Nice to see Bernie is still alive, I guess she doesn't trot him out much because he's not speshul like her kitten mill Ragdolls.

No. 824951

Good to know theres porn of the Michelin Man I guess? Jesus she needs to put the mochi donuts away.

No. 824955

I like how she has to… hold up her fupa in order to touch herself. That is beyond sad and fucking hilarious.

No. 824957

File: 1614767615218.jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x3264, pt2021_03_03_11_.jpg)

Imagine filming this and thinking you look sexy

No. 824961

The way she is yanking and pulling her snatch, I am in anguish where does she get the idea this is sexy

No. 824966

she has never looked more like a turtle. tragic.

No. 824971

why does she have the anatomy of a chris chan sex drawing

No. 824981

You can see her filter go on in and out in this video too which is hilarious. Also I’m
pretty sure there’s people in the room with her which is…. yikes.

No. 824987

This is a grown adult woman who doesn't know how to touch her own vagina. Fucking tragic. You can tell she is trying to imitate porn instead of actually pleasuring herself. I wonder if she even knows how to do it off camera.

No. 824990

the fact she has absolutely no idea what to do with her face OR her pussy is absolutely hilarious.

Remember her b/g video when a wave of full self awareness hit and she looked worriedly into the camera?

No. 824992


She looks like she keeps forgetting what she's supposed to be doing, just, speechless haha

No. 825005


Laughing my ass off that this got posted on a site called “Z-thots”.

No. 825006

If Momo keeps sucking out the fat in her midsection her upper arm is going to be wider than her waist

No. 825007

"I don't do porn guys. I'm a serious cosplayer."

No. 825013


Can we even say she does porn now when there isn’t a single sane person that would think this was sexy? Even her normal shit is bottom of the barrel at best and she covers up her embarrassment by flexing she’s a bad bitch or whatever. Lol or that she’s intentionally “fucking up everyone’s blah blah blah” she’s pathetic.

No. 825014

It’s porn because she’s doing sex acts not because it’s not sexy which, some scrotes don’t care. They jerk off to fucking food sometimes for fucks sake. You’re naive and have too much hope in scrotes.

No. 825035

Good god the fact that it's totally silent makes it even more upsetting. Edit some fucking music in the background at least Moo.

Also this girl def has a yeast infection.

No. 825042

Youre not the buying audience so you not liking it is subjective. Scrotes will pay for anything.

No. 825043

Oh don’t get me wrong when I said it isn’t porn- it is it’s just so bad I was totally speechless. It sure as fuck isn’t performance art or cosplay. Lol

No. 825078

Serious question, because WE ALL fucking know it's inevitable.

When does the eventual Pokemon card collecting and flexing happen?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 825079

When she buys an OG Charizard card.

No. 825083

eh, I don't think it'll happen. If it was, it would've happened by now. It'd be like when critical was unboxing yu-gi-oh cards and suddenly she was interested in yu-gi-oh then dropped it like five days later.

No. 825088

File: 1614837897763.png (480.93 KB, 851x851, 6CE70B12-B8EF-41AA-ADD3-B1C9B2…)

why would she get into pokémon? they never paid her royalties for putting her in the games

No. 825093

File: 1614846780159.jpeg (75.4 KB, 641x531, 70FF2E79-6AAC-43D4-AE4C-0F6EB8…)

Don’t do jinx dirty like that… she’s more like Conkeldurr.

No. 825098

Ok back on the cottage cheese saga. I’ve known Moo to use bad dragon lube, specifically the opaque cum lube. Here’s the thing, there was a recall of that lube because of supplier and formula changes back in late May. Heard all sorts of complaints like the lube being irritating, contaminated, and even powdery separation. I’m not saying she’s pounding her pussy with a 5 dollar wish dildo and using rancid chunky lube. But homegirl barely gives a shit and posted that, so I wouldn’t be surprised

No. 825099

She got it much longer before that and it was only a specific batch. We wouldn't have seen her doing stuff like she has been back during that time if she got an allergic reaction to a bad batch.

No. 825111

File: 1614866513376.webm (Spoiler Image,1.71 MB, 404x720, 04e0c6546a0acfc11c94919b160e32…)

What happens if i do this?

No. 825115

File: 1614868675632.jpeg (36.96 KB, 573x641, 7CEC373F-F943-486D-B6A8-6C5548…)

gravure btw
also spoiler that Jesus Christ

No. 825119

File: 1614872812817.png (2.83 MB, 1800x1644, 88353297-C9C2-4467-BE02-305424…)

No men outside your degenerate base likes you either so that checks out.

I wonder what it’s like to live life though the same goddamn Amrezy filter day in and day out. God she’s so sad and pathetic.

No. 825120

I remember her saying that she ordered the marbles from Greece or some shit? Or am i remembering wrong lol. Anyways, they’re ugly and cheap looking.

No. 825121

File: 1614873226250.jpeg (300.87 KB, 1649x1210, F337074A-CA52-4AFD-9B25-6C6E5E…)

It’s like watching a butter churn… Jfc

No. 825124

shes using her old bottle of bad dragon cum lube, mystery solved

No. 825125

File: 1614874975491.jpg (75.83 KB, 750x899, IMG_20200617_162442.jpg)

Thanks, I hate it.
Lol though, at the 25sec mark you can hear a cat meow.

No. 825129

keep coping Moo

No. 825130

This is fucking disgusting. It really is like watching rancid butter churning.

No. 825131

???? But she has a tinder profile so the fuck

No. 825132

it is so typical that she will drop hundreds for wigs, etc., but not buy a $20 bottle of Sliquid or some other clear lube that wouldn’t get visibly churned into unholy ricotta by the vibe.

No. 825134

Moo sees all the other thots have a boyfriend and you know it eats her up inside
"After this surgery all the boys will be running towards me!" or "I can catfish them with my filtered videos and digital paintings"
Problem is once they see her irl they run away as fast as they can. Some might give her a half flaccid sympathy fuck, some stay longer because Moo throws money and gifts at them like male prostitutes. But at the end of the day no one wants a botched monster as a lover. She doesn't even have a good personality to save her.

No. 825137

the dildo looks smaller than it is just because of her girth. I rarely see her do full body shoots anymore and if she does she has Square shop her a new body.
Since she isn't talking about weight loss anymore I figure she's gaining again.

No. 825145

Not my proudest fap.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825153


This looks like a different video/angle than
so I'm still pretty confused but don't want to to devote any more brain space to whatever is going on in this cows's vagina.

No. 825158

so like i don’t use dildos or anything but do you need lube for a dildo? or is she just super dry and needs lube bc of that?

No. 825159

It's generally a good idea. A lot of women don't get wet enough to make PIV pleasurable. You should go through /g/ though instead of discussing it here

No. 825180

Yeah you do typically need lube so it's kinda insane she doesn't use it, especially with the fuck machine like, ouch

No. 825185

Do you not remember when she stabbed her insides with her sharp nails? Not using lube is the least of her worries. I’m still scarred from that.

No. 825188

Oh yeah, it's all awful. I feel bad for her pussy

No. 825189

File: 1614907499114.png (115.31 KB, 500x522, absolutely-disgusting-35558535…)

No wonder no one wants to fuck her, I bet she just lies on her back like that the whole time.

No. 825192

didn't the guy she accused of rape and KBBQ say she just lays there like a bloated corpse. And that was 150 pounds ago. I don't think she can move much in the act.

No. 825197

She's also a selfish cunt who expects for everyone to please her and her have to do as little work as possible, as she is with everything she does in life.

No. 825198

I don't think KBBQ has come out and said anything about Mariah after the whole drama, and I don't remember anyone who has actually had sex with her make a comment like this B U T, I might be wrong. Its been half a decade since this shit has begun.

No. 825200

I’m actually disgusted that you shared that video, and more disgusted with the libtard that threw money at moomoo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825238

Can someone please write a tl;dr of what happens in the video? I can’t watch on my stupid iphone

No. 825239


Or put iPhone friendly versions of this, I can never watch these web m things either

No. 825242

Moo getting penetrated by a fucking machine with copious amounts of dragon lube seeping out of her foul orifice.

No. 825248

File: 1614940585527.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 39B10DC1-3F90-4BDD-82AB-18B616…)

Same old song and dance for how many years now?

No. 825250

It's so disturbing, either she has baby hands or her snatch is gigantic.

No. 825253

Her idea of toxic behavior is being friends with people who don’t kiss her ass.

No. 825294

I was just going to say this. Why does it look like a cavern? At first I thought the dildo was just small but then her meaty paws came into frame and made it look even bigger. I'm so confused. It looks like it just goes all the way to her ass, no taint, all hole. I need to shower again.

No. 825309

Some women just have big privates despite not having a lot of visitors to their cave. It doesn't help that the excess fat is now going into that area, making it look bigger. But Moo really is the living version of "Like throwing a hot dog down a hall way." I thought it was an extra small dildo as well until I saw her hands move into the shot.

No. 825324

This video made me asexual.

Can someone, even the Party City halloween witch she lives with, tell her to stop it?

No. 825326

Someone probably did and that's why she posted
She only posts stuff like that if one of her friends tell her no or disagree with her

No. 825505

That's not how vaginas work, retard. It's an organ. It doesn't gape open because you "overuse" it the same way a dick doesn't whittle down from having a lot of sex.
She looks that way because she's fat. Her pussy is a fat girls pussy. It's not deeper than that and idk why some of you turn into scrotes about this. Unhygienic morbidly obese girls tend to have gross pussies.

No. 825516

NTA but that’s literally the point they were making. they said that some women just have a naturally relaxed vagina. and they’re the one who said her fat doesn’t help her situation.

No. 825570

Where's the best place to find momokuns leaked content.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825571

Nypa scrote.

No. 825683

File: 1615200734253.jpg (416.4 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20210308-044640_Ins…)

New insta vid

>Shocked that people thought her last post was about a break up (Vid of her dancing crying to some AoT shit, don't watch it so wouldn't know)

>"How dare you think some normal plebeian human male can make me cry? The only people who can make me cry are anime boys."

Yes Mariah, I'm sure that one person who thought it was about a breakup warranted you to make this. We all know actual males run away from you. Why does she announce this like she's proud of it?

No. 825699


She announces it and acts proud of it because it's to "own the haters" and to pretend people want her. Literally no one asked her if it was about a break up because no one gives a fuck lol.

Well aside her asking herself questions.

No. 825700

I hate to ask but can anyone tell me the name of the song? I don’t watch AOT if it’s on the soundtrack and I can never tell what all the lyrics are to google it. Shes used it a thousand times though and it gets stuck in my head.

No. 825702

Not sure about who did the remix with the Eren Yeager bit added, but it's Little Dark Age by MGMT.

No. 825705

no one asked her if she broke up cuz she was single since forever. Paid man hoes don't count.
That and she screeches how she's a proud single woman even though she has a tinder profile desperately lookin for a boyfriend.
But ya know, she's fine, she don't need no man.

No. 825711

Finally unspoilered this just to see what all the commentary was on and how did she make this so… Unsexy? It looks like she's paralysed from the waist down or something; no reaction, no movement, no enjoyment. Scrotes really are pathetic to get off to anything, christ

No. 825716

Thats why I dont fully blame low budget SWers for what scrotes will always pay for,but in Moos case, she really is lazy with her videos. Shes more concerned with looking in the flipped camera to see if the filter is still looking,you can tell she's faking if it feels good because the fake ass eye rolling and all, inconsistent moans with movement from whatever she is inserting. She's literally what scrotes shouldn't pay for, but they do becthey think insert equals yeah she feels good because they are dumb as fuck. The amount of guys who think these swarms of fake chestplate thots have real tits is embarrassing too. I've had to even point it out to my BF. Men are fucking dumb. straight up

No. 825717

The same incels who put figurines in jars and 'fill them'. Yes.they will do anything to get off and its sickening and I hate how the internet breeds this more frequent mentality too because of the accessibility. It sucks.

No. 825744

She's so emotionally stunted that I'm not surprised the only male interaction she has is with anime characters.

No. 825748

she has literally encouraged them to ejaculate on her figurines and send her the photos
on the one hand, get the bag, I guess, but it is just so gross

No. 825767

File: 1615255777922.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1284x2058, 38A0A1E0-1B5B-467C-AFF8-D8DBB5…)

When the filter is off

Yikes .. I can’t believe she would post this.

No. 825770

Really bringing out her inner onision in this one. Man that chin is busted.

No. 825786

WTF is up with her face? Is that scarring from all the peels she does with no after care???

No. 825793

she looks like those boys that puberty slapped with the acne stick

No. 825794

This is why we don't get surgeries every month kiddies. She looks like a 45 year old mtf trans who got facial feminization surgery plus 10 other procedures.

No. 825796

Does someone have this video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825797

File: 1615270768158.png (911.06 KB, 1101x675, 72D2F884-710A-4E5E-89A0-BC6FE0…)

the spirit of big ang is in her

No. 825799

this goomba cosplay is spot on

No. 825800

How dare you disrespect big ang like that

No. 825801

Big Ang was a nice person though. She doesn't deserve to be compared to moo.

No. 825806

File: 1615286606032.png (3.86 MB, 1800x1623, DD0A82B3-BB86-4855-A541-A43DC3…)

Comparison to the amrezy filtered story she posted, the difference is just… yikes.

No. 825811

She is absolutely revolting looking, I'm surprised even the filthy neckbeards find her attractive

No. 825828

Because she's filtered to hell and back and photoshopped to hell and back in 99% of her posting.

No. 825829

She deadass looks just like my aunt who has a long history of smoking meth. Doesn't help moo has acne right now cause those look like meth sores.

No. 825831

they don't. Some troll accounts use Momo's unfiltered face as their profile picture and tell them shit like "You wish you were half as attractive as Moo you (insert incel comment here)"
Though Moo's painfully aware she looks nothing like what she presents online. She isn't this thicc 130 pound cosplay model. She's a 230 botched pig hoping she can catfish the masses for a little while longer.

No. 825834

File: 1615308564267.jpg (728.55 KB, 508x895, 0Fy6O5H.jpg)


No. 825835

File: 1615308611872.jpg (624.59 KB, 515x908, mRFGUv1.jpg)

Also, another animal to add to the pile

No. 825839

File: 1615310774697.jpg (110.73 KB, 1280x720, 1mdyh4cthau21.jpg)

Rip lil dude

No. 825840

File: 1615311840818.jpeg (92.52 KB, 827x505, 35432BD2-F589-4A86-A43A-0BF5AD…)

War of the cows

No. 825841

File: 1615311872543.jpeg (179.14 KB, 827x1025, 73378940-44E4-4B92-93E0-D974F3…)


No. 825843

They’re all shitty but I’m always down for anyone calling momo out.

No. 825844

Lori can't even get it right, Collete was the one who spoke about her on DK. Not Mariah. Can't wait to see if Mariah will react

No. 825848

Momo does visit her thread so posting the comments here will definitely get her attention!

No. 825876

It wasnt Moo, it was Vamps. Lori is just dense.

No. 825886

Didn't Moo also laugh with Vamps though? Getting your attack dog on someone and not reeling her back is still shitty

No. 825893

Lorena is fucking retarded, all that bleach and starvation really fucked her up. It must eat at her to know even hooknosed vamps has more clout and of subs than her.

No. 825898

Loool maybe she’s just assuming momo was pulling the strings which is believable

No. 825900

File: 1615332603833.png (5.76 MB, 1284x2778, 87B65CF8-7824-41E2-888B-F04D44…)

The kid she’s replying to is literally 13 years old …

No. 825901

lmao at these grown-ass "internet celebrities" beefing with a 13-year-old girl on tiktok. Moo better be careful, she's on this girls turf kek

No. 825902

they are the worst possible pairing of insufferable internet thots.

i also like how they never actually denied the accusation. as if all the times she mercilessly bullied other women are just erased from the internet.

No. 825905

Moo could literally give two shits. If it's female and breathing, she hates them. Just because she has pickme friends doesn't mean she's accepting of other women or girls. So much for "fixing toxic behaviors". She could've responded maturely or just not at all!

No. 825907

No. 825908


She admits to talking about people’s body and appearance as if A) she has any audacity to do so looking like she does holy fuck and B) confirms doing it and absolutely no guilt to it. Way to double down on being an absolute cunt

No. 825912

Moo has been body shaming people since she was in high school so no shit. But is she high again? What made her think she's a celeb. Infamy isn't the same

No. 825914

File: 1615339782178.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x2040, CDEA3057-B453-4C3F-9ED2-31A0F2…)

What’s crazy is how far her thighs stick out away from her body

No. 825917

So did Momo have a stroke? Her whole house is white, her other car is white, now she's getting another white car. Or is she doing that thing fake rich people do where she thinks she's rich if everything she owns is white?

No. 825918

You have to be an internet celebrity first, Mariah. She's just an obese, botched nobody trying to chase fame by driving herself broke.

Kek, imagine needing to feel like a bad bitch by picking on a kid.

Without a doubt.

No. 825921

They fuck is she wearing on her feet???

No. 825922

File: 1615341802796.jpg (188.62 KB, 455x1069, 20210310_020035.jpg)

Love the editing here, if in doubt, just repaint the car to mould your lard into some vague form. I tried drawing on the pic to figure out her legs, but it blags my head too much how monstrous her legs are.

No. 825924

Someone unshoop it lol.

No. 825925

Even edited she's huge. She's def bigger when she said she was 250. She's going to have a heart attack before she's 30

No. 825927

I can’t believe she leaves the house looking like that. Such a slob

No. 825928

lol she makes the car look tiny by comparison

No. 825930

she's edited her other leg too, I think she's taken the fat knees comments to heart haha

No. 825941

God, I hate her gross talons. I think she's o the opinion that the longer nails she gets, the slimmer her fingers look, but if anything they make her fingers look like sausages by comparison. The curve of them from the nailbed is so overdone that it looks like dog claws instead of nails.

Also her 'nude' colour is disgusting, instead of going for a natural peach colour or a french manicure (which she's had before and personally suits her way better) she keeps gravitating towards dirty brown that give her smoker's hands.

No. 825942

Even edited this looks like shit, it boggles my mind that she’s around 5’3 because this picture makes her look 6’2 with the tiny head and the angle.

No. 825944

Rip the suspension on the drivers side.

No. 825949

She looks like she's nearly doubled in size since Katsucon last year. It was insane seeing how big she was in person so I can't even imagine seeing this botched surgery Godzilla now.

No. 825952

Nah. It’s the basic Dearborn Lebanese American aesthetic. She can’t do anything original.

No. 825954

Also her feet in this pic are tiny compared to her legs lmao. Toenails look gross as hell too

No. 825956

File: 1615361068160.jpeg (841.34 KB, 1242x2045, F9177623-E153-45FE-9FDD-720D37…)

She’s upset that her white cabinet doesn’t match her white countertops and is asking suggestions on how to paint it. What is with this obsession with everything in her house needing to be that super bright bland white?

No. 825957

Maybe she’s getting herself acclimated to living in a mental asylum. I thought having all white was mentally taxing? Wouldn’t it fuck with her “adhd”?

No. 825958

Neurodivergancy and all white never mix. If I had to live in that house I'd have a mental breakdown. It's probably just so she can shoot anywhere in her house and not worry about warping because it's an easy fix.

No. 825959

mariah is white trash and even money can’t buy you style or fashion sense.

No. 825964

Because it’ll be easier to photoshop and edit her body without altering the bg too much. Hence white EVERYTHIIIIING

No. 825965

It’s a mix of her thinking she is some rich celeb and being arab. At least the white car explains it.

No. 825967

Can she even physically wear other shoes than slippers or crocs? Deathfat is not a cute look Mariah.

No. 825968

Yup. Too bad the all-white trend died almost 10 years ago.

No. 825973

File: 1615381588085.jpeg (85.89 KB, 844x1280, 8175EC7A-D18F-4C18-9493-D3FF9D…)

Her nails make her hands look like the Grinch.
The inverted knee is what bothers me. I don’t know if it’s photoshop or knock knees from weight gain, but if it’s the latter it must be uncomfortable when she runs

No. 825980

>when she runs
top o’ the kek to ye

No. 825989

>buy new build-a-bear house
>spend months going in and out of it
>doesn't get a contractor to paint the cabinets the white you want because thats totally not how it works
mental illness

No. 825991

I think these comments were deleted?

No. 826000

We’re still in a fucking pandemic and wondering where our stimulus checks of being laid off are, and this cunt is showing off a house, a new Mercedes that was bought in full, expensive af plants, are you serious? Have an iota of consideration and humiliation. I can’t believe she gets paid as much as she does and cannot wait for the day that she falls flat on her fucking face.

No. 826001

I'll always be a fan of moo's sudden use of AAVE whenever she wants to act ""tough"" lmaooo "just stop on good you ain't cool for this"

No. 826008

She might waddle to get some food but the only running she's doing is to the grave

No. 826010

I wouldn't be too jealous anon. She can never buy herself health, a boyfriend and a normal body. Which is what she really wants. That and she does this every year. She spends all of her tax refund all in one go. But instead of traveling and blowing 50k+, new car.

No one can pay me any amount of money to look twice my age and be a death fat

No. 826011

File: 1615403894141.jpg (132.96 KB, 285x1026, 20210310_191705.jpg)


Tried, but have limited recent candids to go off, put a line where the back of her thigh should be too

No. 826041

Looks like she rounded out her hip too lol.

No. 826055

The fucking fluffy sandals in public get me every time. And just think she wears those inside as well. She’s the epitome of “you can’t buy taste”

No. 826057


The fluffy sandals are Uggs and cost $100.

She could have wore her Balenciagas but yeah, no taste. Just trash lol

No. 826074

These sandals are just replacing her old moldy Toms she wore to every con and swore by. Watch these get discolored also

No. 826088


I know this is super late but I just cannot get over how quiet she is in her videos, it's awkward as hell. She never moans and is eerily quiet in her porn videos yet annoyingly vocal on the rest of the internet.

No. 826090


Lol those are white, just like everything else

No. 826091

Lurk Lori’s thread

Is she trying to get banned from TikTok too? She’s such an idiot

No. 826114

How does she not realize how annoying she sounds talking like this? It's such an obvious sign of being white trash. She grew up with plenty of her family's money and yet wants you to believe she's from the hood.

No. 826116

She dresses as tacky as Luna Slater.

I remember Vamp making a video about Mariah wearing the same pair of ugly ass shoes everywhere until they got too nasty.

>yet wants you to believe she's from the hood.
She's nothing to be afraid of cause she's too cowardly. She waddles and hides when someone even raises their voice to her.

No. 826123

File: 1615446332494.jpg (50.05 KB, 720x503, 0hh7xwivwu821.jpg)

Moo doesn't sound hood at all she's a joke like J-Roc from trailer park boys.

No. 826125


Exactly. The second someone even talks about confronting her she tucks her tail between her legs and waddles her fat ass away. Back when she used to sneak into cons without paying she’d hide in her hotel room all weekend if she got into any beef with someone days before it cause she was obviously so scared of getting her fat ass whooped.

Anyone who has followed her for a second knows she is full of shit with this fake ass “tough bitch who isn’t here to make friends and I’ll fuck you up if you try to come at me” routine. Just press her a little bit and the chickenshit coward will go back to preaching about being a “peace warrior who wants nothing but goodness in the world” and some horseshit about how “we all need to learn how to be nice and good to each other instead of fighting”.

No. 826126

It's actually pretty funny how quickly she does that, too. She thinks having guns will protect her, but she clearly doesn't even know how to use them. Just like exercise and her pets, they're just for show. Everything she does is one big temporary act at her expense for fleeting gratification. Consequences are going to add up and she's going to look like an even bigger fool.

No. 826142

This is absolutely true. Vamps was her bodyguard more or less. Otherwise you could talk shit about Moo within earshot and she'd not say a word to you and waddle out of the area. People did that at Katsucon a few times.

No. 826150

I remember at Blizzcon a few years ago she went off on some streamers. She lurked around the periphery of the group for a few minutes, barged in to yell at them, and when everyone else rightfully looked at her like she was crazy she melted into the background. Vamps was there too and didn’t do shit.
Moo doesn’t understand social cues and says inappropriate things, only to realize every normal person is side eyeing her and takes to social media to make herself seem like a bad bitch instead of socially awkward

No. 826156

That was an actual shit show.

No. 826160


That video did her absolutely no favors. This was after she had already tried to bury all the sexual assault and bullying she was being called out for . I believe she also had deleted her “apology” from her Instagram at this time too. So she was in full on denial mode. Then this video comes out and her name went right back into the public after getting shared across social media. The people who didn’t know her though she was just some annoying ass sperg who needed to mind her own damn business. But it only got worse when it was further explained who she was and what she had done and it winded up trashing the little reputation she had left in the toilet that she was trying to rebuild at that point.

It was one of the reasons she is in the situation she is in now. It put her name back out there in all the worst ways.

No. 826174

Covid got her feeling brave lol. She hasn't been to a con in so long she forgets how often she gets BTFO'd at them. I know she hangs out with friends but those are all the yes men she surrounds herself with, once everything starts opening back up this bad bitch persona is going to disappear and she'll turn into a peace warrior again

No. 826182

File: 1615482945122.jpg (90.17 KB, 574x717, 16461.jpg)

I guess Moo was eligible for the vaccine in Nevada because of her underlying health condition of obesity.

No. 826196



> Nevada’s vaccination playbook does not have a predefined eligibility group for people in the 55-to-64 age group. Instead, the next group from the general public would be Nevadans ages 16 to 64 with underlying conditions, disabilities or who are homeless.

She’s definitely not an essential worker either so I’m wondering if obesity played a role too.

No. 826198

covid is the best thing that happened to Moo. She can photoshop her body thinner, more simps are at home jerking off, she isn't intimidated by anyone since she's usually in her house.
I can't wait for Momo to strut into a con with full confidence thinking she looks like her filtered picture only for people to snap candids of her 300 pound ass

No. 826199

She's going to use this as an excuse to be more of an asshole. I know she didn't follow any social distancing practice but this will just make it worse
"Who cares fuck you I got mai shots. The rules don't apply to me okay?" And then she will make 5 videos acting all ghetto about how she's now immune to one strain of covid

No. 826208

You work from home, you trashy POS. You could just STAY IN YOUR HOME instead of going out all of the goddamn time.

No. 826216

File: 1615494939797.png (911.96 KB, 1284x2778, 0AAD27F7-F080-42C2-8BA6-06A169…)

Mariah has fully returned to her cunt self. All that self help, guru, meditation shit was a farce, as everyone called it out in here. Everything she said in her reply was wrong. A “health district” doesn’t have a phone number to talk to. There is no surplus. And the only underlying conditions that would apply to her are obesity, HBP, and diabetes (and cancer and heart disease) for her to have gotten it early. I hope more people publicly call her out on her shit. There’s other people telling her to not post her vaccine card up but she thinks it’s because of personal info, the reason which was given is so people don’t make fakes using info of their vaccine so the card be authenticated. But of course Mariah knows best!! And doesn’t care.

No. 826217


Anyway the J&J vaccine is like 60~% effective and isn’t the best one, and that’s why people are holding out for Pfizer and Moderna and why it was “more available” if anything to retards like Mariah that they could have bent and just gave it to her.

No. 826219

yeah, the Better Business Bureau states you shouldn't since people can steal your identity and commit fraud because your full name and birthday are visible. She's just an insensitive cunt where multiple nurses haven't gotten it yet and she is flaunting that she has while she has traveled during covid. Just more proof that she legit doesn't care if her "fans" live or die just that they pay her for sub-par porn

No. 826220

She definitely took advantage of the fact that she's an absolute unit to jump in line. Her BMI is easily over 40+.

No. 826221

you also need both the shots for it to be fully effective too, and we all know she won't get the second out of laziness and an 'i don't need it' attitude

No. 826223

File: 1615496140908.png (2.93 MB, 1242x2208, C9499CDA-3D31-4A57-BC82-9AE718…)

Posting for posterity.

Goddamn she’s such a smug cunt. She can easily ignore these responses but she actively chooses to chimp out at any given opportunity.

No. 826224


J&J is only one shot

No. 826225

File: 1615496622670.png (6.89 MB, 1284x2778, E96CBF92-7B3A-4C5C-B948-F1C893…)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone this fucking deluded in my life. Cosplay extraordinaire???? WHAT??? LMAO

No. 826226

this bloated sex doll can get the vaccine, meanwhile medical professionals working with covid patients are told to wait their turn
Fucking surplus my ass. Also why does she care, she was eating out and having parties during the whole pandemic.

No. 826231

File: 1615500051135.jpeg (515.38 KB, 2048x2048, E4641099-4DB9-4521-A784-483A47…)

Both vamps and mo got there shot the same day and at the same clinic. Maybe secretly hanging out lol

No. 826242


No. 826245


I literally work in healthcare and she's so full of shit. Afaik you have to be in an eligible group to get it, and its deeeeefinitely not a good idea to publicly share that info but no… Moo is a role model and the Dr's said "bring the one we must save to me"…horseshit!

No. 826247

Moo is right. People sperging out over her getting vaccinated are being hypersensitive twats who are starting shit just because they can. High risk people who don't travel have been vaccinated regardless.
Many areas have received a large number of vaccines and there are reports in the news about clinics not turning people away who show up even if they aren't in a qualifying group.
Like it or not, Moo does qualify because she's obese. If her obesity was good enough a year ago to have made petty predictions about her dying if she caught covid, then it's perfectly valid for her to qualify for a vaccine now. You can't expect to play up or play down her weight only when it suits your dunks on her every time.

No. 826251

I'm more annoyed she's advertising on her instagram bio like who cares

No. 826252

Yeah people over a certain BMI are eligible right now and she def is over whatever the threshold is

No. 826255

On the bright side we don't have to worry about moo infecting others anymore. How much longer until she's on another tax write off trip?

No. 826260

Well, yeah, they've been attack dogging other cows together.

I don't believe that was a true accident kek.

Which is absolutely hilarious because she's completely in denial about being morbidly obese.

Other strains exist and the vaccine doesn't protect people from all of them.

No. 826265

Vaccinated people can still spread it which is why they're only supposed to socialize mask free with other vaccinated people and still aren't supposed to travel.