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File: 1528941920118.png (413.02 KB, 599x594, Untitled.png)

No. 610098

1. incredibly obsessive. started by making an excessive number of videos about Onision but has since topped that with - nothing else. He's still making daily videos on Onision
2. Joy Sparkle BS best friend and supporter
3. laughed and defended Joy Sparkle BS racist jokes "Black People are made of Poop" and "Balck people are Poo Babies"
4. anti-semite / Right-wing
5. openly supports Rosanne Bar's racist jokes
6. supports the use of the N word
7. uses Autism to make fun of people -says "it was just a joke" when he's called out
8. his youtube career's based on making videos about Onision
9. as of writing this post, he made over 100 videos on Onision
10. denies to be O.O. (Onision-Obsessed) but he's either mentally unstable or has nothing else to say
11. he maintains he isn’t racist because he knows black people
12. decided not to like Repzion anymore after he criticised Joy's scams. Makes a video about it. Rep makes an epic video response saying "he doesn't really give a fuck about him, nor Joy." Case closed.
13. helped Joy and cultists dragging shrubtime for "lying" and "scamming" people
14. defended Joy after she doxxed shrubtime (a teenager) and bullied him online.
15. has a rabidly devoted cult of followers consisting of young teens - Joy Sparkle supperters
16. slavery is not his problem - right wing rhetoric
17. 23 years old - due obesity looks 40yo

Mikenactor Liks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blank.blanky.796
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikenactor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikenactor
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8dr0SsyEj2AzRYEKKiuZKQ
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mikenactor
YouNow: https://www.younow.com/mikenactor
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mikenactor/

No. 610104

I dunno, OP. I feel like you dropped the ball by not mentioning joy sparkles about a thousand times.

meanwhile, why bother making this thread now? it would've been relevant last year, and given people a place to sperg about him instead of shitting up the jsbs threads (more than they usually were) pretty much everything you mention is old stale milk.

is this an attempt to rekindle jsbs shit or what?

No. 610117

File: 1528943251511.png (18.87 KB, 607x205, 7.png)

good point anon. OP you're late although why has noone started it till now remains a mystery.
there's still plenty of stuff to talk about Mikenactor, this is recent. it's clear he doesn't like the blacks

No. 610190

not even wk this fag, but he's not saying anything negative about colored people. he's just saying no one living now is responsible for slavery. dont be a stupid fucking mook.

No. 610226

Joy's here defending this faggot
Go back to bed Joy you have fakeillnesstitis remember?

No. 610227

hi, not joy. just not a MUH NIGGERS NEED SUPPORT!!! sjw.

No. 610234


>clear he doesn’t like the blacks

because he accurately identified the fact that he’s not a slave owner? jesus christ anon. you’re reaching so hard you’re basically on another planet. find some actual milk.

…if he even has any. pretty sure all he’s done recently is make more onision videos, which is both boring and doesn’t really bring in the views it used to. unless you have more screenshots, running around going “reeee mike hates the blacks!!” based off of no solid evidence just makes you look like a social justice tard.

No. 610235

Sure Joy
Never said anything about niggers but he was there laughing and defending you
bye Joy

No. 610243

File: 1528955022950.png (35.53 KB, 640x320, IMG_4186.PNG)

He's not saint

No. 610245

racist like herpest friend
See what I did there ahahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 610252

yeah, yeah, what's up onision?

No. 610256

I've suspected Milken Actor of self posting for a while but I feel like this seals it. I know he has at least once and I would be surprised if this wasn't him.

No. 610271

Nah, this thread is clearly being samefagged into the ground by someone who can barely speak cohesive English. I highly doubt it’s actually Mike. Sounds more like a lost and retarded Malaysian or something equally bizarre.

No. 610276

>he doesn't think what I think. he's a horrible person !!!!!
he's already admitted he makes the onision videos because they get views.

No. 610433

Mikenactor is just as bad as Joy and deserved to get drug over the coals every bit as much as she does. His videos are full of shit, I can't believe people haven't made the same comments about him personally. He totally fits the joytard mold.

No. 610452

This thread is a terrible vendetta attempt most likely posted by the same user who keeps sending us emails containing poorly faked screenshots with bad grammar to ask us to make the thread ourselves. Try harder next time.

No. 610489

Onion's little gang of retards

No. 610560

File: 1528995388443.jpeg (345.01 KB, 1063x1525, 666AF335-24E3-4EA3-BE96-9B1365…)

Lmao anon you were so on point >>610271

Someone should’ve made this thread a year ago with proper grammar and a way better OP bc he is a little faggot who is so boring, cringe, asskissing, creepy, annoying, retarded, gross, obnoxious, hypocritical, gay, obsessed, etc.
But the OPs missing a lot of shit and was probably written by an SJW.
But I sincerely hope this thread can be saved and turned into an actual good-quality thread about that massive faggot.

But he’s also super irrelevant and everyone’s forgotten about him, so this might just falsely enable him in his continued thinking that he is ~famoos~. And all his content is the same boring topics, same points reiterated over and over, nothing new added, and physically painful to watch.


*funnily enough all his subscribers are a mix of him and joy (munchie, lazy, and obease) kek

*and he slaps on a million filters and photoshopped his patron photo bc he’s gag-worthy

>pic related: wtf is on his mouth, it’s like fucking scabies

Maybe this thread should be autosaged until it cleans up or gets better OP, SC,milk. So it doesn’t keep showing up on the front page, but keeps it’s possible potential

No. 610675

Agree, this weird faggot should be treated like Joy. Apparently Admin forgot what a bitch he is.

No. 610790

I fucking called it.

No. 611156

Hello KATIE(hi [cow])

No. 611166

god I hope Admin puts this thread out of its misery. what a fucking abortion.

No. 611291

>colored people
Good lord anon, what is this the 50's

No. 611359

This thread is fairly shit (good to know to steer clear of him though due to racist shit), but holy shit he's 23? He legit looks like he's in his mid-to-late 30's. I'm 30 and look younger than him..

I never cared for how OTT he was in videos though. Seemed like he had a boner for onion.

No. 611368

I fucking love this dude
Everything he says on onision is on fucking point.
I love that he doesn't care about you thinking it's obsessive he's literally making bank on it. Get fucking cucked onifags

No. 611435

bit obvious, mate. and how much bank can you- I mean, he be making with his tiny view counts? or do you mean the 120 bucks a month from patreon? wow, such bank.

No. 611469

used to watch him when looking through greg's bullshit. he seemed funny at first but his fuckload of videos repeating the same shit over and over again bored me.

He is absolutely right about Onion boy, that's for sure, but you could watch 6 videos in a row and not find anything new about what he's saying cuz he just repeats himself.

That and the fact that he's a JoySparkles wk are enough to show his obsession fueled boner for lainey's husband

No. 611844

Bit retarded to hate him on him for the amount of videos but then say his points on onision are solid. I dunno what you expect the onision critic channels to do lol, ignore and enable his Shitty behavour?

We are getting through to him. But Mike is right. The apologies means nothing after months and months of the same thing. Then he uploads another fucking video shaming ugenia coney and being a fucking creep to her… go bump the oni thread and don't waste your time bitching about Mike. He's one of the best anti onion channels and he's funny as fuck. And joy wasn't that bad she was just obviously anxious around onision

No. 611846

God how do you people exist in society when you think everybody who defends a person is that person? What are you pewdiepies fucking 9 year old army?

No. 611905

File: 1529103891812.jpeg (271.3 KB, 1438x921, 7EE63360-3FB0-4683-B2B3-E45D71…)

Lmao I’m assuming mike found this abortion of a thread.

Just stop. You’re clearly samefagging, for the love of god just type “sage” in the email field when you post bc you’re just bumping this retards thread to the front page, which is bad for you…. I mean your favorite faxxx youtuber lol.

>he's literally making bank on it.

Oh really? Because his social blade & patreon say otherwise, even mike, himself, says otherwise. (Pic very related)

>go bump the oni thread and don't waste your time bitching about Mike.

The irony of saying that while bumping this dead ass thread.

>He's one of the best anti onion channels and he's funny as fuck.

>he’s funny as fuck
>he’s funny
>refering to mike

Lmao this has got to be a joke

>everybody who defends a person is that person?

Oh come on, are you lost or something? A niche site, on a thread about a nobody, with only a handful of posts, 2 days after its made, on a site where 99% of the anons hate/don’t care about him, on a site where he, himself, has knowledge of, has posted on, and has gotten screenshots and info for his vids from. Wow it could definitely be anyone, totes not mike or mike fan at all. Nuthin to see here.

If you don’t like it, hide the thread.


No. 612124

he gets all his onion content from here, so no doubt. his sperging might make this thread worth watching.
now we just need a video of 'someone told me about this site'

No. 721941

File: 1540600905042.png (12.86 KB, 764x121, IMG_4535.PNG)

Katie's poo babies token gay is back to wave her goodbye(necromancy)

No. 721970

you really felt the need to raise this dead thread for this?

No. 859172

File: 1566949945054.png (17.9 KB, 578x153, rly.png)

Mike got a hot take on the Onion grooming situation.

No. 859545

he's a fucking idiot as usual. she was 18, there will be no court and mike has a convenient excuse to keep his tongue down greg's trousers.

No. 861630

I reckon he's got something to hide or feel guilty about. These "you can't say anything bad until an official conviction" types use that because they expect to be in a similar position one day. I bet he's a Spacey.

No. 894167

File: 1573873044592.jpeg (274.45 KB, 750x747, A7B83CC1-F630-4681-B9D0-D1E0FF…)

Not only did the fat fuck question the validity of the accusations against onion he posted this in defence of social repose https://mobile.twitter.com/Mikenactor/status/1194726312809680896

No. 894226

@djinngimlet you're gonna be a great source of entertainment(autism)

No. 899780

Its changed its twitter handle now after getting called out onntje anti o thread.
All she does it hate on Mike.
Another Onion stan in a bad disguise.

No. 899787

File: 1575148435555.jpeg (363.33 KB, 1242x696, 8FB02733-487F-4203-87AC-E434EE…)

After posting on Twitter about how he has a lolcow „page“ (looks like the white knights are already showing up, kek) he made a video about the haydurzzzz and it is so cringe, his „singing“ is so fucking bad it’s hilarious. Gotta love how he and his fans think that ppl who criticize him are onion stans, because it’s not like anyone hates him for being a neo nazi who hates women or anything

No. 899789

The video in question for anyone who hates themselves enough to sit through it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WQlGWmGdvB4&feature=youtu.be

No. 899793

File: 1575149580691.jpeg (625.89 KB, 1242x949, E37A200F-9CA4-43E3-9CEC-2CF1F3…)

LMAO this is why people hate the cunt, it has nothing to do with Anus (though the way he milks the grooming situation does not help, it only solidifies him as a huge cow, literally and figuratively)

No. 899847

Nobody believes your wild theory about the secret onion stans, racist bitch. Go get a job.

No. 899853

File: 1575159179544.jpeg (96.09 KB, 541x630, EA446C7E-699B-4A93-A28A-564182…)

Of course he liked this misogynist tweet posted by one of his retarded fans that he sends to attack girls on twitter because he is too much of a weak piece of shit to address them himself. I cannot wait til Greg is in jail and this untalented and unoriginal greasy hambeast retreats into his basement to never be heard from again

No. 900031

File: 1575201697183.png (20.99 KB, 739x164, mature mikey.PNG)

Let's see how long this will last kek. There's also no way he won't respond to this thread, probably even in form of a video like good old realstreamnews

No. 900032

File: 1575201970872.png (58.65 KB, 776x477, smart things.PNG)

This is such a cowish thing to tweet. And I can't help it, he sounds so much like Onion it's unreal.

No. 900033

File: 1575202043881.jpg (59.28 KB, 602x908, mikenactorlulz.jpg)

he's an absolute sped that can't handle criticism

No. 900035

Fundamentally, he idolises Greg, so it's no surprise he sometimes sounds like him.

No. 900037

File: 1575203858590.png (27.56 KB, 823x244, Layzar.PNG)

His whiteknights are even dumber than he is. How can he be gay and a misogynist even tho that has nothing to do with each other???

No. 900040

Jesus Christ. This is what happens when people use their buzzwords as meaningless epithets and just synonyms for the word "bad".

No. 900042

File: 1575205303531.jpeg (436.35 KB, 1242x1138, F08D6449-7D60-4044-82F7-B6ADD8…)

Theres a good amount of milk in the anti onion flake thread, both he and his inbred fans have been tweeting up and storm and based anons have been blessing us with the milk. He told a girl to die in a house fire and she tweeted Regina about it which resulted in Shiloh sperging in what appears to be defence of this fat cunt so now he is more smug than ever

No. 900043

File: 1575205451216.jpeg (40.95 KB, 750x420, F56AE312-38F2-4D4E-A185-B42C1E…)

The tweet in question

No. 900045

So she condones when he tells people to die, good to know. Because that's how people react, right? He is a fucking public figure, he should find a way to react to criticism and hate not by being a childish cunt like Dylan lmao.

No. 900050

Shiloh is inbred white trash just like Mike so are we really surprised? All these cows are attention seeking actual retards, its no wonder they flock together. Its just a shame that their cowish behaviour casts a shadow over the abuse. They make it hard to sympathise with people whose entire existence revolves around dumbshit internet dramu and clout chasing. It doesnt invalidate their trauma but it doesnt do them any favours

No. 900053

Bowie is turning in his grave, what the fuck is this atonal monstrosity? Who told this rancid bloated hog that he can sing? And what’s with his obsession with the fellow women hating scumfuck Jeffree Star and Shane Porkson’s conspiracy scam? Is he trying to reinvent himself as a beauty guru? The cringe is killing me

No. 900058

File: 1575208629345.png (824.63 KB, 1070x603, guru.PNG)

>Is he trying to reinvent himself as a beauty guru?
seems like it

No. 900074

File: 1575213892998.gif (798.06 KB, 498x384, tenor.gif)

It would go something like this

No. 900192

File: 1575232576301.jpg (2.13 MB, 3000x3000, MikenActor.jpg)

By Mirrorman, enjoy

No. 900220

File: 1575237265082.jpeg (510.13 KB, 750x1005, E2661341-088D-4A29-89E9-872351…)

This sweaty Christmas ham is posting caps of this thread and saying he is “living for it” imagine thinking being a cow is proud RIP MY SIDES

No. 900233


Ursula could sing.

Mike can't.

No. 900237

There I said it. >>900031
> I will not allow any further derailment of our primary goal
kek your primary goal is to be the centre of attention.

Yeah I know Mike, one of the creators on these pages you're inspired by is Greg. And it really is sad that your whole existence is about making onion videos and being offensive to get any attention at all

No. 900249


Ah yes, phase one of the Narc Rage Stages. The “this makes me relevant” post.

No. 900292

"every Creator I'm inspired by"
Like the Josh, who through his friend Gulia under the bus and faked his own death because couldn't deal with having a thread?
I give a day before he's moaing about the hate on here.

No. 900406

File: 1575263077755.jpeg (149.35 KB, 750x416, F2C6BFB4-B158-450F-BE9D-4A8337…)

As if he will learn anything from this, and tbh it is better for us if he doesnt, he is as delusional as Grug and will continue being a prize heifer. Shiloh is a dumb cunt for supporting this retard but it has armed him with the audacity to be even more milky

No. 900408

>You are an embarrassment.
So he's basically throwing shade at among other people, this girl >>900043 after telling her to die in a fire? Well that's mighty big of him. Like he's better than any of the people he's criticized, minus Onion, and that's still setting the bar really low.

No. 900412

>stop spreading hate to those trying to help us!
Why did Shiloh pick sides between a youtuber and an anti-o? A lot of people have been trying to help, not just Mike or other youtubers.

The girl that contacted Regina handled it poorly but I still see no reason to make a public statement about it. On top of that, the girl in question (River) WAS supporting Shiloh and the other girls from the beginning, long before Mike jumped in and he only did so very reluctantly. I remember him not wanting to get involved in the beginning, not until Sarah contacted him.

I think Shiloh should've just kept her mouth shut tbh. She looks kind of ridiculous here, cutting her nose off to spite her face.

No. 900425

Lol he highlighted his inner corner to make himself look like a sweaty pig

No. 900429

File: 1575267999949.jpeg (117.78 KB, 750x342, ABE6B2B2-15DC-44B0-8579-471CF4…)

>do make up



No. 900431

File: 1575268156523.jpeg (224.18 KB, 960x1200, 05B2A4B7-903E-4B5F-B39A-83F25E…)

I bet he smells like cheetos, stale BO and the particular excrement odor associated with people who are too fat to wipe their ass properly

No. 900453


funny how he reacts to everything in this thread but that one LOL

No. 900462

File: 1575274711239.jpeg (307.88 KB, 1242x528, 209BA553-EC8A-4626-8CF0-3C9454…)


Imagine being a redneck from buttfuck (literally, kek) nowhere rural Australia who is so desperate to come across as erudite that 90 per cent of your tweets are a thesaurus pick n mix but you can’t spell simple words or use punctuation correctly

>we will be getting an update from the FBI and YouTube


MAN U R CLAPPED holy shit, as if there aren’t enough clout chasing snowflakes gagging to be part of this sordid abuse narrative, now this wheezing land whale is making it about himself. Shiloh you are a fucking idiot for co-signing this shit

No. 900473


Are you really that shocked tho? She has always been a thundercunt. Theres a reason she has her own thread here. As other anons have said in the anti o flakes thread, just because she is a victim is doesnt mean she isnt a cow herself, and this just proves it. That poor girl is only 19, she clearly thought she was on good enough terms with Regina to reach out about Fat Mike telling her to die in a fire and instead of handling it privately Shiloh took it upon herself to put the girl on blast. She is trash.

No. 900474

File: 1575277500949.jpeg (107.44 KB, 470x465, B966CDD1-F953-42DD-8721-7283D0…)

His primary goal is to slob all over Jimmys wilted baby carrot

No. 900480

File: 1575279033117.jpeg (126.26 KB, 750x412, 0F6D35B9-6B5C-4A6A-B267-185119…)

LMAO why do all Mikey’s asslickers think that it’s just one particular person posting here? The expired ham hock has been on our radar long before this thread existed or before feisty women on twitter started calling him out, my dude. He has just upped the ante by acting increasingly handicapped. He has his autistic calves like you and waitingforelvis and ghostwhatever to thank for exacerbating it

No. 900482

Would you look at that, another one of mikes fans threatening someone. Real great bunch of supporters you have there, mikey boy

No. 900483


What makes this individual think they're interesting enough for their own thread?

No. 900484

File: 1575279791449.jpeg (361.42 KB, 750x996, 481CDA1B-F41B-4AA6-B9B8-7F0161…)

Taking lessons in narcissism and self-aggrandisement from Jabbathehuttenactor, presumably. His entire tl is sperging about opal and whiteknighting mike, if he keeps going like this he will probably end up with his own thread eventually

No. 900487

File: 1575280314848.jpeg (773.82 KB, 1242x1527, 67AE447E-4ACD-424E-9E8B-1A89AF…)

jfc why do all these faggots think that multiple people posting on an anonymous board is that one person they have an irrational hateboner for? Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would think you’re a fucktard dharklayzar

No. 900488

Can this douche make sense one time? How is she supposed to tell him who posts on an anonymous board? Calling this shit "war" is cringe af.

No. 900489

File: 1575280749009.jpeg (329.98 KB, 750x1114, B623455B-AAA3-4988-AE39-BC7782…)

Pretty much every single one of his tweets over the past 24 hours is about this girl holy fuck he is insane

No. 900490

File: 1575280859833.jpeg (408.9 KB, 750x1107, B483BB0F-98FA-4AEA-841D-F50652…)

No. 900491

File: 1575280958357.jpeg (393.93 KB, 1242x1040, 8231FAEC-9C58-48F4-81F7-ABB0CD…)

FUCKING KEK fedora confirmed. This shit writes itself

No. 900492

Nickelback I'm fucking dying! It's really cute that he thinks only one person is making fun of him.

No. 900493


No. 900498

>Lolcow forum
I love how he always calls it that. Also he doesn't deserve an own thread, he has his role as one of Mike's super-whiteknights.

No. 900501

File: 1575282632288.jpeg (535.22 KB, 750x1019, FAC6A54E-4FF7-46F4-AB8F-6487C9…)

I bet his parents are siblings

No. 900510

File: 1575284287174.jpeg (293.68 KB, 750x819, EA832587-7698-42DB-A0CC-EFAF6A…)

Literal fucking incel, this is some top fucking kek lads

No. 900517

No wonder she broke up with him through text he probably wouldve chased her down the street in person

No. 900518

Sure mike, you single handedly “brought Greg down” and you totally aren’t “toxic” yourself

No. 900519

And m’ladied her to death while screaming Nickleback lyrics at her

No. 900523

File: 1575285671256.jpeg (211.6 KB, 758x415, 4EF1ADF5-BDB4-4E1C-9910-341049…)

>calls someone racist

Remember that time you and Joy “joked” about black skin being the result of “poop in your wienerhole from butt sex” and mocked Mexicans with ginger hair? Pepperidge Farm remembers, Mikenmanson https://vimeo.com/306404269

No. 900524

"Is this what you came for"

Oh wait I forgot he wasnt coming at all unless he gave himself a hand

No. 900526


He was with someone for over five years and they never had sex? I mean there's nothing wrong with that, unless it spawns an incel tard like this one. No wonder he's so angry at whoever this Opal lass is - not only is she mocking his hero Mike, but she's a WOMAN. What a ball bag.

No. 900533

File: 1575291825488.jpeg (171.9 KB, 1242x359, CFD962C6-0BF4-4EB3-A92B-5E83B5…)

>I’m too busy

Yeah, trying to locate your dick under all those rolls of fat so you can jerk it to Onion’s videos

No. 900534

Eh sorry mike. I know you think everyone in this thread is only here because of some personal vendetta against you but I only come here when the more interesting cow’s threads are slow. Keep your pants on. You aren’t that special.

No. 900535

File: 1575293563165.jpeg (271.16 KB, 750x886, 6BEF8FCE-24E0-41C3-BC9E-53166E…)


All his fans are fat incel/femcel uggos just like him, they all hate women and being schooled by smart, funny, pretty girls who are also radfems and do not suffer any misogynistic mra fools or those who pander to them makes them all sperg and it’s milky as hell

No. 900537

File: 1575293735459.jpeg (366.46 KB, 750x1035, EC96CB89-EA9C-4995-96EF-583B60…)

>pussy farm

No wonder he is so far up Jeffree Star’s ass, they’re both misogynist faggots

No. 900540

File: 1575294139255.jpeg (151.21 KB, 750x379, 35B18866-E2F1-4415-90EF-E2C72E…)


He is 40, Jesus mike go back to school you imbecile. At least he acknowledges he says says “allot” of dumb shit though, lol

No. 900543

Except plenty of people were patient enough to try to reason with you, stayed respectful and didn't insult you, but you just don't want to take any criticism at all. You insulted and then blocked everyone of them. I also hear his dumb fans say he apologized for handling the Sarah situation so badly but he doubled down on it when he got backlash. There is no apology for what people criticized him for.

No. 900700

File: 1575327146241.jpeg (255.29 KB, 750x902, 5A99B5BA-F349-4682-B853-D99BE5…)

Sure Jan, you are one racist tweet away from a full blown meltdown a la your the baby carrot you are so desperate gobble

No. 900701

File: 1575327312361.jpeg (350.72 KB, 750x969, 61634BBC-4C9E-4B38-83BD-E1CAE9…)

Yeah, I wonder why, it can’t possibly have anything to do with you being a literal neckbeard incel

No. 900828

Mike should tell her the poo baby joke

No. 900886

File: 1575358170194.jpg (84 KB, 500x350, nickelback.jpg)

Wow this is my first time actually seeing someone unironically liking Nickelback.

No. 900887

>she doesn't want to dance on stage for white ppl
The twitter outrage over this is hilarious. They act like she said she wants to lynch all whites.
>You don't want to dance for whites?
>You must be racist!
And even if she was, who cares. She can dance for whoever she wants lol it really doesn't matter.

No. 900888

There’s a few of them in the “anti o” community, specifically ones that used to be stans, so make of that what you will

No. 900892

The internet never forgets.
>he doubled down on it when he got backlash
Which would suggest disingenuousness on his part. Then he wonders why people question his motives. I don't know what to think of him really. I've always raised an eyebrow over his association with Joy.

No. 900894

File: 1575359206193.jpeg (1012.99 KB, 1242x1737, EA05D145-0075-4C30-905F-F9BBAD…)

Right? Mike’s white supremacist misogynist faggot tears over this are almost as hilarious as his spergathon over the “manspreading chair” art project

No. 900900

Shiloh could've handled it better, with more maturity. I think she's become sort of the de-facto leader where the other girls are concerned? Initially it looked like Skye was taking on that role but for whatever reason, she seems to have bowed out. She hardly tweets anymore. I know she has school and whatnot (or maybe something else happened behind the scenes). Skye would've handled things better I think, certainty without making a public scene.

I've followed River's tl on and off and I don't think she deserved that. I know it's water under the bridge for her, still wasn't right.

No. 900901

lol I remember that. Everyone has an opinion. The thing with Mike it seems, is that he can dish it out but he can't take it. Grow up Mike.

No. 900905

She absolutely did not deserve it. Unlike the vast majority of anti onion flakes she seems smart and sensible and doesn’t go around attention whoring and trying to be a hero. For a 19 year old she’s a hell of a lot more mature than all the other twitterfags. In fact the ones that Mikey calls a ‘hate mob’ and ‘stalkers’ are the the only ones that DON’T act like clout chasing cows. He really thinks he is that much of a threat to Grunt that anyone who is critical of him must be a ‘spy’ sent to do the greaselord’s bidding. The delusion is as ripe as a piece of Gorgonzola left out in the sun.

No. 900906

File: 1575361079397.jpeg (782.06 KB, 1244x1797, Y.jpeg)

oml why? He tagged Onision too.

No. 900908

He says shit like this then wonders why people call him a misogynist? kek. The lack of self-awareness is staggering. I think he's tried to pass this off as just a "joke" but you really can tell a lot about a person by the words they use.

>women are retards, that's why they made this chair

It's not that deep dude. Stop projecting.

No. 900939

I hate when Mikenactor smacks his lips and then burps.

Ok, I said my peace!


No. 900953

Well that was fun

No. 900992

The biggest problem with Shiloh defending Mike is that she utilizes the fact that he criticizes Jimmy Boi and he should be exempt from criticism. Sorry, Shiloh, I respect what you've gone through and what you've done in the recent weeks, but if someone is just as manipulative and hateful as Onion, they deserve to be called out. It's not just "drama." Mike is perpetuating racist, sexist, ignorant rhetoric, and people are entitled to be stirred up over it. Mike is a proven cow. When he's been critized, he makes up violent poems, wishes death upon his critics, patronizes everyone that disagrees with him, and likes tweets of his fans being outright threatening. If that doesn't raise all of the red flags, then Shiloh didn't really learn any empathy from her time with Gurg or she's choosing to be willfully ignorant.

No. 901004

I think she doesn't pay attention to his behavior on Twitter. She just heard that an anti o came complaining to one of the victims and she heard before that some antis were attacking him without trying to understand what's going on (and yeah, can't blame her but then don't scold just one side). It all probably wouldn't have happened if river hadn't said anything to Regina (?) and now she even left Twitter because Shiloh made that ignorant tweet. Yes it wasn't a good idea to contact them about it but Mikenwanker gets away with everything and now he feels vindicated.

Also maybe he's in twitter jail right now.

No. 901028

I bet he’s cooking hot dogs right now in some cooking oil on a hot stove

No. 901036

That's a good point. Mikenactor is an overdramatic, unfunny knobhead with an over inflated ego, but I can sympathize that Shiloh and the rest of Greg's victims have bigger fish to fry. That doesn't excuse her in enabling Mike's wretchedness and helping him to further his alt-right agenda, because she's essentially being careless. That's disappointing, but that's Shiloh just being human. It doesn't negate Mike's loud shit spewing.

No. 901094

If she is bullying a girl who didn’t even @ her she is paying attention to twitter, she likes being on a moral high horse and tweeting shit like that so a few hundred fags can respond with “YAAAAAS KWEEEEN” and retweet her ad nauseam

No. 901110

File: 1575408840249.jpeg (75.08 KB, 635x635, F46A13B1-85E4-42BF-80B8-32E5CC…)


No. 901180

File: 1575415632933.jpeg (520.68 KB, 750x1042, CF8F7ECD-9B3C-4A94-AE3B-86D54A…)

>you’ll never ever get another response

Where have we heard that before? You’ll be back on your shit screeching about your alt-right male feefees being hurt but the meanies on lolcow calling you “stupid”, “fat” and “phag”. At least you finally acknowledge that it’s more than one person calling you on your nonsense and that your “haters” expand beyond the realm of Onion fans


No. 901225

We're not Onision fans, Mike. Were you an Onision fan when you beefed with Repzion? You can "critique" Onision and still be a narcissistic twat yourself. Your fuckwit whiteknights know all about that.

No. 901615

>I will sit here and laugh as you shout into a void and your conscience eats away at you.

Isn't that our line? Nice job seeming unbothered

No. 901639

File: 1575483801475.png (545.06 KB, 738x479, Game.PNG)

Jesus, people start talking about him again on his fucking lolcow thread and he thinks he is that important.

He has to clickbait with Grug's name to get any views on his shitty gameplay vids.

No. 901674

File: 1575490738669.jpeg (511.33 KB, 750x1094, B717ABDD-5673-44E0-BB01-1969A6…)


I mean, look at how many views his dramu-free non-Onision videos get. Hopefully he’ll make more cringe for us to mock though, the way he rims the haggard old queen Jeffree and his pet frump Shane, especially since he started creating potato tier Conspiracy Palette lewks is fucking hysterical

No. 901699

This 1 year old video is a goldmine if you look at the current direction of his channel.

>acknowledges that he was saying he's going to quit making onision videos for quite some time now

>people change
>I quit because people were defining me by that
>did it because it made me 500 bucks a month extra
>I'm a very creative person. I'm waisting my talent
>I want to move this channel in a different direction
>I have self-worth, I don't need Onision to have a channel
>I want to analyse media
>hopes he is neutral because "I'm a centrist" (kek)

Sorry if this is a little messy but it's so funny that he makes more onion vids than ever and completely works against his own goals

No. 901715

Don't forget about his music. All his calves telling him he's a good singer when we all know he sounds like he's scraping his nuts across a pile of broken glass. And the beats were so basic, like a child banging on pots and pans. Sounds even worse than the surplus of those shitty lo-fi beats channels. He doesn't have a leg to stand in without the Onision content

No. 901756

File: 1575502882118.jpg (133.47 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20191204-173716_Chr…)

Stop telling people to kill themselves, you odoriferous elephant. This is a genuine criticism. This person didn't say anything insulting. They just called crap on his actions on Twitter. Get a fucking grip, Mike.

No. 901828

File: 1575511593903.jpeg (276.8 KB, 750x591, AB98309F-FB0D-4E0B-818B-D97E9F…)

>you wouldn’t last

That’s rich, coming from a sack of moldy cottage cheese who can’t handle one iota of criticism because it hurts his pwecious neo Nazi feewings

No. 901829

File: 1575511684677.jpeg (49.55 KB, 569x441, 434A5E95-6AFE-415B-92C7-263514…)

No. 901855

I think anon here >>900901 said it best
>he can dish it out but he can't take it.

No. 901861

Aka "It's a joke, so it's okay for me to tell people to kill themselves! If you don't laugh, you're a moron." Jesus Christ. Has he been possessed by Greg?

No. 901875

File: 1575517041998.jpeg (379.85 KB, 750x898, 66BAB586-16F9-4886-A5AA-B87CF9…)

Two stays in twitter jail in the space of 48 hours clearly werent enough to deter him. What was that you were saying about growing, Maggotnactor? The only growing is your colossal lardy ass

No. 901894

Does he have anything reasonable to say in response to actual criticisms or is he just going to say "kill yourself" the entire time until he alienates everyone? I know I'm in the minority to think he can genuinely funny and insightful even outside of his Onision commentaries, or rather he used to be funny and interesting. When the fuck did he stop having open, polite conversations with the people giving him concerned criticisms?

No. 901946

File: 1575531531442.jpeg (605.28 KB, 1242x1196, 25CDA718-111D-406A-86BD-BC107A…)

>edgy humor

Someone get this meaty mongoloid a dictionary to go with that thesaurus he can’t stop abusing, it might help him understand the definition of the word “humor” (though seeing as he can’t read I won’t hold my breath when it comes to his comprehension)

No. 901948

File: 1575531797876.jpeg (767.89 KB, 1242x1457, 8E6544C7-B5C9-4585-B28D-38DED9…)

>Onion stans posing as Anti Os

The only poser and Onion stan here is you, butterball

No. 901954

File: 1575532785881.jpeg (298.46 KB, 750x698, 51A864B7-DDCE-43DB-A35C-615099…)

kek, we know fatboi

No. 901957

He's a blue balls expert, he thirsts for male attention online constantly and rarely gets it

No. 901968

File: 1575536643291.jpeg (186.87 KB, 750x411, FF73199B-B1E0-4356-B483-BC1E65…)

Apart from fellow racist cunt DorkLoser

No. 901983

>I know I'm in the minority to think he can genuinely funny and insightful
I agree with you anon, I've liked some of his recent videos. The problem is he's said and done some things in the last few weeks/months that's cast a lot of doubt on his authenticity and sincerity, and left me questioning his motives.
>When the fuck did he stop having open, polite conversations with the people giving him concerned criticisms?
Maybe the internet's just become too much for him. He's probably better off leaving social media for a little while before he really goes off the deep end.

No. 901985

lol anyone know if there's an update for this?

No. 901987

I think he can be amusing too, it’s a shame that his hard on for Jimmy and his overinflated ego, alt-right rhetoric and shameless money grubbing combined with righteous indignation and a permanent case of foot in mouth overshadow everything else. Most of the people coming for him on twitter seem to be pretty clear about this too, I don’t know why he keeps insisting that they only reason they call him out is because they’re fans of Jimbo or don’t understand his “edgy” humour

No. 901994

File: 1575544717430.jpeg (314.44 KB, 750x880, 59E90DDA-22C8-412B-90E4-2B6E8C…)

Here’s the video he made in response to his haydurz and then deleted. As the tweet says Mikey Boy, the internet is forever https://twitter.com/richnixeatsass/status/1200671623763910656

No. 901997

There's definitely a lot of overreaction on his part to more than fair criticism. Shiloh essentially going to bat for him boosted his ego quite a bit.

No. 902038

WaitingonElvis always talks about Anti O's that are secretly Greg stans. The questions is who brought this wild theory up first? They're both delusional.
>You are against me and I'm an anti-O youtuber so you must be pro Onision

No. 902072

I'm certain Elvis didn't come up with that on her own. She's been very public about her friendship with theJoshShow and he always claimed that his critics are Onision fangirls posing as Anti-O's to get information. Mike is also friends with Josh and Elvis tried to shit up Josh's revival thread.

No. 902320

I would love to know what she looks like given her fixation with calling cute girls “ugly”, “frumps”, “skanks”, etc. She’s probably as much of an eyesore as Mike and Josh. And it would explain her hatred of women. I wonder if she has created a new twitter account that is yet to be outed.

No. 902337

It might be worth checking into Mike and Josh's most recent followers if we're done waiting on Elvis.

No. 902507

File: 1575648131406.png (55.2 KB, 733x493, kek.PNG)

Did anyone get a screenshot of what he said to or about RTG?

No. 902552

Skye who? But Seriously no one curr who “leads” the victim army, this is so cringe

No. 902698

File: 1575671604961.jpeg (299.61 KB, 750x848, C71B7C49-62E7-4407-BA19-CAFA60…)

She was talking about onion but mike thought she was talking about him

No. 902717

File: 1575673094074.jpeg (217.5 KB, 750x457, CF831BBB-9B15-433D-8465-2B66A7…)

Shoulda thought about that before you told people to die. Cry me a fucking river

No. 902722

File: 1575673589933.jpeg (193.39 KB, 750x571, 2CEDD5C3-DE6C-4976-A980-4C24C1…)

Keep crying about how you are not a misogynist

No. 902919

File: 1575721604867.jpg (22.34 KB, 868x170, ELLouh9X0AAvX2N.jpg)

Oh, like you with your reaction videos to every stupid shit onision posts to milk his own miserable situation?
>I bElIeVe In DuE pRoCeSs

No. 902924

File: 1575724197658.jpeg (317.14 KB, 1242x743, 700C44BF-B141-406E-B1CF-78E43D…)


How is he this retarded? People watch your “video’s” for the same reason they watch Gurg’s; to laugh at how much of a self-important uneducated festival of cringe you are

No. 902925

File: 1575724340322.jpeg (190.08 KB, 1242x375, DAB9EB63-6825-4707-A297-B83EB3…)

The fucking irony of this sped talking about a lack of intelligence

No. 902929

File: 1575724900342.jpeg (960.84 KB, 1242x1620, 67D1FBC2-2446-4812-906D-A53515…)

He truly is the gift that keeps giving. I think the word you were looking for is vocabulary, not vernacular you dumpy dolt. The errant apostrophes are triggering me. Bonus kek for casual racism (just for something different) and bringing up someone else’s baldness when this fool looks like he should be advertising regaine himself

No. 902930

You don't have to do the same thing in order to criticize what someone is doing. You do reviews of movies without being in the film business so your whole point isn't logical. Maybe rewatch your video >>901699
where you're at least somewhat self-aware and admit that you're pathetic for making so many onision videos, Mikenwanker.

No. 902933

Another thing he has in common with Gurgles, they're both so uneducated that they lack knowledge of basic grammar in their own fucking language. Mike seems to be even worse when it comes to misusing words to sound smarter, kek.

No. 902936

The way he got dragged over his sperg about Joker having a less than perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes was golden, he doesn’t understand how rating systems or art criticism works and it was some top fucking kek. He clearly has no life away from the internet, he should devote some time to learning what words and grammar are at the very least before he makes embarrassing comments and videos LARPing as an intellectual when he probably didn’t even finish high school

No. 902938

File: 1575725933565.jpeg (252.14 KB, 750x688, EE9B3129-CAD6-40CD-BADE-A65458…)

How the fuck is this poignant? This is some r/im14andthisisdeep shit. Go read a book, maggotwanker

No. 902947

What asshat backwards logic is this? You don't have to be a god damn chef to know what foods you like and dislike. You don't have to be an author to critique books.

No. 903209

File: 1575784895601.jpeg (191.69 KB, 750x462, FF8FEA62-E497-4DC7-89BA-6120A3…)

Stevie created this template and of course maggot is trying to pass it off as his own

No. 903317

File: 1575815721108.png (397.31 KB, 816x487, original.PNG)

Holy shit it's straight up stolen. What a douche. Is it that hard to just retweet or quote something? I'm adding the original because he's so lazy that he only slightly changed the wording

No. 903324

File: 1575816128504.png (104.8 KB, 783x734, dfjdjdfjd.PNG)

>My channel will probably get 25% of the views
I think you're being generous there, Mikey.

When karma is served you'll cry in a corner because you can't grab that cash anymore.

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