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File: 1528941920118.png (413.02 KB, 599x594, Untitled.png)

No. 610098

1. incredibly obsessive. started by making an excessive number of videos about Onision but has since topped that with - nothing else. He's still making daily videos on Onision
2. Joy Sparkle BS best friend and supporter
3. laughed and defended Joy Sparkle BS racist jokes "Black People are made of Poop" and "Balck people are Poo Babies"
4. anti-semite / Right-wing
5. openly supports Rosanne Bar's racist jokes
6. supports the use of the N word
7. uses Autism to make fun of people -says "it was just a joke" when he's called out
8. his youtube career's based on making videos about Onision
9. as of writing this post, he made over 100 videos on Onision
10. denies to be O.O. (Onision-Obsessed) but he's either mentally unstable or has nothing else to say
11. he maintains he isn’t racist because he knows black people
12. decided not to like Repzion anymore after he criticised Joy's scams. Makes a video about it. Rep makes an epic video response saying "he doesn't really give a fuck about him, nor Joy." Case closed.
13. helped Joy and cultists dragging shrubtime for "lying" and "scamming" people
14. defended Joy after she doxxed shrubtime (a teenager) and bullied him online.
15. has a rabidly devoted cult of followers consisting of young teens - Joy Sparkle supperters
16. slavery is not his problem - right wing rhetoric
17. 23 years old - due obesity looks 40yo

Mikenactor Liks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blank.blanky.796
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mikenactor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikenactor
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8dr0SsyEj2AzRYEKKiuZKQ
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mikenactor
YouNow: https://www.younow.com/mikenactor
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mikenactor/

No. 610104

I dunno, OP. I feel like you dropped the ball by not mentioning joy sparkles about a thousand times.

meanwhile, why bother making this thread now? it would've been relevant last year, and given people a place to sperg about him instead of shitting up the jsbs threads (more than they usually were) pretty much everything you mention is old stale milk.

is this an attempt to rekindle jsbs shit or what?

No. 610117

File: 1528943251511.png (18.87 KB, 607x205, 7.png)

good point anon. OP you're late although why has noone started it till now remains a mystery.
there's still plenty of stuff to talk about Mikenactor, this is recent. it's clear he doesn't like the blacks

No. 610190

not even wk this fag, but he's not saying anything negative about colored people. he's just saying no one living now is responsible for slavery. dont be a stupid fucking mook.

No. 610226

Joy's here defending this faggot
Go back to bed Joy you have fakeillnesstitis remember?

No. 610227

hi, not joy. just not a MUH NIGGERS NEED SUPPORT!!! sjw.

No. 610234


>clear he doesn’t like the blacks

because he accurately identified the fact that he’s not a slave owner? jesus christ anon. you’re reaching so hard you’re basically on another planet. find some actual milk.

…if he even has any. pretty sure all he’s done recently is make more onision videos, which is both boring and doesn’t really bring in the views it used to. unless you have more screenshots, running around going “reeee mike hates the blacks!!” based off of no solid evidence just makes you look like a social justice tard.

No. 610235

Sure Joy
Never said anything about niggers but he was there laughing and defending you
bye Joy

No. 610243

File: 1528955022950.png (35.53 KB, 640x320, IMG_4186.PNG)

He's not saint

No. 610245

racist like herpest friend
See what I did there ahahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 610252

yeah, yeah, what's up onision?

No. 610256

I've suspected Milken Actor of self posting for a while but I feel like this seals it. I know he has at least once and I would be surprised if this wasn't him.

No. 610271

Nah, this thread is clearly being samefagged into the ground by someone who can barely speak cohesive English. I highly doubt it’s actually Mike. Sounds more like a lost and retarded Malaysian or something equally bizarre.

No. 610276

>he doesn't think what I think. he's a horrible person !!!!!
he's already admitted he makes the onision videos because they get views.

No. 610433

Mikenactor is just as bad as Joy and deserved to get drug over the coals every bit as much as she does. His videos are full of shit, I can't believe people haven't made the same comments about him personally. He totally fits the joytard mold.

No. 610452

This thread is a terrible vendetta attempt most likely posted by the same user who keeps sending us emails containing poorly faked screenshots with bad grammar to ask us to make the thread ourselves. Try harder next time.

No. 610489

Onion's little gang of retards

No. 610560

File: 1528995388443.jpeg (345.01 KB, 1063x1525, 666AF335-24E3-4EA3-BE96-9B1365…)

Lmao anon you were so on point >>610271

Someone should’ve made this thread a year ago with proper grammar and a way better OP bc he is a little faggot who is so boring, cringe, asskissing, creepy, annoying, retarded, gross, obnoxious, hypocritical, gay, obsessed, etc.
But the OPs missing a lot of shit and was probably written by an SJW.
But I sincerely hope this thread can be saved and turned into an actual good-quality thread about that massive faggot.

But he’s also super irrelevant and everyone’s forgotten about him, so this might just falsely enable him in his continued thinking that he is ~famoos~. And all his content is the same boring topics, same points reiterated over and over, nothing new added, and physically painful to watch.


*funnily enough all his subscribers are a mix of him and joy (munchie, lazy, and obease) kek

*and he slaps on a million filters and photoshopped his patron photo bc he’s gag-worthy

>pic related: wtf is on his mouth, it’s like fucking scabies

Maybe this thread should be autosaged until it cleans up or gets better OP, SC,milk. So it doesn’t keep showing up on the front page, but keeps it’s possible potential

No. 610675

Agree, this weird faggot should be treated like Joy. Apparently Admin forgot what a bitch he is.

No. 610790

I fucking called it.

No. 611156

Hello KATIE(hi [cow])

No. 611166

god I hope Admin puts this thread out of its misery. what a fucking abortion.

No. 611291

>colored people
Good lord anon, what is this the 50's

No. 611359

This thread is fairly shit (good to know to steer clear of him though due to racist shit), but holy shit he's 23? He legit looks like he's in his mid-to-late 30's. I'm 30 and look younger than him..

I never cared for how OTT he was in videos though. Seemed like he had a boner for onion.

No. 611368

I fucking love this dude
Everything he says on onision is on fucking point.
I love that he doesn't care about you thinking it's obsessive he's literally making bank on it. Get fucking cucked onifags

No. 611435

bit obvious, mate. and how much bank can you- I mean, he be making with his tiny view counts? or do you mean the 120 bucks a month from patreon? wow, such bank.

No. 611469

used to watch him when looking through greg's bullshit. he seemed funny at first but his fuckload of videos repeating the same shit over and over again bored me.

He is absolutely right about Onion boy, that's for sure, but you could watch 6 videos in a row and not find anything new about what he's saying cuz he just repeats himself.

That and the fact that he's a JoySparkles wk are enough to show his obsession fueled boner for lainey's husband

No. 611844

Bit retarded to hate him on him for the amount of videos but then say his points on onision are solid. I dunno what you expect the onision critic channels to do lol, ignore and enable his Shitty behavour?

We are getting through to him. But Mike is right. The apologies means nothing after months and months of the same thing. Then he uploads another fucking video shaming ugenia coney and being a fucking creep to her… go bump the oni thread and don't waste your time bitching about Mike. He's one of the best anti onion channels and he's funny as fuck. And joy wasn't that bad she was just obviously anxious around onision

No. 611846

God how do you people exist in society when you think everybody who defends a person is that person? What are you pewdiepies fucking 9 year old army?

No. 611905

File: 1529103891812.jpeg (271.3 KB, 1438x921, 7EE63360-3FB0-4683-B2B3-E45D71…)

Lmao I’m assuming mike found this abortion of a thread.

Just stop. You’re clearly samefagging, for the love of god just type “sage” in the email field when you post bc you’re just bumping this retards thread to the front page, which is bad for you…. I mean your favorite faxxx youtuber lol.

>he's literally making bank on it.

Oh really? Because his social blade & patreon say otherwise, even mike, himself, says otherwise. (Pic very related)

>go bump the oni thread and don't waste your time bitching about Mike.

The irony of saying that while bumping this dead ass thread.

>He's one of the best anti onion channels and he's funny as fuck.

>he’s funny as fuck
>he’s funny
>refering to mike

Lmao this has got to be a joke

>everybody who defends a person is that person?

Oh come on, are you lost or something? A niche site, on a thread about a nobody, with only a handful of posts, 2 days after its made, on a site where 99% of the anons hate/don’t care about him, on a site where he, himself, has knowledge of, has posted on, and has gotten screenshots and info for his vids from. Wow it could definitely be anyone, totes not mike or mike fan at all. Nuthin to see here.

If you don’t like it, hide the thread.


No. 612124

he gets all his onion content from here, so no doubt. his sperging might make this thread worth watching.
now we just need a video of 'someone told me about this site'

No. 721941

File: 1540600905042.png (12.86 KB, 764x121, IMG_4535.PNG)

Katie's poo babies token gay is back to wave her goodbye(necromancy)

No. 721970

you really felt the need to raise this dead thread for this?

No. 859172

File: 1566949945054.png (17.9 KB, 578x153, rly.png)

Mike got a hot take on the Onion grooming situation.

No. 859545

he's a fucking idiot as usual. she was 18, there will be no court and mike has a convenient excuse to keep his tongue down greg's trousers.

No. 861630

I reckon he's got something to hide or feel guilty about. These "you can't say anything bad until an official conviction" types use that because they expect to be in a similar position one day. I bet he's a Spacey.

No. 894167

File: 1573873044592.jpeg (274.45 KB, 750x747, A7B83CC1-F630-4681-B9D0-D1E0FF…)

Not only did the fat fuck question the validity of the accusations against onion he posted this in defence of social repose https://mobile.twitter.com/Mikenactor/status/1194726312809680896

No. 894226

@djinngimlet you're gonna be a great source of entertainment(autism)

No. 899780

Its changed its twitter handle now after getting called out onntje anti o thread.
All she does it hate on Mike.
Another Onion stan in a bad disguise.

No. 899787

File: 1575148435555.jpeg (363.33 KB, 1242x696, 8FB02733-487F-4203-87AC-E434EE…)

After posting on Twitter about how he has a lolcow „page“ (looks like the white knights are already showing up, kek) he made a video about the haydurzzzz and it is so cringe, his „singing“ is so fucking bad it’s hilarious. Gotta love how he and his fans think that ppl who criticize him are onion stans, because it’s not like anyone hates him for being a neo nazi who hates women or anything

No. 899789

The video in question for anyone who hates themselves enough to sit through it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WQlGWmGdvB4&feature=youtu.be

No. 899793

File: 1575149580691.jpeg (625.89 KB, 1242x949, E37A200F-9CA4-43E3-9CEC-2CF1F3…)

LMAO this is why people hate the cunt, it has nothing to do with Anus (though the way he milks the grooming situation does not help, it only solidifies him as a huge cow, literally and figuratively)

No. 899847

Nobody believes your wild theory about the secret onion stans, racist bitch. Go get a job.

No. 899853

File: 1575159179544.jpeg (96.09 KB, 541x630, EA446C7E-699B-4A93-A28A-564182…)

Of course he liked this misogynist tweet posted by one of his retarded fans that he sends to attack girls on twitter because he is too much of a weak piece of shit to address them himself. I cannot wait til Greg is in jail and this untalented and unoriginal greasy hambeast retreats into his basement to never be heard from again

No. 900031

File: 1575201697183.png (20.99 KB, 739x164, mature mikey.PNG)

Let's see how long this will last kek. There's also no way he won't respond to this thread, probably even in form of a video like good old realstreamnews

No. 900032

File: 1575201970872.png (58.65 KB, 776x477, smart things.PNG)

This is such a cowish thing to tweet. And I can't help it, he sounds so much like Onion it's unreal.

No. 900033

File: 1575202043881.jpg (59.28 KB, 602x908, mikenactorlulz.jpg)

he's an absolute sped that can't handle criticism

No. 900035

Fundamentally, he idolises Greg, so it's no surprise he sometimes sounds like him.

No. 900037

File: 1575203858590.png (27.56 KB, 823x244, Layzar.PNG)

His whiteknights are even dumber than he is. How can he be gay and a misogynist even tho that has nothing to do with each other???

No. 900040

Jesus Christ. This is what happens when people use their buzzwords as meaningless epithets and just synonyms for the word "bad".

No. 900042

File: 1575205303531.jpeg (436.35 KB, 1242x1138, F08D6449-7D60-4044-82F7-B6ADD8…)

Theres a good amount of milk in the anti onion flake thread, both he and his inbred fans have been tweeting up and storm and based anons have been blessing us with the milk. He told a girl to die in a house fire and she tweeted Regina about it which resulted in Shiloh sperging in what appears to be defence of this fat cunt so now he is more smug than ever

No. 900043

File: 1575205451216.jpeg (40.95 KB, 750x420, F56AE312-38F2-4D4E-A185-B42C1E…)

The tweet in question

No. 900045

So she condones when he tells people to die, good to know. Because that's how people react, right? He is a fucking public figure, he should find a way to react to criticism and hate not by being a childish cunt like Dylan lmao.

No. 900050

Shiloh is inbred white trash just like Mike so are we really surprised? All these cows are attention seeking actual retards, its no wonder they flock together. Its just a shame that their cowish behaviour casts a shadow over the abuse. They make it hard to sympathise with people whose entire existence revolves around dumbshit internet dramu and clout chasing. It doesnt invalidate their trauma but it doesnt do them any favours

No. 900053

Bowie is turning in his grave, what the fuck is this atonal monstrosity? Who told this rancid bloated hog that he can sing? And what’s with his obsession with the fellow women hating scumfuck Jeffree Star and Shane Porkson’s conspiracy scam? Is he trying to reinvent himself as a beauty guru? The cringe is killing me

No. 900058

File: 1575208629345.png (824.63 KB, 1070x603, guru.PNG)

>Is he trying to reinvent himself as a beauty guru?
seems like it

No. 900074

File: 1575213892998.gif (798.06 KB, 498x384, tenor.gif)

It would go something like this

No. 900192

File: 1575232576301.jpg (2.13 MB, 3000x3000, MikenActor.jpg)

By Mirrorman, enjoy

No. 900220

File: 1575237265082.jpeg (510.13 KB, 750x1005, E2661341-088D-4A29-89E9-872351…)

This sweaty Christmas ham is posting caps of this thread and saying he is “living for it” imagine thinking being a cow is proud RIP MY SIDES

No. 900233


Ursula could sing.

Mike can't.

No. 900237

There I said it. >>900031
> I will not allow any further derailment of our primary goal
kek your primary goal is to be the centre of attention.

Yeah I know Mike, one of the creators on these pages you're inspired by is Greg. And it really is sad that your whole existence is about making onion videos and being offensive to get any attention at all

No. 900249


Ah yes, phase one of the Narc Rage Stages. The “this makes me relevant” post.

No. 900292

"every Creator I'm inspired by"
Like the Josh, who through his friend Gulia under the bus and faked his own death because couldn't deal with having a thread?
I give a day before he's moaing about the hate on here.

No. 900406

File: 1575263077755.jpeg (149.35 KB, 750x416, F2C6BFB4-B158-450F-BE9D-4A8337…)

As if he will learn anything from this, and tbh it is better for us if he doesnt, he is as delusional as Grug and will continue being a prize heifer. Shiloh is a dumb cunt for supporting this retard but it has armed him with the audacity to be even more milky

No. 900408

>You are an embarrassment.
So he's basically throwing shade at among other people, this girl >>900043 after telling her to die in a fire? Well that's mighty big of him. Like he's better than any of the people he's criticized, minus Onion, and that's still setting the bar really low.

No. 900412

>stop spreading hate to those trying to help us!
Why did Shiloh pick sides between a youtuber and an anti-o? A lot of people have been trying to help, not just Mike or other youtubers.

The girl that contacted Regina handled it poorly but I still see no reason to make a public statement about it. On top of that, the girl in question (River) WAS supporting Shiloh and the other girls from the beginning, long before Mike jumped in and he only did so very reluctantly. I remember him not wanting to get involved in the beginning, not until Sarah contacted him.

I think Shiloh should've just kept her mouth shut tbh. She looks kind of ridiculous here, cutting her nose off to spite her face.

No. 900425

Lol he highlighted his inner corner to make himself look like a sweaty pig

No. 900429

File: 1575267999949.jpeg (117.78 KB, 750x342, ABE6B2B2-15DC-44B0-8579-471CF4…)

>do make up



No. 900431

File: 1575268156523.jpeg (224.18 KB, 960x1200, 05B2A4B7-903E-4B5F-B39A-83F25E…)

I bet he smells like cheetos, stale BO and the particular excrement odor associated with people who are too fat to wipe their ass properly

No. 900453


funny how he reacts to everything in this thread but that one LOL

No. 900462

File: 1575274711239.jpeg (307.88 KB, 1242x528, 209BA553-EC8A-4626-8CF0-3C9454…)


Imagine being a redneck from buttfuck (literally, kek) nowhere rural Australia who is so desperate to come across as erudite that 90 per cent of your tweets are a thesaurus pick n mix but you can’t spell simple words or use punctuation correctly

>we will be getting an update from the FBI and YouTube


MAN U R CLAPPED holy shit, as if there aren’t enough clout chasing snowflakes gagging to be part of this sordid abuse narrative, now this wheezing land whale is making it about himself. Shiloh you are a fucking idiot for co-signing this shit

No. 900473


Are you really that shocked tho? She has always been a thundercunt. Theres a reason she has her own thread here. As other anons have said in the anti o flakes thread, just because she is a victim is doesnt mean she isnt a cow herself, and this just proves it. That poor girl is only 19, she clearly thought she was on good enough terms with Regina to reach out about Fat Mike telling her to die in a fire and instead of handling it privately Shiloh took it upon herself to put the girl on blast. She is trash.

No. 900474

File: 1575277500949.jpeg (107.44 KB, 470x465, B966CDD1-F953-42DD-8721-7283D0…)

His primary goal is to slob all over Jimmys wilted baby carrot

No. 900480

File: 1575279033117.jpeg (126.26 KB, 750x412, 0F6D35B9-6B5C-4A6A-B267-185119…)

LMAO why do all Mikey’s asslickers think that it’s just one particular person posting here? The expired ham hock has been on our radar long before this thread existed or before feisty women on twitter started calling him out, my dude. He has just upped the ante by acting increasingly handicapped. He has his autistic calves like you and waitingforelvis and ghostwhatever to thank for exacerbating it

No. 900482

Would you look at that, another one of mikes fans threatening someone. Real great bunch of supporters you have there, mikey boy

No. 900483


What makes this individual think they're interesting enough for their own thread?

No. 900484

File: 1575279791449.jpeg (361.42 KB, 750x996, 481CDA1B-F41B-4AA6-B9B8-7F0161…)

Taking lessons in narcissism and self-aggrandisement from Jabbathehuttenactor, presumably. His entire tl is sperging about opal and whiteknighting mike, if he keeps going like this he will probably end up with his own thread eventually

No. 900487

File: 1575280314848.jpeg (773.82 KB, 1242x1527, 67AE447E-4ACD-424E-9E8B-1A89AF…)

jfc why do all these faggots think that multiple people posting on an anonymous board is that one person they have an irrational hateboner for? Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would think you’re a fucktard dharklayzar

No. 900488

Can this douche make sense one time? How is she supposed to tell him who posts on an anonymous board? Calling this shit "war" is cringe af.

No. 900489

File: 1575280749009.jpeg (329.98 KB, 750x1114, B623455B-AAA3-4988-AE39-BC7782…)

Pretty much every single one of his tweets over the past 24 hours is about this girl holy fuck he is insane

No. 900490

File: 1575280859833.jpeg (408.9 KB, 750x1107, B483BB0F-98FA-4AEA-841D-F50652…)

No. 900491

File: 1575280958357.jpeg (393.93 KB, 1242x1040, 8231FAEC-9C58-48F4-81F7-ABB0CD…)

FUCKING KEK fedora confirmed. This shit writes itself

No. 900492

Nickelback I'm fucking dying! It's really cute that he thinks only one person is making fun of him.

No. 900493


No. 900498

>Lolcow forum
I love how he always calls it that. Also he doesn't deserve an own thread, he has his role as one of Mike's super-whiteknights.

No. 900510

File: 1575284287174.jpeg (293.68 KB, 750x819, EA832587-7698-42DB-A0CC-EFAF6A…)

Literal fucking incel, this is some top fucking kek lads

No. 900517

No wonder she broke up with him through text he probably wouldve chased her down the street in person

No. 900518

Sure mike, you single handedly “brought Greg down” and you totally aren’t “toxic” yourself

No. 900519

And m’ladied her to death while screaming Nickleback lyrics at her

No. 900523

File: 1575285671256.jpeg (211.6 KB, 758x415, 4EF1ADF5-BDB4-4E1C-9910-341049…)

>calls someone racist

Remember that time you and Joy “joked” about black skin being the result of “poop in your wienerhole from butt sex” and mocked Mexicans with ginger hair? Pepperidge Farm remembers, Mikenmanson https://vimeo.com/306404269

No. 900524

"Is this what you came for"

Oh wait I forgot he wasnt coming at all unless he gave himself a hand

No. 900526


He was with someone for over five years and they never had sex? I mean there's nothing wrong with that, unless it spawns an incel tard like this one. No wonder he's so angry at whoever this Opal lass is - not only is she mocking his hero Mike, but she's a WOMAN. What a ball bag.

No. 900533

File: 1575291825488.jpeg (171.9 KB, 1242x359, CFD962C6-0BF4-4EB3-A92B-5E83B5…)

>I’m too busy

Yeah, trying to locate your dick under all those rolls of fat so you can jerk it to Onion’s videos

No. 900534

Eh sorry mike. I know you think everyone in this thread is only here because of some personal vendetta against you but I only come here when the more interesting cow’s threads are slow. Keep your pants on. You aren’t that special.

No. 900535

File: 1575293563165.jpeg (271.16 KB, 750x886, 6BEF8FCE-24E0-41C3-BC9E-53166E…)


All his fans are fat incel/femcel uggos just like him, they all hate women and being schooled by smart, funny, pretty girls who are also radfems and do not suffer any misogynistic mra fools or those who pander to them makes them all sperg and it’s milky as hell

No. 900537

File: 1575293735459.jpeg (366.46 KB, 750x1035, EC96CB89-EA9C-4995-96EF-583B60…)

>pussy farm

No wonder he is so far up Jeffree Star’s ass, they’re both misogynist faggots

No. 900540

File: 1575294139255.jpeg (151.21 KB, 750x379, 35B18866-E2F1-4415-90EF-E2C72E…)


He is 40, Jesus mike go back to school you imbecile. At least he acknowledges he says says “allot” of dumb shit though, lol

No. 900543

Except plenty of people were patient enough to try to reason with you, stayed respectful and didn't insult you, but you just don't want to take any criticism at all. You insulted and then blocked everyone of them. I also hear his dumb fans say he apologized for handling the Sarah situation so badly but he doubled down on it when he got backlash. There is no apology for what people criticized him for.

No. 900700

File: 1575327146241.jpeg (255.29 KB, 750x902, 5A99B5BA-F349-4682-B853-D99BE5…)

Sure Jan, you are one racist tweet away from a full blown meltdown a la your the baby carrot you are so desperate gobble

No. 900701

File: 1575327312361.jpeg (350.72 KB, 750x969, 61634BBC-4C9E-4B38-83BD-E1CAE9…)

Yeah, I wonder why, it can’t possibly have anything to do with you being a literal neckbeard incel

No. 900828

Mike should tell her the poo baby joke

No. 900886

File: 1575358170194.jpg (84 KB, 500x350, nickelback.jpg)

Wow this is my first time actually seeing someone unironically liking Nickelback.

No. 900887

>she doesn't want to dance on stage for white ppl
The twitter outrage over this is hilarious. They act like she said she wants to lynch all whites.
>You don't want to dance for whites?
>You must be racist!
And even if she was, who cares. She can dance for whoever she wants lol it really doesn't matter.

No. 900888

There’s a few of them in the “anti o” community, specifically ones that used to be stans, so make of that what you will

No. 900892

The internet never forgets.
>he doubled down on it when he got backlash
Which would suggest disingenuousness on his part. Then he wonders why people question his motives. I don't know what to think of him really. I've always raised an eyebrow over his association with Joy.

No. 900894

File: 1575359206193.jpeg (1012.99 KB, 1242x1737, EA05D145-0075-4C30-905F-F9BBAD…)

Right? Mike’s white supremacist misogynist faggot tears over this are almost as hilarious as his spergathon over the “manspreading chair” art project

No. 900900

Shiloh could've handled it better, with more maturity. I think she's become sort of the de-facto leader where the other girls are concerned? Initially it looked like Skye was taking on that role but for whatever reason, she seems to have bowed out. She hardly tweets anymore. I know she has school and whatnot (or maybe something else happened behind the scenes). Skye would've handled things better I think, certainty without making a public scene.

I've followed River's tl on and off and I don't think she deserved that. I know it's water under the bridge for her, still wasn't right.

No. 900901

lol I remember that. Everyone has an opinion. The thing with Mike it seems, is that he can dish it out but he can't take it. Grow up Mike.

No. 900905

She absolutely did not deserve it. Unlike the vast majority of anti onion flakes she seems smart and sensible and doesn’t go around attention whoring and trying to be a hero. For a 19 year old she’s a hell of a lot more mature than all the other twitterfags. In fact the ones that Mikey calls a ‘hate mob’ and ‘stalkers’ are the the only ones that DON’T act like clout chasing cows. He really thinks he is that much of a threat to Grunt that anyone who is critical of him must be a ‘spy’ sent to do the greaselord’s bidding. The delusion is as ripe as a piece of Gorgonzola left out in the sun.

No. 900906

File: 1575361079397.jpeg (782.06 KB, 1244x1797, Y.jpeg)

oml why? He tagged Onision too.

No. 900908

He says shit like this then wonders why people call him a misogynist? kek. The lack of self-awareness is staggering. I think he's tried to pass this off as just a "joke" but you really can tell a lot about a person by the words they use.

>women are retards, that's why they made this chair

It's not that deep dude. Stop projecting.

No. 900939

I hate when Mikenactor smacks his lips and then burps.

Ok, I said my peace!


No. 900953

Well that was fun

No. 900992

The biggest problem with Shiloh defending Mike is that she utilizes the fact that he criticizes Jimmy Boi and he should be exempt from criticism. Sorry, Shiloh, I respect what you've gone through and what you've done in the recent weeks, but if someone is just as manipulative and hateful as Onion, they deserve to be called out. It's not just "drama." Mike is perpetuating racist, sexist, ignorant rhetoric, and people are entitled to be stirred up over it. Mike is a proven cow. When he's been critized, he makes up violent poems, wishes death upon his critics, patronizes everyone that disagrees with him, and likes tweets of his fans being outright threatening. If that doesn't raise all of the red flags, then Shiloh didn't really learn any empathy from her time with Gurg or she's choosing to be willfully ignorant.

No. 901004

I think she doesn't pay attention to his behavior on Twitter. She just heard that an anti o came complaining to one of the victims and she heard before that some antis were attacking him without trying to understand what's going on (and yeah, can't blame her but then don't scold just one side). It all probably wouldn't have happened if river hadn't said anything to Regina (?) and now she even left Twitter because Shiloh made that ignorant tweet. Yes it wasn't a good idea to contact them about it but Mikenwanker gets away with everything and now he feels vindicated.

Also maybe he's in twitter jail right now.

No. 901028

I bet he’s cooking hot dogs right now in some cooking oil on a hot stove

No. 901036

That's a good point. Mikenactor is an overdramatic, unfunny knobhead with an over inflated ego, but I can sympathize that Shiloh and the rest of Greg's victims have bigger fish to fry. That doesn't excuse her in enabling Mike's wretchedness and helping him to further his alt-right agenda, because she's essentially being careless. That's disappointing, but that's Shiloh just being human. It doesn't negate Mike's loud shit spewing.

No. 901094

If she is bullying a girl who didn’t even @ her she is paying attention to twitter, she likes being on a moral high horse and tweeting shit like that so a few hundred fags can respond with “YAAAAAS KWEEEEN” and retweet her ad nauseam

No. 901110

File: 1575408840249.jpeg (75.08 KB, 635x635, F46A13B1-85E4-42BF-80B8-32E5CC…)


No. 901180

File: 1575415632933.jpeg (520.68 KB, 750x1042, CF8F7ECD-9B3C-4A94-AE3B-86D54A…)

>you’ll never ever get another response

Where have we heard that before? You’ll be back on your shit screeching about your alt-right male feefees being hurt but the meanies on lolcow calling you “stupid”, “fat” and “phag”. At least you finally acknowledge that it’s more than one person calling you on your nonsense and that your “haters” expand beyond the realm of Onion fans


No. 901225

We're not Onision fans, Mike. Were you an Onision fan when you beefed with Repzion? You can "critique" Onision and still be a narcissistic twat yourself. Your fuckwit whiteknights know all about that.

No. 901615

>I will sit here and laugh as you shout into a void and your conscience eats away at you.

Isn't that our line? Nice job seeming unbothered

No. 901639

File: 1575483801475.png (545.06 KB, 738x479, Game.PNG)

Jesus, people start talking about him again on his fucking lolcow thread and he thinks he is that important.

He has to clickbait with Grug's name to get any views on his shitty gameplay vids.

No. 901674

File: 1575490738669.jpeg (511.33 KB, 750x1094, B717ABDD-5673-44E0-BB01-1969A6…)


I mean, look at how many views his dramu-free non-Onision videos get. Hopefully he’ll make more cringe for us to mock though, the way he rims the haggard old queen Jeffree and his pet frump Shane, especially since he started creating potato tier Conspiracy Palette lewks is fucking hysterical

No. 901699

This 1 year old video is a goldmine if you look at the current direction of his channel.

>acknowledges that he was saying he's going to quit making onision videos for quite some time now

>people change
>I quit because people were defining me by that
>did it because it made me 500 bucks a month extra
>I'm a very creative person. I'm waisting my talent
>I want to move this channel in a different direction
>I have self-worth, I don't need Onision to have a channel
>I want to analyse media
>hopes he is neutral because "I'm a centrist" (kek)

Sorry if this is a little messy but it's so funny that he makes more onion vids than ever and completely works against his own goals

No. 901715

Don't forget about his music. All his calves telling him he's a good singer when we all know he sounds like he's scraping his nuts across a pile of broken glass. And the beats were so basic, like a child banging on pots and pans. Sounds even worse than the surplus of those shitty lo-fi beats channels. He doesn't have a leg to stand in without the Onision content

No. 901756

File: 1575502882118.jpg (133.47 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20191204-173716_Chr…)

Stop telling people to kill themselves, you odoriferous elephant. This is a genuine criticism. This person didn't say anything insulting. They just called crap on his actions on Twitter. Get a fucking grip, Mike.

No. 901828

File: 1575511593903.jpeg (276.8 KB, 750x591, AB98309F-FB0D-4E0B-818B-D97E9F…)

>you wouldn’t last

That’s rich, coming from a sack of moldy cottage cheese who can’t handle one iota of criticism because it hurts his pwecious neo Nazi feewings

No. 901829

File: 1575511684677.jpeg (49.55 KB, 569x441, 434A5E95-6AFE-415B-92C7-263514…)

No. 901855

I think anon here >>900901 said it best
>he can dish it out but he can't take it.

No. 901861

Aka "It's a joke, so it's okay for me to tell people to kill themselves! If you don't laugh, you're a moron." Jesus Christ. Has he been possessed by Greg?

No. 901875

File: 1575517041998.jpeg (379.85 KB, 750x898, 66BAB586-16F9-4886-A5AA-B87CF9…)

Two stays in twitter jail in the space of 48 hours clearly werent enough to deter him. What was that you were saying about growing, Maggotnactor? The only growing is your colossal lardy ass

No. 901894

Does he have anything reasonable to say in response to actual criticisms or is he just going to say "kill yourself" the entire time until he alienates everyone? I know I'm in the minority to think he can genuinely funny and insightful even outside of his Onision commentaries, or rather he used to be funny and interesting. When the fuck did he stop having open, polite conversations with the people giving him concerned criticisms?

No. 901946

File: 1575531531442.jpeg (605.28 KB, 1242x1196, 25CDA718-111D-406A-86BD-BC107A…)

>edgy humor

Someone get this meaty mongoloid a dictionary to go with that thesaurus he can’t stop abusing, it might help him understand the definition of the word “humor” (though seeing as he can’t read I won’t hold my breath when it comes to his comprehension)

No. 901948

File: 1575531797876.jpeg (767.89 KB, 1242x1457, 8E6544C7-B5C9-4585-B28D-38DED9…)

>Onion stans posing as Anti Os

The only poser and Onion stan here is you, butterball

No. 901954

File: 1575532785881.jpeg (298.46 KB, 750x698, 51A864B7-DDCE-43DB-A35C-615099…)

kek, we know fatboi

No. 901957

He's a blue balls expert, he thirsts for male attention online constantly and rarely gets it

No. 901968

File: 1575536643291.jpeg (186.87 KB, 750x411, FF73199B-B1E0-4356-B483-BC1E65…)

Apart from fellow racist cunt DorkLoser

No. 901983

>I know I'm in the minority to think he can genuinely funny and insightful
I agree with you anon, I've liked some of his recent videos. The problem is he's said and done some things in the last few weeks/months that's cast a lot of doubt on his authenticity and sincerity, and left me questioning his motives.
>When the fuck did he stop having open, polite conversations with the people giving him concerned criticisms?
Maybe the internet's just become too much for him. He's probably better off leaving social media for a little while before he really goes off the deep end.

No. 901985

lol anyone know if there's an update for this?

No. 901987

I think he can be amusing too, it’s a shame that his hard on for Jimmy and his overinflated ego, alt-right rhetoric and shameless money grubbing combined with righteous indignation and a permanent case of foot in mouth overshadow everything else. Most of the people coming for him on twitter seem to be pretty clear about this too, I don’t know why he keeps insisting that they only reason they call him out is because they’re fans of Jimbo or don’t understand his “edgy” humour

No. 901994

File: 1575544717430.jpeg (314.44 KB, 750x880, 59E90DDA-22C8-412B-90E4-2B6E8C…)

Here’s the video he made in response to his haydurz and then deleted. As the tweet says Mikey Boy, the internet is forever https://twitter.com/richnixeatsass/status/1200671623763910656

No. 901997

There's definitely a lot of overreaction on his part to more than fair criticism. Shiloh essentially going to bat for him boosted his ego quite a bit.

No. 902038

WaitingonElvis always talks about Anti O's that are secretly Greg stans. The questions is who brought this wild theory up first? They're both delusional.
>You are against me and I'm an anti-O youtuber so you must be pro Onision

No. 902072

I'm certain Elvis didn't come up with that on her own. She's been very public about her friendship with theJoshShow and he always claimed that his critics are Onision fangirls posing as Anti-O's to get information. Mike is also friends with Josh and Elvis tried to shit up Josh's revival thread.

No. 902320

I would love to know what she looks like given her fixation with calling cute girls “ugly”, “frumps”, “skanks”, etc. She’s probably as much of an eyesore as Mike and Josh. And it would explain her hatred of women. I wonder if she has created a new twitter account that is yet to be outed.

No. 902337

It might be worth checking into Mike and Josh's most recent followers if we're done waiting on Elvis.

No. 902507

File: 1575648131406.png (55.2 KB, 733x493, kek.PNG)

Did anyone get a screenshot of what he said to or about RTG?

No. 902552

Skye who? But Seriously no one curr who “leads” the victim army, this is so cringe

No. 902698

File: 1575671604961.jpeg (299.61 KB, 750x848, C71B7C49-62E7-4407-BA19-CAFA60…)

She was talking about onion but mike thought she was talking about him

No. 902717

File: 1575673094074.jpeg (217.5 KB, 750x457, CF831BBB-9B15-433D-8465-2B66A7…)

Shoulda thought about that before you told people to die. Cry me a fucking river

No. 902722

File: 1575673589933.jpeg (193.39 KB, 750x571, 2CEDD5C3-DE6C-4976-A980-4C24C1…)

Keep crying about how you are not a misogynist

No. 902919

File: 1575721604867.jpg (22.34 KB, 868x170, ELLouh9X0AAvX2N.jpg)

Oh, like you with your reaction videos to every stupid shit onision posts to milk his own miserable situation?
>I bElIeVe In DuE pRoCeSs

No. 902924

File: 1575724197658.jpeg (317.14 KB, 1242x743, 700C44BF-B141-406E-B1CF-78E43D…)


How is he this retarded? People watch your “video’s” for the same reason they watch Gurg’s; to laugh at how much of a self-important uneducated festival of cringe you are

No. 902925

File: 1575724340322.jpeg (190.08 KB, 1242x375, DAB9EB63-6825-4707-A297-B83EB3…)

The fucking irony of this sped talking about a lack of intelligence

No. 902929

File: 1575724900342.jpeg (960.84 KB, 1242x1620, 67D1FBC2-2446-4812-906D-A53515…)

He truly is the gift that keeps giving. I think the word you were looking for is vocabulary, not vernacular you dumpy dolt. The errant apostrophes are triggering me. Bonus kek for casual racism (just for something different) and bringing up someone else’s baldness when this fool looks like he should be advertising regaine himself

No. 902930

You don't have to do the same thing in order to criticize what someone is doing. You do reviews of movies without being in the film business so your whole point isn't logical. Maybe rewatch your video >>901699
where you're at least somewhat self-aware and admit that you're pathetic for making so many onision videos, Mikenwanker.

No. 902933

Another thing he has in common with Gurgles, they're both so uneducated that they lack knowledge of basic grammar in their own fucking language. Mike seems to be even worse when it comes to misusing words to sound smarter, kek.

No. 902936

The way he got dragged over his sperg about Joker having a less than perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes was golden, he doesn’t understand how rating systems or art criticism works and it was some top fucking kek. He clearly has no life away from the internet, he should devote some time to learning what words and grammar are at the very least before he makes embarrassing comments and videos LARPing as an intellectual when he probably didn’t even finish high school

No. 902938

File: 1575725933565.jpeg (252.14 KB, 750x688, EE9B3129-CAD6-40CD-BADE-A65458…)

How the fuck is this poignant? This is some r/im14andthisisdeep shit. Go read a book, maggotwanker

No. 902947

What asshat backwards logic is this? You don't have to be a god damn chef to know what foods you like and dislike. You don't have to be an author to critique books.

No. 903209

File: 1575784895601.jpeg (191.69 KB, 750x462, FF8FEA62-E497-4DC7-89BA-6120A3…)

Stevie created this template and of course maggot is trying to pass it off as his own

No. 903317

File: 1575815721108.png (397.31 KB, 816x487, original.PNG)

Holy shit it's straight up stolen. What a douche. Is it that hard to just retweet or quote something? I'm adding the original because he's so lazy that he only slightly changed the wording

No. 903324

File: 1575816128504.png (104.8 KB, 783x734, dfjdjdfjd.PNG)

>My channel will probably get 25% of the views
I think you're being generous there, Mikey.

When karma is served you'll cry in a corner because you can't grab that cash anymore.

No. 903571

Mike has tried to branch himself away Onion videos several times already. There's nothing stopping him from changing his content, except that those types of videos aren't as popular.

No. 903588

File: 1575866136379.gif (10.51 KB, 220x220, E691A651-DC33-443F-96CE-6E5CB3…)

>make music

Seriously though, he knows full well the only way he can make bank off YouTube is by covering Gurg.

No. 903589

File: 1575866565004.jpeg (60.78 KB, 750x203, CDEA9C82-CFF1-445D-8DBA-A6AFE6…)

I don’t know what’s worse, the Onion flavoured emoji or the FUCKING ERRANT APOSTROPHE

No. 903932

File: 1575947427556.jpeg (570.98 KB, 1242x860, 6D95DA68-087C-4A2F-A1AC-40310A…)

Here we go, Hefty Himmler is going to sperg because a directed dared to cast a woman or one of them colored folk in a role that’s traditionally played by a white man. Boo fucking hoo.

No. 903935

File: 1575947900992.jpeg (115.57 KB, 750x339, BDAEF7B4-94E1-4DC1-9C91-4CE84E…)

kek, retweeting Social Repose, of course he supports a fellow human council bin. Bonus points for irony.

No. 903940

File: 1575948443006.jpeg (143.18 KB, 399x412, 12E6A729-273E-43E4-A492-0F6FEA…)

What you see at the end of your bed when you have sleep paralysis

No. 903944

File: 1575949105112.jpeg (663.37 KB, 1242x1368, 5A152690-98FE-416D-A7E3-C79AC3…)

lmao he has zero self awareness, this Shezwoo calf of his is another “anti” twitterfag who is screeching autistically because the others won’t let her sit with them on account of being a raging cunt and general fucktard

No. 903974

File: 1575956864317.jpeg (129.26 KB, 750x378, 84CC7E2E-4808-4829-9E93-6021C1…)

Would you like a medal, Mike?

No. 903980

File: 1575958112612.jpeg (272.58 KB, 750x746, A9F3403C-3959-4BC6-9C67-E3B0E3…)


No. 904040

Except that he blocks people who never interacted with him or talked about him. Paranoid motherfucker

That is incredibly childish

This person is my hero, more people should troll him

No. 904107

File: 1575998589625.png (463.98 KB, 732x510, criticism.PNG)

That onion-level overexposure. Also bold to make a video about someone else's ability to take criticism. kek at the following sentence:
>It's more that Ethan is trapped in this cycle where he'll purposely upset people and then troll them and then not actually want to have an enganging conversation.

And of course he likes Trisha Paytas. Apparently he likes all of those scummy trash youtubers because he can relate to them

No. 904201

File: 1576013792581.jpeg (204.56 KB, 750x575, 311EED0D-2993-45D3-A2E8-44E237…)

This is beyond pathetic now

No. 904202

File: 1576013837228.jpeg (177.43 KB, 750x467, 5E08C8F1-B150-4350-A371-060A40…)


As if it’s not glaringly obvious who it is, jfc

No. 904350

>>904202 states at 4:09 in this video that he "personally forgives Social Repose" for whatever reason in this video lol

trash supporting trash while trying to stay relevant

No. 904375

Why does he forgive Social Repose? He didn’t even do anything to him!!!

No. 904377

File: 1576043442294.jpeg (308.33 KB, 1242x771, 69F55B9C-6ACC-4463-B012-521AA0…)

Chris Hansen really is taking the piss with who he interviews, what the fuck has the copyright strike business got to do with the grooming? Mikes ego is big enough as it is ffs

No. 904394

I've seen the full thing uncensored on twitter and again on yt. Doubtful he's actually altered this by request of the "individual" in question. How weird.

No. 904400

the desperation is palpable. he wants . a platform so he can say 'yeah but' about his closet idol, Greg.

No. 904404

File: 1576053155157.jpeg (503.92 KB, 1242x1009, FE069D01-9552-45B6-AEF3-C4F58C…)

No. 904405

File: 1576053197976.jpeg (744.32 KB, 1242x1551, D2876866-029E-4EF7-BC7B-4D18A9…)

Where have we heard that before…

No. 904406

File: 1576053381065.jpeg (191.45 KB, 750x383, DDC547F5-3E08-4E77-B968-F10E8B…)

No. 904407

File: 1576053700287.jpeg (883.79 KB, 1242x1387, 5C5CC37C-A0A1-4A66-8CA1-5DFDDD…)

Tell us more about your understanding of sociopolitical subtext you illiterate dolt

No. 904408

File: 1576054006266.jpeg (46.63 KB, 272x200, DB5A47AF-54D4-4C79-B9D2-E92A81…)


No. 904411

File: 1576056036937.jpeg (440.79 KB, 750x1050, 79BE3978-33EB-46A4-9AAF-588F37…)

Toxic femininity, yeah okay. Coming from someone who stans misogynistic racist fag Jeffree Starr, likes Trisha Paytas, supports Social Dispose and uses stories of abuse for profit under the guise of being an ally that is really… something

No. 904412

tbf the original fight club film and novel were about toxic masculinity and how it can be exploited by sociopaths, I don't understnad how that can work with a mainly female cast

No. 904427


it's just a version, doesn't mean it has to have same plot, it's probably modified

No. 904563

File: 1576101196685.jpeg (145.82 KB, 750x578, 5793D95D-2561-49C7-9DA1-C49F64…)

This is fucking disappointing. Of all the yters who would be delighted to host Shiloh she goes to the one who discredited the victims

No. 904567

File: 1576101581529.jpeg (277.92 KB, 750x792, 8D2C0369-B191-4D9D-9D93-132424…)

No. 904570

File: 1576101693066.jpeg (130.14 KB, 750x446, 48C1B160-4DCE-48ED-8649-6A88B2…)


Not holding my breath but I hope she takes note of the people in her replies, so far there’s no support for this initiate

No. 904579

Wow I didn't expect several people already openly saying something against it, especially because people are way more careful what they say to the victims. He really isn't very popular amongst anti os

No. 904583

File: 1576104060206.jpeg (266.49 KB, 750x714, BB8F2496-F7B5-45B9-9D7D-435B80…)

She deleted the tweet so I’m guessing she pays attention to the replies

No. 904590

File: 1576104638382.jpeg (211.82 KB, 750x581, 9462931E-BBA4-4252-95A0-369EE6…)


I’m assuming she didn’t like the backlash so she just removed his name and replaced the tweet with this

No. 904724

File: 1576140366867.jpeg (251.17 KB, 1242x523, E2DDBE88-33A2-4A45-814F-DAE49B…)

Implying he knows what constitutes valid criticism, kek

No. 904726

File: 1576140532023.jpeg (642.5 KB, 1242x1439, D22EC240-357E-4F33-9DBE-DA9D28…)

His calves are fucking retarded, no one is bullying you, Maggotwanker

No. 904792

File: 1576164442406.png (138.03 KB, 742x589, englishandstuff.PNG)

>that I managed to dodge the bullet that is Realstream News
It took him this long? Oh right I forgot, he loves scumbags. Does anyone know what RSN said?

pic related.
>pail, sickly, gargoyle
>Be Mad
Man his English is really on primary school level

No. 905016

It's just another reboot money grab, like the all female Ghost Busters film that tanked.

No. 905017

>this interview will only be available to those who pay Mike
WHAT. First time hearing that. Sounds like Mike is pulling some bullshit. I think Shiloh's too quick to give him a pass because he's semi-articulate and flaming.

No. 905457


shiloh clearly didn't take the time to look up mike's old tweets/watch his videos. i used to genuinely think he was funny, but after sarah stepped forward he instantly made a VERY poorly worded tweet that reduced sarah's story to a casual "anecdote" that he wouldn't recognize. when people called him out or asked him to explain, he immediately doubled down, flamed out and started attacking and blocking people whilst playing the victim card.

i dm'd him saying this situation doesn't need to be this dramatic, he could just post his opinion again in a clearer way that doesn't boil sarah down to a "frivolous anecdote" but he was literally just as strongheaded and stubborn saying "i'm sorry i hurt your feelings but it's the truth and all i speak is the truth."

LOL his tweet didn't hurt my feelings, idgaf. i was just trying to help him out in a shitstorm. since then, he only apologized (sort of – saying it was a poorly worded tweet) after sarah PERSONALLY messaged him AND it became clear the public believed her and a "movement" was starting.

he's chasing clout and as he says in nearly all of his old videos, he hates making onision videos but he does it for the cash. he can't handle criticism and as his ego grows, his content gets more and more boring. i don't support him at all anymore and honestly shiloh choosing to interview with him over more "reputable" onision reporters makes me give her a little bit of an eyebrow raise. i think repzion is insufferably annoying, but he's a million times a better pick than this attention cow.

No. 905458

File: 1576297684513.jpeg (87.2 KB, 750x236, 2602B92B-AC8A-4BC2-9A94-7397E0…)

kek only fatties believe that

No. 905481

File: 1576307317858.jpeg (649.92 KB, 1242x851, 48B557D7-EC31-405D-8913-D06263…)

>getting better

Who wants to tell him?

No. 905483

if any woman or even like a teen girl posted this look she'd be viciously mocked, even if she clarified she was a practicing beginner. but we're expected to be so impressed by this because he's a sloppy dude

No. 905485

He thinks the only reason people criticize him is because they are either Greg fans or he has hurt their feelings. Mike, no-one has hurt feelings, they criticize you because you are a fucking hypocritical pretentious moron with a terrible grasp of your native language who bullies others and then cries victim when they bite back

No. 905487

A sloppy gay dude, specifically. Using makeup made by another misogynistic gay dude that he desperately wants attention from. Maybe he is practicing for a circus audition, kek

No. 905488

File: 1576308108929.jpeg (535.08 KB, 1242x867, CC767D47-7CD9-4E79-A657-BBC24E…)

Maybe if you worried less about what others put in their bodies and more about what you put in you wouldn’t look like giant moldy sausage bursting through its casing

No. 905489

File: 1576309099728.jpeg (357.31 KB, 750x813, 5C2DC8CF-1461-48AA-BCC3-70C892…)

Way to miss the point of diversity you salty racist turd

No. 905530

File: 1576329765665.jpeg (374.87 KB, 750x686, 53B37441-0E9A-4C45-B0A7-304FBA…)

He changed his bio

>singer, actor

His delusion is on par with Grug’s (one of the many things they have in common)

No. 905589

LMFAO totally a greg move to list "singer, actor" as part of his bio.

also, correct me if i'm wrong, but is that pill emoji a sign of being part of the red pill movement? if so, cringe.

No. 905592

I love how mad they get when you point out that all the new Star Wars films have broken box office records, except for the one that starred a white dude.

No. 905654

And I can't believe you are such a fat motherfucker and talk about what people should or should not put in their body

It's what all these fucks do that can't admit they're just fucking Youtubers. So what roles did he play, kek

I think that's what it means

No. 905698

File: 1576362852192.jpeg (290.93 KB, 1242x721, 458CC116-FBBC-409B-BB1A-9A1D2C…)


In his latest “commentary” video he is pretending to be a German woman and the accent is so fucking far from German it made me literally cringe. He is an even worse actor than onion. I don’t know how that’s even possible but here we are. Like what the fuck is this?

No. 905706

File: 1576363719522.jpeg (440.46 KB, 1242x848, B6FF40C6-DD26-4BF0-BA64-714219…)

All his fucking views are “red pilled” so yes. He has mocked Greta Thunberg several times in the past and he is liking replies to this tweet that are calling her dumb and making fun of her being an actual sperg

No. 905802

File: 1576378122601.jpeg (386.44 KB, 750x1058, 2976F79C-2062-4F95-B421-A0B1E0…)

He is having a Grug-style meltdown, what the fuck is this ‘Magenta Marbles’ shit?

No. 905814

he's so alike to Greg it's uncanny

No. 905931

That's his stupid ass character that's supposed to be German even tho sounds nothing like it.

His content and "comedy" is the same unfunny crap that fits better in 2009. When is his Greg transformation complete?
What is this shit

No. 905959

File: 1576434305278.jpeg (160.73 KB, 750x519, 595FEF95-F3B1-41A4-9D3C-7B04E2…)

This “child” is a hell of a lot smarter than you, a 40 year old man who can’t spell the most basic of words. Plus she actually contributes to society, unlike yourself

No. 905996

Wait, is he really 40 years old? Holy shit, he's even more pathetic than I thought

No. 905997

He is 33 or 34

No. 906120


the whole video is cringe, but the cringiest shit out of all of this is that he takes himself SOOOOO seriously and actually thinks he's doing such a great job while he simultaneously deletes any "negative" comments from his videos claiming he doesn't care just to turn around and REEEEEEE on twitter about the haturz

No. 906130

File: 1576471737826.jpeg (289.26 KB, 1838x2179, 73B773BF-DD71-4740-A8EC-1FB53B…)

No. 906143

Isn't this 'character' just a shitty version of the short bitch from the Incredibles.

No. 906458

File: 1576547208134.jpeg (119.32 KB, 750x332, 7B7990D2-35DC-4DD2-8A34-0B3C3D…)

He could at least make an effort to learn how to transcribe German pronunciation seeing as his attempt at German accent is prestige tier cringe, I’m cackling at how disinterested his fans are, the only reason anyone gives a fuck about him is due to Gerg, kek

No. 906588

File: 1576572128139.jpeg (206.8 KB, 750x442, 540483E0-0D40-43C7-8B0B-916743…)

jfc people actually throw shekels at this stupid fat motherfucker, for what exactly?

No. 906590

For the same reason he tweets relentlessly at Shane, Jeffree Jenna, others. They spend their time attentionfagging and likely can't survive unless their existence is validated by the likes of Mesquinactor. Id rather spend my money on pre used toilet paper

No. 906627

File: 1576585150386.jpeg (219.42 KB, 1242x592, A2D7422C-B7A1-483F-9FBD-CE9A00…)


It’s spelled “ja” you retard, at least make an effort if you’re going to be “acting” as this cringey fucking character

No. 906629


I don't think that anyone who likes star wars is going to see the rise of skywalker, unless they lose their love of the entire series to watch it getting destroyed by disney for the second time.

No. 906637

He doesn't even know how to talk to even remotely sound like he has a german accent, so how would he be able to do it in writing. I guess looking up "ja" and "nein" was too much work for the lazy tard. And no, this being comedy doesn't excuse your low efforts, Mikentractor. At least try next time. For it to be funny it should at least resemble an actual german accent, otherwise it's pointless and you could call it a made up accent. I was cringing when I read how he's going to offend some germans and then came up with this garbage. I also wasn't offended when Onionboy tried so hard to be "racist" against germans for attention because I don't take you uneducated morons seriously.

No. 906728

Seems like he hasn’t uploaded for hours. This is unusual.
Do you think he’s ok?
I would say that maybe he might feel like an idiot but not sure if he can feel that way ever

No. 906889

File: 1576636411367.jpeg (205 KB, 750x510, 7043F726-DE99-4F11-874E-9BE591…)

Too busy being a fuckwitted fag on twitter. The irony of this corpulent cunt calling someone else entitled, lmao. He needs his ass beat, he clearly wasn’t bullied enough as a child

No. 907401

File: 1576739506250.jpeg (471 KB, 750x1063, E11ADE87-A35F-44A4-AE4F-6A068B…)

MY SIDES. If he had any self awareness I would think he was trolling with but here we are. Literal fucking fedora.

No. 907567

File: 1576779472869.png (602.93 KB, 748x714, fedora.PNG)

Oh my fucking god this guy is a cringe factory. Why is he giving us these literal memes? Another one from insta:

No. 907856


the sad part is he doesn't realize the complete irony AND he thinks he looks good here lmfao

No. 907946


He looks like a discount bin knockoff of a fucking Blues Brother, what a try hard.

No. 908182

File: 1576898611858.jpeg (387.73 KB, 750x824, B72CC610-153C-4FA6-91D8-A77829…)

JFC Maggothacktor’s lack of self awareness and uneducated bullshit is astounding. You are not in any position to make comments about what is healthy and what is not you stupid obese fuck. You already have an impressive set of bitch tits, most likely from eating too much hormone packed processed meat, but please continue to go off about men eating soy

No. 908185

File: 1576898910956.jpeg (267.28 KB, 1242x570, 4CE7251F-9CA1-4282-A6ED-06BEEE…)

>can’t spell
>is a fat motherfucker
>is giving out unsolicited dieting advice/acting as an authority on what constitutes healthy food

What a fucking retard

No. 908188

File: 1576899632691.jpeg (357.22 KB, 750x997, F305DB34-5E8F-402E-A4F4-2B4EC4…)

kek, we know you want to suck the baby carrot. How many fucking chins does this hambeast have?

No. 908196

This video was kind of reaching. Yes no one likes Greg, but this is just silly to say it's more evidence of his abuse, especially not when Shiloh was laughing in the damn video. It doesn't contribute to the picture of Greg being abusive it contributes to him being mentally unstable. And he doesn't care if he gets laughed at, if he did he wouldn't be making those sperg videos every other day.

No. 908200

>"i'm sorry i hurt your feelings but it's the truth and all i speak is the truth."
That sounds exactly like something Onision would say. Great minds.

I agree, I don't know why Shiloh decided to go with Mike - possibly him being gay had something to do with it. Repzion isn't as articulate but he's been calling out Onision since he uploaded that Shiloh-seizure vid, and he just seems to have more integrity overall.

No. 908204

He has been seeking attention and validation from the victims ever since he realized he fucked up by screeching about due process and calling them bitches and Shiloh is the only one dumb enough to give attention. He latched on to her the moment she tweeted an excerpt from one of his videos and now they are bffs. He does not care about the girls, he just wants to keep cashing in on their horror stories. Being the misogynist that he is he probably still thinks Greg is innocent but will not dare express it, kek. He and Shiloh are both clout chasing cunts.

No. 908206

I think Repzion is better spoken than Maggot. He is also dyslexic but he still manages to spell properly too, whereas the hammy old queen continues to demonstrate his illiteracy even after people repeatedly correct him.

No. 908527

File: 1576991806296.jpeg (242.51 KB, 750x712, F5EA8FFB-3426-49B4-91BA-BBDEFD…)

kek he even does that same retarded “:P” that Greg does, I swear they are the same person

No. 908897

These posts read like someone trying to type while they're having a stroke.
This is objectively cringe. He put no effort into the accent or inflection. It's also cringe that he's doing this as a transparent means of getting Jenna's attention. I don't think I've ever seen someone try so hard to be cringe.

If he wants to dress up that much he should just make a generic drag queen character and keep his regular accent instead of going beyond what he's capable of. Don't go beyond your means, Mike.

No. 908900

Repzion's proven himself reliable and trustworthy where the victims are concerned. I'm tempted to think Mike will only use this for clout/attention, considering some of his past behavior, and also the fact he's STILL friends with one of the biggest clout chasers ever on YT, Joy.

No. 908953

Of course that is what he is fucking doing, he does not care about the victims, if he had not been flamed for screeching about due process he would probably still be publicly asserting that gargoyle is innocent. He clearly hates women, he only feigns concern for them when there is a buck to be made.

No. 909211

He won't do a video called 'Lane Destroys Onision' because Lane strongly dislikes him. She was upset with him about the whole Sarah thing and also when he tried insinuating that it was he who managed to get Onision's Patreon taken down - she liked the tweets that came back at him.

His friend Dhark Layzar is getting lined up for a spot on Chris Hansen though. Go figure. I'll be skipping the whole show with irrelevant youtubers.

No. 909343

lol this guy's >>900491 going on Hansen? Topkek. This makes Hansen look like he's really grasping at straws, especially considering two of Onion's exes (one ex wife) has apparently refused to go on his show.

No. 909700

this shit was the last straw for me. he was annoying but i stayed subbed for the milk…now he's just insufferably annoying without milk desperately pretending he has talent in anything other than having an australian accent.

No. 909890

File: 1577325257927.png (103.22 KB, 640x547, Screenshot_2019-12-26 Merry Ch…)

I'm gonna guess that a lot of the people he's been ghosted by, did so because they thought he was disingenuous.

No. 909893

who would need to butter him up, he has no relevancy. Also there's no way he really thinks it's spelled "allot", I refuse to believe that. Did he finish high school?

No. 909978

File: 1577349541519.jpeg (300.95 KB, 750x555, E4CD2128-4F91-4907-8D8A-0DD0C1…)

Stop trying to make beautyhacktor happen you overbaked Christmas ham, it’s not going to happen

No. 909979

File: 1577349593481.jpeg (285.36 KB, 750x633, C320C57E-E85E-4828-B522-E02CB2…)

the fucking irony, HOW IS HE THIS DENSE?!

No. 909980

File: 1577349986090.jpeg (53.75 KB, 374x409, 183957BE-65EC-482F-B45B-39A598…)

Several people including other youtubers have corrected him on it multiple times. His atrocious spelling and non-existent grasp of basic grammar leads me to believe that he didn’t finish high school, he is almost forty and both illiterate and ignorant. He fucking looks like he has an extra chromosome

No. 909981

File: 1577350334215.jpeg (299.45 KB, 750x684, F1D62433-B8F4-44EC-93A8-CBB246…)

jfc you absolute sped, stop trying to make everything about your neo nazi misogynist feefees by screeching about MISANDRY REEEEEE. Cardi B is a despicable cunt, but so are you. I hope that fedora is adequate protection from all those stones youre throwing in that glass house of yours.

No. 909983

File: 1577350740399.jpeg (14.2 KB, 183x237, 0883D309-5C56-4BCD-AA47-4A27A9…)



No. 910462

>His atrocious spelling and non-existent grasp of basic grammar
His writing is shit but when he speaks he comes off as reasonably articulate. I think he's actually said he doesn't care about spelling on twitter, but I could be wrong.

No. 910577

File: 1577432516360.jpeg (161.52 KB, 1188x626, 3E6477FC-0A20-4BA9-823D-9AAE50…)

>word salad
Like every single one of your tweets? Ffs maggot. The irony gets richer by the day, he is even more lacking in self awareness than onision lmao

No. 911058

File: 1577569672978.png (315.64 KB, 732x658, maggonactorfedora.PNG)

There's not caring about spelling in terms of not giving a shit if you use upper and lower case and making typos from time to time and then there's being a complete illiterate and misspelling words all the time because you don't know how to spell them kek. The first thing I described is what's tolerable in my opinion. I think he is like Greg and goes the "I don't care about grammar/spelling" route because he's too uneducated and would probably be a grammar nazi if that wasn't the case. And since he also loves to misuse terms when he attempts to sound intelligent I kind of disagree when people say he comes off as articulate.

He proudly wears his fedora out in public

No. 911876

File: 1577758619837.jpeg (313.19 KB, 750x1073, 8A7F449E-FD41-45E0-AFA6-38DB40…)

Defending Gabbie Hanna’s pedo joke, because of course

No. 912342

File: 1577881831424.png (15.28 KB, 730x212, asdadas.PNG)

He's doing this because he loves to be offensive and it would be hypocritical (even tho he loves to be a big hypocrite too. I'm sure there would be a lot of similar tweets of his you could dig up.

More retarded spelling and generic youtuber stanning

No. 913036

File: 1578036450261.jpeg (241.53 KB, 750x506, A143AF89-B742-4344-B4DE-3F32CB…)

This is fucking hilarious.
>Onion transformation complete

No. 913037

File: 1578036753900.jpeg (302.51 KB, 750x638, C27D7AC0-DEE5-4CF2-B876-4D17D6…)

This doesn’t even make sense

No. 913544

File: 1578147942343.png (488.94 KB, 738x553, fire.PNG)

Not surprised that this fatass is downplaying the fires in Australia. Imagine being this ignorant while living in the country where it's happening

No. 913656

File: 1578171512041.jpeg (347.44 KB, 750x680, E0108D4F-3E10-4CBE-AF43-199706…)

Good job attempting to convince people you dont hate women you sweaty hog

No. 913658

File: 1578171587456.jpeg (136.66 KB, 319x491, 3BAF976E-8252-4E59-8058-14B609…)

He is so fucking retarded it hurts, what a fucking clown

No. 913818

File: 1578197234577.jpeg (300.21 KB, 750x644, 34FBD5AD-AAD8-4A7E-BA4B-6A1623…)

His stupidity is unfuckingprecedented, imagine living in Australia and believing this garbage (I know it is in line with his far right beliefs but to be this wilfully ignorant is something else)

No. 913834

there's definitely some hyperbole being circulated on the internet internationally but Mike here is being as far right as it gets with this choice bit of climate denial.

No. 913865

I'm guessing she's cut ties with Mike since he hasn't mentioned anything about their "interview" since then.

No. 913878

File: 1578213830209.jpeg (328.32 KB, 750x775, 5BEC076A-A2E6-4B55-A333-81C7FB…)


Fucking dolt, this level of illiteracy makes his faux intellectual speech pattern and verbose tweets using words he doesn’t know the meaning of even more cringey and hilarious. Go read a book you obese motherfucker

No. 913879


She is no longer following either, I hope she told him to get fucked after being brought up to speed on his neo nazi misogynist victim blaming fuckery

No. 913880

File: 1578214239318.jpeg (521.02 KB, 1165x1010, 88CC9596-EB85-4761-B4A3-1D1915…)

What the fuck does this even mean? Uneducated inbred white trash LARPing as an intellectual

No. 913881

File: 1578214541822.jpeg (64.8 KB, 570x252, 4CD5697F-F14F-42DB-B3DC-958489…)

Imagine calling other people stupid when your spelling is as bad as this fat cunt’s is

No. 913894

File: 1578219747923.jpeg (381.84 KB, 1242x883, E64A5C4B-FAD0-42DC-8AC8-C965E8…)

He is still kissing her ass, I hope she has ghosted him kek

No. 913896

File: 1578219938798.jpeg (224.5 KB, 750x604, 036814C9-731F-4DBC-8B1B-5E6508…)

People have called him out on it and his responses are as predictable as ever, what a fucking sped

No. 913897

File: 1578219960479.jpeg (177.21 KB, 750x430, 96994C9C-47B3-4F00-B5F2-6C49D2…)

No. 913906

File: 1578223322122.jpeg (388.04 KB, 1242x776, FEE51F29-42B8-49B5-8255-C0ADA9…)

He needs to stfu with this autistic Alex Jones shit, jfc

No. 913917

>earth was here millions of years without our existence
good job on ignoring the negative impact that human activity has made on the planet
>what we are programmed to do by nature
Oh yeah industrial pollution sounds like a very natural thing to me, that's exactly what nAtUrE has programmed us to create. Or maybe humanity is poisoned by a great percentage of retards like you and that justify living a selfish and destructive life with bullshit excuses like natural programming. By the way, he also uses the nature excuse to reinforce stereotypes for men and women.
>build, destroy and consume
no wonder he's such a horrible person when he thinks that's what his purpose on earth is. Also explains why he stuffs his face with crappy food to look like a christmas ham kek

So because YOU don't care about the planet the climate activists don't either. Again, that level of projection.

Does this motherfucker read anything besides alt-right news sites?

No. 913920

File: 1578229046995.png (39.48 KB, 756x375, planet.PNG)

No. 913982

File: 1578249683575.jpeg (295.85 KB, 750x684, 55A0147B-280D-456E-ABE4-AC281D…)

kek, if he didn’t block everyone who disagrees with him there would be more responses like this

No. 913985

> Does this motherfucker read anything besides alt-right news sites?

I will go one step further and say that he doesn’t read at all, if his autistic preschooler grasp of the English language is any indtcation

No. 913986

>The planet will live on
So I guess he doesn't really care about all the animals going extinct

Imagine being this simple

No. 914024

Zeaszue is redpotato666's alt account who has been suspected to be Greg for a long time because he attacks his haters with a passion. While it can't be proven if it's Gurg or just a hardcore stan it's funny that he's calling him out either way.
Pic related: I was wondering which washed-up rockstar he's trying to cosplay until I realized he's wearing his fedora and usual shit makeup. Must be his new go-to look.

such an empath like he loves to call himself

No. 914112

File: 1578280636398.jpeg (199.21 KB, 750x507, 6EEE262B-4A50-4AFC-A963-6E83AB…)

>not condoning it

After calling people retards himself, what a fucking hypocrite


He is currently getting shredded by the anti onion twitterfags for the climate change denial fuckery but seeing as he likes to boast about having a bunch of them blocked he probably hasn’t seen most of it from within his echo chamber of equally dense fans

No. 914222

File: 1578297288230.jpeg (874.23 KB, 1242x1698, F6B0B2B0-86B1-46B1-9959-402FA3…)

The sheer idiocy

No. 914223

File: 1578297400571.jpeg (18.69 KB, 572x380, 5B38A6A6-2A4D-4A43-A82E-17ACBF…)



No. 914469

File: 1578349079568.jpg (1 MB, 1420x2256, clickbait.jpg)

The fact that he constantly uses Onision's name to clickbait his gaming videos that have absolutely nothing to do with Onision tells us that he
- is desperate as fuck
- has no dignity
- doesn't pull any views with his other content and he knows it

Also his green screen looks like shit, he probably pretends that it's intentional

No. 914618

File: 1578361750994.jpeg (173.24 KB, 750x486, 89156925-BB48-4897-8AD1-FD261A…)


No. 914624

File: 1578362279543.jpeg (292.37 KB, 750x878, 918819A9-3196-48D0-937A-A45F79…)

>criticizes someone elses appearance
>looks like a salami wearing a merkin

Glass houses, Mikey

No. 914722

File: 1578380943275.jpeg (789.38 KB, 1242x1045, 901F6C09-5F11-4D6D-99B8-544FBE…)

I am fucking choking, he cannot honestly think this looks good

No. 914757

>imagine waking up in the middle of the night to have that staring at you

lmao it's tragic. Like his hairline. And what the hell are those overdrawn lips? His fans are too busy with asskissing to tell him how ridiculous he looks.

No. 914779

File: 1578410768830.png (513.31 KB, 733x487, change.PNG)

He replaced onion's face with his own and removed the name
He really lurks all the time

No. 914802

Lurks? He's probably more than half the posts in this thread.

No. 914827

I want his posts tagged next

No. 915123

File: 1578472378434.jpeg (347.43 KB, 654x829, 94083666-E4A4-4739-8650-33E145…)

Fuck off maggot, everyone knows you don’t give a fuck about “little brown girls” (or any girls in general because you are a raging white misogynist cunt) so you can cool it with the virtue signalling

No. 915170

Why Mike, I thought we were programmed to destroy? Why should we do something about wars then?

No. 915507

File: 1578565144003.jpeg (852.29 KB, 1242x1365, CF92FEBE-25D2-4D3F-BB87-D3EB28…)

He thinks that just because some pyros deliberately lit fires it somehow invalidates global warming and be is now vindicated. His retardation is approaching critical mass

No. 915509

File: 1578565255582.jpeg (578.15 KB, 1242x1107, 472B4030-0BEB-43F3-A98D-454B9E…)

>insult my intelligence

No. 915528

They are talking about it idiot. I've heard it plenty of times.

His Shane and Jeffree stanning is pure cringe. Why buy a higher priced palette when you're that bad at make up? Drug store would be enough for his skill level, he's like Laineybot and thinks when he buys high end it'll automatically look good. But dude looks like a clown and I see NO difference from when he's dressing up as a character. No effort at all.

No. 915553

those people weren't arrested for arson anyway, it was mostly people using of various kinds, fireworks and barbecues shit on total fire ban days. he is too retarded to understand this. I presume he gets his news form the herald sun, headlines only.

No. 915554

mike is just too stupid to understand how advertising works. it's always your own decision sweetie…

No. 915892

File: 1578638546161.jpeg (109.22 KB, 750x289, 41558EA7-1204-47A9-BD74-04ECFC…)


That’s because it is a giant commercial you fat greasy turd. You’re just too fucking stupid to realize you’ve been scammed by a couple of faggots who are just as bigoted as you



lmao, jealous of looking like a literal pig in overpriced lipstick, yeah okay maggot

No. 915947

Jesus Christ. Imagine being this gullible and thinking that it was an actual docu series lol.

No. 915948

File: 1578661908326.png (580.27 KB, 738x766, 1578954624612.PNG)

when does he ever have a calm conversation when someone disagrees with him?

No. 916793

File: 1578809314702.jpeg (775.53 KB, 1242x1688, 942CEEF4-CB45-4BCE-91A1-31A8B4…)

>harassing me for months

Because god forbid anyone disagree with your delusional neo nazi opinions you rotund pile of dick cheese

No. 916794

File: 1578809454644.jpeg (73.46 KB, 261x363, BEB9E0FA-0F61-4311-A107-CEB003…)

He honestly looks like he has an extra chromosome, if I didn’t know any better I’d think he was an actual mong

No. 917356

File: 1578914710547.jpeg (223.78 KB, 750x630, C2A83DC9-8DF8-48B7-B24C-59BA97…)

>no one watches my videos unless they involve Anusion feel sorry for me because I am a one trick pony uwu

No. 917358

like Repzion noone watches his videos unless they involve anusion. mod unlock that thread you bastard

No. 917744

no one cares if you post everyday you fucking jobless wannabe youtuber. He does this all the time where he posts that he takes a day off just to make people believe he's working so hard or some shit.

No. 918397

File: 1579065642199.jpeg (120.73 KB, 750x1071, 9EE84732-0885-4078-91B2-6B6914…)

Well then

No. 918406

File: 1579068693066.jpeg (113.78 KB, 750x520, 21606DE4-A88A-492C-8F3B-F155E6…)

Proudly displaying his neo Nazism


No. 918424

File: 1579071938344.jpeg (675.33 KB, 1242x1682, 20BFD71E-D154-494E-95CF-76BFC2…)

He just changed his @ back after this, kek

No. 918449

File: 1579078296753.jpeg (416.35 KB, 750x728, 3D389E9F-0BBD-4085-9E73-6D813B…)

No. 918512

File: 1579098374274.png (224.3 KB, 736x468, breakdown.PNG)

Of course his fucking alt-right pill emoji has to be included everywhere like he has the truth to all questions even though he has no education

That's so awkward, what is he doing? Is he experiencing some sort of delirium?

No. 918568


he DOES realize they used to gass "his kind" in world war 2, right?

No. 918947

File: 1579158083504.jpeg (249.01 KB, 750x593, 498C6D87-BD34-4758-9E3A-2FCB67…)


Such profound insight from someone who didn’t finish high school if his knowledge of the English language is any indication


No. 919469

File: 1579235326724.jpeg (596.78 KB, 1242x881, B650082D-E035-47A3-9014-E74EB1…)

That hashtag lmao, get fucked you obese mongoloid red pilled faggot

No. 919475

File: 1579235522392.jpeg (447.95 KB, 750x910, 821B038A-366D-4B36-8168-73BF3B…)

We get it you retarded motherfucker, youre not like other gays, shut the fuck up

No. 919754

She was harassing people who didnt want to be asked questions and continuing to follow them when they told her they were done being filmed/interviewed. Theres even a video of her blocking a man who's trying to side step her trying to get away. This police officer confronted her because he received multiple complaints she was harassing people which were documented by her own Twitter videos. It really takes a reach to say "you cant run to the cops when questions get hard" to people trying to enjoy a safe space for LGBTQ when they politely decline to answer someone's obviously baiting questions while being filmed and are followed/filmed/harassed anyway.

You are not obligated to answer some contrarians questions if you dont want to no matter how logical it makes Mikenactor feel.
Hes just siding with the other side because it makes him feel woke x2. "See I'm not like those SENSITIVE gays guys. I'm just a bro who's not afraid to answer homophobic/baiting questions." He certainly has a lot of internalized homophobia with his big "logic" brain. Imo that's the reason hes so obsessed with letting everyone know how red pilled he is. God forbid someone mistake him for one of those gay esjaydoubleus.

No. 920000

File: 1579324124547.png (333.8 KB, 673x678, A801041D-AB62-4CB4-8DF9-0A60AE…)

He is almost forty years old and no understanding of humans/the world, fucking retard

No. 920008

File: 1579325728245.jpeg (333.76 KB, 750x911, 8A6CD864-9257-410B-834A-722E2E…)

Is this him attempting to convince people that he is not an incel? He quote tweeted his own tweet for extra cringe too. Pretty sure no one wants to think about this fat festering carbuncle fucking anyone

No. 920093

File: 1579360203710.jpg (226.69 KB, 2000x1000, notamusician.jpg)

Then why do you put it in your bio if it's not what you think you are, retard

I honestly get the same feeling, he's mainly doing all this pandering to the alt-right to be not like other gays.

No. 920217

>he's mainly doing all this pandering to the alt-right to be not like other gays

oh you mean like what blaire white has been doing for many years now?

No. 920260

File: 1579396046349.jpeg (184.86 KB, 750x473, E5A8CEEB-1D41-4867-B396-3D30B8…)

Exactly, they’re both cringey cunts.

Of course this wheezing misogynistic land whale has to retweet this garbage. Please tell us more about what your illiterate, uneducated ass knows about women’s rights or either of those countries. Fucking retard.

No. 920261

File: 1579396162527.jpeg (467.53 KB, 750x859, DB85CF41-A8B7-4666-A3FA-045F59…)

>I don’t like Donald Trump

Sure you don’t, you just know that if you admit to liking him you’ll lose to the two remaining fans you have

No. 920271

File: 1579397597751.jpeg (474.82 KB, 1242x3079, E7E0011E-F1CE-4B6A-897B-A2CC28…)

He’s fighting with someone about who actually talks to joysparklebs (another lolcow) everyday.

No. 920273

ew, what kind of person talks to joy sparkles every day, or brags about same.

No. 920295

File: 1579400310031.jpeg (396.37 KB, 1242x763, 02B82F79-2CDE-4CD0-ABE1-F31558…)



This retarded hambeast. He is such a fucking loser, holy shit

No. 920307

File: 1579401708446.jpeg (398.45 KB, 1242x2704, 228276B0-555E-4D4D-9DD5-56F2A5…)

A podcast with Joy sparkle. What would they call it The Ogre and the Hambeast.

No. 920350

File: 1579413915962.jpeg (357.56 KB, 750x829, FCD4E01B-4767-4C79-8DA4-A71653…)

This motherfucker actually thinks men are marginalized. His mother really should have aborted him,

No. 920354

File: 1579415632873.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1791, 77E488E4-C282-4A07-BF75-CA92DC…)

Fuck me he is a moron. Someone should tell him that as a faggot the MRAs won’t claim him, no matter how much he hates women.

Now he is screeching about YouTube age restricting his shit video. He probably thinks filming in an art gallery (which is fucking forbidden anyway, but I digress) makes him seem cultured and not at all like the inbred redneck white trash he really is. Suck, maggot

No. 920414


the only reason Robert is right wing is because he has a rich boyfriend. pretty easy to be a conservative when you have it all, including fame which also has to do with his bf's connections.


amazing he still defends that fat crazy cunt lol.

No. 920665

File: 1579486538565.jpeg (335.4 KB, 750x735, 46C3F47A-6DC8-4682-8053-6CC659…)

What fucking agenda would that be you obese fucking woman-hating imbecile? Christ almighty how can someone his age be this fucking stupid? What an embarrassment

No. 920668

File: 1579486663433.jpeg (338.69 KB, 750x635, 5011FC80-F000-49D3-A85F-3B1A43…)

Shut the fuck up you illiterate red pilled boomer. Someone please uninstall this fat cunt’s internet

No. 921369

File: 1579634448759.png (18.22 KB, 739x189, children.PNG)

Oh boy the hambeast is back at it again. First we have his usual Greg excusing when he doesn't have enough evidence to shit on him for that sweet cash. Wait until he exploits the situation when more details are out and when stronger opinions have been established

No. 921370

File: 1579634614729.png (370.84 KB, 736x596, feminism.PNG)

Then misogynactor had to retweet this intelligent reply to >>920668
because apparently male privilege isn't a thing and white women should shut their whore mouths

No. 921494

File: 1579649471885.jpeg (416.67 KB, 1242x816, CA5F64F7-6353-4231-9067-74AA1E…)

No one fucking cares if you cover it you irrelevant ham hock, go back to being a fat cringy neo nazi faggot face painting with overpriced makeup and licking Shane Porkson‘s asshole you fucking inbred loser

No. 921497

File: 1579650187474.jpeg (258.99 KB, 750x594, 01E8C0B9-EF14-42C7-8902-FDB1CB…)

Fuck outta here with your faux conscience, you will exploit anyone and anything for your own gain because you are a boring, untalented, uneducated embarrassing red pilled racist misogynist. Stop trying to convince people you’re important and your input holds any weight, no one cares if you make videos. Delusional idiot.

No. 921513

Fucking hell this is the whole Sarah situation all over again. He makes a tweet in Greg's favor stating he won't be covering it, then claims people are begging him to make videos (just because of a few harmless questions), he's being an arrogant dick etc. He will absolutely make videos when he feels safe enough to do so and probably play victim but my guess is not enough anti o's care about him anymore to cause drama like the last time he pulled this shit

No. 921774

File: 1579694005105.jpeg (422.49 KB, 750x892, E6F765BB-8D02-4381-98D2-4BB321…)

The cringe is positively palpable

No. 921804

File: 1579701217060.png (133.72 KB, 735x302, deaththreats.PNG)

it's just a generic thumbnail that's supposed to catch viewers' attention by using overdramatic facial expressions and items all photoshopped together and he calls it a work of art

>death threats

lmao he was the one wishing death on people, now he's twisting the narrative. Glad that no one cares about his shit anymore due to his cowish behavior in that situation

No. 921899

>"Weird how people think I'm obligated to talk about Onision when my whole youtube career I've done nothing but make multiple videos responding to Onision's drama (even though I like to pretend my viewers watch me because I'm CREATIVE like Shane and J*!!)

Kek this is what I hate most about anti-o youtubers. Anytime anyone makes a video commenting about Greg they sky rocket in views and get asspats from people who hate Greg but for some reason their egos are too huge to realize it's not because they're a ~*super special youtubers*~ its because people want to hear you bitch about Onion. Stop conflating people watching you for drama to people caring about the other content you make you giant manchild.

Saying "well I just talk about Onision to make money" doesnt absolve you of being a shallow asshole for using drama where there are underage victims involved for money. Mike just doesn't want to shit on Greg because he wants to be peak intellectual contrarian. It's a shame he has any viewers/followers that give him such an unapologetic ego.

No. 921924

File: 1579720331249.png (38.24 KB, 726x380, h.PNG)

Or maybe people just don't agree with you and your "cherry blossoms" when you're trying to sweep obvious child neglect under the rug that could have ended in a child's death. It's incredible that this guy has been closely following and covering onision and still turns a blind eye to the obviously bad parenting of these two. And, as usual, most of the replies to that person were polite in their argumentation but he chooses to focus on the few extreme ones (if there even are any) to discredit any valid criticism of his statements.

No. 921926

File: 1579720631661.jpg (176.43 KB, 1920x1080, EO5Vf7hVAAABUAx.jpg)

his total lack of self awareness when it comes to the obvious abuse of extreme blur filters to hide the full extend of premature aging and bad skin on his pig face is astounding

No. 922064

File: 1579737677163.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1242x465, BFA56644-87AE-464C-8E50-0B0158…)

Why the fuck does he think anyone gives a toss what he thinks? No one is „gaslighting“ this fat motherfucker. He is being roasted by some of the anti onion twitterfags but he probs has them all blocked so he can continue to exist in his echo chamber of retarded incels pretending that he is important and some sort of unique moral crusader when in reality he is a narcissistic bigoted opportunist

No. 922067

File: 1579738041902.jpeg (184.39 KB, 750x414, FD7C3D0A-EA82-446A-B6A0-3006E5…)

lmao he is such an ugly cunt but he insults the appearance of others

>moon sized ego

Pot meet kettle, Maggot

No. 922077

File: 1579738975012.jpeg (450.9 KB, 1242x1004, 515E60BB-840C-492E-9B42-384BF1…)

Fucking kek, this fuckwit hambeast is so lacking in self awareness and so deep in delusions of grandeur it’s hilarious

No. 922080

File: 1579739540818.jpeg (156.52 KB, 750x333, A9557308-C2B9-425A-8057-97D3FA…)

Get fucked you greasy pig, no one as dumb as you should condescend to anyone, you inbred hick. Stop pretending you care about anything other than your YouTube bucks. I cannot wait to see him sperg out over anyone he has yet to block disagreeing with his fat ass

No. 922084

File: 1579739781744.jpeg (501.87 KB, 1196x1087, 768361E7-675E-445E-9293-F139CB…)

No. 922089

File: 1579740220551.jpeg (309.95 KB, 750x779, EA1C0504-E15E-4F89-BC4E-4F1B89…)

Too bad it won’t ever spark for you, “darling”. You are a native English speaker who can’t spell or use punctuation correctly yet you’re out here patronizing people who have the sense to not agree with your stratospheric stupidity. Go stuff your fat face and cry about it to your retarded “cherry blossoms” you fucking dolt

No. 922093

File: 1579740573640.jpeg (712.43 KB, 1242x830, DC25E8D0-A228-42F0-B7B3-717065…)

Whats the matter? Cant handle the heat? LOL BE MAD FATTY

No. 922098

File: 1579741363433.jpeg (312.67 KB, 750x724, 8B3B10B2-9CF3-41A8-AD50-36FD12…)

So much for this giant steaming turd hopping offline, he is still trying to make himself feel better about being an illiterate landwhale by insulting other people who are without doubt more intelligent than him. Boo fucking hoo, misogynactor

No. 922132

File: 1579747399425.jpeg (368.52 KB, 1242x662, FC6FA882-D175-4C1F-9018-48AED2…)

>has a brain

lmao not like you can speak from experience seeing as you clearly don’t have one, retard

No. 922248

File: 1579762757473.jpeg (572.55 KB, 750x1096, 0D2A8943-30E7-44C9-99E2-138704…)

This is so fucking cringe. Misogynist, racist faggot buys extortionately priced makeup from other misogynist, racist faggot. Give it up, Mike. You’re an ugly motherfucker inside and out and no amount of makeup can fix that

No. 922252

File: 1579763374623.jpeg (168.11 KB, 750x320, A54EA8AC-C87A-41BF-8CB6-FC75D3…)

No-one is mad at you for your opinion of Chris Hansen you fucking heifer, people are mad because you are a white supremacist asshole who hates woman and has extreme delusions and narcissism to rival Gregs

No. 922355

talk about putting lipstick on a fat pig.

you can't polish a turd. love the receding hairline though.

No. 922427

Mike, to say it again, no one cares what you think about Chris or if you make a video about the accident. I'm starting to believe he suffers from a psychosis that makes him think he's much more important than he is and that people are talking to him kek.

Can he stop calling people darling, it's absolutely vomit-inducing. He needs to be punched hard asap

Yeah like he has the experience with makeup to judge if it's good or not

No. 922432

File: 1579797981623.png (17.36 KB, 738x163, x.PNG)

oh and you're not hateful in any way and your passive aggressive responses are only spreading positivity. Remember, you'll probably not live for 40 more years due to a heart attack caused by obesity

No. 922434

I can only recommend reading the comments under this, people are really calling him out

No. 922604

File: 1579820629451.jpeg (216.7 KB, 750x544, AF039AB1-6B17-4AD4-9BF6-0A9FE1…)

>admits to only covering Anusion because it gets views and none of his other videos do
>says he doesn’t care if he gets views

lmao, surejan.gif

No. 923037

He obviously has done zero research at all into Chris Hansen. Crime Watch Daily, which Hansen worked with for years, goes and knocks on the suspect's door every damn episode. It's cringe but it's not illegal and nobody seemed to care until now.

No. 923065

File: 1579847617049.jpeg (398.78 KB, 750x1063, A154C344-02FF-43E5-A7CD-D423BA…)

NO ONE WANTS YOU TO MAKE VIDEOS jfc stop twisting the narrative to suit your own grotesque ego and deluded self importance. Everyone just wants you to shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off, fucking Nazi

No. 923069

File: 1579848360150.jpeg (774.53 KB, 1242x1063, 4472EE1C-1928-41BB-819C-8D09C2…)

kek, he is such an authority on makeup, such a beauty kween

No. 923090

File: 1579859481648.jpeg (264.45 KB, 750x510, 3476EC48-8995-4964-BE89-F262EC…)


inb4 he tries to rebrand as a fully fledged beautytuber in the hopes of getting noticed by a fellow misogynistic white supremacist faggot

No. 923093

Oh the irony in the name of that make-up.. "blood sugar", well we know his is way up, fatty mcfathead.

No. 923099

File: 1579863694712.jpg (64.73 KB, 743x555, kek.JPG)

His video is age restricted because youtube discriminates against men, guys. It's not because youtube's community guidelines are applied arbitrarily or something

yeah that's not how it went. Also notice how that person didn't @ him but his cherry blossoms did in the replies to get asspats from him and he could blast it on his twitter

Is he trying to start a red pilled beauty community or why does the fucking emoji have to be placed behind everything?

No. 923362

he should probably have a payee if this is how he's spending his disability money

No. 923370

File: 1579914727550.jpeg (356.8 KB, 750x1067, 82DB59A2-98DC-4248-A669-727886…)

No. 923396

File: 1579918863283.jpeg (78.3 KB, 248x343, 0D168B8D-0CEF-466D-AF2E-96828A…)

topkek anon. I stg this overbaked ham gets more cringy by the day. Why spend all that money on that cunt Jeffree’s shitty cosmetics when your eyeshadow game in on par with an autistic toddler?

No. 923688

File: 1579971199402.jpg (73.43 KB, 745x550, 2345432345652.JPG)

STAY MAD, leech

lmao all that money for eyeshadow and he looks like this

No. 923692

File: 1579973825521.jpg (68.53 KB, 979x558, beautyguru.JPG)

His attempt to be sassy by applying makeup on camera and responding to criticism or hate is tragic! The way he's hammering and scratching that brush on his eyelids makes me cringe. He's trying so hard to be a stereotypical gay now

No. 923752

He's a fat, greedy, egotistical, narcissistic ugly piece of shit and he knows it. You can't polish a turd.
I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him.

No. 923783

he should start mukbanging and crying

No. 923819

File: 1579996881236.jpeg (96.16 KB, 750x239, 406C76DD-911E-452E-9B6A-7248D2…)

Most stereotypical gays at least make an effort, unlike this lazy inbred fatass

Hate you break it to you sunshine but you and Billy the fridge are peas in a fucking pod; you’re both retarded, obese, repugnantly ugly, victim blaming misogynistic cunts with your tongues permanently affixed to Gerg’s greasy onion ring.

No. 923856

File: 1580004290975.jpeg (713.4 KB, 1242x1795, D2887DAD-6FC5-4734-8464-35933F…)

Christ almighty this heaving mongoloid blobfish is an irrepressible cunt.

>uses hitler false equivalency

His ignorance and stupidity is excruciating. Anyone who think that he is an ~intellectual~ just because he speaks with a contrived, cringeworthy faux-Victorian accent is as much of a sped as he is.

No. 923860

File: 1580004710373.jpeg (243.61 KB, 750x514, FBDD1E22-C958-47A2-9E08-AB0C06…)

>not talking about your skin colour

No, you are talking about her vagina because your pea sized red pilled brain thinks men are victims and women hold all the power. Get fucked you fat sweaty turd

No. 923866

File: 1580005411814.jpeg (73.74 KB, 257x349, 5A4C3ED3-DC8F-4350-ACE7-6C68B2…)

lmao, he loves being a repulsive hambeast who belches into the microphone for no apparent reason so this shouldn’t be much of a stretch for him

No. 923939

File: 1580016640172.jpeg (598.46 KB, 750x1050, 4C1A228F-3958-4E92-9A54-D28728…)


No. 923940

File: 1580016663823.jpeg (526.72 KB, 750x977, FD6870C2-6317-4034-9A11-4E08C7…)

No. 924023

File: 1580034240636.jpeg (494.94 KB, 1242x1066, 10FD6C3A-3972-46E8-84A4-8BB28B…)

Whichever one of you anons called it, come and collect your prize. Here is trying to pass off his hilariously abysmal makeup skills (or lack thereof) as intentional.

No. 924024

File: 1580034488669.jpeg (304.29 KB, 750x666, CA606B1D-B870-4118-8CBB-1ECD40…)

>I really tried


No. 924026

File: 1580034900408.jpeg (295.78 KB, 750x639, E01E62C5-051B-4F78-8844-03E6A4…)

Just stop, Maggot. Jenna is never going to give you the time of day no matter how much you thirst tweet at her you cringy bargearse

No. 924068

Poor guy, someone really beat him up bad, hope his boyfriend or lack thereof isnt abusive

No. 924069

>just because he speaks with a contrived, cringeworthy faux-Victorian accent
thank you anon, that is such an accurate description of how he talks

He makes such a good replacement for Beautybot
>expensive high end makeup
>skills like a toddler playing with mom's makeup
>always ends up looking like a clown
>totally proud of the end result

No. 924070

He's not wrong about Hansen, or the anti-o's pitchforking idiocy. Most of the asshurt people in the comments think they know more than they actually do about Hansen. Other youtuber's have made criticism similar to Mike's. Hansen lied to Onision's victims, telling them their evidence was with the FBI when it wasn't. He's not what he tries to portray himself as.

No. 924204

I don’t think anyone here is disputing that, Hansen is a hack and the twitterfags have enabled his shitshow of a circus, his comments section is still a riot of dumb fuckery

No. 924254

There's a thread for anti o and Hansen sperging in snow

We're here to laugh at the "intellectual" who thinks hes so above the curve he needs to put a pill emoji on even posts where hes showing off makeup palettes. Nothing he says about Hansen and the rest is revolutionary and hes saying it to milk the few coins he can out of Onisions name before he pretends he's too good for that kind of content and gets his mouth surgically implanted on either Jefree Star or Shane Dawsons ass. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 924330

File: 1580087639007.jpeg (164.98 KB, 750x337, 1B5BD2E7-9FF0-407A-B422-F1157D…)

No one cares if you take a day off from your narcissistic cringe factory uploads, you desperately thirsty fat motherfucker. You’re like the boy who cried wolf, we’ve lost count of how many times you’ve said the exact same thing and gone back on your word

No. 924331

File: 1580087730479.jpeg (84.29 KB, 750x216, 954A9230-4752-4997-B20A-0AFCEB…)

Of course this retard supports fellow obese hideous white trash monstrosity Trisha.

No. 924424

File: 1580096107907.jpeg (677.36 KB, 1242x1193, 44EFD6DC-803E-4270-9EEA-43010E…)

We get it, you’re a fucking illiterate retarded MRA who hates liberals and anyone who isn’t a white male, but keep on tweeting these autistic red pill tweets, they just make you look increasingly stupid. Fat greasy pig.

No. 924432

File: 1580098242607.jpeg (308.92 KB, 750x771, 5471DAA7-6513-470C-9E7E-AA0340…)

No. 924433

File: 1580098270403.jpeg (135.93 KB, 750x293, 3CF54149-8F62-4BF9-BAF5-0591A2…)

No. 924434

File: 1580098425082.jpeg (514.25 KB, 1242x1072, 9BA690F9-3A5B-4808-9814-F97CDB…)


No. 924437

In response to this, apparently

No. 924447

File: 1580102264431.jpeg (194.9 KB, 750x479, 003A3D52-F787-4BE4-AAEA-8C3157…)

lol okay maggot

No. 924449

File: 1580102397176.jpeg (258.97 KB, 1242x570, DCBECFC2-8B28-4CD8-BB95-CCB172…)


No. 924457

File: 1580104747164.jpeg (297.88 KB, 750x700, 58858B69-48BF-4947-9F5B-874655…)


No. 924459

File: 1580105203646.jpeg (512.47 KB, 1242x990, BD663F12-C8B6-499A-9B89-1AF2A9…)


Something you clearly wouldn’t know about what with your IQ that’s on par with a first grader, misogynwanker

No. 924461

File: 1580105862956.jpeg (152.42 KB, 750x410, 1D255608-BCFC-4CCA-A490-536A71…)


>Im a moron

Well he got one thing right

No. 924539

>in case I didn't make it clear
again he's implying that people are begging him to make videos because he's so popular and important kek

Is he so butthurt over a reddit post that he decided to - once again - stop making onision videos, his main source of income? Let's see how long that goes.

yes, yes you are.

Why is everything he says so incredibly hypocritical? As if he's not someone who loves to rage and be immature and tell people to die in a fire when faced with criticism?

No. 925217

File: 1580254484309.jpeg (408.83 KB, 750x1061, DAE00463-FCC4-47DD-8D30-006A18…)

He has built his “career” around making videos on Grug and his victims, claims he supports them and then posts this garbage. What a piece of shit.

No. 925218

File: 1580254520994.jpeg (340.28 KB, 750x751, 3066FA34-F3BA-42E1-9E2C-5D9CA5…)

More bullshit virtue signalling

No. 925380

Because rape only counts when you went to court and won the case. Oh wait, that's what he thinks. Implied the same shit when Sarah came forward because he BeLiEvEs In DuE pRoCeSs and if you don't take it to court it didn't happen even though these things are often the hardest things to prove.

How is anyone putting his children in danger except the onions themselves? "Apparently" already implies that nothing was confirmed yet, but he just HAS to use this situation for another "I told you so" moment. Also how many times does he have to remind people that he's "tapping out" lmao.(inTeGratE)

No. 925802

File: 1580377923601.jpeg (189.93 KB, 750x504, 735A1993-A016-486A-A427-8508EE…)

lmao tweeting at public transport twitter accounts, he is such a Karen. I’m surprised he even leaves his basement

No. 925806

File: 1580378582584.jpeg (98.19 KB, 497x742, F22A6B7B-E472-47B9-AC6C-348E4B…)

Please tell us more about your time in the military, Mike. Was telling people to die in a fire, sit on a church spire and giving them instructions with pictures on how to hang themselves something then trying to pass it off as 3edgy5me humor something you learned in ‘nam?

No. 926598

File: 1580532670726.jpeg (353.43 KB, 750x828, A7C2E683-4A36-493F-9F6A-089C08…)

The irony, hypocrisy, delusion, opportunism and complete absence of self awareness with this this greasy hambeast is extraordinary, holy shit

No. 926669

File: 1580556655512.jpeg (537.37 KB, 750x1064, B433C5D6-0FC8-4964-9D5C-ECF2BD…)

Jesus Christ this obese sped is refusing to get off his moral high horse, he is as delusional as Anus

No. 926670

File: 1580556680835.jpeg (295.13 KB, 750x645, 66E0918A-CE10-46B7-9E53-1B17F0…)

No. 926671

File: 1580556862294.jpeg (234.49 KB, 750x509, 1A4B16C4-466A-43D3-AE5D-8E9B77…)

No. 927608

File: 1580725378391.jpg (114.06 KB, 750x1073, EP0w1yJW4AIauOO.jpg)

Is he threatening to take legal action now, I can't

No. 927644

File: 1580735094224.jpeg (231.08 KB, 750x813, 63F5151C-1B18-481A-8788-5E0653…)

He sperged our tweeting LEAVE ME ALONE over and over at people he had blocked (he unblocked them just to tell them to leave him alone when they weren’t even tagging him, the absolute autist) and then deleted all said tweets

No. 927657

four times in a row at the same person, Jesus Christ. Sorry Mike, people are allowed to express their opinions on about you on their own pages since you're some kind of a public figure due to your youtube channel. Deal with it, it won't get any better by throwing a tantrum. It's hilarious how uncontrolled he is

No. 927658

File: 1580737857988.jpg (108.88 KB, 1440x800, EP1li_mXUAAz6c8.jpg)

another gem from his latest spergout.
Can someone explain why he calls him James? I thought he would want to hide his fan status a bit better

No. 927666

He is calling Onision James. (Is that what you were asking)? Greg changed his name to James Jackson.

Also, he is being disingenuous about the comments about Billy the Fridge. Apparently there is a video out that shows him acting poorly around some girl, and that is what people are referring to. They aren't coming up with the comments about BtF out of the blue.

No. 927711

File: 1580750621613.jpg (44.67 KB, 761x351, EP0w1yJW4AIauO.JPG)

I love it when ex fans tell him how it is, kek

Yeah I was asking that because only his fans call Onision James. He seems to have a lot of respect for that predator.
I don't think he looked at the video of Billy the fridge, he just saw an opportunity to speak up against the injustice that another male has to face without fact checking.

No. 927836

File: 1580774051871.jpeg (268.34 KB, 750x831, 004255C3-90EA-40D5-A762-B777D7…)

He is sperging on twitter, he thinks everyone who criticizes him is the same person my fucking sides HOW IS HE THIS RETARDED?

No. 927837

File: 1580774118369.jpeg (379.78 KB, 750x1064, 008A3BBC-D388-41F3-86E1-E06E8C…)

>leave me alone reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 927843

File: 1580775309593.jpeg (314.57 KB, 750x686, 0E4C6687-54B3-4892-95C3-57E400…)

>getting better at handling it

He is more delusional that Anus, holy shit

No. 927863

File: 1580778090962.jpeg (102.99 KB, 750x284, 581E7413-952C-41B2-B3B7-BF6F8C…)

I wouldnt call three and a half Dorito coated autistic incel neckbeards a “community” but sure Maggot

No. 927865

File: 1580778406317.jpeg (306.03 KB, 750x1064, F5EA3DC0-9F30-4C4B-8673-7D1091…)

I cannot wait to see how much cringe will arise from this. From one fat faggot to another, kek

No. 927928

File: 1580790546772.jpeg (246.67 KB, 750x577, 03AE4459-169A-4B58-80A9-5255EA…)

This obese motherfucker is now giving out diet tips, I cannot wait till he adds “health guru” to his bio

No. 927978

I haven't seen anyone creating a new account, he just can't accept that there's plenty of people who see through his bullshit

Is spamming them "leave me alone" like an autist getting better at handling it?

the comments on here are getting to him so he's trying to lose weight by eating lots of meat

No. 928188

File: 1580849046368.jpeg (372.54 KB, 750x1021, 52023089-D352-4B2E-8A6D-324EDE…)

Jokes are supposed to be funny, maggot. I dunno who told you that yours are, but they lied

No. 928449

If he is referring to him telling people to die in different ways then it wasn't meant in a funny way. Sure he didn't actually wish death on people (at least I give him the benefit of the doubt) but he didn't make these "jokes" to be funny, he wanted to express his hatred against his critics. And him always being receptive to criticism is a blatant lie since he was sending his death wishes to people who didn't even insult him.

No. 928790

File: 1580977286271.jpeg (323.7 KB, 750x852, 8DFFDF5A-504D-477D-9D1E-ACDD49…)

This fat fuck has to be the most self unaware person in history, the irony is killing me

No. 928791

File: 1580978045061.jpeg (125.56 KB, 750x500, AD39C048-DE36-4520-AEE9-EBBD80…)

MY SIDES he is so fucking stupid

No. 928794

why do you have mike so fucking much?

No. 928798

You must be new here

No. 929076

File: 1581041221158.jpeg (401.27 KB, 750x822, F7E5F0F6-0805-49F7-AC85-F75F9F…)

He just cant help making everything about himself.

No. 929082

File: 1581043042286.jpeg (15.08 KB, 231x231, EE8F3B78-673C-409C-B503-F3FB8D…)

No mike, you didn’t lose subscribers because of anus you lost subscribers because you’re a repulsive sweaty teat with zero self awareness who can’t take criticism

No. 929101

"came out of nowhere" well only if you never paid attention. everyone who did knew something would be up with sarah.

No. 929181

File: 1581062093122.jpeg (336.82 KB, 750x917, 6F44EA94-54EF-4B9C-BB6D-41F1D3…)

He is STILL sperging about Amber Heard being an abuser. We know you hate women you greasy wheezing tapeworm, one high profile case where the woman was the perpetrator doesn’t equate with female privilege you lardy piece of shit so shut the fuck up

No. 929183

File: 1581062614866.jpeg (306.72 KB, 750x762, 0A694A78-1875-49C1-BFBE-937D45…)

That’s real rich coming from you, you entitled fat cunt

No. 929254

Literally no one would know who this person is if it wasnt for him being a JoySparkle orbiter.

His content on Onision isnt even well thought out or interesting. It's a drawn out 10 minute video of him trying to ~out logic~ Greg while making bad run on jokes and scoffing to himself.

I'm not sure how someone gets as big of an ego as Mike when he gets less than 1k views on anything he makes that's not Onision related or clickbaiting with his muhserious expression and titles. Even then he barely breaks the 5k mark. He really let parroting lolcow about a water headed freak go to his head and now he thinks hes a step below Shane Dawson where everyone cares about him and his big brained opinions kek.

No. 929282

no you're obsessed. if you don't like him don't watch him you fucking psycho

No. 929447

How very Greg of you to say.

No. 929466

File: 1581122528978.jpeg (410.37 KB, 750x886, FD6BA6B6-CBA1-427C-BB6E-6D0070…)

inb4 he uses this as an excuse to sperg about female privilege while trying to pass it off as sooper intellektshul film criticism

No. 929467

File: 1581122769962.png (26.99 KB, 657x527, F9971885-9E02-4B1D-B281-813072…)

>calls people obsessed psychos
>whiteknights cringey MRA landwhale z list youtuber on anonymous imageboard


No. 929531

File: 1581130853513.jpeg (285.69 KB, 750x720, 9877B448-4EA6-4696-9A53-0BD700…)

lmao the delusion, we have all seen what happens when anyone tries to have a discussion with you. You scream PEEPEEPOOPOO and block them because you are a giant pissbaby

No. 929618

File: 1581157439421.jpg (58.42 KB, 756x608, 450_450_ac142cb1-3a7a-4a46-9fc…)

I don't even know what to say anymore to these retarded statements but I get the feeling he can't really handle the internet

No. 929630

it seems like Mike is the most honest twitterer


No. 929653

File: 1581168137170.jpeg (268.43 KB, 750x986, BE52DEB8-92DD-4057-9678-C7B8C9…)

kek, you must be one of these two fat inbred incels because no one else is retarded enough to whiteknight this lardy cunt. we don’t need to watch his videos in order to conclude that he is a shit smeared wet wipe, you retard. His Twitter feed is enough of a dairy farm on its own.

No. 929656

File: 1581168418392.jpeg (120.79 KB, 750x514, 949DA0FA-BA37-47E0-B63E-8A9C0E…)

being a professional victim isn’t a job, Mikenwanker

No. 929658

File: 1581168662608.jpeg (342 KB, 750x814, F285AEFE-2953-4A2A-A21B-6F8BAE…)


Not this shit again, fucking hell

No. 929662

File: 1581169330920.jpeg (162.34 KB, 750x555, CDEFBF8B-1C56-45A6-91D7-B25693…)


No. 929680

File: 1581173728471.jpeg (154.84 KB, 750x399, F99A8401-E081-494E-B8B9-AFD182…)

But he is totally not a misogynist u guise!

No. 929718

I mean he kind of hit the nail on the head on why people react so negatively to his "contrarian opinions". Who wants to have "relaxed discussions" when some clown comes in and sits on his high horse pretending that he knows better than you just because of their ~*contrarian viewpoints*~?

Not a lot of normal people go to Twitter to have "debates" with red pilled strangers. They want to talk with like minded people who agree with their opinions annoying or not. Mike just wants to start arguments with people he thinks are stupider than he is because he values his special galaxy brain more than anyone else's opinion.

>"Birds of Prey was a movie sexist against men, how dare they - the hypocrisy!!"

>"Gun girl is allowed to harass anyone she wants at the LGBTQ parade because everyone's allowed to have opinions whether they're inflammatory or not!"

Top kek bozo

No. 929867

File: 1581208948547.jpeg (299.38 KB, 750x672, 2FC93AB0-FE10-42E3-85CF-21BADA…)

LMAO maggotnactor must be sperging into his echo chamber like never before about this, rip my sides

No. 929876

File: 1581210381750.jpeg (286.03 KB, 750x911, B1BB8607-E986-4DB0-AD80-7E51C2…)

I hope there are farmers present for this

No. 929900

File: 1581217349163.jpeg (343.31 KB, 750x1008, E825ABBD-0318-4BA7-99CF-BB9168…)

Transformation into Greg complete, my fucking sides. He is sperging over Gaero something chronic and it is top fucking kek

No. 929901

File: 1581217371846.jpeg (337.69 KB, 750x1039, CF049475-3545-4D2E-9B3C-C1CA72…)

No. 929905

File: 1581219186767.jpeg (78.13 KB, 750x216, D79F1B3D-FEE5-4603-B9ED-258BDF…)

Maybe if you cut down on the hamburgers you wouldn’t be such a miserable fat fuck

No. 929914

File: 1581220617208.jpeg (325.85 KB, 750x683, C843C02F-1650-4F4B-892E-82B182…)

Why does he have a fridge in his bedroom? Is he scared of potentially losing weight if he has to walk an extra two meters to retrieve his processed cheese and frozen tendies?

No. 929917

Pretty sure that's the only room he has other than the bathroom. It looks like government housing for people with developmental disabilities.

No. 930051

File: 1581270876879.jpg (70.17 KB, 826x768, KYS.JPG)

He's being edgy again telling people to kill themselves. such comedic genius

No. 930052

File: 1581270907453.jpg (73.51 KB, 806x600, KYS2.JPG)

No. 930342

File: 1581322742113.jpeg (408.41 KB, 750x1056, A029DF8C-1B59-4D95-9AAF-F247DE…)

Fucking kek this fucking hamplanet. He nuked every single one of his tweets posted prior to yesterday’s stream and he is being ratioed to fuck and dragged for filth in twitter after refusing to apologize for his edgelord “jokes” and SHOCK HORROR announcing that he is making more onion content after vowing not to for the 500th time

No. 930343

File: 1581322777237.jpeg (386.14 KB, 750x1056, 7511763A-D6EB-494C-827D-4AD7A8…)

No. 930347

File: 1581322882505.jpeg (379.3 KB, 750x1055, 00D4C60D-D28D-440A-BB3E-6D5744…)

No. 930348

File: 1581322996072.jpeg (474.5 KB, 750x1055, CD7DD912-4567-4EB5-B5E1-C09765…)

No. 930349

File: 1581323249664.jpeg (497.74 KB, 750x1067, 98F71838-0311-4B2A-9BF4-26AE8C…)

LMAO he is so mad

No. 930350

File: 1581323299509.jpeg (503.49 KB, 750x1066, CD225D4F-F962-4855-9B4C-59427E…)

No. 930355

File: 1581323579849.jpeg (168.83 KB, 996x2048, 8BBDF867-3F2E-45F7-B25F-4DBF30…)

What the fuck is this supposed to be?

>getting better


No. 930357

File: 1581323827072.jpeg (54.86 KB, 554x553, F9E54DD3-3CC7-45D0-9AD4-CEADFF…)

No. 930359

File: 1581324406319.jpeg (401.63 KB, 750x976, 15EDBB3C-3801-48F8-BFA5-96CB82…)

He tweeted something incredibly racist about Parasite only winning because “politics” but the Nazi fuck deleted it and replaced it with this only marginally less racist tweet before I could get a ss

No. 930363

You disgusting pack of cowards.
When will you stop?
You are truly nothing but diseased individuals seething with your own
self loathing. You all deserve to get raped and burnt alive while watching those you love being tortured. Your time will come.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 930366

File: 1581329404204.jpeg (118.81 KB, 630x1157, 56252c2a1200002e007e56a7.jpeg)

Roasted over a fire so you can eat us after like one of those chicken tenders in your fridge?

No. 930376

File: 1581333113419.jpeg (367.83 KB, 750x937, 1A66F1E7-0F55-4F82-A89C-B648E4…)


I really hope this person is trolling him because I do not want to believe that anyone is this retarded

No. 930381

File: 1581334737812.jpg (90.4 KB, 1024x576, gregwtf.jpg)

Mikenactor is Fat Onision, pretty much.

No. 930493

its exactly the same kind of thing Greg always says: Oh you have nothing better to do than to hate on me, because you're miserable and you're all assholes yourself!
So by that right anyone who has ever been hated well its the other peoples fault right? Its the people that hate on that person who's to blame. Its not because you're a greedy, narcissistic, fat piece of shit that has done and said terrible things!
Some people may call that passing the buck.
Some people may even say that if you get hated by a whole bunch of people then well, you have done something to cause that hate, and its because you're an asshole.
And they ask the exact same shit from you, Mikenactor, that they asked from Greg: Apologize for the wrong you did, it really is that simple. Own up to it. Yet here you are, just like Greg, blaming everyone else but yourself.
You truly are Onision 2.0

Cue you claiming you never posted that.

No. 930506

It's been one week since he announced he was done with onion content. It's like when Onion wants to leave twitter every two weeks. holy shit I'm so glad we are talking about this idiot. He is deranged and constantly running in circles. Seeing how people are dragging him is beautiful.

>allow me to start ignoring you
because that worked so well the last few times

No. 930514

File: 1581364298208.jpeg (219.45 KB, 750x467, C47505AE-3D7C-47A8-BB6B-0D4611…)


His latest video is titled “dealing with onision trolls” and it really cements how much of a deluded sped he is. He is also very obviously deleting negative comments and going out of his way to like every one that licks his giant sweaty lardy ass. Even with onision’s name in the title it’s getting fuck all views.


Pic related, kek

No. 930515

File: 1581364404858.jpeg (75.91 KB, 712x992, 78A63BE7-001A-401B-8368-4FB31E…)


LMAO my sides

No. 930525

File: 1581366042995.jpg (39.4 KB, 1200x679, ronaldmcdonald-16_9.jpg)

I choose C. Ronald McDonald wore it best.
Christ, his videos are shit and he hasn't had a single original thought about Greg since he started this thing, he just parrots whatever he thinks people wanna hear with that big fat autistic head of his.
He isn't likable, he isn't original, he isn't a good video creator, his singing is shit and he looks like that: >>930515
You tell me, am I missing anything here? These are the type of filth they monitize. Way to go, Susan. Way to fucking go.

No. 930527

It doesn't get views because no one cares about this shit except the ones that are calling him out on twitter. A lot of his viewers have left because of the childishness and this will only make it worse for him, kek. Who wants to watch a guy that's so focused on his haters.

I know he's trying to do some David Bowie type/drag shit but even for that it's just so so bad

No. 930531

File: 1581366887779.jpg (53.79 KB, 767x461, bemad.JPG)

It's fine but I make at least two videos a month about them and wish death and other awful things upon them

No. 930551

does he delicately lift up the six scraggly mustache hairs with a swollen finger before applying the lipstick?
It's repulsive yet fascinating.

No. 930587

File: 1581376824579.jpg (53.42 KB, 746x444, 74694932.JPG)

Imagine starting shit by behaving like a toddler that doesn't get what it wants immediately, calling people cowards for not obeying to his demands and doubling down on your stupid edgy kys jokes, which all leads to a whole new chapter of people calling him out and then having the audacity to blame others for the derailment

No. 930588

File: 1581376949816.jpg (51.54 KB, 747x493, 1558955024950.JPG)

And he's using Shiloh's dumb tweet as a shield lmao

No. 930633

hilarious how he does in the same retweet exactly that which she asks people in her post not to do.

No. 930639


LMAO using a screen cap from here, proof that he’s posting >>930363

Admin please out this autistic sweaty woman hating hamoid scrot so he goes back to whence he came

No. 930759

File: 1581405386177.jpeg (193.66 KB, 750x498, 1BE7D71C-6FE5-44A1-9DE9-3C33C5…)

Pity they couldn’t teach you basic English spelling and grammar, retard. Or be a decent human being. Keep pretending you’re ~above it all~ while stuffing your repulsive fat face with tendies and fapping to pictures of Onision. That is if you can find your dick underneath all those rolls of blubber, you salty ham hock

No. 930761

File: 1581405771143.jpeg (344.01 KB, 750x746, 7C213A7A-0105-4BE3-A01D-57D3EB…)

kek, this obese piece of shit really has a superiority complex/delusions of grandeur

>I’m not engaging

Yes, you fat turd, incessantly tweeting about how you’re so unbothered is really sticking it to them haydurz. Just change your name to Greg or James or whatever, you ugly inbred mong

No. 930789

as if mikenactor is even a relevant player in the onision discussion in the slightest. is he referring to the people who archive onisions content, reupload it, archive evidence, and call for his arrest?

No. 930799

He tweeted that shiloh DMd him clarifying that her tweet was in support of him but he deleted it either because he was lying or because he was getting flayed for leveraging his interaction with the UwU strong kweeeeenz UwU against his haterz to lend credibility to his false narrative

No. 930939

File: 1581448081641.jpeg (166.59 KB, 750x630, 3D8B52E2-085C-4C40-B453-A44110…)

lmao who wants to bet that this is about him?

No. 930981

i meant the people he's referring to who are secretly in league with onision but that's gross too. i hope shiloh doesnt feel like she's obligated to be nice to or work with moldy mike just because they both hate onision and have platforms on youtube

No. 931008

File: 1581455630043.jpeg (164.43 KB, 750x304, B2792AF8-85AA-4646-A20C-BC4243…)

>we live in a society

Why so salty, Karen? Did someone steal your Zimmer frame or beat you at bingo?
Someone as fat and greasy as you isn’t really in a position to talk about self respect.

No. 931100

It is. I mean he retweeted a tweet of hers doing exactly what she asked people NOT to do.
Truly condensed autism.

No. 931185

File: 1581471320998.jpeg (115.24 KB, 750x309, E9DECEDF-1C4E-4182-B2F7-15A3A4…)


Imagine having the artistic aptitude of a toddler with Down syndrome and living on tendies in council housing for the handicapped while spending all your ill gotten YouTube gains on overpriced shitty makeup made by a thundering faggy cunt. My fucking sides.

No. 931190


>unsolicited mention of going to the doctor

>uses emojis to denote a dick and ass

No one needs to know about your STIs Hamandeggtor

No. 931222

File: 1581477512990.jpeg (144.22 KB, 750x369, 6F800927-DD00-4228-9124-72717A…)

This wheezing oil rig really thinks the tweet isn’t about him. What a fucking cringe factory.

No. 931278

File: 1581493838609.jpeg (390.4 KB, 750x965, A8113242-CEEF-4C7E-B76E-0911C2…)

>I need to get back on the onion gravy train because I blew my entire disability pension on face paint and now I can’t pay my rent

No. 931288

This is a fucking goldmine of fuckery. In addition to his godawful make-up we have:

>people are relying on me to cover this

>twitterfags reeeeee
>I know sooper sekrit things about the investigation that I cant talk about
>coming from veritable sources
>the most veritable of sources

Top fucking kek

No. 931312

Typical narc-tactics. Claim you are somehow in the know hoping people will go "OH SHIT HE KNOWS SHIT SO I BETTER SUB TO THIS SHIT, SHIT!"
Not realizing that we aren't as stupid as he looks.

No. 931325

File: 1581510784561.jpg (56.38 KB, 981x552, afddfgbgf.JPG)

The end result. Bring back Beautybot!

No. 931328

File: 1581510953587.jpg (62.72 KB, 980x547, girl.JPG)

I hope he doesn't poke his eyes out one day

No. 931329

He looks like a sparkly dog turd left in the sun too long so its easier to pick up.

No. 931331

File: 1581511867279.gif (1.7 MB, 480x266, 7A45B48A-AB8C-46EE-A048-71D7A2…)

Is he blind as well as dumb? He can’t possibly think this looks good, lmao

>aren’t as stupid as he looks

topkek, anon

His insistence on using words that he can’t spell and doesn’t know the meaning of makes him look like an even bigger clown than his beautybot LARPing

No. 931344

If he's trying to parody Laineybot then he succeeded admirably. Also unintentionally though, since he's a fat man.
And he's ugly as fuck.

No. 931508

I don't really understand this eye shadow application? Does he do this intentionally thinking it looks good?

No. 931538

Its shades of cholesterol.

No. 931588

File: 1581567212212.jpeg (75.89 KB, 750x230, B5B287AE-F5BF-4731-8C0E-4F4827…)

Well this ought to be unprecedentedly cringeworthy

No. 931590

File: 1581567388263.jpeg (448.64 KB, 750x994, 9C26BB8A-ED42-4B7E-82A0-DF51BE…)

Someone please remove this sweaty racist pig from the internet

No. 931592

File: 1581567617135.jpeg (367.5 KB, 750x779, E56B3316-5F74-4D9C-A403-2DD289…)

Maggot, seeing as you lurk here, please stop with the gross sexual tweets. No one wants to think about an ugly balding middle aged ham planet having sex. You are repulsive and should he banished to a remote location so no one has to see you or hear you ever again

No. 931635

File: 1581582308615.jpeg (105.05 KB, 488x1024, 879BD7D7-4AFD-4D3A-A13C-6D5D80…)

He is still sperging over the anti onion twitterfags, now with bonus racism. How does this obese turd have fans?

No. 931663

the same reason onision has fans. his fanbase is naïve and he portrays himself as a lone wolf with edgy opinions who is persecuted because he ~tells the truth~

No. 931696

Oh hon you two DEFINITELY belong together, you can both make up rape stories.
Do I hear romance in the air?
Just be careful when you two bang because China has enough problems with the Corona virus as it is, they don't need the earth quakes.
Two peas in an overweight 3 ton barrel pot.

No. 931835

The Deity stream is somewhat interesting because they talk about da haturz. So far:
>the only thing they have against me is the KYS joke
No Mike, that's not true. You have a long history of problematic behavior including rasism, misogyny, being hypocritical, the list goes on
>it's projection
>it's gaslighting
>haturz know that they're lying and don't think highly of themselves
>the same thing that people do with him happens to Greg
He then tries to humanize Greg because he has children (stfu idiot, not even Greg cares about that) and is a human being (yes that is how he wants to speak of a known predator)

No. 932243

I wonder if he thinks we care about his opinion, or his stupid channel for that matter.
Allow me to clue you in, Mike, should you be reading this: No, we don't.
I was subbed very briefly to your channel over a year ago and haven't looked at a single video of yours since then.
Your videos are stale, lackluster and have nothing of value to contribute. I did lol once when I was subbed to you and you legitimately thought Greg watched your videos and cared about them.

No. 932280

File: 1581728476718.jpeg (363.84 KB, 750x913, 22B96EE6-A196-4B56-9226-37B8DF…)

But you can’t have pizza on your keto diet, fatass. Keep telling yourself you enjoy being single, no one wants to date a sweaty racist hambeast.

I’m trying to get a download of yesterday’s stream, it was an absolute train wreck. The best bit was when someone who I’m guessing is a farmer asked him why he has a fridge in his room and he replied that his “office” is in his “big open plan apartment” LMAO nice attempt to conceal the fact that you live in a government funded shoebox for speds, maggoteggtor

No. 932442

File: 1581780514457.jpeg (290.92 KB, 1242x521, 58A7D04D-3351-4BA5-A938-7C0B55…)

This absolute retard seems to have replaced Elvis as his number 1 pick me bitch, her tl is nothing but riding his dick and spewing racist ignorant shit. She’s even more illiterate than he is, his fans are truly distilled autism.

No. 932446

File: 1581781004553.jpeg (983.27 KB, 1242x1692, 964FC8A4-09AA-4C0A-AFA5-AEAF24…)

No. 932448

Fucking kek, this bitch. Her tweets are fucking batshit, I think she is actually autistic (but then most of his fans probably are, no one who isn’t mentally disabled would be so invested in this land whale).

No. 932450

File: 1581782580605.jpeg (520.69 KB, 750x1084, FC2BEC7D-12E4-4404-BDE3-5B5F03…)

She looks exactly how you’d expect his fans to look (extra chromosome, dropped on her head as a child, probably never leaves her basement)

No. 932469

inb4 Maggot makes a roomtour to prove the haterz wrong

I thought that was a dude. That makes it even worse

No. 932590

File: 1581811589629.jpeg (827.14 KB, 1242x1442, 5E168A86-B2C5-49D8-852C-38F09B…)

lmao no wonder she is so mad at other women when she is as ugly as this, jfc. Her racist sperging and whiteknighting of maggot is topkek

No. 932594

File: 1581811785308.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1795, 5D7487E2-FEDA-49F7-8499-F26B99…)


No. 932595

File: 1581811838750.jpeg (465.14 KB, 1242x876, C9DE4FA0-8C50-48D1-96DC-ABBD07…)

Imagine being this retarded holy shit

No. 932616

File: 1581814702529.jpeg (514.58 KB, 750x857, 513B8CC1-F9F3-44C7-A4D0-1A1201…)

SHE IS A RSN FAN TOO this just keeps getting better

No. 932622

File: 1581816012395.jpeg (366.24 KB, 750x1002, F2382327-8662-425B-8932-1FADA4…)



This inbred fugly cunt is a goldmine

No. 932662

File: 1581822982636.jpeg (355.61 KB, 750x932, 80219EB0-FB38-4C96-8530-900B99…)


kek, when cows collide

No. 932704

>The african government"
You know, from this country, "africa"

Just gonna leave that one right where it is

No. 932709

File: 1581835233342.jpeg (485.45 KB, 750x1000, F0BF3C28-0912-44AD-B5C2-0F7877…)

That country Africa where the Greeks had dreadlocks and white slaves, I am wheezing

>also thinks using an anime avatar is cultural appropriation

>criticizes someones grammar
>dum dum

This is why abortion should be free and legal everywhere, Jesus Christ

No. 932714

tl;dw he is STILL sperging about his haydurz, still making the onion situation about himself, still using shiloh as a shield, spends most of the video with his head up shiloh’s ass. The fucking narcissism and navel gazing fuckery is painful

No. 932725

>the African government
As in, the government of the country of Africa? Lmao

No. 932759

He can put on 12 tons of make up and run 9000 filters over that ugly mug of his, you can't polish a turd. he'll always be ugly, even if he miraculously lost all his weight.

Hilarious. No one even watches his stupid shit, he isn't even relevant to Greg. I bet even Greg doesn't watch his videos, like ever. Maybe he seen one once and was like "this is boring" and stopped watching.

No. 932996

Gaero owns that account

No. 933005

Does he?

No. 933006

This is an imageboard, retard. Proof or gtfo

No. 933018

File: 1581933486455.jpeg (273.16 KB, 750x707, 10BE052C-C6CE-4BE9-8473-AE4AB1…)

ffs maggot, enough with the MRA spergery, someone whose number one source of news is Breitbart isnt in any position to be schooling people in sociology/gender roles

No. 933025

BIG LOL he just by default admitted to men being privileged and women being oppressed with his own second tweet. If men are expected to be care takers and strong and providers, what does it say about what’s expected out of women? Submission, weak and victims in need of male protection. So the stereotype of men having to get bad jobs just to provide and to be strong ..is because women are lesser and in need of help. I get his ass is massive but that he can fit his big galaxy brain in there is kinda impressive.

No. 933035

Despite him being a fat narcissistic greedy morbidly obese high cholesterol ugly fuck pervert dumbass, he's actually right with those two tweets.
I wonder whom he parroted them from this time, but that original OP of those two tweets is right.

No. 933174

Men are pressured to do jobs no one wants!! That's why Mike gets to sit on his ass making useless YouTube content and slathering purple eyeshadow up to his eyebrows.

Obviously men are the oppressed ones and Mike is the most oppressed of all.

No. 933181

The only thing Mike is oppressed in is in space, in his fucking one room apartment.

No. 933365

He oppressed on youtube.
After all, no one gives a shit about his content. Its boring.

No. 933367

File: 1582038319784.png (Spoiler Image, 167.6 KB, 720x961, IMG_20200218_155610.png)

I tried, but I can't get what this illiterate buffoon is trying to say nether in the tweet nor in the ss comment, anybody who can translate autistish?

No. 933370

File: 1582038660537.png (242.38 KB, 720x1130, IMG_20200218_155951.png)

These are the stans Hacknactor deserves.

No. 933372

File: 1582038733859.png (221.97 KB, 720x977, IMG_20200218_155923.png)

It wouldn't surprise me if they were related.

No. 933373

What he is trying to say is that he had, in fact, sexual encounters before, and just seeing those guys again made him mentally wet again.
Wouldn't suprise me that this was a lie too.
Also: He's a bottom, who would've guessed.

No. 933378

I kinda get it now, still didn't really catch what that wet cheese was all about, unless he's referring to his own skin. I figured he was a reciever, but I would bet not even that stds ridden rapist Jeffrey Star would dare to even poke that putrid incel with a stick, I guess his memories just get stoked every time he walks through the vegetable section at the market.

No. 933384

don't know what he's trying to say but it's a lie that he's usually leaving these alone. He blasts every single hate comment on twitter because he's so pressed about them.

No. 933385

Oh for sure, he usually deletes all criticising comments and reports and bans the authors, with this one he probably felt like he had a bulletproof answer and couldn't control the urge to share it with his inbred redneck followers for convalidation. He probably busted a nut in the process, all the tweet comments are from halfwit nodding supporters who didn't even understand what he meant, convoluted as his answer is.

No. 933452

File: 1582055394035.jpeg (376.42 KB, 750x983, C6BD76A1-1198-4EB2-8B47-AE0737…)

Welcome, newfriend. A reminder that you don’t need to type anything in the top three fields except “sage” in email if you don’t have milk.

Maggot’s fans are off the Richter scale when it comes to bigotry, the ghost woman and Dork Loser are the worst offenders. She’s a fully fledged white supremacist pick me bitch and he is a literal neckbeard incel, watching them interact is topkek

No. 933453

File: 1582055477447.jpeg (274.47 KB, 750x732, F0A4D8CF-615E-4407-BE59-21D00F…)

No. 933454

File: 1582055726197.jpeg (326.95 KB, 750x906, 278972A6-A11F-4666-8FCB-AB4297…)

No. 933456

File: 1582056384103.jpeg (244.27 KB, 750x572, 64FFD599-284B-4A69-96A6-5137CD…)


No. 933462

File: 1582059163890.jpeg (168.49 KB, 750x354, 4DFB34CE-6254-4355-8D24-F7D9A4…)


No. 933659

File: 1582105316370.jpeg (226.58 KB, 750x627, 5470D404-CCB3-462F-8A31-004297…)

Bargearse is back with his über cringey pseudo intellectual hot takes



No. 933666

I can't even tell who's more illiterate. populist discussion, I can't. He should really stick to a vocabulary he can handle.

No. 933696

File: 1582119791373.png (213.14 KB, 720x848, IMG_20200219_143403.png)

Watching these 2 interact is like watching quote "two septic tanks collide".

>>933452 Thankyou for the heads up, it's an honour to be part of it, I've been checking the thread for lols for a while now and I frequently drop warm and steamy turds under that talentless, morbidly obese vulture and his whiteknighting neckbeard, pussy bitch whore, unfortunately they never engage no matter how elaborate my criticisms may be. Glad I can contribute with some milk here every now and then.

No. 933697

File: 1582119989969.png (124.87 KB, 720x740, IMG_20200219_143334.png)

Literal fucking frustrated, fingerless gloves and fedora wearing, neckbeard incel. Lmao

No. 933699

File: 1582120648850.png (70.65 KB, 720x444, IMG_20200219_145327.png)

Sooooww deeeehp!

No. 933746

How can someone like Dhark be as retarded as he is? But of course, it's the womens fault that you're a dumb motherfucker.
Also his username fucking sucks. Is he trying to be edgy or is he just illiterate?
dHaRk lAyZar. Sounds like either a 10 year old making his first username or a thirty year old virgin. Oh wait, he is.

No. 933796

File: 1582140115862.png (266.85 KB, 720x1016, IMG_20200219_201531.png)

>>900220 Although it's 2 years older, it shows a genuine reaction to this thread, poor Mikey felt bullied.

>>933746 At least he knows how to spell allot

No. 933816

File: 1582145107683.jpeg (217.75 KB, 750x484, 9EFC9A51-57F4-4834-97E8-917200…)

She is defending that cunt with a gun who shit her pants, I cannot with this ugly bitch

No. 933817

File: 1582145275589.jpeg (587.13 KB, 750x1083, F32ACA88-F388-46E2-B9D8-7B6BCA…)

And she is still sperging about white genocide by the “African” government, holy fuck she is retarded. How someone this dumb and this ignorant has made it to adulthood is truly astonishing

No. 933818

File: 1582145451887.jpeg (195.62 KB, 750x383, 9A1F6956-7EA6-4CA0-BA59-68E750…)

KEK who wants to tell him?

No. 933820

File: 1582145756263.jpeg (354.56 KB, 750x869, E5A6786F-DBD3-40EF-8AA9-3D9490…)

No. 933821

Lmao no wonder he is so mad, looking like this

No. 933822

File: 1582146191143.jpeg (290.83 KB, 750x749, 9DF68FD1-BFB4-450B-8E51-ED64AD…)


Nice bitchtits, dorkloser

No. 933840

I can feel the fedora tipping from the other end of my monitor.

No. 933841

This is the most blatantly racist bullshit i've read in a while

No. 933911

No offense for people who work there, but would've you ever guessed this neckbeard incel works at McDonald's, guess all desk jobs were taken at blizzard.

No. 934061

File: 1582183607208.jpeg (750.03 KB, 1242x947, 74E0DE48-D7B4-4562-98EE-F08CC0…)

This is just sad

No. 934062

File: 1582183932227.jpeg (676.27 KB, 1242x1387, A7CCC407-DDE3-4990-9E42-B49A50…)

His thirst tweets at Shane Dawson are so cringey, kek. How did he help you, maggot?by making you proud to be a shady fat misogynistic parasite?

No. 934139

File: 1582203413836.png (182.47 KB, 720x802, IMG_20200220_134811.png)

Still sniffing around Shane Dawson's croth, with his disproportionate whale jaws wide opened, hoping for a drop of cum.

No. 934142

File: 1582203614703.png (215.02 KB, 720x1010, IMG_20200220_134753.png)

When this skidmark isn't busy fetching cum, he's trying to insert himself in the gals victim's circle, the lengths this greasy beached whale will reach to become relvant make him just pathetic.

No. 934148

File: 1582204541973.png (401.71 KB, 720x1032, IMG_20200220_141319.png)


No. 934165

A greedy fat fuck defending a professional victim.
How charming.

No. 934284

File: 1582229072755.jpeg (158.35 KB, 996x2048, F95140DC-BB74-41E9-AC57-49D8D3…)

Even McDonald’s doesn’t want him lmao

No. 934295

File: 1582229487594.jpeg (256.3 KB, 750x500, 7F1317D8-1307-40B6-AE1D-A6B9AB…)

>feels good to be back on the onion gravy train even though my videos on him are getting fuck all views
>inb4 he starts ebegging in “solidarity” with the uwu strong qweeeeeens because he doesn’t have enough money to keep the fridge in his sped hovel stocked with chicken nuggets and plastic cheese slices

No. 934296

File: 1582229594174.jpeg (108.94 KB, 750x286, A1F6587C-4315-4B23-814C-697B67…)


Fucking hell, does this mongoloid ham planet not know how to use spellcheck?

No. 934315

>Her managers
Damn this brought me to tears, I bet this misogynist twat had issues with the majority of his superiors, if not his GM being women, they must've overhead his raging mumbling at the drive thru window.

No. 934345

File: 1582234848993.png (543.2 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20200220-223710.png)

I just can't, look at this dude!!!

No. 934435

Like people say, Mikenactor is Onision 2.0.
He's greedy, takes zero to no effort in his shitty content, he's narcissistic, thinks he's somehow magically relevant and he fancies himself an intellectual yet he's as dumb as a brick.
Hence, Onision 2.0

No. 934525

File: 1582257712447.jpeg (196.43 KB, 750x392, 5D7DAD48-2D72-4950-9616-1EED13…)

This rotting overstuffed salami just can’t help make everything about him and his hatred of women

No. 934531

lol what. he's defending the feminists/sjws in this situation while calling people who rightfully criticize them feminists. Alright mike.

No. 934595

File: 1582271587426.jpeg (260.61 KB, 750x744, 2808C2BC-C657-43AF-9220-0C5225…)

We get it you morbidly obese dog turd, you’re not like other gays, jfc the internalized homophobia with this cunt

No. 934627

Oh no, he isn't like other gay men, nor is he like some other homosexual men, he is a Faggot, a fucking Faggot. Also this "I have supportive straight friends" sounds like someone trying to hide being racist with "I have awesome black friends". Pretty sure this Nazi-fag doesn't have any friends other than action figures, makeup sets and brushes and a broomstick he calls Jeffrey Star.

No. 935163

File: 1582342403669.jpeg (384.41 KB, 750x828, 5A924643-F294-48DD-9C0F-564171…)

Lord have mercy. The comments have to be trolls because I do not want to believe that anyone thinks this bloated wheezing beached whale looks good in his overpriced finger painting

No. 935202

File: 1582350339215.jpeg (364.95 KB, 750x774, 250E25B4-02BA-4BD4-86AD-0174E6…)


Who wants to tell him?

No. 935203

File: 1582350566325.jpeg (83.62 KB, 308x320, D4725936-6021-422B-980A-546807…)

jfc he is an ugly motherfucker

No. 935207

File: 1582351276472.jpeg (295.59 KB, 750x1016, 73EFCBC9-7690-4DDB-87CA-FE3E32…)

He is obsessively tweeting at Shane and Shane doesn’t even acknowledge him. He replied to this person and of course the morbidly obese cunt is thirsting for the tiniest bit of recognition, kek

No. 935208

File: 1582351324797.jpeg (163 KB, 750x390, A1E6A460-643B-4FE7-BB9F-8F0415…)

TOPKEK as if Jeffree Star will ever send him PR

No. 935294

It looks like he got a fake palette as well. That bright blue shade at the bottom of the palette in his video is supposed to be teal. The dumbass really wasted all his money on some fucking bootleg palette. What a clown.

No. 935304

File: 1582376347597.jpeg (171.75 KB, 750x548, D86E393C-CFBC-423D-8FF0-9DD2AA…)


My fucking sides, how embarrassing. He claims that it was released a day earlier in Australia but I am willing to bet he paid extra to get what he thought was a pre-launch set so he could make a video boasting that he is the first non-PR recipient of the palette for clout. I am cackling.

On the one hand I wish people would stop encouraging his hilariously inept autistic makeup videos but on the other hand his hilariously inept autistic videos are, well, hilarious

No. 935310

File: 1582377281751.jpeg (59.92 KB, 292x352, C74F02F7-3014-4E9C-B1B5-B03DDD…)

I’m fucking screaming

No. 935315

File: 1582378705351.jpeg (281.54 KB, 750x761, 97B33C7D-0631-4CCA-B8B5-6426E9…)


No. 935320

Oh no no no. I recoiled immediately. To think he’s spent this much money on Jeffree’s palettes… Yikes.

No. 935330

Does he not watch makeup tutorials? Has he ever even watched one? He sounds like he's so far up Jefree's and Shane's ass but paints his face like a neanderthal.

No. 935362

He's doing the same thing Onion did to Jessie Paege, thirsting for attention on twitter while being ignored. And he also seems to have the same Shane obsession that Greg has

Looking at this I almost have to believe he got a fake palette like one anon said. There's no way it can look this bad using high end make up even with the worst beginner level "skills"

Lainey didn't watch them either, these idiots just "practice" on camera and show their horrible results like it's an improvement

No. 935399

Serious question - cold he have color blindness or be visually impaired? Maybe he has such a bad eyesight that he thinks that every eye shadow look is a blurry, smudgy mess. That Elena girl must be blind as well, Bowie vibes my ass

No. 935404

File: 1582395491236.png (211.33 KB, 720x995, IMG_20200222_191517.png)

What an ass kissing pathetic, buffoon.

No. 935405

File: 1582395673784.png (215.24 KB, 720x968, IMG_20200222_191439.png)

Oh God this faggot should get a restraining order on this obese, greasy, faggot stalker.

No. 935447

File: 1582400521149.jpeg (234.89 KB, 1239x2048, 0E5CD9C5-42A1-458D-A823-F7EF38…)

No. 935450

File: 1582400640730.jpeg (159.94 KB, 1219x2048, 6F730C01-929F-49D1-9C53-908451…)

No. 935460

File: 1582401047036.jpeg (179.56 KB, 1240x2048, 6BC87601-B1DD-4E06-8A9F-A12417…)

No. 935465

File: 1582401262556.jpeg (226.36 KB, 1440x1785, 97218122-90E2-4E6D-943E-289430…)

No. 935478

RIP my sides! Could anyone please let that buffoon know, I want to see his bovine expression when he realizes.

No. 935489

I agree with an anon itt who said that if Mike were a woman he'd be ( sadly ) bullied mercilessly for looking like this. What the fuck is that makeup application.
What the fuck.

No. 935503

>There's no way it can look this bad using high end make up even with the worst beginner level "skills"
It's incredibly difficult to make a look from Jeffree's palette look bad. He puts the colours together on the pan in a way that you know what colours to go for and they're easy to blend. His BL palette is clearly fake, but Mike's looks still look bad with legit palettes. He must either have really shit brushes or he just doesn't have a fucking clue what he's doing.

No. 935577

File: 1582417901603.jpg (20.51 KB, 596x110, lol.jpg)

No. 935582

Shiloh is friends with him?! He began siding with Onision when Chris Hanson knocked on his door. Wtf?! I'm confused.

No. 935596

What puddle of shit did I just step in to?

No. 935600

File: 1582419922398.jpeg (164.63 KB, 1440x1475, CF9422FC-EE52-4536-8807-20BCC8…)

No. 935603

File: 1582420244414.jpeg (149.28 KB, 1385x2048, 234FEA31-183C-4198-ACE1-A93C9D…)

No. 935608

File: 1582420414726.jpeg (184.87 KB, 1440x1855, 5A5CA51A-4C52-4C3D-BEED-99698A…)

No. 935609

File: 1582420554289.jpeg (120.8 KB, 1440x1774, 2AED9045-A70D-4279-BEAE-A27A64…)

No. 935612

File: 1582420868640.jpeg (317.39 KB, 750x996, ABB1E555-A38D-4081-9C6D-D8EF26…)

Well this comes as a surprise to absolutely no one

No. 935617

File: 1582421121452.jpeg (327.35 KB, 750x838, 0EFA13DD-9B2C-4857-87F9-B361E2…)


She is hammering the nails into her own coffin, kek

No. 935628


There are several people on the JSC subreddit in Australia who did get it at the Melbourne Morphe store and posted their pictures. They posted their stuff hours before the collection was available online. Not defending him because I could totally imagine him getting scammed but those people in the Discord are wrong.

No. 935650

File: 1582424344314.jpeg (411.61 KB, 750x976, DD5E04DA-863F-4F3E-883C-FB5E59…)

Holy fuck his fans are distilled autism, this deformed racist bitch and her pet incel are so fucking retarded it hurts my brain

No. 935665

TFW your developmentally delayed brain mashes feminists vs egalitarians/anti-fems with capitalists vs socialists, falsely thinking they’re synonymous to each other.

~muh incel intellectualism~

No. 935673

File: 1582426659036.jpeg (398.39 KB, 750x990, 8263B141-0FE2-4EAF-9B64-BCE757…)

Bitch, neither you nor maggot need this, you’re both morbidly obese grease factories

No. 935695

File: 1582430093783.jpeg (436.82 KB, 750x906, 0B07AD68-3B4D-401A-B4E5-AE7FB5…)

No. 935722

File: 1582435600170.jpeg (497.61 KB, 750x1095, 24303473-1944-4E2F-A9E2-7D0783…)

KEK he is trying to justify the poo baby fiasco

No. 935723

File: 1582435655513.jpeg (372.37 KB, 750x958, 5885E74B-1E12-44FF-9366-2272A3…)



He keeps using that word, I do not think it means what he thinks it means

No. 935760

File: 1582444711110.jpeg (191.75 KB, 750x684, 5AABD401-22B3-4148-BDB7-467B15…)

Get tae fuck you massive gay shite

No. 935761

>here for yourself

You mean like you are? Fuck outta here you greedy, hypocritical obese piece of shit

No. 935762

File: 1582445145977.jpeg (454.82 KB, 750x1059, 94120B4B-AC78-4257-B66B-C3A989…)

He is such a cunt holy fucking shit

No. 935763

File: 1582445308345.jpeg (144.72 KB, 750x407, 242619DA-6CD6-442E-9DD4-4ED7D0…)

No. 935764

File: 1582445360958.jpeg (335.33 KB, 750x950, DE23F051-0154-41A4-A4D5-96BC72…)


kek the replies

No. 935766

File: 1582445910922.jpeg (294.92 KB, 750x786, 14ADF9B3-13B2-435F-A3E8-B2F7B9…)

>I don’t want to get involved
>incessantly tweets and makes videos about the drama

No. 936108

File: 1582510754176.jpeg (475.06 KB, 750x968, 8B7297C3-C01B-4892-88C3-0B4D2E…)

MUH SLANDER AND EDGY HUMOR fuck off mike, you’re not funny or edgy, you’re just an obese sweaty hog with a fake make up palette

No. 936262

You have a sense of humor, Mike? When?
Remember, I was subbed to your channel for a short period, didn't laugh once.
And trust me, I do laugh from time to time, just not from your "jokes" (again, couldn't spot them in your videos), I laugh at you though. Like when you put on make up for example.

No. 936264

LMAO he keeps going on about how he is notttt bovverrrrred by da haydurz but he wrote this “song” he truly is Onion 2.0. Who the fuck told this hambeast he could sing? Imagine being this salty and delusional my fucking sides

No. 936267

Well GREAT that he isn't bothered by the haters, since we're gonna keep on hating him.
So it works out fine for all parties concerned. Right?
Sing us another song, fatty!

No. 936271

File: 1582536694631.jpeg (741.62 KB, 1242x1417, 783569E0-CD33-4B83-8633-C5BEFC…)

kek, dont encourage him anon. Or maybe do, because this wheezing, perspiring, amorphous blob in fancy clown make-up truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Seeing as he is the only supporter Shiloh has left (funny that she only made her friendship with him public after every other person on the internet condemned her) maybe they can collaborate on a video that will well and truly kill us all dead from an overdose of cringe

No. 936272

And with snaggletooth fellow fatty Deity as his new boyfriend things are going really well for Mikey boy.

No. 936276

File: 1582537298594.jpeg (884.02 KB, 1242x1617, ED8281E8-5C5E-43AD-B047-0A334C…)

Birds of a fat, ugly, retarded feather sure do flock together, kek. He is so mad that people are questioning the authenticity of his jsc palette he is probably sweating ever more than usual pretending that he thinks its funny

No. 936282

File: 1582540610108.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, 07509A44-29BA-434D-998D-DE2EF1…)

He’s so fucking salty about it. And is trying to say it’s the green screen that made the teal bright blue. What a dumbass. I don’t think he realises everyone else stands in front of a green screen and they don’t have the same colours as him. He really thinks we’re all as dumb as he is

No. 936297

All these so called make up palettes are a scam, is there a link or something where u can order this crap? i'm sure its some sort of branding thing where you just do a markup or some shit like cafepress is for merchandise and slap your own stupid logo on it.

No. 936299

Here, heres one you can do that:
Go to town, be the new Jeffree Star. I'm sure theres tons of more services like this which I'm sure he used.
Just pick your pretty colors, slap your own stupid name on it and now you're super duper e-famous and fabulous.

No. 936530

File: 1582580028396.jpeg (468.93 KB, 750x1013, 4DDD075B-170C-40F9-81A7-3911FA…)

KEK no one cares about your “song” you fat cunt, that’s why no one is interacting with your multiple tweets about it. No one cares that you’re friends with Shiloh either, you’re both white trash, get used to each other’s company because people are rapidly divesting

No. 936814

File: 1582632123229.png (264.91 KB, 720x1079, IMG_20200225_125717.png)

Passive aggressive, neckbeard incel lost his Twitter account after being a douche in an argument with someone, he was aggressively defending that white trailer trash Shiloh and got reported.

No. 936815

He didn't even get reported, Twitter just found him.

No. 936816

File: 1582632267414.png (206.4 KB, 720x1108, IMG_20200225_125734.png)

Cought these two morbidly obese, barn raised, neckbeards 69ing. I could feel the fetor through the screen.

No. 936817

>>936815 Hah! Dork Loser believes otherwise, he stated in a boring ass video the haydurz targeted him, as if he was even relevant enough to have any. As the dirty little snitch he is, he even wonders why people like Mikenactor can say even worse and get away with it.

No. 936822

File: 1582634288456.jpeg (331.7 KB, 750x935, 1A531267-F854-4EE1-9ED6-FF20D1…)

This inbred deformed hambeast also changed her handle after getting savaged by maggot’s haydurz, she is still sperging about them defending the obese retard like a true autist trying to get in on the action with her two fatass faves

No. 936824

When did Gaero say he won't be talking about Mike anymore? Also, Mike shouldn't sing at all, he fucking sucks at it.
Can't even say he sounds like he has dicks in his mouth because no one would want that.

No. 936833

File: 1582637583404.png (253.62 KB, 720x937, IMG_20200225_142742.png)

Still grasping at straws to try and justify her rampant autistic racism.

No. 936838

File: 1582638232477.png (190.1 KB, 720x703, IMG_20200225_142712.png)

Like that hillbilly redneck Deity and her Barn Lord allgreasy Mikey, she too has a rape experience, they probably hold the record for "Most improbable raped incels in history". Also, while I do doubt the veracity of these guys' story, I really don't want to downplay such traumatic experiences, but I despise whoever wears their own as a badge, like some kind of achievement or tries to use it as a way to garner attention.

No. 936844

>she too has a rape experience
According to the internet, EVERYBODY has a rape experience. If we were to run some statistics on the numbers 12 out of every 5 people was once raped, and 13 out of every 2 people is a rapist.

No no Shylow is black now, you see?

No. 936882

So when mike says for the billionth time he isn’t talking about the “haters” and Greg anymore yet makes hour long videos about them, that’s not obsession. But gaero making one tweet is obsessed? Mike and his stans really are pressed about Gaero, aren’t they? He did bring awareness of how bad he is but honestly it was only a matter of time for people to realise how shitty mike is. His stans just think they’re special because they’re just like Mike - they think they’re sooper intellectuals when they’re all just obnoxious contrarian cunts.

No. 936978

File: 1582666245514.jpeg (271.8 KB, 750x752, 4B639E01-E08E-4FE8-84E0-6F4069…)

LMAO this repugnant racist ham planet is so proud of coming up with the “toxic o” moniker, how fucking retarded is she? Like, I think she is actually handicapped. No adult is this fucking dumb unless they have a cognitive impairment

No. 936979

File: 1582666277916.jpeg (381.28 KB, 750x971, 40E8519E-8E85-4462-AB8C-6FD268…)

No. 937076

File: 1582680376150.png (6.64 KB, 217x232, download.png)

He's not talking about the haters, no, he's making whole songs for us. The fat bitch is nothing if not petty.
Keep trying to convince us that your feefees aren't hurt, Mike.
Its hysterical.

No. 937733

File: 1582797057290.png (131.85 KB, 720x774, IMG_20200227_104620.png)

This greasy, barn escapee, stinking vagrant still hopes this std ridden transvestite would stick his 3 inch dick in his gaping asscrack.

No. 937735

File: 1582797321287.png (434.6 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20200227_104638.png)

He hopes one or the other might spray some come cum at least in his general direction, what he doesn't know is that these deranged faggots might stick their dicks in any gas station's glory hole, but wouldn't touch his clogged ass with ten foot pole.

No. 937737

File: 1582797642161.png (40.74 KB, 720x994, IMG_20200227_105717.png)

Looks like the fedora donning, whiteknighting incel was struck by Twitter's banhammer again, they must've figured out how much of a misogynist racist this fat ass is.

No. 937738

File: 1582797832411.png (329.54 KB, 720x998, IMG_20200227_110118.png)

In fear of meeting his same fate this neanderthal privated hers.

No. 937742

File: 1582798246433.png (209.19 KB, 720x1102, IMG_20200227_110635.png)

In case endorsing one illiterate, misogynist neckbeard wasn't enough to convince anyone Shiloh belongs in a trailer, she is endorsing this hillbilly, redneck racist faggot as well.

No. 937758

File: 1582803189239.jpg (544.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200227-062259_Twi…)

So this is ghost? Has the audacity to call others fat and ugly yet looks like this. Even the filters don't help. If she didn't have the filters you be able to see the patchiness and dryness of her skin and also how cowish her face is. I guess she has nothing better to do than to defend Mike because I know if I had to look in the mirror at that everyday then I would be as depressed as she claims she is.

A cow who looks like an actual cow.

No. 937779

File: 1582807494554.jpeg (216.67 KB, 750x508, E44BBF0E-AC41-44D0-9977-C376F3…)

Holy fuck she is hideous. She looks legitimately retarded. No wonder she stans that obese racist faggot. Apparently she has a kid too, I thought residents of assisted living facilities for speds were forbidden from fraternising with each other, kek

No. 937783

File: 1582808233503.png (329.38 KB, 720x1007, IMG_20200227_134849.png)

That's unexpected, I would've bet she ever only had fruits and vegetables between her hairy ham-looking legs, really depressing to know people like these reproduce.

No. 937784

File: 1582808507595.jpeg (260.52 KB, 996x2047, D7AB98A3-B7F4-406F-B6AC-560B68…)

LMAO apparently this is her alt account, what a fucking retard

No. 937787

File: 1582809403202.png (436.93 KB, 720x1059, IMG_20200227_140827.png)


No. 937789

File: 1582809584626.png (435.22 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20200227_140808.png)

Finally showing her true colors. Love how he tagged that greasy expired hamhock in the description.

No. 937794

She looks like she has downs. UwU I love my eyes. Kek.

Girl, the makeup is trash and she looks like she's on drugs. Probably buys pain pills from her neighbors in the trailer park. You can also tell from her bloated face that's she's fat. All of Mike's fans have that same retarded look and glazed over eyes. She's probably thinking about Mike's micro dick and eating a microwavable TV dinner.

No. 937864

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Mike told her to send all that. He's a coward himself so he sends his deranged and retarded little stans instead of fighting his own battles. how sad he is along with his ugly fat down syndrome looking girlfriend.

No. 938009

He's exactly the same as Deity, when you look at Deity's fans when they come on cam to guest my god its a genuine freakshow. they all look like fat mutants with blue hair and septum piercings, that make them look even more like pigs than they already are. you know, oink oink.
Is it really such a big surprise that complete and utter autistic retards would be a fan of Mikenactor? Rational human beings can't stand a fake fat bitch like Mike, but fellow mutants can since they feel a fat kinship with him and they can all be hopeless and fat together.

No. 938152

File: 1582860101772.jpeg (191.6 KB, 750x468, 91C99DFA-F470-43DD-B821-8054AF…)

No one should be surprised that this obese incest baby advocates for physically disciplining children. He is so triggered by hearing that some dumb bitch’s kid ruined his pwecious misogynist faggot idol’s palettes. What a retarded cunt.

No. 938294

Again, literally ANYONE can order and sell these stupid fucking "make up palettes", theres about a 100.000 services you can do it. It makes bank on narcissists like Mikenactor that are too stupid to poop, since they make you buy the shit up yourself and then sell it. Its the same old make up scam where lazy women used to try and peddle make-up or tupperware to their friends in order to be "their own boss".
Only this time they let you pick your own pwetty colors uwu and slap your name on the package. Then they make you order about 300 of those packages that you yourself need to resell.
Doing this is for stupid narcissists only that wanna pretend they're important since they have "their own make-up palette".
ANY idiot can do that, order yours today and pretend to be a super duper important "influencer".

No. 938379

File: 1582910954417.png (265.14 KB, 720x456, IMG_20200228_182435.png)

This illiterate neanderthal is still sperging about races and cultural appropriation. LMAO

No. 938660

He's definitely a pseudo-intellectual, who's trying to pass himself off as being some kind of smart alt righter. I bet deep down he hates being gay, since now he has to clarify himself to the other alt righter like "oh but teehee, i'm not like the other queers you see!!", you know? I bet he's an atheist too, not that theres anything wrong with that, but people like him flaunt that just to try and be hip to that intellectual crowd. Yet the minute anything goes wrong he'll secretly pray next to his jizz stained covers. "oh please don't let them take my disability, oh lord!"
I mean just because you seen a few documentaries and read a few time life coffee table books doesn't make someone an intellectual.
Its hilarious to watch though since at first I almost fell for his shtick, until the most moronic things came out of his mouth. I tried to correct him a few times but the minute someone does he either gets catty or just agrees with them to try and look clever : "oh yeah but thats what I was saying" No Mike, you weren't saying that. You sounded stupid (again) and we all saw or read it.
Its hilarious.

No. 938930

File: 1582999465815.png (337.62 KB, 720x700, IMG_20200229_185029.png)

While implicitly humble bragging he is fwend with that white trailer trash psychovictim Shiloh is, wet skidmark here distracts from his repugnant ugliness making up for his lack of charisma and how uninteresting he is, by implying his backstage fwendships gave him access to other commentators dirty secrets with a veiled threat of exposing them. Nobody cares you stinking vagrant, save these cheap blackmailing tactics for whoever is dumb enough to be scared from them, get back in the barn!

No. 938947


Believe what?

Did Repzion remand nudes in return for some of the GoFundMe loot?

Did Chris Hansen grope Shiloh's tit in the concert photo, Mike Morse style?

NoBoDy KnOwS

No. 938965

Again I find myself lacking in the care department. So you have some "dirt" on people, how cliché of you you fat drag queen.
Either spill that tea or stfu about it, just talking about it doesn't give you any leverage, this isn't communist Russia where gossip and hearsay function as any type of currency.
Bet that would go straight over your head though. Lets keep it simple: Even with said information you're bragging about you yet remain as uninteresting and worthless as ever.
Go buy a loaf of bread with the information you have, you fat bastard.

No. 939074

File: 1583026409166.jpeg (377.22 KB, 828x1451, 2551E37D-8BEB-449D-A1AA-FA8B29…)


That’s not how it happened, you sweaty hog

No. 939076

File: 1583026743212.jpeg (167.59 KB, 828x412, BDF3C30D-1BAC-4A7E-96F0-6D00C9…)

Now he is threatening Edwin AND trying to get sympathy. I hate this obese piece of shit so much

No. 939089

File: 1583028239534.jpeg (122.61 KB, 828x437, 41DDE2D0-9EC5-41E6-A5E0-2D9B96…)

Except you’re not nice, you’re a cunt

No. 939100

getting counselling is probably a condition of his general welfare arrangement but sure

No. 939190

File: 1583045596784.jpeg (493.31 KB, 828x1271, D3A70C19-AB63-4092-89A4-6745B7…)

No. 939192

File: 1583045644375.jpeg (198.14 KB, 828x600, C5E55715-5D69-4250-9034-23008D…)

Fucking misogynist

No. 939208


5) because theyre so fucking obese they cannot close their legs due toa gargantuan fupa getting in the way. Fuck off you piece of shit.

No. 939224

Hypocrite, when Sarah came out he unleashed his misogyny full force and focused it squarely onto her without any concern for what might have been going on behind the scenes, nor certainly any knowledge about it. Now that he's feeling relevant because he befwended that crazy bitch Shiloh is, he started offering this flimsy, artificial form of sensitivity so forced out of his butt it's like bursting a blood vessel in an effort to take a shit ending up in nothing more than a wet fart. I bet he dreams about finally leaving the barn to move in her trailer and in between feasting on chicken nuggets, smoking meth and drinking moonshine together duet about their "abuse stowies".

No. 939242

File: 1583057927876.png (299.95 KB, 720x666, IMG_20200301_111439.png)

Pre-pubescent levels of wisdom, trying to hide his raging misogyny and racism behind a cheap "I look bad but I'm really good inside" narrative, the levels of squalor this buffoon can dig to.

No. 939243

File: 1583058045618.png (407.35 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20200301_111424.png)

Still on the lookout for a droplet of cum from this faggot. Shane should get a restraining order against this pathetic hog of a stalker.

No. 939267

File: 1583066389009.jpg (19.7 KB, 500x323, fatmanshrink.jpg)

No wonder the suicide rate among psychiatrists is so fucking high. Imagine having to listen to this fat piece of shit living from self induced crisis to next self induced crisis.
That poor shrink.

No. 939269

Oh you mean like how we don't give a shit about you, Mike?
Yeah that would be best. Just close your youtube and social media accounts, get off your fat fucking ass and go do something, anything, anything else but this.

No. 939351

He’s such a fucking moron he doesn’t realise Snape isn’t a good person. He did good things and was a hero. But he was a dick. Even JKR says he wasn’t a good person. But of course Mike has to use Snape to justify being a shithead.

No. 939400

I think the problem lays earlier in that. As in mentioning a Harry Potter character, referencing it, unironically.

No. 939689

File: 1583150736642.png (404.7 KB, 720x691, IMG_20200302_130426.png)

I'm tearing up.

No. 940012

File: 1583192444355.png (136.33 KB, 720x460, IMG_20200303_003752.png)

Morbidly obese neckbeard incel faggot trying to validate his rampant xenophobia and raging racism with news taken out of context.

No. 940112

File: 1583201834794.jpeg (439.26 KB, 828x1193, 2807612A-6724-4DBA-AA4A-799105…)

kek, he is obviously lurking here and sweating profusely like a rancid salami left in the sun on a hot day, keep pretending to be notttt borheredddddd while making 785275 “video’s” about the haydurz you disgusting lardy ugly retarded bigoted piece of shit

No. 940229

File: 1583222889576.jpg (110.19 KB, 700x766, C-ScQzLUIAAHqrg (1).jpg)

.. This was a part of a project by the city of Oulu (which apparently is the whole entire Finland according to this illiterate moron) to prevent sexual violence against the youth. I am pretty sure that the youth workers, who made that god awful tiktok, made it during their 15 euros per hour work day (which apparently translates to 21 million euros)

I know spouting stupid shit is fun, but could he even try to do some research? Is he really that illiterate?

No. 940232

Who keeps telling this illiterate fat fuck he can sing? Christ alive, Dolores is spinning in her grave a

No. 940281

>>940232 Lol, I left a comment telling him he was killing Dolores all over again, crushed under the weight of his arrogant ego and choked by the total lack of talent showcased in this ear cancer delivering cover, he promptly deleted it. You should try checking his "creep" cover Anon, truly atrocious and lawsuit worthy, it's amazing he thinks he can engage in such undertakings with his under-the-shower singing skills. I'm pretty sure every time this buffoon picks up a microphone a singer somewhere gets a laringe tumor.(Cowtipping)

No. 940288

>I'm slowly moving away from drama content

Alright! We're gonna hold you to that, Mike!
Good riddance!

No. 940290

File: 1583237295613.jpeg (343.53 KB, 828x835, B0C5C7D8-DAE7-4DD4-8835-50F146…)

The hog that cried wolf take 78754. We all know that “fun” doesn’t pay for your Easy Cheese and frozen hotdogs, Nacho Libre.

No. 940296

File: 1583237516980.jpeg (231.24 KB, 828x615, 5050EEF0-0B33-4F08-B6EC-B851B4…)

He is so mad that Youtubers with a bigger audience than him are dragging his perspiring hammy ass on twitter, I hope there are some savage videos on the horizon michaeljacksoneatingpopcorn.gif

No. 940299

File: 1583238331058.jpg (547.68 KB, 1614x737, mikendeity.jpg)

Looks like we'll be seeing these two crazy lovebirds in an exposé video on Cecil's channel too.
Congratulations Mikenactor and Deity, you are finally making it BIG!

No. 940309

>>940299 Finally! Can't wait to see someone drop a warm and steamy turd on this obese incel. >>940299

No. 940318

It's only a matter of time for people like them. You behave in such a way, you try and insert yourself in all that drama sooner or later someone will grant you your wish.
And for us its just entertainment really. It will be wonderful seeing Deity and Mike get their comeuppance.

No. 940958

File: 1583356150102.png (242.82 KB, 720x1113, IMG_20200304_220754.png)

Yes, lolcow and the farmers milking this neckbeard incel, climate change denier, barn escapee, raging racist and flaming misogynist approve. Shoot an expose video.

No. 940959

File: 1583356187172.png (427.67 KB, 720x790, IMG_20200304_220504.png)

No. 940962

Jesus fuck, can these speds not post caps of the farm on twitter? There are enough newfags and assorted autists here as it is. No one cares about your retarded dramu videos, cecil.

No. 940970

You should take it easy Anon, videos covering this soapy ham can do nothing more than entertain us and put him under pressure, giving more milk in return, aure Cecil is an other Onision stan in incognito, but Nicholas Deorio and Digital Goon aren't.

No. 940976

pardon me but how is Cecil an incognito onion stan? I’ve watched all of her videos covering gurg’s drama and she seems to rip into him like everyone else.

No. 940983

>>940976 At the moment Onision is a topic that garners a lot of views in the YT drama sphere, it's a good bait for potential likes and subscribers, so in a sense all the drama or not channels tackling the subject are Greg's stans, whether they're aware of their status or not, Mikenactor being the most eloquent example. That said though, in all fairness I haven't watched a single video done by her, I didn't even know Cecil was a she.

No. 940988

I been subscribed to Cecil for years now and she isn't just some drama channel, she covers things more in the way you see TRO cover stuff, extensively and factual only. I've always enjoyed her videos a great deal and they give really good insight. Which is why I got excited that she's the one covering this first. I was also the one to post the halal thing because well, i'm pretty psyched about it.
She isn't a sensationalist, rather she just reports on the situation, good or bad.

No. 940990

Also wow, Mikenactor, just wow. You really just posted that? This is the hill you choose to die on? really?
And you wonder why this thread opens with a post where they put a swastika on your head..
What are we even supposed to say to a post like that? I am utterly flabbergasted.
You're a fucking racist, buddy. And you should be ashamed of yourself. You're not smart, you're a fucking BIGOT.

No. 941061

This isn't even a lie though. Stop nitpicking.

No. 941068

I bet you’re the same “black people don’t own dreads” cunt from the anti onion thread. Gtfo with your racist bullshit.

No. 941871

File: 1583500787694.png (444.38 KB, 720x1086, IMG_20200306_141817.png)

No. 941880

There's absolutely no doubt that Mikenactor is gay. I mean he's going so far up Shane's asshole only his cankles and feet are sticking out.
Strange that he hates black people so much considering they do have the largest penises and old Mike does appear to be a powerhungry bottom.

No. 942091

File: 1583538936098.png (596.62 KB, 720x1129, IMG_20200307_004827.png)

>I'm here.
Nobody cares clout chasing faggot.
In between breaks tossing Shane Dawson's salad, he's trying to pick a fight and guilt trip Edwin on Twitter, too many tweets to SS.

No. 942109

File: 1583540689386.png (187.1 KB, 720x1073, IMG_20200307_005941.png)

Talks down to his interlocutor, deems his opinion worth enough to condone or not other people's actions, while basing his allgreasy judgment on unknown information supposedly only he would have access to.
Claims being imperfect gives him a free pass to tell others to kill themselves. Sweaty, sneaky, fedora donning, dorito coated rascal, you're just as imperfect as the next guy and nobody is criticising you holding perfection as a standard, but while most people wouldn't resort to such poor or offensive insults, your passive aggressiveness, vulgarity, insensitivity, racism and raging misogyny aren't just understandable minor flaws and find no excuse in imperfection, in your case they're defining traits of your obnoxious and unbearable character and personality.

No. 942115

File: 1583541571450.png (216.67 KB, 720x1096, IMG_20200307_013414.png)

>Energy is evenly dispersed.
What is that even supposed to mean? Are you trying to say it's "evenly" invested or wasted? Fucking illiterate troglodyte.

No. 942139

File: 1583543851724.png (682.23 KB, 720x1022, IMG_20200307_021230.png)

The lack of self awareness…

No. 942156

File: 1583546677414.jpeg (638.07 KB, 828x1178, CD15587C-8B43-42AD-81FE-D753AC…)

Christ he is so fucking ugly, the addition of fedora is just chefs kiss but make it electric. He and his incel neckbeard fans are the living, breathing memes that keep on giving. Having to announce that he “forgot” that it was his birthday on twitter in order to get any recognition because he clearly has no friends is just sad.

No. 942167

File: 1583548163461.jpeg (212.67 KB, 828x620, FF961605-52E7-4938-A8CF-413825…)

His fans are legit more retarded than him

>every country has its own culture even if its different

No. 942276

File: 1583568365170.jpeg (267 KB, 828x701, 898C4012-6EC6-4368-B776-9383D4…)

LMAO this is so fucking bad

No. 942296

File: 1583571706214.jpeg (143.76 KB, 828x453, B598EFE3-EBAA-4274-9E0A-2C549B…)

Because China doesn’t have a long history of “dicey” shit you fucking illiterate who’re trash inbred conspiracy theorist. He couldn’t even get the name of the virus right, fucking kek. What a sped.

No. 942305

I thought these makeup looks were a joke. They're so badly done you'd think it's some sort of satire.

No. 942309

I think he's implying Corona virus is a hoax/fake with the CON19

No. 942317


kek, of course he is. He is so witty and insightful with his hot takes

No. 942323

File: 1583584703206.jpeg (232.61 KB, 828x676, 9E3C9597-C30E-405D-A31A-E08195…)


Shiloh’s retardation is really rubbing off on his already cringey vocabulary, kek

No. 942324

Oh for fucks sake Mike its like you aren't even trying anymore, you're just phoning this shit in which is lackluster effort, EVEN for you. You should talk to Rag Reynolds sometimes who believes the country you live in, Australia, to be fake. I'm sure you guys have a lot of things to talk about and in the very least the lulz emanating from that live streams would be entertaining. Which would be a new experience for the both of you. Well, at least for the first 3 minutes or so. "AUSTRALIA IS REAL, MY FAT LAZY ASS LIVES THERE RAG, BUT THE CORONA VIRUS IS FAKE"
Not much of a chance of you ever catching the Corona virus since you never go outside, so you and your chicken tenders are definitely safe.

No. 942682

File: 1583647793226.jpeg (306.54 KB, 828x787, 783C9D17-1772-4251-BCED-1D0042…)

LMAO you are not an empath, you delusional inbred obese mouthbreather

No. 942718

>"I have good intentions… yet i'm almost always confused."

That's because you get sidetracked by your chicken tenders.

No. 942740

Once again Maggot proves how fucking deluded and lacking in self awareness he is


>I am so misunderstood

>why do people think I am a piece of shit
>why do people hate me for no reason

This retarded landwhale is festival of cringe and keks

No. 942744

File: 1583676540758.jpeg (77.19 KB, 828x338, 39E1E880-6C11-4481-B600-000EEB…)

No. 942746

He got eviscerated in the chat, people were actually calling him a piece of shit and telling him to leave because no one wanted him there. A few speds showed up to whiteknight him but he was basically brigaded by the anti onion twitterfags. He really doesn’t understand why everyone hates him

No. 942750

I can't believe he's made this whole thing about him holy shit.

"I'm annoyed…" "I'm tired.." "People hate me.." he's talking as if this is all PERSONALLY affected him on my life I can't believe the audacity of this idiot who said he only does this for money and views.

What the fuck else is Edwin supposed to do or go about it? Not point out that she's lying until however long she gets 'justice'? Which let's be realistic: is probably never going to happen.

No. 942789

Probably both considering he wasn't even the only one who was trying to get to talk to Edwin during his little stream. I popped in for a few minutes and there were at least 3 people constantly trying to get his attention so they could debate him.
No wonder him and Shiloh are best friends since they both want to be victims in every instance of their life.

No. 942793

>I am so misunderstood
No Mike, we understand you just fine.
>why do people think I am a piece of shit
Because you are a piece of shit.
>why do people hate me for no reason
See previous answer; we hate you because you're a fat, lazy, greedy, narcissistic piece of shit.
The only thing you're emphatic too is other peoples wallets, I'd blame people giving you any money except when I see what other pieces of absolute trash they are willing to throw money at like RSN I realize again just how retarded they really are.
Its very easy to hate you, Mike.

No. 942833

File: 1583693756342.png (366.62 KB, 720x921, IMG_20200308_195216.png)

Lurks under anything Shane Dawson's posts, never gets even a remote hint of attention, no matter how far up his ass he pushes his tongue.

No. 942845

imagine him googling Sydney Prescott before deciding what flavour of Hi Again, Shane Dawson to tweet this time

No. 942862

His notice me, senpai horse shit is just another reason everybody hates him. He's trying the Onision technique of hoping Shane will collab with him and make him super duper famous. Sorry Mike, Shane doesn't know you even exist. Plus a lot of times people that famous have people to tweet for them so they don't accidentally offend anyone and look like a jackass, like Mike does 24/7.
I bet if Shane's account where to tweet that Shane eats his own shit every day Mike would reply "ohhhh I do that too, Shane!"

No. 942887

Shane does follow him if I remember right but Shane interacts with a lot of people who cover onision drama (he had inabber and Joy videos in his videos in the past) so he only follows Mike because he secretly keeps track of the shit Greg is doing. He doesn’t actually like Mike or his content but mike is probably deluded enough to think Shane likes his non Greg content

No. 943008

Makes sense since Shane is a piece of shit too.

No. 943028

File: 1583762681382.png (322.06 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20200309_150024.png)

This inbred sped got her account deleted most likely for racism and she couldn't help herself but keep on sperging about it on her newly made one.

No. 943034

File: 1583763446042.png (274.14 KB, 720x964, IMG_20200309_151316.png)

>my manager accuses me of acting like a racist.
Fucking KEK even her manager called her out. Also I'm pretty sure you aren't acting racist, you actually are one.

No. 943044

File: 1583764489196.png (218.83 KB, 720x804, IMG_20200309_151251.png)

>No 1 really knows what's going on behind the scenes.
Pretty sure you don't know shit about what's going on behind the scenes either, nor can you really grasp anything going on in public without a tutor holding your hand and pointing out stuff for your autistic troglodyte saggy ass. Pretty sure nobody even fucking cares about what's going on in Shiloh's trailer and if she manages or not to lay off the crack pipe, nor would anyone give two shits about what you might know even if you and that morbidly obese hog knew who killed JFK or where Amanda Earhart is, you can speculate about your secwets at your next sleepover at Mike'sbarn.

No. 943470

File: 1583833340061.jpeg (427.84 KB, 828x836, 40B3A9B5-ECEB-4F5F-A7E9-956FE4…)

No. 943472

File: 1583833420257.jpeg (461.89 KB, 828x1151, 2277D8C7-A246-4E45-BBBA-AAEA4B…)

The replies are the topkek

No. 943473

File: 1583833503376.jpeg (318.12 KB, 828x909, EE0DFCCA-1323-49EC-8B17-F13BE5…)

>gay Dracula

my sides

No. 943531

File: 1583846603301.jpeg (128.31 KB, 828x316, B3900837-4E1F-4324-BE72-C5E1ED…)

CRINGE. No one cares if you “take a day off” you delusional dolt.

No. 943543

Playing with make-up and posting stupid videos and tweets is work?
God just how lazy is this fat john wayne gacy looking clown?

No. 944019

File: 1583917074740.jpeg (148.13 KB, 828x309, 3A217922-CBEC-432E-A946-A847F4…)

>doesn’t watch the news
>thinks he is an intellectual authority on everything

I’m fucking screaming

No. 944028

File: 1583919503835.jpeg (216.37 KB, 828x511, BD470353-8007-4E7D-B61B-A789FD…)


No. 944073

File: 1583935363594.jpg (21.84 KB, 320x237, 6215444030_0fc218502a_n.jpg)

His household? He lives fucking alone like the piece of shit that he is. What does he mean "my household"? What? Him and his chicken tenders in the fridge?

His make-up stuff. You mean that Pogo the Clown rip-off shit you keep doing?
Maybe thats what you meant with "my household", you and the young boys you got buried in the crawlspace of your trailer. Ah who are we kidding you'd be too lazy even to be a serial killer.
You're also too big of a pussy to do that, mind you. And you're too FAT, you're especially too FAT. John Wayne Gacy was actually pretty well in shape compared to you.

No. 944203

File: 1583956260105.png (745.1 KB, 828x1792, 5ADC9880-D592-49BD-A306-E329D5…)

You know”inbred” is spelled with two E’s? Lmfao! Special Ed couldn’t do their job right. Laughs

No. 944237

File: 1583961412135.jpeg (498.39 KB, 828x1324, 5976DB6B-51DC-440F-926E-69806E…)

Stay mad you ugly racist bitch

No. 944239

KEK did we get the retards attention finally? All we need is that shart bitch and we will have the pack.

Hopefully the child that ghost has looks more like the father. Would hate for that poor child to look like pig like ghost. Bad enough she has a racist piece of trash as a mom.

No. 944244

LMAO you do realize that “inbred” and “inbreed” are two different words, right?

No. 944259

File: 1583963905755.jpeg (108.23 KB, 828x268, 4C7F9450-A89C-4FB6-A5EE-335C56…)


You just know this fugly obese incest baby is dribbling Cheetos everywhere while she rage tweets, what a fucking retard

No. 944265

Famous in what capacity exactly? 32k subscribers doesn't mean jack shit, specially not with this Greg fiasco which is probably why they are subbed to you, just for the Greg shit. Not your singing, not your fuck ugly make-up and not because of you.
Literally ANYONE on this message board could start an anti-o channel like yours tomorrow and get that number within a month.
So again, please tell me: Famous how, exactly?

No. 944266

Oh and also: jealous of what? The pennies you sing and dance anti-Greg songs for? The fact that you're alone and you're gonna die alone? Your chicken tenders filled fridge? Your morbid obesity? Pray tell us what we are supposed to be jealous of. I'm sure we'd love to know.

No. 944279

Duh Anon..they are jealous of fedora and make up skills.

I can't with these people.

No. 944288

He might as well be claiming we're jealous of Chris-chan or Pamperchu.

No. 944472

File: 1584001931915.jpeg (368.69 KB, 828x752, B5A449F6-9364-4CAE-9C66-6CEA91…)

KEK how old is this bitch, 60?! Even her hands look like decomposing ham hocks, my god


No. 944504

File: 1584014284372.jpeg (128.35 KB, 720x1512, 514B2A92-DF79-487F-A8E7-1F85C1…)

>raging misogynist
>is proud of not watching the news

Please, continue to tell us about culture, you sweaty white trash lardass

No. 944506

TOPKEK the delusion and lack of self awareness, stay mad being a morbidly obese, ugly-as-fuck, talentless, lazy, uneducated, uninteresting festival of cringe

No. 944525

In my country we have a saying "Give a monkey a pretty ring, it still remains an ugly thing."

Hence we have you somewhat in the public eye, fat man. Used to be you needed a talent, now you don't need anything. You could put on goofy make-up, be a fat fuck just talking about some asshole, chicken tenders in the fridge..
Yes I'm referring to you, you fat fuck..
dance monkey dance!
You fat lazy piece of shit

No. 944550

Anon clearly you belong to the category, although it might be a little harder for you to grasp written in past tense, for much needed educational purposes I'll explain that it means that your parents must be at the very least half brothers or first degree cousins and you are the mentally impaired result of their perverted inbrEEding. Please try and control these correction urges that may only result in such piss poor posts, while you're at it, close the dorito bag, cap the Mountain Dew, shave your neck beard, burn your fedora, listen to your tutor, don't stop taking your meds and for fuck's sake, spare this board your illiteracy or if you really can't control it, Sage these cringey, meaningless posts devoid of milk. A 2 second Google search would've saved you the embarrassment, lucky for you it's an anonymous website.

No. 944557

File: 1584026336768.png (162.78 KB, 720x712, IMG_20200312_161235.png)

Tinfoil hat conspiracy theory: This morbidly obese autistic bitch made an alt account she uses to speak to herself on her main one, mostly validating her racist pseudo intellectual hot takes. Apart from constantly whiteknighting for that talentless landwhale hacke, their grammar, views and orientation are suspiciously alike.

No. 944584

File: 1584030140027.png (218.55 KB, 720x909, IMG_20200312_172021.png)

Tips Fedora

No. 944647

Lol I was corrected somewhere on lolcow myself earlier on something I spelled correctly. I wonder if its the same guy.
My tip for them is if you wanna be a grammar nazi at least be absolutely sure you are right, otherwise it will look rather silly.

No. 944704

File: 1584046772678.jpeg (449 KB, 828x1244, 9E1C7340-5D73-407F-A4D3-19486D…)

No amount of anonymity can hide the fact that this lardy illiterate femcel fug is self posting >>944203

Admin sama, please out this retarded racist bitch

No. 944735

Do something positive with our life? What, not work or exercise, sit behind a computer tweeting and youtubing horseshit and bad make-up, eat chickenwings, snacks, deepfried shit, snacks, lard, get fat and drink tons of soda? Well I'd like to but I have a job, I have responsibilities, you know?
Plus I don't want that life.

No. 944901

File: 1584087921095.jpeg (202.73 KB, 1242x441, E5418E57-E501-4500-B9EF-FCE360…)

No one cares about you or the ugly little goblin whose ass your tongue is up Maggot, you’re both as reviled as each other

>stay mad

Yes, please do, so we can continue to laugh at how much of a pathetic loser you are.

No. 944904

File: 1584088646546.jpeg (1010.37 KB, 1242x1930, C4624B32-ED3A-4E52-8C73-42936D…)

The only group of people this repulsive sweaty teat hates more than women is those there moslems. And even then he still makes it about his hatred of women.

No. 944923

File: 1584094266943.jpeg (435.57 KB, 828x1181, 3EE8105F-1846-4532-BB92-C78646…)

Jesus Christ this motherfucker is so fucking ugly. Saying he looks like he has downs is an insult to people with downs

No. 944975

The hilarity is Taylor Swift has never said shes oppressed and only talks about how she has had to deal with sexism. But big brain Mikey can’t even deal with that. How can a woman experience sexism! That’s impossible and they’re all lying for oppression points! This is the second time he’s complained about Taylor Swift saying she’s oppressed when she hasn’t said that. He really does hate women doesn’t he? They can’t even talk about sexism without him feeling attacked

Oh but Gaero is totally homophobic for not loving the fact Mike sexuallly harassed him. Women aren’t allowed to talk about sexism they face and men can’t feel uncomfortable with him making hour long videos of him sexually harassing them. Mike is such a fucking loser

No. 944987

File: 1584109025174.jpeg (283 KB, 828x790, 3E46E4D8-E7DA-40E2-A819-174975…)

I mean if I was as uneducated, illiterate, talentless, lazy and boring as this ugly fat fuck I would be a fucking salt mine too. That fucking obese mongoloid handmaiden is still whiteknighting him too, my fucking sides.

No. 945029

Smart? Mikenactor?.. smart? He's dumber than Greg even. I mean when I was subbed to him way back in the day I seen shit fly out of his mouth that was so stupid I was dumbfounded. Thats the whole reason I unsubscribed, because he's an idiot and he has nothing sensible or intelligent to add to the whole Greg debacle.
Even Blair White has better insights while she's about Paris Hilton-type "smart."
You know, given the shit him and his many sock puppets tweet I bet you dollars to donuts the fat man actually reads here.
Bravo fat man, good job. Wow.

No. 945189

File: 1584147628561.jpg (44.53 KB, 608x573, fatfuckingpieceofshit.jpg)

now he's sucking up to jaclyn glenn.
leave her alone you fat bastard.

No. 945243

File: 1584158728349.jpeg (312.55 KB, 828x657, 3EADBD8E-3C76-415A-9F78-130ADC…)

Holy shit this bitch is retarded. The common cold is a coronavirus you deformed dolt. I love how she thinks she is educating people when she is as illiterate and ignorant as mikenwanker with atrocious grammar and spelling to match lmao

No. 945250

File: 1584160073137.jpeg (350.05 KB, 828x1162, 7C5487B5-378E-48E4-B301-120685…)

kek at least we are not fugly hambeasts like your Downs syndrome ass you racist bitch

No. 945263

File: 1584164948327.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1785, A6466F0C-910C-4096-B6D5-066695…)

Imagine being proud of being this ugly and cringy

No. 945265

File: 1584165008389.jpeg (804.86 KB, 1242x1809, E13B6708-E7A0-4133-A00E-40C81B…)

LMAO the fat motherfucker is lurking

No. 945267

File: 1584165392943.jpeg (372.37 KB, 828x906, 8F5BC741-641E-4A63-81E0-355DA0…)

TOPKEK so is this dumb cunt. Not only does this ugly bitch not know how to spell, she can’t read either. No one said the current pandemic is the common cold, they said the common cold is A coronavirus. Even a google search will tell you that. The ignorance of this white trash incest baby is next level

No. 945269

File: 1584165648793.jpeg (578.48 KB, 828x1363, 2F211762-5DB5-4ECD-9C7C-1ABECD…)

MY SIDES she is so fucking stupid she doesn’t even realise that this >>944550 is a reply to her >>944203

No. 945271

File: 1584165816366.jpeg (504.73 KB, 828x1183, 8B4C552E-C183-4720-AC36-C8339A…)

I’m fucking dead. This is someone whose first language is English. No wonder she is so mad, being as hideous and dimwitted as she is must make life hard

No. 945272

File: 1584165969581.jpeg (208.02 KB, 828x645, CFBD93E9-4398-40F8-9FCD-659415…)


No. 945274

Stop giving attention to twitterfags, not every tweet is milk and not every tweet is related to the subject at hand.

No. 945278

File: 1584167581150.jpeg (339.55 KB, 828x660, D7554B57-7E6F-4981-B540-D1CBB4…)


No. 945280

File: 1584167946611.jpeg (366.78 KB, 828x993, E165A5B0-6450-4AC7-BE4F-5A619F…)

Yes Mike, we are all the same person because you are so talented and funny and interesting and totally not a fat, ugly, wheezing sack of shit who hates women and minorities and is disliked by almost everyone for it, lmao

No. 945282

>calls anons cowards for not showing their faces
>implies it's because anons are ugly
>literally looks like this >>945278

No. 945287

File: 1584169244504.png (212.17 KB, 601x1123, bitchass.png)

Mike got called a bitch publicly by admin and they think it's a sock kek

No. 945293

File: 1584170857572.jpeg (235.01 KB, 828x571, 7779C346-4951-4093-B82F-3A177F…)

I am absolutely sent. Admin is so mad (understandably) that these faggots are drawing attention to the farm that the lolcow twitter account has been necromanced.

No. 945295

I don't think he would still be lurking two hours later if nobody had struck a nerve.

I'm pretty certain he's realized that he looks like a jeffree star marketing reject.

No. 945297

File: 1584172691038.jpeg (452.04 KB, 828x935, F39BDAA8-DA5C-4428-9FEB-481E4A…)

Fucking great, I cannot wait for the newfags and neckbeards to descend

No. 945311

And here I thought Mikentwatter was ignoring the haters and never going to respond to us again for the fiftieth time. God this man is an absolute loser. He really can’t handle any criticism even though all he does is shit over women and people of colour. He’s pathetic

No. 945351

The greasy mongoloid pig just keeps on getting more delusional and it is the toppest of keks


>people who disagree with me are just trolls

>Edwin probably faked his tears on stream
>Shiloh is the hill I will die on
>I’m getting better at make up
>I come from a generation that gets humour
>we live in a society
>I’m not a misogynist REEEEEE
>being called John Wayne Gacy reminded me of Marilyn Manson and that made me happy

No. 945354

File: 1584189811915.jpeg (92.34 KB, 298x288, 536DB25E-D59E-4586-A37D-3DBA43…)

He is honestly one of the most ugly motherfuckers I have ever seen, jfc

No. 945361

>being called John Wayne Gacy reminded me of Marilyn Manson and that made me happy

So he thinks it's cool that he was compared to a child rapist and murderer? Alright…

No. 945381

Well you have to understand that for him being compared to John Wayne Gacy is a slight step up. Also the fact that he called John Wayne Gacy "Gaysee" shows me how illiterate the fat man truly is.
Pretty much everybody and their grandma knows Gacy was actually gay, except for Fatty Mcfathead.

If I were actual family of you, Fat man, I'da put a bullet in my head many years ago. Your gene pool is so shallow that if you were to dive in you'd crack your head right open.
I bet his parents where brother and sister, he probably comes from 19 generations of good old Aussie inbreeding.

No. 945432

File: 1584206550594.png (405.31 KB, 720x409, IMG_20200314_182018.png)

So I underwent the excruciatingly boring last installment of Mikenactor's rambling saga he just had the audacity to upload. In a nutshell, after trying to excuse his greasy sweatiness by blaming it on the Australian climate, he spends some 30 and change minutes displaying some ADHD worthy attention issues constantly contradicting himself, saying that criticism is helpful, but also harmful, at times toxic and really affecting his feewings, he says that his generation's humour was edgier so he can dish it out and take it although there is no room in today's "climate" for it, but if you joke about his obesity it's suddenly unfunny, not politically correct, beyond edgy and just straight up offensive, he deflects the many misogyny accusations by claiming he is indeed imperfect and resorting to calling out this one Opal chick who often accused him of being a misogynist, for herself calling another chick bitch and making fun of her appearance, therefore being a misogynist herself unworthy of casting the first stone, leaving the issue opened without really addressing his evident burning hatred for women, he then goes on to state lyrically that "it's a moment in his life in which family issues and health problems are converging" purposely being vague, essentially painting himself as a victim or a martyr that has to endure mean comments from the internet only adding up to this already dire fase of his life.
Finally he sums up most of the criticism levied in this thread as body shaming or homophobic while for Admin's joy, sprinkling screenshots of the board throughout the video not being already satisfied with uploading them to his Twitter, claiming we all are either the same two or three "fixated" people or their minions, all the while clumsily applying make up and channeling his trust issues and paranoia towards Edwin and Nicholas who aren't life savvy enough like himself. Apart from resembling a cringe torture chamber and making no fucking sense, you have to give it to him, to not only state outlandish nonsense, but record this dumbfuckery and upload it to YouTube for everyone to see and laugh at, he's pretty bold.

No. 945436

bless you anon

so basically he is greg lite?

No. 945498


"Make me a pretty girl like you, Violet"

No. 945532

Mike, you're a fat crossdressing homo (not that theres anything wrong with being a homo, or being fat, or crossdressing) but also a racist wannabe alt right. That, at least to me, proves everything we need to know about you. That you're a big fat idiot. And you're greedy, and lazy. And an attention whore.
When you're gay and also a racist you're double the amount of dumbass since you know what they did to gays in world war 2, right? Way to fall in to the pit of stupid.
Then you're a fucking misogynist and you hate women, probably because unlike you they can actually get some dick and you think you're relevant, for whatever reason. Let me clue you in: That German kid you attacked online is a better youtuber than you because he at least puts in the effort. Then you expect him to get online in the middle of the night to "debate you" not realizing he's literally on the other side of the planet. So while you're stuffing your fat face with chicken tenders, the dudes ASLEEP. You're probably so retarded you think Germany is in Wyoming or some shit.
Then you actually put on make up, while being a man, which is the same thing Greg does only Greg is actually better at doing that shit than you are. You think you look good but the reality is you look like you died 17 years ago and are just decomposing, and you're morbidly obese. I seen better looking fat men on the mortuary slab than you. In terms of narcissism, unwarranted self-importance, greed, bigotry all that shit you are exactly the same as Greg. You truly are Onision 2.0 and if you had half a brain you'd realize this. But since you're about as stupid as a retarded spider-monkey you are utterly incapable of self reflecting or forming a coherent thought.
It must suck to be you, but then again you're probably too stupid to realize that too. To that effect ignorance truly is bliss, and you are going to die alone.
Pray the corona virus gets you before high cholesterol and diabetes get you with your first stroke / heart attack.
That sweating you do is the first clue that you have lard going trough your veins instead of blood.

No. 945564

File: 1584228280116.jpeg (206.96 KB, 1242x509, D1295F26-AA3E-4B5F-B7BE-CBC352…)

The disgusting fat piece of shit is still lurking and sperging, but totally notttt bothereddddd right Maggot? Stay mad about being a morbidly obese ugly, embarrassing loser living in government housing for sped with nothing but your frozen tendies and overpriced clown paint for company you dumb faggot

No. 945566

File: 1584228770217.jpeg (261.42 KB, 828x647, 7194BE81-CD96-441B-B397-FA29D4…)


No. 945567

LMAO even Lirreeee Jean’s make up is better than his. And that’s saying something. They’re both as delusional as each other though, kek

No. 945572

File: 1584230063256.jpg (67.3 KB, 472x504, Image2.jpg)

Nice teeth, or rather lack thereof.
'cept the brown tattered ones left behind, of course.

No. 945574

File: 1584230399155.jpeg (85.66 KB, 278x391, EEDEBFB5-6848-4DBE-A2B4-A9ECC3…)

Same ugly as fuck energy, kek

No. 945576

Nothing that severely over lighting, making yourself as white as a clown and putting the brightness and contrast way up can't fix, according to Mike, amirite?
Yeah, we can't see that triple chin at all.

No. 945819

File: 1584281791896.png (302.37 KB, 720x763, IMG_20200315_150827.png)

Literal fucking incel-style fucking fedora. Wearing clown facepaint as well throughout. Can't get any neckbearder than that.

No. 945824

I guess painting yourself like a clown is one way to get people to click your video.

No. 945825

File: 1584282497499.png (254.18 KB, 720x1050, IMG_20200315_152305.png)


Unrelated, but that sped Mikenactor collided with started a pretty hilarious.
petition around 7 months ago.

No. 945996

There's a great big difference between bullying and someone attempting to be in the public eye and not being liked, Mike. If anything people would accuse YOU of bullying, like the shit you say against minorities and women. I'm sure even if we were to ask Greg he'd consider what you do to be bullying, Mike. You even said in your stupid greggy poo song for Greg to kill himself.
I'm sure we'd need to show Greg the videos first because I'm sure he doesn't know you exist, but if he'd actually see them, he'd call YOU the bully.

Mikenactor really needs a reality check. However, even if the 2 people that care about him would hold a 4 hour intervention, he wouldn't get it.
Always the victim eh, Mike? Just like Deity, you are two peas in a pod.

No. 946142

File: 1584342185676.jpeg (752.28 KB, 828x1242, 23C2FA34-59C8-47EC-858B-4ADE27…)

>screeches autistically about vegans eating processed plant based burgers and sausages
>claims he only eats prime cow (does that make him a cannibal?)
>posts this gross white trash garbage
>wonders why he is morbidly obese


No. 946143

File: 1584342625463.jpeg (287.89 KB, 828x747, 8F2C619D-96D6-4FE6-943B-BB3ABB…)

>not so different

Except for the fact that Italians understand art and culture and elegance and don’t waste their disability pensions on tacky clown paint, Cheez Whiz and McNuggets

No. 946159

File: 1584348024801.png (481.5 KB, 720x1111, IMG_20200316_093835.png)

No. 946162

File: 1584350272828.png (271.7 KB, 720x1116, IMG_20200316_100352.png)

This smelly, oily turd finally managed to creep up Shane Dawson enough to be considered and even elicit an answer from that faggot, although surprisingly it somehow isn't a Cease and Desist nor a restraining order.

No. 946174

Oh shit, now his obsession will reach stratospheric levels. Bet he thinks this little exchange makes them bffs lol

Any bets on how long it takes for him to start hating Shane once he doesn't respond to every @ from Mike?

No. 946183

Wouldn't be the first shit-stick Shane made famous. Like Greg in example.
We owe all of youtube's current cancer to Shane Dawson.

No. 947349

File: 1584600415496.jpeg (226.47 KB, 828x455, 2CE86E3C-FD9D-42CC-A1F2-85A23B…)

No Ursula, you’re just looking for an excuse to be racist. I bet you’re one of those people who cross the street when they see an Asian. Or an indigenous Australian. Or a woman in hijab.

No. 947352

File: 1584601234666.jpeg (598.45 KB, 828x1370, 9A3CA4BE-1FFB-4D06-AF24-1374BD…)

You mean like how you hold yourself accountable for your hate speech against women and POC and telling people to lull themselves?

No. 947353

File: 1584601576657.jpeg (329.78 KB, 828x738, 6DDCBD06-EA84-40FC-B933-43310A…)

No. 947393

the spanish flu didn't start in spain and spain hates that people call it that… for someone that pretends to be oh so intelligent he could at least double check his shit before posting it

No. 947437

I was just gonna say that. It's only called the spanish flu because spain was the only country that reported it and their deaths, vs any other country in that region. i hate retards who want to use this shit as an excuse to racist towards asians

No. 947439

Yep, it started in Kansas in the US. Spain was the first to report, proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

No. 947544

File: 1584653329770.jpeg (396.72 KB, 828x814, CAE94D2F-E4C0-45A6-AAC4-22C1CE…)


You are confusing dyslexia with illiteracy, Mike. You are afflicted by the latter.

No. 947765

Its funny when I wanna post here to shit on Mikenactor (again) yet have nothing to add to the last few posts.
Oh wait I do, Mike, you're fat.

No. 947777

Has he ever mentioned having dyslexia before? I’ve got a feeling he’s lying and pretending he’s dyslexic and that’s why he can’t spell or use words correctly

No. 947799

He isn't dyslexic he's just fucking stupid.

And fat.

No. 948042

File: 1584754781570.jpeg (639.15 KB, 828x1400, 57D3DDB7-1D06-4106-ABFF-446C55…)

How long before he puts “health expert” in his bio next to “singer” and “actor”?

No. 948044

File: 1584755055413.jpeg (239.66 KB, 828x513, 2E9C1EAA-D672-4B76-8233-D4998A…)



This repulsive land whale is in his mid 30s and this is his level of literacy. He isn’t dyslexic, just fucking retarded

No. 948205

Its funny when you're such a fat queer racist bigoted piece of shit, yet the foreigners in your (stolen) country whom you hate so much have a better grasp of the native english language than you.
As do the local aboriginals, i'm sure.
(And like a proper racist aussie piece of shit, he probably hates them to.)
Listen to this song, and learn, fat man.

No. 948428

File: 1584852830395.jpeg (722.53 KB, 828x1163, C2A87D31-1111-4FAB-9036-401D32…)

Please stop

No. 948431

File: 1584853243765.jpeg (328.48 KB, 828x1399, D564F6F5-C88D-46DF-8A88-716523…)

>unintelligent people

Mike, in addition to being so obese you’re essentially the male version Amberlynn Reid you also hold the title of being one of the most excruciatingly dimwitted, uneducated, illiterate cunts on the internet.

No. 948433

File: 1584853575333.jpeg (420.75 KB, 828x912, C2FE6FC4-C024-428E-AD3F-786AA1…)

This is so fucking cursed, he is already a repulsive ugly motherfucker and his autistic fingerprinting makes it so much worse

This racist mongoloid hambeast needs to shut the fuck up, what a piece of shit(Nitpicking)

No. 948489

File: 1584876122024.jpg (22.46 KB, 935x166, Image1.jpg)

I'll just let Greg of all people answer Mike's latest fat autism..
Take it away, Greg..(derailing )

No. 948499

File: 1584878451342.png (115.83 KB, 720x724, IMG_20200322_125844.png)

No. 948531

This thread is on the verge of being autosaged if the posting quality and vendettas continue.

No. 948543

File: 1584890530998.png (673.02 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20200322-160707.png)

Look at these deformed sausages with those devoured fingernails, guess that's what he resorts to eating when he runs out of chicken tenders, doritos and mountain dew in between government benefit checks. This stinking skidmark is truly all-around ugly, an evil, twisted joke of mother nature with absolutely no redeeming qualities, obese, balding, smelly, greasy, devoid of any charm and can't even make up for it with wits as dumb as a rock, self entitled and presumptuous this barn raised peasant is.(Ban evasion)

No. 948699

I'd say biting nails is the least of Mike's problems, considering he has so many severe ones. I do admit those are pretty putrid though.

No. 950819

File: 1585469716307.jpeg (277.1 KB, 828x552, 9E3B7041-924C-40A7-9941-0E248A…)

The fat fuck is still going with his racist conspiracy theory sperging lmao

No. 950820

File: 1585469845649.jpeg (285.03 KB, 828x828, A0E25D24-DDC3-4B88-825B-30589B…)

This is so embarrassing

No. 950872

I don't even know what to say to this.
What if tomorrow a virus breaks out in the outback, and starts spreading, well then with that logic the Australian government must have done it right?
This is retarded. You are retarded, Mike.

Being gay and talking about Madonna. What, Mike, was Cher taken?
You're a fat cliché.

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