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File: 1506378266692.jpg (26.97 KB, 207x275, momokun_begging.jpg)

No. 439516

Previous Thread: >>435304

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Places to Find Reciepts:

Google Drive: https://anony.link/https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bzb5fXIJychfSkhCSDd2ZlVUTnM

Do not talk about her surrounding costhots unless it's directly about Momo. They have their own thread here:

Quick notes:
>>Sperges on twitter and other scoial media constantly then preaches "love" in the cosplay community
>>Deletes and blocks anyone who posts negative comments
>>Ghosts cons. Lies about being invited to cons. Sneaks into cons.
>>Acts tough online then hides at cons to avoid confrontation
>>Begs and harasses photographers and other cosplay workers into working with her
>>Twitteraduit proves she bought at least 20k followers
>>Skirts around crediting people constantly until finally she gets called out and then says she just forgot
>>Gets drunk and high on the regular and posts all about it on her social media
>>Made a Q&A blaming everyone else but herself for her mistakes
>>In said video, admits lipo but blames the ~fat shamers~
>>Throws KBBQ name through the mud because she knows he can't defend himself rn
>>Losing sponsorships because of her behaviour
>>Lewding Bee-kini Mei after saying she wouldn't for "charity" - still waiting for this to pan out
>>So very much more but this is a quick rundown and I'm just trying my best, my dudes

No. 439519

File: 1506378518022.jpeg (207.39 KB, 750x1019, 1455638548529.jpeg)

idk how to search on this site

is this the original momo thread

No. 439521

File: 1506378676066.png (286.15 KB, 509x505, momokun_skirt.png)

She admitted to not making the skirt, she only added the ribbon.
Her original post DEFINITELY was trying to lead people to believe she did it.

No. 439526

horrible OP pic, this meme is fucking stupid.

No. 439527

File: 1506379183576.jpg (93.47 KB, 960x720, 1506271786086.jpg)

Small image dump from last thread incoming
The party Momo was at after her grandfather passed away - no Momo in sight

No. 439530

File: 1506379298434.jpg (48.88 KB, 640x383, 1506295736671.jpg)

GRRL clothing in response to Momo's sponsorship

No. 439531

File: 1506379343971.jpg (75.95 KB, 1020x287, 1506212212442.jpg)

Momo going back to her bitchy way even on her Q&A video where she says she will be changing kek

No. 439532

File: 1506379462344.jpg (36.79 KB, 440x960, IMG_6094.JPG)


Never forget

No. 439533

Sage for just being annoyed but - no one wanted to make the new thread even when we went over 1200 posts. Don't complain if you were too lazy to make it yourself - you get to choose the picture when you decide to take the time and make a new thread. You didn't want to. Stop whining.

No. 439538

File: 1506380024375.png (720.33 KB, 720x1280, TzwPU7i.png)

She's singing "Devil in Disguise" by Elvis Presley in her stories. A little too on the nose, isn't it lmao

No. 439547

File: 1506380550125.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.55 KB, 2896x2896, 20170925_151149.jpg)

"Workout" Chunli

No. 439548

Great pic. Thanks anon.

No. 439549

File: 1506380613382.jpg (25.83 KB, 320x320, 10269011_1649524401959190_1399…)

Proof of her being gross even before the Patreon money

No. 439552

File: 1506380717577.jpg (1.44 MB, 1920x1920, 1500520465466.jpg)

No. 439553

Can't wait to see the airburshed and photoshopped version of this set for comparison lol

Thank you, anon. Np.

No. 439554


I'm sorry, but what is "too on the nose" here? I'm probably missing something

No. 439555

My fucking eyes, holy shit

No. 439556


Holy fuck how do you spend thousands of dollars on lipo and still look like shit?

No. 439558

File: 1506380915387.jpg (58.58 KB, 620x620, 88888.jpg)

See picture

She tries to act like she's this nice girl and an angel but she's actually the "devil" in disguise, ya know, a fat piece of shit who hurts people for her own gain. It's just funny for her to be singing that when it feels fitting for her.

No. 439561


Part of me pities her because she has a history of mental illness and she is not getting the help she needs. She has the money for treatment. Maybe she might even become less toxic.

No. 439564

Jesus christ all those chins in the bottom right photo too… Hoooo God this is just so atrocious

No. 439596

don't you know, anon??? according to momo, lipo actually makes you gain weight. DUH~

No. 439631


No. 439640

It's just so incredible because we've found out how much of a huge bully she has been through her entire life (and continues to be). But she only ever manages to see herself as the victim. Amazing.

No. 439642

File: 1506385213781.jpeg (247.23 KB, 750x908, 1455638588156.jpeg)

No. 439644

File: 1506385245329.jpeg (158.94 KB, 750x1022, 1455638655788.jpeg)

No. 439646

Narcissists don't seek help and never will because they believe everyone else it at fault. It's a shame but there's no helping them since they think they don't need it.

No. 439647


A quick google search and you'll know that lipo does not make you gain weight. The procedure is literally you getting your fat sucked out of you. However, it seems that people who do gain weight gain it from continuing to live an unhealthy life style because they assume that because of lipo they will not gain weight or something. It also causes people to gain weight in areas where lipo was not done. It explains her linebacker shoulders and why she has cankles. That's what she gets for trying to pass off fat rolls for abs.

No. 439650

fuck off some people just have broad shoulders myself included(no one cares)

No. 439661

Are these edited? I remember people posting the screencaps but I could've sworn her body wasn't as bad looking as that.

No. 439663

These are caps taken directly from the live stream on instagram, and no, they're not edited. Although, it does look particularly terrible because of the angle, but she definitely did look really bad regardless.

No. 439666


Moomoo's case is different than "I was born this way".

No. 439674

File: 1506387917484.jpg (49.35 KB, 564x843, C_FEmS6XoAA-t7J.jpg)

But if you look at momo's old pictures her shoulders werent as wide. it's literally cause she keeps gaining weight and then only getting it sucked out of her midsection so her shoulders are actually getting wider and wider because she keeps gaining weight.

No. 439677

wtf happened to the space between her nose and mouth here

No. 439684

You might want to save every information on the tumblr and twitter site before she either deletes it or have someone sick on the tumblr page and get it removed.

No. 439696

File: 1506390141902.png (104.18 KB, 788x707, fuckingstop.PNG)

She's STILL riding Ethan's dick, and he STILL has no idea who the fuck she is. When is she going to stop?

No. 439711

you did a shit job all around, bad picture, bad synopsis, no updates. piece of shit thread with a piece of shit meme by a piece of shit anon for a piece of shit cow, so i guess it works out.

No. 439715

no, it doesn't make you gain anything it just doesn't make you stop gaining, and it doesn't make you gain mysteriously in other areas more, just first. moo was fat cause she ate like shit, drank all the time and was an all around lazy slob, she would have gotten fatter lipo or not, and tbh she probably really believes lipo made her fatter than she would have been.

No. 439718

No. 439719

hila and ethan are literal anti-sjw cringe and moo sucking up to them is the most confusing thing i've ever read.

No. 439726

Mobile jackass. Youre welcome

No. 439728

Are you okay? That was so triggered for no reason. Calm down, no one else was making the thread anyway.

No. 439731

This is the old Me!Me!Me! video isn't it? It has like 40 more seconds of footage than the first one. What's even the point?

No. 439732

being this triggered over a thread pic

fucking kek

No. 439741

File: 1506391960787.png (979.46 KB, 776x768, cow_shape.png)

What even is the shape of her body, it's so ridiculous. People jack off to this log body? Tf?

No. 439744

File: 1506392000426.png (33.07 KB, 750x308, IMG_2727.PNG)

On her video where she recorded herself singing and driving on Instagram

No. 439754

Np. I liked it - it highlights who Momo is well. A costhot who will do anything for a cheap buck kek can't wait for her inevitable porn debut. Any day now, Momo.

No. 439757

You know what triggers me more than anything about this set? she didn't use the song, she didn't even use a REMIX of the song. how the fuck are you supposed to do mememe without the song from the m u s i c v i d e o

No. 439759

File: 1506392677774.png (616.64 KB, 850x474, beachedwhale.png)

This has to be the most unnattractive video Moo has put out so far. You can see the damn tape on her face and her makeup just looks like she blended it with actual dirt.

No. 439764

File: 1506393163232.png (227.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2728.PNG)

No. 439765

File: 1506393165424.png (156.52 KB, 720x1280, 13aMBfL.png)

>>Implying you can't embed videos on mobile

No. 439769

Could people take legal action if she doesn't ship out her items? This feels like fraud or, I mean, something illegal…

No. 439771

what is she even in front of? A dumpster?

No. 439776

It kind of looks like a storage unit but who knows. Why doesn't she go to real locations for these shoots? It's really jarring seeing an anime character in the blandest locations.

No. 439778

The seams on her socks and gloves fucking trigger me

No. 439780

File: 1506394924880.png (1.61 MB, 1366x768, momokun.png)

Anyone else notice she takes off the thigh highs for the outside shots? I wonder if how tight they were on her was causing issues lol

No. 439781

File: 1506394978902.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1366x1536, momo_veins_leveladjusted.png)

Totally sexy Momokun

No. 439784

looks like a section of wall from la convention center.

No. 439795

i don't wanna open up a new tab so i'm just gonna embed the link to the video, don't mind me folks

No. 439797

File: 1506396613876.jpg (34.99 KB, 480x599, 1493671012322.jpg)

>those stretch marks
>those veins popping out
>is her skin decaying?!

No. 439798

File: 1506396650851.png (116.31 KB, 750x1050, IMG_2730.PNG)


No. 439800

File: 1506396864260.jpg (Spoiler Image,459.57 KB, 581x513, 1Av8bNm.jpg)

moo the fuck is going on with your mouth? It looks like her skin is peeling she's caked on so much make up.

No. 439802

"Almost all of which is self-made"
by other people

but sage for ot… how come most of her fans/white knights are over weight beta males with bad facial hair?

No. 439804

>>Almost all of which is self-made
Why are her fans so fucking stupid?

No. 439805

>All those spider veins
Do you think she's in pain? At this point she has to have crazy leg cramps.
Also stretch marks are natural and it's not like I don't have any, but… Yikes, all of those just show how fast her body fluctuated, no time to adjust to the weight.

No. 439815

/fit/ loves her and think she's a goddess. You wouldn't expect that, but they love fat trolls. Saying she's ''high test'' and good breeding material.

No. 439816

>good breeding material

Even if the kid would turn into a potato due to the drugs and booze? Marian doesn't seem like the type to stop partying it up if she got knocked up to me, so…

No. 439821

They don't care, they just see big tits and big thighs and they go all like ''mommy milky please''. I tried showing them unphotoshopped pictures of her so they wouldn't embarrass themselves further, but a lot of them are too degenerate to care.

No. 439824

nice use of money it looks like total shit. instead of using foundation on her ass crack use it on her hammy legs

No. 439827

File: 1506399920508.jpg (40.28 KB, 600x600, d5b1c9535029bf33c29bb12bf79fbd…)

Is she seriously trying to invoke the "be careful who you call ugly in middle/high school" meme?

No. 439828

she looks thinner and cuter in the "before" picture, even though it's obviously candid and unflattering. nice try Moo.

No. 439832

Sage for ot
This is a very old post. But she is slouching on a chair and it is a horrible position to begin with in the before shot. However if it wasn't for all her surgeries she might be around this size if not larger. She's like 5'3-5'4 and pushing her weight near the 200's.

I see why she isn't threatening to kick people's asses anymore. Anyone could just trip her and the fight would be over.

No. 439837

Thank you to the anon that used that pic for the OP. It was my first choice. It gives me so much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 439838

Her first post was along the lines of "Antares came over to teach me how to make a skirt", so it was definitely trying to lead people on. I'm surprised she's now admitting that she made her skirt.

No. 439841


Pretty sure the last time she made more than 30% of her cosplay was her Diane. It's sad really. That was the first picture of her I saw and thought she had a promising cosplay future….. I was a fool.

No. 439844

Correction: Vamplette made the bodysuit for Diane.

No. 439851

File: 1506410046880.gif (1.99 MB, 500x321, okaay.gif)

>yeah, well…she grew up
>people think i'm just this random good looking girl
none of this happened.

No. 439854

thanks captain obvious! who the hell would get lipo if it actually caused you to gain weight? god, mariah is dumber than shit.

this is so bad, even worse in motion. why is her face so many different colors and textures?

No. 439868

these are such ugly, unflattering poses, and it just makes it so obvious she's too big to move around much

No. 439877

File: 1506422551736.jpg (475.7 KB, 1434x996, moo-stache.jpg)

I don't know why she wants to take an HD footage when it just makes her look worse from upclose. Pic related, I though this was an obvious stache (And I'm a moderate feminist but she could mind the details and wax if she's gonna shoot so close!) but on other shots it just looks like a brown line.

I don't know who could find this attractive. The makeup is caked on and you can see all the holes and weird stitching which is really distracting.

No. 439880

Notice how she doesn't use a recent picture for the 'after highschool' pic. From what we've seen of her Chun Li shoot, she would look exactly like the pic on the left now, just with uglier hair.
I mean on this one on the right she's basically doing the same pose and nothing looks diffferent from the highschool picture. She looks worse, even, cuz she now has the face of an alcoholic.

No. 439885

File: 1506424602217.png (4.12 MB, 3076x1312, bitovacunt.png)

Ok, I know I'm being a bit of a cunt in these…but why wear like 3 ill-fitted bras and get the chub roll back fat fupa?
And god, rip ankle.

No. 439893

Also isn’t this gabby’s mememe cos too??? I know some farmers said it could be since they swap outfits, if so kinda fucked up she ripped the seams open on it cause how huge she is and deluding herself she can fit in clearly smaller outfits

No. 439899

She didn't use a recent pic because this post is from over a year ago, as mentioned here >>439519

I do agree, though, that this post is now very ironic since she is right back to where she started.

No. 439900

File: 1506429864264.png (414.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2734.PNG)

No. 439901

File: 1506430098263.png (72.59 KB, 750x442, IMG_2735.PNG)

She's so full of shit. Her response was not by any means "agreeing with him"

No. 439902

So much non-quality content in here I am actually crying and I wanna throw up.
The money she's raising is so unfair, but this is not her fault and I can't blame her for this.
Kudos to her anyway, she raised an empire based on lies, shitty content and cringy fanbase.
Plus, she's so out of character even if she's "sexy" I don't even.
It's like they made just one take and they were like "Uhm, I'm tired, let's make something else, mkay".
A good video needs at least 4-6 hours of recordings imho and this seems so bad

And this music really began to piss me off, get somethig different ffs.

No. 439906

File: 1506430761930.png (2.17 MB, 1416x1200, momo renegade angel.png)

goddammit momo your legs are fucking backwards

No. 439913


Lurker fag here. There are women who make curvy and heavier girls look sexy and hot, but this isn't any of that. I think the major difference is the girls that know how to make themselves look good, choose better garments to wear that do a better of accentuating their body.

I was eating a sandwich and felt sickened by this image. A good sandwich… made with home-made fluffy Hawaiian bread, pineapple smoked ham slices, and some delicious cheese. Now I look at it and think… "maybe later?"

No. 439914

She is so delusional that she is plus sized that she tries to squeeze herself into unflattering clothing.

There are plenty of companies she could order appropriate, flattering clothes from…places that would actually have good bras and underwear and even jeans that would fit her.

How much does liposuction usually cost? If she's making roughly 10k a month that means she's in the 3rd tier of taxable income, so assuming she has even 10k taken out that's still 110k a year…she should easily be able to afford paying off her procedure AND all her other bills and still be able to buy better clothing.

No. 439915

that's makeup over a moustache

No. 439917

You forget she's 22. This money is probably burning a hole in her pocket and is getting wasted (like her) I'm still doubting she really has or makes that much now, and part of me believes she bought a lot of the patreon slots herself before she hid the earnings.

No. 439920


She just removed the vid lol

No. 439921

Some doctor needs to jump on this and make Moomoo a case study for how much someone can fuck up their proportions with lipo. I've never seen anyone, not even morbidly obese people, with such messed up proportions.

No. 439922


Damn. I never got to see it. Was it really so cringe inducing that even she couldn't stand to look at it? Or was it because of the comments?

No. 439923

I feel kind of bad now :/

No. 439924


Comments. I commented how she didn't even use the music since she damn well knew no one cares about that shit and neither does she lol

No. 439925

Haha what why?

No. 439926


Lol really? She must be really slipping then. She would usually just disable comments in the past. It's just getting worse and worse for her.

No. 439927

sage but I get triggered knowing shes making potentially over 100k a year and has shit to show for it
if I had a 100k per an job for even one friggen year i'd have a mortgage for a house by now. Christ.

No. 439931

>Gloves are sewn with black thread despite the fabric being bright blue
RRREEEee it's a small detail nut annoys the fuck out of me because in fitted gloves the fabric gets so stretched you definitely see the stitches from the sides. And the gloves are full of pale makeup stains.

This, she's in denial about her size so she just stuffs her body in clothing that's too small, trying to use shapewear to make it fit. If she used clothing that fit her, her excess weight wouldn't be so accented. And as for the lipo, I'd imagine it would be around $5000-7000 per procedure depending on the clinic.

While we're on the topic, I seriously do wonder where her money goes. She has no furniture, never buys new clothes, pinches pennies with her cosplays a lot and even ghosts conventions so does she just spend it all on her friends, drinking and partying?

No. 439932

File: 1506437375269.gif (1.99 MB, 332x215, cagelaugh.gif)

>I'm somebody important
>I'm this random good looking girl

No. 439933

That's the difference between the costhots like moo and the costhots that you can actually see where the money is going. I've seen some buy/commission nice costumes/props or backdrops and some have even bought things like 3d printers with their patreon bux and all moo has done is rent an empty place with vamp and claim that she's spending money on her 'family' there is no sign of where her money is going other than her steadily ballooning body and then attempts at deflating it.

No. 439934

Damn… Does anyone have some caps of those comments?

No. 439936

That lipo fucked her over so much. I have never seen someone so lumpy with their fat in clumps like that. Whoever her doctor is royally screwed her.

No. 439938

no she screwed her. do -not- blame this shit on the dr. it's likely they explained everything to moo but she ignored it.

No. 439942

What if she wanted her body to end up with those strange proportions? Like some anime character body or something.

No. 439944

animus don't look like this, anon. also do you really think she has that much foresight?

No. 439946

Because idiot anons thought it would be good to comment on a private video.

No. 439948

She's trying to use h3 for promo the same way Jess did with DeFranco.

No. 439950

What anime are you watching anon

No. 439953


It's what Chel tried to do with her. She was kissing Moomoo's ass for months trying to get into her inner circle. Only she got completely ignored and had a huge bitchfit on Twitter and Moomoo called her the fuck out on it.

I expect Moomoo to do the same when she sees her ass kissing isn't working.

No. 439959

The only reason it worked with Jess is because tbh Jess could probably be considered a minor celebrity at this point. Even if you don't really follow cosplayers you might have seen her or know who she is. So if Jess wanted a youtoober to pay attention to her it would be pretty easy for her. But I really hope H3 doesn't give Moo the time of day but Moo tends to get shoehorn her way into whatever she wants in some way shape or form. Most cosplays of vape naysh I've seen get a favorite on twitter or Insta at the most. H3 usually focuses on retweeting memes and fan art and has an idea of who just wants to use them as an attention grab.
Vape naysh stuff is kind of dead though and is only brought up every once and awhile.

No. 439961

it's like what Chel was doing with Shadbase

No. 439962

It's so blatantly obvious when Moo does it though because she finds some new person to latch onto every few months. Once one doesn't give her the attention (and new followers) that she wants, she desperately moves on to the next person.

I'm going to agree with previous anons and say I have no idea WHY she does this with the amount of money she's making. This is crap I'd expect from someone that has no fanbase, not someone that's already making 10k on Patreon.

No. 439963


Like how do her followers not see the obvious difference between the amount of stomach fat and back fat on her? I hate that she is trying to pass off her rolls as "muscle". She acts like she works so hard. All she does is post a gym selfie here and there and that's all she has to show for it. Her thighs are fatty and her calves don't match her body. Apparently lipo can cause the parts it was done on to feel a lot more tighter so I bet Moo things she has Chun Li thighs. More like Chub Li.

No. 439964

It's doubtful they think she's actually fit. It's been said before, she's a fugly fat girl, she's on the same level as her audience, and that's why it's so big (like her). She's seen as easy and attainable, unlike people like yaya and jnig. She'll never really be one of those types, always a few levels below, but more of her followers think they can get a piece.

No. 439977

Were there any screenshots of this posted in the past threads? I don't remember the callout and I've been reading since thread 1

No. 439984

File: 1506447202074.png (257.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170926-090723.png)

No. 439988

holy fuck i for real thought that james guy was using a filthy frank icon…

No. 439991

This is why it's so frustrating to see her put out shit time and time again. With that money, without an actual job, she has so much time that could be put to actually improving but she just doesn't want to. Sure insists she is "trying so hard for you guys! Wanna make you proud of me!" but buys Halloween store costumes with their money. She could be using that time to learn how to properly sew, how to build with foam, how to shape worbla, how to style wigs, whatever. She has the time and money most cosplayers can only dream of and has no actual motivation to improve, or at the very least not skimp on her costumes. It's so frustrating.

No. 439994

I've said it before and will say it again. I really have a hard time believing she's making as much as it said she was a few months ago. She simply isn't living well enough to have that kind of money, and from how she spends on food and booze and other crap, it would definitely spread to the rest of her life. She's spoiled and in no way humble, so I have no doubt that she'd be buying tons of shit for her house as well as clothes and games and crap if she had that kind of money. She's living like a pauper almost when we know she loves to live it up. I feel like if she really had money, she'd vamp up her house and use it for parties to try to asslick. She's 22 and stupid, there's no way she's saving money, and no way she wouldn't be spending it otherwise.

No. 440000


I gotta agree. She is practically living in squalor. Barely any furniture, wearing the same clothes for weeks in a row. Having to ghost at cons because she can't get tickets. This sounds like someone who is barely making ends meet and is living paycheck to paycheck. It seems like she is blowing all her money on booze and junk food and just barely scraping by with her cosplays because she knows horny losers will pay for her showing any amount of skin or implied nipple or even a tiny peek at her pussy.

She has no interest in bettering her craft or developing talent. She just wants to feel important by bumping elbows with all the big names in the community. She wants all the things that come with being a big talent like getting paid to go out to conventions and getting sponsorships from big name companies like Funimation and Blizzard with having to do any of the work.

No. 440001

Are we sure she's not lying about her age? She looks not a day younger than 40 in this photo. She looks like a "cool mom" trying to fit in with her teenager.

No. 440003


That's what nonstop partying and drinking will do to you. I'm sure she was one of those kids in high school who would brag about how totally shitfaced they would get when they finally turn 21.

No. 440004

File: 1506450509098.png (221.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-26-14-21-57…)

Two of my favorite comments from her yoko picture. Which looks so terrible.

No. 440005

dude all these comments are gold.

No. 440007

I think it's mostly in chel's thread

No. 440010

File: 1506451350764.png (199.96 KB, 500x281, hurghhh.png)

>sell content online
>give 75 percent of it away for free in "promo" social media posts and shitty 5 minute clips
>complain when people who buy it complain

wow so professional cosuprayer

No. 440013

File: 1506452409590.png (410.54 KB, 720x696, Screenshot_2017-09-26-11-59-01…)

No. 440015


Has time to go to Disney with friends but can't seem to make it to a funeral for a supposed loved one?

Yeah, I'm definitely thinking Moomoo was disowned by her family and don't want her anywhere near them.

No. 440017

> not hurting anybody


No. 440019


But anon. It's totally okay because those meanies were totes slandering her and trying to drag her name through the mud and bullying her. In a way, you're the bully for calling her out.

No. 440020

what is wrong with her face? and why the fuck does she insist upon wearing those stupid glasses???

No. 440021

File: 1506453251957.png (36.85 KB, 241x521, IMG_7803.PNG)

The plaid again I'm triggered

No. 440022


also wait did she fly to cali for this?

No. 440024

Funimation event. She's there with Antares and Vamps

No. 440025


I'm thoroughly convinced that she is living paycheck to paycheck. Even her "friends" would point out how disgusting it is that she keep wearing the same shit for days in a row.

No. 440026


Guy who made the meme holding a gun
Anyone who disagrees with her

Just to name a few

No. 440027

this is that justin guy's "funimation" event right?

No. 440028

Same here anon, same here.

No. 440029

Yes, 'cept Stellachuu has not posted anything about it. At least from what I've seen..

No. 440031


That Funimation event is on October 22 and is in Texas. So no she's just going to Disneyland as another one of her vacations.

No. 440032

explains alot. Thanks

No. 440033

Going on vacation to grieve about her grandpas death with patreon fanboy money~ So, did the money go towards hurricane Irma, moomookunt?

No. 440036

>doesn't go to grandfathers funeral (who she claims to care so much about)
>no evidence of the money going to charity
>claims to be too busy to work on cosplay with adequate
>claims to be too busy to send out patreon rewards

>has the time and money to go on a Disneyland trip in California

And she wonders why people hate her.

No. 440038

We all pretty much knew that we wouldn't hear about it again. She had no intention to donate.

No. 440039

She said she's doing a photoshoot for it this week

No. 440042

Not trying to defend her or anything, but in a previous post she stated that the exclusive prints for the charity are going to be going on sale in her store in mid-October. I'm not sure why the fuck it's taking her so long to put them up for sale, but that's why we haven't heard anything about it yet.

No. 440045

Those people need help now. Why the hell is she waiting until they need less help to help them?

No. 440049

I completely agree with you. That's like donating to Hurricane Katrina today. It's especially stupid because the photo shoot is already finished and edited. There's absolutely no reason for her to be waiting this long.

No. 440051

Because she has slow-as-fuck turn around time. She could be working harder or putting more effort into paying a photog to send the pictures back sooner and get everything set up, but why bother if people will start to expect more consistent content?

(Read as: That requires work, why would Moo work harder than barely the minimum?])

No. 440052

Now some of you are just beta males whining about how much more money than you. Keep your hurt egos out of the bashing, and stick to what she actually did to deserve your rage.

No. 440053

Sage your whining about people whining.

No. 440055

she's such a lazy cunt. i wonder if she has fucking hardcore depression(obviously) because it would explain why she can't do simple business things when that's literally all she has to do all day.

i hope that management-chan anon reads this because it's clear as day she has no fucking manager, she's self managed that's why she sucks.

i remember when i sold shit as a hobby on top of my fulltime job and still managed to take product photos, ship stuff out on time and update my site/social media. she can't even do that. i swear if she was selling any physical items other than prints she'd have been dragged so hard by now.


No. 440056

No. The topic was legitimate and had hardcore evidence against Momo. The thread is not a stage for guys suddenly insecure they break less than 35k a year and Momo makes more.

No. 440057

Yeah, now the thread is just full of people envious of her money.(learn 2 sage)

No. 440058

sage your shit you retard. people are upset about her income because she looks like a hobo, won't do her job and whines about how 'hard she tries' when she barely seems to be able to roll out of bed.

No. 440059

hi moo, i thought you were at disney.

No. 440061

Momo deserves the rest of the hate, but a lot of you guys sound like you need to "git good." Again this is not a stage to moan how unfair that she makes more money.

Yes, she could be using her money on better things to improve herself, but as I said before…Some of yall just outright jealous.

No. 440062

Fucking sage your off-topic whining about bullshit.

Pretty sure even Moo knows how to reply to a comment directly lol. This is just a pain in the ass who has no idea how this site works.

No. 440063

Me Momo? Lmao, no she is still a cunt and a liar. Just found it hilarious that this thread which from legitimate, to guys whining about how little money they make.(learn 2 sage)

No. 440064

It's like she's trying to push it back hoping people will forget about it. She's already leaked multi photos of the shoot she claimed she would use for the donation. We know it's done so what's the delay???

No. 440065

this sounds just like the annoying anon who ruined the thread a few weeks ago. hmm….

No. 440066

Learn how to reply and sage or shut the fuck up lmao.

No. 440067


there are no guys here, try again.


No. 440068

Yes, I am a new user who found the sudden beta males whining about money…cringe, so cringe I just had to stir the shit pot.(learn 2 sage)

No. 440069

b-but anon we're just jelly dudes.

No. 440070

They don't even know how to sage so you know they aren't a regular.

No. 440071


No it's the fact that she herself flaunts her money and acts like she's a better cosplayer than others just because she makes more. She has even made a twitter post a few months ago telling people to do better than her. Someone responded saying that they do better cosplay work than her and she clarified that she meant it in terms of money.

The fact that she acts like that yet tries to look like some donating angel is obscene to me. A lot of anons are bashing on her because she herself constantly tweets about not being able to do shit because she has no time or money when she clearly has a lot of both.

No. 440072

she sounds just like that annoying 'you stole my OP pic girl' from a few threads ago.

No. 440074

That's exactly what she's trying to do. By the time she actually gets all the prints out and all the money together to donate it, it will be completely pointless.

No. 440075

And especially after assuming we're a male majority lol

No. 440076

Yeah it's best to ignore the obvious bait.

I'm surprised that no one called her out on that.

No. 440078

i knew this shit would happen. fuck patreanon for getting mad at us about her oh so charitable self.

No. 440084


Plus she smokes cigs doesn't she? That shit is so bad for you and ages your face and hands so bad. Its digusting. Idk why people pick up habits that make you look like shit in two months

No. 440085

>>440072 Moo has only made herself a bigger target because she made such a huge deal about donating, and in addition to her ranty instastory, her claims have been so specific, that if she even thinks about backing out she will be roasted alive on most platforms. She may look older than 22, but her mentality matches,as she's never had a real, true to life experience and it shows. At this age, she has that "I'm invincible mentality" but real life will catch up to her eventually. The stupidest thing she's done is attach her real name to all her gross adult pictures and videos, who the hell is going to give her a job after all this?

No. 440088

She could always go into pornography. :^) But that will go against her " lewds before nudes my dudes! " mantra.

No. 440089

How DARE you??????????? So what if she has her name attached to her beautiful, artistic work? Her name is also attached to all of the GREAT things she does for the community!!!!! Such as:

NOT stealing other people's work
Donating tons of money to charity
NOT lying about anything
NOT harassing, sexually or otherwise, other cosplayers
NOT doxxing other people if they disagree with her
Being INSANELY body positive (she only got lipo because society FORCED her to do that, dude wtf)

The list just goes on…She's an incredible person, and any company or organization would be insanely lucky to have her on their team.

No. 440090


It's so obvious that she was just looking to pocket some cash off of this. Otherwise she wouldn't be taking so long to send the donations off. It's why only two photos from the whole set are up for donation instead of the whole thing. She is just a scummy piece of shit who is always looking to rip people off.

No. 440094

How much is a Disney ticket/accomodations? Could've donated this to the hurricanes smh

No. 440100

About a hundred bucks for one parkhopper. If you're buying food and drinks there though you're going to spending another hundred bucks. This is just for herself though I hope she isn't bankrolling her friends because that would be sad

If her friends live in Anaheim they might know someone who can give them a discount, or something

No. 440101

Scratch that it's 150$ nowadays for a parkhopper ticket. I haven't been to Disneyland so I guess it's gone up. I really don't understand so many people's fascination with Disneyland.

No. 440111

File: 1506457942104.png (787.98 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2017-09-26-13-28-29…)

>guys my family is totally affected by the hurricane I'm going to donate by spending $$$$

No. 440112

I don't believe so, I think just weed, though she's had videos of her vaping before as well, but we're not sure if it belonged to her or someone else.

No. 440117

No, both she and Vamp received a huge "care package" from a vaping company which included a vape kit and "moomoo" socks. They're theirs.

No. 440120

File: 1506458278604.png (288.07 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_6132.PNG)


Never forget

No. 440122

File: 1506458378885.png (396.95 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_6133.PNG)


This is the kind of shit attitude that she has. She justifies her fame with her money. She can try her best to look like she's charitable and a good human being but she is just a spoiled whiny brat who bullies others.

No. 440123

god she's such cringe on her instagram story. She tries so hard to be funny but it just falls flat as fuck.

No. 440125


I see momo's selfies are getting blurrier

No. 440129

Didn't she admit like not even a month ago what she does is porn? She got ripped apart by Ivy and others.

Also moo you have a fucking picture with fake jizz on your tits shut up

No. 440131

Oh nevermind old news didn't read dates why post old shit?

No. 440137

File: 1506459367850.png (39.72 KB, 474x287, Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 1.54.…)

No. 440145

It’s over 90 F in Anaheim right now and she’s out here in leggings, a hoodie, and in the infamous flannel that makes me never want to wear mine again.

No. 440147


it only says in the faq that these are pictures for download. nowhere during the purchasing process does it say these are digital sets and not physical copies.

No. 440158


Imagine that. Another bullshit excuse about how "Its totally not my fault my dude"

No. 440164

She IS from AZ. Kinda makes sense.

No. 440166

Her hair is fucking YELLOW now, look at that shit! No wonder she's been wearing that ugly ass silver wig the past couple weeks. She fucking destroyed her hair when she dyed it three times in a row

No. 440179

how the fuck was she going to send anything out with her own money then if it's digital only, wtf? why is it so hard for her to do this then????

No. 440188

This isn't in reference to the exclusive prints for charity. This is just asking about shop orders in general.

No. 440191

Looks like the Me Me Me video was removed.

No. 440197

Wtf are you talking about, Mariah is from Las Vegas, and before that Detroit.

No. 440220

Old news, catch up. So does anyone have any caps on those comments? I'm dying to see what was said.

No. 440228

Gotta dig for the screen caps but pretty sure Moo said the charity prints would be on a site "similar to store envy"….which is basically the same fucking site that guy was talking about. She mentioned this when trying to cover her ass after being called out for promoting her patreon with the same prints she said were being sold for donations. She purposely never mentions the name of this online store or provided a link to keep misleading people to her patreon. But it seems like this store for the donations would be it. She already has an online store that, as we can see, is accepting payments and has been live for some time. why go to the effort of opening a separate store just to sell one print?

No. 440231

And if her store only provides downloads then she's not sitting on her ass waiting for stacks of prints to arrive

No. 440246

of course she would love ursula the scammer the most. the jokes write themselves

No. 440270

how horrifying…

No. 440323

This is only from memory, but didn't she say she sells prints somewhere? Is she just making up more excuses not to send out her stuff? That and her fans are dumb. I'm 98 percent sure she used the "charity" to go to Disney.

No. 440327

She doesn't sell prints anywhere. She does have prints as a tier on patreon, but as far as I know she hasn't sent out those rewards in over six months. She hasn't released the charity photos yet, so, no, she didn't use that money to go to Disney. She did use the money that she scams people out of on Patreon for that, though, for sure!

No. 440330

Did anyone save the Me!Me!Me! video? I hope we have a back up.

No. 440340

She hasn't updated patreon since she took it down. She might be trying to find a more secure way.

No. 440373

File: 1506478910325.jpg (1.33 MB, 2896x2374, 20170926_211806.jpg)

No. 440374

File: 1506478926323.jpg (494.69 KB, 2896x2896, 20170926_211655.jpg)

No. 440375

File: 1506479026092.png (187.77 KB, 720x1021, 20170926_212008.png)

"Catch this fuckin' kamehameha."

No. 440380

I think about this tweet a lot because I'm pretty sure I made the exact post I know she's referring to threads ago questioning her income and this basically proved she's so self-obsessed and lurks here lmao

No. 440386


She might have a point there. It might be hard to make the money she does if I had her weight and lipo scars.

No. 440387

File: 1506479983605.jpg (Spoiler Image,278.37 KB, 2896x2896, 20170926_213758.jpg)

The real side by side unlike that Cindy edit

No. 440388

I hope they collide. That Tate retard is such a goddamn cow himself. It would be glorious.

No. 440427

what the fuuuuuuck. How do you let yourself get this disgusting?

Is this recent? Is she doing this while at disneyland? She has no idea how to enjoy herself without being a bitch to others, if so. Also, she's going after the fucking easiest bait. Saying this guy is wrong is like saying pedophiles are wrong. Of course it's true and everyone will agree with you. She's just trying to get the easy likes and retweets from the masses by going after an easy target. Sounds about right for Mooriah.

No. 440429

I'm beginning to think that Moo is a serious drug addict. Blowing through money, the absolute dumbest stunts, ballooning weight, filthy hygiene. I know she's always been a shitty person, but can someone be such a mess when knowing they are potentially jeopardizing large amounts of money?

No. 440434

Was trying to find the hidden video, but found this? Jesus. The change.

No. 440436

What kind of bait us this?

No. 440440

File: 1506487092751.png (752.1 KB, 835x624, Screenshot 2017-09-26 at 9.37.…)

man that hurricane relief money is being used correctly and i don't feel like she's a total fucking liar.

No. 440443

With how often she goes, she probably has an annual pass tbh. Calm down. None of the charity stuff has even been posted yet.

No. 440444

The magic bait called s a r c a s m

No. 440445

Dude, you need to double check for duplicate videos before you hit post

No. 440446

First time Ive ever posted a video. Didn't realize it didn't disappear after the posting.

No. 440448

Also Antares and MannyZ are dating. Talk about third wheel. Forgot to mention it.

No. 440450

>le wacky faces

No. 440453

Wow she looks like a normal, nice girl. Tf happened.

No. 440454

I don't any other reason why she chooses to look as sloppy and haggard as she does when her whole career revolves around being in the public eye.

No. 440458

She looks like she's balding around her hairline.

No. 440462

FML, I should've downloaded the vid if in case she deleted it, fuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh

No. 440463

It's so obvious that this was sarcasm that I almost feel bad for you.

PLEASE stop spreading this bullshit rumor that she's using charity money to fund her trip to Disney. She hasn't posted the prints for charity yet and hasn't started raising the money at all. She has stated that she will be posting the prints in mid-October. I'm sure she'll end up fucking it up somehow, but when you spread around rumors like that it makes the actual milk we have on her way less credible and gives her an excuse to say we're all just a bunch of gossiping assholes.

No. 440466

Seriously. She isn't getting any charity money yet, so stop fucking spewing that shit.

No. 440468

Samefag, but thanks anon. I hate her just as much as the next person, but spreading around obviously fake and exaggerated rumors is going to get us literally no where. This thread doesn't need to be a shitty little rumor mill considering the amount of evidence we have against her for being such a shitty person. Spreading around stuff like that is only going to make the actual accusations we have against her lose all credibility. She's fucked up plenty with the charity shit already, but she's not stupid enough to deliberately steal money under the guise of donations to charity and then use it for her own personal pleasure. She knows we are watching her like a hawk and she wouldn't get away with something that ridiculous.

No. 440486

>that xavier reference
love you anon

No. 440487

I see this and feel sorry for KKBQ for touching her in those pov shot.

No. 440489

File: 1506499111937.png (571.06 KB, 932x595, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 12.58…)

No. 440490

File: 1506499177313.png (507.06 KB, 933x551, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 12.59…)

No. 440495

she always uses the excuse that she's just one person, like you need more than one person to print, sign and ship fucking photos within a few days…on top of all the fucking nothing she does. so lazy and ungrateful.

No. 440498

those moccasins of hers are never not ugly.

No. 440499

File: 1506501097534.jpg (109.38 KB, 639x1136, tumblr_oqzhbqhMtj1vcj9auo1_128…)

No. 440501


Honestly the fact that she hasn't even posted the prints up for sale yet and it's been this long is just as bad.

It takes less than an hour to upload something to an website or online store and she's too lazy/self-centered to even do that.

All this time her prints could be selling and making money for "charity" (which she'll probably pocket anyways let's be real), is just wasted because of her lazy ass.

No. 440511

I know I'm going to catch a lot of shit here, but hear me out because I think it's valid. She admitted to being bipolar and not taking meds she was once prescribed. Mental illness starts to get real ugly in your early 20's and bipolar is her issue. The nails that never get filled. The same shirt for days and days. The constant need for approval, however inappropriate, that just feeds more into her delusions of grandeur. Her narcissism that blinds her from what is really going on with her. Her procrastination and inability to follow through on promises. Excess smoking, drinking, drugs. House, but has no furniture and is dirty. This all screams severe depression. I know a lot of this first hand because a lot of it was me before I sought treatment. I don't feel bad for her one bit because she's royally fucking people over left and right, and she's even fucking stated she knows she's bipolar, she's just riding the crazy train and now the whole world is watching.

I'm gonna sage this for noon-importance, just my observation.

No. 440516

>>440511 Why is everyone so quick to self diagnose her?? She never fills her nails because she is lazy, she wears the same clothes because she is lazy. Constant need for approval is because shes an insecure cow. All of these things are faults of her own, not because she has some disease. She MIGHT have one, but no one actually knows and can't prove it. Also, people need to fucking stop with the "drug use" claims. She's admitted to weed, edibles, etc but until there is factual proof she does crack, heroine, etc, she is not "on drugs/drug addict" jesus the rumor mill just won't fucking stop.

No. 440518

I agree, I live with two people who are different levels of bipolar and they aren't as trashy as moo.

No. 440522

And hell if she does have bipolar, she isn't treating herself because she's… you guessed it.. lazy!!!
Like it's no excuse for her behaviour. If she suffers from something it's her responsibility to take care of herself, doesn't automatically excuse or rid of anything she's said and done

No. 440523

all she did was the wig and waist band and is proud ? kek

No. 440526

I don't get why she's waiting so damn long when they're flooded out of their houses now. What good is that money going to do weeks from now? She's fucking retarded and selfish.

She could have donated out of pocket money now and still do the charity prints later.

No. 440529

and yet she just told someone she's digital only rewards??

No. 440530

Yeah, calling her depressed or bipolar or whatever armchair diagnosis you want is just making excuses for her shitty behavior. She doesn't need the internet making more excuses for her shitty behaviors, she does that enough already. Also, it's just plain insulting to people with bipolar disorder and whatever else to compare them to Moo. People with mental disorders aren't as fucked up as Moo.

No. 440533

File: 1506517017861.png (151.52 KB, 250x340, 1492721594274.png)

No. 440541

eww wtf spoiler this trash

No. 440542

i don't get how she can want to do this if she's so ugly.

No. 440543

>what is anatomy

No. 440548

File: 1506522192817.jpg (576.62 KB, 1288x1304, moomoospitroast.jpg)

Anime twitter is shitting on Moomoo and defenders come out of the woodwork https://twitter.com/TradHoosier/status/912687596651900933

No. 440551

jfc this shit needs a spoiler

No. 440559

Imagine wanting to give yourself a pat on the back so badly that you actually make a point to let everyone know you made a shitty wrap around waistband of a costume you had about 25% to do with.

No. 440560


tinfoil hat: i think she knows that she won't be able to last long as a costhot, so she's burning a chunk of the money each month for drugs, partying, eating out etc. and stashing away the rest. or her Patreon numbers are inflated by other methods, such as sockpuppet accounts belonging to herself.

No. 440562

From the sounds of it [patreon comments], she is going to reupload the Me! video in October to weed out any one time atreons as leakers. Don't fuck it up again anons. Didnt leave YouTube comments or post it anywhere.

No. 440566


And what exactly is going to stop it from being posted again? She literally has no protections in place to stop people from leaking her content.

No. 440571

File: 1506526912089.jpg (50.17 KB, 686x960, pt.jpg)

Times have really changed, haven't they?
Remember when PT did a Chun Li cosplay and she was routinely shat on by the entirety of the internet for being fat?
Now, as long as the girl has a semi decent face and instahoe makeup, she can be this porky and stubby looking and have all this support. This shit here >>440548 looks like PT's 'gravure' thing she tried to pull.

Do you think PT ever gets bitter about this shift in cosplay now? Seems like she really missed the shine train…

No. 440573


I'm all for body positivity but her body has been permanently ruined. The fat distribution is unnatural and she clearly had surgery only on her waist (and maybe thighs? Based on the scars) so that she can have the small waist and big butt/boob aesthetic. All it did was give her fat dents on her stomach and make her back fat more apparent. If you defend this body type you are defending cosmetic surgery for selfish purposes because that's how she got this body.

No. 440576

Because her Patreon subs are actually pretty diligent with content and the video was hidden/private, so when she got comments on it about her that weren't ass kissing, she removed it. So if I get my hands on the video again, granted it doesn't look fishy as there are ways to trick your followers to find who is doing what, just don't fuck it up again to anyone added comments about her body and cosplay construction. Im all for tearing her down, but it doesn't help much if she keeps removing the content. I might just record it this time and post it everywhere if she is going to be rickety about it. Not like she can ask her Patreons to show their 'loyalty'. All almost 1k of them.

No. 440579

PT would have never tried to cater to gaijin neckbeards, only glorious nipponese ones!

Moo is popular because the gross neckbeard community, not because she's fat.

No. 440601


pt wanted to be a thin petite japanese idol. if someone said "don't pick on her just because she's thick" she would have freaked out at that person for saying she's thick because she was in denial about her size. she would not be on board with the body positivity thing. she had severe body image issues.

mariah wants to be thick and is riding the body positivity train to the bank. even though she has body image issues too she'll admit that she's bigger and will bitch out anyone who thinks it's bad.

i think there wouldn't be much change in the pt drama if it happened today because of these differences.

No. 440607

Could just upload it elsewhere.

Hell, Moomoo will bitch out anyone who thinks she's fat despite going on and on about being fat herself.

No. 440608


Looking at the replies, the white knights lost this one though lol

No. 440609

most of them are fatty girls getting upset about 'body shaming' those girls aren't her patreons, just fans. the more dudes that see through her shit the less $$ she'll get.

No. 440618


To be fair I'm sure Moomoo also wishes she was a little petite Asian girl. Who knows? Maybe Kbbq would have even stuck around if she was. It's obvious that she wants to be smaller but only stays big because she's too lazy to make better life choices. Her body last year was not that bad and if she had done just 40 minutes of cardio a day and not eat shit every day she would have had a way thinner build. The only difference between her and PT is that Moo is willing to embrace her weight if it means men will throw her money.

No. 440635

Please be fucking discreet with this shit.

No. 440639

File: 1506537251892.png (54.22 KB, 607x490, snap.png)

Those prints… Its almost October.

No. 440640

The most patient cucks in the world.

Bitch goes on vacation as if she earned it but hasn't sent out rewards from the beginning of the damn year. This year is almost over, what the hell does she need a vacation for.

No. 440641

File: 1506537663094.png (50.59 KB, 592x461, prints.png)

No. 440642

File: 1506537777098.png (103.5 KB, 358x357, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 11.42…)

highly doubtful. If she actually delivered all of these, then why are they getting lost? This was posted 2 months ago with a inchat update

No. 440643

File: 1506537864726.jpg (3.58 MB, 1935x2576, moositkanna.jpg)

No. 440645

File: 1506537871752.png (40.05 KB, 621x456, people.png)

No. 440646

I gotta go to work soon, so you guys grab as much stuff as you can if you are home.

No. 440652

File: 1506538113555.png (57.29 KB, 690x409, why.PNG)

No. 440655


Wow just ignores the dude. She's rude as fuck

No. 440656

File: 1506538609159.png (15.15 KB, 453x107, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 11.47…)

TBH like every other project she's not really talkative on the 3 channels. I didn't cap a whole lot.

No. 440658

File: 1506538636565.png (12.79 KB, 386x119, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 11.47…)

No. 440661

File: 1506538986563.png (1.1 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-09-27-12-01-28…)

Her hair

No. 440663

File: 1506539140823.jpg (4.8 MB, 1932x2576, high as fuck.jpg)

No. 440664

File: 1506539282890.png (59.09 KB, 427x534, motoko.png)

No. 440667

File: 1506539380509.png (53.17 KB, 427x457, look harder.png)

There is a lot of stuff to cap if you know how to use discord.

No. 440668

Apologies if this HAS been posted before, but it was in the Discord. It's just Momo autographing a spatula for someone at whatever Funimation event she was at.


No. 440669

hmm, this is weird tbh. how big are her prints? why are they being set on people's doorsteps and not in the mailbox? i'm curious to know how she is packing them

No. 440670

File: 1506539450113.png (60.16 KB, 407x527, eh.png)

Feel a little guilty about posting some of this.

No. 440671


This is fucking ridiculous. How the fuck has no one called her out on this bullshit? She is literally stealing money from these people. This bitch has time to run off on "vacation" and get completely shitfaced at parties but she can be bothered to send out shit that people actually paid for?

It's shit like this Moomoo that is the reason you aren't taken seriously as a professional. And it's why you'll never be on the same level as your "cosplay Mom" Nigri.

No. 440672

File: 1506539537975.png (56.39 KB, 417x532, ready.png)

So it seems like she isn't as upset because she and her family have been prepping for her grandfather's death for a while now. Still sad to see she isn't mourning as much, but Im guessing he is also kind of distant, so everyone chill out with the "NOT MOURNING SO RUDE AT A PARTY" shit.

No. 440675

File: 1506539686599.png (296.19 KB, 1409x1617, 30269786f3d54f2b0075e7f325946f…)

She didn't reply to any of these… I feel kinda sad for them tbh

No. 440676


Goddamn it. I currently have a relative in a hospice with an aggressive form of lung cancer. He's too frail to even go under chemo. We only found out after he took a heart attack.
I feel so bad for her right now

No. 440678

And if she isn't close to him I can understand why she doesn't care too much. Like she cares, but like.. Since you are so disacosiated from a family memember, you don't really grieve as hard as say that person's daughter or son or even the spouse.

No. 440681

File: 1506540185235.png (305.32 KB, 1242x1859, IMG_5061.PNG)

That wig

No. 440685

Yeah it's understandable
I'm really close to the relative I wrote about so it's hitting hard
But if he wasn't, I'd still feel pretty fucking bad about it but I wouldn't be crying every night I suppose
It's like distant relatives you only hear about maybe once if there's a death or they took a fancy holiday.
I can sympthaise with this.

No. 440687

File: 1506540523361.png (29.52 KB, 1347x185, 0b4e48cddc70ce31eb047160133fe3…)

this discord is just depressing

No. 440689

it will also make the 'SHE CAN MOURN HOW SHE WANTS" anons stfu as well.

No. 440698


Fun fact: three out of the four people who posted after what Momo said aren't even in the server anymore

No. 440701


Even if she doesn't care the difference is that she's been spending her time and energy on social media to portray herself as some super caring granddaughter. On top of that she used paying for her dad's plane ticket as a reason for why she is a good person. Also on top of that she made it sound like she wanted to be there herself. If she doesn't care about him that's fine but if she is going to use her situation to seem like a "good person" then she is manipulative trash.

No. 440705

Just remember that she happily posts information about others without their consent.

No. 440709

They probably hopped in and then realized nothing good was there.

No. 440711

This. She's not acting like someone who's "trying to be a good person". She sounds as selfish as she normally is. I don't get why anons are suddenly pitying her for being herself as if Moomoo didn't do this song and dance a million times before in the past 30 threads.

No. 440712

They probably thought that they would find their missing prints there

No. 440715

For fucks sake. Not everything is about hating Moo. I can relate on this whole grandfather death thing. Its understandable and frankly I went out when my grandfather died and I didn't cry at all either. Some people you are seriously not close to and thats okay. Just because its family doesn't automatically mean you have to be sad or that you can't do anything until an acceptable amount of grieving was done. She can share that she cares and that there is a death in the family without making it all about grandstanding. Fuck. MILLIONS of people post about their deceased. Its not some magical thing Moo suddenly thought up. People take SELFIES at wakes ffs.

Saging because the salty anons who think her grandfather passing = she should be kept indoors for two weeks and isn't allowed to do anything but talk about how sad she is.

I dont fucking like Moo. Im the one giving all the links to the removed videos, patreon updates, discord, but jesus christ. Some of you seriously sound like you are 16 or something because of how you FEEL she should act.

No. 440717

are you fucking new?

No. 440719

File: 1506542261897.png (857.18 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-09-27-12-55-59…)

No. 440720

No. The tinfoiling needs to stop. She is at Disneyland. Such disrespect for a dead family memember. Clearly using charity funds. Also totally doing heroine because she said she took an edible in WA. Like come on. People are making the legit postings sound less credible.

No. 440721

File: 1506542422873.jpg (188.71 KB, 1365x1365, IMG_20170927_125945.jpg)

No. 440725


No one is saying she should be staying at home and some shit. What people are saying is that it's shitty of her as a person for making a big deal out of something (death in the family) and ask for sympathy points when clearly she isn't as close to this person. She is out using the same money she could have used to go to the funeral (that she stated she was sad that she couldn't attend) and in California instead at Disney fucking Land and doing more shit photo shoots. If ANYONE made a big deal out of a family death only to show in the end they don't care, they are a shitty person. She even used him as an excuse for not sending out patreon shit on time. Why would anyone defend her actions?

No. 440727

those buns look like toilet paper rolls on top of her head

No. 440728

what fucking idiot made these and decided they needed to sew the bows like that? have they never made bows before? the just sewed off a square and you can see the edges and strings. even when i've had 5 hours to make something i have never cut that many corners. ffs.

No. 440729

File: 1506543721879.png (1.08 MB, 640x960, ew.png)

No. 440730

File: 1506543730555.png (19.54 KB, 436x253, average.png)

No. 440731

exactly this.
If momo didnt care about her grandfather? why ask for pity points?
If it's actually as 'hard on her' as she's trying to portray, why has she been out partying, going to disney etc?
If she needed 'time off' which would be bullshit anyway since she barely does anything anyway BUT would have been passable if she said something before going off to Disney.

It's sad to see that her shitty little ploy has suckered so many of you since that's all this is to her, It's a convenience. Notice how now that her grandfather is her pity card we havent heard anything about the cat? It's literally the same shit. When she went to visit her grandpa it was 'It sucks that i cant work on cosplay cause i'm visiting my sick grandpa my dudes' or are we choosing to forget that. jfc

She doesnt give a fuck about her grandfather and she's just using it (like she does with everything) to get people off her back since the heat is on her still

No. 440732

didn't she make them?

No. 440735

File: 1506544695704.png (345 KB, 479x554, a year and a half ago.png)

No. 440736

"the average size is 16"

Momo's average size is 28

No. 440738

she looks so much younger here even though this is only a year and a half ago, jesus christ. really shows how much of a toll her lifestyle took on her looks

No. 440739

I didn't mention heroine at all in my post, newfag. This is lolcow where we talk shit about cows. It's not a hugbox. You can't get mad at us for doing what the site is intended for. Remember where you are.

Moomoo posts shit like this for sympathy points. She wants people to pity her even though she isn't showing any signs of mourning. She's doing her usual thing which is treating herself for being lazy.

No. 440748

She's so much better looking facially here. And her arms are so normal sized.

No. 440750

Why does she make a big deal about being the first to cosplay a character? Many searches can prove it's not true, unless she means first costhot?

No. 440752

Anyone seen her latest insta story (on mobile so can’t post)? They’re taking spanking photos of each other. This is right up Momo’s porn alley no wonder they asked her to be involved.

No. 440753

File: 1506546724660.png (1.28 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-09-27-14-10-30…)

Please buy a new bra

No. 440760

File: 1506547557372.png (Spoiler Image,982.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2738.PNG)

I find it hilarious that she left the beauty cam watermark on the pic cuz she knew everyone was going to give her shit about her very obviously edited photos

No. 440763

Is her forehead freakishly short or did she wear her wig too low?

No. 440764

She's holding off on selling the charity prints because she obviously doesn't give a fuck about the cause or people who need help NOW. All she cares about is appearing as ~such a good person~ because it's ~FOR CHARITY!!~ that's literally all it is. Also why she was so completely ass blasted over it when someone called her out for how unclear she was being with the whole thing. HOW DARE YOU BOOLY ME WHEN I AM DOING -CHARITY- I AM A GOOD PERSON!!!!!!

No. 440771

File: 1506548032076.jpg (297.45 KB, 2896x2896, 20170927_163257.jpg)

The face she makes when she's not the center of attention

No. 440772

File: 1506548040065.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2739.PNG)

Fucking crazy eyes

No. 440780

File: 1506548372683.png (86.07 KB, 750x806, IMG_2740.PNG)

The bags under her eyes are SO bad

No. 440783

she kept on pulling her lacefront down and it was not secure.

No. 440792


She really doesn't care. People need the money and help now. If she really cared about charity it would have been her first priority. It would not even take that long to order prints to send out or if she was really that lazy make it all digital prints. If she really cared so much about it all she would have donated some of her own money already and donated more from the profits. I only make half of what she makes and I've already made thousands in donations. I'm not asking for asspats. I'm just saying if she is going to advertise how she's a good human being and charitable she wouldn't be waiting so long.

No. 440810

Stella is what 29 now? Moo looks 37 next to her.

No. 440826

Moomoo just has crazy eyes in general. This cow doesn't know how to even look decent in picture taking

No. 440850

"I'm pretty sure I'm the first…"

Bitch, you're not. And sage for mini rant, but all these cosplay hos who want to be 'first' piss me off so much.

No. 440857

i guarantee that person with the jackseptic eye icon is a fat teenager.

No. 440873

File: 1506552619426.jpg (17.7 KB, 385x385, BUY NEW UNDERWEAR U GROSS BITC…)

jfc they couldn't edit out the Calvin Klein logo on her underwear? fucking tacky

No. 440903

File: 1506553957609.png (237.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170927-160753.png)

Someone just asked.

No. 440906

so are you mei or chun li
you cant fucking be both

dumbass bitch

No. 440908

It's not self diagnoses you retard.

>>439519 she admitted it herself over a year ago.

No. 440910

In what whale planet mind is Moo an average woman??

No. 440911

Bitch needs to stop because she isn't Chinese. Why hasn't anyone called her out on her racism already?

No. 440916

Maybe she should respect her own body by not lipoing the shit out of it

No. 440923


Is she balding?? No wonder why she keeps using that silver wig.

No. 440926

She was not close to her grandfather. And he could have cared less about her. Just like all of her family he was not happy that she is a costhot. Her family is not really religious. But you don't have to be religious to be embarrassed to have a moomoo in your family posting all kinds of semi porn shit on the internet for the whole world to see.

No. 440928

As often as she bleaches/dyes her hair it's very possible.

No. 440930

just be glad its not the black one or ck

No. 440931

The background of the shot looks nice, at least.

No. 440933

they also dont edit her weird boob veins a lot of the time, it seems

like i know theyre "normal", but when someone shops so much of their own body its weird to me they dont hide them idk

No. 440935

shut the fuck up about this.

No. 440936

lmao Martin Wong is doing the promo shots for Funimation

No. 440961

it's not for funimation. it's just some dude who works for them.

No. 440971

This is why misinformation in the thread pisses me off. It is an OFFICIAL Funimation promo they are doing for an OFFICIAL Funimation launch party. Its not JUST a Justin thing. Ffs

No. 440973

Sage your crying.

No. 440974

I feel like stella chu is like the anti momo. She didn't brag about where she was going or who she was working with or why, like moo has been for weeks. If I were her I'd be pissed someone as talentless as moo has the same jobs I worked hard for

No. 440975


No. 440979


No. 440988

File: 1506568534394.png (1.31 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-09-27-20-11-43…)

No. 440991

Look at how nice their wigs are….now look at Moomoo's wig.

Fucking pathetic.

No. 440992

And how they themed their outfits to their characters and Momo just reused the same old bra she has before… You can even see that it's getting worn down from use.

No. 440993

Ahhhh yes, I was first to call her being the red head because I KNEW she'd pick the character with the largest tits, jfc. She's so predictable! Sorry, Momo, large tits on a character doesn't equal your fatass. Sage but everything she does is too predictable lmao

No. 440994

I feel bad for cat because Mariah and Stella took selfies tagging each other but left cat out. Cat is really excited and thankful taking progress shots the entire process while they are still playing popularity contest. There's only 3 of you it's not hard to let everyone feel involved equally. Fucking cosplayers man.

No. 440996

i bet she can't even wear that top as it should be worn lol

No. 440997

Cat or Antares is only there cause she is friends with Mariah. But she deserves this way more than Moo. Also why wouldnt they choose someone like Vampy Bit Me
She fits the aesthetics better. Its awkward when people dont "match" in photoshoots or films or something. I hate it

No. 440998

she couldn't ask anyone to style her wig? it's not getting someone else to do her work is anything new for her.

No. 440999

cause moomoo is screwing the guy that organized the event also idk vampy seems more the type to cosplay what she wants. She's mainly stuck to one piece, monhun and gundam for a while now so why would she cosplay from some anime that no one has heard of, cares about and seems to be more generic fap bait?

I'm amused cause stella is just sprawled out showing off her body and moomoo is doing her best to make sure you cant see her stomach or waist.

No. 441008

lol no it's not fucking proof?

No. 441009

Why should we believe anything she says? She probably just said she was diagnosed with all that stuff for pity points.

Remember when she said her parents were hardcore practicing muslims and she wore a hijab as a child, when her parents are definitely not hardcore muslims and children don't wear hijabs? Remember when she said she never had lipo? Remember when she said she was super close to her recently dead grandpa but then turned around and said she wasn't actually emotionally affected by his death becasue they weren't that close? Bitch is a compulsive liar who uses it to get pity, I don't believe for a second she was actually diagnosed with anything.

No. 441031

is… is that the same bra she used for wicke? Does she really only have that one, the black one and the nike sports bra?

Also god her wig styling skills are awful.

No. 441035

I don't understand this. Shouldn't the pateron tier people get a downloadable link to the video because it was due to their money that the video was able to be made in the first place?

No. 441036

Dude. Its on Funmation's actual pages. It isn't just something Justin is hosting and he happens to work at Funimation. It is a legit Funimation event like the Round One or whatever thing was during AX. Its a small thing, but it is an official Funimation event. Check their pages. Not the people attending, the actual Funmation pages. Im at work. I dont have time to screen cap.

No. 441038

The way Stella is posing is how Moo should be posing. THIS is how you make yourself look slimmer. Not by hunching over with your legs awkwardly crossed.

No. 441039

link or screencap if it's legit. this is an imageboard ffs.

No. 441040


fuck off. someone already shared justins goth club event page

No. 441041

Answered your own questions. Good job guys.

No. 441042

File: 1506577553067.jpg (21.7 KB, 540x233, 1494746240823.jpg)

Y'all need to READ instead of trying to start feuds when it's unnecessary.

No. 441043

File: 1506577715144.png (458.72 KB, 814x599, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 10.48…)

No. 441044

I honestly heard even Japan was disappointed in the Japanese live action Tokyo Ghoul, but you do you Moo.

No. 441045

She legit looks nice here minus the eyebrows, but even that color hair [the more brown/brassy color] looks much better on her complexion than silver/grey. Like.. If she had normal brows and more even color, I might not recognize her. She looks so basic which is a good change..?

No. 441046

File: 1506578076734.png (127.96 KB, 857x560, role.png)

Does this mean Moo can't kick people and stuff because she isn't a moderator in her own Discord?

No. 441047

I don't think she is, guess is no. Someone suggested on another chat that she locks the different chats due to tier of the patron but it hasn't happened obviously.

No. 441048

No. 441049

She has an Overwatch one that is blocked.

No. 441050

Watch her borrow Gabby's Rize cosplay now smfh.

No. 441051

If she's the owner she can, but I don't think you can see who the owner is on servers.

No. 441056

was she actually "invited" or is this another one of the typical moo bullshittings

No. 441057

Funimation was hosting it. No doubt all of them got in by invite.

No. 441059

please keep up. Momo's been invited to funimation stuff for months now cause she's fucking one of the guys that works there.

No. 441060

no one has proof they are fucking jesus christ

No. 441061

It seems to be a very loose invite, lots of people went and are talking about it, many with both far smaller and larger followings than Moo. She's making a bigger deal of being "invited" than it seems to be, to me.

No. 441062

I don’t think Vampy would even want to do this. It’s more than just an underwear shoot from what the bts footage has shown. There’s spanking and groping pictures so it’s basically just a higher quality production go what Momo normally does. Surprised Stella is involved actually, though her own content has become increasing more sexual in the past year too.

Sage for ot

No. 441063

sucking dick. same thing

No. 441064


She has a habit of talking big about small things. Remember how she said she was sponsored by grrrrl or whatever the brand was called? They responded to a message and even said they didn't sponsor her. Also her so called clothing line is just words on shirts and sweaters. I bet she did not even come up with the designs on her own. She's said that she's a guest at multiple cons but those cons did not say such a thing. Moo likes to live with the illusion that she's doing big things but the only thing big about her is her ego (and displaced fat).

No. 441065


Stella actually has talent. It makes me wonder how she feels being next to someone like Moo who has none of her talent but makes just as much money. It really shows you don't need talent to make it in life. Just suck the right dicks.

No. 441066

Probably because this is the 'biggest' thing she has done. Tbh, makes sense for her to freak out over it. Especially because people like Stella have been to things like this ALL the time.

No. 441067

Its a fan service anime. Already low tier shit. Also, out of any of them, Ant kind of has better quality depending on what is being made vs Stella. Makes sense she was invited. She even has the best looking outfit.

No. 441070

Stella has been a Go-Go Dancer/Burlesque dancer even before she got into cosplay. There isn't any 'recently' with her. At least she is classy.

No. 441072

She's a brown nosing wannabe ladder climbing cunt. Don't feel bad for her. She knew what she was getting into when she kept kissing Momos ass.

No. 441074

Mariah paid her for commissions. Not the other way around. Mariah is brown nosing and sure as fuck she has her own following. She doesn't even need Moo. Calm the fuck down. Not everyone who associates with her is shit. Take this to the snow thing if you hate her that much.

No. 441075

She sucks up to Mariah on Facebook like a lap dog it's really pathetic to watch

I'll get caps next time she does it since it's always on theit personal accounts

No. 441076

And take it to SNOW with you. Kthx.

No. 441078

File: 1506587958338.jpg (503.62 KB, 1935x1290, IMG_5723.JPG)

I just made one comment you're the one who (was wrong) and kept pushing it.

But here's a cap for your dumb ass anyways. ;)

No. 441079

Post milk about MOO, not this chick. No one cares.

No. 441083

So, these characters are underage, right? Like, they wear schoolgirl uniforms, so I'm assuming so. And Funimation is paying cosplayers to pose for softcore porn as these underage characters? And they're paying one of the most toxic "cosplayers" on the scene to do it? WTF, when I was a kid Funimation was a respected company, now they do this shit. I just lost every iota of respect I've ever had for them. The anime industry fucking sucks.

No. 441085

You must be new here

No. 441102

File: 1506604067592.png (81.37 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_2017-09-28-06-05-50…)

No. 441103

sage your whining.

No. 441104

Is there any way we can petition funimation? I know she already did the event, but I feel like a fuck ton of emails/facebook posts against her will get them to take her stuff down.

No. 441112

but what about those rewards Moo!

No. 441113

Did she actually attend an official event with a hoodie and greasy hair?

No. 441114

Doubtful. Funimation is a very cliquey company but you can try.

No. 441122


the tokyo ghoul premiere was a pretty casual environment. nobody was dressed up unless they were in cosplay

No. 441123


was this shoot actually sponsored by funimation? the testament of sister new devil party isn't until october. i feel like this was just them trying out the costumes and lewding them up for fun on their own

No. 441124


it's also an incredibly sexual anime so i don't think that part is on funimation

No. 441125

File: 1506609728006.png (153.55 KB, 720x753, Screenshot_2017-09-28-07-40-35…)

No. 441126

seeing shitty people liking the same stuff as you do just makes you so tired of the thing. you cant really do anything about it, especially if the fandom is big and you see the shitty fans everywhere.

sage for rant

No. 441133

You can thank Justin for that. Tbh I wont be surprised if he loses his job at this rate. As soon as they advertise using Moo their social media is going to explode with hate and Justin will have to explain to higher ups why he chose such an unprofessional cow.

No. 441136


Seriously. Cringey members of any fandom will turn you away from it because no one wants to have to deal with that shit.

Although this is funny coming from Moomoo since she has literally chased people out of cosplay for not wanting to fuck her or for not kissing her ass.

No. 441137

Loose invite is an understatement. I have never worked for them or expressed interest in them but they invited me to the movie - They sent the invite to literally everyone on their PR list, even college kids with crappy anime podcasts got invited.

No. 441138

Don't forget she's deterred others who don't want to be associated with lewd models out as well. These girls pretend to cosplay just need to stick to sexwork.

No. 441142


Is it any surprise that Moomoo tried to overhype this to more than what it really is. She'll take any chance she can to pretend like she is an important member in the cosplay community and is constantly getting invited to exclusive stuff. Even though they were practically giving away invitations she will try to act like "OMG I'm literally crying right now. I can't believe these guys think so highly of me and want me at their big super special private event".

No. 441145

I honestly doubt they care. They are clearly doing this to promote and cater to their main fanbase. They chose the cosplayers that they did because they can bring in the numbers. Moo is terrible but she's gotten to the point that people recognize her (even if it's for bad reasons)

No. 441147


Gotta wonder whose dick she is sucking or who she is threatening to tell everyone they raped her to get into their good graces.

No. 441151


It's basic Moo tactics. She kisses the asses of the people she can gain something from and treats everyone else like shit. She publicly talked shit to Chel on her twitter. Even better yet when she admitted she was doing porn she basically told everyone else that they were doing porn too. When Ivy doom kitty disagreed she threw a fit but when her mama Nigri came in to disagree she just fell on her knees to kiss her ass some more.

No. 441152


She just uses people like pawns on a chess board and doesn't care who she fucks over or ruins. And she'll completely debase herself to get whatever she wants. She'll kiss and and suck dick like no other. And then she drops you the minute you are of no use to her, all in service of her ego. And if you even think about taking any recourse or try to call her out, she will drag you through the mud publicly and leave you to the wolves. She'll say you were just jealous, or that you tried to slander her first, or you fat shamed her or even make false sexual assault and rape claims. Anything to deter anyone from ever working with you again. All because you hurt her feels. Even her "cosplay Mom" Nigri won't be safe when she thinks she has finally overtaken her. I'm sure she'll accuse her of bullying and fat shaming her and that she is just jealous that she isn't the "queen of cosplay" anymore.

These aren't the actions of a "good person". These are the actions of a complete fucking sociopath who has no regard for anyone other than herself.

No. 441153

Eh, one thing is going in a casual attire… Another one is going with messy, greasy hair as if she was taking the trash outside

No. 441154

File: 1506617328549.png (681.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170928-194721.png)

I really don't know what to think of GRRRL clothing anymore… because they say she's not a sponsored athlete, but this post sends mixed messages.

No. 441157

I feel like it's less of a sponsorship more of a contract? Like with the CK set, she's always wearing them maybe because she gets paid everyone she does?

No. 441158

what happened to 'she's not a sponser'? just another company trying to get negative exposure.

No. 441159

they said before she just owns some productsd.

No. 441160

File: 1506618197032.png (568.13 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-28-09-59-41…)

There are so many examples of reading comprehension and cohesive thought gone AWOL in Momo threads that I can't even bother with them all. Key word is "athelete," and looking through their list of atheletes, all of the girls do some sort of sport/activity to warrant athelete status for the brand. Scrolling further it allows you to also be a "brand ambassador" which is probably what Momo signed up for. It's probably just to be a one-off post of yourself in their clothes but not a sponsored longterm athelete listed on their site. The message that the bran sent to that one farmer said Momo is not a sponsored athelete, but they didnt clarify if she was a one-time ambassador afaik.

No. 441161

Where’s that post? I just checked their IG and is not there

No. 441166

fuck off with such a shitty attitude, it's grrrl's fault for just using -just- that word, and moo's fault for making a mountain out of a molehill. shitty sponsorships with small companies are a dime a dozen.

No. 441167

Funimation is not paying Momo anything. She is name dropping again to pretend she has more connections than she really does. I was an open event where all you had to do was ask and send photos in to promote it.

It was like when she went to see the Tokyo ghoul movie. Instead of saying she just watched it like a normal person, she had to say "I was invited by funimation themselves!"
This isn't the first time she does this. She simply can't go to a con, she was invited. She can't just go to a casual meet it, she was invited and the event was focused on her. She's weird like that.

No. 441171

yeah, i remember i jokingly tagged "fitfriday" in one of my pics and got a message from a "t-shirt company"

No. 441173

this is what i've been saying,

she didn't get invited as a special guest or anything, the justin guy just used his position to get her photos in. we don't even know if hers was the only photoshoot.

No. 441174

i have a contacts sponsorship from pinkyparadise, i get free lenses to review and coupon codes and shit, and i only have 500 followers. i still have no clue why they gave it to me.

i feel like most of moo's 'sponsorships' are like that too.

No. 441175

You don't know if they're paying her or not.

Someone like Stella who is an actual professional wouldn't do a promo photoshoot for free so they're most likely paying them all SOMETHING.

Think a little, idiot.

No. 441176

it's an open promo event, moo's name is literally nowhere, she just got accepted by them to take pictures.

No. 441177

if you remember, the 3 of them posted it seperately themselves, no one from funimation posted anything about them being special guests.

No. 441179

The fucking tinfoiling is so annoying. They are being paid to make promotional images for the upcoming event where they will be the cosplayers at The Church. Their raunchy shoot is in fanservice row with the anime. Jesus fucking christ. You people really piss me off so much sometimes. GET info from other places besides just here. The spoonfeeding is getting way too sever. Go find your own fucking caps.(stop infighting)

No. 441180



She is not above tossing people aside if they clash with her or if she finds no use for them. She was riding Plusfox's dick super hard when he was shooting her photos. Hell she sucked kbbqs dick literally when he was making shit for her and doing her pov shoots but when they had a falling out she publicly ruined him. There are screenshots on threads where she deletes or insults people who say anything neutral or negative about her mom Jnig. Her and Nana were good friends and now it looks like they barely talk now that Moomoo has surpassed her. She isn't even above stealing credit as long as it makes her look more talented than she actually is.

No. 441183

>waah everyone is tinfoiling
>b-but i don't have proofs!!!

No. 441184

Just so everyone knows, she knows a girl who works there and she was sent samples which she used to promote. Not because they sent her samples to promote as a sponsor, but because her friend hooked her up. Nowhere in any of Moo's posts are the words 'sponsored' or even in their own clothing line. 'Fam' doesn't really mean sponsored. People reading waaaaay too much into shit like this.

No. 441185

Jfc. Im the only one really throwing milk out here into the threads the past two weeks but by golly, I have nothing but Google to prove the Funimation shit. Im at work. Do the work yourself.

No. 441188

It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots with Funimation and what they were doing for promos. Its not even out of left field for Funimation.

No. 441190

The Church is justin's event you dumbass it has nothing to do with this

No. 441193


The point is that Moomoo was going around acting like she was sponsored. She never took time out to say "Hey guys, I'm not really affiliated with this company". As usual she just sat back and didn't say shit and just let everyone assume she was until they all believed it was true, like "just another company that was practically kicking down my door to work with me. Jealous yet haters?"

No. 441194

File: 1506622800218.png (308.92 KB, 490x442, funimation.PNG)


y'all are dumb as mariah if you think this has nothing to do with funimation when they're advertising it on their page and their logo is on the marketing material for the event

No. 441196

You must seriously want a fucking medal or throne, Patreon-anon. You mention how much you're giving us every two days for the past week or so. We thank you and appreciate it, but speculation is also allowed here as long as it's saged.

She does this with interviews at cons, too. People who go up to everyone at a con and ask if they'd like to be interviewed. Moomoo will make it seem like that only interviewed her because she's just so special and precious.

No. 441197


again, it's an OPEN even. It doesn't even say who's guesting. Jesus yall are dense

No. 441198

a whopping 94 people are INTERESTED. theyre lucky if 200 people show up

No. 441199


that's irrelevant to what i was saying. people keep trying to say funimation has nothing to do with this event and it's just justin's thing but funimation is very clearly involved.

No. 441200


Ah, I got cha anon

No. 441210

This is what's happening.

Funimation official FB has promoted the event. So YES it is an official thing.
This is how non-convention paid cosplay events work.

Now everyone shut the fuck up about it and quit tinfoiling.

No. 441213


Wow, you're posting screencaps of a fat cosplayer being a bitch on an anonymous image board, fucking W O W anon. Real hard hitting shit there.


The problem with that is that a lot of people aren't going to really care about Mariah outside of lolcow

No. 441214

I think everyone is just confused because the official convention event is happening for this at AWA right now.

No. 441215

On her instagram, the description actually says she's super excited to be "working together with grrrl_clothing", implying that he is actually being sponsored by them. She 100% intended people to believe that she was a sponsored athlete.

No. 441217

do people think funimation is a good company? they've been focusing on dubbing heavy fanservice so hard to get moo's type of fanbase to buy from them, of course they go to these consluts. they're basically booth babes without the babe part.

No. 441221

I think people are just afraid of admitting that she was actually involved with a company for real for once, regardless of how minor the involvement was. I'm kind of upset about it too, tbh, just because I know she'll NEVER shut up about it and this will always be her go-to excuse whenever someone tries to call her out for being a shitty cosplayer.

No. 441223

But she IS working with the company and is being paid [highly doubt they are all doing this for free and a company like Funimation is definitely paying because it would be hell if it got out they don't pay people making promos and showing up to an even the promos are for]. However, THIS is the reality, so everyone fucking stop saying she isn't legit working for this campaign.

No. 441227

uh, did you read the anon you replied to…?

No. 441229

my creepypasta about moo is that this fat girl version isn't the real moo, but a body snatcher keeping moo locked up in the basement of her shitty unfurnished house and one day the real moo will break out and kill her

No. 441234

Im not saying you are wrong. Im agreeing with you and saying people need to just deal with the fact that she is working with Funimation on this campaign they are doing for the lewd series. Tbh, thats probably the reason Stella was choosen too. Not just because she makes cosplay and is formidable in the cosplay scene, but because she has tons of experience doing burlesque and pinup. Put that together with what they are doing here and you have why she is there. Anteras is probably there because she knows how to make clothes and knew her body plus the most revealing outfit would be made properly and look good on her.

Like..Come on. None of this is really far fetched. Moo seems a bit out of place, but knowing their circle and the fact that they know Justin, is probably the reason why Moo is involved at all. Plus she brought in a good crowd along with Jessica at the blowling alley thing during AX.

Like.. Its NOT impossible to accept.

No. 441239


My problem with this is that they are indirectly supporting her terrible ego and her horrible behavior. By supporting her they are saying they support someone who lies to her fans about her weight. They are supporting someone who chases people out of a community because she doesn't like them. They are supporting someone who will cause drama with anyone and everyone on her path. I am willing to write an email to funimation and my voice might not be heard but at least I'm doing something about this terrible cow. I can't just stand here and keep letting her do what she wants. More people need to publicly out her like how she outed people in the past.

No. 441240

Okay, I misrepresented. I feel like moo and this funimation stuff is another reminder of how the western industry is catering to gross people more and more. Funimation has never been -great- no way, but now they're pushing lewd shit more than ever. The industry is just changing in a gross, sexual way and I think people have a lot of trouble accepting that too. Moo is popular now because of how gross the industry has become.

No. 441241

I really have noticed this as of late.
It doesn't matter a bit if you are ugly/low quality. All you need is to sexualize the shit out of yourself and the fan base will follow. Companies/events have no moral standards anymore so they will invite and cater to anyone with a following now.
Saged for crying moar.

No. 441242

all those times you tried spelling athlete and not a single one of them was correct. jesus fucking christ

No. 441246


yeah but Funimation doesn't care. She's controversial and has the potential to draw in some decent sized neckbeard crowds for Funimation to milk dry.


take ur meds sweetpea

No. 441259


I love how you can tell that some of her fans are straight up furries lmao

No. 441260

File: 1506628908006.png (840.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170928-130036.png)

No. 441261

File: 1506629397427.jpg (199.04 KB, 2048x2048, B0D80670-A064-47D8-BC1D-8D5EF7…)

Even being airbrushed to hell and back….it's still the saddest hank hill ass…

No. 441263

The used and abused Calvin Klein underwear wedged up her crack has me triggered

No. 441264

I don't know how this hammy, preachy bullshit is supposed to work on anyone that isn't still in high school. Maybe to adults that are still mentally stuck in high school. Feel sorry for the actual girls who cosplay that aren't shitty people but have to be lumped together with this idiot.

No. 441265

Dumbest shit ever. And her underwear?!?! Having a huge label on a cosplay is so god damn tacky.

Her eyes also looked like she's high on crack.

She should just do porn in her ebay bought costumes. She's the worst.

No. 441266

There is NO FUCKING WAY she thinks this looks good. This is one of the most unflattering pictures I've seen of her thus far. The underwear shoved up her ass, her incredibly lumpy legs, that horrendous facial expression. Everything about this is just wrong.

No. 441267

omg this is hilarious. she shoulda had them pump the fat from her stomach into her ass

No. 441269

please just….Aerie has cheap plus size thongs and shit that are 1000 times more appealing than this. Why

No. 441270

I love this

No. 441274

I don't know why people are looking at her ass in this photo. Hardly the worst thing. Look at that leg, look at the back of her knees. When it's that concave and dark like a black hole it's because there's a horrendous amount of fat in the legs, and so you can see where the flab folds in when the leg is fully extended like in this pose. I see this in older folks that can't walk around anymore. So so bad.

No. 441275

Poot Moomoo

No. 441276

She’s so horrendously dumpy.

No. 441277

damn I just noticed that. That is a deep pit.

No. 441278


I assume y'all just mean funimation because anime has been some sexualized shit for years. None of this is new. So its not a recent change

No. 441280

I don't know anyone who works out in there underwear. Just sayin

No. 441283

She really is PT 2.0, jesus.

No. 441284

I always say that Mariah is basically PT if she got lucky.

No. 441287


Exactly, why couldn't she just put on a sports bra and workout leggings as workout gear…not a fucking ill-fitting bra and ill-fitting panties.

No. 441292


>It's not lewds my dude

Yeah fucking right. If it wasn't lewds she should have worn actual work out gear. She is always talking about staying true to the character but this whole is nothing like the character at all.

No. 441293

Are you implying Calvin Klein would pay mariah to wear their shit? Lmaooo

No. 441294

File: 1506633510507.jpeg (148.65 KB, 931x1400, 35BA6411-6B1D-4702-9EF9-1CA5C6…)

Remember when everyone used to rag on pixyteri so hard for being fat?

Mooriah is fatter than PT ever was.

No. 441295

File: 1506633605420.jpg (99.36 KB, 1365x1365, DK1IbWyVwAUMxkS.jpg large.jpg)

No. 441296

I really really hope conspiracy theory anons are right and she's constantly high or drunk or something. That's the only thing that can explain why she seems to want us to think that she owns, at most, one pair of underwear and two bras.

How does this underwear fit this character at all? Does Chun Li love Calvin Klein in Moo's headcanon? I don't play Street Fighter but does Chun Li even live in a time or country where she could havve access to Calvin Klein underwear? MOO JUST BUY SOME UNDERWEAR YOU PROBABLY HAVE AN AWFUL YEAST INFECTION BECAUSE YOU NEVER CHANGE THAT SHIT.

No. 441300

it had more to do with that PT wanted to be a 'kawaii idol'/'cute japanese girl' I think

No. 441301

Can you please stop. You've said this exact thing more than once.

No. 441303

PT looks downright cute compared to Mooriah. But let's be honest. PT's looks were not why people ragged on her. There are tons of ugly fat cosplayers in the world. Most of them are ignored because they don't vehemently claim to be half Japanese despite being white and want to be cosplay superstars despite putting in little effort and just looking sub par at best.

No. 441304

"I'll never lewd Chun Li my dudes I respect her too much!"

Open crotch shot. C'mon….

No. 441307


Note for the future: Just know that whenever Moomoo says she won't "lewd" a character, she is immediately lying. Telling her not to do it is almost like daring her to.

No. 441310

This is the first time I’ve posted about PT in Momokun’s thread. I don’t know who you have me confused with.

No. 441311

File: 1506635470997.gif (70.26 KB, 342x413, LR1Xg4d.gif)

It would look like this if not for photoshop blurring to try and hide it. Just unhealthy, ugly and awful

No. 441315


Can her eyes do anything besides looking like she's on something? She has the most expressionless faces. You can tell she actively tries to make her cheeks look thinner by having her mouth open in every damn picture she takes.

Sage because she's a dumb cunt

No. 441318

Why does she look like she just got diarrhea gurgles and probably made a beeline for the toilet after this photo was taken?

No. 441322

oh god im crying w laughter at these

what lies below? airbrushed vagina?

No. 441325

Yeah because we all know how hard she tries to be expressive and 'in character' for her cosplay-lol. All she's trying to do is not look completely ghoulish, really. Hard to do because her smile isn't pretty

No. 441345

Ill nab this set asap you guys once it releases

No. 441347


What are these expressions?! Why is her underwear being swallowed by her butt? Buy a thong? How do men get off on this? Ugh. It's not even her size that is repulsive…it's those "expressions" she has are just…cringe. I am embarrassed for her.

No. 441360

I wonder how she can even lift her leg with her weight and lack of exercise

No. 441361

File: 1506641089119.png (174.19 KB, 266x479, Chun-Li_(MvC2).png)

Chun Li was (originally) born in 1968. She's usually referred to as an interpol agent. sage for lore fag.

No. 441366

File: 1506642296526.jpeg (563.15 KB, 1242x1842, 2A93C8CA-F7C4-4697-B4AF-30CD67…)

lol ok jan, stay peachyyyyy

No. 441385

File: 1506646169328.png (238.55 KB, 1378x807, Capture _2017-09-28-17-49-06.p…)

No. 441387

File: 1506646449529.png (70.66 KB, 720x406, Screenshot_2017-09-28-17-51-58…)

If she didn't sperg about it when he posted it six hours ago she will now. Hey moomoo!

No. 441389

lol did onion just show his true face to her

No. 441390

he was literally sucking her ass today and now this. what even

No. 441393

I'm pretty sure she talks to and acknowledges her haters more than her actual fans at this point. She's one of those people who will never appreciate those that actually like her. All she cares about is that there are people who DON'T like her and she she has to change that cuz she can't handle the fact that she's not a perfect princess that everyone loves.

No. 441410

is onion right for once?

No. 441419

whoa, what the hell? where did this change in attitude come from?

No. 441421

File: 1506649861899.png (762.87 KB, 720x1039, Screenshot_2017-09-28-18-48-42…)

Why does she do this with her eyes

No. 441427

File: 1506650369276.png (600.62 KB, 720x838, Screenshot_2017-09-28-18-56-43…)

No. 441428

File: 1506650400266.png (166.77 KB, 720x918, Screenshot_2017-09-28-18-57-03…)

No. 441429

Weren't the buns made by the same person who made her dress?

No. 441431

No, Moo made them herself. They're hella fraying

No. 441434

File: 1506650808836.png (354.42 KB, 1025x334, Screenshot 2017-09-28 at 7.06.…)

Etsy was updated. Think she's going to do this again..

No. 441437

File: 1506651439870.png (192.99 KB, 336x455, momo kneebutt.png)


tfw you don't have a butt but your knees have em

No. 441441

I've always wondered this, given that a year ago when she was Chun Li at sabakon she managed to do some high kicks in some of her photos, and a recent video that of her (I think one of the calvin klein Chun Li vids) has her lazily kicking. She probably feels it's harder to photoshop herself if she's kicking, or maybe she's lost flexibility due to her weight gain compared to last year

No. 441442


She looks like a beached whale

No. 441448


few days ago onion tweeted that someone followed his account but wouldn't respond to his messages. perhaps mariah was the person that ignored onion's message and now he's buttmad. wouldn't be surprised either, considering it was clear from the start that mariah didn't like him much. he probably sent her a creep message or asking for a collab and she ignored it.

No. 441454

File: 1506654801946.png (699.7 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_2017-09-28-20-11-22…)

No. 441455

File: 1506654826975.png (735.23 KB, 720x1002, Screenshot_2017-09-28-20-11-37…)

No. 441456

it migrated south kek

No. 441458

Girl needs to get a bra that actually does her boobs some favors, they look so saggy… And kek "Mariah's putting in so much effort!!" like she's a helpless little kid.

No. 441461


It would probably be a really low pay. I did a few things for funi before and they don't pay, but do compensation instead with a DVD set

No. 441464


a very shittily recycled wig and a bra? ok

No. 441465

At this point, I feel like a Walmart bra would flatter her more than this ratty VS one

No. 441468

it's a super old post, like, way back into 2016. I was following GRRRL clothing back then and that post made me unfollow. you can find it in the IG "momokun" tag

No. 441470

i almost thought i had that same bra for a sec, but mine is like 4 years old and has leopard print on it so i think i'm safe.(Oh thank god, I was worried.)

No. 441471

File: 1506657092787.png (Spoiler Image,208.32 KB, 405x538, 20170928_224955.png)

Same strange edit or makeup from the mememe set in the cleavage. Left the gut because I'm sure there's something there too

No. 441473

Mememe vid was shot awhile back, momo is gross but not that gross. it's lighting or filter

No. 441479

I'm pretty sure she does the wide-eyed + slackjawed look because it eliminates any creation of eye bags, crow's feet, and smile lines. But she just ends up with crazy eyes.

I know from experience doing this lmao its better just to smile so you have a visible excuse for wrinkles at least in candids

No. 441485

File: 1506660274342.png (1.01 MB, 720x1147, Screenshot_2017-09-28-21-43-10…)

No. 441487

how the fuck are they going to ship things, let alone do commissions with the state pr is in, holy fucking shit shes so dumb

No. 441491


lmao holy shit mariah. Their shop was hit how're they supposed to send out shit???

No. 441492

When has she ever done that.

No. 441493

Normally these are the kind of pictures you throw out because the person's facial expression looks unnatural. What is she doing? You might as well look at the camera instead of staring off so strangely. Oh right have to pretend there is something to the "boudoir"/stranger pov cancer

No. 441494

Yo. Assblasted reporter. Patreon-Anon here. Youre welcome for the content. Thanks for the ban in return. Im seriously not gonna bother anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441496

She's currently livestreaming herself playing super smash brothers on instagram if anyone wants to go watch/record it (I'm not sure how interesting it will be, though)

No. 441500

She just ended it. They were ordering pizza or something and requested garlic Parmesan wings or something. I doubt this girl is losing weight and is still addicted to lipo

No. 441501


Depending on your eyes, opening them wide helps your eyes show up on camera. You either get the animu effect or, in moo's case, freaky effect if your eyes already open up big enough normally

No. 441502

File: 1506663435681.png (113.37 KB, 750x1299, IMG_5739.PNG)


They even tell people in their MOST RECENT POST THAY THEYRE SHUT DOWN………….

God she's so stupid!

She just posts shit like this to make herself look good when she's too lazy to actually give a shit and read the actual accounts posts!

No. 441503

You realize mods can ban you without your post getting reported right? They monitor these threads

No. 441504

Exactly, Moo's eyes are already big enough to begin stretch. Forcing them even wider + falsies + those superb unnatural-looking circle lenses + eye-enlarging makeup + eye bags + slackjaw pose just makes her look like some freaky mannequin. Genuinely I think she'd look better and more natural if she smiled once in a while when she posed, comfortably. I seriously think she looks cute in pictures where she smiles with her teeth and doesn't look like she's forcing it.

No. 441505

Big enough to begin with*, sage

But seriously why is it so hard for this girl to smile naturally. >>440721 and her Stocking and Mememe! she smiles in but it's so stiff and uncomfortable. Maybe it's just the face tape?

No. 441515

Sage your crying. Btw there are other people who can bring in the patreon goods, you are not special. Stop being such a Mariah.

No. 441516

What do you want, a fucking reward? You've been reminded of the rules. Milk providers don't get to break them. Bye.

Why doesn't she just offer people send them donations or something? She has to be on a cocktail of drugs to be this dumb.

No. 441518

They were ordering wings, and when they were debating on how many to get, Moo said "you can get the 18 count! treat yourself guys," implying that she was paying for all the food that everyone was going to be eating tonight.

No. 441534


And where are these so called donations? People who give her money are idiots. She doesn't use her patreon money as it's intended and she still can't send her rewards out. She is a phony.

No. 441536


Good riddance. Your superior attitude was getting boring. Also realize you arent the only one who can pledge to her patreon. So cya snowflake

No. 441537

That’s a goth club that happens on Sundays xD fulla tryhards.(xD)

No. 441543

I will attend if moo Is there so I can take kawaiiiiii fotos with her!

No. 441546

File: 1506670418007.png (191.07 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2017-09-29-00-30-42…)

No. 441562

Bitch. Fucking cunt shouldn't have any pets if she cares more about keeping her house nasty than the health of her pet. She spends that much money on way less important things. Can she just fall down a flight of stairs already with Onision.

No. 441563

wow, so did she tell the vet about all the dangerous solvents she's using inside the house? or did she spend 1K to conceal that fact.

No. 441567

File: 1506675217907.png (147.09 KB, 750x850, IMG_5742.PNG)

She's getting another animal too lmfao

Not even adopting. There are so many homeless animals right now because of the hurricane that she supposedly cared sooooo much about yet she's buying from a breeder…

No. 441569

Has enough money to buy a purebreed cat but has zero furniture and reuses the same wigs and underwear.

No. 441570

If she's complaining about vet bills now, she's going to be in for a rude awakening with a purebred

No. 441573

discord doesn't give the person who made the server a tag or anything, and I doubt she was so lazy that she didn't even make her own discord server

No. 441583

I'm guessing its a Siamese or a Ragdoll, which cost like $400 - $600 from a breeder. Angels who don't deserve to be emotionally neglected and left to huff paint fumes for the rest of their lives.

No. 441588

Breed don't matter, NO cats deserve to be subjected to moo.
saging, but lets not turn this thread into another cat welfare thread.

No. 441592

She lives in Las Vegas. There are probably hundreds of pure bred cats in the pound. But her dumb ass is buying from a breeder probably because those pound cats are icky and used. Just shows that she sees pets as accessories and not companions. Disgusting.

No. 441597

Not breed or any animal deserves to live under this bitch. She can’t even take care of herself why the fuck is she getting another animal???

Saging for PETA talk bullshit tier

No. 441609

wtf is a mod on her period? calm down.

(don't give a shit if I'm banned)

No. 441615

File: 1506696240236.png (279.99 KB, 494x494, 1492571025559.png)

This time of year shelters are brimming with kittens ready to be adopted. But no, gotta get those cats worth a couple grand because ~blue eyes~

No. 441616

new janitors that are probably powertripping since they have a ban button and can red text now

No. 441619

Did they use Meitu to enlarge her eyes? It looks awful

No. 441621

File: 1506697361045.jpg (45.66 KB, 342x342, 1506356715908.jpg)

Take your own advice, Moomoocunt.

No. 441623

seriously. i get patreanon but the xD (which was clearly cause it's a goff club) and the saged bra comment were pointless as fuck.

No. 441624

Patreon Anon legit deserved the ban. He was being an annoying shit with his refusal to sage his inane non-milk posts just cuz he can get us a slighty different angle on the same pics we've already seen.

No. 441625

File: 1506698391193.png (548.14 KB, 720x777, Screenshot_2017-09-29-08-18-35…)

What con is this

No. 441626

To be fair Moo over advertises her pics so its like getting the sets for free

No. 441627

File: 1506698800380.jpg (3.4 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7824.JPG)

No. 441628

Yeah, that's true, the others were out of line though.

No. 441629

this looks like some dumb local con.

No. 441631

That's so shitty for Vamp, here's Vamp and OMG momokun the nice fattie that inspires all nerds! Who wrote those descriptions? Someone obviously kissing ass

No. 441633

>Arabic cosplayer
sure, jan.

No. 441634


>"picked up a lot of knowledge in craftsmanship and marketing"

She barely makes her own cosplays. The only time she picks up craftsmanship is when she picks up the poor saps who are willing to help her (only for her to take credit).

Also, marketing???? What marketing? All she does is post "lewds". Heck I'm almost sure that her nudes that were "leaked" helped with a lot of her fame. She probably looks up to Kim Kardashian.

>"promotes body positivity as well as positivity"

Uhhhh no. She had lipo done which shows she doesn't even believe in her own body positivity bullshit. She even tried to hide it according to sources.

And what positivity? She starts drama with literally anyone with a non positive opinion of her and Jessica Nigri. Such a child.

No. 441635


I feel like the con is probably run by someone who knows them or is friends with them. I'm sure Moo kissed a lot of ass for this.

No. 441637


Farmhands have been making fun of "xD" for quite a long time now, it's just fairly rare. I thought that >>441470 was an amusing and clever way of saying "no one cares" though (as if you guys aren't always whining about blogposting anyways). I enjoy the input as long as its not overbearing or on every other post. Maybe think of it as a sign that they are invested in the community and it would suck as badly as 4chan if they didn't click with the dynamics of it.

Lmao god, you can tell that a lot of cosplayer guest profiles are written by themselves but ffs Momo you didn't have to make it so obnoxious, you're supposed to make it NOT look like you wrote it.

I can't help but wonder what she did to get them to include Vamp, I doubt con heads picked up on them being bffs and thought it would be cool to guest both. Dunno though.

No. 441640

I don't agree, the other random shit ITT that hasn't gotten banned def makes it seem like the janny is just being an idiot. Annoying jannies are worse than most of the shit they ban.

No. 441643

Looks like Vamp has higher billing. I'm sure Momo is thrilled with that.

No. 441645

this con is supposedly in "Winter 2017" but still has no official dates listed or schedule of events kek

No. 441651

Good riddance.

No. 441660

pretty sure this is the same con from last year that got cancelled? It was supposed to be held at some dave and busters (or something similar)

No. 441664

No list of vendors, broken urls, no panels listed, a shady at best "Store"… maybe this Con is perfect for her.

No. 441672

Hunniecon is a piece of shit con.
I'm pretty sure Nancy runs it in some way she honestly deserves her own thread.

No. 441678

seconding this, nancy is a dumb shit.

No. 441679


As if any REAL convention would invite Moomoo. Dollars to donuts this is probably some scam that's going to be shut down in a few weeks.

No. 441680

This place is going to shit, the mods are salty as fuck and why is there even a discord for an anonymous image board? Like lmao what a joke shut up.

No. 441687

This isn't a thread to complain about moderation, you can talk or ask about anything in /meta/.

No. 441695

maybe if you guys weren't so fucking stupid there'd be no complaints.

No. 441696

kinda wanna go if other posters are planning on going as well.

No. 441700

Final post regarding this subject:
The user in question has repeatedly broken site rules despite being reminded of them and evaded multiple temp bans because they think they deserve special treatment for bringing Patreon content, then came back with unsaged whining ITT over and over. The rules apply to everyone.
If you want asspats, go to PULL.

No. 441705

Did they mean ARABIAN

No. 441709

for the last time you stupid retard, the patreon idiot is not the "user in question" it's the other users that your pmsing ass banned because you're a cunt.

No. 441710

obviously you don't fucking know how to read, no wonder you'll ban random shit.

No. 441718

>special anything, anywhere, ever

Loving every laugh.

No. 441731

There is some confusion, all three bans were from separate mods. I think you must misunderstand that there is a lot more bans than what you guys see publicly. I can't say for all the mods why which one was banned for what reason, if you want to ask please stop posting about it in here and go to the complaint thread in /meta/ so admin or other mods can clear it up.

No need for the double post/samefag btw.

No. 441742

File: 1506716809002.jpeg (52.44 KB, 500x386, 5A9E0995-4D4A-4362-A414-5A1C4B…)

no boys allowed

No. 441773

why do you think that anon's a boy? sounds like the crazy bitch that comes in every once in a while.

No. 441785

I'm pretty sure they were referring to the patreon anon as the boy.

No. 441789

File: 1506722753159.jpg (500.76 KB, 2896x2896, 20170929_165812.jpg)

Looked like someone tried calling it as a fake but…

No. 441790

File: 1506722780486.jpg (492.57 KB, 2896x2896, 20170929_170029.jpg)

She's just a dumb cow

No. 441824

File: 1506726351744.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2742.PNG)

She recorded this WHILE DRIVING. I would hate to ever be on the road at the same time as her Jesus Christ.

No. 441828

Can these photos not be sent off to law enforcement or something? this is beyond reckless and dangerous to anyone on the road. fuck this cow.

No. 441832

shes probably going to where these until halloween

No. 441839

File: 1506727560033.jpg (17.16 KB, 360x277, monsternails.jpg)

No. 441840

It angers me how fat and unhealthy she is, yet she is trying to do a 'work out chun-li' look. Nasty.

No. 441845

>vamp, 2 lines
>moo, whole fucking biop

No. 441846

That doesnt look to me like they were calling it out as fake?

No. 441850

File: 1506728717399.jpeg (408.27 KB, 982x2048, the box.jpeg)

This scale cost about $150, not including any shipping fees. No bootlegs exist.

>being too fucking stupid to look at the box


No. 441858

god these are shit. fucking they make clear black polish now, get u a good tech moo. you'd think she'd have enough to have an in-home tech.

No. 441861

i don't think so, moo is just too stupid to figure out she literally just has to rotate her clockwise slightly and then base will be fine, plus this fig looks legit(just the clear pieces tip me off)

No. 441863

can we fucking stop with the mfc fig check shit? it's impossible to know what bootlegs exist of what.

No. 441866

File: 1506729839028.png (782.02 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot_2017-09-29-17-01-36…)

This set makes her look like she realized the stove was left on

No. 441867


Her body looks like Grimace from Mcdonalds. It's so obvious she doesn't work out since her "work out" set has her looking uncomfortable and unenergetic.

No. 441873

I wonder if Martin dislikes Mariah… I follow his instagram and he had uploaded multiple pictures with Stella from that day and uploaded a video with antares in it for his story, but nothing with Momo. Didn't know she was involved until I checked this thread!

No. 441889


It would not surprise me since him and Simon (Nomisphotos) were actually good friends. He's probably trying to keep his distance with her and use her for the publicity and possibly money (if she's paying him). Maybe he's afraid she'll drag his name through the mud too if he does anything. Or it could be just because she's not marketable like the other two are since they are actually attractive.

No. 441911

I like how she's so stupid that she thinks that because people told her to credit others that she now has to credit HERSELF in every post for everything she's done individually. Might as well credit Calvin Klein and whatever overpriced sneaker company she got the shoes from too.

No. 441915

why would chun li wear calvin klein underwear

No. 441929

Aren't most of these blurbs self written? I remember another instance where there was a little blurb about her somewhere and it was really cringy and people found out they were just sent in by the cosplayer themselves.

No. 441931

Don't try to lick vensy's ass moo, she doesn't care.

Jesus the disgust for people who buy from breeders make me wanna die. Also as >>441570 said, purebreds are waaay more prone to sickness so yeah, way to go moo.

No. 441932

I just don't understand why she'd do a "strong workout set" in the same ratty pair of underwear she's been wearing this last year.

Put on some compression booty shorts (DID YOU ALREADY FORGET ABOUT YOUR SPONSERSHIP WITH GRRL?) and a sports bra. Bam, workout gear with some sex appeal. You're welcome Mariah, now please pay me since I clearly do more work than you do.

No. 441941

Shaved a good part of the right side or her nose in photoshop.

No. 441949

File: 1506738222419.png (880.52 KB, 1080x1558, 20170929_210425.png)

Saw this on fb today:)

No. 441950

File: 1506738379707.png (507.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2743.PNG)

No. 441951

File: 1506738696521.png (681.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2744.PNG)

No. 441953

File: 1506739163660.png (97.04 KB, 203x275, 1498699702589.png)

>that Cow girl hentai cosplay in progress

No. 441955

She wants to prove to everyone here that she doesn't care about the haturzzzz and we totally don't get to her!!!!!

No. 441957

Except she's wearing cover up…so she is actually wearing make up. Horrifying regardless.

No. 441965

Why does her wig head look like her? That's so fucking creepy

No. 441970

….? I don't see the resemblance

No. 441985

to me it looks like the way she wishes she looked like/her shooped face. might be just gestalt I guess

No. 441992

File: 1506745034022.png (127.51 KB, 720x487, Screenshot_2017-09-29-21-14-44…)

Back on the horse

No. 441993

File: 1506745080231.png (189.57 KB, 720x608, Screenshot_2017-09-29-21-14-14…)

No. 441999

>i'm so sad i'm so busy that i cant go to my grandfather's funeral

a week later
>ok but maybe i'll fly across the planet to watch an anime

No. 442002

File: 1506746243490.png (18.32 KB, 394x151, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 9.36.…)


No. 442003


No. 442004

"Steamy Cosplay & Games" on FB posted her Me Me Me video if anyone hasnt seen it and cant find a link. Profile pic is some male misty cosplayer. I cant figure out how to link bc the facebook app is shit.

No. 442005

That's probably code for "I'm blocking you" now.

No. 442007

Thats the normal one she posted, not the Patreon length one.

No. 442008

No. 442010

I've watched this 3 times now and it never stops surprising me how crusty she looks in this video.
What is hydration

No. 442012

Karma is only just a matter of time.

No. 442013


martin has a "tiny asian girl" or one popular enough to ride the coattails of type. if moo drags him, oh well no loss. he's ready to have his own thread too

No. 442014

Please don't come to my country.. We have enough costhots

No. 442016

God, remembering that her and tenleid interact lol. Who do you think is the bigger leech?

>Literally says "I would never lewd Chun"
>admitting that's exactly what she's doing, for money

At least she's being honest with herself, finally, I guess.

No. 442021

>says her in her underwear and trinkets isn't cosplay
>does exactly that and sells it as cosplay

wat did she mean by this

No. 442024

I remember when everyone mistook Sierra/ThornChan for Mariah when she was spotted at Sabakon in this cosplay
Is that why she still wants to do this cosplay? Cause her and sierra aren't friends now she has to show her up?

No. 442026

Bitch is neither…

No. 442035

did she…..repost this tweet when the original author has a twitter profile she could've just retweeted it from…

No. 442036


>claims she worn lewd the character

>says the work out set isn't lewds
>calls it lewds when someone says it isn't cosplay.

Fucking pick a side and stick to it.

No. 442039

….what the fuck

she'd probably just backpedal and say she saw it somewhere with no credit given, but still not give credit

No. 442042

>>441949 Someone posted her photo of this in her reddit and she's being torn

No. 442051

File: 1506763997378.png (1.33 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-09-30-02-31-38…)

No. 442053

>I'm a fan yes, not a fanboy. I'm no white knight, nor am I an alternative account. You think yourself being clever and acting like I'm some sort of mindless puppet or something. I'm not, I'm merely stating my piece on this, just because you may like to live thinking it's ok to just insult others and make blanket statements about someone being ugly doesn't mean others do, I prefer to not live as an asshole. I merely stated that if you don't find her attractive fine, but don't go stating it like it's fact and telling others who disagree they're wrong. I agree that the pic is bad and unflattering, I do not agree that she is always ugly. You sir can take your pointless comment elsewhere

No. 442059

File: 1506767025036.png (322.9 KB, 540x842, Screenshot_2017-09-30-05-21-51…)

KKB replacement. Even shit flirting and holding hands less than 2 months ago.

No. 442060

File: 1506768616521.jpg (209.96 KB, 1920x1080, DK9GRWTXoAU3qof.jpg)

The Funi twitter apparently posted this. Did they also get emails from anons? I wonder if it's related.

No. 442061

No…its the Tate boxer dude that said anime sucks so weebs got buttmad

No. 442064


Wow I think it's a downgrade for her. He looks like an average white boy and his cosplays are nothing spectacular. She's probably sucking his dick because he does a lot of dragonball cosplay and I wouldn't be surprised if he's using her for publicity. I give it 2 months before she starts dragging his name through the mud.

No. 442071

I hope they know that Moo had her fans doxx a kid for making that harmless gun meme about her. I hope they know that she's harassed people out of the cosplay scene. This message from them means nothing as long as they continue to support assholes like Mariah.

No. 442080

he reminds me of the just fuck me up meme

No. 442094

A downgrade? Have you looked at her? Girl jackpots if even just an average white boy is willing to stick around her

No. 442097

File: 1506787202889.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1678, 20171001_015631.png)

No. 442098

File: 1506787288245.png (241.8 KB, 1080x1827, 20171001_015705.png)

the one thing shes good for. Being fap material for desperate men…even they are seeing through her facade on patreongirls

No. 442099

what hes saying is a bit of a contradiction tho lol
>love her body type
hard back rolls?

No. 442101

I guess they wanna fuck her, but hate her personality

No. 442103

The thing is, as much as I hate fat people and those who act like being unhealthy and slowly killing yourself is something to be worshipped and is somehow acceptable. I never hated Moo for being overweight. I began to hate her because of who she is on the inside, her actions, her lack of being responsible for her own mistakes and the degrading influence she is in the community. I dont think making fun of her weight is acceptable. You can find her size attractive idgaf. But justifying lying about your weight loss to your own followers who bought into it and you say you 'appreciate'them is not.

No. 442104

You know shits going downhill when even the majority of her subreddit is going against her. Any of the regular fans she used to have in there posting about how beautiful and awesome she is have all seemed to disappear and now it's mostly just creepy dudes going "wow I'd love to be her boyfriend" if it's not people calling her out for how awful she is.

No. 442106

As a fatty, I totally agree. I don't think there's anything ok with glorifying the way her body looks and saying "oh she's not fat, she's thicc and she's really healthy!!!" and seeing it as something anyone else should ever actually want to be. Obesity is not healthy. Period. If people are comfortable being obese or are too lazy to do anything about it, that's totally fine, but there's absolutely nothing ok with telling other people that it's healthy and everyone should look like that. Be fat if you want. If people are attracted to you and you're happy, good for you! But don't pretend that you're healthy and try to force other people into thinking you're attractive if they don't already think so. It's not society's problem, it's your own.

Sage for angry blog post.

No. 442107

internet trolls. are you awake anon?

No. 442113

This isn't on his Instagram as far as I can see and I can't seem to find it. I doubt she would've made him take it down since she liked it, though? I wonder what happened to it (or maybe I'm just stupid and it's still there)

No. 442116

It's still there

No. 442120

That's the thing. If she was just a fat, popular cosplayer, nobody would hate on her. She is just such an awful person that people like to pick on her weight because she tries to pretend to be all body positive, but it's really obvious that she's super insecure about her body. Also she claims her body is healthy and is basically promoting obesity as healthy to impressionable people, when it's pretty obvious from non-photoshopped pictures that her body is unhealthy.

Moo moo being fat is not the issue, as much as she likes to cry and pretend it is. Her being a horrible excuse for a human being is the problem, and her disgusting body is just the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

No. 442121

Was thinking the exact same thing anon

No. 442131

Yup. If Momo was just a regular fat girl that took care of herself (and maybe didn't gain weight to scary Tess levels), she would be beloved by the community. Even if she was a costhot, she probably would be overlooked with the occasional criticism of how bad her costumes are or her looks. Momo is an accumulation of letting her self get to gross overweight levels, having drug and alcohol problems, bad self care, no talent, not sexy, and disgusting attitude. She's just an overwhelming example of horrible. Being a nice person would reduce hate by 75%. Even with the lies, people would probably pity her. Moo fucked herself over by her sheer amount of jealousy and hate for those that give her the attention she wants. To be in /pt/ you need to be a perfect storm.

No. 442138


Nana is another "plus size" cosplayer and had a bigger following than Momo for a bit. Nana barely had any haters and as you can see she does not have any threads dedicated strictly towards her. Momo likes to blame her haters on her weight because it gives her a way to feel better about herself. Of course people who are famous within the community seem to like her but it's because a lot of them know if they start shit with her she would take it to the extreme. Plus she licks all of their asses like an obedient lap dog

No. 442143

Well it's midday and we haven't heard anything from either of them. Guess we can confirm that she has a new boy toy to help with POV shit pics.

No. 442145

Yup, back to that no crediting habit again

No. 442157

File: 1506802085789.png (234.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170930-130547.png)

Someone suggesteda Cortana suit guess Moo really wants to cosplay her even though she said she doesnt like Halo that much.

No. 442165

File: 1506804001590.jpg (856.72 KB, 1438x1940, Screenshot_20170930-223856.jpg)

holy shit

No. 442167

File: 1506804276540.png (3.66 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1720.PNG)

Oh god it's starting.

No. 442168

File: 1506804423537.png (3.2 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1724.PNG)

Her body is so disgusting. Like zoidberg feom Futurama. Her ab muscles just turned into pudding after the liposuction and creating rolls that are no where near normal. I hope MooMoo seriously gets in shape soon, because her body is just ridiculously unhealthy.

No. 442169

that face. those hambeasty arms. dear god

No. 442171

One of them is complex and has thoughts and feelings and cares about others. They have ambitions and hopes and dreams.

The other is Momokun.

No. 442172


Her sink is really damn messy in that story.

No. 442175

Wow I actually almost feel bad for her because you can tell she has absolutely ZERO respect for herself. Jesus Christ Mariah, why would you do this to yourself? No one is laughing with you, I promise. :(

No. 442176

Why would the anime hentai cow girl have a nasty ass weathered bell with chipped metal? (I'm gonna admit to being a loser and say that I have read this hentai before. She is a perfect being conjured by a guy's imaination. AKA she didn't go through fucking world war 3 so her Bell would be nice and shiny and NOT WEATHERED STOP NEEDLESSLY WEATHERING SHIT JUST CUZ YOU CAN'T PAINT GOOD)

No. 442178

But if she doesnt weather it (for no reason per usual) how are people going to know she is le cosplay savior craftsmenshipkun?everyone knows weathering = good cosplay

No. 442179

She literally could've just bought a REAL cow bell………..

No. 442180

The only way to save her body at this point is for her to actually get in shape. Cardio a few times a week isn't going to do anything for how much she's deformed herself.

No. 442181

I love how she's so much of a tryhard that she's cosplaying some random cow girl from a hentai no one knows about instead of throwing on headphones and being Sonico which EVERYONE knows and wears this EXACT outfit

No. 442182

They sell them at Joanns lmfao

No. 442184

it looks like a deformed lego piece

No. 442186

Stay with me here, but I /think/ she's actually trying to make it look shiny, nor weathered. She did the same thing when she repainted the neckpiece KBBQ made for her Beekeeper Mei. It's supposed to look like the sun hitting metal, you know, like it would be if she had bought an actual metal cowbell as opposed to making one. For whatever reason she had for doing that. She buys everything else.

No. 442188

It's sad that even with photoshop at their fingertips this is the best they could do.

It has to take a lot of work to make her look presentable.

No. 442189

after I posted my comment it dawned on me that she was probably trying to make it look shiny

No. 442191

File: 1506806233795.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2208, A6FE47AE-18AD-4356-B8EE-BAC5C4…)

No. 442192

File: 1506806267749.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2208, 24F53C2E-867B-419A-9862-2248B0…)

No. 442194

The paint's so splotchy. She's so lazy even on lazy cosplays

No. 442202

File: 1506807262319.png (1.24 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-30-14-32-14…)

No. 442204

File: 1506807449166.png (517.67 KB, 720x893, Screenshot_2017-09-30-14-36-21…)

I cant

No. 442205

wtf … well, at least its a new bra

No. 442207

File: 1506807953444.png (165.04 KB, 688x436, kanor sperging over moomoo.png)

No. 442208


open your eyes fuckboy, you're blinded by thirst. also

>implying Momokun has any honor

I lul

No. 442210


is that tupperware on his knees

No. 442211

File: 1506808325949.jpg (380.9 KB, 1113x1600, 1.jpg)

Here's the source.

No. 442212

File: 1506808362035.jpg (10.79 KB, 209x241, images.jpg)

No. 442220

File: 1506809586650.jpg (48.54 KB, 441x408, bih.jpg)


oh yeah, uncanny.

No. 442227

Just… It's not even that hard to BUY a REAL cowbell… why do this terrible paint job on some wooden piece of shit????

No. 442235


i seriously love how she has tried to pass off those rolls as abs. in reality they are areas where the fat has shifted and settled post-lipo. you're supposed to massage the fuck out of a lipo'd area post-op for several weeks or else you get THIS LUMPY MESS. my god, even after spending thousands on surgery she's still too lazy to maintain the upkeep. she is so fucking lazy and gross.

No. 442243

Girl…. have some self respect. I wonder how people can be alright with objectifying themselves this much. Her family must be so disappointed.

No. 442244

do you remember when she did all of those gym selfies and she had a small lump on her stomach? like a little ball

No. 442246

Anybody got these handy so I don't have to dig through 30 threads?

No. 442250

File: 1506813147734.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, 1F3E6893-20A8-4EAC-AA65-510439…)

I'm sorry, if you're posting videos of yourself rubbing your tits and pushing them together, what makes you better than any cam girl? Just be honest about who you are and what your content is.

No. 442256

File: 1506813649183.png (10.15 MB, 1242x2208, C8B0B8AE-57FF-45A4-9FD8-368537…)

I can't believe she posted this on twitter for everyone to see and couldn't be bothered to shop out her discolored, deodorant-speckled pits, smooth out her stomach and thighs, or her lipo scars. Maybe she's just trying to be honest with herself now lol. But god that caption

No. 442258

I will never drink milk again

No. 442263

Moomoo is finally cosplaying our mascot, bless her

No. 442282

is thicc the new fluffy? cause that was a term thrown around for awhile, doesnt seem so common anymore…

No. 442284

she can reuse it to be sonico at a later date, duh

No. 442286

lol dont worry moo, we are drowning in your milk, just not the kind you want

her eye makeup is ok here, i think

No. 442288

she cant even get the right underwear for THIS BASIC SHIT LMAO

No. 442291

I'm really really sorry to anyone with veiny breasts and I know it's natural for larger breasts, but that fucking huge vein on her boob is so gross. Maybe it's because we know she got a breast reduction when she was skinny, so most of that is not breast tissue, it's all fat, but something about it all just adds up to her boobs looking so disgusting.

Thicc is supposed to mean curvy. Like, someone who's a healthy weight but still has big hips and/or boobs. Insecure fat girls stole it and tried to make it about themselves, like Moo, but all its done is turned 'thicc' into a meme where you just call everyone fat that. Well, some people still use it to mean curvy (Like Moo's neckbeards), but it's mostly a joke now.

No. 442306

How can you possibly screw up such an easy cosplay? That cowbell is so hilariously bad for no reason. She could've just bought one - it's not like anybody would care. This is literally just done as fanservice and, somehow, she still halfasses it

No. 442308

Ug I was eating when I saw the cow pics. Just threw up a little

No. 442319

okay, after thinking I feel like I've figured out why she had to make this terrible bell. The whole suit was made by someone else already, when you take that away from this scantily clad cosplay there isn't really much left to make. I think she probably felt like she had to make the rest of the costume herself to even it out in some sorta "see I still made all THIS!" kinda way. If the bell was bought she literally would have only styled a wig, cut an armband, and made tiny ears for a headband.

No. 442328

File: 1506822596594.png (167.57 KB, 720x749, Screenshot_2017-09-30-18-42-18…)

No. 442329

File: 1506822646207.png (1.07 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-09-30-18-46-11…)

Nailed it.

No. 442330

i think this makes her even dumbier since it should look like metal. you mooriah, the golden ones, not yellow ones, those don't exist

No. 442336

so wait, if this set was made for her- not bought- then why the fuck isn't it source accurate? the cow girl is wearing boyshorts and a microkini top, not a standard bikini. she can't be this fucking stupid, my god. I don't even care about the source material itself, just the fact that she cannot be source accurate if her life depended on it.

Sage for autistic rage

No. 442337

It's literally the same cut as her Mei swimsuit except bikini bottoms and the wrap top has thicker shoulder bands. Her bottoms look loose…maybe she thought she could cut them up?

No. 442338

oh i wanna kill myself
what is this gonna be like

No. 442339

your photo is showing anon

also wtf are those lines at the center of her bikini?

No. 442342

moo probably knows her tits won't have any shape in a micro bikini, she's got gross floppy pork chop shaped tits.

No. 442343

stray wig hair.

No. 442345

does she not know metallic paint exists??

No. 442346

Punished Props made a great tutorial on painting metallic textures with acrylic on foam. It takes time and layering, which Mariah has time for neither and wants a quick fix.

No. 442358

looks like she has fungus growing under her thumb nail acrylic

No. 442365


Sage for nit picking but she also forwent the tag on the character's left ear. I mean it'd only tag a piece of craft foam hot glued. But still, it's such a simplistic design how do you cut that many corners??

No. 442366

nah it just looks like her natural nails. they look weird and jagged like they pulled away from the acrylic/gel and broke or something.

No. 442367

oh is this one of those things where we get really mad and grossed out and it fuels our wank?(learn 2 sage)

No. 442370

File: 1506829265973.png (107.76 KB, 750x906, IMG_7839.PNG)

I see moo paid cogconnected for a second article.

No. 442371

> Millad

No. 442376

as if this wasn't vomit inducing enough already

No. 442378

Honestly, nails are my biggest trigger and I cannot bear to look at Mariah's, you pointing out her natural nails under the acrylic made shivers go down my spine and audibly go "AAAAAH".

What the fuck, how can she live with that shit?

No. 442379

"Her Cosplay is 100% Hot"

Totally how humans speak.

No. 442381

I think we're about to see her porno debut folks.

No. 442382

fucking dying

No. 442387

File: 1506832429778.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1400, Screenshot_2017-09-30-21-32-07…)

Nice diet Mariah.

No. 442396

they bother me too and probably bother anyone else who does their nails. idk man, she needs to go to a better salon or something, they should file that shit when it gets like that hopefully they're not using bad product, but in any case, she needs to get new sets if they're pulling like that.

No. 442397


when will we stop calling these sex workers cosplay. lewd is not cosplay.

No. 442399

File: 1506836036436.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2292, Screenshot_20170930-223058.png)

No. 442400

God he looks so old and creepy.
She sure found her new POV boi star pretty quickly after KBBQ tapped out.

No. 442401

Serious Norman Bates vibes

No. 442402

Charlie Castle is a mortgage banker on his Facebook. He has castlecosplay89 as his Facebook business profile. If 89 is his birth year then he's 28

No. 442405

she literally just got these stupid nails done

No. 442407

I'm an idiot, thanks anon and jani. Luckily I'm a nobody haha.

I noticed that too and thought it might just be laziness but like other anons pointed out, I wouldn't be surprised if she was just planning on reusing this for Sonico in the future?

No. 442410

File: 1506838023021.png (1.16 MB, 720x1174, Screenshot_2017-09-30-23-03-40…)

Date night wears: her crusty Nike sportsbra

No. 442411

File: 1506838052942.png (1.23 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-09-30-23-04-10…)

No. 442413

mish mash couple
his nose is so bent it hurts

No. 442414

So has the need for ASIAN fuckbois subsided then?

No. 442415

she couldn't find any

No. 442420

if he is mortgage banker shes in it for $$$$

No. 442424

That dry cake face foundation; looking like Ashy Larry.

No. 442426

I wouldn't doubt it, but he probably tolerates a lot of shit from Momo's end just for the status of dating someone internet popular if he couldn't get someone better looking.
If he settled for a bipolar fatty he's probably weird as shit. For no other prettier girl to put up with that for at least the dough throws up some flags.
I give it two months before she puts red X's over his face in their photos she posts.

No. 442427

what is this and how is he rich for it? i mean i live in another country so maybe it's different i don't know

sage for being dumb

No. 442428


he's prob not earning baby dollars for it if hes 28

>A company, individual or institution that originates mortgages. Mortgage bankers use their own funds, or funds borrowed from a warehouse lender, to fund mortgages. After a mortgage is originated, a mortgage banker might retain the mortgage in portfolio, or they might sell the mortgage to an investor.

No. 442430

You'd think he could afford rhinoplasty with that $$$

No. 442431

Anybody that goes for Moo has red flags tbh

No. 442433

File: 1506842061689.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171001-000844.png)

No. 442437

File: 1506843186315.jpg (472.74 KB, 2896x2896, 20171001_022143.jpg)

Even for a hentai she can't stay (or even be) in character, the cow girl is a shy type yet there she goes groping herself, licking her lips, making "o" faces, etc grossly flirting with the camera. She also made a point to show that she didn't have pubes showing this time too, camel toe with cow print something I never thought I'd see

No. 442438

Her horns are too big, missing ear tag,the collar is all black, shape of top, shape of bottom and wig styling plus makeup as always. Why go simple if she can't even get that right? Anyone know if she has a tail that's also inaccurate?

No. 442440

File: 1506843869470.png (1.19 MB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2017-10-01-00-39-44…)

No. 442450

She bought everything else, she needed to have something to say that she made: "wig styled by me, bell made ALL BY ME!!", something like that…

No. 442452

her hair is W R E C K E D

No. 442454

poor deku doesn't deserve this shit

she should have mineta. sexual harassment and completely useless

No. 442455

File: 1506846109488.png (203.51 KB, 460x767, YHtBjBS3AKbaSta9ftg4dkYucUEazf…)

eloquently put

No. 442456


a lot of cows sure do collide with moo

No. 442457

Is that header + intro even written by a human? It actually sounds like they fed her name and context to a markov chain program that printed out some generic blurb.

This, she always has to be as trashy and slutty as possible while picking the most unfitting characters. There are plenty of provocative characters around, why can't she pick those for a change? Now she's being blatantly obvious about how she doesn't care for the source material and only uses characters to milk neckbeard dick bucks. And because she has zero sense of subtlety or eroticism she has to go for that deplorable "teehee rubbing my tits and licking my lips ahegao open mouth dripping with cum so sexy!!!" style every fucking time.

No. 442485

File: 1506855822199.jpg (202.12 KB, 506x688, cow.jpg)

Accurate text bubbles though

No. 442487

Man the character doesn’t fit her at all, every character she chooses has a way thinner body than her
Sidenote: she eats her green stuff but momoo just eats massive amounts of fat and sugar lol

sage for stupid comment

No. 442490

File: 1506857764252.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.17 KB, 583x326, ohgodwhy.jpg)

…I have concerns.

1. Is this just my eyes being old and not understanding what the fuck is happening in this area? It looks weird.

2. I know it's hard to see, but it looks like her labia is hanging out a bit. And in other pictures of this, you can clearly see pube stubble.

Maybe it's just me.

No. 442493


If I had no idea who this is I would say that this is the body of a mother that gave birth to at least 3 children and is around 40 years old damn

No. 442496

In the 1 area, the lip of the bikini is lifting away from her body, so we see the inside of the bikini a little bit. Then, we see where it touches her body again and that causes that weird shadow. I don't think it's caused by photoshop, just Moo being too stupid and lazy to get a costume that actually fits.

2. I don't want to think about that enough to answer

I just realized that that is a generic wooden cow bell that she bought and sloppily painted over. It just looks so shitty and homemade becausae of her painting. She ruins literally everything she touches, including herself.

No. 442503

File: 1506862782535.png (248.02 KB, 580x598, lol.PNG)


No. 442507

Definitely looks like a cuck

No. 442510

File: 1506866680864.jpg (154.46 KB, 666x1288, u1leX7P.jpg)

No. 442511

funny thing is despite moo being a fat fuck, her 'workout lines' were her 'moles', PT is almost lucky she didn't have any friends to force her into reality like moo does.

No. 442513

>looks like if Marisa Tomei had an uglier, fatter sister
The funny thing is that Marisa Tomei is almost 53 and looks younger than Mariah…

I'm hyped. This is going to be hilarious

No. 442515


i hate when people do these limp-wristed fighting poses. take a couple minutes to research and at least attempt proper form.

No. 442519

>>442490 Jesus christ talk about nitpick compared to literally anything else about her

No. 442524

File: 1506871613953.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2096, Screenshot_20171001-082058.png)

LMAO I wonder how that guys girlfriend feels about him doing porn with moo.. that second picture of her kissing his cheek was only 6 days ago. Almost feel bad for the guy, maybe he didn't know what he was getting in to? But also it was hilarious to see moo taking so many selfies when he's got a drink or something in hand, she prob paid for everything to try to make herself look better but it just made it look like he was using her for the free drinks and free trip lol

No. 442525

File: 1506871758878.jpg (367.25 KB, 2048x1536, Breast reduction.jpg)

Saged for potenial newfag but has she ever mentioned a breast reduction before?

No. 442526

Wait, new fuckboi has a girlfriend…?
I'm expecting good milk

No. 442527

Yes, it's old news.

No. 442528

…..he has a girlfriend? What the fuck???

No. 442530

I'm sure she just loves seeing him and moo partying together. Wasn't there an Instagram post of him saying he and moo were practically married, too? I'm gonna give it two months tops before it all blows up.

No. 442531

they have a dog together! that scumbag

No. 442536


Another fuckboii fail from Moo. I guess we can expect vague posts about him from her and possibly a video of her dragging him through the mud now. His girlfriend is a million times better than Moo too. If I was a guy I would choose her over Moo any day. I guess he just really wanted the fame or something.

No. 442538

File: 1506873697168.png (332.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171001-085945.png)

No. 442539

File: 1506873722773.png (328.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171001-085954.png)

No. 442540

File: 1506873773713.png (992.45 KB, 1004x857, Da6pack.PNG)

Don't you remember when she tried to cleary pass her flacid skin (and weird fat rolls) just after the lipo she had for a six pack and also lying about hitting hard the gym? That's a lot worse than the working out lines thing. At least PT was really working out (even though she was delusional about her body progress and actual body type).

No. 442543

Or he's just the typical guy who fucks anything easy enough. It's not uncommon for guys to cheat on totally decent girls for fat swamp hags as long as they're easy… And just look at Moo. lol. Not only is she just handing it out she seems to pay for everything. Pathetic.

No. 442544

Tinfoil here but: Fuccboi is using Moo for cash and his girlfriend is aware of this already and lols every time they post a photo together because she knows the truth.

Sage for obvious tinfoil.

No. 442546

This would be hilarious. Imagine fuckboi and girlfriend planning everything ahead, he plays Moomoo for fame and cash and she gets half of the cash her bf makes by playing Moo. And in the evening, after a long day of listening to Mariah's ramblings and valley girl voice, he comes back home and tells gf how his day was and they laugh together at the cow.
Sage for impossible dream

No. 442550


>"I wasn't hiding my lipo" -Momokun in Q&A video

It's so sad that she was proud of herself for getting the surgery that she would show it off like this. It's so fucked up to people who see her as champion of body positivity. She is a grade A scumbag and I hope people keep calling her out for this shit. Her video wasn't even an apology. It was just a way for her to cover up the fact that she was purposely trying to deceive people.

No. 442554

Exactly. Not talking about something is not lie, everyone choose what to share with people… But she did lie about the lipo, about the gym, preached a false body positivity, and always try to make seem that all the hate she got (cause she deserve it) is because she is not thin…

Compare her to PT is not fair, Moomoo is beyond shitty…

No. 442559

File: 1506876881773.jpeg (232.4 KB, 750x1252, B4BC042C-BFE0-4028-8BD8-888184…)

Moomoo is defending herself in a /cgl/ thread to prove all us meanie haters wrong

No. 442561


She can't edit for shit. You can clearly see the doorway, the table, and the walls being warped. Nice try Moo

No. 442562

just sounds like a shitty troll tbh

No. 442564

She actually said that she "hated hiding it" and it was "so difficult" for her to hide it because she's "a very open and talkative person and likes to tell everyone everything".

A couple people called her out and asked WHY she had to hide it but of course she fucking ignored it.

No. 442571


Holy shit the hentai girls cosplay is simple as FUCK and even momo couldnt do it right. I swear this girl is retarded.

No. 442572

i'm middle eastern so usually i'm very forgiving towards body hair but…you'd think with the amount of money she makes, (especially the amount of money she spends on liposuction) she would care enough to get waxed or lasered.

No. 442573

Love how no one mentioned her eyebrows lol. Shit it running off the side of her face im laughing so hard

No. 442576

her face looks so old here that's it's almost sickening when you think about how she probably should look for her age

No. 442579

she had a really old face even before getting fat, with eye bags and all. we’ll never know what she would look like without.

also who the fuck wears circle lenses for a casual night out? tone down your weeb bullshit moo, it’s fucking cringe.

No. 442581

It's weird to me that they'd both be so public about everything if he was dating someone else? Unless this girl really just doesn't give a shit

No. 442586

No. 442589


Or she simply doesn't check social media often. Or maybe she knows and like an anon said she is okay with it because he is getting paid. All is speculation until we see confirmation. Hoping for more milk through this.

No. 442591

Isn't it also very bad for your eyes to wear circle lenses for more than 2 hours?

No. 442598


Not really. I think you can wear them for around 8 hours safely. I don't expect Moo to know about that and she probably wears them longer, but they'd be pretty useless for cosplay purposes if you could only use them for 2 hours.

No. 442602


No. 442608

Let's see how the gf is gonna react to the photos. Let's hope it won't be too risky.

No. 442618

File: 1506884010347.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7862.PNG)

Urge to vomit intensifies

No. 442627

if i was this dude’s gf there’s no way in hell i would let him record fap bait with mariah. she has no morals or boundaries and would probably be trying to get him to fuck her. at the very least, being extremely inappropriate instead of professional.

poor girl probably isn’t aware of moo’s penchant for sexual harassment though.

No. 442628

I worked for a mortgage banking company, and iirc it's a shady make it or break it business. Basically you make your money off of literally selling a person a refinance. The people that do it are shady as fuck because they don't discriminate who they fuck over, as long as they have money to pay for stupid expensive shit. Or he could very well just be an underwriter trying to sound like he's so important. Of course this is speculation, but the guys higher up in finance I know don't act like idiots like this.

No. 442641

Id dump him immediately tbh. I don't care if you're getting paid, moo is not professional in any sense of the word, and even if he is trying to be some kind of professional himself, you know moo will drag his ass through the mud when she can't get what she wants. Look at her showing him off already lol her MO is obvious.

No. 442643

File: 1506890519721.png (138.13 KB, 720x646, Screenshot_2017-10-01-13-39-42…)

I like how she probably found out about what the situation looks like and backpedals

No. 442647

To piggy back on anon's previous post:
>"don't drink bros just don't shop it I was showing friends around and took 20 shots lolollolol"

>said that she mad the set with Charlieand there was milk AND whipped cream involved making it SUPER LEWD MY DUDES

70 percent of it was her screeching and cuddling her cat while naked in bed?

No. 442656

Because she took pics in the tub and is known for copying Gabi I'm betting on a milk bath. Also what's with her fasisniation with whipped cream? Those lewd anime pics in her photobucket had a lot of them and we've seen her slut up Diane and wreck Lala with it already too

No. 442669

she got it when she was younger, apparently idk

No. 442670

No. 442672

>that toliet paper on the floor

lol wat

No. 442676

she is selling her body whether she wants to admit it or not
you would think with the money she supposedly makes she would put in more effort
but the bitch cant buy furniture or a new bra so you shouldnt be surprised

i still cant believe those pube shots tho. why would she ever release them

No. 442677

>milk part

had to get more use out of that cum lube

No. 442694

File: 1506901021027.jpg (1.26 MB, 4359x3109, kek.jpg)

No. 442696

You say this about the girl who literally does not understand what boundaries are. I'm expecting this to be one of the milkiest shitshows.

No. 442719

>"No one wants to sleep in my bed except my cats."


No. 442720

i just realized she shooped out her eyebags lmao

No. 442727

Momo's fans being neckbeards has backfired so hard with that ghoul picture. Neckbeards don't know what women look like with/without makeup, so they don't realize her face is covered in concealer. Hope that picture spreads around her fanbase and they all think she looks like that without makeup, lol.

Also, since everyone's talking about her new fuckboy. Is it bad that I'm excited to see the cringey shit she's gonna make now that she has a new photoshoot partner? Her stuff's been kinda tame and lame ever since she burned her bridges with KBBQ and didn't have anyone to smack her gross ass our touch her flabby udders for pictures anymore.

No. 442731

Is anyone gonna bet that someone is gonna be sending those lewd photos to charlies gf?

No. 442736

File: 1506907684424.png (729.25 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2017-10-01-18-26-01…)

No. 442737

File: 1506907748457.png (1.01 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-10-01-13-44-51…)

No. 442740

Why is she doing that stupid tongue shit in every photo now?

No. 442741

It's the fish lips of 2017

No. 442743

d u m p h i m

No. 442744

What is up with her arm? It looks like a fabric tube shoved with stuffing or something. All misshapen and at weird angles. Also, I thought Mariah was really short? Is this guy also really short?

Is she really trying to do this fake "bae caught me slipping" stuff? Her body looks like its melting into the mattress.

No. 442746

she even got all the extra dots that are like nipples (tho xavier is much better looking) good looking out anon

No. 442747

i hope someone confronts her

No. 442749

lol this pic is at the big ferris wheel (high roller at the linq), rides are like 30-40$ a person and even more if you pick the carriages that have an all you can drink bar in them. she definitely fronted at least 100 patreon dollars to get her new boytoy drunk.

that one evangelion i think? cosplay with the terrible short red jacket and the long black wig, she took those in the parking garage near downtown in a very bar-filled area so we know where she went after the pics were taken…

No. 442751

Even if they're "just friends", I'd be so uncomfortable with my boyfriend talking about a woman he was working with like that.

No. 442754

I was just thinking the same thing. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say maybe they were just like super friendly and that was how they expressed their friendship (idk I've seen people do stuff like that before and be totally comfortable about it) but this is absolutey NOT that. This is like HARDCORE flirting and it's incredibly blatant. It's actually disgusting. His girlfriend has to have seen this stuff by now. There's no way anyone would be ok with this type of flirting with another girl.

Unless they're in an open relationship like another anon pointed out above, but I feel like that's pretty rare and I kind of doubt that.

No. 442756

File: 1506910343560.gif (876.63 KB, 400x251, backrolls.gif)

who the fuck does she think shes fooling with the backrolls? she can suck in all she wants but the rest will betray her illusion

No. 442762

Knowing how unprofessional Moo is, I'm getting third hand embarrassment from the photos and vids she posted with him like they were dating. I feel really bad for his actual girlfriend. She can't be happy with knowing her bf went to VEGAS, did a hentai themed shoot and got shit-faced drunk with a thot.

No. 442766

you think she was trying to get him drunk so she could fuck him for a self esteem boost?

No. 442769

she's also ruining her fanbase with shit like >>442736 she's not supposed to be a person with a boyfriend and emotions. she's going for the gravure idol shit, so she needs to be a fake pure, accessible piece of ass.

No. 442776

File: 1506912310775.png (977.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7866.PNG)

Moo's acting manic / high again in her latest IG stories

No. 442777

I think this image speaks to charlie's gf and said: "He's mine bitch. He's so gonna fall for me! You can't beat this piece of THICCC ASS!"

No. 442780

Exactly. Come on. Everyone knows what she's doing lol

No. 442781

She thinks she stole a guy. That's what she's high on. Sad.

No. 442784

Makes sense. She does base her whole existence and self worth on male approval. (Don't forget she's independent and doesn't need bitch boys well except to take pictures with her and make her props and give her all of her income…)

No. 442788

he's colombian and looks pretty nativey so he could be like 5 ft, yeah. lookin at his other ig pics he has a tattoo of the same (?) nerd trident thing that moo got

No. 442795

you guys don't even have proof she is his gf jesus christ. stop reaching. because no, a face kiss doesn't prove anything.

No. 442801

did you even bother to look at the rest of the IG?

No. 442802

Her recent image where he kissed him on the cheek has a hashtag #boyfriend. So yeah they are in a relationship alright.

No. 442805

File: 1506914640515.png (141.8 KB, 404x536, Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 8.23.…)

I'm sure they're in a relationship

No. 442808

It's hidden on his Facebook profile

What a scumbag

No. 442809

>>442808 Man I always hated those guys.

No. 442810

Hey Momo, you know buying boyfriends isn't the best thing.

No. 442811

yes and i didn't see anything besides her kissing another guy but in april or something

woah i didn't see that, i'm going blind, thanks anon.

did go as far as going to her fb but thanks

sage for me being dumb

No. 442812


You'd think Moo would know by now since she lurks here. I'm also surprised that she hasn't seen his pics on his ig.

No. 442814

shes like that immature bitch in highschool that steals girls boyfriends then dumps him just for an ego boost but everything with moo is so complicated im shaking in my boots to see how this turns out.

No. 442815

what if there's another SNAKES!!! breakdown lol

then again, moo is an idiot and would probably rather think she "won" or some demented bullshit like that

No. 442817

Sooooo….someone is going to send her all those pics of them holding hands and stuff right??? I'm sure she's already seen them, but sending them to her directly might shed a little light on what's going on and maybe she can explain (or freak out).

No. 442818

The anticipation is killing me since we all know what happened with Sheena and that one dude in FanExpo London.

No. 442819

fuckboi confirmed

No. 442821

She just reuploaded her Higarashi set all with yandere quotes, idk if it's because yay Oct 1st Halloween or if it's related to this sancha speculation

No. 442824

what do you think? i bet she stalked this guy, found out he's got a girl and is power tripping like hell.

No. 442825

It still bothers me she isn't even wearing the proper color wig for this set, ugh. Higurashi was such a good show, such a shame a great character like Shion is being cosplayed by this wale of a thot.

No. 442826

Whale* sage for dumbass samefagging
Not so sure that would be such a good idea tbh

No. 442828

What are you thinking? Idk I personally wouldn't message her with the pics or anything, but if my boyfriend was doing shady shit like that and I didn't know about it somehow I would definitely want someone else to tell me about it. But I can also see why it might not be a great idea.

No. 442830

I just feel like she definitely has to know. If she's in on it, why would she tell us anything about it? She wouldn't want to piss off a cash cow like Momo. It might make her pissed at us for moving in on the money train. Although we don't know what's really going on so this is still just tinfoiling that her and her bf are using Momo for cash/fame. Why else associate with something like her? Ever?

No. 442831


I'm not so keen on this whole "teaming up and using Mariah for money" conspiracy. That is DEFINITELY reaching and tinfoiling to the highest extent. Looks like this Charlie guy is just an obnoxious and over-the-top cosplayer just like Momo is and they both probably sperg over Dragon Ball Z together like the 12 year old weeaboos they are. As awful as Moo is, there's no reason to believe that NO ONE would ever want to be her friend. Some people are into her whole shtick, unfortunately. She's also probably incredibly good at manipulating people around her into believing that she's "a really good person, dude" as well.

No. 442832

If it was me I would want to know tbh

No. 442833


Well whatever is going on, Momo doesn't have the girlfriend as a friend on FB but has the guy as a friend.

So either she doesn't know the girlfriend or doesn't like her is my guess because Momo adds everybody she meets/talks to

No. 442834


The only thing I'm thinking is that maybe he is like a dirtbag and changed his privacy settings and blocked his girlfriend from seeing any of those really flirty posts with all the hearts and shit he made about her specifically (idk if you can do that on instagram but i know you can do stuff like that on facebook so..). Obviously she has to know that he's in Vegas and is doing a photoshoot with her, but she might not know how flirty and touchy he's being with her, and he might be doing his best to hide it. It's probably even easier since the girlfriend and Moomoo aren't friends or following each other.

No. 442835

yeah I mean… How much money do you really think they would get out of her, if any at all? Not worth it. And there's no way the gf would be getting any of it lol I don't think this theory holds much water imo

No. 442836

Isn't Charlie already rich enough? I'm leaning more on that he's using her for the publicity and Moomoo on him for the cash

No. 442837

i agree, but the gfs fb looks pretty cringy too tbh.

No. 442838

File: 1506918054372.png (462.68 KB, 934x335, damnson.png)

Her comments have turned into just pure savagery. I love it. Everyone has turned on you, Momo. Where's your fanbase?

No. 442839

I'm not even sure where these people are getting this idea that she's a "huge cash cow". This bitch can't even afford to buy furniture for her house. What makes people think that she's just going to hand out money? Yeah, she might buy them tickets for something or like pay for their food and shit like that, but it's not like she's just going to write them a check.

And if Vamplette is anything to go off of, associating with Moo doesn't get you any sort of fame by association. The majority of her follower and fans only want to see a "thicc" girl in her underwear.

No. 442840

She deleted these…

No. 442842

There's a link to an archive for all IG stories for her, lemme just

No. 442843

File: 1506918309345.png (386.71 KB, 720x919, Screenshot_2017-10-01-21-22-11…)

No. 442844

I think it would be better if someone on this board happens to be friends with the gf tells her about this since it will throw things off balance if some stranger tells her that her bf is flirting with Momo and doing naughty photoshoots together.

No. 442845

yeah I thought the yandere shit had pretty suspicious timing too… Or is it because it's conveniently October, idk.
We know she is a stupid weeb with no respect for boundaries…

No. 442847


saged for off-topic lulling

>Rin's underwear is slipping off on the left page

>she's making a naughty face on the right page

No. 442852

totemo legit desu

No. 442853

It's the official manga. I don't know if Momo has claimed to read the VN, but if she thinks that's Rin in the image than she definitely hasn't.

No. 442856

in his defense, it might be set to friends only

No. 442859

at most i would drop a link being like, you know how your boyfriend is acting with a much younger woman, right?

and maybe the insta story anon mentioned from right after

No. 442860

File: 1506920723330.png (211.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2770.PNG)

Sorry for the covered words, I didn't want to take 2 screenshots cuz it all fit. Covered words are "anything", "I", and "you"

No. 442862

>masturbation merchant


im guessing she blocked them after her higher than thou reply

No. 442863

File: 1506920944039.png (125.94 KB, 750x825, IMG_2771.PNG)

No. 442864

File: 1506920971488.png (Spoiler Image,93.59 KB, 512x924, IMG_2772.PNG)

No. 442865

File: 1506921011007.png (896.97 KB, 845x738, aaaa.png)

Pic she posted on FB vs the one she just put on twitter. Why hide your arm pimple and beauty cam mark?

No. 442866

literally all her cosplays are cow cosplays, wtf she going on about

No. 442867

samfagging, but just noticed how photoshoped her right arm is underneath

No. 442868

this is so hilarious to me and i dont know why

is there something wrong with her hand too, or was she trying to even out the hearts

>that fat roll overhanging the ill fitting bra

No. 442870

please, i'm curious about what the hell is that

No. 442871

No. 442872

She was definitely trying to even out the hearts. I didn't even notice that she was using the hearts to cover the pimple/skin tag/scar from her breast reduction (someone said something about it on her fb pic) and the beautycam mark because the hearts just looked evenly and randomly placed until that anon did the side by side. This is hilarious

No. 442875

the way she keeps posting about how much she loved this shoot kinda … is a bit… ummm.

No. 442876

Shut up about him and his girlfriend and Moo power tripping over this dude for photoshoots.

No. 442878

File: 1506922118966.png (336.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2773.PNG)

If she spent even half the time she does responding to all the hate she gets on actually doing her JOB and mailing out prints she might not be six months behind on rewards. She responds five times as much to hate as she does to the people who genuinely like her.

No. 442879

why so triggered

No. 442880

Tbh thats really stupid thinking. I don't blame Moo for being like "wtf" about this spergy shit. Porn doesn't automatically make someone unable to find someone outside of the internet. Same with going to strip clubs, seeing gravure models in VS ads.. Things like that. Crinegy as hell. Im with Moo on this one.

No. 442882

I agree that what the other guy said was kinda stupid and didn't make much sense but she can't respond to ANYTHING without being incredibly condescending and telling people "wow one day you'll realize how silly you are my dude" and acting like she's so much better than everyone else.

No. 442883

Did you not see the post about her pausing those prints for the next several months?

No. 442884

you can still get your prints
>implying she'll even ship them
if you give her more money!

No. 442885

She's pausing her prints because "wah im an adult who didn't think through how much work these would be".

No. 442886

I did. The point still stands. She wouldn't have had to pause the prints if she didn't spend so much time dicking around on social media and responding to hate and instead utilized that time to work on her rewards.

No. 442887

Why should we? This shit is about to set sail.

No. 442888

it gets me every single time because the character doesn't even has a name or personality. why cosplay something like that? its literally from a manga with ONE CHAPTER and thats it

No. 442889

Because she's ~not like other grlz and so into hentai teehee silly boiz~

No. 442890

My guess is because she knows we call her MooMoo, she saw a cow girl in a hentai she was watching and was like "omfg. There's a cow. And she's in a bikini. This is perfect. I can do a bikini cosplay of a character that ACTUALLY wears a bikini AND I can show the haters that they don't bother me!!!"

No. 442892

She could have done super sonico which is the exact same outfit

But nope has to be from some random hentai to try and show how sexual she is to her fans and how she "likes more than mainstream anime"

It's just tryhard as fuck

No. 442894

she'll do sonico at a later date screencap this post

No. 442897

Nah I think she was too lazy even for that. Pretty sure she wanted to show up to all the 'haterz' how they don't affect her so she googles 'hentai' and 'cow' and she saw a girl wearing her kind of bikini/look and picks the first thing she finds.

No. 442903

Isn't there a shooting happening right now

No. 442906

that fucking armpit cleavage, jesus. reminds me of the high school lunchlady

No. 442908

should clarify you mean guns not cameras

No. 442910

My bad

Patreon vegas shooting donation shots when

No. 442912

Yea. At a country music festival on the strip

No. 442919

2 months after her hurricane donation shoots in sure

No. 442920


At the very least can't wait to see the "I'm safe my guys but i'm so sad this happened las Vegas is my HOME" post

No. 442924

wrong, she is going to cancel the hurricane donations and change them to vegas donations

No. 442926

She does flavor of the month with everything.
Games, anime, boys, tragedies that actually affect people

No. 442933

there is but she lives nowhere near it so unless she was there she's not in danger - it was only at one hotel, rest were red flags

t. worried vegas anon 2 blocks from strip

No. 442942

couldn't find that specific one but thanks anon

No. 442943

File: 1506930667574.png (174.51 KB, 1433x1173, Screenshot_20171002-003838.png)

Yes it's really scary and I hope any farmers out there are okay and safe. Momo is trying to get attention by reposting fake random bullshit she sees on Twitter it's disgusting.

No. 442944

File: 1506930671646.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-004647.png)

Moo is on Insta saying 80 dead and 200 injured because she had access to a police scanner and declaring it a terrorist attack. Nowhere in the news, granted every station had ascanner, is there THAT many casualties. She's being so extra.

No. 442946

She just rounded out her Insta by saying "There is so much info out right now, I dont know what to believe" as if saying if anything she says isn't right, its OTHER people's faults. Even though she's on a fucking police scanner like she says she is.,

No. 442947

File: 1506931138647.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-005616.png)

Backpeddled because she exaggerates everything

No. 442948

does she even know that for something to be name as mass shooting some criterias have to be met?

No. 442949

Way to spread false information during a terrifying event, moo. Stay classy.

No. 442951

For the record, the police are saying: 2 dead, 24 injured (12 critical)

Sage, just in Vegas watching this unfold

No. 442952

She just has to be on top of everything, rather than actually waiting for accurate information she insists on spreading bullshit so she can seem involved and caring.

No. 442953

Vegas anon here. So far it's been widely reported as 2 dead and at least 24 injured. People like MooMoo need to stop spreading this type of hysterical fear mongering bullshit.

No. 442954


god momo shut the fuck up. youre a disgusting pos. way to freak out and add to the mess that is false information. where the fuck did she even read 80 dead 200 injured????

this shit triggered me. she's usually a dumb cunt on the daily, but you'd think in situations like these she'd try her best not to be fucking ignorant

No. 442955

Also sorry this isn't related to the shooting but holy shit seeing her skin close up, you can really see how much makeup she has to wear or editing she has to do. Girl needs to get some sleep and drink some water.

No. 442957

File: 1506933375155.jpg (101.65 KB, 575x1024, DLHl7ofUIAAeOmc.jpg)

She got all her news from the Overtflow douche. Same dude was using the scanner she posted on her insta story and reporting wrong shit. Most recently with her she can't read because she thinks she can donate blood because Nevada is unregulated but the Red Cross doesn't accept from unregulated states. Bitch can't even read right

No. 442958

She went back and deleted her portions of the insta story that show cased the police scanner website she and he were using. Both were reporting what the cops were doing and endangering them. Spreading info without verification and supervision. This is how people get harmed more where they can't access real info that can help them because these attention whores flood media with white noise shit.

No. 442959

File: 1506934308873.jpeg (845.4 KB, 1242x1699, B052A6C6-A1D1-46C7-A72F-62C2C7…)

This is the weirdest shit. Guess she didn't take that post he made about liposuction personally.

No. 442961

But doesn’t she have a fucking tattoo?? Like is she regretting it now or what??
She’s dumb as shit thinking people are going to accept blood from unregulated state
Also smh girl just fucking follow news sites, so far the confirmed amount is 20 dead and 100 injured., like it’s not that hard to look at the top trending news on social media
Seriously I’m like really rolling my eyes at the anons who said moomoo wasn’t the type to milk a national tragedy to make herself seem like a saint
Look at the supposed hurricane donations that are gonna be useless because she’s waiting so long and people are dying
And now her random misinformation and wanting to donate blood
She’s fucking scum bruh
Sage for rant

No. 442963

File: 1506935088780.png (165.03 KB, 750x1112, IMG_5880.PNG)


Look at the replies, it looks like the person who sent her the info was just stupid

Though I guess she could have just looked at the post and saw Nevada on there herself

No. 442970

File: 1506936217521.jpg (937.47 KB, 1071x3303, Screenshot_20171002-021533.jpg)

She was just going on about the shooting but still has time to reply to haters.

No. 442972


Why is momo such a retard? jesus christ. Way to flaunt your numbers around hoe

No. 442974


sage for sorta ot. but its a hilarious though to think that momo solely exist to degrade herself and show her body to neck beards to make money. if she didn't show a tit no neck beard what care about her. what a sad existence

No. 442975

Moomoo your life skill is glorified cam hoe. There are thousands of girls like you online who make the same amount of cash you do

No. 442976

File: 1506936923261.png (170.18 KB, 827x1130, 1611ed2cb8313c8ad34eca6e33cd7b…)

this dumb bitch is never going to change. argues with someone over the net, but when she gets caught she tries her "uguu best of luck to you~". she truely is a cow and deserves her place in pt

No. 442978

File: 1506937123395.png (636.17 KB, 824x1424, 1679b081b74c441cc56be5ec172d02…)

a triggered moo. its been when even your fans have to tell you to not feed the trolls and remind you how you said youd change

No. 442983

I wish I had a spare twitter account to give her shit for there not being a single recent picture on that board her mom made

No. 442985

just noticed this lmao. yes moo your mom is so PROUD she used old cosplays pictures and NONE of your recent ones

No. 442986

Love that her mom uses the CK set shoot and just cuts out her face, oof, that's gotta be weird

But seriously if she had just not responded it would have completely blown over, but oh no she had to make sure to mention how much popular she was and now it's gonna come back to bite her and she'll have even more negative attention on her than she does now.

No. 442988

this obviously won't be so great as it would be if idubbbz did it but can't wait for the video

No. 442990

>someone who barely breaks 20k
Uh, she knows most of her attention isn't positive right?
I think most people would prefer positive attention to what she has.

No. 442991

File: 1506938898714.png (138.2 KB, 640x1136, C1B902C4-D896-4F50-8C60-0767CA…)

No. 442992

File: 1506938916275.png (135.52 KB, 640x1136, B0D9BDD2-01CC-44BA-B355-84FDE5…)

No. 442993

File: 1506938942960.png (140.82 KB, 640x1136, 75923332-284A-4B74-82E8-6ED843…)

No. 442994

File: 1506939078018.png (160.08 KB, 640x1136, A7234771-C935-4B68-AFB2-3B13C3…)

Ahhh so much “positivity”

No. 442999

The way she flaunts "oh i have more views on this than you" really shows how she bases all her self worth on her fame. I can't wait for it to dry up

No. 443002

File: 1506943078882.png (32.4 KB, 1192x248, charity level 2.png)

>inb4 charity prints for LV shooting victims

No. 443003

what even happened between them?

No. 443004

He called her a thot

No. 443005

please god let lowtiergod do a roast video omg

he’s a cow in his own right but it’d be hilarious

No. 443006

File: 1506943521995.png (427.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171002-042429.png)

No. 443008

File: 1506943825447.png (953.93 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171002-042904.png)

No. 443009

That reply, holy shit

No. 443012

what happened to 2 killed and 20 injured?

No. 443013

File: 1506945004089.png (374.26 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171002-044853.png)

Also offical count is indeed 50 dead, 200+ plus wounded, 24 in critical condition

No. 443014

i sorta feel bad for laughing good god

No. 443019

fierce as fuck.

No. 443027

>>443006 This is what drives me crazy about her. She is not sitting there crying, she doesn't have a normal sleep schedule anyways, so of course she's awake. She tries SO hard to have this 'relatable' personal and it's just gross. Wake up moo, no one follows you for how you feel or what makes you an actual person, they follow you for tits, ass, and the potential you'll get naked for them. No one on twitter actually cares about you as a person!

No. 443028

File: 1506948864157.png (77.44 KB, 720x400, Screenshot_2017-10-02-05-50-29…)

So dramatic. Go to a food drive or donate it off your own pockets you twat

No. 443031

>my next shoot is me wearing a cowgirl costume and playing with fake blood :) all proceeds will be donated to vegas hospitals

No. 443041

File: 1506950764458.png (67.05 KB, 632x649, rot in hell my dudes.png)

No. 443042

"And here's my patreon if you want the full set but if you want the donation prints don't go to patreon I need to make a seperate website for that and make up other vague and misleading details first"

No. 443044

File: 1506951025258.png (72.96 KB, 588x483, more tweets.png)

No. 443046

"Looook, I care for my family! I'm goooood!"

No. 443050

am i getting this right or she took HOURS to check on her family, on her DAD, but was active in twitter all this time?

No. 443053

To be fair, the news was reporting those figures for ages before the numbers confirmed to be higher.

Though Momo was also the one screaming about hundreds dead and injured before any official news was out.

No. 443057

Can't sleep because she had just woke up feels more accurate

I can't believe she was actually right, apparently??? Dunno how dude went from in custody to fucking dead tho gg cops

No. 443063

Show me a person on social media talking about this who isn't trying to virtue signal or who didn't talk about their family in the area in the same hysterical way. It isn't just Moo. Of all the dumb shit she does, that was the least unusual.

No. 443065

to be fair, according to her Twitter her dad was at work (security at Cesar's) so it might have taken awhile for him to get back to her, I'm sure all casino security was pretty high at that point since they weren't sure about the situation

No. 443070

>MY family is okay
Why does this sound so selfish?
She's talking about Las Vegas having to come together and makes it seem like she's so caring about everyone who was injured but the way this was worded makes it seem like she doesn't give a shit about anyone else like she previously did.
Sage for potential nitpicking

No. 443072

Oh she hasn't read the mangas, yes huge fan

No. 443073


Remember when she said before her break that she would start using twitter more professionally? Yeah…. so much for that.

Also Mooriah would try and justify her existence with the amount of views she gets. For one thing, she is the only one ho can see the view count on her stories. Another thing is you can't compare viewership between different platforms because different platforms have different algorithms. YouTube has shitty algorithm causing subscribers to not see when the people they sub to post videos. Instagram however will advertise stories of even people you don't follow on their search tab. Instagram stories do not even take engagement into account so if someone watches your story for a second it's still a view. So if Mooriah really feels all high and mighty she should compare her YouTube views to his because her YouTube views don't even break 20k.

No. 443074

Most people tend to selfishly care about their own families before they start giving a shit about randos.

No. 443076

>Mariah is 5'2
>This guy is as tall as her
>This guy is 5'2

The "teaming up and using Mariah for money" ""conspiracy"" was obviously ironic, anon

I love how she still measures people's worth by the money/views they make. She hasn't changed one single bit from that video.

No. 443078

File: 1506958428191.jpg (42.95 KB, 569x384, 8456.jpg)

this shit ended up on my timeline and jesus girls why do you have to show how much you donated? stop boasting

No. 443079

File: 1506958496700.png (258.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171002-083341.png)

Hugbox of unwavering support

No. 443085

If the area where your family lived was under attack, the first people you would be concerned about is your family too

No. 443086

I knew this fucking cow was going to try to make this about herself

No. 443087


Wait, she has the money to donate right away but wanted to do a whole charity shoot and possibly wait more than half a year to donate???? I wish I knew what was in that head of hers besides dick.

No. 443088

"Vegas needs help now you guys!"
Oh, you mean the people who were in the Hurricane but you decided they can wait until the middle of October? Also way to milk another tragic event for attention you sick cow.

No. 443091

File: 1506959558275.png (107.95 KB, 593x437, donation.png)

She's already off on another rant about people complaining about her "showing off". Will this lead to another crazy instastory rant? This would be the perfect opportunity to slam her with the hurricane relief claims she's been boasting about.

No. 443093

Again with WHY ARENT YOU PRAISING ME?? IM A -GOOD- PERSON GIVE ME ATTENTION!!!! Fuck off Moo. People who give a fuck post like one sincere tweet at most and don't disclose how much they donated. You're just an attention starved revolting pig.

No. 443094

At least she donated. Who cares if she made a post patting herself on the ass for it? Better $2000 to victims than the countless, useless "THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ;_____;" posts I'm seeing on my feed by people who want to show how virtuous and good they are by "thinking" about the bad event but doing fuck all like donating money or blood to actually help.

You guys are nitpicking this, bigly.

No. 443095

She needs to fucking chill WOW

No. 443096

you called it, instastory rant is happening now

No. 443097

>>443094 Not EVERYONE is in a position to donate or give money, but it's still nice to not look like a selfish asshole and show you at least care about the people who live there.

No. 443098

here are all the things she's donated to on gofundme:

she donates $2000 to this but can't even donate enough to actually help vamp reach her goal of $600 to fix her car that was broken into. great friend she is

No. 443100

File: 1506960276630.png (6.5 KB, 304x177, anon2000.PNG)

love this juxtaposition

No. 443101


People only cared to see receipts for your other donation because you scammed people out of their money by making donations confusing. You also claimed to be releasing your charity shoot on patreon too and split up donations by doing so. You also could not name a charity for weeks. So yes, people have the right to be paranoid about your charity donation. However, this is a different case. I'm sure no one would care so as long as it shows she donated.

All this shows is that she could have done this for her charity donation but didn't because she is lazy and was milking it for money.

No. 443102

Her own family lives there, of course she cares. When tragedy hits in your backyard the first thing you do is make sure your own family is in order before you start assessing the situation of strangers.
You're nitpicking because she's not being 'humble' enough when that doesn't fucking matter when $2k donated is still $2k to victims. It's more than what you or I will do and you know it.

No. 443103

File: 1506960426342.png (1.36 MB, 869x709, momo.png)

No. 443105

I agree that it was a good move to show how much she donated to prove she did.

It is her past actions that are biting her in the ass. She seems to brag or seek attention for every tragic thing that happens. First the "save the bees" donation that turned into a Hurricane relief that she hasn't even opened the sales for yet. Then using her grandfather on his death bed, and then eventually his death but choose to get drunk instead of going herself. Now she is donating to the 40 in vegas. I guess people are peeved because she could have donated to the Hurricane this whole time since she posted her Beekini Mei on her paetron.

Vamp has gotten into plenty of car accidents and before just had her daddy get her a new car. Maybe she should practice road safety, learn to maintain her car and the lot.