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No. 4791

Hi everyone,

here's the place to discuss everything around our recent decision to move Off-Topic discussion of Onision threads to a dedicated Tempcow thread to allow users to chat and nitpick without clogging up the main thread.

This has led to some user complaints about the main thread being too strict and mean-spirited towards users who bring new information. Obviously we will work on improving moderation to get the backseat modding under control, but I'd also like to give you a space to discuss what you think of the separation in the first place now that the changes have been in place for a while.

No. 4792

i think is ok but we need people summarizing when theres actual milk/ something important being discussed in tempcow. like green arrowing the key points.

also backseat modding should be insta-banned tbh.

No. 4793

To get the discussion going I would like to point out that one of the things that have been discussed in temp as a reason for many liking it more (in terms of vibe) isn't only backseat modding but the farmhand situation as well. From a personal standpoint I can't say I have an issue with you Admin, but your minions seem out of control. I've been a user for years now, and only met my first ban after you guys stepped up. Temp can get extremely out of control, and I understand that some people don't have time to sift through it all. After cross reading I was left with a sour taste though. The milk that originated on temp WAS posted for the main thread, but bitterness and aggro posting made it feel pointless. It almost seems like the main thread doesn't want the milk -which in turn was probably the reason some anons in temp started speculating about your staff, and who they might be.

No. 4794

Agreed, but someone needs to come to terms to just WHY milk is flowing into temp and not main. If the farmer was too scared to spill milk in the main thread or if the same problems start to occur in the temp thread the milk will cease to spill in both…

No. 4795

>also backseat modding should be insta-banned tbh.

I agree. There are too many people (and Greg's thread is the worst for this) telling other people what to do. Also too many people being a mean girl simply because they can. Shit like telling Vix she is ugly etc is why she and Erin updated in the Tempcow thread. I mean, this isn't rocket science.

No. 4796

thanks for creating this discussion space. as I posted over in the onision thread, I think allowing the separation to grow between the regular threads and tempcow as much as it has has been a mistake. Vixmas proved that.

I was in there live for the Vixmas event and the atmosphere and words were very much 'us vs them'. to me, we are all after the same goal, we are all farmers so it's a bummer this has happened. you can see this mentality in the recent comments that it's not on anyone to bring the milk across to the main threads: "not our problem".

to me, the occasional joke is not a problem, but rather what is likely a handful of spergs or even one or two who relentlessly post caps of Lainey or reeee over every bland word she says. like, fuck, it's basically doing Greg's bidding. the endless Lainey caps drove me mad and I reported them often.

same thing destroyed the Margo threads too, just Daphne sperging over and over by posting cringey caps and bitching about Margo's fat legs. btw, Daphne should be permabanned whenever she is detected, if that policy hasn't been enacted already. she's cancer to any discussion.

I personally think contained livestream threads are a good thing, because we don't all care about the mundane moments of Lainey's life. I also think moderation in the main thread is a good thing. but when a handful of users are being cringey and obsessive, can't they be dealt with as the actual problem? why is their freedom to post more important than the rest of ours? these spergs are the ones who should be run out of the threads, they are the ones who ruin it. it's not the posters as a whole imo.

anyway it's too late, now tempcow regulars see themselves as the cool kids and I can see their point, the main thread has become very restrictive in its tone. on the other hand, I don't want to read 1000 'tony' jokes to get to the milk either.

No. 4797

Vix was told she was ugly in tempcow though? I mean, it was kind of obviously from Greg's camp.

No. 4798

I have to say, I like the way image handling is doen in tempcow. I can take or leave the live posting but the navigation is nice too.

No. 4799

They are insinuating that “fat Becca” is throwing her weight around everytime a newfags forgets to sage or fart ffs. I loved going there for years.. I was banned for some insane thing, which was a mistake actually.

No. 4800

File: 1513472442175.png (337.44 KB, 773x847, vixscreen.png)

It was in the main. Then she got flamed for posting a selfie. Like I get it, she shouldn't have done that but bashing her in several posts for it is just gonna spoil the milk. A simple report would have been enough.

No. 4801

I don't post much, mostly just lurk but I hate tempcow because it drains my phone battery and I don't have access to a pc. Not all of the people who rely on the main thread are super hostile so if you guys would be careful to not withhold milk I'm sure I'm not the only one in a similar situation who would appreciate it.

No. 4802

I seriously doubt Vix was 'scared', or is scared now. She has a lot of drama and board experience. She's just part of the Tempcow crew (my guess) so she shared it with her crew.

Btw the obvious thing to note here is she exchanged text messages with him daily. There is SO much more milk to come.

No. 4803

Just a few hours ago someone posted the link to Erin's texts with Lainey from the temp into the main thread and some other anon immediately went "that's a boring pile of caps and not milk". You just can't win with some people.

No. 4804

Someone asked what she looked like, Hence the reason she posted it. Thus she spilt more screenshots in temp. I mean if that sort of stuff can’t be overlooked once in awhile then idk what can

No. 4805

Sorry I didn't mean it to sound like it didn't happen in the main as well. I should have acknowledged that it happened there too.

But I don't see why one person trolling or pushing their agenda has to translate into the whole thread being in the wrong? I mean, I never have no would I ever post shit like that. It's insanely frustrating for those of us who just want to get on with the business of dragging Greg to the ground.

Also I don;'t think Vix is that fragile. She has more board experience than many here. She can handle Becca or whoever this is.

No. 4806


Yeah, that is what I mean about people being mean just because they can. What exactly is the point of saying that other than to be a jerk?

Also, I don't know if Vix was "scared" or not, but if I were her, I would have been pretty put off and stop posting because of the hostility. Which is what she did and went to Temp. So it seems pretty counter-intuitive to insult people who are trying to provide a service.

No. 4807

It's the combination of what looks like multiple sourpuss anons and the farmhands that back them. People aren't saying vix was scared, the issue here is people possibly sitting on milk not wanting to risk it because it looks like main thread doesn't want it/ they will get flamed/banned for it.

No. 4808

I don’t think anyone likes sifting through temp, but even Erin said she came to dump her screen shots there due to not wanting to “deal with them over there” so honey way to get the milk to flow is to, idk, maybe they could enforce the rules with a little more “understanding” so to say? I’d much rather see an accidental self post from a milk leaker, than a stupid comment about how ugly they are. Think about it.

No. 4810

Exactly my point. Milk is being "withhold" because some anons are unnecessarily catty about everything.

And I said it before but some anons are blowing this way out of proportion, there is no tempcow conspiracy against the main thread, just some overly salty anons on both sides and the majority of farmers in between that don't have an issue with anything as long as the milk finds its way into the main thread still, which as far as I can tell has happened.

No. 4811

it's the dogpiling. look at what happened with macandcheese, and if you said something about it, suddenly you were an asslicker. i'm sure she had more caps but got scared away.

No. 4813

Oh and samefag but I agree with >>4793, I feel like the current admin cares a lot more about the site than the others before, but I am a long term user aswell and am not sure what is allowed to be posted at times anymore. And it seems to vary from thread to thread too. Some farmhands need to chill.

No. 4814

Agreed. I wish they would also mention the limit on reporting. I didn't think that I reported too often(A couple of times, every other day I think?) and didn't know that I did until I was banned for it. There's clearly a lot of miscommunication and lack of some between farmers and the staff.

No. 4815

For that it could have been a mistake, there is a couple users who at times report over 50 posts a day. You may have been mixed up with one of them. Bans are the only way for us to "message" farmers.
The ban you received won't effect you in the future.

Remember you can always try to appeal bans. To appeal the ban or reply to what is said in the reason.

(Just thought I'd explain this one)

No. 4816

i suggested another thread for tempcow to just be essentially a live shitposting for anons online that like to chat about cows in real time. i think it would contain the sperging on the OT onion thread.

i think the idea of posting caps of things happened in the past there or in the rare case of vixmas were someone involved wants to release info there to a more engaged audience or whatever it is happens, and should then be posted in pt/thread if relevant to current happenings/discussions

i have prob been guilty of not bothering to cross reference a cap that would be relevant but that's laziness on my part sometimes a angel anon summarises + i been stressed lol

No. 4817

I understand. I did appeal and the farmhand mentioned that it was a really rough day yesterday so I'm not bitter about it.

No. 4818

All the milk lately is purely because of temp. You couldnt get it in main.
Vix knew her info would derail main really hard, she took it to temp and yup, it made 3 threads.

The person who shared their Taylor texts was inspired by Vixmas
The screenrecorder on Taylor's private IG probably would only do it on temp. They asked if they should and 5+ anons expressed interest, then tons of thanks via reaction. Then posting about a good screengrab app. On main they would ask if they should and be met with "Do it if you want don't beg us for attention." They would've thought "ok, no one wants it," and fucked off.

People come forth with more info or volunteer to be the next Billie because they see sharing milk is cozy as fuck with the complainers gone. Main chased off Archiveanon and was horrible to Mac. Those people got away without bans too.

Milking cows will always work best with that /b/ style of troll board where people are free to be ridiculous and have fun. We're talking about a man honking a car horn with his diapered ass. Let the people shitpost, they've chosen what style they prefer while trust trying to laugh and relax after work. If you ever kill temp now i don't think you could ever have this amount of milk.

No. 4819

Firstly I want to say I love lolcow and have for a long time. Recently I've been using tempcow because i'm afraid of getting banned on the main thread or making people upset. I guess although I've read the rules and try to abide by them I'm still a little confused as to what's allowed or not, but I definitely dont want the main thread to die but I also really love the convince of temp cow and being able to talk in real time with other anons.
I'm also a little confused about the onision ot temp threads.
I think this anon has good idea about another thread for live shitposting since people do derail a lot in tempcow but at the same time I think that would take away from the fun of being able to talk with each other about silly onision things

No. 4820

Oh an also it was Admin themselves who suggested everything on main should be non-saged (green anon) as a goal. So as long as someone writes a quick summary, that should be enough.

No. 4821

i just dont understand why people are scared to be banned? keep on the topic, sage dumb shit and stop peacocking.

if its too hard to follow the rules maybe lurk more and stop shitting up the main threads with sperging about how youre so better than cow because of x. and all the dumb nitpicky posts.

tempcow is great for the live posting and general sperging. i like it as it is, but really if an anon is scared to post in the main site, consider lurking to assimilate better.

and fucking stop scaring off milk good god

No. 4822

How would Vixs info derail the thread? It was directly related. She should’ve used the main thread even tho some farmers are dicks.

No. 4823

People need a place they can derail or ask questions (like 'how do I record videos', or what 'should I say on Younow'), make fun, nitpick to their heart's content. A good number of people want to criticize Plain's makeup, I don't get it, but that's part of the milk to them. This is still a gossip chan-style site about laughing at weirdos on the net, of course people want to shitpost. Most people into lolcows don't want a serious discussion, they are looking for a laugh, some are stoned or drunk even

tempcow lately reminds me of old 4/b/ with memes, organizing in chaos, camaraderie, the feel of it. I never laughed so much here than on vixmas and one thread ended with fucked up fiona ascii, fucking beautiful. If you make a 3rd board for "shit posting," in a while 3rd-board will just be the milky temp of now.

No. 4824

One of the big problems I see is where to draw the line. People should definitely stop scaring away milk, but some anons get incredibly cringy with how they react with people bringing milk. Flirting, over-complimenting, kissing up it's just too much. That happened in the last few tempcow threads. There should be a limit to both sides in both tempcow and the main. Like >>4816 suggested. That's what the Discord is for, isn't it?

No. 4825

thats why tempcow or something of the sorts is a necessity. there is no fun in milk if you cant comment on it or make jokes about it
i think one of the reasons vix went on tempcow is because it was just more fun for her to get instant reactions and questions to the stuff she was leaking. girl lives for internet drama this must have been a treat for her

No. 4826

This is why Vix info derailed
People want to comment and react: To Vix's farmer status, to each screenshot, to ask her questions, then react to answers; on main you'd get banned for derailing with the 20th "holy shit" reaction.

what you call "kissing up" or "flirting" were just anons loving that she was one of us, why do you even describe it that way and why does it bother you? It doesn't hurt you, and it wasn't actual flirting. So they canonized her in some poorly shoop'd pics, that's standard hyperbole for a chan-style board.

No. 4827

Huh, you must have missed out on the "marry me 'vix <3333, xDD gay for vixx, vixmommy so hawt!11~" sperg posts that took up the early threads. It was blatant joke flirting and it was weird as hell

No. 4828

A few paraphrased examples, "Are you bisexual Vix, cause I love you", "missing out on good dick", "my boyfriend's dick is as thick as a soup can". The last two being so off-topic that it had nothing to do with Onision in an Onision thread. That was the point. The first one has relevancy because Vix was mentioned…that's as relevant as it got.

This. It got pretty bad.

No. 4829

okay y’all I’m confused. Wasn’t Lolcow down the day Vix posted her receipts? Isn’t that why she posted to tempcow? Also, nobody really gave a shit about Erin’s receipts when they were given the imgur link on the main board. If it was literally anyone asking about the drama had it not been Vixmas, someone would have said “Read the thread.”

I have no problem recapping for people who ask on the tempcow thread. I’ll do it for anyone on the main thread if they can ask without being salty toward tempcow.

No. 4830

Anon…that's not actual flirting. They are joking. You said they were flirting. That would've been actually inappropriate and thirsty.

No. 4831

So what's coming to light is that what people get out of tempcow is the freedom to comment and interact and memefy the milk, it also seems to be more welcoming to some milk holders. By nature its not easy to keep track of for the casual/serious farmer. Meanwhile the main thread should aim to be more of an archive type thread, meant to be easy to follow and keep track of.
The best way to achieve this would be to have a reliable way to summarise all the tempcow milk for the main thread

No. 4832

I'm the anon that called it flirting and the post that you're replying to isn't mine.

No. 4833


it's shitposting. that's what tempcow is about.

No. 4834

While I can understand WHY vix/other milkbringers would be more comfortable posting to tempcow, I fucking hated having to sift through the boring Tony jokes and faux-flirting or whatever you wanna call it. I get that it's for shitposting but jeeeesus fuck, who wants to read all that

No. 4835

BECAUSE people like you aren't sperging about going off topic and farmers just feel better on the temp board because they haven't has any of those shitty experiences there. this is not rocket science.

No. 4836

if you want the milk live, you gotta tough it out. if you can't survive other ppls shitposting you can just wait til the milk gets posted to the main afterward

No. 4837

This. The milk was posted to main. You don't want to read about our boyfriend Tony, or how grateful we were for vix, just read the summaries on main. I don't understand this incessant need to kill any kind of fun, and I've been here forever.

No. 4838

Btw, sorry, I forget to sage in meta. I think we need a new round of town hall tbh.

No. 4839

thats a good point and we dont want to scare her away from posting in either thread with petty infighting. the milk comes first.

No. 4844

Yes, seems to me the whole lot is just underaged. I love funny shitposting, but joke flirting, blog posting and all the like really puts me off.

SuMa SuMaRuM, I would prefer main thread only with new rules/posting guidlines.

No. 4845

Agreed. I think there is too much shitposting on tempcow, but I prefer that to the stiff upper lips in the main thread and everyone yelling at each other and at people who could provide milk.

No. 4847

but that's the 'us vs them' thing again. it's more that the main thread is dead and any comments left in it are being over scrutinised. just because someone still posts in that thread doesn't mean they need to be painted with this brush.

I enjoy both comms but I don't have time to be in temp all day.

actually I was the one who started this thread and started the porting of the vix caps across. to say it was happening already wasn't true. the thread was dead af too and I thought I'd get banned for spamming caps (that happened already right?) so I stopped.

No. 4848

what is the limit for reports? I have put in a lot a times mainly because I've been banned twice for arguing (about things I had reported) and the ban advises to report.

No. 4849

I miss the days when both used to happen in the Greg threads.

No. 4850

I'm looking at Temp right now, and the thread looks focused and decent. Some of the types of posting that were a problem in the main threads are not even present there. Idk if that's because the main perpetrators moved on to other things or not.?

No. 4853

Just because the shitposting doesnt suit your specific preferences doesn't mean it should exist. People seemed to have fun.

No. 4856

I love temp, because like other anons said you can rant about onision without getting attacked by other anons. As long as the real milk gets posted on the main thread, I see no problem with temp. Its fun! Ans as other people said, its nice to have a place where you can forget about your shitty day at work, and just share your hate for onion with others.
I think only this will encourage people to release more milk. You know, when they see its fun to post things and seeing it getting apreciated.

No. 5170

Since temp cow has been down for several days now, the main pt thread has been moving again, but I miss temp cow.

Do admins have an idea of when Tempcow will be back up?

No. 5171

Tempcow is pathetic imo. Their cliquey, us vs them nature is ridiculous. They’re bring their weird inside jokes (ie: calling anons Keith, Tony) over to the main site and it’s fucking weird.
There’s no reason for drama to be spread over multiple sites. Lolcow shouldn’t ban everyone on the main site for trying to have fun

No. 5180

I already miss tempcow, I'm lonely and dead inside.

I understand your reasoning and support whatever decisions you make admin.

No. 5182

Can't wait for temp thread to come back. No room for discussion about anything in main thread.

No. 5206

you mean asking who [x] is constantly because the majority of y'all are newfags?
you mean constantly raiding onion streams and cowtipping and making us all look like idiots?
you mean constantly wishing harm on lainey and her kids?
you mean the retarded ass blogging and obsessive tinfoiling and speculation with no evidence?
Yeah I sure miss that lol

No. 5207

Nah that wasn't what I meant. Nice try tho.

No. 5209

you forgot
>bulk screencaps of lainey making derp faces
>worrying about poor sam

No. 5268

Completely back decision to remove temp, temp is a literal PULL tier joke full of unintegrated newfag teenage emoji using idiots.

No. 5271

Bitter much? Lets just ignore that most of the milk the last few months came from temp.(infighting)

No. 5277

temp didn't generate milk, the onions did
however all that liveblogging did clog up the actual flow so I'm glad we're back on main.

No. 5290

I politely disagree that Tempcow being out of commission is better.

Having a place to throw out possible behavioral theories and speculations on actions have a purpose.

Every country's intelligence gathers bits of info from spies, documents, evidence, and open sources. Then intelligence analysts comb over all the info and come up with possible future actions of the target being studied.

Tempcow serves the purpose of an anonymous meeting place to hash out ideas with others quickly in real time. With the constant dribblets of Onion milk, the temp-theories are proven either true, possible, or swiftly dispatched into the nope pile.

At least, for me, thats how tempcow felt.

No. 5291

tempcow isn't a secret place you realize everytime you newfags conspire to do shit to the onions all the lurkers see it and report back?
temp never cared about faxx or receipts; they are the same morons that said whatamI was 100% greg when there is no definite proof. You're delusional about what tempcow actually was.
You guys directly contributed to sam getting kicked out of the onion household and the crusading at the end was worse than any of the moo personal army shit that ever happened

No. 5292

except that it did in that main thread is too hostile to people willing to spill milk. NO ONE is going to spill when they're being harassed for minor newfag bullshit or just general hostility.

No. 5293

When has anyone spilled milk in temp? Luxymoo and many others have spilled here on main.
Minor newfag bullshit includes wishing harm on gregs family, throwing allegations out without evidence and constant nitpicking. Main will be all the better without it.

No. 5296

sam was bound to be kicked out. lame holds the purse strings now, unlike when billie was the reigning onion queen. she has a lot more pull for the time being. sam wouldve been ejected soon enough, anyways. besides, people like theonioncritic and male anti-os, that werent part of tempcow, were interacting with sam and she was responding heavily to them. even w/o tempcow's involvement, she wouldve been booted soon enough

as if thats the only newfag behavior they're banned for. of course you're tossing out the most severe offenses as if that's frequently the case, when it really isn't. pls, anon. vix didnt post in main, erin didnt want to drop any potentially milky screencaps in main, etc. and not to mention that main scared off archiveanon, who was pretty damn helpful.

No. 5298

Yep the scaring away of milk on main got so bad that farmhands had to comment on it, so you can't say it wasn't a thing.

It's happening right now with the Sam situation with anons denying the milk. It's more annoying for anons to keep saying 'wah why are we talking about Sam there's no milk' than to just fucking discuss it. I think they just want a dead thresd.

The onion thread is a drag to use now because of the users on it quashing discussion.

No. 5299

>and not to mention that main scared off archiveanon, who was pretty damn helpful.

Exactly. We wouldn't have the Wednesday drama or prostate massager drama without the transcript anon(s) from temp.

No. 5300

He was just asked to integrate better multiple times and decided to stop posting. He kept the archive site up for quite awhile after. I wouldn’t say he was scared off.

No. 5301

The real milk was how cringey temp got worshipping vix lol. Erins dump also didnt reveal anything, just that she had normal boring interactions with lameo. Temp was far more problematic than it was good. Drawing in unintegrated newfags and ruining the board… It is really not that hard to follow the rules here, it's a chan not your freaking chatroom hugbox. If people want to namefag, be offtopi, emoji, have cringey in jokes like omg leelu, head to PULL

No. 5302

Vix did post in main multiple times she even posted a selfie
onioncritic was caught self posting on temp lurking with all of temp during everysam stream, DSSCTM was also clearly posting and lurking on temp
Nobody is denying the milk? There's a difference between focusing on sam and focusing in on sam within the scope of onion drama. Meaning don't go after her family or nitpick her because she isnt a cow.

No. 5303

So has it been decided whether temp is ever coming back or is it down for good

No. 5305

We've been trying to implement new software and moderation tools for a little over a week now. The coding has been labor intensive and after deliberation we have decided to remove temp completely.
Tempcow was never meant to be up permanently. It was meant to be a solution for server downtime but instead it spiraled into a haven for unintegrated users and ban evaders. There is no longer a need for tempcow because we have switched servers so will be seeing much less downtime in the future. Eliminating temp will highly reduce our server costs and allow for better moderation of lolcow.

Live-stream threads for younow streams will be welcomed once again in /pt/, but users are expected to post a summary in the main thread.

No. 5306

File: 1519539407903.png (486.69 KB, 900x900, 1027 - c7OUZyV.png)


No. 5307

Temp was great for casual discussion that created a sense of community without getting cliquey, unlike discord. This is too bad. The idea that it's all banevaders and 15 yos seems blown out of proportion. The majority of the time i visited it was like, stay at home moms and 26 yos. This is sad for lolcow as a community, IMHO. The stanning jokes got annoying but I appreciated the sense of community and speed of temp cow. Rip.

No. 5308

I agree with you.
This is pretty sad. I was one of those SAH mums who really liked the community feel.

No. 5309

I’m willing to create a mod and temp myself and host it @ home if you guys agree to link it here

No. 5310


No. 5311

Will content from temp be made available via archive? Iirc sam's now deleted streams were rehosted on temp (the ones she's now pretending didn't exist). Will be sad to see it go, although the trolling plans were painful to witness, I still liked it there.

No. 5312

So what happened to the site that was going to replace temp? Was that just a lie?

No. 5313

Wow, that sucks. Other than temp, lolcow was pretty much dead.

No. 5314

Not that my opinion counts for shit, but this sounds like a really good compromise. There really do seem to be a lot of people that miss tempcow. Lolcow is just too inactive without it. It's fun being able to talk in real time about your favorite cows. I hope maybe you guys can work something out.

No. 5315

Hopefully this means the onion thread will go back to the way it was before temp was implemented. It was too cringy trying to wade through the tinfoiling and autistic lainey trolling there to try and find the drops of milk they were too lazy to transfer to main.

No. 5316

It seems to be everyone else's consensus that the milk came from the Onion's and not from temp so what is the problem? The milk should be just as easy for you to get as it is for temp?

What's stopping you from transferring the milk to main? Like it says in the user info: "Instead of asking other users, read the threads. Don't complain about not having the time or being too lazy."

No. 5317

This. /pt/ was dead because farmers over there were to lazy going through temp or looking for milk on their own. Yet they only did complain about not getting everything spoon fed and when brave anons summarized what happend for /pt/ they'd get banned for liveposting.
It sucks that temp is dead because I miss talking to you guys, even if it's nonsense. Posting in the onion /pt/ is like walking on eggshells. Everything that's not 100% onion related is either nitpicking or derailing. Make a joke, that farmhands don't think is funny, get banned. I hope we can find a solution for this and that we can get another place for liveposting.

No. 5319

File: 1519559771430.png (223.82 KB, 678x692, Untitled.png)

Agreed. I feel like it's 50/50 whether you get banned or not for discussing the Onion's or joking about them. Like when these two posted screens of Lainey in a joking matter and one gets banned, but the other one doesn't.

Sam's fundraiser is ok to post, but it's not ok to discuss it because that's derailing.

Temp was fun because you could discuss everything regarding the Onion's without getting banned. You could also joke about them and post screens making fun of Gurg's old age and fucked up teeth from his latest videos, without it getting in the way from actual milk.

That's my opinion on the whole thing anyways.

No. 5322

Me too.
I appreciate that y’all even keep the site up though. Just wish we had the live posting here. Miss that badly.

No. 5323

>only one of these people got banned!!

I'm sorry anon, but can't you see that it's mostly likely the same person that posted both?
Look at the filenames.

Bans aren't as a big deal as most people seem to be making it. Most of them are short warning bans. Fun is allowed, but a lot of these "jokes" clog up the thread, no one wants to see 20 pics of Lainey with the joke "ha she looks like foot guys, right?"

We are trying to find a balance, it might take some time for everything to settle down. If people integrate and don't act dumb , we can become a more relaxed and fun place for anons.
Just thought I'd just input to this, my thoughts on it might not reflect on the other staff as I am not them.

No. 5324

Agreed with you. Discord doesn’t cut it.
I really hate to say it but it’s hard to warm back up to /pt/ completely because, as other anons already stated, it seems like it’s very easy to get banned for something innocuous. I try to watch to see what’s getting people banned and then I see something like >>5319 and I think “Is the next thing I post going to get me banned… or..?”

I just don’t feel I understand what the rules really are anymore. They seem rigid. Sam seems pretty relevant right now but at what point does she become derailing?

No. 5325

There’s a shitload of OC there too.

No. 5326

I will miss temp, tbh. Sure, I admit that if you weren't following each thread that came out every day, it would look beyond autistic with those Tony, Saint Leelu, Saint Vix, Sonic Sam, etc jokes and it took forever to look through them, but the "community" was nice enough to fill in with those inside jokes and temp didn't feel like a "clique" unless you were hostile first. On the other hand, towards the end it looked like everyone was infighting regarding the Sam thing and whether or not [insert a thing Lameo or Gronk did] was 100% milk or just 0.01% milk so it was necessary to take it down so that people would cool down. It also didn't help the main thread traffic.

However, I would be very happy if we had a corner to sperg and livechat or maybe if >>5309 makes a temp analog themselves, that would be more than awesome. I remember admin telling us we would get a replacement and the transition would be as smooth as possible. Well… Anyway. If the temp threads could get archived here on main somewhere, I'd be very happy.

No. 5327

Since were broaching the subject, What IS going on with the onision thread? It seems almost everything is a bannable offence,I understand the need for integration from temp to main for those who haven't used he site before but I've been posting since 2015 across /pt and /snow without any real problems only to be banned three times in the past week without being consciously aware of rule breaking, I think a lot of anons are actively not posting anything at all for fear of reprimand. Is there a masterlist of what can be responded to and what can't theoretically?. There seems to be no fluidity in what's bannable and what isn't, one anon may get reprimanded whilst another is doing the exact same thing with no consequence, is it just me not understanding or is anybody else seeing the duality? I'm probably gonna get a ban for this too but are threads being purposefully wound down or is it really as simple as user integration now temp has gone?

No. 5328

We are working on how to be more clear with the rules and what will and won't be allowed. It's been a bit more hectic woth the recent changes with the site, so I'll admit it's been a bit all over the place. Mostly recently it's been trying to integrate users from temp to here, which is difficult due to the differences between temp and main users.

I'm sorry if you've been wrongly banned, we are trying to improve on moderation. Sometimes mistakes happen due to this being a big site and sometimes keeping up with every subject on the board can make us mess up time from time.
Remember to appeal, we do read them and research what happened.
Hope I could give any clarity.
I'm just a farmhand trying to give a little insight.

No. 5329

I am one of the anons who was very active in temp and wayyyy less active in main. When I would leave temp to literally just recap one of Sams streams in main I got banned for 24 hours for derailing even tho it was clearly just a recap. If anon above does come through with hosting a relaxed place for live typing I would def be there. I don’t think main has much of a future at this point and I really miss my temp anons! And no I wasn’t a new fag, I’ve been around a long time. It shouldn’t be so shocking that a lot of anons much prefer temp, it was way more lax and fun and it had so much traffic you could say the format was clearly preferred.

No. 5330

I too am saddened to hear of Tempcows sudden demise. While it is apparent some people did not enjoy temp, the camaraderie one could find at 2 am was amazing. How I miss typing i love you after people would share their own stories. Stories that ultimately drew back to being able to recognize what is healthy or what is toxic behaviors in relationships.

Much milk was spilt.

Perhaps the best quality of Temp being gone is that now since there seemed to be 1 banhappy admin, many people are still afraid to post, therefore we are slowly weaning off the attention spent on the Onions.

Less attention given to those meat sacks the better.

I miss you all from temp, and may this Vixmas always ring true as the milkiest of days!
Praise be to Tony, Santa Leelu, and the Holy Reptar!!

Thank you admins and other unknows for trying to make temp work. Also I have indeed noticed far less bannings since Friday, so that is also appreciated.

Before, one of the admins did state that the old tempcow threads would still be available for viewing. Does this still hold true??

No. 5331

Thank you for potential clarification over what's admissible and what's not, even if it's just stickied to every onision thread it would help a lot of newer users. Personally it seems like unless it's 100% verfified, confirmed true and honest onion fact it's better not to post atm.

No. 5332

You guys are so cringy. I’m glad temp is gone

No. 5333

I didn't even use tempcow when it was up and even I was looking forward to it coming back because of how heavy-handed the moderation has been recently. This is very disappointing news.

No. 5334

PLEASE web anon come through!!

I knew something was fishy when there wasn't any news on temp in days lol. Onion threads just seem to have a mass of different people who don't want to post in main because it's banned man's land. Let us live blog in peace somehow please!!!

No. 5337

used tempcow pretty heavily, and yeah, that was cringy and terrible representation for the pro-temp camp, but i dont think the cringy silliness of a few cornyass anons on the old threads undermines the benefits of tempcow.

i really dont get why anyone who isnt a mod feels that temp was such an imposition. obviously, the lack of updates wouldnt have been an issue if the mods hadnt doled out 24 hour bans every 2 seconds for update anons that werent committing any real infractions. the solution is just to lessen the crazy bans and keep the quick paced, less stringent liveposting. the site was a lot more active, it seems, when tempcow was online, too, tbh. it feels like it kept people on the site, browsing and posting on other boards in between posting on temp. it's ultra dead now again.

No. 5338

Just saying, I think this is why milk became so stale in the first place.

No. 5339

At this point, I think it's clear that the majority prefer Tempcow and both sites were better off with it than without. Why can't Lolcow evolve with its userbase?

No. 5340

>implying this whole site is just for onision

Literally only onision was talked about on temp, there are a lot of other cows.

No. 5341


For sure. I just meant with regards to more lax moderation

No. 5342

I’m the anon you’re replying to and I agree. I hate temp but if mods weren’t so ban happy when milk was being posted on main from temp, I wouldn’t have a problem with temp staying

No. 5343

Honestly, back during the Billie era on pt, the atmosphere was pretty much like how temp was. Sperg fest with a fuck ton of tinfoil, minus the live blogging.

I like temps layout more cause I surf on mobile more often but if it's too costly to maintain then it's really no loss. Butttt, if we wanna bring back tarffic to pt then we've gotta let loose on the moderation especially on Lainey topics which created the whole divide in the first place.

If people wanna post 20 straight pictures of how Lainey is a foot then let them, that's just how much of a hate boner they have for her. If you police those vocal anons then unfortunately theyre all gonna go and milk WILL DRY UP because they're the ones that actually go comb through Laineys and gregs Twitter and streams for milk.

They're essential to this site and the more quiet anon's like me ain't gonna pick up the slack cause we're just here for a read.

Let's just chill with the over moderation. Imo, Y'all don't need to point out every post that is derailing unless it ends up into another maxed out thread overnight. Just make sure there's no suicide/death threats or doxxing of private info. If anon's wanna circle jerk over their hate for Lainey, let them. After all, they've endure an hour of her stream they need to release stress together.

No. 5344

I CAN NOT understand how so many of you fail to see when derailing and nitpicking start! Picking a woman apart for her armpits is retarded, gross and onion like. Constant sperging over her tummy, degree and fuckall proves you aren't lurkers. All of these things have been said a million times so stop shitting up the thread.

And some of the users shilling for temp and dissing lolcow are just ludacris. You twats do know you're presenting these complaints to the administrator of the actual site? If you miss the "community feel" and the spamming you sure need to reevaluate your actions.

No. 5345

but when there's no milk a lot of people like to nitpick and derail. It was fun discussing tinfoils, streams, non related topics (like religion, horoscopes, baby talk etc), having insiders like sonic porn, Tony, #freeleelu. That's why so many farmers went to tempcow instead of the /pt/ thread. We just had fun, chilled conversations even if there wasn't milk. If newfags came to tempcow they didn't get the regular "go lurk moar", we explained and linked stuff for them. The onion thread didn't need to separate in temp and pt like it did, but it really seemed like all the "mean" people were in /pt/ bitching about everything and everyone else was on temp.
I hope we still get the page similar to tempcow so we can nitpick and derail in peace without farmers and farmhands getting annoyed.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but as long as all the milky, proven parts get delivered to /pt/ there shouldn't be a problem.

No. 5346

I see how resigning from the separate server for tempcow means less costs, but why not host it here? Like, why not just add a /temp board if people want it?

No. 5347


… then go to /ot/ and /g/? Temp was made for server downtime and later used for live posting and sperging during streams. It was never meant to be a shelter for teenage newfags and stay at home moms.

No. 5348

Yeah what I think a lot of anons and maybe some of the farmhands dont realize is if you have super strict moderation, you just lose users and subsequently any milk.

Nobody wants to spend time posting/collecting what they think is milk when there's a huge chance that they will be banned for posting a "non-milky" or "non-verified" screencap.

Then the anons start complaining how the milk doesn't get transferred or how there's no milk… when you literally chased the people who WANT to comb thru onion/plainey's accounts away from your site.

smh someone needs to do a UX study on lolcow for admin sama

No. 5349

when did they ever say that? I was at townhall and they said it was down for software shit

No. 5350

we can tinfoil but i think it's fucking annoying when anons present their tinfoils as facts

No. 5351

When did this happen?

No. 5352

Can we please get an answer to what anon asked here? >>5311

At least give us access to it to we can look through archived threads, there's tons of things that we would like to reference and that haven't been moved to /pt.

No. 5353

>but when there's no milk a lot of people like to nitpick and derail

Nitpicking and derailing are explicitly stated as bannable offenses in the rules though? I don't understand why it's so hard for tempanons to just follow the rules. No one wants to read a thread filled with "Greg is smol red man" and Lainey "footface" nitpicks. It makes the thread drop severely in quality and makes us all look like vapid vendetta-chans.

>We just had fun, chilled conversations even if there wasn't milk.

What's the point in posting when there's no milk? If you want a chatroom then use discord or something. Lolcow isn't the place for casual conversation.

No. 5354

everytime someone says "sam said this i swear!"
or someone makes a claim without timestamps or proof. This is a imageboard.

No. 5355

There were other cows catalogued on temp, any farmer of any cow could have done what the onion farmers did in theory, although the onion temp became more active inline with their younow streams, farmers didn't double post whilst live spergout was active, what one missed another picked up and so on.

Seperate question, Is it ok to go ahead and make a thread on ot for discussion or is that down to a farmhand to do and link if and when applicable?

No. 5356


It's exactly this type of attitude that has contributed to the entire onion user base migrating from pt to temp.

The lolcow rules are meant to be and used to be used as guidelines for users, but now they're just tools of obedience that scare off users.

Tell them to take their liveblogging and nitpicking somewhere else and you're just gonna create a situation like before where the main thread isn't gonna be updated with milk.

You wanna know why? Cause just like me, none of you a-loggers bother to do any of the tedious work of supplying milk.

I'm damn well not going to watch Lainey stream each day and I am not going to pay cash to go undercover into Greg's discord to spy on whatever narc rage and dox fest he is having.

I am not going to do any of that but I do want to know what's going on. So if anons who actually do all that work wanna nitpick and spreg about Lainey and her degree or Greg and his skin or whatever… Then I say we just let them as long as it's not too excessive and turns into cyber bullying.

You don't like it? Just scroll past and take that stick out of your ass.

No. 5357

>You twats do know you're presenting these complaints to the administrator of the actual site?
I pointed this out in temp multiplte times and was told to "fuck off to main" lmao

I crossposted stuff from temp to main every now and then and I remember temp anons getting pissed because shit was being "leaked" to the main thread. I was also never banned for crossposting because I know that a screenshot of Lainey's squinting mug with a troll comment underneath isn't milk. Meanwhile I also saw so many anons bitch on temp for getting banned for the most obvious reasons all the time, and as much as I enjoyed temp, the crowd of bitter ban evaders and dense newfags that wouldn't even try was and is super annoying.

And the fact that some anons in here seem to think lolcow will die without temp just shows that you haven't been here long. The site was fine without temp for years and as other anons have pointed out, I think it's safe to say the majority doesn't even care since temp was all about Onision for quite a while now. I for one support the decision to remove the temporary board.

No. 5358

Temp was such a fun place to be, honestly I hadn’t had that much fun here since the Charlotte thread when she streamed with mike a few years ago.
Temp was so entertaining and everyone was so much friendlier and accepting. Yes it would get derealied but I personally found most of the conversations to be hilarious and the sense of community and support we gave each other was great. Not to mention all the amazing art and shoops that were posted there. I still love /pt/ as a place to catch up and read threads but as far as posting and having conversations, that aspect will never be the same and it’s no where near as fun.

No. 5359

You're being dramatic and preachy, there's always been a generous amount of nitpicking and sperging that went unpunished. Just see >>5357

No. 5360

Do you know what alogging means? How many of you tempfags constantly wrote about wishing "clot n trot" were hit by a bus?

Temp is dead, you can fuck off if you want but you won't be missed. Have fun at PULL or gurogossip

No. 5361

>How many of you tempfags constantly wrote about wishing "clot n trot" were hit by a bus?

Like one? And that anon was rightfully banned. There was never any hate towards the kids, I don't know what you are talking about.

No. 5362

File: 1519592049863.jpg (19.97 KB, 713x180, ce9IJCd.jpg)

Multiple anons did express wanting to hurt sam lainey and even the kids. Stop acting like it was one person. You really think giving their kids degrading nicknames like trot and clot is okay?

No. 5363

Must've slipped passed me. I was there pretty frequently and didn't see "multiple" anons wishing harm on the kids. I don't even see it in you screenshot.

You make it seem like temp was some hateful board talking and planning about acts of violence. I never got that impression, that seems more like something kiwifarms is known for.

No. 5364

Thank god. I lurked temp every day and more and more it just became a dumping ground for all kinds of behavior that simply doesn't need a platform, like daily YouNow raids and tinfoiling/stalking of the kids. I don't know how many thousand bars went to Lainey just with the free spins users would give her each night to be able to selfpost a screenshot of tonight's le funny trole name. On more than one occasion I saw people urging others not to post specific things to main, ignoring that the Onion crowd lurks temp too because it's much easier to ban evade there.

If it really just had been a place where people could chat and tinfoil, that'd be one thing, but it was overshadowed by organizing raids, trolling, and cowtipping.

No. 5365


So, you cherry picked a comment that was made after an anon asked something along the lines of: “what would ya’ll do if you actually saw the onions irl”. Where the handful of responses were either “nothing” or trolling responses. As anon said in your screenshot, no one would risk doing anything dumb. There weren’t anons posting everyday about wanting to physically hurt anyone.

As for >>degrading nicknames. No. The point of the nicknames was that if the kids did come up, those names would be used so their real names weren’t. Privacy.

You can say temp was shit, anons there won’t be missed, temp was pointless, whatever. But temp pulled in their own milk because of lax moderation. There’s a reason threads hit limit everyday, and it wasn’t just from nitpicking and OT.

Complain about the trolling all you want, but the ONLY reason there was any milk at all with the Sam was because Sam interacted with the trolls.

As for withholding milk from main, main wanted milk spoonfed to them. An anon went over to main to give updates about milky stuff Sam said and the responses were “you’re lying” or “prove it or shut up.” You want an anon to sit through an hours long stream, possibly mirror and re-host it, time stamp the milky parts and report what was said? They were acting like they couldn’t just skip around the stream for themselves and find it. There’s no “caps or gtfo” when it comes from a stream, something that was verbally said out loud and easily verified. Not to mention transcript and summary anons were getting shit on, too.

And in case any of ya’ll don’t remember, for how much you want to talk about annoying “newfags”. Take a look at the oldest Onision thread and go backwards. The old threads and the rules allowed all kinds of stuff that you complain about now and it was never an issue. What’s the point of a Chan board where discussion is limited to “MILK ONLY OR STFU”?

The way temp is complained about makes me think most of you haven’t ever been to a Chan board other than lolcow.

No. 5366

You want average Chan rules for lolcow? Good luck with that. I'm grateful the Admins have been reigning users in with the no-doxxing and no-relatives shit.

No. 5367

To this day anons are still claiming sam said she was in the trinity, you want to be mad because you're required to post proof here?

an anon reuploaded all of her previous streams and for some reason you guys aren't still able to provide proof lol

No. 5368

>To this day anons are still claiming sam said she was in the trinity

You're really stretching now dude.

No. 5369

I somehow haven’t seen any of those claims? Sam definitely never said that and I personally haven’t seen anyone say she has. She’s said that she never was and wasn’t there to be in a relationship just to work. The only mention even close to that was when someone asked her if she would join the trinity if asked and she took a long pause and replied “…maybe?” But sounded very unsure.

No. 5370

No. 5371

Apparently you need to work on your reading comprehension, the message chain you are referencing is clearly about Sam's response when someone asked if she WANTED to be in the trinity/if she liked the Onions as more than friends. Not ONE post claims that she was already in the trinity, they don't even claim that she said yes to wanting to be part of the trinity.

No. 5372

None of these claim that Sam was IN the trinity. Just that she "thought about it". I agree that these posts are pretty tinfoily, but she did say that vague "maybe" which shouldn't have been taken that seriously, but nevertheless. Nowhere did anyone say that she was in the trinity.

No. 5373


An anon reuploaded the streams and for some reason you… still can’t go through them for yourself? While I’ve seen bans for anons summarizing, re-capping or even transcripts. What more “proof” do you need when you can literally watch the streams for yourself?

No. 5374

I used to think the trot and clot thing was mean, but honestly, it’s probably one of the most merciful things lolcow has done. At least their names aren’t -quite- as attached to their parent’s disgusting sexcapades this way. Calling Cloey bandaid for so long was way more cruel, even though we all see it that way.
>stalking the kids
Man, you guys are incredibly dramatic.
If by stalking you mean seeing the things Lainey and Gurg publicly posted about them time and time again, then I guess just following the Onions is “stalking” them.
I honestly get the impression a lot of times that people that admit they hated tempcow are lurkers, who don’t watch streams, don’t watch their videos or read their twitter, nothing. Yet, tempcow was the cause of main dying. I mean, if all the good users stayed on main and the shitty users were on temp, then you’d think more of you would be upset temp is gone. So many people are acting like it was a containment board for the worst users, and then simultaneous complaining we didn’t “share the milk”. I don’t see what the problem is. The content is available to everyone. And people get petty over people paying to be Patrons, something I honestly wouldn’t do either. But don’t talk shit about it if you’re enjoying what people are gathering. I truly don’t comprehend why some people even follow the Onions when they complain about collection methods of the droplets of a dying cow.

He will probably enter the /pt/ hall of fame soon and his stories will be those of yesteryear.

No. 5375


You guys can't even stay on topic. Embarrassing.

No. 5376


Lol even in /meta/ a minimod will come in to whine about “staying on topic” and you wonder why people preferred temp.

No. 5377

>and you wonder why people preferred temp

Because they think they're too special for rules to apply to them? lol

No. 5378


Ummm, stop going off topic? And way to ignore every valid point made if that’s all you think it is, lol.

No. 5379

File: 1519605332834.jpg (17.32 KB, 313x313, It's_not_even_bait_a_this_poin…)

No. 5380

File: 1519605336498.jpg (379.65 KB, 1000x800, f74Giwm.jpg)

it's okay buddy, temp is still dead and it doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon.

No. 5381

And this answer right here is why people fled to temp.
You do realize there are people posting all over the world on this board and we can’t all respond at the same time?
At this point, I’m starting to wonder if it’s not the Onions themselves posting here.

No. 5382

Can we have something similar to replace temp?

No. 5383

We loved temp so that we can be autistic little shits and ban evade whenever we wanted! We never cared about the quality on information so who cares if we derail all the time wahhh mods please bring backk temp :(((

No. 5384


it’s ok, enjoy the milk that won’t come back either and an inevitably dead thread

No. 5385

Gee, it sure will be fun when /pt/ dries up because you will be sitting around waiting for someone to post something.

No. 5386

/pt/ has been around before temp anon, feels good from here !

No. 5387

File: 1519606275503.jpg (26.36 KB, 402x280, 6p7Ur9b.jpg)

Looking at old temp memories

No. 5388

File: 1519606411025.png (438.27 KB, 720x528, youautists.png)


holy shit lmfao

No. 5390


you’re purposely blind if you didn’t see how slow the threads got and how dead the last one before the newest one was until temp farmers had to come over.

look at the old threads. there were only so many of them because the rules were more lax, and they started drying up when it started getting overmoderated.

but keep pretending the milk won’t get dry because of nasty anons chasing it off and being too lazy to do any work for themselves.

No. 5391

And shitty people talking bad on the ones that are doing a majority of the posting, apparently.

No. 5393

File: 1519606854419.jpg (51.15 KB, 1859x176, GBtyxZb.jpg)

when you're salty about getting banned for live blogging in the main thread

No. 5394

ultimately, now those newfags will come straight to pt and make offenses there and piss everyone off. if it was a containment board, why be glad it's gone? people you dislike are now going to be shitting up main directly, instead. makes no sense. expect an even larger influx of newfag posts without a transition board.

everyone agrees that there was a problem with users avoiding pt bc of heavy handed banning, backseat modding and general hostility, but why you anons would rather jerk your hateboner for temp and boast about it being dead, than come up with a solution that pleases both parties makes no sense.

No. 5395

And more to the point, the real shitposters know how to ban evade anyway.

All chan boards have had this exact problem over the years.

No. 5396

what work exactly? you know what milk really is? it isn't 3+ threads of nitpicking and liveblogging about your life as a stay at home mom.
you mean that rules actually need to be followed in /pt/, boo fucking hoo. there were no moderation tools in temp and thats why it was scraped

No. 5397

I remember this. She posted a recap 2-3 hours after Sam's stream ended. So great job with your smugass post that proves the point of why people will purposely avoid pt.

No. 5398

Admin said in this very thread it was a cost issue.
They originally intended to keep it up because they saw users enjoyed the live-posting feature.

No. 5399


are you onision? picking a few anons of all of the people that visited temp to construct your narrative? lmao

No. 5400

File: 1519607207074.jpg (36.28 KB, 510x271, uoPZH9A.jpg)

No. 5401

That's still not the point. No one is defending not following rules. I'm saying that temp gave people the ability to more easily acclimate to the rules.

No. 5402

Cool, you saved a bunch of SS to fit your narrative.
You're really a great contribution to the betterment of the board. Gold star for you.

No. 5403

but it didn't because there was no incentive to follow the rules and everything was spoonfed.

No. 5404

hey guys I'm a bit of a newfag I used to be an onision fan >>5402

who is shiloh? what is akeith? xd

No. 5405


do you sit through their daily streams for the bits of milk they spill? do you look through their tweets? do you look for ways to reupload their patreon stuff? do you sit quietly in their discord’s to post the milk later? do you summarize or transcript or reupload important parts?

they’re all over the place with their different platforms now and yes it is work to find milk. oh, but then, so much as going into their streams and paying for patreon is “cowtipping”. you want milk without actually watching them or paying attention to them and proves exactly why main wasn’t/won’t get milk.

No. 5406

File: 1519607766501.jpg (41.34 KB, 300x300, XP9YD9x.jpg)

you are literally not the first autist to have done that, the difference is the people who know what they're doing don't announce it in public
what do you think /pt/ anons have been doing for years?
good job paying onision though, I hope you feel real good about it

No. 5407

Why do these newfags think they are goddesses blessing our board with milk? "Wahhhh I don't want to get banned because I won't follow the rules"

Have fun finding some other place to shitpost because it isn't happening here anymore. Things were perfectly fine before temp, and it will go back to that whether you stay or go.
You guys are actually worse than the munchie anons lmao

No. 5408

Wow the level of self-importance these tempfags feel is enormous. You are not the gatekeeper to Onion milk. Rule-breaking shitposters were the rampant majority in temp. They won't be missed.

No. 5409


man, main really is a bunch of bitter ol’ cunts.

you asked what “work” there is in getting milk, and i answered. because, again, temp wasn’t just threads of OT.

the point is that no one on /pt/ will do it now, and that’s why your thread dried up. you can continue to be pretentious but it still stands with proof that the mainthread was basically dead until temp farmers came back over. because even when milk was crossposted, people were bitchy about it for one reason or the other but still didn’t want to get the milk for themselves. things weren’t fine, everyone knew the threads were drying so I don’t know why you’re trying to pretend otherwise now just to circlejerk your unnecessary hate boner.

i personally never did any of what I listed, especially paying the onions lol, but there were plenty of anons who did and got banned or bitched at for trying to crosspost transcripts and summaries and screenshots. because ya’ll want milk but only specific and spoonfed milk.

No. 5410


you seriously think there will be no milk because temp is down? what about all those times there was milk before temp? hmm.

the self importance is wild.

No. 5411

You keep implying no one will provide milk, when that isn't true. It's like you can't comprehend that things were fine before that shitty temp board.
I honestly don't give a shit at this point if it means you will leave, there's other threads than onions that will keep going despite you being gone.

You are not important, you aren't our savior for being autistic.

No. 5412


tell me why the third most recent thread took an entire month before it was filled, then. and why the second newest only had handfuls of replies for a long time.

the milk was drying before temp went up, and i never said temp was the sole reason for milk but a lot of it did start to come out of temp when it was put up. there’s no denying that.

No. 5413

File: 1519609313613.jpg (50.91 KB, 1280x720, 1511699459956.jpg)

>I was only pretending to pay the onions

No. 5414

No. 5415


where and when did I ever say I was paying them? stop pulling shit out of your ass.

No. 5416

Honestly, worthy milk like only once a month is not worth having shitty temp posters.
Either way it's done, it's not coming back and it seems farmhands and admin really don't care about temp effecting traffic.

No. 5417

That anon never claimed they paid the onions/were a patron. The exaggerations itt from you guys railing against temp are ridiculous.

No. 5418

File: 1519609629911.jpg (31.93 KB, 523x360, pepe-the-frog.jpg)

>mfw whiny tempfags can't stay focused on a topic for a single thread without resorting to infighting and still wonder why no one wants them here

No. 5419


and what are you doing yourself with this reply? lmao

No. 5420

>implying masses of traffic have to be a good thing
>on a website that requires a certain level of maturity from its users to stay afloat without imposing restrictions

really activates your almods

No. 5421




pick one

No. 5422

ITT: newfags believe lolcow never existed before temp

No. 5423


>websites never die

>heavy moderation has never killed a website
>threads weren’t slow and drying up already

No. 5425

So this isn't infighting?

But this is?


No. 5426

File: 1519610177647.gif (806.47 KB, 240x180, 1506928691384.gif)

>admin post is infighting

No. 5427

File: 1519610355277.png (410.61 KB, 1920x1080, gfhjvg.png)

Ignoring all this petty infighting, admin, can you clarify how the livestream threads work?
Is it "important" ones only?
Lainey streams daily.

No. 5429

File: 1519610577623.gif (3.43 MB, 400x222, image.gif)

temp anons ITT

No. 5431

File: 1519612883468.jpg (160.74 KB, 625x466, pony.jpg)


No. 5432

You all are implying that all temp users are newfags and this just isn’t the case. I get why temp had to go, but why can’t (as anon suggested above) we have a ot templike thread on the main board? This seems like a good solution for streams and discussion! This way everyone wins.

No. 5433

Seems it's some larger coding issue. But I'm not able to speak for them.

No. 5434

??? Because no one would post in the main thread if there was a less moderated, more sperg friendly thread right next to it. Honestly I’m not buying this temp vs main thing. The reason onion threads aren’t as active and enjoyable as they once were, is because moderation is autism levels of strict, and I’m saying this as someone who’s never been banned or even posted on temp. This is just the way the site is now, it’s unfortunate but the only solution I can think of is someone creatating their own temp like onion board and going from there.Cant expect mods to hold our hands anymore, if it’s something temp anons want then I say make one themselves

No. 5435

File: 1519629766858.jpg (165.34 KB, 1924x708, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 11.1…)

Here's an example of moderation that seems heavy-handed and unfair to me. I'm not the poster, but
1. I enjoyed seeing this new photo of Bille,
2. Also enjoyed the lighthearted foot related onion sperging tinfoil (i feel like dan schneider for writing that).

But anon got a warning for it..

No. 5436

File: 1519630166130.gif (1.31 MB, 245x226, 15241321.gif)

>autism levels of strict
Where is this super strict moderation at? I've been on here since before Cuddlegate and the only change to moderation is they seem like they're actually enforcing the site rules like they should have been. Not everyone wants to wade through the posts discussing how much Lainey looks like a foot for the 50th time or how shitty of parents they are for poor Troy having to get cavities filled or how shit Lainey is at makeup. It's not new, it's repetitive bullshit and the only people who aren't tired of it are the ones who keep bringing it up.

>anon got a warning
And? It's repetitive nitpicking. We get it. Gergles wants smol alt girls and Lainey knows it. They weren't permabanned for it, it's a fucking warning to stop nitpicking and go back to actual milky things. That's the entire point of lolcow, not your circle jerking.

No. 5437

To be fair, think about how long we've been talking about their obsessions with feet. That shit gets old after a while.

No. 5438

File: 1519630584747.gif (5.88 MB, 640x360, giphy.gif)

What you're basically saying is that new farmers aren't able to add to the discussion, even with new (old) pics/caps/milk, just because you've been around here for longer and have seen it before? Seems dumb.

What you're basically doing is preventing new people from integrating by limiting the discussion to new milk.

I feel like new farmers are more likely to actually browse the profiles for milk if they're included on the main thread.

Who do you think is more willing to farm these days, someone who's been following the Onion's for milk for years and realizes this is a fucking dry time and might not be worth the effort (and also lets be realistic their schedule has changed if theyve been on lolcow for years most likely), or someone who is more intrigued because the drama is new to them and they were able to discuss it on the board?

No. 5439

>What you're basically doing is preventing new people from integrating by limiting the discussion to new milk.

Not that anon but it's not new milk. Sam saying what we already knew isn't even new milk since we've been talking about their feet obsession for months. If a newfag wants to learn about the Onion drama then they should lurk for a while and/or read the old threads.

No. 5440

idk man seeing the photo of Billie looking awk with the hair made me smile and the warning made me frown.

you're right though, someone should comb thru the last couple of threads with a python script and pick out prevalence of words. 'foot' would be WAY up there.

No. 5441

But they have read the old threads most likely, it's about being able to contribute and speculate. That's why their little farmer brains are putting concepts together that have already been rehashed many times by seasoned farmers, sometimes while bringing the gift of a more rare old photo or some shit.

Disagree that the Sam's feet thing was not new milk. We've never gotten confirmation from a third party that wasnt Lainey or Gronk that he has a thing for feet or at least hates ugly large feet, and now we have it, thanks to pissed of Sam.

No. 5442

I agree with this completely. Confirmation of the workings of greg’s mind and what goes down in the household even if we all kinda KNOW it, is milk in my eyes

No. 5443

File: 1519631646234.gif (4.68 MB, 432x250, 6847635.gif)

>add to the discussion
>lainey looks like a foot
>lainey's shit at makeup
>gergles likes smol girls he hates lainey so much
Yep, you got me. It adds so much to the discussion the threads will be slow and terrible without it.

>read the old threads
You're putting a lot of faith in people who don't even know who Adrienne was.

No. 5445

File: 1519634118273.gif (1.97 MB, 480x278, giphy.gif)

Apparently I have to spoon feed you what I meant. Obviously by "add to the discussion" I meant being able to get their tinfoil/conclusions out.

We can all agree people on temp were frequently new farmers willing to talk about old topics, same topics, sperging. Now there is no more tempcow.

They are still farmers though - quite a few patreon and discordfag anons were posting there. Do you really want to lose that source of potential milk (access to their content and people willing to sift thru it basically) just because you're tired of another post about a topic that's already been discussed?

If everyone's too afraid to post discussing old topics, posting "non-milky" screencaps, you're gonna have to click on onion's youtube yourself to see his latest 7 minutes of autism… the people who are discussing old shit are farmers who farm, even if some of that shit on temp was too active (raids).

No. 5446

It's in the new user rules, though. "This also applies to needlessly rehashing old news.". If anything new farmers need to remember to look at that page before they start posting.

We'll have to agree to disagree about the Sam thing. I personally don't think that Sam gave us much milk besides Gregma getting pissy over hugs and her not wanting to be a part of the trinity.

Thanks for being civil and not whining by the way. It's nice to talk to someone from the temp with a level-head.

No. 5447

I don't really have a horse in this race, but I kbew temp was in trouble when someone from temp went to the main Onion thread, said there was milk, and when someone asked them to post it, the reply was basically "It's in temp somewhere, I can't be arsed to post it buyer."
Better crossposting would have probably prevented it because it really became an us vs them thing.

No. 5449


>people who didn’t know who Adrienne was

Okay, but why are you picking out a few anons over how many people visited temp? You realize there were more than a handful of people there, right? I can cherry pick and link newfags from mainthread, too. Doesn’t mean all of mainthread is newfags.

And >>5447

Yes a lot of people didn’t want to crosspost because what temp might have considered milk, main didn’t think was “milky enough” or wanted to be spoonfed. As in… an anon couldn’t just link a stream with a quote (which would’ve been OK in older threads), they needed specific time stamps and exact quotes although transcripting got banned too.

And, it seems like broad discussion of new milk almost isn’t allowed either? Because speculating is equal to “derailing” “OT” or “nitpicking” now even though half the fun of older threads was… speculating wtf was actually going on from drops milk given.

And I DON’T mean stupid, “hurrr sam’s an autistic alien!” “Lainey’s footsize is a lie!!” Speculation before someone tries to spin it as that.

No. 5450

>Yes a lot of people didn’t want to crosspost because what temp might have considered milk, main didn’t think was “milky enough” or wanted to be spoonfed.

This isn't true. Tempfags wanted to actively hide Sam stream under the guise of "protecting Sam from Onion" when it was really us vs. them mentality.

And saying that main thread wanted to be spoonfed is just infuriating whilst in the same breath you're glorifing temp for being accepting towards newfags and spoonfeeding them.

Stop shilling this hard, you've made your point 10 times and it still sucks HARD.

No. 5451

Billie isn't even 18 in this photo

No. 5452

It's alright, don't fret. Me and a bunch of my farmer friends have access to all that shit too (no paying) and have been stepping up now that temp anons aren't competing over who gets to deliver the milk. So you can stop with the ransom now. We are freeeee

No. 5455

Good to know ty, I was going to post the caps/audio from onioncord last night, saves doubleposting.

No. 5456

>us vs. them mentality

This was the thing I hated most. I constantly saw posts in the main thread about how much the main thread sucks and how great temp is, or refusing to deliver milk. Even after farmhands had outright stated that milk should be posted.

Also this mentality of "give us a free-for-all posting environment BUT NO DOXXING etc" is really a joke.

Main thread became way less quality since temp went down because of the amount of non-contribution posts, redundancy, nitpicking, etc. And without sage existing for "hide all saged posts", it's annoying to wade through.

Idk it feels like some people can't stand to simply lurk quietly if they don't have anything to say that anyone cares about.

That aside, I don't personally remember transcript anons being scolded. I appreciate when anons write transcripts (though that certainly isn't something temp invented).

I definitely hope that "us vs them" mentality goes away, so I don't believe in a need for any sort of containment board/thread. It would just happen again.

No. 5460

I've never seen anyone banned for posting transcripts, only for posts where the temp summary was solely tinfoiling or there was no proof for things presented as fact.

No. 5462

I asked a couple of days ago if temp content would still be available via archive? Would this be a possibility as there was hard evidence of what some main anons believed were just "tinfoil/speculation/derailment" a condensed thread of all the onion dramus was posted on completion right here on /pt temps were reprimanded for that despite admin telling us we had to crosspost, which we always did, on occasion we woud post certain milkier streams both at the same time.
Onioncord drama from last night hasn't been posted, nor has anything from lame's stream been posted, it was slow but there were a handful of good points.
TlDr will archive temp become a thing?

No. 5467

Shut up Keith

No. 5468

Ecactly, the whole talking and speculating about what's going on and making jokes IS the fun thing about this site. How many more funny shoops have been created in temp? If you are only allowed to post milk but making fun of it is derailing, then what's the point? You can all have your opinion but it's still obvious that the majority of users preferred temp and want it back.

No. 5469

I want to see that majority. make a poll if you insist most users are pro temp.

No. 5470

I had no problem with temp until I was having to spend time there reading milk that wasn't making its way to main. I like the main board because when it's used as intended I don't have to spend hours wading through tons of shit just to read two sentences that are actually new info. I'm pretty sure if you guys would have moved relevant milk to main this wouldn't have happened and you still would have been able to shitpost to your hearts content.

No. 5484

a lot of the milk was speculation too and i do not know if it is allowed on this main channel? people were banned for that?

No. 5488

I have no idea what we're allowed to even post in the main thread, are we allowed to discuss anything at all or just post content without saying or commenting on anything? I'm too afraid to post because I got banned once over literally nothing, so no discussion seems to be allowed at all, this is why tempcow was what people preferred to begin with

No. 5489

File: 1519776752771.jpg (31.06 KB, 640x480, Ed.jpg)

I know that on an anonymous image board this won't mean anything-but I would just like to say at this point, I'm done with lolcow.
The inconsistent moderation and bans, the unwillingness to clarify what goes in which thread (relative to onion's shit of course), other users readiness to attack one another for not following rules-despite them supplying milk.
But I'm primarily disappointed in the mods for not listening to what a majority of the users seem to want, which is something akin to tempcow.
This site seems too far removed from what it was when I joined a year or so ago. Posting here isn't fun anymore and it's shitty to have to worry about a bunch of arbitrary rules when you're trying to post new information. Goodbye lolcow. Thanks for the laughs and good times. I sincerely hope the best for all mods and users here. <3 <3

No. 5490

Someone on the main Onion thread suggested a thread for Onion related sperging (height, sam, foot, rehashed info type of sperging).. can we make that happen, mods?

No. 5491

Please bring back temp cow.

These lulzy kids keep necroing old threads in snow with no flipping milk with bullshit one word responses they’re used to posting on temp cow. It’s like they’re too dumb to understand the board culture.

It gets a little agitating seeing an old thread dead for days/weeks/months become front post with just the word ‘wow’ or ‘lol’.

No. 5493

It's honestly confusing to me - comments being posted here that temp is the only source for milk. You can't legitimately believe that. I've been around a couple of years and the threads, especially Onision since the first Cuddlegate, have been very well supplied.

Vix helped lead you all off there with her 'let's talk here girls because they didn't praise my selfie in /pt/". I never went to the temp discord but I saw it described by a poster in temp as being dominated by Vix. Have a think about that, a real think.

Imo, admin made the mistake of letting it grow and now the price is being paid by the whole community.

This conversation is also about the bar for what 'milk' is. I would argue there's been nothing between Vix posting the caps and Sam moving in. I'm sure a temp anon will hit me back with a list of hundreds of things. "Lainey lied about her feet on Tuesday" is not one of them imo.

I've never minded shitposting, tinfoiling and art in threads (yes we had those before temp existed) but I seriously do mind seeing 20 caps of Lainey's derp faces from a stream, in a row, with troll comments pasted on. It's just spam. It's fine if it's posted somewhere where those of us who want concrete info and on-topic conversation don't have to wade through it. I was one of the anons advocating for a /snow/ thread series for Lainey's beauty stuff and nitpicking. I wish that pathway had been followed by staff instead of temp.

The most disturbing idea I have seen emerging is that Lainey is the main actor, she is the abuser, Greg's under her thumb etc. These threads followed Greg for a reason. Lainey is an accessory, a shitty person but she is not the main game.. You all jump on here because she's a woman and an easier target. Sometimes the comments vibe into GOMI territory, especially the names trot and clot. Greg gets off the hook on lolcow a little more each day, and he must be loving the way you girls pile onto Lainey. You do his work for him. It's not that I care about her feelings, it's that the main topic is being (conveniently for Greg) ignored. Girls like Vix and Sam are starting to play you all like fiddles.

I'm all for having a place to sperg (not for me but for others) but surely the livestream threads can be a home for that? Or else maybe resurrect that idea about separate Lainey beauty nitpicking threads?

No. 5494


I'm not sure where guys are getting you can't discuss or post milk, we do not ban people for it unless they are nitpicking (shit ton of photos of Lainey saying the same thing, tinfoiling(what if Greg is actually a lizard person), armchairing( Onion obviously has all symptoms of narcissism! Read this article), discussing discordfags in thre /pt/ thread when they have their own thread in /snow/), and always encouraging to mess with them off the site. If you do don't come to the thread bragging you did.

Also you have not even been banned, so you're either lying or ban evading.

Is this clear enough for you?

To other temp anons
I'm sorry, but temp is not coming back, so either integrate into the site or leave. Also stop saying "the majority though!!" I can count how many tempfags are in here on one hand.

No. 5496

Forgot to tag you, it looks like you did get banned. For 1 whole second for not saging.

No. 5498

>always encouraging to mess with them off the site

Fucking thank you for pointing that out. The cowtipping, bragging about it and forming cowtipping cliques is what mostly made the temp so cringy.

This is exactly what I think as well.

No. 5500

Will we be able to see achieved posts from temp soon? Or access it again without being able to post? It would be nice to have the opportunity to go through the threads.

Sorry, I asked this before but I didn't get an answer.

No. 5501

Mod you got to direct them all somewhere then if Tempcow is gone forever. I mean you gonna have inconsistent moderating then you have to at least point to a place people following rules won't get banned
I see the flags and I see people propping up the petitions too and it ain't fun if you have a system selectively banning people (there's a shit ton of people with off topic posts unaccounted for) and then you got people trying to follow rules and getting banned
I mean we know we got rules but when them rules get bent for certain users or flat out ignored because you got a couple shit Mods then your site is screwed

No. 5502

>there's a shit ton of people with off topic posts unaccounted for

But mods already explained that they don't redtext EVERY post that gets a ban. Like pointed out here >>5319 these were obviously made by the same user but only one post is redtexted. But for some reason people want to believe it was two separate anons and only one received punishment while the other was treated differently.

The argument that shitposters get away with everything and rule-abiding anons get random bans is just ridiculous and flat out wrong.

The few anons I've seen complain about bans received a 5 minute ban for derailing, and a 1 second ban for not saging. Both broke the rules and were barely punished. Y'all keep acting like mods are dealing out permabans when that simply isn't the case. The amount of misinformation being spread in this thread is almost alarming god damn.

No. 5503

what is there to even discuss about Greg at this point?
Every thing is speculation. Greg quit Twitter but not really.
Greg has a sock puppet account. Probably.
Greg is out of the spotlight and Lainey stepped up. She’s accessible because she streams everyday and she constantly excuses her husband’s shitty behavior (especially when he went off the rails about Shane Dawson, someone she supposedly is a huge fan of). She might end up being all that’s left of Onion for quite sometime.
Everything is nitpicking with the two of them right now because Onion's IRS retribution is finally coming and they’re both tight lipped about anything going on that’s not mundane. So without nitpicking, speculation and rehashing the same things for the past eleven years, I’m not even sure there’s going to be much left to talk about with either one of them anymore.

No. 5504

If the only criticism you can muster is "gerg is a manlet" or "lamely has foot face" then it's best for everyone that you just put down the keyboard, anon.

No. 5505

Quality post, anon. Great deflection.

No. 5507

I agree with this. I think allowing people to have some discussion about things keeps the interest generated bc it’s not up for debate that the board was SUPER DRY and slow and barely alive before temp came about and then the temp thread flourished! I get that temp can’t come back and I’m not butthurt about it, but I wish we could have a thread on main that just could be considered the “discussion thread” where NOTHING gets banned and then users can choose to ignore it and not visit it if they have such a problem with nitpicking and live-blogging. And before you say “there’s a live blogging thread” it’s still very heavily moderated. I’m saying why not just have ONE space that’s similar to temp (in the sense that anything goes) and then anons who hate temp sooo much don’t have to even go there? Also I know the farmhand said there wasn’t a lot of temp people in here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of us who enjoyed it. I’ve been visiting lolcow a long time and I think it’s fine for me and others to have enjoyed reading every bit of the main thread but also felt like temp was way more fun/lively. So why not give users a temp-like throwaway thread? There’s really no harm in it, and it’s what lots of us want.

No. 5508

Why do temp anons feel as though they are above the rules? Seriously. Just follow the rules like everyone else on this website. You aren't entitled to a rule-free thread because you want to nitpick the same shit over and over again. It's redundant, petty, and weakens actual arguments against Greg's behavior/abuse.

No. 5509

Agreed. Anons in other threads get in trouble for what that anon is asking for and I don't see why Onion temp anons feel like they shouldn't have to follow the same rules just because they were used to the comforts of the temp. The temp was mostly active because of the Onion threads. There are other cows on this site besides the Onions. Lolcow is not going to die over a single cow.

No. 5510

All I see is the same anons recycling the same excuses and defenses. Temp is not coming back period. No matter how much you whine in here about it it isn't going to change it.
You're welcome to go make your own blogging site. We aren't forcing you guys to stay. We aren't "bending the rules" just so people in the Onision thread can shitpost because it's not allowed anywhere else.

Give them a read and you shouldn't have any problems.
Btw we don't count anything under 30 minutes a ban, it's called a warning.

No. 5513

I was banned for an entire 24 HOURS for recapping a thread that was milky in main after it had been extensively discussed in temp but not recapped in main at all (I wasn’t live-blogging I simply posted a recap). I have been banned for 24 hours for several other lesser offenses too, including for an accusation of “samefagging” when I had only posted one thing in the last 48 hours. (Yes I did appeal that one, no it was not fixed.)
So maybe the mods just need to re-evaluate who is doing a good job modding and who is just power tripping with the ban hammer.
However, thank you for your response to me and it was worth a shot.

No. 5514

File: 1519808250835.png (10.85 KB, 678x89, index.png)

You call this a recap? Temp was up during this period of time, anon please.

No. 5515

You're complaining about anons whining, but you're acting like a huge baby yourself.

Just reinforces the image of mods being sensitive, just saying.

No. 5516

File: 1519814899915.jpg (99.6 KB, 468x500, forum_suicide.jpg)


No. 5517

File: 1519815513594.jpg (529.7 KB, 1072x3164, Screenshot_20180228-105526__01…)

An example of shit posting in the Dakota thread.

Some threads are more lax for sure.

No. 5519

Why even talk in the meta thread when admins already decided temp is not coming back and there's not going to be a discussion/ot/nitpicking thread? Questions for a separate thread are being ignored, it's so obvious no one cares about other opinions even though there are valid arguments. All I see is oldfags making fun of users who express that they miss tempcow, oh wow. They are not even getting warned for infighting. No wonder so many people were scared off the site. Again, it's not fun seeing so many people being banned over small things. Temp was way more layd back and a lot of people enjoyed it, I get that there's also a lot of people who prefer the main thread with strict rules but you are just walking over people. I hope anons find a solution to establish a similar site like temp so we can end this ridiculous discussion.

No. 5520

They already made a separate thread for nitpicking in /pt/. It was pointed out here and in the onion topic. It's also already been said that mods just warn people to help the whole lot integrate, so please stop with the teathre and start reading more.

No. 5521

The Kota thread moves so slow, it's not like they are making a thread every day or two out of this material. This is what matters. Shitposting or reflecting didn't use to be a problem in the Greg threads until an influx of new people happened and the quantity of it drowned out conversation. It's not normal to make new threads so fast. Sure that happened during the Billie saga but that was really eventful. I think some anons got addicted to that fast pace and want to replicate it every day.

No. 5522

No. 5523

That’s not the recap I’m referring to. It’s not the one I was banned for. But by all means keep cherry picking falsities to prove your point. I won’t be shocked if this site dies eventually bc of the mods. I guess we can just wait for that to happen as we also wait for the inevitable Onion divorce.

No. 5524

>Follow the rules
exclaims admin and the mods

>This thread moves too slow tho

only certain rules apply to certain threads/cows? ok then

No. 5525

Yeah except it's 3 of the same pic on the front page of snow and one of them isn't even saged. But I guess that's okay since it's slow…The onion thread doesn't even move that fast these days.

No. 5526


Totally agree. I'm not sure what happened but the overzealous anons and mods have been killing this site for months.

No. 5527

Jesus christ just deal with it. Been coming here for four years and cannot fathom why you think temp was above main. Pt is fine and better off without unintegrated teenage autists. Thank you admin and farmhands.

No. 5530

I wasn't trying to say it's okay. But I can understand how no-one cares that much in that particular instance. The Kota threads are slow af, unlike the Greg (oops should I say Lainey) threads.

No. 5531

They used to be auto-saged because it was so slow. Don't know why that changed.

No. 5533

I've been here for years and I'm not a child but OK.

Now I can't even complain in the threads for complaints? I enjoyed temp because it was more free. No one wants to watch either of them stream but I appreciated scrolling till I saw a pic and reading the comments. It's not a huge deal to scroll through the crap. People keep acting like its hard to read or scroll but it is not. Main sucks, the whole site sucks, it's not moving. Sorry I'm not a gatekeeper.(why are you lying)

No. 5534

The absolute state of temp fags LOL. It's over dude you can stop crying now. Get the anon that created crystal.cafe to help make a temp board if you all care sooo much about underage shitposting. Or, you know, stay in discord.

No. 5535

Is there a way to be notified of said warnings? A message centre would be a welcome addition I think to the boards. I know I had a "warning" going by the ban message that I never saw apparently, and a ban I never saw until I tried to post a few days later. I ended up having a week long ban for going along with what other people were talking about. The thing is - how can you change behaviour if you're not made aware of it? When I went back to look the post didn't even get red marked up. So maybe a notification area where you can go back and see any communication from admins may possibly be a good idea, if at all possible to add in? I can understand admins being too busy to red text everything, but somewhere where warnings and bans are listed for your cookie/IP probably would help clear things up for the user and wouldn't really take extra time for farmhands.

In regards to temp - "It cured my depression!" I jest but it really helped me feel better when i needed it and wanted to show some gratitude, I'm really going to miss it. Pardon the selfish post.

Part of me is hoping someone can make a similar place to hang out. If it was just a financial thing then i'm sure some of us would chip in, but I've got a feeling it's deeper than that. The community feeling was amazing, and everyone there was the reason I got back into art again. It was fun to see other people's photoshops and doodles, and it was fun to hash out artwork for the sheer lols of it (not had fun with art in a long while). So i just wanted to say thank you for that, I'm truly grateful. It might not have produced much in the way of milk to some people, but it certainly was a form of milk substitute to help tide over at times.

I know lolcow will be fine without it, with any change it just takes time to adjust for people. I can understand people getting attached to it, especially when a post said it was going to be permanent and it brought something novel to the table, but things will adjust back to how they were I'm sure. Though i must admit I don't understand the cherry picking of posts though to make temp look like a terrible place/reason main cow milk was dry. C'mon now.

>> TL;DR -

>> Message centre/history if possible for amin communication/bans/warnings
>> Thanks for the memories, Temp.

No. 5536

I was sympathetic until the cherry picking part. You don't have to cherry pick to see how bad the temp got in the Onion threads which were the most popular ones there. The cowtipping got pretty bad.

Also, you could make an art thread like that in /ot/. I know for a fact that there's a crowd of artists over there(speaking as one).

No. 5537

they got autosaged because they were 100% nitpicking. they were allowed back off 'probation' after a while.

No. 5538

the reason the thread is slow is because the lack of onion milk lately, having a place to nitpick and shitpost doesn't mean there was milk

No. 5540

I rarely go on tempcow,but posts like yours are the ones I dislike. Just sour about jokes. Kind of like that one anon who started bashing people for posting art in the onion thread. Like I get it if it's an obscure reference or majorly derailing but injokes are funny from time to time.

No. 5543

Jokes are funny but it stops being funny when it gets out of hand. Example: Three people do edits, it's funny! After an hour ten more pop up. It stops being funny.

Scrolling through a ton of joke art and/or edits is annoying.

No. 5545

Whew, lad.
RIP when people complain about scrolling past art. I guess scrolling through people’s TL;DR about their opinions about how much they hate the Onions is preferred.

No. 5546

I think admin should just make a thread on /snow or /pt for onision related sperging and keep it open since temp is not coming back.

As long as it doesn't turn into a 'I miss temp' thread I feel like it could work to satisfy both the users who want to sperge AND the ones who don't want to scroll thru all of the opinions.

No. 5549

Why should they cater to them, though? Other cow spergs don't get to have special treatment so why should the Onion ones?

No. 5550

what's with the vix vilification? temp was dominated by vix while vixmas was happening, of course it would be since it was the only milk flowing at that time.

some farmers might have gone to temp for vix, to ask her questions etc, but the ones that stayed did because they liked the ambiance.

No. 5551

Lol this thread is more active now than the Onion thread.

Basically Mods fucked up twice… first of all they drove people to Temp by being shit… and now they've killed that too in the vain hope of reigniting main.

Honestly they should just swallow their pride and reopen temp. The flow of chat was great there and it made a non-milky time entertaining. There was absoluely no need to change things other than mods being autistic and wanting everything in one place.

No. 5552

There is no longer a need for this thread to be open, we have stated tempcow will not be returning. For anyone who just checked in, read admins post explaining why we made this change

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