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File: 1480576680041.jpg (73.65 KB, 600x800, CMVZhUBUYAAFLTz.jpg)

No. 207238

Luna never was with Wong shes been dating some viner forever he was on her snap this weekend

No. 207239

Holy shit not only did lina come to mariahs thread to fucking white knight herself but she made an entire thread to fucking white knight herself.

No. 207240

hey luna, talk more about how kayyybear hurt your feelings 7 years ago in highschool and share more of your theories about Jnig botting all her patreon followers and sssuccubus being funded by terrorists.

No. 207241

Lunatic Lanie how about you keep going about how every one is a "costhot" except you even though you flashed your photoshopped implants and frankenstein nipples on patreon for cash.

No. 207242

why is this Luna person even involved…? I just looked at her Instagram and she's just another half assed "cosplayer" with implants and a face that is aging horribly

No. 207243

File: 1480578390079.jpg (90.99 KB, 999x211, lunytoon.jpg)

Be sure to make yourself a Team Leader shirt you batty bitch.

No. 207244

Because she's fucking insane and went on this tirade against kayyybear and any cosplayer associated with her. She recently got into a fight via facebook with Mariah Mallad and has been sperging about recently in Mariah's thread.

No. 207245

File: 1480578713146.jpg (47.5 KB, 547x832, IMG_0554.JPG)

Look at how this nutty bitch photoshops

No. 207246

It's Kaybear the dumb nigger whitewashing herself again. So angry shes better than your ugly monkey spray can looking ass

No. 207247

wow. her eyes alone say "I'm a fucking nutjob"

No. 207248

File: 1480578889172.jpg (97.31 KB, 801x1200, IMG_0553.JPG)

Nice mental breakdown Luna. Shouldn't you be photoshopping your cheap implants to bimbotic levels?

No. 207249

It's sad how these sex workers can't get anybody better than an old lizard with 4 pairs of fake hardass tits to promo them

No. 207250

holy shit Luna go to sleep

No. 207251

Poor babies I bet your vaginas smell like regret and old Cheetos

No. 207252

Hold shit lol this isn't Luna deal with it you psycho bitches Im going to stalk you till your cunts bleed black

No. 207253

ok luna

No. 207254

Daddy didn't love you Kay go cut yourself into pieces

No. 207255

O Kay

No. 207256

Yeah she was never with him that's why she made him cosplay with her at anime expo

No. 207257

Wow luna is on a vendetta today

No. 207258

Luna Lanie wants her own Lolcow thread so bad. She's trying to be the next Kiki

No. 207259

No. 207260

She already is the next kiki. It's almost like kiki copypasta in here.

No. 207261

File: 1480580020783.jpg (174.83 KB, 1200x892, IMG_0557.JPG)

Lmao look at how Luna photoshops herself. She's fucking retarded to think this looks good.

No. 207262

What is with Luna's massive vendetta against Kay? Is it because she's the only popular cosplayer she knew IRL outside of the community? How does one become this insane?

No. 207263

File: 1480580059653.jpg (240.02 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0556.JPG)

Can't even keep her shoops consitent.

No. 207264

File: 1480580148440.jpg (66.5 KB, 600x489, IMG_0558.JPG)

Here's Lunie's excuse for hating Kayyybear. This was posted in the most recent Mariah Mallad thread

No. 207265

Cant even take you bitches seriously Martin Wong gay

No. 207266

Ho swimsuit unibrow dyke you still telling people your 25 you old twat

No. 207267

What does this even mean? Luna your brain is imploding

No. 207268

you do realize that your fans are are in mental hospitals you insult them and their lil pee

No. 207269

File: 1480581776071.jpg (210.23 KB, 799x1200, IMG_0560.JPG)

This is a fucking gold mine. Also how old is luna? She looks like shes in her 30s

No. 207270

I like how the wall bends behind her photoshopped ass

No. 207271

File: 1480582059568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.38 KB, 578x1024, 33.jpg)


No. 207272

File: 1480582113204.jpg (41.05 KB, 480x720, 32.jpg)

they look like they are inches from popping lol

No. 207273

shes so disgusting. kek

No. 207274

File: 1480582158096.jpg (162.83 KB, 1200x900, IMG_0562.JPG)

She looks like a retired washed up porn star. Look at her fucking lip injections

No. 207275

Are they forming a uniboob already????

No. 207276

She's really pretty in the OP where you can't see her face

No. 207277

File: 1480583215268.jpg (269 KB, 799x1200, IMG_0563.JPG)


No. 207278

What is even going on in this thread??

No. 207279

Luna tried to make an entire thread to white knight herself

No. 207280

File: 1480583931165.png (132.16 KB, 750x612, IMG_0565.PNG)


No. 207281

nah that's definitely a pushup bra

No. 207282

File: 1480584173701.jpg (127.11 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0566.JPG)

And her lips are all natural too of course.

No. 207283


Her lips injections are just really poor quality like I can't see anyone paying more than $50 for those

No. 207284

Her body looks really stumpy here, I can't figure out if it's the unflattering leotard or the horrible photoshop, or both.

No. 207285

I think it's her lip shape, their just too shoe string and long and have no width.

No. 207286

Is there anyway to get the admins to change this to a Luna Lanie thread? It's fitting since she started it herself.

No. 207287

I agree!

No. 207288

File: 1480588256801.jpg (67.39 KB, 500x750, IMG_3168.JPG)

No. 207289

Looks like meth. Lol

Can someone fill me in on Luna's scamming? Heard she swindled a lot of people out of money

No. 207290

File: 1480600642636.jpg (39.08 KB, 480x480, loonielanie.jpg)

the only thing real on this girl is her psychopathy lol. she used to be kind of pretty here but still somewhat resembles a rat. now she looks like a washed up whore. its gonna be fun to see her spiral

No. 207291

pumping and dumping girls is exactly what straight guys do. sorry luna

No. 207292

>those man legs
>dat mutant hand

No. 207294

File: 1480612356853.png (547.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0827.PNG)

How ironic

No. 207295

Kiki 2.0

Shouldn't this have been moved to snow?

No. 207296

File: 1480614686332.png (356.77 KB, 1242x1938, IMG_2321.PNG)

No. 207297

File: 1480615516803.png (250.08 KB, 1242x1504, IMG_2320.PNG)

No. 207298

Yeah I feel like it should have

No. 207299

File: 1480618890722.jpg (97.39 KB, 640x640, 1458142443283.jpg)


just what in the titty screaming hell is going on with her feet/legs in this picture

No. 207429

…I didn't even realize they were there. It makes no sense perspective wise?

No. 207444


Legs aside I can't get over how awkward the corset is making her boobs look
They're definitely forming a uniboob

No. 207480

I like how she mentions on her patreon that she doesn't do nudes but she offers 18+ snapchats anyway. Girl you might as well do porn like Pixel Vixens.

No. 207482

She's posted so many nudes though wtf

No. 207668

File: 1480720324942.png (136.03 KB, 750x1116, IMG_0844.PNG)

"I don't do nudes"

No. 207674

She'll do anything and fuck anyone if it will get her money and cosfame. Huge hypocrite and pathetic slut.

No. 207704


Under speculation this thread sounds like it was made by Looney, but it also looks like it's been overrun by Mariah and her posse. I know Mariah is a mean bitch behind the scenes she would LOVE to just have an excuse to post here and say "ew gross fake implant plastic ass bitch" she may have gone on a tirade about what a saint she is recently but good people don't go out of their way to say they're good people. She's fake af.

No. 207705

Hi, MooMoo!

No. 207709

> implying they're the only people who hate loonie

No. 207722

Momo may have made posts about luna but plenty of cosplayers hate her and she's been involved in tons of drama this year.

No. 207723

That tweet makes absolutely no sense… Similar to posts in this thread accusing everyone of being Kay

No. 207878

Luna wants to be Jnig so bad

No. 208159

I fucking hate momo but doesn't mean I can't also shit on luna

No. 208259

File: 1480838952838.png (153.68 KB, 750x1085, IMG_0637.PNG)

Luna whiteknighting herself on anon-ib as well. Insulting the same cosplayers as she was in this thread. I get her hating momo since momo shit talked her on twitter and facebook but her weird fixation on kayyybear and swimsuitsuccubus reeks of jealousy.

No. 208289

Oh my god she whiteknights her own Patreon exploiting threads and ends up bumping them that's hilarious

No. 208301

Swimsuit Succubus makes over 11k on patreon and neither her or Kayyybear are selling nudes like Luna is. She's so fucking jealous of then it's hysterical how badly she tries to delude herself into thinking she's not going to crash and burn when she's already botched her looks with lip injections and implants. Momo also makes more on patreon than Luna. This bitch is insane.

No. 208362

lmao she's completely insane

No. 208429

>sexualizing pictures of herself at 14

No. 208491

For real. How is she going to bash them when she's the only one of them selling nudes and getting bad plastic surgery to make herself look like an old bimbo?

No. 208527

File: 1480894018226.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1002x937, IMG_0641.JPG)

Spoilered for gross nipples. Her implants look so cheap and badly done.

No. 208533

Woof. Those are airbrushed as hell.
Reminds me of those expensive lovedolls with how plastic-y they look.

No. 208536

Is it just me, or does anyone else think she looks like Ginger Bronson in this pic?

No. 208560

I see it

No. 208579

File: 1480899845557.jpg (121.92 KB, 800x1200, IMG_0644.JPG)

Is it me or does her ass look hairy?

No. 208581

File: 1480899918293.png (38.64 KB, 750x255, IMG_0645.PNG)

Calls others ratchet yet look what she tweets

No. 208590

I kind of feel sorry for her. She seems like a girl who aspired to make something out of herself growing up but then realized that it was too hard so she started cosplaying thinking that it was an easy way to become famous. Unfortunately she realized that it wasn't as easy as she thought and seeing people more popular than her just made her into the bitter mess that she seems to be now.

It's fun to watch though

No. 208658

so is it true raquib told everyone at twitchcon swimsuit succubus i.e. Scumcubus is a legit prostitute ?

No. 208661

Luna is famous you dumb cucks so does jessica pay you in blocks for posting shit ?has the 4 boobjobs ,butt fillers and airbrushing on that crater face turned her into a vindictive thot like you jelly cunts

No. 208670

Bunch of jacked up looking hoes with fake followers it's so easy to follow check I'd be salty too if I looked like old monkey balls must be all the crack and twinkies??

No. 208683

those lips are horrific

No. 208697

Lol luna is so pathetic when she whiteknights herself

No. 208710


She types the same way every time. I don't know how she thinks she's clever lol

No. 208717

Who the fuck is "Raquib"? Sounds like a black guy name. Must be some guy that pumped and dumped Luna. According to Luna, Kayyybear bullied her in highschool and I saw momo and Luna had a twitter fight but what motives does she have to be so triggered by Succubus?

No. 208723

This chick needs Dr. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. Get on botched girl your shit is fucked.

No. 208728

Didn't Luna not only fuck Martin Wong but also Alex Ramos the faggot who bullied Amanda Todd into killing herself?

No. 208746

welcome back luna

No. 208753

File: 1480915309785.png (163.37 KB, 750x957, IMG_0660.PNG)

Luna has gone straight into whoring. Desperate to make more money so she can catch up to Jnig. "Artistic nude"

No. 208759

Yeah she was his toy for a long time

No. 208769

Haha yeah she's already surpassed you ugly bitches and pornstar nigri

No. 208771

>>208728 momo is at 42% fake followers screams desperation

No. 208772

Luna shouldn't you be off creating a plaster protective shell for your bubble titties to keep them from popping. Nigri may have done some awful shit but atleast her lopsided pepperoni nips aren't on the internet kek.

No. 208774

Shouldn't you be rubbing your fat clit gamingkoala

No. 208775

>>208769 samefag, your lips look like jimmy dean sausage links that have been sitting out in the middle of death valley, pls sue your plastic surgeon

No. 208776

Nigiri makes over 35k a month on patreon, has sponsors that pay 25k and gets invited to cons all the time. she also doesnt sell her nudes. You show your nipples and don't even make a 3rd of what Jnig does on patreon. Luna just do porn. You're a joke to the cosplay community.

No. 208778

Nigri bots her pledges no one pays her shit to attend cons she's the biggest joke in the cosplay community. She should go kill herself now before her plastic water bags explode on that leach that's fucking her. Her nudes, momos, and swimsuits ugly snatch would make any sane person hurl

No. 208781

This is just boring to read now. At least say something new

No. 208782

Flicking your beans to a 40 year old that's bald and needs pounds of makeup ? ?

No. 208783

thanks for joining us again, Luna.
Did you find the place alright? The thread you created was moved a few times so that must have been confusing for you. Judging by how you continuously post in the same exact style and do not know how to quote, this all must be so difficult. Get some rest.

No. 208784

Do you have a stutter Bitch that you repeat the same fucking thing over and over again wishing she'd waste her time with you cucks doesn't make it so and your girl nigri is going nude so better get those dildos out fags(wat)

No. 208787


Can mods ban this ip?

No. 208788

I like when Luna comes here shitting herself though it's hilarious.

No. 208790

Yeah there she goes again bringing up SS it's getting weird at this point. Neither SS or Jnig have said anything about Luna so it's interesting how Luna keeps bringing them up.

No. 208791

It's easy to tell if it's Luna posting because only Luna thinks that she is famous. Do porn plz<333 I heard the money is better.

No. 208792

I love it when swimsuit bends over like she's taking a big black cock in her ass she's Jessica's age maybe they can do a porno together

No. 208794

File: 1480919269308.png (44.91 KB, 750x280, IMG_0661.PNG)

Your jealousy is hilarious. Keep talking trash about Jnig because you're mad she'd never associate with you.

No. 208795

Oh yes please I want to see all that ass juice and poop getting pumped in and out

No. 208796

>a stutter
I'm not sure you know what that is, Luna. Maybe look it up.

No. 208799

Luna you are demented

No. 208800

Keep stalking her bitches let's get this thread to 300 replies

No. 208803

>screenshot of a public twitter post

ok luna

No. 208804

Luna wants to be like Momo and have multiple threads

No. 208805

confirmed these sad people stay on ib and lolcow all day and night pretending to post conversations back and forth ?

No. 208821

Why does she hate Jessica so much now? this bitch made her viner famous boyfriend beg for her follow

No. 208825

Luna hates any female cosplayer who is successful. She never liked Jessica and only wanted to use her for fame.

No. 208982

and what exactly are you doing Luna? Please explain.

No. 209135

File: 1480976520006.png (209.22 KB, 750x1133, IMG_0670.PNG)

Even the neckbeards on anon-ib aren't buying Luna's shit yet she continues trying to whiteknight herself there.

No. 209145

Her asscrack looks like it was drawn on in MS Paint

No. 209186

lol she doesn't even try to sound like a different person. It's a constant dead giveaway.

No. 209224

She thinks just being anon hides her identity. She's a total retard. How did she even manage to get verified on twitter and facebook?

No. 209341

File: 1481004176678.png (67.64 KB, 743x486, IMG_0694.PNG)

Funny how Luna tweets shit like this while she hates on Nigiri, calls other cosplayers "thots" on twitter and goes on psychotic rampages about them on here and anon-ib.

No. 209343

File: 1481004363705.jpg (46.41 KB, 580x580, IMG_0696.JPG)

How Luna sees herself:

No. 209344

File: 1481004385507.jpg (246.66 KB, 950x1419, IMG_0695.JPG)

How Luna actually looks:

No. 209345

File: 1481005020557.jpg (509.83 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_0701.JPG)

No. 209346

File: 1481005070953.jpg (370.85 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_0703.JPG)

Her nose lol

No. 209347

File: 1481005099660.jpg (639.41 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_0702.JPG)

Her nose is fucking intense

No. 209349

File: 1481005362970.jpg (642.13 KB, 1367x2048, IMG_0707.JPG)

totally not photoshopped you jelly hater thots

No. 209351

File: 1481005485542.jpg (249.07 KB, 924x924, IMG_0709.JPG)

She got this way just from working out you haters! Goddess luna doesnt need photoshop

No. 209352

File: 1481005538631.jpg (476.74 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0706.JPG)

I ant get over that haggard face. So bad even her photoshopping can't save it

No. 209387

File: 1481005668750.jpg (435.54 KB, 1155x1599, IMG_0708.JPG)

Another high quality totally natural Luna photo.

No. 209389

File: 1481005809984.jpg (89.11 KB, 640x960, IMG_0713.JPG)

No. 209390

File: 1481005842379.jpg (132.05 KB, 648x960, IMG_0712.JPG)

Compare to this shoop she did

No. 209396

File: 1481006946244.jpg (61.6 KB, 599x382, IMG_0704.JPG)

Probably because she wants to be Jessica but is now a washed up old whore selling her nudes online

No. 209409

Someone seriously needs to reply telling her to take her own advice

No. 209411

Before she realized all the ass kissing wouldn't work lmao

No. 209416

File: 1481012672899.jpg (2.52 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4795.JPG)

No. 209419

File: 1481012966071.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.01 KB, 720x480, IMG_4797.JPG)

Mariah and her Asian lover

No. 209420

File: 1481013247438.jpg (206.8 KB, 800x600, IMG_0699.JPG)

Luna has returned. Careful with that rage Loonie before you pop an implant.

No. 209421

File: 1481013252390.jpg (6.13 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4798.JPG)

When you have the legs of a 43 year old

No. 209422

File: 1481013500750.jpg (56.02 KB, 431x720, IMG_0719.JPG)

Your one to talk Luna when you have the waist line of a 43 year old

No. 209424

Learn 2 screenshot you autist.

Someone do a wellness check maybe?

No. 209425


Luna why are you so mad at Mariah for liking Asian boys? Aren't you all about equality for dating different races? Didn't you defend your racism by posting a picture with a black dude you dated? How bad did that dick fuck you up?

No. 209426

File: 1481013845160.png (1.85 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0720.PNG)

Luna is mad because she has an ass like fucking Hank Hill.
Also is it me or did she seem on drugs in this whole video. https://youtu.be/_qSVW0R3BGk

No. 209427

File: 1481014242490.jpg (142.04 KB, 700x933, IMG_0723.JPG)

Luna Lanie is mad because Martin Wong dumped her. She wishes she had an asian lover lol.

No. 209429

She must be on drugs in general, just look at her behavior in this thread.
omg she doesn't even know how to screenshot…
Luna please get help.

No. 209430

File: 1481014437058.png (629.82 KB, 399x660, can't shoop a vid.PNG)

calling out others when you literally are flatter than a board yourself

No. 209623

I actually audibly gasped at this. Is that a fairy tattoo in her asscrack?? Like this just icing on the 'bitter white trash' cake.

No. 209732

File: 1481065194004.jpg (28.17 KB, 240x320, IMG_0725.JPG)

No. 209733

File: 1481065238821.jpg (25.76 KB, 236x294, IMG_0722.JPG)

I like comparing how she looks in that video to the way she shooped herself in that same cosplay.

No. 209790

It's a bow. Next level trashy

No. 209791

You can see the ground warped around her oh my god

No. 209804

File: 1481076635463.png (28.36 KB, 750x220, IMG_0739.PNG)

Says the whore who gave pussy to Martin wong and Alex Ramos kek

No. 209805

Her body is fairly average but someone with that much of a hip dip and distribution of fat to the stomach/sides really should not be wearing a thong like that in public

No. 209812

Her torso doesn't look average to me, it seems really short and stumpy. The added weight exacerbates her rectangular shape.

No. 209827

lol you're right. wow.

Her tweets are the same style as her recent posts here. It's an insult to kaka to call her Kiki 2.0 now. Kiki at least kept up a different persona publicly lol.

No. 209859

How old is Luna she looks over 30

No. 209861

She's only 21 or 22

No. 209864

LOL how fucking tragic! I thought she was older than JNig

No. 209900

I know for a fact cause we Skype that she's goes to see someone out in California so I'm guessing it's her ex trying to fuck With her again. i have her snap she's very fit now. I see photoshop in all cosplay pictures these days she's stunning in person babydoll face and nicest friend

No. 209902

Why is she a racist hypocrite who says other cosplayers should kill themselves? We all see what she wrote. She's insane and you're probably just her again.

No. 209906

I don't know I just know her from Facebook and recent skypes she never talks about cosplay. She's helped me with my anxiety and a girl I liked. She said yesterday her ex showed up and got physical she had a lot of bruises and was mad she couldn't finish her beauty shoot on time. All these woman have beauty I couldn't believe the post on Facebook which took me here

No. 210025

Post screen shots

No. 210044

I can't keep track of the crazy Luna's…

No. 210095

A babydoll face doesn't look over 30 so I think you're using that word wrong

No. 210096

File: 1481137756680.png (217.41 KB, 750x934, IMG_0954.PNG)

> buys a cheap Halloween Native American costume
> buys hair up
> calls it rikku

No. 210097

No. 210159

"Professional cosplayer"

No. 210184

As someone obsessed with ffx THE FUCK does this have to do with rikku apart from her shitty (wrong colour) attempt at her hairstyle? This looks NOTHING like the berserker dressphere (the closest thing to this shit she's wearing) or anything resembling anything rikku ever wore. She could have fucking cosplayed a simple dressphere but NO that would require EFFORT

And to add insult to injury this fat cunt doesn't have rikkus bodytype and her manly face looks nothing like rikku. It's rikku because some random middle aged womanchild tramp in a forest needs an excuse for a shoot?

The rikku tag is spammed enough without ugly cunts like this making it worse.

She should try changing that description to "dumpy middleaged rikku finds cheap costume dressphere"

No. 210213

File: 1481157145273.jpg (324.41 KB, 1152x1728, IMG_0714.JPG)

Her regular Riku is even worse.

No. 210215

File: 1481157187139.jpg (125.75 KB, 640x960, IMG_0705.JPG)

Her implants are so gross. She actually was less ugly before the plastic surgery

No. 210268

totally "fit". lol.

No. 210274

Oh god. This is atrocious. Look at her skin. The fake boobs and weight make her look like a truck. She should have skipped the plastic but I can't tell if she looked better or worse before.

No. 210297

What does this girl have against sit-ups and cardio? Every picture I see she looks like a pot bellied pig.

Luna your stomach is disgusting get rid of that thing. Exercise please

No. 210298

It seems like she thought getting implants would guarantee her the same treatment as jnigs but it didn't work and now she has lost her shit.

No. 210350

File: 1481182250813.jpg (355.31 KB, 1155x1732, IMG_0752.JPG)

the airbrushing, the terrible lighting, those fucking lip fillers. I can't believe idiots give this photoshopped bimbo money.

No. 210371

Not even going to recognize the existence of that face - wtf is going on with her back??

No. 210380

I think pulling up old pictures shows how bitter some of you are she's drop dead gorgeous and youthful. I pay for patreon because she's not a one dimensional person and being a famous cosplayer is an embarrassment to her.

No. 210383

She's going to be well known but Sarah Underwood famous

No. 210385

File: 1481191926226.jpg (65.2 KB, 480x720, IMG_0756.JPG)

Did she airbrush on a pair of tits? What the fuck?

No. 210386

File: 1481191966568.jpg (81.41 KB, 540x810, IMG_0754.JPG)

Nice try.

No. 210387

Why is she cosplaying a flat chested young looking character with those gross implants and granny face?

No. 210432

Yeah…okay anon. She looks about 30 years old and has the body of a 40 year old porn star. Nothing about her screams youthful. If it was such an embarrassment to her, then why does she keep making cosplays and calling herself a "costumer". All this girl wants is fame, money and attention.

No. 210479

She's cosplaying rikku when she let herself go after the calm set in and vegnagun was destroyed. She started mooching off yuna for money until yuna got sick of her shit and eventually got a job at rin's travel agency in the thunder planes. She was too scared of the thunder to get much exercise there, naturally, but binge eating chocobo tendies and cactuar kebabs helped her stress levels go down. She did get quite haggard due to all the stress and had to resew all her clothes to fit her new fat body, so they look a bit more shitty now.

It's an AU and a great cosplay.

No. 210520

…is that a lipstick mustache?

my sides

No. 210538


I'm sick of seeing white bread bitches tryna take cultures that aren't theirs to boost their fame. FOH luna

No. 210564

File: 1481225269040.jpg (84.95 KB, 504x960, IMG_1090.JPG)

Found this picture of her shitty Harley. She looks like a goblin.

No. 210568

Old pictures again so much triggers these Anorexics and Fatties you realize this thread is about someone that weighs 200 pounds not someone with baby fat lmfao

No. 210569

Hi zergie still throwing up fucking ugly bitch

No. 210571

File: 1481226947405.png (3.23 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_4799.PNG)


No. 210580

Literal box shaped body and witch from Snow White face. How unfortunate.


No. 210590

File: 1481233023227.jpg (79.59 KB, 720x480, IMG_0757.JPG)

We get it luna, you're jealous of Kay. As if you can call anyone ratchet when you sell nudes.

No. 210610

Literally who?

No. 210663

This is so obviously still Luna. Poor girl. she hates Kay because Kay is better than her on every front. Better at making cosplay and much better looking and actually fit. And didnt have to ruin her body with plastic. Oh and she doesn't have to get nude for money. Same with SwimsuitSuccubus.

No. 210664

File: 1481238724744.jpg (706.65 KB, 1732x1155, IMG_2562.JPG)

Her face looks like a caveman in this photo. Why would she post this

No. 210666

Both she and Nigri have such old granny butterfaces, it's creepy!

No. 210669

File: 1481239879834.png (122.56 KB, 750x674, IMG_0759.PNG)

Luna is losing her mind over SS making more money than her and not getting nude. No one would be talking about how SS makes more money if Luna herself wasn't bringing her up along with Kay and Nigiri. Luna should stop trying to shit talk girls doing better than her. It just draws attention to how pathetic she is.

No. 210675

Luna has over 200k followers on insta, 100k on facebook and 80k on twitter
SS has 30k on insta, 37k on facebook and 30k on twitter doesnt do nudes and still makes more money on patreon than Luna. That's also excluding however much SS makes in sales from her photoset store. I see why Luna is pressed.

No. 210676

That's what happens when you buy likes and deliver shitty content I guess

No. 210678

Same people that are so jealous of Luna it's so funny they think cosplaying is a thing

No. 210680

lmfao what

No. 210681

I'm a fan and a patreon it's nice to hide behind anon but you're outright lying in almost all posts. Go to verification sites Luna's followers are real which is why she works outside of cosplay for marketing and branding in the music industry. She didn't have the nudes you people are speculating about it's mostly pin up and old movie star glam pictures nothing distasteful or porn looking. I've seen all the ladies mentioned here and Luna's a natural beauty which is why she will go further in her career. I wasn't aware to be a independent contractor you had to be part of a community of shit talkers. She makes more at a hobby than most that make it their career no wonder you people are what she says about you. All these pictures are old because I shared this thread and she told me she has lupus and is on steroids during flare ups which explains weight gains. I think Kay is good for what she does but she's not beautiful and has a boy body. If looking like a boy is your thing then all those mentioned fit your tastes except the really overweight and unhealthy ones

No. 210684

Oh this is sad

No. 210685

You're ignorant and do fact checks of styles of nude a nipple isn't nude and if you think stimulation of getting fucked in the ass in every picture is great content you're ? the only patreon you attract is the worst type of sex addict

No. 210686

Do you sit on anon all day id say you are busting your nuts and going no place in life but that's my opinion

No. 210687

What's sad is a group of people that spend their lives shit talking someone they never met or talked to in real life?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210688

File: 1481243077238.jpg (174.15 KB, 750x957, IMG_0761.JPG)

Lol what the fuck is the this garbled mess of text? Luna herself says she does nudes what the fuck is this idiotic paragraph about? Many of these photos posted are from this year.
Welcome back Luna. I see you gave up on trying to change your typing style. You litterally call what you do NUDES and theres several photos of you with your plastic tits out. You're a phsyco.

No. 210689

Wow nude and Fetish. She's a camwhore! Showing here bare tits and still will never reach Nigiri's level.

No. 210690

Only luna herself calls her supporters patreons not patrons so it's definitely her lol

No. 210692

If she makes money doing other stuff like you claim, why is she doing nude and fetish softcore porn? Desperate much?

No. 210697

Luna, get some fucking help. It's pathetic how much time you have to come on lolcow to whiteknight yourself. Nobody on this site uses fucking emojis besides you btw.
Maybe if you spent as much time working out as you do spamming shit about Kay and SS, you'd be making more money on Patreon.
Then again, working out won't fix that haggard ass witch face of yours.

No. 210699

Like the other anon said here, >>210538 it's unfortunate genetics. Right now they're both in a tizzy because being mixed is trendy rn with big butts and lips. At least jnig is making money but still

No. 210704

She's not and that's what's so funny you people have no idea about marketing do you lmfao

No. 210705

Luna please seek professional help.

No. 210706

why are you doing nude and fetish softcore porn?
It says on your patreon "NUDE and FETISH" so please explain, LUNA, how you aren't doing porn or posing nude?

No. 210707

No amount of money in the world could fix this botched plastic bitch. She wants to be famous so badly but she's really just another internet whore selling her body.

But oh wait, she's not a whore because she sells nudes. (wat???)
It's obvious she hates herself.

No. 210709

If she's not doing nudes then she's just blatantly lying to lure people in and steal money. Even though she's already posed nude.

No. 210710

None of these photos are from the past 8 months all old shit just to make it look like she's a fat lard like momocunt and most are from over a year ago and when she was 19 lol but keeping trying the more you talk the better

No. 210711

File: 1481245003337.jpg (55.36 KB, 720x481, t9hjHHt.jpg)

Luna Lanie looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome which explains her behavior.

No. 210712

If she has where are these nudes

No. 210713

File: 1481245072343.jpg (60.97 KB, 481x720, R0ZG0Xy.jpg)

>from over a year ago and when she was 19

So she's only 20? HOLY SHIT SHE LOOKS OLD AS FUCK even with all her photoshop lol

No. 210714

No. 210715

besides the nudes posted in this thread, here's some more since you want to see them so badly.

No. 210716

Another old stolen set and Kay just copied but looks like a poop doing it just stop your jealousy is so pathetic please sign up and buy more to expose the fact she's hotter than any cosplayer out there

No. 210717

Of course none of these photos look like her because she's had enough plastic surgery to make her look like a different person. Your whole face and body doesn't change from 19 to 22. You've already hit puberty.

No. 210719

>>210714 lol you are digging your grave and isn't that where you ugly cunts advertise you convention meet ups

No. 210720

Luna is so jealous of Kayyybear. Lmao look how this haggard old-face slut keeps bringing her up.

No. 210721

Prove it then all you people do is obsess its kind of funny how you just post a bunch of lies. Have you ever met her at 19? 17? Even this year?

No. 210723

The funny thing is she's not old looking at all I think you're confused with nigri who looks like a trailer meth addict

No. 210724

Bahahahaha ok fucking virgin these aren't nudes can you please go get fucked and stop eating fast food and jacking off to lolicon in your parents basement

No. 210725

Nigiri doesnt do nudes and still makes more than you luna

No. 210726

Pics don't lie boo

No. 210728

Why don't you post something in the past 2 months? Oh because you're too poor to steal more pictures and only a disgusting neck beard with low self esteem would fan fucked up looking females who wish they were models. It are just cumdumps for desperate men that can't get a girlfriend

No. 210729

Not nudes have been posted virgin but nice try nigri looks like an old drunk that my brother fucks behind the 7 11

No. 210730

Lol wait are you the ones that claim everyone photoshops and she's all real I fucked her last night(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210731

Only a newfag thinks men are on this board. nice job further giving yourself away Luna.

No. 210732

The white trash whiteknights have invaded

No. 210733

Only a mental dude that buys shit that 9 year old play with would think she's hot . Just come out dude no one will judge for liking dick

No. 210735

There are they just got fixed I know for a fact Kay and swimsuit had something down there but got it cut off

No. 210736

keep going Luna. You're only sinking deeper.

No. 210737

Speaking of Photoshop how sad and old do you have to be to buy cheap ass lingerie from yandy to pander to neckbeards and then shop yourself so much that your nose ring looks like it's embedded into your face

No. 210738

Keep calling everyone that defends her Luna you dumb cocksucker

No. 210739

File: 1481246494264.png (821.97 KB, 1273x717, they'rehardasrocks.png)

Every time I see Luna's boobs, I think of this scene from Mean Girls.
"Make sure you check out her mom's boob job. They're hard as rocks!"

No. 210741

Go ask your followers for a new body maybe then you can compete until then please learn to Internet properly lol

No. 210742

Luna, you're the only one stupid enough to try and claim that Kayy and SS used to have dicks. Get some help.

No. 210744

File: 1481246895426.jpg (73.84 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nb7e24vutC1tdk4kbo1_500…)

Luna used to give Alex Ramos free use of her roastie vagina.

No. 210745

File: 1481246913177.jpg (165.24 KB, 640x960, tumblr_nb7e24vutC1tdk4kbo2_128…)

No. 210750

File: 1481248038650.png (246.73 KB, 1242x1446, IMG_2567.PNG)

He still uses her. According to his Twitter he was in Nashville where Luna lived and was posting about how sick he is of her shit. Even the psycho Alex Ramos will never love you Luna.

No. 210751

File: 1481248061587.png (286.6 KB, 1242x1558, IMG_2566.PNG)

No. 210758

File: 1481249473841.jpg (42.87 KB, 600x450, tumblr_nmg6fxwd611usrd21o1_128…)

Then after that she was porking Martin Wong

No. 210760

File: 1481249540597.jpg (63.22 KB, 600x900, tumblr_nmg6i9uNkY1usrd21o1_128…)

her nasolabial folds are triggering

No. 210761


she fucking looks like Nicole Kidman had really bad plastic surgery holy shit

No. 210765


I never said or implied anything to do with genetics (although you're right in a sense, they're just kinda busted up from what they've done to themselves). Simply that she took and bastardized la catrina, or general dia de los muertos, and put her fake ass white bread self in it to try to make money.

i'm also a salty mexican bitch so maybe i'm just extra

No. 210800

Did she have a meltdown during the Suicide Squad cosplay contest?

No. 210810

Yeah she posted a video crying saying it was rigged and saying she's never gonna cosplay DC again then got all her followers to spam hate to DC

No. 210812

Oh my god, do you have a link? Was this on her Facebook or Youtube?

No. 210823

Twitter iirc

But it's probably been deleted

No. 211040

It's still up on her periscope so check soon before she sees this deletes it, since she lurks this thread. Basically DC Picked another girl instead of her so she had typical Luna meltdown, saying they just wanted to use her for her fans and started shit-talking/harassing DC. They eventually banned her from insta and Twitter for a few days.

No. 211095

Basically she won the contest but because she had the editor of DC online giving her tips and info behind the scene they thought it was an unfair advantage

No. 211105

Nice theory but she hates him and of course you ignore the fact she keeps going back to LA to see her real boyfriend.

No. 211114

Here's a recent photo like anon asked for. If you're looking for sympathy Luna, this isn't the place.

No. 211116

File: 1481299378506.png (251.82 KB, 1242x1927, IMG_2554.PNG)

Didn't add pic

No. 211121

Well time for me to go do some crunches. Absolutely revolting.

No. 211132

What you Asians forget is that neckbeards love soft and pillowy white cosplayers so pocs eat your hearts out you'll never be famous for anything lol

No. 211135

File: 1481302448923.jpg (97.2 KB, 800x1200, IMG_4803.JPG)

November looks like she's out of cosplay on to better things

No. 211136

Go do that Mariah

No. 211137

You people must have eating disorders if you think this is overweight it was more popular on you tube than any other cosplayer in the past year

No. 211140

File: 1481302851923.webm (3 MB, 1920x1080, vampirella dance.webm)

No. 211142

File: 1481302916089.jpg (145.2 KB, 900x1200, IMG_4804.JPG)

You're making fools of yourself she's hotter than you and verified something ugly bitches like you will never be so go cry.

No. 211143

Old video

No. 211144

So I guess you're making fun of ivy doom kitty and all the fat chicks in cosplay lol

No. 211147

look at the photoshopped hand LMAO

No. 211148

When ugly girls spend their time obsessing about hot chicks so funny

No. 211149

We're not calling you fat Luna, you fucking idiot. We're saying you Photoshop your pics and look nothing like you do in real life.

No. 211150

Alright Luna, we get it, you're racist…give it a rest.

No. 211152


Once again, white bread bitch has no ass to shake. Just thigh jigglin'.

No. 211165

it must be hard to be ugly and make cosplays and no one cares

No. 211169

Even if she wore a trash bag more popular than you now go eat some sushi and throw it up

No. 211170

triggered by trump

No. 211173

That would be your girl nigri who gets pimped by her fam

No. 211174

File: 1481306058174.jpg (37.24 KB, 320x320, IMG_4805.JPG)

Lol cow

No. 211177

Omg this bitch has a hard on for Luna

No. 211184

Pretty sure her creepy dad fucks her

No. 211191

Luna has a hard on for kayyybear and SSS

No. 211192

File: 1481307457789.jpg (55.75 KB, 480x480, IMG_4808.JPG)

No. 211193

File: 1481307504121.jpg (34.78 KB, 480x480, IMG_4806.JPG)

Is she getting fat?

No. 211207

She's like an ant compared to you Luna

No. 211247

She's black as one lemme get some insecticide lol(racebait)

No. 211265


ew stop your
>race baiting

No. 211266

File: 1481318477057.jpg (83.15 KB, 480x720, IMG_0755.JPG)

Luna is mentally retarded. She whores herself to neckbeards for money and validation because a bimbo like her with an IQ of 55 could never do anything else. Look at how stupidly she "whiteknights" herself. She cant even comprehend why people make fun of her. It's pathetic how racist and delusional this cow is. Move her to PT.

No. 211267

Gross. Hank hill ass.

Who is this? She's pretty cute tbh.

No. 211268

She's Kayyybear cosplay. A girl Luna is insanely jealous of because she's pretty, in shape, friends with Nigiri and a million times better at cosplay.

No. 211272

How many times is she going to come here and whiteknight herself? Holy shit, this thread is like Selfposting 101. Luna this is delusional

No. 211274

And she's going to keep doing it because a retard never learns. She should have been in PT ages ago.

No. 211279

Come on Luna, atleast act like other cows and pretend you would never come on lolcow and that you are above cosplay drama. You make it too easy;sperging over the same 4 cosplayers you are jealous of and not even trying to disguise yourself in posts. Face it Luna, no one likes you and you being a racist cuntbag is not gonna help you reach Nigri levels of fame.

No. 211290


actually pathetic, wonder what would happen if you used this time to make cosplays that aren't garbage….oh right, no one would give a shit.

No. 211291


Exactly this. Luna's new cosplay name should just be racist cuntbag.

No. 211298

File: 1481322906752.jpg (78.26 KB, 643x960, IMG_0721.JPG)

Wait Luna is 20?? Wow in this Mariah Mallad thread Luna was sperging out hardcore over swimsuitsuccubus >>>/pt/311262
It must be because SS is 25 and looks 10 years younger than Luna who she's 5 years older than lmao! Must feel humiliating to get a bunch of plastic surgery and photoshop yourself to high heaven and still look ancient compared to people older than you.

No. 211304

File: 1481323810500.png (49.05 KB, 750x342, IMG_0781.PNG)

Luna is so triggered over Succ

No. 211307

File: 1481324359748.jpg (95.5 KB, 600x560, IMG_2587.JPG)

No. 211327

File: 1481326891678.png (94.86 KB, 750x769, IMG_0786.PNG)

Lol here's an embarrassing video of her trying to proove she has an ass. It's all shot in slow mo and she makes this laughably exaggerated "struggle" of pulling her shorts over her flat ass while shitty rap plays in the background. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNaxRrDjeG2/

No. 211329

Too bad the same cosplayers keep making posts pretending to be Luna. Go get real jobs instead of shit posting your jealousy

No. 211334

Why are you replying on my post telling me this? Luna has a flat ass and that's a fact. Thanks for your irrelevant comment.

No. 211336

Yes, Loonie. Everyone on this website are the same cosplayers that you're jealous of–I mean that are jealous of you. You figured it all out.

No. 211362

someone must be killing time in the welfare line today

No. 211369

File: 1481334879033.jpg (2.74 MB, 3840x5760, FB485289-6660-4AAF-857F-6F323D…)

This "cosplay" is supposed to be deadpool as a sith according to Luna. What even made her decide this made sense and was good? This is past Nigiri levels of bullshit.

No. 211372

File: 1481335358599.jpg (57.07 KB, 480x480, IMG_0793.JPG)

Her Harley is also fucking terrible. Pic from SVCC this year.

No. 211374

She got a pancake ass though.

No. 211376

Admin-sama, Farmhands, can any of you guys please confirm if Lunatic Loonie is posting in this thread?

No. 211379

built like a fucking ox

No. 211380


Damn Luna, LG should hire you as a model cause that body has High quality fridge written all over it. Make sure to promote the 10 year warranty because we know you'll break down soon and be traded in for a newer model lol.

No. 211381

File: 1481336935040.jpg (99.43 KB, 500x500, IMG_0794.JPG)

No. 211382

lol luna none of us would be talking shit about you if you didnt photoshop yourself to within an inch of your life and whore yourself out for whatever attention you can find.

Also Im not Mariah, Asian or jelly about your spare tyre. Im just some random. Seeing it has inspired me to start doing situps and to cut all the sugar from my diet so I thank you again.

take care and get help.

No. 211383

File: 1481337066392.jpg (101.45 KB, 391x500, IMG_0792.JPG)

Why did she do this horrible inaccurate Harley?

No. 211384

wtf if the inside of the garment is so exposed like that why would she not use a flat felled seam? i can't pay attention to anything else but that…..

No. 211390

She didn't make it, its from Castle Corsetry. This was for a modeling shoot they were doing showing off some of their new pieces. The corset bra and cape are all from them.

No. 211395

ahh i see. thats still a shame though. especially coming from a clothing company.

No. 211655

Kind of OT but this thread has lowkey confirmed my own gears about my body. I have a similar shape to loonie, the whole high hip flare thing…tho I don't have fake tits. Anyway long story short, I need to lose some eeigbt

No. 211682

Lol for shit posting castle corsetry

No. 211685

The bra and corset that they're advertising are fine

But the raw edges and seams of that cape is not up to standard with the rest of their stuff
It makes no sense why they used it for their fashion show

No. 211692

Let's see what you make that's better?

No. 211694

Literally a cape with lining

No. 211697

File: 1481408966769.jpg (34.15 KB, 480x480, IMG_4815.JPG)

Work on that face first

No. 211699

Who the fuck even is that? Is your Patreon really this dead Luna?

No. 211700

File: 1481409059877.jpg (44.81 KB, 320x320, IMG_4813.JPG)

Do you just stay on Anon and Reddit all day? Nice cosplay

No. 211703

loonie wants to be famous so bad she has to bump her own lolcow thread lmao

No. 211710

File: 1481409501397.jpg (538.17 KB, 1503x1089, loonie.jpg)

Holy fuck Luna, you look like Ilona Staller

No. 211714

File: 1481409705991.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2617.PNG)

This bitch can't photoshop for shit. Her entire face is like a puddle lol JUST STOP.

No. 211765

Can anyone identify who yhis person Luna is sperging about is? She doesn't even seem like she's affiliated with anyone in the popular cosplayers circle so it must must be another high school vendetta like kay lol

No. 211791

Body was perfect

No. 211810

Who is this? Is it luna?

No. 211872

Crystal or Sean something

No. 211879

What's Luna's issue with them?

No. 212059

Luna have you made an appointment with a psychiatrist yet?

No. 212084

File: 1481483272790.png (172.37 KB, 750x1269, IMG_0991.PNG)

Nothing said on the internet bothers you?

Is that why you have to make a post every week if not every other day about how much you "don't care" about people saying shit online? Lol

No. 212111

Lol wow. It's me, I go by TheGamingKoalaX on Twitter. Luna added me like 2 years ago when she was a fucking nobody, and I became friends with Kay, and she freaked the fuck out and unfollowed me. I called her out for being a fake gamer/cosplayer and she has been on a vendetta against me ever since. I'm a nobody haha all I do is stream I'm not even part of the fucking cosplay community just some girl who must've gotten under her skin cuz I called her a two faced cunt. This is the first time I've even posted here, Kay let me know she was posting mad shit about me. Pathetic!

No. 212113

also why the fuck are you stalking my pictures you crazy bitch? You blocked me, remember? I'm not making money off anyone, I work full time ffs like what purpose does putting me on blast on this really serve you?

No. 212115

I'm so glad a bitch who's 100% fake and I've never seen without a caked face of makeup is going to post a photo of me and put me on blast for just showing off a lipstick I bought sans other makeup -_- I've never even met this crazy bitch

No. 212134

yet she keeps coming back to vehemently white knight herself claiming she's not her. Ok Luna.

don't worry about it literally no one cares. Everyone knows it's her.

No. 212149

It seems that she's a huge stalker herself for as many times as she accused people in this thread of stalking her social media.

No. 212161


It's cool. Here's a link to all her trash photos from her Patreon. I don't know why anyone pays for this shit. It's clear she does her own editing and photography because all these pictures look so fucking bad. You can definitely tell her tits, nose, and lips are fake, her ass is not nearly as big as she tries to make it out to be. I'm not a sexy person but I also don't go around pretending to be, but this bitch is ugly from the inside out.

No. 212261

File: 1481503233784.png (2.54 MB, 3286x1080, luna 1.png)

>>211655 dude I feel ya. Luckily, I don't cosplay and put myself out there in the public eye like some of these girls do. Matter of fact, I do agree that attacking the way Delanie looks is irrelevant, regardless. She's not fat at all, and she's hella short, the thing that bothers me is this bitches attitude. She went on a rampage back in the Spring and blocked like 150 cosplayers because Nigri pointed out to one of her "fans" after Luna claimed she does all photography herself, that it was actually her BF helping her. Then the bitch tries to play it off like her marketing person was the one abusing her social media and she doesn't like drama blahblahblah…yet here we are, 8 months later, and crazy bitch is calling people thots and ratchet again. I don't even care what she looks like, she's a pathological liar, sociopath, narcissist, and I actually pity her fanbase that thinks she gives 2 fucks about them.

No. 212263

File: 1481503298835.png (2.12 MB, 3286x1080, luna 3.png)

No. 212287

Holy shit you autist, learn to fucking crop your screenshots before you post them here.

Fucking retard

No. 212296

they provided delicious milk, I can forgive the uncropped screencap >>212287
You sound overly upset about it tbh.

No. 212306

I have a dual screen set up I didn't think it'd screen cap the whole thing ffs lol.
Autist? Because I didn't know how to do one technical thing correctly? Retard? Do you even have friends? At least I don't hide behind a fucking screen, I put myself out here in the open BECAUSE I GIVE ZERO FUCKS. Come after me, Lanie, you fucking trash cunt!

No. 212309

Woops. Sorry for responding to yours. As I stated, I've literally never used this site before today lmfao

No. 212312

File: 1481506516605.png (145.88 KB, 828x1060, luna 3 crop.png)

Here ya go, fuckface.

No. 212313

Don't argue, just keep posting screenshots.

No. 212318

File: 1481506771295.jpg (188.72 KB, 834x884, luna 4.jpg)

No. 212326

File: 1481507351710.jpg (496.47 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_0994.JPG)

Just lurked your twitter and this was the best lmfao thank you

No. 212327

Nothing salacious here sounds like she's not over her ex

No. 212330


Nah this just pissed me off because I thought she was actually being genuine and …idk…a human…I actually bought into all her bullshit and her apologies to me even AFTER she put my name on her facebook asking her fans to report my page for getting her twitter account suspended when it was her dumbass that locked herself out of her own account. She deleted the post but that is also on my twitter.

No. 212339

It's DELICIOUS because Luna Lanie herself made this entire thread to deny she ever dated Martin Wong and there she is admitting it.

Now thanks to Kimchi we know why Luna is so assblasted over Jnigs ( >>212261 ) Still no explanation over her pycho hate for SSS but I bet it's only because she makes more on patreon without getting nude and with a much smaller fanbase.

No. 212343

Luna brought up some dude named Raquib in connection to Succubus >>208658
Another highschool drama case like Kayyybear?

No. 212346

File: 1481509212145.jpg (117.26 KB, 657x853, luna 5.jpg)


Nah this just pissed me off because I thought she was actually being genuine and …idk…a human…I actually bought into all her bullshit and her apologies to me even AFTER she put my name on her facebook asking her fans to report my page for getting her twitter account suspended when it was her dumbass that locked herself out of her own account. She deleted the post but that is also on my twitter.

No. 212350

I thought there was a time when people pointed out the Luna stole Susu's patreon layout and she got all defensive and tried to turn it around on her? Idk. There doesn't seem to be any connection or convo I can find between the two. Maybe she just hates her because she's friends with Kayla and Mariah honestly.

No. 212353

I honestly would NOT be surprised if Martin just knew she was only after his talents as a photographer and his in with the community, she used to be shoved up JNigs ass too until Jess blocked her. Maybe he hit it and quit it but she wants to say they "dated" like she ended it. She has been on and off with Alex too…but she's definitely seen quite a number of other guys since.

No. 212354

Pretty sure Luna just hates SSS because she's more successful than her with less followers. And much more naturally attractive. She hates Mariah because she's associated who Kay and Mariah called her out once or twice about her bullshit on Twitter. She hates Kay because they went to high school together and had drama but idk what the drama was. It's most likely just another lie bc this thread proves that she can't even keep up with her own lies.

No. 212412

For how much Luna accuses everyone else of buying followers she probably buys them herself.

No. 212429

File: 1481522085046.png (195.23 KB, 368x366, Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.54…)


fucking nightmare fuel

No. 212472

Why are all her photos such shit quality and low res? Who pays money to jerk to such shit tier photos? I bet she donates to herself on patreon like she accuses Nigiri of doing.

No. 212519

Nah, Luna just did a huge Follow 4 Follow train bs back like 2 years ago where she followed like 80k people to get followers and her name out, then she went and unfollowed everyone on it and a lot of them stayed cuz tits.

No. 212629

I think you protest too much and those don't look like her writing style. I call bullshit on this thread.

No. 212643

lol whatever you say, I have the receipts. Want me to film a fucking video right on my Twitter? She has a lot of this shit still posted right on her Twitter anyways. Does not take much digging.

No. 212668

Maybe you should just avoid putting your email on an imageboard…

No. 212688

My email is my business email out in the public anyways. My email doesn't connect the bitch to my personal photos from my other social media that I don't even have listed on my twitter? Photos she uploaded from months if not years ago? Kinda stalker, IMO, regardless if it's Loonie or not

No. 212706

So much anger for someone you don't know. Sure bout that?

No. 212719

I don't really understand your point? She doesn't know any of the people she has attacked personally either. I didn't give a fuck about this bitch until she decided to post photos of me when I had nothing to do with this thread? Not really sure how anyone could be surprised why I am pissed off.

No. 212732

File: 1481577777387.gif (494.89 KB, 226x309, a3kQJDXfun.gif)

>This whole thread as of lately


No. 212742

Good job Kimichi, I hope our glorious Admin-sama or our beloved Farmhands can confirm Luna's IP here so shit goes down the drain.

No. 212747

I meant that if you namefag and post your email in a thread where we all know Luna lurks in, the point of being anonymous is lost and there's a 100% chance that someone (Luna in this case) will look for your personal informations/photos and do what they like with them

No. 212756

I tell her to bring it. I made myself public for a reason. To prove that I am not afraid of this stupid cunt and why would I all of a sudden make myself public if I was "just sitting on anon all day" like the cunt claimed when she decided to post my pictures. I have no "fame" to lose lmfao xD

No. 212759

Why do you give such a shit? You seem like the one whos mad.

No. 212762


No. 212764

File: 1481580296691.jpg (166.36 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0847.JPG)

Look how blurry her face is. Trying to hide those premature wrinkles?

No. 212817

This was the most amazing thing I ever read. Just because you actually created a mini fan fic here almost. So accurate.
But for real that's actually my favourite Rikku scene in X and I would love if Luna would stop ruining my favourite characters…

No. 212886

omg lol it's not even a face anymore. She turned it into soup.

No. 213023

Bitch you post about her non stop on Reddit you love the attention

No. 213024

She must have receives tips from darshelleeeeeeeeeeee

No. 213025

Dumb bitch there are other people that support her stfu cunt you things are so putrid

No. 213027

File: 1481622775023.jpg (73.33 KB, 480x640, IMG_0698.JPG)

Luna STILL comes here holy shit. Also lmao at this old pic she used to look much less ugly before the plastic surgery. She actually paid to look worse.

No. 213031

Her "new" Face totally reminds me of Sheena Duquette

No. 213052

You're obsessed because you wished you looked that hot. Fucking rancid toilet brush looking cunt

No. 213053

hi Kay still jealous none of the white boys wanted your insect looking face lmfao

No. 213055

Yeah if you like underage girls

No. 213058

File: 1481631564951.png (224.8 KB, 1280x1024, Untitled.png)

Actually I've posted about her 3 times. Back in the Summer/Spring. But good try fuck face. Shove your head up her ass a little more, I don't think you're kissing it enough :')

No. 213059

At least 80% of Luna's followers are fucking creepy ass dudes in their 40s hitting on someone half their age or stupid little teenagers that shouldn't even be allowed on sites like this. Sit the fuck down. She knows what attraction she wanted to draw when she started flashing her fake ass tits all over the place.

No. 213060

And honestly, nothing I said about her was even that mean on Reddit and again, I wasn't anon. Quit being little bitches hiding behind your computer screen lmfao why you so scared???

No. 213061

Also you need to chill the fuck out, because she did look pretty in this photo. That's the issue. She's obviously insanely self concious about herself, you can clearly tell from this photo (that's from 2 years ago, WELL PAST PUBERTY) that she has had lip injections and she definitely did something with her boobs. Are we really going to go through all this shit with another cosplayer like we did with Jessica Nigri? I love Jess but like, ffs no one gives a shit if someone got implants, just STOP LYING ABOUT IT.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213084

Like you kiss that scammer Nigris ass get the fuck off your ass and work out instead of being a hater. You worship Jessica because shes got fake tits and has had them done 4 times, terrible nose job, butt injections, and she's Lin her 30s so stfu about fake bitches when you have your head up someone getting raided soon

No. 213085

Meanwhile you dated a Mexican and an Asian so the white boys didn't want your herpes infested vag either, loonie

No. 213086

This girl is raging so fucking funny how she cares so much about someone that didn't give her enough attention

No. 213089

This isn't Luna you remedial school hoe. We all know all you do is spread your AIDS infected cunt for molly

No. 213091

Kay give it up you are never going to be anything but some white cosplayer girls poc that they use when they need you to balance out a picture.

No. 213093

Because literally the only person replying to these threads in Luna. It's almost like she wants it to be known lol

No. 213100

First off, learn to read you illiterate cuck. I just said that we all know Jessica had a boob job. I literally don't give a fuck. Do I like Jessica? Yes. But I'm not friends with her. At least she's not going around harassing and attacking people. Butt injections? No. It's called photoshop. Nothing any worse than your beloved Delanie does. You can tell every single fucking photo of hers her proportions are absurdly different even in the past month. So stop trying to play it off it's because of "old photos". Also Jessica is actually 26. So nice try, again. In the rare occasion that you see Jessica without a face full of makeup, she looks her age. The makeup makes these chicks look way older than they are. Jessica didn't send people here.
Kayla didn't send people here.
Take your girl Delanie off a fucking pedestal for one second to realize you're worshipping a literal human trash can full of anger and hatred for any person that doesn't 100% kiss her ass or agree with her practices of how she handles herself publicly. I've got receipts for days on this bitch, but keep trying to blame Kayle or Mariah or whoever the fuck when I'm the one laying all this shit out in the open for you. Salty little bitch.

No. 213105

You mean the salty cosplayers that started this thread? They can't stand the fact they will never be known for anything except being sex workers

No. 213110

None of those "salty cosplayers" would start this thread to defend you, dumbass. You must have forgotten you started this thread about yourself Luna. While trying to desperately white knight yourself in Mariah Mallad's thread. You sperg constantly about how successful you are and how above everyone else you are, yet you constantly come here talking shit about others to defend yourself and sell nudes for money. Apparently selling nudes doesn't make goddess Luna a sex worker. Everyone bow down.

No. 213111

Are you special? Lmfao I'll bite why are you sure this is Luna? Just saying the same stupid thing over doesn't make it true Kay Mariah and whoever the fuck you are trying so hard to make it seem she cares about you cows

No. 213115

She doesn't need to white knight herself she has a whole team of fans that would knock out anyone making up lies which iOS happening here

No. 213117

You don't have shit. But go pretend she'd ever give you the time of day bitch

No. 213123

I noticed Luna called out Jessica for lying about having a boyfriend shoot her patreon pictures? Which means Jessica' was either stalking her feed or having these minions do it. Talk about a bunch of narcissistic cunts who think everything Luna tweets is about them lol

No. 213138

Alright Loonie go back to fucking a Klansman, you racist nazi cunt.

No. 213154

more like you clearly have way too much time on your hands, Luna.
Yet you still haven't figured out how to change your typing style.

No. 213160

File: 1481648277770.jpg (10.55 KB, 275x213, IMG_2693.JPG)

No. 213167

Why would Jess care about you? She's making 50k a month and the only person who could match that is maybe Turney. You can barely make lunchbox money Luna

EWW Jessica's face is a disgusting leather crater. That's the worst thing about her for sure. That boob gremlin is well into milf status. You're dumb as fuck and aren't you the same fat chick who tried to be a handler for Shitna? Or something

No. 213171

Keep lying to make yourself look important it's easy to copy style you'd know that the best right? Not an original in the lot of you

No. 213177

She cares you must not know @ her ED of sitting on boards like this one to see what people are writing about her. Hey Jessica you need to get your personality fixed when you get that next ass fat injection

No. 213182

da fuq is a shitna?

No. 213183


LOL k Luna

No. 213197

A bit unrelated, but when did she meet Taylor Momsen?

No. 213207

photo looks like about 2 years ago…she was getting a lot of sponsors and i know it was around when she went out to visit Riot too. but, i swear every person that has sponsored her she has the turned around and shit on them and plays it like she gave them free promo lol

No. 213217

Like she gave them her promo loooooool just like DC. DC doesn't give a shit about her promo. She's a nobody

No. 213228

This info is a fail she was never sponsored by any company. She dated someone at Riot and some old dude at Gibson. She's in LA saw her snaps so why would she care about bitter bitches

No. 213231

She cares because she just made another reply on her own thread lol. Have fun stalking lolcow in LA, loonie!

As if any desperate "fan" would know that much about your personal life from two years back, strangers you've dated and post your business/location on an anonymous chat board. It's you luna, give it up

No. 213239

File: 1481654770943.jpg (83.91 KB, 444x428, IMG_0865.JPG)

Wow. Luna is so caught up in her own deranged lies she forgot she made this thread herself to claim she never dated Martin Wong. An entire thread just to whiteknight herself.

No. 213241

I am on your side but uhh…idk what this picture has to do with Martin haha. It does piss me off she talks mad shit about him yet sells prints of his photography on her shop though…WITH HIS WATERMARK CUT OUT

No. 213242

she literally has videos about her sponsorships with companies like loot crate, pinkcity, and another gift box thing right. on. her. youtube.

No. 213244

It doesn't have to do with Wong, obviously. It's just yet another example of what a tacky skank Luna is and how poorly people in the cosplay community think of her.

No. 213245

sorry but your precious lil queen used all the promo she could to get her name out there and then got fake tits to do the rest

No. 213246

Luna we arent going to watch your youtube.

No. 213248

pretty sure you can still see her tweets about martin when she attacked lindze alamode and monika lee

No. 213249

Kimchi is posting this since some little cunt got me banned on using my actual name :') did not think it'd leave the clip on there though

No. 213250

Give up what you moron? It wasn't a secret I've been talking with her for over two years I know a lot of personal

No. 213254

How mad are you that people send her free shit L

No. 213257

You're fucking mental I told Luna about you lmonths ago when I ran her Reddit after that fat fucker screwed up. You literally sit on boards all day, I'm off today so I have all the time to fuck with you

No. 213260

Zero fucks given about the people she's pissed off they deserved it and what makes you think they hold any power because they dont

No. 213265

k. aside from this thread I have posted about Luna on reddit a total of 5 times…only reason I even came here was because one of you fucking psycho stalkers posted photos of me. Bitch wants to start a war? Bring it.

No. 213267

Come on ugly bitch let's hear some more bullshit about how the cosplay community has made her non existent invites dry up. That was the funniest crap you posted

No. 213268

Nah you've been on jessica nigri 2 posting about her don't lie

No. 213270

yeah you retard I just said that that is literally where ALL FOUR of my comments a ONE WHOLE POST is at fucking learn to read you twats I don't waste my time lying

No. 213272

Stalker is what you are someone that thinks they know someone based on Internet gossip and then proceed to go after them because they feel slighted in some way

No. 213274

You're a waste of life go get hit by a snowplow lol

No. 213275

really don't see how i am the stalker when she came after me first, then tried to play my friend, then turned on me? y'all have fun with jerking off to that psycho

No. 213277

Female and cosplayer so wrong again cuck

No. 213278

what does me being a female who has casually cosplayed a few times have to do with any of this bs

No. 213281

You inferred I have a cock to jack off

No. 213283

File: 1481657277898.png (142.12 KB, 749x732, IMG_0871.PNG)

Well I guess I'll just keep posting hilarious photos of Luna since people want to sit there arguing with her retard delusions instead of just posting more evidence to how shit she looks irl.

No. 213284

sorry for assuming. it's usually creepy guys who have attacked me whenever she and i have had a disagreement. but i still stand by the rest that i said. wif you're so proud of her as a friend why you so afraid to stand up for her non anonymous lol

No. 213289

File: 1481657447677.png (189.28 KB, 750x734, IMG_0872.PNG)

No. 213292

File: 1481657662898.png (256.61 KB, 749x923, IMG_0874.PNG)

What is this costume construction?

No. 213294

Hot as fuck I guess that's why shes partying w/celebrities and you are unverified and turning tricks

No. 213296

Everyone has unflattering pics but the fact is you're a nobody on an anon board obsessing about her. Makes you the L

No. 213298

File: 1481657998903.jpg (190.8 KB, 1066x1600, IMG_0875.JPG)

No. 213300

File: 1481658058170.jpg (278.79 KB, 1600x1067, IMG_0876.JPG)

Serving washed up aged porn star realness

No. 213304

File: 1481658182950.jpg (70.94 KB, 735x490, IMG_0877.JPG)

Leave the "i'm so quirky lol" faces to Jnig.

No. 213306

I'm so glad people can see how toxic nigri Fam is can't wait until someone like Anna Faith takes her spot. It's happening!

No. 213309

Oh yeah because that old cunt invented faces

No. 213311

"partying with celebrities"

No. 213312

File: 1481658717139.jpg (98.3 KB, 505x960, IMG_0879.JPG)

Her ass is so flat jesus

No. 213313

File: 1481658759946.jpg (131.66 KB, 500x750, IMG_0878.JPG)

What is going on with her face? Specifically her upper lip.

No. 213314

File: 1481658932261.png (196 KB, 750x870, IMG_0868.PNG)

Her hips are concave wtf?

No. 213316

You bitches are so pathetic can you please go cut yourself

No. 213317

File: 1481659105673.png (180.9 KB, 1242x2022, IMG_2695.PNG)

I'm gonna throw up lol. I recommend you stop bumping your own thread Luna. You'll be on your second thread in no time <3

No. 213319

File: 1481659138448.png (145.41 KB, 750x711, IMG_0866.PNG)

Her whiteknights work so hard because they know Luna will put her tongue on anything that gives her attention.

No. 213321

Beautiful skin

No. 213323

Already proved you're the dumb bitch

No. 213324


It took me a couple of days to figure it out, but she looks like a messy chunky Cameron Diaz in these pics.

No. 213326

This thread has jumped the shark ,this is the cosplay community people. Full of jealous girls and their psycho stalker fans that trash anyone doing better

No. 213327

Yeah but neckbeards love chunky look at Mariah lardball

No. 213328

Or ivy cumkitty

No. 213335

File: 1481659790315.jpg (98.41 KB, 500x750, IMG_2700.JPG)

Wtf is this

No. 213336

but this thread literally was started because someone tried defending luna's dating history. the thread was moved here BECAUSE it is about luna

No. 213342

Those boobs look so real.

No. 213345

she is REALLY sucking it in there huh. makes her thighs and arms look way too big for her body

No. 213351

Weightlifting body looks painful

No. 213352

Her arms are huge here you shopped this

No. 213358


Due to farmhand intervention Luna has her own thread.

No. 213377

make her a star

No. 213391

literally who

No. 213394

sorry that's your precious internet waifu

No. 213602

She tries so hard to have waist definition but these images don't lie

No. 213619

Please use >>213356.

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