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File: 1481662345732.jpg (98.41 KB, 500x750, loonatic loonie.jpg)

No. 213356

Her social media:

The amalgamation of silicone, delusion and failed parenting known as Luna Lanie has always been a source of lols but recently she's made it known what a bag of cockroach jizz she is due to her drama with Mariah Mallad.
It all began in Mariah's 6th thread after a twitter fight where Mariah called out Luna for being trash:

And Luna linked to mariah's lolcow thread then came to the thread herself:
Luna's greatest hits in that thread:

Luna is also known to have drama with cosplayer Kayyybear and as such hates any cosplayer who is friends with her. Luna's "reasoning" for this is found here in Mariah's 6th thread:
Kay "ripped her pants" in high school because they liked the same boy. cue Spongebob ripped pants song

Delanie/Luna is Linked to a twitter troll account that spawned right after Luna and Mariah had their twitter spat and attacks Mariah and Kay while retweeting all luna's photos:
The account's typing style is similar to Luna and similar to the posts made on lolcow in Luna's defense.

After the drama in Mariah's 6th thread Luna took to /pt/ to further whiteknight herself and the thread was moved to snow:

>Call's other cosplayers "costhots" and "ratchets" even though she sells her nudes

>Porked Alex Ramos, internet renowned trashlord and instigator in Amanda Todd's suicide.

>Rumored to have been pumped and dumped by Martin Wong

>Also whiteknights herself in her own patreon exploitation thread on anon-ib

*I made this thread because a farmhand said that posts about Luna in the thread she made to whiteknight herself were derailing and that we should make Luna her own thread.

No. 213359

File: 1481662672093.png (21.93 KB, 188x275, okluna.png)

twitter account believed to be Luna's sock puppet

No. 213361

File: 1481662742199.jpg (15.57 KB, 275x224, becausesherippedmypants.jpg)

Luna's sob story about her rampant hate for Kay

No. 213363

File: 1481662806709.jpg (615.76 KB, 1080x1503, lunakaydrama.jpg)

More Luna/Kay drama

No. 213365

File: 1481663044900.jpg (118.82 KB, 888x1070, costhots.jpg)

Luna calling other girls "costhots" despite being the one selling nudes.

No. 213368

File: 1481663261759.png (Spoiler Image, 153.68 KB, 750x1085, 1480838952838.png)

Luna whiteknighting herself on her patreon exploiting thread and proof that she sells nudes.

No. 213369

How is Kristen beak verified?

No. 213370

File: 1481663305352.png (163.37 KB, 750x957, 1480915309785.png)

further proof that Luna sells nudes

No. 213373

Who the fuck cares cosplay is full of camgirls and burlesque dancers ladee danger Stella Chu Verababy

No. 213378

>calls other girls "costhots" despite being the one selling nudes.
try to keep up.

No. 213379

File: 1481663987946.jpg (496.47 KB, 1564x1564, 1481507351710.jpg)

She's known to be a huge hypocrite, lol

No. 213380

So triggered again who the fuck cares

No. 213381

I just pledged

No. 213382

File: 1481664157769.png (184.3 KB, 1242x1386, IMG_2709.PNG)

Calling people who use Patreon prostitutes then making one herself, where she sells nudes.

No. 213383

Enjoy the Frankenstein nipples

No. 213385

Regular boobs I've seen them on snap already you're so extra

No. 213387

File: 1481664622801.jpg (1.06 MB, 1002x937, IMG_2710.JPG)

Yes these look very regular lol

No. 213388

Someone has a vendetta sounds like Niggi the Piggie

No. 213389

There's nothing regular about implants tho. Only girls with low self esteem get em.

No. 213390

File: 1481664672403.jpg (564.33 KB, 2609x1458, expereal.jpg)

I advise ignoring the whiteknights(LUNA herself) coming here and just keep laughing at this fridge-bodied cow.
Here's Luna Lanie photoshopped versus how she actually looks

No. 213392

They look the same it's all about angles

No. 213393

Like you

No. 213397

Only girls with money get them someone suffers from tiny titty envy

No. 213398

This is cute does she have a store?

No. 213399

File: 1481664967917.jpg (174.83 KB, 1200x892, 1480580020783.jpg)

Why does she photoshop herself to look like Michael Jackson with bolt on tits?

No. 213401

I advise you learn to deal because I have time and this is funny as fuck cow

No. 213402

File: 1481664988291.png (132.01 KB, 407x286, 1481151204423.png)

Oh good lord her shooped abdomen

No. 213403


No. 213404

File: 1481665048601.png (132.16 KB, 750x612, 1480583931165.png)

Luna wants to be bimbo status so bad she even sexualize underaged photos of herself

No. 213405

Bolt on oh is that British for chode dick

No. 213406

File: 1481665124782.jpg (97.31 KB, 801x1200, loonie lanie.jpg)

100% natural lol. No photoshop or implants at all

No. 213407

File: 1481665143641.png (621.5 KB, 1242x1898, IMG_2704.PNG)

She used to be somewhat pretty but then she ruined herself lol

No. 213408

Omg call social services the horror

No. 213411

She still has the same features cuck

No. 213414

She's so gorgeous 10/10 want to fuck

No. 213417

Ew she looks like cultural appropriation and underage nice nice get Swimsuits fan base

No. 213418

What is this even supposed to be?

No. 213419

File: 1481665495103.jpg (84.95 KB, 504x960, LOL.jpg)


so natural, no photoshop at all…

No. 213420

Newsflash you ain't going to hit it so who cares that's the scam all cosplayers learned from Niggie

No. 213421

File: 1481665510861.jpg (1.27 MB, 1332x1332, IMG_2719.JPG)

no surgery guise

No. 213422

Okay Vicky

No. 213424

File: 1481665597326.jpg (1.2 MB, 1242x1242, IMG_2720.JPG)

Its all just ANGLES!!!!

No. 213425

File: 1481665613630.jpg (60.97 KB, 481x720, 1481245072343.jpg)

everyone else is such a costhot, they can't be nearly as CLASSY as Luna. such elegance

No. 213426

body and slut shaming tisk tisk try something new these threads are getting redundant

No. 213429

what website do you think you're on??

No. 213430

Such ignorance in this thread and no difference in the bone structure

No. 213432

File: 1481665901041.jpg (1.1 MB, 1242x1242, IMG_2725.JPG)

everyone is jealous of me!!!

No. 213433

> you're so extra

Found the Luna!

No. 213434

Picture on the right is so blurry and looks like a little kid. That's the proof lmfao

No. 213435

File: 1481666025220.jpg (70.94 KB, 735x490, 1481658182950.jpg)

you guise are so EXTRA I'm 100% natural you jelly cunts!

No. 213438

File: 1481666175282.jpg (63.22 KB, 600x900, 1481249540597.jpg)

100% Natural

No. 213439

She got hotter hater maybe you should get some self esteem anon lol

No. 213440

Playboy wifey material

No. 213441

File: 1481666327021.jpg (600.42 KB, 2600x1876, natural.jpg)

No. 213443

Unless you think her whole face elongated by surgery it's called growing up

No. 213444

One on the left she's approaching Mariah tubby and one the right she's skinny

No. 213446

She's a yo yo not a drop of Nigri plastics in her

No. 213447

Damn 3 years makes a difference maybe she needs an intervention before she gets as fat as momo

No. 213448

Same face just older must be that good dick she's getting

No. 213450

File: 1481666706542.jpg (61.6 KB, 599x382, 1481006946244.jpg)

Luna probably tracked down Nigiri's surgeon for her boob job too seeing as how Luna wants to wear Jessica's skin.

No. 213452

File: 1481666774777.png (427.12 KB, 1440x2560, sKwrIvp.png)

She is only like 5'1" but what I find funny is she used patreon money for a gym membership in LA and then complained they made her "gain weight" are you fucking stupid? It's called gaining muscle lmfao

No. 213454

File: 1481666874732.png (557.02 KB, 1440x2560, 1YQ0XOh.png)


No. 213456

File: 1481666924944.jpg (16.34 KB, 320x401, 15355726_2201244946767767_2399…)

>Cultural appropriation

No. 213458

File: 1481666971224.jpg (299.03 KB, 1440x2560, mCaxyU4.jpg)

if she is yoyoing her weight it wouldn't all just go to her ass and boobs. though even her photos are inconsistent, as her ass and tits def get shooped a LOT

No. 213459

She said it was "November Rikku"

And yes. Rikku from FFX/X2.

No. 213460

Who's she dating now

No. 213462

File: 1481667170339.jpg (16.51 KB, 221x319, 1480574516712.jpg)

So… Rikku in a slutty Native American-themed outfit for Thanksgiving. Okay.

No. 213467

women in gaming calendar that was awful

No. 213468

Rachel Moores kickstarter for some dumb gaming calendar

No. 213474

Oh god shut that Beatlejuice looking hag up all Ani Mia does is lecture and complains

No. 213477

So what she paid for her hobby for a year or more unlike bitches that started patreon a month after cosplaying or the greedy ones like Nigri who scam

No. 213478

Again who the fuck cares The people you support use it their patreon money to support their boyfriends and friends trips to cons

No. 213480

He's in Miami he promoted nigri on his site they look like bubble guppies gone wild

No. 213481

I looked at her Instagram why does she gain and lose so much weight in short periods of time?

No. 213485

literally every time Luna does anything or gets excited about an event she immediately talks about how bad it was and how everything went wrong and it is never her fault. she can have all the internet friends she wants doesn't seem like she has many IRL friends though

No. 213486

that isn't the point you idiot. everything this girl says is a fucking contradiction

No. 213488

I honestly think she just goes over board on shooping herself in some photos. She can't weigh more than 140 lbs regardless…I think she tries to boost her assets and ends up making her mid section look flabby

No. 213489

Can someone teach her how to do makeup? It's like staring at a 10 year old put on eyeliner and mascara for the first time.

No. 213491

I remember that incident
It was some totally random surgeon that had no idea who she was and was using a photo he pulled off google

No. 213492

File: 1481668870518.png (429.67 KB, 967x1418, IMG_2727.PNG)

ah yes all natural

No. 213495

The "bottom eyeliner only" thing is driving me nuts

No. 213499

Then who are all the people she's with irl now on private snap?

No. 213500

Yeah Luna, who are they?

No. 213503

She never complained about wondercon, sdcc, svcc, the slutty waterpark con, fanime I'm going through her Facebook fan site at all the cons and it's just momocon she complained about but nice try at continually lying

No. 213506

Pay for it I'll never tell but omg poc everywhere

No. 213507

Teenage girls in a nutshell but they're so irresistible(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213508


No. 213510

File: 1481669968727.jpg (476.74 KB, 1536x2048, 1481005538631.jpg)

Anyone have the video of Luna crying because she didn't win a costume contest?

No. 213514

It's on her periscope, can't find the link right now but you need to have the app to see it

No. 213516

So much nothing here I wanted some real dirt like that bitch that fucked underage boys, or being illegal like sheena or a drug addiction but the worst is name calling lmfao lemme go to niggi thread

No. 213517

you mean the DC contest she claims that used HER for HER fanbase and free promo even though DC is larger than she can ever be?

No. 213518

nothing overly scandalous yet just a dumb bitch who tries way too hard

No. 213522

You mean the same thing you posted a day ago lol

No. 213524

? no that's literally what it says on that periscope video someone above just mentioned

No. 213526


Here's a podcast she was featured in talking shit about DC and "using her promotion".
Starts around 13:00

No. 213527

File: 1481671028210.png (269.96 KB, 562x354, schoolforants.png)

These are a little hard to read.

No. 213533

Yawn these bitches got nothing admins must be fucking them to keep this boring shit up

No. 213535

File: 1481671676302.png (283.87 KB, 1242x1733, IMG_2733.PNG)

No. 213537

Omg maid of might can someone put her face out of it's misery

No. 213539

Oh nice Carmel and now Hollywood Hills sounds like someone I'd rather roll with I bet she's crazy fuck in bed

No. 213541

She's so fucking hot now I hope she's getting more work done to piss you bitches off even more

No. 213543


Stop having conversations with yourself Luna. Literally no one cares about lindze except you apparently.

No. 213545

She's complained about every single one of those

She thinks fanime is too cliquey
Svcc is just a shit show by everyone's standards
She complained about drama non stop at sdcc and colossal

No. 213546

Oh that blue check I heard she got it before Niggie that must have pissed off the wicked old witch

No. 213548

No she didn't there's no where on her social she has positive things to say only

No. 213549

Show me

No. 213550

> on her social

There ya go.

You guys think she's unbearable online? Try in person.

No. 213551

File: 1481672691709.jpg (66.5 KB, 600x489, IMG_2735.JPG)

Here's a better pic of her kayyybear vendetta

No. 213555

File: 1481672821501.png (384.96 KB, 1242x1898, IMG_2708.PNG)

No. 213557

Too bad I'm not Luna but try harder fuckboy because I know who you are

No. 213561

Proves Kristen needs a nose job since she already had a horrible titty job.

No. 213565

Kay don't you have a bubble guppies commercial to shoot I heard you were cast as the token

No. 213568

You're already wrong but nice try

No. 213572

Too bad all of you are scared shitless of Luna you hide on anon with the exception of crazy Reddit Nigri fan girl

No. 213573

> too bad I'm not Luna




No. 213574


No. 213577

Try harder doubt you can get it up

No. 213578

Starting to remind me of another recent cow…..maybe we need to make luna some sparkly signature for her posts

No. 213582

Why don't YOU come off anon you scared little bitch

No. 213583

Omg they caught me! oh what will I do now that all my sponsors and con invites are no more? poor me how will I survive in this cruel cosplay world without Dick riding anyone more relevant than me so I can get shoutouts and retweets lmao

No. 213584

I thought the entire purpose pf moving this to it's own thread was to confirm we caught the bitch white knighting her own posts anyways

No. 213585

Because guppy puppy I'd rather fuck you up in rl

No. 213589

please try you're probably a dumb ass teenager or a fuckin neckbeard anyways

No. 213590

Obvious she's not here but it's fun as a fan to fuck with dumb bitches

No. 213593

What's stupid and black and gets trolled all day?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213594


No. 213595

The fact that her fans have this much time to whiteknight her and be proud of it is really sad lol

No. 213597

Call her Lulu because she wants to be on Kiki's level so bad.

No. 213598

ok but she's filming a commercial and you're whiteknighting yourself on lolcow

No. 213599

File: 1481674703684.jpg (101.69 KB, 540x720, 1480090989305.jpg)

Correction, The fact that LUNA has this much time to whiteknight herself and be proud of it is really sad lol

Either way just keep posting her laughably bad photoshops and botched implants

No. 213600

File: 1481674771789.jpg (70.08 KB, 480x720, 1480091601812.jpg)

her face in this pic legit scared me

No. 213603

File: 1481674836074.jpg (172.6 KB, 1155x1732, 1478634139143-1.jpg)

every photo you can see the dementia in her eyes

No. 213604

her tits look like shaved testicles

No. 213606

File: 1481674922964.jpg (61.05 KB, 720x480, 1476480120945-1.jpg)

the boob photoshopping in this pic is fucking horrendous

No. 213607

File: 1481675001013.jpg (304.21 KB, 1280x1920, 1478634139143-2.jpg)

please save her, her insanity is really apparent in this photo

No. 213609

File: 1481675151559.jpg (90.99 KB, 999x211, 1480578390079.jpg)

further proof Luna comes to Lolcow

No. 213610

I'm sure she is

No. 213613

Whoops, thought you meant Luna was filming a commercial. My bad

No. 213615

File: 1481675641204.png (236.86 KB, 1230x2056, IMG_2736.PNG)

Ew if you're selling photos and consider yourself at least edit this shit out instead of editing your boobs to look even more ridiculous

No. 213617

is she going bald?

No. 213621

Consider yourself a model**

No. 213626

File: 1481676519802.jpg (117.06 KB, 866x578, t9hjHHt.jpg)

this is so gross.

No. 213627

File: 1481676638666.jpg (78.82 KB, 497x720, cat (2).JPG)

her lip injections make her lips look like those giant novelty wax lips

No. 213630

File: 1481676814173.jpg (149.37 KB, 700x1050, IMG_9553.JPG)

That stomach pudge kek
Soon she'll be as big as momo

No. 213632


She couldn't brush the damn wig first? Nasty rats nest

No. 213633

How old is she? She looks like a mom in her thirties.

No. 213636

No. 213643

I'm lol at this mess there is no way in hell she gives a shit about cosplay as much as you cows.

No. 213647

File: 1481678949216.jpg (38.89 KB, 538x302, tumblr_llxnu1deTB1qzjaa4o1_540…)

No. 213650

>>213647 who the fuck posts memes certified L

No. 213652

> who the fuck posts memes
> on an image board

No. 213660

File: 1481680308664.jpg (147.06 KB, 863x1182, IMG_9557.JPG)

She's 22?? Holy shit. She looks like she's nearing 30. Her plastic surgery did her no good, especially on her face.

No. 213683

She looks like dollar store brand Lana Del Rey

No. 213684

she has serial killer eyes

No. 213686

This looks like she pissed herself.

No. 213696

LMAO can't unsee

No. 213704

File: 1481683384728.jpg (76.32 KB, 637x960, IMG_9556.JPG)

Just like this "look"

No. 213706

File: 1481683445194.png (946.38 KB, 1024x888, IMG_9559.PNG)

This is so fucking cringy

No. 213715

Kay trying so hard to make gains. I really hope you do make that money to get that smash islander snout fixed. Nose looks like it inhales some serious coca. It's collapsing on your face send help guys

No. 213717

Get a new script it's obvious you have issues with your age. You can bounce a fine off that flesh it's so tight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213718

Omg this is neckbeard love so fucking awful

No. 213721

hold on there bitterfag

No. 213722

I wonder if she regrets her white trash tattoos
Her big obnoxious navel ring is also very disturbing to me.

No. 213729

So fucking hot

No. 213730

Love the tats better than that ugly cum drizzle on Kay's non existent breast

No. 213733

She has almost the same body type as me; she's just a little more flabby. (I'm 5'2'' and weigh 118lbs)

So if she's 5'1'', I'd estimate she weighs about 130…

No. 213734

It just dawned on me that Loonie's only way to stay relevant is to talk shit about other cosplayers. Loonie, if you think tallkng shit about Kay or anyone else will make you relevant, you're wrong. Who dropped you on your head when you were a little girl?

No. 213735

Sad when girls think they matter

No. 213795

Why are you so obsessed with Kay, Luna? You bring her up every chance you get

No. 213810

That makes zero sense but I believe there's truth behind the bullying claims now

No. 213811

>the salt and vendettas in this thread

No. 213832

Luna is made of salt and vendetta

No. 213855

File: 1481695957462.jpg (2.06 MB, 1156x1731, 11 (4).JPG)

look at the wallpaper by her ass, nice shoop Luna

No. 213856

File: 1481696006216.jpg (2.67 MB, 1155x1732, 9 (6).JPG)

she's really wide

No. 213858

File: 1481696269873.jpg (2.37 MB, 1732x1155, 7.JPG)

she looks like she's squatting to shit

No. 213859

Does anyone remember that retarded cosplay prostitute from efags? I thought this was her for a second lol

No. 213863

Holy shitsnacks she looks like she's fucking 50 years old

No. 213866


This also looks like that blood just fell out of her vag.

No. 213891

Oh shit she looks like that ganjin hooker bitch Lorena kek

My age has nothing to do with the fact that this lady looks way older than 22. More like 29-35. She's not aging well and it'll only get worse. She'll be one of those blonde plastic surgery soccer moms who start drinking at 9am and try to seduce her kids male friends so she feels young.

No. 213895

Nobody calls Jessica Nigri "niggi" except you, Luna. Way to go.

No. 213909

File: 1481705410491.png (526.69 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

she spent so much time making sure her tits were perfectly spherical that she forgot to check if she squished her hand or not.

No. 213922

I get hard looking at this and that's all women and especially cosplayers are good for lol

No. 213925

wow so informative

No. 213926

Thank you for her links I love her Instagram. She reminds me of mena suvari with curves
The most important question I have is single?

No. 213929

old women past their prime commenting I can actually picture these ugly roast beef vaginas in their sweat pants flicking their beans to her

No. 213936

I remember she had a pr at equinox and that growth looks suspicious her arms and shoulders neck are man size

No. 213940

Lmao this is so sad! Almost as sad as Luna sending her pitiful little trolls here to post stupidity. Her fans are just as retarded as her, assuming it's not Luna whiteknighting herself again.

No. 213941

It's not that hard to make the white pixels between her hair strands transparent.

No. 213942

File: 1481710782735.jpg (128.44 KB, 555x960, IMG_0881.JPG)

What does Luna think these weak troll comments are going to do? We'll just continue to laugh at her wide beefy body, hag face, flat ass and boulder tits.
Speaking of flat ass, it's practically concave.

No. 213943

File: 1481710887450.jpg (151.61 KB, 640x960, IMG_0892.JPG)

She's built like a sausage.

No. 213945

File: 1481710969786.jpg (120.05 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_0880.JPG)

Why does she have the same figure as Caitlin Jenner?

No. 213946

manbody and implants

No. 213947

File: 1481711357742.jpg (115.73 KB, 611x960, IMG_0887.JPG)

Looks like Luna's photoshop hasnt gotten any better over the years. Nice drawn on cleavage. Did she learn that from Dakota?

No. 213958

She's so Marilyn Monroe I want to pull her up and titty fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213960

This is that dude who does horrible edits of Luna and joanie

No. 213961

I think the implants made her fat I've heard that happens it's why Hugh Hefner wife got hers taken out

No. 213962

But she's making more money than you anon and has guy's fucking that ass in every city livin the dream like a boss ass

No. 213963

Making fun of trannies is as funny as niggers wearing white face

No. 213984

They do make you look fat. You have to gain weight to make them look proportional and not like boobs on a stick

Crystal took hers out because they were leaking and became neurotoxic over time. That combined with all the blow she did was just no bueno

Idk why I know all this useless shit. Natural is always better, wouldnt ever wanna be a boob gremlin like these bimbos

No. 214006

I just think for her size she went too big. She was fine with what she had. She's too short for a chest that size. Her torso is also insanely short compared to her legs.

No. 214009

why are her nips so lopsided? and don't people know that natural nips don't usually sit that high? think she had an areola lift?

No. 214018

It's just a botched boob job.

No. 214060

File: 1481734011684.jpg (58.79 KB, 400x570, IMG_0889.JPG)

She used to look like Dakota in her scene phase but is somehow aging much more rapidly and much worse.

No. 214064

Where'd her boobs go

No. 214071

File: 1481734777134.jpg (52.22 KB, 400x600, IMG_0888.JPG)

These pics were before her disaster of a boob job

No. 214072

I'm sorry but what the fuck is her bellybutton in this picture

No. 214129

Sex Elsa makes herself an ice penis to sit on.

No. 214146

Says "get on my level" at the end but they make more than her on patreon lol

No. 214153

this is gold lmao

No. 214346

File: 1481763959887.jpg (138.01 KB, 720x960, IMG_0885.JPG)

Martin Wong sure thinks highly of himself when just a little while ago he was cosplaying with Loonie. He's such a pretentious douche because he's worked with Jnig.

No. 214360

move on, Luna.

No. 214365

No, I'm not Luna I just think her and Martin Wong are assholes. In the thread Luna made to whiteknight herself she specifically denied dating Martin hence why I posted this.

No. 214408

wouldn't surprise me, most photogs are kinda dicks.
definitely think she used him for free promo until he caught on though.

No. 214409

File: 1481771700086.png (1.98 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161214-221306.png)

she just posted this. where did her tig ol bitties go these dont look that big

No. 214413

File: 1481772082231.png (111.49 KB, 265x341, Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.19…)

lol photoshopping her face smaller. Glad she didn't inflate her tits with photoshop. maybe this thread will teach her to stop deforming herself.

No. 214457

It's Instagram filters and she posted a periscope on twitter and she's thinner but her issue is she has no waist. Like it's boobs then legs or hips. In the background you heard a bunch of dudes so I'm curious if she's shooting a video or ?

No. 214470

Instagram filters don't do that lol

No. 214488

live streaming video doesn't lie though so putting up pictures from months ago and fat shaming is ignorant. She's super young looking without makeup

No. 214491

Luna you sound like a broken record now and the more you bump your own thread the less you help yourself.

No. 214493

File: 1481783151364.jpg (70.88 KB, 640x960, IMG_0884.JPG)

Super young looking. Lol you tried Luna

No. 214494

Fan dumb bitch but keep being jealou
Lol keep being bitter and ignoring video posted today that's on fire

No. 214495

With makeup all females look old let's see your ugly fat face and for someone so obsessed with Luna how come your not seeing all the snaps? Oh yeah you're too poor to have a smart phone

No. 214496

Oh I get it you like little girls fucking pervert

No. 214501

"with makeup all females look old"? lollllll, not quite, sweetie. I'm sure the beauty industry wouldn't be as lucrative as it is because women look OLD when they put on makeup. I doubt (most) women would be flocking to buy makeup to make themselves look older than they actually are… nice try tho!

No. 214505

File: 1481786602065.jpg (21.6 KB, 350x233, 1425470712232.jpg)

No. 214533

Totally because when you google does makeup make you look old a million articles come up saying yes it is retard

No. 214534

File: 1481792279847.jpg (109.09 KB, 640x960, IMG_0883.JPG)

What is up with that hair? Jesus

No. 214535

LoL this is all you have tell me something when nigri saw this how fast did she contact you Kay? It's not like you were a blip on the cosplay radar and she supposedly never follows cosplayers she hasn't met so tell me do you really think we are that fucking stupid

No. 214538

File: 1481792869113.png (1.79 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_4750.PNG)

Let me simulate humping and spreading my diseases cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214539

File: 1481792950321.jpg (70.89 KB, 480x480, IMG_4809.JPG)

Kill it with fire

No. 214541

Luna still bringing up Kay for no reason. This is getting really creepy and weird. Like Luna is obsessed with her.

No. 214550

File: 1481794728819.png (145.41 KB, 750x711, IMG_0866.PNG)

I can't believe Kay and Luna are the same age. Luna looks old as fuck, acts mentally retarded and has to show her botched implants on the internet to get paid while Kay was filming an actual commercial.

No. 214554

While this is an ugly outfit/shoot, I totally get why Luna is so jealous of Sssuccubus, she's super cute.

No. 214559

I must have poor taste because I thought the outfit was kinda cute. It gives off a 90's stripper vibe which is an aesthetic I enjoy. Luna's attacks on SS are because she's friends with Kay and making significantly more on patreon without implants, lip fillers or showing her bare tits.

No. 214603

every time I hear her voice I cringe she always sounds like she's fucked up and everything she says sounds tryhard

No. 214604

pretty sure SS is gay where as Delanie fucking with some nasty ass dudes I would expect her to be spreading some nasty faster than SS. Also Luna has humped stuffed animals on stream multiple times like a fucking idiot

No. 214631

File: 1481814481673.png (2.34 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_9562.PNG)

This is not the face of a 22 year old kek

No. 214649

She can't even hide what a psycho she is anymore. Those crazy eyes give her away.

No. 214652

Hope she was banned

No. 214753

Luna is a massive hypocrite as proven by this thread. We can assume anything she says about other girls actually applies to herself. So Luna basically outed that she has STDs.

No. 214763

Is it true Kay that you use to fuck guys in the woods in high school for weed? I read that on ib? And Luna is actually shooting a show and being paid to model with Kanyes designer so come again dumb bitch because we know you started this shitstorm that only you ugly ass thots keep going. Yeah a commercial for probably that stupid convention or something cosplay related like how much of if try hard brags about that dumb shit

No. 214764

That makes the gross pedo men that pledge to her more pathetic than Luna's fans and Idk gurl is hooking up with Jeremy Renner I was informed in LA I find him hit as fuck

No. 214765

None of you botched looking freaks are represented by real agents and management so please get your disgusting comments and stick them up your purple diseased cunts.

No. 214768

File: 1481842047448.jpg (100.47 KB, 640x640, Luna-Lanie-021-07142015.jpg)

There goes Luna outing herself. Assuming Kay is also anonymously shit talking her just like Luna herself does. "Paid to model with Kanye's designer" LMAO
Who would pay Luna's dusty plastic bimbo ass to model when there's thousands of natural beautiful models out there? Luna is 22 and already way past her prime and selling softcore porn. Luna is a joke.

No. 214769

I'm a patreon you dumb cunt and I find it funny that anyone who supports Luna gets banned lmfao this site is for people that never get off their fat ugly asses and probably stuff cheetos and Big Macs in their face all day I'm guessing it's some San Fran photographer admin this site definitely some jealous Asian that probably couldn't get the hot blonde girl . Stick with your freaks and trannies hun

No. 214770

This bitch is retarded and I dm her I know what's going on in her life dumb cunt sounds like you swallowed fucktard pills the way you always repeat yourself

No. 214773

File: 1481842454784.jpg (674.38 KB, 2819x2039, sonatural.jpg)

No. 214775

Fucking imbecile sitting on anon boards talking shit about someone you don't know. How does that not stoke you as being a pathetically inbreed?

No. 214776

Cool keep google searching pictures retard I think cosplay is for fat and ugly chicks I'm glad she's doing legitimate modeling now

No. 214778

More like all the popular cosplayers are past their prime like the dumb bitches posting on here. Keep posting though we know you have nothing else going for you lol

No. 214780

then we're all goddamn imbeciles. you too

No. 214781

heard she has herpes

No. 214782

File: 1481843343731.jpg (184.27 KB, 800x1200, IMG_4827.JPG)

This is called past prime this is called 40 year old used up hoebag this is what you will end up looking like because you girls stupid and have no brains or education

No. 214783

Jesus look at that Photoshop and those massive thighs fuck get some lipo and a facelift

No. 214784

No. 214785

Here's Luna again posting about girls she's jealous of. Kay, Jessica, swimsuitsuccubus, Mariah…I wonder who's next. This is hilarious

No. 214787

Now we know it's Kay cause she's the only one that use to spread these rumors get yourself a lawyer hun or a bodyguard cause you're getting fucked up

No. 214788

You're hilarious since I see her on snapchat doing a shoot dumb cunt how would she be wasting time on here

No. 214790

You're seriously fucked in the head if you think anybody is jealous of your friends like either mentally challenged or taking too much molly

No. 214791

File: 1481843647974.jpg (77.73 KB, 547x832, 1480201049053.jpg)

>legitimate modeling

No. 214792

Get yo self some eyebrows tranny

No. 214793

Hotter than you bitch

No. 214794

Luna is having another one of her lunatic breakdowns, flooding her own thread with her sperging. Kiki 2.0

No. 214797

Hi Luna. Planning to sue someone again? Good luck suing everyone on this board since you wanna threaten everyone who calls you out with a lawsuit. XD

No. 214801

Ecstacy is great have you tried it? You should candyflip and gtfo of lolcow.

>Luna is actually shooting a show and being paid to model with Kanyes designer

I'll believe it when I see it. But just so you know the Yeezy fashion shows specifically seek out thot looking models.

No. 214806

Luna's fans are just as sad, delusional, and pathetic as she is lmfao

No. 214808

Idk her bs 'private' snap cuz im not paying for that shit but her public one she's obv at someone's house and she basically always flashes her tits and this time basically her fupa on snap and all these idiots worship her shes probably at that trash exes house getting laid and all these thirsty ppl trying to defend her trashy ass

No. 214814

lmfao this is who she is shooting with this looks like such trash content he's not even famous lmfao you are all such idiots all the girls he films look like big tittied bimbos i'm laughin so hard

No. 214816


No. 214817

Wow and that guy obviously bought fake followers on facebook. How do you have 100k likes and average 50 likes per post??
Luna is shooting with a nobody.

No. 214820

She's 22? No fucking way, she looks like in her 30ies or even 40ies. Wonder how tall she is, her torso looks so short and dwarfish

No. 214822

shes 5'1 and her fans trying to claim shes doing "professional modeling" lmfao like gtfoh no cosplayers i know would qualify for that regardless pretty much all of them are short as fuck

No. 214823

Coming from someone that buys likes, rt and fans that's hilarious

No. 214824

nobodies gotta stick together

No. 214825

This is how ignorant backwoods you people are theres all kinds of models and content makers still better than being a dumbass old hoe buying cheap ass Yandy and having a mom body or worse a boy body without ass or tits shit that's straight up little boy fetish or how about Barney the dinosaur

No. 214826

The only nobodies I see are you and your friends on here lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214827

It's the fucked up thot gang of swimsuit kaybearrr Mariah krissy and their Lewds not nudes porntreon bitches all posting. we might be fans but we know ugly alley hoodrat looking bitches when we see them

No. 214828

The lingerie Luna just showed in her Periscope video was from Yandy. So again, confirmed Luna just talks shit about herself.

No. 214829

File: 1481849649434.jpg (624.8 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1261.JPG)

Haha go look this up on google images doesn't exist and that's her man toy babe so get over your jealousy you dumb bitches can't even get Ronald McDonald to fuck your dried up diseased pussy

No. 214830

Luna, don't you have nudes to take?

No. 214831

We are the lunatic army you're a jealous cunt get fucked with a knife

No. 214832

Don't you have an John to service for 1 dollar

No. 214835

We will be watching

No. 214836

is this supposed to impress us? lmfao you are delusional no celeb would sleep with her she is a failed actress a wanna be cosplayer she is a nobody in the film industry the only chance she has is a hit it and quit it

No. 214840

yall getting excited that a 45 yr old man with a daughter is hitting a 22 yr old god just proves how trashy all her fans are he is literally twice her age all it would prove to me if she was sleeping with him is that shes a gold digging slut

No. 214843

No its reality bitch choke on it. You seriously think you know shit when you don't and next up is her shoots with Instagram famous models but go back to your ugly cam girls that work for coins

No. 214845

your girl ain't represented by shit either why you think she also selling her goods on patreon lmfao

No. 214846

makeup and surgery don't hide an ugly fucking personality lol

No. 214847

File: 1481850990251.jpg (137.93 KB, 500x321, 1433072731096.jpg)

It's incredible how obvious and awful they are at even trolling a thread. Nothing clever or interesting, pretty much bottom of the barrel insults with shitty ass lies tacked in there for good measure.

How sad.

No. 214849

Lol who are you kidding you worship trash

No. 214850

She's not selling anything that you don't see other insta models do god get your head out your ass

No. 214852

It's obvious you are the one living in a igloo nanook what are you into camgirls that become tacky cosplayers or soceer moms

No. 214856

I'm sorry Ethel but some girls don't want to be shopping for their groceries at Walmart like you do

No. 214857

She's straight up Joanna the scammer bitch what's up

No. 214860

What's sad is you dumb bitches are still here commenting go fuck your neckbeards for chump change and smell their nasty beer and cheetos on you. Funny you sell and buy carnival looking trash and you sit here judging because you jealous clowns

No. 214861

Can't wait until your clown queen nigri does Hard xxx pounding porn because she has no skills and only has a few more years left that she can scam

No. 214873

>lewds not nudes

What the fuck? But luna does nudes and it's somehow NOT porn? This is insanity. Luna is litterally mentally retarded and samefagging the likes of which I have never seen. This is /pt/ level delusion.

No. 214877

I don't think she's gonna. I feel like she is terrible at sex and her looks wouldn't translate well on video. There's a reason she does voice acting and straight to photoshop modelling. Also the modelling she does, as well as you Loony, is similar to hand modeling. You're putting on so much theater make up and props to distract from your guises gremlin faces

No. 214883


looking like a plastic surgery hayley williams, yikes

No. 214884


there's no way that abdomen wasn't photoshoped to death, who are you kidding?

No. 214886

everyone on here saying JNigs posting anon is hilarious
she's got her own reddit threads to stalk constantly I doubt she has time to respond to Luna's thread

No. 214887


i'm glad you took the effort to assblast that delusional anon

No. 214888

File: 1481857423461.png (907.19 KB, 900x900, 1477877699316.png)


first you're the fag saying she didn't have plastic surgery and now you say shit like this. like, you're the one that seems pretty buttmad at everything people post about her dude.

No. 214889


where are her curves?

No. 214892


who invited men to this thread? gross.

No. 214893

Luna cried to her most deranged fans or she is even crazier than I thought and is doing all this herself.

No. 214908

File: 1481861026524.png (487.62 KB, 585x387, thathandtho.png)

Her hand in that picture… her shops are so bad.

No. 214924

She made them bigger because that's what appeals to virgin dweebs she's just copying sluts like Nigri

No. 214925

Hi honey you want me to fanboy over you?

No. 214926

The only cosplayer I know that tries hard and has a fucked up face is Zergie and Katrina Fox and most of the western cosplayers Face it the only reason cosplayers get well known is boobs and looks like we can fuck them

No. 214928

Luna doesn't give a shit about you bitches stop trying to pretend you're so important

No. 214934

File: 1481864813592.jpg (148.74 KB, 1200x900, IMG_4830.JPG)

She's all natural you jealous Asian bitches

No. 214935

File: 1481865060924.jpg (67.31 KB, 400x547, IMG_0891.JPG)

All natural lol

No. 214937

difference between growing up and having a bombshell bra but nice try

No. 214938

Seriously is this site all made up of jealous Asian girls that hate all American girls?

No. 214939

Luna no one thinks your cheap implants look natural.

No. 214940

Luna is jealous of asian girls it seems. She brought up asians in the thread she made for herself too.

No. 214941

nice uniboob kek

No. 214944

I'm on her patreon and slut shaming is kind of 2015 isn't it? nudes used in a porn style are what you're trying to infer but they aren't porn they are artistic like what you'd see in a gallery She's like Venus not some ugly bitch with their ass in a cellphone

No. 214945

Yet here you are.

>thinks Luna looks like used-up skank

sure jan


Prying your ass cheeks apart and photoshopping your fake tits isn't artistic, you silly ho.

No. 214946

There must be the same person on every thread because it's the same stupid insults on everyone's picture that has boobs. Who is the most jealous of females with big boobs? Girls who aren't gifted and Luna's not only beautiful but she's a damn sweet person

No. 214947

luna is just like PT. This delusion is incredible.

No. 214948

No one cares about you I bet your parents wanted to abort you because of the ugly thing they see they made

No. 214949

Who's this bitch always calling us Luna? can you go back to your hole cunt

No. 214950

Oh are you that ugly import nigger didn't you fuck that photographer that pimps out girls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 214951

> only
> names 2
> then says most

The inconsistencies hurt

No. 214955

Classic case of narcissism

No. 214956


Hi Luna!

How's your discount barbie arse doing these days?

No. 214960

I don't know but I'll ask her how you doing? ?

No. 214961

this bitch's inner eye highlight makes her cosplays look a discounted halloween anime costume.

No. 214962

When you ladies and fags get tired let me know I'm here for the long haul because I love her and will tear down any bitch in her way

No. 214964

All cosplays look like that devils reject you must think you fancy

No. 214965

And yet she's verified and your not guess it doesn't matter bitch

No. 214967

i know for sure you don't know what fancy is lmao
you don't even know what classy is
you seem to have trashy down very good though

No. 214968

Every time Loonie posts on this thread I swear I lose IQ points because none of the shit she says makes sense. Or I suppose in some cases, her "lunatics" are as illiterate as she is.

No. 214969

The wrong "your"s and "you're"s are what hurt me honestly

No. 214970

I think someone should just kill your ass and out your sorry life out of its misery lol

No. 214971

You ain't fancy you a sushi breathing ass licking slut

No. 214972


Loonie doesn't even need to mix up "your" and "you're" to spout out nonsense. How the hell did you pass high school literacy tests?

No. 214973

I actually had a moment when I had to click a few posts to make sure the shitpost generator from April Fools wasn't still on. It was that incoherent.

No. 214980

Because you are her. No one gives this much of a damn about a cheap ho like loonie.

No. 214982

Not that anon, but she really does look a little old like her body is sagging. She's still pretty overall for whatever age she is, but there's cuter coswhores.

No. 214987

If Luna and the gross losers she fucks for money didn't come to this thread showing their asses it probably would have died.

No. 214988

That's iconic considering you made a thread about her lol

No. 214990

The only coswhores that take money for sex are the fat poor ones like momo

No. 214991

And Luna

No. 214993

File: 1481872640457.jpg (246.66 KB, 950x1419, IMG_0943.JPG)

She looks like someones methed out mom

No. 214997

>I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom

No. 214998

> iconic

Did you mean "ironic" LOL

No. 215001

Women get fucked one way or the another so why not but I got pictures of her from fanime on top of another costhot if anyone is interested

No. 215002

No. 215008

Can admin ban this faggot?

No. 215022

i think someone should direct your flabby fridge like body over to a psychologists office ( and a gym) PRONTO

No. 215033

yeah, till she gets chlamydia and those breast implants solidify or pop. No one stays young forever, she'll age up like an old leather handbag and then those neckbeards will be on to the next slut.

No. 215039

On that topic: what's the average lifespan for this kind of "career"? I see a fair few examples of women getting implants and using them for Patreon or Twitch money like JNig, Kellyjean and Meg Turney.

No. 215040

Idk about Kelly Jean and obviously Nigri's tits are fake but Meg is natural. Her boobies really aren't that big. I also know Jess is 26 and Meg I think is closer to 28…I am not sure how old Kelly is. I think a lot is based on your sales model. I think Jess was smart to continually tease and leave things to imagination. Kelly cosplays but I see her focus more on streaming. Meg I don't see cosplay as much as glamour model, but Meg has also shot for Playboy already. Luna tried streaming and that ended fast (she also apparently got recently banned because she always was in her underwear on stream), I have yet to see her work with many professional photographers unless she goes to conventions, and she already is flashing everything on her Patreon for money. I feel she really wanted to be an actress but she just has zero personality in person

No. 215058

The sperging in this thread is out of this world, I thought we were doing the shitpost-simulator gag again.

No. 215121

File: 1481909935207.jpg (133.5 KB, 329x333, Comparison.jpg)

I'd say it's a fairly safe bet she got implants too.

No. 215133

>that star
BAHAHAHAHA, Good one Admin!

No. 215151

seems obvious then, yeah. I don't really care much for KJ so I have never followed her much. My favourite cosplayers are Lindsay Elyse and Deanna Davis (itsrainingneon)

No. 215675

Why would you do that to your tits.

No. 215697

Why so heated is it you Dr Lindsay?

No. 215698

Jess is more like 36 I'd like a view at a certified bc

No. 215700

Newsflash the only guys who like skinny girls are the gays and Asians

No. 215701

You have shit taste then both like like horse faces

No. 215714

This thread would have gotten way less attention had you not spammed it with retardation. Keep going, you're only further smearing what's left of this whore Luna's reputation.

No. 215719

First off, you're an idiot if you think Lindsay or Deanna would ever be on one of these threads. No reason to trash other people that were never involved in this thread because someone likes them. Lindsay & Deanna are hard workers, and natural beauties. Feel free to support/like Luna all you want but no need to trash on someone who would never say shit about your girl. Literally neither of those two have ever been involved in ANY drama with Luna so shut the fuck up. If you think both of them are ugly, you're way more delusional than I thought.

No. 215725

She was born 8/5/89 so she's actually 27 I was mistaken. I still don't think she looks THAT old considering she's that age. Like I said, she is way too heavy handed with the makeup so I find it just makes her look WAY older than when she posts photos with little makeup on (cuz let's be honest, not many photos exist of her with little or no makeup lol)

No. 215726

There's nothing wrong with skinny OR curvy girls ffs no one said that. Yes some people are being dicks and calling Luna fat which she obviously is no where near fat, but the biggest point was that people are sick of these girls (ALL OF THEM) photoshopping the fuck out of themselves or getting plastic surgery then trying to play themselves off as "all natural". No one gives a shit if someone gets fake tits…you do you…but if you do get tits, be proud of it like Zoei Burgher, don't try to act like you magically grew from a small B cup to a large D cup in a year without gaining weight anywhere else lmfao

No. 215760

ho fangirl about these boring people somewhere else.

No. 215762

Zoie burger is a fake she's controlled by two guys that tell her when to post what to say etc if you think she's this free bitch just being herself you're dumb as fuck

No. 215765

How about this, you keep out of people's lives and stop trying to tell public figures what they need to disclose and what they want to keep private. And all this Luna is old bullshit is just jealous ass cosplayers who hate that she's popular. What I like is that she's smart and funny yeah the boobs and face are a bonus but at least she has a personality and those that do are often hated for being outspoken and different than the status quo

No. 215774

Luna is by far the most delusional cow I have ever seen. Even kiki's sperg out didn't go this far.

No. 215776

Hi Luna.

No. 215796

File: 1481954615329.jpg (63.53 KB, 640x640, Luna-Lanie-002-07142015.jpg)

Here's a pic of her before the lip fillers. Those fillers added about 10 years to her face

No. 215819

this is incredibly nitpicky but why is her belly button so nasty

the only thing i can think of when i see her name is Lunatic Loony. not flattering.

No. 215839

File: 1481964953943.jpg (54.93 KB, 460x345, 11111327-bf4e-449f-a134-b1046c…)

No. 215858

Are you doing this on purpose to sound like Luna?

No. 216018

File: 1482005030776.png (227.52 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3530.PNG)

Hey guise, just thought I'd drop Luna's fake sockpuppet twitter account. I'm 99% sure it's her. Tons of tweets to @ Mariah Mallard, linking it to her lolcow thread tons of times, and in mariahs twitter convo about Luna, and other people, and A LOT of really racist, mean, nasty shit about other cosplay girls, ESP Mariah. All while coincidentally only promoting Luna, posting and retweeting Luna's promos & Luna's tweets about how other cosplay girls suck, & complimenting Luna. The acc also obviously posts on lolcow & PULL. I screenshotted everything. Almost certain it's Luna. Not sure if someone posted this already.


No. 216027

If it's truly her, this is the saddest most petty shit ever. Cosplay really has turned into something different. All these girls are mostly the same, sexy this and that. But this makes Jnig look like a saint!! Luna, girl get some help, this is not healthy! Cosplay if you love it so much, but really look at yourself in the mirror!

No. 216030

This was posted by OP but it bears repeating since it really showcases what a nutjob this ho is.

No. 216038

File: 1482009534093.jpg (49.03 KB, 640x720, Cz2W0f2WQAAtcAY.jpg)

lmfao any one else think she looks dumb as fuck in this photo

No. 216058

File: 1482012134945.jpg (76.81 KB, 640x478, luna 6.jpg)

For those wondering why Luna constantly attacks Swimsuit Succubus. Fucking dirty little thieving bitch. At least SSS doesn't have to shoop the hell out of herself to look good. Luna's botched lip injections make her always look like she has a fucking mustache.

No. 216060

I wouldn't even call the shit she does cosplay anymore. I know so many awesome people that not only make amazing costumes (that they ACTUALLY made themselves) but they don't get into this bullshit petty drama…Patreon ruined cosplaying for fun.

No. 216062

Sage for kind of off topic but for a while I thought SS was shooped because her figure is insane but she was in a Timothy delaghetto video and had several candid photos from Stan Lee's Comic Con posted and her hips and thighs actually look the same irl. I bet that makes Luna so livid.

No. 216063

No one said Luna is old…but damn you sure do LOOK FUCKING OLD. Also…wtf personality? She sounds like a stupid man child every time she opens her mouth. Her jokes are fucking dumb, and she's not different at all…she just steals other people's content and then adds more tits and calls it her own. She's the most boring, annoying, unoriginal individual I've ever seen in this community. There's a reason 98% of the cosplay community fucking hate this bitch…the problem isn't them I promise. -_-

No. 216065

She always makes those stupid vacant looking expressions. She's a terrible "model".

No. 216066

Yeah her proportions are out of this world. I don't mind light shoops if a girl is just trying to smooth some skin out or hide a scar or something silly like that, but the extent Luna and Nigri go is insane. If you go out in the public eye people can easily tell your ass is actually flat as fuck, or your stomach isn't nearly as concave as your pictures are. It isn't even sexy it looks unnatural and ugly.

No. 216067

for real wtf is up with that underbite looking shit tho

No. 216069

These cosplayers all seem to have the worst photoedits ever. They all are super air-brushed and have really obvious and inhuman looking waist liquifying going on.
Lunas photos are some of the worst. Shitty ant sized resolution, that ghetto ass vignette, hideously blatant body editing, terrible color and lighting as well as an ugly subject.

No. 216070

there's a few legit ones but they tend to not be the overly sexualized cosplayers. Nothing wrong with sexy cosplaying…just an observation that I find cosplayers don't edit their photos as much when the focus matter is obviously on the costume itself and not on the person.

No. 216074


This is the trash content she flew all the way out to LA to film…and they tried to say she was sleeping with Jeremy Renner and getting interviewed to model for Yeezy lmfao man Luna your fans are dumb as fuck.

No. 216078

She's so tacky, holy shit.

No. 216087

She's the best looking girl they could find for this? Lol she still looks like a fridge. And this isn't funny.

No. 216089

all he does is use already done content from years ago…like, really? Dick in a Box? How does this guy even have the likes he does it's so unoriginal…isn't this technically copyright infringement?

No. 216096

I'd say I believe this but he does have a bigger following on FB. I don't like his content but I saw a friend repost some of his shit from like a year ago so his videos do actually get around. They're still garbage though.

No. 216099

File: 1482015139133.jpg (265.13 KB, 734x1024, IMG_3552.JPG)

lol couldn't help myself, why so racist luna?
ps. your welcome that i covered up your fatty belly flap with your jealou… i mean dislike for kay. i got you girl.

No. 216100

File: 1482015248937.png (1.75 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0975.PNG)

Her body sucks.

No. 216101

File: 1482015301393.png (1.65 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0974.PNG)

Also wasnt she attacking Kay for wearing Yandy lingerie when she herself is wearing fucking Yandy in this video???

No. 216102

Such a let down. I actually really liked her when these photos were taken. She seemed so genuine, like she loved cosplay, and I thought it was really cool to see a curvy chick so comfortable in her own body. How sad when you find out someone you once "supported" is a racist, narcissistic, bullying bitch that sends awful messages to people about loving your own body with her botched looking surgeries and her awful photo editing skills.

No. 216230

If you believe this shit you're stupid as fuck. People who are lesser known are usually the ones attacking those who they wish they could be. Just common sense. Good luck with trying to trash someone who doesn't start drama every week for likes.

No. 216239

Good joke.

No. 216244

This is atrocious… yikes

No. 216292

Except that's literally all she's done the past year for no reason whatsoever but ok rando.

No. 216352

File: 1482033551522.jpg (201.39 KB, 650x1024, IMG_3582.JPG)

So you mean like Luna, being the "lesser one" attacking Mariah, SS, Kay, Nigri, etc. (who are the "bigger ones") because she wants to be like them and is so jealous that she went ape shit self posting all over this thread? So you just basically described the reason that YOU, Luna, created that twitter account to shit talk and be racist to people that could end your career in the cosplay community like that. And it's already happening…. good luck with your already and slowly fading work Luna! I know that's your twitter account, your writing and phrases/words and grammar are the exact same. Fucking embarrassing, go focus on your fat ass instead of selfposting "10/10 would fuck her is she single" on your own thread and do something like that commercial that Kay is doing right now that your so jealous of…. oh wait you can't. lmao

No. 216354

File: 1482033796003.png (30.68 KB, 749x217, IMG_0984.PNG)

CRINGE. And she calls others thots when she posts shit like this and sells her nudes??

No. 216371

File: 1482035667059.jpg (3.52 MB, 1155x1732, IMG_0988.JPG)

Why does she have midget proportions?

No. 216376

She could be a linebacker, damn. Or roller derby

No. 216377


Wtf her legs are so short.. How tall is she?

No. 216381


Kinda OT but I have a similar body shape and this makes me never want to wear any lingerie ever again…Who the fuck wants to look like this RIP

No. 216388

File: 1482038006941.jpg (3.61 MB, 1155x1732, IMG_0990.JPG)


No. 216393

Her and nigri and Sheena and momo

NO ASS. Hah.

No. 216400


She looks like a legit 40 year old hooker who lives in a trailer park. How is it possible. Like you must HAVE to try to look twice your age? It couldn't just be an accident?

No. 216422

File: 1482047404033.png (204.16 KB, 429x234, loon.png)

It's not even just her fridge body that's the problem though. Her face, that nose…

No. 216425

File: 1482047793132.jpg (3.12 MB, 1155x1732, IMG_0989.JPG)

She looks deformed

No. 216427

This is a joke right? Like you people think those girls are anywhere in the same stratosphere as Delanie? No one cares about cosplay it's over girls so go back to camming and turning tricks.

No. 216429

But I thought she got plastic surgery lol. Keep trying losers while you're standing at booths having to touch sweaty disgusting fat dudes she's going to be sipping that bub with guts that don't work at Walmart and creep on trashy hoes

No. 216432

New script bitch no one agrees with you except the ugly bitches on this board. I know you're ugly ive seen the livestock you were sired from is boy do you stink like wash that pussy hoe

No. 216433

You look like a bitch that needs to be cut

No. 216434

You wish you ugly bitch I bet you were an abortion that lived(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216435

Funny how these dumb fucks spent money on these sets I guess if I were her I'd be lol to the bank

No. 216439

Bitch Kay is a thot and you're obsessed with yourself or her when she looks like a turd. Like put tranny in google and this bitches picture comes up. Luna doesn't need cosplay never did so wtf are you talking about? Shes gaining fans daily and not because of queer fucking cosplay. Like you people are losers for real get over yourselves you make no money you get impressed when a company gives you a t shirt lmfao

No. 216444

Like how you show old fucking pictures and guess what she's got a gymnast body who the fuck cares. Now go buy some more likes and followers lil sags

No. 216445

These were from this last month. Lol

No. 216447

I mean, we all know you got plastic surgery, but it obviously wasn't enough. The bolt on breasts, the blown out anus lips…. what has kept you from fixing that hooked witch nose you've got?

No. 216453

I know competitive gymnasts
That's not a gymnasts' body

No. 216456

Kay in a fucking commercial as a bubble guppy lmfao and funny how she doesn't say what client because we all know it's some lame anime convention

No. 216457

I read that she had a nose job here go back fucking English bloke and learn to read the thread then get that fag cat of yours and team it's asshole out like you do nightly

No. 216458

Cool maybe you should go stalk a bitch you'll never measure up to some more loser

No. 216461

Luna you need to stop stalking every girl you're jealous of and work on yourself.

No. 216462


Your lack of self-control is guaranteeing that this thread will remain active. A lot of us are only here because it's so fun watching you sperg out like the exceptionally retarded gutterslut you are. Sure, even if you weren't constantly shitting up the thread, there'd still be people mocking you for being an angry, slutty refrigerator masquerading as a human, but you are choosing to come here and call further attention to yourself.

No. 216464

Not the one I responded to its and old set because I have them all. But keep repeating like can you come up with something more original than body shaming? Like she doesn't fuck underage kids, hasn't scammed or lied to fans, doesn't even post about any of this shit you guys are obsessed with because she doesn't care. And talk to all the models like dita etc who do nude or lingerie and are more famous than crack whore looking cosplayers like only lowest model would be a cosplayer it's a joke

No. 216465

Prove it because I'm lol it's really not boo

No. 216466

Not Luna but keep going I have all day

No. 216467

I'm curious what they have cause cosplay a joke people

No. 216468

Guaranteed that you all look like the dumb jealous bitches because you don't have an originality or class. You fucking cosplayers bitches wtf even fucking rave go go dancers have more class than you ugly asses

No. 216469

Oh I forgot to tell you to go fuck yourself because people that come on boards like this are the guttersluts. Like go spend time with your lover oh I forgot you're too boring to get one of those. Ok well go jack off to some more anime and eat some Taco Bell

No. 216474

also everyone cosplays now you're not a special group. Your a bunch of socially unacceptable rejects who never emotionally matured and think what you do is important. Get in the real world where most people who are healthy interact without dressing up like freaks lol

No. 216490

End what career you act like you fucking sluts pay her lol. No one listens to a group of ugly girls that fuck a bunch of fans or comic book owners just to sell prints at a convention lol. Nigris a has been her career exists solely because guys are waiting for her hard core porn. She's dumb as fuck and the company she keeps is even dumber. She should have been like Olivia Nunn by now if she had any talent but she doesnt. All those other washed up looking cosplayers look like they belong in a circus are you joking? you have to be special needs if you think being a famous cosplayer is something to make a career lol

No. 216557

Ummm…you are on this board lmfao

No one gives a fuck about her cosplaying, some people just don't like a dumb ugly bitch that has no humility

Hardly call what Nigri does anyone as cosplay…actually, she does Glamour Modeling which is exactly what Loonie is trying to do. Has been? Nigri banking over 50k a month on patreon ALONE and Luna makes like 5k sooo yeah no where even near Nigri's level nice try.

No. 216570


Hoenstly…Did you even take any English classes? Jesus fucking Christ I had to reread all of these to try to understand what the hell you were trying to say, Loonie. Ever heard of punctuation?

No. 216600

These thots like Mariah, Kay and Krissy do nothing except talk shit behind everyone's back and spreading disease.

No. 216607

Literally the only person I see call anyone thot is Luna. It's pathetic you think Kay, Mariah, or Krissy especially have any time to deal with your stupid bullshit Luna. It must be so easy for you to turn your white trash fans against them, when these girls have to deal with blatant racism and xenophobia on a daily basis without your bullshit attacks. Quit being so fucking scared and come off anon, we all know it's you, white trash queen. Go back to your trailer park in ATL where you belong.

No. 216611

The only real stupid bullshit is these thots sleepin with every prop maker and photographer and then sellin it like it's some collaboration

No. 216620

You mean like Luna did with Martin Wong and probably that Piques guy? K.

No. 216629

File: 1482085893148.jpg (208.42 KB, 886x1024, IMG_3624.JPG)

Man, the jealousy. It must really suck to be you. Stop bashing on girls your jealous of, it's unbecoming and obsessive. And stop yelling on about the vaginas of the girls your jealous of. Their sex partners, STDs, their "fat Arab pussy" like for real Luna you're so gross wtf that's creepy bruh

No. 216630

Martin is gay and has a cocaine problem

No. 216633

File: 1482086294762.jpg (80.83 KB, 960x960, 15541491_969280133216936_21124…)

This is gross

No. 216636

Ew, some gross bulky hairy arm gropping her fake tits on cam, what did Luna say about how she's a "legit model" and cosplay is for losers?

No. 216644

This isn't Luna. Just her or a fan trying to attack Mariah once again cuz she doesn't know any other way to defend herself

No. 216650

File: 1482088656460.png (318.29 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161218-141636.png)

Guess he became gay after smashing that Loonie pussy then

No. 216655

Smashing like Ike Turner

No. 216668

Dm can be fake so nice try and you need to take a math class for adding on income . And that's how you trash gage success? Sad gtfo off the Internet children you are so pathetic in trying to make up shit about someone that doesn't give a shit about you clowns

No. 216669

FYI sweetie saying people in the cosplay world acted like a pimp isn't a relationship unless you think what you and your pimp have is love lol

No. 216674

You must be stupid if you think she's saying she dated Martin and let's see the conversation sweetie anyway and the dates. No one cares if you're black white yellow and want to makes fool of yourself in Halloween costumes. I'm just saying in the real world I.e people with jobs that actually benefit society ,think you are weirdos that probably should be locked up

No. 216675

Jesus you are confusing jealously with disgust

No. 216691

We all call you thots now she was right about you sluts all banding together lol. With that fat cow nigri who keeps promoting trash it's like give it up dumb bitch. The only respectful famous cosplayer knew when to get out of the shitfest Nigri turned cosplay and she secretly hates her. Why don't you see Nigri promoting cosplayers prettier than her like Anna Faith? She can only promote girls that don't compete with her ugly cellulite thunder thighs. She better get herself a facelift and butt injections soon. Maybe she should ask Mariah to donate

No. 216694

Oh wow did you go to college to copy and paste someone else's words over Luna's face. All that proves is you stalk her shit and spend a lot of you energy trying to make up shit that doesn't exist.

No. 216695

Ever heard of killing yourself

No. 216698

Glamour modeling more like BBW modeling nigri is so photoshopped even before she was forced by her fam to show her titties and cooter she was too fat and old to model. You know who was a legitimate model was lyz b go look at her nudes on tumblr absolutely gorgeous and at least she cosplays. There's nothing sexy about cam girls grouping together to scam men saying they are cosplayers. Krissy is a stripper and Kay fucks dudes for drugs at Rave festivals. Mariah probably is in sex trade business look where she lives and how does a girl go from being fit to fat unless her daddy was fucking her

No. 216701

cosplay community is bigger than 4 ppl yet you constantly attack the same fucking ppl even though there are dozens of other cosplayers that hate Luna that are successful and aren't Mariah Krissy Kay or Nigri but nice try

No. 216710

And those are the girls that have publicly shit posted to her so that's the only ones us as fans know of so enlighten. There is no cosplay community. It's just a bunch of fag photographers and ugly woman who think they can be models. Real models do it now and cosplay is mainstream not some secret society. Luna doesn't give a shit about these people and hasn't for over 2 years so why do the same cosplayers constantly start shit on twitter with her. Always playing the victim after they tag her first or mention her first? We see it all you dumb cucks you must think people believe your bullshit

No. 216712

File: 1482094780169.png (430.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161218-155606.png)

You are all retarded
I know this shit because I followed Luna for 2 years before she became a fucking psycho jealous bitch
I followed her when she DATED MARTIN
She has never tried to hide this well…this convo can be found on her Twitter at this very moment.

No. 216716

And are you in middle school? Oh more cosplayers hate her big fucking deal does she ever act like she wants to be a part of that fag world? You people are so full of yourselves all you do is dickride each other and the neckbeards get hards on thinking they have real friends. But the reality is these cosplayers make fun of their fans and shit talk every cosplayer behind their back. How is that a community that anyone with anything going for them would want to mess with. Look at Munn and other cosplayers that got the fuck out of that shitland and people still talk about her to this day. It's like she's a fucking movie star and you have nobodies from cosplay and gaming still trying to post old news about her fucking this person or that to get ahead. They're just mad the couldn't and that's exactly what you losers are doing here.

No. 216718

Who the fuck cares she never said she didn't date him. Get you stories straight just because some admin is telling you this is Luna posting doesn't make it fact. Because it's not she doesn't give a fuck about this shit

No. 216722

She called out Nigri for basically stalking her. Why don't you pull up that twitter quote dickrider. The one who is a jealous psycho bitch is nigri and her bf who have been having thots and fans go on her shit for over a year trying to dig up shit that doesn't exist. Typical nigri gets all heated because someone big called her out and a lot of us saw it and still do. Don't worry Luna we got your back.

No. 216727

This thread started by multiple ppl claiming she never dated M Wong, first off, and second: sorry I am not down to support some racist fucking pig. Regardless of what the fuck she does for a living. No one expects to make a career from cosplay alone lmfao it's literally COSTUME PLAY
Only ppl are mad at Luna with cosplay is how she used it to get a name for herself
Nigri promo'd Luna lmfao you idiots the only reason this bitch is even known is because Nigri supported her until Luna got what she wanted and then turned on her.
Is Nigri perfect? Fuck no. But she is the main reason this bitch is even popular today.

No. 216729

how the fuck is it stalking when one of Luna's "fans" insulted Nigri in a tweet that had both of them tagged…literally how the whole thing started

No. 216730

why not also explain how multiple ppl considered Luna a friend and after that Nigri incident, Luna attacked insulted and even blocked a lot of them JUST FOR FOLLOWING NIGRI ON TWITTER.

No. 216736

jesus christ loonie get a life

No. 216741

Has there ever been a cow this delusional and crazed on this site before besides Kiki?

No. 216752

The community is bigger than them, but it's only Momo, Kay and Krissy's crew that come in here to talk shit.

No. 216765

I personally doubt Krissy or Kay would be in here. IDK about Mariah given her track record. It sounds more like thirsty neckbeards and bros that have no interest in cosplay or the nerd fandom and just like to see tits arguing back and forth.

No. 216780

File: 1482100456090.jpg (157.19 KB, 1334x750, IMG_3628.JPG)

No, you THINK it's momo, krissy, kay, & co.'s crews coming here to "talk shit" about Luna (you!) because that's what Luna (you!) does herself, she's so paranoid that all the people that she talked shit about & insulted & sockpuppeted are now doing the same to her (bc she knows she rightly deserves it) bc she thinks everyone is as shallow and horrid as her and now she's obsessing about it randomly responding to random posts that aren't hers and going "I know it's you posting kay!" "Is that so krissy? Right, this is krissy" "momo stop posting and making threads about Luna" "is that you niggi?!" When wholetime it's just her samefagging and sperging out on everyone. Like a "get them before they get me" she can't believe they aren't other people that she's insulted and been rude to and pissed off besides the 4 girls she's obsessed with and talked the most shit about, but there are, and she will never know. It's so obvious that all these posts in this thread are just Luna. Painfully obvious, like she has any fans that care about her this much who use the same spelling, grammar, phrases, words, punctuation, & misspelling. Jesus Christ you're worse than KiKi.

No. 216789

File: 1482101302814.jpg (72.52 KB, 1024x567, IMG_3629.JPG)

This was for her fans ~gross~, or in the words of Luna herself: "pussy ass beta males".

>Luna is a real glamour legit model!!11 she's modeling for Kanye!!!111 I heard she slept with Jeremy renner!! Honestly so true 100% true!!!!11111


No. 216800

Wannabe internet famous with no health insurance while you guys spread disease.

No. 216802

Can any farmhands confirm if this was Loonie? Half of this shit is slander.
>tfw youll never see nigri sue the shit out loonie for spreading rumors of her spreading STD's and being a whore
A girl can dream.

No. 216806

File: 1482103238193.png (142.44 KB, 750x919, IMG_3594.PNG)

Esp all those comments & posts insisting momo is a $50 prostitute, and raging on kay with random (most def/prob) fake stories from a decade +more ago.

In the pic: the fuck did her nips go?

No. 216807

File: 1482103423759.jpg (237.78 KB, 750x979, IMG_3630.JPG)

I tried to get everything. The face had a good amount of shoop, to make her look more like Angelina. Who you fooling Luna?

No. 216809

File: 1482103656994.jpg (193.01 KB, 749x1124, IMG_3631.JPG)

One more, you can tell by her tits, forehead, & side of face where she shoopd and the loose strands of hair are blurry, more transparent, and wavy. Jawline blurry and pushed up, nose a bit blurry and pushed down, face made thinner, etc.

No. 216811

Wow what a bad ass comeback, my feelings are so hurt.

What does actually hurt, though, is my brain. Loonie and her "lunatics" are not only deluded and shallow, but have the comprehension level of a 3rd grader. Actually, perhaps that is an insult to the 3rd grader. Rather, they have the comprehension and language level of a 6th grade white trailer trash 'mean girl'.

No. 216812

File: 1482103940122.png (49.05 KB, 750x342, IMG_0781.PNG)

Lets not forget THIS gem

No. 216813


I agree with this. I'm sure they READ the thread but probably just sit back and laugh. I'm not in the cosplay community but I follow it…totally unrelated 3rd party. I first heart of this psychotic lunatic when she went on her blocking spree and blocked/attacked random cosplay girls who had like 3k followers lol.

No. 216815

hahaha is that cleavage drawn on?

No. 216816


She has a botched boob job, nips came out looking like a cock-eyed monster.

No. 216821

True, but lets not imply moomoo could get any suing done. Its not like Loonie has any money, so MooMoo doesnt care.

It must hurt to be as irrelevant as Loonie, shes so irrelevant people dont care enough to sue her for slander. I doubt nigri or Kay even care enough to occasionally look her up for laughs. Let alone moomoo, she has lately had way too much bulking to do.

Loonie you need to call your doc and complain of that refund gap on those torpedoes. Thats subpar work, also opt next time for fat transfers on the ass NEXT to glute and a lipo from tailbone. Then you wont look like a stretched out dwarf.

For your face id recommend less fillers and a doc not found from a dollarstore notice board. Thatll come a longway, also stop buying your makeup from the dollarstore. Get some bombass moisturisers and a cosmetologist to fry that skin off, no way to salvage that haggardness unless you just go full on snake mode (oh the irony.).
Cant tell you to just wear a bag because Im sure your fans aint there for the mines of Moria survivor thing you got going on right now. Its a mystery, you dont have a pleasant personality, you have made your face and body busted and PAID FOR IT, tell me, is your fan demography consisting of barely legally blind older british men who mistook you for a legit Hobbit?

No. 216824

Looks like it, either with makeup, which she's done before inspired via kota, or drew it in ps and then blurr tool'd it, either way she blurred and shopped the tits bigger.

No. 216828

>Im sure your fans aint there for the mines of Moria survivor thing

That was the ILLEST burn I have ever seen in my life.

No. 216831

File: 1482106160481.gif (1.94 MB, 230x175, 1366163893499.gif)

No. 216834

File: 1482106667352.gif (1.48 MB, 498x207, IMG_3640.GIF)

No. 216946

I didn't know who the hell Lunatic or any of these other girls were until I saw her making a delusional ass of herself in this thread.

No. 216989

Why is Luna still relevant?

No. 217221

She's not lol

No. 217256

lol she has to stream on periscope because her twitch got reported and suspended. it was only a matter of time….you can't act like a slutty camgirl on twitch anymore and she still had videos up of her in just her underwear.

No. 217497

File: 1482185449532.jpg (154.98 KB, 960x1200, IMG_0992.JPG)

Wtf is up with her face?

No. 217501

File: 1482185505182.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

No. 217528

File: 1482187349739.png (108.24 KB, 750x1232, IMG_1035.PNG)

What the fuck is going on with her chin specifically??

No. 217542

Bad photoshop

No. 217547


Did a doubletake, thought this was present-day Ginger Bronson. Jesus God, what a botch job.

No. 217590

Came here to say the same thing. Fucking yikes.

No. 217651

Wow I couldn't even read that because the level of mental is of the charts

No. 217657

It isn't banned and she's friends with gamers in that community. The level of false reporting coming from people here is so unbelievable you have no credibility anymore. And no one shit talked Nigri it was a generalized post about boyfriends and husbands that provide the content for fans to jack off too. She just stated she would never be in that kind of relationship and Nigri thought it was shade to her alone but it was really shade to this dude that was trying to get with her at the time and was a photographer. I was told that she blocked Nigri when she followed Kay right after Luna ranted about her. And Nigri NEVER promoted Luna it was the opposite and never followed her always giving excuses to Martin that she didn't follow people she didn't met in person. If anyone promoted her it was Martin Wong because he wanted Luna to replace Nigri which he privately hates.

No. 217658

File: 1482204071272.jpg (75.67 KB, 566x960, IMG_0991.JPG)

In 3 years she looks double her age.

No. 217659

Talk about talking out your ass? Nigri and Wong work together to this day, and Luna has attacked Martin multiple times. Also, she just tweeted/snapchatted like 4 days ago that her Twitch was suspended. Even her fans don't know shit about her, fucking pathetic. And Nigri never needed her promo, where the fuck do you get that from? Nigri has sat at 1 mil FB followers and over 400k twitter followers for quite a while…Luna hasn't broken over 110k on any platform lmfao

No. 217660

She had potential to be cute back then. At most she needed a nose job and better hair/extensions. I'll never understand why she opted for those god awful lip fillers instead.

No. 217661

And those ugly boulder implants

No. 217664

Yeah, her old breasts seemed nice enough. I suppose I can get giving them a bit of a "boost" with implants, but her boobjob looks pretty bad, typical bolt-on boobjob.

No. 217666

File: 1482204942006.jpg (98.9 KB, 637x820, luna.jpg)

No. 217667

File: 1482204988394.jpg (162.53 KB, 3286x1080, luna 7.jpg)

No. 217670

Oh PS it was because Luna was still seeing Alex Ramos and having him take pictures of her at this time is why Nigri called her out. Do some research and bring receipts next time you want to try to take one of us on.

No. 217680

PS that is a flagrant lie and shows how little you know about their relationship. Alex hates that she did cosplay its primarily why they broke up and his cheating with his fans. He would never support or help her with taking pictures because he's the one that put a halt to her cosplaying in 2013 after dragoncon. So all this proves is Jessica and her minions were stalking her which is mental.

No. 217681

That's old like you people seriously need to get updated with her life. Bad stalkers

No. 217682

So what it just shows she won't stream on twitch not that she's banned

No. 217683

old? It's from a few weeks ago lmfao jesus

No. 217685

Alex just visited her in Nashville like a month ago they have been off and on the entire time…

No. 217686

the suspension was temporary but she is saying she won't use twitch anymore regardless

No. 217688

You bring receipts dumb bitch proving that he took her pictures when he was living in Atlanta and with his vine friends in LA oh yeah is that why Jessica just started following Scotty Sire? Jessica you're a disgusting human and so are your fans and costhots who harass Luna just because she's better than you

No. 217690

Also a lie but keep making shit up. And even if they were on and off doesn't mean he ever took cosplay pictures of her, that was something jessica assumed because she stalked her all the time

No. 217691

Uh yeah dumb butch which proves what? You all were gloating that she was suspended

No. 217692

It's loonie time

No. 217693

Kay is the only one in contact with Alex through mutuals. Basically Alex has been funneling information to his old high school friend for over a year. why? Because he's insanely jealous that his ex is going to move on forever. He knows every time there's a crisis she returns to him so what better way to control her than to screw up her career. now it seems he and Scotty and Jessica are up to something but too late and that's for me her bff from the U.K. To know and you all to choke on

No. 217694

Go fuck yourself im the friend that sent her a 1700 purse for her birthday and she tells me everything

No. 217696

Oh Luna, Luna, Luna, our beloved Lunatic Goddess…. Of course we know it's you all along :^)

No. 217697

This is so embarrassing. Are you trying to make your "friend" Luna look bad by drawing more attention to her thread?

No. 217699

Sure Jan

No. 217701

File: 1482209006597.png (63.18 KB, 673x341, IMG_1048.PNG)

Luna you said the same thing on anon-ib and no one believed you there either.

No. 217711

Why does it matter when I'm here to defend your lying. That's the point not who posts which believe what you want I'm her friend and patreon too. You people lie because you have zero facts just the garbage Kay shits out about someone she was obsessively jealous of in high school and still is. So obsessed that she keeps in touch with Luna's ex boyfriends ex. Yeah the Maria girl that posted on her Instagram picture was Alex's ex and one of Kay's bff. Of course they were because they both use to fuck everyone and spread diseases. Don't you think if Luna was this disgusting person that Martin would have called her out by now? He still posts her picture so good luck with trying to make fans turn against her because only Jessica's fucking freak fans do that. I seriously hope the fat injections that bitch is getting in her non existent ass go to her brain and kill her.

No. 217716

Can any Farmhands or Admin-sama come and confirm if this is Luna Lanie? Cause all counterattack posts sound familiar here.

No. 217720

No one believes facts here. One can dispute every lie here but your only concerned with trying to spread misinformation. Most likely it's Mariah, Kay, SSS and Krissy who were the three costhots to start shit over thanksgiving break. I also talked with Luna today and she believes her ex is involved because he's still reeling over losing popularity. He believes it was Luna's fault and will stop at nothing to destroy her reputation. In fact he and Nigri use to dm each other when Luna started cosplaying. Jessica's a slut and wants a lot of male attention even though she's in a "serious" relationshiplol. Maybe she was trying to get a replacement after Ryan gets stale.

No. 217722

How are they going to confirm? IPs can be faked that is my speciality and location is most likely coming up exactly where I want it to

No. 217723

Pretty sure that the drama was with Mariah on twitter which is linked on this thread. No idea why Luna keeps bringing up Kay, SS and Krissy.

No. 217724

Too close to the truth dumb bitch? I bet Martin still misses Luna. I bet his best friend Hunter misses her too he use to private dm her all the time. What a shame he's stuck with that unfortunate piece of shit he's dating.

No. 217728

Ask Nigri why she randoming started following Alex's friends and former roommates from California the other day? Seems really random kind of like the follow she gave Kay after Luna ranted about her.

No. 217731

This paranoia is psychotic.

No. 217739

The facts are Luna makes more and doesn't have to use daddy's credit cards to jack up her pledges.

No. 217741

Facts and trying to play the victim again?

No. 217743

Luna lives with her mom.

No. 217745

Oh it was random bitch please no one is buying your scams and lies anymore and Mariah because you love telling people they're crazy look in the mirror. The only reason anyone fans you is because you're an easy lay and they know you're going to spread for a Twinkie

No. 217746

I have her sisters address to send shit to so try again

No. 217747

So luna mooches off her sister.

No. 217753

File: 1482213321574.jpg (64.99 KB, 480x720, IMG_1049.JPG)

Looking at pictures of luna from just a year or two ago is depressing. She used to have potential but now she looks so ugly and plastic

No. 217756

How does that translate to mooching? Lol she could be supporting her whole family like Nigri does sans boyfriend. I wonder why it's ok for fans to pay for Nigris family and boyfriend but if any other cosplayer uses money for anything other than cosplay they're called out for it

No. 217759

Sure and the only people who like little girls are guy's into little girls. What are they called again?

No. 217761

Lol what?

No. 217763

Yeah you're right, that explains why.

Go take a chill pill Luna

No. 217764

What's the deal with Mariah, Kay and Nathans?

No. 217766

Broken record with these bitches trying so hard almost too hard.

No. 217769

She was almost cute but you can still see the crazy in those eyes. It's terrifying.

No. 217774

sure Luna

No. 217777

These costhots like Mariah and Kay do nothin but sleep around for props and photographers

No. 217784

you can tell Nigri and her band of thots are here because they try so hard to change the subject when it gets too close for comfort

No. 217785

Guess this means Luna sleeps around for photogs. Remember, she's a deranged hypocrite and always acuses people of doing shit she herself actually does.

No. 217789

Ok here's some info theres this fan called James Wurtz who use to straight up harass Luna day and night about this cosplayer that he was in "love" with from the UK. Pretty sure the dude is mentally ill because he shit talked Nigri when she unfollowed him and Luna kept all the dm's and I just read them lol. Dude was pretending he was in this relationship, then a break up just to tell Luna he has feelings for her. Can you say classic sociopath and whats weird is every cosplayer who hates Luna interacts with this nutbag.

No. 217791


No. 217792

Just like Mariah and her lewd thots suckin Nathan DeLuca off. Does everyone get armor or STD's?

No. 217793

Stories straight thots she doesn't use photographers because she does it herself and has for over a year. Don't you remember when she trashed all the cosplay photographers for being creepers? This thread should be moved anyway all the things being brought up is over two to three years old. Again nothing scandalous just a bunch of triggered ugly girls hating the hot girl thats going places while they are cleaning toilets in Wendys

No. 217797

Just go look at his twitter go back years like you thots like to do and see he was jilted because Luna wouldn't answer his questionnaire for his blog. He got insulted because he wanted to dick ride anyone who was the next Nigri. That's exactly what they were all saying three years ago because secretly everyone hates Jess

No. 217800

Hi Mariah

No. 217803

Mariah can't even pay the IRS from all neckbeards she robbed on Patreon.

No. 217809

No one held a gun to their head they got mommy issues. Like that stinky fat burka pussy

No. 217810

File: 1482216489603.jpg (192.61 KB, 1233x2048, IMG_0993.JPG)

Go to bed Luna. It's getting old hearing you go on talking about the same cosplayers over and over like the obsessed weirdo that you are. And you're not black so stop saying "thots" constantly. And consider hitting the gym before you shit talk momo for being fat.

No. 217812

Keep using old pictures Mariah because you're so triggered by her beauty and maybe you need a nose, chin, lipo oh shit just kill yourself bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217813

Mariah don't you have someone dick to eat I mean suck

No. 217815

Why do you keep insisting photos of yourself from this year are old? Go to a shrink because you're insane.

No. 217818

File: 1482216787565.png (629.82 KB, 399x660, IMG_0944.PNG)

Wide as a truck with a concave ass. Luna has no right to talk shit about anyone's body,

No. 217819

Its the end of 2016 dumb bitch that picture was 2014 from some weird photographer named Albert

No. 217820

File: 1482216822045.jpg (187.79 KB, 1242x2022, IMG_0945.JPG)


No. 217821

Yeah I'm pretty sure she doesn't care about looking black or hispanic lol

No. 217822

Yeah nice try I'm lol so much because you literally find the same pictures to post over and over again. Mariah go take a hike and then jump off the nearest cliff

No. 217826

File: 1482217072066.jpg (52.94 KB, 500x750, 2.jpg)

No. 217828

File: 1482217138454.png (55.92 KB, 745x424, IMG_1051.PNG)

She has no definition between her hips and waist. She's built like bratwurst.

No. 217829

File: 1482217166793.jpg (152.21 KB, 1016x1017, 11270530_10202988449830885_843…)

Whats this shit

No. 217832

Yeah she still pulled in millions of views and making that $$$$$$

No. 217835

These thots got nothin goin for them, but posting lewds. They'll never get invited as cosplay guest. They have nothin to fall back on.

No. 217837

Luna you sell pics of your wonky fake tits. Anyone can see them with a google search. You're garbage.

No. 217838

Kay in 10 years with 5 kids

No. 217840

waits for Luna to reply to this
Every time she's cornered she starts really sperging out. Notice the random photos of black people and insulting Kay again. Racist slob.

No. 217846

She wont say shit. Every time someone points out what a hypocrite she is she loses her mind and starts posting word vomit. Her tiny little bimbo brain can't process it.

No. 217872

File: 1482221997433.png (149.65 KB, 1098x832, IMG_4850.PNG)

Oh raq I'm so sorry your parents gave you up but look at you can you blame them

No. 217873

File: 1482222050680.png (149.67 KB, 1121x824, IMG_4849.PNG)

No. 217874

File: 1482222103312.png (178.8 KB, 1094x873, IMG_4847.PNG)

OMG can it be killed with fire

No. 217876

File: 1482222163105.png (193.07 KB, 1125x955, IMG_4848.PNG)

Hey guys I'm a Persian stud with a chode can you girls suck it for .50

No. 217877


You should really make it less obvious when you're posting, Delanie

No. 217879

If I remember she got scholarships and was in AP classes not out in the woods skipping class and sucking dick for weed.

No. 217880

You should probably realize that there are more people that hate you

No. 217881

Delanie, you are legitimately racist. You must really dislike yourself to put others down and sperg put about people who don't give a shit about you. I guarantee you didn't take AP classes, you can barely formulate a thought on an image board without the words 'thot' or racist slurs.

Mostly, I feel bad for you. Because being blonde and having fake tits and cock eyed nips, filled in lips and a fucked up nose job will never fulfill you. The Photoshop and plastic doesn't make you beautiful, and it never will. You're just an ugly, wrinkled little 20 something who never even had the decency to peak. You're just a dud, a used condom wrapper do to speak.

No. 217882

Look how salty the chode faggot gets because Luna didn't want to be friends with him and his prostitute.oh here's a fun fact Luna's ex Alex picked him up at the airport for momocon and they both did the prisonyard bang before the convention.

No. 217883


No clue who you're talking about but when you're using a first name and so many details it's obvious it's Luna and not a whiteknight.

No. 217885



*So to speak

(Ty phone)

No. 217887

Newsflash Einstein this isn't Luna but keep continuously posting the same old comments. It's so obvious you know nothing because your a lemming and just parrot what you've been told to say Congrats that makes you below anyone on this thread

No. 217888

Never said I was a white knight again assuming that others haven't been told about this groups spurging

No. 217890

You are too now go drink bleach anyone who sits all day watching these threads and replying immediately is beyond saving

No. 217892

File: 1482223173244.gif (954.51 KB, 245x215, tumblr_m7t1siSN5C1r91bgy.gif)

No. 217893

And the racist comments have already been shot down no one believes them because they aren't true. Saying stupid shit over and over without proof or making up accounts and posing as Luna making racist comments is so transparent. Who would make an account and then put themselves in it? It's so obvious what you all are trying to do but nothing happened. Luna gets more popular everyday while you get invited to freak cons and suck dick for worbla

No. 217894

File: 1482223339538.png (438.16 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_4845.PNG)

Here's your five minutes of fame now go back to backpage and pretend you're underage for that daddy money

No. 217895

Why does she wear braces isn't she like 30

No. 217896

Not random I'm one of Kay's Patreon but I'm really team Luna lol

No. 217899

She's still far more beautiful than you Loonie bin

No. 217901

Jessica definitely tried to get with Martin and Alex. She use to dm them both all the time and Alex would say how hot Jessica was even with her basketball sized fake tits.

No. 217902

On what planet is trash considered beautiful

No. 217904

More like he called her escort agency and she came over because he likes trannies

No. 217907

You give a shit you sit on a fucking anon board posting lies about her because you are so jealous or butthurt she doesn't associate with slugs

No. 217908


No one wants to date an pretentious emo 12 year old like alex

No. 217909


can you stop trying to make that kid sound relevant lol

No. 217922

So why is luna suddenly stalking this random indian kid?

No. 217923

File: 1482227705978.jpg (163.81 KB, 768x1024, IMG_3933.JPG)

Because she's loonie. Get some fuckin work, Luna, & stop being paranoid in the thread.

No. 217924

File: 1482227739256.jpg (187.31 KB, 1024x682, IMG_3934.JPG)


No. 217925

File: 1482227786247.jpg (179.7 KB, 741x1024, IMG_3935.JPG)

Such a sweet girl, what a role model!

No. 217927

File: 1482227970596.jpg (207.96 KB, 821x1024, IMG_3938.JPG)

Oh and I have lots more pics of Delanie Wheeler from back in her emo alex day.


Cringy vine vids:

No. 217928

Congrats you know how to cut and paste shit that doesn't correlate with the pictures. Just pasting shit on top of images doesn't associate that person with those words.

No. 217929

Haha that's the faggot who tried to be famous on twitch and vine but sucks and isn't funny at all. Luna use to periscope with him and I swear he wore a dress and makeup.

No. 217930

File: 1482228883744.png (120.58 KB, 559x854, IMG_3902.PNG)

I don't get why she calls everyone a costhot and saying krissy, SS, mono, Kay, nigiri are whores & prostitutes when she's producing completely nude quality ass content like this.

No. 217932

File: 1482229004037.gif (920.64 KB, 450x337, IMG_3884.GIF)

Yeah, I even have a pic of him in what I'm going to assume is Luna's old b cup bra and Luna's tampons in his nose. I guess she's a fucking loser for dating him right?

No. 217933

Dating that raqib guy she keeps posting? Omg she dated him??? Lmao no wonder she's suddenly bringing him up. No one knows this obscure ass indian guy so good job outing yourself so hard Luna.

No. 217935

So then Luna does in fact live with her mom and is in fact a hypocrite? If she werent she wouldnt have considered these vague tweets to be about herself. Wow the truth is coming out tonight.

No. 217936

Yes it does, actually. Because those are words you used to "defend" yourself, Luna. Or the shit your fans sperg, so yes, still associated with you.

No. 217938

File: 1482229617936.jpg (150.32 KB, 750x1004, IMG_3945.JPG)


>just pasting shit on top of images doesn't associate that person with those words

Oh rly?

No. 217939

wait that sand nigger raq was railing this bitch? good on him(race-based derailing)

No. 217948

File: 1482230983484.jpg (206.89 KB, 480x480, IMG_3885.JPG)

Man, swimsuitsuccubs is way hotter than Luna ever could be, even with braces, stop being so salty that you had to sleep with Martin & kiss Nigri's ass & get plastic surgery to get known while SS…. didn't, and she's still more famous. Ouch.

No. 217950

Luna has more followers so she is more famous but luna is a retard and made herself ugly with surgery so she has to show her bare tits to get money on patreon. and its still less than SS even with braces and no plastic surgery. Kay is also much better looking and natural which is probs why luna attacks kay and ss so much. Luna's mad because they're hot and in shape even though mariah is the one who called her all kinds of shit on twitter and facebook.

No. 217953

Continuing my last post but since Momo is fat and gets shit on in her own lolcow thread Luna doesnt see her ad much of a threat as Kay, SS and Nigiri who are all fit looking and making thousands without resorting to nudes. The nudes were Luna's desperate attempt to surpass them on patreon but she's still not making more and it drives her nuts.

No. 217954

Nigri is getting fat tho, check out her thread.

No. 217956

Oh shit lol

No. 217965

Can't say I am surprised it happens in long term relationships…she doesn't post about running or working out as much…but to be fair I like the bit of weight she put on. For a while you could clearly see her ribs it was disgusting

No. 217966

File: 1482233797097.png (819.25 KB, 1279x1212, fatass.png)

To each their own I think she looks like my chubby fat neighbor Zachary whose mom feeds him too much cookies

The only good thing that's working in her favor is that her big ass implants make the weight gain in her stomach and arm area look semi proportionate

No. 217967

The thing that is obvious and clear to me is that Luna has no idea wtf she is good at or wtf she wants to do and has resulted in doing everything and anything she can think of to make her relevant. I saw someone compare her to Audrey Hepburn and died laughing. She is pandering this 'vintage nude' bs and her fans are idiots that don't even know anything about these people. Audrey Hepburn…hah!

No. 217968

She didn't get ass implants. This is all over reddit.com/jessicanigri2
Darshelle who edits most of her photos shoops the fuck out of that washboard butt. You can find recent candid photos of her from cons and tell her ass is still flat.

No. 217969

man if you think that is fat I am sorry for the women in your life

No. 217971

I meant BIG ASS implants not big "ass" implants

Like big ass titties.

? Ok.

No. 217972

ah there were other ppl claiming she actually got butt implants in the thread lol my b

No. 217973

this. this is why we think it is Luna posting here. which one of you creeps went and tracked down who Kayla's MOM is and posted her photo here? Luna did the same shit when Kay's dad was sick before he died. This shit is not ok. Kay doesn't post these photos on any of her social media. What the actual fuck is wrong with people.

No. 217977

If she is 30 she looks insanely young for her age. Meanwhile Luna is 21 going on 40. Also I didn't know there was an age cap for fixing your teeth.

No. 217982

Luna is a psycho with no empathy for others. All she cares about is being popular even if it means making a fool of herself while she sits on anon harassing people's families because of highscool drama. Luna is a developmentally stunted narcissistic retard.

No. 217983

Holy shit, that's Kay's mom? Get some fucking help, Luna. Goddamn, this lunatic bitch is pure scum.

No. 217984

Luna, Kay's mom looks like a nice fun black lady. You clearly have mommy issues and wannabe black yourself


No. 217985

She posted about Kay's dad on her twitter too…like don't bring family that has nothing to do with it into this.

No. 217986

File: 1482236883826.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3936.PNG)

Damn wtf Luna, why ya gotta be such a agitated hoe?

No. 217987

Waiting on Luna's return to call everyone and everything Kay, Krissy, Mariah, Jessica, thots, dumb bitches, jelly Asians, old pictures… did I miss anything?

Your posts are so transparent, Loonie.

No. 217995

File: 1482240739126.png (134.5 KB, 1240x1264, IMG_2850.PNG)

Luna is well aware of who she is. According to her girls only slut shame when they don't love themselves enough or are ugly. Since everyone's a costhot, Luna hates herself more than any of the girls she cries about.

No. 217998

Wait to you see all the nudes your schools and dads are gettin Kay, Krissy and Momo

No. 218003

Why is your english so bad Loonie?

No. 218007

guarantee this is actually that weirdo that stalks her shit. Arpit or whatever the fuck his name is

No. 218009

for real not everyone has the privilege of a family that can afford orthodontic care. She probably had to pay for it all herself

No. 218043

She does it everyday and it's always the same shit. Not missing anything lol

No. 218055

Whoa. Luna must be pretty fucking damaged, these continuing all-out tardrages against other soft porn models (who are probably more successful than her) are kinda scary. Beta bux and attention is one hell of a drug, apparently.

Luna, we all know you're reading this. Get help.

No. 218156

File: 1482268031491.jpg (524.05 KB, 1920x1200, IMG_3986.JPG)

Just knowing this is a fact, must kill Luna, so sad she has to rip on other girls to make herself feel better. Shit like her ruins the community.

Ps. I was talking to the nerdy grocery store cashier at Whole Foods today about Katsucon, he's really into cosplay girls/goes to cons, loves nigri, was familiar with SS, kay, & momo. "What about Luna Lanie?" …. "huh? whose that?" Lmao so relevant~

No. 218158

File: 1482268485783.png (Spoiler Image, 109.56 KB, 750x1167, IMG_3982.PNG)

More quality patreon cosplay content….
+how is it cosplay when you're completely naked?

No. 218159

Wait holy shit SS has nearly as many patrons as Jnig.

No. 218160

Lmao she posts her pussy on patreonand gets less than everyone she shits on.

No. 218162

god this video is so old you dumb bitch like kome up with something new already lol always bringing up old pictures like sayin she isn't a high quality model??? dumb

No. 218164

No. 218166

Loonie time.

No. 218167

Gurrrl it says on your patreon that you posted this December 20 at 12:39am, I thought it was just a picture, I didn't know it was a video, thanks for telling me Luna! Damn, a naked patreon pic is bad, but a naked patreon video? That's worse.



No. 218169


Admin can you please confirm this is Luna? Shit like this is ridiculous, her kiki level stalking needs to be exposed. If you are reading this Kay, you should consider getting a restraining order since Loonie will probably end up trying to skin you or some shit lol. Psycho bitch

No. 218172


This is Vicky-level of delusional.
"It's an old pic, dumbass"

No. 218173

>December 20

sure Luna

No. 218176

I figured checking a few ticks off of >>217987 this list, intentionally making a contradiction in the very same sentence and saging would make it obvious enough that it was a mock post, but I guess not adding a "/s" tripped you up.
Good to know it's that easy to pretend to be her, I suppose?

No. 218177

File: 1482272825578.png (85.38 KB, 750x506, IMG_3995.PNG)

But anon! Luna WOULD NEVER stalk other girls, people only stalk HER, duh.

No. 218179

File: 1482273095806.png (Spoiler Image, 123.65 KB, 750x1251, IMG_3991.PNG)

I wonder what character shes cosplaying in this? And on facebook none the less. Klassy.

No. 218180

Does anyone else feel like she exaggerated/made up or intentionally talked shit about momocon that one time just to gain popularity? Always had suspicions tbh

No. 218193

At first I believed her but after all I've seen I'm sure that was a lie for pity and attention.

No. 218214

File: 1482280525789.png (1.65 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_9564.PNG)

That fucking door frame

No. 218223

File: 1482281354065.png (162.19 KB, 637x796, Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 6.46…)

you have to be the saddest beta to pay this ho when THIS is her attitude towards patrons.

No. 218243

File: 1482286583572.jpg (51.6 KB, 576x1024, 332D3373-22E7-4DDA-893A-771B5E…)

Lol look at the doorfrae here too

No. 218247


Yeah her whole incident was proven false

No. 218249

I could see how she can get away with the other one but the warp on this is so obvious

No. 218252

So she truly has no waist at all… lmao

No. 218253

>it's not weekly it's monthly
>so it's 4 times a month


No. 218257

I think if you look at the tiers on her Patreon, you pay that amount x4 which is fucking insane. That bullshit alone is probably why she has less Patrons than the other girls…she makes it far too complicated for too little incentive for her fans.

No. 218258

omg these are so poorly done. At least invest in a professional editor to do this shit or take a photoshop course or SOMETHING if you want to even try to make it believable.

No. 218266

File: 1482290067005.jpg (208.56 KB, 545x771, luna 8.jpg)

She already changed it. I swear she changes this like twice a week.
At least she's moving away from calling herself a cosplayer…still a shit personality and fake as fuck but I'll give her the BOAD she does actually put her Patreon $$$ to decent use for her "art".

No. 218267

She's stuck doing weekly because she copied other girls and if she changes it to monthly patreon wont multiply it. It'll be 2k monthly instead of 8k a month like she currently makes.

No. 218268

File: 1482290083072.jpg (186.42 KB, 543x836, luna 9.jpg)

No. 218269

Too bad her photos still look like shit.

No. 218270

although I am well aware camera equipment and software is hella expensive…if she lives with her sister, and makes over $8k a month, at the same time I feel like she could've gotten all the equipment she listed a looonnggg time ago. I thought she purchased a new camera but actually all the new stuff she's bragging about would've only come to like $1k total lmfao

No. 218273

Actually just looking at all these other girls patreons, Luna's seems like such a huge rip-off. Even Nigri's highest tier is $60, but considering at cons she charges $20 for an 11x17 print, and then 25% off at her store plus other customized stuff…I still would never pay that much but the math adds up. She took down her monthly goal amount. I didn't realize Mariah was making almost 15k/month on her Patreon…that must really piss Luna off.

No. 218277


> digital polaroids

doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of polaroids lol

No. 218279

Guess she doesn't want to spend that extra money on those instax…or, more likely, she knows she can't photoshop a polaroid.

No. 218288

Admins at lolcow you dun goofed this site will be history soon. Been informed that they are giving out people's ip which is illegal. Full exposure soon about Raquib and his firing for sexual harassment at his previous employer, harassment of Luna who he NEVER dated but assumed they did because he's fucking mental, He dated Swimsuit Succubus and others at Twitchcon heard him bragging about how she is a prostitute so either he's lying or SSS is engaged in illegal activity.

No. 218290

No one cares this much about money other than stone cold hookers. It would be stupid to list full disclosure on income but I assure you Luna makes more than most if not all of them

No. 218291

This is ridiculous.

No. 218293


That was almost believable (no it wasn't)

No. 218294

You must have addition problems but more than 8k however her living arrangements are single no one else but Raquib must feel he knows her life because he's been stalking her since 2014

No. 218296


Is that why she needs to charge her Patreon supporters 4 times a month lol?

No. 218297

Okay so going by Luna's hypocrite logic and the way she's projected her own BS onto others we can asssume she dated this raqib guy and thats why she's been on a tirade against him.

No. 218299

I'm getting the dms sent as I type this so you want receipts they are coming btw just assuming someone doesn't have friends family and associates where they live is the definition of stupidity.

No. 218301

The fuck even she has standards fuck off dude and get yourself a mirror

No. 218304

Patreon was set up per creation before the there was monthly do your research thot

No. 218307


pretty sure lolcow admins wouldn't give out ips to anyone. good job at revealing yourself again Luna Lanie

No. 218309

No it wasn't stop lying the incident had the receipts go back and check your facts

No. 218310

So much obsession and jealousy it's funny you people stay on this shit site all day. I imagine you must look like a lifetime of regret lol

No. 218311


Yeah but she doesn't release content weekly lol

She charges weekly and releases shoots like what? Once or twice a month?

No. 218312


wait so is it true that luna lanie was an accomplice to helping alex ramos kill amanda todd? this is all sorts of fucked up smh

No. 218313

But you're here every day commenting multiple times and keeping this thread alive and further dragging Luna/yourself through the mud.

No. 218315

Raquib texted Luna and bragged about knowing the admins and how you retards keep trying to attribute any of these posts to Luna shows how stupid you are. Doesn't mean she's not giving me insight just like you guys talk amongst yourselves so do we and I post. She's not going to waste time with this crap but I have time to come on and clear up the lying

No. 218318

Oh my god lmao luna

No. 218319

No one is keeping it alive but you twats posting lie after lie. Good luck in trying to get her friends to stop attacking you ugly cunts it's not happening

No. 218321

Yes ugly freak of nature would you like to say it to her face. we all double dare you lol

No. 218323

then tell her dumb ass I hope she learned her lesson in not to post links to someone else's thread if she didn't want to fucking dance then lmfao

No. 218327

No one except anime losers with 10 cats care about this shit. Go work on yourselves thots now that the playboy bunnies are using patreon no one is going to want bottom tier ratchet anymore. so go get yourselves some titties and asses and lipo for you fatties.

No. 218331

What does this mean. We are dancing for her, I don't know if you're aware you probably are, so sold a shit ton of calendars and is busy and is doing shoots in Atlanta LA and Miami this coming month don't even try to put what you thots do on the same level

No. 218333

I'm not a cosplayer or have a patreon so I have got all day to drag this ratty cunt through the mud
praise the queen of bad shoops and shit personality all you want. you all only make fools of yourselves bringing up shit no one gives a fuck about and drawing more attention to how shit Luna and her following is

No. 218334


can you make it anymore clear that it's you trying to defend your own nasty ass luna

No. 218336

File: 1482296611548.png (13.72 KB, 465x84, Screenshot_3.png)

is this bitch brain dead how the fuck does she tweet stupid shit like this and then come to talk shit about people more successful than her anonymously

No. 218337

she told me she moved in with her sister, first off…second, she makes 2.8k a week…regardless of my rounding down she still makes less that momo or sss you pathetic ho

No. 218339

dude she also follows and unfollows like 300 ppl a day so either she is botting shit or she has zero life and physically does it.

No. 218340


I'm pretty sure the only person who would know about Luna's calendar shoot bookings is Luna. She hasn't posted about these on any of her pages, so yet again great job at exposing yourself Luna

No. 218341

File: 1482296857494.jpg (62.35 KB, 700x525, IMG_1100.JPG)

No. 218342


No. 218343

Luna you should go into writing fiction.

No. 218344

why go back to ATL when she does nothing but trash talk it constantly and say only ratchets and thots come from there? oh cuz shes from there

No. 218349

File: 1482297696963.png (1.1 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_4853.PNG)

Lol look what we are sending in gc bitches. Ok I'm done for the evening but the calendar is over dumb cunts and she's shooting with actual fashion companies and publications. I really would fuck with her anymore she has friends in high places and you might find yourself in more trouble than it's worth. BTW to assume she doesn't have help with her social media etc and the fact that you are literally so obsessed that you watch everything done means you're a fan lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218351

did you really just put that phone number up for anyone to see lmfao

No. 218352

also some friends you got there for letting this go this far you bat shit crazy cunt lmfao

No. 218353

People that shoot futures music videos want to work with her you know cause she's so racist. She wants to know which dumbass came up with that angle? Was it Raquib because she wanted nothing to do with him? So he assumed it was his race? Or was it Kay who did nothing but hate her race in high school and wanted to be white girl so much she was obsessed with Delanie. But now that a bunch of nasty cos photographers like Elysian or whatever the fuck that thots name is made her the poster child for POC cosplayers she's embraced her race. You go Glenn Coco.

No. 218356

Oh it's allowed here right if I read the rules and yeah you guys can dish out lies but don't like it when shit gets turned on you

No. 218357

File: 1482298302342.png (1.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161130-155423.png)

o im sorry i was under the impression she handled her own social media after she tried to claim it was someone else attacking ppl earlier this year and thats why she deserved to be paid on patreon for doing everything herself ?

No. 218358

Seriously go fuck yourselves now that she knows where all this trash talk has been coming from and you have been interfering in HER business by spreading libel and slander I suggest you start cleaning your hard drives and fucking disappearing

No. 218359

nothing I said in the post you replied to talks about race you moron ? she calls ppl thot and ratchet on the daily

No. 218360

Not relevant now bitch would you like to get the fuck off this board before I dox your family

No. 218361

Sue me Luna.

No. 218362

File: 1482298526673.png (403.31 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161130-132038.png)

better work on getting a good lawyer than honey cuz you can't sue anyone for being "mean" on the internet

No. 218363

Go ahead Luna lol

No. 218365

I have had no issue making it known who I was before some cunt namefagged me so go right ahead everything I have posted is the truth and I have posted receipts the whole way.

No. 218366

You know this isn't 4chan right?
And whoever you're texting knows you're posting too so…. Way to go

No. 218367

No one made up lies except luna. Calling Momokun a prostitute, calling SSS a terrorist and pedophile and prostitute, posting photos of Kay's family and acusing her of having STDs…if anyone will get sued its Luna and whoever is posting on her behalf.

No. 218368

Sweetie you need to grow some thick skin if words bother you so much and look at the shit you say on here. Get over it you all tried to pull the racist card and that was so fucking funny considering the grounds where "boo she's using thot and ratchet" but no proof of racism. You people are pathetic and so are the admins on this board providing Ip just because they're friends with someone. Bitch I live in Nashville doesn't mean im Luna

No. 218369

JESus CHRIST YOU'RE So STUPID LUnA laks rekfntlenelwpwdmnfek

No. 218370


Only Luna would think you can actually sue someone over an anonymous message board since she's threatened it over twitter so many times.

No. 218371

Dumb ugly bitch we know who you are with your no eyebrows lmfao go stalk some more and actually you're wrong because Luna has already started with momo and has sued successfully before

No. 218372

Admins do not provide IP and also I'm 99% sure your friend is not "friends with the admins".

Also just outed yourself again. You're really not good at this lol

No. 218373


Threats are much much more punishable than what you think is "libel" or "slander".

No. 218374

I can't wait it will be funny. We will make it a group hangout and popcorn when you get the text or dm that papers were served

No. 218375

File: 1482299039032.jpg (238.39 KB, 2000x1000, IMG_1105.JPG)

She was baited so hard holy shit.

No. 218376

umm you can scroll through this thread and see a severe amount of racist comments. Even if it isn't Luna that's a real great message to encourage your "fans" to keep attacking

No. 218377

No one is threatening and you can try and sue me but you'd have to find me first lol

No. 218378

Sure, Luna. When is good for you?

No. 218379

>when you get the text or DM

For a legal case. Oh god I'm laughing so hard HELP

No. 218380

Oh that's fresh making someone responsible for someone's else's actions or words lmfao go back to tumblr actually no weak ass people like you should just commit

No. 218381

>getting a text or dm that papers were served
>a text
>a dm

That's not how it works lmao

No. 218382


> before I dox your family

> no one is threatening

This has gotta be bait

No. 218383

you're right I don't have eyebrows cuz I am a natural blonde unlike your maim bitch. but go ahead and insult me further with things I already insult myself on via twitter ?

No. 218384

Meant to reply to >>218377

No. 218386

And you are dumb cunts now go back to sucking dick and taking pics of it or that priceless bend over vag lip look from sss fucking disgusting only guys that should be locked up in jail would buy that shit

No. 218387

What Luna thinks is libel/slander:

>she photoshops her pictures

>she posts here
>she posts attacks against other cosplayers
True. Not only here but on her own Twitter.


No. 218388

I can't wait until someone does track these IP addresses and really does prove Luna said half this shit on anon. I bet all her fans would still stand by her shit behavior since majority of them are racist as fuck anyways

No. 218391

She makes more money than Luna so keep on sperging over how hurt you are that someone with no plastic surgery and fucking braces gets paid better than luna after implants, lip fillers, photoshop and getting her tits out.

No. 218392

Go do something about your life bitch instead of being obsessed with cosplayers. Like you have a lot of work you could be doing but you sit on here and Reddit and twitter all fucking day. Correcting people lol like please go do something productive with your life

No. 218393

bitch I work 40 hours a week and pay my own bills I can do whatever the fuck I want with my free time this shit is funny as hell ?

No. 218395

>emoji use


No. 218397

Sit in front of a mirror and read this to yourself slowly.

No. 218398

ohhh the ironyyyyy

No. 218399

She's trash and obviously her friend and ex thinks she is too to have spoken so badly about her. Oh wait it was actually him that encouraged Luna to do patreon lol omg this is getting better. Wish you all could see our chat and these pictures but I think I've proven all you thots do is talk in circles and most likely run these boards because you are ugly and have no lives. Jealous of the hot girl is so classic but just know you'll never be one of us. Honestly truly

No. 218402

I wonder if your job knows all you do is trash talk people on the clock you should be easy enough to find

No. 218404

Luna still has implants lip fillers and bad photoshop and still takes her tits out for cash all while making less money than kay, mariah, ss and nigiri. Keep crying tho

No. 218405

anyone on this board probably has zero life…the thing that is funny is how you think we care? since the ones you all continually attack and trash talk here i guarantee dont actually post on this shit either. the hypocrisy is palpable

No. 218408

I'm super glad you put up everyone's incomes saves us time

No. 218409

yeah cuz i work at 1 am in the morning…imbecile

No. 218411

No they do hun but nice try. No one in the cosplay community is that important and their time is not that valuable.

No. 218412

Go away we just got finished lol at your ugly ass.

No. 218413

Luna speaking for yourself?

No. 218414

File: 1482300100152.jpg (54.92 KB, 486x409, 1439614257182.jpg)

people who make posts saying they dont care means they care.

No. 218415

better pray your digging doesn't reveal shit Luna has been saying then :)

No. 218416

This is all false but keep trying jealous thot

No. 218417

Lina has implants, lip fillers and photoshops herself terribly.

No. 218423

This makes no sense and what are you using for proof? Some ugly ass deformed brown dude, his ex, some dumb special needs girl that she went to hs with, and Momo who probably the biggest thot of them all. What's the threat? there isn't any

No. 218425

They all make more money than you Luna so you tell us why your so threatened.

No. 218427

Go back to India Raq and get that sex change op you're dying for. In fact we were discussing how much SSS looks like the Raq. Hey it's possible

No. 218429

But they don't that's the funny thing lmfao since Raq has the info look up the real estate prices of where my bff lives. It's a house not apartment but seriously when you get an A list actor begging for your pussy and not that ugly shit you've been photographed with lemme know

No. 218430

Luna werent you trying to deny you post here?

No. 218432

I care and her friends care which is why we are here and mostly just having a fun girls nite of it. In fact taking a shot for every thot thing said.

No. 218433

What bitch I can't hear you through the fat

No. 218434


How is pointing out stupidity and inconsistencies/lies a "thot thing" hahaha

No. 218437

File: 1482301618311.jpg (31.72 KB, 320x243, IMG_1108.JPG)

Ok luna

No. 218438

Can admins confirm they gave RAquib the confused cat trannie ip info?

No. 218439

Wow good point take a shot

No. 218440

You do realize we are peeing our pants this is so gucking funny

No. 218445

No. 218446

Will that be part of your next Patreon set?

No. 218447

Hey girls better not pick on costhots or you'll be told you're racist. And don't make orphans mad or theyll stalk your shit and join your patreon because they're deranged. Oh and this ones the best you'll be banned from cons and twitch ….then you woke up

No. 218448

Want me to ask

No. 218449

File: 1482302051300.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, 1479455913502.gif)

No. 218450

Ok thots go rub one out since you obviously need to get fucked we are going back to salivating over dick pics

No. 218451

Luna called Kay a nigger in this thread.

No. 218452

This cant be real. No one can be this stupid.

No. 218454

File: 1482303132969.png (65.54 KB, 144x275, 1461522544083.png)

No. 218458

Where are the screen caps of Luna calling Kay a nigger? No proof and I wouldn't be surprised if it's just the entire group going back and forth talking amongst one another to try to make someone look racist who isn't. Admins please do something before this entire forum goes to shit.

No. 218461

Momo the fat beluga whale is just mad Luna called her out for all her threads on Snow she is trying to make luna have multiple threads by getting her butterface friends who couldn't even be prostitutes in texas to just post constantly. XD

No. 218463

I mean I would be bitter to if I looked like most of these cosplay chicks they all are try hards. The worst though is the lewd dewds

No. 218475

You've made more posts than anyone.

No. 218492

File: 1482307389791.gif (1.51 MB, 250x250, 1479653514000.gif)

No. 218508

so basically luna is admitting to posting anonymously


way to go luna

No. 218513


Wee ooo wee oo did you call the cyber police?! Oh no everyone erase your hardrivez!!!!!

No. 218514


Hey loonie bin, you do realize people do things (like cosplay!!!) Because they love it? Or possibly because they enjoy portraying their favorite characters? That maybe juuuuust maybe, a lot of people's motivations aren't about being famous or whatever the fuck you think being "important" means?

The answer is no. Because you're so shallow and do garbage things because you have a garbage life. You possibly cannot fathom a person who isn't as miserable, shitty, and desperate as you.

Probably also doesn't help that you have the IQ of an amoeba.

No. 218515

>talks with herself
>constantly calls others out on circling on the same topics while missing the obvious pot-kettle situation
>"yall thots lol i aint mad i don't ~*care*~", proceed to post 5 posts for every one post of another anon
>threaten to doxx
>threaten to sue
>being this ob(li)vious

Truly, Loonie lives up to her name. Vying for that lolcow of the year award?

No. 218533


It looks like she suffers from genuine PTSD and I hope she gets help soon. I feel really bad for her

No. 218534

Momo and friends come here everyday since the have no life to start crap, postin pics of Luna from their group chat and sleepin Nathan DeLuca and Nathan Stallworth.

No. 218537

File: 1482322115425.png (21.78 KB, 602x157, IMG_4846.PNG)

No. 218538

notice how you are the only one trying to name drop people lol fight your own battles u lunatic

No. 218558

you really are deranged if you think Nathan Deluca would ever come to this thread lmfao

No. 218614

luna lives in her own delusional world

No. 218627

File: 1482341758701.png (Spoiler Image, 109.99 KB, 744x1278, IMG_4006.PNG)

Oh Luna oh Luna, I go to sleep for just a few hours and this is what you do? SO EMBARESSING. You know that Indian guy you've been obsessing about, yeah like none of us even knew/cared who he was until now. And tracing ips is not "illegal" you're literally retarded, there are actual business that do just that as a living, tracing an IP of a poster on THE SITE YOU ADMIN AND OWN is not illegal. Luna, you came here, we didn't force you to come here. This is our forums, where we talk about people, just like people is a gossip magazine, we stay here and don't interfere with "e-celebs" real lives or even go on their platforms, but your dumb racist ass just had to come here and rile shit up while bumping your own thread. And yes, you are racist, and no, a tiny balding Indian man did not "force" you to be racist and you are DEFINATELY not going to be in futures upcoming music video (LMAO wtf) and the ONLY REASON your going on about "I'm going to sue!!!1 it's illegal to search ip addresses!!!" Is because you're so paranoid that your posts will be flagged and everyone will see all the horrid racist mean shit you wrote here about other cosplay girls. YOU are just a mean person, whose extremely jealous, hateful, and very racist. Plz stop samefagging

Ps. Imma order me a calander of this fantastic cosplay! Pic very much related

No. 218633

File: 1482342215589.jpg (113.23 KB, 888x1024, IMG_4016.JPG)

Luna makes so much more money than all those girls! "ITS CALLED DISCLOSURE!" lololololol it just doesn't show on her patreon! Which is like her only source of income bc she has nothing going on except for in her imagination. (Luna chill with the fake shit "I'm sleeping with Jeremy renner!" "I'm modeling for Kanye!" "I'm going to be in futures video!") like your lies are aiming way too high.

No. 218635

File: 1482343080957.jpg (146.67 KB, 1024x567, IMG_4075.JPG)

>where are the screen caps of Luna calling Kay a nigger?

Not only did she say she needs to be lynched, that she was a nigga, that she takes white dick, that she's a prostitute, BUT you ALSO threaten to jump her and posted a picture of her mother. Pic related.
(Which is fucking slander and liable and threatening Kay's life, you fake titty retard)

And I have TONS of tweets from your sockpuppet accounts, your real accounts, your old accounts saying racist ass shit about momo being Arab, burkas, Islam, etc.

No. 218636

dude for real. Jnigs got revenue from patreon, sponsorships/youtube, guest appearances, and has travelled the world. luna hasn't even left the US yet

No. 218638


>never left the country

more like never leaves her house hahahaha

No. 218640


inb4 she comes back and tries to talk about projects she wont be working on

No. 218641

Lol lol lol lol Jesus Christ

No. 218642

File: 1482344012356.jpg (201.18 KB, 743x1024, IMG_4077.JPG)

The insecurity…..

No. 218644

File: 1482344136750.jpg (226.77 KB, 480x480, IMG_3883.JPG)

Oh Luna….. so natural~~

No. 218645

File: 1482344347087.jpg (60.91 KB, 480x775, IMG_3887.JPG)

No. 218647

File: 1482344865978.jpg (77.4 KB, 512x768, IMG_4078.JPG)

Dem blurry lines tho.

No. 218658

File: 1482346788474.png (2 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_4841.PNG)

God jessica go fix that broken face and get a real man. Maybe you won't obsess about females more attractive than you

No. 218659


No. 218673

what try hards and saying her fans are racist probably makes her more popular.

No. 218674

Did your mom fail at the abortion and just dump you on the side of the road lol

No. 218681

Speaking about yourself again

No. 218682

Yet my girl got verified before your washed up pornstar so keep trying to buy more followers and likes losers

No. 218683

No proof I wouldn't doubt considering how fucked up kay the cutter is that she didn't make those accounts. Actually I know for a fact she did to push her racist bs when she in fact hates black men.

No. 218686

Oh you'll be eating crow in 2017 and girl so upset she doesn't know how to read. It must be horrible to have to live through people you'll never fuck

No. 218687

She looks like she's been fucked by the world like get yourself some hair plugs bitch

No. 218688


Not everyone needs a blue check mark to feel a speck of self worth Luna

No. 218689

I can't read that mess of spelling and grammar mistakes but tell me are you mad or nah

No. 218690

Oh her fuckboy does. How many times has Ryan bitched about not getting his blue mark.That the only thing trash cares about is appearances and I wonder who jessica had to fuck to get hers lol

No. 218691

Who is this new thot you're introducing? Never heard of him

No. 218692


Idk Luna is the one who had to fuck a photog to get photos taken of her and attempt to get well known in the con scene soooooooo……. looks like it's the other way around

No. 218693

> the only thing trash cares about is appearances

Is that why you've gone under the knife so much?

No. 218702

Has anyone found momos daddy yet? Does he approve of his daughter sucking dick for $$$$

No. 218703

Talking about yourself again lol God the projection in this thread is ufb

No. 218705

you must be asking Nigri that as far as I know Luna is ? real and might I add not a dumb bimbo with her fans

No. 218707

Oh that post hit a nerve huh Nigri and before you spew how they are too busy to come on these threads spare me that's all these lowlifes do. Fucking Arizona trash lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 218712

Shit, Lanie must be using multiple IPs to come back like crazy wtf.

No. 218714


All you gotta do is scroll up to be proven wrong on both of those lol

No. 218715

considering I keep seeing worthless egirls with less than 10k followers that check mark means nothing now lmfao

No. 218717

one of yours brought him up idiot why don't you actually read the initial post if you're gonna look at responses so we don't have to continually prove you all wrong for repeating the same stupid shit

No. 218719

Nigga, the game for that character came out less than a month ago. Sure, it's been in production for eons, but why the fuck would someone do the "OMGFIRST!!!!!" cosplay in 2014?
Either that, or you're pants on head retarded by replying to images that don't apply to what you're saying.

No. 218722

File: 1482358110863.jpg (66.5 KB, 750x469, IMG_1277.JPG)


Luna lanie just as important as the emoji movie

No. 218726

LMFAO. Luna takes another L

No. 218876

these costhots trying to stir the pot tonight

No. 218881

The last comment was 8 hours ago and here you come and resurrect the thread yourself lol.

No. 219857

Have you read the thread? No need to ask if she's retarded. She's called Loonie for a reason.

No. 219967

File: 1482425143830.jpg (243.96 KB, 699x1024, IMG_4159.JPG)

No, you stir the pot. Guuuurrrrrrrrrrllllll you need Jesus. #SendLunaToPopeFrancis

You give such great commentary, a collage in your honor m'lady.

No. 219968

File: 1482425508310.jpg (170.81 KB, 683x1024, IMG_4160.JPG)

Damnnn…. Luna, you supposed to be 22? I'm 24 and I don't fucking look like that you look like my mums age wtf
Ps. Classy calander, lol

No. 220046

Whose mom is this?

No. 220064

Learn to spell

No. 220074

Those cheek fillers look like they're about to burst right out of her face.

No. 220094

Out of all the trash spewed in this thread and illiteracy THIS is what you attack with your grammar policing? Get a life lmfao

No. 220097

File: 1482441530546.png (416.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161222-161654.png)

Looks like someone is trying to do some image boosting…"I don't do thot shit like that" lol no but your patreon is pretty thot like itself

No. 220102


Omg could she try any harder

No. 220105

Is thot the only insult this vapid whore knows?

No. 220161

She's probably saying this because she feels insecure seeing other cosplayers get these things while she isn't.

Recall her posting pretending to be someone else who gifted her a "$1500 purse". Basically confirming that to be a load of bullshit, as if there was any doubt.

No. 220166



How was she gifted a $1500 purse if she doesn't accept gifts? So either bs on the purse or bs on her goody goody donation act and she's just pulling that now to make herself look good

No. 220221

Sage for OT, but I get as a cosplayer/model wanting to look nice and dress nice, etc…but man, $1500 could buy a lot of food and video games…or even, better yet, photoshoot materials lmfao

No. 220224

someone asked her if they could get any credit for already volunteering their time at an animal shelter and showed her a picture of themself in their volunteer shirt and she turned them down and said it could be fake basically lmfao like dude he just wanted a free print you couldn't just DM him instead of making in public and being like "way to go, man! I love animals! Here's a print worth 20 cents!"

No. 220227

Holy fuck she sells her 18+ snapchat for $40/month. Why are there people stupid enough to pay for this shit?

No. 220229

File: 1482461022381.png (169.64 KB, 750x1303, IMG_1288.PNG)


That's so fucking rude omg

Prints are so cheap to produce too and she said that publicly just wowwwwww

No. 220230

File: 1482461043338.png (146.82 KB, 750x1304, IMG_1289.PNG)

No. 220233

File: 1482461383577.png (158.13 KB, 750x1203, IMG_1290.PNG)

You take it to a fucking vet, Genius.

No. 220242

She just really wanted to say pussy.

No. 220246

File: 1482462721938.jpg (238.46 KB, 841x918, luna 10.jpg)

It's funny how she isn't nearly as lewd or tryhard on her personal fb as she is on Twitter lol

No. 220251


Did she really go and get her personal fb verified…….


No. 220252

yeah I don't get this either cuz now anyone can follow her personal FB when I thought the point of a personal FB page was to post only to private, real friends/family? I guess it doesn't matter when you don't have real friends though.

No. 220278

File: 1482470862097.jpg (81.76 KB, 500x750, IMG_3899.JPG)

inb4 Luna starts posting as the stray cat…
>"I'm a stray cat who hung out with Luna once, she's not racist and is a beautiful hot legit model who can bend doorframes with her titti…mind. When I was pooping on the floor I saw her in her bedroom with Kanye West, do you guise think they're dating?! Lol momo is a fat thot SS is terrorist suck a dick thots! I'm not Luna, I'm Luna's stolen cat don't be stupid jealous thots."

No. 220281

File: 1482471503611.png (115.18 KB, 750x795, IMG_3492.PNG)


No. 220282

Loonie is crazy, but it's surprisingly nice of her to take the cat in. Here's hoping she doesn't go single white female on it or something.

No. 220304

I want one too.

No. 220305


I bet a Patreon for costhot booty shorts would make more than Luna's Patreon

No. 220328

File: 1482485117871.png (89.68 KB, 1117x906, IMG_4873.PNG)

Omg guys they're going to fuck lol

No. 220329

File: 1482485186747.png (85.7 KB, 1110x892, IMG_4874.PNG)

Ryan has competition since Alex is already verified lmao

No. 220331

File: 1482486214294.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161223-044026.png)

I guess she also steals content from others, how original. She jumps on the defense far too quickly to ever be considered innocent lol

Link to FB page of person who was stolen from: /EcliptikaCosplay/posts/1153315898057556

No. 220332


It was most likely a misunderstanding and she had to handle it in the TRASHIEST and ugliest way possible holy shit

The other cosplayer was polite about it and then here comes Luna just name calling and being trash like usual

No. 220333


He has to follow 80k people to try and be relevant? Lmfao that's sad

No. 220336

Lol yeah he's probably the one who started posting in Mariah's original thread. Totally believe what Luna posted on her patreon about the both of them

No. 220337

She doesn't care that he was responsible for Amanda Todd?

No. 220339


pls try to hide your samefagging

No. 220363

why would she care anyways, she's almost as bad with harassing people and bullying as he is tbh lmfao
idk, Alex is a weird kid…I get the draw Luna might of saw of him at first, but I'm sure even her crazy is no match for his crazy.

In terms of Jessica? Idk…does seem kind of weird but he has also seemingly calmed down a bit since him and Loonie broke up so maybe she was the cause of his crazy at the same time?

No. 220364

The other cosplayer didn't even know who it was, and someone linked Luna being all "hey btw there seems to be a misunderstanding thought you'd like to clear it up" and then made herself present and attacked this chick for no reason. Like…how is this small time cosplayer supposed to contact you if she didn't even know who the fuck you were at first to settle things privately?

No. 220365

Can anyone link why people believe Alex was partly responsible in this anyways? Because I don't see anything linking him to this and it's always confused me that people accuse him of this when that's a pretty heavy accusation.

No. 220366

the shit I find proves that Alex used to be a little cunt and definitely a bit misogynist but I don't see what directly correlates it to A.T.? It also seems very much like he said all this shit straight for attention only but who knows.

No. 220368

Went to the cosplayers page and she knew who it was and had her friend post Luna's name so she didn't have to. Luna posted this thread on her Facebook so be prepared and this site IP is out of Phoenix AZ interesting doesn't Jess live there too?

No. 220370

Considering he pulled a knife on her two weeks ago I don't know what gives you that impression. This thread is beyond ridiculous first people post linking him to Amanda Todd and tweets he made asking for a hit man and then try to make him a saint now lmao. It couldn't be more obvious who this is.

No. 220371

Hi kay

No. 220372

Not Kay. I was legitimately wondering how the fuck he and Amanda Todd were related dipshit. I didn't know he pulled a knife on her 2 weeks ago when many other "fans" of Luna have come here saying "oh she hasn't talked to or hung out with him in months" so you all need to get your fucking stories straight amongst each other then. And where the fuck do you see a link here of him asking for a hit man? Jesus fucking christ can you be anymore obvious Luna? Why are you talking about shit no one has even mentioned in this thread?

No. 220374

why does this matter!? It was a super shitty thing for Luna to do and it really doesn't take much to say "I'm sorry I didn't know the person who edited this stole the background" and be done with it. That's literally all the person wanted was credit for her friend who edited her OG photo. HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THAT BEHAVIOUR ffs Delanie was a total cunt to this cosplayer for no reason claiming she wanted attention and free promo when SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY CONSIDER WHAT THEY DO AS ACTUAL ART AND IT SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. Anyone who defends Luna's actions on this are saying it's ok to steal/plagiarize.

No. 220382

who cares it was 2years ago like most of the shit being brought up on this thread. If it takes you two years to notice someone used your picture for a background then you deserve to be bitched out

No. 220383

It was Raq the ex of Swimsuit Succubus who said he was friends with the admins not Luna

No. 220384

ah thanks for the clarification.

then why bother changing the edit caption on the photo (which she just posted in the past few months on FB) to the salty ass message she did about how it WASN'T stolen but then still not credit who edited the image? liar.

No. 220386

Also found this little gem which I found quite funny to imagine her getting punched in the face. Hope it's true. Sounded like she deserved it. According to a lot of people she went to highschool with it sounds like she's been a stuck up bitch since middle school.

No. 220390

How about address the real elephant in the room as to why he and nigri started following each other. I suppose it was random just like how she followed Kay lmfao. a few days ago he was a piece of shit and now his past actions are because of Luna? He's just mad she doesn't want his drug addicted self around her anymore and I'm almost 100 sure he's responsible for all the shit that's been posted on ib, Reddit and here

No. 220392

You're seriously fucked up

No. 220393

I mean, maybe. Idk why you all want to continue to say that Kayla was only followed for being enemies with Delanie though…Kayla is an extremely talented cosplayer, and her and Jessica actually hang out. I guess the only thing is to wait and see if Alex and Jessica release any content together, but if he's still involved in that shit I hope no one has to ever work with him again. But why now? Why would Jessica do this in spite of Luna when it's been made obvious that Alex and her were involved for a while. Certainly if Jessica cared she would know this so why make a move now?

No. 220394

Sorry, but if that story is true and went down the way it did, Delanie 100% deserved to get punched in the face. I'd have done the same thing. That's a total bitch move and I can definitely see her doing that.

No. 220395

I will still never understand why he's even popular to begin with. His shit isn't even funny. Never has been.

No. 220397

Edited today after this cosplayers fans started writing shit on the picture that no one has written on since 2014? The girl and her fans I'm guessing you're one of them were treated with the same respect that was given. If people think defending yourself against bullies is being a bitch then they just hate being stood up to. classic tactic to attack someone then play victim

No. 220398

Literally never even heard of the cosplayer before today. Saw her post, then saw Luna's reaction. 100% do not side with Luna still. Why is nothing ever Luna's fucking fault; your perfect little queen can do no wrong when she constantly does shit like this? OK.

No. 220399

Jessica didn't know who the fuck Kay was when she followed her which she literally did after Luna made that rant.

No. 220403

Yeah and it's also been proven by multiple sources that Luna continually says Kayla harassed her and bullied her in highschool when in reality they just had a small fight and stopped being friends in 9th grade and never communicated again. Why can't you admit Luna mad salty at any other cosplayers in the ATL area because she wants all the spotlight for herself? Not saying Jessica is a saint by any means, but Luna's "reasoning" for hating Kay is pure jealousy, I'm sorry. Who gives a fuck about anyone from highschool for this long. Luna was the one who initially made a statement against Kayla when she started gaining popularity to try to stop people from following Kayla.

No. 220404

No ones perfect but making up shit to makes someone look bad is pathetic. But that's what this site is about, where jealous bitchy people come to vent lol

No. 220405

It's not making shit up, it's opinion. Anyone can see the post and make their own opinion of the matter. My opinion is she should have just fucking apologized and been the bigger person yet she constantly has to go on the attack which makes her look guilty as fuck cuz why you gotta be so defensive if you didn't actually do something wrong?

No. 220407

And why do you think Luna cares about being a cosplayer that's were your argument loses. She basically said she's over it and has been for over a year. Dressing in costumes doesn't mean your a cosplayer only tools call themselves that term

No. 220409

Considering her feud with Kayla started while she was STILL COSPLAYING and Kayla STARTED COSPLAYING the argument is completely valid. Luna has her Patreon SAYING MAKING COSPLAY up until a couple months ago. This fight has been going since >>213361 was posted August 2015. So nice try.

No. 220410

Oh gaining popularity lmfao this is priceless. She used an app to follow all Luna's fans that's how she started getting known. There are so many other better cosplayers out there I bet if Luna made another similar post that cosplayer would get popular too. It's probably why the snow bunny nidalee cosplayer started bitching with her photographer on every one of Luna's social when they could have emailed. Guess what doesn't matter bitches stay salty and in that little cosplay bubble because my friend is beyond these people now

No. 220411

Nice try at what? There's nothing to try she hates a bitch get over it

No. 220412

The only reason Luna got known is by doing the same shit off of Nigri's fan base so nice fucking try with that. I was one of the people she followed off of it…you know, back when she used to do her little #followforfollow train bullshit and was following over 80k people? Man y'all are so naive with this shit.

No. 220413

Disliking someone for that petty shit that happened 7+ years ago is NOT AN OKAY REASON TO TRY TO INTERFERE WITH SOMEONE'S LIVELIHOOD AND BUSINESS, let alone POST SEVERELY PERSONAL INFO ABOUT SAID PERSON ON THEIR TWITTER. Talking about salty bitches? Look in a fucking mirror Delanie and get over yourself.

No. 220414

Also her name is Kay lmao but it's just a word. It's like sure if you want to stay 13 forever be a procosplayer it's great they can make money instead of bagging groceries

No. 220415

Ok jessica

No. 220416

Jessica doesn't have time for this petty bullshit. I'm not allowed to post under my name since someone namefagged me earlier this week, otherwise I wouldn't be on anon, cuz I'm not scared of people hiding behind screens on the internet.

No. 220417

Name's Kim. You're welcome.

No. 220418

Btw when that post was made Kay wasn't in the business of cosplaying or had a print store or patreon. She always waited and followed behind what Luna did . I personally was dm about Kay interfering in Luna's business but continue lying this is too funny

No. 220419

You're not the only cosplayer who has a patreon and print store Luna, so if Kays "copying" you then you're copying every other cosplayer, too. But oh wait, you're not a cosplayer.

No. 220420

K I mean Kay followed me the same time as everyone else when Luna posted that and she already had cosplay content on it but whatever you say.

No. 220421

Let's not forget Luna talking down to any cosplayers that used funding programs before Patreon platform existed even though it's the same fucking thing; fans give money, cosplayers give prints/etc.

No. 220422

My name is Erin and I'm a friend of Luna's sister and someone wanting to help her full time with her social. I think telling someone to get over bullying is quite trite of you. Also just because Kay says it was a small argument doesn't mean it's true. The girl admits on twitter she's crazy and I've been told made up stories about a family member abusing her.

No. 220423

Everyone now has a patreon I don't get that rational when hers was started last year before most even knew what patreon was. That's not the point she has received dm saying that they were told not to support Luna by Kay and others associated with momocon

No. 220424

So Kay should just ignore all the cyber bullying Luna has done to her since she started cosplaying? o ok.

Luna has no proof that she was ever bullied by Kay besides that one post last year and many people have already come forward and said the bullying claims are false.

No. 220429

Honey you're testing me that post was directed at a fan who actually is a patreon who asked Luna to help a kickstarter. Luna was involved in women of gaming calendar a month after she started cosplaying and felt the guy ripped people off. Her fans complained to her that the quality of the calendar was bad and the rewards were never given. She was tired of people asking her to promote their crowdfunding. A year later she started patreon adk no one to promo it big difference

No. 220430

Ah yes, Erin a friend of Luna's sister, I'm glad you know so much fine detail about who's Luna's vague tweets were directly related to.

No. 220431

Who are the many people? Oh Kay's friends hum right that's believable. Also I suggest cosplayers in general need to stop making cosplay into social justice thing. One way to ruin something fun is to always be offended

No. 220433

funny how the only big drama between multiple cosplayers ever popping up in the community has involved delanie the past year.

No. 220434

this post suggests otherwise, "honey".

No. 220435

Why wouldn't I paranoid much? Why would you think she'd waste her time on here does she have a history of posting on anon boards like cgl? She also has over 170k fans you don't think she would let her close one know about this thread? But keep trying to attribute bullshit anon posts because it's obvious this is personal with you? Did she not follow you back or maybe she blocked you? Like who wastes time posting on someone they don't know

No. 220436

Actually it's been good for business so maybe take some lessons

No. 220437

File: 1482502966055.jpg (237.68 KB, 1175x1465, IMG_2985.JPG)


hi, Luna. Nice to hear from you

No. 220439

you are all disgusting human beings. I have had enough of this thread. People want to continue supporting this fake bitch, fine by me, just don't get bit by this snake and come crying to the ppl who told you so.

No. 220441

Again your talking out your ass you have no proof she didn't and that wasn't the issue. The issue was Kay was following all Luna's fans on twitter but that stopped she buys them and likes now because she isn't relevant. No one in cosplay is besides Han lol

No. 220442

Oh this is exactly what jessica said after she supposedly outed Luna for having her boyfriend take her pictures. Almost exact same words hum . . .

No. 220443

How do people get bit? She provides a product people buy it. If you have a problem you request a refund lol. It's not like she's a fucking cult leader although she probably could be and make us all drink the koolaid

No. 220444

hum LOL im literally dying

No. 220446

good advice

No. 220447

I'm rolling the amount of petty bitches in cosplay would make me want to round them up for a firing squad.

No. 220449

I think Kay and anyone who has issues with Luna should ignore and unless your ass is tagged stop thinking you're the center of this girls universe

No. 220450

don't you ever get tired of spinning a web of lies Luna

No. 220460

That raquib guy is clearly your ex luna. Why else would you be so far up his ass attacking him? He has your phone number too which you proved by posting screencaps of the texts he sent you. Also Succubus is gay so again, nice try to project on someone else.

No. 220463

Projecting onto others is all luna does and she isn't even good at it.

No. 220464


Dang, she blocked Ecliptika. I also love how Ecliptika didn't even have a clue who this bitch was. But Loonie is SOOOOO famous guise.

No. 220466

File: 1482507021841.png (201.28 KB, 748x954, IMG_1236.PNG)


No. 220467


Do you enjoy going on here to whiteknight yourself as soon as you wake up Luna?

No. 220468

File: 1482507137749.png (1.51 MB, 1624x620, Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 10.3…)

Does this bitch know any other poses? Same as her "fan" nidalee

No. 220469

Lunas Pose doesnt suit the character at all

No. 220470



No. 220471

Nice to see the people luna is "friends" with are just as retarded as she is. Or…are her pretending to be her own multiple "friends".

No. 220472

Luna was desperate for more asian wang after Wong so she ran to that brown kid and he probably smashed and passed. She must feel pretty embarrassed about it but instead of pretending it never happened like a smart person, she drags him into her bullshit and posts a bunch of photos of him.

No. 220473

That kid needs to come out of the closet and stop harassing beautiful white girls. Sorry dude you looked horrible in a dress. He wishes he could get laid by anyone except his cats lol

No. 220475

Yeah because there's only one of you pretending to be multiple people but post the same shit daily

No. 220476

Do you enjoy sitting on a fag board pretending you are different than the 700 other posts you've made

No. 220477

Samefagging is all you do bitch

No. 220478

Who? Luna you're being way too specific again about someone only you know.
>beautiful white girls

No. 220479

Fuck that's nasty stop trying to pretend your straight Raq it's embarrassing. How narcissistic is this Quasimodo to think he would get a babe like Luna. Here's one Raq and Swimsuit actually fucked and she turned gay.

No. 220482

Sure Luna. I'm reall starting to believe Luna banged that indian.

No. 220483

It's the cunt who stutters. Maybe I should post my picture bitch but it's an anon board put up or stfu. You wish it was Luna but that bitch would have you sobbing but you're too pussy to @ her lol

No. 220484

Totally him and all those ugly dudes you call cosplay fans lmao

No. 220485

What stutter? No one would say you fucked that brown guy if you didnt randomly bring him up and keep trying to convince us one of the girls you keep trash talking was with him.

No. 220488

Stfu Raq and get a life besides Starbucks and cats Jesus you're the most pathetic thing with a penis that's walked the earth

No. 220490

It's so funny how you twats think it's still grade school and no one gives a fuck in the adult world who you fuck but dude definitely trying to hide he's a fag

No. 220491

How does that raqiub guy measure up on bed compared to Martin and Alex? Did you think he'd get you famous too?

No. 220492

>claims dude had relationship with swimsuitsucubus
>calls dude fag

Can you at least try to keep up with your own lies please?

No. 220493

Ok I'm exiting I'll leave her fans to wipe up the rest of your ugly asses. I'm guessing this thread by the end of 2018 is going to be the biggest one on this shit show of a board. So that's makes her more popular than you rats

No. 220494

Bye Luna see ya later

No. 220495

Hey maybe you should keep up they turned each other gay lol

No. 220496

I thought you said you were exiting

No. 220497

Your obsessed with that girl maybe you should just fuck her and get it out of your system

No. 220498

Looks like Luna is retiring this sockpuppet for now. I wonder who she'll pretend to be next.

No. 220499

Pretty sure that Raq guy you keep accusing people of being already fucked Loonie.

No. 220501

would you like to send me a dm and make me since you're convinced I'm her? stop being a pussy bitch all you do is wanna hide behind your screen? you smell that bad?

No. 220502

>would you like to send me a dm
Lol you're on anon for a reason. And I thought you were leaving? Guess you have all the time in the world Loonie.

No. 220503

Pretty sure your him or the ugly bitch that looks like a dude that you fucked. The one with the unibrow lol

No. 220504

I never noticed Luna's unibrow but she does look a lot like Caitlin Jenner.

No. 220505

Nope if you are so sure this is Luna send her a dm or email and bitch her out. Until then you're just another ugly bitch hating on females because you hate yourself. This is the truth, take that keyboard away you're just trash

No. 220507


Loonie's projector is firing on all cylinders.

No. 220510

Wow hating on the transgender isn't that what got you into anime?

No. 220512

File: 1482509936188.jpg (789.16 KB, 2048x2048, CDE945DB-E472-4ECD-8E77-552F93…)

Lol what?

No. 220513

I can't think of a better role model for someone to be

No. 220514

You do know you're making fun of transgendered people but people like you do that

No. 220515

Again, lol what? Luna calm down and gather your thoughts.

No. 220516

pussy ass nigga

No. 220517

Pussy ass nigga I don't want your gonorrhea

No. 220518

Yeah that's you a pussy lmao

No. 220519

Luna can't come up with any more shitty lies so she resorts to just slapping her dry and crusty labia on the keyboard to form incoherent garbled nonsense.

No. 220521

it's so sad Poc hate on the whites can't wait for the donalds to eradicate you folk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 220522

I'm pretty sure I have a penis last time i took a piss

No. 220523

And now she resorts to boring and trite racism. Looks like her black guy facade has slipped. Luna, try to organize your multiple internet whiteknight personalities better.

No. 220525


Klassic Klu Klux Loonie is back with one of her oldest hits!

No. 220527

Luna not racist gais she has multiple poc on her snapchat and dated one black!

No. 220528

Yeah let's go make more labels to paste on pictures lol hold I'll be right back

No. 220529

which one? I'm sure you just slipped cause she never said one

No. 220531

from my count it's been about 5 lol

No. 220533


Black dildos don't count, Loonie.

No. 220534

Your previous porn jobs dont count.

No. 220535

Although I think I can imagine how it'd be confusing for you….seeing as how dildos are made of silicone and at least 50% of you is too.

No. 220539

File: 1482512757450.jpg (30.24 KB, 540x264, IMG_0894.JPG)

No. 220541

File: 1482513642842.png (110.02 KB, 250x243, 1466556015313.png)

ahaha amazing

No. 220577

Who did that Indian kid sexually harass?

No. 220581

Most likely a lie from Luna to make him look bad since he's either her ex or yet another person who decided to stop associating with her after she repeatedly made an ass of herself on social media.

No. 220584

This is Loonie? They shooped her face to actually be almost cute for once. The lack of fish lips definitely helps.

No. 220585

Samefagging because I just saw the truth in these… holy fuck no. Whoever did the shop in >>220468 worked wonders. The reality is a horror show.

No. 220603

Luna has gone through and deleted all old tweet convos between her and Raqib, her and Swimsuit Succubus (I never knew they were even remotely friends before), etc…seems pretty sketch to me. Whatchu hidin', Lanie?

No. 220606

File: 1482526780507.jpg (178.32 KB, 596x922, kay 1.jpg)

As Luna says…HUM


No. 220607

From the looks of those tweets it almost seems like Luna was friends with SS. Aside from SS making one comment on twitter about luna ripping her patreon and blocking her I don't see anything that alludes to a fight or argument. They must have been on good terms when Luna was following like 50k people and then fell off after Luna went on that huge unfollow spree and started shitting on other cosplayers.

No. 220610

And to add on, unlike Luna's situation with Kay, luna has never come out and accused SS of doing anything to her at all. All we hear is "terrorist" "prostitute" "tranny". Just shallow insults. Must be that SS never fid anything bad at all to Luna if Luna didnt come to whiteknight with a sob story. This is just a case of pure jealousy.

No. 220611

File: 1482527205330.jpg (163.79 KB, 595x921, luna 11.jpg)


No. 220619

Martin literally took every single one of her most popular photos to get her career launched.

No. 220630

File: 1482530863993.jpg (106.9 KB, 616x831, luna 12.jpg)

Sooo…why would Luna pretend to get along with Kay and like her posts to her and then decide to attack her and tell everyone Kay "bullied her" 2 months later for no reason?

No. 220634

Luna seem to turn on people out of jealousy. She uses people hoping to get bigger than them but when she doesnt end up completely overshadowing them she gets mad.

No. 220643

I get it now.

Alex was always a little cock munch…
but maybe Alex is the one that made Loonie into the giant bitch she is now?
Looks like she was going through blocking random people and freaking out over his fangirls that same as she did with the cosplayers last winter (2015)

No. 220651

File: 1482533964378.jpg (27.13 KB, 600x338, IMG_1244.JPG)

Lol yikes

No. 220658

yeah dude seems like a psycho despite my dislike of Delanie and I don't believe half the shit she says I wouldn't be surprised of the shit she has said about this kid lol

No. 220665

File: 1482534377359.jpg (98.3 KB, 600x900, IMG_1250.JPG)

Luna has always been a cunt

No. 220669

No. 220670

Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei oh, and on that farm he had a cow, ei ei ei oh!

No. 220672

George Washington wants you….to support Donald Trump!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 220673

noooooooooo whyyyyyy this song will forever be stuck in my head

No. 220674


No. 220679

that entire thread is a clusterfuck. but yeah…seems like nothing has changed in literally over 3 years…how do people still like her?

No. 220680

Did you know 1 in 5 coconuts there is a ant calling it its home?

Now you know

No. 220681


No. 220684

Howdy y'all, ma Name is Derick!

No. 220685

How do you know she deleted them? There are apps that delete, follow and even like posts I wouldn't put too much stock into anything on social media since it just another marketing tool

No. 220686


No. 220687


No. 220688

She's going more popular while others are getting less and it's pissing off the old women of cosplay lol

No. 220689

I tried to search through but couldn't find anything…and I'm not paying money to dig up old tweets haha. I thought maybe it was from the temporary suspension she got but the time doesn't match up

No. 220690

Id be a cunt too dealing with fucking ugly mental fangirls and a drug addicted boyfriend that hates women lol

No. 220691

eh not really…there will be haters and jealous people everywhere. i guess ppl just take her blunt and kind of bitchy attitude as sincerity?

No. 220692

especially since it doesn't seem like alex ever once stood up for her against his crazy ass fan base

No. 220693

Why not pay the thots paid to get her patreon content?

No. 220694

like seriously who raised 12 year olds to act this way take away their fucking cell phones and computers they're too young to post shit like that

No. 220695

lol there are a lot of people that pay to steal patreon content on any cosplayer, not just her haters. still not worth it in my opinion…that shit is from like 2 years ago.

No. 220696

Let's go back to addressing why nigri keeps following delanies classmates, exs and stalks her feeds. Nobody finds that suspect at all?

No. 220697

i really still don't get why you think she stalks her feed dude. the only time they have tweeted each other since they were friends is when luna made that comment about how she thought it was gross that some boyfriend's pimp their gf's and some dude named vince_undead tagged nigri and said "oh like jessica does" and then jess stood up for herself and made the claim that luna's bf shot for her
might have not been true, but i'd hardly call that stalking by any means.

No. 220698

Who did she use? if you think cosplayers are famous or known outside your stupid community you're on crack

No. 220699

Oh hi Luna. good to see you here again

No. 220700

We'll it's true her bf is over 30 and lives off guy's jacking off to her. He actually facilitates it lol

No. 220701

How's that bitch when I'm watching her on Facebook live

No. 220702

i mean…she was literally a nobody before alex.
then got into cosplay.
then got noticed by martin wong and jessica nigri and got promo'd by both.
then cut ties with the community and started doing "glamour modeling" once she had a fan base. i'd assume it's how anyone gets famous but can't call it using someone if you don't just cut ties with them after getting what you want

No. 220703

Admin you're a cunt I hope someone rapes you and leaves you in a ditch

No. 220704


he knows what the money maker issss.
plus she did it before him so it'd be pretty shit for him to be like "you can't do this anymore" after they got together.

No. 220705

Everyone is a nobody and her video of momocon is what got her noticed not all these dumb assholes

No. 220707

She did cosplay in spite of Alex not after she got with him lol. This whole bs about her wanting to be famous is your issue not hers. And thats usually how things happen by chance not by dick riding.

No. 220708

Makes him a pimp he should get a real job but fuckboy has no skills

No. 220712

No. 220714

Yeah at 15 most people are famous because that's when she got w Alex are you fucking retarded anon? Facts are martin approached HER at wondercon not the other way around. Jessica did not promo her she hopped on the momo on video because Luna was with her bff.

No. 220726

File: 1482539820041.png (687.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161223-193434.png)

so since ppl wanna keep saying that jessica promo'd kay to go against delanie. first off, kay kept fangirling to jess, like many do, first. jess didn't pick her out just to shove it in delanie's face

No. 220727

File: 1482539916971.png (697.96 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161223-193448.png)

second, jess didn't promo kayla until december which was 5 months after delanie attacked kay and at least 3 months after her and jess stopped associating with each other

No. 220729

martin approached her. she still stuck around to hit that and get a years worth of cosplays shot. which, hey, if they were in a real relationship he better have photographed her. alex is a dick but yet she keeps going back to him by this point the things everyone has said he should have a restraining order on his ass. i think ppl give jess way more credit than she deserves, she is too focused on what makes her money to be involved in this shit. fact is, i just think its stupid ppl choose sides when it comes to kay or luna, especially when they base their hatred off of some stupid petty highschool shit from 7 years ago. doesn't give either side the right to trash talk the other. everyone involved should just sit the fuck down and do them. there really isnt any real drama here that merits this thread continuing. just jealous catty bitches that should be supporting each other like they claim they want to do for others in their field instead of tearing each other down

No. 220733

It's obvious that Kay instigated much of this drama seems the little attention she's recd has gone to her head. She makes a patreon a few months into cosplaying if that isn't a cry for $ only I don't know what is. I can see why nigri gives her shout outs Kay's not been billed as the next nigri and it makes nigri look PC. I see her jumping on the gay bandwagon too it's actually funny to see her twist and turn into so many personas to expand her reach.

No. 220737

no…luna 100% started this…that is literally how it all started. toms of smaller cosplayers started patreon asap. that is the point of patreon. take nigri out of the equation completely. there is literally no reason luna needed to go after her after pretending to be nice to her.

No. 220738

Luna is not the next Nigiri though so nice try. Luna is nothing in the cosplay community and only matters to gross dudes with a dumb bimbo fetish.

No. 220748

Oh that struck a nerve but don't worry Jess you can be queen of the freaks until Photoshop can't help you anymore

No. 220750

There's a lesson don't fuck with people with bigger fanbases because you will be attacked sad but true but Kay has a storm coming hope her buddies are prepared

No. 220757

Kay's fanbase and her friends combined obliterates Luna's fan base. Also Kay's been cosplaying for like a year less than Luna and has nearly just as much traction/likes as her?

No. 220766


No. 220768

Ok you rampaging Loonie, then why do you always insist Kay copied you? Literally every single time this comes up you idiots say she did things AFTER nit wit Loonie.

No. 220780

The fact that you speak like uneducated trailer trash and involve yourselves in petty he said she said, with ZERO proof except copying and pasting what you believe to be attributed posts that you or anyone could have fabricated leds me to believe it's a bunch of no name jealous cosplayers acting out. Weird that you don't have families or friends to spend your time on here all day

No. 220781

…I don't think you responded to the correct post? I was saying that there is undeniable proof Luna started and made the first move in attacking Kay. Not the other way around…

No. 220783

It's screencaps directly taken from their twitters that are there for the public to see right at this very moment, I really don't know how else to fucking spell it out for you. I'm not going to fucking personally post every fucking thing, the links are up there that show past tweets, fucking read them. The site it's from IS TWITTER. How do I fabricate fucking Twitter?

No. 220784

Luna is retarded. Not worth arguing with. Just keep posting proof of what a disgusting waste of life she is. Anyone with two braincells to rub together will be able to see Luna is shit.

No. 220789

Kay is a joke created by sjw photogs like Anna lesbo scammer Fischer and Elysian she's one of the most uncreative black cosplayer chicks out there it's a shame

No. 220792

Fans don't care about this shit they care about boobs tell your girl to get her bug bites a jessica nigri pair of tits. Then her and Luna can mud wrestle but I couldn't read this thread reminded me too much of my ex wives bitching lol

No. 220794

File: 1482550847498.jpg (71.81 KB, 600x960, IMG_1252.JPG)

What is with her body????

No. 220796

File: 1482550912077.jpg (65.06 KB, 600x944, IMG_1247.JPG)

No. 220797

File: 1482550974834.jpg (59.41 KB, 576x1024, IMG_1248.JPG)

Why does he have multiple pics next to her unconscious looking body? It's creepy

No. 220814

hi Luna

Alex stood up for you all the time, he sided with you after you made up ridiculous shit about one fan "threatening to push you down the stairs" and lying about death threats. most of his fans actually liked you and him together until you proved yourself to be a raging pyscho and everyone saw how toxic the relationship was.

No. 220816

also why the fuck do you still have these old pictures from 2 years ago? move on delanal

No. 220818

No I'm not luna. I found them browsing tweets linked here. I find both Luna and Alex disgusting.

No. 220831

no one wants your fagboys fans here he looks like crack

No. 220834

Alex sending his fans just to be revelant again lmao

No. 220837

In the link posted above lol who let the normies in

No. 220838

it's a magic mirror or whatever you call it I think, it looks like they're in one of those science centre places for kids

No. 220850

This is what I find hysterical all these dudes come on here acting like they hit it and leave. Are you fucking blind it's more like they got served a hot dish of get the fuck off me and now they're so salty. Even that piques dude she fucked is better than anybody mentioned here

No. 220858

>all these dudes come on here
What a newfag whiteknight lol

No. 220870

Post on her FB led me here. Sexy will always surpass the ugly face of jealous people

No. 220872

maybe you should take a better look at loonie's face

No. 220875

I'm disappointed that in all of lunatic's latest sperg outs she didn't try to defend her $1500 purse lie
She probably doesn't even remember with all the lies she spews on here every day. Ahh you're a lousy troll, loon…

No. 220879


Yeah I was hoping that one wouldn't have gotten hidden by her random crazy shitposting so quickly

No. 220885

Men will literally jack off to anything. Her looks aren't anything to aspire to, and that trout mouth is hardly turning me jelly.

Is she offering free prints for every sad lonely mouth-breather who comes and white knights her garbage career?

No. 220899

you lost this girls too much emotion and hated made this an easy win for Luna. You are getting sloppy and Nigri following her ex was just the petty shit I would expect from someone in high school not a 30 year old . I'm actually wondering if she has brain damage the way she is presenting herself lately. You cosplayers must think you do gods work the way you prop yourselves up all the time. No one fucking cares if an inch of a picture gets used as a background just like no one cares who uses boobs or butts to get views. Men recognize cattiness the only people that will end up supporting you girls will be the ones that have to chose between donating to your shit pictures or their value meal at Arby's.

No. 220900

Btw stop lying she's not offering prints and I unfollowed you Kay. You use the racism card to strong arm every argument on twitter get a better education you're ignorant

No. 220901

>easy win for Luna
You wish

No. 220916

no…actually she doesn't. The one who plays the race card all the time is Mariah when she tries to stand up for Kay.

Plus, it's not playing the race card when the only person on here saying extremely racist remarks that tie in with extremely private shit only Luna would know is likely Luna hiding behind anon.


Justified hate. She's a dirty liar and the proof is in the thread. Defend her skank ass all you want, all she does is constantly talk shit about people. Who are the stalkers!? Besides Jessica following Alex she literally hasn't done anything else different? And yea, artists care if shit gets stolen cuz it's fucking tacky the way she handled that shit…and funny because despite your bullshit people already support Kay, Nigri, etc and their numbers are only rising while your precious Luna stays the same. I guess once people see her tits all over the internet it becomes stale and old news; who wants to pay for that when they can now easily find it for free online?

No. 220917

What post…cuz I see nothing on either of her FB pages regarding LOL cow lmfao

No. 220919

I guarantee there aren't many guys here.

No. 220920

luna didn't post that lmfao. me, one of her haters, did. i don't follow alex's crazy ass.

No. 221003


Lol. Wat. I'm not a cosplayer and I'm not in the "scene". I'm just a fan of this site and it's cows. So your wall of text was a poor waste of energy.

Also, I never claimed she was giving away prints. It was a question