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File: 1624541158138.jpg (60.25 KB, 439x640, f5828826a83f191aedabcdbccb37ad…)

No. 837490

Should you tell your parents you're adopted? Ask here!
Previous: >>>/ot/826927

No. 837499

Op what is the source of the sculpture?

No. 837500

It is 'Il Dolore' (The pain) by Emilio Gallori

No. 837505


No. 837517

Would it be weird to ask the guy living one floor below me (whom I never met) for weed? I can smell it when he smokes and my window is open and it makes me want to smoke too but I don't know any dealers personally

No. 837533

It’d be a little weird, maybe get to know him/say hello first or something? Once you’re friendly enough, maybe ask him if he has a dealer or if he’s one himself. Then you’d be good imo.

No. 837555

find a natural way to start a conversation and just ask if he would want to smoke sometime. if he accepts then say you can pitch some $ toward it since you don't have any right now, maybe it will establish a connection

No. 837602

Is it possible for someone to be brainwashed into being turned on by/having thoughts about ass and titties due to exposure to it in media and videos? or does it mean they were already into those things and just didn't know it?

No. 837613

Stop looking at scrote media and find out!

No. 837670

Can someone give us a list of all the words that get redtexted?
I just saw that oof gets redtexted, any reason why?

No. 837681

oof and other words get redtexted because they're usually used as symbols for new and/or twitfriends. i know triggered is one, nonnie is another, i think POC is another? there are so many i don't remember all of them though kek

No. 837684

I'm glad that one got redtexted, shit is the cringiest thing to come from twitter, ever.

No. 837686

I think abusive and TERF are also on the list

No. 837688

Oof victim nonny POC TERF problematic triggered abusive

No. 837692

you can say fag here anon

No. 837700

Testing.. valid

No. 837707

Toxic and woc

No. 837708

I have just never seen oof before. Didn't know it was a twitter thing.
TW also gets redtexted.

No. 837713

it was just a little joke, but thank you
>inb4 mods redtext newfriend too

No. 837761

did steven chowder take roids? he looks so huge and busted and he actually used to be kind of cute. I have a hard time believing it's just him bulking up at the gym as his face has changed a lot too kind of like joe rogan.

No. 837767

I wanna know the story behind that weird dudes ass that keeps getting posted in /w/

No. 837773

I wanna know the ugly language posting weeb dude in snow or was it w, he is at it again

No. 837776

File: 1624574226363.jpeg (168.09 KB, 1124x1337, A4F231ED-2EC6-452E-B2A2-5245BD…)

what are they from?

No. 837777

Anime, you're welcome

No. 837778

Lovely Complex

No. 837779

Please watch it! I love hearing people from Osaka speak, also it's a unusual couple in anime. Tall girl short guy etc etc

No. 837781

lel I didn't realize
thanks dudettes I am gonna watch! I've actually wanted to try that already but didn't make the connection with these cute characters, so now I'm double interested

No. 837813

File: 1624578247800.jpg (131.74 KB, 957x1300, 1577130856196.jpg)

How do you and your partner save for trips? I was thinking of opening a savings account, which would be our first joint account too. Maybe we should look into a mutual fund instead?

No. 837834

no he just gay anon

No. 837861

How common are aquiline noses among monoracial East Asians, specifically Japanese?

No. 837893

Idk how common it is for general populations but from what I remember seeing I feel like Japanese have more famous celebrities with that nose than the other EA nations.

No. 837903

Is having an autistic or mentally ill child and giving it up for adoption seen as bad? If that ever happens to me (god I hope not) would I feel guilty because I really don't want a child like that? would society make me feel guilty? Would I go to hell? Would I think of it from time to time?

No. 837905

Was Drake Bell ever actually popular in Mexico?

No. 837948

Yes, people will judge you extensively and you will likely be viewed negatively. Many mothers find themselves thinking about the child they gave up throughout their lives. I can’t say if you’d regret it, but yes, you will likely find that thinking about it from time to time is inevitable. Especially when it’s because of something like disability. Yes, everyone including yourself would make you feel guilty. I don’t know if it’s something that would make you go to hell. If it’s any consolation, you might be able to find out beforehand if the fetus will come out with birth defects through amniocentesis and can promptly choose to abort it. I don’t think anyone can or will judge you for it.

No. 838002

File: 1624603521319.png (267.28 KB, 567x339, imagen_2021-06-25_014522.png)

Yes, a lot lol. We really fucking love Drake and Josh, it was even on free tv (canal 5)

No. 838006

and now I have to show you my favorite spanish youtube poop ever

No. 838049

What can a peasant do to cool herself down on a hot day if she doesn't have AC or a fan? Help me nonnies I'm dying. So far I'm doing these things:
- wash clothes and hang them everywhere indoors
- wipe legs and arms with a cloth soaked in icecold water
- overdose on cold water
- spray random object with cold water
What else can i do?

No. 838051

File: 1624609667998.jpeg (71.24 KB, 615x410, 8B235500-9F95-4E4D-93AF-EF86D0…)

Eat slightly thawed frozen fruit drizzled with lime or lemon juice, especially grapes. Take short and cold showers. Put the wet cloth in the freezer between uses, and alternate so there’s always one waiting in the freezer. Fill a hot water bottle (picrel) with ice or cold water. Do not fill it all the way if using water, and do not use the same one you plan on using in the winter. Alternatively you can use regular water bottles like the plastic ones or soda bottles and freeze them with water and use those as body ice packs. Have many so you can keep swapping them out once the ice melts.

No. 838052

Fill a plastic bottle with water and put it in the freezer for a few hours, and then carry it around like a hot water bottle but the other way round (I should say as a warning that the bottle apparently can "explode" or something, but I've never had it happen).

No. 838067

File: 1624615011410.jpg (297.11 KB, 1199x1800, feet in cold water.jpg)

Feet in cold water. And pull down all the blinds before the sun rises.

No. 838070

I just listened to an audio of KT and I got hung up on her regional accent. Is she from Michigan? Massachusetts? My ear for this shit is so bad.

No. 838072

Nevermind, just learned its Wisconsin

No. 838081

Milwaukee specifically

No. 838145

now it seems even more likely she's going to murder suzy / arin

No. 838152

Why were there so many serial killers in the 70s compared to today?

No. 838161

Do you guys believe in karma? Are there any examples that you know about?

No. 838164

does anyone else find clothing in general uncomfortable? it has nothing to do with weight or things not fitting correctly, i'm actually at a low weight yet clothes that are actually for my size and fit well feel very uncomfortable or like i'm about to burst or like i'm revealing something. i only feel remotely good in baggy/large/XL clothes and men's clothing and soft textures (so no jeans)

No. 838165

Forensic science has advanced leaps and bounds, surveillance is more widespread and higher quality overall, communications are significantly more visible and monitored, general decrease in crime. It's much harder to get away with it now.

No. 838166

If there were concrete examples it wouldn't be a thing to believe in

No. 838170

Because it was easier to be a serial killer in the 70s than it is today.

No. 838174

Totally get what you mean, anon. Clothes for women have nothing but weird ass shapes and cuts. I'm with you that baggy/men are better, because they function as clothes as they should.

No. 838184

What's the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath?

No. 838185

File: 1624635423610.jpeg (77.01 KB, 602x600, main-qimg-29770631305cea02a00a…)

No. 838186

File: 1624635597658.png (236.33 KB, 602x340, 46001595e9958360962c16e5e1e2f0…)

No. 838192

So psychopaths are socially well-adjusted people (surgeons, CEOs, etc) with the emotional landscape of a desert while sociopaths are volatile, maladjusted people who are usually murderers (Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, etc), right?

No. 838194

Huh. Just learned my ex may have been a sociopath.

No. 838197

Psychos can just coast along not knowing they're not really feeling shit, focus on their own shit whereas sociopaths are less sly, messy dumbasses. Can you tell I'm half pulling this out of my ass

No. 838212

based on this criteria I feel like some sociopath leaning people might be successful though (celebrities for example) and just hide their messiness from the general public or have good pr teams that hide it for them

also those markers for sociopathy are present and comorbid with many other mental illnesses, cluster b personality disorders excluding aspd which some basically say is a proto sociopath arent sociopathy but they still share some traits with sociopathy

No. 838262

Driving around Idaho. Why are there so many cars without any license plate? This was also something we saw in Utah but not too the same extent

No. 838263

are models for maternity clothing (like on h&m and the like) actually pregnant?

No. 838286

File: 1624646730477.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2104, 20210625_193425.png)

How the fuck does this even happen to a neck/throat/chin

No. 838289

I highly doubt that, in such advanced, visible pregnancy most women would not have time or strenght pose for a long photoshoot

No. 838293

tumor?? thyroid problem?? karma for being a man pretending to be a woman?? im not sure but this is unfortunate

No. 838296

Looks like goiter to me but I'm no doctor

No. 838299

I would do it but it depends on the neighbor. Go ring at his doorbell and try to assess the situation when you see him. If he seems unfriendly or weird or smth then just invent some other reason like "oops do you have eggs/parsley" whatever

god i WISH mods redtexted samefriend newfriend etc just use fag like a normal person. Not even normie gay men mind it.

No. 838323

I don't get why people are suddenly getting annoyed by "newfriend". I've seen it used here even before the recent influx of newfags, and I don't think it's ever been an issue until now.

No. 838372

DAE never visit the front page? I use lolcow a bit too much so I just enter l in the space bar and the catalogs of the boards I use the most are automatically suggested.

No. 838377

I do the same.

No. 838383

I much prefer the word 'newfriend' to 'newfag', the 4chan -fag suffix terms, such as as 'newfag' and 'oldfag', are obnoxious.

No. 838389

should i drink choccy milk or apple juice

No. 838395

choccy milk unless you're sensitive to dairy. Apple juice has just as much sugar and is less fun.

No. 838408

i find the "friend" variant more obnoxious imo

No. 838434

Yes, same! I'm guessing that people who have a problem with it have been around for like 2 years or so, because I've seen it being used for 3+ years now. I think is funny, I'd only use it ironically though

No. 838471

I'm really drunk rn and i don't want to be how can i make it stop????

No. 838472

Drink water and lay down, eat something light

No. 838477

Thank you anonchan i love you i had some toast and i have a bottle of water and im laying in bed

No. 838480

Also eat sugary shit, it always help me

No. 838489

File: 1624665076370.jpg (29.62 KB, 371x500, 51eSWEy6DCL._AC_.jpg)

my hangover prevention tip is to drink some nice hot ginger herbal tea before you go to bed bc ginger helps with nausea.
in any event drink lots of water, bc dehydration is a a big part of what makes hangovers so unbearable

No. 838531

do you think it's possible to use masturbation as a form of self harm

No. 838562

anything can be a form of self harm if you do it too much

No. 838583

Everytime I get an haircut (while still keeping it long) I end up looking like a 70s groomer guitarist. When I cut it short I look like a teenage boy. Is there no other way? I feel like my hair that's not been cut in months fits me better but I can't keep it like this.

No. 838628

File: 1624678349265.jpg (259.31 KB, 1620x1080, Tramp_Stamps.jpg)

Who were the Tramp Stamps target demographic supposed to be ?
I can't think of any group that likes them, Punk Rock is a niche genre, with a mostly straight white male audience and the women in the community are pretty hardcore and can spot a faker, so they were never ever gonna appeal to them, WOC also pointed out that a lot of situations their describing apply to the men of their communities and were mostly infuriated, Gay/Bi women could also tell that they were Queerbaiting
So who were they made to appeal to

No. 838630

Also literally googling the main singers name(marisa maino) reveals her previous content and persona as a Lana Del Ray knockoff
Not even a full year after this video she would be part of Tramp Stamps

No. 838633

Zoomers with white guilt who think Blink 182 is a punk band.

No. 838639

But Zoomers all hated them, everyone on Tiktok made fun of them for weeks

No. 838644

I never said it was successful.

No. 838655

They aren't that bad and zoomers went on to stream the shit out of Disney sponsored Avril Lavigne, Olivia Rodrigo, so I think they were just offended that "old" millennials were being marketed to them. One of them is 30, the horror.

No. 838659

that's not the reason people dislike them, its that their Industry shills who are actively lying and promoting a false image that their a grassroots punk rock feminist band, also their very badly handled Industry shills, also many Millennial women in the Punk rock community called them out even before Zoomers
It almost feels they were designed to be unlikeable towards every demographic possible

No. 838684

How to cure being a nympho? I don't sleep around, it's just I'm too horny in every relationship I've been in (all 3+ years long)

No. 838685

why do people keep comparing this girl to avril, they have nothing in common

No. 838691

I've never heard of this band, but my guess is zoomers with no musical knowledge and gay men

No. 838722

is there anything zoomers (especially on tiktok) don't make fun of? no

No. 838723

Tldr: is it illegal in Illinois to fly drones over private property, and can the house owner shoot it down

I live in a pretty condensed neighborhood, like 50 houses on half acre lots. Between 8-10 pm there is a drone flying around, with a pretty legit driver due to the fact in can weave in and out of trees, drop down when you look at it, and shoot up 200 feet above houses like it's nothing. I used to only see it once in a blue moon but mow that it's summer I see it every other day. I can tell the general direction it's coming from because it sounds like a party with people laughing sometimes. Is it illegal to be hovering over my house?

I walked dog when I get home from work and it literally followed me around the block today. I flipped it off before I turned back into the span of my neighbors and it dipped down liked it died in some backyard like it was laughing at me. I normally wouldn't give 2 fucks I keep my blinds closed but I have a sky window in my bathroom. I don't think you can see much unless you're THAT skilled as there is a giant tree that hangs over that side of the roof but I've started ahitting and showering in the guest bedroom just in case. I'm in Illinois if that means anything but like I'm ready to get an airsoft gun and shit it down and stomp on it. I goggled it and got a bunch of stupid ass legal shit idk how to interpret

No. 838741

start taking an SSRI and/or buy a doxy

No. 838745

Definitely manned by some weirdo with too much time on his hands, I'd keep using the spare bathroom if I were you.

No. 838757

If an artist gifts a friend a painting for free, and the artist is a somewhat popular artist that becomes even more popular, so the friend decides to sell the piece for millions. Who is legally getting the money? The artist or the friend?

No. 838759


I'm drunk but I'm ready
X: Find out where the drone is coming from
■: call the police
!○:shoot it down
◇:live in darkness and never have a cool shower again

No. 838788

When you sketch (do a drawing study) do you focus on shapes and draw those first or with the outlines?

No. 838791

I'd say the friend gets the money. If you gift something to someone it's theirs now to do whatever they want with it.

No. 838794

File: 1624706118167.jpg (663.6 KB, 732x976, 20210626_131319.jpg)

if he's on a wheelchair then how the fuck is he sitting like this

No. 838795

He or someone else just dragged his leg on his lap.

No. 838797

that's fucking stupid

No. 838800

Do you know if there is a way to remove notebook lines or grid from an image via photoshop or some program? If there is not I want to try making a program that will do that but if there is I don't want to frustrate myself

No. 838804

How is that stupid? Have you never seen how a person situates themselves in a wheelchair?

No. 838806

IRL a person may need a wheelchair even if they can move their legs and walk. They may be capable of walking around their house or dressing themselves and such, but taking a walk to the cornerstore is out of their league.

No. 838901

Long ago in a confessions thread an anon mentioned watching a video of a guy spanking a large amount of dough or something like that. Does anyone know which video this is?

No. 838903

You can definitely do that in Photoshop

No. 838905

Personally, I draw the shapes first (so I'll get a general idea of ​​the size, placement and proportions of the object), and then I do proper outlines.

No. 838910

What post was it? it may have been mine lol

No. 838920

I don't have a link to it, it was months ago but the post also mentioned a grapefruit video too. still wanna see the dough spanking tho

No. 838933

Find another hobby and/or get a cool new sex toy. Remember that it's okay to be horny all the time, it's the way you go about it that matters. (Hurting other people is not cool.)

No. 838934

A drawing study's purpose is to study. So if you're studying form, outlines are completely irrelevant and optional. If you're studying fabric folds, they may matter more.

No. 838943

File: 1624726143168.webm (3.12 MB, 480x480, 29587236_2114983422115639_2540…)

Idk if it was my post, but if it was, here's the video. It's from Stephanie Sarley.

No. 838951

This just made me hungry and also made me want to bake bread

No. 838952

File: 1624727031029.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.34 MB, 576x1024, bread.webm)

samefag, here's another dough spanking video. Alright, I'm done

No. 838953

I feel violated from watching this

No. 838956

File: 1624727576932.gif (29.07 KB, 500x500, a.gif)

thank you nonnie

No. 838964

Gifting means legally transferring ownership from one person to another without receiving something in return (which would make it a trade or in the case of money, a purchase). Why would the artist receive money if s/he no longer has ownership of the piece being sold?

No. 838990

What's funny is that the knee where he got fucked up is the one that's bent.

No. 839006

How does he even give off asshole vibes when he's in a wheelchair? Fuck this guy.

No. 839024

How does a one night stand unfold? Do people just go straight to the 'deed'? Or do they shower first?

No. 839025

I mean, typically you shower beforehand

No. 839028

Is it weird to not be in touch with anyone from high school at 23? I've pretty much not been in touch with anyone I knew before 18, everyone I have added on social media are people I met after high school or are family. My mom finds it really unusual and "worrying". She's literally friends with more people I knew in HS than I am and keeps in touch with them and their families somewhat often. She finds it disturbing that I just dropped people I was super close to.

No. 839031

Right but let's say you meet someone at a disco and you're both sweaty from dancing and then you go to his place

No. 839034

No. Some people stay in touch with people from their high school, others don't. Don't worry about it

No. 839035

Generally no. If you got on a date and come to their house after, it's a little weird to use their shower and towels and stuff. Unless your date was like, a forest hike, I suppose. That being said, when I used to hook-up I would bring some stuff in my bag to freshen up with. The guy will likely (if he's not nasty) go into the bathroom before you fuck to wash his dick in the sink. If you feel gross about not showering before getting frisky I would bring a wash cloth or something to dampen and use on yourself in his bathroom.

No. 839036

Meant to respond to >>839025, >>839031

No. 839037

That's a good tip, thank you

No. 839041

Imo/ime HS friendships are mostly just friendships out of convenience. You befriend the people who're in your class or whatever to get through your time in school. So no.

No. 839052

I've been on SSRIs, they don't reduce my drive. Prozac made me get failed orgasms, though.
I have hobbies, none make me feel gud or accomplished in the way sex does. I've never tried toys, I'm scared of them, I like it that I prefer live sex.

No. 839091

Can mods read what you reported?

No. 839093

I understand other things not feeling physically good as sex, but how the fuck does it make you feel accomplished lmao?

No. 839099

I mean more that it makes me feel accomplished. I don't feel a sense of accomplishment from my hobbies even if I mentally know it is more of an accomplishment. Like, I don't feel any satisfaction from hobbies, but I do from sex.

No. 839100

File: 1624741979920.jpg (44.51 KB, 487x701, IMG_20201002_233317.jpg)

Anyone know picrel's name? I saved the pic awhile back because she looks hot and muscular. Her body is gym goals.

Reposting because my dumbass forgot to attach the image the first time.

No. 839107

Reverse image search says Shiho Yoshimura. @shiho_yoshimura on insta

No. 839115

File: 1624743563960.gif (333.18 KB, 280x158, 754577755.gif)

Oh kek. I reverse image searched it too but I guess I just wasn't reading or paying enough attention because I didn't see a name in any of the links. Thanks.

No. 839117

File: 1624743930640.jpg (471.42 KB, 2640x3952, gsuv6ccvzmm31.jpg)

God each time I see this pic it just fills me with primal lesbian instinct.

No. 839125

Yeah I had to find it through some Karen’s pinterest board. Glad to have been of service. Nothing more frustrating than searching for something to no avail.

No. 839133

File: 1624745436273.jpg (44.65 KB, 750x1032, purin.jpg)

What does it mean to 'be feminine'? Is it having certain hobbies e.g. baking? or is it a lifestyle?

No. 839145

File: 1624747984977.png (8.73 KB, 749x210, o.ö.PNG)

Was o__O really only ever a thing in Germany? Especially asking other euroanons

No. 839154

I am a LATAMfag and it was a thing in my country

No. 839157

She is gorgeous, anon! I think it has something to do with how her soft and feminine facial features contrast her athleticism. Also thick thighs. Sorry for the lesbian sperging.

No. 839176

no, i didn't think so… it was a pretty standard internet chat emoticon, particularly in weeb/nerd circles. burgerfag reporting

No. 839178

Are you a virgin, anon? You shower before dancing, and you deal with your sweaty selves during sex. If you really want, excuse yourself to bathroom to "freshen up." But being sweaty by itself isn't nasty

No. 839248

I got up to drink some water and my body fell into a corner and was spazzing out. Was that a seizure?

No. 839253

what does TIM stand for?

No. 839255

No. 839259

Trans-identified Male, a transwoman.

No. 839264

File: 1624763054924.png (92.38 KB, 625x357, chrome_GThK8Fi1GV.png)

Who's an example of a "real" findom expert, or just an example of what this chick is actually trying to pretend she is? I've been going through the Katherine McMahon thread and even I can tell it's a big larp, but I grew up too lower class to really have any frame of reference for what an actual high class internet personality would look like? The only rich people I tend to see online are the new rich LA "influencer" types.

No. 839273

How do I drop all my useless anxiety and just live? I was heavily medicated once and went out in public, where I usually feel tense and terrified out of social phobia, but that time I felt like a child with how little I cared for others around me and how I was just enjoying what I saw. Is this truly impossible to feel without drugs? I don't need to feel like a child I mean, but to be relatively more normal and less anxious 24/7. I'm going insane from how exhausting it is to live with myself.

No. 839281

File: 1624764859857.jpeg (24.36 KB, 612x415, istockphoto-474219511-612x612.…)

Do you think a lot of people associate a red baseball cap (from afar) with MAGA now? I just bought a new cap and didn't think about this until now.

No. 839282

Yes (happened to me) but I don't think you should worry. if it's from afar they will only be wondering about it, not sure that that's what it is and even who you are. I stared at this guy's hat until he came closer and I saw it was something else (was closer to the election, so maybe it's less relevant now).

No. 839285

Wear it Anon. It’s just a red cap. They will feel stupid once they see it isn’t a mags hat. People who jump people for their political ideology are massive retards

No. 839307

>Is this truly impossible to feel without drugs?
Yes, through exposure. Meaning the more you go out in public, the less anxious you're gonna get after a while. There's no easy solution unfortunately

No. 839310

Exposure therapy. Be patient with yourself. I'm recovering without medication and it is tough, but totally worth it. Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. Also remind yourself anxiety comes in different forms, if anxiety felt the same the entire time, you wouldn't have anxiety anymore, so any "new" sensation you feel is simply anxiety. Focus on your progress and be prideful. I hope for the best for you, anon.

No. 839328

Artist anons, what software do you usually use to draw?

No. 839332

paint tool sai, it’s really good

No. 839334

How do you sleep comfortably on your back? I used to do it when I was younger and hasn't had any problems but when I try it now it abnormally hurts my spine and entire back.

No. 839342

why does 4chan hate iPhone?

No. 839350

i'm not on 4chan but i hate it because you can't play webms on it and the newer ones don't even have a headphone jack. it's just shit all around.

No. 839352

Clip studio paint is the best, hands down. I seriously can't recommend it enough. One time payment of 50 bucks (iirc), yake the time to learn how to take advantage of all the features (and there are TONS of them) it offers and it'll be money well spent.

No. 839366

When it comes to dating, what does "putting yourself out there" mean, is it like using a dating app? What if you don't want to do that?

No. 839369

>But being sweaty by itself isn't nasty
Not her but it is tbh

No. 839384

How much time does it take to learn Figma?

No. 839386

File: 1624781473156.jpg (112.94 KB, 440x837, csb.jpg)

I remember hearing the term shifting before on here and I searched it up because I was curious. Is it basically just forcing yourself to lucid dream? Does anyone here have any experience doing it? Seems like something that will turn you schizo

No. 839388

What makes an oldfag? /cgl/? StaminaRose? before /snow/? Is it perfect and confident integration? Or is oldfag more a state of mind, understanding and confidently participating in inside jokes?
And yes I realize that questioning what an oldfag is I, by definition, am not one.

No. 839390

Someone commented on it on the dumbass shit thread, I think the #48 or #47. Give it a ctrl+f, maybe
Lucid dreaming is a much safer bet imo

No. 839392

Obviously there's no concrete definition of 'oldfag', but in my opinion it's someone who's been regularly visiting this site from its /cgl/ days up to maybe 2017.

No. 839393

I consider myself an oldfag because I've been in here for 6 fucking years lol
But I'd say anyone that has been around for 3+ years and know most of the injokes (lolcow bot that was actually a thing for April's fools, tranny janny, keekweek and everythingit entailed) and famous anons (komaeda discharge anon, anorectal violence kun, diy dildo anon etc)

No. 839397

god i hope diy dildo anon is living her best life right now, she deserves it

No. 839399

Me too kek
I hope she got herself a real dildo as a treat

No. 839412

I've completely missed the komaeda discharge anon posts, was what that about? Do I even want to know?

No. 839419

In my books oldfag is someone who has been visiting lolcow since its advent or shortly after whether you came from /cgl/ or some other source. Someone who's been here for an extended amount of time and is aware of the major lore for the site because they experienced it themselves.

No. 839430

same, it feels kind of weird for someone who didn't originally come from 4chan to even say oldfag

No. 839434

Yea, although I only found this place late 2015, I feel my 4chan background gives me a bit of credibility. Wondering if I'm an oldfag is extremely non-oldfag behavior, though.

No. 839436

Has youtube removed the option to sort videos within a channel? It's not all of them, but a lot of the time the drop down menu is missing. It's fucking annoying bc like, if I'm not familiar with a channel or artist the first thing I'm gonna do is sort it by popularity and watch the most viewed videos. It seems bizarre that yt would get rid of that function so maybe I did something to my settings? idk

No. 839442

I got two:
why do so many anime guys have long horse faces?
what's the difference between 'bishonen' and ikemen'? apparently the former is more about prettiness but they look the same to me.

No. 839447

Asian beauty standards include pointy chins/v line jaws, I think that lengthens their faces in some art styles. And I guess bishounen are specifically youthful and pretty in a feminine way whereas an ikemen can just be any hot guy.

No. 839457

in my head i automatically categorize bishounen as like pretty boys in shoujo mangas, who even look a bit soft and feminine when compared to male characters from other series. think the boys in arina tanemura mangas compared to idk golden kamuy dudes. ikemen, to me, are grown up men who also put some effort into looking good and who aren't just naturally pretty but underline it because they are aware of their good looks and try to look even more attractive with nice clothes, hairstyles, etc. bishounen are usually just cute boys who aren't aware of how attractive they are to the 13 year old girls around them.

i could be entirely wrong though, this is just a personal 'experience' from years of being a weeb.

No. 839470

I have an empty board on the wall, any ideas what to put on it but without it looking kitschy?

No. 839477

Pester friends to draw something for you or put necklaces on it

No. 839484

For that I'd need friends or necklaces

No. 839502

Then put whatever you have and start a new trend. Put chocolate wrappers on your board

No. 839507

If you ever perpetually have a bunch of crap on your desk, move that onto the board

No. 839518

Anons, am I being retarded about this? The HVAC closets in all the units in the apartments I live at have alarm systems that are supposed to go off whenever the sensor is activated. Literally anything activates them apparently. These alarms go off fucking constantly and are LOUD. They're so loud you can hear it both inside and outside and headphones/earplugs dont help much. This shit blasts all throughout the nighttime and no one does anything about it. Every time I open the window the alarms are going off, I've emailed the apartment about the alarms and they said to call the maintenance line but they're impossible to get ahold of and drag their assses on actually fixing it. I'm also not sure why I have to be their watchdog so they can come fix their shit. I've reported this shit like four times and every day a new unit has fucking beeping. What can I do to make them fucking fix this awful system? This has been happening for like months. I've already complained about it but nothings changed, I feel like a Karen or something, plz help.

No. 839546

Who tf is Nina?

No. 839565

a fan of doja cat that hates edgys soo much

No. 839568

Why do so many newfags change their name to anon? I just wish I knew what goes through their head.

No. 839569

That and using a name when no one else is doing it.

No. 839573

the only way it makes sense to me is maybe they think you put your name and then it changes to anon. but they do it on a few posts cant they see they're the only ones with a name?..

No. 839576

It's the social media culture where putting a lot of personal info in your bio is seen as mandatory, how many times have I seen people going "if I don't see your age, gender or race on your profile you're automatically sus to me".

No. 839580

I’m thinking of pretending to be a themlet on my social media so I have plausible deniability if someone decides to hashtag cancel me for being a terf, should i do it or will that just draw more troons and genderspecials?

No. 839583

File: 1624805716868.jpg (67.13 KB, 564x741, 11512bcd7c3d1eb3bdf35ce14a5556…)

What do I have to search to find wigs like this for sale online?
I like this Alice Cullen style, but I'm not ready to cut my hair for it.

No. 839591

File: 1624806230371.jpg (520.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210627-110258_Chr…)

Idk did you try searching Alice Cullen? Anyways you'd have to take this and style it with hairspray but this is basically it.

No. 839594

File: 1624806412426.jpg (460.15 KB, 1035x1280, Alice_Cullen_Wig__48346.138041…)

All I found was this sad thing when I tried, ty anon

No. 839601

who should I ask if a used car I'm getting is a good deal?
maybe here?

No. 839604

What causes some women to become masochistic or submissive towards their partners, or tolerate their sadistic behavior? I always felt like boyfriends/husbands are supposed to be protective and nurturing, but obviously many are failing at that if they want to choke, slap, or physically/emotionally abuse the woman they're with. If I knew a guy wanted to do that to me I'd feel so unsafe and disgusted. It's so unmanly to want to dominate someone who is significantly physically weaker than you. Why do some women find this attractive?

No. 839632

I think its a meme, people just wanna have sex for the most part but they attach too much meaning to it, so they add themes about submissions and domination to make it appear deeper then it actually is
I just have sex "vanilla" sex and I'm happy

No. 839633

My ex was actually abusive so i can tolerate choking and slapping and such from my bf. He's not literally abusive to me. I've told him I don't like it but I smile and laugh while I'm saying it because it's a reflex of mine. Understandable, he doesn't get I'm not joking. I don't want to devolve into my own issues but I'm never going to be happy anyway sexually, I have always wanted sex way more than whoever my partner is, and I am not kinky. It's a shit combination. I tolerate everything because, like I said, it's not literal abuse. My bf thinks I like it.

No. 839638

This is just pathetic and sad.

No. 839644

I mean, I deserve it anon, I'm too afraid to have an actual conversation about it because I'm afraid we will have less sex if I talk about it

No. 839645

heterosexuality moment

No. 839646

No. 839647

>I deserve it anon
See, there's your problem. That mentality is why you keep tolerating subpar treatment. Grow a fucking spine already.

No. 839648

It's not not abuse just because it makes him horny, nona.

No. 839655

But even if you think you deserve it, isn't it just so pathetic that he gets off on hurting you, a woman? He only does so and gets aroused by it because he thinks you can't fight back, isn't that just extremely pathetic for a man? He's supposed to protect you yet he hurts you, the exact opposite of what a man should do. He is less than human. How can you love or even get aroused by someone like that?

No. 839660

> I've told him I don't like
> My bf thinks I like it
Pick one

No. 839666

I'm acting embarrassed and weird when I say it, he interprets it as like I'm just saying that but in reality I like it. Kind of when you ask someone if they like their crush and they'll start giggling and laughing while saying "no". Except in this case, I really don't like it. My point is that I understand his confusion.
It really is pathetic, I'm in agreement. I feel like it would be different if he knew for a fact I don't like it. I guess I can love him despite that because he's better than every other male figure in my life.

No. 839668

Say you'll hold your rent in escrow until they actually start to fix this thing.

No. 839671

Anon he knows. It just suits him to pretend he doesn't. And stop calling yourself pathetic or saying you deserve it

No. 839676

He knows, sis. I can get that it's hard to stay your ground but this is pathetic and dangerous, please take care of yourself because your man doesn't give a shit.

No. 839679

Is the Come on, everyone clap for the cow banner from Yotsuba&?

No. 839680


No. 839687

Yes! Love that little dumbass

No. 839691

Whatever makes you cope

No. 839695

File: 1624815321203.jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731, 382772628272.jpg)

Why does it seem like every single straight woman on the internet makes excuses for her boyfriend when he disregards her sexual boundaries and deludes herself into think that he is actually a caring guy. Don't you want better for yourself?

No. 839703


No. 839707

They are brainwashed by porn culture

No. 839710

File: 1624816708669.jpg (175.18 KB, 1000x1139, d1f466df061a99f321ac8e27223bba…)

Why do burger moids get deployed to non-war zones like Japan or LATAM countries? For how long they stay there? Can they be deployed to such places and leave their families at home? Or when you go to a non-war zone you need to take your family with you? Can we work at those US military bases located in our country as non-american civilians?

No. 839712

Anyone else with depression (and no psychotic disorders) sometimes experiences catatonia?

No. 839715

some countries literally pay the other nations for projection, Korea and Japan for e.g cause of threat of China and Russia
The US has a militarily presence in panama for trade purposes

No. 839784

>choking and slapping and such from my bf. >He's not literally abusive
These sentences do not belong together. He is physically abusing you, get rid of him.

No. 839806

File: 1624824796663.png (28.26 KB, 1199x79, leadcrimehypothesis.PNG)

Personally, I'm a fan of the lead-crime hypothesis (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead%E2%80%93crime_hypothesis)

No. 839812

I've been gone for awhile but why is everyone in the Pixielocks thread referring to Jillian with male pronouns? I get being respectful of someone's pronouns but she has a history of jumping between identity trends to stay interesting, like why is anyone taking this seriously lmao

No. 839820

you are literally missing the point, people are using male pronouns because she said any pronouns with her would be fine so they are mocking her by using only "him" instead of uwuthem/uwuthey and also using "she" for stebie

No. 839823

omg that's hilarious, also i am a dumbass for not picking up on it

No. 839833

File: 1624827560015.jpg (109.04 KB, 736x911, 2a11737fae05c82c417e7fd6cc7d6a…)

>some countries literally pay
Huh, had no idea. I hope that my country doesn't because we really are not in a dangerous zone and that would be just tax payer money down the american drain.
My other questions still remain, if any other anon knows, that'd be much appreciated! >>839710

No. 839862

Why is it so hard for kids to understand fractions? That seems like the point where math education starts to go downhill for a lot of kids.

No. 839863

that shit hard

No. 839867

Most children's math education is pretty poor, especially during covid. I voluntutored a third grader and she wasn't great at basic arithmetic. Fractions are kind of abstract, like what is a half of 1? 2? A lot of the math that children learn at the elementary level are very concrete and I wonder if children are even able to understand more abstract concepts at a young age. Moreover, algebra with fractions involve some basic multiplication (to change the bases into mutual ones) then sometimes division is needed to simplify them into a smaller one. Math is cumulative; if you don't have the prerequisites, you fall behind hard. Teachera can only do so much. I probably did better on fractions because my parents had university educations and could help me out, but not all parents finished high school.
Tldr: fractions are a bit too abstract, math education sucks at the elementary level, math skills build on each other, not all parents are knowledgeable to help their children

No. 839911

I know japan is not allowed to have their own army (since world war two) so that is why they pay americans. I didn't know about korea. Sorry I don't know anything else

No. 839930

>I know japan is not allowed to have their own army (since world war two)
Japan does have an army, as well as a navy and air force, they are part of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, Japan's constitution currently limits the JSDF from deploying overseas to help Japan's allies, except in non-combat roles.

No. 839941

For anons with partners, how often do you have sex? And is your partner male or female?

No. 839949

How many retarded cumbrain zoomer moids have tried making moves on their stepsisters/step mothers due to excessive porn consumption? I'm in my thirties so I don't know zoom zoomies too well outside of what I see on /r9k/, but I imagine it's quite a bit, and I imagine it must be cringe

No. 839975

how can you tell if a guy is just being friendly with you or is into you?

No. 839980

Compare his behavior towards you and towards other people.

No. 839993

yeah i'm not really sure we were at a party and literally talked all night, he didn't even talk to anyone else for me to compare it to kek i'll have to see at the next one I guess? but thank you that's a good tip

No. 839994

>talks to you all night
>doesn't talk to anybody else at the party
that's some behavior to start getting your answer from right there, nta though

No. 839999

I guess you're right, i'm spectacularly bad at reading any sort of body language or signals though, especially since i've barely had any human interaction lately because of covid. we were both drunk also so I feel like that complicates things?

No. 840005

you'll have to see if it lasts or was a one time thing from him but men are usually not that complicated when it comes to motivations so he probably is interested at least a little.

No. 840035

What do you consider a good yearly salary/benefits?

No. 840050

Mine is male, we have it around 4x a month. Honestly I'd like to fdo it more often, but my boyfriend works a lot and is just generally too tired. Also he has cleanliness based ocd so it's not like we could do it anywhere anytime cause he has his "rituals"

No. 840060

depends on the cost of living, but $35k is good enough if you live in a rural area. $ 43k in suburban area, with a roommate. urban area, i'm thinking $50k. the best benefit would be a union site that gives you free healthcare.
i also think a good idea would be to try to eliminate any debts you have under your name. avoid buying a new car, finding used cars and paying it in full is best. not having to pay off a car is great, especially if your health insurance isn't cheap.

No. 840069

What is it like to have sex with a fat guy?

No. 840073

Is there a point in getting a master's degree just for the sake of having one? Even if it's not relevant to one's career?

No. 840077

Have you started your thesis yet? Do you think you can?

That will be the hardest thing. If you think you can finish that without too much effort I would stay in the program.

No. 840079

I'm not in any program, it's just a purely theoretical question

No. 840106

Not really. Expensive as fuck for it to not be an investment in a career.
If you can afford it just for the sake of it, yeah get your education.

No. 840109

How fat we talkin'?

No. 840117

How much would it cost to fix a chipped tooth and get vampire fangs? I live in Canada

No. 840119

I wanna get into candle making as a hobby, any advice on where I should start?

No. 840141

No. 840146

Why would you subject yourself to that?
Expect small pp because of enormous belly.

No. 840155

Yeah, small pp, beach ball belly that hindered access and he sweat on me. He was all belly fat, it was gross and my self-esteem was insanely low back then so pls no bully

No. 840163

Cumbersome I'd imagine

No. 840180

I'm probably mentally ill and have a fetish for fat guys, like ugly bastard type of thing I guess except his face isn't ugly. It's also a ldr bf and I will be spending a week with him so I am slightly nervous about this experience as I only have had sex with not fat men before. Feel free to shame me.

No. 840185

I'm not friends with anyone from high school, I've seen my old friends' social medias and most of them are pretty basic

No. 840192

Pic request: that drawing of an anime chick doing the closed-eye-smile but then the close-up shows she's actually glaring. Thank you

No. 840195

>Feel free to shame me.
Between this and the anon yesterday who was encouraging us to call her pathetic for letting her bf choke her even though she hated it… what is happening here?

No. 840204

At a guess? BPD twitter chicks drawn here from the recent drama

No. 840220

why do celebrities use filler? 9 times out of ten they never fucking look good

No. 840222

It's a form of self-harm, one of the most damaging ones because it teaches men they can treat women like shit and there will be no consequences.

No. 840231

What thread do I go to to talk about sexual things?? I don't need advice I just want to share/discuss an experience I had but can't find the appropriate thread, either here or on /g/

No. 840244

There's a sex advice thread in /g/. You can share and discuss sexual stuff there and clarify you aren't looking for advice, pretty sure there are posts like that already. Other than that maybe the dumbass shit thread? Idk if it's against the rules, but maybe you can spoiler it. I'd go to /g/ tho

No. 840331

What happened to the gender critical threads? I remember seeing those years ago (also will we ever get a new one?)

No. 840333

I relegated a guy as hookup only (only been on a date nd not hooked up yet) because he has a kid, but now i'm putting the pieces together on his lack of effort I think HE only wants a hookup, and now i'm offended kek. Why is this? Just plain old hypocrisy? I want to blame it on scroteishness, but lack the intelligence to spin it.

cringe toxic gaslighting triggered are my attempts, i''m not sure which actually work

No. 840384

Male partner, 2-3x a week. Combo of high drives but also living together and working.

No. 840386

How many hobbies do you have? How do you manage time for all of them? I feel like i have way too many hobbies and interests.

No. 840388

Male partner, 3-4x a week usually.

No. 840389

30-40k, would be life-changing. 40k+ would make me feel rich and comfortable on buying stupid shit I want. I currently make 25k kek. My expenses are relatively low (half my income) so the extra cash would be funneled into paying off my student debt and taking more vacations.

I have two main hobbies, drawing and cooking, and several offshoots such as sewing and gardening. I don’t manage time for them. It’s whatever I seem interested in doing during my free time since I work for a living. Sometimes I neglect a hobby for weeks in favor of another, but that’s okay.

No. 840398

Depends if he's cute and has a sizeable cock. One of my exes was tubby but also 6' tall, decent cock, and was pretty cute.

Most fat guys are terrible though.
Not to mention they have massive chips on their shoulders.

No. 840412

Right now I'm 20/hr with health coverage paid fully by my employer.
Decent PTO which comes out to be 4 weeks a year. Low stress office work aside from typical workplace drama and gossip which ain't shit to deal with.

My situation in life would only be made better had I not been shilled into having a student loan and amassing credit card debt when I had a stressful job.
It's amazing how differently my life is when I have a job where I'm paid alright, not being screamed at by shitbag people, and can see a doctor.

No. 840443

Are Latino men more likely to cheat?

No. 840448

There are anime conventions… But are there conventions with more of a focus on Japan? Like instead of oran high school host club truth or dare the panels are about japanese history and folklore and instead of voice actors the guests are like marie kondo??

No. 840450

the extremely poor ones? maybe
the rest? absolutely

every man has the desire to cheat but unstable mentality and their income decreases and increases the chances of them acting on it.

However if he's mexican he WILL beat you at least once

No. 840471

Look up your local Sakura/cherry blossom festival

No. 840544

From my observation, all men have approximately the same propensity to cheat regardless of background or socioeconomic status. Financially stable men are better at hiding it and women who date them are more prone to overlooking it.

No. 840554

Is it weird to have a sudden acne breakout on your period when it's never happened before?? I've had fairly crap skin since puberty, but it has definitely become more manageable as I've become an adult. Small breakouts on my chin and cheeks aren't unusual for me but I've recently had a horrible case of acne on my forehead and I dunno why? My diet hasn't been different than usual, I'm not on any meds that could throw my hormones out of whack, but I can't narrow down wtf else it could be other than maybe my period? It's driving me crazy.

No. 840557

For my city, which is one of the most expensive cities in my country, I think 50k would be the bare minimum to live decently. May or may not still need a roommate. At 60k, you'd probably be able to live relatively worry free, and at 70k or above, there'd probably be no financial worries at all. This is all assuming you're money conscious. I currently make 35k a year and that's just barely above minimum wage. My company offers 10 PTO days which can be carried over, plus 2 sick and 2 personal days per year. Our company's health insurance is pretty good and the company covers majority of the costs. There's a 401k with a 3% match, but I don't like that the vesting period is 6 years. I think these are decent benefits, but there's definitely better out there.

No. 840559

Have you washed your sheets recently?

No. 840566

Yeah, culture is probably the bigger influence. I say that because there are global stats on cheating and they were pretty shocking. As an example, in Asian countries most men report visiting prostitutes a few times a month regardless of marital status. I highly, highly doubt that's true for Asian American men.

No. 840568

This has happened to me recently, I broke out really bad on my chin , forehead, and on my cheek bone this past week.
I think it's the weather. It's been abnormally humid and I recognized it worsened after I took a shower. How is the weather for you?

No. 840579

Like other anon said it could be heat, or could be facemasks mixed with heat?

I'm over 30 and getting spots right now from that combo of heat, masks and oily suncream

No. 840592

Switching to cotton masks cleared up my mask acne

No. 840596

>at 60k you can probably live very comfortably

anon if you expect people to live in an apartment their entire lives then I got something to say to you: fuck off

No. 840597

Asian americans pay e-thots

No. 840613

How can I find a NEET friend? Preferably not in the former NEET thread because I'm most likely going to be a NEET for the foreseeable future.

No. 840619

can someone give me the tl;dr on what's going on with kiwifarms and why is there a spergy scrote in the KF thread? apparently some drama with a tranny?

No. 840622

I know how you're "supposed to" pronounce it but how do you pronounce "sage" personally? I've never heard someone say it irl. Do people actually pronounce it the Japanese way? Or like the herb?

No. 840625

Did we read the same post? She didn't say anything you're reacting to here

No. 840626

I just pronounce it like the herb in my head

No. 840628

I knooow it’s pronounced “sah-geh” but I’ll pronounce it like the herb all I want damnit

No. 840644

How much do you remember from your childhood? I remember all of my elementary teachers names and what they looked like. I have a lot of memories of birthday parties and class field trips going back to when I was 5. I even remember my preschool (age 2 - 3) and the layouts of the preschool classrooms, all the times we had fire drills, the minor injuries I got from playing around, and the name of the class pet. The only memories I don't have are being in diapers. I feel like when I talk to other people my age they say they don't remember their childhood but that just seems so strange. Is it that common to have very little memory of being young?

No. 840647

I just noticed this thread wasn't named properly. It's supposed to be stupid questions, like mine's gonna be.
What do you do when you meet Ridiculous Photoshoppers in person? Does anyone ever point to them the discrepancy between their pics and IRL looks? Do you play along or not? Gen X clueless retard here, I have no idea of societal mores concerning the use of this new technology.

No. 840653

My memories before 12 are few and far between. Couple of big occasions and maybe some shows I watched at around 8 and 10 are there but very little really. I had an ex who remembered so much more and he started to question if I'd been abused or something. I had neglect but don't think anything extreme happened. It's weird how it varies quite so much.

No. 840655

I think at this point it should be valid to say sage colloquially only bc sa-ge would be too cringe irl. Sage to ward off shitpost energy kek

No. 840660

I've met girls who I barely recognized as the same person/didn't know until someone told me but nobody ever addressed how they looked different. I just found it funny/cringe.

No. 840677

I don't remember anything prior to grade 5,and even then my memories are really hazy. I can recall things like how the classroom looked like, or some of the kids I was friends with, but I don't have many memories of them. Apparently I had a best friend in grade 1 that I literally have no memories of, until my parents told me and she came up to me to talk.

No. 840683

I remember a fuckload. I have a few memories at the age of 2, learning to be potty trained and all, but the memories really kick into hyperdrive at age 3.

No. 840686

Samefag, I also was abused ages 9-11 and had a terrible aftermath. I had extremely strict parents to the point where it could be argued it was abusive. I remember being 5 and thinking as I was playing with blocks by myself that I better remember and experience being happy now, because I knew I'd be unhappy very soon.

No. 840688

Neglect, depression, anxiety, stress, etc. all hinder memory storage. I remember the one good year I had in highschool with friends my grades went from C's to A's because my memory was so much better.

No. 840694

File: 1624913597493.jpg (191.11 KB, 800x1046, lgqzH3L.jpg)

Is it supposed to be embarrassing to use lolcow? Is it cringe by normie standards to talk on discord every day? Which one is worse and would make it less pathetic to stop using them?

No. 840695

Not a ton, sometimes thinks crop up. I've suppressed a lot due to trauma but I do have memories, they just feel incomplete. Some stuff I recall specifically and have remembered for years, many others are lost on me

No. 840696

I don't remember much but I didn't have a great childhood so it's probably for the better.

No. 840700

Normies are using discord a lot more lately as it stopped advertising itself as a gamer/subculture chat service and more of a everyday, semi-professional slack competitor. Lolcow, however, is viewed as a cyberbullying website to people who even know about it. On the same level as 4chan, which everyone hates.

No. 840706

How do I force myself to like podcasts? No matter how many I try, I just can't sit through them. It makes me so mad because I know tons of them are full of great information. Are there text transcriptions usually?

No. 840711

What do you usually do while listening to them? I like to have it as a background noise when I am drawing or as a distraction when I'm running/walking

No. 840715

I got into podcasts after I moved home. I was repainting every room and needed to stick on some long form backround noise. Sitting still with one is hard but they work if you have a task to do at the same time, like housework

No. 840717

Can other users see which exact variation of a post you've liked on tumblr when my liked are privated?

No. 840721

Saw this mentioned in another thread but I don't want to shit it up by asking there, Can you really be misdiagnosed with autism?

I have a friend who had her bpd diagnosis changed to bipolar, I have another friend who had the reverse happen to her. I know that stuffs not uncommon but I thought tism was different and a permanent diagnosis that's highly unlikley to be a mistake. Can they wipe it off your file?

No. 840734

Autism can be confused with cptsd and bpd because misogyny and differences in how males vs females express autism. You know it's autism if you exhibited certain behaviors in early childhood.

No. 840739

No, they can only tell if you liked the original post if they comb through all the notes and see your URL

No. 840748

I have no idea of what a carrd (cardd?) is and at this point I am too afraid to ask, all I know is that it's a bio but I have no idea why or how they come to be.

No. 840756

USA anons what flower delivery is best bang for the buck?

No. 840764

I'm going to be travelling from Canada to Belgium hopefully sometime later this year or early the next (depending on how things progress with the pandemic). It will be my first time flying and navigating an airport entirely on my own and I'm really nervous about messing up. It all seems so complicated and overwhelming. I know these are stupid questions and I am trying to do my own research, but if any more experienced international travelers want to offer advice I'd be really grateful.
Some of the things I'm most concerned about are:
>How do I know whether or not I need to go and re-check my luggage between flights?
>When I take my laptop out for security do I also need to take out the charger with the AC/DC adapter block?
>If I bring gifts for my friend do I need to claim them and pay customs, and will I get in trouble if I don't?

No. 840776

I always take out my chargers just because whenever I have more than one, it tends to make everything weird and they ask me to take them out anyways. same with single use eyedrops weirdly enough.

No. 840785

Thank you, I really want to streamline everything to avoid confrontation as much as possible so that's good to know.

No. 840789

is kiwifarms okay

No. 840792

They're getting ddos and laying low because a cow is faking suicide

No. 840795

no problem! also for the presents, i wouldn't think you need to need to declare them but i am not 100% certain.

No. 840802

An autistic programmer tranny tried to extort Null to delete his dead, 13 page thread. First he offered 120k and when Null rejected it he proceeded to "an hero" and left a suicide note claiming the hacker known as KF did it. Most entertaining shit that happened in that shithole for a while, i hope Null makes a video about it.

No. 840809

Tranny is also a babyfur and faked his suicide before. No confirmation of death and yet "journalists" are publishing that KF literally murdered a poor innocent tranner.

No. 840822

How can I become a voice actor? I do a lot of weird noises, so I want to be like, a creature voice actor. Please help

No. 840837

My bf's grandpa is one and he says it's all about connections and time in the business for big time stuff. He does it from a room in his home with lots of expensive equipment and has lots of profiles on different websites with samples as well as an agent. Maybe try one of those sites with some audio samples of your voice? People are always looking for someone to voice something even if it's not a creature. My bf's grandpa recently did a voice for some weebs on YouTube just because they found him through voice123.com

No. 840847

is it normal that i want to be a child and get fucked by an adult?
Mods please dont ban me..asking for a friend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 840858

Late but the answer is no. They have prosthetic bellies for the models to wear, either made of fabric (very common) or silicone (more rare due to the cost).

No. 840879

How the hell do you accept apologies? Acting all high and mighty by saying "I forgive you" is pretentious, but I don't want to say "It's okay, don't worry about it" either, since, if you managed to piss even me off, it very likely isn't okay. Do I just thank them for apologizing or something?

No. 840881

Almost everything, from being potty trained and being in the stroller to learning how to walk. I even remember my exact thoughts during a particular event, how a room smelled, what food I had on some days etc.

No. 840882

Has anyone had laser eye surgery or known someone that has had it? Is it worth it?

No. 840883

My MIL had it, a lot of people get really severe eye dryness after it and some can't even drive because their eyes water so much.

No. 840887

Is it worth it to learn how to do makeup later in life? I’m in my mid-twenties and never learned, not even mascara or lipstick for formal events, and I’ve read about destroying makeup and giving it up from a feminist view, but part of me is still curious. I have body dysmorphia though so I’m not sure if it would be a bad idea, ie make me feel worse when I generally don’t like my face? Otherwise nobody has ever commented on my lack of makeup, so it’s not like I ever felt the need besides insecurity and feeling like I’m “missing out” on an important skill.

No. 840889

I usually use "I appreciate your apology" like, do I forgive you?? Who knows but I wanna move on at least.

No. 840893

That sucks man. I don't know if risking severe eye dryness is worth it but my vision is so bad I feel I'm going blind.

No. 840896

File: 1624928305141.jpg (26.59 KB, 720x504, FB_IMG_1624918021502.jpg)

So I'm pretty sick right now
I have a headache, fever, dizziness and nausea. Took 2 covid tests both negative + no coughing or loss of taste and smell
So is it safe to assume it's not the vid and just a flu/stomach bug? I'm a bit paranoid so I wanna hear others opinions or if I've missed anything

No. 840898

I was gonna say go for it, but if you have body dysmorphia, then no way. Idk much about BDD, but I can imagine that would just make your mental illness worse. It's not worth it, and it's honestly not that important at all to learn how to do makeup.

No. 840906

My aunt got it and it helped her a lot, she didn't have any side effects. But there's always a chance of something going wrong.

No. 840927

What's the appeal of being a liberal woman and dating a Trump supporter? I get that liberal guys aren't perfect but it just seems so unappealing in every way.

I have an acquaintance who seems pretty liberal and is dating one. She chooses not to talk about politics with him. But what do you talk about then? She works at a progressive youth center that does events like Queer Prom. Like you can't talk about your own work without your boyfriend being really dismissive of the kids you work with? Just seems odd to me.

No. 840930

Opposites attract, i guess…
On an unrelated note, political inclined men are so shit. I want a centrist bf.

No. 840938

Since opposite attract and you want a centrist, is it safe to assume you are an edgelord?

No. 840958

File: 1624933960052.jpg (175.2 KB, 1200x1200, awake.jpg)

OK QUESTION for people who were on tumblr in the early days. Wasn't the "kin" shit that sprouted from tumblr stem from Native American beliefs? Or something similar to that? I could have sworn I saw a post about it on tumblr around 2013. It's fucking out of control now, but in the beginning it was seen as a stupid thing by most.

No. 840966

Yeah, everyone said it came from Native Americans (no idea how true that is though), which is why nobody who's not Native should claim it for themselves, since then it'd be cultural appropriation. Can't believe it's in full force on twitter now, even though todays twitter seems like 2014 tumblr on steroids.

No. 840967

"centrist" men are just right-lite

No. 840971

I'm currently on welbutrin and I'm about to take ecstasy in a couple weeks. Should I avoid taking my welbutrin for a certain amount of time or will I be okay to continue taking it?

No. 840972

centrism is just spineless conservatism

No. 840975

Centrists are ok but have you heard of himbos?

No. 840982

how much does getting a pair of jeans hemmed cost? i don’t really wanna pay more than like $30-35, will it be more than that?

No. 840983

Probably not the best idea to take Wellbutrin the day you drop a biccie.
Serotonin syndrome sucks donkey balls and can happen with stupidly small doses of any serotonergic drugs.

No. 840984

Shouldn’t cost more than $20. Am a seamstress. It’s a fifteen minute job, max. Can you do a running stitch? Easier to do it yourself than pay.

No. 840985

Get a bf who drinks up your views anon

No. 840988

stop taking it but im not a doctor so i dont know how longs the safest, also look into harm prevention on mdma or something i think, i think some people take some kind of supplement or something to stop their brain getting squeezed dry of serotonin by mdma but not sure. serotonin syndromes fucked so do something about your antidepressants. lucky you anon, as a miserable piece of shit id love to try drugs but dont know anyone, fuck me i guess

No. 841015

File: 1624942176034.jpg (263.41 KB, 1080x1478, 1624941127473.jpg)

Does anyone know hotwheel's pfp credit and account style?
I want to make account like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 841021

I've had pants hemmed for as little as $5. Some places charge more, but will do it right away.

No. 841023

>What's the appeal of being a liberal woman and dating a Trump supporter?
Trump supporters are stereotyped as being more productive, more attractive, and wealthier than liberals. All things that tend to attract women.
>political inclined men are so shit.
This is correct. If you have nothing more personal in your life than take on two heads talking, I've got some bad news. It's less about people being political, and more about people getting something done in their lives. The kids who only talk about politics need a bloody hobby or something.

No. 841024

>Wasn't the "kin" shit that sprouted from tumblr stem from Native American beliefs?
Allegedly, but they never specified which one because it isn't true. They were just making bullshit up in order to falsely justify their delusional bullshit. Basically what happens anything Shake from ATHF opens his mouth.

No. 841026

>Trump supporters are stereotyped as being more productive, more attractive, and wealthier than liberals. All things that tend to attract women.

Really? Where I live Trump supporters are generally the stereotypical rural blue collar workers who live paycheck to paycheck while liberals have some form of salary job, or at least parents who are comfortable enough to support them

No. 841029

HOW are people finding me on instagram if I'm not using my real name, location, facebook ans we have no mutuals??

I'm so fucking creeped out, yesterday I looked at a dude in passing because I noticed he was looking at me, the later that night he liked one of my picture. No mutuals or anything. Another dude found me also randomly after seeing me around town. What the actual fuck??

No. 841034

fictionkin was based on the multiverse theory
otherkin is a pretty old community that didn't start on tumblr and i think it's different from the spirit animal stuff, i remember there was discourse about that at one point

No. 841037

if you look closely at that anon's post, you will note the word "bloody", and from this you can infer that they are british, and as usual, the brit has no idea what she is talking about.

No. 841040

Same, I thought Trump supporters are the stereotypical illiterate rednecks

No. 841046

File: 1624946865558.png (53.98 KB, 285x177, 8A1ED85E-74E2-4A98-ACD3-CFF500…)

Is it retarded to momentarily take my shoes off to put extra long socks on in public? I’m cold in a train and the only person who can see me is on the other side but I don’t think they would care. I’m guessing it will look retarded because of my outfit.

No. 841048


just do it man, just be a freak

No. 841050

Are European (3 year) bachelor's degrees accepted by Canadian universities?

No. 841063

That's funny. Where I live, it's the opposite. Trump supporters/Conservatives are seen as hard working, industrious, and productive. Meanwhile, if it comes out that someone is liberal, they will be mocked for living in their parent's basement. Which they almost always do.
I'm not British. That said, "bloody" is indeed a bloody good swear. I guess the brits are good for one thing.

No. 841064

Are you talking about wearing long sock with shorts?

No. 841065

Makeup is primarily used to cover real of perceived blemishes. If no one is commenting on it, then it's not really worth it. I'm inclined to say that it's worth it to lean, because few skills aren't. Just buy plenty of makeup remover so that you can clean up/remove anything you don't like.

No. 841066

Just tell them you're glad they apologized. You're right, saying "I forgive your" can be pretentious, because nobody believes it if the offense was serious. "Don't worry about it" actually does work pretty well if the offense if minimal, however. After all, some people are sensitive, and will apologize for any and/or everything. Just make certain you mean it if you say it.

No. 841072

I wanna live where you live.

No. 841102

Do compression socks help with lower leg pain?

No. 841103

File: 1624956314421.png (179.52 KB, 242x288, byleth.PNG)

Is there a website or an app that lets you check all post that are still around from a deleted tumblr? I know searching "[nameblog] posted tumblr" on google helps find some post that has been reblogged but I want more if I can

No. 841105

Depends on the source of pain, dont do anything without consulting it first with a doctor

No. 841107

Wayback Machine?

No. 841116

What’s even the difference between pms and depression?

No. 841117

i mean, if both tests (assuming you actually went to get tested somewhere instead of buying those diy ones, i heard they're unreliable) we're negative i'm pretty sure you don't have it. get well soon!

No. 841120

dear god i hope not

No. 841124

What should I watch live on twitch RIGHR NOW

I'm wine drunk so something fun

No. 841127

Does anyone else have this thing where blowing your nose with Kleenex makes you sneeze even more and your nose starts running even worse, as if it was irritated by the texture of the Kleenex or something?

No. 841143

File: 1624959808054.png (32.82 KB, 707x526, wa.PNG)

I keep hearing about excessive heat (40+ celcius) in WA but when i google it, it says there's barely 30; what's going on?

No. 841144

Does it have a scent

No. 841146

No, it doesn't

No. 841148

Then I don't know, but I don't think texture would affect anything, maybe your nose is running more because you blew it

No. 841155

Maybe tiny particles from the Kleenex are getting inside your nose and irritating it.

No. 841160

yes, that's what I thought too, I just wanted to know if other anons experience this as well

No. 841166

I want to get into investing, crypto, chainlink, whatever… Please send me any sources nonnas

No. 841173

Go to the crypto thread

No. 841207

Can someone please explain to me how Baylee Jae's art is "bad"? There's no way I'm asking a question like this in the actual thread. I've looked at her instagram, and she seems like a pretty good illustrator. So are people just genuinely ignorant about art or do they genuinely believe she's bad because she does illustration work and not realism? I'm just wondering what people are expecting of her, exactly. What is "good art" to Baylee Jae observers?
I'm sure she has plenty of other reasons to have 12 threads on her, but the bad art thing totally baffles me.

No. 841223

Is it normal that ever since I've started working out regularly, I feel like I sweat more? Even when I'm not working out?

No. 841228

I'm pretty sure it's like with every other cow, so it's the other things like her behavior or whatever that make her bad and a cow, but people criticize everything else just because they can; like in case of genuinely pretty cows they'll be called ugly and nitpicked on everything just because they're cows. Baylee Jae's art is pretty generic and if there were no other issues with her i'm sure she would be ignored.

No. 841239

Block and stay alert…Maybe you got posted somewhere, or maybe it's just a creep from college

No. 841240

Idk, but this is so creepy. Block them, nonnie

No. 841242

this is unlikely, but could it be he took a covert pic of you and image reversed and managed to find you? Or maybe he had stumbled across your insta before somehow, recognised you in real life and dug it up again. Do your pics have geo data attached and can something be done re that? I don't use instagram and i'm not tech savvy, so apologises if my post is stupid. Anyway, I'm sorry it happened anon.

No. 841246

What did you sign up with when you created your Insta profile? Phone number? E-mail? It's possible that those people might have your number/e-mail in their contacts and Insta keeps recommending your profile to them. Either way, scary

No. 841249

You probably do have location turned on on your phone in one setting or another and just don't realize it. People my husband work with for a single day will show up in his friend suggestions on Facebook just because they were in the same place at the same time. Facebook and Instagram are linked. I would investigate your phone settings, and maybe think of changing your instagram handle to shake off that one guy.

No. 841251

Instagram keeps location data. Even if your GPS is off, it will still track you.

No. 841252

That isn't how reverse image searches work. Google doesn't detect who's face you're searching and bring up other photos of that person, it uses meta data and genetic info like "this picture has a human being in it" to find similar or the same photo.

No. 841253

*generic, sorry

No. 841262

I saw something on tiktok that made me remember that my ex thinks he's made me cum when infact he never did. I'm over him and haven't spoken to him in years but I really wanna tell him lol. Is that a bad idea?

No. 841270

Don't do it. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing you're thinking about him at all.

No. 841280

dont, he's just going to either block you or ask for sex.

you're better than this nonnie

No. 841283

No, that's the worst part, these people are complete randoms, I never met them and I only passed next to that one dude, no talking or anything.

So wait, the app can just fetch location data from other apps/pictures? Because I have location for the app off. Either way it's fucking creepy ugh

No. 841285

probably passed out from standing up too quick or a vasovagal reaction. many people spaz out during fainting.

No. 841287

It's been years, he'll only think you're crazy or that you obssess over him still.

No. 841295

Has any anon here went from turbo pussy to fearless? I want to fight my fear of horror movies but dunno if it's possible. Also, some good slashers movies to watch that aren't the classics?

No. 841301

Reminds of the time I went to a concert and the next day I got a message on Facebook from a guy that said "hi were you the girl wearing Band shirt at the show yesterday?". I hadn't spoken to anybody there (except to the lead guitarist of the headliner), but it was a very small venue and I had checked the event on Facebook, which means the dude went through the list of participants to find me (I didn't answer obviously).

No. 841313

If autistic people struggle with understanding humor and sarcasm then what are those fuckers laughing at?? I’m truly asking the real question

No. 841331

What do you mean? Do autistic people randomly laugh or something

No. 841343

pretty sure she meant to ask what do autistic people find funny if they supposedly do not understand regular humor

No. 841344

Just went to check if the location was on as anons said. It was. I know for a fact that I turned it off so my only guess is that an update turned it back on.

No. 841373

I’m from the US and thinking about going to language school way in Russia. Never been on a plane, never traveled out of the country, will definitely get lost at some point. Bad idea or no?

No. 841381

why in the everloving fuck would you want to go to russia

No. 841382

I think its basically a program that can help you make a website by giving you templates (like squarespace), but K-pop fans like to use it

No. 841386

Unless you're rich it's bad idea

No. 841401

Moscow most likely would be perfectly fine to be and no different to any other European city, so if the language school is Russian language school, why not? Most of other cities could be too much of a culture clash though.

No. 841412


Eastern Europeans/Russians despise Americans but you can give it a try, however it's just not a very safe place to be if you don't know anything about the culture and language

No. 841415

there are much nicer places to study in europe anon.
i think all europeans despite americans lmao

No. 841421

>>841415 they probably do but the difference is that you'll do okay with just english in western europe even though the accent will not do you any favours. but in the general area where I'm from you kinda need at least some russian and most of the people here don't really trust americans because of the "fake"(?) niceness and outgoing personalities lol.

No. 841424

Only the very autistic ones don't do humor. The high functioning ones can do humor, but still struggle with sarcasm sometimes.

No. 841425

agree, i think Americans are known as arrogant too

No. 841429

but I will add on to this that if you try to speak with them in their own language everyone is grateful and will feel more confident in trying and meeting you halfway with their bad english. we're not mean but we take wayy longer to trust strangers I feel personally

No. 841431

The "success" of studying abroad is largely dependent on your attitude anon. If you are open-minded, patient, willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and look a bit stupid sometimes, then you should go because int'l travel has the potential to really help you grow as a person and be a rewarding experience. Personally I am all for it, whenever I've spent time in new countries I always take something important away from it and it's nice to get outside your local "bubble" now and then.

No. 841433

Ignore anons it's fine. Russia, especially Moscow, isn't some weird backward place and they're not going to get the pitchforks out because you're a burger.

No. 841443

>Eastern Europeans/Russians despise Americans
Not true in case of Americans actually living in EE countries; obnoxious tourists obv annoy everyone everywhere but I'm from EE, working with a few Americans and they had nothing but positive experiences in my country.

No. 841470

French anons, today I learned transphobia is a crime in your country. How the fuck does that work? Do you go to jail if you misgender someone? kek
I feel bad for all the baguette radfems.

No. 841474

You're right, but the US has some silly media about Russia/Russians/EE people generally anon, which explains the replies ITT.

No. 841480

Froganon and I had no idea it was the case, and here I thought the madness hadn't reached the mainstream yet. I don't see troons daily though, I've been out of the educational system for a while, hopefully we won't have shit like Yaniv.

No. 841503

Make it stop…

No. 841504

I’m OP and I asked cuz Russia seems to get mixed views from everyone. As long as it’s safe I’d like to learn the language and experience a bit of the culture there. Even here the opinions are split 50/50

No. 841516

Not french but I was on a course years ago and one of the other students got kicked off after calling me ladyboy. I'm a short haired woman with a deepish voice. Is it still transphobia if you aint even trans? Apparently yes

I would've felt bad but after she got kicked out she waited around and cornered me in the hallway to lean in and whisper 'eunuch' in my ear. Again I'm not trans and I didn't insist on kicking her out. After that though I lost sympathy for her.

No. 841519

Id you can afford to be in a bigger city and not a village you will be fine. The anons who are saying yes are right, it's not like there is extreme crime or that the people are bad, just make sure you are somewhere safe because people are shit everywhere

No. 841529

It's illegal to insult someone on the basis of their ~~gender identity~~ the same way it's illegal to call someone racial slurs, and it's illegal to take it into account for shit like employment and housing. AFAIK you don't really see many cases being prosecuted tho.

No. 841546

in my experience a lot of russians were nice to me when they saw i made an effort to speak the language. i think they're just not too fond of obvious tourists.

Also a lot of foreigners think russians are rude bc they din't smile or act super friendly to strangers. like waitstaff and salespepole are going to be all business. that doesn't mean they're hostile though.
it's just different standards for what's considered polite. when someone is friendly that's usually because they actually mean it.

No. 841555

I'd like some hobby recommendations. Passive and non-passive ones work, I'd love for some creative ones where you have to think. Bonus points if they're particularly doable given it's covid-timw, but they don't have to be.

No. 841566

Is drugs a food you can post in the foods you're craving thread?
Like do edibles count?
What about nose candy?

No. 841570

Do we need a junkie thread?

No. 841572

If you haven't tried writing ahotty poetry or lyrics in a journal I'd highly recommend that one.
Even if you think you're not good at it. Let out your inner wannabe deep tumblr kid.

If not have you tried psychedelics?
Not really a hobby but definitely gives you something to do

No. 841573

What are we going to do if trannies sacrifice aka troon out themselves for take this site down, just like kiwi farms?

No. 841576

I'd only call myself an occasional junkie but I mean a recreational drug thread could definitely be fun.
As long as we don't go full blown moralfag territory
Because let's be real the thing you learn once you're an adult is cheese is expensive a lot of people do coke

No. 841577

What the fuck does this say, anons?

No. 841578

Lolcow 2.0 and then lolcow 3.0
Ya'll can take this piece of cow dung side out of my dead hands

No. 841579

I am russian.
Us, russians, are nice and one of the most loyal friends you could meet but I have to be brtually honest with you - your plan sounds like a horrible plan unless you want a REALLY GOOD reality check.

A lot of russians hate people who don't speak russian, hell, i lived in st petersburg and i met a black guy who wore normal clothing, begging me for money for lunch because he said that he is waiting for nearby university to accept him to work as a teacher there. After all its one thing being a tourist, its another living there.

Russia generally is a dangerous and hell place for women, I said a lot of things about it in one of the eurovision threads on /m/.

You will have it easy there ONLY if you are rich as hell, country itself is poor as fuck, our minimum wage is 110$ or less, we are barely surviving out there.

Moscow is the filthest city and its known for a huge sex traffic, while St Petersburg is the main drug city. We literally throw mentally ill people off asylum to walk on the streets.

No. 841581

If you don’t already work out look at some dare bee exercises.
Journaling, writing, drawing or art in general, origami, if you have magazines you’re never gonna touch again collage (highly recommend). If you have some cash to spend crochet, cross stitching, macrame.

No. 841583

File: 1624990782454.jpg (68.5 KB, 497x377, eunuch.jpg)

>cornered me in the hallway to lean in and whisper 'eunuch' in my ear
i'm sorry wtf?? kek

No. 841586

should i commission this based & pinkpilled kpoppie artist?

No. 841587

Shit like this is why French people love their military and are hoping for a coup…

No. 841588

Do it if you can afford it

No. 841589

Fuck yeah!
Always good to support an artist and it sounds like you think they are dope anyway

No. 841612

Yeah, go for it. Who is the artist?

No. 841620

May not be true for everyone but why is it so often that women start to care less about western animation as they age? The only time they do care is if the art style has this semi-realistic anime quality to it along with deeper stories and dynamics you don’t tend to see often in children’s cartoons.

No. 841621


No. 841622

Animated art outside of children's entertainment only became Popular in the past few decades.

Give it some time anon

No. 841640

Link to her art please!

No. 841645

File: 1624994142408.jpg (167.81 KB, 600x901, 762551.jpg)

Are they supposed to? What is this question? I'm guessing you don't actually know anything about the animation industry before 1990.

No. 841647

File: 1624994223071.jpeg (153.37 KB, 640x894, 8A117168-BB4D-48D6-B71F-03C126…)

Should we start a temporary newfag-shaming thread to try to get the newfriends that joined lolcow due to the Shanon drama to either integrate or leave due to ‘bullying’? Though I think it’ll just cause anons to infight

No. 841650

Do it.

No. 841651

I like this idea. The anons that have been compiling emails can post them there. It could definitely get messy though. I could see some farmers that aren't actually newfags getting posted there.

No. 841652

A hazing sort of thing?

No. 841654

I love the idea of having all of the already posted e-mails compiled in a thread of shame, no mercy.

No. 841660

KEK please do it

No. 841662

File: 1624994977649.jpeg (127.18 KB, 516x721, 3E5F89C2-4EF9-4C1F-A5B1-F7D527…)

I know this is dumb, but I only started noticing this now. Is the password randomly generated each time you make a post, or is it based on the passwords you regularly use?

No. 841663

>based on passwords you regularly use
How? Do you mean you would you manually input put a password you normally use? Because you shouldn’t do that. The passwords are randomly generated.

No. 841664

I already have a list. I'd fucking love dumping them.

No. 841667

Thanks, anon. I was mainly referring to how phones often auto-fill passwords

No. 841668

some of newfag posts are worth screenshoting or turning into copypastas kek

No. 841672

Do it nonnie, they're getting too comfortable already.

No. 841705

File: 1624997899232.png (3.09 MB, 2388x1720, Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 12.0…)

did anyone else get ass zits after spending so much time sitting on ass during the pandemic
picrel it me

No. 841733

File: 1624999251913.png (123.63 KB, 997x802, Untitled72_20210629213738.png)

Doubleposting but I was also wondering if we/I could post mini-info graphics that basically explain how to use the site, so that newfags actually learn to intergrate. Even though I'm bitter that they need an explaination when they should just lurk for a month

No. 841744

personally I think it's better if they learn on their own, or read the damn rules which already explains everything. plus I don't want teenagers sneaking their way in.

No. 841745

I'm scared I have a vaginal fistula but I have no evidence. What's it like for anyone that's had it? I'm only 24

No. 841747

I think we already have an infographic like this, somewhere in meta or in the rules/info.

No. 841752

No. In my opinion they should be inclined to lurk or learn the hard way. Spoonfeeding them how to use the site doesn’t teach them to integrate with the actual boards culture. It’s going to simply give us a bunch of saged twitterfags and other retards.

No. 841766

Do it anon, they deserve it. A few newfag flags to get the ball rolling:
>I know this is lolcow but let's not be mean in this specific way I don't like
>I used kek instead of lol at the end of every sentence, I'm so integrated they'll never catch me
>call someone else a newfag, forget to sage
>new thread in /pt/ for my very unique Creepshow hot take
>could someone spoonfeed me about something that happened ten posts ago?
>typing? like?? Taylor Dean???
>it's okay fellow newfag, not everyone here is transphobic/ hates sex workers (sadface)

This is sweet but entirely against imageboard culture. The whole point is to lurk and learn the ropes, so we only get the highest quality autistic contributions. This isn't reddit, we don't need a friendly welcome guide for normies and casuals.

No. 841768

I do want the users to integrate and learn quickly so this is cute but if we don't bully them at all then they won't want to even try
More importantly I have this tinfoil that if they speed through the integration process they might pass as normal farmers whilst still posting like twitter stans and that will just cause so much infighting

No. 841772

Yeah, I'm all for bullying the idiots that use their actual e-mail, but really see no use behind teaching them how to use the site if they can't figure it out themselves.

No. 841778

I think if they're to stupid to read the rules linked at the top and bottom of the site then we shouldn't help them.

No. 841786

Why do you suspect you have one? It’s extremely unlikely to happen all of a sudden unless you’ve had trauma there like childbirth or surgery.

No. 841791

what does penetration feel like? I’ve never had sex so is it stimulating or just has no sensation?

No. 841793

can somebody give me a quick tldr on the null situation and why the KF thread is so crazy right now? I know the site went down but what exactly did he do?

No. 841795

I get self conscious when I pass gas and it does the thing where it touches the labia and I get paranoid. I have no nasty discharge, incontinence, smell, etc. though, I think I'm just paranoid.

No. 841796

It depends on your headspace. It can feel just like something sliding in, or it can be very arousing.

No. 841797

for me it's mostly pressure

No. 841798

just get a fucking dildo anon

No. 841800

NTA but dildo's absolutely don't cut it.

No. 841801

Samefag, it can be fucking annoying when it doesn't get in if you have vaginismus like me. Try to be aroused and don't think about anything but sex

No. 841803

The tldr is kill yourself and stop asking to be spoonfed(infighting)

No. 841808

It's the stupid questions thread, you dumb faggot. Integrate.

No. 841810

File: 1625002891711.jpg (139.42 KB, 1049x1050, meme3.jpg)

ngl this sounds pretty newfag-esque. Like, the over the top 'faggot' stuff and telling them to intergrate

No. 841814

ngl I don't care. At least sage your shit if you're going to call someone a newfag.

No. 841815

NTA but that anon is right. You should feel free to ask any question in the stupid questions thread and anyone that believes it to be "spoonfeeding" is clearly new to the site. People ask about cows here all the time, and nobody bats an eye except the unintegrated KF scrotes

No. 841818

It's literally on the front page if you go to KF.

No. 841826

>if you go to KF
Why would anyone want to go there willingly

No. 841827


I only go on there to see what people have to say about chris chan
Thread here is not active.
But let's be real, even the chris chan threads are mostly a replacement for magazines to read on the toilet

No. 841830

based. do it

No. 841831

Is it common for events to not fuck with you but only inner turmoil to? Like I have been raped, people close to me have died, etc. and I can't connect to the events in terms of making me feel a certain way, but I cry daily over inner thoughts. I am insecure about it because I feel selfish and such but I can't help it.

No. 841832

Do people still blog? If so, on what platforms? Not curated blogs, but similar to the old school type of blogging that used to be common on Livejournal, or kind of like how Luna uses her tumblr?

No. 841838

I would also like to know. Also how to get simps like Luna has without being a cow lmfao

No. 841844

What happened to the newfaggotry thread, it was up for a second

No. 841869

Why do you care about KF drama if you don't go there?

No. 841873

As you said there's tumblr but even then not everyone uses it to blog. I recently looked into blogs on topic I enjoy and it's all crap like "here's 10 pieces of advice to do the most basic shit ever, now buy my book!!!!!"

No. 841905

Are there any covert signs that a man might hold incel/incel-related beliefs? Cut ties with an online friend who I heavily suspected is one but never got any confirmation, guess I'm just curious to see if there's any overlap with what my gut was telling me.

No. 841908

If you plan on cutting ties with them anyway confront them
Either you get some closure or you'll be able to give him some food for thought

No. 841935

Is there any, i guess yuri, manga similar to bl where best friends slowly become lovers but not coomer porn way? I just want cute lesbian shit

No. 841944

yeah, is he male? then he does

No. 841949

No. 841956

Most yuri follows this plot. Sasameki Koto, Girlfriends and Sakura Trick immediately come to mind.

No. 841959

How many of us are there? I always picture the same ten or so people having these conversations

No. 841963

Wordpress is still active

No. 841970

On /ot/ I think there's over a hundred, including the lurkers. Idk how many of us actually post though. On the cow boards there's probably a couple hundred. I believe Admin actually said something about how many people use this site somewhere on /meta/. Too lazy to find it though

No. 841977

Thanks, I never really got into yuri because it's always so male gazey but I will check these out

No. 841988

Is it true that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day?
In my country people say that if you don't eat breakfast you get diabetes or will faint eventually
Please someone help? I'm legit asking because for many years I never really ate breakfast and eating it feels a bit like I'm forcing myself

No. 841989

No. 841993

People overestimate the amount of people using this site, it’s probably an average of 20-50 people using this site and look at the quality, it’s still shit.

No. 841998

Breakfast/morning probably can be the healthiest time to eat during the day, but if you're eating other meals, they're just as important as eating breakfast.
Like if you're eating once or one meal for the entire day, I would think eating in the morning is the best because you're fueling yourself for the rest of the day and the food will be out of your digestive system by nighttime so your body can sleep without trying to process food at the same time.
But if you're eating fruit and oatmeal for breakfast, it doesn't mean you can eat fast food for dinner and the effects will be negated. No matter what you eat for breakfast, you should also follow up with a healthy lunch and dinner.
But this is all my tinfoil. I think it does make sense health-wise that if you eat one big meal, it would be in the morning. But I like eating and think it's more fun in the evening than the morning…like your day is done and you can relax

No. 841999

It's not. That was made up by american lobbyists. No meal is more important than thd other, just eat when you're hungry and need food. Listen to your body.

Back in it's peak it was more than 6k users, I remember the stats that admin posted. Obviously not at the same time, the whole userbase. No idea how much iit is right now, but I'd say that a couple of hundreds per hour in general for all boards seem accurate.

No. 842002

One of those shit users is me!!

No. 842005

No. 842044

File: 1625032297622.jpeg (201.16 KB, 719x1024, roland 1983.jpeg)

Really wanna build on my piano abilities and finesse those jazz/rnb fundamentals, but I also wanna get into analog synthesizers. Should I get an analog keyboard synth with like 61 keys, or should I invest in an electric keyboard and add a separate modular unit later on? Probably option B right?

No. 842056

lmao I enjoy this idea, they are so annoying

No. 842096

How can people say "I'm going to cut my tits/genitals off because of reasons" and be taken seriously?

No. 842097

Ewww no, that encourages more newfags

No. 842098

Agreed. We should just continue to bully/dogpile them whenever they think their shitty opinion is wanted. Fun for the whole family

No. 842099

Frankly if they can't handle the bullying, they shouldn't be here anyway. People who would eventually integrate wouldn't be bothered too much by it.

No. 842100

Truly integrating is getting called a dumb faggot and not caring cause they’re also a dumb faggot. It’s the only way.

No. 842125

you have enlightened me

No. 842131

No way, there are too many nationalities on here, some have their own threads plus burgers still being the majority.
It would be interesting to see new stats.

No. 842143

How can I make people stop treating me like a naive child? The most frustrating thing is, I don't think I even behave like one. I might have less life experience than others but I deserve to be treated just like any other adult ffs (sorry this is half question-half vent)

No. 842145

File: 1625046245796.png (11.72 KB, 704x211, Screenshot (157).png)

I made the thread, but then got banned almost immediately kek. I don't really understand why it was banned because some anons wanted the thread. I guess the mods hated it

No. 842146

That's too bad, I think it could've been a hilarious shitshow. Maybe an art anon could still make a newfag bingo card for us to survive the summer

No. 842151

If an art anon wants to make a bingo card, here's the examples of newfag behaviour I wrote for the thread. Maybe it can help

Typical newfag behaviour and terminology:
>creating individual threads to post their own opinion, and nothing else
>getting mad at the use of the suffix '-fag' and anti-TRA sentiments
>responding to obvious bait
>liberal feminism
>overusage of slurs so that ‘I look like I’m integrating’
> not knowing how to sage
>talking about K-pop
>putting their personal information on lolcow
>trying to type in their own passwords when making posts
>tone indicators e.g. /gen, /s, /j
>bumping threads for nearly half a decade ago

No. 842153

Honestly, mods are right.

No. 842154

if no one does it I might do this later but please give suggestions

No. 842155

more suggestions
>WKing drag queens and gay moids
>calling this a "hate forum"
>double spacing between each point
>blogging about how they used to be a fan before they saw "problematic" behavior

No. 842169

File: 1625050027405.jpeg (578.2 KB, 750x748, 1613119895615.jpeg)

Does anyone else feel like your mom is fine and a good person even though she has some (very) toxic traits here and there but she tries her best, and that you want the best for her and on a good day or week everything goes perfect and you feel happy with the kind of mom you have even if she has done you wrong in the past…
…but like, even if you try to keep things positive and nice, there are certain small things that make you feel like you would have a better relationship with her away from her? idk

No. 842170

Whiteknighting men.

No. 842172

Is empathy a choice or a basic human instinct?

No. 842175

You forgot the now classic

No. 842179

No. 842182

Yeah all the time anon. I'm always torn between supporting my mom or keeping my distance for my own health. I actually moved a few hours away from her but I found our relationship to be better this way (for me at least). I try to call her once a week if I can but if the call upsets me or something I'll keep my distance for a while until I can make peace with whatever cameup. In general I think moving out/away from your mom is healthier for yourself because you have time to process your feelings and set up boundaries with what you will tolerate.

No. 842185

Spot on how i feel about relationship with my mom.

No. 842195

I remember the time when I innocently thought this way about my mom.

Until her every now and then toxic traits became habitual routine, and more often she chose to say and do things that showed a pattern that she wasn't very good to me.

I don't have a relationship with her now and she plays dumb as to why, and blames me. Tbh I don't think me having given her the benefit of the doubt or trying to spin her behaviors positively served anyone but herself in the end. Because now she uses that to convince herself she was a great albeit "not perfect" parent because I internalized her shit and blew smoke up her ass all those years when I didn't know better.

Only you know your relationship with your mother, you'll have to decide for yourself if her behaviors are something you can tolerate or need to cut off for your mental wellbeing.

No. 842200

My mom got cancer when I was in my teens and then died right when I hit adulthood. I haven't turned her into a saint post-death but I look back and see her as a whole person independant of me. Someone who was around experiencing life (lil bit of abuse happened to her) and who only became my mom when she was already 38. She had a whole life before me. She was a thousand different things and her friends might've known her in a different light than me seeing as they knew her decades longer. I don't look at her parenting lapses and define her by that and nothing else.

Overall she did her best for everyone. Her best was short of perfect but then people didn't always treat her perfect. Her parents didn't. My dad didn't. Why would she turn out as super mom if surrounded by that?

No. 842203

Affective empathy is basic human instinct in neurotypical people. Cognitive empathy can be acquired. Compassionate empathy can be faked as a choice, but it's basic human instinct in neurotypical people. Empathy works a bit different with autists and cluster B personality disorders. Autists can have issues with cognitive empathy, people with NPD or ASPD have issues with affective empathy and people with BPD have issues with compassionate empathy.

No. 842211

hey nonnies, is there any ED recovery support thread? i was thinking about it earlier, since i'm really trying to wrap my head around recovering. i guess it would be really nice to meet some anons in the same situation as me.
(sorry if this is the wrong place to ask lmao)

No. 842219

No because it attracts too many competitive ana chans that can't keep it civil. There are some general mental illness threads in /g/ tho

No. 842230

Anon I say this compassionately but your best chance in recovery is removing online engagement with ED circles. I know it can feel nice at first, and sometimes part of the cycle is actually being in those groups coming to grips with the way it rules your life, but you are better off without it.
Even recovery groups become competitive as >>842219 pointed out. That's not a product of lolcow, that's a product of nearly all online ED recovery circles or even harm reduction groups.
Maybe try to think holistically about your ED and the purpose (or lack thereof) it serves in your life. Distractions are good too. I actually learnt to cook and bake so food carries different meaning from what it used to.

No. 842235

File: 1625057765452.png (998.38 KB, 720x720, fatty rip.png)

Why don't any women want to date me?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 842240

Why is the internet so extreme? Like people either LOVE and worship the cult of bananas or despise and wish to destory bananas and anyone who loves them (dumb example but you get my point). And before you say it, I dont wanna hear ppl are like this IRL because they arent, so I just wanna know why the nature of the internet is so extreme in particular ?

No. 842265

Because it's human nature to pick sides and the internet magnifies everything by creating echo chambers and catering to any preferences through algorithms. Identity politics are the current thing in Western online spaces, but is it the same in different parts of the internet? I'd be interested to know

No. 842267

It is, because anything Anglos do is seen as trendy even if it doesn't apply to most places in the world.

No. 842271

Don't forget
>"sage for X"
>still bumps the thread anyway

No. 842282

I've never seen a Joe Rogan podcast episode, but sometimes scrotes talk about him around me. I can tell he's an asshole and I see anons here hating him, can someone summarize some of the reasons why? A lot of people seem to go to his show so I was curious on his views.

No. 842283

South america is the same, even though we actually have real, important problems most people decide to fight online because of pronouns and other unimportant shit.

No. 842288

I've listened to a few episodes and I don't think is as awful as some opinions may seem it to be, especially if the guest is someone you're interested in. Main issue is that Rogan gives his guests a platform to speak on a kinda neutral ground without really questioning them and their views, which could be good to have especially in case of more controversial ones, but at the same time i see how this neutrality may be part of the podcast's appeal.

No. 842290

He's an egotistical short prick. I watched the Kanye one because I unabashedly love Kanye West and the only good thing I will say was that Joe rogan knew his place and to stfu and let Kanye speak.

Overall the Joe Rogan sounds like he's in love with his own voice, is aggressively opinionated and annoying. You can tell he's so hateful because of his insecurities of being a bald short cunt.

No. 842292

Never thought about it this way, thank you!
I get it kind anon, thank you! Sometimes i just wish i had ppl in a similar situation as me so i could vent to those who understand but i love your advice tho, because i'm an artist and one of the things i most love to paint are desserts (specially cakes!!), i just love them so much because they are so beautiful! Maybe trying to learn and actually making them will be a positive experience for me. Earlier today i took the difficult choice of starting therapy and you know what? I'll actually look for baking classes right now, thank you! feel hugged nonnie

No. 842299

Anons who learned a new language on their own, what helped you the most?

No. 842309

Do you anons think your friends and family see you accurately? Or more generally does the image you have of yourself match with how people see you? Should it match? What if it doesn't?

No. 842319

No. My family sees me as quiet and reserved and are surprised at how warm and energetic I am around my friends. My role among my friends is to be the wacky funny girl that always has a joke to crack and nothing particularly negative to latch onto. I don't think either matches how I view myself and a mix of both isn't really accurate either. My mental health and self-image are exceedingly negative and I am trying to make it apparent to my friends the suffering I am experiencing is genuine and has been eating away at me for well over a decade, and I can slowly ascertain who is willing to take me seriously and listen and who is uncomfortable I'm not slotting into my role as the jester anymore.

No. 842324

Immersion. For me this happened mainly through fanfiction and YouTube videos kek. This of course is assuming that you already have a basic foundation at least, but you can use media in your target language way earlier than you'd probably expect.

No. 842330

Would it be wired not to invite family members you don't like to your wedding? I'm not talking about horrible people that deserve to be excommunicated by everybody, just people you don't personally like but still have good relationships with everybody else.

No. 842337

Not really, you don’t have to be the same person around everyone because each group of people requires different phases of your personality.

No. 842351

What's more important, being truthful or not hurting someone's feelings? In the context of a friendship let's say

No. 842367

Some people conflate honesty with blurting out any crude thought that comes to mind and therefore think honesty and not hurting someone's feelings are opposite sides of a coin. But you can actually do both, and should expect both from your friends. Be honest while exercising sensitivity and tact. For example if your friend asks you if she's ugly and cringey and she is, don't take the opportunity to rant about her every flaw or start listing off times she did something obnoxious. Give her constructive feedback without using accusatory language, and offer her support and advice on playing to her strengths.

No. 842379

Weird? No. Bitch move, yes.
Look at it this way: they're your safety net's safety net. It would be unwise to pull them out.

No. 842381

Is it wise to ignore the fact that in the workplace you're left out of the internal clique, as long as you're nice and polite to everyone? Is it important to have workplace friends?

No. 842399

Youtube videos, reading tumblr posts. I had very, very basic english at school though. I would recommend you to find someone to practice talking to, i have the problem that i can read and understand but i struggle to write and speak. What language you want to learn?

No. 842417

That's what I thought, I don't plan on getting married anyway, I was just asking the question out of curiosity. Had I gotten married I would have probably gone with one like a serial killer, signing the papers in 5 minutes with just the partner and the two witnesses lol.

No. 842438

What do you use to get rid of germs/bacteria on exfoliating cloths/mitts/loofahs? The ones I have can't be put in a washing machine, they have to be rinsed and air dried. Is regular soap good enough or should I use a certain type?

No. 842444

What is hellweek like?

No. 842446


No. 842456

Because the thread was shit and reeked of someone who came here a year ago and thinks that makes them an oldfag when you apparently still havent learned to properly integrate and make good threads.

No. 842479

File: 1625079369333.jpeg (250.37 KB, 1500x1390, C489BBE6-EC16-4910-8D33-F4BF1E…)

I put mine in the washing machine on the delicates setting once and didn't realize they weren't supposed to be washed. they were fine. they're even the fuzzy kind, pic related. they still look new

No. 842483

It is a human instinct that is developped anda can be practiced. Unless your'e psycho/sociopath, you have empatahy but it is easy to become less empathethic over time, or more empathethic. It is something that can be practiced and learned up to a point.a

No. 842508

Do you think prolonged self-isolation could result in reduced empathy?

No. 842509

This, I'd like to add that life experience is a part of empathy too. A kid that still lives from home can empathise with a tired working single mom to an extent but until they've had to work or babysit themselves they don't really get the full depth of it. People that experience all sorts of hardships but then don't have sympathy for others going through the same are a special kind of messed up.

No. 842517

Most likely, self isolation fucks people up, it's literally considered torture in some places.

No. 842519

File: 1625084039369.jpg (36.54 KB, 691x601, got-milk.jpg)

Anons, do you think its possible to build some sort of immunity against lactose intolerance? I swear a long while back I couldn't drink straight milk without planning to run to the bathroom within two hours even though I could eat cheese and yogurt just fine (unfortunately had give up my morning oatmeal and coffee). Now however I can eat a large bowl of cereal in the morning and still be fine for the rest of the day. Though now that I think about it, using powdered milk vs fresh might have something to do with it? Or is there no difference?
Anyways, I love dairy and I don't plan to give it up regardless but I still wonder.

No. 842524

Idk but this reminds me of something, in 3rd grade there was a period (maybe a couple months? I'm not sure) where I had bad stomach pain and diarrhea almost every morning at school. I didn't tell my mom because autism and it eventually went away on its own. I had milk and cereal every morning so I wonder if I started developing a lactose intolerance but just ignored it until I built an immunity to it

No. 842531

Are there any other celebrity blind items sites aside from blind gossip and cdan? There's also deuxmoi but I wish she'd post more blinds rather than stupid sightings everyday

No. 842544

Would it be weird to ask advice to my GP about vaginal problems? I don't have a gynecologist yet (although a friend gave me a number) and I don't know when I'd be able to set up an appointment, meanwhile I have my second covid shot scheduled at the GP and maybe he could prescribe me something.

No. 842611

where are you? isn't that the norm? The GP deciding whether your issue requires referral to a specialist.

No. 842615

File: 1625091715775.png (371.69 KB, 512x512, 1623437866323.png)

Is my dad wanting to kill my mom with a gun but shooting a nearby tv instead a good source for trauma or is it a shit one? because in my mind I keep telling myself that wasn't bad enough

No. 842617

I don't know how it works in your country but in mine you're meant to ask them about that, and if it's something they can't help you with they will refer you to a gyno. They've heard it all before anon, don't be shy

No. 842620

Yes, you retard. Simple yes.

No. 842622

I'm in France and honestly I have no idea, I'm never sick and I must have seen my GP five times in the eleven years I've lived here, I think I've seen my dentist more than I've seen him. I think I have a yeast infection, that's why I'm wondering if he can prescribe something.

No. 842630

Thanks, I think of it everyday. I'm actually scared of loud noises and whenever I listen to a sudden loud noise I get paralyzed in fear
I don't know how to stop thinking about this, it happened so many years ago

No. 842637

I agree with anon, being traumatized from that is 100% normal and most people would have the same reactions as you if that happened to them.

No. 842647

If it helps i got traumatized just from my dad throwing objects at the floor instead of my mom in his fits of rage, so yours is definitely bad enough anon. Gun > potted plant on the trauma scale.

No. 842654

a shit ton of therapy and staying away from people who'd ever slam doors or throw things when angry.

No. 842659

How many days in a row do you repeat your clothes?

No. 842666

For work/school? Never. What is good for another wear stays outside the closet/drawer to be worn again in 2/3 days.
Outside work i use the same outfit until they are not fit to wear anymore.

No. 842668

Only 2, but that's only If i don't care that much of what people at work/the grocery store think of me. Who gives a fuck, and who notices anyway?

No. 842686

How do you report the illegal stuff posted here without feeling dirty, disgusted and about to vomit? It's hard to not stare and feel like absolute shit. I feel horrible

No. 842688

How much longer until american evening?

No. 842691

It's 6:47pm, it's already evening I think?

No. 842698

I was changing into night clothes and wondered how often do regular people change underwear because I have to twice lest I feel fucking gross. I also get lots of UTIs so I am hyper vigilant with stuff like that but who the fuck can I ask?

No. 842699

just once every morning for me

No. 842700

I change mine every morning

No. 842702

I layer up (even in the summer) with, for example, t-shirts and dresses. I change the underlayer every day cause I get stinky quick, but I can repeat the same overlayer two days in a row, then maybe skip a day and rewear the day after. I do have light one-pieces for the summer but since it's one-and-done I save those for really hot days.

I'm thankful it's relatively tame compared to what I was expecting and am comforted by the fact that apparently it's the same image every time. I'm just optimistic, I guess

No. 842703

It's 8:00 PM EST for me, but you can just Google what time it is in different places.

No. 842707

Once at night, when I shower.

No. 842714

Opened a new bank account and got 5 of the same emails telling me to finish setting up the account (ie funding it). All emails come from the same email, 30 min apart except for one that came 10 min after the third one. Should I be concerned or do you guys think their system just glitched a little?

No. 842728

Like twice a day. I hate the feeling of wet underwear, especially pulling them back up after going to pee and feeling the wet spot.

No. 842736

How many of you wipe after you pee?

I found out my sister and mum don't, they just wiggle a bit to shake off drops and pull their bottoms back up. They made fun of me for wasting toilet paper.
I don't know what to do with that information. Doesn't that feel gross and musty?

I also use a bidet when I poo, and they made fun of that, too.

No. 842738

your mom and sister are fucking gross, what you do is completely normal and hygenic.

No. 842739

Both of those tidbits just make them sound like they have disgusting hygiene.

No. 842740

All of us I hope? If I didn't wipe after I pee, I would get an infection faster than you can say UTI. The thought of walking around with wet, pee-soaked underwear gives me chills.

No. 842741

do they smell like piss soaked cotton all the time? god

No. 842742

File: 1625101666481.gif (145.24 KB, 500x452, 7870708.gif)

Wtf, I always smell of piss whenever I don't wipe all of the pee, I can't imagine the terror their partners face

No. 842756

Ew, musty and gross. Nice way to get infections too. That's disgusting.

No. 842757

Are you >>842736 sister or mother by any chance?

No. 842760

I'm talking about a wet spot from discharge and general pussy sweat, I live in a hot climate. If you don't wipe after you pee after the age of 10 there's no hope for you.

No. 842761

Thank you all! Phew.
Another thing that they don't do is use a clean shower puff to scrub their bodies with the soap, they just rub it on with their hands. And they share towels!! That's musty af too, right?

The thing is my mum doesn't smell bad, but my sister always smells awful. Like a heavily used sanitary pad on a hot day. There was a point when she would go to work smelling of antiseptic and tonsil stones because she'd wipe her armpits and vulva with TCP instead of going for a quick shower, and never brushes her teeth. Literally what the fuck.

No. 842763

i asked about the underwear before and you cannot even imagine my face while reading this. Yes, anon, I wipe and pat.

No. 842768

nta but nah, some girls just got that extra wap

No. 842778

Okay, now this sounds like a bad fanfic, anon. Everyone in the world knows that you need to use soap to wash and not share towels, especially dirty ones. If your mom and sis arent showering properly or wiping, they're just some musty ass shaytard type people.

No. 842781

How come anon is the only one in her household who knows basic hygeine? Like who taught her if it wasnt her mom?

No. 842791

Oh they use soap! They just rub the soap on their bodies with their hands instead of scrubbing with a sponge or a puff. Sorry if I phrased it confusingly.

I lived with my friend's family throughout my teens because my stepdad was a creep, his mum helped me out a lot with self-care and grooming. Not to get too heavy but we always had social services on us because of our parents' neglect/alcoholism, so I came to their family pretty feral.

No. 842796

I'm sorry anon, that sounds pretty dreadful

No. 842797

not to armchair, but consistently not showering to the point of bad odor is a symptom of sexual trauma. Seems pretty sus to me since your stepdad was a creep.

No. 842810

Am I stupid or is it hard to draw feet? I feel like I have such a hard time drawing a good looking foot.

No. 842818

Feet are like flexible door stops, anon. Draw the "meaty" part first then you can focus on the toes later. Don't forget the ankle bone!

No. 842843

This is 100% anecdotal, but I did notice I had far less digestive issues when using powdered milk instead of regular milk despite being awfully lactose intolerant.

No. 842878

I dunno dude, I’m just a Reddit lurker myself but that place has a ton of tales about people who somehow never learnt to properly wash themselves. Like they never realised they actually have to do the scrubbing motion, neglect the sponge/towel part, people who think letting the bubbles run down you is fine, people who never thought to clean around their junk. I’m almost impressed this family added "using the same towel" on top of all that.

No. 842894

Kind of a specific question, but do tattoo artists ever turn down clients who want to get their first tattoo in particularly sensitive areas (like the collarbones, elbow ditch, hands, etc…)?

No. 842898

No because they don't know if the client will be able to take the pain or not. But they could turn you down if it's in a very visible place like face or hands

No. 842935

Is it a red flag if a guy likes polyamory stuff on his social media?

No. 842937

No. 842939

Yes you fuckin dumbass

No. 842945

File: 1625125448937.png (47.79 KB, 193x217, what do i do.png)

anyone else feel like they're becoming a "pick me" catering to solely lolcow women

No. 842948

no, but talking people out of their trash ideas is part of the daily grind.

No. 842959

This can't be possible. They'd have UTIs, itching and burning 24/7.

No. 842960

No because I have a sense of self.

No. 842962

Ewwwwww they are disgusting, no offense. This reminds me of a friend I had in college who never washed her hands after peeing and when I asked her about it, she was like 'Why would I? The pee didn't get on my hands'. Like wtf

No. 843014

Should I go to a rapid date convention if I had no luck with it before? I've been twice and it's usually incels and socially retarded men who show up

No. 843017

Maybe kinda stupid and specific question, but is it a red flag if my date's favorite factions in Warhammer 40K are Dark Eldars and Slaanesh legions? Since they are the hedonist armies I hope he is 't like that irl.

No. 843018

either a porn addicted incel that follows prageru or a lowkey neo nazi who watches snuff porn.

No. 843019

What does that even mean?

No. 843022

Maybe he just likes the way these armies play, or look? No reason to judge anyone just based on that, get to know a guy better.

No. 843023

File: 1625133142308.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1995x1314, E8B25723-4A1C-4B31-AD72-757AA7…)

He might also just be a metalhead

No. 843025

My bra size makes it sound like I should be busty (32DD) but I'm legitimately flat as fuck.
Is this normal or is it because I'm tallish (5'8")?

No. 843026

I don't know if it's normal, but same

No. 843029

he can be edgy without being a fascist

No. 843030

I want to say not to jump to the extremes, but I've read so many shitty boyfriends stories here that I can't help being anxious.
That's what I hope, my favorite Chaos god is Nurgle and I'm not a slob, so it doesn't necessarily mean anything. I've seen so many troons reclaim Slaanesh though, that's why I'm slightly worried.
Lol he is, that's why we are dating.

No. 843034

Honestly fingers crossed he's all fine, nothing better than sharing such an engaging hobby as mini gaming with your partner. My bf likes Dark Eldars and he's well adjusted, normal person with no weird kinks or anything, he just likes the army, I think it's far more common than matching the favorite faction to your lifestyle preferences or whatnot.

No. 843053

No problem anon, I wish you well. I hope you enjoy baking. If you want a great yardstick for recovery: whatever the girls are up to on the pro-ana scumbags thread on /snow/, don't do that.

No. 843055

whenever i put my fingers or an object inside my vagina i get an urge to cry (and usually do), why?

No. 843056


No. 843059

Why did Leona Lewis flop?

No. 843061

File: 1625139720138.png (302.94 KB, 750x700, image0.png)

Moving into my new flat today, any flat items that come in handy that you wouldn't tjink of? Tryna be prepared as I can

No. 843069

Can you train yourself to sleep less and not feel tired?

No. 843072

i don't really think so. i've gotten assaulted once but i don't think it's the cause because i don't really think about that time when i'm masturbating or remember it in any way. i just tear up.

No. 843073

Yes! Slowly, you can. I used to sleep at least 9 to feel fully refreshed now I can sleep for 6 hours and feel good and even wake up after 6 hours automatically.

No. 843074

Do your parents have the right to know how much money you earn in a month? If you don't live with them?

No. 843076

You have the right not to tell them, I think it trumps their right to know.

No. 843077

Yeah, that's what I thought too but my mother got offended when I gently told her that I do not wish to reveal it

No. 843082

Cheese grater for whatever cheese you want on your food
Ladle if you make soup or noodle dishes
More than 1 measuring cup and spoons for cooking so you can have one washed always
Fly papers for the windows incase hell breaks loose
Dietenatious earth to put on top of plant soil if nats happen, great at killing bugs without killing animals or kids
For windows and glass showers: a squeegee thing with glass spray
Balcony with no hose? Buy a large watering can or use a storage box filled with water to dump water for cleaning, outdoor dust/wash brush, outdoor rug, clothes rack outside depending on preference, extra light bulbs, AC filters, Tupperware, bag clips, multiple scissor/nail clip/tweezers incase of loss, first aid that has all pill types: mucus, anti diarrhea, pain, fever reducer, allergy, bacteria spray, alcohol, bandages, eye drops, bug repellent, bug ointment, sunblock, aloe for sunburns, ice cube trays incase the ice maker dies, glass mugs in freezer for cold drink, draino

No. 843087

Gloves for dishes and curtains in case the blinds fucking suck.

No. 843091

Straws (metal, plastic reusable), vacuum for your floor type, water filter (machine with dispenser, jug type, or ones for your fridge), large liquid container for punch/tea/coffee batches, good filter for tea or coffee to make large batches if that's what you're into, organizers for silver ware in drawers, metal stand for pantry so you can have 2 layers of spices, another charger for living room or guests, Wifi info put on fridge, fridge magnets, a weekly or monthly whiteboard with marker holder so you don't lose it, metal door hangers for purses coats hats, a few outfits fully hanging to go incase you have to run somewhere, nice hand towels and shit towels that will be used for drying pots or cleaning and are totally fine to ruin, tool box, grill stuff, glasses repair kit, fire extinguisher

No. 843101

Thank you nonnys!♥

No. 843111

File: 1625147309006.png (5.92 MB, 1920x1440, 1607646610010.png)

What's the name of this art style? (When ppl draw anime over irl scenery)

No. 843117

>Pic request: that drawing of an anime chick doing the closed-eye-smile but then the close-up shows she's actually glaring. Thank you.
Bumping this in case someone else knows

No. 843118

Do wounds heal differently depending on the area of the body? I've had some nasty cuts on my fingers which left no trace, and I had some lighter scratches below my breasts and on my stomach where some white scars still remain.

No. 843124

drawing over a photo is usually called overpainting!

No. 843129

What the hell is the appeal of the feminization fetish

No. 843134

Hands face and feet have oilier skin so scars heal better due to the moisture.

No. 843135


No. 843136

nta but today I learned and thank you

No. 843137

nah nonnie I'm just as confused as you
side note I thought your pic was Trisha Paytas and I was like
>oh shit here we go

No. 843138

Have your parents ever insinuated that you're a disappointment and that they wish you were more like X (insert golden child/the name of the neighbours' ambitious kid or high achieving family member or whatever)? How do you deal emotionally with that?

No. 843141

Thanks a lot for the explanation!

No. 843144

Yes, most parents do that. I've ignore it.

No. 843145

They do constantly, most people in my family are already 8+ years into their medical fields and I stagnated after a parental death for a bit, putting me massively behind the other kids my age. I deal with it by knowing in my heart that I'm a nice person to everyone in my family, and because I'm not in full-time schooling or work I'm able to help people at the drop of a hat. I spend a lot of my time doing the more time-costly chores and tasks that family needs since I'm expendable and just hoping that when my parents die, they feel some sense of pride over the fact that I strived to give them small comforts over making more money personally. But even still, the voice in the back of my head when I do even the smallest of mistakes like missing a turn is literally "Wow, no wonder they aren't proud of you. You're an embarrassment"
Sucks. At least it comes from a place of them wanting better for you in life.

No. 843149

When I was a kid my mom had a weird liking for another girl in my class, that girl was pretty, smart and outgoing. According to my mom I was pretty and smart but not outgoing enough. It was a comparison I was sick to death of hearing. She was creepily into this girl at times. Then she did the same at family gatherings because I had cousins who were each an only-child and were fussed over alot. They liked attention, were used to getting lots of attention and seemed very outgoing. I was withdrawn, true. But how she talked to me was the perfect way to compound that issue. She made me feel lesser than everyone around me. I further withdrew from people. She was both the cause of it and the biggest critic of it. Ironically. A lot of people deal with that same type of parent. Unfortunately.

I'm not too bitter nowadays, tbh she's long dead and even before then I mostly got over it but it's a reflection of the person whose being so insensitive, not on you. It's a poor way of dealing with their feelings. When you have kids you have to accept that they might be high achievers, they might be anthing else. That's the risk. Encourage kids in a healthier way. That style is not the answer.

No. 843150

For a lot its just porn sick coomers liking the idea of treating women as sluts so they play pretend and act that way too, then when the fun is over they can go back to their moid lives, like putting on and taking off clown makeup.

For a few others there's a appeal in a sort of escape it offers, it can be enjoyable to put the actual work and effort in to look and feel nice, like exercise or meditation, some want a chance to just look nice or feel nice and it can be confidence building to escape that box society places you in.

so its more dress up and wanting to feel nice and wanted. but the mistake a lot make is attributed these views to women as a whole and not just a small aspect of feminity that doesn't need to involve others.

>tldr coomers gonna coom fuck em, some men/women want to be explore, consent needs to be respected, reasons for validation needs examined.

No. 843151

I was there when a trannie raid happened, did that little girl with big breasts counted as CP? i thought she just had some condition i'm sorry

No. 843154

Why do people as of lately keep denying the popularity of surgery? Especially for celebrities or camgirls or something? Like does it not seem weird to you as to why every single celebrity or camgirl has some weird story as to why they just woke up one day with their tits 4 cup sizes bigger, like twice their size, and a smaller nose?

No. 843156

a boy that lived down the street from our house was the instigator of all the bullying i experienced for most of my middle school life and my mom disliked him except for when it came to my grades. then she always asked what grades that boy had and it made me feel like she was betraying me. i think one time i even asked why she keeps comparing me to the guy who is the reason why i never want to go to school and why i hate myself, but i don't remember what she replied. i don't care about it in particular anymore, but i still hate that my mom never took my bullying seriously and blamed me for it because i was too sensitive in her opinion and 'didn't ignore my bullies enough.'

No. 843180

Is it worth doing a coding boot camp? I hate my job and want to try something else that doesn’t involve customer service.

No. 843182

Did Instagram remove the ability to scroll on the web version? I only see half of the three first posts but I can't move down ..?

No. 843184

What if your date likes sisters of battle or the imperial guard ?

No. 843186

No. 843188

im finally getting a new macbook after 6 years, should i get the gold or silver macbook air. i cant tell if the gold is rose gold-ish also

No. 843190

are you logged in?
yes, my friend did that 3 yrs ago and is now getting 6 figures as of last week. that's not promised though, but there is good money to be had

No. 843191

there's browser extensions to get around that

No. 843193

Since when? Yesterday I could scroll the first twelve posts still …

Not logged in, no. Just a casual lurker lol

??? please tell

No. 843194

2nd ayrt, i don't think you can use the web version if you're not logged in

No. 843197

Is it really true that you shouldn't tell someone your plans/goals before you do them? I kinda want to talk about some really important things with people but I also don't wanna jeopardize it by telling. Because it's the kind of thing that needs extra level hard work for two months straight from me to achieve it and I'm afraid I'll fumble the bag if I just go willy nilly telling everyone about it.

No. 843199

if you're on chrome try insta-unlock. there's some other extensions if you search for similar keywords but insta-unlock is the only one i used so far

No. 843202

its so annoying. i can view it on firefox tho, facebook does this as well

No. 843203

This is just my experience, but whenever I tell someone around my circle about my plans, they don’t happen.
It could be just that I self-sabotage so nothing happens, but I just avoid it because my grandmothers always told me to never tell anyone about my plans because everyone is envious of whatever little accomplishment you might even plan on getting and envy is so fucking strong that it makes everything go to shit
I honestly think it’s better to only share with those you truly think are wishing the best for you.

No. 843204

from time to time I'm able to weasel myself into the web version and see stuff but sometimes it isn't possible.

Will check out! Really don't want to download that garbage app just to see the latest updates on bands and artists I like. Fuck Insta!

I see.

No. 843213

A teenage girl wearing a sports bra is not CP.

No. 843214

samefag also when you scroll and it gets to the "related accounts" part there's this blue thing right above it that you click on and then it'll show the rest (this is with the extension btw, clicking the blue thing without it just shows the log-in pop up)

No. 843215

*the rest of the posts i mean, not the related accounts

No. 843217

when will my edible hit and get me high. i took like 3 big bites of this stupid ass rice krispie and i feel nothing but emptiness and regret.

No. 843219

I see, I was currently in and could scroll really deep down but got booted out when I wanted to see another account. Will try!

I miss Insta being a basic bitch site, with everything to see. I hope Suckerberg has to drop it because of the lawsuit that's going on …

No. 843220

you have to make fun of it for it to kick in

No. 843223

Where can I get weed in a country where it's illegal? Do I just ask around for it in clubs or something?

No. 843228

How old is your friend?

No. 843230

There are hundreds of videos that teach basic crypto and deepweb access. During quarantine, I learned how to buy online and have successfully done so dozens of times. It's surprisingly easy, I'm no STEMlord

No. 843232

ntayrt but do you have a method to weed out the fake sellers. just curious

No. 843234

God, degenerate coomers just can't help themselves can they, they gotta write whole paragraphs about how aktually my kink is deep and consent is important. Go back to twitter no one wants to read that shit.

No. 843236

this is a silly question but do y'all know any man in their 20s and 30s that isn't insanely horny

No. 843238

Yeah. Not sure if I'm good reference, but none of my boyfriend's have ever wanted sex as much as I do. Not a problem of ugliness, either, people outside compliment me all the time and my boyfriends definitely liked to have me as a way of showing they could date someone attractive, but sex, meh.

No. 843239

Yes. He's schizophrenic though

No. 843240

you win some you lose some i guess

No. 843241

tfw no women respecting schizo bf

No. 843242

Seriously, I was pretty appalled how easy it is. There are marketplaces out there that take themselves very seriously. The layouts look like amazon, you can dispute orders (I've had to get my money back a few times), and see previous buyer's reviews. It's not craigslist situation lol

No. 843244

it still bothers me that the silk road was shut down, and ross is in prison for life

No. 843246

The tldr explained it anon, dont take your anger on troons out on me

No. 843252

nta and stupid question, but what are the delivery guys like? I imagine a man in black emerging from a van with dark windows kek

No. 843254

Pls send his number I want that schizoshlong.

No. 843255

KEK holy shit anon, it's just an envelope. It comes in the mail.

No. 843256

Oh I see. I have a stupid imagination lmao

No. 843259

did the celebricow thread get banned or something or am I just retarded and can't find the new one

No. 843260

many unsuspicious ways like in a book with the pages cut out in a rectangle. it might be caught but i don't think you'll be faulted. idk tho

No. 843263

That extra covert stuff is really only for the heavy traffickers. All my purchases have come vaccum-sealed in envelopes of various sizes.

No. 843264

Celebricow anons are always super lazy, it always take like two weeks for someone to make a new one (myself included)

No. 843266

i'll make one later tonight if I have time

No. 843268

doing the lord's work
op should try that and let us know how it goes

No. 843269

You're an angel

No. 843270

there's a psychological aspect to it afaik. like when you tell someone 'i'm going on a diet' your brain registers it as you already having gone through the diet. it rewards you with happy chemicals when you say it out loud, but then you don't get motivated to actually follow through with your plans.

No. 843304

fuck… I kinda do too but why? what's the psychology behind this?

No. 843313

Yess, this is exactly what I've heard too. I guess I'll keep my shit under wraps.

No. 843351

Yes. A few male friends. It's not as rare as you might think. Keep looking anon. My brother has been dumped twice because of his naturally low libido, not a coomer.

No. 843355

Are animals capable of knowing you're masturbating? My cat was ignoring me for a while and then as soon as I start masturbating she jumps onto my body and starts meowing.

No. 843372

She's trying to save your soul

No. 843445

>My brother has been dumped twice because of his naturally low libido
Do you two discuss stuff like that?

No. 843457

lmao my cat once jumped on my bed and took a shit while i was doing the thing. that was pretty much the only time she shat inside the house

No. 843464

Do we have any experts in cat behaviour who can explain this? I have to know

No. 843466

Any good stores where I can buy clothes in the USA? I need clothes under 30 dollars that I can wear to work as a teacher and my budget is like 2,000 dollars.

No. 843470

File: 1625164213792.jpg (5.44 KB, 275x183, 56776555.jpg)

I'm pretty sure that epsiode of My Cat From Hell was cancelled.

No. 843475

..what did they say in the episode

No. 843484

It's a joke nonny.

No. 843485

look at that man though. he knows something i don't

No. 843490

Do his cats groom his beard or something shits wack.

No. 843495

Thrift online

No. 843499

Nta but my brother and I are pretty close and we sometimes talk about intimate problems because we relate to each other, like how we are both old virgins (25+) and discussing the reasons why (probably autism and/or schizoidism).

No. 843500

No anon kept them under surveillance and created a spreadsheet. Are you a burger?

No. 843508

why would anyone want to discuss sex with a scrote in the first place (if they're not a sexual/romantic partner), much less a family member? it seems gross and pointless, like telling me how many shits he took today. I'd murder my brother if he did that.

No. 843519

No. 843536

There was a period I spent a lot of time on Reddit, sadly, and if you hang around r/relationships and the like you'll find tons of women complaining that their partner doesn't want sex as often as them. Mostly because their brains are fried by porn and they'd rather sit on their ass watching pixels and use a hand than actually have to interact with another human and work with their whole bodies. Similarly like >>843238 my exes never wanted sex as much as I did. I've always been fit and attractive. They loved having the arm candy and talked a big game, but when it came down to actual sex they were lazy as fuck and got all defensive about it.

No. 843549

yep. it's always crazy fans too, "everyone else got surgery except MY precious angel woman". Billie eilish fans are definitely guilty of this. Puberty and lipstick dont turn papercut lips in big thick sausages y'all

No. 843616

Why are you acting like anon went in great detail of sexual conversations with her bro? All she said was that he got dumped for having a low libido. Are you that much of a prude? Becareful anon some people actually say the word penis and vagina around their families and talk about periods

No. 843621

The only time I've ever heard about anything concerning my little bro's sex life is when he literally broke his dick and had to go to the ER but beyond that I would be disgusted and uncomfortable if he told me the reason for a breakup had a sexual reason. Most people don't discuss anything sexual with their siblings that's fucking vile. I'm not a prude I am normal

No. 843622

Is a condo just another word for an apartment or is it a certain type of apartment?

I'm the anon that asked and I wasn't implying anything when I asked. I was more just curious if his exes told her instead.

No. 843629

I forgot my email to my Tumblr account and it's driving my nuts. There must be a way to extract the email account from a Tumblr, right? I know my password, I just don't know my email anymore. I tried every email I can remember and none of them work. Tips???

No. 843631

File: 1625173433220.jpeg (482.82 KB, 1920x2623, 34CA6EF6-A532-4FD4-9B79-D4015B…)

Are bike shorts comfortable at all? Specially for working out?

No. 843634

Libidos are a personal thing, since when do family members discuss that together lol

No. 843636

Which country is the best to visit on holiday; France, Spain or Italy?

No. 843638

You literally are a prude. That's like getting grossed out because you found out a family member left their SO for fucking their coworker. Like chill you're acting like she just told her bro her favorite sex position. Who even are you to police what people have conversations about?

No. 843639

I lost both my long term relationships to my low libido. After one of the break ups I was in such a state that I went on meds and I felt drunk on them in the beginning while adjusting. One day I hinted to my dad that we'd gone the longest time without sex and that caused the split. I cringe to this day thinking about it. My dad never brought it up again. Thank god.

No. 843640

Definitely Italy or Spain, both countries are nice for walking around and learning new things.
I’m a bit biased though, last time I went to France I got all of my stuff stolen so yeah.

No. 843642

If something major happens in your life because of said thing. There are healthy family discussion boundaries but knowing your bro got dumped because he has a low sex drive isn't one of them

No. 843645

The comfiest shit! for sports i use the very staticy kind, they dry down quick

No. 843654

I suppose it had to do with the fact Billie was trying to be ~totally going out of her way to not draw any sexual attention to herself~ until the white tank top pic came along where it was see through and a black push up bra and when people commented she pulled the whole "muh big tits stop body shaming me" card as if she wasnt purposefully emphasizing her tits as much as possible.

I hate her for this reason, how quickly she turned on young girls for finally not being yet another Hollywood hoe into trying to be a bimbo and making everything about her tits despite for the longest time screaming bloody murder about people sexualizing her and can't help but having "big fucking tits" (which is clearly like 50% push up bra)

She's like the pop star version of Mrs Midwest

No. 843662

Are leggings even any comfy for homewear / outside / workout ? I never bothered buying them, but I keep noticing a lot of women get them.

No. 843666

The lululemon fuzzy leggings make my legs break out and feel itchy. Cotton leggings feel great, though, just buy a cheap pair and see how you like the sensation

No. 843667

I love wearing leggings at home, mostly because I also feel less frumpy than while wearing huge pants, they’re also nice for running quick errands around like buying some bread or something like that.
For working out they’re amazing because I feel lighter than with sweatpants.

No. 843674

They are comfy. I stopped wearing them outside because I noticed an increase in unwanted attention from old creeps. Nice at home though, or with a longer top.

No. 843678

>Under 18
>Only baggy clothes and OTT altfash with emo hair, hailed as the coming of the messiah teaching young girls they don't have to show off their body to be talented and successful as entertainers
>"I don't want to show my body, I'm not about that, I just want people to focus on my music and not sexualizing me"
>The moment she turns 18
>Shows tits immediately, wears literal corsets and lingerie and see-through shit for the Vogue photoshoot in sexually suggestive poses
>"Stop slut shaming me you misogynists this is actually super empowering!!!"
Manufactured from top to bottom, it was all scripted from the beginning. I hate it.

No. 843681

i only ever wear leggings unless it's winter and freezing. i get them all from h&m and love them. i genuinely don't want to wear jeans regularly ever again, leggings forever.

No. 843718

This is an absolutely retarded question and I wouldn't mind if no one replied to this, but what is Dream SMP? I know who Dream is, but what is SMP? Are they just a bunch of Minecraft youtubers doing a series together? It seems like they're playing characters, not their actual selves but I'm not completely sure. I just encountered this after seeing some troglodyte sperg about it and "shipping" them together.

No. 843738

SMP stands for Survival MultiPlayer, it's the type of minecraft server they're on (survival is the name of the game mode). I think they roleplay on that server and also do normal videos/stream outside of that. Teenage girls being teenage girls ship them together, as they do with every other cute male youtuber ever, though this fandom in particular seems to be exceptionally autistic

No. 843740

Has anyone else had the impression that people (but mostly men of course) who grew up fat/were fat as children and then lost weight… are kind of adult bullies? It's like they have to compensate.

No. 843745

In my experience men who've lost weight have 100x the entitlement and ego than normal men.

No. 843750

Sorry for late reply. Look for Korean or Chinese webtoons to find more non male gaze yuri! There's an ongoing webtoon called Relationship Guidelines where the main couple are childhood friends. It's pretty slow paced but art is great and it's not scrotey at all. Another friends to lovers one is A Joyful Life (this one can get a little grim)

No. 843752

thank you! the other suggestions i got were kinda gross, i should've stated i don't like overtly loliesque art either. i will check out the first one at least, not in the mood for anything too gloomy

No. 843755

File: 1625180829017.jpg (57.98 KB, 635x480, Billie-Eilish-635x480.jpg)

It always makes me laugh when girls pull the "I have big tits so people call me a slut" card like she didnt just go out of her way to emphasize her boobs like other women don't know the clothing tricks she uses. She thinks her female fans are as stupid as she is. It's like she wants her cake and to eat it. She wants support for women for being a totally cool unsexualized babe teen girls can look up to but also do everything in her power to beg for male attention

Anyway sorry if it seems unhinged. I just can't fathom how unbelievably fake she is

No. 843757

I mean her entire image is so manufactured I'm pretty sure whoever's styling her is doing this and she's just along for the ride. She's like what, 18 years old? That's basically still a kid, someone else is definitely making all these decisions and telling her what to say. I don't think it's a stretch to say Billie Eilish was groomed.

No. 843762

They're using her to cause a chain reaction. They waited until she got a large fan base of teenage girls who want to be like her and once that was set they just turned her into an artificial bimbo as soon as it was legally allowed so young girls can be like "if Billie says it's okay then it's okay if I do it"

Would also explain why so many of her die hard fans start sexualizing themselves to hell and back and make only fans as soon as they turn 18

No. 843763

yes i really love that these are a trend because they are super comfortable and don't have that same sexual connotation that disgusting scrotes give to yoga pants. plus i can actually wear a baggy/longer shirt and not look like i'm stuck in 2011

No. 843771

That's fucked up, honestly. Sometimes I feel like there really is no hope for women

No. 843778

It sucks because even if it was manufactured it was nice to see a mainstream pop star in less revealing baggy clothing. And of course they reverse that

No. 843794

Gotta make the next generation of prostitutes… It's literally mass pimping. The "you like it, you want it" is a classic pimp technique.

No. 843795

Here are some more of my recs, though most don't fit the best friends > lovers trope
I hope you enjoy them!

No. 843796

Yes. I actually recently had to leave my long term boyfriend because he became an obnoxious dick after losing weight. He was around the same weight as me in the end. Not skinny or fit, just not overweight, but still thought he could make snarky remarks about my food choices. The final straw was when he started to make mean comments about my family members and friends who were chubby or fat. People who have been nothing but kind to him, were suddenly not worth his presence because he saw them as beneath himself.

He was the sweetest person when we met. After he lost weight he was the most boring bag of dicks you cold imagine. I'm so glad I don't have to endure him anymore.

No. 843807

I get so worried about this happening because I've read so many stories similar to yours. Bf has lost 60lbs this past year and is getting attention for the first time in his life and I'm just waiting for it all to blow up somehow

No. 843815

I missed the previous celebricows thread and want to read it before entering this one. Why can't I find it?

No. 843819

No. 843898

Can someone tell me what the webm in >>183248 is because my computer is bricked and I can’t watch it on mobile and it’s driving me crazy

No. 843926

For europe, cashapp or venmo?

No. 843949


No. 843973

i don't see a webm there

No. 843986

maybe mods deleted it cause it was gore or something

No. 843992

How do you link to a different thread on imageboards? I used to know how to do this but it's been so long since I've had to that I forgot.

No. 843993

e.g >>>/snow/1269559

No. 844000

has anyone here tried erotic hypnosis with a (male partner)? were you the hypnotist or getting hypnotized?

No. 844002

I have tried hypnosis videos on youtube and while they're pretty cringe and the voices they make are dumb, can't lie and said I haven't had orgasms to them before. I wouldn't do it with a partner myself

No. 844003

Thanks anon!

No. 844006

How do you deal with unsolicited advice from family members? It's so fucking annoying

No. 844012

Due to personal circumstances and covid I missed a lot of classes the past two school years. Although I fortunately graduated fine, I dislike the poor education I received and subsequent gap in knowledge. I really love mathematics and lament the many things I don't fully grasp about it. How could I still teach myself these things in my personal life? What books or websites are good? I'm honestly kind of sad I graduated because of this. It is ungrateful, but I was really looking forward to the intensive training I was going to receive. So please please share with me any resources so I can still learn mathematics at a satisfactory level

No. 844014

You can also just paste the post No. link. It converts it automatically to the form the other anon mentioned

No. 844041

Is there somebody higher than Prime Minister in the hierarchy of Canada's gouvernement?

No. 844043

the queen

No. 844053

Aaaaaah, now I get it, I never understood why a Prime Minister would be the leader of the country.

No. 844069

File: 1625221235091.jpg (527.95 KB, 1077x1082, Screenshot_20210702-121912_Ins…)

The legs look really odd, like they're way too thin compared to the torso. It's edited, right?

No. 844096

How unethical is it to purchase products from Shein?

The Governor-general who is the link between the Queen and the Canadian government, but their power is barely used these days.

No. 844106

Pretty unethical but not much more than from majority of other chain stores that also produce in Asia and destroy items sent back.

No. 844121

Can anyone tell me about living with herpes?
20% of the adult population in my country has it but I don't know anyone who has ever talked about it. Is everyone hiding it out of shame?

No. 844124

Had it since I was very young, mine gets triggered by sunlight or stress, sometimes if I get a cut on my lip or something. I always have to wear spf on my lips and if I do get an outbreak, I use plasters and meds. The one thing it helped me with as a kid was to become very fucking hygienic, especially with an outbreak, I wash my and sanitize my shit so well compared to people without shit like this. The worts downsides are the fact that during the summer I live in fear and once I have an outbreak, it comes with fever and sometimes even scarring no matter what I do.

No. 844130

I'm pretty sure almost every adult has the virus, but it's only gets triggered by certain things (sunlight, fever, stress, etc.). So just because someone has it, it doesn't mean they have it for example on their lips 24/7

No. 844131

File: 1625226187365.jpg (41 KB, 905x114, Screenshot_8.jpg)

Samefag, I was right

No. 844132

how did you get it as a kid? were you born with it?

No. 844141

Anon is talking about HSV-1 which presents most commonly as sores around the mouth.
Most kids get it from their parents as you can be infectious without actually having sores. So a parent has an active infection, gives kid a smooch and that's how it's transmitted. You can be infected with the virus and have no idea because it can be dormant for years. But if you have it, you have it for life.

No. 844142

where I'm from oral herpes isn't considered shameful bc many people have it since childhood. Idk if you can be born with it but it's very easy to transmit to other kids, I remember when I went to summer camp we were always careful not to share water bottles in case someone had herpes

No. 844145

Samefag but I meant genital herpes, imo people are very open about having the oral form

No. 844149

Lol yes that one and as far as we know, I got it from a kid in daycare but who knows. I think you can also spread that shit into your vagina if you were to masturbate without proper hygiene during an outbreak but I have never risked it, makes me too nervous to even think about and that's also the last thing on my mind during one.

No. 844152

File: 1625230374483.png (823.06 KB, 788x542, Screenshot 2021-07-02 at 13.52…)

Does anyone know where I can find the clip of South Korean and US soldiers watching some female K-Pop group dancing on an outside stage and the SK men are acting like retarded 3 year olds screaming and jumping up and down and the US troops are entirely unimpressed and pissed off? It's one of the funniest clips I've ever seen and I can't seem to find it! Thanks.

No. 844193

Is Twitter incompetent to the point of making my account unfollow some people? I'm pretty sure they are not soft blocking me because I'm just a lurker following artists.

No. 844208

I hope you find it nona, now I want to see it too.

No. 844215

omg I remember this too and I'm not into kp*p. Maybe it was posted in one of the original hate threads?

No. 844216

File: 1625240451764.jpg (85.27 KB, 500x500, 10_SummerImage.jpg)

Is there a female version of artofmanliness.com? Like, a lifestyle/lifehack site with actual practical tips not just things like makeup recs.

No. 844226

is it this one lol

No. 844230

thepatriotnurse.com/ and Prepper Princess, the former is a bit of rightwing nut job but both make good urban survivalist lifehack vids from women's perspective and needs

No. 844235

How do you get rid of ants during summer? They slip in through the cracks of the garden/back door and even when I kill a bunch, more appears later on. I clean table surfaces and wipe the floor constantly but they're still HERE.

No. 844239

How to get over hangover fast? I'm drinking a lot of water, I ate something. Please help v~v

No. 844244


No. 844246

Mix honey and borax and leave it out for them, they’ll eat it and feed it to the other in their colony and eventually the queen killing them all

No. 844247

Water is good, also Gatorade or some other sports drink to replenish your electrolyte levels

No. 844250

Buddhism's central quest is about removing the self, removing our wordly ties and letting go of our ego. A lot of philosophical daredevils condemn the self and venture into determinism leaving the realms of free will and objective morality. What I wanted to ask is, what happens when the self is killed? Has anyone achieved that? How do you actually let go off the ego? If that happens, wouldn't that mean we are mere puppets? What's the point then? Is our consciousness a bandaid to prevent us from realising this?

No. 844251

This I never understood about Buddhism either. I mean getting rid of your self is removing what makes you you. And I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that

No. 844254

> what makes you you
That's the crux of my problem. What is it that makes me me and you you? It's such an abstract and immaterial concept that just like the term soul cannot be properly described. How do you get rid of it then?

No. 844270

How do you keep the cups in your swimsuit tops from getting all fucked up and folded? Am I putting them on wrong??

No. 844281

File: 1625247509444.png (272.43 KB, 352x341, 19820832097432.png)

I'm not an expert on Buddhism but I do know a decent bit about its teachings, and I think there is a common misconception around this idea. Buddha never actually said we don't have unique identities or we don't truly exist. There is, however, anatta or "non-self." How is that different? It means we are not fixed, permanent, unchanging beings. The issue is that people get stuck to certain qualities they believe they have and will always have. When you cling to anything, people, objects, a concept of self (ego), that causes suffering. Consider very depressed people who say, "I've always been like this, I will never change, I was born to suffer." Well, they've already created this concept of who they are in their minds and unless they change that way of thinking then they're correct, they will never improve. Anatta is about understanding that we are always in flux, we always have the potential to grow and become better (or worse) people, and you have to remain aware of that fact so you can continue improving in life. If you don't, that's when you're truly a "puppet." A puppet to your own limiting beliefs and fractured logic.

No. 844286

So what you're saying is it's like an eastern Panta Rei philosophy?
That doesn't seem right. Sure, it's not saying "things are", but it's not even saying "things change/are becoming", it straight goes to negation. Idk shit about buddhism, but your interpretation doesn't sit right to me, philosophically.

No. 844290

hey is there a place to suggest thread ideas? ive looked and i cant fucking find anything im about to go insane

No. 844291

No. 844293

File: 1625249389012.jpg (11.06 KB, 183x275, pastaghettui.jpg)

thank you i love u

No. 844294

Yes, I've found it similar to some of Heraclitus' teachings as well. I'm not really sure how to make it more acceptable to you, since it seems like it's mostly a matter of semantics at this point? I think you just have to acknowledge that Buddhism's definition of self is innately egoistic and damaging, which is why it's framed in the negative. The concept is not "negative" in the sense of how we should view ourselves, though.

No. 844295

you may occasionally get a shortish ban if your thread idea isn't cow related (even though the threads in /pt/ have been used like that for years now)

No. 844300

I mean negative in the classical western logic sense, as non-S, the opposite of S. And semantics is an integral part of logic/philosophy, first you need to name things right to be able to make correct conclusions.
But maybe my mind is too muddled with what's, let's face it, indoctrination in school, and that's why I don't get buddhism.

No. 844303

>Her a clit us
Such a feminine name kek

No. 844320

File: 1625251283150.png (578.08 KB, 434x470, 4328904782304732.png)

Does that not fit in with the Western definition of negation though? As in, Buddhism says that we should strive for non-self, which means we should see ourselves as beings free from qualities defined as permanent and unchanging. Since in Buddhism's context, "self" is defined as ego and not our basic existence as humans. It's not saying we're imaginary or anything. I don't know, maybe I'm not quite hitting on the right explanation to make it click! Sorry about that.

I like some of his concepts but he's a total historical cow.
>Rich family but emo and misanthropic to point he was dubbed "the weeping philosopher"
>Didn't want to help making laws because it was "toilsome"
>Hated a bunch of other philosophers
>Spoke in paradoxes and riddles often enough to annoy people
>Dealt with edema and thought he could cure it himself by smothering himself in cow dung and was possibly eaten by dogs as a result (likely an "embellishment" from historians, but still funny)
Picrel my favorite image of him, a mood.

No. 844337

No, it doesn't. Oh, honey, I tried gently telling you you have no idea what you're talking about, I even gave you a way out as to not feel bad for being corrected by shitting on my own education. You shoulda stopped.

No. 844338

I see a lot of anons here making fun of unmarried straight couples in LTR, is it really that bad? I know it's usually because one of them (usually the guy) doesn't want to commit, but what if they don't want to get married for various reasons?

No. 844339

Do you really care what anons think

No. 844342

I was just wondering what's wrong with not being married.

No. 844347

As someone who actually studied comparative religion, it depends on what sect of Buddhism one is talking about, people have had their interpretations, they have expanded on it, removed certain, adapted it towards for another culture in a never ending cycle really

For e.g These was a sect of Japanese Buddhsim that believed that no matter who dies our souls become part of the Buddha regardless of social class or actions, so in this sect Death was the greatest gift you could give anyone and se they became a Militaristic Death cult who were Buddhist monks but incredibly violent and that's just one sect that died off
however it got brought in Imperial Japan, by indoctrinating the Buddhist Japanese and Taiwanese soldiers in Zen meditation. They taught the soldiers they weren't responsable of killing civilians and enemy soldiers because it was the will of nature acting through their emptiness or some bullshit like that

No. 844348

nayrt bur omg i didn't know any of that, thank you for the list !!

No. 844349

The only people that have ever tried to make me feel bad for not being married to a long term boyfriend are those in miserable marriages. I'm really starting to come around to the idea that marriage is strange. I only know my grandparents or very religious/Conservative relatives to be married without cheating for 25+ years.

No. 844357

>but what if they don't want to get married for various reasons?
People are always going to judge others by society’s and/or their own standards and beliefs. Marriage is seen as not only a standard expectation of someone’s life, but a victory in the case of the woman (and a loss for the man for some reason). Doesn’t matter how good a woman’s reasons are for not wanting to marry, some people will still think it’s something they secretly desire and are probably rejecting preemptively to avoid embarrassment. Of course there are cases where it’s complex, but people do seem to struggle to believe that a woman could genuinely have no desire to marry.

No. 844384

I read it like here-a-clit!us

>Privileged but emo and misanthropic
>Overly complicated language
>Smells bad
It's a shame he died before he could find his people on Reddit

No. 844387

File: 1625258189657.jpg (38.62 KB, 540x642, strawberry kettle.jpg)

I recall a website (for artists) that showed faces from different angles, genders, and races. Does anyone know it?

No. 844395

> Genders
Twitter dot com, hashtag pride parade

No. 844399

kek. I guess what I meant to say was sex

No. 844400

File: 1625259085124.jpg (20.79 KB, 360x270, xg-laughing1.jpg)

>It's a shame he died before he could find his people on Reddit

No. 844472

So… What does it actually mean to ask for someone's number? I understand that you're interested in someone and so you want to talk to them more, but I somehow still don't really get it… Do you understand me?? It's so weird and random and out of the blue and I don't understand what terms you're on. What does it mean if a random person says you're cute and wants your number to go out with you… I feel so weird trying to describe what I don't understand about this. It just seems so inorganic I struggle to understand it. Whenever someone asks me and I think they're interesting too I just say yes, but it's still so so so strange to me. Is it just for casual or romantic or what does it mean!! I'm so sorry it just confuses me so much

No. 844474

Buddhism is ultimate cope dissociation. Scrotes made it up becase they wouldn't stand their broken y chromosome and wanted to ~ascend~.

No. 844476

You can just take some mushrooms and experience ego death if you're self aware enough. I still remember obtaining it while tripping balls and i want to describe my tears as pure distilled water cleansing away my bullshit. That was a few years back, might be time to trip and remember about one love.

No. 844486

> borax
Is bleach a good replacement?

No. 844493

Kek I really have no idea why you're being so condescending. You're not doing a great job of explaining your position, hence your confusion. In Buddhism, self refers to ego. Hence the opposite of self refers to not having an ego. It only doesn't make sense if you define "self" as something other than that. I'm quite certain my education is just as sufficient as yours, but whatever you need to feel superior, "honey."

The "cli" portion is pronounced like "fly" but with a c, but the sexual innuendo was fun.

No. 844502

babies freak me out, to the point where i’m afraid of even going on babynames websites because i’ll see pictures, but also i have a fascination with genetic mutations and deformities and can spend hours reading about them and looking at pictures, which obviously include deformed babies. those don’t bother me at all. i don’t know why. is that normal?

No. 844512

No. 844523

How do you get over a brutal breakup, please no dumb generic advice like time I need something to ease the suffering NOW so I can stop making a fool out of myself

No. 844529

Distraction. Get snacks, put on favorite tv show or play a video game, just keep your mind occupied as much as possible until things calm down a bit.

No. 844533

it's up to you. do you want to prepare for another relationship right now? or do you want to be independent for a bit, or long term? plan some things you felt you haven't been able to do.
if you have the funds, go on a date with yourself. i'm not single, but i do it all the time and did so when i was.
i went to chuck e cheese alone the other week, best highlight of my month. $10 worth of play credits lasted me over an hour and a half, also many kids just stock up credits without knowing.
you can also do things without funds, download some video game roms or go on streaming sites and just watch away.
drink plenty of water and go on a long-ish walk every other day to keep yourself grounded and mood stable, anon. i hope for the best for you.

No. 844540

Get out all your emotions by listening to melodramatic music and moping around pretending you're in a music video or a movie then when it's out of your system go have some fun and forget about them. But really I'm sorry about the breakup anon take care of yourself!

No. 844549

Wallow alone or with friends but do not contact your ex, it's a billion times harder to get over someone if you're talking to them/expecting to talk to them. Just don't. There is no need to network with an ex for whatever reason. Feel sad, have a cry and distract yourself with your hobbies. Vent here instead of contacting them lol

No. 844553

File: 1625272621324.jpg (10.29 KB, 340x320, 31Fi8NcWm7L._AC_SY780_.jpg)

I have a pic related Nokia smartphone(TA-1056), it has 8gb memory and 1gb ram, whenever I play mkv videos on it, using many different video player apps, there's sound and video lag, mp4 videos however work fine. May I please have advice on how to play mkv videos on my phone properly?

No. 844554

Am I considered an “apostate” if I renounced the Catholic Church and converted to Protestant Christianity?

No. 844558

Why do you have such a shitty phone lol

No. 844568

Probably lives in a third-world shithole

No. 844570

It's probably not normal but if it counts for anything, I'm the exact same way.

No. 844612

I can't believe there's phones that only have 8gb of space, what is this, 2007

No. 844626

File: 1625280697865.jpg (91.35 KB, 800x800, Samsung-Galaxy-S9-64GB-Pre-own…)

How old is your phone, anon? I currently have galaxy s9, got it in 2018.

No. 844627

mine is 512 gb… I cannot fathom 8gb

No. 844639

My phone only has 16 gb of space and it makes me so sad but I'd rather buy anime boy figures than a phone so I guess it's my own fault kek

No. 844640

iPhone 11, got last year. Before that I had a 7S, this is the most up to date I've been in years

No. 844658

I have my iPhone 7 Plus thing something and I really want either an iPhone 12 or an IPhone 13, whichever comes first.

No. 844663

Anon what do you mean by folded? Like do they crinkle and shift in the top itself? In that case you can sew the corners to the bikini material itself. If the cups get messed up from being inside out, then you can take them out to check if they were even put in the right way.

No. 844670

Hey same phone same year! I really should get a new one though I can tell it's starting to die.

No. 844676

File: 1625287761889.jpeg (48.05 KB, 462x426, F63B3DCE-B04F-4B76-84D5-996B22…)

So, isn’t constantly wishing/hoping for death, kind of not what God wants for us? Like, I’m not exactly too crazy for religious stuff, but it’s said that suicide is not being thankful of the life that was given to you, so wishing to die would be kind of the same as committing suicide even if you’re not killing yourself, right?

No. 844677

Are raisins a common addition to boba tea? I bought some random instant boba tea from an Asian market and it has a little packet of raisins

No. 844680

Shudder the thought that the same god who allows children to die from cancer might also be the same type of spiteful bitch to send your ass to the afterlife furnace for a thought crime against yourself because of the fucked circumstances he destined for you.

No. 844683

File: 1625288383404.webm (1.61 MB, 720x720, dog_eats_weed.webm)

Will this dog be okay? It's just marijuana but I've never seen such a big reaction.

No. 844689

damn, raisins? truly? not a dehydrated form of boba or like a black sugar pearl? that's weird

No. 844695

Yeah, the packet says raisins. I can't understand the rest of the package, but maybe it's just a snack to have with the boba not inside of it? Idk.

No. 844696

I'm a Christian and I want to die, I don't consider my life as a gift, I am not thankful for the horrible life I have.

No. 844712

Out of all Asians why are Filipino zoomers so deep into the western first world identity politics? Is it because so many of them are able to speak English and thus have better access to the Anglosphere or some cultural thing? I literally have no idea and every time I see an Asian person list pronouns, sexuality and other alphabets on their bio it's always a pinoy.

No. 844716

Actively wanting to die is sinful but if you haven’t done or vocalized anything then technically I don’t think you can be written up as a sinner for that. You can pass it off as devil’s temptation or something. But you can be written up as one for being perceived as ungrateful and selfish in your depression, though.

No. 844720

Are there any websites for discovering paintings? People on my Tumblr dash always post cool paintings and I wonder where they find them.

No. 844738

>Matthew 5:4
>Blessed are those Who Mourn, for they shall be comforted

No. 844752

I was in a thread the other night on /r9k/ where an anon complained about a problem in life, and this one guy spent twenty four hours straight in the thread insulting him. Over a hundred posts in the same thread, all written the same way a dumbass uni student writes a paper on Adderall. It was clear he was on speed or meth, what kind of freak even dedicates a full day to attempting to bully someone?

So I have to ask, is 4chan filled with junkies? In retrospect, this makes perfect sense and explains a lot of the shitty behavior on the site. I have a hunch this is the case but I've never seen it mentioned anywhere.

No. 844756

There's many art a day style websites and apps. Sometimes one catches my fancy and then I look up other works by the artist. Or just do random deep dives into a particular art movement or style. Wikipedia's see also and related sections are useful too.

No. 844759

Pinterest, seriously. It's mostly popular stuff but you can run into some obscure things through other people's collections; and often images have source attached that can take you for even deeper dive somewhere else.

No. 844764

Is is forbidden to talk about Ashley Isaacs here? She is on a banner but I've never seen her discussed in anachan threads (not I lurk these threads all the time) or anywhere else. I'm more familiar with her through KF lol.

No. 844767

>what is a catalog
>what is ctrl f

You saw her banner, use some common sense

No. 844768

I've known of a lot of tumblr dudes who posted on 4chan and where massive junkies. Good chunk of them are dead now too this was back in about 2013. A lot of the 3edgy deep bros are addicts and insecure little pussies. I imagine things haven't changed.

No. 844899


No. 844927

File: 1625325215869.jpg (160.65 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20210703_171306.jpg)

What does this mean?

No. 844934

You're trying to post an image that was already posted in that thread

No. 844946

Are there any good movie torrenting sites still up these days?

No. 844951

Rarbg is good

No. 845117

File: 1625344729463.png (1.22 MB, 1000x560, imagen_2021-07-03_153858.png)

I have questions about edibles
>Should you always only take one?
>How long does it take to hit?
>Should you start with low, middle, or high intensity?
>If I eat half of a medium will it hit like medium either way? or…

thank you weed anons

No. 845119

depends on the dosage if you take more than one. there are fast acting edibles but in general it usually takes about 25-45 minutes for it to take effect. remember that edibles are more intense and last longer than smoking so try to start out at a lower dosage, maybe 10 mg tops but I’d say 5 to start if you’ve never done them before and aren’t use to being high in general.

No. 845123

File: 1625345221938.png (107.91 KB, 466x332, 09sghgs0highg.png)

I found this dealer. Their medium dose is 0.7gr does that sound alright?
To be completely frank the worst trip I've had was when I ate edibles, but back then I was a retard and ate more than one. I'm pretty much a noob at this stuff so I wanna get high but not super wasted you know??

No. 845128

He skipped leg day

No. 845134

Obviously don’t take the whole thing because you’re going to end up a puddle on the floor, if its cut up into chunks try only eating one or taking half a bite and wait a while for it to kick in. If you feel like you could get a little more stoned take another but try waiting a long while for it to take full effect before taking more. You’re going to have 700 mgs of THC to use if you buy the 0.7 gr and you only need 5-10 mgs tops to feel a good buzz as a beginner. Take it slow nonnie and remember the high is going to last a few hours

No. 845136

File: 1625346467511.jpeg (87.62 KB, 1000x1000, 621FFF31-864A-4189-BA33-6B60B5…)

Are these any good for someone who wants to fuck around with gouache or just a meme? I’m not a beginner artist and I’d like to try a new medium and find something that isn’t a huge investment but not so awful it’ll be turned off by the medium completely.

No. 845141

I'm not the most seasoned marijuana-haver but I'm going to reiterate the please go slow portion of the earlier advice. Just ten grams over my usual 15 made me vomit and my head enter a back alley olympics tournament

No. 845142

This particular brand is very streaky so if you're more experienced then you probably wouldn't like it. I'm pretty much a beginner and it was a little annoying for me.

No. 845147

I completely fucked up my sleep schedule, and I need to fix it. How can you fall asleep when you feel wide awake without alcohol or melatonin?

No. 845149

Usually I just stay awake until the next day and then crash.

No. 845151

I would buy something else to be honest, this palette looks annoying to use, like the colors will mix and look gray. I preffer tubes, go for more recognized brands please

No. 845168

Thanks anons! I was really drawn to the aesthetic of it but I want to find a new medium for some inspiration and shitty paint won’t help that.

No. 845170

Yeah, usability is better than aesthetic, hope you have fun painting anon!

No. 845171

thanks anons!

No. 845185

File: 1625351600341.jpg (7.09 KB, 310x163, ael.jpg)

What are the odds there will be anything of value shown on Anime Expo Lite event? There are some Jojo news teased, but is this event even big enough to get any really attention worthy exclusive news, like release date or anything of that magnitude?

No. 845187

No point in paying 5€ for leaks that are shown live from twitter users.

No. 845201

Autistic question, how can you get along with people when their moods vary so much? One day they're yelling at you and making your life unnecessarily hard. The next they're all smiles and jokes. Maybe it's just because I make an easy target?

No. 845260

people who are like that do it to everyone, unless you are directly in charge of them or someone they need to suck up to for long-term gain. don't blame yourself. it's best to try to remain emotionally neutral, I talk to them like they're a 5 year old was screaming at me. "don't curse at me." "I haven't raised my voice at you, and you don't need to raise your voice at me."

No. 845287

Is hard candy meant to be chewn or does it melt in your mouth? I mean the hard candy those videos show being cut in tiny pieces. I don't think I've ever had it

No. 845312

why do people in my neighborhood set off fireworks DURING THE DAY??? they're stupid enough as it is but you can't even see shit in the daylight, you're just making a fuckton of noise and wasting money. i don't understand what is the REASON

actually does anyone here genuinely enjoy fireworks? i'm obviously biased because i'm like autistically misophonic and live in a part of the US where we're having heat waves and are prob in danger of a drought (and a part where neighbors pop off hella fireworks at 3am on a monday), but i can't think of a single positive thing about them unless they're the safe/ silent kind. expensive, terrible for the environment, terrifying for pets and people with PTSD… it's such a boring juvenile short lived way to have "fun" idgi. maybe i'm also biased for growing up near disney and seeing them so often that they're boring to me now but still… can you tell how much i already want for july to be over lol

No. 845358

Even though it's a waste of money and dangerous for animals I still love
>Community feeling of gathering in the dark to watch a public firework display
>Lights, sounds and smells of the fireworks being so overwhelming they distract you from your thoughts
>The possibility of carnival food

But people who set them off in residential or agricultural/rural areas or just anywhere during the day should be decreed by law to eat shit

No. 845361

File: 1625372403047.png (8.21 KB, 842x70, pooop.png)

wtf is this?

No. 845363

What's there to be confused about?

No. 845367

that combined with this >>>/meta/24550 is kinda weird

No. 845375

nonnies… i popped a pimple (?) in my ear and now i am paranoid that i’m going to get an ear infection. i already cleaned the area up with a damp paper towel to clear away the blood, but what else can i do to risk the chance of infection? should i use rubbing alcohol or something?

No. 845381

Yeah, clean it with alcohol and let it scab over. It should be fine. I've had ear pimples before and never got an ear infection

No. 845431

File: 1625391072831.png (29.26 KB, 335x189, times.png)

Stay up 3 hours later each day until you fall asleep at a normal time again. If you're too tired to stay up 3 hours later then stay up at least 1.

No. 845434

It's not an immediate fix but try to practice good sleeping hygiene by not using screens an hour before you go to sleep and only use your bed for sleeping, not lounging during the day or w/e.

No. 845625

How can some mice live in a house for weeks without leaving any droppings?

No. 845660

I've been working on an important project of mine for three months. I needed to find someone to animate the art parts of it, my friend happily offered help. It's been three weeks and there's no progress in sight. I want to try pushing him gently, telling if there's any progress on it without being too rude. How do I explain to him that this work is important to me? Idk

He learned to animate just to e-date some streamer apparently. After a longtime she accepted his feelings and ever since he was radio dead, doing nothing but streaming shooters 24 7. I am bummed out.

No. 845772

File: 1625425775299.jpg (92.2 KB, 1546x1008, Screenshot_12.jpg)

Can an artist anon who uses Paint Tool SAI help me? My lines are always wobbly no matter what the settings are (I tried all the stabilizer settings). When I use my mouse however the lines are all smooth. It also works in Photoshop but I'd prefer to use Sai because Ps makes my laptop overheat

No. 845775

They use the toilet

No. 845779

Maybe you need to reinstall the driver for your tablet? Or maybe close sai and open it again? I’ve had the same problem with SAI when I open a lot of images. usually restarting the program and/or reinstalling the driver helps.

No. 845782

I wish I could help you anon but SAI has been acting up for me as well, my pen pressure has been fucked for a while even though it works on literally every single other drawing program out there. Maybe uninstall and install again? If that doesn't work maybe give fire alpaca a try, it's really good if you get used to it, you can make all sorts of wacky brushes that are more complex than SAI's (and it's free)

kek anon I just imagined a tiny mouse sitting on a full sized toilet reading his tiny mouse newspaper

No. 845783

I reinstalled the driver and it's all good now!! thank you thank you

No. 845834

File: 1625430407592.png (189.49 KB, 314x380, brtggbbgrrbte.png)

What is this type of confetti used in packaging called? I need it for a project but I have no idea how to search it

No. 845837

Crinkle paper

No. 845838

it's called referenceangle.com!

No. 845840

I love this strawberry teapot so much

No. 845849

When I worked at a greetings card/party shop, we called it "shred". Crêpe shred, crêpe paper, paper shred… If you're in the UK, Card Factory or The Works stock it.

No. 845852

No. 845867


What is it?

No. 845878

A bit before noon
t. euro

No. 845883

11:11 make a wish!

No. 845884

one one colon one one

No. 845887

Fourty nine minutes before lunch

No. 845931

Chupalo entonces

No. 846010

File: 1625441886431.gif (435.73 KB, 320x240, 3hRtp0d.gif)

I think my dad trying to kill my mom with a gun gave me BPD
I mean it's not only that. A lot more happened before and after that you know? but I'm not gonna disclose it because thinking about those things just makes me sad and it's pointless

Either way even though I'm trying to manage my BPD tendencies (I was diagnoses with tendencies not full on BPD since I don't do rekless shit I guess?) my "boyfriend" (not fully there yet) has been noticing some of my bpd behaviors. Example…
My all or nothing kind of thinking
Me being judgamental (he dislikes that I'm too judgamental against trannies)
Me being stubborn
Me hearing one thing and understanding another or "making things up" (I swear to god I don't know why my brain thinks this way)
Idk probably more shit

My question here is how do I have this "I have BPD tendencies" talk with him? to be frank I just don't want to have bpd tendencies because people with bpd are just horrible or they are potrayed as such. Sorry if this question seems dumb

No. 846012

Cállate, pendejo.

No. 846020

What thread was post 666666 in again?

No. 846023

How can I hang a flag on my home's balcony without putting it on a stick?

No. 846027

No. 846035

I ruined my first relationship. I was def less fucked in my following relationship but still bad at times. No matter what you do you might just crash and burn through some early relationships tbh. I think being aware of that and also being aware it can generally ease up with age is helpful. Therapy is needed (cbt/dbt) but you almost need to just fuck up and learn from it too. I've seen it with friends aswell. Some things I wish I knew

Be honest. As soon as you start lying or hiding stuff things will quickly spiral into manipulation/guiltsville and getting back out will mean admitting to things people may never forgive you for
It's not the end of the world if you're frustrating and men get sick of it and nope out of there. Non bpders fuck up in their earliest relationships too.
No break up is worth harming yourself over. 20 year long marriages end and people cope with that. You'll make it

No. 846038

Has anyone here ever tried and had success with solo mdma therapy?

No. 846069

File: 1625449725176.jpg (83.43 KB, 1009x360, IMG_20210705_034048.jpg)

Why most of people on lolcow.farm is so autistic?

No. 846083

Tie the hoist grommets to the railing.

No. 846087

File: 1625452206169.jpeg (97.53 KB, 750x1000, A8429EB7-BCDB-4121-9E2E-B8BFB5…)

Why do people like Jerma? I’ve seen a bunch of “best-of” type clips on YouTube from his streams and there’s never anything remotely funny about them. Maybe I’m missing something?

No. 846091

I think he appeals to a very specific sense of humor thats really polarizing. I didn’t really get him for awhile either but one day it clicked for me and now I’m obsessed. I understand why he wouldn’t be some peoples thing though.

Imposter is sus was never funny though kek.

No. 846105

Where can I find sports bras that fit me (DDD cup)?

No. 846107

File: 1625454391969.jpg (24.07 KB, 680x680, forsene.jpg)

Honestly I think it's just a meme, like when people would spam Forsen's emotes in twitch chat.

No. 846109

File: 1625454471843.jpeg (30.23 KB, 255x340, 1625452215485.jpeg)

who the fuck is julie orr and why does her face keep getting posted here

No. 846110

To break it down, there are only two kinds of male streamers: one who is self-absorbed, sexist, obsessed with debating and achieving retarded gaming/political points to their audience or those that are shit at video games and are the goofy, mediocre looking guy who’s incredibly relatable like jerma or charlie/penguinz0. his streams or clips of his streams are very chill, there isn’t some scrote constantly yelling and screaming in order to have funny moments

No. 846115

File: 1625455272432.jpg (395.01 KB, 1080x1630, 763256808654.jpg)

Probably just some balding autist who likes attention whoring on imageboards.

No. 846116

I know it's a scrote but why that image? I guess I shouldn't complain though compared to all of the gore and child porn that was posted the other week

No. 846120

Idk if it's a scrote. She's been posting her pics on here for days and raging about getting banned
>you can't just ban me because you don't like me!!1!
>Y'all are just a wannabe 4chan you roast anybody who posts their identity!!

No. 846122

lmao what a dumbass. i don't like or respect her

No. 846132

A janny is like a tranny but with more self-awareness

No. 846139

File: 1625458641873.jpeg (242.66 KB, 1000x1322, 2C0A73FD-E0CB-41E6-8602-27DB30…)

Why do korean corn dogs use funky fish sausage instead of beef or hog? For every place I’ve been to selling them, only 1 of 12 didn’t use fish sausage by default. Even the frozen ones are always made with fish sausage and it tastes terrible.

No. 846147

This doesn't look appetizing to me at all

No. 846153

both types are annoying and unfunny, why even bother with male streamers in the first place

No. 846180

Just set your alarm for 6AM and get up at that time regardless, have several alarms around the room. Then get plenty of exercise through the day and put away all phones and computers after 7pm, instead watching a movie on the TV.

The solution is simple, even if you have to do an all nighter, brute force it "no choice 6am" regardless of how much sleep you get.

No. 846183

Probably because those are more common in Korea?

No. 846190

What do you do when you need someone to talk to but have no one? Like, literally no one, complete isolation from others? I can't even get an appointment with a therapist because they're booked out and it would be pathetic to ask for attention anywhere online.

No. 846191

I used to use omegle a bit for it, but stopped because of all the streamers. It works as a good social surrogate.

No. 846192

does it like, mean something bad if I crave raw meat really badly
red meat, specifically

No. 846193

I usually post here. Also an anon a while ago posted about an app that connects you to random people but I can't remember the name of it. If you have really bad thoughts maybe you could call the suicide hotline?

No. 846194

You might be iron deficient

No. 846200

Maybe you could try the friend finder thread on crystal.cafe?

No. 846201

wuh oh

No. 846207

Thanks anons, think I'll try these options

No. 846209

Do you guys apply antiperspirant at night or in the morning?

No. 846212

Night time. You will sweat less in the day. I sometimes forget and apply in the morning after a shower but it never works as good.

No. 846216

Both. I shower at night so I don't wanna get sweaty while I sleep.

No. 846219

File: 1625468423945.jpg (122.67 KB, 1440x2560, Note2_0.jpg)

does anyone have an idea where this dress is from? i saw it in shaynas thread, this is how much i remember of it

No. 846222

File: 1625468661295.jpeg (79.53 KB, 556x552, 455667432456.jpeg)

No. 846229

There's one I went to that allows you to substitute the sausage for a normal beef dog, or they have a meatless option filled with cheese

No. 846237

don’t try this i only got added by males

No. 846241

Does Hinge and Bumble work in Eastern Europe as well?

No. 846246

No, and Tinder only barely (it works insofar as it being full of sexpats and fuckboys, so nothing of value)

No. 846256

And badoo is full of mentally ill scrotes who only want to hook up. Meet me also isn't really used. Shit sucks.

No. 846257

Nayrt but thank you for the info. Sucks because I wanted to register on Bumble BFF.

No. 846258

Your best bet is to meet people irl if you have a friend group. Other than that I really don't know. Tried all the apps to meet and talk to people but since it's location based you just run into the same people. Not to mention a lot of people don't use these apps. Shits really fucked here

No. 846260

Genuine question, is there anybody here who isn't mentally ill and has had a good life?

Follow up, what's it like?

No. 846262

KEK anon

No. 846272

Is it normal that walking on flat trails/surfaces makes my feet hurt but I feel fine when walking on trails with more uneven terrain?

No. 846273

You may have flat arches, anon!

No. 846275

is it possible to cut off my hymenal remnants myself, they're a bit sensitive and irritable that whenever I try to put a finger inside, they get in the way and hurt.

No. 846276

I'm an artist and I haven't been able to finish anything in almost a year. I've been drawing for years and everything I do still looks like shit. I spend hours and hours trying to get something right but I just can't. I study and use references but nothing works, I feel like I'm retarded because I just can't improve. I feel that maybe I'm not made for this and I'm just wasting time.

No. 846308

Am I the only one who keeps having threads I hide reopen or unhide themselves?

No. 846309

Yea but it's usually because some scrote spammed old ass threads with unfunny shit, the posts got deleted and they stayed bumped.

No. 846310

Sorry why the fuck did i start with yea, i meant no

No. 846311

File: 1625483591765.jpg (9.08 KB, 300x300, cry3.jpg)

don't FGM yourself, anon! Go to an actual surgeon

No. 846313

thanks, anon

No. 846317

What are "ween" and "sneed"? What does it mean in context?
I've seen this terminology used on Kiwifarms. Googling doesn't really give me satisfactory results.

No. 846394

File: 1625494971372.jpeg (26.25 KB, 300x254, B8DFF5A6-95CA-4D51-86D6-7DA9EC…)

Are succulents edible? Because some of them look succulent

No. 846397

i think the only ones that are really toxic are euphorbias

No. 846410

prickly pears and iceplants are tasty, there may be others I'm not aware of

No. 846414

Does the 'typical' lesbian gaze differ from the 'typical' male gaze?. If so, how? What do you ladies like to see?

No. 846424

it's way too hot and humid for me to fully explain but female gaze is more nuanced and not just wow big boobs, show vagene.

No. 846428

In general it's different because the way women love/view other women is inherently different to how straight men love/view women. Like the other anon said, it's definitely more nuanced and more about the implications of a scenario rather than seeing a woman as scantily clad as possible. Don't know how to be specific though, sorry anon.

No. 846442

Hands… clean short nails and long slim fingers, used in a lingering/languid way.
Neck and collarbone, broad shoulders. The nape of a woman with short hair.
Physically, I'm drawn to those things. But compatibility, dependability, personality, confidence, intelligence, kindness, passion - all these things are much more important factors in my attraction than aesthetic.

No. 846444

Boobs and short hair

No. 846445

Eat nopales! it's pretty much the same

No. 846451

Samefag sorry, but the gaze that focusses on cleavage, bums, hips, etc. is inherently straight male to me; they're attracted to what they don't have. I think because lesbians have boobs and bums themselves, it's not a point of fixation like it is for men.
I will say that I unconsciously seem to avoid heavy make-up users, women in dresses and/or heels, women with fake breasts or lip injections. If I examine that, I think it's because I know that they've been sculpted by the male gaze and to an extent, male validation and sexual attraction is still important to them. I feel like they'd happily leave for a man, or cheat on me with a man. Maybe that's not very fair, but it's how it works for me.

Another thing I forgot to mention about what I like to see: body hair. I'm wild about armpit hair and treasure trails on women, it's so sexy.

No. 846465

Anons who posted >>846442 and >>846451 gave some good points. To add to those, I also feel like the male gaze doesn't put enough emphasis on (natural) facial expressions. Lots of male gaze "art" doesn't even show the woman's head or face and that always bothered me, feels dehumanizing.

No. 846473

How the fuck do i tie my hair back with pulling and hurting my scalp?

No. 846480

What is the difference between snow and pt? I’ve been lurking here for a few years and I still don’t know the answer to this

No. 846487

Low/loose ponytails and braids. Don't use a tight hairband

No. 846491

File: 1625505501810.png (740.9 KB, 1080x1080, IBORIGINALCrystalClearPackagin…)

No. 846494

I just hate that name so freakin much, but do own and like their products.

No. 846496

File: 1625505897999.png (195.46 KB, 400x533, imagen_2021-07-05_122514.png)

I hate these, I don't even know how the fuck do they work. They make cute bracelets though
I use pic related for my hair instead

No. 846501

Of course it does. We aren't men and don't view women as objects. I look for kindness, empathy, a comfy style and same hobbies in another woman. As far as looks, like someone taller than me and i don't care about hair length

No. 846516

File: 1625507288613.png (417.91 KB, 1042x1042, afklj-6648b43fd16546f5a016d5c9…)

Is earl grey tea cake with lavender buttercream too strange for a wedding cake?

No. 846517

Sounds delicious to me but there's bound to be some pants-shitting normie pouting about there being no chocolate or vanilla. It's your wedding and your money.

No. 846519

What a beautiful cake. I’m in tears. Do you really want to be upstaged like this?

No. 846521

anon I want an invite now. no, it's not weird, it sounds delicious. go for it!

No. 846522

That sounds (and looks) lovely but lavender can also be a little overpowering. Maybe one of the layers can have a plainer frosting? One layer plain buttercream, one lemon, and one lavender should cover all the Earl Grey drink bases…

No. 846524

It sounds delicious to me, I wouldn't worry about it being strange since it's a wedding. Special cake for a special day.

No. 846525

It's in the rules nonnita

No. 846528

Speaking of weddings, is it weird to not have a wedding date set after an engagement?
How long after engagements on average do people decide on a date for a wedding?

No. 846536

Love this idea! Thank you for thr advice!

I think it really depends, my fiance and I chose a date the same day we got engaged because we were buying a house and wanted to make sure it was in both our names. I know couples who have been engaged for years who aren't in a rush to get married so no date has been chosen yet. I don't think there is really a timeline that you need to follow, just do what's best for your relationship!

No. 846558

im so sorry but can anyone link me the mental health thread i dont feel like trauma dumping on the vent thread seems like theyre having fun

No. 846580

Why is it that most of the scrotes that sometimes post here are mostly from Asian countries? Like the scrote who just posted now in /pt/. Or there was that Indonesian or Malay scrote who would post pictures of his ass

No. 846583

> there was that Indonesian or Malay scrote who would post pictures of his ass

No. 846585

eg /w spammers are the ones who jerk off to anime streamers and are convinced that people talk about them here while jerking their hateboner off on 4chan

No. 846587

it was a few months ago I think. It left an impression kek

No. 846589

If I want to livestream some pc video games to a few close friends how should I do it? Besides using youtube or twitch I mean.

No. 846591

Discord groupchat

No. 846596

he still does it to this day, often in /meta/ but the jannies delete it.

No. 846600

the thought of some scrote posting a picture of his ass is hilarious but it must be tiresome for the mods kek

No. 846602

omg how can you tell he is asian through an ass pic

No. 846616

Streamers in general seem annoying, I really don't get the appeal.

No. 846642

File: 1625518497354.png (517.8 KB, 1002x1270, 1607300840946.png)

UK anons, are there actually any over the counter drugs that can kill you, or is everything made super safe now?

My sister took an overdose of paracetamol and I knew it wouldn't be pretty, but I was surprised at how awful it was. She survived after a few days of antidote infusions, even though it looked like her liver was failing at one point, but what struck me was that looked like a really painful and inefficient way to kill yourself.
So why does everyone try paracetamol? Is it because it's the only easily available thing that could potentially kill you, or is it just that people get memed into using it by bad soap operas?

No. 846652

Killing yourself by paracetamol makes you either a dumbass or an attention seeker. I get wanting to take pills for "easy way out" but paracetamol is the opposite of that. Depending where you're from you can find much more effective stuff

No. 846654

Yeah.. uh kill yourself better you dumbasses lol

No. 846655

Probably both those options, but more so the first. Depending on your country it can be so hard to get anything strong OTC - for example in the U.K. it doesn’t seem like you can get proper sleeping pills without a prescription, only herbal ones. Of course you can get certain prescriptions easily enough but that’s not helpful if you’re impulsively suicidal.

Also restrictions against purchases of paracetamol probably leads people to believe it’s a more effective suicide method than the reality - only being able to buy two boxes gives the impression that any more is very dangerous.

No. 846657

File: 1625519976797.gif (2.59 MB, 220x220, IMG_1108.GIF)

How do I know if I have cellulite? Seriously, I've had a weird texture to my butt for as long as I can remember. It doesn't resemble the stretch marks I have on my hips and they don't really have a colour, aside from being slightly lighter than my skin I think. My mother told me it was just stretch marks when I was young, but I don't remember them ever bein red (like most stretch marks are). Eh, I don't really care, but I would like to know fully well if it's cellulite or not

No. 846659

honestly carbon monoxide is the best way. may be hard if you dont have a car but if you do all you'll need is a working engine, duct tape and a hose.

steal the car if you have to lol

No. 846660

take a picture of your ass and if it looks lumpy you have cellulite, it's not a bad thing

No. 846665

>only being able to buy two boxes gives the impression that any more is very dangerous
Had a friend explain this reasoning to me before. Not in the UK but close by. She went around a few shops buying boxes thinking that by doing that she'd surely be buying a lethal dose. By limiting the amounts you can buy some teens will automatically think 'must be ideal overdose meds!' Well no that stuff requires prescription and a clean record when it comes to any previous suicide attempts kek. You won't access them now.

No. 846666

Off the top of my head? Iron supplement pills and aspirin can kill you if you take too much.

No. 846669

Vitamin A pills will kill you painfully.
Related paragraph:
>Bears and seals have generally high levels of vitamin A in their livers but polar bears have the most of any animal. … The entire liver contains enough vitamin A to kill as many as 52 adults! If you spread it out and ate just enough to get your RDA every day, that liver would last you 143 years!

No. 846689

I don't get why anyone bothers trying to use OTC drugs anyways. Just get some heroin or another opiate off the street and OD on that, much more pleasant way to go. Painless and quick.

(Not encouraging suicide but like, come on, OD'ing on fucking /Tylenol/? Talk about needless suffering.)

No. 846711

Check Bravissimo, they cater to bigger breasted women.

No. 846722

Modern emissions regulations make car CO suicide a lot less reliable of a method than it used to be.

No. 846743

Sounds fucking amazing, do it! If people bitch they can go to the nearest Kroeger and get some cupcakes.

No. 846755

I recently moved and for some reason despite being very stressed and worried about things I feel a lot lighter, why is that?

No. 846796

File: 1625535503119.jpg (35.28 KB, 570x569, il_570xN.1759520641_1cfv.jpg)

Am I being dumb or does the bride not get a choice to choose out their own wedding ring?

Like I trust my bf, but he isn't the one who has to wear it, so I feel I should have some say in what he picks out. idk maybe I'm being dumb (don't even want anything expensive)

No. 846829

Some couples have the man pick the ring for the woman, other couples have the man propose and then go ring shopping together. Maybe hint that you'd rather do the latter?

No. 846858

Did you get something this Steam sale?
I got mostly FPS.

No. 846862

as the previous >>846829
anon said, sometimes the guy just picks an engagement ring for the girl, i.e to surprise her. some go ring shopping together. anyway even if the engagement ring isnt chosen by you theres still the wedding band itself, which can be pretty different. my mothers engagement ring is completely different to the actual wedding band they ended up buying.

No. 846864

I bought a couple games I mostly already own on other platforms but I've just been playing Civ VI the past couple days after not touching it for 2 years

No. 846868

Me and my bf started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 together, and it's been really engrossing and fun

No. 846869

To nonnies who live with their bf/gf, do you split the bills equally?

No. 846870

Tbh I find it cute when a guy gets you jewlery. It's like they know nothing but pick a nice thing for you

No. 846871

I got persona 4, it came to PC!

No. 846876

I don’t do drugs and wouldn’t even know where to start in terms of finding them. Not like I’ve ever been approached or seen a drug deal go down on the street.

No. 846877

Your pic reminds me of the opal wedding ring my cousin picked out. When they showed me I had to be polite and go all “oh it’s so beautiful!” when really I’m a geologist and was just cringing inside because I know how poorly a stone that soft will hold up to a lifetime of continuous wear.

(Diamond rings are boring af though. I think I’d want a sapphire, ideally one me and/or my SO mined ourselves.)

No. 846878

me and my bf split rent 50/50 and electricity 50/50. However he pays for internet fully, and our separate bills are cellphone plans, groceries and whatever else. Occasionally we'll buy groceries for each other but most of the time we'll get our own food because we're both too busy to cook food so regularly have to buy stuff on the go.

The annoying part thought is that we don't split chores 50/50. Most of the time I'm the one cleaning/organizing. He RARELY cleans. If you move out with a dude do yourself a favour and TALK ABOUT THAT and make sure he follows it. LOL

No. 846879

I pay about a 1/3rd of the rent/bills because he makes more than me. But back when our salaries were similar we split 50/50. And he's also covered my share during bouts of neetdom…

No. 846887

>I know how poorly a stone that soft will hold up to a lifetime of continuous wear
Damn thanks for the warning, opals are my fav. Not that I'm getting married but still.

You could've told her without hurting her feelings imo. Not like 'don't buy that you dumb bitch' but more like 'it's beautiful but be extra careful' or something.

No. 846907

File: 1625552162210.png (394.34 KB, 822x457, imagen_2021-07-06_011619.png)

Is finding twilight princess Link hot and attractive illegal? He's officially 17

No. 846916

Does anyone else sometimes get headaches after orgasm?

No. 846919

File: 1625552934428.png (918.31 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-07-06_012847.png)

I did just the other day, it feels weird but I guess it has to do with blood pressure
pic unrelated

No. 846972

can older men with big dicks get it up without drugs? honestly i'm talking past 35 lol.

No. 846977

Honestly I don't think so, unless they have high blood pressure maybe? Because then the blood can still get into their dicks. Not a medfag though

No. 846980

File: 1625558814827.jpg (10.47 KB, 295x378, 2d2f9380-635f-4b1c-a2e0-953a54…)

Why is anime, alternative-ish fashion and kpop suddenly so popular with everyone including normies? Please, I want an explanation

No. 846983

consoomerism for pretty things when otherwise more expensive and equally low effort hobbies aren’t readily available enough for cheap and lazy normies

No. 846985

Alternative trends tend to become mainstream after a while

No. 846989

Would you…
Go drinking with other anons?
Go to a lolcow gathering?
Have a friend from lolcow?
Have sex with an anon from lolcow?

No. 846992