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File: 1488125562664.jpg (82.66 KB, 749x600, $_57.JPG)

No. 182327

What horrible things have you done that will get you a spot in hell, /ot/?

I'll start. There was a guy who was a really good match for me, not perfect of course, but we meshed well, and I turned him down because he was a different race than me.

No. 182338

being a sinner I guess

No. 182340

i hit my cat when i'm mad. he's ugly anyway

No. 182353

pls die. Abusing animals in general requires you to be ugly inside out. You're the absolute lowest possible common denominator.

No. 182354

scum of all scum

No. 182365

He doesn't scratch or anything?

No. 182368

Shit dude. I hit my cat out of anger once and I felt like a fucking monster (and by hit I mean I basically shoved her over and then she popped back up because she thought we were playing).

No. 182370

You're the worst.

No. 182391

i refuse to give homeless people money and don't feel bad about it at all

No. 182396

I've cheated on the quizzes for all of my online classes so far. They were open book so no proctoring was involved. I leave each class with only my finals being lower than an A.
I honestly feel terrible about it but I have no interest in the classes themselves to want to learn the material.

No. 182399

I do that for classes that aren't relevant to my major.

No. 182401

I've pirated thousands of gigs of digital content and I don't really feel bad tbh. Also, I haven't done it, but I'm interested in writing peoples' essays for them for money. Super immoral (and I'd NEVER buy an essay myself) but I want cash. I'm just not sure how to get started.

Probably the worst one was I got off to one of those weird 3d rendered loli porn vids. I'm not a pedo, I pretty much only watch fetish porn for the taboo of it and because I'm desensitized to normal porn, but I still felt gross afterward. I'm taking a break from porn for a while to "un-desensitize" myself to it.

No. 182407

Well, I don't have any awful things to report that I've done recently (grad school is pretty boring tbh), but a friend of mine did something shitty. I'll just post it because I know she sure as hell doesn't browse here. btw, I changed their names.

My friend, Clara, is an undergrad at my university. Her boyfriend of three years, Mark, cheated on her with another girl, Katie. Katie had been trying to date/bang Mark since she met him last August, despite his (apparently initial) insistence that he had a girlfriend. Clara found out about Mark's infidelity through a friend.

Instead of freaking out and sperging all over the place like most people would, Clara broke up with Mark– albeit tearfully– and carefully plotted her revenge.

Katie lives in a designated sorority house that anyone can access as long as they have the passcode. Put the passcode in on the keypad and ta-da, you're in. Well, somehow Clara got the passcode to this sorority house, got inside, and replaced Katie's shampoo with some hair removal cream. No idea what kind, or how, or when she managed to figure out which room was Katie's, but she did it, and now Katie's hair looks even worse than Kooter's.

I also have no idea what she's planning for Mark, but I'm sure it's something even more elaborate. Maybe I'm a shit person for not informing anyone about her actions, but, I mean, Katie did prove herself to be a shit person.

No. 182413

i'll never understand why bitches go after the girl their shitty bf cheated on them with. they could have not known he was in a relationship, or been told by him that they were breaking up/bad relationship, etc, whereas your shitstain boyfriend couldn't not know they were in a relationship.

i'm all for revenge on the person who cheated on you, but leave the other partner alone, your bf/gf is an adult, they didn't cheat with a gun to their head even if the other person seduced them or some shit.

No. 182418

I agree with you 100%. However, in this situation, both parties (Mark and Katie) fully knew what they were doing. I think in Clara's eyes, they are both at fault, so she wants revenge on both of them.

She apparently has something planned for Mark, too, but I don't know what it is. I'll update here if I ever find out. I think her "punishment" for Katie was a bit easier to pull off.

No. 182448


Same… I'm in accounting right now and it would definitely kick my ass if I didn't cheat.

No. 182461

Anon literally said the girl knew he had a gf since August and kept going after him. Not saying the guy doesn't deserve something done to him either but she definitely wasn't an innocent party.

No. 182475

all he had to do though was tell her to fuck off though? he didn't hold a gun to his head

No. 182476

No. 182488

Do thoughts count? I have constant terrible, and sometimes violent, thoughts towards many people in my life. If I could actually do them and get away with it I have no doubt I would.

I hope you're trolling.

No. 182489

I started to be sexually active for some reason at 4 years old & I asked my neighbor when I was 6 for sex. That will surely land me a spot in hell.

No. 182493

There was this one kid my friend and I used to gang up on in school, we'd harass him until he started crying. We didn't even hate him or anything, we just did it because we could.

No. 182500

You're disgusting. Seriously, fuck you.

No. 182522


You're a sociopath grats

My friend and I are popular skinny bitches & I'm a dyke so when lardass girls send me unasked-for pics in a desperate attempt to get my attention, I always share them with her & laugh my ass off. I got one today from a special snowflake and I'm looking forward to making fun of this idiot together, as a team.

It's really nice to have a friend to hate things with.

No. 182531

constantly flirt and talk dirty to other guys online, despite having a genuinely lovely caring boyfriend who does everything for me

No. 182533

File: 1488189748559.jpg (49.74 KB, 547x471, s.jpg)

>all these mad catfags
If we're allowed to hit children, we should be allowed to hit cats.

No. 182536

>popular skinny bitch
Pick one.

No. 182541

File: 1488200810952.png (45.61 KB, 445x372, 1482477470527.png)


>hahaha i love making people mad on the internet

>u mad bro im just trollin ya! lol xD

No. 182554

/the worst thing you ever did op was not check the catalog
We already have a 'confession' thread

No. 182556

Catfishing a dude on the side for 6 years.

No. 182557

You shouldn't hit children either. Never have kids, jfc.
I sure hope your cat eats your flesh if you ever die in your house.

No. 182581

I tend to find bfs that I don't love at all that let me move in with them. Well, I tell them that I love them and do all the gf things like cooking and sucking dick and saying I love you back like a parrot.

Sometimes I think I'm just not able to love anyone because I never really felt it. I just sometimes get a few butterflies when I see someone attractive passing by or watching some romantic love movie. But besides that, nothing.
I sometimes felt bad for exploiting them like that, so I try to give back as much as I can. Like hugging and being there emotionally etc. But when I look at them I feel a slight disgust, kinda? Idk..
Also I never cum with them because I just can't let go really. But I act like I do. I even have a plan to when to act like I do and when not, so it's realistic. Always have to masturbate secretly when I need it. Because I can only cum when I'm alone, too. When someone watches or something it doesn't work.

Welp. Maybe I'm just a psychopath or something.

No. 182583

I stole a cracker while doing a cleaning job at someone's house cause I was so fucking hungry

No. 182584

Jesus fuck anon are you me

No. 182597

Are you maybe gay or asexual?
Sounds like me, never got off with a guy so I thought I was a lesbian for a long time, because at least women are pretty to look at and more relatable, so I thought it was sexual attraction… turns out I'm just not into either, women were just easier to be with. Meh.
At least you try. Maybe it's not genuine, but you try and you do give something back. It's not like you're intentionally harming someone.

No. 182605

I was like that too, until I found my current boyfriend. He's everything to me and it feels amazing to like someone this much and have them like you back, and feel good just by being with them or getting a text. It's fucking wonderful.

Actually, I had a long string of long term bfs I was only mildly infatuated with, lived together and got off on knowing they loved me so much when I didn't give a shit. But I always pretended to like them because it made them happy and that made me feel good about myself and fed into their affection. I'd eventually cheat and break up and then feel good I made them so fucking miserable for so long.

Though I'm sure there's a spot in hell with my name on it for this, I don't regret it because it gave me enough flirting and being a good gf practice to be good to the guy I love now. Only downside is that I was emotionally closed off with them and I'm trying my best to completely open up now and it's so hard I sometimes hurt him by not telling him how I'm feeling often enough. I'm getting extra burned in hell for for using previous bfs blood and tears as sacrifices to please current one.

No. 182611

I've thought about dating girls, but I'm a bit afraid when I think about it. I have no idea how I should even approach a girl in that way. Also I'm sure I just like dicks. I do find women aesthetically way more pleasing, but for example when I'm masturbating and I imagine things that turn me on, it's still the image of a good looking cock that helps me the most. I don't think that I'm asexual either. The thing is that I do have a libido but it seems like I can just live it out when I'm alone or something.

How did you find out that you love him? Did you just "feel" it from the start? How did you get to know each other? Online or IRL?

No. 182612

We met online, and yeah, I knew it from immediately "feeling" it. It does feel so different. Also, the way you react to stuff and what you're willing to do is very telling - for example, with other bfs I would always find it such a pain to deal with their emotions and act supportive, whereas I enjoy helping when he needs it. I feel guilt if I do something bad, when I never cared before. I actually worry about being a decent person when I used to be a complete piece of shit. When he does something cute I get that "uguu" feeling I'd only feel for animu husbandos. It's a very clear difference.

> I do have a libido but it seems like I can just live it out when I'm alone or something

I used to be the same as you, did you happen to start masturbating really early? I think there might be a connection.
Closing my eyes and thinking of some porn I watched earlier so I could cum worked wonders but… well, not too different from masturbating. Nowadays I just concentrate really hard on the physical sensation and tell myself it's OK to feel pleasure. It's still hard, but possible!

No. 182627

Haha this kinda sounds like me. I like to be cutesy, so it seems like I have a lot of affection even when I really think they are annoying and boring.

Some current guy I'm seeing, I'm only doing so because he buys me dinner in exchange for making out for him. He must really like me, because he keeps driving up 30 minutes to meet me, while I'll barely lift a finger to go out and see him. (On my defense the restaurants are way better over where I live and he lives with his parents)

On the other hand, I'm currently living with a different guy. We're roommates who live in the same bed and often cuddle and sometimes do sexual stuff.

It is really awkward when I hang out with the both of them because it's clear that I have more chemistry with my roommate and like him a lot more. But still this guy keeps coming back for some reason.

I dunno, I've come clear to the guy I'm not interested in anything serious. But not that I view cuddling/making out with him to be a chore. He is a virgin though so I guess I'm really doing a service after all.

Isn't there some courteous way of letting people know you are hungry? Not that I blame you for eating the cracker, but I think some people are fine with sharing their food. (And others aren't obviously) It's just that I work as a nanny, and my employer is fine with having me pig out all the time.

No. 182631

I told my mother I wouldn't sleep over at hers when I come home for the hols and would instead stay at dad's. I could hear her frail old heart breaking over the phone.

In my defence, we have screaming matches whenever we spend more than a day around each other. She's one of those neurotic helicopter mammies and it drives me bonkers, so it was for the best.

Also I've siphoned so much money out of my bf it's ridiculous. Makes me feel bad but he always insists because his folks are loaded and mine are… not. To say the least.

No. 182641

Sex with my bf sucks.

I feel bad saying it, but he's kind of on the lower end of average size with not much girth to make up for anything. When he wants to fuck, he doesn't say so or attempt to get me in the mood. When I go to bed with him usually he just starts groping me and humping and we wind up in some variation of intercourse every few months. He has a weird jaw issue with inverted little rat teeth so when he does things like 'bite' me it's not sensual in the least and it actually is a bit awkward plus it hurts. And JFC his form is just awful. The penis barely hits halfway into my vagina so any slight deviation in movement and the penis slips out. I can't relay how FRUSTRATING it is! I get no satisfaction out of being a hump doll. It becomes so painfully apparent, as he pumps along, that I'm so not into it and waiting for him to cum. He usually just stops without cumming himself as well.

What's even grosser is that when I go to the bathroom to pee and clean up after, I always find his boxer fibers and pubes in my vaginal area because he doesn't clean his penis too good and doesn't trim down there.

I'm not as sex crazed as I was in my late teenage years and early 20s. Some of this I blame on my birth control implant because it did lower my sex drive since I had it put in three years ago and it makes my pussy extremely dry. But when I do have sex I want it to be good and I want to be in the mood.

I know I'll have to have a conversation about this and think of something to spice up our sex life but I resent it. I resent that he can't sense how pathetic the sex is and that I have to be the first to say something. I resent that our sex sucks so much in the first place that I have to awkwardly talk about it.

I often fantasize about my single life that I used to have with a few of my gorgeous hookup dudes and their fat cocks. How we'd go for hours straight fucking and cuddling, and how now with my bf I can't wait for him to get off me.

Good thing I kept most of my vibrators or I don't know how I'd rid myself of all the sexual frustration I have.

No. 182647

why the fuck are you still with this loser

No. 182649

I'm actually a man

No. 182650

Jesus fucking Christ, you're a grown woman and you can't talk to your partner?
Are you this much of a child? Leave him for his own sake please.

No. 182653

i hope he has a killer personality, otherwise you're torturing yourself for nothing.

No. 182654

>It is really awkward when I hang out with the both of them because it's clear that I have more chemistry with my roommate and like him a lot more. But still this guy keeps coming back for some reason.
The thirst is real. I suggest breaking it off before he gets attached.

No. 182660

This seems more like a guy posting a made up story.

No. 182663

He might be the kind of guy who cries at any sort of criticism, anon

No. 182666

>leave him for his own sake
Did I strike a nerve with you or something? I'm pretty much the reason in his past few years that he's been going forward in his life instead of living in a college town being a pizza boy with crippling debts and bad credit. You're calling me a child because I'm upset over a sex issue which isn't exactly uncommon when we get along fine in other aspects? Ok, that's fair /s

How. And no it's not.

I'm afraid he might take it sensitively because most guys don't really like being told their sex isn't satisfying when they think they've been doing a good job. But I don't even know if he thinks that considering I don't really finish and neither has he the past couple times.

No. 182667

I think anons are upset because your post sounds full of resentment and you even said you're so bored you think about other people. Sure you might have helped him with his life but that isn't a reason to stay with someone. Because you feel important to them? There seems to be some other stuff going on, you clearly benefit from some way in this relationship which is why you don't leave him. But you can't be surprised people aren't wondering why you'd stay with someone you clearly hate having sex with. Which btw, at the level you described is not as common as you think

No. 182668

You shouldn't have let it go on for so long. Now no matter what it's gonna be shitty sexually. You keep acting like it's fine or you hurt and humiliate him by confessing that he's never made you orgasm and isn't big enough. You should have discussed it like an adult after the first fuck not waited for ages ignoring it. There's no good solution since you left it too late

No. 182669

>you clearly benefit from some way in this relationship which is why you don't leave him
He is someone I love and care about.
The sex just sucks and it makes me mad, like crazy agitated. Because I don't recall it being this shitty the first year. You're right, there's other things he's done that might be compounding my agitation at him but the sex thing is just so…argh. I don't even know how to approach it.

No. 182670

>you keep acting like it's fine or you hurt and humiliate him by confessing that he's never made you orgasm and isn't big enough

Uh. Are you my boyfriend? This confession is completely anonymous and hasn't gone to him in any way.

No. 182678

Ask him how you think your sex life is going and get a gauge on how he feels about it too. Lie and say one of your friends asked her bf this and thought it really helped them out. Or say you asked because you wanted to try something new but felt shy about how to approach it. That might be a good first step

No. 182679

That's not a bad idea anon, thanks a bunch for that!

No. 182682

that's awful and narcissistic as fuck, anon.

No. 182687

Haha I guess so.

I think he has a huge inferiority complex since he is "deformed" and is a virgin. I dunno, I kinda think I'm doing this guy a favor and boosting his confidence. He is even more normal than me in some respects, haha. I guess some people really get the short end of the straw.

No. 182692

No but if you talk about it to him now like a grown up you're gonna hurt him. You shouldn't have lied in the first place

No. 182696

Saying nothing is "lying"?
Also clearly it's not an all or nothing situation as someone more helpful than you offered some suggestions about how to approach it.

No. 182711

For me the biggest problem with your post is that you're having sex when you don't want to. He doesn't even seem to know that you don't want to, which adds to how uncomfortable it is. Isn't that striking a chord with anyone else?
Why can't you tell him you're not in the mood, or to stop touching you? When you do want to give it a shot, why can't you ask him to go down on you? Or suggest that he shave or that you want both of you to take a shower together first?
You don't owe anyone sex ever, but if you guys love each other then you at least owe him some effort to not hide this stuff from him. Forcing yourself to have sex when you don't want to is emotionally bad for you and will take it's toll, and if he genuinely cares about you then it would be horrifying for him to find out he was doing this to you all along. Trust him to be an adult and tell him that birth control can fuck with libido.

No. 182718

Jesus - yes. Saying nothing is lying. It is possible to lie by omission. This is why courts say "the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth". WHOLE TRUTH.

No. 182720

seriously dump him. we girls are conditioned to compromise and stay with dopey men even if they don't tick all the right boxes. you deserve someone who gets your pulse racing and that you connect with emotionally. don't settle for less

No. 182723

>lie by omission
Lol that's only if you say other things that give a pretense that the sex was good while avoiding a direct question if the sex was good. Sounds like anon's body language and the fact that neither of them orgasm would be a pretty good indicator to anyone not stupid that the sex ain't so good.

No. 182726


I used to be like this too. It's kind of weird when you find someone you really care about at first, as is with my bf.
I used to kind of suck of the attention out of guys and make them feel special so that they'd do the same for me, but I never really felt anything. The thing about cumming, too. Like, I would get off fine if I masturbated alone, but when we had sex or they watched me masturbate, it just wasn't the same and I would never have an orgasm (I did the same thing about faking them). I even questioned if I was straight-up gay, because I knew I like girls and that I always found them more physically attractive and have always paid more attention to them in porn and shit, but it doesn't seem to be the case (I'm still trying to figure that out, in a way).
Then along came my bf out of the blue and it was almost instant because there was such a connection I had never felt with anyone before, emotionally and sexually. Now, instead of being nice so that I'll get something out of the other person, I want to be a better person for him. I enjoy learning new things about him, having different experiences with him, even though we're basically fucking broke. Sex is so much better too because
I no longer feel guilty about using it as a way to get things; I mostly pay attention to how he makes me feel and making him feel good.
I don't think it makes you a psychopath, I think this is a pretty normal occurrence for people when they're trying to figure themselves out and what they like

No. 182730

>lie by omission
Hi mom

No. 182750

I broke up with my ex girlfriend because solely because she had a penis & I never knew I was penis repulsed. We had perfect chemistry in every other aspect except sex. Everytime we'd hit it off I felt so dirty & disgusting when she'd get naked. Like I knew she was going to fully transition in the next few years & have her penis removed, but I simply felt uncomfortable whenever we tried getting sexual.
> ib4 anon y didnt u tell her then
I did tell her many times that I didn't like anything about her dick near me ( and wow reminds me how much she hated her dick saying this), but it was just so inevitable. She would also sometimes be in the tune & not realize she had it either & would get turned off immediately. It was so strange to me. She had already started transitioning which gave her a very low libido, which made things a lot harder. We avoided getting anywhere sexual because it was uncomfortable and stressful for the both of us.
I'm not sure how I would have felt either eating out a neo vagina once she had her penis removed.
I feel like breaking up with her at the most vulnerable time of her life was an awful thing to do. Especially since she really wished she didnt have a dick & just wanted to be in a happy relationship.

No. 182761

i got bratty and told my dad i hated him after he forgot my nineteenth birthday - it was the trigger after years of him walking in and out of my life, his alcoholism, homelessness, etc.

i knew that he still loved me and that he was a very broken man but i remember wishing he was dead instead of hanging on and fucking everything up periodically.

a month later he killed himself and i got dozens of letters and messages from my stepmother's family telling me that it was me who had pushed him to do it. he died alone in a hospital.

No. 182765

Hate to break it to you bucko

No. 182766


I'm sure it was a feminine penis.


You're not attracted to trannies. Nothing wrong with that. Glad you got out of the relationship instead of forcing yourself to pretend you were okay with being with someone who was biologically male.

No. 182773

How is this at all an issue? Talk to him about it, as long as you're polite, there's no reason for him to get upset, not long term at least.

No point to break up over this if you haven't spoken to him, it just legitimately sounds like he doesn't know what to do in bed, which could be massively helped by you trying to give him an idea. Even if just in the bedroom, if what he's doing isn't getting you off in the moment, ask him to do something else. Don't just lie there and wonder why he doesn't know what exactly he's doing wrong.

No. 182775

I've been the 'other woman' for the past 4 months with someone from my university. I had to end things with him because I knew he wasn't going to break up with his girlfriend anytime soon and because I caught some intense feelings.

No. 182776

God, this was heartbreaking. I'm sorry, anon.

No. 182777

Yeah nah. You did nothing wrong anon and don't have the narcs he was associated with try to make a scapegoat of you. He was the adult and he failed himself and as a parent.

No. 182785

>i got dozens of letters and messages from my stepmother's family telling me that it was me who had pushed him to do it

If they honestly thought you pushed him to do it by saying you hated him, they wouldn't be sending you dozens of letters like that. If they genuinely thought a few words could push someone over the edge, they'd be cruel to do that to you. I think they're just lashing out and looking for somebody to blame and unfortunately they've picked you. Hopefully they'll grieve and learn that it wasn't your fault but if they don't then they can fuck right off. Everybody is affected by grief differently but that doesn't mean they can shove the knife in deeper.

We all say dumb shit sometimes. Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure he knew it was just a bratty moment.

If he was a homeless alcoholic, I'm sure there were other, more important factors at play. He might have ended up mentally ill or may have always been that way and simply self medicated with alcohol.

It's so easy to blame yourself but ultimately, although things could have been handled better, it was his choice to kill himself. It's not like you were bullying him or attacking him every day of his life.

The fact is that he hurt you badly and sometimes you have no choice but to stop putting up with people's shit. Nobody should have expected you to constantly let yourself be hurt in order to protect someone who you didn't feel was there for you. It's not your fault he's dead and it's not your fault that you had a moment where you got sick of being treated badly before he died.

No. 182794

I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, but instead of confronting him about it I've been acting like nothing is wrong. Part of this is because I wasn't sure at first, but another part is because we live together and I'm afraid of being displaced before our lease is finished. The problem is I got to such a dark point that I wanted some sort of revenge, so I sent him an anonymous email saying that I (meaning an anonymous person) knew about the cheating and was going to tell me (as in my actual self), just to scare him. I didn't want to blackmail him, I just wanted to see how he would react and if he would confess himself, but he hasn't. But now every time I answer a phone call or look at my computer I can see he's really nervous. I know it's childish and I should have just broken up with him like an adult but I'm still really bitter.

No. 182797


this is kind of you anons, thank you for replying


i've been waiting five years to hear that and i can't stop crying. i never got to talk about it irl. thank you. sage for gross feelings.

No. 182798

That's actually hilarious

No. 182806

Why don't you just kick him out and get a roommate instead?
seriously if he doesn't confess even after the mail he's just a selfish prick. Dump him please you're better than that. Or do you enjoy being a cuckqueen?

No. 182808

I'd say he was a selfish prick long before that anon, but yeah, I agree completely.

No way you should stay in that situation, and you should look into the laws that let you get out of leases, often people who live with you making it intolerable for you to keep living there is one of them, I'm sure a partner cheating on you would come under that if you have some evidence.

No. 182810


You're both right. I think the best thing for me to do is to find another place to live since trying to forcefully evict him would be difficult legally. I'll try to negotiate with my landlord about terminating my lease early, but I'm afraid it will get back to my boyfriend before I have time to prepare. If I'm being 100% honest, I'm kind of afraid of his temper, which is also why I didn't confront him about the cheating directly. If I tried to break up with him and then leave or have him leave he would freak out. So adding to the awful things I've done, I'll probably wait until he goes on a trip later this spring and then just leave with my things. I know that's shitty, but I want to be able to move out without an argument and I'll probably just leave a note and delete all of my social media so he can't try to fight with me more afterwards. He can have the other girl move in if he can't afford the rent anymore

No. 182812

It was him who did wrong. Fuck him srsly. What do you mean by that you're afraid of his temper? That he will scream or something? If he gets angry it just proves how much of an idiot he is.

He did wrong. He gave no shits about you, so fuck him and leave him. Who cares if he's dependent on you with that lease thing? He should've thought about it earlier then.
And if by temper you mean something really nasty that he gets angry in a way that he might try to hurt you then get the cops involved. Girl please don't let him out easily like that by hiding and trying to disappear without confrontation. I get it, confrontation is always annoying but you did nothing wrong. Hes a fucking douche and doesn't deserve you. Stand up for yourself.
Hit him with that proof and tell him to either fuck off or organize your moving then. If he treats you like shit then he should expect his life to be shifty, too.

No. 182815

Landlords can be very forgiving in this situation. Mine let me break my lease 2 months early without notifying my then-fiancé because i was afraid of him (I told her that). She understood completely and made sure the rest of the office understood so the situation could proceed smoothly and asked if I needed help. I waited til he went to work, picked up my uhaul, packed my shit, and left before he came home.

Good luck anon.

No. 182822

I'm a different anon but I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry for the way you've been treated. Teenagers say these things all the time, your family have no right to blindly pin their anger on you, you have lost him too afterall.

It might be best to stick to the 'someone emailed me about you cheating, I deleted the message but I've had a feeling for a while so I'm leaving' line rather than admit you sent the email. He doesn't deserve honesty at this point anyway. Can you stay with a friend or family member if shit hits the fan and he figures it out? You could put your local services on speedial if you think he might become unsafe at any time

No. 182830

get off lolcow, fuckface!

No. 182831

i wouldn't say that's terrible of u since it was consensual? were u exposed to sex that early by others?

No. 182832

is this fucking bait? either way, GET OFF LOLCOW. NO HARMING KIDS AND ANIMALS.

No. 182836

It's obviously bait dude, the smug pepe didn't tip you off?

No. 182839

I'm kinda happy my ex didn't get any award. I feel awful about it, but some part of me still want him to suffer.

No. 182853

he's been feeling depressed the past couple of days and keeps confessing to me about how he hates his life and he can't wait to start doing new things with me etc, all the time i think about sexy things i can say to other people. it's definitely pretty screwed.

No. 182855

My then bf was flirting with his ex online multiple times after i begged him to stop and then he dumped me so one day i hacked his facebook and deleted everything on it

No. 182856

And she ended up not wanting him back lul.

No. 182857

That's awful, I'm sorry anon :( Seems like an enormous weight to carry.

No. 182859

You monster

No. 182863


No. 182880

tbh this isn't messed up at all, at least in my opinion. i feel like giving food or something useful is way way better than giving a homeless person money. like as mean as this sounds a good amount of homeless people are either some kind of addict who might waste that dollar you gave them on alcohol/ drugs, or they're really mentally unsound and it's easier to just give them food as opposed to having them struggle to buy something in a store, or (much slimmer chance) they're one of those scammers you read about or a young dumb runaway teen who actually has a home to go back to and refuses to. i've only ever given my change to like, really old people who you can tell are genuine or women who are out there with kids, but even then I'd much rather offer to go and buy them some food or something to keep then warm from the dollar store they're standing outside of, because it saves them the time of soliciting enough money while saving me the risk of them wasting the money on something shady

No. 182884

Whenever someone confronts me about something I did or say, I'll find a way out of it by turning the situation around and making them out to be the bad guy while convincing them I'm just doing my best and being clumsy and hadn't realized it was wrong until now.
Most of the time I just didn't think they'd confront me, and every time I'll just adjust my behavior around that person so they can't complain about it again. Even though deep down I don't feel bad (or at least not very much) about hurting them.

I don't care too much most of the time because it's usually with people I don't like to begin with, but I've noticed I'd do this as well when fighting with my boyfriend and that feels terrible. Being that way with someone I care about so much made me realize how manipulative it was, I really want to stop and just learn how to be honest all the time.

No. 182888

i'm starting to think i might struggle with this too, anon! i never feel like i'm being manipulative because I always apologize and am sorry about shit I shouldn't even be sorry about, but i'm kind of noticing that I might have a bit of a victim complex and that really sucks because I've always prided myself on being extremely empathetic/ gentle/ non confrontational, but in reality I think that may just be a front for my more manipulative subconscious

No. 182897


are you two me? :'( i'm not really the gentle type, but i've always been the empathetic friend… who is lowkey super manipulative

but i caught myself doing it to my bf (not even realizing it).

i went to therapy (we get 10 free sessions at my school) and my counselor (been there about 5 times in the past semester) noticed immediately two things that i had done to my bf that were manipulative, that i didn't even realize…

No. 182899

what 2 things did you do that were manipulative?

i hope you're not still sleeping with him anon

No. 182908


we wanted to go on vacation but he was worried that i would worry about money problems and suggested that we just stay home (but i really wanna go), so i was like ayo mr therapist i'm just gonna tell him that we talked about this, so that way i have someone backing me up, and validating the fact that i'm okay to go on vacation.

and my therapist was like, don't you think that's a little bit manipulative?

and i was like oh shit, because it totally is.

i don't remember the second thing off the top of my head, but it was something that came naturally to me, but looking back with hindsight, i realized it was manipulative/controlling

hindsight, am i right?

sage for drunk rambling

No. 183050

I know this is an old post but

>There was a guy who was a really good match for me, not perfect of course, but we meshed well, and I turned him down because he was a different race than me.

Fuck you OP, you're a cunt.

No. 183058

An actual awful thing I do is I look at my phone and text way too much when I drive. I feel like I'm going to hurt myself or someone else sooner or later. But I hate driving a lot, and I find myself driving a lot for my job.

No. 183059

Yeah, I'm probably going to stick to that story. I know I shouldn't have done it in the first place, but I still feel like I'm in the right. And the only satisfaction I get from all of this is that he's constantly paranoid.
And the good news is that one of my friends in another city was looking for a roommate, so I'm probably going to leave and be far enough away to avoid anything crazy. Honestly, I'm glad everyone here has been supportive because when I explained the situation to another friend she thought I should give him another chance. I'm kind of sad about that

I'm not. One of the reasons I began suspecting that he was cheating was because we didn't have sex very much anymore. When it was confirmed, the few times that he's tried I've made excuses

No. 183063

My boyfriend does this and it really scares me because he has to drive 11 hours away every two weeks. He does it because he says "driving is boring" but wtf?

No. 183066

If it won't be a serious crash it'll be a really fucking stupid one. Stop while you're ahead.

>three years ago

>just paid off my high school car
>10ish pm
>driving around my old neighborhood trying to find a friend's house I never been to
>going 20 mph on resident road
>looking at gps on phone
>got lost
>apparently didn't see a two way stop
>look back up
>see flash of maroon door
>slam into another car's rear end door
>completely totals my piece of shit car
>airbag went off and gave me a slight hand scrape
>other car had a dent in it and was drivable
>person in car didn't secure their child into car seat correctly
>had bloody nose from slamming his face into front seat and was crying
>made me feel like shit
>grandma in front pretends her whiplash is some morbid bodily injury
>ambulance shows up and she walks over to it and asks to be put on a stretcher
>suddenly I didn't feel bad
>awkwardly stand next to driver whose car I slammed into who clearly was mad as hell at me waiting for police statement

TL;DR Nothing serious happened and my car got appraised enough for me to buy a new car. But my insurance did increase and it was a major fucking headache. It's not really worth it.

No. 183067

Lol why even? In relationships at least it's pretty important to feel a certain kind of attraction to your partner. And if he's just not your type, like if you prefer blondes or redheads or whatever he can have a stellar personality but it will never truly "click".

No. 183068

It's actually called a preference. Sounds like you're trying to use the same logic that MTFs use when lesbians don't want to date or fuck them. OP has her preference. It isn't racist. Chill out.

No. 183077

He can't change his race, but you can change your racism. This isn't the 1950s, stop being so close-minded.

No. 183079

At least they can dye their hair tho,lol.

My ex preferred red heads. I was like, "Hey I can dye my hair if you want" I never did nor would I have but at least he was secure. I would have maybe let him buy me a wig. Ima bitch

Race is a different thing. If someoen doesn't like your race I totally get it. You can't change that and in a lot of ways its part of your identity

No. 183082

I'm late but I'm a serial cheater too. My teacher makes these online quizzes; some questions are written by him but others are straight from the text. You can tell which ones are from the text because the font on these questions are larger lol

No. 183088

That's not really racism though, at all. No more than you not wanting to date another woman is sexism, you just don't find them attractive.

No. 183098

>some questions are written by him but others are straight from the text
I hate when profs do this, lazy as hell.

No. 183102

She said herself that they were a really good match and she turned him down because of his race. If the attraction just isn't there, whatever. But if the only reason you turn him down is his race that's racist.

No. 183108

Because she's not attracted to him, as a result of his race.

If you got along really well with a gay chick, just loved each others company, and turned her down because of her gender, would you be a sexist? Or is that just your tastes?

No. 183121

Stole my moms Vicodin while she was on chemo (tbh tho she hated them and liked weed I got her more) but I stole bits at a time abs I regularly take cash from their wallets, they're older and forget what they spend etc that's what they think

They're also wonderful people who support me and I'm kind with them but also a piece of shit cuz I steal from them and lie.

No. 183134

I'm not attracted to Asian men, doesn't mean I'm racist. Grow up.

No. 183145

Lmao you're trolling right?
Why are you trying to bully people into dating people they don't want to date by calling them names? That's pretty much what happens over at r/incel, too. But instead of using the racism boogeyman they call the girls whores.

No. 183156

Somewhat superficial, yes. Now calling her a racist, that's reaching too fucking much.

No. 183160

Kek he didn't even bother to change the size of the font, totally lazy. But he makes up for it by being a really amazing lecturer

No. 183165

She literally discriminated him based on race alone. No matter how you spin it, yes, this is racist.
Maybe anon isn't a fucking Neo-Nazi, but that counts as racism.

No. 183169

You would understand if you ever had to blow an asian dude. Its like they all have these tiny shrunken penises

Awk af. And 0 penetration

No. 183171

I feel like more info is needed. I agree that preferring one race over another in terms of general attraction is not racism, but OP never said whether she was attracted to him or not. If she thought he was a good guy but not attractive, obviously attraction is really important in relationships and she had every right to turn him down, but if she thought he was a good guy and also attractive but STILL turned him down then that's pretty stupid.

No. 183175

My neighbor was 47 at the time & he agreed to it as long as we kept it a secret. We didn't have sex because he said it would hurt & I ran away. I told my mom about it & hell broke loose. He got into big trouble & was registered as a sex offender. No I was not exposed to sex /oral at all, but I did know how to masturbate. I just knew how children where made & that I shouldn't do it until marriage.. ofc I was a very curious & rebellious child. So in other words, I asked a 47 year old dude to fuck me when I was a child. I was every pedobears dream, I'm gross & what I did was disturbing.

No. 183176

Ok I'm ngl my Asian ex had a tiny penis but the penetrative sex was so good. Not gagging was nice too lol

No. 183178

Uh, no. She was pretty clear that it was because of his race. This isn't a matter of being misquoted or secondhand information.
Even OP admits that it gets her "a spot in hell". It was his race.

No. 183185

You girls were just unlucky then. I'm married to an Asian guy, and while his penis isn't huge, it is indeed pleasurable (and I do gag on it).

No. 183186

Good that you told your mom, fucker deserved everything he got

No. 183188

You should get a counselor if you feel this way anon, you shouldn't be keeping all this guilt when you did nothing wrong. You were a child, not some grey area 17 year old either, a literal small child.
Your neighbor was however a grown adult and are fully responsible for what they did or even just planned/agreed to do. None of that is your fault.

No. 183192

Not complaining about the size, I found him physically attractive and the sex was great.
I was only unlucky because he was a jerk :c

No. 183195

I feel bad because I want to meet more foreigners and expats in my city but I'm afraid I'll get texts from arabs, indians and pakistanis if I post something online :(

If I say I want to meet europeans and american people I'll probably be labeled as racist but I'm tired of these weird thirsty dudes, they always send the weirdest messages like "Hi …. u have beautiful eyes, very sexy … I'm ahmed please to meet you" with a pixellated rose gif

Last time I said I wanted to meet with brits to improve on my english I got indian or iranian dudes with heavy accents messaging me :( I don't want to pick up a fucking awful accent and start saying stuff like "please do the needful" come on

No. 183200

Most foreigners have their own social circles, maybe try to find where people like that congregate in your city.
If you meet one you'll get to meet them all eventually, at least that's what it's like for me and my group of friends.
I used to be a member of those 'Foreigners/Expats/International students in X' groups on Facebook but it eventually got run over by Africans spamming illegal shite and advertising their shady clubs.

No. 183202

Who cares if they label you as racist? You're not, right? No. So whatever.
But keep in mind that a person doesn't have to be American or European to have great English if that's what you're looking for. My spoken (and written) English is very good because I'm a teacher, but I'm not American or European. I'm white as white can be though, so maybe you wouldn't know where I'm from (South America).
Anyway, maybe look for "NATIVE speakers from X, X, and X". Be specific. that will limit the search range.

No. 183205

Yeah, lots of people nowadays have good English without necessarily being British or American. Also people forget that Singapore, parts of India, South Africa, Malta, etc are also Anglophone.

My best friend's a Swede who was born in China and English is her native language.

No. 183213

Yup, that's kinda what I'm trying to do but so far I only met stationed military guys in the city, they were fun for a while but the drama was not worth it at all. Also wanted to bone everything on sight while the wife was back home, fun.

I'm obviously not racist, or I don't think I am as my friends group is very very diverse, but I just feel like there's more weirdo indians/middle eastern dudes on the internet than in european groups (maybe a cultural delay, like social interactions on internet + weird english ?). Unfortunately racism against muslims and foreigners is a hot topic in my country right now. There's a huge fb group with 100k members but I'm afraid they'll trash me if I only hint at not wanting to meet middle-eastern people or non-native speakers.

The second group is more specific, it's about meetingup with strangers to do whatever activity you think of, but if a girl post there she'll get 30 thirsty dudes hitting her up.

And again it's not exactly because of the language barrier, I totally agree with >>183205 but there's a huge influx of arabs and indians men in my city and they're weird as fuck. I just don't want to take a chance with them cause they tend to be persistent and socially … off ? And yeah I know I'm probably awful.

No. 183214

I don't think asking for native speakers for language practice is that rare or much of an issue, but maybe you should try to organize a big group meetup event so that you can use it to have your pick of the litter?

No. 183224

spill the beans anon, I love listening to yank antics

No. 183238

I don't know if it's gonna be interesting or not, honestly. They were just bored young dudes who stopped developing in their teens because every argument was solved with punches in the face, unless you were a girl and then you got a bad rep with the whole lot. It's basically bros before hoes but dumbed down 100 times.

They loved to band together against "hoes" when most of the time it was one of the dudes getting caught cheating or acting like a dick then pushing the label on the girl. They were bored out of their mind 90% of the time so their convo probably revolved around gym and girls and they were the biggest fucking gossips around. I once dropped something funny one of them did in front of my girl friend to yank A, who passed it down to B, who tattled to original yank who then immediately frantically messaged my girl friend, all of it under 15 minutes.

Even when some of them went back home, they were updated on stuff I did or who was trying to shag me (also if they feel like they can't score, you stop existing). Basically hanging out with them meant trying to stop them from fighting entire pubs or random people for stupid offenses, like honking at them for being in the way.

The "alpha" one was even hardcore hating on two girls because he was convinced they were using his friends to get close to him and shag him, when they were just dating two normal dudes.
I almost dated one of them before the beans were spilled that he already had someone (of course) and then dude called all of his pals to know who fessed up, it was a big drama thing as they were pretty much angry with me and I was labeled the crazy bitch.

No. 183245

Okay, honestly though if this were in Asia or pretty much any other part of the world aside from North America and Europe she'd be viewed as normal or even commended for her choice to stay with her race. Everyone saying that it's bad can fuck right off and I'm happy that more young women are starting to view racial purity for what it is, a perfectly natural phenomenon.

No. 183247

>racial purity
>natural phenomenon

But anon, it's bogus and contrived. At least the value of it is. If you're inherently unattracted to a certain race, fine, but if you decline to date somebody because of your preconceived, calculated notions of "racial purity", you're probably a shithead.

No. 183248

You're an awful person.
>Oh I hurt a child and an old woman because I'm too fucking stupid to watch the road
>oh she's faking her injury I didn't do anything wrong :)))

No. 183250

It's racist. Deal with it.

No. 183254

Wanting to preserve your culture isn't racism, it's common sense. YOU deal with it.

No. 183255

OP didn't do this to "preserve her culture". Christ.

No. 183257

Not strapping in a child securely is called irresponsibility and being shifty enough to fake injuries is called fraud.

>I didn't do anything wrong :)))

Why are you reading it like that anyway? The post didn't say that. Anon said they felt bad for the kid but not bad for the adult trying to commit insurance fraud.

No. 183261

Suck it up

No. 183267

Anon didn't bring in racial purity or whatever nazi ideals you have, wtf. You don't even know that she wouldn't date outside of her race given that she claims her friend group is varied.
Stop trying to stir up what is a uncomfortable but pretty normal thing into extremes.

No. 183289

As I said earlier, do you think it's discrimination to turn down a girl if she asks you out and you're straight? Is that sexism?

Or are you just not attracted to women?

It's not fucking discrimination to say you don't want to date someone, for any reason, because no-one has a right to date you. You're not taking something away from them, you're putting them in the same category as the literally billions of other people who aren't dating you. She didn't want to be with him because she doesn't find people of his race attractive, which is likely due to him having the features most common of that race.

It's not racism, the same as not being gay isn't sexism. Quit whining.

No. 183304

Whenever black guys ask me out, I turn them down just because they're black (and ugly to me).

I'm Mexican, so please don't accuse me of being Caucasian or some shit

No. 183316

>N-No it's the same as being straight!
Why are you making so many mental gymnastics to defend this? Does the concept strike a nerve for you? Anon only refused this person because of their race even though they were actually a good match otherwise. The nature of the thread implies they don't have some magical good reason for it, either. It doesn't have to be "taking something away" from someone, it's just discriminatory. Yes, it's racism. No ifs, ands or buts.

No. 183319


No. 183320

There's no mental gymnastics required though, at all. They turned down the person because of their race, because they don't find that attractive. They weren't a good match as a result of that, same as turning down a chick you aren't attracted to (because of your sexual preference) isn't sexism.

And do you know what discriminatory means? No-one's being treated wrongly here, because you don't have to be treated fairly here. Someone can choose not to date you for literally any reason they want, your argument takes away the persons ability to actually give consent in the relationship for fear of "being racist". It's coercive and absolutely reduces the autonomy of the woman.

No. 183321

that made me kek because i find mexicans absolutely ugly in general, but some blacks, when look good, really DO look good.
and yes im white trash.

No. 183323

Why are you trying to speak for OP and make up reasons for them (if it was a matter of being physically attracted, she probably would've said "He was a different race from me and I didn't find him attractive") when they themselves don't agree with what they did?
"Discriminatory" means "Marked by or showing prejudice; biased". It doesn't have anything to do with "fairness".
>your argument takes away the persons ability to actually give consent in the relationship for fear of "being racist". It's coercive and absolutely reduces the autonomy of the woman.
Holy shit. This is either some high-quality bait I've been looped into that just turned low-quality, or pure mental illness. These are absolutely mental gymnastics. I feel like I should stop before this gets any more cringy, but I'll keep going anyway and see what happens.
You have the right to be racist as long as you are not actually hurting peoples' livelihoods, but that doesn't mean everyone has to agree with it to protect your feelings. Not bending over backwards to worship or welcome such behavior is not "reducing the autonomy" of that person. They are still free to be racist when it comes to their dating choices, and no one is going to hold a gun to their head and force them to change that.
If I'm an asshole to someone, another person telling me "You're being an asshole to that person, wew" isn't "reducing my autonomy" as a woman to be an asshole lmao.

No. 183324

I don't see anything wrong with it

fuck you

No. 183325

I'm mex as well but I have no problem in dating black men, the cute nerdy guy type not ghetto tho, and as >>183321 said, when black men are hot they sure as hot af.

Now that we are talking about racism, idgaf about ppl not wanting to date others because of race or skin or some other shit. Yeah it's stupid or w/e but calling them racists is too much imo. We all know girls that doesn't date men just because they find them ugly, so what? Point racism out when a person has their human rights limited or violated because of race. Being unable to fuck is not one of them (sorry incels kek).

Sage for race derailing.

No. 183359

I'm not talking about the fucking definition of discimination, because we're expected to discriminate when choosing a partner. That should seem obvious, we discriminate on all sorts of shit.

And why are you throwing around accusations of "you're making up reasons!" when you've been doing that all along?

>If I'm an asshole to someone, another person telling me "You're being an asshole to that person, wew" isn't "reducing my autonomy" as a woman to be an asshole lmao.

No shit, that's not what we're talking about at all, that's a complete false comparison.

What happened is they turned down the person because of their race, for whatever reason, which is fine, you don't ever have to date anyone, and you can give any reason you like.

The response was then to call them out for turning the person down, and to start going on about how they're racist for not wanting to date them. The original post called them a cunt for nothing but wanting to not date them, then continued to call them "close minded" for it, and told them to change their racism.

That's a hell of a lot different to going "hey, you were being kind of shitty there", it's directly trying to convince them that their decision to turn down that guy is morally abhorrent, and that they're bad people for it. This sort of social pressure is fucking clearly an attempt to reduce their autonomy, and stop them acting in ways you don't like. If we followed what you said, we'd all be unable to have preferences based on race.

They're not being assholes at all, and you're honestly the only one using any mental gymnastics here to convince yourself it's racism and as such, wrong.

No. 183362

The derailing is getting out of hand. Please stop. Go to the /pol/ thread if you want to continue arguing about whether or not dating choices make you racist.

No. 183453


i honestly don't know why i made this post, just felt edgy i guess. to the people who worried, my cat is fine i just wanted attention.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 183455

these nonsensical public bans are getting out of hand

No. 183465

Hopefully it was just a "straw that broke the camels back" kind of ban on that particular user? I don't get it either, incendiary lies are just part of what you should expect on anonymous image boards

No. 183477

They really have been, I don't get why there's been so many for such petty shit recently.

Someone posted successful bait and that was enough for a public ban? Really?

No. 183499

The ban wasn't for the original post, it was for the "trolled u xD I just wanted attention" tacked on. It has already passed.

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