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File: 1625648110387.jpg (31.26 KB, 960x540, orchestra.jpg)

No. 847893

No such thing.
Previous: >>>/ot/837490

No. 847897

Lmao I fell for the thread pic question

No. 847908

nta but pronouncing these with an 'E' makes me sound Australian

No. 847911

So what's the solution??

No. 847913

Has anyone else ever found a single, unusually long hair on their body? Yesterday I found one on my shoulder. In the past there was also one on one of my thighs

No. 847915

38 minutes because there's less of them so they need less time to take their places on the stage

No. 847917

I guess I'm a brainlet because I don't even understand the question

>does NOT starts with E, however, it CAN start with E and would be pronounced the same way,

what does this mean

No. 847918

Yes! I have one pure white whisker that grows below my shoulder blade. I can't see it, so every few months I feel my back to see if it's long enough to twirl around my finger and yank out. Sometimes it grows as long as 6 inches before I can pull it out.

No. 847923

they're loking for a name that can also be spelled with an e (but thye're loking for the alternate spelling)
like amber/ember or something

No. 847929

I think it must be aaron/erin, thats the only one I can think of

No. 847971

What are some good movies about a person trying to track down a missing relative/friend/lover?

No. 847982

Gone Girl and Finding Nemo come to mind and lol what a pairing

No. 847991

Has anyone ever created a visual novel?

No. 848007

Yes I think someone must have created them sometime because they exist

No. 848011

kek no shit, I meant out of the anons here

No. 848016

File: 1625664765767.jpg (349.75 KB, 1076x1500, 91jv4qJxMtL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

No. 848036

Will the lethal dose of benadryl realistically actually kill someone or will they become psychotic and get "rescued" before they reach that point?

No. 848037

Taken is the first one that comes to my mind. Silence of the Lambs, although I am not sure if it counts since the person missing is not directly related to the protagonist. Other ones: Gone, Prisoners and Incendies.

No. 848045

It can be deadly. There was a retarded Tik Tok challenge not that long ago where teens started overdosing on it and I think one girl died

No. 848048

How do anons, or anyone really, get turned on just from looking at images, or from looking at people in general?

No. 848064

Yep, lower right buttcheek. Annoying as hell to try to tweeze

No. 848077

Changeling (2008) with Angelina Jolie comes to mind for me

No. 848108

which one of those people finder sites is best for getting basic information about someone that DOESN'T require paying money?

No. 848127

What's the female equivalent of sigma male?

No. 848128

Anons who are trying to lose weight by calorie counting, do you use a fitness app or you just note down how many calories you ate a day?

No. 848130

The Ligma Female

No. 848134

I hope the lady coomers start incorporating sigma males into omegaverse lore

No. 848141

Wtf is a sigma male? If it's part of a rating system like the Stacy/Becky and alpha/beta shit, then it's bullshit anyway

No. 848146

Yeah it's bulshit, but is fun for shitposting.

No. 848159

I've always used an app (MyFitnessPal). It's much easier because you can just scan barcodes or search for whatever you're eating and it stores all the info for you.

No. 848194

Do you mean like, explicitly erotic images or just like, pictures of hot people?

No. 848198

No. 848214

How do I become a mysterious dark sigma female instead of being viewed as an emo faggot with no friends send post

No. 848217

Mysterious people don't overshare, emo dorks with no friends do. Mysterious people have interesting things going on and give small glimpses into their lives, emo dorks with no friends blab about everything they're thinking of doing or have done as if it were interesting. Mysterious people also don't use retarded twitter lingo or memes to express themselves. Learn to edit yourself.

No. 848220

be rich and pretty have body language that portrays confidence and not giving a fuck. i think being mysterious is hard to pull off so confidence and okay being alone and independent is all you can aim for. people may or may not still see you as weird.

No. 848221

Serious question - is drinking small amounts of alcohol for relaxation actually bad for you? Not a full glass of wine, but just a small amount. Is drinking as bad as everyone says it is, like is it much worse than taking anti anxiety medication? Having a small drink puts me in such a better mood, like I’m actually a more agreeable person after a few sips. I mean people used to drink with every meal before clean water was widely available…

No. 848224

Yes it’s fine anon. Alcohol bad applies to people with zero self discipline or self awareness.

No. 848226

"Lethal dose" can actually mean a couple different things - in some contexts it's LD50, which is the dose amount at which 50% of subjects will die without treatment, but it can also be to a higher margin of safety like 1% for medications. So the "lethal dose" might only kill 1% of people, so its more like "minimum dose that might kill you."

Of course when people say someone "took a lethal dose of x" it means a dose that did or could have killed them, but really its pretty vague because people have very different tolerances, which is how people survive "lethal doses" of things not infrequently. It depends a lot more on if they get treatment in time, bit its not really possible to say if a given person would have lived/would have died with or without treatment after the fact.

No. 848231

if its smaller than a glass of wine its medically insignificant and totally fine, dont even think anout it. Definitely less bad than anxiety meds anyway.

No. 848235

It's bad when you can't go on without it

No. 848253

What did James Charles do this time?

No. 848263

he came back dumber than ever

No. 848267

Honestly pretty privilege plays a part, though confidence is key as well. I always seemed like a shy loser but when I started dressing better, lost weight, and developed the slightest bit of confidence, people began treating me differently. I've literally been described as "mysterious", "stoic", etc. by people and it's because I'm a relatively (I must emphasize RELATIVELY) pretty woman who is neither bubbly and outgoing nor shy and reclusive – just reserved.

No. 848270

are straight eyebrows considered to be ugly or masculine on women? even if they're shaped or naturally have a small arch? I've seen recent opinions perceiving straight brows as manly looking and there's not a lot of famous women with straight brows who keep them straight, they almost always style them arched

No. 848274

File: 1625685817764.jpg (37.54 KB, 650x366, 160952915833357255845007194886…)

Can you post an example? I love having straight eyebrows. Korea popularized them (I'm Asian) and sees these as boyish, yes, but youthful and feminine too and I agree. It depends on the thickness, I suppose. Thin brows are outdated everywhere

No. 848276

File: 1625685918095.png (1.35 MB, 646x900, Natalie-Portman.png)

I think for the most part it depends on your face. Off the top of my head I know Natalie Portman and Emma Watson both have pretty straight eyebrows and they're considered pretty by most people.

No. 848284

File: 1625687149940.gif (871.86 KB, 380x200, 200.gif)

Is there a way to access TikTok drafts on desktop so I can finish editing them on my PC? Honestly I just loathe using a phone for finicky stuff like that.

No. 848319

File: 1625689675756.jpeg (46.2 KB, 480x433, 65459A33-F0C9-4666-AEB2-937C69…)

something like this, more straight with an arch, or like Natalie Portman's, as exemplified by >>848276

unlike the Korean ones mine are thicker, but they've been trimmed down and shaped for years, thusly why I adapt an arch for them

it seems like even if they're perceived as more youthful they're typically considered plain janey, not striking or sexy. While Portman and Watson are both very pretty imo they're considered rather plain or babyfaced as opposed to sexy, same goes for a lot of other women with thick, straight eyebrows

No. 848328

Can a person with OCD have an uncleaned room and greasy (stuff such as) keyboard/mouse?

No. 848331

Being neurotic about cleaning your house and arranging things isn't an exclusive symptom of OCD, the hyperfixation might be focused on something else. Like having routines and rituals you absolutely can't, under any circuimstances, overlook or skip. So yes, a person with OCD can live in a pigsty but be extremely occupied with how to dress and in what order for example, or reoccurring intrusive thoughts. OCD is basically the fear of losing control in your life.

No. 848332

Yes, extreme cleanliness is only one manifestation of OCD, so they might have different compulsions and obsessions. I also read some stat once that 1 in 4 people who have OCD can exhibit hoarding behaviors if that gives you an idea of the difference between people. In general, I'm pretty sure OCD is commonly diagnosed in hoarders, which is a far cry from how people normally think of OCD.

No. 848336

File: 1625690531243.jpg (55.82 KB, 480x720, gettyimages-686239143-15856981…)

I don't think they are manly at all. I find they soften your overall features. Also they shorten your face if it's oblong

No. 848338

File: 1625690783685.jpg (245.35 KB, 2048x2730, 2048x2730-fc616be271e-assets-e…)

>I've seen recent opinions perceiving straight brows as manly looking
kek where did you read that?

No. 848348

File: 1625691588374.jpeg (354.26 KB, 1840x2553, iwPNp4p.jpeg)

I went on a celebrities-with-straight-eyebrows hunt kek. Conclusion: not manly

No. 848352

File: 1625692072615.jpg (98.09 KB, 1920x1080, Jennifer-Connelly-jennifer-con…)

They also add an additional level of symmetry to the face I think. Gonna stop browposting now kek

No. 848364

What happened to psych2go, and why would a youtube channel about “saving lives by building communities around mental health and psychology animated content” now be posting coomer-esque pornified versions of their mascot?

No. 848367

Is there anything like omegle but..better? More mature? I feel like having one-on-one conversations with strangers but I don't want to sift through horny teens and weird old men.

No. 848373

Why are needles so long if only a small amount of it, like < 0.5 inches, goes into the skin?

No. 848377

Never thought of this, could it be for sanitary reasons and stability? The longer the needle, the lesser the risk of touching the skin needlessly idk anon wow

No. 848380

What the hell? their videos are shit anyway, but this is just cringeworthy. Go back to posting little stick figure videos about being depressed

No. 848392

what alcohol would you recommend to someone who doesn't like alcohol in general and also doesn't taste super fruity?

No. 848396

Vodka in tomato juice

No. 848399

File: 1625697608130.jpeg (56.68 KB, 1024x1022, 33F13297-7B60-45D3-8E12-664778…)

anons help i keep consuming coffee on my adderall and im shaking how do i STOP IT. I SWEAR I WOLL NEVER CONSUME BOTH EVER AGAIN

No. 848403

File: 1625697875622.png (44.27 KB, 399x431, Needle-insertion-angles-1_(edi…)

It because it is cheaper in the long run to manufacture a single type of needles that you can use in different ways like picrl. And the length of the needle helps with avoiding accidently stabbing your self when injecting another person as if it had been a short needle more likely accidently stabbing yourself with a used needle that could transmit diseases like HIV for example.
The needles are single use and the length helps with >stability and sanitary reasons.
like >>848377 said

No. 848404

Something mixed with soda like vodka redbull or rum and coke. Or wine if you don't hate it

No. 848407

Take a run, anon. Sweat it out!

No. 848409

File: 1625698617650.jpeg (344.25 KB, 486x1124, 9A608B92-5F14-480F-BC3B-4B65B2…)

look up caffeine overdose. good luck waiting it out anon, take care of yourself and stay calm okay? https://rightasrain.uwmedicine.org/body/food/too-much-caffeine

No. 848417

Oooh thanks anon! I learned something new today.

No. 848423

jamaican rum

No. 848428

vodka with lots of lemonade

No. 848429

File: 1625703588795.jpg (43.31 KB, 498x479, 1610282312649.jpg)

Please tell me what it means nonnies. I've been waiting to ask out my coworker and today I finally had the courage. We had a conversation and when he was about to go home, I asked if we could have a beer or something, he asked when, and when I said I still don't know here anyone he was like "sure we can have a meeting with others or something". He didn't get the idea I think only about him. I was too shy to say it directly. But then he asked what town I live in and when I answered, he said it's pretty close and he could even come there on a bike. If he still had a group meeting in mind, would he said something like this? Did he finally get the memo and suggested he could pay me a visit, without anyone else? Why do I have to be so fucking autistic? Right after that my other coworker came in and my crush left

No. 848459

What did James Charles do this time? please explain I'm too dumb

No. 848489

First of all, if a guy doesn't ask you out, he's usually not into you. Secondly, the fact that he asked to make it a group meeting means he doesn't want to date. Sorry nonnie.

No. 848498

he sexted and sent unsolicied nudes to yonge boys (the yongest one was14 i think)

No. 848501

So it was true all along? ewww what the fuck.

No. 848512

I kind of disagree with anon above, if the guy is shy and you're not already close with each other then I wouldn't expect him to make a move. The bike comment seems very open-ended to me, I feel like I would need to know the specific nuances of the language and culture/country it was said in, lol. In my experience that kind of comment either means nothing, or that the other person is trying to leave the plans open-ended so as not to pressure anyone. I'm proud of you for asking him out, either way!

No. 848518

Historically, would a relationship between an older woman and a young boy be taboo? At least from a female perspective, i.e. if a woman in the 1800s or before finds out her thirty year old friend has been banging a fifteen year old boy is she gonna be grossed out, or would she not give a fuck?

No. 848548

how do you make peace with being unattractive?

No. 848560

You probably aren't unattractive

No. 848562

This is a real question, please don't booly
Am I the only one who thinks about sucking cock a lot? like, all the time? I just want to tease and suck cock and it feels like I'm some degenerate

No. 848566

anon I thought i was average too for the longest but turns out i'm ugly
My nose is really holding me back
you say that and i'm tempted to post a picture
also i have no friends to talk to this about either which sucks

No. 848570

if you have discord we can discuss this lmao. I'll add you

No. 848573

meant to reply to u

No. 848576

Accept that beauty is entirely subjective and even if you don't like the way you look someone else might

No. 848577

Sent it, you can delete your post so you don't get banned now

No. 848580

nta but what if many people told you you're ugly throughout the years? surely it stops being a coincidence at some point

No. 848615

Then that just means people are rude and they have no manners.

No. 848617

No. 848622

That's not really true, beauty is pretty universal disregarding minor differences in trends and standards. It's also not helpful. What if it turned out that literally nobody in the world found someone attractive? What should they feel then?

The reality is that looks don't determine our value, but it's really difficult to internalize that when there's so much pressure on women to be beautiful. The media, the beauty industry, coomers, the people in our lives, etc all strive to make us feel like we're failures if we aren't considered attractive or aren't appealing to the opposite sex. It helps me to remind myself that we don't owe the world beauty, there's nothing wrong with our natural form.

No. 848664

but being rude doesn't mean they're wrong

No. 848798

What are good office plants? I sit right next to a window and the entire windowsill is basically mine to use. The window does get a lot of sunlight though. Extra points if they're easy to take care of!

No. 848803

Cacti, anon!! They're so cute and you can water them like once a month

No. 848805

Yeah but do you like regarding asshole's opinions as the ultimate truth?

No. 848806

Even my cacti die, just get a fake plastic plant please

No. 848854

the nice thing about plants is that its ok if they die…you can just plant another. If you have to buy another i guess that costs money but packets of seeds are never more than like $6 for more seeds than youll ever need, so if ur plants always die, look up something easy to grow from seed in a small pot and try that, and just keep trying if it doesnt work out. As a matter of fact, a lot of tha plants you buy in stores are not really in a wholesome situation, which might be why they seem to die on you after you buy them. Like it might have just been repotted from where it was actually grown into a little tiny pot to sell it to you, and its going to die from the repotting trauma no matter what you do, it just takes a while cause its a plant.

It feels cruel to say so what if they die but i mean, people buy cut flowers that only last 2 days before withering. It would be wrong to be like "well my cats keep dying but ill get another and try to do better next time" but you can do that with a plant and its genuinely a valid learning experience on your part. pls no plastic plants they are so gosh darn tacky. and growing plants from seed is so fun, early on you can literally watch them grow over the course of a day depending on the plant.

No. 848859

who else should I listen to

No. 848860

I have a wandering jew plant at home that I endearingly call my little demon boy because he absolutely refuses to die even when I forget to water him or move him to a shitty spot in my room. All of his lower leaves have currently withered and died off but he has tons of new growth too! It's amazing. I'm the anon who asked the plant question, and I debated on a fake plant for ease, but they inevitably gather dust because I don't ever touch them. Sucks to see plants die, but so much more rewarding when they survive!

No. 848864

I planted this apple tree in my parents' yard like 10 yrs ago that was not in great shape when we got it from the nursery, it was some kind of 4-types-of-apples grafted momgrel and it was like 3 bare sticks and 1 with about 15 leaves for maybe 7-8 years, then it grew one dinky apple, then it started growing everywhere and supposedly its healthily on the way to appletreedom. I havent seen it in a long time due to covid but i am very curious because it was still mostly bare sticks last i saw it. plants very exciting.

No. 848878

Is dyed black hair harder to dye into another color than natural black hair? I think I heard that somewhere, but maybe I got it wrong.

No. 848901

No. 849015

File: 1625768872830.png (342 KB, 500x400, fc174d234260d5cb61aee74e2ba04a…)

Can someone link me the movie or album cover of this blue, red eyed sea monster/alien looking thing? Looked a bit like this, i am desperate

No. 849022

Wait I thought this was loki

No. 849026

I said it looked a bit like this, actually seeing this reminded me of the cover I'm looking for kek sorry for confusing you

No. 849029

… Avatar?

No. 849030

File: 1625769754138.jpeg (290.84 KB, 1207x1500, F391E488-ECF5-4D17-815E-E7EEB5…)

No. 849036


No. 849041

Are straight leg jeans good for women who have wide hips?

No. 849043

i watched this because it was recommended in a thread here, so glad i did.

No. 849050

File: 1625771189990.jpg (211.37 KB, 1000x541, 1083337144_0_0_3072_1662_1000x…)

When did you figure out you were a farmer?
Do you take pride in being a farmer?
Do you call yourself a farmer?
And do you like this dwarf cow?

No. 849055

He looks deformed and it makes me really sad. Like a pug or a munchkin cat.
>Do you call yourself a farmer
Outside of this website, hell no
>When did you figure out you were a farmer
I never really had a moment where I was like "Omg I'm one of them now". I just kind of got used to coming here.
>Do you take pride in being a farmer?
No lol. I've tried to quit twice and failed both times.

No. 849068

Yes. It was considered taboo for sexual relationships to occur between anyone under the age of about 16, but even then historically that was kinda dicey. Aside from monarchs or really rich people who had to get married for clout most people have had more or less the same idea of a relationship’s acceptable age range. I think there’s a chapter in The Ladies Delight: or, The School of Venus which talks about this if you wanna read a horned-up French dude write about sex in the 1500s.

No. 849070

Please more info on this? this is great information

No. 849077

Dr. William Sanger’s The History of Prostitution: Its Extent, Causes, and Effects Throughout the World, 1895.
Anne M. Butler’s Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Misery: Prostitutes in the American West, 1865-1890.
George M. Gould’s Borderland Studies: Miscellaneous Addresses and Essays Pertaining to Medicine and the Medical Profession, and Their Relations to General Science and Thought, specifically Chapter 5: On Vice and Sin.
Anonymous’s “The School of Venus; or, The Ladies’ Delight.”

No. 849105

is it possible for weight loss to cure a fear of heights?

No. 849110

Surely the opposite. Weight gain would mean if you fall down a height you'd get stuck. That commonplace situation where skinny people are constantly falling through cracks.

No. 849125

Is KT Tunstall gay?

No. 849156

That's a name I haven't heard in forever, is her career still a thing?

No. 849169

rip to all the ana-chans who fall down sewer grates and are never seen again

No. 849192

No. 849201

Is whipped coffee actually a korean invention or was it just popularized by them?

No. 849202

It's indian, some korean dude just popularized it

No. 849204

Some people say macau, some greece but definitely not from korea

No. 849205

File: 1625783499350.jpeg (34.21 KB, 515x387, images (3).jpeg)

lol, does anyone remember that book Flat Stanley from primary school?

No. 849210

Omg yes!!

No. 849229

File: 1625788422020.jpg (120.95 KB, 752x874, 1618451350783.jpg)

Is it offensive/problematic to say that I have a lot of respect for the Asian race?

No. 849231

yes. next time you see an asian you must apologize for your crimes.

No. 849232

can those pore cleaning face vacuums be used on clit? i need something discreet. or should i just buy a suction toy and call it a face vacuum if anyone finds it

No. 849233

File: 1625788917108.jpg (164.95 KB, 718x697, IMG_20210709_030016.jpg)

it's south koreans doing what they know best

No. 849236

idk about problematic but it's weird as hell

No. 849244

What constitutes a fridge body?

No. 849245

I've thought about it before but I was scared it would be too strong. Kinda wanna try it now, but honestly it's probably just better to use something that's specifically meant for your vagina. There's probably good discreet recommendations in the sex toy thread.

No. 849251

Minimal waist to hip ratio + as wide shoulders

No. 849252

File: 1625790942505.png (3.72 MB, 1600x1182, Andrew-Jackson-statue-appearan…)

it isn't but it is super fucking weird. I always connotate it with scrotes claiming asian superiority.

Unrelated stupid question, is there is a new admin/mods? I don't want to join the discord but I also want to know what's going on in the lolcow moderation team.

No. 849285

Does anyone know why some older middle eastern men (and some women) smell so bad? Like, they always smell like week old ball sweat and pit stank. What's with that? It's not like can't afford to smell nice. I see some of them wearing expensive clothes, living in big houses, and driving nice cars. Do they just not prioritize hygiene at all?

No. 849292

What the hell does being “high maintenance” mean? Didn’t know people were buildings.

No. 849301

It's the onions and spices secreting from their skin anon.

No. 849303

It means that to achieve your "normal" it takes a lot of time/money. It could relate to your appearance or your lifestyle (like if you expect expensive things often.

No. 849364

File: 1625799491957.jpg (64.9 KB, 500x336, 479242a4-c772-4a39-bf34-45b88c…)

Big question, please reply to me

Do you consider yourself an unhinged woman?
Do you take pride in it, do you like it?

I like being an unhinged woman. I'm an artist and my art is kinda based on that feel. Pic not mine

No. 849369

Yes I'd rather be unhinged than have to swallow my emotions and let them poison me slowly.

No. 849372

I know right, I wish I was unhinged, at least I wouldn’t feel constantly frustrated out of fear of not seeming nice and chill.

No. 849375

What are some apps or pages where i can meet people(natives) to practice my english?

No. 849377


No. 849383

Does anyone carry a self defense key chain or pepper spray? Did you do any practicing with it or do you just carry it around?

No. 849386

I carry pepper spray and I've only used it when I bought it to test it out. I watched a video of some dude demoing it on youtube so I kind of have an idea of how far it sprays and how strong it is.

No. 849387

I'm paranoid that someone will take it and use it against me, which would be so much more traumatizing than just being assaulted in the first place. I try to think of that happening in real life and what I would do in hopes that if it ever happens, I'll be a bit more prpared.
I also think having a self defense class birthday party would be fun as hell. I may do that this year…

No. 849406

Are most Chinese from the mainland patriotic?

No. 849407


No. 849411

I went to uni with a large international Chinese student population and nah, it didn't seem like it. Granted, I only had a few as friends, but they only reminisced about their cities and the food and the weather. Normal people, if maybe slightly richer than the average student on campus.
reposting because I misspelled sage facepalm

No. 849414

What journaling/moodboard desktop apps do you guys use? I wanna make pages where I put photos of my fashion/sewing inspo then place text about the adjustments I'd make. I'll resort to PowerPoint if I can't find anything but if there was a neater, more "aesthetic" app out there I would appreciate it.

No. 849416


No. 849427

I'd like to be able to put multiple images and text boxes in one "page" and arrange them however I want scrapbook-style, so pinterest is out. And I'd prefer if it was an offline app. Maybe I really should just stick to Powerpoint? Kek

No. 849439

how about an image editor? for example paint.NET

No. 849444

When my brother moved to a new country he used the Tandem app. He made a lot of new friends on it too!

No. 849448

Canva? or Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop?

No. 849453

Powerpoint is shitty, hmmmm
Try adobe illustrator

No. 849455

File: 1625815815064.jpeg (142.34 KB, 1040x1300, pexels-photo-4576085.jpeg)

Does anyone else here feel like no matter if you're a good person or try to be nice you'll always be seen as a crazy or unhinged woman? I've accepted this now

No. 849456


No. 849457

Wtf. I used to follow psych2go waaaay before this shit happened.

No. 849459

This isn't even the 'Zero Two' dance, this is the godamn 'MEMEME' dance

No. 849462

Does anyone know any decent streaming sites? I need more Real Housewives in my life

No. 849488

How many cloth pads would a person need? One per day? Or multiple through the day like regular pads?

I want to make the switch but holy shit that stuff is expensive here and I can't use tampons or a cup because I get cramps.

No. 849515

how the fuck do i stop using nasal spray. i know you should just quit cold turkey but it's not working. the last time i stopped using it, my nose was still blocked the moment my head hit the pillow at night (couldn't use a second pillow to prop my head up further either because then i'd have the worst back pain the next day). i frequently woke up at night because my mouth and tongue were so dried out that my tongue felt strange and swollen and i panicked because i thought i had something stuffed in my mouth and i was choking. after a month of this i gave up and went back to using nasal spray because i just couldn't stand it anymore. how do i stop???? before that, i already quit nasal spray once and my nose didn't make a fuss about it even though i used nasal spray for like four years straight. i'm back on it now because i had a cold like a half a year ago and couldn't breathe at all. or should i just wait until allergy season is over?? i have no idea if my current problems are allergy related though. i'm just so tired of having a blocked nose all the time.

No. 849517

Is it possible that despite the parents' best efforts, a child grows up to be a sociopath?

No. 849519

Try OneNote, it comes with windows 10, I don't know if it's available on other systems

No. 849520

yes, despite popular belief sometimes a person is just born fucked up

No. 849522

Here's how I did it, had the exact same problem: I kept the bottle of my last nasal spray and filled it with some water when it was almost empty. Shaked it and used the diluted spray until it was almost gone, then refilled with some water again. Kept using that until my nose stopped getting stuffy.
This way you gradually wean yourself off the spray with it diluted ever more, until it's just placebo. Keep using while it's just water for the placebo effect until eventually your nose is recovered.
I know it sounds a bit silly, but it's much better than suffocating when quitting cold turkey.

No. 849536

Maybe notion? Might work better for organising stuff tho

No. 849560

Yes. It's easy to overstate parental influence and understate peer pressure. See: social(path) media.

No. 849594

I think in the majority of cases, no. A lot of parents neglect their kids in ways or hurt them in ways they aren't aware of. Even if they aren't outright abusive, they may fail to teach their children empathy or how to process emotions. Sometimes the kid is just a lost cause, like if they have low-functioning autism or something.
Any good parent would keep kids from overindulging in social media.

No. 849599

Is being healthy and productive just a meme?
Just found out the last person I looked up to for being naturally productive got diagnosed with serious OCD. I'll add her to the pile of creative types I used to admire until I found out about their coke habits.

No. 849605

What the fuck has coke to do with this person having ocd?

No. 849615

It's a die roll. A child predisposed for defiance or attention seeking may want to indulge even harder as reaction to control. They can internalize perfectly reasonable restriction and discipline as attachment wounds.

No. 849624

Is taxation theft?

No. 849627

No one is naturally productive. A lot of "productive" people are just obsessed with filling their every waking moment with to-do lists that harvest the "feeling" of accomplishment but are overall unproductive. Productivity is a combination of time management habits and flow. Flow state is like sage mode, it's a special state of being you can learn to summon only when you need/want to.

No. 849628

Poor yes, rich no.

No. 849648

That's why there should be a balance. If the kid feels loved enough and is getting their emotional needs met, they won't act up even if the parents exert some degree of control. It's a delicate balancing act of giving them enough freedom but not too much. For example, if you restrict social media access, they might feel like they're missing out on something. You can just replace that with something else more fun or enjoyable. The kid's not going to give a shit about missing out on social media or other dumb garbage if they are out making lots of memories experiencing new things.
Lots of parents want to neglect their kids and let the internet take care of them instead, it really fucks them up when they are at an impressionable age. You don't learn how to empathize if you are behind a screen reading all the terrible things people say and do all day every day.

No. 849657

I disagree with you, I know a lot of people that are genuinely productive without being miserable about it and also know when to quit and enjoy time off. Some of them are from very harmonious families that could give them the privilege of finding work they enjoyed and others are from third world shit holes that they had to work hard to escape out of
I'm a very useless and unproductive person so I try to spend a lot of time around successful people, in hope their willpower rubs off on me, there doesn't seem to be any real shared characteristic between them other than that they aren't shit

No. 849666

Am I just autistic or is roasting not that different from bullying

No. 849669

i feel the same way especially when people constantly ""roast"" their friends and act like its normal always being mean to each other

No. 849672

roasting has the subject kind of in on the joke, doing it to make them smile, and they’re an active listening audience, not done behind their back

No. 849675

Where can I find the celibricows thread before this one in /ot?

No. 849677

women really need to stop caring about being unattractive, seriously who fucking cares(moid)

No. 849680

In /snow/ but it originated in /ot/

No. 849682

I agree, so tired of women nitpicking the tiniest flaws, that probably shouldn't even be considered flaws. Meanwhile balding obese men who don't even shower or brush their teeth will walk in a room and expect a harem of 10/10 virgins to prostrate before him, and also do anal and deepthroat. If women had that sort of audacity they would be SO much happier and ignore/avoid retarded scrotes.

No. 849683

just wish moids would stop openly harassing us.
being unattractive in middle-high school almost made me a school shooter but it wouldn't have been worth fucking up the statistics.

No. 849684

it's hard to stop caring when people (both men and women) talk about your appearance nonstop, and when you can't even get a job for looking a certain way

No. 849690

and nobody fucking cares about what you have to say, male.

No. 849691

I'm really dumb but the prev link in the ot thread does not work, I did remember the previous thread was in snow but even with ctrl+f i couldnt find it. Maybe I'm retarded

No. 849692

No. 849693

ope, well this didn't work

No. 849699

File: 1625844437602.gif (1.22 MB, 490x275, ty.gif)

thank you fro tryin' to help me anyway

No. 849704

Taking something obscure that’s existed for ages and using their massive influence on current pop culture to make it seem like they came up with it, often by giving it a new name? Lol yup

No. 849719

Does anyone have any tips on keeping your makeup and hair looking okay when swimming? Hair styles? I’m going on a water-heavy vacation for the first time in a few days and I need to not look like a sewer rat

No. 849721

lmao, why do you need to wear makeup even when swimming?

No. 849722

embrace the sewer rat look sis

No. 849723

No wonder zoomers love them

No. 849728

I don’t wear makeup to look ~glamorous~, I wear concealer and some lip balm so I don’t look like a corpse lol

No. 849729

Thank you I might just say fuck it and do that. Love ya anon

No. 849731

>keeping your makeup and hair looking okay
Where, underwater? Sis the fish and the seaweed ain't gonna care if your eyebrows are on fleek or not

No. 849746

File: 1625849628672.png (286.38 KB, 436x641, moots.PNG)

which one of you ladies bought these already?

No. 849747

Do they moo? I had duck slippers that made duck sounds. I'll think about buying them if the cow slippers moo.

No. 849762

Embrace the ghoul look nonnie I have and ppl leave me tf alone it's so great.

No. 849780

nta but i wear pretty much all makeup besides concealer under my eyes because i feel like covering my dark circles makes me look freakish/unnatural for some reason. anyone else?

No. 849794

>it wouldn't have been worth fucking up the statistics
Fucking kek, new reason to keep living unlocked

No. 849809

Lots of concealer looks unnatural imo unless you have very light dark circles.

No. 849818

I have very dark circles but don't cover them because I also have extremely thin skin under my eyes. I've never found a product (and I've tried dozens) that doesn't crease there and I feel like the creasing looks way worse

No. 849823

foundation looks way more unnatural

No. 849827

It's easiest to just hide them with thick glasses (fake or not).

No. 849849

yeah I suppose I do. if I want to cry, I cry, even in public. I don't give a fuck, most of the time anyway! I also have been known to scream in frustration! used to a lot growing up. I'm not one to bottle up my feelings - good or bad, unless it would be very innappropriate to do so.

No. 849853

it's all the same to me. in my country they call it banter and to me it's basically a get out of jail free card to just be cruel to people and if you don't like it you're being over sensitive since 'it's just banter!'. I know some people are okay with it, and I can take a friendly ribbing but people often go too far in the name of banter/roasting these days. there's a fine line between roasting and bullying

No. 849882

Me too nonnie!

No. 849891

What should I say when I pick up my office phone or work phone? I used to work as a receptionist so I'd just say "(XYZ Company), how may I help you?" but now I work in a specific role where I get my own desk and cell phone for work. Should I just say "Hello, this is (my name)"? I'm a little adverse saying my name when I pick up calls because of spam calls, but should I just suck it up?

No. 849902

You can just say "Hello?" and wait for them to talk

No. 849914

why the fuck aren't these headers and footers floating why the fuck aren't these headers and footers floating why the fuck aren't these headers and footers floating

No. 849933

Say "Hewwo you've weached (Name) pwease hold uwu"

No. 849963

Why is the pool closed?

No. 849965

because you pooped in it

No. 849972

Or the alternative "konichiwa onii-chan desu"

No. 849992

"Hi, this is the [role]" or "Hi, [role]"
I work at a front desk with a lot of interdepartmental calls. So I'd say something like, "Hello, front desk."

No. 850011

File: 1625877643043.png (531.42 KB, 560x840, imagen_2021-07-09_194048.png)

Do you ever feel the opposite of hoarding, aka, suddenly getting rid of things that no longer feel "you"? it's such a stupid impulse but like. I have this mauve bag that could still work but I'm ready to move on from it, am I stupid? The shade of mauve isn't even that cute. Or should I just keep it? looks a bit like pic rel

No. 850030

It's cute, can I have it?

No. 850055

Sure, send me your adress I can mail it to you no prob

No. 850087

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

Thanks nonna!

No. 850096

You got a nice house anon

No. 850122

If someone you didn’t like became well known in some way would you bother gossiping about them? Why or why not?

No. 850131

No because I try to avoid gossiping about individuals in general (ironic for this site) but I'd lurk probably. Actually maybe not, because I prefer the peace and carefreeness of not knowing what the irl people I dislike(d) are up to, and just living my own life.

No. 850140

What's an easy way to let go of anger? I don't even care about long-term coping atm just something that would help me right here and now

No. 850141

what even is being blackpilled and pinkpilled?

No. 850148

floridanons, what is it like? is the cost of living raising? how are things politically, socially?

No. 850149

yes it would be fun

No. 850151

I look up mindfulness/breathing exercises and follow them. I’ve used this one before. After I do one, or a few, I watch dog or other vids to keep my mind off whatever’s making me angry. Hope it helps anon!

No. 850174

Oh fuck I'm not sure I can describe them well but pink pill is essentially feminism without men, showing statistics of male on female violence, a dislike for troons in general, recognizing the many ways women have been screwed over in history, letting go of societies expectations of women to look good or become housewives, I think some straight and bi women choose to not date men or have kids with them because of their dislike for men

Blackpill is like pinkpill but more doom-minded that women will always be seen as nothing but sex objects where men rule the world and continuing to have male babies is setting the world or women back. That women should definitely not be with men because they only see them as something to have kids and look pretty. Most of the users who post in blackpill go with a very statistical and animal-like approach when it comes to their point of view. They had a forum on saiddit that migrated if you want to see their posts. Pinkpill had posts on here in ot if you go through the catalogue.

No. 850271

Is it retarded to ask for a job application while I’m shopping at the store or should I go a different day??

No. 850383

I think it's ok

No. 850412

can someone explain what is happening (or happened) to kiwifarms recently? i hate that place but i love drama

No. 850419

Some tranny with some dead thread on there tried to bribe kf owner to take it down, he refused and trannies tried to attack the site or some shit

No. 850421

Oh fuck and the tranny pretended to kill himself, blamed kf

No. 850444

I'm bored queuing for the vaccine so here is my reddit-spaced for clarity understanding of the situation as a mostly impartial lurker:

Byuu, a very minor cow from the furry subforum, emailed null threatening to kill himself if he didn't take down his thread. He also offered 120k dollars. Null saw this as extortion and didn't want to upset his forum users, so he declined.

The thread was short, inactive and about very boring autistic drama that hardly anyone cared about. Byuu had even posted in it last year stating he had changed and didnt mind the thread, and was met with support. Byuu said in his emails that the reason he wants the thread gone isn't because of what it says about him but because multiple friends of his were doxed within it, which caused them stop associating with Byuu (Null and the kiwis completely ignore this for some reason, they keep repeating that byuu didn't explain what bothered him about the thread when he clearly did).

Anyway, null declined the 120k offer and refused to delete the thread, but was willing to take up on Byuu's offer to work for the forum (weird as fuck I know, idfk). Eventually byuu stopped emailing him and someone claiming to be his friend posted a Google doc saying that he killed himself and blaming kiwi farms. Oh and byuu also posted a thread on Twitter citing kiwi farms before allegedly committing.

Byuu was a nonbinary furry programmer who was somewhat well known in the emulator community for his work, so this sparked a wave of outrage at kf on twitter and reddit. Some trannies payed to ddos the forum which kept it down for a couple of days.

It's questionable whether he killed himself or not because there's no proof, he lives in Japan so it's hard to contact the local authorities (also imo the Google doc came off as very calculated and cold for someone whose friend just died).

No. 850448

The googledoc also had pretty clear instructions on how to attack KF to get it removed to the internet (in particular mentioning Cloudflare and Dreamhost, Dreamhost has now removed KF because trannies have mass-reported it). Which makes it pretty obvious that the entire thing was a calculated plan to rile up a mob of angry trannies to try and get the site permanently taken down. None of the people who were super duper outraged even knew who Byuu was, most of them also have threads on the site and reasons to want it removed.

There is a list of all confirmed deaths of american citizen living abroad that comes out every 6 months so we won't know if he is dead until the new release of that, but I am certain he is still alive and reveling in all the chaos he caused.

No. 850449

>"Null and the kiwis completely ignore this for some reason"
>ignoring key info to gaslight and obfuscate complaints
>acting like this isn't typical male behavior

No. 850451

>wehhhh nobody wants to be my fwend anymore because of a forum no ones heard of, i'm gonna kermit

No. 850460

it kind of is textbook gaslighting when you look at it that way, cherry picking information trying to paint him as crazy and as irrational as possible. I hate troons etc etc but it really wouldn't have been the end of the world to take those guys' information down… not quite wrath of God worthy at least, but what do I know

No. 850495

Would it be dangerous to go clubbing alone? Would I get raped or something?

No. 850562

I wouldn't do it. Too many risks, if you really want to drinking make sure someone knows your last location. Stay safe and have fun anon!

No. 850583

>be disgusting furry posting furryporn to the internet
>people see it and make fun of me
>oh no I am being cyberbullied

Rofl. Have you read the thread? There is absolutely nothing in those first 13 pages that would be considere harassment of any form. If other furries use the KF to bully their furry friends it's not the KF's fault.

No. 850586

don't forget he's also the furry equivalent of a lolicon

No. 850588

Are the women who say "I am only friends with men" all closeted lesbians? Because that would make sense

No. 850590

they're just NLOGs

No. 850593

Theyre insecure nlogs, usually they don't want to be friends with women because they don't want to be compared to them.

No. 850596

How do spray tans and tanning lotions work? Do they just stain the skin? Don't you transfer the paint on everything after you touch things??

No. 850600

The most common type causes a chemical reaction that changes the colour of the uppermost layer of skincells, it's a process similiar to what happenes when you leave an apple out, it changes colour. The guidecolour that is in most fake tanners that helps you see where you've applied the tanner can stain things, but after you've washed that off it doesn't stain anything.

No. 850633

Sometimes I go on forums (not imageboards nor reddit) and whenever it's mostly male oriented userbase, the topic of women inevitably arises. And it always depresses me because no matter if they're talking about their girlfriend, wife (of many years even!) and/or mother of his kids, they basically reduce them to walking warm holes that should clean, cook and fuck like a porn star. They don't always phrase it in that way but it definitely seems to be the only functions they really care about with little concern to how their spouse would feel like. I always thought these were just thoughts of teenage guys on 4chan but it seems to be more of a common outlook. Am I wrong? I sincerely don't think men, unless you're blood related, actually value women. But maybe it's me since I view sex with men degrading.

No. 850657

I live in the US and realized everyone else I know or know of, got put under anesthesia when they got their wisdom teeth out. I got my bottom ones out at 16 (they were impacted) then my top ones out at 21.

All my dentist did was give me some valium and local anesthetics. Is that normal? Why didn't I get put under either time? Tf.

No. 850682

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I only had a few to get out and did it in one go and just had local anesthesia. I'm not sure how normal it is or not, but I assume that they avoid total sedation when possible, it's pretty expensive. Some people go out of their way to request it, I know one of my friends was only sedated because she had anxiety and asked specifically to be put under during the procedure.

No. 850716

File: 1625951589616.jpeg (119.43 KB, 1500x1500, download.jpeg)

I have a huge wood-mounted artwork that I have to pack and my only option is to put together two mirror boxes like in pic rel. The problem is that the box is a foot and a half too wide for my picture and it's really difficult to pack more paper in the negative space because they're designed to slide together from opposite ends to make one big box. I've attached these foam blocks to protect the corners and wrapped the picture in a bunch of bubble wrap and blankets but it's not enough to fill the space at the side so it's still rattling a bit inside the box. What can I do? I'm going to be driving about 3 hours away. The piece is heavy and sturdy but I don't want to risk it breaking during the move.

No. 850721

How about stuffing the box between two matresses?

No. 850820

can you cut one of the pieces of the box?

No. 850915

i used to be a huge fujo in middle school, but now i don’t care one bit for fujoshit, i wonder why. any other ex-fujos here? why/how do you think you grew out of it?

No. 850917

i grew out of it once I realized it was creepy as shit to fetishize a sexuality and I completely gave it up when fellow fujos would ship real life dudes with real life wives. RIP Supernatural fandom, you used to be tolerable

No. 850919

I was never a real fujo but I lost interest in masturbating to gay sex after I fell in love with a gay man.

No. 850923

File: 1625970471634.jpg (12.39 KB, 474x355, external-content.duckduckgo-5.…)

I'm absolutely charmed by those memes of over dramatic Indian soap operas, does anyone know any good ones with english subs?

No. 850926

I had exactly the same experience. I think at that age, I thought boys were cute but I had no interest in (or understanding of) being in a relationship with them myself (also boys tend to be less mature than girls at that point). I guess it made me prefer obsessing over two cute boys in love rather than self-inserting or relating to a straight relationship. My fujo phase was pretty innocent and brief though, so this probably isn't the case for most people.

No. 850941

>realized harmfulness of tropes, rapiness, and how stereotyping an entire sexuality is gross
>content also got stale monotonous and boring for this reason
>started falling out of love with basically any type of drawn or watchable porn due to lack of realism and appeal to coomers, now all I do if I consume something porny is typically read smut or imagine scenarios
>dealt with too many creepy fujos and saw too many of them take a pipeline into looking at more harmful types of porn or adapting pornsick mindsets
>most recently stopped being into weebshit almost cold turkey

I was never that deeply into it to begin with but I think my years of being into sports anime fandoms really turned me off it even more. Then, again, I stopped being into weebshit. But gayshippers in western fandom who insist everything has to be homoerotic are equally as irritating.

No. 850947

File: 1625974702739.jpg (44.69 KB, 425x510, 71jSt4d9saL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Are massage slippers actually good?

No. 850949

I still enjoy the plot and relationship dynamics of m/m but I can't handle sexual content of it anymore, what changed is that I confronted my discomfort with my own body and sexuality, so I started enjoying m/f, and also I realized that gay men irl are completely different and I don't want to think about them having sex.

No. 850951

oh and then I stopped frequenting twitter and deleted my account because I was cringing too much and jaded with all of it. I wanted to become normal and less online. still getting there but already I feel so much freer and now only enjoy fujoshit casually while knowing none of it is realistic or that deep to me anymore

No. 851007

I'm still a fujoshi but now that I'm 27 and I havent been involved in stupid fandom discourse for years my tastes really changed. I'm more picky than ever and I can't get into new manga and anime at all these days, it all feels like it's more of the same stuff. I like reading some short BL manga about grown adults doing normal stupid shit, and while I like some non-canon pairings in some video games I haven't read any fanfic at all for years.

No. 851010

Sage for samefagging because I forgot to ask my own stupid question. I made a blog to talk about random shit last year and it's been a while since I updated it. I don't have much of an audience though. Should I update it? I wanted to use it to talk about living abroad but I had to move back to my country because of covid so I was thinking about talking about video games in general.

No. 851011

I find them super uncomfortable to wear

No. 851015

Definetely update it! Doesn't matter if you don't have an audience now, it might happen later. Reading blogs is a hobby in itself so it takes time. I think you should keep writing for fun! Good luck anon

No. 851023

The thing is, I started writing it in my first language on wordpress and I don't know if I should write in English instead or change to another website or stay like this.

No. 851024

As someone bilingual I can say it's fine. You can always just translate old posts and re-post them in their english versions (without having to delete them). And then just keep writing in whatever feels more comfy for you. A lot of people have bilingual blogs

No. 851031

File: 1625987424047.png (1.16 MB, 842x524, 1620910055166.png)

I like being dumb and happy instead of thinking all the time. Right now I feel in this state of mind cause I rested well and had a nice voice call today! But how do I achieve this all the time?

No. 851032

If you want it to reach a wider audience, definitely write it in English

No. 851033

That legit looks like a torture device kek

No. 851039

Is being judgamental truly a bad thing? I swear I'm not that bad, I only ever judge troons

No. 851044

everyone judges each other whether they catch themselves doing it or not. and i don't think it's bad.

No. 851048

The kind of racing thoughts that you are experiencing are a common sign of an anxiety disorder. Seek help may make it easier to just relaxing.

No. 851130

Do they tickle?

No. 851141

No, but they get into your skin and leave dentations and it hurts for me.

No. 851159

I've only done partial projects that I've never released.

No. 851196

Late because I missed your answer somehow but thank you so much!

No. 851266

How are mental health services in east Asia? Do they even exist? I'd imagine even if they do, they'd be stigmatized

No. 851282

How often do you change your bed sheets?

No. 851298


No. 851302

I do once a week but growing up my mom always only did it once every two week.

No. 851312

not often enough but i'm also about as domesticated as a frat boy sadly

No. 851330

File: 1626021831856.gif (1.03 MB, 1000x1290, f0dd19bcffc627751f1db43f49e3de…)

Weekly!! However, I wake up literally sodden about three or four times a night thanks to nerve damage, venlafaxine, and the humidity. I feel like I want to change them more often because of that, but it feels wasteful.

Here's my stupid question: how do you manage night sweats (if you get them)?
I wear pyjamas to soak the sweat but my top is always wet when I wake up. If I take my blanket or the pyjamas off to cool down, I start shivering.
It sounds stupid, but I'm waking up a lot and struggling to go back to sleep because of it, so it's really bothering me at the moment. This has been going on for months, now that I think about it. Not cool, Hajime.

No. 851334

every two weeks. I keep a note in my planner so I know when the two weeks have passed. that said I live in a cool climate and don't sweat in bed, I imagine if I lived somewhere warmer it'd need doing more frequently but two weeks works well for me

No. 851340

no, like other anons have said they're mostly nlogs and rub other women the wrong way with their nlog behaviour. they claim other women are petty and catty and that they can't relate to them so they prefer the company of guys. usually also huge pickmes

No. 851347

I'm only friends with males and I'm kinda wlw-leaning I guess. But for me it's more that I've always felt not good enough or feminine/pretty enough to be friends with women. I always feel like I'm some gross barnacle latching on to them and like they just pity me. I think my blatant insecurity eventually causes any female friends to drift off.
Plus, I have always been extremely close with my twin brother so I tend to fall into like…a shitposty "bro" way of talking when I'm comfortable

No. 851353

A small fan directly pointed at you. Might not make you cooler, but would wick off some of the sweat. I wear just a shirt to bed and when I get really hot, I have the blanket only covering my legs, or if the sweat on my legs/butt is unbearable, just across my boobs lol. Air conditioning helps a lot, saving money on not buying one isn’t worth it. I also brush my hair to lay vertically on the pillow so strands don’t heat up my neck.

No. 851367

I mostly do this for regular sweating, not bed sweating, but lately my hands and feet have been getting really clammy in my sleep–I like to cover myself in baby powder directly after drying off from a shower, and that helps a lot

No. 851443

File: 1626030877203.png (236.46 KB, 573x711, 4345.png)

How odd would it be to wear a wetsuit like pic to a pool party with family? I just don't feel comfortable in a bikini or regular one-piece with uncles and random extended family around. I have considered just getting a long sleeve rash guard top and those boy-short type bottoms but even those would be technically booty shorts if they weren't bathing suit material, which is also something I wouldn't ever wear around family. I guess I could lie and say it's the only bathing suit I own and laugh it off if anyone finds it really weird, right?

No. 851447

It looks fine anon! I'm pretty sure the worst that would happen is someone asking why you're wearing a long-sleeved swim suit in the summer time kek

No. 851449

I think it would look a bit weird/out of place. The shorts+top idea sounds a lot better.

No. 851451

Weird tbh. I would just not swim?

No. 851452

Just a rash guard top and male swimming trunks would work anon. Anyone who asks you can just say you dislike the style of swimsuits. Treat it as trivial and no one will get up in your business.

No. 851460

I've been casually looking through dating profiles, why do so many men have philosophy listed as an interest? Just me or does that come across really pretentious and fake? I can't remember ever meeting someone, man or woman, who was into philosophy irl.

No. 851464

I don't even want to swim but my family pressures me so much. Last time I went to the pool with them they would pester me non stop about not getting into the water. They act like me not getting in is me being clinically depressed and trying to personally offend them, kek. My mom even had a "talk" with me last time asking why I didn't get in as if it was some huge act of severe depression. She sounded genuinely concerned.

This is the solution I was looking for, thank you! I completely forgot male trunks existed. The full body wet suit looked over the top for just a swimming pool. Thank you anon!

No. 851471

File: 1626032283573.jpg (77.77 KB, 750x1000, L_g0151493339.jpg)

How about a swimdress? They're not more exposing than regular summer dresses. They're kind of hard to find but you can probably find a cute on a website like yesstyle

No. 851472

File: 1626032357272.jpg (46.8 KB, 860x855, L_g0131928569.jpg)

or a swimsuit + swimskirt combination.

No. 851515

I’ll be checking into a beach hotel tomorrow. Would it be annoying to call today and ask for a room with no carpeting? The website shows rooms with and without carpet, and I find carpets absolutely disgusting

No. 851539

Wearing a wetsuit would make sense if you were going surfing or swimming in the Pacific ocean. As it stands, just wear a one-piece and then get some board shorts.

No. 851540

Does anyone else notice that the youtube search results algorithm changed? I used to get mostly the top popular videos (in terms of views) related to my search topic, now as the top results I get videos that are still related to my search but smaller channels (less than 5,000 views). I don’t mind since I can discover smaller creators but I’m just wondering if it’s only me or anyone else noticed this.

No. 851568

I get videos on my language only even though I have the language and country set to english

No. 851571

Nah, do it. I’m sure they’ve accommodated weirder things.

No. 851583

Why is everyone on Twitter bullying Italian people?

No. 851587

they won the feet ball cup of euro noodles

No. 851589

When I stopped hating myself

No. 851592

I get a fuckton of videos I've already watched and I hate it

No. 851602

What happens to someone’s money if they get deported from a country? Like let’s just say someone isn’t a citizen of burgerland just a resident and they have a bank account and they break a law and get deported back to their country. What would happen to the money in their bank account?

No. 851608

they hatin cause we can't stop winning

No. 851614

If it was gained through illegal means, it would get seized and before that the accounts would be freezed but legal money huh. No idea.

No. 851641

Do or can your areolas shrink if your boobs get smaller from weight loss?

No. 851642

No. 851650

With himbos, how dumb do they have to be to be a himbo? Or does himbo dumbness mean a lack of common sense?

No. 851662

Am I doing laundry wrong? All I do is sorting everything by color (black, white, red, blue), dump it in the machine, put a small cup of detergent in and start. But then I see people complain about it being annoying or sometimes even their least favorite chore (Worse than drying dishes or wiping the floor? Really??), but this takes me maybe five minute tops. Am I missing some crucial steps that make it such a gruelling task?

No. 851664

I don't think putting loads into the washing machine is the issue, it's hanging it on the line (if you don't use a dryer), ironing, folding and putting everything away that sucks. If you're doing laundry for a whole family it must be a nightmare.

No. 851665

Nta but fuck that's disappointing. If I continue to lose weight then I'll have small/average tits with massive fucking areolas

No. 851702

File: 1626058309974.jpeg (90.62 KB, 640x468, 1625813198936.jpeg)

normal guys won't mind areola size just stay away from weebs and pornsick scrotes

No. 851714

Nta but I don't care about guys opinions of my areolas. I just wanted normal sized ones if I end up with small boobs.

No. 851729

How do I come out of my shell? How do I learn to just say "fuck it" and stop being crippled by shyness?

No. 851737

just do it and stop worrying so much

No. 851738

File: 1626063183690.png (332.19 KB, 500x413, d9yyxu4e1qh583wo.png)


Kind of joking but kind of not, I find that I'm a lot more comfortable around people once we've had a fun time drinking together. Otherwise I just accept my shyness as inevitable, I don't think I'm capable of coming out of my shell unless someone is really invested in becoming friends with me. Hopefully you get better answers than this kek.

No. 851739

Pretty much. I'm already set in my sperg ways so it's not like I'm good at being social but getting over my shyness has been so freeing. Some of my turning points were realizing no one really cares as much as I do and wanting to stop being a target for scrotes to talk at about things I don't care about.

No. 851751

From my own experience you'll do it more easily in a situation where you'll have no choice. I got over being straight up anxious at the idea of public speaking to the point of ruining my grades and barely going outside to avoid people until I went to university and had to do a shit ton of oral presentations to pretend I was creating companies and and products to potential shareholders and oral exams/debates in foreign languages. If I wanted to graduate I had to get over myself. Having a part time job in close contact with customers all the time helped. Then it'll get better with practice and time.

No. 851800

Omg yes. When I search for a specific video, sometimes the search results have videos that are completely irrelevant to the search, but I have watched them before. It's weird

No. 851801

Would it be a weird thing for someone to do to go to a concert just to see what a concert is like (talking about a shut in) if they don't even know who the artist is?

No. 851841

Anons what should i do. I keep getting these little crisis about my education. I feel like i want to learn/study something but it’s difficult for me to decide what to do. Should i continue learning a language? Maybe learn how to do css? QA testing? I usually start something and then after a while i question it and wonder if it’s not just a waste of time so i stop , just in case i wasted my time. But then in the end i don’t have anything. Maybe some anon here had a similar issue and got over it

No. 851845

I feel like getting out and doing anything new is an automatic win when you're a shut in. Worrying too much about what other people will think will only hold you back

No. 851850

Does removing moles hurt?

No. 851853

Anons who successfully quit smoking, how did you do it?

No. 851859


No. 851865

Yes - basically you have part of your skin removed, it can't be painless - but it's nothing extreme and nothing to worry about.

No. 851887

If an ad for a cleaning job requires a photo and was posted by a guy who gave his first name only, is it a scam and was it probably posted by a pervert?

No. 851891

no way he's not a pervert, why would anyone need a photo of a candidate for a cleaning job?

No. 851892

that's what I thought as well, thank you

No. 851914

What are some websites where you can sell and buy used clothes and accessories?

No. 851927

Depop, Vinted, Etsy if it's at least 20 years old.

No. 851963

thank you

No. 852003

Is HBO max worth it? I already have the disney/hulu bundle so I can't add it as an add on to hulu but I'm still thinking of subscribing. What good shows are on there beside GoT?

No. 852012

Reno 911!, The Nanny, 6 Feet Under, lots of adult swim and CN cartoons, Friends, lots of good movies like Clueless and Crazy Rich Asians. It's ok but I get it for free I'd never pay. It doesn't have as good of a selection as amazon prime or hulu

No. 852016

Seconding Crazy Rich Asians kek. I'd never pay for it but my cousin get its for free from his phone plan and I use it soley to rewatch that movie over and over again (it's just an okay movie but I think it's just something fun to rewatch)

No. 852056

File: 1626106005991.gif (991.14 KB, 500x255, 1355702973148.gif)

Called and goddamnit there is carpet. They said they only put hardwood/laminate in like 10 rooms for a trial run, which is what they have on some of their photos. Praying for no mold or soggy carpets

No. 852080

File: 1626108429507.png (661.3 KB, 1097x632, Screenshot 2021-07-12 at 17.41…)

can someone please explain why women do this?

i've noticed that it's common for average women lie on social media about a'modelling' career, posting 'shoots' which they hired a photographer to do. what is the purpose of this?

i went to school with picrel, and i noticed that she's always posting her 'modelling' work, but it's just her paying for professional shoots rather than any actual work for brands?

she doesn't really fit the model profile and probably doesnt have a real shot at modelling.

it's in the same vein as Victoria Bella-Morte

No. 852081

Do you drive automatic or manual? Which is more common?

I’m going to (finally) go for my license after I get my 2nd jab, but I kept putting it off for so long due to fear of driving. I know learning manual gives your more options but automatic will be easier and simple on the road, right?

No. 852093

idk but my mom used to watch kumkum, and kahani kasauti. I remember that there were subtitles on the channle she watched, but idk if you can find them online

No. 852095

Depends on where you live I think. In my country the vast majority of cars are manual and you really have to go out of your way to only learn automatic and find an automatic car, so it’s a big handicap. In other places automatic cars are the most common so it’s no problem if you can only drive automatic.

No. 852101

I live in UK so manual is more normal and honestly I think it's better to learn manual cause then you can drive automatic too. And automatic cars can be annoying at times when you know the car needs to shift up a gear or down but it takes longer than you could have done it. I also like manual because dropping gears can give you more control on corners and your speed. Takes a bit of time to get familiar with the clutch but it's honestly not that hard

No. 852107

> Which is more common?
Totally depends on where you live. In Burgerland automatic cars are the norm. I’ve been driving for a decade so far and have never run into a circumstance where I wished I knew manual, though I know it’d probably be a good skill to learn eventually.

No. 852112

Do any anons here practice lucid dreaming? How long did it take you?

No. 852117


you must be at least 18 to post here

No. 852123

If you live in the U.S. go for automatic. Manuals are pretty rare, even the cars that were known for being manuals, like jeeps, are now being manufactured as automatics. Outside of driving semi trucks or dump trucks, Manuals are becoming obsolete.

No. 852127

Where I live manual is the norm.

No. 852136

Larping is fun I guess, and they don't have the self awareness to realize no one believes them.

No. 852169

Is it weird if I stay in my room and pretend not to be here when my landlord is doing a fire inspection? All they do is test the detectors and they're in an out in less than 30secs but I really don't want to see anyone right now.

No. 852170

face your demons unless you feel unsafe about that
(i mean 30 sec)

No. 852172

I've been having a whole series of things done to my home lately and I tend to think the same as this, I fight it though. I either go out and do something for the day or if I'm home I face the person doing work. I was an agoraphobic teen so I don't want to slip into those avoidant habits again.

If you have any history like that I'd keep on top of fighting the urge to hide.

No. 852221

Can people tell that you've viewed their Instagram? I know there's apps that claim they can access that info but that's bs right?

No. 852223

I've pretended before that I wasn't home while my landlord was doing stuff in the apartment. I felt a little bit stupid but I avoided a dreaded awkward small talk so there's that

No. 852225

I'm pretty sure those are bs

No. 852238

File: 1626121303134.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, E5B58969-7119-43E4-82BC-DA8BCF…)

Does "dating" mean that you're just casually going out on dates with a guy or does it mean that you're something more (mutually exclusive, in a relationship)? How do you know you're in a relationship vs casual dating? Is it something that needs to be verbally asked/said? Or is it just assumed?

No. 852244

If you're not in school you'd both have a conversation that establishes you are both exclusive to each other.

No. 852261

In my country dating means you're exclusive but I've also heard it can refer to 'just trying out a few dates first' in other countries. It's usually discussed tho

No. 852464

Why the fuck does google keep begging me to save my passwords even moreso now

No. 852491

Google knows you have a shit memory

No. 852499

NTA but I'm exclusive with a scrote yet he's too scared to call it dating and I'm too "meh" about him and the whole deal to call it dating as well.

No. 852533

This is going to sound very schizo and crazy, but has anyone here ever tried to summon a demon? And has it ever been successful?

No. 852535

is it possible to block someone on Gmail?

No. 852547

don't do it anon

but also what type of demon do you want to summon?

No. 852548

Any demon that could take my soul in exchange for something because honestly I’ll do anything to feel some kind of relief in my life. What happens if you do it?

No. 852551

Never done it but witchy community says you get fast results from them, but if you have a weak mind/will then you'll be fucked. Either it doesn't work, or it works and you get scared and then the demon turns against you/other low lvl dark spirits latch onto you.

No. 852552

File: 1626151160242.jpeg (61.65 KB, 640x1136, 1499DFA6-4DCB-475C-A22E-964A49…)

One time I was close to summoning a goetic demon but the prep needed wasn’t in the scope of a 15 year old girl with strict parents so.. I honestly don’t remember what it’s called but you needed this large cloth (9 feet x 9 feet) with a the circle of Solomon painted on it, and a certain triangular thing where the demon would be or something, and a sigil on calf parchment. Plus a bunch of other obscure shit. Thing is, you need to ask the demon for something and repay them (nothing crazy like selling your soul), but I didn’t have anything to ask for, I just wanted to see it.

I remember one time I came across a reddit post of a guy who successfully summoned Gaap. I hate reddit and I think their occult subreddits are a waste of time but anyways. Picrel but I used to be able to see him perfectly, there in the corner. He’s criss cross applesauce and his back is facing you and you can see his spine a bit. Some said he is facing you and has a braid. The pic could be doctored, but I never bothered to check.

Scrying with a black mirror is also really effective. I never got a chance to use mine because it broke, I wasn’t careful and had it balancing on a weird spot. I never tried any of this again because I feel like I would be betraying God, and I also used to and still sometimes have intrusive thoughts of demonic faces. It’s usually when I’m alone or trying to sleep, and I would see them very vividly. I wouldn’t say they were physically there, but it is very intense. One time I was so scared that I tried picturing/ calling out to Jesus. It instantly stopped, and I felt the stigmata wounds on the hand and foot closest to the edge of the bed. It could just be me tho nona.

I’d have to brush up on the key of solomon and the lesser key, but usually certain demons correspond to certain desires/prosperities. Paimon had something to do with money, like you can ask for something related to money, Gaap you could ask for something travel related I think. You usually ask for something rather grounded and you in return have to do something. Some people would make art of the demon they evoked or whatever. I would say seek what you want in other ways and don’t convene with these spirits.

No. 852584

Has anyone else had friends who were convinced you were gay and in the closet even though you're not and tried to encourage you to experiment (and you obviously don't fucking want to) and constantly make comments about it? How do you deal with this? How do you make them stop?

No. 852592

File: 1626156465127.jpeg (34.23 KB, 591x390, C1BFABDF-3871-4627-86A8-0E1BAA…)

No. 852595

Sounds like they're straight up sexually harassing you and using sexual orientation as an excuse. No need to be nice about it, they aren't your friend. Cut them off or at least call them out to assert boundaries.

No. 852601

Is it ana logic to think that I would look better if my bmi fluctuated between 17.5-19 during the year than its current 18.5-20 due to too much alcohol. I feel like all my "excess" weight collects around my belly and it looks awful. So I am doing a bit of intermittent fasting to reduce how much I eat in a painless way. I haven't increase my physical activity, I go swim two or three times a week and do yoga.

I've told this to a few friends and they all reacted like I was crazy and on the verge of an eating disorder.

No. 852604

Something something Supernatural joke

No. 852629

How do you bring up trying for a baby?

No. 852639

I guess if you can't literally just tell him, you are not ready for a baby as a couple

No. 852640

Literally just say that you'd like to talk to him and tell him. That's all

No. 852643

I can id just like a way to say it that doesn’t sound so..blunt I guess? I’d rather start a conversation than dump it on him and leave it hanging. We’re perfe try capable of discussing things, I’d just like to bring up the topic in a non-confrontational way and am kinda shitty at expressing myself without seeming confrontational.

Guess you’re right. I just wish there was a way to say it without it being so short and blunt sounding.

No. 852646

Ask him to help you make a pie and wink really hard until he gets it

No. 852650

"You know we've discussed having kids before…" He'll probably pick up right there but if he doesn't and if it's not too blunt for your taste you can add "I think now's the right time"

No. 852651

sorry this question is going to be dark.

when I was a kid, I had a friend from my neighborhood. her mom & sister went on a trip and stayed in a hotel. the mom died on that trip, in the hotel, and my friend was told by her sister that the mom suffocated in her sleep from "fibers in the pillowcase" due to the pillowcase being unwashed after it was new or something like that. I ended up being scared of pillow cases for the rest of my childhood and adolescence and would never sleep in anything that hadn't been washed several times and even then I was afraid to sleep in it.

but now, that seems really weird, as I have literally never heard of that happening elsewhere. my question is, is that a real thing? I have googled it and found nothing. I think the mom probably died of a drug overdose and gave my friend a different story because she was a child.

No. 852652

This is the winner now
Thanks for advice on being mature anons but this is the way to go.

Yeah, that’s good. And I figure it’s not so much pressure cause my idea is try in like, six months time. Seems better to talk everything through again first tho

No. 852653

Unless she somehow jammed the pillow stuffing down her throat, she didn’t choke on pillow fibres.
She might have had apnea and it was blamed on sleeping face down? Or a seizure and suffocated? Both could happen with or without drugs.

If she was a junkie of any description then probably a garden variety od or suffocation caused by intoxication.

There’s no such thing as killer pillow fibers in the cases or the pillows.

No. 852655

You ever eat something and feel like…ew, disgusting I want to puke. Even though you like the food? I just keep getting this "Ew" feeling after eating collard greens, mac n cheese and neckbones, I love that shit but i'm just like "Ew".

No. 852657

Porridge. I like the taste but the texture is shockingly similar to a big scoop of vomit with half-digested pieces of food in it

No. 852663

I get this feeling too but there's no specific food that causes it, it just happens when I'm full. I have problems with overeating so I think I just feel disgusted by it I really want some mac and cheese, collard greens, and sweet potato pie now though

No. 852665

I actually have no idea if she did drugs or not, I just thought it might be drugs because if it was something natural like a seizure they probably would have just said that instead of making up the pillow case thing

No. 852667

Should I go to a self-development related English language meetup or a French language meetup where we just drink and talk? I'm ESL and I barely get to practice my English but I also want to improve my French (I'm like just below B1 level, but I really struggle with putting sentences together, I find it super hard)

No. 852669

Yeah good point about the lie. It does sound like she died in pretty unsavoury circumstances if there was a lie involved. Drugs or suicide. Probably drugs cause who suicides with a friend around?

No. 852674

i have both my pc and electric fan plugged into one extension cord and whenever i turn off my fan i hear the usb unplugging sound from my desktop what the fukccccc

No. 852693

Both sound great tbh, do a coin flip

No. 852719

How does body hair know you cut it? For example you shave your armpit hair and it grows back. This kinda makes sense to me because I could imagine the body having some sort of way of determining the hair there is too short (you feel skin rubbing on skin, that's a pretty obvious sign the hair is missing). But if you trim your leg hair even a little bit (some random hairs on your shins, for example) , it will still regrow to its maximum length. I cannot wrap my head around it; how can the body know?? And how can it know how much I cut off?

No. 852720

I think it's just always growing, even if you never shave your armpit hair the hairs will always be growing and falling out and replacing themselves

No. 852721

Nah, the whole it grows back thicker thing is an old wives tale. Hair grows all the time. Your skin doesn’t know

No. 852722

How do I become better at writing and more precisely, elaborating on things? I just got rejected from a content writer position for this reason but even in uni I remember my professor giving me the same feedback, that my thoughts are too concise and I need to unpack them

No. 852731

Anon was talking about about it growing back, not about it growing thicker.

No. 852736

What are some website building sites that are completely free?

No. 852739

Hair is constantly growing and it grows in stages before falling out and being replaced. You don't notice it when it's long because the hairs fall out at different times.

No. 852755

I was fed porridge/congee exclusively whenever I got sick as a child so I'm conditioned to be repulsed by it even though the texture itself isn't that bad. Also hate carrots because of that.

No. 852784

This is a shot in the dark but does anyone happen to know what to do with a boiler if it fails to light? I'm broke right now and can't call a repair dude. It gives me an EA fault code and I looked it up on the web and it means that it doesn't detect the flame. There has been no hot water since yesterday

No. 852808

How do you discover new music in 2021? What sites do you use? I want to get back into it, but many things have changed through the years. Anything beyond yt and spotify(imo trash)? How is last.fm holding up now?

No. 852813

I'm big into finding new music and I mainly use spotify for recommendations but there is this one tool you can use to connect to spotify and it's really helped me find some great new songs and artists, it's called https://discoverquickly.com/ other sites I've used are


I also created a bandcamp account and followed artists I like, also signed up for emails from labels I like using the bandcamp 'follow' feature. that's a good way to find new music in of itself. if there are several bands you enjoy all signed to the same label chances are there will be other artists on the same label that'll be up your alley. good luck!

No. 852815

I'm sorry you're having a shit experience with yt and Spotify because I've honestly been doing great with the suggestions they've given me for years. I don't know about you, but I will literally go through all of them to find a good album and then I kind of run with it from there, whether I branch off into the genre or explore the artist more or whatever. I also browse the playlists for genres extensively looking for a good tune and then I'll check out the album it came from. I also use music map or whatever, you can put in artist names and it will bring up a web of other artists that a similar in style and genre, the closer it is to the og name the more similar it is. Another thing I do is google "the best (insert genre) albums" or "albums similar to such and such" and then just stick reddit at the end of it and check out people's discussions in threads. I don't use reddit, but I like to get music suggestions from actual people talking passionately about the shit they love instead of like lists and articles. Also if you want any suggestions let me know what kind of stuff you like and maybe we'll find something you like.

No. 852817

I use listen to music mainly on YouTube and SoundCloud.

No. 852818

Every noise at once is a great site.
Heres the link to music map

No. 852819

It depends on the age of the boiler. On older boilers it's dangerous to leave the boiler on without a pilot light because gas will leak into the rest of the house so do not light a naked flame until you're sure what's going on. More modern boilers have a system that detects if the pilot light is lit and will automatically cut off.

What you need to do is get to the controls of the boiler by taking the front cover off. If you can see a make and model number you can look that up on the internet and probably find an instruction manual that will tell you where everything is. Some boilers also have instructions under the front cover. Turn off the boiler completely and switch the gas valve to off. The gas valve will look like a metal box with a dial on it that can be turned. Then open some doors and windows to get rid of the gas in the air. Wait for half an hour or more so that the gas disperses outside. Next switch the gas valve to pilot mode. Press the reset button. Some more recent boilers have an auto ignition mechanism if not, you will need to manually light the flame. Keep holding down the reset button for 30 seconds or more once the flame has lit, similar to how you light a gas cooker buy holding the ignition button down. Then switch the gas valve from pilot to on and replace the cover.

I'm not gas engineer but my husband is and I've watched him do it many times.

No. 852823

I just use Bandcamp. I used to rely on YT and their algorithms and last.fm but just perusing Bandcamp is more than enough. I follow artists there that I like, genres, and other fans who have a similar taste in music. I've branched out so much and discovered other genres and artists that I wouldn't have otherwise. Mainstream music is shit and most mainstream recs are shit too.

No. 852845

Wow, thank you all so much for the recs! Will look into them later today
I had a good experience with yt, I just wanted to know some websites that are explicitly geared towards finding new music. And yeah, I don’t like spotify’s recs, it is either songs I already listen to (for you playlists) or discovery playlists always miss the mark for me

No. 852854

I didn't expect to get an answer, thank you!! I'm gonna try the gas dispersing thing. It was purchased new last year, so it's definitely not old. Initially resetting it worked but it doesn't work anymore. Also checked the manual and all it say is to check the gas pressure

No. 852886

is it possible that being on antidepressants since age 12 wrecked my ability to coom? pretty sure I've never had a fucking orgasm and I'm starting to lose hope. I sound like a child but what are they even supposed to feel like? is it a "if it happens, you'll KNOW" kind of thing

No. 852888

samefag, unsure if relevant but I'm med-free now if that means anything

No. 852913

have the same problem, my therapists says it's mostly trauma with some meds side effects but idk

No. 852927

What's the difference between normal lolcow and lolcow lite?

No. 852934

How can I get better at handwriting "&"? Do I have to write lines of it like little kids kek?

No. 852953

File: 1626192377276.jpg (379.69 KB, 803x2512, Screenshot_20210713-120605_Chr…)

Don't torture yourself if you can't get it right. There are alternatives.

No. 852964

Sound cloud stations tool. You can make a station from any song/artist, like Pandora. Except you can use adblocker with soundcloud, so you have unlimited skips. There's tons of "collectives" on soundcloud where 5+ people post music on the same profile. Similar to bandcamp there are a ton of niche and newer smaller artists. Most of the "mainstream" music is locked behind the Soundcloud+ paywall so you don't encounter it too much tbh. You can also search through tags of your favorite genres and even aesthetics. I recently discovered #sethos on soundcloud which is… interesting.

No. 852975

>til how it's called
Thank you, I like the first one, I think I'm going to use this one. I guess it's one of those things that you have to learn young if you want to get it right.

No. 853011

How would edgy outcasts in the 70s dress? I know punk was a thing in the late 70s but I mean before that.

No. 853060

File: 1626199859862.png (21.73 KB, 970x570, ampersand.png)

Used to have trouble with it till I started doing it this way

No. 853065

fuck those alternatives, take 4 minutes and learn to draw it. pretend its one of your weeb katakana

No. 853067

Don't wnat to bump the covid thread just for this but, everyone I know that had the vaccine already has got 2 doses and now I'm signed up for the single one instead. Does it hit you twice as hard with the side effects afterwards?

No. 853069

File: 1626200322178.jpg (72.5 KB, 750x692, 1607044029986.jpg)

Can anyone list some of the harmful communities on tiktok and how to get to them (I don't use tiktok)? I'm talking about the kind of stuff that promotes harmful behaviors like pro-ana, radicalizes people, exist to make fun of the content creators, etc. pic unrelated

No. 853072

Think of it as an 8 you'd write if you were super drunk and disoriented kek

No. 853073

Someone should actually make a thread about that, please

No. 853075

Is it possible to whiten your teeth? After years of being a depressed hikineet i want to start looking after myself. My teeth are so yellow due to the amount of coffee i drank during that time, looking at myself at the mirror makes me feel so gross.

No. 853078

Yes you can get it done professionally, or with home kits or with whitening toothpastes specifically designed to remove stains caused by coffee, tea and cigarettes

No. 853079

yeah i heard brushing your teeth with baking soda helps or go to your dentist and ask for suggestions if you have one ofc.

No. 853080

>brushing your teeth with baking soda helps
That's actually too abrasive for the teeth, don't do that please

No. 853081

does using vibrators really desensitize your puss or is that a myth to get women to stop seeking pleasure elsewhere. I use my vibrator a lot so much so that i cant masturbate without it unless i REALLY concentrate lol.

No. 853090

bleaching is the only method that actually works

No. 853094

You just kinda answered yourself there

No. 853101

File: 1626201969584.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, cat.jpg)

>twf your weeb katakana look worst out of the bunch

No. 853103

moderation is key. i have a womanizer and used to use it so much my clit felt numb most of the time. just stop using it for a few days and your sensitivity should go right back up.

No. 853113

Thanks i guess i will save for it. I honestly don't like how fake the result looks but i would have it 101% over the shit stained british smile i have now.

No. 853141

Would support, there are threads on reddit and twitter but tiktok seems somehow even worse

No. 853152

there's already 2 tiktok threads,one in /snow/ and one in /m/

No. 853157

How do you all keep track of threads and conversations you're interested in on LC?

No. 853163

hide literally every thread i'm not participating in or have no interest in participating in

No. 853174

Open the threads I'm interested in their own tabs and leave them open forever until I need to update

No. 853181

AYRT. I asked my husband and he said that if it lights but doesn't stay on, it's probably the thermocouple. If your boiler is only a year old, you can get it repaired for free because it will still be under warranty. Either contact the person that install it or the manufacturer.

No. 853193

I do the same

No. 853196

Burgeranons, can I just go into my local USPS office and take a flat rate envelope?? Is that allowed? Do I have to let anyone know at the counter that I'll be taking it? I see online you can order them for free but I just need one and I want to mail something out with the envelope this week…

No. 853200

Just take whatever you need to ship to the USPS shop & ask for an envelope to ship it in. They can help you and do most of it for you.

No. 853246

Thanks anon! I did try that once at my local post office where I had what I wanted to ship out already prepped in a box and I was hoping they would print out the label for me and I'd just pay for the postage, but they made me write it on the box so I assumed they didn't do that… Maybe because it wasn't in a first rate box??? Oh well.

No. 853336

That's exactly the order I'm doing when I try writing it but it looks very wonky (way worse than your example), kinda like a hair tie. Guess I'll spend a boring afternoon at work practicing some ampersand lines.
Meh, kanjis are mostly straight lines always from top to bottom and left to right, no sharp turns like the ampersand.
how did you know I can write japanese, are you a mod?

No. 853348

How do you feel about synchronicity?

I've been going through a phase of noticing lots of lil synchronicities lately and seeing as I don't really believe in much spiritually.. I almost don't know if it's just a new symptom of mental illness. Like an ocd thing where you read into things that have no meaning?

No. 853405

Bookmarks, lots of bookmarks.

No. 853452

how the fuck do you keep that organized?

No. 853460

Im watching Sex/Life rn and Im up to the part where Brad says Billie fucks guys on the first date because of daddy issues… as if he didnt also have sex with her on the first date?
Do people really believe this? Are they not aware that it takes two to tango

No. 853491

File: 1626224252897.jpeg (13.2 KB, 275x205, 1620599008054.jpeg)

Ok I have another dumb question because now I don't know what to do.
I asked for his phone number and he gave it to me and he said we can meet this saturday. He was still pretty shy around me. My other coworker told me he might just think I'm too young for him, no one here knows my real age and people assume I'm like 19. Anyway, today I got an invitation from my superior, they're making a group meeting for people from our department and it will be this fucking saturday. I said I'm not sure if I'm going, because I still didn't know if my crush actually wants to see me and I decided not to push harder and just leave him alone. Turned out he wasn't even invited to the meeting (I assume it's because he started to fuck around lately and it worries me, he used to have a very good relationship with our boss but now it's pretty bad). He asked me first if I still want to go out with him this saturday. I said yeah. I would like to go to the group meeting too, but what am I supposed to say to him? "Sorry, I know we made our plans first but now I choose to go to the party you weren't even invited to because you pissed off our boss"? Idk. Normally I wouldn't have a problem with ignoring a group meeting but this is my first job and I really like it and I take it seriously and I'm afraid that I will make a bad impression if I refuse to go. But I would feel like an asshole if I cancelled my plans with the guy. I don't know what to do. I honestly hope the problem will solve itself and they won't be allowed to organize this meeting because of corona kek

No. 853495

What is the age range of lolcow’s userbase?

No. 853496

You need to be over 18 to use this board, for starters.

No. 853498

Go to the meeting, have fun, build relationships with your colleagues. If the guy actually has an interest in you, he should be fairly chill with rescheduling with you another day/later or earlier that evening.

No. 853504

File: 1626226357520.jpeg (135.44 KB, 750x604, CDD4EEDC-8453-42BB-9734-387600…)

I guess I’m fucking retarded because none of the checks from the banks that I’m with have a line at the top where I can put in my name and date of birth. Should I write it in the memo line towards the bottom? Should I just write my name and dob anyway in the empty space in the top/middle of my check?? what the fuck

No. 853509

Lol anon, it's already printed on the check. I never wrote my name on there except for the signature near the bottom

No. 853512

0 to infinity, we have mother anons so surely some fetuses were experiencing the milk through the connection the mother's bloodstream and surely some immortal vampires who are so bored of this realm also waste time here

No. 853517

16-30 mostly. Some anons have said they're in their late 30s and I've seen a few posters saying they're older than that. And you have to be 18 to post here but it's natural that there are girls under that age lurking and posting

No. 853520

No, don't write your date of birth on your check. It's not necessary to write on the memo line unless you think the receiver of the check needs a reason for why you're paying them

No. 853524

It’s for my passport renewal so I think that’s why they need name (in case it’s a parent paying for their kid) and date of birth… I’m trying to not get my shit sent back to me and they’re basically forcing us to renew by mail because the site breaks whenever I try to make an in person appointment for renewal.

No. 853528

A mixture of tags and folders.
Wouldn't recommend it though, at this point I'm pretty sure it almost counts as hoarding.

No. 853529

I want to learn how to play the harp, but it would be self-taught. My friend was talking about how she learned to play piano before the harp and that was important fundamentally, should I try to learn piano as a basis or just aim for the harp directly? Would it be silly to even try to learn, like is the idea of trying to teach myself naive?

No. 853530

Something my friend told me was that she loved instruments because you can pick them up and learn them at any age. She was a piano player first and foremost, so it might have helped her since she’s picked up another instrument. I would go straight to learning the harp, no use in learning the piano if it doesn’t really interest you I think. Lots of resources on the internet nowadays, I believe in you anon! I want to learn the cello one day but damn those babies are expensive lol

No. 853531

Should also note my friend has been teaching herself how to play bass guitar but her piano background probably definitely helped her.

No. 853563

File: 1626232731473.jpeg (2.45 MB, 4032x3024, 74049BEF-BCDF-4767-A697-7E7B71…)

I got a stupid question. what in the fuck did I find at work

No. 853565

a cutie

No. 853568

a friend

No. 853574

File: 1626233672579.jpeg (76.52 KB, 827x622, FDAFE8C8-0243-4567-A7E5-5B8E01…)

Toys excluded… what feels most like a tounge for clitoral masturbation?

No. 853581

a wet paintbrush

No. 853585

What does N-Log mean? And A-log?

No. 853586

Maybe a lover?

No. 853593

nlog means "not like other girls"

No. 853601

File: 1626239404691.jpg (88.52 KB, 500x359, pic.jpg)

Is there such thing as terf ally or you're straight up terf

No. 853606

if you question anything about the trans cult you are a terf, if you are friends with a terf you are considered terf by association and will be spammed with rape threats by rebecca and sammie

No. 853616

I thought "terf allies" are males who support radical feminism since they cannot be radfems themselves by definition

No. 853618

I've never heard that before, TERF is an inaccurate slur and not an actual movement so it doesn't need allies. Men are just GC, or TEHMs if they're gay.

No. 853640

Looks like a cross between a beetle and a moth. Nature is fascinating

No. 853646

If you haven't figured it out yet, I think it's an Eastern Dobsonfly

No. 853661

I'm broke so I can't travel anywhere, but I don't want other people to know this. What can I say when people ask me where I'm going for a vacation? Or rather why I'm not going

No. 853664

Just tell them you have
~ r E s P o n S i B i L i T i E s ~
So like, tell them you have a cat with attachment anxiety or something like that.

No. 853667

Tell them you're doin a "staycation" and just relaxing ar home. Maybe doin some home improvement stuff. That's usually what I actually do with my vacation time, anyway

No. 853688

dude, it's a pandemic. use that lmao just be like "why would I, that puts so many lives at risk?!" etc. make them feel bad for being bougie fucks
you will come across annoying enough for them to never ask again. high risk high reward

No. 853714

Is there a service where you can drive along with people going somewhere? I have to travel across Europe next month and was thinking maybe there is a service that you can drive along with people already driving somewhere (against a small fee maybe). I'm trying to save as much money as possible lol

No. 853722

Do people actually give a fuck? I don't think anyone genuinely cares whether you go on vacation or where you go, it's just random small talk. Anyone in your life who is making you feel like you need to "keep up appearances" should be dropped immediately. Fuck that noise.

No. 853730

Blablacar? Idk about other countries but it seems popular in croatia

No. 853776

I don't think it's unusual to have a year pass without a vacation. I always vacation within my own country cause I don't like flying and even then I skipped the last couple summers and only booked something again lately. Don't make excuses, it's normal.

No. 853842

Has anyone else have a friend who doesn't believe you have a disease you actually have? How do you deal with them? I have premenstrual dysphoria - I experience depression, feelings of despair, hopelessness and suicidal thoughts before my period - and I take medication for it. My friend finds it ridiculous because according to her 'everyone experiences these feelings' and I should just suck it up. She also ridiculed one of her coworkers for taking a day off when she was on her period and she felt that she couldn't focus on her work. I tried to reason with her, saying that just because she feels fine before and during her period, it doesn't mean that others don't experience more severe symptoms but she wouldn't listen to me

No. 853852

She sounds like someone who has never been actually in pain, must be hard to know her. I have had friends who didn't believe in pap smears for some reason, not even admitting they were afraid of them, just saying how they don't "work".

No. 853900

Artist anons, do you do warm up sketches? If yes, of what?

No. 853923

Sometimes I do. Usually, just quick, referenced gesture drawings

No. 853934

then she's not a real friend, get rid of her. Also she sounds obnoxious

No. 853940

sounds like my mom

No. 853954

File: 1626285586300.jpg (41.91 KB, 640x640, sittin'.jpg)

how are NFTs 'bad for the planet'? It's just selling jpegs and stuff, right? wouldn't it actually be environmentally friendly since it takes so resources to create

No. 853955

has anyone here used Function of Beauty for shampoo/conditioner?

I want to try it out but want some non-shill reviews kek

No. 853958

Bitcoin minning is the problem.

No. 853959

If you want to do it just do it and ignore everyone else please

No. 853960

Here, have a non-shill review

No. 853963

based, thank you, anon!

No. 853965

No. 853967

File: 1626286037772.jpg (282.54 KB, 962x710, 45437819-9786931-image-a-12_16…)

Actual stupid question. Why do celebs often live next to each other? Non-celebs who can afford these homes surely won't be the type to peep through windows and get too starstruck?

No. 853973

It made my hair thin don't do it it's shit. Just another crappy company that all the influencers promote at once.

No. 853974

If you could live next to your friends you would

No. 853976

so they can divorce each other faster

No. 853977

narcissists feed off of each other

No. 853980

They're so rich they can live anywhere in the world. Is it worth having such a small selection of homes just so you can live next to a friend? I think maybe they just see ''nobodies'' as not worthy of living next to them even if they're extremely wealthy.

No. 853982

adele would be the one to need 3 houses

No. 853985

thanks anon. I just really liked the customizable colors/fragrances, but I figured it was a gimmick. Rip.

No. 853996

My friend has had a whole bunch of her professional modeling shots (no nudes - just bathing suit, boudoir, etc.) stolen and uploaded to an OnlyFans type of site (with a Wix domain). The scammer has hid them behind a paywall. She has contacted the site numerous times and has received no response. Is there anything that she can do about this? Could she or her photographers file a DMCA? I’ve never dealt with this personally, so I apologize if I sound like an idiot.

No. 853997

I didn't know there were 3 different Adeles.

No. 853999

idk since it depends on the country and I doubt it could work, but maybe you could sue them for image-based sexual abuse?

No. 854015

File: 1626289409366.jpg (64.07 KB, 960x930, destroy.jpg)

If you had to orchestrate the sex education of students, what would you intend to teach them?

I'd honestly be more inclined to teach girls more about their health, like
>vaginal bleeding during pregnancy and menopause is a cause of concern
>vaginal acid can cause the underwear to bleach
>how to clean your vulva
>pelvic floor exercises
>unnatural and unusual symptoms that may be a cause of concern
>don't feel shame about how your vulva looks

No. 854017

cont because I forgot to add
>ways to get an abortion
>effects of pregnancy
>post-natal depression
>feeling free to take way consent any second. His pleasure shouldn't matter
>don't 'peform' sex

No. 854020

The thing is sex ed teached kids to have sex, not to be aware of their bodies. Another way to control and submit girls, witholding information about their bodies, focusing more on intercourse with boys.

No. 854042

How tf do I delete my Aliexpress account? or the very least stop their constant notifications/emails? They're constantly emailing 24/7 it's insane.I want to delete my account but all the YT tutorials are outdated it seems since they've changed 'Account Settings' to 'Account' and it redirects me and asks me to log in again and again. I don't know what to do.

No. 854051

Where sex ed is like this? From what I've seen there's either no sex ed at all or it's proper and health focused but ofc I don't know every country in the world.

No. 854055

yeah i'm in the US and if anything my sex ed was the opposite. they did everything they could to actually avoid the topic of the act of sex and just wanted to talk about std's and abstinence and all the bad stuff that will happen if you do it

No. 854173

Is it possible to lose weight but become more out-of-shape? I was working out consistently at the beginning of the year, then suddenly stopped about two months ago and lost weight due to stress, and I thought it would make exercise easier but I just tried to start up again and I want to puke so bad

No. 854176

yeah, absolutely. if you're not working your heart or muscles at all you're going to be out of shape even if you're thin.

No. 854188

It may not be possible. I have looked into deleting my credit card information off of my account and all of the tutorials also are outdated. So if you can’t even delete the credit card…maybe the only possible way is to write them email, but lbr it would get lost

No. 854223

File: 1626306128539.jpg (179.6 KB, 1335x1500, imbald.jpg)

do these work

No. 854280

No, this is basically snake oil.

No. 854315

This is so weird, I was just looking at these the other day but I bought the gummies instead. I ate 3 today
Are you serious

No. 854317

Yeah, biotin and collagen supplements are a scam

No. 854318

File: 1626316087594.jpeg (22.36 KB, 275x266, 6B0A88D4-EBC7-430C-9683-DF8135…)

How can you tell if a guy has crazy dick game?

No. 854321

Damn. Only reason I got it is cause someone I know said they were the only thing that made her hair grow. Oh well, at least the gummies are yummy

No. 854326

I'm sorry, I know it's dumb. I've never really had any interest in using it but recently I just wanted to try it to make a cute video of my dog.

No. 854334

he's not always talking about how good his dick game is

No. 854337

Is mouthwash necessary?

No. 854340

Has anyone quit their corporate job to temporarily be an au pair, auxiliar de conversación, or other similar jobs?

No. 854343

I think not really, but I treat it as a good refreshment or if you have no time to brush your teeth (brushing your teeth is super important though). Either way it's a good addition to your routine, I recommend the ones without alcohol

No. 854349

Sorry I don't speak french.

No. 854350

No. It kills the good bacteria in your mouth. Floss + brush is good enough, waterpik if you want.

No. 854354

Being considerate, a good listener, good doing things with his hands, in a good physical shape, confident but not cocky and doesn't look weird when dancing (bonus points if he IS a dancer) are all good signs

No. 854437

Do men really not shower? did I luck out with someone who showers twice a day? Is this all a meme?

No. 854441

File: 1626328890694.jpg (33.22 KB, 244x340, 1620150431230.jpg)

nonnies help, I put on falsies for work today with new glue and after nearly 3 hours of scrubbing my face with water and using acetone my hooded eyelids still keeps getting stuck against my face. I am this close to cutting the skin above my eyelid to use the blood as a way to get the glue off

No. 854448

acetone? (hoping you mean alcohol) have you tried oils like mineral or olive oil instead?that should break down the stuck-on adhesive enough to get it off and isn’t utterly toxic if you accidentally get it in your eye.

No. 854450

never use acetone with false lashes please, you'll end up with all kinds of wrinkles. Same with alcohol tbh.

No. 854455

I used some olive oil and it seems to have helped remove most of it, ill let the skin dry before doing another pass
really?? ive been using diluted acetone and a q tip to wipe off my last glue. ill try to find an alternative.

thank you!!

No. 854456

O god anon, please don't use acetone around your eyes (or any other part of your face). I can't imagine how that must've felt

No. 854457

wrinkles? are you crazy bitches not more worried about getting it in your eyes and blinding yourselves?

No. 854462

yeah that too

No. 854464

Why is people saying that Luca from the Disney movie is gay? I don't get it

No. 854470

They're all pedophiles

No. 854480

File: 1626332323264.png (794.92 KB, 1300x866, imagen_2021-07-15_015654.png)

I prefer christian/catholic boomers to neopronoun/trans "alt" tiktok zoomers anyday.

What do you prefer and why? The more answers the better

No. 854483

File: 1626332490291.png (306.16 KB, 720x1261, Screenshot_20210714-235307~2.p…)

Lol thank you mods for deleting the thread I accidentally made. The director said it was about a childhood friendship, idk why the fuck all this speculation is needed.

No. 854497

Which is more straining for the eyes: staring at a screen in the dark, or staring at a screen in artificial lighting?

No. 854498

The former (screen in the dark) because of strong contrasts

No. 854499

If my optometrist asked if I had any head trauma a couple times during my exam but didn't elaborate when asked should I go see a doctor asap????

No. 854501

it makes sense. An older person who is activelly religious is usually involved and active in their community, and has more social skills, maturity and empathy than a kid raised by social media. Both will judge you for your beliefs, looks and behaviour, but church people are more likely to help (and tolerate) people they don't like, even if it's just to feel like they are the better people, "oh i'm such a saint, helping and forgiving a sinner". SM addicts get their highs by cancelling and excluding people, and not by forgiving and turning the other cheek.
Both groups are moved by their egos, and selfish in their motivations, but practising catholics at least try to make the world better in tangible ways. (ime, but i live in a particulary chill place, so i can't speak for other catholic communities)

No. 854515

it's pedophilia but make it woke and queer pandering

No. 854517

So two boys being friends is pedophilia now?

No. 854522

how to stop being a lolcow

No. 854524

spend less time on social media, stop oversharing and stop being extremely self absorbed

No. 854535

No. But people pushing the gay shit onto children is. And I'm not talking about being a child and figuring out your sexuality (which is normal) I mean people who really really want to see these kids as gay, see them kiss, etc. That's pedophilic

No. 854543

File: 1626337663107.jpg (50.05 KB, 828x483, 1624248665669.jpg)

Who else here sleeps on the floor? I can't be the only one

No. 854563

I just got added to the Lolcow.farm discord server. I barely use discord and don’t really understand how it works, how did they find me lmao?

No. 854565

I sleep on a futon cushion thing on the floor if that counts. Last night a centipede crawled on my bare thigh. Love it!

No. 854567

File: 1626339114656.png (371.21 KB, 800x800, imagen_2021-07-15_034942.png)

Am I the only one here who thinks kawaii-fying everything is cringe? I used to want to own everything kawaii-cute when I was younger but now I find it extremely childish and I wish there were more options for women that could still look nice and cute without looking tacky, childish or over the top with that kawaii style

No. 854568

at worst the boomers will tell you, you are going to hell. The zoomer trannies will hunt you for eternity and call your job to get you fired if you dare to say Garfield isn't trans.

No. 854571

i hate this so much. I hate how every ''gamur girl'' set up is so pink and kawiwi. It's the female version of wanting everything to be neon and have RGB.

No. 854580

I just think it looks soulless and ugly

No. 854586

File: 1626340043364.jpg (20.08 KB, 736x981, 23e2ebd667af1439b6d75c7ad17922…)

Agree, it's very 2012. I think something like pic rel looks better and less cheap. The kawaii stuff with teddy bears, eggs (for some reason), and cakes is very AliExpress tier.

No. 854601

ESL anons that speak fluent english. How did you start practicing, do you just read things out loud, talk to someone?

No. 854603

Lash glue is made of latex, use oil to remove it

No. 854610

Practice what exactly? How to pronounce stuff? Because yes, that's the way to go.

No. 854611

where did you find people to practice? i tried hellotak but it's mostly boomers and perverts

No. 854613

listening to music, watching media in english and talking to native speakers pretty much did it for me. When I was 12 I started to translate lyrics and english books which weren’t published in my first language so I could read them, which was a good start I guess.

No. 854622

Yea that's the difficult part. I work in a international firm so all emails and meetings are in english and my coumtry is a tourist country so, yae.

If you have any friends ask then if they want to help you practice. Or maybe record yourself to see if there are any errors.

No. 854630

Existing in english speaking part of the internet forced me to learn a lot of language, I've changed all my daily use tech (computer, phone) main languages to english, started watching english cartoons without subtitles as the language is the easiest there, later extended that to tv shows and video games. I've only started speaking a lot when I've started working for an english speaking company but all I've done prior to that provided a solid basis and the only thing that was left to do was shaking off the shame of potentially making some mistake, which was gone pretty quickly. I suppose ideally you'd spend time with native speakers or attend english speaking meetings but I think my example shows it's not THAT essential.

No. 854634

I'mm sorry if this is retarded but I've never tried dieting before.
How long until I lose wait?
I've been counting calories and eating at a 200 calorie deficit everyday for 2.5 weeks and so far nothing has changed, I might have lost like, 0.5kg, should I just drop it?
I'm weighing everything I consume, and those past two weeks I've gotten from a job where I'm sitting all day to a retail job + 20 biking everyday
I'm 1m75 tall and 68kg if that matters

No. 854636

Check out >>>/g/153564 lots of useful information there. Also your deficit could be too small so you're losing slower. Try upping it to 500.

No. 854640

0.5kg over 2.5 weeks is, caloric wise, the exact weight you should've lost over that period if looking at it simply. As that other anon said, try upping the amount a bit (though it's usually said that, for a woman, eating only 1200kcal a day should be the absolute limit, even if you're only lke 155cm or so).

No. 854651

it'll go back and forth, don't restrict too much and don't weigh yourself too much waiting around for the number to drop. fuck around & develop anorexia.
i first noticed the biggest difference around two months into my similar diet, i'd recommend alternating your calorie limits. like fast one day (people shit on fasting but intermittent fasting is good imo), eat maybe 200 cals to break the fast next day, work your way up to 1000-1200 over the course of the next few days, then reset. sounds weird but it worked for me. cheat days also boost metabolism, so if you've been consistent and still stuck on a plateau, get a dessert. your body could just be on starvation mode.

No. 854664

>may not be a gay narrative but it is a queer one
More proof that queer literally means nothing.

No. 854667

> "luca" is queerbaiting
> kids can't have friends of the same sex, they have to be gay

No. 854672

My ex's wife:
"You can only talk to Anon 1 or 2 days a week. You can't talk to her via voice. You can't see her physically unless it's on a group setting. No physical touch. Don't tell her anything about me. No pictures of you to her. Do any of those things, and we're getting a divorce."

Ladies does this sound abusive or like boundaries?

No. 854698

I also got the impression that it was about friendship and family when I watched it with my little siblings but people nowadays are so dead set on finding something queer/gay/whatever in just about anything.

No. 854703

Sounds like woman dealing with a scrote with tendencies for breaking her trust, it's not coming out of nowhere most likely

No. 854711

I have the same question about Elsa and Frozen

No. 854728

File: 1626357736108.jpg (11.87 KB, 300x225, 30L-Large-Plastic-Basin-with-H…)

Yesterday afternoon as I was coming home from getting groceries my downstairs neighbor came out into the hall and said she had "something to ask me". This was weird because my husband and I have lived here since August of last year and we've never spoke to the downstairs neighbors, only bumped into each other when both leaving the flat at the same time. She said she was going somewhere for 2-3 weeks and asked if we could take care of her daughter's two goldfish for her. I told her I'd ask my husband and would be back. I was on the fence about it but figured it couldn't be that hard because she described the fish as low-maintenance (I had no idea the kind of equipment goldfish actually need) so I told my husband and he reluctantly said sure. After doing some research I realize we're very unprepared.

So, we currently have two common goldfish to take care of and keep alive for the next 2-3 weeks. Neither of us have ever owned a fish. We don't have proper equipment and we're keeping them in a basin like picrel (the neighbor gave it to us, I assume that's what she kept them in), feeding them flake fish food twice a day and doing a partial wash of the container every 2 days (as per request of the neighbor.) They're each about 6 cm/2.5 inches long, not that big but I know the basin is probably still too small. I only found out yesterday that you can't put goldfish in straight tap water, so I'm using bottled water that doesn't have any chlorine or ammonia, but it could have other harmful chemicals/minerals in it. I'm manually oxygenating the tank by stirring it with a spoon and squeezing an empty water to blow bubbles into it every so often. Despite this, the fish seem to be "gasping" at the surface a lot and the water gets cloudy quickly.

Do any anons have tips for keeping goldfish in such minimalist conditions? What are the chances the fish will make it until she gets back? According to what I've read online about proper goldfish keeping, I honestly have no clue how they made it until now. I really don't want to be responsible for the death of someone else's pet.

No. 854759

I'm so not a fan of having someone approach me for the very first time and immediately ask for a favor. I don't live in apartments anymore but back when I did this same shit would always happen. An unexpected knock on the door would always be some woman you've never spoken to before wanting something from you right off the bat.

I'd goldfish as a kid and tbh I remember us using tap water. I've read that fish most often will die right after a water change because of conditions being off or because of a sudden temperature change. I think I remember just being careful about temperature. Chances are tho you're putting more care into these things than the mom does. It's the same when parents buy guinea pigs for their small kids, they nearly always neglect to research what they require for health and they're quick to dump them on equally unprepared people while they go on holiday. You can guarantee that the owners don't put this much care into the fish.

No. 854774

Thanks. I had a feeling the owners weren't putting much care into it anyway. I'll do my best with what I have though.

No. 854775

Isn't that supposed to be really good for your back?

No. 854806

Does anyone else feel like they remember more of a movie when they didn't watch the whole thing in one sitting but in sections/over the course of multiple days?

No. 854813

Definitely. I can easily watch a movie in one sitting and understand it while it's happening, but forget 99% of it a week later.

No. 854844

When you drink out of a bottle do you put both lips over the opening, or just your bottom lip touches the bottle and your upper lip hovers in the opening?

No. 854846

the latter

No. 854852

Second one

No. 854859

who puts their whole mouth over it? sounds like some ipad kid behavior

No. 854906

I once tried the full mouth thing and i almost choked to death

No. 854910

File: 1626376985245.jpg (16.18 KB, 403x312, 1409777140439.jpg)

>hot and dying after workout
>grab flimsy 10c water bottle
>seal lips, tilt back head, squeeze
>gulp entire thing in 2 secs flat

No. 854992

I get someone else to drink it and spit the liquid into my mouth. I find it more efficient

No. 855022

File: 1626387370691.png (Spoiler Image, 256.3 KB, 326x468, Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 6.15…)

If you do the former youre a toddler and your water bottles look like pic rel

No. 855029

Is there much of a difference from being fired from a job versus quitting yourself first? In the US specifically, it's a long story but I wonder if I should follow up with why I stopped working there.

No. 855031

it's better to quit than be fired from both a previous employment reference standpoint and a resume standpoint. if a hiring manager has questions about how your last job ended, they'll ask in the interview and you can explain then.
since employment has been all fucked from covid though i'm sure places are a lot more lenient with that now.

No. 855032

File: 1626388792701.jpeg (162.46 KB, 736x1157, FD68D0C5-D244-47F7-BBDC-2D6421…)

Has anyone ever put their face between some guy’s pecs? What does it feel like? A friend told me they’re solid, but how solid are we talking about?

No. 855042

flex your bicep and press your fingers on the muscle. pretty much what it feels like imo.

No. 855055

Does anyone else get nervous replying to or trying to type a reply to a cow thread they have lurked for a long time but not posted in? On /pt/ in particular?

No. 855056

You are either a fat whale or a whore. Either way mad respect.

No. 855057

if you can't deepthroat 2 nachs at once just say that anon

No. 855061

Sorry i haven't ascended to god mode yet

No. 855130

Abusive for sure.

No. 855162

Why are handpoke tattoos becoming so popular, or have they always been popular? I don't keep up with tattoo news or have them myself, but I am curious.

No. 855173

Regular tattoos are completely normal and mainstream, an edgier cooler alternative was necessary

No. 855174

they always have been in like the alt/punk type of scene afaik

No. 855250

why does the western part of the U.S. have so many hellfires? is it from all the sinning?

No. 855258

Former, never choked. I tilt the bottle pretty hard though, I don't try to suck the water out or something. Also I pucker my lips as I stop drinking so as to not inject backwash into the bottle. I guess it's a hybird lol

No. 855265

Got my vaccine yesterday and I hurt from head to toe right now. I know that's high on the list of side effects anyway but most people I know had nothing. What's the science behind that? A more reactive immune system? A weak one? Just curious

No. 855269

File: 1626418912675.jpeg (38.98 KB, 435x618, 0814B2D1-33D3-49F9-AEC2-951501…)

just realized this might not be tom hiddleston. who is he?

No. 855272

it’s really hot and dry and there are a lot of trees?

No. 855303

File: 1626422105885.jpg (36.88 KB, 472x608, 204651-Sweet-Little-Kitty.jpg)

Should I get a cat?

No. 855305

File: 1626422265757.jpeg (57.4 KB, 500x669, F6B7C727-4CE1-4DDB-A303-C4723E…)

Yes if you will care it

No. 855307

sorry anon but i dont see any tom hiddleston resemblance in that

No. 855310

I will care it more than I care me but I'm worried that it might destroy my plants or get into fights with the other cats in the neighborhood.

No. 855325

Only if you want to deal with litter for ~20 years

No. 855333

Check first if any of your plants are toxic to cats. Sometimes rhose little shits chew on whatever they can find.

If possible keep the cat indoors or keep an eye on it when outside. Might even get a leash for it if you live in the middle of a town or something. I have outdoor cats and every night before going to sleep I have to heard them into the house like chicken so they don't wander around at night

No. 855344

Should I even go to a job interview to a place I don't care about and not planning on working long term? I'm just broke

No. 855346

Depends on the hours of the job, if your going to be exhausted after work and not able to search for other employment then maybe not the best idea, but it is good to have money coming in whilst you find somewhere you do care about.

No. 855369

Would it be silly to sign up for a UX related Meetup if I'm not in the industry, I'm just interested in it?

No. 855395

File: 1626438680103.jpg (500.59 KB, 1076x1060, Screenshot_20210716-142833_Fir…)

Is it worth to get your makeup done professionally?

I have no idea what suits me and having hooded, deepset eyes is already a pain to work with and for once I want to actually look nice. I've been doing my makeup since I was a teenager but honestly haven't improved much.

No. 855398

my friend recently got her eyeliner tattooed on I thought it looked cute but after a while she said it was pointless and she wouldnt do it again. It was funny though because when she first got it she had butthole eyes and it was so fascinating to look at

No. 855401

Have you tried experimenting with different styles following youtube tutorials? There are plenty out there on how to deal with hooded eyes.

No. 855404

Lmao I ment as in a makeup artist doing it for you not permanent makeup, damn I feel sorry for ypur friend that must've hurt a lot

Yes, but I just suck at it and since I wear glasses it also often kills the look.

No. 855407

If you feel like you definitely need guidance, then absolutely! Be sure to tell them that you're a beginner and you want them to explain everything in great detail. You can either book a makeover at popular makeup brands at malls for example like Mac or Nyx, etc or you could take lessons from professional makeup artists (I'd imagine this is more expensive)

No. 855409

Have you considered looking for different frame for your glasses? I was sticking to the same one for years because I thought it wont get any better, eventually had to change because it broke and damn, the new one elevated my look so much it's crazy, I wasted so much time staying in my comfort zone

No. 855413

Yep, that's pretty much why I want to go

I got new ones this January hah, I'd say they fit me but then again I just can't tell what actually looks good on me and what doesn't so I just go for whatever I like

No. 855502

My friend wants to move to my country one day but she makes a decent amount of mistakes when we text and I honestly think it's cute but should I maybe point out when she's using the wrong word? I don't want to offend her or tear down her self esteem

No. 855508

surely middle easten people arent the only ones eating lots of onions and spices

No. 855509

Could I have social anxiety without being aware of it?? I'm generally pretty self aware and if I mention (for example) my ADHD my friends will say "nah you don't have it" or "it's not that bad." Meanwhile I've never even implied that I think I have social anxiety and yet people will constantly say things like "oh your social anxiety wasn't bad that day" like wtf??? I'm definitely an introvert but damn am I autistic too?

No. 855511

Ask her if she wants to be corrected. If she does then make sure you don’t make a big deal out of correcting her, and reassure her that even native speakers make mistakes. I’m sure she’d appreciate the help.

No. 855524

b-but who is it then?

No. 855547

Would it look silly to go clubbing in plain sandals instead of high heels? Literally every high heel turns my feet into a bleeding blistery mess after a while

No. 855561

Now I don't know much about clubbing but it seems like a situation where people won't be looking much at your shoes nor will they be able to so why torture yourself

No. 855577

can autism be cured? i’m diagnosed autistic and incredibly socially inept (no real life friends for years now), i’m happy like this but i don’t know if i should push myself to conform to normie standards or just continue my happy little autistic loner lifestyle

No. 855578

Not a clubbing person at all, but I thought it was a common thing to wear heels in line and switch to flats once you get it. I've just heard jokes about women hiding flats in their purse or jokes about boyfriends having to carry the high heels later in the night.

No. 855586

no it cannot be cured it is a developmental disorder. but you can learn to mask to a higher degree like some women on the spectrum do. if you're happy the way you are and okay in life don't feel pressured to fit in. only concern is if you have very very few friendships it might be rough down the line, so having some acquintances isn't a bad idea at all.

No. 855590

Wearing heels for hours while possibly drunk sounds like a nightmare, I don't know how some women do it.

No. 855596

What exactly is "reddit spacing"? And why do some people throw a fit if someone supposedly uses it here lol

No. 855598


it's when you post like this

spacing out all your sentences for no reason

and usually leaving a huge space between the quoted post

it makes you stick out like a sore thumb, the point is to integrate

No. 855616

Go back to reddit you fag

(sorry I had to)

No. 855800

Is it possible to stop having pancake tits if you lose weight? I have about 10-15kg I can afford to lose

No. 855830

How do people laugh audibly? I find it endearing when someone has a cute laugh, I wish I could do that. Like… do people force the noise to come out of their mouths or what? I just don’t think shit is funny enough to laugh out loud often.

No. 855834

There's nothing wrong with pancake tits anon

No. 855835

Can't losing weight actually make your breasts more saggy?

No. 855836

No, it's involuntary

No. 855837

I got my hair professionally bleached and toned (it's a yellow-ish blonde) three days ago, and I want to dye it orange. I use semi-permanent dye like Arctic Fox. Do I need to wait more shampoos, or is it okay for me to dye over the toner?

asking this thread because I know you anons will give it to me straight.

No. 855838

you laugh because it’s a reflex, not just because of humor. same reason people laugh when they’re tickled or uncomfortable, it’s not because it’s funny.

No. 855857

For me I always had to shampoo my hair at least a few times before anything stuck, if you can wait and are willing to shampoo for maybe a few washes more, go ahead. Maybe do a strand test to be sure?

No. 855861

That makes sense. Do I not have that reflex or am I socially retarded? I do laugh in serious, stressful, situations, but I don’t laugh at things that are funny I just kind of… chuckle

No. 855865

Thank you, anon. I will try to hold out for a few shampoos more then just to be safe… I know the toner won't last more than 5-7 washes. bless you

No. 855878

im just gonna admit it, like once a month/every two months. yes i know im gross.

No. 855881

Picked up a snus habit instead. Still getting my nicotine but no lung damage.

No. 855886

if someone you don't know very well called you "confrontational" as a casual observation, how would you feel?

No. 855889

If you don’t know them well, they don’t know you well so wouldn’t care

No. 855899

could be something to do with the way your brain is wired, but that just makes your laughter more special

No. 855906

would it be fucked up to make a shirt from a hospital gown?

No. 855913

That shit will fuck you up too, your poor mouth

No. 855914

You're a sweet anon, hope your hair turns out bright and nice!

No. 855918

why Pandora asking for me zipcode

No. 855935

I'd feel offended and would wanna know their reason for thinking that, but that would just confirm their observation…

No. 855958

I can’t imagine it being possible to do it such that you can’t tell it was a hospital gown, so yes.

No. 856061

They are so ugly and uncomfortable to me anon

No. 856088

Has anyone ever successfully broken up a friend's relationship? I hate how ever since my friend got a boyfriend she spends so much time with that fugly moid. Any advice on how to get them to separate?

No. 856093

My advice is stop investing so much energy in your friend for a while. You probably can’t get them to break up without pissing your friend off, but most relationships end quickly anyways. I don’t know why straight girls choose moids over their female friends but they often do

No. 856095

You shouldn't. There's nothing wrong with her spending time with her boyfriend, anon. Don't be an asshole and try to break them up for selfish reasons

No. 856098

I lost 45 kilos and my boobs are no more or less saggy than they were (the skin is a bit thin though). I must say though that they look a bit prettier on a slender body; I'm flat chested so small saggy boobs looked worse when I was fat. It's not so much that your boobs change but more like everything else changes and that makes them look better

No. 856106

Why do anons continue to give scrotes the responses they do desperately crave?
They even get off on the attention "kys" gives them, I'm sure of it.

No. 856128

It's so annoying. Literally who the fuck can even be bothered engaging with males online in the first place…? It's a drag and 100x worse on lolcow, where they're straight up attention seeking.

No. 856143

Hard agree. I assume anons that don't ignore scrotes on here are pickmes/desperate for male attention irl

No. 856149

i see this happen so much, like almost begging males to see eye to eye with you. it's sadistic tbh. i do not doubt they're having the time of their life arguing with women and being reminded they're male, regular ass male and troons alike. the focus is always centered around women pleading in some way.
challenging males, i would like to see more of tbh. i have no idea how to go upon that precisely. but overall, yes. i'd like to see less scrote spotlight.

No. 856152

File: 1626512547582.jpg (74.03 KB, 640x453, d8460f42172e15185583961_a59c37…)

Sometimes I forget that there are women who actively crave the most abundant resource on the planet, male attention. Crazy shit.

No. 856158

File: 1626514912567.png (785.12 KB, 720x540, E6Y5ow2UYAE9-t4.png)

How do you know you're not interested in things/someone vs just having a depressed episode? Please help

No. 856159

Is there some kind of extension or software (computer only) that can extract text from an image? It's for weeb fanarts drawn by Koreans.

No. 856162


No. 856164

Imagine never doing a thing / interacting with a person ever again; it starts today and no matter how long you live there's no coming back to it, would you be okay with it? Give yourself a bit of time to think about it, few days at least, see how you feel about it. Of course it's not foolproof method but worth a try.

No. 856166

I always have some kind of snot in my throat. Anyone else has this problem, how do i get rid of it? It makes it hard to talk to.

No. 856169

Do you smoke?

No. 856177

>You shouldn't. There's nothing wrong with her spending time with her boyfriend, anon. Don't be an asshole and try to break them up for selfish reasons

You sound like a pickme anon

No. 856179

How am I a pickme for saying that OP shouldn't try to ruin her friends relationship? Do you know what pickme means? And why did you greentext the entire post instead of just replying

No. 856181

I don't even know how to talk to people anymore
I tried to remember only to come to the conclusion that I might've never really knew how
I wonder if I simply lost confidence or something among those lines…

No. 856190

i usually just sit on the couch scrolling my phone when they do maintenance stuff in my apartment, a quick hi and bye but they seem to appreciate getting to do their thing in peace.

No. 856192

do french, english is easier to improve just by using the internet (since most major websites are english-speaking).

No. 856195

I would prioritise the one that you want to or would need to use more often. Like if you want to visit/live in a English or French speaking place in the future. Or maybe the one you struggle with the most? But it’s up to you anon! Have fun, I think it is great to be multi+ lingual

No. 856196

I know I have bad taste but idc - does anyone know what kind of filters are on Insta photos that usually those mlm bitches use, or some travel influencers? You know the type, like very bright and washed up at the same time, lots of baby blue/frozen hues? I'm retarded and can't explain better.

No. 856220

What does it mean when people start their sentences with "not the…"? I feel like a boomer asking this lol.

No. 856236

If we’re talking about the same trend, its difficult to explain but it's supposed to emphasise how ironic something is, even though many just use it for the sake of using it. For example: Not rich people complaining about how hard their lives is. It means that out of all people they are the ones complaining. Shitty example but it gets the point across hopefully.

No. 856242

Do other anons believe that it's abusive/"sus" for "content creators" to have relationships with fans?

It's such a prevailing opinion nowadays that it's inherently wrong, but if you're over 18 and wanna starfuck (even if the "star" is a youtuber) I don't understand the drama that follows.

No. 856249

nope, nor i drink alcohol. I do drink tons of milk though

No. 856250

File: 1626529274979.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210717_153748_com…)

There's several instagram accounts that post vsco/lightroom filter presets with exact instructions, try looking there
Or download vsco directly and fuck around until you figure it out, that's what I used to do

No. 856271

Yeah, that's it, thanks. Kinda weird trend imo (it irks me as a grammar nazi), but we probably had our random speak back then too, so whatever.

No. 856308

I would say its more when youre making fun of ANYTHING. Like "not the blue hair" or "not you being x". Its hard to explain like you said, but it can be applied to anything

No. 856328

File: 1626536441013.jpg (29.62 KB, 341x333, Screenshot_20210717-173744.jpg)

What does pooner mean

No. 856334

I genuinely think I'm 10 years too old to fully grasp it, thanks for trying to explain though.

No. 856339

File: 1626537889175.gif (97.27 KB, 500x282, giphy_s.gif)

is it really that difficult? it's technically not a new turn of phrase, it's just being used in a different way now.

possibly an easier way to think about it:
>oh no, not this again!

No. 856341

My friend had her flag pole ropes cut because she had some rainbow flag, but not a full flag, the triangle kind of flag, totally legal and she wants to do something about it. I think it's best to ignore it and mend it but she wants to do something, she was talking about a note but idk, any ideas?

No. 856353

women who identify as trans men i think?

No. 856354

What's a note going to do other than amuse the person/people who cut the ropes

No. 856360

Short and funny guys pack meat in my experience.

No. 856361

What could be the reason for a post showing up in quotation marks in Messenger?

No. 856362

Exactly my point, every note anyone ever put up just collects more abuse.

No. 856363

name of this model? also, is there a better thread i could post this to?

No. 856373

If someone only wears a certain subgenre if lolita (like gothic lolita) are they still a lolita? Also is there a "general" lolita style or is it all subgenres?

No. 856376

Eh it's worth it imo. The one i use is tobacco-free so it's just pure nicotine and filling. On the same level as vaping.

No. 856378

How do I stop feeling masculine and disgusting because of my body?

No. 856381

Pull used to have a "who is this thread" i have been missing it ngl, we could maybe use one because some people are so good at finding out shit like that. No idea though, sorry nonny, she's beautiful.

No. 856394

Is it possible to make a living from illustration without drawing coomer shit? Does anyone know a person like that? Do they even exist kek

No. 856399

File: 1626544142882.jpeg (109.18 KB, 721x900, C031EC72-6F3E-466F-A1D0-745203…)

Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve been an admirer of the subculture for years. My observation is that sweet lolita is the “general” style. It’s what people not in the community (or with little knowledge of it) think about when they hear the term “Lolita.”

No. 856408

Yes, it's difficult but possible. The two friends I have who make a living off their art have pretty unique art styles that don't fall in the usual boxes for online art (anime, semirealism, etc.) which is probably the reason they're able to get a pretty big audience. They both do a mix of traditional and digital but their methods of marketing are different.

One is really active on social media (Twitter, Instagram, even keeps up on Deviantart and Tumblr), has an online store, had a successful crowdfunding campaign for an artbook, etc., but the other only recently made a portfolio website, otherwise it's all on one platform. I think she's mostly able to sustain herself on big commissions from commercial stuff, like t-shirt designs for online stores, so there's that. Tbf though, both of them live frugally and in a relatively inexpensive area, it might not be possible somewhere else.

No. 856420

File: 1626545823892.jpeg (87.21 KB, 700x362, three-examples-of-different-lo…)

uh yeah? if you buy from lolita centric brands and wear the silhouette then yes. you dont stop being a goth if you only wear vampire goth clothes and not tradgoth. lolita is a catch all term for the type of style/silhouette, and there are substyles within the fashion.

No. 856430

Those who use google chrome, have you noticed your saved passwords getting deleted out of nowhere? and then I looked at the settings and the passwords box under 'clear browser data' is checked even though I never checked that box before. wtf is going on? I'm not sharing this computer with anyone either.

No. 856432

I have a couple friends who are. One's a full time book cover illustrator and has a background in graphic design which helps with that. Another is a character artist/designer for a toy company. I also know someone who knows someone who's a matte and background painter for games & film.

No. 856452

How does it come that some celebs manage to be very private and have not much info about them out in the public, while others are being followed by paparazzi 24/7 and have pretty much everything about their live written in their wiki page?

No. 856459

Let me just preface with you shouldn't be saving your password on google chrome. It doesn't hash or salt your password so anyone can access it. Anyway, it could be just a default setting that got triggered with an update. If that's not the case, change your password and don't save it on chrome

No. 856480

Is suicide by diabetes a realistic way to go. And how many pizzas till my pre diabetes becomes the real deal?

No. 856484

Probably one of the most prolonged suicide methods possible anon.

No. 856486

just double down and start chugging coca cola morning, noon and night

No. 856490

Anon i dont want my teeth to rotm if my teeth rot i won't be able to eat again

No. 856492

if your teeth rot it just makes it easier to guzzle soda?

No. 856493

I thought the plan was to die? Can't eat if you… Die

No. 856494

You're more likely to have a series of limbs amputated from it and to live on in that sad state

No. 856495

Ok whatever. How much coke is that. And how long will it take

No. 856499

But if they don't get amputated wouldn't it just lead to an infection? Which would lead to death?

No. 856501

If you're picking a method that takes years (and isn't reliable) you can't be that suicidal

No. 856523

Which app can I use to edit bangs/fringes?

No. 856554

Sounds tedious but i would just google pngs of bangs and slap them on your selfie with picsart. They actually have bangs/fringe stickers as well.

No. 856561

File: 1626558055656.jpeg (92.33 KB, 800x800, 66A04E07-89DD-4820-9D4C-6CBDC6…)

Any anons have an perfume recs that smell like picrel? It’s one of my favorite scents ever but I’ve only ever found this combo with this deodorant. Fragrantica hasn’t been much help either.

No. 856582

Ot but damn this brand never worked for me and I'm sad about ot it because of the scents

No. 856738

File: 1626575941460.jpeg (174.58 KB, 736x574, 6345D091-6584-49EB-8828-E768FB…)

can someone tell me where this is from? i can’t stop laughing at this this is god-tier

No. 856740

What can cause excessive body hair besides PCOS? I've always been extra hairy, but over the past couple years I've developed a neckbeard and a good amount of chest hair. I'm seeing my doctor about it soon finally but Covid is making it really slow and I'm getting super paranoid and hypochondriac about it.

I don't think it's PCOS because my periods seem fine, they're regular and I don't have bad pain. But according to Dr. Google all the other causes of hirsutism are like tumours and I'm freaking out.

Or maybe it's possible to have PCOS with no period symptoms? PCOS runs in my family so it seems likely but my periods are fine.

No. 856742

Here you go anon. Its AHS Hotel, and the character is Sally

No. 856746

>Or maybe it's possible to have PCOS with no period symptoms? PCOS runs in my family so it seems likely but my periods are fine.
Yes, it's possible. I have PCOS and my periods have been clockwork since I was 15.

No. 856751

It can be a hormonal imbalance other than PCOS

No. 856773

are you diabetic and/or have a diet that is low carb? that could also be the reason why you don't have any period symptoms.

No. 856789

My underage zoomer brother is getting groomed by trans “women” on discord because he is an actual giant and has been locked inside all year because of covid. He now thinks he is trans. He’s not considering anything serious yet but still. It’s not out of the ballpark that he is gay or bi or w/e but he was at least completely cis until like a month ago and I just found out bc I am not living at home. He is obviously not remotely dysphoric and he is clearly just struggling because he is legit giant and is probably uncomfortable with himself because he can’t even do normal things due to his size. I know there is no sympathy for males here but I’m a female and I can’t deal with this shit so can anyone give me some advice? Sorry in advance if wrong thread this is a retarded question after all

No. 856792

Idk maybe try to find some offline hobbies you both can do together so he's not in his room talking to his internet "friends" all day, then maybe he'll naturally realize how retarded it is.

No. 856793

dw sis most of us have sympathy for the underage boys trannies groom, it's disgusting and wrong.

That said I don't have much advice, I don't have a brother letalone a troon one. You're probably gonna have to just talk to him and try to understand why he thinks he's trans, then eventually convince him why it's bullshit. If you're not already up to date on gender critical rhetoric you should spend some time on ovarit, radblr, even the mtf thread etc so you have a good understanding yourself and can offer up some points for consideration. A reasonable person should be peaked easily with some questions to expose circular logic, like 'what is a woman' 'what does it mean to feel like a woman' etc. Worst case scenario just show him some neovag horror stories.

No. 856796

I'm not sure if anon should try to impose her beliefs on him, because that could just anger him and make him want to rebel. You know how teens are. She should be skeptical of his decision but not too pushy, so feels like he came to that conclusion himself.

No. 856802

You're right, that's why I said she needs to talk to him and understand his reasoning. Maybe I should've been clearer that 'convincing him it's bullshit' needs a gentle approach with more suggestion and questioning to help him come to conclusions without her forcing it on him. You'd have to play it by ear depending on his responses.

No. 856839

File: 1626592635333.jpg (77.76 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20210718-014456_Zen…)

what do y'all think of my new frames? I've been sticking w my free Medicaid frames for about two years now and finally got around to getting some (cheap) ones lol

No. 856849

they look lovely! I like the first pair a lot

No. 856850

What do you anons think about this statement?
"When people don't know what to say they always talk about themselves"

No. 856854

Or the weather

No. 856881

Mostly about the weather.
Small talk has become a lot more interesting and engaging lately thanks to climate change, it used to be quite boring commenting on the weather, 'nice day isn't it?' 'bit windy but yeah'. These days we have fire tornadoes and huge floods and shit, lots to talk about.

No. 856904

Covid was good for making awkward small talk. Right now it's the vaccine, whether they've had theirs yet and if they got any aches after it. Every now and then you meet a surprise antivaxxer. Good stuff.

No. 856918

How do interrogators decide on what the best approach is? I watched some interrogations with murderers that either seemed like a get together or a straight up lunch date where they were casually talking and eating and it's so bizarre

No. 856921

You talking about that rocky guy?

No. 856926

kek yes

No. 856953

Why do I gain weight when I eat to satiety?
Does it mean that I'm maintaining an artificially low weight or is my body a dumb animal that just wants more more more?

No. 856965

the latter, the more you eat the more you need to feel full

No. 856981

how full you are or are not has nothing to do with it. it's about how much calories are in the things you eat and how long they keep you full for. a "satiety" amount of carrots has far less calories than a "satiety" amount of pasta. protein like chicken eaten to satiety takes longer to digest and will keep you satisfied longer than simple carbs like bread or cereal and you won't want to eat again as quickly. your body doesn't feel "full" when you've eaten a certain appropriate amount of calories, it feels full when the physical space in your stomach has a certain amount of food in it. furthermore, you can't trust what your body "naturally" wants in such an unnatural world, foodwise. nothing about the modern day availability of every type of food in every season and engineered snack foods and fast food designed to be addicting is natural. you have to plot the course yourself if you want to watch your weight in a world that wants to sell you anything it can get you to buy.

No. 857069

Ya I know the difference between feeling full and feeling satiated. I just wondered why, when I eat the caloric amount my body thinks it needs, it's too much.

No. 857095

Is there a thread for the forbidden man? I did a quick glance in /g/ and /m/ but couldn't find anything.

No. 857101

do it again and use catalogue in the future, nona

No. 857119

File: 1626623334133.jpeg (470.35 KB, 722x902, D94492D3-0B93-40EC-ADBC-4BBA7C…)

Can nonas give me things to draw?

No. 857139

sonic vore

No. 857161


No. 857170

Draw a picture of me!

No. 857179

File: 1626627258925.jpeg (500.94 KB, 750x1254, 699B8C74-2891-49BC-AEBC-A77C8C…)

Lesbian icon

No. 857191

Is it normal to weigh more before getting my period?

No. 857194

What gift should i give to a 9yo boy?

No. 857195

No. 857197

ask the parents what kind of kids shows, games or toys he likes

No. 857199

No. 857204

A sex change

No. 857216


No. 857218

Anons who speak French, how do I ask a seller in French if she can measure the skirt she's selling? I want to know the length in cm. I don't speak any French and don't trust google translate.

No. 857238

Fair enough, thank you.

No. 857243

Is the average german kinky or is it a myth?

No. 857244

Why are the Chinese workaholic?

No. 857245

File: 1626631403545.jpg (53.22 KB, 600x693, manfaceaua.jpg)

No. 857254

What's the difference Cope and Delusion, or is there not one?

No. 857259

myth. they do have a large amount of coomers tho.

No. 857260

Thanks! I decided to give him a board game, hope it doesn't end up gathering dust at the end.

No. 857262

check out what Sasha Ayad and Stella O'Malley have said about this, Ayad has some pieces on 4thWaveNow. They work with gender questioning kids and their parents. You can't really confront directly, most important is spending more time with them and not lose the connection or trust. The focus is on girls now so it's harder to find resources about boys but they do have some episodes of their podcast (gender: a wider lens) about this. A lot of parents/family members in this sphere do veer too controlling and get so scared of kid transitioning I think they lose focus on the kid's wellbeing. Being trans is not the end of the world but obviously issue is here he's probably being groomed and it won't actually help his issues.

No. 857264

Germany is full of furries

No. 857268

Nooo! Is there anywhere non-coomer men predominate? Fed up. I hate kinksters and coomers equally.

No. 857272

I've been watching autogefuhl for some time but never bother to learn anything about the german host, Thomas Majchrzak, his wiki is on some bronie wiki fandom site. Are they outing him as a bronie or does it mean a bronie fan decided to make a topic on him? I was confused. Why make non-fandom topic wikis by fandom? Why is that a thing?

No. 857278

File: 1626633212574.png (686.06 KB, 804x672, Untitled.png)

Nah, I don't think so. They are also not really good in bed, but this article is from 2009, maybe they got better kek

No. 857280

German men are ugly and famously autistic. They also pay for hookers.

No. 857294

Gross, I forgot about that. Does anyone know of any stats? I can't find any.

No. 857298

true there are a lot of forums where sexist men talk about prostitution. it is just sad.
they are still bad at it. dont expect a german man to eat your pussy and esp. the dirty talk is like fingernails on chalk board

No. 857306

A lot of them are into scat porn and it's really weird. Them and Brazilians.

No. 857320

grew up in the Easter regions so my experience is a little different, but the serotypes generally is that west German are completely degenerates with no real ideology or values, even some of the worst old racist's here miss the days of the Berlin Wall and Eastern block cause they hate western degenerates so much

No. 857323

did anyone else notice the influx of germanboos on instagram?

No. 857329

i think the real degenerates are the bravarian overlords who think they are superior than anyone else

No. 857353

File: 1626636223235.png (250.58 KB, 540x304, E1J681aWYAUrHCY.png)

I've started having sex dreams about dbz characters again, I'm fucking 26, help me

No. 857355

what does this even mean? yes, most people share anecdotes with one another.

No. 857359

File: 1626636350012.jpg (119.76 KB, 896x698, 1580083051555.jpg)

I didn't phrase this as a question; what the fuck is wrong with me? Am I retarded or mentally ill or what?

No. 857369

no it's okay you're just thinking too much about dbz before you go to sleep don't worry

No. 857374

anons that live with musicians. How do you stop yourself from stabbing them repeatedly? my mom plays 3 instruments, one more annoying than the next, and it makes me so anxious hearing her play. basically i need tips to relax while she plays.

No. 857379

Amsterdam is the no.1 destination for British men. Avoid any man who has a "lad's holiday" there. Personally, I avoid any man who has a bunch of "lads" for anything lol, but "lad's holiday + Amsterdam" always means sex tourism, regardless of what stupid story they spin you. Prostitution is legal but highly, highly stigmatised in the UK and many aspects of prostitution is illegal, including brothels, most men choose to travel for less of a headache and keep their reputation safe. Most women working in the sex trade in the UK are either native drug addicts usually pimped out or disabled women struggling to keep head above water or pimped out foreign women. Foreign women are often enticed with short term work in a car wash or something by a male relative (even low paid week's work in the UK can go a long way in some eastern euro countries) they find themselves in a dingy caravan fucking obese middle-aged men instead. Going to Amsterdam is a way for British men to feel 'clean' about it, it's also why they travel in groups in order to pluck up the courage to actually go through with it via peer pressure. Fucking gross.

No. 857390

try meditating

No. 857394

"Quelle est la longueur de la jupe en centimètres ?" (what's the skirt's length in cm) and if you need her to actually measure it you can add "Pourriez-vous la mesurer ?" (can you please measure it).

No. 857398

Artist anons, what are some good resources for learning the basics of figure drawing?

No. 857400

Is anyone else's elbow a different color than the skin on the rest of your body?

No. 857401

no but i know elbows can get dark if they're dry and need moisturizing

No. 857406

File: 1626640622719.jpg (77.94 KB, 800x450, picnic.jpg)

What are some good picnicking foods? I think I can make brownies a couple of days before and get some grapes and apples, but idk what else

No. 857407

File: 1626640907903.jpg (46.53 KB, 480x360, b608b3e3d5f0200f9f2a7adc81c9ca…)

Sandwiches, especially like picrel

No. 857410

maybe pack some things up where you could lay out a small cheese board or charcuterie plate?

No. 857416

seconding the sandwiches

No. 857418

i have an online exam next week and the professor stressed that cheating was not allowed since it's a closed book exam. i'll be taking the exam in my room without any supervision, no cameras or anything either. how tf are they gonna know that i cheated? i'm not going to get a perfect score because i suck at the application part of the course and obviously i'm not going to copy the notes from the instructor word for word, but are there any other clues that they might look for to find out if someone cheats? maybe i'm just paranoid but i'm about to graduate and this useless course is the only one i'm still missing to get tf out of there.

No. 857432

Fruit kebabs, baked goods, fresh bread and cheese, pastries, salads, charcuterie board, wraps and sandwiches. Have a good picnic!

No. 857439

Thanks! <3

No. 857440

Berries, olives, sliced meats, different types of crackers, pate, snap peas, champagne, tea sandwiches, little tarts

No. 857467

They’ll most likely have you use a lockdown browser or something

No. 857507

Just cheat, those fuckers only look into it if you get an A+

No. 857513

Is there any books, guides, or websites that teach the basics of hacking? I don’t mean like “typing furiously then whispering that
I’m in” I’m trying to distance myself from doom scrolling social media and I’ve worked in IT most of my life and I’m interested in technology

No. 857521

probably not, exam questions will be uploaded as a pdf and we have to handwrite and scan our answers to turn them in.

yeah i was assuming that too. guess i'm just paranoid because they kept saying that cheating is forbidden when they have no way to prove that you cheated.

No. 857553

have you done any research at all? just pick a programming language and learn it

No. 857595

How do you get straight across bangs without looking like the farquad meme?

No. 857598

there are a million tutorials on youtube, i would skim them until you find someone that looks the way you want yours to and then see how they did it. there are a few methods to go about it surprisingly.

No. 857602

they will probably have a browser that surveys on you, you probably have to have your cam open the entire exam time and a browser that monitors if you exit out of the tabs. this shit is absolutely ridiculous lmao don’t have a boring ass class if you don’t want people to cheat. definitely cheat anon but don’t make it too suspicious, deliberately get some answers wrong to balance it off so you get a nice grade, go for a decent B

No. 857614


there's nothing suspicious about getting an A on a test you morons. the fact that you think it is just shows why you're so dumb that you have to cheat.

No. 857632

okay redditor

No. 857643

Is it smart or just paranoid to unplug all the electronic devices when there's a storm?

No. 857650

File: 1626668860925.jpg (178.22 KB, 1008x1008, 1624710292921.jpg)

Is it bad that even though my mom isn't "that bad" I want to move out of my mom's house as fast as I can?
Context: she's ill, she has scoliosis so she needs help constantly and she constantly grunts in pain and idk, moving out would make me feel very very guilty of not being here to help.
I'm 24 though

No. 857675

please don’t give redditors that much credit kek. nayrt but some of us are just smart. I know it’s an anonymous image board and it means nothing but I graduated both high school and college with perfect 4.0 GPAs, never got less than an A and I still had fun. Of course book smarts only get you so far in the real world, though

No. 857688

Is it normal that my skin is oilier before my period?

No. 857691

Yea, hormones shift through the entire cycle so it can happen

No. 857716

I know how you feel tbh. I live with my grandma, who has dementia and other physical health conditions and is always in pain, crying etc, and sometimes I just want to gtfo and get as far away from her as possible. It drains me of my energy just to hear someone I love suffering, and to think about how she used to be, teaching me to cook and paint and just being a sweet grandmother and spoiling me. I don’t blame you at all for wanting to move out. I would too, if I could.

No. 857751

What is this image from? It's such a mood

No. 857755

>emotionally draining
Thank you for saying this, this is exactly what I feel with my mom but I could never put into words because I love her. She's so emotionally draining I feel all my energy and life/soul getting drained by the minute when it comes to living in the house I live in. But I'm scared of "abandoning" her and fucking things up and never ever seeing her healthy again because she loves me and relies on me a lot. But she really does rely on me a lot emotionally and that's fucking annoying. But I don't want to leave her alone. Idk what to do anymore.

I really need advice here, in a way I wish someone could just say "YES IT'S OKAY TO WANT TO MOVE ON AND CONTINUE WITH YOUR LIFE" but I feel so goddamn guilty. It doesn't help that in my culture, women are supposed to help their parents SPECIALLY their moms and living with your mom before or even after marriage is just super normal and even a good thing. But man I just want to move away and stop thinking about this shit.

No. 857802

what is it about Eastern Asian (especially Japanese and Korean) media that attracts the most deranged retards for fans?

No. 857810

Is it true that the password to delete posts is generic? I've read that it's just 'password' and that anons have been able to delete other nonnie's posts because they didn't change it.
I just accidentally reported a random post trying to delete other people's stuff kek

No. 857818

I tried to delete your post but I couldn't…

No. 857822

Easy accessibility and bright colors

No. 857839

I think it's merely the fact that it's so much different from Western media

No. 857842

File: 1626700480502.gif (259.85 KB, 220x220, ned flanders.gif)

Is it unreasonable that I don't want to pray? My father is a Muslim and wants me to pray, but, sometimes, quite frankly, I don't want to. Whether it be because I've been walking outside in the hot sun all day, or I'm trying to study or it's just me being lazy. I know it only takes like 10 minutes (minus the initial cleansing you hate to do, which takes 5 minutes or so), but because I have little faith, I just find it to be pointless tbh

No. 857849

File: 1626701464269.png (571.57 KB, 550x604, Screenshot 2021-07-19 at 13.18…)

I'd like the halo effect explained, why people do this. West used to have it, I never understood that either. Now it's East Asia and Russia. Don't get me wrong, I like East Asian/Russian culture (and many of the people) this is not an insult, but idolization is really weird. Eli from Russia (picrel) is a good example, boring videos and plain face, but comments are full of (I hate this word) simps. "Russian people are the most educated, the most beautiful, most polite, Eli you are a 10/10 stunning! We must learn from the goodhearted Russian people!"

No. 857877

Some western men "idolize" eastern european culture because EE is still for the most part conservative and misogynistic; which is I think pretty much the same appeal Japan / Korea has.

No. 857888

I notice this too, I think it's mostly right leaning scrotes who idealize conservative cultures

No. 857908

But I understand the conservative men phenomenon, it's obvious what that's about, what confuses me is half of the fawning coming from liberal women. They will gloss over some crazy shit from these cultures. I don't get it. Eli's an obvious attention whore who insults Italian culture and people, yet they simp. Why? lol.

No. 857921

Huh, with women that's weird indeed. Only thing coming to mind would be maybe that she may be presentig very idealized version of russian culture that may seem appealing, even though day to day life is not as much, but for these people her channel is the only source of knowledge? Or the general uneducated admiration some western liberals have for communism (even though Russia is no longer communist)?

No. 857942

Stop being a Muslim. Islam was created by the false prophet Muhammad as a heresy of Christianity in order to rule over the tribes of the Arabian peninsula and conquer the Eastern Roman Empire and the Sassanid empires. The false prophet Muhammad was an evil man who murdered innocent people and raped the women who he oppressed as his slaves. Read the website answering islam: www.answering-islam.org for more information. I recommend you learn more about real religions and their beliefs. I converted to Christianity after being a Muslim earlier in my life.

No. 857956

Oh no you brought out the schizo exmuslim with this post, damn it anon. Also if you have little faith just don't do it if you don't want to

No. 858022

Is it rude if I call a potential part-time employer myself if I haven't heard from them after they said they'd "probably" call? Last time we talked they asked my hours and said that they sound fine. I ask bc I got a part-time teaching position as a grad student to lower my costs and now I'm being asked for my hours on certain days and I wanna make sure if this part-time job is still interested in hiring me so I can section some time off in case. This part-time job wouldn't require me to commute and my time on campus is only 3 days out of the week anyways so I could take the other 4 to work at their business.

This business took forever to contact me after my application was sent in which is why I ask, I need to send in my hours soon so I can start scheduling

No. 858032

File: 1626717170131.jpg (21.3 KB, 571x406, 3bxzgw.jpg)

Why are people so obsessed about "meme stealing" lately? I keep seeing people complain that the meme they've made on reddit or whatever facebook group gets shared outside these places without crediting but isn't that the whole point of memes, to be shared?

No. 858035

Not certain but I think it's because they've accomplished fuckall in life to where their biggest claim to fame is an internet meme? Idk get some better priorities, I hope these are kids and not adults

No. 858042

I wish but at least in the case of FB I can be sure there were adults feeling insanely protective of their image with added bottom text and I just don't get it, what kind of fame it is even anyway? But you're probably right

No. 858071

Is it possible to change (by yourself preferably) the battery of your phone?

No. 858073

Of course, but you'll need a heat gun, some tools, and a guide. I used to work in phone repair and battery changes are super easy.

No. 858086

Narcissism maybe. I would be happy if I saw a meme I made being used somewhere else. That means it's good.

No. 858100

Do your stuff in the fridge have their specific places? Like, Idk, dairy and meat first shelf, leftovers middle shelf, etc

No. 858102

Do most people lie about what they eat? I feel like I eat a lot but I'm pretty thin whereas most people i know claim to eat next to nothing (omg i forgot to eat/i havent ate all day humble brags) but they're always fat. Is this just because of metabolism or are people just lying about what they eat?

No. 858106

File: 1626720320661.jpg (8.11 KB, 262x192, download (31).jpg)

for food safety reasons theres recommendations on how to store food in the fridge but largely most people just do their own thing and keep different catagories of food apart

No. 858109

if people are really fat and claim they aren't eating, they're 100% lying or have deluded themselves into believing it.
i'm not sure if you've ever seen the show "my 600lb life" but it's all morbidly obese people talking about how starved and weak they are when they've eaten 10k calories that day already.

No. 858115

Oh wow! Today I learned

No. 858124

Why is abuse so rampant in the church? Why does the church insist on covering for pedophiles, especially the high ranked ones? Wouldn't it serve them (and their public image and religious ideals) better to just oust and exile these people?

No. 858127

Too many people involved; how do you oust someone if your hands are dirty too, that person knows it and can drag you down along with him?

No. 858151

are there any sports bras that don't push your boobs together into a uniboob? i hate it so much but i don't know if it's possible.

No. 858161

File: 1626723823206.jpeg (47.35 KB, 655x527, 13F5C710-51D0-4DE0-8313-64BC18…)

Why does McDonalds give me brain fog? Is it because of the lack of nutrients or something? I rarely eat it but ,whenever I do,I end up feeling brain dead and unable to think. I don’t even like McDonalds in the slightest

No. 858177


All the sugar and fat hitting at once. Did you never watch Supersize Me?

No. 858181

Is it even food at this point

No. 858201

Do any anons know the combo of chemicals which clear a drain? I remember my chem teacher saying 2 or 3 chemicals together does great at clearing but too much and all the gunk explodes upwards. Tried baking soda with vinegar but not much changed.

No. 858213

Did you follow up the baking soda and vinegar with boiling water? Just did a quick search and most revolve around using baking soda and something else, then using boiling water to finish.


>Pour 1/2 cup baking soda, followed by 1/2 cup vinegar down drain. Plug drain, and let sit for one hour. Then, pour a pot of boiling water down drain. Repeat if necessary.

>Pour 1/2 cup baking soda, followed by 1/2 cup lemon juice down drain. Plug drain, and let sit for one hour. Finish with a pot of boiling water.
>Mix 1/2 cup table salt and 1/2 cup baking soda together, and pour down drain. Let sit for about 30 minutes (or overnight if it’s a tough clog), and follow with a pot of boiling water.
>Pour 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup salt and 2 tablespoons cream of tartar in a jar that seals. Close jar, and shake to combine ingredients. Pour half the jar’s contents down drain, and save the other half for later. Follow the solution with a pot of boiling water. Let drain sit for one hour. Then, run tap water to rinse any remaining solution down.
>Pour 1/4 cup salt, followed 1/4 cup Borax down drain. Then, pour 1/2 cup vinegar down. Finish with a pot of boiling water. Let sit for one hour or until it clears; then, run hot tap water to rinse any remaining solution down.

No. 858222

Aw shit it was probably the part where it has to sit thanks anon

No. 858245

Sorry for replying to my own post, but if anyone could give me some advice I would greatly truly appreciate it so so much

No. 858259

Why do men always think that middle-aged women who have no kids or husband want children? Why do they put worth into us having and rearing kids? Stupidest question but that’s what this thread is for, it still boggles my mind.

No. 858263

Because their life's purpose is to create more spawn. Women standing in the way of that, especially once they lose some of that precious sex appeal, are basically Satan

No. 858264

What's the connection between being a tranny and being into communism? Everytime I see a fucking commie its always a fucking femboy or tranny or someone who wants to bang either of them.

No. 858270

it's because men are insane

No. 858280


They're salty because she didn't fuck them up until middle age and still won't. Some of those women regret not having kids but that's their business. It's not exactly 'going your own way' to gloat over it like the bitter scrotes they are.

No. 858282

Why do so many gay men care what women look like?

No. 858284

Because they're insecure assholes who wished they were us (they crave male attention so they get jealous)

No. 858285

probably some kind of deep-seated freudian shit

No. 858287

>(omg i forgot to eat/i havent ate all day humble brags) but they're always fat
The people I see say this are always skinny in my experience. I'm not overweight but I wish I could forget to eat all day tbh

No. 858288

Babe I can't read that

No. 858292


Nayrt but I've met obese people who bsd like that both on internet and irl, they do that for attention points.

If it's some internet rando that would either be
-i want muh attention
-i want to try making someone order food for me

No. 858329

A girl in my ex friend group did that all of the time and it is extremely irritating
>I have not eaten anything aaaalllll day I am so sad and depwessed and everyone is mean to me
>I am going to pass out
>I only had some air from my bag of chips this morning
>I need to eat I am sooo skinny my bones are showing
>Ten people told me I look so young today tee hee
I never knew ana chans were such attention whores

No. 858345

Sometimes I really do forget to eat for whatever reason, and it sucks. People who attention whore about it are annoying though, and if they're fat they're probably lying too. Not eating for a day doesn't make you a frail uwu skelly queen

No. 858361

I shouldn’t feel guilty i canceled internet movie night with my brother just because he disagreed about my disgust of my “roommates” that keep trying to talk to me when they are old ghetto men pretending to be students? (Usually lie about trying to get a phd lol)
Heck I know for sure that this is a question I can answer for myself. I’m so damn disappointed in my brother.
I hope all my “roommates” even the female ones that never clean up after themselves and keep stealing my shit get homeless.

Thankfully i’ll get to live in a nice appartement in a few weeks, pays off. Endured so much sexual harassment and sloppiness.

No. 858364

Every new form-fitting long sleeve shirt I've bought recently is roomy on my torso and slightly tight on my arms. Is this how it's supposed to be or do I just have fat arms?

No. 858370

A lot of people just have warped ideas of what counts as eating. A drink full of sugar and cream from Starbucks doesn't count as eating, it's just a drink. A high calorie snack doesn't count as eating because it's not a proper meal. A handful of nuts is healthy so it's not really eating. So people who've already consumed a big portion of their calories for the day claim they 'haven't eaten' regardless of their actual intake.

No. 858374

underwire/separated sports bras also exist

No. 858382

an underwire sports bra sounds terribly uncomfortable

No. 858386

I chafed my thighs at the pool but I'm going shopping tomorrow. Any tips on how to stop it from hurting or getting worse?

No. 858425

is it weird/a turn off to be really loud during sex? not porn sounds or dirty talk but literal screaming. recently was talking with friends who were going on about it being fake and "for men" and how the only guys who are into it are pornsick etc but…that's just what my body wants to do and it makes sex more enjoyable for me but now I feel like a fetish or something, rip

No. 858426

i can’t answer for sure but this reminds me that the guy i lost my virginity to would tell me to be quieter because it was distracting lmao so it’s not all guys at least

No. 858427

what's the point of brown eyes vs blue eyes discourse? Sure, people with blue eyes tend to get more compliments on their eyes, but I don't see making a big deal out of it. I can't imagine a person actually caring about this. It's honestly just thinly-veiled racism tbh

No. 858429

File: 1626742407888.png (816.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210719-205203.png)

Picrel is pretty good, no underwire but shaped cups and it's good for high impact, i have dd boobs and run long distance and it's effective and the best I've found in terms of no uniboob

link to the actual bra


No. 858432

ty anon, i'll check it out. i'm DD as well and training for a half marathon so i'll trust your advice.

No. 858433

No idea, my eyes are so dark they're nearly black and I've never wanted blue eyes. They're just eyes

No. 858437

racism against people with blue eyes? idgi

No. 858447

Tbh blue eyes freak me out, it's too stark like they're trying to suck your soul out.

No. 858453

Unless you're European or of European descent, blue eyes are pretty damn rare.

No. 858456

Maybe wrap them (the chafed part) in gauze bandage or something. You just don’t want the raw skin rubbing against your clothes, so any still soft material that can be held against them should work.

No. 858461

I'm naturally loud too, but I was insecure and forced myself to be quiet. It really does feel better to let yourself moan though. My bf has even told me he prefers it. Just depends on the person I guess

No. 858468

Screaming during sex is weird, I just don't get how it's possible. Sex is physical exertion so if it's good, how would you have enough energy/be getting enough air to scream? Screaming is uncomfortable and unnatural to do at the best of times, let alone when you're doing something akin to exercise. Maybe my lung capacity is just extra shit idk.

No. 858473

File: 1626745674596.png (102.25 KB, 270x301, 1626554479386.png)

Is it really THAT bad to be selfish? Thanks

No. 858477

If I went to a restaurant with my s.o. could we each order a different alcoholic beverage, but I drink both of them or would I get in trouble? We are both legal age to drink I just want to try different drinks. Could I order more than 1 for myself up front?

No. 858480

It's not just you. I'm probably fitter than the average person and screaming during sex just seems odd. Gasping, moaning and heavy breathing if it's good, silence and staring at the ceiling if it isn't.

You can order as many drinks as you like in a restaurant. Nobody cares as long as you aren't getting drunk enough to cause problems.

No. 858481

ayrt and idk it's just something my body does? like I have to work to suppress it or else I will do it. it's not prolonged screaming like in a horror movie but it would definitely be considered screaming in the sexual sense. and I think of it as being similar to when athletes yell during extreme exertion, like power lifters or martial arts fighters. I'm not a medanon but I think there's science about loud vocalization paired with intense physical exertion

idk where i was going with this other than that screamers are the Michael Phelps of sex

No. 858482

Restaurants don't really care who eats what once it gets to your table. I've swapped dishes and drinks tons of time (though obviously less after 2019)

No. 858483

Either way the waitstaff won't give a fuck. I've had older friends order drinks and pretty blatantly give them to me when I was underage and if anybody cared enough to notice, they didn't do or say anything.

No. 858517

When you hear talk about how American tourists behave in foreign countries or how people in those countries can clock American tourists based on how they behave and stuff like that, how dependent is it on being white? Like, if an Asian American traveled to a country in Europe or Asia, would they be treated mostly as an American tourist or an Asian one?

No. 858561

As an asian one

No. 858565

File: 1626758302016.jpg (163.79 KB, 1067x1600, after-the-remodel-the-streamli…)

Is there any way to DIY a table with rounded edges like picrel for less than $500? I really want one of these to use as an entrance table, but they're all upwards of $900. I know it's chunky and weird looking but I love this shape and it would actually work with my design style.

No. 858576

How can I find normie friends?

No. 858584

try taking classes on a subject you like such as painting or ceramics, maybe even a language class idk. you'll always end up meeting people who have at least one thing in common with you (that is, your hobby)

No. 858585

Most of my current normie friends I met through my parents introducing me to their friends' kids kek. Another thing you can do is join a hobby group - crafty, athletic, cerebral, whatever. As long as you try to look for friends in fandom or the internet you're just gonna find more online weirdos.

No. 858589

File: 1626760039768.jpg (99.64 KB, 1177x593, Screenshot 2021-07-20 014613.j…)

Acrylic one at walmart for 240

No. 858628

how to get the niggas at the ‘investigation bureau’ was to quit calling me. for the unenlightened this is a popular british telephone scam. i block their number every time but they call back from a different one

i have woken me up in the morning, stopped my cycling on my way home from work. i can’t stand it i’m being terrorised by these guys

No. 858630

File: 1626765889921.jpg (20.19 KB, 824x860, misthoorn-gas.jpg)

No. 858640

Does anyone else get hungry and sick in the stomach when laying on their back

No. 858644

I don't get hungry but my stomach does make weird noises

No. 858655

acid reflux issues?

No. 858674

I used to have some issues but not anymore

No. 858708

is it.. normal to moisturize the butthole area skin? it feels kinda dry and i really want to do something about it
give me tips for dry buttcrack pls

No. 858709

No. 858710

Stop touching your asshole

No. 858714

wtf. where is anus chan when you need him?

No. 858715

Don't summon He Who Must Not Be Named.

No. 858716

where can i find him, this is urgent

No. 858819

Has anyone ever started drawing over the age of 24 for the first time ever?

When I was younger in art class, my skills were dogshit so I’m scared to start. I didn’t have that natural finesse some people had but sometimes get ideas so I’m not sure they’re worth drawing if I have 0 experience or skill

No. 858822

didn't Van Gogh start at like 27?

No. 858830

Well, I restarted it if that counts. The time that has passed was actually useful because my whole perspective shifted and I feel more fulfilled now then before (I was plagued by the 'comparing-myself-to-better-artists-and-feel-shit' syndrome). It is absolutely worth it, but you have to cultivate another (positive and allow-ist) mindset. Drawing is a skill, and skills can be improved. The only way to not improve is if you don't draw. Also, it is important to allow yourself to make mistakes. You're learning and there's no learning without mistakes. Try to internalize these things. Also I wholeheartedly recommend the Drawabox course on Youtube, I had several epiphanies while I was doing it. It's not only a drawing course but also training in spatial-visual awareness, without which you cannot draw effectively

No. 858832

No. 858839

Samefag, this is one his first lessons and it contained a lot of things that I needed to hear before I started drawing again, maybe it'll help you too

No. 858848

File: 1626794275485.jpg (47.44 KB, 891x333, Screenshot_3.jpg)

nta but actually, yes

No. 858858

he was drawing from childhood though

No. 858885

why are some anons so desperate to defend others over stupid shit? lately i feel like it’s been the whole “reddit spacing” debate, but sometimes i just see out of place coddling in general and it makes me wonder why they feel so inclined. projection? savior complex? if i want to kiss ass i’ll go to a non-anon site kek.

No. 858891

I think they get tired of seeing it nitpicked, so they try to explain it away hoping other anons will be like “oh, makes sense,” and stop making it a thing when instead it just brings more attention to it. Idc about it personally and think it’s kinda dumb to pick on, but it really does stand out since people have pointed it out. Not sure if I’d notice it before, though.

No. 858899

bbecause it's dumb, i used to get accused of using reddit spacing all the time despite 1) never browsing reddit and hating it with a burning passion, and 2) it wasn't reddit spacing, i was spacing out paragraphs because nobody likes to read massive chunks of text

it's a dumb fucking gripe and people need to seek help for being bothered by it, that's my 2 cents

No. 858906

Samefag but I literally just noticed the “reddit spacing” on a post I replied to earlier that I didn’t notice the first time. Probably saw it now bc I was actively thinking about it kek

No. 858976

I've had my passport for 10 years and have mostly only used it as ID for buying drinks. It expires in a few weeks and at the ripe ole age of 32, grey hairs growing in and all…I still get ID'd if I buy alcohol from anywhere outside of my local

Can you use an expired passport as ID for just buying alcohol?

No. 858982

File: 1626804242985.png (1.49 MB, 2048x532, Screenshot_20210718-135643.png)

>writhe with untapped milk
Completely ignoring what anon's talking about, "writhe" is obviously not the word she meant to use. I understand the gist of what she was trying to say, but I'm hung up on figuring out what word she was confusing with "writhe". Any ideas?

No. 858986

No. 858988

not sure what country you're in, but if it's a dive-y place in the US probably. legitimate establishments won't let you use expired ID for alcohol purchase though.

No. 858993

File: 1626804814755.jpg (9.79 KB, 560x560, 509266868_wenzel_table-04.jpg)

Yeah that's the second option I was considering. I found one in a smoked out grey colour that I love, it costs the same as the acrylic one from walmart, but it's made of tempered glass which makes me a bit nervous. This leads me to my second stupid question. Is it feasible to DIY the smoked glass look and add a tint to an acrylic table?

No. 858995

could you use like the stick-on window tinting/privacy film that people use for their car windows?

No. 859009

File: 1626806883637.png (382.6 KB, 680x740, t6ry.png)

why are some of the characters from animal crossing considered "waifubait"? (or at least the ones in pic, and i think i saw the goth dog called that too?) or why do some people call them that? they don't seem to be portrayed or written that differently from the other characters, plus it's a children's game…

No. 859011

furries are self-centered cumbrains who can't keep it in their pants and think any character they like was specifically designed with them in mind

No. 859016

guess that makes sense, although i've seen people who dislike these characters call them that too as an insult

No. 859018

yes, because furries have claimed them first

No. 859026

Absolutely none of them are waifubait or furrybait whatsoever but there are some truly deranged individuals who are literally unable to even look upon a female animal character from a childrens game and not think the most repulsive thoughts you could ever imagine. And they ofc spin it like its a universal thing. Like no I'm pretty sure this shapeless stylized and virtually sexless cat character from a baby game was designed with the intention of being porn fodder. You're just sick

No. 859037

I have a date and need a cute outfit, what should I get farmers and where should I get it from?

No. 859040

I don't have a specific brand or store but I think wide pants with a tight top look super cute and really enhances your figure. The top shouldn't be something too casual though. Should definitely be classy since the wide pants will already be casual enough

No. 859041

The most important thing is to be comfortable

No. 859054

i need to know what you're doing to properly advise

No. 859061

File: 1626809968674.png (685.07 KB, 1056x862, Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 20.34…)

Why is Asian pop culture so cringe? What's with the stat obsession? Western women's magazines are annoying re tit size etc but at least its confined. Go on Asian forums and even grown men will behave like snobby, bitchy schoolgirls over banal shit like which teen girl has the longest toes.

No. 859063

File: 1626810354308.gif (920.84 KB, 360x290, tumblr_m4k37oIcfM1qd5658o1_400…)

I'm know that I can be a very emotional before my period, but I've also noticed a change in symptoms with me being in my late 20s.
So I wondered if it's normal before the period to be no only emotional over something for a brief moment but also for a longer period that lasts days (or even weeks)? I have mood swings for a while now that come and go but mostly I feel like being sad and always on the verge of crying. Is it also normal that it can be triggered by something (sad piece of media for example) in the time before the period?

It drives me crazy at this point, bc normally I see something sad, I'm sad for a bit but not for such a long ass time and my period is still a few days away. Help?

No. 859070

to be fair the example you showed are idols and the japanese market is so ridiculously over saturated with groups and concepts they have to find gimmicks to start their careers. wouldn't be surprised if this group dropped the tall concept and recruited anyone willing to join once a few of them leave.

No. 859072

Korean BBQ lol. so we'll be inside, but it's been hot as fuck lately

that's true, I was considering a dress to look nice but I don't really wear them. what
suggested sounds good. what kind of shoes though?

No. 859073

Thanks! Joking aside, it was a genuine question lol.

No. 859074

nta but probably some strappy sandals

No. 859081

Are bootleg/off brand crocs just as comfortable as real crocs? Or do they mimic only the look and nothing else? I want a pair of clog crocs because I hear they're comfortable (I do have croc flipflops that are dang comfortable to wear so I believe it) and have been brainwashed into thinking they're cute but they're so expensive.

No. 859083

i've heard they don't hold up as well. admittedly i have an actual pair of crocs myself for doing yard work and they're super comfortable imo.

No. 859090

File: 1626812996586.png (138 KB, 416x262, why.png)

Why is the big one cheaper?

No. 859103

i'm assuming there's less meat given there's fewer calories

No. 859104

Did you read that right?

No. 859105

Supreme endorsement costs 50 cent

No. 859110

File: 1626814594812.jpg (288 KB, 1476x1500, eagle.jpg)

I'm gonna move to the US from Europe next year, I have never been to the US before. Should I buy one of these shirts to better fit in? Do you have any advice for me on how to blend in and get along with the amerimutts?

I have already added these phases to my vocabulary:
"I think I'm gonna pay with my credit card"
"Mmmhhh I love cheeseburgers"
"Anyone else love freedom?"

No. 859112

No. 859114

how do you reset your brain after taking a break off of studying/working? i feel like i can't get into the mood to do anything productive… it's been a week of this shit

No. 859121

yeah you can also hang out with the locals in the mcdonald’s inside of walmart

No. 859123

You forgot to let us know which guns you're gonna get, nonny

No. 859124

I don't know which country you're from but remember to talk really loudly, exaggerate everything (I LOVE it!! when you kinda like something) and brag about yourself.

No. 859125

Listen, you joke but I am so fucking excited to go to a Walmart. I am more excited for this than to see the statue of liberty or the grand canyon. I want to go to the "cheese" products isle and buy a loaf of "cheese" and I want to see fat people on scootypuffs and I want to see a tub of mayonaise so big you can drown a toddler in it. I can't fucking wait.

What guns should I get? I have never seen a gun in real life but I think you can buy them at Walmart as well so I will probably just ask the gun-clerk for his recommendation or maybe they have a sale.

No. 859127

should’ve made this less ironic-sounding for the really successful bait

No. 859131

It's not even bait, I am just having a sense of humor about it you partypooper.

No. 859132

oh i thought you just wanted to rile the americans up kek

No. 859135

No my soon-to-be-fiance is american and we decided it would be better to live there than here because it's cheaper. Still gotta bully americans a little bit, but I genuinely love you guys and I am determined to be the best american I can be!

No. 859140

No, no, if you want big tubs of mayo, you gotta go to a Costco or BJs!

No. 859142

File: 1626818005843.jpeg (632.44 KB, 2500x2500, little_debbies.jpeg)

What is BJs? I have heard of Costco's before and it is on the list of things to check out.

Also what is your favorite little Debbies snack? It is one of the foods I really want to try and I think the Oatmeal Creme Pies look really fucking tasty. We have some american food over here like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups which are 10/10.

No. 859148

Late, but thank you! That was bothering me all day

No. 859151

i know they’re very american but my personal advice is stay away from little debbie’s. they’re full of oil and just coat your mouth with grease and corn syrup. i’m more of an oreo girl myself.

No. 859154

If she has to try one it should be the oatmeal pie though. Or nutter butters

No. 859155

i honest to god thought you were the anon that was making fun of me the other day for asking how to fit in if i went to italy lmao time to reel in the paranoia

No. 859157

File: 1626818916224.jpg (43.85 KB, 488x488, bananatwins.jpg)

I'm not that anon but heres some of my favorite Lil Deb snacks

No. 859158

File: 1626818948834.jpg (10.73 KB, 348x145, debra.jpg)

No. 859159

File: 1626819041028.jpeg (270.47 KB, 1500x1007, 5DC3416C-ACCE-4942-9CA8-BD96A6…)

i think to get that true american processed chemical taste you have to go for the twinkies

No. 859160

File: 1626819053399.jpg (12.19 KB, 348x145, zebra.jpg)

No. 859161

I fucking hate twinkies

No. 859163

me too lmao but i would definitely make a european try one to get some hair on their chest

No. 859164

File: 1626819185937.jpg (124.64 KB, 1293x556, 61jzyZggWbL._SL1293_.jpg)

No. 859165

File: 1626819242165.jpeg (299.27 KB, 750x349, C4248F08-0913-47FF-AD9D-89393A…)

cosmic brownies are the only little debbie products that matter

No. 859166

Zebra cakes are so bad the frosting/hard coating on the outside taste like pure veg oil, like dollar store chocolate. Even drunk and hungry I threw it away after a bite

No. 859167

Is lolcow discord worth it? Signing up it wants me to give my number, I'm not really happy about that. Never used discord before, is that the norm or can I try again later and get round it?

No. 859170

They are not doing verification right now so don't waste your time unless you only want to view two channels.

No. 859171

Easy way to give yourself heartburn

No. 859172

they allow actual scrotes, don't bother

No. 859175

File: 1626819867701.jpeg (984.52 KB, 2609x2609, bawbca8xb6q31.jpeg)

Why do feral/stray/sick cats often end up with flat ears?

No. 859178

It’s because nobody’s there to flick it back up

No. 859181

Cat depression

No. 859184

File: 1626821887836.jpg (77.64 KB, 600x529, R-910243-1525982784-7121.jpeg.…)

This is so hilarious to me. My dad plays the trumpet and my mom is constantly seething. I feel bad because I know hes so passionate about it but its a really fucking loud instrument. I know how u feel anon

No. 859185

why do some anons lack reading comprehension?

No. 859189

I'm ESL.

No. 859190

YES ITS OK TO (not just want but actually) MOVE ON AND CONTINUE WITH YOUR LIFE

No. 859193

i totally would anon but it’s automated there’s no actual human on the other side

No. 859198

For Ankha, she's most known for being in a popular porn animation by minus8 and is seen as a dommy mommy because of it. Isabelle is loyal to the player character, which makes her attractive I guess? Wanting to fuck the subservient secretary isn't an uncommon scrote fetish but it feels weird when it's a cartoon dog

No. 859202

BJs is like Costco, but not Costco! Different selection of items sometimes, both sell wholesale. Be warned if you weren’t already aware you need to pay a membership fee to get (like $60 yearly for each I think).

No. 859213

It would be nice if there were places where you could rent a practice room for a few hours or something. I had to stop playing clarinet because I live in an apartment and don't want my neighbors to murder me

No. 859235

question to other artfags, why am I struggling to have any definitive art style?

No. 859236

What state will you be living in? Local anons could give specific tips.

Some more phrases to learn:
>"What's the biggest size you have?"
>"Is it American-made?" (tone of concern is essential)

Learn to start adding "ass" to adjectives to enhance your sentences and really sound like a local (e.g., "That's a big-ass burger", "That was a long-ass drive", "My cousin just bough a big-ass truck.") Make sure you also learn the regional plural "you" (examples: y'all, you all, you guys)

Enjoy your first Wal-Mart visit, anon!

No. 859245

Twinkies are fucking gross. I don't think I even know anyone who eats them

No. 859246

Do any farmers browse lolcow zoomed in on desktop? My eyesight is fine but I browse while zoomed in 125% because the text is so damn small.

No. 859258

Does anyone else have insomnia before their period?

No. 859277

You could probably cover it with contact paper. I think the acrylic looks more modern though.

No. 859278

On my old laptop and work computer (kek) its fine, but on my current personal laptop the text is small as fuck so I have to be zoomed in.

No. 859279

Not OP, I genuinely want to try twinkies lol. Even though I’m American, I’ve just never gotten the chance. I know they’re supposed to be garbage but I want to know just exactly how garbage they are for myself.

No. 859281

to me, twinkies are like burgers from McDonalds or KFC fried chicken– disgusting, greasy, and causes regret, but it satisfies something in you and makes you angrily confess that it's kind of good

No. 859284

I mean I would try them just for the experience, but they're genuinely awful. Iirc, the filling is way too sweet, while the cake doesn't have that much flavor. They just suck.

No. 859291

Does anyone know where the quote “it’s a FOON, a fork dominate spoon!” comes from?? It’s stuck in my head but I can’t remember from where

No. 859295

Nona, you speak to my soul, I love you. Literally the entire thing with Walmart and cheese products (I want to try Mac and Cheese) is what I've been telling my friends for years. I'll go on a sunday night too (ideally would be 3am), because shops are closed by 10pm where I live, and don't open at all on sundays.

No. 859303

File: 1626833871044.jpg (28.82 KB, 600x600, 32da49f83f6eadaccc13bf6e0238ef…)

PLEASE HELP I'm on this goverment program and I need to chose a job to stop being a neet. I graduated as a graphic designer but truth is I potentially COULD grab one of the less shitty graphic designer jobs in the list because at the end of the day they potentially hire you and you know that's the shit I studied for lol

BUT: I saw some bakeries to work in and my heart is kinda going towards that. Please help I literally don't know if I should chose them instead of the graphic design shit, I'm lost.

No. 859320

How does the pay compare?

No. 859323

File: 1626836151628.jpg (120.95 KB, 570x760, il_570xN.791421499_aoln.jpg)

wear this

No. 859329

It's the same for every job since it is the goverment the one who is paying you to join

No. 859334

As someone who has worked in a bakery, it can be deceptively difficult. The owner was extremely picky about what could be put on the shelf and even if something tasted good, if it looked bad then it would be thrown out. You can hurt your back because you are hunched over a counter and sink/carrying heavy equipment and ingredients every single day. The free food was nice but it was still a commercial kitchen and those can be a downright bitch to work in sometimes>>859303

No. 859365

I just applied because to be honest, thinking about it makes me smile. Also I found the owner and she has a kpop husband profile pic so I hope everything goes alright

No. 859367

working in a bakery sounds so idyllic lol i hope it goes well

No. 859399

is it weird to have never had a yeast infection in your entire life? i’ve seen women talk about them in passing like they’re getting them on a regular basis but i’ve never been plagued with this. same with UTIs? is it something certain people are genetically predisposed to or is it a hygiene or diet issue? it confuses me because i see them both referenced all the time now it feels like.

No. 859402

Nah, I only ever got one from being on a ton of antibiotics. Vancomycin is disgusting.

It’s great luck tho, hear a lot of horror stories from women less blessed with their vaginal biome.

No. 859405

ah fuck i forgot about antibiotics. that’s right.

No. 859409

Because you're not good enough to have one yet. You'll level up and develop taste, which leads to style.

No. 859414

Eh, they won’t always cause them. Had to have loads orally and I’ve for various shit over the years and only a week of iv vanc. Managed to cause one.

Some are generally really unlucky and can like, wear cotton blend knickers one day and cop a bout of thrush. Some can go years and years without even remembering it exists.
Hygiene and health definitely contribute, my mama and sister get them all the time cause they use a lot of soap and grossly don’t usually use tp after a taking a wee.
Using no soap internally and always wiping left me with 0.

Feel bad for the girls who get them frequently just cause they’re unlucky. Must suck to be clean and still get it.

No. 859423

wait they just always let the piss dribble into their underwear after??? or they’re using a bidet? i hope the latter.

No. 859425

never had a yeast infection or uti either. I don't do anything special just normal hygiene. some people must be more predisposed to these things than others.

No. 859427

Haha no bidets here. Straya doesn’t do bidets. Most prefer the idea of being dirty to being laughed at as the faggot who likes a clean ringer.
Just two dirtbags being dirtbags with pee dribbles going about their days.

No. 859428

File: 1626848009370.jpg (79.47 KB, 1163x835, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Do you guys have sympathy for people like Gypsy Rose and Jennifer Pan? I feel so conflicted, I used to feel sorry for them but now I feel like they definitely had other chances of escaping than murder. Also there's no way they are not on the psychopathic spectrum

No. 859430

Was anyone else here raised by a single mother who didn't have a relationship with a man ever since you were born? Is this normal?

No. 859431

I got recurrent UTIs for a while in my early and mid twenties. Sex would set it off. I'd be clean, I'd pee before and after, the guy would be clean by scrote standards. I'd still end up paying for it.

Years ago when women waited til marriage they'd call utis a honeymoon illness. Thing is once you get one uti you can be prone or you might just never truly shift the first infection. So women would wait til marriage, the guy would jackhammer them after the wait or they'd overdo it…on honeymoon you'd be slow to find and see a doctor..or your virgin self doesn't know what if the irritation is just normal.. years of recurrent utis end up coming from it and you'd be scared to let the guy near you again. The lining of your bladder is damaged from the first infection and now sex sets it off even when you're careful. I read that a bunch of times back when I was online looking for answers on why mine kept returning after sex.

No. 859432

I don't get either, maybe it's a lack of predisposition or maybe it's my ongoing celibacy. Either way I am grateful because it sounds horrible to deal with.

No. 859439

Feel so bad for them. It’s not just the physical abuse, it’s the learned helplessness where they are never given the tools to be independent.
They weren’t working with the toolbox normal adults have, and the abusers had so much control over them even when not physically present idk what else they could think of other than the abusers death being the only option.

No. 859440

I think you’re probably on the psychopathic spectrum yourself.

No. 859445

I feel bad for Gypsy Rose, but I don't have that much sympathy for Jennifer.

No. 859450

Do you really think that Gypsy Rose had any chance to escape? I think you are being delusional here.

Other than that, the fact over how much Gypsy Rose loves being in prison compared to her home and actually feels free there says something. I feel horrible for her, her life's been a torture for many years.

No. 859453

Some people are just genetically predisposed, some are just unlucky, some take antibiotics as the other anon said and yes some get it from their unwashed scrote partner.

I used to get painful UTIs because I have a short urethra (I think that's what it is in English) and my ex didn't care much about hand hygiene. When I confronted him about it, he said it was my fault because he is clean and has never had these issues with girls before so I must be the dirty one. I dumped him and my UTIs magically went away.

No. 859454

My brother is nearly OCD-level hygienic and also a virgin and he got a really bad UTI not long ago, I also started getting them regularly after I started having sex despite also being clean and careful and having a hygienic partner, so I'm thinking genetics definitely play a part.

No. 859456

Yeah it’s common even with the most immaculate hygiene. Apparently overcleansing can cause it which sucks. Kill off a few too many healthy bacteria and the yeast just takes over.

Heard drinking cranberry juice without added sugar can be helpful. Idk how but have seen enough women successfully go months without them after trying it so I guess it must work at least for some.

No. 859458

Single mum but she was a ho
What’s it like not having 11 former stepdads?

No. 859459

it's quite common i guess, when my mum divorced my dad he stayed in my life a lot but the two of them had barely any contact, my mum just gave up men altogether

No. 859460

File: 1626852443092.jpg (34.06 KB, 640x451, E2nCGJNXMAAfHn-.jpg)

not common but i dont see how it can be weird if a dad doesnt even exist, you're lucky

No. 859461

Does anyone know freelancers who make a living from doing gigs on Upwork and similar websites? Would it be possible if someone lives in an Easter European country?

No. 859462

My mum left my dad when I was 3 months old and didn’t really get into a serious relationship with anyone until I was about 16. They are broken up now too and she’s happy just living by herself.

No. 859468

An anon here uses upwork and yes its possible

No. 859502

File: 1626858617954.jpg (58.98 KB, 667x670, 1590541570338.jpg)

Anons into racing/go-karting etc what suit do you use that offers protection is best for women? I shopped around for some suits and it seems they would have a hard time adjusting to the bust, should I even be worried about it? Nothing too pricey pls, I give off poorfag vibes. Just doing it as a hobby to bond with my elderly father who's into cars.
Any other karting tips appreciated.
My old painting teacher used Upwork to get some much necessary cash here in South America, I definitely think it's possible in eastern europe. I kind of want to get into it, but I am scared of spreading pictures of my face or name.

No. 859518

What does a life drawing session look like? How long does it usually last? And how often does the model change poses?

No. 859526

Depends, usually you have a room with people standing in a semi circle in front of eisels (you either bring your own paper or it’s part of the cost of the lessons), common courtesy is to not leave or enter room while model is nude.
The poses usually start off with quick ones (10-30s up to 1-5min), and then maybe a 30min pose and a longer 1-2h pose. The classes I’ve taken have usually been about 3-3,5 hours. You can ask for/suggest poses especially for the shorter ones. The teacher usually walks around during longer poses to give advice/ corrections.

No. 859531

File: 1626864469896.jpeg (618.52 KB, 1188x1764, Scan-2.jpeg)

Hey anons, if I get nipple piercings, will my boobs look any less saggy and flat? Or will they just have that "old leathery perv with moobs and a nip ring" look?

No. 859540

What does it mean when a guy looks at all your snapchat stories immediately but doesn't message you back?

No. 859541

it'll make you look like you're into weird nipple stretching bdsm, not like an old guy. but maybe it'll just look edgy because your boobs are probably fine.

No. 859575

They're nipple piercing, not boob piercings, your boobs won't change.

Also that picture makes me feel pain in my own nipple piercings ow

a)he's busy
b)he opened it on accident

Not like any of us can read his mind

No. 859579

>tfw never had sex in my whole life
>still got constant utis anyway since 5 years old
though in recent years it stopped somehow

No. 859585

Artist anons, is your style something that you consciously developed or something that just 'happened' along your journey of drawing/painting?

No. 859586

i tried to force an art style in my early teens but once i knuckled down and just tried to draw a much better style developed by itself. it's something you have to grow organically, or it'll look clunky as hell and often very obviously copying someone else's

No. 859607

File: 1626875642665.jpg (11.17 KB, 480x360, plstic love.jpg)

I've heard that a lot of 80s j-pop takes lots of influence from R&B from anons on this board. Is this true?

No. 859609

Why do anons announce in post that they saged their post? It's obvious from looking at their post when it's saged or not, I assume it's to avoid screeching autists responding to them?

No. 859622

yes its very true you can literally hear the r&b in a lot of 80s jpop. r&b is such a slept on genre that i dont think gets the respect it deserves because it is a mostly black genre. But r&b has some of the greatest love and heartbreak songs of all time.

No. 859626

i recommend listening to anita baker she is like one of the queens of r&b

No. 859631

here's another song called love on a two way street. You can hear how jpop was influenced by songs like these. I just want r&b songs i grew up with as a kid to get its flowers.

No. 859638

I've asked this before too. I think it's anons being afraid of being banned so they want to get out ahead and acknowledge that they are blogging or whatever. Otherwise it's just newfags not fully trusting or understanding what sage does.

No. 859682

For me it just happened. I genuinely attempted all types of styles (lineless, painterly, geometric/vectory, etc) depending on what I felt like trying, then I realized when I wasn't "trying" that I defaulted to a very lineart-y style. A large part of it definitely comes from what project you like to do most, whether that's portraiture, comics, spot illustrations (like stickers and merch).

No. 859685

Does being a low weight increase fine lines, especially nasolabial folds? I've seen a lot of jokes in the celeb thread about Ellen Page's wrinkles being linked to her being very thin and just wondering if it's a real thing.

No. 859699

Yes lol, no surprise, practically everything is 'imitated' if not completely stolen. Majority of J music is from plagiarising the Brits, vidrel being one famous example. Nobuo Uematsu can go fuck himself.

In what world is R&B slept on? lol. However, I agree black musical innovations are not given enough respect. Culturally, black artists contributions are downplayed. It's pathetic.

No. 859703

Weeby, racist neckbeards who claim to "love music" and their pick-mes will read this and pretend they didn't see it, kek.

No. 859712

I think it does, when I was underweight as a teenager I had a hint of visible nasolabial folds (?) while now that I'm a healthy w