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File: 1623321948296.jpeg (180.73 KB, 1435x978, 3E7811C5-0668-460C-B484-3F2643…)

No. 826927

Come take a train to stupid town.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/813929

No. 826930

File: 1623322058828.png (11.35 KB, 500x500, room.png)

AH, new thread, thank you! I have a stupid interior design related question let's go:
What would you do with the space across the sofa anons? The obvious choice would be the tv but I do all my gaming at the desk and only watch tv shows and stuff while working, so maybe it would be unnecessarily doubling the same purpose as currently my computer serves… I don't have any other idea tho

No. 826931

If you don't want to put a tv there, some options are:
>a large painting/print/piece of artwork
>a fish tank
>an easel if you're into art
>a little bar table
>record player/sound system with music collection
>one or two large beanbag chairs so you can sit across the coffee table with people
>a plant wall

No. 826932

Oh damn, so many good suggestions, thanks! I feel silly for not thinking of some but it is a stupid questions thread after all. I might combine plant wall with some bookshelves, that sounds great

No. 826964

I don't know your style but maybe a reading nook with a little library?

No. 826990

Is H3H3 productions supposed to stand for HEHE productions? If so that's so lame lmao

No. 827001

File: 1623333286384.jpg (421.79 KB, 918x992, Screenshot_20210610-235449_Chr…)

Floor cushions, fancy floor seats (picrel) or beanbags so people can sit on the other side of the coffee table, maybe even to have dinner on the coffee table.

No. 827004

I'm not sure but I've only ever heard people say H3H3 like 'age three age three' and it bothers me so much because that's so annoying to pronounce. Even reading the name frustrates me because my internal monologue says it like that too now.

No. 827007

I think he mentioned it being a keysmash name? IDK

No. 827008

Should I still put sunblock on even if I work indoors? I sit next to a big window and I like to leave the blinds up. It's a southeast facing window so I do get a lot of natural light but the sun doesn't shine directly into my office.

No. 827010

Vitamin D from sun exposure is very important to your immune system. Unless you're outside, I'd skip the sunblock.

No. 827011

File: 1623334255879.webm (2.92 MB, 492x720, goose and chicken tagteam.webm)

How can I annoy a person using their phone number? Nothing illegal or anything, just annoying

No. 827012

How often do you think rich people get their sheets and pillowcases changed? Every day? I was trying to fall asleep yesterday and realized I haven't changed mine in almost a month and that's why my skin is probably breaking out. I wish I was rich so I could just hire someone to deep clean my apartment every day.

No. 827014

you could sign them up for stuff

No. 827017

Not sure if it's technically legal but sign them up for a bunch of services that'll text them shit or call them. If you're really spiteful write their number on some grody public bathroom doors with a 'call for a good time xoxo' style raunchy message next to it.
But reconsider if you really want to do something like that, it's pretty nasty and you might feel bad about it later.

No. 827018

I think someone has done this to me. The past few days I am getting cold called but all these mobile numbers. Started to notice they all start the same but the last 3 digits are different and a few with a different starting sequence but they match with others. Don't know who I've pissed off lol

No. 827023

Throw them into your laundry (I'm assuming you do laundry at least every two weeks, if not what r u doing anon?) In between laundering, pat your pillows before sleeping to get rid of skin/dust and hair

No. 827026

I think that's just general spam anon. It's a common tactic spammers will use where they'll just call everyone with a similar number and the idea is that dumb old people will think "oh it's a number similar to mine so I better pick up!" or something similar.

I think it is illegal to sign people up for stuff but I second leaving their phone number in bathrooms and shit. Or if they're common in your neighborhood, put up signs with rooms for rent or something similar with their number written there for people to take (so it isn't easily traced back to you). I've considered making craigslist ads with their phone number under fake good deals but that's illegal too lol.

No. 827028

I only have two sets of sheets (so, not rich) and I change them every week. Sheets are super dirty, we should air them as well and let the sunlight hit them to kill bacteries or something like that

No. 827031

I have one set of sheets but every week I take them off and while they're washing and drying I open my bedroom window wide and let the mattress and pillows 'breath'

No. 827032

I'm trying to lose weight by keeping a food diary and eating 1500 kcal daily (sometimes less), as well as exercising for 30 minutes and fasting 20/4. I have checked all the weight loss calculators that provide you with your daily calorie rate and according to all of them, I should be more or less losing weight (thanks to CICO). Too bad that I saw all the anachan shit like 'eat 200 calories daily max uwu' on Luna's new blog, and now I'm somehow concerned that I'm not doing enough for my weight loss??? I know it's idiotic, but can someone please weight in on that… My mind is being retarded, I need to hear the truth from someone else.

No. 827044

Anon you are doing just fine. Sticking to your routine that keeps you disciplined will help you lose weight and keep it off instead of going off the edge into one extreme and then yo-yoing straight back to where you started. Or launching you into an unhealthy relationship with your food and weight rather post-weight loss rather than just living a normal, healthier life. Good luck on your weight loss journey anon, I believe you can do it!

No. 827047

Buy (or make) multiple pillow cases at the very least so you can switch to a clean set once or twice a week. Ikea sells cheap cotton ones that are fine. I try to limit the transfer of day-to-day bacteria by showering before getting into bed and wrapping my hair in a satin scarf (since hair collects oil, debris etc). If you're worried about acne from bacterial transfer maybe avoid using towels after washing your face too.

No. 827057

I've seen people put numbers on a celebrity's comment section saying that the celebs number got leaked, so all the fans/stalkers/whatever call and text the number. But I don't know if this is really a good idea kek

No. 827058

Thank you ♥ I hope that eventually I will be able to go vegan too, for now the goal is to lose weight and get used for good to eating smaller (aka healthy for me) portions. Intermitten fasting is the only thing that turns off dumbass cravings and bottomless stomach. It's crazy that just two days of IF 'reset' all that bullshit for me

No. 827066

i feel like this is some basis of lolcow knowledge but who is chris-chan? why is it that when i google him pictures of an obvious male show up but the first page i visited used female pronouns

No. 827075

he trooned out, that's where the pronouns come from. the obviously male photos are from before his transition. i can't believe people actually use she/her for him lmao

No. 827077

>who is chris-chan?

I miss the days when I could say that

No. 827122

What are the chances of ever electing an openly misandrist/pro-female radfem politician in the US? I'm aware that being anti-male is going to negatively affect a candidate's chances, so let's say she did a bait & switch. If one even existed how would she get elected in burgerland?
Imo you'd have to run under a Republican/Democrat platform and pull a bait & switch. You couldn't be open about being a radfem at first because while women are the majority of our populace, many of them are pickmes and wouldn't be down with a pro-woman candidate. And plus the left/right establishment will fund their promising candidates so if you 'fake' it well enough, you can get enough campaign contributions to use for your misandrist message eventually. You'd probably have to defect and announce it eventually, but I can't see how an open terf would get elected when the trans billionaire collective would probably get you deplatformed in an instant. While I do think it's better to be honest and I would rather create something like the Women's Party in South Korea, I think the actual chance of getting elected is so low.

No. 827136

does anyone remember /r/sanctionedsuicide. it was kinda nice

No. 827151

An autist of unbelievable proportions. He is considered the most documented person in history (or at least the last 100 years). He grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog as his main influence in life, and kept living like a child well into his 20's. His parents had him when they were late in life (father deceased, Snorlax of a mom still living). He created a character called "Sonichu" (Sonic and Pikachu combined) and made a long-running comic about him. Chris also features in the comic as Sonichu's "father". Chris would also use the comic to vent about IRL people who didn't put up with his autistic shit. A few years back he started trooning out, first as a "tomgirl" and then into a full-blown troon. Ever since trooning out, he's embraced MLP (also an influence from his childhood) more and more.

No. 827152

Yeah, I loved posting on it until I got 'better'. They have moved to a different place. You can google it.

No. 827154

Not American myself but I'd love to see it. I want a radfem to be an elected leader where I am

No. 827156

thanks, anon. registering now bc i need it the most at this moment lol

No. 827189

I enjoyed it too, but when I found their new forum I discovered it was being run by a well-known incel and steered clear. I don't know if they have a different forum or owner now though.

No. 827191

was suspecting something like that, he looks…interesting as a "woman". idk why but i didn't expect knowyourmeme to use his pronouns
kek thank you for this summary nonnie!

No. 827262

>I discovered it was being run by a well-known incel
OMG who is that?

No. 827271

why do people care about looking dated/"out of fashion" in terms of their clothes/hair/makeup etc

No. 827275

Insecurity. Need to fit in and have other people validate them to feel good about themselves

No. 827278

File: 1623355808411.png (36.96 KB, 510x128, ss.png)

Apparently it's actually run by 2 incels and they also run other incel forums. I checked out their site and it's still the same one I remember, I would advise farmers to avoid signing up for an account, do you really want these subhumans knowing your personal information. See this account for more info https://old.reddit.com/user/lightuthrowaway/submitted/

No. 827297

Okay so I know that oils with a low smoke point are supposed to give you cancer or some shit if you overheat them but does this mean that you heat them until they literally start smoking/catch on fire? I cook with olive oil all the time and I'm under the impression you'd have to be trying to set it on fire on purpose to get to that point.

No. 827304

Why am I so attracted to fictional non-human men? I’m definitely not the plane or car fucker anon, or that robot from starwars fucker anon but why am I so enticed by them especially if they’re beautiful?

No. 827307

you've answered yourself, nonnie. You find them beautiful

No. 827312

Does anyone have thoughts on how common anorexia/emaciation fetishes are? I feel like it's something I very rarely hear talked about (lolcow is probably the most I see it get brought up).

But I hear plenty about fat fetishists and feederism, so I wonder if that's just more common, or if the bonecoomers just keep it to themselves more further away from the mainstream. It would make sense that an anorexia fetish is less socially acceptable than an obesity fetish.

On the other hand it's so unfathomable to me that anyone could get off on that shit, so maybe it is rare? I was looking at Eugenia Cooney's channel and seeing how many views she still gets on every video really makes me wonder how she still gets so many people to watch.
Not sure if this fits here but idk where else to put it.

No. 827317

Is there a way to get rid of the 'tism stare? I'm horrified everytime I see pics of myself…

No. 827324

I'm not too sure how common it is, but I definitely feel like the scrotes into this are more devious and tend to fly under the radar. I have heard about it most in context of guys seeking out women with eating disorders and subtly or not so subtly encouraging their behaviors while keeping them from getting help. I saw a post I think on FDS a while back where they shared how some sick fuck stayed with a girlfriend he knew had a problem but never discussed it with her or brought it up with friends/family so she could get support. It ended with him fucking her one night and the next day she died. He was literally almost having sex with a corpse and didn't care when she was that far gone.

No. 827327

Well fuck. This sucks. r/sanctionedsuicide, as far as I remember it, was anything but an incel hugbox.

No. 827334

How much alcohol is too much? I drink one or two beers literally every day since the pandemic started. If we’re out of beer I drink wine or whiskey. I think I genuinely haven’t gone even one week without drinking in this time period. I don’t get drunk from it and I’m fine wrt calories/working out, but should I be cutting back?

No. 827336

I think they’re very rare. BBW is a popular porn category whereas anorexia/emaciation certainly isn’t front page if it’s even a category at all in mainstream sites. Of course a lot of porn features skinny women but not at the level of undeniable anorexia or health issues.

I think social acceptability goes out of the window when it’s anonymous scrotes online. They’re shameless so I think anorexia fetishes are genuinely rare. The ones who exist are still sick fucks of course.

Another thing is that I’ve never accidentally stumbled across this fetish in the wild. I’ve somehow ended up on wikifeet before and stuff like that. But even as an ex-anachan who googled shit that would’ve sent me straight to these websites, it never happened to my memory. I only know this fetish even exists because it featured on a documentary, and they often cover very unusual issues.

No. 827341

>I only know this fetish even exists because it featured on a documentary, and they often cover very unusual issues.
What's the documentary series?

No. 827342

I feel like you're most likely to encounter them in your DMs on forums dealing with EDs to be honest. I remember there even being some kind of PSA post on that one really popular forum made by the admin, warning of them.

No. 827344

That's way too much anon. You sound like a high-functioning alcoholic. Even if you're not getting straight up tipsy you are still essentially consuming small amounts of poison daily. It negatively affects your body in a whole bunch of ways even aside from long-term liver damage, including messing with your gut health, your body's ability to properly process nutrients (get stored as fat rather than converted to energy), the effectiveness of your immune system and reduced protein synthesis. Here's a page that discusses more of the details: https://www.eatthis.com/heres-what-happens-when-you-drink-alcohol-every-day/

No. 827348

I remember reading about scrotes who collect pictures from proana websites and groups and go larp as the women in the pictures to find meanspo buddies so they could get more body check pictures from young women and girls and verbally abuse them. I think it's more common than you might suspect but the malicious way they go about getting the pictures is part of how they get off. It's absolutely revolting but I'm glad I learned about it before sending body checks to strangers back in my retarded ana days.

No. 827365

RIP. Herbal teas and coke zero, here I come.

See the reason I even asked in the first place is that I’ve noticed none of the adverse effects in that article that should be noticeable (weight gain, sleep loss, digestive issues etc). But you did get me worried anon so I’m gonna stop and see if that will give any issues.

No. 827375

This is really interesting. Is more sporadic but heavier drinking, say like 3-5 drinks every 2 weeks or something, "better" than 1-2 drinks every single day? Better in quotes bc I know there are still risks and drawbacks to that.

No. 827377

Hmm sounds fake, they should kill themselves and encourage all the other members of the other boards they own to jump ship as well. Then I'll believe them.

No. 827378

If you can't go without it, it's a problem. That is too much, anon.

No. 827391

Nta but afaik that is less recommended. The government where I am recommends drinking under a certain amount of alcoholic units per week and some people talk about “saving up” their units to binge drink. All the advice says explicitly not to do this. You’re more likely to have an immediate medical emergency (such as alcohol poisoning or an accident because of impaired judgement) from binge drinking. I’m assuming the long term effects are not wildly different from drinking the same amount over a longer period of time though.

No. 827394

It's one of those things that you might tolerate well but is still putting consistent stress on your body. You say you've been drinking daily since the pandemic started (so over a year?) and I would be curious to see if you can stop without any side effects or feeling like you need another beer. If it's not an addiction or compulsive then it shouldn't be a problem right? You don't have to give it up entirely but it can be a slippery slope.

No. 827397

Binge drinking is basically inducing the same effects in a more concentrated pace, in addition to risking some kind of accident or emergency like anon said. The science on alcohol is increasingly pointing to it negatively affecting your health in the long-term if you're regularly drinking at all. The degree will vary, but it's there nonetheless.

No. 827412

general grievous is not a robot

No. 827413

If you have to be asking these questions you should be cutting back. I've been dealing with alcohol issues for a bit now and I was fine until one day I wasn't and it spiralled into something I did to relax to the only way I could cope with negative thoughts.

No. 827444

how easy is it to quit alcohol? I'm def an alcoholic. I drink vodka almost every day before bed. I prob go through 1.5 bottles per week. I started drinking bc it gave me pain relief but it's not worth feeling like I do when I'm hungover. not worth it in general. ugh

No. 827445

oh gosh samefagging to say I'm not the other alcanon itt, I didn't even see those posts rip

No. 827461

There's an AA thread in /g/ that might help.

No. 827519

I've been on 2 dates with a person. They're really nice but I feel annoyed with them. Should I call it off?

No. 827521

If they’re annoying you already then probably yes.

No. 827526

ty, I had no idea

No. 827559

Me and my gay little brother just got into a physical fight and I bit him really hard so much there was blood in my mouth. Idk his sex life. What's the chance I got hiv?

No. 827573

No. 827703

how do i get rid of feelings of jealousy? i have bpd and i get jealous over people i love or like a lot when they bond with other people, especially at a romantic or sexual level but also platonic. i dont think its completely unwarranted because the people i get jealous over, i always have some kind of a special relationship with them but the jealousy is still unbearable and hurts me. i also dont talk about it because i dont want to show my vulnerable side and have them use it against me. the only thing that worked for me was when a guy i had a crush on wanted me to cuck him so "dominating" over him that way made me less prone to jealousy.

No. 827714

Gross and low

No. 827715

Fellow sweaty anons, what do you do about armsweat? I probably have hyperhidrosis and spending 5 minutes outside in hot weather makes my arms (and well, my whole body, my shoulders, legs, etc) damp. Is there a way to avoid this? Would baby powder help? I had a guy comment on it and it made me super self-conscious

No. 827718

Therapy anon, sorry to have nothing better to offer. I know exactly how you feel, it can ruin everything in your life. I hope you can turn it around and feel happy for these people you now are jealous of.

No. 827728

Yo everyone! Anon got aids from her brother!

No. 827729

idk but just go to the doctor or something

No. 827793

Does instagram ruin pictures you post on the android app specifically, does it depends on your specific phone or am I imagining things?

No. 827800


No. 827802

Mine always come out way warm toned and slightly blurry, even on stories

No. 827804

What kind of job is an “operations support officer”? Can you move up with ladder with it?

No. 827811

Yep Instagram ruins photos and videos on every android device. It's s well known thing.

No. 827812

Don't they specify in the ad what kind of possibilities it entails?

No. 827820

I’m dying

No. 827823

Yeah it sounds like mostly data entry/management and a general admin role which I don’t mind personally but I’m young and don’t want to spend the next 40 years in a similar position. I tried searching it up but nothing is coming up to suggest that there’s even a ladder to climb.

No. 827827

Mine don't particularly have warm tones, but they do come out as blurry. My camera isn't amazing but I can take very good pictures outdoor if the weather's good, yet I had a friend and one of my sisters who only use iphones who told me that my pictures were bad. They thought it came from the camera itself but when comparing the original pictures and what's on instagram the difference is huge.

I didn't know until today then. The few friends I follow on insta who sometimes post their own pic all use iphones.

No. 827848

Why do I have this weird fat under my chin? It isn’t a lump and it’s definitely fat, but I myself have gained a few pounds but I’m not really fat or extremely skinny. It annoys me to all shit because it always feels so inflamed and tight there, any efficient ways to get rid of it?

No. 827853

I don't know if you can prevent it, but try to find clothes that don't show sweat too much, there are some, I swear. White colored clothes don't show it much and it's good if they are wide too. I have some shirts that are from a very thin material that drapes a lot (I know one is viscose but I don't know if it applies only to viscose) and they don't show sweat marks.

No. 827863

I need to get my weight super low to be double chin free. Maybe you're similar?

No. 827889

When people on the internet call people "sweaty" are they misspelling sweety/sweetie, are they actually implying someone is sweating, or is it a joke misspelling of sweety/sweetie?

Some people seem deadass serious and I truly think they are unaware it's a misspelling. I like to read it as a purposeful misspelling though.

No. 827893

Yes, it's a meme.

No. 827909

My water faucet isn't moving anymore. What do I do?

No. 827916

It moves again, used a bit wd40 lol.

No. 827938

Any Quebecois anons here? Is it common for English speakers to be discriminated against in the French speaking parts of Canada?

No. 827960

Do anons here collect anything?
If so, what do you collect? How many of that thing do you need to have for it to count as a collection?

No. 828001

I collect washi tape. I don't know how much you need of anything to consider it a collection. I think I maybe have about 50 different tapes at the moment, built up over the course of a few years.

No. 828030

File: 1623434552545.png (175.66 KB, 409x303, 52098540375034543.png)

I've (reluctantly) realized I've started a pin collection. I hate clutter and having useless knick knacks but fuck they're just so cute and affordable. In some ways I think it's my cope for not being able to have a lot of art on my walls at my apartment so I collect it in miniature. It's within a fairly reasonable amount right now, maybe 15? I've been thinking of making a banner I can attach to a door so I can display them all and enjoy them more easily and have also converted some into magnets so I can see them in the kitchen too.

No. 828033

I collect unused Webkinz tags so I can always have an account going. Last I counted I had 21 (I can only find them in thrift stores) and I also collect lead crystal, and OG tamagotchis

No. 828085

Foreign and old coins
I consider more than three and an active search or a “must acquire” if you see that thing even if you’re not actively searching being a collector

No. 828092

>Do anons here collect anything?
Yes, Kylo Ren. IDK how many I already have, too many to count. But the hyperrealistic Hot Toys one will be the jewel in the crown and an apple of my eye. I hope when I die I get buried with him KEK

No. 828100

What websites do anons use to view ig stories? The old ones I used to use don't work anymore.

No. 828108


No. 828112

ayrt, same! us coin collectors are the blueprint all other collectors look to

No. 828113

Is there a thread where farmers suggest or discuss "positive" hobbies that improve your quality of life? Google always takes me to some cringe articles and I just want to stop being so depressed

No. 828115

File: 1623440304683.jpg (25.58 KB, 320x335, Screenshot_13.jpg)

So there are no Quebecois farmers at all?

No. 828116

In Montréal most people are bilingual, it's mostly the older people that were around during the height of the separatist movement boomers that might have anti-anglo sentiments. Everywhere else in QC is predominantly francophone with a few smatterings of anglo communities. Idk much about the other parts of French Canada, as I understand it bilingualism is less common among the Acadian communities in the maritimes.

So no, I wouldn't say that there's discrimination against anglophones. It's mostly that some people just don't speak english, and since French is the official language, finding a job without that ability is going to be much more difficult. Quebec offers a lot of reasonable programs and resources for people to learn french. I think not trying to learn the language is the real barrier because it diminishes your experience of the place, you miss out on the opportunity to communicate with people.

No. 828121

I want his semen

No. 828124

No. 828130

same here

No. 828133

I would pay money to see him fight Ontario's premier

No. 828136

File: 1623440906922.jpg (43.44 KB, 606x404, justin-trudeau-tbt.jpg)

I hate his straggly ass beard in the news clips and I want him to shave. picrel young Trudeau

No. 828138

has anyone else not have sensation in their nipples and then randomly gained them? for as long as i can remember i felt nothing in my nipples so much so that i was confused why dudes would even spend time suckin on them lol. But i'd say around last year my nipples have gotten so sensitive to the touch and i even get the most horny just from a dude licking them. Its strange as hell! why do you think that happened?

No. 828141

If there was a way to milk his cock for high quality sperms i think it would benefit humanity greatly and I would gladly take that cum and raise a strong half finnish half canadian dictator (female)

No. 828142

Damn, that is just the ugliest thing

No. 828144

Yes, and I'm pretty sure it's related to the menstrual cycle. I think they are sensitive during the premenstrual őhase

No. 828145

Can I drink soy milk before donating blood?

No. 828147

how dare you

No. 828166

File: 1623441569906.png (2.46 MB, 1334x750, B318EE2B-4BCC-44DF-BC5D-5E65DC…)

Come get your mans

No. 828178

How many politicians, actors, or otherwise famous people you think ice their sperm or eggs? I want to believe

No. 828189

File: 1623441973515.jpeg (756.5 KB, 1080x1350, 66C9013E-5737-4D27-877E-BAD62E…)

I want her to be real

No. 828207

Wasn't the "half Cuban" in the original pasta because Trudeau is rumored to be Fidel Castro's bastard son?

No. 828210

File: 1623442492660.jpg (6.85 KB, 274x184, jt3.jpg)

No. 828214

thank you!! i am also getting older too and noticed that my pms symptoms changed a ton from when i was a teen.

No. 828215

you guys seriously lack taste all a dude has to do is be skinny with longish hair. sad

No. 828221

Ok then post people you think are goodlooking

No. 828222

Oh shit, i had no idea. I'm not very into canadian conspiracy theories, i just thought og anon was cuban, so i just replaced it with my own nationality. kek

No. 828233

File: 1623443480499.jpeg (47.6 KB, 419x731, images (4).jpeg)

Kek now you know nonita

No. 828240

do you guys cum when sexting? i don't but lie about it, i feel bad

No. 828245

he has a nice face

No. 828248

i don't sext anymore but back when i did i would cum, i think its kind of pointless to lie unless you just want it to end already lol

No. 828255

anon please tell me how you're able to cum from sexting lmao, i dont masturbate at all while sexting, i just read whatever they write and let myself get incredibly horny from it, then after ill just masturbate to something else to finish. the way i talk is just flirty so they start lewding the chat every time, even though i don't want to sext. this is a guy i started seeing recently, he's supposed to be my friend, and then after sending, various lines of texts he'll ask if i came lol and i lie everytime. maybe he knows lol. i've even faked orgasmed on cam, yes i'm horny but i can't cum.

No. 828260

>i've even faked orgasmed on cam
Guys will often save that shit and distrubute it in fucked up groups they have. I really woudn't risk it. You never know where it ends up or what other personal details they might attach to it. It really is out of your hands once you've shared something like that.

No. 828263

Love you anon. I have so many from crazy countries, my oldest is a 1914 penny

No. 828264

it was live anon, also no face

No. 828267

I know this theory has been thoroughly debunked but I still love it. reminds me of the theory that putin is actually rasputin who is an immortal time traveler.

No. 828273

You can find ways to record live. Glad you're not putting your face in them but stop performing fake orgasms on cam for some guy you just started seeing. It's layers upon layers of dumb to be doing that

No. 828277

I've been watching I love Lucy and noticed that the Ricardos slept in one bed until Lucy had a baby and then they started sleeping in separate beds. Was that common in the 50s?

No. 828283

>A clergy member even had to approve the I Love Lucy script related to Ball’s pregnancy. In the early fifty’s, CBS did not want to allow the word “pregnant” to be used on-air and worked hard to avoid showing her real-life pregnancy to the audience.

because they were retarded in the 50s and didnt want people to know that other people fucked and had kids.

No. 828284

No. 828287

> CBS did not want to allow the word “pregnant” to be used on-air
Nta but damn lol

No. 828289

Said it once and I'll say it again, the government purposefully wants us to be ignorant.

No. 828290

Imagine not liking daddy Trudeau? couldn’t be me.

No. 828291

Does anyone else find it funny the idea of someone running in walls so fast it creates holes shaped like them or find it funny if someone beats their own head?

No. 828292

No, that was just America

No. 828294

yes thank you he is currently the hottest politician around

No. 828296

nah President Micro from france is hawter, cause he is French!

No. 828297

this but unironically

No. 828307

No. 828311

Oh wow Japan and two other Anglo countries, the three countries I regularly rag other than America.

No. 828317

I mean, obviously anon is talking about America. I Love Lucy is an American show.

No. 828324

>No, that was just America
>the three countries I regularly rag other than America
KEK like we're supposed to know the other countries you rag on on this anonymous site. I gave you 3 different continents. You're such a moron, it's actually quite charming.

No. 828346

Is it shitty of me to hate japan, I find their culture reprehensible at times and it disgusts me how to this day they deny their past

No. 828349

No, I think Japanese people are fine but their culture scares me sometimes.

No. 828352

It's not that deep you retard, are you an offended Americanfag or what? You claimed the 50s was "retarded" in general and I said no it was just America then it makes you butthurt. Lmao faggot.(infighting)

No. 828355

>You claimed the 50s was "retarded" in general
NTA but anon didn't say that lmao

No. 828359


OP post:
>because they were retarded in the 50s

"They" is a general statement even with context. Regardless, calling me a retard and pulling up autistic "receipts" (which didnt disprove my statement) because I said it was just America that was heavy on sexual censorship in the 50s is silly.

No. 828370

>Lmao faggot
alright anon. I'm butthurt over a conversation you weren't initially involved in that you made yourself look stupid in. Everyone else agrees I was clearly talking about American censorship (I even provided a link to an article about it in my original post) and you just had to out yourself as a dipshit.
It's okay, you can admit to being wrong just once, I promise.

No. 828372

goddamn are you people really infighting about this stupid shit

No. 828374

You can't reason with autists, just ignore her

No. 828420

i don't know where to post this, oops in advance

not a newfag, but i don't get one thing – u have to stay on topic on certain threads (which i enjoy thoroughly, most forums are cancer) but i wanted to ask anons questions at times, like ppl on GC threads or pro-ana scumbags etc, is lolcow not that kinda place for personal ish questions or? like i haven't found a thread where ppl talk about the intricacies of their GC views for example, or whether they've struggled with an ED etc, nothing too crazy. like i enjoy the discussions here but it's like a piece is missing sometimes

hope this makes sense

No. 828428

GC and Pinkpill topics are banned. And I think ED stuff is also banned because it makes the skellies come out of the woodwork to rattle their bones, which is annoying.

No. 828433

/ot/ and /g/ are your boards for blog posting, nobody on the gossip boards wants to hear about your opinions and personal feelings, we're just there to laugh
gc sperging is banned across all boards ""because it attracts scrote raids""
idk about ed discussion, but last time an anon tried that in /g/ it was just an anafag thinspo circlejerk so i do hope it's banned too

No. 828436

File: 1623457147417.png (2.06 MB, 1151x673, nic.PNG)

have you ever considered mudlarking to find coins? a mudlarker i follow (nicola white, she has a very interesting youtube channel) seems to find so many in the banks of the thames (off the top of my head, she's found roman coins, elizabethan coins, georgian coins & victorian coins, picrel are some she posted on twitter). i want to start but i find the muck so intimidating

No. 828441

thanks, i wasn't talking abt feelings tho.

No. 828445

crystal.cafe has a pink pill and eating disorder general thread.

No. 828446

Lurk old GC/PP threads

No. 828452

I would love interior design thread for things like this, I have no idea how to fix my ugly boring room

No. 828455

There's something similar in /g/

No. 828472

nah, it's a fascist ethnostate unfortunately

No. 828474

For a second I thought >>828472 was >>828452 and was replying to >>828455

No. 828478

And I love 'em for that.

No. 828486

How do I get a flat tummy without starving myself?

No. 828496

stop drinking water

No. 828508

File: 1623467009956.jpg (13.66 KB, 300x297, excellent.jpg)

Yes, subject yourself to getting a UTI.

No. 828511

the kidney stones will all be worth it in the end, stop being a hater

No. 828513

File: 1623467627045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.22 KB, 492x323, peeing.jpg)

I hope you're there for anon when she feels like this.

No. 828565

When does one stop being bicurious and is just plain bi?

No. 828567

Trying out sex with both, liking both experiences

No. 828570

Ffs, couldnt even explain my point because I got immediately banned from "infighting". I meant America was the only country to sexually censorship so harshly that they would block out mentions of pregnancy which afaik, was only done in US. Japan was under occupation of US and Canada and Australia are Anglophone countries with some structural and religious similarites to the US. That was my point. Countries like Netherlands, France, ect werent like that

No. 828598

How do I hold in my obvious sexual attraction to someone I'm in the early early stages of dating with?

It's been 2 years since I've fucked someone and you could cut the sexual tension between us with a spoon when we make eye contact. Masturbating doesn't take the edge off and I've made a compilation of intense moments of missionary in amateur videos, like I've created my own porn conpilation video which is probably the furthest I've gone. I need help. And casual sex I've realised does nothing for me, so I need to hold it in to get to know him better but I've never been this desperate before.

No. 828615

File: 1623493418209.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20210612_122015.jpg)

Anons I found this pokemon drawing I drew 54372 years ago and I am really wondering which pokemon this is on the top because I can't tell. It's possibly a dragon or dark type pokemon. Please help

No. 828619


No. 828622

I think maybe Altaria, Latios, or maybe one of the gen 5 legendaries like Kyurem

No. 828624

Is it articuno with that fancy tail?

No. 828626

File: 1623495762101.jpg (23.2 KB, 480x480, jpg.jpg)

Seconding the anon who said articuno. Cute drawing btw anon

No. 828627

samefag. actually now that I posted that image I'm not sure lol

No. 828629

The pointy head is throwing me off too but Articuno can fuck up the dragons maybe anon was brining poetic justice to her art lol although I take it that's umbreon in the drawing too. We got elaborate themes to consider.

No. 828631

File: 1623496884487.jpg (75.21 KB, 700x494, IMG_20210612_122133.jpg)

More pointy here hmm

No. 828633

File: 1623497248414.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20210612_121900.jpg)

Thank you everyone, I don't think it's articuno or flygon, it's cyan and purple. I've concluded that it's probably crobat but I forgot what he looks like and drew him wrong. Because it must be some mean pokemon because it's a halloween drawing (here is the full picture). I wanted to ask if there are really pumpkin pokemon because I don't remember that but then I realized they are oddish in disguise kek

No. 828640

This is so fucking cute anon. I wanna know more about the dog/horse guy coming out on the right there, what's that?

No. 828643

That's honestly a great composition!! I love the pumpkin-oddishes lol they are really cute

No. 828651

Maybe it's lugia!

No. 828655

File: 1623498894381.jpg (40.85 KB, 525x537, mightyena.jpg)

It's Mightyena but I drew it wrong too
Thank you composition was my only good point. It makes up for the lack of coloring correctly

No. 828684

What's the context with the ring throwing and middle finger banner?

No. 828689

I think that's Billie throwing away Onion and Lainey's ring

No. 828690

I know that Carrie (movie) was supposed to be fucked up and surreal, but was that pig-blood scene supposed to be realistically funny? If i saw someone drenched in blood i would be horrified

No. 828691

what exactly is irc? are there any active cool ones?

No. 828693

File: 1623502456965.jpg (648.45 KB, 1076x750, Screenshot_20210612-085416_eBa…)

i very recently started to collect (mostly vintage) kaiju/godzilla merch, like picrel, plus more modern stuff like figures

No. 828713

I don't think any normal person would genuinely think it'd be funny to witness that. It was supposed to illustrate just how fucked up and cruel those kids were to make it a bit more cathartic to see them all kill lol

No. 828729

What makes being a woman in Russia so bad?

No. 828731

i collect anime figures and i have 64 right now. I considered it a collection by the time i hit about 10. i also collect pins for my backpack, i think i have around 80 and my backpack is very loud and jangly when i walk lol

No. 828738

Was it because of a general love of Star Wars, or was it because of the forbidden man that shall not be named?

No. 828748

Check Eurovision thread on m, it was explained.

No. 828752

Many factors - Russia nowadays has a more traditionalist culture than most european countries, so with that comes cultural misogyny of course. Many Russian men are a shitty mix of violent/arrogant/patronizing or objectify-happy/incel-y/patronizing, all the while 90% of those men don't make up for their views with their looks or their contribution to society. Provincial Russian men especially are super fugly, in some ways manliness is defined by how opposite you are to the 'fairer/weaker sex' - ergo, if women in Russian society have to be well-groomed, shaved and feminine, men have to be the opposite of that.
Plus, I can't ignore the fact that Russian men especially (although all men do this, just not to the same degree) love to squeeze emotional/domestic/intellectual labor from Russian women. It's basically from birth - in school it's a given that a girl usually gives her completed homework/notes to a boy who has been doing nothing in class that same day (and the slackers who do this chronically are boys in this case). The division of domestic labor is brutally un-egalitarian, with the mother doing all of the housework while raising children and holding a steady job, with the men doing - you guessed it - absolutely nothing once he comes home.
Plus the beauty standards that russian women are held to, plus the demographic division that makes men think they're rare-as-fuck-hot-shit (there are 86 men to 100 women) and feel like a resource, etc. I'll stop here because someone else pointed this out on lc on /m/

No. 828754

I checked the thread - nothing was really explained

No. 828760

File: 1623511739356.jpg (133.41 KB, 1300x972, negative-human-56749264.jpg)

Wtf is even going on with /pt/ and /snow/ currently? Does all of that cancer stem from the Shannon thread and its newfags? Also does anyone other than newfags actually lurk her thread or have you given up?

No. 828763

No. 828765

Thanks anon, I actually found it but I'm shit at linking threads, lol.

No. 828767

Dw about it! Happens to everyone. Hope you are having a nice day, anon-chan

No. 828792

yeah basically all the newfaggotry comes from people who found the site via Twitter and youtube commentators and probably even max normie sites like yahoo news and business insider. hope the mods are having fun!

No. 828801

Why posting stuff on my own Instagram makes me so anxious when IT'S MY INSTAGRAM?

No. 828811

Why do I suddenly start liking a guy once I know they’re taken/unavailable?

No. 828813

You're emotionally immature.

No. 828814

You're afraid of intimacy and this pattern helps you avoid it

No. 828816

What do you do when you need a hug but have no one?

I've been fantasizing about a hug for half a week now, embarrassing.

No. 828822

imma hug you so hard you fucking bitch

No. 828856

Are serbian men violent?

No. 828866

File: 1623524167378.jpeg (160.32 KB, 513x725, 1F542BD2-87AB-404B-AEE2-616CA3…)

how and why are people i went to school with now popping out babies? like calm down you’re only 20? why would anyone sacrifice their best years like that?

not to be judgemental but, what is their plan? unless they married pretty darn well - (which they didn’t as they’re all unmarried) their only other option is to live on government assistance or pawn it off onto their parents

why would you choose to miserable? i’m in the UK and birth control and abortion is free and accessible to all.

i would understand if they’re 30 and own a house but there’s almost no chance any of them are in that situation.

BTW childcare professional here who loves kids. but i think if you truly loved your kids you would want better than to drag them through poverty

No. 828879

No, just misogynistic as all other men. Some of them might be a bit more traditional tho.

No. 828889


No. 828905

To GNC anons, how do you deal with people who are judgemental and stuck in rigid boxes? I swear, just not puting on makeup and wearing androgynous clothes already has people complaining. I don't know what they'd do if they found out I didn't shave. It would be fine if I didn't have to interact with people on a daily basis however I refuse to change my ways.

No. 828920

Best thing you can do is not internalizing those judgments. And don’t take no shit, tell them they’re hypocritical cunts for trying to control your body. You’re standing your ground so you’re already doing great anon.

No. 828934

Not really. Catcalling isn't very common here either, but at the end of the day they're still men.
They're massive fucking spoiled manchildren and will kill themselves before they wash a dish or, god forbid, cook a meal. They also love mansplaining things to you and can be extremely and openly vulgar. Not sure why you'd want that on yourself.

No. 829007

File: 1623543273304.jpg (27.67 KB, 720x720, 1548830251443.jpg)

Is there any way to get free food?
I just paid my bills and rent and I'm left with $2.06 for the next 2 weeks. It's honestly brutal and I'm starving living off oatmeal and peanut butter for the last few days. I have a canned thing of salmon but I'm saving that when it really becomes unbearable.
My social anxiety is terrible along with covid paranoia so I can't even muster the courage to go to the food bank. Is there anything I can do temporarily for food? I'm so hungry and desperate I'm even considering finding a way to join a feederism thing just so I can get some meals.

No. 829010

Do you have food at work? I hoard food at work and it has helped me out a bit, though sometimes there's little and only candy, which I wish weren't the case.

No. 829013


I can’t think of any way to get free food that’s easier than going to a food bank. You might just have to suck it up and stop by.

No. 829022

What do they say when they complain about your clothes? That you don't look "professional" enough or that you should dress "nicer" in general when going out?

It's not weird to see a woman wear pants with a suit jacket nowadays. You can "dress up" with unisex clothing too.

No. 829042

Hey anon, I saw that random acts of pizza (I know it's reddit w/e) on reddit that a stranger can gift you with pizza. https://www.reddit.com/r/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza/ I hope it works out, anon.

No. 829069

I'm retarded are we allowed to post fan art? The cow in question has a slower thread on the slowest board and has virtually no art, just memes. I feel dumb asking this pls no bully

No. 829082

I'm 28 and besides a few times in middle school I've never had my nails done. are false nails legit? I've never used those either lol but I'm seeing such cute ones for sale recently and I want

No. 829093

I love false nails, but they're not for everyone. Some people find it hard to maneuver with them. I don't wear press on nails very much, but usually the glue is strong so don't worry about them falling off. Don't go for long nails straight away (if you want long nails).

No. 829104

Who pays to keep this site up? Does the admin just assume the costs of this site when they take on the role?

No. 829107

File: 1623551506442.jpeg (384.93 KB, 750x548, E83F36F5-B40F-47C0-8BEA-C0C528…)

I have almost $4000 worth of PTO at work because I never go on vacation. I don’t have friends and my parents aren’t into traveling, and they fight a lot so I usually avoid going out with them. What do loner anons do for vacations, if you take any at all?

No. 829108

Anon, I mean this in the absolute nicest way possible, but please suck it up and go to a food bank (or find other community support places near you). Your post makes me so sad, I want you to have a belly full of food and I wish I could go and get food from a food bank for you. Please go. Wear your mask and practice general sanitation as usual.

No. 829113

I go to small resorts that appeal to single women and find a secluded palm tree to read/listen to music under. If you're not a complete schizoid like me I'm not sure of you'd enjoy this though. I know alot of people hate going to these places alone.

No. 829114

poverty is relative. take whatever wealth you think is appropriate to have a kid with, maybe it's how much money you think you'll have when you're 30.

multiply that number by two and there's people with that much money who are saying the same thing you just said, about you.

No. 829115

I've never taken myself for an extended vacation but sometimes I'll spend a day off taking myself to a museum. I've also just gone out to beautiful secluded areas to enjoy the sights. You could also just stay home if you're a homebody.

No. 829116

I like to go to forest preserves and draw/read outdoors as a nice change of pace, or hike. Museums are also fun. If you want to make a vacation out of it it can be nice to stay in a hotel or an airbnb and explore stores and restaurants plus local nature by yourself, I really enjoy it.

No. 829117

You don’t have to leave town or even your house, you can just take the time to chill. But PTO is PTO, and if you ever get laid off without using it all that money will just evaporate, so you should put something in the works ASAP.

No. 829118

here's one that i did and was cheap af: stargazing in the desert in the winter (new mexico, utah, idaho, nevada)

look up a bortle map, you want a bortle 1 zone. find a national monument or something. rent a car, drive out there and camp on a night with no moon. pretty guaranteed to get a great view of the stars as long as you're in a desert (no precipitation => clouds are uncommon)

No. 829141

How do nonas notice if a post isn't saged with sage but with an e-mail adress? Do they just hover over every single saged post?

No. 829149

if it's not saged the thread will be bumped

No. 829151

you don't have to hover over every saged post to notice it, usually people putting in their emails will stand out in other ways too like spelling 'Anonymous' differently, namefagging, or typing a certain way, so those are the ones I hover over the most

No. 829192

File: 1623569608649.png (1.37 KB, 1200x720, 7CCD0E0D-35EC-4612-9A64-8106BD…)

Why do some ppl hate this flag?

No. 829194

Something about the original creator hating trannies

No. 829196

something something about the creator being a biphobic terf and also something something about being exclusionary to butches because it's so pink

No. 829197

File: 1623569873094.png (2.98 KB, 275x183, 755FB577-4A64-4B73-B6C2-B920AF…)

Because the purple one with the labrys is just so much cooler

No. 829198

Ohhh. Who is the original creator I heard someone else say she was harassed so much she committed suicide is that true?

No. 829209

Ok anon. Trannyfags twist shit left and right.
The author was and still is getting harassed by people all over social media (they are stalking the shit out of her) for more than two years now. During Tumblr times they would literally create a blog where people would post fanarts of her IRL getting raped by men (she's a lesbian), gore and more than that. People still draw gruesome stuff with her, a real person. They would tell her to kill herself all over Instagram, call her ugly (when she's stunning), everywhere; on twitter and where else they could find her.

She felt extremely suicidal for a long time, but she never commited suicide. In the end trannyfags from her country called cops on her to beat her up for being gay, that's the only thing that actually happened. They would do their best to doxx her; all for just being a radfem and not liking trannies.

However, you can't thankfully find her socials anymore, because she blended into a completely different social media where she only draws Naruto fanart. Last time her original accounts were active she fixed her mental health, started thinking positively and stopped caring about all the harassment.

No. 829225

Wait I thought this one was considered the bad one by MTFs? Which one do I need a pin of for real gf because I was going to get labrys one.

No. 829226

>trannyfags from her country called cops on her to beat her up for being gay,
Wtf, what country is she from?

No. 829230


No. 829231

what was the original creator's name/handle? this is honestly extremely sad. Hopefully, she's okay

No. 829234

I think by googling Katherine and terf you'd find it. I am worried TRAfags will become obsessed with her old persona again

No. 829237

I dont understand who creepshow is or why she is supposedly special

No. 829239

oh! I've seen her work before. I thought that she just made a bunch of comics, and that's it. I didn't know that she created the lesbian flag

No. 829240

>In the end trannyfags from her country called cops on her to beat her up for being gay, that's the only thing that actually happened.
Jesus christ how horrible. Trannies are a fucking disease.

No. 829241

She's an arttuber who was recently outed by Admin for posting on Lolcow for the past 3 years making fun of other artists and whiteknighting herself, especially in her own thread.

No. 829243

written by a tranny simp but its a comprehensive overview(imageboard)

No. 829246

File: 1623578260598.jpg (44.37 KB, 750x1093, EdGsTxZXgAE814v.jpg)

I'm pretty sure redkatherinee (who is amazing) had nothing to do with the creation of that flag. picrel is what she promoted. I remember from back in the day. it was supposed to be a radfem lesbian+bifem solidarity flag.

No. 829247

c'mon, mods. That ban was a bit of a stretch

No. 829280

They look for any excuse, lmao.

No. 829283

Got a notification one of my contacts made an Instagram but the user name is [first][last] name and I don't know anyone by that name, am I witnessing someone making a fake account?

No. 829447

Poverty isn't relative wtf. If you live below the poverty line in any country you are not capable of feeding your kids well. That is nowhere near the same as some millionaire feeling bad about me because I live in a studio as opposed to a big mansion.

No. 829450

Why do some people act like being in your late 20s is old and you're not allowed to do anything fun anymore? I look pretty much the same as I did in my late teens, except my parents are now telling me to stop having fun and give them kids because I'm old. I'm 28, is that really old age?

No. 829478

Are Repetto shoes good? I need to buy some feminine shoes for summer and I plan on wearing them in the office only.

No. 829490

No, they're overhyped

No. 829492

Nah. I’m 30 and I’m wealthier, hotter, smarter and more emotionally secure than I was in my 20s about a hundred times over. This decade is basically a do-over of your 20s but with less bullshit and more disposable income. I have some older friends who have basically confirmed the same and said their 30s were far more enjoyable. Your parents are likely just projecting the things they felt they had to do onto you. Don’t let their expectations get you down, just take care of yourself and have a good time.

No. 829511

That's what I thought, the prices seemed overblown for the actual shoe. Then could you recommend a good brand of flats? I don't want something cheap either.

No. 829534

I wish people would stop saying that 'give me grandkids already' shit as if it's all cutesy. Its gross to pressure a woman when it comes to the biggest decision of your life.

Half the women I know with kids are stressed to bits and separated from the dad. Rushing it doesn't lead to sunshine and roses.

No. 829536

If you don't have kids it's no different from your early 20s, you just have more money.

No. 829549

NTA but I really needed to read this

No. 829574

The ballet flats don't last enough for the price.

Otoh, their other types of shoes are excellent. Their heels are top tier

No. 829586

Has anyone here ever experienced the bullied to narcissist pipe line?

I went from thinking I'm not shit to thinking the world revolves around me

No. 829595

What is "body checking"?

The "bullied to narcissist pipine" basically summarizes my entire existence. I think it's a pretty common trauma response to bullying because I know quite a few others.

No. 829601

I was bullied alot growing up, I still don't really connect with people as a result of it and I have low confidence but at the same time I catch myself being quick to accept help and favors from others but not really being a giving or helpful person back. I don't go out of my way for people. I'm not generous with money or gifts or even some small social niceties like "oh can I offer you tea or coffee" I often don't care enough to give back or offer anything. Bad as that sounds.

I don't know if it's a narc thing but I think I look out for number one and there's also a sense of 'being owed that kindness after what I've been through' Which I get is messed up. The people who hurt me and the people being nice to me now are different groups. This new group doesn't owe me shit.

No. 829604

I don't think the world revolves around me nor am I a narc attention whore or anything, but I'm never anything more than cordial with others. I'm the Werther's Original of people, I genuinely hate any form of human interaction so I just keep it down to the everyday pleasantries. I don't care for others and don't care if they care about me. I have no friends (if I'm too eager and friendly they will think I'm cringe), I don't talk about my interests and hobbies (they're cringe and people will make fun of me), I don't let people know what's going on in my life (they'll find it pathetic and sad, which will repulse them even more), I don't pursue men (I'm boring and can't hold a conversation, I'm also not hot).
As you can probably guess I've been bullied for most of my life now. First by classmates, now by my boss.

No. 829605

File: 1623626999087.jpg (97.84 KB, 736x1022, 6805b700853c08ed9f8af12c648d3a…)

You check your body: measuring your body parts (like the waist and thighs), taking pictures to see how it looks in different angles, clothes and at different times of the day, weighing yourself multiple times, etc. It can be done to see your progress on a fitness jorney (pic rel) but it's a known thing for people with body dysmorphia and disordered eating habits. It has a connotation of a habit you do so obsessively it becomes very toxic for you. For example, some people have a body check picture of themselves at their lowest weight as a motivation to continue losing weight

No. 829612

Do you think if all moids were actually filtered out (somehow) we'd have more or less infighting? What would the vibe be like?

No. 829614

This really resonated with me.

No. 829615

fucking yes 100%

No. 829636

No. 829651

Where did that retarded fakeboi in the pride month thread came from, has it anything to do with the recent events and all the newfags?

No. 829652

why am I the only person in this world that’s actually special and unique like seriously? like I’m not special but I am at the same time? I could die and no one would care but I feel some divine wisdom all the time

No. 829654

>we'd have more or less infighting?
Yes to which one?

No. 829657

my money is on the creepshow art thread

No. 829660

Divine wisdom is for everybody all the time baby. Dogs and trees have divine wisdom. You're not special for having it but you're special for being able to think about it because most things are unconscious

No. 829662

File: 1623633922032.jpg (51 KB, 400x500, 2cdf472b-4fee-4561-a3c3-6e2aaf…)

why is swimsuit material like that? like nylon/neoprene/etc. it seems like companies are making suits out of cotton now but why is the standard swimsuit material????

No. 829668

I didn't get bullied but I was ostracized and became comfortable with just being by myself. I don't speak to coworkers other than greeting and strict work things. Made the mistake of trying to be friendly once and it was torture, having to stand there and listen. Not to be special edgy but most people are very boring and I don't want to waste my time on them.

No. 829673

Why do all fakebois tend to be super fat with chubby faces? Also why do they all like puppy play? So many questions…

No. 829693

File: 1623636522955.jpg (353.32 KB, 1230x1500, 18584087_fpx.jpg)

do people really buy bags just for their phones? I get wanting something small but I don't see the point of having a bag that can only hold your phone and maybe like one card. or are they bags just bigger than I realize?

No. 829696

childhood trauma

No. 829699

I have a similarly small bag that I only carry to go dancing without dealing with a bigger purse or worrying about my things falling out of my pockets. I would rather carry nothing but I keep my phone on me in case of emergencies, one card to buy water, my ID, and my keys.

No. 829702

How do you maintain your weight after losing a bunch of weight?

No. 829703

yes it is. that millionaire thinks you are incapable of taking proper care of your kids, because you're not feeding them all organic whole foods that you bought that same day so they won't have any aflatoxins in them. from their perspective, the supply chain to the grocery store is too slow in your neighborhood to get fresh and healthy food delivered, there's probably aflatoxins on the shelf in there. i guess you have no choice but to employ a servant to get your food directly from the farm like that millionaire does. and if you can't afford a private school your kid won't be getting the education they require so you are also an irresponsible parent because of that

not saying the millionaires are right but to them you are exactly as incapable of raising your kids as the people below the poverty line. meanwhile the poeple below the poverty line can buy better food for their kids than what people have fed their kids for 99.999% of human history. the only difference is that their kids might have to get more of their protein from legumes. infant mortality is also a thing of the past, etc., etc.

i'm not saying it's right or wrong to bring kids into the world but that's a highly personal question that each prospective mother can only answer for herself.

No. 829708

File: 1623638469169.jpg (77.94 KB, 1488x1488, classic-vanity-phone-holder-wi…)


yes, i see it more with stupid money brands like chanel/dior/balenciaga. it's been getting in recent popularity since new money influencers/yuppies can afford it (personal speculation). (they cost l.7-3k)

i wouldnt be surprised if more affordable designers started to sell them more since they're in with the instagram crowd now.

pic rel, chanel handbag meant for phone use priced at $1700 USD

No. 829709

What are the Freemasons and what do they do? My grandfather apparently was one but he refused to tell me anything about it and said it's a secret. My mom said she took part in some rituals as a child and refused to tell me any details and said it's a secret. I Google it and all I can find is that it's a secret men's club that's totally not a cult and is charitable and definitely not sketchy. What gives? Is it just a cringey boomer incel club? Are my family in the KKK? What the fuck is it

No. 829714

imagine if they were trolling you with that and none of them was a freemason

No. 829716

You might be onto something anon

No. 829717

You had a similar experience to me, my grandfather used to be part of that cult and he did rituals and such but he never specified what were they supposed to be. Tbh, I think he would’ve told me but he died before I was born.
The thing is that my grandmother never truly asked too many questions about it and just knew that the guys from that branch in my country weren’t bad people, so it was okay.
But now that I think about it, maybe he used to get lost for the whole weekend because he was hanging out with the cult boys?

No. 829719

By eating healthy (no processed foods, lots of vegetables/fruits/lean meats/legumes/complex carbs), not overeating and doing exercise.

No. 829728

Can any anons recommend me some soothing, cathartic country songs like vid related? Pls

No. 829734

That's the funny thing, I was pretty close with my grandfather and he always loved telling us stories about his life. He seemed to genuinely love my grandmother and never put any pressure on me or my sisters to be any certain way. He seemed to respect women yet was in this secret men's-only group. I don't see why he wouldn't ever talk about it with me before he died if it was something that meant a lot to him and if it was as innocent as they claim it is online. Yet he wouldn't spill one single bean. Surely some moid out there has? Surely people leave these groups and talk about them to people? And I don't get why my mom wouldn't say anything about her experience with them, since she couldn't actually be a mason anyway so what difference does it make? If she's trolling me she's doing a great job. I don't stand to gain anything by knowing about it but idk if it's a part of my family history I just kind of want to know about what they believed and practiced even if it was something bad? I know so little about my family history and it makes me feel so excluded and unloved.

No. 829744

I like this song by Valerie June. Hope you like it!

No. 829745

lmao did you not type freemason into youtube??? there’s a crazy amount of conspiracy around them because they “control everything” and they are a very powerful and old occult group. any man i know who gets jealous of girls on instagram with more than three crystals has “researched all about” the freemasons and will tell you whether you like it or not. of course, my only relation to it is reading a little about it and being really disappointed when men bring it up so i’m joking about it. i’m really surprised you haven’t found out the myriad of ways people link that in with the government, aliens, reptilians, etc.

i love that you had such a loving relationship with your grandfather and he was probably just trying to let your life unfold without the influence of a male-centric group, it sounds really sweet.

No. 829763

How do you waer sandals or similar open shoes outside in town? I did it once and after an hour my feet were so dirty from all the dust yuck. But I also want to be cool now that the temperatures have gone up and closed shoes can be a pain

No. 829776

File: 1623649125380.jpg (1.29 MB, 2048x1491, 11Mag-LOR-01-superJumbo.jpg)

I was feeling very good, confident and in my body recently, but now my mind has shifted into a "I'm looking at a character in a play" mode. It's comforting in a way, that way I can just treat myself like a Harvest Moon character and customize myself or something, but also I am afraid of not being authentic enough. This hasn't happened to me in years. Why does this even happen? Does anyone else feel or go through this?

No. 829791

>dancin on the astral plaayaayaayaaane holy water cleansing raaaaiiyaaiiyaaain
NTA but I cry every time

No. 829792

File: 1623651302537.jpg (480.13 KB, 875x587, Plexes-Montreal_Architectural-…)

What are your impression of Canadian cities you've been to?
I spent a few months in Montréal because I got family there (I live in Europe btw) and I was surprised how European it felt. Very artsy. Love how multicultural it is. People in general are very open and friendly.
I spent a few hours in Toronto (we went on one of those bus tours) and obviously a few hours is not enough to have a proper feel for the city, but based on my short stay, it felt really cold and uninviting?? as opposed to Montreal. Architecture is typical North-American, the kind you see on TV

No. 829793

Thank you for the rec, anon. I'm liking it

No. 829795

File: 1623651639265.png (135.81 KB, 688x404, efvgrggbr.png)

Wtf is this? it gives me creepy pedo vibes

No. 829811

I liked Toronto, it seemed really safe and friendly. But I'm from Edmonton which has to be the ugliest most miserable city in Canada

No. 829816

Lived in Edmonton in grade 1, definitely left a nasty mark on me

No. 829891

File: 1623665448465.png (364.3 KB, 524x385, 47329047320565.png)

Idk, she's just saying "Stop~" like a pls no bully thing presumably. Google says it's a character named Flandre Touhou from the Touhou Project games (one of those loli-looking characters that's actually 100s of years old). Nothing innately sexual about her but I'm sure scrotes have found a way to make gross stuff in some dark corner of the internet

No. 829898

Unfortunately you're right. It always saddens me that Touhou is one of the only video game series with plenty of interesting female characters that aren't sexualized but still attracts a lot of perverts who make a shit ton of gross fanarts and doujin with the most underaged-looking ones.

No. 829938

any other pinterest users sometimes find pins on their boards they definitely didn't add? I've found this a few times, it can't be I just added them and forgot. it's things in my clothes inspiration boards I wouldn't add, and some in my art boards too that I know I wouldn't add since I'm really selective.

I've googled but I haven't seen anyone else online claiming they've experienced this.

No. 829941

>I'm sure scrotes have found a way to make gross stuff in some dark corner of the internet

it doesn't matter how no sexual something is, take my little pony for example. scrotes will create their art and spew their fantasies about it. I can guarantee every innocent thing you've ever enjoyed some scrote has twisted it and made in sexual

No. 829945

I just wash my feet at the first oppourtunity! sometimes even with the sandals on. I once used a hose in a garden to do this lol. your feet and sandles dry quick in the heat. but I do wear simple foam type sandals with cotton straps so water won't damage them. another tip I've learned is to wear sandals with a platform, that can help prevent your feet getting nasty since they're further from the ground. I like the teva platform sandals, they're the ones I wear and I can walk in the woods without kicking up too many little stones and the like into my sandal.

I guess you're always going to get your feet dirty to some degree in sandals but I personally would rather have cooler feet. it's a decent trade off imo!

No. 829962

File: 1623675870978.jpg (32.79 KB, 600x400, depositphotos_78289332-stock-p…)

Anons, can you list some websites or apps that have either ugly user interfaces and/or are also confusing and difficult to use?

No. 829966

Nope. Retards will keep calling everyone that disagrees with them a scrote and the earth will keep turning

No. 829967

The new reddit design
Every government website ever

No. 829981

YouTube went ugly after the removal of customized channels in like 2011

No. 830006

Lush UK’s new website

No. 830013

ravelry.com apparently the new UI causes some snowflakes to have seizures and migraines, plus the person who designed and coded it is a tranny.

No. 830019

lol, UI cant cause seizures; I've registered just to see it and it would take a real next level whiner to complain about it.

No. 830034

Reddit, the original, old, and new, past and present, always and forever

No. 830041

the father, the son and the holy spirit

No. 830063

No. 830068

What does the dating market look like for people who just do absolutely fuck all? Has anyone here been successful?

Not in a NEET way, but an uptight dweeb way. I never have typical fun (drinking, partying, maintaining more than 2 friendships, etc.) and also refuse to start now. Not quite a shut in but someone who enjoys solo hobbies with a focus on work and studies.

I know can't be the only boring bitch but I've yet to meet someone just like me who is also comfortable with being mild. Let alone someone who has ALWAYS been like this. I was born boring and will be so indefinitely.

No. 830078

Let's date anon, I'm also a boring bitch

No. 830081

Does any of you meditate regularly? How and how often do you do it?

No. 830087

File: 1623689979995.jpeg (18.18 KB, 194x192, 1623189858102.jpeg)

Are munchies just method acting?

No. 830091

Reddit and LiveJournal

I also agree with this anon about Zara

No. 830093

no help unfortunately since I'm boring too. this is probably the second biggest thing that holds me back from looking for a relationship, after my mental health issues with anxiety

No. 830107

God yes Zara, I actually posted about it somewhere around here just a few days ago, their online webshop is the worst I've ever seen from a fashion retailer

No. 830119

I meditate every morning and sometimes before going to sleep too. I either follow a 10 minutes practice by headspace or I do it by myself just by sitting and trying to get out of my thoughts and focus on my breath. Counting down helps too

No. 830139

Thank you anon!

No. 830174

How do people sleep with moisturised legs? I want to take better care of the skin on my legs but any time I put any product on them whatsoever, even first thing in the morning, I have trouble getting to sleep that night because my legs feel too sticky. If I moisturise before I go to bed I’ll lay awake for hours before I’m forced to get up and scrub it off because I can’t stand it anymore. It happens even when I just use a moisturising body wash and no lotion afterwards. Even dry-touch sunscreen applied in the morning will keep me awake if I forget to wash it off.
I have this issue with the rest of my body too, but my legs are the worst because I sleep on my side and can’t stop them from touching each other. So far the only solution seems to be wearing full length pyjama bottoms, but it’s getting too hot for that.

No. 830176

You're not wrong, it leaves that impression on a lot of visitors. That cold and uninviting aspect of Toronto stems from the fact that it's a finance-driven city. It's the second largest financial centre in North America, the cost of living is absurdly unaffordable and the police presence is quite high, all of these conditions make it a lot harder for minority communities to flourish. The corporatism, imperious skyline and neo-modern architectural style that characterizes the downtown core is dismal and uninspiring. But if you travel a bit north, east or west of the core and there are glimmers of beauty and culture everywhere. More 19th century and postmodernist architecture (it's a fairly young city after all). There are some underground artist communities that make cool things happen. A warmer social atmosphere too. The best thing about Toronto and the thing that makes it special is the multiculturalism though, it's the most diverse city in the world. Spend some time in a local neighbourhood like Little Italy or Koreatown and you'll notice it right away. It adds a richness and soulfulness that lamentably is getting pushed out by corporate development.

Montréal is a lot more affordable by contrast, it has the perfect conditions for cultures to take root and mature and allows people to be a bit more easy going. The underlying French influence definitely contributes to this joie de vivre feel, whereas Toronto has been built on a foundation of anglocentric liberal conservatism. Anyways, those are just my thoughts as a Torontréalaise.

No. 830183

File: 1623698744694.jpg (46.62 KB, 720x715, 87ef4a0ebf39dc7e4147c615798765…)

Can one enter a deeper meditative state before sleeping and dream with what was visualized in the meditative state?
Sorry if this is too word salady, hopefully it's understandable i just wanna have nice dreams, I've been having nightmares nonstop

No. 830185

Yes, that's a strategy some people use to induce lucid dreams

No. 830191

Oh, thanks for the speedy reply, anon!
I wonder how long one does have to train to achieve it?
I'm still a beginner in meditation, I actually started it for my insomnia and restless leg syndrome.

No. 830192

I found and dated a fellow boring bitch who was 100% my type but we only dated because we had mutual friends/I knew of her for years before finally approaching her directly. I'm sad because I will probably never find another qt butch boring bitch gf ever again. I don't even know where to find other boring chill people. Clubs? No thanks, they make me uncomfortable. Online spaces? I'm very quiet online outside of my private accounts and anon spaces. Dating apps? Same issue. I figure the type of person I'd like to date is probably the same way so there's basically minimal chance of ever happening across each other. Just gonna have to pray and hope I will happen across someone through mutual friends or something.

I'm happy there are similar people to me out there though. I hope we'll find each other outside of this board one day.

No. 830203

If I didn't know my ex was in a relationship, I would've thought you're my ex.

No. 830223

smoking even a little weed will prevent dreams entirely. sounds like bs but its very real, last time i didnt smoke for two days i dreamed my crazy neighbors schizo son burned the bulding down. but i havent had a dream since.

No. 830294

Did something make Utena popular again? I feel like I’ve been seeing more fanart for it lately than I used to.

No. 830299

File: 1623706651443.png (124.5 KB, 354x268, Screenshot_20210614-133645(1).…)

Is this Shayna?

No. 830301

No. 830306

God she looks so much thinner. I barely even recognized her

No. 830309

It's funny you say that because anons were saying the same back then, kek.

No. 830325

File: 1623709559110.jpg (139.42 KB, 1049x1050, meme3.jpg)

Can somebody explain to me that Jodi Arias situation?
All I know so far is that:
-It happened years ago and that it has only been made popular by true-crime fags on twitter
-Jodi Arias murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander
-She claims it was in self-defence
-the 'you sound like a 12-year-old girl' thing Travis said
-something about Myspace

No. 830328

i get that pewdiepie is a stupid cunt, but i don't watch the guy, idk why?

No. 830332

Who are you replying to?

No. 830333

BPD chan Jodie was madly in love with good Mormon boy. He broke up with her because she wasn't "marriage material" or some shit and she decided to move close to him and regularly knock on his door. He didn't turn her away because hes a scrote and liked the sex plus she was willing to fulfill his fetishes. This goes on for a long time with Jodie believing she'll get a wedding ring one day. Eventually he is about to leave on a trip but was planning on taking a different woman (who turned out to not be interested anyway). Jodie meets with him because scrotes gonna scrote and they fuck one last time. Jodie confronts him while he's showering and takes pics of him while doing so. Proceeds to get all stabby. Badly covers up her tracks and blabbers too much during interrogation and constantly changes her story.

No. 830335

I'm actually watching the trial tapes right now. travis used Jodi for sex while shit talking her behind her back, but stringing her along while trying to find a Good Mormon Wife. In their phone calls she is constantly trying to gain his affection and approval and he immediately switches the subject to sex. my understanding of the actual murder is that she just snapped when he led her to believe he was taking her on a trip the day after her birthday but ended up taking another mormon woman instead. so she stabbed him and shot him in the face. one of the arguments the defense makes is that he had pedophilic pornsick tendencies and was sexually abusive to Jodi. seems justified imo kek

No. 830354

File: 1623712896655.png (1.09 MB, 976x662, collage.PNG)

Are the "stickers" on these character collages coming from somewhere specific or did the people who made them created them themselves? I want to do something like this and I'm wondering if there's some secret source

No. 830374

Sometimes people do it themselves, however, nowadays you can easily do it in the app picsart, they have a lot of celebrities stickers

No. 830379

A lot of them are also from tumblr transparent blogs. They'll usually pop up when you type in "tumblr transparent" on google

No. 830394

File: 1623718227502.jpeg (41.03 KB, 600x471, ngbbs43cddec7e2b26.jpeg)

How can I find the "misdandrist side" of Tiktok? I saw some men complaining that it's a "huge problem" and I want to see for myself.

No. 830403

Thanks a lot!

No. 830421

File: 1623721802430.gif (1019.68 KB, 500x300, 1396233211862.gif)

does anyone have suggestions of deserts which are great for summer but won't get disgusting if exposed to a hot summer sun for hours? Or at least something I won't have to worry about leaving out of the fridge. Trying to decide what to make for a get-together.

No. 830426


No. 830428

File: 1623722535258.jpeg (85.96 KB, 500x500, 8DB6A9BA-12F3-4FB6-A2D1-74215A…)

How would one go about starting a Twitch career? I like making people laugh and would love a job where I can act like an idiot on camera while getting to spend more time doing things I actually want to do.

No. 830429

I'd go with any assortment of fruit (either plum/nectarine types, kiwis, cherries, or a pineapple or watermelon that you bring whole and butcher together [nothing like a little simulated blood ritual to bond with the girls]) or a pie or some cookies or brownies

No. 830465

Cookies, maybe half-dipped in white-chocolate, sounds good. I like the idea of brownies too, maybe a s'mores version

No. 830467

Can you put a pillow between yor legs?

No. 830500

File: 1623733697267.jpg (43.56 KB, 612x605, CyoV2BoVQAAvYjC.jpg)

If you have citizenship in NA, or Japan, or any country that is for some reason popular with immigrants, would you consider getting in a visa marriage for a few years if you get paid handsomely for it?

No. 830518

Why is there almost always a grown man in the comments of a female artist that has to announce that they're a "xx old man but they love this song"? No one cares, you sack of meat.

No. 830519

yeah for sure anon, probably illegal tho but we don't need to tell, are you looking to move to the US?

No. 830521

Hell yeah. I've been on the other side and know first hand how much bullshit an immigrant has to deal with, plus I like money, so I'd do it for sure (only for a girl though).

No. 830524

No. Big fucking headaches are inevitable if you get caught. Rather not get tangled with affairs like those.

No. 830534

Soo, this creepshow drama. How famous was she before this stuff? I'm not sure if I should be worried about my rather normie but very liberal friends finding this site, and refrain from sending them funny pics from here for the time being if I don't want to out myself as a farmer, or if the only people who'd know her are people into art critique and internet drama. Is she tiktok famous? kek

No. 830535

She's from arttube. If you don't know anyone who cares about arttube drama you shouldn't be too worried about outing yourself

No. 830541

A lot of these people didn't even know who she was but got on the bandwagon anyway because the thing got picked up by the algorithm. Now content goblins in non-related communities are jumping in to get a piece of the pie so yeah….

No. 830544

>would you consider getting in a visa marriage for a few years if you get paid handsomely for it?
No, why risk getting charged with marriage fraud? Marriage fraud for the purposes of immigration is a felony in the United States and citizens charged with it are punished with 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

No. 830552

File: 1623738578984.png (427.63 KB, 564x564, lZvVnlf.png)

Is it too late for someone in their twenties to pick up drawing? I feel like I'll never get to where I want to be skill-wise, especially when it seems like all the best artists have been drawing their whole lives. What can I do to build my art confidence?

No. 830554

Not gonna cap and say that this doesn't happen often in my community, so I'm more openminded to it lol I haven't personally heard of anyone getting busted for marriage fraud but I've heard of many deported for overstaying visa.
It would have to be really worth it though because you have to keep it up for years. From what I heard, immigration dept racially profiles some groups…so it maybe more lowkey if you're not an interracial couple.

No. 830559

lmao no. I'm also in my twenties and just started drawing after a big hiatus. I think the most important thing is to practice with intent. I recommend doing the Drawabox lessons, they are great

No. 830560

File: 1623739024750.gif (354.64 KB, 640x512, 1317649280573.gif)

I don't go on /w/ at all. Do you?

No. 830562

It's stupid easy to pass off a visa marriage as real. Especially considering the kinds of international trainwreck marriages that happen nowadays, that are unfortunately 100% real. Most of the warnings out there are just meant to scare you and discourage you from doing it, but there is no way they can prove you wrong if you've got even a bit of common sense.

No. 830585

The huge twitter influx from whatever is going on with creepshow, is that permanent? Is there are precedent for this? How many of them are gonna cozy up and stay?

No. 830589

I don't know but I wanna die. Mainstream normals with millions of subs are starting to pick up on it. P-please make it stop…

No. 830593

I'm trying not to reee too hard, but it's pretty bad, right? I've been lurking since SR so I've seen changes, of course, but this seems… bad

No. 830611

I was just gonna ask this, I came on here after seeing a lolcow creepshow vid in my recommended. I was so shocked, I just knew creepshow as some cow on here. I would seriously hate to see this place filled with normalfags, I know I sound like a gatekeeper but it's true. I'm seeing absolute regular folk talk about lc and it's kind of making me worry. This place isn't perfect but it's comfortable.

No. 830613

It all started with PULL closing (eg artist salt thread turning into a worse shit, twitch thread full of WKs and tinfoil fags), then someone made CH thread, and now it just keeps going downhill.
Been there since the first Dasha thread.rip

No. 830620

I can’t believe we lived through Onision and Dasha and Emzotic but fucking some Art Salt autist is gonna be the one bringing Normiegeddon to lolcow…

No. 830622

Damn, I wish this didn't make me as bummed as it does. I come here to avoid Twitter shit and to be an irredeemable bitch kek. I don't want to lose it

No. 830624

are we really seeing shifts in culture? i don't post here often anymore so maybe i haven't come across anything but /ot/ seems the usual, so does /g/.

No. 830625

this place seems its usual self, for better or worse. it's /snow/ that's getting the flood, as far as I can tell

No. 830629

Assuming it's the same video I've seen, it's made by a person who was abused by her for years; makes sense she'd want to put this in the spotlight and make it known to people outside LC that creepshow is an extremely shitty person, so I wouldn't really gatekeep it.

No. 830636

For now it’s still pretty contained to snow but with how much exposure we’re getting, it’s inevitable that many still stay and leak into the rest of the boards eventually. I have never seen the word lolcow posted so much on mainstream social media. Site is changing ownership too so the ecosystem is extra fragile, farmhands might not be able to deal with pervasive newfaggotry effectively so they may just let it happen.
I don’t wanna be too doomer about it tho cuz that’s really depressing.

No. 830637

Fuck that bitch. One person isn’t worth ruining a whole site. Some obscure website isn’t the place to carry out social justice.

No. 830638

emilyartful right? i didn't see hers on my feed but some dramayoutubers cashing in on the whole situation. it's a bit surreal.

No. 830640

I hope I’m just overreacting but if it gets worse I’d be okay with admin closing the site for a week like they did that one time so these retards can forget about us

No. 830642

>site is changing ownership too
Maybe. Did anyone who is not Null apply for Admin?

No. 830646

Nah man, just draw. You don't have to be young to learn a new skill like drawing

No. 830648

nta and late reply but the phrase you wanna google is "wake initiated lucid dreaming" or WILD. It takes a lot of practice and willpower though, you need to train yourself to keep your conscious mind alert while your body enters sleep mode. It can be uncomfortable and scary though because your mind will be awake to feel your body enter sleep paralysis.

Lucid dreaming in general is still beneficial for nightmares though even if you can't do the WILD technique. Keeping a dream journal and practicing reality checks can help you recognize when you're in a nightmare and change the dream/wake yourself up.

No. 830652

what kind of foods should I eat after having terrible liquid shits? I need something that can make me full though, or can make a moderate sized to big meal out of. I haven't had an actual meal in two days because nothing stayed down

No. 830653

Agreed. If we let this place go to shit everytime some chick got boolied, this website would not exist.
>closing the website for a week
Not a bad idea at this point

No. 830663

It’s probably best to eat easily digestible foods like soup, smoothie or fish if you need protein. Avoid stuff that makes your stomach work hard like fibers or red meat.

No. 830682

>I would seriously hate to see this place filled with normalfags
Philosophical question of the day: If a normie posts on an imageboard, is she still a normie?

No. 830716

Why is my BMI and weight really high when I don’t even look extremely overweight or fat? I have a normal body type, not to skinny but not too fat. If I were to lose a couple of pounds I would look too shapeless as well, what does this mean?

No. 830736

Yes bitch the fuck. She would have to lurk at least 2 years.

No. 830737

BMI is just a suggestion, will not be accurate for every body type. If you're healthy and look ok, pay no mind to it.

No. 830776

Either a fortunate fat distribution or your perception of what overweight looks like is skewed which is extremely common nowadays.

BMI is a pretty good standard. People be saying "it's not for everyone" but unless you're an outlier because of extreme muscle or height (which is almost no one) it's a solid reference point for healthy weight.

No. 830778

As long as farmers report any annoying stuff and also correct posters it will be fine like it always is. The visitors that like the site will stick around and integrate, our boards could use extra life, but those who can't handle the salt and bans will move on with whatever the next drama event is

No. 830797

Do you guys think a full time job for minimum wage pay is worth it?

I’m a NEET so diving into that is a little scary especially when it isn’t directly in the field I‘ve been aiming for. However they’re the first people who want to hire a qualification-less loser like me. I can’t tell if its because they want a low grunt to do all the dirty work or if they’re giving me a chance.

No. 830799

File: 1623762443552.png (2.63 MB, 1152x864, image (1).png)

Does anyone have suggestions for good but affordable cameras that can take photos of birds? My partner's current one sucks ass at focusing (pic related, indigo bunting) but $1000+ is very steep

No. 830802

Anything is worth it for work experience since you have none. Don't speculate their intentions, just do your job and look for better work in the meantime.

No. 830811

File: 1623763258833.jpeg (91.59 KB, 648x1000, 70022492-9F1E-453E-AC71-8ED7F2…)


> Either a fortunate fat distribution or your perception of what overweight looks like is skewed which is extremely common nowadays.

Uh anon what do you mean by that, do you think I’m fat and in denial…

No. 830817

How do I say "stop running around the apartment caughing your possible rona everywhere and go the fuck back to your room" in a friendly but effective way?

No. 830821

Yes, and when you're an unqualified neet without job experience you don't get to be picky, sorry. Working my unqualified ass off at shitty minimum wage jobs that got me stellar references is how I rolled into comfy administrative office jobs without any qualifications. Take the job, get the experience and make sure you get yourself a good reference and remain on the hunt for something better.

No. 830824

"Could you stay in your room until we know if you have covid? Or could you at least wear a mask when you're around the apartment? This is a shared place" For more effectiveness don't ask anything, say it firmly as something that person has to do for prevention

No. 830828

Kek imagine thinking that’s going to be the same thing for everyone. I can feel the slight bullshit and undertones of “if I can do it, then you can too!” from your post.

Anon is probably going to stay a NEET or wagie forever, let’s be honest. There is no way out and no way in, there is no possible way for them to enter workforce and then come out of it alive, without mental instability and a soul left. Just say you’re a eurofag jfc

No. 830831

How long should I have waited to contact someone about a package I ordered but never arrived? I ordered it on May 30th, it said it would be shipped 5-7 business days after the order date but it never came in… I'm kicking myself because it was kind of an expensive item.

No. 830833

contact the seller (and paypal, and ebay etc. depending on where and how you bought it) as soon as possible. waiting helps no one in situations like this

No. 830836

Damn you must be fun at parties

No. 830837

Yes I'm a Eurofag, what's that got to do with anything?

No. 830846

Possibly both, but everyone has to start somewhere. You aren't any closer to a higher wage, more comfortable job. Take it the job, get the experience you need (even if it's just on paper), then move on to the next job. Forcibly steer yourself in the direction you want to go, and by that I mean eventually applying to jobs that are going to get you where you want to be by hamming up all the transferable skills you'll have hopefully learned. You'll be stuck a wagie if you only take low wage jobs, but eventually you should be looking for more.

Before >>830828 tries to reply in the same way, yes I do believe in that "if I can do it, then you can too" bullshit. I worked in shitty retail that drained me mentally and physically before I left for a temp basic bitch office job that paid ass and had no benefits. Left that for another office job, and got invited back to the first place because I hammed up all the desirable parts of my personality to everyone so they were excited to take me back for a permanent, non-customer service position with benefits (pay sucks but it's actually in my field and I don't plan on staying for more than a few years anyway). A lot of it is also luck, so good luck anon!

No. 830847

>Damn you must be fun at parties
I'll never understand the point of these canned reddit responses.

No. 830852

Any anons have an idea why newfags scroll way down in the catalog and bump a 3 year old thread telling us we're mean and boolies? Why couldn't they just do it to a newer thread? I saw this happen recently to a Baylee thread, which is strange because her newer thread was recently active. I noticed this happening for a long time, and it's not just with this new influx of newfags.

No. 830855

Obvious reason; they can't read

No. 830856

I figure it could sometimes be fans looking for info and accidentally stumbling across the thread

No. 830862

Like another anon said, they're likely not looking through the catalogue and instead are finding the threads through google or seeing old thread pics on google images

No. 830867

The camera price and quality doesn't matter, how you use it and the lens does. Your photo is underexposed which leads me to think you don't know how to adjust the settings well. What lens are you using? What is the focus mode, do you use autofocus or do it manually? Do you use a viewfinder or look at the screen?

No. 830871

Is your job actually comfy or are you exaggerating? Genuinely asking since I rarely hear about those

No. 830895

How many times a day do you check LC and how much time does one visit take? I think I might be spending too much time on here

No. 830897

salted cured meats… are you sure you're not just coping for your own disappointing life atm by telling other people its impossible? Also i dont get how eurofag is even relevant, because in america right now its easier to get a job than its been in decades. and it does take some work to move up, but either sociability, smarts or sweat will do, and havent you already spent enough time staring at your phone and posting? Like if youre pursuing an artist's or sage's life, or you have other passions go for it, but like, im 27 and working mostly beats browsing at this point. there just aint that much new under the sun online anymore.

No. 830901

Me too.I was just browsing celebricows during lunch at work when I started to fill up the dishwasher. I accidentally left my phone next to the sink and someone from my office came to get water. When I noticed my phone it of course had a fn pic of emratas boobies (and a baby) right up there. High and ragretting right now

No. 830903

Don't need to time to check, I automatically have about 20 tabs open for weeks on end.

No. 830904

How do you kiss someone properly and how can you be a good kisser? How do you makeout and french-kiss?

t. Tubro Virgin, who had her first kiss few days ago. We both found it to be really awkward and weird kek

No. 830907

Depends, if I have absolutely nothing else to do, I might spend the whole day checking in for a few minutes and then looking for something else to do.
Sometimes I just come here to post about my husbandos and reply to some anon in the stupid questions’ thread.

No. 830914

I can't answer your question because I haven't had my first kiss.
>Tubro Virgin, who had her first kiss few days ago. We both found it to be really awkward and weird kek
If you don't mind me asking, what did it feel like, both emotionally and physically?

No. 830924

File: 1623772675894.jpg (38.87 KB, 498x499, 20210612_153754.jpg)

What do you do when you notice you're heavily blocked with an activity and avoiding it for days? Like your subconscious is just yelling "no, no, I don't want it"

No. 830941

You have to be relaxed and in the moment to enjoy it, don't overthink it. Be comfortable too, sometimes you might have to change your position. Then, when you guys get closer to each other, slightly pout your lips, kiss the person and move your lips over theirs in very small movements (closing your lips, pouting again). You can follow what the person is doing to your lips as well. If you start the french kiss, slightly open your lips and push your tongue just a little bit to enter their mouth (they have to open their lips as well and viceversa) and then you gently touch each other tongues and lips. Close your eyes obviously and don't be stiff, let them touch your body and you do the same. You can grab them by their shoulders, neck, embrace them, etc
There are probably a lot of videos and articles with better tips on how to kiss~ check them out

No. 830958

The best thing I've found is to fully prepare for the task eg open that exact file, put all your stuff on the desk, pull the chair out and physically sit in front of it
I don't know how to make myself actually do it but wondering preparing the task to be actually done has helped

No. 830975

Where is the best place to go to learn about food properly? I want to fix what I eat to support my body properly.

No. 830990

The place I'm moving into has these ugly vertical blinds on the bedroom windows, pretty sure that the landlord won't let me replace them. Any tips on how to make them less hideous or disguise them in a functional way?

No. 831002

yeah.I think I've went on /w/ less than 8 times tbh

No. 831004

use command hooks to hang curtains, then when leaving use hairdryer to remove the command strip easier

No. 831007

Honestly I'd go to reddit to get an idea of what you can eat. r/veganfoodporn, r/eatcheapandhealthy, r/healthyfood, etc. General rule of thumb is to avoid processed, pre-packaged food.
Curtains! I used to get white transparent ghosty curtains and tie them around the blinds.

No. 831009

A nutritionist? Or websites like healthline, eat right and the USDA nutrients database

No. 831010

What's up with all the newfags filling out the email field? Do zoomers really not know what anonymous imageboards are? Why are none of these kids being more cautious about using this site when youtubers portray it as a scary place where people's personal info is posted? Pray for zoomers

No. 831023

How fucked up are my taste buds if I drank black coffee and thought it was black tea?

No. 831029

>What's up with all the newfags filling out the email field?
They're retarded.
>Do zoomers really not know what anonymous imageboards are?
>Why are none of these kids being more cautious about using this site when youtubers portray it as a scary place where people's personal info is posted?
They're retarded.
>Pray for zoomers

No. 831031

If humans are known for their creativity then why is capitalism seen as the only option?

No. 831032

because humans are even better known as easily corrupted by power and greedy

No. 831033

How do people initiate online relationships with people they've never met? I have talked to people online regularly before but it never crossed my mind to start dating someone online I haven't met in person. It seems weird to me, people can act completely different irl

No. 831034

desperation, being ugly

No. 831035

I can't tell if some of them are trolling or just legit retarded.

No. 831040

You're overthinking it. Their generation is used to giving over all of their personal information without a second thought since every phone app collects your information. They see an email field or a name field, they fill it in with their actual name and email. They lack the critical thinking skills to consider otherwise.

No. 831052

i think a lot of them believe they can't date irl (too ugly, NEET, etc)

No. 831055

If monks are married to Jesus does that make them gay?

No. 831056

a lot of nuns are allegedly lesbians so why wouldn't monks be gay?

No. 831075

aren't they bi tho if they are married to Jesus?

No. 831078

it's a lavender marriage

No. 831086

I've got what's probably a date tomorrow. What's one FOOLPROOF TRICK to have any guy like you?

I'm sure he does, but I'm gonna vom with nerves and I want to have something planned I can do for positive effect. I'm considering writing cue cards for conversation topics. Would that look autistic af if he saw? I think it would, right?

No. 831091

Focus less on yourself and focus more on evaluating if he is a good match or not.

No. 831093

That would be extremely autistic, anon. Just tell him that you're nervous, don't look at your phone, and ask him questions about himself if the conversation isn't flowing naturally. Whether you're just trying to bed him or looking for a relationship it's in your best interest to listen and evaluate whether or not you want to spend any more time with this person.

No. 831095

Kind of stereotypical to say, but despite me being really nervous it was pretty exciting. When we kissed, my heartbeat started getting faster and faster and it was kind of nice to be this close to someone. It kind of felt like kissing the back of your hand kek But it was genuinely something nice to do and really made me feel comfortable and safe. It was something new for both of us, which made us feel kind of better, because we both didn't knew what to fucking do kek

No. 831096

Sounds dumb but just be yourself. Then you don't have to keep up any pretences and see if you actually have natural chemistry.

No. 831103

Am I the only one realizing that there is no such thing as “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” because most of the fish in the sea are ugly? All of the people you would want to date are already taken up.

No. 831106

Thank you anon, that did the deed!

No. 831109

Anon I assure you that there are billions of people on this planet and statistically you can fall in love with a good portion

No. 831110

if you go in thinking there's a foolproof trick to make a guy like you, you'll just be more hurt if/when he stops liking you.
don't take the cue cards, just try to remember a couple of out-of-the-box topics you might have and chill.
telling him you're nervous could help though. you'll break the ice and he'll be flattered that you're nervous to see /him/. if you tend to be aloof when nervous it could also help him read you better.

No. 831115

i hate eating in front of other people and avoid making food w people around. what does this mean

No. 831118


Is it the noises/smells from the activities?

No. 831127

Does the Hazbin Hotel stand for has-been?

No. 831129

nope, maybe it's being watched? it's also confusing that it has nothing to do with body image

No. 831132

If by any chance I touch very dirty stuff or animals (like lizards, birds or bugs) that can carry deseases without gloves, is plain soap enough to wash it all off? Should I use something stronger, like sanitizer or disinfectant?

No. 831135

File: 1623788298369.jpg (214.05 KB, 1498x2048, Uircvhh.jpg)

Do you thinks all the newfags are coming from the recent creeps how art drama? Because I mean, there are so many right now, it's becoming annoying

No. 831136

absolutely. i saw someone put their actual email which was their full name. also, what is going on in the deerhoof thread?

No. 831138

i hate eating in front of people too, to the point where my throat just refuses to cooperate and i get nauseated. i think it's just anxiety.

No. 831146

How far are you guys willing to travel for work? 1 hour drive too much? What about 1 hour train with a few stop changes? Where do you draw the line besides something obvious

No. 831148

Maybe nuns and monks are the secret gay society in our world under the pretense of a homophobic religion. I mean in greece the monks even have an island were only men are allowed to go to. Sounds kinda sus to me.

No. 831150

up to 1-1,5h is reasonable; anything above that I'd move somewhere closer if the job was worth it. Obviously the less the better though!

No. 831152

does anyone know of good free vpns that actually work on imageboards, thus far opera is useless and im afraid tor will have the same result

No. 831158

There are a few factors you should consider. Add the time it takes to commute to and from work to the amount of time you will actually be at work. Are you comfortable spending that much time at work? If you are driving, evaluate the traffic and drivers on the road when you will be commuting. Does the drive feel safe? Would it feel safe after a long day's work? If using public transportation, do you feel safe during the ride during those times? Will you be able to sit down and rest when you need to? Calculate your monthly transportation costs. Does it make financial sense to travel that far for the amount you will be making?

No. 831172

I use Mullvad for pirating shit. Doesn't work on 4chin but why would you want to go there in the first place

No. 831174

Oh nvm, you said free. But it is nice in the sense that you can pay for only a months access to it and it doesn't renew. It's like five bucks so you only pay when you need it

No. 831198

anyone who uses aidungeon having trouble the last couple days? I'm trying to write and things aren't going through, lots of oopsies and server errors, even when I try and write simple dialogue lines.

No. 831215

It's only been seen as the "the only option" since the 1990's when the eastern bloc officially collapsed and people thought that all of those countries were going to be reestablished as liberal democracies. In the west we have the impression that there's no alternative because it's what we've been told for several decades. The older generations were subjected to cold war propaganda, our generation has been told that we can achieve upward social mobility if we just work for it, and after we should the burden of reoccurring financial crises, austerity measures and 30 years of wage stagnation people just dig their heels in and basically say that the problem will fix itself. As people realize that the problem isn't going to fix itself they're going to push back on the established order of things. Maybe it won't happen in our lifetime but that's what people have done throughout history, humans have always struggled against capitalism to gain legal rights.

No. 831221

Capitalism is seen as "the only option" solely by people who either benefit from capitalism being the dominant economic system (at the expense of all other life on the planet) and people who uncritically, mindlessly praise those people and their propaganda despite it directly being against their most basic needs and interests.

>Maybe it won't happen in our lifetime
In January of 1917, Lenin said in a lecture that he thought it unlikely a socialist revolution would occur in his lifetime. The Russian Revolution began on the 8th of that March.

No. 831231

How do you get over an online heartbreak? Sucks getting ghosted fam.

No. 831232


No. 831238

I'm trying to come up with a screen name for neocities, these are the ideas that I have so far (last three are Tolkienesque): Rain, Quill, December, Winter, Eclipse, Varda, Nienna, Elwing. Do any of these sound dumb or pretentious as far as screen names go, or are any nice?

No. 831255

Are there dating apps to get green cards to where weed is legal. Feasibly I feel like it shouldn't be hard to find a stoner that will safe harbour a beautiful Irish girl who is oppressed and can't buy weed on tap

No. 831256

Sorry anon personally I think they all sound really cheesy, but don't let that stop you from choosing a name that you like. If it's not cringy to you then who cares, it's not like it's your legal name.

No. 831259

If I microwave a sandwich that has tartar sauce on it will it make me sick?

No. 831266

honestly thanks for letting me know, being told is much better than using a somewhat tacky name, especially as I sort of suspected it. I was also thinking of using a fake name that sounds legitimate, that might be the better option here

No. 831273

File: 1623805958796.jpg (245.27 KB, 1280x1427, wap vs wap.jpg)

in a battle of the WAP, who would win?

No. 831277

A lot of the names you chose are also common nouns, so maybe try searching for names based on their meaning? For example you can find names of various origins that are based on winter, snow, rain, etc. I don't think there's anything wrong with using an uncommon or unique name but the ones you chose just kinda have that fanfic energy.

No. 831289


ai overlords 4 shor

No. 831292

I don't like her, but realistically, Carti could beat the shit out of two skinny womenchildren

No. 831334

Are you fat and trying to lose weight, or skinnyfat trying to lose weight? If you're skinnyfat, then you're exactly where I was. I was 5'6" and 115 lbs and I wanted to be 100, I was literally eating ~900 calories a day and I could not lose weight. I gave up on it and started binge eating + exercising and I actually lost weight because my metabolism shot up a ton. Now I'm 103 lbs eating approx 1600 calories a day because my metabolism is so much better. Being ana only works if you do it for months and months consistently, fixing your metabolic rate makes it way easier and works faster. Also when I was ana my breath stank like crazy and my hair/nails were pathetic.

No. 831344

Dude you're still clearly suffering from an ED.

No. 831345

Why do people bring imageboard culture to other platforms? (Instagram, Twitter, etc.) It seems so fucking lame.

No. 831349

I don't know but it's annoying.

No. 831351

I lmao everytime I see a 4chan moid claiming to be from /pol/ out in the wild and everyone who has no experience with imageboards has no idea wtf they're talking about. Truly the mark of the socially inept.

No. 831366

if anyone here does this, please stop

No. 831383

is invincible actually good or is it just hype? my boyfriend is trying to convince me to watch it but i fucking hate superhero shit.

No. 831389

Was about to say yeah it’s pretty good but if you hate superhero shit you definitely wouldn’t like it.

No. 831390

interesting, my boyfriend told me i would like it because apparently there’s a dark twist that subverts the superhero genre. maybe i’ll watch 1 ep and see if it interests me since a lot of people seem to like it.

No. 831396

it's okay. But I feel like it's wayyy too overhyped.

No. 831398

I recently had orthopedic surgery on my wrist and I was prescribed a small amount of narcotics to deal with the pain after. I’ve never been taken painkillers before but I don’t know if I just have crazy genetics or something (junkie parents) but the prescription hasn’t helped my pain at all. Is there any way to go about talking to my doctor about getting a stronger pain medicine without coming off like a drug pusher? Am burgerfag.

No. 831404

If you have no pain killers in your medical history, your doctor shouldn't have any reason to be suspicious. Just email saying you're still having issues with pain. It'd be beyond fucked up for them to say no lol

No. 831462

Has any of you ever sold erotic art online? How did it go and what platform did you use?

No. 831463

what’s the lolcow slang for when anons make far fetched assumptions based on insignificant details? kinda like tinfoiling but not quite.

No. 831469

Can we call them ted Bundys?

No. 831470

could you just say conjecture?

No. 831472


No. 831500

what does this means? I'm not a hibiscusphile

No. 831505

I sometimes think of it as "fanfic"

No. 831510

File: 1623844701139.jpg (74.09 KB, 465x465, 63367788.jpg)

Why not? They're beautiful flowers.

No. 831538

Has anyone ever been to Vancouver? What is it like?

No. 831544

File: 1623848271970.jpeg (202.56 KB, 1242x1857, EB890E3D-3165-462C-88AD-46CAAF…)

Why is my phone asking if I want to download /g/?

No. 831545

Because god has giving you the option to download everything that has ever transpired in /g/…

in all seriousness, your phone is probably asking if you want to save it to be read offline

No. 831546

it knows you support women <3

No. 831547

File: 1623848526004.jpg (79.96 KB, 941x475, 445.jpg)

>>828615 slightly late but the one above the cloud kinda looks like lapras, and the one below is probably garchomp

No. 831551

legend has it that's how jannies get hired, take the chance brah

No. 831553

don't tell her the part where if you fail the initial quest you turn into a tranny janny kek

No. 831561

File: 1623849977704.jpeg (210.38 KB, 973x1300, 148CEDD8-271F-4930-B785-4D5405…)

I have vaginismus so big pistils are kinda unappealing tbh

No. 831564

I wonder if it'd be acceptable to apply as a farmhand just for a few months to weed out the newfags & quit once that was over, or if that would be considered irritating and like I'm a timewaster.

No. 831570

Might as well just ask them? I did a brief stint one summer when there was a lot of gore raids, it was easy enough

No. 831613

>get rashes from pads
>Can't take birth control bc the hormones make me suicidal
>Have super heavy period
>Bleed through light and regular tampons within an hour
>Anything bigger than a regular feels uncomfortable
>Menstrual cups scare me

What should I do

No. 831621

Reusable pads maybe? The chemicals in disposable commercial pads can hurt sensitive skin. Or maybe try organic cotton pads

No. 831628

they have period panties anon. And as a menstrual cup user yeah they are freaky (i fainted the first time i used i will not lie to you) but once you get the hang of it its nice not having to change your tampon every hour like i had to too and shelling out between 6-12 bucks a month.

No. 831647

>And as a menstrual cup user yeah they are freaky (i fainted the first time i used i will not lie to you)
WTF, this isn't an universal experience with menstrual cup at all. How did they make you faint?
I think there is nothing freaky at all about them, they are convenient and cool. I recommend OP >>831613 to give them a chance. Maybe once they shove them up their vulva for the first time they will realize how normal it feels to use them. It's super worth it to be able to do everything as usual while on your period (unless you have some pain issues, but that's a different matter).

No. 831648

Reusable pads, you'll never go back. They don't stink, don't give you swamp crotch, absorb more and feel just like normal panties. Plus no skulking around at your friend's house trying to discreetly dispose of them, since there's no waste.

No. 831661

Mirena. The hormones aren’t an issue like with the pill.

No. 831662

>skulking around at your friend's house trying to discreetly dispose of them
No disrespect but are you 12?

No. 831664

just get over yourself and learn how to use a cup. cups scare you, lmao what? are you a child?(calm down)

No. 831668

NTA but peoples families can be really rude and nasty about period products

No. 831669

nta but I think they're scary too because of how far you have to put them up inside and the fact that it opens up while in there too. just the diagrams alone make me nauseous. but tbf I don't use tampons either, anything with insertion is too much.

No. 831671

nta but sheesh, they can look intimidating especially if you've never found tampons comfortable.

No. 831690

And some people can get cramps if they shove anything up there

also nta lol

No. 831692

Most women age 18-35 are in fwb relationships with men who are mean to them and bad at sex. Why exactly do you do it?

No. 831710

a dumb question for USAnons

for a long while ive had the belief that if i take electronics with me travelling to the US, that those electronics would get checked somehow and they'd see all the illegally downloaded shit i have and would be in trouble. i know it sounds super dumb but it's stuck in my head

No. 831711


my menstrual cup is probably the most useful thing I've bought in my adult life,but since you seem to have trouble with it, you could try reusable pads(if you don't mind cleaning them) or cotton ones that dont give rashes.at least thats what i remember

No. 831714

women are lied too and told the more sex they have the hotter they are, especially if that sex is "scandalous" (aka fucking other womens husbands, teachers, etc) because then you look like "a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets" which seems to be misunderstood but valued by people who misunderstand it

you also have lib fems praising women for sleeping around and then regular men just praising women for being party sluts, so women just cling onto whatever man fucks them becauses mens preferences change so much and they treat women like toys so you feel lucky in the moment that they want to fuck you if they dont decide the next week that they like asian, white, black, fat, skinny, etc whatever "type" that you are not.
As for being bad at sex, most women are manipulated and groomed from a young age that the best possible sex to have if what they show in porn, so like 4 seconds of foreplay and 30 minutes of dry fucking and then they get considered good at sex if they're able to enjoy the shit show

No. 831721

That's a legit reason to avoid cups, but if someone doesn't have the issue… I really recommend trying the cups. Especially if you have a chain store selling a budget version under their own brand (I don't remember how are those called in English, but I know you guys have those too). I went from leaky, smelly pads straight to cups and I'm never looking back. Note that I skipped tampons due to the insertion fear. The diagrams presenting how to insert the cup are more intimidating than the process itself.

No. 831722

Are you? Do you or your friends not have scrotes in your households?

No. 831727

Yes, TSA is known for checking laptops and making arrests for illegally pirating programs such as Photoshop or movies such as Happy Gilmore

No. 831732

its freaky the first time you see how much blood you use especially if you are someone like me who hates the sight of blood, but then it becomes cool. I think i fainted because i swore i did it wrong and was already cramping at that point so just thinking about what i did and the pain of my cramps caused me to knock out LMAO.

No. 831736

lose not use. again i was just giving my own experience. but just like you didnt find it freaky i didnt find it easy the first time. But you get the hang of it either way.

No. 831745

>are you underage
look out everyone, we have a gatekeeping period kween now, apparently not having the same experiences as you prevents them from womanhood

No. 831769

am I going insane or is the check box to delete/report posts getting bigger?

No. 831776

I'm phoneposting but I thought that too?? It's not just you

No. 831778

Don't fly with electronics you aren't willing to get rifled through and/or stolen. My family has had a laptop and 2 iPods stolen from TSA and there's 0 recourse

No. 831781

Nonnas, I had to emergency shave my bikini line yesterday for an impromptu beach trip and now I have an awful shaving rash! I have work tomorrow, is there anything I can do to calm it down or at least stop the itching?

No. 831784

Try a toner or a lotion that contains glycolic acid/AHA

No. 831796


holy shit i didnt expect this faint random worry i had from all these years ago was legit. like in the small case i travel there i cant even get external hard drives with my stuff? also do they check smartphones?

>Happy Gilmore

>googles it
>sees adam sandler

dont play with my worries anon

No. 831814

File: 1623870923833.jpg (48.23 KB, 564x564, nl8vKLD.jpg)

how do i stop being such a loud person? or how do i even know i'm a loud person? i was dining out with a friend today and at one point i told my friend a story (just some mundane shit about waiting in line at the store) and suddenly three people at another table frowned at me. one even turned around just to do that. like wtf. i feel like the most obnoxious person whenever i talk in public and someone who isn't my friend looks at me. but then my friend is like 'what did you say, i can't hear you' what am i supposed to do?!

No. 831821

is soren really dead?

No. 831829

No. 831836

who gives af if you're loud. you're not gonna ruin someone's day by talking a little louder than other people. people laugh, get excited, and this makes them raise their voice a little, but its normal and nothing to be ashamed of. like mind your volume on the train and in the library or w/e but in general most people's body language is harmless and you shouldn't beat yourself up trying to be the perfect person to absolute strangers

No. 831870

What's a good field/job where I can turn up, complete similar tasks daily and go home? I'm sick to death of pharmacy customers and my ancient coworkers.

No. 832000

What evil things do BPDers do? I was diagnosed like 5 years ago after a self-destructive spell but I've never taken shit out on other people? I have good relationships with my friends, family, and bf and the diagnosis would probably surprise most people who know me irl. I've only really seen it discussed here and kind of ignored my diagnosis when I got it. I'm definitely depressed, paranoid bitch but that's about it. I've only had one big fall out my whole life.

No. 832001

Probably office admin

No. 832010

Is there even a difference between normal hygiene products and those for men hygiene products?

No. 832022

usually the only difference is the scent because flower and baby powder smells make men feel emasculated or some shit

No. 832033

They all have that nasty smell idk what it is

No. 832050

I once read a joke about how men's products never have actual scents for names, but manly sounding concepts. I just noticed my dad's deodorant is called 'instant adrenaline' for an example, lol.

No. 832058

If Americans are so much fatter and bigger than average then why in american clothing store webstores is XS S and M always sold out first and L and XL hanging on the longest? ( M and XS after those sizes). It isn't vanity sizing either because the sizing corresponds to other random japanese webstore sizing etc. Maybe smaller people are richer or feel like buying more clothes? Maybe larger people enjoy shopping less? I'm XS myself and poorfag

No. 832063

Maybe they don't stock as much of those sizes

No. 832090

File: 1623902292482.jpeg (215.89 KB, 1400x1050, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

Is 23 too old to learn how to skateboard? Will I look look stupid falling over in the park?

No. 832094

Yes and yes. Sorry.

No. 832097

Ehh I mean there's grown women that rollerblade/skate so I don't see why not.

No. 832108

Is being thin in again? Like is that coming back like how it was in the 90s/00s?

No. 832109

just longboard like us casuals

No. 832110


No, but to avoid embarrassment do it privately.

No. 832113


PERSONNALLY i don't think it matters if you were loud (unless you're at a place where it's socially inappropriate i.e. library, movie theatre, funeral, etc.) but if it bothers you, you might want to start with whether or not your hearing isn't bad. you'd be surprised how bad your hearing can get without you even noticing

No. 832126

I read 80s and got happy cause I thought the thin aesthetic looked beautiful but I saw this said 90s and 00s and got disappointed. It was ugly and fragile.

No. 832128

Well in the late 90s it was ugly and fragile and pedophiliac imo. Anyways samefag rant but I blame the 2000s and late 90s for making people think thin was about being anorexic or pedophilia

No. 832130

File: 1623906514939.jpeg (157.62 KB, 960x478, 656167E0-AA81-4565-B51A-04B414…)

What’re the chances of an embarrassing video coming back to haunt you? Am currently a nobody but have wanted to start putting myself out there on social media recently but there’s a video I know that exists of me where I look really dumb. I got filmed by a few people doing something stupid and while I never saw it pop up on local internet spheres Nextdoor kek that doesn’t mean it’s not out there. It was not one of my better moments and I would like to keep it in the past but it’s really been holding me back from starting something I think I’d enjoy. How can I calm my nerves?

No. 832140

Honeslty i dont know, but what did you even do that was so embarrassing? As long as its something thats not politically incorrect you'll probably be fine.

I took nudes WITH MY FACE IN THEM when i was 19 and sent them to my at the time bf who i did not end on good terms with and havent spoken to in 7 years. He might not even have them anymore but he probably does because scrote's gonna scrote. I sometimes want to have an online presence but am afraid of him leaking them or blackmailing me.

No. 832148

I took down some Le Drumpf signs that were on public property because I was in a bad spot mentally and just kinda snapped. A lot was going on in my personal life and this was a few weeks before the election and someone had just put them up on my walk and I got pissed. A bunch of boomers filmed me and one called the police but nothing really happened and the cops in my city don’t really care unless someone’s already dead. I doubt I’d get cancelled for this but I looked dumb as hell doing it.

No. 832150

I think I remember you posting about this a while ago. I think you'd be fine, are people still trying to showcase Trump haters?

No. 832153

Keto flatbread pizza thing or roughly 15 decent sized chips worth of nachos?

No. 832171

File: 1623914815737.jpg (9.6 KB, 469x46, Sonic says.jpg)

Neither of those sound appealing

No. 832173

Excuse me for being retarded about tech but is it possible for other people to use your IP (specifically a cellular data IP)? My mobile IP on LTE got notice of a ban that had expired. I rarely use LTE, usually I just use wifi, but it was a self-identifying red pill scrote. And no I wasn't using a VPN, it was my LTE on my phone. Is it possible for someone else in range to pick up the same IP if they're using LTE with my mobile company?

No. 832205

depends on the audience you want to have, but this can be a good thing because of how many people online dislike trump.

No. 832220

Go for it anon! Do it for bitches like me who let embarrassment hold them back in life.

No. 832249

when i used to post there more, my phone ip was constantly range banned or just banned for a random post on 4chan so yes it is possible

No. 832252

what does merman dick look like

No. 832256

No to sound like a turbo nerd but is it really that weird to have never gone to a nightclub?

No. 832259

File: 1623925506246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.62 KB, 493x612, istockphoto-490653113-612x612.…)

No. 832264

mmm crunchy

No. 832277

What happened between Trisha and Ethan Klein? Youtube keeps suggesting to me videos about some drama that involves them but I don't feel like watching them, can someone TL;DR me?

No. 832282

I want to know, too. I'm too lazy to go through hundreds of posts kek

No. 832286

you aint missing much nonny imo night clubs are boring af, the music is crap, I don't like dancing and the men that go are always the grossest of the gross

No. 832297

If I delete a whole dm in discord, does it delete for the other side too? I need it to be gone for the other side.

No. 832305

Do other astigmatism havers take their glasses off to not be perceived sometimes? I've started a new habit of taking my glasses off because I don't want to see others because I'm shy but I do want to be outside doing stuff. I use to get anxiety if shit was out of focus but lately it's been nice not registering other people's faces. Plus I hate my glasses. Maybe I should just get new frames and think about getting contacts again idk.

No. 832315

no. they can only delete it from their account and the conversation will come back if they open a DM with you. what the fuck did you even do??

No. 832316

I tried to get into the habit when I was a teen (I learned about it from a shoujo manga, where the protagonist did it to calm her anxiety when she was overwhelmed kek), but never got far with it because I'm honestly blind without them. I probably would've gotten myself into more accidents and thus attention-requiring situations than any of my simple existing in places would do.

No. 832317

I do this constantly and you explained it way better than I have ever been able to. Sometimes I like turning my vision back down to feel like an ostrich with it's head in the sand lmao

Do any anons have dyspraxia? What was your experience like as a kid?

No. 832318

i have hair growing everywhere on my body except my back what does this mean, hormonal imbalance maybe?

No. 832326

I do this, with sunglasses it's like having earplugs in for your eyes.
Also I forget that other people don't know I'm blind without my glasses. For some reason I think that if you look at my eyes they would be blurry?? Maybe it's because when I look in the mirror they're blurry kek

No. 832342

Why is reddit spacing banned? I like when things are easier to read

No. 832344

Because it's not uniform across the board. When only a few anons use it in a thread, it's much easier to notice individual posters. Anonymity only works when no typing style is unique.

No. 832350

Are you underweight? I read that this is common with anorexics, the body tries growing as much as hair as possible to keep itself warm

No. 832360

I bought a whole tub of thai red curry paste for a recipe but I don't want to keep making red curry for days on end. Any ideas on what I could do with this paste?

No. 832363

File: 1623939438267.png (325.65 KB, 480x444, cat trolley3.png)

What's an alternative to an engagement ring for a person that doesn't wear/like jewellery? I find the sentiment of an engagement ring nice, but I don't actually wear rings, or jewellery tbh

No. 832364

Why is the term 'cousin' gender neutral? You have mother and father, uncle and aunt, sister and brother, to know which sex is which, but that's not the deal for cousin. I wonder why?

No. 832366

because English speakers from hundreds of years ago said it in a gender-neutral way. Most rules for language come from people from hundreds or thousands of years ago

No. 832373

File: 1623939906861.png (1.14 MB, 694x781, B9ByYY-IYAAyhwm.png)

No. 832387

How about an engagement vase or photo frame? Something you can use to decorate your house, that is interesting and that won’t break or get lost too easily unless you move from one place to another every month.
Maybe even an engagement pair of shoes for your wedding or an engagement purse of a great quality that you could use for special dates.

No. 832388

File: 1623941123622.jpg (216.8 KB, 952x1281, wd6961-main_1.jpg)

Would it be bad or weird as a non muslim to buy and wear abayas? I live in burgerland so I think maybe I'd be able to wear them without people even realizing it's an abaya but I still feel kind of weird about it. I just like flowy modest clothing.

No. 832390

File: 1623941233767.jpeg (29.71 KB, 626x417, 0EFDD95A-5C0A-4050-80DD-9B7363…)

because they're fucking nonbinary. transphobe

No. 832392

You might end up getting a bunch of people asking why are you wearing such clothes and wondering if you’re a musliboo.
And you might also have a bunch of people getting mad at you thinking you’re wearing an abaya as a costume.

No. 832395

you could modify the abyaa to a long skirt maybe?

No. 832398

I'm sure there are American equivalent of cute modest clothing, the Ara worshipper faith doesn't have a monopoly of modesty

No. 832399

Why not find a normal dress which looks like this? I'm sure you can buy it somewhere… Wearing anything muslim without being one is asking for trouble. No, wait. Wearing any culturally significant object without participating in the culture is gonna make your life difficult.

No. 832403

Yeah, no as an ex-Muslim I'm gonna say that the Arab worshipper faith deserves nothing but ridicule and mockery, it deserves no respect at all

No. 832408

I dont agree with underweight being the beauty standard in the majority of countries. Maybe skinny but underweight? Like low BMi with low body fat? When was the last time you saw an extremely skinny celeb with visible leg muscles and abs popular as a sex icon?

No. 832410

It's a piece of clothing made from a piece of fabric inb4 cultural appropriation but in my opinion no one owns how a certain garment is cut and sewn together so do it if you want.

No. 832411

Yeah, I was wondering wearing a relatively plain one would still have people notice that it's an abaya and not just some regular long dress.

No. 832412

Plant a tree. It's sorta permanent (well, very long lasting at least) and you can get to see it grow throughout your marriage, which is pretty cool.

No. 832424

idk what colors you can find them in but do not get black bc then i think people will realize it, otherwise i don't know. if you style it right i think it could look okay? it's meant to be outer clothing so i think it wouldn't fit as well for normal dress and be really loose regardless.

No. 832433

File: 1623943908051.jpeg (95.68 KB, 1021x768, 12E7FC48-9B1C-4CBD-B386-2AFBDD…)

is it too late for me to pursue my dreams of doing art for a living? i always feel like i’m so far behind, especially when i see people half my age drawing leagues ahead of me. i just want to do something i’m passionate about and not work in corporate america.

No. 832437

Do normies still look down on sluts? Like do people still make fun of girls that are sluts or is slut-shaming a thing people care about in the real world?

No. 832439

Never. As long as you have basic resources, discipline and you are smart with your decisions you'll do well. Be proactive, dynamic and expand your horizons. I'm sure you'll find a way to work doing something you love

No. 832444

Keep in mind that with the vast majority of art jobs you’re still working in corporate America, just instead of punching numbers you hate for a client you’re drawing pictures you hate for a client.

No. 832447

Outside of the internet yes

No. 832452

Anon it's only 'too late' if you're 99 years old and cannot get out of bed. Go for it

No. 832466

File: 1623945578630.jpg (239.08 KB, 1200x1182, ROO_2037_129b0e73-5943-463d-a0…)

I've seen a lot in just other solid colors (and some floral prints too). I've read that it's outer clothing so I wonder what the models are wearing underneath theirs since it doesn't look like there's any bulk underneath? Or are they just so loose that it's hard to tell?

No. 832467

Read this as an response to >>832437

No. 832493

File: 1623947419019.jpg (188.47 KB, 960x720, 3084311_look116.jpg)

I usually wear a long flowy skirt a normal top and then a kimono over it. Similar effect without looking culturally weird!

No. 832501

far from underweight, I have unfortunately gained a lot of pounds and I think that has to do with my hormones or something, but it’s at an excessive length that’s more than the average female lol

No. 832526

File: 1623949384794.jpg (104.05 KB, 1398x421, Screenshot_20.jpg)

Then it could be PCOS?

No. 832531

File: 1623949596767.jpg (510.36 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20210617-100309_Sam…)


No one asked dipshit, maybe go to therapy instead of airing out some obvious pent up bitterness from your personal life when someone's just asking about clothing lol. Hurr durr durr "deserves mockery" k, say that to the Muslim family that just got ran over in Ontario or the victims in Christchurch then, sperg.


I'd consider buying long dresses from Turkey instead because they can still pass off as that new "cottagecore" trend where Tumblrinas are wearing long skirts/dresses to be look more femme. They aren't as loose are Arab style abayas which imo, usually only look good if you wear a headscarf. There's this website called Modanisa that's based in Turkey and has cheap prices.

No. 832535

nta but I really like this look, saving it in my outfits folder

No. 832538

File: 1623950191809.jpg (957.69 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20210617-101129_Sam…)


Same person >>832531 here.
Just wanted to show another example of how people in Turkey dress.
Also if you live in Bulgaria, isnt that an Orthodox country so would it really be so odd if you wear like a headscarf? I know most young women don't wear them but I know a practicing Orthodox Christian girl who does.. just wondering why it's only common with older women.

No. 832554

Skincare anons, why should I moisturize my whole body? I moisturize my face/neck daily since I have a skincare routine and all, but putting lotion all over my already slightly damp body after a shower seems so time consuming, and for what? So I can feel like my ass is a slip'n'slide for 3 hours?

No. 832557

If the skin on your body is not dry, why bother?

No. 832561

Thanks anon!! These outfits/styles are super cute!

No. 832564

You shouldn't lmao, just let your skin be it's healthy self and don't fall for the marketing.

No. 832612

If you still want to use lotion, try getting a lighter lotion or a lotion for oiler skin. I have sensitive combination/normal skin and use aloe vera lotion because of how it's lighter and more gel like. But it may not be worth the trouble of using lotion. If it's super hot sometimes I put lotion only on the exposed areas of my body because of how sweaty I can be

No. 832617

nta, but doesn't water dry out the skin? Or is that just bs perpetuated by skincare companies?

No. 832621

Taking very hot showers is drying to the skin. Overwashing can also dry the skin. A normal bathing routine using warm to lukewarm water won't dry your skin.

No. 832623

I've heard it's because of the PH of tap water that it dries out. Also cleansing your skin is removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt, so it would take some time for your natural oil to build back up.

No. 832625

>as an ex-Muslim I'm gonna say that the Arab worshipper faith deserves nothing but ridicule and mockery, it deserves no respect at all
Thus I give it zero respects, sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I just don't want anon to get harassed over walking in that thing without a hijab or for admitting to friends she's not religious at all

No. 832639

For your skin to be hydrated and soft. You girls don't even moisturize your titties or hands (which are as delicate as the face)? The skin on your body ages too

No. 832646

File: 1623960103306.png (1.24 MB, 960x676, yGdm4n9.png)

check out body shop yogurts, anon! i'm very picky with lotions and these are the only ones i can stand because they are immediately absorbed by the skin and smell extremely good. i hate other lotions because they always feel sticky and oily afterwards, but these body yogurts are the holy grail for me.

No. 832667

If you're counting calories, should you subtract the calories burned from the total amount of calories consumed? Like, If I eat 1,200 calories and burn 200, would it count as 1,000? I know this is incredibly dumb. I googled it but I'm still confused

No. 832672

Depends on how fast you want to lose weight. If you want to lose at a healthy pace yes! If you want to lose weight fast, no!

No. 832677

No one said anything about moisturizing areas of skin that are delicate or dry. Anon asked about daily moisturizing of the entire body.

No. 832679

That makes sense. Thank you anon!

No. 832684

nta but I just checked this out on their website and it's everything I ever wanted. Ty for suggesting this

No. 832685

I only use lotion on my hands because I overwash so they're dry af. I literally don't see or feel a difference when I use moisturizer anywhere else on my body so why should I? It's not doing anything, my skin can regulate itself just fine. I'm 99% sure people are just memed into using harsh cleaners on their skin every single day which damages the moisturizer barrier and then they have to compensate with moisturizers. And who profits from this? Right, the same handfull of mega corporations that own like 90% of the brands at your drugstore.

No. 832697

NTA but I have incredibly dry skin and need to moisturize my entire body when I shower kek. I think I'm the exception though, not the rule. I agree that most "skincare routines" are bullshit, especially those stupid jade roller things and all the oils they sell

No. 832706

is there a website or way to see someone's liked tweets without an account?

No. 832714

Make a burner

No. 832751

If anon says she only moisturizes her face and neck, I'm assuming she doesn't do any other delicate areas
It's obviously not the end of the world to not moisturize your body, you asked why you should do it (the main reason to me it's the ageing of the skin) but it seems you won't do it anyways kek. I do agree that people go crazy with skincare products, I keep seeing tiktoks of girls exfoliating and scrubbing, shaving, putting three lotions one after another and it's insane. Peak consoomerism. Personally, I don't do anything harsh on my skin and my moisturizer is basically a medicine, it doesn't even have any smell and comes from a local laboratory

No. 832755

No, I wish it did delete both sides. I went through an entire years worth of messages and hand deleted each one when I didn't want the other person to be able to read it again. My wrist was killing me by the end of it. If you have the patience it's the only way.

No. 832757

why can't I change the theme on the catalog page?

No. 832761

Is anyone here a nurses aid? Do you like your job?

No. 832762

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TrN5VKlarY anyone know what the sound effect here is from? i swear it's from a video game, it's bugging me that i can't place it(embed)

No. 832783

Not a nurses aid myself but a friend of mine is and she says like 75% of what she does is changing bedpans and cleaning up shit/piss/vomit, washing bedsores, basically all the gross stuff RN's don't wanna do themselves. She can't wait to get her license so she won't have to do so much ass wiping lol

No. 832791

Is it normal to be stupid enough to apply the sticky side of the maxipad to your vagina?
Little me used to think that's how you keep things from leaking.

No. 832805

Kek that is stupid but it's ok. No one taught me anything about tampons and the first time I used one I didn't understand the instructions and put the whole damn applicator in. I paid the price of my retardation, walking around with that shit in my vagerge was uncomfortable as fuck.

No. 832806

I did that too anon, and I thought tampons weren't for me until I figured it out kek. Now whenever someone says they don't like tampons I just assume they were retarded like me

No. 832822

File: 1623981360420.jpeg (56.03 KB, 1280x720, EFCFC92C-3527-48EB-8C24-BC5A34…)

I’m on the edge of failing a class that I’m retaking and want to know if messaging the professor would be a bad idea if she said that there was no curve and late assignments allowed under any circumstance. I know everyone had it bad with Covid this past year but I have been struggling mentally and financially since an accident that I was in two months ago (physically I healed but it sucked). Now, the accident happened before summer semester but it was still hard. Basically there are a few homework assignments that I did badly on and I could get to a passing grade with them. I’ve never heard of her letting anyone do late work and she would. If it helps I always attended class and spoke to her once, this wasn’t me not showing up to do the work each day. Sorry for the blog.
tldr; I want to know if looking pathetic to her bc of my situation is worth possibly getting to boost my grade.

No. 832824

Just ask. The worst that could happen is that she says no, which is better than you wondering in the future “damn what if I had just tried and emailed my professor?” Some are really strict, but at the end of the day they’re humans and she may be sympathetic.

No. 832873

Why do I get sudden toothaches after brushing my teeth? I'm not brushing them roughly or anything.

No. 832893

Maybe your teeth are sensitive?

No. 832913

i wanna try weed but dont know anyone. theres some loser stoner (always smoking a bong on his story and sharing weed memes everyday) on my fb that i went to school with but never really talked to, should i ask him and what should i say?

No. 832920

Nta, I despise the religion of Islam, but I know that some Muslims are good people, hating Islam and the people who founded it and forcefully spread it doesn't mean that I can't sympathise with some muslims who are victims of atrocities today.

No. 832927

is it weird i consider a 24 year old telling a 17 year old that they would only date them at 18 years old to be grooming?

No. 832928

It keeps for literal months, don't panic

No. 832931

It's absolutely disgusting for men to say they're waiting for a girl to turn 18, but idk if that situation is grooming. If he started pursuing her younger or if he has some kind of power over her, then maybe.

No. 832933

the thing is, i don't know how to put into words why it is it grosses me out so much, i suppose it's because it's like telling them look i like you, but the law!

No. 832942

maybe i asked too autistically but said he doesnt and blocked me. sucks, wish i knew someone

No. 832953

Is it suicide for an anon with terrible body image to go into the cosmetology industry? I know I'd be good at it and enjoy it, but I feel like it'd make me hate my face and body even more.

No. 832969

Sounds like my experience, are you american and a nerd? youre like at negative 10 social standing if you arent a super bubbly bitch in that country

No. 832978

not american but same deal, my town has the highest rate of weed smokers or use or something but apparently but an autistic ugly ass loser cant find some

No. 832992

My right index finger constantly hurts like it's strained, is it because I'm using a computer all day long? I recently got a new job and I barely touched a mouse at my previous job, here it's constant (and I'm only using a touchpad with my laptop).

No. 833017

Very likely, look up some hand exercises for office workers, do a bit of them every hour, it will be fine.

No. 833031

When learning a new language, which is better, watching something with the subtitles of your target language or having the dub in your target language and the subtitles in your native language?

No. 833040

Audio of target language is better imho because the goal should be for you to get used how it's supposed to sound.

No. 833054

Rather than keeping some part in your native language, I’d pick something you’re already familiar with and watch it both subbed and dubbed in your target language. Even if you can’t pick up everything, it’ll help you follow the written word while hearing it spoken. Hopefully you’ll be able to relate words and phrases to the parts of the movie/show that you remember well too.

No. 833066

What do you guys think of Jonathan Pageau?

No. 833083

Thank you nona, I did some basic stretching and I already feel some relieve, now I need to force myself to do it at least once per hour.

No. 833121

The only time I lost a significant amount of weight was when the people in the house stopped bringing junk food in front of my face. Can anyone else relate to this ?

No. 833123

Hes nice and says interesting things

No. 833144

Could those ufo's just be some random military project? They look really fast but maybe they are just some very advanced drone? I don't know anything about the sciece behind it but I was wondering if anyone here knew some good ressources to debunk them ? Please I need help Scully-chan

No. 833165

Totally could be but even if so, there's no way we will know. If it's a military project, it's most likely a very protected secret and known only to people involved in it, that will not just go on and share that with the public. In this case it's beneficial for them for people to consider these sighting as UFO encounters, so no reason to debunk, let everyone speculate.

No. 833176

Is it normal for a guy to have 45 shirts? Like, isn’t that too much? My brother has 45 shirts and around 30 t-shirts and it’s so obnoxious trying to put everything in a few suitcases that I’m wondering if he has a shopping addiction.

No. 833191

Yes I lost almost all of my acne as a teen when my obese father finally took his obsession with candy and chocolate seriously and stopped buying it

No. 833196

Thanks anon. I failed by 20 points so I sent her an email essentially begging to redo an assignment. Here’s to hoping.

No. 833204

Would you rather be bitten by a vampire, a werewolf, or a zombie?

No. 833205

okay it depends on the lore. if we're talking twilight, then vampire. idk what anyone would gain from being a zombie. and would the werewolf change you or do you jsut die

No. 833208

File: 1624031227387.jpeg (230.48 KB, 750x1386, 96FE98CA-A395-4B13-9667-071D06…)

>tfw no sexy vampire bf to bite my neck.

No. 833211

That's too many shirts kek. Does he wear all of them on a regular basis? Or does he just wear like 10 of them on a rotation?

No. 833213

I can't understand why the creepshow thing has blown up so much. So, some rando on youtube was caught self-posting and turns out to be a two-faced bitch. How unique lol. It's so uninteresting, am I missing something? How has this spawned hours and hours of commentary videos? I tried to watch one but it was too cringe so I'm asking here.(newfag)

No. 833216

i mean, she was pretty popular, and people sympathised with her because of her hard life, so its hard when they turn out to suck

No. 833217

im new to the drama so i wouldnt rlly know.(newfag)

No. 833218

Before the pandemic he did go to work everyday and on dates with his girlfriend every weekend, but now he barely goes out so he’s repeating the same 5 shirts he wears to go on dates with his girlfriend.
I honestly didn’t know he had this many shirts until today.

No. 833219

you're new to lolcow too. that's okay, we all start somewhere

No. 833220

As a zombie you are super slow and look fugly but you are immortal and can regenerate your rotting flesh by eating other people. You will also never get sick and don't have to go to the toilet anymore.
The vampires are the old school ones from Dracula - you have to drink human blood but you get cool powers like immortality, hypnosis and changing into bat form. You need to sleep in a coffin & are afraid of any kind of church, garlic and you can get killed by the sun, fire and wooden stakes in your heart. The werewolves are like the ones from Harry Potter but you don't get a potion/suppressant and you can get killed by silver bullets. As a werewolf you aren't dead but you are forced to change into a mindless rabid werewolf that is super strong and fast and you are forced to eat raw meat (esp human meat) all the time. When not in werewolf form still have to eat raw meat and puke if you eat anything else. When not in werewolf form you are about as fast as Usain Bolt and can lift a normal car.

No. 833221

as much as i like vampires, i dont want to hurt people so i'll go w werewolf. i havent seen the films

No. 833222

she also stalked and harassed another youtuber for several years, and might(?) have had cp of her at some point

No. 833223

maybe he wants to be like my stepdad who owns like 200 button down shirts and keeps buying new ones.

No. 833224

wrt the stalking and harrassing thing, what exactly did she do?

No. 833228

I would say vampire but I eat a lot of garlic so that would kind of be hard to adapt to

No. 833236

this is the quickest summary I could get
and I think there's a few more below those posts too

No. 833244

My eyes glazed over a bit while reading all that, but thank you. Okay, yeah that is pretty wild and fucked up.

No. 833265

Damn anon why couldn't this be like twilight. Everything is so disgusting, but I'm going with werewolf I guess

No. 833271

Werewolf I love raw meat and so does my dog so we could have a fun time eating everything

No. 833290

File: 1624043205205.gif (391.97 KB, 220x117, tenor.gif)

Team vampire!!! I hate garlic, it upsets my stomach

No. 833301

What's a sexier pairing: female vampire with male werewolf or male vampire with female werewolf

No. 833304

Am I what people call a bad friend? I feel like now it's happened many times where a close friend will come to me about how upset they are about something and after hearing their story I'll feel like they were in the wrong. I will try to extend them empathy while also asserting that I feel they did something wrong or hurtful but then it just turns into them being even more angry. I would feel guilty if I always blindly sided with them, but Im realizing maybe that's what friends are supposed to do?

I guess I just feel like friendship is more meaningful when both parties can tell each other when they've done wrong. But now it's been a few times where all I've done is hurt someone while theyre already upset over something and I dont know if sticking to my morals is worth it. Maybe I'm being a nerd by saying 'well, actually' every time a friend tells me about how someone was justifiably a dick to them

No. 833308

Female vampire with female werewolf

No. 833314

where does he keep all of them? i can't imagine fitting so many into an average-sized closet

No. 833317

male vampire and female werewolf is rare

No. 833320

No, you're in the right. If you feel like someone did something wrong tell them exactly how you feel. It can sting when someone close to you thinks you're wrong and you confided in them, but it's important for their development as a human to reflect on that.

You may lose the occasional friendship over it, but I've learned those people who throw a fit are developmentally stunted and think friends exist to be yes-men and to reflect all their own opinions back onto them.

No. 833339

I feel like your timing might be off, otherwise they wouldn't always get angry. Like other anon says, this is what real, good friends are for, to guide us when we're wrong, but there's time and place for everything. If someone is heavily upset, just console them, and wait with actually seriously discussing the topic for maybe later time. I imagine even if they'd know they're in the wrong, being lectured while they're in the middle of freaking out would feel really awful and could make a person want to lash out.

No. 833352

anon just ask your young coworkers. Everybody's smoking or at least knows someone these days, not just "loser stoners"

No. 833354

I think you're right. I tend to bring it up immediately and that's probably what makes them angry. I guess I've felt like if I don't address it immediately it will feel like I'm lying when I console them but really I'd just be prioritizing their feelings first, which is a good thing. Thank you for the genuine help anons!

No. 833360

How the fuck does Pinterest work? It seems like a cool site for hobbies and crafts, but it's so confusing and cluttered i get fucking headaches browsing it.

IME even the most virtue signaling and woke people slutshame women in their private circles. One gets whiplash keeping up with the hypocrisy.

No. 833376

File: 1624050548639.jpg (26.62 KB, 540x392, EdjAaamVAAEU0f1.jpg)

is there a way to get bigger breasts naturally besides birth control? do you know anyone who tried massaging and almond milk? i like my boobs and dont feel insecure but i started stuffing my bra with socks for funsies and it felt good now i want a real cleavage

No. 833378

Yes and even guys involved in hook up culture look down on the women they have sex with.

No. 833381


No. 833384

you'll love this

No. 833389

File: 1624051126196.jpg (487.29 KB, 1500x1346, mariska-hargitay-1.jpg)

Genuinely thought that was Detective Stabler in a bra

No. 833390

No. 833394

File: 1624051646327.jpg (761.83 KB, 1800x1343, meme1.jpg)

What are some active/consistently bumped threads you want to be nuked? For me, it's:
>comfort characters thread
screams of twitter-faggotry
>cheugy thread
99% of the reason I hate this thread is the use of a dumb zoomer word that very few zoomers actually use. I also think we already have a thread dedicated to trends we hate
>British boys thread
I don't hate this that much, but I think we should just put them in the normal (non-)conventionally attractive threads

No. 833402

Same first 2 as you

No. 833403

Christopher Meloni is a man of many talents

No. 833414

I want to see himbo Dracula.

No. 833423

>Women shilled as attractive that you find ugly
A salt mine

No. 833424

where's that one tweet that's like "when your gay friend is venting to you and halfway through you realize they're the enemy"
female vampire male wolf

No. 833429

Pinterest used to be great but there are loads of advertisements, Facebook mom posts and tiktok spam now that makes it harder to search. To get a good experience out of it you have to follow similar boards and really tune your home feed. It will give you recommendations based on literally anything you click on. For example, if you click on any illustration that happens to be fan art, you will be spammed with ugly fan art and shit memes, if you click on any recipe labelled as healthy, you will be spammed with shitty workout infographics. Tuning your feed involves regularly going into your home settings to turn off suggestions for things you don't like or that are giving you results you don't like, and it becomes a pretty annoying task to clean up after yourself when you've been searching for a specific thing and have to wade through a bunch of other posts to find what you were looking for. All of that having been said, I still use Pinterest to create inspiration boards for whatever creative project I am working on at the time. It feels more like work than fun when you first start creating the board but when you start to fill it up and take the time to tune your feed regularly it can be nice and useful.

No. 833430

kek I have to hide that thread for the sake of my blood pressure. I hope I've never had a positive interaction on this site with the type of deranged bitch who thinks Charlize Theron "isn't that pretty"

No. 833445

>Pinterest used to be great but there are loads of advertisements
Use an adblocker jfc.
>uninstall chrome because it's google botnet
>install brave, it's chrome based browser that comes with a built in ad blocker
>install uBlock Origin
>never see another advert in your life, including ads on youtube

>install tampermonkey
>install pintrest scripts of your choice
>browse pinterest without even needing log in because you will no longer be harassed by popups

No. 833454

File: 1624058407664.jpeg (84.08 KB, 800x534, friends-looking-their-smartpho…)

Does anyone have advice on how to throw a successful small-ish party for ~10 people?
I'm having one next weekend and I'm worried it will be super awkward. It's various friends, some of whom know each other but others are from different groups. I'm planning to buy plenty of liquor and food, should I plan for games or something? I don't want it to be boring af and end up like picrel but I don't want some like, rigidly structured thing. I know it will probably be awkward when people first start to get there and no one's had anything to drink yet though…

No. 833456

Put YouTube on your TV and let people pick music videos I always find that a fun activity and maybe think of a fun game and ask if your friends want to do it after they're all settled. You might all just get drunk and forgo games. Don't stress about. People like alcohol and food.

No. 833459

Jackbox (try gog.com to get it free/cheap), you don't know jack (trivia game), or quiplash.

No. 833465

Thanks guys, I've never actually hosted a party before so its super helpful. Now I just have to hope that people actually show up!

No. 833496

I'm sure people will show up after all the lockdown sadness, I wouldn't be turning any parties down lol. And don't worry about hosting too much, some of your guests might end up taking the lead or showing out (not in a bad way). It'll be fun I'm jealous

No. 833507

I did that too and my flow was so heavy and the tampon couldn’t absorb enough so I bled through my pants kek. 7th grade was awful

No. 833550

what do you nonnies suggest for making friends? I am a social retard who just moved to a new area and I don't know how people make friends outside of school tbh.

No. 833552

I wish I could host a party for all farmers, it would probably be a hilarious shitshow in the best way

No. 833556

I hope its a house party, I haven't been to a proper one in years. One where you don't know everyone so it feels more exciting.

No. 833563

What's the difference between /snow/ and /pt/? I've been using this site for years and I've never figured it out

No. 833566

No. 833568

How do I learn how to speak better? English is my first language and I was technically "smart" during my education years but the way I talk is as if I never went to school. It's probably due to too much internet/social media exposure but I autistically reread any post I make longer than a sentence a million times to make sure I don't sound so ESL. Not only is my vocabulary limited but I feel like I mix up grammar especially and sentence structures/comma usage a lot.

Everyone I know can switch between casual speaking and professional speaking flawlessly. Sometimes it feels like my intelligence has regressed.

Is this question better for the advice thread?

No. 833571

Read books.

No. 833572

Read more books. Watch movies with good dialogue. Talk to more people

No. 833575

Fiction or non fiction? Is there a book hierarchy?

No. 833578

Either, it's just good to read from other people's perspective.

No. 833591

Some days ago I remember seeing here a pic of a japanese guy butt naked in the streets but wearing mask, but don't remember where was it.
I wanted to show it to a friend as a joke, does anyone remember where was it from?

No. 833592

Retarded shit thread or dumbass shit thread

No. 833594

Retarded shitpost, cttl+f japan

No. 833596

Thanks anons!

No. 833619

Anyone know good resources on how to clean properly? Most of the advice I find is about how to build good habits and clean more regularly, I just want straightforward info on good products, methods, etc to make my life easier.

No. 833632

How do anons deal with their anger? Any mindfulness tips??

No. 833646

>I think we should just put them in the normal (non-)conventionally attractive threads
the thread was actually created precisely because of too many brits being posted in the unconventional thread lol

No. 833648

i think you can look up specific tasks on youtube and check what the comments say about if it's a good video or not. there are also clean with me type vids.

No. 833681

I've been dealing with a lot of anger lately and guided meditation has helped. I end up getting distracted sometimes when I meditate without any audio and while it can still happen with recordings I find it's easier to refocus. The anger manifests even as physical tension and stress for me and I can actually feel it leaving my body as I do this one (only about 9 min): https://open.spotify.com/episode/6zYUNLlikiSSsi0BUXb90M

I think Spotify can open in a browser but sorry if not. There are a lot of free meditations if you search on Youtube as well. When it comes to mindfulness, I try to just be aware of when I'm feeling angry and acknowledge it then let go. Like noting "I'm feeling anger right now" (separate from me as a person rather than thinking "I am angry") and then realize it's not helping me in that moment and consciously think about something nicer.

No. 833718

My psychiatrist put me on a low dose of lamictal specifically for irritability and now I seethe a lot less. Not exactly a DIY solution, though

No. 833729

Can dust particles in the air, from a room being too dusty, combine in the pores of your skin and make them itchy?

No. 833730

As all other anons, mindfulness and breathing exercises are the way to go long term; but also short term in the very moment of feeling angry, as >>833681 advised, acknowledge the feeling and let yourself feel it. My therapist advised me to yell into a pillow; it felt uncomfortable few first times but actually helps a lot with just getting it out quickly, not wasting time to try to bottle up.

No. 833779

are my laptop speakers getting quieter or am i going deaf? can dust also influence sound volume and quality?

No. 833807

Do you have reduced hearing when it comes to sounds not from your laptop speakers?

No. 833811

File: 1624106202388.jpeg (373.83 KB, 1272x1738, 1623515262811.jpeg)

Please help me figure out what Abby's shirt says. I thought I'd be able to decipher it but it's too much for me. The middle letter is probably O and two L's are on its left. The last letter is definitely S, it looks like S on the small logo on her arm. I thought it might say Gallows, the nooses make it likely too, but there's no band named Gallows with such a logo

No. 833814

I don't think that's a band shirt tbh. Looks like some random hot topic design. I don't follow her antics, so I may be wrong

No. 833816

I have no clue what that says but can you tell me what the second word of her balding hairline coverup tattoo says plsthnx

No. 833817

You are probably right, I've gone half mad trying to decipher it so I'll leave it be

No. 833820

It says forever

No. 833822

nta but I hate this advice.
No matter how many books I've read, my eng is still shit (eng is my second language tho).
Same with my native language, I didn't learn the language properly until I started writing, stories or in forums etc.

No. 833826

Express it in any non-destructive way. You can do it in a creative way, such as drawing, writing about your emotions, or by moving your body, such as jumping, exercising, walking, and even gardening or cleaning.
For me, this is the best method, only by expressing and letting go of these emotions I feel better. I cannot calm down by meditation alone.

No. 833827

Agreed, especially since speaking and recalling words are both handled by different parts of the brain. So you could read a million books, and still there's no guarantee that you're gonna be eloquent

No. 833828

i'm not sure whether it's me or other people not speaking loud enough, it's not happening all of the time

No. 833840

At what point do you put a kid in special education? Because of course there’s the kids that will obviously need extra help while learning, but what about those that are just diagnosed with something like mild autism and aspergers? Would it be better to just put them in special education the moment they get diagnosed? or is it better to just hope for them to have a good time at a regular school?

No. 833844

Imo (as a sperg who was also a sped) it's better to put a kid in special ed only once they show signs of struggling. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and a few years of normality for them to cherish down the line.

No. 833851

I would go to a doctor if I were you.

No. 833853

File: 1624111601740.jpg (138.86 KB, 800x800, L0175419.jpg)

Are takis any good? Im debating on buying them or not.

No. 833856

They are delicious but they wreak havoc on my stomach every time

No. 833857

theyre good please send them HERE

No. 833874

File: 1624113923328.jpg (20.45 KB, 400x318, yemen_north-south_map_400px1.j…)

Any Arab anons can explain to me why North and South Yemen weren't named East and West instead?

No. 833881

How do you pick a haircut and, well, actually wear it?

No matter how I cut my hair it always ends up in a braid or pony after 1-2 days.

No. 833883

Please eat them while you're stationary because taki sweats are VILE

No. 833884

My brother severely physically abuses me since I were a toddler, he’s 5 years older than me so do the maths. I am 25 now. He would verbally abuse me too. I think he made me really psychotic, does abuse cause any brain defects? Any ways how to cope with this? Filing a report is not an option.
Moving out is not an option, I’m poor.

No. 833889

Is it weird if I whip out my written questions (on my phone) during an interview? I have a few prepared for the company but I doubt I'll remember them all while I'm anxious and remembering my interview answers.

No. 833892

Yes, don't do it. Do your best to remember, rehearse asking them, try using some mnemotechnics to memorize them well.

No. 833898

people definitely can lash out/become unstable as a reaction to abuse. just my opinion, but looking into ways to hurt him physically in covert ways doesn't sound like a bad way to deal in the meantime

No. 833912

My cheat was to bring extra copies of my resume and have one that's subtlety altered to have my notes on it to leave that one in front of me.

No. 833914

There are housing supports in most countries where people with mental health conditions can get hooked up with housing. Either you or him could look into that if you're diagnosed with an illness. I got out of an abusive household that way.

No. 833930

I usually bring a padfolio with my resume inside and then say, "I've written down some questions here." No one ever has a problem with it, I even did it for my current job.

But phones, no, it looks unprofessional no matter what you're using it for.

No. 833952

I feel like I need to say goodbye to my therapist and look for a new one. I've been seeing her for a year and I don't feel like I've made much progress toward anything. She firmly believes that I need gazillion therapy sessions to get better (preferably twice a week, so double the money for her) which may be true… but she's the kind of therapist that lets you talk and sometimes asks questions. When I ask to set up achievable goals, she tells me that I need to talk more about my childhood and that there are no shortcuts (what about CBT/DBT exercises?). I do not feel I'm learning anything new about myself, or being taught how to cope. At the same time, I'm worried that I'm making a mistake by wrongly judging the situation. Has any of you been in such a situation? Not being able to cut off relationships that aren't working for me is a huge issue for me, so this whole situation sucks…

No. 833960

I went to a therapy place before where I wasn't paying for it, it was a charity service that offered 12 sessions to anyone who had attempted suicide and needed support right afterwards. In 12 sessions they did shit for me that other (out of my pocket) services never did. I don't know how to feel about that but it created a scepticism in me for sure. They were under time constraints and they got to the point which I'll forever be grateful for.

It's disheartening to not know whether you're just an easy paycheck or when the progress will start to come, if ever.

No. 833973

Are they like a proper certifies therapist? My family member set me up with a therapist and she was more of a holistic healer. Sometimes she'd let me talk then ask a few questions. She never set goals with me to achieve or work towards really except how to ground myself which was good advice for certain things but didn't address the root of anything. I lasted about a year with her before I ghosted her because she just kept making me relive trauma and not discuss next steps just give me a massage if I got too upset lol. And I know this won't be similar for others but she was completely unprofessional. After I ghosted her she started talking about my issues with a mutual friend of hers who ended up being the ex gf of a man I was seeing. The ex gf is also a holistic healer she got her reiki certificate through my therapist lol and started talking shit about my trauma to my bf at the time and anyone that would listen. He showed me his dms from her and she was calling me difficult and dangerous and all sorts of absurd shit. I went to therapy to fix a specific family relationship and it ended up not helping that issue whatsoever and then I had the fall out of my trauma becoming public knowledge and gossip fodder. I don't think I'd ever trust a therapist again.

No. 833994

File: 1624128713497.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x1868, 61128B29-F0A8-473D-9841-9099B8…)

is it just me or do many of "tats = my personality" girls have this face, horse esque and that makeup

No. 833999

Holy shit, are you me? Had the same problem. Really liked my therapist but it was so frustating, so just i left. Dont' know about other people, but maybe sometimes therapy can't do anything more for a person.

No. 834005

I'm heavily tatted but in places that rarely are exposed, I don't own make up and I have about an inch of hair. My tatts are about the most time I've ever spent of changing my appearance in any way. But I swear that any time someone online hears that I've a fair few tattoos they get this image of me in their head. Men in particular have some stereotype in mind like this woman or a handful of heavily tatted porn stars they know of.

They assume all this other shit automatically comes in tow with tattoos but I've seen it go either way. Some are tatted but natural looking in nearly every other sense.. meanwhile others are bordering on it being an alternative version of bimbofication. I mean they're free to do what they want with their own appearance but I hate this association where men think tattoos equals this.

No. 834012

I wouldn't say you're misjudging this, it's your life and if you feel that you're not gaining anything from being her patient, you should absolutely find a new therapist. I know it's a lot easier said than done, but you deserve a doctor that's right for you and will help you progress instead of stagnate, especially if you're paying out of pocket for this. But even if it's covered by insurance or whatever, why waste your time?
Good luck anon, I hope you can find something right for you, whatever the solution may be.

No. 834015

not an arabfag, in fact this is a 100 percent guess, but probably the east half of the country is empty desert and doesn't really have very many people living in it

No. 834017

File: 1624131334598.png (345.35 KB, 990x651, Empty_quarter_Arabia.PNG)

yesssss i fucking nailed it

sorry for being a geography sperg

No. 834077

Is the word "Lame" similar to retarded aka ableist? Some local cow says so

No. 834089

I think it is, technically, because it was used to describe people with limps (lame legs). But many insults (retarded, cretin) have similar origins, ie were used medically to described disabled or sick people.
But like all PCshit, only pedantic and powertripping dumbasses care about such shit.

No. 834093

Is it normal to have your buttcheeks to hang a little bit? Like when you are looking in the mirror they hang lower than your genitalia.

I always noticed it but today I had on a pair of shorts and if I stood a certain way you could see them from the front and it made me think.

No. 834100

Does the astrological sign and stuff really affect a person’s personality? Like, if someone never knew their astrological sign, would they still be able to get recognized as their sign?

No. 834101

No. 834103

No. 834105

No. 834106

No. My sign is the complete opposite of my personality.

No. 834108

No, obviously

No. 834110

Wow, that's both saddening and uplifting to hear. I'm sorry you've been in a situation to need that help, but so glad that it improved your mental well-being. Just curious, did they teach you any specific skills, i.e. how to deal with life in general, how to handle possible future suicial ideations?
>Are they like a proper certified therapist?
Yes, I forgot to mention. She's studied psychology and is undergoing clinical supervision. Holy shit, it must have been horrible to deal with that 'therapist'. Literal nightmare fuel. Reiki may be a fun thing to practice for yourself and maybe with like-minded friends, but it's a bogus pseudoscience. It should be forbidden to take money from people for reiki 'treatments' (yeah, I realize it would be hard to set up a law that would end this, but a girl can dream).
>maybe sometimes therapy can't do anything more for a person.
Really hope it's not a case for me, cause otherwise I may just go lay down on a train track. Therapy hasn't done ANYTHING for me yet. My issues are so big I have a great chance to die alone and be found out 5 years later.
Yeah, I'm paying her out of my pocket. And she wants me to come twice as often and pay twice as much so that the therapy process is sped up. Ok.

No. 834111

I'm very good at guessing people's dominant signs in person. Then when they are like ha that's not my star sign I ask if I can do their chert and I'm like bitch you're a rising this or dominant that.

No. 834114

Never knew about this before, okay! Some local cow (non anglo) made a big deal about it on tiktok of all places and it got me thinking.

No. 834115

Sun sign astrology is not a good basis. I'm a Libra and it's literally my least important sign in my chart. Plus if the sun is in Libra it's in its fall so my sun isn't that strong of a placement. I'm actually dominated by my sagitarrius moon, which makes so much more sense for me.

No. 834117

Yeah I guess there's a reason to only go to an accredited therapist or psychologist. I'm so pissed my family member recommended the holistic route. There's not standard of practices to hold them too, so they're out shilling absolute bollocks and making money when they're literally just a bunch of catty cunts. Even an old landlord of mine did the reiki course with my ex therapist and is now a healer. I bet they've fucked so many people up more.

No. 834118

>Even an old landlord of mine did the reiki course with my ex therapist and is now a healer. I bet they've fucked so many people up more.
I'm sorry but that's kinda hilarious. Seems like everyone around you decided to be a 'certified' reiki practitioner. More healers than patients lol

No. 834120

It's very surreal lol. I ditched that landlord to, then I ditched the therapist then I got with the other bitches ex. It's like they're a coven of cunts and I'm a beautiful nymph that they must bring down.

No. 834122

File: 1624139859684.jpg (29.67 KB, 600x340, 1.jpg)

No. 834123

There's more than your sun sign. You've got all the planets in the solar system plus the moon and then the 12 houses to consider based on your rising.

No. 834163

>come twice as often…so that the therapy process is sped up
Lmfao that's like saying you should set your oven to 1200 degrees so your cake can bake faster. Recovery isn't something you can speedrun, it takes time and patience. Huge red flag coming from a doctor you're paying out of pocket.
Is this the first therapist you've ever seen? If so, I wouldn't write off therapy completely yet. I do agree that therapy just isn't it for some people, but I hope you don't let one shitty doctor trick you into thinking that you're beyond repair.

No. 834182

Best liquid diet recipes? My sodium is too low atm

No. 834204

She's a second one. The first one was a nightmare who made me look down on CBT even more than I already did (I'm kinda willing to give it a second chance now, though I'm not set on going with that method).
>Lmfao that's like saying you should set your oven to 1200 degrees so your cake can bake faster. Recovery isn't something you can speedrun, it takes time and patience. Huge red flag coming from a doctor you're paying out of pocket.
Her justification is that one session per week is not enough since we barely manage to talk about what happened in my life recently and that there's not enough time to touch on trauma. She also has been mentioning that recovery needs time when I asked her why I'm not seeing any results yet (ok, maybe she helped me with one issue from the whole grocery list, but it's nowhere near solved). Just clarifying. I don't expect my head to be fixed in a month or even a year, but it concerns me how this whole process feels completely aimless. I've been reading a subreddit where traumatised people share their experiences with therapy and I'm surprised how much they are getting out of it. I've asked a few times here a question like 'how do you know that therapy is working?' and farmers replied that when you apply what you've learned to life. Well, I haven't learned shit during this year.

No. 834272

How the fuck do you get rid of the autofill in search bars? Like on Ao3 if I just click the search bar all my previous searches will pop up. I deleted cookies and disabled autofill but it's still there. Fuck

No. 834273

Nevermind it was under advanced settings in cookies. Why the fuck does chrome save your searches in the first place? There is truly no need for that and it only causes headaches

No. 834310

How do you bring up your kinks to your partner? I’m not with someone now but I’ve always wondered if I should even tell my future partner. I think I appear as a turbo normie with super vanilla tastes but I actually have a collection of fantasy dildos and have ~*~*problematic*~*~ kinks so I’m afraid of scaring someone off with it lol.

No. 834327

How do you even calculate all that stuff?

No. 834439

what do you do if one roommate potentially has bed bugs

No. 834454

burn them

No. 834455

if one roommate has them there's a 99.9% chance you have them too. Get it taken care of ASAP, it's literal hell.

No. 834473

They said they saw three, too small to get a photo. I see nothing in my room. They didn’t have a cover but brought their mattress outside. I want to die

No. 834476

File: 1624164043822.png (162.61 KB, 933x605, 1609536806690.png)

how do i find nsfw art of youtubers outside of /y/ threads? r34 only had one image of the guy im looking for

No. 834483

Anon who were you looking for cause I was just doing the same thing

No. 834485

Should i be worried if almost all my mutuals ignore me? Why are they still following if they don't even engage?

No. 834488

-shakes you- You are not entitled to any, and I mean any, interaction from anyone. I'm not saying this to be mean, but this was a realization I had to go through myself years ago.

No. 834491

>Why are they still following if they don't even engage?

To keep tabs on you, fam. That's what social media is for.

No. 834492

My right shoulder frequently hurts when I walk for a long time. Could it be related to using my right hand while on the computer too much?

No. 834495

How is your posture if you're on the computer a lot? Are you sitting in such a way that you're extending your right shoulder forward to reach the mouse or keyboard? Try to retrace your daily routine and figure out if you're straining your shoulder in any way, usually unconsciously.

No. 834500

No. 834506

They’re interested in your life, just have nothing to say maybe? Try it to be too paranoid. Do you interact with them first ever?

No. 834511

should i try to get back together with my ex boyfriend? our relationship was great but fell apart because we became roommates right before covid hit and weren't ready to be alone together 24/7 for an entire year. we were both going through mental health bullshit and each thought we weren't good enough for the other, he cut it off. it's been a couple months now and i miss him terribly, i keep thinking that since things are different now (we don't live together, we're both back to work, etc) it might be worth it to try again. but will i just get my heart broken again?

No. 834521

i straight up ask them (usually after sex) if they have any specific body parts, kinks, or fantasies they're into. chances are they'll be too shy/embarrassed to say, so you might have to butter them up first by talking a bit about your own experiences and kinks. you can start vague/tame to test the waters, and go from there based off their reaction. i've found that the more you seem non-judgemental and open up about your own kinks, the more your partner will feel comfortable sharing. even if you never actually do kinky stuff with them, it's fun to bond over sharing those kinds of secrets.

No. 834525

Yes you will just get your heart broken again.

No. 834559

File: 1624176029689.jpeg (128.35 KB, 685x348, F3E034FF-406A-45B6-88C0-886BFF…)

Why do I keep dreaming about a group of people I haven’t seen in over 5 years? We didn’t leave on bad terms. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them, I don’t even think I’d enjoy it. I don’t know anything about them and haven’t been updated on their lives either. But at least once a year I dream about them. In the first 3 years I must have had around 20-30 collective memorable dreams about them.

Is it normal for people to completely disappear like before social media existed, where if you lost contact with someone they were completely out of reach forever? Is it still possible? I have an opportunity to emigrate for work and want to start over.

Why is it considered low class or disrespectful to refer to higher education as “school”? Why is academia often hesitant to use the title, even when apt? “I’m in school for my masters.” seems so natural to me, yet someone told me that word is for juveniles.

No. 834575

File: 1624178766367.jpg (136.21 KB, 1200x630, 5100.jpg)

Do Chinese boomers go "Kids these days don't know how to respect their elders"? If so, they'd be hypocritical as fuck seeing as they were teenage redguards beating the shit out of their older relatives and teachers.

I wonder if they're the only old folks to not criticize younger generations. Being the most reprehensible themselves.

No. 834578

Why does Youtube censor my comments every time I try to argue with the racial spergs and the anti feminist/incel spergs? I find it sus as hell

No. 834582

Maybe the person you're arguing with reported your comment multiple times?

Ah i know where that reaction pic is from, now i want to reread it

No. 834583

It's super touchy, I used the word assault in an innocent context and my comment never appeared on my friend's channel.

No. 834590

To be honest, even the ones where I dont bring up "no no" words get completely censored, no matter how much I reword them. However they get posted once I erase those opinions altogether and make it pretty much extremely subtle. Its weird

Possibly, but this is usually my first reply to them

No. 834623

File: 1624188890775.gif (984.06 KB, 244x244, 09.gif)

>youtuber porn
>germa porn
Don't only teenagers look up that shit?

No. 834639

>r34 only had one image
just looked him up on rule34.xxx theres like 20

No. 834671

I know you're trying to help but i wasn't acting entitled tf, I'm just too out of the loop with social media.

No. 834693

File: 1624197739023.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.78 KB, 1280x1280, _re2r__leon_s__kennedy_by_maxv…)

Are farmers extra horny recently? I don't think we have ever had this many horny threads going on at the same time in /g/ and /m/.
What happened? I'm totally part of it…hnng Leon

No. 834702

I've been extra horny, lately.
Maybe covid? Maybe everyone now is off porn and have new horny outlets, including lolcow? Maybe we just got too comfortable with each other?
Also, either that table and the objects on it are gigantic or that Leon is too small lol

No. 834704

How do you pronounce komaeda?

No. 834706

Kou mah eh dah

No. 834724

We have thread about leftcows. Why dont we have thread rightoids?

No. 834728

Like the japanese because there's not rly a difference with my language, you say it as you see it

No. 834732

isn't that what the tradthots thread is for?

No. 834736

I thought it was for leftist cows

No. 834751

Are you blind? There used to be one but it dried up really fast.

No. 834775

same, I always laugh so hard at amerifags fucking up Japanese pronounciation or having to do weird shit like >>834706. Anyway can't you just check with a youtube video or something?

No. 834784

I always had to use YouTube to figure out how to pronounce like scientific words I'd come across in reading. Nothing worse than mispronouncing a word when doing a presentation. God bless the Internet. As a kid I would butcher so many words I'd only ever come across in text lol

No. 834788

Can anyone recommend me some good radfem/gendercrit youtubers please?

No. 834789

how can I get 4chan x to work with lolcow?

No. 834794

Which is the better flashcard app, Anki or Quizlet?

No. 834799

It doesn't because lolcow isn't 4chan and you should stop trying.

No. 834800

No. 834803

Anki. It looks complicated at first but after diving in it's easy. I use anki droid. The srs is supposedly the best but I've never bought in to that

No. 834809

I prefer Anki when you can find pre-made decks. Quizlet is definitely easier to use if you can't be arsed to figure out how making your own decks in Anki works.

No. 834843

File: 1624211784373.jpg (42.07 KB, 404x513, maid.jpg)

Does anyone else dislike watching movies/tv shows? Like, just passively observing the film/show Even with the stuff I like, I don't really rewatch them, yet I still can easily browse social media and imageboards

No. 834844

Is WASP a common recruitment method?

No. 834847

you have destroyed your attention span anon cause I have the same problem

No. 834849

fuck. That's probably it

No. 834853

File: 1624212693592.jpg (44.69 KB, 564x865, wedding.jpg)

Does anyone else feel like wedding dresses look tacky and cheap most of the time? These dresses are often $100+, and sometimes untailored and not durable for daily wear (cuz it's only made to be worn once), yet they look cheap to me, like fast fashion. Does anyone else feel this way?

No. 834858

So many wedding dresses look tacky to me. Especially the princess style with the big stupid skirts. A form fitting wedding dress just looks classic and so much more appealing. I hate the mermaid or fishtail style skirts too. My step mum didn't wear a traditional dress she wore a blue dress with floral print and it looked nice. I hope it comes back into style to wear whatever the fuck you want to your wedding. The white dress looks dated to me.

No. 834885

Sounds like complete bs. Oil is water repellant. But if you believe skincare companies you should also scrub your skin raw with soap twice a day, so I guess if you do that it would probably be correct.

No. 834893

File: 1624215989654.jpg (27.92 KB, 330x430, 20210620_210100.jpg)

I really like swimsuit picrelated but it's S size is 2 cms bigger than my hips and I am paranoid about it.

My cup size is also C but this sizes preferred cup size is A -small B, even though in centimetres chest size would fit it centimeter in centimeter.

Would it be okay?

I haven't bought a swimsuit in a really long time, let alone visited a beach or a pool, sorry for tism.

No. 834895

thank you

No. 834896

There are strings at the hips so surely you could adjust it.

No. 834897

Anons that have lived with their s/o during the pandemic, how has it impacted your sex life? Are you having more or less sex?

No. 834900

Oh dear, I am completely blind. What about the cup size? As long as it fits in cms, should be fine right? Would it be too bad getting a swimsuit a bit smaller in chest?

No. 834902

Honest opinion anon this looks way too cheap and slutty. If you're just getting one to visit a pool or a beach I suggest getting something more tasteful.

No. 834907

It covers more than a normal bikini, grandma

No. 834912

File: 1624218032665.jpg (134.08 KB, 1080x1080, 153267833_2812308335689693_573…)

I have a friend who is very into judgement-free things and not stereotyping things. But this friend knows I dislike trannies with a fiery passion, and she thinks that's annoying and mean from my part. I mean, she's not a woketard, but she really thinks everyone should be treated with kindness, respect, and to not stereotype things and to treat things on a case-by-case basis. Even though I told her how the tranny agenda is harmful she thinks some people can't help being trans, which is like… ok I kinda get it but it's fucked up. I don't want to keep discussing these things with her, she's very non comfrontational and preffers being at her own peace, a quality I actually really like in her.

I've been contemplating if I'm actually in the wrong by hatting all trannies. I mean, I do. I do dislike them, and I dislike everything they're doing to kids, to vulnerable women, and to homosexuals and bisexuals. I also think not all trannies are necessarily bad people and I don't blame them for transitioning in a world where this shit is pushed so hard onto them. But like. Idk what to do.

What should I do? Just hide the fact I hate trannies? Come at her and tell her I'm a reformed tranny hater now (eugh I could never)? Or seriously try to work with a judgement-free kind of mindset?

I just can't be judgement-free honestly, even if I try to be the nicest and kindest. My intuition is just very good about certain kinds of people. I hope she doesn't dislike that about me either. Idk. Thoughts? Give me advice nonnas please

No. 834915

kek, nonna, where are you from?

No. 834922

No one on this planet, in this universe, in this earthly realm is free of judgment. No one. It's bullshit. Every single person I've met that had this woke soft girl persona ended up being a catty snake in private.

No. 834923

She's not that woke though, just was raised in a very nice european household with a lot of love and "kindness first" attitude, if that makes sense? Idk how to descrive it myself

No. 834925

ok, I hate trannies as much as anyone else on this site but I rarely talk about it in real life, not because I hide it, but because the subject almost never comes up by itself.
who brings this subject up? you or her? seems kinda weird it's something that happens so frequently it becomes a problem.

No. 834930

We don't really talk it much or bring it up me or her really, but we have touched it a couple times and I can really feel the "why can't you be accepting? I dislike judging people" attitude from her and since then I've been thinking if maybe I'm the one who is in the wrong and really should try to be less judgamental/be nicer. I feel a bit sour because I'm not more accepting of people even if I do like being kind to people. Idk if I'm explaining myself super well here

No. 834931

are you the anon who wants to lose weight so you can fuck him

No. 834934

Yes I get you. you're not in the wrong for disliking the tranny movement tho, you and I both know how harmful is for women. Your friend simply lives in a bubble in order to not feel any discomfort, it's easier to say we should accept them all without giving it a second thought than to do research, be objective and see things for what they are, don't you think? Maybe just don't bring it up with this particular friend.

No. 834966

What does it mean exactly when someone says bleached hair is melted? I see it mentioned time to time in different threads when someone messes up their bleach job and fries their hair. I'm not sure exactly what melted means in this context.

No. 834967

The bonds or whatever break and it turns into literal gum if you over processed it, into a gummy ass mess. Also known as a chemical cut.

No. 834974

That's really gross and actually made my stomach churn. Thanks for explaining, anon.

No. 834976

Happy to help, nona! It is very gross and imagine the combo of that being your hair and usually it's not all the way to the scalp but one side is just chopped the hell off. Hair like that also rarely fully dries and you can only cut it off really.

No. 834977

fuck anon i really didnt need to see this now kek im literally planning to bleach my hair at home next week

No. 834979

The issue is that it's not sexy, it's slutty and tasteless. You could get a beautiful bikini set and look gorgeous and classy, not this Wish dot com cheap bitch with a backstreet hooker outfit.

No. 834982

Don't worry if you heed the instructions nothing bad will happen

No. 834984

No. 834985

This is going to be a long and very autistic answer, but… I have two tranny friends that i keep in touch with because they're part of a social group I'm in, I'm not 'out' to the group as GC yet, and I don't think i ever plan on telling them. Why? Because even though whenever they say some braindead shit about gender id (which comes up rarely, i should say), I don't say anything. Because I'm a pussy. Now, in a hypothetical situation where I am not a pussy, when they would have told me they were trooning out I would ask them what is really driving them to transition and ask them to examine exactly why they feel they're trans, all while stressing that i care about them. But I didn't because I was afraid of losing them as friends, because I just knew they wouldn't listen to me and outcast me as an evil terf with harmful ideas. They're still decent people though, except for the other mtf, who wasn't, but our friends group excommunicated him just because he's a shitty person. Good people who don't handle bullshit well tend to find even stuff trannies do to achieve 'gender euphoria' reprehensible enough.
I guess what im trying to say here is it's hard to draw a clear line between a person and the ideas they use to define their identity, since a lot of people like to tie their ID to whatever makes them 'priveleged/opressed' nowadays. But I don't think you should hate all trannies as people (especially ftms, and you know why), but you should state your opinion on what you think is harmful about their ideology. Many troons will say that you're literally killing them by being hateful (which is… lmao) - just remind them that you just want them to reexamine, truly, what and why is gender. So to speak. If you're brave enough and you really care about this, you'll stick to it.
Some troons are good people, but the ideas about gender they have are harmful.

No. 834986

Main things: don't start at the roots, don't leave it on for too long, don't apply heat and use enough so everything is saturated. It's gonna be okay!

No. 834994

File: 1624222880409.jpg (39.57 KB, 600x450, oldmanga.jpg)

What are some things I could do to entertain myself during lockdown and without screens and buying a bunch of stuff? I don't know how to make my existing hobbies (that aren't just scrolling) screen-less. I currently want to try flower pressing because it seems relatively easy and doesn't involve screens, and I could try listening to music using Spotify (that uses a screen but I don't think it will fuck up my attention span), but I'm unsure what else.


I sometimes draw, but I can't exactly force myself to draw, so I just rely on random urges to draw I get, which I usually get when looking at art online, however, my drawing skills are pretty and I need to rely on references to be able to draw stuff. idk how to make this hobby screenless tbh


I've baked like 3 desserts/sweet things in the past 2 weeks. I like it, but I tend to follow recipes I've found on YT, like adam ragusea's. I could get a cookbook but I'm unsure what cookbook I should get. I could just quickly write the recipe down and not look at the video afterwards

No. 834995

Ok so I just got into Hypmic and I want to know why is it that when you google it, the first question is “is Hypmic sexist?”

No. 834997

I would also like to add


currently reading the Moomin books and it's pretty gud so far. I tend to read when I'm on trains or buses, though I'm unsure why I'm not compelled to read anywhere else. I guess I should just give myself the willpower to read, which is weird because I like reading


I don't like cleaning, but it's productive and stimulates my brain. It's much more tolerable when I'm listening to music as well

No. 834998

If you hate mtf troons because they're degenerate predatory coomers, that's just normal male shit. You can separate your distaste for troons from the ideology that drives and protects these people, which is just misogyny in a new package. Focus your anger on the core of the problem, which is the misogyny and homophobia. That's where the real problems are. Otherwise it's just narcissists dressing up, and honestly if you're mad about that it's not worth it. You might as well be mad at kinnies for being stupid.
And yeah if you hate ftms too you really shouldn't, they might be obnoxious sometimes on the Internet but they're victims of a wildly fucked up anti-female homophobic cult.

No. 835005

thanks nonnies! will keep these in mind

No. 835011

is there a community for female NEETs
finding a community with losers like me is hard already but the ones that exist are full of scrofes

No. 835018

Fucking kek, probably because men are oppressed welcome to the fandom, there's dozens of us

No. 835022

No. 835024

women oppress the males in their society

No. 835026

Genuine question- why do anons on lolcow hate trans people so much? I don’t follow any of the trans/mtf but the hatred for trans people comes up in so many of the threads…

No. 835031

Read the MTF general and you'll get it pretty quick.

No. 835032

What about journaling? Like those mixed media art journals or even just a regular diary out of any spare notebook you have lying around. You could also incorporate your other hobbies into it, like keeping a journal where you write down your thoughts about the books you read. Or use the flowers you press to make the pages pretty.
And you can still make drawing screenless. It's always better to draw from real life anyway, so just practice sketching the things around you, plants, pets, the view from your window, even your own self in the mirror.

No. 835034

Most women here started as supporters. It's just that you start seeing too much bullshit and eventually you realise that most are just very mentally ill people being coddled and enabled by (some) part of society. This is usually called "peak trans", google it and you will see some of the experiences that made people turn agains trans people, usually trans males (males that identify as women). Stuff like demanding that lesbians accept their dicks, being in positions of power as "women" (when most got it as when they were identifying as men), trying to sugarcoat their fetishes by saying they are women and invading female-only spaces, insulting regular women, etc, etc.

No. 835043

Thanks nonnie, I'll check them out. When I searched any typical radfem talking points on YouTube a bunch of trannies and libfems came up.

No. 835047

A lot of them are unpleasant people or say sexist shit. I did support them at first but it got to a point where it became trendy and all of them are spewing a lot of gender garbage.

Sexism against men? Oh hell yeah

No. 835048

Cause lolcow is a site for women and women are the only social demographic losing out to the trans madness being perpetuated in society. Ftm are not harassing men or demanded to share their spaces the way mtf do to women. Women are constantly shit on and it's infuriating that fake women get more priority over us when we've lived as the lesser sex for eons.

No. 835087

how do you guys knock down men with huge egos? the close family members who arent entirely horrible by definition but just think so highly of themselves. how do i deal with their fragile emotions without always indulging their narc behaviours?

No. 835100

I have a brother-in-law like this and I've simply stopped responding when he gets braggy and change the subject/start talking to someone else. I never ask follow up questions especially when he's obviously trying to bait me into a convo to ask about his new car or raise at work.

No. 835103

i tihnk it helps a lot if you can outnumber them with other people who see their ridiculousness and make fun of them a bit

but to be honest there usually isn't much that can be done; the world is full of angry young men and my go-to treatment is just avoid

No. 835104

The most effective strategy ime is to limit your reaction to whatever they say or do, as in limiting the expressiveness in your face and communicating in a non-committal or uninteresting way when you have to engage in a bit of back and forth. I think maintaining an appearance of neutrality gives you the upper hand because it shows that you're in control of your emotions, and men often want to get a rise out of women because they think we're overly emotional or whatever.

No. 835217

What's the difference between the questioning in HR interviews and Employer interviews? I've been booked in for both and I'm kind of shidding my pants

No. 835220

File: 1624266482155.jpg (44.38 KB, 500x367, otome.jpg)

The female leaders are supposed to be like villains, which is dumb, because they're based it's thanks to them we get the hypmic music.
Long live the japanese rap matriarchy!

No. 835222

Noonie, I just like showing my body because its beautiful… whats so wrong about it

No. 835223

If it's anything like mine, HR interview focused on whether I'm fit for the job itself, and employer interview was focused on whether I'm a good fit for the company culture.

No. 835225

I'm non-judgemental like your friend, and I have a strongly gc friend like you. We just talk about it normally like we do about any other stuff. It's normal to have some ideological differences with friends and family.

No. 835230

What does "company culture" mean? Sorry for the dumb question…this is going to be my first big girl job

No. 835231

Anons, should I use my real name on Bumble BFF?

I am a bit worried of creep factor, and emy name is not common, so I thought of using short version of it.

No. 835233

how well you adhere to company culture = how much of a wage slave mentality you have

No. 835236

It can also be about how well the managers like you and if you can fit into the team dynamic they already work with. It's good to try and mention skills or experience you have that are really applicable to the role here but that may be more unique. Such as my job has a lot of older people so I said how tech-savvy I was. They liked it since they said I could help the team. Remember to smile too. Good Luck Anon!

No. 835244

And what makes those managers like you? That you're exploitable, they're thinking of their bonus. What kind of dynamic are you expected to fit in? A very exploitative dynamic. You sound very young and naive. Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for anon too, but she should see things for what they are, it will help her navigate it all better.

No. 835247

Oh, I totally agree with you but at the end of the day, I need money. I'm not oblivious to the facts but if we are entirely cynical before an interview it's not that helpful to the anon.

No. 835248

Why not just use your first initial?

No. 835276

I work in gamedev and in this case being fit for company culture meant knowing the product made by the company and general knowledge about video games etc, nothing as bad as >>835233 said

No. 835299

Do you enjoy gamedev?

No. 835304

I like it a lot, working for a relatively big developer that pays well and spoils employees with benefits; but even within the same company there are people who would probably say they don't like it here, a lot depends on management within individual team/departament. Still, it's nowhere as dramatic as people like to believe online.

No. 835327

Is it possible to move fat to your back (not ass, idc about that thicc shit) from some other part of your body?

No. 835336

you mean with a fat transfer? I've never heard of it, even if it's possible I don't think anyone does it because what would be the point

No. 835341

It is possible through surgery, like a fat transfer? They inject fat from one place into another. Kinda similar to a skin graft.

No. 835342

>what would be the point

I have a very bony back, anon.

No. 835354

Personally I don’t really have an issue with transgender people but the mtf thread is a radical feminist containment thread which means don’t take the hatred too seriously

No. 835357

No it's not, go back to twitter

No. 835359

I bought these cheap boots from aliexpress that came without a box and they're all dented and a bit deformed. How can I make them get shaped even if it's justa little? Newspaper balls?

No. 835360

it's not, you should try reading it

No. 835362

Build muscle on your back instead. Save money and recovery time from surgery with weights, anon.

No. 835363

Put some water bags in the boots and put them in the freezer.

No. 835366

Not necessarily, I've never been fond of watching movies and TV shows as far as I remember, but I still like reading or playing games. Watching something requires zero engagement from me and it quickly bores me, when reading I at least get to imagine what the characters and scenery look and sound like.

No. 835514

Are there any other cows besides Pixielocks who are attempting to create their own clothing? That's my favourite type of milk and I don't think I've come across anything quite like it, but I also avoid 90% of threads. I crave it

No. 835536

I accidentally bit into an advil liquid gel (didn't swallow it tho) and now my tongue is stinging and feels weird. Wat do?

No. 835542

What to do when you feel stuck and powerless in your life as a young adult?

No. 835550

You are going to die, rest in peace anon.
Maybe Sarah Spaceman? But it's cosplay and the milk drip is pretty slow.

No. 835576

If your tongue starts swallowing or you notice breathing difficulties, go to the hospital.

No. 835585

File: 1624315013121.gif (11.15 MB, 248x246, BEA70282-6CA9-4DE2-84C7-27F37C…)

What is smart casual? Jeans? Plain t-shirts? Or buttoned dress shirts? Am I a fucking idiot?

No. 835588

File: 1624315474722.jpeg (97.78 KB, 794x1191, C985AC95-5932-468D-B202-32B316…)

I googled to get an example for you and this is what it came up with. I hope that clears things up for you.

No. 835596

KEK this picture cracks me up so much

No. 835597

going outside and enjoying nature. you could try bird watching. maybe to some people it's boring but it makes me happy and amused to see what they are up to. I also like seeing squirrels and bunnies.

how bout gardening as well? or if you don't want the trouble, try downloading one of those plant identification apps. it's fun and you learn a little. now I feel kinda smart and make a game out of recognizing plants I see each day.

No. 835599

File: 1624317399013.jpeg (122.28 KB, 750x750, 4185A876-27AC-48AF-AB8E-1035E7…)

Anything with some nice shoes and skirt/pants, if you’re worried about an outfit not looking good enough, add a sweater or a blazer.

No. 835704

How am I meant to clean rodent intestines off of dark carpet?
I can’t bleach it and there’s just..mouse intestine fluid and mouse blood in the rug and thats so dirty I want to die

No. 835705

varies a lot by region so hard to tell you specifically. for example >>835599 this would be casual in the northeast and dressy in the south. but generally I think avoiding anything distressed is a good start, and avoid any jeans if it's work related.

No. 835714

Update my tongue actually went back to normal after 15 minutes or so. Guess all I had to do was rinse it out and drink water lol. Still a strange experience though, I almost thought I poisoned myself or sth, never had that extreme burning tingling feeling before.

No. 835721

No factual information to back this up but maybe the gel is just extremely unpalatable to prevent little kids from accidentally eating a bunch of them since they kind of look like jellybeans? Glad you're feeling ok now.

No. 835725

File: 1624334550827.png (1019.26 KB, 995x500, peach.png)

which peachy palette is better, nonnas?

No. 835726

Dan and Phil are a couple right? Why do they never outright say it? Are they weird and polyamorous?

No. 835727

they're both pretty, I guess I like the one on the right better than the left though
which one do you think would fit your complexion and makeup style better?

No. 835728

I'm not sure, I was looking for some soft peaches and soft pinks to go with browns, and I guess the one on the right is a bit more "girl-ish" if that makes sense? but I really like both

No. 835729

What are some accessories you could wear to go swimming that won't stain your skin green and won't corrode/get damaged by sea water

No. 835730

I guess just treat it like caked on food waste or vomit
Scrub on some boiling water and dish soap, leave for a few minutes, scrub and scrape what you can away using a rough sponge. Repeat for as long as it takes to seem clean, dabbing area dry in between every stage so you don't soak through the floor. Afterwards coat the area in antibacterial spray
Please wear gloves when you do any of this and get rid of the sponge because mice carry diseases

No. 835731

File: 1624336068686.png (1.2 MB, 1500x1500, imagen_2021-06-21_232746.png)

Try plastic accesories or stuff made of natural fibers, threads and fabric (these are an example that comes to mind, but it doesn't have to be these ones)

No. 835732

File: 1624336141626.png (1.43 MB, 1100x1100, imagen_2021-06-21_232846.png)

another example, these really do say "beachy" to me

No. 835742

would a main character who is a massive autist be annoying to read about?

No. 835743

File: 1624339025272.jpeg (998.45 KB, 750x1261, 86A96B3A-E1F2-42A2-AF2C-ED2297…)

Thankyou anon! I’m still scrubbing after removing the bulk (cat puked up a well-chewed mouse)
The carpet is wet and smells like a well pickled drunk but it’s at least not infected with mice diseases and intestine juice. Turns out the most important part of having two buckets. One with soapy water for cleaning and the other to chunder in as needed while scooping minced mouse meat out of shag.

No. 835745

I just dont wear accessories for swimming like a tard would. It’s exercise not a date you don’t need to accessorise like you’re a brats doll.

No. 835746

depends on what kind of autist

No. 835749

An autistic person or an actual autist?
Nobody wants to hear the inner workings of an autist. You can get free audio of screeching monkeys and direly boring people talking at length about themselves.

A character should be capable of having at least one interesting thought. Autists don’t.

No. 835753

Np and good luck anon. Pet ownership really gets us doing the worst things

No. 835755

Nothing has ever been this disgusting before but he’s still the best boy to ever puke on my stuff. At least he can’t get loads of mice, there’s a damn plague of them upstate.

No. 835758

Nta but most people don't swim for excersise but for leisure and fun. It's fine to want to look cute at the beach or swimmingpool.

No. 835760

Is a women’s US 9 shoe considered big feet or average? Google says average but I feel like theyre big but I also don’t want them to be. I’m having very mixed feelings about my feet right now.

No. 835765

I gained like 7 kg in quarantine and my friend literally lost 5 kg by taking probiotics every day. Should I give it a try too?

No. 835768

File: 1624342469526.jpg (216.24 KB, 1080x650, volleyball-england-popular-108…)

What are those things that people sometimes wear on their knees during sports? It's a black band

No. 835769

Yeah public pools never have swimmers doing laps. Ocean proof accessories are dumb. Just swim like a normal person without having to worry over whether or not there are enough trinkets on you even if you are just having a splash for fun.
If anon is worried about looking cute for the fish or the strangers they need psychological help kek

No. 835771

Read somewhere that they are actually married

No. 835773

Your friend didn’t shit out five kilos just by taking some yakults. CICO for real weight loss or just take straight laxatives if you wanna be stupid and quickly lose a few lbs of hydration. Probiotics won’t do it. There is no gut bacteria that causes fat.

No. 835779

What I meant to ask is, what purpose does it serve? Doesn't it make movement more difficult?

No. 835783

No, it's very flexible. I used to have and use one when I skipped rope daily.
It supports your knee joints. When you do sports that have a lot of jumping around, it can be really taxing on the knees. This prevents joint fatigue, by supporting them. Sorry for esl

No. 835786

They’re athletic knee pads. In volleyball a lot of the time you will be racing to prevent the ball from hitting the floor essentially, so you end up hitting your legs, especially your knees against the ground a lot as you dive. The knee pads protect against that impact with a cushion. They do sort of limit movement but in a beneficial way where you don’t overextend your leg and injure it during a game, otherwise they’re pretty flexible.

No. 835806

Is anyone close to someone who also uses lolcow, like a friend or family member? Or at least, you highly suspect them of going regularly on here?

No. 835826

I have a very close online friend or two that do!

No. 835841

how come sometimes it feels like someone's grabbing me in my sleep or right when i'm about to wake up even though nobody's there? honestly convinced it's demons at this point tbh

No. 835865

>If your tongue starts swallowing
Nta but anon I think you meant swelling

No. 835928

Does it feel different to go through long periods without sex and to be a virgin? I see some anons complaining they haven't had sex in like, two months, it doesn't feel that long to me.

No. 835936

Haven't had sex in four years now and I can't say it bothers me all the much. Whenever I miss it, I just plug in my wand and 15 minutes later I'm good with being celibate again. I slept around in college and all it really did was fuck with my emotions.

No. 835944


I haven't had sex in about 4 years and idk, I do not feel like a virgin because I don't see sex as this big thing or whatever to cross, I guess my disgust of majority of men is just higher than my need to have sex with them.

I do have a high libido though and masturbate regularly (not to porn though)

No. 835945

Has anyone done a finance/economics/accounting degree? how difficult or stressful is it?

No. 835952

>both four year long volcels
Let's date

No. 835962

I've two friends doing an economics degree (in our country the program is three years of general economics and they choose their two year specialization between economics, business administration and accounting) and it's both difficult and stressful. Lots of practical exercises, theory, memorization, etc but it's not impossible. However, just like everything, if you're organized, study, use your resources, etc you'll be fine (their words, not mine).
But honestly, the experience will vary a lot between countries and universities.
I think it would be better if you analyze the program you could apply to and maybe you can contact a student or someone who graduated from there?

No. 835967

I haven't eaten all day and ate only a little yesterday. I don't feel like eating at all because it's hot. But I am a living creature, I have to eat something, and I'm going to the store so please anons what do you eat when it's too hot? Besides fresh cheese

No. 835971

Salads and sandwiches are the best for hot weather

No. 835972

Salad, slices of bread with stuff on it (salami, cheese, arugula, etc), cold pasta salad with tuna, ice cream, watermelon and other fruits

No. 835978

Thanks, I'm gonna go buy so much salad and tuna

No. 836057

No. 836088

With "medieval" covers of modern music, what exactly makes the person's voice have that medieval quality? Is it just a matter of effects in post that make it sound choral, or is there a way that they sing that emphasizes that quality? Vidrel is an example of what I mean, I feel like even with all the modern elements her voice sounds sort of like the idea of what medieval singing sounds like but I'm not sure why?

No. 836090

Had anyone ever used Buyee? I bought something and now I'm trying to pay for it but it's not accepting my PayPal because supposed the zip code doesn't match the address being delivered (which is false, it does) and it won't accept any credit card I attempt to add. Anyone know what's wrong? I have 15 days left

No. 836105

What makes someone a good interviewer? Sometimes when I watch Hot Ones, the interviewees always tell Sean Evans that he's such a good interviewer, but what about him or the questions he asks that make him good??

No. 836110

i think its because he asks more i guess naurdwar type of questions like you can tell he actually studies the individual before he interviews them instead of being given a cue card with generic questions the person has been asked thousands of times. Thats just my take anyway.

No. 836111

Ha, I didn't think I'd see Miss Blingin' on here. Love her covers. The styling of the song itself has been made more choral which helps, but generally folksy medieval songs have an airy, ethereal, lightly embellished sound with some rhythmic variety. Think Enya, and in fact that sort of Gaelic styling typically sounds like it would fit. Check out sean nós for some more technical aspects of that sort of singing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sean-nós_song

No. 836113

am i the only one who can't seem to grasp particles in japanese? Every time i pick up studying again i always rage quit with myself because ni, de, he etc always fucks with me. Like i know i can use ni for time and to say the day of the week. And i know i can also substitute he for ni in certain situations but just not for time. But then de just hurts my brain and i dont know why because every time i read the textbook im like OOOOH. Don't get me started on wa and ga. i can't stand that one LMAO.

No. 836114

My stupid question is how tf did you guys get over the hurdle of particles? Should i just read a fuck ton of sentences in japanese? HELP

No. 836116

How do I stop being a fucking prude?

No. 836119

Visit /g/?

No. 836120

File: 1624385821374.jpg (23.17 KB, 350x499, 51N07X4VQSL._SX348_BO1,204,203…)

Nah, I fucking hate particles. An old tutor of mine recommended me this dictionary. I bought it but haven't really used it. When I first learned Japanese, I had a private tutor and was very young, but my tutor wasn't a language teacher so he did not say a single word about particles which probably really hindered my learning because I kept dropping them and not understanding why I needed them. In the genki textbooks I used in college they usually put the particle most used with the verb so I just took to memorizing the particles but I still have a hard time with them if I'm really thinking of some shit to say on the fly.

For me, a lot of it just became "it is what it is." Like when I would ask my Japanese friends about wa/ga when they said a certain thing they'd just sort of shrug like "it's just wa/ga" at that moment. Yeah it'd be really great to know why I'm using a certain particle for a certain verb/situation but I'm not good with linguistics and even an explanation sometimes does me worse than just telling me "just use this particle for xyz." Sorry I'm no help lmao I just really fucking hate particles too. When I spoke with friends I got way too comfortable speaking casually and always dropping my particles because I was lazy and didn't want to deal with thinking about what particle was appropriate in the situation.

No. 836124

How would that help?

No. 836126

Join the vagina discussion or something. I don't know what you're prudish about but /g/ is full of body and sex discussions.

No. 836127

Is it weird to hang out with your middle school ex in adulthood if you're in a committed relationship? We never even kissed and it was a very childish "relationship" but we got along well as friends when we were kids and I want to hang out with this person. I have zero romantic feelings for this individual I just wanna see what he's up to.

No. 836129

They're all horny and degenerates

No. 836134

Try using several different learning resources at once, especially if you can find ones written by linguists. There may be one that explains it better for you than what you're using now. There are some books specifically about particles as well. Most native speakers will have trouble explaining exactly when and why each particle is used. Kind of like in English, it can be hard to explain why we use certain words and not others, because "that's just how it is," but there actually are formulas that we use and just don't really have to think about it. However, linguists do have to think about those things so they can be a little better at explaining. I also recommend that besides reading about it, you should do a lot of practice exercises using particles, so get any accompanying workbooks of any books that you find so you can practice and then look up the right answers. Trying to come up with a simple rule for using particles will give you a hard time, but the more you practice using it, hearing it, reading it, and writing it the more natural it will become.

No. 836139

particle anon and thank you guys so much! it feels refreshing in a dumb way to know that i am not the only one being beat up by particles. I will definitely look into that book and doing more hands on exercises. Thank you guys!

No. 836150

i mean, is it weird? yeah, kinda. but i really don't think there's anything to worry about. you're both (probably) such different people now, and if you think it would be nice to catch up then go for it. i guess if you're really worried you could ask your partner how they feel about it

No. 836152

"Her being a disgusting vile racist chan lover is the cherry on top to being a pathetic bpd fag"
Why are most BPDfags pickmes who want 4chan attention? I used to be friends with a BPDfag and she was self proclaimed "addicted to 4chan men" I just don't get it? are 4channers the gay bad boys of the internet or something

No. 836153

I don't think it's weird, but when I think of middle school relationships I can't even view them as real relationships just because middle schoolers are so young and stupid. I'd give more weight to a one night stand as an adult than a middle school relationship.

No. 836170

Is it possible to have a meaningful relationship with a man while being really ugly and without being his personal bangmaid or therapist?

No. 836185

Middle school relationships aren't to be taken seriously kek

No. 836188

Maybe but he has to be ugly and humbled by it too

No. 836190

Possible yes, but difficult. Honestly being ugly can work in your favor as it will filter out men who just want to use you for your looks.

No. 836217

Men who go after ugly girls do so for pussy and to have someone to abuse because they're desperate, being ugly sadly doesn't filter out anything. Ugly men also have massive egos and high standards.

No. 836283

Anon you sound like a bitter retard some of us enjoy looking pretty